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I? I    '      • ''"•'
? Hxptm
hobth vwaom, 9 Pt. TflTajpA?, Novwps ih mi
Oity   »ml   DUtrict   to   Hold   foist
Meeting Friday Bvaniug Neit
Tba spirit 0/   unrest,    during ita
r     ceaseless circuit, usually drops in at
the city ball 01) Monday uiglit to coax
[.I  iho councillors into interesting moods
and to generally wrench the proceed-
tj tog! out  of the  rut  of  tranquility.
I »L lut night, however, the   aaid spirit
" ■  evidently Iqtt its bearings; at any ran
it did not enter the city hall portals.
Consequently the conclave was a somewhat desultory one.
Tbe first item of correspondence
which tbe clerk presented for consideration was a letter from Captain
Catea petitioning for nothing more
remarkable. than the clearing of Fell
avenue from Keith road to lfitb
itreet, so tbat he might proceed to
build. Tbe matter wai relegated to
the Board of Works.
Contractor A. B- Oibion theu be
sought twenty more days' suspension
of tbe work on 2nd itreet 00 account
of tbe bad weather.   Granted.
Mr. .1. Sidney lingers wrpto in a tie
acriptlve vain remindful 0/ "The Falls
of padore" of Saturday's heavy rain
which, so it happens, causei the creek
running down Bidgeway to   overflow
E unl meander in Mr. Bogora' baaemenl
lo llii extent of 8 feet of water. The
damage done amounted to ilh and Mr.
Bogers argued tbat certain obstruc
lions ia tbe sliii-li -which bad uot been
removed were responsible for tho be
baviour of the creek- He asked tbe
council to see tbat the creek was
cleared of obstruction! as the next
heavy rainfall would cause tbe samt
trouble to repeat itself.
The city engineer rose modeitlyand
Mid it waa private property that wai
involved.   He did not think tbo coun
cil wai liable.   On tho luggestioo of
I4 Aid.  Henderson   tbo  letter  was  laid
/temporarily aiido in case others of Iho
ume nature ihould be- among tbe correspondence.
Tbere was a communication from F.
T. Salsbury briefly intimating tbat bu
bad secured for Nortb Vancouver the
Tf  1818 convention  of tbe  Arctic  firo
T   therbood.
' Mayor McNeiih expressed bis grati
fication and  Aid. McBae voiced tbe
same feeling on behalf of the council
Jf  paying a   tribute to   Mr. Salsbury'1
1     initiative.
Mr. J. Stepbcu, manager of the Hunk
of British  Nortb  Atucrica,  wrote to
g   tbe effect  that  tbe general  manager
tf   had authorixed tbe granting   of   tbe
J loan of (07,111111 in regard to tbe civic
'     bylaws recently paucd.
;■'        A letter containing a directly anti
thetical purport came from Mr. Alexander Pbilip, representing the   joint
,<ivic advertiaing committee.   It aiked
1     ttl 1 further grant of ihn for the
purcbue of neceuary incidental...
Then   tbe   Horticultural   Society'1
secretary  petitioned  the  council  for
financial aid to tbe oxtont of $390,
a which request wu at once banded over
to the finance committee.
The deputy minister of tbe marine
and  fisheries department at   Ottawa
v   wrote relative to tbe city'i applies
tion for water lota in front of Fell
■ J and Wincb avenuei and Mackay road.
1    Before conceding to tbe   application
tbe department coniidered it neceuary
lhat plana of the loti in quwtion be
forwarded, sworn to by a duly quail-
I   fled land lurveyor.
*]    It wu immediately reiotved that
1   these ftopi be taken.
'      A communication came from tbe lo
.    cal board of trade calling attention
\t 'the  advisability   of   installing    a
' * ■ eighing machine in tbe city.      Tbe
t,   board pronounced tbis to be ao "org
• ' eat necessity' and exhorted tbe conn
ciis'.o take the matter up with tbe
diatrict council.
Tba mayor coniidered tbat though
/they would not be able to get one
thii year, it would be interesting to
get all ■ tbe information poiiiblo on
the aubject. A motion wai carried,
referring It to the finance committee.
/ A recommendation alio came from
f tbe Hate-payers' Asaociation. At a
' meeting of the exeeutive It bad been
I pointed out that a city balance iboct
mind not in tbe put beon obtainable
W by ralepayora until the ond of January
1 The association therefore, urged tho
' council to iuitruet the treuurer to
preparo an itemized itaUsment of the
lily's expenditure up to and including
November 30th, to bs obtainable not
liter thM Dec. 16th.
Aid. Pick thought tbis 1 reasonable
suggestion, but indicated that auch a
balance ibeet would only be a partial
statement, iuuroucb u it would wt
Ittotnt for ths* month of Pccembor.
He would like to ice all tha information posiible given to the ralepayeri.
aid. McBae alio coniidered th* nail quoit reasonable, but did the council
think it would do much good! As a
matter of faet the finance committee
intended dealing with tba aubject at
ita next meeting.
Aid. Henderson laid itress on tba
importance 0' tbo publication of inch
a balance iboet on tbe eve of tbe elections "A financial statement of the
kind described, -even if incomplete,
Would be of great service tq tbe ratepayers It would doubtless afford
tbem an mmenia amount 0/ satisfaction if tbey had, in the middle of December, an accurate statement of tbe
city'i expenditure 10 far. Ha WM ip
favor of granting tbe request.
Tbere wu some discussion u to the
precise meaning of au "itemized
statement," the mayor pointing out
tbat if it implied tbe totting forth of
every small detail of expenditure, the
task would be too colossal a one for
tbe treuurer. Jt waa decided, however, after a disiertation from Aid.
Henderson, that tbe balance ibeet
would not need to be prepared on luch
minute lines u tbis. Eventually the
matter wu referred tq the finance committee with a recommendation that
tbo request be granted it found poa
The city clerk intimated tbat Mr. J.
G. Farmer bad returned to bim tho
names of all registered owners to be
placed on tbe 1912 assessment roll
u far u had been ascertained from
tbe books and records in tbe Land Begistry office. The council being uked
to suggest a date for tbe court of re
viiion in January next, fixed upon tbe
tth, and appointed Aid. Pick and Hen
derson to constitute Ibat court.
There followed a seriei of recom
mendationi from tbe city engineer, all
of which were referred to committee.
Firstly, Mr. Hanei recommended a
bylaw for tbe obtaining of 160,000
for itreet clearing and anotber to tbe
amount of #6,000 for the clearing and
grading of lanea.
At thii point Aid. Henderson inter
vend wltb tbe tuggeition tbat tbey
should have an estimate on all tbo
sidewalks and road clearings that tbey
bad been unable to attend to during
tbe year. He thought the engineer
might prepare the lilt tabulated, so
that it might be a guidance to tbeir
Mr. Hanes tben recommended a bylaw for the. railing of $176,0011 for
waterworki purpoiei, mentioning that
tbey bad not been able to make the
necessary wator main extension this
yeari He further advocated tbe con
•traction of a itorm sewer on St. David'a from the waterfront to Keith
road at an estimated coit of $18,000.
Additional recommendations had relation to unitary sewers with lot connections In tbe following sections of
the city:
Fourth itreet, from Forbes to St,
Andrew'i, at an estimated coit of
HT.,"'"); Fifth itreet from Forbes to
St. Andrew's, at an estimated coit of
$46,000; Sixth itreet from Forbes to
St. Andrew.'!, $46,000; Eighth and
Tonth streets from Lonadale to Bidgeway, $25,000; Eleventh street from
Lonidale to Bidgeway, $22,000; Twelfth
street from Lonadale to St. George's,
$8,500; Thirteenth street from Eighth
to Lonsdale, $8,500; Nineteenth St.
from Fifteenth to Seventeenth streets
$8,000; I.onsdale Ave. from First St.
to the waterfront, $6,000; the total estimated coat being $230,000.
Mr. Hanea further recommended
that a eity dock be coaitructed at tbe
waterfront end of Cbeiterficid avenue
at a coat of $10,000, to be utilized for
the storage of water pipes and municipal articles of every description; tbe
dock to be extended far enough out
to allow steam boats to land at any
The mayor then made reference to
Aid. Kittion'1 local improvement mo
tion under lection SI of lection 256 of
the Municipal Clauaei Act diacussed at
the lut leaaion of the council. The
following recommendations wara invol
I. That Ijonsdale avenue be paved
from tba waterfront to the north tide
of 3rd itreet with material considered
moat suitable by the city engineer,
Federal Governraent Approached — Revote
of Original Appropriation and Additional
Subsidy Next Year.
Mr. Wm. McNeill, vice-president of
tha V. W. k Y. Bailway, had an interview on Saturday with Hot). 11. L.
Borden and Hon Frank Cochrane. He
was accompanied by Mr. II. II. Stevens, M.P. and applied for a subsidy
for tbe Second Narrows bridge
It developed in tbo discussion that
it wu very unlikely that any uow subsidies would be provided for at. the
present session. On this accqunt Mr.
McNeiH'i request on behalf of tho Burrard Inlet Bridge and Tunnpl Company
for an increased bridge subsidy was
unfavorably received.
Mr. McNeill!  tben  approached   Ibe
ministers with u request for a revote
of the old appropriution provided for
in Unoriginal V. W. k Y. application
which has lupsod, namely $200,000 for
tbo bridge and $0,400 per mile for tbo
railway for the first hundred miles
nnrlh from Vancouver.
Tlti| proposal was favorably rocoiv
od aod tlr. McNeill was practically
assureil of this revote this sossiou, ami
a favorable consideration for an additional subsidy next session.
.Mr. Cochrane promised Messrs. Stevens and McNeill that he would visit
Vancouver next summer.
Mr. McNeill left for Montreal 011
IN 1818
Ai briefly announced in Friday's issue, North Vaueouver bas been selected
u the 1018'rendezvous of tho Arctic
Brotherhood. The decision was arrived at during the brotherhood's session
in Portland last week, where the city'i
ropreiontative, Mr. F. T. Salsbury,
must bavo most effectually chanted tho
praises of North Vaueouver. It ii at
any rate due to Mr. Salsbury 'irtffitla-
live that next year's mustering of tho
brethren will take place here. He contrived to get in tbo tbiu edge of tbo
wedge  last  year  by  persuading tbe
The recent slownpour of ruin had its
-lire effect on l.onsdule avenue, lu the
vicinity  where  Nye  street  intersects
the avenue, Ilie water from the cross
streets ciime down in such great quan
tine.-, ihut the ilruins were unable to
cope wiIli il ami effectually carry it
away.     Consequently   it   eut a deop
course  on  ils  own  account  through
the muni.lum thoroughfare which has
I been locally improved of late. Lonsdale
Avenue is by  no means an  isolated
sufferer from the recent rain.      The
deluge, in collaboration with the melt
Brotherhood who were then conveningjed snow, has caused washouts of var
n Vancouvor, into visiting tbe North ious sizes in several portions of both
Shore and sampling the delights   of 1 the cily and Ibo district.   The small
tbe Canyon Viow   hotel   surrounding!.] est of streams have swollen to quite
Mr. Salsbury last week managed   ap. important dimensions aud citizens wbo
parently to revive tbo memory of that live near u walorcourse speak bitter
day'i excursion witb tbo satisfactory ro  I}' of 'I10 ver.v decided difference be
suit already announced.   Hals  off to twecn the musial tinkle of a week ago
Mr. Salsbury, and  to all men  who and  t|ic  tJiagora 111..-  tumult of to
bring Nortb Vancouver into ihe lime   day.
light I —'  '
Mill Flume Damaged B. 0. E. B.
