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Aid     awillhlm    UfltlflU    !>*****•■**
mmmm     i^a*«^*rw et     raTTfTTTir     3mmTWW?m,TT
B**w*a HtT aad slaty ttnt-dwelliri,
iftWl Of tlHW IhbSfiog updcf the de-
|atlpa that tbey bad been described ti
"updetirable," assembled In the City
fall ou Tuesday night to demonstrate
f_fi fofpnoptli.their cowploto roipee-
tabfllty apd provo to that honorable
body ibe bygionic advantages of their
life np ti}* meflmt:
The toft* Ot tho wateffrppt canvaa-
Pi, as Aid. Headenoo has called
wai primarily introduced by. the
tmli reading af throe lettcra-pue
tim tbe Medical Qfflier of Health,
ons from the Chief of Police, and
aa# ftpm tbe Fire Cbjef.,
Pr. / ./. Tbenuen wrote as fo||»fs:
'IJ had oeeaslon tp ropprt in April pf
fkb) im to tomi to the Mpitary
*00mM »f the mP> m fV> fore-
-    shore,   f drew ypur attention to tbo
lack of proper sanitary arrangements
and  tb* difficulty  of improving  the
seme; also tbo difficulty of the dispel of all kinds of garbage.   I am
ashed to farther report, and I cannot
find enythiug further to add that did
apt appear ip tba previous report, excepting to draw yonr attention ta the
Increased number of tenien, and eon-
tequcntly the greater crowding.   Thii
matter has been one which hat affected
aaweroni other pities at periods of
their growth.   I can merely site tbe
instance of the eitj\ pt Myipyppypfi,
mhett the authorities allowed camping
ground* to gtpm to such ea extent
that fn order to eliminate inch dwell-
ipgi they bad to make each individual
tenter pay a license fee to tba city for
tbat modi of living. My object, therefore, li to point out tbat to allow aucb
a precedent after taking into considers-
tion tbe initancet of other cities ii at
oace contrary to the best intcrott* of
the city aad the community geoor$lly."
Chief Davit wrote to the effect that
"It will be in tho bail raiereets of
fif $■* H lVe Wf» w fit "lief-
tfPW are removed, a* it ha* come to
notie* of the police department that
there are certain nndeiirabit ponons
taking ap residences io that locality.
Recently we havo had icvcrtl robberies
Polled off ia the eity aad, from infer-
MtimjmnA, we are of opinion fbet
th* patpetrston are eomewhere on the
waterfront.  Yesterday, es'o large concern reported that ono roll of wire
netting and two tons of. coal havo
.Afypppmni • Irom  „oit works, and
Other things are continually dliapeaj-
f   lag.   I could cite many other occurred-
' es* that hjjvo como to our attention,
'but it would ppt be advisable, as our
department is reluctant to give information  to outsiders, bat any official
of the pity hu the right and privilege
ta examln* oar book*.   I do not pre-
Und to say that tbore are not respect-
ablo person* living there, as I am
panoasPy  acquainted   with  quite a
number, font it would be better for
thsm t,o live In tome other, locality.
I nay say that the city of Vancouver
was "P against th* samo problem about
fifteen years ago, tfA tbo authorities
ramoytd them."
Fire Obiof Fipd|*y't report Waa u
followi: "Oa making an inipoction
of the tant* I find that oa the toutb
ltd* Of thl EtpUinadt wait, tjaay we
til toe ilotily coogwtod, In lome
eaaee } find a vary small space between
eaafo, thus earning a great risk to tbe
live* of occupant* Ip the evtnt of Im,
especially daring the night, dnriog
which time more difficulty |* experleuc-
*d l# being- able to quickly notify 9)1 in department. There is
no tailing what the raenlt would be.
I also Ind tlu samo ritk on Eiplanade
teat, until V-cDpogal, Jeokinn' premiici
' *Wrmr'fmMr\?m-% 9, t$m, mmm 9, m
¥r flVpssrAtp yoi» Aid. Smith!
Aid. ftMtM Ij!.
Mr. Wake-Ploased to meet you Alt).
Aid, SmjthH Fish to tpi that I
pevgr nientioned mcb a thing as-
A voice—We aw neither undesirable
nor wc|y|l|f«d.
AM. NW»~I A»01 N»g t*a* mi
I fas reported to b§ve said that lu
the "Newi-Advertiser," but it WIS
quite incorrect.
The Miyat-JVo T»lil Pttfibptsd
to Aid, Spilth were not uttered by him.
Aid,  McRae—Tho  question  to  be
considered li What i.e to be done or not
dope, pot what has been aaid.
Mr. Waka-All Ws went to da |s to
lire 14 a sanitary condition. I defy
anyone-tp pall ua uneiviijiod.
Another speaker, Mr. Brook, said be
bad noticed cretain references to tha
quality of the peoplo who ware living
in fents. kjf rafiijeot in tbat parf of
the city, be could not its why he ahould
uot live in a tent houie. Ho bad experienced nothing uudosirable of any
Mr. Tindall wst tho. next to address
Hie council. Iff bavs lived ip thii
city," bo laid, "tor loven pr eight
month* now. ft is my intention to
live in th* open air aa much at possible.
As rcgtrdi being unsanitary, I differ
tfpm aucb an idea. I ask the persons
wbo say so to como down apd tec iuto
these things personally before writing
to the powipaperi."
Mr. 0. V. 8torkey-"I havt lived
hero pow several years.   I sin not an
unde*irtbIo citizen.   A lot qf fuss bu
beep made put of a molo bill,,   ft
live ip the opou sir because we enjoy
it.   There are many worse spots than
tbo waterfront io the residential sections of this eity-   I bave been tbore
now seven monthi, and have nover
soon s policejaan Apwp there.   Fires
can take pl*c» anywhere jn the city.
It ha* been mentioned that that* fire*
Were a menace to tbe placo.   Arc not
fire* on Ijonnlale a menace!   If there
are und6tirabl.es thoro, let the pnlice
gat them out.   We went them out si
much as apybedy else-"
I ^r- M. 8. Curtji-I have lived here,
two year*.   I came over for tfoo ex-
nyats purpose of improving my wife*
health.   It ha* Improved vory rapidly,
and ebe it in fine health H tile proaent
Mr. Dennian **id he lived in tent
land bocauso of the inordinate price of
houses and roomi in the ctiy.    Up
felt that this controversy hit himself
and family.   Ho regretted tbat inch
a topic had arisen.   Tbere bad certainly been two firet down there, but
both  bad beon caused through grout
negligence of the occupants.   He won-
dtred whether gentlemen who thought
them  "undesirables"  wpuld  be loth
to come down among then) and get
their votes pn tbo evo of the election.
Other ipeaken addressed the council in tbo tamo ttrain, most of tbem
plainly, of tho opinion that tbe two
words  "undesirable" and "uncivilil-
I" wero eswntial tto thair remarks.
Tho mayor then aikod tbem to baton
to tbe views of the council.
Aid. Henderson—I seconded Aid.
Smith's resolution at the last mooting
of tho council. Personally I would
like to say that than has been a great
deal of misrepresentation in regard
tp wbat Aid. Sssltb Mid. Ht mention-
ed that it had been reported that there
were undesirable* on th* weterfrpoui.
(Continued oa page Ave)
■iisaspiiiiiiiaitt..... j...mBnw
JNow KjjigWi ftt PftUw Hall, FourtU Btroot Weit,  built by Uie  Pythian
•     OattJti Hall Ooimpm, *-Ut, m* fonu.il opening of which will bo hold
c^   mmmmrmmmwmf     ■^■"■Vf   !!r*TFf    TJ'r'9''tff9    WvJTi
Magnitode of Possibilities Surprised Mr- Swan
A large representation of the Joint taken aboard tho BS. British Colum-
TUP new pretentious bell of tbo
Knighti of Pythias wi'ltifo fpr|»pj)y
opened next week. Op Tposdsy tbo
dedication function will take placo,
membera of the order pply being in et
tepdance . On Thursday night the
Knights will give a public invitation
•upper and dance, A full description
of thii splendid pew hai) will be published in a later issue,
The Mines Sawyer are, near week,
commencing business on Esplanade
west i* "I* North Vancouver (Hub
lllock, their enterprise being entitled
the "Scotch Tea Kooma.'' Particular
attention will foe given by tbe proprietresses to promptly aervod lunches for
buiinen mo>ta|s. A" things considered tboie tea rooms promise to become a popular resort.
WXtJTED-To   oxcavatorsl   ,
Apply Wallace Shipyards US.     U.
Woman want. ,„ki«g ^A irqnipg
at homo, expprioneott Box A88. Bx-
prpiiOaV .    Tj
WANTpD-Lpti 'to clear jn '*,..,„
Ypncpnver by ppptrsct. Apply A- On-
pet, general delivery, N. V. P. Q. 2-1
We have money for tbp purchase "p|
Agreements of Sa|e. Canadian Financiers Ltd., Hank pf Hamilton Building.
Ret it at J,onadalo Pharmaoy l'bono 2D
lioom and boarsl at tbe corner of
Queensbury and Sth on ear line, lu-l
WANTED-Ton^ers wanted for tx-
cavatipg eorner of King and Lomdalo,
44x60. Approximately 300 yards. Hox
1807, North Vancouver. t.f.
Mri. Adami, maternity nurse, noar
Hotel, l.ynn Valloy Boad. 16-1
.   .    ..  - .). >. n.< Oobd board and room in a comfort-
,. -,„. mfmrnmrm « tne Joint taken aboard tbe 88. British Calum- ^ e bgm       M(|      g
Civic Harbor Commltteet met Mr. H. b'» **A had a pleasant nil np M far tU(in   UM ^ w.vMm u   the
H. Stevens M.P. and Mr. Swan, the u Bo,lle PoM "d Mil »loD« tbo rcJpiUno car.    B9x ASl^Bxpresi. 28-12
If. Stevens M.P. and Mr. Swan, tbo
government harbor engineer at the city
hall, Vancouvor, yesterday afternoon.
Among others preient were Mr. 0. H.
Cowan, ex-M.P., Mayor Taylor and Aldermen Crowe and Cameron of Van
couvcr, Alderman Smith, Beevo Mc-
aught and Messrs. Alexander Pbilip
and Oeorge S. Shepherd from North
Vancouver and representative* from
South Vancouvar, Point Qroy and Burnaby.   The party prpcoeded to Evans
.     .7-- T-    ~ '"'.'"•/I TtfW
Colenitn and Event wbtrf and wore ment .
    -s——O    ""•
North Shore to Brockton Point. The
Nortb Vancouver representatives
ibowed Mr. Swan tbe possibilities of
the North Shore for harbor works and
arranged witb bim to como and seo it
from tbo landward side. Mr. Swan
indicated aurprlie and delight at the
magnitude of tbo harbor possibilities
in Burrard Inlet and slated tbat be
intended tp invettigtie all the harbor
proposition! very fully befort he returns esst to report to tbe govern-
"IBB SAtE—Cut fiowon.      Keone,
17th street east. H
FOB SAI'E-Tboroughbretl Helguiui
Hare cheap. Apply Box A, Express
Will exchange and pay $100 lo glfiO
for other Nortb Vtncouver property
value siinii. Deedt. Apply Box A20, Express Office. 2-1
FOB SALE-IS tborpughbrctl bens,
'Igopil layers, tl each, also some houso-
11hoTd'?urj\toM "Vmp.   Mr. McLean,
16tb itroet, t\'o b|oeke WC8t of Lomdale.
A concert anil social under the sua-
plots of thi St. Edmund's cbureb took
place Ip tft ichool room lail nljlit
very pleatantly and tuccetifully. A
muilcal proartm wat rendered. Vancouvtr latent jepdlng valuable assistance.
Thi Board pf School Trusties of
Mono Vancouver baa* deeded lo cclc-
braic tb* PMn'na At (he naw ichool
Ip Lynn Valley on January Uth with
sn entertainment. Invitations have
been circulated to local and Dominion
olllclali and * erocram of • raiicelleac-
on* kind will ht rendered by tbe children.
On account of tbe very heavy tie-
inauil upon tbe columns of thii issue of
the Expreu It bas bsen necessary to
hold ovpr soveril inierstting letters
for our next issue.
Agreements for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdale Bealty Co.,
836 Lomdalo Avonue. Phone 317.   t.f.
In conuoction witb preient municipal
politics it u interesting to letrn tbat
(loun. Bridgman ii resolved to reenter the field. There it a lo-farindefi-
nito rumor tbat be will bo opposed.
Coun. Jjwion'i candidature prom-
iies ai yet to be unoppoiad.
Mr. Peter Weslovor ii jn tht field
for Lynn Valley, while it li uncertain m yet whether Coun. Allan will
leek reelection.
Coun. J. K. Ward ii withdrawing
from Wsrd 6, leaving the field open
to Mr .Percy Ward, Mr. Cafow Oibion
ii alio a candidate in tbia product.
Coun. Loutet arranged on Tuesday
to moot hii ppponont, Mr. Hammers
piark in North Lonidale, but owing to
paucity of attendance the meeting
wap adjourned uneventfully.
!> n-MI re»e*Ad( then 'j Aod twelve In par
^ ^jjeiflar M tin t*9 tide of tpo above
MjpgS|laas> Three are close alongside
ef tin aforesaid premises, the other
nfnp bydpf fn ,clos,e proxiinity. 8,o»e
of the abovt are ef shingle sides with
einym faetl, tbote having a larger and
greater burping power that the tent*
*j!#reiy wade of canvaa There have
bsen sw» tm bowed down pn %
north aide of tha Eeplanad*, wait, this
mmk, Mi, 0*tog to thin being np
9M IJteftoM Mi On tymiy errjv,»i
at apt If* departniept, they were able
tp lonfto* im im fo IM seat af fMff
niata   u-,uina itMethlnt may be dona
asira "1',.1'ri'io iii.'s rrr irnri*
mtt to tin UpimW occupanits,"j
Mayar »fej|f*t>h;Hf m *W H*fA
" anile a nwah*r of a*nttataen are-
nTTyTT  i*   (TlfFH IH'"   ^T   W      'I'wif*"!'    fff w
'Htmtti to thl* matter. I ena-
iTr^flTrrTT  ~- nmwr**W****.**T.
Ui   fa*,   (rising ■tmmwt):^.
■■"     I   UK   $   XmWL*mmmmmMJ    CltJUl).
Messrs. C. Sharufeldt and 9 KUing
tin hav* purchased th* tailoring liual-
new hitherto operated by Jobn Linden
pt tin corner pf Lonsdale Ava and
16th itriot apd intend he carry on a
high claas ladies' ant grot*' merchant
tailoring eittbliihment. Mr. Bcbarn
feldt pad many yuan' experience In
ladiee' tailoring in Saa Francisco and
Is prepared to demonstret* workman-
•hip pf a elatt that will please the
pioit fastidious aad exacting taete. The
firm will »lio operato a remodelling
department ip which all kind* pf
cleaning, repairing, altering ate. will
bo dona.
Tbo annual Christmas entertainment
of the Methodist Sabbath ichool,
which wu to hay* beon hold thii
evening, hai been postponed until tbt
evening of. Friday next, January tti)
Mre. hcklar of Senile It tbe guest
of Mr. and Mrt. J. Fl.lch.r at tbt Held North V*ncout*r.
Tho fourth annual local option convention will be held in tbe Central
Mission auditorium,   Abbott     street,
Vancouver, on the ovening of Thun-
.lay, February let and all day, Friday,
February 2nd.    It will probably   be
the most iinporttut convention yet held
in Britlab Colombia ud it ft expectod
a large gathering from all oyer the
province  will  be present.   Important
subject* will bl diaeuawd by promin
eut ipeaken, and tbt attitude of the
prpvlnco, itt government, and She pres
ont condition pf temponnci work will
bo coniidored thoroughly . Dr. Spencer
bu arranged   tap atual   convention
ratal for delegatee and it 1* hoped
that the diatrict covtred by this paper will  be well  represented *t  tbe
convention.   All communication! can
bo addressed lo   laical Option Ofilce,
48 Flack Block, Vancouver.
B. Ij'. Livery and Board liable*
Light-rigs and ladies' saddle horses
for hire.  Stabling for hones     Oen
eral delivery and heavy teaming.    H.
Duniu, 4th street west. Phono 947 t.f.
FOB SALE-Fint cla..' U.nrigbt Iron
Orapd Piano. A snap. \ Piy Box
A18, Exprois Office. 2-1
For plumbing, pipe fining ,DJ con.
uectlng tee F. B. Hennop, Frederick
^.r>fV>,V|S*g,.aiFnpnajgi,  ,.,,
Tbe Nortb Vancouver Dye Worki
44 Ufnidalo Avenue, guarantee to do
u good work at cheaper pricei tban
yoo can possibly get in Vincouver.
Olye ui a trial, tbe result will ipeak
fof itself. Phone 147.       It.
FO? 8ALE-Quick. 3 bodroom 'tSl*'
curtains, carpets,   linoleum,   kiiehei\
range witb all cooking utensils,  din
iug room and parlor furniture worth    v
$1200 for a few day* only at *160. Apply to 228 61b streot west, 8-1
FOB SALE-Fir»t growth dry wooil
for 14.76 per cord, 4 ft. Q, McDade,
Phono 81, General teaming,.        t.f-
FOB SALE-Fir wood $4.60 per cord.
Apply Jobn Campbell, 227—6tb atroet
west, or pbone ttl v.n
Tho Truth itudosti dais will meet
every Tuesday ovening at 8 o'clock at
th* reeidence of Mn. Qalleghor, Kejtb
road, near Bidgoway. Student* deair
ing higher ipiritual unfoblmeut are
cordially invited to attend. - t.f
FOB SAtS-I/oi. 8,1, 10, block fig,
»■ L. 660. ?,leo $2860 or teparato, 1-3
caih, 6 and 12 montbi. Apply Box A16
Express Office. ,8.j
FOB SALE-Wood", lfi-lncb fir,
$3.26, codar blocks, $3,26, cord wood,
$4.60.   Leove ordea at barn, 7th apd
Igoway pr P. O. Box 2014.     161
Tbe Imperial Car, Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Corporation will consider of-
j fen for clearing townsite of 600 teres
'at Hot-bo Ppint. Apply to J. F. O'C.
Wood, Mount Crown Block, lit itraet
east. t.f.
FOB SALE—Threo 60-foot lott on
Queen itreet, five minutei' walk from
Lonsdale avcuue, $360 each, one third
cash, 6, 12 and 18 montbi. Apply
K., "Expron''Offlce.
FOB SALE-Ligbt delivery hone,
weight 1,000 Iba Hood all round
vanner. Jolin Alexander A Co., 121
Lomdale Avenue, N.  Vancouver,   t.f.
NOToGK I* hertby given thpt an application will be made lo tha Initiative aaiembly of Ibe frovloce of
lirltlih Columbia at lie best session
for in Apt to tuihorlie the Lieutenant-Governor in Cooncll (without re-
oulrlna- oblrrvance of Ihe provlalom ot
Hie Uunlcliiillllci' Incorporation Act)
hy Idlers patent —
seal to dividi
.._ .. „j,,dc the corporation of tne
Ditlrict  Pf  North   Vancouver
tbe  public
Of th
by   In
III    T    Ij    ilnrrlion.   lot   il,   block
J St. sub. »74. Stb street, t dwdlina.
I, lib ttreel,
lot  11,  Mock   10.
to build a dwel-
Arrangcmeuta are now rapidly ap-
preaching cotnplation /or tha Annual
Convention of the Canadian Forcitry
Atiociatlon which will bt beld ia the
Bailway Committee Boom, Parllampat
Buildings, Ottawa, oa Fcbrpary 7th
and tth, 18)2. The gathering It under the patronage of Bi* Boyal Highness, the Oorerpor-Oenerai, and a
number of diitloguitucd man both
from Canada aad ths United Btatei
have promised to attend and take
Tbe Canadian Lumberman's Associs-
■ ""u^K iBti * "'•'""c't'liuniclpB:
undsr fte name of the '•Certottiftfa
nr   ll.as   v.fl TK
Ity .—„ .-. ..".,,, u, use ..orporalloi
nf lb* Dlslrlcl of Wen Vancouver'
all Ihtl portion of Ihe Corporation o'
the Diatrict of Norlh Vaneouver, de-
Icrlbed al followi.'
Commenclna It ibe polnl where Ibe
rut boundary of D. I, <7i Inloriocti
,si ..i.a li„m)ijw.y of ir,« aaid Cor-
ene* west alona said north
B.owe f«'
tbe noft	
[Oration ;lhen
bOdndary  tp
oh Its line
produces': i
the eaeterU s.
tbenet lojuiliti
ore to a
e line i.e
ldary ef
e Witt tic
tpo)ni in
ire of ttld
,. l;owe Sound
north boondpry
JM.Weat from
.irJ'*} ti- and li '
-.-iff1?*' ** 'b» ea.„
it Of Intcnecilon wilh
FOB BENT-Modern now 6-room
bungalow on King itreet facing loutb,
$18 por month. Will lease for $200 a
year. Apply D. J. McDougall, telephone office. 21
FOB BENT-Offico suites of ^ and
3 roomi each at 109 Lonsdale Avenue.
(Upitain next McDowoll 'a Drug Store)
Alterations to suit tenanti. Bental
for suite only $16 to $20 per month-
Apply Irwin k Hillings Co. Ltd., 601
Lonsdale Avenue.    Tel. 1$. I-}
BOOMS FOB HENT-IIouiekeeplng.
gig 2nd Street east.
.. laid Howe Souo
snfierlnaP at thi
-r* -.-r. r.wn nn ".Stan
tpe   Porta tbore of   Burfa/d
(*'r;.A*I?n 0lUl,ln, lot 11, block 104
ib. I4S. tilt street, lo build a dwd-
At Vanxonyer this W.eok tbe wedding wu lo&unnijwd of Min Ban!*
Annie Nowmin and Hi. Bobt'. William
ptewert. Bovj pr. jrruer officiated.
Mf. and Mri.|St«w*rt intend ta reside
tht tirtyl
mm pt ,
Ptm waa.
ttWattfa nni Vttoif Of
[lernoon and pasted a
its.     Th* meeting,
one, iu origin-
fpee#y, but only Mr.
Needlees to **y,
a leation spins. (On
>ad*d by blrawli,
meeting   till   the
_. -Weitern  Humbina Co.,   .
VaicouVer, lot IS. block 171, tub.
»-M. ML Jowltt, ._.„,
HO, lllh itreet, to Lull
lot 20,
look J4A
* dwd-
m. ♦«-.«•, toittelt
ildld a butcbcr'i ihop.
'ilata.pt soulh from
.    -v.—  J...UH-  uf    Hurrard   Inlet;
thtnee tattsrly parallel tp, and follow-
'la iht nieanderlngt of ihe tald won ii
FnTerttcUpB'I.MP feat diiian?0 lourf
from the Penih-Wesf corter of p. i.
         -- - ™—  SSI: *nd in ma with tki west boufi-
tion hold, ii* annual meeting on Feb. &tf%H^jj|g;
«•'■     Spocisl rates have been granted Hon. ,m ,
nt I,
by th* railwsyi and as the subjecta
to be diicuucd arp of the moot pre*-
ileal and pressing character, it is expected that there will be * vory large
atlendanco of all person* interested
In our forest resources.
Tho office of the secretary of tbe
Canadian Ptteilty Asepciatlpp it in
tbo Canadian Building, Ottawa, and
from him further la/prmatlpn may be
nm UEHJ-Ope, «.!(,, OolonUI
Ap^rtm*nU. Telephone and heat included. lf
v..     KIVJJIC     |
ibe west bp
Mwit-wiu tatMtr
mm bou
FOB BENT-Juontdale Avenup, mod
ore Oroom bouse. Immediate ppsaei-
»ioa.  Apply   Irwin,   Billingi k Co.,-
Limited, t.f
TQ BWC-Choicp modern suitei on
W etreet. Apply fAm'-mih I Co.,
North Vancouver, •,/
l" obtained.
GAmmof Rvwrw
Fitter, fttt, pa-taatagfrer*' immm  *eie*)r*$  Mttopa,
vriur, nw. fHwaieswr 9*0, rMrtimm 9*»-
Tattle,, tm lrmil!*f ttttt* vaamaft'lamap.
WtmijtfTf  -^W?. S^**rnW»WiT»*****  rrfwT*TW *Tmr  ff^r^Vr^ " WtrWrWrV?
T».r.i*y, fep.. tr-Ohnffef pf miMI P*»Pr* 1*.
nw*m,tMt r-*iom» n 9mm intimet mym 9 m
WJ8T-A earn pf money pp U'i/
Inst. Bewprd, W. T- Grahame, p. Q.
Box mi. 2-1
_ 1 , 1 _ .
ifysj-jbtpt bppdies pf lapfldf.
Apply Box A22, Express 0*ce.    Seward ,, tf
'•'.■ - ■—??—•
MtW-flJi (Kaltb rpad betw#i) St,
ApAttm't and Ht. fhvid'tji Ipiy'i
mMl hoop. 9ttprt tA;;Bpx All,
Hxpim 09e». ml
ii'*9 wi voouom tm
^•WWVfW   99   ^^r'   99**Tmw   mt  9 999
The Daeember number pf British
Columbia Magasina, contains a most
Interesting article op Nortb Vaneouver,
from tha pen of Mr. James V, Fell, In
Which information ia givon, (he dii-
lamination pf which plaee* the North
Shore under obligation to Mr. Fell and
sth* B, 0, Magatlne.
