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The Express 1912-11-29

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 wpwt. pwj.88 vmm sbpwi
^t\mW ^f ^ fw-^w-tmW
tWr*^ *W   mr   fW1^ mam9
mtnsrer '   nsrrcnr      trnHMHHM
A pcn.isli'iit rumur is in eircululiun
both locally and in Vancouver lo |he
eil'ect that the Canadian Pacilic Bail-
way (,'ompany has bought the charter
anil aisets of the V. W. k 1. Railway
Diligent Inquiries have failed to
trac/i the reporl to any reliable source,
hut it it learned that Ihoso wbo are
ijitiinutely i uiu,I with movements
of Ihis nature have surmised fur some
time past thaj some move of a nature
similar to lhc one reported was on the
:-li.mill il prove lhat lite rumor is
ui..ii,nn.ill-, correct, ili.-n ilm. pm-
chase pluccs tbu (>'. I'. R. in possession
of an upproved railway route from
I'uii Qeorge in Nortb Vaucuuver, ami
frum Norlli Vaucuuver ut lleep Cuve
un the east ami t^Vaiicuuver ou the
soulh.  It likewise, gives th* pnrebas
illg Cunipuny * mice in llic control
Of Second Narrows bridge ||) ncciiril
ume with lhe agreement lnlwpen Bur
rurd   Inlet   Tunnel   uml   llriiige   Cum
pany ami the V. W. IV, Huilway
Company, whereby the latter Is euiili
eii tu (21111,1)111) iu sliini-i. in the bridge
Viewed from the standpoint of the
North Shore, the V. W. tli Y. cbarter
iu the bauds uf the (J. )'. K. makes
that charter at once one pi Ihe most
powerful factors in the future of this
side of lhe Inlet.
Hepor.t also bas it thai tlie ('•■ I'. B
int.'inls making an applicatiuu before
tlie lioanl of Railway Commissioners
relative to sume feature of their new
purcbuse. Tims far, tiawevcr, the proceedings uf the liiein.I of Commissioners bave nut shuwu any indication
of any such application, neither has it
been possible to obtain auy inkling
of v,l,ni the nature nf the rumored a|i
plication will lie.
I'   Bridge Approaches
on South Side
liiiiiui.l inlet Tunnel iud Bridgt
Cumpauy is luday making application
before the Board of Railway Cominis
sinners for |be approval uf Ibeir locution i'lun of the approaches to Sec-
und Narrows Hridge un iht Juuth
ahuie. The pluns, as submit ted by Mr.
I»nii:iId Cumeruii, C. K., show the ap
j.iuu.In. running frum Cassiar street
lu u junction with the bridge proper.
Championship Contest
All   disciples  Ulld   ii.I'.u.nh     of  good
clean sport sbould rally al the Norlb
Vancouver Athletic club ruums next
Weducs'luy evening, wbeu an interest
iug, exciting and momentous wrest I
iug match fur the lightweight cbam
piuiisliip of Cauada is billed to take
place' The eoulcstunls will be R.Hen
■In'v., prescnl lightweight champion,
and Kriiesi Duy, wrestling instructor
of the locul club, both experts at the
uuiu. -I. much so that if even there
were a couple of cigars at stake their
science wuubl be well worth watching.
But ou tbis occasion lbc nature uf the
■ 'inle-1 renders the lixture a doubly al
tractive one. Both men are in fine
ihupe, and fioth arc cuiifidcut of victory, a face which iu itself provides
lure proniite of a fint clam match.
For the information of the many denizens of sport. I" ul.ul on this side uf
the blue streak, ringside tickets are
procurable at $1 apiece while tbe general ii.Iiui nm price is 5D cenls. Call
ut Bouth Bros', cigur store, 12 Luu-
dale aveuue, and make certain of (
seal. ^
Wednesday, December Itb, al eight
1 o'clock p.m. at the premises of Iho
Vurlli Vaueouver Athletic Club, corner
of Ksplauade west aud Lomdale aveuue.
'        J
Revival of Express
Delivery Queition
• j—
With » viiw, if poniblc, of ridding
lhc residents of North Vancouver pf
tbe plaguifig uccetiity of hiving to
journey to Vincouvir fur their express
parcels, Mr. H. C, Wright re opened an
old controversy yesterday uflcruoun by
addreailng the following letter tu hii
fellow director* of lhe ferry board;
B« Cuatomi iud Bjprni Pare*) Dell
vary for Xprtb YvmOJIf
Home time nimui tin middle of tin.
year ypu will remember Ihis matter
waa discussed freely by most pf Iho
public bodies when thl* board appoiuted Messrs. W. h. Poult ind Capt.Catet
* committee to interview Mr. Butliy
on the idvitability of inducing the
customs authorities to open a bunded
warehouse in North \[tiieouver.
Aboul a fortnight later thc com
millee repurlcd thai Ihey bad iuter
viewed Mr. Mushy uud lhat he hail ad
vised them tu have nothing tu do wilb
llle proposjliun aa the Ferry company
would have to tuke all the responsibility
of landing the goodi in bond liisidci
providing a warehouse under lock and
The board decided that we euuld nul
lake the respunsibility fur this and the
matter lay dormant fur some tilde, and
lite ferry lioanl were blamed hy lite
lioanl of 'i'iiuii- ami many oilier public
builies fur 'dunlin, ting Ibe project.
It has now come lo my kuowledgc
that Mr. Huaby hat advised a prumiu
cut citizen of North Vancouver that tu
provide a customs warehouse in our
eity is a small matter if the Ferry
Company would carry the goods in bond
free of all charges.
iu view of this faet I have taken
the opportunity lu write these few lines
sn that the same may be placed uu re
curd, and I nuw move Ihe folluwiug
"That the cily eouueil be idvited
by letter that the Ferry Hoard ire uu
xiuus tp issist iu every wiy pussiblc
in tbe establishment uf a custume ware
house iu North Vuncouver and are will
ing to carry ill custume huuse goods
in bond free on ill ils bolls for I
period of say Iwo years." *
The city couucil may then see their
way clear to open up negotiations witb
the pruper uulhurities to build or rent
i warehouse where Ihe guudt could be
stored and atlciided to by the cuitoms
officers ami the difficulty of our citl
/cn- having lo jouruey to Vancouver
for express parcels would be entirely
Tbe reading uf this letter was fol
Iuued by a short discutsion.
Continued on p*f* Un
WeitV^couver Council
At the spcciil meeting of tbe Weil
Vancouver cpuncil held yeiterday after
noon, the several bylaws wb.cb were
iu various itagcs pf progress wire
enarled lulo law, Tbo bylaw to re
gulalc Ihe placing of polea pn ttriett
llirongboui tbe municipality. Ibe uy law
tp establish and regulate a puund ami
thi bylaw lo expropriate a lane allowance along loll II aod ill 1137, WW
read a lasl lime and flually paued.
"International" Sale
of Work Successful
The annual uie of work Jn connection w|tb th* Ht. Andrew'i Presbyter
i*u church wat held yesterday ind proved  p, moit  tucceiiful  ind  enjoyiblt
Brevity hit heen th* hey uote »l
thl dislricl council meetings of Ittp
*nd lilt evening's scssiun wit np exception.
Reeve Muy presided ind wilh tho ex-
cepiiun pf Ooun. Loutet, ill Hie mem
ben were present.
At tbe opening of lite meeting Cpuu.
Hriilgmin moved 1 vote uf sympathy
|p Chief Davies and fimily iud ilso
to thc Heeve ind Mrt. Miy in the loss
of their son ami grandson respectively.
The vpte wis liken standing.
Messrs. Burns and Walkom gave up
nee of the Intentiou of tbe B. 1. T. 1
B. Co. lu apply to parliament fpr an
extension of their charier. Tbe letter
wat filed.
The reeve uaid he bad bad uu iiitltn
ation of Ibii eicept through the dtily
He the government's reversiuutry interest in certain lind" in tbii municiptlity ind answering ■ cotnuiuuici
liun, Dr. Yuung, provincial teeretafV,
wrpte lo -uy thit lbe executive com
millee it a meetiug decided after full
discussiou Uiat nu change could be made
in Ibe previuns decision arrived, at by
the government. It was referred lo
the special commillee having this mailer iu band.
Mr. A. I). Burrows argued for recom
incudation for clearing part of tbe Iluu
levard fronting un lots ii, 11. L. 8008,
a length of ISH feet hy ,111 feet wide.
Tbis matter was referred to Ibe eiigin
ecr Ip examine ind report.
Burns and Walkom, district solicit
ors, wrole tu iay tbtt ibey thought il
advisable to accept tbe proposal of
Mr. tiriilin acting for thc claimant in
regard lo compensation for land taken
from lota 4, i aud 6, block Ul, I). L.
■min. to widen the stroat.
Messrs. Burns aud Walkein bad point
cd out Ibal thc wideniug of the street
wuubl more tbau offset Ihe value of
the laud taken, but tbit view wai nol
shared by tbe claimant.
Mr. Chaa. Anton complained of lack
of waler pressure tp his place ou ilur
den avenue, lu caae of au outbreak of
tie Ut. Anion claimed Ibat ibe preteul
service would be uielcii. The Idler
wai referreil to Ibe water committee.
The Merchinla Trusl and Truliug
Couipiny compliincil of i creek run
um- through 0. L. ini'l overflowing its
Innk iud causing considerable dimtge.
Tbey uked thtt the witer be diverted down Fruinnic mad il w*l decided Ihlt tbe council could not tike lbc
io lien propoied.
Wr. Kwarl Ailimson wrote saying
iluu hi hid prepired agreements for
thl exchange with lhe district of I).
L. 118. md 11 ii.i.:-. block 85, D. L. mn
ind 407.   On motion of Couu. Bridg-
Ullll, IS many of llie cuuucil || possible
will visit the luul iii ipiei.iiuii before
lulling definite iction for in exfhtngc.
The next step will be lbe submission
of a by law to authuri/e same.
The li. 0. Electric Iluilwuy Co., in a
letter regretted llie delay in iiiHtalling
itreet lamps but this wis nwing to •
delay ill receiving tlie limps frum the
niaiiufucliirers in Ihe eist. The lumps
-.hipped previously hail gune astray
and it will be some weeks yet befure
a new let wpuld arrive.
Mr. K. I'. I'unlie, secretary of the
ichool board, enclosed a letter frum
Ilr. Voung, Miuister of Education, advising that lhe schuol debentures could
be made fill years Ou the suggestion
of Couu. Ilriilginun the achool buunl
will be iskcd tu Icivc this by law over
to ihe general elections iu Jtnuary.
Messrs. Buggies und Laytpu advised
that tbey had been retained by Mr.
John M.I.cun with reference ty a
claim against the ilislriet for wrongful liiamissal.
The contention is that Mr. McLean,
who was a ruad furcmaii, did uut get a
month's notice, and accordingly hud a
claim fur a month's salary uf Ulli.
The matter was referred tu the solicitor.
lo the report of the Hoard of Works,
i'oun Ward replied lo the recent com
plaint uf tke Kust Capilano llatepay
ers' Association in regard to the tion
eiupluymeiil uf roatl men in that part
of the ilistricl while in l.yuu Vulley
iiieo were being engaged. The reason
wus tbut the board of works wus unly
doing necessary work ami with the
guud roads in Fast Cupilunu there was
ouly employment fur abuut fuur men.
In ulher parts uf the municipality il
was diffcrcut as the recent liuuds had
caused a great ileal uf tlainuge which
bad lo be attended lo.
lic-pcuiiiig the tocuii, n of roads in
I). L. Min. the engineer -aid it wat
impossible tu locale au t per ceut. road
here without makitig a lip nag nearly
over lu Lyuu Vulley He was instrucl
eii lu make a report at the next meet
ing on all the subdivided property in
thll section.
Thc engiueer silted that his depart
menl bail frequently been asked regard
illg bouse numbers and he suggested
thll a by lew fur Ibis purpose
be brought dowu. The clerk was ask
ed lo make a uote of it aud bring it
up al tfae beginning of Ihe year.
Following the action of thc rale
payers of the city at Ihe meeting beld
last week, M»yor McNeish hit issued
iuvitiliuni to • conference of the
betdi of public bodiei to fomuliic t
programme for ipproirbing the guv
eminent ll Vieioria for Iki purpose of
endeavoring to expedite tk* commence
ment of tbt contirucllon uf the linei
of the I'lcilc Oreat  Kiitern Bulwty
| un Ihc Norlb Shore.   Tbe conference
j will be beld in the cily htll on Wid
neaday evening next tud inviialiuns
lun c- heen furwirded lu lbc council of
: Ifae cily of Viucouver, lhe rity of
Nortli Vincouver, md tbe diitrict
iiiuiiitipaliiics of Nortb Vincouver ind
Weit Vincouver, tbe Hoard of Trade
' of Vincouver ind of North Vancou
ver anil tfae ratepayers' Alinclltiott
of Norlli  Vancouver.      This meeting
i will decide wbtt ttepi ire lo b* liken
i to ' arry out Ibr resolution passed by
lbe r*|eptyrri it  Ihc meeting iliuvr
] n-l.-ii. i lo-
function from tvhiy iiandpuim.    thi
proceedi tpproximitlug MiO.
While the " internal iond" entile
ler of Ihi event idmitted pf imple
opportunity tat rivilry, iucIi, If aay,
wu of eo gcuiil * in ure tbit II poly
iffordcd pleuure Ip ill Intcieited.
Tfae perfect hirmony wilh which
everything pitied uff, the energy ind
retdlncit wilh w'1'<''1 (he virion* com
niiltcea worketl provided encourage
ment to ill concerned. Teo mucfa
iniiuii be uid In praise of Ifait till,
ind the preiident ind members of Uil
Aid lender Ibeir hearty thinks fat the
generous |«l rumge whicii tbt promoters
of Ifae. •*!• received tnd wbicb will
serve to simplify mioy little dlicul
tin whlcb tre certain to irise when the
church enten upon Iti new "lift" on
December Klfa, Ibt dlle upon wbirfa tbe
new bindiomi *dJ8ce pa Tenth itriel
tnd Sl. Oeorge 'Avenue ii lob* for
mill; didtutid ' **"
Combination Auto  *
Fire Wagon Arrives
w larrr    frnm m*    m tmm    m
Afler * cuniidenblc period of deli;
Ihil   city'i   lnl   I'liuiliinitioii   tlunu
ell and bote tulomobllc fire wtgon tr
rived on Wedensdty ind wu IntttUcd
*a the llleil icquliitlon to North Vin
couver'i up to dite Arc department, A
ninety boriepower  vehicle,  this motor
wigpo is guinitwd tp ucgoliile sue |
cetifully  Ibe ileepesl  grilles  p.   Ibc:
city, The new tpptnlui conttint two;
thirty gtllpn and twp tbree gallon cfaim
ical litki, if) feet of cbemic*! fame
A special detpitch to the Kxprcss
received frpm Ottawi this morning
conveys the welcome iiifprmatipii that
all mailers remaining outstanding re
lative |o Second Narrows bridge have
been dually dispuscd of. II. II. Stevens, M.I'., bus been making streuu-
uut effurts tu hasten bridge matters
with the departments with the result
Ihut au agreement has been arrived at
with the engineers, which linully set
ties ull details uf the brjdge.
Tbe engineers of the Public Works
Department have accepted the twu bun
tired uml Iwcnly live fuul spun as re
ccntly approved by the Hoard of Kail
way Commissioners.
A method has lieen found whereby
the necessity of moving the centre
pjer has been overcome, while tbo necessary depth uf water is uhtained ou
both sitles thereof. Tlie engineers of
the Public Works Department hnve decided that the piers ure tii remain as
they ure sbuwn iu the plnns ul' the
bridge. The suuth bearing pier ii to
be lowered, however, siilllcicnlly lu al
low dredging to be done to give a depth
of thirty live feet uf wnter, wilh ti
cleur headway of llfly five feet. ,
These decisinns cover ull I'euliire.i
of the htldgO which were yet undecided
su thul every deluil ul the structure
bus |I0W been uppruved by the govern
muui, thus clcuring the wuy for the
completion uf the pluns uud the disposing uf those formalities wbicb are
required us preliminaries tu calling, for
ami l.llili) feet uf standard bpse, a
thirty-two foot extension laddjor, u
twelve foot roof ladder and two lath
htiol.n The bead und buck lights und
large i ui, ih nr arc lit by electricity.
The motor ia capable of uttuiuiug a
■ puu.I uf :u miles un huur un level
Tbe nui' lime wus accompauiod by an
expert from tbe factory, ami it is probable that a demonstration will be arranged for tbe benefit uf the city fathers uml the lire dcjuinmcnt un Munday.
Accident on North
Vancouver Waterfront
An accideut uccurrcil on tlie Nurtb
Vancuuver wuterfroul yesterday morn
ing, resulting in oue of thc crew uf
the S.S. Venture sustaining u brukeu
hip which necessitated his removal lu
ll appears that owing lu the frout
lhc decks were in a slippery condition
mnl the mun lusl his balance ami fell
iuto the hobl. The accident occurred
ul Wallace Shipyards, where Ihe 8,8,
Venture was ducked.
During the Sunduys in Advent spe
cial services will be hei.I in St. Agnes'
church. Hev. Principal Vauce will
preach un the first Sundav. Hev. V A.
P. I'liutiwiek uii Ibe secund, Hev. II,
'I'iiiu p..ui oii tin., tblrd ami Vcn. Arch,
.Ita. oo I'enlreath on the fourth. Saturday, Nuvember 30, beiug St. Andrew's
Ilay, a celebratiuu of tbe holy cum
munion will be held iu the church ut
III o'clock in tbe morning.
The mission being preached by Kcv.
Kit hi'i Doiiuelly at St. Bdmuud'*
church waa very well attended during
the week, und lbc cuiigrcgation listen
ed tu the noted pretebcr with marked
ail.iiiiun On Sundiy Father lion
nelly will preicb at the 111 u'clock
Mass and will deliver Ihc closing ser
mon al 1:10, if ter Houry immediately
before* Bcuodiction. ll is expected
that bis Grace Archbishop McNeil will
be in attendance, when be will bid
farewell to bis Sock on Ihe North
Nuiii prior lo liis departure for Tor
onto, and receive an addrcit from the
t'burch Committee ou l.ehult uf tbe
Sat i if act ory progress is beiug nude
un Ibe Lontdile nr line extension. The
pissing tiding on Lonidtle tvenue it
being mule and wben completed Inf
Ac Will be inaugurated.
The S.S. Venture will.leave thc yards
tomorrow after hiving undergone i
general   overhauling,
Tfae Bit.  Viitlso is moored iMtjrk
hiin'i Wbtrf twilling pr
Ut. W.  Austin  llrowu,  city  clerk,
leivo   today   for   Victor!*   where  he
will sojourn until Mondiy ind ende*
w,r tp rid himself pf th* effect! pf hit
recent indiipotitlon.
Man Jumps From
N. VJerry No. 3
At yesterday's meeting of the ferry
directorate, Mr. W. (!, Gladwin presiding in the absence of Ibo Mayor, tbe
fulluwiug repurt wus received frum the
manager uf Ihe ferry eonipuny, Mr.
T. M. Heird:-
"Thut ut 1 a. in. nu Wednesday
inuruing, just us the steamer Nu. il was
leaving the whurf ut Vuncuuver a man
came uut uf Ihc inul in, ruum, ran lu
the end uf the buut, uml jumped uver
the uprun, whieb waa just .being dosed,
iuto thc water. He was seen ill the
water u secund Ity the mule, und wus
then evidently waabed under the pou
tuun wharf by the current frum llie
"The sleamer wus iinniediutoly
stopped nmi u diligent, but unsuccessful
search fur the budy was made by tbe
crew uf the steamer uud lbe city puliee
who luul been lummpnod.
"I have men ut wnrk clenriug away
ull the driftwood under the wharf, and
yesterday the Vuneuuver puliee were
drugging I'ur the budy, but so I'ur-no
truce of flu  inni  has been found..
"I huve examined u jub uf the l.ilo
Silo Hour covering the bath rooma ninl
idle! ill the Ailsu Lodge building, und
so fur us ) could judge Iruin uppenr.
antes uf same it is u lirst cluss article,
but ns tins job bus nut yel I,ecu sub
juried lo uuy wear uml tear, I euuld nol
nt the preaenl lime recommend it fpr
iiinii lluur coverings, i believe that
the LiloSilu i'oiiipuny is fuutcmplul
ing making uu ulfer to cover sume uf
the cabin Hours • under u six months'
test triul. If such offer is made I believe il would be worthy of lhe board's
"I hive interviewed the Chief uf
Police in regurd tu the uight patrol
question which was before the hoard a
shurl time ago, und he inform-, me thnt
be has heunl nothing of it lulcly, ami
that he is of the opiniun that the mat
ter bus been dropped.
"Fur tbe past few nights tbe cily
bas had a gang uf nun at work under
the wharf cunstructing u bulkhead."
I I'd the adoption uf tbis rcpurl,
the buard decided thai all Ibe .correspondence bearing upun the driftwuod
menace iu Ihe harbor should be fur
wanlctl to Mr. 1) 11. Sloven*, M. P.,
with 1 request lint he should use
every endeavor to pursuade tbe govern
incut lo Uke action in the matter.
Mr. lloull incidentally asked whut
system wu in force in regunl lu pa
Irons being able tu catch a boat after
.being lei through Die lirst gale. He
bad himself seen a lady ushered
through the firsl gate, aud run IP Ibe
lecond gate jusl in time to tee the
ferry letve. W. Heard replied that uc
cording tp the preseut lystcm any per
ton allewcd lliruugli lbe first gale
sbould be enabled tp calcb the boat.
Jt wta furtbor derided thai '-'apt.
(.'ates ind tbe inlniger should, during
lhe week, endeavor to devise some better plin, either by an electric gong or
some other means, of regulating Ihe
limit of dcparlure of the bouts.
HBVI    HBY    BSTI    UUV *
Heiiieinbcr,   remember,   tbe   4tb   pf
Oecember—"Smift Sol'' al Ifae Lous
n EetiblleM 111V
Capital (paid up)   .   $16,000,000
Reinrvo    .  .  .  .   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vaneouver Branch t P, A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
Campbell's Clothing
ia well known to a number of North Vancouver men, and they
are all boosters for it. That's because it gives real satisfaction.
It has the appearance and wearing qualities and always holds
its shape.
We have a number of broken lines at greatly reduced
prices,   Better have one.
Values lo $25,00 for ,,,... .$14,50
Underwear Special:
Regular value $1.00, for  75c
CU A AID CD 0 The Cu|p,mU'1 clo,hin«Mu
Mulfe litis Store jioiir Headquarters in Vancouver
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L. 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house. . '
We have some lovely homes for sale,
Listings wanted.
