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 it% Ixjtwan
'■HWwwf 99,
Volmne Ji
North Vakoovvm, B,0/i Fwbjh, Avwm U, WW
lission stood trembling on tne   pop-
Tba runaway ttmmpA to a ligjjt-
wagon made their start some si*
Minis up thB Avenue and grsdually
g»lb*ring speed tt tbey descended the
sharp Antiun name through tbi crowd
oi wtgoat, attest ears and pedestriagn
like a hear* of lightning- Tne terry
hail j"«t at that nomant tud up pi
the wharf tnd htd disgorged its losd
of human freight wbicb wtt tcatltr
ing up tbe Avenue. Shouts snd yeb>
warned th* latter that dangsr was
approaching and by a mirtcleno one
wss caught. The gate of the what!
was lowered tnd into it the whole eying mass crashed. A pisce ol tbe ornamental fork which .lands out almost like t flat spike, eat into the
cheek of one of the animals gruxing
the jawbone. Tbit boras also sustained a cut on the naar hind heel while
the other wilh a broken knee wtt
bruised ae well on tbe nose tad
above the eye,
The driver, Carpenter, bad (alien
from tbt teat tt tbe commencement pf
the mid rice and in bis Ull had suf-
tained but slight bruises about the
face. The team is a very valuable
one, being worth according to Mr.
Eli'l.'lii'i' in Iho neighborhood of tl',-
City Council
The Ml report of the rneetinf ol the
eity council held on Monday wss unavoidably crowded out of tba-laat is
ana nf this paper. Tba most important
at the report is now published.
Tb* report of tbs finance committee
included *. recommendation that th*
tccount of Messrs. Kmmctt tad Hewitt bt paid and another to tba effect
that  Hit   Worship   Hi'   Mayor,   Aid.
McBte snd Mr. Parry of the school
board tee Mr. .Ismes \>. Pell •'(•hia-
gard to the site submitted hy the
latter for the proposed no*   school.
Ths lanes committee resimi'Uiiid
that a sum of |o,0fl0 wbUh was in
hand be expended on the luiies sast
and west from Lonsdale Avenue commencing from the waterfront aa far
as it would go.
The report oi tbe parks omuiiiU'c
was the next read. The city engineer
was instructed to report on the l.il-
looet road when it passed tb) cemetery and tlso to maks a survey of
that plot of land sold to Ibo I'.'I.E.
It was also recommended that tho
district council he notified to see
that Ihe I.illooet trail be kepi .open
in view of the plans for a new subai-
visinii there which had recently been
passed snd after some argument, that
the government be notified to the
*ame effect, since the road had been
gazetted by the latter.
Tfas report of Ibe water committee
wu also carried and ils recommendation tba' a two inch connection be
mads tn Capl. Biokhsm'i new wharl
fnr fire protection and lor service of
boats was patted. There were several recommends! iaiia Irom the lire chiel
with regard to telephones which were
allowed. A special commillee wat recommended In mike the appointment
of an assessor md tuisttnt for the
city clerk tt t salary of tils) t
month. New advertisements will be
published as it was hit that tbe last
one* hid not bean properly underlined.
Than rime a lengthy report by th*
Board oi Worka which was thorough
ly thrashed out. Tb* report follow*:
Wilb th* object ol eternising t closer supervision over the'costly public
works now in progress in tbs city in
connection wjtn sewering, storm wt
ler draintgt tnd street grading th*
Board of. Works make tha following
I. That the City Engineer ba in
alluded by Ih* Council to present lo
III* Hoard oi Workt tt tub biweekly
meeting t full report ol the progress
ol all public works now in courts ol
construction, specifically setting (orlh
Ihe imlnie ol Ihe work* extculed, ex
Iw or omissions, Ihe num'srnl mag
employed tnd tny points ol difference
Iteiwivn himself and tie contractors
1. That the cily en^inesr furoi.be.
tbe Hoard oi Works Ibe following do
(a) A complete sot ol the plans nl
each work under const ruction to be
pin,Iniv,I at (tch meeting when re
(b) A copy o| th* condition, tnd
sprcifictlion. ol each work.
(c) A copy of Ihe engineer's estimate and a opy ol tht contractor's
tender of sacli work in pi ogress.
I. lhal a competent inspector of
work* b* placed in ibirg* on behalf
,,( Ih* cily over th* grading ol street,
where necessary.
i. That a bi weekly report of road
clearing and planked sidewalk obstruction h* (uhrnilird wilh lb* cost
ol msw tnd Iht iiunii ei ol win iui
t. A biweekly report oi niillini ti
worht4||i*ining in «>y»nc*.
t. I bi-weekly report ol ordinaly
maintenance On Ih. streets nnd a dc
scriplion oi Ihe labor tnd material.
employed tnd Iht cos! ol tho ssi-io.
7. An estimate of the balance staid
ing lo the credit of Ihe lloird ol
Worka from Ihe cily trsssarer,
Tbe Board ol Works nls> ricom
mends that Iht engineer be inttruclad
to lurni«b t report lo Ik* council st
it* next meeting ti lo lbs lest
mean, ol taking eagre ol Ihe newly
grided street* to tt to carry Ihe ve
hicular traffic pending Ihe laying
down ol permanent paving. If the
engineer deem* cru»h*d rock nttsssary
the Board wtt ol <b* opinion Ibst im
mtditte slips should be tikit) by tin
engineer to »ecerl*in tip but Snd
most economi**! tour*** -of supply
tnd tin cott ol th* ttau aad to
plant tht full**! informi lion ot tbi*
important ijuastion Wor. tht council
Ih* Board ol Work* i« of opjnioa that
this mtlttr *houhi b* dealt with
promptly bWor. tbt advent oiih*w»l
Mtaon, eepatisjly lot tea b*«*fit of
I/>n*<W* Av*.
T^W    ^WrWrrWPrr      r*r     frtvi     WfmfjTW     rtf
tf Olfcl ktU  Mmtrnm mtftmlwim  mm In    *k-
running of Ito ropk crusher and pea
bean informed by ths awnHfePtttrere'
agent that his engineer with tWO |^
ters tested the machine on the 28|h'
and 39th duly and after making a mi
minor alterations demonstrated in
the presonco pf tho cily road foreman
the satisfactory working oi tbs rock
orusher. The msnufePturers' agent
however, agreed to supply a competent engineer on Wednesday last at IT
o'clock in ths morning at the city's
ofttcnae lo aisist lbs engine, r cngog-
sd by the council to run the machine
lor .a day- Ths agepl called the attention ol Aid. Ileiideisnil lo the fuel
that the rock crusher wss delivered to
the eity council in last Kerch and
paid (or in June, tnd expressed bis
regret that he was not asked to tend
his engineer In assist jn sotting the
machine to work when it was first Bet
to work end further that Iho alleged
defects should have been brought I.,
bi* notice within a i,'us,,n'ini,i lint*
after its delivery.
In the discussion which ensued Aid.
Henderson contended that Iho recommendations were intended lo pine Iho
Board of Workt in a position lo ixn-
rise proper control over tlio cosily
works in course of execution, nor wss
it intended lo embarasa Iho engineer
(or the staff given to him was ample
to moot Ihe necessities oi Ihe case.
Aid. Dick snd Kittson took caption to some of Ihe recommoruintions
embodied in (hia report on Iho ground
that additional wnrk would be thrown
upon the engineer and that additional expense would b* incurred by tbt
city. Aid. Biss supported tho roporl,
which wilh some alight modifications,
wbs eventually adoptd.
Fire Chief Resigns
On Wednesday Fire Chiel Turner
handed in his resignation as Chiel nl
Ihe North Vancouver lire department
to City Clork Shepherd. The resignation 1'niiie at a surprise tnd it ii not
definitely known wbtl causes bave lei
the Chiel lo !tk* Ibi* step, though il
ia surmised thai it it because aoveral
ol Ihe reconuanidtlioM which h* has
Irom time to,' lime made to Ihe fir*
ind light commillee htvo nol been
icttd upon.
Principal among ihess recwiimcnda
lions woro one for un addition tn Ih.
force of men a! Ihe Chief's command
and another to provide him wilh a
horse and buggy with which he could
make hurry calls lo tiros.
The Chief be* only been in office lor
a short lime Unl during his iueiiro'tn
cy ha* vastly improved Ihe local Dr.
department. Thai bo is populir wit'i
his men is amply tc.lilicd In hy lb.
lael that a unaniroou.ly signed peli
lion haa lieen preienled by them In
Ihs council praying lhat lhat I...E
will nol accept the resignation.
It is genii ally I hough I lo I* 111*
Chiefs opinion that in view oi Ih.
phenomcntl growth ol the cily h
should be tllowed a much lar, er lorce
and also Ihtl in oilier wuys teller
ftcililitt should b* provided.
Fire chief Turner has liceii tlkid
lo attend the n.xl mealing ol Ihe fire
end light commillee' which will Is held
n.xl Thuradty tnd tn stale hi. rea
■ont tl tbtl llm* lor having Is d*r
*d -hi. resignation.
IAN cm iii ii
A delightful lime was spent last
Wtdn**d*y by lb* children ol the Sun
dty school tnd ihe psrcnls whowtnl
wilh tbtm on their annuul picnic.
The weather wis ptrfect ami .'■cowl
Btach, Stanley 1'ark, where the nut
ing wu bid, *n ideal .pot. The party
Itll on tht IU o'clock csr Inrtheptrk
trriving tt th* batch well on toward
12 o'clock. flame* ol foolhall snd base
ball stimulated a good appetite for
lunch alter which many went bathing
and wading in lb* tt*. Al 3 o'clock
the. race* commenced creating a great
deal of excitement, particularly the
three legged raoe and Ihe Sack race.
Ailer a hearty tupper and a final
scramble along Ih* beach Iht whole
party was rounded up and the r*turn
journey started al 7 o'clock,        •'
A choir j* (wing organised in connection wilb Ihe church. Tho manfg-
er., atrislad by Ihe I-aditt' Aid hsve
exUndtvi the plitforp lo provide
room lor Ihe fingers, Tbi. new deptr
lure waa a glial help for Ih* service
last Sundty nighl and no doubt will
be of g/eat vtlut to iht worship of
|lw eoBgregtlioe.
in view ol his ipprwc'iiiif marriage
Mr. fleorg* S- McCr i-ife is preparing
a ntw beat* (or bis bride toot on
1Mb etrett u>t St. A drow's At
Mr. MaCrW'* is w J, ihe |l. <: V. K
School Trustees
At tbt regular monthly meeting of
the school' trustees which was bald
Wednesday evening tbs report of tba
deigat Inn composed of numbers ol tbe
c|ty council and the school trustees
which had Waited upon Mr. .Inmcs
P. Fell with regard to bis offer ol p
new school site waa read.
Mr. Fsl| intimated to the delegttlon
that he would keep the oiler of Ibe
sito in I). L. 553 open until nest January at the time price at which ha
now offered it, namely 119,100, when
he was informed that the city could
not submit a bylaw to the people until that lim*.
The site offered by Mr. Fell i* considered both by ths city council apd
by the trustees a most eligible and
desirable one and it war with gratification Unit Ihey received the news of
this free option.
Another important matter which
eiiine'liefme the Board was that of
the laying of tbe foundation stone ol
the Bidgeway school. It wss decided
lo make nl Ihis ceremony as public
an occasion as possible and with that
end in view it whs arranged to con
suit wilh Ihe architects, Messrs.
.Innes and 'iillam as lo tho earliest
dale possible lor Iho event. It is ex-,
peeler) (hat Mis Worship Mayor McNeish will be invited lo perform the
Tho meeting commenced" with ths
rending of the reports ol Ihs various
committees, the first being (hit. ol
Ibe Building Commillee. This included a recommendation for some minor
work lo bo done on the lonadale
school building and it was rslcrred lo
Mr. Hay Ifie chairman ol Ihe building
The nest report read waa that ol the
finance committee which recommended
the payment of accounts amounting
In *'iril.i«|. Then came the report ol
the clerk pf the works on tho llui e
way school. This wss to Ihe effect
Ibst wry satisfactory progress wis
being innde and that good workmanship had been noticeable so for.
Among the correspondence there
»»re two letters, one (rom Mil* I'ol
rick and another Irom Miss Hoss,
both nl whicii notified Ihe Board thai
Ibe writers would be pleased lo accept
positions as teachers.
A letter was read from Mr. S, »'■
Murray, aecretary lo Ihe Hon,I ol
School Trustees of Vancouver in reply lo one from the North Vancouver
Hoard intimating that t joint pro-
grim would Iw drawn up by til Iho
surrounding school botrds lor tht
entertainment ol Ihe delegal.a lo the
convention ol 11. C. school trustees In
be held iu Vancouver on November tl,
'.I and HI. Il is the iutenljnn lo make
Ibis a banner convention.
Principal Keller ol Ih* high stIidoI
wrote lo osk that the hours ol the
session nl school in lulurs lie Irom '■'
a.m. lo 3 p.m. all Iho year round.
This request wss secroded lo conditionally. A premature application for
Ihe position ol janitor lo Ihe new
Hidgewny school wat union.' Ibe com-
municitious received.
Payments were aulli-ow -I is follow! I To Mr. Hope, an lot, 11 of Ihe
Unid.lc School, llmi. To Misirs.
•Inne. tnd flillam. trcbilecti ol the
new Bidgeway achool, 11,183,- I em;
squal to ball Ibt lee on Ihe cott of
the trkool. To Mr, Its', assessor ol
the plant of the Hidgsw.y school,
1175. The purrbtse ol furniluit for
lb. new room, lo be opened in
high school was alio authorize.).
Tbis concluded the businws  ol
•veiling mil tbe Botrd adjourned
fact that hi had been tlie one to a*";
{Fsss bis opinion that the ctiesbonld
» dismissed pn tba first hearing.
Tbis action of ths mayor was not in
pontradiction of bis eaprcited' opinion but wss because of tbe fact that
he wished to tee the police backed up
in their wor*;, tbe rsspeot lor them
.maintained by tbe' Indiana and be-
csuse hs wished to see tbe esse tried
mors in acoordtnee with due prosed-
aie snd order".
. It wu th* opinion of all tbe com-
?:iissioncrs lhat at nil costs tbo pree-
igo ol Iho police (pre* should be
Al the masting there were prsssnt
/Commissioners .Iiokson, Henderson
and ihe Mayor.
The minutes of tbs previous nutting
were read and adopted and the regular business wis proceeded with. The
Chief reported thtt is yet there yes
ho pound tnd that although two lues/-
tions had been looked at the ono onj
til. Daviil's Avp. and the other at
Muhon Park, so lar nothing bad been,
done. It was asked by the mayor il
(he matter of taking out licenses was
being enforced against tbe owners of
dogs. The reply was lo the effect iimt
there were sixty licenses iseucd but
thai since there was no pound it had
been difficult lo enforce the law. At
tho same time several stray dogs
hud been destroyed.
Tbe press wtt naked lo issue a
warning lo Ihe public that within 'a
nn,ii ih irom Ihis date tbe law would
be most alrictly enforced and Ibat all
stray and untagged dogs would he impounded and their owners haled into
courl. Tbe month's time wtt given
in order that those people ivho might
be away on their holidays might have
nu opportunity to comply with 'bs
notice. A motion to tbe above effect
was duly paasad.
Tho question oi Iho delivery of laundry by Ibe Chinese on Sundays and
thai ol Sunday Irudin, was nbiodie
cussed. It was thought that the
Chinamen who mado a practice of delivering end collecting on Sunday
should be urivsiiil snd the Sundty
trailing should be more carefully looked titer, although it is doubtful if a
prosecution would'lie or exactly under
what act action should bo taken.
Tho police roporl showed that during Ibe month ol duly Ihe following
canes received attention : ,1 and i. 8,
d. and d. 3, d. on Indian resorvo II,
state ol intoxication, Indian Act 2,
Inls.' pretence. I, and housebreaking
uml iluli 7. All ol the cases ol house-
brooking were committed by one old
man who was caught, confessed, ond
is a) present undergoing a two years'
sentence al Now Westminster.
The report ol. tbe Chiel of Police in'
eluded a letter lo His'Worship tbe
Mayor which inlnrmed His Worship
us lo tbo proceduro in tho metier ol
re opening Ihe cato against Ihs In
diaus which was acled on as above
noted. When this case is beard again
Mr. Hit,hie will act lor the city and
the onus ol appearing lor the prose
cut ion will be takon off Iho should ts
nl Chiel Daviea,
Police Commissioners
It was moved by Commissi,.n"i
dackeon al the meeting nl Iht police
commissioners which wu held in the
cily hill yetlerdiy morning Ibst the
action of Chief of Polio* Da vie* inr*
opening Ibe case tgtin.l th* three In
dims, iuliail senior, Dm Ptul and
Louie Julian, which wst dismisied
on Monday by reason of Iho di.tgree
merit ot ths police magistrate and Ih'
.lu.lice ol Ihe ptact on the bench, Iv
Sine* Ihe action, which wat lor alleged interference wilh lb* police whi|s
in Ibe performance ol tbeir duty ant
an attempt at Ibe rescue of Um\,
lulian who wa* arrested lor I tint
drunk and in th* po*s***ion olli-moi
wtt heard on Mondty Ibt t'mtt bad
consulted th* acting dty solicitor Mr.