Tha article will be peruied with
pleasure by our readere, and we therefore reproduce It In full, aa follows;
North Vancouver is coming Into ber
own, Long and impatiently hu she
waited, Twenty-five years ago tha
north shore of Vancouver harbor looked
ehwoet ae good as the sooth to the
speculative invottor. High prlcaa were
paid for waterfront land by the aid
Moodyville Landi k Sawmill Co., which
sas formed over twenty years ago to
take over the old Moodyvllle mill aad
pnwtleplly al! the waterfront Isnd
between tbe Firet and Besond Neryowe,
Jn those days no ana would lava believed that it would ba nearly twoetyfwe
years befere that waterfront was epea-
od up to shipping |ad induilrial undertakings by the advent of a Steam.
To develop a district, to build ap a
Pity, tramportation of all hinds ia
every direction become* mora and more
necessary y civiliution advances,
Tbe lack of transportation facilities hu
beep tha ope great obitacle in the path
of progree* which North Vancouver
troadi, and that obstacle ia now being
swept uide. Plana for a big three-
track bridge acroaa tha Second Narrow*, with wagoa road* and s|d*walk*,
ire peering completion, Tki* bridge
It to be built with tbe aaiiitinee of
both the Dominion and Provincial
Government!, and will be under th*
management apd central of the muni
eipaiitie* nf Vaoepnyer and Nertb Van
ntnver- Constmetipn wHI eommeuie
early la 1018.
It is impossible tp doubt that before
that bridge it completed the first eet
tion pf thp railroad connecting Van
couver with tha Grand Trunk Pacific
and giving access to the Peee* Biver
country north of Fort George, will
built aloug th* waterfront pf North
Vaneouver to Howe Sound. Then will
commence North Vencouvor's growing
time. For .owing tp ber-dloniparative
inaceaailiility, *he hap apt kept pace
with the other portion* pf Greater
Vaaeoaver. Bhe hu leeway tp pake
ap in tbe matter of population, trade,
induttry, commerce and real opiate
value*. Bat give her a railroad, and
all theae things (halt ba added unto
her, fpr North Vancouver hu practi
tally every other advantage; a south
ara aepeet tempt* the eun ta Ships even
(A^MWLlXfeJT   ni'lorcrx   InmmmULu
X w 12 wit,
*   LWminnljL.-  <*Ml   ******   /'
District of Nortb Vancouvar,
Court pf Bevlsiou of ths Voters' List
TAKE NOTICE that the Council pf
tba District af North Vincouvtr will
tit at the Municipal Hsll, as tj;a terrier
of Lynn Valley Bora and Fromme
Boad on Tueedaf ;ie 2nd day Pf January, 1012, at *hM o'clock a.m. for thp
purpose uf correcting and revising tba
jMt of voters for the ensuing year.
JOHN 0. FABMBB, 0.11.0.
* *
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Block. 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     1-4 cash, 6,12,18 month*.
50 ft. LoU in Block. 230 and 232a) $650, $700
and $800        14 cub, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Phone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
wbms. hu". rmMaisM' l»vi»i%Jt» to V»w>p»s-
veri gentle sipping bepobes, with a
highly productive gravel soil, making
ideal residential districts) large areas
pf flat lanil adjoining twewatar, editable for railway terminals, wharfage,
industrial »pd business sections) i
splendid supply pf the purest water;
an excellent loworago systeiii; public
bodies cppipoied pf painstaking and
efficient men, apd eight inousapd ops
timietle citizens behind   thm,   With
unlimited faith in the great future
pf |heir "ambitious city."
Qn the north ihoro botween tbe First
anil the Bacoml Narrows there is room
for a eity of half a millien people.
Weetward again pp tbe (!ap|lsno Valley
Und along the North Shore pp English
Bay to Howo Bound is a great residential diitrict, which cannot be equalled anywhere for beauty of litiiatinn.
Within a few yean this great weitern
Opnttnued, pn pegs 10
Dried Brewers' Grain
Clean, bright and wbolosome, lew In
water and carbohydrates, but containing nearly double tbe amount of fat
aod protein pound for pound, than the
ordinary food stuffs in local uie. It
Meets a|| tha Requirements of a
Profitable Dairy Feed
and compared in price with wbat Is
asked far other food itpfi", ii triple
protect,vaUciM? your mono/' Jii su-
giafiority lies its Ibe fact that feeding
It increaiei both tbe total digeetible
matter and the amount of fat and protein in the daily ration
and savee you 40 to SO per cant.
on Feed
You ihould not be without it. Halted graini, frasb and iweet from tbe
brew kettle, dried in a continuous vac-
cuum precast by
The time for receiving tenderi for
tbe construction of a Jetty at mouth
of tbs Fraier Biver at Bteveiton, B,
C, ii hereby eitonded to Friday, January It, 11)12 .
By tinier,
Department of Public Worki,
Ottawa, December SO, 1911.
Electors of North
Vancouver Diitrict!
The Lynn Valley Ratepayers' Association unanimously endorse the following candidates:
Reeve, W. H. May
Councillor (Ward IV),
P, Westover
School Trustees, C, Munro,
R. P. Purdie
By reference to ths above Key Plan, you will apt* mt favorabl* position, which i*i (I) Cloe* to C. P. JS. (S) Clot* te Pitt Biver.
(I) Close to tha iaduatrial diitrict, witb IU ma»y ipur tracks, ae skowa oa Kay Plea, aad already granted by K«ilro»d Commission, (I)
Cm tl tin StSia artery of th* diitrict (Prairie Boad), aad lyiag betwsaa th* C. P. 8. d*v«lopm*nt apd. any olber Corporation property
tkat assy b* aeqaired ia th* aorth.
We hav* keen agaotaud Me Agmdi In Nortk VaBc*s**r far tk* l*t*et tat east i»b41vlat*o ia 0pqa!tlaia-vi*. Vtmhaty. The We
ara well sitae***) wttkla tha ottclal towaeite.  They aw ahsehsteiy dear sad level, aad tk* price, HOO, gives everyoa* aa owortaalty pf u-
esrtaf aa latere* la what I* aaaaoiad to feacesaa sua as* U>s haslea* bOaetrial etntns.     Tataat: 90 csek, bibtnc* «, 18, IS asd U saaatb*.
Cardinall & MacGregor   mi^uMmi
nm0 itm m%iim ******* a*. v. o, tm nn
A general meeting of the North
Vanconver Betopayon' Association to
bii held In the city Hall on Friday,
the IBth Init, at AM p-m- for the pur-
posp pf submitting questions tp candidates fnr elderomnio^onors adopted
by the executive and to add to same
if desired, also to submit a reiolution
adopted by the exeentlye that the a*
sopfatlpn support a ticket in tbe forth
earning plvle election*.
8J-1S Acting Secretary.
SPROTT-SHAW Business ColUfi ,< '}
336 Hastings St, W.
Canada's Irestsst Weetarn School
632 Seymour st.. Vmmm
Day school open all Us year
round. Night school commences September 8th.
Dryers of and Dealers In Field Pro-
iliniit, Scotia aud Proot Street,
Vancouver, ii. C.
Man wanted to cut wood by rick or
cord. Apply Wsgborne, Bon Road,
Lynn Valley or Expreu Ollice, North
NOTICE ie licreny given tbat the
fint littlng of the Annual Court of
Hevitioo of tb* Municipality of ths
City of Nortb Vincouver will be held
in tb* City Hall, Nortb Vincouver,
B. 0., on Thursday, the 4th
day of January, 1912, at i o'clock'
in tbe afttrnoon for tbe purpoie of
bearing ocmplaintt agaiuit tbe At
iitimtnti ti mule by tht Alienor and
for reviling abd correcting tba At-
aeiimeut Boll.
Any perion making complaint
agaiuit tba aucttiutnl muit give no
tics in writing to tbe Alienor of tbt
ground of bit or btr complaint at
least ten days bsfore the dste of the
first efinusl littlng pf tbt Court of
Dated at North Vancouver, ll 0.,
November 23rd, 1311.
Oity Clerk.
•ewer Oonnertloni
PUBLIC NOTICE I* hereby liven
thst all pwnirt pf reil property fronting or abutting appa a etreet or lane
in which or under which a miin or
common lower I* laid il hereby required to connect aay building or pr*
miiet upon tu. b property with tuch
miln or common tewcr.
r,-rroitt mty b* onlalntd from tbt
I'luml.ing Inspector tt bit office at tbe
Cily Htll betwdee th* boun of 9 a.
m. and 10 am aid I p.m. aad > pm.
Th* following regulatlooe govern th*
contraction of bout* pr building con
ntclioni witb iiwert:
No boat* ttwtr pint eatll hav* a
leu fill than 1 to 40, unleu ipecitl
pennliiion ii granted ia writing by
tbt Council. &id pip** b*tw**n tht
Iron plpt, to iht conmclion of the
public ttwtr tp bt pf tht beet quality
standard salt-glased vitrified clay sewer pip*, and thai! havt a dlantttr of
not bai then 4 inches. Ail pipe* iball
bt sound aad well burped throughout
their tblckpoei, impervious to ttpip-
ture, witb a clear ring, emooth aad
well gltped on Interior aad *xt*rior
turfae.ee, llm time Sewi. cracks, bill
tori. Ire check* or oth*r iopirfMtlpu.
The pipes mn*t b* 10 Uid ia tht
trench that after th* i#ww It complet
ed, the Interior lerftt-i jbettot, Shall
b* tp * ttue and *v*n gfiil.
Ip making th* Joint*, a guket of
oakum or hemp, fr**hly dlppid la to
ment groat, muit Int be seed and
parked Into plan. Tht ielat* thill
afterward* be tightly pa*l£i fall and
bevelled off with morttr,! eompottd pf
a pa part by votes* pf »*piov*d Pert
ud e*o*at to os* part by volume of
approved sand.
olst* *hall M madt wat*r Uj
1 tbat th*y will ataai a head
of water, whap'tai
umblng Jntpactor at tin oweet'i,
umbei'i or <tontivlfl»
By eriu ol IM
by tin
I   ■     ,        ■     '
Nortli TffHiHilff
Tftjfjtt iwmttmsjarmmimy
9*T, fr 8, 9m, fmotflA
fllrle under § ye»re nW. W per month
' Girls oyer 8 j/r*. old, fit per month
Special terms when twp or more ire
tent from the same family.
Arrangements are being made ta'
erect * building by the spring to **■
commodate 30 nr 40 boarder! besides'
day scholars. tf.
I.. 1. ." !'.!..'I" LII. .    i
Dinner Sets from no up at tha If,
V. Hume Furnishers.
Vancouver Bwinm Directory
Busmuss ciiUjKgbi.
»or*BT imiuijIo
I,u»ni, Invettmtnti and Intariuct.
Boom 907, 632 Granville St., Vanoouver, B. 0, Phone NOD. Lead lienit-
try work a ipecially.
«B*|, BIT*TB-
Yorkshire Guarantee ft Securitiu
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Strut
R. Kerr HoulgaU - -, Manar>r
All Norlb Vaacoutft ptopl* t*t al
Either Flack Block or Haitingi St.,
oppoiit* tht new pott offic*. leoowd
nil* hi* tea by th* pound. | }1
District of Nortli Vancouvsr,
PUBLIC NOTICE It hereby fIvtn to
the Kleclori or tbt Municipality of th*
Dlalrlct of Norlh Vancouver. Ibal 1
require Ihe pretence of Ih* eeltl Kleclori al tht Municipal Hall at tbt corner or Lynn Valley Road and Fromme
Road In tb* aald Dlalrlcl oa
Hoot.,, tke Mk itr el liiwr, WW:
kt ItAO Vtleck ao**
for tb* purpoit ol clecilng person* to
utrtii'iii Ihem In ilu- Municipal Council tt Rcevt snd Councillors, and elecl-
ln* ibrc* ptrtoni lo repreeent them
on ibe Board of School Trutttti .
Tht candldalee iliall be nomlntltd
In writing, Iho wrltlna ihall be lub-
itrlbctl by iwo voiere ot Ibe Wunlclp*!-
ll>- •• propoeer and leconder, apd Shall
be delivered lo the Returning OSicer
ui any time belween Ibe dale of tbie
notice and iwo o'clock pn. on Ibe day
of the nomination.     ,
And In tbe event of a poll b*4a
neceuary aucb poll will be opened 0
lalardii, Ik* ISIS las *l It
1'ili. between Ihe hours of nine (
a.m. and eeven o'clock pro. of the u
dey tl the eeld Municipal Hall »t I
corner of f./na Valley Road I
Fromme Road tad al lb* CPU
Hill al Ibt corntr of Queen *lreei I
Ijonedelo Avepue. end at Ibe ptac*.
Ir.  John  lawion tl Hollyburn. *l
al the Ceplleno tcboelhout*. i:*pll*i
Road,  all  In  eald. plilrlol  of whlt-
evtry perion li rtaulnd lo leke nolle*
and tovern hlmeelf accordlnply
The quallPrallont for Reeve trt bl*
beln* a male Brllllh tubject, tnd bav
in* been for  Ib* three monthi nut
orictjlln* the day of hii nominal
(he reilatered owner in Ihe lend rej
iry olfce of natal real proptrty i
lit  wllhln  iSTitTunlclpallly    of
aaateeed y*iii» of the liit At
Roll of S*t hundred dolUrs ■*/!'.
over and above »ny rialiUrid iudi
rocnt or cbetft tad beln* olherwfl
dull' puellSes ** * voter
The qualldcatloni for Councillor
hit being a male Hrilish tubject
hivlii* Deep   for  Ihe  three    mop
neil preceding (be dsy of bis nomjl
tion (he regleiered owner IP Ibe
reglilrr  oSlce   of  land   or   real
perl/ eituale within Ihe Munlclm
of the eteeued value on la* l**i ,
nlclpal Aiiriiment Roll of Iwo bund
and  Pfly  dolltrl or more   over
tbove   any   regiittftd
more  on   (he  lie!
meat Rojl over and
In  ev.ty Jllualcl,
ivbiect o|
yStit ta
'^^pla5*MSft fc
For only l\ down and H
weekly yog nan buy tbe
LBABLB .BANOB, reservoir or waterfront complete lilted up. See tbe
BANOB. Tbey last' a
lifetime. i
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Campbell Realty'& Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building.lot
as cash paymont on a 10-rooin bouse;
new; all modern. Basy tonus on
Free! Free! Free!
Commencing now and continuing till the 23rd
of December I will give to all purchasers a
ticket which will entitle them to a draw on the
following articlea, which are to be given away-
free on that night.    (
FOR GENTLEMEN-1 Hollywood Handle Silk Covered
fOR LADIES-I Gold and Pearl Handle Umbrella.
FOR BOYS-1 500-shol Repeating Air Gun.
FOR GIRLS-1 Urge Doll,
all of which are displayed in window.
Buy Christmas goodi early while assortments
are good and GET TICKETS for the draw.
Hoiking Road, Lynn Valley
/    "   i
,12 34
rr- -*- TT- TT 9*
i   ./
5 6 7 6 %
■     ■    ■   Jt_iiM}
mJii^mf^iMa.—i q
PORAN <$\\
Pfl«a« of above (toot $350 up,   Tarffi,
tMOeteUica Brofc*u       *  (Hub n*utk
JtYfWJfTmTmm    III  H m t WT    mm-wy
-1 t
h, bai. to arrange
Phon* W.
thr m\m, nc
Tbe pditor, ''Bwws'' !
It you mli HuS »p»ee |n yapy tot-
minis for tbe following Hues, J would
like to take tbe opportunity pf oxplaip-
(WJ IVo objects nt tbe meeitng to be
lioli) in tbe city ball, or) rrMW DlflMi
Deo. 88tb.
l»t-Tbe Queitloni to flwulHlteSi
It bas been' tbe eustoiu of tbe council
to strange one nigbt before tbe election
and place a|| tbe candidates en tbe
platform to explain wby tbey seek tbe
lufferigei of tlio ratepayers. Very
Often tbe candidate bat no policy of
bis own, and It was tliougbt It would
be to tbe benefit of all concerned to
formulate certain questions so tbat
oai.li candidate can express bis visfi
OU same.
2nd—To consider tbe advisability of
dividing tbe city into wards.
Tbo opinion of many was tbat better
work could bs dooe by oacb councillor
if be represented some part of tbe city.
3rd—To diicuii  tbe  ailviisbility   of
electing cortain of tboio wbo are
nominated for tbo council,
Tbere aro many reasons wby tbe
meeting ahould bo ai large and ai re-
pri'm.'iitnlivii of tbo ruti.'piiyi'rs' Interiltl
ti possible, became, tbo Association is
trying to transact its affairs for tbe
benedt of all, and alio to promote tbe
gouoral intoroBts of tbe city and particularly to aim at tbo adoption of
sucb measures si will remit in an
economical and progressive' adminii-
ir.-iiiini itt all the dopartmonta of
municipal goverumeut, and especially
lo itrengtbon tbo handi of tbe Muyur
and council in dofending tbe city
against any encroacbmonts upon iti
rights by individuals or corporationi.
Thanking you in anticipation
CALENDAR   FOB   11)12
Tho publishers of "Tho Youth's
Compauion" will, si always st this
lesson, present to overy subscriber
whose subscription ijl.ii>) is paid for
1918, a lio.-iiiiunl Calendar for tho new
yesr. Tbe cover picture reproduces a
water-color paiuting of a bit of New
Englaud coait, giving a glimpie of
broeioiwept ocean, of moiling iky, of
warm, sunny rocks, wbicb will como
like a breath of salt air to those who
once lived near tho lea and to tboie
whose wholo life bai beon paued inland. Tbo picturo boing in eight colon,
the tone* of the original are ftitlifully
Fortiori, Rugi, Mats, for Cbriitmas
gifti st tbe N. V. Home Furniiheri.
VANGQWm i ft
watch m mm
fti Pint Baptist ohurcb,' cor uth.
and St. Qeorge street" i>WM VMof
a watcl| night service'on Sunday evening, the 31st luit. Tbp meeting is
being be|d uuder the auspices of the
B.Y.P.U. and a bright, brW.service
|S assured. A good musical program
has been arranged and a hearty invitation js extended to the gsncral pun-
lie to be prosont. Tbo regular Sunday
evening service frill take place ss usual
and tbe watch night service will begin
at ll o'clock following the regular
Uctkodlal iTkurck—corner of Sth and
8t. Oooiuo. Hiimluy Serv ctl, 11.00 a.m.
and 7.30 pin. Bunday School and lilhle
i.'lniiii, 8.911 p.m. (junior League, Uon-
iiiiy, I p.m. Prayer and Pralte Service,
wtdnctday, S p.m. Junior League,
Thursday afternoon at 3.30. Pastor,
W. U. Schlllcher.
SI. Anilmv's I'rr.lijlcrl.u ITburcb,
Kellli Hoad—Service*: Murnltiif ll.OOi
evening; 7.10. Adult UIWu Clan. 13.30.
Sunday School, 8.30. T.P.S.C.Ii!., fuel-
day, nt S p. m. Prayer Steeling, Wednesday, at I p. m. Choir Practise,
Friday, at S p.m. Rev. Ronald Macelod.
It. Ant* i kurek — Corner nth
and Boulevard. U*ming at 11 a.m.,
evening at r.38 p.m. Holy communion,
lirst Sunday In month at t a.m.; lirst
and third tjumlsys at 11 a.m.: Sunday
School at t.00 p.m. Rev. Tliomai K.
Rowe, Vicar.
Sihallim Arm). Lonsdale Avenuo.
Sunday services, 11.00 a.m., 3 p.m. and
7.15 p.m. Tuesday, I p.m.; Tnunday,
I p.m.   Children'! Service, Wednesday,
I P.m.
llnpilst cbureb.—Twelfth and St.
Qeorge. Services at -11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m Sunday School and Bible Claw at
3.10 p.m. Prayer and tiralie lervlcc.
Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
J. Pi-oner, 13th tnd St. Oeorxe.
SI. Jiibi. Ike Bvanecllil, 8th and 13th.
Holy Communion, f a.m. Homing
Prayer, 11 a.m. Evening Prayer. 1.30
p.m. On the flrat Sunday In the month
there will be' a second celebration of
the Holy Communion at 11 am. Rector,
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
SI. KUuiund't Cilbollc Ckurek, Mahon
Avenue. Sundays—Mats, S a.m. Sunday School. 2.30 p.m. Rosary Benediction and Sermon, 7.30 p.m.
India* t alkollc ckurek ol SI. Paul't.
Muss. 7.30 a.m.. Sundayi. Pallor, Rev.
E. Peytavln, mil
NORTH i.ii.vsii w.K.
II. Tkitmaa.. I a.m. every Sunday
except lirst Bunday In month. 8.10 a in
flnt Sunday In month. II am., Matlni.
Litany and lermon, lecond and fourth
Sunday. Holy Communion and lermon.
flrat nnd third Sunday* Vicar, Rev
T. K. Rowe.
Pre tb»Ifriee f kurek— Worship. Sundayi. 7 30 p.m. Sunday School nnd
Bible Clast lit p.m. Teachert' Training Claat. Wednesday TSO. Prayer
me,'Un,;. Wedneldty 8 pm. Boyt'
Club Thursday 7.10 pm. Choir practice. Friday, i p.m. R. Van Munsler,
II.A.. pastor. ,
MNN vil.l.BY.
II. i Irnirot-a, A»(llc»—Morning  at
II a.m.   Evening at 7.00 p.m.   A. K.
Bruce,  Incumbent.
lirtkodlai Rkurck. — Strvlcet every
Sunday evening In tbt new church, at
7 o'clock.
I'rrtbi lerla* I'kirck—Worship, Sun.
days, It mi union sundty School.
i 80 p.m. Prayer meeting, Tuesday S
i in Tcacheri Training Claia Friday
710 p in    It Van .Muniler. MA, psslor
NOTICE it hereby givon that in pur
■uance of Section 7, Chapter 115, Be
vised Statutes, Canada, Thomn /.
Kickham, master mariner, and Harry
A. .Innes, broker, bave dtpoiited s
plan of a propoud wbarf and ware
bouse and a description of tbe propoi
ed lite witb tbt Honourablt the Min
itter of Publi Worki tt Ottawa, and
a duplicate thereof in tbe Lind Be
giitry Dili"' at the City of Vancouvor.
The propoied lite ii situate in Nortb
Vtncouver anil ii 33 110 feet eait of
Mabon Avenue produced and ii 100
feel in width.
Notice ii tlio given tbtt at Ihe ei
piration of oue month from date appli
cation will be made to the Governor
in Council for approval thereof.
Dated it Vtncouver tho tith dty of
December, A.D. 1011.
By their tolicitor, T. 0. Townley.
NO'flCB Is hereby giveu Hist au ap
plication will be made to the Ijtglila
tin- Atiombly of the Province of
Brlilih Columbia at lit next session
for an Acl lo authorise the Lieutenant-Governor In Council (without requiring observance of the provisions of
the Municipalities' Incorporation Acl)
by teller* patent under Ihe public
ttal lo dlvldt Ibt corporation of Iht
Diitrict of North Vtncouver ty Incorporating Into * Dlilrlcl Munlclptl-
Ily uoder the name of tht "Corporation
of Ibe Dlilrlcl of Welt Vancouver"
til Ihtt portion of Iht Corporallon of
Iht Dlilrlcl of North Vincouvtr, .1.-
s, i iin si sis followi:
Commencing tl Ihe point whin Ihe
eail boundary of D. L 871 Intersect!
tbt north boundary of tht nld Cor
"  i :tl
on Hit lint of the ttld norlh boundtry
oration ithence weit tion* ttld norlh
lo t point In Howe Sound
produced: diatom 1.000 flet weit from
the . «si. ils nli....■ of (aid Howe Bound
(hence louthirly. parellel to. tnd following Iht meundi'tlngi of Ihe laid
inore to t polnl of Interaction Willi
the line 1000 reel dltlanl mull, from
tht norlb there uf Burrird Inlet:
Ihence eatterlv parellel lo. and following the meandering! of the laid North
Short of Burrard Inilt lo a point of
Inleraecllon 1.000 ltd dlilonl loulh
from the loulh-wett corner of D. i.
Ill: and in line with Ihe well boun
ilnry Of laid Dlilrlcl Li.l
ill produced,
norlh-tttltrly  and  norlherlj
"   V of
along  Ihe  weit  boun'dsry of ttld D
L III to the north-will corner then-
of. ihence continuing northerly along
Ibe well liminilary o? I) L III lo the
north-well corner thereof, ttld
corner being on tht toulh boundary
of D. L. JH: Ihence westerly
along Ihe laid boundary D I. 781 to
the toulh-weil corner D L 711: Ibence
norlh tlong Ihe welt boundary of Hid
l>. I, 111 lo Ibe nnrlh weal cornir
thereof: thence etittrly along tbr
north boundary )> I. 781 lo Ihe toulh-
eial comer D L 788: Ihebce norlh
tlong the eatl boundaries of D. 1.