UO Esplanade. Phone 227
Building Supplies
Sole Agente for North Vancouver i
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
.     I* S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham'i Wharf     Esplanade" West     Phone 468
Vmceu er
Ume North ViaceoTM
8.44  FM
8.80 P.M.
lt.lt AM.
e      1.40
* temetm
Tim* Ubli lubjut
nil without
9twmtv*r9w     W 999flirtTfW
Tlia remilm tt IIHla Brawl OaXlomb
ty IlivleB (pr "8»Mll" ai m wn
wore familiarly callit)), sop pf Vhiel
tt Ppljoa ppt Win, Artbur Davies, win
laid ta t*n in tbi North Vancpayar
centetery pn faae'lay iftaraoop.  Tbi
liBtlmli.' I'lri'iiiiialiiii'iia pf tlio child's
illuaaa ami tlealli ami lliu |iiijiularil.v
pf kie |iareiits in local circles r, suited
in an eloquent abundance of floral Ink
ana, a t!Oiii|)leti> list ol which will lie
fouml below,
Tha funeral took jilaoi from thi Pint
llapt iat flinri'li pn Twelftli et reel, when
i lervii'it waa I'outlufti'tl hy lha pwtor,
thi Rev. A. A. Prosier The eity eou»-
cll wai raprosentail hy thi mayor ami
other memberi, while oilier aispt'litei
pf local hoilies ami organization* along
with a lur«i' aeeitnbly of thi lympatbli-
iug public ai'i'ompanieil tba eorlege tp
tbe cemetery. The service at tbe grave
able wae also ramlereil by (he Rav. Mr,
Plural exiireaelona of sympathy were
from tliu following:
Family, pillow; grandfather and
grandmotbur, heart: t'ousiua Dorplby
ami Allun I.,,., Ie;i,,i. basket with ilovej
Uncle Kriu i ami Aunf Iiuuiee May
spray; Mrs. P. A. Davies, wreath; Mr
ami Mrs. W. II. Jamea, sickle; Mr., and
Mrs, J. D. Beckuiao, spray; Mr. ami
Mn. D. ii. Williams, iiii.'htir; Mr. and
Mra. H. D. Rugglea, wreatb; Mr. and
Mn. P. Laraon, anchor; Mr. ami Mrs
M. McMillan, spray; Mr. and Mrs. P
T. .Salisbury, wreath; Mr. aud Mrs. W
I!. Hreen, spray; Mr. lud Mrs. .1. J. Mc-
A leeve, spray; Mr., ami Mrs. Pulger,
spray; Mr apd Mn. Cobeldlck iud fim
ily, epny; Mr. ami Mra. J. 1). Came
eron, spray; Mr. and Mre. 11. D. Hei
wood, spray; Mr. ami Mre. T. S. Nya,
wreath; Mr. aud Mrs. David Kvana ami
Joy, spray; Mr. ami Mn. Uroos and
children, apray; Mr. and Mre. J. Dili
son, epray; Mr. aud Mrs. .1. D. Fraser,
crescent; Mr. lud Mn. W. 11. Money,
spriy; Mr. iud Mra. W. 1). McPirliml,
spray; Mr. and Mrs. Alei. Law, spray;
Mr. and Mra. Dau Amskold, Oreccant;
Mr. aud Mra. O. Lifton, wreath; Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. McMillan, apray; Mr.
ami Mis. II. M. I in ins, spray; Mr. and
Mrs. McAllister, spray; Mr. and Mrs. D,
t.'ocking, anchor; Mrs. W. S. Compelou
mil Mrs. A. J. Nye, wreith; Jiebecci
Lodge No. L'U, crescent; Norlh Vin
couver (lity I'ouucil, wreith; Nurlh
Vancouver Knights uf Pythias Ludge
Nu. -lu. wreatb; Mrs. Howard Gibbon,
spray; Mrs. J. O. Wbodruw, spray; the
U. L, ft, maple leaf; Iiitlgway .School
children, spray; Police Associitiun of
Vancouver, wreath; Muter Murduck
Hrahaine, epray; Dr. and Mre. New-
coin he, wreith; I'ythiin Sisters Nu. L'l,
triangle; Mrs. Belwuutl and Lillie.spray;
Olty Kngiuecr tjmitfa, Hit.y Treasurer
ilumpriei, City Clark W. Auitln
Ilrown, City Assessor (.'. Talbot Has
lam, I'ity Building Inspector Pulger,
Assistant Kngineer Weit, cross; Charlie
and ilela Cites, stir; Dr. ind Mrs.
Morrison, spriy; City of Nurtb Vancou-
ver Puliee Force, wreith; N. V. Hiptisl
Humlay School, spriy; Burrird l^iip
ler, Kaslem Htir Nu. .'I, spriy; Roys
iud (Jiris of Central School, anchor; N
V. District I'olice Force, wreath; Don
aid and Klla McColl, creiceat; Miss
Muriel Cfairleswortb, spriy. Pill hear
era, Mm,loch Grahame, Dooiid McColl,
Neverdy I'rusaer, Kdward limlgaon.
North Lonidale'
erian Church
pp established flat.
Thero is a widespread feeling among
»|| classes that sucli l life is that of
lha lite (linen) should bl Iwpl fmt
in tha paapli'i mmtty hi Ihi aslalc
lishment    qf   nm   I'oititUtion    that
sbould bavi (or fli aim a work hirnton-
inlug with Hie Mills sn vividly   set
forth lliruughuut his entire cireer.
This Will bl tba beginning of ihe
realisation qf one of the late Unioral'i
iinliiiislied schemes, nuine.y, thu bringing into iiiisteiieu of a number uf
''Universities pf Humanity'' In the
larger cities uf the wurld, 'audi an in
Neil Hunday murniug a baptismal
service will be runducted by lhe paa
lor. A Young Peoples' Soci.ty has been
started with a membership of 18. Thi
society meets on Tuestliy eveoiaga It
t u'clock. A cordiil invititiou li it
tended tu ill young people of thl dii
trict of tbi church lo come ind spend
1 scries of enjoyable ami profitable
Tbe ladles of the church arc prepsr
ing p Christinas sill of wprk for Thun
.lay, December 6, at 8:80 in thtr aflctr
in tbe evening m rutcrlaiuiuiiit will
be giveu by the Boys' Club, tu which I
small idmlMiou fli il charged Hi
freibmenli will In ubtiloibli at •
normal price both aflcinuon ind
Memorial to
Goneral Booth
Salvation Army Plui I* Irtct Tnlu
lug Oolligi
Thin is couiideribli activity among
Halvaliuuiili.iuil frieodi of thl Hll
cation ArinytJthroughout the Dominion
lo connu'liuu with thl propuscil
erectiuu uf | Meinurlii tp tba life
wprk tf tleuetel Willlim Bouth, lhe
Founder pf tbli wurld wide novtaist.
If loviug divutlun lo thi grind old
did and utlvi milKy towirds tha
Ht it lit imi   will  bl  eiccled   in  Toronto.
It must In remimibiireil that tlio
achinveini'iits pf Thl Halvalion Army
ilepeinl in I very large measure upun
ill ulllcers. Tbay ire men and women
through Whose warmth pt devotion,
Hulf sacrill.'e, ami nobility pf purppaa,
then pvorftuw tp the wurld cleansing
and healing streams pf inrtuen.it.
At thi minium! The Army is hiiuil
capped   in   this   respect,   inasmuch   is
till lleeulllllltlthllinn uf the pli'selll Cul
llgl il c.lllsiilciulily ncerluieel, ami,
Iheli'l'tile,   thl   bleu   Of   tilll   lileiniirilll
Is not only one pf sentiment, imt pf
The provision for idtt|uite aceun
niicdicii.cn for one hundred md tweuly
Ave persons  il'ln) and au  uplodule
eipiiplili'lll,  WOUld  invulve  ail  Uipllltli
tun of two hundred uied fifty ihou
saml dollars ($360,000).
Donations towards Ihia very worthy
object inn be forwarded direct lo t'om
missioner David M. Dees, Toronto,
The Christmas
Fruit Magazine
The 1013 Christinas number of Tha
Fruit Muga/ine, Scientific Farmer
aud Canidiln Citiun, li i handsome
ind valuable production jusl to baud
lu addition to the beautiful colored
cover, there is i splindld three color
frontispiece uf the Junithiu apple..
The editorial wurk is strung ami
crisp, covering aucb subjects as "Ita
flection," ou present diy conditions,
"Soldiei Farmtn," tbi "B. C. P. 0.1
Asapciitipii," "Winnipeg Parks" aad
"Census and Slat isl ies."
Olher important articles in "Tbi
I'se of Fertilizers," "ll. C. PrultPick
ing Hchooii," "Tha- Voici pf tbi
Croaker," "The Dream of I Pruit
llrower," "Sin dose Sella md Mush
room Root Hot" iud Ibi uiual moptbly
features   Of   inherent.
' Bv»>i»nf Pram,7.16
o|y Communion! Brat uid (bird
Prim,   It, .
jpitm la mohlb
liltallia And!
it li a.m.; iiopna
a. py Hay. Bamml
m awl
payaardwa, viW"*.ia.',' if.
i Airylci, Wediieidaii
Siryleei at ll |.ff). apd
. Blindly pebool
|i Ijll fm- PrayirinSJralM liryfoji
Wijtoiigiy it I sym. Pallor, Bev. A
1. Prosier, Twelfth and St. Oeurge.
ii. Juki tbt i;..»,.it.i, Htuiith ind
ilrteetilli.   Holy floiiiiiiiinliin. I i. in.
 ,   ll   i. in.    Uyenlnitt
.   On thi tint Bunday
D'thi nfMh nett7mm hi a mind
WHKHKAS bv  ID |«w  Number ISI
duly pallid, niilillshtd uiid II kit .,,, ,.,o.
Iiig to law. ihe Curpurillun ul .in ''in
ol North Vancouver wai July authorised to wldin Fuurth |lreil tfroin Fur-
bea Avenue lu si Davld'i Av, nn. i„ „
tiiil/.tiiii width of una hundred loci
(■ti and wu Ihinby iu;lii>il<.il lu
enter upun, eiproprlitt, break or Ubl
and use iuch real property n wai nee
eaiaij therefor wllhoul Iht conitul of
the ownira (htnof;
ANIl wiikih.an (he t ..in,, it of Hn
Curpunllup uf Ibe City uf Nurlh Vancuuvir lm, n.l tu cirry out ihe laid
By-Uw and lu wldtn Kounh Uriel
from torbei Avenue lu Bl. Divll'l
Avinut lo a unlfurm widlb ut una inn
elc.d tuo) feet and |u inltr upon, lalti
and uu luch lands ai may In necti-
iury fur such pUrpuii and bavi had
iiiun" and iiii'i'ineiiliiin of Ihi umi
uri'iiuri'd by Annus Smith, Kiqulrc,
City Kngineer, ana in.-.i with Hit vltrk
uf lbe laid Munlclpallly puriuant lu
See Hen   Its of Iht "Municipal  Act."
Ibal lln n.il. uf Iht City of Nurlb
Vancuuvir htritiy alvti nutlco of lhe
Cuuncll'! Inlilill.cn lu |cl u uc .1 wllh Ibi
•aid work and that Hit said plant and
ipiclfkatloni havt bun dlid wltb biro
and that Ibt iame may In Inapicletl al
bla ufflce In the Cily llall. Nurlh Vancouver, B. C. from and afler Ibi day
of the date of thll Nuilce,
all claims fur dainaaci by nuoo of Ibi
Mid prupoud wbrk or undinaliliiK
mull bt lil.d with iht iild cltrk or
tbt Muiilclpaltly wllhln «lxly III)
dayi of ibt urvlci uf iuch nullei t«r
In cut uf ptriuni ruldtpt wllbuui
Hit Province wllhln nlntty days Irmr
lucb itrvlci) ind that ill uwprri, geur uther pei sum muil all wile
tht Iild Cltrk wllhln Ihi iaU ptrluo
of Italy it«i da>'i lor In cut uf ro
•Idtnla without tht t'ruvlnci. wllhln
nlnely (SI) dayi Hnlr clilini fur dam-
•«ii for any rial prunttly tnlirid
in liktn or unci by ihe Gat
Iht eien lie of lla pemitf tp  re
upon, liken or uaed by lhe Corporallon
IB Iht eierclsc or lla powetl
default ibereof Iny cjaiiii for iuch
l lou
loict lo Iht
urtclid thertby •• provided In it
til uf Ihi "Mu-' -
•aid wurk ur in|uriuuiiy
did In ».u lieen
4 of Iht "Municipal /
In default ibereof Iny
daniigti will bt barred
unit lual  Aci" and thai
l«lm fpr iuch
t Norlb Vain ou
tr. BrllUb Columbl.. llil. lilh It:
t Nuvtmber. III!.
•t II nu.
Iteeloi, Itev.
y  cumm
Hugh Itt
l|, UaMaad'a l.lkollc rioi-ck, SUlb
and Mahon Avenue Sunday—High
Mau ani) S eriiitin, 10 a. m. Sunday
Bchool, 1:11 p. in. Kuaary und Bane-
Ictlon, Til p. m- Prldiy-Dow Mail,
^••lor.   llev.  3. A. Bedard,
Moelliiu,   Wedneiday,   I   p. in
Club, Tliuraday, filt pju.   Cbulr
Ice. Kilday, S p.m.
" A, pallor.
I.   Cliplr Pflp-
■lvnn vAiticB*
I'mhilirlan Ptaiik—Wprilllp
iVit i
.Itjl.rlau Pkiirik-Wpribllh flMf
,jii», H a. i
i'clund,      III]
<i. and
p. m
It l.ni.   Sunday Sebu61 i.li p in. B
lung J.00 p.m.  llu|y OomijiuDr
spnday III month al 11.00 u m.
.1  Tlm npiuii Iff eham.
Saturday Specials
Grocery Department
Appl".  liootl   (Ul Tablt ur  loohlug,  per  hoi    tilt,
fill, itiokl.g, a  111., fur    m
I'ruur.,   I  Ibi.   (or     ,a*f
To»«i'«, 1 • i Ik. Hu>, I Una fur  ...Mr
lllllll, tuoklag, IP lh«. (ur  ,... »c
Ptllluu, sin 111 uuallli, IMMI per IIIU Ib. Mtk, 1 uck loll, ptr sack Pile
'l'u, uur iptclal blind, I Ibi. (or. .,       «i.uu
Ttl, Trllc,'" r,ue Iti, ptr Ik 4Mt
I'attt, Irrak roaalrl tai aruuutl aa [tgnlircl, I Ibt. (ur   II.IMI
( ulre, Krruck,  UrllettlU" (ur llleaklasl  ur aller Jluucr t,  per Ik IDc
lloari.   auaraalrrU   purt,   per   P   Ib.   pill     SI.00
Hultir, .• fry lac t'rtiMiry, I Iba, (ar  ll.uil
Nik uuaa'a Haluoi.. Alwaala, ri»«, (prriali, Suliaaaa, Halilus,
liklt ill eooklag. Hriati, llalta, tic. ul a ocelli; aal al prlcu Ibal
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
HARDWARE        Phone 297        GROCERIES
• '
We are showing a large range of Men's
Ties in individual taxes ranging from 35c to
Alao a full u.siiiliiiciii of Silk Mufflers from Tic to
To Careful Housewives
Wl hi vi IW dUpliy Uila wuk I Iwfl aud carefully murUd
ttech ef
Swiss Aluminum Ware
Thi »l)viry Wbiu Friend if Ua KlUhm
Wi cordlailr lavltt tin lidlM of North Vincouvir tf lufict
thut Ooodi u will u pur largi llui pf Biiuatl uul Nlckil
PltUd Wmi
It la i pliuuri to show Unu Ooodi. II you lo uot buy mm
ym fill liter. ,
latls mi Irftttl'
Phona IU
m ^wmm   warm
) A Keuaoie Dims naicn
,.ll     '   ."    '      '      '     '        i\m-mmmmm9mmmm*m
A Watch la a gift a man truly appreciattt—it Is IMeattya of
valued frlindihlp or servlci. It u loinithlng thi rfclplant WW always
keep wear hlm. Whether at home or abroad lt will hi a constant companion and a reminder of the friendship of tb* paat. Our nputatlon
for honest values |n. Wajclw hai goni out oyir all tin l*PaD» -~A\
breadth of the Dominion. Our Vaneouvir itock of Watches li out of
thl finest in America and gives thi buyer in opportunity tp choosi jutt
thi Watch that will hut mit bl* purpoii. Buy your Obrlttmii Watch
at Bilks, aud ba assured of quality.
By Reflex
'fpltt Wit wany sliloinrooi in th*
pursuit of picture making with the
camera that iipw and than it it a good
thing rat'ber than au article OU Mine
particular procni to review the field
pf wot. 'rom a goneral point of vjow
and to go pver grotfud which would
not otliorwiso bo covered In ar artlel*
pu * given subject.
'All 111. CfcafllijPluil mtjuyilili puftui,
is the mukiug pf p photographic survey
nf thu town one livot l|i. Thia applies
most pa>tlcularly to tho 'owns ami
cities of Canada, Ibougb eveu ill at) old
country liko England It ii surprising
huw in a few years photographs will
becume ou| of date through new build
lugs arising and old familiar places
disappearing under some improvement scheme. ,
Hero iu Norlh Vincouver, u growing
ami new city, aro opportunities for lbc
recording of sconos and places whicii
iu a fow years will scarcely he roe-
pgtiixed. in,.-,, in. for a moment the
scene a few years agu which woultl
meet the eyo ou arrival al tbo forry
ami Iuukiug up Lonsdale aveuue.
In a few short years lliere bave beeu
wonderful cbunges. Even in lbe lasl
twu months Lunsdale bus taken ipiile
a ilitferenl appearance liy Hie new
roadway uml cement sidewalks al lbc
Suppose n photograph bud been luken
say every six niuiilbs, who! cninpuri
sons could be made of the progress
which has gune on.
Suppose sotlicone began now, uud
every si* mouths took u photograph of
the same places, the value from a bis
lorieiil point uf view wuul.l be no smull
thing, unl lu speak of lbe interesting
collection which wuubl iccrue and lite
pleasure which sucli a cullcclluii woiibl
uii.0.1 Iii the beholder.
Or again suppose some of the old
timers iu Vuncuuver bail begun lo lake
photographs of the city and year afler
yeur compared 'he progress. Wlial
cbunges would lie seen!
Hire is n field uf useful service
which nur for ef at lion hail no oppor
I unity of indulging ill. Had they been
possessed of the means, what » wou-
derful collection coulil bave lieen be
ipieallied to us their successor!. The
valuo of audi a collection cannul he
even estimated.
Many of tht photographic suciotics
In tbi! old couutry hayu wbat la islhul.
a photographic survey soctiou In whlcb
tho inemlici'ii will iiii ide up tbu wprk.
Ono will take photographs of the
streets, another tlio churches, another
llm public buildings, even the. waste
lamls come ip for their share, and il is
interesting to one there iftor buildings
havo lieen erected. Thoro it practical
ly no limit tp the number of things lu
me uumuirh mum
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,0111)   Rest $12,500,000
. .. '. '
North Vancouver Branch Now Lpc* ,*d Bt »h«
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I-'.. Trorey, Mmaging Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   •   Vancouver, B. C.
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper While Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double While Narcissus, elc.   Plant right now.
We have a|so growing al our nurseries the finest stock of
Roses, Shrubs, etc., in B. C. Call or wrile for our catalogue.
Cul Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short notice.
^one 235 Cor. 17th and St. Andrew's Avenue
Waterfront Properties, District Lot 274
In Blocki 171 & 172.
Buiineu Blocks on Lomdale Avenue
LoU 10 & 11, Blk. 165, D. 1.274.
South Half of LoU 14 inc. Blk. 166, D.L. 274
Modern Residences, Extensive Grounds
On Ottawa Gardena, Corner Mahon Avenue.
On Grand Boulevard, Corner Keith Road.
For Prices, Terms and Further Particulars, apply to
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
wm i [ ■ •      —
Phone Seymour 6286
...... i .. -'..
Ntw Map of Nortb Vucwver Cjty and VidBJty bow m Sal*
lip pbotflgrapiiod by any enthusiastic
Tho wholu inii.-.ti.m |a carefully
icc-|ii uii lui in a |iuii i'ii! in or iiiouiilcil
ill a BUitalllo allium.
iiuc iii i 'lunula c tiangc i;. tlio order
of Ilia ilay ami an allium run Id aootl
iio lilli-.l willi a iim- i-till,', imu of views
allowing llio growth of a t-ily from ilu
carllesf ali|ii.  .
Thia ii one of lhe things a photo
graphic society I'oultl easily tin, ami
llll allium .niil.l lie presented to the
lily ami l..-|.i in an easily accessible
Million fur Imtli ii,liul.Hum . anil
visitors to see.
Tin-, might lie tukon up Icy the uewly
iiuiiii.I 'lul,uiin;: society. Many such
societies in England have a pliulugru
I'luc- sectiun. Al anyrule here i> the
HUggealion, which they may have froa,
inali-- ami fur nothing.
Another form of |iliolngrii|ihy cap
alile of giving pleasure ami intercut ia
the making of front pictures. Beautiful ■ ii'' i can i' gol frum photographs
uf the |.;in,hi- un line whitlow panes.
Never will Iwo lie leen alike. Can
stunt Uriel)' ami c\ingo ia the rule.
There in nulliing v/rfy dilliiull in llu
process provided one. is careful In lake
the picture hefore the pattern begins
to melt away '
The hoar front uu tlie I rem ami
shrubs ur gruss ia ulsu u fine llulil I'm
pretly effects.
Only lhls week, in llie curly morning,
the effects havt' heeu cii|uiiile,
To M'l-liru a pit lun nil Unit    ,-. u I
cil i- lo net up the camera iu a uiilahlc
ipul ami lilaxe away, The early morn
illg inlall help Hit. picture wnniierfully
Moat ainatcura |H< I,- uwuy their cam
eras wiih lln- ilcpurture of summer,
uiiiler tin. imprciainu that their liohhy
is a uiiiiinit-r pimtime only. Nulliing
is farther from the mark. The musl
I,i-iiuiilul I'utc-ls are lo l,e obtained in
the late autumn, uml even ilull winter
itself has ils nun purtlt-iilur liciiuly tu
llnisc who liave eyei to ace.
There arc pit-lores ull urouml just
now iu the early tuorniiig. The view
from the ferry looking cost is often
worlli an exposure. The rising sun,
struggling through the mis!, wit li lhe
uiei- of the wharves jutting out iulu
the waler, ami Ihe few liuu Is dulled
alucui combine tu form a cost dimming
The in,iiniuii.uu part often heing
that oue is iu too greut a hurry tu
catch the ferry tu linger long enough
for picture making.
Wo are luld lliere ure ''Hermans in
sitiiii s. books iu runuiug hrooks," uud
io in photography lliere are picture*
to lie had everywhere if one only lias
Ihc artiitic sense sullii-icnlly developed
Hurry aluug with those prints for
competition; the lime ia getting very
Willi ihBloiig winter evenings there
sin,uid hu ample tunc to look up ncga
lives and gel llic prints mount, d.
I'losi'iig tiale is Monday, December tt.
Lowering and Draining
of Rice Lake Begun
A General Banking Business Transacteil.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwafii.
J. A-.FOB8.fBB  ,' ;..•• 9-bigm.
Kdilor Express:
When our cily wns incorporated I
ventured tu suggest fnr it the iiuinu of
"Burrard" tu identify il wilh the
beautiful ini'l tfhlclu will yet lie it
source, of greut wealth lo il. I then
hud hope that soou there wuulil lie
three cities on the north shore—eaeii
forming ■ powerful center 11I' influence
fur tievcliipiuel und I suggested "Cup
ilun'o" us the iinme nf the western till,
"llurrurd'' for Ihe center city and
"Boyinonr" for the eastern city. These
threi* cities coulil vie witli each nlliei-
'-.iiluiiil antagonism, nmi when they
i.u.i ail reached sufficient strength they
iiiuiii form a uniled city of great in
fliiciifc and resources uml be cable) lu vie
with uur big neighbor uver llie inlel.
I have nlwuys maintained thut we
uuiu nothing iu either financial credit
ur inline ' l>y llie use   of   uur great
neighbor's name. In fuel, Wc meekly
iicci'pl the position uf u humble suburb
ut oor neighbor's gateway. Therefore,
I bone when the time is opportune tor
iiiiiiiu uml fur the -extension ul' uui
city's bouiiclnries lliul a thoroughly ilis
lincllve mid suitable name will l«-
choaeu. If either "Burrard" or "t'ap
ilnnu" is ehiisen we will have u name
Iluu ji nul duplicated elsewhere, uml
cither is guud in itself.       I am,
ALEX I'llll.ll'.
Trusting that you will find Bpaco for
the above In the columns of your vain-
ulllu pupcr.   1 am,
Yours very truly,
Editur Kxpress:
Sir—1 ask .your indulgence iu allow
ing me lo correct ti statement occurring in your report of Friday's meeling on- the P. i O. E. By question,
wherein I um reported us having
spoken "upon other promises which
lln- iiuveruinenl lunl iiunle lml which
were still unlllled."
I ilid speuk of various enterprises,
industrial iiutl olherwlie, whieh have
been developed ns fnr us the hot air
stage, .'in.l concerning which very doll-
uilc promises and representations were
made lu the public liy intercstud pur-
ties, which promise! huve,uoi been tub
tilled, but I did mil conned the gov
i-rnint'iil uf the province with those
enterprises; il would lie absurd to clo
I hope the preseiililion of our griev
uuce lu llie goveruuieul will he mude
in such n milliner us tu bring them lo
the Tonclusiou thul Ihey eunnot afford
Iti break faith with the electorate.
Novemher 21, 18)2.
