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Hppb Vappwvkb, BA, |>jpav, Fiwmwt 8,1011
Numbar 48
nmi mum umw
The >tn«lw -mooting of the Nortl)
VawoHVtf Furry Djrwtprt waa ln|d
yoiMoy ultornuon. Director Williams occupied tno chair in ilm iilwnieo
Pf Mayor MoNeiih who wu i'l  Vie-
fh question pf Inuring the pew
liny Nprtfc Vwicouytr Np. 8 wat firat.
taken up and it wat dodded ip plum
mt insurance pf $80,000 on the boat at
open. Tbt manager wa* iiutrqclod tp
plane it in lho belt'manner possible,
"%f. Ai 3, Barley, octing harbor
Waiter waa present pp |pvliatipp
from lim Hoard tp tako up tbo quei-
limi pl enforcing tbt ru!en p( tbt rood
apd regulation p( small craft pp the
Inlet ip connection wjth their   inter-
li-ii 11 a- wjth commercial traffic Tbt
particular cane under copiideretioP
wat tbe recent collision nf the twp
lurries ip mid-stream, the cause being
attributed to a small gasoline liiiinrli
without horn or other adequate moans
pl sounding alarms ip iht dense Jog
which prevailed at that time, Mr. Hurley wu not very well acquainted with
tbo (tctt ol Iho matter and tho secretary wat instructed to furnish him
with theso when he will tako tho matter up with the proper authorities.
A letter was received Irom "Citixcn''
suggesting that the new lerry be nam
id King George which would be appropriate in this tho coronation year.
C. A. Damon ol Vancouver wrote applying lor the privilege pl conduciiu
Ihu card advertising on tbo lerries on
DO per cent. Imsi* at no expense what-
■"•■cr to the ferry company. It wot relerred to tbe manager tp offecta satisfactory arrangement.
Manager Hoard reported that hc had
interviewed tho light committee ol ll"
Vhiii-uhvi'i- council and they had promised to have additional arc light*
placed on Columbia avepuo near
tho approach ta tho ferry wharl.  .
Statement ol Hccoipts for the Mouth
of .1 iiiinui y, 1011
1'astengor Faroe—
Return lore*  116911.00
I'a.miiiiiiulioi Tickets
(ii for 'lhe)    1813.R0
(30 ior 11.00)   568.00
(70 lor 13.00)  1330.00
Monthly Tickoti  ' 173.00
Vehicle Faros    666.60
Freight Jleccipls-
Collccted    183.76
I'ropaid      10.36
.Sundry Receipt*- .   ■
Cash     lllll'S     I a'lila,     i a.nuill'.
tiop'a and wharfage    'IWI.nii
. -
Total   rcceptt   lor    January, 1»U)  W136.10
Certilicd correct:
Nortb Vancouvor ('ity Ferries,
H. E. Kemp, Sec-Trco*.
Canadian Merchant Marine-Local
Engineering Works Awarded Contract
"im itut-mrm
I   I, I. _t_   ___ I    l—-~—...l*.    .   -..    .
; )i
r,lr £to
. —itt "ft HUB
h   ittt nt, threw* i
Cru Menem**.
The Diaiurlmenl ol Public Work*,
Canada, lias awarded Messrs. McDou-
gall-Jenkins Engineers, Ltd., of Nortb
Vaiieniiver, 1). (!.,- a contract to build
a lleel tug.for use in Vicloriu Harbor.
Tbo builder i* to build and equip a
steel tug boat and deliver it to the
Deportment of Public Works of Canada at New Westminster, II. C. nllout.
Under atvam and roudy fnr service,
guaranteeing it for u period of ihret
month* after date of actual delivery.
Tbo boat, plan ol which i* slnun
above, it to bo of sleel except where
otherwise »peeilied. Thc scantlings,
thicknoss ol platos, flvetting, iplr'ily
ol raptorial and .wnikniiiu- liip to Ut us
required for IIH) A in Llpyd't Kegiijtcr.
Tlic   diiiii'iisioiis    arc    a*   follows:
Length over all, about 01 lent 1
inches, length between Lloyd's perpendiculars 78 Icct 6 inches, moiinled
beam, 30 fool, num dnl depth 13 let
9 inches, draught alt, about 10 I. .-i ft
The boat will bc equipped w.th five
water light bulk beuds, all to extend
Irom floor plate* to deck.
The iype of engine will lie jirvrled
fore und aft compound surface c..n-
iliii ini.-. with a high pressure cylinder
16 inches and low prc*»uro ejlinal.r 31
inches diameter, stroke 31 inches, l:mk
columns of cast iron, front '.'ulnuin* of
solid round *leol, lo be equipped villi
steam reversing gear. Engines l.i bo
built by Uos* aud lluiicuu, Glasgow,
of a special desigu to suil conditions.
The nir pump* are lo lie genuine Edwards Syndicate's Patent Air Pump
ol the lutesl desigu, 13 indict diameter by 13 inches stroke and to bo
driven Irom (lie low pressure cross
Tho circulating pump is to be independent, direct coniici'lcd, steam-driven, ol ine "liwynnt" type. Thc main
I" il pump is to be a genuine Woir
Patent Direct Acting Feed Pump, witli
flout regulating attachment, arrangement "K" steam und water .nd- lo lie
7 inches and !, males diameter, respectively, atrolit 13 ne I"
The engine Iced pump ii lo Ik driven by the uir pump eroishead.     The
lie equipped throughout with a steam
i.. nne geur, uii'lior winch and electric ei ii. iiinni ael of lhe latest type.
The boiler is to bo of the Scotih lia-
line type, single ended, 13 Ircl internal
diameter al Inrgesl course by 11 feet
long insi'de. Working presume 160
pound* per sqiiuro inch. There ait! to
bo iinie Morrison corrugated luriiaccs
■16 inches mean diameter.
The cost ol (be bout including malarial supplied by tha- department ol
public work* tu bo t!6,fl00. Delivery
June 38, IUII.
Hunt and machinery was designed
liy II. A. Hnili. Id, local superintendent
dredges, Deparlmenl of Public   Works,
engine bilge pump is to Ik driven from I New   Westminster,-I).   ('.-Pacific Ma-
air pump crosshcad.    The boal is lo ruie Review for January.
Me**r*. McGurk alidVluiion, 'orroer-
ly the ('lark Sheet kttnl Work* in
Vancouver, havo pupftoeed I'aine 4
McMillan's tinsniit|i Imsiness aud plant
and havo opened up a store in the .ite-
ven»on block op Lonsdale Aye.
> i
I is understood \m
I       f  iiun ut   140 fi
\     jnn were listing
J    ih.. propotid silo
f •   i ows  bridgo fi
(■able author-
the   engineers
Ih shore  ut
Socood  Nar-
iiliiiiinii'iii i    pl
Mlllll. l.li' y
carry   tho
tliat   structure/id uck   •
•ubttootial   lubslunco  to
heavy weight which will bo conl miod
in tho bridga.
> f. C. T. U,
Mn. liviagatont, provincial organ!*-
tr f. 0, T. I', will hold ia public mealing on Tuotdoy evening next,
February 7th in lire Methodist church,
60) ttrtet and 81, fieotge (kindly
loaned for tlio oocotirti) at 8 o'clock
aad overy adult eitixen i» cordially invited, Aadmiwion free, Mrt. Livingstone it a leiy ot wide experience and
exeellont ability tad ap laloyablc and
profitable tifm ii aiiurod- Op Wednesday alternoon, 8th init.,in ti>» vestry
pl (bo lopw church tfeere it lo be o
mooting ol tin local brand) of lhc W.
Blf.fi. tp which all wopion will find a
warm welcome at I o'dodc. ft it
hopod tliat everyone intcroatod will
find time to MM eithef or both of
Uiew galberipgt t#d gj»e Mrt. J-ivipg-
itont a hearty Wtplfon on her firat
v^iiff iih ily.
This evening and Saturday evening
the (join theatre of tbi* eity is offer-
ipg to ill patrons a program ol exceptional merit. The items which appear below havo been especially select-
cd by Mr. Vcnncr who has by long experience become Intimately conversant
with lhc critique ol his profession.
Each will lie lound to be a winner
with thc humorous clement predominating. The program consist* of the
following : "Wilion'i Wife's Countenance, "Saved by tiie Flag" (a southern military dramu), "llud'« Korop-
ado", "llasins in Zululand", "In tbo
fro/en North" (a 1000 foot Selig
Drama), "The 0|ion dole" (a biogro-
pbical ilrniiia). Mrs. Vernier will sing
a new selection entitled "Starlight1.
Saturday's motiuec will commence ol
3.30 sharp.
Messrs. Wull and Chalmers of Van
ninvei have ainiiid the erection of a
lino reiddoirae on Oltpwp Gardens.
Tho regular Weekly practice ol tho
Norlli Vancouver hockoy team hos
been postponed on account ul lhe
condition   of the  ground* oiler   last
night's slnun.
Jonn F. VnUi eai lately upplied tai
the council to have Keilh Boad east
graded. Ho is about lo build a fine
reiidence for himself juit oast of Victoria park.
 ' 'a '
The pulpit ol St." Andrew'i Prcsby
lerian diurcb will bc occupied on Sun
day morning by Hav. A. MacAuloy ol
the Logger'* Mission and in the oven
ing by Bev, A, L. Burdi ot Wcslmins-
ter Hall.
, lll'l     1   ■    ■      ^     '
The death occurred this morning e(
6.30 of Bobert McDowell of 3nd itreet,
fotliaT of Marcus McDowell tbo pioni-'i
druggist of Ihii diy. Mr. McDowell
had been oiling for afcyut two montha
and gradually grow wealwr until tho
end camo. He wot a pttivo of Ireland
and on old rcoidopl pl.jlrjtiih Columbia and loaves a widow and eight chii
dren, Ovo boys and three girle to
mourn tht Ion of OS endeared father.
All of the children reside in B. C. thc
daughter! Ipring all Period. Mr. McDowell wni ip hi* 86th year. Funtr,
tl arrtjfjpmopW oro pending a reply
to a telegram from *nme ol ttie All-
drop, ft trill, hflfffiW, h privato
from Harron Bros', upderlfjting par-
Tho    Iwo   application*
rights lo ninslruct a scenic
up ili.iiiii. Mountain by llie promoter*
ol Iho Urousc Mountain Scenic ami
Incline Kailway Co. and the Urousc
Mountain Scenic Hallway Co. which
wero (ully discussed al a public meeting in this city recently lame up before Iho railway committee iu Victoria on 'I Imi. d.i;. iiiiiiiiiii. Tbcru
wore present representing and for lhe
purposo of protecting Ibe jnlcrc'l* of
tho' Nortii Shore Mayor MeNeish, Aid.
Henderson and A. 'll. Douglas, who
wa* retained for lhc cily, A. Philip,
A. E. Kealy and W. .1. Irwin Ironi Ull
Hoard of Trade und Keeve McNaught
from the district. Before lhc ivmuiil-
loo this ddegation favored neither
company but il only one diurlcr was
to be granted a preference was giveu
Cupilano route. Their particular contention wu* thul a lime limit lor completion should bc provided so Ihal llio
interests of thc munidpality would bt
safeguarded against any undue delays
lur us Heeve MeNuugbt pm it they
hud already vouchsafed suffirieul bless.
ings in Ihii way.
Moisri, T. 0. Townley aud H. A.
Mcl^in supported the applicalion 'if
lhc Clpilnno line. Tho (acta aa tp
the ownorihip of the iconic top of lho
mountain and the estimated cost of
tbe line were gone ovor, with lho exception of a slight change tp that
wnich wai told the North Vancouvor
Ai their applicalion now readi the
line practically atarti from the west
side pf U|o Capilano at tho Second
Canyon where thoy propoio building a
sti-d bridge. From that point it
will run through D. L. till lo tht
loot of the mountain where the incline
railway will if art, Tbe line Irom the
preaent terminus ol the B C. Electric
Company'! Capilano line arroi* (ho
river and pp the watt tide of lha'
stream will be built by lho 11. C. Kir,
trie or by Ae Scenic Hy. Co. on Utt
understanding that Ihey be reimbursed
in two years. Definite assurance*
wart given by. Mr. Townley thai complete arrangement* had been made
wilh tht B. C. Electric ia regard lo
tht mpplying fit power end othar privilege* ip oonneoliop,. Jt will bt  ip-
.. . :-,jiiu.
ibarter. curporaled in lhc Ann in. if iuch   is
railwav ' k'"1"1"!. Ihul  lhc line must be   com-
pl. i.ai by October   I'H'-'      Work   will
ne.vssurily have In slart iuuncdiulcly.
Aiked   by Mr.   Ilrudcn   il the   line
would pay in'winter Mayor McNoiah
replied llial two lines would nol pay
and there would havi lo lie combine-
1 lioo iu some way il two charters were
granted   but   with lhe winter   sports
1 that could be participate! in ul   the
lop of llie mount uin, sudi us ■ urling,
Ipboggoning, iPOW-iboring, tic.. Ihere
waa little di.'ilii ol the popularity   ol
the i.■ mi
Beevo   McNauglil   said   the
beauties   of Nortii Vam ouver's moun
lain lops surpassed the Alps of Swll
retl  ■ mi
ilid mil wanl   tbe
dcglUlTlllr   lllln   I
lein   bul i' "I
In lhc nbsiiiee of Keeve McNaught
Ibo rtigulur meoling of the diitrict
council wu* presided over by Coundl
lor llridgman last evening.
All the louncillon were present. ,
Correipolidence Wat read us follow* !
From II. V. Smith, lor u client, Mrs.
