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The Express Oct 3, 1911

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 Slf> m*pm
uotvm ykuaoxrm, 9 *, mm**, M9*m », mi
Bomauo  Pinto   t Oo.  and  the  Oity
Tba regular sossion of tho city council tuuk plica list night, Mayor Mc-
Ntisb presiding.
The first mitter which gave rlso to
discussion wis in application by Mr.
Hjlney Jefferd for pormission to control the premises at tbo corner of Forbes Avenue and IStb street with the
sower. Ou tbo motion of Aid. Henderson, seconded by Aid. Dick, tbe
city engineer was empowered to carry
out any house connections on application, so long as the applicant prpvidod
|hp money.
Mar.lougall & Co. wrote in connection with tbe Malum Aveniiii sewer,
stating tbat three of tho catch basins
which tbey coniplptod hail cost tbem
many times their value This bad
been caused by tbo box drains wbicb
carried tbe surface water having no
bottom in them, tbey being old and
rotten. Consequently at 1st street and
, Million Avenue a largo portion of the
iltreet gave way under tbo pressure of
later. The company 'replaced these
, irnin.H with uow timber for which tbey
'_ked (190.00.
Tbe council referred tbo mitter to
l.tbt engineer who should roport duly
upon it.
'; McDougall, Jenkins Engineers Ltd.
complained tbat during structural al
. teratiuns at their works that owing
to tho levol of tbe street being higher
iilian that of tbo floor of thoir works,
',1 considerable quantity  of water lillds
its way down under our machine shop.
This was uot only an inconvenience but
su actual danger as a soriuus explosion
might result from the contact of water
with molten metal. Tbo city engineer
wat requosted to rcpurt upon the matter.
k letter was road from tbo city onginoer reporting that ill connection
with tbo Lynn Valloy wator supply
twelve meters out of oigbtceu were
out of order, including practically all
the largo onoa.
\)    Tbe lolul   rcadiuga   accounted   fur
Thii item of *lf>2 bad alroady beeu
paid, together wilh 9,000 foet nl lumber it $H4, which tbo city bail nnt received made i totil amount of $800 tt)
deducted from $688.86 loaviug
(848.66 in dispute.
Tbis (848.66 wis tba exact amount
ashed by the company fat tbe extra
80 yards nf excavating for which Mr.
llaues hid already allowed (8 pel
yard on 80 yards, or (40. This wis
the complete statement nf the matter
pertaining to the contracts in counec
tlon witb which i writ bid been issued
against bim.
Aid. Dish uid thit in this matter
he would stand by tbe estimates of
tbb engineer absolutely.
Aid. Henderson opposed tbt idea pf
allowing theso until matters to drift
into tbe law courts. Hp ulvocitod the
affair being referred fp in independent
arbitrator for adjustment. Mr. Bo
mano and Mr. llanos would surely ht
ablo to mutually agree upon some pro
fossioiiel engineer wbo understood
tbese matters.
Aid. Hiss ami Kittson were disposed
to leave tbis mitter entirely in tbt
bands of tbe city engineer.
Aid. Smith supportsd Aid. Homier
sou's suggestion.
It waa finally decided to take no
stops until hearing tbe ultimatum of
tho judges with regard to tbe tunnel
ling which case was to be heard during
tbis weuk.
After consideration of a few minor
matters tbe meeting terminated.
/ uiiiiiiipieil  to 17,1110 cubic feet wbicb
i   imII give tho city in income for Iho
lut three months of (17.30.
Aid. Smith moved tbit tire water be
cut oil at I.viiii Valley, a motion which
was an led by Aid. Dick to the effect
that notice bo given, thul the water
should be duly charged for and if the
money wit not ptid the waler would
be eut off.   Finally il wa. resolved on
the motion of Aid. McKac that tbe
mutter be rcferrod to tbe water com
mittce with power to let.
^ Another letter from Mr. Hancs slut
uj tbat tho H. 0, Klectric kallway Co
slid to put a pole line on --ml streot
ween  Lonsdale  Ave. and  Chester
Id Ave.   Tbe present streot wai 118
et iu width and it had been suggest
il Ibat Ibe school board should give
88 feet of tbe school grounds to maku
a atreet allowaucc of 60 feet iu width.
TbS 'pli'Mimi WM referred to the clerk
wbo  should  luok  up curtain  matters
connected witb tbe proposal.
The city engineer submitted a report
regarding tbe city's contracta    witb
I ''  Messrs. Itunianu, Pinto it Co. for work
I       in .i.iie.lion with) tbe city sewers.
Witb reference to Chosterflcld Ave.
the company dominded him to isiut
\ certificate for (168.46, whereas be is-
J ■ sued a crlideate passed by Ibe council
tat (98.46: With reference to St.
Oeorge's Ave. thi company demanded
(11.86. He bad Issued a cheque for
(18.00. With respect to tit. Andrew's
Avt. tbe romptny claimed (180.70,
wbibeas Mr. Hancs issued a rcrtitcate
for (188.70.
Witb reference to St. Patrick's Ave.
tbe roinpauy claimed (988.66 mat), up
/tak* follows: Extra excavating at Alder
ileum, (638.60; overtime (460,   tolal
/      (988.66.
Begirding tbe (160 deducted for not
completing on time. Mr. llaues stated
lhat tbe aewsr should have been completed oa lune the 1st. He nude tn
allowaucc for the rainy days wbicb left
16 days overtime it (30 per day or
(460. Tbe company did not atk for
k\ any sxtenilou of t'me, but on tbe otbir
baud be unfiled them ou March 301 h
lo commence the work. On April 26th
hs recited ij letter from tbo company
notifying1 bisr tbat tbey would com
iiicnce Ibe/work uu tht Irit day of
he next week md finish on time not
ler tb^n June 1st. Begirding tht
mil Itt ■ (638.66 for extra excavating
it Abler st red on St. Patrick's Avi,
Mr. Haul, slatod tbat tbis xlrt ucl
vating ^mounted tn about 80 cubic
yards as » result of altering the grade
by two fttt it Alder slrrst ind running oul lo nothing etch wty In tbout
120 feel i On I previous ostimtte hi
sllowed At company for tbe following!
80 cubic jtrds nf exctvitiog, (40; one
extra inuilolo, (70; fk yirds concrete
ia miob/e It waterfront, (48; total
Tho following are the building pur-
mils issued during tbe put week:
377—B. W. Ui, 8th it. Bidgeway;
lot 14, block 1, subdivision 873, 7tb
street, a residence.
378—Joseph Smith, 61b street west,
lot 4, block 830, subdivision 646, 87tb
street, I residence.
382-J. T. Pound, lot 14, block M,
subdivision 660, Oth street, I residence.
383-flsorge Snell, lot 81, block 828,
subdivision 616, Western Avenue, I
386-J. (Iill, lot 18, block 36A, sub
division 660, Hilh street, Boulevard, I
386-J. H. English, lot 11, block 92,
subdivision district lot 660, 17th St.,
a residence.
387-Wm. Spooner, lot 10, block
629 subdivision 646, 16th street, a
389-ti. A. Macdoualil, lot 18, block
106, subdivision 273, i dwelling.
Mil William Hyde, lot 6, block
-miA, subdivision 646, Mibon Avenue,
a residence
As stated in the Express list Friday
a delegation of district workmen In
tho Capilano section were intending to
place certain grievances bsfore tbe dis-
trict council it tboir list regular meet
ing. They- were, however, invited to
state tbeir case at tbe engineer's office
ou Saturday, which thoy accordingly
lid. Tbo complainant! wire mostly
residents of North Vincouvtr. Tbs
source of tho trouble proved to be the
iltorition of tbo noon luipeiisiou of
one hour to half an hour. This wis
explained to bave been dont for the
convenience of certain of the men who
lived a considerable distance tway,
They bad uked tbit their noon suspsn-
sion should bo shortened so tbit they
might leave off working half in hour
earlier ia tbe sftcruoon. The four com
plainauta said thit tbis slteratiou bad
uover been submitted for tbeir consideration. Under tbt circumstances,
however, tbey tceptid tht upline-
tion ind expressed tbeir willingness
to continue to work under the new arrangement.
The following Is the statement nf re
ceipU in relation to tht City Perries
for tho month of September:
Singlo or return  (3010.00
(« for 86c)    3285.00
(t fpf ll)   ..'    7(0.00
(<0 fay i'l)     2240.00
Monthly mm        IHM
Vehicle firm  1379.60
Freight laHjttod     221.86
Freight wwtfd •■••      IM
Haati, eup fim, idvertising rev-
enus, wharfage,  etc.   ..   916.16
July, lfilfl, IWMIM.
September, 1910, (8818.88.
Certified correct!
H. |I. KEMP, fnt.-Jtm.
Frtderick Wv«r», iffliaf m Of Ut.
ind fin. P. Bivers, Kiplinidt west,
Funeral will Uke place It 9.80 tm.
Wodnesdiy morning it tht itaiiim.
k well attended meeting of the Norlh
Vancouvor Batopayers' Association
took place at the city hall on Friday
night for the purpose of discussing, approving nr disapproving certain Bylaws
which tht civic council havo recently
nut before the public Mr. D. W.
Beevo occupied tbe chair.
At tbt nutlet Mtyor McNeish made
( brief flnauciil statement. According
to bis Worship's meiniirnnilu, tbe an
seised value nf lands and improvements
in the city fur tbi year 18)1, not in-,
eluding nne million dollars for Moody-
villo, which is usessed only for school
purposes, is roughly (10,000,000. The
present debenture debt nf the city ex.
copting for work of local improvement
and school purposos is (860,00,0, and tbis
includes items nf (876,000 for water
works ami (16,000 for tbe ferries and
is only t% psr cent, of tbo city's bur.
rowing power, not 60 per cent .of its
limit The tolal sum to be raised by
tbe bylaws that were to be submitted
thit night wu (130,261), which with
bridge debentures for (100,000, made
a total nf (230,260.
The muyur tben described tbe severil
bylaws which tbe council bad put for
The first was a bylaw to enable tbe
corporation tn riise by wiy of loin tbe
sum nf (13,860 for school purposes.
It wu explained tbat tbis bylaw waa
put fnrwird by tbe council it the request of tbe school trustees wbo bail
inspected diitrict lot 668 tad thought
it advisable to purchase same. Tbe
owner, Mr. Fell, offered it to tbo council tt 20 por cent, below tbo ctsb prico
tbit be wu uking from other pirties.
It wu bociuse Mr. Fell was wishful
to assist tbe city tbat be made this
special offer. Msyor McNeish wu of
tbt opinion that it would be i good
thing for tbe city to secure tbis lot.
For school purpose! tbey could hardly
get too many or get tbem too soon. A
lot tbit wis obtainable tbis year for
(13,000 would possibly advance to (26,
000 next year. He strongly advised the
pissing of tbe bylaw.
On tbt motion of Aid. Dick, seconded
by Mr. ft F. Foreman, tbs meeting
declared in favor of this bylaw.
The next one' wu formulated in or
dor to enable the corporation to raiso
by way of loan tbe sum of (63,000 to
purcbue real property for corporate
Tbi property in question wu Ihe site
of Mr. Diploek's home aud extended fi',i
acres. It wu, slid tbe mayor, in an
admirable location aud was tbe only
piece of property intact of tbat site.
It might be usod for a whole lot of
different purposes. Something for in
stance, would have to be done to so
cure a'place for Board of Works ins
terial, also for waterworks material,
also tor I new hospital. Wbile the two
ladies in charge of their hospital were
doing their best it was certain tbat tbo
city would outgrow tbe scope of tbo
protest institution. If thoy rejected
tbis proposition thiy would have to
secure other sites which might run up
to I considerable amount of money.
Mr. Diploek'a property, uid tbe mayor,
wu in extremely beautiful piece of
ground ind it wu certain tbat they
would never be able to buy it at a less
price. Ont of the first things that tbey
would hive tn do would be to extend
tht bouudtries of tbi city In wbleh cue
here wu l piece of property thtt tho
city would hi fortunate In posscsaing
even if It were jutt for tht purposes pf
A coniidertble tumult of discussion,
some nnt in tbs best of taste, waged
round thit byliw.
Mr. Dlplock himself discussed the
improvement! nn hll property ind jus-
tiler) the figuioi wbicb bo wu uking
fnr it.
Aid. Dick, nn the other band, lubmit-
tsd his own valuation tp the meeting,
which wu considerably below Mr. Dip-
Inch's, listing thit it wu in "nuclide
viluttion." Ht iccepttd Mr. Dip-
Inch'• viluition u to tin improvement!.
From thi ittndpoiut of tbe city hi
thought thit fnr purposes of purcbue
tht viluition wu umatiifactory.
Mr. Aleunder Philip supported the
byliw. lit prged the netting to boar
ti>t future la mind whtn they would
uturedJy bt gild thit they hid secured
s»ch ftawttf u nil. Vrmtatiyt uid
Mr. Philip, North Vincouvtr would
dsubtleu ixtend four miles nortbwtrd
tnd would retch from Capilano to
Lynn Vallty.
Mr. A. W. Sargent ind txMtyor
M»y hiving appottd tht pissing of ths
byliw tnd kid. Henderson h»v|ng tpok-
si ia ftvor »f It, Aid. Jtckaon for-
nnlly mvei Hi recommendation, Mr.
H. W. Young seconding. The meeting
approved tht bylaw, tht shew of hindt
baiu M fw ind 14 uiinst.
WW—mm    Wf     Hr-,   mrnw     mm    -TlPrrT^r.
The third bylaw wu to amble tbs
corporation tn raise by wiy nf loan
the inn) nf (3,000 for maintaining (hi
fire department. Dozens nf requests
bad Ircoir made, uid tht mayor, for further fire protection and be regarded
tbis liyjaw as in absolutely necessary
nnt,  It ww unanimously approved of.
A byliw tben came under discussion
whereby tbe corporation should be enabled to raise (16,000 for making, preserving mil repairing roads of the
city including the construction of new
Tbe mayor pointed out bow quickly
tbe population of North Vincouver
wu increuiug. Sucb i byliw u tbis
wu i complete necessity ind be insured tbe ratepayers tbit inch money wu
being well and judiciously spent.
In reply to t question u to whit
particular streets (if tbey were name-
able) this money WM to be spent upon,
Aid. Henderson uid tbit It would be
used principally to utiafy tbe miny
urgent applications tbey bad received
He mentioned iu particular the Kaplan
adi, First ind Second streets, some
portions of Lonsdale Avenue ind inci
dentil repairs in tbe side streets. Tbo
byliw wis formally approved.
Tbe mayor thou described tbo fifth
byliw which wis to eniblt tbe corporation* to raiso (30,000 for water-
works purposes. Nothing wis wauled
so much lu Nortb Vancouvor aa waler,
uid bis worship. Tbey had, bo was
pleased to say, the best wator In tbo
world today, in grading tbe streets,
however, it bad been necessary to tear
up tbe wooden mains ami put down
temporary iron pipes in order to supply
citizens who wero located where Ibe
mains bad been torn up. Tbit state
of affairs could not, of course, exist
when the cold weather came. It wu
now necessary to secure muney witb
wbicb to instal cast-iron maius and to
put in connections witb tbe bouses.
After some opposition from Aid
Dick, tho bylaw was approved on tbe
motion of Mr. Pbilippo, seconded by
Mr. Alexundcr Philip.
Tho lut of tbe six bylsws was oue
to enable the corporation to raise (0,-
000 for tbo preservation of public
health There bad recently, uid tbe
msyor, lieen I slight epidemic of
smallpox in tbo city and in tbia relation
tbey bad had to meet extraordinary
expense The money wbicb bad been
apportioned for health purpoiei • was
not sufficient to carry tbem  through
1 lie year. A suit bad been ontercd
against tbo city by the owner of the
property on which temporary buildings
bad been crcctod during Ibe epidemic.
Tbo lot was only a quarter of an acre
in size but the cuuncll bad made him
an offer of (2,000. Ho would take
nothing less than (2,400. It so happen
ed tbat there wu close at hind a property owner wbo owned two acres of
lind ami be bid becu willing to iccopt
(3,700 for ume. Tbis wis situated
south-tail of Bufui Ave. and Irih street
and tbo council bad taken an option on
it at oucc, so that the abovc-mtatioucl
temporary buildings wero now being
moved onto Hut property. It wu to
pay for this piece of lind ind to meet
the expenses of tbe smallpox epidemic
wbicb, uid the mayor, hid been hap
pily stamped out, tbat tbo couucil bad
put forward tbis byliw.
Tbe meeting hiving voiced its ipprov-
al, proceedings terminal...I with a
short address by Mr. Dlplock ou tbo
Pence   Biver   Valloy  scheme.
The voting of ths eleclors In relation
to the ibovt six byliwi will be Jiksn
next Saturday, October 7th.
Cltostorfield icbppl'l ttlwpph pt 8
goals tn nil pytf fbi St. Andrew's
school of Vancouver pn Saturday list
was marred by p rogrettiblo mishap
Which occurred to Osborne llrt'cn, one
of tbo Chesterfield boys. Poring the
game be foil ind sustained injuries to
his left forearm which on examination
proved to be a fracture.
At 1 congregational meeting of the
Presbyterian church, Lynn Valley, on
Sunday morning last, it wis unanimously resuvlcd on the motion of Mr.
Purdy, seconded by Mrs McEwen, to
namo tbo church "Knox Church." For
the future, therefore, Knot church ou
tbi nortb shore ii understood to be in
Lynn Valley.
•■—    . i
Tomorrow night in tbo Horticultural
Hall tbe flrst of a scries ot dsnecs or
gauized by tbe St. Andrew's ind Caledonian Society will tike place. . A
thoroughly enjoyable evening is anticipated for ih"M' in whose bands tbo
responsibiitics rest bave spared nu paius
in tbe arrangement of this opening
function. A service of late cars will
be run, an orchestra will bo in it-
tendance ami refreshments will be supplied during tbs evening. Wbat more
could a Terpsichurean heart desire I
Tbe second dance il dated to tike place
October 20tb.
FOB SALE - Pure brad white Wy-
audotto cockerels.     Mrs. Breon, oor.
road and Forbes avo.        3-10
Hoypolo Butter, 31b Ipr $1 at tbt
Up to data Grocery, ftf lit it., Mrt.
Strictly fruh Eggs, 10 cents ptr
doien it the Up-to-Diti Orocery, 368
to 810 First Stroot eut.
FOB SALE-Fint growth dry wood
lor 81.50 per oocd, I ft. O. HoUade,
Phono 83 t.l.
FOB BALK- Singer Sewing Machine in good condition. Apply Express Office, Box 88.       ' o io
FOB SALE-Ono block from Lone-
dole car line, (360 cash, balance ovor
18 monthi, 33 foot lpt, cleared ind
graded, splendid view, second block
from Lonsdale car lino, (160 cuh, bal- >
inco over 18 months. Palmer k Moll
wiino, 36 Lonsdale Avo. Pbone 110.
FOB SALE - A bargain. Cub or
terms. Two ooltiges on 20th stmt.
Vory desirable location, five minult.
Irom Lomdalo ichool, three minutei
Irom car line. Beady lor occupnucy
about October lit. Apply li. W
Eaton, Nortb Vancouver Coal k Supply Co.' Phone 178. t.l.
The wedding wu solemnized yesterday, Oct 2nd, tt St. John's church,
Nortb Vincuuver of Miu Olive Seddon
Punch, third diughter of Mis. E.
Punch, of Kendal, England, ind A. J
Nye, pf North Vincuuver. The Bev.
J. Hugh Hooper officiated.
DOHN In this city on Wednesday
September 27tb, to Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Si Howard, t son.
At tbe Presbyterian manse, Dawson,
Y. T., Nora, tbe youngest diughter pf
Mr. ind Mfh. Aleunder Philip pf
Norlh Vancouver, wu united iu
marriuge toMvins Byan pf Hear Creek
near Dawson. Bev. Arthur Boss,
St. Andrew's church, Dawson, officiated.
Miss Philip left Nortb Vaueouver
on the 10th of September for tbe nortb
and bofore leaving .be wu tbe recipient of a number pf handsome presents from relative! ami friends, including » guld St. Andrew 's Crow from
tbe St. Andrew's and Caledonian La-
dies' Society and a silver cake bubet
from tho St. Andrew's cboir pf wbicb
she bad been fur some time in active
member. Ur. Byau hu been engaged
for several yeara u in engineer ip the
mining works on Beir Crotk tnd tbe
young couple will mike tboir borne
BOOMS FOR BENT—Huusokooping.
