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VoIhiiib 1
NpBTfl Vahcouvp, BiQ., TwflAV, Ppbuabv 14, 1011
In u letter to tho city council |ait
tivotiing niedicul health ofliciir, Pr.
Thoi»|»(in Hijvisod that |be reported
caie p| imajlpqa which wai flrit detected on th° fill" "I 'he monlh developed Inlo nothing more than a caio
of chicken poi. Aid. Pick iaid it hnd
been reported nn tho atreet thut there
had been 16 caiei ol the dread dis-
iiiiho in North Vancouver and it guv
him much iiiitiiilin imn to ask Ibo
preu to give full publicity to tlm fact
that North Vancouver wai entiroly
Iree Irom 'he ecare. The order lor
compuliory vaccination lent out liom
the provincial honllh department induced quite n iiiinili'T of the resident!
to get in early to avoid the ruih while
others bave held back awaiting development!. Theru aro many who openly
dcclaro ihi'iii!i-Ki'.i in direct opposition to vaceinution.
Another (oil hole lor oue of the
northern abuttmaAi of the Second
Narrowi bridge ii being sunk by the
company'! engineer! under the supervision ol llnillilil Cameron, CE. This
iccond hole ii being put down al law
water mark and is about Usui lent
Irom the other teit hole at high water mark. This latter test resulted in
linding u substantial uiiiterial ou
whieh to reit the icavy abuttment*
at a depth ol about MII leet Irom the
luiiriints, apd novpr a queition roiscd
ai tp tlm age p| the fair applicant Inr
I pppiftall, of n glass pf beer or wine
It ii undcnlood that steps have quietly beeil   taken   nl lain  Iti cuiplmsizu
that tbe lew te. ciiiicted li meant to be
obeyed, and earclqaanoii in hi* dealings In thii particular feature nl Ibe
law may m°»n t|ie payment ol heavy
money penttltici by thp thpughtlen li-
I'ciiii'i!, pr else the toil of lictttse. The
trade cannot deny that lair and ample warning hos been given, apd it
ia I'ell for licensee! throughout the
province to remember lhat any eale
pr gilt pt liquor tp a minor in Britiih Columbia ii distinctly an inline
tion ol tho Inv^thiit a minor is any
person under the ago of twenty-one,
and that the burden of proof under
this act ii always upon tbe person accused thereunder..
Council Deals With Vaccination Question
Compulsory   vueeindtinn   wai    thej appeared to be np. provision lor   Are
The realty market is not waiting lor
the ndi.ni pf sunshine .to open it up.
Every indication points to mnny real
realty tramlcrs in the liiiilnoiiiin:
spring and although the weather  has
lla'a'D ,allll'I'.ll.ll ol        ll      'I' H U llll I ti    llll
lhe pest month there ii at thc same
lime a marked intereit lieing shown
by outside investors in North Vancnuver property. Last week "a number ol
sulci ol more or less importance were
negotiated. These were principally
through the residential section, the
business deals evidently uwaiting tho
dictates of tho weather man.
The many local improvements that
are in course of preparation in the engineer's ollice in the city hnll give
nini'le justification of almost a reorganization ol innn v ol the outlying divisions of tbo cily. This naturally
will have a tendency to create a desire to local improve other streets in
the cily and ere many yeurs hnve
|.n .iil the North Bhora iiy will in
ull probability presenl an equal up-
pearumi.. to cities muny limes its age
uud besides being replete with all
modern improvements und railways
wilh commercial and scenic (utilities.
•I.   C.    |.'|III1IIT   in   .-lii'll. 11 lla;   a .sh.t't
vacaliun at thu capital this week.
Mra. f. T. Salibury announcea tbat
iho will nnt receive ugain until allot
the linl nl Uarch.
lire. E. B. Ilermon, corner Eighth
street nod St. Andrew's Ave., will be
ol home every third Thursday in the
As lhe result ol a slip on tlly^ i
sidewalks Mr. Bert Anson is now
ing about on i'inli Ins wilh a   badly
sprained tinkle.
An inlm nnil Al Home will be given
by Ihe dirts' Branch W. A. of St.
John's church in the parish hull thii
evening (Valentino's Night).
Hr. E. UcHilltin ol the lirm ol Peine
k Hi Milimi, bus been coiilin.-tl to his
room lor tbu past few duys suliiiing'
Irom un nlim li ol lolisiiilis.
Mr. W. II. Parkiiu'li receiving   lhe
congratulations qfTiis Iriends .m lhe
arrival ol a Jnjightcr ul his home
laii VV ..In. ileiy li..t|i molhur. und
child are progressing fuvoralily.
Nr. ninl Mrs. ,|. C. Williuni. of
Lonsdale Avenue have been indisposed
(or the past week wilh la grippe.
They un.'Imiii well on lhe way to recovery now.
Mr. nud Mrs. Alex. Gibion lelt nn
Saturday lor Los Angeles und southern California, where Ihey wil spend
tbe balance of the winter lor Ihe bene
lil ol Mrs. Gibson's lienllh.
Mrs. B.-McDowell, mother ol Mur
cm McDowell, druggiil ol (hii cily,
Icevci on' Sunday for Vernon where
she will bc thc gucil ol her daughter,
Mn. Graham, lor a couple nf niontlo
W. C. T. V.
Mn. Livingsta nc, provincial mgitni;.
cr W.C.T.1'., paid a visit to Ibis cily
I'reeaiilitinary   measures
the children  who ride on
.   . ! February 7lh nnd 8lh. holding u pub-
to   protect  ,. ',      ,     ,„,,.,,
,, ,   In    meeting in the Melhodn-I   church
the   street , ,      .
..     I,   ,.   on 1 uesday evening and addressing Ibe
ears ore being adopted hv the H.t.,, ' " , '    ,
,.,   , .    ,. ..        ., local mcmbeis ol the uniou   al    Iheir
r.let trie Kailwnv I omiiunv in a man- i     .   , „, , ,
a   I gathering   on   Wednesday    uliernoon
Both her uddressei were,very inlcreit-
ing and inspiring and much good will
nn doubt result Irom lift visil.    She
nor that is most eredituble    lo
company.   They do nol slop wi|h pul
ting up notices on tlnir cars wain n;
lhe  pussengeri  of 'tho dangers attend-
,, _    ,.,   ,      ,,.      .   ,        ,  ,  promised to endeavor lo come   uguin
tug Ihem while travelling, but printed \'
placards neatly framed and glasicd in
aro being hung up in prominent plates
in ull the schools of tbo cily so tlmi
for example a child icci a broken
wire dangling to the ground hoorsho
will immediately think ol the warning
on the placard hung up in Ibe sehool
namely "Do mil touch a wire, il may
be a live one." Othor "Po note" am
"play ou the car track", "iland on
the cur ilcps", "put your head or
nuns out ol the cur windows", ".Inn
acroii the track in Ironl of on up
prouebing car", "cross immediately
lichind a standing tar", "jump on or
off moving can", "hang on behind
the care", and "do nol take any
at an early dale lo do some visiling
in the homes and also to address
mother's meeting.
I. I), G. T.
One feature ol the provincial liquor
law which latterly hei been lomowbot
ol a dead letter in so lar ai its en
foroepuMt in tho coeit citiei ii concerned ii that prohibiting;/' «)e or
gilt of intoxicants ol ony sm • to min-
ora-a miner being distinctly and specifically defined ei any perion under
the ego of twenty-one. No one in
touch with condition! aa they are in
the cities can be unaware that Ibis
provincial prohibition ii leldom given
a thought by her nun unlws the extreme youth ol thei proipective cui-
tomer la obvioui; or that menygirli
The newly appointed officers ol Ambition lodge No. 73, I.O.G.T., took
charge ol the meeting last Wednesday
night in the 3rd streei bull. They
ware: CT., Bro. C. Cross; vice T.,
Sjiter N. Phillips; sec, Sister Mrs.
Martinson. Much business occupied tho
union and matters of immediate Importance wero posscd ol lhe meeting,
chiel among ihem being a resolution
that "we sii.aniline ly oppose imv lorm
ol bottle license being granted in,
NorlrT Vaijcpuvor." The drafted row-
/niinii will be lent to thc licensing
board ot tlieir next silting together
with a delegation from lhc lociety.
Tenden an
distiict   ol
erection   ol a
corner   .of   I.
Fromme road,
in by the Xftii
work, il slur I
tract la awa,
lome Ume jn
Iod for by   the
licouver for   lhc
holl aai   the
••.Volley   road   and
Ic lenders arc to be
Ihjs month and the
immediately thc run-
will be   complete
ay.    The plans  which
nimil interesting subject under iliiieini
sion ul the city council meeting lait
evening and thu majority al the aldermen were not slow in declaring
themselves against the order ol the
government in (ur al Nortii Vancouver was concerned at lenst.
Tho lull council wai present.
Correspondence was read ai Ipi-
From C. F, Saunders, secretary ol
thu Burnaby council, advising thut tbe
reeve and Coun. McGregor bud bein
uppuinted to the joint delegation.
Thu mayor said that the conference
was to be held in Vanconver tomorrow (Tueiday).
From al. B. >l. Murray on behall ol
delegation which met tho council previously making application to have
the sewer extended nlong itrtl street
In ihe corner ol St. David's Avinue.
Keferred to the Bourd ol Works.
From Ed. Slcinson, asking (bat a
road be put into liis property in
block -»-'ii, D.L. 544, In enable him to
get in building mutctiul. Bclernd lo
the Hourd of Works.
From Solicitor Keiil, asking council
to ■ iniiii in his conversation with the
Hustings Shingle Mfg. Co. to the effect thul the nnu inlin, ni to the cily's
ter record would not in uny wuy
illii Ii'in wilh Ihe compnny tii.d iheii
'lhc letter Irom the compuny lo the
solicitor asked thai arrangements be
mnde wilh lite city to protect their
Aid. lln I. suid lhat so fnr as the
rights on Ihe creek were concerned the
ity would be justified in acting with
the Compnny bul in view ol the lael'.
that Iheir righis on the llunie line hud
expired six months ngo the matter
■Iiuiilil Is considered. It wus referred
to Ihe waterworks committee and a
committee •..m|•<■ cd oi Aid. Dick and
lhe clerk wus uppointitl to i ilcrvipw
the city solicilor.
From lhe henltli olhcer, Dr. Thomson, asking Hint council rominiiiiicntn
wilh thi' sihool trustees in pwpect lo
vu'limiting the school childrtn. He
stuted that his olliee would he a public vaccinating station and thut the
chufgc would be fill cents per pulicnl
■ Inni.'cnlil.   tu the cily.
Aid. Iiunii Man said in view of lhe
lint that Vancuuver was taking a
stand ugainsl compulsory vaccination
that action ill Ihis reipect he deferred,
Aid. Dick snid thut if ir was within the low il should be deloyed. lie
iln'iii la' the nctinn of the government
wus arbitrary und iiniiillcd for. In
Vancouver lust yenr there were mora
cases Hint now and he believed thai
representations thnt Ihr compuliory
vneeinulion wns not necessary were
being made lo ihe government.
Aid. II.ml.i .... movpd thnl having
regard to the fact that North Van
couver at the present time is immune
from smallpox Hint lhe ,"iKi iinn< in be
asked, to suspend the ord^ covering
Ihis district. He suid he wail nol ti
i'liiii'.i vaccination when it wos necessary hut he did noi think il '"''.'>'--
sury now.
Aid. Kill .'ii seconded tbe ino'.iin
"No government or mnn will compel
me to have disease germs s<|uirlcd in
lo my veins." Wilh Ibis he urought
hii fist down witb such violence on the
disk Ihal lhe echoes reso.iudttd
through the ball. Strange lo suy Ine
electric juice as if short circuits] m I
direct result of the blow wenl •.lit,
The ic inn bud lo bn nlji'iriied foi a
lew minutes until the It..hi rime on.
From A. K. Keuly. asking Iruv. oi
absence Irom Hie lust of police i-..gii-
Irule nnd reconiinending lli.it Jlnyor
McNeish be appointed timing I" nli
leuee. Mr. Kealy'* ' rei onimciiibili"')
was adopted.
From Ihe deputy .nint t t of Indian
niiniic .1. II. McLean, Ottawa, odvs
ing Ibut the department was now in
u position to   "d  'a. the ciiy ll o Indian's  interest in a  certain stri,) ol
luml required as u street. tbroJgb tbe
Squamiifi   Indian Mission irserve  tic-
cording to lhc termi previously arranged between the council and the   Indian* namely a cosh consideration  ol
ttfldH,    Iree   water    in    porppl
through 11 in|'!> and one Ir,"
Referred    lo the    comny
whole.       ;( '
from the police lit     |
miltinu Ihe I-'imn       ',
menl for the ■ n ".
Tboy recommended
lacjlitici be provided
risks  on  wooden bui|di|igs  abutting
in lioi.e proximity.
Aid. Dick thought that this wns virtually a suggestion fpr the croution nl
lire limits nud bc did npt think Hie
city had rein lml that stago yet. Tho
letter   wiin  Mod.
From A- Seiiinnn on Mth street
cast ol I .mi.- iinli- Avenue jn |ilock lil
complaining that the drainage nortii
ol her plniio (lowed over her properly
lot fi. The clerk was instructed lo reply that as soon us the Lonsdale Ave.
storm sewer was i;omploted that the
trouble would be removed.
From Brewey, Peers and Boult, enclosing a map ol I). L. fill and cast-
ward showing several suggested con
ma imn. through to North I.onsdule
Avenue and tho npw ichool. Th y
staled that all lhe streets iu the subdivision bad been opeifeil up uud n
number ul settlers were moving in. 11
was relerred to the Bourd ol Works
A petition wos recoivtd from It. A.
Bachelor and olhers asking council I"
take under advisement their Insl
year's petition for tlif; widcii'ng ol Ilh
street to HH) led. It was relerred to
the engineer to inuke an investigision
and report on the pereiulitge ol owners relerred to in the pelilioii. 'Iiie
petition lurther ashed thul the councii lake steps to ncqiiirc the extra Ml
feel nece an a on both sides of tin-
A petition from .1. Diets.-en und fibers" lor ii crossing from Hie lune lo the
street in block 87, I). L. Iilil ut the
junction of mIi mid imh ilrpcts wns
relerred to lhc Hoard ol Works.