Iti, 711. 103 and 808 lo the norlb-eali
corner of D. t. 808; Ihence well along
the north boundary of ttld I) 1, 80S
IO (he Soulh-etll/fcCurncr Of D L 871:
Ihence north alqnl Ihe eul boundary
of ttld 1) Ij. 171 to point of commencement. Including til rlghti tnd
areti of laid Howe Sound and Kng
Il«h Bty, rfp»rf*n or olherwlte. not t
ptrl of laid' corporallon of Ihe Diitrict of Norlh vancouvtr .and by reducing the limit! of the laid Corpora
linn of the Dlilrlcl of Norm Vihcou
ver accordingly: etch of laid Corporations U remain tubject 10 (he deli"
and llablllllei of the ursieht Corporation of ihe Dlilrlcl of North Vaacouver, but ti beiween ihe Corporationi
tbe aaleil. debit aid llablllllei of Ihe
ottttnl Corporation of Use Dlilrlcl of
Norlb Vancover lo be divided ind illumed upon in toullablt hail*.
IjATSl) thl* MU) d»y of Plcimber.
AD. Ul.-m gtru.it MAiON,
oltor for tu AWU&ieU
IS HEREBY OIVEN lo tbe Electors
of tho Munii-ipslily of the City of
Norlh Vsncouver, tbat I require th*
presence of tbt Mid Electors at the
f'ily Hall, Nortb Vancouver, B. C, ou
Mon.lay, the Mb day of January, mi:1.
st li u'clock noon, for Ibe purpoto oi
electing uonons lo represent litem il
the Muuiciptl Council it Mayor and
Aldormoo, and electing two perioni
to reuroiont tbem on tbe Board of
City School Truiteet, tnd to recommend
for tppoinluant four perioni to act a*
Ferry Directors for toe ensuing year.
Tbe mode of nomination of Candid-
ttci shall be ai followi:
Tbi Candidate! shall be nominated
in writing, tbo writing iball bt tub-
icrlbed by two voten of the Municipality of tbe Cily of Nortb Vtncouver,
is proposer tnd seconder, and .lull bo
delivered to tbe -Returning officer at
my lime between the dsto tf tbit notice tnd two o'clock i..m. of the day
of tbe nomination; and in tbt *vtnt ef
t poll being necetiary, iucb noil will
be opened on Tburiday, tbt llth day
of January. Ul! bttweto lb* boun
of nine o'clock ajs. and seven o'clock
p.m. of tn aald day at tk* City Hall.
North Vancouvtr, B. ft, in tbt uid
yonicjpallty of ti* Oity of Norlb Van
:ouver, of wbieb every ptrton li hereby
rtqdired te lake notice and govern
himself accordingly. .
"Tbt iiuiliflcitions for Mayor iball
be bii being a male Hrilish tubject of
tbe full tgt of 21 ycira, and having
been for tbt til months next preceding
Ibe day of bit nomination the regit
tend owner, ig tkt lend Btalsliy
OUci, of land or real property In tho
City of tbe aweited value, on ihe last
Municipal Aucument Boll of On*
Thousand (11,000) Dollars or more over
tnd abovt toy registered judgment or
charge, and wbo Is otherwise quallild
it I Municipal voter."
"Tbe qualllcetion for Aldormtn
shall be bit being a male Britltk tabled of the full tgt or il yeart, and
hiving been for toe tig months next
pn.cling Ibe day of nomieeiion, tbt
registered owner in tbe lend Registry
Once, of.lind or real property in Ihe
City, of the isneseed value on Uu lsst
Munlriptl Assessment Roll, of Fivt
llunslred (HM) Dollar! mor* or«r and
abovt aay registered judgment or
cbtrge, and who it etherwite ipialiltd
a* a Municipal voter."'
"In evtry Munlclptl School Putrid
my penon being * ooui*belaer In tb*
School Diitrict and being a Srliiefa subject of tin lull sat or al y**r*t fad
otherwise nullled to volt at aa met
lion of School Truiteet la their District shall bt eligible to bt eject** a*
* mtMtA Trustee la Ma MsaWpel
Oiven under sty aaad at »orti
Vaawuvir, texia Died day tf Ilaeaaiber,
Wtl.      \__
1996.      THE BANK OF       1911
71 VtfWf In RrrrfflSM Papital mA tt*m9,9w prmm
Tw© Merobtn ttf ft P§mily
p»rtipwl§r!y if they Hyp far frqm tam, immo^y Hod if
•     Very pORYBHient to take advanfagp of pur Joint Account
Either may make deposits or withdraw cash pn his or
her own signature alone. Tints either pan do (lie hanking -
a/heil ir! tPWD. as suits their convenience.
<i.oo opens a Savings Account, Joint or ordinary. Interest .added half-yearly. Money may be withdrawn at any time
Twp Officei in Nprth VwM?PHVt*r, Comer af Lomdale Ave.
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14tf» Street
Kerrisdale Branch, |. N. Cran, Manager
Cor. 16th and Lonidale Ave.
Phone 335 North Vancouver, B. C.
Lessees— Palmar, Burmester & von Graevenitz
i mnmm. ■ —
Special Christmas Bill
Extra Matinee on Christmas Day. Doori open 2 o'clock, Commence 2:30
On* Performance Nightlv. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Frances Dainty & Co., Cyclists, Slack Uope Artistes
j'.ilitli Amanda Wilms, Descriptive Contralto
Newcomhci Williams,, in Comedy Sketches
Keith and Hoiislt, Comedians
•' ■  i
Animated Pictures
Box Office open io to i ; a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
*PRICES--15c., 25c. and SOc.   a. e. cole, mf,
Support Home Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
(Large and Small)      Also for
The Merchants Truit and Trading Co., Ltd.
Oa the Marine Drive (Keith Road), 80
feet wide, dost- to the sea. Loll 67x130
feet; magnificent view.
PRICE $900 .
Terms, one-W> c«h, balance ,ovef two
years. These |oM W# \* K^ Iv $2000
each when the Maiioe Otyit it opesjed
■W tfific  UtXi   wunmrnt
frTJ   frWfF^   T    ™    ll'ITT'IFV
mimmm north Vancouver
twnteea lemisaan ailia*mmmmmmmetnmmsnWmmmam 4
•■•••• | •	
f .W9ptM9mW9f,   ■*e>*<H*-fmM*•>
Piibllibed Tneedays and Fridays by North Shors Prsss, Wmit»d.
Bates of Subicription;-One yeer/llW. Bia mnntbe, Ws, Three mnnths, We,
United Statea and Foreign, #8.00 per year,        ,
Advertising Bates WU1 Ba Quoted nn Appllcatlen.
The Eipreii is devoted to the intereiti pf the North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes sn advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population pf Nortb Vancouver
City apd Diitrict. Every effort is made te give advertisers tbs most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should be in the printer*' btndi not
later than 111 a, ui. Mondiy ami 6 p. ni. Wednesday to 'ensure insertion in tbe
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0 December », Mill
The city council, by its action on
Tueiday evening,1 defined tbe policy of
tbe civic administration for tbe time
witb reference to tbe colonies of tents
tbat bave grown np along the waterfront. Without questioning the wisdom of this action as for the present
requirements, it is nevertheless per-
miuible to .observe tbat such conditions cannot bo allowed to exist indefinitely and tbat tbareforo tho time
muat come sooner or later when, if
.this problem ba* not solved itself meantime, by voluntary action upon the
part of those wbo reside in theio tent
colonies, it will be necessary for the
city to adopt whatever means may be
required to permanently dispose of tbe
problem. Tbit fact will doubtless be
ai readily rtcoguiisd by those cltireni
who ire dwelling in tents as by iny
The unanimity wbicb marked the report* of the city Medical Health Officer, the Chief of Police and the Firo
Chief, witb reference to tbis matter,
clearly denotes itt nature from tbe>
itandpoint of thou upon whom devolve! the execution of those provision! which are deemed neeeaaary for
tbe protection of tbe public. The re-
porta of these officials hsd nothing
whitever to do witb individuals, tbey
dealt exclusively witb condltioni. The
citijisnt in general believe tbat these
official positions, are occupied by capable men, wbo know tbeir business
and who command tbe confidence of
tbe city council. Sucb being tbe ease,
although tht couucil may bave deemed
it adviiable to refrain from any drat-
tic action just at the preeent time, It
it quitt evident that tbe opinion! and
recommendation! of theae guardiant
of public welfare cannot be indefinitely
ignored by tbe council and tbat tooaer
or later tbe civic policy must shape
itself to comply therewith. Tho accuracy of (hit petition it tbe more apparent from tbe fact tbat tuch bas
been the proceti in other cltiee, similarly lituated.
Tbe length of time to wbicb the ex-
iitence of the clusters of tent* on tbe
waterfront can be prolonged will
doubtieu depend primarily upon
tho** who reiide therein. Tbey them-
telvee can do a very great deal to make
right and to keep right, tboie condition* which ctute amitty to those
official! upon whom rests tbe reepon-
libility of the protection of tbe public
iu tbeir respective department*. Tbe
citiun* of North .Vancouver expect
theae officitli to do tbeir duty and
tb*y will accord tbem hearty lupport
in thtir tfforte to cooerlentloutly dii
charge those dulls*. Tb* committee
•ppoinUd by tht city council will
doubtlee* tadeavor to arrive at tome
acceptable irrengeaiept, in coneulta
tion wltb thoae officiali, a ready coo
I'liancc with thl proviiiom of which
will ttrvi to allay tbt preeent aglte
lion wbicb hat ari**a witb reference
to Uat colonic* on th* wtUrfront.
M li commonly knowa "Bernard"
detiguetoo th* printed booklet which li
producid daily from tbe government
prewee during each eeuioa of parlia-
mint and watch i contain! word for
word, a record pf evtry tptecb aud of
*v*ry treataetioa during each day's
liltiag of the houn.
Haasard has been under a very hot
fir* of late, from iu critic*, who quae
tloa if it* aaefaln*** i* sufficient to
justify tb* *xp«n*e ncarrad in it* pre
ducliea. It seep* that there m
thm wh* Sff af (Opinion that ell the
9pT*mW*wlTT   WWrTrT   \*Wm*mlW'M9   **m   *d9w   **VV*
pf th« lf#e Sr* ati ef «<juel worth
mi while May ol tinm ui ol a nature, M*m It On MperUnee et tha
tofit with mm tiny mf deal aad
because of their inherent merit, I
justify permanent record of thit character, many others, pp tbe other band,
might about as well be consigned to
oblivion in tbe making. The pros and
cons of tbe question of abolishing
Hausard are being' debated by those
members wbo interest themselves in
tbo publication.
Tbore is no doubt, however, thpt
Hapiard is looked , upon aa a record
of value by largo numbers of public
minded citizens throughout the coup-
try who find it desirable or interesting
to keep in touch with what goea on
in the bouse at Ottawa, and therefore,
that, aside from ita necessity for the
purposes of debate amoug tbo memljeri
a rea) value attache! to tbe booklot,
through its diitribution to tboie wbo
receive it in all parts of tbe Dominion
Tbe question of "What ii to be done
with'Hansard" ll therefore well worth
cooiidering ,from a view point quite
tbe oppoiite of tbat taken by tboie
v.li'i ailvo.ate ita abolition Ont of
the chief dilicultiei with reference
to the booklet at present is thit tbere
is no systematic means provided of
ready access to tbo mass of material
wbicb it contains Tbe value of Hansard aa a work of reference would
bo very greatly increased therefore, if
a suitable index to the entire volumo
wero provided at the termination of
each session In order to produce such
an index it would be necessary to number tbe paragraph! in each column
ami lo provide a topical index giving
column and paragraph and alao ap
index to the speakers. Iu addition to
the above, it would be well if each
issue of Hansard were punched aad
somo form of lerviceablo binding provided, by meani of wbicb tbe whole
volumo when complete migbt be bound
iu eectiom. By thia meaui Hausard
would rentier available to everyone
possessing a copy, an immense amount
of valuablo material antl interesting
reading, to which ready reference
migbt be made for information upon
my public question which hid been
before tbe house, or for the viriou*
utterances made by any member of the
house, witb reference to tboie quel
lions, or auy of tbem,
Under luch an arrangement, the pro
duction would be found valuable, not
only by thoie who, became of tbeir
calling or for other reasons, find it
neceuary to keep well |urormed with
reference to federal matteri, but it
would likewise be a serviceable volume
for preeervation in public librariea, in
ordtr tbat the general public might
have act-cat to it* records. Tbere are
vtry jnany readert who take particular
pleasure in reading records of debates
aod once it wa* known tbat the debate*
in th* federal home might be bad at
thp tlbrarie* and that any topic, or
epoaker might be followed witb rcadi-
neee, thsrs is good reaeon to believe
that tbe production would lad many
intereited reader* A copy might alio
be placid to good purpoae ip every
public ecbool, high ichool, college aad
other educational institution throughout Canada. _,
A* a digression, therefore, from the
consideration of the proportion that
the pablicetioa Of Hanaard be diicon-
tisuid, it migbt be more profitable to
coptUUr whether mean* cannot be dt-
viatd for broadening -the tcope of
uwfulpeee of the publication and increasing It* inherent value aa a means
tt informettloa aad of education
throughout the Perninjoa for all who
might be Interested In the record*
which it aoatala*.
TH& fogftlwftS, N0RTH
WAWW tfgffffl
NQTWP ii hereby given that an S>
plication will be map under Part V,'
pf tbe 11 Water Act, 188," tp obtain a
licence Ip the
Division of District
(a) The name, address and occupation nf the applicant-Corporation of
the City of Nirth Vancouver,
(If fpr mining pnrpmet) Free Miner's, Certificate Np.	
(b) The nemo pf the lake, stream
or source (if unnamed, the description
la)—Greek flowing put pf Bice Uke
into Seymour river.
(p) Tba point »f diversion-*,000
feet down Stream in a northerly direction from outlet of Rice Uke, said
point being in D- h. Hi.
(A) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per iecopd)-tybree
cubic feet per second.
(e) The character pf the proposed
works-Small dam-
(f) Tbe premiiea pn wbleh the water il tp be used (describe samo(—City
of North Vancouvsr.
(g) Tbe purposes for which tbe water .is to be uaed—Municipal and domestic purpoip.i
(h) If for irrigation deicribe the
land intended tp be Irrigated, giving
(j) If the water it to be uttd for
power or mining purposes deicribe tha
place where tbe water is tp be returned
to some natural channel, and tbe difference ip altitude between point of diversion and point Pf return
(j) Area pf Crown land Intended
to be occupied by tbe propoied worke
(k) Tbie notice wai posted ou tbe
22nd day of December, 1811, and application will be made to tbe Commissioner on the 26th day of January, 1913.
(I) (live tbe names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or wbpie landi are likely to
be affected by -the propoied works,
either above Pr below tne outlet.
(P. 0. Address)
City Hal), North Vancouver.
you want your fish freib and at
Vancouver price!
call or pbone
Acme   Fish  and
Poultry Market
Pbone 370
We are booking orderi NOW
Two deliveries daily: 10.30 aud
S.30. '■
Extnct  tram   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylawi.
"Whenever any householder knowt
lhat any person within his family or
household bai smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whooping cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or iny other contagious or infectious
disease, be shall (subject in cas* of refusal or neglect to the penalties provided), within eighteen houn, give
notice in writing to the Medical Health
Officer and no member of any houiebold
shall attend ichool until a certificate
hai been obtained from the Medical
Health Officer tbat no infection any
longer exists in the houie, clothing
and other effectc have been disinfected
to his satisfaction, and until such certificate shall have been obtained it shall
be tbe duty of every member of the
household, and of the Teacher, to uso
all reasonable effort* to prevent tbe
association of members of tbe tald
household with other children.
9. Tbe matron of a public or private
Hospital, the keeper of every Boarding or Lodgtig-Houae, every Upkeep-
ef ar Hotel-Keeper, shull, within lix
hour*, report in writing to the Medical Health Officer, or any person being
at one of the aforesaid bouses
or hoteit and attacked with or impact
ed of having any contagious or infectious disease mentioned in ths By
law;" .under tbe penalties provided
fpr by tuch bylaw.
t.f.       Secretary Board of Health.
Udlee' /Secretariat apd Peek* at tha
N. V. Home Furalsjkere.
ChriUmu OlfU galore at tin N. V.
fiofU   FtttTBiaseheVI.
HrYvVfl*  W *JW99mTTtwTm?
T7e lolldl tne Hielaul of Menufaeiureri,
Hojincrre led pthtre wlto res Hit Ihe adrlMWl
ily ul litWag Heir Pele.t btulacu Iranmcled
by ZipetlA^tttnabmy advice (ree, Oiargci
'-'lertemtupon re-
„T„ New York li/e
.iff.To. Dt vol
W !«**
Bi Ct';
TO RENTH^w »lrief|y modern s6-room
house in ho reriMal totality $35.00 ppr
Phone 37, North V»nconv«fi P- C.
      ■ ii "»i mi        i
,      We have a full line of „„„,-,,„,„
Safety Razors Silverware  .
Cutlery Carvers
Brawware Thermos Bottles
Carpenter Tools Sporting Goods
1.    ' i' .
90 Lonidale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Good cleared, grided, 50 ft. lots Two Block* (rom Lonsdale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $800.00 each
on terms of one-fifth cash and the balance over two yeart.
For Further Particular! of above and Business and Residential Properties see
Phone 70. P.O. Box 1816
BUREAU it now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the oflice when requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver.
* '     $4400.     Caih $800
A Modern 5-roomed Houae, half a block
from Lonsdale Avenue, $2200   -    $400 cash.
Palmer, Burmeiter & yon Graevenitz, Ltd.
Head Office-41! Pender Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Brsocli-tt7 Louse*!* Aveaut.  Pbou 71.
Branch-WW Iioatdal* Aveui*.  Pboai 312.
First Claii Bungalow
in Lynn Valley for Sale
Five raepii, bsodsowely furnished,
large lot, graded, thoroughly drained.
Price inoilorati).
I still have a 'ef choice hulldiaj
lots la Block 880, cheap. Will arrange
to eroct boose to suit no 'avprsola
I bavo 4% acree eo good rj>ede and
noar water front, suitable (er supdl-
Alexander Philip
Betl Eitate and Insurance Broker I
oiub Block, Nortb .Vancouver. Pbone 10
Telephone 276
10,000 cords pi dry fir wood for quid
sale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.2).
12 inches, $3.50. C.O.D.
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonidsl*
Phone 190.    P. 0. Box 2432.
North Vancouver Coal k
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wbarf: Cor. St. Qeorge's ssd
Eepfanado.    Office, 56 Loasdals
Wbarf Pbont 128.
Office Pbone IBS.
We can deliver at once ia large
or imall quantities.
(let your winter mpply.
Prompt delivery a ipecialty.
Paper the World
Irom our stock of new Wall Paper*
•o it letmi. Evtry day eomt ntw
detign arrives to fill the vacancy
oi thoat doted out.
Hemitonia Wail paper*
ar* lur* ia tndlts* vartaty, Ju*t
tell our salesman (or what room
you want tin paper suad be will
•how you just th* pattern you are
looking for.
To  oiioom Irom our atook Is a plea-
turt, to pay our price i* eity.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
H7 J-oaadaJt Avtnue Phoa* III
lOOfulOOft. corner of King atrcet (bow ,
property is all cleared and is in a most dojrabU j
and St. AfxWi Ave.  Vm
tial location, aad the price is
''Ja»W»«d \2tmnm
02 LONSDALE AVENM     ?*»*'
wara vancouvm
I r
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Busy" Sipak?
Suppose a purifier i» about to order «QinelM>g or
other over your telephone. The pperptor find your
line or lines engaged. The customer must jvi t—or
order somewhere else. Maybe he chooses to ait—
calls again—again finds your line or lines busy.
That means a possible loss of a customer.
The business man needs adequate te|
phpne service for the accommodation of'
business and his customers.  When you I
customers through "busy" signals, il lis
been proved that your telephone facilit
are inadequate.
People who get business make it easy for jeir customers to get them and have the number of Aephonc
lines their business requires. The number JouM be
determined by the amount of use at the IfSIEST
time of the day.
m^^^^mEM Ml
imoom prm s»|i ,$».}
Three and four roomed suites, $30 I $35.
Partly furnished; heated; hot and c<water,
etc. Also stores in Mt. Crown Bio—First
Street, North Vancouver. Apply to
*Z. A. Lett ©Jon
316-316 Richards Si
Palace H
Second Street, North Vancouvd
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.ipei
fates to families and to regularhrdt
REDA & ANDRUSS        '-     - f    faprielors
Vsus.  I
Feed Graid
As we have now in operatiol our
warehouse in North Vancouver liorouiy
up-to-date feed grinding plant,! are i»
position to supply our North fe palls
with the best quality pf these gl at pi
at low as can be obtained anyv|e in \|
Prompt deliveries our sped
'hone 4
Uavo Vancouvar 6.20 a.m.   and ,    fjoave \U\\jan
thereafter  avary  20 minutei  uuti"
IM p.m. Cominondna 7.30 p.m.
*v*ry U minute* until 11.40 p.m.
ifcarsefeer FlFeaii IW a.m.
leave  Vancouver  7.40,  8.20 ant)
»ve  Vanco
and tlier er eeaer
ti) 7.00 i. vT
m. ayerj I Wo
Dl. thord/r U,
r.,—      .'.,,     ..—   mm^
tame at weekday*.
and S.p HaWteT
. PASSENGER pATR '      ,
le tare 6c, 6 tor S6o, 80 h |, 7q J
A-lAinber wagons, trunks and
drays, lm nfWP-
B-m horae expreu carriages and
ttaoks, 60o return.
cTlfyimf)fm)f)'   ffpiw   p*s|l(l|i   rvr   rmm/mww*   §***
6.00 a.m.
. Jnutei un-
nii 7.30 p.
'If 11.00 p.
12.45 a.m.
17.20, 8.00
*• week-
de drjv-
to 20
llo iliil not class you, gontlomon, pt
iindcsiriililes. Ypn havo |)'eafd him tb|f
evening ropuilinto that aiiortion.
Npw, 1 um n polico eotiiinissionor ss
well n» iiii aWnrw, snd it has lioei)
reported to tho polico commissioners
t)tat  tfiere  worp  tiinlesiriililiiii  iiii  tllS
"aterffpnt.   That does nof apply jf)
fhn bulk pf the pepp|p living f\)ttp.
It that was u.pintpptional|y convoyed
to you 1 deeply regfpt it.   f.ppk at
tills   mutter from   a civic point of
vioiv.   TM" «lty council has pledged
tho credit of this city apd tbe citii-
ens afo fliggipg iliic|i down' in their
pockets in i'mii p bill to the amount
ul' something liko a quarter of million dollars tp supply adequate drainage   for   tbe city.   It   we enforce
ovcry houso on the miriii side of tbe
Esplanade, for instance, to connect
with the ilritin, ami if tbey find us
allowing ii  great number of drolling   on    tho   waterfront   witb   no
niciiim of drainage   wbstevor,   wbat
will those citizens say wbon we tax
tliotn annually und compel, tbem arbitrarily to connect with-tbeso sowers,
at th sumo time allowing a population
to. grow uji ou tho watorfront without
drainage.    Kvcryouo   that   wants to
build a bouse hero has to take out a
building permit and comply with cor-
luin regulations.   What wili tbo people,
say if. wo allow tbo erection of tonts
consisting of lumber an d canvas just
suflicicnt unto tbo day thcrooft
Hr. Ivli'iiiiT submitted that it was
by means of living in tents that many
wero able to savo money and buy
homes for themselves.
The Muyor—Nothing doflnito bat
been done iu this connection. Your
remarks tonight■ will certainly guide
the council in what action thoy take.
Aid. Diss inquired as to wby tbe
lire chief had mui iu a report at tbii
particular time.
Aid. Smith I authorised bim to do
it. Also 1 have bad a complaiut from
McDougul, Jenkins about thcio tenti
being loo cIohc to tbeir property, in tbe
event of fire, i would liko lo mako it
clour Uml I have not taken tbii matter
up because of any bard feolings with
regard to the tenters. I am doing it
from a civic and public point of viow,
There are -18 or 47 tonts botween St.
Ocorgo's and St. Andrew's. Tbst wai
enough lo make any citizen think. If
a Ore were to Uke place witb a wind
blowing those peoplo would stand *
vory poor chance. Whon you bavo
tbrco reports of tbis kind from tbroo
officials it is a serious matter.
Aid. tli-- l a" tho po)ico know there
are undesirables down tbore wby don't
Ihey chase them out I
Aid. Dick—Tbeso reports ihould have
gone into committco and not into tho
ouni'il as a whole.   Tbo Health Officor
has told me himself that there wis no
sickness in the tents wben thero were
several cases of diphtheria and mcatles
on the bill.   If Ibere are uudesirablei
in Ibul quarter it is tbe duty of tbo
police to look ofler these men and not
condemn Ihe districl.   And if tbe Are
chief bad bad Ibe experience of wcitorn
life which some of us have, instead of
being I'rougbt  up in  built  citici bo
would  know tbat  canvai   doci   not
carry  brat  as  dangerously  as  most
kinds of limber.   I guarantee tbat I
ould gel cheaper insurance rates down
Ibere lhan in any olher part of the district.    I feel called upou, as a householder on Ibe lv.pliiiii.de lo stale lbc
fuels regarding  Ibo tower argument.