Hilcbir By hip) the chief'wt. advised lh*t Ih* Cat. could be n opened
and re-baerd before two other -Ittilces
jrhtah it contrary to aba' procedure
tst down by Mr. -I, A. Butteil.
Th* action of tba Obief wat strongly tndwMd by al) the oonariMionMS
InAtrUnn tb* ssivor  io -j^i* dt   iba
p^™*^^. f^" n*ttf*t n nn* w    ?nt
Th. II. v, A. .1. I'rossei it movi.'.g lo
hi. new house ba I2lh street i.eur St,
lleorgs's Avt.
Mrt. J. 0. I unib of Toronto it visiting ber dtugbler, Mrs. C. I\ Foreman in Norlb Vancouvar.
HO It N On Tuesday, August 81b, ul
North Vincouver Hotpiltl lo Mr. tnd
Mrs. Ptul A. deWolff, t daughter.
Mlu E. Kennedy of New WsHmins-
ler it it prewnl on t vi.il lo Mrs.
A. (I. Psrry on 10th street in thit
Mr. Welter Owen tnd his family ol
I'rince Buperl tre it preient in tbe
city spending i vacation with Mr.
and Mrs. I). J. Dick.
Tht following gtmet will bs played
off on Saturday a* lar M pos.iMe beginning at A p.m. tharp. Any matches
not finished will be played off during
lb. weak.
.1. Moore and S. Humphreys play
Simpkina and F. Dipiottt,
ll. Curtis and .1. V. Meredith piny
'A, K. Evens' aad NV Humpbny*.
II. MecPherson tnd 0, 0. Heaven
play T. Hasten and B. Mathews.
It. Maltby and Slaves* piey K. Bay-
lit snd T. Bamsay.
•I. W. I!i)u»Wjoo and K. Hodge piny
E, -I. H. Cardinall and If. W Hunt.
11. Stockman and Maw play H.
BlertwUir md %. IA. Bridgman.
SUadan nod A. Hull play % f\
0#ter ui f. Beyli*.
Beptf ami Atom* pity Bert*
ami 0. Jt. OrVemi.
P.< h itmy m\ 0, Amayfcga, bye.
District Coiraal
llnpreoedented calm rejgnsd Sgprame
at th* masting of tba district council
when Reeve MoNaugbt took the chair
lest night and it.ssesaed a* though
the Dove of Peace so long absent
from these meetings, bad once more
taken its courage in both' last snd
hsd entered the erstwhile warring P"r-
litut of tbe municipal ball. Fossibl
the storm which occurred tt tht
meeting ol tbt I.ynn Volley rtttpay-
trt earlier in the week bad cleared
tbe ajr and the fighting energy  dis-
Ced by some oi the council mem-
was played out for tbe time being.
In ths ordinary routine ol business,
correspondenns received by the clerk of
the diitrict waa tbs first witter to receive ttlention. Of tbis tho most lm
portent wis a latter from Mr. Thin
tskiog to be beard with regard to tbe
goytroment claim to a quarter portion of improved property. Permission
wis granted Mr. Tinn to address the
meeting and he read.the same report
which had been previously read '° tbe
city council on Monday night.
Tbe matter waa considered of the
gravest importance by Ihe district
Council and alter tome discussion
Heevc McNtught and Conn. Bridgman
were appointed a* delegates to mast
and confer with other delegates Irom
(Continued on page 10)
9f, Charles Brapkepridge and bis
family are new arrivals in tbe city
and have taken up their residence st
a house in the 800 block, oo St. Andrew's Avenue-
Ferry Director! Meeting
At the weekly masting ol Iba Ferry
Directors which wit held on Thursday
afternoon the most important item to
be discussed was whether th* ferries
should be converted from coal burners into oil burners.
The meeting wst addressed by Mr.
.1. tafia who represented Ibe Conaty
Stuck Company and he placed belor.s
it a strong argument in favor of oi|
aa an economic fuel. At the end ol Ihe
diacussion, which was lengthy, Mr.
I.nllu waa asked to inspect Ihe ferries with a view to their conversion
and also to make a tender for tbe
job. At tho same time Ihe manager ol the ferry, Mr. Heard, was instructed to call for tenders Irom other
firms for tho installation uf oil burning lurnacca. The manager was also
instructed to make an estimate ol the
Additional repairs to the boiler ol
Ferry No. 2 were referred to in a letter Irom Messrs. Mcihiugal k Jenkins.
II wns staled by tho contractors that
thoro was n defective lube in Ibe boiler and to replace it would cott an
additional tl,Mn.6o. Tbis additional
expense would, said Capt. Kickbam,
in discussing the matter, onlail al
most the price ol on entirely new boil
er. The mailer was given thorough
consideration and the director, them
selves were in accord wilh the cap-
lain. This being Ihe case a commit
tee wai choton consisting of Mayor
McNsisb and Director Larson lo interview the firm of McDougall k Jenkins
lo ice il Ihey could not drop the pre
senl contract and tike up one to in
stall i new boiler.
A delegate Irom tbe Vancouver
Trade* and Labor Council was received. Hii million wil lo nsk'tho diier
tors if Ihey would grint t tpteitl
nl. on Ubor Day to the members.
On that dty tht annual tporti uml
nihleiie contests will bt held in North
Vincouvtr and it ii expected tbtl a
very Urge number of people will nt
lend. There wss another lengthy dis
mission on this metier and !h* directors finally agreed to make a donation of $100 to the council on condition Ibat it bo held here..
Th* financial statement ol tbe Ferry Co. read at the meeting compie-
hending the *ji months from January
I.t lo June 301 h, showed a balance to
Iho good of 16,800, Ths full statement
which includes disbursement*, ia - appended herclo.
' Tearing down I-oneialo kyp. at racing speed i pair ol milled black
horast belonging to A. I. Ffetcber
avoided til obstacles as though s
skilled driver wer* handling th* Um*
dstfaed finally into tb* dosed gate*
tt tbt lerry wharl and were only
brought to e sttndttill by being vio
IcuMy throws by tbe lm4,
The gat* oi tb* wharf was doublad
Wm   m   IrffW ffr   WfrVrrffl       ff^V    ™W
hurki Irom kU iii -ii-*L-^—i- Ia ik*
.(ttl Dost* whieb tarriadthi nUm
Tha teaas altar ale sbotk dim mi-
^mm   wmmfwrnf   •T**|,*.w**r   rlftf  etwwtwym/e  tjf   ffgrnf    tfmww-
Eipreu QmM M|
WANTED-Young min lo learn tba,
hardware business. Good chance lorj
the right party. -Apply Hox 126, Ei-i
press Office. il
WANTED-Dretsmaking. All kindtol
good clan work undertiko. Shirt
waiit. and skirts i speciilty. Mrs.
Bayment, 2nd home, 8th strstt,  ad
joining Boulevard, North Vinoouver.
WANTfiD-Bimgalo, about 6 room.,
■mall citb payment, bilanco at rent
Ito par month- Ibst fa* near ear "nd
modem.  Apply Box All, Express Of-
■1, .'*    j'i.itl'u
BOOMS  FOB BENT-Housekaepiag
optional. 390 Sad alreet etst.       Ml
Furnished housekeeping roomt |8
week each. Apply Friday evening! or
Saturday morning! I-sigh, 61b house
eisl of St. ijcorgc's, 19th street. 3$-S
FOB HENT-l-arge hall, Lonadala
Ave. (near 1st street) formerly known
a. K. P. Hall) luitablt for lodge room
lociety purposes, or tuito ol otSoes.
AHerationa to tuit responsible tenant,
privilege ol sub letting. Apply Irwin
It Hillings Co. Ltd., Ml Lonadala Avs.
Telephone 16. tl
FOB SALE Imperial Car Co. 1100
shsrea. A few Inr stlt it Tin Dollars
per thtre in lots ol two or not less
than live shores. Otorgt A. Kendall,
633 Pender St., Vaneouver. UK
FOB SALE First growth dry wood
lor I4.W per cord, t It.' 0. McD.de,
Phone 83. 30-1
J. Unlet ind Norlh I-oaedeU
lie! it at lonsdtltFbarstMy Pboas 38
3)8 Second tttaal east
Stndhim * Simpson, building stover., rcidenc* 460 tth Avsnut Wttt,
Fairviaw. Tad. .Fairmont 1310.     8-36
We aloes Sundays. Phons 83d. J.
H. English, p. K. Orootry^ 18 Una-
dale Avanua.
Portibl* Housm with Cinvtt Shingles or Mies Hoofing. II you are not
ready .to build your permanent, home
on that lot ol your, just drop a card
to 8. C. MoQwarrie, N. Vancouver,
who builds those cosy comfortable
, all ready to move into, flood
oy seatop ol the ye»r. Priotlrom
,     up according to tilt and faith.
rffcr one now and say* rent. All in-
UIST-Betwecn I«th and l«b stfoet
btart sbapsd locket, initial* f. 9. f.
for tewuA apply Boa VH, Espress
Piee.- U-8
FOONJMJn Untdtit Av«a* Lady's
Broe*.  frm m Mm mm m
u-jii-..j^ ._s mornm km tm ad-
em/^mumti vTJZ.
mWf* W* wiwt mw       fmKwm
The Success of the Culinary Department in the Home Depends
Much on the Utensils Used in
tin* Proportion of food
which brings satlatsstlon to   every
cook or housekeeper who is luoky
enough lo possess ons, We ars giving the chnfiiig dish Sfsolu! mention
today because ol lbs escellenoa ol our
preient stock in this line, which we
can romimmimd to all purchasers as
best nickel plate, lillwl with alcohol
burners and an estra hot wet.r pan.
They tre simple to operate and I. r the
preparation of certain dishes ars a' -
solulely Inilispsnsabl*.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets   -.-   ■   Vancouver, B. C,
You Are Building a New Home
AND CASINGS.   Save yourself trouble ami vorry. si
Phom 222, or wrile P. 0, Box 1719 apd out ieprp-
sentative will call and cheerfully give you an est male.
Bind Hawing
W* giinranlta first class work
and ill orders promptly Hllod.
Sash and Door Factory
(llliee Fittings
lleli.il Work
Stair lluilding
Centre Block Lynn Valley
$15 monthly. Leste given to good parties. This it an excellent
opportunity lo establish a good business in a growing district,
Apply ml
or. Centre and Lynn Valley Road
 —Of Hr
Merchants' Trust k Trading Co.
Ptndtr Md Burrard Streets, Vancouvtr, B, C.
Vancouver Business Directory
f> T, STEIN k CO.
|to Pander ttreet, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethc's Bath
Corn* Homer and Pender Bts,
The only upinflate and reli
•Mi bath houac lo British Co-
W« sure where others fail,
getlefectlou guaranteed or ho
any, Plain bathe, electric baths,
skower hatha, massage for bo
tf, aaalp and (ace; electro therapeutic hatha a specialty.
iti, eXkntmtmm, f90V„
Oraduate ol Berlin, Germany
Buiine§8 Institute
tff Ha#t4»f» ft) f,
ttemm'i mm* 4tmm mm
lu«lne*t College
lit Seymour it., Vancouver
Day school open all tbe year
round. Night school commeiir-
ea September '8th.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
n6 Hastings St. (downs'tairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
MimioK tuitti mm
Sign and Price Marltsrs
io Fairfield Bid.      Fone H.3173
kirftiM Cwafoo \U
440 Seymour Str««t
R. Kfrr Hoaifjate «r> - Maaafar
wf*W mrnitftm   f fnwmwiwm Wmiwrw en*?** ™»
nwfninwm   ^p^4st*j>   mmftf/evw   >VP   mmnnymmffmj   pwfffi
tttli kit tm by tM'pomd.
...wj,««... -.-/.
"What does the town know of H.
Btanlulgli Btormut It thinks It kimwa
inuoh—It knows practically nothing.
Ask anybody.
"Ilu will tall row that Blorina Is
.ens of tba beat known man In tb*
town—perbaoa that ba baa bean hers
for years. Ha forgats that tba town
never knew H. Btaalelgh Blormo three
yeara ago. Ha forgets that tba town
doea not know where ll. Rtanlslgh
Btorrae cams from- In fact, what tha
town knowa la but little, Not ao
much, perhapa, aa that whioh   you
"That la enough," returned Iho girl,
confidently. >
"Some day," be went on hurriedly,
aa though be darrfd not atop, ''some
dsy- but not now—I shall lull you
of my birth and antecedents They
are both good.
"If It he any satisfaction lo you to
know It, I may tell you that. I am
your equal—or waa—In birth and ao-
rial position and . the other things
that seem to count so much. That
Is not the point. There are some
things I can tell you about-some
that I must not. t cannot tall you
"I haVo done a foolish thing—a
ildlculoua thing — a moat peculiar
thing. Sometimes I bava thought of
It and stood aghast. Sometimes, especially at first, I laughed at It, apd
approved of It. At others I have
(enounced myselt for It"
"What It la you may know aoma
('ay. There la but one thing that
recondite me to tht situation. Had
I sot taken the B|pp, I would never
have met you. Had I never met you
—still, Uiat only complicates what
waa already too complicated."
"I'm afraid," ssid tha girl, with a
mischievous smile, "Uiat I do not
understand Kieupt," she added,
gravely, "that to you It seems most
'"Helen," -he exclaimed, "can you
conceive that a man—a good man, If
—Jf such a man were placed In a pe-
•uliar position when be wsa literal''
ly forced lo do something utterly ridiculous snd absurd, perhaps Indiscreet, but not wrong or vicious—a
tiling that might some day make Wm
the butt and leet of the people whom
he knows, nay, that might condemn
him even In their eytt when tn»y—
found bim out; can you conceive that
such a man might, under the stress
of circumstances, do ill tbis snd yet
relate bla character, bit principle, hia
mtnllnew? No matter whelbtr you
understand.  Can you answer thai 7"
Tbe girl thought for a moment.
"If bt were not wrong or vicious,"
she replied, "yrs, I can. Many men
are laughed at for mistakes, for errors, for Imprudencs, who have done
uo wrong  If I ouly knew—"
He stopped bcr.
"Don't aak mc that," ba protested.
"Tbe details I cannot tell you.'
Ha laughed in an annoyed, hampered sort of way
"I am prevented from telling *v*n
you. II la a question In a nry gnat
degree of honor, f—t wlab I niuhl
**y Just whst I mean, but I »u»t
leave It aa It la. Helen, listen closely
to what I bava to say "(fori you
knew me you bad heard others speak
of me   What did you hear?"
"Nothing," replied tb* girl, 'Hc.pt
thtt Mr. Slanleigh II. Storine waa a
gentleman In every sense of Ibe
Sba said li proudly and yet gently,
"And belliv* Ibat still, I know. I
think I may Ull you thai your belief
is Justified. I want lo sak you town-
llilng ale*. .
"What would you do aire I strip-
pod of every worldly thing that f
possess—tf to-morrow I walked tba
streeta a starved and bumbled 4<»s,
booted, perhaps, aod Jeered at by nr
awn class-; and all for no wrong of
np owoT What would you do f
"It that were to happen -" returned Ibe girl.
"It may happen," Ipterpoaad tbi
"Then," replied the girl. "I aoeW
eon* to you, I would go with you"
- n* shook bis bead.
"It la Um way of the world," ka
"jrjearr," aba ssid, softly, 'It la nr
way. It Is our wsy."
He tarnsai and kissed Mt-for m
•nt 'Jaa*.
»M meet **f motif M UM*
titer a moment. 'I. loo. have a M
Atjj n Rift* owns h»W for ma to jar-
form U, I must shield your nww
from whatever ridicule may ajlsjph
to mine. Tba world knowa nothing bt
us, swept aa Individuals. Do people
know that I have called bare with any
She shook bar head,
"It is bettor ao," ha .want on, "M'
ler for yon, It la beat (bat there be
no formal engagement, nothing settled between us, The time may come
when yon mar prefer that it hart
bean an, It la heat lhat people do
not link your name with mine just
yet, until wa sea how things turn out.
"I-I am asking s good deal of yon,
llttl girl, but I bava much mora to
aak, I want you to understand that
I am good-that | am trying to do
juat tha right thing. Von may hear
nf ma as people bear of a man about
town—a man who haa money lo
spend, and who spends It.
"Can yon truat me? Can you believe
me when I aay that of anything In tbe
leaat degree unworthy reaches your
ears that It la untrue?"
He laughed a bitter laugh.
"I suppose millions nf men have
aaid all this before, and thought they
meant It, too. Hut I do mean It.
There are aome thinga I am forced to
"I must he at tba club at certain
tlmoB-l must be here, there, every?
where. Often I cannot explain why,
but ao It la.