November Slilh,  IHI:',
Editor Express, Nurlh  Vuncuuver
lic-ai Sir Ituiul no lu llie changing
uf tin- iluuie uf Nurlh Vuncuuver lu
-uin,- Inure appropriate mime at unci'
Inure distinctive us u purl, us well us u
.-ili uf ilselfs iusleuil ol a men! suburb
uf Vuucuuver, I wunld suggest thul I'nrt
Vancouver.woiibl till both requirements.
Nurth Vaucuuver iu my jjidgineul tuu
uul tun strongly emphasize lhe Import
uuce of her nuliirul udtunluges us u
harbor, p'ossciaiog us she docs u super
iur wuler trout lu Ihul nf her older sis
i,i suulli of Ihc inlet, with the further
udvaiilagc lliut il is nut owned by a
single corporation, thus permitting rail
ruuds and olher public utilities access
thereto 'nn even terms. I'upihino City
suggests rather u summer ur heulth re
aurl lull., i Ihun lhat uf a coining iuc
Irupulis, uml the name Uurrurd t.'ity
lues nul convey much meaning to others
than old timers, while I sobmil l'ort
Viiniuuver us u name for thin city hus
potentialities of ever increasing value.
Theu prut-ess of lowering und draining
Bice lake preparatory lo cleaning; it
oul for conversion into a huge reier
voir for lhe storage of witer for the
use of Ihis city was coinineiiceil Friday.
I'pon the completion of Ine tunnel, Mr.
iiiiilue- iinini, waterworks superintend
cut, sel in operaliou Ihe hydraulic
ram which started lhe water from the
lake pouring down the ihaft inlo the
Aume ami Ihence into l.ynn creek.
Thii lam is operated by mcana of the
new pipe line iuto lhe lake frum lhe
new inluke Iwo miles above on Lynn
creek. An eighty pound pressure is
utilised i» tl,.. pumping operations.
Tho pi, i ui storage tujiacily of Ihe
Biee lake reservoir is ii/JW/XKW gal
Ions, but, with an elevation of 6dU feet
Die ultimate capacity will lie 21'IMD,
OM K»»<i»i.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mri. Arthur Davies with lo
express their heartfelt Huml... to tftl
mauy friends for Ibeir Liml expressions
of sympathy in their ssd lyoai through
the death of Ibeir ion, Ernest in-
Courcy. Also for lhe more lhan beau-
lifol floral tokens and Ihe many Lind-
uessei shown him during hii long ill
In all countries. Auk tot our INVEN-
TUB'S i, i 1VIS1-:it.wiikli will be lent free.
Ml University at., Montreal,
Nov. li, una.
Nurlli Vancuuver, B. (!.,
Thirty iluys after dale I will apply
for u transfer of licence fur the Seymour Hotel, I). I.. 791, Municipality of
North Vuucuuver, from Jolin Mclnnis
lu Kenneth I). fliuson.
Burrard Inlet Tunnel
Bridge Company
uu application will lie made to the Par'
lianicul of Cauada ul the preseut sea
sion thereof by the Durrani Inlet Tun
uei and Bridge Compuny for au cxten
sion of time within which lo commence
cunstructiuu of ill authorized lines of
railway and bridge and tunnel.
DATED al thc City of Vancouver,
Province of British Columbia, Ihil SSnd
day of November, 1912.
lit Wincli Building, Vancouver, B.
(,'., Kolicilors for the Applicant.
Important  Notice
Bitepiyari MUST register
their Oeedi or Agreement* of
Bill it till LAND REGIS
B. C., ou or before Dtcembtr
uth, 1912, to entitle thorn to be
put* on tin annual Voters'
Lilt.        O. B. PBAKE,
fl.60 PEB OOBO
Stove wood, U In. 13/26 pet laid,
Vila. 13.60. Prompt dellvory.
Phouo 666, oflci and yard. Oornir
4th wd Mahon Avi. '■'
Jeweler and Optician
MOVED 143 Lonadale Ave.
- .
1 Ppbllibid TumJiyi aad IWaya by Nortk Bkon Vm, $M
BatM of Bubipriptlont-Om jwi, UM.  Bli montbi, (We.  Threi montbi, life.
Uattai Bt««aa and foreign, MM par y»ar,
Tba Biprisi li tlivotnl to tba iutiruti of tha Nortb Bhore of Burrard lulit
iieluiivily. U oonitltittea an ativertlilng ondlum of iieiptioml valui for
reaching iu i thorough and iffeetivi milliter tbi populitioii of Nortb Vaneouvir
Olty ^nd Plitrlet. Bviry iffort ii mull to glvi nlvertiiiri tbi moit utiifictory
•1 All ebingn In oontnct idvertlsewenti ibould bi in tbi printer*' baadi not
latir tban Iff i. m. Mondiy ind 6 p. m. Wadimdiy to aoiura inaortlou iu tbi
following Iiiui,
North VmcouTir, B, 0 ,,,
.November 38, 1B12.
The good news which wa an privil
egul to publish today from Ottawa
relative to Second Narrows bridge, On
lily diipoiei of the last item of those
prolonged negotiation! which havo
been ably carried on liy tin directora
of Burrard Inlet Tunnel aud Bridge
Conipiuy in meeting the miuy ohjec
Hume whieh have bent mule ami the
mmy difficulties whieh have arisen, in
Ihe process of currying this important
project to successful completion. The
nature of the despateh referred to is
such- lhat ita reliability is abaolutely
uiii|iii".iiiinulile ami we, therefore, laks
this opportunity of extending the heirty
i ecu unit ii Inii,un not only of the Ei
preu, but likewise iif the entire North
Hhore community, to tho Hoard of Di
rectors upon the success which has
linully crowned their efforts.
Tlie promptness with which these t
nnt decisions havo been given is due
to several helpful causes. It is under
■lood that during his recent visit to
Ottawa ['rentier McRridp discussed
these matters wilh the government, In
common witb the other questions which
wero under consideration, ami with un
eouruging resulls. II. 11. Stevens, M.
P., has beeu tireless in pressing upon
tbu Department of Public Works the ad
visability of an early decision with re
iii.ii' ■■ to those features of the bridgi
whieb weru not as yet disposed of
These efforts combined with tho iufiu
ence of those attributes of promptness
and decisiveness which the Hon. Rob
ert  Bogers has brought to bear upou
llie U'l cu in ml i ic 11,, i, of the nu |uii'l mil
Department of which he has recently
taken charge, have resulted iu clearing
away Ibo last item thai remained as
au obstruction to the approval of the
bridge plans as a whole.
Between lliu present position of af
fairs and tbi awarding of the contracts
for bnil.ting the bridge, there remain
only the necessary clerical work upon
tne plans ami certain formalities in
■ ci mining thc completed plius lo Ihe
Depirtment, I'oucerujug which the
chief item of cunslderition is the
amount of time (hit must of necessity
be ' climine,ul in disposing of them.
There is every reison to anticipate
that the opiuiou eapressed iu these col
minis recently will prove accurate and
that contracts for the construction uf
the bridge will lie iwirded iluring lhe
early mouths of 1111.1.
If the present temper uf the London
Iiuiiii isl iniirlti'i relative In ('auadiaii
municipal debenlures is destined tu
linbl, there is every prospect lhat tba
eust of money for municipal purposes
will he considerably increuscil, with a
probability that a process of very care
fill selection will likewise be followed
in lhc u< liiul purchase of bonds.
The experience through whicii the
tity of Vieioria is passing with refer
euci' lo n iili.'ing on bonds ilreidy on
the market may be taken as a fair
Indication' of tha altitude of tbe mar
kel toward muuicipal bomli. Ac
muling to a roport lubinittad liy the
city comptroller Utli week, the eupital
city litti* a line of debentures whoso
aggregate amount is over one and one-
hulf million dollars, bearing fuur per
nul. inlereal whicii bai heeu on thi
old country nurkct for some months
pust, but for which uo uie hu ii yet
been secured.
The comptroller propwes lo overcome
lhe .mm uin by im nixing tbe rite of
interest   through   snibling   legiilitlon
upon Ihe pirl of the provineill government.   The   clauses   in   hii   reporl
■ Irkliug with this phase of tha mitter
are of nji-n.nl as dealing witb i ait
oil inn with which pra, iK'iilly all civic
iinm,. it is ire more or lesa iiitlmitely
iKcpimiei.nl, just it tin preient time.
The report lu part reuls as followi:
"For tome time past it hll been
bt-, miiilii, more ind more evident that
the rata of interest ou I'anailian mu
nifipil securities will hive to be mi
iin.i'd to meet  lhe changed  condltioni ill tbi J .melon   nuirki-t.     .
"No lunger is the Kngliih invest
or saliifietl with the yield of a four
per cent, bond lebl ll i reasonable
discount; canrtutitntly tiinatllaM four
pir eint. municipal securities ire i
drug ia thi market, or em only be
•old it i ruinous discount.
"l bavi bun wmpouding witb
oar llieil iganti wilb a view to in
craning tbi rati of iulemt on our
bunds imi they advise that It would
be will to apply to tbe legislature for
authority to increase the rati of interest on securities issued, but not yet
told ind tint bear inlerest at foui
per lint, ,
"I would, therefore, recommend
that application be made lo tba le
glilature at this approaching session
for a private bill authorising the eity
to raise the rite of interest if re
quired on all unaobl securities, other
than the local improvements.
"I would recommend, however,
thai local improvement debentures
for the future, or until mitten Improve, heir inlerest at tlie rate of
four and one liali per cent, and that
the assessments be made according
The fact that the capital city of the
province im,b, it necessary to advance
tlte rate of interest ou its bonds, lu or
der to effect a aale, is a stroug indica
tion of the policy that must be general
iy adopted by our municipalities if
their efforts to Moat debenture leans
ars to prove successful.
'nm... who are familiar with condi-
lions as they exist among the under
writers in London tell us thai the mar
ket is greatly overstocked at present
with i'uuinlinn securities ami that nine
ly per cent, of the offerings remain in
the hands of the underwriters. This is
recognised as a state of affairs that
may not long obtain, but eveu ao, the
fact remaitia tbat tbe British investor
is of opinion that he should receive
better terms for the use of his mouey
ami the opiuion is held by well informed nn; ni ageucies that five or
even five ami one half per cent, will
be necessary in order to effect ready
sale of municipal bonds al a price which
will yield satisfactory returns.
B. 0.
Hillside iif lhe agricultural lamls,
Unite under water, covered wilh snow,
or sllll unexplored, it is estimated that
there ia iu British Columbia an area
of li million acres capable of producing
merchantable timber. R. E. Benedict,
chief of operation iu the forest branch,
staled recently thai llie amount of
Wood annually added lo the standine
forests Iiirougli the natural process or
growth, is 100 feet per acre. Hence, it
woold appear that 9'. billion feet of
limber Is being added as interest to
the wood capital every year.
This is an amount considerably great
er Iiiun that of all the lumber cut iu
Ihu Dominion in the year 1810.
Mr. I'-- in du i places lhe value of this
gmwlh roughly ot *liiii,iiiiiyiiiu per an
inuii, Imi benetile in eicess of this
amount will certainly accrue. At the
present time, when ouly one quarter uf
the annual growth is being col, lhe re
nuns tu the community ire over ils,
11011,111111 a year. The circulation of uew
wealth in the province is Ihe ficlor
whicii is playing i more iniporliiit
part than any other iu developing Ihe
great Ust Weit.
Bul there is oue cssentiil. Fire
musl be kept out of the forests. A dry
season and a little carelessness might
combine at any time to sweep a great
part of the greateat of the province's
resources out of eiiateuce.
The efforts of all the lire ringers lu
tile-province woultl lie of no avail if ■
null) large tre got under way. It ia
by care every day iu tbe yeir tbtt
every citizen cm help to reduce tbe
lirejoss, ind* buiid strong the lmii of
hll own prosperity.
Tfae locality in which the gruteil
volume of the shipping business of Ibe
United males on tbi Pacific Cout ii
done is very forcibly indicated by a
bulletin juit issued by the Department
of Commerce ami LiMbr whieb shows
Hut Ihe exports from Puget Sound
porti for Ihi put nine montbi in fir
in eiceas of tbi exports from all otbir
United males porti on tbi I'pelte
cout combined. Tbe exports for tbi
intire Pieilc (lout of tbit country for
the nine montbi ending Beptimber 88th
win »!i.yi:)l,i65, of whieb ium tbi
portion credited to' porti on Paget
Sound ii ttOfltt,.*!: Hence "puget
Hound bails tbi reit of tbi cout by
ever UfiOOfiDO or ipproiimitely ll-
teen per nnt.
It ii not « very difficult mitter lo
•urniM when tba Port of Vincouvir
will (nd Iti lirongeit competitor fori
id on the Improvemont and equipment
of Faint Bound barton and on Burrard Inlit givu .Ory fair idaa a»
to where tbe batter facilities will be
found for handling that traRe, the lm
Jigft of yhtoh li little short of dntlnnm
from tba itandpoint of the Port of
in bli Initial addrna at the opening
Of parliament Bight Humimliln 11. L.
Borden made tba announcement tbat a
redistribution bill wpuld not ba brought
dawn iluriiMj lha ptnant iwlen and ia
I few sentences gave a clear ind uniiu
factory statement as to why such wai
the cue. Mr, Borden pointed out that
no redistribution bill could eome into
effect until Iba clou of tbi life of tbe
preient parliament md that there wu,
therefore, no need for haste in bringing
dowu the bill. Tbii explanation effiic-
tiiBlly disposes, Incidentally of ill tbe
opinions which have been expressed
with reference to a probable early ap
peal to the country upon the part nf
tbe government. Meantime the coon
try has Ibe aasunnee of the Premier
that a redistribution bill will be
brought .lown in ample lime for the
uext federal elections, whenever they
nny occur.
Tenders ire iuvited of lots or trails
of lind amiable for tbi erection of i
City Hill fur the City of North Van
All tenden must be nude ou i furm
tu be obtained from the undersigned,
•ud must be made by the owner or his
Attorney lutborlted liy duly executed
power of attorney.
The successful tenderer will be called upon to give au option lo the city
in a form utiifictory to the City So
lie ilur until tbe necessary By laws are
passed. The price will be payable, 10
pir eint. within thirty days afler tbe
pining of the Byliw lulborising thi
purcbue ind tbe balance within uine
ly dayi thereafter.
Seilid Tenden marked "Tender for
City Hail Site" muit ba lodged with Ihe
City (dark, City Hill, Nortb Vincou
ver, before fi p.m. on Monday, Decern
tier 8th, 1818. ,
Tha lowest or iny lender not neces
airily iccepted.
0-18 Oity Clirk.
I Intend it till next regular meeting of
the License I'liiiiiiiissiuiiers for tbe
City of Nortb Vincouver lo ipply for
in Hotel I,i' cuse to be kuown by the
name of tbe Arlington Hotel liloile
on ioli twenty sewn in block luei, D.
L. 271, iu Ibe city of North Vincouver.
Deled Nov. Itth, 18111. li VI
The Panama Theatre
For the Whole Family
Starling Monday, Nov  "Mil.
2 Mhuwi  Nightly- V.litl aud 8:111
ISc, Itt, Ut.
Matinee Daily at S— 16c and  25c
mums wwraan nuon wra
A whist drive autl social wili hi held
111 the Indge room, K. P. ball, itb Bt.
W., on UOfli Niivumhor, IIM!!, nt H p. in.
Ai|ihMqii Bli centa. Prim and refrelll-.
Lodgi Wntiro RDM, No. 9M
Meeting! of tbia lodge in held lu
the Kiilgbu of Pythias Hall, comer of
Obeiterfiiild avenue and Fuurtb itreet,
un the first and third Fridays in each
month, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Cumiuunicatiiins and applications fur
membership to be addressed to Harold
Lui, iientiry, 1*. 0. box llll.  Ill 7 13
18,000 corda af dry flr wood for quick
•all. Prlci pir odd cordi, 11.76. Bpi
clll quotation! for larger qiiantitlii.
Out Wood, 16 luchei, $8.16, 18 incbn
MM, C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—Mih uud Umdile
Phoni 190.    P. 0. Boa 2432.
iimtii'iia ur coil, minimi
Coil iiiiiiiiiii rlahli of tin Dominion
In Manitoba, Sashalctiewan ind Alhsr-
a, llic yuken Territory, the North-will
Tun llui les ind In 1 porllon of Ihi proline! of Britiih Columbia, may hi lui-
•d for i lirm of Iwiniy-oni years it
in innuil rental of It in acre Not
mon thin 1.(11 icni will bi lnnd lu
una applicant.
Application (or a law must hi mulct
hy llti lupllcani In perion to thi Agent
or Sub-Agent ot thi dlilrlcl In which
thi rlghtl ippllsd for in iltuitid.
ln survcym) territory tin lind muit
ba ilescilbcit by sections, or ll|ll lull-
division! of uetloni, anil In uniurviy-
ed lerrllury thl tract applied for shall
bi Hiked out by lln applicant hlm
■ elf
Each ipullcatlon muil hi iccompin-
lid by i fee of |6 whioh will bi ra-
fundid II Ihi rlahli ippilid for in noi
available, but nul olhirwlli. A loyalty ihill bi paid on ihi mirchintibli
output of tin mini al (hi rati uf rtvt
eellll pir ton
Thi pirion operating Ihi mini iliall
furnlih tin Agenl with sworn relur/li
accounting for thi full iiuantlty  /of
iiierchiutibli coal mined ind piy thl
royally therein! If Ihi coil mining
rlghtl in not being ulcerated, iuch return! ihould hi furniihed it Uut onci
i yen
Thi lc-iee will Iiniuii.- the coil mining
rlghtl only, hut thi leasee may hi pir-
lllltted tl purchal! whatever available
surface light! may bi conildind nee-
•wiry for tin working of tin mini it
thl rale   if |ll uu tell
For      full      lllfoiuialloli      nl Icllcaltciu
•houid hi mad* to thi seerelary of thl
Dipirlmillt of thl Intel lur, iillawa. or
to any agenl or Hob-Agent of Dominion
I .and!
VV W. COB*.,
Deputy mnliier or thl Interior
N.  B— uniuihorlied   publlcillun  of
tbli  idvertliemint   will   not   bi   paid
Vtncouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT SHAW Bhumu College
Jj6 Miming! St. W.
Cinidl'l Qriitnl  Weelarn  School
If. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Uunagu
Are You Moving
Ws do moving of ill kinds (Jive ea
1 trill. Wi 1I10 hive lieivy tipmi by
Ibi diy -upreu ind biggi|i, or when
you wint wood, rail or pbon 01. We
hivi 1 lirgi itock of mill wood 12x16
loch linglhi. J/urnira wood 1 i|ieclilty
Prompt deliverin.
12 Lonadili Avium
Phoin 9. Wood O.O.D.
Tbe Women'1 Auxiliary of Bt
Agon' church will bold their ttretule
of work in the church hill, cornir l'lth
ind Houlivird Ol Wednesday, Decern
l,cr Itb, Thl Mil will In ojieuid it
:i o'clock in thi if 1 Minion by Mri. Di
I'l'iit-icr, wife of thl lliihoji of Ibi Iiiu
cue, ind will continue throughout tbi
iftcrnoon iud evening. There will bl
thl mual dejurlininti ud ililli u
will ai riadlM, home nidi tookety,
dairy ilill ud tlh pond for lhc young
•r /oiki. In the eveuiug 1 progrimmi
of vocil and inslrumintil music ttl
•locution will Im rmdirid.
Yorltihire Guarantee k Securiliei
Corpwatian, Limited
4.0 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houlgale — Uaoigii
All North Vincouvir taopit nl it
Kith* Flack Block or Heeling. St.,
oppoilU Uu new pmt office, |*oaird
Mill hii Ua by tin pound.
100 Per Cent
Pure Paint
WB OUABANTBB tbi Maitlii-Banonr UIO Bir Qont. Fun Paint
il»tli shida thia nmwi t» preparer} from laid una
ilno), to bi niidt from pun carbonate of Ind, pure oildi of iim-,
with coloring matter lu proportionate «ui»UMaa niomiry to mike
their respective shades ind tint!, With pura lliutied Ol) Mil tnrpen
tine dryer, iud to hi entirely free from water, binilni, whiting
Mid idultiratlons, ind lold aubject te cfcimloal analyila,
Thi MirtluSinour Oo. Ltd.
Thii ii thi ouly Pilul io guarantied beeeaae It la the only
PUBB PAINT on the market.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Xmas Cards and Calendars
Don't leave your Xmas shopping until the
very last thing, but shop now and get first
Beit Selection.
Books,  Toys, Dolls,  Xmas Stationery, Etc.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book end Stationery Company)
9638 Lomdali Avenue. PHONB IUI
Mocha Cakes, Florence Cakes
Layer Cakes, Yule Cakes, Etc.
Meat Pies
Job Printing at the "Express"
Dollar 50 Hat Store
MEN'S HATS, all styles,
Visit the above Store at
1029 Granville Street, Vancouver
In North Lonidale
An Opportunity
Close to an open road. 50 ft. Iota $275 each, $23 «ah »io mMy
Also half-acre lots from $500 to $650 each,  w «* $20 monthly
Mb* thiol 173.
Buldinca Wool tin
V. 0. Boi IHI.
A   l|l-l,UV  ll) rtiulllr  III  I ttrlliirallt.lt
uf Ike llll  of Norlh Vioroiivir t»
Kiiiii'iiiilt-i' lbe |iu|iiii'iil of llcli
lo be Itauetl Iif tbe NiFtft V*i
Ijll  Ferries I'Wtf*! _ ft Jlf*.
Al ,«»i»r
Ht"»Hil,M« ipTWrcif »k»%!m.
WHKIIKAH     tlm    Nnrlh     Viiiift.uv.l
. mty perries Itlihlttiil, bur'nlnufter. ro
10  uu  tlte  I'liiiiiuiiiy.  a   I'Vrrv
inn inin y   IiiivIiii;   wnrltii   itunstruutoil
tii11>  Hlfliln nnd imiiit  without tit.-
linlt.'i of Iho Corporation of llio fm
ortn vn —
of Nnrt
V uiiuttiii t i.   i lu-i i inuii, i    p|-
ill   liuilil    vii,it:itiivt.'i    t tun iiiiini n.i    in-
furrod in aa tno i.!|ty), proposes lo llano iliiliituliircu payable In forty years
"           Wlilph. |hU Df-1.1*
y mi
frpffl t|'»
rate of flvo per ivm. per  um. to
lio Sucuriitl na hcruliinftor mentlKhci),
foi'llietPul nt iWlfltl fur tlio purpose
-—^y<it^-Uia-utipatimalltin ot I Pawl
und mudern ferry steamer, witli al'icl
null, for the service of (he Oopi-
paliy between llie lold City of Mori It
vnnenuypr and the City nf Vuncon-
ANp wiubbbas tin Company Iiih
I'uiiiii'uiuii iht City to guarantee Iho
li.i'.llli'lll       pf     lltil.l      ll.'llUlllllll'.'i,       llllillll
hll I Willi1 in tin H|ly|, ptupiMos In Ittitiln
ileliitllllll't'ti,    iin v ii lila-    ||(    furly    t,.,n-..|
from the .lulu un which t|ie by-law
Itittea t'll'i'i'i, lii'iirlnn Intereat al the
rutu uf (Ive tier cent, per milium (u be
•loured na hereliiutler in,nil.ninl lor
till aum ill 1)0,01)0 for the purpose fol-
InuliiK, Hint Is in any:
To lulio mi und cancel un laauo of
l}i|nil|urpi of the Cm'IPany nf ilie
iiiiiuiiiii  uf Due Hundred ulld Twelily-
1 ',■ in  ri. .1.ui  i.r:.',.mini  ilull.u.n i'h-
speil .nn ..iluu lu By-law Nn.'1.1 ilf Hie
t.'lly, Itelnii' schedule Iti the Ninth Vuneuuver Ferry Aid By-law Vulldnilon
Act, ltl ID. aped debentures heliiK al-
'c-i'lv : u.n.iiii,.utl py Hie Oily i.tn.n.,ni
tu  lliu  ictiivii.uuii.  nf   ..ii.i   By-luw;
■ANH WIIKRI'.AH the Cunipuny litis
rgquelled Hie Clly In KUtirunlce tile
nuyiuent nf suiil tlehentproi, m. ii«i>n,
'"I.  I i .        UH   uiul i : .Uil     Ullll   i|    |H   tlt'l-lll'llll
expedient Hint llm Clly .tlioitlil cn|nplp
Willi such ti'i|iic »l iiihjrel tn the lunns
und e uluiui..ti.. in 11 inuii. , iiiiriiiiui
i'iii:i;i i-ci.r lite ,i.,'..., niui Alder-
iii.ui uf the City, In ■ fin,, it assembled, with lllc tiflsenl uf Hie Kleelurs
uf Hie Huld I'll) ilitl> uliliiliii'il, enact
ns fulluwa:
I. Tlie i'unlit il uf lhe i'llv Ib lierehy
■iiili'i i-. ■ i tin Icll,ill of the Clly ill
li uui allien the payment nf Ihe prln-
■ iful und lliteleul uf till, fluid lichen-
tllrcH lu lie iei(.il"l  liy  llle I'ullilitiliy for
the   purpose   nluu utiiti   unit   payable
IIH       .ilul, :.ii.i        ||ie        .....ii of
suld tlelieiillints nut tu exceed the sum
nf tt i' nine uml stiiite In hear inieresl
at lhe rale of (Ive pel' centum per annum,  niui  Hit' suld  Cuuucil  ia hcrcliy
empowered lu iiuiliorlsu tlte .  ■#..
uf sulil cu.ii.nut i liy tlif ,'tl.ivtee aiid
Hie i'lerk uf tlte Clly. ulnl the ..iiMui:
uf Hie I'm pin iiltt Beal ul Hit' Clly In
audi ; uui .mii u Tin.- saltl liehciilurea
shall In.'    iii-i. 11  lu the ■ un.inn.it  Hint
Ilu ful ure Issue cil ilelteiiti]|-i!s Issued
ly the Ciiinputiy sliull rtiuli lu priority
ninl only lltnse ulliiiitlilct'il hy the (l|ty
shull rtiuli imrl iiu.'t.'.ii with Haiti 6ehen-
liirt'H '.'.ui..ui ifie ctjiiHent uf Ihe city.
