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 voj.ir¥B ia
mvtv vkyaowm, »• a., wmoworoimi'ii ibii.
P¥bbb ia
Mayor McNeiih Will Stand
(or Ra^lecHon.
i ■
It will fit * matter of interest to the
electors of tbe eity and of uspecial gru
lilli'iiiiuii to tlie many who havo fol
lowed the activities which have marked
the civic administration during tbo
patt year to learn I liul it ia tlm definite
Intention of Mayor McNeish to stand
for re-election at the civic elections lu
i January, it was clear, from the re
mirks of tho mayor when interviewed
yesterday that lie had found his civic
duties interesting and in the main eon-
genial. Having no specific business
worriot tq conflict wilb his application
to. civic piatters Mayor McNeish has
been jn position to devote considerably
more time and thought to matters por-
(lining to tho mayoralty than is usually tbo case with occupants of Ibat
nine and the city has benefitted accordingly. Mayor McNeish hat decided to submit his record as mayor of the
city to his fellow citiions am) it con-
fldeiit that they will manifest their up
proval of hiu administration by accord
Ing him a second term in oflicc.
A case of tome local interest was
heard in the supreme court on Friday,
when Mrs. (dhole Mann brought an action against the North Vancouver
' couucil. Mr. ll. (J. Maedonuell, K. (.'.,
represented plaintiff, and Mr. .1. A.
liiiilne,   K.C.   defendants.
Mrt. Mann owui a lol iu the oul
skirls of the city and site claimed thul
tho board of health without giving
her due notice, seized upon it as a
temporary site for an isolation hospital, or, as it is described in her plaint,
"occupied (he promises as au in fee
tion hospital and erected buildings as
a' iii-I house."
The plaintiff claimed lhal she could
have anld the properly at a good price
bad the hospital not been situated
there, and claimed ItMJ) ns eoiupcnsa
Tke eity of North Vancouver iu ils
pleadings staled Ibat the premises had
been occupied according lo powers given to the eity by the provincial gov
eminent, which provided that ill a case
nf emcrgeuey the board of health could
appropriate auy premises it desired aa
a temporary site for u hotpitn! fur infectious diseases.
Mr. Kil.'hie said Hint Mrt. Mann wus
evincing a desire to both eut her cake
ind have it. The vuluo of the pro
perty, he declared, was not t'lfim). The
city bad only taken temporary possession, and disl not with lu a'cijuirc Ibe
lot. At most a rental only should lie
levied for Hie lime Hie cily wns in
Mr. Maedonuell Insisted that' it was
a cue of gross Irespass. The city
bad given nu notice that il wns going
to sclxe the.properly. -
Mr. .Insliee Morn-mi said Ibul lie
could not fpllow the counsel for the
plaintiff in his line of argument which
seemed to imply: "You have lhal pro
perty. Take II and give ut 48,000."
If Ibe board of health had power
appropriate the properly for hospital]
purpotes temporarily, he did not see
why it should lie compelled to keep it
uml pay the plaintiff. Ou the other
hand, It was alleged lhi| no notice
had been given while the provincial
statutes ui-sluini'sl that .Ins' notice 0/
seizure should be given.'
The Anglioin bls||opy visited Lynn
Valley on Bitwlty wlion sofvico was
held in St. Clement's Hall.
Tho charge against William Olary of
having stolen ferry tickets in his possession wat 011 :''i.iui.in 1 morning dismissed, Ihere not lining aiiflicieiit avi
deuce tO justify cum id ion
Mrs. sf. H. lingers, cop. Mli and Bulge-
vvuy. will be at home on Thursday next
,ind on the third 'Ihprsi'ay of every
The Misses l,agaii, 9th street cast,
will be "at Vome" on Thursday, tin
llllh, and on tho 1st and 'ltd Thurs
day during the season.     ,
The regular meeting of tho North
Vancouyer K.u.r.l of trade wil) lie held
in tho city hall of Wednesday evening
when the ordinary routine business
will be transacted.
.Inmes (!. Hill has been granted u por.
mit to build a lurgo residence 011 tbe
IJrunil Doulovurd that will cost lip
twoou 47,1101) und 18,11110.
The flrst ri.niiinii.iaii 'since the congregation elected its own session was
lispoiised ih Kilos church, Lynn Vulley, on Uumlly morning by the Bov.
1.1 hiu 1.1 Mneleod. During the service
a,sacred solo entitled "Charity" was
rendereil by Mr. .1. Veitcb. Three now
members were added lo the roll.
A meeting under the auspices of the
Church of England Ijaymen's Mission-
nry Movement lu connection with Ilie
provincial convention was held in St.
John's church last nigbl, Ihe Hev,
Hugh Hooper presiding t Interesting
udilresses were given by the Hev. Dr.
llould, Mr. A. Md'. Crcery and W. II.
W. Allin, their remarks being purl hii
liul. directed towards the advisability
of forming a missionary committee for
this side of the Inlut lo act iu conjunction with the movement.
At the residonce of Itev. J. D. Oil
lam op Ihe lllh ins!. Miss (,'. C. Moir,
a recent arrival from Edinburgh, wai
married lo (1. b. Mcl'riudle of this cily.
Tbe bride wus given uwuy by her bro
Iher, Mr. .loiui A. Moir und was sup
ported by Mrs. Simpson, while Ilie du
lies of groomsman were performed by
Mr. T. .1. Mallard. Al Hie close of the
ceremony the guesls adjourned In u
wedding feast where the happy couple
were deluged, uinougsl other things
wilb good wishes. They lake up Iheir
abode on Hie Norlh Shore.
Improvements in D.L. 265
Contracts Let for Extensive Waterfront !m*
provemenU v-Dredging Will Begin in
January—Large Expenditures Involved.
Following tbo recent action of Hurrard Inlet, Tunnel k Bridge Company
looking lo uetuiil construction opera
lions, contracts which hive boon peud-
lug for some mouths were signed a
few days ago whicii involve extensive
iinclioie improvements in front of D.
li. .TH,1. Mr. .lumes P. Fell, manager
for the Lonsilulc esluto,' yesterday in-
I'urmoil a representative of the Express Ihut a comprehensive plan for
the improv/.'Ujont of this foreshore hud
been in bund for mine months |mt Ihut
action hud been, deferred until such
times as bridge matters shuuld have
progressed to u point at which iiiime-
liuto construction was a certainty,
thus giving Ihu ussuruncc Hint the pro
ppsed wutorfront improvements wouhl
l)| required for purposes of locul tre
Ilie within a reasonable time. The contract  had   recently   been  signed   for
dredging and Oiling operations for
what will constitute the lirst section
of the whole plan which the owners
hivo In viow. The present operations
will extend along one hail'-milc of foreshore from Uewickc avenue westward,
where dredging operations will bo commenced in .lunuiiry and carried on con-
linuously to the completion of that
inni of Hie contract. The wharves
which it in intended to erect along
Ihis foreshore will of course, reprc.-
sent much more linm one-half mile of
vvliurfngo when they are completed
The iiiiiiiiiiuiii depth of water ut tin
wliurves will be thirty feci, affording
safe dockage for Ihe largest vessels
whicii frequent the harbor nt the present time. The cost of the system of
improvements which is to be carried to
completion under Ihe present contracts
will not be less thun one hundred llinu-
suiisl dollars.
400—If• 0. Lo"wis~flpopor, Ipt 88,
lllock iii, subdivision IHS, 38th street
east, for a dwelling.
Wi-A). PupllBso, lot t, lllock 69,
Hiili.liviuion Will, 14th street, for a dwel
4115-Thomas j, McOlell»nd, lot 0,
block 80, subdivision 048, (Ihostirllolil
Avenue, rcaidonco.
4(10-1). H, Meltao, lot t, block 111
subdivision 548, llltb streot, dwelling.
Expert to Leave at Once for Vancouver-
Plans Under Way in About Two Weeks.
llurrurd Inlel, Tiinliel nnd Hridge
I'oinpuuy is iu receipt of a cablegram
Irom ihe linn of Sir .lohn Wuflo Harry
uiul runners, London, England, ae
'cpling the :> ;,|,in ni un in as consulting
'iigiueers for the construction nf tie,--
md Narrows Hridge uml advising the
nwpaiiy Ihul their bridge expert, Mr.
t'riitwell, will leuve London 011 Eriduy
of lliit week direct for Vancouver,
luniiediiilely upon his arrival (in about
two weeks) Mr. I'nilwell will confer
with Ihe linn of Cleveland und Cameron
ami the preparation! of pluus and spe
clflcdliona will l,e proceeded with with
..lu further delay.
The regular meeting of the West
• 'upilano Conservative Association was
held lust week at the residence of Mr.
.1. Hutchison, Irwin Purk. In the nli-
serice of President W. A. Thompson,
vice president John Tcuro occupied the
ehuir. Lively interest was manifested
iu ull mailers of business that came before the meeting, particularly in the
movement to obtain suitable permanent
ipinrtcrs for Iho association. The ucxt
regular meeting will lie held on October ■'HI at the residence of Mr. Hut-
chisQii who has kindly offered the use
of his house until the plans for por-
maiient quarters for the club have been
FOB SALP—Clppi iingipf canaries.
Handsome, healthy birds, H each,
lions, |8. Lowndes, 14th St, near
Lonsdalo. Ml-Id
FOB SALE-Frosh milk from local
herd of cows, Eight quarts for $1, delivered. Apply East End Hairy, North
Vaucouvtr. 8-J}
FOB SALE—Pure bro.i young game
lluutania.   Apply Kean, 133 ith st. W.
FOB SALE—First growth dry wood
for $4.76 por cord, i tt. A. Mcllndc,
l'hono 88. t.f.
FOB SALE-Firat growth dry wood
(or UM per cord, 4 It. 0. BoDado,
l'hono 83 if.
FOB SALE-Two lota, block and a
half west of Lonsdale ou 22nd streot,
$700 for both. Terms. Apply owner, 42
Lonsdale Avenue. 20-11
FOB SALE—Fresh milk irom local
herd of cows. Eight quarts for 11, delivered. Apply North Vancouver East
End Dairy.
The Truth md m class will meet
every Tuesday evening, ut 8 o'clock at
Ihe residence of Mrs. Gallagher, Keith
raid, near Kidgeway. Students desiring higher spiritual uiifoldmunt *ro
cordially invited lo attend. tf
Express Classified Ads.
The jury wer« out over an hour and
at 6 o'clock tbe foreman intimated
thai they could not come to a unani
mOUl  des i-inn.
The eity of Norlh Vancouver agreed
to accept the verdict of Ihe majority.
Thii was given, awarding the plaintiff
♦WW. judgment wat recorded accord
A pretty wedding took place iu Lynn
Valley on Ihe evening of the lllli iusl.
iu the presence of Ilie immediate
friends of the contracting parties, Miss
Suruh Iv Parker, sluughler of the lule
William II. I'arker of lloundhill N. ti.',
and Mr. David Cook, so well and favor
uldy known in Ibe Vulley. The cere
mui.', wns performed by Itev. 1. I).
Ililluiu of Westminster Dull uniidtt ur
listio surroundings, tho decorations be
iug exceedingly effective. A dainty
luncheon wus served nt the .lose of the
lervice. The bride ami groom ure tc
m*ke their home in Iturnsidc, Lynn
Valley, whither Ihe best wishes
many friends follow Ihem.
