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Full Text

Alihiiiigh ..lln ml circles are somewbal
riln-cnl us to imparting iuforinalion
relative to the uiljiislmcul of oiilslaiul
iug difficulties iu I'tiunceliiin wilh the
approval by the Miuislcr of. Kuilwuys
of lhe ll. I'. II. roule map fur lhe lines
B ul the Cunipuny upun the North ti'u.re,
il has been possible to gather sotlieieiil
I from Hi uie sources lo justify lliu tuu
elusion Ihul an ugreenienl has practical
ly been reached, lhal it will be fori
iiuilly ralilied upon lbc arrival of llu'
Miuialer of Kuilwuys in Winnipeg und
Huil Ihe construction of the lines of
the >'. I'. II. upou Ihc Nui tn Shore will
-follow Ihis inih.ii.il ur in .1 spring
Kecve Mn. ...iiiitui. Ihc reporl publish
id in ib. . columns ou Friday last tu
llie cll'ocl lhal au uiiilcrslundiiig was
arrived   al   belween   lite   Miuialer   uf
v Railways and lltu municipal rcpreseula
lues uf Ihe Nurlh Shure during Ihc
rcienl visit of the former to Ihis side
uf lue Inlel, to the elfeel Ihut the pru
. ihiiiu ua lo running rights uf other
lines over the lucul rigltl ul way of lhe
('. I'. K. were lo be confined tu lhal
«lretch of territory lying between the
i imi cm boundary of II. I. -TJ aud the
western boundary of llm liuliau Mis
sion. The urlices of the II I'. II 'tu
part lhe iuforinalion lhal lhe original
advice   Using  lhe   ptiitits   iu   ijuesliun
ut Ihc Iwo extreme limits of the pro
pn-. J lines of lhat Cuinpany uu lhe
Norlh Shore was rceeiveil from lhe He
j.ii rt uunl of Railways but lbat iu far
Us lhe local offices ure uwarc no li 11 ice
has as yel been received by the cum
pany frum Ihe Minister nf any altera
tion iu thc bnnlnm of those poillis
A letter hud beeu received however
from Mr. II. II. Stcveus, M.I'. informing
Ihc compuny lhat the Minister lunl
agreed lo modify hia ruling ft .is io
change the loculiou of those point' r
above ilitlicaled, This letter hud been
forwarded to Mr. Bury, geuerul supcr'i
ten,Icnl of tbe C V. R- ul Winnipeg
wilh wlmni the decision in Hill mull.r
lies, Mr. Hury is fully ailvlied in. lu
llie attitude oi lite local officials r-'a
live lo tbe ehaiiged conditions.
The Minister of Ruilways will arrive
in Winnipeg aboul the lusl uf July und
while iu lhal cily it is expected lll.ll
he will be in conference willi Mr. Hut"
when lhe Nurlh Shure routo map mil
bu discussed uud u ilehnile agreement
reached. The local officials of lln
C, I'. K. expreas tb/maclveij as somewbal
.Iiiiiiiini of lhe feasibility of any ac
lual conilruction work being done Hns
year because lbe seasou is so fur ud
valued that ou account of weulhcr
contlitioua work could not be curried
on lo advanlagclhis year for auy up
|.reliable letiglb of lime.
A rumor is current Ihul lucul parlies
have received reliable iul'uriuuiiou
Ihruiigh private correspondence lu lhe
effect Ihul lhe (.'. I' It. will begin
construction very soon, but this has uul
beeu truced lu uu authentic  ■ uud
Ihe mf urinal um given abuve is lhe
sum i'iiiii nf whul js lu I.e learned
llnuiigli regttlur uml reliable channels
City Council
A letter was read -lining lasl night's
ivwiuu uf lbe cily cuuucil frum Mr
A ' I I'n kluny nulilylng llm civic
i-i.iin.lilies that a valuable thorough
I ml .nil belonging lii Intu bad recently
been slruck duwu by debris following
a J.In I iu Hie iieighbuihoou ul lnlli
slrect and bud had lu be .Iclm-nl
Ml   I rn lumi   valued Ihc coll ul flun
Asked if the police drparliucul had
iuu-sligalail Ihe mallei, the chief of
|ii,ln r staled that Ibere hud been three
different part lei blasting tu thai licit'
Hi mi lhe dale tu i|Ucaliou ami the de
pailtueiil had nol so far been able to de
io i tin- i.iii inin.): party
Aid Ili.l. niijUircil whelher Ihe city
vun iilaslnig in lln- neighborhood on
I im day, lo «linli lhe i Inel replied
hul ik'.'i- was um man blashug lor the
nli in lhal day. bul he believed hit
operations were loo far removed I rom
Ine i.-eue of the uiTidfiil lo have cans
I il    Ullll'
Tlm miller wai lefl ill lhe bin iif
Ihc pul" e 'Olnllli.li'C
'ine following rcporta were received:
Boaid of Worka    •
be letter from Frank Hoyd, a.king
fei nb walk un Iklh alreet from eud
of Ihc preaaul sidewalk lo lol ki H (IV
Cot). Hu mmm ti'lcil lhal Ihe sidewalk
OH   llllh  slreei   he  elleli.lei)  lo   Bulge
way avenue.
Pe Idler fiom Mra Buaarll asking
for n , un View ilrcii from 26tb lo
'itth streets. Recommended a' wagon
load be opened ou View alreel from
Willi io 26ib alreel and rael on 1161 li
slrect oue half a block. *
From A. Youug aakiug Ibal a road
be Opened lo lol ill It 616. Held over for
mil"' liun of tbe premises.
Ke letter from fleo. ti. Kaslniau
claiming compensation for work done
oo Ihc alreel frouling ou lot Ml lioo.
land over in order lhal Ibe engineer
may look into tame aud reporl.
Ke Idler from A. J C, Oilmour re
■ ..in in en .I..I Ibal applicant |ie wniii-n
lo aiding Ibal Ibe rouurll .annul aee
Iheir way lo carry out Ihia work al
picseul bul Ibal probably something
may be done later oo lu Ibe season.
Ut lei ler inuii Wm Butscil regarding
damage done' by Ibe city 'a men while
Wasting ou lllh alirel. Referred lo Ihc
engineer to examine Ibr alleged dam
age wilb power lo acl.
Recommended tbat sidewalk U laid
ou Ihc nmil sule nf lllli slreet frum
Sl. Ileorge's aveuue lu 81. Andrew's
ai cnui-
lie. .iiiiini-ml,,I lhal McKay avcuue
be cleared uu lhe wesl side of Hie |.
II. trucks from 2i)lb tu 22nd streets
and Ihul Ihe dislricl council be uulllieil
that Ihis wnrk is guing tu be pul in
band immediately.
Re Idler fruni A II. I'erry, lucul
manager uf the 11. I'. I-: Ky. I'o., asking
pcrini- ii ii lo Uae Iho I'heslerlield ale
wharl. Ilcuiiiiiienilcil ibul Ihis permts
■•mii be giveu subjeel lo payincul uf
the cbargea cualouiarily impoai-d by
lhe olher wharves in Hie eily.
Ke Idler from Mr. I'erry unking lhat
lhe ally engineer he inalructed tu give
Ibe iiccc-nuty grade uml location slakes
for Ibe relaying of Ihe track on lnl
slrerl west and ulsu uskiug thai plcpa
be l.ii i i lo dispuse uf llu- walei uu
the nurlh side of Isl slreei iu lhe vum
ity of I-, nu ib aveuue. Recommended
lhal lite nly engiueer lie instructed lu
all eud lu those mutters ininicliulcij
liciniiiiiicinli-il ihut grading lie carried
'uul uu -I'lh street to Somerset slreet
1 aud ou Somerset atreel lu bit lu and
.also lhal Brand alreel be graded fium
mnli iu iui ni.
The nly engineer enclosed a Idler
from lbe It t' li. tiiiin,. Co. offering
heavy or light aspbullu road oil al
II -'I per Ju gala, fob, I'orl Mood)
Tbe ijuenliuii waa laid oui In llie
couucil meet tug uu Monday night when
furluer particulars will be iu the hands
of Ihr commillee.
Laoat OoumltUe
U.n .iiiuiii n.l,.I lhal lauea in bloekr 6,
v ami HI, I) l. tli be cleared and
ll....mm. ml. I   lhal   low-   iii   blocks
«,;, ii, li, u, il, ic, ie, ii, ib, m,
m, ii, ii, u, it, ic, a, a and jo,
In 27.1 be cleared aud graded.
Waterworks Committee
Vi nb regard lo Ibe leaders for waler
worka supplies of IClb July tbe cily
• i.;.ini.-i recommended lhal the lender
of tke Norlb Shore Irou Worka for
special culiugs al ti '"> per IW) Iba.
di lm n d «u the cily waguua al Nurlh
Vancouver and Ibat Ibe lender of '-'raue
k I'o. for galvanized iron pipe tie
pig lead and jute be accepted
Kc two I'li't' from Ihe diatrict of
Norlh Vancouver dated rcapeelively
lllh and IiIb July and repbrla aueloied
ou Ihe . i.mliiiiii of the new p'pe line
rtni<l Recommended lhal Ibe eheu
mau of lbe waterworks commillee and
Ihe engineer meel Ihe dislricl council
and disi uss lbs mailer wilb ihem.
Recommended thai tbe epical iou of
Ihr intake kccpcr'i holidays uc lefl "
Ibr hand* of Ibe rity engineer lo ar
raage and provide a substilulr
The secretary of lln- school buard lasl
niglil i inii I fil a Idler lo the cily coon
til staling lhal iu view of lhe forth
coming viiil uf the Duke uf i oougughi
and l'riin'1'ns I'ulricia In Ihis cily, Ihc
board lind expressed n wish tu act in
co operation with lim i'ily cuuucil aud
ulher public I,udies in uccurding u
welcome lu iheir Itoyal Highnesses.
A etiiiiuiillee hud been appointed ill
tbis rebiliuii comprising Mr A. II. I'erry
und. Abl. Frascr. "It's a pity that
lhe . I.,,..I board should rob us of one
t|f our ublermeii," "ouiiiienlcil Alder
nluu Dick.
The letter further cuiiteuiled lhal il
was proper for lhe school children to
luke purt iu the proceedings and alsu
suggested lhat the Ridgeway school af
forded suitable facilities fur the accom-
iniiTiilmn uf the public on such uu uus
picious occasion.
II was decided thai when lltu cuun
eii has appointed a committee in tbis
connection the two committees shall
iiiei'l uml discuss all mailers pertaining iherclo.
Cement Curb and Gutter
For Lonsdale Ayenue
One of Ihc recommendations of lhe
Hourd uf Wurks submitted lust night
fur ilm approval of Ihc city council
was thul tenders should he culled
Inr llie cuiislruiiion uf a centeul curb
uud gutter un Lonsdale avenue frnm
lhe norlh line of Isl slreei lo Ihe
nurlh line of Mli slreei ul tin estimated
cosl of glljiigl.
The reading ol this section of lln
minutes of the buard evoked from Aid.
Diek a declaration lo lhe diet thai
he would mil suppurl lhe recomuieuda
inn if il concerned I.onsilule uvenue
unly He though] Ihul lhe ideu had
been lu cciiirulii.c frum llu- whurf utnl
lu muke the streets iu lliul vicinity
piesenlalile. He wuuld unly suppurl
lite recomiiiciiiluliiiii if he wus assured
ilml thc same wurk wuuld lie 'lune upou
llie streets eusl und wesl.
"We are nul dealing with any
uther slreets yet," declare,I Alderiiiuit
liiss. chairman uf lhe lluutil uf Works
"Ilul.you an- guing tni'' ipicricd
Abl. Dick. "The alderman says We are
mil dealing with 'Firsl ur uuy ulher
slreets. We lire. Mucudaiuisiug cou
tracts have ben let lur ulher streets
if yuu will ,|u llm fair thing I am
perfectly willing lo suppurl Ihis I waul
u fuir deal. There is iiolhing limn
tinned ut lliin recommendation uboul
slreets eusl ur weal, to lliul  I do tint
|lu>„r it."
Aid. Furemuu did nul see why each
slreei  coold nut be dcnll  with nnlivi
! dually J.onsdule uvenue wus a slreei
duwu which lurge ijoautiticn ul wuler
run. tuul it was necessary that il
ahould  receive allenliuii.   Tin-  streets
'eust uud wesl could bi' lui,cu up nidi
viduaily as the wurk wenl ulung
! Aid. Dick reiterule.l Unit if llic
buard wuubl give Inin nn assurance'
Ihul Ihc slreets easl and wesl were tu
.receive like allculiou, In- wuuld sup
I'uii   Ihc  reconiuicudaliou    I'iiIcsti    he
'received such a guuratilee be wuubl
uoi  in...i lhe idea.
"Move lhe adoption of these recom
in,'miniums," observed Aid. Irwiu.
"Nol yet,'' said Aid.'Dick.
"Terminally 1'am sntislicil and will
give such uu assurauce as Aid. Diek
wishes," said Ihc chairman of lhe
Hoard of Works.
Abl. Fraser us another member of
lhe board was also satiated.
"Vou needn't look ul me, Aid. Dick,
uid Aid. Foreman. Vou know very well
I am always in favur of lhal."
"Very well I lieu," said Aid. Dick,1
"J withdraw iny uppusilion."
Thc r'.'i'iiuimeuiliiiinu was then moved,
I-. ..ml- d aud adoplcd by Ihc council. |
Sitting of Railway Commission Saturday
Thc city council waa hist night noli
ted lhat Ihe board of railwajfcyuwinis
sinners will bold a silting al lbc clly
hall at Vaueouver ou Saturday, July
iiih, to bear Ihe application of Ibe
Hurrard Inlel Tunnel ami Bridge I'o.
lot approval of I hi* location of Ibeir
line of railway, *
boy» f mmro
;  Two good roule boya wanted for the
F.xpreal.   Apply al Uill o*ce.
Items of Interest Concerning North Shore
The new lire hall, pay slatiou aud
public convenience in the region of
lhe ('upiluno Irani terminus are now
neoriiig completion.
Kcv. Father Feylaviit, O.M.I., Norlh
Vancouver, has this year attained lu
the fortieth year of his ministry. Must
uf the time haa been spent among In
diaits. _
The congregation of til. Edmund's
church, Nurlh Vancouver, will have
u picnic on Sunday afler morning muss
ul lhe Indian rcservuliou, close to l|ie
Miss Aspell, who has acted as
teacher iu til. i-:.llmm.iv school, Norlh
Vuncouver, since ils opening, has re
signed uud lefl un u lisil lu her htiine
in  Kuglund.
Dn Wednesday uiuiuing al 6 u'cluck
lbc cuuucil intend journeying to tbe
scene ul' the Rice Ijike tuunelling up
erutioiis iu inspect the prugress ot lhe
work so far.
Mr. Ijiurcncc Fee, uf Kstjuimall,
Vmioriu, visited his brother, Rev. Dr
S. Fi-a, on .Saturday last. Mr, Fea was
much impressed with the beauties .aud
pOKsihililies of Ihe Norlh Bhore.
Many bundsumc prizes for ihc van
nun  i'ietils  in  llu- Ml.   Andrew's and
iili'Tuiiiaii Society sporls on Ihe Iiln
July,   arc   uu   display   iu   Cumuiiuga'
win,luw oo Lonsdale uvenue.
Ou Hatunlay u man employed ut one
nl lhe lugging camps near lo lhe Second
Canyon stepped barefooted opun n
broken bottbv A fragment ul glass
I'cimiruled lhe sule uf his fool, scverv
iug certain ligameuls. Thc man re
ceiled inline,liuie medical attention.
Eurlaud lirus. uf Keith ruud haw un
der eiiiistructioii three hlinguluws ul
Ihc eorner uf Malum ami l'lth sired'
fur Mr. JSfhcll of Victoria; also a bun
guluw uu I Tl and Muudy aveuue fur
Mr Humphreys, ami arc couliguplulmp
u new resilience fur lucnisvltcs ui
Inei111 ruud.
A bush lire mcurie,I on 23rd uml
Sutherland avt,, al ll .'■>) Sunday uiglil
winch kept lhe lire brigade busy Iill
7 u'clock Monday ' eveniug.Two thou
saml feel of hose was used before lhe
lire cnuld be gol uuder control, bul
iuiluuulely uo damage was doue be
j nmi Ibe burning of 199 feel of aide
wai If.
Mr. .'Tumi, tbe genial manager uf the
(.'anyou View Hold, ami Mrs. Sloan
uu Friday evening culerlaiiied a large
iniiiib,r of iluu Norlh Shore frienda.
The lime wus pleasantly spcut lu
music, which waa provided by Ibe
Avenue Orchestra, games, etc., inlo the
early hours of Saturday. Tbe occa
.inii waa an anniversary party.
Rev. Father Bcdard, o.M l .  .Nmih
Vancuuver, rcceutly intimated  to bis
cbureb couiinillec lhal Ibe church waa
tuo small for thc cougregalion. There
I will be a meeting of ilu- parishioners
jshortly to consider lhe rapid increase
| iu the number of worshippers when a
decision to eilend lhe church is likely
to be reached,   A houae for the priest
is ulau now a ucceasily.
Tomorrow (Weduciday) ovening al 8
o'clock a large audience Is eipected lo
i" '. iniTe at lbc im.i liuie Hall, Lynn
Valley, tbe occasion being t concert
(Ivan  by   the Lynn   Valley  Athletic
llnuii young stock bull kept, corner
ii'iibiiniiii ami Capilauo roads. W. II.
Wilkins.   " 1T-8
F.or flue watch and jewelry work go
to Ueo. Somertou, the uuw jewelry store
on Und street.
Ice,  Ico ''uiiii',  Buttermilk,    Milk,
ream aud Butter, Purity Creamery, Ui'l
Secoud street west.
If you have auy property to sell and
wunl quick reaulta, list it witb Short,
Robertson and Seymour. t.f.
Short time loans ou vacant or lip
proved property, Star Iiouu Company,
IjH Hastings, Vancouver. If
MONEY TO LOAN- Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., till Hastings, Vaueouver. t.f.
Firsl cluss ladiea' luilor and dress
maker wunla work al nulile or by the
duy.   Mrs. frost, Klpress Office.      26 7
Simpson Bros., building movers uud
contractors.    Enquire iiml  house eust
of Lonsdale, llllh street.   I'lione LIUi.
Furnished bedroom for single mun
in modern huuse. |7 per montb. Apply
Mrs. Knight, 110 Seventh slreei and
Ridgway avenue. t.f.
Young (it'jjtlciniiu desires position.
First class bookkeeper or accouutaucy
work, (loot! references. P. I). Hun 2ii2ii
Norlh Vancuuver. iti 7
Authorized, ugeut for Siuger Bowing Muehinc Cuinpany iu Nurtli Van
couvcr. .1. J. McAlcccc, Dry Hoods and
iim.t.■ ' Furnishings, corner lirsl und
I.onsdale Avenue. f.f.
Club. The pruceeds are lu be deili
ninl lo Iwo laudable funds that of
Ihc cricket cdlob and Ihul uf tbe lu
sliluie Hull. A prugrum uf eieep-
Lionel merit is being urrunged
Tbe children altending ihe conveul
mission were lusl week lhe lillle guests
of Muyor ami Mrs. McNeish, wbu treul
ed the eager youngsters lu u delightful
day at Bowen Island. Over luu children
look advantage uf lhe inuyurul invila
liuu uml revelled in games, compeli
lions, races, elc The prizes were
UUUleruUs su uuin,runs indeed lliul
they alumni outnumbered their winners.
The Sunduy sdiuul children uf . i
Andrew's I'rcsbylcriau 'lunch of this
city disported Ihemsclvcs in Vniurtu
1'ark  ou Saturday tiTcruuuu, the  fea
live u. mi ii being tlieir  mi picnic
(lames and competitions were indulged
in by youngsters ami adulls alike;,
Ihere being a goodly rally of both.
From beginning lo end lhe event bas
been pronounced u distinctly success
ful uue.
BOOMS FOR BENT   lliiiii,elii'i-|.iiig
ami single,   ill imi street east.
Largo frout room, furuishod.   ' 257
Third street east. 118
FOR  RENT -Furnished  room,  270
First Blreel tiust.   ■ 12-3
FOR RENT-New 5 ruumed modem
hiingulow. Least. Mrs. Angus McLcuu,
235 Kith itreot West. 23 T
FOR rJENT- Fuur ruumed furnished
suile,    Colonial    Apartments.    Apply
linn:nmi. luuii   ami St. Andrews.   I.f.
TO RENT House, August 1st, uu
'I'liii'I slreet close It) I.onsdale avenue.
