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The Express Jan 26, 1912

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' I.
mom a
Conclave of Ferry Diwctori
Two Important Propositions
: Msyor McNeish presided oyer tbi
regular weetingof tho terry director
ate yeiterday afternoon, all four mem
ben being preient.
The secretary read a lolly from Klder
Murray Ce. agents for tbe Boyal In
suraueo Oo.,   reminding the   director*
that tbe 43,500 policy covering tbe uf
v-li-ii buildings, flimitiirc, sto. on the
Vancouver wbaX expires on February
llrsl.   Mr. Kemp was instructed to re-
K       ply to tbe letter, asking it tbo policy
-, nan he prolonged until tho oipiration
** af ihe other policies, at whicii time it is
the board's intent imi to try and consolidate tbe dates.
1 A communication from the Mersey
Pocks and Harbor Board relative to
the prevention of corrosion to pontoons
upon which Bubject Manager Heard
had interrogated them, was ordered tV
be fled. /
Mr. A. Qrlndell of Vancouver wrote
In reference to the leasing of the re
frsshment service en the forriei, and
made formal application for tbe privilege on all the company's boats to cs
tor to passengers with refreshments
sucb as soft drinks, lea and coffee,
tubacco, fruit, etc. st a rental mutual
ly agreed.
Manager Heard waa asked to accumulate data ou tbe subject.
The msyor meiitioueil lo Iho board
tbat tbe old wharf had juat beon ro
moved and a new one installed without
' )the loss of a singlo ferry journey. "I
do not recall," aaid hia worship "a job
of tbat magnitude done on this coul
nl- eipeditionsly and the hearticsl
thanks of Iho board are due to Mr.
Heard and his assistsnls. It was an
undertaking in which tho least slip
' might have loft the old dock half way
out and the uew one half way In, tn
the emliarraasment of the traffic, for
perhaps a whole day."
('apt. Calei coniidered il ao excel-
,       lent job and a difficult job and one
worth commenting on.
A motion of appreciation was there
upon i'i'"!..'.l.
Es Aid. Bmilh and Mr. J. Stephen
deiogated by tbe Hoard of Trade st
yeiterday'i ipecisl executive meeting
\ere then invltsd to siblrcis the direr
Mr. Smith explained Ibat their visit
was due lo lhe fart that the board of
which he wss president bsd on Wednei
day taken up lhe ijueetioo of the possi
hility of making Ihe ferries bonded
carriers aod having a bonded ware
house uu tbe wharf with a customs of
Acer in charge. Tho main difficulty
w-as whether Iho ferry board would
tako upun itself tbe responsibility of
carrying bonded goods..
The mayor asked wbal this rcipon
sibillty might entail.
Mr. Boult thought the ferry company
would be liable for duty until the goodi
were delivered. Tbey would have to
bave a ihed under tbe customs lock.
He movJd (snd waa supported by Mr.
Wright) tbst Mr. Bushby, tbe customs inspector, be ssked to advise the
i ferry board as lo exactly what will be
required of ihem. This motion was
Tho board Ibon extended Mr. C. A.
lianas,,' advertising contract for an
olber year.
Managor  Hoard   reintroduced    the
/fuel    proposition,    the    problem    o
I coal versus oil being still in sbcysucc
Mr. Heard staled Ibat bii estimate of
18,000, a sthc amount likely to be saved
annually by tbe company of oil fuel be
used, wu very lew in order to be on
tbe safs side/ Tbe boats now consumed
about 14 tons of coal per day, or ap
proximately 11,110 toni per annum. Tbo
,-.     yearly rest wu 825,687. On the other
hand iif, barrels of oil were equal '"
jlne ten of coal aud the total cost per
annum would be about #17,836.    Thll
uieari a Having ef at least 1900 a month.
, /ltl. Gladwin  wondered  If arrange
•V^l 'mints could be made with the Imperial
Oil Co. to have tbem lay down feod
'   pipei from their rciervoir on the Van
couvcr wbarf.
Mr. Heard intimated that there wero
' three burner systems suitable for ferry
use, namely the Kofting, the Dohl and
(be Wallicnd. Six tanks would be
requirsd, tbree to each boat, and of a
capacity of 1900  gallons  each,
The beard resolved tbat speciica
lions and sealed tenders fer tanks bo
invited these te be laid before the directorate at its next session.
Uf   xjohhl
The'Weet Vancouver Uteres and Jtti'
tog Ceii United has taken oyer tb*
husinss termerly operated'ly Mr.~7S8u~
Alexander et Hollyburn. Tbe new com-
ymy if compoied tt the former owner
together with Mewri. J. Pain* and 9
McMillan of the local firm of l'aino
and MeMillai). Tb» pnrcb»ei»g cpm-
pany have fn mind extorisivn plans for
tbe development of tba business aloug
tba line of a general store, handling all
lines pf merchandise and material required ip a new anil rapidly growing
community iuch as West Vancuuver,
Hundry Stray Shafts pf Satire
Flashes of topical wit and satire--
sucb as the appointment of a cowboy for tbo ferry directorate "tolook
after the Heard," not to ipeak of a
serios of criticisms in verse of certain delinquencies apparent In tbo
overyday life of this eity—kept a largo
audience in the Ixuiii.ale tbcalre on
Tuesday night "tickled to death" (if
one may be pardoned for using tbat
term.) The corner men'of tbe Yacht
Club miustreli tilted unmercifully at
the chaotic muddiness of some of our
thoroughfares, at tbe foibles of aider
men, old and new, at the fscililiea snd
felicities of the preieut postal arrange
m.'Hiu, at tbe ferry service, st the
press, at the Second Narrows, at Ma
yor McNeish, at everything and every
one of any North Shore interest. No
local peg ou which a aly criticism
could be hung escapsd tho notice of
these Viii'hl Club wits, uml It is a fad
worth mentioning that the heartiest
laughers iu the auditorium were those
whoso little weaknesses were being
coiniiiontcd upon.
The curtain, riling, shortly after 6.90
o'clock, disclosed a semi circle of club
members of varying age and size, their
faces in' bleclh as tbe evening dress
suits woru by tbs majority. The cor
uar men wore fearfully and wonder
fully arrayed, J. W. Fennor having de
veioped for the f/t'casion a magnificent
pair of Uandow/falves which intermit
tently slipped a'/iklewards. The other
three jcatcri of the troupe were icarcc
ly recognisable u iuch respectable cil
izens m E. Adamion, O. II. I'. Umb.
autre S. S. Walion . All four prin
ripals wsre loudly recalled for Iheir
humorous diltiw. Mr. Adsuismi would
bave probably danced had'he and the
urcbeilra been of one aud the same
Songs of a heavior type were cap
ably rendered by O. II. llooley, C. B
Btovell, I'ercy Ward (whoic claim,
"a giant am I" may refer to his pos
mI.Ii' stums in municipal politics), 1
O. Farmer and H. C. Wright (whose
vocal wamiug "Danger is near thee
beware! bewarol" had obviously no
thing to do with bii recent election
to tbe ferry board). A quartette on
an mousing theme wu excellently
treated by Messrs. Ward, Sharp, Ward
and Farmer, aa sneore being loudly
demanded. The first half of the pro
gram closed wilb a chorui by the
troupe and (since one hai been taoghl
to always speak the truth) il may
ai well be straightforwardly written
that, either through lack of rehearsals,
bad colds or insufficient care, Ihe chor
al work wai decidedly weak sud uu
ilsblc. This wai unfortunate, seeing
lhat it entailed, In direct consequence
a feeble flnieb lo an otherwise capital
A short Intermission wu occupied
by a motion picture display depicting
moit delightfully to those who bave
read Ibe hook) the early life of David
Copperflcld. Tbis kmj) of tlm is of a
high educational value in additiou lo
boing intensely Interesting, and a
nolo should certainly be made to the
effect that tho "Lonsdale" manage
ment have arranged for the cinema
lographic dcpicimeiit of Copperficld's
later life at tbeir performance tonight
and tomorrow nigbt, when actual
icenes at tbe Durbar will alio bs pre
Tbe second ipuui of minstrelsy lu
eluded tbe promised eertlngler ran
dersd in duet form by K. Adamion
and 1. W. Fenner to a familiar Geisfcs
tune. Following this was lhe Milu
Duo turn, which ii part of tbis week's
"Lonsdale" program, and which com
prises humour, musicianship, violin
mimicry and trombone and comet work
«f considerable merit. Then came a
brace ef quartettes, one s "Zoological
Tragedy" in twp convulsions and the
ether a carefully rendered part tong
which wae warmly encored.
A boquet is due to the thoatre or
theatre which did solid hard wo(k
throughout the evening. Other bou
quote were doubtleas equally earned by
other individual! reiponsible far unseen labot. A totge one, at any rate,
can be thrown at the Yacht Club min
itrels themselves who contrived to
iprinkle their program with iparkling
UW WlglMl fit. AH honor tp the
prime factors whomsoever tfcey may
I      ■    !!■■    I        I       I
Municipal Council io Session
The reeve nnd council of the municipality assembled last ujghl ip the district b||| KpA debated amicably ou
OUI or two (natters pf slender Import-
anco. A considerable amouut nf correspondence and ruiiiiiic wprk occupied
their iiiii'iiiinn.
A letter wss read from the department of railways uml canals re tbe ti.
I'M. i'l'i'l" niioii .iillmliii," tu the 30-
days'.delay recently granted aaiintim
ating that the postpouod hearing would
take placo in the minister's ollice on
Friday, Feb. llth.
A missive came alio from the muni
eipal ball at Korrisdale stating, thai
tbe corporation of Point flroy hud cu
doraed the resolution respecting dan
gerous tri'.'s lately passed by tho diitrict council.
Mr. A. (1. Ferry, local manager fnr the
B. i'. Electric Bailway, wrote in reply
to council'e letter on the overcrowding of tbo cars at certain bourn. He
would certainly give the mailer careful attontion, but the difficulty lay in
the uncertainty of Hie hours when the
crowdi 'iuue It waa impossible In
apply any sel rule. Ho Intended, how
ever, oh soon as he could gel the necessary cars, to run a double service during inch hours bulb on Lonsdale Ave
ami later on the Lynn Valley track
ai far as Fromme Boad.
Mr. Qeorge Wagg osprcsscd, by Idler, his willingness to construct a fountain suitable for man and beasl, lo
plant eight horse chestnut trees un
each side of I.oiihiIsIc avenue und In
low leod grass on the boulevards uu
I.onsdale avenue in I). I,, mil. provided
tho municipality would furnish the wa
ler for lhe fountain end provide li fow
seats for the bcneAt of lbc public.
Mr. Wagg's offer was accepted by
tbo council wilh a motion of (hunks.
A number of applications for minor
ben' Hi" wore referred lo the board ol
Works. Mr. II I.c wrote again concerning the damage done lo his houie
at Capilano by blasting operations,
while Mr. J. I'. Crawford intimated
that it ii bis .Intention lo put on ll.e
(Tisrkcl thi' subdivision of blos-ks II, 7.
8 and 8, I.. Lots 852 snd 6611, appro*
ed by the tail council ami further offer
ed to lay a sidewalk from lhe new
bridge across l.ynn Creek to the corner
of blocks 5 and 6, Ihence due east lo
the I.ill.s,ss i trail. This letter was hand
ed over to lhe Hoard of Works.
Mr. T. 8. Nye wrote reminding lbc
council thai he sold Ihem his purk site
at the corner of Lonsdale avenue uud
Oibornc roinl for park purpuses While
scarcity of fluids had prevailed lasl
yoar he though! something migM be
done Ihis spring. On the completion
of the clearing of Iho site ho was will
ing tu creel a band stand at his own
Kighl ratepayers petitioned for an
electric light lo be installed st lhe cor
nor of Lyun Valley road and Crawford
road. Beferred lo lhe fire and light
The police committee was saddled
with the responsibility of deciding whither .Major Toffl should be appointed
drill instructor and truant importer lo
the districl schools.
It was resolved un lhe motion of
Ooun. llriilginuii, lhal lhe Nnrlh Van
couvcr division acl, 1818, as amonded
and passed by the joint adjustment
commillee on January 1'lml, be approved by Iho council.
The reeve .on lhe recommendation
of Coun. Loutet, appointed I tic bounl
of works as a committee,lo discuss wilb
Ibe city council the location of Ornml
to Squamlsh.
It wai decided lhal leudcri be call
ed for tbe clearing and grading of
Koilh road from a point ahuut Ilie mi
tre of D. L 11.17 to Nelson avenue os
loon u possible.
Coun. Lawson asked if il would nol
be advisable lo have this done by day
labors Tho reeve thought II was •
topic for Ihe voice of the couucil.
(loun. Hriduian pointed oul lhat day
labor foil more money and a conlrsc
lor wou|d get through lhe work as
quickly u ponlhlt. It wai almost a
question for the ratepaycra lo decide.
The diitrict engineer Mr. Coigrovc)
favored contract work in this case and
wu supported by Coun. Nelson.
It wu carried unanimously that Iho
work be done by'contract.
Whether or not Mr. Sydney Allman
ibould he vested with tbe power to
act as a special rpuslable in tho dii
trict tp. prevent promiicuoui shooting
wu a question left lo tbi discretion
of tho police committee,
The clerk read a letter from tho West
Vancouver Batepayors' Association al
ludiiig to an iigrcciiii'iil entered into
two years ago regarding the mainlen
anre, deviation and construction of the
Keith road aad the Marine Drive from
wprk be proceeded witb at once. Reio-
luttou to thii elect paieed by the u
lociation were enclosed. In support
of this letter Mr. Ointsburger personally addressed the council on behalf
of tho ii.'isiieiaiion, and referred tp the
council's pld promise that the Keith
road should be kept in perfct shape
and that the marine drive should be
opened up. Two years had passed and
in 11 In ii c had beou done.
Coun. Bridgman contended tbat this
was not tbo fault of the council. They
woro the ones wbo got the signatures
for lhe 460,0011  bylaw.
Afler a little quibbling on tlio date
of the signing of Ibe last signature,
Couu. Nelson said ho did not see tbat
il niullered who waa tu blame, Tho
main thing was to got ahead ami Improve the Keith road. Wbereupou tbe
reeve said lhat lhe board of works bad
already arranged lo do that.
The cusluiiiary indemnity ami temporary loan by laws for $60,000 wero
read thrice.
On the milium of Ooun. Hridgmaii,
tho council resolved that lo avoid mis
understanding information be forward
ed to tin- West Vancouver ratepayers'
Association of any action taken us ro
eomnicndod by the couucil in mailers
effecting that region.
Among the several fraternal orgaui
slions  iii  our city North   Vancouver
Lodge No. 66 I. 0. 0. F. occupies a
prominent phuu and jl afforded a "I'ii
,-iiMs mul most oiiii'.iiiiiblo place of
meeting in the Masonic Temple build
iug, Lonidale avciiuf. At their rcgu
lar uncling lusy'evuiiiiig, the llllh
iust. they worcyfavoreil with an official
visit from Ibi' D. I). 0. M., Bro. A .1.
Laidluw, Ur lhe purpose of installing
the "Ho ar.- do. I for lhe current term.
He viii assisted by lbc following lire
Ihreii/as acting grand ludge officer,
Grand Warden W. A. Juhnstoue, ll.tl.
M, Graml BW.HUfcce !■*», F.O.M,,
Oram! Fin. See, 0. HJHulhcrferil P.O.,
llruml Treas. ,1. C. Ii'uwnii. P.O.M
Grand Chap. B. A. Maiden P.O., Grand
Marshall .1. A. Hitifiie, Grand Guar
diati It. Thuinpiuiiyf .0. The officers In
stalled ure aa follows:
I. I'. G.  ...I. II. A. McLean
Vice Grand / A. K. Ilarrun
Bee. Bee. .,' J. 0. Kolloy, P.O.
Trees.  ../  0. II. Nye, P.G
Warden  I Fred. Atkinson
Cun.   ...1. Ino. Wyllic
Chap. ... V Ira Peers, P.O.
IIK.S \. D. II. Lyons
L.B.B A Herb 1'roult
R.S.N.G 1.1,. Clements, I'.G.
L.8.N.0  I Bubl lunis
H.8.V.G 1 W.  Mitchell
L.8V.G / B 0. Peers
1.0 /       Ihu.   Sloiii-housr
O.G ./ A. Sutherland
At lbc dye uf lhe lodge a pleasant
hour was ipent in the banquet ball
where tho/e present listened wilb great
pleasure fo the most interesting U'hlreis
uf .1. O.lflowan, I'.G.M. of Ihe Grand
Lodge oiSUuobee
t. p. a. 6. b.
