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North Vancouver, B.O., Tuesday, April 11, 1911
Number 10
Mr. a, Montgomery, seorotary ol
the Board of Works, Vancouver, in a
loiter to the Board suggested Tuesday ulternoon at 4 o'clock jn Vuncbit-.
ver eity hall ua tlto time and plucu for
u joint mooting with the North Vancouver city council to diicttai iho pro-
|»isod subway ul Columbiu Ave. and
Iho North Voncuuvor forry. Tlio suggestion wus adopted by the Board.
From tlio aocrolury of the School
Hoard, requesting Ihul road ho opined
up ami wood sidewalks laid ulong
Hidgowoy und Moody Avenues lor lho
convenience ol thc school in block
Um. I). I.. 561). [referred to liourd of
A petition wm received from lliirly-
live city workmen usking for nn in-
crease in wages. .Signal by tho
spokesmen, C. .1. Mdli imlil, Samuel
durvia, 'In ii.i. I Crunin.     Referred, to
A communication from llie secretary
of the lerry Cnmpnny noting under
instruction! from the directors inking
the oity to consider Iho subscribing of
I'lillineiii more alnck in the compuny
to raise JISU.mm for the building ol
uiiother ferry nnd const ruction ol
wharl Incilities.
Aid. Mcllne lliougitt tho I'erry t'ompuny ahould llout bonds ol llirjir own,
giiuiunleod by tho city.
Tha city clerk however, was instructor! to write Iho lerry compuny
asking for u delinile proposul uml
ilntcmunt   when   the  oiler would   he
Krnni Win. McNeil, vico-prcaidenl ol
tfei V. W. k V. ruilwuy, stating thai
ho bud no authority lo negotiate with
tha Burrard Inlet Tunnel k Bridge Co.
but would meet the compuny provid-
ing I hoy were ik'iiroua of awing Iii...
ul lho officii of the Western Power
Co. Ltd., Carter-Cotton Building on
Friday ulternoon nt 11 o'clock.
Tin- United Wirdcaa Telegraph Co.
wrote enclosing choqiro lor Ilic rental of their station in Victoria   I'mk.
■ iii.l aiked that Iliuii priqivrty lie Lit
iiiuliiit ui bi-il until .... in. thing delinile
wui henrd Irom Iho government. Thoy
hud not iinen up the ilatiuu, but hud
only removed the tqipnrntua io Ihat
il would not be inoddlud with, Helen.il to tolicilnr.
From Mr. S. Humphreys. In order
Ihat Iho cily might lie Iniih up on a
Imam ml huiis ami invest to good ml
vantage aomc of Ihe iiirplui monies
.landing to (he credit ol city's linking fund, ho recoiiiniunili.il t ii.it ll be
loaned in aumi ul from 81,INN ta 82,-
iHM) nn in.1 in..iiu.ii..-. lo Intending
houie builders at u rate ol 7J ptr
cent, im i-iini ni ■ lo lie mudo nn the
50 |ier cunt, of value baiis. Ihis was
i. fen nl to Ihe linunce commit lee.
Tho recomuieiidiilion ol the city in-
iiiinvi thut u inolur In) purdns'.-d foi
the rock crutber was spprov.id.
From Cily Engineer sluling thai the
 iii - in I ynn Vulley were iu   need
oi rupnir and uikoil thut the diilricl
be inslinil.il to put ull meters iu lust
■ la., condition. Referred to tbo wa-
tcrworka comniillcv.
From the city engineer giving oli-
matet ol tlio coal of grading uud inn
rudainuing the roud Irom lho Lynn
Vulloy road nt thu city bountliiry lou
point about Lonsdule and loth it reels
und lor grading and inacudmiii/iiu
from cily boundury lo lit and SI.
David's Avenue. The former would
coil  nl...ni $36,10) and (be loiter a-
llOIlt ttl),'KSI. Helen nl to the oiigiu-
eer lor oslimalo ol grading without
The B. C Flcotric By. Co. submit-
tui a tracing ol their propoicd turnout on Fell Avonuc inking for adjust
ment <o Ihul the new Wniinute icr-
vice could be lectins). Referred lo on
gineer   withj power lo report.
From Schult* anil Arnold, /I aiming
iluDiagca lor injuries lo a bone belonging to Mr. Wulkcr ol ihe I'ionecr
Bakery on Muhon Avenue about Hii It
•lrt*t cauied by - tbe breaking of
some board, of a bridgo across u
ditch. Referred lo B. of Worki ond
cily engineer to investigate.
A petition containing IU .igiialnrcH
was roceivod Irom Ibe property owners
on J -It li slroet ..king that a sower he
intlalled on Ibal thoroughfare, liefer-
red to city engineer to prepurc nnrli-
culsrs. *
I'ndcr enquiries the While Cjty whi.b
seemed to be a dead eard a. far oi
Norlh Vancouvor wai Oonoorned crop-
pod up once more. Hemphill Uroe.
huve undoubtedly a marked proicroncc
lor our ejly, recognising il. greul natural advantage*, and ils ntlradioni
lo pkviiure loshtri. Wr. Milli-
osn, msnager of Hemphill
Hrot, aiked the indulgence of lho
ii.uoril to lie allowed lo nddrcsi llnil
body wilb rtgsrd lo another prolimi-
lion  lor (ho tstablitbment  ol    ihe
While City. Ro hud found that by
shortening lho slide of tlio shout lho
chutes, und cutting down aomo of lho
other umuBomont devicoa lie would be
able to inslnl the park providing |,o
wno ollowed lo hnvo 60 fcof of Ihe l's-
plunudu,   the  olhor  twenty  fret   ho
Would    fence   oil   Imlil    sidoB   IlltU   IctlWI
for u thorpughuiro. No gulea w.nld
bo Usui on either end ol this enclosure. Mr. Millicun iuid thnt rumors
had come lo hia ears thai tic. Keith's
motive in cloaing Iho Ftpl.intnic vna'
lo hnvo it closed lor nil limo, und
in.mi,.I that if this lust propnsil of
Hemphill Brothers wus grunted ii. t',
Keith would sign the moat binding
nrlicles  lo reopen   thu Fsplunu.lo   In
a full width ut the expiration of llie
fivo yours' lunsu, nil hough no iuch motive be'knew positively »cconluuled
Mr. b.iili'.. wishing to louse the
grounds. Mr. Millicun I lien presented
u letter which lie hud received from
Mr. Keith nsking Millicun why he hud
not uskod the city council lur Mrmie-
lion lo close u portion uf lho Fsplmr
Alll. Henderson thought Ihut the
plebiscite uf tho pouplo hud already
|.'ill,.I the elusiig uf nil or u portion
of tho I- el.,,,.,de nnd Ihul Ihe wisii
wua lo leave the Fsplunudo iuluct us
n  street.
Aid. pick—"But this is nn entirely
iiffcrent proposition und ua such, is
worthy ul consideration " The alder-
mun ulso culled attention to the
muniicr iu which the biilluls   fur   the
ibiicilo were prepared. No term of
yours for the closing of tbo Esplanade
were mentioned -l hereon.
Mr. Shepherd "The bullot was pro-
pared under tho direction of Ihe cily
Aid. Kittson's opinion was thnt il
was u mistake In throw down this
new proposition'ns il seemed entirely
ililieieiii from the former one, und thul
tho vole ol Iho |ieoplc ugninsi the
doling ol the Fspluiiude us ., street
did not oppose the closing of n pur
lion Ie.. in: i remainder n through
Aid. Hiss-"II the street cotll.1 In
kept opon in this ni.uinn I see no leu
sun why we shiiuld not huve Ihe While
City yet, lor I consider il would ba I
aplundid udverliseinenl lor Norlh Van
Aid. Dies Iheu mude the motion
lint the question be opened for dia-
cusiion, seconded by Aid. Kittson und
carried wilh  Aid. Smith dissenting.
Aid. Dick then moved Thut the City
Council in Iraiing the portion of the
Kspluundc as indicated ihould deal
not with .1. .('. h ii ill but with Hemp
hill Brothers direct,
Aid. Henderson thought thai if Ihis
motion wm carried the council would
lie placing (hsmselvcs iu u peculiar
position as Ihe people had ulrondv
voted on the question ns to whether
the b-plumule shall lie slopped und
thnt this motion was in direct opposition lo lho i. -nil of Satunlay's pleb-
Aid. Ileiiileisoii ;ils., pointed out
Ihut il Would be inconsistent for tbe
city lo grant a lease for any portion
of the Fsplunudo in view ol the lucl
Ihul Ihcy were negotiating lor a Dominion siilwidy for n ruilwuy whidi
would require thut tlreut lor iiLhi of
wuy purposes und further slated thai
should lease Is- gruuliil und Iho rail
wuy build lho dty would then bv liable for its portion of Ihe coinpcn.ii
lion whidi uiight lie payable to Hemp-
hill Brothers.
Muyor McNoiih coniideriil thul Aid.
Henderson wua right mid the plebiscite ahould Is- nullum,,I
Aid. Hotuirrimi then moved uu
iimiiiiliiieiii lo Aid. Dick's motion,
Thul the present pccyiosiliun lie not
i-iilcitninod as il will very closely nl
bul with tho provine* one on whiih i,
plsbiacifo  hud   bocu^takrii   Irnm   tha
people   who   distinctly   loli'nl   their    II
pinion with ruganl lo il.
The vote lukeu on Ihis million was
even, Aid. Hondbriun, 81111(11 und Mo
Rao for, Aid. I) ok, Kittson onddji
II,oiiII"I .
The Muyur-" n lllo luce of Iho vole
oa.l on Suturduy und from wbul I believe is my duly aa lho Muyor I will
cual my vote in the affirmative on thia
Mr. II ('. Wrigh'l requested the privilege ol nddressilig lho council, Ile
uskod the Mayor whul hud been dune
wilh regard (o lho .inking ufthe pun-
loom of Hie ferry approach lo whioh
bo Wai promiiod un answer at Ibis
The Mayor inlormod thul (ho ferry
director, when upproadiod on the subject by hiinidf in the recent ferry
mooting bad not considered Ihe lime
opportune for investigating tbii matter, and rcpieil/d tbat complaints
be taken lo headquarlon inilosd ol
currying (hem to tat eity council.
Returns from Ottawa
Mr. E, W. MacLean is Sure of Federal
Subsidy—Hlxpects Building to Begin
Within Six.Weeks.
Mr. )i. W. MacLean of .Vniicoiivor,
lino nf lho directors of llul'l'iird Inlet
Tunnel nnd Bridge t'ouipuny, wl|o ill-
lendeil wilh tho ilehigutiiiu which recently wuni to Ottawa, returned hoinii
yesterday. When interviewed by u ro-'
prcsentulivc ul the Express Mr. Mm:
Lean wus somiiwhnl reticent us lo im-
purling itifuriniilion. Ho slulcd thnt
hn was well pleased with Ihe rooop-
tion uceorded the delegation by tho
goveriiineiil. uml hull no duubt per-
sotiiilly Ihul Ihe Moral subsidy would
Im uccnnlerl llurrutil Inlel Tunnel uml
I'ii.Ii ,   Company.    No delinile infsur-
lilice..   hud   ben   IT ell   tl)   tlllS   , Ile. I   but
ill his opinion the cnlii'c niluiitimi was
ii, li as lo leave, no duubt of the favorable conclusion of negotiations.
Mount line he fully expected til sec op-
uraliuiis begun ou the substructures of
tlie bridge ulthin six wcoki' time.
This would lie the case irre.pcclivu of
the Iluminiiiii subsidy iu.isuiudi ui thc
builfljng uf the bridge would be pro
ce.ile.l with whether the subsidy wus
voti.il this session ur not. Reeve Mr
Nnuglil was expected to be ul Ottawa
in the null' future, but Mr. Macl.oiili
Wns Hot prepared to alute ihut the
trip uf the reeve lo the old country
hud any connection with bridge met
Pliius lor Approval: Subdivision
■Jill Hi wus approved, plan ul Illock 44
I). L. 3371. This pi.ui wus approved
after ueocpling ulterulions suggested
by the engineer.
Aid. Heiiili i ..ui mude the uiollun
Ihul the cily luku the necessary slops
lo open thc Esplanade ut the enrliosl
convenience jtfviow of the recent controversy  oil   the  Millie!
This matter was, however, laid iiyet
until u apeciul meeting of the council
In be held on Thursday nighl when
oilier matters of'public interest will
ulso be discussed.
N. V. VACUT Cl.lll
Find Cruise of ihe Stuion on Fridaj
The initial cruise ol North Vancouver Yachl Club 'or Ihe season 11)11 I
will lie held on Friday oi this week.
The launches will leave lbs Club bouse
nl the foot of Si. i,,.u,e'-. Avenue
nl 1.31) p.m. uud will proceed up tbc
North Arm ai lur .. Cove Clilf where
u short sojourn will be made for lighl
refreihinculs. ll ii e.vpectid to rv cli
the eily on the return ut about ii.'Wl
o'clock. Mrinbeia of thc Vucht Club
not haviug yachts of their own will I e
acoommodatod on the various null
joining in the cruise. Thcic will I
ninple room for upwnrdi of one linn
drill and twenty inenilnrt.
A generul meeting will be hell in
the I fori ii-iii t in nl Hull un Wednesday,
April Jiiii. ul 8 p.m. to diacu.t .pre
pul'llljolis tor the Horse Show. Mem
bci. ultcnding ure re.pn-stcd to bring
their friondt.
Mrs. W. S. Creiuurr lofl mi Fridnj
lust on u i1uh\l/.i il. ' iiip to llie
eaatortl Slates. A Mil. I'rcainir bos
relative. botl/ i\ New York nud
Bolton und id. i two cities will be
the principal objective point, of hot
Most of the great historic events ol
Ihe Cm iin nurlhwest wero in,.rl.nl by
the arrival ol mine vestcl n» Puml
Sound, livnl on un im|Mirliint million
These oveols, dating hour Vancouver's
discovery of Pugul Sound in I7UI »i-J
lie commcmorutcrl this ymr iu pat,-
euntry and fmlivilie. nl lbs "lolilcii
Polluldi" fi-.inul. lo be held i.i Sod
Ile llie week commencing duly I'lh.
On duly 17, l-'ii, Ibe .learner Hurt
bind tailed into J'uget Sound wilh the
lirst curgoofgold Irom Alaska', now
I..uml lields. uud lb. dile for ihe
"(iolden Pollulch" was clinicn to per-
peluulu the mo )  ul that evonl   iu
history. From il dale, the srcit«t
cru of Souldo't prosperity. The Hidd'
on Pollulch will lie a big oorniVul ul
merry milking, with ill leiimii failures of be toii...I interest .1.-. I iu
elaborate pngeanlry.
On Saturday afternoon but Ifimp-
hill Brothers uml their project fur the
construction of mi .mn. m park on
the Lonsdule liui'dri)*, ubiifa Inn uf
forded loiniiiiiiil'for the public and the
piiisi  nl  North   Vnucouvcr  lor   lbt
past Hires wiiis wm coulplctcl)
■wnmpod iu the plebiscite which wai
taken on the bylaw Io dole tlio Is
pliiii.idc Though it may lie regret-
table thul the While dty will mil add
itself to the already i.o e numbei
uf Milium t ull i net ions ul our cily,   il
W||S   lllll   iU   Ull)   llie.i   un   duo  to   tin
thul the project fell through, bul tin
dosing ul the Fiplunude, one of out
muit beautiful iIiomuibLrOM iisu
liul os n in.i lo iho various munu
fuel ui me, inlerests along the water-
Iroiil was llie point coasidind by tbi
dtitisia when voting un the bylaw.
