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 . t
I '
volwb u.
^f9 T4JTP0OTW, m-t PB8DAT, mt a, m«
Dominion Day Celebrations
Gala Day Festivities Exceeded Everyone's Most Sanguine Expectations
"Tho most successful holiday North
Vancouvor has ever spout 'and simie
ten times butter than the most sau-
liiiine ever expected." This waa prac
nliciilly tliu public verdict on' yeslcr
day's Dominion Hav colobratious.
Though , un, in ,1 iu t iiiindrod difforent
wuys, orguni 11.. participators, witi
uesscs wore unaiiimously showering
praise and congratulations on everybody and evciviInni; last oveuing. Oer-
I ii inly the day proved a day of days,
lt was uie. inn . evou to those who hud
. not attended or followed the weekly
n„,i i i,|'i. of tbo nun ui i im,. that "all
luiiiiln" had been ou deck in a most
. uiiuii,'iiiiulili spontaneous aud public-
spirited fashion. Throughout tho morn-,
iug uiul nin iiiiinii gaily decorated ferries ami smaller craft conveyed happy
loads of humanity to the North Shore,
whicii was iu gala attire aud wearing
a big smile, which secme.d to extend
from llio foot to the summit of l.ons
'dale aveuue. Tbe Esplauado was
i l.i ..ni;. .i . uniiiiiiuii: li with eitizeus and
visitors, uud it can be safely asaumed
lliul Hie snowmen um) vendors did good
Thc managers of the various depart
mculs of athletics can reasonably exchange i' in iiuiiuu:., for this section of
tho day's proceedings was couduclcd
most successfully. It was particularly
grutifying to note huw frequently the
sous aud daughters of North Vancouver
confiscated placet of honor ou the roll
of victory. It wus alao gratifying to
the residents of' that proud section,
Lynn Valley, that its representative
cricket team should emerge triumphant
ly from Iho encounter with the Hun
nailed . niinl ii'M ■ of Mi.'inn City.
The principal item ou the athletic
agenda, lhe M ami lum race was splcn
ilull) run ou a twelve-mile course, ex-
tuudiiig from lliu cily hall to the l.ynn
Vulley intake. Mr. Oamurou Smith,
ul' Bowen Isluud, captured the first
prize of Kid offered by tho district of
North Vancouver, together with the
championship cup. .1. B. Manuing, of
Vuncuuver, came iu second; J. llumil
luu, of Norlh Vulicouvcr, third; S. Man
dors, fuurlb, uml Herman, liftb.
The results in the athletic section
were us follows:
Uin yurds dash—Firsl,  H.  Logged;
second, li  C Heath.
(Broad   jump—First,   (1.   C.   Heath;
second, 11. l.cggett.
100 yards dash, for Norlh Vancou
ver residents ouly—First, A. II,
Martinson; second, K. Osborne
Hop, slep and jump—First, U. ft
Ileal III second, A. J. Shannon.
Uiiil yards- Firsl, . 0. 0. Heath;
mm,uu, 11. I.eggett.
Obstacle race—First, ,1. R B. (Irani;
nu „n,I, A. (1. Martinson.
■129 yards, local residents ouly—
iirnl A. II. i.lailiiinuii, second, H.
lii) yards hurdles—First, H. ■',.
Iliiiili. second, H. Leggett.
pule vault-First, T. Murrisun;
ncuiul, .1. H, Grant.
High   .liiinp—L   Augoll,   6   feet   t
inches.   The winner also gave uu ex
hibiliini jump, eleariug the bar at 6
feci 4 Mi inches.
Pulling flint   First, A. Orant, secoud,
'   ,1. K. Grant,
Hack Ituce-Firsl, T. Martinson; see-
uud, A. II. Martinson.
One uf the premier attractions of the
■', ,lu)  was Ihe presence of tbe Badou-
Powell Hoy Scouts, who paraded and
look port iu special competitions with
uu efficiency which did credit to the
ciovciiicut    A detachment /rom Van
'1 couvcr joined the Idtfal corpi at niuc
thirty,  and  afler  inspoctlou   ou   the
Ksplauade marched behind tho Nortb
Vancouver city hand to Victoria Park,
* where the scouts' athletic events were
held.   Among the contests ware bridge
building, relay racei, signalling com
petitions, lent pitching and wall seal
iug.   Tho J. H. Engliih cup lor tbe
beat drilled detachment fell to tbe lot
0f tho Chesterfield School troop.
The   icouli'   mlicellaneoui   event"
t were won as followi:
Sta yarda—Kirat, | Clark; second
F. McNeil.
100 yards-First, B. Mcuendei.   '
100 yards, for 16 yean and under-
First, W. Aloiander.
100 yards, for 14 yeara and under-
First, 0. McFarland.
100 yards, for 18 yeafi and under-
Flral-H. Boil.
J00 yards, for 10 years and under-
Firat, W. Mabon.
Three-legged raee-T. 8. Skinner.
Tbreolegged race, uuder 14 yean—
I.. McNichiil,'
Sack race—(!. McFarlan.
Time race, bliudfolded—First) , E.
Borue; secoud, S. Wolfe.
100 yards, for Nortb Vaueouver
scouts, IB years and under—First, O.
Purdy; second, N. Allman.
00 yards, under IU years—First,
li Edgecombe; second, B. Hope.
Tbe Henry Kves trophy was received
by the Soymour detachment.
An event whicii attracted wide and
general interest was the ruck drilling
contest. Largo numbers surrouuded the
platform ou which the event was com-
I'l'ic'l and followed tbe proceedings
with growing excitement. Loud groaus
were emitted when one of tbe competitors broke the point of his drill.
Messrs. H. McDonald and M. McPher
son, from the Brittlnnia mines, con-
linenicl the lirst prize aud defeated
Messrs. Swan .lobuseu aud Olo Johuscu,
of this city, lu tbe tlfteou miuutes
giveu them the stoneworkers from
Howe i'uuu.i bored :'i 6-8 inches into
tbe great granite block, as compared
with tbe li'i'u inches dug by tbe home
competitors, who, however, were award
ed to the extent of twenty dollars for
their efforts. 11. Edwards, of South
Vaueouver, outdid A. Jones, of this
city, iu tbe siugle eveut, the compare
live respective distauces being 10 16
inclicH aud b' 1-8 iuches.
The aipiaiic sports were admirably
conducted, ami resulted as follows:
Four um e.l ln|,ni real., four pewters
(twenty dollar prize)—Won by Vancouver Bowing Club,  Mennd   steering.
Oue mile single scull (tcu and Ave
dollar prizes)—Won by T. Moody; sec
oud, H. Page.
Boys' swimming race (uuder till, in
years)—"Won liy Charles Gates.
Men's single cuniic race--Won by I..
Page; second, 11. Page.
Dinghy rowing (boys under 16)—
Wop by E. Malacourl; secoud, W.
Ladies' and Ueutlcmeu's ruwing sin
gle oar—Won by Mr. and Mrs. U. F,
Commies; second, Mr. II. Moody ami
Miss iY i um.,
iiiui '„ iluulile scull race (one mile)—
Wou by Messrs. II. Harrisou aud W.
Slcss, representing the Vaueouver How
ing Club; second, Messrs. F. Allen ami
L. G. Towuley.
Ladies' and Gout's pair oared rowing
race—Won by H. Moody and Miss W.
Cuoks; second, Mr. and Mrs. H. Page.
Ladies' single scull race—Won by
Mrs. 11. Page; second, Miss N. Iiiu
Punting race (best two out of tbreej
—Won hy Messrs. H. aud L. Page.
Indian war canoe race (ten puddle
fur silver cup uml (Iill cash prizo; sec
uud prize, IIO)—Won by Indian Mission of North Vancouver; second,
Sijuuniish liuliau Mission.
Norlh Vaueouver bad reason to feel
delighted with ber younger generation.
The children's sectiou of tbe day's
proceedings passed oil splendidly and
comprised some excellently contested
events. The results were as appeuded:
CO yard race (boys, rive yoars ami under (—First, A Hutchison; second, J,
• huy mniii third, II. Hutcbisou.
50 yard race (girls', five years)—
Firsl, M. ''uiei, second, May Mcl'oll;
third, E. Bay.
50 yard race (boyi, seven years aud
uuder)—First, B. Brown; second, J.
Licrscb; third, H. Macinillan.
50 yards race (girls, seven years aud
under)—First, M. Bae; second, D. Mor
rlson; third, V. Stoney.     ,
100 yardi (boys, 10 yoars and under)
-First, H. Little; second, P. Palmer^
third, J. Cooper.
100 yarda (girls, 10 years and under)
—First, A- Beld; second, «M. Catei;
third, Elma Larson.
100 yards (boyi, lii years aud under)
-Firit, L. Little; second, P. Larson,
third, J. Paul.
100 yards (girls, 13 yean and under)
-First, E., McLean; second, B. McColl;
third, B. yerberry.
•mt) yardi (boys, 15 yean and uuder)
-Fint, W. Ban; lecond, J. Bennett;
third; N. Btaecy,
100 yardi (girls, 16 yean and under)
-Fint, E. McLean; lecond, M. Eailon;
third, H. Yerberry.
Three legged race (10 yean and uu
der)—Firat, Buisel aod Little; lecoud.
Paul and BUbard; third, Philllpi and
Smith.      m
Tbreolegged race (IS yean and un
der)—Firat, 0»anett' and SUcey; wc
end, Buiseil and Littlo; third, Philllpi
apd Smith.
Boot race—Fint, L. Little; aecond,
N. Stacey; third, E. Askew.
Throwing tbo baseball (boyi of the
Nortb Shore schools, 11 yoan and under)—Fint, Squair; second, Littlo;
third, Brereton.
Throwing tbe baseball (boyi of
Nortb Shore schools, 14 yean aud over)
—First, Bae; secoud, Lawrence; third,
Sinn,ling broad jump (16 yuan and
under)—Fint, Lawrence, 7 (eet i
inches; second, Brereton, 1 feut i
incboi; third, Grosse, 7 leet.
Bun ami Treacle (boyi)—First, O.
Hall; second, E. Hall; third, F. Hall.
N en shorn' race handicap—Fint, U.
Bussell; second, Larson; third, Mcl'oll.
Tbe winners oi Uther miscellaucous
athletic eveuts were as follows:
100 yards dub (open)—Fint, H.
Leggett; second, G. B. Heath; third,
G. Lowe.
Broad jump—First, G. C. Heath; sec
ond, F. Leggett; third, G. Lowe.
100 yards daib (open to North Van
couvcrites only)—First, A. H, Mar
tinsou; secoud, B. Oiboruu.
Tug ui' war open to lii, iii. ii, police,
ferry employees, aud waterworks men)
Wun by lii.in. ii':. team, with wuter
work's team second.
Cricket belween Lynn Valloy aud
Misiiou City team—Won by Lynn Val
ley by eight ruui.
Hop, itep aud jump (opiu)—First,
G. C. Heath; secoud, A. J. Shannon
£20 yards daib—Fint, Heatb, second,
Leggett; third, Lowe.
Obstacle race—Fint, 1- B| Grout)
secoud, A. J. Martinson.
229 yards dash (open lo Nurlh Van
couvcrites ouly)—First, A. J. Martin
sou; sni und, Osborne.
120 yards dash—First, Heath; iee
oud, Leggett.
Pole vault—Fint, T. Morriiou; height
b feet 10 inchei.
High jump—First, C. Augell, 5 feet
li iuches; second, T. Martinson, 5 feet
I'/j   inch,-,
Shot putting—First, A. Grant; sec
ond, J. B. Grant.
Sack race—First, T. Martiusou;
second, A. H. Martinson.
IUU yard dash (16 aud uuder, for
Lindsay cup)—First, C. Purdy; second,
N. Allman; third, W. Brewer.
100 yards dash (12 years and uuder)
—First, B. Edgecombe; second, B.
Hope; third, J. burtou.
100 yards dash (ten and under;—
Won by W. Mabon.
Three-legged race (14 Wo 18)—Won
by T. S. Skiuner.
Three-legged race (under 14)—Wou
b* li. .'di Nn Imi
Sack race—Won by C. McFarlano.
'I'iiiu' race (competitors blindfolded)
—First, E. Borne; second, S. Wolfe;
third, F. Bicbardion.
The day's proceedings pissed off un
der kindly weather conditions, without
a single hitch. Tbe crowds whicii ml
lied from all sides were phenomenal,
aud cau be eutered in red ink in He
aiinula uf the North Shore. During tbe
day the ferries carried over 12,600
petrous, while Ihe number uf mortal i
to- uie the B. 0, Electric ituet car
service wai 14,032. Tbe nearest ap
proach to tbii record waa ou Kmpire
Day, when the return* were 14,241.
Ferry number oue wai put lute ipielal
commission aud a fifteen minute ,et-
vice was regularly sustained through
out tbe day. A fact well worth placing
on record ii that tbo ferry company'!
ofileials hand|ed tbii continuously
heavy traffic without a tingle niiibap
or untoward incident. The aarie cm
iiiiiiiiiiii ii due to the itreet ur au
ihnriiim, wing lupplied th'i populicc
with as efficient a service as v.ai bu
manly possible.      '   -
The great day couiummatnd iu a
lavish and magnificent display of fire
worki. Tbeic loaf place froii a float
at tbe foot of Lanoui part', in the
presence of I'lon.auds of spoilaton.
Almoit every example of pyrotechnic
aft wai included id the program, which.
In general excellence and magnitude,
far surpassed anything previouily leeu
on thii tide of the Islet. Practically
an hour'i diiplay of firo evolutions kept
an enormous crowd thrilled and de
lighted, these emotions being by no
meant monopolized by the younger
generation. It wu a tired, happy
throng that at lut turned away from
the tctn* of activities and aUiperned
io a thouiand different dirKiioni.
To tabulate tbe comment! of all those
who are worth listening to would All
lhe columui of numerous issues of this
paper. Probably Mayor McNeiih voiced'
the unanimous thought wben ho remarked at tho close of tbe day's pro-
grain: "From the efforts mado by tbe
celebration committees during the lut
fiw weeks 1 bad expected a great day,
but tbe success that bas been made
and the records tbat have beeu established (ar exceed anything that I bad
imagined   pussiblc.
"Everything, even the weather, teems
to have favored Nortb Vaueouver to
day, ami tbe largest crowd I have ever
M cn bore. Great credit is due tu those
responsible for tbe arraugements for
lbe day."
Tho various committed nui last
ilight and compared highly satisfactory
notei upon tbe geueral success of the
day. One point upon wbicb tbey were
unanimously agreed wu Ibat to Mr.
T. S. Browu, tbe lecretaryuiauiger uf
tbe celebration!, vai due a vote of
thanks and praise for hii whole hearted
work towardi rendering the day a
memorable one.
Regina Calamity
Tbe fulluvviug menage uf ivmpatby
has been forwarded by Mayor McNeish
to tbe mayor and citiieni of Begiua:
Mayor of Begina, Mask.:
"The city of North Vancouver icndi
deepest sympathy with your citizens
under the terrible aad very sad ralam
ity wbicb bu lufalleu you.
Reviied Ferry Returns
Manager T. II. Heard bu made a
careful rev mum of tbe recordi of pau
eager traffic for July lit, with Ifae re
suit that tbe total number of fares
paid yesterday wu 33,760, which means
tbat Itl.tiib persons crossed tbe inlet,
exclusive uf children and thole holding
passes, a tolal ibat ii greatly in excess
uf any day's buiincn hitherto recorded.
City Newi in Brief
Mn. P. Merrick and Mn. Carlton B.
Lane left ou Tburiday lut for a four
muni In.' trip to eutern friends and
at thc same limo will viiil over tbe
Thou boyi wbo intend to take in Hie
trip to Vieloria are requuted to meet
at Ibo Bidgway ichool at i o'clock ia
Ihe afternoon, on Monday, the nth nut,
when full particulars regarding dale
of going and so forth will be made
Tbe annual picnic of Norlh Vancou
ver Mclbodiit'sunday school will be
held on Friday, July 6th. Tbe boat
will leave for Bowen Island at W:IS
o'clock a.m, from Kvani, Coleman,
Evans wharf and will call at North
Vancuuver on the return trip. Ticket!
msy be bad at Martinson k (lo.'• or ll
Ihe North Shore Book and Stationery
Co. s st ure.
Tbe B. Y. P. V. ol the Fint Bap
tilt church here will conduct a garden
party on tbe beautiful grounds at the
corner ol Keith road aad Cbeeterlleld
avenue oa Tburiday evening, July 4th
Ice cream aad refreshments will be
■erved free and social intercour-' en
joyed from 8 to It. Au open air con
cart will be givan from V to 10. An
admittance of 26 centa will ba charged.
Tickets can be secured from aay of
the B. Y. P. IJ. memben ar ai the
The Dei Briiay block on Iba corner
of Fourth and lonidale ii rapidly ap
preaching completion, thpitn Viet,
ihe contractor!, ara puibing lha work
u rapidly u poiiible in an ifart to
have everything complita by tha Klh
pf Un month. Ut- Oaf Briiay recently
diipoiod ef hii well knows wardrobe
nu Granville itreet, Vaacaever, which
hi had conducted for Html yean
WANTRP-Slublng and clearing by
contract. O. A. Sw'anion, Lynn Creek,
P. O. u-7
WANTED-Youug man for orden
aud delivery. Boult Bros., 23rd and
WANTED—Japanese    man    wants
job by day.   Call or writo Jupanes'
if Garden. 2 7
WANTED—Japanese girl wants jo
i   family.   Call or write Japanese Tea
Ourdou, Oily. U-7
WANTED-Efderly mau wants light
iiiui, in North Vancouver. Apply Box
Aim Express Office.
WANTED-A Japanese boy wnnu
a ,y kiud of work. Mornings ouly. Apply Japanese Tea Hardens. 8 7
WA,NTED-Wiudow ami office cleaning or huuse cleaning by youug couple.
Apply Box Abl, Express Office.     11-7
HOB8ES WANTED- Will buy or
rent several teams. I.ml,mg & Lund,
110 Empire Building, Vancuuver, II. ('.
FOII RENT-Two uufurniihed housekeeping rooms in modern house. Few
minutes from car. Apply Mrs. Kuigbt,
lid Seventh street ami Bidgway
avenue. t.f.
WANTED-8mart young man for
grocery aud hardware business.' Apply
Weil Vaueouver Store ii Trading Co.,
Ltd., Hollyburn,
WANTtii-Tcnders for eleariug lot
16 block 106, ll. L. 660. Apply J. A.
(lallagher, cor. Keith Boad and Ridge
way. 2-7
WANTED-To reut by July 3rd, ll
ruoincd house, close iu, nul past 6th
street, with large garden, preferably
unfurnished.   Notify P. O. Rox 2061,
FOB SALE—Marine gasoline engirtc,
complete, $71); or exchange for station
ary.   Frank Alice, Windsor road west.
a prairie farm of 32U acres, wish to
oxebaoge for bouse property iu Nortb
Vancouver. Box 2426 North Vancou
ver. 8-7
FOB HACK limine, map, lmii street
and St. Ueurge's Avenue, t roomi, co
ment buement, piped for furnace, lot
33x160 to lune, fenced iu and gardon.
Now rented (22.60 per montb. Price,
12,660, |260 cub, balance (60 mouth
at 7 per cent. Owner, Box 1816, city.
LOST—(luld locket, oval shape, on
I ui ti ..-li. 1.- avenue. Reward—J. V,, Nortb
Shore Press.
LOST—Long coral uecklace, between
Ninth  and   Boulevard    aud    Seveuth
■Ireet east.   Will finder return to Coo
inglou, Seveuth street cast.    Reward.
FOB SALE-Sottiugi pf Mammoth
I'nkin Ducks. Priie strain. Fhuna IN.
ROOMS FOR RENT- Housekeeping
and eingle.  218 2nd itreet eut.
FOR REtrr-8lx roomed fiat, near
forry. (20 por montb. Apply War
1,uuin   Piano Houie, Ltd. t.f.
TO RENT-Eigbt roomed houso, witb
or without leu e Close iu. All conveniences. (46.00. Apply Box A88,
Express Oflice. t.f.
FOR RENT-A storo in tbo now
Duiicun lllock, comer Lonsdalo aveuue
aud Second street. Apply II. J. Dun-
cm, 837 Hastings street west, Vancouver, if.
For line watch and jewelry work go
to Heo. Houn iiuu, the uew jewelry store
ou 2nd street.
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk, Milk,
Cream ami Butter, Purity Creamery, 160
Secuud street wost.
If you havo auy property to aell and
want quick rosults, list it with Short,
Itobertsou anil Seymour. tf.
Tf you havo any properly lo sell and
caul quick results, list it with Short,
Robertson and Seymour. t.f.
Furnished bedroom for single mau
iu modern house. (7 per week. Apply
Mrs. Knight, 410 Seventh street ami
Ridgway avenue t.f.
Authorised agent fur Siugcr Sewing Machine Company iu North Vancouver. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Goods and
iiinii ' Furnishings, corner First uml
Lonsdalo Avenue. t.f.
B. C. Livery aud Board stables -
Light rigs and ladies' aaddle bonei
for biro. Stabling for horses. Oen-
eral delivery and heavy teaming. H.
Dumas, Ith street west. Phone 347 t.f.
Land Clearing and Orading Loti,
1'elo Audrusi, General Contractor. Sewer cm • liniin a specialty, baiement
and otber excavating work undertaken.
Eitimatei free. 627 St. Oeorge'■ Ave.,
Nortb Vancouver, poit offlce box 230).
For cabinet makiug, carpentering,
picture itainiiig, French polishing,
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
aud repairs, seo or pbone J. Ilaynei,
1236 Lonidale avenue, North Vancouvor. Pcrsoual attention. Pbone Llii.
put. It migbt have been tuought that
be would retire frum the cares and
worries of business, but be evidently
could not settle down to a life of eue,
aud therefore was soon actively looking
for "pasture! new." A visit to Norlb
Vancouver aud tbe Lyuu Valley con
vinccil bim lhat tbis ilislriet oilers
greal advantage! to tbe business mau.
He promptly IJjjyB corner pun
tiuu mentioned and iu a abort lime will
open a departmental ilore in the large
twotturcy block wbicb Smith Bros
are creeling for him. The buildiug is
16x139 leet, divided into departments,
sll of whieb Mr. DeiBriuy will occupy.
Thii will be au important addition lu
tha business housei of North Vancouver
and ill lucceu in iuch capable ami ex
pcrieuced bauds ii a foregone mucin
Tbe fint vcilry meeting over wbiofc
th| Bev. Dr. cl. Fea an Vicar of St.
Agnes' presided, waa held ou Mouday
laat week in tbe cbureb ball. Before
proceeding to the business of Ihe even
ing tbe vicar congratulated tbe ladies
preeent on the fact Ibat tbey could
naw attend lhe meetings u their rlgbt
instead of u heretofore on privilege,
owing lo Ihe recent amendment in the
caaoni of tht dioceie, wbicb gives the
ladiea lbe rigbl to vote.
Thi chief business of lha evening
wu the reviling of Ihe Hit nf church
officers, which now standi u followi
far thii year: Vicar's warden, F. Ii.
Ltgh; peupla'i warden, W. fl. Bowe;
church coinmillec, L. Watti Doney, J.
H. English, W. Harrii, J. ». Bennett,
E A. Drown and S. Blackwoll; dele
gile to lynod, W. O. Bowe; audllon,
E H. 'BrldgWM and H. fl. Wright;
•ecretarjr of chorea committee and en-
velupe   secretary,   Eugene   A.   Browu,
618 Tenth slreet easl.
Votes uf iiiuiii., were passed lo tbe
Rev. E. T. Rowe, the retiring vicar,
and II. W. Young lor past services to
tbo cbureb.
'fnt.nJJ —
Nurlli Vancouver L. 0. L. No. 1840
will hold tbeir annual church parade
oi .Niiiduv evening, July 71b. All
I i.mgi ii en are requested lo meet at
the Ki uf , ball, Fourth itreet, al 6:30
p in , and purudc to tbe llaptisl cbureb,
coruor Twefab aud St, Oeorge, where
lervica Will be couduclcd by Bev. A.