City Council in Session
Liberal Association's Protest
IjjsI evening, the Kpworth Leuguc
hold ils monthly literary evening, i's
pert on "Nature with the I'oels'' wore
given by Miss Kilo Markle, Messrs.
Weir uml Snot I, which were very im
Next Mun,111,, the League will bold u
debate entitled "li. .die I, lhal here
.lily has a greater influence in- form
ing man's character limn environ
locnl "  All welcome.
The diitrict electors on Saturday
manifested their approval of the two
Ijioney bylawi submitted to them by
the couucil for certain road improve-
ment work* by passing each with sub
at-anlial majoritioa. These by laws involve an expenditure of 4200,1)01) as fol
lows: 11091)00 tot tetm improvemenl
on the marine drive w»t of (lapilano
and 4100/100 f#r sidewalks »nd road
improvements throughout the inunici
jsaiily. Tbo litter sum includes an
amount uceeiiary to the construction
of » bridge »vor f.yso (,'wk. The *ot»
Pollylwirn—For, 44, agelott 1.
North I,onsd*le-?or. 48, tgtintt 12.
Lynn V«ll»y.-*or, Uf Win** «■
Editor Expreu:
Sir, My attention hts been drawn
I.i an Ilea in your issue of the I3lb
iust. wherein it it stated that Ihe con
■dm. ium of the proposed uow church
of St. Andrew's, North Vancouver, has
been awarded to an architect pf Ihis
eity, and also that the manse for the
minister is to be undertaken presum
,'ildv concurrently.
Tbe Arsl statement ia premature, 811
al decision 'not having been arrived at
j el; and tbe second ii more 10, no formulated plan for the erection of such
lluilding haying been laid before the
congregation for cudorwtion, nor any
mandate received from it to prepare
such.  1 am,
Yours fiiiiiif.iiv,
Chairman Board of Managers, St.
Andrew's church. Norlb Vancouver.
, !—\—.—
On Wednesday, Ort. llth, to Dr. aod
Mrs. Newcombe, » boy.
On Monday, Oct. )«th, to Mr. aud
Mrs. William Simpson, * girl.
An almost undisturbed serenity prevailed ul lust night's session of the
city council. The correspondence was
less bulky thun usuul und Ihere arose
00 questions fur violent discussion
Mayor McNeish presided over Ihe as
serobly from which Aid. Henderson wus
conspicuously ubseut. •
Several applications for sidewalks
were referred lo Ihe hoard of works.
Hev. A. .1. I'rosser petitioned lliul one
should be lu i.l on til. Oeurge's Avenue
(wesl side) botweeu lllh uud 4:'tli
streets. Mr. V. C Myers aaked for
one to lie supplied nn Ihe north side
of 13th street nmi Mr. II. N. Ford
sought u sidewalk from Ihe corner of
lllh street uluug Sutherland Avenui
a distuncc of HiS feel.
Mt. Charles K. Hill, president of the
Manitoba Ileal Estate t'u.., wrote re
tpecting ,1 quantity of crushed ruck
which Hie cily is in need of fur rood
iiiiiiding purposes. He represented a
-.indicate v.In. I owned properly on the
North Arm of I In' llurrurd lulel 011 the
mainland totalling 175 aires of first
class rock, tie offered lo provide the
City with Us lliuny Ihun and culm
'.md of crushed rock as Ihe couucil
might require. Special arrangements
us lo terms would be entered tutu, ll
was resolved Ibal Ihe engineer should
prepare an eslimale and reporl upon
the mailer.
The Korlli Vuncouver Masonic Tem
pie Association Ltd. wrote, through
their secretary, asking for a crossing
lo be laid on liousdalc Avenue oppu
le Ihe Temple buibling between llth
mid Dill, slreei*; the association In
beur the expense entailed. The quct
lion was referred to the board of
works. ,
The cily engineer recommended that
Hie Esplanade be planked wilh a 10
wide plank roadway from Lonsdale
Avenue to the Lonsdale Hardens ul u
os! of about 42,400. Mr. llanea alto
recommended Hint Ihe weal side of
Lnnsdile Avenue he simllirly planked
I'rnin Hie soulh side of the upper Keith
road to Mrd street at a cost of fu,
A letter was read from the secretary
uf tho board of school trustees selling
forth Ihe decision of the board ou the
question of giving 2S feet off the Lout
(ale. school tile to make 22ml street a
vyjftlb of 66 feel. Thit letter detail
c'| fbe motion carried al Ihe trustees'
meeting which it reported in another
oluuui, declaring (he hoard's Inability
lo muke Ihe concession trial the council
i", i.l. Tbey adhered to their re
solution of 1010 whereby 24 feet wai
uncoiled. Any deviation from tbii
arrangement would conlict with Uie
board's plans.
Aid. Smith taid hi did not ice what
iliuVreiico a miller of four feet wa»
going lo muke to the school. The land
wns ufler nil, cily properly, and Ihey
loiild mil make n street loss Hum 116
feel under the laws of the eounlry.
On the suggestion of Ihe mayor Ibo
question was luid over temporarily.
The Norlh Vancouver Liberal Assu-
. in I i on wrote protesting uguiust a eer
tin clnuso iu Ibe posl office memoriul
lo be forwarded to Ottawa. The spudded clause is Ihul which slates Hint
"arrangements' have been mude l>y
your honor's depurlnieiil through tbe
Liberal executive iu N'orlh Vaneouver.
The letter eoiileudeil thul the question
uf these lols hud never been lul.en up
by Hie association or ils executive.
Aid. Ms llm submitted that it wil
not necessary he hud been unable tu
point this oul al the limo—to recognize
asy association privately In dealing
■ I wiili council mailers. . Ho believed
"MiniI sueh associations should ' ns it
were, die oul ufler an election is over
and done with. The needs of the
people should not lie laid before Ihe
government by any iissoiiatlmi ul all
l.ul by Ihe people themselves.
The muyor suggested Ilu' ullering of
Ihe words lo "through members of Ihe
Liberal executive."
Aid. Hick 1 "But whyl"
The Muyor: "Because we J,now definitely that this bus been done.''
Aid. Dick disputed ilu.- point, lie
himself did not know Ihul il had been
done, and be was more likely lo lie
acquainted with the actions af tbo
Association Ihun wat ilis.Worship.
The mayor Intimated finally lhal
Ihere was no- need fur Ihe memorial al
all In view of things Ihul bad recently
II wat resolved, with one distent
oil voire, lhat lbc mailer be left In the
hinds of the mayor.
The session terminated wilb lbc
consideration of a few minor matter-.
.1. I.outel ami North Lonidale
FOB SALE tine block from Lonidale car lino, $.'ir,i) cash, balance over
|8 months Palmer k Mcllwaine, 36
Lonadale Ave.   l'houo 110. tf
FOB 8ALE-33 foot lot, cleared,
graded, splendid view, second block
from l.iinsdiile car line, 4150 cash, balance over 18 mouths. I'almcr k Mcllwaine, ,10 Lonsdalo Ave.   i'houe IHI.If
(lot it at l.omdule Phnrmaoy l'hono 2i
(loud young slock Hull, corner llllh
itreet  uud  Mahon  Ave. 14-11
Wo  clone Sundayi.    lliooi 324.  .J
II. English, O. K. (iroctry, 13  I,
dais Avenue.
Bachelors, dun'I  forgot  the lecture,
Thins,lay evening nl 8 o'clock     li 10
M. II. Ilu; incut for lirst class dress
making. 'Second house, 81b street E.,
adjoining west  of Houlevurd and car
Una. if
FOB SALE - A bargain. Co* or
lorms. Two collages on 30th street.
Very dcsirahlo location, five minutes
Irom Lonsdalo school, tbreo minutei
Iiiiiii cur line, (toady for occupancy
about October Itt. Apply B. W
Eaton, Ninth Vnneouvcr Cool It Supply Cu.    I'lione 178. t.f".
WANTED- Bachelors at St. An-
Irew's Presbyterian church Thursday
uighl at 8 o'clock, 17-10
Mist L. II. Bertram of Viuicouver,
teacher of piano and singing. Lessons
given in North Vancouver. Terms 43
per uiiiiilli. Beginners a specially.
Apply Express Office, Hox A3.     HI-11
Dr. .1. C. 'J.un .ui. denliat. Poll
Graduate, Chicago University, liuoms
li and 10. New Posl uflicc block,    l.f.
U. (!. Livery ami bimril tl aides -
ighl riga uud lmii..' aaddli  bunco
for hire.    Stabling lur bursal.    Gun-
ornl delivery nnd heavy Icuming.   'II.
Dumas, 4th ilrcut west,     Pbone 347
WANTED-Smart route Buys.    Apply, Daily Province Office,  lib ttreet.
WANTED—Tenders    for    dealing
and grading lot 0, block  13„ district
lot 780.  II. Hughes, P. O. Bos 2463.
WANTED-Sewing of all kinds.
Children's underwear and dresses a
spi'dully. Mrs. Howra, Boscohol, 8th
and Chesterfield.
The Cily Dye Works has establish
cd a brunch cor. Esplanade E. und
Lonsdale. Firtl class work at moder
ul.' rules, clcauing, dyeing, pressing
and repairing.
MONEY TO LOAN on approved pro
porly. Agi.iiin ni. ol solo purchased
0, B. Hickman, 630 Lonsdale.     _ 10]
426,000 lo loan at 8 pur ceul. ou first
mortgage income properly on or within
Iwo Id,s. lis of I...nubile  Ave.
WANTED -Lady roomer, with hoard
1 desired, in private family. Apply
Box 13 Express office. 17-10
WANTED—Furnished house or bun-
gulow by Hlth November. Apply Box
AI Express office. 17-10
WANTED—To buy houae aud lot.
Small first payment. Apijly Box Al
Expreas offlce. 17-10
WANTKD—Wo bavo mouey to invest In close in North Vancouvor properly. If you with to tell call ud
givo ut your listings. Palmer k Mcllwaine, 30 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 110.
We specialize iu Norlb Vancouvor
properly au.l with to lilt ptopsrtiei
direct from owners. HCANDIA IN
VESTMENT CO., 310^ Cordova
Slreei  writ. • 10 II
The Theotopbicil Society uiccls in
Norlh Vaueouver in Boom 16, Aberdeen
Block (over Ibe pott office) ovcry Wed
lie-day evening at 8 o'clock Attend
iime ii entirely Iree and carries no
obligations whatever. You iru invited.
Theotopbic|l study ami questions.     If
Nrlkollal 1 karck Corner of Ilh and
. OcorJa Sunday Hervlces II OS nru.
mul MO inn. Sunduy Hilim.l and Bible
f'lnss ill inn gtuilisi League. Mon-
lay. S p.m Prayer and Trottc Servlc.
.Vcilnejiany, S p tn. Junior Ijcugue.
I'liursday i.flenuion il IIS Pastor,
m. kitrtYt'j fitttrittlH ikmrek,
Kellli 7(oad--»|.r?lteS:   MorningTf.tr
tymfnt,m. if/ai mjflg- 1*M
Prayer Mcsllnu, Wl*-
venlng, 710     1
tunday yobbo).
lay. at I p. in
I/)8T-Oii Saturday, Ocluber 7tb,
a Diiueiiii.i ami Sapbire Brooch
Howard al thia office. 17-10
I-OUT-Fox   terrier,   white;   black
tpolt on Iiii ami one black eye.   For
reward apply Box 111 Express office.
LOST-Fox   terrier,   while;   black
■pot on tail ind one hltck eye. For
reward apply ilox Hi Express Office.