Ileiupliill lliolheia will cu lufii.e the
iiiiiniiipiility of I'oinl Ore* wilh n
itew ol ■.... ii ui mn their purk there
I     '
On Thutsiliiy evening Rev Ronald
Mel. ...I will tie nl um -a and inducted
lo the inilii.il> in Si Aiubew'i church
here b> the presb\i#ry of Wmlmin
sler.    Rev    Ik    RT II   Fruaer,    ll.c
lllislelnlol   of   l|,s'pi.-b,Mi>;.   will    pic
side. Rev. Uf Melvin of Si. Stephen's churcli. New Westmin.ltr, will
pie.uli und uller the mini.In hus
Ihvii duly inducted In- will Is- kiiiluhK
a.Lln ■-nl by Rev. Principal Mchav,
I).I)., and the congrcgniion uill'lsi. I
dressed by llev. .1. W. Woodiide. Ai
mngetiieiils are In-ill^, made for a puli-
lic reception for tin- young pailor to
lie given in Ihe church on luei.l.iv
ovening, Ihe 1Mb nisi, tins will Ih-
under the auspices nf Ihe loiung I'm
ple'i Society of Christian Kudeuvor.
ably enisled by the ninilris ol the
choir nud the ludin ol tin cungrcgi
NORTH VAN! Ill Mil Ihr bnulL
high view hits, Iwo blocks frum Ions-
dale e.ii. Is-,I view in Ninth Lonsdale,
only 1676, easy psymunii, Thoto arc
sdlinu. in get busy il yon wanl lo se
cure one. Sec Mr. Mellwalad 162
Third itreot cost, fourth house   mil
of   I oIimIiiIc 21 I
(he grocgry bu.inc.i formerly own
od und npcrated|by IliAmnii k Hood
'nine   hui   boon
ic  pail week by
(be  cnlorpriiing
liusiness mun. Hick-
\aOule Ihepirniiwi
I fah  iu.l,   and Mr.
al llll Limtdii
purchuwd durin
Mr. fj. I'renli
North Vuiii:ot|ve:
mini k Hood
un Monday
Frsntire wjllr toko\ immedialo oceu
ponpy. It if Mr. I'rentice'i intention
to carry on a firs' clou grocery and
liouiohuH iupply slum, compur|ng
favorably wRh those of Ibe Vancouver tradesmen and I horn who wiih iho
bra I good, at the minimum prions can
scarcely do better than give the e»Ub-
lisbod grocery under the now management and ownership a (air trial.
The report "' ''"' t'"w "' ' 0:'r'
liw Crotikwriglil. who Wat inilcnnsl
but week lor iinluwlullv nppropn illilj
a mm ol nuuu'y In cojimrli'P wilh
payiiielil ol tT|U*J dill li in il ui lie
dfy, should huve brought out moic
dearly the iiicriminuliug act. uf the
uccueud, winii ho was ecaailed by
loi-utnble Prime und the dty im m
er on the feny wharf. Whm avcui
ud of having received too mudi money
f'ronkwright stoutly dutiiid the charge
whereupon ('mutable I'lilnc diilaml
ihai he would lake him to Ihr poller
slulioa to In- Mwrdu-d. Tlm ssier
lion iiulurnl I'ronkwriirlrt to put bia
bond in hit coul porkot end pioduci'
the lifleeii dollars wtiidi he was accti*-
i.«l of miiappropriulinu, (oldel can
fully by ilsclt aad lo offer il l„ l'..n
.labfe Prime if allowed to go frte
Later in lur police station limit
wrigfil offered Chief of Police )>»v.ct
the fiflivn dullur. together wilh the
•um of $7.16 (hii wages In. Hi* price
of a ferry ticket, wbirh be hod pur-
dieted) if allowed hi. liberty, ll thui
devrliusil jn (be ni'kinc Hint lb* ac-
i 'jsn«-J Iuid appropriated money that
he know did got baloag to him  end
that ho had sought lo cvudo detection
by falsi! hl.ilciu.nts. 'J'be maximum
sentence for iuch au offence is si*
month* and the court imposed a scalene* of thirty days.
Cronkwright obtained poasesaioa of
the money al the city ball by «gning
hii name oppoailo tho wrong amount
mi lho pay aboot. Tboro were lis
workmen to lie paid, ull ol whom were
|u i oiiulli unknown to City Treeiurcr
lluuiphrcya and bo wa* accordin^l
paying them in rotation. He ask.,
wlio- wn. Ihe mun lo whom the sum
of twenty-two nnd one-hall dollar.
wus due, when Cronkwright .tepped
up uml aigncd his name opposite th.< j
amount. It wua not until he csmeto
pay thu mun who should hnvo received this unwind (instund of (he .even
ami one half dollars act un Ily due to
Cronkwright) thai the diacrupuncy wna
discovered, when the cily treasurer at
once .iminl Iho quel lor Ibo offend
er with the result ai above Stated.
Canadian Vase
Providing no powerful condiclion  of
the elements prevents tbc nl irons will
be    lle.ll.il    III   UU    open  .Hi     Colli,ll      Oil
Hood Friday iiilcnioon in ibegroundi
iu limn of the Hotel North Vancouver by tho tiucqunllod dly bund led
by Mr. IL I'liunoe. The beautiful io
cation ol the groundi io kindly loan-
nl by Mr. P. Lurum lur the uccaiioo
mi the waterfront, furui uu ideal place'
fur spending the ulternoon, and the
boon . .i.iul.d to Norlh Y'uncouverile.
lu whom il ia iiupusiible lo leave lfa<
city will uo •!,, ibi brighten on otm-r-
wiio .l.nh ulternoon. Tht attention which llie Bund hui been receiving from the ix-sidcnl. ii gratifying lu
note us worthy of thc cfforti mndc by
thul body und their leader in | reducing Immililul music fur our citirern
i oniribiilioin inviMil during ihe p.m
weak wore. P. I $26. Mr. Reed
er, Palace Hotel, fid. Mr. Chance desire, to publicly thank the lonor. ol
the above luini for their .upport oi.
popubir  in illation
as wa
I iidrr the head of cily ooUneil bs th.
lust edition of Ihe lipn -s. a motion
was published nl Cuming from Alderman Henderion, lo the iHi-ct Ihat tbt
council take Iho neensury pr.niiiou.
to close lho I plan .'Ic in lavor of
Hemphill Brothers' propoiitioa in
their application to eelubliih s While
I'ily in J.on.dole Oardcna. Tho mo
lion Aldcrinuo HonderniU made wai
I his. ihat the council aecure an
undertaking Irom Mr. .1. ('. Keith und
Mr.ui. ilrni|ihill Bros, thut they will
indemnify llie city agniuat any or all
clmiiis thul may be made by pro|H-rty
nwiiers mi the Fiplonade Slid olbcri
interested and all cosli and other ci-
peii-es that may be incurred by the
action ol the cuundl in oloaiag Ibe Fi
plaunilr through Luiiadelo (ijrdsas.
Ihii million wai ircoudod by Aid
.-unlh nnd paaiod on tbo undcritjul
ing thnt il be svnl up lo ibe city to-
licitor for opinion.
Mr Fngliah. the popular proprietor
and owner of ihr uplodale grocery
-im. mi l.onslnle Avtaur, pl.t below
the Hank ol Hamilton building, will
ih..itl> lonake Ibe ranki of the bsch
riots snd cuter upon the .tele ol
wedded bin. Mr. F.ugliab, who hs.
beau in Norlh Vancouver (or toast
ve.us has lound it good, aad thc
...pn.ion- guddeu Fortune hotimiled
•wcoll) on hii buiiiirsi vesture., to
nidi nn extent ibat betide* his very
valuable lol on Lonsdale and ibe pre
nn** thereon, he i. building a been
iif.11 ie uliiue lor hi. pro.|iectivt
In uie iiii tho curnor ul lllb ilrectead
the llnulovard. Mr. Fnglieb'a intended wifr, Miu 'irnce Boyd, rUrel
dunghill of Mr. Neil Boyd, of I r.-d«,
l.nglaml. will sail from Knglsnd lo be
here in lime for Ibo woddiag on -Ion.
Ibr fir.l.
In ruiiiiivlnAi »it/f Ihe purctuwc . ol
tin iioilliwril Wonfirr of f^msdsl. Ave
aud Second tUKet by lb* Royal Bank
nl I'anodn, it w\a rlslad in that* tol-
uiiiiis timt ihe prin wa. Wl.'SW. Thi.
wai in error, the actual price  paid
ix-i.g »i m tub.
Ui. death of Mr. (leorgt Dowae, ol
Bewick Avenue occurred early Sslar-
dny morning in tbe Norlh Vsneoenrar
binpittl. IleoeaMd ws* stjout 7»
yean old and hsd bean in tahaag
health (or tone timt B« leav** a
was sad grotra ap baaly.
I»sss%ss»sssiiia mn mtWW$m»imwtim
™V mtttUtm WJf*t I
(Bat.  WUIism Wye I
Cslhsrines waa ban ia
UW.  HeBdu^yhaawalarl
T«*l*jDeot io Breed 8ee*eh   1
wrote a volume al
U80.  Ires
0, thc East u bat Ibe
sun s Utile hosier;
And tbe pine beaoasc* a pa
dsr* Egyptian sales:
Aad tbe KUe'. like nuay a
know thst fill, iu _.
Well think it u tbe Ottawa
track tbe betteaas apl
Pull. pull, pull; i
bsllraui Op I
It's fty sheotiaf
we're el the top.
0. the cedar and the ^.
dark Canadian rim;
Bul the thirsty dale i*
thc nltry
And Ibe mocking- _
view aiir.oo cither
But strooc we brad Ibt
toward* the BooUteta
Pull. poll, pull' ss ai
bilt.iui ap!
It'* fify ibootinf
we're al Ibe topi
0. we're tracked the
o'er many a partsaa ctaaabtf;
And it's often iuch we*** *eea. aaosfh
so loud tbe wstes ate taatiaf!
Then it's bosaesard shea the ran ii
o'er' o'er stream sad oeeaa dsep-
To bring tbe m awry of ft* 111*,
when- Ibr rruplr sanfawa sisaal
Pull, pull   poll! aa wc track tbt
b.ll.-aux up!
It's rasj sbuutiaf
we're al Ibe topi
Ind il yrt may coast a* paas Ibat ths
h. nl. .nd basal* aa ready
May be aoughl spsa la hen shsa
seme poiM is off tht steady!
And  the Maple aad  the Piae  ba
matched   with  Bhtaaa  Oak  Ih*
As one.   brortlh Efyptus aao* Ih*
Caasdisa. oa the KU*I
Pull. pun. pull! as we back th*
batteaui ap!
It'a easy iboatittj .
we're si tb* lap I
•f Htasa I
[Mis* Helen M. NarnU oa*
in Napuc*. Out. aad was ,	
st OUawt Isdit.' Onfltat. ffte it aa
entbuaisstic rotoiaoaafitt nl it s hrt-
qu.nl coatribatot Is faVs aattpsasa*.]
Blue-black bk* Ihe haaaat at aa* faaay
Cuniulu. ctead* shsa* A* ass paas
Stotndul ibsdowt acsioat th* ptli.
Dodrr tb* (rcfae* al ssea taotra
Bowbere   a   while  bud
Nosber. s luarsy
Bud nor leaf on tba
Hull, id j   oa*
Vat lo-nurhl. sbea* th* haa*
Doder the ibsdow*. th*
Omen my.tirioai natal f
Oat ol the darkaaw kV
•    Sptiisf
By Duncsn I	
IDaacaa Cauaphal fcott baa hero
Chief Actoontsal sad aWarialrnslcst
of Indisa Bducstioa at the Indian
nepsxtaatot at 0«*»a anas* IM Bt
est horo ia laaX aad ■atrial Ma*
Befit W BoUlord. th* piiaad I Am-
erican nolioiat Ue was one of Ibe
editon of "Maktn sf fhatli." aad
bu itaasd three iwlaaas* of tent.
"The Mtvrje Boaat* "Ukm mi the
Ansel." aad "New VtsM Uric* aad
lUflsd..- saw) a aatai T» ah* Vfl
There i* rata apoo aaa waaaaar,
Tii. r.   it aiad apsa ate tea*;
Tin   rain is slowly sshaaaer.
Th.   wind it blovhsi test:
Il besrs my weary haart
To my owa t
I hrar lb* wbletbreat I
Hid ia tbt haatf t
Deep in the nutty bcBssni
o* stsslisp;.
I lir sx the spsrrow* i
All wlv. red with Ih* apttaj.
I skirt the barics]
lo the itsrry (ohs.
My soowshot* cretk aad
I have my ready blood.
I best the lyes-cab yaaas
In the gaunt sad saasprj
I bear Ihe wrdl tctaned ia
Howl io tbe rocky break.
Beyond Ih* peace at it
I hear the trapper wafc*
Hi.   'En rooIsM at* he***."
From Use, clear tmm 4 ate late
0. iskr me bark a* ate hssasatwd
To the anal room* vsaaf M asf, -
Wkere the treat easstja *a ate eaa*
Who Hw rmtommh/mmm
flier tec. ait* at* ate sM IA ,
Of thc dear loaf ap*.
Oh. land ol tht jaaty teles**.
Where the eaate badb aai ksais*.
And the pa* (row* steaap mi km
Mljmftl m wesry aad waatw
Wtm   JBJ.    VPM   Mmasswafy. TWO
Fifth Street Bargain
liasiawa»ia»a»«i«»»yaii     . . i   i min i   i      i 	
50 feet, half block
east or Lonsdale
jSjaaaaaaaaaaaaaas*aa»aassassMailaa»aasaaailssssas^ss*»sassiii I—I ail III a* ata  i       ■!      n .aai   i n aasaaaa ■
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
Rates i   f'.Mi.i   per   and   up,   Special rates to lamilits
ami   to regular   boarders -.
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coa»t
SkCiiMi Snii.ti.
-   -■ NORTH   VANCOUVKK. ti. C.
*J]   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the right price.
"jj    S|u i ial attention paid to prescriptions and family
*jj    We carry a complete line o( Stationery and Drug
Sundries.     -       -
Telephone L 29      A .,, Ysun, p„p.      Cor, Lonidale & 8th
Phong    \%
■   a—He—ass*.  a.
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Liijie,
Cement   and   General
Buildeis' Supplies, i
All   Orders   froniptly
Filled and Satisfaction
i hi.ii,mini     Prices on
Application.    ..
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
IN   'ME    ESTATE   OP    K1IWAU1)
the eatate of the Into EDWAI1D THII
HAS I'OLLOK, late ol the City ol
forth Vuneouver, Eatute Agenl, whu
died on lho 2ind duy ol February,
lull, hua hem (JltANTED to tha un
ALL CBEDITOllS anil ulhcra huving
business ponding with the suid deoeas-
isl are ru|ueated to mini in partiou-
Iiuii ol (heir severul claima or ol tbo
Inraiie ., in whicli alley uro concerned
to tho undersigned un or licfuro the
lllh .lay ol April, 1911.