■I. Kalon, applying for a road to lols
17, 18, IV, block 1, D. L. 3033. Befer
red to the Hoard ol Works.
From T. S. Ny.- relerring lo on ai-
inngi'iiu'iit made witli him in regard
to the nlili ment ol the clearing and
surveying of block 31 and 33, ',). 1..
3036 through whieh lhc Seymour
Lumbal ('.,, had ciinsliurtid a |Inula
road on Sl. (ieorgo's Ave. Ue uskarl
lur .ui. 1.11.>n ul once lu lhi. -lu-l-ir
and settlement of his inaiun.. Lefir-
rcd lo Coun. Loutet to effect a 1'llle-
in.ni wilh Mr. Nye. •
Aid. Del,, chairman ol the cily wu
; Icrworks   commillee, oppeored   belore
scenic liln, couiK-il in rcgord lo lhc (•instruction of a   'ia.mug tank near Ihewu-
terworks  intake.    Aid.   Dick si.'J Ibe
pro; c-ily did not waul to hold up he dis-
i'i'™ Iriil in iiie locul improu'iiienl of 11nn
itself I Volley roud in (he lowering ol ilicoIL
ihlo aomelbing ia priqioilioli lo ihal WB|W pj(Wi yhe cily, however, could
which nature had pimidi-d. ll was Lpj )uWM ,nj| o)j |)i|K, u„|j| t|,0 ,,,,,,
the diilricl's wish lo hove a clause in- , m „„, ;n o^fatlan and t|ii n.uld
nited ip Die iharlcr giving lhe.nmn; „„| ^ vgKiQi uuli) ^ _ly i.„j U1|1.
ri|»lily powor Ip purchase at ccriiilp I ,irUctud a icreening lank iromodiulisl.v
iotervali. Thii was not agreed to, L|0w the intake. He cxpljined lhat
however, by lhe members pf lhe ttail- [ |fae road nt lhi* point was W leet
W»y commitloo for lhe reason ll»»l . wirlo, lhc lank would only ulili/e 30
the company wos mil asking any aid (Mi 0| Q,c rooj t||owwl„* FurUier,
or boou*. Mr. Kealy and Aid. ILa-|th« diilricl's bridge ocriwi Lynn
denon emphasized lhc loci Ihot Hiiro j('ritfc ww ,ou^ „( ((,„ p..,,,^
wort no profili in il lor Iwo.inmpan- |acrotoloj   lank   apd   ip tliii mih   it
in. Tboy considered lhat satisfactory
arrangements could bo effected wilh
tha B. C. Kin trie Bailway Co. in connect with tho mountain railway,
After a short deliberation the conl
mittee rrtolvcd lo report ibe bill
ol the (irouso Mountain .Sinir in I In
dine railway and lo lay lhe application o( the other company over to lln
imh on thrir own request.
Thc committee, howovor, recommend-
the reduction of tho bonding privilege!
ol the former to 176,000 a mile wl.i.h
would nuke the total bonded indebl-
cdncu $300,001).
would nol inlerforc.
Coup. Bridgman read a Idler fn in
Henri. Wilson and Jamiesun, solidl-
ors lor Ihe owners ol D L. 1016 in
which Iho road was riluolcd threaten-
ing to take action ai thoy denp.il advisable if tht road was going m bo
i used for ony other purpoie I ban a
road allowance. They prot'itsd
against ony work on Ihe road in uui-
ui'tion wilh tho intake
Aid. Dick said ll wai only ik't renewal ol work eilobbshcd, f.ve jcari
ago. He suggested lhat Ihe diy go
ahead with the work on the understanding that it assume all tho responsibility  ond  indemnify   Ihe   dis
! trict lor ^y expense incurred through
An entertainment which it being any legal action laken o» the part
looked lorward to with coniideraWf, of the owncrr Bdcrred lo the com-
interest will be given by the Urond- mil lee ol Ibe whole,
view Operatic Society, audited by lhe] From Mrs. CampbWL ttcrelary of
Vupiouver opero house onheilra in the j lhe ichool board, aiklng tliat tlu
Horticultural ha'l on lhe evening of i Lynn Valley ichbol uiniuids lie graded
February tll). The play will bt tbe .ind also that Iht Hollyburn groundl
JapaneM muiical' comedy by '.ilberl Ae dcartd and graded, fteiolvod to do
k Sullivan "The Mikado." llic work when the weather dtarad.
Tbt *choql estimales for 1011 were
given us 113,375.
Frop Ihu North Lonsdale Batepny
em' Associulion asking council to provide them with CO»t of OR|lfaHp» «f
Iriiiispnrliiig rock tp North Lonedplo.
A resiiluliou passed urging that steps
ba takon lo widen Lonsdale Ave. to
100 feet and at it waa a trunk road
that tltt coat bo charged against general fundi end that a bylaw lor thit
purpose be introduced.
lie tbt quarry tbc engineer wat asked to report at to tbe yidepjng pf
Lop*da|e Ave.
Coun. Loutet wal aaked to report
on tbo COtt ol expropriating the land
The engineer waa instructed tore-
port op the estimated cptt of the
vv-hplo vpr)f,
'From 8. Gintzburger, complainipjf
that there was an overflow of water
from Keilh Hoed op his property in
'. L. 337- Hefaxed to tbo cpgineer.
From II. B, Howell asking council's
approval of np application for foro-
lioro landa. Beferred to Coup. Lav-
son and Thompion to report on.,
From J. E. Roberta asking in 'flow-
ery language for a sidewalk on Doran
Houd (0 hia proporty ip block 3, D.
L. 3160 frpm Centro Bond. '     ™
Tho dorli wos inatruotcd j to reply
I Imt his application would bo coMider-
' d ip the general scheme. Ho alip
submitted a rough plan ol block IS, 1).
I,. SIGH for subdivision. Thi* wai
laid over to next meeting.
ilic engineer wos instructed id call
for tender* for lumber aad h.ifdwuro
lor tho construction of liiowatkt
through tho municipality. ,
From tho city clork advidog that
the city was agreeable lo imy half
the cost of an aro light at ine i'ly
Iiuiilil.       Helen, d    to  the   jigbt     llllll
A request wa* received to to the
iln tm i'.i intention ro tbe widiai:pg ul
I.ousdale Avenue to 100 I sit, The clerk
was instructed lo reply that thc matter wui under consideration.
Frum Then. Giggie, asking Ipr a
rood io hii property, lot 13, block lli,
D. L. 3087.  Rofci-rod to the engineer.
From C. J. DuCane, asking fnr the
cxtomion of Philip Avenue lo Improperly poor the lerminui of lhe ('apilano car line iu block 1, D. L. 607. Be-
lorrcd lo Coup. Bridgman tp confer
wilh Mr. Mabop ip cooncctipp with
bearing 0 portion of tho coit.
B. E. Stowart and others petitioned
for a sidewalk on )0th itreet from
Suthcriand Avenue to Drayton itreet.
l'i I'Hi il  lo  the engineer.
An application for a itreet light pp
Ibo corner of 10th street aad Hendry
Avenue waa relerred to tbe light com-
B. 1 'nni ny and othori applied for the
'l'i nmi; of Lloyd Avenue and part of
31th streei to block I, D. L. 600. Referred to tbe engineer tn repprt.
From W. !•'.. Burns, solidtpr, adviaing that tbe government engineer will
make a survey ol tbe Hollyburn
whnrl in respect to arriving at a final
II iiim.nt ol the matter.
Tho financial pommiltoc recommend'
id (ho following schedule of wtget lor
Ihe clerical staff; J, ll. Farmer, dcr)t
und collector, 1136; P. N. Boylite,
treasurer, g'Jii; Bobt. Chance, ataetipr
nud assistant collector, ttt', Mitt
Peers, assistant dork, 166, and Miu
Campbell *l'V Coup. Allan and Law-
sun va.iial to lay lho roport over for
a week.
It was recommended that twp tea
commiaaipner* be appointed and that
lhc iolidtor'1 and auditpra' remuneration bo laid over. The roport woe
Coup. Wurd, acting chairman of tht
iiiiini. ■- committee, read a letter from
lho solicitor adviaiag that It waa apt
ip the council's power to bonus lhe
car ferry proposed by the Imperial
Lumber Co. by bonui or exemption
from taxation where ll iny way compiles wilh another company. Hi*
opinion wat that ouly a ferry company carrying pauengen and freighjt
would be entitled tp make iuch an eft
Tht matter wot laid ever lor 1 (ul
A. L. Ronald it erecting a lorjplf
•idence on tht corner of Jonei AJfonut
and llth itreet for rental ipecul*tfon.
It hat been dtfajfefy reported tf
thc lerry director* thtt tho oaf
North VApwyver Ferry No. I will bt
launched not later Uian March lit.
Comment! have bnp varied at to
Iho time that wot take* tp b«lld tfce
boat but ip juitice to the bvilder* the
pow ferry when flplihcd »nd pointed
will do credil tp lia eo^lructpri mt
nrvi M a Itrtkinf jtiywltssmi 'or
Anitf. THB ttfmke K0RTH VANCOUVRR,
Substantial Values in Leather Goods
Ip our leather  Good* Dopartmopt
you will find thu very latitat and must
substantial goods iiiiiiiiilin-tiired.    Tbo
quality pf al) pur inurehundiso in thio
Una', coinliincil  wilh  tbe  noatnooa  ol
thu  workmanship  displayed in  each
article, 1* a sterling recommendation
?">■•-,.'      of their real worth.     The linoa nf,
traveling bag*, auit cases, travellers'  ■
1 i (pilot cases aiul Iodic*' handbag*   we
carry aro Irom tlti choice   output   nf
tho   most   reliable   factories.       Our
poa-ket  i-iiseii, purses, card   canas   and
imveltie..  are tho newest   and   most
,   convenient on tho market.
^•""anglHreptpr.     Hasting. & Granville Su.
*Jj   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly whit you ask (or at the right price,
"11   .S|n 11,11 attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes. -
_   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Ding
Telephone L 29
A. J. TYSON, Prop.
Cor. laomdale & 8th
Parlcdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c, lb.
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5 lbs. of good Tea       -        :        -      -       - 1.50
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Convenience lo North Vancouver Merchants
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Programme changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Adults 10c ^JfflS1** Children 5c
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Phone EIM
qi '      '
Gtneral Contracting
Umvelim, Claaima CnHa* aU.
fatmitu w m.
nnt, $mtitt__A*Jt ktama,
Phone    198
North Vancouver
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Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement  and   General
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All   Orders   I'rompily
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tain Hivnin and Incline r^ityfiy ad-
dresued a fair limd gatherinjl fll Nprth
Shorn citUm in lumen's Paviljn on
Siiliinliiy evening last,
Mayor McNninh iw»a appointed rtiair-
The mating was iiulli.il aa oa|ilai|ied
by the iluiii'iiiiin far the purpoae nl
hearing tlto propoaala of <he twp seen-
in ruilwiiy companiea that are at pro-
Hunt maldng application to the provincial ii'iiiiiininm tor a charter to np-
prate a railway to the top of (iniuan
Mountain. Thoy wero hoard previous-
ly at a joint mealing of the eity and
diatrict rnuiicilH and the oxeoutlve ol
tho Iiiiiini of Trade and at that moe|-
im; aa no decision waa arrjved at jn
reaped lo undoraing nithea achomo or
neither, it wus decided to hold a public mooting of the ratopayora of the
city and diatrict to lioarand give tho
promoters of ouch railway nn opportunity to stale I heir definitu proposition*. There were preaent at Saturday's iiii'i'iiiii! Hussrs. Mi-iliiigun. and
Milea promoters of tha aforementioned
company. Tlie representatives of tho
conipuny harked hy Macdonnel and
i i/mi..l.i, contractoiH, failed to turn up
for mnn. reason, 'lliis may lie attributed i'o the In't that bo(h bills have
already passed their first reading be
lore tho House committeii.
Immediately alter the meeting was
convened Mr. A. Philip roud the following which hud been passed by lhi
district cuuncil nt a recent meeting :
"Wheiiiis it is of the utnioat importance to lho bent interests of the -development nf tlie Norlh .Shore thai
our chief point ol scenic lieuuly hc in'
reliable hands; tlier.lore, bo it resolved that lliis council respectfully urgia
upon the government that il a charier is i'liini.■■! In auy company for the
building ol a scenic railway to (irousc
'I.amiiiiii lo North Vum ouver Ihs following clauses bo inserted in such
charter, namely : (1) thul the con-
iidiictiiin of.(ho rnilway lie commenced
More the 1st of dune, lllll ; (3) that
(ho construction ol tho railway be
completed and in operation not latar
Ihnn Ihe lirst of •lune, 1013; (3) (but
lhe ili iii. i council or ils successors
la. empowered to purchase the under-
laking ol (lie company in 10 and 30
yenrs Irom dute ut nn arbitrated value of the capita) invested ; (1) that
the government inspector safeguard tlia
travelling public in (he maUcr ol
grades. (Inline 5 wus added at tho
piaetlng, i Iini (hero be incorporated in
tho charter any other clausea which
the city and district's legal represtn
tutivce may deem deairabie.
Hr. Milea was (he lirst speaker. Ho
ludinod thc proposals ol his company
as previously published. The cable
line will lie about 7,600 feet long and
would be operuted on tbe three rail
system with cars evory ten minutes.
His company now owns I). I,. 1636,.
which comprises the plateau at the
top of (irouse from where only it ia
possible to get a panoramic view of
lhe surrounding country. A largo
150,000 hotel and summer cottngos
will be erected at the terminus on the
lop. lie said it wus intended to build
the railway similar lo the Mount Low
.Scenic railway in California.