About fifty of the lockl society turn
>l out lo viiil the Ml.j Pleasant Pres
svlcriuu 0 Iv on Mommy evening. Af
ter the usual meeting she combined so
ciellcs adjourned to lb* basement where
refreshments were icavcd and an ex
ci'lli'iil progrum provided. Tho evening
closed with the old melody "Auld lamg
Syne." Owing to/the above event
there was uo meeting on Tuesday, 83rd.
All .o.ing people arc cordially invited
tn attend our meetings every Tuesday
evening at 8 u'clock.
0. 0. W. 0. W.
The meuiberi uf Lonidale camp lilli
ol the above order held a very luc
n'-sfiil cup snd saucer social In Ibe
bulge room of lhe new K. of P. hill on
M.umlay evening. There wu a large
al tendance, of visitors and frlendi. An
excellent program was suitained by
the lollowing ladies and genllSucu:
Misi Currle, Miu Daisy Boberlson,
Mn. 1. Caul, Mr. Graham and Mr. Wm.
Hardy, a newly clerlcd member of lbc
camp. Mr. Ward, organiit of the Bap
till church, acted u accompauiil. The
success of Ibo evening wu largely due
to tlio energetic zeal of Sovereign Mrs.
Fowler, Mrs. lloberslon and .lohn (Hark.
The otlioeis of lbc ramp for 1818 are:
Pll.C, Hoc. M».  Il'.lserlson; C.C., Spv.
H. 3 Fowler (ic-olected); A.L., Bev.
Oeorge Byrnes; Kscort., Bov. ),. ),.
Woo.bini; clerk, Sov., Mrs. J. Cent (re
elected;; Banker, Sov. H. B. Jones (re
elccled); watchman, Bov. Miu V„ Fow
ler; irntry, Sov. 0, Macdowal; manag
en, Bevi. 1. Clerk, /. Macdooald ami
Miu Blanche Uveal.
The H Y. P. II. of the Baptist church
will entertain the Epwortb League of
thr MtUinnlinl s'faufwh on MoM-Atw a^bii
lag in the Y. M, A. lecture room. The
event ia or purely weal character.
News Items Round the City
The ferry directorate yesterday appointed Messrs. Gladwin and Wright
ns. representatives on tbo joint civic
advertising epmmlttoe.
Mr. B. McAllister is at present preparing a suite in the Mount Crown
block Id readineot for Mn. McAllister
and family on tbeir return shortly frpm
Mr. W. Iv Bailey, draughtsman to the
Wallace Shipyards Oo. is about to re
move frum Vancouver and take up residence ill lllO Mount Crown bind, ill
this city.
A (liuderella dance will be given en
February 12th under the auspice- uf
St. Agues' Indies' Guild at the .lap
encse Tea Gardens, commencing at
AM p.m,        I
The Bums' Supper under the auspices
of the Bl. Andrew's and'Caledonian
Society took place in the llortlcultur
ul Hall last night and wu attended
with cunspiruuus success. A pleasant
feature was a presentation to Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Grahame of a handsome
silver lea service in acknowledgment
of their work fur the society. A do
scriptiou ul the numerous other lea-
lures, uf inieresl with which lhe evening was ipriukled will appear in Tuci'
day's issue.
A lady residing uf First street oast
had an upsetting experience nn I'u
duy .when ou investigating a noise
uric li Imi emanated from lhe front of
the hnuse, she found ill Ihe parlor i
mun who had apparently entered liy the
window. Thu lady was alone in llm
house her sou being away. In her ex
cilumeiil, however, she called his name
and lhe mnn, mistaking this for a sum
ni'iii.., departed immediately through
the window.   The police have been no
tilled of the incident, which,  ail,
lo  say,  scared   the  lady   iu   question
very considerably.
The pulpit uf tho First Baptist
.liiirch here will be supplied mornlug
ami evening by ministers from llm Map
list Union of Western Canada now in
session al Vancouver. Special music
morning and evening. The church bas
engaged Mr. Beach as organist. lie
has had a wide experience with pipe
organs ami his coining tu the pusilioii
il looked forwurd lo wilh pleasure.
Mr. Ward ,who has supplied the organ
su acceptably al varioui limci, finds il
impossible to continue because of de
ii.;,n.i-. ou his lime from other quar
Tbe executive uf lbc Norlh Vaucou
ver Board of Trade on Wednesday af
ternoon listened to the proposals of
Ibe Tacoma Vancouver Steamship Co.
lo make weekly calls al North Vancou
ver for the deliverance of all kinds of
freight including builders' supplies,
ibeet io, inIs .California fruits and such
produce as can bo disposed of iu tbis
Tho approval of the executive was
Ihe "sis on,,, of the discussion on Ihis
project and renewed energies will be
made to have a port of entry eslab
lislicl on this shore uf the Inlet,
Tbat piece of properly generally
known as "Uraon'• Bench," compris
ing block I ami two sections of jilock
i'i, making in all thirteen acres ou I uth
■(reel, wai sold on Wedneiday. The
deel wai consummated by lhe firm of
Mcllwaine k Dclbar of Heating! slreei
Vanrouver, Mr. Mcllwaine acting on
behalf of Mr. II "n Hobson of Al
bcrta, wbo anticipates settling in this
cily. The consideration wai ♦52,000,
win, li ii deemed a very good price.
While it is the Intention of Ihe pur-
cbucr to subdivide the uewiy acquir
cd properly, il ii uodenlood that lbc
cily may purcbue It for recreation
porpoies as it is aiinoit the only piece
of land available for that uie.
WANTED—Oirl for goueral houie
work.   Apply 833 ub itreet west.
WANTED Hy gentleman, comfort
eble room and 'board -(8 meals only,
no meat).   Address K., Expreu Offlce
Agreements for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. J,ouidale Bealty Co.,
W-5 I«udalo Avenue. Phone 817.   ii.
--JUUnSU WJMTFH   for   em-lion
of store and hall.   Plans can be seen
at Architect McKay'i. ill
FOB 8ALE-F|ue old Violin. Apply
Scotch Tea Booms, Esplanade E.    0-3
PPB BAH3-Mt 8, bloek I, p. hi
568.   «WI0   cash.   81.000   3rd,   6,  18
monthi.     Box A8B, Expreu Offlce.
FOB SALE-Piwt growth'dry fpp4
for 81.76 per cord, 4 ft. 0. ^ePada,
Phono 111. Oeoeral teaming,.        t.f.
FOB SALE-Three 50-foot'lots on
Queen atreet, five minutol' walk from
Lonsdale avenue, $3C0 each, one-third
cash, 6, 18 and 18 montbi. Apply
K., "Express" Office.
FOB SALE Light delivery hone,
weight 1,000 lbs. flood all round
vanner. .lohn Alexander k Op., ltl
Lonsdalo Avenue, N. Vancouver,  t.f.
FOB H.\I.E cheap. Three thoroughbred While Leghorn Gockorels, eight
mouths old. Apply W. J. II., P. 0. llm
170, Nortb Vancouver. 8-1
Wright Lumber Co., 8 Lousdalo Avenue,
can give you prices on all material
when you ure building. See them. t.f.
FOR SALE-GO shares in Imperial
Car and Drydock Corporal inn for 1400
cash. Projected lino of 0. P. B. ruai
right through the "Imperial Townsite.''
Apply  Imperial,  Express Oflice.     t.f.
FOB BALE—At a sacriico if'ioli
at once, one or two lots iu block 3, I).
L .761. 43U0 each, all cash.      Phone
i-siaoiii i;iiis-l, or Alf. Hill, general de
livery P. 0. ft
FOB SALE-Lots i, 6, block 8, D.
I,. Iild. ou cur lino, 41,000; lot 8, block
Hi. I) I. 788, 41,000, ',,ii, 18, 18; lots
5, li. Iilock i. I). L. 003, 4886 each; Ipt
I of I. block 80,1). L. 648, Hiih street,
480(1; lol III, block 6, I), h. All, 8.E.
', Oil feel, 4011.1. Box 8484, Nortli
Vancouvor. 30-1
ROOMS FOR BENT   Housekeeping.
218 2nd Street east.
FOR RENT Six roomed house. Pantry and bath, Jones and Keith road.
P. (I. llux 2201, N. Vancouver.       26 1
FOR RENT-Oue auilo, Colouiul
Apartments. Telephone and heat in
eluded. t.f
FOH BENT -Furnished cabin. 40-
Apply 172, rear 170, 2ml street wen,
Norlh Vancouver. 31 I
TO RENT--Choice modern suites on
3rd atreel.' Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
North  Vancouver.     Rents 417.60. t.f.
FOR RENT Light housekeeping
suites uf roums in Mt. Crown Block,
Isl street. Hut and cold water, boat.
telephone, etc.. etc. Alio, good janitor
service, 30 I
(let it at I .onidnlo Pharmacy Pboae 2'J
The Nortli Vancouver Dyo Worki
II Lonsdale Avenue, guaranlco tp do
ai good wurk at cheaper prices than
you can possibly get iu Vancouver,
Give ■■■ a trial, tbe result will ipeek
fur itself    Phone 107. t.f.
The Truth students class will meet
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
lhe residence of Mri. Gallagher, Keilli
road, near Bidgeway. Students desiring higher spiritual uiifoldinciil era
cordially invited to attend. If.
The Imperial Car, Shipbuilding aud
Dry Dock Corporation will consider of
fcrs for clearing townsite of 600 acres
at Roche I'oiut. Apply tp if, F. O'C.
Wood, Mount Grown Block, lit atreet
east. t.f,
you desire to sell your business or pro
perty of any kind call er write ui,
wo have clients for close-in acreagl
for subdivision. We van get results.
Mcllwsine 4 Delbar, 0 Jones Building,
407 Hastlnga nt. W., Vancouver, B. 0.
FOUND- Gasoline   boat.      Of.   C.
Thompson, Hollyburn . 8 2
I/)8T~ -L'ullio Dog witb white neck,
10 months' old. Answon tp "Collie."
Anyone harboring name will be proio
cuted. Reward. Apply 187 -6th atreet
II (,'. Livery and Beard stables—
Light rigs aud ladies' saddle honee
for hire  Hlihling for honai Oto,
ersl delivery and uavy teaming.    0.
Omni, Ub atreet west. Pbene 847 ti. i,
rHgrt^n^moa-wonTrrynm^uuvt^n,^. xr„ rn
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Tha toprois is devoted ta the Interests of the North Shore of Burrard Inlet
ilualvely,   It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
letting in a thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vaneouver
Oity and District.  Evory effort is mado to give advertisers tbe most satisfactory
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later than 10 a. m. Monday and t p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in tbe
following issue.
■Worth ▼ancouver, B. 0.,
   January «6, 1919,
The report of tbe Commission on
Teution was laid on the table In the
Victoria House on Monday. Tbe ro
port aa printed makes a book of thirty
eight pages and ths evideneo takon
before tbe Commission—which is now
being printed, will require upwards nf
HOO pagot. The entire report is Intended for general distribution as soon
as received from the presses.
Tbo salient features uf tho reeom-
iiniioliiiiuio. mads by Ihe Commission,
as summarised iu lha repurt are as fol
Tbe abolition of Ihe poll tai.
The abolition of the persouai properly
The abolition of lhe lai on improve
An Increase In Iho income lax ox
enption from 11,000 to $1,60(1, with
aa additional exemption of $!!()0 lor
every child under tho ago of IH, aud a
spatial additional exemption of (1,500
from tbe income derived from agrfcul
Increased taxation upon certain
larger incomei.
Abolition of exemptions from in
somes in excess of $11,600.
A supertax upon incomes above
Inrreaaed taxation upon banks.
Increased aucceesion duties on large
Iti'iln.iiuii of tbe tax on cuke.
A general reaattssmeiil with the
view of creating au equitable value
tion of land and incomes, so ibal it
stay be found possible to reduce Ibe
rate of taxation.
The   recommendations   are   oompre
htasive In Iheir acope and while tbey
naturally  do not and could  not  em
body all tbe ideas whioh were advene
ed in the evidence given before   lhe
Commlasion—many of whieh wore eon
dieting   and therefore impossible   lo
karinoiii/i    they nevertheless represent
a it night forward attempt to give effect
to  tha  beet   featurei of Ibe  cbangci
whieh were advocated, even to the ad
optica ef seme featurei which aro eon
siderably in advance of what is usual
In imii.ni
The total abolition of Ibe poll tax
il a cbaage whose e«|«dionrj develop
cd difference of opinion iu Ibe evideneo
iiiiiiiiiieli at sume witne-..". ware of
opinion that it should be retained lo a
■I'gl' "   .nulls' ll    Wilb   let. HI..,    ll)   ll."   '
who were not contributing through any
olher aveaut, to the revenue of tbe
province, but at Ibe same lime the lax
ll to very unpopular Ibal uu one wuuld
bt dltpoitd to regltter tny very strung
objections to ill entire disappearance
mor« particularly in view of Ibo faet
thai Ibt oxpeuiu and difficulties at
leii'ltiii upon Itt .ulle. imu at agaiuit
ealy certain icctioni of Ibo populitioo
would detract to a vtry large exteul
frem iU feasibility and frum Ibe net
The abolition of the personal properly
tax would meet with approval from all
thoae who bave hitherto been compel
led te >pay it and would be recognized
aa jusl by all fair-minded citiuins. The
imposition of a tax upun tbe capital
iavtettd ia stock, plant, ttc, by^hc
industrial and similar concernt in the
province le not teund in principle and
tends te discourage enterpriie aad pro
great upon lhe .pert of linns wbicb
traplo IM pemaneat pay roll In the
leTtWnwmm ttreifffceut the province.
Tl* tubetiUtion of a lax ou in
mm, tm tka parson** atapttly tax
we*U greatly iisprevs tbe situation
this ttgnri, by uauxiaf the fa«t that
a* aeeeteasMi* woul-J be levied agalutt
rapital lavaataast *or agaiuit th*
ptotaei* tram sack ia vestment until
aad -aalea* tkoa* proceedi were suf-J
oient to justify sueh a tax. In tbis
connection it would bo vory desirable
and in fact necessary from tbe standpoint of equity, that lived regulatiuns
bs provided in accordance with which
"income" within the moaning of the
Act is to be arrived at. Uniform
procedure in thia respect wuuld constitute a protection against auy possible
attempts at ovation and wuulil extern!
oven fairuess to all.
Tbe abolition of the lax upon Improvements, with respect to provincial
lands, would be a pronounced forward
step. It would eusourage tho owner
who wishes to improve bis prtiperly
by ensuring thu fact that ho would
not be Imliil to any ponalty for bis
enterprise in ths way of taxos upon
tbosn improvements. It would, like
wise, facilitate tha acquisition of pro
porly by actual settlers and by dose
who would prqeeed to improve the pro
party, inaamueh as thero would probably be less inclination lo hold pro
perty tor long periods for speculative
purpuses wero owners of trails of wild
lands compelled to accept the same as
a. ■ in, ni and rate of taxation aa tbe
owner wbo improves his properly.
The increase of exemption of interne
to $1/11111 would be quite in accord with
the present eust uf living in Ibo pro
viuce. Tbe provision for exemption
bocause of children is a departure as is
also the proposed iuereased taxation
upon very large incomes, Iho philosophy
of whieh is readily apparent and Hie
reasonableness of which will readily
bo admitted. The ground upon which
the recommendation of an exemption
of $11,1101) on income derived from agrl
culture, is based is not so apparent lo
Ibe one unversed in the infonnation
which was in the bands of the Cum
mission. The publication of tbeir re
purl will doubtless enlighten 11,, public
in Ibis respect and will assist in arriv
ing at a conclusion as to its advisalul-
Whether Hie government intends
bringing dowu a bill, giving effect tu
ull tho recommendations of the Coin
mission, has not been slated, but in
view of Ibe many striking features of
the report, the uew act re taxation
will bu awaited with great and wide
spread interest.
The soundness of Hie principles in
v.iKe.I in Ibe nationalization of public
nt ii 11 ii s, appoari to be receiving ever
intreasing recognition, lu very many
instances Ihe riglifuesi of the movement
is nu lunger queatiuued, the actual
working out of the plan being only a
matter of time. Au important forward
Step ttl'ing these Inns wat taken by
Ihe Hritiib government iu tbo recant
purchate of tbe assets of the National
Talepbona Company, liy this means add
ing tho telephone system- to the gov
ernmenl uwucd public utilities along
with the1 telegraphic and postal systems.