P. 0. Dot 30,
North Vancouver.
Dated lit day ol April, 1911.        II-
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
One block Irom car line, 50 feel facing south #800.    Third
,.ii cash, l>.il.nn i six and twelve months.
r50 feet I', i' in;.; South (or $350.   $100 cash, balance six and
twelve months.   Adjoining lot just sold for $450.
C. t. UW SON & CO.
Phone 70—1'. O. Ilox 97
('. II. S. Duncan of the City uf Vun-
couver, broker, lias linn appuinlcd attorney uf the uliove-uientiunid Cum-
I'nir in lite 1 I....' uml ie 1,1 uf W-
Hurry Wilson.
Hale 1 ut Victoria, II. (',, this ninth
lay uf  Murch,  IUII.
it  i'i 1 Joint Sinili ('umpunic*.
NOi'ICfc is hereby given that tlm
partnership herotoluro existing he-
tweon Edwin Dickinson und John
Scuts ua aash nnil dour uTsnufacT urera
al Nurth Vuneouver hus this duy
linen iliaaolvcd hy mutual cuiuuint lho
lahi Jiihn Send retiring.
Tlie .11.1 Edwin lli'iin-uii uaeiime.
nil lln: liabilities uf tin lute linn ainl
lu whuiu nil iiii-iiiinis un- |iayalile.
Dntuii this IHsl day uf March, I'JI I.
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
1 r Good Pictures  Good Singing
i!Mb ...
**•   ...
Good Music
... ...
... *.*
Programme changed  Monday,  Wednesday and   Friday,
Adults 10c ^'£mmm**mH Children 5c
Main,,,'   livery    Si IanI,,'.   12.80   u'cloCs
SEALED TENDERS un ihe prcserib-
..I forms and*accompanied hy ri'iul'.-.l
ollS(|UO ur rush lur live |ier rent, of Iin-
amount uf tender will i,-  i-«:,-i*.*I l,j
il..     uudei'sii/iieil     until   -i   ;i.iu.    i u
Thursday, 13th A|nil. I'JI I,   in    lho
clearing,    grubbing  und   grading    uf
Frederick   llund   from  Frumme    Liud
loaltwarda to Cunlre ltoad, l.vuitul-
I ley, in accordance with |iluni uii'i spe-
iI'ilii-iiliuiis lu lie seen .it Ihii i.'l.i,.,
Tho lowest or any lender ji.>t net'ia-
Itarily accepted.
Diilriet i',,i^ii,'i.-,
ll, 'n.i   Miu.i, ,|nil lllhi-e,
North Vancouver, t
8th March, IUII. lit
135 Lonsdale Ave
INexI door to Evtrylintly'a Slum sture)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pi^s
Bruce & Co.
■ in
Telephone 276
Nuw Westminster Laud llielrict-
Distriot of Nuw Wostminster. TAKE
ii.iliiii thut Unhurt Duff Kiiiinnil ul
Vauoouvar, D. C. occupation, broker,
i ml', to apply fur nai'miaaion to purchaio the fulfuwing described lands I
Commencing at u iinit planted on the
woat tide ul a miiuII buy un the Nortli
lino nl Lot "ii 'U. thence wuat 20 chains
ilium ur loas to tho northwest corner
nf Lol 1162(1; tlioncii aiiutli 118.70 chains
In the unrlhi'tist curlier ul Lot 'Jliti ;
ih. in e woat 111.73 chuina to thu southeast corner ul Lot 66S; llioneo north
ml chuina mora ur lose lu lho south-
wost corner of l.ul 1238; t bunco oael
33.78 chuina mure ur leu tu shure uf
luko ; 11., ii..- in a luiitlterly ilirtictiur
aluiig sliiiro uf luko lo point 	
Ml. lie. li" ul
11 Hi March, Hill. t-6
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. West
When yarn deul ut lho A. Karri,Grocery you get exactly what you usk fur
ul right price.
Special Attention!
Wo curry   u   complete  line uf tiro
lianbury k Evans Broad 22 fui 81.00
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will J
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
, a new* Carpet for
some otner room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from.
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere. I    I
Note our Prices:
Kitchen Tables          $1.75
Kitchen Chairs        SOc and 65c
"      "    , 75c and $1.00
Dining Chairs     75c up
Iron Bedsteads from 	
$3.75 up to $35.00
Mattrettes, lull size, from $3 up
Springs, full size, from $2.25 up
Dressers with bevelled mirrors
$8.00 up to $45.00
Plana, Specifications, Estimates
P. O. Box 27, North Vancouvci
TENDEHS will he receiveil liy lho un-
.loraigncd up to the 'J'iml duy ui
April, lllil, at 5 p.m. lur the purchase
uf HI..el. 27, Subdivision ul l.ut Nu.
511, Cruup I, Now Westminster District, ...itiniii'il in the ('ily uf Vuncou-
ver, und being Iho sito uf lho old I'm
viticinl Court lle.u-.e. Euch lendei
iini'i bo .n.l.. nl in u ie i .1. H'.l letter ami must ho uihlressi.il tu the un-
1.1 i: i.'-.i mill i I,.mi', ni.iil.nl "Tondei
lor nli) Vuncuiiver Court Hull n sito,"
uml muit ho acjpmpeiiiod hy nn ao-
capita* i:hoi|iio for len per cent, of the
n.it iiuyuiont uf Ihe purchaio money.
I'uyment lur lho pruperly will he uc-
ceplod in iuilulmiiiili nl nne-qiiurtor ol
tho purchase mnney. The first nf auch
inatiilineiits to ho paid within thirty
iluya uf I or the accept ouc. uf the Ion
dor, nnd Ihe ulher llirae Mutually
thereafter, with interest ut the ratenl
ti [ier cent, per annum.  In Iho  .vent
I the tui:.a, whu.e lender i. accepted failing to complete ihs first in.lol-
cut within thirty duys ul the notice
nf such acceptance the sulo lu him
will he cancelled uml his len per cenl
deposit lurloiled.    The elin|uci ul un-
a..-,   .nil  tenderers will lie   returned.
The liighoit ur uuy  louder will    *ul
nsewsarily lw accepted.    Nn cuinmis-
sinus nf uny kind will lie ulluwod.
Minister uf Lundi.
Dcfinrlmont uf Lundi,
•  Vii-lnria, R. C,
March 7th, I'JI I.
1 ■. /
Best Goods at
•■' i
-rock Prices
Telephone 126
Jno. Dierssen
Estimates Gladly Furnished,
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
16 inch—ti per luud
IS inch-W.86 per luud
Curdwood th per curd
Office and Yard:
Phone MO
I'. 0. Box IM
Tb.ds Mama
> Doisni
CO>¥BIGHT» le.
toilet, V!
milk mmi/
isl; l)lii»lnH«l i-wklr. Im* tit-
uy arlaiiUSc Jograal. TeiiiJ («
.% I guar, tuSw. SltnaU.  Suit if
I'I 111.IC   NOTICE   is hiruhy   given!
ihul,   under tin-  authority  contained
in suction I -il  uf the "Lund Ail," a
regiiliiliiin hus lie.n appruyod iiy   the
Lieiiloiiunl-liuvei'iiur in Cuuncil lixinu |
the minimum sulo uricui uf lir.1    und I
■ocond-class liftnls nl *I0 und t»   per
ueru, respectively.
Thia regululiun lurther pruvidesthut
the prices lixud ihereiit .hull apply lol
ull lands with rcsjieel lo which the up-
plication tu purchase is given luvour-1
ii bl.- runsidei'uliun slier Inis dule, nut-
wftlistanding the dalu uf such utipii-
I'.iin'i ur any 'fcluy tliut muy huve
occurred in *fhe,considoration   of the
Further notico is heivby given Ihul
nil persons whu huve pending upplicu-
linns In' puri'huie IuiuIh under Ihe provisions uf sections U ur 36 uf ths
"Lund Act" und whu ur* not. willing
lu cumplcte such purchases undor tho
prices fixed liy the nlureiiiid rogulgtiun
shull lie at liberty tu withdraw iuch
applications and receive rclund ul the
innncyi deposited un uccuunt ol   such
MiniHi.i  uf Lands.
Ilepurtniont uf lands,
Victoria, B. 0„ April .'Ird, IUII.   i-6
('nii|iiins given free on every
It.50 order tn g<i a chance on
Hiiilintial lot in I'm I Angeles.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAL.
358 Ut Street Etut
Phon* BUS
ull per.um having claimi againit
the estute ul Martha II. Hull, decern
oil, lata of the ('ily ul Nurtb Vancouver, arc miuirod tu sunt by poit, prepaid, or deliver lo Schult' k Arnold,
aolicitora lur the executor nf the .aid
din'cuacd, thoir namot und addresses,
nud lull parliculiirs in writing uf thoir
claims und the nature uf the security,
if any, held hy I In in.
AND TAKE NOTICE ihut niter tho
1st nf Muy, I'll I. the executnr will
prut-red lo distribute Ihe asarta of thc
deceased, having regurd only to the
claims ul which he then ehull have
had notice,
that all parties indtntod lo lbs laid
..elate are required tu pay the
niiiiiuiit nf. their indebtcsiirta to tht
undersigned forthwith".
Dated tbit 2'Jtfa day ol March, 1911.
Solicitors fur ihe Executor.
108 |-6 Crown Building, 615 Ponder
Slrost, Vancouver, B. C. » U
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when =
Can Supply you with
and all
I .ouaehold Requiaitea
at a Uwatr Prk»t than elsewhere.
'Small Prsrll. sad Quick RstaW
Ph0M 1*4
sad CsrasrCrssvHI* aad faayta*
All lines of choice family
Urooeriea, also Fruitu,
Confectionery, etc.
Satisfaction  guamnteed
or. inuney refunded.
Our methods tire receiving favor mi jnll fidi's
uml liiieiiir.s in increaa-
iuir with gi'iii rnpidity
Y.iiii' tinliin relied fully
solicited. THg WWm, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
50 foot Lots (cleared) for sale in
District Lots   265  and   553
At the Terminus of the Capilano
Carline   in   District   Lot   607
One Acre Lots for sale in District Lots
132 and 129
For Price Lists, Terms, and Particulars apply
526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.        Phone 2835
a       frt.H.t.,,,.H»H-W^ 111 "M' 11 H-H'-H'-H-H-I-M-I-W
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sab;
Acreage  in   District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into Weeks of from
I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
'Through This Property.
For Plant, Price Lit! and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w^
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, p. C
Phone 62*36
Louis Joseph Vance
'. IBM tar th. Bobb.-M.rrlll Co.
"II I lor in Indent Ihought yog
wasn't mlier when you don* it- Hut
do; you're a gent, If there ever a-**
one, an' I'm not the man to offend
"t»i. Indeed."
Captain Btryker thoughtfully mcas-
ii mi out o i al drink, limited only.
by Ihe capacity of tbe tumbler. engulfed It noisily ond got up.
"Guess I'll be iiirnlu' In," he ml-
iiiiiriTi-il affably, yawning and ((retching
"I wm a I ii ui i to ask you to do m« a
service." began Klrkwood.
"Yes?" wilb tbe rising Inflection of
llie: I.i i> <
Klrkwood quietly produced bis cigar
esse, a gold mull lilmi gold csrdcas*
and i-ii|i|n il a signet ring from bl* finger "Will you buy these," he asked,
"ur will you lend me IB and bold
ihi.'tn im security!"
Hlryker csaiiilncd tbc collection wilb
singgerated interest itrungly tinctured
with iiii.ini.-i. "I'll buy 'em." be offend eventually, looking up.
"That'* kind of you"-
'<in. tbey ulii'i inucb use to inc. but
IHII Slrykca's alius willlo' tu areola-
modal* a friend. Four quid, yoa
"Tin-y ain't wulh over four lo me."
"Very well Make It four." Kirk-
wm il a i-rnliil contemptuously
Tin! captain awept Ha in nn • Into
ulie cu|iacloUi 11.1. pivoleil un one Iti-tl
ul tin- peril of l.l- ueck ami lun.lni.il
uii.iti iilll> off lo liis room I'susiug at
tliv dour, lie llirttiil back In Inquiry
"I sye. 'ow mil you come lo get Ibe
iiii|iii'.vs|iur tl,. ir was a party uamt-d
Aliiiiiuu. k i.lii.jnl Ilil. weasel I*'
"Calendar"- •
"Ave II jer own wye." Blryker con-
ceded gratefully
"I here Isn't. I. therei"
"You curd uie."
"Then," said Kit km* .1 sweetly, "I'm
•ure you sruultlli'l be liilereilCd"
Tin1 captain pniidrr.-d tlili ai leisure.
"You seemed prelly Lmi ibsbl sceiu'
'Im." he remarked conclusively.
"I was."
"Sii'iiii iii me I did 'car ibe u>iue
.umw'crc* afore." The caplalu appeared In wrestle witb sn nbdur.ut
memory. "Owl" be triumphed. "I
kimw 'K wus a chip up Uumbcicr
wye. Beeper ill u loonalle a.yluii) '*
was.   Tli.il yer parly}"
"Nu." Mill Klrkwood wearily.
"I il ul n t know bul mebbv 'I was.
Bscusr me Thought as 'uw until*..
you'd . .;. I'.il from 'I. lender esre,
bul. Iiinllli' Hie uurlil colli, cbyngnj
yer mlml uu' wauled lu guw buck "
Willi.,ut suit lug for * rcplj be
lurched lulu lu- room ami hangi-d ilic
door to Klrkwood. dlvliled between
aniuaemesl und Irritation beard lilui
-iiiinl.lliig nl,..ul for some lime, ami
then a built fill grateful enough while
Uui, Uxrt yuo art, do*. UUIt   iiripkl
It In.leil, wblcb wa* not long, for aa
sooner did tbc captain sleep this *
peaelrslJiig snore added Itself unto
th* cacophony of wave* ud wind .ud
tortured ablp.
Klrkwood, comforted at first by Um
bicwcl lobaci.0. Itpscd Insensibly tots
dreary meditations.
Of out or two tiling* be wu cosvla*-
cd  for one, lluil Klrykcr sn* * list
worthy of claiuiiricstkn wilb I'sk-ndsr
and  Mr.   Hallam     Hi* ImprcgsiM* I
conclulon wa* lh*t ihose whoa he |
aougbl bsd boarded tb* iletbe*. has
bad left lur before ah* tripped bar ss- '
cbor    Thai  tbey   wtrt  not  stowed j
• way aboard her seemed unqaaaUoa-
tWe.  Tbt briganllnt wa* berdty 1*1*1
tnongb for lb* prtmvci ol three ptr
sob* (board ber to be loo*- kept i at-
cret from an Iiiquad.lv* roaxlh saaaas.
Indeed, they Uy la biding to Ih* hoi*,
for whack, oact tbt afetp cot sassar
wajr, than ami h* »c.nt strut  Aad
JUttiretd est not usher, timm* i
l*r*on of sufficient 'imporUnc. tn Oah
end.r'. eye. to make tbat worthy endure tbe discomforts of a 'tween deck*
Imprisonment iliroughout th* voyage,
(tea to escape recognition. '
Wilb every second, tben, be, wss
traveling fanner from ber to who**
tld be bid nulled, irapelltd by motives *o bot headed, to Innately cblv-
(Ilic, *o unthinkingly gallant, so es-.
ctptioiially Idiollcl
"What else could I do?" be defended
bluiM'ir against ibe Indlclmenl of com
iiiou wine. "| cuuldn'l leave ber lu
Ibe mercies of Ibal set of rogues. And
heaven know. | was given every reason to belicre sbr would be aboard
Ibis .bipl Why. ibe lierielf told me
Ibat she was Hilling!"