Mr. M.i.iii|iiin .1 in.il (but complete
urrniigomi'nla had btcir.maJ^with tho
11. ('. Klectric Ity. Co. Ior pSMftflto.
company proposed to build thc Capilano extension from (he Capilano
roud up (he west aide of the river to
the Canyon lor the 1). (.'. Electric By.
Conipuny on (he underatanding that
they be reimbureed in two years. !!•■
lerring to (he o(her scenic railway
company he said tbey could nol aay
where they were going. They bad never visited tho top, according to the
admission of Mr. Gzowski. Their proposed i.'iiniijii!' at the top of the
mountain was too fur back to ufford
a panoramic view of the aulrouadiug
country besides (hoy had no means of
getting water. Mr. MoGuigan eaid hia
company had already eipendcd about
110,000 in running surveys aiul making,
plans and estiinaUe. Regarding tba
latter lie gave (he following ligures aa
to proposed coat: Top electric luu,
173,086; lower electric line, 171,870;
.nljlu line, |370/116; total estimated
coat ol construction 1416,000. He later on daolared tbat 11 granted a charter his company would undertake to
complete the line by tbe let nl lune,
(Jues(ion-"Wbat grant do yoi expect Irom the dty)"
Mr. M/iliiilgnn "Our finances have
been arranged and no grant will be
aaked for, only good will ia ■ml'vsi—l,"
tt. P,bilip-"Whca are you propored
to sturt construction 1" Answer—''Ae
noon aa tlie charter ia grnnlud.''
Mr, Philip—"fa (iftre not some no-
vision granted by (lie legislature that
you can delay conatruclion foi two
yenra ?"
Mr, Mrf;uigan-"By the payment ol
a certain sum ol money"
Qneetion—''II granted a il.arter
would you be prepared 'q »tvt rrWt.
struction (bii year or next V
Answer—''Thia year, probaMy initial
atep about February,"
QuMtloiii-r'fWbeti conld you com(lft«
Answw^'In one Benson,'
Qne8tion-"B»VB yon a Mem- undor-
standing with the B. 0. l'leotiio
milwftjr'dq, for supplying v.,mti'
Uf, McQwjgnn-"We hnvo arranged
lip then espUlllsd that Mr. Spnrling
general manager of the company had
authorimid blm to lim hia name in eon-
ncutjon with the agreement and also
the proposal ol the acenic railway
cnnipnny to const riicl (ha ploutfiu Una
weat of the Capilano in the meantime.
Ile also oiplajnad the route of tho proposed scenic railway np the mountain
Irom a painting ol the landscape that
waa on exhibition behind the platform.
Hr. A. K. Kealy aaked il thoy would
be willing to have ineerUd jn the
charter a date from which to start
Mr. Miii-|.iiii "Are you willing that
(completion of tho line ba effected
within 13. months of starting) be put
ill'the 'limin f"        ,
Answer-"Yes." .
In answer to a i|ii''»ti"n from Mr. Vi.
A, Irwin, Mr- Mcfluigan snid ihey
would agree to complete the . untire
ine to the lap of (he mountain wilhin 13 months ol starling.
Mr. Irwin—"Is tba resolution al (he
district council agreeable to you ?"
Mr. Mcflujgan-"¥e»."
Aid. Henderson—''.Ie it the intention
of the company to aell out their
charter f"
Question—"Would you bo agreeable
lo soil out iu 10 or 30 years to (he
Mr. Miiliiiirnii said ho had not considered (hat but expected thut sucli
negotiations could lie easily iiit'i.'l
Mr. Irwin (hen moved (hat (lie re
iiolution passed by thc district coun
• il bo adopted. Ho did nnl ugrer
with the in..'iini: indorsing either
compnny. ,
Mr. A. K. Kealy ti ok exception to
Mr. Irwin's statement tlial piefcrcnco
dioiild not lie given. He said Mr.
Metluigun's company put up a definite
proposition wliile Iho other prapto
have imi given us any proposition.
He wunled to know why (hey were
not presenl when ihey weie invited,
"ft is because they huve no definite
proposition to oiler," he volunteered.
They do nol know whore Ihey are
starting Iroin or where they will yo.
There is no .scenic beauty to be scon
by   going   iiri.uinl   llio   mountain   us
(Continued on page 7)
135 Lonsdale Ave
Our Bread, Scones,
Cakes and Confections are made of
the finest materials.
Specially- •
Scotch Pie$
At V«#eoq»r Hm,
Sole Agenti for Norlb Vancouver.
m curry eo.
Corner I onsdale and Second,
Phone 299
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannel-
ettes sold everywhere 15c.
Our price this week only   -   -   122C
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Ucre'sH chaini: lu |.|,.im   llie
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Qiily iron mi market guaranteed lur two ji .ui..
|nve.i( now, it will please lier.
|\|mi, cloap and  economical.
Try one now and lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Corrtpany, Ltd.
50 Lonidale Avenue.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked laving in
fuel and lietter liakipg results.
only does its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST thin
other Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
(he whole Superior Chancellor principal ol economy
and efficiency in len minuter.
ll it not worth that much
"I your time right now ?
The J, D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 58.
133 Lonidale Avenue
. '
Walnuf C«e.
10 Stop*
-■—, — :•■•—     -A.
Warburnitz Piano Home. Limited
44? UwW'e httmt Ykm H4 _\
(Espres* spopioi cpfrwpflnliBiit)
Mr. end, Um, Vhtrtati w mfc-
i»J »«grnW*tlRM M> tht arrival til
t ytmf d«ght»F'
Sleigh drlyfflg iR th? Valley ts t)°-
cflWlng » PspuUr p»«timo. k very
styfish tump-it w» mn driving down
t!|..||tro llniul Tuesday tiltcrnpon.
Rrs. J-wU, Promina Bond, bn» )««li
1 confined V> her room on account of ill-
iii'iiii.  ller friends will be plpaacd  to
know ib» is improving.
The Methodist Indies' AW fill ""ft
nexl. Tui'Biliiy, 7th ii)«t., ul llie n-ni-
iltni'ii ol Mw. R. Wliipps, Frederick
Boad. All Mies interested in church
Work   ore   cordiully   invite*!    tu   this
The niiiiiiiii moetlng ol the jniiiituin
Hall, 1 .ymi Valley, was held last Hon
dny when th» flection qf thfl* WW
members qn t|is Pwd of PlFMWffl
tqok plape. Tlia nainaa qf th|i ihppms-
lu) Diuiiliiliiti's uiu ft. V. StoiaCert, •]■
KiF^loiid and S. Aljmty). A report nf
last year's progress wus road, also a
report showing thn linuneiul Htunding
nf Ilia' IiiiiI, wliii-li showed a I hi 11111 iv i m
the right Mp.  Mr. finynl nth* »
Btrong plea liff.ltottpr support towards
mii h ii worthy nliji.'i'l as the ball |s
inl ended tor. A vote of llmnlm was
passed and forwarded fo Mr. F> S.
doodad for hi» i'i'iii'i-'hiii donation pf
his services at the jpciol on the 34th
alter which tho meeting adjourned,
'lite I'.u'i'iitivi. Wi|| meet mi Wedimsdiiy
I'vi'iiin.. Inr the ti'iiiiHiinlion pf
An event ol unusual interest Mi'iiif-
risl last' week at the home qf Hi If*--
llrowpi Milmor ttoad. Twcnivliiu>- uf
the Rrowfi |»mi|y sut down Lo n In-it-
|ijr fwniqn. Amphg tin wwp w<i
Mf. And Mr»: Vrtht- Rrowni Wh hi
Mrs. flpht/Prpwn, if. q' wmtifdi V-
S.A., Mr. Wm. Brow »nd faini'i' fll,
V»|»cpuyar( Mr; Rinry Prpwn lll'l Inpi-
ily p| Vancouver, Rr. Hnht.'Mtriw'
ond family qf Spokqpc, Hr. Hurry
McOormick, und family ol Yiiptn.nw.
Mrs. prank RpPartfry »nd fowilv f of
VuncQiiver, Mr. Alln^n Bmwn pd
family ol Vancouver. Alter enjoying
a bountilpl fpftast a special a»r mil-
veyed thopsi'ty tp the Nor|h Vuiicou-
yfir forry thence to Vancoiiver whew,
a  group  photograph was  token  in
eiiiiiineiiiiiiiili. tho ulfiiil.
Through tho blowing out nl one tit
tho flues in the ongino ol the 88.
North Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon tlmt forry wos cooipolled tp lay
off for o couple pl trips tp allow ol
repairs being mado
. .Bavo Inr py dMly Wlge
jUtopg   thn  pleasant   fields   pf flply
I ntybt despair. -Tanflyrpn-
\ pOHPOf, J.B88PN
First (JnaW. 1mm VI i February
o, Wl h Sings xvji.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1128. Cub $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
Lou 64 md 55, Block 166, P. L, 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange. Near Lonidale
the uliuve lots ore among Uie best buys in North Vancouver, and intending investors will serve their own
interests by investigating. We have the exclusive solo and also a largo list nt other lots iu tho (Uty. It Is
in your own interest to call and inspect our list before deciding. (
Real Eitate Agenti.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
UU Government Bt., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe;
Berlin, Germany
London. England
aris, France
■"■ '»"§"a"|l 't"t"|"l ■|"Jl'|aig.a|-al..|'.la.§..J»)J..|-.(..f •^..J.a|..|..|-t.a|-'l-J-'4"l"|-^-'i-'4--Jl |"f ..)<.ft"|.a|..|'>^'l(-(aa|><f .•(•••).a^. ("A><|< | <(<<§ 'J''fc'^' A I"   j
Canadian Financiers, Ltd.
URGE LOTS     50x193   j
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
Branch Office:
Main Office:
End of Lynn Valley Carfiue    X
* -      '"  "• ''uicouver
\ 14 Lonidale Avenue:      .   V#P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.  J
Telephone 215 *
End of Lynn Valley
632 Granville St Ve
+ Foreign Office:   Glugow, Scotland
^■lH't"l'i'l"H''l't'l''t't'H"l't"t-t»W-l-|p-HrH»l H"l"V H-1-H4H H'H'H 1 IHI 1 ill II111 Hi
  -   ii    ■   m——i_   —mm     ■     ■■     li    ■
50 FEET ,N f,rsonblock FOURTH STREET |
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;  Osh 1200, W«c rM»i»bl.
Martinson & Co.
I   a
Phont I?J. P.O. Hex jl
%i^^  """""""
Pricei Reduced for Loti in
Phone §286. Gmtr Pwler t»4 Seyww mW*, VwMWHW
The accepted  idee <)' ti I""I'li'it i"
tno mechanical. Wu lum' Imn bcoui-
lullli'il tu ililllKilli' OUO I'lilli'il to thi> of-
limi  apd ao inm»un»iil  by tho Dlvino
Spirit Una hin iwmonal will and judg-
muni ar* practically mipplantcd.    Hr
ia moved like an automaton.  A vermin St. .lunica'a opiitlo tm hh n itrong
light upon tht prophetic office and cor-
na.'tii our iiiinu|i|iii'lii'ii.'iiini.       "Klijuli
was a man ol lil.' nature un we are."
In and out ol liiu apecial l>n<ciiun lie
waa   a  porfectly   normal   ihoraclor.
Over in Tiihbe ol Gilead he contemplated  tho dilgraco  and   imiwnding
ruin ol hia conntry.  Hi»  heart  won
siin.il with patriotic leclingi aa ours
arc by ovenlti now trampiring.      Il.i
not take Elijah out ol the .ulngiij ail
perfectly normal Inunmi lile. til. .lumen
soys bia   feelings and emotioni  were
juat »uib ai ourt would be under aim-
ilur circumstances,  ln hia distress  he
communed   wilh God.    "In the- evil
remcdilcnn i    I'un not lhe   people   bc
.lin.iti-iii.il 7  Will not iliini|.'lii and la-
mine bring  them lo repontunee ?"   He
Jiellevcn no.   He prays that it niu}' not
rain.  Con be nnpirc lo be .Irhnviib's
umbassndor   lo the Court ol   Ahab?
II no, he places bimsehl unrem-rveilly
at the disposal ol the Almighty.  So,
ol his own will, with uw .il liii n-c
judgment,   in normal manner he   becomes Israel'i rclornier.    Somi- scholars have been annoyed ut lhc abruptness ol Elijah's appearance in the narrative.    Thc .la-Hi.■ .il.'iu Talmud   fills
in Ihe apparent hiatus with au imaginary conversion betwim Elijah  onl
Ahab.   It in gruluilous. Abruptness is
in iippi-iii ii  only.   From St. .lames
we know how a season ol prayer prepared the prophet lor his mission.
The people would ncognllc him an
.lebovab'n . mennenger. * * * Next
thin portrait ol thc prophet l'..m
thut ol the widow ol 7,arepliath.. Plague and (amine has fullen upon her.
She ii gathering fuel lo bak^l^e Insl
cake. A footstep I She looks up. A
stranger ; a Hebrew ; a prophet. I'm-
sibly the prophet whose word has
brought tbe famine. However, she re-
cogniiea in the ulicu a fil'lowsuSerer.
HC,    toil,    j.1    lltjuilir a l||a l.a 11 lla I    )-,;
evolonce rises to subdue her racial
prejudice, and svaB the stronger par
sion, ber religious prijuilice. The pro
plia't makes an great a rcijuinition us
waa.over made upon himself. She honor! it. So Ibii heathen woman, whose
fuilh etoflled lhat ol any woman of
Israel received a prophet, anil wiib
him a prophet's reward, ll was no accident that Elijah was sent to bur.