In tbs United Btatei, Postmaster
Oeneral Hitchcock will recommend to
Congress tbat ail telegraphic lines be
purcbaaed and operated by'the government, tbut taking tbe flrst ilep'in vihif
would logically appear to be a move
ment deitined to remit in state own
eribip of all public utilities of thit tud
a similar character,
In Canada, tbere is already a c4asid
enb}e_ .«n]L*aje_ jLiSyefSfiKSJ Jim!
railway to which it it now proposed
to add the Hudson's Bay railway. Tbe
public ownership of tbe telephone sys
stem is alao in existence fn tbe three
prairie provinces. In British Columbia tke agitation for government pur
chat* ef tka telephone system has been
In progress for Home years and it as
sapling # very influential aspoct. Ho
solutions favoring the departure bavo
beep passed aid forwarded tu the gov
eminent by the Union uf 8, O.- Municipalities, Boards of Tradu, MunioiJal
iliiiineilii, the I'libni' Hninnii, tbp II. C.
Conservative Convention aud 'Mast ill
tbe Hold as favoring this doparturo
comes the It. Ci .farmers' Instituto,
which at its annugl convention in Victoria, no Inter than yesterday authorised the drawing up of a resolution
in favor of government ownership' of
The steadily accumulating influence
which ia being brought to bear upon
the local government iu tbis raspeet
from these many sources, creates an
ever increasing probability that the
matter will And ita way into tho purview of the government in relation tu
nuu thk throat iho uiNQa. aa eur*
Mini l. TU  i Hint mill.
.'.'..ii. .■ Is hereby given lhal iiuinuuiu
lu tlio "Ci-odltora' Truat Deeds Aet,
1101," and all amending ads thereto,
Arthur in ni, ml Fletcher, currying un
business aa'grocei- at Lunsdule avenue,
Nurlh Vuncouver, and Lynn Valley,
Norlli Vancouver lilstrlct. of the city
of Nurlh Vancouver, 11. C„ hus this
dav made an assignment lu mu uf his
estate, real and personal, credits and
.■lie. in which muy he aolscd und sold
under execution fur the liencilt of his
A meeting uf the creditors will lie
held at Hie "Hi., of Wllaun & Perry,
assignees,   Suite   i.   IicBeck   BuIIiIIiik.,
338    lies.lin, a    i,li,i:l    ss. al     Vaneuiiv. I.
B. 0., un Tliursduy, the llrsl dux of February, IBI3. ut the hour uf 3 o'clock
Ii.m., tu receive tho statement of Ilu:
ulTalrs am) fur the gencrul onlerlitK
of the eatate. and you iuu hereby untitled tu attend either In person or
by representative.
All claims muat he tiled with the up-
iiei.-iliiiieil. v.ilii.ii by stutuioiy declaration .and lu .nmi uny creditor lo
vole hia claim must be Died on or before Hie date of Die nieeiiiiK
All persons Indebted to Hie snbl Art-Bur Bernard Fletcher are required lo
pay the . in"inn due by Ihem In the
subl  assignee  forthwith.
Anil im iin i like nnllee Ihul .ill uml
afler de Oral day of February, IHIS.
the said assignee will proceed to din
tribute the asscls uf lhe Insolvent
amonaat partiee entitled thereto, having regard only lo claims of wbleh he
hat then received notice, and lliul lie
will nol bo liable for the aald aasets
of any pari thereof, to any person or
persons of whose claim notice shull inn
nave beon received by him ni Iho abovo
I.is.i ins i iii 'I  dale
Dated at Ihe Clly of Vuncouver
vlnce  nf British Columbia
day of January, IIIS
tills  Uth
Itt    Ikt    Mellrr   ol    Arlkur    llnu.nl
Flrlchrr,       laaiilvral,       Nurlk
Vuiiisiis.t,   11.   II.
•SEALED TKNDKRS. sunericrlbed
"Tnndera re Arthur Bernard Fletcher
Kalale." will be received by the under
■lulled op llll noon on Friday, the Ind
day ot I-', In nm > on lhe fultowliia par-
cola, lot number one, lining slock of
i s, -s, il, ss and llxiures al lhe corner.of
Lomdale Avenue and ttili atreel. Nurlh
Vancouvar. B. <•.. two delivery rln»
and fuur horses. Lot number Iwo. itock
uf  i ii. it  anil   li.nii.a    I   delivery
rig at Lynn Valley. Nurlli Vulieouver
dlilrlcl. al a rale on Hie ilollur on
laid down price of each aloek respee
lively. , .
All tenders must be accompanied liy
a , , Htm ,1 . I,, s|in for ul least S per
eent. of the amount of lender, which
will be applied on lhe purchase price
In tlie event of the lender being ac-
cepled All clleoues for unsueeessfol
lenders will be returned The highest nr uny tender nol necillarlly ae-
i'osseaalun can lie given Imniedlalel)
upon a aaliafaciiirv price being tendered and approved of liy Hie liiii.ee-
tors acting for the creditors In the
above matter
Particular* can be obtained from
Mr Fred 1. Perry In charge of the
Lonsdale store, or by appl^ng ul Hie
utile*** Hie Assignee
Dated ul Vancouver, B C. this 12nd
day of January. 1911   }   ^^
Sullu 9. DeBeck Building. 336 Hustings Street Weal I'lione Seymour
1711. 8(H
Extract from Provincial and City
Health Bylaws.
Whenever any householder knows
lhal any person within bis family ur
household hai smallpox, diphtheria,
/carle! fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
iug cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
i/t any olher cuutagipua ur Infectious
I incase, ht iball (subject In case of re
iss ..I or neglect to Iho penalties pro
viiled), within eighteen hourt, givo
nolice in writing lo Hie Medical Ileallb
Ollicer and no member of any household
shall attend ichool until a certificate
hat been obtained from the Medical
Ileallb Officer that nu iufeclion any
longer exists in Ibe house, clothing
and olber effcclc baye been disinfected
t( hia satisfaction, aud until tuch cor-
iilieiiie shall bave becu obtained it tball
be the duty of ovcry member of Ibe
household, and of the Teacher, to uae
all reasonable efforts lo prevent the
aetociatlon of meubert of tbe uid
houtebold witb other children.
1. Tbe nmi mu of a public or private
Hospital, Ihe keeper uf ovory Board
ing or Lodging House, every Inn keep
at or Hotel Keeper, shall, within tit
hours, roport in writing to tbo Modi-
cal Ileal! h Officer, or any-parinii being
at one of the aforesaid houses
or hotels and attacked wilh or suspected of having any contagious or infectious disease mentioned in tbe Hy
law;" wider the penaltiei provided
Itr by tucb bylaw. ,
t.f.       Secretary Boer.l of Health.
I'       I   "
gff Choice acre North <rf City,  Offering for $1800,. Qneiird Cash
M" The Elections
^ are over and
i those elected
' will now have to keep
their promises and saw
wood, We would advise them to use our
Easy Cut Buck Saws
—j i ;   i ■■,=
See Our Window Display
  ' "      " "
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Phone 70.
Feed Grain
and Ground
Ai we have now in operation in our new
warehouie in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the beat quality of theie goodi at price*
ai low ai can b* obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveriei our ipecialty.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co,, Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST       - Phone 4
Good cleared, graded, 50 ft. loti Two Block* (rom Lonadale Avenue Carline, Splendid Viewi and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $800,00 each
on terms of one-fifth cash and the balance over two yean.
For Further Particular* of above and Business and Reii-
denlial Properties see
P.O. Box 1816
For Sale
80 ]U>ts pn mui near Bqulovanl, iirimi i
fill  sit mil Imi   fur  liotnositoa. •*Prices
$Klill mul lip un -.'uny Imii.'i.
W-tnoi tm'to tynii Valley net»r twin
Hub—soms on Hnsbins mail smi
ilium! ntiar Fromnio road. Prico $300
up nn easy terms,
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
Agent tor iiiui rluss Firs, Marino inul
ii nu rn n i.'!•   ami    Acoiilent   Itnuiraiioo
iiis"a. i'i,,,,,, in -      Houso I'lione 207
0,000 cordi of dry fir wood for quick
sale.   Price per odd cordi, $4.50. r
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches. $3.25, ,
12 inches, $3.50.  CO. D.       ji
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P.O. boi 2432.
TAKK NOTIOK Ilml ut tlio next
sitting uf tlio lluiinl of liii'oiislng I'mn
missioned of tlio I.'ity of Nortli Vancouvor, I, Henry Urson, intern! to apply for a retail lii|uur ur bottle license
for tlie premises known ami ilescriboil
aa Numlior Otic Hunilruit uiul fuur (llll)
Ksplaiiailo West in lhe City uf North
Vuncouver, H. C.
Iiuir.l ut Norlli Vuncouver Ibis lltd
ilay of .latiuury, 1818.
23-2 BENBY LAH80N.
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
OF OFFIOB lllll.l', BTO., BTO
need only lo pbons 321 lo bays all vacancies fillet. NO OHABOB
to BMPLOYBB or EMPLOYEE therefore tbere is tlmululcly uo ne
ceuily lo ulili/i' eiiiploymi'iil Agoncics in Vanrouver, an a complete
list  of all clasms of  workers it kepi al Ibo
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Stcitttry.
Telephone 276
Paper the World
linm our >|ns 1 of nuw Wull I'npus
so it seetut. Kvcry duy aome now
■(••sign tiinn tu till tbo viiciincy
ol tbnit rlomt uul.
Handaome Wall Papera
trt bert in ondlint variety, .lust
ttll our lulcimaii lor wbtt room
you want tbo papor ami bt will
tbnw you jutt Iht pat Itrn you art
looking lor.
To  cboott Irom our slock it t plot;
turt, lo pay our price ia easy.
V I-
W. H. ST0NEY & t0,/<
117 l^ntdtlo Avoout l'buot llll ~
t   • • " s
lOOflilOOft, corner of King itreet (now graded) and St. Ahdrew'i Ave,   Thii
property ii all cleared and it in a most desirable residential location, and thr price ii
1-3 caah, 6 and 12 monthi
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     v».mm  vmu nt   , NORTH VANCOUVER
■" s •      11
' ■-
/'. np, Eftr-fti
L,aa nui
ill save moneybypatronizing
■ * i i
We solicit ihe trade of all builders who' appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
4th Street Wesl. II. DUMAS. Phone 347
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Busy" Signals?
Suppose a customer is aboul lo order somelhlng ur
olher over your telephone. The operator finds your
line or lines engaged. The customer must wait—or
order somewhere else. Maybe he chooses lo wail—-
calls again—again finds your line or lines busy.
Thai means a possible loss of a customer.
The business man needs adequale telephone service for the accommodation of his
business and his customers.   When you lose
'customers through "busy" signals, il has
-     tixuHifovcd that your telephone facilities
are inadequate*'"
People who gel business make il easy for iheir cut-
lomers lo gel them and have the number of telephone
lines iheir business requires. I lie number should be
determined by lhe amount of use al the BUSIEST
time of lhe day.
B. C. Telephone Co., Limited
mn YftWi-wvEfri e? v-i rm^mi j/wpflftT' m ma
Ai| uili)5j»B described in tlm 'IHam- stock exchange, anil, indeed, may bavo
ilton Spectator" aa "oue of tlio must
interesting ami eloquent over delivered
in this city" waa accoriloil Iho Canadian
Club recently Ity tho Hev. Dr. W. T.
Hprridge of Ottawa, hia aulijcct lining
"The Intellectual life of Canada."
'"The first coiiililion," declared thu
doctor, "of intellectual advance is some
rilllllrillll.'illi'lill pf pUr lli'i'sl Of it. Wc HI"' I
strike the happy moan between u false
pi i'i'- ami » false humility, nog imugiii-
ing on tho ono hand thai we have untiling to loarn, uur on the nt Iht hauil
that aome ui)cunn,uerahlo handicap oi
ther nf surroundings or uf nuliirul in
aptitude, prcvouta us from reaching
those clyilan Holds, whore others have
walked lint ouly tu.4hcir own content,
hut iu tho world's enlightenment, One
of lhe lute musters at Trinity l.'nllegc,
Cambridge, Dr. Thompson, bad such
inordinate wit lhal it was said of him
■il. .,i i.i li furth his ice like mor
tula. Who is able tn hide his cruisl'
Ono day, preaching a sermon in Trinity college chapel In a congregation
which for somu reason counts itself
among the clevorosfin tlm w "orld, bo
began dus: 'It would bo obviously
out of place before such nn audience
as tbis to expatiate on Hie rcspuusi
bilitles of Ihoso who have live talents
or, even Iwo talenls. I shull therefore
confine myself to the more ordinary caaf
of those of us wbo buve only one tul
onl,'   Suah nn exordium, sine in juat,
wuulil unl seem In   appropriate In
(s'anuiliun.i. If laliiiil couaists ut all iu
powor of rei'iplivily to ideas, I think
we possess a fair share of it. Uul I
am not iiultfl so sure thul wo lune yet
learned lo pul il lo lbc noblest uses,
bo far wc bave nol reached Ilie front
rank as an Intelligent people. We ure
crude, as compared, for example, with
Iho Creeks of the ape of Pericles, or
the brilliant men who gave renown In
the Elijabcthan cm, nr lo Mime of the
nations of Europe today. .S|iciil<iii(i gen
orally, we are not groul reader", es
eept of a kind u( I'lihl literature, come
times very Mil indeed, uut vigorous
thinkers except on subjects which con
corn what wc call uur "practical" in
terests. This muy mil seem u nice
tiling to say, yet, us Iriilbfiil Jemci
would put It, 'I slate bul  Ibe In. Is,'
"Of cuursc, the familiar apnlogy fnr
this condition of affairs is Ihul we are
a young people. Uul I think wo are
old cnuugb now lo buve cut our wis
dum teeth. A materialist is' yuiilli i-
uut likely 10 conduce lu u inuliirci
age of line sensitiveness lu the sp-yii
winds thai breathe upou human life
Energy iu ai-liun and profundity in
thuuglit shuiild gu together- We can
nut postpone self culture until we have
iiotliiug else lo do. Al Allun*, over)
mini wus compelled In learn n liamli
craft in the golden days uf its immor
lul poets and sculptors and pliilusopb
ers. As a matter uf fail I'liilialiiiism
is often marked, uut among those wbo-i
lioneit imi is itself, lu sum, extent ui
least, oducational, l>u I aiming ilm ■ ul
mosl uliunilanl leisure. A guu<l deal
of our social life leuds lu Ilu- ntropln
uf intellectual powers, and tb,. iulg.ii
and sclflsli plutoernt is alluwcd al lum
to override without rebuke those frou
wlium be might lake elemental lotsooi
in lhe art of living. Mul, I Inin I, lm
ven, Ihis is mil by any means Hie um
versal \ugue amiingst us. I believe Ibal
a revolt has already mude hcadwuv
against au urlifirial ami upprudui'lm
fussiness .against l,urliiiri< oslciitatiun
and idiutic rivalry. I believe Ilinl then
ute hopeful signs of intellei-liial awah
| ening in Canada, n revival of i-oi>Tir
■ Hun thai, alter ull, "Hie mind's Ilu
standard of Ihe man."
"Indeed, litis belief, has never bcci
wholly absent Iiiiiii us, as is evidenced
by the tuacbincry of educaliun which
exists in the icboula '■' lbc land. While
we may well be grutelul for Hie pn
vale munificence which now ami then
endows scats of learning, nnd iu iinm
caeca even creates I bom, the stale believer been content lo depend ou this
precarious aid, but itself has placed
the schoolmaster mining lbc pioneers
I du uoi claim that our educaliuual lys
lent is by any means perfect, bul, at
all events, it banishes complete illilcr
acy from the youth of I'uuuda, ami
starts an impulse which ulerl minds
will be eager lo pursue even amid the
sires* of later life. We shall be wise
If we see lo il first, thai, a high slan
dard of efficiency is maintained amongst
teachers ,eiid Ibcn, thai Ihey ore battel
remunerated than al present for lhe
bard work thoy have to do. It is nol
a good sign thai th; profession of the
teacher should ever cumc lu be regon1
ed as merely'a stepping stone to some
thing else. No teak ii more Important
or more honorable, aud no task calls for
moro varied gifts Iban Ih,, task of lay
ing Ue foundations of intelligent lit
Uenahlp. Union* we keep up doquul
ity bore, a serious menace is presented
lo the whole future of Cauada.
