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f     11 men ss i
Among thu titimeruus uffere of situs
fur city hull purposes received aud
opened lasl night hy tliu council were
twu cntiiiuuiiicn'tiiius v.in, li afforded the
city iniln-I., :inn.- considerable trouble.
One was an offer from a Mr. Clarke,
who under u misapprehension wrote
uiieim: ii tract uf land fur the purpose nl u ■■ ,. Iiim.1 site." The othor
wus u letter,from llm uiuii'iiii) nf Hit;
lunil llounl of schuol trustees express
ing the i'.iiiiiiiini-■■ nf the iiuard lo ru
limpiiitli the school pruperty ou Chus-
Inrliclil mciiiic iuimciiiuiiily upon the
psseugn of tlm streel liy law and have
same turned over to lhe eliv.
When, tlm ,„,|iii,,i- i.-n.iii . which
were roceivoil In the usuul way on spe-
iiul application furuis and un a specified date mnl time, were ordered to he
referred to lint city eugineer for lulni-
IiiIiuii, the ipiciliiin arose us lo whullier
llic Iho I'uiiimiiiiii'ulioiiH mentioned
might properly lie Included in ml,nin
Aid. Framr pressed fur llic deferring
of llic whole matter until the llth uf
llm month, ufler which elulf, upuu the
|,ii ui'l nf the schuul liy luw llm liiiei
nl the school lue.'ii.i could lie considered
ub one of the tenders.
Aid. Me lint' pointed out that lenders
were called fur a certain date, thurefure
lhc u.|i,„,I hourd's Idler could only
he considered us u "possibility" ami
tabulated ns such, ll would be mil uf
order lo couiider it a temler
Aid. I'u i' t-uw no 11,i-i,i at all why
ihc   ■ I i  board's tender shuuhl "iiut
I iniHiiliTcil as such auil tni,.ilni,',I
Aid Irwiu Iliuiiglit Ihut unly those
lenders which luul roine iu in lhc rcgu
lar 'tin shoulil hn cinisiilereil.
Aid Hick argued however that the
menu il shoulil lake action for lhc besl
liivuiltuge not for llic reul estate agents
who hiiil tillered sites, Imt for the city
of North Vancuuver.
lu Abl. Irwin's opinion such a pro
it,uii nil as had been suggested woultl
be ipiile mil uf iii.ii"/ The schoul
board's leller could not bit regarded tk
a tender. There was no pries men
tinned. Mow . nulil the cily engineer
lnl,iiinii the price when there was nu
price lo lul,ulnl,'
A i-uiifuaion uf mutiutis, ameiiilmetni
iniuiidmeiila in iiini'ii'liui'iils etc then
fulluwcd, the mayor endeavoring vain
ly In I'Vtrirulc lhe council from the
iiitttht's iti the problem, Jt was discov
tri-.l ilmi uu ui.iuu,„n, who I,ifi moved
tu one effect had seconded an anieud
ineiil to imui Iiiu, that a second alderman
ilc.-lini'il emphatically to second a mn
tiou whip)) ba bad previously spoken
favorably upuu.
Finally the mayor submitted an
amendment to the meeting that the
lenders received that night In proper
order should lie referred to tbe engiueer for lobulation. Thia was carried
by four voles to Iwo. A' million by
Aid. Dick, ."eu'tiiiili'il by Abl. Fraser,
that the other Iwu tenders bu humid
oter lo the uiigliwei'to^hrlai'li to the
iifiiri'inciiiioni'il unes for future refer
ence was also cirried. The mayor wilj
call a meeting fur lite ciinsidnralinii uf
the offers received.
The tenders opened last evening were
us followa:
Thomas Htuwart, lots 17-811, block
1.16, I). L. 371, $60,000.
W. II. Moutelius, luts 14-IB (nu block
or district lot mentioned), $80)000.
Realty Financiers Ltd., lots I l, 29
112, bluck IIH, I). I, 211, (20,51111.
Win. Kirk, M.I)., lut 7, black IIU,
I). I. 616, 110,699.
kjury K. Chance, southwesterly ucre
in block 16, II. I,. 549, $115,0110.
Win. Simpson, northwesterly portion
of block 74, II. L. 541), $34,00(1.
Ramon Oladwlu, lots t in, bluck 1*7,
1). L. 874, $13,000.
Win. Mm uuiu. luts 18 31, bluck 66,
I). L. ,141), $800 per front foul ur I li,
M. Ilrown, Int I, block 1)7, I), I,. 541)
374, $35,111111.
A Thornton, lols 511, block 1311, I). I,
374, $36,000,
Charles dross, lots 1.1 15, block Iiiii.
II. I.. 31)1, »i8,ililll.
Caroline N. M union, lols I 1, block
Hid, II. I.. 640, 475,11110, less buildings
(lao. I'. Amott, lol III, block H7, I). I,.
.1. I'. Hunts, lots 17 III, blink 111),
II. I.. 54H, .in i.i iuu
A. I). Nye, lots HI. block 111, I). I,.
641, :!'••< uuu
W. Iv NeWfombe, lut H, I,link lilll,
I). I, 540 374, 17,6111).
W. II. llaskiu, iut III, blue*. Hill, ll. I,
500, $75011.
Um. Catherine II. irwiu, lul 13, lilm k
IIIB, ll. I.. 540, 410,51111.
Mrs. Catherine II, Irwin, ioi It,
block lllll, I). L. 500, 47,500.
.1. .1. Wouds, luls 1 4, block 153, I). L.
374, 415,0011.
I    I', inlluiiii.   lols I 5, ami Iwo acres
adjoining block  60,  ll.  I,. 648, 4I5U
(Oontiiiu.il on rag. night.)
Ex-Ald. Smith will be
Candidate (or Mayor
After being approached at various
limes 'luring the past two weeks in re
gard lo the submission of his name to
tiic electorate for mayor, Kx Alderman
Alexander Huulh on Hatunlay night an
iiiiiiiii'cil liis decision smi expressed will-
ingiicsi tu cuter the mayoral arena.
The fortln oiuiiig contest is uuw roll
ili'icl a three cornered une, the other
twu annum,,cl candidates being Mr.
H  U. Hchulti ami Mr. O. S. Hants
N. S. Debating Club
Meets Thii Evening
The North Hliure Literary ami De
haling Club meets Ihil evening iu the
Central scbool, Cl|t>|till11,1 Ave., be
twecn Fourth ami Fifth streel, sl
right o'clock sharp. The topic for
discussion is the abolition of tb. se
grrgulod district.
Following Ihr nn 1 earful business tee
Mini ami debate last Tuesday, tonight's
iiiri'ting promise., lu be an exception
till) interesting une The subject is
tilai, the leaders have been carefully
Sppoinled, and timss nol yel acquaint
cil wilh Ihi' ehuraeier of the .oriely't
mi'i'liiigs ure cordially liivit.d lo come
along al eight o'clock and listen lo the
■hove ,1,I'ul.'
Weit Vancouver
Meeling uf Ihs West Vancouver
Kulopsycrs' Assueiatiun will lis baldal
lhe school liini.tc, Weil Vine nuvcr, on
Thursday, December 18th, at 8:13 p.m.
All ratepayer! isvltsd, Firry lssv.s
Vamouver whirf'al 7:30 p.m.      10-18
"The Smart Set"
Saturday Night
N it is scarcely necessary at this dale
to call the altenliou of the public to
1 lie entertainment which in aid of the
local branch of the Victorian Order of
Nurses, will be giveu iu the Lonsdale
Theatre 011 Hatunlay night next. "The
.Smart   tint"   which   is   the  collective
I" lun 1111   adoptetl   hy   probably   the
most capable cluster of lmal perfume
ers ever yet serried cn masse, will offer
a variety program scintillating from
start to buudi The best voices have
been secured, the best dancers have
Inin penuaded intu action, lhe best
fongs and concerted numbers have been
selected. Home have been written ami
ciiniposeil specislly for the occaaiou,
while others have been cleverly adapt
ed lo iuii North Hhore tastei.
The ."iinni tiei is in aggregation of
ininli worth lhe best hearing that
Nmlli Vancouver can give Ihem. The
grumpiest old book worm iu Hie clly
•hould leave his beloved lomei on Hll
urday night and learn something eu
ind.! uew aboul cause uud effect, The
rami' has already been mentioned, and
is a worthy one. The effects, holh inuii
cal and lerpsichoreau, will delight
everyone and serve lo demonstrate very
clearly what au abundance uf miscel
laueous Igleut lias been sllowed lo lie
dormant ou the uorlb side of the lulet
If Ihere should hsppeo to be tome
strsy rresture, who, through no fault of
hii owu, or through aluent-mindedueu
or through sheer ignorance of lhe lii
uesa of things, has not yel aecured his
ticket, let hlm make au imm.diate rush
for Ihe Warburnitz l'iano house or for
ium of lbs many mortals who are kind
ly purveying Ibe necessary passports.
Tbe city eouueil last evening adopted
a recommendation of Ibe Hoard of
Health Ibat tbe city ihould donate
$860 towards tbs Jural branch al (bs
Boyal Victorian Order of Nunes.
- -;      CUE ABE
The uiiun uow i'lun, uei by the II. fl,
Telephone Company fnr eiimmuiiieutiou
l„'it'.u.'u this cily ami Vancouvur wore
. .in, 1 , 'l by Aid. Dick lust evening
iluring the iiiuetiiig of Ihu council.
"I wuuld like tu iiii|iiirc," soid the
alderman, "what the understanding uf
thu council was with reference to Ihu
rales lu lm charged lu lhc city ufler
thu itistullaliuli nf llm new sable, I
understand we wure tn got 50 per coul.
reduction in our rules, uud i bet,eve
thut Ihul was the iinilcrslaiiiliiig of llic
whole council. In 11 lotter tu tlm
lioanl uf Trade the company staled
that thu Installation of the ruble woultl
carry with il a reduction uf 51) per
cent, of the lull rate between North
Vancouver mnl Vuncouver.   The rcpurl
Ilf   till!  1 lllllll 11 ti  UWTI I'Ullllllllli'u   WUH   In
precisely llm samo effort. On Hulur
ilay last details us lu the uew urrungc
incut uml Instructions to lubscribors
were published. They did not Seem In
me vury sutibfuctuiy. I culled up the
lmal munugcr ami wus informed lhat
Ihey were correct. It tucuiis,'' suiil
Aid. Dick, "Ihul lustead of paying '"
cents a call wu are going to pay 15
cunts a call ami thia .instead of 6 cunts
us wu wuru given,to understand."
Thu uiei,'iniiin explained that In tbe
past subscribers had not had to pay
unless limy olitainud ibe party they
weru lulling. Now they were cnlld
upon to pay whether they gut ilu u
parly or nut. "livery business man
knows," the speaker declared, "lhal
we malic suvural calls for every call
iilu-i-i' wc get coiiiifi'ti'il with the
parly wu want. The proportion is, I
should suy, about unu connect iuu to
three culls. In this case it is rusting
us 15 cents instead of 5 conts to make
une call. This is what tbe company is
pulling us up uguinst. We aru got
ling tin iiiitiuse of 5il per rent, instead
uf a decrease"
Aid. I'ltt-.i, thiiugh nut fully ac
i|iiuiuteil with the situatiuu, agreed Ihut
if this was the cusu it wuulil lie better
In gu buck In Ihu uid system.
Aid. Dick, huwever emphatically dis
favored such u suggestion. "Let us
Iiulil out fur whul was promised us," hu
insist eii.
Aid. Irwin advocated writing to the
manager uf ilm company usking for u
clear uml definite slatunicnt of the
rules to be levied uuder thc new system, Thu council decided tu take ac
iluu upuu these lines,
Local Cuitomi Office
to be Establishment
ll is highly probable that Nurth
Vuucuuver residents will shortly be
able to obtain their express parrels
from the locul office instead of Iuc
iug to cross to Vancnuier for tbcm, us
under the existing regime, One of the
most earnest agilutors for Ihis run win
.'iiii' lius been Mr. II. 1'. Wriglil, who, as
a furry director uml us presiilont of lhc
lnnil Halepayers' Association has aired
his viuws uu the situutiuu tin mure
thuu one occasioii. A number of liis
eolli'Ugut's in ulli,!' huve doubled the
feasibility of the u'lieme, remembering
tin* npiniuu expressed a little time agu
hy Mr. Hnsby, inspector of customs,
uml preferring to trail and Id. the
problem solve ilself mi the incoming
uf railroads.
Mr. Wright, however, chose lo get
into lullell with I'ostmsstcr McMillan
who immediately wrole to the posl
,,ili, !■ iuspectur iu Vanrouver, whose
satisfactory reply was .as follows:
"Keganliug your suggest iuu thul ar
rangements lie made fur the rollec
liun at your ollii-c of duty on customs
pan-els addressed to North Vumouver,
bave lo say that it has been recom
iiii'iiiled to the department that your
office lie made u customs collecting
office. ll will, huwever, not bo pos
■ibii' tu have this iu operation before
some lime in Junuary al tlie curliest
"(Signed)  .1.  ll. GREENFIELD,
"P. O. Inspector."
Mr. Mt-Millaii, talking witli a repre
■entative of thc Kipress yesterday,
said he ilid not sec uny reason why the
new system shoulil mil )ic inaugurated
earlier than the lime staled in the
above letter. In fart he imagined that
if the proper effort was made thu sys
Ism could be put into operation in time
to handle lhc Christmas business. To
this end Mr. Wright hud wired to Mr.
II. II. Stevens, M.I'., Ottawa, urging
upon him the ueeeuiily of having the
new system inaugurated in lime lu
in, iinini' the lim,'iiiu, of the 1 hrisl-
mas Irade.
Mr. McMillan did not consider there
was any need to ugilalc for the cstub
tishioi'iil of a customs ufficc in North
Vancouver. Ali that is rcipiired on this
ilde 0/ Hie lulel is a pan't'ls unite,
where the local poslmusler and Ilis
staff aa appuiuled agents can receive
parcels ami Isi lis pertaining thereto
from Ihe Vancouver customs ami cul
leu! 011 delivery,
Hogmanay Dance
December 31st
Arrangements are being mado for
the holding uf the HI. Andrew's and
Caledonian Hociely'i annual liugtnaiiay
'iuue.' on December ill, and the customary .upper and dance In connection
with th. anniversary of Hums no January litis, I01K.I Theic dales were px
«d at tbs general monthly inactiiig of
tbs society in ths |)orllcultural ball
held recently.
Local Telephone
Service Improved
The laying ul' the new telephone
cuble helwuoii Vancouver ami Norlh
Vanrouver, accomplished iu readiness
lur midnight 011 Hinulay night, lias eon
siilerulily facilitated ami f-hcupcneil
' telepliunie ruuillilinicatiou between
Viiniouver ami the Nurtb Hliure. Frum
nuw onwards there will be no further
need In usk lirsl tor "long distance"
uml, on being rnniicelcl, give the old
I'laborale directions including, aiming
ulher things, Ihc name of the persuu
wanted. I'nder lhc new system now
rendered possible by lhc II. ti. Tide
phune i'uinpany suhsrrilien arc asked
lo ascertain from the directory lhe
telephone number desired uud simply
give thai number, "Heymour 8888"
for example, tu the local operator, who
will answer whuu the receiver is taken
frum the Iinni, ami will remain al the
telephone with receiver ul the car un
lit the tailed number answers or tin
operator reports, in the same manuei
as in calling a local number in Ihe sain
If the uumber called is busy ur does
nui answer the operator will notify
llic subs, nl,ei railing aud will make a
memorandum of the call ami mal.c
every   effort   to   complete   it.
A reduced rale of live tents for caih
live minutei is charged fur Ihe ntw ser
v iee whieh charge does nut begin un
lii the nilli.I station answers
Tlie company has heen able to make
lilts reduction in rales for trans inlet
telephonic communication by the lay
iug of a rslilc which is the largest nib
marine telephone cable yel laid in
western Canada. Horn • ol lhc latest
electrical Improvemenli have been iu
corporate! in the manufacture and
equipment o? lite cable, which rcpr?
scuts an outlay of IUt,ikkl. Although
it is only fuur miles iu length, Its pru
portions were fouml lo bo such Unit
ii hud lu be Imported iu four suctions
owing to a single reel being loo' large
to pass through thc tunnels on the
C. I', it. line.
lu inlliui.in lu this submarine raid
lhe company will alsu rclalii Hip six
[sins ot wile, running thruugh the
city's waler mains acruis the Fint Nar
rows. Twu pan- uf tbess wires arc
| to lie reserved for long distance calls
to places up the lulet where tbe com
I"'uv expects to extend ill line in lhe
near future. The other wires through
the water mains wil) be uaed io coo
ni't'liun witb the Wost Vancoover iu
Weit Vancouver Couiervative Auociation
A Wesl Vancouver item iu Iheir
columns on Friday last erroneously
slated Ibal Mr. Jobn Aleiander is pre
lideiil of the Conservative Aesmclstion
at that placs. Mr. W. A. Thompson
ii president of ths assoristiou.
Mr. S. I). Hufaults, president of the
lucul Cuusurvstivu Association, relm
ml frum Vieioria this morning, whither
he hud gone, ai'i'oiiipiiuii'il by Mr. W. 0.
Oladwin, vice president of thc asso
elation, lu interview the guvcriniieul
with rufurencu tu tlm present situation
regurding Pacific (Ircnl I'issteru con
slriii'lioii on  the North Hhore.
Mr. •'-■ t.1111 - ."i'ul"' iu terms of the
highest appreciation of the recaption
accorded the deputation by Premier
McBride uml the Hon. Thomus Taylur
und uf Iheir readiness lu Imparl any
information bearing upon prevailing
The ilcputuliiiu had uu pre arranged
dale wilh the premier ur with the miu
liter iif ruilwuys ami as indicative
uf the fuel lhal tlie government is giv
ing very active ullenlioii lu mutters
relutiug to the Pacific Oreal Hasten,
wilh reference lo the Nurth Hhore,
Mr. Schulli slulcs Ihul when lhc do
I',iiuiu,i, was ushered intu the minis
tor's offlco they fuuml him surrounded
by maps, document., ete., deeply eu
grosseil in the , onsideraliiin of the
very matters upon whieh the deputa
liuu wished lo interview him. Mi.
Taylor entered very fully inlu the mai
ler uml explained lu the deputation
that he fouml thc situation cxisliug
lietween lhe diitrict of Wert Vaucou
ver ami Iho Pacific ilieal I'Jastcrn
Company with reference lu a ruulo
Ihruugli that municipality a very ililil
iuii une witli whicii In deal, lie had
been mis tpiult'il us promising that he
wuulil give a derision wllhin three
days He musl have been uiisiimlcr
sluud iu tliis regard as he had mil Intended to convey hiu-li a in.tuning
There was u great disircpainy between
tlie ligures re cost of right of way sub
milled liy lhc skiiwav eumpsuy anility
tlm district cuuucil. The deparlmenl
did nut wish to act arinlrarily in the
matter, but was desirous of giving
every consideration to the principals
while exercising every watchfulness
over the interests of the pruviuce.   He
Paving High Price
tor Electric Lighting
wus io receipt ol a letter from tha
chief engineer uf Ihe govorument dated
December 6th, and asking fur further
time iu which lu rupurt upon tbu Wast
Vuiicuuver route. Nevertheless be was.
making uvury effurt to get the matter
in shapu to luy thu whole isatiu liuforo
the - uli uiei Monday (yesterday) after-
uoou as ho was anxious to havu the
route through West Vaucouvor decided
wilbuut furtber dulayi
Premier McBride received the depu
iniiuii a little later, and iu theuuurse
nf the interview staled "The Pacilic
iin'iii KiisIiiii will he iiiiiiiiiii: its trains
into North Vuneuuvcr inslds of two
ami une half years ninl you havu my
authority tu make Ibis announcement
public"   The premier inl.lt>.! thai thoru
had   never  lieen  llle!   llll fill j OII  tu  lllllku
New-purl the inuii larminus of the rail
way; He directed the attention uf his
11,1, rv ii'v.i i> lo the fuel that he had
never yet failed lu muke guud any pm
itiiat) made tn the public uml ho did not
consider that he hail thuy failed with
referenee tu the matter under discus
muh It might nut, however, tu lie cuu
sitlcrcil unreaiouable that thu guv-cm
lucul sliuiilil expect the people lo uier-
cise a curtain amount uf patience iu
view uf the diih,'iiln, i, whieh could mil
be foreseen ami for which provision
i-oiilil, Ihercfure, not lie made before
hand in carrying uul the details uf an
..ini, ilul,in, of the nui iiiiu.b' sud im
portauce uf lliu conilruction of the
lines uf the Pacific Ureal Kuilorti Hail
way. As the project developed, there
wuru so many points of dissgruumeiit
that mu.b- Iheir sppearatico ami there
were so many different parties lu be
considered that tho tack of couiider
ing all ihesc divergent interests, luljiml
ing the muny differences ami arriving
ul a conclusion fair lo all ami jusl lu
public interests was by no moans a
light one. "I know," saiil Hir Rich
ani, "that it is the iiiloutinii of the
Pacilic Ureal l.aeli'rn Hallway Com
imu! In i'li'ii a iiiiigmn.enl station io
thu cily uf Norlli Vancouver ami vuu
may tell the people nf North Vaucou
vor thnt i will he pleased to incut re
preaciilativcs of Ihu rity ami the dii
Iritis on the North Shore, together
with Ihose o) the I'm ilie Ureal In -i
eru for the purpose of discussing ami
arranging details in i ounce!ion with the
■tat loo."