She waa worlhy. Now she stands forever incensed with the Saviour's coin-
inumlulion and hallowed wiib bis
The Lord has bis prophets yel. Who
im tha evil.  Whose hearts are stirred.
Wbo   put   ilniin11-...,   ui  disposal ol
heaven for reformation ol the evil.   •
'  Two poftroils appear   upon
thc same pugc.  Women, contcaporu-
iei, same run-, worshippers   ol    same
gods.  Here it-<cmblume ceases. Ono ii
a ipieen, ambitious, cruel,' intolerout,
iicentioui.  Other o widow, on   whom
and ber dying son Ibo plague ban fallen   wiib all itn weight.   Her benevol-
once and  faith  outshine   Ibo  queen's
ji'w.1.   ' '  '  No accident theae two
portrait!'   appear     togithcr.    Bible
Itachei by eiample.    Eait character
stands  fo,   in up|.o-ito  principle  ol I
lile.  In ■!'-elial it was love ol n-ll.  In
iln- widow it wal love ol otben.   '   '
'  Oulvoine  of  the  Iwo  Uvei   waa
what might have been expected. .Ie«-
bei dies a violent death al hands   ol
iriiiiiiriuiiH  menials.    Wholber  it  ba
true or nol tbat the widow's ion Ix-
a nnia' iln. Prophet  li'iiiili, at any rate
she received Iba Commendation of tin
Prophet ol prophets*
k aiwfol Rwnsing «f ih tfo^I'V^n-
cQiiyor Uo^td p| Twdfi ffiH h h\t\ flli
Friday pvnpipg when the buninosi in
Iumil will ha tha conniilerutiou of sending u fepFMP|imiyu from thn Bonrd
to DUayva in conucc|ipn ytitb l|)e np-
plic^iinn ol tha Bnirnrd Iniil, Tpnnpl
und Brldgo Compnny lor n Boipinion
tuhliy til W.OWI towards ih con-
liirnclion of lho Si-i'ixhI Narrowi
bridge and railway. As tho cxecutivo
ini-iiting ji iiluiail lor ilm Tueiday
evening following it is possible that
tba mealing will resolve jlsoll intq an
executive (nceting nnd despatch any
mnl mi'i;   qf   luiiiiimm.   inl. inled    to. bo
dealt with on Tuesday •■■■ ■ >■ •!■-.
I. 0. G. T.
Ambition lodge Nn. 73 in competing
wilh others in Vancouver district for
membership prize to be presented  by
U.S. Bro. .1. It. Uutlhcws. lui
Friday evening's meeting ol Ambition
bulge wui a good mi.' despilo thc weather and next Friday's is expected to
bo better still, being first meeting in
tbu now i|Uurter.  All}' eandidatcn   for
mcmhcrshi|l muy bund thei)' n    to
some ol ilnni' nlrendy members.
IN THE MATTEU or the Water iot
and Amending Act und
IN TIIE MATTKK ol Licenie No. 42
grunted to the Corporation ai Die
District of Nortb Vuneouver for
300 incben of wutcr to be taken
from Lynn Creek, dated tha 30th
August, 1901.
Pity <ti %ft Ymwiw hm th ■
RWWf Mf}l}(iW*i'W!»j Wrttort'
Mm* by »Wh« «f Ih #fo t*m*?
yer Pity |»!)fltpqf«tifl|i 4#, \m fill
apply to s.'k. WeiAe*) m-\ mm-'
iiombvdom to* Mi"* Wi»tmiM(#,
«; 0., on Wednesday % flfi* d«r n),
Miifch, mn, a( tft bm ?l *yw
u'cluck in , the forenoon or io lopn
(hereafter us compel con ba heard lor
an order amending the aald licenia by
substituting tlierein ai lloaoiM Af
name ol thp City of North Vancouver
in plueo of the Corporation of tkl Pil-
trict of Nortb Vancouver, ipi for
adding to the wordi defining tlio point
of diversion tbi wordi ''W* 1t\ t
point on Lynn Creek either on Lot
099, Qrpiip J, H»w WMtwlniUr tyf-
trict or Lot 1368, Group 1, New Vtdir
mimtor Diitrict ot nr near tbebpiin-
dary between tba noid Loti" or, in
tho alternative, for a» order aiuond-
ing tbe licenie originally granted apportioning tbe water to b* taken Irom
Lynn Greek under laid licenie No. il
betwpen the point of diveriion aa let
out in tba original licouii and a point
of diveriion ol Lynn Greek either on
Lot 999, Group 1, New Wcitminitar
liiiaiii.'t or Lot 1303, Group 1, New
Wcslniinstcr District, ai or near tbe
boundary between laid Loti or tola-
sua two or more licenici fortb» wa-
to make iuch other order la the pre
mises aa may ba juit and oquitnblc. ^,
DATED tbil 34th day ol Decembar, -;
Solicitor for
B. Ii. BEID,
■aid   City  ol Hotffc
Why pay $300.1)1) Iur mugh uncleared Loti whon wo sun lell you
the very best, cleared Lots without u stone ou them, level ai a table
and inlo gruss. Been cultivated lor ten years, lituated on Centn
Boad, being Ihe best Houd on the North Shore and one block Irom
the I'm Line, Sihool, Chuicb and Store; lines city water, ilictrii
light and telephone.
Price |3T>0 to .1101) ench, Terms |100 cash, balance 6, 13 and If
- months.  These lots will bring at   leant  in our estimation 100   pir
cent, profit on the umount invested within nil monthi. Buy   quick,
they are going laat.
P. 0. Box 172 Nortli Vancouver
Kin.'.:   f.'.nai  per   and   up.   Special r»tes to families    ■
and   to regular   hoarders	
Skcond Strut.   ■ NORTH  VANCQUVER. B. C
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wesl Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Lieen ed lur 35 passengers
 _—— ^.a                  ■                                                                                                                                                                                                                    J              ———
U»?ei Voncourir
City Terries- Wblrl
ll ill ■ Lm ti Whirl
II I'l 1 J CUI II   "H'll
Ivci) Day Ixcebl Sunday
8.00 a.m.
y.yi a.m.'
10.00 a.m.
a/ mi a.m.
12.00 a.m.
• ,   m\  .j   ia.
i j .ou a.in.
13 nu p.m.
u.oo p.m.
16.00 p.m.
15-uu p. in.
17.no p.m.
19.oup.1n ftalurdaya •nly ■■•■
ill.00 p.m
.32.00 p.m.
.14.00 p.m.
.23.00 p.m.
Blngla Fui 16c.      Two Tickets ttc.
Ouickeit route Irom Nortii Vancouver to the diatrict beyo»4
C.gu » B «r. Launch "We,. Vancouver" make, conaee-
2, without fall, with the lerry steamers Irom North Vancouver, as per above schedule.   ^
February {, lllll
B, 13-17,33-34.
Proverln aai}: 6,
i young people's locuty ia thr |
church ii a laboratory wlu.ro the
character ii onoly/cH, its elomcat*
diicoTcrcd ond developed ; on armor)
whire young soldiers ol tho cron are
disciplined and panoplied ; a gymnasium where young christians make
lliemjelves strong and nihli-iir. Tha
wonder is not thai Ihe ohurcb has a
young people'* sodety, but that it «oa
[ 10 long without one.
Leave Vaa.
'6.20 »•"•
I.JO    "
m "
10.1$ "
11.15  "
n.il p.».
1.15 "
3.15 "
j.15 "
4-«8  "
Leave N. Va»
t On Sundayi
1 ,/m „—f"-i-
* tpl at hmiayt.   Tlma Table Mbfrct u, ch.ng.
^_j .JOUR,
Tin) Yxmw
NOKTH VaNi'iiuVBH, 1)   C
li».ji'jl.u   laam    .1 n -a  a,    rl -—
|U'f|» UV til-BHCifH'rillN I
„.,One year ' '     »100
SU iimnllis   - -        -   ■   JW
Thn* months    • ■     •      .   .86
Uniiad Htnuis ami l'prHign,l|.Mper ye»f
'¥* -r——; aa'     iiiii     !TW!	
AllVliltTISINii  Utm
T(iAf>niK^*T Dieciiaf AuvnaTisiiiiKKis-
fillvi'iilD pur innli muiii iiiHi-rlinii.
fiowia Niitiom, IOTe.T-|l .DO par int-h pur
month,     ,
I,*;,li ash 'liuiuu NnniiKS   :ili days, ffi;
l.gMi), AnviiiiiisiMi   Iiu-i iiii'i'i'iinii, ID
punts pur Una; nmili snliiiKjuuut insar-
'" iiun, In:, per liim,
HsVlnsi N»noai iH'l.iniAi, Nsws I'm.
Usui,-.ID minis pnr lim',.ni'ii nim 11 inn
fioHtanor, AumariagiieiiTa—Batea ar-
ranged aiwnr<JI|ig lo «pai;u utketi,
All i-hiingei. in i iinli net inlverlin'iiii'tpli
must bu ill the hnml.-ul the prin.it hy
(Vmlin-silU) an iiiiny li iii.'|iiilalii'iil iul.
|n tliu lioul issue.
Noifl'ii Vanuouvku, lrnu. 3, 1911
pitbvlM'IAI.    DEI'AUTREKT    OP
TW new department ol railways
whiih is created hy ilw bill which has
just pussrd Ihe provincial legislature,
will doubtless ba ,,... 10..A throughout ihe prnvini-ii as a timely und wise
1 Hritish Columbiu is n province
whiih in the very nuturti of things
must he dependent on railways lor Imr
development to an eseeplionnl degree.
This Is due in part In the topographical features ol ilia country. Iu a.
country hIiosu surface is rniiipiirutive-
ly level, heavy loads may he transported for mini' distance over wagon
rami]*, but this province is comprised
by n continuous succession of mountains and vulli)., conditions which 1111-
omiili.h'y develop heavy gradei which
render the hauling of wagon loadi aa-
tii-nii ly ihlll'illl uml ut tilbes well nia'l.
vjnee In railway building lor yeara in
cam*, renden tbo present^an oppor-
tuns iiinn Inr the establishment ol the
new Pepirtmont,
—imi 1        1
There apueara to have been more or
less uniiecossory baste ill conneution
with the early deliveranee ol opinion,
with relerence to the proposal reciprocity   agreement   witb   tbe   United
States. The leading newspapers have
evidently deemed it incumbent .tpon
them to bund out something to 411
oipcctunt public upon thu atrongtb nl
inlormation ol e general character,
while prominent citiiens In politi.vil
and in commercial circles have granted iiiti'iviiaws for purposes nl pulilica-
tion the applicability o( which to the
provision! of tba proposed! agreement
cuniiot Iw gauged until iti er.
plnii terms have been published and discussed. Partisan politician! 'avor or oppose the measure irrespective ol iti stipulations according to party policy while eipon-
ents of different interest! take that
view which ii dictated by their conception ol the effect ol its terms as
tliey at present understand them upon
tUeir commercial or other, interests.
The Dominion is in no danger, bow-
ever ol being pin lifiuiial into an undertaking of a nature so far rouching
as the reciprocity agreement and the
Canadian public can afford to meet
thu situation ipiietly und lo approach
the issue with calm deliberation.
While it muy I'e unfortunate that il is
a party measure nnd muy, therefore,
not be 11. iii'l strictly upon ils merits in the House at Ottawa, it |i nevertheless true that the opposition in
Ihu Hnuse is luflhilently strong and
able to see Ma 1 the progreii nl the
measure is.not marked by undue haste
but that Ihe whole mailer is lllilf
..aia Ma  threshed out in ull ils details
inip'i.asili] . I niiii llu-se cmuinstnn
the rnllwny or the truniway becomes . in the interests ol Ibe nepcclive pro-
mi! only'the most satisfactory bul the vinces and the Dominion as a whole,
indispensable mums of inter.oinmuui- Meantime the multitude of Independent
nation und lakes foremost runk as u Iblnkon ami voters will hold their fin-
(actor in lhe internal development ol al conclusions in abeyance awulting
tlm provim 0. 'hut lull Information und niuturucin
Kurllnr, lhc nature of lhe re- ^deration which will enable them to
sources ol liriiish Culuinbiu is | arrive at an intelligent opinion Irom
such as to lender 1011111111101111100   by   'bo viewpoint nl broad nnd uiiliin.se
culturlsts, the resolution! were exceedingly strong, It' is hoped that thn
provincial government will d'l ion*
thing in thii matter »in the near future, v
The annotation elo^d last m-.,i- with
tbo lupport nl practically itnvf prominent Iruit grower ol the province,
It |i expected that the coming Ker
will see it very much stronger ond
much more fttted to carry ,'B   tha
worh ol sucuring tbe gnat Minima-
tions neceiiary to tho ocntinued progreii Ol the fruit industry here.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital {6,900,000.