1. That tbe Esplanade, IM, Jnd aad
3rd strccta be paved with wood blocki
one block eut and weit of Lomdale
3. That cement lidewalk ba laid
00 Lonidale avenue from the waterfront to 3rd itreet aad on lit itreet
from St. Oeorge'a avenue to Cheater
laid avenue from curb to building line.
(flontinnul   on   nana   alx)
The recent heavy rains inflicted serious damage on Suuday upon the l.ynn
Valley flume, Adjacent to Ihe terrain-
ui of the B. C. E. K. car lino in tho
Valley the Hastings Mill flume, used
for floating shingle bolts to tide water
rum underneath tho tracks. Tbe deluge
sent down a great impetus of water
which quickly choked tbo bridge and
flooded tbe line, eventually carrying
sway tbe wooden aupporti. Somo small
building! in tbe neighborhood were
damaged but the B. C. Electric tracks
luffercl moit seriously, aome 600 feet
of line boing washed away. Fortunately tbe terminus is only a short
distance eut of tbe damaged inction
and tbui no considerable inconveni
ence wu caused by residents of the
uppor part of tbe Valley.
— , ;	
Mr. W. T. Stein ii building an addition to bii reaidence.
Mr. Brown'1 roiidence on Bon road
it well oigb completed.
Mr. P. 0. Haiti* hu accepted a
position with the Merchant! Truit and
Trading Co. Ltd.
The concrete baaament of the new in
ititute ball ii completed and the frame
is now being erected.
The meeting wbicb ii to take place
in the Institute Hall tomorrow evn
ing at 8 o'clock will be of great in
Ureal to tbo Conservative! of Lynn
Valley. Tbe purpose is to organize a
Conservative XkWiallbn. Everybody
invited, 8 pm. at the Institute Hall
The unuiually heavy rains of Friday
and Saturday earned considerable inconvenience through the Valley. Some
of the roadi ware flooded and several
washouts cauaed considerable delay to
traffic. Tbi iiii walk on Boss road
ia guaranteed level and is now an
iwering tha place of a raff. The car
iwvice wu cut of above the bote!
owing tq a wuhout opposite Mr. Underwood's residence.
Mrs. V. 0. liainsford and Mrs. Akin
will receive ou Friday, tha 24th, aud
nol again until further notice.
Mrs. A. Campbell Hope of 1st street
will be st home on the 22nd of this
month and on the 22nd of each following
Mr. .lames McKay of 6th street deported from North Vancouver on Friday 011 an extended trip through sou
thcru California.
Messrs. K. McMillan, J. Orant, E.
Peers and If. Evans left here ou Sat
nrilay ip Ul. McMillan'.- yacht, intent
upon n buutiug expedition around fay
vis Inlet.
Tho North VwcQHYM J?*t«p»yen'
association havo arranged to meet iu
tbe city b|l| ft 8 p.m. on Friday
next. It is anticipated that I number
of interesting and vital matters will
come up for discussion..
Tbo managers of the Nortb
dale Presbyterian church urge/tly re
quest tbe presence of all mempers and
adherents at a congregational meeting
to be held if) the church on Wednesday
evening (loraorrowj Nov. 22ml, at 8
p.m., to discuss ways ami means of
qbtaining a man to take exclusive
charge of the premise!.
Tho "red" and "blue" contest
which bas been curried on in tbo
Methodist Sunday school for tbe past
six weeks, closed last Sunday with a
victory for the "red" side. Tbo icorc
being "red" 60, blue "34" The captain of tbe "red" side and bor lieutenants wish to thank all those who
so kindly assisted them.
Ex Mayor May bas been petitioned
by 150 district ratepayers to allow his
name to be placed in nomination for
reeve of the municipality for 1818.
Mr. May has not. so. far given Iiii
answer, but it is understood that ho is
not averse to the proposition, considering it emanates from sucb a goodly-
group of ratepayers.
A Meiican named Henrik Qurearo,
who had used bis knife too freely upon an associate in a bouse on Ponder
street, Vancouver, apparently coniidcr
od tho North Shore to be a safe retreat
wberoiu to evade the arm of tho law,
Chief of Police Davies and Potoctive
Jewitt rid his mind if tbii doluiiou,
however, for after wading through tbe
mud ou tbe waterfront lot three houn,
they located the Moxicau, arrested
bim, aud accompanied bim gently
across Ibe Inlet.
Another enjoyable dance organized
by tho St. Andrew'i and Caledonian
Society took place ou Friday nigbt in
tbo Horticultural Hall. Despite tbo
weather clerk'1 ungracious mood, there
wai a merry assembly, and to the lively harmoolci of Mr. D. Evans' ore lies
tra dancing wu inatained until midnight. The next fixture under tbe auspice: of tbii lociety ii a dance on
November 30tb, arranged by the ladies
who, by tbe way, do a tremendous
amount of unadvertiied charity work
in tbis city-
6/001(8 FOB BENT-flousokeeping.
818 Snd Hired eaat.'
BOOMS TO LET--Witb or without
board.    Apply Miss Burton, 133—4tb
root west. t.f.
TO BENT-Nice flroomod ilm. fy-
ply Lonsdale Supply Stores, llll Lonsdale Avenue. t.f.
T0 flENT-Furnlehod small house,
18th itreet west. Apply Mr. Biggin-
botham, cor. 17th and Mahon.   .81-11
ilnoil room and board for 3 or 4 men
at Mrs. Tieruey's 8th street, flrst house
east of Bou|evard. 2411
FOB HUNT House on HHh stroet
facing soulh. Just off Lonadale. Beut
$22.50 per month. Apply. North Vancouver Coal and Supply Co. It.
Furnished rooms, single uud . two
doublo witb stove, good and warm,
suitable for three or four friends. 162
East 3rd street. 10 12
TO BENT—Choieo modern suites ou
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Nortb Vaueouver. t.f.
FOB BENT—Five-roomed bungalow,
modern, Mli street coal, near Victoria
Park. John Diersseu, Colonial Apartment House, Mli street, phone 2J0. tf
HOUSES TO BBNT by Hutchison,
.McMillan k Co., 52 Lonsdale Avenue,
next B. C. Electric liailwuy Co.
8th anff Oheiterfleld—0 rooms, $27;
5 rooms, $26; 8 rooms, $35; 3 rooms at
rear, $12.
6th and Forbei—6 rooms, $26.    .
7th near Boulevard—4 rooms, $18.
Uth and Bewicke—t rooms, $30.
Express Classified Ads.
FOB SALE—Open fireplace itove,
nearly now. Apply Wnrburnilz Piano
Houie  Ltd.
FOB SAI,I- Kir Wood, $4.60 por
cord. Apply Jobn Campbell, I'll oth
street west or pbone 381. ' 18-18
FOB NAM, First growth dry wood
for $4.76 per cord, 4 ft. 0. McDadc,
Phone 82. U.
North Vancouver v. British Isles
Norlh Vancouver won tbeir iccond
match in tho ll. C. League lut Sat
urday defeating Ihe British Isles team
by 4 goals to 2 after a good game.
At half time the score wu 2 to 1
in favor of tbo local learn, goals boing
scored by H. McPherson and P. Baylis, while in tbe second half a lead of
4 lo 1 was obtained from goals scored
by E. Baylis and Ward, Ibo visitors
obtaining anotber shortly before time.
The British .Isles have considerably
improved sine- their laat visit and
bad almost as much of Ibe game u
Nortb Vancouver, but found tbe latter'! defence too strung.
The itanding of tbe league to date
ii as follows:
FOB SALE—Three Oo font loti on
(juocn stroet, five minutes' walk from
Lonidale. Termi. Apply K., Expreu
FOB SALE-Fir Wood, $5 a cord
Mill Wood, 18 inch cedar, $4 a load
C. 0. P. Leave orderi at barn, 7th and
Bidgeway. gfU
FOUND-One fishing  dory.   W.  C.
Thompson, Hollyburn P. 0. 118
LOST-Watch and chain wilh B,
C. b'l. Bailway Co's. Iioslge No. 14 in
tbe Maple Pool room or sidewalk be
twecn -ml and Third streets, Lonsdale Avenue. Bcturu to B. ti. El.
Bailway Co's office for reward. 24 11
LOST fluid Filled Watch. Wullham.
Medium size, open face, somewhere between Chesterfield school and ferry
landing or near Hotel North Vancouver. Kindly return to Tom. Stephens,
Hotel North Vancouver, and receive
reward. 2111
J. Loutet and Nortb Lonsdale
Got it at I.onsdale Phnrmaoy Phone 38
Agreements fur Sole discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdale Bealty Co.,
635 Lonsdale Avenue, i'bone 317.   t.f.
North Vancouver Fish and Produce
Co. Fresh and smoked Fish a specialty.
131 First street west.. 2411
FOB SALE-Frcsb mushrooms daily
at tbo Orotto. 3 12
B. C. Livery aud Jloord stables—
Light rigs aod ladies' saddlo horse-.
for hire. Stabling for horses. Sonera! delivery and heavy learning. II.
Dumns, 4th street west. I'bone 347 t.f.
FOB SALE-Twa lota, block and a
half weat of Lonidale on 88nd afreet,
$750 for both. Termi. Apply owner, 4!
Lomdale Avenue. 8011
Uf. B. Burton, ttaf eitate, ear terminus, North Lonsdale, wishes to inform
hii many buaineu friendi that ba hu
joined forces with Palmer, Burmai-
tar and von OraevonlU, eor. (th atroet
and Lonidale Avenue, aad hia office will
in latatpi Mit tha sign at that well
I knowa lm over hii own name.
Tbere la at preient an aliuodanco of
game in tha neighborhood of North
Vaneouver u exemplified by the numerous kllli made lince the heavy fall
of mow jnepnlh. IMI *«ek Mr.