"Tbo maintenance of the Inlelloc
tunl life, then, involves a right per
ipecti.ve of relative values. If what
a mm bas »«»» »1 wete-aeaaeipiauaa
than what ho ii, wo ahall not trouble
much about acquiring those impalpable
trsaevret wkitk are set limi m  tbaUy ittlitt thm /km ae tnatier wbal
uo marketable price at all. For while
tho educated man may be in a hotter
position than the uneducated man
do almost any (iind of work, yet It has
to bo confessed that culture, apd
wealth, as the word 'wealt|i' is ihiiii-
monly uaci|, do not, as a rule, go toge-
thor. Thii is not because cultured
peoplo uro too dull to make money,
but because thoir own enthusiasm is
directed into other chniinols. Evory
land, und most nf all a land in which
Material concerns are dominant, needs
those wbo, without standing apart iu
pruuil disdain from tho commun timing,
or fulsely despising tangible affairs, are
nevertheless able to appreciate wbal
is intangible, lu go down to tbu root
of things, in ■operate, .between the
transient and the abiding, and so lo
order their own lives, and su to inspire
the lives uf others Hint they shall
sweep Hid widest orbit, shall remain
ulerl to the beauty nf truth and the
Iriith of beauty, and bo eiiiimiircil of
a splendor, even llinugh it be D iiiui
splendor ever un before. Amid ull our
boaatod Iriuinpbs in olher realms, tri
iiinpliH iu which we mny all rojoieo,
il is Ihoso kniglils uf th inner I em
plu whu lire deliverers from the peril ol'
a base and superficial vulgarity, who
broaden our interests uml make us
interesting lo others, who line earth's
dusty Ihnruughfurcs with flowers nnd
singing birds, whn keep the road open
towards delectable mountuins bathed in
Hi,, luilluiiio of supernal light
"Intellectual life, like physical lit'1
is a larger thing than any of ili
manifestations, however beautiful
The mini who never writes a book h
not necessarily ou u lower pbine llinii
the mnn who does. At the same lime
since silence is iiu'oni-lusive, we buve
reason lo rojoieo in the growing iinm
ber uf Canadians, both of French uml
Hrilish origin, whose literary wurk is
known mid valued far beyuud lbc
hounds ul Iheir native lund. Iliiriieini,
I'rcmaxlo, Louis Frechette, Churles
Mnir. Kingsford, l.iiiiipiiiiin. Drummond
llnlpb I'onaor, llobert Service ami Wil
frid Campbell deserve some pluee in
Hie hull of fame, ll may nol be ll,c
highest place, but they are nnt to be
erowilcd uul altogether. There is a ro
bust lone amongst most of our wilt
ers. They arc mil alfliclcd with lhal
overweening cou6dence whicii is a bar
rier lu improvemenl, nor, on lhe olber
hand, do uoi nil. t a false modest)
whieh i-rii-H. 'Don't be too hard unite;
I um only a poor Canadian.'
"No more powerful stimulus to the
intellectual life of i .ma.In run be found
Ibiin the development of self rcspert
iug Canadian sentiment. *We arc more
I han mere colonials. Though I cannot
believe lhat the lies which bind us lo
Britain will ever show signs of weaken
ing. the thing lo remember is thai we
have the essential materials for vigor
mis nationhood within ourselves Tin
mure clearly we perceive this Hie more
ulerl we shall be, not only to discharge
our -is', sal tasks, lut to assume our full
obligation in an imperial icbeme that
ihall stand for justice, for Irulb, fur
.nil and religious liberty. We musl
learn lo transplant Hie best tradltlom
uf uur heritage am) prove Hint lbc)
ian grow vigorously ami wilb a fresh
er beauty in the soil of Ihis continent
II is not by means of academic calm
Imi Ihruiigh Hi, great and ever greater
problem! which confronl us us I'sinul
inns, thai our munis will be gradually
"Irciigthcned lo grapple with Ihem ami
Milsi' them in the noblest way.
"An important part of Hie purpuse
of I'sluealion is lo promote a healthy
stale of public opinion, a zealous re
gard for Ibe maintenance of naliunal
prestige, a critical spirit which is nol
onl.ml simply lo fulminate anathemas
Dgninsl a base and sordid polity when
ever a spasm of indignation happens
lu suite us, and which is courageous
enough to toil, if need be, lo suffer,
Ibal ""imUsing mure worthy may be
substituted in ils slead. We i annul
afford lo take a parochial view of
tilings. Our InsJ. is lo vvel'l together
the diverts elements of uur popula
lion iulu a harmonious whole, lo dis
iem liiieiiili all differences of race
and creed tbo lies of a common bro
tb. ilini.d. to blend every smaller rivalry
Into a supreme rivalry of effort for lbc
general good of lhe lund Ood has given
us, that she may lake her proper place
among, (bo progressive and enlighten
ing forces of lbc twentieth century.
"I'linii'ln ii oii trial jusl now and
Ihe whole world watches her. We have
not come lo Ihe parting of Ibe ways,
hut wo have come lo a' place wben
lhe old road'so rich in memories and
inspirations broodens before Ul. It
we fall into the dreadful mistake of
supposing Ibat money la the maiu af
fair and are more afraid of nn empty
pocket than an impoverished soul, If
iu our frantic baile over Ihe busincu
nf each paulng day wo never llll our
oyei >lo tbe farther horizons if we lose
our enthusiasm for those pricclosi pos
aauieni uf art and emit aad literature which lo somo ottont at leant are
within.Une reach of everyone who real
i'nIitiiuI  imireiiiic eiimeii  to US we nnr
selves shall bo
'Finished and finite clods
Untroubled by a spark.
Our future, both as Individuals and
as u peoplo striped of ilu finest fascia-
ntion, and the blunio lying ut our door
liul if in spite of tbo mistakes incident
to an oxporioneo wo aspire to pursue
tbo noblest idenin of national lift, tp refuse the temptations pt material greed
and mental apathy and moral feebleness,
to keep alert mid fresh visions of truth
aud broader conceptiona of duty and
to show our patriotism most of all by
a passion for intelligent aorvico to odors and unsullioil purity in our character, who shall venture ,as he looks out
upon tho night, to forecust tho glory
of the dawning of a tomorrow!"
Do uot think you havo sounded all
the ocean uf truth when you havo lol
out all your little lino. The ocean on
whose shore Newton hod gathered only
a few pi'lilili', cau never be all iu
yuur lin cup, '
Tho Slow Train
The slow train is still the target fur
the shiifls of the humorist. Recently it
wag tent the following letter to Hie
edltur uf u country pnper: "Sir -Is
there uu wuy lo pul a slop -to begging
along tho lino of the railway I for iu
stance, yestcrduy uu aged mendicant
with a wooden leg kept pure with the
afternoon express all lhe way from
munition lo Spaceloy mid annoyod lhe
passengers cxccdingly, (toing from one
open wndow to uiiukhcr wltluJiia im
port une solicitation!." (/
District of North Vancouver,
Engineering Department
Applications ure invited lur Ibe fol
lotritg positions:
I. Expert locator ami Iraiisitmon
(temporary) salary tl per day.
1. Timekeepers uud Cost Clerk, sul
iiry fii'i per month; mun with eoutruct
iug experience preferred.
Apply by letter to Iho undersigned
slutiug experience, references ami giv
ing  copies  uf  testimonials.
Districl Engineer.
Nurlli Vancouver, B. II.,
Huh January, IMS .
*.t loneii ine Busincu of ManuhcUntn.
Knglntf mud Metis utiurtall.-clticadvlulill
ily 11 having tllelr Polfiil l.ii.l,,. ,i lunmcinj
lyliipclta. rullll'lnaly advise I:..-. Carre
isinslrinte. OorInventor's Advliirr-ii"- nr
',.'»!. Ms.tlonAM.iilnn, Pcj'J.. „\ w Wil. I i,E
c.|.'.;  M..,,i.,„]   s.,,.1 \e ,.) i .  ,  ,,  |h:UMJ
Nortb Lonsdalo
Urn- f.. 9 9m VtlnnlpiA
    T^BHP   .'- —
Gills under 8 years old, *5 por month
Girls ovor 8 yra. o\A, H per mouth
Npecial terms when two or moro are
sent from tbo same family.
Arriingi'ini'iila aro being made tp
eri;rt a building by tbo spring to ac-
commbdato 30 or 411 boarders besides
day scholars, t'f.
Sewer Oounoctlont
PUBLIC NOTICE is Hereby given
that all owners of real proporty fronting or iibuttiug iipmi a street or lane
in whieh or under which a maiu or
common sewer is laid is hereby re'
'pine.I to connect any building or premises upon such propotly with tucb
inniii or common sewer.
r.rmiti may bconlnined from tho
'iniiii'in; Inspect!): at his oflico at the
City Hull between tho hours of 0 a.
in: and 111 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.
The following regiilatiuns govern tbo
ouslruetion of houso or building con-
iieetions witb sewers:
No house sewer pipe snail bavo a
less fall than 1 lo 10, unless spociai
permission is granted iu writing by
the Council. Moid pipes bctnocn tbo
iron pipe, lo Ibo connection of tbo
public sewer lo be of tbe host quality
standard suit -glazed vitrified clay sewer pipe, uud s Imii buve a diaiuctor of
not less ilinn I inches. All pipes shall
bu sound and well burned throughout
their ii.ssi.iie , impervious lo moisture,  with  u  clear  ring,  smooth aud
II glazed ou interior ami exterior
siirfm es, free from flaws, cracks, blis-
tors, fire checks or olher iniperfoctions.
The pipes mutt be so laid in tho
trench Hint afler tho sowor is compict
ed, lhe interior surfaco thereof, shall
be lo n true and oven grade.
In 'making Iho Joints, a gasket of
oakum ur hemp, freshly dipped in ce
incut grunt, must flrst be used and
packed iulu placo. Tbo joiutt slmll
afterwards be lightly pnekod full and
bevelled n with mortar, composod of
one part by volume of anprovod Port
land cement lo ono part liy volume of
approved saml.
All joints slmll lie made waler light.
so that thoy will stand a head of 10
foot of water, wben tested by the
Plumbing Inspector at the owuor's,
plumber s or counselor's expense.
Ily order of the Council:
City Clerk.     If
as via-
CoPYiiiGiua Ae.
Anronnctidlnf I ikclrti tud dricrli'lltsn nil
inls KJr ■ircrlAln it ,.| n s si fi .- wl other Ifi
tiiieiiiissn ti Pmiuf MlnlaHa £• I'munim
llnul Illicit; CuMdi-i'lU  IIAIIOttU . I. I'Mruli
lenl frc+ uldcil serin-; lulss*ijiti',-ruicnli.
1'islssiill Men tfirntltb Misi'ii * '
i.o. rtciive
Scientific flmtricait
A UndW'inrtr IllutnlPd wrtkljr. Urtr* d>
HUM OfjOf I'lenllftr MIW 1nmi tot
Cum, tin t jt*J, iK*U|e j'trwU. fol J t'»
ui mwmm
NuUco is hereby given Ibal tin' un
dcrsigncl Intends lu apply at do. uext
statutory silling of the Hoard of I.i
censing Commissioners of lhe City of
North Vancuuver for Ihe issue lo Dim
of u retail buttle license fur und in re
speil lo premises lo be crci'led and
situate nn lot 1, block Hit). District
Lol ili, iu said Cily of Norlb Van
Dated   Hus   I'M  day   uf  January,
12 3 TDM  BOOTH.
NOTICE is hereby given lhal al lbc
next meeting of Ibe Hoard of l.ieciis
ing Commissioner! inr the cily of North
Vuiuuuver I slmll apply lor a bottle li
cense on Isl street east, lul V, block
11)0, I). I,. L'TI
.1 ll. TEEVBNS.
We Study Printing
Wc make a feature of preparing punting dial it profitable to
oui palrom.
Wc i imlv type facet and effect*
lo iniuic attractive arrangement,
and wc believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work. .
From a card to a huge potter
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
rm mm, mi
I > h u
Ui lie
c B
CQ »
1! Sf
g-2   H
T3  > V»
'8 | E
in Bin
2 J *
en o-%
— nil)
. ■
-n    .O
0    >
2 8^°"
1 .
g >n
■ I)
w «-
en gin
5 a
"•I fl
fl R m v
9 v —
J(3 8
J   6
■li I
IJ l"
X^ aJ?
- c &
0   A
41 j I
a Si o
iTl   0
C   w
J    I
'£   0
-J -*.(/)-.
I"*   u
S c S
111 J
0   L
*n Is m
o o g-3
en  r
•c o
3    .
Jj o
■1 2
5  i
*A  Wl
C   3
g   ag
"^ fl  W)
s •
:,' 6,
Clearance Sale
All Dtf'Goodi and Gent,*! FurniiMngi Selling at
"Greatly Reduced tricei^..
)    Evening wear Net Blouses, sizes 34, 36 and 38
only, all qualities, on sale at Half Price
Ladies' Moreen Underskirts, black, green, blown
and navy,   Regular $1.75, on sale at $1.25
Girls' Winter Coats, all colors, One Third Off
Ladies' and Children's Underwear, 25# Off
All lines nl Men's  and   Boys'   Underwear
greatly reduced :,, ■   h „■
nurv 11
War ntrirn mm tm'tto mm *mm ^mtjjm jm\9
Malllol did not iiatiBe long. Shadows, and falling to relieve »»
pZotvieT m  g •   rizr-um mw g wn "*
''When J Brat mentioned, bar name,. W,,,*,,18BB- .... „,m n-th. old
-ft, pit bad to do so, I did It boldly, "\'» • h»w "I of £OT, m VIA
-bin ..,.ereSt quickened, and I. wm *m"m™ M„m, TrLv H nm
poatlve ihut his attention -became "^J^ft^
morn lapnctlul. Ha seemed to think ,«an crowd a fortune Into. Ill get It,
91-95 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 93
■ ■
rtVti *""? w°:MnM,,Rn to™* * ******
gillie in,diii niy that wbat I bad to tay
miglii-iKM^-Mpio important altar all..
"Mr. riiii'' wuh not given to betraying In. mind and emotions;'indeed, I
believe h.> was usually credited wllli
lioaaeaslng an abundance of tbe former
lo the exclusion of the latter. Nevertheless I knew that he was Interested,
(or It was at this stage Hint be Irritably silenced my referenoea to Uie
nine-thirty train. -
"Bwlft, I don't know whether I can
make you sea It in the way I do. It la
all so mui' vol linm and strange; the canvas Is ao big, ud I can't handle my
colors very wull. During tbe course
of my narrative he would smile uow
and then, or even chuckle, aa though
hugely delighted over aome aupoct of
the aubject which did not appear lo
mo as being at all funny; but tbe In
Btant I paused, ha would promptly
command mo to proceed.
"Candidly, his attitude waa vory
mystifying; but Blnce lie waa not only
barkening lo me, but doing ao with
marked, If peculiar, attention, I made
the bust of au extremely dlaagreeable
task, and pleaded my cause with all
the ardor of which I was capable."
I here caught Miss Cooper Indulging
In a furtive little amlle.
"When 1 concluded hy blunOy ask-
Ing lilin for Ilie ruby, hia face was a
study." Maillot drew a long breatb,
and shook his hes,d over the recollection..
"I wouldn't again undergo tbe ordeal of the succeeding mluutea for a
Lot 56, Block 166, with stable
leased at $10 per month
Price $8500
Terms to suit.
'Villi H brusque Injunction to bll
■sephew to remain where he was, he
took Iba papd|e and disappeared b*>
kind the curtains of the alcove, which,
|'»» the reader will renumber, concealed
Ibe passageway extending tbence,
through the conservatory, snd Into the
Maillot could not say bow long his
undo was gone; he was still too full
of awe and wonder to note tbe passage
sf time; but by and by Mr, Page relumed, bearing tlie lighted candle In
one hand and s muall, worn, leather
hot In the other.
The llrsl ha placed upon the table
Immediately, and then, after resuming his chair, laid the little leather
hou In front of himself. He sat ah-
seully tapping it with Iiln lingers, and
(rom lime to time regarding bis
nephew Willi lite name aecrel, Inde
clpherable smllo which lhe young man
had already observed and  wonder, d
at. a
And now we approach the most
■ i.mini, the most mystifying, siege
of this uniu/lng conference.
ii< im, giving you this ruby," said
air. Page, alter a while, "I 'in going
lo bind you lo a few conditions—lor
your own protection," he had hastily
added, with a grin, when the young
man's fane suddenly lengthened at
this unespected contingency. "You'll
agree fast enough aller you 've heard
mi' If you don't, you dou't get the
PBternosler Ituby"—and with a peculiar Utile laugh— nnlst people would
tb* room waa tbat wonderful Jewel,
glowing and scintillating Ilka blood-
red Are. ,
"It wm considerably larger tban too
and of my thuinh^aa larga aa ».Wl
blokory-n«t and, my unole averrtd,
flawless, llublea ot sucb slse, ana
without a (law are extremal? rare, I
believe; .In fact, there are onl? one
or two knowu to be In exlstanoe. Tbe
VMCouwrBufineii Directory
HiisiNusa cuiiiiopna,
SPROTT-SUAW Business College
* 336 Haatlnia St, W.
vr im. auumm, „.,»„,.-. „- Osnsda's Qr.at.al Waaler* School
*ld-gaath»man   declared   Ibat—SHI ft  J. Sprott, fl.A., •-Ma
Ot fly* carats waa worth Ily* Umas aa | "•' "' ~r"-—i *>■**■■,    -mm
neai or tne succoeuiug iiinmum n„ ■
whole bushel-basketful of rubles, every  agree lo anything for that, my lad
-•    ■- Maillot's Inii i-i   1 was now cental's
much aa a diamond of equal weight,
and tbat the value increased proportionately with each additional carat.