Heaven knew, 100, Ihul this folly of
his bail eoal Ium a priily penny, lirst
snd Is.L 111. v.;.i. li utn gmic beyond
recovery, bit bomewuril paiasgc for
relied He nu lunger harbored Iliu
liom as to the steiiuiship cuuipuiiy pre
Killing blm uilb another berth In lieu
uf thai cajled for by Ibal water soaked
ilip of paper ilu-n lu hi. pocketJrnnr
Icy' of Blryker Ue hud sold fur u
pittance, a lillte uf Ils value, hi. (nr
sonal Jewelry und bud spent ever)
in i.i... he could cull his own Willi
ibe ua.i..) Blryker was to give bim he
would be able tu get back to I.11111I011
and Ills third rale boslulry. bul nut
with , i..,i...i. over to psy tbst our
wcck'i room reul. or-
' uli. Ihe 1I1 ill: he groaned, bead lit
The future loomed wrup|icd in un
IpcalsM* darkm •**, lighted by no loan
ru> uf bo|H' It had Inrii bud enough
lo lot* u comfortable living througli 11
ei...inii. comiiImoii uf nature, bul lu
Hunk Ibal lir liml lull all else through
hi. own cgn-gluua fully, lu liml hltn
self reduced to tbe keiiuclsl
Striker, emerging frum his roum fur
breakfuat. found the passenger wilh 11
hostile look in bl. eye sud a Jttw act
it, ugl) fashion IIU eyca. too. were
ll.i abiding place of smoldering devils.
uml Un ra|iiatn. recognising lln 1; con
.iilii.iii'li forbore iu stir them up n iili
sn> untimely pleasantries To be
.ure lu- wai ..uiuii.it uu bl. own ship
ami Km.in.i«l 1, ► landing aboard »'»S
nil bul Hun there wat Just enough
yi-llna In Hie complexion of Sir.il.ci'.
sou! 10 In. line blm lo sidestep trouble
uliiiieiii' fi-iulble Ami, beside., be
enliiialn.il dark suspicious of Ills
guest lOfph luns be scarce dared voire
even lo bi. Inmost heart.
'Ihe morning meal, thcrcfure. passed
off in constrained silence. Tbe captain
aii.1nruih.usl) nnd ruclfcroutlj, push
id back lit. 1 bull uud went uu deck
|u rillive tbe mate Ths taller. 11
Um.1.,I ilitie cockney wilh a wizened
(nuiiii nam e uud 11 mlml aa foul sa Ills
tongue gol iimtll change of his al
tempts to engage >bc passenger In con
nr.jlloii ou topic* lluil be cumlilercil
hi for dUrusslun Afrvr tbe .lull or
11.1,; ii smibbiiig be rose In dudgeon
din barged 1 puUonou* Ul uf lusu
Km i- und retired lo bU berth. Icivlug
KM h|  to in.lull  Ills breakfast   In
rllAI'TEH .Will
TH tbe lunc of I moderating wlm,
Uw nun 1 iing hcirlcd tin)
Klrkwood went uu deck unci
lur dltlrsctloo from tbe' Imul
trulile iiauiuiniiy uf II all, gol 1 suiiuu
ajlrctu blng of spray sud wss glad In
dodge In Ion ami dry himself
Ile Iuid Ihe 11. .1 -inc uf Ibe mule's
coiiiii.il>> ut dinner, ibe capiaio re
1.. an a . a deck until llobbt bsd lln
I.Ind ami guue up lo relieve blm. md
li. 11.. it 11 me Mi k wood wss through
stt.iki'i blew duwn witb a bluslcry
Ibow of cheer 'Well, well, my little
Mar III happened Ibst be lopped
Klrkwood 1 sl.lure by It least Ore
In. in . 1     In) )ln yer se* Irlpt"
"About a. much t* you'd tiptct,"
mapped Kukwood
"Ow." Hit caplaln begin to ihovrl
food Into lilt tact Klrkwood wttcbeil
hliu fascinated with suspense. It
svemrd luiputtlblc that th. mau cuuld
coniiiiur so to employ hi. knife witb
oul culling in. ihniat from tbt Inside
Hut year, uf tucb minlpuUliuu bid
mude 1.111, esperl. ind hU guc.l. keen
ly disappointed, it length coed to
tMwrtn gobble* Stryktr tyed him
Treii m* ill rlgbt?" be demtsded
Klrkwoud itintd oul of a brown
study, ivinn? Who? Why. I sup
1 "i I ougbl to In- Indeed, I am grate
Ial," lie asserted. "Gsrtslnly you
..'■■id my lift, uud"
i)w. I doo'l me.n lust." Blryktr
giitiu nil ibe Imputation Into bU paw
tnd Hung it disdainfully to la* lour
winds of heaven. "Blest y*r 'srl.
you're welcome. I wouldn't 1st no
duig drowud f I could 'tip ll. Nu."
be dccUrcd. "nor s loontile, ntllbtr/'
lit ibrual bU put* away nt ablftsd
tidcwlte la hU chtlr. 1 'us Jusi won
Itrln'," be purtued, picking bU teeth
on dlulively With a psnkulfc, " 'ow
Ibey feed* yoa to than ss-ylumi. 'ivto
Refer been IntpJs oa* pui*Jf, Us on'y
sttsral I'd bt cttfaa.
ef lb.ni IwulloolloB.
Boruad W/oilug'.m,
to tat th* fowl**
jreasd*   I
I una of tin an' urn .truck up quilt aft
i icquilniuuce"-
I   "Naturally   he'd   Uk.  to  you  aa
1 etvbt-"
"Owl  strrug* 'aw wa >|t it off,
I eight   Von mykc nt* think at 'Int.
I Young chttp '« was, tbs llvlu' spl't an'
blutagc of you It don't bsppsn, do**
It, you're lb* isroe ipsn?   Hi waa
j ailut plsnnln' to run awy* an' drowad
I 'isssir."
[ lie wore the Joke threadbare tv*B ta
hi. own mate and In tbt and fat
i/triiy tu his feet, starting tor tb*
lu'upiiiilonwiy.   "Und you tbia artaT-
, tin-in." ht remarked casually, "com*
I o'clock or therabahta—per'ap* liter.
I dott'l know; though, aa I 'ad ought
to let you loiiie."
Klrkwood m*d« no tntwer.    Chuckling, Btryker went on deck.
In tbe count of an hour tb* Am«r-
I lean followed blm. The Aletbea WS*
within the wide Jaws ol tbs western
Scheldt. Klrkwood approached Uw
csptulu, who, uctlug as hi* own pilot,
wus standing by tb* wheel and bark.
ktg sharp order* to th* belmsmsn.
j   "Have you a Bradahaw oa boataT
' aaked lho young man.
!   "Steady!"   TbU to tbs msn st tbs
1 wheel; then to Klrkwood, "Wot's thst,
ms hui.-'
Klrkwood   repeated   Ida   question.
Blryker tyed blm iiispktoutly tor a '
j   "Wot d' you wuut It torr
"I wint to *ee whin 1 can git a
bust hack to England."
"II111 nil Ye*t you'll And * Bradshaw
in ihe port locker, netr tba tofart
bulkbcsd. Ban along now as' pl'y,
in' tuiud you don't go hauls' oat tht
pygct to myk* pypar boats** to go
aylln' In."
Klrkwood wtnt below, found th*
dcslgnttcd looker ind, opening It, uw
1lr.1t to hU baad tb* fsmllUr bulky r*d
Tbo .trap removed, ta* book open**
cully, a. If by fore* of habit, at til*
precltc la hie bt bid wished to couult.
Bom* previous client hsd left s markar
between tbe psgc*-*sd not aa st>
dlutry bookmark by any massar ef
mean*. Klrkwood pva utteranct to a
little gaap of amausMst asd ujtuac-
Hvcly glanced up at tha comptnton-
wiy to *m If ba win ohsarvtd.
II* wu not, hut for saftty't tak* b*
moved farther back Into tba ctbto
snd out of tht rang* of vision of as*
out ou deck -1 precaution which wu
I almost ImmcdUlcly justldsd by th*
, cluipplng 0/ buy/ fwt upon tb* ttspa
u Blryker descended In pursuit of U*
. ever eiscullal drink.
"Kind It?" he d*m*sdtd, sterisf
blindly wilh cyci not y*t focused to
tbe cbtngt from light to gloom at the
young mm. wbo wu sitting with th*
guide open on bU knee*, a tightly
clinched flat ruling on th* transon it
either tide of bin.
In reply he received * nanotyiUblc
•fnrmttivt. Klrkwood did sot look DD.
"You most b* * howl,'' commented
tho captain, nuking tor th* uductiv*
"A bowl, readln' that as* print than
In ibe dsrk. W'y don't yon go ovar
to tbc light? I'D 'sre to 'svs than
shutters lykcn off th* wlndwa."
"I'm ill right." Kirkwood wtnt oa
studying lb, book.
Blryker twigged off hi* nun and
wiiied hU lips with th* bsck of s red
piiw. I11.ll. Hug * moment to Witch
bU guciL
"Mji.rs It seem more 'omtllk* for
you, I expect,'1 bt ob*en*d.
• Winn da you tutasr  -
"W'y, BridafMw'a lot cousin to a
haiinuiiaik, als't 'tl   (an'l gat oaa,
wbsr.l wu
I*.   I urn
*yln'  to  tht
Just u svaUl
'/ 'as not
takt totbtt- sest tstst thlSl.
didn't tlilsk of It mwmti *&* )
unftrt to 1*4 coph.  |
North Vancouver
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shq»k Paess, UrniM
One year, 11.00        ,. ■        Six ninnths, 60c. Tlm iuuIIih, 860,
United Stutea and Foreign, tl-aD fiur year
Advertising Hut™ will Im quoted on application.
Ths Express is dcvnt.nl to the interests of thu norlh Shuro ol Burrard Inlet
paclusivuly. Itcunaliiiiiua au advertising iiiediiim uf useeplinnul value fur
reaching in a thorough uml effui'tive iniinuer tlm population of Nnrth Vancouver
Oity and District. Every effort is made to give advertisers I he most satisfactory
'All uhatlges In contract advertiauments should he iu Mm printers' hands nut
latur than 10*.in   Monday uml b p.m. Wednesday tu unaiiru inssrliuii in the
following issue. *
 ; ,—_ : . f. 1	
North Vancouver,
4 A   STRO.Mi   AI'I'LICAN'T   FOR   A
■ It would be impossible to 'levies uny
moults whereby uuy gnvernniont could
be pi'uviilctl with u iiiuru direct tiieun-
elusive exprossiun Irom the people,
witli regard to uny epecilic public iin-
, dertuking than Ihul which Im. b*en
laid iHifure thu Dominion, guvernmonl
in  ihe application ol  Burrard   Inlui
' Tunnel uud Bridge Cnnipany lor a tub-
aidy vote In ussist that compuny in
constructing    Ihe   Serum!    Narrows
llilelj    cnllllllittod   llieinseKi'ti   lo      Ilic
iiliiiiii me nl iii.aiei byluwa to their
respective rulepayurs fur the inuio
flniiiijii.il us lliei e niiinii'iii.il i " ■ till
uf which border nn Burrard Inlet, will
constitute lb* shureholilerB ol Durrani
luli'i Tunnel und Bridgu Company, it
lulliiws   thul  the Hum il of   Ilirufitnl'S
Will   U.   CiimpilSIll   llf   leplesi'lll  il'i'rl   III
those municipalities whu will own nnd
ountrol lho uaaots iif thu cuiip.u.v as
the pi..|.n. nf tho miinicipi.li'ie.i.
The hiisiuess of lite Cuinpiiny with re-
the terrible fact that she has been
stricken down by an incurable dis-
naao. Diiring bar prusporuiia youra she
thought, but little of tbe^uture, ond a
large portion ol her income was spent
iu "Reaping up appearunces." Now,
penniless and homeless, she must,
seek uilmissiun to sume place nf refuge
her frionds of yeatcrday know net
no inure. Such cases us these shuul I
cuiisii ynung wagt-oarnora to appreciate the fact thut' they may escape
such a late il thoy ara but willing
ho lake mlvunlago of the Canadian
liiiveriiniunt Annuilies scheme, for by
investing with tho gnvornment but a
nn in 11 purl ion ol I heir weekly wages
they cull provide un iiiuumo to begin
ut 1)5 ur luter that will insure l hem
in.I. in i■■ 1. nee und liappim. n no matter
how lung Ihuy live, (live thu mutter
your must serious cuiisiilerulinii, and
ii ytni ilusiro further purliculiiri un lho
subject ilie . muy bo uhtiiiiud un up-
plitniliuu to your pustmuslor or to
il.. siipi'iiiili'ii'ii'iil .of uuveiiinieni an'-
i.niin ■. Hii,■"..i, tu whom ull leiiii
go Irou of poetugc.
bridge across llurrard Inlet.  Pruc*ed,ji|||0t (o ^ brH)j9i„r ,„ liny   ,„,,,,,
ing iipuii lho liypothssit that it lathe
desire nf ths government  in ull    sin
cerity lo curry nut llie wishes ill Iliu
people when those wishes ure e'early
und unmisUikab,)' impressed, Ihiru
i. posaihl. only una lerminntion ol ^
tho negotiations now going on, namely that during the present so.-sion tlie
ll.,num. a.     : U'. elllllli'lil     iliull    ill'i'l'   ill
th. supplemoutury eatlmutcf, mi    ap-
propriiiliun in fuvur ul llurruid Inlot
assets will bu cnirductod in the tiittr-
csls ul llie public us such uml all laments will accrue directly tu thepi.iple.
It will readily he seen frum Ihess
ifitols thut the suocinsful Ouncluaioll ul
I llur.iiril
Inlet runnel nud Bridge Compuny
ia u mutter of great moinunt iu the
public interests not only in their immediate Ixinringi, but nl.u us tu future
development-,   for   tho   reuion    ihat,
from the very nature of its cuiislitu-
.inn, thut compuny will bctuine it most
jpotest factor in the future development   of  Burrard   Inlot,   lavish, >/und
splendidly equipped horlior, frum .lie
.i.u.ili ..n.l ill public rcpiirmii.nn und
■■•nil u view lu lho inleresls ul the
public us such This compuny lln-re
fui.- becomes a fuclor of -cry great
importuiii-c wlioie udminiitrutioti nf
alt.ui menus lho promutiuu of the interests ul the province und ol lho Do-
minion in ihe great wurhl port which
is in progresi uf construction annul
llurrard lnld.
ll is lurther   . eunaiderulion of which
greatly odds lu the weight uf inllu-
"! one* which it inherent in Burrard Inlot Tunnel nlid Bridge. Company ihul
the municipalities uliove numud represent more than onthall ol the entire!'2 8th Street East North Vuncouvn
population of the province of British
Tuunel uud Bridge Company
Tliore is nu guinsuying tlie lint th .1. I
Jlurrnnl Inlet Tuiuiel uml Bridge lorn-
puny is u company uwiual and   con-
trolltd by Iht'lisoplt ttnins.lv.*, that .^.^ .^ tfc| ^^ , ]r m
all il, uperu.ium win lie directed by I ^.y.^ u|) >f f |UU|,||ili,.. Ilt ,,„,,
the duly iippointul ranrsssBlativea ul
lho people, that all bmefili accruing
Irom Ihuse operations will k-lung In
the |iooplo us such, ll therefore, fui.
lows thut iu voting a subsidy iu
favor of Burrard Inlet Tunnel uml
Bridge Compuny Ihe government will
aimply lie bunding over to ihe pooplc
money which Is-lungi In the people, to
lie invested by the people lor their nvvn
uie und lieuefit.