Stiiue llltiuga I'ur sule. Apply Ilus Ainu,
Kxpress Ollice. 211-7
FOR   RENT   Modern   six roomed
bouse, corner lllh sired and Chester
Ilebl.    Belli   litM.    Apply Mistress
Hartley, llth slreet west. IIU 7
FOR RENT Fuur roomed modem
collage on lull) sired, cluse lu Lous
dale. (2t) per montb, Apply .1. N:
Kennedy A Co., Secoud street wesl. 26
TO   LET-Five ruum   furnished bun
guluw fur Iwu mouths. Apply  lo Mc
Millau   and   Reul,   HI   Lousdale   Ave.
I'liune   Ul,   Norlh   Vuucuuver,   B.   0.
TO RENT Superior bedroom, with
ur without buard, Tenth slreei eusl.
uuu bluck from l.tilisdule fur single
gentleman. Ilox IM3, North Van
coo ver.
FOR RENT From September, furu
ished bedroom iu private huuse ou
21s! street, cluse in car line, tn lady
engaged during duy. I'ur particulars
write llux liiiJ, Nurlh Vaueouver. 3D 7
WANTED   Oirl lu du geuerul huuse
wurk.    Apply I UO Third street east.
WANTED   Siuurl  • lining  ruum  gill
fur American I'afe    Oood pay.      23 7
WANTED Monthly nurse, aeeoud
week iu August Apply llux AMI, Ki
An even) which, accurdiug lo lhe SI.
John's church monthly magatiue,
promises tu be one uf lbc plfunuiilfsl
held under the church's auspices ia lo
luke place next moulh 'lbe prlnclpul
atlractiou will be a presentation und
rendering uf "The Gypsy 'Cantata"
and ilie scene of activities will be lhe
groundi uml garden uf Mr. and Mrs
W. I, Keene, whieb will be kindly Icnl
for the occasion.
A recent Idler from Coy Moulh, Ire
Intnl. tells Ihul lout and moolb disease
has broken oul uinuug lhe ralllc All
fairs have been cancelled anil snipping
ot culile forbidden. Thia will mean a
vety considerable losa lo the farmers
ami business bouses uf Ireland aa
Mi mi I' ■ . | " 11 the largcal number of
ralllc of auy couutry iu the Hrilish
laics autl thc whole couutry la depeu
danl on lhe culile Irade aa a livelihood
Apparently one of Ibe fashionable
things fu do is lo build iu Norlh Lons
dale. Mr T. S. Nye ia having creeled
a 13,1)1)1) buugalow oo Caiisbrook road
wcsl, and is also buildiug a like reai
dance on Osborne Terrace A II,ibt)
bungalow will shortly grace Sl. James
atreel al Ibe Instance of Mr. Jack
Ij.niii. who has alao, by lbc way,
rented oue of his stores al Ibr rorucr
of King street and Lousdale avenue Io
Mr. Reynolds, who purpoaea dealing
in confectionery and general goods. A
fl.mpi bungalow is being creeled for
Mr. Ronald ou bjurens road weal, while
the stone foundations are uuw laid
for llic new achool al Ihe comer of
Cheslerlielil avcuue and Osborne road.
Membera of the local Conservative
Atcuocialioii are requested to lum out
in full force tbia evening when a meet
lug of uuuaually important character
la lo lpke place. Look for lbe oflrial
announcement Heewbwe Is Ibii Imui.
WANTED A young milch goat., V.
Hrouilcy, geuerul delivery, Norlb Van
couver. -3 7
WANTKD A 'reliable man lo drive
I laundry wagon Apply N V Steam
laupdry. 21
• WANTED Fii.iii miner, 1,,-sl lid
Nurlli Vuucouvit t.Tt) rasii lit)
monthly. Apply Ilni DU Expreas Of
lice -Tl 7
WANTED   Yuung  woman  foi  liglil
ii"   li.   ill   Ilul     Mimi   sleep   UUI.      Ap
ply Wood, I'uige Mm. i'u, First alreel
WANTED A gim.l iniiin in m,iii|iiiii
isl who is willing tu pituliec aceolo
paniiuenla Iwu inghls a "Week, llux Aim,
Express Ollice 21) 7
WANTED Dressmaking und ladiea'
tailoring, lung summer coals, etc. Uood
III uml style guaranteed I'rteea rea
auiialde. Also nu apprentice (doyd
training given) Apply evening Sixth
alreel wesl, comer I -■,  .m,. Hi 8
FOII SALE i'ash register. Apply
152 Ilrd street east ■     20 7
FOII  SALE   Solid  oak   leader pp
liolsleied   davenport   practically   new:
alsu iim range cheap  Hox ''., !■ v|i'  .
FOR SAI.K 1)/ 'lo reul. furnished
aix ruumed house, I3lh sired One and
a half block easl of Boulevard Apply
al huuae.   • t.f.
FOR SALE Ou I'eler Hoad 2 loll
33x137 clcarcfj, MOD each. llOO'raab.
Double corner 60x120, #700, )200
caah. Apply Hkx 1120, Kjprcaa Of
FOR SALK  li room boult, modem,
wilh ckt't'lric ligbi. wni, i. rooma paper
ed. Lol cleared. Corner rity boundary
aud Lyuu Valley ruad. 'In good terms
Ufi6V ot apt.! cash UHm). Apply Boi
2176. Nortb Vancouvar. kl
PUU SALK House, map, ivih alreel
and St. Oeorge'i Avenue, 0 rooms, re
moot basement, piped fur furnace, lot
33ilfit) to lane, fenced in and garden
Now rented $28.00 per month. I'rice,
U,6U); Uf) cite, balance ItO moulh
at 7 per cent. Owner, Boi 1816, city.
Wheu needing coal or building aup
plies, call up pbone 188. Norlb Shore
Coal k Supply C'o., Kickhatne wbarf.
li. S. Eaton, manager.   Note name and'
pbone number. ' <
I 7
Bank of Montreal
EitabliaM 1817
Capital (paid up)   •   $18,4.3,000
Reserve     »>._•;.    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1 it St reel Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
i    i	
in D. I.. 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want lo gel
a liouse.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings u,iiilt'iI.
UO Eiplanade. Phone 227
V. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
al I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
Wc have on hatiil a full supply of all Huililiinv
Miiltiiiil    Gel quotationi before placing order.
LS. RATON, Manager. '
Kickham'« Wli.nl     Esplanade Wesl
Leave    Viiitriiiiviir
. im
.1 in
I iill
I, :'U
,; m
Not on Sunday."
BFFEOT MAKOli  lat, 11118.
Leave North Vancuuvar
I to
li in
IM) 7.!
11.80 7.10
11.10 8.01)
18.00 8.30
18.80   I'M        9.00
I" I'i 0.30
1.00 111.00
1.80 10.30
ll'l 11.00
1.00 ll.ll)
18.18  AM
Tlma lalil. aubject to clung, witlietit
nolle*, (.'ompaoy not (labia lat Atltyt, ateldaalal or stbarwla*.
We have a line of Beautiful Wardrobes
on hand. They are finished in Mission
Green, Dark Oak and Mahogany; 3 ft.
6 ins. wide, 6 ft. high, and 12 ins. deep
Only 14 lell, and we are selling ihem al $10 each, delivered
lo your door. See them at our factory display room
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
■■"■■P iiiiiii—
"Tliia ia Hip i>i:    Slam! atill,
my Blued,
l.t'l   lllll l-i'V inu   tin- i..-mil-,
Ami  niiiiiiiiiiii   frnm  lliu Blmilowy
1'aat   .
Tlio forma that imco havo lipoii."
- Longfellow.
Wlun I Ilml. saw Vain, in July, I WIS,
il. wua >i lown of timla uiul ahacku, luul
liml ti |iii|iiiliiliuii ut iilionl fi,llilll minora,
Irudcrs uiul unnihlcra.    A fow intiiillltt
iijjit I i.l mnl o|| tl"' i.iv. m.i I.-, anil il''. ill
iu iiiL'iiiory upon |nial aiuipiu mul iiit'i
lltllllH. Till) |HI|lilllll mn luul llwilllllotl
III II I'll VV ti lllll, lliul lllli.nl  tit' till) llllllni's
yavii ovltliiiit'i! of Ilinl tlisfrcpilinlc
vv lmii ia llui Uffuiiipiinimiiiil of uni'
,-iiiT Infirmity. Tin) |iii|iiiliiliiiii wua mt
liri'ly fliiinged uul li suul remained
ul' llio Ittiay niiiiiiiiiiii' lliut iuu viiil tuul
luul llinir holng ul Vulu forty uis yum
ugu, Kvprytlilng luul allurotl aavo tlio
cruel uv it, llm cvorlaaliog hills uiul
lltu rocky luniks inni.., I. \v li i.-li llio
ultra in rualioa with liii|ioliuiua volucity
tuul niilli-n roar uu ita journey lo tlio
As I  lllllV I'll 1.1.in;'  llll' run11  I  iTIIIII) III
ii liugo Iiiiii i.l. r U|iiin which Kiln)', Un'
Aiinlritlitiii barrister, mul I, iu tim long
upn woro won! In rorlino mul amoko
uur pipes, oxi'lianging atorioa of uur
ralTli't lifil uiul spiTTlllllillg us lu lluini tilt). I luuk » Boat uu lliu imii mul
my uiiuii wua stunt busy willi lltu |iaat.
As I niliaoii it ulniii.it aiMTiinl us if my
olil Iimt) acquaintance sul liy my aiilo
uiiii' moro, uiul lliul hv wmi' pussing
again lliruii|<li llio oxciliug mul nmi
utit'liiily opiaodo which I um iiluiiil to
I n-nilli'il Ilinl out' |ili'nniiul ovening
in July, 1851), wu Iwu Iiiuiii ruiu|iiiniuiis
sol uu lltia identical liiiiiiiiil uml in
.Itilgcd, iu ilny ilriTiius.   Tin' monlli wus
wliiuli iiit'i- |>i I i-li.nl not far a vv uv In
tlio morning;, liriglit mul uurly, I lirunl
a uliiur aoprauu voice singing tliu gluri-
una liyuin,
'I Hook uf A lira, i'lu i'i for mf,
Lpt mu llitio niyaolf In time."
Aa tlio mill's inni' uiul foil uiul limn rust)
uguin mul Iiiiiiiini iivvTiy in Iho crisp
tiiiiiiiiliiiii air, my uiiiul carried uui luii'lt
to a Iiiiiiiu ju Uio fur uwuy Kiml whore
IIIHT "tlyllln warOftPI) alllltl liy'lT voice
ipmvcring witli ago, uiul wliiili Iiiih Iiuiu.
si iilti liooii IiiisIiiiiI thi nnrlh, hul whiili,
I in. t. Ima imu.--I tlio iiiuiii iuvisililii in
uunl li ii r uiul u lu'i I rr Imui.
"Ililcy," h.I.mI 1, "ih, yuu lituir
lliu vuii'til"
"i'tiilh, I ilu," ruplifil hu, "mul il's
migllty refreshing In liatou lu llif aouinl
uf t'lirisliiiii  wurship  in  litis IidiiIIioii
Tossing tisi.lf his lilankola lm liurrioil
itllll IIIS I Iill lll'S llllll  Willi  iiulsiilf lu t'n
i ii ii mi 11 r.- Th,' ainging hy this limo
huil I'uiisi'il, mnl wi' iniilil nm' llm four
young peoplo aoiiloil alinul u rmlo lalilu
in Imui uf iluu tint partaking of mt
oarly breakfast   llm tun .vfinplclpd mir
s „.\,
nun   ii'pusl   wo   vviill.fil   uut   in   uur
ncigliliiirs' li'iiis.    Tlif iiii'u  lmii iiiiiii.'
In luw ii, loaviug llif girla in clear uwuy
iiml wush  up I In' ilislii's, w hi.li i hi-y
woro nuw tloing.
Aili-r ii IT'iv hriof words .-llnuii tin-
wra I Iiit, liil.') vi'iiliiri'il |„ imi, wlliill
ul llif Iwu wus n vuualiat.
"Wi' liulii slug li Itlllf," ri'pltfil llif
ol.lcr sislur. "(Inr fullier is it Mutli
.-■ii i florgymuu, aiul wo uaoil tu ainu
in his fliiiir."
"Oh! "■ suiil I, "ihu mice Ilinl I
lit.Tiril lins uiurniiig ont'lioiiloil mf ll
furrii'il lui) Ihuuaaiitla uf miles uwiiy ntul
iuttilfil uu' in tin' tuiil.nl ui uiv uvvn Iiiiini'
"ll was Hurlliu wliu sung Ilus iniini
it Tn  mnl liul ono, mnl vcgrtnliun in
and uno, I Yale waa acant ami parched.I iiig,"  suul   lltu  yoiingor  ul'  ll
Thu rivi*r luul Iiiiii vory high in .luiio,i"My namo ia I'urulinc "
Imi   wus uuw   fulling  ritpiilly, ami lln |    "Woll," suiil Hiloy, "if alio i
llunl tug lugs mul trees, win ili iluring
llif   lllgllf.nl   nlllgf   VMli-   iiurilf   swiftly
lowanla Ihu ana iu iust ntimliora, wore
liugiiiiiiug In full ull, utui ul the lime
of which I  vvnif si-iiiffly nfferetl uu
ulmi IIU Hull   III   till'   lllll llllll lull    uf   lilt'
river hy futiiies anil sl.jlls nppoaito ami
below tlif lown. A mile ur su aliove
Vulf lhe river rushes lliruugli u canyon
ur gorge, mul llif wator, itiiiIIiioiI ami
i uunlruined lu tijirruw liinils, lieeumua
ii luiimiug. ni'iTliiug lorrenl which uu
Imui lliul wus i'vit liuill iniil.l stem
mul nu nvvijuiiifi, nul even a I ,i under
nulil linii.nl
An tny  i-ullipailiiiu lliul   I  mil   tpiiclly
litilliiig uu tins piirlifiiliir evi'ijiug wi
inserted iippruufhiiig us Irum lhe lown
Imu figures.    Avs Ihey rami' neuror llif
llgliri'S  JlnnlllHI'il   llie  sllllpf   III'  IIIITI   Ulnl
wuiueii, Iwu of eaeh si-x. All wero very
yuung, uiul the women, If nul pretty,
were til least interesting loiilitug, vi-iy
inn! uiul Imu in uppfuiiiini', wilh lung
huir Iniiiiin.ji loose ovel lhe shoulilora
aller the faaliion of lhe time. The
liuu wmi' 111nnkit inuis, iillliniigli lhe
w'tulher wus warm. Tlif girls were
dressed in becoming print guwus ami
wure i iu|iiiTlisli iuuhiiig sliuw mils. As
llm pttrly approached uur resting place
we ruse ntul liaroil uur heails Tlif
young men alao look nlF lliinr huls uml
wiahejl us gtitiil evfiling . Aliuusl ul
unco wc sffntL'il lu lu'i mui' iifipimiilfil,
iiml in Iiii intitules i. in vn nil uliuul une
iiiiulluT lliut  wus wurtli liiiuwiiig.
The yuung men suul lliey were lirolli
its, niiiiifil (iiliuiin, Irum sume place in
Oregon. The yuung women were iheir
wives liliislnng limit's unl) u fow
wecka pri-v iiuisly. They nail hoaril nf
Ihi- fiil'iiliiim wnillli uf llu- I'ViimT river
hurs, mul lunl come lu try Iluu fur
hint's, lulling urn unl lhe ilay previous
liy uiiuii ' f miu Hope, ail I cell pules I'ur
ther iluwn Ihu river. Thero wus sume
lliiug su ingi iiliuiin ami i liiiililing uliuul
Ihc fuur thul I tuul. lu lliini ul nni'f
Ilml llu) ilnunll tin; tin v luul |'ili lii-.l
Iheir Ionia u shurl liltif hefore mul were
luul-ing  fur u place where  Ihey coilli:
gOl   II  liuill     llll  llif I.Tlllllg llullSI'S llllillg
liininl, ua the hour wus X o'clock. I
nvilml Ilium In my shuik autl aoon
slues of Iiiiiiiu were suilinp in Ihc
pan ami lhe iirnuiii of coffee tllloil Ihc
evening air with ils fragrance.
Afler lhe meal tlie girls tiisislfl up
uu wusliitig the ilislies, uml, wilh lhe
nitl of a rainlli.' slink in a potato, they
siinii pul evurylhing In rigltls, ami Ihe
pola uml puna were Vcady fur lhe noil
meal. Then we nil sul down in lhe
evening nu mul discussed pltiapffla.
Tlie iiiiiiiini hoys weru lull uf hupe
ami i I-, i 'liun 'Hn v liml inuii' lu
I i-i -1 river to mini) ami muke a fur
lmii', ami then go luu I. lu Oregon ami
inv mil lite money in farms. Much a
lliiug us failure iliil mil enter inin their
lliutiglils. If Buttif men coulil make
minify nl mining why shnulil not others! Ami, again, why sliouhl Ihey
mil lie .''uniil," lhe .Tlm I Tin wives
wuulil Hffp house for Hutu while Ihey
iiuiiiT ami luke fare of Ihe gulil us il
waa wou. Tin' programme waa un ul
limine om;, ami it Itati capllvalcil
lltese young peoplo.
• At an early hour llic viaitora took
their leave ami retired to their tenia,
I '
mt mug
like lliul she otiglil lu gu lu Uin.Inn
such  nines tire in ilemiiml Ihere ut u
Iiig ligure."
Al this iniinieiil lhe young men re
luriioil. They woro in high glee They
huil luiitghi u Oliiuook fuiioe fur u smull
sum, uml were mukiug arrangements lu
gu lliruugli lhe cliiyuiia lu lln- gulil Jig
giugs iiiuiii-, fur viliji-h llii-v-wuulil .tiiil
in u few ilu v.n. During llie itigiil il luul
heeu arranged lliul lla- wives nlniul I
gu hack lu Ori'guti mnl lliere iiwjtil llu
t'oliiiiig uf Ihuir lurit.n, whu fully eii
peilcil In hove muile Iheir ITirtuiifs I '
llie full.    I'inir fellows!     I  wulliler Iiuv.
many anient, youthful fellows nmi ml
ml Fruser river in lltoao ineinilritl-lf
iluys in i husi- uf uu "ignis fnluns"
whicii Ihey lunl ever iu view lull never
Thul  evening one uf llif gitln pm
lin ml <i ,:i,ii.ii, nmi she uml Inr bisIit
sung several lum lung hymns; Intt I ran
uuly uuw relueuilier tvvu, "Ilinl. ul
Agis," uml "Flee aa u Ilinl " Tltcv
were lovely singers, uml llu-ir vnjres
attracted an autlieuee uf muny iniin-rs
umi n few women, who lialeneil villi
inliTfsl uml pleUBltru lu llu: sweel
sl rains, frei|Ueitlly muiiifesling tlieir
uppruvul hy Hupping.
As tlif iluya ilrtiggfil uu llilej mnl
I piissi-il many happy huurs in lhe .uui
ptiny ul llie liiliiiuns, mnl grew In like
liiein very much.    All fuur were ipiile
iiitsuphislnulfil,   Ipivtug   I ii   liruuglil
up ui it smull village, imi lluv vvitf
very nice mul kiml mnl well bred
line evening  Ihey   invileil  us lu sup
per,   Tl Inlile" wus ti packing nine,
wlmh wus covered willi newspupcrs in
lioo uf u iiulil. Tin- girls mil un n
siunli trunk, while we four men if
i-lineil nn Un- gruitnil, mul iiuiny win
Iho jocose /cllilirku juiliilgeil in hv lln
fiiiiipuny ni lhe inlil sitiialioo. Al lir
.upper iii' luiil suiue iniisii-. Ililey pm
poaeil u gitiiie uf wln.nl, lull nur Inisls
mul hoslesses coulil nut pluy i-urtls. The
neal ilay Imi one llio yuung fellows
wore I" slnrl lur llic canyons, InlTtiig
willi llifui ii supply uf j.ruvt.niuitn uiul
Inuis The evening lu'furt.- I||ey gul
uwuy Ihey wore uiilorlailieil nl uur
lent. Kiley lunl gul sume purk ihtipa
lhe uuly variety uf freoh meat iu Ihe
inurkel uml gurntslieiL wilh uniun ami
htsHiis Ihey were serveil up. At the very
Ural mouthful une of llif Indies lurtieil
pule, fn |-i I uml liurrioil inlu lite hush.