'One more thing," be Interposed, as
she waa about to apeak; "yon and I,
Helen, are living our Uvea. Our Ills
Is here—my Ufa Is only where you
are. At other times I am not a different man, but I do different things.
"Can yon believe always that what
I Mil hare I am everywhere? Can yon
believe that? After all, If yon can
believe that, It Is mote than half It
Is ell tbe battle."
"I can," returned the girl.
"I suptose," she added, "millions
nl girls bsve said that, too, and found
out later their mlstska.. I want you
to understand ma. I don't want vou
to think that I am lacking In prudence, or discrstlon, or common sense.
I am dying with curiosity to know
what all this means, but 1 am taking
you on trust, J9Uu)lelgh->-yes, Stanley, Juat tbis once I take you oo
trusl, end If," sbs concluded, glancing
at bim with a smile of perfect confidence, 'you sre dwelling nu In
wbat you aey or what yop are, wby-
why, I am deceived, Indeed."
''gome day," he returned, "you will
know, and then you can belter Judge
for yourself. Aa for the real, I would
count myself tbe bappteat of men were
It not .for thia terrible Incubus Ibst
bangs over ms. But ws-weyil hope
for ihe best, end ea soon aa I can,
and In the bst wsy 1 cm, consistent
elweye wilb honor sod good faith, I
shall be frde to tell you everything,
t|4 to to , In In, you as—"
Hs did not finish Ihe sentence. Instead, he stretched forth his arms.
And having stretched them forth, be
did not withdrew them
Ten minutes later, wilh Helen Du-
tiioitt at bis side, be stepped Into Ibe
ball and donned bis long black coat
and lurned up his trousers.
Ho took from bis pocket a gold
limiting cue walch, and, without
opening lha esse, touched a small
spring. It waa a repeatr, aad II
struck .the hour
"Helf peel nine." bs exclaimed. "I
ara due now- et the club   Goodbye."
He opeued tbe door and placed upon
hit head aa opera hat
"Whet a beaatly night!" ho said.
"Ooodby, Helen."
'Ooodby,' returned the girl.
Sh* welched bim go tnd (ban
closed the door.
'What an awful night It 1*1" *h*
Then lbs wtnt Into tbe llttl* room,
and, clipping from beneetb Ike poses
of a book e photograph, tat down by
tbe fire end geaed at It for e long
And there she Sit aad thought an
Ul ker meld csmt down.
"Mlaa   Dumonl,"   she   etclslotd,
' haven't yea rttlrtdr
"Deer no," returned tke girl, witk
a blush    ''I  forgot   about   It.   It
meat be lit*   Wbat le tke tlenf"
Tb* meld consulted e clock epos
the merit*!.
"It li luti bilf put 11," tke aaid
It wee number torty-sts on the over
and teraslner ealsudar-lbs Paopl*,
etc., versus ll. fttaslelgb Stoma
The charge wee breaking and en
irrlng aad Um robbery of sixty odd
thousand dollars ttm tbe vaults ol
tht private benk of (!. W. Mordaual
A Co.
H. Stwiele* Worn*, the dtftadint,
was a aoetaiy mn, a club man, aad
geaerslr a well-known aad popular
mas afcoat towp-wbitf la eeyleg a
good deal, for lb* town was S Isrge-
sised <4ty.
JM charge ssetaat kin. In tbe eyes
of society, of bl* clabe, end ot IM
(own, wsa pripoe^rpua-wlth a ttff
1 I Coatiaatd oa out I)
e^^nwrfnnnmnn    '*rw    W^W f
Seasonable Hosiery
■    --■     ".•..■■■■1    ...I,      , .'     .    ■  ■„,.„■■ i.jf    ,\\.L~.n      .
Unseasonably Priced
Women's Cotton Hose 1" II ffmliioneq, high spliced
heel, rjpiibirUPiB anil toes and {(ariar tops, in pinch,
tan, grey snd all leading shades. Regular w valuM
tor ,18j(i<i» pair,
Woman's Utla Thrand Ho#a~Wiil> double \m,
heel siul sole, Coinii in inn ami many colors- UsiibJ
j«c values lor 17^c »pait-
Plain lisle ami also fancy lecn ami silk embroidered
hose, in hlaeh, tan, grey, Copenhagen, pink, shy,
peacock, reseda, and many other good colors. Regular
4«c values lor J7#c a pair, Splendid chooaiRg in
theae lines,
Women's lace lisle thread hose, in colors snd blapk.
Ubi-al 65c i|naliticts for 2Sc
Chilian's Hosiery
Lace lisle thread stockings for girls in summer
shades. Come jn sizes 4 to H#, Regular to 50c
values for 15c a pair.
Hoys' and girls' cotton ribbed hose in black only,
very substantial quality, in sizes 5 to 10. (tegular
115c value for J7#c,
Gordon Drysdale, Ltd.
578 Granville Streeet
100 Feet   -
.     .     -    ..'' $7000
25 Feet, BlkJSjS  -
25 Feet, Blk. 136
.'....»'     .
50 Feel, Blk. 129 -  -
John Alexander & Co.
Hay, Flour &Fe$d
' Owing tp larger warehouse accon.o-
dation, wa are now in a position to
carry a larger am) more complete
stock of these goods and to supply
our customers st Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Eiplanade Eait     >      *     Phone 4
Advertise in the Express
Johnston & Salsbury
will occupy their hew
, store In tbe
On Augwt 14th
« H95SB
Are guaranteed against irrtparfecHons
which in ppprly matte gpprls cause much
W9rry and inconvenience to the house*
»m%i cjrip"
Paint and Varnish Brushes
Will dp first class' work and will not
shed Iho Ini:.tin..
'        ii i .ir     in  i ii' i   !. hi
fntterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouvar Hardware Store
—■——■  ii"        '
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
s abort dislahce west of Ihe Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
DrV Dock Cp.'s properly. $300 and $325 each-$20 cash,
balance easy terms. These lots command an uninterrupted
view of three miles of Hurrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call oi write for descriptive pamphlet.
3331 Pender St. W.     Phone Seymour 5654
and NORTH ARM BRIDGE on Keith Road
Flfto FOOT LOTS, $330 S££
Wtler dad (elephono service is being |mt into district now mul
route lis* MsR surveyed lor carline.
340 ?mtm STREET      VANCOUVER, B. C.
your neighbor
and ihey will re-'
commend it to
electric iron with
IW.' shall he pleased lo send one nl ihesc
irons to you lor TESN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Phone 46
Light and Power Department.
itish ColumbialElectric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Civic Information snd Labor Bureau ji MOW
open for Ibe Convenience! ol Employers and Etnployeep,
Employers are requested fu iske advantage nl Ilie OfTirc
when requiring help,
Phone 321
W. 9 \l|OOI), Secretary,
14 Lonsdale Avenue,
Norlh Vancouver.
111 1 isjuiium 1
120 Sawwd Street E*»t. VWtphone 200
V /
Convenience to North Vancouver Mawchanii
Bu. in you* Oars Town. ton\ Oritti SoHeUed
Pb&aitf Fields
of Holy Writ
HciHHH, lesson. Third Qwtar
Lesson VH|. ilsmnielt iMVTl W-
8.J, August J8, lull.
.iiiliiiikim Hums the 1'rouhst's Bpok
.lehoikiui |s type ol Ihe sinful mini
nshiling iliiiili ill terror and wruth
against the rlglitpatis judgments ol
find. His fate is a tunililo uxnmplo ol
tho folly ol doing hu. A inisi-i3if.il imi
vidonco Inul given bim every opportunity of repentance, tl.nl Inul allow-
nl Inni io bo dethroned, pul in irons,
laced Inward Babylon. Thon cam* a
surprising roversul nl, fortune, lii i'im
lion, I'l'inilii'iinriii.'iii. Qnd's band
ought lo have lieen riiongnised but it
was not' Nuither severity nnr goodness nll'i'i'ti'il his obdurate heart. In
tho pmsont iiistuncn Iho threatening
prophecies Intrly und puhlioully read
could not long in tho nature uf
things I.i krpi Irnm tho king. Rut
his courtiers nppi.i.ii'hi'il him w|l(i
consummate skill. They lolt the
scroll bohind lest Iho very sijit.ilil
nli,mill inllamo him tlio more. They
hid th,' prophet und his iimupnsis lesl
tho king should kill Ilium. 'Ihey attempted In break the "hurilon" of tbo
prophet in Iho softest manner possible
in hiijicH hjs sliililnii'ii will would
yield uud disaster ho averted. 'Ibe
king was sealed iii Iho winter residence portion nl his palace, n bouse
which was ilsull a target lor ' Ibo
shafts ol Ihe seor, ils spacious iipult-
nu'iilii and nily balconies, ceiled wilh
whir, painted with wi million, liul
I111II1 accoiiling In the hontiion cuslom
ol Ihe day with enforced and uii;
rci|iiillc.l labor. Slriilogy nl the no
hies nvnilcd nothing in this instnnco.
The king was in a passion ut unco do
iniiniling to see the scroll. When liul
two or tin,,' columns had ho n road
In him he could endure no more.
Wilh implnculilu nmi. 1,v he prepared
lo destroy Ihu pnrchniont. Taking a
scribe's knife lie begsn culling tho
uilioiis document in shreds dropping il
piece by piece into the linui, r ol llvo
Duals until Iho whole was consumed.
No 1I011I1I the king fongriilululod him-
scll on Iho destruction ol the writing. Uriel Iho respite I II proved a
phoenix rising Irom ils own ushos.
Nol a syllable wus wauling und there
were terrible additions to the effect
that tho land should bo entirely do-
solute, that nn ileseendcnt nl Iho king
should sit |n■iiiimi.-iilly ou bis throne
anil Hint his own corpse should meet
a late |)cculinrly revolting lo tbe
iiii,'iii:il mind.
Thorc aro gleainitig jxnikni.os ul
work on llio Iliblo loduy, perhaps
moro ol Ihem nnd keener thun in uny
age. There is Ihe cunlrsdietioii ol sin
tiers who cannot endure the Bible's uncompromising nrriiii/nnicnl and awlul
ihreuleiiiiigs. They wind,I gladly im
pinch und destroy Iho I oil.. Thorn
are rrilics nl.o who d.light to inn
Iheir ,..l|,.l where Ihey please. Ilii-ie
is every grade nnd kind ol oppoienl
ironi vulgar infidel whoso wcepon is a
joke, lo il,,' scholarly deslmotive ex
I'gele. Kill so far every weapon his
proved lulile as lihoikim's penknifo
The Hibk' is and remains ns Hind
stone culled il "The impregnable rock
ol Ihe sacred scriptures I"
Ylll'Nii   I'KDi'T.K'H   pEVOTIONAI,
SERVICE.  August IK, I'JII. I'ro
verbs xxiii: IW 3D.
Sun,II llcgiimings   ol Inlimpcrunrn
Tl'lll|B'l llllli'   IJ Mull   ■
The concensus ol Ihe Inle conference
of 1'lunilie,. nnd Correction I,.Id in
HdhIoii was Ilinl while Icinpcruwo lo
gislnlioii and enforcement of existing
iMnpcrunce Iuuh should Iw |wr*ist*il i*
yel Ihey should In, oslivmod n. pallia
live, nol I'uii.iiM'. A greater mea.ure
of rebel, il wa. allinmd, will lomu
through accural* scientific inslruolion
iu what pby.icians should be accredit
ed leaders. Parallel lo Ihis (liould lie
the scientifically philanlbropio treat
luiiil ol victims as individuals not en
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
InBLOCKS 15,15a. I6and 16a. P. L, 530.
PRICES: $750 to $1000according to location.
TERMS t I-4 Cash, Bal, 6,12 and 18 months,
ACREAGE in District Lota 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres,
PRICES; from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: I -4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
■ * i      ..       »i .. .      .   ■■
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, m,    tii
New We.lmin.ler Lumi llmlnel His
trial ol North Vancouver. 'JAKE
VII HIT lhal we, 11. Illodwin nnd A
('. 'iladwin ol Noslh Vancouver, occu
pation, retired, im,-...1 lo upply Inr
permission lo (case Ihe following de
scribed slrenm, known ns l.vnn I ink,
ciiiiiiiiiiniiig nl a poet planted at the
N. W. corner ol the old w.mdsn bridge
crossing said slrenm, ftuncc norlh,
lollowii.K I ,>l ol hIi.nm lo a JJ.nl
ol.oi l... I I .ie st leet imiili ol Keith
fried, (Ucl bridge, lor Iho purpose ol
obtaining r,„k, gruvel enA sand lor
building *nd othir purposes,
Haled Aug. 71b, ltl I.
Plane, Sp«ific»tioBs, Katlinatee
P. 0- Bo» ih Nertfc Vm«Q«Hf
North Vancouver Business Cards
0, A. HAI,.
I'lione .Vi.';'. Vancouver.
I'lione Hll:' North Vancouver
Percy S. Howard n. -I. 1'errin
* "ity Auditor.
Auditors nnd Accountants
h'lt, I'ender SI. W.       I'. O. Ilos 333.1
I'lione 8837 I'hone 183.
Vancouver      North Vuncouver
finest, table* aad cues ie the * isy
Pioneer Horse»hoer - Carriage Works
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, t'onlectioncry, Ice ('roam,
Soil Drinks, Fount aio Drinks, Tobacco
Ijigbt Lunches, Fruit
Lnnsdale and 6th Phone lllll
The Now Block on  Lonsdale Avcnuo
noar Iho Ferry  Approach
was built by
llelielal   (',inIradDis
I'Cesscd llrick Mantles a Specialty.      I'lione 1,112
Book**H*r* snd Stationers
Cor, Lonsdale and 1st.        I'bone It3
F. U. Sharp, Stud. S. L, Stud.
Inst. Hun. Eng. Elc, Arch? and Civil
Engineer, Plan*, elevations sections,
reports, specifications, estimates, etc.
for all clsssos ol work, Tracing*, Blue
Print*, Map Mounting. 197 Lower
K«ilh Road. Estt, N. Vsncouver. 3-D
r.   •"" W"    '     . '■' '-'»
Contractors (or re in/orood eonorste
ennslruction. S*wering in all |t»
br*nob»s, Mm wnnsotion* a sip*-
ei.lty. Edimate* furnlsM. Olnm
» UmdtU A v.. Phon* Ht.
Angus J. Cameron
A.H.fE. k S.
Irrigation, Orslnsv*, levels, plans
and specifications. Bsptio tank* and
bouss drainage a specially. P. 0.
llux 2U, 16tn street west ol H.wicko
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A,
Bbnsdalo snd EsplaSads
Saw I'll.'i and Qrindcr. All kinds j
hand, cross  cut and buck  saws
nnd filed al shortest notice. II I.on|
dalo Avenue, North Vancouver.
High-class Ladies' aad dent's Tailoring
Moilern Tailors and ReBoulory
Fresh ond Smoked Pish
Live and Dressed Poultry
VegcJallies Delivery twice doily
Phone 310 Hll First Street
Wholesalers and Retailers of Purs lee
Ice lor family use
Pbon. 886      i-ONSPALE AVENUB
Prompt    Stfvist-UoAtttli Ob.rgse-
307 I-oasdele Avcnus
Clessing,   Proving,   Dyeieg,   kllnn'.ng
We   u**   ths   French   Dry   iTeaail
F l»one 2f I
Ladies' and fient's Suits to Order ;
Iron) fW-QO and tSft.QO respeotlvelyi.:',-
Phone 2H '      liOnadale 0*r, 16th st.'f'
I I '  ■
set] ■
TBAB&BB op vim awl TPPBOBY
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B, C,
AU,....,.* ul. ■ li"".. . ' ."
f Dblilhw) TllNdiyi and Fridays by North Shom P*W, Limitip
G«o, H. MoRpgM, Editor and Manager.
M1Y9 Of R9Mfl)UPf|0)f
M ptstir. fl.00       -        Bi» months, Mo. Three months, 9k
United BUtas and Foreign, 11.50 per year
Advertising Rates will ba qnotad on application.
Is devoted to the Interests »f tba.
It eonstitutes eu advertising me4liwn. o( MpispMo^l..»»lua (or
eh end *BectivB msnnsr the population of North Vancouver
gvery effort is made to give advertisers tlie most eetlatsetory
tees In contract advertisements should ba In tha printers' bands not
,10 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m- Wednesday to ensure Insertion in (lie
IftfaTH Vancouvib,   P. C,
Auoust u 1911
1 Tb* energelle manner in which  th*
dietriet council u addressing itself to
the good roads problem is producing
Its nf ths most benefioiel chsrao-
Id addition to the uaual   work
pf eiiening up road* to give bona fide
ients access to their property (or
ling purposes, the council has in
B ,i scheme Inr the permanent im-
imenl ol the'great arteries ol Ira-
throughout th* district end   lor
ning up additional roads in  loce-
ons where thoroughfares arc   likely
lo Ik required and  where they  vill
Jiu m"M likely tn answer the purpose
ol Iriink lines Iron) which ready  access may be had by means ol divergent road* to large   araes   on either
eid, along tbe route.