In political economy the position i.
universally accepted that the municipal   I.iiiii
elnser reluliouiliip to I he people than
due. any other phuse of government.
•Junii-ipnl government il in closer
lundi wilh the |»s,pic than uuy other
lurm ; uii espressimi uf opinion |uou,r-
Ul Irom the |*»plc iIn■ 'id municipal
channels will convey the m.nt exuet
il'.'li.ruin.n ol cii.tlng public ttnti-
ment procurable ; any obligations us-
.iiimsl ui.un. .pally an oisumod under
a itfuugor ».«se of rei|i"nsibility than
ure those in a wider sphere und uny
dscisioni mude ,.t the municipal (Kills
sre corrivpoiidiiislv of thu most deli
lier.tc and decisive rbnracler thut re
spolisilili riti/Mi din declare. There
ii, thomforc, no escaping (he lurce
of (Im Im. that through their inuui-
dpsl rerirtsonlstivis, th. (itie* of
Vaasouvri ami North Vancouver, ami
(he di.tin i miinicipulitiu) of North
Vancouver, SuuUi Vancouver, Bur-
naby nnd I'uinl Or.y huve ull decl-ir-
sd thriii-"lvi- in l..v.a ol tbe building
ol the liinlgi by Burrard Inlet Tunnel uud Bridge Coiuuuay. All of these
municipulitios huve activity puitlriput-
-   ud in  nil-' in'.i.i' ii' .1 Conferences, Call-
ad  bom  time   to i ■ lo delilsiule
upon matters pu-luining tu
Burrard Inlet Tuonvl k Bridge
tympany hav. concurred in the
crwidwsiniis    arrived    ul     und    buve
ISMO   idinllliol   Wilh   llie   in.-..sun S Ink
an suaji si dsltgttiont to Otluwu etc..
to carry lho* couolu.ions iutu effect,
Farther, the cilie* ol Vancouver uml
North V'.iicoiivn-, and Uw district
municipality of Noilh V„iii...h.i, liy
dirsci rots ui the peoplt at th* pulls
h*v. votsd mOuicip.l mom*. *'H«I-
liug tWOfiKI for ta* partiim- of
shares by uh**. rotpsolivt uiuiu' |> .'i
lias iu inrrtfd I"l*t Tuunsl k
dg. Gompuy, Ihut baoumiag part
saw. lis til* tsaat, whih- Um otlni
uiiiopabtysi IMUasd alaovt huv* das-
North Lonsdale
\iiii .ni.,.1 are being made l
erocliun ui lirst class 7 I'uom houses
fronting ou North l.iinsiluhi IliiiiliViiril
with modern convenience. I'riues SI,-
MM lu <:i,8IS) i,n terms tu suit. By
piirchusiiig now plans cult lie ullorud
to suit   purchaser's wishes.
Aa the loeulion ia one ul the liost
ill Nortli ViiiicoiiMi for n bine sito,
Ihe opportunity is a fnvnrublo one.
For particular, uptily to
Fiiiiinejul Agents,
CLUB   BLOCK  -    Norlh   Vancuuver
Ollice I'l.uiie IU liouso I'hoiio 2t>7
I.U..II   ..iKl.ri!
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Capital Mi.'.'i.ii.ni.i
Reatrvta, 17.200,000,
Total Assets »»5,0(W,(J00.
A gcneriil bunking business
trunaucti d. Suvings accounts a
■peciulty.- Accouiiti ul turns
and individuals solicited.
Nurih Vancouver Branch.'
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
a^asssssa—       I
l'hono 273
Columbia to thut  the Dominion government  is dealing wilh a movement)     Anr/IK    f   (""ampfOn
which is nol notional hut which to at, ,
A.U.1.11,. k ti.
miii'kod degreu carriul with it the cu- (IVII    KNOINI'I If
poraliun of the provincial dliumihipi   lrHKtstioo,   drainage, levels,    plan-
und   which ia closely idciitilied    with Und apocilieatiuna.   Septic luuks    und
,        , , .    Ii'ouie druiuugu  u   s|iecinlly.      1'.   0.
Ihe prowition of Ihe ftdtral interests  }hx ^ m)j t{[ml ^ ()( 1Jewick(J
if   all   Canada   in   her   Pacific   cuull
provjao*.   '
Beruuic Ihii muvemeut under (be
name uf ilurrurd Inlet Tuiuiel and
Bridge Compuny lielongi lo the people
lajcouso ull of the aiieti of the Compuny   will   Is' held  iu trust    by
I. O. O   F.
Nurth   Vuucuuvcr   Ludgt,   Nu.   66,
moots every Thurtdisy evening, corner
I .ui. 11.il.. Avenue und First streot,   at
8 o'clock.    Visiting brethren cordially
invited   to   utlcnd.     A. T. Ivonindy,
tie   N.t;.;   Thos. S. Nys, rec.-stc.;   Ji ll
.    ,,,„ Filling, I'.G., fin.-tco.; Chat.Nye, l',0.
t ompuny for die poo|de, bwuuae   thei  ,rMaJ'„
illlllllllist Tut loll of thc CoUipimy will be |Ss™^aaaMaaa««aaa^aa«a».Simm«l^^aa»«»
inducted solely in the public inter
wis, bu'iiuie ull the bandits direct or
indirect   will   accrue   l/< the    |HOplc.
Ihciiiisc the inleresl. invulved ure Hot
of a aectionul rhaiaeter but are in the
true sense inlci piomniul und nu
In anil,   tliilefnic us u  mailer of pub-
Notary FuWic
Loam, Investment* .nd Insuranoc.
Room 207, 632 (Jranville St., Vancouver, B. 0. I'huue 8202. Lund Hrgm
try work a epeciulty.
lie policy, as a faelur iu Ihe promo
in.i. ',( tbe iiublio intaruits, and upon |
the basis uf sound and broad minded
-iiiicinirudiip (he Duminiuu govern
mint should promptly roepuud to th
opportunity now pretested to thlui,
by u liberal vole iu lavor ul Burrard
Inlet Tunnel mid Bridge Company lur
the early construction ol Second Nurrowi Bridge.
A piilhetie t'lise hs* luldy come lu
iighl. An .'l.leily woman, (ur ye*n
one ol thc cioidy ladiw in * (air
Canadian dly sad .thought lo' be
wealthy, ba. through uufortuii.le in-
vastmoDt. fiHui u)s* hard lines, and
th. itdasss ol net cent is iuciuamd by
l;siji.anai)E west
LOW SEA^Proprietor
i. a lu. In H p in.
First class Mcsls tji\
(aiininiitstioi) Tickets, 2i meals
i..,.nu   for Rent st riiuderatc ratsa
e »cJWt the bwiitt* of Mamifftotmcru,
Kagiy*trt>aud o*rrrn* w:i<Mfp|!« Ilic itdviMlrll-
iiy </ liaWag Uiclr fiitt-nt tiu.t1ncr.it Irtwjucfctt
lyl.'xpcrU,  frtTiwtoarvadvJwrt'e,  ClmtfTr
Uonsdale An«w* S
Ths cheapsst hpuss buy today
vCompdre it with BUrrfanding values
4-ronin BungaloWi not a»d cold viator
bath,   otc, fenced.   t"625 caah,
balance ui'i'ungu. Price 12600
On and after April 1st, 1911, we shall be located in the
New Keith Block on Lonsdale Avenue.
.Having secured a central and convenient office in this up-to-
date building, we shall render our many clients even better
service than heretofore,
Pierce & Hall
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in (he
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreements ind Contract* drawn
uf every description
Phone 157
Building Lots at Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L 550 for $950.   |350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
In Block 82, D. L 550 for $1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Also a block in Upper Lonsdale lor #5250.   One
Quarter Cash; Balance 6, 12 and 18 months
Already subdivided into 24 lots.
North Vancouver Ttust Co., Ltd.
(Ul. luloti-i & Ward)
219 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 44
120 Second Street Eaat.    . Telephone 206
Convenience to Norlli Vancuuver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Your Order. Solicited
North Shore Locators
Wc uro plucing un thomurkcl a bluck nf 17 lulu, un Iho
liruuil Hinil.'.iiid , Miu,<ii.ii. 'J'hoic lul. ure high and dry, with
un uu»ur|iu.aed vii-w, Iwn blnclti frum lho |iresvnl air lint, lift-
tOxllio, partly rliurod. I'ricc frum |6M tu »tfK). 'formi- 1-6
caih, buluncc, 3, 6, 9, 12, I6j IS, 21 und 21 innnlhi.,
(.'um. in und Ict us Show jnu nver thia rirujwrly.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
Gmpbell Realty k Investment Co.
Villi SAI.K-Ownor mu»t ..II   lurge
roomy houie, ull mndrrn, i 'mm
dutiun,   fence,   liri'|ilacr,   Vtot)    cash,
i'luw tu car line.
Tlil^HONE 89.
V. fi. WK>n
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Smoked Meat*
10 lb. saok JJL
Lar^e Tina  25c
|'a  2 tins for lfic
2'i 2 Una fur 25c
3'a 1 tin for lfic
New Zeulantl Putter
3 lha. for  $1.00
Sago, fi Ilia      -      •      2fic
Split Peas, fi lb*      -      2fic
Tomatoes, large size, 2 for 2fit!
3 ll>8. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    -   -   ,   -   $1.00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    -   -   -   -   $1.00
Russet Apples, pi r In x $1.65
Pure (!aslile Snap, ptr.
bar       25c
Chiver's Fruit in rn-rup
from      35c
You can depend upon ibe
quality and price nf utir Meal
Hullctl tints. Tibs, fur    25c.
Ayrshire lfose Creiiniiry
Under,  -   -   .'I lbs. (100
l,eil)t)lts, per il<>/.     -    -    20c
MngeJs Siniiis. 5c. per Inbbt
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
I'lana j>. <-j,in .it uud Kitimutc* given.
(lilac: 1107 Dominic*. Trusi Itldg.
I'hutio 2127
.- •
Uatidtnoc, 162 l-'ighth Ave, E,
Nurth Vancuuver.
NOTICE ii hereby given that at the
next Billing ul tho Huiinl ul J.iconaing
('niumiiiiuni.il fur lho I'ily of North
Vancouver, wc, lho undcreigiiod, intend
Iu n|i|ily lur a hotel licsnat for iircm-
i.c. situate nn lull 27 and 2S, bluck
156, district bit 271, First itreot, in
tht laid Cily of Ninth  Vancuuver.
Hl'Jt). I)  I.AMONT.
Ilutod ot Vontouvcr, Murch llth, Ivll
Fully Equipped ■
to plod over ths desert or »uhV hunger and Ibir.t is Mr. Ctmel. Win
nut built that way. What w* want is
th* real thing.
You Get Real Paint •
When Buying Here
It will .Uud ihe blaring sua of ths
Sahara or ths blatU of Cook's North
C0I/JK8-*,Uy hew?.
117 I-onsdalt Pbont 149
I .     iz-iijmtiIt9F~?
,.:.■•■'.■■-      rMJKJOtef&a, ■J,*u*:£a«£ii.    MM    JMj-i Tm RXPRRPP, NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. O
fit?'          \p
1.     .
Monarch Malleable Ranges
Builders, Plumbers and Contractors' Supplies.   Estimates cheerfully furnished
Bapco Paints, Baplac Varnishes, Shingle Stains, Brushes, Oils,
Ammunition. Fishing Tackle. Rope. Carpenters' Tools. Garden
Tools. Glass, Locks and Padlocks. Roofing, Building Paper, Powder
104 ESPLANADE "(next Post Office)       NORTH VANCOUVER
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
ln»i Vmcouvs
'6.30 a.m.
7.30 "
8.30 "
9.16 "
10.18 "
11.16 "
12.16 p.m.
1.16 "
3.15 "
3.16 "
4.16 "
8.00 "
6.40 "
6.30 "
7.36 "
8.16 "
'.'if. "
10.16 "
11.80 "
laws Nortli Vis.
'6.16 a.m.
7.60  "
8.60 "
9.46 "
10.46 "
U.46 "
13.46 p.m.
1.48 "
Lhvi Nortli Van.
•6.30 a.m.
•7.30  ".
•8.30  "
9.30 "
10.16 "
11.18 "
13.16 p.m.
3.46 " 3.16 "
3.48 " 3.16 "
4.40 " 4.16 "
6.30 "•      ~ 6.00 "
6.00 " 6.40 "
6.48 " 6.30 "
7.48 " 7.36 "
8.48 " 8.16 "
9.46 " 9.16 "
10.46 " 10.16 "
11.48 " 11.15 "
13.48 s.m.
' Dtnottt not on Sunday.
ttsvs Vsncouvsr
•6.46 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
9.46 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
13.46 p.m.
1.46 "
3.46 "
3.46 "
4.40 "
6.30 "
6.00 "
fl.46 "
7.46 "
8.46 "
9.46 "
10.46 "
13.16 t.m.
1.00 a.m.
Thii Tims 'labia subjsct to chtagt without notiet.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver,'" Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers .»»-
iiniiji.iiia Wli.rl
tvtrv l>«u I xi-ibl bund.)
7.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
11.00 s.m.
13.15 p.m.
15.00 pin.
17.00 p.m.
hi I"' p.m oiiui.ii>). «ni)
9- 30 a.m   burnt.) h, lirtlulc    . .
I3.i5p.nt  "
17.00p.m......... " ...
18.30 p.m	
Single Fare 15c.
I....H.. 1 nil. "Ul.-I
i'Hr FmiIw' wii.ri
h.nn a in.      .
ir.oo a.m.
i3.oo a.m.
14.00 p.m.
16.00 p.m,
18.no p.m
.32.00 p.m.
.lo.oo s.m.
 14.00 p.m.
 '745 P-m.    ■
 22.00 p. Illi
Two Tickots 26c.
Quickest route from North Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, without fail, with the lerry steamers Irom Norlh Vancouver, as per above schedule.
... ■ ■'   .
Wt solicit a trial bid on your Order, small ur largo
Wll.li    EBECT   CITY   HOME    FOB
llonlreul   Tokca   Steps   to   Core   lot
Array   uf   Huge Earning Women
Dull Million Hold I'lunncd-tfo lir
I nitpie  and   Nuiseless   Structure
—Sir    Hi.ail.1.   .-li. ul. ill. ■■■ ....'a   Si
goal ion—Now    Steamer,    otf   tit
bawrence—Mardi of tbe Million.-.
(From mu own correspondent)
Mutilreul, April 10.—Iu thi. great
city of Moiilrc.il there i* an evcr-hi-
creasing array uf wage-earning women.