The sei'onil hnly, whu huil ulsu luken
ii uiuiillifiil, followed Iht sutler illl
"Whiil in lhe wnrld'n lhe mill I it
willi Iheint" naked Hiley;
I, who hy Ihis Unit! lunl In n.l lite
niful, c.ifliiiuieil, "Why, 'lhe purk's
Hahy    lhe lieaala were fed no lalinoill"
Ami ao il turned oul. Tko"liffpcr
of the herd liml feil lhe swine upun llsh,
ami the result wus lhe uasliesl dish
ilml liuild lm pllifcd liefnre minimi lm
iliga. Did lhe reader ever luslu lishy
pork) If yoo have, I pity your sural
linns.   If you have mil, dtni'l.
iim supper waa apoiled, nf course,
hul we in- nu ij" T It, acure up sniiif luiniii
uml luudu a ineiil on Ihul Willi hreiid
and holler uud alnpjocka.
in lhe morning curly lhe (iiliuiin Imys
got olf. I ditl not aoe Ihem go, hul
Uuy voiced a cheery good hya ii tbay
I'linni'd mii taut, to which wo ropliod hy
shouting, ''(Ihoor, linya, ohoprl" .Tiio
piifkiiig .hat), lm mi iimif ni ei-mi-iu, ami
tho girla liml arrangod fur a pusaugu
in a iTinno In Unpe, wliuril llioy wore
|ti omliark In Uapt. Wright'» aloniiiur
Kiltur|iri»ii fnr Vicltiria. Hnmnlhiiig
iiffuri'fil Huil prevuuleil llii'in Ipuving
ou thai tiny, iiiui tijty look ipinrlera
in nu Imliil fur Hip night. Wu luul
llgri'i'il It) ane Hutu olf ill lite iituriiing,
ninl huil risen curly.
I wus Iiuay willi IllP-firu fli|liiii|i) Hie
tent when I lietirtl ll fuiilsliip npprimeli-
iug nn lite trail. .1 loiikotl up, mui pro
Biinlly suw ti siglil Ihul iillf.l mo with
iiliirni. Neur me wus nuo nf llio llil-
niuna-wan, rugguil, uml in a eiitiiploto
slntn nf T)iillu]isi'. He slugger*! rulher
Ihun vvulki'd, mnl linking duwu tilmtiat
ut my feel bo htirieil his I'tico ip Ilia
litiinls mnl greul snhs sbotik Ilia frame
while he groaned in anguish ami do-
"Ilili'V, ' eried  I, cnllipleli'ly Illllllllll
lied, "enine lierc, t|lilek."
it.Tiii.iiniuii on Friday)
Shiloli* Gun
mi»u tw TiwoaT and ujNaa. ua .imii
llusl, aoiinil, dry, Ural gruwllt Ilr eord
wood rotpilrod fur ulty   . I in for iin
mediate dnlivory in fojlawing iptiinli
. Uontriil Huliiiol, Ifi i.'»ril«i    ,
liiiiiBiliilo Hcliuiil, 111 corda.
Iliilgwny Hfliuiil, 8 ctinlB.
Alsu 8 eori|s grnui| wnnil.
Toiitlers iT'iTiivoil Ity Iho uiiilorsigniid
up tu TuUu'iay, aiird hAft \w\'1.
tim i^Mi'tipitiU
IU-7    Biierelnry llounl Hfhtitil Truatuus,
Best fptillily, iliTllli si'reeiteil Welling
Ion coul rotpiirud fur cily sihuula I'or
delivery .inni." holiduys in following
Uenlriil Hclilitil, Ifi lt)|ii.'
iitiusiltile Seboul, ^'fi tons. 1
Kiilgvvuy H'Tiunl, Ufi Inns.
Teutlers received Ity Iho iiuiler>:igii|il
up lo Tueiiilu.v, llilnl July, |0J8.
IIKO, (lAMl'HHIdi,
111-7    Hfi-ii'lury llottrd School Trunlfi
All Pull Together for
North Vancouver
Wu witnt to moot the people who go to Vancouvor to huy then
Groceries. Wc candidly admit you huvo .i poifoet right lu do ao il yuu
wish, hul we led Hint nil things huiiig otjtinl you would prefer In help
iniilil up yonr owu town hy helping to liuild np the North Bhore niei
ihunts u.n ..I in.; lur ourselves, wc tire prepared to give yon
and prompt delivery. II inconvenient for hcada ol lamlllca wor.-ing in
Vancouver in rail uu ua during huaiucua hours, phono or aoud uu yum
address. Wu ..tc here io serve you. It ia our aim to Riako our atorca u
iiedii tn Hie Nmlli Shore    Help iih to do il hy buying on this aide
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
liiToiilTT'ii:;, AND llAKIJWAlit;
Phone 'Jii7.
 . p>
ol ( uniplicH's 'Iiiiinii!' will make yuu fed licllci.
Om lusl )'l)i|iiiiciil nl ilus popular In.nni ul
' Inlliui" lius arrived, i .very suil is llieliilesl ml iiml
all new ami fresh.
ltl your next Suil lie of llie heller sort,
"CAMPBI'.I.L'S." Ilny don'l cosl any nunc than
llie ordinary kiml.
We are here lo fill yuur ilollmig. wanls ami wc
ii'.ill/e llie value uf a satisfied customer.
Shirls & Collars
110 Second  St.,  East.
hdi.'oiihhoh TO THB
Having inin h,u,ml tho liualiiosa of Oeo- W. HardliiR Co., In
which I waa a part-nor, I am now proparod to furiilali eatl
mates aud carry out any work cntruated to mo to the heal of
my anility,   rkttafactioii «uaraiitcod. Nothing hut Hie Inni ina
I'Tinii; and v.ui lun,' ti iii i ji.
V. O. Box Sill        t r       '
/ I I ||u Wat f.^aa^i ,.a^nt
. .1 i~^«^ . .-.»,
' "
Birks' Watches
command tha attention of thoiio who insist on accuracy In
tfie watches thoy carry, becauae accuracy Is really tho all iin
pni'iunt quality III a watch. Now to obtain accuracy, every
wheel, pinion, Jewel ai)d spring  must bo put together by
watchmakers possessing a thorough knowledge of their pro
It ia our Ultimata knowledge of watchos and watchmakers
that controls our buyers and onables thero to placo bofore
our largo patronago au article of real merit—a tliuoploco to
bo proud of, Those who caunot communicate with us person
ally may do so through tho medium of uur Illustrated catalogue uud our Mall Order 8ystom. This catalogue will bo soul
i fee to any address upon rei|iiost.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Qeorge I- I itiicy, Managing Director
I Listings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Rice Lake Tunnel
Warm Discussion
For $5000.00
Wo csu soil a In .niuiul Island llonia
iicur Nuuaimo, Including llio following;
Bis loom Houso, Barn and OlucJioii House.
Utl ucros of land of which Hi acres arc cloared and partly it.'
Over AMD feet of waler frontage.
iinnd n....nlnu! Launch.
Fuur Um J MUk Oows.
Tenia   11,Iiiiii i,'..i.li  Balance hy four bulf yearly instalments
lid acres for lltfi.iiiltl convenient for Second Narrows Bridge, suitable
Itu subdivision. Ooah 10 per oout, balance, sl> hair yearly iiisUliuonls.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Suecossura lo i l-iu Murruy Company Limited)
li Luusdulu I'liune lit
North Vancouver Conservative Association
will be held in the Club Rooms,
Aberdeen Block, TUESDAY,
July 23rd, at 8 o'clock p.m.
A large turnout of Members
is requested.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Uth, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 66 l.oiudale Avenue.   Phone 196
Wharf: Foot of St. George*'*. Avenue.      Phone J78
Job Printing at tbe "Expraw"
' Alileimuit
'I  du mil   helievi
eilliei   lum   i-.ei
■ tmrl.s."
"I   nlijeil   III   III.
Lust night'a ini'iTin,- ui ||io city
council was "'imul.nlili' (ur uu nltsunee
of that placidity which, usually char-
uclorisos the proceedings ot the coun
eii. Ileiited discussion |iiirtieulurly
wugod urtiiiml Iho lliec l.ulie tunneling
project, :i to|iie which wt|i sprung ii|uiu
tha cuuucil |iy Alilcrniuii Foreman.
"I wish,'1 suid Ihu ahlermuii, "lu
suy that I havo heen guing over the
engineer's rcgitirt in this connection mul
I liml Uml ll"' calimatu is heing 1:011
1 Iiniuii exceeded. I. think it iu up
lo ihc .iiiiiii iI tu louk iulu the inul ler.
I suggest Ihut we sliuiilil cull fur lun
ilets uiul see liy lhe tenders whether
the csliniiile is lining.tinT'ilml. | lm
Innc Ihis lo lie a guud wuy ul' testing
il. I uui mil laying that Ihe right
lliiug is mil holllg ilnne in Ihis reluliiiii
ur iinylhiug uf Ihul kind, I tlierefnre
linnr 11 resiiluliuit whicii is properly
nm uii'leil lliiil ue cull fur lenders fur
lhe llice l.ulie Itlniicllllg uud Ihut the
tilv engiueer he instructed In prepare
lln' ni.T'i'iisiiiy pupiirs Wi' ure clecleil
here 1 lhe peuple und lire rcspuiisililc
lo II111111. I huve gone uver lhe ninl ler
thoroughly uud liml thai the present
coil per Inul is ullnii.nl dnlllilc Iiiii en
iiiniile of the engineer. I "ill mil pn
inlu di'lails tonight."
Alderman Dick immediately rune uml
spoke us follows: "I wish lu suy litis:
Hu i'ur us I know, Alderman Foreman
litis never heen mil lu view ilie wurk
lliul in licing ilnne. Il seems lu me
ihul il' he lakes su much1 interesl in
IliO city's lill.nlnen.n In- could,do inul'
Ihun sil down ul u laldc uud write mil
II million. A luun wliu ulteuds lu llu
cily'n liiisincsn ean du mure I hii 11 write
un a llllli- piece uf paper. Muy I ask
who is llie net-under of Alilcritiuii
Fnrcmuu 's tuul inul"
AliliTiuiiii     foreman
ale Km' "
Al-l.iuuin Ili.l.: '
ilmi Hint .ilu. mum
heeu uul In 1 lew in
Aldiiinitn Mi-liuc:
tiilroiluclioii   nf   pcrsuiiiir  jemuil...   ul
ihul tiiiltire    li is nul Aldcrmun iJieh's
liiisineis  whelher ni  nul   I   huve  iicett
mil  lu Ihc wurks."
Alderman  Dick:   " Vuu it I  uul  he
iilurineil, Al'lermuu Mcllue. I did mil
I.ln.vv   il   witn   yuu.     I   llltlllghl   it, wus
Alilentiiiu  Fraser
Alderman Mcllue: "Alderman Furc
man luld lln- cuiiinil jusl  nuw  Ihul   tl
...In I Wliu Uiin lite I.c. under III llllll
AIT. 11111111   l(n i,      "ll   inighl    lum
leen   uui uue   llie   Will    Al.li-rlnllll   i'Tile
man suid it I Al any rule, I nni lln-i
Nu uuin  Inin ii  righl  lu tiring  up .1111
liiiiiiiiil ul  liim lnml until lie Inn 1 11
uul Ihere ami . •<;> n whul is gum,: nu
I shoulil stiggml Ihul il shiiuj.l l>< In Id
Iii.i, until allu Wednesday, ulmi lln
. lllllll ll    IIIC    ll|n|.|-| ||J|(.    illi      Willi. Till
muyiii umi uiyscif ale ru lut tin- unly
men   in   llie   iniiin il   wliu  lum   llu.T.l,  I
lu uu uul  Ihere
Alderman   Fruser:    "I   I tn nl.   Allu
iiiiiii    Ilul,    -    111. lllllll    lllllll    In    III    lllllll
He .imi I liuie lmii nut there lu
||i tin 1
AI1I1 iinini liul-. "H1.1I wan mil}
in lln- inline. 1,1-lure'wc Iiii IhAud
Al.i.iiii.n   lm ,1    " I agree Iluu lite
llllllll r tltlglll In I.e I'll n.i I lllllll Ullel
Wijliemllll   ■'
ilie   Mim.l       "I    Wuuld   II7I   Utecpl   11
uiiiuil ul lilill kind in deal witli it
i|:lil iiwni liiiiiiiiil ll i- a wiy drn lu
measure jiiilct'd It m 11 inullei which
shuuld   lie  ulli mini   lu lillil   iuu   mm
lunil uill Huie imi Will lll.ll lie llllillll nni: iili'i llu- mallei a greul .dial
heller 1 ui,.-c.|ijeiilh. wc will nul deal
Willi Ihc mallei luuiglil
Aldermau Kurcuiuu; "Thai resolu
1 mi does nul necessarily link iut Hit
iiicilililc actum I suggest Ihul lhe
mailer lie referred In llic engiueer,
whu will lal.e il up wilh Ihe wuler
works 1 i.ijini it 11-1- nmi tiring 111 a re
purl Alderman I'ul. says Ihul 1 wan
never uul ul Ihc wnrlm. I huie lieen
uut lliere If you wnii, I will gu inlu
ilcluils " '
'I'lie Muyur: " tin il 1- mil guod
utineil liusmi'ss lu gu mlu llm uiat
Alderman Foreman: "Tbe talepayer
vuu will
I -hull
do   SO   nnlncvvlic'rC   elm
The  Mliytir:   "Very  well.' I'roceed
Aldermau Foreman: "The amouul
so fur spenl upun the tunneling ul line
I nl.e is 111,1116.11, aud wc arc nuw itt
feet in."
Alderman Diek: ,"H9 feel."
Alderman Furcjnuu: "J um speuking
uti Ihc engineer'a report, und no ulher
()n Ihul rcpurl we arc in 'Iiiii leet und
huve so fur cipcitdcd tllJJiij.l?, wur|is
uul ul llt.il pet toot, .i'cducling llie
nii.iiiiiii of money spcnl upon lhe old
tunneling, the itt feel, deducliiig Ihul,
mekoi il Ut.tU pet fool- The Inlaw
passed hy lhe people was fur (70,1)1)1),
■.■.lm I'  upou llie sale uf buudi 1 n
»it),121. We have already spent I'll;
i)UD upon Iho work, so Ihul Ihis leaves
us ll.T.iini) lo complete Ihe work. Al
Ihli rato tho balance ol lhe mouoy will
not carry ua llirough tlie work iltell,
lot alone othor work. $4,1180 is tied up
In machinery. Tha right thing to do
is tu cull for tendera and' And out
whether wc ur,. out Of all |iriipiirtiun.
If tlio enliin.n.ie of tho tenderer! is
prac 1 icnlly what we aro doing tho work
UpOT,   HlOII   I   shall   1)0   I'l'lTT'iTIv    Mill:,
lie.l, mnl Iho ratepayers will also ho
Tho Mayor: "It is well known to
the nh en:, (hat tbo In-law waa only
intended tu partiully carry llirough the
work. It waa never expected that it
wuuld finish tlie work."
Aldcriiiuii Dick: "Why Mr. Hanes
usked fur 11110,111111 fur only partial ex
Altlcruiaii Foreman asked Hint his
resolution lm formally attended tu and
voted upon.
Alileriniin ,Uiiii: "Alderman Knrc
uuiu lius made sumo statements here
luuiglil which ure very misleading uiul
which Liiiil-l mil get iulu lhe press
A cuiisidcrulilc iiiniiiini of ihc work hn
boon ilnne so I'ur Iiirougli i|uicksuui|,
UUI feel itislcuil uf llll fuct. The wurk
hus lu-eii dune so fur fur a great deal
less money lhan Mr. Hanes expected
Mr. Hones gul geared to deal ll when
he suw - what hud lu he tunneled
lliruugli, uml suid 'Let's cull fur link
Wc ure going riglil tm with lhe wurk,
ami ean dn it a greul deal hotter liy
duy Iilhur Ihun hy culling for tenders
Wc are iu Ullll feel instead uf HOU
feel, uml we ure. uuw- iutu hotter
ground ll is uul guud yel. II is still
very li ji r.i lu wurk. Huly those whu
knuw what winking tiiruugh quickiuud
tucuiis will kuow whut it coats. They
huve doue well oul there."
Alderman McKao: "Any tuul inn
which, is iu urder nliuul.l eonie up ami
he v nl ml dowu ur uuientled. I aoeuml
ed  lliul   mul iuu."
The Muyor: "I du mil wish Hi Inni
uiiuther wurd concerning this tonight
I du nol In'lii've we shall he anything
tu Ihc good, ll is uut right and wise
Ihul you shoulil consider this resolution
when you ure mil familiar wilh whul
lum lieen doue lately. I um uut guing
lu pul Ihc nmi mn uniil ufler yuu have
In ni un Ihc gruuud. Al the prescnl
Iuue lhe 11mlI.r musl  remain just us
i I     IS. "
Wheroiipmi Hie i-uuoeil proceeded In
iruusuci  ulher huiiuess.
'lhe   I'ulluvVllig   in  Hie   rcpurl    uf  lhe
eity engiueer upon whieb Aid  Foreman
Inn ml   Ins  inni enl mnn  lusl   evening.
in J....I   of iTiiiMiin tinn  of  Hn 1   Lake
1 11 I uf uid tunnel:
l.iil.niir    IJ10S.WI
Muleiial    878011
lit tl. cosl per fl   i'lllll     ilil'i'.i'i
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB   EDMUND   WAI.KEE, C.V.O. LIi.D. D.O.L. Preiident
Awt. Oenoral Manager.
Qoueral Maiiagor.
Capital $15,000,1)011   Rest $12,500,000
Temporary (liiarters  of   the Norlli Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue,
A General Banking Business Transacted
Ihleresl paid on Savingi Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made al any lime.
J. A. 1'OBBTEB      Maiiagor.
New Tunnel;
Forinutioil in hard pan lirst IIU feet,
(ill ul'iniiiiTiiil tilb.in. is.im per ft.
I Tni 111 lllliulll 11)0(1.10, Illl.Oli per li
I'osl fur licit  lull l'l, using uir luck
and ruiiiiiiig compressor,
I'nnl ul' niiilcrial  ♦881,81
I'nsl uf Iiii,our lyOIIIU.IO, $17.110per f1.1
Furmuliolt ul' naiiil. funl fur ucxl 0ll|
IT.   fruni  July   Isl   In  July   lllh.
i'osl nf material   I.Vl.til ]
lltisl uf luliui »|U81,7I1, tl'.i.ii pet IT
THE iii.ti  HAT
Dead In Amciica, and  Dying ill OU
l.uiiiluti Tuwu
liiird (leorge t anger's pcmluinl fu;
Wearing a Imt iudtiors vvim shored liy
anollier fclclinly Auher's Idiigraplier
rclulcs Ihul "lliere was Inn mie draw
huel, Iii liis eujuyiiieul nf Indies' su, nly
lie wus uhligeil lu ri'uinvc Inn luil in
Iheir presence uud he haled Inin;
witliutil thul. He computed wilh luiiul uu, hud his meals in it, uiul invuri
iiiT) had u hus when lie went In Hie
theatre, su us to remain covered
In some purls of Ihc wurld lhe sill,
liul is siill lhe professional headgear
uf Ihc chimney sweep. Alititil u dozen
yeurs ugu llic wriler,.couilaully uh
served tlm in Wurleiulierg, uud hist
year In' ftiuiid Ihc same coinliiiialiou in
Bvv'il/i'rlainl The iiiysleriuiis relultniin
Iii'i wiih lite hai ami Hie occupulioii,
l-llliv iei lulls. Illlil rei real lulls, would
niUl.e illl  illlerenllllg study     Al   line  lliut'
llm politician whu wore a while luil
proclaimed himself a Hodical; mivva
duys he would proliahly In' auipecled-
an an nld iiinljninini .'I'ury. Then, uu
self respecting cricketer wuuld have up
peltred vv llllillll it lull Imi ill flintier
duys. Ilul Mr Jeiiner Full liim re
eorded liuw lie umi ullmrs were cum
polled in drop llie luiiul III Ihc 'Iwi'litje-,
uml 'lliirlie.n Iv iiii- spectators' jeers ul
"posl hoys.