In the east end ol the district Ihe
Lynn Valley road has been widened
Irom sisty-sii to eighty bet from '.ho
city boundary to Hastings cieek
bridge end this resd together with
Centre 'ond, haa bean macadamised,
llni-1 giving Lynn Valley roed the nee-
II'Miuv width lor th* accommodation
I l tlie large traffic which it is destined to be called upon to bundle upd
making ol both these main roads lirst
ela.s streets in every way.
' A clad through is likewise being
-ajfeiwd to Deep Cove along wbicb an
excellent grid* has bten secured by
means ol lollowing a slightly circuitous rout*, Th* road follows 9tim
rosd sset to the southern point of
lioslyn Place, immediately north ol
Imperial where il turns porth through
P. L. 471, along the eutern boundary
ol Hoslyn Place end thence runs
through D. L- 634 and 80S lo Beep
Cow- I* Is eipeoted that arrange-
reenl* will soon lie completed to extent the road to tb* quarrie* on the
iu>rlh shore ol Deep Cove apd only a
,t distance aouth ol Woodlands,
grade on this new road in 'no
""■** e|oesds eight per cent.
—*i Ihe norlbern portion of Hie dis-
del I/msdele Avenue Irom the city
SMiodary to Susses street bs* been
uUnded lo eighty feed in width, ibus
.nuking il unilorm with it* width
2 within Ihe cily at tb* boundary iin*.
IV street will be macadamised as
will also King, gueen and Ny*
*lr»st. for a considerable distance
wet nnd west of Loiisdule Avenue.
: |n tb* WMtorn portion 'i the muni-
ciialily tb* ch*ng* nl location ol
fjnih road is Iwiug curriod into effect
«s rapidly a* poerfbU. Certain portion* ol lb* new roadway hav* lallsn
fo tin district through Ih* enbdiving
pi tin pr„p*rli*e while oilier portion*
..fun through Mellon* that ar* a* yet
. tin-subdiviiUd, thus rtndering expropriation n*os***ry. Tl* section run
H.ng through D. L. tbt and D. L ttl
i* now lining clearad and tenders will
shortly be eelUd lor lor clearing the
roadway through D. J,. 1340 and D.
IX ietiv* op*r«tio»» ar* now in pro-
>gr*ee in opetang up Dudley rood. Thu
sroed run* wsetwerd Iron th* *ity
boundary loir e short distance almost
tp line with Iwanty-lourtb street, *f
lee wbish it turn* due norlh and runs
eireigfci Ibroegh to th* hill*. The
grndt on Ihi* roed ie ideel averaging
Mif about on* per imt. (or it* entire
Ufl-jSii twill Ih* lower levais ol the
moanl*in* begin Ia nsske tfcslr indulges Ma- 1Vi» aw now (onnmM con-
Itnett in opmMtm <***■ W» resd and
Jt Is eatMstad iM tm nnasber wW
ft he internees, to twawty. Dudhty
i wkO ionwtimt mom m tnmk
I fee opmim ttftwP#m<*
by means ol it s large number of
property owners will find access to
their holdings.
The roed making machinery which
was purchased by ths distriot about u
year ago is proving ol the ulmosl
benefit in enabling tbe council to im
down permanent roadbeds at i minimum cost. Tlie macaduminlng nl Lynn
Valley road provided an excellent
roadway lor the transportation of 111 ■
road making machinery nnd Ihuoulirc
plant, consisting ol rooi ernsh;r,
steam wagon and rnnd roller has lieen
removed to North Lonsdale wliore operations begau yesterday in union ■
damizing that and adjacent stre>t>
bs mentioned above. It is evident
llui,fun' that the distripl is n»w in
excellent position lor prosecuting un
energetic policy in the systematic im
provement ol tbe leading thorough
lares by the laying ol first cla*s inn
cadumized roadbeds. Tho district of
North Vancouver will lie able to point
In an ever increasing mileage ol roads
ol the best type and what wilb Ihe
steel bridges the construction of which
has been adopted as the settled policy
nl the council it may lie ealely assert
ed that no municipality nn the lower
mainland will be better cared lor in
the important matter nl good road
and plenty of them than Norlh Vun
BY-LAW NO. 180
A BY-LAW to acquire certain land lor
use as lanes within Lot two hundred and seventy lour (374), group
one (I), Vancouver District and
to assess, Levy and collect the cost
ili,i,i,l as a work ol Locul Iin
provement and to raise upon debenture* tbe necessary moneys lo
pay the cost thereof,
WHEREAS Ihe Corporation ol the
Cily ol Norlb Vancouver desires to
acquire certain land' lor use es lanes
within lot Two hundred aud seventy-
four (374), Vancouver District, and
to espropriate such land as mny be
necessary for such purpose uud to en
Ur upon, take and use the same lor
lane purposes,
NOW THEREFORE tbe Municipal
Council ol the Corporation ol the
City ol North Vancouver enacts as
follows '■
I.  Th* land* set out in tbe follow
ing schedule, to wit:
.7s)  All of  Lot  i'i" in Block  115
(except   that   portion lying   I *
twei'ii   Lots IU  to 16 (Inclusive)
and U,ia 17 to 35 (inclusive).
(i>)  Ail of Lot "A" in Block I Hi.
io)  All that portion ol I ot "A" in
Blook 118 between Lots li to 13,
(inclusive)  and l-ols  31  t« 3e
(d)  All that portion of l/>l "A" in
Block   11»  between l-ots 7, 8, '■)
end 3(1, 31, und 33,
(o)  All that portion ol Lot "A" in
Block 136 lying between I ols I,
3, 3, 4 and Lois 29, W, 31   und
If)  All that portion of Lot "A"'in
Block 137 lying between   Lots I
lo t end 37 to 83, and Lots 9
to 13 and lots 31 (o 34 and tbe
north boll in rear ol Lot* 13 to
U.     "
(g)  All tho** portion* of Lot "A
in Block 138 lying between Lots
1 to t (inclusive) and Lot* 87 lo
43 (inclusive), also between I/jts
It, )4, 16 end 16 and 37, 38, 39
and 3ft..
(fa) All lho*» portion* of Lot "A"
in lllock   190 fying between I ol*
t, ti I end 36, 36 end 37, 1-ois
13, 13, 14 end 19, %0 end 31.
(i)   All those portions ol I-ot "A"
in Block 131 lying between I-ot*
I In 4 (inclusive^ and Ivol*  29
to 33 (inclusive) end Lot* V) to
.   16 (indu.iyc) end UU 17 lo 33
(j) Ail thoee portion* oi Ul "A"
in Block 142 lying betweu Lol*
I to 10 and Ut* 23 to 33 and
U(e 13, 14, 16, 14 and toil If,
18. IS end 3D.
(k)  A|l that portiop o« Ut "A" in
Mock 148 lying between Ute 1
to 14 (indusiv*) end Ut* 19 (0
93 (jnctusivs)
ere hereby expropriate (or lew per-
HM** Corporation, lie servants,
egente end workmen ar* hereby eSM-
nrised to epinr uprip,, espriwriate,
break or take, and use the.real property above mentioned in »py w»t*
necessary tn convenient |qf Ima pur-
poses without thu e-nunt nllhopwn,-
srs therapl,
8, An/and all ospense Intwred by
tbe Corporation by reason ol tha efc
propriation nl tne pieces p| land
above despribed wil as compensation
and damages in respect thereof shall
be chargeable to arm payahU by the
property owners as part of the e»-
penses ol kneel Improvement und*
the provisions of Scptlon 966 of the
Municipal clauses Ad and shall be
charged ond assessed against the property bonolitlod by said Lncnl Improvements as shown, by the By-law
to be enaoled in respect thereto,     ti
4, This By-law may bs fitifl lor all
purposes as the 'Lanes Exprnpristuw,
lly-law, IBII,"
IS. This By-law shall come into e|-
iset alter being published, registered
and filed in ecooriianoe with sub-sscr
tiou 142 ol Section 60 pi the Municipal Clauses Act,
Passed by tho Council on llm seven-
teenth day ol July, IHU,
Reconsidered, adopted snd finally
passed by the Council on the thirty
first day nl duly, I'll I.
City Clerk.
(L. 8.)
A true copy cerliliid ly nie,
City Clerk.
I'bone 10
P. 0. Bo| 17-13;
Alexander Philip
Conveyancer and
Notary Public
Agent lor Fidelity-llioenix I'lro In-
siiriince Company and also lor
companies. undertaking Murine,
Employers' Liability, flunrnntrB.
Live Stock nnd Accident Insurances,
Agreements and deids ol all kind)
prepared, Excellent list of oity
nnd district lots lor sule.
Rooms 10 und 11, I'ender Chambers.
533 I'ender Street W.    l'bono 3461
and Lonsdale Avo., Norlb Vuncouver
Residence, cor.  Lonsdala   Ave.   ami
32nd slreei, North Vancouver.    ...
Loans, Investments end Insurance.
Room 207, 633 tjeanvjllo S|., Vancou
ver, II. C. l'bono tOOO, Und lleiis
try work a socially.        ,■
. " i' ■■"»
House Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouver
As the main ibelnago system 1. approaching completion we bag lo notify
pri,|H.'ily owners that wc are making
arrungein.'iiis to underlako the wwer
couuectious on the various privet*
properties at * reasonable cost to all
those who desire to avail themsolve*
ol early drainage facilities. Having
carried out Ibe main drainage syetsn
lor the city council and having the
necessary plant and skilled labor
available we aro in an exceptionally
favorable position to carry out tbt
private house drainage at a moderate
cost to properly owners and wo shall
be pleased to furnish estimates and
plant if necessary to carrying out Ihis
most ewential Work in accordance with
tbe city regulations ami on most up
to-det* principle! of mod*rn unit*-
5*c*>nd St. tnd Mthon Av«,
Ad Ideal Homeiite on Keith Road
LuLini'iiiMJBMeiil.LsVA'ii.'.. ti»..ul^^-.'J|HllJ^ULli(u■ll.'..V..!ll^.LUl^5gga=
, Com o( Rldgewny M»\m, wstW swl
fencntj, price only |3000i m\i $1000,
balance to arrange.
1 '        ' -.        . '..        li...     IJ.I I,   j.'      '
North Vancouver, B. C,
Lot 15, Block 40, D.L 547-S
This lot is situated on 16th St. and is much below value, convenient lo the city and car line.   The lot is 50 x 140, .
The price is $1050, 1-3 cash, balance in sii ant) twelve
month?. Compare this price wilh what is being asked (or adjoining property.
Exclusive Agents
Canadian Financiers,
Ileal Estate, Insurance-Pirc, Lid--,
Accident--Reri|B Collected
Bank of Hamilton Building
i)i Lonsdale Au:nno
EKNKST KBBAGE, Local Manager
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOIl SAI.R-fl-ronm
house on
li'ilirlil An-.
Now, all iiioil.'iii.
H/Jihi.  Easy
1 11    1 1    I 1    '       '
One acre lllock on macadamized road, will. make
a splendid homesite.
Price only $800 on easy terms.
Real   KhIhIo and  Financial Agsnls
\|,i,.'ln.|ils  ol  T-.ili'  ili.s'uiliili.l
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
Rates :   turn   per   and   up.   Special rates to Families
snd   to regular   liosrders	
finest ftoof Garden on PadJi«. Coasl
■ Sscohi) StaitaT.   -   •   -   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C.
Block and hall (rom Lonttiale Avenue and close to cu
terminus. A lew good lots lacing south $500.00 each
on terms ol J cash, bal. 6, 12 and IB months.
D. L. 553
50 (l. lots close Ir, Kcilh Road at f 500.00 each on
terms ol 1 cash, bal. 6, 12 and-1 & months.
i'lione 70   P. O. Uox 1B16
New HarneM Shop
k N. (10AI, AND sri-i'l.V CO., COB.
TINOS   f 11,1,   99   CAPIEP-     A
tvrmw 911,1 tut mam; of
HKI'Allt WOI1K    I'ltlCI'.S Will,  HK
ihu 8aif ah iiiohf, in vanwir
Vancouver Hirneii Co.
fftOHB tbi
Most modern filinj; tim\M
on the m»rlf«Ht
valuable papers and jewels
32 Lomdale Avenue /
Telephone 123
H, D, RuaaLgs k
IM titli Street Best North Vniioo«»*r
NJI'l'lt'l;. is lii'1-..'liy given thai nn ap-
plication will be mnao under) I'»r| V.
nl tlio Wnli'i Act. Ilinil, to oliliiin B li-
conso in Norlh Vancouver d/vision ol
Now Westminster District, onl the |Bth
day nl Annum, HU), at 11« 11.111., by
B Newton Drier, Suruoon, Waneonvor,
II. tl., (or water fpr irrigation use on
throe acres owned liy Inin ini 11.1,. Hill, .
the sum,',' ol supply being at small un- •
used st renin from '.rouse I Mount nin
flowing Hoiilherly through ID. I.- Ml
and 1). I., olill, Ihe point ol divsrsion
being about 'i,IM0 leet in n/irihcusierly ■
direelion Irnm Dr. liner's IN.I-'.. Stsb,
tho amount rei|uirsd being/1 rubw leet
|iri second to he i-nrrieijl by liuriiil
pipe line Irom small dum (in bed pf tho
Ulroain. /       •   ..
Dated   at   North   VumVouvcr,   July
r.nii. mil. J
TBlCT-District ol NrA,' Wostmipstcr.
Tuk.' notice Ibat I'.liotl A. Iluswell ol
Vancouver, occupation/ broker, intends
lo niiply lor iierinissiton to purchase
Ihe lollowing doscriljojd lands : About
'Jim acres commnicing\ at a post plant-
oil on the nnrthonsti corner of Lot
loil. thence east '-'/» chains, tlisnco
north Ml iliiiini, 1 lini/ce west 5chains,
moro or less to shorn ol Horse Sbos
Lake, ilii'in'i' in a s.iutli aud westorly
course around shore/ ol lake to North
7 p. corner ol l*t MW3, thence south
chains, more op loss, to point ol
, ' II11 un II1 VII ii'l 11. I
(Sgd.) '     II 1<*y  A. HASWF.1,1..
duns %b, I'JII. J fl-»
Papjbr the World
froii our stock ol new Well Papers
so fit seems. Every day soms new
durlgu arrive* lo fill lb* vncunoy
ol Abuse closed out.
iWdiome Wall Papers
ro horo in endless variety.    Jget
ill our 1.1I111111111 (or wbat  ronm
you want tb pefw .nd b.   will
•how you ju.l ths pattern you ar.
looking for.
To  cbooe* from our slock is a idea
furs, lo pay our prise I* e*»y..
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply
Wli.rl: Cor. St. tisorg*1* e|M Ee-
planndf. OhV* t 84 l»n*dele Uvenue.
Wbari Dions 171,     Oinoi P^'ft IW.
DeeUr* in ell kinds ol Uuilding He-
Uriel, Band, Qrevel, ''iwui, IJme
Brick (amnpm end p/seesd), fita
Brleke, f)m C^ny, Pl**iir, fibre, Planter ot Pari., Ut*, !/hinglM, Drain
line, TH*.
Donuetio and BUd/s»dib Ceel.
Prompt dsiivsry a WaaUHy.
. H. ST0NEY t CO.
117 Unsdsl* Avsbii* Phone \f0
-    ■■,-   —g=
»■ I ■ I' im
tmiri vmmim
. m
mm% * e.
oitotoA p«{ pamp \n *.p)*pe V-n-it
ptil. m tp> tha* s>ftsMe<Ms*t*^!
Mnrssowbt, phf p«ig|r»nl intention had
beep jest tp stay -weight mA wye
pi. saiV steges hpms, but the ttiw-
tinns pi Mprecnmbe proved too sIImf
ing (or spffle nf pur party ppA they
voted, la stay several n>ys *pd wtlke e
(wad. waFeh botes.
There is « slflff tpld. as to bo-?
n»TO was scoufjsfl jpr.this pfaee, but
j dpn't; vpaohi'fpr the'trtlh »Ut
They worn ivtonljV SS IP)!' SHitntl
IW fi)F H» $1.(0 *kp sppnr f.»oro
pjerM that qaja; torn fa* |i>"Pii>
holidayed (here bill; by an(J hy "mitre
pkiw-1' Wa»ry Piito asjreh for
pnme they  jumped  sf ibis  siliiijin
9t- 8- Pw#Ft, % n)| knnfi^H
>l«M|«ia)k -Tlftverw-**'^ «taa*<i, is 4m-"-
to ewbart (n a pill- hmine.s, pipWIy
»B«el awl hlllinFrt r^Wt Tha p
nishlpgs are to to tlm)y first, das*
aH Hfl-tp-data.
Mf- rTarry ffftl.tartr] ^ ,ahmit to ra-
tamfp hia VM, sw/SiMmwImf, |
Friends nl Mrs, Frank Vpdersrfl "
Will be pleased, tp M»W aha ia alj|
tp hs troPoA pros (»p» jftef '§j "
mis ppisoning in her Iflpt.