Mr. Schulli was of opiuion that thu
interview which the premier has grant
eel the Nurth Hliure delegation fur
il,.,i u.iv mi,.iu be eipected lo prutluee
important developments fium a local
During the council meetiug lsst eveu
mg Aid. Irwin mentioned thai the long
nights hail brought to bii nolic. Ihe
fuel that lhc tily was paving a lather
high price lor .Isclric lighting The
ibl.rmao tliougbt il wai sbout time
the council scut forward a reijueit to
iin Vaueouver I'ower Company for a
reduction of rales. According to the
franchise, the maximum rate wa. uut
being exceeded ill Ihc aggregate, but
was being exceeded in certain parlicu
lars All Irwiu suhmltlrel the ful
lowing comparative figures:
Flirt 10 killowatl liuun, 17 ceuts
per k.h. I mai. franchise rate); Hir
per uu k.h. (rale being charged).
Neil iiu kilowatt hours, lie per k.
h (max. iinm lu-i' fats); 14c per k.
h. (rale being charged).
Over HU) kilowatl hours, HI cents per
k.h. (max. franchise rate;; lii cenls
per kit   (rale beiug charged),
"lu view uf the fail,'' eunlltiued
Aid. Irwiu, "tint the firat leu yean
uf llic franchise is now drawing lu a
cloie il should be ascertained whether
-ume reduction e uin,ni be oblaineo.
"It'is aliu important that the couu
ill should consider the subject of giv
ing one year'i notice lu Ilia lit' l-:.ll
Cuinpany lhal the eily will take over
the lighting syslem lu accordance with
the terms of the charter. Tbe rity
has the right to take over lbs system
In luli't. providing a year's nolic. Is
The mui ier wsi referred for furlb.r
consideration lo Ibe lire aud light com
..   .    ■ :
Bout. Boy. wanted at KXI'RI.hR
OHee. ''9
Ice Hockey Season
Opens This Evening
The initial gune of the coast chain
pnn,.-hip ice hockey series al Vancou
ver arena this evening promise! lo
provide the real tiling in ice hockey ill
lhe way. The two teams (Westminsters
ami Vancouver*! arc now at their
full strength ami the lineup will repre
sent praclically Iwo slur teams, whole
members have been carefully asieclsd
frnm suiting the very besl in wlneli the
east could boast Holh loams have
been prarliiiug faithfully ami are in
iii'i class condition The face off is
set for (iM o'clock. The game will be
ri'leii'i'.l by Hmaill ami Pouliii of Ihc
Victoria team
During the intervals Norman Haptic
and Mrs. Isabel Hutler will give ei
Illiniums uf fancy autl speed sl-niing
These Iwu performers are champions
in the skating world aud have been
attracting large audlanrei fur tbe put
week in Vicluria ami likewise sl Ihu
Vancouvsr arena whers Ihey appealed
for the first lim. laat avsuisg.
Lut Service in St. Andrew'*
Largs congregations alleudcil Ihe
last son lees In SI. Andrew's church
on Hlilb itreet on Sunday prior lo lbs
im. .iiiui.' of the uew church on St.
Ueorge'i aveuuu aud Tenth ilreel, uu
"llecembtt Ililli. Al both sermons llev.
Ronald Minlen,I referred lo the pass
ing of lbs old and the entry of Iba
new. Tbs dedlcslion of Iba uew sdi
'lies will take place next Sunday. The
Rev. Macleod will be misled in the
morning by Ihc Hav. Mr. Wright, mod
ciului of Ihs lemion, ssd in Ihs evening Ih. .'fune will li. taken by Ibe
B.v. A. O. Psllsrson, of K.rrlsdale,
and Bsv. Dr  MeLeuual of Bo*t«u.
I m ■
EitablUhsd |||7
Capitnl (paid up)   .   $16,000,000
Reierve     .   ...    $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch t F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lat Street Manager
Tht Fastest Oame In tha World
Westminster at Vancouver
Prices: Entire Oallery, 60 centa. Eeierved Seats: $1.00.
Ice Skating 3 Sessions Dally.
Mill Phone 85
P. O. Box 11100
Factory Phon. Vli
Factory Phone 657
The North Vancouver Lumber Oo, having purchased sll ths assets
and plant ar. making a cl.ariug out .ale of all Uie old stock at greatly
reduced price for cub to mail, mom for now stock.
Factory: Oomar Eiplanade and Bt. Oeorge.
We Have Some Good Buys
ni D. L 273. 274, 550.
Sre us if you have a house to rent, or if you want lo gel
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
Building Supplies
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L S. EATON, Manager.
Kn klmni'i Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone 466
Time Table for Christmas Day
Lssvs Vancouvsr
V Hi A M
I.UO  *
il   Ml
12:20 P.M.
3:40   '
4:20 PM.
I,: IU
i uu
12:20 AM
Laava North Vancouvsr
7:20 AM I no F.M.
12:40 PM
ft: 211
11 'SI
12:41) AM
Tims Ubl. .onset te clang* without astir., Ooayioy not liable for
dslayi, acchUflUI or otlnsrwls..
 ami *
liiimp, lias just Inaugurated p voucher
iiho(|un system wbleh is already proving a distinct ami time-saving improve
iiioiit on tlte paat method. Ililli.uio
the eontpany has' .issued ordinary
i'Iioiiiioh, which havo had to he for
warded In tliu payee ulung with aundry
dot'iimoiita explaining Die whys and
wherefores of llie hiiLI cheque, The
recipient haa then lunl to forward re
eelpt to thu company, lini-li proceeding.
are uuw obviated iliy the embodiment
of tho whole profess into otto form
Tim iisniii of tliu payee and an itemised
stuloineiil of ui'i'ouiit appear t\ the
top,,alidvu tlio usuul eltoipio form. On
lliu reverse aide a condensed form of
oinliirsomeut, tlm signing of which liy'
lliu puyt'ii Is ui't'iipliitl as lite- proper
ii'iiiipl. This i hm alsu i hitiiiuii,'.
tho iini't'ssit)' of using flieipiii protect-
ore, sitit'O llie uniiiiinl of tho ehutpie
is shown .listioi'tly In fpur ilirl'oroul
St. Agnes' Sale of Work
The llrsl sale of work of Hi. Agues'
Auxiliary limit plant very surceeifully
in the Pariah Hull lust week.
Shortly before :i o'clock the Hev, lir.
Fea, in a few well chosen words, wel
coined Mrs. DoPenriar lo the parish,
who iu u neat speech congratulated lhe
ladies of the W. A. on the splendid
work thuy huel accomplished during
lhe three months of their esi.tenre us
uu organisation, and declared the Hale
open. Mrs. Pea, president of Ht. Ag
lies' W. A., then presented Mrs. Do Pen-
ier wiih ,i beautiful bouquet of flow
ir. ami voiced the thuuks of tlie W.
A. for her kindness in coming. Tiie
Hull wus thronged with u crowd of
prospeetive purchasers who immeipatu
ly "pot busy" uml tin' lu.lies ut Hia
various stalls aiul booth liud ncaroi'ly
an itlle moment till ull the good thinga
wero suhl out. The hall uud linolhs
wero very prettily deruraled ami re
fleeted greut credit ou the workers. Tlie
llsh pond ami randy .lulls were, uf
I'liursi', the fsvoriltis of Hie young
folks, while Hie dairy uml home rookery
stalls were so well patroni/ed that,
like llio randy slull thoy sold out rom
plelely. The fancy uml useful article,
were ulso in groat demand, uml wore
soou transferred lo hags uud salehuls.
The ufternoou leu tables were sur
rounded with the devotees of "the cup
Ihut cheers but duos nut Inebriate"
ami all were loud in prui.es both of
the cxrollfory of the leu uml ilie good
lliiug* linii aiTOiiipaiiitnl it. A bevy of
pretty  maidens  were  kept   very  busy
Indeed  in litis ileparlmeiit. Tl uke
guessing contest wus woo by'Mr. lliu.I
Iloiiop tlie etening mi exeelleut pro
glum of voi-sl and instrumental niiisii<
was reuelerinl, in uliuli lhe following
look purl: Mrs Itoliaker, Mrs Myers,
Master Frank Pearson, Messrs t'ruil
link, W. tl Howe, Myers ami Htuveus.
Aelmissioii both ufleruooii un.l evening
wus free, ami the net proceedi of the
• lay wns in excess ot one hundred mnl
llfly   dullan.
St. John's Sale of Work
and Entertainment
The psnsh hull of til John's church
wus ii pleusiiig reinli'/tons lust week,
when lln- iiiiiiiini sule of work und
eoterluiiiineiit took place. 'Kxlreme in
elustrv on tlie purl of the ladies of llie
church mnl general orguni/utioo oo ui
tne iiuseeiiaiiuoue guilds adorning tlio
several stalls were disappearing witli
great steadiness. ' The stall holder.
wero Mrs. Anders and Mrs, Lawson
(fancy), airs, Dobbins ami Miss v.. 1
llicliuliy (caudles), Miss I'i. Ilifkiiby
(dulls), Mra. l-aing and Miss Wltil
iiikei (plain work), Mrs. flralmiiiu
(homo cookery), Mrs, Koeno (llsh
lioud) ami Miss Oofkerill (afluyiooti
In the evening a varied enloiliiin
uient was provided. The Misses III eve
eeeiiiiilniii'il lustriiiuetital dtteta, Mr. i:
Boult recituil, ami Mrs. (1, ,1. Jackson
a|id Mr. ti. It. Adamson obliged ivitlt
vocal items, all of which woru warmly
applauded by a largu audience The
proceedings closud with a presentation
of "Ilox and Oox" most amusingly
ami cleverly enacted by a trio of our
most promising local tliuspiaits. Mr.
Turn. Iliploek, lit siduwltlskors, wus u
vory convincing Ilox, whilu Mr. Priinlt
Anders lis the grandiloquent Cox wus
entirely satisfactory. Miss Dorothy
M ii rt <iui us Mrs. Ilniiiicer wus also ex
ii'lleiit uml oun,;!,,,',i to ii'iiiin Imr ei
I'lil.'iil iippeuruitco without jnislisp. T
little play wont merrily from start to
limsli, while, in thu iueidentui music
thu twu principals proved III.'liiui'lm:
tmulct illii iliicllists of uo llienii ml
Empire Theatre
North Vancouver
p. in. Holy lioiiiiiiunlon, flrat and third
Sundays In month, at ll u.m.; xoond
Bunday In month, I a. m. Rev. Samuel
Fob, M. A   Vloar.
aslvsllou  Arwr—Iiunadula
ni and
Humlay euryloui, 11:00 u in 9 p, m um
Tito p. ni. Tn.sday, 8 p. in.; Tburiday
I p. pi,   Children's Service, Wedneiday
t p. ni.
Il.ltil.I Ckurek- Twuirth and Ht.
Qaorge.   Servicea at ll a, in. and VM
p.m. Sunday School and Bible Claw
at iiSO p. m. Prayer and I'ralau Sarvloo.
Wediieaduy at I p.m. Paator, Bev. A.
J. I'niuiii'i', Twelfth and Bt. Oeorge,
■I, Joku the Hi«niicll»i, i'iliiliili and
Thirteenth, Holy Commuiilon. I a. m.
.'■imniui'. I'l.iici-, 11 u.m. i'.v.'iiln .
Prayer, Ttill u.m. On lbe lirai Bunday
III the month there will be a aecond
celebration of the Holy Communion
at 11 a. 111.   Hector, Kev. Hugh Hooper
at, I'iiiiiiuiid's Calkiiiie Ckurek, Blilh
and Mahon Av.nue. Sunday—High
Mass and Beriiion, 10 a.m. Sunday
Bchool, 8:80 p. in. Ilosary and Benediction, 7:80 p. m. i-'ilei.e. Low Mimii.
I a. in. Puktur, Itev. ,1 A. Uedard,
0. M. I.
isiiHi'ii i.imaiMi.tti
SI.   'I'boiu.a—8:1)0   and    IIUIU
ItMaiidTiO p.m.   P.tJ. I'arrin, ;
l'lieat in clmrge.
l>reili>l>rlan    Ckurek. Hundiiyo,
p. nt.   Sunday Heliool and
10 p. m. Tt   '
tide Clan, 1:10 p.m. 'i'eacbors' Training   Cluss,   Wednesday,    I'M.     Prayer
Meeting,   Wednesday,   I   p. in.    Boy.'
club, Thursday, I'M p.m.   "
lice, Friday, I
M. A., paator.
Choir Prau-
p. in.   II. Van Munaler.
l.VNN  VAl.l.liV
I'cr.ii.icrl.o tikank—Woraliln, Hoi,
day., ll a. in. and 7 p. in. Sunday
School, 8:15 p.m. Paator, Bev. A. Mao'-
BlttkuUI.I     Ckurek    WoihIiIh
and 7:00 p
... ni.'   Sundav
Pu.(or,   llev.   O
day., 11 a m,
Suhool,    ::ili    p. HI.
SI, ctiMHl's, htmi Vsllsr-Mallii., *
11    en    Sunday School 1.10 pin. even
e "in   i no pin.   Holy Communion aanntid
Sunday Jit month at I I.uu n in    Normal'
J. Thiiiilison In chargr.
Under Naw Management
This Theatre will he devoted In lhc
entertainment of the public by the ex
hibition uf wiioloaome ami olovalitig
pictures ami shows, accoinpaiiied liy
gooil music ami Illustrated songs The
new manager hus connections with the
moving picture business in Viinconvtli'
uml ulso iu Victoria, and his Intention
is to see thul the public uf Norlh Vun
roll vor enjoy lhe besl photoplay ex
iiibilious that can be procured Iti'
member the Kmpire program will In
changed every ilay.
Admission: A.lull, lite.', children 6e,
Open evening., Iliilll to II; Hut unlay
uii'l   Holiday   Matinees,   '  to fl. .'Ill ll!
The Scenic Highway
Aituh lhc i uullurul
Thruujtli (liiit'U tu nil pui ih ut (lit;
wurlil ul low cul ml i-8.
Tin- jju|)ulur ruuio lo ihu
Old i .Hindi,
< IiIun, aud
Tin: in. .'i up-lu-date liulii Hfivltu
littl ween  \ ,.im .-uw i  mid {hu I'lun I
Vm rates, MBei vnilons and all
fui Hit i Infui inatlun apply tu ,1,
MOR ('Hy J»uhui;iiw«t Ami-ijI, VU
llaMliiiKH HI, ur II VV IIIt'tl'IH,
'I V A ,   Vancouver
MIHTll   l.lll in VI II
SI. AiiUrtri)'. I'rclllflcrlas I Itort-k,
It. nh Itoad M.u vl.tB. U.nuiii.. 11:00
evening, 7:30 A,I,ill lnl,I, i-|,„.«. 11:10
Sunday School, 1:10 Y I' 8 C l-i, Toss-
day, al I |, in Prayer Mealing, Wed
in-siliiy. al I p iii i'iiuii Practice,
Friday, at S i m Itev llonulil Mut-lcod,
Mrlhotllil I kurek Corner of Sllill
and SI. ili.nit. Sunday Services. 11.00
a in and 7 SO y in Sunday Scbool ami
Bllila Clui, 8:10 pin    Senior Leasee.
THK ATTKNTIHN of ptiaolis ilellrlllg to Vole ul tlie forlhroliilliii Monl
ilpiil  t'iletltoli la beli'by culled  In Iba lnlln:■■ Inn  Inforinalloll.- -
The registered Owner and ttie rapist.red Ventlee under Agreement foi
Sale I,'.He have Hie il.hi lo linve their names appear on ttie Voters' I,Isl. bul
the registered Owner utolie sliull huve llie light tn vole at any elvetloii oiiles.
Iiw or sin on or hefore the duy .of Hlecllon liy willing under his or hei
build llleil In llle olflt'e of Hie onileislimed, waives or lelloolli-e. 111. or Iter
i.iii to vote. Ill which case l.he Vendee uliuli lie enillied lo vote piovltleil
be or lhe has Hie reijiilsllu i|iiiillllcutlo'iia of a Volar.
According to a apei-lal resolution of Noilh Vulieouver i'lty Perries Limited
tha fjualllU-afloni of a lilreetor of that ''oinpuny uie now the sume aa thoae
of an Alderman of the titty of North Vancouver t'uuillilalei for Ihul poll-
Hon muil bs mule lirilisli subject, of Hie full age of Iweiily-one years, who
er- not iilaiiu.lilted under any law unit huve been for Ihe pusl all monlhi
neat preceding tha day of nomination the registered owner. In Ihe Lend
Ileal.try Office ul land or leal properly In thu i'lty of Norlli Viincouvsr of
the assessed value In the lual Municipal Asaeaaiiienl Hull of Five Hundred
r#600) lie.Hues or more over und above any reulstereil Judgment or charge
and who are olhorwl.e i|iiatllteil a. Municipal Volets
Tha voting till, year la by Wards, uf which tha following are Hie boundaries
Ward I--On the Fast .tones und Muhon Avenues, on Ihe South, Norlli oud
Wast i'lty lioiiinliiile.
Ward 'l-Dii the Norlh Kellli itoud, on the Weat Million Avenue, on tho Fail
Lunsdal. Avenue, on Hie Bouth Hie southern boundary of Iba Oily.
Ward   I    'in Hie North Kellh Hoad, on the  Fast HI   Andrew'. Av.nue,
th.   '"Hie  I
Ward I—rill tha North Keith Hoad. on the .outh Hie southern boundury of
th. (.'Ily, on  lha  Waat  Ut.  Andrew's  Avenue,  on  the   Fuel.  <'Ily
Ward 'nn Ib. Bouth Kellh (load, on lhc Weal Bt. Ucorge'. Avenue, oil Ihe
North and on the Faal (Ily boundaries
Ward S    On Iba Norlb t.'lly boundury, on tha Suuth Keith Itoud. on tlie east
tii  ticnut's Avenue, on the Wesl Junes Avenue.
A Candidate for the rcpreaa/itullon of a Ward need nol b. a Voter In
that Ward su lung a. he possesses lha other tjuallfleatlons for an Alderinun
of tha City.
Nu Fi'tlor .hall be .milled to vol. In mur. lhan ono Ward. A reildent
.lector ahall vut. In Hi. Ward In which he or (he .resides A mm n side ni
.■lector .hail vol. lu the Ward In which be or ah. own. tba largest amount
of properly.   Th. voting place lor all Ward. Is Ihu CHy Hall.
Tlw I'l.mi Of It. vision  of  the   Voters'  U.l w!l| .11 ID  the City ll.ll,
thy southern boundary of the City, on the Weal oonsibilc
North Vancouvar on th. 10th day of December, Ull
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
December Buying Inducements in
the Hardware Department
Special Discounts on:
See did Culler]) for Christmas 1'iescnls.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Your Xmas Gift
One of our Suits or Overcoats would make lum a useful
eii.il satisfying gift.
Our < Iniiuii!' is made from lite lui materials proturalile
and tailored liy men who know how.
We want tti show you llic t|ualily of our Clothing and we
will be pleased to have you tall whether you huy or not.
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The N. V. Home of Campbell's Clothing.
To Careful Housewives
W. hav. on di»|iliy this week . luge and t infully sssoitsd
Bi.ji'k of
Swiss Aluminum Ware
Ths Bilv.ry Whits FrLnd of tlu Kitchen
We cordially lnviti Uu ladle, of Nortb Vancouvtr to lusysct
the.. Oood. as wall a. our Isrgs llu. of Bnaw.l sod Hlck.1
Plntod War.. '
It la a (laasurt to .how Uum Oood..   If you do not buy now
you will later.
1WI and Lonadal. N0RTH ?A*0OUVB» IW US I   , - ■"■'IT--
A Watch Is l gift a man truly appreciate! ft ll Indicative of
valued friendship or service. It is something tbs recipient will always
keep near bim. Whether at home or abroad It will be a constant companion and a reminder of tbs friendship nf ths put. Our reputation
for honest values tt) Watches has gone out over all the length atld|
brsadtb of tbs Dominion. Our Vanoouvsr stock of Watches Is one, of
tli. DtiNt In America and gives the buyer an opportunity to choosa just
tbe Watch tbat will bsst suit his purpuse. Buy your Christina. Watch
at Birks, and bs assured of quality.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I'.. Trorey, Managing Director
I laslings and Granville Slreets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Those wishing to ..led Pot Plant, and Out Plow.rs for Christmas
gifts had letter come early and g.t their choice. We have a uice
selectlou of pl.iits In flower, alao Fern, of all deacriptlon, Palms, etc.
Wa h.v. alio growing at our nurseries the linest stock of Boies,
Bhrubs etc. lu B. 0. Plant rlgbt now. Oall or writs for our cata
logue. Out Flower., Floral Designs, Wedding Houi|iiet«, otc. on short
Two blocks tut of Lonsdsle O.r.       Oor. 17th and Bt. Andrew'. Ava.
Two blocks wast of Boulevard Oar. Phone !Uli.
PB0A08 B. 0. B. B. 00'S, Wl-
During tlie period of Inquiries at
last evening'i meeting of tlm council,
Aid. Foreman asked concerning tlio
agreement lietween. the B. U. Electric
Hailwuy Company ami tlt» city. I'H
seem, to me," said the alilorman,"that
the company I. nnt carrying ont its
agreement." Tlte speaker oaplaluoil
ilmi ou Baturday night Ihere was only
one car running on Jiotisdale avenue
wliiin, liy lite agreement, there should
bavo io'i'ii two, and Ibis car was so
• iimtloti that people were itamiiug on
Ihu steps iii order to lie uh at all.