'i. The suhl niiiiraiilee sliull lie eon-
Kliiuli'il hy endorsement wrlllen ur
ne n.i.. un tin' Ittielt uf eiii'li uf the suhl
il.liill t ll I in. Ii, lhe l.-ll"-.-- nt, clfccl,
"Tlie  Corporation  of the City  of
North   Vnncouver   K"urtuilees     tliu
within ilehenliire us In prliieliial uiul
Inletisi  hy virtue of the Ferry Improvement!   Mil   By-Law,   illli,   Nn.
1  of salt! Corporullon";
unil   tlie   salt!   endorsement   aliull   he
sleiicd Ity the Mu vm and Clerk nf the
City   unil   Healed   will)   Hie   Col'itorale
Sent of Hie Clly.
i. luiereHl cniipuiiH ahull he attached lo each uf lite until delicti I Ul'ei, unit
Unit  shall he all nul m  on the
Iiinii of eacli Inieresl coupun to Ihe
following ciTccI, initin-l.v:
"tlimraniucd liy lhe Clly uf Norlli
And  Hie said  endorsement  shall  he
sliiiK.il liy the Muyor of the Clly. Such
. in iui.    may   Ile   wrlllen.   atamped.
printed or llllioiiraplied.
I. Before the iiuaranlee tiiilhorlicd
Ity litis i: lu w la i Iv.ui. a Trusl Heed
approved Ity lhe Cuuncll uf llie Clly
sliull he eieculed. liy Hie Company
I'lmrKliiK "II the proparty and assets of
llie Company preaenl and future, und
Its im..th.cl capital, If any, wllh Ihe
piyinenl of the prlnclpul ami Interesl
of suld debentures, and also an uuree-
inelll lietween lhe Cninpaiiy nnd 'the
Clly satisfactory lo Ihe Council of the
Clly . iticitiiicli.t uiireeinent hy llie Compuny tu puv tieiiil-iiiiniiiilly tlurlnu lhc
currency of said dehentures mentioned
In Becllun One hereof, lhe sum of
13660 00. In Ine Hie scinl-unniial Intereat on said dehenlurea, mul ulso ilur-
Inu   the  currency  of euld  debenture!
ng liilcresi, aa uforeiuld. nnd H '■
deemed eipedleitt that fhe City ahould
comply with auch request, lublect In
Hie terma und conditions hereinafter
THKHKl'diii: the Mayor iind Al.tui-
I Uio Clly. In t'iitiiiall-t.H»»jiiltlttil,
THEJii^offla''nic,'ifiiy'ii'r Bn'q'Aliioi-
tpiii) uf the City In Couucil usiumlileU,
With the assent of fl* Bleutpri of the
laid City duly olitaltU'd. enact aa follows:
1. The Council of Hm city la hereby
niiiliorlii.'d nn bubal' "t the Clly tp
guarantee the piiymnnt of lhe principal and liilercut ut Ihuiwlll delicti Mi™
lo he Issued by the Ontttpnny Tor lhe
liuriiuiii' tifortttiiilil. and piniilih- uu
ufnrcsald, llio prliiidpul of snld tlchen-
liiiiis put lo exceed tlte sum ot 120,000
nnd sumu lo beur Intereat at tlie rule
uf flvo per Itanium per annum, und the
salt! Council Ih lierehy empuweri.il In
alilhorlso the execution uf suld pniir-
illllt.'t.' by lln- Mayor ulltl llle
_.. Ot tin Clly |t)d I Inii ili-, inr, of i iiu Corporale Beul nf
the Clly fo such guarantee. The suit)
dehentures sliull be aubloct lo the cop-
cililcni linn nu further Iaaue qf .1. i	
lures Isaiietl by Die Company aball rank
by the Clly ahull rank purl nassii with
sold debentures wllhnpl the consent
of Ihc Clly.
S. The said Kiiuruiltee ahall be constituted by endorsement wrlllen or
printed on tlie back of ouch of Hie snld
dehenlurea tp Hie following effect.
"The Curpurptlpp  of the Clly of
Nortli    Vancouver   niiuranleei    thc
wltlilu debentures us tii principal und
Inlereal by vlrlijo nf "Tne Ferry lin-
plciU'iiifiilii  Alt)   llv   I.t vv.   1918,  Nn   i,
ill sold Corporation."
and'the laid cliilorsriilenl shull tut ui;-n
ol   liy  the   Miivui   aud  I'lerk   nf  the
Clly  ami   aeulcd   wltb   the  Corpnrnle
Beal uf Hie Clly.
3. Intereat ■'•iiiiiiiiiii shall be allacbeil
to each uf the nald debenture!, und
there shall he un endtirsi'iiieul on llm
Iniuli nf euch liilitrcal coupon lo the
idled, im- effect, mum h
"(Iiiiiianli'i'il   by   llm  Clly  of Norlh
und the auld endorsement shull be signed  by  the  Muyor uf the City.  Buch
li a,.nut muy be wrlllen. aiuuiiicd,
printed nr luiui, i.i|.t.. a
I Before the guarantee nuthnrlzcd
liy thla llv low ih given, ti Ttniti Hold
ii ipruved by lint Cnuncll of lhe Clly
ahall he executed hy Hie Cuinpuiiy
■ liuu in, iill llle properly nnd assets
of the Company present ami future, nnd
Ils uncalled cupitul. If uny. wllh Die
payment qf Hie prlncliml and Inlereal
uf suld debentures, and ulsu an net cement between the Company and llm
Clly, satisfactory to thu Council of the
City, . ..ni.nuiii, iiprcfiui'iit by Hie
Company In puy Hcnil-nnnuully during
lbe currency ol said ilehtiiluns mentioned tu r,.,liim une hereof, the aim
uf ; i .mu I., im Ihe :• mi .un. i il Inii i -
eat on laid dcbcnluit-s. aiul ' ulsu
ilurliiK the currency uf sold dibit)'
lures lo nl it ■ In a ehuiieieil Hank, iin-
im.illi' the suni of 1107.(0 lo tirovlde
a ilni.tm fuml for Ills redeiiipilon of
sulil ili-lii'iitoifa. unil also cotilalnlnp
iui" in. in lii.n lu the event of failure
by llle Company in jnnvlilo the suld
Mims for Interest und -'iui.mi fuml.
same may from lime lo lime lie provided by the city for uml In felpecl of
the inin or sums us may lie provided
hy the .Clly an etiulviiletit umount In
luil. paid shares of Ihe cuidtal itock
of the Company.
I Thc conitructlon of the aald wink
In he rnnalruclcd by Die Company ns
aforesaid shall be ciimiiiiiiccd wllhln
twelve  months  from  tin   'lute of Hie
un.im Into effect of this By-law and
shall be romiilnieil nnd In upcralliin
wliiiln iwcnly-foul months from the
suld date: and Ihil By-law Is nasscd
upon Hie express conillllon thul fnlltiie
lo observe such lime limit shall render the By-law void
I Authority la hereby granted tu
Hie Council uf Hie City 16 ssieis nnd
levy from time to time upon Ihe whole
t.ileal.lc properly wllhln the City a
ium ur aum lulllclent In discharge Hit
debt nr liability hereby uuthorlied ur
.uiv part or turts Ihereuf.
7 Thla By-law may he cited fur till
purptiaei aa "The Kerrv linnriiveiiieiils
Aid  Bv-Uw.  1813.  No. t. "
I. This By-luw shull conic Into effect
on   the  21th  day  nf  December.   AD.
Foiled by the Council of Hie Clly
of North Vancouver on Ihc 86lh day of
November.  AD.,  ltil.
Ilecclvcd the assent of Ihe Klectors
nf the City nl in elecliun held for the
purpose un thc
day uf
AD. ltli.
Rcconililcred. inlouteil nnd Ilnully
paisetl by Ihe Cuuncll uf Ihc filly, aim
ed hy Ihe Miyur and Clly Clerk anil
scaled with tbe Curpurale Bcul of Ihe
Clly on thc
day of
All, ltli.
NOTIIK TO I.I.I i nm.'.
TAKK NOTICK lhat lhe above Is a
true copy of the pronoicd By-law upon
which thc vote of the Bleciora of the
Municipality "' '"I CU*' ot North Vancouver will be taken wllhln the i'lty
Hall. Norlh Vincouver. B C. on Bil-
tii'clav. thc llth day of December. 1918,
lietween the hours of I o'clock a m ulnl
i o'clock p.m.
Clly Clerk and itclurnlng olhcer
atllllill i*c„    10   !|HH   Ull   MWtit.lt    uc
lllc Ctiinnrnlloll iiiiii lu ulllX lllc
Cornorato Sou) tn a certain In-
ilfiilurc of Aifrcenieiit made In-
twecn •'- ■*"--*-' ■■ ■-■ ™ •
tween Iho BUrraitl Inlet Tunnel
apd Bridgo Company, of thi ono
part, and tho Corporation of the
(illy of North Vaiii'oilvur, nt llu:
nl lur plrt, copy of v, iiiih tald
ili.-l'cclilclll l» llereln iijipelldcil un
nclicltilte "A": i.iiiliur/ly fd llm
Cnrpol'iiltun tu enter intn tuul
to tigroe in all Hie iiruvlelnna
iiiui.uii being hereby triveti:
13)   Tp|s  By-luw   shull   enmo   Into
1 o|iciiitloii tin Hie date of Its re-
t'l'lvlnii  thu ussent Of the l.le-n-
Itiiiant-iiovt inni-   in  Council   by
Urdor-ln-Councll  to  Hint Off lpt i
(3)   The  wurka   of   the   Ciimpiiiiy
muat be commenced within	
months from the dale of the
alien! of llle Itleiiteliiipt Oover-
llitl   in  CtlUncll  OS  ..luevi     lu.'ill.n
ed ulld auld bridge must be
eomplHii.l"«n'l rr.mly fiirMitiHli
and ui least two mllua tf connecting; railways completed before Ine In iuc of  yeitiH
from lhe dato uf the uasenl nf
the i.ii'tiiuiiuni Huie nun- In
Council, and a failure jo ubaervo
.-uuii time iiinii ihall render
Ihli By-law void and of ho,, ef-
(f) This By-luw ahull take effect
upon the llth day uf December.
liil.' unci muy he died fur till
iiiiipnscs ill the •"Burrurd Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Cnmimiiy
till,nm  Purchase  By-law,   1013
tft) By-luw Number 111, known as
the "Burrurd Inlet Tunnel aiul
■ li I.l*-..- Company Bharea Airriie-
li.in Piiii'lciac Bv-law. IOIO."
Is hereby repeuleil, save ns to
any Indebtedness Incurred under
the suhl By-luw. whlcb hull lie
lullell lu he ulld liull he Ull III-
ilclil,iilniin     falllnn     illle     nnilci
lhls Hv.luu ulld shall be repaid
uul ut Hut dehentures Issued
It) This it- lav shull receive Hie
nsselll of Hie Klectors of lhc suhl
Corporation In llie iminiit'i- ro-
tliilred hy luw, before Hie iln.il
passlnt!  Ihereuf
i'tissetl liy Iho Cuuncll lhls BE I fl iluy
of November, till I.
Ilt'iili'i .1 the ussent Of llm Klecltns
Oll th
AN|J \yHkl|lf)A8 the pur vnluc nf
Ihu laid bharea la 'tno Hundred and
I'llty   Tliniiniiiul   Dollura   (f 1EO.000.00);
THHBBPOBB the Company hiroby
uKi-oes to alliit tu the Corpurailun and
inu Corporation horoby uareea lo lub-
sciilte fur mul purchuie from (he Cum-
piiny   fifteen  Iiundred   (1600)  shores
ltl 'iim limi'liii! ijoilar
In  llm ciiiillul  stucli  ti.    , .........
pi and fur llie suhl Mice of Ono (lull
flii upplfaf "afocl!"'^ VVtf jJofajyTcftf
■ll.  el     llleel      I'll,,      '|'| 11,11 U., |l 11      ($160,000,00)
Dollara; subject ulwuya lo lhe tonus
nf the Act (if liiieiipiniiiloii of thc
Company and the Municipal mi and
Ameiiiiinii Acta and In tne following
culiilllluliti.   liiuiii-ly
tl) The aiii.niiii uf the pur yalpe pf
Hie sulil allures shall be tiuu pnd
puyublu lu the Cunipuny In terms
nf tbi Acl of Inciirpuralioii Of
Ihe Cunipuny aflor the date of
llio assent of the Ideutenunl-
aiii licet,iiiih In Council to the
By.Inni   uiiiliiiililiia   Hn  umlitiii
iiv-LAw wl, m
A  111 -I. VH   |« enliltle the  Cornorntlou
of Ihc (lift oi lottb Vipooiiier »P
ri|se bt »>•» pf lorn the sum pf Hue
shore. In iht eialtaf »loek at On
lliinuril l»|e| Tunnel anil Drldaf
wiikiikam By-low Np. 3)8 hus been
noised outhqrlalna the Corporutlon ot
ll|o City of Nurlh Vancouvei' tp enter
into and oxcfiiio on ugiccplcdt wilb the
Burrard Intel Tupnel and Bridge < 'i.in
jinny for lbe purchase of aliiirns In the
(cL|ttl„|  nlncn' pf' thr snld "noijiipiiiiyi
AND WHKBEAB It |a dea|rabls to
hoi'fow Jho ihm Of One Hundred anil
Fifty Thousund Dollura i$ICO,000.00)
fur thu pitrpuii..' uf I'iiiu liatiini: snarea In
Ibe ciinltal sluck uf the saltl Cumnany;
,  ANB  WHBRHAB  u  petltlun  llanod
b; tbi ownera of more than o tenth
In vnluc of real property In ihc City
of North vuncuuver (oa ilicwn py tbe
lUSi    levlSfll   IIHSeSSIllelll   I'llll)    llllll   lli't'll
iireaenled lo lbe Council reiiuclllliK
Ihem tu liilmduce sueb a By-law;
AND WHUUKAH It wili be neceuary
In order lu do ao to Iaaue debenliirts
of the Curpbrailnii for tho ium of line
iiiiini,,.1 unit Fifty Thousand $160.-
000.00) ua licit in,,rt, i provided, which
Is llic iiiniiuiii of'debl Intended to be
eretilei) liy Hits By-luw; the proceeds l
of said il. I'lnini. lu be iipidlcd us
I., i. liiutit i   net uul;
ANIl W1JKHKAB for Ihe puymenl of
interest on the debentures propoaed to
be Issued uuder Hill By-law and fur
t'l fn I Ihk a ulnl,Inn fuml for the puy-
lileiil nf the same wlun due, It will lie
necfsstii    to raise hy 'ipcclal rate, In
t.itiiiit.ii tu all other rates, tu tueh yeur
iniiin lhe currency of the siild di"
benturei. llio huiii of 17805.06. whereof
16 750 00 ts tu be rulaed iitiniially fur
payment of ■ m• j -. i -I.inni llie currency    uf   lhc   Hold   debenturei   ulltl
11 1.. uu   In lie  i.u. nl   ,, i,nu.ill.   fur  the
purpose   nf  eri'iillnn   u   sinking   fund
fur  puymenl  uf  the  tb-hl   secured   by
the sulil debenture!;
ANIl  WHERKAB  In  iniln   lo  raise
lhe said yearly huiii of (78116 00 fur III
Iciest ulld aiul,in; lun.: an fi|lliil spe-
clnt rule ull the dollur will lie require)!
to be levied on all llic rateable properly In the suld clly;
AND WHKHKAS llie minium of the
vvlidi' raleuble real property In llm anld
clly, aocoi'dlnB lo llm lust revised ua-
stHHiiieiil roll thereof Is 110.370 665;
AND' WIIRHKAS Hie aggregate of
llic existing ilebinture tit-til nf lhe Cor-
jiiilllllnll Icxcept fill WOrKl' I'f lucul
llil|iliivi'llii'lll and fnr .trhool poipuBCH)
Is 11 :t;'t na nil. uud tlues nut exceed
twenty per eenl. nf the iibscsbciI value
nf the real properly In Ihe city, according In lhc lasl nulled niiacasnu'iil
rull. of whlcb none nf the prlnclpul
and interest Ih in uirenrs:
NiiW  TIIKHKI'iiliK  lite  Mayor nnd
Aldermen of Ihe Clly of North Vincuuver In council iisseniblcil. wllh (he
assent   nf  llie tlt'cloiH  of the  Clly  nf
Nurlh Viineouver duly obtained, enacts
us fulluwa:
ill    ll sliull lm low lul for Ibe Muyor
of the sulil clly of Norlli Van-
iiiiivii   uiid   llm  Clly  Clerk   fur
Hie purpose ufuresultl lu borrow
ni   rulse  by  wuy  uf  luun  fruni
any person or persona, body  Or
bodies  corporate,   wbu   mny   he
willing in advance llie same upon
the credli of the debenturei bcre-
inuflif mentioned of the eurporu-
Hun.  it  huiii  nf ninney  mil  ,ex-
it i.ling In Hu  wliule the mun uf
tine lltinili.il uml Flfty TIiuUhiuuI
liollura 11160.000 001, und Incuilse
Ihe  samo   lu  be   idiiccd   In   the
Iiuiiii  uf Brlllsb  North  America
nt Nurlli Vuneuuver. to the credli  of lhe Clly fur the  purpoae
ith the assent of Hie ISIectorii
ing    IUC    citiieiiL)     ...    .....    	
Hi place 111 a chartered Bank annually
the sum uf 11679.60 lo provide u sinking  fund  for  Hie  rcdetnptlun  nf suid
Ut   Ul   llllll  '   u      ,11,11    ,l|ui.    ,..„,,„ ,       „„
menl thai III Hie event of failure by
Hit; fumptiny to provide thc suld sums
fur Interest anil sinking fund, same
may from lime lo limo be provided by
the City uud In that event that Ihc
Company will Issue to Hie City fur
ami In respect of audi mini, nr sums
ua may be provided by the city, an
"iuh,il. nt .,in.mil In fully paid snare!
of tlie .,ti Ii.ii slock of llic Company.
6    The     in   In,   Inlu   t   of  Ihe
uadii u. . i Hie aald debentures shall
be commenced wilhin twelve months
from the dale uf coining Inlo effect of
thla By-low and shall he completed
within t wi tuy fun] months from and
ufler tlie said date ami this by-law
Is passed upon Hie express conillllon
Dial failure to observe such time limit
shall render lhc By-law void.
t. Authority Is liereliy grunted lo
the Council ol lhe Clly lo assess ond
levy frum lime lo time upon Hie whole
rateable pruperty wltbln llie City u ium
nr suu,a ."uillilnii tu ills. Inn a'. Ihc
debt ur liability hereby aulhurlsed or
any part or porta thereof.
• Tbli tlf-law may be cited for all
purpoae! as "The Ferry linpruvcincnte
Aid Byl-aw. ltli, Nn. I."
1. Thla By-law shall come Intu effect on the Still day uf December, A.D..
Failed by the Council nf tlie Clly on
the SEth duy of November. All, (tit
Received lhe auent ot Hie Kleelurs
of the Clly ul on election beld for the
purpuie  un  the
day of
A It   ltl!.
Reconsidered, adopted autl flnpllp
puwed bV lhe Council of ihe Clly. llgned by Die Mayor and city Clerk and
sealed with the Corporate Beal of Hie
Clly on the
day of
A.D. 111!.
TAKK NOTICK lhal the above la •
true '"!''. of Ihc proposed By-luw upon
■Thiol! Ihe vote of lbe Kleclori of Ibe
fuiilili Ipnllly "I Hn ''ll.v of Noilh Van
cuuver will lie token wllhln the '"Ily
Ilil). North Vuneuuver. B fl., on tiul-
uriliy. the Mill day of December, 1813,
lietween the hu'ur! uf i o'clock uio
und 7  o'clock  p in
Clly Clork  and  lli'liiiiilng Oltlcer
ll'lil.li' NOTICK il hereby glvi it Hist
tin vole of tho Kleclori of the Clly
of North Vuncouver will he luken on
Hm ||lh day of December, 1)11 belween ibt houn of 9 o'clock in. and
7 o'clock pnr. on 'The Ferry Improve-
menu Aid By law No I." ind that
wllhln the City Hall, North Vancouver,
B. ti. Did thai W. Aimllii Brown, Clly
Clerk, bal been appointed Returning
lulled lo luke the Vute iif such Kleclori with thc iii-ii.iI poweri In lhal be-
.,.-,,  „„ -»,»,., ..  ....  „„.[j.."8~pf the
salt.  C{ly  tlnl.'-  ,.iiiiiiiini.   km v. r  m
1. Thc Council of the City |B herein'
inillniiUtttl on lielniir uf lbe Clly lo
.- ti ii.iiii. .- ilie payment of the principal ahd Inn test nf Ihe auld deben-
iurei to be Iuued liy tlie fonipiiny fnr
Ihe purpose afnrosnld. and payuhjc
ni, aforeiald, llie principal nf aald
debentures not lo exceed the mm of
1137.000, und iinnii. in beur inlerest ut
Ihe iui'- Of five iter contiim per annum,
nnd the sold Cnuncll la liereliy ompnw-
uiml In uiiiiilii i.u the cm . uiiuii uf aald
giitirnniee by tho Muyur and tlie ClefTi
nf the Citv und tint mllxlng uf thtt
Corporale Sea) nf the City tu auch
■ mu.mi,, The nald ilohcnlurcs shull
he subject tu Iho i mi.mum that nn
future Issue of dehentures Iuued hy
the Cnmpany shall rnnk Ip print) y
und only Ihose giiuiuulecd by the Clly
shall rank "pari passu" wilb suhl du
lci-liliii.it   Without   IliO   cc.mtnl    uf   llle
3 The suld guiirunlee shall he con-
slliiited by endorsement wrlllen ur
printed on Ihe back of each uf the
said debentures lo the following effect,
"The Cni'pnriitliin nf the C||y of
Nnrlh  Viuicuiiver  guarnPleel the
vvllliln   debenture   na   tu   miii.ii-.il
nmi   intereat   by   virtue   or  '"file
Ferry  Improvements Aid  By-lliw,-
1918. Nn, 3. nf auld Cnrimfatlnn"
And   the   said   endorsement   shall   be
signed bv lhe Mnynr and Clerk nf Ihe
Cliv  and   sealed   with   lhe   Cnrpni'ulf
Seul uf lllc City.