J. I'ronor, at 7:30 p.m. Alia any of
the brethren wi«bing to attend thu
service In vancuuver please meet at
the hall at 1:00 p. m. C. B. ('run, fe- .
cording   uu ictiiry.
Iu Hull,.there wero published iu tbe
United Kingdom 4066 new books, mak
ing, with the addition of 1080 now edition*, a total of 6044. Io Ull the
in oilier uf now books bad increased to
8630, and ol new editions to 2384, tbe
grand aggrogate reaching the itupeo
doui imal of 10,0141 Whence do all
lleie booki come; wbere do tbey gol
Truly, of Ibo making of booki there
il rto end -indeed, tho pail year
achieved a record in having aeen the
production of more book* than have
ever previouily scca lbe light in ory
What does it portend, thii ceuelru
outpour of bopksf' The thoughtful,
shocked by the immense avalanche of
fiction—which ii a record—may find
aome co|iio)etlpn in tbt fact that re' .
liglon com* next, and createa a record
ff It* own.
wm ■ansa*
Bank of Montreal
Eilabliihad 1817
Capital (paid up)
Reserve     ...
!"" *« mmmw99Wmmmmf***t^
A tnww.n ship leavei Ban Jranolioc,
twice a mouth with (mm *u,i)(iii,uiiu
to *:i,oiiii,iiiiii iu gold dust for the Eut,
With a good bout we can Intercept ami
rob and bum twp of thine steamers on
the lonely Mexican coast and return
to Victoria with Ave million dullan
before thp Wisbjugtun government will
have bwd pf the Incident,"
"But," 1 urged,'"ypu'II lie DMglit
and hitiitiiiii over tp the American authorities (ur piracy, and thep you'll be
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Branch i
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street
— mn in,,, i i J.gaaaaa—ae
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. .Rent $45.00 per
UO Eiplanade. Phone 227    •
We invite all those who intend building a new houie
to call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
anortment of the latest
patterni and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Poultry  Supplies  a  Specialty.
Timothy Hay,
Alfalfa Hay,
Whole Oat!.
Or. (lata,
Linseed Meal.
B. li K. (iiili k Food,
B. b K. (Hili k (Huiii,
B. & S, Scratch Food,
(tracked Com,
Swift Beef Bcrapi,
Our prlcaa are right and Deliveries prompt.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
of our WELLINGTON COAL will convince you
thai il is ihr beat domestic Coal on lhe marled.
ll burns freely, leaving 11 very smull percentage
of ash and no rlinkers.
Telephone the
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
Phone No. 48f.
'1.20  AM,
11.10 VM.
11.40 P.M.
12.K,  AM.
Vat aa lunder"
Leave North Vancouvar
•«.0U  AM 2.20
•0,20 2.40
*«.40 3.00
•7,00 3,20
7.20 3.40
•7.40 4.00
800 4.90
'1.20 I tu
8.40 IS.OO
0.00 B.20
(120 u iu
0.40 8.00
10.00 8.20
IU.20 0.40
10.40 IM
11.00 7.20
11.20 7.40
U.40 J8*»
12.00 8.30
12.20  VM.      9.00
12.40 9.S0
100 10.00
*«0 10.3d   ..
1.10 Jl.iw
tM          . JI.40
11.49* AJk,
Time table aubJMt te ebang. without
aotiM. Oonpanjr aot liable (ar delayi, accidental ar otherwise.
a mil-
"Uo was perfumed like
And 'twi*t hU linger  and
' thumb held
A  pommel-boa, whioh  aver and
' anon
He gave his nope, ami took away
Early in 1802 tha United Btatei government appointed Hop. Allen Francis
iu be its eunniii at Victoria, lie wus
the lirst of a long line nf consuls at
this port, which began with Mr. Fran-
els and Is continued in the person of
Hon, A, K. Hnilth, the prpscut ubio ninl
popular guariliun of the internals nf
American itltiiaua here, Mr, I'niii.in
waa an urbane and kindly disposition
ed man, llie loyalty was untpiiistiiiiiod
and, as thin nurative will show, lie
wai niii. ii nil', nl ilie.I in tint arts of
diplomacy to successfully papa >-nli llm
uuin' clever iuii„li, Hint giitlicreil nt
Victoria in that your witli tliu avowed
purpose of plotting ugainst tho govern'
niont of their country uml milking this
port thu liimin of ii|iiu;iiii.iu fur uiiliug
the . "inlu hi " l.els iu their nlfort to
destroy the Union, At tho time of
which I writo u lilnody war was raging
between tlio Nnrthurn ami the Hnutliurii
Mates, ami tltoueamU of lives wure
daily lost In the struggle. The Northern armies liud suffered muny severe
ruverscs, and the outcome of tlie war,
which l" ■!,', through four lung, wunr.y
years, ami cost five (ulli  nf dnllurs uml two millions nf lives, was extremely doubtful.
In Mill! (Inniiral flritlit, whose skill
was ilcstiueil tn suv,i his country fruni
disruption, was unborn as a great som
ma Hilar, uml a rebel army had Invaded
tliu Northern Htate of Pennsylvania,
caving a train of death, desolation
and misery in its traek. Tim period
wae one of great anxiety fur llm
iiiiini' of the Abraham Lincoln gov
eminent, and ns.ncws of successive
rubol victories woro flusliod over the
wires the friemls of the Bouth resident
here hcranm noisily jubilant and Unfriends of the Union correspondingly
Hliorlly after the outbreak nf tlm
war many aympnlhi/era front the slave
states 'nine tu reside iu Victoria. Home
leased reaideneas, others took upurl
umnlH at hotels, still others went inlu
business, while a fourth i'liiss proceeded
to ' uni  ami eiigagud iu gubl min
ing and Iruding.
.iiiu.i.i' i tin- most pfoml I South
ertmrs who weut to Uarlboo were .li-r
ome ami Thaiiileiis Harper uiul .lohn
ami Oliver Jeffries. These men drove
Urge liaiuls nf cattle from I'ulifuruio
mui Oregon into I'uriboo, uml as beef
was sold there at tl.SH a pound, limy
realised large fortunes in a single »eu
IOU. The Harpers, who wore frnm
Virginia, took up lun,I uu llic iiiuiii
lain! unit became Hie cattle kings uf
the interior. The Iwo Jeffries, who
were from the slave stale nf Alabama,
joined Hie Huiiiliern solony ul Victoria,
ami having licups ol money were aoon
the leading spirits in uu enterprise
vv Iii.ii for un.in, ir. of i'iiiu'i)|il inn was
uiieiirpassi.il by the most iluring
achievements of llio Houthemers iluring Hie  whule uf ll.nl   iii'.liil I'linlenl
Tho Malhiosuii brothers, Iwu Her
muu caterers, liuill a new brick uiliel,
naming it the Ht. Nicholas, ou lim em
uniil Rtreet, ueruss t)ie rnU'l ftom tlm
New Kugluiul. They npeimil il early
in Hm fall of IHUli, and did u ronriug
I.uuin ... I took u roam on the second
Hour and ale my meals ul Hie Hulel de
I  l.'Hi"        ,'l|,i Iiu I    •    Alu'i-le   i-l in, I        .. i I
ly ou the site of tlm Hulel ilu France,
which was destroyed by lire uu Ihe
Ith of November, HUM. Tlm Jeffries
engaged apartments on tlm upper flat
of the Ht. Nicholas, rooms 23 ami 24,
and iiiie.l them UP handsomely. They
entertained their Houtlmru uml Vic
toria fn. m.Ik liberally. A Mr. and
Mrs, fii-.t, alio Hoiilheniers, liml a
ilium on lhe lei'ini'l Hat just oppoaita
mine. At Bingo's Hotel ou Yates
Htreet resided a handsome young
American, claiming to be a Southerner,
named lllchard Uiveli. lie wai a
great favorite of the Jeffriea, as in
dead, he was of everyone who dime iu
i uiiiin I with him. Ho dressed well and
his only fault wae a habit ol tprink
ling bis handkerchlcfa ami garments
wltb a powerful and pungent per/urns,
Now, it happens lhat.I have a nulural
repuguapce for perfumery, and I ap
prised l.ovell of that fact when wu had
become well acquainted. He laughed
aod laid that it wai a habit into whieh
he had fallen and could mil lircuk off.
"Besldei," be added, "it keeps down
tba smell of i tobscco after I have
."(ft thetwo," I rejoined, "J prefer
the weed, In tut, I'd prefer a whiff
of sewer gus any day to the odor of
"V.very man to bis taste or smell,"
rejoined Dick good-naturedly, and tha
conversation ended. Ile little thought,
nor did I, that his fondnese for went
would prove, his undoing.
The Bt, Nicholas Hotel has passed
through many phases and hands lines
the Mnthjeeon brothers faded and, went
away and died, it u now knowu as
the Hiivuy. | not long since ascended
to the upper floor uud eutered rooms
Noa, ii and 84 for the lirst time In
forty one years, Bfrcapt in the furnishings no change* have been made In
that luun interval. But ulil tf those
walls could speak what tilths they
uuiiili narrate of the soenes that have
truiisplriul witliiu the compass of their
four (juniors since I.lost sat and talked
uud siunkinl and drunk tousle and sang
Mr. 1'usey wus a-slim, gray man of
iiluiiil llfty yeurs. Ills wife waa a
lurge null t'tircut'iil pursnnage, s|uiit and
largo-limbed. Hhe hod a pussinn for
binding her pretty lingers—fur she had
smull, lovely lunula with cuatly diamonds, uud her earrings, if genuine
sIiiuiib, wer'u worth much. Mr. I'usey'i
face wore u tired, shrinking look—a
SOrt     tlf     lu. Hue Ul,    lul   liei,,!'  nine
I um   his wife, ou Hie iilhur baud,
WUS  null' unnull h,'      rille   Was  I'llliillillllll
iind intensely Houtliern iu hur ulcus
uud claimed that a white man had
us mil eh right tn buy uud null niggers
ns ho had to buy mnl sell eattlu or
merchandise*  I did nut agree wilh her,
luil   I   it ."hi   it  unwise  in  say  ao,
Uiereforo I simply ucquioicud ami let
thu ides that I waaat) Hmithuru sym
patbizitr take hold of thu lady'a mind
uml remain thero undisturbed, Bo we
iu unu,' guud friends.
Tlie Jeffries ami  I'useys often gave
little   "evenings,"   to   which   flick
luivell  und  I   nnd  ninny others  were
invited.   Mrs. 1'usey could aing a little,
uml one uiglit tliu liruuglil witli her lu
the Jeffries' mom a yuung lady whom
she Introduced   as   Mine  Jackson,   a
niei'ii uf Htnnewall Jucksuu, Ihu famous
Southern general."   Miss Jacksuu was
aboul thirty yeurs of age ami rather
nice looking, Imt shu did not slriku me
us lining ul iill girlish in her ligure or
wuys.   As a matter of fact, I address
ed her as "Mrs." Jackson until cor
reeled  by Mrs. 1'usey.    Miss Jackson
had ii guitur anil Oliver Jeffries could
blow through Hie holenf a ilm,   and
iiulie a loud nm...'. which, iu his eon
coit, he thought was music.    All tbe
gentlemen euuld join  in llie choruses,
ami cigars having been passed round
(the ladies suid  they liked tbe smell
of tobarro), uml a decanter uf dark
brandy uud another uf  li„ i ,„,'. Hay
rum having gone lhe rounds "with the
sun," und the ladiea having had their
shure,  thu  singing  of  patriotic  suliga
was comment-oil.   The nutes uf "Way
Down Hiiiilh iu lli»ic" uml "My Maryland" floated out  inlo the night  air
mul tilled lh» corridura wilb uncertain
harmony, bul  llm evenings were jully
und iill were extremely happy.
On one occaaion wc became eiceed
ingly boisterous. News had come
serosa Um Sound by Imal of a great
rebel victory, ami thu 'company si
celled all previous efforta iu singing
Confederate airs, while their rebel
hearts, litirsliug wilh eutbuiiusiii, found
frequent v enl in loud cheering. The
two rooms were crowded ami Ihe re
juicing wus kept op until curly morn
ing. I,niell wua i |", i.iii , mnn ui, tu
lie excelled all, olbers preaenl in the
exuberance of his language uml the ,•»
Iravaguuiii nf hit actions, Tlm ladies
-there were several pruaeut -were de
lighled with |i,.'|,, mul when ul lusl
he sliiggcreil uwuy fur Ins hotel lie was
voted ii jolly goud  iulu,   und uu
compromising rebel.   Wliuu, later ou, 1
left rooms 2.1 und    I Jobn Jeffriea
■ut,-.| upun UicumpHiiyiug nm. Aa I
unlocked my door be entered, uuin
viled, and, turning llle key on the
inside, put it in hia pocket. I made
s in, „ii,i note thai it wss iinini
cheeky prniot'iliig tu make a man a
pinunei in hia own riiiiiii, but I aaid
nulliing ami calmly awaited remits.
Jeffries eiauiiued tbe window) it was
"me He looked at the traiisiomi
it was cloied. Ile tried the door; it
was fast. Ile looked beneath the bed;
HO one was lliere. Ile opened the
«ur,Imi,.' ami felt among the clothes.
Then bo lurned sharply around ami re
giu.Id me closely for a full minute.
1 did not i'ii inv Hie scrutiny and uid
so| moreover, 1 told him curtly that I
wished to go to bed.   Then be apokei
"II.," he began, "pardon me, but
I bave something to lay to you of vast
importance. It is a cloie lecret, and
of the company present tonight kuown
only to Oeorge dole, Jerome' Harper,
Hick l.iivoll, Mrs. 1'usey, Oliver and
myself. We wmi! >'our help and have
decided to take you into the scheme.
Should you decline you must take au
oath never fo repeat what I am, about
to tell you."
I told liim 1 had a dscided objection
to making a promise beforo I knew
what waa required of me,^
II. begged hard, aud 1 Dually gave
lbe pledge.   II. then ssid:
'We Intend to lit out a privateer at
"Not at all, Look at the privateers
Alabama and Shenandoah. They have
destroyed millions of dollars worth of
American shipping and they sail in
ind out of French and British ports
unmolested. They hold letters of
marque from the Confederate govern
ment, and I'lligland and France have
recognised the Southern Slates os be!
"But," I said, "without letters of
marque you will be pirates all tbe
"Well," he replied, "I have them in
my room, signed by Jeff Davis ami
sealed hy Judith )'. Benjamin,' secre-
tsry of state. Wc have nttlcers here
and a strong crew. All wu want is a
suitable vessel. The Otter, aud the
more aiioleut Beaver, of thu llmlsnu's
Bay Company, can bu bniiglit, but
thuy aru not niitable— luu slow and
frail, Wo havu got our eyea al last
nu a good ahlp ami can gut her for the
business. But we require outside help
ami wu have sulectud you in do a cur
lain thing fur us."
"What do you want me to dul" I
"You know the consul well, He ia
clever, but a man in whom he has cun
lideiiee nan foul him. Villi aiul ho
are cluau friemla. An article will bu
prepared by i 'uir fnr yuur paper wbicb
will mislead bim ami put bim and bia
detectives ou the wrong scent. While
they aru fulluwing tbut scent we shall
get away in uur ship, ami williutil railroads or telegraphs anywhere ou the
nmi, ami with un warship convenient
lo follow, wu shall bu bunk wilh the
treasure iu sil weeks."
I confess that while this bold mau
(who liilieunl Implicitly iu the justice
nf his cause ami purpose) spoke I felt
a creepy feeling come uver me. I
wished hu hud kept his secret. I hud
uu Intention of duing as he wished, hut
I wus niinl.I, actually afraid, tu tell
him io. llu luukcd earnest uud fiendish
uud I hud ruasnii tu Hiiuk be curried
a knife and ruvnlvur reudy for uie,
while I wai unarmed.
Ile awaited my answer uud I aikud
fur time—a couple uf days. Aftur
pressing very hard fnr an ImmedlStS
decision, he commuted lo give the time,
lidding    "I, 'I, ill, until    HlUt    III)   Iluu;  id    I
had belter agreu. Ile then uuliickud the
duor, liiidu me guud night ami passed
alnng Ihu ball ami up Ihe stairs lending
In his rooms. 1 watched him until he
disappeared and then I becume sensible
of a strong odor that tilled tbo passage
if I did nut know thai Dick Lnvell
lias been abed for Ibe lasl hour I'd be
ready tu swear that he's nut fnr from
Ihis room now. I'gh! that awful smell.
I'd detect it anywhere If tl.i,i man
should commit a crime he cnuld lie
Hacked frnm Victoria lu llalifai by
the wcnl." Thua Bulilui|uiaing I lucked
my dour ami fell aaleep.
lu tlm murniug II. M. H  ('iiu, I'apl
Tumour commanding, dropped anchor
iu  Kaqtilinalt  harbor    Hhe  had come
from   llu,,i,i,ii,,     Aiming Iter midship
men waa I,unl Charles Beresford, now
a llritiah admiral, ami uue nl Ihe brav
sl nf llie many brave sailors ill our
service.   The Clio brought the informs
lion that Lord Charles, while ashore al
Honolulu, had lorn lbs American coat
ut arms frnm its position over the eu
trance to the consulate, takeu il aboard
Ibe Clio ami hung II up iu his cabin
as a trophy.    Thu published accuunl
proceeded to say that Captain Tumour,
when informed of Iho outrage, manned
a launch ami couduclcd llm yuung mid
shipmuii to tho couiulale, where, afler
offering au humble apulogy lo Ihe con
mil ami the Hulled States governinenl,
Lord Charles ascended s ladder ami re
aimed the emblem lo Ils former poll
lion.   Th. action of Captain Tumour
Wai   clel inhere   Clllllllieilduil    liy    pulll
otic people, and I .nni ('bail.-, consider
ably creitfalluu and vary peuilant, waa
not lung in disgrace. While Ih. ship
ieniuiii.il on lhls station he made many
warm friemls, and was really a An.
young follow, but ai full of fun aud
practical jokei as ail Beresfordi are
historically reputed to be.
The uewi of the intuit tu Ihe I mid
States government at Honolulu gave
Ihe greateit satlsfactipo lo Ihu seen
ilonlit colony at Victoria, and lome
graceless rebels went at night tu tha
cumulate, then ou Wbarf Btreet, aud
painted a "plug" hat on the head ami
a.pipe In the mouth of th.-vagle laai
fortui thc central figure of tbe Amsri
can arms. A libers! reward wai offer
ed, but the perpetrators wers never
discovered. The following day two
rjngliih bootblacki wbo k.pt a little
A IIY-I.AW to enable tke Corporation
r»d inlet Tunnel ml iirNa. Pam-
H»fi '
wn ion HUH a I'ui iiiun dated aa to
eaull signature and signed by tile uwn-
ers nf inure than onu-tuiitb of tlm
value At land In tllP Diatriot of North
Vanoouver, gs shown by the lust ru-
vlaed Assessment Roll, has been presented to the I'liiinull of the said Ids-
tviot, I'uiiueMlnv thsm to Introduce and
pass a By-Law to authorise them io
borrow the sum of 1160,000 to be o»-
iiiiuii.'.i In the purchase of ninuli or
sliiirus In the Burrard Inlet Tunpel and
Hridge  Cumiiany  Incorporated   by  uct
uf Far!!-■-
iiiiuii.'.i  In tbe purcliuse of moci.  or
' I the Burrard Inle' m
luinpsny hioorpor
Hument of Canada;
ANP wiit'iiii'iAH the amount of the
debt whieh this H) I.uu Is Intended
lu ci'iuiiii la tliu suld sum uf IIGO.OOll
lid the .mii 11 fur which Hie suld liulii
s created Is the purchase uf itock or
sliiiioi In the Burrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridie Uunipnnv as aforeaald.
AND WlllilliHAH It will be neceaaary
to ralie annually hy ipeclal rate tha
siim uf HIU for Ihe term of flfly yeara
for tliu repayment of the ealtl loan and
fur Interest ihureun at the rale of Ave
per cent. a. hereinafter provided:
AND Wlll'ilti'',.\n lbs value of the
wholu i.n, uid, lum) ur Improvements
ur reul pru|ier|y In tbu aald District,
ileumdlnu tu lliu laal revised Assessment   Hull amnunls lu 10,083,700;
AND   V'. Ill III.',:    >|iu   ...     i. .    In     uf
llle In In uiiiie llulil uf lhe Munlclpul
Ity   lescupt  fur  wurks of  Local Improvement und ■" i  purpuses) Including the luun hereby uulliuiUed umiiumu
In 16117,0001
I'lllnliinKiiiit; Ihu Heave and Council
of   tlio   I'm i'iiiuIIuii   uf   lltu    i'l diiel    or
Nnrlh Vuu. .ui.. i In council usaumlilud
i willi the asssnl nf lhe lilluelui'S uf tbu
I nmi 1.1 duly "in,nn. di du i.uu uiiact
ua iniln wu, vis. i
I. II ahull lm i uunl fur tim Oouncll '
fur Ihu iiucpuau ufureaultl lu borrow
or i.line In wuy uf luun fruni any pu8.
sun of pursnns, liutly nr biulles norpur-
uie who muy iiu willing to udvuucuibe
sume tiputi 1 llu credit uf tliu Debentures in 11 nun, i pruvlded for uf Ibis
Corporation a sum ur sums of money
uoi exceeding In lbs wliule Hiu sum uf
lieu,oue, unil lu um,,,' ilm Km,, lu bu
placed In Ihe Hunk of nun i, Ninth
Ainui'leii In North Voncnnvui-, In lbe
i ruilll uf tliu t'oi-poriillou for the pur-
pusu iiforusulil,
. I.   Debenture Uuiiils nf Ihu Corpora-
Unu In llm umuuiil of 1160.000 In Hm
whulu muy bu Issued liy Hiu Reeve unit
ni, ii- of ilie Corporallon lu terms of
Ihu  -ium, n .,i Acl In sums ua muy bu
dunllul.   but   llll   iillu.li    In I., llluie   shull
he for a areuler sum Ihun tl Oun Kueli
if suld i .ii.i.iui. liumls ahull he slum
id hy Ihu suld lleeve uud Clerk and
sliull   lie  sealed  wllh   llle Heal  uf   Ihu
The suld Debenture Uuu,Is sliull
Intereat al it rutu uul exceeding
llvu pur cuul. pur ,nii"i" i ' ..id. half
uuii. un llm Isi duy of, Pelii uuiy and
thu tit, day of August lu eaell uud
every yeur during the utirienuy of suld
liei.eiiiiiiui ur uny of ihem. Tburu
shall bu ni.,,md to (lu, i'. I,, ,,i,,i.
Uiinds coupons signed hy tlm lleeve
and 'lui' lor usch uml.evury pin inuiil
uf Inlerest thai shall become duu und
such signature muy lie iilhur wrlllen
lithographed  or  "lumped       ■
I, The laid IJuUuiiluiu Bunds us lu
ium. ip.il ulld lun nni shull lie ru..,nl.
ul tlm Dlslrlcl Municipal uin.. Nuiih
\ ui,, ,-iiu i ti. (!., or al Hiu |i Iiu ll ul Of-
llm iif Ihu Hunk nf lirilisli Norlb Amur- ■
leu hi Ihu City uf 'I "inni" In ihu l'u.
vlime uf Ontario, or ul lin- principal
"in,., uf llic sold Hank lu in. i'ily ot
Mmilicul In Ihu I'ruvlncu uf Quebec
The suld principal sum sliull iiu iiu.du
guuild,    by   llle   I'm |"'i ,.Uuu   at   a   ilutc
ilul lulur in.ui llfly i.-inu Irum ilu
Isl day of Augml. ISIS
6 There nln.il lie raised and levied
annually hy a speclul ralu on all rateable land ur Imuroveniuiili or real
plun.ill In the nieiil.i. Iho sunt of
lasl for Hiu purtioeo of funning u
sinking fund for Hiu payment of suld
Delieniurfs when Ihey bfioiiiu duu, uud
tliu sum of 17,600 fur Hie paymeiil of
Ihu mn nm al lhe rale afursiuld lu
becilum due nli such Di-lii'iilutca during
lhe ' ui i' ii. . in. i. ui and thai In ...l.ll
lion tu ull nlliur rules lo hu luvtud and
collected In lhe said lilsiilcl dining
the whule currency uf Hie said Debenture! or any nf (ham
S    This By-Uw may be died for all
puii",n,n ul "Tile Ilmi,inI Ililil Tun
ml slid Hi Id", i'nu,pun. Loan Uil.sW'
7 This Htl.uw ihall come Into effect on llm Isl dsy nf August.  ISU
fussed li)  lhe i'ouncll un tbe
day of ISIS
Received lhe assuiil uf llm  Kleelurs
nl ,.u election held un Ihe
lay   of ISIS.