Ami   uuw   Hie  silk   luil   i    deud   in
America, uml dying iu Londint. Surely
llle     tune     Illln     i'iiuii'    In     Write     lln
Inugrupliy.   Tin- sill, Imi was knuwii in
Flnrenee lowurds lite end uf ti iglt
leenlli i iM uiv. Imi iin growlli in pupil
llllllv did mil l.egiii nulil IS.'n, wlun
ils iiiiiiitilTiiTiire wns lieguii in Frame
ll wuuld In' interesting In l.iiniv wliu
Slruck    lhe   III   I    IdlllV   III    lhe   fll.nlili.il
which niii'lc it inni   tin- milv  wear fur
Hie i iiv   iiuiu. il  uuly   lhal  a grateful
i minii v niiglil em I a nlaiiie in Iiiiii
l.uitiliin I'liruniile
Iii al) i.'uunlrles Asli fui uut Inviii
tin's Ailvllel Mm Iiii A Mai Imi ilCl
IT.ivi l.nllv  Hit.'i I. ' 'llui  Nl   I Ti I In lliu,
Sli.il    .VIi.i I    i'.i I.,    mnl   Wash
Illlllnil. ll  C. ti  ti   A
North Vancouver City
hum u righk^i Iicur tl.    II  ;.<
nul Id me eijiluiu, myself here
Corners on Boulevard Extension
I .oi I, Block 217A, D. I.. W (67x114 led)    $ IM)
Uls 4 and ,, Block l\ iA, I). L'l. 544 ami W X-l.MM
Diitrict Lot 265
Us 17, 16 and V), Block 12. cadi $2,500 nel
!■        '
I'or lermi, Mapi, etc., apply to      >
The  North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Plione Seymour 6266
•     'f ,
' '
9 I in. hArmvaa inukiii vArNiuuvi.K, in, iuimmkjui.i i\ ivii.
mwm TAMIfflW ■ ,.. .MWMB gotJiWW
PuplIlM Tuesday and Fridaya by Nortk Bhoro Fran, I.lmltail.
 ABiLJi, itQitimjBiiflB m mmm  -
llntuo of Subscription :-Ono year, 11.00.  SI* montb*, BOH.  Throe moiitbi,-06c
United States and Foreign, $0.00 per yoar.
nAdvortleliig Batoi Will Bl Quoted on Application.
Tho tlipreaa ii tlevotod to the intgresls of the Nurth Shuro of llurrurd lulet
eioluaively. It couotitutoi an udvurlising medium of exceptional valua fpr
reaching in a thorough oud effective manuer tba population qt North Vaueouver
City aud Diitrict. Every effort ia mudo to give advortiaon tha most aatiifactory
All changea in contract advertisements should ba iu tha printers' hauda uot
lulor than HI a. in. Uuiulay. and fi p- in. Wednesday to ensure insertion iu tbo
following insiiu.
North Vancouver, B. O...
 '....July US, 10ia,
There are uiicuiirngiug Indications
Hint ihc null ucssiiiu nf Ihu priiviiicinl
legislature will wilness iiuptirluiil do
velupiiienls luukiug In Ihu inuitgiiriilinn
uf iiiltuiiiTil legislation in Hie iniiller
uf Hit) actual niTllelllelil  nf Hie IllinccU
plied iigiiculliirnl areas of tha province.
The free discussion of Ihis Import
uul mul lei Iiv public bodies Ihruiigh
uut the proviuee lius served lu create
a pronounced ami growing seuliiiietil
in favor uf u thorough investigation
nf Ihc problem wiih ti view In lhe onacl
jiietil uf legislation embodying u pulicy
nf ilm nuni enterprising nature in Ihis
respoel. The jchief considerations
which have lend ell lo influence puldic
thinking iu Ihis matter muy he briefly
eiitiuicriili'ii an follows: The cxlen
mve ai'eits uf splendid agricultural
Rinds which are lielng rendered acccs
nihle lliruugli the progressive policy of
the guv I'lnni'.ni relative tn railways
uiiil roads, Ihc priiiiDiiiiccd willingness
displayed   hy   llle   guv erillliclll   lu   lend
evory pussililc iiiicooragoinetil lu agri
tiilluristi, Hie rapidly increasing pru
portions uf uur city pupululiuii, llie
lurge sump; represented by the pro
duels ut ilic unil imported annually,
ami lite prunpuT uf a plietinmoual iu
Ilox ut immigrants during Hie yeurs
lying in Ihc immediate future, fur
whiiiii prov islun is iu lie itiailc uud u
very lurge ratio uf whom might lie
induced lu help solve the i in I uml rial
uud Mii'ial problems created hy iiuiiiigru
liuu mt smli it lurge scale by settling
wilh linn I'uiiiilics upon llic land, thus
providing fur Iheir uwn welfare ami
liccoiiiiug producers uf fund stuffs lu
iinntni iii providing fur Iheir fellow eii
Hue nl the foremost advui-ales uf ml
!ii|<eil Icglslulluu ulung litesc lines
uniting Hie members uf the hnuse is Air
Alexander I.mas, memliei fur Vale Mi
I,ileus lins already written articles
whiili have I'liulriliiiled materially In
lhe slreuglli of llu- position winch
In; iiilvticatcs uml hits lulelv caleiulod
his i IITirln In fiirmiiluliitg it neries uf
lieadtngs alnng Hie lines nf winch il is
his purpuse in press fur llie uppuiiil
ineiil nl' it llnylil I Tun 111 i.-inliill iii inven
Iiimli itu luul 111 nl giiverninculul eu
i uiirtigfiiU'til ut uud tissislume tu llie
piiiueer sellliT iijuin ilu- uuin iilturul
lunds nt tin I'll,lime The licudings
ure nn lulliivvs:
The Inni itielliuils uf i leiiniig laml
ninl l.riiiging il umler priillluldc cul
11 .iiuiu
ilie lunl llll'l lllliln uf nel I lllli; lulni
lut the prilllllllillll uf Illllllllll CIITIVI'II
i.ln.    in,,I   ellnv   tldlllillinl mt lull    Ilf    Ihc
, iiiiiiiiiii.ilie.n sii funned.
Tin-   l.csl   methods   iif   securing   cu
lljicrjlllull   llllltlllg   neltlers    III   Ii,nil       lu
prii'lu. l.n uf ilniryitig, poullry ritisitig
uml inni growing uml fur lhe in.m.il
mg nl llie sume.
'I In hint iiul lm,I. nl improving fm I
ilies ul  lucul  Inn,-|.minium
Ulnl I
uf heller lln.ni nil fu. il
iti.. lur liiiiiiem unl ilm pruvisiun nl
i uid  nluruge iiiiii iitticr iiiuilcru   lueil
llle.  ne.CM.ury   lur tile usslsllllici- uf Jig
ll.ull.il.il   'leveluplltelil.
IT idiliiuin   jille, ling   Hie    liilnr
iuiiil.li ami un inipiiry 'nin i'i' iiiliiiioit
III   Hie   |iruhli'Uln   , ri -I'l'li .1.
Iiiiiiiigiiiium. uii I lu .v in nl tu pru
inul.   il  with a  , ic,v I i n.-'t1 ng up lhe
huni . and II mil   i . frum v.hull tin
supply ul iiiiiiiu.'.,H.1. ,-lu,.i|.| l„. dr.TWn,
An in.(inn iulu lhe I, •ilnliiliii nf
I'lnpluv uj/ luiiipiinicn In umlerUke lhe
selllemciil uf lunds upon ininlilinui im
posed I'.v lln- guvernmuiil, ami lhe tm
lure of niuli I'oiulilioui.
Agricultural education in lulitmll, Ihe
hicalinn nt expi-nineiilnl sliiliuits, ami
Ihe rural education generally,
Au inipiiry inlo llm quantity uf lund
close In transportation facilillea lhal
iuuld he nude available fnr eulliviilmn
by clenriug nf trees uud slumps, uud hy
The ul,tive hen,lings indicate a clou.'
ucipiuiiilanee wilh Ihc Several fculiires
nf.Hi1' problem in huml, I in y arc IMrch
lug io Iheir jmporl, coinprohaua|y| in
their scope and are well designed tu
ilnit a vail fund of valuable Inform
liuu, lu serve as a basis fnr advanced
li'giilniinn along the line uf placing Iho
set I Inr upun lhe mil, uuder attractive
conditions. The govcrmucul would
wil lnml ilnulil carry Willi tliem the very
strong support of public lenllinenl lo
considering favorably llio proposition
advanced by tbe manlier for Yale iu
Ibis regard.
While lhe Munici|iul I'laiises Act ai
il ul preseul stands is the eiuliuiliiiienl
in Ine form of luw, of very much Huil
is necessary fur ileliniug the puwers
uml functions vested iu those suction
uf ihe provincial domain which from
Iiiiiii In lime muy seek iicnrpui'titiuii
ns cily nr ns ilislriet miiiiicipuli
uiul uf very much likewise whieh i,
excellently designed lo serin lhe pur
pusii lu which ii is Intended, il hun
nevertheless heen recognized for some
time, by tliuse whu were closely iissn
cidlcil wilh the n,nmi operation ul
Hie ml, lhal improved machinery in
lliul regard was required iu ordor itu
muui lhe chnugiiig conditions which
lhe rapid growth uf Hie province has
The ml has I it the subject uf lugis
luliuu   lu  a  greater  ur   lesser  exlenl
fur. inuny sessiuns, in the ciuleuvur In
render  il  more  workuble  iu  litis  m
lhal   nr llu: ulher deluil.    II   is, Ihere
fure, uul strange if il be fuuml Ihu,
lhe ad  is suiiifwluil  t'liiiilicrsiimc umi
requires   lo   he. properly   lyilomaliioil
uud ciiililied iii order lu fucililale il
accurate  interpretation.
The continual demand lur lhe amend
ing uf Hie ucl in uue purliculur ur mi
olher hus hecoillc a process nf chasing
syuipliuns,   rather   than   u   syslem   ul
Ireuiiiieul  ilcsigiit'il  lo reach  lhe  mul
uf lhe matter uml lints remedy the real
difficulty.   The provincial governuioul
litis, therefore, auuooucod Hint u Hoyul
I'liliimissioii will be appointed to Huir
uughly Investigate the act iu ull of its
provisions uud iu ull of iis relation
snips, umi to hung iu rcconiint'iiiiii!inns
such us will unable  lhe  government
10 enact  legislation uf u. nature Ihul
will fairly inecl ull requirements.
ll  in ii...... l.i  lhal  il  innv   he fuuml
pussililc lo cniliuily in one ucl provi
miiiin Hint will work Milislm liinlv in
uppilcd to all clusscs of uiiinicipuliiies
Ihruugluiiil Ihc cul ire proviuee. lu
urder lu aeeolnpliih Ihis il hus lieen
proposed thai municipalities he divided
inlo  Ihr hisses, iiiih as  lirsl  class
cil us, ne, uiul class cities ami mini
uiuinci|ialiiie.n. Allliuiigii Hie feailbil
ity of sucli un urruitgenieiil has mil Us
yet liecii eslalilisliol, and il will lliere
lure remain for the commission lu
rcpurl iu ihul rcs|vit, it is fell, nevet,
Ihclesi, ihut siitie pruvisiun such iii
thni proponed will he required in ogler
lu provide an n.l lhal will readily
adapt ilself lo llie rapid changes winch
will inevitably develop in u province
enjoying stii-li lupni growlli us that
Wlncll ul present obtains uiul ..Iii.ii
killined In accelerate during the
Inline years in  Hrilish I'tilumliiii
Thu tm lu.ninii uf cluuses providing
fur the eilahlisliiiig uf u iiiiiiiinssiuii
form uf governinenl in municijialilius
desiring lhe same, the foriuulalliig of
itiui luiciils such as will create a uni
form syslem of municipal aeeduiiling,
Ingclhc! wilh Iiiuuy olher desirable
ITutores of municipal governinenl, will
lull williiii lhe scupe of the commission
Tins inel lunl nf ultucluiig lhe pruh
lent Is I".,Iti. lhe one whicii above
ull others gives promise of un oibaus
live Iroatuieul uf lhe siilijccl un.l uf
practical results which will produce Ihe
lic.nl possible hums fur a uniform ami
satisfactory ad for the governing ol
all classes of uuiiili ipililien Ihrnuglioiil
Ihc province.
iispii.i nuutct T'w.irili and 8t.
Ouorn»_ Bervlcei at |l n. in  uml V.U
l i:IQ p. iu l'tayiii- and Praise Service.
Wednesday at I u.m. Fuator, ftev. A-
J. Primer, 'fweltllt and HI. qeorge.
VI, Julm ikt bivuxrll.t, ITI,ililli and
■Thirteenth. l\oly (inniiiiuiilun, 8 »'. m.
MurnliiK ltrayer. II u.m llv, nin;
prayer, 7:30 p.m:   nn tin, flril Siihiliiv
In tho munth Ihere will lie a  -mn
celebration  of  the   Huly   Cluniniuiilnn
at 11 a. m.   Roolor, Hev. llugb Hooper.
SI-  ITiliilumr. I •thutle lliuret, SUIIl
and   Muhun    Avonue.    Sunday—With
aaa  and Sermon,  10 a, in
Bchool,   UTUI   ||, m,     Hoiuil-y   utui   H i„
„ jl.    I'autor.    I
a m i
illelli.ll    Vulll   n  in
I  a. m    Pastor,
Low Iluu,
A.   It,.lunl.
IuiIIiiii I mlnllle Iburcli l|l SI. I'uul'.
Uuii, 7:30 ii. ui..  l.iv ..i    r.u.iuc. ftev
fi. it v i.mii   6. M. I.
< arl.llin' Scl.uct   —   "Klmberley.''
t'liesli'ilielil    Ayenue    lllll vvc-n    |,'„iii
ii etiiii and i'Tfti "inii ut,,'. tm .-iiiiiiiu.
Services at II u ill Tuslliniiny Heel
Inv, YVT-ilnciiluy, 8:00 |i in.
MIHTll   I.IIMill VI.In
si.   Tbiiuus   8 u. in.,  every  Suiiiluv
DMinlil nmi inni.l.n 111 in,,mn »M
ii. ni. Iiiil Sunday In inuiilli.    II u.m,
'I.'iiiu I ii.im tuul IT i luun leeutid uuii
1,'iinli Suiiiluv.    Huly iTiiiiiiiiiiiIiiii uml
Kll lllllll    Hist   Ullll   ll.ll,I   .'.iiii.I......    VICUC,
Itev. T. IH. Ituvve.
ibmi'ii   nun,l.n ii.    It
1.lliul.i l    IT Inn,I   Ulnl
l'l. sl., lerluu
ii in uiid 7:10 p. m.
ini'lc i'Iiiii, 2:40 |i. m   Teacher*1 Train
Iiir  liluu.   Wedlieiiluy,    7 nnt     Pruyer
1,. in, ii, Tn, t.i, 8 i ui. Buys'
niuli, i'lun nnv 7:30 i in t'hulr Pritu-
ll.e lin, 8 i in It. Van .'lun. n i
M. A., luiilni'.
I.VNN Vll.l IV
and  7:00
to larger promise:) on Esplanade, su
Don't Forget
HrlboilM     Ihurvh- -W.ir»l)l|>      8un
dayi.  II a in. uiiil VM p. m.    Suiulii1
BotlpOl,     .:.!■'     It. 111.       I'.i.'-i.ii      li, v     <]
.'rmliHrrla* IkwrebWorship, Hm.
iluja, 11 u. in. ami ? i in. Suihl.i.
School, 2:16 |i, in.   Puslui, Kov, A  Mm-
St.   4'lriiivuI'm,   I.iiiii    \ ulli-) ■   M,iim.,
II a.io Buuduy ■■■ i..'. i J.3U pin. Bvrri-
i'i',. 7 U0 |i ia Holy I'oiniiiuiiioii Ht'iNim
Hunilny In uniiiiii at 11.00 ii in. N.Tinat
I   'I lin nptton In churn*
Vl'R 66 YEA-
Trade Marki
Cop vniGMTs Ac.
Anroni Mntllng i iketrh ind dcicrlnllon uaj
nicklf iictrUlii mir oi'tnioii freo wliotusr in
itall (
iiii Hunn 11
tayiinUnOttti, vlilitjut ctmrso, In llm
pn)hBl)l;riiit;iiij.iito I'ummuhla-
(Itmi/trlctl; conn Join lul. IMIiljfiPUt *»u I'aicntj
MJlLim. (flJcil tklmiicy tut b<>< inijih' jmleiill.
\Mj iifiTl.ilii i nr
Pitanli liken IBruutli Mui.n
Scicniif ic Hmtricaii
A himUomflr IlltutnUd wwkljr.    Uitfrtt oir-
niljllou uf tlif  i. iriiinic  Jguniil.    Iiiun  for
liruiU. |l:i » vou, p<MUfe puiti<l   y.M bt
ftll   1-   vl H-   Ji. 1 I
Oynlen,. IT.iui.n and Slieilli.sh ill Se.itiun
leo  :;,,|,|ilnii   at Shortoat  Notiee and
Bight Price
Prunipt Deliveries, 10:30 and 2Till
Telephone 37(1
199  I., i, .i,,]r  Ave.,  Nortli  Vaueouver
Shiloh'6 Cure
ouiciiy (TOM couoho. cuma COLD*,
huim tw Timoar Min uw«e. aa emit
Mill I 11    I  VM  III   VI  11
II.   Aatttm'a  tteatftnlaa   i kurek,
luliii lluud dm ilicii. HuiuiiiK n.oo.
evening. 1:tl    Adoll Ulhli Dim. I J.JO
Kim,lay Ui-lmul. 1:1).   V  I> H I'  Iv. Tucf
day, ai I p. in. Prayer Mtetlnjr, Wed
nesday, at I p.m. Hbolr Praeilce.
IT l.lu >, al | p. ui Itev. Honald Mie lend,
»i.-iknJi.i Ikurek -Curner   nt Sixth
und RI. Dcurue. Holiday Servieia, 11 Tifi
a. in mnl 7:30 |i ni. Humluy Helmut und
Iillil., nmi. 3:16 p.m Ht-nlni league,
M..iulu). I p in I'lavni and ITuli.,'
Hcrvlee, Wi'dnesday, I p. iu Junior
1,1'iiKiie. j'lioraday ifliiiiuun al lilt
Jl^alor, W. ti. Scblllchsr.
Atatm l.'ktnk-nCornar  Twelllli
II    im;
IT III. . »
„ ling   P
School liil i
.  bird
uinlayi In monlli, ut ll am: aecuinl
Hiinday In month, lam    llev Sainuul
Fee. ft A.. Vicar.
-   J p.m.; Kveiilna Prayer, 7.JO
Holy i''iiiiiiiiiiiI,ni. Ural and  "
lalvallaa   Aimr   Unidale
Hunday sirvlces. II:M a in, I
A v, nn.
in and
iill p m    Tuesday, I p. in , ThuridS),
p m.   ChlUnn'i Sarvlu, Wednaaday,
Vancouver Butineu Directory
SPROTT SHAW Buiioeu College
tlanada a Qraalaat Waatarn School
U. .1. Spruit, DA., -   ll.iuiiuei
that whou you do papering litis
year that we aro ut ill here with a
fur bettor line al iiiiinii better priees.
Ill Esplanade Went. I'liune IIU
(next In Patterson, Qoldie 4 idurlil
10,1101) corda of dry lir wood for qulcs,
sale. Price per odd cords, ;-1.,,, Spe
clal quotations for Limn quantities
Out Wood, Hi nn Inn. $3.85. 12 Iuches
9AM. r. O. D.
Oflice and Yard- -Ulli und Uniduli
I'lione 190.     P. 0. box 2432.
WATKH   .Mllll l:
Pur   a   Licence    l,i   .Slut,-   ur   1'i-u   lllll'l.
NOTirM la Imii-li) ,^Vi.|, 11,.,i ri,,
iVIiinliliuilliv ul \V,.-.si.™.iliuiuuv, i wil
.ippl: fur ii llei-nii- lu slnic ui i„-u lM. ]
lOllO .nn ful nf u.n,, n..in M.n#i ,n
niii I'leeli ii .Mii.ini lluvvliiK li .
m.inlu iiKlell) illte.-tiuu nnd elii|ilvliin
Illln ITinlnll Il.l) ll, ,,| Hull I.,.,! 'Tin
,1.ili'l Will he niui nl In ii i.n, iv,,11 ul
 'Il|i.l. II..     tu   he   liulii   nl
i  lu I mlleit front inuiilli. ntul will 1>.
lined   Inr   ilutlli Htii    |.iii|,un,n  us   uillhul
lllll -Iillil I .1 llllli,.  III .in.Ill ,11.11   Il.l
.1 liccllee lu l.tlie uuii use Wul.i |,,i.n|,ii
li.-i.vvllli un the I.iii.i .I.-inoi II,, II ,is Tin
MilllMiullli   uf Went   V.itir.uiv.i
Tins in.lieu wuh |,u»lc,l un lln  m,,,,,,,
hi llic (Hi .t.i> „r li    i;,|i    'il,,. ,,.,
I'll.,illi,ll   vvlll   lie   Ulnl   In   III.   ulli.,-   ii
lhe Wuler llecurder ul New VVt-hIiiiIii
Ulij.i llulin muy  In- nl..I  Willi lllc 	
Will, I liei'ulilel III Willi III,- I ,uni.liul
III' uf Wilier   llli.lil ■    I'.u ll.ilin HI   liuilil
limn Vlclurla   11  I'
Tllli .MI'NIi'll'Al.lTV IIP  WKHI'
llv   Tin
II   l.i
Ladies' and Gent's Hats
I'riiiuliiiei,   Huir    Uiiinln,   Mlinivs,
Ken vers uml   Fella
I'njjuuius •I'leuui-d,  lllm-ln-d und  Trim
med eipiul lu new.   Positively
'iiu in nin in. .1
Neit i.-.liiii Temple, Vancouvor, B. O.