Another poiition ilirned by W. II.
Muy und others wns for the slushing
of a road from Bewick Avtnue west ol
block A uml l.ursoii's roud. It utm
ulso referred to the Board nl Worki.
Owners mid residents in I). >.. fit"
.'iin.j a, whom wus W. Knowles, I ontp-
liin Bros, und "iln complniiia..d ny to
the lack nl proper slreet (anilities I'
this block from other purls of (he
city. It wus referred to the Bo ird ol
The   waterworks   ctiminiltcc   lecom-
I'nded n t'liiiiige in the schedule of
wuler rules chargeable to cabins. The
ommelidiilion Was adopted un<l Irom
now on cabins of four or nunc in one
row will be • Inn,..d ul the rule ol iTi
ar each instead ol the lormer' vtp
of (11 a connection.
The lire nnd light coiitmillee recommended thnl lights be placed on I.onsdule Ave. ut tlti- city limits aud at
Ills corner ol cMilln'iIn/id Avenue untl
Ulli and llllh slreets and Ihot the
cosl be borne equally wilh the districi, Ihe eity to puy llie bills and
charge hull bockJlo lhc district, 'lb
ropori wjis odopl»«tv
Thc lollowing liiiuurinl accounts were
read and paiied: Finance $761,112,
siliuol «I7IJI, police glll.O'J, henlth
(114.311 und |ir>7.;tn. Board of Works
sl'.'.iiOMci, waterworks committee
1674.40, mul lire ami lighl, %11t.it).
Tenders for casl iron wuler pipe
were opened us folldwi und relerred lo
the wuler lommillis' ami the engineer
to tulitllute : Robertson fi Godson, 1
Inch 'AH. per ton, ii inch 37.71 per ton,
il inch 88,31 per Ion nnd III Inch 88.12
per ton : Kvans Colentun and Evans
1 inch 37.11, li inch 3II.UI, 8 inch 30.13,
and 10 imh 'lo.'il. A. F. Forsyth
Hi let a Ion till around. -Two tenders
wen' received irom distant points' l,ut
on account' 'ol not being accompanied
by lho necesstiry cash deposits were
The engineer reported Hint lhe coil
ol opening up the lanes on both side
Of    l.i.ii'ilnl
adjustment of the plan ol the subdivision  of  P. L,   tili'l  with  Councillor
llridgcmun representing tho J.*P, Fell
jntiireits. Tj)|i plan |n|i been bung
up lor .'"line lime nml has o history,
especially in ils relatipn (o the city
council, all its own. At the critical
moment, when thp coullcfl .|lad author
i/etl signature the engineer refused to
niii' hii nunti.' to thp plnn which is
cnlled for by the Municipal Clonics
Act. The euse was finally taken to
lhe courts whiru a inandum»i won
sought to compel the engineer tn
sign. The action wns defeated, bow-
ever und silicc that dute the B, C.
Electric riiilwny have completed their
line through the block. The owners
were anxious lo hive the matter
straightened tint and Mr. Fell, who is
uqw iu the old country, cuinmunicoted
bin tiulhorily to Mr. Bridgcman to ellect a settlement. All the parlioi interested met on lhc properly lasl
Wednesday morning i.nd went ovor tbe
particular points to which t|ie engineer
objected. As u result ol this inspection a provisional')- agreement wus
mude. This will lie made absolute by
Mr. Fell's approval.
lu pursuance ol the city's midpavpp
lo secure'its rights on the Innd uilju-
cenl to Bice Luke where it is proposed lo estublish u Inrge reservoir lor
the storage ond prfscrvnlion of lhe
city's wuter supply tlie lollowing reso
I u I ipn framed by the wnler loiiiiniilc
I lhe i'ity council and sun. Innnd by
lln- full council will lie fm warded tti
the provincial governmcnl  "ibut this
aiiiin'il ol HHI reqUMt the provincial
government lo convey lo Hie city ol
North Vancouver district lnls, 8f>li-7 in
.ici'oi'tlunce willi an agreement entered
into with the dislriel municipality
nnl   assigned   to   the  city   ol   North
Vancouvar, we beg to mill your attention to the lact llnil the cily llus at
considerable pxpeWc purchased lully
hull ol lhe bed ul Rico Luke for storage purposes mul lurtlier thai application bas been made al New Westminster for a wnler record on line Luke
in accordance with lhe Wuler Clnuics
Ael of H. C.
A despatch Ironi Vicloriu is lo the
a'IFi'i.l tlmt owing to tlie prompt nntl
energetic action of the ,irovin. nil
lliinld of llenllh lhe epidemic .ll small-
pox has lieen stamped out in'lictiO'
vintf mnl the districts which were nl-
lliptcd now show a cleun sheet. In oll
sixty-lour euses were reported in the
province lml no deaths.
Al ihe quarterly ri
KiidcuvorciV held in
Methodist     naij. li    on
St. Andrew's, \iit ih
the liniiiii' ol blinking
Ily of Chelation
Mount  Pleasant
iiidny    veiling
mi'inner,   Imd
pri/e linlili' i
lo this sitle of tin' ItJi'i This liannci
is given lo the soeWy wilh llie high
pal ni ii'iiiliiin j during the quiir-
^t. Andrews'am lo be con
Jlteil   upon   lli li   success.
I'l) TO
If lhe wetither clems lhe painting oi
tiie new ferry North Vun ouver No, !l
will be sliirliil immediately. This is
the most authentic inlm mut ion that
"un he gleaned ut the ofiicc ol (he Wallace Shipyards relative tp lhe dale foi
lhe launching ol Ibe hool. It wot understood n wliile buck thnl the Itiunii
ing woultl loke place iilni.it the mid
A,vcnuc  from   (he north Idle ol the month but lhe weather bus
boundary nl 8th street lo Ihe city
limits would be (eslimulcd) ip.'.C.ln,
lhe cost would be about lAl.D',1 a fool
chargeable lo lhc property benefitted.
The total length ii 11780 feet. It was
referred to lhe, Boanl of Worki when
Ihe next ilep as to advertising will be
proceeded with.
The parks committee recommended
Ibat tenders he railed for Hie clearing
and grubbing ol Mahon I'mi.. It   was
been such as lo prevent nny oul«idi
work being done The lerry 'I piac'
ii'nlli complete but lor lhc painting.
11  would   nol be wel) lu  advortise
Ihe  fail too   widely bul   tbe   Norlh
Vuneouver weather for the pasl month
has been most extraordinary.    It   i
'bolicvnl lliut up to Ihe present   there
found lhat the money provided In Ibe |l()n ^ _       rf w| (), ^ ^ (ho
bylaw would ..oi  possibly coyer tint Ljjtcw(   mmUins mm ,„tn /U||
i Nia"
m 0Ut nnd U  WB8, winter /or mnny seasons past. Floods
,lor» -o^y^y   l0 I way be the order in .time and July in
,     ptea**1 it  ol  a
\'01    Ll•!»* ^Vhtnt
\»» boW,wb-wm>»%dd|,
the lower valleys if the   "chipook"
winds do nol rclipve Uie situation in
the' early spring.
, tut s
Thc court of revision for the dis
trict of Nurtli Vancouver will n«i
this a'llernoon.
ef*' Kitobeu
.„i«ij to "'"Vc'Vorlntion role? h^1'8" ul Vancouver
Upi"'" I-     -Ul   „JJ.„...   .1..  l.'.J   D....J   ...   "...J
W. I). Fpwor, seeiretary of Ih
DR' SPEacttyilf amir
That the Qpthonhur|( aya^Din fll public home trust iiicrcescj rather than
diniiniiihes the tlrunkenness olid pag-
pcrism pf the country was the jiontcn-
lion of Kev, |)r. Hponeer, luperintond-
ent qf tbo Locol Optifln hm' nl W|
province, in fail address ot tbo Gam
theatre on Sunday nfternoqn. Thia
addit'ss wai essentially ol intereit to
North Vonciiuvpr|tei at thii time be-
eiiiiiae tliitt Bt tbe regular meeting pf
fho North Vaneouver license commii-
I inner,i next month an -application
will be made for iuch a licenie. Tbii
system or in fact any system ol haM-
ling a bottle license is, ai yet an unknown quantity un tbu tide ol tbe
Inlet and information of thia kind ea-
peeinlly about the manner ol handling
such traffic by a system which la sot
universally in vogue in Canada ll In-
■liiictiie as well its interesting. Figures were quoted from Sweden Irom
wliiiji the speaker sought to show
thai alter thc Gothenburg system had
been in operation in tbat country the
drunkenness und pauperism bad in-
ereosed to smh an alorming extent
thnt the country by an overwhelming
inujority declared lor prohibition. It
was adopted in Sweden as a general
policy in the year 1880. due ol ita
prime purpoici wai to leiien pauper
ism mul diminish drinking. Did it do
it 7 In 1880 there were WfiSi pan:
pel's.   Con-uinpliou ol beer and ipiriti
II qts. per capita. In 1880 pnuperi
n'i-',l.-u Consumption per capita ol
beer and spiriti 43 qts. Criminality
went up Irom 16,1)00 to -18,674 during
those yeurs and every year since Um
system wui introduced lho ratio ol
pauperism   bus  increased  laslcr than
t ony nine during tho century.'
Whut do wc find in thc year 1(10 f
Sweden has voted on Prohibition with
a result thnt IMii.il'i went lor Prohibition with a minority againit of .
10,471. Su Gtilhenburgiim prohibit! I
.I'he Swedish peoplo do not think ao.
In il.ailiciiliiiig town thoy introduced
Ibis scheme in 180(1. t'onvietioni
through drink were 30 por thouiand;
pauperism IIU per I.Dim. In HfOfi convictions lor drunkenness bos increaaed
to 53 per 1,000 and pauperism increaaed to IHO per 1,000. Tbe Gothenburg
plun wus adopted to reduce juit than
two evils. .     I
In lhe Swedish parliament, by *
mtc of HV lo 86 iu 11*17, prohibition
was approved since wbicb data tba
movement bos spread. A meeting
colled by Ihe slate church miniilcri in
I psulii cuthedral declared itio)! In
favor of prohibition, under which law
laam iiiiii ol the population are now
living. There an 136 memberi ol liu
parliamentary group, 86 being total
absluiueri. There ore 1116 newapapori
advocating tumporuuee, or prohibition
and refuse liquor advertiiumanti.
In Norway iu 1006, llie. direct vol*
was extended to the citiei, and nearly
one-bull ol ihese ore now under prohibition. Al lho lost elections Ml
average of 87 pel rent, of tbe voter!
declared uguinsl Ibe traffic. Forty
dui.y newspapers adupled prohibition
The people ol Sweden recently volod
on prohibition when the vote  itood:
For prohibition, 1,846,1411,
Againit, 18,471,
Thc audience practically filled the local playhouse and special muiic wu
provided lor tbo occasion.
Ciliicus who buy from local itorei
oie helping tu improve local conditions-to inn case the number and ike
nun.nnt ol lolarici and to decreoee
prices. Volume ol buiineee ii a controlling factor in theie important
Buthor thon lose a Ifi a day job
Alpfaonse Williams, an Indian, Mt hli
boil of S'H) with the eity trceiurer
yesterday morning when he failed to
reipond lo Ihe call of tbo court, Al-
phvnsc started oul Saturday evani^
lo bove a good time but got inebriated und ran nrauck pl lh eity pottce
and spent a few bouri ifl th* rear ol
the city ha".
will addrcn the Ipcal Board of Irnd,.
ejnwl Tuesday ny/anjpg.
The old hot air beating lyitea a»
the city holl which hu a npni*iiop
lor the amount of imok* Ihal boili
up Ihruugh the hot alt plpn, will
sown be leplt—l by a mor» up to-d»U
hot woter lysicm. Thii will b*
installed fb«l> <*» other rtpplrt pip
\meia-lu ibn building. twg
* »**»     *"»*»*?
The "Mikado" preapnted by the
dvio'v Amateur Operetta BoMaty
r the direction ol H. A, Coplay at
Horticulture} hall on Thuraday
ing waa accorded a good recap-
I by an appreciative audienoe, The
. lay we* giv^n in two acta, the Ko-
Ko oouriyiinl and night ut lho
eanu Ijilaee. There waa very little
apenery hut tha gowni, while simple,
wore emblemntio to a degrim ol llic
original! which were aought to Iw portrayed. While the play woi rather
too odviuieeil for an amulour perform-
once the several uotors and aclrcmei
did iplendid work under the ciroum-
i nnd many of the songs  and
ehoruiee wera loudly applauded  and I Lynn VllliyRltepiijrer i Meetini
eneored.   There wai Httle diitin°H<>n
in tbe meriti pl tha ml ooniidering |
their individual pe/tis,    Thoia with (
dillicult parte were not over-shadowed
by the onus with eaiy onei and in th
earn ol Mr. Ii. A, Blank os the "Mikado", Mr. C,  Buttrum M tlia Lord
High Executioner and Ik, A. II, Davis
aa the  Lord High Everything   Eloe,
their acting wai' moil pruliownrtby.
The three sisters, wordi' ol Ko-Ko,
Mra. W. ll|le, Mra. Ja Thompson and
Miu _ Wilkinson, wire very much ap-
predated in their rendering ol "three
Little Muids from School." The
woa supplunienli'il by 41 gOP
Nib play/
iod  nnl
h) the Institute hall «u  Thursday
evening than waa gathered a rapre-
aentative pody of/fw of W»rd IV in
pl Secretary Percy
I general  meeting
Valley  Batepayeri'   A»-
locialion/^Vwiidoiit   Weslnver occupied lli/itlmir ibi(il the  election of ollicers /itimt h vaaKfd tame in (avar
ith nl for the
biisinusi wni lho nailing ol
minutea and lho pining of mme,
and the financial reporl, ona which Ihp
leerotiiry commented very strongly.
The election o| officer* followed and
reaulted in a poll being declared  lur
You'll Make Money Here!!
1 I '  -——mm—..—
Ml  '
, j/'f jfiurr.
_ _____
f ■  — — — — — __r    .