Mr. Afohis Beaten and brother nl
1'Wglsy were visitors to the Vs,Hcy
thi" faj>.
The ratemyers' meeting M I»H
Desdsy night wje held \M In" Vm
U m vfry late m\tg >ho twti'M
bFPke upiss mattert p|, greet weight
were dismissed- (faun. J^ptet's t.tii-
tuik: ip the paee pf th» dhwssipn pf
the engineer's resignation ssked hy the
Jksspcjatjon was the c|pej topjoof djs-
Another addition was inndii to Iba
restaurants nf Vflrth VftDPouver yesterday when fpfj the first tjme the
Kilburn ('ale opened ile'doors. The
Cafe not orujy has its location in a
new building on the Esplanade at Np.
116 oast but has everything new
about it down to tbe knives end forks
dishes and table clptbs, snd is beautifully clean and cool.
The proprietor, Mr. Smith, i> an old
restaurant man and will take csra
that bis patrons are well fed. Bo
conv.'s from Sidney. Australia, whorti
be followed the same lino, He i» a'
present assisted - io the business by
Mrs. Smith and bis daughter. The
dining roam scats about seventy-five
people. The kitchen, is conveniently
plated outside at the rear, thus nn
objectionable smell ol cooking enters
the cale proper. Mr. Smith should receive splendid natronege at his any
Holh ol the concerts given by th"
city band during the course ol th*
woek, the first al Victoria 1'ark end
the second in Larson's 1'ark were
greatly appreciated. A goodly crowd
assembled each evening Id listen, lo
the music and at the latter ol the
two concerts I lie park in Iron I of Mr.
I.nr.'iiin'ii populiir hostelry was filled
lo the limits, tbe boators and censp-
crs al the edge ol Ibo water also
manifesting their enjoyment. The
Band, has proved its popularity by the
large attendance which always gathers around it;
■ J IJL- -■ J
—I ■	
MANAW*      •
■■     '
Scinic Delicti, Ftibty, Hfinliag, Mountain Climbing, Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short,
Fmnily Roomi jm mil*-with ipecial rate*.   House gie»lly enl»r(jed,
Extensive Qrounds.      HigM*M Service al moderate rales.
%my irnil to itimmil of Crmiie Moimiain      ANtode 3000 f«|.
vui ,„ie)Ms„)i,'i|.i(j,af.s-
Capital Paid Up
Beesrve It Undivided Pro
Tots) Assets	
.....I 3780,000
It* 3280,000
.... 40,QOO,lWtf
T||a Bank of -Hamilton' invjfc*   devious    Accounts^ and    his   clipjinnletl
nl]  undue, formalities,  Imt li   in   the
opening ol.such accounls   and in   the
-   making pf withdrawals.,
A churlernl bank is! tbs logical
place ' for the sals-kesping of the
(und you wish |P ncciiinululi! for old
■ age or to make provision for unforeseen need*. Interest psil) on deposits
ol gl.00 end i»pw»rd«-
C, fl,'.WkWN< Agent,
\ North Vanannyar-
Ha*4 0fea;
Peprge Morgan, .lose|ili Hor #n und
Unlit. Mi'Niili were chsr^ed tbis morn
ing in Ihs cjly police court with fusing an nflruy on First sired on Saturday night.
Originally an inlorin.itii.n hud lee,
Inul by HcNab cb.irtfin; the two Morgans with assault, but this was with
drawn. I h. ti the ('hie! ol Police step
pod in ond laid an information
against all three charging Hum .as
Tin' young men npr.car,d to have
been drinking and liny w.re well
known, to Ihe niugislr.,lis although
ihu Inul nol actually been in 'trouble
Hit pleading guilty (h.y wrr* ssdi
fined SHI or thirty days in gaol uud
were Ki^'ii "nine .ululury aduee us
lo wImi lo do with Iheir wa, cs mil
their clulurday nights, ulso u warning to Hie effect that if Ihey came
li.-lore tin- courl again liny would not
gel the option ol a hue.
rnnceator, kl,wi) flf th».8oBiaps
rnyAM bydoha«! jfappts ombatti-
Wpils, wrsftrheil in |li»tprie inoidepf,
and plpuiled with (to wprds of ito
"hangini days."
.IpIiii pj (ji|u|i|. still pxerpisBH some
dnroioatipp pyfr Lancasler, his s|elii»
still stewis'flaw ho pieced it pver
ti\a gptofPi of Hie eqst|e,j>nd. |et,itl
Hip pavepisnl «f me pf'th?  towi
streets is p bopm »h™ *hieb leinj
fWieFed   whepevpr p.c:iS4ry,   ra r':s
tbo p|ape s/hirp a«n'n;iei »t ft  M*
horse oast e shoe, Mnkinin r Ipw Ilu:
foil, pf Lunciistir iq pro the rnetppry
Ot HlO  futllous  I'lll.e.      Til'   I' till,'  nl I1
serves the purprse'pf a pounty jail
hut beppily jt in ftPt- flnw the sp<i»B p'
judicial inuuli'i' as iu the days pest
when e man wlm stole p ehecp wus
as ope who slew a man and when ibe
lew saw |p it that a wompp pr phild.
stealing food lo satisfy their hungsi
should die ii miserable death, I inin ( a
crowd ol holiday makers «h« gather'
,.l from tar and npar lo witness ilu
event. Tho place on the Scotforth
rood where those who were doomed to
the hospitality pi Lnncisler c .111
first saw its grim walls is called weeping Hill, on which Wordiworlli has
written the following lines:
"Why  lieui'i   it   then
Weeping 11,11
Thousands, as towsrds you old lun
easier lowers    a
A prispn'e crown plopg Ihis way they
For lingering dprance or ijuic'-. de th
wilb  slmlne
From this bare eminence ilur,on bnl'i
Their first lent, blinded ss leirs leP
in showers
Sited on their chains', and hci.ee ibat
il.ileflll    IIIIIII,'."
The church slmr, n wilh Ihe cistle
Ilie eminence gpon wliich il is built,
und ia also worthy of Ibe close attention of tbe louiist. The ancient port
of I iine.i'.ii'i ban diminished wilb the
siltipg up ol |he esliiur.i and so h.s
i,la,.on dock lower down. 'Ibis was
Ihe first unclosed dock in Fnglnnd.
The Midland ra Iwny have e uistnn'l id
a huge dork at tley.bam lor Ilu ir
Irish , h.inni'l leivins 'Iho construction
ul this dock look pluce during .the
Klondike .ush nnd Ihs tiwn ol shanties which housed Ihe navvies ,mpl, y
cl on the job was called hi ndikc.
Wo   passed   through   f.ancast«r   and
. _ ,	
Lynn Vftlley N«tw
(Express Special piirresppndapt)
Mr. and Mrs, P. 9unltt, Centre
|losd, spept b,si week \-isiti«g Iriends
•» Vanwnvcr-
l|r. Ra,rt|ett's house was badly disfigured lest Monday Ihrnugh Ilu
blastjpg pf rock mi llui an Boad, All
the glass ip the front door end parlor window was slashed, Ibe blast
being siieli a heavy one lhat residents
in that part of the Volley thought
an earthquake bad struck the place,
' Mr. Millar, Kilmer Houd, is erecting
a h>rge barn in North Vuncouver lor
his teerns.
Mf; II- Thompson's house, por. lib-
rap end Ceptre js almost re^dy lor
Another pew street light has hem
installed 1st cor. of ('Inneh nnd car
line, making live lights in nil at the
street ends.
' Mr. and Mrs. Aubel McMormn  are
on a visit io Vjetnijii ihis week.
Wednesday' altcrnoop last a delightful birthday parly in honor ol Misi
Katje Msgpnnis took place. A large
number ol younger folk spent a very
enjoyable nlleiiioon.
Mrs. Adams, sister ol Mrs. Peter
Wcstnvcr, errjved Irom Toronto lust
wesk. They intend settling in tbe
Valley ns soon as Mrs. Adams' lam
ily arrive later.
Mr. and Mrs. Pugslcy, Toronto, will
be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. I'cte.'
Weslovcr next week nn tbeir arrival
|n the Valley.
A pleasant lawp parly look place
Thursday at the residence ol Mrs.
■John Ment, Weslovcr Hijad.
Mrs. Hco. I at hum, Knss Hoad, who
has been ill in the hospital is solar
recovered to bo eblc to return homo.
Straw £
'••   .
1 ' 1
Ja.oo§iravy...... fi-oo
J j. oo Straw .,.,,. »|.«,o
Wash Vests
All to If" at
"in.- price
laocy and
plain ' nlms
per suit
Underwear   '
various weights
tmt suit
THIS SALE offers you the very finest Ready-for-Service Clothing in
the world, at the price of common plain, clothing.   It's your own
fault if you don't take advantage of the opportunity.   We want
to close out every Summer Suit, and we are willing to sacrifice on
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AU $12.00 SuiU
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mm »RBM, NOafh VANC0CT
(ppritlnued from pw> 5:
t»i P,
. Rwr sides bin yrMt, In fwt, ft"
newspapers had heaped olwma snd
calumny upon ths police department
mid Its officers,
, The cotplo papers tool It up. .|v-
erybody-H,   Bt»Bl»l»li  B|ofi»e "ifc
jiNed-eoiiiWered the .(fair in *s ((Wih wiliwpe w„ ,ntmdMP|K,,  Mm
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Invitation Cards
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Magazines   .
Post Cards
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.      . •
North Shore
Press Limited
j Phone 80
light of o huge Joke,
fl. Bt#ole|gh. Btoripe wss pt a.
strengor If' the place. True, .be bed
lived there for only about three
Mn, but he had oowo to town M'
(d wltli the, best rMomqienlUtlonsiwd
Utters of Introduction from Isrge,
ens'ttrii cities, and, what Is more, "he
Jiiid mode bis, advent with his pockets full of money.
He w«e A man of leisure, Single
as he was, and attractive ss lm mudo
himself, be bod been In grout H*
' Socially be was a Hon, snd he was
ss popular with the men ss be was
with the women.
Par perhaps a year alter Ills arrival Htormo had held himself somewhat aloof—be made no attempt to
force himself Into any circle, tbe consequence pelng that within a short
period of time he wst sought by tbe
moBt exclusive,
He made no display pf bis wealth,
but the hanks knew that be parried
Isrge balances, which never dwindled.
He even kept in tbe two swings
bonks large sums which remained untouched.
He paid bis Mils, and rarely naked
credit—when he did eo It waa purely
aa a mater of business, apd be always settled on the due dste, never
earlier or later.
Many a mother with marriageable
daughters bad courted Stormo with
assiduity and perseverance, but without succeee But Stoti»e uvnlded entangling jjllsnces pf apy kind—al
least, he bad done so thus far.
To all men he was the same courtly
Whatever' mystery bad attended
his advent was dispelled as the years
went on, and now II Stanlulgh
Stormo was a much better known
inun than many an old-time resident
of tbe place.
It was 'small wonder, therefore,
ibat tbe town poohpoohtal tltechargu
upon which be was being tried.
The courtroom was overcrowded-
overcrowded with tbe beauty and Ihe
chivalry, tbe wealth and the aristocracy of the place. ..   .
It was a gay and Interesting sight,
more like an afternon reception than
aught else.
Storm sst at one of tbe tables Inr
side the railing, with bl' counsel nes^
lo him. He (acid tbe Jury, but aa bt
did so, turned now and then, apparently |o seek some familiar face In
the audience.
Having found II, he dimply raised
his eyebrows significantly. He did
not nod bis bead.
He felt lhat It was unfair to bis
friends to 'do IL He preferred to
await the Issue of tbe trial.
If st these times be sought ths
fsce of Miss Helen Dumont be was
dlsapolnted. She was not there, nor
In tact were very many of the very
exclusive Inner let,
Btll Storms kept bis eyes roving
back end forth among the crowd until the trial began.
Burke—a plain clothes man—was
on the stand. He bad Just been
The prosecutor leaned against the
railing In an easy, tireless nisuuer.
Burke looked first at ihe jury and
then at tbe prosecutor
"Shall I tell my story, sir?' I.u
"Yes, tall your story, Burke," assented the other.
Tbe witness turned to the jury
"It was on the twenty-third ol last
month," he began, "I was ordered uptown on special duty. It don't iiakt
no difference where I wss—II wat
the night o' that anarchist row In Ih*
ball up there I-got through al ten
minutes sfter I,
"It was a bad night buckets full
o' rain in' s hurricane to back It up.
It was fierce. An' dark as pitch, too,
- half ths lights were out.
"I bad to Walk from Manning's
Hall up tbere 'way across low».
There wertn't any corn except about
once an hour that time o' night, an' I
hsd to get back to headquarters an'
"Wei, now, Burks," Interrupted th*
district .Attorney, '"1*11 us lust what
happened, and talk a bit mors
Burke nodded again.
"Well," continued Burke, leaning
over confidentially towards the Jury
boi, "I'd reached about Munroo in'
Ijfayette streets when I heard the
sound of a night stick somewhere |r
the vicinity. I know by tk* sound II
wasn't i roundsman, in' I stopped to
locate ft.
"Then I set out on t dead run for
ibe place. About two blocks away I
run Into Oftoer typomwll. H* wisd'l
rspylft' Um, 'ettim, I suppose, he'd
heard m ooml»'. | know something
was up, for ho wm long past due •'
ibst plat* it that da* of night-"
*m  lm  trPrirf     fWMtwiWrr^fWm   ImW Qww?
tylct attorney.
"!*> fa, sir/' mmm. m *»**#*;
On resumption Tuesday morning ul
the ease against Julian senior, Ijouie
Julian and Dan l'aul for alleged assault pnA intorfsrimj with tbe police
while in the performance of their duty
and lor being drunk I.ouie Julian's
Julian, the wife of J-ouie, told her
story q| th* matter pt did also' Pan
Paul and Julian senior. '
There was considerable heat eshibit-
ed by counsel /or lh/> defence. A. J.
'HitHsnii, |sf).,9«))0 Mi the Chiel ol
Police that ho was plainly wc'rkiiw
lor a conviction and thtt he wae taking an unfair aland in the matter-
Dan Paul it appears is a rrs.irviiljnu
policeman knd did nothing so the syi-
aence went to show tp assist his
brothers of th* eity whip allied upon
lo help them. He was censuied for his
action by Mr. Eosemsn,
The whole atimale fit ii.nln.diei
ory to thul given hy the police and
Ut. Unwell harped Jiposh's leuitlv
eiipcriaiici among the Indians and Slid
that he had never known an Indian to
lull a lie either when he w«t upon
oath or otherwise. He always know,
he said, when to believe an Indian,
whioh statement SPpeered somewhat
contradictory in view ol ths former
on'o. He argue.) that it would le a
travesty pf British justice to send Julian senior or Den l'aul lo tba jenitcq-
liary for t term of yoirs upon tnu'li
llimsy evidence.
The   Thief of   Police   Hindu a   stale
ment to the effect that tbe supposititious Kelly who had he.p said to h nn
sold  tbe liquor to. the Indiuns    was
ing .alfiir.led protection by thun   in
hope that they might get   more
The niagiatraled then consulting bs
i«.ni Ihomselves came lo a deidlock
upon (hiding that Ihey c ul.l not agree
and Ihey wore instructed by counsel
for the defence upon the proper procedure in such an event.
Mr, Foreman put himself on record
as being convinced that all of ' fhs
.lclcndi.nl:. should ho committed lor
trial, but liis Worship the Mayor dil-
lered since he had learned from the
evidence adduced that nu.ruing that
the mun Louie Julian had leen in Ibe
hands of the police lor ut least thirty
minutes before the others interfered.
He also stated that he believed the
evidence ol Julian senior a* he bed
been acquainted with him for a long
lime and had always found him toio
a man of integrity and one who up
held law and order. Tbo mayor al <
thought tho Chiel was somewhat prejudicial |n bis view,
It was then lhat Ihe Magistrates
Inund Ibat Ihey were in a quandary
and Mr. Busseli.outlined the procedure lor them. The cats should
lie dismissed .and tho prism
era dischargtd without I ml ana that
the ('hid ol Police might il he thought
lit have a transcript made of the evi
dence which should be sent to the
Attorney-Ueneral who would Ihen recommend it to the Grand Jury or nth-
The first case was tlien dismissed
ami I.ouie Julian was charged with
having whiskey in his possession.
His counsel said thai subject to the
former charge being dismissed against
him without prejudice ho would plead
guilty on Iwhall ol his client lo Ih
second charge. I.ouia Julian was
then sentenced to a line of got) and the
costs or lo imprisonment lor tin. -
der for Sewer" will be neeivod by tho
Oity 0)erk of tb* (lity ofNortb Vftp
copvoriup to 13 o'clock noon on linn,
day iho Hist day ol August, (orstipi
plying all iho materials end obstructing nnd completing' a tsnitary sewer
with lot connections on Kwlanide
snd Crescent street Irom tit. uonrgu's
Avenue to H|, David's Avenue end on
.Second ttreet from a point liiW fed
mist ol Ht. Andrew's A'e.U'i to St.