I don 'I object to sewer connection, but
ilon'l believe in forcing Ibo expense
on other people because I mn doing it.
I haven't beard a word of complaint
from the householder*.   Wo doit't need
anyotio lo light our battle*   A final
many  tents  cannot  make  ronncctigo
because tho sewor it not low enough to
catch the level,   iu Ibe business diitrict
es or. lmii;.   Won't bo ' niiipidled  to COO-
licet wilb a sower. As fpr tbe $260,-
000 expended for icweri, that coat It
not linrne by tbo pc ijde of tbe city but
by{ those living directly along Ibe line
of Hie improvement* The greatest area
of Ibe city bai no sewers. Look tt the
houses op the lull' Aren't tbey an
'awful menace' to public healtbt Jin'I
iliainine, ' to allow tllOlO pooplo In
build Imu. i ■ up I here t   People on tbe
waterfront have drainage into the inlet.   None is more than S00 feet from
the water.   Tho pretentious reiidencet
on. the bill drain Ibeir towage down
uppo tbe people of tbe Kspfanado and
tbe camps,   Now, remember tbis im
pnrliinl  fuel, this population of hundreds of people, if tbii rc'iiiliiiiini it
adopted, ii required to move out in
six months, wben wc positively know
tbey can not get bouses in tbat time.
The Mayor subsequently put to the
council Aid. Smith 'i original resolution
requiring the ownon of all unoccupied
tenti or camps to removo tamo withjp
nincly days, and the owncri of ill tucb
occupied dwellings tp vacate and ro-
mov,c iame within ill montbi.
Tbo motion wat defeated three tp
two, Aldermen Smjtb and Henderson
oting for, and Aldermen Biw, Dirk
and McBae against.
The Mayor tben appointed Alderman
iiiss and MeRso as a committee to
inspect tbe tent neighborhood, and, if
necessary, to recommend ways and
means of keeping tbem it * sanitary
Contrary tp thtt usual practice ilie Assessment Notices for
1912 have been tent to the registered owners of property
according to the Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the cily authorities that the property had changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
Thii form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Oflice.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to ihem so that they may become aware of the value at which they arc being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Lability
Phone 6268
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Vancouvtr       North Vancouver
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Pleasant Mi
of Holy Writ
Save for my flail,? range
Among the pleasant Holds of Holy Writ
1  might de»p*|r. —Tpnnyiqn.
Ths International Sunday School Lesson- -Fourth Quarter. Lesson xiv.
Dec. 31, 1011.
Boview of the Fourth quarter
' Tbere is a splendid stir ami movement, cumulative in its interest in this
opoch of two hundred years just covered, which fairly faseinatos tho reader. There is life uml continuity in the
narrative, Kach evoni ami periqn
seems tributary to the whole, Jt ll
tlte picture a j nation ul school. The
term is sovonty years.   The discipline
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a*4 ttprn *mnj ol fMm ui ol a m-
tvte, Mmm el tin tSsfterteae* of tin
tern)* with mhlM tiny any Ami mi
Sth STREET and
is severe, the training rigorom. The
inul Is the ooriwtloii of faith S»4 <w>'
dpof. The training ot tin exilo ra
suit's in a higher prising of religion
temple, ritual and icripture. One, plain
ly seas wlw aaJpad l»« m Wndsrsd
in this Divine evolution. This peg(
is a niirror of Providence. Oosl ajaat
oil His peoplo eiiloil. Thoy were to
luum lessons in adversity, prospority
could never teach them, and uot for
lliei rown sake ouly, but tbat through
them, in hovel and palace alike, the
true flod might be made known among
tho heathen. After seventy years Ood
wanted bi« people emancipated. Neb-
uchsiltioizar and Cyrus were the merest instruments of a wonder-working
Providence. "The King's heart it In
Iho hand of tbe Lord, at brooks of
water ,and Re inclines It whither He
will." Tbis great undertaking ,tht
rebuilding of the tomple, is tubitautial
evidence of the thoroughness of the
schooling of the exile, lu spite of
imsll rosources, numerous enemies and
a depressing environment, the seemingly impossible was cheerfully under
taken aud triumphantly achieved. Union contributed to their strength. They
gathered together at one matt . Tbe
file or.a raco of exiles trembles in
the biilunco hold in the hand of a capricious despot. How tbo irreversible
decree shall he reversed ii the problom.
lu the solution tbe destiny of the lie
brew nation is involved ,nud with that
also lin- Scripture, ritual, and hope of
the Messiah. On tho dark background
of tho plot Iho characters of tbe deliverers stand liko while cameos in
clear-cut outline and bigb relief. There
is nut in literature a more vivid word-
picture than that which deicribei tbe
last night iu Babylon. Cyrus ii at tbe
gate, but tho incident of a liege doci
not interfere with a liauquett llalshaz-
iur has planned. Tho revclcri are
sobered by tho sight of a hand writing somo mystio legend on tho wall,
which Daniel interprets as being the
last pago in Babylonian history.' V./tu
wus a savior of Judaism. It wss a crisis in tho national life. Seventy yean
hud passed since the return from captivity. '/.. ml,luili. I, the prince of
.liulali, had left tbe little colony ia
Jerusalem and gone back to Babylon,
Ins birthplace, lo end bit dayi. The
defences of Jerusalem were itlll unfinished. There wai a sort of creeping
purulysis of indiffcrenco in church and
stale. There was no cnthuilatm, no
sturdy faith. Tbore ws* a widening
gup between tbe noblci and nutici.
Paganism wot making subtle inroads
The days of the Hebrew slate and re
ligion wero numbered. Tben appear
ed the second "Mosei." Tbe nobility
of IT, in';. 11. it.nm I character and bit
worth to his nation cou hardly lie overestimated. He put an impriat upon
his church which it bean to thii day.
And as Christianity is evolved from
Judaism, Christianity itself may be
suid lo bear lo tome extent tbo marks
of the good "scribe." Study of tbis
incident rovctls Nehemiah si one of
the mosl illuslMinus example! of disinterested patriotism which history, leered or profane, affords. He had a
life tenure upon an office of bigb rank
und many emolument*. He itood next
In the monarch of the world. A pal
ueo was at his disposal ,with all its
luxurious appointments. But for tho
sake of hit eouulrymcn he relinquished
all. .'.i.ei cnliiin.es. the deed is Ibst
it was done not in a bunt of eutbui
iasm, hut ni ii r a considerable period in
whieh every clement and phase of tbo
.illinium was passed in review. Tbo
rebuilding of the wall wat a great enterprise. The circuniitaoccs were unfavorable, leboreri were few and in
experienced. Kncmiei were many and
crafty. Instead of a clean sile tbore
wus a I.i up of rubbish. But the genius and /.eal of Nebemiab were moro
titan a match for tucb tdveric conditions. Hit organizing and adminiitrs-
live ability were lupcrb. Everybody
waa enlisted, working a* families aad
guilds. There wu good iniliired rivalry. The work wa* done is incredibly
short lime. Tbe temple, after seventy
yotn of exposure, wa* now nf* from
sacrilegious and plundering band*. Ezra's public reading of tbt law make*
one of Ibe most effective and picturesque scone* of the Bible, Fifty thousand listened in tbe great pita in Jerusalem. K/ra itood upon a rtised platform. At tight of tba book of tbe law
the people rose in token of tbeir reverence. No doubt Ktra praised Ood
Ibal, out of tbe wreck of tbe past tbii
treasure had been prewrved. All ean
wero attentive. Good listening wa*
matched by good reading.
Young People's Devotional Benrtce—
Dacember (1, Ull. Phil. 3:12-14.
Things I Want to do Better Ntxt Tear
One of the immortal termoni of tht
English pulpit ii entitled, "Cbriallan
Progress by Oblivion of tbe Pt*t."
Memories of line ,miit»kei, misfortunes of tbe pt*t are *o many weight*
to bo (tripped of. Bolwer hytlon
says tersely, "Drain off yesterday's
ideas!" And Paul'aayi, "Forget tbe
things tbat ara behind."
Tb* Imperial Cu, Hbipbuildlog end
Dry Dork Corporation will coatidar offers for clearing towniit* of 600 acre*
at Boche Point. Apply to /. V. O'C.
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t. Ul.
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psst- During tbs rush ssd demand of
9** iWllday bsssou, fba value of oik
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Wa WJH continue to serve as well ta tbs
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, l
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KUDI Chflei Edmindt Walk-
The story of a magnificentjewel, stolen from a Burmese
temple, persistently taught by it yellow men of tht Orient,
who ultimately murder the man io vihqte possession the jewel
had fallen. Tht final Wlttw* 1\§ of Ihi tangle of circumstances by a young detective ) 10 won fame and a bride by
his clever work in connection ith the caie, is told with the
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!A fourth on tin
,'ir> m M*io\*oA
% O. Telsnlwp
Tba details arc
vor   911,1189, Now
|lst Ipr gpoil on
Trallls district
tinmtm tor Ot:
h ioWon. y*»i    	
WastBTinstsr 11,88*), mm «M,
Nortli Vancouver I9ii. In tin matter
pf now initallstiqns on January 1,
1911 ,tlicre wars 880 and November,
18lj, thoro woro tit:   \
Hev. /. Willlril Wtch, B.A. Baptist
evangelist for B. 0., will preach af tap
First Baptist Church Sunday at U a.
ra. Tho pastor will preacb in tho oven-
[.  Subject: "itayon ant) moral* pr
tho moral responsibility pf pfJloo." Sunday achool at 8.80 p.m,
Amonk tho rceont arrivals in ths
city in Rr. McMano, wbo bai taken
offlcoi in tht Bank of Hamilton Building* Tho doctor ii a graduate of Toronto University and of ths Hoytl col-
Ipgss pf medicine and surgery, Gng-
land, and pHor to coming hero practised for several yoan in Ontario. ,
Nothing coulil moro eloquently betoken tbe progron of the Nortb Shore
tban tbe increaiod bulk of tho Christ-
man mail this year, Wboroa* Imt
year'i builness was handled by svitalf
pf threo, it hai boon found noccissry
tbit Yulotldo to about double that number.
Tbo closing csorcises in connoction
wltb tbo North Lonsdale achool, King
road .iiiiiii place rccoutly, Mr- T. S.
Nye protiding. After the distribution
of prizes to triumphant tcholara, the
following program waa efficiently rendered:
Song, "Poor old Joe," by the choir;
tong, "Jlugle Bella" by tho emir;
long, "The Throe llrowi,"   by    tbo
Choir; solo, "Uncle Tom C'oblelgb," by
F.   W.  Hick:;  tong,  "Riding  Down
from   Bsngor,"  by  Ihe  choir;  duct,
"Love wsi once a little boy," by tbo
choir; song, "My Bonnie," the choir;
■ong, "Kingdom Coming," by    tbo
choir; piano aolo, Mra. Simpion;   ac-
compsniit, Mra. F. W. Hicka.
Tbo Mercbsnt of Venice
(Act IV. Scene 1)
Tbe  Duko of Vcnico  ... .Jsi  Bout
Portia   Mary'Munon
Hliylocl    .Geoffrey Brain
Antonio    Edna Stabler
Batunio   Artbur  Byflcld
ii'ruliuiin       li'.iiiulil   Sitnion
Salerio   Tboi. Ilonr
Neritu     Oladyi turner
Canadian Verse
By Arthur John Uckhart.
[Bev. Arthur John !«ckh*rt, or a*
be ii called "l'nitor Fells," is t
Melliodiit iiiiiiiilcr. and was born in
U-kliartvillo. NS., in 1860. "A
Morujue of Mlmtrcli" (by himself and
hii brother), awl "Beildo the Narra-
suagat ana Oilier Poemi," are hit
leal-known worki. Ho bu alio contributed in prone to Uurniianu.'J
Like mitt* that  round  a  mountain
gray       \
Hung tor an hour, then melt away,
So I, and nearly all my race,
Have vaniihcd from my native plat*.
Each haunt of boyhood's loves aad
More beautiful in fancy seems;
Yet if I to those scenes repair
I And 1 am' a ilraagcro there.
O thou beloved Acadie,
Sweet ia thy charmed world to mai
Dull are these skies 'neatb wbicb I
And til the tumrncr billt are tlrange.
Yet sometimes 1 discern thy gleam
In sparkles ol the chiming itream;
And sometimes spcaka thy haunting
Tha loam-wreathed aibyl ot the shore.
And somttlmet will mine eyes Inclln*
To bill or wood that aeomi like Ihinei
Or, II tlie robin pipcth cigar,
It Is thy vernal notaHphter.
And oft my heart will' leap aflame
To deem I hear the* call tny name,—
To tee thy lace with gladness shine,
Anil ftnit Ihe Joy that once was mine
Canadian Verse
By Conittnct Falrbtnki.
flflat Cosstanoa Fairbanks Is a
writer ol magaain* vain. Sbe wu
born at Dartmouth, UM.. to WM- Sba
waa auditor ol the work* of Mrs.
Lawaon, the Nova Scoiiea author***.]
Tho**  tar-off  flelde.  how  fair  tint
nmewnmr      . ■      .JW      ^tmrmmnrnT,      mrw n       mmr..       mmam, 0
M oii through uiat* ol. tears tbey
Wt utver bow around us aaa
Inch meads u thoa* ol olden bt;
We aew MA a Uke or strum
Those wbleh wa noli titw to Imm.
9    99*W 9Mmj9ftT9
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Burrard Sash & Door Factory. Ltd.
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first tooth, and each of the other thirty-one.
It shows the difference between Iiuisian and cow's*milk
how to make the latter like the former, just how often and how
much food baby needs, from the first week to the eighteeridi
month. v
"The New Baby" tells the expectant mother about her
diet, proper exercise and clothing, how to prepare for her ac-
touchmcnl, just the things she needs in advance.
It is written by doctors wbo are recognized authorities
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in the plainest language, intended for the busy women.
' The New Baby" is illustrated by 433 beautiful half-tone
reproduction! of all the newest inventions for baby, for instance, it shows a crib that goes over a bed without touching
it, allowing a mother to tend her babe without arising.
A bath-tub without a hard surface, that folds in a two-
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SATIRE: 1358 Broadway, New York Gly.
99T*t^erT9*Tfy   ij^r'kftmfe
ledy would )i>* to rttilvt
lot bill tarn imelog, eitint private
it Ip tm.   Address
*wm m tmy 99*99*999 ~r*r*'
My etaffm were at tea Oapllaao
Inanity wbu* joun ought to be.
rial work Iron, It eaat* Aot. Hough
ity, le I),., wet weak, «s \p, Prop us
a eerd aad w. will call toy IMP'
v. i). no* tm
'   : i       WtMWJi/ii I*
A BY-LAW to enable th* Corporation
of tha City nf North Vancouvtr tn
raise by way pt loan the suiij, of
117,000.00 for ichool purposes.
WHEREAS tht Board of Truiteet of
North Vancouvtr Clly School Diitrict
under tb* provisions of Secttlon II of
Ihe   Public   Schools   Aet,   1906,   have
firepureil a detailed estlniule of
he sums required to meet sptclal or
extraordinary axpeniet legally incur-
riilile by the Board during Ihe ytar
1918 which estimate It us followi:
Eittmate of Special or Extraordinary Expenditure for tbe ytar till.
School   Building!   (eomplellop
of Rldgeway School, and  extension ot class room accommodation In Lonidale School (31,000
School Groundi Improvement*
iliraliiliiK. ploughing, grading
turfaclng,  fencing,  sidewalks,
etc   .'     6,000
Sewer connections          750
Ertctlon of Fire Etcapei and
lntlallatlon   of  Flra   Alarm
Sj stems     	
Equipment (deikt, black
boardt, window-blinds and
general ichool furnishings and
vacuum cleaning apparalua)
Sanitary drinking fountain!
Expenses attendant upon
pussage of thll by-law and sule
of  debenlurea   	
• i.i
AND WHEREAS the Said eilltpalr
waa laid before Ihe Municipal Council
of Ihe City of Norlh Vancouver and
duly coniidered by the said council
and,tha itld tumt tbove mentioned
were dually rejected and ditapproved
by the laid Council on the fourteenth
day of December .lull
AND WHEREAS tht Mayor of tbe
City of North Vancouvtr hut since
the rejection and disapproval of the
laid estimate, Ip wit:
On the eighteenth day of December.
nil. received from the Secretary of
lha aald Board of School Trustees, a
wrlllen request to submit for the assent
of Ihe Electors ot the Clly of North
Vancouver, in the manner prescribe)
by Section SS of the Municipal Cluuses
Act * By-Law auihorliltig fhe proposed expenditure and if necessury tbe
raiting of the muneyt required tu defray the sunns upon the credit of the
AND WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient that Ihe sum of Thirty-seven
thousand dollan 1117.000 00) be pro-
vldtd by the Corporation of the Clly
of North Vancouver for ichool purposes al aforeaald, the laid turn lo b.
applied ai hereinafter expressed:
AND WHEREAS In order lo provide
said sum It will be necessury to Issu.
debentures of the Corporation of the
Pity of North Vancouver for the sun.
of Thlrty-ieven thousand dollari till-
000 00) at hereinafter provided I which
It the amount of the debt Intend.-,
to be crctted by this By-law)
AND WHEREAS for the payment ol
lntereit on Ihe debentures propuie.
to be Iuued under this By-luw. and for
creating a sinking fund fur the payment or the aaid debentures when due
• it    will    lie    neceuary    lo   ralae    by
•- tpecltl rati In addition to all other
ralei, each year during the currency
of luch debenture! Ihe turn of One
thousand nine hundred und seven dollars and thlrty-iU cents illSt7.il).
whereof One Ihuutand six iiundred and
tlxty-flve dollan 1(11(6) ll lo be raited .mini.illy for the payment of Intereil during Die currency of aald deben-
iurei, and Two hundred and furty-
two dollucj und tblriy-ilx centi
(fill.II) .tu be railed annually for the
purpuie of creating a sinking fund for
tho paymenl uf tho debt secured by
the laid debenture!, the same being
made payable In flfly years from Ihe
first  day of September,  tilt.
WHEREAS in order to rails the tald
ytarly aum of One thousand nine hundred ind teven dollan and thirty-iix
ctntt (11907.IS) for lnlereit and sink
Ing fund, un equal ipeeiul rate on' the
dollar will be required to be levied on
nil the rateable real property In the
laid iiiv
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
rial property In Ibe tald city, according lo the lail revised assessment roll
is Ten million nine hundred and nine
iy thouaand three hundred and seven-
ty-ont III0.990.3JI) Dollars
AND WHEREAS the segregate ol
Ihe existing debenture debt of the
Corporation It Nine bundreil and threi
thousand, nine hiundred und twentv
dollar! 11901.930). (excepting fur works
. f local Improvemenl and for trbool
purposes) of wbleh none of the prln
cipal or Intereal Is I* arerar
THEREFORE the Municipal Council of thatCnrporation of the City of
North Vancouver with the alien! ol Iht
Elector* of the City of North Vancou
ver duly obtained, enacti ai follows
I II ihall be lawful for thu Muyor
of Ihe City of North Vancouver an.'
til* City clerk, fur lbc purpoie tfore-
s.ld lo borrow or ralae by way of loan
from any person or perions body or
bodlei corporale, who may be wlllfnii
in advance the tame upon Ihe credit of Hie .!■ I- min. s hereinafter mentioned of tht Corpuratlon. a turn of
Diolnay not exceeding In Ihe whole the
turn of I nliiy s.-v.-n thouiand ((37.-
060) Dollirt, tnd to ctuae the ttrae ti
lie placid In the Btnk of BHliili North
America, al North Vanrouver. tu th.
credit of Ihe city for the purpoie nhave
recited, and auch, moneys shall he
used for thtt purpos. ■>>■«>
I. Debentures of the city not tics .-ding In trpounl the turn of Thlrtv
levin Ihouund (117,000) Dollari may
be b«iieil by Iht uid Mayor aim i'li>
."erk In terms of Ibe Municipal Clan-
srt Act In sums tt mty be deilred. bu
not txceedlng One Thousand f|l.000l
D'lUtrt etch, or Iht equivalent ex-
ni rued In Poundt iterllng of th.
I'nited Kingdom of Oreat Britain ami
Inland tt th* v*lue of llii l-l
to the pound Stirling. Each i.l the
told debenturei thall be signed by Ihe
laid Mtyor tnd City Clerk and the .'ity
clerk shall affix therelu the Corporate
Sell of th* uid City of Norlh Van
I. The dehenluret shall bear dtte
tht (irst de*/ of September. 1911. ami
iliill heir Intereil tl Ihe rttc of four
tnd one-half (1%) per cent, per annum
pnyable italf y.-arly on the flnt ua)
of Msr.-li and Iht fint day of September In each and tveri year during Ibe
currency of Iht aald debenlur.it. or
any of tbem. There ahall be ntla.-hr.i
to the debenlurea coupons tlgned by
tbt Mtyor only for each an] evtry
paymenl of Inttreal that may become
due. tnd tuch tlgntture may be cither
written. Humped .printed or lltho-
I ' Th* slid debenlure* at lo principal tnd Inieresl may Iw mtdt payable either in currency or III equlvulenl In poundt iterllng at Iht value
..( Il.ll l-l to the pound tterlluji at
tuch fleet or plant In Oreat Britain
Polled Males of America er Hit Dominion of Canada at mty be agreed
upon betwten Ihe Corporation and lin-
I olden thereof, tnd the laid principal
•um thill b* made ptytblt by Ihe
'Ily tt a dtlt nol later tban afty
-tare from the *'•( dty of 8tpteral.fi,
I.   During   Du   whole   ttrm  of Ih*
3incy of the aald debenturei a untile on Iht dollar shall be levied
rtlwd each year in addition to
nil olatr rate* on all Ihe rateable real
properly la th* Clly and tufflclent to
|sy tbe InUrttl upon the ttld deben
turn, and to crttle a linking fund for
ih* payment et Iht principal thereof
wben lut, tubliel to my act or tnaxt-
m*af rttptctla* Ih* aeon, tutb •pet-lei rite ibafl bt Inserted In tin
lectori Roll or Rolls .and thall be pay-
-Zrw tnd collected by Ibe tald cor-
■rtllon  In   tka  Mine er*y  a* olher
foressldjhsr* ilieH pa raised to-
ly  by  tptelal  rfte   during   th«
-„,.»npy ot the said MtMntUHll   the
for the payment of lntereit (hereon
and tbt aura of Two Hundred ond forty-
two dollari aid t|tlrty-i|x centi
(1843.11) for lha inpayment of tlie principal thertpf.
7. Tlie Mooted! of the laid debenturei thall be applied at followt, and
not otherwise:
is) tn payment of the coit of the
peeling of thit By-Law and the l*«|*
and sule of tht debenture! therein referred to, tnd ell oxpenaes connected
with thu said Wan.
ib) In recouping tho said Corporation for such slims as havt been expended hereunder unlit mo proceed!
nf tbe tall of the laid debentures
becume! available.
le) To carry out the purpoiea of this
By-law aa above tit ouf.
I. No rebate lhal) bt allowtd on
the special ralei to bt levied undei
llllo By-law .
9. Thll By-law ihall taka effect on
Ihe day of 1911.
10. Thit By-law may ba cited for
all purpoiei at "Thl Schools Extraordinary Expenditure Loan By-law,
1911." m
Pasted by tht Council -on the llth
day of HciTiiiliur, 1911
Rrcelvtd Ihe auont of tha Electort
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election  tor Ihe  purposo  on  the
day  uf 1918.
Reconsidered and dually adopted
tlgned by Hit Mayor and Clly Clerk,
and sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the day of
A. H. llll.
TAKE NOTICE that Ihu above la a
true copy of Ihe propoied By-Law upon which the vule of the Electors of
the Municipality of the City of Norlh
Vancouver will he taken within thr
City Hall, North Vancouver. B. C, on
Thunday. the Eleventh day of January AD, 1913. between the hour! pf
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
innj m-oi
eoc)i and eWV.pal
may bappme dhM
may be fllVat- V?
either In curreP
by   Ml
it uf
PUBLIC   _„__
lhat the vole of the Electort of the
City   of   North   Vancuuver    will    be
i:i|..-ii on Thunday, the Eleventh day
of  .1.iiiiiary.   1918.' between   the  hours
of 9 o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m. on
The School! Extraordinary Eipen
dilute Loun By-law. 1911.
und thul wllhln the Clly Hall. North
Vancouver,  B.   C,,  and   Ihut   Tbomai
Shepherd has been appointed Return
Ing Officer to take  the  vule of auch
Electors   with   the   usual   powen   In
that  behalf.
By order of Ihe Council,
'■ WM.   McNEISH.