Aid. Foroman was one of the stop pas
aeiiger.. The conductor, it appears,
yelled "(let oil the steps," hut, the
iilili-iiiiiui inlel llie council pathetically
"you couldn't get Inside and to gut
nil tlm slops meant walking."
The mayor appointed a I'ointiiiltcii
comprising Alii. Foreman, Aid. Fra
ser and Aid. Mcllan to approach llio
local management iu Iiiii connection.
North Lonidale
Presbyterian Church
A very suiTcssful sale of work wus
held last Tliursilay ni||lit liy Hie Ladies'
Aitl of this church. Ill the evening un
Interesting progrum was rendered hy
tliu lints' Ululi, consisting iif songs,
readings, u iliiinonstratiou of lirst unl
work, 'eu.n.ii nu'. i'ii iu,,. iuch as till'
bottle piano, mouth organ selections,
iiiiiii,orchestra, live liaujos, uiul us u
iiniuii the mock I rial taken from llie
Pickwick papers hy Ulias. Dickeus. .
audience which completely lii.ml the
church, wus kept in a consluiil roar of
i...,niiiii uml pronounced tlie entertain
ineiil li huge success.
Improved Methods
of Immigration
Dr. Bocbe, Minister of tbs Interior is
Making Parsons! Btudy of System.
Separate Branch for Looking After
Immigration of Women.
> Hou. Dr. Iiu. in' llie oft-, minister of
lhc Interior, has set aliuut his work
in a vigorous uml energetic manner
whieh  augurs  well  for his success  in
Waterfront Properties, District Lot 274
In Blocki 171 k 172.
Business Blocks on Lonsdale Avenue
Uti 10 4 11, HIU. 165,1). I.. 274.
South Half of I .uls 1-4 inc. Blk. 166, D.L. 274
Modern Residences, Extensive Grounds
On Ottawa Gardeni, Corner Mahon Avenue.
On Grand Boulevard, Corner Keith Road.
I'or Prices, Terms and Further Particulars, apply lo
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
I .muled Liability
Nmlli Vancouver Agents (or
Phone Seymour 6266
Ntw Hif af Nwth Vucwer City tai Vkiaity bow m Sdi
nnn liim huiii in iinu» iiatiii, ram
week h made a visit to the city nf
Queliec noil iiispci'ioii the pew immigration buildings which are lielng erect ml
and saw for himself tbe methods used
In inspecting and welcoming ueweoin-
ers. As a doctor who linn always hnon
interusted ip ijtiestloiis pf public health
lie made a special investigation of lltu
system of medical inspection.
Reforms ara to be Mads
As a result of his visit soma reforms
nlay lie msde. (Tlte doctor also liollevea
that every effort shoulil lie mude hy
tho goveritmeitt to give a Itearty welcome tl)   ilic  nil eitev,  of  l'u inula  III  lllli
world settlers, who havu left friends
ami in< inni- associations tii ciimu In the
Dominion, ami would like to sue them
gut as cheery a welcome as possible.
To Visit Old Oountry
The minister will luler visil llulifui
ami Bt. .Inliii, ami neit siinu/ior will
mako a lirst hand s,tudy of western iui-
migrutioii conditions.
Dr. Iloi'ln  ulso cspiicls lo visit   the
old country iu ruiiiioriioii with Inyiilgrs
lion work' us sunn as the-session is
Bpsclsl Branch for Women
The department is devilling couttiilcr
ulilu attention to lhe iptestiou of immi
gration of woman from (ireui Britain,
uml will likely establish 11 special
branch lo look afler this work. Lust
winter a western woinati wus sent lo
thu old country lo let-lure lo women
willi excellent results, und this woek
Mrs. II. Niblcss ot Winnipeg leaves I'or
1 iii-iil Mi nu in 00 thc .-.iiiiii- million. Mrs.
Nililelt is one of the besl known wn
men iiiuiii,eli.i. iu the wet, and is
known from Winnipeg in the Yukon
us Molly Qlewn.e She Itunvvs llic west
thoroughly uml bus roughed il on llif
prairies mnl in llic far norlli. ' Mlic
wenl inuii willi lhe famous Klondike
stampede, ami wus tlie lirst women lo
go over in winter the terrible White
Horse i'uss uml wai ulso llie lirst joor
nulisl iu the Yukon
Bring Out Domestics
The new branch will devote particular attention to bringing out domestic
servants fnr whicii lliere is uu milium
eel demand iu I'uiiiiiIii. ll is ulsu icll
thul nmn. cuin 1 settlers wuulil conic
lo the I'oiniiiioii if il were nut I'or tlieir
wives who fear Hie euppoied rigors nt
1 uii.i.iu'" climate uml Hie hardships
Ihey lliiuk Ihey will ha\e lu fate ll
is tell if the women tun be disabused
of these Iduai thul Hie families wuuld
The comli'iniii'il man was asl.etl it
Ihere wus uuylliing he desired. Ilf
brightened up. ' "Why, yes," he
replied, "I'd like to have capital puu
iiiiiucul abolished. " They lulel Into
this wus iinposttil.lt'. "Tlit'ii." lie
cheerfully added, "let's have lhe rtiuli.''
In nil countries Ask for our 1NVKN-
TOK'S AI)VISEIl,wli|di will tic sunt lu-i
364 Unlvinlty II., MontrSil.
VANl'tlliVI'ilt'H   I'lYE   WIIlK
The Panama Theatre
Kur the Wholt' Family
Muihi."  Monday,  Nov   '."ilti.
2  .Shows   Nightly     Mill  uml  !l:li,
llic, 8Sc, il/ic
Maliiiae  Daily al  il   16c and 'inu
Btove wood, 111 In. Witt psr load,
lain. 13.1*1. Prompt delivery
Pbons .Ml, offlce and yard. Oomsr
tth aod Mahon Ava. t.f.
Are You Moving
We do moving of all kinds (live ui
a (rial. Ws slso bsve iiesvy lestiii by
the day etpriu sud baggage, or whin
you want wood, rail or pbone 11. We
bavs a large itock of mill wood Mill
Inch lengths Pomaces wood a specially
Prompt deli varies, 1
18 Lonadala Avsnui
Pbons 117, Wood COD.
mm ■■W ^a\W WWWww^W™^WWP l^^wWB
of Commerce
.. ■-.' ■" " !" " '. ' ■' "'li.    ';■■■■■'■■ ■■"-
Capital $15,000,000' Rest $12,500,000
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at tha       4
A.dt'itiiiul Banking Business Transacted,
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 ani upwards.
A. A. FOBSTBB     Manager.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
ll Is clisspar lo liny funis* lor your doors and windows
mads by macbluory than to make tliom by band.
We aro In a position to supply many aiiea trout itock and
any alia on tlie altoilait possible notice.
Our outside frames include blind itop and casing
Oall aud gal our alack list.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
UU no Bspleuad. East
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
C. T. mil wm
Eitimktis Chttrfullp Givtn        Telephone 208
210 Lonidale Ave.      North Yancouver
Timothy Hay (new)
Olovsr Hap, (nsw)
Alfalfa H.y
Crusbsd Oati,
Unsaid M.il
B. * B oblcken Uhop,
I. * E gcrstcli Food
MI Oratkad (Join
ItH'i Bf| Maker
Ut't Insect Powd.r
.Bwlft'i Bssf Scrips
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
OFFICE: lit ESPLANADE, EAST        PHONE 4 r«wt*m vwwty* mu tmnays vy mm» »»v»» * «°"i «i»ii"»
I   \
Bite, of Buliioriptloui-Ons jrssr, »1.0Q.   Bli months, Ns,   Threo monthi, IIOii.
UaHai BMilaa aad foMlgn, l»M pn jet,,
Advertising Ram WW la quoUd an AwUuUra.
Tba JBiprsas Is davot.d ta tbt Int.r.iti of tka North Bbora of Burrard lulet
saeluslvsly. It cuuitltut.i an advertislnn m.dium of .ic.ptlonal vslu. for
rsaching In a thorough and .tfeetivs manner tbs population -of Norlb Vanoouv.r
Oity and District. Kv.ry .Sort is madt to givs adv.rtli.n tba most satisfactory
All ehangas In eonlraet adv.rtls.m.nts should bs in tk. printer.' band, aot
later than li) a. m. Monday and 6 p, m. Wadnssday ta eniure iniartlan In th.
following Ihu..
...- ..„,„., ^,_ „„, „„ „..., „ .?..*)
his time in marketing hia grain, anil
can dsvola his time to fall plowing,
a vital iit'cuiuHity to wtiittoro iigriciil
turaliatit. With farmer, oiiahled to secure luan. on their grain crop there
will be no n'ecesalty for rushing thoir
crop to miti l.i.i In ordor to meet promt-
lug liabilities. Thero will lie eqoonr
agenient tu farmora tn atore, their
graitt which wili loin! to prevent the
iiiiiiiini congest ion.
North Vancouvsr, B. 0..
..Osusmbar 10, Ull.
If there eilsted any liugerlng uncertainty in the oiioil of any with reference to the location of the terminal!
of the Pacific Qreat Kaatern Hallway
lhat uncertainty ought lo he effectually
■ III.|,ull.nl    ll)'   tllU   I'' HUIII' e'u   glVOII   liy
Premier Mcllriile lu hi. roreitl luter
view wilh repre.eiitatlvea of the lueal
i uu", i ■ umi \nun uiiiiio, a report of
whicii we publish in thin issue.
Tlie utterance, uf lhe Premier em
l.luu.i. c the fact that the government
lias not in any way deviated frum
the |.ieet i .nn,:, contained in the agree
incut with the I'ueilie (Ireat Ka.teni
Ilailway Company. It ia not at all un
usuul that in seesiug tu carry out an
arruiigeiiieiit having to do with an Undertaking of a magnitude audi a. lhat
nf, the Pacific Oreat Kaalerti project
circumstances should arise which
rentier neceaaary more or lea. re-
arangement of details. Hindi a development woulil proliabiy be found in
evitable, notwithstanding thu eierciie
nf the utmost care in arriving at those
details iu the lirst instance ami the
musl sincere desire upun the pari uf
all parties to carry thoae details out,
These latest statements upun the part
of Hir Kit-hard Mcllride convey lhe assurance thut shoulil il he considered
in uut t|tiiirlcrs that certain details of
tlie I'ueilie (Ireat Kaslem' agreement
liuie not been fullilleil to the letter,
lliere need lie un uppriiheiisinu that any
rearrangement nf details, either past ur
future, will lie ulliiwud iu its ultimate
elicit lu wurk lu any way lo the de
Irinieiil of the North Hhore.
The unequivocal assurance il again
vouchsafed the public that the guvern
ineiil will curry out the railway pulicy
upon which their appeal waa made tu
the country, with such conspicuous sue
cess. The city nf Nurlh Vancouver is
again declared, in unmistakable terms,
to lie the terminal point fur the Parille
i.i",i Kuslern Iluilwuy system ami we
now have the further information that
adequate accoiiniiodatioti will be provided for llie terminal oltiree, in (lie
election of whul llie premier deicrlbei
as "it magnificentilaliou" iu this city,
further, notwithstanding any temper
ury disarrangement uf original plans,
Iho assurance is repuatcd that the I'a
lilie' in..it Kaslem Kailway Cuinpany
mil he operating its trams into and
out uf the cily of Nurth Vaucuuver
inside of two ami one Imll years, ill
compliance with the terms of the agree
menl   in  that   l.iliiili'
Ho very many veiatioiiH delays uiul
Irouhle.uuie ulistructioiis have attend
ed the efforts which have been made
lliroii|ili pusl years to promote import
ant projects of the greatest moment to
the North Hhore that it cannot be con
■idereil surprising if any prospect of
u continuation of such eiperieme shuuld
he fouml trying upon lueal public sen
liineul. ll is ipiile evident, huwever,
wilh reference to the Pacific Oreat
Kuslern project that unlooked-for tlif
li.-iillit-h', teeming d. liuu, iiilileading
advertiiements ami all such rutiditluni
io tl unim!) nolwilliiliiiillng, Norlh
Vuiicuuver is lhc h i,u. .1 terminui of
llic uuw railway system and thi. city
will liml Itself in the actual enjoyment
of all the iidvautages lecruiug to iuch
a terminui within Ibe period of lime
originally stipulated iu the agreement
belween tile government .ml the railway company.
An object len.1,1, jn w|,a| , un be ac
roiiiplishuil liy a wise lm, -i .policy in
looking the timliered areas of a country
the source of iuiineiue ami stable public
reveuuei, ii found in the record which
haa been made in Huaiia in tbi. re
.peel. Tlie beginning! uf lluui.'i for-
eat policy ware made in the .ev.nt.enth
renlory. As early u I6B7, the fane,
ing Pater th. Il.eel imtituted tbe
firet foreit reaerv. Ip that country liy
placing under aliaoiufs reserve all land,
wilbiu Curly live \tles ol liven,
(chiefly with tbe end in view of maintaining an unfailing .upply of timber
for liuildlng a navy) and banding it
over to the control of the administration of crown forests. In 11/6 a
lloyal I'uininimion was appointed to
thoroughly rsvisw Ua situation wltb
reference to foreiti and tbia roimnia
.ion drew ap a sompr.hansivs Foreit
Art, making .pscl.l provision for tbs
protection bf forest! which held back
snow ami water ou the mountain slopes
ami e.Inch prevented the drifting of
lands over agricultural areas.
Under the Russian system, .iidre are
elected local protection councils which
play a very important part In advanc
ing Ihe forest policy, tllmler theae
councils there are being managed on
the aame baaia on which a farm would
hu managed aome eighteen million acres
uf foreit.
The liioio.n.-il result, kre sueh as lo
amply justify this acientific forest
In Ihe initials of the last century the
income from Ihe domain fnrust was
$5011,1100j last year, according lu pru
litnlnury iiifurinatiou given uut hy the
furestry department, the guveriiineiit
forest revenues amounted to fl'J,;'i:!:"i,
Sill, an i .iff uver the revenues uf
Ulltl of $9,911,918, The amuuiit uf for
est laud held by the government in the
empire was approttimately 4l!4,ir.,rtliiiHI
acres. The greater pari of these revenues came frum furest laud iu Kurupean
liussia, inn.llmi: iiluiut Wil 1,000, or
over Uii per cent, of the entire revenue.
The government furests uf the Caucus
us occupy au area uf aliuut 8,0011,1100
acres ami brought a revenge nf lilil-l,
mi.i iu lllll. Hihcriu and Turkestan, in
which the area uf government forest
land totals about 888,680,00(1 acres lur
aliuut the same as iu European Ilus
sia), brought iu all a revenue uf lii,
004)838. After deducting Ihe eipeuies
frum the gross receipts, whieh, at-conl
ing tu the estimate of lllll, amounted
to |lil,stit'i,iuSS, tbere remained llie sum
uf tL'H.iiu'.i/i.-J clear profit, ur appro!
nu.iii I' Hi per cent, of the gruss rev
The iiniuii ml returns uf Hrilish Cul
umbia's furests through the puldic rev
euuei are as yet very small as euiupar
ml f.n li the ii.iiii quoted above ami
at. the same time our forest ureas lire
iih mii'nu,lit .it.u.lve lo ever pro
: I'tc uu nn iiinc approaching that which
If in i.tn obtains from its forests. Never
flHms, the present revenue derived
frnm oiii furests represents a large pru
purtiiinjjf Ibe revenues from ail source.
.uui it ia i ■•Huml..I by forestry eiperts
that with judicious management Ihe
development of this magnificent re
source which liritish Columbia enjoys
will ultimately yield as high aa sii
ulol une half milliiin dullurs per annum
lu the puldic treasury.
Hueli lieing the ease, every rrspuiisilile
citizen will reiogiiue llio urgency of cooperation upuu the pari of all flimscs
for the protection ut our forests from
the ravages of thai worst of all cut-in
iei, fire. The forests are probably our
greatest permanent tuuree uf naiurul
wealth. Our agricultural areai are
mure or less restricted, uur mineral
wt'allh I,,.unu". depleted to just that
.Stent liy every ton of ure thai is.cn
nie.iei Our fureat areas, however,
are uul uuly uf vast extent but we arc
alsu assured by eiperts that uml
scientific management their volume is
such that thuy can he reproduced al .
mure rapid rate than Ihey can he used,
even with the grestsit activity upon
the pari uf the lumber init-ff-i- The
pusaihililie. of public revenue Irom this
mure, .re, therefore, nul only very
greet hul they may be made perpetual
Tbe protection of our forests frum d"
■truilion liy fire ii, therefore, from 11
iianciul ai well ai frnm ulher Weight;
e e,i,ni.i. mi uh, • one of the mosl nu
purtsnl festurei of provincial ecu
Meeting of Scbool Trustees
A rogplar mooting en tho Huard ol
Hi Imui Tliu.I,.,. ... ill |,u iuii in 11,,,
bourd room, |t|dgeway ichool tills
evening ut N o'clock.
Stock enntains millinery, gloves, hus
iory and Chrislmaa gifts. The Vngtie,
Lonsdale avenue, corner of tlili, Nurtli
Vancuuvor. Ill ia
S. E. White
Dolls Toyi and Xmai Card*
now on view.
260 First Street East
I Intend at the nest regular meeting uf
the I.iceiisii I'oniiniaaiuuers for the
City of North Vuneuuvcr tu apply fur
un Hulel Idealise tn bu knuwn liy tliu
inline uf the Arlliigluti lintel siltialo
nn Inls twenty seven in bluck Itld, I).
I.. 211, in tliu eity of North Vnnenuver.
Dated Nuv. Nth, llllll. , 15 13
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
sale, Price par odd cords, $1.76. Hpn
clsl quotations for larger quantities
Out Wood, Ifi inches, $3.36. ID inches
W.Mi C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—Mill and L-onsdahi
Phone 190.     P. 0. Boa 2432.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
An announcement of great Import-
une c to weitern fsrmeri wu msde liy
Hon. W. T. White In the houie this
week wlit'ii he derlsred tbat when the
Hank Art WSI introduced proviiion
would be made to allow banki to loan
money ou both grain and live .lock.
Pot several year, wettern agricultural
organisation, bav. h.en carrying on
an agitation for theia amendment, to
tb. Act and tbe announcement menus
tbst the goverument recognizee the
jUHtuew of the weitern plea.
At preient lecllun fig of the Bank Acl
authorize, a bank to lend money to a
purchaser or shipper of or d.al.r in
agricultural product, on the security
of l huse product! uo matter what the
quantity may be or where ator.d, but
it do., oot autborja* tbe bank to lend
money to tke farmer on his threshed
grata or bis Iiv. .lock. In oilier word.
after grain or liva stock  reached a
HingleTuiurs, Hoeiulists, Hcieiilists
and .'iii.ii ,n , Philosophers and Think
urs nf linth seies be ut the K. I'. Hall,
uu Humlay afternoon, Dec. Kith, at
1:15 ii'cluck to help to slurl an Open
Kuruiii. Tlm masting will bMigtUtyimtl
urder al 1:.'10 when everything [n<r
Lining to this, the nio.tl progressive
step in North Vancouver's meulal de
velopineitl, will be fully explained,, No
ailmluluil fee! No membership fool
No monthly ilueal A collect iuii will
he luken up lo puy lite rent mnl olher
tioi'Ceaary eipenses. Hulijeel fur discussion to be decided Ity Hie meeling.
Unu;   a friend with you. VI VI
Tenders for Clearing
Tenders arc invited for eleariug lot
6 and wesl half of lot ll, bluck III, il.
1.. ltd.   Particulars on application to
.1.   C. Mn. KKN7.il-:, KHl^.,
ililil Homer Htreet.
SPR0TT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hasting* St. W.
Censds's Qrsstsst Wsslsrn Scbool
II   J. tSpiutt, 11.A., - -Uuuagai
Yorkikire Guirantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
.|.|n Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Managei
Nov, li,  llllll.
Norlh Vaueouver, H i\,
Thirty .lays ufler date I will apply
fur a transfer of licence for the Hey
moor Hotel, D. I,, inl, Municipality of
Nurlh Vancouver, from .lohn Mcluula
lu Kenneth ll Hliuson.
6 1!
Burrard Inlet Tunnel &
Bridge Company
uu application will be made to the Parliament of .uu, i.i at* the present aes
sion thereof by the Durrani lulel Tun
nel atnl Rritige I'uinpuny for un exten
sion of lime within which lo commence
construction of its authorised lines uf
railway ami bridge and tunnel.
DATED al the City of Vuncouver,
Province uf liritish I'ulumhia, ihis Tlnl
iluy of November, IOC!.
111,'HNH li WAI-KKM,
110 Winch liiiililing, Vancouver, II.
(.'., solicitors for the Applicant.
Ottawa Gardens
turner of t'liusterAebl  Avenue ami
Hiilh Htreel, Norlli  Vancouver
A private stjioul for luiys of seven
years of age ami upwunis. I'iusier
term hugina .lanuory ml,. Ililil.
Prospectus seul on application.
I'. O.   Atbliew,
Ilm HWII. Vancouver. /
Lodge Wtstsrn Bern, No. 296
Meeting, o. tbi. lodg. sre held lu
the Knight, of i'yllims llall, corner of
i lieuie'iliclil avenue aud Fourth street,
on the first and third Friday, in each
monlb, at I o'clock p, m.
Communication, and application, for
memb.r.hip to bs sddreiied to Harold
Uss, Mcr.Ury, P. 0. boi Kill. 16 7 13
All Nortb Vsncouvsr psople est sl
Kilher I-lm I lllock or dusting. Hi.,
opposite the new pint ulliee. Leonard
sells hii les by th. pound.
