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 bxobbps lymnvm mwm
wBflwv.. oovflp 9mm mm*-
mum 7AN0QDVBB, BO-, VBWAT, WWUffiffl, », WW.
immi. aa.
Arctic Brotherhood
 Given Civic Banquet
9  The Arctic tyre.hrsn, who pave dur
iug Hie Iiii three days I n seieinblPf)
iu lliii city for their unnuul grand en
cuinpmoiij, were eiiturlsjned ul lln.' lln
lei Nnrlh Vancuuve)' lost night to s
cumpliiiiciitsry liuni|iii'i provided iuuu
> ly by tlio city uml ilislriet of Norlb
The fund inn wai au entirely mii m
ful upe frum every viewpoint. Tbp
aiienibiy wus lurge. tlie speecbe.1 were
.-.%.-.-ll.-iit. the niuilc was tuneful, aud
tbe festive hoard wat a perfect ex
ample dl the cnterer's arl. Tlm dining ruom nf tbp hotel wai luitably
'iu. mui,.I fur Ihe ... .n-i.m. while lhe
lillle uduriiiiiciils were iu every seme
artistic and appropriate. Tn. foi'ow-
iug wus tbe menu witb wlmh Mr. I'.
1 in un regaled lhe bani|Oollers.
I'uvair Ceuubc
Cream uf Oyilor
ilul Huuse I ■ idu i Sliced Fresh
FISH      .
Capilunu   llu niinl w   Tumi   au   llraliiia
lu Crcme
I.T  uf Spring  l.iuiili.   Freii.'b   t'uper
Hn.i i of Chicken a la King ull Cases
Calves Sweet lircad a la Heine
l,.n ul Vooug Torkey, Dyiler Pressing,
Crauberry Sauee
Mailiini  and  Special   Baked   l'utatuei
Pflms Sirluiii of Beef, I'uu tlravy
Lobster  Mayouuaisc Sauce
Hot Mince Pie
Awurlril   Cukes,   Jellies,   Ice   Cresui,
Cafe Noir
Sherry,  While  Wine,  imparled  Beat,
' i, .ii-. Uinger Ale, Kle.
The least list was long and intereil
iug, ami commenced  witb hearty re
spouses   1,0   (be   lieallb   of   lue   King
ami lbe I'reiidcul of tbe Coiled Slates,
i.t I. proposed by the chairman. Mayor
Heeve May, of the dislricl of Nortb
Vuncouver, tben proposed lbc "Arctic
Brotherhood," dwelling in ploijueul
I' nu- upou the principles ou wbicb Ibe
urder is l.u.-i'.l. tne goud il hss doue iu
Ibe past, is nu* doing, and doubtless
will continue lu do lu lbe future. Tbi
leeve tssui-iuled (be priiii'iplcs of Ibe
Kr.iih. il I   with   Ibuse   uf  uptiuiim,
ami spoke iu lU'Ullnug terms ul liiuse
pessimists whu always declared Ibst tbe
mull wus geltiug worse. Mr. Msy
dally denied that tbii waa so. II
migbt be Ibal tbere were trouble! ia
Meiiro, war in the llelkeni, aud a light
for voles auiung women, bul Ibeae dii
lurlujucei, Mr. May characterised mere
ly ai displacements lie wished every
success for the future umlcrlukiiigi of
lbe Brotherhood
'.niui Arctic Cnief elect, JJsrry J.
Iaiidtbl, replying, muilc lbe uuueuuee
'uieut thut the dclegulcs bud decided lo
establish rumps in Vaucuuver aud iu
smil. Those eligible for moodier
ibip in these I.i.uu lm- wuubl bl men
wbo hiil ipcol a year uorlb of the ufty
fuurlb parallel Jl bad been reroguil
ed by lbc brelbreo aiicuiklcd iu con
veuiiuu 'lining Ibe luil three dayi Ibal
(ue Order bad grown in Ibsl il could
eiltbliiU niiiipi iu the "outside.1'
Thii would mean a stronger and a
grander ami a mure united Brulberhuod
tbau ever befure. In cuulradiction lo
Ibe views eipreued In a certain newt
paper, neither was Ibere, no' would
there be, any iplil iu Ibe ordor, Afler
dwelling upon Ibo ongiu aud aimi of
(be llrolberbood, tbe speaker extended
lbs   Ibiiiilis pf the  deli'imlci  .0   iin-
council! of tin NorJJi Shors snd the
Hoard of Trade uml  the people nu ll
whole for (Mr boipilsl enterlsiunicnl
duriug Hie (Iruml  I'iueiiiupiiii-nt.
Tho liuml wsi nin" roipoinled |o by
Psil Orsnd Arelic Chief J. C. QslTnoy,
Wlm louehi'ii inleroitiogly up'nn llfo In
Ihe iiurllibiml. Tbe speaker referred 11
the general iplrit of liiiiilii'ilminl vyhicl
iufeels life lu ihi'se regions tud gav<
bis lieurers mme striking examples uf
lbe chsrity uf wbicb Ibe men of Ibe
mniIiiun.I are capable. Mr. Uotfucy
uu ailed au oe. ii .mn upou ''-lm li one ol
Ihe bands on a ibip wbuie passenger
lial included tbe name uf tbe wife pf
an Aiiierienn multimillionaire, wus accidentally billed Tbruiigli Ibe wealthy
lady's iulercst, lbe magnificent huiii of
1601) wai subscribed uud urdered lu be
forwarded to tbo muii'i widow uml
family wilb luilructiom tbat "II
sbould be properly iuvested." lu
."iiiiimi to Mull uii incident as Ibis
the speaker mentioned that wben a
dock band un a much smaller ship iu
the niiimi. of the Yukon hupjuiiicd li
slip ami merely break hit leg, tbe nortli
men ou board subscribed $1,01)0 ou bis
bcba|f. Tbii was typical of Ibe real
charily oierciiod by tbeso "mon who
knew the uorllilainl ami who knew
men." Mr. (iaffnoy, in conclusion
•aid Ibal contrary lo tiie itstumeull
publiibod iu s Vancouver pupcr, Ibe
Brotherhood's couvcutiuu iu Norlb
Vancouver bad been a must harmonious
unu. lie bitterly criticised this paper
fur assorting iu absolute error tbat
Ibere bad beeu ur wai auy iplit in lue
III"llielll.u,,|       |U    eniielll. -nil,    be      paid
a iterling tribute lo Ibe man whom
Iho brethren bad jus! chosen ai tbeir
(Iraud Arctic Chief.
Mr. P. C. Wade, K.l'., prupuiing the
"Yukon Pioueeri," delivered a mas
terly speech containing muny iuliinule
referoucoi lu bii own experience! iu
Ibo .Northland .uml revealing an ac
ipiaiiitaiii-e wila many men wboie
namei aro household words witb tbo
Arctic hi.iin.-n He heartily eongra
i iiuiu.I tbo order on tbu successful tor
in i uat inn of id three dsyi' convention,
and .i'in|' Imiuii i.'i ihun opou Ibe
rboice of tbeir Urand Arelic Chief. He
spoke buuorouily upon "iuiido" sud
"outside" men, snd referred lu (be
piuueers or lbe* o'rigiuul "producers
as the aristocracy, Afler enumerating
lln- names uf mauy meu wbuui lie hsd
mel iu tbo uurtblsud, ami mention uf
whom elicited lnml cries of Iributi
from tbe llrolberbood, Mr. Wade eon
eluded witb loucbiug referonce lo tbi
rct-eul itralb of Mr Ogilvic, s well
known pioneer.
Thii loast was breetily responded lo
by Hr. Siroug ami Mr. J 11. Wilkin
III. P,. II. ilridgman, president of
the lioanl of Trade, Ibeu proposed lm
"Hrilish Columbia Pioneers,1' to which
Mr. Alex. Henderson, K.l'. and Mr.
Charlei Nelion, reeve of West Von
couver, ipoke iu reiponac. Tbe de
velopnicul of Hriliib Columbia was
luitably propoied by Mr. W. 1. Irwiu,
aud replied lo by Mr. (1. M. Uibbi,
P.O.A.C. Tbe loasl of Ibe ladies was
introduced by Nr. 1 1. McNaught, Mr.
J. P. O'C. Wuod responding, while
thai of tbo press was voiced by Mr.
A. 0. Perry, snd replied lu by press
repreieulllivei. louden tally Mj J,
11. Wilkinson delivered Kcrvlcp'i fa
moot vortei, "Tbe Spoil of the Vu
Moil of tba loasls wore accorded
musl,»l honours, and roudered with t
heartiness iclduiu, 1/ ever, uicocilcd al
suy funrtiou of Ibo kind on tbii aide
of (be Inlel. More than a pusnin.
word of praise It doe lo Ibo manage
menl of tbe Hold Norlb Vaucouvi:
for the undeniably .tii.nni manlier in
which Ibe giutrtl srrsugeuieuU for Ibr
banquet were carried oul.
North Vancouver Club
Annual Meeting
At Iho aunuul
Vancouver  (lul,
evening, a tugge
_•*  lite  be  treat*
imnie for Ibo miiilii.
iug ia (o be beld
Ihia mailer will
The roporl of Mr
rrliring pros.dent ul (be club, showed
thst astlifselory progress had beeu
msde in Hie work of tift organization
Ihe Nortb
ni made tha!
s permsueul
A gentrtl meet
Will when
lose inlo.
during Ibe yos
date for Ihe
Ibo im-uuiiug oioeoli
The following officer!
for Ihe omuiug yesr
Alexander;  vice
of s
left to
it,   John
Adamiouj exccuiiy.s committee, Messrs
A. cbupmsu, p. M. baylis, McKay, C
H. Hooley and P.. 1. l\. Csidluill.
Ths Oteat Woit Band and (JrsvoJ
Compaay will in lbe near future mile
extensive iuiprovomeiils iu their yurds
lit uat cl »| Ihe fool of SI. (Jeorgo It.
They intend building a uew wtrebsuec
of large dimension! lo facilitate iheir
growing buiiueii,    .
Dbtrict Wards to    /
Tbo dMfW fsfbert, ip session yt»-
terduy uf|eri|O00, decided IJial (be pro
gretiive muiiieipsiltyiu tljeir cbargo
ahould In- divided into six wurds.'Hinoe
lbe in. oi|uii!iiioii ui West Vuncouver
Ibo preient four cuoneillora buve band
led (be business of the municipality us
a whole. After .lunuary nuxl yfiarj
Iboru will bo a reeve and a represents-
tive of escb uf ibe six wards. The
boundaries uro lo bu as follows!
Ward 1—All Dial pur! uf tlio ilislriet bounded by a line commencing
ut Ibe south wesl corner uf J). I., -dl,
tbence lu the northwest comer of I). I.
Uiii. tbence slong I). Wt. 1107, (101, nun,
nil!) und GPS, tbence loblliwurdi to the
buumlury of lbe City of North Vap
couver, ami continuing along uaid cily
buumlury lo tbo waterfront.   -
Wurd II-All ilmi part of the dis
triel hounded by a line commencing al
lhe mirlbweit comer uf lbe diilricl
along Ihu wesl bouutlary tu (he upr
I hern liuiiinlury uf Ward 1, tbence fol
lowing Ibo i...nh ami easl boundaries
of Mild Ward I lo lbe boundary m the
Cily of North Vuncouvor, thepce along
the boundary uf tbo cily to I). 1,. 787,
lliuiieo along lbe easl boundaries uf
I). L'l. 0(1(1, itt, ltil ami Iul'.I to llie
northwest corner ul said I). J,. 108.1,
Ibence runuiug easl along tbo uorth
boundary of I). I. I hi-' lo Ibe uorlb
oust comer thereof, tbence running
uor ih ulong tin.' wosl bouuduries uf
I). 1,'s. 1114, HMO and IMI lu tbe nurlh
lioiindury of Hie district, tbonco run
niiig west ulung llm suid nurlh bouu
.Inl>   tO pOillt Of eiiliilili'ii.-eini'iil.
Wurd ill-All tbst port'of the dis-
IM lying to the esi| of Wsrd Jl snd
liniindi'il on the wetl by tbo cast boun
dory of Wsrd II, on tbe nortb by tbe
norlh boundsry of the dittriet, on lbe
oast by Hie Seymour Creek, snd ou the
snulh by u Hue coiuiueiiciug st the
••million-d nuiii'! of 1). L. Nii'i, tbonco
running westward alnng tbe toutb boun-
dsriea uf I). L'i. .Of,, 834, ftloii, tiilH7,
mill, 21)111 and 'inoi.
Wsrd IV—All Ibst psrl of the ilia
im i lying lu ilm euld uf Seymuur Creek
ami mniii of a lino commencing al th*
southwest corner of P. L. -"ll, and
ili.'mo iniiiiini,' In a geueral eaaterly
direetiuii along lbc smith boundaries of
I). I, 31)41, 31134, 3070, Iiiil, 1134 and
nlit to tbe North Arm of Hurrard lu
Ward V-AII lhat pari uf tbe die
trict lying to the louth uf Ward III
and buuudod on lbe eail by a lino com
mciiciug at I iiv uurlbwoil curner uf D.
I,, din, Ibeuco turning luuth ami ful
lowing Ibe Inrumlary uf Iho t.'ity of
| Norlb Vuucuuver tu tbe soulbwos( cor
uor of I). I', lii.'), Ibeuco running eait
ulung lbc smull buumlury uf I). 1- HIU,
Ihence ruuning south along Ibo woit
boundary of D. I. AU aud 804 to Hie
wm.-iiiuiii, on the '"mli liy Burrard
j Inlet ami ou Hie weal by Seymour
Creek, the brunch of said crock following Ibe west boundary of I). I.. IKI lu
be lbe buundnry uf the said ward.
Wardl VI—All that part uf tbo dii
j trict lying ..oillii uf Ward IV uml easl
I of Ward V.
Items of Interest
Mrs. ('. P.. Ijiwson will receive nn
Tuesdsy next ami on |bs third TueSdsy
uf the monlb doriug the winter.
Mrs. J. Plowman ami family, uccom
ponied by Mrs. ti. Hughes, buve lefl
fur a iii weeks' viiil to tbe Oksnsgsn
Mrs. J. W. Hay, 237 (ilh street eusl
received a telegram yesterday notifying
ber of t|ie deulb of ber iiiolber, Mrs
Brolliuiir, Toronto, after u long illneis
Dr. J. ti. Uibion, sou of Mr. ami Mm
W. A. Gibson, Muuut Cruwn Hloeli, is
uu u viiil lu his purculi. Dr. Qibri-u,
wbu ii a veterinary surgeon, enjoys un
extensive practice iu Brooklyn, Mich.
The inuiiugeineiil of Hie North Vun
couver hospital wish to Ibunk the
member's, of Ibe Cinderella Club for
Iheir kind fortnightly donation of
cakes, sandwiches, etc.
The district council met at 6.119 p.m.
yesterday instead uf al lbe cuslumary
hour of 7.1111 pm. lo enable Ibo couu
cillurs lu attend Ibo civic uml district
buiiijuel   lo   the   Arelie   Brotherhood.
Tuesduy nigbl, owing to the ox
eoediiigly heavy rains, Keith road ex
porieiiced u considerable wash oul im
mediately west of Ibo J.yun 'reek
bridge. The duinage done lias since
boou repaired.
Mr. (J. A. Hclniore of tbis city, al Ihc
annual meetiug for tbe election of ufli
cere for Ibe M.P.C.A., bold al Dominion
Hall, I'ender slreei, Tuesday uighl.wns
elected s uiombor uf lhe executive
eoinmilleo uf lbs!  tpeioly.