218 2nd street east.       . 87-10
FOB BENT—Three furnished housekeeping ruoms on flrst floor, 231 west
3rd street. 8-10
Private room and board for yiung
men   (6.60   per   woek.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th street near St. Diviu'i.
6 10
Tbo annual meeting pf tbs North
Vancouver Board of Trade will be held
in the city hill tomorrow (Wednesday)
evening at eight o'clock. At thit
meeting tbo election of officers for tbi
ensuing year will be held, report! for
Hit year will be received ind tbe us•
utl business pccullir to in innuil
meeting will be transacted.
Express Classified Ads.
J. l-outot md Nortb Lontdili
Git it it Lousdilo Pharmacy Pbone 38
Ws doss Sundays. Fboni 831. J.
H. Knglisli, O. K. (irootry, II Lous-
dill Avenue.
Dr. J. C. Morriion, dentist. Pott
Gradual., Chicago Univereily. Boom
6 tnd 10, New Post office blook.    ti.
U. H. Biymint, Costumier, 8th St,
eut, adjoining west pf Boulc- ird, N,
Vincouver First clui work 0"'y, lo
din' own mileriils nude up.
Preserving Psaobet, Yellow Frits-
tone. 90c. per crttt. Up to dit*
Grocery, 366-360 lit strest wtt.
Tho City Dye Work, hu estiblisb
ed l branch cor. EspUntde K, ind
Lpnsdile. Fint clan Work it moder
iti rites, doming, dyeing, pressing
ind rcpiiring.
B. C. livery ind board itiblei -
light rigs ind ladies' siddlt hurt.*
lor hire. Stabling lot horns, General delivery amf heavy teaming. 'H
Domai, Wi street wett.     Phont 317
Tbe specltl meeting of the police
commiuioncri which wu tp bive tiken
place pn Siturdiy morning, wu postponed tntil sens dty during the pres
mt week,. It is ndentood thit the
btnks md other business houses nf
North Vincouver hive written Uking
for the provision of better protection.
Ip addition tp tbit tho Chief of Police
will recommend the appointment of I
janitor for tht city ball, seeing that
the premlete have now been extended.
These matttre will Igure pn tht igendi
when next the police commissioners
Boil elite agents md others tike
notice. Ul 16 ind 17, block I0(, D.
L. 660, also south weit quarter of District Ul Wtt, municipality of North
Vancuuver. Of thi market, tht title
of this is defected md parties buying
pr selling do so it their ewn riak.
per }. A. Gilligher. 1-14
FOB BKNT Seven roomed bouse,
furnace, fully modern, garden. Eighth
street, good view. Apply Colonial
Apartment House, 8th street tut. 2-10
FOB BENT — Five room bouse on
N. W. corner of 1st ind Chesterfield.
Bent ISO per month. Canadian Financiers, Ltd., Bank ol Hamilton Bldg.
WANTED-8ii Silver Wyandotte
Pulleta. April hitched. Box 1861, P.
O. 3)0
Young Inly thoroughly domesticated
would like position as lady's help or
compauion. Apply Box B16. Express
Office . 310
WANTED — Three or four-room
bouse, unfurnished, reasonably close in;
will take one yur leuc or leu. P. O.
Box 2326.
WANTED- -Strong ciptble girl to
look after bachelor rooms ind cook
evening meal. 6 hours, 6 days per
wcok (oo car line). Apply tbis office.
A young English lady wishes engage
moot u light household help or duly
governess to child; ex. client references
Miu Couiiiglon, General Delivery,
Norlb Vancouver. 6)0
WANTED-We have money to In-
vest in dose iii Nortb Vincouver property. If you wish to sell call ind
give us ypur listings. Palmer k Mc-
Jlwaiuc, 36 Lonadala Avo. Phone 110.
WANTED- Drcssmiking. Thoroughly experienced in good clui work.
Udics' suiu a specialty. Misici Bv,
Suits 3, Keith block, corner Fint
street. lo io
WANTED - We'handle business
chances, real estate, insurance, leans,
purcbue igrocments nf uie. If you
want to sell your house pr ypur business nil ind give us particulars. We
cm get results. Business it good.
Palmer k Mcllwiinc, 36 Louidtlo Ave.
Phono 111). 88-10
LADY- Certified wishes pupils for
pianoforte md theory. Termi moderate.   Box Mi, Express Office.      .'Ill
lost o* stoubi
English Fox T.erritr, one tide of held
mirked black, olhir sido wbita, MM
white. Oo»d rtwird ptid for inlay-
nation leading to hll recovery. Anyone harboring ume willl bt arotatafi*-
Notify T. Birrpwflreep, P. O, Up*
m. Trt
Hiss Isabel U. .Dion, Ut-mlinto ot
tin Iloyil Academy of Music, London
England, teacher ol pimoluttt, vls'l*
tifftti) Vimnim two day! a wttk.
trite toy termi 601 Broughton street,
^couver. /HO
kMT filAMkw.-Putlnt,tin winter
months Mlu Atptll (patronlMd by
KailW. uul foriltn Boytlty) wfll
bold cfuMi In St. Kdmnnd's lebool,
Mlboo Avenue. Oil and sW*t*r c*r°r'
Vtfntfng, Pin PaJatip* IRwbsaifns,
•tehfnf fpr Book Pltlu. the. Prlstl.
lesions by arrangement, tat Itrmt,
pin., pl.au tpply P«_ Ofot >oje JIM,
KpTlh Vinoouvir. !?-!♦
1 Messrs. D. B. Watt & Co.
big tn aniiouncs that tiny bavi bought
ths bitslilias of thl SCOTCH BAKEBV
formerly carried on by Bnict & Oo. it
136 Loiudllp Avt. Tbey intend miking gnat improvements ind in extending the promises so that they will
be more able to further incraui tht
growing business. It ll tn bt their
aim and determination to continue to
manufacture tha bighsat gradt nf goods
which already ars famed fnr quality,
and by strict adherence tn buslntsa uid
cirsful attention to customers thoy
trust to maintain till patronage of kite
former patrons and solicit ths favors
of many inw ones. Thoy in meantime considering l delivery system, hut
sll orders Isft to hi delivered will bi
promptly attended to.
Tbey an prepared to catar for
dances, private parties or any such social functions.
Por quality of gooda—tht lut word
in purity and clianliniss—VOU CAN'T
Home-mads and band-mads brood,
scones and oat cakes, fancy cakes and
confection!. Brown broad a specialty.
Wedding cakes it reasonable prices.
D. B. WATT & Co.
ihe electric coffee  percolator)
Ibo disc oil which the
electric current will do
your rooking)
the immersion hoalor
for boiling walor quick-
Klcotric Iron, the indit-
disable convenience for
ironing day)
Bl   Btovo,   the   Handy
Blsctrlc limiting lime.
Drop in at our office at 50 LONSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by (lie use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Why? Because we employ men who are experts in the
line ond consequently by their wide experience in different
parts of this continent are better prepared to give our customers the best lhat can be made in any kind of woodwork.
If you phone 222 or drop a card to P. 0. Box 1719 our
agent will call on you and cheerfully estimate your requirements. We also do bandsawing and any kind of machine
TAKING  lU'FECT  MAY  FIRST,  ig'u    ,
I "no Vancouver 6.30 a.m. and
thereafter svery 'in minutes until
7.1)1) p.m. Commencing 7.!M p.m.
every .'10 minutei until 11,30 ji in
Hi, iclicr Ili.If, tud 1.00 t.m.
Ijcevo North Vancouvsr 6
and iheruallcr ovcry 'in min
til 7.00 p.m. Commencing
iu   ovary IV) minulos until
in    I hoi end or   I I.K  nnd   12
l-oiive   Vancouver  7.10,   8.20 and
U.00 thereafter itme al weekday!.
I .eaw Nortli Vancouver 7
and 8.10, thereafter inure
Single fan 6c, 6 lor Mc, SO for fl, 70 lor B.
.00 ii.in.
utst un-
7.30 p.
11.00 p.
At a.m.
2n, 8.00
aa wtuk-
VKHKUjK bates
A-I.umljer   wagons,   trucks  tud
drays, 76c return.
11-2 bursa  osprctt carriage! and
bucks, fiflo return.
G—1 hum   ertpreti   buggict   tnd
iihIijh, 26c return.
Time-table urbjcct to cbnngi without notice.
Company not liable lor delays, accidental or otherwiie
All the tliovi rutM include driver. Bates A and il lubjtct to 20
per cent, discount ia loll ol 60.
1'ir 100 II.h. .ui.-, 6c.
Minimum rate, 10c.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, wa «ra now in a position to
carry a larger and mora complete
i stock of these goods and to supply
our aittoomt at Vancouvar prices.
All Ordert Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 E#pl«ude Eut     -      -    Phone 4
f ■'■ ■-■■■■■;	
Frpm Liverpool
Miscellaneous   Imprtwlnpi   to   a
Long Journey, i .
(By "JAN HPX.")' "
There was an elderly seamen aboard
whose duty it wus to swall the ipir
deck an.) see thnt the chairs thereon
were all in neat rows. This veteran
sailor was popularly known as Father
Christmas not because bt distributed
presents to tbe children but because
he Wore a board reminiscent of Santa
Glaus. One morning during the voyage
he was observed to lie sniffing the air
very knuwlugly, rather in the manner
of a dog who is keenly on the scout.
(The fact that be was himself a "sua-
dog" did imi occur to me until I had
penned tbe above simile), interrogated
as to bis peculiar behaviour Father
Christmas made Ibe laconic reply, "lee-
bergs." Neeless to say, our beads
turned hori/ontviirds and binoculars
emerged from several cases. But
there was nothing tu lie seen. It wai
a clear day and the horizon extended
before us iu a long blue uninterrupted
line. There was nothing remotely suggestive of an iceberg in our surroundings al that moment. We looked pityingly at Father Christmas fearing that
he was in tbe throes of second childhood. Presumably bo read mir thoughts;
at nnv rato be chuckled under his whiskers, iji'tic an liuiir later we sighted
an insignificant looking speck wbicb
slowly declared itself to be an iceberg!
"How on earth did you know-f" declared one nf Ihe pasnengers. But
Father Christmas merely gavo an
"ask-nie unulhcr" kind of headshako
ami went un duBting the deckchairs.
In Ihe meantime Iho air was becoming grailuully colder. Ono after another of us ilarteil down tbo companion
way aud returned clad like Ksqujniaurt.
Tbe iceberg now appeared to be relatively about tbe site of'a marble. It
was a dowdy looking affair with nothing to i atiinicnil it to our gaze save
its novelty. Hlowly we drew nearer
to it till at last it seemed to be with,
iu easy swimming distance. In reality
it was about fifteen miles away. To
gauge ita immensity we bad to carefully r.i... nil.or Ihis fact; utberwise we
should have underestimated it. Then,
i|Uito suddenly tho sun caught i'l and
Ihe sevorai cameras on deck emitted
simuitsneous clicks. It was a apleuilid
sight. The sbsilowcil portions were
rendered a greenish bluo while thuse
parts wbicb lay full in the sun's giaro
shone like a fragment of the most magnificent and colossal temple thai the
imagination's eyo can conceive. While
watching the sublime wo listened to
Iho ridiculous. "Is anyone living on
itt" asked one poor soul. "I believe
I see a bear," said anulber, peering
through hold-glasses. "1 reckun,"
drawled a third, who fancied tho ice
berg was half a mile away, "that tbis
darned ship'd run clean btrougb it in
a collision I"   We left him reckoning.
It may seem slrange, but by oven
tide we were sick of icebergs. No less
than twenty three were sighted in as
many hours, according to tbo ship's
log, aud tho deck steward told me,
without a iruiver of an eyelash, tbat
we passed nne so closely that the only
reason thero wasn't a panic among the
passengers was (Imi Ib.ey were all tucked
snugly in their bunks! When Father
I'hrislmat's iceberg was sighted I ro
mcml.or leapiug from my chair and
rushing rampantly to tho boaliide. By
Ibe limo that tbe seventeenth wss an
in,nine,I I was suffering from ounui
ami just said "Mm in- fancy!" and
wont on reading Enthusiasm's like
humbug. You can't keep it up for
lit all the passengers aboard 1' ima
gine there was one in particular wbo
waa specially pleased witb tbe iceberg
innovation. I allude to Hignor Mar
conl lo whose inventive brains wc owe
Ibat important element in preient day
Ufa, wjreless telegraphy. For a fow
.lays be was Ihe cynosure uf til eyes.
tin keen were lovertl camera fiends on
getting snapshots, of tbis noted benefactor to mankind Ibat tbey prowled
arouod indefatigably witb tbeir kodaks cockod in rcadiuesi, Then tbe
iccbergi: rime slong sud without implying auy disrespect to Hignor Marconi
hia voguo apparently reaaed. For
which, if all tbat I bave beard and read
ii true, be would be profoundly grateful.
(Speaking about the icebergs and
bow boring they eventually became,
remindi mc at once of the ship's con,
cert It is sn acknowledged fart tbat
a ship's concert ii like nolbiug else on
earth. It is called so because tbe ship
more frequently than not plays a prl
wary roll—or, 1 should lay, roll—In it,
being tide without a moment's notice
to make or. mar auy item tbat is in
progress. II ths singer is attsmptiug
a humorous song t suddtn lurch to
ittrboard givea him opportunity for
unrehearsed display! of comic business,
but if it bl I sentimental ditty that
is being rsndered, tbat iame lurch will
send tht ringer two or three lemi-tones
(tt and entirely ruin the general affect.
Nttdltss te say, nint nnt nf tin 'vocal
lata choose tat songs. Tht singer wbo
scores t "hit" it invariably hi wbo
lingi words wbicb havt an relilion
whttever w|th. the sea. Jt is only a
comiuonsense law pf human nature.
.Th" last thing one would ever dream
pf singing to an audience of convicts
would bo p s«Dg about prison lifu. Tlie
imprisonment pi shipboard justifies
this faint analogy.
Ths terrible thing about a ship's concert, however, l» that the majority of
thl artistes have to be taken on trust.
Op the "Ijaurontic" for instance,
there was tbe usual adoring mother
who made t special petition that in tho
interests of thl ship's company her
bpy should be included in the program.
He wtt presumably something of a
genius and would play upon the piano
aud also sing if the organisers wished.
iNci'ilIci"! to say tho youth proved Incapable of playing live successive notes
In correct succession and had p voice
at flat as a saloon table. Ho almost
paralysed tht concert. Fortunately the
spIppu clmiiTi were pf the revolving
order aud werp easy to squirm iu. An
other foml mothor, a foreigner, propelled ber daughter pianowards, and
said iu broken English that the child
wpuld recite. Fur a few minutes tbe
child jabbered delightfully and was
applauded. Then it jabbered again,,
and, despite thi thinness of tho secoud
burst of applause, jabbered a third
time   Tbo parents were delighted.
1 fancied that i could writo consid,
orably moro about tbis ship's concert
but 1 remember upw that it waa about
tbis time that 1 weut up on .douk to
seo if tbere wore any more nrebsrgs.
The follpwing morning, however, we
congratulated one auut|ior ou thtf great
success of tho whole affair and perhaps
—sotto voice mi having emerged none
the wurse lor it. And 1 recall that iu
thu midst nf the cbpttor, one of those
Hell ini'iirineil persons wbo are tn bu
found ou every liner, nodind into our
midst. "Wo shall sight land before
1111011,'' quotb be, and from that inn
ment onwards binoculars wero busy
ou all decks; or failing such luxuries
tho naked eyo scanned unceasingly the
wide horizon for a first hopeful
glimpse of Canada.
(To. bt continued)     ' ■ -
Oonsefatives Nrtr.
.lust to prove to you tbat we brush
asids all competition we havo a sale ol
brooms, reg. 10c. tp be sob) at 16c
each tbis wook. Hurry up. S. i..i
■■In.', the lip In dull: Grocer. Ut to 3tn
First Btreot east.
New Westminster Land District-District of Norlh Vancouver. TAKE
NOTICE tbat we, B. Gladwin uud A
P. Gladwin ol Nortb Vanoouver, ■ ■■ u
pation, retired, intend to upply lor
peiinisaii.ii lo lenao Ihu lollowing de
scribed ilream, known aa I.win Creek,
commencing at a poat planted ut thir
N. W. corner ol the old wooden bridge
crossing said slreanr, ibenco north,
lollowing bed of stream to a poat
idanted 1,000 leet norlh nf Keith
Boad, atticl bridge, lor the purpoie <>'
obtaining rock, gravel and mud lor
lluilding and other purpoaes.
Dated Aug. 7th, 1911. 8-10
Hit Honour the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council has bnatf-f leased to appoint
tbi Honourablo Albert Edward Me
Phillips, K. C, President of tho El
c mn,. Council; tbe Honourable I'rice
Ellison, Minister of Finance; Cht'rlci
Henry Lugrin, of tho Oity of Victoria,
Esquire; and William Harold Malkin,
of tbt i 'ily of Vapcouvor, Esnuirc. to
bi Commissioner! under the ''Public
Inquiries Act" for tbe purposo pf enquiring into and reporl ing upon the
operation pf tbo "Assessment Act.
1908." Witb respect lo itt practical
hearings on tbe financial requirements
pt the Province.
Tha aaid Commissioners will bold
Iheir meetings on the dates and at the
places mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Victoria, tt tbe Ezecutlvt Cpuncil
Chamber, Parliament lluili|ings, Monday and Tuesday, 28th tnd ifitb
September, tt 10 a. in. At tbe Court
House or thl Government Office at the
following places:—
Nanaimo, Wednesday and Thursday,
'-7th and 28th September.
Vtncouver, Friday and Saturday,
89th and 30th September.
New Wettminittr, Monday, Snd October.
Bevelitokt, Wednesday, lib October.
Golden, Thursday, 6th October.
Craubrook, Saturday, 7th October.
Feruie, Mouday, 91b October.
Nelson, Wcdnosday, llth October.
Boailand, Tbunday, 12th October.
.Grand Forks, Friday, 13th October.
Princeton, Saturday, 14th October.
Merrltt, Monday, 16th October.
Ktmloops, Tuesday, l7tb October.
Sumrnorland, Thursday, tilth October.
Pontjcton, Friday, 80th October.
Kelowut, Saturday, Slat October.   .
Vernon, Monday, 28rd Octobtr.
It it nqucsted thtt sJI persons who
an interested in tht matte aforesaid,
and who desire to be beard, will not
fill to bt preaopt at the meetings if
the Commiuioners.
Treaeury Department,
18th Stptanbtr, Ull. U-M
lur Fall Stock of
Shows •)) the latest stylos In vogue.
Sterling mesh hags bavs reached a
prominent and sura position among tin
fashions of tht day. Because.of this,
VI btvt given pur closs attention to
tbi matter of providing for pur cua-
tomirs thi nsatsst and but which can
bt pbtalned in this line, and bayi boon
omlneiitly succsssful.
This stock hu bion canfully chosen
Md contains so many different designs
that tbi shopper will surely find something tp please tbt fancy.
Hit thit stock, It Is interesting.
i, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets   •   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
",'   '    '"     ■'
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Workt
Ul First Street West
Proprietors—E. Laukin, Tailor j Fi Niikmintun, late with the
B. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, h. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suifs and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give ui a trial ud patronize tbt
North Shore
111 First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hula Agent
Agreement, and Contract, drawn
ot every de.ciipliun
Phone 157     Co;
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to lake
advantage of tlie office when requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
life have a few splendid building lots, each 49il39 fed,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roads to the property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 etch, Corners $600. One-third cash,
6 and I ^months. These are excellent residential lots, and) a
good investment.
John Alexander & Co/.
mm—«*—•"* mmmamnwmmwmmma
Direct from min«i 500 Ion*
New Wellington Lump now
on hand. We strongly w}r
vise consumers to get in a
supply before the rain comes,
Prompt delivery guftWllwd.
Phone 178 fpr prices.
North Vwwowver Coal ft
Supply Co., Ltd.
56 Lonsdale Avenue.
Hew Harness
A branch of the Vancouver
Harness Co. has been opened in
i the premises of the C. M. & N.
[Coal and Supply Co., comer
'.Vplanade and St. George's Ave.
A full stock of first class harness
and horse fillings will be carried.
A specially will be made of repair work. Prices will be the
iame as those in Vancouver.
|* Phone 259
Telephone 276
[Bargain Home Sites
Vin North Lonidalo,
Two    separate    coruor    loti    in
south oast quarter 617, ncur school and
/ good road.   Clroaji aud easy terms.