Sl MU'MS lite' COM. HI I MM;
lllll.I I.ATllliVI
''.nil i.,ii,ii,,, right, of Uie Dominion
In Multiloba. Bualiulcliowuu and Alber-
a Hie V'tiltoo Territory, the North-wml
11 11 li., i. . and in a porllon ,,( (lm |,i„
Vloce of l.i itr i, '. luiui i may lie leua-
ad for a term of I weol>-one ye.r. at
an uiiun,ii renlul „t II un acre Not
mure 1I1.111 t.SSO acres will lie lutmuel (o
one upt'llcaiit.
Aojdlcallon for a leuae must b. mude
Uy tlte ttjijilli uui In |,ersoli lo llie Auent
ur Hull-Agent of tliu district In which
Ihe i li.liiii applied for ale slliiated.
in surveyed territory the tuml musl
be tlescrjhed by aecttuna, or legal auli-
dlvlsloiia of .action., unit In iiiiaui vey-
ed territory llie Iracl upplied fur ahull
be ataltetl out by tlio applicant himself.
I'uu Ii .,).,.ii. .jii.,1, muat lie accompanied hy , feu of |S which will be refunded If ihe ii,.I,in upplied for ure nol
uv.ill,illi     hul   nul   nil,, i v.1,,, a   rgy.
.Ity ahall bu paid on the merchantable
output of llie mine ul Ihe rale of Ave
cent, per ton.
Tlia pri mm operating the mine shall
furnish ttie Agent with sworn return.
n.i Hiniiii,, lor .the full ijuunlIty ot
in. I. li.nn.,i,i. coul mined and pay the
royalty Ihereon If lhe coal mining
right, ure not being operated, auch returns nlii,iil.l l,e furnished at leaat once
a year.
The I' ei, will include the coal mining
right, only, but Ihe leaaee may he permitted ti ium ii.i;,, whatever available
surface light, may be considered neceuary for I tie working of ihe mine al
llle rale if tin an acre.
For full information nitpllcallon
ahould be mode to the .ecrelary of tba
li. imiiiiii in of th. tni,nli,i. Ottawa, ur
to any agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
I,ail J«
Deputy Mint.ler ef tha Interior.
It I III UU I III,I  I.'I.I       llllillll   llllllll       of
adv.rtl.emeiit   will  not   ba   paid
Christmas Presents
Let us slmw yun oup complete stock q(
Such gifts combine usefulness wilh beauty and will last
a life lime.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O,
Wc beg lo lender for your lull line of Christmas gills in
Ninth Vancouver:  .-■
Our inollo:
"Excellence ol
Quality of Goods"
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. S. Boots and Stationery Company),
ilti,'ID Lonadale Aveuue.        PHONE llll
Orders taken for Xmas Cakes and
Xmas Puddings.
Job Printing at the "Express"
Xmas Neckties for Men
—         ■   I.   I —   II    I   ■   ■     . I   ,  ■!■!  ■■
Extra Value, 50c.
1029 Granville Street Vancouver, B. C.
An Opportunity
Close to an open road. 50 ft. lots $275 each,
Also half-acre lots from $500 to $650 each,
Offlcs Pbons 173.
In North Lonidale
$25 cash ,$10 monthly
$50 cash $20 monthly
Bssldsncs Pbons 394
V. O. Box 1831,
Christmas Gifts
All our appliances operate by connection witb an ordinary
household sorki'l.
115 Esplanade West, North Vancouver.    Phone 66
Second Slreet East, North Vancouver, B. C,
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 to 10.
Hot and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
The iiiii'i'iiti servient Mil In St.
John'a cliiiri'li pn Sunday worn attend-
eii liy large congregation*.    At t|ie
Illuming HI'FVil'l! Mr. J. N. TllOlll|IHOII
Wtt (inlililietl It llcUliOII, |ieil)g in-eiii'iileil
liy tho Vt'iii'iiiiiii' Aii'iiiii'iti'iiii i't'iiiniliii
to the (tight Hev. Bishop of Hew Wust-
luiiu.ier, nlm eoinluctuil tlie survlce ant)
lu-. iiii-.fti the holy onlort. Hev. 0. A.
Hogar, |iriin:i|iiil of Ut. Mark 'h Ilull,
Vaneouver, preached the tertiimi from
the test "A Man Hunt frnm Hod."
At the evening sorvjeo llio' Lunl Blah-
H|i again enni|uetud etui dedicated thu
new organ, ami preached an eliii|iiuiit
lermon, choosing uu hie text, "Ltinl,
what woultl'tl llmu havo me to ilol"
The mutli' of thu aerviee ineliitleil 'P.
II. Tuurii1 "Mnuuiii. ui " uiul "Nunc
Dltultiu". in i; Muumlert' "O, Wor
ship thu King," aiul special* psalms unit
ii- um." v.lm It weru wull rumluroil liy thu
atrong choir. Mr. P, .1. Stumluii presiil-
uii ul thu urgun, playing for voluntaries
"Aiuluiitu Religion)," Buss; "Harcur-
ole," I'. Tschalkowsky, uml 'Murche
Au> Flambeaux," Hcotsson Clurk Kev.
Heeling uml the reelor, Hev. ,1. II.
Hooper, assisted ul the tcrvieot.
We uru requested by Hcovo Nelion
of Wesl Vancouver tu correct as inoi.'
etirute two statements appearing in our
issue of Friday lusl iu the remarks ol'
thu reeve at Hie meeting licit] Woilnet
<lay evening. I'lie report read thut ihe
ilislriet ..ul,imiiiii ils plans lu lhe Min
iator uf Kuilways uml thu Minister ill
jeeleil In llle same.   This should rellil
false."   lleeve Nelson atlvises thai to
bu accurate the last clause of the
nlimi' ,'iliuiiiii leu,I "lie stated ivhui in
Ilia (lleeve Nelsou'sl opiiiiou, was uliso-
lately falte."   '
North Lonsdale
Presbyterian Church
All iiiu.11nie,I lu.mre will lie giveu
liy Mr. Johnstone, fortnur missionary
In Africa, on Woilnesilay evening, December Uth, at t o'clock. A collection will bu taken for Ihu fomls of Hie
W. M. 8.
lln Huliini.". afternoon a hockey
iu,'iuh wus pluyetl on Boulovnnl 1'ark
belween the I'ublie Schools ami Norlli
Vuneuuvcr teams; Alfur a wull fun
tested game the local team wou by
four goals lo one. .Fur tliu winners
Ward ami 1', N, llaylis scored Iwo
goals apiece.
A hu .I,, i ball ittiti.lt lietween tht' Kit-
ginfors ami "II" tiomputiy nf the llth
Luke of i'uin..ui; l.i Own Kitlcs is to
be played ul Hie ilrill hull, Vulieouver,
nn Wediiesiluy at t |Mii. The engineers'
team will be scleMoil from Hie follow
iiig: Lieut. 1'. Wurd, Nursey, llontli,
Buruitton, T. Martinson, A. II. Martin
son and   Klder.
Capital VlM Ttif      18,000,000
Beaerve and Wa4lvUe4 ProMa    |8,MO,000
Total Aaaeta        am 1*6,000,000
*    Hal.   The fiallnr ul Imleiin
ireateit value of money
feeling ut Independence,
y euaJnit (lie edict! of
ie that a reserve fund
adverte lorlune
clvei yoo. le Infliiltcly more satisfying
lhan  the puielnt aratll|cailu(l  which
and of tecurlly
If '
n  Ue puislng aretltlcullun
you would obtain bf mending II
Small umiiniita whicii you will bird-
|y mill—depuilted regularly, will gradually, but surely, accumulate to t aum
large enough to Insure agalnit tbe
eiretle of business revoreet or Ion of
Atk to aee nur Safety Denoiit.Boxea
tli 0. IIB.iVliN, A.c..,
Nertb  Vancouver
The ipeclal altenlion of Klectors is
drawn to the provisions Sf taction 4 of
the "Muuicipal Elections Ael Amend
ment Act, IBIS, which' reads at fol
"In ease the registered bolder of lbe
fee anil the registered vendee under 11:1
Agreement for Huie ure bulk uwncrs (as
dclincil in Ihis Acl) of the same land
or real prupcrly, they shull bulk have
thu right to huve their iiainoi entered
un Ike voters' list, bul Hie 'udder
alone skull liave tke rigkl tu vul.' ut
any municipal electiou, unless be, on nr
before tbe day of election, by writing
iiiuli'i hit luiiul tile,! iu the office of the
city clerk, walvet or reuouuees hit
right lo vote, in wbicb cave tho vcudei
shall be entitle] to vole, provided ho
has all the requisite quuliliiulioua of a
Forma of waiver iu terms uf the
above provision may lie obtained from
the undersigned
City  Clerk.
I'ily llall,
North Vancouvor. H 1 1.1
Cord Wood
FOB SAI.K   liilin .I   amouul   of
cord  wood ur stove wood.  Thompson
and Htuarl.   I'houes 431 aud Ui'l   tf
The whole of our $30,000 slock of Furniture, Carpels, I louse/urnisliings, Crockery, Etc., lo he praclically slaughtered.   Take this opportunity
and purchase for cash al wholesale prices.
TO   KKNT—Small   slunk   unit   back      FOK     KKNT    Modern    apartments,
ilhup.  Iiiiiii  I.onsilule  Ai('inn'      HI-IH  furniihed   or  unfurnished,   disappear
 j ing boils; lelepliuiie uml heal included,
'doloftial   Apartments,   tth   slreet   and
Bt.   Ueurge's  uvenue.   Enquire   upurl
i went 6 or phone H408. 4 I l'l
FOK KKNT- Two 2 ruom toltuges
water. IN aud (I). A. Smith S. l'u
II Lonsdile Avenue. tt lii
FOK KKNT 4 roomed Hal, modern
improvements, tilth and Boulevard. Ap
ply F. Booth, plumber. t.f
li'ii'i'!:   FOB KKNT   llotfwkeeping
and tingle. :.'ll "ml slreet eait.     tf
FOB KKNT- Double bedroom, with
board. 663 Lonsdale avenue.        HI iii
VOU KKNT Four-room Hal, 2(W lit
itreet easl. Apply 1662 I'arkes Htreet,
(Jrandview. 1" H
FOB BKNT- 4-roomed modern hou
Mi, i' iiiiii'iies from ferry. Bent ill!
per mouth.    Peeri k Boult. pboue 188.
FOB BENT—t roomed new, moderu
boutet on Fell avenue, noar car line;
111).   II. Mac Beetle. Phoue 246. 2912
FOB BKNT-Five roopied new mod
em bungalow. Cor. 8th and •'"'""<
Avenue. Apply I. Wuldeu, 322 6tb
itreet wilt. 17 IS
FOK KKNT- 10 roomed house, all
modern, turner of 13th and Kidgc^M'.
(ilil. Apply 4lifi Illk street cast. HI 12
FOK BENT—Furniihed house, lacing
Vicloriu I'urk. Su rooms, balk, fur
nice,  etc.   Box   A171,  Kxprcss.   IU 12
FOK HALK Itliol :.il, roots, besl imported Knglish seed. II. Holdsworlh,
ijardcii avenue, Capilano. I.L
FOK BALK-First growth wood,
\it.VKP, cord. O. Mcllade, J4I1 8th atreel
cast. FbllU !U. I.f.
^Utrnrn ,	
FOB BENT—6 roomed houae in fruni
of i'uluee Hotel. See U. S. Henna, Kill
Hidden Building, HI liastiugs Btreet
cut. t.f
FOK BAI,K-Av4(fw very choice
Wliito Leghorn CockeTWj.. Apply iti
lllh street west, North Vattwuver. I.f.
FOB KKNT- 8 roomed houie, uext
lo drug store ou 8th aud Luusdale,
|2U. Apply H. II. Millard, 768 Lous
dale avcuue. tf
FOH   HKNT--4 room   modern   bun
galow, completely furniihed, bath, hot
end colli waler, electric light, ucai mt.
Kent (24 monthly.   Box 1(2, Kxpress.
ID 12
FOB BEKT — Modern furuli'ued
:iI'ii11muii of 4 roomi; beat; disappear
ing beds; piano; telephone, etc.; alio
unfurnished apartment; splendid view.
Colonial Apartments , Kiglitli itreot
east, Norlb Vancouver. Enquire Apart-
mint 3.  Phone 810L.
termi, modern Groom bouie, link atreel
block from Louidale, 33 feelxIGO. Feuc
ed aud in garden. Bent 122.60. Apply
Wood <t Ben, Everybody's Shoe Store.
KOH HALK -40 H. ('. White Leghorn
Palleli, good utility .strain. 120 i'tk
slreei. Also some choice cockerels.
Ill 12
FOK SALK-I'ullels, Black Minor
eas, Barred Plymouth Kucha ami Wkiti
Bocks. HlcVcua, 21st streel and Bridg
man. 17 12
WANTKIl   Tu slurl children's dan
iug elass in North  Vancouver.     Miss
Kiilwell,  2184   Cornwall   Htreet,   Vuu
WANTKD Boom un.l buunl by
youug business gentleman. Hlale eon
vcnicuccs and terms to Box Altil, Kx
press Oflice. 612
WANTKD -Contractor for. laud
clearing, septic tanks, connecting sew
en, teaming, cordwood hauling liy eon
Irat-I or by cord. Apply .1. Vincent,
Norlh   Vaneouver. 26 1
WANTED--Cordwood lo cut un your
premises, at il.:!:', a single cord, Iwu
tuts, special price for larger quautb
tics, Also a ipiaiilily of Hi null woqil
Tor sale at $2.60 per load Apply J. li.
Foster, Iill (ilIj streel easl. Phono 671
FOK HAJ.K-Nearly new HM Her
hard Hcintrrnau Piano, for (376. War
liiirnit/ Piano liouse, 443 Lonsdale Ave,
North Vancouver. t.f,
FOB  HALK-Oheap,  large   roll tap
desk, safe and revolving chair, completi.
and all in line condition. Apply C. F
l-'eiii'iti.'in, Boom 6, Aberdeen block, t.f
WANTKD-Woman   lo   lake home
washing. Apply Hox Alt!, Express.
WANTED-Girl for housework. Bleep
out.   Apply morning or evening, 237
Keith Bd. Eait. 10 IS
l.i 1ST A lady's waleh ou Lons
dale avenue Tuesday at 2-.'in p-m. lie
turn lo Burrard Cafe.
TO KXCAVATOBS- We will take ull
the eurth you have. Wallace Whip
yards. t.f.
For line watch and jewelry work go
to Geo, Somertou, tko new jewelry tlore
at  143 Lonidule Avenue.
MONEY TO LOAN-Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, fun. Btar Loan
Co., 812 Haitingi, Vancouver.       t.f.
Short luxe loans un vacant or im
provid property Hlar Luun Company
812 Hustings, Vulieouver. If
Ludy  living aloue in  small  bunga
low ou tjui'i-ii street  desires   to share
expenses  with another lady.      I'lione
B340. ' ID 12
Dressmaking parlors, Indies' Tailor
ing, evening gowns remodelled, rcno
villous, elc. 118 Beeoml Hlreel east,
8th dour frum Lnusdale. I.'i 12
FIREWOOD Fir ilovc wood ,.i pe,
loii'l, bark, (il per loud, lir cordwood
(4.60 per cord, Bot 2306. I'bone 306.
C.O D. I'rompt delivery.
Dressmaking I'arlora, l-adies' Tailor
iug, Operu i Inlil... Evening (Juwns re
modelled, renovations, etc. i'ricct mod
crate, 118 Bvrond Blreel Kail, 81b
door from Lousdale. IC 12
Uud iMealing and Drilling Loll,
I'ete Amir uss, (ieueral Contractor. Be-
wer I'uiiuci-lioiii a specially, basetneut
•ml other excavating work undertaken
Estimates free. 120 181b street wcsl,
Nortb Vaacouver, pott office boi 23IIJ
Postponement of Council Meeting
Take notice tint the regular weekly
ineeling of the Couucil will be held uu
Friday evening next, the Lllh intt,
al ii.ii) o'clock iuileld of Tburiday n
Dated it the municipal lull thit
Uih dav uf December, 1012
B. C. Livery and Board liable
Light rigl aud ladies' saddle horiet
for hire. Blabliug for horses Den
•ral delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumai, 4th itreet weit. I'hom 147 t.f.
Authorized agent for Hingir Sew
ing Machine Company in North Vancouver. 1.1. McAlecce, Dry Qoodtaud
Dents' Furnishings, corner Firit and
Lomdale Avenue, If
Furnace heated double front room,
tingle room also bed silling room, half
a block from lunsdale. 126 Sixth.
Street Wint, North Vancouver.    S 12
Young lady require! position at
lady help. Oood needlewoman. H., P. 0.
Box l»*7, North  Vancouvar.     1712
HI NIII NH Mr. Oscar Morfey, voice
producer aud lingiug expertj now at
teudt at Warburnil;, Piano Co'a. roomi,
Tuesdays aud Fridays, 28 yean' experience. Standard Methods of Boyal
Academy, Termi on inquiry.     12)2
Bailwiy and WlrelMi Ooucenu Bbort
of Kiymm ta Truuuult Miaatgii
Wilh new federal lawi iu effect re
quiring railwayi and thipi lo be pro
uiliul wilh more telegraph and wire
lets operator!, Ibere it a widespread
icarcily of men and women to work
Ihe keyt. Tha commercial telegraph
companies are alto feeling the short
age. All sea going veuelt ar* now
required |o carry Iwo operator!, when
oue wai deemed sufficient before.
Bchooli for telegraph operator! art
finding it extremely difficult to mcel
the dcmandi of all brioches of thl
service. The Morse Telegraph dom
pany, opposite the Orphean theatre,
Seattle, will gladly mail yon, upon ie
queil, a catalogue outlining the
counei for meu and women, thll ii
tbo largest ichool of tba kind la Ibo
Northwiit. li-ft
Office: 66 Lonadala Avenue.,
North Vancouvar, B. 0.
Phona ISH.
Bunkara, Wharf an4 Warehouse,
St. Oeorge and Eiplanade.
Phona 178.
Keep Your Eye ob
We have huueae to runt at all iuI.vh, and In every purl of Ilia ulty;
alao it'i'i'l business stands ut luw lolitull
Wa ure s|,t eittlisis In managing rental priipertleu (or holh ri iiili ml
and uul o( town uwnura. Our t.im. in. ni.-t anil remittance! uru lent
liruuiptl every, month end. and no deluil uf litis special eluss of
Bervlce ■ s. .inn, our attention.
Ul   I ou.S.le   Avenue
HIVI "11.   M'l 1 I ll IM S
I'liune 116
Nurlh Vaueouver
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
HeimltltlK,   Hs ni-nh lliu,..   BtO,   I'i "in1.1
)>   .in. i.ilt'l   i".
i .-iiu,.!. ■  i''.u iiii.ii. .1  Free
iuii..    l.i, iiiii.u.i, t ti.nis Factory, I .-.
planada   I'lione  in
llesIeKintt   Allun   Huad.  l.ynn  Valley
P. il   ii".   it, l.ynn Creek   I'liunu
BuUdlng Contractor
ill t lasses'of houses ami store build
lUgS,  ulliee   lltliitin.  ute
1116 12th Htreet  I
Norlh   Vulieouver, 11. C
6'li I'under Mt   W.        I'buue Key. 'Mi
A MIE. * S.
Irrigatiun, dralniirt, levels, plans
•nd iptcihcatiniia. Septic Uuke iud
litiiua ilitilnaao   •   l|itclnlly I'.   0,
It'll Hit, Utli (tra*  wm( ol Hewiek.
For Flrat data Work aee
131 Bicond Street, near Lonadale
P. 0. Boi 11411
Nludiu   over   Balk   I). N. A.
I.ontdali ud Eiplaudi
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Mettl Worki
Flrat Strut But of Lonadala
Loweit prist! unl bail work guirm
teed on tinning ami sheet nielli work.
Oibuiat Maker and Oirpintar
Will umlerUkeiall kindt of wood work,
,e| .t.m,  etc.
I'ouiUi BUNt aud Butlurltnd Avenue
F. 0. Boi '1096
All kinds uf siws Hied and set uu thu
shortest notice Urn mowers, kuives.
hedge iheari ami scissors sharpened All
work guaranteed, uioderate prices
VIM Lonadala Avium Phone la
liml  Lonadale Avium, Nortb
I'altiiiel   milter,  picture  friiner  lml
jol,tm,fr M.erlt ind lepairi ilf all tin-Is
I'.- ,1 ■ and estimates suliinittiil. Fur
itiluii Itoughl. mtl'l ami r.-pmr.-.l  I'lione
And giucrtl t'oniuiiwiou Merchant, 19
' iii.s.lali.' A.e, North Vaneouvir.
Phona m
It your Watch ituppiug or keep ,e
irregular iun. t   If so, see
I'ionier ,l«».-Her, ii'i Luiii'lale Aveuue
Lynn Villey Temperance Hotel
North Vancouver
tin the tar line. Kouui ami board
Duutl aei-uiiiinuijalion fur wurkiug inen
I'unlratior's men taken. Hiitplc meals
15 12 II   EABTl.llTT, Proprietor
It will pay you to put a card in thii column
If NoVWhy Not?