Oarmyn shot a tne buck above Bice
lake, while tha Ellingion Brother!
brought down two detf Ifam the iame
vicinity. Jn Wait UaplMw Ur. «.,
McKay alio abut a couple of deer.
N.   Vancouver      8   8   0   0   7
British Isles 2   11012   4
Vancouvor   ....«..)   0   I   0   1   3
72nd   Highlanders   )    0    1    0    Q 10
Victoria  0  0  0  0  0  0
There wu considerable snowfall in
the iiuiuiiiains lut week and extremely
cold weather wu reported both eaat
and west, which I* coniidered unprecedented by old and experienced man
in the mountains. Traffic ia qow mov
ing utiifactorily over the 6, p. B.,
but the company wu caught unprepared tor the extreme c,o|d and mow
thus early in tha fall. All trains ran
|ate through (the niouuleiui, although
a groat deal of Ihe difficulty wu on
tbt Ptilrip, pnklrrl tM traioi lata on
rmllPt the mqunWn flviaioa,
WANTEtf-A  lady to wtfk  noon
houn.   Apply at the Bainbow Cafe.
WANTED-Girl for bookbinding do
partment at Expreaa Printing Office,
lit itreet weat.
WANTED  -Tendera    for    clearing
and grading lot I, Mock )3„ diitrict
lot 788.  0. Hugbei, P. 0. Box 8463.
For erecting Iva framed bouiei on
tth itreet for Mn. McNeiih. Apply
H. H. Watson, architect, (08 Homer
Building, Vancouver. Tendera cjwo
November 25tb. The loweit or any
tender not oecwaarily pmaiaAT
We close Sundays, Phone 324. /.
H. English, 0. K. Grocery, J3 Lonsdale Avenue.
For plumbing, pipe filtiug and con-
nerling see P. B. Hermon, Frederick
Boad, Lynn Valley, or Phone 184.  t.f.
M. H. Bayment for first class dress
making. Second bouse, Sth itreot K.,
adjoining west of Boulevard and car
Una. tf
The Truth students class will meet
ovary Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
the residence of Mn. Gallagher, Keitb
road, near Bidgeway. Student! dciir-
ing higher spiritual unfoldmeot aro
cordially invited to attend. tf
Tha Cify Tfjt Works, on e»>oi El-
planadi Eut and Lonsdale aro enabled
by virtue of their largo plant in tbo
city to not qnly clean tho cloth but
tha lining, pockets, etc. of every luit
thay dry clean at the samo moderate
pricei they have alwayi charged, t.f.
MUSHROOMS /reib dally at tbe
Grotto. CM
Sewer connection! Aim to mplfi
plpelayon. fork guaranteed to M*
city engineer's o*te iugtcUm. (falf
fttt elm .Scotch, pirn m vrfsm pori-
•*T*tm   ZVfff9*ffi   fr*}W9*     ^•JepTWyff)^   fsVlff^rr
oi- 4wr> 9- Jf. 9mw 9* -4m ot
North Tfmtom fmw m Aprir *v
Untn. palmer, Burmestor and Von
Qraevanitr of 457 Lonadale Avenue announce that Ui. B. Bur/.on bu amal-
nntod hii business with theirs and
that bia office Situated at Lonidale car
tarmiau will In future bo carried on
under the ffrra'i name. jl||l
Jjopqrted tailoring. Wi iu)ja to
measure from $18, frudgbt and duty
paid, handreda of samples. A post
Ilf A yriil jiring them io yonr jfepy-
ftoketf Smttlj. 83J8 jOtaik fifh», ftft mnmmk
ths bxprrss
trit 111 f f»ft rtt f
Published TdMdayi and Fridays by North Shore Press- Malted,
Bates of BHbiicriptioni-One year, flM. Sly montin, 50c, Three monthi, Wc,
United States and Foreign, HM per year,
Advertising Bates WW M Quoted on Application,
The Expresi is Aevaled to tho interests of tha North Shore of Durrani Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
ranching in a thorough and effective manner the population of Nortb Vancouver
Oity and District. Every effort Is made to give advertisers the most satisfactory
service. ,
All changes in contract advertisements ihould be in the printen' hands not
later than 10 a. in. Monday and t p. iu. Wednesday to unsure insertion in tbo
following isstio.
North Vancouver, B, 0...
November 81, 1811,
The fact that the council of the district of North Vancouver has decided
not to present any objoction to the
constitution of a new district out' of
a portion of the municipality as at
present constituted, clearly intimates
that the departure^ is one wh>h has
good  grounds  of justification.
The proposition itself is not uew
in that it has been recognised for
very many years by those who woro
versed in the resources and advan-
ges of the North Shore that It was
destined to undergo a process of par
misusing and repartitlouing into municipalities nf Btnaiier ami smaller territorial area as its resources became
developed to a greater and greater degree
This process actually began wilb Ihe
segregation of a portion of the district and ils Incorporation as tlie yiiuiai-
cipalily of the eity of North Vancouver. Tho proposition which is now
in band for the division of the remaining area is but the second stop ami it
is likely lo be followed by several
othors before all adjustments are made
ami municipal boundaries upon the
Norlb shore bavo reached a permanent
The present proposed division has
been before the ratepayers in an iinolli
i ml way and in a somewhat indefinite
form for approximately two years, but
during tbe put few months it has
lieen reduced to concrete lines by tho
selection of definite boundaries for tho
nail municipality and the circulation
bf a petition among the property own-
on within those boundaries requesting
tbat the described area bo constituted
a icparate municipality,
The fact that the district council
bu decided not lo oppose the petition
makes it pun in nil. certain that .Ihe
petition will bo granted and Ibat the
necossary legislation will be onactcjl
by tho provincial government constituting the new district.
Roughly speaking, the area which
it il proposal lo create into a scpar
ate municipality includes all lhat portion of the present district of North
Vancouver lying west of Capiluno river
although it has not been considered
wiio to attempt lo follow the mean
dering of that stream in defining the
eastern boundary thereof. Tbo new
district contains hIi.hii 20,000 acres,
representing an assesaed valuation of
$2,000,000. The' portion remaining
and lying within tbe altered boundaries of tbe original district contains
46,000 acres, representing an assessed
valuation of $7/100,000.
It will ihus be ucn tbat there is
ample scope for two wealthy and
proaporous districts, while the many advantages which will accrue from the
cloaer attentiou to the needs of the re
sputisc communities which will na
turally follow at the hands of two
councils insteiid of one will redouud
to tbe mutual satisfaction of Ihe pro
perty owners in cacb.
British Ciiliiinliiii. Nearly throe million moro of hemlock shingles woro
produced in 11110 than during the yoar
previous and of the total of fifteen million pieces, ovor nine-tenths was produced i ii Ontario and Quebec. The
above four species furnished over
08 per cent, of tho wood usod iu shingles. Balsam, Douglas lir, and jack
pine, although of less importance woro
used during IIIHl in increasing quantities ami fnr the lirst time tamarack
and red pine were reported as shingle
wood. There was less lluetuatiou in tbo
value of tho species than formerly.
Hulsnin shingles woro Ihe cheapest at
$1.48 per thousand and tamarack tho
most expensive at $2,40.
MUSHROOMS  fresh   daily
ut    the
The Theosopbical Society meets in
Norlb Vancouvor in Boom, 18, Aberdeen
tyqek (pyertbe pout office) every Wednesday evening »t 8 o'clock Attendance |s entirely free and carries no
obligations whatever. Yon are Invited.
Theosopbical study and questions,     tf
Ten species of wood are used in the
manufacture of shingles in Canada, of
which cedar is the most important
Baporta received from the foreitry
branch at Ottawa ibow that over nine-
tentbi,Of Ibe two billion shingles pro
dured to Canada during 1010 were of
this special, aad that over one half of
thou ware wetUra Canada shingles
cut ia Wlleh Olumbia. Tha consumption »f apnea and whIU pine bu da-
treated aaddaaly In WW, 8! per cant,
law of the former boing made than
in l»0», and eearcely ona-lltb of the
uaal araoant of white plan being pro
dotal. Hit* **M» Ml timM* cat
mmeltinemfimmtogn*- «a*MU
pine sbi.giee are moat)/ at tpe apa>
m vm «*$**» m m m i»
According to the Farmers' Advocate, just what science haa tn givo
practical agriculture, what it will do
in getting results iu Ihe way of larg
er yiolds, or better quality of crops,
or what if will do towards raising
better live stock or bringing larger
returns for feed consumed nr to sum
il all up what it will do towards
helping out Ibe pay end of the farm
is a problem many farmers are pondering over now, when young men from
nearly every locality have decider] lo
take a scientific course al one or ath.tr
of tho different colleges that havo
openod up or will open in different parts
of the Dominion.
Tho question is not so much, Will
ihe.-e college graduates with a scientific training make a success of actual
farm operations! as What is there iu
this science of agriculture and how
ran it bo adapted and profitably pul
inin practice on the average farmf—
consisting, as tlie science does, of tbe
why and the how of agricultural, natural and chemical processes that up-
cut upon the farm, such as how food
nousishes. animals, why one gives more
nourishment than another, and how
one food will influence Ihe food value
of another, as a study of how plants
obtain their food from the soil, why
certain cultivation 'affects the avail
ability of the food, as to study of the
reproduction of life, of Iho factors
that go lo build up and maintain lbc
qualities or characters in breeds of
animals. But enough has been -aid
to show tbat the science entails the
study of the principles going to moke
the foundation of practical agriculture
Then all true fanners will admit it is
well that somo of our young men are
making a minute study of one or more
branches that make up thii science,
Through than, and Ihem only, directly
or indirectly, a general knowledge of
Iho science musl bo given to the ugri
cultural world- a knowledge suflleieiit
lo enable tbe active farmer to apply
these scientific principles lo average
farm conditions with profit.
There is one point though, wc cannot
overlook. Science can never take the
place of Ihe practical or common sense
part of farm work. A scientist may
work out 'a. perfect ration for fattening a bullock) but it remains for lbc
proclicol farmer, not the scientist, to
feed this steer witb this ration com
pounded by the scientist and make the
feeding a success.
So tbore is p part of agriculture,
call it the practical lldc or wbat you
may, that science cannot fill. It require! years of active work on the
farm to acquire this prartical educe
tion. Science can greatly 'supplement
It to develop more fully tbe posnibil-
Itlei of the farm, but it can never
supplant it. Jt still remains, and always w)|l, for the practical farmer to
make the farm a paying projiosition.