Tlieae girls and women ure employed
in I'eliinil.... offico., Ii..|'.. private
homos, und ol lur jiIul.b Ion minn-i
on. to mention. Tbey pour into our
cily Irom llie country diatricls ol
('niiiidu, from tbe imuller towns and
village*. Tbey cutne ncru.a tbc ocean
frum llie motlierliiiul, uud, in aiiiull
immlx.ru, frum tbe -soulli. litre tbey
gather to wurk and to live. Tbey
bave lu wurk en.I tbey have lo live
as I.". 1 I buy can.
Fui I her Hum accept ing freely "'
lln-ii work Montreal li.m, thus far,
.l.-ii.- little for tbia .la uf ber population,. And llonlreul ia juat begin
ning lo lealiii' thut nil.' ia in debt
Shortly Wore Sir Tboraiia Shuugb
ncssy went abroad n lew gentl.-inrii,
moat of tIi.-iii in tbe ever expanding
millionaire cla.i, ml in tbe smoking
room of tbc Mount Bovtl Club. Tbc
qiie.lion ol .ociety'a duly to the
working girl aruac. Ibe ini--nl.nl of
tbe Canadian Pacific jumped to fail
I"', paced the room s couple of
times, and ill" i- in. --..I dirndl:
"The young men ol our duy have
everything. Thoy have club house.,
they have well etockod reuding room.,
Ilioy have comlorlable and convenient
mooting placce. Our young women
hoar the bualle and roar of business
about their oars nine boura a day (or
six diiyn a wook. The rest ol the
lime Ihoy upend in Ibe hack hall bsd
room ol a boarding house thinking
about it. Tho more pleasant and
tjiiiol you can Make your employee!
eurroundinge tho more cheerful work
you can gut out ol I hem. We connd-
or money well .peril on Ihe ''. V. K.
II wc csn eliminate noise thereby.
Tho other day I had eovtrol noisdet.
typewriters installed. Some ol the
girls objected because the touch did
not suit Ihora. Sumo genius invented
sn attachment which mado 4he touch
similar to any standard machine a
stenographer happened to be accustomed to. II cost ut money snd it
coat thc typewriter peoplo money to
mess  the  change,  but  tit   ebon-it
look o ii-a-l.-.- click ..ai ol life. If u
mun would iuu-nt un ullacbintiit
that would make u Iruin .... .1. ]
would have il if it coat . fotluuc.
ll'. the buiupa uud clicks ol ihe day'.
wurk ihut make u. weary.
ll wus Ibis lit lie speech, spoken on
tbe .pur of the moment, wbich towed
Ibe seed fur lurger things. A real
home for working women wus suggest-
iaJ--u home embodying: ull thai that j
dear wold really uicani. The*, earn
iiiilliunuirai got their bead, logttbtr.
und architect  und u conlraclor wore
iiiiiiu.-iinl. plans and ipccifioalioii.
were culled for, inquiries were ui.nl.
us lo how .iilii-i cities cojiol wilb lln-
problem, mid the bull sum tut rollin.
Monlreiil is lo h.lM a ball IlllliVill
dullur hotel esdutncly foi woniiV
U will be un AdsoilcfS Eden, so lo
-jn-.ik. ami ju.t u. uui'i'i'- .ai.I Iran
pnl in muny wuys 11. lln- ..in'nnd on
ly original Eden. It will be built
either on Shcrbrooke street, opposite
the Hoyal Victoria College ..r un ll 1
.•I.e.iu atreet nut fui fioin the V
M.C.A. building.
Because ill un incriiis.il How ol iin-
migration Irom Continental purls lu
Western I'mnula und un incrcnae in lln
use ul ihe Si. Lawrence mule by run-
tincntul pussijigi'i s travelling to
points in Ihe western Stalls, two
steamers of Ibe Bed Star i.ine Ii.im
been Ir1111sfern.1l und will ply between
Ituii111l.ini uml Quebec instead of
betwtx'n Antwerp uml Ktw York as hi
Tbey ure Ihe Sauiliiutl and lln
'liilliliiinl, and will lw included i'i Ibe
('uimdu Line suriicr. lucr.-iiK" to tin-
licet, ..I the While slur -Dominion, Ike
Tbompaou Lino and the Allun I in.
huve also been onnnuiicnl. I'iCuliorb
I'lit.uirli in almoat every in.lame tlm
vends are Iwing I akr-n Irom tbe New
York- to Ihe Si.. Lawrenat, a auinll
fact iu itself, bul showing plainly in
winch way Hie witnl is blowing.
NOBTH VAMOI VLB splendidvies
lola overlooking horliciillurnl uml 1
i-ieiiliun grounds, oO h. lots, i,nl\
♦700; term.. These aro a snap ninl
will be sold si once. Sir Mr. Mel.
waine, 163 Third street ft., lourlb
hoUM east ol brnmliil.- Sl-f
ni.Nov al notice
f!. 8. yOUNf! li GO., rsal ctt.sf*
ogente, removed lo room No 10, Me,
chant. Bank block, cor. C1111..II and
Hotting., Vancouver. Specialty,
North Vancouver pro|>orty. InvHu
listings ol propsrly bouses. 14-4
Over 100 piecet to clioote from
10 cents a copy
Warbumitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonadale Avenue Phone 114
It Pays to Read the Classified Ads.
Breads    Bread.
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.  Better  Bread,
Don't forget our latest Home Made Jsoaf.
■Mores.7llu»«da.eAve. Cor. Iwulme k iti. St. mm
Ops Dollsr dspuiited in the Bunk ol
Hamilton might mesa the firat Btop
toward ths accumulation ol a fortune.
Tba man who .coma the augacioua
ime.ilment ul his savings Ium yet to
Isnrn ths true principles ol Irugiilily
and thrift.
Deposit ons dollar to-day-bsgin-to
provide agaimt old age nnd financial
C. G. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver.
The lolluwing upp.iiiitiu.iiia nave
been mado by His Ho/iW tho Lieutenant-Governor since thB\ beginning of
the month ol April;
John K. Griffith, Victoria, Ip bs
public works engineer Irom the 1st o|
April, lllil.
(leorge ,1. Walker, Fort George, deputy mining recorder lor the Curtbqu
mining division.
Churlea  W. Gain,   llarkcrville,  gold
comniisainiter   for   th • Caribou    'ind
(Juemiel ininiiiL' division.
. li. i . I nun. mining recoider lor ihe
i in. an i mining division.
Hugh i I,nl.., Victoria, junior clerk
in Iliu ulbcc of the police aiipcrintuid-
Dciiier! ('. I'liyson, Alherni, nssist-
uiit eonimiaaioucr ol lunda lor tbe land
rueording .hum ol liitpert, Nnaikii,
t'layoipiet and Barclay.
I   I „i
Real Estate and Fire Insurance Agents
reements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, Rents Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. 0. Box 72
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.     Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For Plans, Pries List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. .     Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
s> i
Alesandor Campbell, Vancouver, notary publio.
The commissioners fur taking .il'idu-
vits in thu supremo cuurts appointed
since April 1st uro: Thomas Bum, <>f
tho  ilevolatoku olecttiral district.
Hugh Konundy, A. U. Aiken, A. I'..
Kent, Ii. L. ilobirls, A- Fui'lull,
ThninuB .lulluud, li. ,). Hartley, It. 11.
Nobis, Thus. Htedliuin, H. W. Davit a,
,1. (i. Ifullally, F. .1. Fiiwottt, .1.
Sheppiird, Aaron Lewis, lur lho Mo-
tori* electoral district.
Tenders are invited for lha erection
of achool h. in. ■ nt lliimmund, 'tet
til, Nnrth Cowichun, l'ort Huminoii'l,
uml Stewart, all of ilrili.h t'olitmliia.
Tentlors for construction of 'i ooilit
house at Vuneouver ari[ alio requested,    ,
I'lniis huve lnh.il depoaileil in Ihe
public works dcpnrlmuut al Oitiwii
for the building of n large whnrf ut
I'rince Hupert,
Asssysrs'   o*rtl|loatss   huve    been
. i.ii.i. .1 to the following gentlemen :
Mosul's, llrowiii', Patrick, .loaupli und
Shorey, ol Vietoriu.
Not lie of the assignment nf Unity
K. Print ul Prince Rupert lor the
henelit of his orsditors.
Licenses havo been granted lo iho
undermentioned extra provincinl companies :
Canadian Explosives l.ilililnl, Mun
(reul, cupilal $15,l)lW,(ilK).
Kimpp Co I,"I, -I Montreal, oapi-
I'lieilie ('nasi fire In-iiralicu Company, Vancouver, capital 11,000,000,
Shieiliiili/ Furniture Company Limited, New Hamburg, Ontario, cupitul
Soil,in in.
I'nilotl London and Scottish Insurance Co. Limited, Loudon., I'lniluii I,
i'a|.iial l'.:uiii,iiiiii.
:   The   Diiiniiintl   Itubbcr   Co.   ol New
I York und  the Holler  (Shoe ('ompany
have been grunted registration as ox-
iin provincial companies.
Merlin A.  Merrill hus applied   for a
wuler  record  on   Imtrisu   lake, Tsu
Skundale hike and \in llivcr, II. C.
The Canadian Financiers
120 feet on Mahon Avenue
Car Line at  $62  a foot
<J LoU 33 and 34, Block 112a, D. L. 271, 120 feet by
100 feet deep, only $7500,1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
«M Gr.nvill. Stmt     VANCOUVEB, B. C,
Idol  E.UU.      li-1 III HU' ''
TsUphoa* .Hi.
Authorised  Cupitsl
Honey lo I min.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. j.wo| Haaagw.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150.   Cash $450, balance 6 and 12 months
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
Uu »bov« lot* sr. among th. beet buy. iu North Vancouver, ind inlcndiag investors will serve their own I
iatsrtst* by luvsttigstiag.  We b*v* tb* cxclunvt ul* sad alio s largo li.t ol other lots in the City.    It is
ia your own inttraat to csll snd Inspect our list Wort deriding.
Real Estate Agent*.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
JlritMi Columbia Branch Offices:
4 I/wsdala Ave., North Vancouver
1111 Gimrnrheot St., Victoria
Branch Offices iniSurope:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Paris, France   *
; Ht. Andrew'a 1'reibyleiian church,
lith street: Services ut II a.m. nnd
7.110 p.m. .Sunduy aehool 3.80 p.m.
I'ruyer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'-
I clock.
Lynn Vulley Presbyter ian Cliui'b -
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m, l.nion
Sunduy School,   'J.I10 p.m.     It.   Van
j Mini 1.1.  MA.  pa La
I    Lynn Valley Methmlist Church—Ser-
I vice   every   Sunduy   evening in Institute Hull  at 7  o clock.   ' Im-.   Vakc-
Icy, pastor in charge.
| Baptist Church-Cor. nth und St.
j George. Servieea, 11.00 *.in. und 7.110
I p.m. Bible school ai 12 Uoou. lluv.
0. 11. Blunden.
North Lonsdale Prctbyterisi
i—Worship, Sunday., 7,110 p.
day School, i.'.lO p.m. If
! iter, M.A., pastor.
! St. .John thc Evangollit, 8th and
l-'.ih streets: Holy communion, 8 un.
inoiaing prayer, 11 a.m. ; evening prayer, 7.S) p.m. On the hist Sunduy iu
(he month thero will be a second calibration of the holy communion ut
11 a.m.  Hector, Bev. Hugh Hoopsr,
Methodist Chinch, corner ol Sixth
j street and St. (jeorgo'a Avenue—
'Sunday prcarhing Bcrviecs ut  II.ut a.
in. and 7.1)0 p.m., Sunday School sn
, I'.ihle ( lu.-i- at i.'ill p.m., Senior l.ea-
1 gin. on Monday evening at Min p.m.,
prayer and praise service on Wednes-
i day evening at 8.01), .Junior League
! service on Thursday iftcruooB'at 3.110.
i A cordial welromo is . ,i. ml. .1 to all
■ to attend these sorvices. I'astor, W.
! ().  . It lilu hi.a, i. al. ii. .-, corner Keith
Koad and St. Andrew's.
Indian Catholic Church ol St.
l'uul'a. Muss, 7.110 a in. Sunday*. Bailor, Bev. K. J'cytavin, O.M.I.
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Mahon Avenue: Sundays—Mast 10.80 o.
m., Sunduy School 2.110 p.m., Hoaary
Bunetliction uml Saimou 7.30 p.m.
St. Agnes Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
lbiv. T. J'.. Howe. l.'MI p.m. ovensong
every Sunday i 11 am. Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday ol every month.
St. Clement's, Lynn Valloy—Vicsr,
Bav. T. E. Ho..'' Assiatant I'riest,
Bav. H. B. lla lam. B.A. 7.30 p.m.,
evensong, every Sunday: 11 a.m.
holy communion, lit Sunday ol every
St. Thomas, Norlh Lonsdale—Vicar,
Bev. T. E. Rowe. 8 a.m., overy Sunday except 1st Sunduy in month : 8.3(1
n in. let Sunday in month; ll nm
Matin Litany ond sermon, 2nd and 4th
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and ..'iini.ii, lut and 3rd Sundays.
The   Salvation   Army-S. A.   Hall,
Lonsdule Avenue :
Sunday—11 a.m., holiness meeting;
3 p.m., children's meeting; 7.16 p.m.,
salvotion meeting; Tuesday, 8 p.m.,
holiness meeting; Wednesday, I p.m.,
children's piecting; Thursday, 8 p.m.,
.ulvatiou meeting. ('aptajn Douglas
will visit any who ure eiek or in d
tress at any time.       *
Elegant New Styles in
Spring Sui
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
I'lione 253
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value such an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
and colors. See this line and we will
convince you we can defy all
competition. All sizes to 42 inch.
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 449
Room. U) snd II, l'onder'CliamWra,
6W Pander Street W.       I'sous 8461
Rtsldenet,   cor.  I,on«dats  Avt   sad
92nd .treat, Nortli Vtacouvw.
J"   j,.A   «,, . ..»■'-■
-.   pM'tmoxmmmg/ti
When you do any painting inside or outside
the hour* better be i ure of beat results by
using M-L Pure Paint..
Colon »re cleir.r and oImmi r n J h. t . mo,.
Latin. |lgl. ih.n 1110 I p.'nl. And you rat .0
. looJ it* mill lex M-l. Pair' tli.io "Illi I'lhtr
kind.. Spread, .aii.t. cimr»n'9ie,i'rt.c...nd
kcc.oie ol. mcci.il nlnJilni liui. r'.'oul uric.
M lon|.
fori.-., vcna-lu" li'rlalciior.od .ilciioiiro.il
ol sll kind.. Sold not, in Um- Mi ituimt.
Made by Imperial Viuiii.hA'ioloiCo
Hi-1'.oiiiiiicinli'd and Sold by
North Vancouver Hardware Co. TH» HWR&B, NORTH VANCOUVER B. C.
/ STO*
Ai life moves on and you reach the meridian of your
alloted span, or if early in life, owing to severe strain,
I If your sight begins to fail, a remedy or aid should he
sought st once. Now ii the lime to observe care. You
need an optician who is jusl and trustworthy, one who
hss mastered every detail of his profession, and in whose
care you cm be sure of pleasing results.