Buy your Orocerlaa and Provliloua at tha North Blurt
Orocenr, whin you gat tlu vary Uat fooda at tin lowaat
pile «s   utvi aa a trial and prove tilt for yourulf.     Wa
don't cany aay gooda ve can't guarantae.
A tern at our eyeciala:
Oood Coffee at  Sic lb.
Brook* Bond Taa at Uc Ib.
Creuuiry Butter, He er 3 Ib for  • $1.00
Boiled OlU,   'Joe 7 Ih. inks
Applee, eiWi fancy....'. |1.M ud IIM boi
Oenulne Aakcroft Syada  tl iif, ink
AU fuaiantaad ta b* over Ufa* lochia In long tb and the
grower't naau famlaked witk aack aack.
Oood ObUllwack Sptiia   UM a aack
Ordin promptly delivered.
Phoni in
llV-i,Aw NU. VM
*'mW;t^J* VW" IH «,»r»ur«»lun
al tke lit) of Nurlk Vaucuuver lu
aiiarmlrr Ike munii-nt of llelmulutca
lu In Isaueil ||>- Ike Nnrlh Vaueuuver
{"..teJ"1 HWWi '" 'ke etiem
III  IHa,linil  .ml  lutere.l   tliei-enu.
WIII3HKAH the Nurtli Vancouver
City Ferriea Limited, lierulnuflur re-
felted to ua the Company, a Ferry
i'uinpany having wurka cunetructud
partly within and purtly without llio
limit! of tliu Corporation of the i'lty
of North Vuncouvur, iliarelnafler referred to ua thu Oily), nioposua to Issue
ilutiunttii-es, o.nulil, |n forty youn
frnm   the  dule  un   which  Ihu  by-law
l.el-.'u      .11. .  I l'u,,1 Hi; lllll'l .  ..I       Ul  UlU
rule of five liar cunt, pur uiiniun lo he
ui' iiie.i ua lieii'iiiiii'it i   uu uiiun,,   fui-
(he slim uf (112,000 (in- llle ptii-|iusu ful-
liiwlpii, thai Is , n any:
To  take  up und cancel all lasuu uf
He ii. iiiiiii ,n   uf   the   Cunipuny   uf   the
un,uniii  uf One  no I unit re., un
Iill.ltl    I hum.,hi,I   til lis.uuin   ,1,,||,mi   |a,
suuil iuu. uuin lu By-law No. g;| of the
"Ily, lielng miuuii,iu lu the Nurth Vau-
muver Ferry Aid HJ-luw Vulldulltiii
.v.-i. IIIIO, sued Oi l.iiiiiiseii lieing ,ti-
ninl) inuii,iiiitiil hy tlm T'lly puisuunl
lu  lliu  1'i.e'iuiuiu   of sultl  Uy-luw;
ANH IVHBBBAS the Cumpauy has
l'et|llesleil   Ihu   Clly   lu   guarantou    Ulu
I'U'   Hu   III      Ilf    SUltl     el,   lu   1,1111,   . Ili,   iilillll
Inieiesi, us „iui. ...I.i uml II Is deemed
exiiudielit thul tliu I'lty atltiulil cuiiipli
with aiith requeat, suhjeci tu me lei-ins
uud cuntlltliiiis it. i, it,,,ii. i usiiiussed:
THISfiBfOlIM the Mayur uiul Alitci-
inun of the cliy, in Council .t .... in
llleil.   Willi   llle   .i.n.n.'iil   uf   Ihu   III,,lm..
uf iiie suhl eii) iiuly olituliieit. enact
us fitllowi:
I    The Council of iiic city tu horoby
lilllllol'lseil till i" Lull of llle Cily lu
i euei uiii, • Ihu ui i.u ii uf the inin.
elinil uml nn. !...> uf the sultl debenture!-to be Issiletl hy lhe Company for
llle |..i.|." , ii",,..,!,! uml |,.|.,.,i,i,
US        llflll'i'Sultt.        lilt-       |ti im l|llll       of
sultl debentures nul lu eteeud tiie sum
of litj'iiin umi sume lu bear Inlerest
ul llie rate of live per centum par annul., uud lite sulil Council la herehy
iui'".'.. i .'■ io .,,1 iu,i i.. tin, execution
of suhl guarantee liy the Muyur mul
lite I'lerk uf llle I'lty uml lhe ..it. - ■■.,
of lhc Curpurate Meul uf lhe Clly lu
sueli ullultllltee Tint auiil lichen I int.'
■ i.e.il be iniini Iii llle condition Ihu
no Inline Issue iif debenlures Issueo
by (tie Company sliull miik in luiuiit)
and only lliose iniuitiiiteeil l,y the cll>
shull rank nail yussu wiltl sultl eh i..-n
Ulna vv J t Ilutli lha e.iliselll of tlie ell)
il Tlie suit) guarantae ahull he constituted by indorismenl written m
printed on tin- hack uf each of the sulti
ileljt'lllUleS.    lo    llle     l-.ll. ■iiiu      L-fTeel
"The Corporation of the t'lly ot
Nurtli Vancouver ituui-aiiiees llu
wltliln debenlure ua tu principal umi
lllleiesl   liy  virtue  of  llle  Firry   linpl ovelilellla   Alei   By-Law,   uil'.   Net
1  of saltl Corporation ,.
ami    the   suiil   eliiliil'Semenl    sliull    lit
slaiieil hy llu.' llayttr ami clerk uf lln
t'lly umi St.tleil Willi llle I'utoolult
Uiul  of the I'll)
3 lllleiesl Coupons sllllll lit- illluch'
,',l lu tilth of llle Sultl llelielll lilts, UUU
lllele sllllll lit- illl t-ll.l t.l H.-lll.- III nli llif
llUCk of t'tlt ll lllleiesl l„U|,Oll lo llle
["Iluu. u.l    effect,  nulllel) :
iliitiiunletil hy lite i'ily of Ninth
Am) llie suhl i iitlois.'iut'lit shull lie
tinned hy the Mn)ur of tin- dl) Sucli
ilanaliire   unit    In-   written,   atuiupeii
inlllleil   ol   Inlu.) ,,., I ,'I
I Before the KUaruntee unilioilseil
by (tils 1)> luw la i it, e u i'i... lioei]
approved i.) the Culillell of Hie Clly
shall he executed liy the Compan)
I'huttjliiit ull llu- properly uml ussets nl
llle Ctllllpull) I'i. n. nt uiid future, ullil
Ils  uncalled  uniiiiii.  If uny,  with  llu
lllltllielll uf lilt- lllllll lleikl uml illlell-Sl
of sulil tleliellluies, ulltl ulso nu liulee
nielit helWeun tlie Colllpuli) unit Iti.
I'll) aallsfutliu) lo lite Council of the
cliy i-oiiulnlun iluuie ment liy lhe company lu puy semi itliliiliill) .lin Iiiu (to
current-) uf snld dellenlurcs un lilTtine.l
In   Ht e Umi   one   hereof,   llie   sum   ul
I3C60 OU.   leellili   llle   Bellll illllin.,1   Intel
esl on sultl tlelieiiturel. um) ulsn dur-
Ilia tin, tin lent) of sultl debentures
lo place lu n chartered Bunk imnn.ill,
ihe sum uf Si,.'- ... i,, provide u sink,
lua   fuml  fm   lhe  redemption  ut      y
tleliellluies. and llllo containing -n !'■
menl thut III lite event of fullure PI
lhe Coiii|iauy lo provide tin' suid aums
lm Inieiesi unit sinking fund, sume
ma) from ifine lu time lie provided In
lhe City ullil In Ihul event I It.. I III,
t'limliuliy will Issue tu the City fill
,iinl In reaptet of sink sum ur aunts
is may he pruvlded ley the f'lly, uu
iijuivtijeni umount lu fully puld inures
of llie ,.i|.Ii.ii stuck uf tiie I'uliil'.ili.
(. Tin earning Iiiiii effect of Iht
port liuae of Itu- said ilelielllillea sli.ill
It.- commenced wllhln twelve month*
from ttie dale iif iiimliia Ini" t'tlt. I of
Ihis    iti   1.itt    unit    shull    be    ..llllllll Iiii
wliiiln Iwellly-fuiir nn tilths fiom unil
afler tlie sultl iliile uml mis by-law
Is paased uiiuii the express tonilllloii
ilinl failure to observe stn ii iuue Mini'
sliull  It lulel   llle  I))   luw  Vol,I
'     Authority  la  luiilty  urunted   lo
llle   CtlUncll   iif   Iht-   C||)    |<|   assess   uiul
lev, frum time lo lime upon llie wholt
iiiieiihli' properly within tl ii> .. sum
in sums niliii nni to .Ms.),. it ue llu
,1.-1,1 ur it. mu In i.li.i ueul.e,ilml tit
nut  imii oi  itiiits thereof
7 This lly-luw mu) he ell.il feu till
imipoiei .is 'Tin- Perry liiiiuoveiiu-nts
API lit   l.nw   till. Nil   I"
t    This lit luw sliiill come im., ef
fm I   oil   the   lllll  llu)   ..<  Ill't't'lllli.l     A D
I'nsai'il it) llii. Council of lite i'llv oii
llie   2Clh  tint   of  Nov, l.il.tf   A ll    1st!
It., t'l Veil   llle   urn 1,1    tlf   lilt     Iiln lul S
of Ilia Clly ul  un iltu Iluu  held  for  llle
purpose   nu   llie
day of
Alt    1911
ll.e e,ll.Lie lnl liiloltli'il llllll |ll,,ill|i
luissiil hy llie Cnonell ,,t III, t'lly siilil
prl ll) llll .'.lu . , iiiiii I'll) I'l, lit iiiiiI
. .I'.I Willi the foiporatc Neul of the
I'll) oll llie
day of
A tl   ISI2
MITII F.   ril  F.I.KI TI)H!
TAKK  NuTll'l-;  Uml   llie  uhovo  Is a
Hue topy nf Iht' prupuaed llyluw tiimii
whieh lhe volt- of the Kletlois of (he
Moi.ii l|..tlll> of llle Clly of Noilh V.in
e nUVel     Will    lie    I.tin II    W11 ll III    llle    I'll,
Hall. North Vincouvir, II ''. on Uul
iii.lit, Ihe lllli iluy of December. ISI)
Intlweeli llic tuitlll of S o'clock u 10
uml   7   .i, imi.   ,i lu
W. ACHTIN liltilWN.
i'ily  Clink  ami  Pet in nlnu  Hither
ITULH' NOTIOK la hereby alveii that
lhe vote of the Kleclori of lhe I'll)
of Noilh Viineuuver will In- luken on
the llth diy of lleimillet, ltil, In-
twein the hours of I o'clock a m and
7 o'eloek pin, on "The Ferry Improve
menls Aid Bylaw No I." uml Ilml
wllhln the cliy IUII North Vancouver,
It C and lhal W Aualln Hiown, Clly
i'lerk. has been a|i|'ointeil Helunilnn
Oltteel In lake the Volt; of sut It Klei-
tun wllh Ihe osei.it powers In lliul he
y Order of lhe Cminell,
WM   M.NIilHH,
Clly  Clerk.
Mi-i,»« Nil. aie
A in im lu .i,»iiit- Ike « »rss«r.iil..u
nl Ikr illy ef Nerlk Vevoaver lo
• ueraalrr Ike iiaiweal at lleltea-
lorea Is Im iMur! hi Iki Nurlk lis-
rt.u.rr ill,  rtrrlti,  l.lmllr!,  to tkl
nisei   or   iiitjioo   >>a   tiimit
wiikhkah   On   North   Vaneouvir
Clly rirriia l.lii.ltsd, binlnaftir n-
iiuiu tltii (lay On which thll l»-l>nv
lakes effect, beurlna Interest ul Hie
rale nt tive per cent, per annum, tu
hu secured ai liurelnaflur' inunllidiod,
fur thu iiiiii of (137,000 fnr thu ptiriinae
"For the conatruutlun nf a new
and modern ferry sleamer, with slue)
hull, for Ihe service of the Ciini-
nuny between thu suld Clly nf North
. um uuvi i -uml the City of Vnnenuver."
AND WHKltlilAS the Company bus
ruiiiiiiutud (Iiu Cliy lu Kuaraiiiee Ihu
payment nf euld duheiiliirus, itniini
Ing Iniereat. us ufurusiibl. und ii la
deemed expedlunl lliul the City should
niniili with auch i-ciiucsl, autiiect In
thu terms and conditions hereinafter
riiniKCeiiii: tho Mayor and At.l.-r-
iii. ei nf Ibo cn.'-  In council tissiiinhleil,
tti III tllU USHUIll Ilf tllU l-ileeliili: Ilf llu
suld Clly iluly iihliilncil, lelNA.T US
I, The Cuuncll of the City Is liereliy
iiiithoi'lzud on In hull uf the City to
u.num.u thu pnymnnl uf the prill-
illnii and Inieiesi of Ihe suld debentures to bu Issued by the Ciimpiiny for
the l, ti ii,....' niui,.i,,ini nmi |..i'.,il.|.
in ufurpsuttl, the iii'lntiljutl of sulil
11 I. uuii... nut to uxceetl Hut sum of
11.17,000, und an ine' lo huur Inliiicst ul
lhe rulo of five per centum net' milium,
mid thu suld t '<> ii ii.-11 Is in mi" umi','".
ercll In   nul,,,i i      lliu i   -. ui in, nf sultl
u.ii.uiii.    hy   thtt   M.u m   ulnl   Ihe  i'l. li.
of Ihu Cllf und Ihe .un.lm of the
Ciirpoi'utu Heul of Hie Clly (o such
KUiiiuiiiee Ttie auhl debentures sliull
he subject to the cundlllun thul no
iiuui. Isaiitt of Uul,-iuuu. Issued hv
Hie Cumiuiiiy shull runk in nrlurlty
unit only those ituorontccil Ity the Olty
sliull rank "pari ■     u" wllh snbl ne-
lielltlllt'S   uiii,. ue    the     un  ' iu    uT   Hie
il /I'ht! siilil , ii.uuiu.. sliull he constituted hy eluliirai'iilelll wiillen or
lulnled nu Hie liui-li iif eiiili uf III.-
suhl debenlurea to Hh' followlnu effect,
"Tlie Corporation of Hie Clly of
Noiili  Vancouver Kuuimiiees ihu
i.iii.in   debeniuro   us   to   lulneiitul
nmi    llllelt-al    hy    .inn.    nf   "The
Ferry   Imi'rovemeiils  A I.l   Hy-luw.
Iill. No. ]. of uuld corpora I Iiiii."
And   the   suit)   endorsement   sltnll   he
slalied hv Hu- Muyor uud Clerk of Ihe
i'lty  uml   st-iilcil   wllh. lhe  Corporuie
Hint   nf  lhe  Clly. —
3 lllleiesl COUpOne sllllll ne lllliii-h-
i'tl tu each of Hit; sulti debenture!, iiml
there shull In- lin endonemenl on tlu-
Ittiek nf each interest milium tu the
folliiwluii  effect,  timitidy:-—
'(illllllllll. eii   liy   lllc  Clly   uf
Nuiih Vancouver."
Ami   Hie  sulil  endonemenl  ahull   be
slirned hy the Muyur of ilie I'ily   Huth
slirnuliire mnv   he   wrlllen.   siamiied,
itttnleil in- ilthtigraiihed
I Before Hie Kiiuruniee nulhnrlied
liy ilils lly-luw Is uiven. a 'I'i ust Peed
iiniiroviul hy the Council uf Hie City
sliull be executed Ity tin: Comnnny
ihiii'ifliia nil tlie pronerly umi nssule
ui iin- compuny uml lis uncalled capital, If uny. Willi Hie iiiiymelil of the
nrlnelpul and Interest of suid debentures, und ..le" un iiiui .iit.'iti between llie Pumpanv uml Hie ''Iiv stit-
lnl.i. nu .    to   tile   Council   of   llle   Clly.
t'oiitiillitna uiiit'l'iiieiii in iiii- Company
in 11tiy sepil-nuniiullv tliirlnii tiie cur-
reney nf sultl ileln-iiiuies meiillunetl In
lection One hereof Hu- sum of III Unim
luiiiii Hu-' semi-annual intereat mi sultl
dehentures. unit ulsu iiniinii llie eoi
I'e-lu'v of suhl tlelienlllreS In liliiee ill it
elijii'lti'ful lunik .ni.uill the sum of
U6J0S6 lo provide u u.i.u. ftiml fm
ilie redeinpliiiii ■! uuld ileheiiiurea,
uul ulso eoiii,iinini.. iiurtt'iiit nl linii in
Hn event uf fullure ht Hie I'uiiuiiin
in provide lhe sul,I sinus fur Inieresl
nul nit.i.in.   nu ■!   siiiue unit from tliui'
M. liuie   lie   pliivliled   lit   llle  Clly.   mul
III lliul event ilml ilm u'luiumin wilt
Issue le, Hit- i'lty fin unit lu realist I nf
lhe sum or suuiu us muy lie provided
In the eity un equivalent uinuiinl in
fiillv imii) sluiyeH iif llie capital atoek
.1 Km Cumpany
5    Tht nsti'tiellon    of   Hie   sultl
fell".'     stenlner     Hhull     It unutlu e.l
ullliln   twelve   leu.lilhs   ft'    llle    iltlle
of Ihe eomlnp  into effect of this  Hi-
llio i'nuiii ll ul' the ''111  lo assise and
luvj-  fj-opi  tlino   to  time  liimn Ine
whole rateable  pruperty   within the
Clly a sunt or hiiiiih iiuilleleni  to dls-
' imi,,.,, the ,i, hi or liability liereliy an
lied or uny purt or pans thereof.
1. .M-ltJi No.. 308 of lhe City, be
Inn 'Tlio Forry Improvement Aid Bv-
l.uw. iih::." adupled and nnully pussed
by Iho cuiiiicll of Hiu Cliy nil thethlr-
 ii day of l|uy, A.I)., 11113, ii hereby repealed.
. Tills By-luw may be died fnr all
pui'pusuH iis "The Ferry linprnvenieiils
Aid By-Law, IIH3, No. a.''
0. This By-law shall copie Into tiled un the llllh duy of Decuinber, A
a, 1013.
Passed hy Hie Cnuncll of Ibo Oily of
North Vuncouvor on tne 3Sth day uf
November, AD.. 1313.
riecelved the usaent nf the Klectora
of the city ul all elecliun huld fur Hpi
Sui'pnse un the
ny of
A.II.,   1018.
IU eeen.ii.li I i ,1      n.l.,|'l ml llllll       llll.i 111
pussed hy the Cuuncll of lllc City, sinned hy tliu M.uni   nnd City  Clurk ulld
u ul. .1 with Ihe Ciii'pnriite Beal uf lhe
i'|ly on the
day of
AT)., 1011.
'I'AKI'i NHTICi'i ilml the above la a
true eupy uf llle pi'iipuHcd By-law upuu
which the vulu nf lliu KlueloiB nf the
Munlclpullly of the clly of Noilh Vuncouver will he lukuti wltliln thu City
Hull, North Vuneniiver, 11 C. uu But-
inility. the lllh .luy uf lieciimher, 1313.
lietween lite hume uf S o cluck u tu
nmi 7 o'eloek inn
Clly I'lt'ik uml llcliiiiilnit Ollicer.
ililli.If  NOTIOIS  la  lierehy   alven
llllll   llle   VtllC   uf   Hie   Ktl't'lnia   of   llle
cliy of Nortli Vancouver will be luken
oil  llie  lllll duy uf 11, i l Iiiiii-1.  1913. he-
Sllcll Klectors with the usual power! IP
lhat bebulf.
lit iirih-r iif |he Council,
. Mayor.
W. AIwIkjbo^
BV-I.AW NO. in
* BV-|,AW In enable lbe i ormirallon
at Ike i H) ol North Vaueouver to
auarauler tke uayuieul ol lleheulurel
In br Isauril In Ikr Norlb Vancouver
lit)- Ferriea I luilua, io lbc iileel
uf lail.ililii aud lutere.l Ibrreon. I       »
WIIKHKAH thu North Vuncouver
titty I'liiie n Limited, hereinafter. Pe-
t, inni tu uu Hie Compuny, a Ferry
I'ninriaiiy IiuvIiik worka coustrueled
partly wllhln unit puiily wlllitiul the
llmlia uf the '"i iuu..u.'i of the City
uf Nurth Viuu.uivei (hcrulnafter re-
furind tu ua the City), prupoeea to ll-
siie du hen Hues piiyutile III forty yen'!
ii.uii thu duy of which this By-law
i.,i.,ii ine,i i...nm Intereat ui thu
rutu uf live pel eenl nur iiiiiiiiiii, Iu
he i.e, me.I ua hereinafter uiuiiliuiied,
fur Ihe sum uf liiii.uOO fur Ihu puriiose
For eonsli lullnii of Teiiiilnul uccoin-
iiueii,iiiun for hiiIiI Furry Company.
Continued ou pagp soven
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which Is Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vancouver Branch: ti7 Lomdale Avenuo, oppostlu Pott Ollice.
BuprcHcntini! Lynn Greek Zinc Mines Limited.
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Sale.     Nothing too large or too
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I,  ■ =BB
THOMAS & McBAlNloSLw^ und ciiiidltlnns hui-elnafler exurueeed:
TIliaill'iKOItl:! lliu Hayor und Aldor-
iiii'ii uf tbu City In Council iisaeinbleil,
Wit I tne aesetit of the Mloetora nf the
auid City du|y obtained, enact ae followi!