I ft*
Anyune who will give thii invent
ment iippiiiiniiiu serious innsidera-
tion lur a lew minutes will readily
sou quick and largo profits accruing li
IllO pllli lllll'i   nl        .
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot I    W7B.no
Loti 2, It and I  each  IWWW
Lol 6  .'    7(10.(111
Lots 6 and 7  both   I ,«».«l
Lola d and I)  each     87B.IH)
Uti HI and II  : Hold
Loti 111 and 13   Both Sold
Lul 14   tWIIKI
Lols 15, 16 and 17  each   H75.IKI
Lot  111    ._ IKW.IItl
Nnlit the length ol (Ww lols, some
ill them Is iim 115 leel lo n lune.
Thit udvnnliigcs of theie lols lor business or it'twiiiine purposes lire apparent on Ihu plan iittmhi'il hereto.
It is the 'iiunl ant- line property lo thu north of the llruml lloiilevoid (which is esclusively lur high class residences), ll (ilso luces Sl. John'i College mul grounds mul lor Ihese reo-oiis iilone il will he a centra nl somo
importune. Iliiuli'Vard attention lots lire within the city limlti and have ull Ihe advantages and iiinn'iiieiites ul
othar .ily |iro|»rly. To llow out every lot in record lime we have iindi'ipihul litem, so Ihul you will have to
hurry lo gel uny. Consider also lhe terms whi'h ure much easier Ihnn usual 1 1-6 rash, IiiiIiiiiih in 6, 14, 18,
und JI nioulhs at 6 [ler cant, per annum.
Aiithorinil Capital   M,imA,IHKI.
Money lo 1.01111.
.,     .    ,, KBM'.ST KHHAOK,
14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver, ^ Mun„K1,r
NJ Granville Street.   VANCOl Villi, 11. ('.,
Ileal I'.slnli'      liisillitll.c
Telepliulie '215.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1125. Cuh $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lonidale
the above lots are among the best buys iu North Vancouver, und inteiuliag invuslori will mryi their own
interests by investigating. We lune the eniusivo snlo md alio a large list ul other loll in Ihe Cily. ii ii
in your own interest* to coll nnd Inapect our list bilora deriding.
Real Eitate Agenti.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
11 riLiali Columbia Branch Offices:
•1 Loqitlale Ave, North Vancouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Branch OfHcett in Europe:
Merlin, (iermany
Iiondon, Knglund
i'aris, France
tha preeidenoy Jr. John Ns»V tth Mfc'
Kirkland being nqrolnatedi Rr. ilobn
Neat won by 9 vntoi and immedlaie-
ly took charge ol the uieeting. $, V.
Siiiuri waa eleoted aae'retary and Jt
Mi i'mmme ro-eleet'od troasuror. Five
nninos were uip iliu nomination pnpur
for Vlirae rawibors on the eieoutlvo
aud \liujAll   reiultod   us    (ollnwa:
Weitovta/15, Waghorne 18, Thqmpion
li, mtir II and Worth 6. The Aral
cnlh'il (or the n.iiinli
read after which ha ask-
Whippa waa not ei-
nibnrship by virtue of
iinici|iul i!iii|iliiyei', to
iit replied that it wai
only official! ol' Ilui nuinii:i|iiilily who
were oicludod Inim iiiitiubership,
A reaolution wim propnaad by •!.
Itoberta iu very sirmtg lerma, to the
effect that thie body depreeuto the
lact that an order in council compelling viici-iiiiitiiiii hmi lieen palled
which woa mpportod" (ind nppnied In
Inin ond alter a very lengthy nnd
healed discussion tho million wal
changed with the eminent ul the mover tn a i • 'iniul ion to I he -IUiii d ol
Health of (he district inutiieipnlily
Ihul the Hourd tuke vory great precaution In me only pure cull lynph
for vaccination and that all iiiitru-
meiiti be properly similized.
Discusiinn arose over rouds and
buard walks alter which thi meeting
Our "Trade  At   Home" udvt.   this
week is Ironi <lohn  Iliu.- m   ill   Ihe
Welcome Parlor,   lleuil it  and he convinced.
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;  Caih 1200, balance reasonable.
Martinson & Co.
l'hont I)iJ. I'll. Ih'A 11
^-w-H-i-H ni inn nm)nnnH'MiHM>ntK>4mM>mnMHHMi
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdivision of Portion ot Diitrict LoU 601 and 607, North Vancouver
> Municipality.    At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine.
,Phon* 6286. Com* Pender ind Seymour fitreeti, Vancouver.
N. V. Horticultural Society
a nna'tmi' of ninie lllain ordinary
iin|iiirtiincu wus hehl by Ihe directors
ol the Nurlh Vancouver Horticultural
Socioly on Wcdncsduy evening. All thu
.lina ii.in were present.
'lho dutei Inr the two. priiiclpul
slums lor the year woro lixed, lho
Il.'i hi- Sini» lor lhe '-'ind ol Juno, und
thc annual uxhihilioii ol Irnii, vegc
iniiii-., linnets mid cuttle lor tin1'-'fit
uud -'iiih ol -A .1
'Ihu treasurer reported u net balance
in Iiinni ul tllKI and il was decided to
l'i I ul onca .-iil' lhc limnc ul the
walls uud mul ul lhe sluge in the
bull, which will ensure freedom lroui
droll in lul ure.
The 'in.-iimi ol the development ol
lho groundl win fully discussed. For
ihu pasl two yeurs the Director! huve
Is i'il   slu nlinn -ll    eiij'ii|'"l  Hi   |in> ill|' till
lhe old .1. In ol (Ihi Society iiiid placing il Oll u satisfactory sell-iii|i|>orl-
ing baiii.   ll ii now lell Unit  I licit
lil'i i hui bunt nn.aui|iliili'd in s|uli
ol the fuel Ihul Ihey have not received thu hourly ussisluiue ol the grout
majority of tho rmidenls nl Nnrlh
Vancouver, on whole support and interest smh inilllvlioui us this must
necowurily de|wud. II wui decided
Ihal elope lie i,di ii dining Ihopreionl
year lo lay out Ibo groundl in inch
way ui lo nll'iiil olijecl leisoni oi
lo Ihu li.ni i. iiiuniil possibilities ul Ihe
diitricl, and aim lu provide a plcai-
anl i nii-.ii ground lor Ihe citiiem
at lurge. 'Ibu scheme includes the
levelling ami luying out ol a largu
urea ill grou when tennis cntirti ami
bowling greens will bc avnilublu lor
■II tm iniui- al uny lime on Ihe pay
menl of n -mull loe for each game, ll
il also the intention lo build n blind-
some linnd stntul untl u lureluker's
hoUM, lo lliut tin hull uud groundl
may receive eouitaiit uttenliou, ami
thut the guldens muy become u pleui-
tint ineuling plan) fur the citizens,
where on summer cviftiings they may
enjoy lhe music provided by Ibo cily
'I'he iliu' Ims eipresscd niniliilnoilsl)
Ilui feeling Ihot now thul nil the pre
Iiiiiiiiiii:.     dilli. nil n -    have      le.lt    sill-
iiiiiiiiiii.I, iln> ton devole Iluii ot lelt'
lion unreservedly lo lhe cuiijing out
•'I the i.hji" t which bus Is. n kvpl in
view during the years ol dillhully and
unita the s.eiei) and ils Isuulilully
pituat.nl   grounds a nnl re   ol   whole-
■'HIH'      lisll'lllioll      Uld    ll-'llll    | ■ I 11' lU .11
In Iini wiib Ihii programlm Ine pre-
► uli'iii .iniul thai the society bid cl-
i.inl) iiieiiiiniliiii.l at the lulln.lorgo
nunlwr ol uw/ttl government Iiinn
int. and Ihal on> ol Ihl improvi-
nuol■ lo lie effected will be thantah-
li-liiiieni nl a relerence library where
any im miiil can ainiuil thi ImiI nn
ih.aiiii'- ol the age on all molten
parUinlng In agriculture, fruit culture,
l«,ullr> railing and gardening.
Tin. iiiciiilieisliip which only i-mii II
•ocr annum, will carry wilh il all thc
III short ]tmiea ouiliiiisl above liln' Ihi dill, pricei froftiwltb confldenw to a very
'n the mi'inb'iship roll
Ji'lir OUt tll* few year in ,rdw thai
fare going at tWO-jthey bava tbi iup
)l Ihi lull eommun-
Iinir woi*.
Int' TO ORf^1*- "*" ,'"mi
•nd Polloat*   war
\       ind Polli)«li  wwi
Nortl"1'* *nd oarry  out
' Wbv pay HUM lot rough uncleared I-ote when «e ian mil you
tba mty hmi olearijd Jtoti fTti(i«| a atone on them, level ai a table
and into gruss. Houn nultivuttil tor ten yeara, lituated on (lentre
Bpttd, being the beit Bgnd on ilm North Shore and one block from
tha Car Une, Sehnol, (Web end Store i have eity water, elaotrii
light and telephone.
Price WW to MOO each. Terms 1100 nosh, balance 6, 19 and 11
months, Theso lota will bring at least in our estimation 100 nap
pent, profit oii tli* amount Invested within «i* monthi. Buy iwok,
tbey are going fait.
P, 0. Box 172
North VwicpMver
The Commonwealth
'     ■■" '
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W.DICK; Prop;
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
Katks :   f '">  i"'1   nnd  up.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   hoarders	
Finest Roof Garden un Pacific Coast
Skuunii Stkiit.   •   ■   ■   ■   NOKTIJ   VANCOUVEK. ti. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vaacouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
Uivi'i                                                                   irf'tvul \ .tniiitvii
II,.. ijlaa .111  « l.a.l                                                                                             (llir    Kill,,'    Wll.t)
1 vi'i) Dai) 1 u-i |il hitniliiy
730 a. 111.                                                    '    N.1111 j. 111.
900a.l)l.                                                        in nu ,1 in.
11.00 a.m.                                              won u.in.
13.15 p.m.                  '.                       1400 p. m,
15,00 p.lll.                                           id nn |i in
17.0a p.m.                                   1H.00pin
Hj.ill) p.lll, ftalmdayt tlitly   22.Ul) p.lll.
9.301.111 lundar Schedule 10.00 a.m.
13.15 p.m ••••           "            14.00 p.m.
1/ nn pm               "                39,OOp.ll).
Single tut 16c.       Two Tickets 26c.
Quickest rouiu liom North Vancouver lo llie district lieyond
Capilano Kiver. Launcli "West Vancouver" makiis connections, willuiiii fuil, Willi llie ferry steiiiners Irom North Vancouver, aa per aliove schedule. •
Leave Vu.      Leave N. Vu.
11 WUY imr TAILC
Leave N. Vtt.    .Leave Vu.
'6.20 a.m.
7.J0 "
S.jo "
915 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 l,m
MS "
2.15 "
.VI5 "
415 "
515 "
fi.li "
7.35 »
i'15 " '
915 "
0.15 "
'6.45 a.m.
7.50 9
S.50 "
9.45 "
II.45 "
1245 P•'»•
I.45 "
1.45 "
5-45 "
4-45 "
§ 45 "
*ii,jo "
I 0« Smidaya
' Not oa Sa«4^yi.
•6.20 a.m.
.20 ''
1.20 "
9,20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
13.15 pm.
1.15 "
2.15 "
M'S "
4-15 "
6.15 "
7:25 "
.    8.15 "
111.15 "
12.00 It
12.45 "
"6.45 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.50 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 P m.
1.45 "
3.45 "
J.45 "
4-45' "
54$ "
M5 "
• 45
*n.45 "
TIim T*Wa takiteiU, deingi without aotloa
IOO mmmiemmto
Gold and Gem Set
This ii a lipe which iitf'efests »H-» lil'e in which al|
purchase insist on perfection in hoth quality end
desi«n. In ilm matter pf gold and gem-set jewellery
we "Ha:i the |iiililn a world-wide opportunity to secure
the finest quality, in the latest and most fashionable
designs,  mauiifaciiired  hy the  leading   prodlipers of
Europe and Apierici).
Bracelets infcplniu designs, set will) nny denirablp gem-
Neck Chains Ul every design, in weighs to please any
Brooches and Pendants, perfectly beautiful in design
and a::.a|in iia |\ sei wiih gems lhat harmonize.
Necklaces in which fashion, neatness and worth are
neatly blended.
Dainty Rings in all" designs and values suitable for
wear at all times.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Ba°: *■ TEgl„g'l.irec,„r      Hasting, fie Gr.nviUe St..
Editor Express:
Sir,—From tho standpoint ol tha
prohibitionist Mr. Murtiiisoii has written a letter to w|iiih little exception
run be taken. Ho conscientiously holds
tbo views lii! maintains, and n ttliing
but respect can bo felt- tor such an et-
titiiiln. But oii at lotal two points
theru would seem to be a' Haw in his
rngumonl. In the first place it is pif-
luctly clear that wo have to leal w\t_
tho luw as It exists, and Ibut ln>
galisos licenses. Undor thu p
state of thc Inw, therefore, pl
can bc ili.tii' is lo make th
iiim..■ licenses us umilii'
piiHsible. This is wh
endeavors lo accon>
In the second •
it is hardly tf        .  \
attack ..Inn''
effort to /
tern  wl
a time
When you deal at the Lonidale Pharmrt_a i'trn_ tn .J,.--
.1   I,      hi   > 5. Jone timet0adver-
get exactly what you ask tor at the r
Special attention paid to prescription
recipes,      ....
We c-arry a complete line ol Slj all the
Telephone I, 29
A. J. TYSON, Prer
Parkdale Finest Aibe
May Flower, Spring Brook or [
5 lbi. of good Tea   •   ■
5 lbi. of beller Tea   -
5 lbi. ol the beil Tea
' - i
Corner lirsl ■
cy tells.
120 Second Street/
Convenience j
Bur In Yeur Own Town.,
Apply for rates in
The Place ]
iw Good Pi
)   t
'rogramm. eh..,       North Shore Pre« Limited,
iilti 10c J 119 Rnt Street East
North Vancouver, B. C
Phone 80 Phone 80
358 1ft Strei
Phone BH
General Conti
D- Mad
Km*  ***•■•**,$
A total increase iii produclion ul
lumber iu Canada nl I3.il per cent lor
the yoar l!KW over the previous one is
shown by statistics jtml issued liy lhe
forostry department ul Ollnwa.