Itecuiiiiilituil and Dually udopled liy
llm  r.fUliill  und  eland  liy   llm  Huevu
and I'lerk and sealed wllh lhe Corpol
_tu Hsal on Hie -
day of |lll
II.. v.i
l ll i mn n   iih   mi     in-i in. i    Ilr'
Mill lit   I IM nt  V I  11
TAKK NOTICK Ihut lbe above Is a
true copy nf Hie iiiop.isvil Uv-laiw.
upun which lhe sole of Ihr Muni. I
pulll. will ba lalirii wltbln Ihe follow
Iiig pulling n,,H..ns via: In tin 'lu
■ili liml Hull I..nn Vull.) n "i In
lhe Cliuicli Hall al corner of bins
dels Avenue und 'Jut-en I ltua.1. uud ,il
|'„|dim.., H. Iiu.,1 lions, sll III tile Ids
iiln iif Noilh Vancouver, nil Hulurdu),
the lllh dii) of July. ISIS, belween Ih.
hours uf S "'• lm k u m   and 7 o'clock
"   m JOHN (I   KAHMKH,
ll  M  C and tl.ininli,a mil.. i
I'I'HLIi'   NOTH'K   Is   hereby   given ■
its of the Hleeliiri nr lhe
liisiil. i   of Norlb Vancouver  will  lm
The  Hu,I.,,,I   lnl, i   Tunnel
Ibst the vole
of Ni
taken  on
and llildiii' I'uniiiiuy l.uuii By-Law.
ill." on Halurday. Ihs lllh day of
July, IHIS. between llm boor* of t
./cluck a in uml 7 o'clock pm wllhtti
lhe following liiilllnji plaoie. vis i ln^ „
III.. Municipal Hull, Lynn Valley lined ft {
In lbs i'iiiu. h Hsll sl Ibe cornsr ot
Lonsdale   Avenue  nil  Oueen'1   I111.0;
and ui  the I'ejillaiio r-'.-i I  Iluuie In
Ihe Dlilrlcl of Nurlli Vencouver. and
lhal Jobn 'I Farmer haa beep sii-
pulnlid Hcliiililng Olttri-r In luke llm
volee of aucb ll  wllh
powers In alius bihelf.
' tit Order of lbs Council.
IHIfnedl      WM  II   MAY.
r. wllh Ibe uiual
C M c
(Continued on Pag. 8, (M. 9.)
Victoria,to prey on American ihipplug.Ifl^^nmsiTfflAmmVm^U
tpe. ii.m ivi-sua ■t-vwrMtt yqhv»"v ^i»t m- *-, • -.^-.,,,
Our Stocks of Sterling
11 ■■      ii i.i
Silver and Silverplate
present.almost ati nuliinilail choice of usoful, protty and distinctive gifts which it is impossible to describe fully In type.
TABLE ESSENTIALS from full tea seta to the smallest spoon.
DBOOBATIVul BILVEB iu every fonn of vase dower basket
or candelabra.
TOILET HOODS tn sucli quality, design and assortment
thst all may sacnre their Ideal.
OABD   OABB8   AND MESB'BAQB which will plessa the
most arrogant demand for neatness, fashion and »iutility.
Henry Birks & Sons, ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Qranville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C,
A Brisk Market
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
il-iu. ,■:• in:, in Klder Murruy I'uuipiiuy I.imilod)
17 l.oiisiliilti - I'i","»' 117
LrView- Lynn View.
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caih, $10.00 per month
t] These lots are one block (rom car line in Lynn Valley and
nice and level and high.    	
f| Let us i|iiole you rates on Fire, Lite and Accident
McMillan & rod
Five roomed house, large rooms, modern,
and two roomed cabin rented, standing on
double coiner, 100 (eel by 140 feci, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. Price
$6,600;   casli   $1,600, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Vsncouver
Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Whirl: Foot of Si, George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue,   Phone 198.
Is at iinini. Wo wisb to complete our listings of Beal Estate
in time for It.
Favor us witb full partb Hilars of wbat you bavo for salo.
We bavo a number of excellent Family Hoiisob for Bale at
moderate prlnes.
Wo liave also somo good acreage Lots suitable for Bub
divisions and very cbeau.
Lynn View
Manufacture of Hair
'I'lm i.iibji'i'i ul tho |ii'ii|iiii'itl imi ui
horse lmii I'm- I'liiiiiiu'ieii'i |iin'|„i u:. ia
a very attractive ono, tho flfiiiiws,
being curious ninl vory elaborate.
The horse hair arrives it| bnlos
weighing about half a ton emh, mnl
valued nf about $000, Tlm chief
sources of supply are Qrpat Britain,
North autl Bouth America, Australia,
Germany, Russia, ami iiiiinii. Tho tails
supply the best in ir, because thuy aro
lunil, the uui iuu Inni," soft, ami there
fore of inferior value,
The long hairs are suitable for par
ticular purposes, but tbnau of onliu-
ary length are prepared for stulliuo
nn iiiiun' ami othor upbolaltiry wurli.
The hair is first sorted over suction
screuus, which draw tint and carry
away thp dust. Color fnnns Hut llrsl
basis of classification, black, white,
and grey lining sorted out, mui ai'liir
this Ihu hair is iliviilml up according to
its various lengths oud ils quality. That
which is to appear blank is diuil in
logwood, eu..liul. ami dried. Thou lliu
Hirudin; iuu aru mixed iu various
lumps, to uul.' ;.muni!:, of various
values. After this thu material passes
llirough a surins of mixing machines
or inili.. provided wilb uibtiiials lo tt-
imi'l iiii)' dual whieh rniiiaiiia.
An Elaborate Process
Tho liuir ia now apuu into ropes,
which aro again Iwisted on them
selves, and by a third operation
twisted iulu li convolute alnipu. Tbey
urn limn aiiiilitnl in cold waltir fur two
hours, after which thuy are, baked ul
a temperature of uver Hull degrees
Fahrenheit fur twelve luitirs. This
damp licul destroys ull bacterial life
lliul uiiglit possibly exial in llm hair,
ami alsu Ilies llm curl, inul llm ropes
arc bung up lo cuul for I lime daya.
Vim inferior qualities ara thou uu
Iwialud and carded by machinery,
while llm guild i|iuilitios arc opuuotl
out and carefully baud carded.
Tbe very llimsi grades cost up lo
il ni u [uuiiili wholesale, mnl its it mlien
aboul forty i'nn ml i. nf hair In make n
full aizud mattress, il will bu seen Ibul
the cost to lbc ordinary individual ia
rather prohibitive, Tim late ijucun Vi
toria wus very partial lo horse hair
...nin . .. ami always insisted ou lin.
iug tim beat quality uf wbitu Imuran lunr,
Tlm loilgosl imi. iiiiiii' iiuiu I'biiiu
nmi liussla. Theae arc lirst disinfected,
thou limy arc dipped in a liolb of anil
um.i ami sotia, sfter wliieii Ihey urn
wul hackled lo get mil nil tlm snort
fur. Tlm sun ml hairs are dry carded,
being piled up uu a board studded with
lulu' pins, uml drawn from llm two ends
buiwi'L'ti nu old raior un.l llm thumb In
liiigllis ul live inches.
Varied Uses
While lmir uliuli ia thirty inches in
Icnglli uiul upwards is used fur violin
bows, lilin I. lunr, whicii is aligblly
stronger, is used for bows for double
busses, .''iinini hun according to lis
length ia tied inlo bundles ami sulil In
i.i iiul. uul,11., or to plume tuskers fur
ornamenting helmets ami llic bridles nf
cavalry horses.
Long lunr ia also eileiulvclv cm
ployed fur weaving into lunr cloth for
Upholstery, in wlmb ., linen- wurp is
used, utui ulsu iu making Ibe rlolh
wliiuti luiltirs use (or slilfcuiiig gut
ineiil". when il receives u warp of cot
Tlm official wigs uf judges uiul bur
Haters arc made frnm specially picked
out hair, known us "dead" hair, be
cause it lius uu gliul upon il.
The lum Iruin llie lulls of cowa uiul
men ia alao uied for one or twu pur
posce. The cow lulls ure dressed wliule
uud uiiilyeil fur eiporl lu Hnuili Africa
fur tlm use of llic unlives. The nutivca
insist on Ihu hair being liinlyed, and
llicy pluil il iulu bungles au,| over
■niiit boxes, aa well aa combine it Willi
llm wire which ia wound round sjitui
links and slicks. Thoy iislo use il for
threading bends.
(low hair is also drawn for weaving
inlo seivc hollouia, lo form atruincrs
for cooks uml gunpowder nianiifac
limn while lions hair bugs, are used
fur oil Sud,elder presses uml for brew
ers' straining cloths.
Lastly, goals' hair from China and
Tibet, being very aofl, ia used in Ih'
manufacture   uf    babies'   brushes,
Weekly Tclsgrsph.
!«,>-..   -,  , -,-,
tlte agricultural public, ns to what pub
liciiiiiiuii may ho procured a full list
indicating the subjects' trualud bus
Iiiiun Issued iu pamphlet form, lu bu
sent out to those wtio upply Inr it.
purcbaae   o( shares   in   lbe   capital
Slock -••
IIIS'I'IIKI'   111'   MIHTU   llsJKM vim
A Hl-l.lW lu iuHUi.il..' t||i lurlliiru
iluu uf the lllslrlel ill Nortk \ iincini
yer lo enter Inlo una i-iccuic uu
uuri'cniciil iillh lbe llitrrnril Inlel
'I'uuuel nail llrldair roiiipmi)  (ur Ihe
iicUuac   o(  shares   I
tick nf ssid cuuinau)
BB IT HNAUTHp by the Boovo and
i'iiuii,II uf thu i',nluu,nluu of ilm i-i,.
trict pf Nurtli Vancouvei' In Council
.!■■:" uiiil, ii (wltb the assent of iho
Electora uf thu District ilul)' bad uml
obtained) us follows, via •—
1 Authority Is hereby given lo the
Beuve and Clerk of tile Uurpiiralliin to
sign on iieii.iii uf tlm Uurpurullun und
lo suul wltb the dorporalu Seal un lit-
dentut'u uf \i uiiuiii belween Ibe
Burrurd Inlel 'runnel ami Bridge tloin-
imiiy uf tbu nay purl, and tbo florporu-
iiuu uf the ulllu iuu lu llie i' i mu "i
tbu ...iiuiiii, ..|.|u n,i, ,i to this By-I.aw,
uiul iiiilhnrliy Is hereby given lo tlm
' u,,,,.!,hi.,i, in ,,,,, , imu und >u itgrue
In ull the |.mil..nu,.. ui ...ii.i .,,.,,, uu in
I. This By-I.uw may be cited tor all
i'uii". .. us "Tliu Durrani lul.l Tuii-
ii. I  anil   Bi'IiIkii t'nillliuliy  A III   lly-I.uw,
II. This llv l„,vv shall cumu Inn.
ii|ieiuiiuii uu tm, .Imu of lis reciilvlltg
lllll   IISSCllI    Ilf    III,!    I.U  uli lull!    luil        llui
lu Oouncll liy urder lu cuuncll lo lliul
iissiiil  hy  llm llunuell on  Hi
dm ut .lumi. ISIS.
Received llm ussnnl uf the lllecnirs
ul un Kleclliiii held un llm duy ul
., ISIS,
Itiieulislilereil  llllll  Ilnully  i|4i>|>liul   by
llm I'uiiiiull mi lliu day of
TkS Schedule tbove llefcrred To.
Tills INIlttNTURH dated ililts iisih
ilny id .huie. 1(1111, belween The'Bur
ilinl Inlel Tunnel unit Bridge innn-
luiny, Incorporated uu ,, ruilwuy' column); by Uuii lei uf ilu- Parliament t.f
Canada iliurciuiiftcr referred lu u.t the
I'lilululiu   uf   lhe, line   llllll,   unit   'Tlie
Corporation ><f lbe ium, nf Nmih
Vuncuuvei' ilierclnnfici' ruferred tu ua
"Tlie Ciiiiiuriitliin") uf the utbor nui't!
Wil lilt HAS, lu pursuance uf lil.len-
Illle   uf   Agl'eiilllelll   iliilc.l   I llu   illl   uny
iif .Inly, IOIO. uml ininli! Ilul vv mm , uu
fnuiiifiiiy and lliu Corporation, llu i m-
porallon lias subscribed fur uud Inker]
uu in,, iii.ui,,,,,,d in, liumlrcil lhuri-s uf
line iiuu.u.. linlluis each In Iii'i espial siiicii .,f ihe Company,   nui  llm
'ulllliuliy lilts eipclulefl Ciinsl'lel'illile
■ iiiun utui ciirrlcil oul cerlulli I'teliiiilin
.try wiults In cuiiiiectluii with Hiu eon-
nluu Hull uf llu, auld bridge:
ANH   WlllnllKAH   In   cullSeilllellu:   uf
i, lu,'.., which linv.1 un.,vul,Ln,i,  occur-
till lu  collllcclliill   Willi  the   ,, 'ini   iluu.
f ."in ■ fur Hn: bridge in he conalriici-
■I liy Hie tiunipunv, uml In uiinneclluii
wllh lhe upprovol (if pinna by lllc Itull-
way ', i,.iu, uui,, i, uf i ui.u.l,i llm
Cunipuny will be unable to cumpl)
wllh iiuulliluiis as In cumplullon ul
suiil lirlilii, imposed by ihe iiilnl paragraph nf Hie snbl ntiieciiicnt uf the
tilt ii.i) nf .Inly, 1U10.
ANII WIIKKln'Atj lu view uf llic
greal value and lieuelll In accrue lu
Hn: I'li.liiu uf Nurlli Vinieuiivei by
llu ,uiniilelii.n iif the vv,ui,., lu be
iinileil.ilieii by llie Company ami tbu
necessity nf completing ilm suld works
wit Imu I any iiiiucceasai y delay, Ihe
Corporation tins agreed lu ubl lhe
puny I     un ,, uuu,,   fur ...luiiiu i
ThollBund e'lve lllinilleil \ti'
Hue. Ilini'liul Ilullnis i-iieli I
I'lipliiil bliiili uf lbe ('iimpany In n.1.11
Hun lu llu- slums purchased lu pm
iiiinie uf sabl agreement uf lbe Slli
i ii. Tin Itit'i line
I'll  USIltil. ,i     of
I'llell      In      Hi,
Ilus uill I lu ell.lllll the lime
r July. 1910, uml llm Corporation
e fur viiiii
plellon nf said Bridge
NiiU   THIS    INDKNTHBH   In   uui
siiiince uf lhe promises WlTNUHHIlTll
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB   EDMUND   WALKEB, O.V.O. I.L.D. D.O.L. President
Asst. doners! Manager. General Mauagar.
Capital $15,000,00(1   Best $12,500,000*
Temporary quarters of the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade Wesl, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings BankDeposils of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any lime.
I. A. FOBBTBB    M»n»g«r.
I. The Compuny aires! lo sell ami
tlm   Curpiiiiilliin   nitreee   lu   imu..,
Oil!' I I,,,,,'uiul C'lVe ll u.ui .I i 1.uuu
.duuu.  yf iiiu   Iiiiinii. .I   Imll.nn     jl""'
nacli iif llie (liiiill.il Hindi uf Hm t'lilin
pnny at ntul fur llm prlci' uf line Hum
iired   and" rffly-    'I biiuuuinl     Hulbirs
luun,,,,     IllbJQOt    III   Hi,,   I, I1IIS   ul    lip,
Aci nf Incorporation uf Dm Company
uml lu lim i.'ii,  ui,    Conditions:
i The I'uiiipiiuy sliull Issue uml
niiilic delivery in tlm Corporation uf
slime ciillllciiiiia for ull ur uuy uf the
said 11,00 shines In llm I'upltnl Sluclt
In Valid fm tn ut uny Nine wllhln
30 ilnjs nf lui- tlm I'lii-pnriilliin ahull
nul, written uid liuiiiuii fur Hie anum.
uml thereupon nnd In eiuhanfe inero-
fur lhe purchase price ot Hm shiires
su l.ii,mi up by (lie Corporation ahull
lie ami become inivublii as noralnsfior
plllVlllcll      Provided,   iu :. lliu I,  .      lliul
If al any Huie Hie Cumpuny sliull lei
a iiiiiii,ii i r.n lhe construction uf lhe
Substructure uf Hm sulil brltlfro limn
Hu. <1iii'|iiii.iilun i.ui! ut nny Hum
thereafter, wlililii HO duys ufler tie-
llllillll by llle CurtlUttny, lulte up all nr
ally nf said shines nnd thereupon uml
lu exchange Hiercfur Hie pilrchasi
nice uf llm shuri'S ao taken up by the
'iirpiii'iiiliiti ui.uii become paynhlu ua
liun in,iiiui in uililid Tim anld inn -
chase price ahull lie payiililo iih fui-
lows,  mimcly:   leu   per  eotit    mi  Ihe
tllliilllll'lll   uf  Hllllt   alllll'eH.   ami   llle   hill
unci' un cull
, Tim Cuinpany shull huve tile aald
luld,,   ilul)   i iiiiiidul, d  uml  i,'inly  fnr
lllline    lliuldllli'    ullll    fulll     ill    miles
uf eonnecilnu railway In-fore tbe lapse
uf 1 yeurs Inu.. llle hill ilnv nf .lull,
1910 Ami the lllllll ,,,.,, i ., i, „r the
suhl Aklu nu III uf llie Sill .lul), nl"
la lutein uttered lu tend sii thai llic
Compim)' shall buve rtv..-- years from
llle auhl llll duy nf July, inin wlllllll
'■- In, li lu complete lhe snld works as
ail  mil  liiiiilii
I    The  sul,I  nin men,ciil   uf  Hie  kill
.lay nf .lul)   i-.ii, la herein imilled uml
iiiiiiiic,I In ull respects save anil In
apeci  uf ihe allocation  iborcnf In
ibe iicii prcci'iiinit paragraph
i Tills AKI'i'i-llll'llt Is cllllllllKcltl UIIUII   lhe   nsselll   uf   llle   Inleelnls   ul   the
lilsnlci uf Nm Hi Vancouver I" Inn obtained in u n. i.uu emboilylnp ih»
Inmi', uiul alsu In u luan lly-l.avv lu
prnvlile finuis necessury to purcbuse lhe
I't'ful,     llielll lulled hIiiiII'S. and Ills,, ll|	
lhe     appi' . Ii)      tbe     l.lelll.limil
IIUV. IIIUI     III     Council    Uf    llll!    Hillli     11)
l.nw   eiubodylpii   Ibis   Aittneui.-til   un.l
Iuh;,, nil) uf 111.'He events, 01 fililltle
filllllllli III   ll)    llle  flllllpllll)   uf   llle  cull
illllntis us to ciiunilelliin iifuresalil, IblH
Aiire,diieiil shull be uf nu effect.
nuuy unit llm Ciii'iioriilliiu huve cnuseil
llielr t'eHpeclivu eurpornlt! suiiIh In lie
,d,,,i (hi: duy uud yeur Ural nlmve
The l'.il|iulilli: Hi.nl uf tbu Illllllllll
Inlel Tunnel mnl llrliliie iluiiipuuy wus
Hv i.n ii t.. uulxcil lu Hm presence nf i
I'l.   '.I '.llu,.
(lllll lllllll II
JUHN Y. IteNAtlnllT,
' luU,   l,,|
The Corporate ymil of ibe Corpora■
Unu uf Hie lllslrlel of Nurlli Vuncnin
vet wua i. ui.ni" -,iii .. i In Hm pica-
(lice   of
WM.  |l.  MAY.
IMF, I ..I
I'll,lnl IIIHK    III''    llll'.    IMS 1 llll  I     III.'
TAKK NOTICB, lliut Ibe itliuvu Is it
line cup) fu lhe proposed lly-l.aw upun which llle vule of III.: Municipality
will lm taken wllhln Hie rullnvvliiK
i "llm, . i.iii.u,:. Hit: Iii Ihe Miinii ip.ii
Ilull. 1.vm. Valley lii.iul. in the Church
Hull iii iiiiiier uf i i iui. Avenue uml
Queens llnuii. ulnl ul i',ildi,mn Schuul
huuse. nil In the Hlslrlcl uf Nurlh
Vuneuuver, on Sul in,lay, tlm  13111 duy
Of   Jllly,    tilll,   belween   Ibe    luun.     uf
11.011 u'l'lncll  ll 111   ami 7:00 o'clock p. Ill
.ItlllN 11   KAItMKII,
O,   it     C    llllll    IL  lmii IUI
I'ulillc Notice Is hereby given lliul
Ihu vole of .Hm electors of llic District
of Norlh Vaueouver will lie luken on
The Iiiiiiiini Inlel i'ui,in I unit liil.iiu
.nii|niii>   AM  llyluw.  ISIS'' on Bu 1 lit -
.III)'. Hie IJIIl .III) uf .Inly. ISIS, belween ll,e luun, uf 11:00 u'cluck II 111
ami 7.10 p m. uin,in Hie followlim
llu, lilaci s, vll : III lhe Miiulylpal
liill. I,.vnn Viil|e)i llnuii, lu tlm tlniicli
Hall at llie corner nf Lonsdale Avenue
uml ijuu,, lumi, uml ul 'ui'il.um
Schuul  Huuse   In  lhe  lllslrlel  nf Nurlli
Vulieuuvei, uiul thai .lulni it   Partner
Iiiih   been   iip|inllilcil   ni limine   officer
lu luke lbe voles nf sucli doctors! wilb
tlie usual powers In lhal hehulf.
II)  Hi,lu  of Hie Council
iHlitueill        WM    II    MAV,
iSlani'dl       JUHN  tl    I■ vn.MKii
I'   M   C
vnx.il.lb .in   eliin iiiuln  1 ii,,iii uuin uin
North Vancouver City
OF   AIIHllllll.TliHi;
Complete Catalogue Hay Bo Hsd ou
'       Bequest
For a i.iiiui.u of years Ihere hss
been a constant flow of valuable in
formation np agriculture, In "its several
Hues, piiiui' out from llm llepsrliimul
of Agriculture al. Ottawa., in tlm
forms of annual reports, special re
ports, bulletins and circulars, hundreds
of publications havo been laiued, cun
■idurably eicoetling I million "lynr n
year, and the stream li constantly eu
larging. Uutil recently each of Ihe
several uiun_) brandies jl lbe depart
ment lent out tbeir own publications'
An advance step bas lately beeu taken
iu lhe organisation of the Publication
Branch, wbicb ii charge?) wilh tin
sending out from one oflcc of ill tbe
publications ae issued.   As a guide to
Corners on Boulevard Extension
Loi I.BIork2l7A,D. L 546 (&7xl 14 feci)    $1,800
Lols 4 and 5, Block 2 HA, D. LY ,)44 ami 545 $2,100
District Lot 265
UU 17! IH ami 25, Block 12, each $2,500 net
I'or terms, Maps, elc, apply to
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
' Limited Liability
Norlli Vancouver Agenli for
Phone Seymour 6286
j       - ■
mmwmw ■WWMMMMMBBHBgBI lll-'Hll 1  H IIII
THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, o,u„ tuwuat, jvit t, m*
Published. Tuesdays and Fridays by Nortb Bhoro Press, Mmited..
Bates of Subscription:—One year, ♦1.00.  Bin months, Gilo.  Three months, Soc,
United States and .Foreign, »U.tH) per year.