3 Interest cnupnns shull be nllaeli-
cel to each nf the anld dehentures. and
ilie a. shall be tin endnrscmeiil nn tlm
burg of each Inlerest coupon tn Hie
fuilm- im   effect;  namely:—
"Ouaianleed by the Clly nf
Norlh Vuncouver"
Ami  the  said endnrsemeni  shall  lie
signed by Ihe Muyur of the Clly.  Rueli
i' t. 'i ii    nine   be   written,  'stumped,
t■ c ii.i..I or lllliugi'iiplied.
I. Hefore the guarantee nulliorlaed
Iiv thin By-low Is given, u TiiihI Deed
unproved by Ihe Council of (be Clly
ahall be executed by the Coiiinanv
I'hnrirlno all the prnnerly ond assels
of the •'■iii>i>iiiiv and Ils iineulli'tl capital. If any. with the payment of Ihe
niln.'Ipul nnd Interest uf suld de-
l. ]■ I in ..' and also an ngrermeiil between Iho t'liiiipaiiv nnd Ihe City mil -
Isfnclory lo Ihe Cniineil of Iho Clly.
cnnlalnlng agreement Iiv the Company
to pay :. ml .uniii.til diiriiig the currency nf luld debentures ineiillnned In
ti,'.'litui One hereof Ibe sum nf 13,136 00
being the leml-iiinua) Intereil on mbl
.it in -mm.... nnd also during lhe currency uf snld dehentures tn place III
t-liaii. ml hank nnnuully the sum of
11630.36 lo provide a sinking fund for
the redemption of aald debenture!,
and alio containing ogrccment lliul In
Hie event nt failure by Ihe Cnmpnnv
lo provide the laid sums fnr Interest
and sinking fund, lame may frnm Ilni
tn time be pruvlded by the CHy. and
111 Ihut event thut the Cnmpany will
Issue In Ihc C|ly for and In respect uf
Hie sum ur siiiiis as may lie provided
by Ihe clly an equivalent amount In
fully paid shuns uf Ihc cupitul stock
of the Company.
6. The cm,'ii i, ii. i uf the said
ferry ateamcr shall be commenced
wllhln twelve mnnthe from Ihe ilale
nf the coming Inlu effect of this By-
low, and shall be completed and In
operation wllhln twenly-four monthi
from Ihe said date: and Ihli Bv-1a»
ii pasied upon Ihe expreu conillllon
thul failure lo obicrve auch lime limit
shall render Hie By-law void.
6 Authority Ib hereby gran.ed lie
lhc Council of the City lo aiieis und
levy from lime lo time upon the
whole rateable properly wllhln Iho
Clly o sum or aum! sufficient to discharge Hie debt or liability liereliy nil-
thorlietl or anv part or parti thereof
Hon of this indenture, ami upon
p.,v iiu-iii uf tho pur vulue Ihereuf
ulld    111    . y. linn;.c    llnuim     Ihc
Cnmpany ihall issue and muke
delivery lu lliu Curiiuratlun uf
tliu ci iiitc-itie fur Huld uiiun u In
lhe capilal jjlpck in a form to
ie approved by tho aollcllora for
Jln.voi      fur     Hie
i.uu   be   , , uiiitiu
day uf IBI..
Reconiltlereil  anil  Ilnully  passed  lu
 "    "' "-     '■   the   Mayor
open   Council,   si, u. .I   ft       ,    ......
ami Clly I'ltilt und the COrpiuutc Sent
Plld ilm
day nf
'7."*By'iiiw"No,!*!b!"onhe CTl'v. "being "The Ferry Improvement Aid By-
Law. 1913." adopted and Ilnully passed
by the Council of the city on Ihe thirteenth doy of May, AD. ltl!. Is hcrcliy ni" nl' 'I
Thll By-law may hr cited for all
liiirpoici ni "The Ferry Improvement!
Aid Bv-Uw. 1918, Nu. !."
9 This By-law shall come Into effect on Hie lllll duy of December. A
D.  191!
Passed by Ihe Council of the City of
North Vancouver on Ihe 36lh day of
November. AD. 1818.
Received the nlsent of Ibe  Kleelurs
of Hie clly at an elecliun beld fur the
I'm: ■ un iiuiiii v of
AD. 191!.
Reconsjdered. adopted, and dually
tinned by the Council of Hie Clly. signed by thc Mayor and Clly Clerk and
sealed with lhc Corporate Seal uf thc
Clly on Ihe
dav of
Af). ltl!.
TAKK NOTICK that the above ll a
true cony uf the prupuied By-law upon
which Ihe vote of tbe Eleclori of the
Municipality of the city uf North Vuncuuver will be iui.en wltbln lbc City
Hall, North Vancouver, B C, un Baturday, the lilh day uf December. 1912.
lietween the hums uf i u'cluck u in
and 7 o'clock pm.
City Clerk and Returning Ollicer.
I'CBItlC NOTICK ll hereby liven
tbat (he vote of the Klecluri of the
Clly of North Vincouver will be ini.'-n
on Hie lllh day of December, 1912, be-
twecn the liouri uf t u'clock a m und
7 u'cluck p.m. oh "The Ferry Im-
pruveincnli Aid Bylaw, Nu, 2." and
that  wliiiln the City Hall. North Van
Iiiih with thc uiual 11
'"ily Order of the kl
„ ,  Council.
.       *M   Mmml        Mayor
rt*-i.*w no. aio
A   HV-I.AW   I.t  entitle  Ike  I .tip.n .lll.ill
•7 lit tilt at Partt Vincouver lo
■Viriolct tbr uliuul of Drbci-
lurr« lu br Uiur* by Ikr Nurlk Vin-
tic fcl leil    lu    ill    llll!    "Illllllllll    lllll'l
Tunnel   uud   Ilrhlge  Cumpiiny
ShiHi.i   riirchiise   Byluw,
THIS INIIKNTKUK inliih;  the
iluy uf 111  Hir
year  of nur  Kuril  uue  tnuusund  nine
I.mull,,I    ullll
HltllMIK COMI'ANV.  Itu in liun I iih
a Railway Company  by speclul  Ac|
uf the  i'.ti ii.uii. tu  uf Canada,
(hereinafter referred lo as Hie "Com-
ci.. i. ii.uii. i rcfcrinl to as Ihe "Cur.
WHKHKAS   Ihe   Company   hus
Incnrpuruted.  Intel   allu.  for  I In,
pose! of uml't iul.nu:  the oiu*i|ui:!litii
uf a Joint  ii.iiii.   uid  LnlfUis   11i.li:.
.ut i   the   St t md   Nurruws' of   Bur.
Iillil Inlel frum a i n.i In il.. Mllltl
eliialtly of Burnaby tu anoint In Hie
Dlslrlcl uf Norlh Vancouver apd Ihe
construction uf siiliuble railway wurks
lu give ..tiiu.. ucu with the rallwuy
lyilemi un the Soiitlmrii ahore of Bur-
rind Intel ami fur Hie opening up and
development of Hie Northern ihorc of
Hm i.u.] Intel:
isi'  WHKHKAS Hie  whule uf laid
wurlil ire sn situate us to bench! the
... IM. ...
lhe Corporation.
ng   ,    ,,
of lhe direclurs of ttie Cinnpuiiy
In u.l.ininli in ihe number uf ill
I..iui'. authorised by the Acl
inpqrpuralliig the Compiiny and
shull liuve ihe aame rights., prl-
vii. m .. uid iiuwori ua llle "ie.. i
* dli'iiclurs uf llio Culnpoiiy. nutl
ihe Cniutmny shull acciji) such
Muyor as a airecliir uf the Cnip-
itauy au lung us the Curporiitluii
Is the inAiicr nf the Haiti shares.
I3|   The   Cumpiiny   agrees   thai   It
will  wllhln   frniii
Hie dule uf Hie u ini uf the
Itleiiienunl ilovernnr In Cuuncll
tu siilil By-law, ciininit.'iice the
wurk nf ■:. i.u.im Hie aaht
bridge nud procaqil lln i.-vvlili oh
Hlceeillly US I u    il.l    und will huve
,    I hi-   Haiti   lilldge   fulliplclfil   llllll
iiiidy  fur  Iriiltlc nmi ii  railwil
ctllllieclilli:   Willi  lllc Hllnlc   line nt
lilt: City ol Nut-Hi Vulieuuvei' abtn
cilmplelcd lietore ihe expiry of
 yeurs from  Hie dole ol
llle  suhl  UHHi'Ul   of  the   Itlclilcll-
nnt Governor In Council to sold
partial   lutein   |iuve   bpriuiui
eullHeil thill Coriiuriilt: Seals It
be titiivtii ilm duy and year in t
altuve willteii.
The  Corporate  Seul   nf   Ihe
Burrurd   Inlet   Tumid   and
Bridge  Company   wuh  Imie
lilllu  nlliv.il   in   lite  pri-Hcncc
The   Corporate  Scut   uf   the
CurpiiruUiin   ul   lln-  Cily  uf
Nurtli Vancouver VV"'H '"-'''•"
unit) .ilic..I lu lhe presence
MITII t:   'I'll   KI.I'tCTIIIIS
TAKE NOTICB Uiul the ubuvc Ih ii
true euny uf the pruituscd By-luw upon
which [he vole of lbc Eluciors of llm
Munlclpullly of the Clly uf Nurlh Vnncouver will be liiltcn within the Clly
Ilull, Nnrlh Vuncouver. B. ('., on Sul-
tii'day. Hie llth day uf December, IUI2,
between   llle   llulll'S   Ilf   i   u'clock   il In
ami  7  o'clock  p.m.
Clly Clerk und Returning Oilier
I'tt'BI.IC NOTICE ts hereby given
tbut the vole of Hie Electors or llu
i'ily uf Nui Hi iineuuvcr wil) be liken
un the utli day uf December, 1913. between Hie hulll h uf 9 o'clock a in uml
7 .'•!..] p m on "The Burrurd lulel
Tunnel uml Id nig.■ i'liinicinv Slitnes
I'uii I i: Hv-luw. 1912." unit thut with.
Ill Hie Clly Ilull. Nuiih Vuncuuver. OC
inul that W. unim Biewil. Clly ''bill
has been appointed Relurnlng Officii
lu tube the vule nf iuch eleclors wllh
Ibe usuul I'tivvits Ip lhat behalf
By urder uf Hie Cuuncll
City Cltrk
Continued on pago ilx
icDtiii    NOTICE   ll   hereby   given
lhat  ilu   wi' •( the Elector! or Ihr
lltai     lltu     iv.e    v.    ...
City of North Vancouver will beta
on thc lllh day of Deceniber, 1112, between thc hours oft o'clock am and 1
o'clock p.m on The Ferry Improve'
menu Aid By-law, No I. and that
within the ''Ity Hill. North Vancuuver.
li (!.. and Hut W. Auilfn Brown. CHy
Clerk, bu been ippulnlcd Returning
Officer lo tike Hie vote uf iuch Flic-
tun wllh  the  uiual  poweri  In   that
By Order nf the Council.
Clly Clerk
Iill. .... -.,.. ,	
euuver. B. C, and lhat W. Austin
Brown. City Clerk, hai been appointed
Returning Officer to lake the vule nf
auch Eleclori with the usual puwen In
lhal behalf.
Ry Order uf the Council.
Clly Clerk
lit-MW NO. Iff
A 111 • M w lo riiklf Ikr i .irum.Htiu
oi Ihr 'Hi uf Norlli Imtt'ouirr lu
KUlrailre Ikr giiiuru' at Hrlirnliirri
In lit- Imuril 111 tkr Norlb Vliroutrr
Illy Frrrlrs l.lwllr*. fa Ikr rllrul
uf IM.OOO oul lulrrml Ikrrrtn.
WHKIIKAH Hie North Vancouver
Clly |.Vi 11, a l,linlin( le. i.ln ilici referred lo ui tpe Company, a titty
Company huvlng Worki t-nusii n, t.-.l
inn Hy Wltbln and lun lit without tile
llllllll Of Hie Curporniloii uf Dm t'lly
if Nniih Vuncouver. dec 11 imi fi. t re
ui Hie Clly), prv
tlllrel   nitvilltie   In
lultiH  eff.i'oi   bearing   inincil   ul   Ih
iui-   of five   pei   cepl.   Iter  annum.   He
m secured  ol herelhoflcr dienllunid
for Ihe aum of 121.000 foi lb" (tpipoie
iif Norlb Vanrouver. ihcrelni,.,. ,.
feiictl lu us llm Clly), pnjpuiel lo ll-
sue debenturei payable In forty yearn
from  the day of wbicb  thll  Hy Inv,
WtBIB   IW   V**   VmcouV.rr7S^Y¥^^ ^^' ]li'
OlWfftW IJmltid, b"reln*%r n- reuolifit Ibt ttty (o gtliF&t.c Ihi
.'or coii'itrucllon of Terminal accom
ino^jion^r.j»if/«f'»r smm
Nt-l.iW  Nil, II*
*     III     I    l»     U    rUbU    111    '   ee.lie.clUlt.ll
ul Ikr Cil) af Norll VlirOun-r lu
ciitti Into ao* .i.ini. ma Satte-
■aril "lib Ikr Bonn* lilrl Tuourl
ia* Urllir I uniioi for Ikr uur-
rkisr uf skirrs Id Ikr iipltnl -lc. 1.
of Ikr 111* I ttuioio).
1MIKREAS llic llui md Inlil Tunnel uid llriiige f,ni,p,,i,y |,un |,ti,>ii in
i ulpnlulcd foi lhe purpuie of cull*
•Irticllng I Joint IrtlKc and lallwiy
lilldge u. lnil the Second Nuliowi uf
Burrard Inlet from i point In Die Mu
nli ti'tiiitv uf liuiii.it.i lu i pulnl In Hie
Dlilrlcl yf Nurlh V.ui. ..m. i ai«l lnl
ciiliilrucilun ot Huiinlcie rullwny worki
to give culilifi'lloli with ruilwuy l>l-
lemi on the .'-"uilitiii ihoie of Burin) d liilil ninl fur Hie opening up ond
dt'Vclopmi'ltl of the Northern shore
of lien i.ii.I inlel
lhe l'l If of Norlh Vancouver wan authorised 10 .-ni. i Intu an .it it. mc in
for   Die   puichiiie   of   one   HiuuHani}
11000) shuns of Him II lml Dolluri
t|lii'i 00) eiiib III Hie capital lloek of
llu cmi'iiny al and for llie price of
One ii.ni.ii. >i 'lie.ca ud Iiiiiiiini
itlOO.OOOOO) un Ihe It ons and ..null
Hon! In. laid Auiei'iinnl sel oul and
iiiun heel to nm) ininli' a pi'itlnn of Hy
law Number 111:
ANIl WHKHKAS the condition! lei
out In suld By-law fur the completion
of the laid work to lo be cirri ed on
linvc pot  liectt fulfilled:
ANii WHKHKAS certain money! have
lieen    borrowed    UUlder    lite    I'ltlVlslullH
of the laid By-luwi which It Is pi upeu
ed to repay out of Ihc money! to be
rulied under lhe provisions of Ibis Hy-
*AJtf) WHKIIUA8 II li deemi'l «'HI<
iiltcl lu le-iullicrlbe for llle luld lllll t'l
und 111 extend Ibe Ilmi   fur II in
incnceminl ind cuinplelloii of Ibe laid
Aid. II of tin "Ity ol .......   .....
couvir. wilb the mini of the elector!
IK (lie Mayor ind
Ily of Norlb Van-
We are Moving to Larger Premises
Everything goes in our removal sale
You can now buy
Price Marked Semi-Ready
at a reduction
of from 25 Per Cent, to 50 Per Cent.
■ »
fhe Sale with a Reason Why
At the Old Stand: 519 Granville Street
Thomas & McBain
Sole Agenti   Semi-Ready Tailoring   Vancouyer
• 9
. Thl North Vancoiivir Lumber Oo, having purohsiad all thi aaaita
md plant an linking a eleariug out sail of all tlia old itoo'.t at greatly
radiicad prlci for cult to inakijam for naw stock.
Factory! Oamar Biplana4a and Bt. Oaorie,
only. '
IS)     Ili.'belltlll'ttH  nf  lilt.  I'ily   mil   es
reedlhK III jliliniint the lum u'
line Hundred unit I'llty Tbiiuannil
 .tice  1(159,000.00)  mi))' be le;
utlecl by tbe Hulll Muyur and
City i'lerk In ibrmi of lbe MMIll-
eiiiiii  .-tfl In uiiiuil aa may bu
tlrtilrt'il,   lllll   util   ttxeeeillllir   Illle
'f|loii»Uil'l I inttirrirr^t^OOil) apt
III'   llie    Iv.tluill    ,...ucc illlul    In
iciiuiiila Hii'i'lluu- u( llm llplted
Kingdom n( Ureal Hrltaln und
iivluii.l al tbe value nf iiiui S-3
tu lbe iiniinii nli rliiii:. IIilull nf Ibe
auld .1. ii.nriii.;. ahull bu sIhiini)
lev the auld Mavur fund ''ily
Olerk, und ||ie Olty i'lerk sllllll
nillx Hie Ooiiioiota Seal of Ihe
t'lly  nf Norlli Viineouver,
I.l)      Tlie    clelic.lll UCc;il   nliull    |,r:i|     ,|,||,.
Hie 311b .Iny nf liueenilier, llll,
um) nli,til bear Inlereal ul tbe
rate of Iti per cunl. per nnnum
n Ida Sin I f linn ily on llm 'lllli
ANIl \VII|,;|tl'',A,S l|i,. I'liunell hm ul|-
iliicih.il   Ibii  aiilmtlaalnii   uf  Hii.-i   lit
law tu Ilia electors;
.ANII    U'llKltleiAS   fl))'   tlie   luiyilli'lll
iif Inlereal iiii Hm .11■ In-i11111<■ n |i,ii|iiihoiI
hi be  iii.'tiii'ii  iiniiiii' tbla iij inw, uml
fnr ei-.'iiilnn a cn ii I. i in.  fuml for the
IIIDIIIelll   of   llle   Hillli   elcle,.nllll'cu   uliuli
hub, ii "win WB1 niwiiirif'*fB mibi;M
Sjitliliil i'iiiu J|B' WMW In' a'llf'olli'ir
I'illel, euell ypu\- during tile I'llrruni'V
Ilf Hll.'ll iti'lii'lllllreH llle HUIII uf (Jlll7.li'.'
wlmreuf »:i:i7ri.iiu |a In lm iuh  unnuully fnr   Hie    luiymunt nf    lui. i.-ui
lilll'lim lllll eiicit'liey  ill nulil  ili-lunl III uu.
ntul Ifi'lS.fiS tu be iiilaeil iiuniliilly fill'
Die iiiiiiiu.'.i uf 11.uiin,. a uml,im. iuml
fur i.nvi.e. iti nf iin- .l.i.i ui'i'iiicii by
llie auid ilelieniureH Hie aume being
made iiiiyubln In llfty y»ari from lhe
illli day nf lleeembei', ISIS.    ,
AND WIIISHHAS in tinier lo ralaa
tbu aald yearly sum nf tmu'Uia fur In
IcrjBl iind Hliililim fund, un ei|    '
tu be levied  II the ruleiible tea
property In tlte auld city
ANI) wiiuhkan Hie whole raleuble
real nroiiorly In the Biild eily,   i ,i
im lo the ium revised uaHeesmenl mil
la S10.S7S.SSS;
ANI)  U'llictiKA'S  Hie aggregate    of
the   e       I.'  clll.'      etc   lc,   |l I die    il,   III     i,I     III.    .  ui
tinrallti* le 11,370,800 (eicept fur
worke .of lueal Improvement and for
Hfliiiul' iiui'iiuHea) of wbicb none of
lhe principal upd Intereat la In ur-
tiikiiki-'iiiik Hie Mayur and Alder-
iiiun uf thu Pity uf Nurlh Vunvuliver
III t'cniiic ii ,i niciiii'i. .1 with Hie uaaunt uf
lbe uleclura nf Ibe I'll) uf Nurlli Vuncuuvei' duly ..I, i n.i. i . ua f|||-
It) It uliuli be lawful fur llle mayur
uf tbe I'llv uf Nmih Vuncouvur und
the 'ily l.'lerk fur the |iiir|uiae ufuru-
aald lu imi i uc. ur rulae liy wuy uf luun
frum uny tieraun ur i    luuly nr
.uii..   . ..j iu,, ,,i,   wbu muy be wllllnir
tu advanee  tlie aume  nt   Hie crt'tllt
uf tbu  .1. i.ciiiiee....  hereinafter   	
Hulled uf Hie i ui id uin ic a huiii uf
muney nut llcaialng in Hut whole the
HUIII Ilf til     V,     Ill KlV, Ti.Ulnulli.l lul
huh 1(75,000.00) and lo e.iuae llieaeime
lu lie plioid 111 Hie llllllll uf Hill lull
Ninth Amecleu al Nurlli Vaueouver.
In the credit uf the clly fnr the pur-
iioae aliuve rt'titeil. tuul iuch moneyB
aliull be used for thai pprpou unly
IS)     lletiellllireH  Of llle I'lty  lllll  es-
i u.lliii   III uui.ninl   tile HUIII "I li ti ni'
Five    'I I ...I .nni     luul.,i       ,   ,   in... i.u,
may lie Issued by Hie auld Mayur mnl
t'lly Clerk  In  trrmi uf the  Mom. ii.nl
Aot In sums ua may Ice tlinlii'il bul lml
ICHH lllllll One Ti.uiiu,nul In,II,im
1(1,000 001 en.li, nr llle etilltviilelil ex-
liceaseil    III    iitilllltis   slt'lilnu    uf    llle
I nihil   Kn,i>,I,oi,   of  Ureal   Hnl.tiii   ullil
Ireland ui Hie vulue of tl ss Hip the
nolillil Ml. lit lit-- line ii of lbe Haiti tle-
I. in in . -.Inill lie, ii in .1 liy Hie Haiti
MiDiir uml rity lieiii., uml Hie i'Ily
I'Id It sll.llt ulllx llle I'm in.l uh- Beal ul
Hie auld Ulty of Nmili Vulieouver.
Ul    The ill belli in i H  nliull   lour dale
llle   ilill   till)   of   tit't'elllliel'.   1012,   Ullil
sliull   Ileal   llilmcsl   nl   llu.. rule  of  tlv
er C.'UI.  pel Illllllllll |nlti]lile   Hull   Vt'iir-
i   oil   tile   lllll   till)   of   .lillle.   and   llle
till   day   uf   liicciulii-r.   In   etnii   into
vi it )eui- timing Hie currency of Hie
uid .lelieniiiit-B or any nf Hii-m. There
Hhull   be   .iii.i, Inul   io  Hu.  debentures
ena Klpm-il by Hie Mayor only fur
.-.ic „   ami  every   piymenl   of  lulereHt
lliul may lucomi due. ami aucb alpnu-
till-*- may   Ile cither  willleii.  slalilpeil.
Iilillll.I    01     lnl,..;   I   ,|.|.. .!
HI The Haiti il, I,,imii is aa lo l.llu-
tll,al ami liitereai  may  lie made imy-
alile   at   atleli   plait:  or  Held H  III   lin.il
liiii.ui,   I niinl  SiuifB of  Ameiii-ii  or
I'omlllliill  iif i un.cl.i  us mil)   lie uuleeil
upoii between |he I'oriioralloii ninl Hie
nuiiii i    thereof, unci ilu- snld prim 11,.<<I
HUIII I..II be III,uie IUI) lillle I,) I li|,
I'll) al ii iliile mil luler Iiiiiii Iifl)
tenia   flttlll   Hie   iliile   U|ncn   u llleil   Ilils
lit Inn  ml...  efftcl
ili) llnrllig Hie Whole Iti iii of llie
nun, lit) of (111 nil,! il. I,, unites a special rule illl the liuitlil sllllll tc.. Irvti-.l
tllltl I'lllsetl null Villi III iiiltlill.m lit .,11
Uiliel'    lilh'S    oll    illl    Hi,,,  inleiiltle    I ei||
injiyiilty In lliu clly unil Mitli.it iu- m
i'llll rule Mitili |le ilium h " III llie uiii-
li'Chir's Hull nr Hullu uud sjnill be
Payable in aiul ppllealid b ytliu auld
I'lit'iml uiiun III ll)il Hii in.'  Way uu oilier
I'uIbh III tlie snbl mil ni I'nlla, Have
ua liirallinfler iiinvlcleil.   .
|S) III in tltr Ip provide fur* lha
rules net nil I In iiiiriigrpi.li Hi) uml stili-
luul aa ufwrtunilil.- Ibeea ubat)- It* eultfe.!- -
at ciitliiiiillr by annul*!- twin tlm Iiih
the currency uf' llm auld iluhenluruH
aum nf ftj&.tll In provide fnr the
lluynienl nf Inieruat llieieun and the
mini nf ViTlli.'lt In Ill'UVldu fur lbe
liiiuiymeiil nf Ihu plipclpul thereof.  '
17) The iiiueeeile uf Ihu anld de»
litciiiiireH alnil! Iiu uiiplb'tl na fulluwa
ilinl  unl  ollii-iitine:
tp) In nu' nn ui of tbu euat nf Hie
iuihhIiik uf tbia By-luw nnd lltu I untie
and aule uf l|ie detittiilureH tlieiolu
referred to and all expensea ennnecleil
wltb tbo apid luiui.