David's AvBinic.
All Iho above iii.iiii m.i iti (i. Iiili!
earrisd out accord ng lo i.lir, profiles, cross s olioni and spinlllc tl 'is
prepared by the 0|ly Engineer.
All teudiiB In* Ih* work must be
mad* on lorm* of lender supplied by
tho Pity Epginer. '
A cheque for A,per cent, of tlm
niiiiiiiiii ul  the tender  must
piny I'lli'h nnd OVOrL lender.
A bond ol 35 per cent, of the
amount nf tbe contract will le rehired.
Seperal* le'ndoit must ke made fur
each work above mentioned.
'ilie lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
I i I'.I I lit li. H. HANI'S,
City Engineer
City Engineer's Office,
North Vancouver,
mil August, mu,
THIOT-District ol Ntw Westminster.
Take notice that Joseph C, Dockorill,
ol Vancouver, occupation, government
official, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described Itnds : 160 acres commencing nt a
post planted on tbe south west corner ol Lot 3631, these* south 10
chains, Ihence east 10 chains, throes
north 10 chain* to south boundary ol
Lot 36123, ilicnre woet Hi chain* mors
or lee*, along said boundary to point
ol couuaencoiiienl.
June Wth, ll)], > |j.o
Promptly it 8.30 a.m. on Wtsluis
day His Worship tbe Mayor, accompanied by the Hoard ol Works, visited Ihe silent rock crusher in order
to inspect it while at work in lha
hands ol an expert epginacr appointed by the vendors pi tlie machine,
who was supposed to be detailed to
iliiiiiiiiHlii.il' to the city's employ.* the
correct method ol running it. When
Ih* party arrived jt wat found thtt
Ihere was no one in al tendance at all
not oven lha cily man or lb* engin
The Hoard then made e visit )o the
office ol the city engineer in order to
discover il possible Ibo cause nl tbs
non-attendance ol lha espsetsd work-
workman. Engineer Hans* explained
thtt the city's employee hsd suddenly
quit bia jnli und that be had teen no
thing ol the expert Irom the city.
A subsequent telephone meestg* to
th* city elucidated th* fist from |he
vendors ol the crusher tbst their man
had been oyer to Norlb Vancouver ts
promised but lhat finding no on" in
attendance on Ihe machine and no
preparations made for running it he
bed returned. The whole matin had
therefor*, to lie left in abeyance.
NOTICE ie hereby given (hit an application will bt mado under. Pert V.
ei the Water Act, HJO'J, to obtain a
license in lot Nnrlh Vancouvtr division ol New Wesliniiuier District on
the 1Mb dty ol August, llll, at 111.
m., by 9- ■Newton Drier, Surgeon, Van
ooavtr, B. 0., lor water tor dom ttlc
uit op three acres ownsd by him in
D. I.. t% tha source ol supply being
a small unnamed stream Irom Orouse
Mountain flowing southerly through D.
1.. 593 and D. I.. 60.1, tin, point ol di
version being spout 3,1,00 bet j„
northeasterly direction from Dr.
Drier'e N. E. stake, tho amount.It
quired being } cubic leet per aecond to
b* oarriad by buried puss lint Ironi
small dam in lha bed ol Ihe stream.
Doled   at   North   Vancouver,   July
lOlh, III). £,8
Tho TheotopbictJ Society (toots in
North Vsncouver tn Boom i, 11 Lonsdale Avsdu* (entrinflt next (o Wil-
come Parlor) every Wednesday evening
«t 8 o'clock. Attendsno* is entirely
Ira* sad ctrri*t bo oUlgtOoisj what-
ever. You art invito). Thcosopb'.ctl
study aad question*.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will |le niarlo under Part V.
Of Ihe "Waler Act, I1MKJ," to o!,tain a
li'vusc in'the North Vancouver divis
ion nf N*w Westminster district.
(a) The namo ol applicanl-Thu
Corporation ol the District of North
Vancouver, II. (!.
(if (or mining purposes) pros Miners Certificate No. —
(fo) The ntme ol the lake, etream
or source (il unnamed the description
ts)-An unnamed slronm running in a
southerly direction through District
Lots 783 nnd 566, Croup I, Now Weal/
minster District.
(c) The point of diversion is in
"lock 1, Dislrict |.ol 7K1 aloreeeid,
alwut il' chaTiis norlh ol tho southern boundary of said District ),ot.
(d) The qytntity of inter tpplicd
for (in cubic loot per second) one
quarter of t cubic fool per second.
(e) The cbtrocler ol the proposed works-Sbellow weir dam wilb
suitable inlaks,
(f) Tho prcmisoe on which the waler is lo Iw used (deacribo Name)- Tho
Dial rid „l Norlh Vancouver.
(gi The purposes for whicii Iho water it to be used—Municipal pm poses.
(li) 11 lor irrigation describe the
land intended to n* irrigated, giving
(i) If Ibe water is to bs uud lor
power or mining purpose* describe the
place where the waler ia to foo return-
ed lo some natural channel and Ihe
difference in altitude between point ol
divonlon and point ol return	
(j) Ares of Crown land intended tH
be occupied by the proposed worke-
Non*. •
(k) Tbis notice was posted on the
lilh day of August, 1911, and application will be made to Ihe commissioner on thu Kith day of Septomlior
(I) dive the names and addresses ol
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to bo
affected by the proposed workt, either
•hove or below the outlet ire: Arthur
E. Pioey, Wm. J, 1. Ptcoy, Thomat I*-
Messuner and Waller Finch Page, all
of Ihe City-of Vencouver. tnd A. Dillon Nye, W. J. Irwin, Unison (lind
win and Mary I,. Archibald, nil of Ihe
*Hly ii Norffo Vancouver.
I'll   The boundaries  and  urea  olthe
District of North Vancouver are as
set fori li in the lelteis patent ol Incorporation dated KHIi August. INI,
and published in Ihe I). C. fliSotU,
but excepting the area of Ihe City of
North Vancouvor specified in Schedule
B of the Norlh Vancouver Cjty Incur
porsliop A»t Amendment Act 190?.
(r) Approximately the number id
inhabitant* ol 'he District st present
is 3^00.
10,000 corde ol dry fir wood for quick
sale- Price per odd cords 14,60.
Special quotation* for forger quantifies.
Cut WflmNM immed W,00, ia indies
Phone IW       '«P P. 0. Bor |tfi
Al| HUW IimtSi'K ollilllIII he piped (or p« iii orilor lo wvf ifm
iitovy Mpeniiittirfi /or llil» pod-
venience at e Inter date.
I   N- V- UOHT, HEAT fc
tl. E. KRIJGEtt
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work tlunranteed
Corner FifuMiith St. tnd Kahon Avs,
.  I.H.". ,>!g|
TAKE NOTICE that tbe dale for
expiry of rebate on luxes bat been extended lo HEPTEllREIt 101b, 1(111.
Ail persons who puy the annual taxes
levied on lands on nt before September llllh next will lie-entitled In a discount ol onesixth ol Hit general
rale. ',
City Clerii.
FOR sale:
300 Feel of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known M
Wallace  Shipyards.
Term* to suit purchaser.  Apply
Seymour St.
*> K-luiUSo Jourai.   tetmi S
i ftu, |KiaUs* (nasi*, sou t)
"rnmn an
U'l UixIimI.
a a
Province of Hrilish CofumbU
NOTICE is hereby irlvtn lhat all st*)).
lie Highways jn unorgtniied djttrjots
tnd ill Htin Trunk Bonds in otgtnfx-
od   Districts or* sixiy-six (tot   wid», '
tnd hive * width of tbirty-Oirtt (est
on etch tido of \bc man ttrilght tm-
tre line of the (ravelled road.
UMeU* of PuHie Worb.
Department of Public Words,
ymth, 9 c, AiAjm, mMW ■#™
QWfVW SCQTOII QWGBAP. pur pwtr importation ip p|o|p
Nhamhrays pad Checks, apeejal per yard ......10p.
SS-ipoh PB$TS. fooA baavy quality, light and Ap,k pp|prs, special
pw yvtA ,,■■-■■ ■■■■■■■■. , lOo.
DUESB MUSLINS, plain apd fancy Dimity stripes, else tints mid
prpssbors, price  Wo end lop.
* UW assortment pf Victoria I.uwns, Indian Linens, Persian Lawns,
ijaisoplfs, Qrgandiss, eto.
Buttons covered from your own material—ail sises,
W'".' '."''' ' r        — i      '.' » '.'■■«'ii. il.
J« J* 1V1C/\LiI1iEjV^I_j
Keith Blot* I.oini.Jiilii llloi'k
Phone mi I'bone M3
HJf Acres in East Half 787. The
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550.
Terms I -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to
522 Pender Street
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Solo Anont
Agreement, end Contracts drawn        .,. . , -. Central
ot *v»ry dcicription ' "°"e   ' -"        Conv*jrancinf
I/cnvc Vancoover 6.30 a.m. and
thereafter ovary 20 minute* until
7-00 p.m.. Commencing 7.30 p.m.
every 30 .minutes until 11.30 pin
thereafter 13.16 and |.00 a.m.
I I'm,' iNiiitii Vancouver 6.00 a.m.
and thereafter I'vi'iy 20 minul.'s until 7.110 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
in. ovory 30 minutes iinlil 11.IMI p
m. llii'imfii'i   1115 nnd 13.15 a.m.
L*ave Vancouvor 7.10,  8.20 nnd
9.00 thsreaftor sem* a* weekdays.
Leave Norlh Vancouver 7.211, 8.00
apd >. 10, I Innall n sumo n<»ivl,
Single lare 6c, 6 lor 2tc, SO (or HI, 70 lor 13.
A-Lumber wagons, I rucks snd
drays, 76o retprn.
B-fl horse espress carriages end
hacks, 60c return.
O-l horse express buggies a»d
aulas, '16c returp.
Time-talda suliject to change without notice.
Company not lialilo lor delays, accidental or otherwise.
All the above rules include driver. Bates A apd 11 subject to 'Ml
per cent, diuoupl in loll ol 60.
I'or 100 Ilu. role. 6c.
Minimum rote, |0c.
Lynn Valley Ratepayers
Vpgue Charges Against Ppglpser Refilled.
RayiRg, lwp ossigpsd Ip ihe duty
pf answering ttl» "vtgVP PbpFgesj" fll
incQinpotcnoy WJnst llm (district op-
ginecr, .|. II. dosgroyp, aiS( Hip de-
wind Iw his resimitiiion, cnriioiiiiid In
an illiUirnle and (llspelt letter eddress:
ed tp tlie municipal coiii.eil mid signed hy James 1'optstip »nd 11- Bfpolip,
Cpunpillor Jock |,oiit*t rose Ip the
opepsiop pt ths mrefipg p| the I inn
Yellpy l|«topi|yer»' Ai-sociotlpp . Md
pp Wednesday nighl nnd ip spite pf
flip opijoiiilion p| Houncill.ir Allim and
lleovo lIcNaiighl I'oinplelely litmiil tho
tallies jn Ihe matter apd proved opp-
elpeiyoly that therp woro po sPtpp!'
It was a rousing meeting from ell
Kerfs pi yjow, ottoptfcd hy from fifty
to sixty of the ratepayers and the Ije
was passed more I Inin owe.
From ite inception it was clear that
Hie mealing was in ncc.ird with Ihe
allegations mado ip Iho letter of
Messrs. Pearson und Brooke, apd with
Ihe "vague c||urges ol incompetency"
which jt was sujd therein liud been
"liuudicd lo and lio belwo.u tbs Act
ing Bcovo and the Mayor." But by
the time lhat Cppncil|or I.unlit hud
concluded his refutation the largo majority which was adverse to the engineer had boon reduced to a meagre 11
in im in ol the resolution to 6 against
while some lilty who hud come prepared lor the slaughter refrained from
voting altogether.
it,inmil..j l.outet look the questions piopouudid in iho letler wliieh
stirred up nil the Iroiiblo, scriulim
ami pulveriied them.
In Inking up Ibe i|iieslinn ol . 11 ■••.-1
grail, an uectisulion ol vliich w.is
Inni,-I indiscriuiiiiiitely, t'uun. I.oulcl
said lliul il there were uny il Imi iui
ed lo come "his" way. Iho utliltideol
tin1 council in upholding Ihu onJie.:r
wus considered Hy Iho writers lo bo
by no iiii'iiiis conducive lo the lie.l in-,
lerests oi I lie ratepayers, .'iiiieo no
charge,, had I,.', n iiintl.' ngainst Ihe
engineer the councillor slated thai il
was the duly of the council to' slnnd
by him. Willi regard lo the vague
charges nl incompetency whicii are ul
leged lo have Iweit bandied lo and
Ito, Mi I,mi,-I .'Imi in ini;. I t1.. i-i ns
so vague lhat Ihey were nonesistnnt,
A i|iii'iiii,n wiib uskni, still iu Ihe
redoubtable Idler, ol Ihe presiJont ns
lo how much of the money volo.1 lo
lie spent in geiieiul improv, in, nl hi d
lieen ennui! and kepi at home '■■ thi
|s.'ople, Ihe •luxpa'yers, the litiil,l,rs o
Ihe .li imi 'fhe i. fit lo Ihis wire
simple. Ur. I.oulcl showed by ligurcs
which (here wns no cdi i .-.,. I in.f.
lhal sixteen men residents ol l.jnn
Vulley h. 1,11ns ii paid in 0 inuiitlis as
wages lor work done lor Ihe come 1
a sum greater'thun Ihe uhnlo nmoiinl
received in lain during n nlu.le yon.
The wages paid amounted to tf/Xfl
and the luxes to I'l.TiiH. Hore I un
Valley property, said Iho cnuiicill.ir,
wns held in Vancouver thun in ell
parls ol Hrilish Polupbio. Tli,. wii.'.r
ol the lili.i .ini he knew and could
prove by actual work thul day Ini or
is always Ihe best and Ihe - >.- ■■ i■■ ' in
lb end. Ou Ihe other hand hisslrnug
supporter Coun. Allun ndvooiled Ilinl
Ihe work of Hid district be dono by
emit racl.
Interruptions, ol which lliero weic
many, wero lo Ihe effect lhat tin: .A
gineer was luring wlptowusho'!. The
councillor urged tbut this was imp is-
nib!.-, since no charge, except vague
ones, had beou made ageinst hlin,
The million actually bofore lit, inert
ing wus lo Ihe .fleet Hint iho lec.c
and Councillor Allan should I" supported in Ihe «li,ml ihey hud taken
uguinsl the engineer. An amendment
lo this wus proposed by Hr. Wag
horus lo Ilie effect Uiat ihu explanation given by Councillor (.unletIsS*
copied and that Iho lasl clause , I the
letter asking Ihe resignation U tin
engineer lie eliminnled. The mi., ml
incut was lost by II lo 6 ,it.d with-
out pulling il lo Ihe meeting Ihe
chuirman considered Ibat Hi.' niotiuii
was Iherofore carried.
'' 4 boy by the name of Charles Ypst
pbbul twp|ye pr ipiftm yenn oipft,
was arrpstor) by tho North Vancpuyor
pifljoo pp WorlpiMrrls^ night Pl> » *•!«•
phono message (rom the police qf Vancouver op a cherge pf p|logo4' theft.
Tb» boy is nl Iho present time pn
petolo Irom the juvenile ppurt of Vancouver. Ifp was taken back yostorpVy
mprning by Peteotivo Perry pi the
Ve^icpuver fprop.
Qld Pap, Pio|r Rissol, twflj)ld tipi-
hits, and n man til the.pame of her
guson, were arrested, on Wednesday
nighl and charged with being drunk.
Rail was luinislusl hy Ferguson. Nol
one of Ihe Hiito appeared pt Iho police court yesterday lur a Inn rim and
the bail was forfeited
the   lain   Inul   iMlmidelalii,'  i Heel   Oil
Hip   ll.'lllie   over   the   loi'ill   IMI    lines of
tho 11. C. |J. B. nri Sunday. It may
be noticed' in this cppnccthip thel
Iobj Sunday wps tbo lirst wot Sunday
since the Vih ol Hay which, though
fortunate for Hie company lion) a
commercial point of view, has pro
vidsd summons times tor the ollieinli
as the traffic throughout that time
has been ubnorinal. Hr. Ferry states
that I here has only been one woe'i
sin,-.' the year 1008 which bus nol
shown an increase over tho cor
responding week in ihe previous year
or in nuy previous year.
The Bank of British No
s i, a,-,;.
Capital PaW Up $4,866,666.    RWerve FunfJ $-2,652,333
,-W. 1.. II.)..'.'". !!».'J.     .11 i.   0    !.   I.i      .. s.'M     .,ii   .i-i  .i i n.i.,1..
2 Office* in North Vanwitw-H
yppfiR LONSDALE AVENUE (near Fourteenth (fori*)
. '
,i     ,   i.   .    .'..'
Saying Deposits pf $irop a#^ward$ fepejved.
Interpst a|lovyed"jt current rates.
Banker's Mpncy Orders issued..