However, we must sooner or later recognize the efficiency of the icionliit
in agricultural problems. He bu already done much for which little ere
dit hu been given. W« bav* a habit
of taking scientific discoveries at of
little moment once we bavo begun ap
plying them te our everyday work;
but me may by following hii work
through tha student, or by th* pram,
«*y*ien on tha farm a** source* of
revenue, aad clou am matt leak. Experience ii already afcawing that to
th* farmer wbo foilowi most cloudy
tbi work Of th* icientiit il given tbe
gitttmt tpamti af mem.
Sewer Connections
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereliy givon
tbat all owners of real property fronting or abutting upon a street or lane
in which or under which a main or
common sower is laid aro hereby required to connect, any building or premises upon sucli property with such
main or conunen sewer. *
i'i iinii. may bo . j - ■ i:' 111. ■. I from tlio
Plumbing inspecto: at his office nt tbe
City Hall between tlm hours of 0 a
m. and 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.
The following regulations govern tlio
construction of Jiouso or building con
noclions with si'isi !-■■:
No bouse suwer pipo shall have a
loss fall than 1 lo 40, unloss special
permission is grunted in writing by
the Council. Said pipes botween tho
iron pipe, lo tho Connection of tbe
public sewer to lie uf tho bost quality
standard sail glazed vitrified clay so
wor pipe, and shall have a diameter of
not less than 4 inches. All pipes shall
bo sound and well btiriiod throughout
their thickness, impervious to moisture, wilb if clear ring, smooth aud
well glazed on interior nnd exterior
surfucos, frco from tin v..-., cracks, blis
ters, fire checks or other imperfections.
Tlio pipes must bo so laid in the
trench Ihut ufler Iho sewer is compict
od, tba interior surfucc thereof, shall
bo to a true and oven grado.
In mailing the joints, a gaskot of
oakum or hoiup, freshly dipped in cement grout, must first bo used and
packed Into place. Tho joints shall
afterwards be lightly packed full and
hovelled off wilb mortar, composed of
ono part by voliimo of approved Port
land comcnl lo ono part by volume of
appinsi d   Wllld.
All joints shall no mudo water tight,
so Ibal they will sland a head of 10
feot of wator, when tosted by the
Plumbing Inspector at the owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
Hy order of tho Council:
City Clerk,     tf
Extract   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylaws.
"Whenever any householder knows
thul any person within his family or
Inn, riii,1.1 has smallpox, iliphlhcriu,
wurlot fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
iug cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any olber eontugious or infectious
disease, he shall (subject in caws of refusal or neglect lo Ihe penalties pro
vided), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing lo Hie Medical Health
i Min i s and uo member of any liouschohl
shall mis ml school until u certificate
has been obtained from Ihe Medical
Health Officer lhat no jufectlon any
longer exists in the house, clothing
nmi oilier effectc have been disinfected
lo bis ati- ta. inns, and until such CM-
tificato shall have been obtained it shall
bo Ihe duty of every member of Ibe
household, nnd of Ihe Teacher, to UN)
all reasonable efforts lo prevent the
association of members of tho said
household with olher children.
2. The milium of a public or private
Hospital, the keeper of ovcry Hoarding or Lodging House, every Inn keeper or Hotel Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report in writing to the Medi
cal Ileallb Officer, or any person being
at .me of the aforesaid houioi
or hotels ami allocked with or suspect
ml of having any contagious or Infos-
linns disease mentioned in Ihe Ily
law." under Ihe penalties provided
for .by 'such bylaw.
t.f.       Secretary Hoard of Ileallb.
Til ItAldl the butlutu uf MwuUcluK-ti,
Hnsliiff ismd others who ic.ls.c Ilie sdvUibil-
ily uf having Iheir faleiil business InuHcled
liyHjperU. CKlisislnasy advise tis r, Cluiqt»
moslcraur. OmlovMlor's A4vl«ern sit u|mu i. ■
quest. ttail'JuaTMarlnn.Veg'd., NewVuitlJIe
fill., Umnnl-tuaWtrMutlum Ilf.Illi
M 94 W*
afftj V enmnt "•" HI f    L  f l"Tmf*
$900 Cash
glance vory my hsndlcs » nuw strictly modern home on
18th street near Lomdale, lot hai 88 feet frontage, price
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
53 feet facing South, graded road, sidewalk, water and
light. Small shack on property. Price $850 on terms of !4
cash, balance, 6, 12 and 18 months.
For Further Particulars of Above and for Business and Residential Properties see;
Phone 70. - P.O. Box 1816
Why go to Vancoiivcr when you can get at same price for
Cash and Free Delivery:
1'iei-ii Salmon, hull or whole, pur Hi lUc
I'm I. Ilnillml. Kit
Fresh Smells. 3 Um. Inr    '.. He
iilsiel.il Si.slili Kl|s|i,l,-   |., I  III 100
llloaluri 8 llm. lor 2k
I- iiiiinii I Imi.In-, |iiir III I life
Sliisski.l T-.sliiniii    "      16c
North Yancouver Fish & Produce Co. ' S'
Capital Paid Up  t 2760,000
((•serve at lln.livi.lod I Will    3!WI,000
Total Auota  |il,iMK),l*ni
It ii nnt (uiy to alter the hidiil*
.,! a lifs-iiisii- uss amall matter to
lorialta  eitravajrnace  and   learn   lo
You will nevor >iii;i nolim you
have an incentive ol a SuviiiL's Ae
Do  not jirowoalinota-call   nl  the
Dank ol  Hamilton-end o|*n as   ac- ,
r. u. iin* ma, **»>,
tank \mteavtr
i  TTI
Head Ofice:
Lynn Valley Loti
I luun still several lots in Mock 1,
of P. b. 8003 near Promine read toi
sale ul MOO ft, tm. Tonne fit cash,
liiilunoo by ten liulf yearly instalments.
Also mn) lot lq P. 1.. BOSS near tyn-
tro roatl for $320. Terms $60 cesli,
balance iii sit half yearly instalments,
uml tioveral Duo lots on lloakins road
at vory In" prices and <m terroi tb»t
will suit.
Kolth Boatl (Bait) Double Horner In
P. 1. 8076, block 13, 100 foot of frontage, i'rice only $420, on easy termi,
This Is a groat bargain.     > |
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broker,
Club Block, Bsplanade.        Phone 10
Telephone 276
10,000 cordi of dry fir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotaliom for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inchea, $3.50.  C. 0. D.
Office and Yard— 14th and Umdale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box2432.
North Vancouver Coil ft
Supply Co., Ltd.
v.ii.isi: Cor. Ht. n.'.ii; ■■':■ and
Ksplanuilc.     Office, 66 l,onsilalo
Wharf Phone 128.
' nm e Phono 108.
Wc can deliver at onco in largo
or hintill i|ii.-iiiiiii. -.
He! your winter supply.
Prompt delivery a specially.
Paper the World
Iron our itock of new Wall Papari
ao it leeme. Every day lomi aim
design arrivoi to 611 tba vacancy
ol tboae cloned out,
Handaonr Wall Paper.
are bore in cmllcai variety.    Jut
tall our talesman (or what room
you want tbe paper aad be will
show you juat tb* pattern you ars
looking tor.	
to  obooae Irom our itock ia a pleasure, lo pay our price n aaay.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Ijonsdale Avion* Pboa* lit
.   50 x 132 ft. facing south on City Boundary, east of Lonsdale Ave,, within easy walking distance of car line,
Only |600. terms are IA cash, 6, 12,18 and 24 months,
'   miiimmmmwmmmmmmmmmm
f$.*mVnt  vim m
a*m ma ftsW)     ..,-
• AW. FOB *
The Merchants Trust md Trading Co., Ltd.
lynn VAtoJnr AW PWTBB MAP*
BUREAU ii now open for {he convenience of employer* sprj employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
,    % B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.    14 Lonidale Avenije, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo,
tfoopmo bbavbb boabd     metal uth
MiuUli Midi to Spejclficatlou.   All Bitimatoi Furniihed Fres.
Wa Can tad Will Save You from 10 to 80 per cant, on All Painta, Oili,
Varulihei, etc.
P. 0. Boi 1987. Telephone 366
' ' ■ ■
411 fl TacVi aDd W*iw*ir
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 100 each   Double Corners $225
mmwmmmmmmmmmmmnmm ,
NINB BAILBOAD6 are now under construction from Bed Deer. Tbs
town bu wator, sewors, electric ligbt,   lelopboiiei,   Ure   department,
' caarebea, tebeeli, mills, factories magnificent land, unlimited supply of
leal and Unbar.  Hapt mousy will glow rapidly.  Oet full particular!
i from
' Pwtoew w»w» 9Mmom
lotomlSoi wwp«i«P!i» with lh«
4ih»rlM p' th« British im on tim
l» tbe iwwtbly bwlln'tin nf" tbe ilener!*
moiit pf murine apd fjilipricH juat issued
eqvering the ninnth uf September.
Oomparativo figurei for Newfuuii.llanil
and fipmy *1» »|»r publieheil. The
total value of tlio catch In tianmla wan
»8,<iBo,884, nr HMm Itt tbe ti*
months ending Boptouiber 110, this re
presenting ill sea   fish   ranght   and
landml in a frei.li or green alalu.
Of tlte Million fetch amounting lu
144,878 cwti., pr#ctica|ly ull eumea
from title province, aud is niluc.l at
(1,116,8114. Composing this luiui tbe
northern district of Brit lib Columbia
euntrilintits 1-1,11011 cwtl., tbe i.uullieni
l!!«,(|l|l), uml the Viineouver district
IMf, Of course the season Is practically qver, or else tbe takings wouhi
have shoivn much larger resultH. Uow
eyer, tbe bulletin does pot givo comparative figures witb other yeara. This
total of British Columbia aalmoii includes 166,000 casus of eunneil flab
and small quantitiee of dry aaltoil and
smoked varieties, about 8,000 cwls.
only being uied freih, or frozen for
diipatcb to tba eait and to the orient.
Nett to the salmon industry ranks
that of halibut in importance in the
province, mil of tbe 811,744 ewts. taken,
valued at 1184,781 throughout tbe Dominion, Hrilish Columbia contributes
about 13,000 cwls, of which the value
Is about 4iiii,oiiii, tho whole of it being marketed, Nova Scotia ia the only
other province which affords any practical contribution to the halibut iil>
ories of the Dominion.
The Ibird principal fishery of the
proline.', that of the borriug, which
il confined to Vancouver lalund, account! for 8460 cwtl. of fish freah
caught, and theae are valued at 4s,
000. Tbis Is but a small fragment of
Ibo herring catch for tho Dominion
which amounts to uoarly 100,000 eti.
Nova Scotia supplying 60,000, and New
bruuiwick 80,000 cwta.. of the balauee.