1. ne Cuuncll of the City Is hereby
iiuih.ei I.:,.I  un  behalf uf Ihu Olty  to
glllll'iilllim   tilll   |iiiyiiiel|i   uf   lltu   inllli'l
iiul ulld lui,-I,mi 01 the said debeiiliirus
to be Issued by thu Cumpany for Ine
ptiriiuau iifuresiilil, and payable ue
iifuruBuid, tbe prlnclpul uf mild iluliuti-
inii'ti nut i.i exceed tbu sum of f20.000
and mime fn hear Intereat at Hiu rate
Ilf live piir , , 111 nm pill' milium, and the
aald ''Mini, 11 la hereby oiiipnwuiad lo
autliurlzii tbu iixectitlon uf euld guur-
unleit bf the Mayur und the
Clork of lbe Clly und Ihu
ufflxlug t|f thu Ciii'iinrnle Seal of
Ihu City fo .'.o.'ti j; 11.. 1.. 11     Tlie auld
.lull, ulliii':,  :,Iiu 11   tic .'Ulleii 1 I   til the "'ie
tilii.en that nu ioiiiii'i 1. 11, of ,i, I,, I,
I in•■:. 1 "um 'i by the i'uiii|.,iiit ahull rank
n luiui 11. and unly thoau guiininteeil
by lbe Clly ahull luuk i'.u 1 imuau wllh
;e,i|el .lull, iiiiiii., wltlioiil Ihe .nn.uui
of Ihe Clly,
:: Thii auld Kuurunleo uli.ill lm ean.
etlluled by , ii,i..i..uin, in written or
1.. iiti. ,1 on the ItiiciiMif euch of tluieulil
el, In llllll, .        Ill      Uie      liill,.dill.      ell,, I
"Tbe  Cut inn uiiiin  uf  the  City 'of
Nurtb    Vancouver    KUariinleua    thu
wliiiln ili'lu.'iilijius ns In 11 In, im el ami
lui. I.,.,: by virtue uf "The Perry Iin-
1.1.hi in, nin Alii lly-luw. Hln. Nu. t.
nt   .n.i corporation.
mul llic sultl eiiiiiiisi.ineiil Hhull be algn-
ed   liy   lhe   Miiyoi-  unil   ''I' 11,   uf   tbu
(illy  unil  aeulcd   wltb   lliu  Cui|iii|-ate
Seul of the City.
3.   Intereat tiou|ioiis sliull lie uttuclictl
lu   elll.'ll    of    llle    :.uid    il, I, liluu 11.    nnd
tliere sliull lie un endorsement on the
buck of eueli ini. i.ui coupon tu tiie
following effect, iinmely:
"Guaranteed  liy  tbu city  of Nurlh
ami Hit- uei.l ctiiliii'Hcini-n! nliull lie elgned  liy   the   Muyor  of  Hie  I'lty   Sucb
• I, imi .1     muy   lm   w'l'ltiiu.   ui.uuiu el
printed or Iffnographeil
I Hefore Hit: guarantee authorlasd
Ity litis hi.,.', la given, 11 Tiiwl Deed
upl'ioved by the Cotin.lt of the t.'lly
Hniill be e xeeilletl liy' tlie Coin|)any
t'tiiii'itlug all the pruperty ulnl uHHet*
of lln.- Coinpuny incst-m und future, unil
Ile unciillt'il ,,i|,iiul If uuy. wltb lbc
Ituyini'iil of Itu: i' Mi" liul ninl Interesl
uf ...1.1 debentures, uml ulso an nuieu-
II ' ni between ihc Compiiny und Ibe
Clly. siillu.ne'li.i't iii llie Council uf the
Clly. , 1 .1. 11 agreement by the
Company tu imv euml-annually iluring
the currency of aulii ilubenlurcs mentioned In ».u liun om- hereof,  lbe aim
Ilf    IlilllO,    I   '   ll.|      llll' iui    ul.l   Uul    lllll'l'
est 011 suit) ilchcnl uics. unit iiIho
tlm lug lhe currency of *nltl ilelu-ii-
tiiii-H to place lu n iluu lereil n.iult. un-
IllllltlV      llll-     Dlllll     III     ('.Hi   i'ii     lO     I'leeVl.lu
a n.l.11., iui..! fui' llii' ii'ituiiiiilliin uf
suld debenlures uml ulso euiituiiitiis
agreement ilml In tin' event of fullure
by the Cnuuuiny tu lutivltle llie eulil
hiiiiis lui liiteiesi miti sinking fun.l
mum msy from 1 in., lo ilm. be provided by tlte ctiy fin- ami Iii reaped uf
llie huiii 01 i'uii:.. uu mny In- I'lovltletl
by   tile   Citv   tin   eiinlvnii lit   un., mil   111
fully imld allures uf the cspllal Btuclt
of tin: Cumpany.
D Tiic cniiHiiui lion of Hie .M'l wurk
lu he constructed by llie Company nn
llfulcsulil    Sllllll    lee   .Minim lieu el    wlllllll
twelve   uiunllis   frum  lhe   'lute  of  the
coining lulu effect of litis lly-luw' and
1..11   lie  n.iiii'lui.'l nm)  Iii  upcralluii
.iiiun   twenty-fuur 11 His from    lllc
sulil 1I11I1. und HiIb Us luw Is passed
iiimn Ibe eXprca* -i 'Iuc ; Ilml failure
lo observe audi tl  lluili Hiiuil render the By-luw vnld
I Authority Is lureb) granted to
lln- Cooncll of the City lu iisschh mul
lev) frum lime to lllnc upon the wliule
rali'iible properly wltbln Hie t'lly n
emu in sum snttli It ul to tllHcliiirne the
debl or n.i iin lie'ii'li.i iinlliiii ind or
nut imll or louts thereof
1    Till* By-law inuy be tiled foi ull
1,1111111S1H IIH -Tile Kcl IV Illllil'ilVellli'lltS
Aid   D)   l.uw.   HIU,   No    S.   ''
I Tliia llv law sliull toiiie Intn cited
nn llu. Sllll day uf llit-tiiitit-r. AD,
fussed by lhe Cuuncll nf tlie t'lly
uf N.11 Hi Vancuuver mi tbu ittttli duy uf
N.ivt-inli. 1    A ti    lilll
Received lilt: nsselll ol the l-'.lcil.tis
Of tile I'lty III llll elecliun Inlil ful lli<
pill littse  ul)  Die
day of
A l>. Hill
III iiillSlllflTll.      Illlolllld      HlUl      HIMill)
l„iHS,il liy llie Ciitliull "i Ho i'lty. stun
cil   Iiv   the   M.i. mi   uud  I'llv   Clerk   ninl
seilled  with  llic CnrporiU.   Hint of llu:
City  on   llle
ilay of
A II. itll
hinu'K th wnttubs
TAKK NilTH'E ihul tin tiliiiv'e ta u
hoc cup) of Hie propoaed Bylaw upon
ulili li   llii   volt   of llic  Clu' ieilte  of  Hie
Mm 1, ii ..in . uf ilic Clly uf Ninth Vun
L'llllVel Will Im Ininli Wliiiln llle I II)
llllll Ntetlli VullinUVer. II C, 1111 K.il
unlit), llu lllli du) of Heieinliel 1918.
1,1.1.. 1 Hu- iiuiu.. iif il o'clock it m m.d
7 u'cluck  tun
I'll)    I'llll.   Ulld   Ill'tUIUlltg   llllllll
I'llll,|i- NnTH'K I* liii.lty ulvcn
Uiat tlte vule 1 Hn' Klectora uf Ibt
Cliv of Nmlli Vumuuvei will lie lu ten
UP the lllli du) "f Dciiinbci, 1113. I;e_
twetlt llu' I.mils ut if o't'loi It 11 in   ulltl  t
o'clock inn on "The Ktnv Improve.
1, .ue Aid By-law No J' und Ihul
wltliln Hu- ''Hv Hull Nuilli Vaneouver.
It (' mnl tliui W Austin Blown, t'lly
Clerk, tuts been appointed Returning
nitlcr I.i Ink- Hie Vute of euch I'd c
l.in wiih llu- usuul poweri In that
B)   l.i.l.l   or   Hie   lllllll. 11
W   AI'BTIN Bliott'N,
titty Clerk
111 1 uv   Ml. ilia
A MI'-MM Is raslllr Ike I uipursll.ta
ol Ike I III of Nerlk Vsacourrr lu
ruin   lain   sal   r»ce»lf  as    *»""-
1.1...I  <vlil. Ikr in  '"'■'   ''"""'
sal Mrllsc <'e««ss» ror Ike Sir-
rkasr ur .B«.c« ru Ikr cspllal elurh
t.l   Ikr  "l'l   1 iiuipeu).
WHKIIKAH llic llulliiiel Inlet Tunnel and Brlilse Cvmpany bae lieen In-
eurlioluled fm Hu- purpuie ul cull-
slruclliig u lulni liullli and rullway
bridge acmes Ihc Hecond Narrows uf
Burrurd Inlel fnim a pulnl In the Municipality of llornuli) In u point In lie
ril.lrlcl uf Noilh Vuncouver and the
' cunstrucllnii uf suitable railway wurka
!■, slve connection wllh mllwuy anient! nn lbs Southern ihorc of Burrurd Inlel and for Hie opening up and
development of the Nuilliein shure
of Burrard Inlet
Ihe Clly nf Nnrlh Vsncouver wue au-
Ihvrlaed lu enter Inlu an uuiecineill
for Ihe purcbaie of-, une liuuiund
1 llllllll shares of One lllladicd Du lar*
Hlhtt) each In the capital eluck of
Hn I'oinpany at am fur lie price Jl
Ine Ifundrci Thouiai/ Dollari
ItlOdOOOOO) un the ttrm/and conditions In said Agreement eel uul and
niiii. in .1 lo und made a purliun ur Bylaw Number 111:
AND  WHKHKAS the ctin«tluni let
out In said Bylaw for the usijnplcilon
of lbe said wui it ao li
hsve nol been fulAIIrd
AND WIIKKKAB certain muneyi have
. beet)   liurruwed   under  the   provision!
uf lbe ssid By lawa which II li prupoij
sd to repay oul of lhe moneyi to be
raised under lbs pruvliloni of Ihli By
of the city of Nortli Vancouver duly
obtained, uiiacta ua followa:
(1) The Muyor and City clerk nf
the aald Coipoialluii are hereby
aulhiiri u ,1 to aigp on bebulf of
the Corpo|-utlnn and tn unl* thu
I'liiiioiiiic Beal to .1 ci 1,iin in
eie niui,: uf Ai;i.'i'iui'ui luinic between the Burrard lulul Tunpel
and niliii.e' Cumpuny. ut the one
part, and the Cnipurutliiii uf I be
city of North Vaneuuvei', of the
uther part, copy nf wblub aub|
agreement la bet-elo appended as
Schedule ''A"; authority for thu
Curptirullun to enter Intn und
lu agrue tu all the . pruvlaloiiH
Ihereuf boing hereby glvuti:
till Thla By-law ahull eunie Into
uint.iiiiiii mi the dutii uf Ita receiving ihc :■ ..tun 1 of the i.ii'ii
letianGHovernur In Council   by
OrdkHV-Cullllcll   10   that   effect;
(3) The worka of the Cumpuny
muat bu cumineiicud wltbln tl
iiniinii. frum thu dutii ut llie
Miei,. 111 of tile i.l, in,ni nn 1;,,,. 1
nur In liuunell ub iihuvu iiH-iitluq-
ed und aald bridgu iiiiihI lie
■ mu pic 1 ni and te,,,I- fur ium.
and at least twu iiiilea ut cut).
Heeling railways cninjilctcd befure lhe lapHu uf iif, yeara
fruni Ihtl dute ut the uaiclit nt
the i.i.mii i.uin i;,,',, nun |n
Cuuncll, und u i'iiiu tu ui'n, 11.
imiii time limit ahull render
thla lly-luw vuld und uf nu effect:
II) Tliia Uy-luw mull taku effect
upun the .'Uli tiny uf December.
1913, und muy be elicit for ull
1 miu' ' a* Hn, "llui nnd Inlet
Tunnel und lli-ldac I'uiniiiiiis
ShurcH   I'm.li.i.u   By-law,   iiili
(ft) By-luw Number IM. knuwn as
Hie "Hiinni'il Intel Tunnel ami
liilei,V Cumpuny SliuicH Agi-cu-
bunt l-iu. lmii. Uy-luw. i'nn"
la hereby ropcnled. huvu uh tu
uny imii in. 'ini'tu Ineurret) under
the euld By-law, wliieii shull be
iui" 1 lu hii unit ahull lut 1111 in-
iletiledtieai fulling due under
this By-law and slmll be repaid
uut uf the debenlurea Issued
ilil 'i'liii, By-luw Mi.,11 receive the
aaietit ur the Klectora uf llic saltl
I'.uj-i.   in  tin-  manner re-
i|lllletl   Ity   luw,   before   lln,   llnul
piiNHlng thereof
r.i .....I hy Hie Cumuli HiIh 26111 daj
uf   Nun uiin 1     till!.
Received the iihsciiI ut Hie  Kleclnra
nil the V 1
day of 191..
Reconildercd  uiul  finally   luiust-d  In
upeu   Council,   ni,.mui   |,i-   iim   Muyor
uiul  Clly fieri, uml  lllc I in |.millu Heul
affixed Hiu
day nt HI..
Riiferred   tu  lu  Hie  "Burrnrd   Inlet
Tunnel   uml   Bridgo   Cumpuii)
Hitmen   I'urchiisit    ll) -law.
ilny  uf
III   tile
yeur  ul uur  Lurd  une   inuuaund  ntne
hundred  nnd
UltlllllK ctiMI'ANY. lucul puriiled OH
11  Hallway  Ciimpmiy  lit   apeelul  Acl
of tin- Pmlluiiifiil  uf 1 .111,nin,
Hii'ii'tnufli'i referred iu us tin- "Com
thereinafter ruferred tu ua the "Cur-
WHKHKAS   the   Coillpull)    hus   Inen
Incorporated, luler 11II11. for tin- purpoaea ut undertaking Hie conatruction
uf a Joint  inin.   and railway  bridge
iiciosri   tin-  Hccoiitl   Nuiiiiw-H   ut   Ilur
iiiitl Inlel from 11 pulm lu Hie Mum
,ii,,in.,  of Uuinuliv in a point In tin
District  ol  Nuiii,  Vuncuuvei' und  llie
conaiiut Heiit of Hultulile rullway winks
lu  give  1 iiiiiiei Hun   wllh   the  rullwa)
■ t.i. it.   on Hie Bouthem aliiire of Bin
unil Inlci mul fm tin* opening up uiul
di'Velupmenl of lhe Northern shore ol
Burrurd Inlet.
ANH WHKHKAS Ihe wliule ur suid
works int.- lu Hlluiilc ua to beliclll Hit
..nu cut ,,f Nmlli Vancuuver. mnl llu
Col |int uliuli tutu lialsl-tl 111 lilll ill. itu
fifteen 1,1,i.ui..I , ir.1,1,1 hIi.ii . h nf One
Hundred liullitis i|IUI,00) eueli iu Hi.
capital Hiiitk  nl tlie laid Company.
ANIl WHKHKAS llle pal vnluc or
Hu inlil slime* Is Hue HiiniJit-il uml
iin    Thouiund  Dollura    1 1
THKIIKKOHK   the  Cuinpun)   hereb)
agrees  to  allot   In  Hie  Corporullull mill
tin- Curpurullun hereby ugieea In *uli
eerlhe tm and puicluiBe frum llic Cmn-
|lUll) III         Hull,III   'I        lll'lin, l.ul-
uf  Hiu:   II  .luil..,    In,ll.il.•   e||.uinui   cell
III   llli-   cupilul   stuck   uf   tlie   Culniinli)
.11  und  ful  lite Suld price uf One  llui
died   ulld   I'd,    li.. t. ..nul   uli'iiiiouii'ii
litilliits    stllijtil   always   lu   the   term*
of   Hie   Act   ul   lliiiilliululltili   i.r   Hie
Cunipnli)   uml   Hie   Miiiiltlitu)   Ael   und
Amending  Acta unit  lu  the  folluwlni;
condltioni.  namely
ill    The untounl uf Hie par value of
the laid lluilcs sliull be tlue and
puyulde  lo  Ihe Culllpali) llltelllll
ut   Hie   Ati   uf   In. uipui.itlun   ul
lhe  Cumpuny  uftel   Hie  ilale  ol
lllc    usselit    ilf    tiic    I.leutellilllt
unl OuVcrnor In I'uunell lo tin
It) luw uotliorlllng lln- execti-
II011 uf Mils Indenture, uml upun
pll)lllcllt ut lite pui vnloe lliereuf
un,1 lu exebunge ibcicfor tin
1 mi,junn ahull Ih*iiii und iiiuiu
1 delivei v   to   tlte  Curpurallun   of
Hie   I'llllll.lllc   fol    .'..lei      lmii      ill
tin- eapitul stock In a form tn
be appruved liy lbe suIIi-IIuih Iui
Hie   1 ui |.,,i ,,l lull
ill   The     :.).,...:      lor      Hie    lime
Itcllia    Hhull    he   ex ultltlu      one
of Hie .III, MM. uf lite ColllpUII)
III   . .lu.li. ;    In   llie   I)UmIII'I   uf ill
rectors authoilxcd It) Ihe AM
Incorporating lhc Company mul
shull huve the same lights. |,ti
vllt-gcs unit power* us Hie uiliel
..M..1..1 1 ul llle I'lilnpllll). ami
Ihe Cuinpany sliull uccepi amh
,Mll)0l a* a illl eet I.u uf Ihe Cum
pull) sn lung us Itte Cm |iui nllitli
la lhe uwiier uf Hie sultl slums
(3!   Tlie   Culllpali)    ague*   lliul «II
will  wliiiln  fi"Ui
the dale uf Ihe aeaenl uf tin
l.ii 111,1,,,ii Ijuvernur In Cumuli
lu tuld By-law. imminence tin
wurk uf ttjlistt Uetlllg Hie s.iln
Iiiiilue and pnn ltd therewith a*
spceoll) it* piisslltic and will have
the ....i'i lii'ilac completed and
ii-ady fui Hume and a rullwiu
culllieellllg wilt) Hie sllulc line of
the Clly of ....iii Vulicouvcr alio
completed  before  the  expiry  uf
 )eaia  frum  the date  uf
Iho laid aieeiil uf lhe Lleulen
unl governor In Council lo Bald
ivm. 1 hereto have liercunlu
caused their Curpurate Heal* lu
he nin-e.l Ihe day ami yell in. 1
abuve willlen
The   Cm pui ate   Seal   uf   Ihe
Imi m.i    Inlet   Teen n.l   and
Bridge  Cuinpany   wu*  here
Ulllu  tilllxeil  III   Ihe  plelelliu
The Curpurate Seul of llic
Cuipiiiallun uf the illy of
Nurlh Vancuuver wl* liercunlu n(Hxt'd In the presence
TAKK NOTICK that Hie abuve Is a
true eupy uf Ihe propoaed Uy-luw upon
which lhe vole of the Klcciuri of llie
Municipality of the City uf North Vancouver will be taken wltbln the CH)
Hull, Nuilli Vancuuver. B. C. un Saturday, the Hill day nf December, 11113.
between the buun uf I 0cluck out
end  '  u'clock pm
Clly Clerk and Returning Oltlcer
PUBLIC NOTICK ll hereby given
Ihul Ihc vote uf the Klectors uf the
Clly uf North ancouver will W taken
uu the lllh duy of December, 1(13, be
cluck am. ain-
Burrard Inlet
(ween Ihe hour! ufl o'clock em. and
7 o'clock p.m on "The Burrard Inlet
Tunnel ml Bridge CompsJiy Warn
City Clerk.