LADY Certified wiabrt pupils for
pianoforte and theory. Termi moder-
»ti.  Boi ASS, Expreu Office.      Jl)
ART CLA8iKft-nurln« tb* wlnUr
months Mis* A*pell (patronlae* by
fingllMi an* rorel,!. Boya^ly) will
hold ola*M* In St. B*miu4'i School,
Mahon ^vonue. OU and W*l*r Color
Painun*, ftp Painting, llfjunnaUen,
tttoblng tar Book Plata* *to. Prlvala
laaioni hy arrui»«o«nt, ror tiran,
tt*., tdiui »*>»lr Fo»f O-ci Box llll,
North Vancouw. 11-It
WANTKD - Wl handle huiincil
chaucei, real ost»to, luiunncc, lotos,
purchase agrccmanlt of alii. 1/ you
want lo loll youf boutc or your tbii-
nett .-all tod gltt us particulars. Wl
can get rciultt. Buiineu ii good.
Palmer A Mcllwiine, 36 Lonsdtli A?*.
Phono UO. 88-10
Comfortable  front  room  for  rent,
furnished.   110* Cppor Keith Boad.
TO LET- Urge double bedroom,
tuitsblc for four respectable men. 4J.M
each per week or with botrd, 48.00.
Mri. Dowie, 14S-8rd itreet eut. 1710
ROOMS FOB BENT- Houiiksiplng.
\ilt 2nd itreet eut. 91-W
 ,   .1     '    ■ ,
FOB BKNT-Sovcu roomed bouw,
furweo, fully modern, girdi*. Eighth
street, good view. Apply Ooloui*!
Apartwcut ^louse, 8th street eut. tf
FOB BENT - Fiv* room hotus em
N. ff. oorner of 1st and (MnlotfmA.
hmt 19) pat month, fkrejit' fia-
aaaisrs, Ud., Bank of Hamilton Bid*.
FOB SALK-Fir Wood 44.50 t cord,
10 inch Cedar 44 a load, also sand tnd
gravel, c. 0. D. Apply at baru, corner
7th street uml Bidgeway or W. M. Mil-
lor, Lyuu Valley. 87-10 TUB  B^PRB8§      o
ws Y^wvm Wop aawimf
PiiblbM Tiwdtys and Fridays by North Short PrpiB, .Mmlttd.
Bites pf SHl)»«rlptloni-Qpe year, IIM. Bit ipoptlis, HOfl.  Tbret mooHis, !
United States and Foreign, Sya.00 per year.
A4vtrtlting Bates Will Be Quoted on Application.
TM Espress ft devoted to the interests pf the North Short of Burrird Inlet
99T^MrTTmf T 99 WI
It constitutes in advertising medium of exceptional value for
I thorough and effective manner the population pf North Vtncpuver
Oity »nA District. Every effort is mtde to give advertisers the most satlsf*ctory
All changes in contract advertisements should be in the printers' bunds pot
Wtr thin 10 a. in. Monday and t \i. in. Wednesday to ensure Insertion In tbt
following issue.      .
MosMl Vincouvir, B. 0„
.October il, Wil
Tbe administration of Ihu areas of
agricultural land belonging 16 the province will readily' be recognized as
presenting one of tbe biggest and tbe
most momentous problems with which
the provincial government has to deal.
In tbe economic aspect of this question Hrilish Columbia imported laat
year approximately fourteen million
dollars worth of farm produce and with
our rapidly growing urban population
the requirements in this respect are
destined to show a very large increase
from year lo year, it is highly desirable that the agricultural lands of
tbe province be made to produce a
volume of food products increasing
annually more rapidly than the demand
witb * view to steadily lessening the
amount of goods imported and hasten
ing the day when Hrilish Columbia
will have become a self cunUincil pro
vun-.., In the sense of being able to
produce withiu her owu borders prai
lii'iilly all the general farm produce
tbat ber population requires,.
Tbe statistics show that gratifying
progress was made last year iu the
direction indicated and the energetic
policy whicii it being prntccutcd by
tbe government glvet every promise
of accomplishing splendid results as
lime and opportunity are aecured for
itt development.
Tbe department of lands has placed
under reserve throughout the province
in all tbout 185,000 squire miles (81),-
000,000 icres) or nearly one-third of
the territorial area of Ihu province,
whiili it available only to the bona
Ide aettlcr. In order that the acquis
illot of this land by settlers may be
facilitated, the government is push
ing the survey thereof as rapidly as
possible Unl year soine 8181,011(1 acres
were turveyed by provincial survey
panic, ind Ihe work during (he pres
eut sestoii will gicully increase ihil
In order Ihil Ilus land may be
readily accessible an enterprising 'policy it being followed wilh reference
to Ihe construction of wagon roadt
and railroads. Millions of dollars are
being expended on a comprehensive
scheme of trunk roads throughout the
province ami branch roads aro likewise
being constructed wherever conditions
clll for them. At for railrotdt there
ire now under igrcement for construe-
tion within thi' province, somewhat
more than one thousand six hndred
miles of railway, while all railroad cou
ilruftion which is being tisltted by
the provincial government it subjeel
lo rale controlling provisions winch
enture moderate cost of carriage from
Ibe agricultural districts to tbe ecu
tree of population, for marketing.
While exercising every i am to con
serve the intrretla of Ihe province iu
reajwt lo transfers of tgrirulluil
lin,I. from Ihe crown direct to Ihe
actual settler, the government is not
forgetful of Ibe bcneAls that accrue
from Ibe operations of private enter
prise in tbe matter of the settlement
tf new ditlriclt and reasonable pro
viaiont ire therefore masle for the pur
chase tf tcretgt tracts for subdivision
purpoiei, thus leruriug thi advantage
of the payment of the purchase price
aud tbe permanent Income afforded hy
the, payment of taxes by tbe purchas
Ml *i well as the more rapid settlement
whisk frequently results from the en
ttgeOt operations of private enter
ftim pf tbii n»ture.
Tk* 8,884^40 aeree of agricultural
Ito* mklrh Wl tt pr**nt eorveyed
tittrngfrnU tin provide tnd ytserved
fur direct ptrrhM* hy tht bom Id*
tattler py* Mli loiaudiauJy »viiUbit
tat uillmtti md it brought under
,mitem ttmenfffty ihe mail of
t#ut*ttM trnftum, mm mm
larger than Hrilish Columbia is likely
to possess for a number' of decades til
tay  the leutt.
All necessary preparations having
been arranged, to far ta governmental
action can accomplish that end, the
settler himself becomes tbe all import,
ant factor in the situation and the remaining portion of the problem is that
of devising and putting into effect (ho
heat, means of inducing tettlers to lo
cale upon the laud iu the largest pot
sihle numbers at tho earliest possible
date. In this connection it may be iu
order lo suggest that a very grcal deal
could be accomplished |,y devising a
scheme whereby the government might
reach the largest possible number of
iniliviiluiils or heads of families of
whom the great influx of immigranls
is comprised for the purpose of providing Ihem with the fullest infor
nun un, relative to available ugricul
iiiral lands together with the advantages which are lo be obtained by
settling upon the same, lu addition
to Ihis it would doubtless prove a profitable Investment were adequate pro
vision made for extending any reason-
able liouiiciul assistance which might
be required temporarily by I hose who
tike up preemptions of ugricultural
lauds under agreement lo improve ami
lo cultivate the same. The establishing of mi immigration bureau with local
..ilu. . al Ihe chief points throughout
the province at which immigrants Oml
ingress mul Ihe energetic and system
uio prosecution of the endeavor to scum from their number settlers for the
arable areas of provincial lands would
louhtlcss prove of very great service
in the promotion of the purpose in
Ilis Honor the Lieutenant flovcrnor
in Council has made the following ap
II. 0. Hi'linlieeker of Coalmen!, and
Vernon A. bhaw of Vancouver lo be
notaries public; Colin S. Campbell In
be {superintendent of pnlice within Ihe
pru. u,,c frum the Isl day of October;
Noll A. Walling.'r of Criiiihruok, lo lie
acting deputy assessor and collector
for the Eorl Steele assessment district!
.1. A. H. Mi In.nubI to be deputy mill
ing recorder for the Furl Steele min
ing division; Frederick Culler I'apip
lull of Clinton, lo be a court uf re
islon and appeal for Ihe Llllootl as
sealment districl in the plica of Frcder-
irk SoUM, resigned; Holier! I'ierec of
nhe, p Creek lo be deputy mining record
er for Ibe Nelson ruining division.
The following are appointed at com
inis-ioio'i'. for taking alb.lav ita in the
supreme court until December 3III,
lllll: James II. Ncbolicld uf Trail for
Ibe Vanir electoral district; Chlries It.
M.'Doiiald fur Hie Kevelsluke eleclorul
district; Eiits Hubert of Hilverlun .lur
Ihe c-lncun .doctoral ilialrict; David
lliu, k of Vincouver for the Vancouver
electoral district; Oeorge Koden of Van
ouver for Ihe Kicfamond electoral dis
I'jutilii'iit." of incorporation have
belli granted in the following: Arkansas-Vancouver Timber and Lumber Co.,
Vancouver; B. (!. lirans Ltd., Vancouvor
Canadian I'ower and l_i..l Co., Ud.,
Vaiicouver. . ■"
Btwtr Cecntctloni
PUBLIC NWI.CB ii barmy given
(bit ill owneri of real property fronting or aliuttiag upon * street or l*n*
In which or milt which * main or
eotuaeo sewer il Uid are hereby re
quired to connect any building or pre
Wit* upon such property wltb such
main or commas tew*.
permits mty be outlined from tk*
Plumbing Inspector tt bis oAce it (he
City Wall between the hour* of » »
*^/ii_^Ml__r   2JL*'
p^* f^mWWrTrw ffjPPIWil yftvimfm amim
construction of house pr building connections with met*)
No house sever pipe shall havo a
loss fall than 1 to it, unless special
permission is granted in tiritrog by
ill* Council, Slid pipes hetwion the
iron pipp, tP th* connection of tbe
publio sower to be of fbe best quality
rftandard salt-glased vitrified city sewer pipe, and shall htye a diameter of
not less thai) 4 inches- All piusa shull
be sound and well burned throughout
thtir thickness, impervious to ipois-
turn, with t clear ring, smooth tnd
well glued on interior tnd. exterior
surfacus, free from daws, cracks, blisters. An Checks or other imperfections.
Tne pipes must be so laid in tho
trench that after the sewer Is completed, the interior surface thereof, shall
bl to t true ond even grade.
Ill nuking tho joints, » gaBkot of
iiakuin or hemp, freshly dipped in commit grout, must first be used tnd
packed Into place. The joints sbtll
afterwards be tightly packed full tnd
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one ptrt by volume of approved Port-
land cement to one part liy volume of
approved Hand.
All joints shall lie made water tight,
so Hint they will stand a housl of HI
feet of wator, when tested by tbe
i'I limb iug Inspector at the owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
By order of tho Council:
City Clerk, .if
We thoroughly dry cletn ladies' and
gent's Buiits for $i.ih. Suits pressed
HOc. Money refunded if not satisfactory. Modern Renovatory, 109 Lonsdale Ave.   l'hono 21.1. 1011
For Sale
$200 of Stock in McDougall
Jenkiiu Engineers, Lid. Easy terms
of payment. Good investment.
Three Housekeeping Roomt,
near Victoria Park. Rent moderate.
Alexander Philip
Insurauce Broker.