In Lynn Vtnay.
k iiiiinlicr of good lovel lots   near
Municipal Hall, for linn oach.   Pay-
incuts aproad ovor five years.
Is Diatriot Lot 560.
A iclcctiou of doulrlo   corners   for
. largo houacs uoar tho Boulevard.
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broker,
jj'jli Block, Esplanade.        Pliant 10.
An Original short story by
Price Hcllrwd
T. TTTtJ    mwmTwtrrmw
I'i,mine nf lliiti.li Columbia
,   NOTICE il Irtrtliy giitn lhat aU public Highway! in unorganised diatricis
aud all Main Trunk Honda in ofgioii-
cd   Districts aro sixty iix hot   widi,
tnd htvt a widlb of tbirly-4hnt (■•(
ou eacli aide ol Iho mean alraight run-
trt line ol thi travelled road.
Hitiiilir ol i'ulilio Wurira.
Doptrlmrmt ol Publio Workt,
Viatorii, B. (I, July 7th, 1011 11-10
(Oontlnusd from lsst issus)
"All, lll»t,'l mu I my feojt, **ls a
picture of Elixabuth Falspn. She tl
ways was, and Is now, wbeuiws have
occasion to speak of her, csllod Both.
As t matter of fact she is the most in
terestlng of all tbe Falcons of the past,
interesting, inasmuch ai ibe was tba
wickedest." He turned to mt with
that peculiar abruptness noticealdo also' iu his father. <' Have you uot lrcar.|
ol the Falcon cursol" be ilointudcd,
with eyebrows slightly elevated.
I vowed a reluctant ignorance on fbe
point and be bade me follow him into
an adjoining room,, the door of wbicb
he opened in t iwift mystlriobl manner. It was a small baft place, devoid
of any visible adornment, carpetlsis,
windowleis, and unawopt—merely a
nquiiru soiled floor, a dirty crtc|itd coiling and four haggard looking walls
which bad doubtless imprisoned tbo
present atmosphere of thl room for
many uninterrupted months, so pervaded was it witb Ibe sickening odor
of  dust.
Pausing on tbo threshold qf this foul
chamber, 1 waa immediately conscious
of a moat amazing coldness which
spread from the region of ths spine
over my whole body. Hy knees commenced a ridiculous oscillation of
which 1 wai so confusedly asbsmed
that I stooped as If to examine a hole
in the floor in order to secretly steady
them with both bands. If Arthur bad
turnctl to me auddonly and vouchsafed
tho information that be wtt about to
.mum.m tho family spectre, I should
have appeared completely credulous for
tho surrondings were eerie tnd appropriate aud calculated to lend a hallow-
nous to tho voico wbicb would bave
proved most effective in tbo delivery
of au incantation. Al >' I'M, however
Arthur did no sucb thing. He merely
stood in tho darkest cornor'of the room
blowing a thick layer of dust off some
object be held in his band.
Still troubled and embarrassed by
the unaccountable behaviour tt my
knees I crossed tbe floor on tiptoe—I
cannot explain ti you why—and peered
inquisitively over Arthur's shoulder.
"This," said my host, ictttsriug a
Dual cloud of accuiuiuulated matter,
"ia a scrap book wbcb ill commenced at an early Elizabethan date and
contains an abundanca.of records, both
private ami official appertaining to tho
house of Falcon. On tbi flrst page
hero ia tbe most interesting entry of
tbo lot—tbe ono I wat anxious to show
you—namely, tbe Falcon curse, as uttered by Beth Falcon somewhere about
1610.   Bead it."
I examined tbe yellow page with
great eagerness but shook my bead
"You must read it aloud to mo," I
remarked, coughing as a result of tbe
atnreipbere and wishing wc could ox-
afirine this antiquity in tbe morning
room. >
"That is impossible," ssid Arthur,
serioualy," unlets you would have me
si retched dead tt yeur feet."
I stared at him with pardonable rude
ness and woudered—very naturally
you will admit whether the Weirdness
of our aurrouudings btd affected his
brain as strangely as It btd affected
my knees.
"Come, corns," I protested faintly,
"that doosn't sound very rational"
"The Falcone are superstitions,"
said Arthur, "and the curse of Beth
ii treated solemnly and witb instinctive dread by all of us. Happjly, my
great grand father transcribed tht
whole rigmarole in hii mon legible
handwriting oa tbit ptge here. Per-
bsps you cm decipher tbtt."
Tbe foat proved Insttntly possible.
I adjusted my mooacle tnd with tome
amaxemeut read ai follows:
"A Falcon born, t Falcon bred,
And yet t Falcon belter dctd,
A Falcon daughter pun and chute,
My lady onco but uqw disgraced.
No mercyl VVljat is done is done:
A curso on every Falcon son I"
"Doggerol, no doubt," said Arthur,
"but a matter of serious Import tp
opt who happens to be a Falcon son.
Naturally, you don't understand it,
uot having heard tho story. Beth
Falcon, as you would observe when
viewing her portrait, was an extremely
handsome woman whoso disposition
contained a wealth pf frivolity and
| vory littlt ■conscience indeed. Tbe
scandals associated witb ber name wore
many and marvellous, but ihe eclipsed
tberp all eventually by eloping wltb
pnt of llii grooms and presenting bim
much (OP promptly with a buy baby.
Tbi groom, whoso name was Sadler,
deserted ber after a few unbtppy
months tnd poor Beth, altered to t
pititble degree, petitioned the Falcons
for mercy but ant refused help of any
description. She came ouo night with
tbe child in ber young arms ami
thrust tbe verso you have read beneath tbe door of tbe Falcpns' residence. Then Bbe stabbed borsolf to
death, expiring without a shriek aud
leaving bsr child til wtil through the
whole night. Sadler waa never seen
tgtin and bis boy was reared by some
childless women who befriended Beth
during ber evil timoa . Tbat is a
strange onough story but its sequel is
still more straugo. Somo caroful ancestor of mine preserved this vorse in
tbe manner you now behold aud hid
this album in a sacred portiou of the
house. Tbe next occasion on which it
was opened an additional verse was
discovered to have been written in
Beth'a terrible handwriting. Her ghost
—one can only presume that—had visited tbe bouse of tbo Faicoua to versify still further. Horo is the soeond
effort; in it you will And tho exact na
ture of tbe Falcon curse."
With an exclamation of surprise or
horror—wbicb I cannot describe—I
turned again to tbo album ami read
tbo following:
"Let every Falcon, by tbe curse of
Beware tho Falcon vorse, nor givo it
For whosoe'er shall  dare, tbo legend
Shall bear the Falcon brand  in sudden
I read it to myself twico ovor aud.
having done so co Id frame no obsor
vation adequate - to tbe circumstance
I merely made a prolonged whistling
uolso, which Arthur must bave considered extremely foolish, and stood silent
for a apaco.
"In 1730" said Arthur, presently,
"one Qilbort Falcon, au eldcal son,
aged twenty-four, decided within him
•elf tbat tbe curie of Beth waa all su
perstito— nonsense. He therefore, in
tbe presence of bii horrified parcnls,
defied tbe ghost of Elisabeth and dis-
obeying ber, gave breatb to—tbat is,
recited—tbe entire vese. He had no
sooner sounded the lsst sylluhlcthan Ire
crashed to the floor and expired; and
wben bis cheat wsa bared, the outlined
form of a falcon waa discovered burnt
into tbo flesh by some ghostly iustru-
ment. He bad borne the Falcon brand
in sudden death. Do you wonder, Talbot, tbat wo regard this matlcr with
a great lolomuityl"
I tried to tuawer but could utter
no so' ml.
"Is it not a lesson to us all)" pur
aucd Arthur. "Had my kinsfolk only
stretched a helping hand to poor Beth,
had tbey only given ber am1 ber child
tbe shelter and comfort of their luxurious home, bor distracted mind would
never have been driven to coueocl
tbis curie. Never! Talbol, thai char
ily which should commence at home
wu evidontly uuknown to my antes
tort. Lot ua get tway from tbis foul
I followed bim through a labyriiilh
of corrldori and found myself, witb no
small degree of plouure, in Ibe coin
forttble precincts of tbe billiard room.
Here Arthur excused biuitlf for t
tptco, whereupon I immediately fell to
comparing tbat large extravagantly
appointed room with 'tbe unkempt
chamber we bad just quitted. More
over, during tbe evening that ensued,
I could not, try as I would, rid my
rjiind ef those creepy revelations—revelations sucb aa I bad never conaid
eret) practicable outside tbe pale of
ordinary Action; those weird supernatural verses; Arthur's solemn belief ia
the potepey of (be curse of Betb,
founded no doubt on tbo fati of oat
who had diabolioved; and lastly, the
awful tragedy of Beth henelf. I pictured Arthur sound asleep some dread
I'ul night and quoting, is nne will ia a
deep slumber,, tho lines of tbe forbid
den verse. I pictured him dead ia
bed, witb nothing to explain bis death
nave tho Falcon brand on bis ebtat.
Despite tbe essentially modirn atmoa-
phoro wbicb characetrixed dinner, and
tbe political cynicisms wbicb afterwards fell from Lord Falcon, tbese m«
dilations still iutruilcd and cauaed
mo time aftor time to probe the dark
ost comers of the dining room with
absnrdoilly nurvoua eyes.
1 played billiards with Arthur and
Lord Falcon for quite two hours that
evening but was seixod periodically
witb sucb violent fits of shivering
tbat stroke after stroke went awry
and the bulk of my score waa realized
by ratal laltnaiMe Mm*, laid Hal-
con niinai al *■»■*» a_i although I
would sailer Ian hastened l—a villi
th* liutml lam at natloy, I yielded
lo Arthur'* pcnustsu aad lit another
Had I haowai slat mt tatisrcd ta
occur I weakl laat feUemtd lim jjwmd
libs • hu/iitg, Mts s *m Mt fsimrs
1.1. Cnaasamntlf, when ht bit tit
room or a Iriliag rtaatw which I annul recall, 1 itaoiawl traudy where
i waa aa,l hamrni sty halt natlnd cigar. Handy Ml I* Ua afawel a mo
ment wktn sua iadkritilc kits! ol ssift
attracltit tsy gate Is. Ik Fnru.li min-
daw which was staitiiag ajar mi nt-
roual tf Ikt aaursuh al* Iht evening.
I looked Itemffamfj ml* ibt Slight
but al iisl ttoll at* utkuif Tl—ri oi
a au.l.lta l.juspel I* my fttt with a
hoarse gulltni try alnuh I w-tri-nly
recogniifti at any sis veare, aaid njuij
ing Ihtsi, tAalywl wist fear fall
lha hair iff —y bad railaUx rise
Uoiilurt drifted fntts aty lr*» mlu
my cyet till I twill aaanely tor and
eveiylhiag ia Iht wMkt surivene termed la he .skiririjc r*i_i ami alnmi me
savi that tali Vttmeh waiium which
remains,! >_t>*_iy with maddening
Il sat ttl. I asmuw y«_ Ihe murium
ilsell whuk Iiitv—r>l ■* If Ihil extent.
Itt thape and condition appeared perfectly normal tbrougbout. II wu nothing less wouderful nothing less
ghastly than tbo face of Betb herself,
praised with staring eyes against one
nf tbe smaller panes. They were tbe
aavage eyes of a madwoman, tbe eyes
ot one wbo was determined to avenge.
I tried to about, but a mere gasp was
the result, so I continued to return
tbt scrutiny of those eyes til) they
drew closer, closer, cloaer, as iu .the
worst of imaginable nightmares, and
peered into my own with a kind of
mesmeric  intciilni ss,
Tben 1 seemed to lose conaciousucas
ami ou tbe compsrativc awakening of
my senses, discovered myself to' bo
pinioned in a most expert fashion to
the chair 1 bad previously occupied.
Ily legs aud arms were bound securely with ropes aud au effective gag hud
been thrust between my teeth, ao that
a noisy breath ami a meaningless rut
lie in tbe throat wero. tho only sounds
I wu capable of. I wriggled and
blinked energetically iu order to realise my deplorable condition.
(Co be continued.)
WALLACE k SCOTT-Horsadiitrs
and General Blacksmiths, Sri mil
and Ixntdalt. Horseshoeing a specially. 8-10
l, I III Vl'IVI'iV
Percy S. Howard 11. .). Perrin
City Auditor.
Auditors and Accouolanla
h'lh  IVllilei   SI.   VV. I'.  II.   |I.,I  _.)',
Phone 8837 Phone 183.
Vuiiciuivcr  - Norlh Vancouver
1111.1,1 A HUS AMI I'lllll..
Finest tablet aod cuet is tht City
in it i,sunns.
Pioneer Horicsboer - I'nrriagi Worka
limn.I AM) Mirnniiii
Booksellers and Stationers
Cor. Lonsdalo and 1st.        Phone 113
iTxrm.ss AM) UAl.iai.K.
Prompt     Service   Mini.rate   Cbargsa
Pbone (fl.
I .I.M'I I  ll.l.M.lll
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, let Cream,
Solt Drinks, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light Luncliei, Fruit
Lonsdale and 61 h Phone 311
hit in it i
Wholesalers and Htttilcrt of Purs lo
lot lor lamily iim ,
Pbons 336      I.ONSDALK AVfM V.
, j
. ..»im. runs
Tht New  Block est U-kUIc A»_ue
near the F«nj kfifanrk
I'mtil <c_l«»etojt
Contractors lm niiturtl ununte
conatnwtMo- htwttiim in all its
branches; hale t*a,L*.Si_u> a tpe
ritily.     Kj.Ii—stet   ftraiiied.
OCct: m lma.Uk kit.       I'bone UA
I'HAi Tl*'Ai.    riKKH.A' E
Wnae.l Br»h Nitlli* a Uf*r—Ily.
ft.il.tiag. i'«lnUa
Hrik and >**<!•<<  wash.
Bungaiowa, tit. a tf*toH).
.ulmiiud. eatrmain.
Box No. mi.
I ii'
tli l-iw—'v.
I it II    lUIWIS"
A U I I    * 8.
lirigatii*. -—aiatfe. leteli. plairu
tnd s|*_b_Ka*. Stfriic laaha and
botut draioaut a aty«<_liy V. O.
Box 144, IM sin- wets - ilemieke
I' IS «B_s ItM I I. ttai Imt
Uun STT«g Be. Ankl in* Cltril Kii-
alaeti Slut. .l.ij.l.--_ wcUMI
. iwni <iv«c.tt»:»«j tmlmatra. rli
lor all rUoit >l "Ijc 1,Mti*si. UJu.
Prlau  »*n «•_.(««      :*i   l*artl
K.lth   Koa.l.   Hut.   fculSj   Vajituuvcr
»i..i outturna.
MlBlH    VAVOl Wil
AM. I kiilt) • i CO.
ftmk tad kmAoi F-k
/   litt aad Iktami Poultry
Vtgetabh* Ufa.try tatia -uly
Phoai M» Ul Putt Slia-
'   cARBurr
tiunko mm Utk  9 U. A
I j in .lull   Millnii ry
Uoderlic Kutes
Keith Block    03 Lonsdale Ave.
>i» in ins
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ul
band, crois cut and buck saws act
aud tiled at shortest initio. II Lonsdale Avenue, Nortb Vancouver.
I vu ull.-.
High dais Indies' und llonl'i Tailoring
Phone 207
Mb Slreei K. (adjuiiiiiig veil ol llou
Icvtrd) Norih Vancouvtr
K.r.i ('lass work only. Linlies own materials made un
I-I—li.r.saiHklMa In all lis Lranclt'-s
il ii ill il-  till Ml').
.-,•■■ mil} Children's lesioni ut own
borne. Termi, elc , npply 'General
eva a. Mcdonald
For terms, etc., apply Monday
and Thursday.
HO Trtlh tl. I. ri.■•■I, 111.
iiiiiii hi r nm m.
It your «alch itoppiag or going irrs-
gululy I  See
Ihe Norlh . in,. ii.ci Expert
tnd pioneer .lowcJKr
DO IjooKltlt Aviirut
£9. R«ro|-liyg Ibe superior quality of the
~J Cake* aad Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co., 135 Longdate, we beg to
advue ciutosnert ibat MW driven will be glad
to accept order* for aame and give prompt
rench and Homemade
5c per loaf.
■i p
 _ .—. , .	
PilWisbwl Tuesdtys tnd JPrlfJiyi by ljprth Shore Press, Limited.
Bates of Subscription; One year, ♦1,011.   Six months, Bile.   Three mouths, line
United States and Foreign, $8.00 per year.
Advertising Bates Will Bt Quoted on Application.
Tbt Expreas is devoted to thl interests of tbe Nortb Shore of Burrard Inlet
excluaivoly. It eorrstltutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tbe population of Nortb Vancouver
Oity and Diitrict. Every effort is made to give advertisers tbs most satisfactory
•ervico. ,
All changes iu contract advertisements should be in the printers' bands uot
later than 10 a. in. Monday and B p, m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following jssue.
North Vsucouvsr, B. 0  Octobsr 3, 1811
Tbe first concern of the ratepayers
in dealing wltb ths six byltws upon
which they will vote on Saturday of
tbii week will be to ensure themselves
tbtt tbe condition of tbe city's li nances
ii iueb tbat it would be judicious to
coutract tbe additional debenture debt
In this connection, a careful perusal
of tbo statement made by Mayor McNeish at tho meeting on Friday eveniuij
will satisfy the ratepayers tbat so far
aa tbe city's credit Is concerned, tbe additional reaponsibility can be asaume.i
without any hosiUncy. it ii most
gratifying lo know, tbat tbe city's
margin of loaning power, upon the basil of tbis year's aiacssmunt, will be
over one million dollars, and this notwithstanding tho large expenditure*
which have been necessitated up to
the present lo provide Ihe public works
which aro essential to a rapidly growing
city, situated in a promlneut position
such as Nortb Vaneouver. It ii oue of
the features of the situation relative to
North Vaneouver iu tbii respect that
public works, the providing of which
in other comniuuitiet might bl dis-
ini,ut,.,i over a long period of years
will require to lie provided in tbii eity
within a comparatively abort period,
tbut appareully increasing the map
i.iiss.l.- of the expenditurea outailed.
li is highly gratifying to note tbe fart
Ibat the advauee iu properly valuea
baa been aud undoubtedly will eoiiliuue
to be siilliciciii to advance tbe volume
of tbe annual assessment at a pace
which will provide a basis of borrow
ing power within tbe llinlta preicribcd
by the Act wbicb tbe eity will nover
overtake but which will at all times
l,e ample aud leave a comfortable mar
gin heaidea
The tolal additional loan propoied
under Ibo new byltwi it #130,260, an
amount which ii not open to objeetiou
upon the score of the city's borrowiug
Bylaw No 130 provider for borrowing t:iii,iiiin for waterworks purposes.
It is understood tbat tbii money il to
bt used for Ihe purpoie of Ityiug tbe
iron maim on Ihe Eipltatde, Pint
street aud Second street aud alao on
Ht. David's Avcnut. Tins ii t por
lion of the original program witb re
speet to waterworks improvemenli
which it wu not ponible to complete
ou account pt shortage of fun.ls tnd
wbicb is imperative for the bait fire
protection tnd witer service and like
wiis in order to complete til Ibt under
ground work on tbi tbrte ilrocU fint
nanieil to prevent further disturbance
after Un permanent pevemeat il put
dowir next ytar
ilyUw No. llll provides for borrow
ing the sum of 11,im for tte di
l-artrncnt purpoiei. Tbi only question
in tbe minds of tbi ratipayon witb re
ferenre to tbis item will probably bs
whether Ibi* amount ii not too modor
att. Adequate fire protectiou it out
of tbe foremost requirtmtnti of the
city and one of tbe best investments
for wbicb public moneys ran bl wed
aid t liberal policy wilb rttpirt lo tbii
dsptrtmeut is highly desirable. Tbe
thought of the council probably is
lhat tbe sum ashed will provide all
Ibat can be used to advantage during
tha life of tbi prier-nt council tnd lur
thtr provision if required can bt made
tt thl time of tbt annul elections   .