OW  THKUKKORK Jbe  Muyur and
ellneli   uf   llle   I'll) Vf  Nurlli   Vun.
ver In cuuncll usseiulilt-il. witlt llic
uv-i.aw Ni). ma
A BV-I.AW in .111.1.1.- Ike iiii'iuiiiiiiin.
uf Ihe l-lty nf Norlb Vsneourer lo
ialle hy nay ur Iuuu lhc ium uf One
luudrcd and Vltt, TUuusunil n.d
an ll.'W.iiliil.iini lur Ike uurcksie ur
ihorc* In ibe eapllut sluck ut lbc
iiutcuiii lulel Tiiniici sud Bridge
WHKRKAS By-law Nn. 3IH hua luun
PUSBeil   unil;. ,i   In,;   Hiu   ''.Ml ,u., IIM    uf
tliu City uf Nurth' Vmieuuvjir lu enter
Intu unu execute an ii'Kreeineul wllh lhe
inn i.n.1 lulul 'inuii. I unit Bridge Ciim-
puiiy for the piii'i'hiiHi: nf BhiiruH In the
cupitul Btuclt  ut the uuld Cumpuny;
AND WHKHKAS It I* dcHlrillilc tu
inul".' Ilic huiii iif One Iiundred and
Klriy Tlu.ii.-tiiiul llulliti.it itlt.il.llOU lllll
fur lhe piirpuBe uf purcbuiinii sliurea in
tbu .iiiiliii] atuch nt tliu Halt! f'umiiany;
AND WHKHKAS 11 pellllnu Hlgncti
liy Ihu nvviieiu iif inure Hum unu-tenlh
In vulue or reul prupci'ly In lhe titty
of Nortli Vuncuuver lui Bhown by lhe
lust levlHt.nl asHiu. .. . 1. itill) lias In.'. 11
in, mii,,, iii lhe i'uiiiii 11 leiiuestlun
Ihem tu Inuiitlui.t.- audi u By-law;
AND WHKHKAS II will In: iieeeHHniy
In urder In tin au lu Ihhiii' tlulieiiturcH
uf tlie '. 11 "i ..I ni. fm- Hie sum ut One
Iiundred unit Klfly TTimisnnd tlfiO,-
000 001 uh ii. r. lim rt. 1 provided, which
Is llu: amount of debt Intended lu be
1:1 cu I ml In- IIiIh Uy-luw; thu proceeds
of Huiii debenturei lu in: iipidlcd us
hereinafter net nut;
ANti uiiKHKAS fm- the payment uf
Interest un Hie ilchcnlutcs propoied In
he Insiii-iI under Ilils By-law uml fui
creatine 11 sluklnn fuml for Hie nut
llielll uf Hie aume when due. it will im
noceiaary lu rdlae Ity speebit rale, In
."inni tu nil olher ralea, In each year
'Iniini Hie currency uf lhe sultl ile
lieuiiirt'S. Hit: aum uf it. um,, wlleleuf
10 756.00 Is lit he 1 ul.., il iililniiilli fur
puymenl uf Interest (lining tin- currency uf the uid debenturoa uud
HUG 00 In be railed unnuullv fur Ihe
,'iiiju iif L-ieiitiun u 11,1.n.i fund
fm- payment uf the il.-t.i aecured lit
the Hulil ilchcntuies;
ANti WHKHKAS in ui'der tu nils,
lhe Huld really sum uf li'tSiO uii fur In
IcI'eSl   ullll  slllltlllll   fund  nil  L'l|Uul  S|te
i.il late ul)  llie ilillinl'  will  Ile l'ei|Uil'cil
lu he levied mi nil ihc ruleablc 1
p'ei-ly lit lhe Hiiid cily;
ANH   WHKHKAS   Ihe  nmullllt   of  th
Whole 'iilfiilitc n-iil liropeil) in ill. .uui
clly, according in Hie laat reviled
scssinciil rull Ihereuf Is tio,370 001);
ANII WHKHKAS lilt: aggregate uf
tile existing eii'lii-lillliv dclil uf llu, I'm
itin-nlitiii (except fm works of locul
iu.iu". uu 1, unit fm sclntul t'l.ii ". 1
Is 11.370 819 00. nnd tines nut exceed
twenty pel' cent ill the nsscsscil value
(if llle lent pl'iipell) in the eity. including lu the lust reviled uhhcbhii-ciii
util. uf whlcb none uf lhc prlnclpiil
.nni Iniereat Ik In nrreui-Bi
aasenl uf itte electora nf the rity ul
Nuiih Vuncuuver duly obtained, etiacta
ns fiitltiws:
III ll sliull he Intt till fui the Miljul
uf llie aald eity uf Nurth Vun
cuuver uml the Cily rim It fm
the purpuse . 11' Mini in hiii'inw
nr rulae liy wuy uf loun from
uny person ur peiHtiiiK. body or
liotllt.'H corporuie. whu inay be
iiiii., Iii udvuncu Hie game upun
the credit of the debenlure! bciv-
lliufttl   iiicllllulli'd nf llle cm pulll-
lloii. u .huiii of money uoi exceeding In Ihe whole Hie suul uf
One iiiiii,li,.1 uml Fifty Tliuusiind
I", II. 11.. ,| 1,'.it uuu mn tuul In unim
lllc Sllllll' In In- placed III llu
lliilil,   uf   Hiilislt   Nuilli   Amellin
Ut    Nul 111    V.lll. MIUM      In    III,     ,|V
illl   „f   Hie   I'll)   fui   llle purpose
llhilVe   ri llled.   ulnl   Sllell liiMliciu
sliiill   lm   llseil   lm    Ilml puipuli
«   unl)
ll'l      I ll.lt* III III ltl   1,1    tilt'    I'll)    lint    IX
ceedlng in iiiiiuiinl Hit- uuin uf
iiue lliin.In,I mul Kifl) Tluiii.n.Hi.l
I'..llm 1 11.-.11 unu nu 1 nut) lu Issued    h)     tile    Mllll    M.i tin     ulnl
i'ily c|,nli Iii I.-i iiih nf tin Municipal Acl 111 sums us Ola) be
desired, hut nul exceeding Hue
Thousand Dulluis ill 00000) each
tu Hn- fijulvuluiit expressed in
i"iii..i.. nim Una nf lbc t'ltlled
Iv'iugituiit uf ili cut nm ii mul
Inland ul tin vulue or iim. 1 i
in lhe luniiul stciliiiH Kucli iif I Instill! im mu u. shall he hI, lied
In lln sulti i.l.""i 'nnd CHy
I'li'l Ii. mnl  the Cti)  Clerk  slmil
iilflx the Corporuie Sent or the
CH)   uf   Ninth   Viineuuver
131 The lie licit I iiuis shull Item dale
the 3llh day of Drtember, 1013
iiiiii shall beur Interesl nl ilu
uih- iif I'ii iiei icnl pet iiiiiiiiiii
puyulde li.ilf yearly mi ilm .'in.
day uf .lulu' uud Hie .'III. du) uf
December I" each and every ycai
during iiu t ui i ene) ttf llu- snld
debenture* ui uny uf ihem There
shull be attached lu lllc debenlurea ctiupnlig 'signed ii) Hie
Muyur unly  fur euch nnd every
. payment of Inieiesi ihul inn)
becume due und sucli signature
muv It.- either written, slumped
printed m   lithographed
,1) Tin' snld debenlurea us to prln
i [piil uml Iniereat may he mude
iMituidt- cither In currency ul
Ils equivalent In i "ni,'!■ i. iin ,
nl Ilti' value of 1186 2 3 lu Ihc
I ituiul sicilinn nl soil) place ui
idiiccs In Oreal Brltuln. Culled
Stitlcs of Amerlcu m lhc Dum
iltlnll nf 'inul, us mil) lie agreed
iiiuiu In I wt <n llu- I'm |u,,'.ill,.i
mnl Hie huld. i lliereuf, mul lbe
i',,1,1 ,'i Iiu ilml sunt shull he in.nli
payable by" tho fitly ut a dale
nul Inter Umi, tirty 1001 year*
fnim Hie ui'l duy of December
iiii Iiniiiii: Ihe whole ttrm ot Ihe
currency ut lhc snld debenture*
u *)■■ ' lnl lute till llic iulu sllllll
luWl'Vlfil   iili'l   liiltuel   Iiiih   tell I
Iii irndliiuii to ull ni In i iiiii s. iiii
iill the tulcjiblc lent pruperty lr>
Hie Clly. mnl Hiiincliiii lo pay
Hie IntcicBl Upon Ihe naid de
Iti-tilure*. and lo creute u nil.
ing rund fur Hie payment of Ihe
principal thereof wtidii due. *uh-
J.'.'i In uny uei nr enactment re-
spi'illlig tbe siiinc Such special
lute ahall he liKeiteil In the
■ -. il.. i. i Holt or Hull*, and
sliull be payable to am) collect-
mi   by   llle  iuii)   Cei'iiuitilluii  In
nr  Hulll. Huve ul
, 111!, ahd may be cited foi all
piirpiiHca oi the "Burrard Inlet
Tunpel and Brldjfo Cnmptiny
Share! I'urchulu 17uaii Uy-luw,
III) Thla By-law ahall receive the
iiBiem of the Klectora uf Hie
mild Corporation In tbe manner
rciiulred by luw hefui-u lt|e tlnn|
' pii'i.-dm-. Ihereuf.
l'u:,.mul   ||)    Hll'  Cuiiiicll   lliiil   Sfilh   tiny
uf Nuvember, 1913..
Received lhe iiBienl uf the Elcctura
on Ihe
■lay uf Hi 13.
Huciinaldei'ud uml  llnuii)'  piiiBed  In
upon  council,   signed   hy   the   Muyor
und City Clerk und thu Curiioi'iitu Sun)
iiltlxcil tbe
day of . 1013.
TAKK NOTHiK Hint the ubnve la a
Hue copy nf the piupiiacd Uy-luw upun
which Ihe vulu nf thu i .1,. lur* nf the
Munlelpiillly nf Ihu City of'Nurlh Vuneniiver will be taken wltbln tins city
Hull, Nurlh Vulieuuvei-. B. ft. Itfl Sut-
uidiiy. lhe Itth tiny uf I mucin lum. Illlf.
Between lha Iioui-h uf o oclock tm
nnd 7 u'cluck p.m.
C||y Cltrk uml netiirnlng Olllcei-;
PUBLIO NOTICK Ib hereby given
Hint the vuli: uf the Klei'tor* of tbe
lilly of Noilh Vnncuuvei' will be luken
un Hie lllh duy ur Dime ". 1913.
belween thu buura uf 0 o'clock uiu
Ulld 7 u'cluck p.m. nil "The llllrriiril
Intel   Tunnel   uml    Bridge   Company
.'iii.ii. ii   I'm. Ii.n,    Lllllll   If.   I.it      11113."
mid Hint wllhln Ihtt Clly Hull. Norlh
Vuueniivei'. ft I... ami ilinl W. Anslln
Hruwn, Clly i'lull: Ilus been m , "ii.i,,
If iiliuiin ulli.. i In luke lbc Vule ul
auch fileelnl'S Willi the llHIlul litiweis
III Hint i.I„li
Hy Order ur Ihe Cuuncll.
City Clerk.
Ihe aame way ua uther rules In
the aald  Hull nr  llii
hereinafter provided
II) In ui'der lu pruvlde fur the
ratea ael uul In naragrBpb '()
und aubject ul ufuresiild. there
ili.til be railed annually by ■peels! rule during the currency nf
Hie laid debenture* Hie muui uf
$6,700.00. lu pruvlde fur llie payment of Iniereat Ihi'ieun. and Hie
aum Of It uie hi; fur the repayment of Hie principal thereof.
17) The proceed* of the laid debenture! Shull lie applied u* fullow*
and nul  ulberwllc:
la) In payment uf the cu*ti ur
the punning ol llll* bv-liiw mid
all expchicB connected Willi thc
issue und Bule of-ttic debentures
therein referred lu:
tb)   In recouping, the snld Corpora
been expended under Bylaw
Number! Ill and fur uny indebtedness Incurred thereunder:
In completing the puymenl tor
the ' imu In the Bild Cumpuny
a* above let nul.
II) All moneyi arlilng oul of the
annual Ipeclul rate hereinbefore
provided for linking fund ihall
bl Inveiled  by  ihi Council of
in-t.in  no. th.
I Hl-llH, lu euable Ike III) ill Nerlk
en.-.unci in rulne It) nay uf lusu
ke luu uf St it mi, I lie TboilMuud
Dollar* lirs.OOII.OOl lur »ekuul pur-
lut.tcs In acgulrhiK I... jiurckuNr an
uddllluunl nelieeiil alt., t.lfblu lkc*uld
WHEREAS   the   Hourd   uf  Truateea
of   Hie  Norlh   Vuncuuver  Cliv   Sehnol
i'i .nn; huve prepured it di lulled .mil
Iiiiiii-   uf   lhc   Hums   i!.t|Ulii'd   In   unci
speclul  ur  exiiiiurijinni-)'   expense!   I
null)   liiMin,il.li   by  lhc  Il.n
cHtlirulf Is us fullows:
I'm    llle    ueillllHllll.il    ilf    11
St IiiiiiI   Hill    111   llle   I'llv   uf
Ninth   Vuneuuver,   Htlilsli
nl.  which
170.000 llll
170.000 on
AND WHKHKAS   the   suit
WUK     lllll)      hl-fulc    l|]e I'll)  C
ilill)    cullsldeicti   li)    Iiu    s.i
iiiui llit> sniii suiu itljiive inen
llnuii)'   rejected   null     disup
Hie  a.lltl  i-.uiii. il  un  lln   till
tun Inn. I1H3
iiiiell iiml
d   cuuncll
iilillll  Willi
mini   hv
luy nf Nu
AND   WHKHKAS   the   Mat
Sllill    I'll)     htlS    Sllll'e    Hll      llj.
ll-   uf   lln
i-llull   Ulltl
im; lliu proposed I'xptiiiilliiii'e ..ml If
iiuceiitiiiii  the i ti inin)-, of tbe moneyi
iuuiniri'd to iii'iini the ii.iuic uinui tba
credli uf the Muulclpiillty.
ANI) WHEREAS il Ib neceiaiiry that
tliu   Hulll    unmet    Illi    Mined    Upon    llle
crutlll nf thu Municipality.
ANH WHEREAS Ihu Council hnB nu-
llleell    "I      tllU      t'lllelllluulMM      uf     lllll      If
law  lu  llle ulecliira:
ANIl  WHEHEAS  for the  payment
Ilf    lllll'l'  t  I    Ull    Ihe    dell,  lllllll'.'.    |'l"|   M  "'  I
tu lie i....uuii under thii By-law, and
fur .I. ..im,". ii i. ini. iin. fund for the
i.u. imiii of Hie Buld .lei'euiiiii ■ when
duu, It will lie  in......11   tu rulau Ity
," > iui rute In uddlllnn to u|l ulher
ratea, each year during Ihu currency
uf such debenture* the Bum uf t.'liHI til
whereof 13370.00 Ih lu lio railed unnuully fur   H|e    p.i  u,mi iif    lnlere*l
im mt the currency uf .m.i debentures
unit 1073.03 .tu lie ruined iiunii.illj- lm
the inn iu-:., ,,| , ,,, nin, u ini.hn uuiu
for payment, iif the tleht seciiretl hy
lbe said debentures llie aame being
imui. puyuble III iim ycure frum llle
3llh dny uf liei'enihei', 1013.
ALU WHKHKAS In urdci' to rulsi:
the sultl )Miili' Bum uf 13917.02 fur Interest uiul i,I.iin fund, mi ' 'inul Bpe-
clnl rate un Hie dullur will be rciiulred
tu In: levied un nil llle rulenlile ititl
prupcrly  lu Hue auld city;
ANIl WHKHKAS lliu whule rateable
reul I'l'tuierty in Ihu Haiti city, uccurd-
Ing tu ine tnal revlaed nm ... tn.i. rull
Ih (10.1170 000;
ANI) WHKHKAS the llggregille uf
the existing ilchcnl lire debl iif llleeur-
linriilliin ih II. 370. mill lexeept for
work! of locul Iniprovumonl unit fur
luhuul i,,,,,' .., uf which lllllll.' uf
the nt i, ui uml Inli.-ii'Ht In In' in-
THKIIKKOHK ilu- Mayor und Aldermen nf Ihe CH) nf Nurlh Vunvuuvcr
lu '''".i.n naaiiinliled wilh Hie uhsciii uf
the t'lei'ltil'H of III.- I'lty nf Nurlh Villi-
.Oliver ilol) iililnlned. ellttclH us fttl-
ell Ii slmll In- luwful fm ihe mayur
„f ihc cti) nf Nuiiii Vuncouvur nnd
ilu- t'li) Clerk fm ihc purpuiG ufuresiild in liuii-ow ui iiilsc It)' way uf luan
fi mu nut person or pel-anna, liud)- ur
miiIIcs uu purine, whu may be willing
lu  udviiih'l-   the  smut:    n un   Hie   t'le-illl
nf   llic   ileiii- et   herelnufler   tt*,i-
tinned uf lhc curpurullon, n sum uf
money nut exceedliig In the whole the
.'llllll     Of    Sl'Vl'lll) -li'lVC     Til.ul   ml,,I     Dill-
I.iiii 1170.000 00) llllll lu cause the stillte
tu   lie   |llneed   111   llle   llulil,   uf   linn   1
Ninth Amerlcu ul ...mi Viineuuver.
lu lhe credit uf lite eily fur the purpuse ubnve im Ind. miti such mutluyi
Hhull lie n.i.tl fur thut purpose unl)
i.'i   In lieliiuii'S uf Hie Clly nut ex-
cm dlni: ill uin.Milii Hie sum uf Seventy.
Klve ThuUHiind Dullun 1170,00000)
m.i) lu i. suid let Hm siilil Muyur und
cil) ile 11, in nuns uf the Minililpul
Ait iu .-.urns us mil) lie desired hut nut
less |   lllllll      Due      TTiiiiihiiIiiI      In,Hull
if l.ooo 00) eiiih. ur Htc cinilviitciil ex-
lileBHiil In ptitintls slerllng uf lint
lllilled lm i.,l-iu uf (liiai umi.ili, mid
Ireland ul the value uf ji m. : : iu in,
luniiul si. ilinn Kucli „l Hie sultl debentures slmll lie . ii n.d hy the Haiti
Mayur  und  i'H)   clerk,  und  Ihe  till)
Clerk      i'-'ll   tllllX   Ihc   I'.llllMMl,    geal   ul
llif luld CH)  uf Nmiii Vancuuver
I3| Tlie tleheiiturea shull liuur dun
Hie .'nl, tin) uf December, 1.113. mnl
slmll bear Inlereal al the rule uf l\
per i-lil pel iiiiiiiiiii |t.iviiiii.- hulf it.tilt «n ll." lllll dny uf lun. nut) llic
Mil .l.tt uf lien |iil„ I III null miu
i Vet)    lent   dUllllu   llle  fUllcllc)   uf   Hie
suiil th l>. niuits ut nnt uf tIn-iit There
shall In .t11-i. li.-tl lu lhc debenture!
iniipuiis sinned It) Hie Muyui uuly fur
inch   .nni   eveiy   puymclil   uf  lliltii-sl
Ilml   tlm      l.etiiine   llilc.   ulnl   Sllell   siglili
lute m.i. lie tlilie: willlen. stamped,
uI lliliil  in   lllhugiuphcil
II) Tilt- Hull) dl'liellllllt'H IIH tu pllll-
i'i|ull   Ulltl   IllteliSl    IIIU)    he   niililc   Iluy.
iiiiii- ul sueh pluee ur plutes lu tfreal
II,llulil I'liln il Slute* uf Ann il.n nr
I'eiiniiiiuu uf I'iilindii  us nui)  In: agreed
currency pr ine auld debenlurea il Bpe-
clu rulo on tbu diillui' sliull lm levied
und railed each yuur lu uddlllun tu nil
other rutea qn ull tbo i-uteuhle real
piupurly In the clly ulltl eiifTtelunt in
Pay the Interest iipnn lbe Buld debenlure! and tu creute u sinking fund fur
the payment of tho principal ihurouf
when duu, Hiilijtii.i lu uny uul uf unucl-
nicnl reipect ng thu samu. Such spo-
eliil rale ahall lie Inserted In Ihu Cul-
leiilnr'a Roll nr Bulla und ahull be
Puyublu 10 und collected b .tilt, Hnhl
i'iiiii.uniiiiii In Ihu Bumu wuy ub uther
rutea In lhe aalp roll or lull*, huvo
ub hereinafter provldud.   .
(tl In order to provide lur lhe
itiini let out In nmii,;i':ii'li 10) uml hiiIi-
Jcttl ub ufureauid. there nliull bu rulacil
ud uinui.ni- by special rate 'during
thu currency uf the auld ilchmiliircH
Bum uf 107203 lu pruvlde fur the
puyment of Intercut Iholenli und lhe
aum ut (0736.38 tu prnvldn fur the
repuyment uf thu prlnclpul lliereuf.
17) The pruceedu nf Ihu aald de-
i" um. imll be ..li" na Mlluw*
ulld nut ..llleil'. i.
(a) In I'.iiiiiMii nf the cual uf the
piiHsing nf ilils lly-luw und Ihu Ihiiic
Ullll      li.ll.'     Ilf     till'     e|,  In llllll, '.      I|„  |,|:
Iefelled tu mill llll uXpellBca cilllllecltitl
tvlili  Hn.' auld Inuii.
Ibi In ici'iiuplni: the tui'i cni'iioru-
iii'ii lur uue li i.uuiii aa have heun ex-
peinh it   hereunder  until   tbu   pi-tu-e'eiia
lir    HlU    U.'I'     Uf   lllll    Hlltll    el,   InlllUI,  i,    UQ.
cnmci ii vi. tl.il.lt'
Ic) Tu curry uut tliu puipine ut
iiili, Hy-luw it* ibOSe lei uul.
ill All moneyi urlsiug out ut the
.niinl.il npccliil rule luieliilii'fiii,' provided fill' Mnl.in,   fund sliull bu InveHled
ity iiie Ctiiiiieii iif sulti Corporation
frum lime lu Huie us Hie luw direct!