"But I could only alt and sure at
it and wonder, and now and th*n
pinch myself to see whether I waa In
reality awake and not the victim ol
a fantaatlc Arabian Nights sort of
After a while Ihe conference between unole and nephew ended. Mr.
Page would not allow tbe young man
to depart from the house at that hour
of the night with the gem, pointing
out (reasonably enough) that nobody
but a fool would be abroad at sucb a
time with llvo hundred thousaud dollara on his person; though, lu his
anilely to secure the ruby and be
away before his uncle had an opportunity to change his mind, Maillot
might have retorted that a fool would
not havo bud ll al all.
"There aro men who have left no
ni.nn unturned to discover where I
have kepi ibis stone," Mr. Page had
concluded, with a chuckle, "and Ihey
have by no means given It up yet."
Then, with grim significance In view
ol the tragedy which bo swiftly followed—"! d bave been murdered long
ago, If ll would have helped 'em to
finding where 1 keep lhe stone hid."
according to Maillot's descrlplton,
and plainly allowing the marka of
age—was at last closed, and ahorlly
ii,,,.,. liiiMin ss  I jen 11, ni.-iib   I'lipulai   I.mn li  I'lace
Qutl''* llceVlml If iulu Hi      I.iiii. li n nil j.      Ilijjll
i.'.i,,. Ti .1 5 hll /  (ii       All. r11<>«iit Teas.
Mlulll llllllKHS sl'gi■lil.l.V ATll-.Mils.il III
North  Vaneouvir  Club    Block,  EepUnad*  Waal
Support Horne  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in tlie mountain and can giye
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
. *!
Moulding and finishing l-umlier.   .Second to none.
Office: Comet Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Tike Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
oue aa large and prlcelesa aa the blues
ed atone I was after. It waa a question whether I'd have to defend myself
from a sudden assault, or be treated
aa a dangerous lunatic. And all the
time he sat lliere twiddling hia thumbs,
apparently oblivloua of my presence.
"I can see Ibe old gentleman lipw.
lie was silling there where Silsa Hooper Is, bis chin on bis breast, and from
time to time in' v. mi iii lake tne In wltb
a look from beneath his gBtbered
brows, which, fur sheer, downright
hyperborean leluess. bud a liakola
billiard hurked away down lo Ibe
equator and stewing In Ils own perspiration. I was mi.ml to say anything
more, and al the same time I was wild
with Impatience to gel some Inkrtbg of
wbal was going on behind Ills Impassive crust.
"And, Swift. you never cnuld guiBS
|| bow that Silence wus broken. He mul
ilenly tossed Ills head back, end burst
J|snit hiiIi a great guflaw of luiighler. I
lumped clegr out ol my chair.   .
"'What a nephew!' be cried, wbl'e
I aloud Mum,r al hi 111 In dumb aslnti
iisliin. i.i 'Good I "i'I. wbat I've missed
by nol' knowing yuu all IbeBe years!
A chip off ul Hie old blocki' He abruptly squalid round on me, and paid
me a compliment very similar lo one
I bad in .ii.1 a lew nights before.
'"See here, my toy, said be, admiringly, 'for pure and unlimited i-beek,
you're In a class by yourself. Why,
lhe Very audacity of your liupiidenre
Is nol wlHiuiii lis iiiiiii. n.iii' Here
you come llllo my house and ask mo lo
stand and deliver a fortune, with all
ibo light ami sliy assurance of a bill-
collector. Ami the best ol It la lhat
you are deed in eurneat, loo—oh,
l.uiil!' And lie went off Into another
gale of laughter.
"I here timidly mentioned the lact
thai 1 Iiiui never lu my life boon more
dead lu earnest.
"'Barnest!' bu barked at me. 'D'ye
suppuse I i un t i.-II when a man means
what be says?   Humph!
" 'Uut, Bee here, my lad, It'a a pity
we weren't drawn together yeara ago,'
he broke off lo snap at me. 'Sit down I
I'm not going to bite—If 1 am a
"Well! I dropped back Into my
I'lialr, where I sal blinking, a good deal
bewildered, realising only dimly Ibat
I bad nol been llmiwn bodily from.Ilia
houae, and, after a while, lhat he waa
not even angry.
"Ou Ihe s in.iiiii;, be seemed lo be In
ibe best ol spirits. • Presently he began to pul mu through a uroea-eiainl-
nation, whieh I can recommend as a
model for any one lo follow who wanta
lo elicit Ihu inn,niii. of detail of another fellow's life.
"Defore he Mulshed, he bad dragged
out everything that hud ever occurred
lo me wilh wbleh anybody hearing the
name of Mu. m. waa even remotely
asaoclated a complete history of
Belle's aud my acquaintance, everything I knew or bad ever beard about
Mrs. I-1"' ii''. all about Uenevlove, and
every word lhal I could remember that
had ever peaeed between Mr, Kluetie
and myself.
"He took ma through my Ulk yllb
Mr. riuelle laat Wadneaday ulgbt I
don't know how many ilmi'ii anyhow,
until be muat have had It pretty wall
phot/igiapbi'd upon, his mind. Por
some mysterious reason, he seemed lo
relish tba epithet by which Mr. duetto
bad referred to bim. I'll bet I repeated
tbat part of our oonverestlon s sours
of limes; and every tims I uttered the
word 'hound' Mr. Page ebuokled.
"But by aud by I cams to observe
lhat eai'li mention of either Belle Or
Ljtab fluailo waa received with a cour-
||tesy and rsspect for wbleh I could not
' socount.   I wu at last moved to aak
bin whether be waa Wqualutod with
Uisin; but bs tastily shook bis head,
tnd bads me wltb aomo aaperlty not
|o ask queetlone.   Hs dropped Into a
brown study pretty soon, ao I abut up.
"Wben he spoke again kls words
•ttootlrely   banished   all   speculation
from my mint; In fact, they left ma
spseoblsss. Of ja sudden bs looked at
dm witb a sly soils,
'My toy,' hs said, almost In a whisper, 'the ruby's yours.'"
Thereupon, Maillot declared, Mr.
Pago inquired whether ba bad »v«f
sssn tbs ruby; lo wbicb tbs young man
rspliad In lhe negative. Tbs Irs os
tits Inearth bad by tbis tins sunk to I
elug bed of coals, and, save tor lbs
ruddy glow, tits Illumination waa
I horded by means of a single candle—
'lus mumimimt *ti make of tbs oom*
■SPS    Wmmn^m..    mr    ^mmm.    ^w    ^m.     vm
633 Seymour at., Vancouver
Pay school open all tlie yeur
round. Night school commences September 8th.
Loans,   Investments   and   Insurance.
IImu.ii Hii, li.il liranviile .St., Viiin',,11
vorT II. (1. l'bono Mill). Und Ksgis
try work a specially.
111; 11 BSTATK.
Maillot's Interest was now centered
upon Ihe conditions; and tbey at once
became a purl of the fairy tale ol
which he was the beggar transformed
inin :• imi"' hero—ao much were
tbey of a nalure lo add to IiIb elaUon,
rather than provoke objections.
Therefore lie promptly acquiesced
In Ibeir terms, binding himself upon
bis honor as a gentleman to fullll then
to the letter.
"Take this littlo bin lo PlueHe,"
were the words with wbleh bis uncle
charged bim; "bIiow him the 1:011
louts, lull"- anil here Malllol Bald ihe
old gentleman probefl him through
ami through with a look "on uo account allow lhe ruby lo go out of
your possession--not even for tlie
briefest Instant. Whatever else he
may be, Alfred Pluelle Is no fool.
Once he gets his lingers on Ihis ruby,
there'b no tailing what he'll try lo
put over 011 you. Of course be
has 110 Idea (bal you took him ai bis
word, bul I reckon he Tl have 10 he
lleve the evidence of hia own senses."
Mr. Page bad here rubbed his
hands together In aecxet delight, and
Malllol said lhat his eyes sparkled
aa he  proceeded.
"Then you can make him come lo
terms. We 'II see which he wants to
keep the worsl IiIb daugbler, or Ibe
ruby he's sweat blood to get.
Won '1 let his daughter marry a man
thai baa a drop of this 'bound's' blood
In his veins, bey?" Page had snarled
"Weil, you jui-i watch the old 'hound'
close Ills Jaws."   Suddenly he became
iho iinii'ii uul   di, Inn man that
the world knew, be addressed Malllol
In tlie curl, Incisive Innefl which never
failed tn i>.is 1 obedience.
"You tell bin) Ibis, young man,
eiaotly as I am telling II lo you. Tell
him you have performed your pan oi
the lmii mi. lii bim lhat Ibe sei-md
Miss i" "' Is yours, the ruby shall be
his; tell htm lie shall never gel hll
I.mul'., on une tick of the clock he-
"He won'i hesitate; I know Alfred
Pluelle. II you follow my Instruct
lons eiplliltly. the young lady will
be Mrs. (loyal Malllol by Ihis II1 e
tomorrow night It l-iu not very much
mistaken, lie II hu llm mosl astound
I'd mun In Hie world wlun you open
Ihe In" Vun want tn do It, loo open
ll under bis nose, danle bis ey t ■
hypnotise lilin with Its blood-red
flame." He bad been working Inni
mill slowly lulu a passion; now ll
ended In a violent outburst. "Mave
sin' old dug ■ down nu Ills minims
ami beg. d'ye hear. Makv him
"liine! Tin n < lose lhe bn\ slid put
n In your pocket. A 'hound,'
sin  I?"
He sat illi in Inr 11 while, Hi It
#1 ni on qiilli' i-aliiHy, iu bis forta) r
1 n'lfi' manner.
"I 'II give you a line mer my slgna
lun In has mighty gnnd nssona for
"ccognl'liig 11 on siglii mi lie can t
I'ji'iuii your right In torgaln with
iin.    'Hun
the young man Was shown lu bis room
Mr. Page.    "
by Mr. Page
Malllol declared lhal, ascribing the
circumstance to reaction from Ihe
evening's powerful eicllement, he al
most Immediately aank Inlo a deep
"I waa as exhausted," he amplified,
"aa i'l I hud been all day digging
ilu. in or shovelling coal. I could
aearcely realise Ibat my mission bad
succeeded; I liarcd the eullre proceeding was only a stupendous, gbaa'-
ly boas, which my uncle bad lu mind,
but to what end, or wbo Ibe Intended
victim, 1 could not lu the least conceive.
"Aud then came a crash that made
1110 think Hie house had collapsed,
and I knew 1 had been aaleep. I waa
ouly dimly sensible thai the noise,
whatever Ha source, bad beeu loud and
decidedly out of place in this hum,.
hold at audi an hour.
"1 sprang from bed, and Drat thing
hanged against the door of a ward
robe, which bad swung opeu. It nearly kuiicked my brains oul, aud hurt
something.awful. So I straightway
forgot all about the noise, and afler
groplug a while lor uiatchcB, preaeully
found one and lighted Hie caudle.
Then I tilled the basin ou tbe waab-
aland and bai bed my eye"
Whal followed was something mors
than corroborative of Ilurke'a statement. Alter the aecreiary had rapped
aud Malllm thrown open lhe door, tbs
latter was considerably aurprlsed at
Hulk, i, very patent fright.
"Tbe plain truth of the mallsT Is
thai the follow was In a eoudllluu of
cowering terror," was Malllot'a Ian
guage, "and when I learned thai he
hadn't made thu llrsl move toward
ni-, • 'iiiiiiiiiii: the cause of the dialer
bance, why. I simply pushed bim to
one side ami went lu see about ll my
llurke disgusted tne. He would
neither approach the body nor allow
me lo gel very far away from bim;
and when I broached the matter of going after help, he even went ao far aa
to argue with tne Ibal there waa uo
necessity for eliber of use leaving Ihe
house until dayflghl. The mere Bug-
gesllon lhat bo ahould wait hers alono
threw lilin llllo a blue funk; ao I was
ii>*il. obliged to lull bim Dally, that
If ho didn't go, I would, aud that In
shouldn't lollow me, either.
"Well, apparently he chose the lesser of -1 wu evils, and went lo fetch ths
I remembered llurke's U'lm lain « to
como down the front stairs, after I
had mm Stodger lo conduct bim lo
me, together with my colleague's ro
mark lo Ihe effect Ibat "Burks didn't
have much aand"; clearly, tbe aacre
in 1 y waa a coward.
And now, loo, 1 recalled lbs triumphant light In his pals syss, wblls
ws were Inspecting lbs concealed sals
—(lie only lime I had delected any
sipresslon In them aa If be bad al
anticipated   lhe   predicament
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
,       i).|o Seymour Street
R. K'eir Houlgate - - - Manager
III  -.CU  II I  • I-
All North Vancouver paopla nt al
Elinor Pluck lllock or Hustings St.,
ippusilo the new pusl ulhee. Leuiiiinl
'ells liis lea In Iho pound
Hislrkl   of  1'uiihI   I1..1 , ,    lllh
'Iuke Nolice Ibul ueurge V.i.lni ul
Vancouvsr. 11 C, cccunallon, limber
1 iiIsl'i. Intends tu utu'ly fm permission
,,   11111 i'Iiusc   llii'   IiiHuwIhk   oes. rilled
.III'IH        I'l'lMllll'Isl ll-H   111    11    plJSt    |  I.sl   is.1
ihulll   10 chains suUth uf Illi' linllll l.ul
.niii'i nl l.ul IS; tlii-oi'L' east Hi chains;
lii'lice snulh 10 L'ji.illts. Hi, nee u.ikI
10 chains; iluiici- north It ■ 1... 11..
thence east It chains; thence Hnrlli 111
lialns ilhciii-e tt.ii 130 chains, lli.-iu,-
.uiiili 10 chains lu iiolill of
Dale.   I'
u  uul
.l.liH     IIIUI,'
HKuH'il-;   VKIIIill.ll
iiber nth  mi is-i
lltslrlol   ul   Tuna!   ItallK,-   line
I'iiIii., Niillci- ihul Tula  l-iu,    uf Vancouver, 11  (', ate 1,pa 1 inn. si'lnsli'i. Intends   III    <|.,l      fl'l   I sll,. 1     1. 1     tu   pin-
bass Hie fi,lli,wli>tt ili-ht nli, <l taints
'omuic'ii. Ilia  nl  11  post   1 1..1.1..1  about
II   1 Is. 111. ■   lasl   nf   It,,'   pullil   ul   '"III-
iii'iiceiiiiiii uf l.ul T. I. ■'".'', uml
i.si.,.'ni.   11   surveyor's   pnai   1 s
Hlliiliel    IC     111. 111,■   11..ilh   Hi   1I111I11H.
Is, in i' eaat 10 chains it., 1... snulh m
i.iin. ilu-iic- wi-sl 10 chains lu |, ml
,1 luiiiiiniici-iiiriii. containing fit
ul    I. UN
iU'illllhlT   27lll
I Sll
IC 1
I'lKllhl   "I   I'nilSI    Hill., 1    "ll.
Take Notice Ilml Kllli.n Ai" xju.I.i
Hai wi 11 ul Viiluuui. 1, II 1'. ",. 11 1
Hun. broker Intends i>< iii,|,|j tut i„ 1
iiilsslun in I'Uicliasr in.   f.>l!owii,ji ,1,'
scribed lumis      i'uii n. Inn al .1 i-"ei
ulalili"! 10 chains uml nf III. In,I III
s,m curlier as a'vi-n In ,1 ili-solpiluii
■ 1 l„i slsknl I,, il,,,.,,, Vi nil, 1 .11,'I
"uiul,, id line. I In in 1 tiui th 10 , lmii 11
lull. C   WcSl   HI  ill.illi-     Ill"    linllll   10
1..una Ill, III" wcsl 10 . UlliN III. lur
."niii to chains. Uuin. .ii.i 10 . 1..111..
'In in.s mil Hi 10 chiillm. Hum.' .asl 10
luiliis lu point uf come i.-ni   .-un
'iiiliilim CIO sires  i" „r 1. >"
Hale I'i'.nils, i  -i'i),   Hill IC 1
ci.    i im u I ready   anticipated   lhe   y.»» ».