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Totul Assels »!)I5,OQO,OQO,
rail   essential   to   tlieir   development)
Our i.uil, gold, silver, hud mul other
mini's, our liiiilier, our factorial, as
wu'l as the iiei,liniment of our water
power   are   all    jeculiaily   ili|«'nilenl
upon railwa)  < immunlcaUon.
not   nt   all   ii sniy   lur
1)11     thul     ni li    farmer
ave    11   -iah Iimi    fnim    1
ll   ii
railway line running ulongaide his bum,
but in 11 counlry smli us Hritish Col-
uml.in every mine, every mill, every
ameltrr, 1 ver) factory, ele,, deeoii ll
en indi.-piii-ublu n«piiirilc lo suei-cssfiil
operation lliul railway uus leiuh
Its pieiniMis. l-lvijn wilh regard In
our ugii. uiiiiiiil, our Innl raising and
our live stock Inlin st.., the fuel lhat
ths miiil'l Is nul la.'iil bul dillant,
together will) the topographical features nlaiii. noli.I, lenders the in-.-n -r
pn ia uiuu of railway Iniiiilit'. mure
impi-rulive than wuuld lie required
were conditions different in tliia rr
ipect. ;
'Um longer lli" miiul dwells upon lho
situulion, the mme i.qi>\ luring does
the (u.l become thnt llriliih Colum-
bia is 'I slued lo become u complete
network of railways Mil similur means
ol IrampuiIation. Ibe country will
abound in st.um railways, electric
railways, gmviiiitioii railways; in logging railways, mountain la^lwuys, in
aerial ii.milii.. and ground trumlinei
in lool systems mil in transcontinental system and in every vuriety of
Ihis class ol transportation that ran
be devised to answer the requirements
ol i'.ii ting '.ui'liii.n
I Hu.b la. mg the caae, it becomes evident that the interests ol the pr<ivim<>
lully justify Ihe creation i.f a department ol the governmcnl charged with
tin- specific oversight ol this important (rature ol provincial progress ami
dovdopDianl. Ilieie is every ren mn t.i
um luale llist lhe Department of Hell
Ways will ipuedky become one of Ike
ppiet active and important in lhe list.
aataMive railway nmstru.lion
whiih ii now nther us-ui«f or actually iwdar way, together wi|^ the pros
pact al unprecedented nnd suitainod
activity in every aocUoii of lhe  pro-
(Special to Ihe Express)
Thc Iruit growers of the provinco
held a meeting recently in Victoria,
umler rl,. auspices of the II. ('. Fruit
lirowers' Association which dealt
witb u number of important mutters
now belore thu fruit industry of the
province generally. On tho .pi. inm ol
tlie mnrket lor Hritish Columbia Irhil
it was made abundantly clear that
ihe principal one for at least the pivs-.
eni will Ik lhe prairie provinces ami
particularly lhe ngn-competiljve territory on Ihe Canadian I'm ilic and lo a
less extent on lhe Cunadiiin Northern
where I'uii I. (Viimhia has an advantage us to freight rales. The report
ol llr. Metcalfe, marked commissioner
wus approved by the meeting and will
le: issued by the department of agriculture Inin l'i..inin.ni fruit growers end shipp.'i ■. Irom all over the pro-
vinac reported aVvolume ol business
ibis year grealer tbun any before and
hud, generally spanking, good prices.
With regard to transportation, Ihere
is considerable discussion on llie need
for certain reduction in ralei and certain improvement! in serviie. The As-
... ..lium bus passed a resolution
asking for the appointment of a strong
transportation committee to deal effectively witb these problems by tbat
meant, Eiiierience hai alio shown
that we cannot eet-ure from Ihe rail
way companiei any considerable improvement through the medium of gon
■ ral meetings.
'lhe association approved unanimously of the present si/e of the apple
boi. It approved unanimously of Ine
pear box IH|»)lxS| inside; of t"
peach box, IHjxljjiJIj inside; ol th
plum crate, IIV) npiere and 11 inches
deep and approved generally ol tbe
Use nl the pear and half pew box lor
crab applea.
On the labor ijucslJon and on the
neod (or Wore rapidly wlnuiAng tbi
province by * working dpn ol ngri-
A  general  banking  buaipeu
IruiiHuiitid. Saving! accounts a
specialty. Account! of firme
and individuals solicited.
North Vancouver Drench.
Dank Office in N. V. Club Block
WANTS you to
know that they
•ell the Finest
Quality Meat* at strictly Vancouver Pricei,
Free Delivery to all
parti of the city, and
every article U tent out
in the belt possible
style. We guarantee
to give you entire satisfaction. A trial order
will convince you. V
229 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 16
SO Peel on Uw
' Adl»°ent to Lonidlle Avtnue
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The Cash
Wanted at Once
Ustinas of Boulevard lots in Dr L
550 direct from owners. Immediate results if rightly priced.  ;::  i\\
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North Vancouver i$
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First St„ close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and. substantial profits
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I. Ot O   H",
Norlh Vamouver I.odga, No. fit,,
meet* every 'Jliuidday evtiiing, corner
l.nnnlule Avtuue and Fint itreet, it
8 o'clock. Viajting brethren cordially
invited to at lend. Ire K. 1'eeri, N.
(!.; II. K. Donaldson, rtc.iac.; J. H,
I'illing, i'.O,, Fin.-eec.
Finest Home Sites on Boulevard
We huve Ihe enluaive aale ol n num-
lur ol ihoice AO-loot lole in Hlock 230
11. I,, fi 15 (nniliiii/ on tlm Hiiind ilouln-
vard nnd only one bloi-lt Irom l.wn-
dule tramway lerminue. No liuildini
rettrictiona. I'n'.s and U-rraa ure
ni'lii. dome and tea ua regurdinK
We have alio an excellent i|oul)le
corner on tho Grand iioulovard in I).
I.. MO at a Iwrgain prlca. Ohowe lite
tor large houee. •■
We have one of the lin.nl lota in
Hurrard Towneitl ticar Second Narrowi llridge st 1800. will aoon Iw
worth Ave tinea thai, ICaiy U<rina.
Now ii thu tiun. to inn.luu...
flip, Cameron & Co.
Financial and Iniurence kgente,
■ Ll aU ■! - a
1 6th Street   Block and hall from cariine, 40 It.
all cleared.    Price $850.     $350 cash, balance 6
and 12 months.
Eleventh Street Bluck and hall Irom Lonsdale,
50 It. lacing south.   Price $1400.    $400 cath, balance 6, 12 aid 18 months.
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North Shore Locators
11/E are now offering 40-ft. lots in Bk. 205,
W on 21st streei, one block west of lonidale Avenue Car Line. Price $500 to $700.
Cash to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
two years. .  Make your selection early.
No. 8 Lonidale Ave.
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Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, fll per sere
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Enquire or write
218 Second Street Ewt
We have appointed MK, SIDNEY AILMAN
as special representative (or Lynn Valley and have
some exceptional bargains to oiler.
■ *
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Ui. Ink.i.r t Ward)
219 Unsdale Avenue.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co,
Btreet, near Lonsdale.     Price
$3000.   Terms arrange.
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)       '
Staple and Fancy Groceries
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Highland Folntoeti—i-quil
Mn AulicruftB,
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(poking Apples, Bvvimr'B
aiid (JriniQB d»| If
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Ayrshire.Wim Greamery
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Gheese—Finest Gntiirio.'i
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Lemons, per do/,.   -   •   IQc,
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lloiiie Mnde Fork iSunsqge,
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Fare GnutilH Hoiip,
pir Imr    •
Phone 40
llll Lonsdale Ave
WW SEAJVoprietor
tiH.III.  I" D |f III.
Pirst-clsss Mi-.ii.s 351.
1 Cniiiiniilulioii TuMtsrlc, u meals
Itooms lor Kt til al mo. Itt .tti- ratio
- HI, V, Ad Mii Cabinet Muker,
1 Upholsterer and Decorator
• II tlmli nl NlMlim and Aiillaiiic  hiniliui.
-laal.    Ulll..    ILllk   .11.1   U.l   Kl.I.UI.      |||.|.|.|,.
IIIH III .11 III- lil.lli'llt..
' I'la im. Prsiplny.     i-'iiiiiiiui.- ftorifia
MAIL iilium- »ii.n iiiuniil tiii-mtiati
1 ■——     1    1 ma
We Could
Paper the WorW
Irom our slock of  m-'v  wall
papers, so il seems. E'   '
soinv new designs 1
fill ilie vji^Hiy ol il
ogi. '
Handsome Wall
irsliereloeftJlMs (
lill otirssU'imianl/
K«u wsih lla- pn
will chow you jimj
you sn- looking (Ai
To choose Innin
■' rlmsuii., to |)ay
"7 l-oiistjslt -tmaaaemm
Tfflt \lm\m NORTH VANCOUVER, 8, C.
mmmmnmetm- hi.m■.■ w^-a,, in.,,, i<mai,,,,,..;,,p.„^,,,,,,, m,,,,, ,, ,,,,„, ,,,„„   , , ,mm    „,,	
North Vancouver City
Us in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, ]6and
16aj District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 54&-
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through This Property.
For Plans, I'riee List,and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w]ty
Corner Pender an J Seymour Streets, OFFICIAL AGFNTS.
Vancouver, B. C, Phone 6286
Uty Louis Joseph Vanw
Copyright, 1,908, by the Hobbs-Merrlll Co.
"Pinjon ma," Mr. Ciltndgr't moon-
llkt countenance darlieiii.il. Uo U-
turned a truiipirciit Jlgully "Vou
inlnconatruc my motive, llr."-
"Vht> lh titty."
"I tip not here to borrow. On tlio
olber band, <iulti h nccldtut I dlicov-
eri'd your mime upon tbi register
dou-nalnlrt, ll guud old b'rlico name,
II ynu will permit nt tn »ajr in. I
thought to myieif tbat ban wni a
chance to lielp u (allow countryman?"
Calendar iiuiiHi'il Interrogatively. lilrk
U'lmil i i'millli.'il Inli'i I'lihail, but lllCllt.
"II ll inmsiige nrroaa would help you.
I I ililnli II might bo arranged," ilnm
iimri'il inleiiilar, III at Mil,
"ll might," admitted Klrkwood speculatively.
"I I'niiid Hi It io tbit you could go
over drat clan, of coiirao and puy
your way. no to npeik, by rendering
ns. me and "iy P»rlnof, I trifling aerv
"In Ini't." continued Calendar, warm-
lug up to b|l Hn me. "there nilgbl bl
Miini'iiiing more In It for you than the
puwnigi1 If If you're tbe rlgbi ninn
llii1 uiuu I'm looking for."
"Tlmt. of courm.', la llie qucailon "
"KilV" Ciilcnilnr pulled up Hiiililenly
lu n full uiiiiiiil lllght of onihui.iii.iin.
KiiUviii.ii eyed blm steadily. "I
mi iu ihnt It li a 'lUMllon. Mi Cnlen-
ilur.  niii'ihi'i  nr not I um ihe man
' |nd tbi Incident ilmullnneoimly wltb
a .ainiirt hung of duality, laimghlng
quietly, bf went back to tbe window,
■ Willi Iti dreary outlook, now Ihu drear
1 ler for lengthening evening ahndowi.
"I wonder «Tiut bli game lit, any.
', wuy. An adventurer, of courio. Tbi
wiwdi are full pf 'em. 4 queer OhIi,
even of hli kind. And wltb a trick
np bia aleeve aa,queer and flibjr u
iiiniui'if, no doubt."
FIRE!    FIRl;!!!    FIRE!!!
mmm        i -* nmtti t—t>.        B,«#;«r.'*r.?ta
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTi CTION write a Policy in lhc
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $34,900,000
s.iln Agi nl
Agreement, .nd Cuiili."'.- dnwn
nellli in« lonlra.li mi wn . ._
el every deicriplion l'h"1"'  'If        C
1       '
iiflJjJf dai. LM—mim.—W_MJWMAiiM._
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
St fBfffy *-?*i"fi
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The Clothing, Man
33 Hastings St. East       *   Vancouver
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when 3==
 m.e   ii 1.1,7   -	
Cnn Supply you with
tri nil
Household Requisites
at« l«wcr Price llisn filstt
"Si.ii.II 11. I'iii and <r nl R.l.riu"
Phone 184
tnd Cvtntt (situ.ilie ond Smjlfcc
meamanwmnem,    ■    I ,   .,,,.    ,„
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. West
Wl>cn you dealbl 'lie A, I anu
Grocery you pt cxarlly whst
- you ask (ot a! ri^il  price. : :
Special Attention!
Wc carry s < uiiiplt'i' line of
Hjiio.iiy k ttam Breed 22 for $140
Risd (lit Etpress CI«M>li«d
Cehuu os lit Bid Pig*
'I im. iiii.laiii(j lur mme one toicnx mc lu
U  '. .Lll'l   Uljailillil "
you're looking for.  Between ynu tad
um nud Ibe llrediigl. I don't I »•  I
■in Now. If foil wleli lo nnui' tout
i|uld pro quo, nil* trilling icrvlco I'm
to render In ir. i...iiiiiini of your brncv
ulciii'C, yuu um) "
"Vi' i'h." .lowly Bul llic tpcakcr de
ni) i'il im.i ii.| ,j uniil )ti liod «urvi')i'il
liln IjiinI Inm; ;.. ..il lu fool "'ill u
I'lilliri- Imlli i ril lull uml ,i|i|.i<. I.in.,'
lh' nnu n uiuu In initlii iiiiini lew
iIjiiii tin- mm k alu eli feel eu in mil In
ik'iiiiinil l.i lln; in,nnilli. nnrn ot imd
■rii iii'iiti of iiiiiiiii ii men t Iih
round .bouldcred. loo, but olbcrwln
.■llllalil)     lllllll,    m-lf    CUIllllllirll.     Hill
Mi i.u, a ai ui'iiii. a boy'i taoncnt face
No one line rur riillod him baiujxnruv
A ten iirrjiidlinl |>rrwiue bits dit-ldi'd
iiui In1' Iiiii en Inlercillng couulo
unin i' llii' |iii>|.«uiiili<re uf IliU vcrdl. I
Ii.n. bftll fur Ibe iin.nl i'inl faiulullie
Kirk iiuiul i.lm.ill lui been innni ii
il.. lm.■ iiiiii lili (.'ilium du uol bl lu
111 aMMHK'e tin- iiiteiutut ll Irue. bul
llii'ii- le ii nr; roil, If un.l. in ni .■
•Oglglng i|iiulli)' lu.Ihelr eery Iricgil
lmil) 111- eyea lit bruwn, pleananl.
nl wide ii)>iirt, .iralghlforwird pf ai
Nuw. Ii ippeured that, wbilsur bit
nmilie. Mr iiiii'iulir bid iclcd upun
liupiiiH' Iii ..ii.iliia bit cud |ip U.