Cod rauki fourth iu importance
wltb '1X7 cwtl. valued at ♦88,8,3), ao
far as British .Columbia ia concerned,
a mere fraction of tho 616,000 cwta.
Inls i'ii in the uunl ih throughout Ihe
Domiaiou, no less than 440,000 owls,
being taken iu Nova Scotia, though the
scarcity of bait aud the abundance of
dogfish made a considerable differem'c
lo some of Ihe chief fishing countica
of tbe Atlantis' province. ,
Selen devilnah are reported to hai
been caught in tbo province, ami up
purcnlly arc valued at 87 a head,
though the majority of the rlabimiicn
would rather be without them, and
are Ihe only ones taken in the Dom in
ion during the thirty days under review.
Tho .lain industry amount! lo 447
barrela, worth ibuut 48 a barrel, and
other flib fioqueutig Britiib Columbia
waters noticed |fl tt)P IW* »re flflfH-
iOlh ■ Welti,, snlpi, aolichaua and
skate, while 187 cwta. of shell Oall
fore piplnred- Tlte i.itul value of the
British Columbia fisheries fnr Septum-
ber was thm *l,8i)4,840| pr fprty-pipe
per roili. pf the fisheries pf the lhn"
North Vancoover Business & Professional Cards
I'ercy  8.   Howard II.   3.   Perrln
illy Auditor.
,j        AalMara aaa   AeauBlaata
III'Pendir 81.  W.      P. 0.  Dot  llib
\ ftrnt 1117 Phone til
«»., Vancou ver       North Vancouver
IM 6th Street Rait Norlb Vaneoavu
Pbone 178
ai.ai Kamnia.
Platear Hormboar - Carriage ffgrki
mms= '      ■ —
MOM ami itatiohkhi.
Bookaalliri and Slalionen
Cor. lonadtl. aad lit.       Pboae 14
Post Graduate Chicago University
Soemi 8 sod ID, »a* Poit QaVst biaeU
la the »c4r»ce ol fklrwattle.     A
ciilrfioraelle li » mechanic and adluits
■oorae-, -
Ilu-   flvli.K   human
tie pressure off tt
crates Ihi
motor PO
auni     Tl
i UJm
Ibe New Block on l.oaadali Avcauc
near tbe Ferry Approach
waa built by
General Conlrootori
Contractor! for reinforced eouwite
comtruction. Sewering in all Its
brancbei; bouia connectloai a ipi
daily.    Kitimatai  furuiihisl.
Office: 80 Lonidale Ave.       Phoue 886
Expert on Fireplacai and All Clautt
oflirickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth St. and Mahon Ave.
.      WM. MORRIS
• i'reiied Brick Mantle* a Specialty.
Phone UU
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrete, Brick and Wood.
Office: W VlW mUtiJ 9IW
i;mi. mmmu.
a.v.i.e. k a.
CIVII fflmWnm
Irrigation,   drainage, leveli,    plaai
and auaejfieationa.   Septio tank*   and
Avenue. ,
ffwrttt    j rt*mmmatgmi   w*mttnmi
rs1 rtttmfr**   ffWP   nTmfltU^   ajXtUim
irnctit rjiiuciion ot ii mr mai. pa
I monthi- course tn Shorthand and
Typewriting If name ll (Iris More
December l«Ui, (111 Vin 0. B M.
' ra Bank et k--"""'
t twmrmfpy.
Up-to-date Millinery
Modules Batoa
Kilth Block    83 Lohsdaii An.
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
l.oiudali and Knilaaadi
The rapid exploitation of lumlier In
Hrilish Columbia l« iin-ri'iising yearly,
mul has almost niade tImi province
tho eipiul nf Ontario In pint of lumber production during win. Statistics
of the Dominion lumber cut fpr nun,
collected   by   the   forestry   britin-h   of
the iiepnrini.'iii of the interior statos
that 1,6811,000,0110 feet of lumber, worth
nearly 886,000,1100, wus cut in Hrilish
Columbia lu 11110.
M * result of greatly increus
id cutting in the lir uixi cedar forests,
tho total amount tut was more ihun
doubled in ono year.     In   IIIIIII  the
British Columbia eut constituted 	
Uth of the total; in IIIIII,the proportion formed by Ihe western provinces
was one-third, and it lackcil only ih,-
000,000 feel of surpassing thu eut n.
Seven important softwoods make up
ovor 00 por cent, of the cut in Hrit
isb Columbia—Douglas fir, eudur, western yellow pine, tainurac, spruce, hemlock and jack pine. Nearly 46 per
cent, of the total was mado up by
Douglas fir. Tbia species was cut in
1810 to the extent of nearly 720,0110,-
000 feet, and bud Iho largest actuul 111
croaac shown  by any species.
Cedar composed one fifth of the total, and was the secoud wood in mug
nilii.le of eul. The ,'116,000,000 feet of
this species cut was uu iucroutc ol
817,000,000 feet over the 1000 pr.nl ic
tion. The cut of yellow pine ,amouul
ing to 188,000,000 feel, was nearly six
times as much as the amount cut iu
1008, ami was sufficient to raise it
from foiirleunih to sixth place iu importance among the lumber producing
trees  of Canada
(Education is our hope fur heller ug
rieulture. I,cl us advance ovcry intereat Ihul will help ihe cause of education.
Progress iu farming is nn indiii
dual problem frum the solution nl which
Ihe .'.ini,-. Ibe nalion uml the world musl
When planting trees aboul Ihe house
acl them ipiitc u dialance ml, say thsr
1.1 feet. I.et the sunshine in und sine
doctor's bills.
One of Ibe first considerations in lm
proving country life ami in reducing
the drudgery of farm wurk 1 ■ the extensive use of improved furni machinery. Study your conditions ami ex
iiiiiii..' lbc implement cnluloguca fur
tho tools you nerd. Kiln nni imple
in.nl- ire Ilu1 farmer's capital and us
nnlli bring profits when properly na/ld,
Pipe Fitting and Conntcllnir Promptly
and Correctly Done.   Prices ilvhl
Norlh Vancouver, B.C. aad Lynn Valley
I'll",., is.
Saw Filar and Orlader. All kind, of
band, crou cut and buck aawi ie!
and filed at iborlcat notice. 146 3rd
street atat, North Vaaeouvor.
High-claae Udias' aad Oant'a Tailoring
Phone 407
mtmwi tmvtic).
SpaMalty: GWdreo's laancaa at own
•one. Taraia, ate., apply Omcral
■woimit mimfifi-
U your mifoh xiopplny or goi»g OU
ffdarfyf Sea
Ifa Hottl Va»eo»var fcapert
. and pioneer /memt
m Soanan/fAfykm  AgAMM
mw 9*^197*9*9^1^/ m^mmw
NOTICK is hereby uivcu Ilinl 111 ai>
plication will be made under I'nrt V
of the "Waler Acl, 1000," lo oblaiu
a licence In Ihe North Vancouver Di
vision of New Westminster Diatrict.
ta). The iiamo of apoliianl in full
—The Corporation of the Dislricl of
Norlh Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes,! Free Min
et's Certificate No	
ii.i   The name of the lake, stream
source (if unnamed, Iho description
I—Unnamed stream commencing ul
or about Ihe southeast corner of Dis
rid I ni 684 aud flowing Ihence through
District J.ni 171 and 643 tu the Norlh
Arm of Burrird Inlet.
(cl The point of diversion is on
the Keith road at or about lite southeast 1 orni'r of Diatrict l.ul 684.
nl) Tbe quaullty of water applied
for (iu cubic feet per second) .0.1 cu
bic feel.
(c) Tbo character of Iho propused
worki-Sinall lauk'lutar.e fed liy wing
dilchel, with oierflow into creek.
(I) Tho premises on which Ihe water
ii to be died (deicribe same)—The
Diitrict of Norlh  Vancouver.
(g) Tbe purpoiei for which the wa
ler li to be uied—Municipal purposea.
fh) If for irrigation dencribc Ibe
laud intended to he irrigated, giving
acreage—Not for Irrigation
ii) If tbo water Is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe tbe
fins-.' where the wilor is to be relumed
o some natural channel, and Ibe difference in altitude botwecu point of
diversion and point of returu—Not for
power or mining.
IA) Area or crown land Inlendcd
to be occupied by the propoied worki—
(k) i Thii notice waa polled On the
841b day of October, Hill, ond apnli
ration will be made tu Ibe. Cornells
sinner on the 881b ili. v of November,
1811. at 11 i.».
(I) Give thr name* and addresses,
of any riparian proprietors or lieen
mci who Or whose lands are likely to
be affeclcd by the proposed works, either above or below the outlet —/. C.
Keith, of Vancouver.
(iy) The boundaries and area of the
Diatrict of Norlb Vancouver are laaet
forth in Ihe Idlers patent of Incorporation dated 101b August, 181)1, and
published ia Ibe ll 0. Oarclle, but c<
fcpting Ibe area of the City of North
r specified in schoduh) "B"
of tbe Nortb Vanvcouver ''Hy Incorporation Act Amendment Act, 1807.
If) Approximately the number of
InhabHanta of ibe District at preset!
Tmot HohTit van
Lots in Block 235, D.L. 546
will be on sale shortly,
Palmer, Burmester & yon Graevenitz
457 Lonidale Ave.    ■     4] I Pender St., Vancouver
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
*=; , —
Will tako deed of good building lpt
at caih payment ou a lQroom house;
new; all inodorn. Easy terms ou
UlilAI.'liSTrU'li:, LOANS, INSUKANCli.
rEI-lil'IIONIi: «g. V. 0. HOX 114
Y'V solicit ihe trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at -a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
show you our display. Wc cm al.so supply \nn with
'oors i|i fir or cedar in I, 2, 3, 4, 5 or fi panel or ill III
nan designs. 'Call and ask to see lliein fnr yours.'!!.
P.O. Hox 1711J
I'lione Hi
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing lo larger warehouse accommoda-
lion, we arc now in-a position to catry-4
larger and more complete.stock of these
goods and lo supply our customersv<ri-
Vancouvef prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co.,Ltd.
Phone i
Imagine a big store wilh so few doors that customers line
up for a block wailing for admission. Dial is precisely
the situation of a house which dqes nol provide adequate
telephone service for its business and the accommodation
of ilf cusloinera—for the telephone is n door lo your
Il one telephone sufficient ? There are about
12,000 telephones in the dly and you may be
called from any one of ihem; or you may be
called hy long distance from several thousand
olher telephones throughout tlte country.   1
'I he'needs -The growing needs of your business musl
determine ihe number of telephone lines you require.
Your business is hampered by inadequate telephone
facilities,' Before the rush comts, you should decide
how many lines you nett).'