Club Block, Etplanade. Phone 10.
Imported Tailoring
returned from Scotland with
a choice selection of Scotch, English and Irish Tweed etc., from
which he is prepared to accept
orders (or suits made in the old
country in either Canadian or English ttyles.
Drop a Postal Card or phone
Seyniour I433L
2316 Clark Drive
Ilia Honour tbo LloutoutntOovernor
in I 'iiiiiii il lm been pleased to appoint
tbe Ilonnurable Albert. Kdward Mc
Phillips, K. C, President of the Hi
ecutivo Council; the llonourablo Price
Klliion, Minister of Finance; I'buries
Henry Lugrin, of Iho City of Victorit,
Rtqulrii and William Harold Malkin,
of the Cily of Vancouvor, Kiqulre, lo
bo Commlsiioneri undor the '' Public
Inaulrics Act" for tbi purpoie of en
ipiiring into and reporting upon tbe
operation of tho ''Assessment Act,
I'"i.l," witb respoct to ill practical
bearings on the tineiiciil roipilri'inenti
of the Province.
The said Commiisieoars will bold
their meeting! on tbe dalee sud at tbe
pltcea meulioncd hereunder, namely:
Victoria, at the Kxocutlva Council
Chamber, Parliament Building!, Moo-
■lay aod Tueaday, With ind 261b
September, at 10 a. m. At tbi Court
Houae or the (loverninent Office at tbt
frtlowing place*:—
,   Nanaimo, Wednesday and Thursday,
271b aud 28tb September.
Vancouvor, Friday tnd Saturday,
:"Mli and 80tb September.
New Wcetminiter, Monday, Snd Octobtr.
RevcUtoko, Wednciclty, 4th October.
Oolden, Thursday, fith October.
('ranbrook, Saturday, 7th October.
Ferule, Monday, Oth October.
Nelson, Wednesday, lllh October.
ltossland, Thursday, )2th October.
Oraud Forks, Friday, )3th October.
Princeton. Saturday, Uth October.
Morrill, Monday, 16th October.
Kam loops, Tueaday, )7tb .October.
Summei_nd, Thursday. 1Mb Octobtr.
Penticton, Friday, iOth Ootober.
Kelowna, Saturday, Slit October.
Vernon, Monday, S3rd October.
It it requeiUd tbtt til pwMni wbo
tre inUreittd in fbe matter tf or euld,
and who deeire to be hetrd, w*il not
fail to bt prisenl it the meetings of
tin Oomniitioatri.
^*~Wm-w- mmmm*
North VwwHiv«nrt ft C.
q 50 ft. cleared lot on EBITH BOAD
near Moody  Aveuue,  only IWllMr
WW WfW* _
Martin Senour
per cent. Pure Paint
for the Qntpide
International Varnieh Co/s
1 .
Varnishes, Stains and Enamels
Will give you results that will please you for years longer
than any other make* on the market and the fint coit
if loweat, Come in and let us prove thii.
11 .  ' '.  . —
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Sole Agents for
EDGE TOOLS AND FILES,     u     m     ij
Jn high ground, entirely frit from ravluei tut only t block tnd half
from carline.
Price $350 each
On terms of 180.00 cub tnd tbt balance In 6, 19 and 18 moutbi.
Tbut lots only want seslng to sell it thi price.
For further ptrtlcultn sti
15 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816"
We have a few lots for sale close to Lonsdale Avenue
Carline in Ihe Cily. Prices $450 to $500 on very
easy terms. We believe these to he the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Call in and we
will show you over them.
The North Vancouver Truit Co., Ltd.
Heal   Kitttt ind   Financial Agenti
Agreemonls of Sale discounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C,
Rates:—$2.00 pet day up.   Special
rates to families and to regular hoarders.
REDA-ANDRUSS    -     -     -     ,     Proprietori
Masonic Temple Building,
North Vancouver. Mr«- F. Ber»
ryman, Proprietreu, Jfutrt opined
with new stock coropriiing fall
range of Fall Millinery; Infection cordially invited.
'J 'i..~V
New Harness Shop
Aibrtnicb pf tht Vmkwm
Hirnwi Co. hu been opened in
the premises of the C. M. & N.
Coal tnd Supply Co., corner
Esplanade tnd SI. George's Ave,
A full slock of first cltss harness
tnd horse fittings will be learned.
A specitlty will be made of repair work. Prices will be the
stme at those in Vancouver.'
-,    Phone 259
Telephone 276
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for Quick
stle. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Specitl quotilbni for larger quin-
tilies. Cut Wood. 16 inches, $3.00,
12 inches, $3.25.   C. 0. D.
Office tnd Ytrd—Mill tnd Lonsdtle
Phone 190.    P. 0. Box 2432.
Paper the World
Iron our itocfc ot new Will Ptpen
an it mmm.  Every day aomi now
deeign  arrivee to 611  thi vaeanoy
«ol tliuae cloud out.
Handaome WaU
tn here ia Indian variety. Jut
Ull our ealnmeij for wbat room
you want the paper ud be will
■bow you juat Iht patUrn you err
looking (or.
To  cboou Iron our ttock ii t pica-
auri, to pay our pile* ta tuy.
147 Iredell Avenue
I-om 149
c ' ^
50x157 ft. on  15th Street,
west of Boulevard mi lying MartUWOl) & tO.
high an4 4ry» a bargain, at 62 Lonidale Av#» JST??!*"
$950, on tem NORTH VANCOUVER
'     4i
ii the nmam north Vancouver, n, e.
. i
.1.1     '    ' .
$1 down and
$1 per week
See tbo "Oauada's Prldi
Malleable Eange aU|>l un
tbo above low torips, with
or without hot water connections.
Agenti for tbe "Monarch Malliable" tbe stty-'
satisfactory range. Wood
and coil bettors ranging
ing from 18,04 to $13.00
Agenti' (or Shield Brand Building Papers, Bapco Pun
Paintl, Oils and Varnishes.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
receives (he tame glad welcome here
as he man who comet to buy, our
primary object at this time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantagei in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii store.
We don't expect to tell you goodi
before you know us, our goodi and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all parte of  tht city.
Special atlciilioii given all orders from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery pu?
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Worki
111 First Street Wert
l'ri)|irietors-E. Iaimw, Tailor; F. Nukminion, late with the
li. C. Cleaning ami Dyeing Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
ol all Deschption Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned ind Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call aodde-
livcr quickly
Give us a trial ad patroaize tbe
North Shore
ill First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the.
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd,
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent       v
The Lumheii^ Provinces
Eelative Positions In 101(1.
AcwflJRfi fp tbo ''Wfisfpfn OaT'
tlio tpttl lumlicr put of tlio Diiniiiiimi
of (lanaila lpt 1011) l)as just Imi'ii
compiles! liy tbe Forestry Branrb. Hi:
porta wen reljetyi»4 ftpi» 870.') ilrnis
operating sawmills, wbicb is nearly
700 mom tbtn ro'|iorteil last year. Tims
tbe 1010 report Is »• bettor estimate
of tbe actual lumber production tban
oyer befpre, Nparly five liillion foot
of lumber was cut during 1010 tbrougli
put the nine provinces of Canada,
w|iicb represents a tpttl vtlup to tbo
country of seventy-seven, apd t hu|f
million dollars. Tbis is tbout fiftpcu
million dollars more tbtn the value
of tbe 1000 lumbor cut. Onttrlo, ns
in former years, bolds tbo premier position ts a lumber province. Its forests tre mado up of diversified spoeics
wbicb I'lmlilril it to produce onptliird
of tbo lumbor for tbo Dominion, Brit-
isb Oolumbit, bowover, will soon take
Ontario's place, from predictions made
on tbo 1010 report. In 1000, tbe West
eru province produced t trillo over
liulf aa iniieb lumber as was cut in
Ontario, while for last year tbe amount
returned from the two provinces woro
prtctictlly the samo. Although un.'
qutrter more lumber was cut iu Quc-
li.'i- in 1010 tban in tbo year previous,
tbe increase was not sufficient tu maintain it in second place of importance,
wbicb position was usurped by- British Columbia. Tbe remaii.ing provinces, Now Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Haa-
kuli'bewun, Alberta, Manitoba and
Prince Kdward laland cut lumber in
tbo order of importance given, but
togetbor supply only unc-sixth of tbo
amount of Canada.
Agreement* and Contract! drawn
ot evarjr iaicrjptioo
Phone 1-57
","' r ~T titTTm*o%Y
Controversy ragea uycrlaatingly found
tho questiou wbotber cruelty tu uiiiinali
in tbe iutorcats of scientific disenvery
ip justifliblo. Tho following is the
dictum of an associate of Ilie Harvunl
psychological laboratory.
"A guild example of'how experimental work alters our uudersluii.lin^
of tbeso matters is Watson's investigation ou the white rat. Tho normal man
looiug the rat enduwod with all the
sensoorgana of man, concludes lhat
they rely upon tbeir sensc-orguus in
way similar tu the waya of man. Bx-
perimontal evidence pointa in a contrary
direction. Watson wurked wilh rats
tbtt were blind, rats that were ilcif,
rats that could not smell, rats trbow
vibrissae had been cut off and tbo sule*
of whose feet had been ancslholi/csl.
Not the absence of vision nor uf hour
iug nor of smell nor of tactual sense! iun
loomed to affect tbo rat's ability lu
learn a labyrinth, or to run a maw
wbicb had been learned bofuro Ihe leas
of tbe sense in ijuostion."
Hucb steps as are described lliovs
were clsiined to have been taken by
the experimenter "to discover whether
rati have a sixth acnae unknown lu
man, a aenac of dirci'tiuu. To this end
be put a rat in a box frum which Ihe
only outlot waa by a mate, and ho kepi
it tbore until it waa thoroughly fa
miliar wltb the intriiaciea of Iho exit.
Tben be removed its eyes, but it
managed to get out. Next he eiter
pttcd the olftctory nerve, but the rat
•till threaded the mail,   Aa I be. escape
might htvd I is  due tu a  souse uf
touch, Mr. Watson froze the rat's loot!
Finally be covered iti bead completely
witb collodion."
Tbe mnn. experimenter juitlAiB
Ibose metboda ou the grouuds aet furlli
in an accepted icicutific creed to the
effect that: "A" human life is nothiug
compared with a new fact iu science...
Tbe most curioua misconception ia lliul
tbe humane aucicty aecma tu think lhal
tho llm of icieuce ia the cure of
ilisotae—the laving of bumiii life.
ijuitc tbe contrary, Ibe aim of selontl
is the advancement of human knowlldgl
it tbe ucriflce of bunion life. . . M
call ami guinea pigs cau be put to
higher uio thin to i.lvtuce acience, VI
do not know whtt it ia. We do Pol
know of my higher use we can put
i nun to."
The press bas, however, described
aucb methods aa forma of "aickeuing
cruelly, so nearly purpoaeloss as lo bo
wholly uiijustifiable."
UP-TO-DATE OBOOEBV, 366 lo 360
Flnt itreet eut.  Pbone Llll.
B. (J, 8uj»r, 18 lb. ack for ....ll.V)
Wi|£ 3 1b. of our Famed "Mty-
'   pojo" Golden Tip" Tea
at   10c per lis.