In "Birlu'" optical department every csre is observed
by the experts in charge. Here one of the best equipped
lens grinding plants is operated.' Here glasses are fitted
by, competent hands, and every csre taken in repair
work, while satisfaction is assured in sll esses.
aa   i, '  [ ':. :■' "   I, ■ a   -  . :.',.' ,'■ i..■ i.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers anil Silversmiths
tleo. K. Trnrey,
.Managing Director
Hastings & Granville Sis.
Parkdale Fjnest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. ol good Tea        -        -        -       - -       1.50
5 lbs. of belter Tea   -       ...       - -    | .75
5 lbs. of the best Tea     -       ... .         2.00
Corner First Street and Si. George
Why pay 1350.1)0 lor rough uncleared Lota when we can ■< 11 you
the vtry best clcured Lota without u ntono on them, level ua a (able
and into grass. Been cultivated for ten yours, Siluutcd on Centre
Boad, being tbe best Boad on the North Shore and one bluck frum
the Car Line, School, Chinch and store; have city water, elet'trii
light and telephone.
Price 1350 (o WOO cath. Terma |II|0 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
months. These Iota will bring at least in our estimation 100 tier
cent, profit on the umount invested within sis otoliths. Buy ijuick,
they ar. going last.
P. 0. lio* 172
Nortli Vancouver
-«-*>IM*l ,***. '
Seed Potatoes
All  our scuds art  specially iclectcd and te.|e<l lo comply   with
Seed Control Act.  In buying seed, don't overlook quality.
We also carry a lull lino ol FERTILIZERS
The Brackmart-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Firry Landing.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
FAIO tl? CAPITAL IIMjOMiW *. THOMPStHl TINN. M.n.nin, Director
We operate the only pap-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Car I age Co.
7 lonidale Ave.
I'llllM ■ Ml
-JBBANCH OFFlCF.i M QM arc.St.. IooJod,Fji.l.nJ.-
(Opntlntied from page 8)
tlerlnf wpt money you (jot left.   You
"liy tilt way, csptalnl" Klrkwood
looked up at this, but Btryker was already halfway up tba companion.
Cautiously the Amerlcun opened his
right list and held to the light that
Which bad been concealed, close wadded In bit grasp. % square qf sheer
linen edged With lace, crumpled, but
spotless and diffusing In the unwholesome den a (Slnt, Intangible fragrance,
tbe veriest wraith ot tbat elusive perfume which be would never again In-,
hale without Instant!/ recalling tbat
nlgbt ride through London In tho Intimacy ot a cab..
Ile closed hit eyes and saw bar
again as clearly aa though she stood
hefnre lilm - huir ol gold mossed shove
the forehead of snow, curling In iiiloru-
ble tendrils at tbe nape pf ber oscli,
lips like scarlet splashed upon the lm-
iiiiit-nlnlo whiteness of ber skin, bead
poised audaciously ll) Its spirited,
youthful allure, dark eyes smiling tbe
least trace sadly beneath the teyel
Unquestionably the handkerchief wat
hers If proof other than tbe assurance of bis heart were requisite be
bud ll In tbc Inlilitl dolicately embroidered in one i.i   -i D, for Dorothy I
Quivering with excitement, he bent
again over Ibe book and studied It In-
icnily. After all, he bad not been
if rongl He could assert now, without
I tar ot refutation, that Btryker bad
Some uue bsd wielded an Industrious
pencil uu the page. It was, taken as a
whole, iriiiiiiti of clews. Its very
bonding was Illuminating, "Loudon to
\ 11....1111:.-11 (Flushing) and Breda,"
which happened lo' be tbc quickest
and most direct route between London
and Autwerp. Beneath It, in tbc Bee
nnd .-011111111 from tbe right, tbe peucll
bad put a check murk agalust "Queens
Aud uow be saw ll '".irly. Dolt
tbat he bud beeu not to tftivc dl>ined
It ere tbisl The Alcthca had run In to
Quocusborougb, landing ber passengers there that they might make eon
iieetion with the 11:10 morning boat
for i-im lunp, tbe very side wboel
steumer doubtless wblcb he bad noticed beating out In tbe teeth of the
gale Just after the brlgautlno bad
picked blm up.
A third check bod been placed
agalust tbe train for Amstcrdum selied
tiled to leave Antwerp st 632 p. ui
Momentarily Ids heart misgave him
when he saw this In tear lest C'aleu
Oar and Dorotby should bsve gone un
from Antwerp tbe previous evening
hut then he rallied, discovering thul
the host train from Flushing did nut
arrive at Antwerp tin after 10 ut nlgbt
ami there waa no later train thence
for Amslcrdom. Were tbe loiter truly
their purposed destination they would
have stayed overnight aud he leaving
that very evening on tbc 8:311 On lln
utbor band, why should they wait fm
the latest train rather than proceed In
the Orst available In tbo morning'
Why but because Calendar and tlitl
ready were to wait for Blryker lo Job
iliain on tho Aletbea?
Very well. then. If tbe wind bcltl
and Blryker knew bis business, then
would be another passenger on I bat
iralu in addition to the Calendar pnny
Making mental note of Ibe fait thu
tbe boat train for Flushing and I	
don wns scheduled to leave Autwerp
dally at 8:21 p. m., Klrkwood rostnie.l
ibe guide to tbc locker lost Inadver i
lent ly tbc captain should pick U ill
nnd sec what Klrlrwood bad seen
An hour later be went on deck   The
sklcR bud blown clear, and Ilic brlgnn \
tine wns well In land bound wolert
ami still fm.ting a rattling pace    Am  j
warp wus in sight.
A troublesome care stirring tn !n>
mind. Klrkwood Itoked round Ibe
deck, but Btryker was very busy, cu
tlrely too preoccupied wilb tbc ban
tiling of Ids ship to be Interrupted witti
Impunity. Besides, there waa'plenty
of time.
Up past thc dockyards, where spl
dory masts stood In dense groves uboui
palutcd funnels and men swarmed
over huge wharfs like ants over a
crust of bread; up and round the Dual
great sweeping bend of thc river. Hie
A let lieu made ber sober way, ever with
greater slowness, until at length lu
the rose glow of a (lawless evening
ber windlass began to clonk like a
mad tblng and ber anchor bit tbc river
bed near the left bank between old
Forts Isabelle snd 'lets de Flsudre.
frowned upou from the right by ihr
grim pile of tbe age Old Btcen castle
Klrkwood sought Btryker, bis cork
ing query ready on bit lips, but tbr
captain Impatiently waved blm osldc
"Don't you bother no now, me lud
Juke. Wytc uutll I gets done wilb
tbe custom hofflcer."
Blryker, smirking benignly and mas
saglng bis lips wltn tbe back of bis
band, followed tbe official on deck,
nodded to Klrkwood aa Intimation that
he was prepared to accord blm an audience and strolled .forward to tbe
waist. Tbo American, mastering bis
resentment, meekly followed. One
cannot well afford to ba haughty when
one Is asking favort.
Advancing to the rail, tbe captain
whistled in one of tbe river boats,
tben, while the waterman waited,
faced his passenger.
"Now, yer r'ysl 'Ignusss, wot csb I
do for you afore yoa goes ashore?"
"I tblnk you muat bave forgotten,"
safd Klrkwood quietly. "I halt to
trouble you. but-Uierafa that matter of
Striker's fan waa upresslve only
ef mystified vacuity,   "four quid?  I
duniio as (Know Just wot ycu means."
"You agreed to advance me fA on
Ibose things of mint."
"Owl" Illumination overspread tbe
hollow Jowicd countenance. Blryker
smiled cheerfully. "Genu witb you I"
he chuckled, "too will 'ave ftt Utile
Joke, won't, you, npsj?   I dtclart I
never see a -loony witb sucu ansc.
sh'tilt, pl'yfu| wyesl"       a
Klrkwood's eyes narrowed. ."Btryker." he said steadily, "give sue the £4
ant] jet's have no more nonsense or
else band over my things at once."
"Daffy," Btryker told vacancy, witb
eoiivii-iiiiii. "Lor' luv me It I sees 'ow
be aver 'ad sense enough to escyps.
W'y, yer majesty," and be bowed,
ironic, "1 'ave given you yer quid."
"Just about as much aa I gave you
tbat pearl pin," retorted Klrkwood
hotly. "What do you racan"-
"W'y, yer ludsblp, £4 Jus' pyes ysr
passyge.   1 thought you understood."
"Uy passage! But 1 can come across
by steamer for SO shillings, lirst
"Aw, but Iheni atesmcrsl Tricky,
tbey Is, an' unsyfe. No, yer gryce.
tbe W. Btryker i'acket Hue. lim'led,
Loudon to Antwerp, cbargea £4 per
paBsygo an' uo reduction for return
Stunned by bis effrontery. Kirkwuud
stared hi silence.
"Any coinplynts," continued tbe captain. 11-"i.iup over Klrkwood's head.
"must be lyde afore tbe board of directors hi writ in' not moro'n thirty
dyes urftcr"-
"You d—d scoundrel!" Interpolated
Klrlrwood HiotighlfuUy.
Slryker's mouth closet) with a simp:
his fen ui res froze In a cast of wrath,
cold rape glinted In his small blue
•kjcs. "W'y." ho bellowed, "you bloom
In' Inni'iiil- d'ye think yon enn sye
that to Hill striker on is own vwu-l!'
He hesitated a moment, then launch
ed u heavy list at Klrkwood's face
Unsurprised, thc young man able
Stepped, caught the bard, bouy wrist
as the captain lurched by, following lib
wasted blow, uud with .- dexterous
twist Iuid blm Uut ou bis back with s
sounding it,iimp upou tbe deck. And
us the Infuriated scamp rose, which be
did with a In.uml Ihut placed bitu on
his feet and iu defensive posture .-.
though thc deck bad been u spring
board, Klrkwood leaped back, seized s
capstan  bur and faced   him   with n
"Btund clcur, Blryker!" be warned
tbe utau tensely, himself livid with
rage. "If you move a step (loser I
swear I'll knock the bead Off youi'
sbouldcrsl Not uuotber inch, you con
tamptJbla whelp, or I'll brain you
That's better."  bo continued as tht
HTM u il. it. urns iu.ua laid Mm (On oil
lilt back.
captain, caving, dropped bis nsls aud
moved uueuslly buck. "Now give that
boaimaq money fur taking me ushure
Yes, I'm gulug, und If wc ever meet
again lake the other sldo Of thc way
Without respuuse, a grim suilh
wreathing his I bin, bard lips, BlryLci
ilirm-i one baud into bis pocket ond
Withdrawing a coin, loused It to lln
waiting lioiiiinini. whereupon Kirk
wood bucked warily to tbo rail, nh.ni
duned ihe capstan bar and dropped
over thc side.
Nodding tu thc boatman. "Tbc Bteen
landing qulekl)," be sold in French
, Btryker, recovering, advanced io the
rull and waved blm ( derisive bun
voyage.      J
"Uy-by. yit heiccUency. I 'ope II
muy anon be my pleasure to meet you
again You're been a real privilege Ic
i. now I've iii.-njo} i d yer comp'ny some
thin Immense Don't know as I evci
met such a rlppln', ay No. 1, sll round
eiilertynln' as. afore!"
Itupldly as be was ferried across ibe
busy Scln-l.lt. ibe white blaze of Kirk
wood's passion cooled, but tbe lilting
irony of hut estate ate, corrosive, Into
his- soul. Uollow eyed be glsrcd vu
■■ antij Into space, pale lips uumovlng
his features wasted witb despair.
Tbey came to tbe landing stage and
swung broadside on. Mechanically thr
American got up and disembarked. Ar
hecdlcsa of time and place be moved
up Ibe quay to tbo gangway and so
gained the esplanade, where, pausing
he thrust a trembling band Into bl.
trousers pocket.
The bsnd reappeared, displaying hi
lis outspread nalin three big, round
brown, British pennies. Staring down
st them, Klrkwood's lips moved.
"Bedrock!" he whispered huskily.
i    i. .'Hai mil        niiiiiiii nil   nil  ■ 11!■——(—
i , i i
We want your butineu, and if you
will give u* a trial will »how you
that we have the goodi, the pricea
and the beat aer vice in North Vancouver
Nails, Building Paper and Finished
Houie Hardware delivered! pn the
job in abort notice.:
Patterson. Goldin & Clark
'   '   ii i
will be ,on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'i
office, 50 Lonsdale' Avenue
The Gurriey-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
fuel und belief baking results.
only does its work UETTER
but AT LESS COST (ban
othei Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chancellor principal ul economy
anil efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not v.i.iill that much
of your time right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
I'limn- 58. 133 Lonidale Avenue,
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.    Reserve Fund $2,652,333
2 Officei in North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits uf III.oo and upwards received.
J tilt rest allowed al current rates.
Hunker's Money Orders issued.
Bulb offices transact a general banking business
and are open un Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
WITHOUT warning or presage
(lie .till evening sir wu
amltito and made softly mu-
, deal by (lie peuUiig ot a du>
isDt cblffle calling vespers to lis broth
era lo Antwerp's hundred belfrU-a
like tht beating ol t might}- heart
baud ttirough tba retbjng clamor ol
(To bt wtiaiisd)
1,., turn u.ing
OU-lubioosd t>yf
Raiabow Drss
They both began at the aame time.
Which Do Von U*T
do not toil the hands or stain or ruin ceofog jateaajlt.
OKAI* F«l* J»Ogl#T AKD COWI flAlp »T
tf 8. araJWfBU,
#. 0. MieoMIIMM, ,1/ Kit alort
ui .jm aumui-lu- i.. (jaiijuttajt .wun*m*m*ti*mm Mjpl
Express Want Ads.
#ANTE» - ¥ttn to cut firewood.
Wsshorue, Bos* Koad Lynn Valley
of lispns* Office.
WANTKB-l.sd),   at busineu. during
Foil KENT - Fiirnialisd bQUBBkaop
ing rooms, 2)8 2nd street east.    28-.
i Inn I. ii o*n hav. ilium In prlvutt
huiiiiii   near   lerry   with or   s/ithuul
'!*?  yrt,J"** roo,n'  "ol "" "ri  board.    Bus 002, B.press Offies. IM
lin*.  Hoi 038 Esprest O0n».       IHI ■	
*m -™-» r-n .	
Japanes* Wuiinui want, wurk, waah-
iisg, etc. Ifltb itreet eait. I'. 0. Bo.
HO,  Telephone 69. 17-4
WANTRD-At "nee, » yung girl,
Apply morning, Ure. ('nmuu-r, »ir.
17th und HI   Imuiu.' IH
WOOp FOR HALE-an conls good
dsy (Ir. Apply Fred Hunter, Centre
Wad, Lynn • Vulley, or l.ynii Creek,
[Nasi office.
VANTEIf-A few parlies to join a
ayndioulii who own a lurg* tract ol
choice fruit land in Iho tlkatiagan
Valley, fronting on ihe laks. A guild
aubdividing proposition anil a big
moneymaker wilh a tpiick lunlnver.
Apply II..V liil, I »pi, .- Office. .
... '
WASTED' I'r.lperly, uninr or build-.
er    to    .'.. t     store,    und    room.
, or    a    buil'liiig   nol   lass   thuii   Sn
riinnia, mint lie fonvfiiii'iil  lu    ferry,'
TO BENT-l'iilurniabid large front
room, two blooks Irnm ftyry. Apply
A2, Eipresa llffiee. 4-11
TO HENT-Shed Ofl large corner bit
ut terminua ol our linu weaion Keith
ltoad. (10 per inuiilh Irom lit Muy.