Mr. Harry (J.'Swilb, cily pstieuger
ami liekel ugoul al Vancoover for Ibe
Ci.'iid Trunk J'aeilie Ksiltay, was a
visitor al Norlb Vancouver ou Thun
day of Ibis woek aud wai a welcome
caller a! Iho oflice of Ibo Kxprcss.
A meeling of Ibe Norlb Lunsdule
Uulcpuycri' Annotation will bo hold
Iho King's road school room, North
Lonsdale, on Monduy evening, tbo 181b
lusl., S* vltcli* o'clock. Tbe buaineu
will include diicuiiiou of electiou met
lore, elc.
Tbe Vancouver waterworki road up
Seymour Ctnyun experienced a coo.-
plolc Idocksge Tuesdsy nigbl bclweeb
;■' '•■■ ranch Sod lhe lnl«ke, owing
toVlsndtJIdc canned by tbe liofy
rainfall, vehicular traffic for (he fol
lowing Iwo days beiug absolutely pre
vented thereby.
The (bird 18 Inch iron #sxlW* ->>.■
inch pipe it now beiug bsulcd scroti
lbe Second Nurrowi, Superintendent
Maddiiun being personally in charge of
llic work, wbicb will insure iti iuc
cosi. Tbii is now the third 18-iucli
main pul across since the ipriug, and
il will close the wurk al Ihis poiut ful
Ibis season, but curly in the spring
(be fourth main will bo pul across.
Mr. K. II Murdeu of Victoria, is
iu the cily visiting bii Iiruihers, i A
uml (loo. II. Murdon uf Nurlli Shure
Pros* Limited. Althuugh he bus been
ll resident uu Vuncuuvel Island lur
practically twenty live years, this
Mr. Mordcu's lirsl visil lo tbo North
Shore. Ho is greatly impressed with
the rapid growlb whieh hus been mude
In lbc eity aud districts aud with lbe
uuin of progress thut ure mauifest
uu every baud,
Messrs. Percy King ami 11 V. Itukcr
bave formed a parlnership uuder lbe
lirm name uf King uml Hukor, for Ibe
purpuse of eurryiug ou busiucss us rea)
cstute und liiiaucial agents. As each
uf lbc members of Ibe new lirm lias
been in business locally in these lines
for some yean, tlie purlucrsbip starts
wilh au iuliinule knowledge uf local
conditions together wilb an exteuded
prueiieal experience iu Norlb Shore
realty, which shuuld gu far lu ensure
sueeesi lu tbeir liuslueas venture
ScversJ children while on Iheir wsy
from Seymour ('reck tu attend school
ui this eily Thursday morning, csme
uerosi a foil sired bear sijuultiugdowu
along tbe aide of lbe road a little wost
ul Seymour Creek on Keith road. Tbey
were so badly scared Ihul they just
lurued aud Hod, slopping nol on the
urder of their going, aud leaving bruin
mailer of Ibe illuation. loiter uu Sn
uncle of one of the children wuscbai
cl liy Ibe uuu' luul, but nol having
any weapons wilh him was alio routed
and Ibo bear again loft victor. Mr.
Mimon of the Seymour Hotel, ou be
iug told of 11, armed biuiaelf wilb a
rille aud wont ou tbe warpath for lbc
animal's scalp, but beyuud owning
across the boar's tracks ho wai uu
successful in ovcu-gclllug a glimpse of
bis licurihip.
Inter-Schools Debate
%       ,
An inter icbooln debate lakes place
Ibii evening al Ibe Lonsdale s-huol,
when Ihe students ol the local bigo
school will fry wordy roucluiions with
I lie itudostl of Ibe Hrilunniii High
School, Vancouver. The ircsolulio.i
which it to form Hie bsail uf discussion
Is to the effect that modern civilhallou
is un improvement Upon tiieicnt civil
Iration. The public pie cordially in
vilod to attend this event and lo lit
ten to s debate which promiici to be
more thou commonly interesting aud
which it timed lo commence tt eight
P.G.E. Ry. Negotiating
With Ottawa Government
Upon Iiis return lo Victoria from Vim
euuver lii: i week, J|r. Tale rsceivtd u
bitter from sir. J. W. stewurt, President of llie I'ompiiuy, wbu, it sppesrt,
hus   been  Ut   IIII li v.n   for  imllle   time   ill
cOiiiulltiliou witb the Doininlon government witb ii ii-ii-n.-i- tn title to the
foreshore righli ulung Howe Bound.
II ia slated that lliu ijucsliou of jurlt
diction over the forcihorc doiigustod
Is in dispute between tbe lluininiuii
There li ample evidence tbut llm l'u ami llic Provincial govoruuicnti uml
■ilie Oreal   lu-iiiiii   liiuluni   Compuny   it bus. Ilierefure, becume necessary lo
is making energetic elforts to secure
possession ef ila right uf wuy ulung the
'■lln I l-l 11   shore   of   Howe   Sound.   US   OX
pciiiliously as possible. Nul uuly ure
tbe survey partiei uf lbe Cunipuny
pushing the completion of Hie locul ion
plan along wilb lhe greatest possible
despatch, bul iiifuriiratiou recently giv
en llic presa by Mr. D'Arcy Tale,
chief counsel uf the company, demon
curry un negul iui inns with both govern
menls iu unler to arrange the mutter
iu s siillsfiiclury milliner. Mr. Sluwsrt
siuli'd in bis loiter tliul be had succeeded in getting mutters inlu favorable
tduipc with lhe Dominion government
with reference tu ull lbc point! involved in the mutter of tbu Howe Sound
foreshore As an indication of (be do
gree lu which a salisfoclury leitlcmeul
■.liuie.., the fuel that every feature nli tuul been ugreed upon, Mr. Tute fur
Hie hit uut mn wbicb is likoly tu mu ■ I her listed Ihut Mr. Stewart would bo
delay   is  receiving  curliest   ullenlioii,I leuvi
mug uu."iu iu ii few davs for tbu
with a view lo its early 'arrangement, coast
N. V. Club Hosts of
Arctic Brethren
The lirsl evening's onlorluiiinicnl ue
corded tbo Arctic Brethren during Ibeir
liriiiul Kiiculupiiieut in Ibis eily wus un
uiiqoulificd success from every slund
poiut. The scene of merriment wus the
North Vuncuuvor I'lub, the officers uml
members uf which community were
tbo busts uf the delegates uu Tuesday
lughi The eumfurtuble uml spueiuus
rooms of the club were sdoroed ipe
ciully 'fur Ibo occasion, al tbe bead of
the iniiin stairs being uu uppropriulc
decorative erection, comprising, amid
llurul uml olher I'jnlicllisliiiicuts, the re
cognized symbol of 'the Brotherhood
A cheery lug lire blu/ed uu llie hoar Hi,
crackling a pcrsisleul recommendation
lu Ibe big coiii|iuii,Vi to forget the
beastly wculhcr outside, ami seeming I
uu its uwn luliuli tu invite lhe vis
iluri lo please make themselves j-.i
feetly ul bumc uml cniconeo Ihemsel
voi in lbc boil chairs 'igurs audi
other sueial necessities wpru passed
num.I lavishly, uud the suuml of the;
unusuully beuvy ruin whieb wui pouring,
uu thc wiiiduw puues wus ijuickly
drowued by speech, song, sinry telling,
chorus siligiug und uu ulniuduncc of
ot oolorus.
! in ibe eiilertuiiiiui'iil were Messrs. 0,
III. Hooley, I. .1. tiling, W Dickoniou,
j ll. .iiiuiiesou, II. .'in., ll. I. V. Voung,
Id. W. Pcuncr i wilb help frum V, Adsin
j sou), W. Austin Bruwti und b. C
| Iiiiiiiiiii.
Hei nils were f;oi)uenl ami periistenl,
uml respunsos were goncruus. Tbo com
puny wus jusl u hip collective Oliver
Twist, contlnuoosly usking fur more.
Al lhe dose members uml officers of
Hie ilub und tboir guests linked liumls
in llu' Iriuliiioiiiil fusliiiiu ami lliuudcr-
ed mil "Auld Lang Sync" iu lim'
cheery  style.
This wus Hn' lining climax to au
evening wlmh will certainly be re"
meuibu'gil moil fuvoraldv from overy
■taudpoiul by (bj^e uf the Arelic Hro
linen wlm were proton); aud wfiu partook of the locul cluli's'SiiisI excellent
Wedding Bells
A pretty uediting luuk pluee al t!
manse, ill .'itb streel, on Nuvoiubor
when .luiui Duvidsou, of Belfast,    Iro
llilnl, was.uniloil in murriagc lu   Mist
Sarah Turner, ulso uf Uelfaat, Irolsud.
Bev.  b'oiiiibl  M.ii lei,I, whu performed
Hie ' orcnuiny, bud the pluee very nice
ly dei urulcil wllh uutuinu Icavci   oud
Honors    The young couple will roildo
Tbo president of tbe olub, Mr. P.. II. j ,„ N(jr„, Vancouver.
Bridginuii, extended u •■•': cordial wol i
como to the Brolborbo/d uml in u few j    Al lhomm ,„„„,,,, ln. W(v. t{ouH
choice periods acconfd  the brethren 11\jilvjt.uij> joull au.Vl!J1
the freedom uf the /premises. Tbe
health uf Ihe ,1, legale, wus eulhusiai
in nil. 10.1 I' ii. uud u wilLy rcspuu
came frum (Jrumt Arctic Chief Bulf
noy, wbu cumplimciile'l Hm- hosts of the
eveuiug uu lbc Inviting churucler ul
their cluli premises tud wished liiein
uu increasing prusperi^y in llie future.
Au interesting und dryly humorous
I'luli wus delivered by Buhop Bowo
of Alusku, who ullmli'd to muny re
murkable experiences in the Vukou
during pre Klondike dayi, uml who
dwell iu a very convincing iiiuuiicr
upuu thc strange lure uf Alujysu. The
Bishops address wus u lillle tabloid
lecture, uud bis reeilul of the strange
happenings of historic duys wa,s' ul
loiilively listened tu lliruughuut Bi.
(ber P. T. Salsbury, requiring n
Iruductiou locally, also coiiimcujfil in
suitable terms upon Ibe ptctenufol the
llrulhi'ihiioil, and huw Ibis bhl been
brought uliuul. A pin. unl i whn a he
bad bung upun the walls sf the lusl
convonlioii chamber bore tie exhorts
lion "Norlh Vaucuuver fur l"l . ami
Ibii wai still in existence'Uml wus
nuw bunging in the Knight* uf I'y
Huns' Hall.
Then followed one of the wolf sin
cCuful smoking concerts ever he, on
tbo Norlh SI'i-ii The |irueee'ling||
woro i|iiiio iu irinal, uml the |nr.unu-
eii. 'i.uiiic.l inlccled by Ihis iiiforinulily
snd sang, recited, spun ysrus snd did
their othor lii (Ir slouts wilb su ab
icncc ol nervousness aud a iiuilo un
preccdoulod rest. Some of Ihe best
dittiei witb Hie best refrains woreiuug
iu lint dii"? is lioul, lbc accompaul
meuli In most caiel being provided l.y
Mr. W. Ward. It ii Impossible to uy
a separate tribute lo each individual
performer. One particularly pleasing
feature of Ibo evening, however, was
Hist Ihe cerium of lhc Arelic Brethren
were us willing lo entertain as lu been
tcrtuiiiod. Sumo uf lbc must success
ful items of s long program were ion
Iributed by members ol (he Brother
hood>  Thoit Jocsf ligbtt who h^'H
en.un uf Vicloriu,
j uus united in marriage lu Mi» lluby
I Wright, North \amouvor. The blido
'was given uwuy by Mr. .lohn Brady,
. while Mr. John Turubull Wood, Victor
I iu, acted us groomsman, aud Min Msy
M'Selrulge, Vancouver, aniiled Ihe
/rule. The ceremony luuk place under
au arch uf maple leaves. Mrs. Mtc
lend played the wedding inarch
On November lu. the welding look I
pluee of Mr. J''ro.| Iv Turubull of Vic;
tona, to Miss  In iu  i uioliiiu
son, of Vancouver.   Tjsg happy <
leluiiiuij;   *nim   tlie'.r  li^iicynuj
I on
j trip. wiUrtViiiJ
Norlh Vaneouy
Tu  Mi   ami  Mrs   Jobu
slreei, u sou, Nov   1st,
.'J'o Mr. ami Mrs.
Lllllglll   A Millie, u  i
To Mr. and
slreei west, ul Hirbur Viow Sanitarium
S sou, Nov   ilh
To  Mr   and  Mn.  T.  f.  Merrick,
JJollyliurn, u duughter, Nov lilh.
Tu Mr. uml Mri. V  boiler, 8th 111.
east, u daughter, Nov. I lib
Ai r. OLn.tii.
hp emergency meeling of burrsxd
Lodge, Nu. o", B.C.W., will be held io
llie Masonic Temple building on Mun
day, Iho IPIb inst. at lilt pm. for
the purpose of sllcndiug Ibo funeral of
our, Isle Brother John A. Jj'orbw, of
Missoula Lodge, Montana. A full al
lun.Ilnne iif rosideiil Musoni aud sojourning brethren is roijuoiled.
Mr. Kodcrick Mai'kcnrie is trending
a few ,'Jeys in the regions of Su,usinlsb.
He Is expci'tcJ boiiic Mondsy.
i I
it    .
Bank of Montreal
Capital (j^id up)   ■   $16,000,000
Reserve    ....   $16,000,000
'.Wingi Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F, A, MACRAE,
M». Crown Bldg., lit Street M»n»|er
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273,274,550,
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
UO Esplanade. Phone 227
Phone 222
Very Few Left
Tlinotliy Hay (new)
B. Si K. Oblckeu Chop,
Olovsr H*i, (mm)
I.U Scratch Pood
Alfalfa Bay
ti k K Orsolud (Join
tli uslicd OstS,
Lss't Bgg Maker
Ui'i Insect Powdtr
Llnaaed Util
Swift's Beef flcrapt
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham's Wharf    Esplanade West     Phone 468
 TPtB TABU tAEWQ 8FPB0T MABOH 1st, l»tf.
•tM AM.
11.10 VM.
til  VM.
jgtSSWB'to fift
Lssvs North Vsivsouvst
ss    I
18.80 VM.
18.46 AM.
Tint tsblt subjtet U ehssfs with***
Pantry Cabinets
rerry inracrart www
With O^fonnoil
TWO OTJ4WU WB* Ri imtiT-
T tW! T     iT^frWIf rift™~     mtfm^w^^ w m ^i^n
to oo>rtT»wmo¥ op no.
Vetltfdsy sflurnoon's tstiluit ol lbe
furry ilirw'loruto WSS uulablu for Ibo
"(.raiuuufr tl Mil. W»i, Ai'l- liwiw M*
Riot, 14'. Auiiin Brown, nlly tlmh,
ami Ur. 8. Ifumphrsyt, oily treasurer,
wbu s|Hiearui| fur tbe purpose of run-
furring will) tbo boonl ss tfl lbs Iwst
itapt to iiuritii) in rugtnl tu linaiicial
arraugunteiila for tbs const ructinn of
lorry nuinbur four. After I. uKlliy dii-
cuitiun, It wss iluciilnl thst It wst itu
liurtiivr ibst lb. Aral ita|i towanli
Ibo i-uiiHtriiction of s uuw ferry shoulil
Iiu llie ru jmrobsss uf the 61118,000 Hril
mortgage debenture! wbicb nuw take
ibe form of s blsiiket mortgage on all
of thu present suit future siiett of lbc
ferry comniuy.
Pint of sll Hiu msyor bad all the
corrci|iuinlunco relating lo tbe matter
rciiil.   It wsa principally from Mown.