Hi)   In  .nitini; llm siiiiL corpora-
m   ■HHll' illHll   'HHi'llUutl'll   '■'..
u» iiiive'iu'cti n
11)   the  inooeeda
oeiweeit   iHit   iiiiiiih   hi   u   ii iJitmit   u.in.
mnl 7 ii'dncU |,,m.
Clly Olerk iind lie|iiiiilng OtOwr.
I'litli.lii NOT I i'H |i hereby given
Ibnl Hie. vule uf tbu Uleclura nf llm
tltVnf'Nnrtli Vnncmiver will tin tnken
on the Utli Huy nf Herirmliltr, ISIS,'
lielwei.'t)   Hip   Iiniiiii   pf   0   U t'tneit   tl.lu.
umi 7 o'clock i' in   un "fbe tlty of
Nuiih Vane oiiver Seboul Situ liiniiiiHe
H)-liiw.  )» J," ajjd' (bar wjihln lbe
Hint fur iiicir Btmi   .
|H   lldc.l       it'   I ■   IHI.it. HI
nf lbe aule of Ihe aald ilebetilureB be
eonii'H available,
lu)' To carry oul the'|iiirpnsev pf
Uiin it)-line ue above set nui
IS) All luiui. ■■: .nmnu uul of lbe
uuin..I .■ ■ 11 • ■ t i, 11 rata In iiinii. inn provided fur .Mnl.nn fund ahull hu Invented
tiy Ihe i'.iiiiicil nf aald nnrpiiriillt'ii
from thni lu time as tbe luw dlrepll.i
i'.u No rehule ahull lie allowed oii
Ihe apeclal rate lu be luvlud under Hill
(10) TIiIb by-law ahull lake effect
nn tliu Sllb day uf December, A.D.,
til) Tim; By-luw limy be died fur
nil imrpuaiti as "Tile City of North
Vuncouver .'uiiu.ti mi. inn. i,...... Bylaw,  ISIS."
I'.in'u.l by Hie t'ciiiiuil un the 2Mb
duv iif November, 1012.
Received the assent uf the electors
nf the city of Nmih Vuiicuuver ul an
eleiilnil fur the ptirpmic un  the
duy nf
All. 1911.
llecniisiili'ieil by Ihu I'liiiiiill unit Dually niliiiilcil. Hluneil by Ihu Mavor and
lily Clerk, and Healed wllh the Cor-
llnl'iile Heu) oll Ihu
■lav of
A. It., 1912.
MITII li  TO   r.l'I'tliilllS
TAKK NliTH'i; Hint lhe above la a
line copy nf the projmiid By-iiw iipml
![ly Hull, Nuiih Vanuottyit, B. ti., and
lhat W. Austin lliiiwu, t'lly limit, baa
lieen    illipolllletl    lletlllillllu    llllleii'    In
lu|ie  (be  virtu  nf such  Kleeturit  with
Die imu.el iiciv. m... In Ilia! lu Inhi
By Oilier uf the Ouupcll.    .
To Those Whom
it May Concern
To Iry to do business without
advertising is like winking in the
dark, you know what you are
doing but no one else does.
To let the people know what
you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates at almost every house on the Norlh
Therefore lo do business effectively on the North Shore you
musl advertise in The Express,
i ,.........    icc.t.»^My.|i    ii.ii iif    .itit
iluy uf June uiid Ihe Sllll duy uf
December, In each and every yeur
nm im lhe currency of lbe ea|d
del" nunu, nr any uf them. There
uliuli be attached tn the debenturei ..cu |cin|. uir imi by the
Mayor only for each and every
nuymiint   of  Intereat   that' may
become due, and auch uir. i ■ -
muy be either written, stumped,
printed or lithographed.
M) The aald debenture! n to principal and Intereat muy.be made
payable ellhar in currency or
lir equivalent In pounda eteiiltiK
at the value of (US S-S to the
pound .'hiinn. at iuch place or
idu. tu In Ureal Britain. Hulled
I'lnh a nf America or the I "cm
iniiin nf Canada ai may be agreed
uiiiin between llle ritrpuraliuii
unit the holder thereof, and Ihe
uuld I'lim 11.■ I biiiii ahull be mude
payable liy Hie lity at a dpte
not later tban Dfly ISO) yean
frum Hie '.'Uli day of. flecemher.
IS) Inuii,i the wliule term of the
currency of the Bald debentures
a .- i'f ml rale un the dollar ahull
be levied unit ruined euch year
III nildllliin to till uther ralea, on
all the rtite'iible real property In
the City, ami Hiillleleiit to pay
Ihe iiii.i. i muni lbe Halt! tie
henturea, and tn create u slnlt-
ii'i fuml for Hie in.' in. ni of tilt
i i in. h.ul thereof When put, null-
ject to any net or emictment re-
. . in. Hie aame. Suiil special
rule i.ui he Inserted In the
I'.illeelor'a Holt ur Hulls, and
i. .li he payable lo and collect*
ed by ihe mii.I Oprporatlon lu
Hie eiilne  way iih nllier rnteH til
^llle    Hll I.l    llllll    Or    rttlllH.    HllVf   UH
TOwlnaflrr pruvlded.
Hi) In tinier lu pruvlde fur the
rales set out in luicaprniili 'ft)
uml aiilijeti uh iiforeHalfi, there
sliull be raised iiiiiiutilly by spe-
iiul rule tliiiinu Hie i-urrclicy uf
Hie uiiil ilebenlmet Hie sum of
(6.760.1)0. lo provide for lbe pay-
incut of liitcifsi (hereon, uml Hie
aum uf tun. in. ror lhe repayment of the principal thereof.
17) The proceeds of lbe aaid debenturei spall be lllililled ns follows
miti  uoi  . Uei u.i'.
ml In payment of the osis of
Hie pusaliip of Hits It' -luw ami
ull fnpelises connected «IHi the
issue  Ullll  sale uf Ihe  dcltclil 111 t'S
therein referred lo;
Hi) In recouping Hm suhl Porpon-
Hon for auch Hums us muv huve
been expended iimler Uy-luw
Numbers 111 iiml for uny Indchl-
ediieHH lucul iet) thereunder:
In .. i..i■ i. tti.. Hie payment fur
ibe slim es Iii the uuld Company
Hfi above set  otlt.
Alt moneys mining nut nf Hie
unnuul special rule hereinbefore
ini-viil.il for mnl.im fund ahull
In. Invested by the Council of
Huld ihtt leen ul Ii.n from lime lo
lime us Ihu law dlriltl
No rebate shall be allowed nn
Hie lax-es to be levied under this
ThlH   It    l.        l.hl   ml ffecl
iiiuiii the 71th day of net-ember
Hill,  mnl  inu'   he  cited  foi   ull
^lOlpnHi'H   US    llle    "niiriaril    llll'i
Tunnel    ami    nn.i,.    Company
.shares   Purcbuae   utiin   H)-lnw
.till   This  liy-lnw  shall  receive  ilie
IIHSelll    of    llie    file, lul".    ccf    llic
suld Corporation  In  the  milliner
ivfititred by inw  before the tlnul
I  .    un   tbeletif
Passed l»  Hi,- Council lhls SMh dm
,,f November. 1912.
itet't'lvetl the assent of the Klci-lois
till till.
dav of VU
Hecnlisldi it"!   and   llliallv   iium.i1   Iii
mien   Council,   sip lied   bv   Hie   Minor
tlnl lilt  iiiiii tuul lbe I'm |u,i uh  Heal
ittflxetl   Hie
day of Hll
Mini I, tu lll'.i'iiilia
TAK.I-: NOTICF lliiil llie above Is a
true copy of the priipuaed By-law upon
wltl.lt llif v.iie of ilie Rleclori of Hi.
Mu itln '  of Ibe lily of Ninth Vull-
'uuvei 'ill Ice h.l 'I Wllhln Hie lilt
Unit N.tl III Viilliouvei 11 C, oil Mill
HI.Int. llle lllh till) of I'c.tlnl-ei lu!,'
between   llle   liituis   of   9   0 clock   tl III
ami 7 o'clock p in.
W   AC8TIN  HltlilVN
lily iiiil. uud Biturnlng <nil.ci
li'Ol.lt'  Nuiiii-;   is   itiieliy   given
llllll    The    Vule    „f    llle    Hl.'l'lllll    of    Hie
lily of NoiTli Vumuuvei will he lalt.'li
oii the lllli tiny of lien" r 1912
between ihc limns of 9 n'cloi It a ot
ami 7 u't'Ioek p m nn "The Burrurd
Inlet   Tunnel   uiul   Hiidgc   Company
Hlliil.x riliilinse l.ttiill 11) law. 1612."
nmi Hint wllhln the lit) it tl Noilh
Vtineonvi i. li i'. ami Hen W Austin
Ilrown  i'H) Clerk, bus lieen iippiilnii'd
It.uiiuii.i    lllflcer   10   lulte   the   Villi'   of
audi  EleetniB  wllh  lbe  usuul  puw
tn  Hint  ml ii
Rv fli del of lbe Council
WM  M.'NUlflll
Wo yor
city Clerk.
NV-I.AW   NO. aar.
A Ml -l.ll tl niklt Ikt ('Hi' ul wil
aacuaierr lu ralir kr wer el lail
Ikt iuai al Ht>»»l,-HitT ifcouaaaii
Dalian UWmM) ta, tekaa) au,-
tatti la ataalrlaa by aartHat ■■
• llllltiail .eiuul lilt ttllbl. Ike mil
WHKIIKAH the Buard of Trudcei
of tht Nurlh Vancuuver CHy Schuul
fiUtiiii have prepared a detailed eili-
iiinie uf ihe auma required to meet
iptclal ur eitruordlnery eupcnaei It-
gully lite eiiiiiltlc by the Board, whlcb
talliratt la aa followi;
Kur    tht   stitillslllnll    t,t   ,t
Schoul site In Iht iii)  nf
North   Vancuuver,   lliillth
..''..loi.ilil.i     (7S.0S000
(76.000 00
ANI) WHKIIKAH ihe laid eillinuie
wai Iild befort ibt Cily Council and
duly coniidered by the laid council
and Iht aaid ium alcove mtntluncd was
Anally rtjecied and duupprovifi by
Hit laid fi.on.ii on Ibt lib duy ni No
velllbei.   till.
AND WHKHKAM Ibe Mayor of Hit
•aid C|ty bal elite., the rejtiilon und
dlaappruval of Iht snld tallmale. tu
wit, on Ibt lln day uf Novtmber. IHIS.
leeclvcd from tbe Btcrelary of Ibt
•aid Hoard uf Helmut Truiteet a written reiiueit lhal the euld Mayur sub
mil for tht asscni uf tbt tlcelori In
lhe manner prescribed hy pirt I of
Ibi Municipal Acl, a by-law auihoiii-
Ing Hit |tiupo»ed ripendliun and If
ncKtiiary   llle  railing  ul  thi  muneyi
The Scenic Highway
Aorotw tkl t'oNllmat
Tin out,ll II, l,i hi tu all pi'tin Of thl
wurld uf luwesl ralea.
The popular route lu llle
1114 (iniiilri,
Chill, aud
Tbe musl tip-tu-ilute Hulll Bervlce
between Vuncuuver and the Kuai.
Fur ratoB, reserviillniia and all
further liifiirmutloii apply lo .1
MOR lity PuBfletiKer Agent, ISI
HiiHllngB HI., ur II. W. qRlilill'i,
Q.I'.A.,  Vancoiivcr.
Money to lend in large or small sums
at current rates.    ^
Bonds of Industrial, Power and Railroad Companies.
llll A Nd I HI'ill i'H
Ror. Marina Drive and Marr Bond, Weit Vaneouvir, mid 'It Aid
(ltl, London, I'm l ml
Victor Victrola
and ten double sided records (20  rfjij £A
selections) of your own choice for  tpTltuU
The Balance
Per Month
Over 3000 records to choose from. Buy this outfit and
you will find it an easy matter to entertain your boy
and his friends at nights. Come in and let us show you
this wonderful home entertainer ,
Walter F. Evans & Co.
Retail Victrola Parlora and Wholeaale W.rerooma
526 Haitingi Street Weit        Vancouver, B. d
	 of iiisii mono America
79 Vnm In BuiImm.  OipiUl md flurplui Ovir |7,MO,0O0.
to Banking Ssyyter
CnllticliiiiiH inutlti (b spy part of (lunailu. Nagotiablt jiiper discounted.
Wway l(Jv»B««i », nMWWbll Urmi tp finance your hpsinew. I(oeil mil
rorelgp drift* boilgbUwl ttii. Honey transmitted by Mppty QlAtt Pf Till-
gttipb Tipniltf.   Mtteri of OriiJII isinotl jmyalile ip ill tbi lulling eitlus of
♦b» wwld.
W« iiivlli your wcouut.
Two Offlow in North "Vmwiwr, Qunm wf IuwmM* Aw
Nnd Eiplanade. Upper Lonadale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Household Appliances
Christmas Gifts
Ail pur appliances operate by connection with an ordinary
household socket.
District Council
in Regular Session
OPPBB    EBOBIVBD    POB   116,000
wowwa btbivm wmv,
Thi enunclllori   wire
115 Esplanade West, North Vancouver. ' Phone 66
Second Slreet East, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Hot and cqld waler in every room.
Rates:— .,
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
A Good
Bend your friends wbu in Intimtid
in tin Nurtli Bhon I copy of
"The Express"
It will keep Uuin poitid on ill
Nortli flliure Niwi ind will uuly coit
$1 per year
Huuvu Nuliuu preuitling it llie rngulir
lllllon tf Ihi i|li|rict cniineil on Tupi-
«||« of  Dibiutum
(,'otincillor Mathers, ciiuirinin of tbi
Finance I'liiiiniitlL'i, reported Hilt i
Viiiriiuvor Arm bid IPldi ip niter for
tbi purrbiio of ♦11,1101) of tbe muni
eipul ilelienture Imuo. Tbi Bnvi
ind t.'oiinelllor Wilbiri win ippolntid
i I'uiiiiiillteii to compllll nigotiltloni
with i vli"* to using tbi money on Ibi
new firry tirmiiuli.
Electric  Ugbtlug Syitim
A letter wu nad from tbe R. O
Klectric Railway I'linipiiiy witb refer
eni'i to tin inatillition of i iii-iitin,"
iiyicifiii. Till letter {lointetl to the
wooded uaturn of tbe ruad ildea aloug
wbicb 'he win's muit lie ilrung md to
otber Hitting difficulties ind requeit
ed lint tbi mitter lie illowed to wiit
for a time'.  Tbe engineer in roport
P.. ti. Ilridgiiiin wrote withdrawing
bii previoui offer with reference |o i
roitl it 11 uu n nu e- Iiirougli J). It. 1065.
Engineer to report.
Applicitlon wu mule fur doling
the line running through the property
upon which Min Pearion propoiia to
build • iinitirium. Tbii re<|Ueit wu
grinled liy Norlh Vincouver diitrict
council in lllll iud i coiilirutitiuu of
thii action win requested ou iccount
of llie lite I Ihil tbe I'lui. showing the
line cloud bid not heeu regiitered.
On iiiiiiiiiii it wu decided to comply
upou the completion of the sanitarium
A claim for (23.60 lor tervicei upon
the part of tbi (.'hie! I'roviuciil Hou
■lillle wu referred to the ulicilor.
A requeit from 11. Burnett iud
othera for i roul through the N. V.
ouiquirter of the B.E. one quirter of
I). I.. Iilfi.'t wu nferred lo Ihe engineer
to report.
Tbe ippllcition of Meiari. Uir
I'herwiii Hid Sinclair for I witer lol
wu endorieil with the proviso llm
I thirty thru foot road iliowioce he
provitled iloug the rulerly boundiry
Of lot V.
A plan if sul, division of tbe N.E.
cent' Imll of the B. nne Imll of II. It.
10611 wu pined, ii wu llio i plan of
lululivlaion of tbe eait portiou of
block I, 1). I.. 1056.
A by law lo upropriale i line el
lowiure through lots 11.Hid 29, block
ill, IJ. I,, ill, mu read I lint, lecoud
■ud i third 11ui.'
The by liw to regulile tht pliriug
wiwiiiu—iiiii  ■ ma ■nol
of polea throughout the atreeli pf the
inuuieipility and thi Pound by-law
WW fttA 0 tblrd time.
uJoiiijcll idjmimeil to meol again it
UiTH ojFTinrriul»y'
0OlWOR*OB    8,    ODfTWimffW
I'ouiirillor   H.   Uintzliurger   haa   re
uervetl fi irrei out of I). I.. 387 for tin'
purpoie of I'liiiHiriii'iing what will In
one of tbi moit iiiuuiiilifinii boniei in
or adjacent to Vincouvir. Tbo loci
tion reserved lies it tbi bigbeit point
of tbe diitrict lot mil coiuiniudi un
itii.iliHlriii'li'.l view to Ibi snulh, Wilt
lllli l|lt. Tilt eleiriiiK of tbi litl bll
alreafly lieen accoinpllihed lml Mr,
Olutiburger ii now iu poiieuion of tbe
|ilini for laying out Ihi ground*. Tbut
pluns hlVI been prepared by Ur. Hue
l.t'iin, liudacipe engiueer, who aupir-
intended tbi dying out of Point Qrey
for the provincial government, ind
followa finitely the atyle of in (''.ngliali
girdeii. Included in ihe plun are
greenhuuaea ahowllig UUII feet of glial.
The grounds when complete will rep
resent in eipenditure uf approiiinale
iy (30,000 md tbi reiidence which
Ur. Gintzburger proposes to build will
coat mother (1)11,1)01), ao tint lbe en
tire properly when iiiin.li.',I will rep
resent well on lowarda (100,1100.
—- ^ m .w s     r ii
Porn, Kuniubcr tt, fn Ut. ind Wn.
Brown,'i boy.
Mr. J. Kirkland bill », oyurid frpm
I serious aecldopt in which he fnc-
lured four ribs senile weeks igo.
Dr. Martin bid I rush call to Mr.
p. MoArlbur'i home yeileriliy morn-
iug.  Mr, McArthur hu been suffering
It ii only i woek'linci tlio family lout
ivirytbl»|f by firs lb«y poiMMii, md
lu seven dayi tiiey are nioyiug intn a
new resilience erected by public blip.
Poiilbly nover h.fpri in t|)i h(
nt tin v»H»y bu thl* hm
quick unl generous resjtiiuso to a ra-
lief  0)tl|.    BuliscriptjiiiiH   fill  prpvidl
the family wltb i house, furuituro,
For Rent
Om iligint Suit., Mount Drown
Block. Partly fumiibid. Apply to
tin Janitor.
KI-;aI,i:ii TUNDUItU aililreiaed In lln
1111ti11nlMi11.1l. and t-iiil.nst'il "Tendar for
Public Hull,lit,,. Hi,, nu ,„,,i it C.," will
be i.'. .Iv. tl at tlili .nn,,- until I un nin
on Monday, December I, llll. fur Die
construction uf 1 Public Hulldlnu ul
tii.. tiui.iiil.  li   r
Plum, iptcldcillon and form of contract cin ba aim and furme of lander
ulilulni'tl al lha Ulrica of Mr Win Ii.ii
di'iaoii, It,.i,in,i Architect, Victoria.
B. C, il lbe Poll OIBce, Oreenwoud,
Hi. ind tl ihlt Deparlmenl.
Perioni tendering ire iintlin-ci iin,i
linden will nol be cunaldcrcd unlcaa
iiiiidf un Ilia printed funni aunplled.
ind tinned wllh Iheir actual signature!, idling Iheir occupalluui and
Slum of reiidence In fbe cut uf
una. the actual iliinalure. Ihu uilura
uf the cc.c-iii.,.tii,in und place uf reiidence uf etch in.ml., i uf the in m mail
be (Ivm.
Kat'ii lender muit be accompanied by
in accepted cheque on i chartered
liana, iiayablc tu llm urder uf Ihe Honourable the illnlitor uf 1'ubllc Wurki.
equal lu ten per •.-■■nr no tic) uf lhe
amount of the lender, which will be
l.n f.-li. it It lln.. penou ie nu. i ii,,. du-
■ lint' lu enter into a contruci when
called U'ccill tu du to, ur fill lu i'lun-
pled llie work contracted fur II Ihe
lender be nul tccepled tlir cheque will
be returned.
The Deparlmenl duet nut bind lltelf
lu ucct"'. Ine 1'iwetl ur any lander
/      ety urder.
B. t:. lil-aitDCHKHB.
Department of I'ulillc Wurki.
Ottawa. November II, llll.
Newapapen will not be paid for litis
.nlvcills. iti.iil If Ulty Ins. it II wllh,ml
authority from the fitinrlnienl    mu
irom a severe cofd for iqiiio d|yi.
Mis. I hirklaml, wilb h' iliugb-
tin, Misses Ulailys ami Dnrntby, ur
rived homo on tflipridiy front Victoria
whirl I nt'.y have been visil inn for IIJ:
■Till  wet'l'S.
Tonight it dt.'lii o'clock, Franklin's
iiri'beslrii of Vincouver, will lie in ut
tendance it Ibi Inslilule Ilill under
tbo tuipirai of the l.ynn Valley Dine
lug Olub.
On Tin .idiiv, llivi'iiilier llllh, t|ie I.vnn
Valloy i'burni Hociely will rentier 1
varied program in the Institute llall
im -Iiiiinii: their play "lei cn I'irie
tfgpetii," ind the in inuii-. sung,
"There's uu plice on tiirth like l.v nn
Valley.'' Thc cuucerl will be iu lid
of the .n.u'ii'it ':. iuii.lt
Wurd wat rceeiveil yeslenluy from
iporla ind putimca cuiniuitloe of the
II. M. S Zeiibiinlin, intiinating that
they wore looking furwanl to giving
a e nm .ii ill the lin.iiiiiie llall nu their
return trip frnm Bytlney, N.B.W. The
I'oocert iiu lieen arranged fur Monday,
December llllh. The concert will lie of
a minstrel nature.
The basket ball niltchea in the Hull
ou We.lues.biv uight were well played
ami inti'i't'siiiig. I.ynu Valley was
beaten by the Kngiueers Hi II. The
Junior match between the Athletic Club
and the North Vaueuuvcr team picked
up hy ''uuii. illm Ward resulted iu tbe
visiting team winning by It lu 1
against the Athletic club,
Mr. Martin .lohniliiiie and family
will move iuto tiicir new home tomorrow.   A concert wis given In the lull
Mr. John Greenlees is
Frid of Thii
i a viri to
Norlb Vuneniiver bus 1 very merge!ir
friend lllll blunder 111 Ur. JobH PriM-
lees, who for tin) pual lew days bll
been tho guest of Ur. .iumt.'s Fiinllay,
chiel of t||tt local lire liepiirluu'til, Mr.
tiie'i'iile,;., win, ii a Iiiiiii apd Sim,, manufacturer of Ulaigow, Scotland, with a
lurge brunch establishment iu Winnipeg, lla. Ii.n elie.I i- .leiinn elv ill I'iiiiii.Iii
bul declare! tint uo placo charma him
from every standpoint like tbo Norlli
Bhore. (juite a lurge number of people-
have become residents uf this city on
.'....ium nf tlm advice tendered tbem
before leaving Qlasguw by Mr. Urcen-
lees. lu support uf the faith which
he has in the future prosperity .ofIhia
cily, hia name is ussncittled with lev-
eral chunks uf viiliiuble properly hero,
purchased on his lasl visit three yean
ago. Mr. e.n- ul' yeslenluy told a
representative nf llie Kxpress that he
was delighted with tbo iniprnveuieiils
and ilevelnptnents which huil Inkcii
place iluring tbe intervening pcriml.
lie full tlnl his uetinii in euuiisolliug
peuple tu muke fnr Nnrlh Vuneuuvcr
was vory sun.' nnd nim lining .-lonelily
jusl i/ied from every point nf view. Ho
lent'-• today for Winnipeg liul is deter-
mined nut tu ullow another three yean
lo ellipse Iti'lween this ami his licit
visit tu North Vnnenuver.