Maillots ui". ii,".- nm! Impatience I Malllol would be In after relating his
.....   ...  I..,..,...   II,.    l,aA   1,..,.,,   ,,„   lltorJf  o(  w)ia,   ha(j   |,rou|ht  1,1,5  Ig  ||,|,
liinis", and ths occurrsnoas of lut
ulgiii How could be bave bad an
Inkling of all tbia?
Howsrer, at tha lima I didn't wasta
many minutes Aver an unprodlabls
mental catschlain; Ibsre wsre otbsr
and mors vital mat tars rsqulrlng lm
medial* attention. I asksd Malllol a
good many questions, but sllcltsd no
further Information germane lo lbs
>dy. Bo I presently said;
avs you any Idas wbal your uncle
re an Ini, use thai he had heeu un
ililu In i sushi liluiflcll when Hie old
iMli'iiiuii leps.'d un,hi vetallously
miu a revery
"Well?" Maillot hud urged. -
"Marry lbc girl. Then give Pluutte
'tic Paternoster ruby, ilrlng your
ttlfe lo me lor uller all la ssid and
loin', liuii. I 'n a lonely old man
I'll see you alerted on a hoiiiyiiiuii
liul will make old PlueHe open bli
yts Bill!  wider.    You   never   beard'tragedy.
lhal I was silngy wben I waniid to |   "Have, , .	
gratify a whim, did you?   Well, II 's 'did with the ruby -after having shown
tny whim Dial Hila thing be done In ;|t to you?"
the best style. I'll have lo leave t at "Wall," he returned, witb thoughtful
part of It lo you. You |ual go Blued deliberation, "(hare's tbs safe. I sup-
and do lhe proper thing and tend me pose, wben he disappeared through the
the bills. . . . Hound? Hah! .curtained alcove lut night, bs vsnt al
Mr. Page as' toying wilh lhe jiml 'ones lo bis bedroom, gol lbs boi from
boi many minutes before be eipivs d ths safe, and wben we aaparaied for
himself confident ibat Malllol wni'd the nigbt—well, I don't know; I can't
 ..., 1.1. ,„.,.„„,!„,,. ia ii,,, i„   foau.  When bs Isft ms ia roy <room.
he wu still carrying tbs boi la bis
"You sre positive of Ibat?"
"Yes, .positive; (pr afler all (bat bad
bappeued between ua. aad knowing u
I did wbat Ihe boi couta/nsd. I rsmsm-
ber distinctly thai I looksd oftsnsr al
carry oul hie Instructions lo Iho Is
ler; tben, without warning, he pr.s/id
ths spring and Ibe lid flew opin
Tlie gem lay between theui like a
splash of crimson flame.
Malllot'a Experlenca
"We inua't'baVs ml* a Hembrandt- j ">» '«*"*J "■■. "• "uto '•»*u*r
man agaln-"lh* two of ub bending W "•"""T Jf *W otll»r «rt»)l R
& ffUA £ m ot * ml \ryeuZoitmimbu bow bs wu
tary candle.   There wu a wan re- . JJ^i"        "nemum, ««» *« wss
Hueiion of the Mme from th* polished "ItJJ*1'   . lu,, „ _, .ouaA blm    .,
nblp-tov, M mmm all «M^-^^'J^3K«Saiir
neaa md On shadows crowded ta E^ (bT^ y ii2Ja hi
dom.   Tb* moat briWaat (lMg ta *u*ys 9> w mt m pt aawtwosf as
Diatrict of Nortk Vancouver.
BKAI.KI' TKNIlKHM ou (lit prrarrih
cd forms ami accompanied by rsrtiled
beque ur cash fur 6 per cent, of lhe
ainounl of leader (wbicb som shall bo
bold until Hie 'ni,-1., is.I, com pi el iuu
of the works according to plans and
i-pci iti. allun., will l,e received by Mr.
John (I Parmer, Municipal clerk, until
6m p.m en Thursday, 81b February,
IUU, tor Hi. following work:
1. Hearing, grubbing and grading
road from Kellli itoad southwards lo
Mr. Jobn Taylor's properly, ll. I,, t'10.
2. Hearing and grubbinf portion of  1
Marine Drive Wcsl from Capilauo river
to II. I,. Hi, through Indian Itcscrvc
3. Clearing, grubbing and gradinil
Hoad in II. I,. Ml, •
I. Clearing right of way for side
walks, 11. I,. Hi.
6. clearing and grubbing road allow
sine from King street, Nortb laiiisdele,
to Promina Hoed, Lynn Valley.
All to ariunlaiirp with plans and
tpccldratloiis Jo be seen at tbia office
after ii.no a.m. on Monday, 'inih iust.
upon payment of (1.00 wbicb will be
id un,,,I upog^lie i.,, ipt of a bona
Ilde tender.  ^^
Tbs lowest of any Under mil nciM
ssrlly erci'pii'd I
I h, cifsmovp., '
llislricl p.iiginciT.
District Municipal Hall,
int. hy nn Valley sud Fromine Koadi,
Norlb Vancouvar, ll. C,
Mad January, I»I8. lilt V.
'     r
Every working day, »ncj ili'tfoy Ions,
throughout the year, a large and busy staff
pf expert artisans labor in our. factory.i-iesignt
ing and manufacturing those articles of heauty
worth and mefulness fpr whifh our il°re j8
noted. Each of these men i« a master of liis
art, and knows that his most skilled efforts
must be employed on each piece of work Wjb-
milted to hu charg?. In tne manufacture of
specially designed jewellery, medals, trophies,
lodge pins and buttons we can give a superior
are men of long experience—men who take
pride in completing each setting with that superb finish Which marks the expert. Have the
settings of your diamonds examined by us occasionally, it may prevent the loss of a prized
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver B. C.
h Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.    NOTARY PUBLIC    Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Aaaurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.    •    Assete $111,000,000
B|r John Elrk on the Education and
Dun   pf  tift   Hi'li mil   I runt lira   liil illy
illinium  to  |(imril   tin:   mliii'iiliiiiiul   ivnl
faro ot Nortli, V»i|io«vor,   iloserlbsd
iiiluuntion as being llm moat iiii|iurtiiiil
tlm    electric    coffee
|'.'l. ullilnr.
Ibo dice un ulii' I. lb*
il.,In, current wili
do ytm cookiiiK
Ibo iiiiiiiereion bcaler
tor boiling waler
Kin trie Iron, Ibe Iodic-
|s.i::ni'l.s convenience tor
ironing day.
Drop in at our office at 50 LONSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
All Are Operated hy Connection Wilh
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
Vancouver Leave North Vancouver
•6.HI Aid
; in
'.l :'n
I n.m
• iemtm "Mai
ll.ill.i'    lillll|.»HV
i.iti tu.
t 20
7. HU
111.16   AM
on Bunday.''     '1
lino tables aubject
to ilia
"t" w
oot linisl'  lor d
'linn, uiTiili'iiiiil or other
The Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Road Weat
Will »U|)|ily you wilb Ibe cbcapcat oeiiiiialu lot any kind ol Plumbing and Hoaliug Work, Sanitary Knpauriag, Sewer and Sejilic Tank
connectleni, turnare iuclallaliona, etc. Jobbing work and email contract! rccelvo |irom|it allention.
(live u» the job to tx up your new bowe and we will guarantoo lo
• tx all yoar pip* in a way Ibat wlll.aave your wietu wonim.        (
No job too email. None too large,
(lar aervlcet na at your dlepocal night or day.
Wa'va wvered our connection witb PoaUl Adireae:
L         .'Tt, Ufhl Brigade" Ml Ut.
for North Vancouver
Tha "Wild Charge" thoy made Vm Om.
.--,-„.,„,, .,_ .-....„ .„.- ...... .,
ot all dopntwienia" pf civic "Miiiiiifr
tratinii. Thia npi-nim, ttemt w„u topwl-
ed when ono roads Hir Jolm \Htk*i
pAAim to tlm Oanffillan (Hub at Victoria on "Wlilren nn a National An-
Sir Md lifiil in recent montlia been
lirivilegeil once again to vigil tboie
countriw wilimcml in the All-red route,
and during bis trip be bad boon im
l.ri'HBinl wltb the progress being made
by tbe British'race. Particularly wan
this the caae in. respect to Australia,
from wbicb be bud juet ruturnoil, aud
now ho wae renewing hie uci|uaintutii'i!
with Oanada:
Everywhere be bud gono be Inni been
struck with' the ovidence of tlm rupi.l
manner in which the nialoritil resources
wero being develiipil. Nuturnlly in nuw
countries thia work claimed lirst nt
tention, but be wus ulso interested in
knowing Ibat the interests of Die child
were alsu beginning to receive utlon-
Ilu felt that while lie esteemed il a
privilege to lie able to come before
tbem uud address Ibem on bis work,
he need make nu upulugy. Tin; little
ones could nut lm ignored if llm fouii
dulisiiis of a really grout country were
lu lie luid properly. Pust experience
Inul aliussii Unit the child musl have
every chance ol ils birth if we. ure In
have Ilie best results. I'uless the
i.i iinm ni life be i'ii i' Ihey coulil mil
expect tbo child tu be able to succeed
to carry on Ilie traditions uf llm llrit
ish race.
Ill ;\ii lililm Im liud lulled, as lm liud
noted bere, thai thorn was n gofd-jyi
icm of free education, In all nuh
countries limy slmulil puy great iilliu/
lion lo I'lns ni.il respohllbility, ' He
hero related u pretty story uf u child
wbo bad mice said tu him tliul lllirist
nmi' wus "(Jiid's Birthday." It was
undoubtedly true i lmt ever since llelb
leliem tlio condition of the child bud
been different. Tbe old races ull bad
Ibeir problems in tbe liirlli uf chil
Iron. Some of Ihem tried Ibo oxperi
monl of pulling away Ibe children
who proved burdensome, but all audi
nations bad faded und passed away.
Tlm insolent llomaiis wilb Iheir vol
uptuuiisncss tared bachelors fur shirk
iug the duties wbleh limy ought tn
bear, liul II was uiiiu/ing lu realize
llOW lung n time il look for Ibo Millions
In Vee Ilie vulue uf Hie child. Lord
Sliaftslniry was pioneer in the work.
Provious lo Ibat lime it was no un
usual sight tu see groups nl child
workers chained together, mid whole
balcbcs were sent nff by Ibo shipload
to serve apprenticeships.
But there was much Ihut was enonur
aging in the prugress uf Ibo nlfa uf
,'hild vulue. Net king was clearer than
thai Ihe nation which neglected Iho
.Inlil was sure lu go wrung. Hut
present day life did uul tend lu help
Iho child. It was Lord Sliaflsliury
wbo bad made the lirst organiwd al
tempts tn do something, so be opened
the famous Uaggod Helmuts, providing
freu clothing and free education Bu
Ihey found themselves after 76 years
uf active service in Ibis good cuusc
rejoicing in Ibe prugress mado; l^ut
they were vory far from u position
of perfection
Thoy musl savo waste The rosull
uf all esperieiice was Ibal the basic
rendition of success fur ull naliuiis Win
Iliul while Ibe development of theiiia
1.1 i.-i resources musl not be neglected
tbe cuiiKcrvutiun uf child life must go
band iu band Man was a uml if saved
but tu save a child is lo save a mul
liplioalion table, as one earnest wurk
or bad put it.
Sir John then went on to retail the
tremendous progress of Ibe wurk uf up
lifting tbe children which had gune un
since lbc year IS37, when was nut a
siugle law recogui'ing lbc rights of
children uu the statute hook of (Ileal
Hriiiiin. liut Ihere had been a groat
■si'i' forward since Ibal time. Throe
yeara agu all Ibe laws relating lo
rbiidren bad been ooaaolidateil uuder
one acl, and children's courts lad been
established, as bo waa happy lo boar
bad been Ihe case in Ibis country, and
children were un lunger forced to herd
with criminals. Parents were some
limes deponed to 'U»l the responribil
Hies which should be theirs on tbe
slate, and this wu to be guarded
against, but whatever renultcd, Ibe
'nr.' of the child and Ita welfare musl
be tbo first tboughl.
Bducatlon Ureataat AU
Kducaliun was perhaps Ibo greatest
aid lo success iu Ibis work. Ho told of
tbe splendid achicvenienta of lbc Hag
god School!, ud of bis pleasure duriug
hia preient visit to Victoria in meeting no leaa than 6vo former pupils who
were now domiciled bore and doing
(Continued on rage Sight)
y|S GetYourE
■—   —mmmtm*
I     M XJf 9 a V>
m mWt*mmmWwWWWnWW9m*m   '.
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In our Crockery Dipt, wa ara juet opening up a Urge shipment ol FlowarPota
.nd Crocks.       ——LU        All Sizes
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
it       .        i N
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Contrary to the usual practice lhe Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo the registered owners ol properly
according lo liic I ami Registry munis.
Up lo the present, purchasers have been in the habit ol
notifying lhe cily aulhonlies lhal the piopcity had changed hands
so that notices ol assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This loun of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for cily purposes, bul owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who a|ipcai on the records of the I .md Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreement!.
The Noilh Vancouver I .md and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
I he Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from il lhal they should lake steps lo ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent lo them so that they may be
come aware of the value al which they are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
* -, 'Limited Liability .   .
I 'Imm' 6266
■i -ii
,    IMm elk
inc. ftArn&aa revs*11
RAINut 7
For only ♦' Attn and It
weekly you tan buy tka
voir or w»tarfront com
plata flttod up. Baa tka
BANOB. Tliajr last a
Prompt Daltwry,
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parti of the City
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
ge™!".      '"..,.       a um
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Oflice; 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing,  Plumbing  Supplies,  Sewer
Connection*,  Hot  Water  and  SUam
Haatlng,   Sbeet   Metal   and Tinners'
Furnace Work.   BStlmates furnished.
Warehouse and Offlce: Oor. Esplanade and Bt. Qeorge, Phone 386.
J. H. OODDABD, Manager
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RatKS:— $2.00 per day up.    Special
rates In families and lo regular boarders.
Snaps in Homes
l roomed Bungalow on 21st struct   ,now,  all   modern,  facing  aouth,
»III 'i   Terms easy.
(roomed  Ii.m-.- on  1'Jlli street, 2 blocks east of Unsdale. All modern
(replace ,etc (2300. S8IM rash, balance easy.
1 r.H.iiir.l house on Villi street cast   of  Boulevard,   new.   (1801),   HOO
tub, balance (16 per month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
e lonsdale AVENUE*
P. O. Drawer 2060
We have a large stock of doors on hand am) can supply
tny style or size at short notice. We have tome beautiful
designs in front doors and also several new and choice patterns in the craftsman inside doors. All our craftsman
doors ar* made with 3 ply panels which ioanres yon against
cracking or warping, and alio show; the flat grain to advantage.   We will be pleated to show you these doors.
Win tirfia particularly gwtided again*
contamination. Tlm ages between \l
and 19 won* roost eritttfjl and In this
connection he rejoiced at tlio progress
of tb* Snout movement. He WM <nre
that an Inestimable amount at good
was being accomplished by audi organizations.
It was highly important that children ba givap an opportunity to play.
They cannot develop as ilicy nughi
unless they be given this chance which
was one ot tba most natural things in
tba world. Tbey wtre thus prepared'
for more serious work, just as the kitten chasing a hall was getting educated in the proper pursuit of a mouse.
Therefore the society lialf established
many playgrounds in England, ami
many prominent ladies and gentlemen
wore giving their tinie to the proper
education of the children,
But after all there must be love.
Tbey might attend to the child's every
physical need, but if love were absent
it would die and he would go as far as
lo say in his opinion religious training must enter into the life of the
child if the proper results were to bo
obtained. He told in this connection
of a celebrated African chief, who, ou
being asked what constituted the might
of the British Empire, replied, "tbe
Bible." Iu Iiii. opinion any nation
which would keep out the'Bible would
soon come to trouble.
It might be argued that this elaborate care over the child was very costly.
So it was, but if money were not er
ponded in this way it would go for
other taxes, which would assuredly
follow the neglect of the child. . ('rime
and ignorance itivarialily weut hand in
hand. There was no need lo begrudge
(he money spent on tho children. Ke
closed wilh the prophetic reference to
the child by Isiah "A little child shall
lead them."
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0, Bot 1719.
Phone 222
lWW r ttnm, wi mi,, t-
Continued fronj page aayen
On the night of January .'Ini Are destroyed the old Trappisl monastery al
St. '..ni'. ii. Man., entailing a loss of
$85,000, with insurance of only (6,000.