Blimion,smi (!o. of Toronto, Ihe Oical
agenli smi Ur. K. L llei.l, ferry to
h. nur "Prom the Hntncjal agenti il
wst gleaned tbat iloublleu tbe ♦P.'.S.UHil
of debunturei could be repurchased for
i-n-li.   Alio a letter waa read.from tht
Bauk of lliiiiiiliiin lo the effect that
thii bank wat willing lo advance tbu
mouey  for conttructiou of (be    new
ferry.   Since tbe division tp flnt at
lend tu (be rupurchaae the Bauk   will
be again approached in regard to pro
iniini.' lbe muney fur carrying uut uf
Ihia course   imtead  uf  tbe  comtruc-
liuu of tbe boat,   lu tbe eveut of the
(I'purchtae beiug lucceufully uegutist
ed it wai luggeilt'd (bit hereafter tbe
boats sliuiilil be built under subsidiary
compauiei, iluu. limiting the liability
of i-iicli lo ill owu particular compauy
Aid. Irwiu did not at flnt care for
tbe idea of paying sucb a bigb premium  us   1.16  for  Ibe  repurchase,  but
gave way in the caae of Ibe plan to
clear away Ihe blanket mortgage and
forming aubiidiary   companies    beiug
carried through,   The final  resolution
ciuiiug tbe matter wat to the effect
Ibat Hie'city council be rei|nealed to
submit tbe Iwo by laws .separately for
61211,000 net aud 6)36,000 net.    Nu definite ii.turn will be taken iu regard lo
lbe latter until the illt/uui '„ clear
ed oul of tbu wsy.
lu eon versa! ion wilh Ur. Peters of
lbs O. P. II. in reference lo the ferry
property (lie msyor said be waa lold
by lhal oiii. nil lhal it wot not con
teliiplalcii by Hie railway compauy lo
erect any overbcad crossing uutil tome
olber ftcilities of crosaiug lbc tracki
Hie ferry outlet wai provided.
Irreiiatsbly funny.   Itslrs'i Bnt ssjian-
ones will) » r»M»ii slislr, witk s tint-
stool, with Sll tha itrsugu tecoutre-
mentt af 0 wesltby Chicsgo boniej bis
attitude towsrdt the nw»»arvsflt siul
hit h»it sud bit facial contortions
throughout corttiuly cdiutitutml. Iiiu
brighten nioliieuti of lbs plsy. Daisy's
iiiunipulaiiou of bar flnt evening gown
«M an equally arouiiug isciilant.   The
fun it timss sssws4 to be ap pros, hlng
such % bigb degree of eibilirslioiilbut
ths re introduction of lurid melodrama
sppesled to oue ss rather a mistake
on ihe author's psrt.  Qua got rather
Wosry of thst oil) ilaed. to, the somu
bulf »f ths fsrni, for tbsrs was nsvsr
sny rssl proof tbst sins deposits ware
tbsrs in snub bogs quantities at tu
justify Sll torll of crimes ami ilupli
cities. Tbs uudiuncc wis mystified' us
tu whether the melodrama st timet
uus intended in be serious or farcical
Wheu tb« first explosion of dynamite
blew Zeke iuto the farm yard, one un
derstoiid   it   and   felt   very   sorry   for
/eke; but when tbe second premature
bloat blew tbe villain neatly into the
titct centre of tbe parlor floor one
didn't quits understand it iu well ami
coniuquantly didn't nilllciunlly tyinpa
iliimi wjth the unfortunate nialefa'elur
whuie ihlrtfrunl wai io deploralily
Tbt eliiniiiatinii of certain of these
incident* would make thl "Missouri
fliri" s. bright plsy, ami one tu ba
merrily roinuuiberad. Some of the
character! were very truthfully render
ml; the voluble Un. Grubb, tbe Uis
rouri farmer, whom everyout was sorry-
to iee miinii -red st tbe end of the tec
ond ut, and Ihe notary public wure
clever portrayal!. Tbe incidental mu-
•Ic wsi tuneful and the tettiiig quits
St. Andrew's Concert
Successful Event
Ordsrs bf Osptsta if, Bsdss Wsrt, Osiu-
mandlng Jfovsmbsr 1Mb, 1818.
lfR. 79. Putlss-
To tie orderly ofiicsr tftth sn<|lng
Novsmber lUrd, 1818, Us"*- «*• tl, "«•■
Neat for dutyi Jdojt. Pi Wsrf-
To be orderly sergeant wee* Midi
Novsmber 23rd, UU, Nn-. 1, Sorgesnt
W. A. Elder.
- tfpmS fit.list)" bin i, flmgmut Wi
B.  I'l.-iiiiii.".
Kpijt. BuJUtod-
Tbe following man, liuving |i«ei. duly
atteited, ia liereliy lakeu on the
itreiigtll of the company:
No. 00, Bupper Herbert af, liitc'uen.
No. 80. promotions—
Tbe  "Hi"-r  ciimmuinliug lis!   been
A. Otftl,
pro, 81. Oisebwgsd-
Tbe fnlluwlng, wis, bsvlng left the
limits, it bsrsby'itrucb off thsstrungth
of tbs compsuy:
Nr. 86, Bspptr Fotkstt P. O|srko.
Kn. 88. Vtttftlr-
'I'liu compsny will parade at tlio
drill hsll, North V»n«(Wvsr on Tuesday,
November }8th, KM. at 8.10 p.,,,.
Press, drill WfJsr.»
A|| riflei snd lidetrun must be ro
turned fp ilorei nn Tueidsy neit, i:m,
NuvuntbSF, WU.
it. n. ■pnpuBTwiN,-
Job Prinun
Publlsbsrs of tlm "Bspreai'    *
First Strsst Bsst Pbone tm
'The Missouri Girl" it
Lontdile Theatre
"The Missouri Uirl" wn very iuc
cessfully played on Wednesday eveuiug lo l good humored sudienee in llie
Lousdale Tncalrc. Tbe producliuu, fur
which special urraiigeineiils bail been
made, wai ilaged primarily fur tht
eiilcrtaiuuieul uf lbe Arctic Krcthren
tuil Ibeir frieudi now visiting tbe
Nortb Hliure, tud tbe eipeuiei involved were burnc by tbe cily and dii
Iriet of North Vancuuver jointly. There
was, however, a grutil'yiug aaiembly of
. Hi.-.■ii.-. uoue of whom regrette-l having mii'le lua lillle effort whieh the
(rusty character of Ibe evening de
Prior to the opening uf tbe play the
Appolu orcbcitra, a capable company
of muiiciaus under tbe direction oi Ur.
<'hailos P. Ward, rendered scleral live
ly sul,-. inuis
The Bl. Andrew'i and Caledonian
Society beld tbeir unnuul Scotch con
cert iu the HorticulTursi ball last night
before a large and appreciative audi
The concert wtt s decided success,
snd Ibe program, which wu s leugtiiy
uus, eoniitted of noisily Scotch lungs,
wbicb included twu qusrteliea by the
Uiuei Sbsw snd Messrs 11. tnd I).
Hutchison, whieb elicited much ap
Tbe pisnoforle selection, ''llulil.■
March of Delhi," played by lilt. Hou
aid Macleod, ibowed wbat s cspsble
pianist tbe tociaty had lecured iu Ihis
lady, aud tbe wsa accorded hearty up
plsua* by Ihe audience.
Ur. J. H Cochrane, whu bat a big
voice, tang bit two tougi well.
Ur. J. Veil ch likewise tang Iwu
songs, bit Ant beiug Ihe belt "The
Untile uf Stirling" wbicb he reudered
in a most ca|iable manner
Th. "Highland s'ling" by Miss J.
Urabame, ibowed tbli youug lady to be
t mosl accuuipliiheii dancer, and ihc
wai swsrded hearty applause whieb
■he well deierved.
Ur. W. Thornton, jr., wbo bat a pleas
jut voice, sang hii Srtt toug iu t very
creditable way, but he failed to do jua-
lice tu bii second mug "Sbe ii fir
ifrom the laml '
Uiii Ileltie Audenuu, wbo his a
•weet voice, though lomewiiat .-mull.
trealed ber two sougi "Uy Aiu Polk"
aud "the Carnival" very nicely.
Ur. 1. (larvie sung "Mary" iu a
very creditable way, (bia lung being
uiii'li more luiuble lu bii fine bari
toue tbau bli tecoud number "Scot
land Yet."
The comic longi by Mr. .1. Moir,
"The Bassoon" sud lhe "Little liar
den", proved very auiuiing.
"The Sword Dance," by Miss Daisy
Dowie waa cxceileut tnd sbe was ae
corded  much  applauae.
Mini J.  I'ld.iiiiu bail the misfortune
.mmlmmmtal   flf   flthorWU..
amnmmmn. n  mmmw w"^w
"The Uiitouri Uirl" proved toniu
ulmi a comploiiy     Al tunes il uliuul I „i  selecting a lu-l  uumber which did
ed lhc topmost pinnacles of melodrama  uoi sun ber voice iu thc least, but she
witb all lbc    traditional    acrompaiii   made up for il later iu ber duel "Tbe
meuta of murder,  forgery,  duplicity, Crookil Hawbcc," wiih Mr. J. B. Coch
ami (he inevitable presence of a deleel rune, which was very guud
live wilb obviously false whiskers, a      Ur. Wm. Craduek rendered "Ou Ibe
family blsck ibeep, a teedy character Deep Blue Sea" very well in a voice
who   witnessed   crimen st  convenient   well suited lu the toug,
iiiuiii.-uis, aud the utual "never darken |   Urt. J. Walt give two tougi wbicb
the doors of lliishuuie again   father,  ware applauded
Theu quite suddenly tke sprite of uiuti       A reading by Hi. W. Tbomiou proved
csl comedy intruded snd one bsd to  very amusing and waa much upprcciat
•treuuouily forget the blood stains of ed, appealing aa it did, to the icuti
lbe previoui moment Snd lilteu tu B  incut  of the sudLcncs.
mischievous ditty lightly sud amusing      Tb. violin nolo by Ur. B. N, Kick
ly reudered.   Theu sgsiu s deviation j moud left little to be desired- ami tin
waa made iu favor of rollicking fane, piano snd violin dual by Uitt A. UcK
c«ts|)isg perfectly   sbsurd litualiutu Jack aud Mr. U. I). W. Parry was
and   equally   ridiculous   developueutl,  played  witb consummate taste.
after wbleh villainy sud further crime     The  accompanist   waa  Un.  II.  I,.
intervened and held lbs boards to a Coudy,  who gave every  satisfaction
dramatic ghastly finish-   Thst the ins   as Pipe Msjor H. McKenzie
jorlly of the audience enjoyed the play      Mr.  A.  V. Tuliis presided  aml^Mr
was apparent; Ihe merry portions pro   J. Kiudlay made a moil rapsblo stage
vokcil loud laughter of tbe right kind,  manager.
In e'rauk Parrell, sa /.eke Dobsou, a Tbs tinging by the r.ompauy( of
country lout, WU diicovtrnl a genuine "Auid l^ing Syue" brought a most
buuoritt whoa, facial and verbal ex   oujoysble musical program to a close.
prcmioui kept the bouw in s rosr. Ho       '  ..  .     1	
wss quite cleverly supported by Bou      tit.  JOJW'i SALB  OP  WORK
Ui. Mala m Dsiiy  Urubb, the  Mil-	
•ouri Uirl. Tbs St. Johu't branch of ths W. A.
The humor of the play was principal will haU their ssnusl 'Xinu isle of
ly 4>peudent upon thete two. coaroc■ work in the Parish hall on Thursday,
9m. mr      ^       IV illl
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
.   .
Apples, good for table or cooking, per box,........ .$I.(X)
Butter, fine (juality Creamery, 3 Ibt. for ».. .$1.(10
Good Bread Flour $|.50 and $1.75 per 49 Ib. satL
Honey in 51b, pails, per piiil ; $1.00
Marmalade, Keller's, 4 Ib..tins, each ',',,,, V),
Prunes, 4 lbs. for  l,c
Tomatoes, IVi Ib. tins, 2 for 2v
Potatoes, specially fine quality $1.00 per 100 Ib. sai i
10 sack lott..... 90c per sad.
Now is the lime lo lay in your winter's supply.
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The North Vancouver horn* of." Campbell Clothing
It It Not Necessary
Far Ut Is advortios our largo luu o(
Btovss, Baagts sud Esaure Tlioy
snssk tti tiamsslvss, but wt *> ■• lu
'■sll your atUuUon lo ths fsct Uui *■
art carrrlag ths laigsst Uos of ('••*(
sud MsUssUs Bs&iss, Btovw M
HttUrt lo Uu cily tad our ootoii"-. >•'
coaUIus sTsrytUu tint you nugst
dsslrs i«4 oui Mess sis BIOHT .md
ovtry ttovt wt tsll Is iusisbUkkI
Ask about our sysolsl crtdli pl»" ■'"
totttst prtntilmlm tp Jwosst buyon
AJI kloss ot Bnlldan' HardwuS'
Pslflts, 0Us,jm.
ten. Ths Iwlisvloor of tin Iwo Mil ID'
nn BAmvAfnmit ha»dwa»s
Uth mii fasyntfut NOBTH VANOOOVJUl ftttt *
~-\ 7
Ths iuctssi tjp bavs schitvsd Id tbs VATm tfsrjs Is the rssult
of our great care in putting pn 'bo market watches Wbjpl) Ws know
will givo tbs purcbssor tbe most satisfactory itrvlce.   .
Ws csn supply sny grsdt of watch tbat rosy bs roi|ulred, but
wm uut prwmit a watch tiim in nur mmm. ffi offer r splendid-
choice Ip FULI, DRESB WATOHE8, whicii wo iinliciltatliigly re-
coniinond. Tbtso are Qf Swiss worktuantbip Slid so well flnitbed
tud sdjiutoil that luaccnricy it almost Impossible..
am 999 Pinmm
hss, been mailed to our out-of-town cuttouiert and ihould hs In tboir
bauds uow. This catalogue la oue big book of Obristmss gift tug-
gtttiout snd sbould be in tlio liaudt nf tvsry buyer In tho Dominion.
If you bavi not rtcelvcd a copy, tdvito ut tnd one Will bs mailed
to yonr address st ones One section of tbli catalogue is dsvotsd
to wstchei slops.
1 ~
ns, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Slreels   •' -   Vancouver, B; C.
'»        .   , XI •      I. ■'   I
Money to lend in large or small sums
at current rates.
i i
Bonds of Industrial, Power and Railroad Companies.
(,'uT. Marine Dilvs snd Mair Bosd, West Vancouver, and Sl Aid-
gate, London, Englaud.
mtograpnyior Amateurs
Strictly spanking i'ry?t|)|ppin puiftMnf
f»rffi» on ml ni photography, timngji
it it cloudy uiiiuil us without tho aid
ul' photography there can lie pp audi
prnccs.1, uml us the writer Iiiih SO nl'ti-n
boon askml for information pn fb>
sopiewlist ifi to.niting nijijp, t, porbap*
It '.'.ill  pot bO eiiUuiil.Tcl out nf ]illiee
*rf||"(t yvaitsK'»"sV?l|«l|U |U !|UVUt.!l Iff |r}
i|oNcrip|lop of tbs Biotbod of proiiuc
Ing pfy»|o|o(|in p|. tlir,»■
'fhe old method nl isndpnpor|ng in
noiv opt pf'tipfe uml ii ppm ons lis*
M. II It* plpoo yvbicb it much limplor.
Vint of nil, |t must bo diiMudly
iiinii'i'siiiiui that tho urdlgsry silver pr
bromide print will not do. Tbo print
must ho on albumen paper which will
priilinbly bsve lo ho 'pi', lull;, order
ed, or a print can lie mado by a profcu
siunul photographer.
The latest nielli.ul lieiu;; the pasier
pno, we will leave out of consideration
lhe earlier nroccii.