City Clerk.
day  of March
^eptimber Ih
bring tne eur
|tk* tint day of
qf Hie iald.de-
pt them. Tbars
Jp tho debentures
in Mayor qh ji, for
l-t qf Ihterjiif hat
j inch signature
Ip, stamped, prlnt-
inturei ti tn prlnpli-
*y b* made ptytblt
,„„_y pr Itt equivalent
pounds  siefilng jit   Uie,  Value ,of
In pounds iteijlng •
(4.16 j-fto tha pound
place pr place! In (Ire
oil BtA'ei of America
of fttpada tf may be
l-i to the pquniT sterling at inch
tat Britain, Unft-
„ pr tbS Dominion
.,._, bt agreed unon bt-
tw.mii Ihe Corporallon and the holders
thereof,  apd  the  laid principal ium
ShaH be made payable by the city at *
eta pot later than Afty yean from
the lint.iluy of September.  191).
6. During the Whole term -of the
ciirreiicy of tlie laid debenture! u Intel*! rtlt on ihe dollar thall be levied
and railed each year In addition to
all other rales on sll tbe ruleublr
reul property Ip Iht clly and lufficlent
to pay the lntereit upon the ttld debenturei, and to create a sinking fund
for Ihe puymenl ot tha principal thereof wben due, tubject to any aet or
enactment respecting the tame. Such
iptclal rate shall be Inttrttd In. tht
Colleclor't Roll pr Rolll, apd iball lie
payable to and collected by the laid
Corporation In thu same way at other
ratet In tht ttld Roll or Roll* tuva ai
hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide for the rater
itt opt In paragraph IS) and aubject
ai aforeaald, Ihere ihall be ralaed annually by iijs.-i ini rate during ihe currency of tht tald debenlurea the turn
of Five thousand lis hundred and
iwiinty-iivi! (16626) Dollari to provide
for the payment of lntereit thereon,
and the ium of Eight hundred and
eighteen dollari and eighty cent!
(1811.80)   for   tilt   repayment   of   tht
principal  thereof.
7.   Th
Pfti fl> Ci.
THEBEFOHB the IfuJc pa) Roqnpll
pt ttptVammm, of tfft city at
North, vmrnliar, with the eeient ft
the Bledlon of tht Pity of North
yanoobyer duly obtained lentete a*
followi:' i.•    i
1. It ihall he lawful fpr the Mayor
of tho Pity of North Vupcouver and
the City Clerk fqr the purposo aforesaid in borrow br ralie by way of loun
[rom spy pertqn oc sennas, body or
bodlei corporate, wbp may he willing
to advance the earn* upon the credit
uf the debentures hereinafter meli-
(iniieii of the Corporation, a ium of
nmncy pot exctdelng In the whole
the sum qt Seventy-live tltouitpd (176,-
000) Dollars, aptl to cause tht latpeiio
be placed In tht Bank ot British North
America at forth.ytpppuypr, If- the
credit of thu Ulty for the purpose!
above recited ,and auoh moneys sliai-
be used fur thai purpuie only.
I. Debenturei of tht Clly not exceeding In amount the ium of Seventy-
five thouiand i|76,000) Duller! may lie
litqed by  tbo-paid  Mayor anil city
hundred and fifty I|9t60) dollari I
tq be raised unnuully tor tht puyineiu
of Inlerest during the curency qf laid
debenturei and Three hundred and
.twenty-seven    dollurs    and    fifty-five
Clerk, in termi of the Miinlclpii]
Clauui Act In.lumi St mty lit desired
but not excluding one thouiand (()
,,....,        ,,     11   ....        .1.       ....       ,1. ......1,...I.   ,
000) Dollari eucll OX the equivalent
expreued In pound! iterllng of the
United Kingdom ut great Britain slid
Ireland at Ihi valbe of |l,fj6
._, ,.„. II
Each of tht lib
A BV-I.AW 10 rouble the I'.iryuralloB
at ike i Id of Nana viucouver le
ralae by way ot lose tbr sum of
»la.-.,l)u0.00     for     Waterworks    gur-
WHEREAS It ll deemed expedient
lhal the sum uf One hundred unu
twenty-five thuusund aditars 1(126.-
000.00)' bu provided for maintaining
works for supplying water to the In-
a.."ii mi ■ of the City of North Vancouver tu be ., ul.. ii us hereinafter
AND WHEHEAS in order to provide
said sum It will be necesury to issue
debenture* of the Corporation of the
City of Norlh Vancouver for the sum
of line hundred and twehty-live Ihou-
sunil dollar* (1186.000) as hereinafter
provided, (which Is the umount of the
debt Intended to be created by tills
By-law). ,    .
ANI) WHEREAS a petition signed by
the owner! of more than one-tentfi
it lei of the value tat tbewn by Ihe
lust revised Assessment Roll) of reul
property in tbt Pity of North Vancouver hus been presented to tlie Municipal Council of the City of Norlh
Vancouver requesting them to Intruduc.
a By-luw to uutburise the borrowing
-.pun the credit of the City of One
Iiundred and twenty-live thousand
Dollurs (1186.000) tor tne purpose
AND WHEREAS for the payment-of
Interest on the' debenture! propoied
io be Issued  under  tbii By-luw, and
(or  lins a linking fund for    the
..■..uu ni of the luld debenture! when
due. It will be neceisury lo ralte by
special rate In addition to all other
rules, each yea rcjuring the currency
of sucb debentures the turn uf alx
huusund four hundred and forty-three
dollars and eighty coins 4(6**3.80),
whereof Five thouiauo itx nundred
and twenty -live dollars 116636) ll to
ie raised unnuully for the 'payment
jjf Intereat during the currency of laid
debenlures, unu eight hundred and
i, i.i.-ii dollan and eighty centi
lllll80) Is to be raised annually for
tbe purpuie of .Touting a alnking fund
fur payment.of the debt aecured liy Hi
uid debenture!, the tame being made
payable in ilfiy yean from the first
Jay of September.  1911.
AND WHEREAS In order to ralte
tbe said yearly aum of Six thousand
fuur Iiundred und forty-three dollars
and eighty cents 116443 it) tor Inlerett
and linking fund .an equal speclul
rate on Ilie dollar will he required
iu be levied on ull the rateable rial
properly In ihe aald my
AND WHERREA8 the whole rateable real property In the suld City,
according fo Ibe last revised Assess-
ineiii Roll ll III0.990.I7I 00) ten million nine Iiundred ana ninety thouiand three hundred and teventy-une
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
tht exlttlng debenture debt of. tbe
Corporation It nine hundred and three
thouiand nine Iiundred and twenty
11903.930) Dollar* (excepting for
Worki of local Improvement and for
achool purpoiei) of which none of the
prlnclnul or lntereit ll lii arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of tht Corporation of the City of North
Vancouver (wltb the aatent of the
Elector! of the City of Nortli Vancouver
duly obtained)  enacti as  follows:
I. II Ihall be lawful w^Jac Muyor
of Iht Clly ot North VanWuver and
the Cily Clerk for Ih* purpoie aforesaid to borrow or rulse by way of
loan from any peraon or perioni, body
or bodles'corportte, who may be willing
lo advance the ttme upon the credit
of tbe debenturei hereinafter -mentioned of Ibe Corporation, a turn of
money not exceeding in Ihe whole tbr
•um of One Iiundred and twenty-live
thouiand .(126,000) Dollari and In
Vause  the lame  to  be  placed in  tbe
Sank of llrlilsli North America at
orth Vancouver ,to the credit of tbe
city for (ht purpoie ibovo recited
ted tuch money thall be uied tor thst
purpose only., -.
I. Debenturei of Ihe City not txceedlng In amount Ihe ium of One
hundred and twenty-five thouiand
(1181.000) Dollari may be Iuued by
th* uid Mayor and City Clerk In
termi of the Municipal Clauses Acl, In
lumi a* may be deilred, but not txceedlng One thouiand (11,000) Dollar!
each, or the equivalent expreued In
pound! iterllng ot ibe United Kingdom of Oreal Britain and Ireland at
the value of Il.ll l-l to Ibe pound
iterllng. Each of the laid dehenluret
■ha)l in llgned by the tald Mayor
and cily Clerk tbd Iht Pity Clerk iball
affix thereto Ihe Corporate Bell of
the laid Clly of Nortli Vancouvtr.
I.  Th* dtlwaturt* *ball  btar date
Sum waits hall yeuiym' tin 1%
ht proceedi of the laid debentures tha|[ be applied aa followt, and
not  otherwise:
(u) Ili payment of the coit of tbe
paulng of Ihli By-law; and the Issue
and sale of tht dtbenturet therein referred to, and all expeniei connected
wilh  the  laid  loan. .
(h) In recouping tht ttld Corpora -
Hon for Such tumt at have been expended hereunder until the proceed
of the tale ot Ihu laid debenturei
become! available.
tc) To carry out the purpoiei of
this By-law as above let oul.
I. All moneyi trltlng out of thi
annual iptclal rate hereinbefore pro
vlded for sinking fund shall be in
vested by Ihe CSuncll of the laid Cor
pm allun from time to lime as the law
direct* /
'9 No rebate ihall be allowed on tht
special rates to be levied under thii
10 Thll By-law ihall lake effect un
the Sixteenth day of January, 1918.
II. Thll By-law may be .lied for all
purpoiei ai "Thu Waterworks Loan
By-law ,1811."
Passed by the Council on the Twenty-eighth  day  of  December,   1911.
Received tbe aitent of the Elector!
of the City of North Vancouver ut an
election   for  the  purpuie  on   the
duv   uf 1918
Reconsidered liy Ihe council and dually   adopted   .ilgned   by   thu   Mayor
und  City  Clerk   .ml   lealod   with   Hie
■'■ui un ale Seal on  the
day of 1913
TAKE NOTICE that the above la a
true ■ "I" of the proposed By-Law op-
.on which the vote nf the Electors nf
the Municipality of the City of North
Vuncouver will he luken wllhln Ihi
City Hall. North Vancouver, B. C. on
Thursduy, tht Eleventh day of Junu-
uiy A.D.. 1911, between the hourt of
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returnlug Officer.
City of North Vuncouver will be
taken on Thursday, the Elevenlh day
of January, 1913, between the hours
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock ji.m. on
tho pounu iterllng. Each or tne sum
debeplurei lhal) he tigpid by tbt tald
Muyor snd Clly Clerk and Jill City
Clork thall affix thereto the Corporate
Seal of tht tald Pity of Nortli Vancouver.
I. Tht dtbtnturti thall heir date
the lint day, of September, Jill, tnd
shall pear Inieresl at the rate of four*
and one-half K'A) per cent, per annum payable half yearly on the lirsi
day of March and the nr.n day of
September In each and every year during the currency of the tald debentures
ur any uf. them. There shall he attached to the debentures .coupons llgned by the Muyor only, for each and
every payment of lntereit that become!
due, apd i.ii.'li tlgnalure may be el
ther written, ttamped, printed ur llth
I. Tbe aaid debenture! ai to prlncl
pal and lntereit may be made payable
either In currency or ill equivalent
In puundi iterllng al the value of
I4.lt 8-1 to the pound iterllng ul such
place or placet In Qreat Britain, United States of America or the Dominion
of Canada at may be agreed upon between the Corporation and the holder thereof, and tlio laid principal turn
thall be made payable by the City at
a date nol later than llfty years frqpi
tbe lint day of September,  Pill
Shown Hy the |ifrt l-»v|ted Aueiimenl
Ball) has been nresented to the Municipal (Miofl of 1h« Clly of NorthTw-
,,.-. ..,__jtng ihem to Introduce
j By-law tp authorise tht borrowing
of the ium of Fifty thousand ((60,0011)
Dolluri tor Hie purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of Interest on tap debenture! propoied
to b* Isiucd under this By-law, and
for preallpii 4 sinking fund fpr Ibe
payment of the ium diibinlurei whon
due, It w|li be neceuary to ralie by
tpedal rait Iq addition tq all other
ratet, each year during tho currency
of sueh debentures thl sum ot Two
Thousand Five Hundred and aevehty
•even Dpllurs .and llfty-flvo cents
(JIH7.86), whtlW TwtjfjiOusand two
rwo The
y for iiii
rule on the A
be levied un't
tot th* .purpoie of creating a linking
fund for the payment of the'dibt secured by ilu- said debentures, the linn
being iilsiie Buyable In fifty yean from
ibe first day uf Septsmber, llll.
AND WllBkEIAH In order to ralie the
■aid yearly siiiii of Two thouiand five
hundred and luviiiily-seveii dollar! and
fllly-fiyt coty. im??-") for Inttrttl
- fund,   an   equal    Special
iili.r will bt required to
njr   J' '(be rtttablo real property In thu luld Clly.
AND WHE1EAS Ihe whole raleabli
rial property In thi laid Pity ac
cording to Hut lust rtvlltd tiiestmen
roll It Ten nallon nlno nundred and
ninety thouiald, three hundred and
seventy one dllurn 1(10,990,371),
:' AND WHEJllAs the aggregate of
Hit Killing Ibtnture dept of tbt
Corporation ll line hundred and Ihree
thouiand nliitihundred and twenty
((903.930) Dolltk (excepting lor worki
uf locul linjirovliiis'iii and for school
purpoiei) of iv11 -ii none of Ihe prlncl
imi ni inti-ii-isi 1. in arrear.
THHHEFORElhe Municipal Council
of tbe Cmpor.iilli of Ihe City of Norll
Vancouver, wlthlhc assent of the Elector! of Ihe (liytuf North Vancouver
duly obtained, erlela ai followa:
f. It iball lie lawful for the Mayor
of the Clly of (nth Vancouver and
the   purpOlO   afore
■ad equl»i
WHEREAS It li dtemid txp
In Iht W'T-—-"-i'"MmwmmtJmMm
Itrt  '
abd l 	
Using an txpnnditurt ntqigsgry lor
the atililunce of the Flrt Dipirlpiipt
of the Cliv.
AND WHEREAS In ordtr thtnlo It
will b<i necesuryJojtsut dtb^ntUfi'
„ —.  -..y ot
the City Clerk i
until lo borrow or
frpm any pereup
bodlei corporale,  _, _.  	
to advance (he.line upun the ere
of the debentures
p.ni. on
The Waterworks
and lhat wllhln the City Hall. Norlh
Vancouver, B. p., and that Thonu.
Shepherd hai been appointed Returning Officer lo take the vote of auch
Electort with the utual powers In
that behalf
By order of the Council,
WM.   Mcf/ElSH, V
Muyur. •
Clly Clerk
til t.\u   NO. IKS
A BV-LAW lo enable Ike I oruuntloo
of the Clly of Norlb Vancouver lo
raise by Was ot loan Ibe suu. of
S7S,a4M for contracting ■ *tor*ee
rcsrrtolr tl  Rice Lake.
WHEREAS It la deemed expedient
In order lo operate and maintain
worka for supplying water tu tlie Inhabitants of the City of North Vancouver that a storage reservoir be
conslrucled  at  Rice  Lake
AND WHEREAS In order thereto It
will be neceuary to iuue debenture! of
the City of North Vancuuver for the
•um of lev. iny live thousand 1(76.000)
Dollari a* hereinafter provided (whicii
la Ihe amount of Iht debt Intended to
bt created by Ihli By-law) the proceedi of the laid debenture! to bo applied io lb.- construction of laid Horse reservoir at Rice Lake and to no
AND WHEREAS a' petition llgned
by the owneri of more than one-
tenth 11-10) of the value of real properly In Ihe City ot Nortb Vancouver
(at shown by tbe laat revised Assessment Roll) ha* been presented lo the
Municipal Council ot the City of North
Vancouver requeitlng them to Introduce a By-law lo auihorlie the bor
rowing of Seventy-live thousand 4f76.
000) Dollars for tbo purpose aforesuld.
AND WHERSAS for the payment of
interest on the debenturei propoied
to be Iuued under tbii By-jaw, and for
creatine a sinking fund for the payment of Ihe laid debenturei when due
It will be neceuary to rail* by tpedal rule In addition to all other rules
each year during th* currency of tuch
debenturei the turn of Three thoutani
eight"hundred and sixty-six dollan
and thirty cents ((IIIS.80). whereof
Three thousand three hundred end lev-
eniy-flve 1(3376) Dollirt It to bt railed annually for tht payment of lntereit during the currency of aald debenture!, and four hundred and ninety-
one dollan and thirty cent* ((191 3D)
(0 bt railed annually (or (bt purpoie
of creating u sinking fund for tlie payment of the debt secured by the ttld
debenture! tbe iame being made payable in Sfty yeara from the grit day
of September, (911.
AND WHEREAS In order to ralte
(he tald yearly ium of Three thouiand
eight hundred ana sixty-six dollars,
and tblrty cep<* (13161.30) fer Interest
and linking fund, tn equal ipcclal
rale, oh'Iho dollar will be required
to b* levied en all Iht rateable real
""(^WHEREAS the whole rateable
real property In tbd ttld City according
Iq tbe (a»t revlud autumenf roll li
|1«,9»0,I71 (Un million sunt hundred
and ninety Ihouund, three hundred
and seventy ont dollari.
AND WHEREAS the tggngato of
tbe exlttlng debenture debt of tht
Cprwalion It nine hundred Wd tbree
thrtt tioutend   pine   bvj»dr»d   mi
6. During Ihe whole term of the
currency or the laid debentures a tpecltl rale un Ihe dollar thall lis levied
and railed each year In addition to a"
other ratea on all the rateable real
property In Ihu City und sufficient to
nay the lntereit upon the luld debenture* and to create a linking fund
for tho payment of the principal there
of when due. subject to any act or cn
actment respecting the same. Such
■pedal rate ihall be Inicrtcd In (lie
Colleclor't Roll or Roll* and ihall be
payable lo and collected by the jald
Corporation In tbe tame way al other
rates III the said Roll or Rolll, lave al
hereinafter provided.
6. In order to provide for the rate,
sel out In paragraph (6) and aubjed
us aforesaid, there shall be raised annuully by special rate during the currency of the aald debenture! the ium
of Threi thouiand three hundred anil
sevenly-llve (13176) dollar! to provide
(ur the pminelll of Interest thereoii. uml
the sum of Four hundred and ninety-
one dollurt and thirty centi ifpji thii
fur the repayment of the principal
thereof. if
7. The proceed! of the laid deben-
lues shall be applied at followt, und
not olherwlie:
(u) In payment of the coat of the
pulling of ibii By-law .and the Issue
und sale of tbe debentures therein referred to and ull expenses connected
witb the said loan.
lb) In rocouplng the laid Curpora'
tion for mch tumt as have been expended ii.-i.mmler .until the proceedi
of tile sale of the laid dehenluret becomes   available   .
(c) To carry oul the purposei of thll
By-law ai above let out.
I. All moneyi arlalng out of the
annuul ipcclul rate hereinbefore provided for linking fund ihall bt Inyeit-
ed by the Council of the laid Corporation from lliiu, to Um.: qt the
law  direct*
9. Nu rebate ihall be allowed on
the ipcclal ralei lo be levied under
Ihli By-law.
10 Tbii By-law ihall take effect on
the  Sixteenth   day  uf  Januury.   1913
II. Thll By-law may be oiled fur
all purpoiei it "The Rice Luke Reservoir   Loan   By-law.   1913."
Paued by the council on tbe lllh
day of December.  19)1
Received Ibe assent of the Electors of
the City of North Vancouver ut an
election fur the purpoie' on the
day of 1913
Reconildercd by the oouncll and finally udupled .tlgned hythe Mayur and
City Clerk .and tealed with I tic Corporate Seul on Ihe day uf
TAKE NOTICE that Ihe ubove li a
true copy of the propoied By-Law upon Which the vole of the Elector! of
the Municipality of the Clly of Norll
Vancouver will be luken ■•-.iiiiii. the
Clly Hull, Nurlh Voncuuver! B. C. on
Thunday, the Eleventh day 'qf January A H. 1913, between ine noun of
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p m.
city Clerk and Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE It hereby given
that the vote of the Eleclori of lbc
Clly of Nortli Vaneouver will be
token on Thunday. Ihe Eleventh day
of January, 191!, belween iho houn
of 9 o'clock u in and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Rice Lake Reservoir Loan
By-law, 1918,
and lhat within the City Hall. Norlh
Vancouver, B C, and lhat Thomar
Shopberd bat been appointed Return
Ing Officer lo tuke the vole of inch
Electort with tho utual powtrt
thul  behalf.
By order of Ihe Council,
Clly Cltrk1.
ulte by way of loan
r persons, body oi
hu may be wllllni
i, man. i mention
efl of the I'urpiir.Lsii, a sum pf mon
ey not exceedloil in Ihe wholo thi
ium of Flfly Th<isand 1160.000) Dol
Ian, and lo caul, the tame to !■■
placed In the Bail, of Brtllih North
America at Norlt Vancouvor, to ihe
credit of the ' it for the purpose
above recited um such moneyi ihall
Be  uied  for  lha pdrpoie  only.
I. Debenturei
ceedlng In amour
thouiand 1160.000)
sued by the laid
he clly not ex-
Hie ium of Fifty
'"Huns may bo Iter and t'liy Clerk
in term mf lip' Mi ilclpa) ciuui.es Act
In muni' at muy i deilred, but nol
exceeding One tboi nd ((1,000) dollari
each or the equi lent expreued in
puundi iterllng 0 Hie I'nited Kingdom of Qreat Hi I in und Ireland at In.
value of 14 st; 8-1 i the pound iter
ling.   Each of t
he llgned by the all Mayor and City
"'   '"  ~~J    "■    "" Clerk sliull ufflx
Siul of the laid
Clerk and the Cll<
thereto Ibe Coipori
Clly of North Van*vor.
I.   The  il, lm imi
il debenturei ibul)
■hull   bear dal.
the tint day of Bdtomber, 1911, and
■hall bear lntereit
•nd one-half <'■,)
linm payable hajf*
day of March urui
tember In each and
the currency of (be
any of tbem. Tier
ed to the ileb.'iiln
by the Mayor onl], I
payment of Inieiin
(he rate of four
er cent, per an-
.nl;. on the Aral
I nt day of Sep-
very year during
.id debenturei or
sinill be attach-
cuuuuni llgned
r each and every
bat may becom.
ml umh slujuiLe may becllhe
written.- slumped, if tiled or lllho
4. The laid .i.luiSi,, taa to prlncl
pal and intereil luyl.- made payabl.
either In current i Hi equivalent
In   poundt  iterll|t |    tbe   vulue   ol
In   pi    „ ,
II If 8-1 to tht p
place or placet lisli
ed Slate! of Aim-
Of  Canada  aa  in
between Ihe Corpl
era thereof and tl
•bill be made pi<|ihll
a dale nol later
the Ilml  day of
(.'   During   the
currency of Iho •il
clal rale on Ihe |
and railed each
all other ratet on
properly In the
pay the lnlereit
turn  .aud   to cr
for the payment o
of when  due, au
enactment  reipec
Roll oilto
to and    I..
special  rale shall
Collector's F
payable I
sterling al auch
i Britain. I'nli
the Dominion
agreed   upon
|n and the bold-
principal turn
by Ihe clly al
llfty yean from
tuber, llll.
i   term   of Ihe
sent urea a luc-
sbull be levied
addition    to
rateable real
id sufficient to
lie said det.cn -
sinking fund
i lm Ipul ili, I.
to any act  or
be same. Such
nserled   In   th.
and shall br
I by Ihe said
rpurutlon In Ihojanl  way aa ollie
rates In the auld 111
hereinafter provldl
I.    In order to ilvl
set out In puragrfi
as aforesaid, there
■in..Ily by special ife
i. my of the said
of Two thousund
Dfly ((I860) Holla
payment of Ini. i,
sum uf Three bundlt Jid iwenty-iev-
...    dollurs     and
1(337 66)   for   Ibe
principal  thereof.
7.    The proceedi
lure* shall be appl|
not olherwlie:
(a)   In ii.'viii'-ii
paulng of Ibis llyl
and sale of the deojturrei therein re
1.1 r.d to and ell
with the aald loan!
(b)   In r*couplii||>«
Hon for tuch lum
pended  hereunder
of the ''.'le of the
Come* available
(e)   To carry
tie purpoiei of
Id out.
ng out of thr
relnbefore pro-
■ball hi- Iiivj'ui
t tald Corpora-
a* Ihe law dl-
allowed on the
[.'i.-d under Dili
Rolll, live i
for the rate,
i)  and tuhjee
be railed enuring Iho i ui
iurei Ihe sun
hundred and
rovlde for the
reon. and th
y-(lve     ccnli
p-i in.nl    Of   the
e Itld deben-
)'i followi. and
|i'.' cott of Ihe
and tht Iuue
i.|.s.-s connected
•aid Corpora-
have been exit  tbe proceed)
dili.'li lilies   be
BV-LAW   Bt).   let) Cl
A BV-LAW f« ruble Ike loriiur.llon
of Ikt Clly nl tartk Vetcoavew ta
ll l**a  (he aeisi ot
atjiute ol anklng,
1mm* *
m tor
lutluilaa $M mmtratllm al   atw
WHEREAS the general revenue It
Insufficient to meet (ht expcn.lli.ure
neceitary for the porppu or making,
preiervlrig, improving and repairing
roadt and ttreet* in flic Clin) of North
Vancouver Including lb* construction
" A^D WHEREAS |t ll dttlrable and
deemed expedient (bat the turn of
Fifty Thoiittnd (MW00) Dollari be
expended by (b* Pity for the purpose
ANI) >HEREA8  In   ordtr  tbtreto
It will be necessary to Iuue debenturei
of tho City of North Vancouver for the
of Wfijr fhouund (Mf),"* - '
ID) Dol -
, (wbleh
-nded (o
law )l)ie proceeds
rti to be applied
) and to no other
annual special red
vlded for linking ffi
cd by tht Council
Hon from time to
9    No rebate
•pedal ralei lo
By-law   P
)i.   Tbi* Byl»«,
th*  Sixteenth  du
icll .
to I
lo h
on which the vol
the Municipality
Vancouver   wMl
City HeJI, Noyit
Thunday. the Kb
ary AD? 1911, I
9 o'clock a.m. a(r
city Cl*rk>3
PUBLIC   Ntyj'f
that the vote
city   of  sort
taken on ThinM
of January, )|1|
of I o'clock a.i
Tht Slreei
lew, 191
Shepherd lias
Ing Oftcer  to
Eltctorl   with
lhat behalf.