Advertising Bates Will Ba Quoted on Application,
The Eipress Is devoted to the interests of the Nortb Bhoro of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It eouatltutea an advertising medium of eiceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vancouver
Olty and Diatrict, Every effort is made to give advertisers the most satisfactory
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Vancouver Buiineii Directory
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Canada's Groat.it Western School
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The  hum i,duu    influx  nf  visitors
whioh made thia aide of the Inlet ils
ul'|. ''llu      le.lenlui      I,    | 1     plulitiVll
iif the faet that the North Shorn ia
■ i, ."iiii "'liun;' to lie nvtii us thu ijrcnt
holiday reaurl fur the population on
uml ubuut Hurrard lnl.it Although
the early purl nf thu duy wns nul wry
premising as for weather conditions,
yet the number of visitors ua evidenced
by Ihti truffle relume of Nurth Vanoouver Hity Ferriea uml nf the II. I. Klei"
trie i.'inic.n\ Company are uf u input
gratifying nature uud clearly demon
atrate thut n visit to the Nnrlh Bhore
ia becoming a favorite meana nf spend'
ing a liuliilm witli u very Inr.::. uml
steadily Increasing multitude of people.
The furl thul the niiinlitir of passengers ..nin I liy the ln„n of the 1*. 0.
I.lei'trlt' llinlnit: I'tintpuiiy .'mutes a
ii'iurd fnr that rompany nn 'he local
system goes iu show that the scenic
i,..nn. ■ uf tlm Nortb Hlmm are cum-
mending u steadily increasing recog
iiiiinii ul the I,und- of pleasure seekers.
The milliner iu which llm large crowds
were handled by the company yeater
buy cunnei Imt accomplish u great
deal along the line of popularizing thu
beauty spots of the Norlh Hhore with
holiday iu,11,, i - The increased equip
lucul which haa mciinlly been added tu
tlm locul ayatein placed the local man
ngcnmnf in position to handle the trullii
lu in in- li better advantage lhan upon
uuy former occasion nf a aimilur uu
tire, and this, coupled wilh llm eiperl
manner iu which llm units uf tne equipment were niailu lu adapt theinaelvea
iu llm shifting demands uf llm traffle
throughout the day, gave lhe public
u aeriice which reflect! credit upon the
company and the Nurlli Hliure alike.
Again, yeaterday'a reaulta in ihown,
more eepbciaily iu llii" instance, liy Lie
returns of Nurlh Vancouver I'ily Ker,
riea, clearly indicate the prutvinu value
of the Dominion Day celebration to
the Norlh Hlure. The greul crowda
Uuii streamed "'I the ferry buuta till
day lung uml mil nn inlu lhe evenlug
giui poiitivc evidence uf the fad that
the Ini ,,| Jul) ul Nurlh Vancouver
ia becoming uue of llic outatandiug
holiday liilurca fur the population un
uuii uliuul lliirrurd Inlel. A service
audi aa lhal which waa provided liy
Ihe ferry management yesterday musl
ni-iumpliah much in the wuy of dia
abusing tlm public miu,I uI tin- iust Ilu
gering iuipreealoua thul Ihere ure uny
disadvantages attached In travelling
across the inlel ami uf convincing uil
parlies that the Nurlh Hhore i. .is
n.i.id, accessible aa any other po'tit
contiguous to Vumouver, wilh the un
deniohly greater pleusurea ui llie waler
trip thrown in.
The celebration itself wns u pru
iiuuuci'il BUccesa, in every feature of il
and in il» combined effect. Toe pro
gramme was splendidly arranged ami
developed many etrellent features. The
muny Ijioiisauils whu participated aa
■pertators had every reason tu feel sal
isfli'd and to ciinaiiler themaelves for
lunate iu having chosen the North
Hhore aa the place at which to enjoy
their holiday, His Worship Mayor Mc
Nulab, I'elchruliou Manager T. H.
Hrowu, the chairmen and members of
lue respective eomuiitteea have every
reaaun for being highly grul li"l lie
cauar of the eonspicuoiis aileron which
crowned iheir efforts to promote fie in
nn.i of the North Hhore in an I
Ibrough lhe Firat of July celc, ralio'i
tor cn
The grave misfortune wliieii uvorlnnk
tho eity of llegina uu Humluy ovuuiiig
hita culled forth iliiiveraul impressions
uf ayniputhy frmu nil purls uf llm Dominion,, Thia ia lliu firat inataiieu in wuicli
a diaaater nf Una niiliim hue been unstained by any eity in tlm Oanailian
vvual. Whatever Scientific renauua muy
be ascribed for ils occurrence, ihu tornado wua undoubtedly dim lu inception
ul conditions.   Huch    n. am nut at
all cliaructerialic uf the climatic condition! uf uny portion of Canada, and
thu stricken city euuld nut have been
considered uny inure liable tu such u
visitation thun ia any ulher city in the
Domiuion, The pathway nf tlm alurin
unfortunately luy directly through the
Qutiuii Cily, uud in puaaing it eluded
u slid lull iu bias uf life, injured men
uud wuinun, litiiuuless families and
wrecked buildings. From ull quarters
expressions of ayinputhy uml offers of
uud.,!,., um puiiring inlu lhe stricken
capital 'and the Canadian people will
uut be found alnw tu respond to the
call lo relieve lo the lust limit uf their
puwers the affliction uf their fellow
citizens liud at the same time to mill
later us helpfully aa poaallile to thine
who'huvu been culled upou lu atietaiu
the hiss of loved ones through this tai
I'riiiuliims,   Hair   Braids,   Straws,
Heavers and Felts
I'unanl'ua ('loaned, Blocked huil  Trim
'uied equal iu new. ' Positively
no acids used
Next Labor Temple, Vancouver, B. 0.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgatt Mattagtt
to larger premises on Bsplanada, so
Don't Forget
that when you do paporing this
yeur Ihut we are still bere with a
far better liim at much better prices.
All North Vancouver people eat at
I nin i Flaok Block or Hustings St.,
opposite the new post idiiee. Leonard
sella Iiii tea by tlie pound.
U.mill Mllll n
Fut   I    lie, nn.    |„    |'y|,,    „„,l    I *,
Tbe uew folder recently issued by
I'Uliiicity (,'oininissioiier William Law
ler, •■■.Silll .1 "innudi ui of tbe Nurlh
Hhore," is easily tbe moat attractive
pm.lm tiuu which bas yet appeared fur
depicting tbe scenic attractions of the
north side of Hurrard Inlet. The views
(with which the folder is copiously il
lustrated are made frum uew photo
graphs taken under Mr. Lewler'i per
soual supervision and are very effective,
 i-i. mbPn lbe Itll9fkmml BIttM |""vjjk"
a forceful and comprehensive marshal!
jog, of the attractions of our mountain
lu'enory. Tbe whole effect creates a
striking folder, such as would readily
catch the eye among a largo collection
of similar publications, displayed to
iraest the al lent ion of the tourist or
vcller, asd ia certain to do gooi
iu I ueaui of rowmunily pi.b
NiiTli'l'l Is hereby given lliul Ihe
Munlelpiillly of Wesl Viineuuver will
iipltll  lot  ii licence tu Hike uiul use  10
cubic (cl  pel .a, I uf waler nul  nf
Mu. Ii.diuld I'leek. Wbleh llnws III ll
suulheuileili dllielluii ii,,..„. ii Wcsl
Vuu. nuver nnd empties inn, i.,.,ii.i
ll.ll    llelll    I lull) lunil.     The   wilier   Will
he dn.,nd  from   I  t„   ,   ,1,,1,,   from
uiuiitli uml  will l„- iiseil fur domestic
purposes oii lhe lumi described ua llie
Muni. I|,ulll>   of   West   Vulieouver
This notice wus iiusieil uii tin- ground
nil lin lilll ilny ul lun,'. 1912 Tlie up-
iillcitlnii will he lliul lu llie ulliee nf
lhe Wuler Recorder ul New Weuiiiiin-
alei.  11  ('
llii)u il.lll.n   111,,)   111    III,',|   Willi   till'   Sllill
Wuler Ite'orili'i or wllh the Comptroller of Widii Kleins. I'm Uuin. in fluilil
lllK8.  VI, nu in.  II   C
KS-1 II) Thus   It   l.lliliill    'u .ui
10,000 cords of dry hr wood for quick
SBle. Price per odd cords, 91.76. Bpo-
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, lb Inches, fS.35. 12 inches
»■ C. 0. D.
Office and Yard— I4lli and Lonsdale
Plione 190.     P. 0. Boi 2432.
Ill Esplanade West. Phone UU
(unit to I'iiiii'inuii. iluldu! k Clark)
NilTKlK   Is   hereby   given   Ihut   llle
Huurd uf i.,i,i  tu ounalder nluims
fur wprk .unu performed uml ma-
ii.il,iIs supplied lu eiiuuediun willi lhe
construction uf tbe Midway A Vernon
iiuii. . will further consider ull such
'lum,. us i,,,n lieen duly nl' d uud verl-
Any I'luiiun which huve mil already
heeu su tlleil und Verlllcil hy slututoiy
declaration ur ulherwlse ahutili) hu
llled with ihe undersigned wl|huul delay
The Iiiiinii will conalder ull clulins
for iicluul physical work performed
uud minds uud materials supplied in
connection wllh the surveying, locating
nr ui,i,inuii!! ni ilnhi uf wuy between
Rock Creek uud Vernon.
It.  V   tlllKKN.
Secretary fur Hie Bqard,
Address Ilox 111. Vleiorlii. B. 0.
\1 % I'llll   Mllll K
I   "l     ■    I  I' e,u .      |t,    nluu     ot    ''in     lliul.
NiiTH'K   Is  hereby  ulv.ii   Ihul   The
Muni, liuilil.   uf   Wesl  Vulieuuvei    will
ell luieli
u,   .i.i
lul   11
, • I' |, I .   fill   II license to Store or pell  lunl
1000 acre-feel of wuler from Minium
aid   I'r.'eli.   „   stream   lluwlng    in
n.uiii..... i, 11.   illic, tion   nnd  emptying
Inlo Km.li.nl, Buy near Hull) Iiiiiii    Tlie
wuler will lu- stored in u reservoir uf
  uiliiiill)   in  he  huiii  ui
I In r, miles frum mouth, und will bo
used for dom,'Slli' purpoaea us inlllioi-
iifi! under u notice uf upplleullon for
u licence to liihe und use Wlitel. |n...|. d
liun Willi   iii, llie jund ileselili.il ua The
Mlinlelpuill)  uf Wcsl  Vi lUVer
This nuiii.- wuS iiusieil nn llie eruund
ui the iiili duy uf .lune. HHH The up-
|.Illllllllll will he llled In the ulliee nf
Hie Wuter Recorder ut New Wesllllill-
III,!,, liollS   lllll)   lie  lilul   Willi   llle  Sllill
Wul,.,   Recorder in   wllh Hie C „lr„|-
1,1   of Wlll.'l'  III. I.l      I'm llulil. Ill   llllllll
Inns, i.un,ii,   11 r
Till.'  MI'NIi'll'Al.lTV' UK  WK8I'
Appl I.u li I.
■Ill Ry Thus   11   l.lnliili. Ak.iiI
W 111 ill Mllll H
l-'ur I  Mcruftc lu Tekr aud  I si'
Water 1
NiiTIi'K Is hereby tin n Hint The
Muiiieli,ulli) nf West Vuncuuver will
upply for ii license in take und use 10
cubic feel per second of wuler out of
l.uv, un creek, wlilch lluws in n southern direction Ihruiigh West Vuncouver
uud empties Inlo i nli l Buy near
Hollyburn The wuler will be diverted
ul i lo * mill's from mouth, unit will
he used for domestic iiiniinses on Hie
lund described us Tlie Miiiil.tiiullly of
West  Viinciiuver.
This notice wns posted on lhe uround
nil llm Bib duy of Inne, 1112 The application will be filed in Ihe olDce uf
lhe waler Recorder nt New Westmlnsler, B. r.
uliju ii,,i,u mny he riled'wllh Hie suld
Wuler Recorder or with the Cumiitrol-
ler of Water lilgbls. Parliament Build-
Inns. Vlclorlu. B  C.
.'.: 7 By Thomus H. Union. Agenl.
W villi   NOTICK
Pur •  l.lrrurt to Store or Pea Hack
NllTII'K  Is  hereby'alven   lhal   The
Muni, ii'iilli.   of West Vancouver  will
mil y fi
or n licence to store or pen hud.
uO'eere-feot of wuler front I.uwson
Creek, u slream flowing in a southern
direction and -emptying Into English
Ray pesr Hollyburn.   The waler will
be stored in u reservoir of	
cuiisdiy, bull! or to be bull! ut 1 lo ',
a Ilea from ihe moulh, und will be used
r ismeiSSe aiieeees iisaie* la-aj 11 ..
of unniii uiiiin for n licence io tuTcr und
use water, posted herewith, on Hie bind
described ua The Munlclpallly of Wesl
This notice wos posted on the ground
on the Sth dny of June. 1912. Tbr
imliil.iiiiun will be Died Ip the office of
the Wuter Recorder ul New Westminster. 0. ('.
.iiiu i ii,oui may be tiled wllh Ihe said
Wuter Recorder or wilh Hie Comntrol-
ier of Wuler Rlulils, Parliament Build
Ings, Victor)    "
i. Vlclorla. B. 0„
, +_ Applicant,
•      By Thi* R, Unlet, html.
SI. Andrew's Presbyterian i lunil,,
Keith Unud-Services: Morning, 11:00
evening, 7:30 Adult Bible Cluss, 12:30
Sunday School, 2:30. V p, h, fj, jr, Tuea-
day, ul 8 p.m. Pruyer Meeling, Wednesday, at 8 p.m. Choir Pnn tine,
f rlday. ul S p in Rev Ronuld Macleod,
iteii.ii.llm Church—Corner of Sixth
and St. Qeorge. Sunda) Services, 11:00
u.m und 7:30 |i in Sunday School uud
Ulldu cluss. 2:30 p m. Senior League.
Monday, S p in Prayer uml Cruise
Service, Wednesday, S , in Junior
Leugue, Thursday afternoon ut 3:30
Paalor, W   C. Sclilllcher.
Enquirers class meets every Wedues
day evening ul tl p.m. Elementary Study
und questions. You are cordially mvil
ed lo attend. Boom HI, Aberdeen build
ing.   Theosnphii'ul free library.       4 8
Agues'   I Iiu rill
Morning    Prayer
p. in
ng    I'm
■i io ,,
t oilier Twelfth
Sunday Services:
11 u in . Sunduy
School 2:30 p.m.; Evening Player, 7:30
p.m Holy Communion, lirst und third
Sutiduya In luuinli ul II u in- aecond
Sunduy In moiiih, s u m Rev Samuel
Pea, M A.,  Vlcur
Salvation Army -Lonsdale Avenue
Sunday services, 11:00 a in , 3 p in und
7:(6 p. in Tuesday, 8 p. in . Tbursdav
8 P in. Children's Service. Wednesday,
I y m
llaptisl i I.iii.i, -Twelfth nnd SI
Ueorgu. Services at 11 u in uud 7:30
p. 111. Sllliilu) Sdluul und Bllde Cluss
ul 2:30 p in Prayer und Prills.: Service.
Wednesday ul 8 p. in Puslur. Rev A
.1. Pruaacr, Twelfth anil SI  Oeorge.
St. Juka Ike rlvaugellsl, Eighth and
i'iiiii.u mi,    Hoiy Communion, 8,u in
Murniug   Prayer,  rll   a. in,     Uvenlnx
Pruyer, 7:10 n. in. |J3inilie Ural .Siinduv
In the iu,mill  Ihere  will  he u  ... ...n.l
celebration of the Holy Communion
at II a in.    Rector, itev   liugli Hooper
SI. Edmund's Catholic I kurek. Sixth
aud Muhon Avenue. Sund,,. Ih. li
Mass and Sermuii, 10 a.m. Hiindu)'
Seboul, 2:30 p. m. Rosury und Benediction. 7:80 p. in Friday Low Muss.
1 a. m. Paalor, Rev .1 A. Bedard,
O. M. I
Indian I allelic Ckurek of SI. PauPl.
Mass, 7:30 a.m., Sundu)s.   Paalor, Rev
I-:   11 . iu v in. O. M. I.
Ckrlsllao . Science — "Klinherley.''
I'lieniiiiii id Avenue (between Fourteenth und Elfleenth streets). Sunday
Services at 11 a.m. Testimony Meeting, Wednesday, 8:00 p.m.
NORTH I.OMillAl.l:
gl. Thomas—8 a. in., every Sundav
excepl first Sunduy in jnonlh. 8:10
am. flrst Sunday In monlli. 11 a.m.,
Matlna, Litany and Sermon, second uur)
fourth Sunday. Holy Communion und
Sermon, first and third Sunduys. Vlcur,
Rev. T. E. Howe.
rreshylerlan I'kurrk Su mlu.vu, lt
a in. mul 7:30 1) in. Sunday School and
Bible Class, 2:SB p.m. Teachers' Training Class, Wuin. sday, 7:30. Prayer
Meeting, Wednesday, 8 p. in. Buys'
Club, Thursday, 7:10 p. m. Choir Practice, Friday, I p. ro, R. Van Munsler,
Melfcadist    Church—Worahip,
a.m- and 7:f~
i:l(   pro,
Sundaya, It a. |n, and 7:00 p.m.    :'mui
Scbool,    S:l(    p.m.    Pattor,   Rev.   d.
Prrsbylrrlan Church—Worship, BuT-
days,  11   u.pi- and   7   p, in.    Sunday
School, 8:16 p.m.   Puslur, Rev. A. Mac-
hi.  Clement's,  Lynn   Valley—Melius,
11 ii in    Bunday School 2.10 p m. Kvei,-
aong 7.00 p.m.   Holy Communion aecond
"unday In month at 11,00 u.m.   Nunriou
. Thompson In ohut*.
I have $1,111111 cash uml wisli to buy
a liiiililing site located as close iu as
pussiblc for lhe luuiiey. Lot must be
fill feet ur mure iu width. P. O. Box
ISMS, Norlh Vuncouver,
Ut Stanhrfc
THE 6TANDARD Is lbe Notional
Weekly Newapuper of lhe Dominion
uf Canada, ll is nutlonui in ull lie
ll uses tin; most expensive engravings, procuring lhe phnlugrupliu from
ull over lim world.
Iiu unifies uie carefully aelecled and
Iis    uliiiii'i.il    policy    is    thoroughly
A Bubscrlpllon In The Slundurd
coals $2.00 per year lu uny address III
Canada or Ureal llrlluln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Ga,
Limited, Publishers.
We carry u lull line of builders'
supplies. Nurlh Hliure Coal fc .Supply
Cq., i'liune m.
In all Countries. Ask for our Inventor's Adviser. Marlon A Marion, 3(1
University Street, corner St, Catherine
Street, Montreal, Canada, and Washington. D. C, 11. S. A.
Our Shipment of Prosser
■•-• Racquets ia Here •:•
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
&0SH7.   Cleared and close to csr.   Price 11,060 cash.
D. L. 204
Lots In Block 30 at $750 osch, on tonus of ', cash, balsucs
6, 12 and 18 iminl in-
Wa represent tlie London (t Lancashire Insurance Oo.   A Bound
Board Company.   If you have anything to luaiire we can do It for you.
P. 0. Bot 18111
Phone 70,
16 Lonsdale Ave.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Nortli Vancouver, B. C,
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rales to latnilies and lo tegular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co.,, Ltd. ISr       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of the Bun I'iiiu uuu caillii|tialie and Ure.
How many Companies could do this?
It.', insets .iiiiiiiini to 1116,1100,00(1
A postal will bring our representative
li-. i.n ui Agent
18 lun''lulu Avenue and Capilano Oar Terminus
Phones: Lonsdale 167. Capilano 161.
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and lhe
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in Business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
50 jeet in Block 29, District bt 273, near Ridgway,
,.lJor only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash;  Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
62 LONSDALE AVfcNl/E    pouwubi  phom ns     NORTH VANCOUVER '."nrirf -;,;;-;
bank of iiiii
H..J om..
CAPITAL PA|p Up I 9,870,000
Reserve and Undivided Profits  8,600,000
Total Assets ...44,1)00,000
FRANCIS Is Europe's bunker- Fqr a ■
.■•'iniiin to acquire thnt position,
her people muBl bo remarkable
thrifty. The peoplo uf Franco are ex-
u iHiun,iiii an—thoy begin to save In
their u,mii tio mullet' huw smull their
' Income, it imi linu Is 11 iinini li net apart
fur future need, in nit) age they onloy
tbu trulls nr tltulr tbrlft. They are a
liiiiiiiV nullum
Thu iiiuiiilng nf u savings account Is
thu best wuy in acquire thut hnblt of
saving   without   which  nu  nblllty   to
i'iiiu cun insure yuu uguinst possible   -
K. ui u   ui'i    I'.'ii.ii.ii llux for the sefe-
1,' 11.1,,1. of your dm unu ni,. und oilier
li. ... iin\vun, Agent,
North  Vancouver
begs lo announce trie opening
nl a
TUESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1912
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
You bavo tbo advantage of out laipoiieiico  in  Watch  and   Jewelry
Repairing.   Our engraving cannot lie beaten on tlie coast.
Watch and Jowolry Work. Diamond Sotting, Engraving.
Jeweler and Optician
106 Second Street
Rooming House or Offices
On tlio Uppor Floor of tlie
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade Wert
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
For particulars upply to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, M. Fiiil.inu & Proctor, Ltd.)
618 Fender Streot West
ii uui.,■ Si ynuiin ULi.nl.. Rental Department)
Trade Minim
Copyrights ke.
Anrono sondlng • shot rh mil dcecrli.ilnn mil
nntiilr ui'tiiliiin nur ui'iiiliui free ulii'tlinr sn
iiitpiiiIi.ii li pii'luil'lr jinliiniiilile r miiniinlrn-
K' iiicilicP.i.io.iem/,,l1IAHDM nn Ml
■cut Iroo. l/Urel ovenry Inreei'iiiimlniloiitl.
I'lloi.tJ latin ifuuiiill Muim j ill. rocolfe
IOKl.il HUM. »ll l"'M c'l!1"0' ■ "»
Scientific America
* iiuidioiiieir uuuirsicd w«*it. Lum ofr-
f„iii,Tei s'y iii.-ii'ine luumii. 1 i'iiiii (or
SS Uis « If, tumf' smt-A Sold OJ
sll iK'wuliilerl ,
MUNN ft Co «•'■«—»■ Mew York
Biineb Olllro, OS I SU Wiehllisluu, D.G
i use waler, puslcd herewith, un the land
described   us   li.   I.   'ili,   New   Wesl
Tills nuil.'e wus i, u.,1 un tin- ground
i Ull the  ICIli iiuv  ut Muy,  1912   The up
I plication will he  i.li il  In  llie ufflce ul
i thi' Wuler lli'uinlui  al New  'Vcstniln
| Sl.'f
ill.ju liiui.n mil)   I,,'  lliu)   with   the lllllll
1 Wuler   Recorder   ur   with   lhe   I'oiuii
I iiuiiii   uf   Wuter   lliitlils.   I'mlliiiini,
Illllllllll"*   VI, lurlu, 11  O.
!   THK ut'Nii:ii'Ai.irr of wkst
i' Hunnun, Aih.ui
Stabbing Affray
On Lonidale Avt
for a License lo Tike and Use umn
NOTICK is horoby kIvcii Ilml Tlie
Munlelpiillly ,,i West Vancouver will
upiily tui ii )(cenae In tube und use
104 cubic fee' — '   '  - 	
u til,It MITII M
For a l.lceasr lu Take nod lee Water
NOTICK Is liureby given thai The
.Munii Iiiuiii.. uf West Vancouver wili
ui'iily fui' it llcenae lu lulte and uue 100
cubic leel per second uf wuter out uf
 t'ri.'t'li which fluws In u smith-
eimiei'ly direction through I). I.. WSI.
N Vi. V and empties Inlu Eagle Harbor In Howii Sound The waler will be
diverted neur llic lulalte and  will be
used   fur  Municipul   purpuses   on   the
.'.inni.'li'i'iii:.  uf
Wesl Vuneuuv.'r.