The materials required are ihc pliir
lii;.'iiipli. u piece uf glass, u i|Uurler ol
un in. li larger than the print, (ihe
gluss shoulil be bent convex for the
best results though to (icgiji with n
plain ibi piece will bo best), a piece of
parchment ubout lilt 11, a Hat piece ol
wood thin to act ai a semper.
Three  bottle's  uf  .Minn'   mediumi
Ailcshive,   Preservative   ami   I'lcuritie,
brushes anil colours lo suit.
Trim the photograph less than lhc
gluss lo ulluw fur stretching. Souk the
I'uul I'ur ii few minutes in water ami
wlnl i this is being done wunn tne
glass quickly by lhe lire, having pre
'. mel} immersed the "uilhcwivc" in
but wuter lnl ure uncorking.
This has the clfcct of forming lhc
jelly injo Ii'i' ui i ii.uil. uiul paste
the liquid on lo Ihc glass evenly ull
owr. Tuke lhe phufogruph nut uf .the
wuter ami hint oil the superfluous wu
ler, then luy face ilownwunls oi| lue
glass. Tuhe , the parchuienl which
uboul I I.e immersed in hut 'water, uml
luy 'Imi'l ui the phutugruph, Ihcuwith
Hie wooden scraper begin iu the'eeutre
lo icrapc uil the supcrlluous odhesivo
which must ull lie rcmovcil. Hare i	
I., mi.en nut tu lueal, the gluss iu
Ihis operation. All uir bubbles ulsu
musl be removed or they form ugly
pulches in the finished liiturc.
If the uilhesivo docs uot come uwuy
well, repca. Ihe warming uf lhe purch
men. .util all tits #|r lipbb|,t snd sd-
Bflllvp ure ppniflvp-d. WrW **!*• I'
ilnne |fM).yp lu dry ff|stufsal|y.   ...
should my of .tin »dWv. ttm\o
pn tbp buck uf lbe pbotograpb il must
lie  removed  by goptly rnl'Mug  w|tb
(jup asnilpsper. Wbos perfectly dry
pour u lillle of tbe (lleiriiio un tu the
papor Slid Will tOh «'Hh the ilngei
nil nvi'T until p. rff. Hy . pvpffifl-
Corners in Diitrict Lot 265—
BLOCK 13  LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 ..LOIS43 and44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140... .LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 168 LOT 5 and Two Houses
For Prices, Terms and Further Particulars, apply to
The  North   Vancouver Land  and
Improvement Company
I Jraited I Jabilily
North Vancouver Agents (or
Phone Seymour 6286
lO nmik unil deur which wjll take about
twelve In ftfeuty-fpur houn. Worn)
deur wipe olf tlm superlluuua medium
with u linen ^g sud givo a coat of
Tbo photograph Jt now ready   fpr
painting.. Tbo   ord'nw   nil '.pIM
luiie.'i sre tbo ihiug to u»e, but do nnt
UIO ine. ilp to mix with tbp colours;
pit tbo prcicrvalivi'. Flake white
should bo uied wilb ill colours, fslnt
tho colours ou |n thick patches except
where the subject detusnda liner ireul
The only lliiug n-quired for success
it careful iiiiiiineiii from beginning
lo  end.   There  ii   uo  ueitciiity  for
I.u im,' 'I'll,. , iiIiiiii unly nods to be
laid uu ihul. to give luul) to tbp
Work. The outlines sbould pot be
gone over: iln-ui core must be taken
to use the right colours, For instance,
if the subject be luudicspo puiut all
thu trees ur grass lu green. The lighter
portions of the picture will show light
und the durk portions durk. 'i'ho iky
shuuld be blue Iif it was blue) and the
colour Intel ou evenly ull uver thickly.
Wiili-h Ihe progress of the work frum
lime lo lime to ice bow it progresses.
Figurei jste more difficult and rcijuirc
extreme euro, more Iban himhi
cape, but Ihc only lliiug lo be insisted
upon is carefulness in Ihe work from
beginning to end.
There is nothing difficult in the pro
cess and with care aiiyonc cau do it
afler ouce being shuwu.
As u hubby for ladict it ii very
fuseinuting and besides ita interest
there in a ready market for nicely
pa|nled cryslolcuuis and "plu mouey"
can readily bo made by Ihe work.
If uuy reader decide! to begin and
iiiui    iiiiii uiii of auy l.in.l. scud yuur
|.H .nun-, along und Ihey will be un
swereil in  ilie <   . i.Iiiuiu
About Ihut competition. Nol a sin
glo entry came ulong thuugh several
premised, therefore, thc prise falla
through and goes to the not compeli
liuu which shull be ou a wider scale.
Three prizes will be offered for the
best pictures us follows
One prize for the best porlruit or
ligore study which uiuy be uny aire
either a priul ur au ciilargemenl und
paiuted in any proceis. All priuls tu
bo mounted, and the mounting will be
considered in  the judging.
A prize for the best lundscupe ur
seascape mounted and also iu any pro
A prize for Ihe best let of three
holiday suup shot* takeu at any time
dunirg thc past summer ami inuuutcd
ou oue uiuuul.
All phulugruphs must bear Ihoiiainc
Slid address ur a nun de plume on the
back and ulso give particulars, method,
slop used ami lime of day with ci
Au independent judge will be sp
ppiatcd ami tbe editor reserves Ihc
right to reproduce all or auy of Ihc
winning prints.
'I'lie compcliliou will close ou Mou
day, Jlcecmber 81 h, and all prints must
be addressed to "llellci" cure the Kx
li return of priuls is deiired stamps
lu cover postage must be cm-Joscd with
lhe phulogruph.
Hue is u cumpclitiot which ull whu
possess a camera may enter. Uo not
wuil until the doling day liul semi
ulung your prints now.
The nature of the prizei will be an
iiiiuoi'cd next week.
Tenden for Clearing
High School Site
to be Invited
MANDB    nBtklATlOB    FOE
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Best 112,5QI),<M)0
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A Genera] B»nlf!nif Busifi-w Tn»niapted.
Itiliml i* ol\°9>ii on'tfll depodts of $1 und upwatit:
" ,i u :w .
f. js. FORMER ..
psl lleniiell, tbe boiii.l decided lliut
uiiiileiii ibould be :-.inline.l lo the
public ichools ut i lue imu.. us well us
In tbo liegiuulug of tlio 'all term mul
at Easier. Tbii was unanimously
ugreed to be sdvitsblu, owing to llm
iin-ii'ii-eii   iiiii i .  iii   children  being
eui'iilled euch term, und since such n.
uuii e woold divide the faff iulu
throe 'iinni parts and ubviutc the long
period between the full and tlie Gaiter term.
Anothor record enrollment of sdiul
sn wot reported fur the mouth ul'
October. Thu uveruge ulleuduiicu of
077 is divided us fulluws: High schuul,
III; I'eutrul school, 2111; l.onsdule, Illi,
and Hidgeway, USD. The eurolliiicni
for the month was 777 and the per
centugc of ultciidiiuce uf the enroll
monl ti.
A Idler wus reud linm Ul. 1. S.
ilunliiii, provincial inspector of high
schools, complimenting Prlucipil Kd
lur uud Miss Clarke upon the excellence
uf lhe local high schuul system. The
-.indents were duiug guud wurk und
were evidently happy in their luburs.
The buard might depend upun unulncr
successful yesr of good work fur lllll.'
Ilr. I'ycr submitted un entirely sut
ii.i'i"i) report upuu the lieullli uf
the schools, and suggested that better
ventilution would be obtained fur the
I'eutrul school by Ihc udupliun uf
draught buard windows. Thi" rccum
in en .lu I i ui> was adupled by the heard.
Thc fad wus mentioned thnt the
school telephones were being used hy
pureiii.-i fur the conveyance of mei
sages of a trivial chancier lo their
offspring during session hugrs. The
sccrelury was instructed tu inform lbc
im. lun,: lull that lhc Iclcphuiics werf
installed fur the use of the staff .only
uud shuuld unly be used I'ur olher por
poses except under ciccpliunul circuui
Tbe regular monlnly meeting of lbe
Hoard nf School Trustcci took place in
the Hidgeway school on Tueiday even
ing, Mr. A. (J. J'crry presiding is tbe
nbioucc ,of Ih; chairman of the board,
UirfTN. S. McDowell.
fp view of Ihc pridniliilily Ibat all
available iparc iu Ibe .very near future
bo required for public school purpoiei
lu Hie lunsdale ichool, aod olio In
viow of tbe /acl that lhe bigb icbool
classes were steadily increasing in
Humbert, lbc secretary wst initrucled
in call for tenden for tbe clearing of
Uio luph sdmol tile Jn block «I7, Jl
L. 6)11, io tbst building oporatidni tt|y
be cuwuicnccd st su early dale.
Upou a rcconuuendadou by J'rincl
red on Auguit JUtti, st Iho sgo of it.
ilu hud bul ipiile rpcenlly arrived from
Keilb, :. .ui ui i to live with bit ion.
Tho ilei-i'useil hud u uuii|UU military
ciireer, huviug surved throughout tbe
('riiiii-iiii war as furri,er icrgeunl of
"I'' Trnup, Hoyul Hone Artillery
(now "0" llullcry, H.H.A.I, receiving
lhe Criliictu ini'diil with the four clasps
lor Alum, lu'i,i. lu-. a, lukcrmuii and
Scl.:i'.|ii|iiil, und ulsu the Turkish medal
He continued serving in Hie same bat
ten until Itjllll, when he was promoted
tu the Mui. uf furrier major, leaving
lhc Army Ilnully in 1871. Tbu funer
ul louk I'liicc in Tiptreu (.'bureb, Ibo
ri'i'lur, Bov. P. II. Iluekhiim, offlciuliug.
Among lhc nummcrs were Mrs. Adums,
wife of deceased, liis eldest iuu, uud
Iwo daughters. Ilis uid bullery, "O,"
IMI.A., wus represented by (Stuff Ser-
gOaul Karricr (luudi, whu bruugbt s
beautiful wreath, inscribed. "Witb
deepest M-iiipiilhy frum his cuiiirodci iu
'»' buttery. II.II.A , the Kucket Troop.
The deceased, whu wus highly reipcct
cd, leaves behind him three sum, who
lune each served twenty one years or
mure in lhc army. Of these the eldest,
Mr. A. Adams, of Tiplrce, is iu possession of lhe Egyptian medal aud.
slur; uud ull three suns served throughout und hold lhc twu mnlals for the
South Afriruu war. The deceased snd
his three suns huve ulsu been uwurded
lhc mcdll lor long service and gu..
conduct- a must worthy military fum
ily. Two ul lhe sons attained the rank
uf   v..mui,:    uli.. , i
See It. I.. Thumpsuii fur insurance
und luvcsliueiili in l.ynn Valley.
Frummc block, coruor iVulru Itoad.
I'bone (ill.
Lynn Valley Notes
Mr. i'ro\ has moved from Shuiigh
ucssy Hi i, el-. Vancouver, tu reside ou
I'rawford road.
At I.'., I.uiiuii 1'ark tomorrow after
uiiuii al 11 u'clock a Icugue mulch,
I.ynu Valley vs. Engineers.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Marshall Id!
lust week for soul hern Stales. They
uulicipulc returning lu the Vulley mil
A large sllciidancc is eupcclcd lu ns
sciuhlc at the hull this owning ut lhe
weekly dance of Lynn Valley Dam in;
i'lub. Special music by a Vuucuuwr
orchestra. IjisI week's dunce was un
eminent lucceu.
A meetiug of the Kijcpnyi-rs Asw
nation wot called for v,, m,   ■...	
mg, bul owing lo a cunslilutionul I
quorum not being present no busi
ncss was transacted. Thc geinral upiu
ion is that Ihc |.ii«i-lcii(^in.l execulivoj
bsve loil interest iu lbc asiodtlion
having lakcu nu part for Ihc posl Iwu
Major II. Adama, I'. <'., rca'n
cd news s few days sgo of lbc death
of bia father Sf follows:
Otaib of s Ortnssfl Vstsrss—Wc
regret tu suuounce the death of Mr
Aleunder Adams, icniur, wbicb occur
The fuutball linm ehnsen to play for
the engineers uguinsl Lynn Valley noil
Saiurduy, the llllh November, sl Ke-
'Tculum poil. i- as followt! (loil, Hor
ncr; bucks, Ward uud Murlinsuu; bal
ies, iiiiii.iii,i. Calmer uml liootb; for
wards,,liaurie, I'sroy, Koss, Uenllcld,
ami Tafii. The kick uff ii timed for
II'l.c o'clock. A meeting of lbe Eu
grocers' luul I..ill Jul. will be held ul
lhe drill hull lonight and all members
of  Ihe team arc requested  lu attend.
A new safely ru/.ur shaving ouiiu,
including suap umi brush, puckes ml»
a case less than half au inch thick
fnr currying in the pocket
Stovo wood, Uin. IHU, psr lssd,
Vila. UM. Prompt dslivtry-
Pboue 660, ofUe tnd yard..   Oorusi
Iti snd Msbon Am. U.
Jeweler and Optician
143 Lonsdale Ave.
jjiii  i moots fAjroomrw	
PiUfsM Tnssdsys snd Wdsys b-r Worth Bhors Prsst, Uraitsd,
Rstss pt iBbssrlptlsBi-Oss jrs»r, IIM, Bis months, Ms, Thrss.wontbs, tie.
United States suit Foreign, fl.99 ptr yesr,
'   AATSrtUtM Estss WUI Bs Quotad ou Appli/.stlon, I
Ths Bsprttt is dsvotsd to ths interests of ths North Shors of Burrard Inlet
essluslvsly. It tontlltutss sn sdvsrtislng msillum of ssoeptionsl vslut for
resetting In s thorough snd sffeitlvs msnnsr tbo population of North Vancouver
City ISA Diitrict.  Evsry effort it msde to give sdvsrtitsrs tbs most tttiifidory
following istue.
i In coutrset sdvsrtltiminti ibould hs in ths printsrs' bonds not
'V, ilitstdsy trr.sssnrs tawtlby hHbs
Horth Vsncouysr, B. 0..
.Msvsmbsr is, win.
Tbs iloi'iiiott srrivi'il tt by tliu
Bosrd of Trsila of Vsncouver iu llio
llnul finding! of tbtt liu.ly, with refer
i-ii'-i- lo the asllant featurei of Hei-oiiil
Narrnwi hridge, while not altogether
iili'tilii'sl witli lliiwo alri'uily eniliodieil
lu ths plant of Burrard lulet Tunnel
ami llriiige Company, neverthuleii, Aa
not involve any departure therefrom,
of a radical nature,    -
Tbe conclusion! of tbe lioanl at ro-
porteil in tbe reiolution sdopteil wilh
reipecj thereto, were ss followa:
"'Mint we Bpprove of S iiiil feel
"ipsn clear of sll olittrui'tion on oi-
"ther ihle of iwing provliling that
" centre of awing be pluceil In centre
"of the navigable . Iiuum-I eo aa to
"allow  of  free  paseage  ou  either
"-.nl.-  for all ilieii  veauelt it  any
"itage of the tide.
"That the pieri be built in ym
"allel sNgiuiieiit with Ihu direction
"of the uiiiin I'urreutt In order   to
"in in inline   the   risk   of  utvigsting
"the .Iiumu I
"Thst the height of the loweit
"part of the bridge over' navigable
"waler iliuulil have a clearance uf
"not leu than 118 feet above mi. li
"water al extreme high tide."