The most regrettable feature of the
conflagration ,however, ia tbe fact thai
the monks' entire supply of vegetables
was destroyed and as Ihey subsist on
a vegetarian diet, considerable suffering will result, the monks being practically dependant on the bounty of Ihe
neighboring farmers. The structure
destroyed was isolated from the newer
buildings and the thirteen monks resident therein escaped wilh only Iheir
clothes. A jewelry manufacturing department, wherein lhe monks atlemled
to Ibe silver and gold work of the
priesla and churches all over Canada,
was also completely destroyed, ami will
not likely be rebuilt, ils linings hav
ing lieen cosily, and the monks will be
unable lo replace the equipment. There
are about 6.1 monks resident al lhe
How tba  Chancellor Travels
"King Lloyd George the First" is
the way in which a Loudon morning
paper, The Standard (Conservative) do
scribes the chancellor of the exchequer,
who slartd recently on a continental
"Mr. Lloyd Qeorge," says the Stan
dard in an editorial article, "is travel
ing incognito. Tbere is something inei
pressibly comical in tbis assumption of
royal dignity by the most aggressive
Radical politician of tbe age. Mr.
Lloyd Oeorge, unwilling to mingle wilb
tho common mob, set out on bis trip
in a special saloon car, reserved for
himself and his personal suite, quits
after tha manner of imperial aud roy
al personages. A group of courtiers
assembled at tbe station to bow tbeir
adloux to tbe departing potentate. The
Standard, which must not for a mo
ini'ul be supposed lo be writing joco
.-civ, goea on to Inform its readers
tbat foreign observers of British poli
tics bave always refused to take the
chancellor seriously, and concludes its
cd it or in I by a reference to tbe fable
of ike frog which tried to be a bul]
and kurat.
Id tho old country papers much more
spue aad prominence were given to
Mri Lloyd Qeorge'a departure for tha
coq|iuent than to accounts of tbe
King's doing! in Calcutta.
iTortcoucH SKITS-
Ifiu Jubel M. Dane, licentiate of
the Royal Academy of Music, London,
England, taacher of pianoforte, visits
North Vaneouver pyetj witk. kditm
WM Beach Avenue, Vancouver. Pbone
870IB Seymour. 8* 1
At the Proposed Terminus of tbe
Canadian Pacific Railway
In District Lot 555
CLEARED LOTS having frontage of 60 to 66 feet.
Year 1911 Prices, $400 per lot and up. Terms one-
fourth cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months,
A few choice lots on waterfront near wharf, and on the
New Marine Drive (now under construction).
Remember—We are agents for the largest area of
Cleared Lots (streets already opened) in D, L. 655
(Dundarave) at first cost.
Maps and Price Lists on application.
Prices of 1911 yet in effect—but soon to be advanced.
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale
North Vancouver, B. C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
A II 111 .VMVI'S.
Percy   ti.   Howard
.11.   3.   I'crrln
l.'liy   Auditor.
Auail.r.  ami   Accuuutauts
SIS  I'ender Ht.  W.      P.  O.  Bon  Hit
I'liono SSI7 I'bone 1st
Vancouver       Nortb Vancouver
ltl 6th -Street Kaat Nortb Vancouver
i'bone 373
i'ionaer Horsasboer - Carriage Works
Successor to Wallace ft Bcott, Third
Street,   tli'iii'ial ri.<pair work.
A. Wallace's services have been re
mums and iTATiONKar.'
Booksellers awl Statiosera
Cor. Lonadala aad lit.       i'bone 143
Post Graduate Chicago University
nSmmmam  V  9mfm}   r^*f  wtww   9999 "9m9r9  *J*Vi ■
The Naw Blook on I^nadals Avtaue
near tlie Ferry Approach
waa built by
Geoer«l Contractors
Contractors for reinforced concrete
construction. Sewering In all its
branches; house connections a spe
riiiltv.    Estimates  furniihed.
Office: 26 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 166
I'reiied Brick Mantles a Specialty.
Phona hilt
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrate> Brick and Wood.
CIVll.   IIM.I.M.l.lll.
A.M.I.K. k B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plana
and apociBcationa. Septic taoki and
bouse drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Boi 344, 16lb itreat weat of Bawioka
Avenue. -
North Vancouvtr Buiinei*
College and Copying Office
I'uul* of Hamilton Chambers, Lonidale
Avenue ,North Vancouver . Day and
evening classes. Open all tbe year
And general Commission Merchant, U
Untitle kve., Nortb Vancouver.
Phona 121
llll  IIM  III.
Up to date Millinery
Moilerlae Kates
Keith Block    U Lomdali ATI.
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadala and Eiplaaads
Plans fer Sale, collages, bungalows,
houses,'apartuicut», halls, etc. Tel. 173
llth strtit near St. Andrew's Ava.
i aii.nn»
Nortb Shore Olaulng ft Dyeing Worki
High Class Indies' and Gculs' Tailoring
Rehiring   and   Alterations.  Claauiug
and Dyeing iu all ils branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Btreet West. Phone IU)£
I •allies' work a apodal!?    All k lmii'
of  repairing,    altering,    roniodtlllog, i
cleaning and preealng. Chargee moderate, work Kuaranlcpil      Cor. tansitale
and ISth ureal, Nortli Vancouvtr, II C...
Phone IT*.
TKAIJIKpi  ill iiii:;.
Spocialty: Children's I<ceeoai at own
borne.    Terms    etc., apply (icnsml
Uf clothes uo »t tba Ctplmd
Uundry where youn ought to bi.
Flat work tor tt unit dot. Rough
dry, ie lb., fiat wash, 3c lb.' Drop im
sfefrdand wa will call for tbem.
P- O. Bos 3383
» , International Sun
\       day School U«»on
first Quarter, lesson IV. I*uke 8:8MB,
Jannarjr ub, ma.
The Presentation In tbs Tmaple
TOa Story
Over tba pavement of tbe temple
:b..Barod haiL.rabuilt-lnJMantel
splendor two rustic worshippers   approached the priest, 'i'lie man oarried
two doves, tbe lawful snhstltuto fnr -^ ,, „t ,„ eni  8iwoo|1 mi B
a lamb in case of oxtremo Ppverty^,,^!, nUi^m consecrated in that
iin' woman—bow c»n moilierhpoil   be
exalted more, since to her keeping was
committed tbat moat precipus thing—
the infant Messiah.  The. priest struck
off the heads of the dpyes, offering
ono in whole burnt sacrifice and the
other as a Bin-offering uml announced
tho purification of tho mother.    Now
ho takes tho scant three dollars—the
redemption prico of the first born—
and writes the familiar namo upon tho
scroll.   Ho is glad when tlio "poor's
uffering" is done wilh.   Hut the place
i■milium, that day one holier than tho
priest—one alert  to  the  coming    of
Israel's    Consoler.     Beiitinol-lilui     lie
stands—instructed that his guard will
not bo relieved until he sees Jehovah's
Anointed      He   approaches  uml   lifts
the effver from tbo face of the Babe.
Tbe mother will not say him nay. He
has often done this before in pass nt
baboa pres.|M(}} in tilt temple. Thia
time a supernatural inlluoiieo rests upon
him, and by Its aid !m recognises the
true character pf (be Infant, of which
there is np sign either in its tiny fpnn
or in tbat of bis natural attpjitjtyita.
In sudden ecstasy be takes the Hulie
from the mother's embrace and M'l-
iaf-Him alofHn~bi»'twmtiliig"*anilt|-
burst out In his inspired canticle—his
Nunc HliniHiii.   Ii|s long watch   and
diminutive fnrni   Ho sees the wiileness
Of  Hod's   mercy    n   i.iilviiliun   llunnei
i) to all popples. Not p eauillo in
Jewish nMdlpafieks, hut the liight pf
tbp Wor|<J.
The Teacher's Lantern
The parents of Jesus might well
have felt themselves escmunl frpm the
exactions of tbe ceremonial law. Tho
advent of the Habo had beep heralded by angels, and His extraordinary
character had been indicated by many
tokens. They might havo felt thein-
Bolves elvatcd above ordinary Jewish
parents, They fulfilled all righteousness. Ii) this thoy aro good examples
for all time. Salvation and Savior arc
never separated. When Simeon saw
the Habo,   ho exelajiped    (literally),
"Mino eyes havo Been Thy saving ap
paratus," Jesus heaps up no morlt
available for "a apart (rom His own
person. In a 'fork ago—amid tlio gon
oral, indifference—Simeon ' apil Anna
shine with peculiar luster. ^Though all'
tlie world worn dead tp tho Mosuiunic
hope, they, at leas),- continued to live
In jt. Tbey waited cphfldcntly the
coming of the Savinur, ami thoy had
ih*lr reward-r'I'liel^Baiiitly forma joirr-
thp galaxy of angels, magi, and shepherds, who gladly welcomed tho Messiah. How indispensable.Jepus js to
ub is Indicated by tho onroloins used
tp describe hia ofiico and work. Bread,1
water, light—how long could life ho
sustained without those elements! It
is not a mere question of sentiment,
this receiving of Jesus—it is u question
of surviving or perishing. Without
Him we die spiritually as certainly as
wo would die naturally without bread,
Water and light.
Mosaic from tbe Commentaries
Sharp the cunt rust between splendor of tho temple which the great
lilumoan had rebuilt ut such cost and
the humble peronts of Jesus and the
helpless Babo Himself. Yel salvation
was with tbem and not with Hie giilniy
building. How deceitful ure appear
anecsl The ofiiciuting priesl may have
done hia task in perfunctory manner—
THE    C.P.R.
dels pretty nearly everything it goes aftor, and il' il is Iho C. P.
11. that is applying for power to bridge the North Ann of Burrurd
Iiiiii the liridgo will bo built aud the presont opposition will cn
sure bettor terms from the Company- that is ull.
ou Keith Hoad. 1). I,. 622 will, therefore, bo iu direct line between
lliu bridges and will be very valuable.
50 fool Lols—$400—oo Easy Terms.
NOTE—Next April a rapid ferry    service  will  bo    established.
Come und see Kriiidulc before buying elsewhere.
D. MacLURG, 340 Pender St. W.
Phone 335
Owners -Palmer, Bui mester & von Graevenil ■/., Ltd.
Commencing January 29th
"The Mikado"
On* Performeiw* Nightly. Doom open 8 o'clock, Commence 8.-30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-lSc. and 25c.
E. A. COLE, Manager
ilronishly intoning the ritual- all un-
wiitiug that all worlds wero concerned.
Simoon and Anna were "Templars,"
tpt'TVm On temple bad not lost Its
meaning. Tbs seer of the 'sanctuary
cast bis horoscope and spread bis pmA*
ip   li.'iiiidiiiinn. < Tlm   ninlirl.i  bin   ilu
l!flsJla!lfi,_Tli8.. tinting ./nmtlgii it tlie
"Babe" |s affirmed, lie will bs cause
of rising and falling—individual and
natimiafc—H^-yttt-inr topn))*9iwtf
venting the quality of thoughts before
thoy aro uttered, lie will be a targot
at which shafts of contradiction will
bo hurled. Calvary casts its gloom
on the happy scene. The awful destiny
of the Babe nestling in her bosom will
pioreo tbo mother's heart. Anna, tho
Tonerablo and widowod prophetess ,camo
from her aerie above tbo colonnade in
Iho nnnum'a court to take hor part
in the seono. Sho surj ln'i tribe of
Ashr from tolal obscurity bb sho announces the Advent of tho Kodoomor
In lluiHu looking for redemption.
Analysis snd Key
A Wuilin;: Saint: IlightooiiB, Dovnut,
A lleiogiii/eil Savior: llube In Sim
eon's Anna.
Au Inspired Canticle: Nunc Dim-
milis: "Now let Thy Servant Depart."
A Propliotlfl Message to Ilie Mil
then "Motor Dolorosa," Mother Most
A Prophetess: Her Character and
I'll nl irlr.
Widow   advanced   in    Age: tlavo
thanks: Spoke of the Bvileomor In thuse
who !""!■• 'I for Redemption.
The Young People's Devotional Bervlco
"The Foreign Missionary Whose Life
Hss Most Inspired Me"
lu Hie great Pageant, limlii. ■■.■. ami
Light, presented with the "World iu
London," lhe "World in Boston,"
and :ii ..ni lo be presented with tbo
"World ill riut'iiialti," the most pathetic and inspiring scene is Living
stone in the heart of Africa, lie is In
llm acl of instructing native youllis
in lhe url of building a bouse when
Stanley finds him and entreats bim lo
come Inline lo Kngbiud. His answer
is, "lliiiuel Home! I cannot go Inline
until in/ work is done!"
1836     THEIANKOr
rive 1:. ll.ili MUliiia Worth ef LoU
A laud deal which wus probably the
largest in Ibe history of i'unu.In and
certainly lhe largeal cash Iransai'linii
un record iu Toroulo was put Ihrnugh
recently in the Canadian Northern
offices wben John I' Hansen uf Wiuui-
icg purchased from Col. A. I). Davidson
oiling for Mackcnaio, Munn A Co., lols
lu lhe value of tS,S00,00D.
The laud bought includes a lirst
choice of urea acquired by Hie <"anu.ii
an   Northern  for  development   in   Hie
ly of Montreal, a  min    of iusuk
uiul waterfront property in the newly of Port Maun, on the Pacific coasl
ami laud al numerous important points
along the line of Hie Canadian Northern in the west, including two us yel
unnamed tbwasitoa in British Columbia
sbuiil midway between Kdinonton ami
A     RECORD    YEAB    IN     HOME
The annual report of Hie doparlnicul
nf the Interior records the largest
number of lioniesleads taken up for
year in Hie history of the liniuin
Ion. During lllll, 11,1 i'.i people look
possession of 7,184,6111 aires. This
wus three thousand more lhan in lulu.'
which ilself was a record year. Willi
Iheir families, Hie seltlcrs represent
d a total population of 107,861.
The total of new homesteaders iu
lii.ii. 12,506 I'liiiudiniiis from Hie dif
ferenl provinces, ami the rest, nearly
l'l,i)i)i). were immigrants. Americans
ed by more lhan half iu Ibe tolal of
newcomers, making 12,486. There wire
6,161 Kuglish, 1,2111 s. iil.li. m llllh,
,801 AustlO Hungarian, 1,092 Norwegian, 1,888 Russian, 887 Swedish. 818
Ucrman, 376 French, 206 Danish, 201
Ii.ii. I. 175 Roumanian, and LU Bel
giau immigrants who became home
.leaders, lbc olher natioualilis falling
iidow a hundred each. II Is Inlerest
ing to note tbat 556• Canadians came
hackjroiu tho United Statea and sel
ilinl on tbo land.
ili.' imports for British Columbia
ports tolal for October 81,180,973, s *
for the scvon mouths lo Octobor ft'
♦27,4J8,;i.'ll. The exports total foriW,
tobet: Domestic, 82,712,201 and it**
cigu, 8246,526, and for the seven inonF"
domestic, 88,927,177, foreign 81,18^
Hull. In this connection It ia to be ni.iH
thai New Westiuiusler baa Ibe disli,
lion of being the third largest cuatoi
port In tbe province. The imports'
October totalled 8263,170 and eaports
8807,398 and for tbe seven months, imperii #1,918,825 and experts 82.678,
wwu.r arora cooam. cuaaa cotoa,
mfm, rstoit moumi.wcyMii
m ■
T6 Ytnre In Badness.    OtfAtol and Bamrm that $1,300fiOO.
Two Members of a Family
—psntWtPly il they live far from town, (reqnfm'firfilinr :
very convenient to take advantage of our Joint Accooftt
Either may make deposits or withdraw cash on his
or her own signature alone. f\fut either e»n do tha
banking when in town, aa suits their convenience.
|li.oo opens a Saving Accqfipt, Joint or ordinary.
Intereat added"half-yearly. Money may (ie withdrawn at
any time.
Two Officea in North Vancouver, Corner at Lonadale Ave.
•nd Eiplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near Uth Street
All tbs printing we do is proof of our
ability. We specialise in ths little
thinga wbicb are so Important, and
which add excellence to your work.
Our plant and stall, combined with tho
•tudy ws give to Uie trad*, enables
us to give satisfaction. Ws will give
ettlwatos, make up dummies or advise
you on any work you want dene.
Publishers      of      "Tka    Bxprasi."
Print*™ at rim lab Work.
North Vancouvar, B 0.       Phone 80.