Hoth nflicas transact a general banking business
and are npin tm Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
•    '
it   *M
Applications will lie received by Ihi
lind, i i, n. .1 up Iill ,'. o'clock p.m, on
Thursday, lilh August, lllll, lor the
posit inn ol Assessor ol the I'ili aud
,i i i.o i in Iho Hily Clerk's deport
men I, Salary tllsipcr month. To cop
linuo in "ih"' during pleasure of council. Applicants lo slate experience
inni ncpinintapcc with local Inul
City (Tork,
mmammnnm^nnwnmm. i   ii s
.'«.   ".  i,     "
is a most important ihing to rememlier when you arc b^ing
, a homesite. •,  ■
North Lonsdale
is now connected .to the Mosquito—unlimited pure
mountain water.
100x132 on Nye Street now being graded and
macadamized. $900. Easy terms.
213 Lonsdale Ave. Tel. 47 Cor. Nye St. Tel. 87
~' i
VV« solicit n trie! bit) nn vour Orders small or luri;s
i nrivat °ur Babies billy ™*
Why make two loads moving when One Van will lake it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., b the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
We have a  HALF ACR& of  level  land, adjoining City,
75 x 257 feet, on two streets near Capilano Car line whieh is
An Attractive Residential Site
This property has a magnificent view that could never be
obstructed (except by sky-scrapers), for $750, Cash $250
P.O. Box 1831
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Proctor, Ltd.
'■*! ■ i
50 ft. lots at terminus in D.L. 601 & 607
52 foot lots in Block 27, D. L 599
Phone 6286 -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
i 11
Phone 54
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves for 25c*
District Lot 552
The West End of the City
The Finest Residential Lots at moderate prices
on easy terms. All cleared. Twenty minute
car service. Water laid on. Electric Light, etc.
Within half a mile of the water front of D. L
265, the future industrial centre of the North
Shore. Buy before the inevitable advance in
values takes place.
Block 6, District Lot 607
Large Cleared LoU within one .block of the Terminm of
the Capilano Carline. These lots are on the bench overlooking the Pipe Line Road and the Capilano River.
Beautiful views.   Very accessible.   Terms one-fifth Cash.
District Lot 553
A Limited number of Corner Lots reserved from the
original sale are now on the market. Close to the Grand
Boulevard. Good car service. Electric Light. Water laid
on. The roads are being improved, and sidewalks constructed.
For Plant and Price LUU Apply to
Lonsdale Estate Office
525-6 Winch Building, Vancouver. B. C.
Phone, Seymour 2835
DMrlot in* JfWfo Viwwwr,
A B*.UW to *<pronr|sta land* to*
highways |n ths District of North
|l« it enacted by tbs Heev* nnd
Council or the Corporation »f, ths
District ot Norlb Vanoouvsr in Council Assembled as billows;
I. For tha purpose'ol ripening, improving nnd widening a street known
ns th* Lynn Vnllay HpsiJ in ths District ol North Vancouver. Ih* Coy-
Eoration liorotly under authority ol ths
■iniiojpal Clauses Act mul Ants
amnndltig the saii|(i enters upon, eif-
propriates snd takes sli snd singalsr
an urea   or arena,   tract or Irncts ol
land seven M in width along and adjoining each aids of ihe ptosant registered llnad from ths western boundary nl District Lot 3095, Qrnup One,
Vancniiver District (Mng the boundary iin* gt the City ol North Vincouvtr) to the Hastings Creek Bridge
situate between lots 1 and 10 in
lllock 3, in District lot 31141, so fsi
as the said registered Hnad it only
(Ul fuel in width, it being lha intau
lion nl- this By-Law that tin ssid
Itoad he and the sums is hereby declared In he widened tn a uniform
width nf Bl) (set. The lands affected
by this iix|irii|n'iiitiiiii are more parti-
oularly described SB follows l
District Lot
The said
areas or true.a
ol  land in
are shown c.
..I on
the plan
sketch filed in th*
Registry Office in the City of Vancouver ami numbered 3514A,
' 3. I''»r the purpose ol establishing,
opening, making and preserving Itoail
or Street to lorm an extension ol the
Deep Cove Itoad, the Corporation
hereby under authority ol the Munici-
pal Clauses Act und Acts amending
the same enters upon, expropriates
tnd lake* ail and singular that tract
or area ol land in the District ol
Norlh Vaueouver, sixty six luet in
width, lha centre line of which muy
be more particularly detcrilitd a* lol
lowt: vi/., Commencing at a point on
tht Mouth side ol the present tray-si-
led'road known as tli* Keith itoad,
distant 835 leet more or lee* east-
wards from Ihe north west comer ol
District l/it 471, tiiimp One, Vancou-
ver District and immediately opposite
Ihe centre lin* of Deep C>vs Boad at
ils junction with aaid Keith Boad,
Ihence south 31 degrees 13 mill, east t
diittnoe »f six hundred aud tigbUtn
*nd light tenths (618.8) fast, tbmo*
smith 16 degree* ill min. will, a die
l mm' of twelv* hundred and fifty seven end on* tenth (1357.1) lett mure or
less lo (lie point of intersection of tb*
ctntr* lin* of th* Jtoslyn Boad wilb
tht w«st boundary of aaid D. L. 47),
which said tract or ant of land hue
by expropriated contains two tnd
eighty lour one hundredth! (9.81)
terse mors or bus sll in said dial riot
471, and it thown colored red on the
pltn or *ketcb filed in th* land Bagis
try Office in the Cily ol Vancouver
tnd numbered 351111.
8. Por Ih* purpose of opening, im-
E'lg tad widening that part ol
■trost running westward* Irom
ale Avenue to lb west loun
dary of District UA %f%, all in the
District of North Vancouver, lo a
Width of 156 lee) 4be Corporation here
by under authority ol the 'Hunioip.il
(Ituaet Act tnd Ad* amending th■•
-same esUri upon, expropriates and
ttkt* til tnd singul.r lhat drip or
tract of land sixteen (16) feet in width
immediately adjoining  th* aouth side
tthe said drad end being the nor-
r|y sixteen tut ot Lot* One ill,
Two (% Thi* <»), Four (1), Fjv.
(6), His (4), Sevan (71 tnd Kigbt (8)
in Block A, tnd lot* Two (3), Three
(»), Pour (4), Five (6), Hix (t'„ Hev
to tl). Bight (8), Mae (»), Ten ito)
aad Mem (II) in Wook B, ,1! la the
raauMivinnn ot Block* Pour (4) U,
Wriest) (|3), in Welrid Lot 3036,
Group On*, Vtacouvsr Did/id, In <•»-
dsnorj*lerU>***id nxlasn fed no l*k-
*b t* aJoraeeid, tin CorpooUon hue-
by twtorint tit rmi end dork to'
OT   otharwjs* aa.ui. to ihe
owner* m
wWtV Imn
them and
own»w o| ths.' ntowwrotowd pro.
a strip ol Una Mi Imi in
mmomftH>|y adjoining iltostm-
nd ol ssltf lots at present
forming psrt nl a M loot, rond. allowance on ths sotiinew botinforynlssld
District tot W), except lhat in tht
case q| Lot p, Block H" a strip IB
fast in width adjoining ths southern
boundary of Lot I. shall la given in
exchange and under lbs sajd. author^
Hy lha Corporation horoliy stops up
the said IW lout road ip respect ol thu
said strip of 16 laat, so lo I n convey-
o*l.  For th* piiipnsrs aforesaid,    thu
said reave and oV* m»y nnsouta any
oonveyanoss that msy ts naoesssry
or- si™ any plan ol rssukdivision of
said Blocks A and It or any part or
parts thereof that may la agr.e.1 upon with the' 11*111* or owners of ths
properties affiotcd hy lha aaid ex-
change. The said a1 rip ox tract ol
land hereby expropriated |s shown
colored rati and the siid strip or
tract ol land lo be given in exchange
is shown colored blue nn tha plan or
skstoh filed in ths Land Hajistry Office in the City ol Vsncouver and numbered :ir.l if.
4. Por tha purpose ol opening, im
proving snd widening a strajt known
as Lonadala Avenue iu the District oi
North Vancouver the corporation under authority nf tits Municipal Claita
es Act and Aots sounding the same
enters upon, expropriates and lakes
all and singular an area or areas,
tract or tracts nf land seven feet in
width along and adjoining each side
of the present sixty-six loot road from
tha. southern boundary nl District Lol
3036, flroup One, Vuncouvtr District,
to the northern boundary of I looks
14 and 19 in said District Lot, it Is
ing tha Intention of this By-Law lhat
the said Boad be and the n une is
hereby declared to I u widened to a
width of 80 feet belwein tha points
iiliovivnieiilioiiiil, The lands alfected
.by this expropriation are mors par
Ocularly described as follows :
Hundred.  snd.Ons
(iiCjrW i itom
Hundred end Jw#y%»r.".'mi
\,t) bstj- mm 9, bo
, p diatstwol Two
(Magnetic) a distance
]• twspty-twp si '
feet i thsnee B,
tenths (394, ,
grees 4<l min,
of two humlri
two tenths (!).._..
degrees )B mm. W. (MognsHs), a ills
lanmi ol three hundred and ninoty-slx
and "in" le-nth* (.196,9) fe-it; Ihence .
fj, 58 degree* 46 min. W- (Magnetic) a '■'
dialnncii of three hundrail and forly-
six and one-tenth (1140.1) feet I Ibenoa
S. 46 degrees 39 min. watt (Magnetic)
a distance of two hundred and thirty-
two (3i|3) leet to a point on tha wsBt
boundary pI said InsMPt Lot Five
Huntlrpd tpA FiftyBsvsn (Mi7) ppA
distant Irom the south, wast Burner
post of said lot Seven Hundred snd
Sixty (760) (set mora or lest, whioh
said tract of land contains four and
four tenth* (4.4) acres more or less,
but save und except as aforesaid to
much ol tlm said tract of land at
forms part of the land expropriated
or described jn the first part ol thia
Tba said area nr tract ol land so
authorised lo ba assured or oouveyed
In the said J. Balfour Ker Es|uire, is
shown colored green up tbs arid piau
or sketch filed in th* land Begistry
Office in tb* city of Vancouver  and , -
numbered 8544P.
7. For the purpose of establishing
opening and making a road or alreet
the Corporation hereby enters upon,
expropriates and tnkia all and singular that certain parcel or tract of
land Thirty-three (38) leet in width,
situate lying and bdng in tho District
ol Norlh Vsncouver, province of British Columbia, and being part ol Dis
trict Lot 567, Group One, New Westminster (now Vancouver) District,
which said parcel of land is bounded
by a line commencing at ths south
east corner post ol said Diatriot Lot,
ihence running norlb 34 degrees 46
min. west (Magnetic) along  the east
Diatriot lot
Mocks     Hub.
Lois   '
4 to 13       R
1 nhd 3
31 and 33
1 and 3
35'and 36
1 and 3
• ti
1 and 3
35 and 36
1 and 3
* fi
35 and 36
1, », 3, 4. 6,
and 6
10, IDA, il,
13, 13A and 13
Suinl. A
1, 3, 3 and :
"      0
1, 3 and 3
(Hi ol WU
Ili ol WU
1, 3 and 3
The aaid areas or tract* ol land
hereby expatriated are shown colored
red in the pUn or akelch hied ut the
land Begidry Office in (he Oity ol
Vancouver, and numbered TIM II).
6. For (be purpose ol opening, im
proving and widening a slreei known
as King sired in the District nl
Norlh Vsncouver, Ihs Corporation
hereby under authority ol the Municipal Clauses Act and Acts amending
tbe same enters uiion, expropriates
tnd takes til tnd singular thai strip
or inni ol land tight (81 feel in
width and ninety-five C.'h) jail nmi.'
nr less in length and leing the northerly eight (B) feit of "ot 4, in
lubdn. B. nf block 33, in Diatriot Ut
3036, Group One, Vaneouvir Diatriot.
The said piec ol land hereby txpro-
priated is shown colored r.d in th*
plan or sketch filed in the land Beg-
ishy Office in tbe Cily of Vancouver
and numherrd 3544K.
6. For Ui* purpose of e Bering and
diverting Ibe travelled Bsjad known
at Ibe Keith Itoad in the District ol
North Vancouver, lha Corporation
hereby under authority of tbe Municipal Clauses Ad and Acts amending
the same enters upon expropriates
and lakes all and singular that certain parcel or tract ul laud ei ht,
(HO) leet in width, Ivin/ and leingin
the District ol North Vancouver, province ol British fnlum'ii, and l.-in .
part nl District Lot 557, Group 0ns,
New Westminster (now Vuuciniver)
District, the centra line ol which tract
of land may be more particularly do
scribed at follows
Commencing at a point . n the east
boundary ol District Lot 567 and distant from Ihe south cast cornor post
of said lot. seven hundred mui twen
ty six and on* tenth (736.1) f.*t.
Thence running south 81 dtgnx* 16
min. W- (Magnetic) a .Balance of Two
Thousand Four Hundred tad SeVtnty
Five tnd one Icnlh (34i6.ll bit,
thence south 33 dtgrrts 01 min. west
(Mtgnelicj t distance ol Two Hon
died tnd Eighty Three (38.1) leet to a
point in Ihe west boundary of Districl
Lot 657, and dielance Irom thctouth
weal corner pott ol said I ol, Htven
Hundred ana Five and nine tenths
(706.9) (eel, which laid Irad cooUias
Five ind Six Hundredths (646) earns
more or let* and it shown colored red
on a fien or *kitch fibd in the Land
Begistry Office in the City ol Vuncoi
ver *no 'numbered 35I1F.
And in axohtngt for ths said parcel
or tract ol land to expropriated authority it hereby given lo lb* Bteve
tnd Clerk to execute in h,vor ol .1.
Balfour K*r, Ecndre. Hie owner of tlie
pared or tract ol land expropriated
at tloreaaid, such assurance or atsur
meet ts mty bt nrnatiary to vest in
him Ihe area at protest occupied by
th* said Keith road to far as Ibe
same does not (oral part ol Iht Und
included in tht thove detoription of
tht land to bt expropriated for the
diversion ol said Boad, ana bring all
and singular that certain parnl or
tract ol land alxty-iix (66) leet in
width situate lying *nd I dag in tk*
District ol Norlh Vancouver, ('roviot*
ol British Columbia, and lein; put
ol Dial net lot Five Hundred and
Fifty aevwi (567) group one (I), N«w
Wedminster (now Vancouver) Diilriet
Ibe centre line of which may hi more
particularly detcrttwd as follows :
Conmendog tt a point on th* rust
boundary of laid ,'hstrid I-ot five
Hundred and Pilty Stv*o (667) sad
disltnl from Ihe toutb tttt corner
poet ii stid lot Seven Hundred tnd
Forty (740) fad; theoc* H. 89 degree*
88 min. watt (Magnetic), a distant* of
On* Huadnsd end S*ve4y-S*v*s (If 7),
(5t0.7)M; timm 8. 81 degree. 58
min. W CM*gnd><) » distant* ol ty*
boundary nf said District Lot to s
junction with Ihe pmcl ol land first
described in Clause 6 ol Ibis By-Law.
a distiiiire nf Six Hundred ana
Highly Mix and one-tenth (686.1) fed
more or less, thence south 81 degree*
16 min. west (Magnetic), a distance of
Unity lour and eoven tenths (34.7)
feet thence south 34 degrees 46 min.
east (Magnetic) a didanca ol Seven
Hundred (70(1) leet mora or lea* to
high wtler mark ; thence ab.n; Hub
water mark to the point of commencement, which aaid tract ol land contains lillyfour on* hundredths (.54)
ol an inn' more or lees and ii shown
colored blue on the plan liked tt tht
Und Begistry Office in Iht City of
Vincouver and iniinlrinl '.Villi.
8. For Ihe purpose ol establishing,
opening, altering tnd diverting Bind
or street known es the Dudley Bond,
tnd connecling Bonds til in Ibt Ditlrict ol North Vtncouver, theCorpor-
ttion hereby under minority ol Ihe
Municipal Clauses Act aud Act*
amending Ilu same enters upon,, expropriates and Itkea
KlIIST-AII and singular an urea or
Iracl ol land in the Districl ol North
Vancouver, province of British Columbia, and being Ihe wnlerly thirty-,
three (33) leet ol blocks 16, 16, 17, 18
and 19 in Ihe suhdiviaion ol District
Lot 59H, group one, Vancouver Ditlrict, which said area or Iracl of land
is shown coloml red on Ibt plan or
sketch Ml."I tt Ihs I mul Begistry Office in tbt Cily of Vancouver tnd irnm-
laired 36440.
KKC0ND-A1I Ihtt tret or pircel of
land sixty six lacl in width situate
lying and being in tbe Diatriot of
North .Vincouver, province of British
Coliiiul.il., and being Ihe easterly Ihi,
ty-lhree (33) led oi blocks 34, 36 tad
36 and ihe westerly thirty-three (38|
(eel ol blocks 67, 68 and 69, til in the
subdivision of Districl I oi 598. group
one, Vancouver Dislriot, which said
tret or pircel ol lind is shown colored red in Ihe plan or tketch filtd it
the Und Begislrv Office in Ihe City
ol Vtncouver mul numbered 351in.