The . ii.Ii.i.-nii.n. of a ipan uf two
liiiinlrcil lml twenty-five feet It In
Itrlrt m iiii.I witli the recoininenilatiinl
of lliu resilient Doininiou engiueer, u«
furwar.le.l to Ottawa iu hit report
iomt woekt uuu, aud ii alio bsllsvsd
to lie iu hsrmoiiy with the opinion of
the ilepartmental engineeri al the feil
eral capilal. Thii feature bai ai
reuily been ailopleil by the llriiige Coin
pany, io that ali ie in reailiueii to
iiimplele the plane on that lianie al
llii< earliest possible momeut after the
approval of lhc public works ileparl
iiieiit has been given tlierelo. It il
iimlerstoiiil that the I.uu.luu engineers
of the llriiige Company have been re
mining a ipeclal staff for some mouths
iu "i-l'-! to rosli the remaining por
n.iii- of the plans to completion, with
the greatest pusslblu eipsdltloo, tml
ul tlieir lasl ineeling the lioanl of Di
rectum of the llri.lge Company direct
eii that instruction! lie rallied Sir
.luiui Wiillc Hurry ami Partner, to pro-
ii'cd ut iiui-e with tlie ronipletiou of*
ihe plans, sliuwiug a span of iit feet
In the clear.
'i'lie iutuihI portion uf the tirst cluu.e
uf Ihu i. ..ii.ii,..I, uf tbe lioanl would
necessitate un alteration in the preient pluns of llie Hridge Cnmpany which
llic engineers have not   viewed favur
nl'li   up to the present.   The location
ut' the jiiiTs as ut present shown It a
(nutter   with   reference   to   which   er
lnuslivu Inveitlgtlloni were madt uml
ami   Ihe   best   possible   side.liun   wis
mule iii view 'of engineering reijulre
menls and public convenience.       As
'   (.uiiii.I out in thete columns in a re
cent issue it is understood Ihut the In
. ul nni uf Hn  piori si prupused by the
resolution of the Hoard, would involve
serious    engineering    dirlii-ullicu    and
wuuld not result in any corresponding
ur ii.|.i|uiitr advantage as lo the ml
ily  of  tiie  l.n.lue    The  probabilities
ure, therefore, that it will not prevail.
The second clauie, referring to the
relation of the bridge to the direction
of llie rurruiit, has nut by any nieo'im
been overlooked by either Hie engiu
ten of the. V. W. k 1. Ilailway Com
cu ti v    (tlio   iltt   rlioMu   liy    whiiiii
il lo be uied fur the bridge) nor by
the engineeri of Hurrard Inlet Tunnel
and   llriiige Company.   Hepealed    ai
•unmet  have   been   givnp   lhat   this
matter hai, on lha .miliary, received
very close alli'iilldi tl the htudi of the
engineeri aud lhat m at present plan
ned, tbe bridge ii located at Ibe proper
angle to give "parallel alignment with
Hn- direction of the main currents." It
ll Ibtrefore, to lit concluded Ibll tbii
item will refjnirt no cbtuge wbtlevcr
io tha preient plun.
Tbt last clauie, dealing witb toe
height of the bridgt tbove high wtler
Isyt down retpHrenienta in tbli reipect
whieh htvt not hitherto been rerognlr.
ed SS rei|uiiite. It is beld tbst Ihe
type of rrsft Ilul would be eipstted
to pat, through Iht bridgt without the
opening of tbe drsw, very rsrely ex
reads forty or forty-five feet in height
snd when tbty do ss, tbt height ii due
to masts or to uther featurei which
could readily be accommodated lo tbe
height el ths bridgs, with prsrllcally
so sspttss oy Istssrsslsses lo tbt
> bsst or basts coacsrssd. As addition
•f sootier Us fast le ths ssight of
ilu- plan of lhe inid|:i- would not entail
sny great espouse se to roil, but tin
cliiuf nbjui'lliiii lies in the flit that
It WOUld euiisldernlily lilted tbii up
proacbea on (he Nurlh Hhore, iiuisniiicl.
an Imiii the railway and ths vehicular
approaches would require tu lie length
eueil   i.ii i.iM-. lu order to give sc
cots to the, bridge from tiie ground
level, ihu-. not only increasing the cost,
but also magnifying a feature of the
structure whicii it It considered dcslr
ubl.- to iiulil well witbiu Iiniinii..
Tho wholu effect of s deliversnce nf
this nsturii from s bosrd so influential
at the Vancouver Hoard of Trade uml
diverging iu only minor particulars (ai
it doei) from lhe positiou of Hurrard
Inlet Tunnel ami llridgf Company, inu
nut but exert a helpful influence upon
the present situation. Matters at Ol
iiinii have Imi'l'. been moved nluu to
an uiivuiicfil stage, so that very lillle
.i.i.iiii intervened between tiiepniut
at which matters had arrived and the
Anal approval of lhe Minister lo (he
bridge plans. There li every reuiou,
therefore, to conclude thst thii deliver-
Slice from Hie Vancouver Huurd or
Trade wili prove of a moit helpful na
iuu in iiiilm in," the .i.'i.,'iiiun ui In
hasten the llnul adiou.
it is iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie from the viewpoint
of puldic interests as involved iu the
bridge that the department ',ia>. .ijirccil
that the t'auuilian Pacific itailwuy
shall be miiiiie.I I,iiiui Hie imi-l up
provul of Hie Minister il given the
bridge plans, but under exiatiug cundi
lions this matter resolves itiell min n
formality, i-onipllsset with which ctn
not remit in tny tppreciible deitiy of
that uml .ul approval which is so mum
feslly in the public interests.
.unions Into debate s/eifi tern bnt
By his conduct in tiiuniclpsi politics
in Montreal Slid in federal politics, Mr.
(loderre has gained tlm confide  of
both partiei. While the Montreal Cun
tsrvstlva press praised Mr. Coderre on
his appointment, Hie Liberal preas wus
SO Ust pleased.   Tbs "Montreal Wil
nstt" (liberal) stys( "Mr. Ooderrs's
udvoiicemeii! In tbe federal parliament
bat bstn muit rapid indued, and it s
source of iiiiiilluyeil pleasure to bis
many frleudt uf both political ptrtic-
it MontrsU  .  .  .  His worb tit Hie
lliinsii of I'niuinoiiu siin e Ilis eleetilm
list been excellent ami umi with the re
lir nl uf (He linn. F. D. Monk from
the portfolio of Public Works, the Ion.
Louis Coderre lakes t seat in lue gov
eminent front heiiches at Olluwa."
Tbs "Montreal Herald" (|,ihornl|
isyil "Aa to the appointment ilsell'
II Is nol one tbst will oidle nny per
sousl hnilillly. Mr. Cuderre ii d»
■ ei u-ill.v popultr, personally, and sn far
as hit parly is concerned lius fumed
by repeated sacrifices in its interests a
strong claim upun ils support."
These tributes seem In expre.s thc
geuerul sunliineul of Muiilreal ami the
province of "/lichee ennd-ming lhc Iluu
Mr. Coder re. Ilis appointment is gru
im inr tu bulb the Hnglish ami Frem li
lections uf his constituency because his
aim has always been I'entente cordisli
between Ihe two races iu lite provlun
Of  t/jlieliee.     ilis  Uppllilllllll'lll   usu min
later of lhe crown by Premier Ronlen
put the seal of success upon the work
uf '"Friend Louis' 'as he is kuown b)
Imiii Clem h and Knglisli.
The Liberals are uut opposing Ibe
return uf Mr. Cmlerre ami (he nul ure
of sucli oppiisitiuu us has developed, is
in itself Ihu best ussursnee uf his re
turn by an increased majority.
none viwcmivsr
Ou )be ctr lint. Boom snd botrd.
(lood tcfomrnodsliow for working MB,
Cuiilraetur's men taken. Single meals.
III-1S        JJ. JJA8TC0TT, Proprietor.
Lodge wsstsm boss, pr*. m
Meelingt of this Ipdgs are held in
the Knights of Pythlss Hsll, corner of
...       '.'j   ll    _ "       _...!    LV....II.- ..I*....!
Chesterfield avenue sud fourth" atreet,
uu Ihu firat ami third Fridays iu sscb
niuiil h, at 8 o'cluck p. m-    '
Communication! aud applications foi
nii'inlieiidiip to lis iniiin ---'.I to Harold
Ues, seerelary, P. 0. box lilill.   10 71.
10,000 cords of dry Ilr wood for quick
ssls. Pries psr odd cords, 11.76. Spa
cial iiuotutioiui for Isrgsr qusutltlss
Out Wood, IS Inches, 13,86. 13 Indies
13.60. C 0. D.
Office .unl Ysrd— Mill snd Lonidsle
Plione 190.     P. 0. Boi 2432.
For First-class Work we
I'll Second Strait, near Lonidale
P. 0. Boi 2111
The bye -election, for tiie Dominion
Huuse of I'illiniums, Ihe euinpuigu fur
which is uuw iu full Miiiie in the (Joe
bee coiiitlluency 'uf Huelielaga, places
the newly appointed Bocretsry uf Hlale
in the centre nf the stage, fur Ihe time
being ami a shurl review uf the his
lory uf the new minister will, there
fore, pruve uf inlerest.
The rapid riss of the Hou. Looii
Coderre, K.C, frum Lie position of u
rank aiul (ile member of parliament
lu thut uf a ratiioet minister wilhin
thirteen months (rum being lirsl elected
lu a iiinstilucni-y is u striking example
uf wbat eau be achieved iu Cuuadiuu
public life when nnril ami opportunity
Hint each other
Mr. Coilerre i, u Quebec man, having
been Iuuu nl HI. Ours on Nuvember I,
l-'i i He was educated al the HI. Oun
Private rtciiuiil ami at HI. Hyacintlie
('allege.   In   1*02, when '.'0 years    of
age, he ,-iu.  .i from Uvai Culver
■ity with the degree of Ll, II, although
live yeurs previously he hail been mads
an iiilnuiile lie studied Inn in Ibe
office of Mr. .luillce I'sgnuelo, ami lu
later years lieume head of the legal
Arm of Cmlerre, Fortln aud Cmlerre.
lu IMiil he was chows st cily tt
loruey for HI. Henri; in 1007 be an
ccpti'd the inne position for Kinunl.
Por five years, beginning In 1009, he
waa syndic „f the Montresl Hsr.
Mr. I'mlerre's imliil.al ctreer bsi
been brief liul itreuuous. Although
finding politics s source of coiiiliul
Inleretl ever lima lie graduated from
tiie law s, lnml, il wai nol until June,
Uni.-, lhal he Iu'. nine a caudldlle for
purliun (try   humus.   In   Ihtl mouth
he couteiteil llorhiiigt In the general
provincial election, bii opponent lie
Ing Hie Hon. Jereuilo Dectrlt. I'll-
dismayed by hii defeat, lhat Mil au
lumn be wai the Couiervative randi
dale iu the federal election iu Ihu Mine
i "iisiiiii.ii. i, in uppnsiiinn to Ilr. I.
A. Rivet. The vlitor «at tht Liberal
itaudard bearer, Mr. Illvel, wllh t
majority of lud. Wbtn tbe couteit
ctme in Heplember, CHI, Mr. Bivtlt
snd Mr. Coderre were opponent! again.
Tbii tltne, In,wei,.r, Mr. Coderre led
bit former conqueror by ovtr 1,300
volet. /
in tbe entire record of thll remark
able verdict upon the part of Ihe Can
sdisu people, Ihere wss no more atrik
iug liiilime of lurcoti Him tbst of
Mr. Coderre lo tbe llocbellgt dlvltlon
of Montreal ditlrict.
During the last icwioa of iiarliament,
whin so mmy nsw repulatlous were
msde iu Iht Houie at ('omnnni, Ut.
Coderre devoted bliswlf fe learning
parliamentary routlss ssd bseomiug se-
qutinli'il with tbe temper sf tht Houie.
Wben occulon aross ks tpokt Is muh
Why not liys on tbs Waterfrout?
Seven-acre Blocks
With ipltudid bssch frontage of 300
fsst sscb. Island Highway aud C.
P. B. ts Oomoi at prewut under
construction bounds the proptrty on
tbt wuth ildt. Bait of bunting and
Aahlug, good Mil, unexcelled s. en
try tud ipltudid climate.
Price only $950 per block
Cub, $f>30, and balance ISI per an
mini for Avs yean at 7 liar cent.
Tbsas blocks srs uuder price of
•unrounding piopeity arid are Dm
tttd lu uiunbir. Por furtber parti
culsn writs owner.   <
Parluville, Vancouver
Island B.C.
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
WB MJARANTEE tbe Msrtin-flSIWr 100. Psr (Wt. Purs Paint
(eicept a few dark shades that cannot hs prsp^rsd from lssd snd
iiuc), to be made from pure larbonsts of lssd, pure oilde of sine,
witli coloring matter In proportions* n,usutltiss ntctsttry to make
tbeir rospoitivs sliadot sud tints, With purs llmttd oil sud Unpen
tine dryor, and to be entirely fres from wstsr, twslns, whiting
.ud adulterations, and sold tubjtct to clieinictl tualyili.
Tbe Martin Btnoiir Ou. Ltd,  .
Thin It the only Puiut io guarantsed btcsuss It Is ths oidy
•l'UBB PAINT ou llio niarkst.
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
■IS u
lii Miinltubii. fijikutdiewuu and AI tic r
a. (lie Yukon Territory, Hie Nurlli-weil
Territories und III a purliun uf llie inu
un. •■ of Hi it i.-li Columbia, mm lla leaa-
ed for a lerm of Iwenly-une yean al
an .iinni.il rental of II un acre. Nol
mors Ihun 11.510 acrei will In, leatcd tu
une applicant.
Application fur a leaie muit lie inud<
li> ine applicant In penult lu the Ai	
or Huli-Agent of thu dlilrlcl In w
tic iinini applied fur uru .-.iiii.ii.il
In surveyed territory the laml mun
lit- .1. s.-i iii.ii I.) si. iiiui.., ui legal "ii'i
.llvliium of lectloni. and In unturvey-
ed territory Hie   applied fur nliull
lie naked uut by the tpidlcanl hlm
Kiicli tppllcallun mutt be accuiiipan
Ird by a fee ol 16 win. li will lie rt'
(uniled If Ihe 11, i.i.- applied fur ure noi
. .Uui i bul iiul ..ii.. i u.l.■- A royalty thall be paid on lhe inercliunialdi
uulnul of Ihe mine at Hie rule uf tive
eeiila per Ion.
'lhe perion operating Ihe mine ihall
(urnlih the Agent with iwuin  returns
 ii in   for  Ihe  full  guaiiltly    ul
ii,.1.1,in,i.iiile coul mined and pay llu
... uli. thereon. If Ihe coul million
right! ure nut being operated, auch re
iiinia ihould be furniihed al luul once
a year
The le lie Will Include the cual mining
righli only, but the leiaee may ho per-
u.n n ii 11 purchaae whatever uvalliild.
sui(,i.r iliiiili may be cumidered lire
• ..s.ii i fur the working uf the mine ui
lhe rale  if (10 an acre.
Kur full Inforinallun anpltcallun
•hould ba made lo (ha lecralary uf llu
I'., .ii in., i.i of the Interior, Ottawa, oi
tn any agenl or Sub-Agent of liomli.i. i
W  W. rOKY,
Deputy milliter or the luk-ilm-
N ii li. uiilio, it. .I iniiili.. in. H ol
Hill a.lvrillirliiuil will not be I'ulil
fur »■•
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiioeii College
jy> Hastings Sl  W.