Yorlitliire Guaranlie & Seruriliei
Corporation, United
440 .Seymour .Street
•      INVESTMl'NI
H. Kerr Houlgulc - - - Muimgei
All Nnrlh Vancouvar people sal at
I.it hei I'liui Block nr llasliiiKS .St.,
oppuiit* Uw naw post uffio*. Laonard
•alia ki* Im by this fnund.
w 111:11 muh 1,
l-'ur a  l.lrrum-  lu Take uml   I ir
W alir
NllTII'K In llelel,v ulvell lll.ll Till
l.i.i.,, 111 i.r Weill VulilullVel vvlll
■ iil-l ful 11 Hi, line lu I nl,,. unil use 11)
culile feci I'.I He. ullll uf Willi I .ml uf
I.IIWhull I'liii, ullll ll lluVV.n III || Suuth
I .III, 1 U.m lliiuiii.l West V.u,,,,uut
uml i-tniill. n lul.. Knnllnl) tin, lielil
Hull,Inn,, '|||, wul,., will he Tl,, imi
.11 I lu 3 mllll fiiiin innutil uml will
he llled lui liuitusllc |illl I'lis.s ull tin
lllllll Ti mill., il ns The M lllilii)...] II > ul
Wcsl    VilllcullVel-
Tills  millCe  Wi|H  j...   I. .1   utl  lllc el'i.Iiiiii
ull Ihc Dili duy uf Juue. IIII.'    Tl	
|.luull.ill    will   In-   file.)   in   lln    uill,,    ul
lln nul. . IT ,..1.1. 1 ul New VV'ci.luilll
,1.1     II   I'
nin.   in-1    muy lu uiiil witli th. n.n.i
Uul, I lleeulill'l nl Willi Hu (Tiliil.lliil
Id ur Wuler Ilk-Ills. I'm Usui, nl fluilT
IliKS.  Vleliiiln.   R   I'
Till-: MI'NH'11'.VI.ITV  UK  V'titi'l'
23 T II)   I li..nmh li   l.lniuli. An, nl
^ UATKU  Mllllll
lm  a  1 li. um   lu   l'u I* «■ and  I te
NuTU.'K Ii lui. I.) nlvin Ilul Un
Miiiin in Tu ur Weil Vulieuuvei will
.ij.nlv fm 11 lleeliei. Iii lulte uml llle 10
cubic feel yer aecond uf Walei uul .,1
Mu, lm...IT fleck, whicii ih.... , In .1
Huiiiltcujtlcily direction u.n.., i. West
v.iiH ..uv. i uiid enipllci Inlu Biigllstj
Uii) ni-in il ii i .ii The walei will
lm diverted from I tu 1 miles linm
mouth nnd will he inuii Iiii ilnmcsll.
, mi.. . un the lulni described n.i llu
Miinii In .III ■    Ill   Well    Vuliiuuvel
Tills nullie WUI |. .n.l llll lllc tiiuui"
un Ihc Dili dnv uf Inin-   1911    The .,j.
Idle.illiiII   Will   |.e    IT.T   III   II It),,    uf
lhe Wul.i  Recorder lit New  WTslniln
Her, 11  ti
i Il.l ti - mil) he llleil  Willi llle HuJJ
Wull-r   Itl-eiildel   III'   Willi   lllc   I'lilui'tlul
ler nr Wuler KIuIUh. I'ltt'lluiueni lluili)
Iiiki. Vlclurlii. II  C.
ti 1 Ily Thus  li  1.Inn,n  Apeiil
Our Shipment of Prosser
Racquets is Here
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
hou 117.   it,.,n.i and closo to car.   Prico $1,050 cssli.
D. L 204
I.ols iii Block lit! at >iiul each, on terms of V, caih, h.il.m..
6, VI and  IU mouths,
Wo represent tlio London A- Laucishiio Insurance Oo.   A soi ud
Board Oonipaiiy.   If yuu havo anything tu liuturc we can do it for .v.
Phone Tu. in Lousdale Avo. P. O. Box I;.-
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei. Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
UATi-s;   $2.00 ptr duo up.   Special
lulcs Iii families uml lu tegular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. KuiaT        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly nil account of the Ban Frauciaco oai'tliiiuako and llie
Huw many Ouiupanics eotild do thla?
Iti nu . i.. mu.ii,i,i to 1116,000,000
A  postal  will   iniini   our  representative
Hi'iidenl Akitii
IB Lousdale Avenue and Capllann Oar Terminus
I'i.mn.   Lonsdalo Ui7.
Capilauo 101.
We solicit llic Irade ol all builders who appreciate
I lii'li Grade Goodt al a moderate price, and llie
piompl and careful filling of order*, which our largi
tlock and long experience in liutiness makes possil;
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, UA.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
P.O. Box 1831
Pboue 173
' wkmhltm I
Do You Know Your Way ?
_ Oall In asd gat one tt tin naw maps of Nortli Vancouver.
06 cents each. Special prlca for a quantity.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. B. Book and Stationery Company).
38 Lonadala Avenuo l'HONE 101
To Those Whom
it May Concern
To Iry lo do business without
advertising is like winking in lhe
dark, you know what you are
doing but no one else does.
To let the people know what
you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates at almost every house on the North
Therefore lo do business effectively on the North Shore you
must advertise in The Express.
Enthusiasts Working
For Fete Duy
In Lynn Valley
enthusiasts uf tbe "Valle)'" aro ile
leniiineil thul the pnpulur eusl cm sec-
liuu ul' lhe iiuiiii nluiiv nhiill hnve n
greut day iu ii.i exclusive honor. As
initiully unnuunieil a lillle time up
thi .'Uunlrurl 11,11 ul' lhe l.ynn Valley
Suspension bridge will next inonth he
uu urcmnplislieil fuct, and it is (he
wish uf eerluin Influential persnns to
huve the bridge officially upenetl to
in iliei wiih llio I.mu 'Valley purk,
whieh hus not yet been fiirinully di'di
nii'T lo public use. The en uperuliiiii
ul' the trustees of lhe Instil uin Hull
bus been secured tuwurils this end uml
everyone concerned is t|uite sunguine
ill-mil llle iitluininiTil uf Iheir cherish
ed desires iu litis iitijiurlJiul connection.
lu lhe course uf u iTiuversntiun uu
"Vulley" matters wiih u rcprcsenta
live of ihe tii press yesterday mprnlng
Ur. Lawlor, Nurtli Vancouver's puh
liclty euiuinissiouer, nieutionod u small
improvement lliut mi.Tn he advisably
made smull in character hut likely in
he ut .considerable geuerul lieitelit. lie
referred lu lhe present absence ol
signs at lhe l.yuu Volley eur term in
us tu direct new arrivals uml slraiigen
to the region of lhe l.ynn Vulley
purk. Sueh visitors very frequently
follow lhe up cutirse uf lhe slreuin in
slt'ud of iiiiinii;; iii u downward diree
tion. They thus lunil tin where in pur
lieuhir. Signs nr fingerposts coulil be
very inexpensively erecleil uml wuulil
.lene ti plainly beuelleial purpuse
Mr. I.ttivler ulsu ineuliolieil iueideti
tally Ilul he crossed llie Inlel nn Sul
unluy und nltcudcil u meet tig in euti
section with lhe entertainment nl' u
pip y uf di he '.• if nrlv tv li.'l.el
ageins The nleeutiou will i-iunprise
ahuul Inn representatives uml Ihey will
Iw in Vancouver mom Beid. I'ilh i.
.n.|,|    linii.   II   i- probable  Ihul   lie.
nil visit  Hie north shore uu ti-j n
lir .nh, possilili tm lhe whom day
The publicity euiiiniisiiouor has
heeu losing nu lillle in sprcndill g
hruii'leusl infuruiulioii likely In arouse
public inieresl in Nurlli Vuneuuier utnl
ils eiivirom. The lilcraltire whii"li he
lm-. rei'l'llllv compiled hun lieen seul
|iiui'liiTilly till uver lhe wurld. Space
forbidi tne iiieluiiuii uf . full lint uf
lhe eountriei uml slules which Mr
Luwler lapped nil' uu Ins lingers yesler
duy murniug. Suffice it lu sny Ihul nu
proviuee ur pluee hun lieen iniistnl tvlieri1
lhe publicity germ inighl he prolilnlily
iiiiun united.
Strict Rules Governing tlie Woarlng at
tbe Weapon In Japan
JlluillpJlii until mitluii-JooanUiimotu
tiie sword was considered a bailee ot
.he aristocracy.  fllP etiquette trial reg
nlntetl the wearing of tho long uml
the short sword was expressed in n
number of minute rules.
I'lie most trivial breach of those
minute observances was oflen the
cuusc of murderous brawls ami dreadful reprisals. To touch another's
weiipon or tu euine into t^llisiiiii will
llie sliculli vvim it .lire offense, uiul In
Tiler a friend'i house wilhiuit leaving
Ito sword oulside was a bream nl
He whose 'position JllslillcTI llm uc
'oiupuiiiiuuut of an  utteiidunt  invuri
ubly loft the sword in his rhurgc uf
Hie eitlrunco, nr if he were ulone it wus
n imiii ini.l iiuwii ui ihe entrance.
If removed inii,le this wuu in variably
ilnne hy Ihc host's servants; uml il wus
mil touched hy lhe bure hum), but with
li silk nupkiii kept fur Ihe purpuse.
The sword was placed upon u sword
rack, iu Ine pluee nf liuiiur neur lhe
guest, uml treated with oil ihe polite
uess due to un honored Visitor who
would resent u discourtesy.
Tu exhibit ji naked weopou was u
gruss instill, union when u gentleman
wished In slTiivv his friends his collet'
Tti express u wish to see n sword was
mil usual unless the blado iu question
was uf greul vulue, when u request lu
be shown it wijiilil be n compliment.
Tht) swurd wuuld linn be bundled
wilh lhe back luvvurd the guest, the
edge turned tuwurd the owner, uutl lite
hilt to the lefl, lhe goesl wrapping the
hill either in Ihe little silk napkin
always carried by gentlemen iu their
pui'kcts ur lu u sheet of clean paper
The weapon, wus drawn frmu lue
scabbard ami aduiirred inch by inch,
but not to the full length, unless Ihi'
owner pressed his guest tu do su, when,
with in mil apology, lhe swurd wus eu
liroly ilruwn und held away fruni lhe
other porsous present.
Alter being admired it wouhl be
carefully, wiped with u special i-lollt,
sheathed uml returned In the uwner us
- Tlie short swurd vvus retained in lhe
girdle, bul ul a lung visit lmlli lnml
uml guest luid il aside.- Harper's
Capital Pair Up 12,870,000
Reserve and Undivided Profits  8,600,000
Total Aaaeta.,.,.,..  14,000,000
TUf 'incentive to thrift flint a saving! account gives you ii even
more vuluuhlc thuu lhe actual
Interest lliut iieciiinitluleu upun the deposit. Tho habit of saving- assuring
ciimfurt iu ubl ago—is us eusily ne
quired us Ihc linbit uf spi'inling."
Dunking service in lhe Havings Do.
piirlmeul uf thu llunl; uf llaiuilton is
ns sincerely ulTorod lu llie' uuin wliu
tleptisils u few dnllurs u innnlh as lo
those who deposit thousuiitls.
Safely ileiumii buxes pruvlded al tniid-
— ' ernte rrnttil "■
I.'i 11. IIIC.tVKN, Agrul,
■N ii 11 li    V iiiieiinvit
Head Offlaa
Rooming House or Offices
Ou tbe Upper Floor of tho
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade West
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
I'or y.nin ul.un apply to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Malum, McFarland k Proctor, Ltd.)
bill ittiiI.'i Street West
(Phone Beyuiour nldn. UouUI Department)
. '        , I
When a nnnum observes u baby
screaming fur his bottle, she culls Imu
"u sweet uiigel." When she observes
an elderly gentleman screaming fur his
.iillle, she thinks him "uu old devil."
St. Agnes' Sunday
School Picnic
The liiiiiiiiil Sunday schuul Uml cun
grcgaliunal picnic uf SI, Agpes' church
will be held this year lu Second Udell
un Wednesday, Auguil (iin. A special
iiii will leave lhe corner uf Twelfth
slreei iind lliiiili'viird at one u'cluck
lur lln- convenience uf the scholars
nnd Ihun' parents uml friends whn ean
leave ut Ihul liine. Tin- sporls cum
millee ure nuw busy urrungiug u guud
programme of both lumi uml aquulii'
sporls, mi thul u lively Inne is promised
for ull wlm attend, Remember lhe
Bears on Capilano Road
(In Saturday aflernuon al un Imui
when lhe Capilauo ruud ia usually alive
miii automobiles, Iwu line Inur; mean
deled calmly unlti Ihe highway. They
were nol iu the leust perturbed when
a ear appeared in sighl bul remained
jnur the roadside examining tne modern
vehicle with obvious iulerest. The
inlerest wus needless lo say reeipro
ill ed by lhe occupants uf lhe uuiu
mobile. Having solislled Iheir i-oniplu
ceul curiosity lbh twu bears toddled
back inlo lhe brush ami were loll to
sight. They emerged ut u spot a very
lillle distance beyond the fupilano cur
Hocki and trees, and Ihc suu llirough
pine   n ii    -in uuiu,;.
Thick layen of leaves ami silence, ui
of death;
The dlilaut mountain lumuiili are all
And the tree tops hold their breath.
A.  P. Herald.
The imt li of a good womau is slrewn
wiih flowers; but they rise behind her
steps, not be/ore Ibeiu.—Kuikin.
Ut gfaifeark
THE1 STANDARD Is Iho National
Weekly Newspaper of tbe Dominion
of Canada. It la nalliinal In all Us
It uics the muil expensive cngrav-
ii.i» procuring tlte pliutugruplis from
nil mer Ibe world.
lm urilcles ure carefully selected and
its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A lubierlptlun lo The Hlundard
costs 1,2.00 psr year lo any uddress In
I'unada ur Ureal Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing C*,
Limited, Publiiluii.
We Are Plotting
to got your biisliicss. Our new subdivision in Hollyburn Is woll .worth
your consideration if you want GOOD VALUE AT SMALL OOST.
Ideally :iiln.i|.,l on tbo Government Road. CALL IN AND WE WILL
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
1'IIDNII  ll"
VV Vlllll   Mllll In
I'Tir   a   lilci-ucc   lu   Mure   nr   I'en   Ilmi.
NllTII'K   Is   Ini.-li)    given   tlm I   Tin
Mllllli Ij.lilll)   uf   West   Vulu uuvi l    will
lllll.Ij   ful  ll lleeliee lu stul    |iell Inn I'
1001)    .ii I,    le, I    uf    Wilt, I    lieIII    I..III.-..I
IT'ii-l,.  n  .illenlll  line, inn   In  li   mm 111  it.
illln liuii   nnd. i iiii.I.,in,;   inn.   Iiiiiiiiiii
Ilu.v  mui   Hull) Inn n     Tin   wuli i   will
be   Mi,led  ill   II   lelel'Vull   uf	
.-.II iu III lilllll 111 lu Ii. lllllll nl I Iii '.
lllll. n fl iilll tile In.mill nmi Will lie used
I ful linllll Sile |-UI|inSin llll.ii I ,-l linllii
uf .ifi.)). .i I Ii.ii fm a Ile, nee tn Intn- ..ml
use water, nnslnl In n witli. mi Hie laml
.liselll.eil  iis Till-  Mlllll.||.,illl)   nl   West
'I'llll linliie  11.l.n  flinl, ,1   lie  HI,.llllll
loll    llie   61 ll   lllll    nf    lum      IKI.'       Tin i
nu|.Iniiili.ii uill i,e lliiil in Hie niii.,  i,I
lllll-   Waler   rieeni ,)|.|-   ill   til W   WiSlltilll   I
I Bier.   II.  C„
Ill,Jul Hiil.ii    lull   In-  Illi il   Willi   lln' S.il,I
. Waler Ilecorili t ut will, tin• r.,ti,i I i
lei   nf Wilier  llllillll,   )'• I Il.l IU- lit   llllllll
Inns. Vleliulii. II f.
THK UI'NIi'll'.vlilTV ul'' WKST    ,
A|,pllcllll   '
13 7 II) Tlmii  II   l.liilnn. Am in '
Lodge Western Rose, No. 21)0
' Meetings of Ihis  bulge lire held  in
llie Kniglils uf I'.Ilium Ilull, corner of
I lunl, til, 1,1   avi line   Ulnl   I'Tilltlll   nil,nl
ui ill.  Inni umi i In i.l Fridays in en h
niunili. ul *i n T In, I, |. in
ITiiuitiiiiii' nlinijn nmi npplieatious Inr
 ubcrship In I,,- mlilressed In Huml,I
I.e. ,, leu. liitv, V  II. box Ullll.   llii 1.1
IT0P8 COUGHS i,IMST,,,i"""i8
ipgicii. jjctwrs
AT rut
No man has ever risjn in lbe world-
by jumping it conclusions.
O. M. SLOAN, Manager.
P. LABSON, Proprietor.
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms cn suite with special rates.
 .—    fm . .
Modern appoinlnients throughout, spacious grounds, high class service al moderate rules.
Easy trail to lop of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet. ».
lllllll.Ill" I'll 1I1HI1I I.J1LUUJ LUJJJJLUil 1 JSSSs*
•   '
To Rent
furnished  and  unfurnlshad  at
Wa bava soma modern houses,
moderate rents.
Bvcellent four room suites, Fraser Block, Third Btfeat Eaat.
None better.
Route I17.R0 and 132.50,   SEE THEM.
Phone 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
Choice I lomesile Property, close to the Governinenl Koad, and overlooking llie sea.   M05I suitable (or subdivision.      D.L 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1?50 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
dl i too, aw, 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Ca»h
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundaraye
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north ol D.L, 204, al prices
litnii $0r)() In  $775.   Terms one-sixth cash,  balance
spjpd over Iwo and a ball years, with no interest.
tj Now is the Inni' lo buy, belore railway development.
Salely Deposit Boxes lo Rent
North Shore Locators
IONE 123
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are up-
stairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone,
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
Hi Hopes to Give His Wife •
rill Little Expedition to Prova Har
Wrong and Himself Right Landa Him
In thi Pallet Station—A Saddir it
Not • Wlotr Mm.
ICopvrlgtit, Iill. uy  Aosoolalad Mieram
F im un:- the man that wenl
oul nl lhe gut* Just aa I
mint' lll'l" llslTeil Ur   Huw
iter ua he arrived limn* tha
uther evening
"II* wauled cluing* for a dollur," m-
lllll'll  Mra.   Iluusel
"And you un i> u to bluit"
"ilf .-uiii,..- nm I got swindled that
way ouce. uml yun talked •hulll It for
ti "imii' yeur"
"Vun; you gave n peddler c,htiiige for
hull it ilolltti uiul Itiiind out lhal ll waa
li.i|:ti:i Thul wua tlm unly time ejucli a
lltluit evei hn|i|tt'iii'd lo yuu. and yei
yuu tire I'.unr tu Huld II up against tha
wliulu wurld
"Thla waa it .luiinr, and I know 'twas
a luul une."
"I very intuit dnilbl If Die rnln wai
lunl. In fuel, I know llie man lo Im
an i,"in -i iiiiiiiu "
"Well, lie ran no lo the grocery"
"Uut you tuld hint why yuu wuiildn'l
Chang* IIT
"I did." replied Mra. Dowser In a
veit'tl nine "I luld him tieouglil lo he
"I [intiii;iii so Ilia /nee betrayed
Ihc fuel ilmi Ids Ift'llngi hud lieen hud
ly hurl, lire Dowser. I must nave a
i.ui, with yuu (ilici dinner I It. re un
things I huve Imu: wanted In uuy tu
A Lecture In Prospect.
And  tin tiiini-  hhe  hud  t I  la
I'liattlie a counterfeit dullui ami warn
"l Tumi iikh nn; warn ax hii.nui van.
cd lbe iiiiiii Uml aim knew Dim tu be t
liutrpel alii' wus j.uui; to he lulkeil In
uml luld liuw liiittl Iii t.itiil site wua
Mr Howeei ul* with diuiilt)
Mra  llpwsei uie III allein* m
The family ml liiiiked Irum one lo
tbe nllter uml remarked tu beraell lliul
il wuh aiiulhel fumlly ruw mt
When dlnnei luul been finished und
lite sluing room reached Mr Dowser
v.,i i.ii aboul wllh hia baud) fniih'd
under hia n.iiii,in. fur awhile inul I lieu
I ti > nt'il und euld
"Mra Dowser, when I Iuue my trust
In Iiiiiiiiiii nature I want iu die '
'Anil yd yuu tire lieulctt li) unite
budy tiiiiiu.i every duy.'' alie i ->i
Friand el Humanity
"Don'l begin Utui tniip min dame.