Among other interesting f uet ■
brought to liulii in the roport aro
that Ontario alone produces Iwo-nTllis
ol (/'anadian luuibor, lhat spruop is lhc
leading Canadian species, that i nly 6
par cant, ol the wood produced in Canada ia hardwood and that iho [.induction ol square timber lor export
haa declined to such an oslont lhat
only uui' iwillili as much is produced
aa formerly. The totul produclion
wu 8,liU,M3 thousand leel bourd
measure and ils total value W3,8I9,-
417, Largo us this may appear ills a
little less than tlial cut in tho unlo
ol Washington in Wi III ttie whole
amount Onlurio produced Iwo lill lis,
an incroaso ol 17.8 por cont. In spile
ol this fact, however, the average valuo of lumber in Ontario was *i'J.B3
pet Ihouaand loot, whereas In Nova
•Scotia it was only III.Itt.
THE MATTER ol Uu Water Aot
and Amending Aot eh
IN TBR MATTER ol License Ro. 48
granted to tha Corporation al ths
District ol Norlh Vancouvar (or
WO inches ol water to ba taken
Iron Lynn Creek, dated Uia (0th
Auguit, 1904.
NOTICE  ia  hereby given thot   the
City o( Nortii Vancouver baiag  the
owner  and licensee under  tha said li
cense by virtue ol Uia Nortb Vanoouver City Incorporation Act, 1908, will
apply to S. A. Fletcher, Est)., Water
Commissioner  for  New   Westminster,
B. C, on Wednesday Uis Srst day oj
Mercb,  IWI,  ai Uie hour of  eleven
o'clock |n Um forenoon or ao aoon
thereafter aa counsel can ba heard for
an order amending the said llcanaa by
substituting  therein ae licensee   Uia
name ol Ida City of Nortb Vancouver
in place of th« Corporation of Uie Dii
Norlb  Vancouver,  and (or
to Uw worde dsAning lb* point
iffr, Ifartlmon will give Ifo  pt-
ter (ulther miy lh considerate  »
accord Uti iis in our witty* to s.*
<U hJL rogation ol tbe htym
traffic wlhich will be really eBectmg under con|iti«nB »» *»•»»*»"
present (!«■,,	
In c»njW'isii|e of the British Col-
pleasod^w^ ppntains tba. following
W' tf uiiljres   und appointment.*    pl
•iie latter the fallowing are gumttk'd :
Thqs. Qtiffney p| Wardpur, to be dus-
lieti of the I'enee; to be notaries pub-
lie, .I,minii 3. Gillespie ol Nnramuta,
and Campbell 11. Iluddio of Voiicouver
and .lames R. Archibald ol Vancouver, barrister and solicitor, to bo
members ol tho licensing board lor
tba eity ol Sniidoii; Aid. .Ish. Wood,
and Howard Cameron, tu be members
ol the board ol police commissioners
lor tho city of .Snndiii,' Aid. 8. ■).
Towgood and John A. Black, to bo
commissioners lor taking affidavits.
Ninolcon names are recorded for ibo
Alberni olocloral district, 67 (or tho
Island oloctoral district, tl for the
Victoria city oloctoral district, 9 for
the Kamloops electoral district and
38 lor Vancouver oloctoral district.
Tho" department al works is inviting
tendere for a lerry across Skeena rivor
ubovi. Kitiii'ipii'ilii. Tenders arc called
lor tho erection ol a school house at
I'ort Simpson and lor a road antl
drainage ditch in tho district nl Dewd-
Assignment notices have been recorded as lollows: Atkins Storage Rettery Co., of Vancouver, B. C.; Alfred H. Bonnet, carrying on a brass
laundry business in Vancouver, and
Thos. McKay, sash and door manufacturer, of Vancouver, B. C.
B. C, companies have been ioeorpor-
atod within tbc province as follows:
Canadian Crude Oil Co., capital of
1760,000; Canadian Ideal' Gas and
Light Co., capital of |ii,0H0 ; Canadian Lock and Novelty Co., capital ol
1100,000; Conaty Slack and Co., capital ol $380,000; Dominion Publicity
Association, sapitul of 110,000; Essex Shingle Co., capital of 810,0110;
Nanaimo Brick und Coal Co., capitui
of 8300,000; Salt Spring bland Cooperative Association, Wi".inn Canadian Lumber and Fuel Co., capilal ol
$150,000; Westminster-Port Mann .Securities, capilal ol 1600,000.
Eitra-provlnciel companies tbat
havo been licensed are : A. E. McKen-
tie, Algoms Stool Bridge Co., Amherst Foundry Co., Chippewa Farm
Land Co., Maple Leal Milling Co., P.
W. Ellis and Co., It  ,1. lnglis.
A detailed list is givon.nl the B.C.
I.mill Surveyors entitled to practice in
this provinco. This is an additional
list to tbo one appearing in the last
iseuo ol tbc Gaulle.
Notico ol the appointment ol a
liquidator  for the  Osear Brown   Co.
Several applications are mude by
companion for changes ol mime.
# (arum!?.
Tho !)>»» w|w scorps tto sngoclous
investment ol his siivjugs hus yet to
learn the |ri|o principles ill frugality
and thrift.
Poposit ono dollar lo-day-bogin to
' pruviile against old age and financial
North Vancouver.
Haad Office:   '
I" llll   wlll-VP!
Specials for
Thi* Week at
Tea, Braid's Coylon
Coffee,  .roasted
 36c lb.
or   ground   to
 36c Ib.
Cheese, Canada Cream 17Jc Ib.
Corn, Beans and Cream per can    10c
Tomatoes and l'eas, largo site
'Cen#     Uic
Glass or Com Starch, 1 Ib. pck. ...6c
Hi ini   I'ork and Beans, per cau ...I3(c
Pineapple iu largo tin     16c
Imported    and    local    <lams,
•lollies, per jar  16c
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
' 'ISM
B. It 0. Rolled Oats, i
sack ....
Hoyal   Standard
.Sack ...:	
Egga (every egg guaranteed)
por 'Ineli 	
135 Lonsdale Ave
1 (Neil ilooi lo Everybody's Slioc Store)
Butter,   Star
Boi     ...
Creamery,   H-lb.
'Ii'iil'- Syrup iu 61b. Tins  30c
Lilly White Syrup, 10-lb. tin  66c
itin .in ', choice seeded, 3 peks 36c
Sugar, II. C. best, per seek  11.00
Apples, cooking, per boi  1130
Bananas per dor 36c
Oranges, eweot Navels  ID lor 10c
Figs, Sol. Now dried  I lbs 36c
Honey in comb  30c
Cream Soda Biscuits per lb IQc
Gold Loaf Lard 10-lb. pail  H-M
Frosh overy day-
Milk,   Cream,   Buttermilk,    Broad.
Cakes, Pics.
Vegetables    as   leltucV,   cauliflower, j
cabbage,   carrot,   turnip   al    lowest
slandard prices.
Local now laid eggs, t6c |Htr dm.
King up Tel. 136 and we will ijUoto
prices on Swift's Moms aud Bacon etc.
Coupone given Ires on every $3 60
order to got a chance on residential
lot in Port Angelas.
Scotch Shortbread
Bruce & Co.
Kt solicit Uu nuleest et _
Hntiiaa rl > Mill la||lr|| alia Ullll! Ihl
I'y ul Inuring llieir fitful LuilniM
17 itiptrts. rrclluiliiiivad«t<e rtrt
i" -I. rile. OarlavMlw'i A^vIktmi
., nt MiiiiinaMiifuD.ytf'd., Kt*.
hi- HwliretiaaiwiiSilfatiia.Ulm
ul diversion tbs worda "and at a
point on Lynn Creak eithn on Ix>t
m, Group 1, New Westminster Diatrict or Lot 1363, Group 1, New West
milliter District at or near Ibeboun
dary botweon Uu uid Lots" or, in
the alternative, for an order amend
ing the license originally granted apportioning the watar to ba taken Irom
Lynn Creek undor aaid license No. IU
between tlia point of diversion as act
out in the originel llcanaa and a poin
ol diversion of Lyun Crailt either on
Lot VV9, Group I, New Wcslinin.lei
Dislriel or Lot 1363, Group I, Raw
Westminster Diatrict, at ot nsnr the
boundary bolwoen laid 1.01s or to is
suo two or more iioeneea (or tba we
to make su* other order in Ibr ft
hen at, may be Just and equitable.
0km Ihii m fat 0} Daeehif.
Solicitor lot tali' %  of Nortb
Vaftowr*. 914
133 filli Street East Norlb Venoo»»ar
Phons 971
Horicibocisf ui BlacluMduaf
Ktrr k Willi*
Al Al.s. Gibion'i OM tlmi
wtMmm hw t+imj/' *•• w^wssmwmtfmm
n^ftmtB^    ffti    am^St    VIM     p ft\_tr
1.0,0 F\
North Vancouver Ixidge, No. 66,
meets every Thursday evening, oornac
Lonsdalo Avenue and Firit streat.  at
8 o'dook. Visiting bfUbren ooriBally
invited  lo aitand.    {, f. Rrnnady,
.N.G.; Thos. S. Nye, r«,aac,; f %
Pilling, flJI.,6n.m.}fiim.tyi, I'ii-, TBKWKAP^HR   KX^SjgB
•W* WiriMW, UQtTH VAffeOIIVEK. j, e,
The  "Mikndo"   present
r»ndvip>» Amateur Opop~
tho direction ol JL 'lished-'fuasilgys n$ fridgys by
Hortioidtural hall pl^PRTH gHafc'PMM. LlHlisn
ning wns awrdod a I—_
«happre«i»tivaal^ WMpflf.„    .,
te *.«. in two ao ,\ w, m   ,,™M7'<
B. C,
but tbs gowns, while simpisf
Wa9fn:^)^n,atio to a degreo   ol   tlic
Originals which ware sought tobepnr-
tylijlo tha play was   rather
too ndyunced lor an nmuteur performance the several aotors and octressos
did  splendid work umler the ciroum-
•:   stnneou and many ol the songs   and
\     I
llftfe'Via   f	
*pw w tmm nl m>6 pt-rpitilih
hr Mies  and Mo,7o ,pr ^Jk
*»•« nnd «p.08 restively in Ihe
T!E?w. «»iMhavp.„.vJL.
W W.1Q and females »300.80 fppr
w coimtlogi bo§rd, „« ^j^ Jaas,
* «M KH6.08 rosppctivoly f0p M.
Ths highest price, ^ month jJ 8Um.
WW are p»jd j„ M^J   A,.
■*'» **»«* Wwtfta, Jwhere
yul'^rf! KO and pvor for mallL and
Mrs. W, fyk, Mrs. J. ThoRipsan and   Jh8 fir,t fo^., femaloo,   XDtinK
Miss L. Wilkinson, were vory much ap- ne minntaa and tba jiM* wjJjfMfj .,„
pfocieted in their rendering ol "Throe 'and tbe financial report, on WbW,
Little Maids from .Sclmol."    Ths play/ secretary commented very strongly. ,
waa   supplement eii   by <i   good  onl     Tha election of officers followed anu,
t'lientra. ' (   reaalted in a poll being declared for lm J
eouitynrd    apd   night\tiiil^ForolgMl (gj„flr „.   Tin* WMltk 36o.
-Tl,.r9 was ***,wffl h 9WW « jiJU*..>. • ,.,
a. while aimoiafT    ' -..-,- .tmwmatv/-— _•
The three sisters, wards of ho-Kn,
 Il'jl II
You'll Make Money Here 11
'  ' j/*r sptttvr.
-    {-., ,—tm
I /faraa.
Anyone who will givo this investment opportunity serious consideration for a' few minutes will readily
soo quick and large profits accruing toj
tho purchaser of i
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot 1 	
 oaeh  676.00
Lot 6 	
 both   1,060.1)1)
Lols 8 «nd 0 	
 each     876.00
Lnls 10 and 11 ....
Lots 13 and 13  ...
 Both Sold
Lot U  	
 , 060.00
ll*. »W,,,'~Jjddl^-Mi«/H'    'tm', X'J       ssWht IB, IHan.l 17  eael.   876.00
Lot 18     000.00
Note the l.-n-'tli ol theae lots, some
ol lluni In ma   116 leel to u lune.
Thit .i.i' .on i. . ol these lots for business or residence purposes ure apparent on the plan attached hereto.
It is llie i|o.-i'st ay line properly In the nurtli ol the Grand Boulevard (which is exclusively lor Iiitli class residences;). Il ulso liiees SI. John's College und grounds and for these reasons alone il will be a centre ol some
iinpiiiliinii,'. Boulevard extension lots are within the oity limits and have ull the advantages und conveniences{>!
other eity properly. To close out every lot in record time we have iindripiirnl tlieni, so tli ttt you will have to
hurry .to gel nny. Consider ulso lhe terms which ure mmii easier (lum usual; I.'i rush, balance in 6, 13, l.\
uud 31 months ut fj per cenl. per iinuiim.
683 lirunville Street.   VANCOUVKII, 11. C, Auliioria'd Capital   13,000,(100.
Heal Kstate.     Insurance.       Money lo l.onii.
nu,  i      om .   .       i . a,   .i   w RKNK8T EBRAQB,
Telephone iis 14 Lonidale Avenue, North Vancouver. i„,.u| Munu(m
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, (1125. Caih $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lonidale
the above lols are among the best buys in North Vancouver, and intending investor,? will leryo their own
interests liy investigating. We have the esclunive sale and also a largo list ol other lots in the City. It it
in your own interest1 to cull und inspect our list before deciding.
Real Eitate Agenti.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St., W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave., Nortli Vancouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, (iermany
London, Kngland
Paris, France
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;  Caih 1200, balance reatonable.
Martinson & Co.