Iiiiiii d.:. iiii. il iis The
'f'liis nolice wus misled on the ground
uu Hie 1.11b ilay ur Muy. 1912 The ap
lillciilluii will he filed In lhe udlcc of
llu Waler Recorder ut New Wcstinlu
Objections nui) lie llled wllh lhe said
Waler   Ilccunier   or   wllh   Uie Jlonip
I roller  iif  Water   Bights,   ruilluinciil
Hiilldliii      Vlcliirln, if ti
....I per aecond of water out
.. ('reek which (lows In anorih-
..    .   ly direction 'Ihmuuh  I)   I.   Sill
und ciiiiiiles Iiiiii Kuitle llurbor In i „.„„ huu,,,,,,.,,.,. „.,»..,„
Howe Round The wuler will he dl- "(''■ *>lN'!/> ,{;'',) '"' VilsSI
veiled near Ibe Iniiike and will be used i . VANl,',' ,X, . '    .
lor  niiinlelii.il   purposes  on   lbc   land   ,, ,      A"*us McAllster,.Auent
described us Tbo Munlclpallly ur West  JSJ	
This notice was posted on Ihciround I   * WATKU mu H i:
un lhe Ulli Uny uf May. 1912    The .op-1
plication" wlffbe "filed'In ifie olHoo of,,,
llic Water ltecorder ut New West min-1
uin. i inu, may be llled wllh lhe
snli'l Water Recorder or wltb lhe f'oinp-
iroller uf Water KIkIiIb, Porllamebl
Biifdlngs,  Vleinrlii,  11   C.
■bin municipality ok wkst
ti. lluunan, Agent.
Vot a Id.'U'ie lo -Hi"i-.- or I'm Hack
''lu'i')' i lu hereby Klvcn lhal The
Miiili'liiiilii.'. of Wesl Vancouyer will
uplly for a license to #lore ur pen hack
Twilvs Tliousand  acre-feel  of  water
from   Creek, a slream llow-
. Ini In a ti. Vi. dlrecllon and cmjilylnK
Sot) HOwc Bound, near Kaglo Harbor,
'h waler will be slorod In a roscr-
ol' ot 12:1.000,000 (milium capacity, built
or to be built al tills lake, and will be
Uied for Municipal purposes as author-
lind by Water Record No , Water
license No or under a notice of
a/pllcatlon for a license to take and
Icrase lo Slorc or I'm Back
NOTICE Is hereby given thut '|'be
Munlclpallly of Wesl Vancouver will
upply for a license to store or pen
bach Seventy-live ucre-foet of water
from'  Creek, a slream bowing in a soulh easterly direction and
■ mi'' un Inlu Howe Sound near Eagle
llurbor. The waler will be alorcd In u
reservoir uf 20,000.000 gallons capa-
cIly. bulli or lo be built at Hits lake,
una will be used for municipal pur-
uuses us uuiim,inul by Water Record
No  Water License No  or
under u nolice ut application for a license to tuke and use wuler. posted
berewllli. on the land described us I)
D, Uil, New Westminster.
This nolice was posted On the ground
un llie mi duv of May, 1912. The application will be filed In the offlco of
lhe Water Recorder at Now Westmlnater,
Objecllons may be filed with tho aald
Water Recorder or with lhe Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Vlclorla, B, C.
Angus McAlleter, Agent.
Local Um Assaultsd bl MUtO Will
Jack Huvii'iiuii, of Seventh street* in-
im imtil Un' polico j'usturiliij aflorniiuii
tbst hit bad been sssaultsd on tons-
dolo ttvenuo by »n U»li»!) »rmotl witli
n razor.
i'iiuii Davieson's story it appears
iluu ho was walking up Lousdale avenue with » companion, ami had turned
llio coruor of Fourth streot, when tftey
mot some Italians. Tho mon, iiiTunlinu;
to tho statement ol Davieson's companion, interfered witb tbeir passage.
Tiiev pussud along after some trouble,
however, nnd were a hundred yards
further ulung when one of the crowd
In lnml diirled up and slashed at Davie
s ii, wulltiug on tho inside of the side-
walk, three times. Tou razor passed
through the wounded man's coat direct
ly over his heart the lirst time, slitting
tbu loosuly hanging garment to its
eiigo. Tin n iiillui'.eil two sluulics al
llio prutrtiiliug left olhow, ono of the
bucks penetrating to the bone and the
oilier Inflicting '■< Hesh wuuml.
The Iinlliiii disappeared through tin:
crowded street, und the man asiuultnd
t'uulil get nothing but a general de
icilptlop of liim.
The polite have the matter in hand,
lilt have us yet been able to effect no
Valley Happenings
Mrs. ami Miss UacAuluy arrived lusl
week Irom Toronto.
Mrs. C, li. Allan nnd family have
returned tu their liuine uu I'eter road.
Miss Estiu Wlial will leave this woek
to spend Iwu weeks' holiday at New
Lyuu Valley was ulmosl deserted
lust evening, the fireworks display be
ing tbe nm.ii ind,
A fine resilience is being erected un
Uenilersuii avenue for Mr. A. S. Bird.
.1. W. Baker ia the buildor.
A big meeting is anticipated ut tbe
municipal hull on Thursday evening,
when Hie proposed by laws will be >lis
On Sunduy evening Mr. uml Mrs. K.
iiu,n i.i, were surprised by u number
of Australian friends who arrived by
Hie . iu In nd i,i lusl week.
The Hon. Thomas (llasaey, of Queens
lnnd,  An-ii,ilm, is ul  present staying
ut llie iiuiiii' ni' Mr». Hickman, ul' Duver
iiurl ami Fromme ruads.
Lyuu Valley Ueucrul Sturc is busy
moving into the uew stores—Fromme
lilock, coruor of Center ami Lynn Val
let ruads - where an increase uf busi
uess is sure lu follow.
All past records were broken yesier
day iu passenger trallic to the Valley
by lbc B. f. Kleclric Itailwuy by crowds
visiting ull purls uf the valley, inclinl
ing Lyuu i'urk uud the cuuyuus.
The secretary uf the musical festival,
Mr. Iv V. atuurl, reports activity in
Ihis connection. Many enquiries have
been made, und lie is kept busy reply
ing lu these. Nut uuly lucul enquiries
hur Irom beyond Vuncuuver Ihey conic
The Ladies' Aid of Knox cbureb un
iiuunce a lawn social ami concert uu tbr,
lawn at the resilience uf .1. M. Fromme,
ltuss roud, uu Wednesday, thc inth
mnl Something oul of llic common
is being arranged un.l u Ireul is
The new tennis cuurl wss l-jpl very
busy yesterday, lunch ami supper Lot li
being lulii'u on lhe ground by tlie more*
enthusiastic members, Home uuml ten
liis wus witnessed aud it ibould be
possible tu soon send out a challenge
lur a in.un.un, nt
The new pusl oflice is now open fir
business, uml wilh lhe new combiuatio
lucks ou llic boxes, dispensing wilh
keys, is certain tu prove a great ion
vonieucc Jt is also certain inn lbc
present space will very soon prove No
null, and Hie partition will bave tu'
be remuveil furtber back.
yesterday lbc Lynn Valley Cricket
Club played tbe lirst game since its iu
eeplion aod ennii' out vi. luiiinin It
was !'ninev.luii later than the scheduled
lime—10 a.m.—before the two teams
took the field, Boulevard Park, bot Ibat
was more tbau compensated for by Hie
fad tbat a very exciting game was
played, resulting dn a close fluisb. .1.
M. Fromme,. president of the homo
team, made a brief speech, welcoming
the visitors, congratulating toe lucpi
ieiim ou turning out so soou after for
iniiliuii, aud wishing for ihem success
and tbe trophy in tbat tboir initial
game. After tbis be seut dowu the Brit
ball—not taking a wicket—aud play
commenced. Mission City batted first,
scoring 43; while Lynn VoHcy followed, only compiling ii. On tbe aecond
innings Mission Oity made only 88,
thereby giving the home team courage,
thoy peediug only 47 to win, aud right
Well j)ir) thoy go iu for that number
Not, however, until the last wicket did
thoy niaku the winning run, finishing
with a score of M, coining out ahead ou
tbo two iainfflby 8 tnpt
Miss Ella Wheeler Wilcux, tho fain
oils   Americun  pootOSS,  has  written  U
poem on ''The pnglisbtnau." It visa
compiled on bourd tbo Olympic was
printed ii) the Pall Mall Gazette," ami
reads as follows;
Tho Englishman. -.
Born in tbo flesh, and bred in the bone,
somo of us h*rbor still
A New Wurhl pridu; and wo flaunt, or
' hide, tbo spirit of Bunker Hill.
We claim our place as a separate race,
or a self-created clau,
Till there cumes u day when we liku lu
"We aro kiu of tbo Englishman."
Fur under the frout tbat seems so euld,
and ihu voice tbat is   won't   to
WeW are certain to Ilml a big, liru.id
iiiiini, ami a heart that ia suft and
And Ihey carry tlieir wucs iu a lordly
way, as unly tbu great souls cun;
And it makes us glad when in truth
wc soy
"Wc are kiu of the Kngiidiiniin."
lie slums his iiiun' in tbe face of the
wurld if hu thinks the wurlil luu
lie will even curse, but be opens bis
purse tu the poor, ami the lick, and
the old;
lie is slow iu giving to nnnum the vute,
unil Blow tu pick up her fun,
But he gives her room iu au hoi|r of
lluuul. ami  dies—like uu  Euulisii
S 8. Olympic, April 20.
We bavo a few cheap lots closo
to Second Narrows bridge, also
some of the Cheapest aud Finest
lota lii West Vancouver; , as tbis
section Is moving rapidly, you will
havo to hurry to secure ons or mors
of these. Prices from 1400.00 sud
up.   Oood luiinii
Georgia Real Estate
517 Pender St. W.   Phone Bsy. 6331
IMS rim I    UK   MIHTll    VAMtllVHH
A 111-I,AW lu I'uablr Ikr I'oryorall.ui
of Ibr Dlslrlcl ot North 1 ■iieuiiu,
to rater hi   nay of loan Ihr sum ot
Hi..unu lor Ibr imu i  ot uui. iiiiilni.
a park ur plraaurr gruuod In l.jun
WHEREAS a Petition deled ss lo
each signature and sinned by llic uwn
ers of mote thun one-lenth uf lhe
value ot land III Hie Dlslrlcl ol North
Vancuuver. us shown by Hie lus!, revised Assessment Roll has been presented lu Ihe I'liuiiill of Hu; suld Ills
llbl. "!» nu Ihem lu lllllii'luee
uiul puss u By-f.aw lu .inlliuilu iliein
lu I...i ii.n lbc sum ut IIC.000 lu he e-
I'ciiilcd In llic purchase uf a park oi
pleasure around iu Lynn Valley,
AMI WHEREAB the ainuunl uf llu
Inbi which this 1!. luu Is ml, lid, ,i I,,
create Is Hie suld sum uf I1C000 utui
llie objccl fur which lhe said In 11  In
cruatcd ■ the purchase of a park or
pleaauru ground In Lynn Valley SS
AND WHEHEAS It win bo necessary
to raise annually by speclul rate tbe
total uuin of smii fur flfly yeara for
the ie payment of tlm su|d loan and
Interest at 6 per cefif. as In relnnfi.T
AND WHBHEAB thu. vu|uo of the
Whole rateable land ur Improvunionts
or real property of the sold District
ii.'i'iiriiini; to tbe laat revised Assess
ment Roll amounts to il.mt.lii;
AND. WHEREAS   tpe   atjjjreKiite of
the Debenture Debt of tlte
|ty i, u, pi fpr worka ot Local Improvement and school purposes) In
eluding  the  loan  hereby  authorized
iilnnlililii  IO   (027,01111.
'I'lllnltlnKiiliO; the Reeve and Council
of the Curporutlon of the Plslrlcl ut
Norlh Vancouver In Council assumbled
(with Ibe .ui", in of the Electors uf
the District duly obtained) du hereby
enact aa followa:
1. lt ahall bo lawful for Hie Council
for Ihe purpose aforesaid to borrow
or raise by way of loun frum uny Persian or persons, body or bodies corporate who may be wllllne tu udvance
the aame upon the credit of the Debentures ot IMS Coipiirutluii hereinafter prpvldud for. a sum ur sums of
money nui exceeulng in tho whule tin
sum of tio,inin. und to cuiiae ihu sume
to be id," ui in nn Huni. ..I uuii
North America lo tbe credit uf the
Corporutlon for the purpuse ufore-
i. Debenture Bonda of the dorporu
tion to the umount uf si;, mm in llu
uliuli muy be Issued by the Reeve
and i'l, ii, of the Horporullun In larrps
of Hie Munlclpul Act in sums us muy be
desired, but no simile Debenture shull
be (ur u grealer sum (hun line Thousand Dollara. Each nf Ihe suld Debenlure Bonds shull be sighed by lhe
Reeve and Clerk uud shull ho seuleil
with the Heal uf Ihe Corporallon.
; Tile suld Debenture Bunds shull
beur Interest at u rute nul exceeding
flvo per cont, tier unnum buyuhlc half
yearly un the 1st day uf February uml
the 1st duy of August In each uml
eiery year during the currency uf
suld Debenlures or uny of Hum .There
shall he ,,n.,, i:ui to the I'ei" unu
Bunds uui] ,,ii signed by the Rccv
und Clerk lur euch und every payiiienl
uf inlerest thu! shull becume due. nnd
such "inn.imu" muy he either written
lithographed ur stumped.
I. The suld Debenture Bunds sliull ns
lu principal and Inlerest he puyuble ul
Ihe Districl municipal Ollice, Nurlli
Vancouver, B ti. or ul the principal
offlce of the Hunk of British North
America In lhe Clly uf Toronto lu thc
Province of Ontario ur ui thu pilnelinil
offlce of Ihe said Bunk In the City uf
Slontreul In the Province uf Qtiebe.
The u,,lil principal sum shull be uiade
l',i>.ilde by Hie Corporation nut Inter
than llfty years frum the Isl day of
August. 1912
I. There shall be raised nnd levied
.uuin,ills by special rale mi all Hie land
ur Inil'l ''it liulii!   qt leal i I. I i ! 1    In lhe
Dlslrlcl lhe sum of lull fur Hie burpuse
of forming s sinking fund for the payment uf suld Debenlures when tlm
becume due. unil (he sum of flit tut
lhe puymenl of Ihe Inkiest ut Ihe
rate aforesaid iu become due un such
Debenlures duriug lbe currency Ihereuf
and tbut In addition lo all olher rales
lo be levied und collected In lhe snld
District during lhe whule currency uf
the said Debentures ur uny uf ihem
This By-Law may be cited for all
purjiuses us "The Park Loan By-Law
This By-Law shall come Into offect
on tlie Isl dai  uf August, lilt
Pussed  by  llie Cuuncll un  the  H.tli
iluy uf June. 11113
Received Hie assent uf (he Kiectuts
at uu Election held un Ihe
day of isi:
Reconsidered uud in.. 11    adopted hi
llle   Cuuncll   ulld   Signed   hy   the   Reeve
and clerk am) Healed wilb tlie Corporate Heal uu (lie
day uf IIIU
I I I i linm    UK   Till;   IHSTHII I    III
MIHTll   VIM III Villi
TAKE NOTICK, thai Ihe above Is a
true copy uf lhe prupouid By-Law upon which lhe vule of lhe Mui.lu, ..lit.
will be i.,i,,i. wllhln lhe fullpu'ing
polling slulluiia. vli : Ip Hie llunl
'liul Hall Lynn Vulley lluud. In llu
Church Hull ut curner of Lunsdule
Avenue and uuecns Ruad, und al Capilano Schuul lluuse. all In lhe Dlslrlcl
of Nurlh Vancuuver. tin Halurday. llu1
I-H. dav of July, 1S12. In live, n the
huurs of SOU .,',1.1.1, a in and , no
o'clock p in
c    M    i'   anil   Il.l .Hull.
I'ublie  Nolbe   Is  hereby   given
     I uf lhe I
Hie vule of lllc Kleelurs uf llu  I'build
f Nurlh Vancuuver will be inl.cn un
The Park Loan ByLaw. Wl" uu
Sul ii i i.i i Ihe Lllli day nf Jul). I'l.'
between llle hours uf I.UU u'cluck n in
and 7:00 o'clock p in. within the fo)
lowing polling iiliiccs viz: In llu-
Mm,luiiul Hull. Lynn Valley Itoad; In
lhe Church Hall at Die corner uf Luns
lale Avenue and tjue, na lluud uiul ul
Capllallu Bchool  Hnuse. ill  llle  Dlslrlcl
f Nuilli Vancuuver. ami lhal Juhn fl
Parmer lius been appointed returning
fflcer lu luke lhe votes uf hu. ii elec
Huh   wllh lhe usual |„,w, ts In Ilml behalf
By Order uf the Cuuncll
iSlgiicill       WSI   II   MAY.
llu VI
iSlglleill Jl UIN   t!    I'MtMLI!
I'    M    '
Going Away
A Made-in-C^ada
Do not use Liquid Sulphur until
you road the booklet Do not
accept the bottle without It contains tho booklet snd medicine
II you are, you will probably need a Suil Case or
We have Suil Cases lo suit all pockets, from the
imitation leather case at $1.75 (o (he solid leather
al $20.00.
In Trunks we can supply you wilh any style, shape
or size you may require, and prices are as low as
Vancouver, and in many cases lower.
Shirts 4 Collar.
110 Second St, East.
Sulphuo offers ln liquid form great-
cut hannloss germ destroyer known.
Host convincing letters ever printed
toll of wonderful euros of Oockram's
Sulphur Compound.
Poison Settles in the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rlieuiiiafisni, and stomach
troubles dewlope. Sulphuo
is a form of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
Siil|'liiiu ie proving the ureal lueili
cine of lhe sge.
The uew Liquid Compound of Mul
phur it proceeding entirely on itt own
roconl of euros, mid I lume who write
let i ert uf praise, lur rjulpbuo to I.. V.
i m I.min. Sulphur Npriuut Cultagc,
Kilnioiida, II. C, will be glad, Indeed,
In talk with ,,ih,'i. whu ure afflicted
and relulu by iniiulh the ttory uf
their i'ii rea
it it tui'e lu tay thai nu remedy wut
ever deluged wilh turn a lluud of up
I'ti'i'iuiiu"' lcllcr.1 ut hnt been received
al the Sulphuo tdlicct. Duly a small
fractiuii ul lliete hut been givou to tbe
public newspaper apace I" mc iuaile
Ilbeuniatiam, bluod disurders, atom
ueli trouble, akin diieaict, diabetut,
goitre and all tuch afflictions bine
yielded by lhe buiiilreda even Ilium
und" before Sulphuu No caul of
rheumatism hut been known lu laat
ufler Nilpluu hut liud u chuuee lu
permeate the system. Tu ublain tbe
desired retullt you mutt ttudy tbe
booklet U'Ti>nipuuyiiiu euch liollle of
Sulphuo ami follow lbc directions to
the let ler.
li.uii' Naluro's Owu itemed)
I IIIIIIIIIIH   seline   it   Illi'   basis   of   Hul
phuu't 11111 inn, lur il i.n Hume Nature'«
own germicide uud disinfectant. Sul
phuu cleanses the system of iinpuri
lies ami gives Ihu blood a chance to
in,ill up inul restore the affected
purls. Tlie poison in your svstcin,
lue in ull probability tu improper
icwcragc, hus spread Ihruughout tbe
body uml mliImi in the weakest part
f Ibe structure
Thul account! fnr tumilitis, conlin
null, upset luinii'li. bunking out of
Ibe skin iu pimples, or more serious
eruptions uml a multiplicity of inter
uul disorders. The booklet will show
you why and huw a thorough cleaus
iug mutt be given Ibe system.
Sulphuo it becoming more aud moru
a ue.i'tsity iu ovcry buuicbuld.
For Sale by All Druggists, 1 oi. 60c,
10-os. $1.00, or Send Direct to
Sinil, for a Free Booklet Tbat Tells
All   About   Cockrain'i   Discovery
and Huw and Wby It Brings
Hack Ileallb aud Htrcngtb.
Kuli'bu" l> uot sold br afrits frosa
boose lo bouse. Cm bt hat al drsc
stores u.l, or al Sll Vemtet Slreei
312 Water St,   Vancouver
1 I riPi ftAriVW *iv*i> hit fwwin
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
ish North America
78 Yeara In Builnsss.  flapital and Besorve Om 17,600,000,
For pur customers' emivonioueo wo issue Letters of Credit payable lu
' Pounds Sterling for use in Qreat Britain and sl) parts of tlie world, and
payable'In Dollars for unu in Canada, Unitod Mates, Mesloo, Bermuda, Bahamas, Culm autl the West Indies.
We buy aud sell Drafls on France, (lorinuuy, South Africa, Australia,
Now Zealand, India, China, .lupun ami the West Indies,
Two Office! In North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
School Heating
and Ventilating
Thoroughly Modern Plant to be Installed in North Lonsdale School.
West Vancouver
Choice I loun .mli' Properly, close lo llie Government Road, and overlooking the sea.   Mosl suitable lor subdivision.      D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
DiLIIQQ.S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north ol D.L. 204, at prices
Irom $650 lo $775.   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over Iwu and a hall years, wilh no interesl.
9] Now is lhe lime lo buy, belore railway development.
Safely Deposit Boxes to Kent
North Shore Locators
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone,
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
The Board of Boltuql .Trustees cou-
' .ui'l last iii'i'li for tlio |,iii'|i,i.,< of ills
sussing tlie question of tlie hooting
system of the Norlli Lonsdalo school.
There wus present thu re|irosoututive nf
tho Johnson Borviuo <Jom|i8iiy, who mat
heard in respect to Die Johnson .system
of i,'iii|,i'i-iiiiii,' regulation by nn nun
static control. Practical dcniouslrii
Iinini wore givnii liy muaiis of inudols
Of tllO ii|i|>iii:iiii u
The liiiiml 'lm i'l< <l tu i.'|.l;ii.' the ex
istiug I, iu ii,, hosting system liy u
thoroughly moileru heating plunl, cu
tuilillg  Ull   I in,I u I III I inn   111'   lllll  .lllllllnl.n
system of uutumatic control
Ti ii'li'iu weru npcnui! mnl oottslderoil
fnr Ihu reconstruction ut tlm Imuiiug
uiul ventilating system nt' the school,
Ihu following, lining Hm tomlororsi
lulgsnu Plumbing uml Healing l'u.,
$1,11111.1111; .lulni It. Tn ni), *;i,|:ifi.uil;
Miihniiuy •■ Kennedy, ♦3.707.1)1). The
lust niiinril linn hus iiwiirilml lhe i'liii-
Nurlh Vincouver was represeutotl ul
Mm Dominion Hull busing tournunionl
iu Vumouver on Friday night, llinugli
uo Imiii names ligurcl in lliu lisl of vi,'
torics. This city's worthies, hiiwe\cr,
put up a game light iu each instance,
being mati'lieil uguinsl exceptionally
i'"",i exponents ut tiie science. II is
up lu tho lucul ullili'lii' club, whicii,
witli  I'opliuiu ul  the prow, still goes
(urging   Ulll'llil,   tu   toacll   ilS    llli'lllliiTn
"wbal tu iio with tlieir urnis"; fur iu
ii Vancouvur contemporary allusion is
maiie lo a Nortli Vancouver boser whn
lunl u reach uf nearly a yunl over his
opponent, Intt wlm unfurlunutcly "iiiil
nut tiknW' liow lu use liis piston mils in
the best uilvanlage." lie wus plsliuil
rcpeatoiily when a "few gentle julls''
wuulil have provcil elt'.'iliiul, "liul,
uli!'' sighs thu critic, "if lie liml uuly
known whul to do with I Lose annsl"
But Dr. Bell wus not trying tn Invent
a    telephone    whon    ho    ineiiliiiilully
lillllllllle.l UpOll his liiii'l'ill.
l|o was work iug Oil U mel lunl of
making speech visible, for his wife was
'i.-' i and tluinb, and ho wss seeking an
easy method of conversing with hor.
i u.ni i u.I ho found the methud of talking
over a wire to people at a t|istaucu. lie
did not _patent the idea, however, anil
it i -1. .-.I about his liouse for mouths,
finally ho demonstrated it to some
iriends, and thoy sew the possibility of
its application. Upon their advice lie
inili'iiliiil Ihu invention. His pateut
was Hied ut 111 u'clock iu tho murniiig,
ml ut three in tlm aflernoon another
inuii applied, fur n paluut on the same
thing uml lost $11111,(10(1,11110 by a nose.--
Hiientitlc American.