Canada • Grellill  Watlarn  Schuul
U.J. Sprolt, H.A., - -Umiaijei
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
4.(11 Seymour Street
U. Keir Ilouliittlc - - - Manual
Teudert are invited of lud or lmii
of Itad lullable for Hie ereiliuu of a
(lily llall for Ibt City of Nurth Van
Ali tenders imi-l Iw made un a furm
to lie obtained from the uuderiigiied,
and muit be made by llic uwner nr hii
Attorney SUlhoriied by duly iieeoled
powtr of attorney,
The tuci'taiful tenderer will be call
ed upun lo give tn upturn to tbe cily
Is S form attiafsclory to lhe "'iiv Ho
llcllor until tbt neceuary Ily lawi are
pssssd. The price will lie pu. uid.-. 10
par cent, witbiu thirty dayi after Ihe
pining of lbe Ily law oulhorixiog Ifae
purchase snd Ifae bslance within nine
ly dayi thereafter.
Healed Tendera marki'd "Tender fur
I'ii) llall Hile"innsl lie lodged wilh Ihr
City Clerk, Cily Hall, Nurlh Vancou
vej, before t pm. on Monda), lln em
bsr "Hi, ii'i".
Tba lowest pr any lender n,,l neret
itrily sccepied,
IU tlity Clerk.
OopiUl Paid Up      |3,000,iiiiii
Reserve and Undivided Proflts    $3,500,oiiu
Total Asasts      over M6,000,l)iiu
FKAN'i.'ll ta 1'lurupe't banker. Fut
...uniii lu in'iiilie thut puiltliin
her people muit bt reniarkulil.-
llnlli)' The people of France are ex
.i i.n.ui..Ih au—they begin lo lave In
llielr yiiulii Nu mailer now email their
lliooma, u portion li regularly let upaci
for future need. In ..I.l age ilu,' eiiju)
Hie (rull! of llielr thrift.   TheV uru a
llllllll)    Illlllnil
Tuu opening uf u aavlnga uccuuni Is
tliu belt way to acquire that habit ul
..mn,. uiiii.iiii uiiiuii iiu ability tu
earn run Iluuie yuu uguliitt punlbl..-
iniafoi tone.
Ilrill n sufel) 11. i mui Uui fur the and
keepliiK nt yuur 'I-" '1111>-,11.   and olhei
Vurtk   (aucuuver
Job Printing at the "Express"
'Betweeu T«o Thieves''       (Author of Dops Doctut)
"Mirsbsl's Islsnd"       LouU Tracy
■The Lady Next Door"   ,....Harsld Beghic
•The Lung Portage"    Hsrold Bsndlowi
The Wind Belore (be Dawn"  .." Muugei
A Msn ui the Open" Bager Pocock
We have now room for all coiners St our nsw store.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book Slid Stationery Company)
ill, IIH Lousdale Avsuus.        PHONE I'J I
All Norlh Vainiiovir psopls tst st
Kilbor flock Work or Haitingi .St.,
uppuiita tba new poit offict. I«inard
salll bis boa by tba pound.
Building Contractor
SSSZSS ■       ■■il»siSiwSiiSZirs.swssMSJss^s^^s^^^^^^^BfcMM*»M    '      ■"—
Plans for all des< tiplions of liuildingt free.   All up-lo
dule, liftl prices available.     Workmansliip guaranteed
All classes of I louses and Store Buildings and Ofli' e
Hxtures, I.U.
4% I .'ili Street, East, North Vancouver
Office*! riLri Pender Slreet Wesl, Vancouver.
Phone: Seymour 26W.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St, and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A snap at $2,000, One-third wh, bal. 6 ind 12 months
Ofdca pbons 173.
Pboue W
P. 0. Box 1831. British Noi America
If Tim In BusinsBi.  Oiplttl and Surplus Ovtr Um,nil9.
Two Memberi of a Ferolly
particularly IfHliey llvi fsr from tuwu, frequently find it cpovepispt to Issn
sdvunliige of our Joint Account plum
Cil hei- make deposits or withdraw easli on bit or ber own signature alone.
Tliui either can do the banking when In town, st suits their convenience
♦I.UU opem s Hpviuge Aceuiiitt, Juint or ordinary.   Interest. sildod bulf
. yesrly,   Vlaney may Iiu withdrawn at any Aline.
Two Offfcai in North Vmncouvsr, Coriw of Lomdale Ave
•nd Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Fret'Trlsl
Solves tbs Slimmer Ironing Probtsm
Pur IIIIL' wc ore nlfcring a "llolpoliit" of the lib size, suitable fur
general household llie, fur (1.51). This iron is similar lu all "llulpuinls"
except lhal Ihe upper surface ii iiupolllbed,
Second Slreei East, Norlli Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses ihr finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band conceit every Friday evening from 6 to 10.
I lol and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Tf imi i r nn vuu t bii oust i ivn
A Good
Stud your frltudt wbo srs Inttrssttd
lu tbs North Sboro s copy of
"The Express"
It will kstp tbtm postsd ou sll
Nortb Short Ntwt sud will only cott
$1 per year
Tlio Wost Vuncouvur council mot in
thu Municipal Hsl|, - Hnllyburn', ou
Tuesday laat, lleeve Nelsuii in thu chuir
and tbu following couiic||lurt present,
Messrs. Mstberi, Qintxliurgor, Jlsyso'l
The oiiiini.'.' of Uio previous mooting limine, lioi'ii read and passed, llio
clerk |.iniu'.'.|e,l |o reud tliu correi-
|oirnlmioi, .. ■
Subdivision By Uw Discussed sud
The much discussed Subdivision Byluw, ut'lor receiving a very hostile pais-
ugu on ||ie purl nl' several properly
owners, was iinally passed ou Iho'ino
lion uf Councillor Iluy, und will conto
inlu funo s> oiico,
The - Subdivision Ily law inukaa it
cumpulsnry fur subdiyidersiif prbperty
lu clear ruud allowances befure ub
tuiiiing uppruvul of I heir plans.
Aldorniuii Win. .1. Irwin nf Nurth
Vuncouver put furt li sume very anuinl
objections uguinsl the pussage of lhe
Subdivision ily luw, suyiug 'ilml be
euusidereil it detrimental lu the best
interests uf the. municipality al large
and unjust lu thu rittc|Uiycrs tu. puss
the In br.'. in its present .form. li
was, ho iluu.,..lii, put fiiiwurd by (lie
council ill ;i'"t (uiiil, but he did uut
cunsider it udvisulde ur right for n
young iniinicipuiily lu ilinlerlul.e legis
laliiin of Ihu kind.
Nurlh Vum oilier turned down thc
byluw, continued Aid. Irwiu, liecnusu
of ils hardships*''I need mil point out
lo yuu the iiiurvclluiis ^development
whicii has taken place" iu Nurlh Van
couver since, thul time," hesuid, "il
is largely, ii resident iui section, lhc
sume us Ihis iniinicipuiily will be, uml
I shuuld very much regret lo see u bylaw pitied Ihul would iu uny wuy re
turd the settlement nf the lund or legi
Innlite subdivision. The best interests
uf Ibis municipality deuiaud the subdivision of ncreuge iu urder In induce
settlers tu come in."
Alderman luun uduiillcil the right of
the couucil lu enforce such a by-law,
bul thought Ihey should not usu that
right against the wishes nf the rale
puyers, but thought Hint iu ull fairness il sbuubl be submitted tu the
people lu puss upon ul the nest muni
cipal  I'lcctiiin lu lie held in Junuary
Aid. Irwin iuipressed uu the council
thst be hsd uu lund fur subdivision
iu the immeiliuto future, sn was not
acting frum persunul motives, bul iu
the besl interests uf all concerned.
lii... Nelson, answering Alilcnuuii
Irwin, said, "We arc must anxious lu
net on the wishes uf the people uud I
fur one think Ilinl must uf the rate
puyers ure in favor of the by law.
Ile said Uml hints of partiality hud
been Hi rown out, Imt Ihut us the dif
foresl members uf the council hud niunv
seres thul wuubl conic.under lhe pru
visions of lhc byluw uud wuuld sulfur
uny ulleged hardships which would full
on them in couunou witli others. The
nieiisure   hud   simply   been   introduced
tp facilitate lhe opening qf the dislricl und to prevspt speculators IW
lug iu and telling thoir property suil
not spending a post tl Improve tbo
iniiuicipuljty. Tlio by,|»w bail b,re»
discussed fur mouths snd many conferences held befuru framing il snd
bo tbpugbt tbo council hsd seted in a
very fair wiy.
Oilier memberi ofUpfl couppil to
ported Hm itslemontiNf 'bo rwv
hit stiinii am| pointed out tbs »ilv»n-
f*mt**0 which ihe-iHWin legitlsties wsi
worked lii Itiiruiiby, Point drey und
Mntsipii, where the by luw WSI oven
inure severe limit in West Vuucuuver.
The fuuling uf ihe council wai ibat
Ihu liy luw ..liioilil go Inlo effect at
Mr. iJludwiu, on behalf of the ratepayers, suld lie wuuld umlurse all Mr.
Irwiu bail suiil. He I hough! Mr.. Irwln
liruuglil unl sonio vury guod points
which hud nut been seen before.
lleeve Nelion slated that he tliuuglil
il mil/" fair In itatu tuul iu regard tu
certain in i n- ni nun. made agaiust i'uuu-
cillor (lint/burger having hud all the
ruuds in his subdivision opened up by
the municipality, thai same was dune
ut the suggesliuu uf thc council and
not st Mr. (lint/burger's, that the
ruuds hud been opened., lu fact, Coun.,
(linl'liurgor hud objected lo the procedure, und the consent uf Mr. Kice,
his partner, hud tu he obtained, befure
it could be prncecdi'd with. Ily the
completion uf Ihe iieguliuliuus lhc
muiiicipulily hud ubtuiucd twu ucros
of lund frum the lirm uf Hint/.bur, er
t Hicc, prupcrly (hut would otherwise
huve coil litem sume tlfiti or 18,01111.
Aflor   guing   iulu   cummitlee,    the
council awarded  ll ontruct  fur the
grading und iiiueuilami/ing. uf Murine
drive thruugh 11. I.. lift!) to Messrs.
Ilinnun li i'rescolt, their figures Iiuv
ing been the lowest uf live tenders
submitted uud ure us fulluws: Clour
iug and grubbing IUUU per scrof es
euvuliuiis Tillc per yurd; rock wurk
jl.'" per yard and timber fur culverts lit per thouiand.
The byluw lo rcgululu the placing
uf pules iu the municipality passed its
lirst reading befure Ihc cuuucil. This
byluw provides Ihut poles must nol
be placed where' Ihey will interfere
with the trallic llirough lhe muni
i-ipulily or interfere wilh Ihe cuuveiii
cuce uf thc jicoplc and the locution
must be passed on by lhc Municipul
engineer before Iney ure sel up.
A bylaw regurding lhc lliiug uf
dugs, Und the opening nf u public
|iiiiiinl, wus also roud for lhe lirst
time. It enacla Ihul ull dugs must be
licensed und no uniiuuls be ulluwcd
lu roiiui lln- streets uf their uwn free
will under penalty uf their being im
pounded uml destroyed unless claimed
after u certain lime.
It was onuQUiii-ed lhat the meeting
belween the representatives of West
Vuncuuver mnl Ihe district of Nurlh
Vuneuuver held lusl week, bud been
uf u most satisfactory character and
lhal lhc municipul engineers of the
Iwo  districts   wuubl   draw    up    joint
ill oruer mai mey tuny  iiibii.i,».>p»
ruii » lino of piptsr hnm». or like
conveyance! or tbit tbey msy grant
a frsnchiie to torpe Art) til wt purposo, the coppcil will wilt PU tlw.pip-
mission on municipal government snd
usk thst tblir charter lie amended to
tbst effect, as under present provis-
lout tbey bsve not tbe power tu du
Damage by Rainfall
Mr. John i'iisgruve, municipal engineer, roporteil to the diitrict council
yeiterday afternuuii Unit tbo heavy
riiiin.ioiui of Tuesday and Wei||iotday
hsd 'lone considerable iluniiigo ulung
lbe I'upiluno slid Seymour creeks. The
eiiibiiiikinenl nl lhe Keilb mad ulung
ilie I.v nn i 'reel, lunl been washed (ml
Slid the crib wm I. near the present
Capilauo bridge hud Immi destroyed.
The llounl uf Wurks fvill visil the
Keith road and roport back lo lhe
Upon null ion uf I'oun. Wesluver lhc
council iniilion e.l the engiueer tu organize a patrol syslem I'ur lhe iuspec
liun during heavy rains uf places which
might be damaged if nut ulteudi'd tu
at tbe lime.
Death Caused Through
Excessive Drinking
Kxeessivo use nf ulcuhnl wns lllc
cause of lhc death of Andrew (J. Nur
ling, whu was fouml deud in his shuck
behind the stone ipllirry Tuesduy morn
ing, After hearing' the evidence uf
Julio Oscur, a friend who found lhc
body, und Ilr. .1. T Thompson who
performed the pusl mor I i'u eismina
tiou, a coronsr'l jury liruuglil in a
verdict lu tnis effect un Wodliuailuy.
I.ing Kan nr Has, u rhiuatnun, wns
fuuml tu have come lo his desth by
self indicted wounds. A brother Chins-
man tesilicd In having found him in
an uucoiisciuiis condition in his shuck
on Sunduy lusl, with wounds ulung uue
side of his neck uud a blood •laincd
bull bet lying near by. Dr. Uver tuld uf
making the pusliiiurlcui  csaminslion.
I'uroner A. li. Diploek officiated ul
hulll luojUeall, which were held nl Ilur
ron Brothers' parlors.
An Knglisli scientist weighed u sllllll
uul and a dead grasshopper which il
was dragging In its nest. The weight
of the grasshopper was found lo be
sisty times greater Ihun Ihut of lbc
ant. The furce exerted by the uul in
dragging the grasshopper ulung the
road was therefore proportionately
■ ./iii.i tu that uf a mini weighing If. m
pounds pulling a luud uf fuur uud une
hulf tuns ur u horse of J,SOU pounds a
loud of thirty sis tons.
convention; wm mm mm
The following ofllccrs for tbe eniuiug .
ynsr were elided at yoilorday |ft|r-
noDii 'i session uf tbo Arctic BrotbSf:
Iniini 'ft Owii'l Kneuinpiiiout in lb»
Knights of Pylliiin' Wsll' PsstOrM
Arctic chief, sir. -luincs Cl. Otffnoy,
Nome; (iriind Arctic Chief, Mr. If. J.
Luudohl, Dawson; vico-gnod Otlilf,
llisliop P. T. .Bowp, Bilks; llrand Are-
Chaplain, Mr. B. Hsll Young, Idlt-
nrpd; llrand Arctic Camp Cook, Hr-
fl. Bailey, lluwsou; Qrtfixl Arctic Koep-
or of the Nitggoti, Mr. |l. II. Drspor;
lirniid Arctic Hecordcr, Mr. J. M. Keller, Bkagway; Qrsnd Arctic Trail
Guide, Mr. Morrison Cuuucil; llrand
Arctic Trail Blaner, Mr. W. P. Du-
ipiesne, Kitihiluiii No. HI; (Irund Arctic Keeper of lhc Inner Toll asle,*Dr.
(I. Hichards, Stewurt; Truiloet, A. W.
Ksplin Huberts, A. S. Keiina, 1. L.
.Juhnsnii, .1. .1. Mulatby.
Tlie convcnliuii' will 'nest  yesr b.
held in Seattle.   -
B. C.'i Game
With the exception uf ontelopc und
musk os, Hrilish Columbia has every
species uf big game lhat exists ou
Ihu c'lnliueiil; even the rarest ofthein
being fuuml in fair quantities. lu
u.liliinin, there are wild fowl and
gumc birds uf mimus species, some
unlive uud others acclimatised, that
furnish sport; while thc walcn afford the hoes! truut and aalmnn fishing in the world. It is probable I hit
there ure mure uinusc lu the miuuro mile
in the Canadian duckies than iu any
oilier piirl of Iho continent, and overy
yeur tbeir,numbers seem In increase,,
Su fur, Ihe cuunlry bus never bees
bullied except by a few prospectors.