By order of
I (tke effect on
January,   1911
11. Th|* Uy-lavJIll be cited for
ail purposes as '" 'Itreeli Maintenance  Loan  By-fc   III."
Paued by the till on the 28th
day of December II.
Received tht a* nLf thi Klccldrs
of tke Clly of No lUncuuver at an
election fqr tbt p M on the
day of 111).
It i-..ns si ili-red by i   'uunl ll and anally adopted, lien      Ihe Mayor and
City ciej-k and I      with tht Corporate Seal  on t
day of 1911
TAKE NOTICE   I   ine move ll t
Irue COpy Of tht J) I  M  By-Law Up
ht Eleclori of
Clly of North
. .en  within the
Viifuver. fj. C. op
y ni 'fanu
ji hours Of
retook p ra.
e|rnlng OBcer
, hereby  given
taedort of tlie
■evtnth day
etn the hourt
O'clock p.m. on
t juice Loan By-
, !» Hal), Nortb
Ai that Thome*
fi (Anted Return-
rf vote of tuch
1*1  powers ta
o tell,
ihs   uurruwiiig
the proceedi ol tht laid dtbinturei to
be applied "> tbt laid purpoiei and AO
other; - .    <
ANI) whereas » pttltloa slaiM
by the owntrs of more then one-tenth
ti-iO) tht vtlut of rial proptrty In
the City of North Vancouvtr (** ihown
by the list revlicd Assessment Roll)
hai been presented lo tbe Municipal
Council of Iht City ot Uorth Vancouver requeitlng Ihem. lo Introduce *
By-law to autborlsqktbe borrowing
upon tht credit ot the clly the turn qt
Twenty-dvt thouitnd (|i;.
lar Ifor thu purpose at iron...-.
AND WHEREAS for tb* payment of
Inlerett on the debenture! proposed to
be Iuued under thll Bv-law, and fqr
creating a linking fund for tit paymenl of the laid debenturei when dut,
it will be neceuary to ralte hy special rate In addition to all other rafet,
■neb year during tin- currency pf tuch
debenturei llm sum of One thouiand
two hundred and eighty-eight dollar!
tnd tcvcnly-ilx cents i|1.3(l.7l),
whereof Ope thouiand one hundred
and Iwcnty-flvt dollirt ((Illi) Dollar! ll to be raited annually fqr tht
payment nl lnlereit during the currency of said debenture! .ana Ont hundred and ilxty-tbree dollar* and itv-
etity-ilx ctntt K163 76) to he railed
annually fur Ihe purpolt ot creating a
linking fund for the payment.of the
debt secured by the laid debenturei
Ihe same being mude ptytblt In dfly
iiuis from ihe hnt day ot September,
AND WHEREAS in oruer to rail*
the said yearly ium of One tbuuiand
twu hundred and eighty-eight dollan
and luvenly-tlx ctntt (lllll.fl) tbr
inlerett and linking fund, an equal
special rate on Ihe dollar will be rt-
lulied to be levied on all tht rateable
reel property In Ihe tald clly.
AND WHEREAS tho whole rttetble
real properly In Ihe laid City according to Ihe lasl reviled Autumtnt
Roll li 110,990.171 den million nine
ruiidiiii and ninety Ihouund. thru
hundred and tevchty-ont dollari).
AND WHEREAS the aggrtgtti of
the existing debenture debt of thi
Corporation la nine hundred and tbree
thuusund nlnt hundrtd and twtnty
dollari (1101,980). (excepting for
workt of local Improvemenl and for
School purpoiei) of which nont of thl
principal or inttrett ll In arrear
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of the City of North
Vancuuver. with the ussent ol th*
Elector! of the City of North Vancouver duly obtained, enact* a* followt:
1. It thall be lawful lur tbt Mtyor
of the Clly of North Vtncouver ind
Ihe City Clerk for Ihe purpoit afort-
sald to borrow or ralie by way ut lota
from any perton or persons, body or.
bodies corporale, who may Pt willing
to advance thi ttme upon tbt cridll
of ihe debenturei herelnefttr mentioned of the Corporation a sun) Of
money not exceeding In tne whole iht
turn of 'lis. my live thouitnd l|36.000)
Dollars, and to cause the sami to be
placed In the Bank of British North
America at North Vancouver to tbt
credit of the Clly for th* purpoie
tbove recited .and aucb moneyt lusl)
be uied for tbtt purpoie only,
I. ini'. inni ■■» of tht City sot ex-
ceedlng In amount the sum of Tweuty-
liv. -thouiand 1(86,000) Dollari may
br Iuued by the itld Mtyor tnd Pity
Clork In termi of the Municipal clauses Acl in lumi a* may bt deilred.
but not exceeding One Ihouund
1(1,000) Dollari each, or Ihe equivalent
expreued Ip pound! slerllng of th*.
United Elngdom of Oreti Britain aid
Ireland al Ihe value of Mil i-l to
Ihe pound ilerllng Etch of the uid,
ilcbcnturct thall be tlgntd by Uie said/J
Mayor and City Clerk and the Pity
Clerk thall affix thereto the Corporate
Seal of Die aald Pity of North Vancouver.
I The debenturei shall bear date
the tint dty of September, llll, and
shall bear lntereit st tht rtlt of four
and one-half it'.,) ptr ctnl. Ptr annum payablo halt yearly on to* tret
day ot March and tbo lirst day Of
September In each and evtry year during the currency of the laid debenlures, or any of them. Then ihtll
be attached to the debenture*, coupon!
llgned by th* Muyor only, for each
and tvery payment of Intereat Hist
mty become due, and tuch signature
mty bo cliliei written, itimpid,
printed  or lithographed. I
I. The laid debenture* a* to principal and Inleretl may be made payable cither In currency or It* equlvulenl in poundt ilerllng at tb* vtlut
of 14.11 l-l lo the puund iterllng at
sucb place or placet In Orcit BrlTiln,
United Sttttt of America or lb* Dominion uf Canada u may bt tgrtld up- ,
on between tht Corporation and ihi '
hodlen thereof, and the laid principal
sum (hall be made payable by Uie Pity
at a date not later torn Ally yieri
from the Ant day of September, llll.
I During Ibt wholt ttrm of Ine
currency of tbt uid dtbtnturti *
special rate oh tbi dollar (tall b*
levied and railed each ytar In addition
lo all otbtr rales on all tht rateable
real properly In tht clly end tufficUnt
to ply fbe Inlerett upon Ihe said de-
'icnturei, and to create t linking fund
or tbt payment of the principal thereof whtn due aubject to any aet or
enactment rttptctlng tht urai. Such
■peclil rtte thall bt Interled In Ibt
Collector*' Roll or Rolls, and thill bt
payable lo and collected by tht tali
Corporation In the tame wty ** tn*v
other Tom In the tald Holl or Roli»
live ** herelntfler provided.
4. In order to provide for ihe rtltt
■el <w+-Tikparagraph (6) and tubject
a* aroreiiiU, Ihere iball be railed annually by tpecltl rate during tht currency of tbe ttld debenturei Ihe iuu
of Ont thouiand ont hundred m*
Iwenly-t,ve till86) Dollari to ProflM
for the payment of Ibe lnlereit there-
op, and tbe sum of One hundred ahd
tlxly-lhree dollars and itv*A(y-*U
«ni* (1113.71) for (he r.paywtniTt
the prjliicip*! thereof.
7. The proceeds Of lb* nil debentures shall be applied ** followt. tnd
not  olherwlie:
,   In payment of tk* coit of
ib)   In recouping Ibt eeld Corper
Uon for abeb Ium* " "THT errfJTO
pehdid  hereunder  Ul
of  Ibe   Sale  of  tbt
bi'comej_ available
I.   All  moneyi /rising, out  of ih*
annual ipeciai rate hertlnbt,
ttlftiital mint tutfl&i
vlded for linking fund »hi
Mled by thi Council of the
porn/of) from llmelo tin)* i
m%Wtymtn0 .y be cited I qr all
Ire  Ui-lgudD  As
nn tht
§Th|s Bvrlav
tied Ttf the Council
aay dl (luoellilliil-,  11)11.
Received the oieciit of tlio 101 lotors
of the City uf Nur"i Vuncouver ot an
pftctiop for.Hi* purpps* on tht
PicoktHprH.by the Coupon ut d lln-
Ippttd. I a»«d by Iho Muy 11 und
TlWW iMid with Ihe   Ppr-
8pll pn thi"
W nt
IJAKB NOTICE thtt the aiiove isj
ft«ili,bopy qf the propoied uf If up-
IM men tbt vole Of the/TSlocluri of
' ihe Inihlolpallty of tlte City of Nor h
*5uP*r will ho lako/i within tlm
Hall, Norlb Vancouver, If P.-. HP
idey, the EleyenU) duy of -lo""
I.D., mi. boli
Clfy Cler
miBhW N0TIOE it hereby givon
™ the vole ot the Eleclori of.Ibt
s if worth Vancouver will. be
tktn on Tburiday, ib* Eleventh day
rjanusrj, 1918, between tht houri
1 I pVlocft at)l- olid 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Fire Brigade Aatltlaiice Bylaw.I 1911.
AT thin the Clly Hall. North
v ft  C,  and  that Tbomn
u  hat been appointed Return-
Ici r" lo take the vote of tuch
'   wllli   the   utuul   power{   Ip
fcptftf s^rd.
BY-LAW 10- m
„„ W ,a e**bl« ll" CorgurellOB
ke ill) of aorlh Vancouver lo
lie hr ■>•> of loan Ibe turn of
I TSeu.tu* tllO.OWI.Dollar} for
t puree".- of efccllag • wharf auJ
y&q.ee   .1   l.h.slerScU   Aveaue
WHEREAS II ll deomed expedient In
ie  Interest Of the  City  to erect a
iarf and warehouse al  Chestcrllcld
tfpup itreet end for the sturago of
jiilclpul SUppllei. >
AND WIIEKEA8 In order thereto ll
'nbe neceuary to issue debentures
the City of North Vancouver for
it ium- Pf Ten  Thouiand   H1Q.000
fil*r*     »*     hereinafter     provided
which li the amount of the debt |ti-
Ini to be created py thii py-law)
I proceedi of the earn dehenluret
be  applied  to  the said  purpoiei
I to »0 other: .*■—*
•ND WHEREAS amotion llgned
;y the owhert of moro than one-ton h
(1-10)  the value of real properly In
.ha City pf North Vancouver Ul ihown
jy the ia*t  reviled  biDt'ss.iiciii roll)
ut been presented to the Municipal
Suncll of the City of North Vancou-
. vtr   rtauMling    them   to   Introduce
I a   By-law    to   authorise    them     lo
I Sorrow   the   *um   of Ten  Thouiand
' mO.OOO)    Dalian    for    the    purpoie
AUD   W1IEREA8   for   the   payment
"T fttertSt Oh the debenture! prupos-
■  lo  be Iuued  under   Ihli  By-law,
d for creating a linking fund fur
;aymcnt Of the laid debenturei
dno, It will be necessary lo raise
tpteltl rale In addition lo .ill olher
*tti, each year during the currency ol
such debenturei tbe ium of Five hun-
Ircd and llftcen dollure and fltly-uiio
nl* (IUS.I1) whereof Pour hundred
Jdilfty (1480) Dollars li lo be failed
annually for the payment of Intereil
durlny the currency of laid debentures
tad 6l»ly-nve dollari and lifly-otic
centi (116.61) to be railed unnuully
for Ihe pbrpoie of creeling a linking
fund tor ibe payment of the debt se-
eured by tbe laid debenturei the lame
being made payuble In fifty years from
tht nrtt lay of eSptemher. 1911
ANI) WHEREAS In order to ralie
tbi tuld yearly Sum of Five hundred
and fifteen dollari and llfty-ono centi
(1616 61) for Inlerett and linking fund
ah tout) tpeclai rate on the dollur
Will be required to be levied on ull
the rateable real property In the «uld
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
• rial Property In the laid Clly accord-
in-/ to Ihe last reviled Asaeisment
Roll II Ten million nine hundred und
ninety thouiand, three hundred und
S*yentyonc   (110.990.1711   Dollur*
AND WHEREAS the aggregate nf
lilt existing debenlure ottii ol Die
Corporation li nine hundred mui Unco
thouiand pine hundred and twenty
dollari (1901.910). (excepting for work*
of local Improvement and for lohoo)
purpoiei) of which none of the principal'or Inlerett It In arrear,
WHEREFORE ibe Municipal Council
f the Corporation of the Clly of Noi'h
ancouver with the aiicnt of the
Jectort of tbo City of Nortli Vancouver
fiilV obtained, enacti al followi:
f. It Shall bo lawful lor the Mayor
' th* City 9' North Vancouver and
,e Clly Clerk for Ihe
US to borrow or ralie
rk for the purpoae tfoi
e by wuy of io i-
any person or perioni, body or
Fet corporale  ,who may be will-
to advance  the  tame  upon  Hunt   or  the  debepturci  hereinafter
i_|1loncd of ihe Corporation a lum of
ipney sot  exceeding In   the   whole
it Sum  of Ten  Thouiand   i|10.000)
Itr! and to cause Ihe. tame lo be
ltd In the Bank of Brttllh North
Tea at' Norlh  Vancouver  lo  the
h of the city  for  Ibe  purpoie
I* recited, and luch moneys Ihall be
fer that iiurpote only.
„   Debenturei of Ihe clly nol er-
■dlpg In  annum I   the  ium   of T-n
iouaend if 10.000) Dollari mny be f)
id by the laid Mayor ond clly CP
termi of the Municipal clauses
*UlnS as may  be deilred. but
Tceedtng One thouiand t|i,oo0i I.
oich, or the cqulveleni expres'
lObndt    iterllng   Of   tbe    Unl
[sipm   of  Oreal   Hiiinln  and   1.
at Ihe value of li.H l-l to I.,-
ini  sterling.      Koch   of   the  siild
jtnlurei ihull be idyiiod by the Mid
F-  and  City  Clerk  ond   the  Clky
. ihull affix thereto Iho Corporufic
of the laid Clly of North V
e Debenture/ iball bear ddis
day pf September. 1911. tern!
ii interest It He rale of injur
Ml ll'A) per cent, ver tiki-
e halt yearly on (he ililet
"lurch  and  Ihe nnt  day   of
In   cimJi   um)   every   ye ir
ie currency of the euld di--
or my Of tbem. There iin ll
'   to  the  dcbenlurce, po j-
, by (he Mavof only. ' <r
Avery payment of Intc-rj- m
become due, end tuch tl,'
lay be either wrlltcn, Stem
•A if Jllhograiilii'd.
laid deWniurt* as to prl
interest way be made pa
lAijScy of Us equivalent
tAlpt at the v..'-
Poufd Moiling a. —■■ w,
'Id   Oreat   frlttjfi WW
America Or the Dopolpt
lit off mpavagfapli jt ami tuUecl
in to prpylilp 'or tbs paymejit of
lUerost llii-li'oii. and tho turn of Blx-
:y;flve do||an-anil ilfty-one cents
•W.\f) for Ihe repayment pf the prlp-
:|pal thereof.
XrThe urpctcdi of the tad.dilbep-
:Ucs sh»lf boi applleif'af foljpwS,
ind po   ptliorwlio:
[a   I" .W'lW' ot 'be cost of the
tailing of thie By-law
patting of ihis By-law and ihe, lnue.
upil sale of the debentures therein
referred to and all oJpenioi connected  with  the laid loan.
ili) In recouping Iho laid Corporation for aucb sums ol hav* been expended hereunder' until the proceed.
of tho mil.- of tbe Mid debepturci
liiicoinei available.
(c) Tp biitry Mt the purpoiei of
Ibis By:la»> at above let out.
I. All monpys srlilng out pf thu
annual ipcclal rate hereinbefore provided for linking fund Shall be Invested by the Council of ibe said corporallon from t|me to tlm* »»the ley
dlructi. *
t. No febett shall be, allowed on
tbe ilieclif ratet |o bt levied under
thit by-law.
11). This By-law ihall t»|ce effect
op the ilxtccntb day of January,
il. 'Thie By-Jaw may be cited for
all purnoiot ai "The Oheitcrflold
Xvepbe "Wharf  By-luw,   Hll.1
Caned by the Council on tbe »tb
day o' Deceniber ,1911.
Received Iho aiient pf the Electors
of tbo Clly of North Vancouver »t ap
efecfipp for Wi onmtf »» the
Recbnildered M thoCouacll and filially adopted, llgned bf tl)e MaW
and Pltv Clerk and tolled with the
Corporate Seal on Ihe
TAKE NOTICE that tbo above ll a
true copy of the propoied By-Law upon which the vole nf'lbe Electors ol
tho Municipality of Hie city of North
Vuncouver will he takep wllhln the
City Hall, Norlh Vaneouver, B. C.. on
Thursday, Ibe Eleventh da,V of January All., 1918, between the boun of
9'o'cToVk um'and 7 o'clock p.m.
SIM ,„!.,.-      OJ...1   .......
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby irlven
that tho vole el th* Eloctors of Ihe
City of North Vuncouver wil he
taken on Tburiday. Ihe Eleventh day
of January, lift, between tbe hours
of S o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p m. on
The Cheilerlleia Avenue Wharf
It- I 'vv 1912
and that wlt'hln the Clly Hall, Norlh
Vuncouver. B. (G., apd that Thpmui
Shepherd hai been apujilnted Returning Offleor lo take tbe vote of tuch
Electort wltb tho uunul powen In
tbut  behalf. _. ,    „
By order of the Coupcll.
WM.   M.-NEIHl:,
City Clerk.
Ill -I,*V.   Ml. 101
A III -LAW lo .-liable Itr ( oriioiallun
at Ikt CM) of lforih Vaacouver lo
r.l«r fci  w»»  of lo*« Ike tjiBj of
, »S,imio.0O lo lay onl and rmbrllUb
a oorlloa pf the public Cenelery.
WHEHEAS H ll deemed expedient
tbat lite lum of Five thouiand Dollari
)}6,000.00) be provided for the purpoie
of regulating ihe public Cemetery In
Dlilrlcl Lot No 1180. Norlh Vanvouver.
by laying out und embeillining a portion of tucb cemetery.
AND WHEREAS In orocr to provide
aald ium it will be neceuary to little
dcbentuiei of the Corporation of Ihe
Clly of North Vancouver for the ium ol
Five Thousand Dollar! 1(6.000.00) aa
hereinafter provided (which la the
umount of the debt Intended to be
created by this By-law).
AND WHEREAS a petition llgned
by tho owner! of more than one-tenth
(1-10) of the vafue of reul property In
tho Clly of Norlh Vancouver (at
ihown by IJie last reviled Assessment
Roll), haa been presented lo Ihe Municipal Council of >t|w CHy of Norlli
Vancouvei roiiuestlog Ihem to Introduce a By-law Ip uulhorlie the
borrowing upon the credit of Ihe Oily
of lbc «Uni of Flvo Thousand (16.000)
Dollar* for the purpoto aforesaid.
and WHEREAS for the payment
of Interest on the debentures |.roposen
to be Ikb.i.-J under Ihli By-luw. and for
creating a linking fund for tho payment of the laid debentures when due.
II will be nccelitry to raise by tpn-
i-lnl rate In addition to all oilier rules.
each year during tbe currency of such
debenturei the ium of Two hundred
und dfiy-svvni dollari and seventy-
slx ceptl 11867.Jl) whereof Two Hundred alld Ivvesiiy-llve 11226) Dollari ll
lo be railed auliUally for tn,e payment
of Interest during the currency of laid
debenlurea mui Iblrly-two dolluri and
•evenly-tlx cent! III2.JI) to be raised
CqltlValenJ In
,,  who of. UM
id Moiling al sueh. nlacV<
 160 ,ojf
tey be agree* upon be\
iporutlon An,d tm nofderi
ie aald principal    tun
I ttade'PaySJMi
J  urlnc/pa)    tt
le hy the clly
i Illy year* fn
iirsber, llll
Ap ell the
•\e oity m
ni upon i
irenie a
annually for ihe purpose of creating
a slnk'.iiK fund fm- the payment of Ihe
deb), secured by the tald dobcnlurcs
tip.- tame being mudo puyuble In Afty
yluiru from Iht Dnt Ouy of Seiilcm-
Tier, 1911.
AND WHKREAH In order to rulse
the suld yearly turn Of Two hundred
*tid nffy-ieven dollurs and levciiiy-
*|X cent* (I2(J.J$) tor Inloresi und
ulnklng fund .an cijuul ipedtl rate on
tho dollar will be ieuulfat to be levied on al lilu- ruiniMn real properly
In  Ibe laid Clly.
AND WHEREAS tbe whole rateable
real properly In the euld ,Clly accord
ing' io Ihe last reviled uiiesimept roil
li ten million nine hundred and ninety
thousand, three hndred and SeVeOly-
opo /JI0,990.IJ1) Dollars ,
' AND WHEREAS (he ogKregate of the
existing debenture debt or-the Corporation la Nino hundred am) three thousand nine hundred and iwenty O02.-
lit) Dollari, lexceptlng i"r worki of
local Improverfiont and for school purpoiei) of which pone of Use principal
or lnlereit I* Ih arcrar.
THKHEFORE Ibe Municipal Council
of t«e Corpoiallon of the city of Norm
Vancouver with ihe atient uf tbe eled
tort of ibe City 6/ North Vancouver
' obtained, .epalt*
i   it ihtl)
blolned. .eptiil* a* foil"**
t ibtll be lawful for t i.o Mayor
of Die Clly of Nbrili Vuncouver and
the City Clerk for Ibe purpose wore-
told to borrow Or ralie by wuy of loun
from any Pei»n oi perioni. body or
bodlei cotapriU ,v7bo may he willing
to advance Ihe iame upon the credit
of the debenture* herclnoiier mentioned of the t.'orporatlun, a sum of
mohey not exceeding In the whole the
aum of Five IbouSaid ,(|6.000) Dollari
and Io cau»e the tame to be pltcoo. u
the Bank Of »HlthHorth Amerlcd,«
Nonlh Vancouver lo Hie credit of tbt
■- ^nr^ojie ab.ove lecited.
the mm
i tu—
tbo (Irst day of Ijiptombor, |9I1, and
'■ at the fato nf fopr
the nrst day qf s
and pne-holf HHl por cent, per annum
Payable half yearly on the tlrit d»y
pf March and the firsl toy ot Bep:
timber In each and every, year during
tho currenpy ot tho said debentures,
or uny of iboro. Thefe ihall be ut-
tacbod lo the deboajjisei coupons
llgped by Hip Mpyor onl)', tor each
»nd every payment of Intpreil thai
pity lieconio due, and ipoh iIkiiuIui-c
biay be either wilttep, stamped, tu-lnt-
td or lithographed.
f The laid debenlures a* to principal and micros', may be Pindo payuble eltihcr In cprroncy or HS equivalent |n pounds iterllng ol the yulue of
(i.ii l-l to the pound'sterling at
tuch place or place! In Ureat Britain,
United Slates of America or the Domln-
iniop ot Canada at may be agreed upon
between tho corporation and the holdori
thereof, and  tbe tald  principal ium
ihall be made psyaule by the clly at a
datq hot later than  lift;
the hnt day of Septen)'
1.   During  the  whine  term  Of the
y years from
-' llll
currency of the laid debenturei a tpe
clal ralo mi tin- dollar iball be levied
and railed etch year In addition lo
nil olber -ratet on all tbe rateable
real property In tho city and Sufficient to pay the lntereit upon the
tald debenturei, and tq create a tinging fund for the payment of tbe principal thereof When due, lublect to any
act or enactment respecting the tame.
Such speclul rple Ihull be (niorled
In the Collector'l Roll or Rolll .and
(hull bt payable to and collected by
the SSld Corporation lb mc eame wpy
as other ratet in the laid Roll Or
Rolll, lave us hereinafter provided.
I.' in order to provide for the
ratea let put in paragraph It) and
RUblect ai aforeaald, there ahall be
railed annually by ibeclal rate during
the currency of the aab) debenture!