Bylaw No. lii providn for borrowing tht turn of 4)13,860 for tbi purchtai
of a trhool liti la D. h Mi Thii It
t very wlu movs upon thst part of tht
Board of School Trattas*. Whn tht
program for tht puyebue at additional
trhool si 1st wat formulated by thi
Board two yarn ago aad tsbtt<|uenOy
approved by tht elation, mgit nrovit-
toa wat audi tet tht tstrthtra aad Ikt
waters tattiow of Ut tit/, bat   tht
western portion wis not provided for
beeaust of the fact that tht property
in tbtt section wbicb wai desired was
than being subdividsd and tbe owner
was not prepared to negotiate until bis
plsns were completed, but an agreement
was made to the effect that iu putting
this properly on tbe market the owu-
er would roserve a suitable block which
the School Board would have the privilege of purchasing. The present proposition to purchase, is iu pursuance of tbe
iiii.Icit.iiiu.lin). then arrived at und the
ratification of tbe purcbue will complete the chain of excellent school sites
which the trustees originally planned
to provide for each portiou of tbe city.
Hyl.nw 183 providos for borrowing
fiiTi.iiiin for the purchase of lota 1 and
I, block 31, aud Iota I, h and 6, block
37, in D. I.. 610 for corporate pur
posea. This is the oue bylaw of the six
upon which differeueea of opinion have
dcvelojied among the ratepayers. The
objections which are made are two,
namely that the explicit purpose for
which the property is required ii not
■ luted and tbat the price quoted ii too
high. As to the flrst objection it ii
aniwercd that it is not advisable
to slate any 'explicit purpose
in the bylaw for Ihe reuou
tbtt thl property could then
he used for that purpoie aud for uo
other, wbereu it ia desirablo to leave
tbe eity sufficient latitude iu the mailer
The diieuuiom in tbe council, however,
have clearly indicated that the prop
erty would be moat desirable for severs! civic purpose! such u an hospital property— for which purpoie Ihe
preient house would answer admirably
for some years—for ysrds for the Board
of Worke, the waterworks aad for other civiv purpoiei among which a lock
up might be ioeluded. Wilb reference
lo Ihe price it is pointed out lhat this
property wu actually sold some months
igo for jiiT'.uiin and a deposit made
thereon, which wu forfeited h'eceusc
of the inability of I he purchaser to
proceed. Further, that the owner of
about three ami one half acres directly
across the itreet from this property re
.■mli refued +-.')...'") for his property
and agaiu thai another property adja
cent to Ihe oue in question containing
Iwo and one half acres is held at thirty
thousand dollars. Tbe properly whicii
il is propoied to purchase contains live
snd one quarter arret and ii more ex
teuiivrly improved Ihsu cither of Ihe
two proportiw meutioned.   Ai t further
onsideraliou it ii pointed out that in
asiiiin li u the owner hu agreed to ae
eept cily debenturei al par iu jraynient
tbe actual price to bin) at the highest
figure wbicb turb debentures have
brought would be 160,860, wbicb makes
a material reduction In tbe price
Ai a matter of public policy, it u
advisable tbat the city should aerure
pewewioo within reasonable limits, of
these remaining arrwgl tract!
throughout the rity. Tbere is no doubt
tbtt uie ran be found tor tbem which
thi i it i/i'iis of tbe future will comidcr
to fully justify tbiir ptrrbtw at pres
t»t prices. It ii safi to wy tbtt it
tbt purcbue of tbii property is author
ixtd on Saturday, twenty five years
from date tbii will be looked upon u
ont of thi moit fortunate purrbaies
of tbe kind thtt thi rily bu madi or
will make. Tbt rily of Vancouver
feels vtry itrongly at tbe preient time
the need of additional areas of public
lands within the city limit*, ytt tt ii
patent to all tbat it would bt allege
thtr inpowible for thtt rity to iccurc,
at my price t tract of five and one
quarter aerw ia thi same position ia
rslation ta tht centre of tht rity at
thai which It now offered t« thi city
of North Vanrouver. Tbi rity cannot make any miatakt In acquiring thii
property, bat il ii wtily powttde Ihtl
fallari to **)<* Iht opportunity swy
be deeply regretted fn after years.
Byl*W No. 18t provides fpr borrow:
ing $16,0111) for etfoeta and roads. Al
explained by 'ho chairman of the Hoard
of Works tbjs money is to bt expend-
od )u the main for tha purpose of put-
ting crushed nick on Lonsdalo Avenue, the Esplaiiado, First and Secoud
streets. This work bad to be itoppil
on account of shortage of fundi ami
the absolute necessity of having this
work done un these business streets
before winter fairly sets in is so apparent that uo elaboration of the subject
Is necessary. .
HyLnw No. 186 provides for borrowing six thousand dollars for purposes
of public health. Approximately two
thirds of tbis is to bs used for tbe pay
ineni of the purcbue prico of a tract
of two acres within tbt city limjti
which lum been procured for an isolation hospital site and to which tbe
buildings ou thu temporary site are
now being removed. This is a matter
which Ihe citiseiie cannot afford to ignore and tbe quicker it is disposed of
the moro satisfactory, it will be in a
community sonae.
It is quite evident tbut in submitting these bylaws the city council has
been actuated liy a reaiixatiou of either
tbe imperative needs of the city or the
best interests of Ihu city iu each instance, and the ratepayer* would he
well advised in seeing tbat tbe necessary majority vote is pilled in favor of
Ihe whole six   ■
Home Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouver
Aa the main drainage system is approaching completion we lug to notily
properly owners that we are making
arrangementi lo undertake the wwtr
connection! on the vtrioui private
proportiw tt a rcaiopablo colt to ill
tboie who deiirc lo tvail thotnwlvcs
ol wrly drainage laciiiilw. Having
carried out tbt main drainage syiteui
lor tin city council tnd hiving tbi
naoesury plant and ikillcd labor
available wc are in tn exceptionally
lavorabli poiilion to carry out tht
privttc bouie drainage at a moderate
cost to properly owners tnd wt shall
bt pleaaad lo lurnisb wtimatoe nnd
plana il necwiary to carrying out (hit
molt essential work in accordance witb
thi eity regulation! and on mott up
l.i-dale prirrciplw of modern lanilii;
Second St and Mahon Ave
PHOKB 97$.
in M VM"
—— —-"
House and litW^th' Roiu!
lacing south, $2625 on teims.
.: '   „      .
North Vancouver, B.C.
.      -
Martin Senour
100 par cent. Pure Paint
for the Outside
International Varnish Co.'s
II        I        nnmnnni    III I     II      I  nWW—t
Varnishes. Stains and Enamels
~W~~~T—^tSS^fpw—f   U    II   | III
-•.. ■' ■
Will give you results that will please you for years longer
than any other makes on the market and the first coit
is lowe»t. ('dine in and let ut prove thii.
.' ... ■—
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Sole Agenti fpr
EDGE TOOLS AND FILES. : .:■".   ::     ::
50 Feet on Nye St
Special Price for
On Macadamized portion
213 Lonidale Ave. Tel. 47 Cor. Nye St. Tel. Hy
Two Good Buys in House Property
19th Street—Cloie to Lonidale Avenue, modern house, S
rooms and modern conveniences, for $2,400; $500
cash, balance to arrange.
I3lh Street—First block from Lonsdale Avenue, good
house, 5 roomt, on 60 ft. lot, facing south. Thi* is a
snap al $3,150; $ 1, 150 cash, balance $20 per month.
For further particulars of above
and other Howe Property, see
15 Lonsdale Ave.       I 'I....... 70. P. 0. Boi 1816
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouyer, B. C.
■■————- i i    i I. n ii
'   ''    '       'j
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rales to families and to regular hoardi
REDAtfANDRUSS   -/.',,.    J
Millinery Parlor
Mawnic. Teiftple Balding,
Norlh Vancpuyer. Mf. F. Ber-
rymaii, Proprietress; Just opened
wjth new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
-' —  '———ji-
Wo tlio   iin.li'i'uiiriii'il . boroliy   gly.
mil nn Ilml Mr. Alcsswlor lls'll, of tte
Oily ui North Vancouvsr, II. (I., lius
withdrawn frum partnership witb tho
linn of O. D. Wnil.iT k Op., real estate
sgonls, of His- wiiil (illy of Nortli Vsncouver, ami will, in future, huvo nu
connection with the liusinoss of tli™
(will Arm.
(Signed)    (J. C. WAI.KKB.
133 61b- Street Eut N.irib Vi.rrcuv.r
i'bons 273
Booms 10 nmi 11, I'ouil.-r Chambers.
hii Pender Street W.    I'bone 8481
end Lun .ii.ii..'' Ave., North Vancouver!
Besidciicu, cor. I,nnsdul*  Avo.   uni|f
'■Mini slroet, Norlb Vancouver.
Loans, Investments and Iuiiurauce.
Boom 'Jllr, h'M (irunvillc St., \ isnr.ui
ver, 11. ('. Phon..' &»>!). Und Hauls-
try work a specially.
10,000 cords ol dry fir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotation* for larger quantities. Cut Wood. 16 indict, $ 100,
12 inches, $3.25.   C. O. D.
Office and Yard—Mill and l/wtdale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box2432.
Kxpcrl oii Fireplaces and All Classes
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth Si. and Mahon Ave.
Paper the World
Irom our stock ..I new Wall Paper*
to it teems. Every day some u*w
.lesion arrivca lo fill tbs vacancy
ol I bote doted out.
Handtome Wall Paper*
arc here io endless variety.    Just
it'll our tiil.'iiiinii lor wbat room
you want 4 ho paper and bs will
show you just tbe patters yon an
looking for.
To chooie from our slock is » pleasure, lo pay our prior Is aaay.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 l.oiistl.l, ivsous Phon* 1411
■I' ■" "■
50x15* fc o» 154.Start #
W* of Boulevard and lying MartinSOIl & Co.
high and dry, a b*^ * «2 Lomdale Ave. 2*T
|950, on terf NORTH VANCOUVER
»S Iv  -—
Diitrict of Marth Vancouver.
I U> law ta aalkailat Ik* cirri Us MS
•« |k* win* at Imal Ummt-
atcal .1 Kdlk H„a (Mnii pal
raltla* kr was tTlml lasvnvr-
■>cat Dekcalnrra tk* •«— «f
•IM,*M I* ,...Mc pact •( tk*
coal ol .■..ilu ml Ik* MM
work, •■* I* *e*m aas* I***
Ili* Ij*y*I las*—iraKal f* <■*
Ta* rosalrcJ I* swiMt »« Uw
idk.si ul Ike latomtt aa< «•
attUMlaic • nulla, Wm* W
par at tkt a*M DckMlavM.
WHEHBA8 tb* Vital Capllaa* Dle-
t.I.i Local Improvement B»l-w. Ml*.
wus putted by Ibe Council ol lb* Putrid ol Nortb Vancouver lo provide
fur 'ascertaining lb* land to be bene
lllled anil ibe proporllon ol Mnelt
received by tueh Undt Iron ibe pro-
liuted Improvement el K*ltb Road
t Weal) (rom Ibe eaat bank of Ibe Can-
llano Hlver wetlwar.lt lo While Cll>
('Ily by the deviation, eztenalon. aod
.ipenlna up of Ibe iame aod clearing lu
lbs lull width ol K feel and bjr (radios', ditching and macadamizing Ibe
tame tn a widlb between Ibe dllcbea
ol tblrly feet and bridging '"aprlano
Hlver with a tteel bridge uo concrete
Inundation and erecting aullaUe brld-
«i over Ibe creekt along Ibe route.
I or wbicb work la bertloafltr referred lo aa "Tbe Improvement of tbr
k mid Trunk itoad"; and lo nroti-kr for
Idle proportion of uwncra ol euch land
Titceeiary to petition for tbe carrying
liul of euch work at a Local Improve-
(lent, and tbat tbe coal of lb*
bay be aliened and levied by a ape-
Jfal rate upon Ibe land* benefited
jiareby aa therein provided and berc-
I _m»((er aet forlb
\,r Oil, WliEItRAr) It waa narrated In
lull llyl.aw Ibat the eillrualed cutl of
suld Inrprovemenl work wa* (2M.MI
ilml1 tne Council b*d agreed to
siiliiiill a ll)l.ir»- lo Ibe Hector* of
Ilie Hltlrlcl fur authority lo expend
frum tbe general fund* or Ibe municipality on auld work tbe aom of IM.-
000. ami the Provincial Government
Inn) agreed lo make a granl ot lis -
000 lowarda Ihe aame. and Ibal a balance of 1100.000 mull be raited by
luun on tbe lecurlty of a loan aaarat-
iiniil over the urea bertlnafler tp.il-
II,-,I to provide for carrying oul Ibe
suld Improvement uf Ibe wild Trunk
V ANII WIIKKKAH by laid l.ocal lm
■uvemeiil   liyldw  ll.lt provided Ibal
,e landa lo he bcnellled by tbe earing oul of tbe said Impruvemenl uf
ie laid Trunk Huad are tbe following
lilrlct Lull,  ull lying Weil ol Ibe
upliano River and wltbln Ibe Monl
luallly of Norlb Vincouver. via: rrli
■ lii  Lult ML  111. Ml. IM. Mf. HI
M.  Mi.  Ml.  Ml.  571.  nf.  771.  7(1.
II.  7M.  771.  7M.  7M. IM.  III. IM.
fill.  117.  I7t.  III. IM.  IM.  M7.  Ml.
II. 110. 111. >4I. UM.to llii Incluaivr
Imi excepting Ditlrict Loll llll ud
IMI). Hit. till. MM. Illi. IMI. IIII-
I4M. IIII. lift and list Inclusive  and
part of I). I. 711. hereinafter all refer
red to aa "The  V/etl Capilano Local
roprovem.nl   Dltlrl.l."  and  Ibal  Ibe
■tin of loeb I., iiiiii lor eacb l.lsirlri
it ihall Im* according lu Ibe ratio of
0 tola)  ailelimenl  uf each   l.isliltl
.1   reapectlvely.   Irreiprcllve  of  lm
■ovemeniH. at ihewn by ibe revlaed
iiciim.nl Hull of (In- I'ltirlci for tbe
ear 1810. and tbe lj.-n.fli ol Ike aer
itral purla of each ilitlrlci l^,i   ahall
he according lo tbe ratio of value of
euch part on the Aieeeemeni Roll lor
euch aucceedlng year.
AND WHEREAS a pelilluD baa b*tn
received  by  Ihe Cuuncll dated a* lo
euch tlpnalure and algacd by Ike registered      and      aliened      owner*
holding      more      than      ihree If tbt
hi     Ihe      value      of     lie      land*
l)n Ihe laid Weil Capllanu laoial   lm
ajprovcmcnl   Ilitlrlci  aa ihowa  by  Ibe
■ lull   reviled   aaaeaamenl   roR   ol   ibe
T Uunlclpallly.  '(he proporllon tnecll.d
I by   laid   Local   Improvement   Bylaw)
and 1,,-iik a majority In number oT Ib*
jieriuni shown bv the laat re*li*d At-
Iielimcnl  Roll ..I Ibe Municipality lo
be the owncri of Ihe landt allecled by
Ihil Ily I j. w. atklng (bal lis.  laid Improvement of Ihe laid Trunk Ruad be
carried oul aa a Nival  Imnruvemeol.
and Ibal Ibe ium or 111*DM be ralaed
by  Debenture  Bondt lu be latued oo
Ihe  tecurlly ol    Local    Isni-n....... nl
Hats, lo be levied over tald Weil Cap-
llano Local Improvement Dlilrlcl lo
pay In part for Ibe aaid Impruvemenl
work   aa   hereinbefore  narrated
ANI) WHKREA8 Ibe am'oual ol
debt which thii ByLuw li Intended lo
create Is H00 0OO and Ihe lame la being created lo provide a fond for Ibe
liniir.iven.eiii or Ihe laid Truak Hoad
undtr )jOCa) Impruvemenl plan
AND WIIEREAH Ihe amount  lo be
raited annually bv irieclal rale lor paring the debt and inleretl  under ihli
Bylaw It 1(1(1   belne MM lor Unking  fund and |i HI fur lalereal
ANI)  WHKHKAS  Ihe   val**  el tke
hole land and Improvement or real
roperly   rateable  onder   Ihi*  Bylaw
cordlnv  lo Ihe laal revlaed Amu-
•nl Roll ul Ihe Dltlrl.l It lllll 711
,\ NI > WHEREAS the del.l I* eretitd
the tecurlly of medal  ralei  •• i
and levied by ihli Bylaw   .r I II
.uaranleed   by  Ihe  credli  of    Ike
bis municipality
Ilie Reeve and Ihe ''ouncll of Ibe IVr-
foiallon of Ibe Dltlrlrl nl Nor'b Vaacouver In Council atteml.led .with ll.
uuent or the El.. Ion of Ibe aaid IH*
lll.l)   at   follow!
I    Authority   It   hereby   ilvca   Ike
Cuuncll lo carry oot Ihe work ol l-o-
cul Improvrmenl nf ull Trnnk  Road
at before detcrll.e.1 ill : t l/wal lm-
t'loveissent under and by vlrn'< ol Ike
said  WeM  Capilano lilvl-i. •   In ......
in.nl Bylaw. IIII
1 II shall be lawful Inr Ib* <'.o»ill
to raise by way of loaa from any r- r
ton or person*, body or b-Nfle* con or-
i.!e under Dehenluret to Iv I* n ' a*
herelnufler provided, a ium of .aot.tr
not eiceedlng In the whole Ibe turn
of (100 00* and lo cause me sume 10
le wil.l Into Ihe llaek .•' Brill-" K.-rlb
America lo Ibe credit ol Ik. Mid Cm
puralun for Ihe ..urpute tbove reell^d
I I'i b, Mure II.,ml. ol ll' '. r|....j
Hon lo be designated "Tb. Welt fan
llano l«cal ImprOvemeal J>»twri>.rr
Bond! to aa amount n..i .tcdlng
Ihe laid Sum of IIIIIII. I* whole mat
Ih- Ittued by Ih. Reeve aad Ik* "It1
of the Curporellon la l.ratf ol i,"
Municipal Claueee Arl md Art* amend
ng Ibe **me and of Ihli Bvl-w lo
sums si may be rwulred but ao Hi>-
nle d.b.nlur. hoad thill be for a
greater ium Ibin It IM Kerb ol Ik*
laid Debcnlurn .htll I* signed t.y Ik*
I       «l*ld Reeve and Clerk and teeled wllk
/       «be Seal ol Ihe Cprpnralloa
I    Tbe Mid  Debenture  Hondt ahall
'   hear Inlereat al a ral. aol .le.edlo*
live ner cenl   per tanum navtble tall
vearly al Ihe Ural day ul February and
Ihe   Brat   day   of   Augwi   I*   eaek
I nnd   every year   daring   tbe   rurrea
ev of Ihe tald debenture! or an> oar
of Ihem    Ther* thall 1" etuthed I*
,   Iht flebenlure Bond!    c,,,.w.*a .l.r.d
'  by Ihe Reeve for neb and .v.ry |»v-
m.nl or Inlrreal lhal may become due
nnd aurh signature may be .Hh.r written or .lamped
^_        I    The aaid Debealore Ib.ndi u I*
m    principal  and  Inleretl  .hall   be  oa>
■IT     ,1.1, tl Ihe Dltlrlrl Munl.li.I 0*c. I*
W> \    North Vancouver B P. or al lb» nrln-
ft rlpal office of Ibe Beak    ol    Brill**
■ Norlh America la the fllr of Toronto
F\ In Ihe Province of OnUrl" or al tkt
r I 11 m, Inul oMre of Ibe laid Bank I* lb.
cily or Montreal, la Ikt IVovlnr. ol
iiu.-l.rr. and Ihe ..Id .orlarlpal turn
shill be mad. payable Vi Ik. Corpora-
ii..n al '* dtle nol later Ikaa Illy
i  eenrs from  the Irsl day ol Aagael
I For the nurno*. of forming a
sinking fund for Ihe oaym.ai of nil
Debenlures al malurllv aad for payment of lb* Inleretl (hereon at ll be-
ii.rnet due- amounting Said aUkl**
fund and loler.H I" MM« 'bere to
liereby tiiened »nd l.vied over aad
' i.ove all other ral.a an* lai.* *sffM
f,..m nrh Dlltrlel L»< In Ih* ijMWfJ
r,nll.no Lor»l ImnroV.m.ai DUIrki
ilellne.1 bv it Id Bvlaw. Ih* anaail
rum tn.rltled and ael oppoafle eaek
such Dl.lrlcl »al 'o be ka»wa a*
■Th*    Wen    fVpllM*    l*»»*»vee**»l
,Wn\^nfnm    »««!
771-Annual ftate ......   10
77i- ::::::
Mi-Annual BaU .'..'..'
7M-(Kaal  If acr*i)"!