St. Cbarlei Cream,   10c per tin
(large tins)
Foai, Corn tnd Tomatoes, 2 lins for 26c
(new season park)
Kgga, strictly freih, 3 do/en for tlM
Maypole Bolter  3 Ib. for H.nn
Bice, Fjncsl Japan  6 lb for 86c
Oranges, iweet mi juicy, tflc per dor,
fmh ground Cofee, 86c por 1 lb. tin
"At rotdi trt ww in good ordtr.
Ooot la your —outandi tnd avoid tkt
fl We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lota 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: I-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, m,
HA^TINf-S f.ROVFon^^Street
nrVJ 1 lliVJUJ vJl\v/VI__
East—D. L 208
" iiamminmm
LOTS $245
$40  CASH, BALANCE 6, 12, 18 AND 24 MONTHS, or
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
We are clearing and grading 20 feet in the centre of each street so you can build immediately.     These lots are nearly all level, a
few have a slight slope to the south.   We will be pleased to show you this property at any time.
1 ! I 5 ' -•
Preparations are being made for the extension of the carline (rom the present terminus on Hastings Street
11-2 miles East, This Fall or Early Spring
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St W.
From Liverpool
to Lonsdale
Miscellaneous    Impressions    tn    a
Long Journey.
tlly "IAN IUM,.")
Disl you notii'C, when gliding up Hie
Si. Ijtwrem-e (aa I liope you have
hiiim.'limi' ilont) those cutt lit I lu polea
swaying anil bobbing in mid stream
ul si-..I,si intervals! Disl you notice
liuw Hie mu Is from your ship lucked
ilu lis ilown as she pass.',!, Iill only Hie
tips ut' Ilicin ami occasionally nolliing
ut ull of Ihem woru left ubove Ihu
lurfun .' To -pi.-uiul,- upon Hie re
aealliig power of these polea wua onl
nl our premier recreations .luring the
rlvei trip. II was typical of Hie rid-
.uli.ua ilivuraiom of ship Imiir.l lhat
aerioui eyeil buaineas men ami brow
furrowed clergymen ahoubl tliid iufi-
into interest lu Ihe idiosyncrasies of a
few  river polea.
Abe Martin haa saisl something lo
the effect thai there la nothing worse
ihan an iguoramoua that has travelled.!
I feel lhat I am not writing these im
pr. -sinus iu the right way. I havo no
beautifully oihaustlvc guide l.uuk be
aide uio from whicii I can extract particulars concerning the Ht. Lawrence
river. I cannot refer by name lo any
of the charming settlements that we
pussud. I only know lhat us thu river
banks seemed to draw closer lo the
.-hip before widening again, tempting
little townships became suddenly visible i-iish with a prim looking church
erect iu Ihe sunlight us if it wuru Hie
people's only possible custodian. .Some
times where the quiel river kiasesl the
Imu children stood ankle deep wav
iug to ua, behind them, nestling amid
trees, was their Canadian home, surrounded by Hut green fields as smooth
and green as u billiard table. Ileyond
was father, busy wilh the plough liming two great horses whicii looked to ua
like blue bottles. Ileyond again were
more fields, more trees, stretching into the Ini.-i- of distance. On the nor-
Ultra bank of the river grew treca of
the pine aud apruce order, tin the
south bunk deciduous trees were common such aa maple, cherry, oak, ash
and elm.
And then Montreal, ami good bye lo
Ihe Ijiureiilic and our friends of Ihul
brief week. It was early afternoon
when the lirst indications uf CtNtdl'l
commercial metropolis lay on Ihe uor
miu.   Veiled iu ita own smoke,    the
ity was something of au unwelcome
apparition. Afler seven days of the
great open sea, of Informality, of
blustering good heullli (us il happen.
ed) we were naturally disinclines! In
le«ve our colossal holse-hoat with ils
many Unique iiltruclions. Thia was,
it any rule, the consensus of opinion
on the upper dock where many were
re-assembling iu suits and huts lliul
had hitherto remained iu cabin-trunks.
Hii uiul sn wus wondering it' alio would
meet auch a one iigiiin. .Several youths
and maidens were busy enacting the
final sceuu in their flirtation comedy
of one week only. Men in Hie furewell
throes of generosity were trying lo
thrust clgtn upon win smokers. Hards
oii.I addresses, box uud phone numbers:,
were btioy exchuugcil in every diroc
tion. Hcrrwui there u little deep sin
ceriliy wus noticeable. Despite the
fuel Ihut there were from forty lo fifty persons around them, for instance,
Mr. 'i I.ii,,■■.ml nli ami Miss Whutser
name were quite itppurcutly ulone iu
their own little world. And Hint littlo
world wus only u week old. Have you
seen a Toronto puper latelyf If so,
I need uot inform you Ihut Miss
Whalsername is now Mrs, Tliingiim-
Swiftly—sliico mo t  of ui wero re
lm iimt we approached tho harbor of
Montreal, which is reputed to consist
of' seven miles of deep waler. With
little more difficulty or delay lhan a
North Vancouver ferry experience!, we
glided awuulike along the wide wharf.
Du shore a multitude of lints were be-
ing raised, a furore of impatient questions ond mesluges were being fired.
The gungways were, adjusted, hands
wero shaken, whistles woru aouniiod,
bells were jangled, stewards were
tipped, luggage waa mustered—and lol
Ihe voyage was ended. We looked
over our shoulders at the massive ship,
ipiielly bertheij.with many of her crew
uow leaning idly against the deck rails,
and breathed an encouiuiu to her many
Then the woes of Hie world cliimcil
us nun in. into Ihe stifling utmoaphere
of the en..!,,,,!., we crept. Personally
I wus reminded instantly, io great waa
the chaos and uproar, of the story of
the hnnon- Murk Lemon who asked a
diatonic officer where he should Uud hia
luggage. After inquiring the name,
the uniformed diguatnry said "Vou'II
'avu to go lo 1, for It.-" "Uut surely
I'm there already!" queried Mr. Lemon  significantly.
lu au incredibly ihort timi thi customs hall was a seething maw of wor
ried humanity. The only unmovod
mortals' wero tho officials, somo of
whom strodo about witih an inkpot and
a brush aa if tbey wero moroly Ailing
in a little time there. Tragedies on a
small scale, were being uuacted ou all
sides. Here waa a persuu who had
munagoil to I use the very key that was
necessary to open tn inoffensive looking bag which an astute officer had his
eye upon. Here was au elderly gentle
man displaying to the public gate Ins
pyjamas aud undergarments, finding uo
consolation ill the facetious comments
of the Intpector, Here waa a florid
faced man bellowing into Ihe ears of
an official the raison d'etru of a hot
Ho of whiskey. Hero was an excited
French woman gesticulating and
screaming "Ou est" thii and "Ou
est" that, while an Knglisli stranger
tried to pacify hor in her own language
by saying "Tray boko" it regular interval!. It waa ill either awfully wonderful or wonderfully awful, I have no
ver beon able to decide which.
At lust after an eternity of time,
we wore allowed to quit without a
slain upou our character!. We emerged into Ood'a own lir wbicb ii quite
different to thtt of tbt cuitoni, alnl
stepped thankfully into t rig whicii
bowled ua through Montreal.
llm.  iin,sir,in,] miles of railroad lay
still before ua.
To bi continued
The project is on fool, originating
from tbo Weal Vancouver luiproveuienl
Aaaociitiou, lo tuke Hie area weat of
I'apilan.i from Ibe districl municipal
ity and make it a aeparale district.
A resolution lo Ihis effect wus passed
al Ihe association's last meeting and
early developments are expected.
Councillors l-iw.-on and Thompson, Ihu
diitrict members, pronounce I lionise!
voi in favor of Ihe project, arguing
that tbo liuic has arrived when West
Vancouver with ils two millions of taxable property should bu made iuilepciul
ont. Tbo area concerned in the proportion stretches from Capilano to
Point Atkinson.
Councillor Thompson also expresses
tbi opinion that Ihe time ii iwiftly
approaching when North Vancouver
will teck lo incorporate Norlb lonidale
an the area cast of the ('apilano ri
ver in Ihe city boundaries leaving tbe
diitrict, Lynn Valley ou tbo cast side
and Woat Vaueouver on Ibe west both
ai uparato muuicipalitiei.
H| Recognizing the tuperior quality of the
T] Caket and Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce ft Co., 139 Lonidale, we bag to
advite cuttomert that our driven will bt glad
to accept orden for um* and give prompt
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread
5c per loaf.
Eighth St Eait Phone 54
Chat. M. Kittson, Manager
bwjjM'W UP. Hfi^r #W Fm.dr $2,652,333
1 .    '
2 &tjm in Nprth VanqjHver—2
VPPPR WNSDrUE AVE, (near fourteenth Street)
'.     i.
...MMHIUUII'.  I I..
Saving Pepoiifo of $1.00 apd upwa^dt'received.
Interest allowed at current rates,
fijjlinkier'j Money Orders issued,?
'i1   "ii. ..
BUREAU i« now open for the convenience of employers and employees.   F.mployers are requested to take
( i
advantage of the'office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.    14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
I    '"Mill    im
u1  ,
the electrlj; coffee percolator!
Wi 97990
the slisc on  which  the
elc.-lric current  will do
your cooking!
the iiiiiio-i .ion' heater
for boiling water quick
i-iieetiie iron, tbo indie
I'i'IIs :i Ills' eon s einelli e for
ironing dayf
Drop in at our office af 50 Lonsdale Avenue nnd see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
All Are Operqled by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
We have one of the largest anil best designed stock ol
Front Do'ors that can lie secured anywhere yi 13. C. We have
about so different designs to ..choose from whicii range in
price Iron) <j 75 to fij.oo. We make a specialty of the
"Pasadena Dook," a handsome, massive piece of work,
one which is especially suited to bungalows, and the modern
Style of architecture. If you are interested call and let us
show you our display. We can also supply vou with Interior
Docrt in fir or cedar in 1,a,3, 4, 5 or 6 pane) or in the craftsman designs.   Call and ask to sec them for yourself.
P.O. Box 1719
! 'linns-   222
'"■    '    ■'
nm®  PFFgCT'MAY'FlttST,  I9'»
Uavi Vincouver «,30 a.m. aari
thereafter every SO minutes . until
7.00 p.m. Commenting IM p.m.
every 30 minutes gntif|1.30 p.m.
thereafter 13,11s and LOO om.
I.C11M1 North Vancouver 0.00 a.m..
and thereafter ovory 'D minutei until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
p), ivory 30 minutei until UM p.
D|i tliciciilisi  11.46 nnil 12At a.m.
Lttti Vnncouvtr 7.40,  8.M md      ljcavc Nortb Vancouver 1.20, 8.00
.00 IbetanMtr aeon a* woekdayi.     tm] 8.40, tberooftor iame n« woek-
1 <Jtyi.
Single Ian 6c, 8 for 26c, 30 (or tl, 70 for 11
trucke   and
All thi above ratet include driver,   Batci A and II aubject  to  10
A- Lumber   Wagoaa,
drayi, 76o return.
H-3'borio  oipreii coiriogci and
hiaki/ tit rolurn.
O-l Ww expreia  buggiei  and
tutoi,' 38c return.
TinleHibie nibject to ohioae withfeut notice.
Cdapany not liablt lor AaJjila, accidental or otharwiit,
per. dent, diicouat ia loti ot GO.
Per 100' Ibi. rate 6c,
Minimum rate, lOo,
'■" mm
Ifey, flour &, Feed
Owing U larger warehquae accomo-
/     Nation, weaxeiMjwinapotiiion to
I       mrfk larger nod moil compUta
itock of thonm goodi and to tupply
our cuttwnerji M Ytanmtm pricaa.