Ihe ium qf Two hundred and twenty-
llve (1226) Dollari to provide for Ihe
payment of lntereit thereon, ond the
.'.hid of Thlrly-iwu ilulliiiH and leven-
ty-ilx conll (I32.7S) for the rcpaymonl
-I ili-   principal thereof.
\ Tbe proceeds of Ihe laid debenture! shall be applied at followa, and
not olherwlie:
lu) In payment of the cott of the
palling of thla By-law. and the Iiiui
and tale of the debenlures therein referred to and all expeniea connected
with the tald loan.
tb) In recouping the said Corporation for tuch sumi aa have been expended hereunder until the proceeds
of the aale of Ihe laid debentures be-
s-oini-ii available.
(c) To carry out the purpoiei of
thii By-law aa above let out.
I. All moneys arlalng oul of thr
annual apeclel rate hereinbefore provided for linking fund Bhall be Invested by the Council of Hie laid Corporation from lime to time as the law
9. No rebate thall be allowed on
Ihe ipeclai rates to be levied under this
10 Thla By-law iball take effect on
tb cltth day of January, 1918
II. ,Thls By-law may be cited for
all purpoiei ae "The Cemetery Improvement By-law.  1913"
Passed by the Council on the 81th
duv of December.  1911
Received the atient of the Electors
of the Clly of Norlh Vancouver ut an
election for the purpoie on the
day  of 1912
i Reconildercd by the Council and |ln-
nly udopled. llgned bv the Mavor and
city Clerk, opd sealed with Ihe Cor-
porate Seal ot the
day of
TARE NOTICE that the above It a
true cqpy of Ihe propoied By-Law upon which Ihe voie of the Electors .<t
the Municipality of tbe Clly of North
Vuncouver will be token wllhln lb<
Clly Hall, Norlh Vancouver. B. C„ on
Tbursdny, the Eleventh day. of January AD. 1913, between the houn of
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Relurnlng Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE ll hereby given
that the vote of the Eleclori of thi
Clly of Norlh Vancouver will be
taken on Tburiday. the Eleventh day
of January, 1912. between the bourr
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Cemetery Improvement Bylaw, 1913.
and that wllhln the City Hall. Norlh
Vancouver,  B   C,   and   that  it -
Shepherd haa boen appointed Returning Officer lo lake  Ibe vole of luch
Eleclori   wilh   the   usual   powers   In
that  behalf.
By order of the Council,
Clly Clerk.
A BY-LAW to tsslbl* tbr I ...por.ll.,D
el ibt i ity of Nortb Vascoaver te
raise l» Way ol lo** the (Die uf
|S,000.00 le open **d rough grade
lane* le fee Cily.
WHEREAS   It   ll   deemed   cxpndloiil
that ilie Hum of Five thouiand Dollar!
116.000) be provided for the purpose of
opening lanes In ihe Clly and Improving tuch Inn.» by rough grading
same Ihe tald turn to be applied ai
hereinafter expretled.
AND WHEREAS In order to provide
said ium It Will be neceuary to Issue
debenlure! of Ihe Corporation of the
City of Norlh Vancouver for the turn
of Five thouiand Dollan (16.000) 0'
hereinafter provided t which' ll the
amount of tho debt Intended to be
created hy  Ihli  Ry-lu.».
ami WHEREAS a petition tlgnrd
by the owner! of more lhan one-tenth
1-10) of Ihe value of real property in
ihe City of North Vancouver la* shown
Py the lasl revlied Assessment Roll)
hus been preienlod lo the Munlclpul
Council qf Ihe City of Norlh Vancouver requeitlng Ihem to Introduce a
By-law to authorise the borrowing of
.Ihe turn of Five thousand il6,i)00'
ii..ii.,iu for ihe purpoie aforciald.
AND WHEREAS for Ibe paymenl of
lm, i.ni on (he debenturei proposed to
be uied under thll by-law, and for
creating t linking fund for ihe pay-
mei.i of the laid debenture! when
cue, It will be neceuary lo raise by
Special rale In addition lo All fclher
rates, each year during Ibe currency
or audi debentures fhe *um of Two
hundred and tlfiy-sevcn dollari and
--»*j»ly-ilx   centi   (1267.71)     whereof
jlT hundred and  lwenly-«ve H326)
Pilars li 16 be relied annually for
je pi.vmenl of IhlercSt during the
ourrencv of aald debenlures, and thirty-two dollari and seventy-tlx centi
(III 70) m be raised annually for IM
PU/pOle of creating a sinking fund
Itt payiiienl of ihe debl leeofod by
ifce itJO debenture* jtho latne btlr
laU-JAyabJe In Afty ycerl from (.
f|F ,«>y ..f September. Hll.
WHEREAS |n nruer to ralie
icarly sum of TWO hundred
fveh dollars and icvonly-il*
l.je) for lnlereit and Unking
equal ipcc|al rale qn the
be required io be levied
rateable feaJ, Vrepeffy )t
bhple raieaW.O
,    cJly, according
ivlicd taseawnri'i'
Sine hua4r»i »ttd ninety
three burjirjijl mi sev
litEAS thefwh
(.'in tht said «U
ttfUa af
ortb Vanoppvcr, .
the E|eo(prt' of tB
ysiicqdyer My oV\
'(', ' It bDu.1I be lawful fqr the afpm
of tho p|ty of North YaficbK-"
the city p|erk lor tl|i pprpDie
0 borrpft Of raise by w#jr of
tald I.
loan from any pertop pr persqnl
br bodlei poniorate, who may b'
lug lu advance the sumo upon tbo ofi
dlt of tbe debenture! hereinafter mel
Honed of Iho Corporation a sum Of
money not exceeding In the Whole tlm
sum of Five thousand i|6,000) Dollars
and tq cause the lame lo be placed
In the Bank of British Ilorlh Anierku
at North Vancouver, to the credit of
the eity for the purpoiei above recited
tnd tuch moneys iball be uied for the
purpoie only.
2. Debenturei of tbe City not exceeding In amount the turn of Five
thousand t|6.0po) Dollar! may be li-
iiiH-d by Ihe laid Mayor and Pity Clerk
In termi of the Municipal Clauiei Act.
Ip sums ss may be deilred, but nol
exceeding one thouiand 111,000) Dollars each or the equivalent cxprciie.i
ip pound! iterllng of Ihe United Kingdom of Qreat Britain and Ireland, ai
the value of Mil l-l to tho pound
Iterllng Each of tbe suld debenture!
Ihall be tinned by the itld Mayor
Cjeik and  Ihe  City  Clerk
and city ell .
ihall affix thereto I
qf the tald City of
Hereto tbo Corporate Seal
City of North Vancouver
I. Tpe debenturei thall bear date
the first day of September, 1911, and
Ihall bear Inlerett St the rite of four
and ope-half ll'A) per cent, per annum payable half yearly un tne nrtt
day Of March and tbe first day of
September In each and every year
during the currency of tbe tald debentures, or any of ihem- There ihall
be attached to the debenturei coupom llgned by the Mtyor only, for
each and every payment of Interest
that may become due, and tucb signature may be either written, stamp
ed, printed or llthograpbea.
j. The suld debenlurea as to principal and Intereat may he made payubb
either In curredcy or III equivalent In
pound! iterllng at Ihe value of tf.ll
3-3 lo the pound sterling al luch placi
or places In Oreat lirltaln. United
Btatei of America or Ihe Dominion of
Canada ui may be agreed upon between the Corporallon and the holder!
thereof, and the laid principal sum
shall be made payablo liy the Pltv ul
a dale not later than llfty yean from
tbe mui day of September, 19)1. , "
I. During Ihe whole term of the currency of Ihe laid dehenluret a special
rale on the dollar ihul) be levied uml
relied each year In addition to all
other ralei on all the rateable real
properly In the City and suniclcnt >o
pay Ihe Intereat upon the lalj debenturei and lo create a linking fund for
Ihe paymenl of the principal thereof
when due. subject to any act or enactment respecting the iame. Such ape
■■lul rate shall be Inserted In the Col-
leotqr'i Roll or Rolls, and thul) hr
payable lo and collected bv the tald
corporation In Ihe aame wnv at uilu-i
ratei In the said Roll or Rolls lave
u hereinbefore provided.
I. In order lo provide for the ralei
■et out In liunigruph 16) and subjc I
at aforesaid, Ihere shall be raised annually hv ipcclal rule during the currency pf the said J.-li.-nfih.-h the sum
of Two hundred and twenty-five
1(226) Dollars lo provide for the tiny-
uie!" of Inlerett thereon. Sud the turn
of Thin' issu I'ollurs and leveniv sit
lems IMl.i'S, for tbe rcnaym.-iit I :'e
11 nc!pul  !'■■ " ■■( .
7 The proceed! of the S'lld debentures shall be applied ai followi. und
not olherwlie'
tot In' psviwfl »f Hie com uf H»i
niisiir.i- nf Ihis By lnw .o-i I thu l/ll.v)
■md sule of Die debentures therein referred to .and nil expense! connected
-.vltii  'he laid loan
lb) In recouping th" s.ild Corporallon for tuch Mini'i ua have been expended hereunder until the proceeds
of tbe sale of the laid liubonturr* b. ■
■"men available
le) To carry out the purpoiei of
Ihli bv-law aa ubovo set out
I. No robatt thill be allow. ■! on
Hie tPccltl ratea lo be l.-vleu under
thlsr-By-law .
9 Thii By-law ihall lake effect on
the KHi dov of January,  in:
10. Thll By-law may be cited for
sll purposes a* "The Lams Loan Bylaw, 1911."
Patted by the Council on the 81th
day of December, llll
Received the atient of the Elector!
of the Clly of Norlh Vancouver at an
election for Ihe purpoie on Hie
duy of 1913
Reconildercd by Ihe Council and fn-
ully odopled, llgned by lh» Movr ui.n
■'liy  Plerk and waled  with the Cor-
norate Seal on lot
day of IHU-
TARE NOTICE lhat Ihe above li a
true copy of Ihe propoied By-Law upon which Ihe vote ot the Eleclori of
tho Municipality of Ihe City of North
Vancouver will be taken within tin
City Hull, North Vaneouver, B P., on
Tburiday. the Eleventh day of Janu
an- A.D.. 1913, belween the houn of
9 o'clock i in, tnd J o'clock Pin.
Clly Clerk and Rtlurnlng Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICK It hereby given
ihul the vole of the Elector! oT ihe
Clly of North Vancouver will be
taken on Tburiday. Ihe Eleventh dty
of January, 1913. between the houn
of 9 o'rlocg a m. and 7 o'clock ui. on
The I.anei Loan By-law, 1911..
and lhal wllhln Ihe Clly Hall. :»'■»"
Vancouver, p C, and thai Tbomai
Shepherd hat been appointed Rclorn-
Ing Officer lo lake (he vote of tuch
Eleclori wltb the usual powen In
lhal   behalf
By order of the ('oUn.-ll
'     * Witt.  McNKISR
Clly clerk
* BY-LAW I* rteble Iht Carieratloa
of tbr C|ly  ef Socio  VaacOKvrr le
ralie by n»i   Ol lo»»  Ih* Mm ot
41(1*00 lo lay pul a vorllo* of mike*
irk ol lar I fly ol Sort* V..coom,
WHEREAS It It deemed expedient
In the inieresl of (he city to cause
lo be laid oul for the recfetllon and
enjoyment of the publio a portion of
Mahon Pork In Ibe City of Norlb Vancouvei.
AND WHEREAS In erder thereto It
will be neceitary to Itiue debenturei
?he'rem o^EHieen'Thouaana TJfa.0?)
D«l*i! a* hereinafter provided^ Which
It (fie amount of IbeJtVl intendtd to
be created ly fbl* By-law, th* P"
tettt nl fhe uid debenture* io be1!
Idled to ih* Sajd pUrbotei and lo
° ANI) WHEREAS * petition Han-
cd by the owner* or more than
one-teneh ' ll-Wy pt ibt tmt of
reel   property    In    the    sale    city
of North Vancouvr- '
IA»I revised AU>
hundred and Sevonly-ilvo (I67S) Dol
lure ll tq bo ralBod annually fqr i
pSvinont nt lntereit during t|ie o|
Fancy pf tald' debenturei and ninety-
eight dollurs and twenty-llx coins
i)l|.2|l tq bt relied annually
Uf ib* Hurn9M °l creating a
llpklng fund for paypient of tbe debt
Mpttred by tbe laid denepiurei. the
itne being made phyablo In fifty yean
frqp) tpe flrat day of Septemhir. 111).
AND WHEREAS In order lo ralie
the u|d yearly tUm of seven hundred
tod seytnty-inree dollari and twenty
six centi (I77l.il) for lntereit apd
llpklng fund, ah uqual itieelul rule
■ui the dollar will be required on all
rateable real property In Ibe suld city.
AND WHEREAS Iho whole rateable
nil properly In' tht aald City (according fq the laat reviled assi-ssmeiii
roil) li 110.990,311 Hen million nine
hundred ond ninety thouiand, thiee
hundred and icventy-ono) dollan.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate ol
the existing debenlure debt of the
Corporation le nine hundred and Hire-
thousand nine hundred ahd twenty
11903.980) Dollan (excepting for workt
il local Improvement and for tcboO)
purpoiei) of which hone of ibo principal or Intereat It In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of  ibe   i'...-iMir'iloii   of the  Clly  ot
North Vancouver, wjth the assort
tht Pity ot north Vancouver duly obtained,  eliuels at folliiW,.i
1. It thall be lawful fo rthe Mayin
of the City of North Vancouver and
the City Clerk for tpe purpoie aforesaid lu borrow or fall! by way of
loan from any ptrton or perions
or bqdles corporate, who may be willing lo advance the iame upon Ihe credit of the debenture! heretnafler meo-
iIuued of the Porporatlon a turn of
money nol exceeding In Ihe whole tbr
sum of Fifteen thouiand lill.iiilO) Dollar! and to cnuic Ibe tnme tn be
Placed In tb; Hunli «if British North
America at Norlh Vancouver, lo Ihi
credit of the City for ■ tic purpoie
above reel led, und tucb moneyt ihull
bo uied fur Ihtt purpoie only.
8. Debentures of ibe Clly nol exceeding In amount ihe ium of Flfleon
thouiand 1116.1)1)0) Dollari may be
bulled by Ihe laid Mayor and Clly
Clerk In ttrmi of Ihe Municipal Clauiet Act In sunn s* may be deilred.
but not exceeding one thouiand id
000) Dollari each or the equivalent exorcised In pounds mel llim of the Unitod Kingdom of Oreal .Brltnln and Ireland ni the value of Iill l-l lo Ihe
pound iterllng. Bach of tbe tuld debentures ihall be llgned bv the suld
Mayor ond City Clerk nnd Ihe City
Clerk slmll affix thereto the Corporn1
Seal of the laid Pity of No'rlh Vancouver.
I. The debenturei ihall bear dale
ihe flnt day of September. 1911. and
ihall bear lntereit al the rate of four
and one-half n'-i pei cent, per annum payable half yeaurly on the Him
day ot March and the first day of September In each and every year during
the currency of tbe aald debenture!
or uny of ihem. There thall be attached to the debenturei coupom llgned by tbe Mayor only, for each and
every payment of lntereit thai may-
become due .mul tuch ilgnature mm
be either written, itamped, printed
ir lUhngrnnhed thereon.
I. The sold debenture! ui In prln-
.-trial and lnlereit may be made payuble either In currency or Hi equivalent In pound! iterllng al tbe value
of IMS l-l lo the pound iterllng ut
such place or placet In Oreat Britain
rolled Slatet of America or Ihe Dom
Inlon of Canada al may be agree.'
upon bebween tbe Corporation and
Hie holder! thereof, and Ihe nbl principal lum ihall be made payable by
ibe Cliv at a dale nol later Ihun fifty
- sari frum the flrat dty or September
l. During the whole term of Ihe
currency or (he tald debenturei a inr-
cltl rite on the dollar thall be levied
and railed each year In addition to
nil olher ratet on all tbe rateable real
properly In Ibe City and sofficlenl to
'.ay Ihe lnlereit upon the laid debenlure! .and to creale a linking fund
(or fhe paymenl of the principal Uteres-
of when due, lublect to any acl or
enactment relpccllng the mme Bucb
ipcclal rale ibtll he Inierled In tin-
Collector'! Roll or Rolll. and ihall be
payable to and collected by the laid
Corporallon In the lame way aa other
rates In Ihe laid Roll or Rolls, lave
at   lu ', Inlieur.     |-l ■. v 1.1, il
I. In order lo provide for the rates
icl out In paragraph IS) and lubler'
m iiforettld. Ihere iball br ralu-d annually by ipcclal rale during the cur-
renrv of Iho laid debenlure! the sum
of six hundred and levrnly-hvc (|S7t)
Dollari to provide for the paymenl of
Inleretl thereon, and the ium of nine-
■■ .i.-i.i dolluri and twenty-six centi
(191 IS) for the reptymenl of Hie principal thereof.
7. The proceedi of Ihe tald debenture! thall be applied at (Hows, and
nol olherwlie:
It) In payment of tbe coit of lb.
nailing of Ihli By-law and Ibe Iiiui
snd sale of Ihe dehenluret therein referred lo. and all expenses connected
with the laid loan
Ib) tn recouping Ihe suid Corporation fnr inch tuml al have been expended mull Ihe proceed! of Ihe int.
of Ihe laid debenlures become! aval)
able.        .     -
tc) To carry out the purpoiei of
thll Rv-laW I* above lei oul.
I No rebtte thall be allowed on
the special ratet lo be levied under
thii By-law
I. Thll By-law shnl Hake effect on
the  ISIh  dav of January.   1918
10 This By-law mny be died for
nil purpose! aa "The Parks l.uuu Bylaw. 19)1"
Pasird by Ihe Council oa Ihe lllh
dtv of Deceniber, 1911
Received the ussent of Ihe Kleclori
of Ihe CHy of Norlh Vincouver tl in
election for Ihe purpose on the
duv   of Ji'lisiurv. 1911.
Reconsidered by Ihe Council and tin-
lliv   adopted   .signed   bv   the   Mavor
and Cliv Clerk and sealed  with tbr
Corporate Seal on the
day of
TAKE NOTICE that the above It t
true copv of Ihe pronoird flv-l,tw noon which ibe vote Of Ihe Klectors of
ihe Munlelptllty of Ihe Clly of North
Vancouver Will b» tlken wllhln the
City Hall. Noflb Vancouver. B P., ot
Ttiursdnv, the Eleveat'. nt of Janu
try A.D, till, belween the boon of
9 o'clock tub. aad 1 o'clock p.m.
Clly I'lcrk and Relurnlng Officer
bv-hw m-,m
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby alven
lhat the vow pt the Electors of the
City oi BOrUl Vancouver will bt
takrn on Thursday. Ihe Eleventh day
of January, fill. bal.Ween the hours
Of 9 o'clock am. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Ptriijl Loai Bv-law. 1911
and tbi! WllJlB the City Hell. North
Vancouver, m C, tnd th*t Thorns'
ftliepherd Bu been appointed Relurnlng Officer in lake (he vote Of tuch
Eftclori wlffa fhe uiut) pqwtr* In
Uiat behaU.
By order of the Council.
W* *c^l«,.or
Mil* laajha) M. Daw, licentiate tt,
■e Boyal Amim *f mf*, *"»«>)
ojtbwd, teacher 'pt pimalatUi vWtt*
Norn, ;vmw* ,**.*»> wm*. lorm
m 9mb Mm, *&&*»?. vim
Mm iwmwi W
whereas by order «q. 11177 the
Board Of Railway Commissioners for
Canada ordered Ibe city of North Vancouver tq conilruct a toot iub-way
under the Canadian Pacific Railway
tracks connecting Columbia AVbnlie In
the City qf Vancuuver with the North
Vancouver Ferry Wharf.
AND WHEREAS by said order it
wai alio directed that tbe City of
North Vancouver boar and pay thi)
expense of cunttriietlng the laid lUR-
v.-.i.v and he repaid twenty per cent.
(30 p.c.) ot the cost thereof, not to ex-
ited ibo sum of Flvo thousand |6.000)
Dolluri by the government out of the
Railway tirade Croiilitg Fund And
Ihut arty per cent. (SITpc.) of the
remainder of sueh cplt be paid by the
City of Vancouver to tbe City of North
AND WHEREAS It li cttlmaled tbut
the share to lie bmHe by the City
of Norlli Vancouver of the expense of
constructing the aald aubway will bp
illiet-n thouiand (116,000) Dollari.
AND WHEREAS In order tq provide
the necessary moneys therefor 11 will
be neceisuiy- to Issue debentures ot
thu City of North Vuncouver for Ihe
sum or Fifteen thousand 1116.000) Dollar! a* herelnufler provided I which Is
tlie amount of the iie-n im.-nucii to be
created by thll By-law) Die proceed!
uf tin said debentures to bo applied
io ilu  .old purpoae and to no olher.
AND WHEHEAS a petition signed
by the owner* of more lhan one-tenth
(1-101 of Ihe value of rea) property
In the City of Norlh Vancouver (a*
sin■un by the lusl reviled Aiiesiment
Roll) hut luun presented to Ihe Municipal Council of the Clly of Nortb
Vancouver requeitlng tbem to Introduce a By-law lo authorise the borrowing of the ium of Fifteen thou-
aatid (116,000) Dollari for the purpoio
ANI) WHEREAS for tbo paymenl of
Interest on thp debentures propoied
to be Issued under ihlu By-luw, and
for creating a sinking fund for Ihe
p.i .im in of Ibe said debenturei when
due. ll will be noccssury to rain by
special rale In uddltlon to ull Olber
ratcl. euch year during the currency
uf auch debenturei the sum of BeVtn
hundred nnd tovuiity-lhree dollar!
and tweniy-ilx cent! (|77).2t), whereof SIX I ll. d Olid ■ .V lily   live  t|C7l)
Dulluis Is to be railed unnuully for Ibe
payment of Intereil during the currency of laid debenlures. and Ninety
■ li.lit dollars uml twenty-six cents
1198 2.) ll tu be rulied unnuully for
Ihe purpoie of creating u linking fund
lor the puyment of (lie debt s sn	
by ihe said debenture! the Bume being '
payable In Hit}' years from  the  Hnt
day  uf September.  1911. . ,
AND WHEREAS In order to■ rale.
the suld yearly turn of Seven iiundred
■ ■ml levenly-tbree dollars and twenty-
six centi (1773.26) for Interest and
sinking fund, un equal special rate on
the dollar will be required lo. Ue levied
up ull the i.ii.-.si.i. reul pruperty In
Ibo  suld  Clly.
AND WHEREAS Hie whole rateable
real properly Ip the lam CHy, according to the last revised assessment
roll is ti" "th -. i Hen million nine hud-
drcd und ninety thousand .three hundred .md seventy-one dollars).
AND WHEREAS the utigregate of
Ihe existing debenlure debt of the
Corporullon la Nine Iiundred and three
ito.in..nuI pin. hundred und twenty
i|903.920) Dollan (excepting for'worki
ot locul Improvement and for ichool
purpoiei) of which none of the principal or Inieresl Is In arrear.
THEREFORE the .Munlclpul Council
of the Corporation of the Clly of
North Vancouver, with the assent of
the Electors of the t'lly of North Vancouver duly olitiiliied. eiiucis ai followi:
I. II shall be luwfu) for the Mayor
of the City of North Vancouver and
the Pity Clerk fur (he purpose aforesaid lo I-.i nui or rulse by way of loan
from any person or perioni. body or
bodies corporate, who may be Willing
lu advance the iame upon the credit
of the debenture! hcrcluuftcr mentioned of tin■'!'.,r allun. a turn ot money not cMei.iiiic In the whole the
turn of Fifteen thouiand f|U.0OO) Dollars, und lo cause the sunie to bu
pi.... d Iii the Bunk of British North
America at North Vancouver' lo the
credli uf the rily for Ihe puypoi'
above reelled. and such money* iball
be used fur that purpose uPly.
3. Debenturei of the City not exceeding In amounl the sum of Fifteen
Ihouaund (flCOOO) Dollar! may bt Is-
lued by the laid Mayor and City Clerk
In terms ul the Munlclpul CluuscI Act
In sunn ai may be deilred, but nol
exceeding One thousand (f 1.000) Dollar! each or the equivalent exprcltcd
In pounds s|.rllng or tbe fulled Kingdom of (Ireal Britain ana Ireland a:
Ihe value of llll 3-3 lo tbe pound
sterling'. Each of the said debentures ihall lie llgned by Ihe said Mtyor and Clly Clerk and the Clly Cltrk
thall affix iherelo the Corporate Seal
of the auld City of North Vancouver.
3. The debenlurea ihall bear date
the flrat day or Septrmber. 1911. an.)
ahull bear lntereit at Ihe rale of four
and one-half HS) per cent, per annum, payable hull yearly on the flfil
day of March ahd ibe flnt da)" of
September In each and every year during the currency of Hie tuld debenturei or any of them. There slmll
be iitiuchvd to Ihe debenturei coupon! llgned by Ihe Mayor only, for
each and every payment of Interttt
Ihtl mty become due. apd lueli llgnt-
lure mty be either written, ilemptd.
printed  or lithographed
I The said debentures at lo principal and lntereit mty be mado payable either In currency or it* eqol-
vul.nl In pound! iterllng ul the value
of IIII l-l to Ihe pound iterllng SI
such place or plaeei In Oreat Britain.