The tloiil House Key
Inr   III
Ilis Iiiiinii llm l.ienii'iiiini governor
in (unini'il hus bcuii plouscd In nuke
(lie fnHurting appointments:
To lie oilieiul administrators:
W. 11 M.'Myuu ul tioblen, inr ll
i'ulumbia electoral district.
i.  A.   An,ni-1 ul i'ruiilirinili
t'ranbrnok  electoral ilistricl
licorgc Uerald Mun.,11 nl 11
Hie Pernio Electoral Ilistricl
To be Noluries I'ublie:
Julm M. If uiiil uf Dm city ul' Nu
Thomus Keginulil Kobertsun ui llie
city ni Victoria, iuu. i' i ui luw
W II. I'rescoll ol Alberni ami K S.
V. UeClilitui'k of I'url Alberni, lo le
ofiieiul members uf lite llnni.l ul Di
rectors of tlm West Coast Hcneral Hus
pilul lur tin- Iwil.e iiiuuilis I'li'ling Isl
July,   IUM
Kenneth K fctlrtlaricld nl Moiiul
Newton, tu be u member of llm I'ro
vincial lioanl ul Horticulture lur llm
lirst horticultural district iu lhe place
ol' .lulni Frederick Krriugtun, rclircd.
The i'iiiu.,.i,;' coinpanies havo lieen
grunted certificates uf in.-orporulioii:
It. nel niinl Protective Order uf I'.lkt
nf llie Dumiiiioii ut Canada, British
lievelopuieot 1'nuipuiiy Limited, lirilisli
11,Iiiiiiiini Wuri'liuii.tiug t'uiiipun. I,inul
ed, i niiii'ii,in I'ropcrties l.iinilel Me
ineiil Kiggi Limited, i'i,lluuul I'roper
lies Limited, Pull (ieurge llul.T I'lilil
pany Limited, Norlh Vuneiiuter Hn-i
uess Properties Limited, Northern Hm li
uml Tile Compsny Limited, II II
Meunii Company Limited, Biducy Wu
ler and i'ower Company Limited, West
ininsler I'ropcrties Limited.
Thu following huve been llrcuscd
as extra provincial companies:
John Dickiniou .'• <.,, Limited, l.eili
bridge Weybiiru lleully Cuinpany I.IIII
ilml, M mm ininli Kyniln nle Llnillui,
Wi-i.in Associated I'ress,
/Tne following Iiu vt; beeu register. •!
is cilre provincial companies:
American I'runing linplcmcrtl c in
puny, Ames Iron Works, Magic l.ii !■■
Mining Company, Kuuiloops Lumbor
Company, Luggers Oil Equipment I'o.
Portland Cordage Company/Heeley A
How It Wu Iiiveuted
Ho important au invention as Ihe
telephone was made by tufuing a screw
one fourth nf oue revolution. .All Hie
millions that have resulted from the
invention of Ihe Bell telephone de
pi'inleil upon this slight twist of the
wriet of Hr, Alcnandor (iraliatu licll.
There had, been men beforo Dr. Bell
who had come near. (Hiding a way to
make female gossip and masculine
i uiuiiiei. ml intercourse easier. The
Keis I'liienis came uearest success. Hut
iu the Keis patent* tho current waa
intermittent. . . .
It bad to leap a gap.  Dr. Bell closed
"Ay, John."
" I 'lu (iiiiiii lo l'u llllllll."
"Canada! Vu ruu.ull Yuu! Kl'ler
mc giuiu' ye ti Irudu uu' liuyiii' lliul
new puir u' muleskin breaks lusl Mou
duy. Yu're a menu migrated!' sinner
—Ye'ro nu :■■mii " she sllflsked,
throwing her knitting dramatically
un tlm floor,
"Ay, I'm gaun," suid John, wilh u
note of decision, very strange uml very
new, for he ntul hitherto been tlm lion
peeked of Ilis lri|ie. Thul sullied il,
uud urrungeumuls were mude. Mrs,
M'lluggis having liei'oum resigned, |>ru
eeciled willi energy und iniillierly cure
in superintend Hie packing,
"Yuu'II need u' yor auld clues,
.lulni. II .iiuiiii tnuiltcr alum! llm
patches, there's nae lusses Ihere—use
thin' Imi Ilul indiuns uml horses. ATI
pil in your guid seeks ami yuu thick
druwers yuur Aunt .loauio sent true
Millnburgll. We'll gel sume liuuliics
fruu Ihu "tloawp,1 and mind—diuiis
forgot it box o' seillil/ ponders, lliey're
iiwl'u' guid when you're aeeuk. Thai's
what you lint Inr hud ou llm senilis
inp lue llotliesay,    elc.
Al lust the duy cauie. M'lluggis'
friemls carried his bos lu the Broomie
luw, Ulld ili.lliIlil .llllli' llie big M Tin;'
gis, lhe wee M Tiitggis, ami every olher
M'lluggis (rom muny a corner of tlm
lumi. (ur wus (his departure In Hie
Wesl  mil u great thiugl
"All iiiiiiiini/' shouted u grilled old
seo dug.
There wus li terrible now!, am! Muw
M 'Huggis fell ou Hie neck, t,, Jolin
" I'oir, puir Johnnie. You'll he guid
lu tim Imliuus, uu' Uiiuii ycr seeiilil.
puuders, uu' see an' gel a man for
,1 cauie."
"Ay, Muw," sunt iloliii, Miumwliul
stupefied ul Hie coming dupurlure
"Coinu ou, slop your i blether
iug," suid Hm gru/ly old sail, seining
M Uuii, by Hie neck and piluliug
liim uiui,|i llm gungwuy.
Fortunately, soiucnnc then played
up u Higlilunil lliug, ami lins livened
lhe Highland blood uf lhe uilhcrlu
loleful M 'Huggis elan
"hluml clear Lut gu!" ordered
llic skipper The whistle screeched,
slowly llie lnml moved; then Hie hum!
struck up, "fur Auld l,ung Sync''
"Hooray! Hooray!" Hals, liumlker
chiefs, whisk) botlle.n, umbrellas, even
Imi,ies were wiiiml iii loii'l farewell, iu
fui'l everything was guing uff in the
i,'lluI.,,,' uuy uI.en lliere uiose u ler
l,lile sliriel. Iiliole Hie din.
"John! John! Julin M 'Huggis,"
jelled tlm burly luulruii, scattering Hie
ruwil nghl nmi I.'it, as she rushed lu
ll.e edge uf the pier.
Ay, Muw," same u fuiul echo from
llm  vessel's pcuk.
You're uwa' wi' Hie eoul huuse key
' Tl nu gel ony leu Die night Hcnrrl.
>iiur pooches   i|iiiek'
M 'Huggis 'lmii liiiiilii sll) mlu ins
jnckel pocket, und surc./iiuugli there
wus Hm missing arllcle,
"iiiiiii." he shouted, tossing II lo
words  liet     I'oiir  Maw!    tihe iurgel
lu her
IHKI'ltUT   OV   MIHTll   VANI ilill Villi
A  IIV-|.nt\V  lo authorise  lhe eurrllua
nut »< the uorU of l.ncal Imiiruve-
E,l nf I,jnu Y«l(er Huml autl retain nay ol l,ucal linnriivcui.-ui
ciiiurcs lhe aum ul S7,MU.IIII (o
provide the liinils fnr earning oul
said wurk, and to assess and levy
tbt locul iinninienii'iii rate ur Ian
rciiulred III pnn Iiii- lur thit linjiiieiil
ul tke Interest nnd in aceiiiiiiilutc u
alukluv IhmiI <ii ii»> nil Ihs talt lle-
WlllilKlilAB  thu   Lynn  Valley   lluud
I'lTilul     liiiiiiiiil      LOOOI      lllll'inneini III
By-LuW, 1 ill a, waa passed by llm
I'liiinell u( the Dlalrlct uf North Vancuuver to provide for uecurtalnlng thu
lund lo be I" i" iii .uil and thu proportion of inm iii received hy such lunds
from tho proposed clouiTug lo Ils lull
Width uf llio Lynn Valley Ruad frnm
the southern boundary of lilstrlct Lut
III tu the mn iluu ii i.uiiiui.iu or iiulil
Diatrict Lol and grading anil gravelling same to give a ruudned SO feci In
iiiiini clear or ditches;
AND w iiiniiK tn ii was recited In
said By-Luw thul ihu esllniutud cost
of  the  suld   huiii uv, im in   'uuii,   wus
n'lill       Tlilllln, ml        Ki|llll        llllll.lllll       Ullll
Forty iTiSIO.OO) miliars, uud Ihul llm
Cuuncll had upruuil iiiuiii reeclpl uf Ihu
I" ilu,ni ilu ii In nu iiiiun.ui ti, pass und
submit tu the Kluctura u Uy-l.uw fur
Hie puriinso of bui'riiwlnit ilm suld iMui
upun I'l.'tiniilui'eu Bccuind liy speclul
rules tn be levied U|iou Hie lunds flare-
by deelni'ed tu bu tntniitllted by sulil
ANH WHKKKAH It wns ilclulnillicd
liy ...ilil Ily-l.nw Ilinl llm Mm,iu, ,in
slmll ininrllniiu iiii.'-llfili uf Hm niiHi
of suld wurks. uml slmll iilluw sucli
.,nh iiiiiiiuii I, wuy ul i, lui, ol nni'-
lirili nf ilm suld special Illln lo be
levied us aforesaid;
ANIl WIII'WIKAH II Is ileiiiinliiiil Iiv
Sllill  Hi   I.u,'.   llllll  llle lilllils lu lie belli"
lined by llm carrying nut of Um s.ild
Impriivi-iiieui wurks are the lunds having u frontage on tlm suld Lynn Valley Ituiiil so fm- ns II ts io lm lineniv.ul mui ilmi tlm extent to which
sueli I,nul are lum llnul Is In |>ru|ioi'-
iluu in Hn: i.i.. 11, iif frontage, ot such
liinils respectively iniiiiltiit uiiuii snld
ANH WHKIU'lAH ii iiellllun Inu burn
received by llic Council dated ns I
eueli ui iu.I,.; nmi algned liy u mu
luj-liy In number uf Um persons slmwu
nciinrdlng to the last revised Abscss-
ineiii  iiiiii of the District la |B,B110.00;
AND WllMltMAH tliu debt lu denied
un  tliu auuiiiTi.'   of Un-  aneclal  ruins
i.i'tiliid and i.'i-ied by
this !
. >-(.uw llllll
lu r, in. t ii ii t.. >i by the Ol'edtt uf (he
whule Municipality;
TTIl'lllI'll.'iiltl'l bu It I'liiieliil by tliu
Heevn and Council of the Ourjinrul lun
of ilm District of North Vancouver In
Council assembled (with Dm ussent nl
lliu klluctura ut llle said District) us
followi, vis.:—
I. Authority Is hereby given thu
i'uiin,ni tu carry uut the wurl. of l.ncul
- Vul'
iuu.mu nu in ui thu suid Lynn Valley
Ituiiil us Iiiiini'.' dei.i'i iiiui, ull as Local
I in j uu. vtiii, ii t uiiiier and by virtue ot
thu aald Lyuu Vulley Houd (Third election) Locul liuiuui. in.'iil   Hi   lur.    mi-:
I. tl ahall hu lawful for Ihe Council to ralao by way ot luan frnm any
peraon or persons, body ur boillos Oor-
lioiuie unon i'ul" uuin., to bu lasuud
us linreliiallor prov dod a, sum ot
y not oxccudliig III wbulu the aum
uf'Seven i inul. .nui in, in Hundred and
iiiiini:) imt exceeding In wliolu the sum
" "luvoti -i ium. .nni in,- in Uuiiili..  and
li'iiiiy i|?,Bliiiiii| Hollars, and tu cause
Hie Sums In Iiu puld Into Dm Bunk of
Brlrtiih Nurlh .'
ubovo rcclled.
ilh   uin uu, im  lliu imu mui
,i    in iiuuiiiiu in milu u( iiu  luirpor-
ullott lio lie culled I.ocnl  imiu."	
11.1., niiiiu.i tu un .hi,,,iiiii uf Bovull
IT..ui. umi iu;.ni iiiiimi, n mid li'orty
Ilullnis lu whole may be Issued by the
ttouvo uud Clurk uf Ihu CuriiuruHun lu
inin. of Iiii! Munlclpul Acl .nm Acts
um, inin, llm ; .nin uud of litis By-Law
III sums us muy lie leqiillml liiil nu
single i . I,, mui, shull be (ur u gruulul
mini liuill 110(10. Ininli of tile ,i,ii,I llu
In iiiuiii slmll In: i.Ikii,'.I by llm suld
lleeve uml lul uud seiilud wllh lhe
Uml uf ilm curpurallun. r
1.   Thu suld Imbculuru  Hun,In shull
bear Inturusl ui u ratu imi excuatllnf
live  in.l   eclll    per ulllltllll,   pujnllle  llllll
.inuii dining Um currency ot suid lie
In mures or uny u( Uu in    Tburu shall
n   llllin.linl   III   llm   I In lull 111 in   luu,.I.
illpuliH slltlli'il I',*  llm Ileum aiul i bill
for euch ninl iiul) iiiiiin.iii ,.i Intereat
llllll  IIIU)   lliieilUlu dim.  ulli)  sueh sinllli
lures niuy be wrlllen, im..■,,.., n ,i ur
0. Tlm said Deli,mini" liumls as In
1 pi IlliTpill uml Inlel uil shull I,,' I'.ij.ililu
ul  llle  lilsiilcl  Muin. i|'.,l  Hull ll, Nmlll
Viinui.iui, B. I', ur ul lhe uilmipiil
udicc uf llm ii.i.i, uf llii'llsli Norlh
Aiiii'iicu In llic t'lly ol Toioiilii, In llic
Um lusl   revised  Assessment   Hull Truviuce of Ontario, or ut the prlncl
ut llm Munlelpiillly lu lie Um uwn
uf llm lands aiTeetei! In such By-Law
uml Ihu owners o( mole Iiiun tliroe-
llfllis In value uf sueh liinils unKlii,.
Ilinl llm sulil luuniivi'iiieiil ul Um I.)nn
valley Rood lu- carried oul us a lucul
iniiituvi'ini'iit ntul Unit lhe sum n(
17.810 00 he rulsed by llellelllllle liumls
lo   lie   Issued   Uliuli   llle   seen-II)    uf   11
Local Iniiuov,ineiil Rule to be levied
according In llm said frontline I'is's
ilium   llm  sold   lunds  In  lu   lu'imllli.'d
us uforesaid;
ANII WilInllt:AS Um iliniilllll of ilehl
which this By-Law Is Intended In
ei i'iiiu Is Bevcu 'IT., u...iui it. i.i llui).
died ulnl Fully Ilullnis and llu.- antne
is i" ini created In provldu u roml ror
Hm sold liiiiiruveiiieiil nl Lynn Valley
Ruad under Lucul Imjirovemetil   Plun;
ANIl WHBREA8 Um uinuuiil   tu  li
ralaed   iinniiul))'   by   atieclnl   rule
paving   llle   ilebl   and   11,'■ . i,
this By-J.uw Is till. In Ing 12.11 fui'
.'■11,1,11,1. fund uud 139'.' fm Internal,
AND   WHKHKAS   llm   vul I   tin
whole lnnd ami ImtU'oVemcnl or real
property  ruleuhle  under this  By-Luw
pul uillce of llle sold I,,nil. In llm Clly
of MiiiiIiitiI. Ill llm ITnvTiiu uf line
bee. uml llm suld piTuciiiiil huiii sliull
be mude pii)iilile by llm Curpuiiillou ut
a diile mil lulcr Uuin irteiily yenru
Ii.iiii llm dull! u( Issue of sold liilieii
line   li,unl.,
i    Vm   the   purpose   uf   (orinlnn   a
iilnlilnn   lumi  (in   Um piij nl  ui uilil
liul), nluu u ui iiiuiiiili) mui fu, ||,,,
pa) iiulil nf lhe inieresl ilm,, mi as It
bi'comea dim. .,,,,.,,1,1111, lugeiher iu
'...',1, uu nl,,,!,, null,,,] 1 Iiu ru Is hereby USSI.'SSetl ulld levied llVel ulld 11 llll Villi I oilier (ales ami i.iiis lim annual
sums sel 11111 111 Uie llisi money culoino
u|i|iuallo Uie pruperllea liuruinafler de-
Hintil>.<] In lu: Itnnwn us Ihe "Lynn Vulley lluini IThlrd Heeilonl Lucul
llillil.iv. iiulil K.i I. ' lull In nee,11,lane.'
Willi llle provisions of llle before li"
fur 'Tied I.) 1111 Viilb) llu,,,I < 'i'liii .1 Hue-
Iiiiii) Lucul lioiii-.n. imiii II. Luw. lll'l.
llu M,iniii|, uin. v.iil uniil ili nl" uot 1
111 uei I*' I pul revenue oim-llflli uf said ,111
lllllll    SIIIIIS    levied    IIS     llful'i'Slllil     atld
allow   same  as  a   n-bale   uf  uue llflh
uf suld spin lnl   i.ile  ns  folluws:
■liu was uu ih. vdg.' uf u pier,
great 'cii'licuii'iil sht^ leaned luu lur
im.'.,nd uud fell shrieking iulu Hm
liltliy Hyde, I will draw a screen 01 er
Die rescue of thai portly, bedraggled
dame, ll Is too distressing to Hm mom
ury of our respected uniigranl. Wn
Hum Campbell, iu llm l.uipire Mugu/ine
ll 1.
Bluck     I.ol
sr. 1
lUTsI   ITil'l        3           1
JS Ili
In in
37 II
11 II
Tu li
3f 12
33 39
:;.; 39
33 39
•     33 31
33 3C
33 30
il.l 'in
33 211
IC 21
10 31
IS Jf,
13 !1
31 Oi
.   31 96
69 77
37 00
13 29
n" I'l
10 71
40 78
6 ...
t           1
;i; i,o
l.n )0
S          1
•ll, 1
' 1
li bl
13 :.i
.; . ;, 1
33 SI
I'l  nl
33 C1
:... 1.1
:,:,;, 1
31    n
31 31
II 1!
31 31
37 66
,, 1
36 mi
n. ii
6l <il,
160 f.7
Aunuul   1
.'In.l,' I'.lynldr
h)   Ulsu let
1 31
1 92
7 69
1 it
n Hi
1 7k
i II
1 tl
6 73
1 In
1 6S
1. 72
1 11
1 II
1 cs
I 91
1 cs
6 31
1 90
1 fn
; 90
1 61
1. 12
7 90
1 61
6 32
', nu
1 6k
6 33
7 911
1 Ct
7 90
1 68
6 33
9 17
I', II
n :,i
1 67
', Illi
1 92
T Ilk
10 ill
1 It
1 el
10 01
2 01
1 01
k 79
1 76
1 111
S 29
1 66
6 63
k 29
1 66
16 66
.1 il
1 1 .1
1 67
1 7i
i nl
1 ul
k 02
I 11
9 91
in nil
I It
u 70
1 91
7 76
9 70
1 ni
7 76
k II,
., ',..
1 19
6 76
! 11
9 17
11 IC
1 1..
11 CI
1 11
', It
1 k.l
1 ■::,
; 13
-, 11
7 96
1   In
6 31
1 69
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; tt
1 (9
6 37
7 96
1 69
6 3?
1 19
7 96
1 69
., il
7 96
1 69
1 li
.. 11
7 96
1 69
1 69   '
6 3?
i i".
1 :.'.
1   .,
1 '".
1 69
6 17
,  ".
1 69
7 96
1 i.'i
6 37
7 9f,
1 69
'   :i
', 'in
1 69
1.   1
k IJ
1, :.n
1 IC
1 f,3
k 111
n il
1 63
1 I"
-. 1!
1   1
6 21
7 k.l
1 r.i
6 It
7 k.l
1 r.i
6 26
1 61
6 36
I 13
1 67
1, •.',,
1 61
6 26
k Cl
1 70
■ I'U
: 76
11 03
36 76
7 HI
11 1,11
2761 02
Thc   suld   l.ynn   Valley   Koad   I'lTiird 11
8.1TI11I1I Lunil 1II)IU ul 1 nu 1,1  ll  slmll llu
be  payable  nol  of .ind  fl mil   lin.'  'Uii'l olid
t   1,66 00 I   I 11 20
 null ml uml Iliiiili)   u-l,,|,|,,| I,)
1-.11111. II  mul  slitmil   In   III.   II.. v.
■"li-i k   uml   m uiul   uuii   lhe  I'm
1 li
IVtlmm.   ISmmHtt
I'ublie in.'.imi' of ihu North Van
couver Huiii. .iliuinl iiu i.l;, uu Wed
ncsduy, dune I'iiiii, to rearrange thc
pr;/" list for tho cKliibilion and flower
sllOW.     tie,,",,',!      public        uililiullv    ill
vited. "ini
Do you wsut to sel) yoor lott    Wi,
have funds waiting for good buys. Olva
ui your best gross price and termi
., Canadian Financiers, Bank of Hamilton
that gap when hs turned tks screw. | Building. li,
urol'ierTlea   resuci'llvcly   unl   sliull   I"   pututc Si-,.1 un llie day uf
und Is hereby levied ami u ,,,.,.]   ,,, \,)i
llllllll)'   fm   Um   pell.,,1  nf  tw   nl*   uill •
follnwlnn   III.'   issue  uf lillil   ll.ll, lillli.
ns u lien  ui   chine'   il>.ui nn  n.i .11I1I
ul.ilill   will)   the  iililiiiiil   lun. h  ni   ml"
lii.uil.li'  for und oui  uf  Hi     ul.l
aperllve   pniiiertlis   li   ili-'   s.i''i   '',..
lllllll 11'HI
7.   11 is Iniilil provided 11,111 in me cun runs  nr   nin  liismii 1
.vein of any of said orup.illcs cbaraei mihth VASiiiiii Hilt
wllh   suld   lumi   Vulley   H.niil   1TI1I11I
Becllun) Lunil Improvement  Hale be rttiti Nii'iii'Iv Uml in. „i„,vi is 11
na n,,w ur hereiifiii aubdlvlded then 1,,,, ,,,,1) ,,f lbe i,i,,n,,s,,| H) l,,,.. uv
lhe Slil.l  Illle sliull nisi, lie  lu irl on     „n   »|,|t.|,  Ui,   vole  uf lhe   Muni, 11 .ilil ,
11I.I, siilidlvded und Milled ofPur<II»h ,uii |„. i„i,,.,„ viij,!,, n„. r„lluwHi|i nol'
lu he fionliiae of eueli i,„il or lu. ling siullmis. via. in lhe Muulehml
abulllng of aald Lynn Vul.) liim, hJi, i,,,,,, v„n,., n„,„). i„ tj„, hatch
.ind llu subillvlsli.il of llm lund slmll ||„|| „| ,.,„„„ „, |„,„„,|„|,. Avelioi f ll«>
be so rnaul that us far as puaalblu no i),„,„H Huad, .md ul I'upllinio gcbuol
llllll   01   lol   iilillll im   Will   have   II   less   H,,,,,,,,,   u||   |„    ||„,    |,|H|,|,|    „,   N„r||,
'leulli  thun  one  hundred  and  tweni) Vancouvei, on rluliiidui. uM.  uu, i|„y
(UO)   feel   buck   from   sueb   ft.uiinn  „f  july.   bli,  belweii    houra  of
uml on such subdivision belna so naile 9.00 o'clock u m uml 7 00 oclo.k y m
mul Dm mu|, or I'luli Iherf-of 1 *■ t-Imi.-i
ed In Uin Lund Idllllll) lllli"    Um suld mill. H   I'AllMI'lll
frnnliiiie rule sliull be u cIiuiki   unly 1'  ,\|  r unil 11 hiinlim
un sucb inuis ur luls iilmllliia uu suld iiillcei
slreei. und lhe remainder nf snld pro- ,           „
nerlles so aiib.llvlileil  Uf   uiiv)    slmll 1'ubllc Nolhc la  hereby  ulv.-n  lliul
lie   freed  und   releused   from   the   sulil Up. vole of Um Ulcclois of llm lilslll. I
mi,, „» 1, il,,..,;    ui Ii.ii ol Noi lb Vancouver will be luken 0/1
«     Th,. 11, Hi li,i„l,v u.u.liul lu uuii      '"'  '■>'•"   'nil')   IIiiiiiI   iThlnl gecUoll)
1     ine iicui ii.iiuy iiiiiii    is inni    ].,,,.„] i„„„„v„,„„„i i.,,,.,, iiv.i ,.„,  iui|,
Tbe  amount   of  llm  lieli.nloi
lo be Issued under lhls By-Law Is sni
Jed    10    '"nu,11,1.illui
ill. Lynn Vniiey Houu: i
Hu I'buiili Hall ul llm curner of Loil
dale Avenue mid ijuecna lluud  and SI
'"..llllllll.. H1T100I  House.  Ill   lhe   lllsll.l
I    This By-Uw may ha riled for of'"Nor'iii Vii"nV'ouvVr7"isid"tliiai juhn 0
'!t!.I'urpuiiea aa "The Lynn Volley Itmi.l  Knrincr hue bce/i vppulnled nioriilia
(Third   Sccllonl   Local
l.uiiii  By-Law,  1912." ami sb
I1nt1111vem.nl ufTtor lu take the "Wtea of auch el«";
..    ....I  slmll  conm  l.,iT Willi llic  usual  powers In  Ilul
lulu effect on lhe Isl duy of Aoausi.  behalf.
i'aaaed by Um Couni'll on  llm 27lh
■luy ot June, 1912
ll'ii'lved lbe iiaseni iif tbe' Kleelota
II  illi 1 llm.  Iii III im Ih
iti  lilll.
nl  11
By Outer uf Ihe Council,
(Klulliul, v.,',1    1).   MA),      ,
(Sifted)      JOHN  0   KAHMKK,
Job Printing at the "Expreu"
■ ■■ I-
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, pr printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTP, is liable to a penalty of $100,
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly,
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
i      BWBBT HA8JU
(Continued from Pago 8.)