Klrkwood 11 ill aeuili. idle Cili'l)
der proved not lacking Is pcuefriiiuii
'lui uf llli Hiinp Ira couiinniily mi
• luwril wiib llial iiuiiii) iai en twluenl
degree Nol ilove ts rtckos Ibe nil
Li'i of Ibe imiii ln'fwe tiku, Ibe lei ieu
nt hiiuliliiii begin ts wurk In bli adi
I«*/ l/iti'lllgeuca Hi owned bliniell
I m Illid
'"i'lniiiki," lit concluded pomlrcly; "I
reckon yon'rt right, you wso'l do.
nfiir all Tea waited your Uiuu mini
"Don't ini'iilloo tt."
ruli'iiiliir gul hen Uly oat of bil cbalr
ioi) hing lur bli bit ui umbrcllt
"I'itiiiIi me ts ipoiugUs (sr IS uu
warrantable Inlnnloii, Ur. Klrkwoud'
Ile fulli'ri'il A «aairlinl nnl aula uiu iliu'
look illuiluwed bit imill eyes. "I wu
looking fur muiic oat ts ttrrs m It
t eerlnln elpaelly"-
"I'eriiln or gueiltOUbUr profound
ed Klrkwood hliiidly, opening tbt door
I'olnlcdly Ur. ciimiir Ignortd tb«
linpinmlub. "Sorry 1 llHutlM yot
I'.'ilattetnoon, lit. Klrkwood."
"ijoodby, Ilt. ileleaiitfi k Mill
iwlicbrd ibe eunen et KlttmotA't
toi wide lunuih
Colendar Hepped Ultlly out Into
Uit bill.   Klrkwood lieeei UW tool
IIH mninptlon leeim not on
wnnnniilile thnt Ur, riilendm
flgumllvi'ly wullld liln limnli
of Ur. Klrkwoud Ilni|iiMlloa
iblj Ur. Klrkwood ooiuldmud him
iclf wnll rid of Hr. Caloudiir. Wben
tbe litter bid gout bin way, Klrkwood, mindful of Ibt fact thnl hln lumi
Irulll would lenvo Bt rum-rim 111 11:311,
■el iilmiil hli packing uud dlniilHKi'i)
from bli thought* Ibe loctdeoj ireumd
liy the fnl iidvoulurur und ul n o'clmk
or iiiiTi'iiiiniiiii let hlmiclf out uf hit
room, dreucd for tho evening, a light
raincoat over one nun. In lhc olhnl
hnnd a cunc, Iho drizzle liming
A Blulld Hi'liliih lift curiliil nim down
lu the ground lloor of the iihIiiI'IIhIi-
menl III luiiiclhliig iiilml uf live lulu.
Ulul Punning In llio ollleu long i'ii"m;l'
lo lolllu hli hill nnd Icuve inmructiuui
lo have hi... luggage cuuvc)ed to ilie
lumi iinin. bc received wltll cut Irt
eijiimilmlly lhc nlliilih.. hciieill'llnii ul
Ibe clerk, In wboiu eyes hu ,-illl tin-
.,mi'il ai Ihnt I'lnlliiui creiiliire. ,iu
American millionaire, und punned mi iu
the lulihy, where he Hiiri'iiiliTuI mil,
coat and Hick to tilt cluiikruoin .it-
'eiidunt ere entering lhc dining innin.
'I'lie imni wui n mil' i'inl,' tm a
l.iinilun dinner, lho lm minium1 mull
but inudemlcly llllnl nllh |>iiiii<ui.
Killiimail uliHiirlaeil Ihu luel UllcoU'
acloualy nnd ivllhout dlH|ilcuniire I ne
earlier llie heller, hc nun delermliA'd
to colimimc hln mil civilized menl mt
hc choie lo eunildcr III ui llli hi rent
lelmiie, lu live lully bli ehblug mu-
uieiili In Hit world lo which he wut
Imm. to drink lo III elm Ing dreg* nut
llllllll.Hi'   ill.ill   'af .111.1111)'
With i ilcfireniliil iiaaiui.ii the waiter brought liim lhe menu curd. Ill
had ncri'id In Itin time many an Amer-
liim iiillllumilre; ho had nlio lerved
ihin tlr KlrkwiHMl, and rca|iccted iiim
iih one Hilled ubove lhe run ol Ida
kind In llml lie euuiprubciided lhe url
of dining
piriiTii iiiluuiei later lho wnller ds-
inu ii il rejoicing, hli onler complete.
Ti. ill.irui'i ■ coiiKlcnct whliperlng
ol oliuiiigiiiiee Klrkwood lighted I
' I'he rmim nui gradually milug wltb
liner iiiiini' ll wai the moil In-
iniul ii'iil ii ii i ii li I In i/inilon uml do-
||iil.> llu> radlulll entluuict of Ibe mmi'
en in in, -|iii. !•■ remained Kdilc nud
ren rut
A iiu iiiii'Ti'ii down tba llde miuol
on uliiili ihe window opened.
At n mnilii Utile u woiniin luuglii.il,
.(lili'lll hupp) liiciirluiiily Km..'■ a.a.l
liim nl Imr nuy aSln- Wall bemlliig
forwiinl. ninliilig. Haltering her >'i<>rt
Willi Ibe iiiIhiiiiIhii of hei ei        Ihey
were lorcii ilont In Ihs wil n- of
. Ihr .ti.h.i.ii ii .liiuriiiii   They npmtt
iuty hippy
Klrkwuod wun iiinicloili ol u iiruugt
pang uf tinuilun It took him ■■•■me
lime lo comprehend thut It win eni).
Ht waa alone and lonely, fui iht
Umi lima be reullwd llml nu nouns
had I'U'i looked upon blm u Die *»
uiuu al tbt adjoining tilde Jnoki.il uimo
ber low Ile hnd found lime to ifi*
iblp bul one inlmreii  hli irt.
And bt wni renouncing ber.
Ue wu painfully conscloui ol what
bt bid mlnicd. hnd loll or bid Dpi yet
luund   Ibe love of woluin
Tb* leimlloii wu curloui. ne*,
anlijot Is bli uiperlcnct.
till cigarette burned down lo hit
login IS bs HI iMindcrlug Abilrni t-
tdly bl ground III Ore out lo in •■ h
Tbt wilier Kt before blm n "llvef
tureen, covered.
Ut Mt UP lUd begun. 10 IUIiMIU i   hit
soup, tcirco doing It Juillcc lilt
dream troubled blm—bit drrim of Hit
- love of wiiiniii
tnm I Utile dlilanct bli waller regarded blm wiib nu llr of Jl-ii'i" im
menl. Is Hie courts of tu hour iud *
hill kl iwoke ts discover the annul-
int In the let of pouring very lml mid
black coffee from a bright all vet pot
Ists I demllmt of fragile punctata.
Klrkwood tllpptd a aloglo lump ul
lugar Into Ibt cup, govt over hln eluur
cast to bs Oiled, then leaned hack, ut-
IllieraWy lighting a long ind ileiuler
ptoittis ll I preliminary to ■ liu llD<
gerlug gppncliUoo of lbs icene of
wbkti kt wu i pit
Bs reviewed II IbroUgb nirrowed
.sytUds lully, yet wUk innie nitiii
inrpriM, Meuilng Is Its It wltb new
rlaion, wilh eyei from wbicb aeilei of
Ifoonincs bid dropptd.
Thli long md brilliant dining-ball,
wltb Itf uulst perfection Of proportion
tti appointment, bad ilwiyi griillled
bit lute of Ibe bttutt/ul. 'I'oulgbl II
oleum him to in uuussil degree Vi<
it wm tbt wnn it srsr. lit willi,
UnUd p d»ep rote, wltb Ibtk bauglngi
. ofdiDJclotbofgold;M»ll|bildlicrlu).
•   ,     AI'I'l.lliVnilN
The iiiuniil ul Ilmniiliy bus enduncil
lhe iiiiplimrtloi) of ili.- Iluiiiiiii.iu gqy-
ui'uinoiit.tu ii niilin'idy ul $.'liin,i|i|il lu-
ivuriln llie iminlrucliun ol llio Srnuul
Nui'iuiiH hridgc' A rii»uli|tlon iu
panninj In pnipiuc nnd ■ ulnuii n byluw
In llie nilepny.iiH in connection witl)
the uiiiuieipulily nl ., ii.n,,. (ur nhnrei
in Ilm 1'iiini uny.
iiorieil.ocing snd Blacksmitbinf
Kerr & Wallace
Al Aloi. Glbioi)') Old Stand
ll\l(W.>Tl':ii AM) SOI.IC1T0B
| Itl Iiih Slrcqt I-u i Nurth Vuncuuvor
Specials for
This Week at
Tin, llrnid'i 1'eyloii  35c lb,
I ulli e,   rooilcii   or   ground   lo
uidn       .' 'Itk lb.
i lmn', I'niiiiilu Croan I7|c lb.
Corn, Ileum und ('reum per can    Uk
I aallllllaaa'aa   und   |V'U»,  Inrge   1IZS
I'ulLI       ',    ...    I'.'(a;
iiion ur Coin Slurdj. I lh. pii. ...Do
II.'inl/ I'mi umi Hi'uia . per can „.lll(o
I'lnuepjilo in large tin    Ite
Imported   nud   1. •■.. I    .lunn,
•IrllieH, pot jar  ^. ISo
H   k C. it.ilh-d llall, a lock  3fio
If.i.ml   .Sliinilniil   Fluur,   iV-tb.
Suck  ,,....  |).7»
I'aKun liiei) egg guarauleul)
|R.r do/en  8So
lluller,    M.ir   Cicnuicry,    M-lh.
Uox      II.W
M jal   >)iu|i in fi lla. Tim  Wo
Lilly While Syrup, Kllb, Iin  foo
Iiui-an . choice   ii-al.d, 3 pek" .Mo
Sugar, II. I'.' boi; |,t.r .ark 11.00
\|.|a|,., cooking, |»r bo»  11.80
Hunnniin |H<r dor ISo
flrWgtf, iweel Navel.  IH lot lOo
I'iiiH, Sul. New dried  I lhi 9io
Honey in tomb  Wo
I'lcuin   Sih),,   Biicuill   pel   lb    lOOa
Cold iiul fnr.) lull), pail  :..|1.W
I'la    la    I'lll)     illl)
Milk,   ''nam,   limieimilk.    Broad,
t'slen,  I'll'l.
V'oirelolilc«    u-   lilluiT,   enuliflowcr,
inliliiiue,    enrol,   turnip   »t    loweil
■Ii'iiil  alll    |a|U !■
Imnl mw luid egg., IHe jmr int.
King up Til. 12* end we will i|Uott
Jpriotn un Swill 'i |(«jii» ond Bioon tt«,
f  c„u,Kini 'livts  Itee m every W.W
10 get I rl.oi.oo Ml tthatntill IIS
■TIHS -BftyRwPBt ■ PftfIt fH
'   Mv, WlllUm I*wi» ol Owen   Bound
Is n visitor o» the cnsst and u the
gMest p| his eisler, Mr», % Fawcrtt,
tM th Street. Mr. \ityia is well
known   to   those   levelling   on   Ibe
Great Lakes, bsvinj b™n conn mud
With the 0. P. Jl. for tbe pusl fifteen
yo.tr« iik nbiiil engineer of tliu "Manitoba" nni) the past three years as
dliul of the pew ''Ktmwutin." Mr.
Lewis visited thu musl len years ago
and twp years ago und is nmumd at
the wonderful rbiingo in Vumnuver
Snd also on the nmili side oi tbo In
' tef. I'nitii-iiliuly noticeable is the new
Whirl end thu furry systum. Mr. Uwis
Xts lu go in southern California
, returning east.