Apply Owner, I'oat tlfiice Boi 5111,
Vancouver. 14-4
WASTF.IMiirl to sstist with light
housework. Hri. tthukeupeurc, till til.
wt*t. 14-1
FOB     .SAI.E-I'ointor   I'upa,    two
miHitha ..hi    Sotler eight inoutha „lil
All  prize winnora at  lust   Vnncuiivor
dog allow.     Apply Miiiul) v-illc llutol.
UI.ST-Black puiikelliiink containing
aum  ol money und Dipart.      I'indor
.   WuuldT«iae;i'h««-' rsiurn  In Wtt  Hurray  Cp.
lot 6 yours.  .1. Mcllwnii"-, IS2 Tbinl: B"*1^-       l4'
atreel oait.
I.O.ST—Black und while Keller l'up
WANTED - Quotations   lur   clear-  jy^j (l m ,emltm Unpilunu Sun
iug lot 3, block 3, D. L. 273,   Keith \,Hy ^,miMn.    ()wnor 814   Hinting.
BoUll,     lielU.ei       M.i.l.      lllill      ijin-ll
bury |   aim lot  I, block t, II. I.. i!7:i,J._
Keith  Ituiiil. Iieii'.i en ij.ii. n-liui;   and
ljutharland Ave.     (hii.. .Steele lieally
Co.,  .ViS   Pender   Sire,t Will,    VstV
couver. IH
alroet.   I'll.an   1077.
lu l
J.  I out i'I  tnd  North   I oa da la
Elder Hurray Co. hn liniiranco.
Freah   Uliuiv   lor
Keene, I Sih ilroet.
Hiita.   c. «.
Firit rla.i Cook Stove lor uile. Apply at I27 liontdalt Avt, 6-1
FOB SAI.K i.nli.ir.l Hunt/man
I'iano. Humi going eatl. Will aacri-
flc  Um B, Esprtit tllliii'.
Fllll   SAI.K   Kggi   iruin   ihuruugh
broil Wl.ii.  WyundnUe anil While 1*U
In,in.     Apply Hn. Kdgnr Hill, Mnl
%mii.t .a,.I I ..i.-.l .1. II I
Thoroughbred Leghorn and White
Wyauiliillo egg. fur .ah'. Hr.. It. I'.
Wright, Nurth I.... .1.1. bMwsns Dill,
tnd 17th.  Fliun. 32. In I
FOB .SAI.K-Thurouglihral Leghorn
and While Wvuiuloiin rgga. Hn. II
('. Wright,   .North   l.oiihlub, Iwlwut'ii
Huh and lilh      I'I, 32 Ull
FOR SALE- lu ho3, one lot Willi,
iu bluck 1, lot 17. 1'iicc f" Will
•rll agrtansnl, Vi'ih «s.h. II.»• till
Sfllh Februaiy, Ull2, lo pay rial Apply .1. A. Fillir, SS. Inlsadsr, I'ort
Ellington, II. C. IM
LOT-One bluck bum I uncial, ci,
sTi'i I,.-) ti'iim Hr.. Hcllwainr,
IS2 Third llrtst eiul, Ith bolus fiuin
Lonsdale. *M
FOB SAI.F.-Oni I.I." - from   l-n.
dill.    .  .1, Hi, .1.-   a I'I     I "', ''I I''I   I'Olll
ag*, price Ihtfl, caiy turn- Hn. He
liwaine, IM (hud .tract rail, Uh
boua. bum l.oii(lnli An. It-I
NOBTH VAMOl Vl.lt High .nd
dry lot. Adjoining North \anfouv>,
Titian (lull yroiaudi, ,»l) s In Boa
una.,Id, ial... (IrVl, | ■ ...li, lialai...
will bs wild it once. Aw Hr. Hell-
IA2 Third itrsut E., lourth hoiu* •
of l/ontdaU' 21 t
Wt will buy or .uli.sg. your itovsi,
r.afM aad hou»»hold goodi for ipol
'cub. Tuiwr'., 7t| Lonadal. Avaeus.
I'bom IM.' : X Bos 111.
SOT A SI'KCl LATUM, .bul n
..mud Investment. Two HI (I. Lot* on
lluuloviird uml niio Work Iruin Lome
tlule cur ; only IWSI oath B*S mo im
in,«liulcly iilioiil llics*. Hr. Mollwaino,
1.12 Third tlresl K, fourth  house oj.i
ul   Uaiahlle. '->
Hiii   Kvu   IIuIhIcu  ii  prcpurod   tn
lake 2 ur 3 mure pupil, into her ulternoon   preparatory   school.      For
t ii in. apply Box 2I'J, North Vuncou-
TENDERS lur the iupply ol • ne WI
i ..M..ii Buail Sprinkler will lw r.y*iv-
.-I by the umbiraigiieil until 6 p.m. un
Thursday, I3lh inil.
The lowett or any lender mil nanat:
luril)  soaaplsd,
'   .1. B. COrMlUllVE,
Iri.tmi  Kngin.tr.
Dlstnct stiimnpnl OHit,
.North Vancouver, II. •'-,
llllli April, IUII. HI
TENDERS ar« invittd lor tht loa.i
of Ih. ru.tuui.nt privilege, un tho
■Isamsr North Vuncouvn l'Vriy No.
3 ('onditiim ol lease and other P.ur-
ii'uluii uiiiv b. uiitiiiiinl frum tht un
tleiaigned with whon lender, limit Ik
lodged un ur l«hn, April 12th, IVII.
Ilighi.t ur any landei not iieeu.«or
ily soot|ilsd.
T. ■   111' A 1(11        11
Hootu 10 sad 11, Psodst Cbsasbara,
;   6S2 I'tndsr Strict W.        I'son* 3*61
tu*.  oor.  I.oatdtlt  An
Dad itrstt, Norlh Vasco./ir.
. iflHI'V it haraby givm that all v.
tap* Crown Isadi not alrsfly undn
fsssrvt, ailustsd within tht bomida,
1*1 id lb* (sued RKonbng lli-uM« <A
IViljoo sod Uhtoost, sad th. Ksav
bxip. MvtaVia of V#h. i^ad Bacoad
ing IJi*i*i*t, nn rmmmi Worn •>•>
■lisaatiua «adtr tat "I*nd Act" •■
sspt by pit ttaplim
ImMT wkmim 4 l«*<' •
D.'p.uls»ast of Ua*b,
Victoria, II, 0,/April »rd, IUII   1-6
lu whom il Buy I'unnru :
I. V, Urshaiu, whu wa. laoantly be
lure the oourli il uirf relnlod in any
way to W. 1). or A. 'irah.mo ol I "ii-
dsU Avkus.
NOTICE to < o.ntba(;tobs
SI.AI.KII TENDERS on lb. pranrib
ed lormi and n'compimiad by cartifiid
.h»iu. or null for 6 por ■ .nt. o'
smounl of lander, will Im received b;
th. undcriignsd onlil 6 p.m. ua
Thurtdty, April l*h, 1211, fur the
I.,II"mug :
1. (.Tasting, grubbing and grilling
right ot-wsy for lidewuiks, Nortli
i. QiaiaBjt . I'liiiaii, und i .in ■
road in Block :vi, D, l„ %fl6.
3. C'lsaring, grubliing and grading
mad in D. I.. «01 and D. 1.. Wi'
4. Clearing, gruMiing snd grudin;
Road, I ,,11 13 to 25, Block 3, D. f.
lb. bjwsit or say Ussdtr nut nrett-
Issrily Miu-i^id.
flialrirt EaghsMT.
Di.lrirt Uuniripnl Offiup,
N„ilh Vancouver, B. C,
4th April, 1211 II4
'--; --I'-- --r *■ ■"   --■'■'■ ~
Hr.. W. II. HUkt*|Mirc of 4|h (tract
ysct will n,at rsoaivr Wodipsday,   12th
BORN-Ob  8und*y,   April M>,  I*
Hr, Mid Mrs. J. H. Frommt,  Lya*
A pouforfltPB is■ being holtl this af-
toru'im betwisn the city c^nojls «l
ViHicouvur unci Nurth Vnnoouyari lu
mmsidtra liroiioaition fqr a Bilbwuy
under tho CIl'.II. trucks to tbo ferry
wharf. Hr. Alominihir l'hilip, prcsi-
il.-iii of I In' |ucal Board ol Tnuln hus
proeured a price on the small triangle
uf property lying betwiwu Albsaiulur.
street nnd thu C.I'.H. riglrt-ol-wuy, at
the niiiiiiiii'i' to ih.' ferry leaaohuhl
and it is Imp. -I that proliminuriue muy
be arranged bulking to cu-npeiutiou
between ths two cities for the purchase uf tho prnpci'ty und the cun-
. i ■ in-i i.,ii of u subway whose sui||horn
.'iiliaiiie vvuiihl hn l.n'iilwl thuri-iiii.
* Canadian Verse
By Aiiins Henry Chandler.
[I'r. A inns llinry Chandler, son ul
'Ilic late l.ii'iiii'iiiinl-liiiviirnnr ('Iniii I
1'T, wus horn in Dorchester, N.B., in
I-..7. Conjointly with the lata Rev.
0, I'. Inl-.an.y he publish "Lyrics,
'Sings and Suiincts," in 1680.]
Dreary, dreary,
I ii ..lv'.- iiiii-ii. ara sweeping
Cp iii.   stricken  vales of Wnsliuur,!
liil.il: .   .
Weary, weary.    '
Is my heart and weeping,
White the cold waves dash upon the
Filled, tilled
Is the  Ian.I  with sorrow,
tu luud vvjilini! mars the angry sen
Stilled, stilled
Will they he to-morrow—
Summer nolat, and murmurs on the
Coldly, coldly
Blent with autumn mists lie
Eve's   il,uk   shadow   'pun   the   hills
Boldly, boldly, '
Like ti giant sentry,
t'liiipeau Dieu keeps vigil o'er Ihe buy
Lay me, lay me,
While the world is waking.
Down to dream on what bss gone
fray ye, prsy ye,
l.e.-t my n. ..it be breaking,
tiled lo hniig her to my side once
By William Talbot Allison.
[William Talbot Allison wus burn
at I'lii'iiinllc, Out.,- Wi. Ile is ii
graduate nf Victoria University, Jknd
list written ui'casiuiial verse Inr'the
insgatinct.   lie live* in Toronto.]
From out the culd boute ol thu north
Thnr't   ilalwtrt    children    hurtled
Funuiik their sullen seas;
Bnutliward tbe Jnthlo wsguns rolled,
While I...il- loretold a realm ul gold,
Ami lam*, snd boundless esse.
I.ninl rung the shields with sounding
The luriuut din nl war arose
Aduwn tin1 dreary land;
Bul Wiiil.'ii held tbem in his ken,
And safely pussed Die Teuton men
Ily every hostile band.
At  length,  one  day,  the  bust  was
At thul glad cry Ibe loremosl shrill-
"Tbe sesl   A suutbern ses!"
As   breathless  stood   tbe   nmlhiiicn
In.   wind swept through their yilluw
Ami  -uing of tinpery.
Id.in.'.- doom wus   wiiii. n   lit   ih.'ii
Fell It*((Still Under liuiny skin,
ll< ath ull the 11..1.1. n  Hum:
Nuw,   hy tint   Mud.   whul   smitltcru
Or buul Ihut uny south ses hives,
Can In..' lln  n..ill..in I...mi
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
;annul    Qiinrtur.   LllSStlll   III.      .Ii'l'll
U '■ 1-18. April m, Li>ii.
Thu nniTiitivii ia ohurmiilgly natural
when it ili'.a-iili... the uliaiul ol tbs
women to the 'sepulchre. They run
.with additional spiues to complete the
embuliiicnt desisted (mm on approach
of Sabbath. Thny start prcoipitUtaly
fiii'geltlug In luku some one strung
eiiiiiigh (ti mil ttwny lite sloiio. Thoy
iiilh'cl in 'lla'ir aijliun lho moitlul. slate
uf ull lho iliiuiples. If Ihuy romembor-
ml .leans' wuiila uliout rising they attached no literal aignilieuncu to Ilium.
Ingvuooiisuess is iiieoiitustublu. li. au
riiclinii waa cumplelu anrprieo tp
them. Spices in l|iiud was ovhluucu uf
siniHirily. Their suspininn nf Ibufl
pi'iived them no putty tu rubbery.
Thnt garden witnessed must rcmurk-
able guard-relief uf all history. Ilo-
liiiin ..I.iiei. inureil lu iilnrin i|i|uk>itl
nud swiiune.l. Angels luuaiitnl guunl
in their sleud. Anmng huly wnniun ut
cross and grave Mary Mugduhiuu
slntiils lirst. It is bclievml to bo ti
mistake which identities her with tlio
"wuiniiii whu wus u sinner", .lest.
hull Sol her five Iruin smile malady,
Shu espress** u|ipfeciutinn when she
slurls lirst lu thu grave. Whul wui
iu her lin.nl wus still richer Hint wh.it
wus iu her Inuui. ' bVseriptlnn ul
M.vy's i....; i,iii. n ul Jesus is una uf
the must iinitpio und skillful things 111
lileiiitiire. iMmli in little ! ".Inius
snilli it nl o her 'Mary !' She turilull j
hersell ami with until him 'My Muster !' Myslitul meaning uttuHied to;
■lesus' wui'.ls 'Tiiueh mo nut !' is un- '
nucossiiiv. They nu I.i Im roud 'lln ]
mil pljng lu mu nuw. '('hers will bo
oppnrlunity to espress uffectinlt luter.
Hurry nuw tu my bnlhivn and tell
them I" Ihe tiii.l still'- uf thu lint
Easter is an iu.ieriur one. It is |'. r-
liiips tin. I'uiitn in viluili iii.. lust sup-
pel Was I'lllell. SlicphoiMliii sneep'
uru euweriiig behintj . elusml d itirs
..it..nl ill uiivcs-driipprrs ur ussu.ill.
"I'tini'u I" what a wurd In lie spo'veii
to siii'li a eiiui|iunv ut sui'h u lime by
alli-l, ,i person 1 Ihe "brouthillg" is
synihulii' ml us if drain wus insliliii-1
ing A new auoi'iiinoiit, lur bo says tu
l|ieni just us he did when handing
Ilium bread und cup "luku tht Duly
Spirit I" j
Garden Took
.' '     i i" 3SS
Our sprjng shipment has
just arrived from the factory, cahsi'ting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure Forks, Potato Hooks, etc, The above
are all full strapped and
first grade. Drop in and
look them over,
Paine & McMillan
► The Hardware Sp.ec'alifts Phone 12'
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
Classified Ads. Bring Results.' i
— c\
McMillan'* Tea
I* Good
3 Ibv for $1.00
J. 4. t- H. rlcrilLLAN
.   Ui!
The North
11 live now a gond
stock of
IU'll,l)IN(i I.UMHKIt.
CKII-INti (V Joint)
nt Hoitoin I'liwa
Prompt delivery.
i      ,     .,   ....   .—      —  insa^i	
Eoplanade, Eait
We Sjieciali/c in Society
Printing. Wc cany a
stock nl I'.mlili ins (or
moil orders. K we have
not yours we will get it
£5=    i     ti ,'' "i'isl'
The North Shore Pre..


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