Homework Sale
In the lecture room nl' the Pirsl
liaplisl church nu Friday iiflertioun
ami evening, November 88, the Ud|oi'
Ani will linbl their iiiiiiiiiiI liuiui'ivork
sale ami lei, The nil tin -linns uud In
iliieeuieiils ure uiiuieruus uud excellent
it nli'. arc untili|uiied.
The Paatcsi (Iuue iu the World
Westminster at Vancouver
Pilcci: Entire Gallery, 60 tenia. Buerved Boats: I MM.
Iei Skating 3 Sessions Daily
The gentleman on itu lorloiu
rtprcKnli lhc man who doei nol
KtVcrtiu—ihc ont who Iriajto do
buiineu ai il wu done in lhe dayi
of Ihe tallow candle ur the oil lamp.
Are vou in lite glan of the dec-
uie liglil   in the'automobile of
Modern MuhwJi?
Our Want A'li sic high voltage
' butiria, whether you want light
L or power-bowneti publicity or
) competent help
 toy, wirr	
BOOM FOII HKNT-Wlt'n or without
luiiml    tlii tlh ilreel cut. Ill) II
HDOMM POJI HKNT-llouiikeepIng
iud single, in tnd itreet eut.    t.f.
FOB BBNT-Pour room Hit, lll'l Jit
itreet lilt. Apply 1062 1'irkei Htreet,
ilrniiclvii'W, VI Vi
VQB UfmHT—t-tanmtd modirn bourn,' 6' minuti's from firry. Bent ♦15
pir montb.    Peen k Boult. Phoue J68.
FOB BKNT   One idegint suite, Ml'
Crown Block. Pirily furnlibi<l. Apply
tO tbi janitor.
■    '
FOB JtKNT -6 roomid new, modip
houaei ou Fill ivonui, pmt elt line;
"fM.   U. UaeBentie. Vhm* IM *»U
Full ItKNT-fi ruoiiieil modorn bouie
■ uiiipli tilv furnished, funnel, etc. Apply 317 lllli slreet wait. 2(11
POK KKNT 1 roomed hit, modern
iliiprovi'iueiila, 101 li mil Monl. un.l Ap
ply P. Hue,in   plumber. I.f
mil si:  I'Dii  HKNT   Net eu  roomi
uml Uih, i liute iii cir md ferry, (30.
Furniture fur sile. illl  Ifllh itreet !•".
POll HKNT il roomed bouie iu froul
uf Pilacc Hotel. Hei B. H. llmm, 301
Jloldeu Buildiug, 16 Hastings .Street
Hit. t.f.
POB KKNT g ruumed houn, nut
to drug itore on 3th md Itonidile,
|20. Apply II. 11. Millird, 7f>8 l.ons
dill iveoiii. If
TO   BKNT-Front   room. Hull   two
frieiidi, tfl.7ft each. Nice attic room I'l,
1311 Sixth .street Witt, Norlb Viucouver, Aril block from l,onidile.    ;'!' II
FOB   KKNT   I room   iinnl-ru   bun
gilow, complilely furniihed, Inlb, bot
ind cold witer, electric light, our ubl.
Bent 111 monthly.   Boi 103, Kiprm.
FOB HKNT-Fini new roudiru 7
roomed houie, corner of 24tb md Ml
hou Avcuue. Will give Irate to lull
abb' | cum I. Apply Hubert J. Fowler,
212 Keplimile Kast. If.
FOB BENT-Modirn fuml/oid
iparlmeiit of I rouini; bill; diuppMr
lag bolsj pinto; lelepliuiie, ltl.) ilea
unfurnisbed apurliii#nt; splendid view.
Colonial Apirtnienti , F.igbtb itrnt
Mil, Nortb Vincouvir. Kuijuiri Apirt
mini  I.   Phoni 8101..
FOB BENT-Nlcily fornlibed (8)
live roomed houu, i'ln per moulh. Ap
ply 171b md (,'beilerfielil, bilwitn 1
and t o'clock in tbi evening.     313
FOR BKNT—Two or threi roomi,
furniihed or pnfurniiltid, furnace
heated. Phone 3311, ifter t p.m. ('ill
'i'ii  tit.  Ileutpe't,  ullll.  streel   K        8 13
FOR KKNT Nice, newly dieorited
flit, (33.90 pir month, I roomi iud
bith room, (juite cloie to nr. Kuigbl
t Htentlford, 467 Itonidile Avenue,
Nortb Vincouvir. 33 11
FOB RENT—Modirn thru room cot
lage complili wilb bitb md loilil.
Fioi liluiliou on Keilb md. 316.00
per inonlll If reuleil fhii wuk. Alei
•utier Hmllb A CV, II bins.lale iv
enue, North Vincuuver, B. (!.
FOB tSAKK- Rbubirb rood, bill lio
ported Kngliih md. I). Ilohliwurlb,
Qirdia iviiui, Uipilmu. 1/
FOB HAI.K-Plymouth Bock md Hii
ver Wyandotte cockerel.    16.1 2lil Ht.
eiii. :t is
FOB HAI.K -Hpleudii) utility itock
H. ti. While l.egli.iiii cockereli. Oor.
Mahon avenue lud HI. Jlinei HI.   t VI
FOB HAI.K—Fine 6 roomed houie,
juit below "Tempo lielghd." beiuli
fully fiirniihrd. Prlci (3.660, iuclud
ing furniture. Thii ii i very heiilby
locllily ind I ipliudld view. llloie
lo cir. Kuigbl k Stiutiford, 167
Unnlile Avenue, Norlh Viicouvir.
WANTED- Hmirt mwiugcr liny.
Apply Himpion k Wight, lilh itrett,
cor. HI. Andrew'! Avenut. I.f.
MONEV TO M)AN M(uney lomed
ou diimuuda, jewelry, furs. Htir l.uau
I'o., 812 liiiliugi, Viucouver.       t.f.
FI'HNITMBK   FOB   HAI.K -Hilling,
dining unl   bed   room-   1'iinu,  mui
uew.      A166,   Kipress   Ollice.      Jii
Hburl lime loam on vacant or im
proved property. Htar I^iau I'ouipaiiy,
818 llusllngs, Viucouver. t.f.
Mrs Prank Alice, mituriiily nurse,
Nurlh l.uiodlle P. 0., or rill it grocery
cor. l.tilisdule iud King's Buld.     6 12
TOOW FOR HAIiE-Enginccri' lar
penleri' and pluinberi' rroii rut md
rip uwi, cheap Boi A166, Kipreu Of
tci. 313
WANTED Hnurl boy; uver 11
yean, to iiiiit In milk delivery; boun
from 10:30 lo 6:16. Bwiu Firm Diiry,
613 Keilb roid E.   Phone 681.     813
FOB HAI.K- -Firat growth wood,
(1.76 i cotA. 0. MeDide, 116 tlh Mrut
l«|l. Phone (1. t f.
FOB HAKE H. I). While Ui-tllt
cockireli. Apply lllh md Bt. Oeorge
Bl. 3311
FOB HAIiE^- Applii: Buiiild, Kiogi
lid Spiel. 40 ll». (1.16. Keene, 1(00 SI.
Ileorge  Avenue. 6 13
FOB HAI.E-<;ook •to've, nearly
new, (11.00, parlor baagar lamp wilh
ibide, (2.60. 867 (th UllM.
POll HAM! A fiw very choici
W|illi Mghorn CockiriU.. Apply Ut
(th ilrill wmI, North Vmcouvir. t.f.
WANTED Two cooks (mill) for
boipitlll Ol line of P. 0. K. iluilwuy.
Apply idling eiperiioce ind wiiry
eipected tu l)n. Niwcombl md Mir-
III, Nortb Vincouvir. 3311
WANTED- ity'lrirlor ttf lind
during, lepllr lanki, connicliag uuin, liimlng, cordwood hauling by con
trad or by cord. Apply I. Vincent,
North   Vincouver. 2(13
■*     ,    ■  ■   .   '   '«
WANTKD Cordwood to cul oa your
premiiei, it (1.26 t ilagii cord, Iwo
lull, ipecill priri for lirger t|ululi
Um. Alio I quiulily of 16 inch Wood
for Mil It MM pir load Apply 1 B.
Vttnt, 111 (th ilreel mt. Phoni 671.
Kipericnced  lady  itcnogriphcr  tlii
eagagid.   Thoroughly   competent   iud
rolllble.   Bell,   Bui    A166,   Kipreu.
Pboue 477. 8 18
Empire TbMlre, now under new mm
igeineul. Oood muiic, illuilrileil tougi
■nd lnl din pholnpliyi. Everythlug
(irst .lass "'ill
Dreumiking parlon, fadiu' Tailor
ing," eveuiug gowm remodilled, rino
vitioui, ete. 116 Second Htreet easl,
"lit door from Iiouidale. 1613
Furnace healed double front room,
•iugle room llio bed iilling room, faiif
I block from laimdile. 136 Hiilb
Hired Wiit, Nurtb Vaneouvir    0-18
I.ANKI.EV Owner lm t few 6% to
t% icre firnn, 12 milci from Now
Weilmlniter, near B. ('. E. R. Rich
•oil. Huilible for fruit md girdming.
Wlihei to Mil al once, tnd will like
one third leu thin price of lurrouudiug
properly. Three year lenin; po inler
lit. Nu igend. For pirticulirs ipjdy
Boi iill North  Vincouvir.       (-18
For hue witch uml jewelry work go
lo Oeo. Homcrton, the new juvtclry iton
it   143  Lunsdule   Atomic.
Nur.-c ''uiliel, iniilcriiily, opeu for
en.;u;," im nt From Bcplland. , Phniiu
160, Iiln sired mul Mootly, near Iluu
I.".um 3 13
Dressmaking i'arlurs, Ladiea' Tailoring, Ojieru I'luiiks, Evening downs re
iiiuiielleil,  ii.. i     etc. Prices niotl-
orate,   116  Secoud  Hired   Kail,   6th
duor frum Lonsdale 16 12
B. C. Livery md Huard ilablei -
Light rlgi and ladies' sud.Ho bonoi
for hire, .stabling fur horses Hoi,
eril delivery md heavy teaming. II.
Duiuai, 4th ilreel west. I'lione 847 I.f.
Authorized agent for Singir Sew
ing Machine Company iu Norlb Van
eouvor. ]■ J. McAleoce, Dry Oooiliind
Ootid' Furnishings, corner Find uml
Lonitlilo Avouuo. t.f.
Sill of work iud eulerloiniueiil it
Norlb     Lonsdule     I'llidiVl.'llllll    elllllill,
Tbundiy, Deccmlier 5th. Hale al in)
pjn. Progrim in evening al 6 o'clock.
AdmitM.ui, ii'luii   26c, children 10c.
Uti Hleariug un.l Qradiug Lols,
l'elo Audruii, Oeuiril (,'oulraclor. Si-
wer counactioni a ipiciilty, buiciuent
and other ciceviting wprk underlakm
Esliuiali'i free. 120 )6tb alreet well,'
Nortb Vaacouvir, put office hoi 8^*3.
"SFNOI-NO-Mr. Owar Morfey, voice
producer and singing eipnrl,, now at
tindi tt Warhurnilz Piano L'o'i. roomi,
Tuiudiyi aud Fridayi, 33 yekri' ex
perience. Hlindird Method! of Koyul
Aridemy, Termi ou  inipiiry.     1213
Eipcrieiiceil Inly would give bilf
day of every diy helping in housework.
Would take rbarge of bouie ami chil
ilren i» evening!. Hoi IW7, North
Vincouver. • , 3 18
OIBcil tt Lonidilo Aviitiie.,
North Vaneouvir. B, 0,
Bunker!, Wbirf and Wawhomi,
St. Oiorgi ind Biplmade,
Phono 198.
Phono 178,
Keep Your Eye oa
We have liuiiaeu to rent ut all inlu a, ind In every purt of.the city;
ulau I'.iiitd iiuilneaa Hand! al Inw rental!
Wa ara apeclallala In muiiuiiiiiK rental pruperllee fur i.ui li realdenl
und uut uf luull uttiieiii Our HUituineiitfl und reiultlaiiuei ure lent
pruiniilly every munth end, and nu deluil uf ttita e|u. i,.i elutt uf
uei tie e- eacupel uur utlelillun. '   '
III.VI"ll.    ucl'l-'.l I 11.IMS
Sl l.uuiilnlr Aveuue I'lu,lie fli
Sank Vllcuuvrr
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
lie |..,n im    i: iiiii.    Mie, Prompt-
It   attended   Iti
{Ultimate!  Puntlalied  Free
HI II DIM.   I uv ru n run
OHIt'e:  DloklUloh & Knlt'a  Fueli.ty   lit,
itltiuutle   Phoni 118
Rilldinci:   Allan   Itoad,   I.inn   Valley,
P,    (I     IluX    'It,    I.)llll    I'll.'cll      I'lltllcf
For First clan Work aee
Ul Second Street, near Lonsdale
P. 0. Box 2111
Building Contractor
All .lumen uf Ii.ium- ami  ilur"  build
iiiu,*, nllii u fixture s, elc.
l.lti  iL'ih Hlri't'l   V.
Nurth   Vi.ii.inni'r,  II.  i .
528 IVinltr St. IV.        I'linui' Key. 'Hi'il
AM.I.E. li B,
Irrigation, driliinge, lived, plana
and apceilifiili.im. Septic luiil.i ind
boun drainage a ipeolilty. P. I).
Hoi 241, I'iilt nivei wilt ul llewicke
1 4il -■=
.Studio   over   Hulk   11.  N.  A.
I i.ii.-ilnlit md Kaplaaade
High Cliu Ladiea'and (Jenls'Tuiltiriup
Kepiiring    and    Alterutiuua.   I'lcauing
and llyeing in all ila lirant'liei. All
Wurk guaranteed.
Ill Firat .'-in, t Went. I'bone HOT
(.1.   I.itin)
L.tdii'.-i' aud lluiitii' Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing
i Specialty
I'M Set nnd Strut But
oibinit Mikir md Oirpeutir      N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Workt
Will undertake ull kimli uf wuud wurk,
repair!, itc.
Fourth Strut ind Sutherland Avenue
P. 0. Box 2006
Flnt Street But of Louidili
Luweat l-iu e.n and beat wurk guaran
Iced un tinning and abeet metal wurk.
1601 Lonsdalo Avenue, North
i'ul,nui milter, picture fratner uud
jobbing wurk uml repairs uf ali kinds.
Dnigni ami eslimalea iuliiuitte<l. Fur
niture buugbl, iold ind repaired. I'hune
L117. •
All kiudi uf uwe filed ami eel ou the
iburloat notice.   lewn niuwurs, knivea,
hedge ibean ind aciesuri iharpenetl. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei.
1231 Lomdale Avonui Phoni tn,
0. E. OB00BB
Aud general l.'uiniiiiiiiini Merchlot, 1.1
'ouidali Ave., Nortb Vincouvir.
Phoni 924
Wl ire ipeciiliiti in then Intel.
121A  Lonidili  Avidui
Ii your Watch aluppitig or kioptlg
irregular timet   If io, iei
I'iuueer Jeweller, 60 Louaiiale Avenue
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotel
North Vancouver
Uu the cir line. Huom'iud board,
flood accommuditiou for working meu
i'.uiiun tm V meu taken. Hiugle meilg.
1812 11. EAHTCOTT, Proprietor.
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Orocirln Ud Proviiloni it tlu North Bhon
Orociry, whin you (it tin very but gooda at tha lownt
prlcii.   Olvi ui a trial md provi thii for youmlf.     We
don't cirry my goodi wi cin't guarantee.
A fiw of our ipiclili:
Oood Colli at    255 ik
Brook! Bond Tn at ttc lb.
Orwnery ButUr, 36c or 3 lb. for   11.00
*»«** Oati,  , 36c7lb.n«ki
Applie, «Ua fancy um ad imt box
Oiuulni Aihciroft Spudi  |j.:jr, guk
All guirmtud to Im over thru lnchM in length and thi
grower'i MMM  furniihed with etch ittk.
Oood Ohllliwack Bpuda  ffiyp , ^.g
Ordin promptly delivered.
16th md Lonadal*
Fkoni 217
ine iwu
riny Turned Their Ukaneii j
lo Mutual Bimflt
If red, Hoy ce, aged twenty-five, dee-
perululy In love, gloomy, p acowi on
hl» brow, entered thi fPfl at hia elnb
by one door, and p geutlewun of hii
own ugo entered It by another, 'lha
two stood looking at each other Id ae-
"Ara yon my twin brother?" aaked
"Havt you a twin brother)"   •
"Yea. Bave yonr'
"I bave.   Wbat'a your name?"
"You don't ineiiii Id"
Tbe two advanced and greeted each
otber warmly.
. "Ned, bow la father?" i
"Quite well. And motber?"
"The iame.  Do you remember bar?"
"I don't remember father at all. Ut
me see. [low old were we wben tbey
"About seven."
"it was too bad Hint their leparatlon
caused ours. I suppose each wanted
one of ui. But sit down and let uu
bave a cigar together."
It came out tbat Fred Uoyce waa a
visitor to tba city and bad beeu "put
' "ou mot mm Nl on."
up" at Iba club by a friend , Tin
brothers showed all tbat affection fur
each other twins are known to eiperl
ence. Tbey bud uot been loug together
before It came out that though pbys-
ifiiilv alike tlit-v were Ibe opposite lo
ie...iuc iiiiiii, oue icing tue I'uuipieiiit'iii
of the otber.
''You bare turned up, my dear boy,
Just in (be nick uf time tu give me
your sympathy. I'm in love wllh a
girl wbu has been trying fur aume
lime tu make up ber mlud in engage
herself to me. i bava Juit received a
note from her aaylng Ibat ibo caul
do IL"
"There's ber note. Beid II aud you
ibaii iee for yourself."
He tbrew a note on tbe table whlcb
bli brother picked up and read It
itated Uiul. while tbe writer liked bet
lover well euougb to marry hint, there
wai in ineradicable blemlili about nun.
lie wai too theoretic, too pbHoiopblc,
too undemonstrative.
"I wonder," said Ned, folding tin
noie. 'If aumetblug of that aorl Isn't
tbe mitter wltb my girl."
"You're no penluiiit."
"That's Just tbe trouble between mi
■nd my Marlon. Sbe ll a unions voung
woman of strong chincter, very prac.
Ileal, and though ibe likes me end bin
thought isrlously of marrying me. I
im quite convinced ibe tbloki me In
tome reapecti i fool.
"It seems tbst I hive been trying
to mate wilb ■ girl you ibould have
mated wilb, aod vie* yiraa."
"Bight you ire. 1 wonder If we
couldn't iwap 'em."
Tbi bilmoroui tinge to tbe proposition wai entirely loat od Fred, who
took the remirk iirlouily. "Impuiil-
bli," bi iild. "1 can never give up
"Nonsense. There are aa good Bib
In the aea njever wire caught."
The pessimist biared a deep algb.
"I bave an Idea, tnd," aald tha other. "I doubt If eltber of Ibiee girli
were we dreined enctly alike could
tell ua apart How would It do fur me
to help you out by going to your girl
and tupplylng Id yonr place wbat you
Ned looked up with a apark of hope
In bla eye.
"I'll reply to ber litter Id peraon Juit
ii If I were you md aee If I can't get
ber to alter ber dodalon."
"Do you really think yon could do
"I can et lent try."
"for heavens take nuke the efforll"
"I'll do It.  When cm 1 iee her?"
"flo tonight"
"How ahall I be inr* 1 have mat tin
right glrir
Fred opined bla watch cue and
ihowsd bla brother ■ giri'i pbotogripb.
Ned looked it It long enough to fli It
lu bla mind, ibowlng bla brother tbi
picture of bli own girl, cirrlid In bla
witch. -   ,
nm t|ii evening, men prepereo ror om
Der, each putting on evening dress.
Fred elterafl hia wbiibera to eorre-
ipond with bla brother's, pnd Fred
placed a sprig of garanlum Id Ned'a
buttonhole, saying tbat bla Isabel bad
Uwu-atMuatoiuod to aeelng hlm wltb
that boiiionnlere and no otber. Then
ibey dined together, aod Nad Milled
forth on a mission that waa bla broth-
ir'a laat hope,
"Remember, Pred," be said, "tbat if
I succeed I ahall gain for yon nothing
but ii temporary advantage unless you
can give up your pessimism and be
come both more practical and more
"Tide me over thia bar, and I'll nuke
a blk* effort opt to get on to anotber
ope. I may ateal In unobserved and
aee bow yon do it. 1 know every door,
every nook in lbe bouse. Isabel will
doubtless receive yon to Ibe little draw-
log room, It communicates wltb tbe
library, and I may lind a chance to
lii.lu there."
"That's all right, bnt don't spoil It all
by getting caught."
Half an hour later Ned called on the
young lady In question. He wai shown
Into tbe room where ibe bad been ac
customed to receive her lover, and pres-
eutly lhe came down prepared for a
struggle no woman likes—to convince
bim that bis case Is hopeless. Absorb
ed as she waa In thla anticipated etrug
gle, probably no better opportunity
could hive occurred for him to foist
himself upon her fnr bli brother
Knowing ber lover'i disposition ibe
came furward eipectlng bim to wall
for her to speak Instead of lbat bi
sprung forward with one word, In
wbicb waa passion, protest, despair,
hope-indeed a mingling of feeling tbut
electrified her.
There was no need for her to utter I
word ludeed. be did not give ber in
"I have been crushed by your letter.
Uut It bai produced a cuulrary effect
from wbat might bave beeo eipected
Confronted with the fact tbit I musl
lose you. I bsve liecouie a cbonged
man For yuu I will rout out a ui
lure pliuted In me it my birth md
replace It with uue of i different klud
I hnve been uukimlled fuel. You bive
Hpplied Ibi torch lbat has caused lhat
fuel to bunt Iuto a dame. Wilb you
It will burn forever; without you It
will lie quenched as suddenly aa you
bave Ignited ll. Isabel, you are iu>
world, my wboie lielng. Ob. do uot
cast me off! (Jive me one cbauce uu
der .this awakening to win you. anil
every Idea lbat enters my bralu lu fu
ture shall lie Inspired by a knowledge
Unit I pnsaess your love "
fhe stood listening to Ibis retnarka
Idu speech In illent wunder. Hut tbe !
pleader, like a geheral wbo puibia nu
lo convert a victury Into a rout, ad
mured, seined ber band and pressed II
passionately Iii bll up* Hbe looked
down u|*ni his Iniwed head--Inclined
partly liecause In feired a cuntluued
study nf bis featurei migbt betray
lilm-but ihe cnuld not ipeik from
mingled amazement and pleasure Sbe
loved, and uuw, the wiy bid been
made clear for tbat lore. Finally ibe
found her tongue end uid:
"Ob. Fred! How hippy yuu hive
made mer' »
"Uh, Isaliel! It seenn to me (bit ill
lhe Joy ot my wboli life I* coucen
lulled Iii this not moment"
A blissful silence tbit followed wu
broken by Ihe closing of a door In the
adjoining imiiii Tba acimp kniw
lhat hia brother bid obiervtd tbe
wooing and, be boiied, bad beneflted
by it -    .  .
That wai ludeed a Joyful eveuing lo
tbe girl whose heart had beeo torn by
mating off the man abe really loved
Hhe euuld uut uudiratand tbe cbaugi
in bim, but cired not for a reaaoo,
since ibe knew tbit tbe change bad
come. Bhe frightened hlm by laying
ilmi It waa bard for ker to btllevi be
was uot some one else.
Tbe visit would bave probably luted
till tbi w<ie boun of tbe morning bid
uot Ibi uttor uid tbit after tbe recel|it
of bis uote rejecting bim be bid walk
ed Ihe door all nigbt, whereupon ibi
furred bim lo leave her tbat be migbt
seek repose. The repose he sought wu
at tbe club, where bla brother bad or
dered a bottle of cbampagni ou iei
uud wai walling for bim to come and
celebrate tbi victory, for Fred bid
stolen into the lidy'a bouse, bidden lu
tbe library ind lieird If be bad uot
seen tbe victory. He threw bla anna
around Ned'a neck end bugged bim.