United Sleiei of America or tht Dominion of '.'uini.li. aa may be agreed
Upon between Ihe Corporation and the
holderi Ihereuf. and the laid principal
•um thall be jnude pnvtlde by Ih"
city al a due hot  later  Iban llfty
yeara from the flnt 'ity of eepttrn-
I. During ihe whole term of the
currency of the suld dobenlurct a ipe-
cltl rate on the dollar Shall be levied
and raised each year In addition to
nil olher rate! on all Ihe rateable rial
properly tn the City and luffirlepl lo
pay ihe Intereil upon the laid debenturei, and lb create a sinking fund
for Ihe paymenl of the principal thereof when dde. lubjecr io any acl of
enactment relpccllng the lame, tuoh
special fate thall be Inserted In tbe
Collector'! Hull or Holla, uid ihall be
payable to and collected by tbe itld
Corporallon In the tarns Way a* other
ralei in the tald Roll or Rolls, lave a*
hereinafter plovlded.
I. In order lo provide for the ratet
tet out In paragraph it) and lublect at aforeiald. (here *hail be rilled
annually by ipcclal rate during the
currency of the said debenture*,  ihe
nm of ili hundred and levenly-flTe
171) Dollar* to hrovldo for the pty-
mept of Ihlerett ihereon, and Ihe mm
ol Hlnetf-eljtbt dollan and twohty-sfit
ittiM tipHmaploiibt
ftMn /:
M 'pgiPPH Pt
"  of «l>o
in ffme in on 'aw
[jtaw  iball   Mfe; *«•:
3(ntpay„W HM .;f'
«'Vsi!* Perry mwt
Pasted by M piiunc|l on tbo sstlt
in.   ot Pejieijibw .nil „,   ,
li)l «•> in* Eleclori.
lb yancouvtr at nn
IrppiS on.lt.   m
Btcontldered bv the Council and nn-
da   or tleeembw ,|»
election fqr tne B<lrj
TAKU NOTICE that the abov* Is »
tillt copy ol the propoied ByUw upon wbleh the vole of tbo Kleetors of
Iht Municipality of tbt Clly of Nortl.
Vancouver will be taken Within thr
City Hafl, North Vtncouver, B. ft, op
Tburiday, the Klevonlh day of January A.1)., 1918, between tke hours of
S1 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock pm.
City Clerk pp* Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICK li Hereby given
that th* vol* of the Electors "» tho
City ut North Vanoouver will be
taken on Thursday, tbe Eleventh da.,
of January, 11)13, between the hourt
"• « o'clock am'and 7 o'clock p.m. on
Tht Perry Bubwty hatp ByLaw,
tnd tbat'within the Oily Hall. North
Yapcouver, B. C, and that Thomas
Shepherd ha* beep appointed Return -
Ine Officer to take the vote of tucb
Elector! witb ths umal powers Ip
tbat behalf. *
By order of the Council.
City Clerk.
Ill -LAW NO, m
A in -i..»n i* enable Ike rur»orail>>»
ol Ikt Clly ol Nurlh Vancouver lo
r*l*c by  w*y ef lea*  Ike .uu ul
: 1..uull lor tke Surpult ol unklut
• l**e nt that iMuunt I* Ike Nortb
VtBcenvrr    llnrtlculturil     Aivocl*-
Hun  IU*  Plruicrl'  tsi.lllulr.
- WHEREAS a petition llgned by the
owncn of more tbtn one-lenth (-It)
tht ..ilne of ret) property :n tht City
htt in en preient** to the City council
requeuing tbem to Introduce t Bylaw to autborlit Ihtni to borrow the
ium of Twain thouiand ilia.000) Dol-
li.ri to be used for Ihe purposo of
j.iaUIng * loan of that amount to the
..sjith  Vtncouver Horticultural Asso-
< li i' uud Farmers' Institute to enable them to pty off certain debit ex-
ein,,, on thtir inhibition hall and
, i jiils and to further Improve thoir
AND WHEHEAS tbo told North Vancouver Horticultural Association and
i'.iiii.i..' Inilltut* hold tbeir tshlb-
Itloni nn Lot one tl) block Iwo hun-
i.i.il and ue.eii 1307), Diitrict Ut Five
hundred and fort) -live 1616) within Iht
limit of the Clly of Norlh Vancouver.
ANI) WHEREAS Hit laid loan will
bo lecortd by a lirst mortgage In favor  of lb* Clly  Corporation  to    be
.ui mi by Iht ttld Atwclttlon mt
ii.nit me over Lot one tl). of Block
iwo hundred tnd seven (107), of Pit
■ in i l."I Five hundred and forty-Avc
lisll) of (be Hjtit City, wbleh morl-
ungo will contain tht utual covenant!
and an obligation on Iht part of the
said Axoclatlon and Institute to pay
the Clly Corporation the turn or mini
isic.isary to provide yearly the Inlerett and jinking fund on tbe laid loan
AND WHEREAS for tht payment of
i- i. i-.'ii 00 the d.'lKinlurei propoied lo
le Iuued under thii By-law. and fur
.reeling a linking fund for th* pty-
i.-inl of tb* said debentures when due.
It will bl naccitary lo ralie by tpe
clal rait in tddltlon to all other ralei
each ytar during Ibt currency of tucb
debenturei If nol provided and paid
by tht said Association and Institute
the turn of Six hundred and eighteen
dollan and ilxlj -two cenlt Hill.S3)
whereof" Five hundred and forty dot-
liri .ga44) It lo be -sited annually
for Ihe payment of inlerett during
tht currency of l*Jd debenture! .and
."■ vi'iily-elgnt   dollars   and   sixty-two
■ ■uls i til Cl) lo |ie rilled annually
for the purpoie of creating a sinking
fund for the payment of Ihe debt te-
Hired by Die laid debenture! the aame
I ting made payable In flfly yean rom
the Orel dav of September, ltd
AND WHEREAS In order lo ralae
Ihe laid yearly turn of Six hundred
snd eluliieeu dollari and *ixly-lw»
cent* IIIIIII) for Inleretl tnd linking- fund, an equal ipcclal rale on Iht
dollar will bt required lo be levied
so all Ibt rtlttblt real properly In
the  slid  cliv
AND WHRRKA8 Ihe wbole rateable
real proptrtr Tn tbt ttld clly accord -
Ing lo Ine lut revised aucismcnl roll
II Ten million nine hundred and nlne-
ly-thsiuind. three hundred and leven-
lyont fsi«.Sli.l7l) Dollan
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate of
ihe Killing debenlure debt of Ihi Corporation ll Nine hundred and three
iiiouitiid pint hundred ind twenty
ilslS.IIS) Dolltri .(excepting for worki
of local Improvement and for ichool
imippiri) of which none of Ibe prlncl-
pil nr Inlireit It In arrear
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
nl the Corporallon of tht Cliv of Norlh
Vincouver wilh the atttnt of Ibt Eleclori In Iht City of norlh Vtncouver
duly obtained, entclt a* followt:
I. II shall be lawful for lot Mayor
of tht cliv or North Vtncouver tnd
thp City Clerk for the purpoie afort-
s.ild In borrow or SeJir- by wsy of
loan from any person or perioni. body
or bodlei corporate., who may be will -
l"c lo advance tpe tome upon Iht credit of the debenlure! hereinafter mentioned of tbt Corporation ,a mm of
money nol exceeding In tbe whole the
sum of Twelve thousand (118,000) Do)-
l'i« in* lo caute th* tame to be
ilsred In the Bunk of Brill*). North
America al . ortfi Vancouver to the
crpdlt of the City for the purpoie
ibgve cited and lueb money! Iball
lie  used for  I hit  purpoie.
I Debenture! of tbt City not •«-
r'tdlng In amount ibe mm of Twelve
tlmgauid (113.000) Dollar! m»v be ll-
sued ly Ike ttld Mayor and ('IIv CltrP
In lerrns of the Munlclml 1'laun-s Acl
In lumi a* mav be deilred. bul not
fjef«jjlng 11,000 (On* thouiand dollar!) tack, of Ihe cuulvilenl exoresied
In popnd* slerllna of Iht I'nited Kingdom of Oreat Britain and Ireland al
I'll value of Hit i-| te Wit pound tl*r-
lln* Each of Ihe *»ld .tetienturn
shall be ilgmd "by lb* tald Mtyor and
and lln toWllltA ebaj)
- thereto (he Corporal! Sail of
uls] ills „r North Vancouver.
The debenturei tbtM bear ltl*
1011. tnd
St j-iis li
If.) Pet eJB
igff ytarly of
ni Iht tm lay
bij>. «ff four
! f We sW Mtonlnrts a* .MflrliiP-
p*\ mitoteml my bimmmyibl,
i htr n currcniiy; op Itt MMWepI
OWJ WWft *t .ptfce Mm at
mirUui ftp the'pgimp,]
k ■■■
Mm 0* Ml 5* ttfeei
' apt the said -
pha|l pe made payable by tli*
i-JOl* ?H mK 'Mn Hfty TO.r.
the flrst day of September. Hll.
years trap,
olber rafei on ell the r»'
property  5 the Clfy
„t lntereit uppp
lurei gnd tq create a sinking fund for
hi pa-pient of ib* principal thereof
;*Ot r*ei
y and sufficient tb
P» fiV.eaM Seben-
t slwlPg fund for
iayab|o to and collected by tpe sgld
Corporation In the tame way at other
rate* In the said Roll or Spill, lave
il hereinafter provide*.
I.   In order to provide for tbe rales
pel out In paragraph IS) and subject
ni oforesuld .there ipall bi relied an
nuully by tpeclal rate during tb* cur
rency of the said debenture! tht turn
of five buedrtd and forty (MtO) Dollar! tp provide for Ihe puymenl of Interest thereon, and the sum of lev.
only-eight dollari and sixty-two cent!
(171.11) for the repayment pftht principal thereof.
1 The proceeds of the laid debenture! Shall be applied ai fo|lowi tad
pot otherwise:
in) In povment of the cost of tb*
batting of thit By-law. and the little
and sale pf the debentures therein
referred to ana all cxpcnies connected with the laid loan .
(b) In recduplpg th* said Corppra-
llon for auch sums at bave beep expended hereunder until tpe proceed!
of the tale of the tald debenture!
become! available.
in) Tu carry out the purpoiei of
this By-law us tbove aet opt.
S. All moneys arising out ofvthe
annual specie) rite hereinbefore provided for linking fund shall be Invested by the Council uf the aald Corporation from tin)* to'tliiie a* tbt law direct!.
0. Np rebate shall be allowed on
Ihe aneclal ratet to be levied under
this By-law.
10. Thit Bylaw ihall lake effect
pn the llth day of January, ill!.
11. This By-law mty be cltta fur
jii purpoiei as "The {forth Vancouver
Horticultural Association and Farmer*'
Institute Aid By-law. mi."
Poised by the Council on tbt 39th
dav of December,  1911.
Received the aatent of the Elector!
of Ihe City ot North Vancouver at un
1'l.i'iioi! for the purpoao on the
day of IBIS
li,■ i'mi nl il.. i, ,1 by the Council and anally adopted, signed by tbe Mayor and
City Clerk, and smiled with the Cor-
8 orate Stal on the
ay of A.D., llll,
TAKE NOTICE lhat the above il i
true copy of (be propoied By-Law up
on which tht vote of the Electors of
Ihe Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will be taken wltbln Ihi
City Hall, North Vancouver, l< C, on
fhuraduy. the Eleventh duy of Janu-
ry  All    Itiit;, between the hourt of
o'clock u in. and 7 o'clock u ni.
city; Cltrk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC Notice li hereby nk.ni
lhat the vote of the Eleclori of tin
Clly of Norlh Vancouver will be
taken on Thundiy, tbe Eleventh da
ot January, 1913, between Ihe hours
of Si. o'clock ii ni and 7 o'clock p.m. on
J be North Vupcouver Horticultural Association and Farmer!'
Inttltute Aid By»Law. 11)3.
■nd thai within Ihe ClrWUtll. Nortb
Vuncouver, B. C, and >h*i Thorn**
Shepherd bai been nppolnlcV JSelurn-
Ing Officer to lake the vote -of such
Electors with Ihe usual powers In
that bchair. <
By order of Iht Council,
WM.   M. NKlHIJ,
-    Mayor.
City Cltrk.
m oil
wee   hi
Men) : tnfee
i »p»:bi|jjdj*'pit. dm
v) •WM w0"  Pt  if"
Sy Mvm to tfo rt*ht
(fpn of Oanodg for the eon-
M armpry apd;drlU boll
r- md m'li1aFyfj>ufj)oies-
,A%Rreh '
a convey
qrtb yanepuver to tht
It'aod In-
orth Ygp'
the City of wqrlb yaneeuv
BlbV 111 tM rlgh tof the Do
?HVpr P W)<1 (0 the 8*W P»f"'! *nA
o *fta«!) tpe ml nl ]hn(? pity or
"" jcouvsr tq tp* wa.|d poppy-
o attacl,
Iqrth Vapcquvsr
I. Th'i Byj»w thall cqmo In force
on rtpt|vlng tht atsent qf the Electors
[n rdiopir prj|ir|ded bv tbe Mun|clnnl
-JaHteJ Act and op ,W»»Va 1 by the
-slouttnant-Oovirnor II) Ojunc) apd pn
roglitrttlpn Ip due opurie as provided
«., This By-law mag bt clttflM the
~ '|j  H»lF'Blt» Cpavayaijpe  py-)*s>,
tht Council pn tbt 39th
iy of December, 1911.
I  Reotlved th'i aSstp] of the. eltolori
pf the C|ty qf Nqrth Vapoouver or) th*
j Hecnntldertd, adopted and finally
patted by the Council, signed by. t'"-
Nuyor apd. City Clerk and lealed wilb
the Corporate Seal on tpe
day pf
TAKE NOTICE tbat tile above It a
Irue copy of the proposed By-law upon which the vote of the Electors of
the Municipality uf the city of North
Vancouver will be taken within the
City Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. C, pp
Thursday, the Eleventh day of January, A.D., 1913, between tbe hours of
B o'clock a,n>. and 7- o'clock p.m.
I  City clerk mul Hctumliii! Officer,
,   besoby   given
the vote of the Electors qf the
IH-I.AU   Ml  1*7
A NY-LAW le etovlde far Ike fUigoi-
«l *l t iiortlou of MakoB Park lo
tke hliju Is Ike rlgkl of Ike l)o«l»-
lou ot l ■nida for Ike purgoir of
■ llonlae ao armory ao* drill kali
lo be eoeilruclrd tktreon eed for
Military aarjroiea.
WHEREAS It li propoied to organ
lie  a company  of  Mllltla  Field   En
Jlncen with headquarter! al tht Clly
f North Vancouver
AND WHKHKAS the (iovenment of
the Dominion of Canada have miction
ed tuch organisation and are prepared
lo conilruct an armory and drill htll
tor tbe tccummodatlon thertof on condition thai the City of Norlb Vanrouver will supply a aultabli illi therefor.
AND WHEHEAS the molt tulttble
}nd ccntral\aiti available ll tbt louth
•at coiner of Mahon Para at hireln-
tfier dticrlbtd, lami being; * portion
of aald Park not riqul*d for park
or olher curnurale purpoaM.
AND WIltltEAS lbc grantor! of
Mahon Park lo tha Clly ot Norlh
Vancouver an dtilroui lhal tb* city
ihould dlipott of Hi right In tht pro-
i" *•■■! lite In Ibt King lo Iht right
of tbt Dominion of Canada for tbt pur-
gus.-i aim..- menilolled.
AND WHEREAS It ll advlttblt In
the Initrttt of Iht city tbtt tucb dli-
pmul ihould  bt madt.
NOW THEHEFOHE the Municipal
Council of Ihe City of North Vancouver with the aatent of tht electort
qf Ibt Clly of North Vancouver and
Hiu approval of tbe Ueutenanl-Oovu.--
aor-ln-CouncIl enact* a* followi:
I. Tbi C|ty of Norlb Vancouver
hereby agree* to grant lo the Ring
In th* right of the Dominion of Canada tbi following deicrlbed landi and
ilrcmliei itiutii, lying and being In
the City of North Vancouver and boing
■lore particularly known and delcrlb-
Sd a* lhat portion of Mahon fork
o called bounded and diicrlbc* at
I'ollmvl   Ihul Is lo say  I
Commencing at the InUretorion' of
'he i.yT lu'ri booi'iiur' ef I*'' leeni'-
afreet wltb tbt westerly bouadwy of
f.orbe* Avenue "'
■iiiii norlherl* i
Street Iwo hundred tide) feel thsnee
northerly and parallel to said westerly boundary or Forbes Avenue three
hundred and eighty, (310) feet more or
leu to the wetterly production of thr
aortherly boundary of ilxtetiub Urcc
)e*<je_ i*atf»y along ssfd produce -
ttreet   Oat   bdhi
' of tiller
j j..-
ttreet  oat  hundred *a« July  i)i.0)
feet thence northerly at right >.bgki
to  laid  northerly
icciiili   slreei  two
W tell
.lied end (Ifr
ob Ilu aald n
two bundree i__
Mcildb   qrtilbl
of      llxlteptt)
Westerly       biya'
•.vend-;  , theacr
**n pef%\*r
iwe hi
weilerly •*»(-
thine* tout!
hat the vote, of I._
:ity of North Vancouver will bt
nken op Thursday ,the Eleventh day
if January, 1913, between Ihe hpurt
of 9 o'clock a.m and 7 u'cluck p.m. on
Tp* Drill Hall Site Conveyance
'      By-law. 1913.
and thtt within the city Hull. North
Vancouvtr, B. C, and thai Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed Returning Officer tp take in* vote of such
Electors with Ibe uiuil powers in
[hat behalf.
By order of the Counc!:.
CfltV Cltrk.
(Coutiaued from page two)
eity of North Vancoover will be
brought near to the centre of things
hy tbe construction of tbo tunnel pn
der the First Narrows at tbo entrance
of Vancouver harbor. Tbo llurrurd
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company hold
the cbarter for tha construction or
this tunnel and will probably proceed
Witb tbe fork wben tbo Second Narrows bridge it completed. Eastward
again beyond tbe Beymour Reaching
to tbe North Arm of Burrard Inlet
li anotber promising diitrict, which ii
being rapidly opened up.
Thirty years ago Moodyville was
the only inhabited portion of Nortb
Vancouver. Ip those days lumber
laden ships sailed to all'parts of tbo
world from Moodyville. Tbe population wa s cosmopolitap and con
itantly changing—tailors from evory
country on the globe, loggers and mill
bands, kept things lively round tbe
old Moodyvillt hotel. Tho Hastings
mill, on the other tide of the Inlet,
was practically tbe only other sottle
uii'iit on Burrard Inlet at tba) time.
Now the old mill at Moodyville is
•ileal, deiertcd, but al) around,
wost nortb snd esst, a groat eity is
rapidly springing into'life.
When tbe diitrict of North Vaneouver wai first formed great dihVul-
tiei had to he faced. For years the
assessment ibowed no Increase and
money could not be borrowed for Improvements. Then tbo tide turned.
Knails were constructed, a ferry ier-
vice started, the city of Nortk Vancouver was formed ppt of tbo contral
part of tho municipality. The B. C.
Electric Bailway waa givon a inin
chiit and, built leveral milei of street
railway in wlnil wg« then a.'very
sparsely 'populate! shy.   , Tbo** lines
have since been exlamleil in
iot wi^pta
'!!)*,''sifrjflii; tor/ ty#»,p» >*$
pii qf Tapiipuyer bajt enmp Id tor I
good A/t] pf;. patlca lately. Art   tt
ibouw ptt fi forfotim 'm 9oM
Vancouver bas lt»H VlA any other
system, apd Vaacoiwr >»«»!,y M *lw
jsppii some t» iipitate bor m» »?•>»-
riate aeigbbpr tp -IM onrtVs 9  li
however, a ypfy mislosding tgnu, as |t
has nothing tp'eppiB|(|B «r||ll 9)0 "sl»'
Sjle tpx" system ^vosftsl by ^spry
fleorgo. tpVmpppm it OliA fOAii
note tbe fact tbat tba Mt 'mi out
tba improvomenti, it assessed fpr municipal taxation. It Is a good enough
system, and hai the merit of ibuplicity
Jlllt capnot ppss|b|y wprif the wopdpri
tbat are claimed (pt jt in lome quar-
fori. Tho chief advsnUgo teems ta
bo tbat ip tbe cities Ip Australia apd
elsowhoro, whoro it bas been in force
for somo time it tends tolncrtiast tbe
number of cheap buildings, aad tbese
are crowded together, tb.ree and fear
pn a lot, Tbis system is pot necessarily good" for any one city all tb«
time, por 'or all other cities any of tbe
Much bas been beard of lsst*) of tbe
great harbor improvements going ou
pp and down tbe Pacific coast, in anticipation of the opening of tlm Pap
mini ('mini, and Vancouver bas boss
urged not to be behind in tbe race.
But -it should not be forgotten thst
pot a single port nortb uf Panama, not
pven San Francisco, has the natural
advantages of Vancouver, and no port
cap so quickly prepare for sny increase
in the shipping business. Tbo fint
necessity is to begin tbe widening of
the First Narrows; then by bridging
the Second Narrows and building a
railroad along tbe North Sboro of tbe
harbor the amount qf waterfront avail-
gblo for industrial and shipping purposes is at onco doubled, and at 'he
samo timo Vaueouver gets a direct
railroad towards tbe Poaco Rivor country. Building additional wharves, and
where necessary deepening the fairway
pp to tbcm is a vory different matter
frnm building onormoui breakwaters,
ts is tbo case in Los Angclci whore
Ihere is po natural harbor, or tlrodg-
ing out great watorways as in tbo
case of Seattle and Tscoma.
However, in anticipation of tbe Second Narrows bridge aud a railway along
tbo harbor front on tho nortb ihore,
extensive plans bavo already been
rnsilc for the improvement of tho wa
torfrout of Diitrict Loti H85, 268 and
"iii, lying botween the First Narrowi
snd the Indian Mission, wbicb li lit-
uutcd ou the waterfront in the centre, of tbe city of North Vancouver
Tbe owners have lot contrails covering
tbe whole front of District Lot 865,
and work ii to begin in February,
IBIS. When all tbia work ii comploted
at a coit of several million doillan,
miles of waterfrontage will be provided sufficient to handle all the shipping coming to Vancouver harbor for
years to come, and providing ideal sites
for dry dockt, ship yardi, mills, elevators aud every kind of industrial
It ii to be hoped that tbe civic
authorities of North Vancouver will
lose no time in buying tbe Indian Mis
lion, wbicb ii situated in tbo centre
of the city. When railroad communication is opened up, and tho city it
thereby enabled to emerge from its
present chrysalis state of a somewhat
inaccessible suburb of Vaacouver Into
the full throbbing lifo of a great industrial city, tbo Mission Reserve li
bound to become tbe Hub, geographic
ally and actually, of the city. Tbe
forty-odd acre* composing it will give
ample room for all the municipal and
othor public building! necessary sud
the waterfront will provide frontage
for municipal wbarvee.
% \ INTO
The Mt Crown Block
Next to Bank of Hamilton
Ready To Shoe
Nflrth Vanconver
i   i   i.    .iimn
Aga»U for th* L*ki* JM«, tticCuiiy, tfmr,
VvWdb, timmm, m-     .
mmmmcWmmtyaammm^^ • ., —
HL****V 1
Sw can keepfyann
and enjoy life if we
supply   the   heaWr,
We larry a full line of McClaifyVfamoui
and Airtight Heaters of various si'^t
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to jbow you thej? good qualitiegJ
- -   - . .. i.   iiJ
\rVholmlie and Rjetajl Hwdwim
Phone 12.        FIRST STREET AND'ljQNSOi
4th Street West.        H DUMAS.        Phofle 347
Capital Vaid Up   $8,7*0,000
Beiervo k Undivided l'roflti   ifMMt
Total  Aueti
Call   tt the   office   ol tht Honk   of
lliiuiiliiiii and leoure a pota-book.
Tbit ii t litnplo trontaction. Vet it
msy bo the fint (tap toward a torn-
You csnnot commcaoo l»r teve Loo
early in life—and the pl/ico lA keep
your savings is in a ('bartered V
lntereit paid   on
and upward*.
depofit*  ot  •100
C. G. IIKAVKN, Agnl,
Neria  VeaetBTer
I    11 M
New far Gifti
Especially Selected Stock $i Fine Bruikei
Cigar* ia Boaea
V) MuefkttrUt $1-50
WHepffQiy $5.50
io WdimrC'H...11.25
10 HerfectioB WW
Horn 25c. la
wmMf CkoCnlkmU
$1^      ^
mm QjMnty ToiUf
m4»    '   tMm'i
per boUle *
9191 T9m*9W 9*m*mm
tm 11,75 ip |100
WrvfW   ilWflf
■ 'J '•-^tjijf&t&iii
;s^jM^t^i4^^.a*iiy^ I,


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