Uuw, ful yuu know II imt i Intu I am
uevei beiilen. ami I never Imui itnyliudy
elm>    I iiiln n' In litiuutiliy. uud bu
• lllllll)   lull.'...  In ma"
"Well, I have uu objections'
"Hut yuu are my wife, yon ace!"
"Ami fui that reason I muat believe
•a yuu iluV"
"It would lie Isiler. Ura. Dowser
fm belter    You wuuld I belt lie aufe
frum iiilelakee"
"Oh, I wiiiiir I dun i llilnk ao Wa
sill keep oui bellefa aKparale. II yun
ilinl inInd '
"Hut, woman, I do mlud!" be about
Kl. lining bla patience at Iimt "II
yuu can't iliiiili aa I do then-then" -
"Don'l you want lo drop Inlo Ureen a
fui an hour or eo?'' aba aaked aa he
walked almul the room uguin
"Ureeu'a be bunged! Wa are not
guing 10 drop Hii- subjici lllllll II tiuu
be<^i talked out I man* Ibe iteacrlluu
lliut I irualed humanity, aud I uul gu
tUg 10 |U"l" It"
"llowr wu aaked.
"Never yon mlud.   I'll prov* It III
iiiiiii and 'milium.i you wiiii proofs
thill   in limit   b*  di -liuild      I'll  do  II
wliiiln Ih* hour    Wouiau. I am thoroughly awuke ou thla metier    II hu'
mutiny la oa wicked aa you are always
tryliiH lo make OIII I want lu knuw It
Searching Per Proof.
With that bt puuaed down th* lull
•nd gol hi* hat and overrun and left
Ibe bona*. Juat bow bt waa going ic
prove bla caae b* didn't know, but
auxm aflat leafing Ibe gel* lie encoo*
Und an old mas hobbling along and
balled bim to aay:
"II bapiwn* Uut I hua no rbanga
•nd wlib to lake a car. Could yot
(bang* half • dollar for tn*r
"Not br a darned ngbiriswa* tM
"1w mm itu karttvt got itr'
"Mom et law busts*** wbal I mm*
You go qn or |'|| whack you witk mi
panel" *   ■■
"Wby. old nan, whit makea you ao
"HecuiiM I'm on to your mnl.  You'd
rob me In • nihil.   1 wain't burn yesterday. (Jala movaon yuul"
Rapulnd Again.
Mr. Huwhci moved, and a hundred
feet farther on he met • well dressed
nmi aud put up hie Auger >« halt hlm
and mild;
"I IW* ilu wn on tha other block and
nunc out without uuy change. If you
ran Imui me 10 rent) I'll gift It lo you
In ibe morning,"
"Rut I'm oo loan offlce," wu Um re
"Do yon mean that you won't let na
have Ilf"
"("ci iiiiniy I won't Wby, nan your
lllll* gam* It tiitlet thin tb* great Old
dlgn   lllC "
"lini'l you tall eomelblng about •
nan by hia looker
"That's bow I'm )ndging you."
Mr llowHei gut ready to call the man
• Hur. bul hung oo to himself and
wulkeil on lo the corner. lie bad been
Ihere about Iwo minutes when the peddler iiuiu who htiil tried to stick Mrs.
Ilowuer wllh the bad cuin came along.
lie una recognised and baited,and Mr
Howsei auid:
"Yuu were at my limine about 6
o'clock J"
"Mi-lilie I was." waa the reply.
Making Amanda.
"tlh, yuu ui. Tn t lie afraid lo own up.
Vou simply wauled to get change for a
d.iii.ii "
"Mehhe so"
"My wife nnt only wouldn't change
the coin, but idle nald ll wub bogus ami
Ihut you miiilii io ba locked up. She
mild lhat. didn't ahe?"
"cilia muy huvu"
"Yen. ahe told me abe snld It. She
iiuiu t cure a dum wbethet she hurt
yuur feelings ur not I told her you
were uu iinm  i iiiiiii,"
"And lhat Uie dollar waa a good one"
"Of course I'm huuest"
"Well, here are four tpiarlcrs fui llie
dollar    I wunl my wife to know I lint
I mel you snd I rusted yuu "
After a puialiil look al Mr Bowser
lhe mon produced lhe coin, received
hiu i|iinrlern nmi Imsleiied uwuy. A cur
wns coming, anil ll struck the truster
uf Iiiiiiiiiii niilnre thul he would ride
down lo lhe clly bull and back.  Wheu
II came In pitying Ihe ftiru he handed
out lhe diilltir. The conductor looked
al ll witiimii taking It and aneerlngly
"If I wsa a blind man I wouldn't Inhere!"
••Kii? wutur
"l)u you muke cmt"
"Hir. la there anything wrong almul
thla coin?"
"Do yuu uniiu you can't l el I wbal It
la by the luuka of It?"
Reward el Confidence.
Mr House) closely esuinlneil lite ilul
lar li wus surely bogus However,
he had u repuliillim to iiuilnlulii. and
an he fell fnr another coin he growled
"You i uuiiili intn ou lhls line ought lu
go to a achool of maimers."
"And a few patruua Ilk* yon oiiultl
to go to lull fur poHtlng couulerfell
money,'' waa promptly replied
"Hunt yuu my Ibul of mel"
"Yuu keep quiet, old muui"
Mr Bowaer failed tu keep quiet, ntul
tbe result wua thul a pollccmnn win
culled and be waa given tb* cullar. Un
being walked Inlo lbe etallon houae In
begun lo leil who he was, bill was run
lulu a cell and Ibe dour mummed un
lilm There he waa wben be wns led
oul In lhe morning for arraignment
"Itniltcr llslij story," commented Itli
honor after bearing It "hul I'll lei
yuu off lhls tlma "
Mrs. Howaer liml lit up sll night.
Imagining tba wurst, but when Mr
Bowser walked In abe couldn't help
saying: ,
"Well, lune you brought tlie pruofa?'
"I go lu see my lawyer, woman uud
you cun telephone yours! I.l tlie th
vune be without scundul" ,
Things Thai Make til* Worth Living
1.1,1 ruing ul  II ./i In, I, nn Saturday
iili-lii lliul lite wrung packuge of luun
dry wss delivered in your limine
lining on u .Sunday eii'iindun uiul
having yonr train sidetracked to lei ull
Ihe in ... Inn gu hy
Uetllllg   H    lelltl    mllll'nmi    III    fl'llll
ullie handwriting und llmllitg Unit II
tonluliis a lilll frum lhe plumliei fm
111)7 H)
Iiiuiii' „ mun ahscutt'l uu Tuesday
when lie lunl asked yuu to tuke tin uu
lumnblle ride with hlm ou Wednesday
'.inuii' onl yuul |..t|ii Hi guod lusl
summers Iwo piece anil aiul llmllitg
ihul th* mniii- im-.i- llnul.- ii reaemhli
a piece of ,<»t . elieeae.
Living upsimiu over a fumlly when
ihere la a young lady wbo thinks she
baa a voice   Chicago Journal
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineers
NO. t.
. Tho
men having heun
11 I'll       IIC I'L
Ity   taken   un
i uf the
II. lUliiirn.
A. HI ink huuse.
II. I'uliiiar,
(I. (Iruy.
1.. Hivuitii.
II. Kilisuy.
No. 7.
' '   I
Oblivion. i
Ambllliin bus carried men far.
but lhe 11"ni of fale la eiempll-
fled In tin' fuel ilmi iiiiiiini.'
know* lb* name of Ibe mun who
linenicd llie iiliinn disk • Oil
nigo Itu md Herald
Just a Hug* Joke.
"I woudei why ll la aald lhat 'all lb*
world lows a layer'"
"I gueto ii'i becauae tbe world thinks
ii'i inch fun in bear bit letters real
In court".- Calhollc Standard and
Wife Wbal || i referendum? Hnt
neiid Heorih roe! I don't knew wheth
ei ll's • son drink or • part of au aero
plane   Judge.
'I'i*,I.,- acting it.t.)iiinut during absence.
.in leave of  l.isiiliTiuiil  N   It- Hubert
ell, l.iciilcuiinl .lulni I'. I'iisgruve.
flo. t.   Parades—
The company will parade ul llic drill
thII, Nurlh Vanrouver, uu Tuesday
ust, lit.' iMrd .Inly, ul t \i in. Uross:
null order.
A class i'ur iuslriielimi in iiifunlry
iruining will he held al Bo'clock nu
..'ridttv evenings uf itu It week ul tliu
lull Imll, Nurlh Vancouver, uuin I'm
liter iirderi'd. As utility men us pussililc
ire rl'ipifidcd lu annul. Ura*; Drill
Iiiiini practice uill ln< In-Ill tit lite
Irill Imll, Nnrlh Vancouver, un Mun
lay and Thursday evenings, ul b y in
No. 0. Appointment* and Promotions -
lilts   been
Nn. I
II   N
llllllll luliii
lu  uppruie  ut  ili
To Bo Corporals.
.1,   Supper A   Kennedy.
1 Mupper vi. B. I'lcming,
.    Supper  ll.  Ollglltllll
2 Supper II.   Ilnllinnl
To Be Lance Corporals.
2.   Supper ll. I'unnat'k.
Supper T. Busier.
Supper K. II. II. (liruini.
Supper I4'. ,1. -Iiiik.niiti
Mupper It. lliikcnsnn.
Supper I'.  I).  Minns.
Supper A.  V. Urines.
tapper J. Wurd.
IIIIHI'.llTSliN, l.ieiitenmil,
Ai'luig  Ailjuliitil
The   l.nuie
ium I
uiul lluicriiur
..-.I lu inuii
lln- ii
'uuin i
Iluu ing
j i'lun nt in
■ (ienrge
In in- li  |
Allliin   I
min i
urder   lm
,1,1  Kerr, nl  Aliliiilsfurd,
ul iiii- peace.
in tu In' a ileptili milling
llu-   tilik llic    Ilml   ini'l
.Mill l.
II,. I,i
a. fisheries ill
II. M   II
Warliurluii, uf  I'
Abbey uii'l Alfred
mnl li    li   I'Tmli'l.
iim nil   cunsllllilc;
Sl'I'In  ill.Ill   Il.l'   lnl
Tu lie Nularies
Kllinlt, ui I in- <>i
ler III luu .    Ill ll"
Ug    lliun.i,
nl   Mi Iiiiii
f Nun. Kn
iif tin
. uiiii
, lu lie
ul Mu
im  liner;  II
liluu;   Hani
il Wadluiliin,
I. 11, lui pru'
li.nlieries   mer
,1 .Inly, llll'J
ii-    Frederick I'
Vntuna, liuirtn
nan   I'rltig,   uf
Ilie city nl' Vuncouver, solicitor; Wullcr
Alexander Mslu't, of rranbruuk, Harris
ler ul luu;  A.  I'crcivnl (Iruves, of Ihe
lily uf Vnui'ijiiver, stilicilur.
II. It, „,i, n llrilihlc, nf H»< t'tly uf
Vicloriu, nidi, itui. tu lu ii nut ii ry pul,
itc and a I'litiinnssiuiicr lur lulling 'ulli
Taiiln  wil Iiiu  tin   province ni lirilisli
for taking affidavits within tlte prov-
iuue  of  l\o-~n\   tut nm  In  tlia Hll|lt^
uf iiriiit.it fJolumpi..
.lulni Steplion Tr&v.rs Aleiaililor, of
Forme, In ho itoniniisslnnar of lamls
for Ihu Perniu Land Uncording Dlviaiiin
uf Kuotuiiuy Until District from the
Hist July, llllll, in Uio place of Arthur
(lluiiiiiut Nelson, of (Tranhrook.
Allan Waters lu he supervising arciii
led frmu llm 1st tiny nf duly, HUH.
Uorlilt.nii--   of   iiicnrpurulitiii   havu
lieen issutiil lu Hie I'nlltiwitig companies:
Hurr (i Anilursmi, l.t'l,;  Hulsuit r'islt
uries, litd.i *H, I'. it'eilurutitiiiisl, Ud,;
Beiiuvtilent  I'rulcctivu Order uf  Klks
uf  Miu   I lum in inn  uf  tTiiiiidii;   lirilisli
('uiiuiiIiii* Wurchuttsiiig Uniupiuty, Utl.;
Hrilish   Deiclnpiiiuut   Omtpiuiy,   Ltd,;
Hrilish liitpiirlers, l.ld-i 'British I'ueilie
I'lslulcs,  I,Id.;   Iiniiiii,"  uiul  finance,
l.ld.;   Hiirnuliy   I'lult   bile   I'uinjiuiii
Md.; riiniernii Viilli'y I,an,I ('uiiipiiny,
lild.j ITiiiu.iiini I'rupcrliua, Ltd.; I'ily
I ,u in In- r I'uiiipiuiy, lud.; Dlenieiil llipps.
Ltd,;   ITilnuiul   I'rupcrlies,   Llil.;   Ilul
iiuiiii   hash   and   I lunr   Factory,   Liul.;
i 'njiiitiir, in I    Mulors,    Lid.;    I'uninn,,,
wealth Trusl >Tiiii|iaity, Lid.; '('unsuli
ilali'il   Trust   I'tiiiipiuty,   Llil.;   Ujreck
I 'ii mi 11 in n  I'luli;   lliTllniTiiT Klllli,  Van
inm rr", II. IL, Lid.; Kmpire Blevuduriiig
tuul I'uiitrui'liug t'uiiipiiiiy, l.ld.;   'Ln
siTiuilii  Dnclt  inni  Trading  Hoinpany,
Lid.;  k'uirview  Lndge,  Nu. ill, ni lhe
litdcpeiideul   Order   nf   Odd   I'T-llu,',.,
I'TiiT   (Icurge    Hulel    iTiiiipinty.    Ltl .
'Kriis,t  Valley  Hairy I'uiiipjiny, 1,1,1 ,
iluywnr.l   &   llqilds,   Lid.;   'Iludgsnii
Long  li   Ahlriilgu,  Lid.;.  'Indepetuleni
Lmii,  und  lineslnicnl  t'uinpaiiy,  Llu.
Iti.liintriul Trusl I'tiliipniiy, l.ll . ,1    I
llinsi'llc iTiiiipiiny, l.ld.; M. Lccltie t ...
1,1,1.;   '.I,   W.   Kinder,   Ltd.;   'I.ul„l ,-
Valloy lluini-. Ltd.; Lillle I'hicl Mn,
nig I'onipuuy, Lid.  (Nun persunitl Ita
liilily);  Nunaimn  Properties ITiinpoin.,
Lid.;   'New   Welliiiglnn   I'uul A   t'nki
i iitupiiiiy, Ltd.; Niiliiill Hulel I'oiiiputiy.
1,1,1 ; Nurlli, nt Luliii & Murlgugc lliinr
unlee    i'urpnrulinn,    Ltd.;    Nurtli, rti
lii ul, ami Tile I uinpiiny, 1,1,1.'. 'Nurlli
Vuiii'uun'r     I'uiistrncl iuu     I'niupiu,'
1,1,1 ;   ITiniiniilai,  lily   uml  Sul,url,.,,.
liun,,'   liuilil,r..,  1.1,1 ;     I'nrt     I:,l,i.,i
Tuwnsite tluiupauy, Lid.; Prince linp' n
Kililllliiers,  1,1,1.;   Itickctts, Tusiliereini
J.   t'uinpiniy,   Lid ;     'liner    Land    ,'■
Walerl'ruitliige  iTuiipany,   l.ld;   If,   II
Slewurl  I'tuupiiiiyT  Lid ;   ' llnck  Iifl.
Land I'niiipjiny, Ltd.; Satnln A  Pillion,
Ltd.; Sinnitu Iltinpillil S„, My; Sidney
Waler and I'uwrr l'ulii| y, 1,1,1.; Ten
Acre Latum iSliawni. ani. Lid.; Term
ililli IT., in.1,1 I'ninptiny, Lid.; Tern
l„t,ul Liglil & Ileal, Lid.; 'Title Huld
iug I'unipuity, Ltd; Vuneuiner Hur
hers' Supply iTimpuiiy, l.ld ; Vancou
t it ut,' ut Physical I'lilline, l.ll .
in it Ilr v. lupin,til l ulnpliii..
Lid ; W, -ini,i,-i,'i I'rupcrlies, l.ld ;
Williiiuisuii 4 Ji'iikiits, Lid
'IT,, liTli,,',i,.|i liaee heeu regislered
n < ilia prut in,Tai I'liuipujiies: Aniert
an Pruning Implement iTiinpuuy.
Anus Inn, Wurks; Huy I'ily MauuITu
iniln p l Tun pain ; Kngli; l.ude Milling
I'liiiipuny; 'Kryc & I'utupaiiy; Kuni
limps Lniiilicr iTitiiputii; Luggers' ",l
KipnpiiK-nl iTiinpjuiy; I'urlluiid ' nil
age i uinpiiny. ' Hi*I,I,une, Said A l'u ;
Beal He Brass ' tiilipaiiy; Seeley A ' •• .
'Shiisunp  Lugjjtiig iTiiiipuiiy
P.   Vi.   Wuiilwiiilh,   Lid ,  Inne   lu'iu  ,
It' 'lined   lln   an   I ilia    prut It,, till   , oil,
LiTirn lii luhor
We    lire    Upi
l Inul,-.   In    Wall,,
diitilreul. ijui'l , lu
of  llie  nly   nf
HlUSI.'  wliu  Iiu
nil Iter lluili before,
tlie nei'c.saiy a.nninlat,
lo Its u pli'Uslltg sense
llllll. I'erltU},
re, fives   iltt
lu   llnuii   inure
■ Ti ,1 uur help ufler.
, we lune reiideri'd
i'.   There comei
uf '.mini sUlisfm
lli.it in ilic %a> llle giver
priimisid  lilessijjg.
The Seymour Lumber Company
(In I.ti|iildat,lon)
'it nd,-,, are Invited for Lul.- 17 to 'l'l and I.'I lo IB ill Block C, In,.
trill Lot 7B/i un Bt. i|,iui"■ . Road, togcthci with the buildings crcctod
Teudors accompanied by a marked chctptc for U) pci tent, of Hie
prico mii,"i must he in with us not later thau lllst lust. We sliull
not he bound to accept tho highest or any tender.
The Burrard Development Company, Limited
Assignees for Tke Seymour Lumber Co. Ltd.
a ,
17 Lousdale Avouuo, North Vancouvor. '     Phone Ili.
Lj^ LjnnView
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caih, $10.00 per month
(j These lots are one'block (rom car line in l.ynn Valley and
d level and high.    	
nice and level
Phone 131
i\ [iei us t|uote you rates on Fife, Uie and Accidenl
McMillan & reid
I I j\jyii,f\, fl-ly,,  I UfLOtj/ui.1, JUkT di, \t\i,.
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
7fl Vsars In Business.  Capital and Bosorva Over I7,600.0QO.
Thu firs| tleptisit will) wliieii you lu'iiin a Havings Aeeuuni, |s as Important en
event as tlio laying of tlie cornor-utoiiu of a Una liuildlug.Ynu aru laying thu
eornojstonn pf yuur position In llio wnrld, uf your circle uf business aciptaiut
a ucc, of eventual auctioss.	
Haii you offortl to pustpone lliut lirst tlupusitf
Two Offices th North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
■   ' ————■—e—«——■——■
Electric Irons
10 Days' Pros Trial
Solves the Bummer Ironing Prohlom
I'ur lllli! wo ure offering 11 "llulpiiiiil " uf Hie Ulli sine, sililnhlo fur
geuerul household use, fnr il'M This inin is similar In till "Hulpuiitls"
,-1,1-pi ilinl the upper surface is unpolished.
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
11, .i,l.!lu II
lltllirtliilee   liuuds
Auditor uml Accountant
lul Lonsdale Avenue. P. 0. Hint S.W
Nurth Vancuuter, I'lttino Lii.
A.M.LB. a ti.
Irrigalioii, tlrulimge, levels, plnns
ami spcciliculiuns, Seplio tanks mul
huuse drainage u specially. P. (I.
Dm ill, Ililli street weal ul llowicku
0. A. i-Til . BORA.
An Iniln t
Villi i.Ti.'.nieiluld Avcuue,
Nurth   Vancouver
Phono RIMI
Bakers, Confectioners and
t'.T- n i.-
ll.l Lonsdslo Avcuue
Underwood'i Barber Shop
III    I,   l.nlllllln
Successor In  Walla, c * Scot I, Third
Slreei,   I,',',i,'Nil riipuir wurk.