J'hnt/yj. P.O.fiixfl        ',
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
elfeot that \ —■
lact  that anVej     t 3, Q 5q ft  ^qqq
ling   vneoinatiorfV   T c.  A J 1 1 .        l    Xitaa
whioh wa. support,^ "ear ^Andrew, 2 loti, each  1)700
turn ond alter a ynrjfc "ear Moodv, »|iap I1Q50
iieiiifii iiisciissioii  the' h, Block 17, Lane Corner $1350
changed with tho consenV ol.jear St, Andrews $1600
or to a resolution to tH'a, II*   _______ '
Health  ol  tho  district   munioiv
thut Ihu Iiiinui take vory great  pn.
caution to uso only puro call lynpti
Jor  vaccination  and  11mi. all instruments bu properly sterilited.
Discussion nroso ovor muds nnd
board walks alter which the mooting
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groasrtel
Frwh m»4 Smoked Meati     N
for Saturday Only   :
Our "Trade At  Ilomu" udvl.  this
week is (rom .lohn  llierssen   of   the
Welcome I'uiinr.   Hend il  nnd'be eon-
A Hall
N. V. Horticultural Society
A rn. .1 iiu- ol more lliun orilinury
iinporlniicc wus held by the directors
of lho North Vancouver Horticultural
aSociety on Weilnesdiiy evening. All tho
directum were present.
The ilutea Jor the two principal
shows lor the year wero lixed, tho
Horse Show lor the --'ml ol .lune, untl
lhc iiiiititnl exhibition ol Iruit, vogc
tables, Howers und catlle lor lli.',-'fii
uml '.'iiih ol August.
The treasurer reported u net balance
in Innni of (Sinn and it was decided to
proceed ut once with (lie lining ol the
uuii'i iiiiiI rool ol the sttigc in tho
hull, which will ensure Ireednni from
draft in future.
Tho i|ueslion of lhe itnvelopmcnt of
Ihe ground* wus lully discussed. For
the linei Iwo yeurs the Uireclors Ituvo
lieen strenuously engaged in paying oil
ihe old .I.l.i. ol lhe Society und placing it ou u sutisluctory sellmipporl
ing Iiiihih It ie now lelt thnl their
object hus been uccninplilhod in spin
f the fuel thul they have nol received Ihu Inui ty nssisl tiiu'i' ol Ihe great
majority of lhe residents ol North
Vancouver, on whose support and interest Kin li Institutions us this must
una' -uuk ala ji. nil It was decided
thut 1.1 i-i a. lie taken during Iliu present
year to'ley oul lhe grounds in such
way ue lo tiRorii object lessons as
lo lho li.ai in uiiiiiiil possibilities ol tha
li.-iit'i. and also lo provido a pleasant recreation ground forgbe citizen*
ul large. The siheine includes, the
levelling ami Inying out ol a largo
aroa in gruss whore tennis courts and
bowling greens will bc avuilnble lor
till members al any time on the puy-
mont ol a small leo lor each game. It
is also the intention to build u hnnd-
some bund rtund und u curetaker's
house, so Ihul the hall und ground.
may receivo constant attention, untl
thut the guldens muy lueotne a pleus-
unt meeting plate lor the citizens,
where on summer evifiiings tluy muy
onjoy lhe music provided by tho city
'llie ilm - ii.i- i..\|u. ■ ial unanimously
Ilui (.alma, lliut now llml nil the preliminary dilln ulin s huve lnvii mir
iitiiuniid, Ilny mn ili".ult- their nii.ii
tion unn -i'in.II) lo ibe currying out
ol lhe object which lias bu<n kept in
view during the years ol tJiH'uulty and
make (lie locicly and its ln<uutilully
-11 un li.l grounds a centre ol whole-
■nine 11 -1. iiiii'ii miai useful imu in nl
In line witb this programfns u.e pie
•ideal elaled thai the sociuiy bid ol-
Subdiviiion of Portion of Diitrict LoU 601 .tnd 607, Nortb Vancouver
Municipality.    At Terminui of B. C. Electric Cariine,
ready accumulaled at llio 1'illn Isrgo
number ol useful government literature and I hut one of the improvements lo lie ofleclod will lie Ihe establishment ol a rufcreoic library where
any member can consult the bast authorities of Ibo age on all melton
pertaining lo agriculture, Iruit culture,
pi "ill iy raising and gardening.
llic membership which only coats I)
•Wf annum, will carry with it all the
n sliort iwn outlined above ani* Ihodi-
tg, prices f ron.?"1* «"i«dence Ul a vory
it Iho  i"li' "liip   roll
ear OUt till few year in   ,rder   that
are going at tWO-!11"^ have the eup-
I   tlaO   full   a aalnlllllll
, their work,
teee  were   lormed
directors and mom-
Par flam. trlt.
Phone 6286. Corner Ponder and Seymour Stmt*, Vancouver.
lor now eubscrib-
and Pollock   wero
Nort"''* ""^ w"y "u*
Phone 110
^ iliey in the
—, Ltd.
47 & 49-HASTINGS S
Ratksi   >.'•'"  per   and   up.
and   to regular   boarders.   .
Round Steak ; • 15c
Sirloin Steak - iBo, A 20e.
Mutton Chops- J5c. & 20c.
Our Meal ii Specially Selected
ChiverB Marmalade in \
Hi. gins* jars, each   -   15c.
Ayrshire Hose Creamery
Butler, -   - .3 lbs. $1(0
Cold Buckle Ornnpcs, the
finest in the market, fiA
per doss. -      -      - tlVCe
Lemons, per doz    -   -   J5c
Oatmeal Soap.  10 lut rs 25c
Our Lonsdale Blend of
Tea, -      - 311m. foi $1.00
Nothing Finer
Pure Oastih'(Soa|i,
pi r Imr    -        -       25c
Phone 40
111 Lonsdale Ave
finest Roof Garden o|EW YORK CAFE
Smunii SiHKiti.   •   -'-   -   NORT1
West Vancouver Motor I
Launch "West Vancouver," C|
Licensed lur 35 passu
fW SEAJProprietor
JMEAI.S AT Al.i, IIDlllt.--
6a.m. to8 p in.
'irst-class Meals 25c.
}iui,iiniii Tickets, ai meals
'lm Kent tti moderate intra
Ila.ll) lllllll Wla.lt
9.oo a.m.
1 i.oo a.m.
13.15 pin.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.100 p.m.
9.30 a.m.
1315 P-'"-
17.00 p.m •'.
Single Fire 16c.
luii) Day Hxccftt Sun
(rtislic Cabinet Maker,
si i'i it and Decorator
Muiulnclurer ol
Million miai Amlulie Kuinliut.
I. Bink •ml llir Klituii'i,  K«|itlr
I'll   III  ill It.  I'l aalaa I,.'
I uiiiiiiil.      Furnitnro Storajte.
tllKKB jlii'ii iiiinuni tttiniliin
ftalui'daya Vol/
Sunday Scbfd
Mun ki st route liom Norlh Vam mtvir
Capilano Hiver. Lanncli "Wesl Vancd
inui'., williout llit) with the ferry ulea
couver, at per above achedule.
:;TI?,AME» ST. GEORGE        vSTR.
I.ryvr Vu.      I.««vt N. Vaa.      I,tave
'6.20 a.m.
7.JO   "
h.y) "
9.15 "
w.15 "
n.15 "
1.15 "
j.15 "
.V15 "
ff8  "
in "
6.15 "
7.35 it
8.15 "
9-15 "
0.15  "
•ti.jo "
I Oa Sundajil
• Not oa Sendee.
'6.45 a.m.
7.50   "
».5«>  "
9.« ;;
10,45 '•;
n.45 "
12.45 p"1
1.45 "
1.45  "
3-45  "
4.45 ;;
545 "
6.45 "
7-49 "
•■48 "
?•« ' 9.|
l».4* " lo.J
#M45 " i.t
Tlaa feUa eabieot t« ,
slock ol  new  will
lo it seems. Every day
[w designs arrives, lo
' iiiii-.y of those closed
Wall Papen
1 endless variety, just
desman for whal room
It the paper, and he
I you just the pattern
looking lor.
lose Ifjpn our stock is
fc, to pay our price is
rONEY ft CO. twb mn%m, fnwrg .yahwwyiw, b- %_,
There's a time to laugh and a time
■ to weep,
But there's only one time to adver-
And that is all the time.
Persistency tells.
Apply for rates in
,    North Shore Press Limited,
119 First Street East
North Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 80 Phone 80
tm»m nm.
\\ if |)ii»tf44M »«w MIpw hvA
ih btfdii nl mnw im in nw
iht thv mr Mi pMN«r »
•fWgltf^nilrtb, wiping tor. rows w^
pl-tflWB  slwprtogjBKP!) » htftlp
nale iq tliey pap save a ni* I p»lff
nthtr ibsn pw tt» Inw! nwclwt u
tilt price far hpnsst ftitifa. ■
Tbo current issue ol tbo British Columbia fl|»fl)Jto Ppntalipi tba lollowlpg
p$ciel nntli-'es ph appointments ol
tbe latter tih fallowing aro gaw^tw) j
'flips. Quflnoy qf Wafdpor, |o be .|us-
tiee nl tbe Paaee; to be nitfsrios public, .louiuli S. Gillespie of Narowuta,
a«d Campbell 11. lluddio ol Vancouver
and James li. Archibald ql Va^cou-
vor, barrister   nnd  solicitor,   to
s pf Ibe licensing board lor
the city pf Huiuloii f Aid- in. Wfl«d,
nnd Howard Cameron, to be members
ol the board ql police commissioners
lor the city of Sondt.n; Aid. S. d.
Towgood and 'lobn A. Black, to be
commissionere for taking affidavits.
Nineteen names ars recorded for tbo
Alberni electoral district, 67 for tho
Island electoral district, 33 for the
Victoria city electoral district, 9 for
tbe Kamloops electoral district and
39 lor Vancouver oloctoral diatrict.
Tho department uf .works is inviting
tenders fpr a ferry across Skeena river
above Kiiiii'i|tii..'lii. Tenders aro called
lor tbo orootion ol a erhoo! house st
Port Simpson and lor a road and
drainage ditch in tbe district ol Dcwd-
Assignment notices bavo boon recorded as lollows: Atkins Storage Battery Co., p[ Vancouvor, B. C.; AI
Ired H. Bonnet, carrying on a brass
foundry business in Vancouver, and
Thus. McKay, sash and door manufacturer, of Vancouver, B. C.
B. C. companies bavo been incorporated within tbo province as follows i
Canadian Crude Oil Co., capital ol
1760,000; Canadian Ideal Gas and
Light Co., capital of 16,000; Canadian I .ml and Novelty Co., capital ol
1100,000; Conaty Stack and Co., capital ol 1360,000; Dominion Publicity
Association, capital ol 110,000; Essex Shingle Co., capital ol 1)0,000;
Nanaimo Brick and Coal Co., capital
of $300,000; Salt Spring Island Cooperative .Association, Western Canadian Lumber and Fuel Co., capital ol
1160,000; Westminster-Port Mann Securities, capital ol {600,000.
Extra-provincial companies that
bavo been licensed arc; A. E. McKenzie, Algoms Steel Bridge Co., Ambers! Foundry Co., Chippewa Farm
Land ('..„ Maplo Lenl Milling Co., P.
W. Ellis and Co., H. J. Inglis.
A detailed list is given ol thc B. C.
I.aiili Surveyors entitled lo practice in
Ibis province. This is an additional
list to thc one appearing in the last
issue ol tbc Gazette.
Notice ol the appointment of a
liquidator  lor Ihe  Oscar Brown   Co.
Several applications ere made by
companies lor changes ol namo.
A total increase ih production ol
lumber in Canada ol in n por cent lor
tbe year I1WJ ovor Ibo previous one is
shown by statistics just issued by llic
forestry department ul Ottawa.
Among other interesting lads
brought to light in Ibo roporl aro
that Ontario elono produces Iwo-Qlths
ol Canadian lumber, that spruce is lhc
leading Canadiau species, Ihal i uly 6
per cenl. ol tho wood produced in Canada ia hardwood and that iho pip-
duotion ol square timbor for oxport
haa declined to such an extent Ihal
only "in' i weld h as much is produced
aa laalmi'ily The total produclion
was 8,814,943 thousand leet bourd
measure and its lotal valuo (63,819,-
417, Large as Ibis may appear it is a
little loss than tbat cut in tbe Male
ol Washington in 1907. Ol Ihe whole
tiun ntn I Ontario produced I wu lilt lis,
an increase ol 17.3 por cent, Tn spite
ol this fact, however, Ihot^avoragc value ul lumber in Ontario was (19.83
per thousand leel, whereas In Nova
Scotia it waa only 111.96.
IN THE MATTKK of the Water Act
and Amending ilet and
IH TBE MATTER Vii license Mo. 49
granted to tha Corporation atl liis
District ol North Vancouver 'lor
tOO inches ol water to be taken
from Lynn Creek, dated tha 80th
August, 1904.
NOTICE is hereby given that  the
City  ol Nortii Vancouver  being  the
owner and licensee under tha said license by virtue ol the North Vancouver City Incorporation Act, 1906. will
apply to S. A. Fletoher, Esq., Water
Commissioner  for  New   Westminster,
B. C, on Wednesday the first day of
March,   1911,  at the hour oi   eleven
o'clock  |s  the  forenoon or so  soon
thereafter as counsel pap bs heard (or
an order araeadtog the said license by
substituting  thereto  as licensee   the
name of ths City oi Nortii V»ucouv«r
is place oi th Corporation ol tin Patriot oi Narth yjsflWW) W* W
to Uw words defining tin point
One Dollar deposited in th* lliiuk qf
Hamilton might m»n l*o ftpst stop
toward the accumulation p| a fprtpne.
file man w|io scorns tlio sfkg^ffHs
investment qf his wivjngs has yet tq
jsafp iha tri)o principles pl legality
Mil M».
PoRosit' pno dollar io-4»y—begin tq
provido against old ago and financial
C, q. HEAVEN, Aiw,
Morfl) Vuppfiiiyer.
Head OIHca:
Specials for
Thi* Week at
Store  *
Toe, Braid's Coylon  36c lb.
Coffee,   nam.ia,I   pr   ground   \o
older    'llic lb.
Cheese, Canada Cream  17 jc Ib.