All Ordart Delivered Promptly.
mty PpDooM im ntttrlrt OfiUjw
TI)o> principal jfeWuro pt the 'Wtiop'l
I nmi e.m  iiicelini!  1111   Friday   ..voiiinii
Wfl    I 111!    lliHI'l|llllil|ll    pf   t    l|UI'lltlpll    Of
cbiWron % tbp mpnlciptlify troyiling
opt city!'p||i|i!w ftpm tbp civic ipbpols
Mf.^A. vO, fyrry rolatpil 1 copvejiuv
tipp tbut lm Inul bad wilb tho district cpuncil connoting! tbt ppcossity
of building school! In iljitflct coil-
drop.   Ust ^jviiUpr,   aa   Mr. A.  It,
ritotcy thp ciuyriptn iipintoi) put, tbey
Inul bad to acconiniiiibitc lliem iu tboir
city ecbpola.
Kt.^ttacy 'lUKgpitod tppf tho npm-
ber of. dieiriot e|ilhlrep attending -1lm
ity^cnjoja Kbpubl bo ficortaluod aiji|
the illatrjct trual oca noli lied. At pr.n
out tbp}f>orp turning twpy city children fiat} ito Bidgowty school which
wua tp nliauril alatu pt t|)jngs.
Mr. I 'erry ini iiiiiii c.l tint one of I be
ilialriel Irnaleca bid aalii'd the city to
refuae admittance into tbo Lqnidnlo
achool to ilil|rict children, otherwise
they would have to cloio .lown their
own school. Mr, Perry wis stl|l to
meet the district authorities; for settle-
mint of Hii:' (petition. Tbii boing 10,
tbe board doferred tctjop in the mean-,
Tbo report Ot Inspector Gordon on
the high acb'pnl wis then bcaril.
Touching upon tho work of
Ur. i .-lliu, the principal, Ihe inspector wroto ua follows:
"Tho principal has.the work well
|sl:iiiiic,|, ami tho best of relations o»-
isl between him and his assistant anil
atuilonts. Ho works hard fur the ttv-
ionte, tnd they in turn, work well for
bim. Hi' ia fills' oracling as to the
way in which they must do their work
while Ilny in turn are anxious to please
bim. Tbe general attitude of tbe students to their work is uood. Thoy are
persevering and }n n large measure
.soirfeiiant.t There is also a frankness
among tbeip, begpttcn of the leach
er's sympathy wjth Ihem In tboir
Conccrnlg Ihe wprk pf Mill A. 8
Clnrk, thoiloipoctol wofto tho follow
"Misa A. 8. fllark, U.\., the teaeli-
er, ia u painataking ayslcniatic and
IliOf.iugb teuchor. She haa already sue-
ceiled in uroiiaiijg cousiderthlc Interesl
in stpdy among tbe hoyi un.l girls uf
her classes. Tboy tre worting /'ireful
ly aud thoughtfully and are making
geud progress. While firm, sbo is kind
and sympathetic, and her students e'vi
dcntly like lo pliaae ber."
The chairman efpreased ovory satis
fiction with fbcie'reports, his viow
being fully endorsed |iy scveril members of the board.
Mr. Miy reported tbul Ihe ploughing
of l.onsdule school playground would
have to bt'postponed until spring but
in tho meantime Ihe large rocks mul
boulders were being removed.
It wai atatcd that t7li"l) bad been
paid to 8mith Urn-. contractors, for
the Hidgewny si'hool.
lu connection witli lbc pending convention,of teachers, Mr. I'crry intimated that arrangements had been made
to give the visitors a trip lo Capilano
where foa would be provided.
The nest mailer lo came under con-
sidcrulioii was the city council's request for li feel of Ihe Lonsdale
... I....il sito for Ihe purpoae of making
tind street a width of Wl feet. After
deliberation the clerk wns instructed
to reply lhat iu IIIIH, Ihe trustees bad
granted HI feet on condition lhat Ihe
city council gave the balance to make
the uniform width of the slroet. These
conditions were entered into and fully
conceded before tlicvplaiia; and spccili
cations for the school wore finally ail
opled. Theae plans were for a sixteen
room building, which is tt present on
ly eight roomed. Willi Hie completion
of Ihe carrying out of Ihe details of
the plana, the above concession would
conflict witb the agreed plans of Ihe
Miu. r.i
After discuitdng Ihe mailer of oh
tabling a supply of desks, Mr. 8teacy
pronounced himself in favor of ap
pointing Mr. Ilenncll to Hidgewny
achool with the senior children, tnd
use the Chesterfield ichool for junior*.
The clerk then raid a petition fi/om
seven parcnta asking lhat the lunch
hour lie increased from 60 minutes to
16 minutes. Thin the Board agreed to
concede, Ihe innovation to commence
on Nov. 1st, tud Iho school lo he de
taincd for in iiddilionnl JG minutei in
the afternoon.
Tbe secretary waa instructed to no
tify Mt. Bennett to direct tbt attention of hia staff to the School Act,
which provides for the immediate no
iili.isii.sii to1 the trustees in the event
of t teacher's illness. It appeared
tbtt a subilitutc had been acting for
an iucapacilalcsl teacher for over t
week without notice hiving boon mode
lo tho trJbjjpi,
Mr. M 8. Jftflowell, one of the trustees, wb"''t,('<c.otly entered into nuptial
bondi, pat,-'at this junctuto prltontcd
by Mr. Steacy on behalf of tbo Board
with Jt copy 0/ the Imperial edition of
Webiter'i Ajcffeppry. Ht- Firry, con
gratulaling the recipient, wilbed hint
t long life ud 1 luuipy ono, Mri McDowell in replying, alluded to tho com
rtdeafaip which ho htd always found
oxiitiog among tbt trwlm.
Witb thii pleaaing event tbt leiiion
MOTICIS Iii hereby given that uiipllca-
l" tl'nn will he made to the Parliament ot Camilla ut tbe next eoMfon
thereof for' oil act to Incorporate a
company undjr the impio of tho North
Airn Hndgo *'Hallway lloinpuny, with
power 'to lay opt, ppnatrucl, operate,
maintain und une a bridge across tne
North Arm pf Burrard inlet from a
uiul oii tho .'is'ii.'siiisr.i commonly known
_l» tho TutWa Houd to 11 point on tho
Weat ahpro'of Lot 67li,,dlreclly north pf
tbo liiliiud known as While Hock, lineli
bridge to pe I10U1 for foot nasscimorB,
caJTbigtt. street rpllway ahd railway
pilllioies' wltb tbt necessary approaches, and wiiti power to conneot
Inn sold bridge with' existing and
tulure linen of atioot Railway und rall-
wiy and for tho iiurpuucit of eonnoctlni;
e.Hli the auld alreet railways and cull ■
waya to lay oul, conniruel, and 00-
ci'i.ie one or more Ipiei of railways
11.it exceeding tell miles In length.
And w|t|l power to construct, equip,
iiiiiliiiniii and o|ieiiiti. a lino or line;
of railway from lomo point on l.ul 2U
.11 .the' i-nii of tho Canadian Pacdnp
itoliwav tlompany'a branch lino from
Port Moody, und following tho north
iitioi-e of linrrai-il Inlet to a \10ln1 In
the city of Norlh vancouvel pr to
connect with any railway that la or
mty bo constructed A on the north
.ii.  ot Burrard mi.-i
Anil for the tiurpniol of Ita undertaking to ncqufre and develop wator,
electric or other power or energy, and
erect lines for the transmission  of
ie samo and to tronsniK and deliver
ip same lo any place In tho cities pr
iiiiinls-liiallileii through which the
works of tho company are authorlied
lo bo iiiiiii.iiini to receive, trunstiii'iii.
trunsmlt. dlslrlbule and supply aucb
pqwor or energy In any form fund io
dispose of tho surplus thereof, and to
collect rates and charges therefor.
Jt Is Intended lhal 'Ine works of the
d company shall bo declared fo be
for the e.i nei.il advaqtuge of Canada.
W. II.
victoria, p. c
Uty, llll.
Hollcltor for the Applicants,
at Victoria this 29th day of
We carry a line of cittlyy
which ii not excelled outtide the
great emporiums of Sheffield apd
Mancheiter, and it a line in
which tjiit firm it an absolute master. Our stock is not limited in
Suanlily or quality. We supply
ie most humble home or the ban-
quetting hall of a prince with
equal readiness.
See our excellent line of carvers, dessert and fish sett. Quality assured; prices moderate.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jepielett and Silversmith,
Hastings mi Granville Streets   -  *   ■   Vancouver, B. C.
'lie lolldt the puiloeu or Mauufaclorcn,
-iglnccriand olbera who rcallie the advlutill-
ly of huviug tliclr Patent buulncu lranl»ctcsl
by Kx|x-rta, Preliminary advlic free. Chnrgei
niodemle. Ourlovenlor'iAdvlacriiciit ii|«iii ii-
quest. Uarloulkllarlon, geg'd., New York Uie
Wi'" Miwiliral'iuil W..l.lniiliin l.C.UJM
yen •• via"
_J MArwa
Copvuiohti to.
I ikMdl ansl dMCTlpllcsO BU
Mir opinion (tea wbeiliar an
malt Ulanmed TaaUr. Ifrat* elr-
jf anr icirnunc Jouraal. Tanna for
pit t*", poauie irtt—J.  Holl 19
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.*,' 1	
V. O. Boi 1B87.    OAct-8. W. Corner Esplauado tnd St. George's Ave.
North Yancouver Business & Professional Cards
Purcy y. Howard H. .1. l'crrin
City Auditor.
Auditora and Accounlnnll
5SS Pendtr St. fl.      V. O. Hot 9336
Phono 8SI7 I'bone 183.
Vancouvor      North Vancouver
133 6th Strett East Norlb Vancounr
I'ii.sue 271    '
1111.1 Minis AMI I'liiil..
Finest tabid und oues ia tbe City
nn. i.siin-ii.s.
Pioneer Hurscsliocr - Cirritgo fforki
FIBST STREET Wl Si k i.iiStillH.V.
IIIUII.S    IM.   s,-| HUM III
Is. 1 —
Boolutlltra ind SlalloBeri
Cor. I.onidole and lit.        Phono 143
Tht Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, let Cream,
Solt Driniu, Fountain Drinka, Tobacco
Light Luncboi, Fruit
Lonidale and 6th Phono 918
1 iiiiiuriMi in
li:i» sllB.ssver.-.l Hip rauar of Dlaesac lo
be Pressure un nervel—Hopping Ihe
Toner 1 urrtitt which nroduce functional activity. We liberate the Power Current! by removing Ibe I'rreauro
—and health is restored It 3. Irwln,
DC, Dr. of Cblronractlc, HI Uth
Slrect, Norlp Vancouver.
North   VtwtMtivmt
Colltg. and Copying Offic.
Oar at* mttmfat Mmati
nowledge In Pomte" and 1
wlni where conyHtjilbn li
Uon *l._
m.pof. It)a^ but
I IIM IMI   lulls.
Tbo New Block on lonidul(J Avenuo
near tbe Ferry Approach
wua built by
Goneral Contraotort
I'untroclors for rc-infotce.1 concrele
construe!ion. Sewering ill ill ill
branches; house connections a ape
cialty.     Kslimalcs   furuiahed.
Office: 20 Unadalc Ave.        Phone 286
Presaed llrick Majitlea a Specially.