'    Ji ■   I        I    '  8
^ II
SHOOTING .„ „„„,,„
oi* mm w »wrtW"t>Hte» vm
A shooting affray wblob will remain
mora si less a mystery until Monday
morning wben the eaae will be heart ul
the city ball, took place on the waterfront wast on Wednesday evening
shortly ufler 7 o'clock. Somewhere
about tbis tints the police were summoned to Hiu foot of Malum avenue lo
investigate tbe cause of a number of
revolver shots, which had been beard
iu that locality, Thay fuund a man
named Oregan stretched on the aide-
walk with blood issuiug from a wound
■in the iieek. Medical aid waa secured
witk all .possible speed and tbe man
was conveyed to the North Vancouver
general hospital where lira. |UMaiin
and Thompson operated upon hint re
moving from the left aide of the nock
a bullet which bad entered at tberighl
narrowly evading the jugular vein.
The man ie now reported to bo making
satisfactory progress.
I Two other men were placed under
arrest for Implication in the uffruy,
p fourth having escaped over the Inlet.
The two men apprehended proved to
be Bobert I.ang and Dave (Iroouwooil.
They were formally charged yesterday
nmi in np with having "unlawfully with
a loadod revolver, shot, with intent to
murder, M. Orogau "to which charge
tbey pleaded not gu)lty.
Mayor MeNesh and Mr. C. F. Fore1
man, J. P. i,'inin,si..i them until Mun
day without bail.
Yesterday aflernoon Ibe fourth man,
Thomas Thompson, returned lo Hie cily
and gave himself up al Ibo police stu
tion. In answer to the same cburge
U was I'i,led againat the others, hu
pleaded nut guilty this morning.
What's the use of opportunities if
they arc allowed tu paw oiisoiiedt A
»aln of ii in,.-unl proportions, under the
management ami supervisiuu of Iiewis
Urn- A Co. of Toronto ami Chicago,
commences tomurrow morning at IUH
on lhe premises of the Woud Paige
■Shoe (lo. Hurt, most decidedly Is a
chance lo Bceure footwear of a super
ior quality at prirca which would under auy other circumstances, border on
the ludicrous. ll is a fact worthy
of mention lhat this is Ibe lirst sale
under the management of engaged spe
cialists wbicb has been held in Ibis city
ik yet. It is a thoroughly modern ami
tbereforo eipeusive proposition bul is
'only in keeping wilb the up lo date
Hues on which Ibe Wood Paige Shoe
Co. are conducting their liusiiiesa.
Edithr Express i
Pear Blr,-J shall take it klndly'am}
I know Mty of your readers will, If
you will publish tbs present latter,
Lynn Valley has grown at sucb an
extraordinary pace tbgf it^no lunger
|n it keep in touch witb all its
roulilsuts, Tbera ars doubtless many of
the now comers who do not even know
of tbe existence of tba Lynn Valley
library.' Let me say at once that the
library is free to ens and all—tbere is
but a slight penalty for keeping a volume too long, and another penalty—a
heavy one, for keeping it altogether.
It ia tlm outcome on tbe oue band of
a wiae and considerate government,
and on tbe other, of some of the original trusteea of tbe Lynn Valley Institute—a corporation concerning* which
I may he emboldened lo again encroach on your space at no very dis
tant date.
I cannot abuse good nature by asking
you to publish the full catalogue uf the
new library which lias just reached ine
from Victoria, but I may say that these
handsome volumes should satisfy every
taste. The first on the list is tlie
"Pleasures of Life," surely one uf the
best books ever written hy Lord Ave
bury or Hir John Lulrtiock as many of
us will luve him best, for it was under
this name that be came Into fame with
his wonderful slurb'.-, of. wilt life
Of course there is a huge slice of
fiction including dear old Dickens, Mrs.
Henry Wood, tlio monotonous Howells,
t)ie irrepressible Jacobs, the vernacular
Hum,. the extraordinary Kipling and
a host >of ut hen. which my stock of ad
i" in . ■ forces me to pass by. There is
too, that simple beautiful story of Wa
terloo of I'J'kninnn I'liiitiniii':. which
should keenly interest at least oue of
our residents whose father fought on
lhat memorable field and he himself is
proud of the clasp he won in this
groat country of the Maple Leaf.
Perhaps one day I will get him to light
his battles over again, this time for all
the readers of the Express, for those
buttles, even though within earshot
of the whirling rapids of far-off Nia
gara, could hardly fail to interest your
And Ibere are books for the kiddles
winch make ua wish wo were hack al
Ilie limes when we used tu suck from
a bottle (I mum. of course, the one
with a rubber Btop).
ottawai Am, tt..~T\>* tttmm in
dlcajing the condition of tbe finances
of tba Dominion at tbe end of December last, which has jmt boon issued by tbe finance department* bIwwb
tbat 'luring tbe month the public debt
decreased $2,049,080, as compared witb
1*878.661 during tbe same pionth of }910.
The net debt amounted on December
31 to (313,386,651, as against ♦815,-
t;il|,H3:i on November 80, and ♦336,886,-
950 on December 31, 1010. The gross
debt at the clqsa of tha year was HU,
488,871, as cnmpanl with ♦477,587,701
a year before.
Tba statement announced that the
revenues of December totalled $11.-
596,099, and the revenues for the nine
mouths ending December 31, totalled
♦98,489,947. The figures for Deceniber
1910, and for* the first nine months of
that year were ♦9,780,387 and ♦de,-
666,833 respectively.
Expenditures on consolidated fund
wore in December last ♦6,5111,861, and
during the nine months' period HI,-
303,871. The figures in 1910 wero fnr
December, ♦5,356,386, and for tho nine
months, ♦53,094,133. Capital expenditures amounted in December, 1911,
to ♦3,148,169, and in tho nine months
ending December 31 In ♦18,983,354. Tho
"I'lii'l expenditures in December, 1910,
totalled :; is'ii..im.. and in the nine
[months ending December 31 of that year
coming up. from tho soutbi called up
and asked ns to locate it. The captain
said be JI0I v"1 near the Island, but
could not see on account of tba mist.
The operator o» watch bera t*MA
him if he could bear tba fog whistle
wbicb was singing its monotonous note
nt warning avery mlnnta- Tba raply
was no. Wo told bim to come nearer,
aud he souid hear it as the fbiyti* em
bs plainly beard, day nr »igfet, palm
nr windy, a sufficient distance away
from tbe rocks.
Ha said be was sure be was too near
aa it was, but would venture a little
nearer. Finally he s»idi "0,K, -1
hear the whistle but cannot- aee the
light  Thanks."
Tbe Presbyterian ihu nli Udies' Aid
intend giving a concert in Knox
'lsiu.il iiii January 3Isl.
Un. O. W. Hugdcn, postmistress uf
Lynn Valley, bas been suffering from
au acute allsck of itifiiicu/a, but is unu
happily on Hie bigb road lo complete
A social and dance will be given un'
der the auspices of Ilie Women's aux
liiary in Ht. Clement's Hall on Wed
I,.-,Iui. February Isl, commencing at
8.00 p.m. Prizes iu connection witli
the drawing will be given during the
Mr. and Mrs. I'ulloek of Victoria
called al tins cily yesterday un tlicir
way to the old country where, after an
absence of nine years, they intend to
visit relatives and friends. Mrt. Pul
bnk is a sister of Mr. W. Iloldawertb
a member of the staff of the North
Vancouver City  Perries.
SI. Auilrrn'a I'realil Icrlau Church,
Keith Roud—Services: -MOrnlng 11.00:
evening, 7.10. Adult Bible Clues, Vi.30
lunda: School, 8.10. Y.P.S.C.E, Tuesday, at I P- in- l'riiycr Meeting, Wednesday, al I p. iu Choir Practise,
Friday, at I p.m. Rev. Ronald Macalml,
siribniiiai Cfeiirck—Cornsr of Sth and
jt. >;, ,.ii .    Sunduy Services, 11.00 am.
und i in p.m.   Sunduy School und Bible
Class, 2.30 p.m.   Senior League, Monday, 8 inn    Prayer and Praise Service,
Wednesday,  8  p.m,      Junior    League,
I'liiirailnc   uflernoon  at  3.30.    Pastor,
ff, (3. Schlllchei'.
church — Corner    ISth
.„u „.,.,,v.......     Morning at 11 a.m.,
evening at v .;u p.m. Holy communion,
first Sunday in month at 8 a.m.; first
und   i.i,'i Sundays at ll a.m.: Bunday
""   mas  15.
St.    Agues
and Huni. \.u.I
School  ut 3.00 p.m.   Rev
Rowe. Vicar.
Salvation    triiiy.    I.unwhile
Suinhiy services, 11.00 a.m., 3 p.m. and
7.IB p.m. Tuesday, 8 p.m.: Thursday
8 p.m.   Children's Service, Wednesday
. .i.in ant)
And Ihere are still other books, dense
books on sociological subjects, on
monetary problems and again books
ou Nature, on Powls of the air, on
Insects and also books on Mining,
Nursery Hardening, Boils, Farmsteads
and olher books ot very great interest
to settlers in the Valley.
Then, the most courteous assistant
of the travelling libraries has heeu so
good as to make a collection for tne
of all the best and mosl interesting
goverume-it publications and maps
concerning Canada in general and 11. C,
iu particular- these will be of the
greatest value tu many of us.
I would like lo mention Ibal there
are some further pleasant surprises in
store in ronnectiou with this library
apd also others more or less related
thorato.   Hut of these, later.
As the Isle Institute Hall has been
sold, and as the new one has not yet
been opened, 1 am obliged to ask oil
residents desiring hooks lo call al my
address, Ceulrc lioad (South) at sny
lime tbat suits them best but prefer
ably after 8 pm.
Apologising for troubling you at so
great length and witb my thanks and
possibly those of many others.
I am, dear sir,
Yours fathfuly,
How the s'sii"'! wireless telegraph stations aid navigators is little known to
mBiiy, says W. M. Thompson, operator
at Tatooah. He said: "There is seldom a day passes that this Btation is
not called upon for information as to
weather conditions liy coastwise and
transpacific steamers, relaying messages
regarding the taking on and discharging of cargoes, coaling, correcting hills
of lading, etc.
" li'.. iiiilv tho captain of a transpacific vessel arriving from the Orient
called up and asked us to locate him.
He said he saw a light but did not
know whether it was Tatoosb light or
not and he could not afford to guess
about il. One of the operators here
look a compass ami going outside swept
the horizon for a light. One was
faintly acen in the distance, the exacl
hearing from bis light taken, and going
hack to the key he told the command
ing officer that his light was seen ami
gave him bis bearing. A message
came back thanking us for the infortnii
lion. Tbo vessel proceeded up Hie
straits wishing us a happy New Year.
"A few nights ago a steam schooner,
Uapllsl    cbureb Twelfth   and   St.
George. ServiccB at 11 a.m, and 7.30
ii.m Sunday School and Bible Class ut
3.30 |i.m. Player and praise service.
'.',', .in,...i.n nt 8 p.m. Pastor, Bev. A.
I. Pi'iissor. 12th and 81. Qeorge. '
St. Jnbu Ike Evangelist, Sth and 131 li
Holy Communion. 8 a.m. Morning
Prayer. 11 a.m. Evening Prayer. 7.80
p.m.   On the first Sunday In Ihe month
1 here will be a aecond celebration of
Hie Holy Communion al 11 a.m. Rector,
Rev. llui li Hooper.
SI. I I'liuunii'i, i nin.illc Cbureb, Mnhon
Avenue Sundays—Mass. 9 a.m. Sunduy School. 2.30 p.m.   Rosary li li.
Hun and Sermon, 7 30 p.m.
Indian Catholic rburcb at 91. Paul's.
Mush. 7.30 .i in . Sundays. Pastor, Rev
E. Pcylnvln. O.H.I
SI. Thomas. -1 urn ayrry Sunday
except first Sunday In month. 8 30 um
lirst Sunduy Iii month 11 a.m., Mutlns.
i.ii.hi:, und sermon, second und fourth
Sunday, link Cnitnnunlun anil scriunn
lirst and third Sundays. Vlcur, Rev.
T   E   Rowe.
ri.nlijierlun Church—Sonouys. 11 s
in. und 7.30 p.m. Sunduy School und
Bible Clues 130 p m Teachers' Training  f'luss    Wednesday   7 30.    - Pruyei
 iin"    'Wednesday    8    pm.   Boys'
Club Thursday 7.30 pm. Choir prac-
'I.e. Friday. 8 p.m. R Van Munsler.
H.A.,  pust or.
Ilctbuillsl l kurek. — Services every
Sunday evening In tttc new church, at
7 u'clock.
1'i.f.i.)i.-ilua Church—Worship, Sun
days.  11 am      Union Sunday 8chool
2 30 p in Prayer meeting, Tuesday 8
>< in . Teachers' Training Class Friday
130 p.m.    R Van Minister. MA. pastor
SI. i ie,n.ur>, (Anglican)—Holy communion, 1st Sunday In month, li am;
evening pruyer, every Sunduy, 7 00 p
in ; ' I.sn practice. Wcdncsduy. 8 00
p.m.   Rev   Arthur E   Bruce, Vicar
Bach of those Hues ars concsdsd to
bs tbs standard of the country. Our
stock Is all bought from representative
Aims. Boms of these lines we are
compelled to aak a little more for because it costs money to manufacture a
high grade article.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
IN POUND-Two Indian Ponies: description, one brown, witb black mane,
tail and feel; one brown and while
spots. If pol claimed within sin days
shall be sold by public auction to defray, aMlenwa,
«,    Pouudkeeper.
10,000 cords of dry lir wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger q'uan-
lilies. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.  CO. D.
Office and Yard—14th and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P.O. box 2432/
In sKaiulnops at the present time
there Is a great demand for teachers
for city schools. Men and women
who have Ihe required certificates and
qualifications are, it is said, ablo to find
employment any time. The school law
'civ .Jearl) defines wbat lhe .juulili
.alien muat be and unless these are
satisfied ia all respects the candidates
for tbe positions are not accepted.
Teachers sre balSg drawn from every
spsrt of tba Dominion for the reason
lhat there are nol enough iu the pro
vines of British Columbia to take the
pi.-iliuns At Ibo present lime Ihe
shortage ia vary acute aa tbe major por
tym of the teachers of tbe in m
already engaged by schools el»cwlwr».
Don't Take Chances!
Business man and business houaes
are usually judged by the printed matter they send out.
Cau you afford to take chances with
your printing when good work in thla
line coats little, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
First Street But,  Nortb Vancouver
NOTICE is hereby giveu that the
rebate on all water rales for tho March
quarter will finally close on the 3Isl
Lynn Valley Teopertu* Hotel
North Vauci'uver
On  the car line.   Hoarding meals
Hood accommodation for working men
Contractors' men boarded. Ily. Kastcoll
Diatrict of North Vancouver.
I'.illrl   of   Revision   ol   AsSCMmcul   Holl
NUT I fl-: Is hereby given lhal lha
Council of Hit Dlslrlcl of Norlli Vancouver have appulntvd Suturduy .the
3rd day of February. 1 til2. al the hour
of I o'clock |i.m. al Ihe Municipal
Hall, corner of l.ynn Valley Roud and
I'iisiiiiui Houd In S'.iisi .lis nu i tn the
lime ami lilacs for henrinic complainis
against ihe Assessment for Ihe year
I sll. us made liy lhe Assessor.
Any person complaining against Hie
Assessment must give nullccln willing
lo tile Assessur of the groonU of his
complain I al least ten Jays hofure lhe
dale -I the first silling ol the Courl
uf Itcvlslun .'
Haled al Nurlh Vancouver. U (.'..
Ilils  li.il, dav of December,   1*11
JOHN  d   1-'.MIMI.lt    CMC
(Certificated Kdiubuighj co. Mcintosh, corner of 3rd and Ht. David's
Plioue li. ■>  Terms moderate.
Tke Dominion department of agricul
lure in a bulletin issued oo November
311 last, reports tbat witb a view lo the
■in iiiirngeiiiciit of poultry keeping and
egg-production in tbe Dunmow district
of Eases, a series of cock-crowing mat
be* ia to be held. It is believed tbat
such inai.hu, will do an enormous
amount of good in causing cockerels to
be bred of first claas stamina. It bas
been noticed again and again that the
young cockerels which crow first arc
uaually tbe strongest, and by using
theae atrong birds the stamina of poultry enf be augmented in a few sea
Have Your
Filled by the
In view of lbs sdvasl of the C. V.
more difeult to buy every day. Friyj
within tbs n*»t few moutj
Ws bare also apssUI values ia Bstead", Third aad Fourth C.0)
• <••■   '-      <"   Wl MMlHUW  iOltO VOMt Mmmmmn -—m-
tbem mt
P. 0. Boi Mil
Agents (or London A»W«" Co.
Wc have • good selection ot Houae* (or Sale or R*»t
Pagei 4 and 5
It will interest you
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.


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