This Hy I nv. may be died lor til
purposes aa Iht "lligiway's I'.xpiO
prietjon By-law, 1911."
I'assed by Ihe Coundl on Hie 13th
day ol duly, 1911.
Bcconiiderad tnd finally tdoptad
and signed by the Batvt and Clerk
and sealed wilh Ihe Corporal* Seal
on Ibe 37th day ol duly, 1911.
(Sgd.)  JOHN y. McNAl'OHT,
(Sgd.)  .I0HN Q. P.
TABF. NOTICpTtUt we .intend to
a wily lo Ihe Board ol Licendng Commissioners oi tha City of Norlh Vm-
roiiver, Hiiti.h Columbia, lor a Mail
li'iuor or bottle lioerwe lor tin press-
list known a* lol* ll tnd 13, Block
156, District |M 374, North Vancou
ver, tt the sitting* ol audi commie
doners to be held on the I3lh dtyo!
September, A.D. 1911.
DAI I'D Ibis 3rd dty of August A.
IL. I»lf.
THOMAS * couvim,
11-9 IV K. .1. Grout, Agent.
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furnishings here and you are as welcome to visit us as we can possibly
make you,
We have a large line of ROCKERS and
chairs of all kinds:
Pillows and Blankets
Veranda Chair*
Hammock Chairs
Camp Chairs
Canvas Cots
Woven Wire Cots and Camper's Outfits
'"■I '    "
Mail Orders receive prompt attention
mnnnnmnm   ii, )     nn    i   ii      I ' 'll 'ilium!
wnmtnnn, .111 1   mi    1      nm^^mni 11
' 1      ll
THE HOME FURNISHERS, 128 Lomdale Ave. m,
0„ tin m %,;WH, tm kip,
BWmrd Tilrwu'wd flmeet Turn*,
WW charged Mora Messrs, foreman
and Keens, J, >», wiib holding up
soma J»p* in West Pttpllwn »t tb*
folnt, nf «. kiw, The two Isds warn wv
Watingly identified by the Japs,
nnd Ernest vm dieolnrged, wbilo
Blobord Turner was bound over lu bs
Ol good behavlnur, Hecmtly two oilier
Ind* have confessed tn having perpet-
r»t«d tin "hold-up" whioh was carried nut a* t joke. These lads attend-
wl before tha .luslices on the llth
Inst »nd nude a clean breast nl the
matter. It appears that mis ol Ihem
b»s been In sea and Ihe oilier in view
ol tli* laat that the Turner lads bad
not been dealt with harshly, would
nnt inform against his onnipniiion until ths latler's return. In view ol ths
lacl* now helnre Ihe .lustjces Ihey released Itii'lmi.l Turner Irom IiIb recognisance and administered a warning tn
the nilier lads. The .laps, althnugh
notili.il did not show up to take action against Ihe perpetrators of the
nul rage. They were probably soared by
the fact thai Ihey had so unhesitatingly identified tho wrong parlies on
Ibe previous nccasion.
Ths SS. lialsipii arrived at the
HI. Uenrge'H wharl on Wednesday from
Te*ad* Island, (Hlie brought down a
'uH cargo of lime consignrd to tho
North Vancouver Coal 4- Supply (•„,
n. v. uw mm om
The first nnnunl tournament will
commence on Bnturdey ne*t. The
lollowing are tlio draw* for the flr»t
round «nd • players are r«fl»eiit»4 to
play off ns'Bpon pt possible- Pull
particulars nl tlso bnndjoaps 'mt to
nliiiiinwl nn the i'lub grounds,
tMen'i Binglee Handicap
Mol'hsrsnn v. Criokmny,
I^ontjjFt' v. Evans.
B. ,S, llnylis v dardinuil.
Hunt v. Il.mvon.
Miiltby jr. v. Q. Armytnge,
Hull v. Bridgnmn.
It. p, MoNaughlon v. S, Humphrey*
HiihIiiiii v, Hnswoll.
N. Humphreys v. Slotwia,
K. N. Mnllliy v. 9- Wood*,     .
1'. Hu,lis y. Veiiii'i.
H. Wood y, Bodger*.
Open Singles
llmlgers v. II. V. lleNaughlrii.
I'ui.liinill v. fl. Armytage.
Mnllliy v. I', llnylis.
N. Humphreys v, E. S. Boylis.
Ml rllel'DDII   V,   HllHWcll.
Heaven y. Crickmay,
Men'B Handicap lluuhles
Mult liy k  Mnllliy v. Woods,«( Stc
Mcl'herson & 8, Humphreys v. Don
ulllflnll k  Uridgnnill.
N. Iliimphreys k Armytage v. ili.d-
gere k llaslem.
Bull k Virner v. Mny|is k 11 i.vlis.
Crickmnn k H. V.. McNiiughtnn v.
Ilnsv.i'ii it Hunt.
Cucdiiinll   &   II.   P.   Mi'Niill'.'liliiil    V.
winners uf nbnvo.
When the bapA had completed haft
Hi program in tho I.awou Vtt\ lw»
night there WW » O^seent from tlie
forth Vnn»ouvw Bfttfll »nd p depute-
tion arrived bearing gilt* front M*.
Unm who is the honorable president
n| the nrgnniMtion, TI«J |W» w*»
a mini of |»i nnd a bo* nl Pi|[ars,
These were highly appreciated. m\ »n
Bsohango of compliment* ensued, Mr,
Chance, nn bohail nl 111* band,  made
a felicitous little speech and presented
Mr.  I.ui'snii with photographs op nni
mount ol the Band, the b»nd director
(himself) and Mr. I.ersnn, end »h:s
were nooepted with anotltpr epeeeh,
The phntos frpm Mm bend itt Intended) is a souvenir end are suitably in-
The three men, nid Dan, Bisect unl
a stranger nl the name nf Ferguson,
were arrested on Wednesday en»ninj
and charged with being drunk and dia-
ordorly on tho ferry. Ferguson put up
tin bail whioh he forfeited by his failure to appear in the police eniirt on
Thursday morning, Pan duly appeared and, was lined $| and cost*.
Missel, allowed his liberty nu his
nwn recognisances In appear next day,
failed tn appear either yesterday or
this morning. In tho ordinary course
nf pruccedinv a bench warrant would
be issued (or his apprehension, be
would Iw arrested and haled intn
cnurt tn lake hie medicine Bo far
nn steps have lieen taken in this di-
North Vancouver Horticultural
Society and Farmers' Institute
September 8 and 9, 1911
(Continued Itom peg* 1)
VM I   I
■"'   v
377 Classes in Prize List, including following divisions:
Fruit Garden Produce Potted Plants
Indian Exhibits       Dairy and Poultry * Stock
Domestic Science        Produce Horses
Poultry Ladies'Work Photography
 Children's Work
7^— •-'   - • . _ ...
Entries open to all. upon payment of small fee
Prize Urti may be had from C. F, Foreman, near Ferry
Undine; The Leward-Sale Co,, Lonidale and Fint- or
bmm\t mi Fifteenth,
the eity »n4 the snmmndlNi pmH-
pnlltM A ditto was to be nrrnmei
jpr whereon nil th* delegntee wight
meet and confer. Lnter they' will meet
Mf, f, l, cRr|er-Pntton with » view
"tp making an appointment, to ml
the Preml»F.    ,
The West Shore and Northern Uml
Company will meet the m»mb*r» nl
the district council nn August IBth
ut 9 a.m. on the Bvem, Coleman
wharl as they hnve nooepted the
council's invitation to make th* trip
to White Cliff, •
A letter WM received and read Irom
Mr. jf..jp, p»rt»r-C»tton with regard
io tin Moodyvllle ro»d. Th» m*»ber
said that he had beeh in continuous
('oiiiiiiiiiiicutinn with th* government
with regard to tbli mtbr. Th« ttit><
st met ion work optlw ^osdhad been
stopped at the request ol the Premier
and now lhat be had relurnml it Wa*
imped that it would be immediately
Many other letters relerns) tn the
metier of roads, trails and water and
were relulm! to the various committees. There we* nn offer to dear the
park site #(• I'Onsdale and Essex (or
J4IH) per acre which wa», rented-
Kninuel Alliert ol Centre and l.ynn
Valley Boad pnt in a claim lor VU*)
damngeB done tn his |iroperly by lbs
district's nperntions. Tho reeve nnd
Cni|n. Allan were appuintcd a committee In report on Ihe matter.
Mr. Hen. Wngg wrote to eay that
with regard to the widening ol Lonsdale Ave. Ihrnugh I). I- Mil he Was
willing to give 17 feet conditionally
Irnm his property. The conditions included a provision lhat the road
should lie IHU feet wide, that the Condemnation should lie done nut ol Ihe
general funds and that Ibe council
should remove Mr- Wagg's fence back
17 feet and leave it in es good
condition aa that iu which it was
The oiler wils accepted and the clerk
was-instructed to meet with Mr, Wagg
and adjust any slight differences which
might need attention.
A paction wai read which prayed
thai the Dovercourt road be graded
and a strip 1)4 feet wide in the middle bo macadamised. This was eignsd
by ths property owners along the
road and Ihey asked that tho work
be done under tbe local improve
ment plan. II was moved that the
clerk look intn Ihe matter nnd ascertain i' Ihe iieei'ssary number had signed the petition.
Many claims were mado fnr damages done to property by blasting
operations. These were looked inlo
by Ihe engineer whu made a report
on Ihem. Mrs. Harllett said that her
house on the Homo Hnad had lie.-n
pracljniiily ruined by I'nntroctnr
Vnregnn. The engineer was instructed
In Innk intn Ihis and il was suggeil
od that tbo council purchuse a differ
enl grade nl powder, snmelhing with
about 2\ per cent. Ilu present power
was suggested by Coun. Allan.
Harry lee claimed K'J.llfi as Ihe ex
lent ol the damages done In his
shack. The engineer rccnminciidcd the
payment ol t!2. N. Y. Crosse claimed
t'l.'i ■ H was I'.'eiiinni.'ii.l.'.i that he lie
offered 71 cents.Mr*. Htcveiison claimed t2t and the engineer ricomiiu'iidci
tlial she be paid 17. Coun. I.awsnn
was appointed In Innk into Ihe latter
claim and reporl.
With regaid tn Mr. Drier's applica-
lion lur'a water record advertised in
the Kspress, nnd Mr. liladwin's appli
calion fnr a lease nl l.ynn ('reek the
clerk wa* instructed In Ink* quick actum lo '"ni" 1  these application*.
Th* payment ol ll.oOII w.,s author!*
ul on account ol Ihe new municipal
hell ami il wus a.rrtinged In take up
Ilia mailer ti the Hastings creek
bridge with the It.C.K.II. Co, Tbii
the iloai'd ol Works will look afler
Two roads Were aulhoriwd, on*
Ihrongl, II. I.. '/HI Irom lb* K.,41, Kd.
to the lionse ol lolo, Taylor ..ml Uu
oiliei Ihrnugh I). I.. 7(7, Ih* contract
lor Ilu coiulruction ol wbicb it to
be offered to Mr. Miller.
On the million jiI Coun. I unlet il
wt* recommmdtd thtt th* sum ot
DID In paid annually to the bn*pitil
It was lb* general opinion oi lb*
council that the money would be well
spent tnd there was no opposition to
th* proposition. Th* reeve *t*t*d that
a tentative movement was cm loot to
put Ih* hospital on t satisfactory financial looting. Th* ide* wt* ibat 1
lumber ot Ihe cily council, t member
of Uu district oouucil and t member
ill the Hutrd of Trad* should meet
tnd consult wilh the ho»piUI authorities. Tht rswilt might Iw that the
institution would bp planed under tn
advisory board ti I brae trustee* tnd
end tn teeountant or taereUry.
The reeve tnd Coun. Ijmtet were
tppolotn) a* dettgtUt tn mast wilh
ntWe and lo rsport Innk to tin
The following aoaonnt* were ordbred
paid: Iron wprk, fSHA ,, B^/.g.
«..», IW V.|)»y lomMt Co.,
WnM, IM turn MM.
IW* wududad th* busin*** >i tin
meting trhnb tint tdhmrnaA.
'mmmmmw'    -amnwrnr   mmmnmwwnVwnWnm   wmmnwmnwm   ^»»w^s(e^
Is what we with to call your atten^
don to, our line is complete through*
.tf .
We have \w%\ opened up a line of
Locks direct from New York. Thete
Locks are in dull brans finish of the
latest design.
Hingei, Window Catcbei, Ciiement
Adjusters, and all fittings to match.
Come in; we will be pleased to
show them to you,
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
Fint St. and Lonidale Ave., North Vancouver
Html-, FldlH ARilOAII
Mi. T. C Hull, Ihe well known
North Vancouver real estate brnker,
returned from hie trip tbrnad and in
cidentally the t'nrnnelinn nn Sundty
He it thoroughly satisfied wilh his
holiday and epeaks wilh rntliiisiusm ol
til thtt ha eaw while in Europe and
Ths coronation has leen written
about without and ao Ibat it is juiit
ts well lo close |hat incident wilh Mr.
Unit's iviiiaik about it that it was a
magnificent end unsipinlled avont from
every point nf view.
Chiefly interested iu the crops, -ihi.-h
a* lie says spell proiptrity or ndvei-
sity for Ihe coming year, Nr. Holt
made enquiries about them lir.m.lcj.i
throughout Europe and ho Hnjs 'hut
in almost every part a „nnd harvest
i* especial. In Itetgium ami llollin 1
lhe>' have huIT.i.-.! Io some client
Irom rain and wind, while in th*
south .eastern portion ol Hungary
theie ha* been snm* .Inum e done I y
the heal but lor tn* r»»t in liermany,
Austria and th* greater pari ol Hungary good crop* art .-pokeii nl all
round. In the Eti|<rn liules nl tbe
V. B. Ibe crnpt tre alio fint cliii,
nor is tbtr* tny complsin'.
Mr. Holt left North Vunoouvcr on
dune lei and ssilut on the Virgin'mi
Irom Montreal. Ili* return trip was
made nn Iho Eniserin Augusts Victoria The ..111 uunl vnyage wat miiii
terestiug und not vrry pl.aH.nt.
Moreover the vcmcI was twenty I. in
Iioiiih late while nn Ih* clurn the I.i/
Kaiserin fell in wit)) a west Indian
typhoon (500 miles Irom Hew Vork
which though it only Issted a lew
hours kept the vessel'a decks nwanh.
The great**t surprise to Mr. Holt
was Ihe knowledge which wa* everywhere displayed concerning Vaneouver.
Even tho Hollanders know al) al oil
it, but it we* in Ihis very country
Ibst though many knew ol Vancouver
and Hrilish Columbia, there were also
many who asked where wst Canada.
A disappointment was experienced
among the Dutch. Mr. Holt state*
lhat whilo at achool in th* 1'. S.*V.
lie had always lieen taught tnd MA
found th* lact corroborated Ip ths
geographic* that Holland was on* nl
tb* remarkably clean countries ol th*
world. Thit idea must be exploded et
one. Mr. Holt end bit dlends found
any ipunlity of evidence of dirt end
».|iiallnr in til Iht towns which they
visited tnd they no longer put Iheir
faith in travellers" tales nr I'. 8, gto-
Al ths SI. I.nmn Hotel, v.I, re Mr.
Il.'li sltytd while in London there
wen- many Uajahs and Hindus ol
unions innk*, likewise their women
folks Snm* n< lb* Islt-r were loaded down wilh jewellery, there I sing ts
much ss ten thousand dollars on npe
llhaiie... Htnerally Ibe Hindu* wore
Kuropetn clolhes even to bete. The
returned voyager is more than pisirtd
tu lie back nn lbs const.
Mr. A. .lackson bt* d.rstkan Vincouver ti 1 place ol reeiilenc* Inr
North Voncouver tnd bit cone tu live
in his new bouse on Weetern Axe,
on Y9yn
I 'ui1,1111.11,"?.!,      —[ Mum 1'iI'i
Yn uve BH*y by tniisf il (kit store
llaby'i Own Soap    2ta Iwx x
(-•ttoria  «c
Allanbury's food  tie   '
Nestle*- Vond toe
Syrup ot llypupiiosphtlss   Me
Health Halle lb  2 forMc
Kno.' Stll »e
Symd Suep  Me
Warm Weather Mid Bathing SuppliJS
■      1    !■           nn^nnltinw
Sponges    I60 to W swh
Water Wings Mc pair
Sosps Irom  Hie to *i* tpt.e
Chamois from   10a to ft *W)
Wish Cloth*  19* **rl.
Abenrbsnt (lottoa (hi* wetk ..MM |b.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Pun.B. i
* i*w mn *** * mim om,
flood* <Mivend to tny ptrt ol tily.
Pjion* )ll Home ('l)Ofle tit


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