Corn, Beans and Cream por can    10c
Tomatoes and l'eas, largo sixo
Cans     13tc
Gloss or Cora Starch, 1 Ib. pck. ...lie
Heintz Pork and Beans, por can ...13tc
I'incnpplo iu large tin     16c
Imported   and   locul   <Iams,
■ lilin . por jar  16c
B. 4t C. Boiled Oats, a sack  36c
iloyal   Standard  Flour,   411 lb.
Sock  11.76.
Eggs (every egg guaranteed)
per dozen  i  36c
Butter,   Star   Creamery,   14-lb.
Box     ■• 14.30
Maple Syrup in 6 lb. Tins  30c
Lilly White Syrup, 10-lb. tin  66c
lim..in ■, choice seeded, 3 peks ,36c
Sugar, B. C. bost, pei sack  11.00
Apples, cooking, per box  11.30
Bananas per doz 36c
Oranges, awcot Navels  10 for )0c
Figs, Sal. New dried  4 lbs 36o
Hpncy in comb  30c
Cream Soda Biscuits por Ib  10c
Gold Loal Lord 10-lb. pail  41.00
Fiosh overy day-
Milk,   Cream,   Buttermilk,    Broad,
Cakes, Pics.
Vegetables    as   lottuco,   cauliflowor,
cabbage,   carrot,   turnip   at   lnwest
standard prlcos.
Local now laid eggs, 46c por do*.
Hiug up Tel. 126 and we will quoto
prices on Swill's Hams and Bacon etc.
Coupons given (ree on every (3.60
Order lo got a cbaneo on residential
lot In Fort Angeles.
you want BreaJ,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Neil door to Everybody's Shot Store)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies
Bruce & Co.
t solicit tne taiinta ot Hseefsdvtn,
Xiiajin rn tnd others »hai rcsll«Mli«eStu»aO'
Fy a>r hiring llirlr frltnl imlnm trsondsj
lyltipctis. rrtiluiliniT»4Tlti;lr«. Quips
t ii.ii rule. 0«r>n»|<»'sAS*J»<»»«>">!»nrf-
ol diversion ths words "and at a
point on Lynn Creek either on Lot
Wil, Group I, Now Westminster Bis
trict or Lot 1363, Group 1, Now Westminster District at or near tbe boundary botweon lhe said Lots" or, in
the alternative, (or an order amending the license originally granted apportioning the water to bs taken Irom
Lynn Creek under ssid license Mo. i'l
between tin point oi diversion es set
out to the original license and a poin
ol diversion of Lynn Creek cither on
Lot 339, Group 1,'Now Westminster
District Pr Lpt )3«3, Group 1, New
Westminster District, at or nenr the
boundary between said LoU or (o is
suo two or more licenses (pr the we
tp make such other otiet to the pr
wises as. mny be just and equitable
lUkTFi) tih m ity <4 Member,
|t, J, fljBW,
Solicitor loir ssid  ^If'pi North
Va»co»W. 17-91
133 6th Street East Norlh Van«i»»sf
.   I'hone 373
Horseshoeing ud BUduaitUu
Kerr & Wallace
Al Alas. Gibson's OM Hmi
THIRD «TM*T **» UmtkU
Column on at tta tut
l Q, 0 F,
Nnrth Vancpuvor Lodga, No. 66,
meets every Thursday evening. oorsf
Lonsdale Avenue and First strast. at
8 o'clock. Visiting iuiUhrao enmnbl
invited to allenf .*. •f. fttnnhf,
I'),,,,. S. Nyo, W,s«e., *). %
Filling, JUL, fin,sec,,-%*. tlm, tt *—* -^M^m   ^ammm-mm-.j -   -    ...   --
PCHII Hey «ap Duffy, min' whar ye pit yer «M.toh. I hae Jist
been read in' in the paper that theres been a wheen o1
fires in oor oity, an' whit wid I dae were ma bit hooaie
tae hae a bleeae?
DUFFY  Dae whit I hae dane-Insure against a' risks wi' THE
ERCHIE I'll dae it
DUFFY  Ye ken man Erohie therea a wheen o' truth in "Procrastination is the thief o' time," an' mony fouk pit aff
insurin' till they hae a bleeze, ao ye gang awa doon an'
get parteeculars frae th1 Sole Agent.
18 Lonsdale Avenue   -    NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
H*W IIII H'l-1 H-H H-H-H-H-W I H ■H-I-H-H-l-H H4H-H-H-1-H Ull HI I ttHM
V  '
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
. also
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from 1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thit Property.
For PUhs, Price list tnd Particulars, apply lo
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. ui^-
Come/ Pender uk) Seymour Sired*.
Vancouver, B, C.
FV« 6286
~W i-aXA slopped. Both occupants
csroe to tbelr senses wltlls little sinrt.
Tbt girl leancil out over Ine apron,
recognised Ibe bouse sbe sought In one
sw|fl glance, testified to the recognition wltb a hushed eii'liiniiilloii mnl
liegan to arrange ber skirts Klrkwood. unheeding her faint besrted protests. Jumped oul. Interposing bis cant
between her skirls and the wheel. Simultaneously be received a vivid, menial photograph of tbs locality.
Progiuill streei proved to bt ona ot
those byways t short block In length
wbicb. hemmed In on all sides by s
meaner purlieu, bava (eveu In Blooms-
buryi tscaped Iht sordid commercial
•■ye of tbt keeper of furnished lodgings, retaining Jealously something of
ihe old tlmt dignity snd reserve that
wert Ihelr pride In Iht days before so-
titty swarmed upon Usyfslr snd Bel-
Ils bouses loomed tall, wilh many
windows, mostly ligbtless, materially
annealing Ibat sir of Isolate, cold
■llgnlly wblcb distinguishes Ibe Englishman's castle. Here and there stood
out lest bedraggled tbsn Its neighbors,
ilioiiiili sll, without exception, spnke
assertively of respectability down at
Iht heel, but lighting tenaciously for
existence. Borne, vanguards of that
Imminent day wben Ibe boarding
house should reign supreme, wore
with shamefaced air placarda of estate
ngtiits advertising tbelr susceptibility
lo ssia or lease In tbt company of Ihe
latter wss No 9.
Thi American noted tbt circumstance eubcouKinusiy st s uioiuenl
wben lllaa Calendar's hand, amall as s
child's, warm snd compact In Ita white
glove, lay In bis own. iod tben abe
wu oo Ih'e sidewalk, ber face, upturned In bis vlvacloua wltb ejclle
''You ban been to kind," she lold
blm warmly, "ibat one hardly knows
bow to thank you, Ur. Klrkwood."
"I bate done notblof-notblng al
all," bt nm milled, disturbed by s sudden unreasoning alarm for bar.
She psssed quickly to lbs shelter of
tbt pillared portico. De followed
clumsily On tbt doorstep sbs turned,
offering ber bsnd. Hs took snd re-
mini il ll.
"(lood nighl." sbe uld.
"I'm lu understand tbat I'm dis
missed. Ibeni" he slaimnered ruefully
the evaded bia eyea. "I-lbaok you
I have no further need"
"Vou are quite sural Won't you bit
lltvt me at your servicer ♦
Sbe Isugbcd uneasily. "I'm sll right
"1 can uo nothing mort-turar
"Nothing. But you-you make ms
almost aorry I can't Impost still further upon your good oaturt."
"Please don't hesitate "
"aren't you very persistent, Ur.
Klrkwood?'' ller Angus moved lo bis.
Burning with the reproof, bt rtltaatd
Hum md turned to ber so woebegoat
s ciiuiiiei..ina .■ llml sbe repented of ber
ttwliy. " I unit worry ibout iui,
pita si I am mil) aafe now. Some
day I hope lo be able lo lliank you
adequately   (Jood olgbl."
Her paaa key grated In tbt lock.
Opining lhe door disclosed a dark
and uulnvliiiig entry ball, through
wblcb then lai..iiluil ao air heavy
wltb tbt dink and dualy odor of untenanted rooms liealtitlug oo Iht
threshold, over ber iboulder tbt girl
railed kindly Ipoa ber commiiiocired
require and sir|i|icd wllbln.
Hi HH'il his bal automalhally. Tbt
door aia ..I wlih mi echoing slam, lit
tumid lo ibr mailing cab, fumbling
fat rba 11,,-t.
TU walk.' bt lold lbi cabby, pay-
lag bio off.
Tka bauKiiu swipt away lo a tune
of baniuieilng houfa, and quiet reeled
upon lbi slreel aa Klrkwood turned
(kt atirtst nirtier In in unplnuni
leuipi'i. puuli'd ind dlscouleuttd It
aaamed hardly fair Ibai be should
havt been dragged Inlo so promising
sa sdvmlure by lilt tars (so to pui III
oal, to ht Hmi suiumirlly rillsd upoo
to write "Finis" beneilh tin Incident.
.Hi rounded Hie coruir ind wilked
balfwiy lo lbi' nnt strttt. coming ta
aa abrupt aud relielllous pause by lbi
tnlniH't lo i covered slliywiy, of Iwa
mluds as lo bli proper course of sc*
I loo
la Iba background of bia thoughts
Na. t Prognsll sirttl mired Its Ave
star, fseidi, ilnisler ind forbidding.
lit nmlnded blnutlf of lla unltgbt-
ed wlndowi, of III sign "Ta Bt IMi*
ci ihe effluvia of dttolalloo tbat
bad uluied blm when the door iwung
Wtdi k diterled house, sod tbt gill
•lorn lo ll-wis It right (oc blm to
istvi her so?
THK covered illeywiy give upoa
yiisdram mewi. or SO declared
a uolice painted oo tbi detd
will oi tbt paasagt.
Overbold, cofuplalaiog aa It iwayed
l|l ibt wind, tying tbt smirched slid
WMlher worn ilgobot/d of Ut Hog-
to-iht I'ouod pabllc bout. wbtrtTrov
Striped auunds of ^ucb ravtlry by
night is is Indulged to by tbe Hrltlsb
wofkloginin to boor, ot een. tt UW
tS9_t» l(tt»^_ "■* aMm of mtarunif
ioIusis irooptnt bm
tta. two bioaoua stood
.u.h iuu.sj tin lord;
'l.'oaiil nlilllt," iltl tillll.
of tbelr destinies should ssa III to sally forth and indict themselves upon a
cab hungry populuce. ia KIrk«mnl
turned a third vehicle rumbled up oul
of ihe mews.
Fur between bis curiosity about and
Ills eoneern for lbs girl be WSS being
led back lo No. 6 by tbt oose. as It
were, hardly willingly st best. I'ro-
a.wildly impelled by tbs contemplation
of his own temerity, bs ytt returned
unfaltering. Hs wbo bsd for so long
plumed himself upon bb) stylet supervision of his persousl affairs and equally steadfast unconsciousness of bis
neighbor's business now found himself
In Ibe very set of puhlng lo where lis
wss not wanted, u bs bsd been ail-
vised In well nigh u many words.
He turned up Frognall atreet with
the manner of one out for a leisurely
evening stroll. -Simultaneously Irom
(hi larlber corner auutbtr pedestrian
debouched Inlo ths thoroughfare a
men moving sbsdow st tbs' distance,
brother to blacker shadows tn.it skulked In lhe fenced areai and unl I vei y
entrlea of ibat poorly lighted block.
Tba bush was something beyond belief wben ont remembered the near-
nasa of blatant Tottenham Court road.
Klrkwood conceived a wholly sens*
less curiosity sbout tbs other wayfarer. Tbt man wu walking rapidly,
hceli ringing wltb uncouth loudness,
csne tupping tbt liagging at brief Intervals. Ilolh sounds ceooed abruptly
aa their cauet turned In beneath ont
of tba portlcote. Io Iba emphatic and
unnatural quilt tbat followed Klrkwood, ttepplng mon lightly, fancied
tlnn another sbsdow followed tbe firat.
noiselessly and wltb furtive Health
Could It ba No. 8 Into wblcb Ibey
bad psssed I Tbs American's Mart
but a livelier tempo at tba suggestion.
If It bad not batn No. 8-he wu still
too fsr away to tell-tt wu certainly
one of tba dwellings idjicent tbwt-
onto. Tbt Improbable possibility (but
wby Improbable Vi lhat tbo girl was
being Jollied by liar father or by
friends annoyed blm wltb Illogical la*
Approaching No. t with laggard fast,
bs manufactured s dulrt to light a
clgireite u a covtr for bit dttlgn win
bt spied upon by unsuapected eyea.
Cans under srm, banda cupped U
shield a vesta's Isms, ba stopped directly baton tbs portico, toning bia
•rn ukinci to tba ibadowed doorway, aad mada a dlacovtry tufflclmtly
atartllog to bold blm apaUboood and
Incidentally to acorcb bia flovu before
IM thought to drop Um match.
Tka door at No. 9 stood ajar, a black
Interval a* tocb or ao to wldtb ihowing between Ua idgi and Um Jimb.
Suspicion aad atom aat bia wits
Hingis. Mara dlettoctly ba recalled
Ibt Jarring btag, accompioltd by tba
metallic dkk of laa lakh, wbao Uw
girl bad abat bantlf lo-and blm out.
Maw, aoaa panon or penooa bad foi-
lawad bar, negiKting Om moat obvious
pvtcautkio of a booaebolder. And
whyl Wby bat Meatus tka Intrsdsra
IM Mt with UM tound of doting to ba
Tli to Mr-or Iboat-wltiln?
nmla-t be—mil that It wis s|
Mas ot bis affair, decided to pan oa
aad go bis way to peacs and, im-
poWvsly swinging about, marched
Stralfkt away far Um unclosed door.
•'OM 'ard, goviMrr
Klrkwood bailed oa Um cry, fsltsr-
tog la indecision. Should hi taki tbt
piongt or withdraw? Synchronously
ba wu conaclous that a man's flgun
had detached liatif from tka tbadows
bsaaatk Um ntarast portico aal wu
•rawing nearer, wit* «vst7 toUcattsa
of butt to totarotpt Mas.