Phone 1,112
A. Oraib W. crtib
In Concrele, Brick and Wood.
A M.I K  k S.
Irrigation, drainage, teveti, plana
aud spcoificnlions. Septio tanki and
house droioagt 1 iptoiaUy. P. 0.
Boi 344, I6tb itrcil wait ol Htwloki
 I—I —
t, M. Sharp, mud h. 1. Htu.i  Inst
Mun Kng Kle, Archl and Civil Kn-
glneor. Plana, elev_uili.ua, icctlona,
ri'i.orla, ipeclllcailoni, eiilmulei, etc,
fur all clusses uf work, Tracing!. Blue
I'rlnli. Man Mounting. ill Lower
Kellli Itoad, Kaal, North Vancuuver.
rilH OKI1.KB9.
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Live and Droned Poultry
Vegotablea l)eliv»ry twiot daily
Phew 340 1S1 Firrt Strut
vTholeaaleri pai KtttUtri of Furt Ioe
Io» 'tay lamily ate
IkY yi&9 JU IrOOUS
Phont 3*6      IMqUW AVENUE
studio em Btak 9 9! *•
I mieWa ia< laiaaiii
*"-■■ — -— -   ~~~r pmmt^mrmmmmmaw
Up tu daio Miliinory      >
Muilorlio Bttei
Keith Block    83 Lomdale Avt.
Miniii   1 .11'
Loam,   Invcituicuti   tnd   Insurauce.
Boom 307, 533 firnnvlllo St., Vanoouver, B. C. Phono 8UV.   Ltad Btgia
try work a specially.
Saw Filer and Orimlcr. All kinds of
band, cross cut and buck aawi let
and lib-,1 at shortest notice. 116 3rd
street ei..1, North Vuncouver.
High-clan Lndias' and Otnt'i Tailoring
Phont l»7
Nils Street E. (idjolulng weit ot Bou-
lovird} North Vtncouver
Klial 1'ls.aa work only. Ladlei own materials rnnde up.
«.» -nrrMsa.ti.g In all Ha kruekci
Specialty : Children'! LtMoni tt own
horn. Termi, ito., apply General
eva a. Mcdonald
Ittchtr of PIANO PLATWa,
For termi, tie., apply Monday
and Tburidty.
m Te alt II. K.
mm *>*■
wtTi'H ia-raiBiNa.
It your maieh ttopffe or go<a« iwt-
gultrly ? Stt
A. I WW*
rffW  "ifrf'tf   f *namW*T9*rl*T   P'•P»^,T•,
I v^ TTTtWr^^i^** W^mrmmm
**M*nemammm*>      .       '■■' '.-■
Short Story b)> J. P, Holland,
1 . i.     i, i
"My lady It   wilful,"   remarked
Henard, "ah, Wall, tlio carpet is not
mitt," aad with thit, he rein id tho
glass far bll 0WII enjoyment and re
pliii'isil It and the decanter in lliu small
cupboard. Ena, whose stroiiglh was
•lowly rnturiiini; but wlinso brain
llinililieil lii,,. a sledge liBininor, looked
around her for somo vialbiu means of
ttetpt. There was, Ijownvdr, only
one door to llm room, und tu roach
this she would have tn pass llciiiinl
while the solitary window whs cloacly
Suddenly t|io thought crnsaed bor
mind that perhaps ill had befallen
Philip at the lum.Is of this unscrupulous man, and aim was ou tho point of
demanding enlightenment un Ihis matter when lleiinril's voice priivnnlinl
"Now, Mistress Tressold," ho observed, "with your pulito attention— "
Ills speech wus interrupted by a
succession uf tups ou Ilie dour und u
voice culled "Muster Itarilfdl" That
genlli-iiiiiii, wilh un oath, pulled Lyi>"
the bull ami admitted ii haul old mun
attired in the garb uf uu inn keeper.
He »oro i.n Ida head u black akilll
cap, while In his palsied lunula Im cur
rial a tabic chilli uud aome knives uiul
" 'imu pardon, Muster," cruuked tlm
newcomer " I shall muke at llttlt noise
is possible," saying wbleh lm loitered
In llii' table, spread llm chilli und pluc
ed the knives and forks iu position
Iteiiard mcuuivliilc wua scribbling a
few words on a'slip of puper. This he
Inin.I. .1 lo llm old iiiiiii. who, having
read the message, nodded iu implies
"I will muke hastu, Muster," he
faltered, limn, chuckling softly lu him
aelf, hu aliufllcd iu tlie direction of the
door. Ena clutching wildly ul u vain
hope, called suddenly lo him.
"If you will gel me uwuy from here
you ahull be handsomely rcwanli'd. I
tm the unwilling cupliir of this man."
Itonaril's scornful liiugh Interrupted
"Hpiro. yuursell' this trouhii1, Mis
tress Tressuld," he remarkesl, "th.'
crack of .loom would uul disturb .Nut
(loudinan. He Is stone deafl" which
statement was apparently true, for Ihe
heul figure had Cjnltlld the room uiul
he door waa again elnaed—but not
"Nat is arranging u pleasiint men I
for us," li. mud explained, us if he hud
reul her thoughts, "he will have tu
come in ami oul We ran, however,
talk al will, fur he wnl be none Iho
wiaer. I waa aboul lu speak of the
icheum, which haa aecured me your
delightful  presence.    Vou  mii-t   surd)
give mo erodit for'Hi luccaat. If ypu
and poor puny Fnlrhnrsl htd plotted ti
carefully, yonr olforti might not btvo
proved br futile. Arrangements for
an olopiminot, madam, should bo made
when no third person is present. You
overlooked thtt otornal point,
"Hq you wore in hilling and over
hoard f"
"M lulu in,  I lidlllit  it.    Was  I  there
fnrii In allow so great a prizu to slip
sn simply tliruugh my llngorit ' Ko,
mudum, I mul. the liberty of following
Master Pnirliurst, mid llinugh it light
lined my piirln lo gain this knowledge
;i ■. cn,nned Ihut hu hud procured a
closed in carriage, which was to ayvall
him nt the "Oroyliouiul" at hiilf-pust
twelve. Thi' rest is obvious. Your
loser muy havn luieu punctual. I wus
previous. My cloak and hum! fulfilled
ll liceessliry duly and serecned my iileu
lity from llm coachiiiuti.' I luulu him
driv'ii un. ilu i|id su uud at litis mn
ini'iil believes Ihul he liud Imlpesl Mas
ler i'uirliurst su far tn secure bis
ki i.i' Your lover wuulil, ul' course,
trudge tu Tressnlil Hall only tn find
lhat   Mislress Tressuld—"
Hiiniird shrugged ilis shoulders uud
left his sentence iiiiliiiislu-.l. Ilis re-
eilnl Inul ruiiscd ill tttiu u variety of
i-iuoiioii- wiiirh she look in, trouble tu
conceal. Only iiiiii Ihiug wus greater
lhan her hatred fnr this mini. Thai
wus her tuilli in Philip.
"He will lollnw me," she eric.I.
"I trust nut," lleiiiii,i Humoured.
An ugouy of I'eur arose iu Flit's heart.
"Willi WOtId yun 'I'll" she wliis
pored, lleuiird in'.i.id ns it' Ihe mat
ler were uf alight Importance,
"Wu will discuss Ihe topic no fur
ther," he ii.i.-.ed "let us concern
ourselves with the present "
Kim was eioliiweil with uu exception
ul ipiuiility of pluck uml il must be
auid in her I'uvur Ihul she rullier four
I the cnusei|Uences of iImi night's
events, Ihun ilreinled the mun Iteutrd
himself rilie tell inwurdly cuulidenl
that by hook ur crook Philip would
truce Ihem lo Ihu iuu- fur she'preaiiin
ed it  wus iu him, ami then—
Fur a moment she prayed curnestly
Ihul he would come lu her, rescue hur,
then, bethinking herself of the results
Ihut no.-hi accrue In n meeting lie
ween I'uul lleiiird ami her lover, re
nil. -i her prayer,
"Why hnve yuu dune this/" she
uski'sl suddenly.. Itontrd wus uul pre
pared tor Ihe ipierv uiul was sume time
ere he lullfhsllfl'il ii reply.
'I hiippeVe," Im -ind finally, "Ihul
it I were seiitimeuliil my answer wuuld
be because I love yuu; because I can
not live without you; because you are
un ciiiliii.liiiii-iil of ii ih.ni -nil.I possible
things. I du nut venture upon mn um
bilious uu excuse. J have loleu you
thus fur llm must reisunable of rea
sons- thul which everyone holds who
wishes tu posses/ sunielliing worthy of
possession,   You ire a  woman aiming
Annual General Meeting of North
Vancouver Ratepayers' Association will
be held in City Hall tornight at 8 o'clock.
Special Business: Election of Officers.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will ta. dud of good building lot
ll caih payment oil a 10 raom house,
now; ill modern. Buy ttrmi ou
TELEPHONE Ig. i>. 0. BOX 114
Rooms to Rent
Ntw Apartment Block on Second Street Wait.
$7.00 par Month,   Electric Ughr Free.
im uthkMkOM tou> roar omen)
wmm*Wn}   mrww Wi   \wl   JMV   wm9W
 __ . , 1 .
We«renul_igaip«ri_lyo<H<Hii«i, Wa 4uJI be pleated
to it* aaf you luv« for tale or imt.
woman, just as»certain atona may
a diamond among iliiinionils pad tat
that ronson alono ynii jwtify tilt trouble tbave lukuii tosocureyoi)."
Ilunaril, having Hill? apokeni pat
riiuizinl for a sncipul timu Iho docnii
tot, Th0". raooivlag no feffiy to bis
cuiii'i-iniuii, he I'dileil:
"I fear, Midwife, I mnst havt boen
brptally frank."
Una's oyes biased with passion.
"Hince- cuiifcssioiiu give,yog plot
litre," she retorted, "toll mo-yonr lm
nie.lii'S' iiili'iiliiuc." 1
"Madam, Itenarl answoroil, "yun
force me to a topjt 1 htd wished to
m.lid    Iill   nl'lcr  nil|iper.    1   liuve    ur
ranged, Mislress Tressold, tbtt u wor
thy cleric, who lives lu a village I few
miliia uway, sIibII unite us in the holy
liniul of matrimony tt the earliest pp
portuiiity tomorrow1?
Henard'a wiinlii Hiomud for a moment so linprnliu|de, so eitrtordlnary
sn iluiiifiiuniliiig that tint laughed
"Vou .-aiiiiDt do III" she ecrieil
"you ennnot do it! It is as much as
your life ts wurlh.1"
Itenurd Huslieil aiigrily,
"Du not defy 1110, nfadam," be re
lortml, "I huvo Iho .-..:..■!. hero wailing
in Ihe i.liiblc ilinl, the horses harness-
ed ready. We cuulinno our journey
very shortly."
Kua recognized huw helpless she was
Oh, that Unit old man, Nat (loodmau,
wlinse nged hiiuila were laying a sup-
pur nl I'uul lleiiiird'a command coiild
11 nd Mm- thoughts in bet harassed mind
if only hu hud heard the cowardly
words of her companion, and would
griug her the ussistaucu she longed fori
The nmi old ligure was nil by Ihe
mills' Hhnuld she make a last, ilea
pairing effortf llising ipiickly when
ll. mud seemed fur n moment pruoccu
pied, she attempted to cross the floor
uf Ihe riiniii.- Tins'lull-1 Itennril inter
epted her, uud, soiling hur wrist,
swung Jier sharply around.