Whether the burns ullain Iho largo
sire of llle fussier moose has yet to
be ilelerniini'i), bul aome vory fine
heads huve been seen, lu this diitrict
million ore very plentiful on the higher
pliilcuii, uml in pluccs both grimly aod
bluck beur ure numerous.
Thc elephant'» bulb lakes a week
lu curry oul iu every detail. It rt:
ipiircs the services of three men tud
coals ubuut 'toil.
This Ireatini'ul is necessary for S
circus elephant und if the animal ii
u vuliluble one the proprietor of lite
circus dues not consider Ihu money
wooled. The lirst prucess cumuli iu
going uver lhc immense budy wilh the
besl snap procurable; Hill lb. of soap li
used, uml Hie elephant's cars are ipe-
niilly carefully attended tu,
Wbeu Ihe ..spin,: and drying ire
loinpieli'd, the elipliiinl is well itud
papered, and after that ' rubbed all
uver with thc purest Indian oil until
the muusegrey skin is supple snd
glistening. The last liuishing touch
is the musl expensive part of lus
whule bulb, us over pill) hsi to be
spent un the uil sloiie.
i   .
JJOOMS PUU  HKNT   Housekeeping
and single, illl Und slreet east.     t.f.
l'OH KKNT Furnished mom, auil-
uble fur one i« Iwo. Ireland, 21)1 ltd
slreet wesl. UU
POH HKNT Pour room Dot, IH) lit
•Wei eait. Apply ,!«« I'arkoi Street,
(Iraiidview. UU
POK HKNT-«ruomed- list sesr
ferry, fit per msiilb. Apply Wsrburn
il/ l'iano II"" • tf.
POH HKNT I roomed modem houses, 6 minutei from ferry. Kept ||li
per month.    J'eefs * Houll. Phono lit.
POK HKNT i roomed bouse, nett
In drug store oo Itb and Unidslc,
IHO. Apply 'If. II. Millard, 768 Lonsdslo Missus. "
POH HKNT- Iroomed Hut, modern POH SAI.K Splendid .utility stuck
iinproveinciils, HHh ami Boulcvurd. Ap S. C While Leghorn cockerels. I'or.
ply P. Booth, plumber. I.f   Mabuii avenue uud SI. .lames SI.  812
POH HKNT   New three roomed hnuse
near  ferry, cheap.   Apply   Bos   A168,1
Kxpress IIHicc
Si! 111
WANTKD   Unify    work,    itu    per
'hour.    Apply    ('amp    Kl,    Ksplauade
POH   HUNT- t liioni   modern, bun    Wcsl. Ill l|
galow, euuijilclely furnished, bulb, bul  . , '
.and rold waler, electric light   near n.r.      WANTKD   A general ier*sut. Musi
Hen! I'll munlbly.   Bos  16:1, Ksprcss.  |a, g„„,| elmk. Apply 212 lllh eust. Tel
11   10 '        . ...'.
''' •j'.ephoiie filif).
POH   KKNT   Pinu   new   modem   i ■     WANTKDHoukkccpiug,   collecting
roostsd booac, comer of 2nih and Mu Uceountl elc, in spare time.     Apply
hun Avenue. Will give lease lo suit
tbie tenant Apply Holierl .1 Powltr,
HI Ksplauade Kast. I.f.
If,t)  Kxpress Oflie
POK KKNT-Modem foriiisued
iipariineiit uf I roomi; best; disappear
lug beds; piauo; (eiephoue, etc.; also
unfurnished apartment; splendid view.
Colonial Apartments , Kighth streel
eaat, Norlb Vtncouver, Kiii|Uirc Apart
menl   il.   Pboue   "I'H.
POK SAJ.K-llouey. Pure, delicious,
cbssp.   Osrden Apisry, Ul lllh wesl.
,i —•
POK SALK itbulisrb roots, beat iui
ported Knglish seed. D. Iloldsworlb,
Harden avenue, Capilauo. t.f.
POK BALB-fW growth wood,
♦1.70 t cord. 0. Uetiade, J46 8(b afftfl
tail. Pbosi II- "'
POK SAliB-A fs* itfry *»i<e
Wblts Ltgborn Cocksrsli.. Apply M»
Ilh ttrtst wstt, Nortb Vsncosvsr. tf
WANTKD |8 pullets, While Wyou
dolte or uther good bleed. Miss Hceve,
'lit iillb slrect west, North Vuncuu
ver. Ut.
WANTKD One ucre, cleared or|iur(
ly cleared, with creek, for residence.
Statu best isdh price and ulsu best
ler ms.   li". A i'ii", Kipress Ollice ID 22
WANTKD Immediately, furnished
bedroom and tilling room, wilh lire
place, for two gentlemen. Breakfast
and dinner if possible. Apply Bos 170,
Kxpress Office.    * Kill
UDiT-A necklace of umber beads,
Tuesday evening. Apply W. vSpcar,
Nortli Lunsdale.
I/OST-On Lonsdile avenue, uear
ferry, browu embroidered shopping btg.-
Funic, kindly leave al Pixprcoi ollice,
III it reel eusl.
i        —   ii       i ■
UW- Black, while aud tm rougb
bsired foit ^errlor puppy bitch, sbout
live rsonlbi' p)d. Kewsrd, Mskoviki,
1Kb snd SI. Andrsw's pbons UM. tf.
LOST On Lonsdule avenue bctweep
Pirsl slreei and whurf, pair uf gubl
iiinincd spectacles. "Armstrong Uio-.
Opticians, Vuncouver," on case. Finder
please return Kxpresi Ollice, I.f.
MONKY TO IX1AN Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Slur Luun
l'u., 812   lln lm;'-,   Vuncouver.        If.
Mrs. Frank Alice, inalurnily nurse,
North Lunsdule P. ()., or cull at grocery
cor. Lonsdule uud King's Hoad.     61!
Pur line watch ami jewelry work go
lo Oeo. Sumerlun, Hie new jewelry dure
uu 2nd slreet.
Huuiii and board in moderu house al
modern rates. Knglish cooking. 116
ilh street uiid Hidgeway Ave.     1611
Keliul.le girj wauls light housework or
mind children moriiingi. Apply Hus
Allil, l-uvpi'un Office.
The St. .Iidin " braucb of the W. A.
will hold their annual 'Xmas salu of
work in the Parish Hall ou Thursday,
Deceniber 61b. 1611
Dressmaking purjori, l«dici' Tailor
iug, evening gowns remodelled, rcno
vatiom, etc. 118 Second Street easl,
8th door from Lousdale. Io 12
Builders or ptrllei intending lo
build homes, money loaned St t pet
cout. tlso private fundi to loan on
short, date. Hox Aimi, Kxprcss Office.
I U4|
Dressmaking Parlors/ ltA7vti' Tailor
kg,. Opera ('Joski, Kvc-uiog Downs
mpdeJM, ronove^oui, ete. Pricei mod
ume, ifi Second Streel Kut, Itb
door from Louidslt.
Short Iuue Inuns on vaeunl or iiu
proved properly. (Star Luan Company
812 Hastings, Vaucuuver. t.f
Puruuce heated double front room,
single room also bed sit I iug mum, hull'
u block frum Lunsdale. 125 Sixth
Slreet  Weil, Nnrlh Vuucuuver.     0 12
B. C. Livery and Buard ilablei—
Light rigs and ladies' nubile horses
for hire. Stabling fur hor.es Qen
eral delivery and heavy Learning. II
Dumai, Itb itreet woit.' Phont 847 t.f.
Authorised agent for Singer Sewing Machine Company iu Norlh Van
couver. 3.1, McAleccc, Dry (loodiaud
llenls' Inu nulling., rumor pint und
Lunsdale Avenue. I.f.
SINCINO- Mr. Oicor Murfoy, volts
producer and singing expert, now attend! at Wurburnil/ Piano I'u's. ruums,
Tuesdays and Fridays, 28 yean' ss
perience. Slaiidard Methods uf Koyul
Academy, Termi on  inquiry.     12 12
Und clearing and Ursdlog Lod,
Pete Andrust, Oessrsl Conttsctor. Be
wer cuniicclioui s specially, basement
and other tsctvttiug worb underlsksn.
Ksliimles free, lid I8tb ilrcet wait,
Nortb Vsscsuvsr, pott offict bos UM.
In pursuance of an assignment dated
Auguit 281b, Ikl'l, lo tbe undenigucd,
parties indebted to tbe W. II. Stouey
k Compuny ire hereby notified lo psy
the amounts due at the office of tho us
ligucc, Wilion Ifl'wy, luitc 8, DeBeck
Building, Ht Haitingi street weit,
Vancouvtr, B On st tbe carlieat pot
uble mopie.ot, who will iwue receipls
HL tatmtme.
W; /. willow,
Pbone Btyrooiir 4784.
We wish lu state that wc ire im
pufliug coal of u lignite character from
Seattle, us it is impussihlc for ui to
gel any frum elsewhere al preient on
uecouiii of the strike al the Cauadian
Collcrics Although lliere ii eitra
towage uml duly' to puy. wc cau sell it
us we get it nl our wharf al 17.26 ptr
ton in bulk or 17.70 iu itckt, which it
practically cost price witbiu the usual
boundaries. Pint consignment will ar
rive uboul Ihe 20th lml. Wc will
appreciate your orders
STOKAOK. 00, l/TD.,
14 Lonidale Avo.
Phone 568. II III
Oreal Britain, btlwceo 1867 sud
IHO, lusl iiV"ii unes by encroach
incut of (he set. Kven Ibii loll ll
small couiptrc'l wilb others In timet
past. Tliu*, according to s survey is
Ihc lime of Kdward j. tbe duchy of
Cornwall had l,ti99,n)9 acres, bul s
survey in recent yesn givoi il unly
82!),n'M acrei. Wboie villages in torsi
eases have been slowly undermined snd
swept sway, at iu lbc caw of Duu
wicli, whereof only a ruined cbureb on
Ihe edge of a cliff remains.
Belling sn Orange oa M-pi-i
Put telling su egg sad au orange
to S child ou Sunduy, Jane Orwiloo
wsi, Sl Berwick, lined 12.26 and
colli, ur seven dsyi In priion. Tbe
chief I'omlnhlc aaid Sunday trading
wsi being pul down io tbs tows Snd
Ibere bsd been complslult sbout lbs
i nouses to oeu or Rem
Wp have some splendid buyu at
Reasonable Prices
Homm of all sizes to rent
Excellent four-room »uite», Clow in, $17.50 mkJ $22-50
mtmmPmmimw~---mmmmmmmmWmmMm.ii      ■       ■-   ■    ■ m.iwa
Phone 24.
P.O. Box 1820
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
ir   i
ti.imiiiiiii, iieio.iii.'iiii.i. uie, Prompt-
It attended (o.
l-liilliniil.-ii   Cu,',null.'.I   I'i-,-
in ii.iiim.   riivriMi run
uui'"   hi, I,in:..ui & Hun's I'uclory, Eu-
planude.  i'liune  tti.
ii.-si.i.-n..-:   Allun  Koud,  l.ynn  Vulley.
P. ff. Mux HO, l.ynn Creek. I'lione
XJ27. .
A.M.I.K. 4 B.
Irrigstioa, drainage, lovell, plant
ami spccilientiuns. Kepi ic tankt ' snd
bouie drainage . a tpeciully. P, 0.
Hoi '111, 16lb street wast ol llswicke
Ami geu.'ini Commission Merchant, 111
Umdale Ave., Nortb Vancouver.
Pbons 934
We are specialists' in these lines.
MIA Lonsdale  Aveuue
Studio  ovor  Hoik   II. N. A.
l.onadtlt and EulileBadt
High Clan Udies' and Qeuta' Tailoring
Kepairing   and   Allerationi.  Cleaniug
and Dyeing in all lla brunches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ul Fint sn eel Wait..        Phone 207
(J. Uux)
Ladies' snd Oeutt' Cleaning,
Frestlug tnd Repairing
s Specialty
120 .Second Strtet But
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
Flnt Strut Bast of Lonsdsls
Lowest prices and beat work goaran
teed ou tinning aud ibeet metal work.
Ali kinds of aawi (led sud set on the
shortest notice. Uwu mowers, knivoa,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei.
1231 Lonsdsls Avenut Pbons in
Osbiuot Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wuod work,
repairs, etc.
Fourth Btreet aud Sutherland Avenue
P. 0. Box 2006
li "uu  Witch ilopping or keopiig
Irregular timet   If io, let
Pioneer Jeweller, (kl Lousdale Aveuue
If Not, Why Not?
Buy yout Orocsrtsi sud Provision! it tbt Nortb Shore
Grocery, when you get tht very best goodi it tbs lowsst
prlcea.  Oive ut s trial and provt tbia for yountlf.     Ws
don't ctrry tuy goodi wt ctu't giiirtuUi.
A few of our ipecitlt:
Oood Collet st  «. 25c  Ib.
Erooke Bond Tea at Sic Ib.
Creamery Butter, 36c or 3 Ib. for  11.00
Rolled Oats,  36c 7 Ib. sscl i
Apples, extra fancy 11.60 and 11.66 box
((limine  Asbcroft  Spuds   11.36 lark
All guaranteed to be over three lucliat In liugtb tnd tbt
grower's  name  furnished wltb each ssck.
Oood ChUllwack Spuds     f 1.00 s ssck
Ordsn promptly dslivsrsd.
J.'ith and Lonadale
Phont 217
mtuvBB uwu
Bscord Vsw's Worli in AgrMWrs
Wbst Bon. Msrtln Bnrrsll Hss Pons
Baying Llttls Hs Hss Been Abls tp
Accomplish Much, god Big Dspsrt-
mint of Agriculture bos been Hoisted
Out of tbs But,
ottsws, Nov, liib.—Not ot much it
bosrd of or le known of tbo Agricultural llcpurlmenl at Ottawa us should
ho. 'After 0,11 it eqi^spd doiio It ii
Mocha Cakes, Florence Cakes
Layer Cakes, Yule Cakes, Etc.
Meat Pie|
I       ■   ll        I I      '      Ml.
one of the most important brunches of
ihe government, for agriculture it Con-
ado's basic industry and tliu progress
Slid prosperity of the Doiniiilon ilu
ponds upon the progrcJi, and prosper
Ity of tbo farmer. Hon. "Ms, rtiu Hurrell, the Minister qf Agriculture, It a
poor tdverlisor. lie is s modest man,
too modest tome Ity for s politician.
llu works night ami day and larks
Since he came iuto office ho hsi
wurl.i'.l iuuuy reform! looking towards
the iiiliiiin imen! of agriculture, lis
Ini'" initialed mauy schemes for lhe
hotteriucul of the funning industry, He
lound a depurlment which was in a
rut. Th.to waa no other department
ut Ottawa where the wholu service was
so plainly marking time. Tho agricul
lure deparlineut has many experts, yel
initiative was discouraged and dry-rot
seemed to huve set iu.
Wakened It Up
Mr. Hurrell hus wakened up the department, ho has ini'iii o,| a new spirit
iu every branch of the service and has
succeeded in inculcating'his uwn energy
ami enterprisu into the department.
liuu. Kidney Fisher, Ihe former minis
ter, hsd s paternal way of taking
every stray department under his wing.
The result was thai the department
was lun.lml up with work which had
nothing iu the world lo do with agri
culture. Censui and statistics mine
under the administration of the Miu
iiler of Agriculture; copyrights and
luiiiii the archives, public health,
and u half do/, n olher brandies were
stowed in this department.