•"Kn mw, gown, pm soya-" *
aistrkav  Ton don't Hva'anka* '
"fl(»w lo yog knowT demanded
Ilikwool crisply, tigtosatog bia flip
Vu tola tka aacmatfahalow hs bad
aaagMl to an ihi'ttntmlarita of Mm
wka had aatorad No, .8, a atatry to
totormpt*»a»A«l ao, ths M-
Louis Joseph Vance
&>j»vrl|ht. IW8. tv *h« BpUka-ftlarrill Co.
low lacked ilini'i'i'iiiin, though l»in de-
iiiiniiiiiiliiiii llml till! Anierieiin; rii,iiiiii
Hilt jntorfcro was undnninblo. it won
will; uu ugly nnd truculent manner, 11
mor.i warily, lliut the mun closed in.
"I knows. Vou clear |iout, of"—
Hi' Hung out a hand with tbe plausible ili'.aiin ..[ grasping Kirkwiiml by,
ilu iiillui'.  ThnUltor lilten his stick,
aelliillng the arm, and Incoutlnentl)
landed bia other tat forcibly on tbs
fellow's cheat. Tbs man reeled back,,
cursing. Before be could recover Klrkwood calmly crossed tbs threshold,
closed the door snd put bis shoulder
to It In tnotber Instant, fumbling In
tbe darkness, bs found the bolts snd
drove them home.
And It wu done, Uw transformation
accomplished. His Inability to refrsln
frum Interfering bad encompassed big
downfall, bad changed a peaceable ant)
law abiding alien wllbln British shores
Inin s busybody, a trespasser, s mis-
deiiieiiiiiini, a-yes, for all ht knew to
tbe contrary, In tbs estimation of tba
law. a burglar, prime candidate for u
convict's stripes.
"The ili'i 111" he whispered. . "What
an use. whut an utter uas, 1 ami"
Behind blm tbe knob wu rattled
urgently to au accompaniment ot feet
shulllliig ou the stout, and Immediately. If be were to make a logical deduction from the rasping and scraping
sound wlililu lhe door cuing, lbs bell
pull wu violently agitated, without,
however, educing any response from
Oil' bell Itself, whenver tost mlgbf
be liluate. after which, u If In da
spnlr, tbe outsider again rattled snd
Jerked the knob.
Be bis status what It might, whether
servant of the household, Ils caretaker
or a night waicbmau, tbe man wss
palpably determined both to get himself In and Klrkwood out snd yet,
curious in consider, determined (o gain
bis end williout attracting uudus attention Klrkwood had iipected to
bear lhe knockcr'1 thunder u soon u
the bell fulled lo give tongue, but If
did not sound, although then wu a
knoi'ker Klrkwood falmaelf bad rt-
marked (but antiquated and rusty bit
of Ironmongery atjiieai to lbs middle
panel of lhe door. Aad It madt him
feel sure that something lurreptllioui
snd lawless waa In procsu wllbln
thoie wills; that tht confederate without, having failed to pnvent t stranger from toterlng, left unemployed a
meant so certain aure to roust lhi occupants.
But hU inferential analysis af this
pbsse of the procecdlngi wu lumma
rlly abrupted by Ibat Identical alarm
In a tries tbs houae wu Oiled wltb
Hying echoes, wakened to sonorout
riot by tbs cresb snd clamor of lbs
knocker, and Klrkwood stood fully
two yards away, but heart hsmmerlnp
wildly, bis nerves t-jingle, much aa II
tbe resounding blows bad landed upou
bis own persun nther tban on atout
oaken planking.
Kre be bud lime to wonder (be net
ct eeased. and from tbc atreet Ollered
«||CCS In alien all.an l.iMclilllg, Kirk
■ •ail's pulses quickened, snd be laugh
ed uncertainly for pure relief, retreat
big to ihe dour and pulling an esr to l
(To be continued)
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65 Lonsdale Avenue   -   Phone 126
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l Prk.iRigU
Provincial Legislature
Poiogi of tht Houn for thi
Put Week.
(Express special representative)
Victoria, Kel). II— Tlie rapid expansion ol llritisli. Columbia won spelled
nut must convincingly in the estimates lor the next fiscal year which
were brought duwu by Hon. 'Price Ellison on Thursday lust. That there
is to be greatly increased expenditure
is shown by |H,n3i5,38U set down under that head. This amount is by
13,000,000 greater than that lor any
previous year. Tlic apparent dis-
ercpflBcy between this nnd the ostini-
iilcd revenue ol *8,193,000 is balanced
by e iiii'in'' ol $3,310,000 loll ovor
Irom llie previous year. The government; lo Uic a purudux, appears.lo bc
cunservative in its estimated und liberal iu ils expenditure. It ia evident,
ibut having jveothcred Ibeir political
hoarding is post und the time lor
I..■iii'iii., is past and Ibe li a 'or
upending bus tome.
01 tbc 16,607,990 set down lor public works it is plcosing to observe
thnl Kirhnioiid riding will rtccivc a
luir share. Tbe amount set down lor
public works ill Ihis riding, namely,
1136,000, i„ fourth only to Ihe big districts ol SkeoB*, I'ariboo and Okan-
agon. In addition lo this $130,000,
is appropriated lor roadi io Point
liny and the vote ol U60,000 lor tlu
Second Narrowi bridge ii again in ibn
■ i iiii.ii. - Also lo be spent in Ridf-
niaaiid il- en amount of 136,000 lor
.lelRag tho site lor tbe provincial unl-
voril/'fn l'oint (ircy. This will niakn
a total ol 1110,000 to be sprat ia 'be
riding before March 31, 1813. %«|f
plomonlary estimates also show that
In addition to tbo amount voted ',mt
year 137,600 wai »p«nt in public works
in Biibmond and $40,000 in roads in
Point Grey,
Jt ii nl lurtbor inloreit to lhc lower
mainland lo observe that 16,000 has
been set »rido to be divided in three
priMs lor competitive plani Ior tjio
univorsilf. Thoro ii also an ellowane
ol W,l*iyt for the citeWiiihmont ol a
prison tejyn iwmewhoro ia tbo vicinity
ol Voncquvw. .(Iwing to the contuwt
drafti ilmi have to bo made nl pri-
soneri Irom the provincial gaol at N.w
Westminster 10 Victoria »nd other
polnls, this seems necessary not only
to aeeommodalo tie overflow, bul olio iq provide w,ork for prisoncri.
Bccogiuzing |be lml tbat tbo price
ol executive ability h»s advanced oil
over  tbo   world, tip nlifin of the
cabinet ministers huve been advanced
Irom «6,0l)f) to 86.UU0 u year. I'n in
icr McBricVs allowance has been increased Irom $3,000 to $3,000, so thut
with sessiun.il indemnity he will draw
the handsome 'stipend ni $10,121)0 per
yeur. Still as compared with tho income ul mnny business mid profession-
ul men lliis uniount does not u| pwir
An importanl measure intiuduc-ud by
Attoniey-tielicrul Bowser during Ihe
post week was tlie Fire Insurance fsjit.
lln bill is intended to do uwoywilli
certain iiniidnilics in lhc business and
at tbe same time to scout greater
public safety. Oul a.l. companies
with no odiccs here lorncrly escaped
taxation, while the lorui offices 'paid
ouo per cent, of tlieir gross , irmiuui
lo the government undi loi ul compute
ies musl pay tbe same, Thus both
will be placed ou an even I',, r and
competition will not be excluded. The
bill also provides (ur tljc establishment of a fire insurance department
with a superintendent lor the province.
A great deal ol the timi'Vi! the
week has been consumed in thev discussion of thc (lool Nines ActN^l
which llr. Howthointhwuite and Ml
Williams are still watchfully hummer
ing away intent to point out any i.ifli-
ciency while llie Premier adroitly pnr
lies their thrusts or gracefully accepts any amendment that seems to
have practical Value, ll is not yet
through committee.
Thc bill ol the Grouse Mount.iin
Scenic Incline Kailway Company is
woll advanced, having passed commillee ol ibe whole House and now being
ready lor third reading. In the meantime ill competitor the limine Ho-n-
lain Ucenic railway bill bos not yet
been considered by the railway committee, nor will it bc till Wednc-day
morning next wben tbo committee will
wind up its business by considering
that and two other measures.
Tho debate on Mr. Haywird's i«i-
prorfty motion hos been bung up by
necessitated Ut. Hoyword, as deputy
speaker, pecupying thc choir. Uou.
Hr. "Ellison's quotation of a rumor
that dames J. Hill hod given 160.000
to assist the Manitoba grain men'in
thoir compoign for reciprocity promptly broughl a threat of action (or libel Irom the president ol the Winni-
pejj Uroin Exchonge. As Mr. Ellison was simply giving thc story at iti
face value and as bo was fenced by lho
privilege! ol a momtyr of parliament,
it is quite likely that thc propopcij section will end wilh Ibo threat.
Thc bu<|gol will fee brought in op
Monday, efii lho otmsidcrotion of Iho
climates   will    immediaUJy   follow.
Two weeks more ihould pretty
well cninjili'tc thc business ol tbe session.
Some ol the best news in this paper
is thc news ol the local stores. Bead
it in the advertising columns.
Wfl     M
Aii iiiigeini'iiis arc about complete Inr
the organization ol a pipe band   lor
iiu-i cily.  Wli ile boing a distinct body
from    lhc    present    baud    it    will
bo   au    udded   al traction   in    tbii
parks.    Tho    now    bond    will    be
nunicd (he St. Androw'i and Calcdon-
i inn Pipers Hand and will bo under thl
.direction ol I'iper lister, lole ol "E"
'company H.i,.I., 'ilusuow and tbojBtb
t'.H.KI).  A number ol recruits havt
jiilrcndy   boon   enlisted   uud   thnt   il
i\       ,
. room Ior moro.
Their first public porlorman/da will
bo oh Thursday evening, April Ctb,
I wheu Ihii residents ol Nm th Vancouver will be able to judge ol their a^M-
ity. 173
The British treasury returns lor tht
lost nine months ol 11110 show an Increase ol £43,646,086 as compared
with the corresponding period ol 1809.
This is o gain ol moro than ii par
cent. The returns are summarized
under fourteen heads, and then U an
incroaso in all ol them. Tbe smolleit
which wos £46,000; the largeit Iron
property and income tax, which wat
imi»mi. No doubt t part ol this
vast gain is duo tb the lact that Iht
income tax returns ol 1909 were »iry
much in arrear. As somi mbawrt-
hensions prevail in respect to tM
sources ol Ihe Britiah revenue wl
givo tho lollowing statement: ^\
Period Ending
Bevenue. Dec. tl, 1910.
Customs M4,8»7j000
Exdso       KtfkrW
Estate, Etc., Dutici    18,640,000
Stomps     fflWIW)
Eund tax \. 1     690,000
Hquso duty    ....'     1*70,000
Property and income tU... W/M8.000
Load value intin         WW)
postal ,0^ ,.... itmm
Tokgropb sorvico      8,4tt/W
jTolophone lorvice   l,tVf)ffK)
Crown  land!     tV)0)
anal    Bhwes   and
sundry   loons      #?£•
Miscellaneous     9^,799
tmimf» 8UMT
THIS  RftfRRBB,  WW*m   Ydafiwwrwi   «.  vt
IMH* Ilia wants ond ttia offerings   o.'
ant |op(4 advtrtiaing,
gls Insert. lOo per lino
l Wttk, 7io par lint per insertion
1 Mojwl, W p»r line' per insertion
■»■*■■■■ .■•■■——--; ;—— "    ' '""
WAWJ5U~ilniiij.'la'eper lur bachelor
)|01isobq|d ol six members. Apply 14(1,
Express Oflke.
WANTRIMlirl Ior sewing. Apply
Modern Tailors, Lonsdale and Second
strait. 17-?
WANTED-Work lor team, honvy
hor-ses. Apply, .lohn Campbell, 33nd
itreet.  Plume 033. U-2
WANTEIMlirl to help with housework. Apply, Mrs. Cornish, 36-1 First
itriwt east. H-'l
WAMKIMlnnil main iud lor ollice
work nud to inailai' himself useful. Apply to II. C. V. Ily. Ofliee, m Imp
dale Ave. U-2
WANTICD-Egge Inr ImUhing. W.
Wyandotte or W. Orpington. Apply,
Witli egn laying roenrd, Wuglionie, Express Ollice.
WANTED-to louse or buy lit on
wutei Imni,   i.u ii.ii ile  Inr  fish   cuing
purposes.   Apply,  .1. li. CIIAI.MEItS,
73 Cnnhivii St. W.
  a H	
WANTED—Listings Irom owners   ol
North Vancouver properties.    II  you
have a bargain and wiint to sell, list
with us.  We huve llie buyers.
I'lKlUT, k HALL.
7-3 Next to I'nlui'o   Hotel.
WANTED TO HIAT-l'nttage or
suite of rooms (vacant or lumislied).
Ueply wilh lull particulars to Ilox
303, North Vuneouver.
POH BENT- Furnished housekeeping
rooms, 31b 3nd slreet eust. 14-3
. 4
HALL FOE BENT-For private
dances in .lupuni-se Tea (lardens,
Norlb Voucouyer. Steam heated.
Apply, Ceo. Phillips, I'-Oli st. east.
FOE .SALE-lieiivy Wugon and rack,
cheap.   E. Duy, Illh and Itidgcwuy.
■ FOE SALE-Hoy's Bieyclo. Hood as
new. Hist make. Dunlop tires. Cnast-
et brake. Cheap, Apply Express Ol-
FOE  SAI.F,-Fiiur(i'i»it  wooil,
growth, l"ili street, lirst housu
of I.onsdule
0.   .i.li-l.
isre   box
FOE 8ALi:-$li300.     Lot   on  Bth
street, blna'k 117, I). L. 374. i'erms
$600 cash, balance 6, 13 und IH
months. SNAP, Harrow uml Cump-
bell, 3nd stneet. 14-3
30, block 3, 1).
inllie corner lots l'J-
L. 553, corner ISth and
(iluilslaim, lui'ing suiith, KIMiO. Cash
*t'i*l. Iinliinee, li, 13 uml 18 montlis.
Apply L. Wilke, Holel Nnrth Vuneouver, between ti und III p.m. 10-3
J. Lauttl and North Lonsdale
Elder Murray Co. Iiie iniuranoe.