Ill--Annual BaU  .....
in- :!."::
Ill and weit M acr** ol
Ill-Annual BaU	
Ml- """.
7 .11
ii I
II. 1
2 .01
I   40
i   40
I .01
'Thi Wist Capilano District
rovement Loan ByLaw, isl),"   on
an on
ff&rdeVtni.Htt day'oToclohor I«1L
between tbs hours of t o'clock sip.
and 7 o'clock pm. within tho lollowing polling places, viz.: The Lynn Vul-
'ty fnitltulo Hall, ths ilhurch'lliill at
ie corner of Lonadale Avenue   and
ueen Street and al Hollybui-n, West
apllano, all In Ihe District of North
ancouver. and that John Q. Earjnci'
ll been appointed Returning Officer
) tag* the votes of such Electors with
ie usual powers In that behalf.
Hy oi-dei- pf the Council,
. 1     hX        mt
per cent, us herelnufler
IMI-        ' 	
IIM- .     	
I1M—Oovernmenl lands
(Hot  aaaetaable)
Ills-Annual Rat*  	
Ill*—Government Land
(Nol asauuble)
nil   <lurernm.nl  land
(Nol  alienable)
llll—Government land
(Nol  atlellible)
llll    Annual   Hale          I.II
llll—Ooveranwnl land
(Not aaaettaule)
III*-        --,.
IIM-Annual Ral*        Ill
4 11
Diitrict of North Vaneouvir.
A bylaw u enable fke Corporation
ol tke nistrlef of Nurlk Vaueouver iu rail* hr war af 'aaa tke
SMS of 1100,0*41 fur tlreel  »»r-
WHEREAS It Is'deemed espedlent
hy the Council of the Corporailou of
the District of North Vancouver lo
raise by way at loan the sum of 1100.-
001 to he expended In Ihe maintenance
id construction of streets In Ilie said
AND WHEREAS tho amount of the
debt which this ByLuw Is Intended to
create Is the laid sum of 1100,000, and
tbe object for which the auld debt it
created la the maintenance and construction of alt-cuts ui uforciald:
AND WHEREAS It will be necei-
sary lo ralae annually by apeclal rate
Ibe total sum of IMit for fifty years
for tbe repayment nf the auld loan und
Interest at i
AND WHEREAS the vulue of Ihe
whole rateable property In the said
District, according to the laat revised
Assessment Roll amounts to |8,88ll,337:
AND WHEREAS Iheuggreiiiile uf (lie
Debenture Debt uf Ibe Municipality
(eicupi for work! of local Improve
meiil) Including Ihe loan hereby uu
ihorlied,  amounts  to  MI3.000.
THEREFORE the Reeve und Council
of thi Corporation of the Diatrlc( of
Nm tli Vancouver in Council assembled
(wilh the nmi,-nt of Ihe Eleclori of the
District duly obtained) du hereby enact
aa follows:
1. It shall be lawful fur ihe council
for the purpoiei aforolald lo borrow ur
ralae by way ol loan from any person
or persons, body or bodies corporuie
who may be willing to advance (he
tame upon Ihe credit of Ihe Debonlurea
of thii Corporation hereinafter provided lor a sum or turns of money nol
Sicccdlng In the whole ihe mini of
00,000, and 10 cause Ilie same lu he
uce.l In the Bank of British North
America Ip the credli pf the Corporation for the purpoie uforeaald.
I. Debenture Bondi of ihe Corporu
Hon to tbe amount of 1100,000 In Ihe
whole may be Issued liy Ihe Reeve
and Clerk of (he Csrpurullun In termi
of tbe Municipal Clauses Act In sums
as may be desired, but no tingle De
Denture shall he for a greulcr sum
than One Thuusund Dollurt. Euch uf
•aid Debenture Bonds shall he llgned
by Ibe Reeve and Clerk and ihull he
sealed Will) III.' Seal uf the I'ol |.oi .ill,<n
I. The laid Debenture Honda ahull
bear Interest at a rale not exceeding
Ave per cent, per annum, puyuble half-
yearly on tbe lit day of February and
the aril day of Auguit In euch und
every year during tbe currency of tald
Debenturei or uny of them. There
shall be atlached lo the Dehclilurc
Bondi Coupon! llgned by the Reeve
only for each and every payment of
Inleretl tbat nli.ill become due und
•ucb ilgnaturc muy he either written
or Humped.
I. Tbs said Debenture Bondi shull
aa lo principal and Inleretl he puyuble
al Ihe Diitrict Municipal Office. Norlh
Vancouver, B, & or at the principal
office of the Bunk of Brillih North
America In Ihe City of Toronto. In Ihe
province of Ontario, or at the principal office of the said Bank In the I'll)
llll-flovt. land
Ilii-Auual  Rale  ....
llll   Hurl   land
(Nol aaaeSMble)
nil-Annual Rale   ...
11J7   Hurl   land
(Nul  aaieliable)
1IM-.       '        *.
nil   Annual  gal*   ...
nn- T ...
1117- -     ...,
■ 111
4 10
4 20
4 20
4 20
4 10
4 20
4 20
4 2(
4 21
4 2(
ii I
♦1.1(1 Jo*
Tbe uid Weil I'apllaJiu Improvement
rale or lax thall be and ll hereby levied
aad charged for Ib* period of flfly
yeara aa a Ilea or charge payable along
with aad la addition to aad ai forming
part of Ibe aaaual Real Eilaie Taxel
parable for an* out of Ihe laid District Lol* reipecHvely lo Ihe i*ld Cor
porelloa But II is hereby provider
that In eveat uf My of aaid Dlitrlcl
laU bela. mw or beraafler iilbdlvld
rd Ibea Ihe lolal Uvy for tuch Pltirlcl
1^,1 win b* divided and levlad aad
f*i_ a Ilea or charge upon the dfferenl
part* l hereof according lo Ih* rupee
tire valuea a* peek parla on fte ii
tsweal roll for Ike you In wbleh
•urb levy u mtde. an* I certllt.* cop)
of aaid petltlM ud of Ihli SyLat
may be r.alilered U Ibe land )legli
try (Wc* la the City of Vancouver at
a charge or Ilea agalatl Ilu Said !»*-
(f) Tbo preruiics pn wbicb tbe
w*tsr to |)p used (dMcrlb" same)—
Pity pf North Vsucouver.
(g) Tbe   niifpeie   lur   wbicb tbe
Wbtef is tb lie ' used -Domestic ami
(h) If' (or irrigation describe tbe
laud intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) If tbe water is tp be used for
power or mining purposes describe tbe
place where tbe water is to be ro-
liiriitnl te spme natural channel, ami
tbe difference in altitude between
point nf diversion and point of return
of Montreal In tbe province uf Quebec
The laid principal ium shull be mude
payable by the Corporullon ul a ilnte
not later than fifty yeurs from the Isl
day of August. 111).
i. There shall be railed und levied
annually by a special rule on all rateable land or real properly In the District thl sum of MM. for the purpuic
of forming a sinking fund for Ibe puymenl or said Debenturei when Ihey Income doc. and Ihe sum of ICO00 fur the
puymsnt of the Intereat ut Ihe pale
aforesaid to become due on audi debenturei during tbe currency thereof,
and thai In addition lo all oilier rulei
to be levied and collected In Ihe laid
District during the whole currency uf
Ihe laid Debentures or any of Ihem
1. This llvf-uw may be cited for nil
purposes as "The Streets Luun ByLuw
7.   This Bylaw sliull come lolu effect
on Ibe day of the dale of Ihe reglslru
Hon thereof In Ihe office uf the count)
couii for Ihe Diitrict of North Van
Palled  by the Council on  Hie T'i.tli
day   of  Helils-lilbel.   llll
Received Iho astern of the Electort
at an election held on Ihe 	
day of Ull.
Reconsidered and flnully udopleil by
the Council and llgned by the Reeve
and Clerk and Sealed with the Curpur-
ate Seal on Ibe '   duy of
KI.KITimx   l)K   TIIK   DIMIlll I    ill'
TAKE NOTICE Ibat Ihe ubove ll a
true copy pf the proposed ByLuw upon which tbe vote or the Munltlpullty
will he taken wllhln (he nulling (duces
ui the Lynn Valley Insllfule Hull, the
Church Hall at Ihe corner of Lonsdale
Avenue and QUecn Street and at Hoi
lyburn. West Capilano. all In the Diitrict of Norlh Vancouver, on Saturday,
of October, nil. between
Ihe llib day
Ihe hours
o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTH.'K la hereby given
thai ihe vole of Ihe Eleclora of Ihe District uf North Vancouver will be taken
on "Tbe directs Loan Bylaw, llll."
on Saturday, tht llth day of October,
Mil, between the hours of • o'clock
* i 1
if polling placet, vis.: The l.yn
Valley institute l/all. Ihe Church Hull
m. and 7 o'clock p.m. within the fol
lowing polling places, vis: The Lynn
*4  01
Car.llaau Improvement Rate
levied a* ber.lab.fare '
Tbe debt hereby creeled (j_.ej
iprovera.nl i
I. guaraaleed by 3* Municipal]
tecurlly  of  Ih* sail  WIS!
- ie Milled and
ovlded and It
iffy al
Tbi* Bylaw may be cited for
purpoare a* "Tb* west Capilano
Irlri ImproreaMfjf Loan Bylaw.
aad thill lake efeel sll lb* day of Ih*
dale uf Ibe reglilralloa Ihereof In Ihe
o»<e of (be Ciuu C»jrr?»r lb* Dl
irlrI at tterlh Ttftaatet
Paaeti la HdsTSubJf oo thi llth
day of Kepiuaber. Mil.
rtreelred tk* *****( *f lb* Eleclors
at M elecllo*  held M  lbs
Mt at UU
Aecoaaldered Md laally »dopled by
lb* Council Md algae* by the Reeve
Md Clerk aad teal*d wilb Ihe Corporate Sell M Ike lay ot
ICE liul  1
nmuc _
er etyeti
.. /ll Tn ihe
al Ihe corner of Lonidale Avenue and
Queen slscet and al Hollyburn, Weil
Capilano. all In Ihe Diitrict of North
Vancouver, and that John O Farmer
has been appointed Returning Officer
IP lake Ihe voles of the Eleclors wilb
the usual powers In Ibat behalf.
By orders Ily Council,
Notice is hereby given that an ap
plication will be made under I'art V.
ot tin "Water Act, 1V0V," te obtain
* licence in lbs North Vancouver Dl
vision tt New Woitminiler District.
(a) Tke name, address and pecupa
tips of Ue applicant-Corporation of
tbe City at Nprth Vaaepuver. ^j
(It tat affning purpoiei) Free Min
er's Certi*_t» No	
(h) Tbi nam* ol On Uke, stream or
ware* (ii upnamsd, tbi description is)
lake at tb* upper end pf lytn tireclt
en right kind branch going up stream
(•lev. S4M leaf above Burrird Inlet)
(c) Tki point of diversion—Al
Falla it ateutli tl Uie.
(A) % WMtlljr 0/ water applied
for (la tabic hat pet i*cend)-8tor-
(tyiymmtor atpttpttti worin
" ldla| a Aim ml rimpi Uv*l
tt l*k* duriac ttlnt mm.
v» nm- wr'na) m~§ - - —
(j) Area of Crowu laud Intended to
be occupied by tbe proposed works
Uud Hooded hy construction of dim.
(k) Tbis notice was ppsted ou tbe
Kith duy of August, lllll, uml
application to lie made to tbo
Commissienor on tbe 88tb day of September, 1911.
(I) Give tbo names and addresses of
auy riparian proprietors or licouecoa
wbo or whose lainls are likoly tp he
affected liy tho proposed works, either
above nr below the outlet—Hastings
Shingle Manufacturing Co., District of
North Vancouver.
Commencing at a poiut iu liurrard
Inlet, diitaut :',-:u.: test due auulh
irom the aoutb-wust curuer post ul
Lut Mo; ihene.! duu north -',.ihii fuel,
to said south-weal corner post ot nam
Let :.'ii-i; tli.-.i... iiiiii feet, moru or
loss, to tbo nm III went corner of aaid
Lot "iin; ilni" ■■ northerly through Lot
uijii, ".ii ni feet moru' or luss, tu the
south-west eoinrr post of Lot fill!)
theucu easterly aloug the uorlb houu
dary of Lot ;',.,", ifim feet, mure or
log*, to the uortb-east corner post of
Lot fn'i.'; theuce nortborly along Ihe
west lioiiii.Ini. uf Lot nil. 1,711 led,
more or loss, to the north-west corner
post of Lot 511; tbence eaaterly .-ilmi;;
the nurlh huumlury of Lot Til-', -,0-Hl
feet, more or less, to the uurtb-cust
corner poat of Lot tit, theuce eaaterly
along tho north bouudary uf Lot 010,
■Villi feet, more or leaa, to the nortli
cuat comer post of Lot iilii; tbence
eaaterly aloug tbo uorth houndary ol
the norili IHO.-.I portiou of Lot Old,
nmi feel, more or less, lo the uortb-cusl
corner of aaid portiou of Lot Oil), illHI
feet, more or less lo tbe norlh-catt t or
iter of said portiou; theuce southerly
aloug tbe eust boundary of said mull.
most portion of Lot 010, 3,Q0li feel,
ninie or leas, to tbe loutb-wcst corner
of Lot 2,1)16; theuco easterly along the
nortb liuiinsliiry of Ihu south mu.-l pur
tiun of Lut 016, ".ni'ii feet, more or less
lo the uurlb eaat comer of said south
most j...ir ...ii of Lot 010; thence south
erly aloug tbs cast boundary of Lot
010, "..nu feel, more or leta, lo the
southeast comer poat of Lot 010,
thence westerly aluug Ibe south huuu
Imi of Lot 010, .i,-'"i feet, more or
leaa, to tbe aouth-weal corner posl of
l.ul Oil), Ihence southerly, along the
west 1.1.nn.Inn of l.ul Ii0.'l, ::,i;iii feel,
more or less, to Ibe south-wca! corner
of Lot 603; theuce eaaterly, along Ihe
south boundary of Lot 603, 66V) feel,
more or leaa, to Ibe north cast corner
post of Lot 216; Ihence southerly aloug
Ihu eaat bouudary of Lot ill, a 'It--
laucc of l.n.iiii; feel, to tbo uorlb
lm..n.im, of that part of aaid l...i 178,
tbe property of .lohn Hendry; tbence
wcalerly along tbe norlh boundary of
the property of Ihe aaid Hendry lu
tbe cat! boundary of Lot i'.i; tbence
southerly along the said cast liouudury
of Lot -11 to the high waler mark in
Burrard Inlet; tbence iu the sume line
southerly WW feel, and tbence westerly
iu a straight line to the poiut of com
ineiii einciil the aaid tract of laml cum
prising Ihe following lull, namely: -
S66, 271, 271, 273, eicept tbp portion
thoreof belonging to John Hendry, the
eaaterly portion of Lot 602, and Lot,.
617, 618, 0i'i. 660, du, 610, 610, aud
016, ami Hu- Mission )ndian Kcaerve
sll situated in Group One, Now West
minster District, together wiib the
foreshore in front on the nortb ahorc
of Hurrard Inlet aa comprised wilhi*
the said boundaries of tbe City of
North Vaueouver; tbo said tract of
land being tbown on a map or plan uf
the said City of. Nortb Vanrouver de
posited in Ibe Uml Begittry Office it
Ihe Cily of Vancouver.
(r) Approximately tbe number of
iiihaliilanli   -Hii  Thousand   (6,000).
(■). Tbe (dace 0/ tbi proposed reser
voir for itorags—Iraki at upper end of
right baud branch of Lynn Creek (ele
vation 2,1110 feet ibovi Burrird Inlet,
(t) The means by which it is pro
posed lu store tbs waler -Natural storage by use of Uke Md Dam.
(u) The area tf tbe reservoir sito
or sites at each foot ia depth abovo
1 foot above outlet
* leet    „     '„
feet tf     ,,
'•et n „
teat „ „
feet „ .
feet „ „
feet ,, ,,
feel „ „
lm „ ■    „
leet „ j,
im „   . „
leet „ „
m   „     „
leet j, „
feot ,, 1
feet    ,,      ,,
tm   „     „
feet „ „
'•et ,, ,,
'eet „ „
feel „ „
to tm
to tm
•   ' '  !■"."    '
..( scroe
.. 1 screa
.8 acres
....20 acres
....20 acres
....20 acres
Pioneer Confectionery
■'-   '       "  T?l " '   ' '■*■—■■  ■.■■■in	
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all psrts of  tbi city.
Special nl I cut ion given all iinlciTi I'riini putrotlB.
Pioneer Confectionery S
1 a 1 -.i^tvt Ucn
1 &
Tho operator's duties ore to answer
culls ond mako cunucctioris us rapidly
aa piiHsilrle. Conversation with you
wuuld inevilubly block utlier culls just
as urgoul as yours.
So tho operator ia 1 mined In use
cvituin aet pbruacs relating strictly
lo her wurk. Auy ijucsliona uul-
aiile ul her luncliuna imisl ncci-ssnr
ily bo 1 cloned lu people having iu
clinrgo apeciul clnasea ol "irrc-
gulur" iuquirios.
A ini nu I i-'m consideration will show
lhat unlets Iho operator's tluty were
until,nn pinotu nlK . tin- snlnu ill uvory
cull alio eiiulil uot possibly givu ALL
aubacribcra Iho icrvico Ibey demand.
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Heal   Kstnto and  KinojidaJ Agoola.
Agreomimls ol Bplo iliii'nunli-d.
219 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 44
(v) How it is proposed to acquire
tbe land neceuary for tbe purpose—
Ily purchaie.
(w) Appropriately Ihe number 0/
acre teel intended to be iinpuunded—
tU acre leet.
(x) Whether il is propoaed to lower
tbe water in any natural Iako or aland
Ing body of water, and if so, thoii-
(J) The anticipated eitent of the
(il) Tbe menu proposed to bo adopted lo lower aul roil.
(i) The nature aed character, In
detail of tbe works proposed to be cod
•trorlcd to provide for Ibo discharge
and penning hack of Uie water—(.'on
struct ion of a dam,
(Slgnaturo)  THOMAS^ SHKI'HKBI).
(P.fl. Aadress, Oily'i«,
ttttth Vaaeouver.
WAM.AOB* B0OTT-Horswbtiri
and flenerel Blaokamilhi, (yet Dint
mil Jjonadal*. Botteehotfag a
• 300 Feet of Water-
fronUge with crown
grant, known ' u
Wallace Shipyard*.
Tprm to *uit pur-
CnMmV.  Apply
Seymour St.
Mild Oared Brcaa/asl Bacon, »Oo
per Ib. la half or whole fid .1 ai llm
VftQ-Oitt Oyocery, itt fint St. 9 thr mmm, north Vancouver, b. c
BY-LAW  MO. 183.
A 0V-Ij*W to cuublc tk( Corporallon
ssl Ike Vlty Ot Nurlh Vancouver
lo ralae 1» nuy ul loin ihe sun
ut I13,il00.00 far school puruoiee.
WHEREAS tho Bkurd ol Truileei
of Noilh viineouver l.'liy Molii.nl Diitrict liuve propurod u dctulled csllmuie
ol Uio sums required lo meet special
or extraordinary expenses legally In-
currahlo by Iho Board, which estimate
Is as follows:
Ksilnialo of Special or Extraordinary Expenditure—
1'urellaie of School Slle, Block
a, I). L. 662 I»WM
Expenses uttondunl upon pus-
suge of this By-law and
sale  of debenturei  T°"
AND WHEREAS the said estimate
was laid before ihu l.'liy Council and
duly considered by Ilie said Council,
mul Ilie said sum above mentioned was
Dually rejected and disapproved by Ihe
auld Council ull Ihe seventh duy of
August,  lull.    , ., ...
.\Ml) WHEIU'lAB the Mayor of Ihe
cily has since Ihe rejection and disapproval uf Hie suld estimate, lo-wlt:
mi Ihe thirtieth day of August, ltl).
received from the. Secretary of the
suld Board of School Trustees, a wrll-
icli n.|i.i ..i lhal' the said Mayor sub-
mil for Iho assent of Ihe electors, In
llm manner proscribed by Section 68
uf Hi,. Municipal Clauses Act a Byluw autburlslng the proposed expenditure und If necessury tho rulslng of
Ihe muneys required lo defray Ibo
same upon Iho credit of the municipal-
'AND WHEKEAB It Is necessary lhal
the said money be raised upon Ihe
credli of Iho municipality.