B, C, TalepNme Co., Limited
IIWIII .11 tmmmmmmimwm
Pur only |1 rjowfl OtA ♦(
weekly you can buy tbe
LEAnLE BANQB, reservoir or waterfrpnt com-
plote fittoil up. Sn tbe
RANOB, They last a
Frnmpt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
receive* the iame glad welcome here
at he man who comes to buy, our
primary object at thi* time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantage* in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thi* (tore,
We don't expect to tell you good*
before you know u*, our good* and
our business method*, *p we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all parts of  tba city.
Spocial nti.-niini> given all onleii from patroni.
Pioneer Confectionery^
I.MVI Vancouvar (.HO a.m. and
fhirtaltar avary 90 minutei until
7.'»0 p.m. CiMBBMBciau IM p.m.
every DO minutei until 11.30 p.m.
thartattar 12.16 aad 1.00 a.m.
faavi  Vaaaouvar  7.40,  8.10 a*d
9.00 lairaalUr aamt u weekday!.
Uava Norll. Vancouvar 6.00 11.
and thereafter avary 20 minutei until 7.1X1 p.m. t'onnnancing 7.30 p.
ra. avary 30 miautea until UM p.
m. tliwoaflcr ll.it aad I8.« am.
l^ava Noftb Vancouvar 7.30, 8.00
aad 8.40, (JaeWter aama aiwatk-
Single (an 6c, « lor 26c, 30 for II, 70 lor lit.
A- lumbar wigom, tyookt aad
dr»yi, Ita ttiprp.
II -3 hum expreu ttfritm *~A
bapkt, Mo retort.
°~' ^"* JSS**" lmim ***
WmW"!   r**W   ■ ••WrflJ'
All tin al»v» raUa include invar. BmimAb «vpj«ct. lo ao
par tent, diaoouat ia Iota ot 60,
9m^kry*mrrmf rf9W9MfP .mtwQfW ^^^*Vl ^J^'
VrrWPmrf Pf? \mw\*rrW Vm mw9jfjwf mjMemfemmm ftm
toimum tile, We.
ft ft OABBWB
Hie Hoiipr thp Mnstunifflt .flnvnrnoi'
in Dpnnoil, imu iioen piciimi.i to wto
tlm following »ppQii|ttn9»t«:
.lohn Jorgpnuon of Kiiiibquit, to tin
» justice pf the Peace
9, 9, Mattliown, pf tflsnla apt] A
N, f). Rogora of IrfPFF'tti tp lie rnotiilwrs
pf thp VottA pf direptpri of ths Nicola
Valloy   general   lionpitul.
P!«> Jpieph   Mclntyre  nf Vpnepu
vpr, tp l>» # cpntmi»»iPnpr fnr t»*inn
aflldavita witliin the province.
Jpwpb Alliert alaughan pf Morrill
and Charles Eilliack Wilson pf Vic
tnria, tp be notaries, pulilii!.
Frederick Will), painlvr, pf HMtingH
Street, Vancouver, gives milieu „f as-
sigunmnt nf al| bis iiHtiitn (p R- L.
Maitlaml, clerk of Vunni'iiver, for the
Iss'iiislil pf bis creditors.
iii'riiiiiiiti's nf incorporation bnvi
boon granted to tho following cpnipiu
Americana Uo. Ltd,, Britannica In
vpstors, Ltd., British North America
Sostirities tlorporation Ltd., (look
t'pnstructipu Oo. Ltd., Dissottc Motor
Uo. l.i.i., liiiiuiiii.iii Shale Brick and
Sewer Pipe Cp. Ltd., l.nrio Autumn
i.iI.-... Ltd., Pacific Chocolate Uo.NLtd.:
Pacific Fruit Mm.In Ltd., Port Hauey
I'uultry Ranch Ltd., Scientific American Compiling Department Lid., Union
Mortgage Uo. Ltd., Utility CanManu-
factoring Up. Ltd., Yellowhead I'asn
Light ami Power Uo. Ltd,
The P. O. Uoiiatructiou Oo. Ltd. ii
licensed as an extra-provincial com
pany to carry on business io this pm
' Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonidale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLJC     Phone 157
Sole Agent t Commercial Union Auurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -   AueU $111,000,000
Do it your way, says the "British
Nows of Canada." Don't lot people
lull; you out pf your gift. Be a lion
conformist iu character if uot in ecclesiastical matters. Remember there
are certain matters in which uo person can instruct you. Be true to the
iuitincts of your owu soul.
' You'd think, to bear people talk,
that a mail could buy a hook of rules
and mako up a line brand of Success,
just as a woman gots a pie out of
a cook book. But there's uo rule for
making success.
The plodder is alright—sometimes;
the hustler is alright sometimes; thu
uhemer is all right—sometimes. But
more people have gone broke following other people's rules than you can
count on an eight column addii^ ma
And don't forget that then are nil
kinds of opportunities. What is utrnp
portunity for one may iu no sense l-e
an opportunity for another. On a
road to success that is dead easy 'or
your neighbor you might stumble au.l
break your neck, while he'd And his
feet slipping on the road that suit!
you. You've got lo hunt up your on 11
road and make ynur own set of rules
and it's a practical certainly that
you'll have a backyard full of both
rules and opportunities before you bit
it right.
A new in.I.i u> thai will mean
much to the Frascr Valley has been
announced for location al New Wesl
minster, and a few mouths will seo a
match factory on the hanks of the
river, sending British Columbia mado
matches from Montreal to Ibo Orient.
The name of the new company ii tbe
Dominion Match t'o,, Ud.
The basis of the new industry ia
that by a new, process of match cutting and holding, the native woods,
sueh ai alder, cottouwood and ipruce,
au be 1.iiii..,I by a rapid economical
method that remits in enormoui laving in the coit of production. It ii
Is..' tp tbii faet that British Columbia ii able, to appear iu the uew role
of a match producer for the Dominion of Canada.
The new plant to bt constructed
will bave a capacity of one carload
pf ma 1 s li.'.i pir day. Under the new
process it is eipected tp /loar in pro-
All not lesi then 1)1,000 per car. Al
tbe rapitalltatipn is ouly (1,000,000
par value, tbis will mean that tbe company wpuld pay some 30 per cent, dividend!, aod considerably belter on tba
basis at which tbe slock is temporarily being sold locally In accordance
witb tbe request of the company. Tbe
material uml will be common aldai,
wltb wbicb tbe regioo ii plentiful;,
supplied, and Ibe wondorful new pro\
mm U limpllelty ileal.
It sometime! bappeni tbat wnen a
man loses bis reputation te is lucky.
The dust begrimed tnmp saw tbe
good lady of the booae pottering
about ia tbe garden; 10 be approached
'ber on tba mbject of alrai. "Aad
wbare bave you been, aod Bow do ypt
live!" ibe uked.
'' Well, ma 'am, I 've been al) over the
warld-Hurepe, .Mia, Ittin, Awriea;
and bava bad a moat varied eiperieace
Ip tba chaie of tbe-jeluilve meal."
"Jbiti my man, yon ihould bave
aa inuraating mory to u|l."
"<jsite right, ma'am, pul f am
tially an tiler dinner speaker." ,
•"   i.rll l'tV'4
IT « to ypur pfff
ipltfeti to purchase
gopfU io yp«r Awn «iy
mypt werphapii fropi
5 to 10 per «m.
These are F»cti
No   Fake Price*
JftON \tt0S Irom $3.50 to $W,00. SPECIAL VALUES THIS WEEK
When going down Ml STOP and purchate ypur Furniture, Linoleum, Carpets,
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comfortable MATTRESS you should have. Then buy our No. 1 RESTMORE at
$15.00—no more, no less.   Money back if not satisfactory.
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Loti in Blocks 226 and 227;
and $1000      14 caih, 6, 12,18 monthi.
50 ft, Loti in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Phone 6286 -   • 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550,
PRICES: $750 to $ 1000 according to location.
TERMS: I -4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
_• v
ACREAGE in Diitrict Loti 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES:  from  $2000  to $3250  per acre
TERMS; M Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months [
The Grand Boulevard extends through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, !£
offeri a wealth of licauty and fashion which represents the licit
effort* of peerlpw artisans uusl designers. Jn thii department tbe
gift icokor findi scoros of uppropriato   possibilities,   from   the '
beautiful  gom-iet  croatiom costly   ami improssivo, to tho mosl
modeat trinket uied, for perianal adornment.
FBABL BET JEWELEY in always attractive, no matter when
or by whom worn. In thii particular gom sot; production uo can
sssi I sin i I to your choice a largo aaaorlmcnt, of tbp latent  doiigni.
AMETHYST JEWELRY ia among lbc popular fashions' at tbo
present time. Indcesl, Uio amethyst ia always fashionablo whon
let in neat aud pretty dciigni.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hailings and Granville Streets   -   •   -   Vancouver, B. C.
TOEaPBE8ftNflnTH¥ANCOt)VliB,B.C. ■
tbe electric coffee per-
colatorl V
BL 8T0V0
tbe diic ou which tho
electric current will do
your cooking!
bl Bono
tbo immersion bcator
for boiling water quick-
Electric Iron, fbe indii-
pcniablc convenionco for
ironing dayf
Drop in at our office at 50 LONSDALE AVENUE and tee how
your kitchen caret may be lightened by (lie uie of thete inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an  Ordinary  Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Mr, Wiam Loutet, Cl,
in Persia
Former Oity Bnglneer at Work on
mvoti yiAiutn** uiuii
'ilm following item U rendered |pcfi|-
ly interesting inasn>uc|i as Mf. f(i\-
linm fjou|et, formerly cify ongiijpptfar
North Vancouver, who bai for iho
po»t (wo years boon under Mr. Arthur Whitley in chargo of bridge work
on tbo I .a I'u/. railway, haa arrived in
Pereia and will bo on the atoll' of on-
glnoore in connection wit)i thia great
Sit William Willcockc, who in the
intcreata of the Turkish government,
has apont about tbroo yeare survey-
iug In Mesopotamia, baa discovered, ho
thinks, lh.ii locality ai tho flardon of
Mil.'is, namely, iu tho district between
Babylon and Bagdad.   In tbo timo of
our first   parents   this region   must
have boon a fertile paradise, but, now,
lilio many other places, it bus seen bet
ler days—in fact, it is almost a desert
But lhat does not suit tbo purposo of
tbo  Turkish  government,   which  has
opened up an era of reform, ami it is
going to do for Mcspotamia wbat Ibe
'.:i: In !■;■• i.n,sn    government has   already done for the country of IbVloWj
er Nile.   Tbe late Hir John Aird was
tho contractor who built tin) great dam,
at Asssiiiin, no as to suffuso the arid regions around with the fertilizing waters of tbo Nile; nnil Hir .lohn .luck-
son is Die man who is to perform corresponding feats on the Kuphratos, un-
ilcr a job contract, which will run into
something  like *luil,llfll)lHOi).    Already
what soldiers call an "advance party"
of about .'1,000 men, is engaged in rough
preliminary   work—laying    out    tbo
camp, so to speak, ami tbe executive
mn nf lbc enterprise is now being sc
leelesl by lilr. John Juckson, assisted
by bis lis i in i siiiiiiisinl of tbe ennstru
live army of Mesopotamia.   This is Mr.