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
llulil.UU i
li   .liiui.l,n       li.,,.
Ainliiur und Accountant
llll l.unsilule Avenuo. I'. 0. llux 11,1117
Nurth Vancouver. ITiuuu Illi.
ij'.uruy   t)   HniMiiU II    i    Perrln
' Vy   A mil lur
am     nmi      1,-riPinihnil*
plIIVU'i   ... . J '
^v.    p, i). But mi
ITiulii    ISS
ill Vancouver
fore tha Minim mL HOPE
anlmoua in the u*JB.(J.8,A.
luiiun ""•' """'""i'i
imputed /nesferflold Avenuo,
piiniul /,
» Noi
orth   Vancouvur
Phono B168
Underwood's Barber Shop
J   at ti LoWaLB AVENUE
ED   ailOHHfU    HMITU
.   Wulln. ii ii Scott, Tliiril
,'rul ri.psr work.
a liuvo liuuii re
I)   M t null III.
Iluokaollcrj and  SUIiuncri
I lur.  I 'um Inlo noil 1st. i'iiiii'.' Ill
A.M.I.E. it S.
litigation,   rlralnago, fovels,     plana
Ind spi'cilicaliuiis.   Septic tmika    and
* Anise drainage   a   opooially,      I'.  0,
bix 'HI, Irilli alruot waat nl Itoluckc,
Wm. Iliirrill, Potor Boad, I.vhii Vulley
Bnglieli   eortificuto,   Estimates  given,
Ami goneral Commission Mcrcbaut, IU
I."in"i.ii" Avo., Norlh Vuncuuvor.
Phone Uill
We lire spoeiulists hi llieiui lines.
111 A Lonsdalo Avenuo
My .iniii". org ut tliu Capiluno
l.niiiidiv uli,in yours ought to lie.
Flal wurk for Uli cents iui. Rough
dry, le Hi., ucl wash, lie Ib. limp us
a curd aud wu will call fur Ihuin.
P. 0. box Hit
Flumbliigl     Pliiiiibliigl     PluiubUig
I'unlructora. Owners gel fixed up
willi jobs beforo rise iu maloriul. Cut
ligurcs. Jolibiug uii'Tiill. attended lu
21st Stroot, I, Bluck Wost of Lonsdale
i-iini iii.ii u-iir.ti
.'-uiiiin   over   Bank   B. N. A.
I i ni ml ii l.i and Kplnsiiilu
i ui mii
High I'luns l^ilics' uud (iculs' Tailoring
Kepairing   and   Alterations,  (.'loaning
uud I'ycing iu all ils braochos. All
Wurl, , '-iiim.ii  1
III First HI reel Wcsl. i'liune 807
I   "Mil  11    l""n
tl       l-l     I.IIUX)
Ladles' and Ucnia' 01 caning,
Pressing and Ropslrlug
,     a Specialty
l^il .su -iui Wmi East
I'lans Kacrutod     : :    Ksliuiuti's linen
i.'eiiiie and MIII Boad
,    p Lyuu Valloy, B. 0.
iMpeeidlty: Children's  l.essont at  owu
I    home.     Terms,  etc., upply  General
ibe^ew   Block  nn   l.osadulu  AviSSUc
near  the Peny  Approach
waa built by
* 'General Ci
'lieueral lT.nl motors
Plans and Kitlinates furuished free.
Ii'l'iniiiig.  remodeling,  ets.,  proinbUy
attended to
>        J. W. BAKER
hint Valloy, B. 0.
Allan Iiiuiii near Westover. P. (I. Box
29, Lyuu free)., ti. ti.
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Street But of Loiudsls
.Lowest prices and best work guarau
Iced on tinning and shout metal work.
I Du the ear line. Ilnariliug, meals,
lluud uecunimudulioii fur wnrliing mun.
Contractors' men boarded, Ily. Kastcott,
! Proprietor.,
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds ol wood wurk,
lepnii". etc.
FourtJi Btreet aud Sutherland Avonue
V. 0. Uat mt
All kinds of saws filed and aet ou thu
shortest notice. i*wn mowers, kuivea,
hedge sbsars aud icissora sharpened. All
work guaraulcod, modernle prices.
D. dowu ,
1831 Lonsdalo Avanus    „   Phouo 80
Get a "Prosperity" Edition of tbe "Expreu"
shop wuru paid $10 to ruisu u siniiil
fiiiifuilnrutii  Hug  nviir Ihuir  I'sliiblish
ment, tbp Unionists wore ijitligiiaiit
and appealed to ths polico, w"no, nf
I'liiirnn, oould 'In untiling.   Time  lliere
fore pmei'i'iii'ii |n a body to tour down
Ino offensive ombloni, but.twenty or
thirty iieieiTiiiiii'ii luiii.inr. mun formod
a solid plialaux in front of tliu shop
and tbe Hag waved till noon, vfhou it
■jras voluntarily Inwered. Mrs. 1'usey
waa un springs duriug all this* intuitu-
ment. Her husband, who had not tho
least control .ovor hor, was always ro
"'."uj to em, i em pi iiiiimii as "Mrs.
Pussy's husband.'' She nel nn Ily pru
posed that a public reception lio leu
dared Lord liberies for his act in removing the arms, uud went su fur us tu
ordor io mini some cards uf invitation.
Bliu was finally porsusdod uut of tho
notion by .luhu Jeffries, whn recognized
thu 'tibsurdity uud unwisdom of thu
Whilu these things were liiippening
the lime whuu I must decide lu accept
or reject. Jeffries' proposition wus
drawing hour. 1 was extremely ncr
\ nun.  I Illumed myself fur having lunl
anything lu do in it social wuy wilh a
Inuii of men and women with whoso
principles and ideas I bail no sym-
p.iil.., uud I suw lliul my duplicity iu
limiting liiein think lliul I approved of
their cutisti, merely fur llic nuke uf Inning "a guud linic," wus ahiiul lo bring
upon inu u righteous punishment. Hup
pen whut might, I wus determined not
tu deceive the consul. Ik wus n warm
pcrsuna) friend, and I waa always a
welcome visilur ul his home.   Ho hud
11 mil ed till! Ullll  lold llle .lllllll.' llilli; I   ill
confidence whicii I could nol reveal,
Jeffries had dune the saint', ami alio
gethcr I wus iu a pretty Ilx. Finally,
I hii upon n plun wliieii I hoped wuuld
lift mu uut of my difficulty.
I decided lo beep uwuy frum lhe cou
spirulors, tn tell nu oue of tins proposb
liun, uml return no answer to Jeffries if
I could help il. I left lhe Ml.
Nicholas uml engaged u room ul llie
Hulel du France.
Abuut twu huurs ufler Die lime sel
for my answer lunl expired I was wall,
iug ulung Guvoriiuiout Streot, neur lhe
corner of Broughton, when Oliver Jell'
riea lapped int.' uu the shuuldor uml
".lohn is awaiting yuur answer."   .
"Tell him I've uu answer to give
liim,    I replied.
"Vuu promised."
" Vcj, hut I've chuugcil my mind
I'll huve nulliing lu dn nilh llie plot
I shun'I deceive lliu consul, but I won't
betray Jobu."
Oliver regarded mc with u feroeiour
glare and then turned uml walked
abruptly away. Tuwurda evening
llcurgc folc colored my pllice und bund
cd me a uule, ll wus u challenge lo
liglil .lohn Jeffries, lie prupused Ilml
we shoold gu lu Man .luun I In ml. I lieu
iu llic joint occupation uf lbc American
and Hrilish governments,! both main
laiiniig a smull gurrisuu there, und eu
guge in u duel. I must have lurned un
iui" as .i.uili but I managed to sav
lhat 1 would cumuli u friend, ami llic
j.'uiiluiiuii went away, ll took me I'ul
ly hull an hour lu pull uiysolf logelher
ami I hen I walked uver tu lhe Hulel
de France, nut inul I lui.J any appetite,
but I iiuiiii.I lime lo think the mul ler
over. I i""i> u soul ul pne uf lin- luld"!
und buried my luce in my liuuds, curs
ing myself fur nil surts of u foul fur
having gut into auch a muss.
As J sat there u cheery .one ex
claimed: " linlluu, 11., what's the mat
Icrt   Arc you illl"
I luukcd up uiul suw slumliiig nl llm
liilile Augustine Hibburd, a native uf
Montreal, but who had becume un
Amcrii'uu cili/cn, wilh whom J wus ou
mosl intimate terms and whose cum
pany I much enjoyed.
He aal down ami I lold him Ihul I
had been challenged lu llghl u duel
by an American rebel. Nuw Hililiord,
wbu was a strung friend uf lbc Union,
wus as brave as u lion, ami Micinod lu
enjoy my confusion,
"Accept llic challenge and I'll be
your second," he cried.
"Hibburd," I pleaded, " I just can'l
light. I've turned uver a new leaf.
1 ininul lu lead iiiiiiiini ami heller
lifo. To lull you llic truth lasl uighl
J prupused lo one of llic sweetest, dear
est and loveliest uf her sex and was
accepted. Jt ia too bad, jusl when I
have tbe aum of human happiness with
in my grasp 1." have to drop all and
fight a duel abuut nulliing! No, I won 'I
incut Inni. She would uovur spculi tu
mu again, even if I shuuld escape wilh
my life, which isu'l likely."
"By heavens," cried llilibard, "you
shall cither fight or I'll light, for you.
I'll go aud sea Ibuee mau-wail hnrc
till 1 return," uud he started for llm
St. Nicholas uu a half run.
lie waa back in half an hour uud reported that he had seen both Jeffries
and (!ole and told them I was eager
for the fray; that I was a dead aliot
with a revolver and had cboseu thai
weapon; tbat I bad fought oud wiuged
my man iu Texas (a place I waa never
| iilttTiiirr  uv   .miii ni   nm in mnn
nl the lilsirlc) ul Nurlh Vuih'.iiii.i
iu ralae in- war of loan tie sunt or
SIII.MHI (o bi- .'iiieiiilcl In the ••oii-
slruclltm  of sldi'HUlUs in  Ihe illa-
WlllnlllnVH  11   Is  d.i.iratnl  esjus(l|t||ii
ll.v   ill"   Council   III   till!   Cufpul'Utlllll   III
Ihu lllati'M ul Nurlli Vancouver tp
ruisu by wns ot loan lha spin ui flu,
mui lo bii in lui.il 111 thu '"iuu n.ii.ni
of sidewalks In the lUeli'lct.
ANIl Hlll'lltluUS tlm iniiuuiit of the
debt iv in, 'ii miii Us-l,i.w In un uu..,.
lu create Is ibe uuiu snip uf ?HJ,'liuQ und
Ihu niijcut fur iiblcli tliu auld debt Is
, uuii 0 la tile uuiiili inil.,11 ul noli ■ u .ill,.,
uu nfuresuld.
ANP Vv'lllSltlSAS It will bu nlices
sail to raise uunuullS fly uimclui rate
iuu lolal sum of Iiiiiii tor ilil) sum
lur llm t'e-inii ineiil of the suld luun uuu
Intereat ut I Her cui|t. ua lierulnullci
anp AvtllSHiiUB the vu|)io of |hp
wliule riiiuuiilu laud ur iinprovcniunlu ur
I'uul piupclt)   Hi  llm  salll   lllslrlel ne-
uoi Uiiil   Ill   Ml"   IllSl   nul:,, ,I   lUSUho'ill.u,
iiiiii iiiui'iuiito to H.muiuii.
anii wuiiiitiiiAH ilm agareuati m
llle Iiiili.-lilon; ,n 10 ut lllii .Uuiu. liul
Ity luxcuiit lur worka uf lucul liu-
i,i un uo ni unu u iiiiiii purpuaua) uuiiili
Ing the loun hereby uuiborlac.il.
u.i,i.iiiii.   tu   .ui, iuu
TTIIuTtcil'TiHin the Heave uiid Cuuncll
uf llm Cuipiiiiitlou ul lliu in.,nu i of
.Nuiih Vuncuuver lu council asmm,.,, .
iwill, ilm uasniit 'uf um enactors uf
iiii, lilsiilcl  Uuly uliliiiiii.il) uu lieieiij
elllli.'t   llu   1'' 11 ■ ■ '■
I ll slmll he luu tu) fuc iiii, Council fur Hu: puipusu utuii.'»,iln tu liur-
ruvv or raise liy way of lu.iu Iruin uny
pi i sou ur pel sons, liudy ur hudli s cor-
ilui'ale W'iio nuts be willing lu udvunce
ilni  Slime   Uliuli  tliu  credit  uf  llle   lie
Uunturua of ilils curpurulluu horulnof-
ur iMuviiieil for, u sulu or sums ul
money imi exceeding In tlm whulu ihe
suul ol >IU,UUO, nnd in . ii u.'i. the 'iilnc
lo l,u planed HI lllc llllllll ur Illlllnil
Noilh    Alliel liill    lu    lliu    IT I'llll    III    llle
Corporullon fnr llm inn i'i""  ufurceuiu
2.   iJubunmru Uuiuiit oi tim Cutpura-
,lull 111 llie .minimi oi S10.0UO 111 III,
Whulu IIIU) I'e Issued by tile HuuVU llllll
'lent ol Uu Lurpurailuu in luriua ul
llie Munlclpul Acl In sums us urns bu
.1. Mil uii,  bul  Uu single lleliellluie slnili
tie'ioi ii gieuii'i inu nun line Thuusund lienors. I'luch uf suld liobunlurc
liumls uliuli he signed hy llie lleeve
nnd llielll uml shull In sealed Willi llie
,-seiti iif ihe Corporation.
U The suid lielieiituie liuuds sliull
liuar interest nl u rule nut ex'
llu.' pul' Li III pel .ililiillu pll>ullli-, llllll
....july on llle Ul ilus of I'clil'liuly ulnl
llie Isl 'I.u ol Annual. Ill iiii'l] llllll
.'Very yeur during Hie iinielicy ut suld
DelieiHiuus or uny uf linm Tbcic
sliull lie ullucllcd lu lbc luulieuluie
liumls cuupona signed Hy t|ie Itcuvu
ami Clerk lor eueli uud uVur> paytui'lii
uT Hitcicsl ihul uliuli liecotnc tine, uud
auch sigiiniiiiis may lm ultlier v. i il l.n
lilliii-tt'Ulilud or stuliipud.     ,
1 I'lie sum fi "enluie Honils sliull us
in ;,ilm iiul uml Inieresl lu pniulde ul
llie    Ulafrlcl    Mlllllcluill    lllllee.    Niil'lll
Vuncuuver. U ti„ ur ui ine i.rlncipui
ulliee   'uf   llic   Uullk   uf   III It lull   Nol III
Allu I It'll III Hie I'll) uf TT,r.„,lu In llie
ITul III.U of llllllll III. ol ul llic lllll.T-
mil ulliee or llle sulil linllll lu llm I'll)
of .Mul,Hull III llll! I'lovlllCe ol 'liu-
l.ee Tbu suld principal sum sliull m
nnide' pusubli' lis Hm Cmji.irnIli.ji mil
Inlel lluili IUI) !e.ii.n fl um Ihu Isl illl)
ui August. IUU
il Then sliull he raised mnl levied
annually b) speclul rule on nil tut,
.ilde luiid oi Hiiio"Vi'inciils ur l.ul pro-
mil) lu llie lilsiilcl Hm sum
ul tit lur llie purpose ut foi mini; u
nli,iiiii); lund for llie pu)nielli ol suld
I 'i liiiiioii.s when lin.) become du.-. uud
Hie sum  uf IDOU fur Hie  pu)incni   of
Un lllleiesl ut lllc rule uforosuld to
lll'ClllllC  illle  illl   Sllill   I'l'lx'lllUlcH dill lllg
ilie currency   ilmno,, und lliul In ml
llllloll   to   nil   oilier   lutes   lo   lie   levied
.md colluded In the Hold IiIhiiIcI   ioi
ill); llle 11 Imle ilillelle) ol llle Sllill lie
lu-lllilies   oi   nil)   of  llielll
Till.,    II,   lull    lull)    lie   .Hid   fill     illl
iiiii|,osih os "Tiie Sidewalks l.oun it)
Law,   I'll.'".
TTils 11) luiiv nllull iinm inlu <l
lul  mi  Hie  Isl dll)   of  August,  ISIS
I'uhiiuI  by  llie  Council  on  llm  .",Ti
du)   ur .Iuue.   llll'l
Ht idled   llm  nsselll   ul  Hi.    IT. . lm.
.11    llll     fill I lllll    llllll    1,11    III.'
du)   id IUI2
llu ul.nl,lliul llllll III,ull, u.lulUul I,)
Iiii IT.illiill Ulld alglll'd I') llm liel'Ve
imi   'Ti il.   uliil   sealed   Willi   lin    I'ul
liOlill,      ;leul     UU     III'' d.l.l     „t
I Tel I,
lil.l.i lull!.   u|.'   Tin;   nm I hii i   Hi'
Null III   VIM III Unit
TAKK   NT IT 11 In   lliul   III,    utiuv,    u   .,
nu, i„|i) of tlm propuat't) ii) l,uvv iijinn
» Iii.ii Hie vule uf Mm M iiiiii i|.illli  i.lll i
he lul,, ll ,.11 lun llle I. Ih '.'. II,, pullllli;
Ulnllolin.   vis i   III    llle   Muni. I|„ll   Hull  |
I... iiii Vulley Ituiiil. Iii iiii- linn, li Hull
ul    iinm i    or   I.iiiimIi.Ii     ,\vi nm     uin. '
'IO' i 0 n    lluud,    Ulld    Ul    I '.Illllllllll   ,Sel I
llull.ni        ..II     III      III"     llielll, I      Ol     N,,lliu
Vunu.uu i    on 8.11 ii nl u.i    llu  Utl, ilm
i.f    Jill)      Hll!.    lielVV't.ll    llm    Iiuiiii    ul
II oT I„i I; u in  uml 1 iiTTin I, |i in
JnilN i!   |,'Alt.\li:it,    |
i'   ,M   i    uml   Ih i ui iiiih.  iiiiini
I iil.lle Nullee Is Ii.iiii) iiln n Hint !
Hie vul,  uf lhe Kleclots ol llu   lo In, i
f   Nuilli   Vulu ull.i I    Will    lie    lilliil '
lhe  Slip walks  I ll   I I.u I.uu    llll:,"   uii I
Petunia) the llllh duv ol loin, llll!
lu nu , I, lliu Inuii ; „, t ,,', lock u lo •
ilni 7 iu Imll |, o, v.lll,ll lbe follow '
Ihu milling lililn n .vU . In llm Mum
liml Hull l,)|lll Vull,) lluud. In llu
Tun, I Hull III llm niiliei uf I,unu,lul,
An nm   and [Jin .ii'i, lluud. mul ul i'u
llullii   HcllOOl    I Inline    in    Hll'    |0   I,,. I    ul'
Nm ili   Vuncouvtr.   mnl   ilml   Julm   H i
runuu.   nu,-,  uu.
to   take   tlio   vulua   of   sucb
the Ust '
Qfllcci'   „
I'llei'lora Wllh
Uj' 'Ordor nf tliu Cuuncll,
IBIgiiet))    'WM. II. VAX
sua) I'ow.iu in that
(tjlwed)      jpl|N 0.
IHSTHHT  ni''   MIHTll   > imiii! lilt
t iiv-i.au tu enable lha Port-oration
uf fhe Dlalrlcl of Nnrlh Vauuuiiver
lu rulse li) »uy ul Iiiiiii the sum ul
»lir.,llllll  fur  Slri'.'l   I'm iiii.,..
WHKItlilAU   It   la   .le, 01, ,1        |	
by Ihu iTioo.Ti ot tbe Cui'pornllon uf
tbu lllslrlel uf North Vaneuuvei' to
i-iiii'   liy way of loan Ihu sum uf (iiiu
0110   tU   bU   '  -I', Ulli .1   |n   llle   full' II n, Hi.I>
of iui" i ill tlm siilil io iii. i Including        ll  li.ill'HI      allll       lllll'l,,Veil,e|ll       ut
Keith lluini Kust, mid '.uiiuii. aume
uu inni llio iMiTTIiTiies IT. el, bi'ineuns
of n aluul bridge ;
ANIl WIIKItKAH Ihu lllllollllt -)( tho
debt wlilch lhls ii. I.."', n, Intended lu
. i. .in- is lhe suld aum of I0B.000 und
tbu "I'i" i fur which Hie'suld debl Is
■ .1 .il, il    la   llle   i nm.ho, Ilmi    lit     hul;
iiii aforesaid;
ANIl '■'-. hi.iii ii || will lie necessary lu i.Une iiiiniuil' by speclul rule
Ihu total sum uf 1311,11 in, inn yours
for llm n- im,iiii-ui of thu suld luun
und imiii ui ul li per ceul ua Herein-
ui|or prnvldcd;
ANI) Wliliilil'lAH Iho vuluu ot the
wliule I'llluublc lund nr Inil'l uv inn n l ■
or real prupurly In thu auld lilsiilcl
uncording lo the lusl revised Assess-
llielll   lilill  um.oiiili.  Hi  IS.OS3.7S0
ANIl   Wliliilil'lAH   llm   uggl'eglllu   uf
iiiii Ik'buiiluro Huhi uf lim Uunl. liul
Ily   (nxcupt   fur   works  uf Lucul   lm-
|u "luun HI Ulld Hcllu.lt I'liii  llllillll'
lug     Ihu    loun    hereby    aiilliutUed.
umounta iu issi.otio.
T'lllillH'll'Tiltl'i Hie Reeve and Cuuncll uf Hm corporation ut tim I'lstiiti
of Norlh Viinciiuver In t'ounell nsseiu
hied I Willi llle linn,oil ul tliu InluTuin
uf Hie lo. in i dills ulilniimd) ilu lule-
'by eiiiicl us follows:
I. II shall he lawful for tliu Council
fur thi! purpiinc aforeaald lo borrow
or rulse hy wuy of luun from mi) person or pursuiis, bud) ur Imilles corpor-
iiie, who may he willing lu ud vanes
llm sume uiiuii ilm credit of Ihu Debentures uf ihis Corporation hcrolnuf-
ler provided for. u sum or sums ut
money uul ccccdlng lu llm whole thu
.uin of till..OOO, uml lo ciiuhi' lhe suiim
lu lie placed In lhe Hunk of Hrilish
Nui III America In the credli ut the
i Tn pun iiiun fm thu puipusu aforesaid!