AND WHEREAS Ihe Council bus
authorised Ihe submission of Mils Byluw  lo Ihe electors.
ANII WHEREAS fur Ihe payment uf
Interest ssii Ilie debenlures proposed to
Le Issuisl under Ihis M>'-luw. and fur
creating a sinking fund for Ihe nay-
nicni sil (he said debenlures when due,
il will be necessury lo raise by speclul rale In nddllloii lo ull olher rates,
euch year during Ihe currency uf such
ileliriiiiircs Ihe sum uf (683.06. where-
uf (686 lb Is lu be rulsed unnuully for
•the payment of Inlerest doling Ihe
currency of suld debenturei, and (86.80
lo be railed unnuully for the purpose
uf creating a sinking fund for puymenl of ino debt secured by tho said
debenlures Ihe sume bong mado payable In llfiy years from the Drst day
„f September, llll.
WHEREAS in order lo raise the laid
yearly sum uf f683 OE fur Interest and
sinking fund, an equal special rale un
lb,, dollar will be required lo be levlod
on ull Ihe rateable real properly In
Hi., suld cily ,   ,       ,    ,,
AND WllEltEAS the whole rateable
uul properly In Ihe suld cily, according lo Ihe lusl revised ussessinent roll,
Is I10.ISD.37I. ,
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate of
Ihe existing delienlurc debt of the cor-
p.siuiloii Is (818.670 (excepting for
works of locul Improvement and fur
i., bi-.nl purposes), of which none of
Hie principal or Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE Iho Municipal Council uf Ihe Corporullon of Ihe Cily ot
North Vancouver, wilh Ihe ussent ot
ib,. eleclors uf Ihe City of North Van-
luiivil duly nl.Mined, chads al follows; .
I.   It shull'be lawful for Ihe Mayor
i,f Ihe City of Nurlh Vancouver und
r the purpose afore-
subl lo "borrow or raise by way of loan
ihe CM
City   i
y Cler
of thl CRy of North Vancouver at an
election for the purpoie on tho .
day of
Reconsidered by the Council ond
finally uduptod, llgned ny the Mayor
and City Clerk, and sealed with the
corporate Seal * the day
of A.M. llll,       N
TAKE Nil'I'lOB that tha abovo Is a
truo copy of the propoied Bylaw Upon
which [ho vole of the electors of the
Municipality of the City of North Vancouver will he taken wllhln the City
Hull. Norlh Vuncuuver, B C on Saturday, the 7lh day Of October, A. D.
llll, between Ihe hoiiri of 8 oclock
u   in. and 7 o'clock b. m.
*   THOMAS mrsHHERn.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
I lie   DC.SOU.K    i . . u ,nu innm
Expenditure I-oan Bylaw, No, J, 1811,
anil lhal wllhln Iho City Hall. Norlh
Vancouver, B. 0., und thai Thomas
Shepherd has been appolnled Reluming
Officer lo- lake lln> vole uf such
electors wilh tho usual powers In thai
behalf. , .. " k :    .,
By Order of Ihe Council.
Cily Clerk.
from any peraun or persons, body ur
boilles corporuie, who may be willing
lo advance the same upon Ihe credit
of Hie ib beiilores hcrcliioflcr mentioned of Hie corporation; a sum of money
imi exceeding In thu wliule Die sum
of .1 ."' and lu cause Hie sume lo
be placed In the Bank of British North
America ui North Vancouver, lo the
credli uf ihe illy fur the purpuse above
reelli'il. ujnl such uioneyi shull be used
fur Ihul purpuse only.
.' In belli ores ol Ihe rllj nol ex-
siiillttg In iimoiilil Ihe rum of (13.260
muy be issued by the suld Muyor und
cily <'I.ile Iii lerms uf Use Mnnlclpnl
cluiiseH Ail III sums us muy be de-
sin si. Imi mil eieocdlng f 1.000 00 each,
or Ihe equlvulenl ciproilod In pounds
slerllng of Hie Cnllcfl Kingdom of
. .[ i'i li.uii mul lieluiiil oi -Hie value
;l II Mi 1 3 lo the puund Iterllng.
IT.ieli lit Hie said ilelienlllres shull he
signed by Hie suld Mayor und cily
, uml Hie Clu Clerk ...I,.ill ullix
Hindu Hie Cornwall.' Seul of the Sold
cily of Nssiih Vancouver,
3 Th, debenturei shull bear date
ibe disl duy of September, llll. mid
shall hour inlerest ul Ihe rule of four
imi one-half (4Vj) per cent, per milium pnyuhie hull yearly on Hie Disl
I.i, nl ,',!.,i.li mul Hie Disl duy of Sep-
leiiibi i in each and every year during
ihe currency uf tlie suld debenture*!,
oi uny uf llicnv There sliull he ul-
luelieil lu lliu ileljeulures coupons
signed by iln'Maym only, for each
unl every puyment or Interest that
may become sloe, und inch elguulurc
muy be either written, slumped, pi Ini
ni or JilliograplliM ihereon
4'  The said ilebeiilur.es as to principal  uml  Interesl  muy  be made puy-
ible i lliu r In currency or III equlvulenl  In  pi'iinili slerllng'ul  the value
if .1" 2-3  io Ihe puund sterling ut
in b bl.in   sir places In Ureal Britain,
lulled gi.Hes of America or. Ihe DO"
•ulnlon of I'ssnuilti us muy be agrri'd
upon between tlie corporullon and Hie
older thereof, and Ills' suld principal
um shull be mude puyuble by Ine city
i   u  date  nol  Inter  Iiiiiii  flfly yean
•from Ihe flrst dsy uf September. IIII.
!. Luring the whole term of Ihe
■ miein . of Un, suld delienlurei • initio) nils, on Ihe dollur shull be levied
md railed i."li year In uddlilon io all
olher ratal un all Die rateable real
property In Ihe city und sufficient lo
nay Die lull i. si upun llie aaid delicti-
'uiis, uml lo create a sinking fund fur
Uie payment of Hie prJnrJi.nl thereof
when due. subject lu ony oet or on-
'iiiiibi respecting n... aame. Such
special rale shall  be Inserted In  the
""'T'l'i's   roll    .lis   uml   jilmll   l„.
•nyuldc lo and cpllcctcd hy |bc suld
"prpprnilon In Hie same way as olher
■alei iu Ine said roll or rolls, love ai
lierelnufler provided.
I. In order lo provide for Ihe rnlei
■el oul In paragraph 16) and subjeel
us aforesaid. Ihere shell be raised on-
•sually by special rule during Ihe currency of the said debenlures Ihe som
nf (696.26 In provide for Ihe payment
of Jnlcresl thereon, and Ihe som of.
J8I.II for Ibe repayment of the principal thereof.
7 Tlii' proceedi of Ihe said deben-
'inel shall be applied ol follows, and
not otherwise:
It) Jn puvmcnl of the coit of the
nailing of Oils By-law and Die Issue
'ind sule of tbe debenturei therein referred to. and all expense,* connected
wilh Ihe sold Loan.'
tb) Jn recouping Ibe said corpora-
Han for such sums al have been expended hereunder until Ibe proceeds
of Ihe sale of Ihe said debenturei become! available
le) To carry out Ihe purpoiei of
Ihli By-law al ibove Ml out
t No rebate shall be allowed on Hie
apodal rate* lo be levied under thia
I.   This By-law ihall take effect on
(be day of the paaslug
It.  '[bla Bylaw may be clUd for
all purpoiei ai "Tbe school! Exlroor-
Kspciiajlufi l.oo» By-laW No J,
d by Ihe Council on thi 20th
in i tu   mu. i,s:i,
I UYIjAW lo enable Ike Corporation
of Ihe Illy of Norlfc Vaueouver
to rulse by way of loan Ihe aum
of «u:i,iaai lo purchase real
properly for corporate pur-
WHEREAS u petition signed by Ihe
owners of more ib.ni one-tenth (1-10)
of the vulue uf real prupcrly iu the
city, as shown by Ihe last revised assessment roll, has been presented lo
the Council rcquesllng them to Introduce u Bylaw lu authorize Ihcin to
borrow the sum of sixty-three thousand 1(63,000) dollars fur Ihe purpose
uf ucqulrlng by purchase Lots i and 2,
Block 31. and Lola 4. E und 6, Block 37,
In the subdivision uf District Lot 648.
containing live and ono-quartur in1.)
acres, more or less, together with Ihe
buildings creeled thereon, (ho same
being necessary for corporate pur-
ANI) WHEREAS II Is deemed necessury lo acquire by purcbase such lumi
uml the buildings Ihereon for corporuie
ANI) WHEREAS for Ihe payment ol
Interest on Ihe debenlures proposed to
be Issued under Ihli Bylaw, and for
creating a sinking fund for the payment of the suld debentures when due,
it will be necessury lo raise hy special
rate. In addition lo all olher rales,
each year during the currency of such
.1. li.iiiiii.:. Ihe ium of 11,147.70,
whereof (2.866 00 ll lo bo rulicd annually for trie payment uf Interest
during the currency of laid debenturei
and (41370 lo be rulsed annually for
the purpose uf creating a sinking fend
for puymenl of tlie debt secured by
the suid debenlures, the same being
made payable In fifty years from the
tki hi duy of September, llll.
AND WHEREAS In order to raise
Ihe said yearly sum of (3,347.70 for
Inieresl and sinking fund, an equal
special rate un the dollar will be re-
quureti lu lie levied un all Die rateable
real prupcrly in the laid city.
ANI) WHEREAS Ihe whole raleablo
reul properly In Ihe said cily, according lu Ihe last revised assessment roll
Is (10.180.371.
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate uf
Ibe exlsllng debenture dent of tbe
Cprporullon is (141.610 lexceptlng for
works uf locul improvement and for
school purposes), uf which none of
Ihe principal ur Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council
ot ilu Corporullon nf the Cily of
North Vancouver, wilh the ussent of
the eleclors uf Ihe oily of North Vancouver duly oblulncd. enucls us follows:
I. II shall be lawful for Iho Mayor
of Ihe cily uf North Vuncouver and
Ihe Cily Clerk, for Ihe purpose afore-
Habl. lo borrow or raise by way of
loan frum uny person sir persons, body
or bodies corporuie. who may be willing lo advance the same upon the
credli of Hie debenlures herelnufler
mentioned, of Ihe Corporullon, a sum of
money not exceeding In the whole the
sum of (63,000. and tu caosc Ihu samo
lo be placed In Ihe Bank of British
North America si Norlh Vaneouver, lo
Ihe credli of Ihe city fur Ihe purpose
ubove recited, uml such moneys ihall
be osed for lhal purpoie only.
I Debentures of Iho city not ox-
coedlng In umount the mm of (63.000
muy be issued by Hie suld Mayor and
Cily Clerk In Minis uf the Municipal
cluuses Acl In sums us may be desired, but nut exceeding one thousand
dollar! i|l iiiiiii each, or the equlvulenl
expressed In pounds slerllng of the
inii. il ITIin.iii.in uf Ureal Britain and
Ireland ul (he vulue of (116 1-3 lo
Ihe puund sterling Each uf Hit suld
debentures shall be signed by Ihe
said Muyur nnd Cily Clerk, and Ibe
Cily ib il, shall i. ill x therein the corporate seal uf Ihe said Cily of Norlh
I. The a. i.ei nn. .■ shall bear date
Hie in .I duy of September,, 1811. and
shall beur Interesl nl Ihe rale pf four
and one-liulf UK) per rent, per
annum payable half yearly un tbe Drsl
duy uf t.I.iii I nnd Ine flrst day of
September In each and every year
during Ihe currency of the laid de-
isenloies nr uny nt ihi'in There Mill
be iilluehed to the debentures couponi
i: in il bv Ihe M.i ni unl'. for eiii'h and
every puymenl ot Inlerest that may
become dm*, und inch signature may
be either written, slnmpod, prlnieri'or
lithographed  (hereon.
4 The suld debentures a: to principal and Interest may be msde payable either In currency or Ils equivalent In pounds slerllng ul Ihe value of
14.86 2 3 lu Hie pound sterling ol such
place or places in Oreat Britain,
United Stales »f America or the Dominion of I'aiiaibi al may bo agreed
upon between Ihe Corporation and
Iho holder thereof, ond (he laid principal sum shull be made payable by
Ihe cily ot a dale nol later than fifty
years from tbe Drii day of September,
i During Hie whole term of (be
currency of the luld debenturei a
special rule on Ihe dollar ihall ba
levied inul rulsed each year In addition
lo all olher roles on all Ihe rateable
real properly in Ihe city and sulDcleni
to pay iiTe Interesl upon Ibe laid do-
bi'iiliirei. and to creute a linking fund
for the payment of the principal
thereof when due. lubjeci to any acl
or cnuclmcnl respecting the mine
BUch special rate Iho!) be Inserted In
Ihe collector's roll or roll! and ihall
be payable to and collected by Ilia
said Corporation in the soma way aa
olher rales In the said roll or rojli,
save as hereinafter provided
I jn order to provide for the ralei
sel oUl In paragraph 16) and subject
as aforesaid, Ihere ihall bl railed annually by special rale during the currency of Ihe said debenturei thl hum
of (2.886.00 lo provide for the payment of Inieresl Ihereon, and the ium
of 1111.70 for Ihe repayment of the
principal thereof,
7. The proceedi of tbe told (ebon
torn ihall be applied u follow*, and
not olherwlae:
I <a) Jn.Payment nf the cost nf the
passing of tills Bylaw and the Issue
and sale of the debenturei therein referred to, and a)| expenses Connected
with the laid loan.
iin in recouping the laid Corporation fpr audi sums ui pave been expended hereunder until the proceedi
Of Ho' sale of the aaid debenture! become available.
tc)  Tb carry out the purpoiei  of
this Byluw us above sel out.
8, No rebate shall be allowed on
tho special rates tp be levied under
(Ills Byluw.
I. This Bylaw ihall take effect on
the day of the passing.
10. This Bylaw may he cited for all
purpoiei as "The tilth Street property
Purchase Loan Bylaw, Hill."
Passed by the Council on the 80th
In- of Seuieniber. 1011.
Received the assent pf the eleclori
of the City of North Vancouver at an
day of
Reconsidered  by tbe    Council    and
ilis.-ill'   nu   led.  signed   I"   Ihe  Mayor
and Cily clerk, and aeulcd with the
corporuie seal on Ihe duy of
A. I). 1I1J.
TAKE NOTICE Ihul (he above Is a
(rue copy of Ihe propoied Bylaw upoh
which iho vole „i the electors of the
Municipality of the City of North Vancouver will be Min a within the Cily
Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B- O., on Sut-
ui'ili.v. Ihe Ilh day of Octoh.tr.
A. 1). lull., between (he hours of 8
o'clock a. m. and 7 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk und Returning Officer.
election for the purpoie on the
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby given
Ilml Ihe vote.of (ho eleclori of , the
Illy of Nortb Vuncouver will be
■tlrrn on Ihe 7th day nf Ocluber.
Ml. between Iho hours of 8 o'clock
a. m. und 7 o'clock p. m. on "The 16th
Sin 11 Properly Purchuso Loun Bylaw,
1811." and lhal wllhln the City Hall.
Norlh Vancouver, B. C, • and thai
Thomas Shepherd lias been uppolntcd
Returning Officer to lake the vole of
such electors with tbe usual puwers
In tbut behalf.
By Order of the Council.
City Clerk.
llllilH   NO.  INI.
A llll,A\v lo enable the Corporation
of Ihe City of Norlh Vancouver
lo raise by way of loon the sun
of »:i.immi for the purpoae of
tualuiuluiug the Fire Department.
WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient
In the Interest of Ibe city to borrow
(3.000 for Ihe purpose of mulutalnlng
Ihe Fire Brigade, same being un expenditure necessary fur assistance of
.tie Eire Department of the city.
ANI) WHEREAS In order thereto it
will be necessary to Issue debentures
nt ihe City of Nortb Vuncouver for
the sum uf (1,000 aa hereinafter provided (which Is tho amount of the
debt Intended to be crcuted by this
Bylaw) thu proceedi of the laid debenturei tu be applied to tbe laid purposes und to no other:
AND WHEREAS a petition algned
by the owners of more than one-tenth
ii iui Die value of real prupcrly lu
the city has been presented lu (he
City Council requesting Ihem to Introduce u Byluw to authorise tbem tu
borrow the ium of three thousand
((8.000) dollars for (he purpoie uforo-
...ibi '
AND WHEREAS for the puyment
of inieresl in Ibe debenture! propoied
lo be Issued under Ihli By-law, and
for creating u linking fund for tbe
payment of Hie laid debenture! when
due, il will be necessary (o raise by
special rale In addition to all other
rales, each year dorlng the currency
of such debentures the sum of (164.66,
whereof (186 00 Is to bu raised annually for Ihe payment uf Inieresl during
lie currency of said debentures, and
11966 lo be raised iimiuully for 'die
purpose uf , n .nn. a sinking
fund for Hie payinehl uf (he delll
secured by tbo said debunturei the
same being mude payable lu flfly years
i'i mn Ihe first day of September, 1811.
ANI) WHEREAS In order lo rulso
the said yearly som of .1 i'6 for Inieresl and sinking fund, an cquul speclul rate on the dollur will be required
lo be levied on ull Ihe rateable real
property In the said city.
AND WHEREAS. Ibe whole rateable
real properly In Ihe'laid cily according to the lusl revised assessment
roll is (10,880,371.
AND v, I ll-: kit AN the aggregate of
the existing debenture dent of tbe
corporullon Is (848,170 (excepting for
works of local improvement and fur
school purposes) of which none of Hie
prlrcli'A! nr Inieresl Is In arrear.
•IIII.UI-.I--IIIII-: Ihe Municipal Council Of Ihe Corporullon of Ihe City of
Norlh Vancouver, wilh the assent of
Ihe electors uf the Cily of Norlh Vancouver duly obtained cnucta as fol
I. It ihall be lawful for ihe Mayor
of Ihe Cily of Norlh Vuncouver and
the Cily Clerk for Iho purposo uforc-
s.iisl lo borroW or raise by way of loan
from any perion or perioni, body or
bnilli s corporate, wbo may be willing
tu udvunce Ihe iame upon the credit
of the delienlurei hereinafter mentioned of the corporation, a ium of money
not exceeding In the whole the sum
of 13.000.00 and tu cause the lame (o
be bin, eii In Ihe Bank of Brlilsh Norlh
America at Norlh Vancouver, tp the
credit of the city for Ihe putpoie above
recited, and such moneys shall be used
for lhal purpoie only
i, Dehenlurea of Ihe cily nol exceeding In amount Ihe ium of (8,000.00
may be Issues) by the laid Mayor and
Cily clerk In termi of (he Municipal
''louses Act In sums aa may be desired.
but not exceeding 11.000 00 each, or
the equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of On■ I'niieii Kingdom of
Oreal Britain and Ireland at the value
ol (186 2-3 to the pound sterling,
Each of the laid dcbenlurea ihall be
elgned by Ihe uid Mayor and City
Clerk and the City Clerk ihall affix
ib. i"i» the Corporate Seal of Ufa
said City of North Vancouver.
I. The debenture! ihall bear date
the Drsl day of September, till, and
shall bear Inlerest at the rate of
four and one-half if/,) per cent, per
annum half yearly on the Aral day of
March and Ine Drat day of September
lo eVh and every year during Ihe
currency of the lair] debenture!, or
any of Ihem. There shall he attached
lo Ihe debenlures coupon! llgned by
the Mayor only, for each end every
payment of Interest that may become
due, and such signature may be either
written, slumped, printed nr lllho-
graphed  thereon
i. The laid debentures aa lo principal and Interest may be made payable either In currency pr Its equivalent In pound! sterling at Ihe value
of (1818-3 Ip the pound sterling al
such place or place! In Oreat Britain,
Lulled Stale! of America or (be Dominion of Canada aa may he agreed
upon belweep (he corporation and the
bolder thereof .and lip? aaid principal
(um ihill be made payable by lha
city  at a (late not  later  than   flfly
Veari from the flnl day of September,
I    During  Ihi  whole term of the
currandy  if tki  tall  debenturei  a
special rate on tbe dollar shull he
levied and raised each year In addition to all other rates on all the rateable real property In (lie city apd eufll-
eleni to pay the lntereit upon the said
debunturei, und to create a linking
fund for thp puymouL'uf tbe principal thereof when due, subject 16 any
act of enactment respecting the lame.