Arthur  Noel  Whitley, anotber  York
sbiremun, who bas jusl reaehcsl London
from  South   America,  where ho  wai
second in eommnnsl of another great
Jackson enterprise -the construction ot'
a railroad .'100 miles long, across   tbe
Amies, from  Ari.u, in Chili, to   U
I'm, Ibo capital of Bolivia.   Having
thus variously cxerciseil,   his genius,
Mr. Artbur Whitley ia now about   lo
ss.Mr. :■■  liimself to  what bis  friends
aro sure will prove his masterpiece. He
is going lo put tbe spade iu at lli.llii.
the Assuon of Ihe Euphrates; but tbat
will be ouly one of the three great
barrages al tbis ancient river and the
Tigris.   At first a district of 60,111111
acres will bo irrigated, at a cost of
17,250,000, alter which tbo  value of
the laml now practically nil, will PP
thou nt least ♦6,000,000. When entirely irlrgafPili Wt William Wollcociio, its
sufveypr, estimates tbat bii Burden pf
$ijfM >||l bavo acquirsd a yaluo of
The Cauadian Acclaimed by the British Press
"It ii not fanciful," says tho Morning Post, "to Imagine that Mr. lienor
Law may bo destined to win for the
mother country a groat victory for the
cause pf national and imporial union
corresponding with the triumph ae*-
hioved by the Oonservativo party nn
Camilla nmi the Unionists may cpnfi-
lontly look to him to display tho same
devotion In pineiplcs ami tbe samo ro'
solution in placing tho policy of his
party before the electorate as marked
the successful campaign comiuclcsl by
Premier Bonlcn.
The Chronicle, Liberal: "Tlie Canadian is by far the ablest exponent iu
either house ami his succession to Mr.
Balfour means tbe substitution of
whole liciirteslncss for Ibe tepid enthusiasm of Mr. Hnlfssur. Mr. Law
may be trusted on ull mutters to keep
things on a high temperature."
"Honor Law," remarks Ibe Rxpress,
"is Iho lirst. sou of our great Dominion
to become tlie leailer of one of our
great political parties. When tho direction of our imperial policy is of such
critical imporlunco as now, nothing
coulil be belter t|ian lbc choice of a
sou of Camilla as n louder of Ibe Union-
I'lic llijiiiiiiii.il fjnunciul statement for
Qi'lnhcr shows a revenue .hiring th'
nionlli uf |lIig|JH3.t7. ns * against
♦0,000,1 lOii j,, October lust ypur. Tin
oniinary expenditure for the month
was • i..;iii.!ni.;.l l. as compared with
♦6,000,-1,'tO.Oll In the same month of
The revenue for the seven months is
$7(1,2111,178.01, as compared wilh ♦Oii,-
MI..M3 iii the same period of last
yi'ar,  while  the  expeuditurc for  tbo
seven  ml.-  has been »t0,298,30fl.ll,
against $41,208,1011.0!;..
The capital expenditure fur flic month
was $2,liUl,8!2.»0, against 4VWS,2"8.-
Oil, mul it is worthy of note tbat there
were no payments ou account of bounties. For the seven months the capital expouditurc has been $14,8811,8.30.43,
as against $10,078,41(7.24. Tbe public
iebt increased by $0,3:14.844.50 during
the mouth.
New Year
Large Books of Samples io cbooso
Prices from Sl.'iii per dotes, printed
with your own name and greeting.
ORDER EARLY and save disappointment aa favorites run out of print.
North Shore Press, Ltd.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates to families and to regular boarders.
i ' • '
It Doesn't Cost You Anything to See
(From "World," Oct. it)
Carline to Port Moody Projected, Wltb
Motor Bui Line For Immediate Service Over Stone Road to D. L. Two
Hundred and Eight.
- Kcsidciits of Ihe dislrict tributary lo
Heatings slrect east wijl bavo transportation facilities of tbo best character iu the near future, according to
plana now under consideration.
At the meeting last ovening of Ibo
Burnaby City Council, the offer of Mr
Ucorgo tfimoni, a capitalist of Hastings
Townsile, was luken under consideration aud tbe matter referred lo the city
solicitors, and in rase the solicitor! ad-
viio tbat tbo city has Ihe right lo
grant tbe franchise it will be further
Mr. Bimon'i proportion Is to build
a lino from tho preient terminal pt
tbe itreet railway east through D. Ij
208 aud 209 and on to Port Moody.
Meantime a 30 minute motor cab service will be put ou, beginning not
later than March Hi and running from
Hastings (Inne in I). I.. 208 to tho
present car line terminus.
Tho contract for IDo Mono-paved
road on Pju*I Hastings slrect is well
along and will be completed as far as
tho Pole Line road by December 31,
adding vory greatly to tho facilities
for reaching Ibis rapidly growing seel
tion of tbo city.
We Urge You to see HASTINGS GROVE
It Looks Better Than Anything We Can Tell You.   Lot$ on or Close
to Hastings Street East, D. L. 208
(90 Cash, Bal. one and two Years, or
$40 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 and 24 months, or
$10 Cash and $5 a month, Bal. in 2 Years
Ouo of tbo best features about investing in Hustings (Inns' ii that it il
right here at home. You can go but
witb us and pjck your lot, and- KNOW
exactly wbat ..mf aro buying. You
know wbat •the city of Vancouver ii—
what it hus done in thu past Ave yean
—aud jt does uot rpu,uiro much faith
to see tho futuro of tbis prpgroiiivo
city. Property all over Vancouver will
naturally advance in prico for yean to
come, tho outiide property much moro
rapidly than lhat close lu, as it dooi
in ovcry growing city. You owe it
to yourself and family lo buy one or
in.sr.- of II" i lots, if only ai an in-
vcitmcnt. There aro many things wo
ihould like to toll you about tbii tract.
Drop in today or thii evening.
Com at I f 15 in the Afternoon, Rain or Shine, and Go Out With Us,
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St. W.
l^om Pago One.)
i That cement sidewalks sli feet
WBHW Vt )»id ou 2nd and ilrd-streets
from St, Oeorge 'i avenue to Chester-
4a)4 avenuo.
IS, That llrd street be macadamised
from its intersection with Keith road
on west to Queousbury Ave. on east,
ant) Hint Queousbury' avenue be mac-
adamizeil from Hrd street connecting
With tbo Lynn Valley road.
Aid. Kittson had given estimates.si'
the proposed works amounting to
Aid. lleiisli'issmi had moved an amendment tbat proceedings in tbe matter
should ho deferred until uext year's
council came iuto oMco.
On a division the voting was equal
on both sides, and the mayor sajd he
would give his casting vote at tbe
next session.
Last night His Worship decided
against Aid. Kittson's motion. Re
expressed himself as desirous aa any
one elsu that North Vaneouver should
have pavements, but he did not feel
justified in supportiug Mr. KitUon's
motion when tbere wero so many
pressing matters to be attended to in
the city.
The fire chief submitted hii eltim-
ed requirements for 1012 at 112,847.
Mr. W. H. Langley of Victoria
wrote in tlie interesti of the .\ortl.
Arm Hridge and Railway company ask
ing the couucil for a resolution of sup
port in relation to tbe bill which is
to be submitted to tbe goveriiinc.it
during this session of tbo Dominion
parliament. "It is tbe intention,'
wroto Mr. Langley, "of those at lliu
back of (In:- enterprise, should this
bill become law, to at once take Hie
necessary steps to carry out tbo cue
siroi iii.n of the works comprised, mure
particularly with respect lo the bridge
aud ibe railway."
The letter further stated that Mr. II.
H. Htevens had been interviewed and
thit ho had announced himself to lm
heartily in accord with tbo project
and the petition fpr the bill itaajf was
to be placed in hia hands to bo patented in the House. As the contemplated worka would ao very materially
affect the interests of North Vancouver
Mr, langley felt that if the council
would paw a strongly-worded resolution supporting the project, it would
bo every helpful. Tbe feasibility of
tbe scheme was beyond all doubt tbe
greatest pains' having been taken iu
its formation.
Aid. Rick said he would like mom information on tbe subject. He considered that it waa a matter upon which
tbe city and district ahould bo at unity.
He proposed that Before this letter
was replied to, the diatrict council be
asked te meet Ibe eity council in tho
eity hall on Friday night. This course
was adopted, it being resolved lhat a
meeting be arranged.
. A tender from Kennedy Brothers lo
tbe amount of $996 for laying a eo-
ment lidewalk in front of the new
theatre on tanedale avenue was ac-
ceptdj subject to the approval of Mr.
W. J. Irwin, wbo is pay inn for the cost
of the work
Aid. Pick then referred lo Ibe recent
flooding of fjons.lale avenue. This had
been due to the district turning the
water from tbe cross streets into
Lonsdale where it overflowed.
Aid.   II.- i is.)   thougbt  it  ihould
brooght to tbe notice of Ihe district
council, il was too bad that they
should get all the surplus water drain
age of the district. He considered that
Ihe district should do something towards repairing the damage.
It was p..mi.'.I out tbat this could
be discussed on Friday night when the
two councils met.
A I.l. Henderson mentioned the dividing of tbe muni, ipali.y. He proposed
that at the joint meeting on Friday tbe
question be discussed of extending the
city' boundaries so as to avoid if
possible a number of separate municipalilies griming up on tbe North
shore, and thus lessening the effect
of municipal concentrated influence.
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up, $4,866,666. Reserve Fund, $2,652,333
2 Offices in North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.
Interesl allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
It tells how much baby should weigh each month, how many
inches and how fast it should grow, when baby should get ils
firsl tooth, and each of the other thirty-one.
It shows the difference between human and cow's milk
how to make the latter like the former, just how often and how
much food baby needs, from the firsl week to the eighteenth
"The New Baby" tells the expectant mother aboul her
diet, proper exercise and clothing, how to prepare for her ac*
< on. hmcnl, just the things she needs in advance.
It is written by doctors who are recognized authorities
on their various subjects and all this is (old in the fewest words,
in the plainest language, intended for the busy women.