A   Wallace's services nave heen ru
llnnt.n   «M|   n, \n,,\i lit
, tv II    IIM.IM.IlllS.
t.Ilni tills
0. K. (1R00BR
Ami geuerul Commission Murclijiiil, I:
Liinsiltilu Ave., iNtirih Vancouvor.
Phono 321
Humor and
"WQW or never" would he i good
motto If Hiniic of ui were not ic
prone to choose tlm leet member of tbt
People who don't itock np deuci
high are the ones who do sigh tbs
most, according In our observations.
-Motrlmony can't he suid to lm savorless whim llio purlieu to It urn buldlng
o contest to dci'lilc which une Ihey ar*.
i'uii.ti'Iitiit:   Is   lliul   Inu'iitil   monitor
which ifilit us Unit we'd belter look
uut, fnr In Hit' lung run w* ore due lo
bo miiilii out.
There sre people whn lock roiiriigs
to such ud eilt'itl lhat Ihey ran'l even
fuce nn nlillgiillnn. to say uul Ulng ubuut
dlHITIIIITIglllg ll.
/ ~
A mini Is likely to be foolish ns s
clown over n tllmple If Ihc right girl
bus Hie dimple uiul Is willing lo Imu
It in his direction
The uuiu who Hikes himself seriously
gi'lu n lulni Jolt wheu be meets a worn
uu wliu doesn't,
Wisdom crlelh In the streets tu ut
Ilinl iilteiilliin fur her wnres Uut
iiinke un mlslnke ubout I'; she bus her
price uml iiliiuys enacts It.
There Is litis peculiar InliTg shoill
credli - ll Is itlttTi.vs best wben you
don'l need It ut till uml Is n ilceicnslng
nuliilile utilise lunil la ncro when you
need li Hie mosl.
We nn- specialists iu  llte.e line,
in IA Is,ii.il.iie Avenuo
I.AI  Mlllll   n
My dollies uru ul llio Hopilsuu
Uiuiiilry whero yjnirs uttglil lu bo.
Plui wurk fur ,'lu cenls dot. Hough
dry, I, IP,, ucl wash, 9c Ih. Drop us
a curd und in will tail fur Ilium
P. I). Hu. 2TT1
nit,,n,,.n i ii.i ii
Studio   over   lli.uk   il. N. A.
Lonadala uuii i' .|,l„u„d„
lluokeollere and  Stationers
Cor. Lunailale ami let. Pour. Iill
Plans Iv.i'i tiled     :  :    Ksliinolos flivcii
Oentre and Mill Boad
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Plana and Psliinulrs furnished free.
Repairing,  rciiindcliiig,  els,,  promptly
Ulli inP"l   tO
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allan Hund ueiir Wcstnvcr.T. t). Uox
HI, Lynn Creek, II. ''.
High I'lass Ladiea'ami Cools'1 Tailoring
Repiiiilng   ami    Allcrnliuiis.  I'leiiniug
und |)ycittg in till ib lirsiiclins. All
Wurlt   |."i;ininl, i  I
III tn t Street Wcnl. Phone 'lnl
1,1. I JJU J)
Ladles' and Units' Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing
a Specialty
1!W Second Slrect Baet
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Street Seat of Lonadala
Lowest prices ami best work guarau
teed on tinning and sheet meiul wurk.
Cabinet Msker end Carpenter
Will unilcrlitkii all kinds of wood work,
repairs, ete.
Fourlb Btrsst snd Sutherland Avsnus
P. 0. tat mt
All kinds of saws filed ami Sot on llic
Inuii I petite,   Lawn mowers, knives
hedge shears ami m jssors sliinpetied. All
work gitaraulecd, nimlcrale pricca.
1331 Iionsdala Avsnu* Pbons Bu
Tho Klpress goci iulo evety home un
Ihc Norlb Shore aim is read by lil,l|(U)
people. Kxpress ads. consequently sre
ejr* to briug results.
Fer the Common People
Tlte fl,n'a Hie 11,1ns so Shakespeare said.
Aa ,1,,„l,it,'nn you liiiv-o aomo limo rood.
And. v.i,lie fur uu'.nu Ihia msy bo su,
i.t-'- mu Ilia moving picture sliow.
Til   ll    I'll   l.'lle  I    RO
Then lo tlio chsery problem play
And tvolcli Ilia villain herons slay.
A simile nickel pays tlia bill.
Admlllliig uno lu every thrill.
The liurinnti) I,.uiei' un a spree,
Thu queen's anld ulutud luhlk-o.
Ah, ine,
It certainly la fine in see
Scenes from llio woolly west ninl will
Or falrylatul lu cliurm a child!
'Tli there Iho ciiinmon peoplo meet,
Carped oi lltcy haj'pon on the Sircul,
Nul lorlurod by u fuuey dress
Or gewgawe thai might bring dlslresa
They kuki
They'll tee lhe moving plcluree.   Ves.
Nor dues II break thorn up lo go,
Though every ulgiti Is changed (ho sliuw.
Ono dues nol have to etraln liio car
Tho undent clsislc Jokes to hear,
Tu luiteli Iho songs that verge on tut
There right before one lies the plot.
it- nt Scull!
Who wuuldn't rslhcr go Ihou nolT
Su lei mo finish wllh Hits line:
"Tho moving pkmio shuw for it,Inel"
It     N
Hsd Hie Doubt*.
"Uuw did yuur
naw niii,, licliiiti
on lla llrsl trip?"
"Not  a   till   of
"Not a sign"
"Wbat do you
suspect V"
"That it |a wait-
log uuin I get my
girl out In llio
country (our
*   N
.   '•'.'     ...m
 _____ 1  __	
cap't telephone nu wait for a few days
and ih''" forget all niuuii i|.
llrunilniii iih.hI tq writo letters as long
as mi old fashioned soriiion. flrandpa
was n right port Iclter-wrifgr, too.
fciyofyliody wrote 'org. It una tlio lliiug
to t|ti, inni you got yourself dislikod if
you iiiil nnt sit down every unco ill a
ii Inle. sharpen your guoso quill, ami tell
somebody nil your inmost thoughts uml
winit yuu had for dinner.
Wn quit it some limo buck. It Is
doubtful nniv if there is moru than one
pcrsnti in ten who has the I'liintcst glimmerings of wlun a reul oul fnshiuiicii
il.titly letter was like. Thoy .:iIl.-.l
l liom. epistles Imcli in griiiidinii's I iiuc,
autl Ihey spent wlinlti iluys wriliug
tl ■ in. enpyittg them, uiul scaling them
till It u iniiltiluile of red, green and liluu
seals,             .. ■»	
If tl weru uut fur yuung Invent uml
uid I'tilks Ihc Idler us il iihitI Iu he
uniilil jusl uiiiuil iuiuhIi. Tho rest uf
Addison tolls us Hint Ihut guud old j us have nu I nut! in Willi), tu sit duwu
I'tiulisli luiighl, .ir linger ilu i'i vcrlcy.jniul Iny hurt) lhe very secrets of our
would sutler uu nut! In sleep in church, I ii'imr souls un ti while page. Lmers
cxrepi himself) ami "if by chance h..I will doubtless always writs Ipttors,   It
A Ctiiiihriilge clergy uuiu mu ken llii!
interesting uiiiio'.iiiceiiioiit ilmi sleeping
mun will ho cordially welcomed to his
church ami porniiitoil to indulge undis-
litrbiTl iii thoir uiid scriiioii naps.
Such parishioners, ho Itohls, are
thoroiiglily innocent, ami, far frum
uiuiuyipg, often giyo liim much
The good minister deserves ami,
doubtless, wili have large congregation. Though somewhat unique, his
poiut of view is thoroughly cunuiiiiul,
indeed we muy suy Scriptural; for was
it not in iheir imui,11. thut .Ininli,
JtiHoph, I in ti i il. umi muny ntliur seers
uf nlil were inilnwir.l with wistlttm ami
prescience! And was it nut io u depp
sleep thut Ailuin wus rtilievotl uf a rib
tvlii'tewilli wtimuii herself wus mudul
'Tint mini who timls nr siiuyes itt his
pew litis lung In i ii a clerical priiblem.
tvns surprised intu u siturl imp ul set
mun, upun recovering frnm il lie would
slnitil up uiul Innk uliuul Iiiui, uml if Insult anybody pise nodding, would
cillier uulie.linn himself ur semi his
servant lu him."
The slury gnes thai in Henry VII's
chapel iu Westfninstor Abbey the
clisirs were mici! Ingeniously contrive,!
lit keep lite mm,I, iitvukc during ser
'iee; if nne kepi his balance tin Ihem
lltcy were comfortable enough, luu if
his llilnl svvnyeil forward in ii drowsy
liiumcul he would gu sprawling in Ihc
Hour, The I'limuus uml iill'alde Dr. Hnr
ruw once rcniurkcd that he tvns in n
singular predicament- "Pur," sui,; lie,
"if I speuk stiflly while preaching,
Hi use at the olid nf Ihc cipirch'canitiil
hear me, uud if I speuk loudly I shull
wake up those neur the pulpit,"
A worthy country parson, wc are
luld, was unco concluding n sermon nne
droning summer's day, whon lie nl,
served I luil 'fully half of his congrcgu
liuu hud gune fust asleep, Whereiipun
he sniii, "My good friends, this dis
course eusl tne a vast deal uf labor. I
llunl, lliul yuu have unl given il lite
iillenliiiii il deserves, I sliull, there
lure, start ul llic beginning uiul tleliier
tl all uguin." And su In- did. Per
Imps litis was uue uf tliuse sermons ul'
ivhicli Sydney Hinitli is suid lu have re
imirK.'. 1 "They ure written lis if sin
wns lu be taken mu uf matt like Kve
util nf Adam, by pulling him lu sleep."
All sucli emliurriissiiieiils Ihc i'tim
I,ndge minister will avoid lliruugli lite
lue,',Til, uf his charily uud humor. As
he truly says, there lire frequently guud
reasons fur tine's fulling asleep in
I'hurclt. Tlte warmth und emu IT,it ul'
the cushioned pew, the tranquillizing
eil'ei'i uf lhe music, lhe stifluess uf the
liglil, and snmet innnn perhaps lite dis
eiiiirse itself, ull combine ns it sednltvc
lu Hie overstrained nerves or sure
Hillsides uf llic mini whu lius lulled nn
duys, Sueh liiislilimls shuuld ui'l be
reprimanded by Huir wives fur fulling
iulu  u   genlle   du/c.     Till'   fllel   In,   une
muy  gel it ileal nl' guud frmu a cluireli
miu ven lliuujih hj. nljiitlii! nut In,n
a     ivurd    uf    lite    sermon.   Allattla
It   Usod   to   Be   Considered   Quito   a
"Du VOU klllltV, I JlJnl lillle III llllli
Idlers!". Putlllliar l/utillllinn Nu
Wlm dues like Iii mile Idlers, any
tiayf No one bul the very yuung per
run m love, ur whu lliiuks he is. Musi
nf us telephone if vie nut, und if ive
A Conundrum.
"Why la a huuse dreas unlike I v.,-1-
"Hi'i'tiuse ll Is ti liouse dross."
"Hit. Hull's uo n'„.'"ii."
"Well, why Is a bouse dress unlike
i welcome!"
"Ilnuuse yuu csu't wear It out"
Certainly.      ~"\
"Why dn ui,n,,-n change their minds
io tiiiii-liV"
ini   ihe  same  reasuii   Ibst   tbsy
Cbllllge III,Tl ,liens"
"Well, why Is lootl"
"I'o get one lhal Is more becoming."
Th* Main Requlslt*.
"Is ll hard lo prepare yourself (or
office work. Mabel I"
"Not velTfJ'
"Wbal li tbe moit Important tbing
to  I'niii'l"
"Uow to do up your balr."
Mlstskan In th* Person.
"I met Mrs Hreen today."
"Wbal did aba say?"
*H wasn't Mrs Orcein"
Th* Reason
"I cm 1*11 my neighbor bow to run
-ll business "
"Then, wby dou'l you?"
"Ob, bi knows notr"
Cautious.   I -f
"Horn Ae you like tbia breidT
"Did your wife make II?"
Cash Limitation.
Hi longe* lo be a lllll* bird
But longings all were vain
Be lldn'l hev. a single oeal
To buy sa eeroplsiie.
is in their i.i..mi. uml il refuses to yield
In new conditions. ' Anytvuy, lucre is
a certain iinininit of niiisluucss iu the
ysliTti Hint musl he gul rid u/', liud Ihis
is Ihc must cIlT'flivc way.
The business Idler ik Iturdly u Idler.
It is mum neurly uu insult when yuu
try in Innk ut ii us anything hut a euld
I crisp business iiitiiiiorainliini, Even
Ihc so lulled loiter lliul pusses botwuuil
friemls is hardly mure iliall,a greeting
iiiui 11 guud live. Tlte ptisliil (ilinl is
partly tn blame, folks hive gruwn
d lu buying ti I'hriminilinl writing
It brief ni'tiliTiee Ihereon, ntul instilling
llic absent ones iu Iimt maimer.
Tun hundred yeurs ugu, when yoo
wrote ti Idler,'yuu mude uf il ti sort uf
it newspaper, n diary, und u sermon ull
rulied iulu uue.
They spent n few huurs daily uu it,
lltcy polished Ihc sentences und luoked
up till lhe hard words itt llm dieliuttary.
Win-it il wus dune it wns ll culiiplex
lliiug thul wns wurlil keeping uiul
studying, Postage wus high in lltusc
limes, titttl Ihc malls were more timer
Uiin huiii lhe ivi'tiilier, utui when Ihey
wrote Ihey wanted to lie sure uml gel
il ull in lhe epistle Letlers were reul
events, whether yuu setii Ilium ur re
t-eited llietii.   SI. Louis  Republic.
Advertiser woultl like In meet parly
uf means, uul Inuking fur iiiinicdiuln
returns, willing lu invent us au initial
expense up.lu ♦u,llllll. Object lu lunil
uml operate ti trading pnsl mt a mil
situated hurliur un llic iiiinnlnnd within
llllll miles ul Vuneuuver. llurluir ik well
sluckeil Willi nuliirul rosuurt-es, uiul lie
sides • upc ruling lhe I railing pual ud
verltser wishes lu nhtuili Ity lean,' <>t
ptireiiuse ur pre eiuptinii any utuiluiile
lunds suitably hunted fur luu,mile ur
tillier purpuses. Will prtnc it gill cdgi
iinenlininl within u yeurs. Puller pur
li.iilarn lu buna lltli'S. P. 0, Ilus Ilutli
Nurlli   Vancouver, -v
trnoit pniipue hhai.stiiki.iingi
ITUP8 COUSHS ma. is cttas
Tl|0 attention uf cniiHiiiners is hereby
drawn In the faet, Hint, fiiirsiinnt lo t
riiciint iimciitlmi'iit in Hie Wutur tvnrku
it ."iiiiiiiiiii Byluw, lhe itoliccs uf nul or
rales iiuc recently stint out cuter a
perind uf sis uiuiitlis, eliding llct'ciu
tier ,'llst, IB|8, instead uf I lir en months
as liiiriilofore.
Thu pcriud all,m,-,I fur i,>l„in< yun-
tively closes tin July IIIsl, llllll.
Sl MII'M.H ll|.' I ll tl,  1IIMM.
Coal mining rig Ins nf ihu Dominion
In Miiiilinbii, Nitsitniilievviin nnd Albei-
la. tho i niui Ten llm >. the Nmlli wesl
Territories inul In ti pin Ilmi uf il,,. jnu .
Vlllee uf nilimli Columbia, imt) he loused fnr u lerm of Iwoiily-une yuors ui
tut iiiiiiiini louiul nf |l tin nne      Nul
mure Hunt ': acroa will be loused In
unu anplluuill
Applicallun fur ti Iciiuo musl lie inmie
liy ihu titipllniiil In ihi mm iu lite Agent
nr Stib-Agi'iii nt Hie lllslrlel In which
lliu rights applied fur ale slttiiiloil
In surveyed territory Iho laml iniisl
lie Ill-Sill lliod liy seel hum, „i- legul Bill,
divisions uf sections, unit In uiiaiiivo)
ed let t llm j  Hie Inni ii|,|,|l,ii| fur slmll
be   sinkid   unl   hy   llio   ii|.|!l, mil   I, I r 11
I'iiicli application must ba accotiipun-
led   by .ii  fee  nf  Si,   which   ivlll   ho   le
I ..i.-i- .1 If llle iTjihls applied lor uro iiul
u.  H.T,    Imi iiui utberwlse     a mi
ulty slmll ho puld on the merchantable
'illinl   nf  llio  initio  III   tlio  into  uf live
lonls pot  tun.
The porsun operating the mine shull
furnish tlio Agonl ivJth sworn returns
aceuunllug for the foil iiuultllty uf
inoreluiut.'itile i.-.unl mined ntul pay llie
iniiiilly llui .nn If Hie on,, I iiiiiiiiiii
lights ale Imt being ulititileil. niuli re
inn..-, should l,c furnished al lensl mice
u lout
Tito If ISO   lllll  llll lillle Ilh- COOl   ;,,,.,!..
i iil.tu mil). Imi lln- lessee inn) lie permitted I, I ui l lum,' ul,nt,ver available
surface lights tuny he cunsldcrcd nee
essat-y for Ihc working uf Ihc mine al
Ihe into if |I0 nn acre
Fur    full    liifiu in,iiiun    nut. Ilnillmi
nl,,,ul.l  in- mode  lu Iho ,i , I, lul     ut Ihe
Di'luiiTineni uf Ilie liiteiTur. Ottawa, nr
lo uny agent or Sub-Agent uf h,-minimi
W  Vi cnltV.
Deputy Minister ,,f it,,- Interior
N   ll    Hnaulhtirlted   publlcallun   ul
lhls  adverllai'ineiil   will   i,,,|   he   inil'l
fur !2 'i
tt tilll   Mllll i-:
We.  'I'lln  Newt    Illlel.   A   Tile  I'ulil
i>.iii)' I.iii.it.**I. j , uniiuiii)  tu, .,..,,    ,
ill, 'l.i   lln-   i'iuiu. inii n   Ai I    ul
ulliee   nl    His   ti'      . 'i.iii.i,    Hull,lie.
Vunetiuvei,   It   I'    m\     liulii,.   Iiiiii   „|l
llle    .'Mil   du)    id    lull      I TS | _.    II,    llili '
Iii   .iiml.    I»   the   Wil I i-l   I'muililnnl,,,., i
,1    Ills   ulliee   III    Ni tv    Umlu.lns . I      II
I',    fill    II    II' i IIS'     lo   tulle    .,|,,l    Use   200
Uid.      fiel     Ilf     H.ili-|     pel     l.ielul     ||.  "I
Shannon   t'lclt    siiunte   on   Lot   t.tis
til ullll  title.   N'eW    1VT Ull.Iimlei    District
Tlio -.ml r Is lo I,   i.T.. ii ft..i,i  tu
sill lllll  III   lln   I I  uf  III,    Pulls ull   I.ol
.is  ,,l,„ut ,<iio min  f,um 11,1, mn, i   .ml
I.l    lu    lie    Used    ull    l.ul    till*,    fm     lulni
Nnlli. of ni'i'li. .i11 < ii u.n, | ust, ,1 mt
■i • <„iiliu nu Ihe Dili il.n ul .Imu
I'ATI-:!'   nl    V.iii, mini,    II    I'.    11,1,
1711, d,t     ul   Iuue   IHIS
NKU I'nllT II>;|< I,   t.   TUT; i'litll'ANl
21 -7 l'u   I   II   I" v.).  Am nl
Du yuu waul lu sell yuur Id I
lune funds waiting fur guml buys. Hive
ut yuur huel gross prico and tormi
Canadian Vinanuiers, Hunk uf HaiiuUnu
Building. I f
Knquirera cluss moots every Wudnos
day evening nl > p.m. Hleutetilary study
iiml qtiestiuns. Vou uro conlislly inni
id loollond. liT'"tii Hi, Aberdeen Inul'1
tug.   Tlicnsiipliioiil free library.      I 8
w lll.ll Mint r
'.v.- The Ni-tt |i.i I tt.ilei i-i.i.,|..ni.