Rr. Spi'iuvr will :|irnk ut the Gem
theati-o, Ninth Vumouvei, Sunday af-
Wnoon ni-xl   ut I o'clock  on   "The
MorSl       iHaiaia     llf     Hliliall     I'aillllilllill "
Every In nl)  is invited.
wrong In drink it. J| ll is pbyeMft-
ffically wrong, jt is morally wroWJi It
is polilioally wrong, »t '• eoonomM-
ly wrong, and the man wbo makes a
business ol selling is committing a
wrong against the individual, the community, and tha state, and tba community and tbe slate become equally
guilty when they grant a license to
The history ot the liquor trade for
lhe last four or live hundred yean is
a history ol attempts to regulate tbe
publie sale oi alcohol without causing
drunkenness, but it Sti" remains the
open sore of tha world, or as the
"Times"  puts it, ."lb ink.   baffles us,
confounds us, shnmos im and nlocks us
at every point.'' The fallacious idea
thst.it is hot the drink thst causes
drunkenness, but tim mnnner in which
the drink is supplied of consumed has
given rise to the Gothenburg System,
ths I'ulilie House Trust, and mtiec disinterested management sihwies. Tbey
have all had a fair trial. Thu results
(iave been tneh that the "Edinburgh
Evrning News" comment nr <n Ihe experiments snid, "The eyiden e was
particularly fatal to the theory of disinterested manageminl." 'l >8 rentable that the lm.n-hing of such
schemes for a time divided and Weakened  the  temperance   lories   and  the
of HcreM wee.right when  ha
Dcnn o. T.
said, "I believe that the patromwp of
licensed houses by honorable uud influential people wou|4 lead '" increased drunkenness amongst respectable
people including women and I he young
who do not now Irei|ucnt public
The only real remedy or prevmtutive
Ior drunkenness is personal nlu-iiiieiico
snd the prohibition o( the ni'iii.iiuc-
luro and sple ol alcohol whirivnr
possible, lh Sweden wheruil-iy have
had both thc Gothenburg l-yrlcin nil
l.oa ul Option in tojee, a pliiniw iie l.as
recently been taken and a majority ol
1,738,778 was, given in favor ol pro:
MMtfiH), ^tethecityolSlnckholni
where   the   flotlierlinrg i^ystm had
been ip  (nice lor 16 ypafs lhe vo|e
showed ihot nearly IS ip I ware ipla-
vqr nl noliii.iiiou. In Ontario at tha
last Wiini'il'al elections therewswiw
mi:nici|,ulities  in  which   HHI   "    '•"
trallic was prohibited by laWr *>'
which  ihroiigb the efltuijpn pl II
the friends of tjie bar-room.conld hi
brought on voting had puWie npinii
wilh theni.  Ip every one o| these pie-
om   ihu law dad had a three   yews'
Iris], and »ny defects ought  tu  hove
mado themselves nmnilesl. There had
beep eu>p!p time tq organic opposition if It Jijd peon possible? Yef i"
only tim n»t pith* JMdld t¥k
updr men »wk« tit mm a mm
imni and .ip avary om oIhmJWM
they were h»dly bea^n. Infill piw
is u dacideiJ success. Why, WMH hr
energies in tryi"« to ,r*gl»l»M a iyi-
torn so essentially bed, UtW wnhlg
in principal and disastrous wj mim-
ikm questions aro boing dl»oH»»od
svery Sunday afternoon in tha Qam
Theatw at 4 o'clock. W< WflUld ,«■
lead an Wtatipn tn all imwm to
attend. II Professor MacpagMan Wh;
es to plnco his views belore ns WP Will
gladly make uniingomcnt» for him to
do so.     Yours, etc.,
% ti iumim,
The Grandview Amateur Operatic Society
nn ii '■
Editor Express:
Dear Sir,-In your issue ol the 37th
ulf. Is a letter signed It. ti'. Mac-
nugliieii uud 1'. Iloa lair. ■ n, asking all
the cititens In support them in their
rliaiii.. to secure a bottle lio-nie in
this eity. They ask for this support
because 1st, All thu profits will be de
vol.al to some philanthropic purpose;
.2nd, They will supply only the best
quality liquors ul nunti i prim 1 :l"'.
Thc clement nl private gain living entirely I'liniiiiiiliil will'leml luwurd n
Proper reguliilion nl the "UaHii."
1 lully rciogiii/c und u|i|irniute the
generous   nud   philanthropic   spirit ol
the above iiulti.il geulleiueo, lull judg-
m'l; lia'iu lhe failure ol similar efforts
made in this direction in the |wst, I
am  satisfied tlmt il is philanthropy
misdirected,   Why huve we opposed Ibu
granting of all boi lit' liam-ns in ibe
past ?     Nol   because   the    appliaunls
were likely lo muke lurge prolils ; not
becuusu lhe liquor* sohl would In-  of
an inferior outility, or llml the sale ol <
liquor would uol In- pro|n-rly  >.■. ul..i
ul.   Hut lieeuuse liquors would lie sold,
nud thut iiiiiciisicl faiiliiics for   get-,
ting li'i".ii bus nlwuys un .mt   an in
creasu III ill iiiiWniu^s mul all its   at' ;
tenduiil evils.   What is iil'olinlT Is it1
(Olid ?    Is  it   na- aln naa   ■    Is  ii    !■■ •!■ "11 ! |
Scieii. ai bus answered these questiuus.
uud uii...i-.i .\|ieiilil.lits have diinon-
stralen ution the most uanirate untl
. n ni iin li.i a thut alcohol oiIukIii.'.I
inlo thc liiiiiniii system, sv«R in small
ii'in niiin ■. disturbs, the harmony uud
well Is-iii;. ol this wonderlully ami fear
Admission, 25c.
AT 8:15 P.M.
Vancouver Opera House
Orchestra in attendance.
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tail in making a first daf* suit iseaa-
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"SH  'I. .i'l .1. |i»      n| .
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Vancoaver Business Directory
. . ,',.... ACCOUNTANTS
}I9 Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Hoincr and Pender Sts.
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Canadian' Detective Bureuu :—
Offices everywhere
Vuiii'.iimr Office:     'IV Umpire Hluck
608 H»»tiiiK» it. «(•'< l'lione Till,
General Superintendent
Every lady long*lo hnve v.my Imir.
It ia now within the reach of avary-
oiij. For naimo yearn cul bair bai been
ponnaneutly waved, but the proceai it
hud to iiiialarjii) was too aevere for it
to bc applied lo hair on thc bead,
hut now science haa discovered i> method by which the hair can be waved
wilhoul injury lo hair or acalp. The
v. ii v.. will not wash out and damp
wcuthcr will nol affect it. Tho proms loaves lhc hair colt and wavy. It
has become tbo rage in Paris, London and all tho large citiei o| thi
States. Speeiul rates lor one month.
Any information regofding tho worh
will ho gludly given lo nuy ludics who
will cull or write to
723 I'ender Street.
(PoDlimi^ Ittifn ppp, ?)
Groceries and Provisions
,   Wholesale and Ketail
ii6 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays aud Fridays
mum KiTiiti.il mm
Sign and Price Markers
io Fairfield Bid.      Fom R3272
thf propoio. Why nte thoy not will-
i»|f tp jpin With thi« poiiipony. !»Mr)
lily's ppinjon it wiih because having
aepn another compouy in tbo field for
thii pwppie ihy thought thoy would
get mmm of lho plunm. Tlie iipeulici-
djli ptit *m hw ih pity woa concerned in the matter. It waa wholly n district undertaking. Any solicitor appointed pthor than from the diBlrict
council, he thought should bc from the
Board qf Trade which represented to a
large extent the intoreata of tho entire
Nortb Shore. A railway toGrouae
Mniintiiiii wai talked ol as long as 13
or 13 yeara ago. Thin on aerial line
waa suggested. Be wfa glad that
muni' one '.niiii at last mul... punitive
statements witb financial backing and
definite statement! regarding atarting
nml completion. II tbe other company
will not come lorward aa this compnny has dono and givu positive assurances of their sincerity it waa his
opinion Hmi ihin company should lie
endorsed and representatives sent to
Vicloriu to help their scheme through.
Mr. Irwin did not think (he meeting
nlii'mlil declare itself in favor of lilhnr
company. None were familiar with
either company's plans and it was nut
ininini' a for the people to throw themselves in the arms of any compmiy.
Mr. Philip said a railway <ip'Sii.iiso
Mountain had been talked ol for
yeurs; The district bud a most valuable onset in Ihis mountain from a
scenic standpoint which would bc advertised tbc world oVer by tourists il
such transportation to the summit as
u railway was afforded, lie thoughl
that the people should not commit
themselves lo any -particular proposition, Il was a mutter affecting every
ratepuyer aud eitizen on the North
Shore iind should bc zeulously cons'd-
Mr, li. II. Ma.nl. n wns ol lhe opinion lli .1 it wus iiaaiali 1 nlili lo give
preleicni'e lo one company as aguin.nl
another. The one conipuny wus present and had mude delinite statements.
The other eoinpuuy wnn not |•■ • ■■ m
ll wnn not rcusonublc to suppose thnl
they could 'not mnke delinite nlnte-
ments nlso. Ile declnred that the reputation ol Macdonncl, 1 a/mi l.i i I'o
wns too good lo eust any rcuVtion
on them. Thc effect, ho said, ol n
scenic rai'way would be lost by 'lollowing I.onsdule Ave., while from the
olher route a grand panorama of Ibe
Eraser river, Ihe Hull, Vaneouver,
False Creek und nway down lhc count
would bc imli.lili'il to Ibe tourists nu!
travellers, whieh would do more to in
crease the prestige of Ibe Norlh Shore,
and advertise Ibo pluco than anything
cine. II it in deemed inadvisable la
lavor cither company why nol decide
ill   luvor  of   thc best   route, hc eug-
Aid.  Henderson regretted that    the
Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities Corporation Uil
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgatc - - - Manager
All Nortb Vancouver people oat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street,, opposite thc new
Post Office. Leonard sells his
tea by the pound.
HIRRAHI, SASH & DOOK I AC I OH Y, fop* pf St. George
Wo solicit a trial bid uu your Orders small or letsje
Plant, Specifications, Estimates
P, O. Boi 27, North Vancouver
matter bad come up so sudduply ind
bad tq h «N "lion immediately.
While tho undertaking was purely ,1
(|iBtf)ol nhk (ind tbo pity b«4 h \n:
cub standi ho tliOHght as every pas-scp-
ger on tho line would have to pais
through thojity that frpm a epmipoi)
hciibo point of view thu pity should
have a say in lho consideration p\ ttie
Kr. Hurry Pick thought it was up
to the meting fo cipress an opinion
iu lavor ol either pompany.
Mr. lruin said it was possible that
ut inline future date eflnnootioni
might be niuile with this railway from
Vancouver by way of tbo tunnel, under
tbe hirst Narrows end tho oity ql
Nortb Vnncouver would bo left out in
tbe oaid. Why not Imve it so a line
from tbo eity could join tbo scenio
railway at- the foot of thoir inclino
railway and huve provisions made ao
that running rights could be obtained
over tbo cable line.
Hr. Kealy wanted to know 11 I.ona-
ilule Ave. was always going to bo tho
only street that would huve u whnrl.
i.liiiiy other street ends would bavo
wharves out (rom 1 Inin. ho asserted,
uud the lime was not far distuut
when the city would tukc in all the
land lying between lhe Capilano and
thc Seymour rivers and hc did not see
wh. re Ibe city would loso anything.
Mr. Kealy did not know ol any ren-'
son why thc govemmcut should not
grunt the two cburtcra applied lor.
Aid. Ili'iiili'ii'iui dcclured thut uo
scheme woa complete without taking
in tbe Capilano.
Mr. I'hilip B|)oke in reference to huv
iug a belt lino su that curs could
sturt   Iroin tbe I.onsdule Ave.' wharl
run oul west und u ml to the loot
ol the cubic in" then conic buck on
the return trip by menus ol a connect
ing line from there lo lhc I.ousdale j
Ave. tram line. He was surprised to
Innn ihul the distance (rum the loot
uf the incline railway lino over to
l.inisdiile Ave. in Ibe city was little
over a mile.
The resolution ol the dislriel wbicb
liml been moved hy Mr. Irwin was
roid ugaiu and siconded and pansed
Mr. Mc'iuigan suid he was sorry
Ihul lhe meeting could not expresj nu
opinion nt least on the belter of thc
two routes submitted. A committee
in go to Vicloriu and look alter the
ink-rests ol Ibe Norlh Shore in this
connect inu wus agrcrd upon and thc
Muyor uud K.v-Ald Irwin were appointed to represent lhe cily, Mr. A.
I'hilip und Aid. Henderson tin- llouid
ol Trade, and the diitrict will be usk-
itl to make two uppo'ntnieiitn lo tv
presenl Ihem on the committee.
Staple Dry Goodi
1 _____
Chuck Q\m Olofh, jiery&ni  8c
Unbleached Tabling, goqi} value, per yard  35c
8-4 {full Bluacliod Shifting, per yard , 25c
30c Turkish Towels, per pair  Wc
Buttom covered from your own
material.   All sues.
Keith Dloek
Phone IB
. I.onsdalo Block
COB. lfith and LQNSDAWS
I'hone 263
North Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue      -       Tel, 47
Coiner Nye        ..'.'.'■ - Tel. 87
Generiil Contractor
Und Clearing, stump and Bock
lllusl ing. Extra care nonr houses.
All damages miiale good.
lu recognition ol the services ..ai a
mun who has beeii a tower of strength
towards the upbuilding of Vancouver
und surrounding 'districts, n movement
bus now been started in Vancouver to
erect by populnr subscription a memorial in the form ol a* large bronze .
bust of lhc lute David Oppeuheimer. '■
The cosl of the undertaking is .iim
ui.nl al lA.tWI and no difficulty is
foreseen in ruising this amounl by i
public subscription. All nmil I in an
to thc Oppeuheimer memorial v ill bc
gludly received by lhe secretary, Ik,
II, Burdis, marked "Oppenheinier Memorial" P, 0. Box 8, Vancouver, B.C.
Bread:   Breaoi
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf, fetter   Bread.
Don'l 1'ii'L'i 1 our latest Hume Made Loaf.    6c loaf.
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & ftth St.
•nd SI., wet of j....i.iiKir
P ■> Uox 11
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
ty. V. Cartage Cg,
mm.    -    •    hi
. . '. .   .   . '      1
The North
Hnve now a good
stock of
CEILING (V Joint) .
•   at Hottoip Pficee.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, Ea»t
Miss Mabel Fugler wus the victim ol
a painlul accident ou Saturday dining last wben she with some e.un-
punions were coasting on .St. (forge's
Ave. One ol tbe parly in the i-^irii
ol lun threw a piece ol ice which
truck Mabel ou tbe forehead inflicting a cut II, inches long. The lorce ol
the'blow caused the breaking ot Iwo
Iront teeth.
Shipyards, Ltd.
Marine   ami Stationary  Engine uml Boiler Work promptly   a . a I llll al
Telephone 103
North Vancouver
II. l.kltlMillt
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
All Work Guaranteed
Corner FiltMuth St. and Mahon Ave.
All new bouses should bt piped for gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure (or thii convenience at a later date.