"The New Bijby" is illustrated by 433 beautiful half-tone
reproductions of all the newest inventions for baby, for in'
stance, it shows a crib lhat goes over a bed without touching
it, allowing a mother to tend her babe without arising.
v A bath-tub without a hard surface, that folds in a Iwo-
inrli space in one movement, a hot water bag that needs no wain and will stay hot for a week, etc.
"The New Baby" is NEW; you need it; every woman
needs it who is interested in a baby.   It gives the information
a mother wants every day.   We will deliver it to y*ur home,
an advanced copy, on receipt of 25 cents.
SATIRE: 1358 Broadway, New York Gly.
100 FEET*n 2nd STREET
We have several Houae* to Rent
"■     ■        ' i ■
m MVhA»km tow post omni
VMM Ml V. 0.  lot nil
WeMtmilki^^apeCsWiVyolLlouses. We shall be pleased
to Mi any you have (or sale of ft*.
Aid. McBae then related his and
the mayor's experiences while in Victoria attending the convention of municipalities. It had, said tlio abler-
man, been a very interesting convention, and many useful matters had come
under discussion- The government now
looked to this union as a source from
which to derive suggestions as to the
compiling of miiniiipnl lows. Tho next
convention will take place In Pnytl-
The mayor added that ho had noticed during the diieusi|piis,_ that the
recommendations which were most np
plaude.l were nearly sll of tbem overy
day practices in North Vancouver. He
was thoroughly convinced that North
Vancouver was as far advanced as
any municipality there,
Tbe couucil then adjourned.
(alitor Express:
Sir,—lu view of tho impression
created by certain remarks made by
Ilis Worship the Mayor on the evening of the 13th in.'.i., 1 am .lirecto.l
by my executive to forward you the
enclosed letter for publication iu the
Express, tbe contents of which explain the portion taken up by the deputation  referred  to.
Thanking you  in  anticipation.
Yours faithfully,
Mr, Kemp,
Secretary  North    Vancouver    Oity
Forries, Ltd.:    .
Dear Sir,—Yours of the l ltl. iust.
duly to hand and contents noted.
My executive are pleased at the
prompt action of your hour.I of direc
tors in adopting several of the sugges
lioni put forward by Iho deputation.
In rcuar.l lo negotiations with the
Oraud Trunk. Bailway company in ro
ference to the overhead bridge, the
members of. tho deputation lake ex
ccptiou to tbe statement made by His
Worship the Mayor in the city hall on
the evening of tbe l.'lth inst. to. tbe ef
feet that they agreed to auy nogotia
lions between your board of directors
aud Ihe flraml Trunk Ilailway Cum
pany au.l further wish to empbasi/e
the fact that Ihey emphatically dcclin
ed to commit themselves until they were
in possession of fuller information bear
ing on this arrangement. Tho exceu
live of the Hatcpayers' Association
hope nothing definite will lis consmn
mated in this connection until they have
hsd an opportunity pf discussing Ihe
proposition with the members of your
Yours faithfully,
Acliug Secretary
Tho opiniou of Ihe Winnipeg Tele
grim, one of flic most  powerful    of
Conservative  organs  in  western   Cm
i.la, on the re.euf shuffle of the Hr
tish  cabinet, ia set   forth  aa  follows
under the heading nf "A draw Krror"
The appointment of Winston Spencer Churchill, former Home Secretary,
» the very' important posl of first
Lord of the Admiralty iu the British
Cabinet, will come as a decided shock
to Ibe overseas dominions. It is in
appointment  which  will nol command
confidence of thoio oversell Dominions which havo taken ti)t nieaauro of
Winston phurcbill-ani) it is not a
flattoring naturo. Jht now First
f.nrd of the Admiralty has * certain
Nupei'lii'iu! ability; ho il not * broad
plan; Iii) is a representative of the
group pf "ljttlo Bnglanderi who are
not in liurmony with tit* tremendous
sentiment which is confuting tbo ties
of tho empire- Oil selection for a
post which should M filled by the
most capable roan it ii possible to
find in the United Kingdom cannot
fail tn produce a distinct fooling of
disappointment i'l British dominions
A rocont request to the It. O. E. Ii,
from the city council of Vancouver
to heat the cars during the cold weather has boen turned down by tbe
company through a letter to the eily
fathers across the Inlet on Monday
evening. Trunsport.il ion Manager
lloosevelt claims tbe cars of Portland,
Tacoina and Seattlo are not heated,
why Vancouver!
The fates seem to be conspiring
against tho durbar. First tbere were
rumors that the King and Queen would
not arrive in person, and many persons consequently changed their plans
about going. Then Scotland Yard and
the India officers became a prey to fours
that some untoward incident might oc
eur, and a general feeling of Uueasi
ness became prevalent.
Everything possible has been dons
to counteract the effect of these reports
luu the public interest iu tbe coming
pageant is relatively small. The c.li
lor of one paper frankly confessed
lhat he is sending a special correspond-
eut to India, not because of any keen
slesiro for descriptive news but as a
method of insurance agaiust the unex
Two more facts transpired thii week
in connection witb the durbar prepare
lions which are calculated to deprive
it of some if its glory.
Queen Mary, as everybody knowi,
pomcsei a will of her own, and bai put
her foot down in a' manner which is
causing the officials arranging lbc
show no end of trouble.
One of tbe features of tbe celcbra
lion was lo lie a procession of tie
phanls. The elephant procession was
the most conspicuous feature at the
lasl durbar, and it wai fell such a
parade should be an equally distinctive feature at the coming one
Queen Mary 'decidedly objecti lo
riding an elephant. Indeed ihe ii re
purled to have ul.l nothing on earth
could induce her to take part io inch
a'procession. King George'i personal
solicitations, il ii reported, bave been
In vain, and Ibe official! reipomihle for
the arrangcmcnti of Ibe ceremonies are
al Iheir wita' end.
To tbe Indian mind a procession of
elephants is invested wilh more thau a
ceremonial meaning., The most iin
i ..ii.ii i poleulalci muit rido the.big
gcit beasts. At the but durbar the
question of inches in the relative ita-
lure of tbe elephants ridden by J.or.1
Curzon and Ibe Duke of Connaugbt a.
sumed Ihe proportions of a itate centre,
You can keep warm
and enjpy life if we
supply   the   heater.
We carry a full line of McClary's famous
and Airtight Heaters of various sizes;
m I
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Tbe death occurred Saturday morn-
iug uf Bev. Thomas Wellington Hail,
pastor of the Carmau Methodist
church, Sardis, and oue of tbe pioneer
ministers of British Columbia. The
news of hii death wai a great shock
lo bis friends ai he was apparently in
good health until he was stricken witb
heart failure. Ilis tret charge iu this
province was at Clinton on the Cariboo Boad iu 1883. He bas since held
appointment* at Kamloops, Grand
Porki, New Westminster, Nanaimo,
t'hilliwack and Sardis, and wai once
president of the Britiib Columbia Conference. He ia survive,I by a widow,
four .-sin» ind one daughter.
FOB 8AI.K—Fresh mushrooms daily
at the Qrotto. 3-18
People- get tired of- everything, and
of nothing sooner Iban wbat tbey most
District of North Vancouver.
NOTICE ii hereby given that a
meeting of all Ihe ratepayeri of tho
proposed new municipality lying west
of the Capilano river, will be held et
Ihe Municipal Hall, l.ynn Valley, on
Wednesday, November 'ilml. at 3 p.m.
lo coniider and discuss tbe resolution
uf tho Council regarding lbc sub.livi
sion of lbc municipality, aud to ap
point a commillee lo arrange for a
proper diviiioa of lbc present assets
aad liabilities of the whole municipal
C. M. C.
District of North Vancouver.
Notice to  Ooutractors—Marine  Drive
SEALED TENDKH8 on the pro
icribed forms and accompanied by caih
or certified cheque for $2,000 (which
sum or satisfactory bonds shall bo retained uutil the completion of .the
works according lo plans au.l specifics
lions) will be received until COO p.m.
ou Thursday, 23rd November, 1911,
by Mr. 1. ti. Farmer, Municipal Clerk,
for tho following:
.Marine Drive west, through portion
l). I.. 6ti, I). I.. 635, D. I. iiiiii, aud
D. U til, a distance of IH miles more
or less.
Grading—Excavating somo 25,600 cubic yards and forming embankments.
Pile Trestle—260 feot long, comprising some 73,000 I. b.
Concrete culverts—and contingent
All in accordance wilh plans and specifications which may bo bad at this
ofhep after 9.00 a.m. on Monday, iOtb
November, 1911, on payment of 16.00
which will he returned upon receipt
of a bona fide lender.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Teissier, for portion of Ihe work only
will not bo considered.
District Engiueer.
The District Municipal Offic,
Cor. l.ynn Valley and Fromme Bonds,
.North Vancouver, B. C.
1'. O. Boi 1790
lOlb  November,  1911.       211'
The Trail to Economy in Buying Good Clothes
Lead* straight to thi* establishment. We are determined to build up the biggest and most
popular Clothing Business in Western Canada, and are doing it by telling the best of SuiU
and Overcoats at the smallest possible margin of profit The fabric* are the good, honest
tnguih stuffs-«Tweeds, Worsted*. Bannockburns, and, for some of the Overcoats, fine
rnezes. You can select from ail the latest and most attractive patterns, and can have a
style and fit that will please you, no matter now fastidious. When you try on one of our
suits or overcoats, anil see how excellent it is in all respects, and then learn the price, you
will be astonished.
Fine Scotch Tweeds
Tins..' well made mils are sold in
many establishments for $15.00, and
would satisfy a man at fto.oo.
Fine English Worsteds
Vun have olten paid flu.00 lor a suit
inferior to these.
Blue Suits, Indigo Dyed
I call these "Johnson's Specials" and
am proud of them. Other prices in Blue
SuiU ara $10.75, $15,00 and $22.50.
Overcoats, Black Vicunas
$8.76, $10.75, $15.00 and $16.60 (ex
Ira long). These arc fine, serviceable
coats for all occasions.
Overcoats in Scotch, English tod Irish Fabrics at
$#.7», «0.76, $12.60, U4.76 *"A $||.60. Tb«« sre big,
essentially warm and comfortable Coals that look fine ind
wear like iron.
11    in "■ 1 mn >n 1 mi
Best English Tweeds, Worsteds
sad Bannockburns, $21.75
These suits are sold by /iiany tailors
at from Jajoo to S35.00, and have all
the real ifuJlity that can be put into a suit
Exceptionally Fine Worsteds and Tweeds, $16.90
Plenty good enough for millionaires
Men's UakrdUs, a Beautiful Assortment Just
bcajved ml f\,
$JMH>, $3.0*, kiOO »"d $6*0, English -coverings wjth
Paragon lumm and the newest American handles.


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