Wi will buy or exchange your stoves,
ranges and household goods lor   spot
enb.    Turner's, 70 Lousdali Avenui.
Phtne 184.    P.O. Box 313.
Tbe rapid increase ol timber Wolvei
toward tbo north eh pf the, Island
and th" serious inroads that these
niiiiiiiils are maMlltf smnt ibe door
and smaller igame. tm resulted in
tho despatch by QaroaWiwIffl Aryan-
Williams ql two experienced hunters
and trappers to investigate cnnditlfim
iind iiiiopt tbe best means presenting
themselves in dealing 'with this pest,
by which avon the wnpitl hwda nre
now tln'i'iileniil. The increase in llie
bounty to $16 lias not been sufflelijit
to induce tbt inauguration of any
vigorqui or systematic campaign
against the wolves, and they now
overrun thp Island in the northern
TENDEBS will ba received hy the
undersigned until II p.m. on Thursday, Uilh Feliiiiuiy, 1011, (or tbe
clearing and grubbing ol portion o|
Keith Boad Welt, improvement
known as tht Marine Driveway, District Lol, 666, in accordance with tha
specification and plan to bo seen at
(his office.
Tht loweit or any lender not necessarily accepted.
Diitrict Engineer.
District Municipal Office,
North Vanoouver, B. C,
3rd January, lllll.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next sitting o( the Hoard nl Licensing
Commissioners lor the City ol Nortb
Vancouver, I intend to apply lor a
hotel license for premises situate on
lots 31, 03, 23 and 34, block 140, D.
L. 274, Second streei west, in the suiii
aity ol North Vancouver. »
Duted ttt North Vunvouver, February
7th, 1911. 8-3
Wing, Court House, Vuneouver
NOTICE is hereby given that the
nni' lor receiving tenders lor "Wing,
Court-house, Vancouver," is extended
up to und im lu.liug Tuesday, tlic 21st
duy ul February, 1911.
Public Works Engineer.
Department ol Public Wurks,
Victoria, 1). C, 31st .lunuury, mil.
Upholsterer und Decorator
Furniture upholstered, carriage trimming.   Ship work aa a|.i■ inli).     S(ni.>
rooms nnd minus uphnlslcrid.
Phone Puliieo ll.ji.-4
■,    . .     _  ,
Booms 10 and 11, I'ender Cluinilivi,
tm Finder Street W.       l'hont 3461
Btsidtnce,  cor.  I.nnsdali Avi   aad
'/Iud street, North Vancouvtr.
art sow readg tit, fill all ordara
tor coal. -■ -. . . . They wUl
curry a full line of building aus-
pliea. Oet the best. They have ft.
A trial ordar will convince you of
that, flat your coal before ttie
rainy season Beta in. Head-
tjuarteri on corner of Esplanade
aad St. George, North Vancouyer.
Phone 259 Tarau Ouh
LICENSE      .
NOTICE is hereby given thut thirty
duys alter the dute hereof we the undersigned inlend (o apply as copartners to the Hoard i,f License Ciimmis-
sinners for the eity of North Vancouver (or a retail bottle license lor pre
mines situate on a Iructional part n(
lot thirteen (13) block one hundrid
und fifty-seven (Ini) D. L. 271-274, in
the city ol Norlh Vuneouver on the
principle ol Hie Norwegian system ol
no profit lo the sellers).
(Signed)    E. I1.. MACNAGHTEN.
(.Signed)     P. EOCHISSEN.
Haled at North Vamouver, 11. <"•,
February 7th, 1911.
A Literary .Column
Somewhat About Book*
and Writers ,
A yery groat deal ol the ont-ol-town
buying is about »b minnlhlo as the notion ol thn wonian filh the black
hnlr wlm bought a Dory r«rt nwlt'b because it was on the bargain counter
and she got'it "an awlnlly cheap".
Tne enquiry whidi lias bwn bold in
Vancouver to investigate certain phases nf t 'hin.--.i- Immigration hns evoked
iinine peeiiliur i.ml amusing situations
and loudly protested ignprunco, and
conveniently bad mummies hnvo prov-
ml to be as much nn eastern as a
wnstei'n habit nf mind. Foreign rela
tions witb the Chinese Empire date
back some seven rentiirics. Warm
Polo, a Venetian men-hunt ndvontur-
er, lining for ncprly 2A years an adviser ol Ihu Emperor Kiiblui Khun.
His "Voyages and Travels" is also
interesting from the (int thut it was
compiled while in. prison, he having
lalli'ii in thu hands nl the Oonnesu
during a naval fight.
Thn trade of east and west used In
meet at a little island at the cnlrniin
to thc Persian gull, and for uny kniw
ledge ol (ho inenl lands buyond hud
lo rely upnn the laneifui and luiiied
stories whiih filtered through this
Tho Polos in a most romantic fashion
worked thoir wuy east Ini inning iiillu-
elitial in the councils of Kublai kimn,
and the book represents (lie first real
attempt to unveil tlie mysterious cast
to western eyes. The honesty and
good (ailh ol llie uullior lime been
called in question ul various timet,
but it now seems to bu cstublisbed
that whatever Marco himself experienced or observed hus stood the lest
of Inquiry,
With the Information he obtained ut
second hand llie case is different und
doubtless shows the anxiety ol the
peoplo concerned to keep oul Ine foreign devil hy frightening him wilii
stories of thc grave perils .vlii.'h hedged iiiiiiiii the uci|uisilion ol precio'u
commodities. Of the diamond mims
in a certain country lie was Lohl '.hut
tlie stones were lound in deep volleys
and ravines where cnurinnus serpen's
abounded, so that they hud to udn|ii
the expedient of throwing down piei cs
n( raw li- li tn which tiie sloilcs in-
liered and the eagles inhabiting thr
precipices above would s*oop down
and curry il tn thoir nests ; the din-
nu.u-l seekers would wuliii ior lhe
eagles leuving llieir eyries und i .iub
up uud search litem lor the precious
stones, lie was also lnhl .if a. limn
inui luul illlild n Hue 'iia li aai
alih' to carry an elephant iu'.o Ibe
air. Apurl frnin these inU'iclili/
stories "the Voyages and Travels of
Mm. ■ i Polo" ore inslrui'tiie ns uia-
closing tlie peoples nf the eust in
their nnv.. tam.al environment  marly
seven centuries ago
les s
The contract for the building ol the
new Chilliwack cily hall hus bean let
to .1. (', IIuIh'i isnn, contractor and
bulkier nl lhe cily. The price In be
I'mil lhe contractor for Ibe work will
Is' iii ilu' neighborhood nl tH7,inif).
NOTICE ii hereby givtn that the
partnership btretofort existing between
ui, thl undersigned, is Hickman &
Hood, in tbe City ol Norlh Vancouver
has beea thii day dissolved by mutual
All debts owing to iaid partnership
are lo bt paid to W. II. Hood at Ihe
City ol North Vanaouvtr aloresaid,
aad all ulaimi against 'tlie iaid part-
uetsbip art to be priaintad to thl said
W. II. Ilooa by whom thi mine will Iw
Dated at tht City ol North Vancouver thit 'Aii day ol .January, 1911.
(Signed)     0. It. HICKMAN,
(.Signed)     W. B. HOOD.
will find four ol the» io block 24, tub-
B, I). L. tM. For talt only by Jack
linutot t Co, and Ferric tt Co., North
fanime kve, Owaar. )7-2
NOTICE ii heriliy given lh»t thl
Court of lUvision of Diitrict Ajtetl-
mont Boll will meet In tht Diitrict
Municipal Office, North Vancouvar, on
Tucadny, tht 14th day ol February,
1911 at t o'eloek p.m. when all complaint! and appeali againit atieti-
ueult will aba considered,
Notice of cooplainti and appiels
nutt bt 'givtn to tin kaaaaaor ,»t
least tn dayi lalnte th taid data,
and inch notice mitt act forth the
ground of co»plai#t.
OSvm under my bt»4 thia tth
day of January, lt|I.
tOfft Q. tkimtU, O.M.C.
TENDEHS will Im' reieived by Iho
undersigned up lill fi p.m. on Monday
llie 27th inst. lor five policemen's uniforms. Samples ol cloth to he submitted wilh i.ainli i.
("ily Clerk.
No mnn living lum over yet seen
London ns it really is. Thero ore, in
fact, twelve Lbndons, one ol whieh—
the county — is controlled by 4,1100
popularly elected men ond women who
s|t on 144 publie bodies.
The biggest London n' ."Hi. the
police London, covering H93 ii|uare
miles ; tlio smallest is i'lie City of lun
dun, extending to ono square mi e.
When ono speaks nf London ona
must put un adjoelivo in to describe
what London is referred to. Here aro
tlm Loudoun witli their areA ai
known to tlie law :
City of London .1 square mile.
Cflllllly  a,l   I I,,u,   llai a,-|Uiiiia iiiiiiii.
Wilier London. 637 sipiure milei.
Postal Loudon, 63H s<|iiuri.< miles.
Parliamentary Lonituii, 117 square
mi:es. *
Ecclesiastical London, 120 square
Creator London, 692 square miles.
Police London, 6111 square miles.
I'liln e Court London, 114 S|uur>
Central Criminal Court, London,
(311 square miles.
County Court Loudon, 205 squurc
The m..II. .i population ol one London is 36,000—in tho city—and flu
largest population ti.iViil.ni u in Greater London. i
In the county ol London 16,(0) com-
punics own property nf the yeurly value of 170,000,1100, the rentals ol
which are about 8100,11 'U.niiil a year,
and yet they have no vulo lor the
election ol u single person to re|rcscni
them for their totul payment every
year of 126,0110,1100 in rules. They pay
iinc-tliiiil of the lolal rules raised.
Less lliun li.iii the .peuple wiin 'i.ivc n
vote Ior Ibe rules tliey pny ever usi
them. So fur us taxation und representation is concerned a third ol the
tux-paying property 1ms no share in
cuntrnlling lhe expenditure, In Ber-
mondsey and Poplur liulf lhe rates
I',an! Imve no voters behind lliem.
Every yeur ut least 7,ihki Londoners
ilio violent or sudden deaths, 300 aro
sent to prison lor long terms, and
I'JU.IHII) ure brought belore llie police
mngislrutcs on various charges.
Within llii' llll square miles ol the
county nl London Ihore ure r.'i.isiii
people who haie come Imm foreign
countries. Hiirsiuns number 3,\iinti,
Hermans 27,1)00, PoIm 16,01)0, French
11,000, linlinns iiiinui und American'
On the average there are tin fires n
lay in Loudon. To keep the metropolis well protected (inm lire newly
■j'!;."'!.')"'! u yeur is spent by the county council.
The water, which is ubundniit .ind
pure, is pound through mi lions ol
pipe ilmi'.. by' one responsible body,
inlo tlie homes ol seven million people, a population nearly cqunl in
that ol Norway uud Sweden, nbnut
thc suine us llml n) llie Dominion ol
i'mi,nlu. more thnn t.wo mil! en
aliove Ihal of Aiislruliu and Now /ml
nnd Combined ■'"'! larger lliun lie
whole population of Scotland and
Wales. This po| ulntion ol seven millions uses up '."Jl.issi.iinii uVla,,,, ol
wntcr a day, drawn from tho reservoirs, in wliiiii there ure always mer
11,000,000,000 gallons reudy (or uie.
The wealth ol London is astounding and cun only be guuga^l by Inking ihe twenty-eight boroughs ol
which it is composed und compiling
ibe yearly value ol thoir propc iy
with thul ol proviiu iul towns.    Thui
Westminster is richer than fllasgow,
the one square mile ol tim city <hun
the whole ol Liverpool nr Muii'ilinstci',
Kensington is linher then Locils, and
Lnmboth' than llristoi, Sliolftald   pr
he smallest borough of Lnii'lmi-
stoku Nowington — b»s mnro vfliifil>le
property than somo twenty-uigot 0l
thu best-known towns, including liutlli
Exutor, Yarmouth, Londonderry. "I'
uven Cork.
Thora m won people Ir Wfngton
than 'here are in Edinburgh, more fa
Lambeth and Stepney than in Bradford, more in Ramberwell than In
Hull or Nottinghom. TwentF-toor of
the London boroughs have pojmln,
lions oijual to some nl th» thirty
greatest towns of tjie kingdom, while
tho remaining l»ur have pqpulntfona
ei|iial to some fifty other ititme, the
smallest ol whieh is Burton-on-TwnL
We operate the only padded luinliiii' and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. C'arlaiji. Co.
WE have MONEY to invest for
English clients in close in proas— perties  in  North Vancouver,
^ We shall certainly do business with
anyone whose offers are  reasonable,
paid tit CAtrtu. tmtnm      ft Thomson twn, m«m|»i on***
m~— UtUtmoftKli UtjUtrmU.iUiaim.milmi.-	
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
The Hardwire Sptciilitts. Phone 12
McMillan's Tea
I* Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
j. a. t-. m. McMillan
Hulled Osis Whole Wlltal Flour Kice Flour
Oatmeal Knckwlieal Klour l'uarl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Putts
Rolled Wheal Rye Hour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Ask your Grocer kt ft, £, |i. Brand. Illc Standard of Quality
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDAl-ii AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
The largest Hiwortmunt of Men's Working Shirts, in-
eluding till llie besl wearing iraterinls in all f_t\r
*v/,e», prieea up to fl.25, now ,       UJC
Scotch Knit All-wool UndervKar. Thit is a fjne line
for f.he outdoor worker as il is heavy and   7C
warm, regular fl.50 value for 75c per suit   / -JC
Men's Kail and Winter Suits, only a few left of those
splendid bargain suits, thoy were as high d» | Q
im $30, now -    «P * 7
A vory fine ussortn.ent of Men's Kour-in-hand OC
Ties, reversible, regular 60c values, now   mJQt
D     '   C  \   in great variety, from size 22 up to
DOV 8 iJUllS 34 in short pants *0 CA
and 32 up in long pants, prices from yLiJKj lip
r\ ,    To clear out the few that are left
VJVCrCOatS t))ey ure going at two-thirds their
original cost.
JM-MS U»44* Kytr
North Viiw»»iy|Hf


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