NortH VaNcoUVh
Certificated Surgical, Mid.ial eni
if im tut Out n wmii
For 1 ciins apply al  tb* lloiptal
hlh Street Kail.
mom tt
D. L. 555, Wert Vancouver.
There are still a few specially fine lots for sale in ihis sub-division, most of theni
65x133 feet, some larger. Tlie most westerly part of the property recently put on tlu
market includes 16 waterfi .nt lots with a walcrfrontag.c of 59 feet and an average
depth of 320 feet. Thc lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, and there are
many line old trees which dd greatly to their beauty. Wc have the verdict of many
who have bought there thi I nowhere on the whole Pacific Coast is there a more beautiful spot than "DUNDARAVE" and most people who look over the property bny
some of it. Tl^re are several summer houses already built on thc beach lots, and others will be built in thc spring,
Call in and get a price list and make an appointment with us to take you out and
show you thc property.   You will enjoy a visit to "DUNDARAVE".
The prices are from »3 *U)W2J per lot, and the ter«s mc easy, one-fifth caab.
and the balancc over two years.   The waterfront lots are *4»5(W J*
m ummi mum Vancouver, % c
Watch our CLASSIFIED AD. Columns
^ , . -. a  ^— '■-
; BiHgls iMart, 10p per Una
OM WlH*, 7i« P«r lllll }W iniorliiiu
SM Month, Bo par |ina poj insorlion
il.i e:.if.i'ifJ.r,uu ' ..iiiiii:' ,■«.-=-
WWBW-A drouery Cluili.   Apply
No. a:i, Kxpw» ofllua. M
WANTOO-HulimillMli'ii' fm' luu Iiuiul'
tipiwuhoW of iU ipemlierH. Apply HI),
J<'x|)reu8 (llfiiie,
WANTJJP-We have niinioroui ini|iiir-
|n (qj North Vaneouver proporty. An
wt bava dioided to givi North Van-
eouvcf aptoial attriiliiiii lint your pro-
party with uu and gut results, ilritinh
Amandin Truet Co. I,Id., Curler Cut-
ton Qullding.
Punished housekeeping rooms, -Ls
2nd utiv.it Gait. 6-3
'I'O  JaKT-Ii'iiiniiiliinl  room   litbout
liminl   in iiinuii'  Iinme,    (lood liiiii-
.tfoil nnd rhino tu ear line.   X. Y. /.,
Bspresi, (Ulii'ii. tf
BALI, FOB HKNT-For privatu
(iiiiiiiii in alupuneie Tea ilindens,
Nortb Vancuuver. Stuum heated.
Apply, Goo. l'hillips, llllh nt. aunt.
J, Loutet ninl North I.ousdula
Klder Hurray Co. luu iiimruncv.
Saw Filing uml (lunerul Grinding,
The lied Ciiriiviin Wuikslmp, l''splun-
ada. Hi
FOB PAW-Oyphen liietliolti', 7I>
egg, used nno msiasi *|8,8fl. B, Pmig-
las, liniiiii lluad. Lynn Vulley.      .VJ
FOB SAUS-Fpnr-foot wood, W.50
pur oord. I'liona UO oWoo or 31'J houm
iiiiiiiiiii and Hnllin. 83
FOB HAlalJ OH BICNT-aSeven room
Ii.iii.iii with largu garden and 'mil,
vmy eliiinp, |i„n.-iwiiin ul oueii. Apply
■wu Bth street W. - 7-3
We will buy or exchange your itovei,
range! ami hoiisoliold goods for ipot
■■.Tali. Tumor's, 7U Lonsdale Avenuo
Phone IM.    I'd. ll... 21.1.
Booms 10 und 11, I'ender Chumberi,
bia Fender Street W.        l'hom Siftl
ltesidence,  cor.  Lonidale  Avt
2'Jnil street, North Vancouvar,
uu i
ars now ready to fill all ordera
for coal Tbey will
oarry a full lina of building supplies. Oet the bust. Tbey have it.
k trial order will convince you of
that. Oet your coal boforo the
rainy season seta in. Head
quartan on corner of Baplanade
and fit. George, Nortb Vancouvtr.
Phont 269 Terms Oaib
TliNUt'-HS" will In' ici-ived by the
ini'l' i irn••! ninii 5 p.m. on Thursday, llith February, IUII, lur tho
clearing   nud L'luMiiug nl portion    ol
hellli       Itllllll        ".   '.       illipiaili lllalll
known ua the Nuiiiie llrivoway. Din-
triet Lol, ''..Vi, in unniduiiie wilh lho
n|)eciliiiii..n und plnn lo In- seen at
thin olliae.
The lowest or any lender mil ncres-
iirily in,cpi;^l.
j J. ii. cost;it<>vi;,
j lli.d n i Kngineer.
Ili'lil' I   Nlllliripul  Ulli. .
North jVunaoiiier, B. ('.,
ard/'.liiiiiinr),  IUII. 14-3
/ _	
■   J NOTICE  OF COl'ltT
NOTICK in hcioby gives that thl
Court ol Hi'viaiun of Diitrict Amu-
men! Il.all will niint iu the Dinliiel
Muniupul mh... North Vancouver, on
Tueiday, tin Ulli diy ol February,
IUII st 'I o'eloik pin. nli.n all rum
plainta and iipinali ngain.t uihm
menta will Iw uiDiid>i..l.
Notiiu of aaimplainln and sppcali
muit be given lo lho AHsuor it
Ui.t ten duy. Iiefairc Ihl nid dati,
imi iuch notice in".i u>t Imila lhc
ground ul iomplilst,
Iiinn inulai ii,/ hand thii Bth
day ol alunuary, lllll.
NOTICE in hereby give,, tliat tbu
partriership herelolora eii«ting Iietween
Wi, tbi undersigned, ai llnkiuin A
Hood, in the City of Norlh Vancouver
bai lieen lhi. day dissolved by mutual
SOBaMBt. .
All dibit owing lo .iid parlnrrihip
tie to be paid to W. 1), Hood at the
I'tiy of North VannwvM aloresaid,
and all dalma againit the said pari-
atribip art lo bt pntunUd ts tim iaid
Vi. H. Hood by whom Ibe imu will he
Haiti at tbt Oity of Nortb Vancouvtr Ibis 28rd day ol  llnuary, 1911.
(Hlgnad)    (',. H  HH KHAN,
mmi) • »■ % wm.
t'HEAI'i lieiount having city. Two
iron IiihIh wilh HprinpH, dining table
and chiiii's, lounge. Evcliingn pr Hiil-
iirilay p.m., W8 Lonsdale. 8-3
FOB SAf.E-Four-foot wood, first
growth, 13th street, first house weet
nl Lonsdale. 0. McDudo, care boi
100, 34-3
FOB SALE-Snap In Iruit nno pniil-
Iry ranch, two miles (rom Langley,
nine acrea partly cleared und planlcd
In Iruit, i'liini Iinilm, ham and chicken
In nines. B. J. Smyth, Langley, B, C.
FOB MALE—Fruit bushes on Lonsdale School (ii'oiinds, good heathy
plants, IBO red currunt, 321) blank
iirranl and about 9110 rosp cones. In
hulk or any number. Cheap. Obtuin
pricei from or niuke offer lo sccrclary
tu trusleesi
2nd stri-ct Eust.      7-3
+ -'.'■ 'a'.*.'
Win;;,   Court   House,   Vuneouver
NOTICE is hereby given that the
liniu'lor receiving lenders fur "Wing,
Court-holm, Vancouvtr," is extended
up lo und in< hiding Tuesday, tho2lut
day ol February, IUII.
I'ulilie Works Engineer.
Department ol I'uhlic Wurks,
Victoria, II. C, Ulul .lunuury, IUII.
f, B. J.eei le iwtlng » thpuflrdt*
ivy frame apat'tffiopt hpw »t tiwcur-
hr nl Btli stree* and Obeiterfiold. Thii
ia one of fh initial undortitMnga in
t)w lino pl sp»rtrn«>t bAnh* in fioyth
The adjourned meuling of the Nnrt|i
Lonsdale Ratepayers' Assueiation wo»
hold in tlio office ol Mr. Forriu pn Wednesday uyoninga There was a good
attendance ol members.
It wus resolved to lake action tp
mnke Lonsdale Ave, Mill leet wide according |0 the petition tu that effect
and as this is a main trunk road it
wan furl her resolved that tho additional cost i.in.nlil l|u lun lie mit of thu
genernl revenue. The question was
brought up that tho North Lonsdale
lliilepiivei"' Association bad been
wailing (or about twn months (or a
report fn uu ilie hoard of worki and
tlm cngineiir in regard tn the cost of
"in i .a i imi ol lhc nui crusher and lho
cunt of triiiiipiirling ilm roek from the
quarry in Lynn Valley to North Lonsdale. This was considered un undue
delay und the secretary was instruct
ml tn again bring lhe matter to thu
attention nf Iho council.     /
The matter of parks for each war.H I
was  taken up.  Mr.  Cnrnish  pointed
mn that the other wards already had
parks whureas North l-on'Mo hi
nonu uml therefor it would not h8
^ir fo purchase equal areas in thl
different wards now.
A resolution was passed that the
sihool trustees ha requested to tuko
im nun lint.- action tp buy a strip ol
land to tho south ol tho North Lonsdale school grounds and that the oii;
iiinni idea that the school grpunds
should (lino mi   Kinir nl nrl  be enn ird
nut and that jt was very npi'swary
nam I.il     I ——
For Friday and Saturday, Feb. 3 &4
rpliiilulci'cr und Decorator
Furniture upholstered, carriage trimming.   Ship work a spcaiuity.     Stutc
rooms und eubins iipholslertd,
I'hone 1'aluce Hotel
*Slo|l  grumbling about high   prices.
It's up to you tn lake advuntago of
our low prima on choieo ruts of beat,
pork und mutton.
Leg of Million      lie
Sirloin   and   1'oi'tci'hounc
Steakn      18 to 20c
Trimmed Fork, Loins, whole
or hall 20c
Loin I'mi. Chops  22c
Fork Shoulders, whole  )4c
I'uro   Lurd,   government inspected  3 lb, pail 4Bc
I'ure   Lard,   government   inspected  fi lb. puil Vie
Fiiinun lluddjc, lhe very linest Ule lb.
Small Winchester Hums  22c   Ib.
thnt tbi grounds should bm thn*
Irontngs. ♦
Mr. Nyo advised 'hot tho Lynn Vai-
% Batspayms' Aiwejatlon few'jwr
gBiiiwl and ihl' sepretW' wis instructed to wfitii tbpm offering thin-
openitiin nl tha North Lonsdale budy
in any matters of iiiutuul Interest.
'Ilia seoretary and prsiidiflt were a
ppintetl a committee to meet thorn in
such matters.
'('lm socfetary wm Instructed ffcwriie
to thi fork nf tto'mwWNIty wiling his BttsnlioPa *p iht Swt PhrII-
ano lavingi bth upendnt in '<!• w
poration'f itntemenl lor thi yw
1010 In which the disposition ol DR.
item ol 110,000 was not clearly lt»*td;'
and nh the cb»irm»n ol the flwnco
Tho .FwigoitioR of Ponn- J»ck wt
tet as wpi«t»ry was nopepted and if,
v.. AilnniBiiii fas appointed to All tl"
position.. s
Free delivery to nil purls ul the city.
Best finished house, splendid design, 7 rooms, bath, /,
lurnace, fine pantry, open  fire-place, brand  new,
rents lor $300 a year, lor sale- $600 cash, balance
lo arrange—apply
Snip tbii up immediately as this notice will not appear again
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash   Discounts
We have just recently added
a new line oi
Maddraii Muslim and
»      .Scrims
in Oriental effects.
Some pretty curtain Muslins
the latest oul (or
Window Drapes k Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find it hard to beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Off Dinner Sets
This Month
Japanese Ruga and
Square*   ,
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet   for   oflice,
library or den.
Now ii the lime lo choose the
pattern for kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We lay Linoleum Free.
in Red, Brown, and
Green Tones
ftmtt       \)i_
rang* from
$9 up
to ISO
Wt Carry as
a Selection of
Price* Right
We have just received the
above direct from the man*
ufacturer. They come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose (rom can
not be found—50c to $3
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
The lftfge$t assortment of Men's Working Shirts, in-
olinliiig ull (he best win ring ninti'iiul* in nil
»i/,UM, prices up to $l.'2ft, now	
Scotch Knit All-wool I'lidmuiii'. 'J hii is h fi nr liim
for tlio outdoor worker as it is heavy and   H C
warm, regular fl.oO value for 75o per suit   / -JC
Men's Full ami Winter Suits, only a few left of thus*
splendid bargain suits, ihey were bb high
as $30, now 	
A very fineassortn.entof Men's Four-in-hand OC
Ties, reversible, regular 6<;c values, now    L JC
Rrt-w'e Qn-Ife »» ffr*'«t variety, frum siise 22 up to
DOy S 011118 34 in short punts * O CA
and S'I up in long punts, prices from «P^. Jw Up
0\/prrr»nU   'oc'eflr out l'IB 'ew l'lfll flre 'e'1
original cost.
thev are going at two-thirds their
113-115 Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver
Be * Kt CEPEAl fOOP»
Rolled Oats
Cracked Wlieat
Rolled Win ,n
Whole Wheal Klour    Rice Flour
Buckwheat Flour       Pearl. Barley
Graham Flour Split Reai
Rye Klour Canadian Wheal Flakei
Aak your Qttca, lot |, fr |, Bfartd. Tka Reeled ai Quality
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
illan's Tea
b flood
3 lb*, for $ 1.00
J. A. * M. M. Mil I AN
■» ■■


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