"It'i ill very will, Fred," uid bli
brother, "but do yoo think you can
keep It up?"
"You betl"
"Dou't bs so sure. ITI put you
ihrnugh your piceo every day. You
slmll make love to aie, ind I will
i mu ti you."
"Agreed. But bow am I to reply
thii kliidoesi'/ Isn't then something
that I fin do for your
I've beeu thinking of that Uy Marlon doean't tumble to my lovemaklug
ii your lulul dues Buppose you try
i llki gune Id my fivor."
I will."
He yourself. Don't Imllite me ei
cept wltb your owu fliocee."
"Tbit'i rlgbt.''
Tbe eiperlment waa tried, but wltb
Indifferent iuciiiu However, Ibe
young ludy, who preferred'! mora so
ber, iiiideniuiistrellvi unu. wu pleu
ed wilb wint ibe suppoeed arm a
cha age for lbe better In her lover But
unfortunately ahe wu nwra obeervint
tban Mlaa lubel aud |* lime diet-over-
ad Ike trick tint wu being pliyed
upon ber. The truth ll thit Fred bad
OOt the histrionic ability of bla brother
and couldn't keep up lbe deception.
Liter Ihe brothers and tbsir wins
toughed over Ike comedy.
flmothy Ha (new)
Clover 8»», (naw)
Alfalfa Hay
flruihid Om,	
Unseed Mul
■ ■■i^qpiv     "fill
B. * K. Oltlcken Chop,
B. k K Scratch Food
B A K Cracked Ooru
Utl,   Bgg-mU-mV	
Leo's Insect Powder
Swift's Beat Borapi
pIbhvbbibs prompt
i'i    . . . ■
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
It U cheaper to buy frames for your doors and wlndowi
made by uuchlnery thou to nuki tlmm hy hind.
Wi in lu a position to supply many iliei from stock and
•uy tin on tin shortest possible notice.
Dm nni .tile frames include blind stop and casing.   .
Clll ind get our stock list.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
Iiiii llu Gsplatiadi East
P. 0. Box 1719. Phone 222
TDK ATTENTION nl persons deilrlnu in vule ul llie feirtlnennui,; Munl-
ii|ul llkt-tlon la litltliy . ,,ii.u  tn ihr followltiu Information:—
Thi' reglaiirttl Uwner and |he riglilerid Vendee undlr agreement fur
Suit- Itulli h.n.. lliu iiiiiii lu huve llielr iiiuiu s uyyeii, un lilt' Vul.-is' Mat, lull
Itu- regiati-red Owner ilnne itlttill hive lln- ilithi lu role ul uuy election iiuli-aa
In- ui mli. i.ii in ltt-l.ilc- lliu iluy ul Kluiiwn lit uiiiinit muter his or her
luiiul ninl lu Un- ulllu' ul  Hiu mnlci tut in el   vk.ilvi-H ui  c c-iu,inn,.m hia ur Imr
el,   I.l     III    Villi'.    Ill     .1.1.1.    t'liar    till'    Villein     lllllll    |„.    |.||||||,.,|    |„    VI. (f    |>|ee\lllt,i|
in- ul  llll. Ilus tin- l't'i|lJlHll|. i|llulllli .lllo'llu ul ii  Vttll'l
.Att niilliiii in it ai'ft i.ii ii'Hiiliiilon ol Nortb Vancouver Oily Kurrlei Limited
lln- i|ii.ililli uiiiiilii ttf u liliuiloi of lti.il I'liini'iiny iiu- nnu thu auini- ua Hnili-
ul .in .Aid, ininli nl ihu i'lty ,,I Ninth Viuu uiivur I'tiiitlltliili'N fur ilml |ntal-
tiuii mual In- uniiu Hun I. subjects of llie lull tnie „t twenty.one yeuri, wbu
if ' imi ui .i.uiliiu. uiiilui nny luu uml have been fur thu imal alx inuntlis
neit  iiiitciliiiK  the tiny of  i,..iuii,..liun  ihu  rt'uliti ui nil  iiwneri In  Uu-  Lund
Krilllr) < Mil. i' ul l.ili-l in nut ni "liil It III lhc I'ily nf Nm III Viillfuiltt-l of
ilu .ij-i.M.I mini- In ih.. lui.1 llilllltiiiui Aaai'iaiiiilil Noil uf I'lv. liun.lml
il&UOi iiollara m more nvti .tint uliove tint realilered Jiolgiiieni ur thiiigw
ullil  Mlu, tut- olltciwlai'  i|ilajllli'tl ill    luinit   I   vuli'la
Thc veclinii ilm  .mii  la by  Utiiita. of wbleh llic following ore lliu buull-
Wnrd  I    on lln' I'uial .luiica nn.i Million  Aveiuna. nu the tjuutb, Nurtli und
tt'i-n tin  lluiiii'liiii.»
Wui.I 1    llli llic Nurlli Kellh Itttti.I   oil the Weal Muhun AVelnle, nn lhc Halt
l.uliailiitc Avenue   on lln- tSnullt lhc acnillicin Iniuiuliii y ut  lln- I'll)-.
Wunl 3    nn  tin- Nuiiii  Kellh  Heunl   un  lhc  I'lunl  tit   Andrew's Avenue, on
III..' suulli. llic hiiulliiili iiiiuniliii)  of lllc I'ily, nil  Ihu W.sl  t.llllSlllll..'
Hunt I -un llic Ninth Kellli Itoud. on llic suulli llic iiiullicrii boundary uf
llic ''lit. nu lbe Weal HI Andrew's Avenue, mi the l-'.nai. i'ily
Boundary .
W.niJ '. —lln lhc Suulli Kellli llnuii. on the Weal si Uetnai'l Avenue, nn tlie
Nmlli uml mi ihe Kast rily linuntltiilea
Wunl S     'III  llle Nmlli I'll)   luiillltltny. oil  lllc suulli   Kellli   It I.  un   the  eusl
SI   tieiiiges  Avenue, oil  lllc   Wist  .lulni  Avenue
A  rulldiflalc  fm   lhc  it itirsullUII'ill  uf  n   Ward  Heed  mil   lie   u   Voter  111
Ilul  Wui.l so luliii us lie luiascssca lin   uthci   <i n.i I hi. .ilium, fur un Alilerln.iil
ct   Hie  I'll)
Nn Kl". I'll shall lie entitled tn vole In iiimu Ihun une Wurd A relldehl
i-lci'lor shall vule ill the Wait) In wiih h In- ol she reililei. A nun-reiloeUI
clei-itii ahull vole fn ihu Wunl m i. i.i.i lie oi she uwns Ihu luincat uinuunl
ufpiu|ierly    The vuIIiik plice fiir all Wants Is tba t'lly Hull
Tlie Courl uf It. ii.'i..n uf lllc Vuli'll' I,111 will sit tu the t'lly llall,
Nurlli Vancniiver un llie  lOlh iluy of Dei-ember   t'-i.'
Clly Clirk.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Wbicb ii Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vincouvir Branch: 67 Lomdali Avenue, oppoiltl Pint Offlci.
BepriMiitlng Lyuu Omk Hint: Minn Limited.
Wi hivi money for Agriimiuli for Bile.     Nothing too lirgi or too
Lilimalei Cheerfully Given Telephone 20S
210 Lonsdale Ave.      Nortb Yancouver
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division. .
i] Let ui quote you rate* on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & rod
Fhou 131.
iy rushing for the Bargains, and
they all^ay this is one of the greatest
sales everneld in North Vancouver for
"   ""—""""""""""^     ———■-■^—t^—~——. i    -^—_
Everything is Reduced in Our Stock as well as the
Caldwell Stock
^^mmnaaaan-m-—mn -^anmaanan^nmmamaammnmm i -an—man , —■———————^—f————
A Sale like this at your door may never occur again.
So we give you fair warning to buy enough
Clothing and Furnishings now to last you (or Years
Deep Cut Prices are the Order of the Day at This Sale
Men'a Clothing
Mm'i Bulu is Twndi, uid Fine? Wontidi
•11   the  latiit atyloa  md  cuu.   Each  mit
Attid to (tour Individual ilia|ii.
Bigular 113.00.
Bigulir 116.00.
Bigular 118.00.
Bigular ttiO.Oo.
Bigulir 126.00,
Sill Prlca 16.00
Sill Prlci $7.60
Hill Prlci $».uo
Mli Prlca. .  I10JW
Salt Prlci $18.60
Men'a Panla
Bigular  11.76.   Bill Prlci $1.36
Begulir |«A). BV* fttt ....il.Tt
Bigulir  $3.00.   Ml  Prlci    . $8.86
Bigulir 11.00.  Iiii Prlca 13.76
Bigulir ItM  Bill Prlci $3.76
It you mil PiaU, Ua ibovi vilui will
ippiil to JtOll.
Men'a Boota tnd Shoea
Mia'i Working Bo»U, ngulu MM
ud tl.lt. Iill Prlci 11.64
Mm'i Boi Oilf, rtfular HM. Ball
Prlca  uni.
Box  0*1/,   Oood Viar  Walt,   ragiiir
lioo.  Bali Prlc* flM
Mm'i FIui Draw Boou, la PiUnt
UiUur, VIcl Hid or Boi Oilf
BiguUr |iM. Vour caotci IJ 71.
Men'a Underwear
Winter Wilflii, rifulir 66c. lnl* Prlci.. Uc
Hnvy Kllilnd Bifulir fIM. Btfn Price 76c
FlM WmI, Bigular ll.lt. Bill Prlci Mie
Bitri HuTjr Blbliid.  Bigulir II Id
•ala Prlc*  mit
Men'a Working ShirU
Bigulir tt emu   Bill Prlci 36 ciuU
Mm'i Oilordi, rifultr UM Silt Prlci 66c
Mm'i TwMdi. BiguUr $136. Ill* Prlci 86c
Ony ind Blui FluiuiU Bigulir 11.60.
•ill  Prlci    $1.16
Tooke'a and W.C.&R. Fine Shirts
Or**t Vulity to OhMM Prom.
Btfular li.oo Bill Prlci  SOe
Bigulir $l.U. Bill Prlc*  Hi..
Bigulir $1.60. Bill Prltf    $1.16
BiguUr $9.00. Ball Prlc*  li 60
Men'a So«
Bigulir 86c. Bill Prlc* 9 uin for 86c
Bigular Stc ui 40c. Bll* Prlci 1 (iiir for sttt
BiguUr 60c  Sd* Prlc*        1 pilr for J6c
Cravenette Coatt
Fawn Color. BiguUr $30.00 $14.76
Oity Color. Bigular $16.00 $10,116
Dirk Ony color. Bigulir $18.60 $8.66
Tweed Overcoat*
Bigular IUM Black Oluvlou.   (lou,
vntlMi Collar No*  $14.76
Black Onivlou. BiguUr $17.00. Now $19.76
Heavy Tweed*, Convertible
Bigulir $14 to $80. BaU Pricn 8.36
to $13.76
Hoya' Clothing
Fumy Twied Wontld, from $4.60 to
110.00. Salt Prlc** ... $8.76 to $6.76
We widi eapcciaily lo call your attention to a Urge itock ol Ladtei' ind Children'* Stocking*, Hair Comb$, and Notioni ol all kinds which muM be cleared at half price and leai.
mm mommy.
Tito Nortli Vancouvor Dock ft Htor-
»g« Co. have received a large iblpmeiit
'of cuul,    All orilin proniptly attend-
"liTti ,.,;;,'"■ ,.,,
Ml, Boll, liuw.lun of .Inliii Ale, iindni
ft Cn'a, ollieo, leaves Oll Ttteadiy for
Ban Fraitciai'i'i, Where he will enjoy a
lei, mm'..' Utility,
llltlpeeliir   11.   lid tie   ul'   lite   Suciety
for tbe Priventloit of ttruelty to Ani
inali 'imiii nn ulllciii vialt to Nurtb
Vancouver yeiterday.
The eity council is now aendllig out
regislered nolieni to property ownera
on Fourth alreel notifying those pir
tiei of Ihu propoaed widening of lhe
itreet lo u width uf lllll feet,
The deiiiii ineiirrt'tl nu Weiliinsilay
evening nf David William, lbe thrnu
mouths' uid sou nf Mr. ami Mrs. W. P.
Hogg, Kit  I'' plumule Wesl,    Till! Uiiiiilii
For One Week
Only     .
Wltbln Oity Limits
for (3,100 on Until of (300 ciih and
(36 pir month. This huuse is UIW,
fully modirti and ixtra good buy
Phoue 463 V, 0. Hui 3307
213 Lonidale Avenue
item   (Janillilitea for oloctlon,
Ne»t Hundiy will be obiervnl ai
Woman'i Auxiliary of Hlsilonary Bu».
,|»y in HI.  An"«»' ehureli. The vlear,
mt'TPf. Tti, win pmm m-nm mow
Ing and tbi Bov. Prlnnipal Vaiuo, M.A,
In tbe evening.
The Vancouver wntirworki naiiip it
Heymour ereek will iborlly lloio down
till nnt Hpriug, that ll jusl us sunn as
the sliuii I'tiiiiii'idliins with till thru
miii us recently I'111 mnn tbi Second
narrows are eonipieteii,
Principal Keller of the High seboul
will move lulu his handsome no* home
on Elovontli itreet belween Moody
ti venue and Quieniliury avenue on tbe
lint of neit month. Tbli ia one of tbe
handsomest reilileitoea In tills lueality.
A ipei'lil meeling nf the local
li.iiti.l or Heliool Truiteea takes place
this ni'l .-i ii It dtO In the eily mil
fur the purpose of opening tomlera
nud awarding the contract for the
clearing uf the nuw high school grounds.
I.".I.:-- Western llusn 2116 Hum of
England will Iiulil a whist drive aud
sui'ial in the iod'gu room, K, P. Hall,
Ith streot weat, on Nov. 211th ut HtOO
p.m. Primes will be awunletl and re
frcslimimla served by the suciety, There
will be a iee,uiiiuil charge nf 26 rente
A smull  .u.'i  uf Are neeurriiil ou
Wediiesiluy It  tint Inline Ilf Ml. .1.  llllll
ley ou We .i,in Avenue, Tlm kitchen
wis tint soul of 'he trouble, ami, thanks
In the timely arrival uf llie J4o. 2 lire
brigade, tlie spreading uf the Humes
tu uther purls uf the building was ef
feeliially prevented.       '   .
(lu Tuesday evening nail in lite Ilur
ticultiirul Hull a discussion will take
place upuu "The Spraying nf Fruit
Trees," Thusn enthusiasts wim seek
educulioii uu this iiiii'ic.nni' topic are
cordially invited tu intend and luke
part in the lc ii ..nm which ia limed
tn commence il t o'clock.
An individual named Harry Wright,
wlm lias been previously before the
courl iu connection with a charge of
malicious damage tn property, made a
further appearance yealerday inuruing,
and waa found guilty of tlriiiikeiiueai,
diiordirly conduit uml using nbseeue
Iniiguiige. Puiicc Magistrate Kuggliis
ordered the nflfonder Ui be interdicted
ami tu pay up (10 and rusts.
The ulher day t'apt. Fred Maddison,
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
• A Malleable
Steel Range
In tin, lu i .uc we hive uiiil uver une huudrsd ot theae stoves lu
North Vaueouver. This yeir we I'lpilcl even • butler record If you
ncfl i reliable range, it will pay yuu tu sre this one befure deciding.
Wn guirnilen iib-cluie slllifsclinn uu every  range.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 66
105-7 Fjplinule Weil
We have iomt. of the cheapest buyt.   Good location
adjoining the original Towmite,   I'or full particular* iee
Uml Agcwti for Britiih Emplri Horn Imurioa Oo., London Aiiurinti
Wi will bi pitutd ht hast llittngi; alio hettm tat mil or mat.
neat m V. 0, »w an
Ai unfortunately hi had. contrary lo
hll invariable practice, failed to take
Iiii trident down witli him, In had
merely his sheath knife yvitli Mm with
whieh to defend himself, but Dili ho
mml wiih Hiniiiiimi uirni tu imp'ilw
brute from faatenlng Hi teeth in hl»
hands, thl only porllon Of his body ex
piisiiil., He mule ip all 'thru stabs at
tlte shark before Anally driving It nil',
hilt lu limbing the third Ihrusl the
kn|fl liei;i>ine so deeply imbedded In
the simrk'a body that he wns uualile to
withiirnw it, tho shark carrying It away
witli him as an uiipluasant remlipler of
the encounter, Had Capt. Maddison
not had hii knife with hlm, the affair
would in all probability hail very ter-
ions consequences for him.
i'.tlitnr Kipress:
Bir,—It il fiinleiiilo.l liy Ibuse in
favor of changing the name of this
city to "Oapiiano" lhat our present
name oliariirua our Identity,,
Is iin .'."iinu ni iuuu,ted upon faetl
Let us ue.
The- .limy for the yeir llll.'l which
I have l-e inie mu and which is sold
liy the ('uniiiliun I'uclflc Huilway'a
News Hervieu givea a liat uf liritish
I'ulumbia cities, lugelher with the pop
libitum of each, There are twenty-two
cities ami towns included iii this Hit
of whiili Merrill is the leasl with a
|iii|inltiimn of iii.'l. New Westmlnater
in the list with i populition of 13,190,
There la absolutely no' mention or re
fermieii in any way to the city of
Nurth Vanrouver, nor to the municipal-
Ity of Mouth Vancouver.
It ia to theae dliries tint thousiiuls
ul peuple refer when they with for
information aa lu any city's pupula
tion. "Now we will luppose tint a
good North Vancouver buoster was lm
veiling sume distance iway from home
and that he was lurrountleil by a iiiiiii
bur uf othor traveller! who wure in
leiitly listening tu his story of the mar
u'llnus growth, nf this rily and to Ills
prciliftiuns of its i'iiiii future. Ilis
atory ia so good thit one or more mem
in is of hit uucli.uu < decide Ihlt if Ills
siiiii-inenis are true il would be profit
able lo iuveit some money In North
Vancuuver real eatile, bul before put
iug up nnv cash hi refera to Iiii dliry
to lirove, if possilde the statements of
Mr. I Inu..tut, only to tuul tint there ii
ub idiitel', no nu mi.in iii his trusted
iiiun of such i city. Then they give
Mr. Rooster the luugh or Ibey ahuu
him is a siiapleiuiis character, ami Nurth
Vincouver is rlissilieil in tbeir unu,Is
•s iu Imiginery rily only.
If North Vincouver's nunc were
■ liini,,','.I tn "t'apllaiiu" or any olher
suitable nunc, woultl such a disastrous
occurrence is related above lie liuble
lu happen I    We think null
Yours, ele,,
The Indie, ul Ml. Andrew's and t'ule
duiiian Hoelety lull • most eiijoyible
■luii"   ill   Ihe   II iiluiiil   llall   un
Tuesday evening. There wis i very
lurge attendance and with a guud lloor
iud splendid music mmy couples pur
lieiplled  III  the light   lanliislic.
The pruceeds, which were musl gra
tifyiug, were demlcd lu charily.
that Mr. Pushy, customs iiispeulur, lml
atlvlseil the board, at thu lime litis
matter was flnt brought up to havu nothing to do with It, bepauie the illf-
Acuities which would havo to bi lur-
imnmTPit, rr	
Mr. Hoult, howevir, itated that Mr.
PUlby hid expressed thll advice uu
lite grounds that whon I ho railroad came
Into North Vancouver the problem
would automatically ioIvo Itielft
Mf,   .Wright   repented     I'lliplllllii'llll.V
that ho wanted tu iee e*pr4* pireula
ilellv.r.il lu North VitiiiouvM beiwiw
Ilia ally wn wliiiln lha .thru iiiiiii
Mr. Poult did not like the Idea of
assuming the respniisibilil.y of curry
lug bunded guuds and It tho same time
making no charge for freight.
Mr. Gladwin wm agreeable to thi
ferry company cirrylng bonded goods
Imt cti.I not see why the company should
be respoiislUle for such goods any more
lhan It wis for the government mill.
Mr. Poult, while lie funned Die idei
•a in Idea, fell that the matter wai
one to be liken up by lite clly coun
cil and Hoard of Trade, whusu pruro
gative it should be to ask Ibi ferry
luiiii.l to cooperate by granting free
carriage. "Hut why carry il free of
chargef"   Mr,   Houll   argued,   "whon
every carlage concern in Vancouver
gels paid whether the goodi are bond
ed or not I"
Mr. Wright believed that the lioanl
wuubl lie wilhin Its rigbls in liking
the initiative In iuch a relition.
"Hut why ihould wet" usked Mr.
Poult, '.'We ire here to look ifter
the foriies."
"Hut why shouldn't wef" insisted
Mr. Wriglil. The speiker idded that
Ibe ferry lioanl—ami even himself per
■uuiiili hud beeu wrongly binned fur
obstructing Ihe mitter when il wis un
der consideration before.
Kvenluilly after further irgumenl
in which ('apt. t'atei supported Mr.
Hoult'a view of the matter, Ihe ipiea
Mon waa laill over until neit week's
meeting uf tbo board.
St. Agnes' Church
Tlte pews recently purcbaaed fur Ml.
Agtiea' ehureli hive irrivud ami ire
nuw being installed, it ii eipected
that they wi" he ready fur the services
un Humlay tieil.
St. John's jale of Work
The HI. .lohn's branch of the W. A.
will hold Iheir annual sale uf work uu
Thunday, Doeember (til, iu the I'uriih
Hail, liens opeu al 8:J0 p.m. Formal
opening at .'1:00 o'clock liy Mn. De I'eu
eier, wife of thi'Ilisbnp of the dioeete.
Mtalls fuiiiistiiig uf plain ami fairy
wurk and randy dulls, Dili puinl ami
nli■'■ mniii tea. Admission free. Kvcu
ing eiilerlaintiiciil al 1:110 o'clock. Ad'
mlssiun 26 cents. .'112
Tu Mr. and Mrs. Hruwn, I.ynu  Vul
ley, November l'l, a daughter.
Tu Mr. ami Mrs. I'arlaw, Third itreet,
'..i' i nil.. I    ill,   B   lllll.
Cord Wood
Wit HAI.KUnlimited amount uf
curd wootl ur aluve 'wood. Thompion
and Hluart.   I'huiiei Iill ami \l,iil   tl
Men's Uther Lined Walking Shoei  .$2.95
Men'i 9-inch Oulaide Counter Work Boolt, reg. $5.00
Saturday, only $3.95
Ladiea' Fell Bedroom Slippers	
Udies' Box Calf Walking Shoei ",	
Children'i BooU in Black or Tan .,.,,,...
. .45c
Don't Forget the Cold Watch and Bracelet We Are Giving
Everybody's Shoe Store
When buying took
ful in selecting the
Our tools will stand
the must severest
test, and every
mechanic when purchasing from us will have both the Makers
and Our Guarantee,   .
paine & McMillan
If'l'l n Tk'        iniiiiuii  dance ml,,-., plice tuni|jhl it
Military I/Alice   IMS    ,n,„ ,|nl| hill, .more generally known
ai t.:n uu'    I'm iiiun,  I'.npltiiiii.le weal,
I'uiiiiiioiii'lnu:   ul    H iild.   The   fiiiii'liuii
prniiiiiiia frum overy tlcwpuliil lo lie a
Iimler  the   lUlplcei   uf lhc   Miilh ] aiii'ccaiful ami eiijoylbln oue.     Himblr
Field I'liiiipiini i uiiii.iiiiii Kiiglimwi, it -iniei- ure nl ill prucuralili it 711 centa.
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Don't Take Chances!
Builuui nun iud huilnm huiuii
•ri usually Judijid by thl printed nit
Ur they mid out
Gin you altord to tiki chincM wltb
yonr printing whin good work In tbli
lim rmti little, If uy, man.
We Do Good Work
i'liii Strut But, North Vaneouvir
Allenbury's, 80c a tin
Horlick's, Hospital Si«, $3.25 bottle
Scott's Emulsion, 45c and 65c
Zambuk, 2 for 65c
Other Goods at like low prices
59 Lonsdale Avenue
\   )


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