?uch ipociaj rale ihall be Inserted In
he Collector'! Roll or Rolls, and shall
be payable to and collected by the
•alii corporation In the same way as
other rates In the aaid roll or rolls,
save as herelnufler provided.
6. In order to provide for tho rates
nl out In paragraph (6) and subject
as aforesuld, there shall bo railed annually by special rale during the currency of tho auld debentoret ihe sum*
of (136.00 lo provide for Iho puymenl
of Inieresl (hereon, and Ihe sum uf
(18.66 for Ihe repayment of (he principal thereof.
7. The proceeds of the suld debentures sbal| be applied us follows, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment of thp cost of (be
passing ol Mils H■ In", uml the Issue
ami sale of the debentures therein referred to, und all expenses connected
with the suld loan.
(b) Tn recouping the said corporation for sucb liiiuni us have been expended hereunder until the proceedi
of the sule of the said debentures becomes available.
■ tc) Tb carry out the purposes of
this By-law as above set out.
8. No rebate shall he allowed- on
the special rutes to be levied under
this By-luw.
'8. This By-law shall (uke effect on
the duy of the poising,
10. This By-law may be died for
ull pin pi..-i:: us "Tho Eire Brigade
Assistance Loan By-law, llll,"
i"uhi.-.i In Hie council on (he t'iiiIi
day of September, 1811.
Received the assent of the electors
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election for thai purpose on the
day of
Reconsidered by (he Council and
Dually adopted, signed hy the Mayor
and Cily Clerk und sealed with the
Corporate Seul on the »      day
of , A.)). 1811.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut (he above Is u
Hue copy uf Ihe prupused Bylaw upon
which the vole of (he elcc re' of Ih.
Municipality or the Cily of Norlh Vancouver will be taken wllhln Hie CHy
Hall, North Vancouver. B. O, on Saturday, the 7lh day of October, A. I).
1011, between the hours of S o'clock
a. in. and 7 o'clock p. in.
Cily Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given Ihu
ihe vole of the eleclors of the ('Ily of
Tui i). Vancouver will be taken on thu
7th day uf Ocluber. 1911. belweell Ihe
.lours uf S o'clock a m. and 7 o'clock
p. in, on "Tlie Fire Brigade Assistance
Loan Byluw. 1811." and that wllhln ilu
"Ily Hull. Nurlh Vancouver, B. C, and
Ihut Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning Officer lo lake Ine
vote uf such electura with the usual
powers In that behalf,
By Order of Iho Council
Cily Clerk.
A BY-LAW lo enable Ihe Corporation
of Ike Cily of North Vaacouver
lu ralae by nay of loan Ibe »uui
of »i.-',uiio for the purpose of
making, preserving and repairing roada aad slreets In Ibe city
Including Ihe construction' uf
nn. sidewalks.
WHEREAS the Ucncral Revenue is
un.mini, in lo meet Ihe expenditure
necessury for the purpose of niuklug.
preserving und rcpulring rouds und
.■•in .-i.-i In the city, Incluoing the construction of new sidewalks.
AND WHEREAS It Is desirable and
deemed expedient lhat Hie sum uf Df-
leeti thousand 1(16.000) dollars he expended by Ihe cily for (lie purposes
AND WHEREAS lu order thereto 11
will be necessary lo Issue debentures
of the Cily uf Norlh Vancouver fur the
sum uf iiii. en ib..in ..ml 1(16.000) dollars as ii.i. in.ifi. i provided i which Is
Ihe .inn.um of the sleht Inlcmlcd lo
be created by this By-law). Ihe proceeds of Ihe said debentures lo he up-
piled to tbe sal.I purposes and lo nu
ANI) WHEREAS a petition signed
by Die owner! of more than one-tenlh
ii im the vulue of reul properly lu
ihe cily has been presented lo tbe City
Council requesting Ihem to Introduce
u By-law lo uulhorlze Ihem lu b.'rrow
the sum of fifteen thousand in 100)
• li.ll.us for the purpuse ufuresnid.
ANI) WHEREAS fur Hie puyment uf
inieresl un tbe debenlures Proposed lu
be* issued under this By-law, und for
■ i.-,.Hiu. a sinking fond, for the payment of the said ijehehtures when due,
il will be necessury to rulse for speclul rale In addition tu all oilier rates,
each year during the currency of such
debentures the sum df (773 86, whereof (676 00 Is lo be raised unnuully for
Ihe puyment of Interest during the
currency of said debenlures, and (88 26
lo be raised annually Inr (he purpose
of creeling a linking fund for the
payment of Ihe debt secured by Ihe
said debentures, the same being made
payable In fifty years from the llrm
day of September. 1811
AND WHEREAS In order lo raise
the laid yearly aum of (778.26 for inlereil und sinking fund, sn equal special rate on" Ihe dollar will be required
to he levied on ull Ihe raleabie real
properly In Ihe said cily.
ANI) WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
real property in the laid ciiy, accord-
ing lo (he laat reviled assessment
roll Is (10.880.871.
ANI) WHEREAS the aggregate of
the existing debenture debt of tbe corporation ll 1848.670 (excepting fur
worki of local Improvement and fur
ichool purpoiei), of which none of
the principal Or lntereit li In arrear
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of Hie Cily, uf
North Vancouver, with the asscnl of
the eleeiors of the Cily uf Nurlh
Vancouver duly obtained, enacts as
follows: ^
1. It shall be Iaw7ul for Ihe Mayor
of the City of North Vuneuuver und
the City clerk for the purpose ufure-
suld to borrow or raise liy way of
loan from any person or persons, body
or bodies curporale. wbo may heVwill-
Isip. to advance the isme upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mebibine'l of 'be corporation, a sum
of money not exceeding in Ihe whule
ihe sum of (16,000.00 and lo cuuac Ihe
same lu be placed Ip Ihe Bank of British Norlh America at Norlh Vancouver,
to the credit of tbe city for the purpoae above recited, and luch moneys
ihall be uicd for lhal purpoie only.
8. Debenlures of Ilie cily not exceeding in amount Ihe lum. of (16,000
may he Issued by the suld Mayor and
Cily Clerk In termi of Ihe Municipal
Clauses Act Jn aumi aa may he desired,
but not exceeding (1,000.00 eaeb, of
the equivalent expressed In4 pounds
iterllng of the United Kingdom of
Ureal Britain and Ireland al ilie value
of (4.86 2-3 to Uio pound slerllng.
Koch of the laid debenture! ihall be
llgned by Ihe laid Mayor and City
Clerk, and the City Clerk ihall affix
tbarito th* Corporate Seal of tb* laid
City of North Vancouver.
3. The debentures shall hear date
the flrst day of September, llll, and
shall bear Interest at the rate of four
and one-half ti!-.-) per cent.' per annum, payable half yearly on the flrst
day of March and the flrst day of September In each and every year during: tlio currency of the said debenture", or any of tbem- Tbere shall be
attached to Hie debentures coupons
llgned by the Mayor only, for each
and every payment of Interest that
muy become due, and sqcli signature
may be cither written, stamped; printed or lithographed thereon.
4. The .'.alii debenlures as to principal and Interest may be made payable olthei In currency or lie equivalent In pound sterling at the value of
(4.8(2-8 to the puund sterling at such
place or places Jn Qreat Britain, United Stutcs of America or tho Dominion
of Cunuda as n)uV be agreed upon between tho corporation and the holder
thereof, and the said prjncpal sum
shall be made payable by the city at a
date not later than llfty yeuri from
tho Drsl duy of September, llll.
6. During the whole term of tbe
currency of the said debentures a speclul rate on the dollur shall be levied
and rulsed each year In addition to all
other rates on all the rateable reai
property In the city and sufficient to
pay the interest upon tho said debentures, and to create a sinking fund for
tbe payment of the principal thereot
when due, subject to uny uct or en*
■. si... in respecting the sume. Such
speclul rule shull be Inserted In Ibe
Collector's Roll or Rolls, und shall he
puyuhte (o und collected by the suld
corporullon in thu sumo wuy us other
rates in the said roll or rolis, save as
herelnufler provided.
6. In order to provide for tbe rates
set but In purugrupli (6) und subject
us aforesaid, there shull bo raised unnuully by speclul rulo during the currency of the suld debentures the ium
uf (676.00 to provide for Ibe payment
of Interest Ihereon. und Ihe sum of
(8.8.26 for Ihe repayment of iho principal thereof.
7. Tlie psocceda of Ihe suld debentures shall be applied as follows, and
not otherwise:       '
(a) In payment of the coat of the
pussing uf this By-law, and the Issue
and sule of Ilie debentures therein re-
furred to and all expenses connected
with Die suld luun.
Ib) In recouping the suld corporation for such sums us have been expended hereunder until Die proceeds
of Ihe sule of the suld debentures be-
.niiie.-i available.
tc) To carry out the purposes of
this By-law as above set out.
8. All moneys arising oul of the
annuul speclul rate hereinbefore provided for sinking fund shall bo Invested hy the Council of Hie said corporation from lime to limo as the law
8. No rebate shnll he allowed on
Hie speduj rates lo be levied under
Ihis By-law.
10. This By-law shall lake effect
on Hie slay of Hie passing.
11. This By-law may he Cited for
all purposes as I'The Streets Maintenance Loan By-luw, 1911."
Passed by the Cuuncll un the 201 It
day uf September,  lull.
Jtecclved the ussent of Ihe electors
uf Ihe City uf Nurth Vuncuuver at un
election for the purpose on the
day of
Reconsidered by the Cuuncll niul
Dually adopted, signed by the Mayor
and Cily Clerk, and sealed with the
Curporale Seal on Ilie day
of A.D. Mil
TAKE NOTICE lhal Ihe above Is a
Hoc copy ut the proposed Bypiw upun
.vlilcll ihe vole of the eleclors ut Ilie
'.] .si n ip .in ■■ of Ihe Cily of Nurlh Vuncouver will be token wllhln the Cily
.lull. Norlh Vancouver, 11. C, on Sat-
uriliiy'. the 7th duy of October, A. D
llll. P. luun ihe huurs of 8 o'clock
i. m. uml 7 u'clock ii. m.
Cily Clerk and Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given Hun
Ihe vole of the electors of the t'lly Of
Nisiih Vancuuver will be luken on Ihe
Ilh duy of October, 1811, between the
hours of 9 u'clock.u. in anil 7 o'clnch
i. in. nn "The Slreei Maintenance Loon
Bylaw, lull." ami lhal wiililn Hie Cily
Hull, Nurlh Vancouver. B C, and Ihut
Thomus   Ni.. pi., nl   hus   been   uppnillleil
Returning Olllcer lu lake the vule nl
i.,-L eleclors wilh Ihe usual powers In
Ihut behalf.
By Order of Ihe Council
City clerk
.  BYLAW NO. 104).
A llll III lo enable the lorpuralluu
of Ihe I Ily of Nss.it Vaacouver
lo ralae by nay ut luau the aunt
of jCiii.ihsi for Walernorka purposes.
WHEREAS  H   Is deemed necessury
hi.I expedient  th.it  Hie sum ul .-.	
In- pruvided for Wutcrworks purposes..
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by Ihe owners of more than une-lenlh
' I Hi) the value of real properly lb the
city, has beep presented to ilie Cily
Council requesting ihem to Introduce
a Byluw lo uulhurlse iln-in lu borrow
the sum of 180,000 for Waterworks
AND WHEREAS the Council has authorised tho submission of ibis Bylaw
to -the electors.
ANI) WHEREAS fssr Ihe puymepl of
Inlerest on ihe debentures proposed lo
bo Issued under Oils Bylaw, and for
creeling u sinking fund fur the payment of the suld debenlures when due,
It will be necessury lu raise by special
rate  In  addition   lo  all   other  rates.
 Is year during the'currency of such
debenlures, the sum of (1,64(60,
whereof (1,36000 Is to bo raised annually for Hie puymenl uf Inlerest
during Hie currency of said debentures,
and (18660 lu be rulsed annually for
ihe Purpoie uf creating a linking fund
for payment of Ibe debt aecured by the
auld debenturei, the same being made
payable In. flfly years from lha Aral
day of September, llll
ANI) WHEREAS, In order to raise
the suld yearly sum of (1,646.60 for
Interest am) sinking fund, an eqpat
special rale ull the dollar will be
required lo be , levied on all
the rateable real property In the laid
AND WHEREAS tho whole rateable
I...I properly in the said city, according to the lost revised assessment roll
Is (10.890.371.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
the exlsllng debenture dent ot Ihe
Corporation Is (618,170 (excepting tor
worki nf local Improvement and for
school purpoiei), of which none of the
principal Or lntereit ll Jn arrear.
THEREFORE, ibe Municipal Council
of the'Corporation of the filly of
North Vancouver, wilh Ihe asiont of
tho elector! of the City Of Norlb Vancouver duly obtained, enacts ai follows: I
I. It shall be lawful for tho Mayor
of the Cily,of North Vancouver and
tho City CJprk, for the purpose aforesaid, to borrow or raise by Way of Joan
from ony'person or parloni, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
•ij advance Ihe same upon Iho credli of
the debenturei herelnufler mentioned
of Iba Corporation, a aum of money
not axceedlng In the whole the lum pt
Mi to cause tbi inne to he
placed In the Banff of British North
America ui North Vancouver, to tbe
credit of the cily for tbp purposo above
recited, and such moneys shall bo pied
'~t that purpose only.
8.   Debentures of the dty not
for that purpose only.
8.   Debentures of the city not exceeding In umpunt ihe sum of (30,000
muy he issued by tho suld Mayor and
City Clerk In termi of. tho Municipal
Clauses Act In sums as may he desired,
but not exceeding (1,000 each, or.tho
equivalent expressed In pounds sterling
of Ihe United Kingdom of Qreat
Britain and Ireland at tpe value of
(1.88 2-3 lo the pound iterllng. Each
Of the said debonturea shall be signed
by the suld Muyor und City Clerk and
tho City Clerk ihall affix thereto the
corporate seal of tho laid City of
Norlh Vancouver.
3. The ilebeiiidrcB shall boar date
the iii ;.i day ot Sepiembor, 'llll, and
shull beur Interesl al'the rule ut four
und une-half HI;) por cent, per annum payable half yearly on tbo first
day of March und Iho lirst day of
September In euch and every year
during the currency of tho laid debentures, or uny of them. There shall
be attuched to the debentures cuuponi
llgned hy the Muyor only, for each and
every payment of Interest that may become due, und aucb slgnutui'e may
be cither written, stumped, prlnUa' or
lithographed theroun.
4. The said debentures ui to print
'■Ipal and Inleresi may be made payable ei'i. i In currency or Its caulvu-
lont In pounds slerllng at Ihe value of
(1.86 2-3 to tho pound sterling at such
place or places In Qreat Britain,
United Stales of America or the Dominion of Canada as may bo agreed
upon between the Corporation and the
holder thereof, and tho Bald principal
sum shall lie made payable by Die city
at a date nut later than llfty yean
from Ihe lirst day uf September, 1811.
6. During the whole term of thi
currency of the suld debentures
special rale un Hie do|lar Shall
levied and raised each year In addition
tu till other rates on all the rateable
real property In the city and sufficient
lo pay the Inieresl upon the laid debentures, und lu create a sinking fund
fur Ihe puyment of tbe principal
thereof when due, subject to any aet
ur enactment respecting the same.
Such special rate shall be Inserted In
the collector's roll or rolls, and shall
he payable to and collected by thl
said Corporation In tho same way oa
other rates lu the said roll or rolls,
save as hurelnafler provided.
6. Iu ordor to provide for the rates
set out In purugrnph 16) and subject
as uforesalif. ihere shall be raised annually by special rate during the currency of iin suld debenlures Ihe aum
of (1.260 00 In mi.ebb fur the puvnienl
uf Interest thereon, und the sum of
f 19660 for the rcpuymeni of the mm
clpul thereof.
7. The pruceeds of lb,- said debentures Ihall be applied as follows, and
nut otherwise:
la) III puymenl of the cost of Ihe
pussing of this Bylaw, and the Issuo
and .'-.ib of Ihe debentures therein referred lo. and all expenses connected
will)  tile suld loun:
Ih) In recouping the suld Corpora-
dun fur such mum: us buvc been expended hereunder until the proceedi
of the sale of Ihe suld debenlures becomes available
tc) To curry nut Ihe burpuses of
Ibis Bylaw as above set oulv-
. I. All moneys urlulng ont qf Ihe
annual special rutc hereinbefore provided fur i.i nn Lind Lill be invested by the Cuuncll of the laid Corporullon frum lime tu time us Ihe law
6. No rcbulc shall bo allowed on
Hie special rales lu be levied under tbis
10 This Bvluw shall lake osTcct on
Ibe duy of Hie passing.
II. This Bylaw may be died for all
purposes us "The Wulcrwurks Loan
Bylaw. No   2. llll."
Passed by Hie Cuuncll on Ihe 20th
day  of September,   1911.
Received Ihe assent of the electors
uf the City uf Nurlh Vaueouver at an
election for  Ihe  purpose . on  the
duy of
Keeunslilcrcd hy    Ihe    Council   and
finally adupled, signed  by Hie Mayor
aud Cily clerk, and sealed  wilh  Ihe
corporals, seal on Ihe day uf
A. D. llll.
TAKE NOTICE that the above ll a
true copy of Hie proposed Byluw upon
which the vule of the eleclori of tho
Munlclpullly of tho Cily oPNorlh Vancuuver will be luken wltbln the City
Hull, Nurlh Vuncuuver, B. C, un Mat
urday. Ihe ;tli nl October. A D. Ill,
between Hie hours uf I o'clock n. in.
ami 7 o'clock p m.
t'lly Clerk und Returning Officer.
prilLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
lliul the vule of tho eleclors or the J
City of North Vuncuuver will be luken
un Ilie 7th .lay uf October. I9IIJ
hoi ween Ilie hours uf 8 o'clock a
and 7 o'clock p. m. on "The Waterworks Loun Byluw. No. 2, llll," and
Usui within the City Hull. Norlh Vancouver, li C, n.i that Thomas Shop-
herd bus been Sippuinioil Returning
Officer lu lake Ihe vote of such
eleclors Willi Hie usual puwers In lhat
By Order of the Cuuncll.
City Clerk.
A BY-LAW to enable Ike l.'erperalloa
of Ibe Illy of North Vancouver
lo ralae by nay of Joan Ihe sum
of (ii.oiio for the Preservation of
Public Health la the City.
WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient
and necessary tu borrow Die ium of
six thuusund 1(6.000) dollar! for
health purposes.
AND. WHEREAS a pel ll luu signed
by the owners of more than ouo-tentii
of the vuiuu of real properly In Ihe
cily aa shown by the lost reviled
Assessment Roll has been presented
lo the Council rcquesllng tbem to Introduce a By-luw lo uuthorlse Ihem
to borrow the sum of six thousand
1(6.000) dollars for Ihe preservation of
public b...iiii In the city.
AND WHEREAS for Ihe payment of
Inieresl on the debentures proposed
to be issued under this By-Jaw, and
for eic,iimp n alnking fund for tho
puyment of Ihe said debenturei whon
due, II will he necessary lo ralic by
•pedal ii.i.' In addition to alt other
rotes, each year during the currency
of such debenlures Ihe sum of (309.10,
whereof (270.00 Is lo be railed annually for Ibo payment of Interest
during Hie currency of suld debentures, nod (31.80 lo be raised annually for the purpose'of creating a linking fund for payment nf tbe debt aecured by the said debenlures, Ihe lama
being mude payable In fifty, years from
Ihe nnt day of Sepiembor, )9lf
.AND WHEREAS in order to rslie
till s.ssi, ycorly irjin of (801.80 forTn-
icrest and sinking fund, an equal special rate on the dollar wllf be required to be levied on all the rateable
reel properly In (he laid cily.
AND WHEREAS Hu whole ratesbli
(OontUniid on ptga uvea) tmmmmmmmmmm
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(Continued from Page Six.)
real property In tne audi city, according to tbe lut/ revlaed aaaeaaiucnt
roll, ll 110,110,371.
AND WHEREAS Ibe aggregate of
the existing 'debenture debt of the
corporation la 1141,170 (excepting for
work! of local Improvement and for
ichool purpoiei), of wbicb none of
the principal or Intereat In In arrear.