I.llllllod. ii t'tllnpilll) ill, > I put ill -I il,-n- ,
II,e fuin|,aides ,\el ullli head nit;.. <
Iti ti,liter I'ulloii  Hull,Iill):,  V.n Itu
II I',  ulve  liulii.    It...I   1,11   llle   .',1,   n ,
,.|  Juli,   l:ti:   in- tnliinl  t„ nin I)   !e
Hie    Will, I    I'l IhSl.ltl, I    ill    his    ulllu
III N.u- Wel'linlllil, I    II  ti. Ioi  ,i II..
n, tuite nnd use MU ruble loot ul will, t
not' Seeullil Hull, Hn ST",llllllll l.'lv'.l 111
Nell   VVoi.lllilnsli I   lilsiilcl
The m'l'I Is lu he luken lum II"
slreuin .il a point .. I..... I Hi. n nn i ul
iiml'. < limn .11*11 Uboul IOU ful
IlllliVe Ilde VViil. I. llllil Is lu he um -I
ful   llllillll 'Iplil pill puses   "II  lols   ISH    THO
UJ.   IH2   nnd   UO."    Ilmup  nne,   N.-vv
VVostliilltSli t   Idslibi.
Null, i uf llllelilliui Iii nppl) n as
luislid un llu k> "l'l>'< "11 Hie I'.lli
iif   lune,   IIII2
IIATKIl "I  v.n vu    It   ti    thin I .III
ilny   nf  .lun.     HII2
NKWI'illll   WATKII  I'nMI'.tN)
21   2 ITI   J    II    I'et'o).   Ai-e   ■
Aro the right kind of things whon they soil tb* goods. It Is the fscte shout
tho quality of our goods In tb* way of PURNIITURE. CARPETS and
0ROOKER7, and tho facte about ths low prices aud the special price* ou
these goods that win favor among our customers.
Hers ore some facts for you to proBt by:— '
CHILDREN'S PUSH CARTS, special prico         II.IJII
A largo eblpniout just rocslvod.   All tbe rage
MEAT SAFES, large size   13.60
ROYAL OAK DRESSERS, with hovelled plate mirror..' 18.60
Complete for 17,60
MATTINO MATS, »tf...«c
a limited number ouly, linn
In our Crockery Dspsrtineut
TUMBLERS, pa dun 60c
dos 60s
128 Lonsdbk Ave.  n^w  North Vancouver
■■ 1 DP ftArrvptJiJ )1W. % 11'  T r'
The Driftwood Menacc|,or,BStiou"gra,hegowuwM,,,nber
inspector that during the year 1911 in
tho main harbor of Vanoouver aloud
iippruviiuiili'ly l-iu,iiiiii,iiuii feet nf lumber were treated, .Froro tbis you will
readily realise Ihlt in Deal iug   this
The city clerk. Inst night read tn thu
council a lettor which it is-propuaoil by
tliu liiiuril of tuxry ilircciurs lit furward
to ihu department nf murine ami (labor
it's. The hitter dealt oxMilstivaly ivilh
musl plui.., . of Ihu Itiirbnr driflvvnutl
nienncii ami expiessor] lltu viutv Ilinl, Hie
luinlitir mills of which Ilium lire twenty
eight willtiii Ihtt Vuiieniiter oily liinils,
en lined In lie seul n.l ri ft iiijsi'ollinicnils
refuse arising' frum llnnr uptirutluiis.
"During llm pusl twelve uiuullis," llm
hitler staled, "llui eust tu this cum
puny nlulii' ill liiiiilii inniii'v hus I it
JHJHIO, tinl Inking intn iti in I lussiil
iuue, revenue uml the Inconvenience
iinisod lu Iho travelling public." The
tiiissive inuliiiiu'il In luiiul mil Hull
liim wns uul lhe lirsl llpptllll maiie
uguinst ti ittiisiiuei' tvliioh wus coiiliiiu
nil) hri'llking nil' lhe prnpellnl' lillliles
iif Iiiii ferries ntul'disorganising Ihu ser
lioo. 'I'liii belief tins expressed Ilml
thorn tvns uu stieli state uf iiliuiin exist
iug in AinuriiTi nr uny tillier i'niinlr,v.
The ennriiitnis umuiuil nt drill debris
,,i,liniuilll In he l'u,niT in lite viein
ily nf llio Vine iimiT wharf Iteeossitat-
ul llio iiiiplnymenl of, melt lu fleer il
tiitiiy. Mr. Kenip, Hie ferry luiurd's
,e. reitiry, referred the dc,|itirlincnt tu
Inn line,' prov inns I,Tlern un lite sub
Tlie It'llor e Iinleil wil li it sttgges
lum inuii ino lliniinl llittl il might be
- en ml, i-nidi iu uppuittl un.lu llio
litiiliur intister's jurisilit'liiiii, itu ullieer
ur nilieers ttith n putrid bunt.
"In miii r lliut .vnn nitty furm sume
i .tin,ill,' its It, ll,e iiiiinii ul uf debris
liiil.lo iu mini' linm lite sntvmills, Hie
t. riled lidded " I lillle ulitliiitod llu- in
uiiiuiint, if but S per cent, af lluv rot'one
is niinl-,od tu 'Iiiii an enormous mmm,n
tu stoainers ami gasoline launches is
While by no means opposing tlia in
tentininj of the lotter, Alii. Dlik piiint
od put that there was nothing puffur
wurd sliuwing that 6 pur cent. u*. t'w
refuse went adrift. Tho alderinuu sug
gitstetl lhat thu ferry eompoii/ might
itsulf gn tu work and get into "uiinu-'
tiuu witli nther ciimpauicB tim! uuiltf
suiiiti iiltiiiupt to clour tlio hurlmr. The
t;i,Ulio which thu cuinpany was oppdr
.•litly Insing ttiuiuully iniglit'jiist ua well
be ilttvuliitl III soma ui'l inu of this kind.
Huvurinneiils weru slew, The furr.v
lioanl sliuiilil mil sit back and wait fur
tlm government t„ lake insTum
Aid. Dick ennsiiltirii'l thll the bnlird
should gd iulu tuiieh wilh tlm Hurhur
musters' Association mnl tin minn'tliin;:
towards Hie idi'iiriilg uf the Inn Lm
Aid. Piiriiiuan' thought ii was iyilto
the proper lliiug to gut after lliu
government. Someone might to he
nppiiiiiled In liluk after lllc drift deb'ls
ul ull times.
The mayor incut iuued thni lhe fefry
buard hud alerted itself three times
pre) uunl) tu gel siiinelhiiig duutt ill
Ihis relation. Ilis Worship argued Ihul
ut uuv rutu it wuubl tin nu liurin lu
request Hie |im iniiili ui In du litis, eveu
if lhe shipping bodies should get in
meanwhile uml Htcinscltes ilu smoothing
A unit inn tvns thereupon moved, see
muled and carried in siipputt uf Hie
mil i-i, l inns, ami siiggestiuits ni the Id
ter uf l,|te ferry directorate.
Caledonian Sports and
Highland Garnet
At a meeting uf the sports committee
If yuu have any prnpurly tn sell an-'
want quick results, list it wilh Short,
Hull, iinm, and Seymuur. t.f
Do You Want to WORK (or Your Money, or
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work lor You?
The following ars moneymakers
Lonsdale Avenue (West Side-Inside city liinils.   30 feet, at 13,000.00.
One third ush.
Lonsdale Avenue (East Bide)—11 feet, at Il,l!n0.00.   H60.0.) casl), bal
auto li, lii and IB uiuiitlis.
Ottawa Hardens- One lot for 1:1,000.00.   One third caah.
Wr? respectfully solicit listings of your property.
Phone  IM
P. 0. Roi 2307
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
I.pi us show you why
Two stylet, $4.50 ind $4.75
I i uiKiiiiii al and has the manufacturer*' five year guarantee.
'■: r,      i i      .Ti1       i.,       ss
Patterson & Goldie
105-7 r>lanide West
Special (dr a Few Dayi
TBIPLE OOBNEB on  HHh Street.  Hits  210   feet   by   167.      Prire,
SIX.-, i. Terms 1600 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
We have only a few lols now left iu 781-a balutiful homesite witbiu
two blocks uf Iiousdoli. Avenue Ipf UH. Terns UO erne, t, 12
and 18 months.
If you have t house to Rent, or fer Hals kindly giro aa a Haling.
Vmiym Ul V. 0. I)i ou
TTItti aru wTil
Hie auspices ui' the SL AintrBwV autl
iTiliiilmiiitn Society, held last night, pro
gross was ropurtoil iu muny details
inniti-.-i.-il therewith. It was alsn ro
mill cd to ulluw thu entries to lie mtiilr
up tu ami uu tliu day of tlie sports
Tliu I'limuiittuii intend to have the
gruiiiiils iu us iittuil a cunilitiuu as pus
■ ildi- uml arrangements fur the cauifiirl
nf tlto public is their lirst cnnsiileru
tiuu. lliven iiiiini weather Ihe uonmiil
leu feel cinitlilcitl lhat tiiuse ilusirons uf
luilriinUing thu spurts will be assured
Jlf-JUltUlaSiUg. MBiXJscjJjJMjUnMH'
nlltli-lii-    spurt    lllid    ulmli .mm     i .Iuh
iiii,ii in i'lun.-. Ity purely Imui laluii!
us nil tin events lire cniilliieil lu the
city ami ilistricl. The ladies1 society
will bo iu evidence tn purvey tn thu
IViillts   Ilf   lliu-'     1, i|illliu;.    mi.    Tun, -nl
ul uiuililli'd i-liargi-H Entries fur the
si'hunl I iti ins .1 a side iTiullutll sltnitld
bu ininli' uh curly lis possible lu M- T.
ilriiliuitii' uiiii will glee all Information
Ing yesterday. The meeting took the
form of » debate, the resolution .being
lliiil the franchise bs extended tu wu
men. Mr- Tom Martinson in moving
this, drew attention to ths bouolicieut
results nf woman's suffrage in all cases
been tiled, citing Am
Lynn Valley
Tlte line residuum for Mr. V. I'.
I'runs nu linns roud is injuring eumple
Mr. ti, While It'll lasl wis fur a
trip lu Seattle uud is eipectoii lo return
Plaus ure completed for a bungalow
In be erected ut thu coiner of ('ciilrc
Prwlerick roads for Mr. P. McAr
t Is is r uf Hiiuil Kuiid. Wurk will cum
nii'tiii' nl iiiui. by the builder, .1. W.
Mr. uml Mrs. .1. A. Kinder of Norlh
Vaiieouter were visiting Ihc Vulley uu
Sunday ntul were much Impressed wilh
lhe lieitiil) uf Hie |iurk uml canyons.
Mr. Poster ia'Maiiagor uf the Hunk ut
I'nmmerie un  Ihu Nurlh Shure.
I'lie Hitn,luy srhuiil uf llic Pirsl Hup
Imi iiiiinii will huld tlieir picnic in
Linn Vulley purk near the end uf Ihc,
,ur line un Thursday aflcruuuu uf lliin
week, hjeviug the inul uf liMlsdalc
uu Hie twenty miuutes lu Iwu ear. The
members uf the tliiir.lt uud tungrcgu
t im, ure Invited lu attend. Supper will
lie scried al " o'clock.
Knui church Sumhn Schuul pienir
is iu be held in l.yuu i'urk un Tours
.luy uflcrnutiu of Ihia week The i.ui
dies and irii'O'li arc In meet al lhe
,li ii nli ul llu ami under the care uf
the superintendent, Mr. W. Knowlcs,
ami teachers, will wend their way tu
lhe purk where guinea and spuria will
he indulged in. The notice uii Sunday
hi-i said "if line." If wet Ihc picnic
will  l,e  poslponed  Iill  Hie  following
truliu, Nuw' Zniiluiid ami minus stulen
Of the U. ti. A. as examples, lie alsu
pointed .out the fact that ilavelupiuonl
ulung i.ueiul eml political lines lu the
nnnum in.'iinu'lien wouhl naturally teml
Inn iniln the development 'flf thu liniiic
Piilluwiitg liim, Mr, Osltiirn, whn spiike
ill the uegutivu, shuweii Ihul mun wns
physically constituted to lie llm lender
aiul controller. Tlm I'realur, lie suiil,
hail etiiluwutl piait wilh a cupucil.v fur
affairs of slute, while wiimuu hail boon
ide. nl wilh a mt'titu 1 capacity fur
Iiiiiiiu life. Thut wunicti iu her uwn
l-iu i, wus able In wield u larger und
heller influence lhan site wuuld in u
province fur which she .wus iiui adopt
In seconding Iho rcmurks nf Ihc lirsl
speaker, Mr. Art. Marl iiiunii furl Uied
his sptteeh by pointedly quoting frnm
Judge Hen H. Lindsay uf Denver.
Mr. Dickinson reminded his T,-n'"r-
>.' Hi > fuel Ihul owing tn woman's mil'
I'rUgU   ill     'n Tlulm   Hit'   Wrth   rule   llll'l
sn declined Ihul il Inul been found uue
essary tn give a stale bonus uf ii'i"
Inr every child bum there.
Du llic decision of tin judgvs tin
nuie fur lite Itcglltive won ull |,,< uill,uiiglt Ihc ulliriiiiilive followed Ihem
t cry closely.
Seeled Tenders uro-invited hy tit-'
undersigned fur ihc installation of two
lililn,niT A Wilms wuler luliu bniters
ill the SS. "Nurlh Vuneuuier Petri
Nu. 1."
Spci'ihT-titiiins muy he viewed til the
ulli. <- uf ihc  .Manager
Tenders tn be sealed nnd inurked:
"TKNHKH POU llllll,Kit IN8TAI.
I.ATIDN," and lodgetl willi lite under
sigiicd priur lu 111 o'cloek iiuun nn Pri
day, duly '.'llth, lull  '
Tiie lowest ur uuy tender tint ticecs
surily Ut pled. f
II. K. Kemp,
. Treun
II.   II.   Livery   ami   Huurd   aiul,lea
Light   rigs  and   ladies'  saddle  borscr
fur lii ro.   yielding fnr burses.     Ooti
eral delivery and heavy Icamiitg.     II
Dumas, Ith sticut west  Phono 317 t.f.
Uu Wednesday and Thursday uf Hits
tie ll. i'. i Ily Company will
gne a Iwo -in-, picnic to the employ
ees of lite i ,,1111*11) ami tin-it families.
The pru, ceilings will be held al Has
ting- I'urk and il is cupeled lhat Ihc
guests will muni,,'! ntif less than .ri,nou
fur lhe lun days, aiming whom Hie
employees nt Hie roinpauy tin the Nurlli
hhore will be well represeutetl.
Epworth League
Mr.  hi-km-,,ti. Ihc eitiseoship vice
president, provided an eseelieul even
WKST    VANl'OI'VLII    Pur    iinme
tliate  sule,   It   luls  iu  Bulitlivisiiin  nn
llui cm nl II..,1,1, niliii' lu Iiiiii-. Price
tl'nl tu IflfiU eaelt; i'lu i'aull, Imliil,,,-
11.1 per montb. Twenty miiiules frum
ear. Light clearing. Two nice humcs
aeruss ruad fruin Ilus pruperty. Hux
".'I'JII Nurlh VaneoUvgr. ill
Hu yuu want lu rent a nlurc ur a
refreshment stand; u Utilise ur u cabin I
tiee Hutchison, I'linipstuit .'■ l'u, lite
Huuse Men, 62 Luiimlsle aveuue.   Tel
Und (,'leariug and 'Hading Lols
!'■ In Ainliuu, tlcneral I'oiilraclor. Se
wer connections a specially, bascmcttl
and oilier eicavating work umlcrlakcit
I -itimiien free. 6117 SI. tl,urge's Ave
Nortb Vanrouver, post offlco boi 2111111
Por cabinet making, earpenleriiig.
pillule framing, Prencb polisuing,
paiiiling, glaring, general Jobbing wurk
and fiiriutiire repairs, see nr phone <l
llujties. Ii'iti I,,,i,n.l,,I, avcuue, Nurlli
Vaueouver Personal allciitiuii I'liune
LHi If
We are determined
Not le carry over a Summer Shoe   ws bavs too much Fall stock aiuviii.i
dally   ws must bavs room.
We an cutting prices still further on our splendid stock of Oslords
and Low Outs, aud now Is the golden opportunity to purchaae the beat
of goods at little mors than coet price. ,
II 6i) Tan Oiforda for Hen, clearance price a, fl.'ili
IIDO and 16.00 Tan Oiforda aud Pumpa for Woman, clsarsucs price 11,86
OhUdrsn's VUI Kid Oifords, deersiice price $l.tw
Men'a (Irsy Osnvse Bsls, leattiar counurs, cape mi straps, *
clearance price  T * . .11.16
Boyi' Canvas Oiforda and Bale.  ll.ll,
Women's White Osnvee Osfords and'pomps 11.26
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Kh>»2 Mould Crows Block, Opp, Cily llall
S. & W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Relail Hardware
dime   coin.it.lti   uf   nne Irillniilli
|,,!ili',l iiiiiii the reptile's auppli
i I'lhiinaled    lu Ihia way uver IH gum
, „ ,„     „        ..   uf ijiiimin ucre ulitiiiliod.
How a Supply ol Venom Was Procured       '
by Four Doctors n'»  "  "'wnlml   "» '"'   ''	
| t|iiiinlily.   It mil be dfslriliiilcl tin	
fuur     'tipulhie    doctora    liave""   ' 'I""1'''    pl">nnaelsl»   nf   i
riaked llieir Inn. in Nmi  Vurk 'Inula j »'"rl'1'     w1"'"   prepared   for^it.
gicul   lllll,I,tin,   Ilr,,tin   I'urk,   lu  Illllllil
ii supply nf s,Ttr,',' leuuiii Iruin ;t Inn.,'    criiin.
head    liper.     Their    purptue    wus      —
priiuiiriiy. tu 'tire n inilliiiunirc patient
uf  tlelusiunui  insanity;  und, hccuudly,
in   retdentnll   lite   World's  ,1,1,1,   uf   lilin
Hi, , ,,,      aUICKLV  STOPS  COUOMO,  CURIR  COLO'..
drug,   Wllli'll   Wis   I it   |'l,„ mill,!,'   mjuj TMS throat auBwhue. 2S CINIS
Mini'   |v.'\
The auuke, iiiu, I, hud nrriwd  fruni ~
Itnt/.l lit,' |,r,u,,„n week, in hiu,I In be   DISTRICT OF NOBTH VANCOUVLH
Hie lnn.nl |,ulMinulln tn ilu: world.    Anil
doien   niui nuriiiral iiiMrumeiils   were Notice to Property Owncre
1,1-1,1   reinl.i    111   < tin,'   111  Ueeidclll
A mu kei'|ier cuuxed Hie Hitakc frum       N'uttee  in  hereby given  Ilinl   m  -
iin cage, when Mr. li   I,   liiltntirn, Hi,-  , iir.ltit,,, mil, lhe ler tint uf Hi, "M.u
t'ltrutul   nl    llu'   I. I'lll,    liullnc,   urtl.n|.e,l   ei|,ul Ael," Uh linW UUICIIlll'd, llle Ilill,
il.n  ne,),  uud  |,In,'id   tin  lien,!  nn   tl,,-   uf liuldur.n iif iiure^JNlcrcd  Agreeutii.i
U|icrUlll!|l  tlllde, inr   Bule   rlltll,,,I'   l„-   tun,Tied   U|,llll   II
Dr.   I'!    W.   Hunt,,I,   I,,1,1   tl   ilrillkill|!    Annennlneul     Ilull    1,1     Vuler.n'    Ll«l     '
gla.n.n nn ere,I mil, iiii mini to llle iiiiiiiI Ii llle Muitieipalily fur  I'.U.I.
nl   lhe  ii|.er,  win, It  itiniaiill)   Iiii   Ihc      All  In,I,I,un „f  Agreeinenls I'm  Sul.
iiii,-In,      The    fan(in    |,etielrulc,l    tin tu rcs|,ei|  of properly in  lllia dt.lrni
librea uf ll„  ,l„i!i. uud ,i i,,,||,T tInn ni,< Ihcrefore uiitilled lo rcgisler nm,,,
prtwai'il llie \iper'.. head, Mpiei'/iitg lbc ul   lhe  I.iiii,I llegi.-lry  mine  in   \un
|,nlnuli Jlljllld.n. etiuier.
Ilnipe ul  lite detidly lii|iii,l  fell tutu .1. II   PA KM I'll!.
till'   Jllltn.n,   ill,,!   II,e   u|„TIlliuli    Illln   re,    l-.b I'.  M    I'
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Enos Sail    75c
Zanibuk    35r
Allenbury's Food tt5c
Allenliury's Food, No, 3. .*.    55r
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per ll>    , ,(j5c
(uin um Soap 25c
lialiy's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anli Colic Nipples 5c each
AUulii'iii Colton 35c IE
Wc have constantly in slock a complete stock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, I lol Waler Bottles, Initiators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Elcclric Belts, Trusses, and, in fad, everything ui llu
sick room line nol usually docked hy smaller drug
I'lione 311 and your order will he rushed to any
pail of lhe cily,
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit


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