'I     llt'ln-Mlllc   Uululi   Ilf llm  l'ul'l',1111-
inn  Iii llm .iiiiuiinl  uf  t in  In  lh<
Wliule lllll)   he Issued by llle  Itucve ulld
i'ii rl.  of Hm Cumulation  In  li nn nm
llm Minilcljiul Acl in sums us mm  H
,1,Sllill. hilt till Slllgle llclielllllle nil.ill
lie fui ,1 gl'ctltlT Sllill I llllII illle TTlllll
HIIII'I lluiliim Kll ell uf Suld lliT.elll.il i
Di.llds   shall    III'   Sighed    Ii)    lhe    lie. Ve
and i'ho It iiiiii sliull In- sealed nilh Hi
Seul   ul   llle   I 'ul I'ul 11 lull
il Till! salll lll'l), llhlie lliOiiln nlu,
III!" (Iilele.nl ul il iulu Ilul el, ie, ling
live I'll' colli III .inliiiiu I'.llllld. hull
.lenil.'.   nil llle  Isl illl)   nf  I'TI'I iliil)   llliil
llm   1st   ilu)   "f   August,   iu   cull    I
ever) nul dillHlg llle i ill nm i ol
said luTii'liloii I or nil) uf llielll Tin n
slmll    I.e   nil,,.'he.I    III    llle    Uiliel.ion
liumls coupons signed   b>   llm   Itev.
ulld  ITeil.   for null  I ever). I'll) 111.Ill
of lllleiesl   Ihul  nil,ill  Ine  due   and
such slgiiiitiiii'H mu) I" either willli'U
lllluigrophcil ui sluuiprd
I Thu niilil Ik'bi liliile llullSii uiul
iih lo I<l Sll. I fill  lll.ll illli lull  be  I'll,ui'l'
ill the Idslrl i Muni. Ii.i.) ii.uei Noiti
Vuncuuver. I) ti. ur ul Hm pslm-li'iil
ulli,, uf llm Hunk nf Huh I, N. ilk
America Hi Hm fit) .uf Toroiilu In Hi.
riuvline nl I lllllll In. ot ul llm I'llmll'.i!
ulliee   ut   tlm   h.ilil   lllllll   III   III''   I'H)    ol
Munliull   III   lllc   I'rovlllci.   "f  'Ji i I" ■
Till     suld    lOlin Ilml    HUIII   Slmll    he    lllll'l.
piliulib    l>s   Hn   r'ui pulnl lull   li»l   Inlu
ihun  llfi)   stuns fi  Hn   l-t  dii)  "I
,-.ugiist. iti:
I,        -llll'l       llllllll    I'l     III."   ll    HlUl    I. IK <l
.iiimiiill. I') n|'U ml lui' mi oil ml' ubl.
lulni oi Imi.i ..v. in. lllll ..I nul iu "I" il.'
lu Hie dlslllil llu i'iiiii "f ll'H f"l lhe
,,III |",n, ill lolllilhg .1 "II.I.iii, lllllll
f„,    Hu    |uunu ill   iif   H.ild   11. I" lilun n
Wlli'll llle) Iii lullie 'llle Uiul lhe HUIII of
fVl'ut   tul    Hie   |u|, IliiOl   Uf   111.'   llllll' hi
I   llle   lllli    Ilf mild   I"   lm"IIU    due T'U
..U. ll    llelielllllin   dillHlg    llle    ' Uill HIS
||,eie.il      I    llllll    III     ' 1 llll'l.    In    llll
nihil lutes In I"' levied ulnl ' oil.'. I'd
III   llui   H.ild   luun   I    dllllllg   Hm   Whole
of'thcin'." ""■ '"""',"w^
Tliia BV-I.8AV may be cited lor all
piijjiuses ua "Tho streets lien By-Law
liccelved Hie assent ot the Electors
ul an loli'.liun hub) On lllh
day of una
in eon..uiei ed und finally adopted by
tliu Cnuncll ulld Signed by the lleeve
uud cn ii.  and seated with tho Cor-
imrulu Heal on lha
day ut
TAKin NOTICB thut the ubove la a
true copy ot Ihe pronoaetJ lly-l.aw upun which Iho vulu ut Ihu Municipality
will   hu  luken  wllhln  tho  following
lulling  nullum.,   via.:   In  the  Munlit
ml Hull, l.ynn  Vulley Bead; In  thu
Iiiiinii Hull ul ii.in.i of i.uiiii.l.il"
Avenuo.uiid tiucuii'a Road, and at Rap-
llano S. I    ll"u      Ull III the I 'L.n l.-l
of Nurlli Vancouvar. un Halurday. the
l.llh day or ml lBlt, betWuon the
hdtiiT uf S u'cluck a in. and  .  u'clock
"   "' JnilN li. KAllMKIi,
C, kl   c  and llcturnlng Ollicer.
I'llUMC   NOTIOB la Wato givon
Huil llm vole of Ihu i.i. im. uf thu
lllslrlel uf Nurth Vuncouvur will be
luken on lhe "Hlleelll l.iillll By-l.uw,
11111," on .ni ml.,. llic i oii duy ot
lul). nh' between the huurs of S
u'cluck iim. uud 1 o'clock pin "iiinii
Hm fullowlng i".linn, places, via.: Ill
llm Munlclpul Hull. Lynn Vulley Houd;
In Hm chinch Hull ui ilm eorner of
l.unsilule    'ni nm    and   Queen's   ltiiud.
nnd al ' 'ml  Helindl ii    In the
Ilistricl uf Nurlli Viinciiuver. und ihul
.luliii n I'.ium i bus been uei"'nil"!
lleliiinliig OmT-or to toko llm voles of
simh Klectors with the usuul 'powers
In thul  lichulf.      ,
Ily Order uf Iho Council
iHlgiiiill       Wil    II    MAV,
.i.li null        JOHN  Ol   KAHMKIl.
c. u c
HI MII'M.n III.' t 0*1, VII.M.M.
Cun) mining rlglils ul tho lluiiilnluii
iu '.Liim..lu :u. I.ui. lu v.uo und Alloii
la. ilm Viikun Territory, tho North-weal
Territories utui In u porilun of ihu pru-
vlnce uf IIiIIIhIi Culiinililu, inuy bo loas-
cd for u linn uf : ui ni. ni,.- yeara al
an nnuiiiil rental uf II uu acru. Nol
nmll' Iiiun MGO ucl is will he h uu d lo
ino upiillcunl
A|i|illfiillnii fur a leuso must bo niuilo
hv the uppliciihl lu pi-rsun lu lhe Agent
or nol. im ni of Ihu dlslrlcl In which
Hie rlgliis applied for nro sHunlcd.
In mii vi unl leiifiui) iho lund must
he deiicHlu'il by scclli'tis, ut legul aub-
HvIhIiiiis nf ., ■ ii.o. ■  mul lu   n.nin v...
nl III I llui,■  Hie llact  uil'liul fuc shall
he   Sllll.nl   lllll    ll)'   lliu      I ul     i.l    hlio
H. If
lui.h nppllcalliiii must be .„■■ ,om	
led by ii rue ol |(> which will hu refunded If lhe rights applied fur uro nul
available, hul nol otherwise A ror-
nil)  shall be paid ull Ihu lin-ii-liuliIulili-
tpul of llie mine al Hie rule nf live
cents pel   lull
The iiiun upeiailiig llic inltie ahull
foiiii ii llm Agenl .villi swum returns
accounting; for iho full iiuiiutlly uf
miTciiiiiiliihlc cuul mined and pay Ihu
royally   ll on    If   Hm  Coal   minim:
11, l.i:, arc imi lielng uPcralcd, auch re
llllllll ulmllld  he  rillTllslu ll III   IcuSl  "in "
a*) car,
Thi' leist, will Include Hie eual milling
ilghls only, luil the lessee inuy bo Per-
milted I) purchaae W'halovcr nvullablu
mi flue  i i,.hi     Ilill)   lie considered   lll'l-
-ssnrv fur lim vvurlilng ut Hm mine at
lhe ium if lie un acre
Kni-     I .11      11. r 11. .|i      ." nil,.illnli
Hlmuld he mude lu llic Bit rutin y of Iho
lii'Piirtumtil of Hm Inlerlur. Olluwu. or
tu nh) agenl in Huh Agent of lluiullllon
W w coltV.
IIiiiiiI) Minister of the lm. ilm
.    ll    I 'n.i" l Inn Izi il   piil'llculluu   uf
lhls  iiilvciTlseuiciil   will   nol   bi.   mild
rm US
■illoid to paua uur sanitary soda loiiiitaln.   tiuinc In. and thou
take home ouo of these "coolers";
Moniiu'iiui  Lillle -lui"     .. hoc and 70c
BtOUS'l   I.II1IC   June
Jamaica Lliitc Juice
Welch's i.i. j"   Juice
Bilidall's Uiupc Juice
Wed ib   Fruil Salt .
Nsdrtico Truit Hallno
linn'.'  Fruit Halt
utl. and I.DNHDAl.i: AVBNUB
Our iiuilln: I'uiilb. Qtiii/i/ii iiiiii I.t untuni).
The Home Furnisher'sS
This Week End SPECIALS
(Continued on Friday.)
MATTING MATS 35c, values al 2 *c
Do. ■ 50c, values al 4(K
Bcauliful  ui   Dctigii and   Colon
Big Value al $5; lliu Week, $4
MA'ITINC,, P« Yard
Regular Value, 25c and 15c; llui
Week, 20c and  10c per yard
Big Value al l,t; litis Week, 20c
150 CUPS and SAUCERS to Clear at 5c««ch; Regular, 12 l-2c.
 — These ar* Pretly Brown tnd Qreen Edge Border	
Lomdale Ave. «*».w»  North Vancouver
11 •
Why They Fluff Ont ht or Feathers
5    or tilth Thair Mtuolas
One day In the oarly part of llio
winter I had my camera pointed, at the
distant snow-oovored woods, says a
writer in "Ht. Nicholas," wliuu my
Bttontlou was attractod by the ulght of
two rahliits oronobing together at tbe
foot nf a hollow troo, 1 had often seen
rabbits sitting in this position in a
cage, and Hnew that it was a habit
among Mie membera of the rabbit
fnmily to sit Bido by sitlo for mutual
warmth, sometimoa heads together and
in,inni iinini head to tail.
iu ihi naturalist Is familiar with
the faet that quail will elnstor toguther
under an overhanging bank. A
naturalist told mu that hu oncu found
imui 1 in such a situation partly em-
budded iu the ice and frosen. It1
iiI'i'i'hi.' Mini thu lunl:. went there for
iiiiiiiini warmth; limit ramo a mm, and
thu water, trickling duwu the Intnl.,
iliiiiuimlili aoaltod the birds, frozo before oioiniii!.', and thua held tbem
The thoughtful poultry mon dncx
nnt,Jet bia huns gu arnuinl the yard
in tho winter, as W»s tha ul.l tinio
custom, but keeps tliem In warm sheds
witb glass fronts.
Hens dislike tn have tbeir feet, touch
snow or iee. If they dn so the hens try
to beep them warm by lifting up lirst
mm uml iiiun the other and holding it
under the feathers.
During t'ne greater part of tbo day
bens, when loft to run about the yard,
Will get on a piece of wood and seemingly go to roost. What they aro trying to do is to keep thair feet warm
Tlio better method is to house the hens
in a dry pluee where they cap scratch
i liun straw and thus have ewrcise, and
at the uiiuii' time keep tbeir feet from
tiic snow or Um ice.
The-eat has a similar habit of getting ou a high fence or a board iu some
sunny place and then turning her paw»
inwaid,  BO   lliul   no  part   nomine,   un
cuvored by fur und exposed to tho cold.
Tho dog that is apparently ahlvering
with in 11 ni- cold Ib nut really shiver
ing, but ia viiluntarily "flicking" his
body nun ■ i. ■. and is thus aiding the
circulation, ininli ub tho circulation iu
yuur Inn..i ■ is uiiled by rubbing them
together er by rupidly opening and
closing your fingers, ur as tho ciretila
tiuu in your arms is hastened by whip
Having purchased the business of Ooo. W. Hardlug Oo., In
which I was a partner, I am now prepared to furnish estimates aud carry out any work entrusted to me to the beet of
my ability. Satisfaction guaranteed. Nothing but the best materials snd workmanship.
P. 0. Boi Wl
One Acre In D. L. inii.   Ouo block from carline.   13300.   Terms:
Him on,iho cash, balance 0, IU aud IB months.
Ouo Acre lu D. L. 787 (behind Tempe Heights).  $3500.  Terms easy.
Two Acres In D. L. 7B5.   $1700.   Terms lo arrauga.
We have choice buys in Oity and District.
Pboua 168
P. 0. Box 3307
Hot Weather Necessities
Cataract  10c par foot
' Prom 11.50 to WOO
K.l i.i mu  12c psr foot
Wire Bound  Ifie par foot Complou, with one pair Spriug
Corrugated  13c psr foot Hinges, Door Handle aud Catch.
Nosslaa  16c each
Sprinklers     ... 00c to $1.36 each 	
Bvery length of Dunlop Hose SOBEBN WINDOWS
is fully guaranteed, auy defective
length will be replacsd without from 36c to 60c to fit auy window
ijuestion. up to DO Inches wide.
In two designs, $1.60 and $1.76. Thoso irons will heat more readily
and evenly tbau any other Irou. Bvery iron is guaranteed for Ave
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88,
105-7 Esplanade West
Special for a Few Days
TOIPLB OOBNBB on llllh Street.  Bite  210  feet  by  167.     Price,
$1660. Term* $660 rai.li, 6, 12 and 18 months.
Wa have only a few lots uow left io 764—a beautiful homesite within
two blocks of Uotdale Avutie for $376. Termi $W rami, t, 13
and 18 mouths.
If you bavs a house to Rent, or /or Sale kindly give ui a baling.
Pfcosw aw p. o. vm an
ping them around yonr bniy,
The thick coat of wool on the Bhoop
ii tbe best protective ceveriug, not only
because it prevents tba sold air from
touching tbe surface Of the liiuly but
becnnBe the great arooHnt of air en
tiiiigled withiil it beeps tbe best of tho
r.od-y from passing freply away, wbilo
the mass of. wool itself keeps the external air from rapidly cooling tho
imprisoned warm uir, ami thus eqnling
the body. Rut when tho winter is unusually ietim even thfc sheep show
their desire ini warmt!IW$jsjcrowing
against a shed V a hnyslucl. to protect their facoB and legs from tlm
searching wind that forces itself
Iiirougli tho .wool and forces out tlie
warm air entangled there.
The grey squirrel is heavily furred
in cold weather, but he delights to
siiugglu down iu tbe nest within the
hollow tree amid the dry grass, duail
Ituvcs ami tree dust which ho has
i iilltii-1■;.! lo uiiiI.ii his warm and ensy
Warm air is a poor nonductiir uf
heat. Por this ruason louse clothing
is wurmer than tight. Tho warm air
inii'. ei ii it and tlm sltiii inu. uni the
heal of thu body frum escaping rapidly,
Un.l., and Other iiiiiuuil. Iako advantage of this low nf iiuturu. A sparrow
in the previse uf a wull is unl unly
iiiiiiiini;: his feet ugainst tlie sunny
stone bill he is pretty sure tu have his
feathers su "Huffed" up thut hu scums
lo be ininli bigger thun nut urn I, because
lit. is lutliug the air iimler his fcutbers
get warm tu prutect his body.
A Romance of tlie Road
The glpumiest trump I huve ever '.'time
across was a man I mel just outside
Hishup's Btortford. I wus mending »
puncture liy the side of Ihe ruud, wben
he came stumbling along ami sal dotvu
on the in.ut. "i iu un Then he limit a
piece of rag uut of his pocket, ami very
..iiinii. dusted his boots, aa lm were
going inlu a hnuse rather thun a lown.
lie was pasl middle age, and clearly
in,': ui. and as 1 loo was fagged I was
able lu sympathise with him when he
ciiiupluiueil lhal lhe day was lint. "I'm
doue," he suid, "fair dune. Thirty
mile uu a day like this .'ere ain't . ,
telly a tea party." And he luuk nil' hii
hai ami stared stolidly across the roud.
"Ily rights," hu went nu gloomily,
after a few minutes, "I didn't ought
to lie 'ere.   I uiighi to be in 'eaten."
"How's ilmi, " 1 asked.
"Well," he said, aluwly, "I tried
In git rid in mesclf, but I didn't have
no luck. I was livin' iu a pretty fair
little 'nuse then, bul i lust me jub, uml
me wife and a little I'd sijvcil, and I
thought I'd finish il right off. Uo I
blocked up the door anil lhe winder,
and lurned llic gas full on. I was jusl
goiu' u!T ull right, and savin' lo meself,
'Vou're gone, uie man,' when I found
as 1 was cumin' round itgcn. Ami
,1 yoo knuw for-why I ,lcsl because llm
gas 'ad run duwu-it were mm u' them
penny in the slut machines—an' I
'uiiu't gut another bloomiii' copper iu
the Tnme. Mo there wasn't iiulhin ' else
fnr il Imi tu come round iigcu, and 'ere
I be—a man whu nughi by rights iu lm
a dead 'uu, bul 'u.in't gul u bioomin'
copper for iu turn the gus on."
He didn't aeem lu expect me to say
anything, ami went un dusting his
I-"I.- and his frayed and ruggcil
Irotisers, muttering at intervals. "Yes,
guv'nqr," he -.-ii.l. after a few min
ules, while I was mil, sl niggling wilh
the tyre, "a copper would ev come in
lory useful 1 dun'I knuv. us I'-c ever
wanted one so bad—if il uin'I nuw,"
"You deserve more lhan a penny,"
I said.
"That's rigltti g»v'nor," be said at
once, HI do that—on' no mistake. J
deserves a pension, and I'm etpeotin'
It bo first post fnmorrer." He ebneklsd
grimly, ''if it wasn't for tb»tk"fba
weut oh! "I'd 'ang massif tonlgbf—If
I'd got it pair o' braces for to At tb'
trick. 1 s'pose yon don't 'appen to
'nve .men a thing as a razor as you
cculd give mo th' loan mi'
''Vou, deserve halfa-orown," ? said.
He looked up ip some astonishment.
"That's quits right, guy'nor, but you
ili'tuirvTis a lot n' things as yon don't
Ho managed to catch the balfprowb
which I threw across the narrow road,
Ho started to thank mo, but I stopped
him. "There'b no need for that," I
said tpiickly. ''You've earned it fairly ami'squarely,"   ,
He euiildii't cunceal his surprise.
" 'Ow's that, guv'nort"
"Hy inventing a good story, if
you'd'been a writer you could have
made iiioro than half a crown out uf
yuur slury of the man who failed to
lull himself Iuu.ii . hu hadu't another
penny fnr lliu gaa. Unluckily, you're
unly a i uuin in ni of the road, and yuu
itiii'I do bo wull as thu iioliiio novelist.
Yuu huvu my syiupsthy."
ile gul up, liiiiln'.l ncrnss al mu as
if Itu were very duiiblful uf my sauity,
suid "i i...n l n i] Im. guv'nor, uu' i lnnil,
yor," aiid shullleil off into the town.—
(J. (lluphum I'tilmer, iu thu I.uudou'
I., n.i or.
One of the greatest economical losses
this wnrld knows is the waste which
comes because men will not do the right
thing of tlieir uwn free will and accord. They need some one to pull them
up to the scratch by the uape of the
neck, uud say, "Now you get busy!"
When ovcry »  wumaii and child is
sn full of lire that each will do the
work lhal naturally falls lu him lo dc,
Ibis wnrld will just rise on eagle's
wings lu lhe height nf real bucccbs.
Bakers, Confectioners and
Wl Lomdale Aveuue'
Tenders will be received up lo nuon,
July lllh, IBIS, for the erection and
completion of house ul Wesl Uapilano
Plaus uml specifications may be oh
laincd at Ihu office of Moclure It Pox,
iiriTiilecIs, 61516 I'ueilie buildiug, Hustings street, Vancuuver, R. ti. 21
SEALED TENDERS on lhe proscribed forms uiul accompanied by certified
cheque or cusb fur 6 jier ceul. of the
niiiiiniii of tender (which sum shall
lie held iiiiiii the satisfactory comple
lion uf the works, accunliug tu pluns
ami specificationa) will be received by
Mr. ./uliu IJ. Farmer, Municipal Olerk,
uniil .1 p.m. un Thursday, the tth .Inly,
(Hearing, grubbing and grading ruads
in  ll. 1,. lilt.
All in accordance with pluns und
specifications lu be had at linn oflice
after 10 a.m. uu Frlluy, 88th .lune, 1012,
upon paymenl uf $1,011 fur each, which
sum will be returned upon receipt of
liuuu  fide- lenders.
Tbe luwcst ur uuy tender not uecei
surily accepted.
District   Kngineer.
District Municipul Hall,
('or. l.yuu Vulley and Fromme Heads,
Nurlh Vancuuver, B. fi. 4-7
Still Selling
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PUe W}   ,    Mount Crown Mock, Opp. City Hall
■—PWP—miul I        . I m.i  ium.      in       i     ' mfi
Wby ba uncomfortable when with little expenss you can
bava your home fitted Wltb SOBBBN DOOBB AND WIN
This is the tlma to place your ordor.
Don't wait until your noma ia filled wltb files.'
Do It HOW.
Our stock is complete tn every detail and our prices aro
if   :
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
nvrinii  mitiit;
We, The Newport Brick tt Tile Company Untiled, a cumiiany Incorporated
under the Cumnanlea Act, will ul
office at 508 Cm'■'--Hollon Bulldiim.
Vancouver, Bv C., give nutlce thul un
tbe 26th day'of July. 1912, we Intend
lu ni't'l. tu lhe Water Cummlssluncr,
al bis oillic In New Weatiiilnauir, B
C.i for a llu un, lo lake and use 200
cubic feet of water nor second from
Shannon Creek, alluale on .l.ul 60S,
Group One, New Westminster District.
Tbe waler la to be taken from lbc
stream al lhe heud nf llm Fulls nn l.ul
SOI, about une mile from tidewater nnd
la lo be ueed on Lot 608, fur |luwer
Nolice of application was posted on
ilm 'iiiiiin. oil the inii day uf June.
HATED  ut   Vancuuver,   B,   C,   Ibis
17th day of June. 1912.
21 -7 Per J. H. Dcvey,   v.mi
We,   Tbe  Newport   Wuler  Company
1.imiiui a Company Incorporated under
lhe it,nu,.mn u Act, will) bead office al
608 ' . , iu 1'..ii.o, imii,in,,   Vuncuuver,
B. 0., give iniiie.   Ibat on Die 26th da.
of July, IsfJ,  we Intend  In uiii.ly / '
llle  Water Commissioner ut iiis ijt/
lu New Westminster, B. C, for a II
10 lake and use SCO cubic feel of
per second frum the Sluamu's "'".
New Westminster District     '""
i.uu     u 1 11 11111u.11 1    1,,N|||i:i.
The waler la lo be tolte'-1"""
slreuin at tt tiulnt abuut,' ,"\."
Timber ' Limit   21811   ■,,lh''1 :"•';.,
—ve  Ilde waler,  a'],'',""'   ?"
munlclpul purjio/!""'1" VI" "
812   and   likf' "' :H'',M «"
111.11. .1,      luu    I'"'-"-'I'l     Ulli
Wcutmlnstci .
ot    li.l■ i.i
posted   011   lbe
of June. IM.
^.f Kl, ilt 1'nncu,,
la/of Junc.WJ   '
Per .
of    illle   lillli
t 117
tofts.... j J1
a neA,.u
IIU Bscond strset
All New.      No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Pea* by the oz.
These   come in  Itlnck,   White,
Lavender, l'ink and Kerf or mixed.
Special Uwn Grui, - $0 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ib.
t 4
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit


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