TIIKKKFOUK the Municipal Council of tbe Corporation of tbe City of
North Vancouver, wltb the assent ol
tb* elector! of tbe City of North Vancouver duly obtained enact! ua follow!:
1. It Ihall be lawlul (or tbe Mayor
of the City of Norlb Vancouver and
tbe City Clerk for tbe purpoae afore-
laid to borrow or ralie By way of
loan from any peraon or perioni, body
or bodloi corporate, wbo may be willing to advance Ibe aame upon Ihe
credli of tbe debenture! hereinafter
mentioned of tbe corporation, a aum
of money not exceeding In the whole
Iht mm of 11,000.00, and to cauae tbe
lame to be placed In the Bank ot
Britlab Nortb America at Nortb Vancouver, to tbe credit ot tb* city for
tbe purpoie above recited, and aucb
moneyi thall be uaed for tbat purpoae
I. Debenture! of tbe city nol exceeding In amount Ibe ium of K.000.00
may be limed by Ibe laid Mayor and
City Clark In termi of the Municipal
Qauiei Act In auma a* may bo de-
ilred, but not exceeding 11,000.00 euch,
or tbe equivalent expreaaed In pounda
iterllng of Ibe United Kingdom of
Oreat Britain and Ireland at tbe value
of Il.ll l-l to tbe pound iterllng, Each
of the laid debenture! thall be algned
by Ihe laid Mayor and City Clerk, and
Ike City Clerk ihall ullli thereto tbe
Corporate Seal of tbe laid City of
North Vancouver.
I. Tb* debenturei ahull bear date
the flrst dly of Beplember, 1911, and
■ball bear Intereat at the rate of four
and one-half 11%) per cent, per annum
payable ball yearly on the Ural day of
March aad Ibe Ural day of September
In each ud every year during the
currency of Ihe laid debenturei. or
any of tbem. Tbere Ihall be attached
to tbe debenturei coupon! llgned by
Ibe Mayor only, for each and overpayment of Intereat that may become
due, and luch ilgnalure may bo either
written, itaniped, printed or lithographed thereon.
I. Tbe aaid debenture! ua (0 principal and Intereat may be made payable eltber In currency or 111 equivalent In pound* iterllng al tbe value of
(I (I J I lo Ibe pound iterllng at audi
place or place! In Oreal Britain. Hulled Statea of America or Ibe Dominion
of Canada ai may be agreed upon between the Corporation and the holder
(hereof, and the laid principal ium
• ball be made payable by Ibe city al
a dale not later than fifty year! from
tbe flrit day of September, 1*11.
i. During the whole term of tbo
currency of the laid debenture! a
■pedal rate on Ihe dollar ihall be
levied and railed each year In addition to all other ralei on all the rateable real property In Ibe cily and luDI-
clent lo puy tbe Inlereit upon the
■•IJ debenturei. and lo create a linking fund for Ihe payment of Ihe principal thereof when due. lubject to any
alt or enactment reipecllng Ibe iame
Sucb ipcclal rate ihall be Inaerled In
the Collector'! Doll or Roll* and ahull
be payable to and collected bv the
laid corporation In Ihe iame way a*
other ralei In the laid roll or roll*
•ave ti hereinafter provided
1 In order to provide for the ratca
•it out In paragraph (I) and aubject
•1 aforeaald. there ahull be railed annually by ipcclal rale during the currency of the laid debenturei the ium
of 1170 00 to .provide for Ihe payment
of Intereil thereon, and Ihe ium of
III 10 for the repayment of the principal thereof
7. Tb* proceedi of Ihe auld dehenlurea ihall be applied a* follow* and
nil olherwlie:
(a) tn payment of Ibe coit of the
patting of Ihli By-law and Ibe laiue
aid ill* of Ibe debenturei therein referred to. and all expemei connected
with tbe laid loan.
(b) In recouping lb* aaid corporation lor aucb iumi ai have been expended hereunder until tbe proceedi
of the tale of thi Mid debenture! become* available
(c)   To  carry  out  th* purpoiei of
bli By-law ai above let out.
t.   No  rebate ihill be allowed  on
tbe special ralei lo be levied under
Ihli By-law
I. Tbit By-law ihall lake effect on
tbe day of Ibe nailing.
II. Tbii By-law may be died for
all purpoiei a* "Tbe Health Loan Bylaw. 1*11."
Tailed by Ibe Council on Ilie lOlh
day of September, llll.   '
Received Ihe anenl of tbe eleclori
of the City of North Vancouver al an
S lection (or Ihe purpoie on tbe
av of
Reconsidered by tbe Council and
Dully adopted, llgned by the Mayor
an* City Clerk, and sealed  wilh the
Corpora!* Seal on Ihe
of AD. llll
TAKB NOTICK Ibal Ihe above It a
true copy of Ihe propoied Bylaw upon
Stitch Ibe vole of the eleclori of the
unleipifiiv of the cily of Norlh Vancouver will be taken wllhln tbe City
Hll). North Vancouver, B (!.. on Sut-
urday. (be 7th day of October. A. D.
IIII, between tb! boun of I o'clock
I  to. ad* 7 o'clock p. ni
City Clerk ud Reluming OBlcer.
f'UBMC NOTICK li hereby given that
ihe vote of the eleclori of the city of
North Vancouver will be taken on the
7lh lay of October, llll, between   Ihe
hour! of I o'clock •  m. ind 7 O'clock
" m. on 'Til   Health   Loan   Bylaw.
l!" and 01*1 wllhln the City Hall
'orth Vancouver,    8   C,    and    Ihtl
home* Shtpbtrd hi* been appointed
tlturblng Officer (q take the Vole of
lu— eleclori wltb Ibe qiutl power* In
thai behalf.
By Order of Ihe Council.
wiijjIam Monkish,
CJ We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
IJ We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6,12, 18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
^---__--__--l-^--_--»----__--_---_-«ll ■—lllll.
PRICES: $750 to $ 1.000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
__ PRICES:  from  $2000  to $3250  per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12,18 & 24months
The Grand Boulevard extends through thit property
The Nortb Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company. ~X
__ _, JOB
At Home Cards
Ball Programs
Business Cards
Bill Heads
Cotton Signs
Delivery Receipts
Hand Bills
Invitation Cards
Letter Heads
Post Cards
Price Lists
Shipping Tags
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
North Shore
Press Limited
Phone 80
Local New* Items
Mrs. k. Hw'tak (nee Bonslielil) wMI
receive tjriiipy, October fltb, from tour
to sir, 4th street oast.
, On Saturday mqruing a mm named
James Millar was fined tt ppA costB
fpf having been drunk nnt) incapable.
Magistrate Kealy this morning fined
an Indian ilh and costs or ope month
ip default, for having liipiur in bit
In connection witb St. Andrew's
Presbyterian church a I,aslios' Aid
meeting will be held on Thursday af
I cm min at 3 o'clock.
Mr. F. Bosquet of Third itreet east
is at present suffering from blood-poisoning in his foot. His progress ii so
far happily satisfactory.
Yesterday morning Magistrate Kealy
fined two men, John May ami John
Campbell, th and costs nr ten days in
tlofault for having been drunk ami incapable.
The Theosopbieal Society iu Nortb
Vancouver bave moved from room i,
Thompson block, to room 16, Aberdeen
block (over tbe post office) where nil
meetings will be held in the future.
An unfortunate accident occurred to
Wm. Livingstone of 4th Btreot on Sat-
unlay. He was passing the fire ball
when a briek fell on bim causiug n
deep' cut over tbe left eye. Soveral
stitches bad to be inserted.
In connection witb St. John's church
Nortli Vancouver a company of tit-
teen boys assembled at the residcnco
of Mr. Hewitt, Lonsdale Avenue, on
Saturday night and decided to form a
boys' Hub for the purpose of holding
mooting! during the winter. A Committee was nppoiiili'il to draw up a
schedule and make other arrangements
on behalf of the new club. An effort
is also being made under tbe same auspices to form a football club.
Mr. Colin I''. Jackson will loavo on
Monday on a combined business and
pleasure trip to England. Mrs. Jack-
son and tlte younger members of tbe
family have been residing in the old
country for somo months whero the
children have boen in attendance, at
educational institutions. Mr. Jackson
expects to return about February accompanied by bis family with tbo ex-
caption of one of Ibe children wbo will
remain at school.
The above club held tboir annual
general meeting ou Friday last, I'resid-
ent A. Iv Kealy in tbt chair, ■when the
following officials were elected for tbe
ensuing season:
I'slrom—Messrs. JJ. i). Green-Army-
tug... It. K. MarNagbten, VV. J. Irwin,
J. P. Fell, J. C. Keith, Mayor McNeisb,
Aid. W. J. Dick, J. Balfour Ker and
Iv Mahon.
J'rcsideiit—A. K. Kealy.
Vice-president—K. H. Bridgman.
Captain- K. H. Baylis; vice captain,
II   I.. Mcpherson.
Bccrelsry-Trcasurer—P. N. Baylies.
Executive committee—H. J. H. Cardinall, JJ. 0. lin11ley and F. T, Sail-
Selection Committee—H. 0. Hartley,
ti. IJumphroys ami the   officials.
Delegates to B. C. Hockey League—
B. S. Bayliss aod B. J. II  Cardinall.
A hearty vote of Ibanki wu given
Aid. W. J. Dirk for donating a cup
last season and also to the city council
for the.interest they bad shown in tbe
All members and iuteudiug members
are requested to lum out to practice
on Saturday nest at the Boulevard
pari, at .'1.10 p.m.
Mesn. K. J. IJ. Cardinall and 11. 0.
MacQrcgor of thii rity have formed
a partnership under the firm name of
Cardinall and MacQrcgor and will en-
gage iu tbe business of real estate,
insurance and financial brokers. Tbeir
offices will be situated iu tbs old pott
office premises at the corner of Lonidale a Willie and tbe Esplanade, The
members of tbe firm are both well
aud favorably known lo the local public. Mr. Cardinall was formerly junior
partner iu the firm'of J. J. Woods k
Company and Mr. MacQregor has boen
for upwards of a year post associated
witb tbe firm of Elder-Murray Com
paiiy. The new Arm begins business
witb a thorough knowledge of local
conditions and with a connection already established wbicb will doublleii
prove of great benefit to both tbem
salvos aod tbeir clients.
nun peo«boution
At a iwant titling of tbe police
court in New Wetttninsttr before Po
Jict MagiitraU Bdmonds, Banford
Bros., fruit growers, Cbilliwack, pled
guilty ud win latd 110 and cottt
for having offered tat me in tbe New
Wettminltor »lty market ill box* of
apples, the thown surface of which
watt paf i fair ttptennltiiap al tht
contents of tbt bptm, ml also pled
guilty to «Mff« of insufficient nark
ingi and pveigtiilpg tbeir /nit.
Oopifi of tbt Fruit Marks Aet fpr
tbe guidance flf fruit growers In ppek-
tog their fruit can be bed on application from 9, M> Mtrtion, Pninlnton.
Fruit Inspector, 8.87 Sixth st/eet, flew
Westminster, B, 0.
Favors tba Abolition Qf tho Poll Tax
Evidence of nnusual foment tyas
given at Saturday's meeting of tho
Tax Commission when tbe opinion of
the Hon. F. Carter-Cotton wu beard
on tbt subject of tuxnlinn. Mr. Cur
ter-Qotton favored tbe abolition of the
revenue of the poll tax and tbt tax on
personal property. He described the
former ae an ''abominable tax." He
w*s nf tbe opinion tbat it should be
repealed. The system whon it w»s firsl
put into operation wae vory different
to tbat of today.
Tbe speaker then proeoeded to relato
how the poll tax has been imposed by
tbe government at tbo limo of tbe
Cariboo gold rush, whon it had been
absolutely nocessary for the government to levy sucb a tax upon t|ie floating population'in order that the roads
might bo constructed through tho gold
He argued that at the present state
of tbe province's devplopmont it
should be done away wilh. Ho described it ae neither fair nor equable,
nor'did be know of any othor part of
the British Umpire where it was imposed. Tho mannor of collecting the
tax was objectionable Asked what he
proposed as a substitute for the revenue tax which was bringing in about
♦300,000 a year, Mr. Corter-Cottoii replied;
''If tbe income tax is readjusted ami
properly developed, it will more than
make up for tho loss of revenue const
ijutut upon tbe abolition of the poll
tax" Thero had been a great deal of
crying out that England would go
down to oblivion whon certain wise
statesmen in the old country decided
to abolish tbe hearth tax, but nothing
of the sort had taken place.
The speaker then drew tho attention
of the commission to the tax on personal property. This was a tax on
capital, whereas, in his opinion laxci
should only bo levied on income or
profits. Tbe repeated ocurrence of
personal property taxation meaut economically tbe wasting of tbe actual
capital, wbicb was certainly to be pro
vided  against.
Tbe question of taxation on reul
property was a very broad one and
could uot bo satisfactoriy answered
off baud Generalizing, Mr Carter-
Cotton thought that there was wily
one way of scientifically taxing land
and tbat was to lux the production.
There was, he thought, a clear-cut dis-
tinction between capital and revenue.
No government, bo declared, had Ihe
right to impose more taxes than was
necessary for its revenue.
Quostipneil as to whether he advocated the abolition of other taxes than
tbe real property tax in unorganized
districts and au income tax throughout tbo province, which would make
for Hie abolition of other taxes, Mr.
i 'arier iTittini said he did not wish lo
be too radical on the subject, but lie
thought that the government should
work toward that end. It would nol
be advisable lo have great fluctuations
iu taxation. It woro better to proceed
more gradually and iu a steady line.
Asked as to the surplus to the Oft.
.lit of the province, bo stated that il
was one of tho very best advertise
moots for British Columbia and was
tbe means of attrecting a good dea'
of capital to tbis province Ho did not
advocato the using up of this surplus
at the in. eiii time, but readjustment
of taxation so that it would be at once
more equable ami as great a revenue-
producer at ever to tbo govornment
Mr C. i:. Tisdall, M.I'., supported
the remarks of Mr. Carter-Cotton with
regard to the abolition of tbe poll tax.
Tbe tax was, be thought, a ■vicious one
and bore hardly upon tbe people. He
wai of tbe opinion tbat a system of
taxation of natural resources would
more Ibau make up for the lost of revenue resultant from tbo abolition of
the poll tax,
JIIIITH On Sept. 29th, to Mr. and
Mrs. T. L. Crack of l.ynn Valley, a
John Altxaudir Dowie Hit 'Em Hard
Some yean ago John Alexander
Dowie, of tho 2jou Tabernacle, in the
course of bis sermon, delivered the fol
lowing tirade against tht reporters and
"Yon young devili of the pres.
You generation of vipers. You are
like tbe scribes of old aud J am like
Josus when I speak of you at He spoke
Of tbe scribal. You liars, you scout.
drtis, you murderous villains. There
il nothing sacred in your .unclean
Hinds, you foul serpent* of tbo pres,.
Mt>y tbe Jegiont of devils be cast out
of you, for yoa art already writhing
io your agony, you dirty, stinking,
drinking, dlirtptOable set."
And the bpyt continue to move in
good society.
Mountain Goat,
Deer, Bear,
and other big game
other Rifles has been carefully selected
and wt bave tbe calibre beet suited
to your particular requirement, Evory-
thlng needed by tbe practical Juintor.
paine & McMillan,   *■ n
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building lot
M cub payment on a 10 room house;
new; all modern. Buy terms ou
balance. ,
TELEPHONE 8g. p. 0. UOX 114
Mb Street  IT   (udjoiuiug west ol Boulevard)  Nurlli  Vuncou,er
First Class work only
1. 1 l,i|    inaile il|j.
.adlcs own mu-
Vli —Hresanialilna lu all Ils limner.,-..
MIRTH  V vm ill Hill.
81.   Andre..'.   I'tttli)If/Ian   (.'buret,
Kellli liimii .Services: Morning 1100:
evening. 7.30. Ailoll Bible Class, 1230
Sunday School, til. T.PS.CR, Toes-
day, al 8 p. m. Prayer Medina. Wednesday, at II |i. ni. Choir Practise.
Friday, at I p in. Itev. Ronald llacclosl.
Mrlboallal (buret I'm mi ol (III and
HI. ileum.' Suiiiliik Services. 11.00 a.m.
and 7.30 u ni. Sunday School ami Bible
Class. 2 30 p.m. Senior I-ciikuc. Monday, 8 p.m. Prayer and Praise Service.
Wednesday, I p.m. Junior League.
Thursday afleniuun at 3.30. Pastor.
W. (.'. : , i,in. i.■ i
m.  *■»»■—Btulevard    an.)    ITU
Kveinonn;, 7.80 p.m. - Holy Communion,
1100 a.m. second Sunday    of   every
Salvation Ittftt— -Lonsdale jVvenuc.
Sunday services. II 00 a.m., 3 nm and
7.48 p.m. Tuesday, 8 p.m.: Thursday.
8 p.m. Children's Service, Wednesday.
i p.m.
UiipiM laurel.. — Fifth and 81.
'luu j . Services at 11 a.m. und 7.80
n in Sunday School and Bible Class at
12 Hi p.m. Prayer and Praise sorvlce.
Wednesday ul 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
3. I'rosser. I2lli and St. George.
SI. Jnbu Ike Kvaagellal, 8th and llth.
Holy Communion, 8 a.m. Morning
Prayer. II a.m. Kvenlng Prayer. 7.30
p.m. On Die Drsl Sunday In the month
ihere will be a second cejebratlon ol
Ibe Holy Communion at Jt urn Rector,
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
SI. I.Uuiunil'a . .nolle (buret,Muhon
Avenue. Sundays—Mass, 8 a.m. Sun-
ilny School, 2.80 p.m. Rotary Benediction and .senium. 7.80 p.m
India* "-
Mass, El,
B. Peytavl
Prcabylrrlaa I buret.—Worship, Sundayi. 7.30 p.m. Sunday school. 8.80
p.m.   R. Van Munsler, MA.. Potior.
It. Tfcetsai.—1 am. every Sunday
except nni Sunday In month. 8.20 u in.
tint Sunduy In month ll am. Matins.
ijliisny and sermon, second and fourth
Sunday. Jlojy Communion and sermon.
Jrll and third sundayi.    vicar, Rev.
id Sermon. 7.80 p.m.
in (..11.1.11c (buret of SI. Paul'..
130 a.m., Sundays.   Pallor, Itev.
lavln, O.M.I.
drsl and th
T. K. Rowe.
Jm-kn PkhiAty.
ttpoUH I'kutek. — Servlcei .Vvery
day evening In the new church, at
U. i;ie»e»l'i.—Kyenionir.  7.30 p.m.
Holy Communion. 11.00 am., Jlril Sunday of every month.
■Vrcebrlcrltt I buret. -Worship, Sun-
lays,  JI  IM.    Onion  Sunday School,
TJ0   p.m.     R, Van   Monster.   M  A„
Ming con-
Sower Connections
I'UHI.le NOTICK Is hereby given
ihut ull owneri of real proporty fronting or iiliulliug upun a street or lane
in which or umlcr which a main or
common sewer is laid are hereby ro-
tjuirod to connect any building or premises upon such property wilh such
main or common sewer.
Permits muy be onlnincil from Iho
Plumbing Inspector ul his office at tbe
Cily Hull between I lie lump, of !i g,
m. and IU u.iii. uml I p.m. and 2 p.m.
The following regulations govern tbo
construction or bouse or buildii
i,e. ium    will] sewers:
No house sewer pipe shall bave t
less fall thou I lo Hi, unless special
permission is granted iu writing by
ibe Council. Said pipes between tbo
iron pipe, to the connection of the ,
public sewer to be of the best quality
siiniiliinl sail glared vilrilicd clay so-
wer pipe, and shall have a diameter of
uot less than 4 Inches. All pipes shall
bo .''iuu.I und well burned throughout
their Um I, He , impervious to moisture, wilb a clear ring, smooth ami
Well glazed on interior und exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blisters, tre checks or other imporfections.
Tbe pipes must be .so laid in tho
trench thai after Ihe sewer is complot-
eil, the interior surface thereof, shall
be to a true and even grade.
In mating the joints, a gaskot of
oakum or hemp, freshly .dipped in cement grout, must flrst %e used and
packed Into place. Tho 'Joints ibal)
afterwards be tightly packed full ami
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one pa/t by volume of approved Portland cement lo one port liy volumo of.
approved saml.
All joints shall bo made water tight,
so lhal they will stand a head of 10
feet of water, when tested by tie
Plumbing Inspector at the owner's,
plumber s or s'onlruclor's expeme.
Hy order of tbo Council:
Cily Clork.    tf
MONKY TO J/OAN on approved proporty, Agroomnuti of sale purobaied.
C. R. Hickman, aw Lonsdale.    »»


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