"Ilevill" ho cried, "what aro you
nl,.iiii' lluic I uut luld you the man
is stone deafl Ily heaven, lady, would
yuu have mu prove myself Hie master I"
Pilled by 11 fury Ihut sin: couhl uu
lunger rostrum, Kna by u ffanlic tt'
furt, escaped Hoiiard'e grasp and, with
her clenched lists, simile him again and
again llenurd, with u succession uf
mil lis, raised his arm tu strike her,
and, indeed, Would huve done so, had
nut the sitiiuliun suddenly changed.
Tlie ligure which had moved uhuul
su silently, placing the 1,11m ■ ami
Turks uud preparing Ihe rc|>ust, sprung
int., sudden life. Ii'i-iinrd. tu hia dis-
muy, fell both his slinulders held in a
linn grusp, while a knee, placed in Ihe
middle nf his buck, brought him, in an,
undignified miiiiucr, In Iho Door. Ilis
head struck the huni surface and for a
few seconds he lapsed into an uiicun-
scions slnle. When he recuverpd, liis
brow was being bullied by a fliasculiue
band, und above him were the uninis-
lakcable features uf I'hlllp Fairhural.
Peeling his pnsiliun 11 degrading one
Kcnard mude a strenuous effort to rise
Imt u ■ 1 n-iii of pain aci/cd him    ami
Under auspices uf y.l'.H.t'.I'l.
Love, Courtiblp and Marrlagl
Thursday tviulng, Oct. 19th, 1911 tt
O'clock.   Ticket* V, ciutl
The director! uf the Horticultural
Hociely haie called a special general
meeting lo be held in the Horticultural
Hall 011 Tuesday, Oct. 24th, ll 8 p.
lo ratify the proposal of Ihe direr
tors as In Ihe renewal of the mortgage
ami Ihe laying oul of the grounds ami
any other business that may be brought
forward. All meuiliers ire reijuealed
In be present. ID ID
Half arret in I). I.. 6'li, lol IJ. in
block A; lols 9, Vi, 18, III, ill, .'fi, 87,
ii, in block (,', ilu fifi-n-,. double
frontage uu Iwo roads; also loti JS,
19, Ii, 118, S7, Hi, ti, il, iH, 58, m,
m, Ht, An ■■'iifl'il lane.
Katp tbit data bi your mind tad
coma to tht tuctton uid reuiembtr tbi
following facta:
Wc cannot afford to advertise in II
pipers and rent a bull if the properly
ia not alright.
A guarantee and a description will
be given on each lot.
Tbe rettrvt price is far below tn
adjoining subdivision now uu thl inar
k.l, also far below a subdjvision a)
ready sold la 678,
lltlt of Kill laturday, Oot. ilth, at
Ksifbtt  tf  Pytblu   Hill, Ht, WO,
Untitle Atmui, Vortk Vmcouvm. .
ftHaattrlag at MO thttp. tm or
Pbilip, mIllyjj. llttlt i\mmy, llttfd
dim bodily to a'atttpe, Wbtrt ht Ity
l\M* Itf, 9M, mtjtyoi) it bar lpt;.
er'a timely appearance, liusiud hnrself
With tbt doeuntor, ppuripg out p littlp
of tbt jifto Into p f)*Mi Wt Award iwajiowf1'.) ai'd rtgtliitd, tHflWiit
strength lo rise unsteadily to liis
feet. Biting his wcnkiiess, Philip led
him gently,'tt t oliair tnd pirppop.le.l
to erplaip bit prtmnct, Having ,t!|Io-
icrlbed, moro ttf Rna'p benefit, fflaii
for Henard 'a, hll Biltonturos prior tn
arriving at (bo inn, lit ailArastod him
self pointedly to the gim'l loaWn before
"I fetr, Mnsior lleinnl," bo remarked, "thtt 1 did nol Introduce my
self in a right tnd proper manner. I
do sn now. Philip r'liirburst, at four
service, Having fulfilled (he ilciiiun*»
qf aiicial etlqnotto, mty I ixeu^e my
ae|f for not doing ao tt flrat. Arriving
sir, tt this dun, tnd iiseerlnining I'rum
tlio landlord, Mister Qogdrntt, certain
thing) which ho imparled in writing, I
was filled with a great deslro to to-
iimlly ivitii.'iin your attempts tp rob
me of t wife, J. situ nd Nit Goodman
a tempting reward fnr bis services,
and, having aecured tbem, dunned'myself In tho old man's coat I placed
his scull cap upon my head, assumed
hiai stoop and hll poor fullering steps,
ami thus was anablod to lay your lord
ship's supper, and at Iht sniue time
hear your lordship's rascally intentions. Thero his been scheming and
planning on lint It sides, Muster Ho|iard,
but for once, yuu |iavo suffered al.
least humiliation."
Hoiianl did not speak, hut the angry
flash in his eyes conveyed a volume
of meaning to Philip.
I wish to leave thia place," he aaid
in husky louea, "will yuu order Ihe
coach for mef"
"The coach already awaits you,
Master Dcnurd," Philip responded
The olher ruse, look up his hat and
with uncertain steps, departed frum
Ihe mom—ami happily, from'tht lives
nf Philip and Kill.
BKAIjHIi TKNIiKHH iiiiiih.il ".Tender
lor Hewer" will be received by Ihe l'lt>'
ITIcrk of Ihe t'lly of North Vancouver,
up lu IH o'clock noon un Monday, Ihe
t :,.l duy nf (>ctube,-, for supplying al)
(hu iiiiiii-ii.ils nnd iiiumim ilnis and
sOIUIllellUK il Biilllliii, Sew,., Willi lol
e.sniie. lions un  Ks|i|ilIlml.' und I'l.-a. . Ill
iiiie.i from fll (1,jiijj.-'h AvenUc lo Bl.
Ii.ivl.l... Avenue, und on ttecund ilrecl
from a iiolnl 300 fuel cull uf 81. Andrew's Avenue lo Bt   Imvld's Avenue.
All lbc above inenilon.d work lu be
curried uut iiccoiiIIiik tu pinna, pru-
ill. s cross sections uud siieclllcnllons
|,rcpai-c.l by lbc clly engineer
All lenders fur rIn- work must he
mude ,on forms uf lender supplied p)
tile city ellKlnecr.
A chtqui for 6 per cunli of Hie
iim'ouni of Under mual uccumt.uny
i.ih and every lender
A bond uf 16 per cent of tbe uinuual
of the con tract will he rcitirlrcd
.Separate li-nil.-ra musl he made fur
each  work above mentioned.
Tbe loweal or uny lender nol necessarily   utccplcil
(.'Ily i-.ni.iii.. i
('ily I'hiKlnci'i's nillci,
Nortb Vancuuver. llcliilu-r 6, till
Mill. I.    Til    IIIMIIII   Hills
llrarlaa    for tllr, lali.rnltr    l'«t(l
HKAIjKIi TKNIlKKB, »up»ras llU-d
Tin.ler for clMrlng and grubbllig alls
fnr I'u,vim lnl I'lilverally. folni Drey."
will bs- received by lbc llunoinlsl" tbe
MiulMiei of I'ublie Wnrka up |u II o-
clock noon of e'rlday, ifclober .'mn
Iill, for tbe .biiiion and grubblnii of
fifty Hit) ucrea, more or leaa. uf land
for tbe she of ibe Provincial I'nlvci
shy, Point Urcy. known ua 1*1 J0I4,
ilisiou I, New W, siiiilnais i   lilaiil.i
Hpietllcallun!, coalrtal and lonna of
lender iiihv lie seen at thv nfljee of 41.
K ilcUin. Hau. landscape architect,
i--i.liil. bl Hiilblliiu. Vancuuver, and Ibe
lii|,s.iiiiiiiii uf Public Workt, Victoria
Mr McLean will point out 10 ln-
i. inUm bidden Ihe lm uiloii uf land to
be  cleared.
Much lender muat be accompanied by
un accepted hunk cheque nr certltcatt
nt deposit un u chartered bank of Canada, mado payable lu ihe Honorable
Ihe Miniate, uf Public Worfia. for i.
sum equal lo Iil| lit) i„-t ceil of hi.
lender, which slmll he furward.il If Uu
I' iit> tendering decline )/; ehl.r Into
untrucl when c*ll».l upop (0 do so,
or If he full lo .complete Ihe wurk
contracted for, Tbt checjuel or certificate! of deposit of uniucccalfiil leu-
.iii'.'iH will be relumed l« th.m upun
the execution of ihe contract
Tender! will not bt conslder.d unless
mad! out On thi'formi iupplli.1. llgncl
with Ih. u.lu.l alanalure of Hi* lei
d.rcr. and encHn.d In  Ihe envelopes
Thl lowelt or any tender not nec.i-
■irlly accepted.
3. K. tiMVifiw.
Public Worki Knglneer,
l)«parlin.nt of Pobllo Worki.
Victoria, 9 G, «»k Octobtr, llll.
'      Mountain Goat,
Deer, B|wu
and other big game
•tock  Of   WINCHE8TBH,   BAV-
AOB,   SBMBfOtON,   MAUBBB   and
,    ■
other Biflei hat bteu carafidly lelicttd
*_• '
and wi havt tbi   cgllbrt but luttid
to ypur particular rtquirtnunt. Bviry-
thing uccdod by the practical liunur.
1»'« "it.. ,:
pajne & McMillan,   m**
•   »t
Oopltal Paul tip ,„.i...l 'i7B0,fKiii
Heserve k Undivided ftutft    H'irsl.iSH)
Tsilnl Assets
:„.j„.. tn.iHiiiikiu
Thu nverugt luan ur wuiinin ludduin
devciupa tho li.Jul id luving until u
■Savings Account bus bum upcnis).
The pnssessinii nl siiuli nn account
ueis ns nn incentive-your natural
llnuiru tu aui lliu fund grow iiicuur-
, tigoa Ilinl leiidency in thrill ao necessury lo success. No mutter how little
you cm nli.inI lo lay aside from Ihe
wiJJkly wage, «,pcu a Saving! Account
in the Hunk ol Hamilton.
rO. 0. Ill AVl-.N. Agent,
Nortb Vancouvar.
Head Office:
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, over Two Yean
Price $350
Every lot on an open graded road, "tst ol Seymour
Clock, Nurlli Vum oiiver. liuil'lings tiring, rit'tttil on lliu
prouorty now   Teleplfonfl anil electric light available.
Call or nr ii.' uul get maps liul lull pirtnnliri. Wben certain
ili'Viliipiiicnta arc announces! in a feu weeks yun will Iw l.ni Iuto.   ,
~ D. MacLURG   '/■<
The opeiiilor'i .luii'-a mc to imwer
calls ami make conuerl iujii as rapidly
as possible. t'»nve>H|liAn witb you
would incvilnlily block olhoi caldjual
is u/gitil ua youiY
tin the .i|i,inliii ii trained lo u«c
oorluin sel pbruwa rotating idriotly
lo lur »oii. Any ipiesiioni out-
aide ol ber lunotinni moat i
ily bu referred lo |sopli having in
chiuge special .'luaaee ii "Irrts
gulai" inquirioa.
A iiunulo's sjiii.idcrnlion will ibow
lhal unless the optrator'l dul| win
uniform-practically tbt tuna to every
oall alio could uot powibly give AM,
■ubecriberi Ihe Mrvioa Ibey demand.
»       '


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