10)   Nu tell.if' nliitll In. allowed mi
llic up, ' l.ll llilc lu lie levied  nl.,I. I   Hits
110) This l.i-luw Hiiuil luke elTi'.'l
nil llle .'in till) uf Deceniber. All.
illl Tills Uy-|uw mut in- cited fut
nil piirpiiHcB-us "Tlie t'lly uf Nurlli
Vuncuuver Selnml Site I'm ullnse Hi-
luw.   1913"
Pulled liy lhe Cuuheil mi 'the 3611!
day of Nuvember. lot:
Received llie assent  uf  i'lie  rlecim
■ ■I  Hie Clly iif Nmih Vancouver ul uu
election for llic iiui-pusc un  Die
duy   of
A 11. 1UI3
Reconildercd liy Hn- Council und dually adopted, signed l,y Cu- Mn>ui  nmi
Clly  ''l.tl.   unil     ul. i  willi  lhe Cm
pumlc Seal mi  lhe
tiny   nf
All    1913
MiTIi i; to i;t.i;i inns
TAKK NOTICE Hint  tin- abuve Is n
Hue eupy uf llic piuposcd 11)-lull   llpull
which the vole of Hit. Kleelurs of llm
Muiili limllli uf Hm CHy „f Nm in Vun
COUVCI     Will    lit     lill.Ml    Wlllllll    llle    I'lll
Iliill.  Noi I li  Vnn.mn. i    11   C.  uu Sut
unlay,  lhe Mill day uf In, cmlter. 1013
between  the  Imuiu  uf 'i  o'clock u in
mnl 7 u'cluck p in
clly I'lerk uml He-turning Oltlcer
I'l'Hl.lC     NOTICK     IS     lie-ieln      glVell
llllll    Hie    vole   of   Hie    til IS   uf   llm
ITI)    ttf   .Senile   V.lle.e'llle I    Will   tic lullell
un llle lllll duy uf December. 191!.
between Hm IiuIiih uf 9 it'ilui I. n lu
and  7  u'cluck   pm    mi    Tin   t'lly  uf
Nurlh    VllllL'lillVCI    Se Imui   Sll,     I'llll'tlUlu
lly-luw. 1913." uml Ih.tl win,in the
(Tu Hull. Nurlh Vulicuuvil. II C . nnd
Ilmi W. Austin lluuul cut i'Ii 11. Im
I ii   ..,i"ii.i..i   Hi I iii ulng   i ulli 11   lu
lulte    Hie    Vu f   llllll    Kit'. I   IS    Willi
llm  usual  puwer* III  Ilml   lu'liulf
ID Order uf Hie Cuuncll   .
Mu .iui
W   AC8TIN  lllniWN
i'ID- Clerk
There Will be a Victrola
in Your Home This
Christmas if You Buy
The Victor Victrola
The Balance
Per Month
Over 5000 Records lo cliooie from.    You ran warcli llic whole world over and nol
find another gift lhal will bring so iiiih Ii pleasure lo every member of lhe family.
Victor Victrola* from $20 to $250
Come in, wrile us, or telephone your order today.
Walter F. Evans & Co.
Wholesale Warerooms.    Retail Victrola Parlorf.   Mail Order Department.
526 Hastings Street West        Vancouver, B. C.
HI P ' J
Tha regular' mooting of tlio diatriot
1'iittiii'il will lis Imiii uu Friday at 7(80
p.m. instead of .Tliuraday,
ltov. A. M»»Aulay of Knw olmruli,
ruiiiriii'ti to tlio Valloy iiii Saturday after a two weeks' friiiitt' at Ponder liar
At'tlio luagitii font bull ina I tli on Hut
urday afternooii laat lietween Nortli
Lonsdale and I ..vnn  Valloy llio lutar
wua tli'i'i'iiii'il 0-0.
'■'uuii lilm- Westover intimated yea
lenluy tbat lm would again enter tbe
ilebl aa a Oindldlta for Wunl III. at
tlm fortht'oinlng eloL'tinns.
Ou Mtiiitlay, Dec, I'iili, the membera
uf the aporta ami pantiiuea I'Oininittee
of  llm  HN.  /t'liliimiiii   will   ii'iiele't  a
concert lu thu Institute IUU.
Friday mening laat tho I intitule
Hull   waa   lbe   Hi'uue  of   one   nf   lliu
For One Week
Wltliln Oity Limits
for $3,1011 on terma of $3U0 cash aud
fli, per month. This liouse Is nsw,
fully moderu and extra good buy
Phone 162 P. 0. Box 3387
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Ratspayirs mast In tbe Institute Hull
for geueral business and nomination of
I'uiididatee fol the ensuing munieipal
eleotlous. The mooting Ib railed for 8
Mr, J, Nt Hulloi'k, for soma years
resident In Xiynu Valley, left on But-
unlay for Vlclurla, wbere lie intends
residing. Tim uttrat'liuiis of the liuild
iug trade in tbe capital eity were too
iiitieli for Mr. liuUnek, and ue said
goodbye to Ilia Hrst Inve In. tin- wesl
and bai gone to flirt with tlie sister
city aerose on the lalainl.
At tbu Bt. ' 'it'iniini't, hall un Thura
day nest, December lilth, luiititiiuiii'ing
at II p.m. a aale of wurk haa buon arranged, after which afturuouu tea will
be served. Tbe eveuiug will be taken
up by au iiiiieriuiiinii'iit commencing
at t o'clock by the Womans' Auxiliary
of St. Clement's. Everybody is invited.
The masi|iiurstiu ball advert iiud fur
the "eiile inel., wili bo the Hrst of its
kind held in Ibe Valley, ami promises
to be a great success. Already the
tickets are in great demand, and with
priiea offered for the best dressed lady
ami the lies! dresaed gentleman, the
attendance is sure to bo goud besides
being  unusually  interesting.
At a'full rehearsal of the I'boral
Bociety last evotiing it was unanimously derided tbat the proceeds of the
Choral concert iu the Institute Hall
tunigbt, after paying the defleil of the
society's funds, ;• lnml.I V.' handed over
to Mrs. fakeley, who iu her sail be
reavemeut will have mum unexpected
expenses, ami whuse husband lias bain
cuniierteil with the Valley for some
The inemliors of the I.yun Valluy
Athletic i'luli are notified lhat the
weekly ineeling of the club will be
held on Wednesday, llth iust. at 8:il0
pm. lu view of the ratepayers'
meeting iu the institute hall the atb
letic i'lub meetiug will lie held at the
Iiuiiii' of tbu secretory, Mr. II. Douglas,
ami all members, officers ami Intending
members are requested to attend ts
mailers uf uuuuiiul interest ure to be
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. Kirkland entertain
cd p lurge purty of I.yun Valley uml
Norlb Vancouver friends nn Baturday
evening al Ibeir hume iu honor of
tlieir daughter's, Miss iilu.lt. Kirkluinl,
sixteenth birthday. The large number
of presents received shuwed the esteem
iu wbicb she is helti un the nurtli shure
Mr. W. Ward, of Warliurnits's l'iano
iluuie, assisted at the piano. The parly
liinl.e' 11 u Uie hour after a very en
ltt.wil.lt   evening.
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In the last year we havo sold over oue hundred of Ibeie ilovea iu
.Nortli Vumouver. Thii year we expect even a listtsr record, if yuu
need s reliable range, it will pay yuu to iee Ibii ons before deciding.
We guarantee alnuilute fsliifacllon nu every range
Patterson & Goldie
Phont 88
105-7 F^rlanatle Wetl
will cuiieludii wilb a minstrel sketch.
Part two will he the repetition of the
farce "Ii'i on parla frum'uls" by request, but on litis oeciisiuii tha play
bas been slightly altered by the addition nf mn' ur two musical numbers
iui'ludiiig the uuu;:, "There's no place
uu earth liko Lynn Valluy", tlte chorus
of which cuu be joined in by overy-
A| the public meeilug called for But:
unlay evening lust, tu receive the repurt of I ciimtitltlen .rmeil for Hie
bundling nf tbu ilulinsiiii relief fuml, u
lull report of the receipts ami expendr
lure was given us follows!
Tolal eollei'ted
tse /....
ii it fi, win
We have some of the cheapest buys.   Good location
adjoinjng lhe original Townsite.   For lull particulars iee
Loca) agiuts for British Bmplis H»«M Insursacs Os., London Assurancs
Ws will U fUatei te hnt* listings; ajso tense for sals or last.
time Ml t.O.twttU
Ttiliil expended on bouse
Hllliscriptiilll  |o Mr Bmillt, who
fell and  broke collar hope
while helping to liuild John-
sou'a hnuse  .,.,!    116.00
I te  I.t     Oil    Inel.'              5.10
III!lunte  in  hand    tn.lt
On motion of Mr. Waghorne, trua
surer to lite fund, seconded by lit.
Westover, it was resolved "that Hie
balance be deposited in Intnl. In the
name uf the 'i.yun Valley Kmergoiicy
I'iiuii' which fuml shall be lin n.l I .-.I liy
Ihu trustees uf tbe Institute Hint chucks
signed by llie pir.i.l,-m uml sucrelury
uf same."
Besides thu cash aubscriptinus huml
etl iu, there was a largu amount uf clo
thing ami useful sundries donated to
Mr. Johnson, for which the tliiiuks of
liulii Mr. Johnson and thu I'ommiliee
are tendered.
Death oi Rev. C. E. Fakeley
News wus received today nf Ihe
• i. uiii of llev. ('. li. I'ul., I, i. who for
some lime has liuen suffuring iu
the Nurtb Vuneuuver hospital from
typhoid fever. The crisis wns safely
passed uml il wus just a question whs
llier ..iiii. i. ni vitality remained to cu
aide Iiiui tu pull through. .Suinluy he
seemed tu lie progressing favorably,
but despite the fuel thut extra iim'
turs wore called iu, be passed uwuy
about HI o'clock Numbly mniii Mr.
Fakuluy was a resident uf Dover.
Kent, Knglanil, where lie hus cngugctl
in iiiui-lii ue shops previous lo laking
up lhe work of the ministry. He came
out In Columbia College, New West
minster, where be took u lull cuursc
in Ibcolugy, lieing ordained ubout uue
year uml nine months uus. At fer oi
.ii imt um, he journeyed to Ills native
lov.it ami was married there, returning
with Mrs. Pekeley to take charge uf
Ihe Melhuillst tliiir.li at Michel, Ii
I'. Alter one yeur in tbut Held he re
lurueil to l.yuu Valley, where he was
tu.eei,tid, known, lie having beeu ila
tinned bere us a missionary during bis
college days. He bus hud charge uf
the wurk in l.ynu Valley for nearly
six mouths, ami there ia no doubl liu.l
Ins health been spared he woultl have
worked up a guud strong cause here.
for he .iii.ti.it bail the cbureb well
organized, ami was assisted liy a uuiu
ber of excellent workers, lie is mount
ed by the whule Valley uf friends, for
enemies he bad none, ami in mli sym
pm It. ii fell bere for Mrs Pakelej
in her exceptionally su.l bereavement.
Council Will Support
Request (or Dredge
The city council inel ns usual ill the
city hall last evening, Mayor McNeish
presiding uver u full uttcmlaiieu of al
The seerelary of/the ferry rompany
wrote requesting the to operation of Ihe
eouueil iu making application to the
department nf puldic wurki for the
services of one uf the government 'i
dredges for Ihree ur four days lo op
erale al the ferry slip al Vancouver
and remove obstructions whicii have
accumulated Ihere owing to Ihu tilling
in of tbe wharves adjacent lo the ferry
iiiiini.ul, and causing lbe boats In
uie,uml ut  low lides.
Ou tbe motion of Aid. Dick, ll waa
decided tu accord the company the eo
upi luiiun deiired by dlrsetlBg u letter
of I'lidorMtion lo Mr. II. II. Steven*,
M. I'.
The ilislriet clerk, Mr. J. 0. Parmer,
wrote notifying the eouueil that in
accordance wllh tbe decision arrived al
at Ibn joint on,'inii' of the public bodies iu i.-i. in,..' lu ibe i 'e K. railway t.instriii liun, the dlitrirl council
had appointed lleeve May ami Coun,
Ward lo act in conjunction wilh the
representative! eppoiuled by lhe other
public bodies in Ibis connection.
' In this relation lbs clerk read a
telegram received by the mayor from
Premier McBride aa follows: "Vour
telegram tilth. Have arranged to see
delegation North and West Vancouver
quarter past eleven Thursday, twelfth.
K.   MellltlllK."
Misers. Bugglc. and Uytou wrote
on behalf nf Mary label Clegue, dau
its (rial last last week. Tho dark was
Instructed ut the instance of Aid. irwiu, tn reply to tha eifect tbat the
said motor wagon waa not the pruperty
uf the city nor WS» tho i|r|ver un employee of tha city,
The chief of police ami Mrs. navies
wrote, thanking the cuuucil for the
sympathy extended to Ihem lu'vthnir
recent bereavement.
Mr. Qeo. Love, furniture dealer nf
firsl Btrnet west, wroto asking per
mission to display articles outside his
store on the unpavuil portion of tho
I'niiiimiii. This was referreil in the pu
lice commissioners.
Tho following reports of cnmiiiitlecs
were then formajly u.lopli'd;
Finance ilomuiiltoo  ■
Deferring to lette? from Union nf
Canadian Municipalities the com in it
Iuc have ascertaiuud thut the fee of
♦ Ifi for I'.Hi' was paid in March uf Ihu
prnsent year.
Iteininmuniieil that the assessor's re
fiiinmuiiilatiou wllh reference In us
sessing lot ilil fi47 al (1,0011 au ucre iu
plui'e nf lots be uduptud uiul thu I ruu
surer be authnrixnii tu make the neces
snr.i adjustments.
Watar Committee -
llccotuininiiiiiil    that    tlte    following
■ i I rates be granted:
(lultlberg bluck   (Mill
Mi'llunuiii  Block  lill.Olt
'--lu;ii-ni'l  lllock     80.00
McNaglit'en   lllock     75.00
Kickham's  Wharf    100.00
Vanoouver Lumber i'o liii.iHi
lleeiiiiiinemluil lhat the various drug
stores lie charged al the rale of $211
lining the highest price allowed iu ilie
liy luw for stores.
Ileciiiiimemletl tbut tlie water depart
incut be allowed to tlraw ou llic uiiup
prupriutcd wutur revenue iu order iu
continue the work ul Nice l.ukc for
llie balance of the yeur.
Fire  aud  Light  Committee
Itei'iimiucii,led thul request of Fire
Chief I'or extra driver lie referreil lo
tbe ciiiijicil uf Ui'l.
Ilei'iimnii'uiletl that W. A. Tulmie in'
Informed that uu arc liglil is lieing
placed ul the curner uf l.unsilule and
lllh street, uml regrel Ihey ure un
uble tu pluee one this yeur ut the
turner uf I Itb uiul Bt. Ueurge's.
Recommended lhe committee repurt
thai referring lo the accident to the
e Iul.1 thut wus knocked down in- motor
lire wugun uu Nuv. illl, HHH, Ihul al
the lime uf the accident the automobile
was mil owned by the city nor under
the city's control.
Items of Interest
Mr. ii. M. Bailey of l'1'.l nth street
east returns tbis ((veiling from u four
months' business trip In Hie eust.
Tlie Misses ilumcwooil of Sunny
side, 228 llth street, left yeslenluy
for Seattle en route for California for
tbe  winter monthi.
Au ussue min in football leugue inutcli
was .played belween tlie i.onsdulc uml
I.yun Valley teams ou Huturduy after
noon ol the Recreation i'urk, ami was
(ion by Hie furiner, .who scorer .nine
gouls, their opponents failing to put
tbe bull Ihruugli. The game uus very
Interesting ami sume guud work was
■dim' by both I cams.
Mr )'. I.iii'in. approached lbe city
council lust evening with regard to the
condition of the mad from Bewick
avenue to Hie western boundary of III
rily. Aid. Hiss agreed that this road
sbould lie reconstructed, grueleel and
made into one roatl on each side uf the
car line limit. The inutler will be
taken into consideration by the Board
of Works and city engineer.
JLTlvvimiuvu     m. w»w
When buying tools
ful in selecting the
Our tools will stand
the most severest
test, and every
I mechanic when pur
chasing from us will have both the Makers
and Our Guarantee.
paine & McMillan
N.V. Dock & Storage Co.
FOR LUMP r*f\ k I
OR NUT     V/U/\L
20 Lonsdale Avenue    Phone 568
f* f\
Council Open Tenders
For City Hall Site
t Continued Irom page 1)
Tenders (or Clearing
Tenders will be received up till
Dsesmbsr Silt, l:H:'. for clearing un.l
cutting wood, bit il, bluck II, I). I,
2023.   I'iiiii. .il.'ii-   un   qppliraliun   in
.1. II  CAMI'HKI.I,,
Lynn Valley.
There wa* a man in our town,
Ami he wae wondrous wise;
He swore (It was Ilia policy/
ile woultl not advertise.
Ilul one sail day be advertised,
And thereby bangs a tab',
The ad, was sel in iiuitv small type
And headed "Assignee's Bale,"     F,x.
lu (lerniaiituwii one evening an a
family sat grouped ulmhl tbe library
table, Ihe little sou looked up from bia
buuk and asked: "I'upii, what is au
egutiitf" "An egotist,'I' the father
mi' wci eel, "is a man who tbiuke he Is
cleverer than any one else." But
the mnl her, laughing coldly, appended.''
"No, iny sou, that ia not quits rlgbt.
Au egojlet ie a mau wbo says be ia
cleverer than any one else—svsry man
tbiuke be ii."
Itccoiiiiiieuilt'il ihut I,. II. I'hilpol In
replied to lo Hie effort thai lbc cum
milt.-t- Inne already made arrange
meiits tu have un ure light placed ul
tlie corner of llllli and Moody Ave.
Kecoiumeiiilc'l thai application from
i II lliiulity t-i ul for an- light ul
corner of dill uml lilill streets In' re
pliud lo thul lite estimate* do not per
mil of uuy further arc lights being
pul  iu litis year.
Hecomiiit'iided lliul application frum
I'i. rufii.il fur lights ul comer of
liiinl street uu<! iiltb uini I.urson road
be replied tti us abuve.
Board of Worksite leller from W. A. Tolmic asking
for llic ; i.'u.i, uf iiih street frum
Lonsdale uvenue easl. Recommended
ilmi llie mailer be referreil to the iu
coming council.
lie letter liuml Miss C. floinewood
uskiug for llic removal uf ruck left
ou her properly by city employees, lie-
commended lliul this work be done.
I'i.,in 1,. 1.. Dickinson suggesling pur
chain by the city of bluck UgOC as the
vulue uf thul lot bus been greatly
reduced owing lu hlustiug operation!
in the two adjacent Quarries. Kecum
mended Hint the matter i.e left to Ibr
incoming cuuucil.
I'i"' .1. I. Ker usltiug for the re
muval frum lol III il I ill of wuler wbicb
is emptied tiitlu lliul lul from the cily
luuk neur tlte southern boundary. I'.u
gineer was Instructed lu bring iu a re
poll regurding ilic mutter.
Ile letter from Thit. liurlon regard
ing the ulnl nn linn nf creel, passing
over L'lth street neur View streel. Kii
gineer wus instructed to bring iu a re
lie Idler from I'i. I'u'ruell asking fur
the opining of .'HI, slreet frum the
I.ui .hi road to View alreel and for
sidewulk on Lurson roii'l frum llilrd
to L'lth, uml suit-wills ou ilti, from
Ijirson to View.
Ili'foirimciidcil that Mr. |'smell be
.writleu lu Ihul linanccs will nut permit
of this W'ork lieing done this year but
tbat |he alteiiliun uf Ibe incumiug
eouueil will lm eliinled to it.
He letter from M. II. Kennedy asking
fur permission lu cul' treci oii eity
rock quarry. Chairman reported tbat
he had examined the locality and found
that Ibere were no trccH wbleh roijuU
cd lo be cut al preeent. Hecomniendcd
tbat Mr. Kennedy be uotilied accordingly.
Recommended that a wagon road lie
eelllultUe'luel    Oil    Sll I lll'l ill II l|    lit.  lllll'    ln,|ll
the Lynn Valley road to block li.
Recommended lbat tba brueb ba cut
eluwii ami slumps blown uu the north
aide nf L'lth slreet frum .loues to le,
sun road.
clerk wus instructed to invesligutc
if Ibe title uf that purl uf 3rd street
running Iiirougli Hie Indian Keeorvo
huil lieen registered in Hie Lund llcg
istry ulliee.
1 He pluns for grading uud maiadani
uiug of Keith mud from McKay Aie.
to lie un Let lleciimuieiiili'd tuul these
lie referrcl lo the incoming council
with the suggestion Ihul lhc mutter
be taken up ui lln- earliest piwsible
Lu in   i'miiuiii iii
Kc leii.i from chus. II llewlll re
gunling drain un the so'iili side uf
lane running eust uud west between
llii uud ml, slreets from Lonsdale
Avenue. Tlte chairman was requested
to bring in a report with Ibe assist
ilncc of the Hoard uf Works foreman,
He leller from W. S Shrapnel, jr.
asking fur the opening uf lauu al tbe
rear uf luts II and 7 of 3l»M«-8. Re
commended thai Mr. Shrapnel be re
plied lo lhal the work eaini.it be carried out in ihe meantime.
Work on Exchange
to Start in February
/        NEBDB
In connection with the iuslallulion of
u telephone service iu lhe municipality
of West Vancuuver it in announced that
Hie II. C. Telephone Cumpuny has plaus
already prepared fur the cslehlinhmeiil
uf a uew exchange in Ibis ditlrict.
Actual work upon the exchange will
commence uboul February, Imt iu Hie
meantime the compan) 'i iinili- depart
ment is making arrangement* for Ibe
Immediate cslahliidniiful uf loll station*
at several pniiili iu the municipality
iu order lo meet the pressing neces
-lit fur eomiiiuiiiculiou with Vum mi-
ver oud Nurtb Vaucouvor.
The Sixth Pi.-I.I Cnmpany uf Can-
adiuu Kngiueers an uuu ntc a grand mill
lury bull lu be given In the Horticultural Hall uu the night of Decern
ber 1011a.
Too Late to Classify   *p^
KUR HA Llv Knur ronm bouse, with
ti.'ildi- ami chicken house, ou half an
acre of land, cleared and fenced, in
line localiou. Price i'i dun. Termi H11
por cent cash. Hal. $25 per mouth, Ap
ply Tbe Kxpreu, Hox AITS, 13 III


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