First Changes
The Arsl filing Mr. Hurrell did was
lo re arrange Ihese services. The ecu
sus and statistic! branch was transfer
red to tbe depsrtment of Trade aud
Commerce, where it more properly be
longed. Tlie archives branch naturally
Ills iu wilh the work of the secretary
of State, and it was transferred tu
this department. Patents and copyrights will likoly ba transferred thii
session to the depirttnent uf Mute, imt
tbe public health branch will khyi
likely be taken from the deportment
uf agriculture.
Oeneral Policy Formulated
The must important ipicttioii Mr.
Hurrell uudertook on assuming office
was lo formulate s geiicrsl policy for
the betterment of agricultural condi
lions in ' .ma.la It wsi felt, however,
that nothing in this direc I iuu could
properly be done until a general sur
vey of the agricultural conditions in
Canada had been made. It waa, there
fore, dedded to give immediate ts
■itttsre to agriculture by voting the
•um uf f ...iiii.iiiih ia this cause by way uf
grant lo Ihe provincial governments on
a pupulalion basis. Much graut lo be
• :.|.. iui. .1 for the cause of agriculture
un or.ling to t i'lun approved by lhe
Minister of Agriculture at Hiiaw'a. The
fulluwiug table shuws how much eudi
pruviuce receivett
Ontario  ♦176,733.32
Quebec    I .'1,1V' 10
Novs  Hcotio    31,2(111.46
New Hruniwiflt      UfiDUM
P.   B.  lilliul         6,6(W.!i3
Hrilish  ()oiumbla   ....   '11,111.16
''liii.iii.'i n        31,730.06
Huikalchewon        34,21*6.211
Alberla       20.H94.V5
On Ptruiiutut Bails
If the new policy wai to be broad in
ill trope and wide in ila uiefuluesi it
waa ncccsaary lhat it be baatd upon
accurate information and a full know
ledge of tbe conditions obtaining
throughout Ibe Dominion. Mr. Hurrell
selected Dr. ti. ti. Jamet, deputy min
liter of sgrioultore for jrsars in On
tun.,, at commitiioner to mike a thor
ougb Inyettigolion aod make recom
inendationi tnd lUggutlont for the
consideration'of Ibe government. Mr
Junes bss been devoting sii spring
tnd •noiioer to bit Inquiry, tnd hii re
port it now marly ready snd will be
presented to tbe House (bit session
Enwrimantsl Farm Work
Particular attention has been paid by
tht miniiler lo experimental farm
work. At the Central Kiponuienlul
Farm at Ottawa, lbc work waa
strengthened by tkt addition to tbt
•.tiff et a (aid husbandinin, as animal
hoibtndntu, sad ss sgricolturisl. A
ipseisltsl bsi lino been sppointed to
Iskt charge of to/age plant work,
Soma adaJHonol work will be dons
along tbs Has of investigating horae
breeding and tbe feeding of iteeri wilb
t view of giving Information st to lbe
relative value of tht diffsrsat brtadl
of catile ssd of feeding iu prodtsbio
bsef production. Basil herdt of Hoi
sicioi ssd Jerstyt bsve sito boos sdd
cd to the lilt M breads msintsiasd
Control t3»ppriuioiit»i Vim, '
Itslpliig th* Farmer  .
fly these additions tp (he tlgjf, etc,,
It is hoped thst vslueblo work will he
dune slong all lines af agriculture pf
inlerest nnd vilne tp tbo firmer gen
er»l|y. It wss found thst ths W.
Of the experimental farms.hid in muny
eases Ip recent yeart been rather np,
glectod. Bums S»d property hod bocu
iillou'oil to pet put pf repair und llio
s/orlf of tbp farmers hsd been hampered by 1Mb of facilities. Too forms
Were in many cases pot of any 'ilni
Talus Is sgrimUuriutij ssd puliaulai
ly to-local farmers to whom thuy
ihould he sn inspiration. For example, it was found thpt there was su at-
perrinonliil   (iirni   st   IJi«-i|iiiln-,   Allu.,
In the heart of the cattle country. Ysl
for lock of fiiciiiiie.'i, sod through tho
smull ares pf the farm live stuck wis
prnetieiilly   neglected.   Mr.   Hurrell has
secured an additional tract pf Und snd
from now ou the necessury mils will
be given to live itock matters.
The buililingi tt Kentvlilo, Nova
Hcotis, farm are In the couyso of eon-
siiui'iion ami much good work has
been done uuder the inpOrinteiiiltmee
of W- M. Hluir, formerly pr,lessor of
agriculture st Mscdonslil college, whsss
servicet the deparlineut was l-.irlun.iio
enuugh to obtsip. it it conliiieutly expected that the work done at thit farm
iu fruit growing tin! olher branches
uf agriculture will be of Die grealeit
possible lo'iielil to the people, mil uuly
iu tho Annapolis and Cornwallis vol-
leys, lou in the other district! where
fruit growing ii not a ipecially. The
land for a new experimental farm lias
been acquired at Freilerictou, V II.
This farm will particularly serve llie
si John valley and will, nn doubt, do
much to promote Ihe welfare of all
branches of agriculture. The neces
sary buihliiigs have been const rue'cd
at the liivermere Farm in the Kontenny
ilistricl, and useful work along all
lines will be earijed on.
Aiding Fruit Industry
Mr. Hurrell as a fruit gruwer ou a
large scale lint in the Niagara dis
trict ami later in Hritisb Columbia,
has naturally taken a keen interest iu
the fruit industry. For a number ol
years there has heen an agitation for
better inspection of truit for tha do
meslic market. Fruit for the export
trade was left to Ibe tender mercy of
the dealer. Afler careful cousidoru
lion, a thorough re organization of the
inspectoral system has taken place. As
far aa poiaibie inspection at points of
shipment is being carried out and
thorough aiieniion is being giveu to a
systematic inspection of ull the fruit
coming inlo Canadian markets from the
United Btutes. A greal many addili
mui inspectors bave been appointed
and a chief inspector placed iu charge
uf the various provinces. Hy this
means a lut uf good educational work
will be doue aud Ihere will be a more
thorough and systematic oversight not
uuly of lum entering Canadian mar
kcts, but also of that packed am| mar
kelinl by the Canadian growers, Tne
result wili undoubtedly pruve of gruat
value both lo growers and consumers
Five new inspectors were appointed
and fifteen temporary inspectors were
■ddeil to the staff fur the fall rush of
Nsw Dairy Stations
New dairy  record centres were or
guni/ed during the present    oi  at
the'following points: Lislowel, Prank
ford, Kingston, Mullorytown and Far
mors' I'niou in Ontario, ami al Ken
liugton, P.K.l. Au eiperl is iu cbargo
al etch of these centres. A supervisor
of cow testing wai appoinlrd list
spring fer New Brunswick. The or
.■■i.i. /.-iioin of these ceul res bu giveu a
strung impetus In the cow testing univalent.
Improving Sheep Flocks
Mr. Hurrell has given a lot of attention lo ways ami means of reviving
tbe -iei lining sheep iuduilry. The Ou
tuiio snd Dominion (Sheep Hreeders'
Associations have beeu cooperating
with him. Kxperti were unl to Km
iib Columbia snd lhe Maritime pro
vinros, and an exhaustive report wax
msde In the miuiiter whicii ii being
acted ou al tba preient time. Ai o
result of their rerommeudalioni isles
of grade  ewei  and  pure   bred   rams
wsrs held Ibii fall.
Alalsiiti, the
Girl Who Could
Outrun the Dew
Bhs Btopptd to Risk
;    tlfMW*
Ettliyii Jtm't mud) Of I runner. Jock wss. Bvslyn hsd been tolling
rJoddy tbSt SbS wished Sbs could mn II fsst M Jsck. '
; "lioW Qbssrrnfl itchi "tiirip m't m m fsst is bejs, so yon
needn't think trying will rip yuu sn; Bondi"
"You're mistukuu tbore, Master Jfl' k," mid daddy. "Ones tltsrs was s girl
tbst could run fouler than any ninn alive. This girl wsi I princess, ths
doughter of tbs king of Acadlp. Hlm lind bean will brought up, bnt sbs cured
won fpr playing bsll snd running rones ond stub boyi' sports thsn sb| did
far tin .1st lafalUn inmtfHWia Ilmi tor iMuihw pretend far hit, _
"Atslsnln could run faster Uuin lhe swlftsst flier, It was said.
"Bhe was fond of during other peuple te run rases, snd If tbs; win
stronger! thai, surprise thnt a slender girl could outrun thsn) wui s treat for
tier at the ond of the race.
«As ths grew np win; i-bennlng young prlngei would hire liked to mmi
the princess, bnt she Would have uuno uf Ihom.    - ,
"'I won't tun in; one who .can't run filter tbsn i csn,' ths tpoiied prln
cees would exdulin.
"Be whenever i new prince estop noug and ssksd psr tl wsrry lilin sbs
would say vsry sweetly:
" Tertnliily, uir, It yen lip best ms in a rscs.'
"Uver; Hue the young msn would pe hasten.
"But one dny lllppoinenes, s hsndsoms. young men if Actdli, slid that
be would like lo run I rs<'s wltb ths princess provldsd sbs would worry lilm If
be eop'd outrun bsr.
"Bs was s very good looking young win, end Atsisuts smiled it bim ss
tbsy storied out, but sbs did oot Intend tu 1st hlm bsst her
"When the; bad gone e llttls wsy end Atllinti wis just s llttls In front
of Blppomsnss bs rssched Into his cloak uud, drawing out s gulden upple, ssut
It rolling In front of the girl.
"Thero wss plenty ef time, snd sbs stopped te pick up tbe apple. Thut
Blppomsnss got o llttls abend of bsr. When sbs csugbt np he threw soother
sppls, snd shs stopped to get tbst ops, stirs sbs could muke up lost tins before
tbs snd of Ihs nne. Rut Blppomsnss hsd s tblrd apple, and bs tbrsw It so
cleverly thul Atulnnla lost ths rscs.   Be reschsd tne gosl first.
"There wui a grand wedding, snd Hlpponienes sod Atuliinis would bsvs
lived vsry happily bsd tbs; not chained to offend one of lbs gods. For this
tbsy wsrs turned Into lions. Bo whenever you lee e Hon or s lioness you csn
think of tbess two wonderful rscsrt snd tbe prstty story tbs old (Jreeks uiidi
up sbout Ihem."
During Ihe first year of growlli 'lie
child's luun becomes approximately
three limes us largo at it was al birth,
but the interior of tho slomuch and
bowel of the chi|i| ol the ngii of imp
year Is not even twice as largo as it
was at Inuii, hi .-ii.iii. three limes ai
large. Yel ull the nourishment which
supplies materials fur growth has ,.
be absorbed by Ihe membrane which
lines Ihe inside of the stomach, and
especially the smull intestine. It is,
therefore, plain that growth of liie
lunl) as a whole musl gradually sub
side as the tissues to be nourished
gradually upprouch a si/e ol whi-'h
their demands balance lhc utmost
supply uf nutrition taken up l.y tbe
stomach ami intestine.
It is calculated that four thousand
penous mako a living in Lolulou by
begging, and Ihut their averuge in
come amounts to about .'Wl. a week, ur
moro than .'100,111(0 puuudI u year. Ms!
year 1,1136 persons were arrested for
begging in Ihe ttreeta, of whom more
lhan fifteen hundred were sentenced
to terms of imprisonment varying frum
one week to three months. Many uf
these objects of charity were fouml in
possession of sums of money, aaylevcu
Iif bankbooks showing very handsome
depoiiti.—Tit Ilils. ,
Halfpenny Bitbt
The fact lhal you lake a small size
in huls ilues- not necessarily mean
that yuu have a small brain. A msn
with a smull heud inuy be much
cleverer than u man with a large one.
Moreover, the size, of Hie brain is
not everything, since, if undeveloped,
it ii uo more likely lo produce any
thing of value than laud which ii not
fori il. There are peopls with large
heads whu display su little intelligence
that one almost expects to hear their
brains rattle when they move, like a
shrivelled kernel in a gul.
Many liisccls have some means of
defence frum their natural enemies,
nolic pf which is inure curious llm.
thst of a .-man beetle, which, alien
closely pursued, discharges a pull of
poisonous vapor with a'dislincl delOJ
aimn Cn.lunl.i. .il. iii many iiiltsneet
this aids the diminutive gunner III bi
escape, mainly, lu ull probability, by
iiniiiii." Ris pursuer und causing hm
to' abandon the chasv. From this
peculiar tcqulremest, Ihis little fellow
is known tu be the bombardier beetle,
lesson Wby Pirtoni Do Not Keep on
Six pounds egd a hall it lbe wiight
of lhcn,venige child at birth: st the
esd of tbe first year the overage
weight it eighteen poundt tud a half,
t gsin of twelve poundt; ssd st tbe
end of the aacond yetr tbe weight it
twenty-three pounds, a gain of only
four pounds tnd t hilt. And with
each auccessjve yesr the gsin il less
and l«i until maturity is reached.
Why It the gain ieii each yen' And
why doei it dually reaie altogether!
Tha. resaon if that the abaorbiug
•urfsf* lotide tbt stomach ssd in
ttotlst do Set, SSd in the nature of
things, cspwit grow proportionately
to ths growth ef the beAy st s whole
More lhan 2% million acres per an
ii'im of wheat ure grown iu New South
K'liiifonl (Hssox) llrbtll fliilrict
council have decided lo make a
cbargo of oue halfpenny lo school
. iiiliiiin for admittance to the public
bat In,
In all Countrltt. Atk for our lnv.ii
lor't Advhwr. Marlon A Marlon, III
University Strset. corner SI. Callitrlna
Streel, Montrial, Canada, and Woah-
luilou, D. C U. 8 A.
Ths Nortb Vancouvar Coal and Supply
Company  Limited,  In  Voluntary
Tbe .re.triors of the shove naiiool
Compauy aro hereby untitled tu flic
Iheir claims agaiuit the said Company
doly verified at the office of Harry 1.
I'erriu, one of the Joint Miiuidutors,
North West Trust jluibling, llirhsrdi
Street, Vsncouver, B. (!., on or before
the Kith day of November uexl, IVlll,
aud lbat tbe Liquidators will after Ibal
date proceed lo distribute lhe aaaelS
of the aaid Company, haviug regard
only to the creditors who bsve died
Ibeir claimi in compliance with Ihis
Vaueouver, Otjobcr 341b, Hill'.
Joint l.npii.iiii.u -
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Wltb Which It Incorporated
Bevan, Gore ti Eliot, Limited
Nortb Vancouvsr Brsucb: 67 Lonsdals Avouut, opposite Post Oflice.
Beprtsanting Lynn Creak Zinc Mints Limited.
Ws bsvs money for Agrsaniiuti for Bolt,
iniil). *
Nothing too largo or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
tttba       .    ■
fl Let us quote you rates on Fire, UU um) Accident
l ■ ll l   l      sssspti
Pbone 431.
McMillan & reid
1 *
CdMitfing of Tulip*, Crocgi, PaffodiU, Im, Hy wMm, Siww-
dropi, Paper White Nmimu., Double Yullow Daffodils,
Double white Nwcimii, ete.  Plant right now.
We have alio growing at our nurseries the finest stock of
Roset, Shrubi, etc., in B, C, C»|| or write for our catalogue,
Cut Flower*, Floral Designs, Wedding BpuqucU, etc., on
short notice,
Phone 235
Cor, 17th end St. Andrew'. Avenue
Keep Your Eye oa
W« hoyeJioutoi to mil ul all prices, and In evtry ptrt of ths c|ty;
slln. good business italida al low rentals.
We urn i.|i.-i intisis in inanaKlns rental properllet for holh reildent
und uut "i  town ownera    Our atulementl and renilllancet are lent
i'lun,oil    every  oo.mli  end.  and nu detail  of  lhls ipeclul  class  of
So, vice  i-H.-llpi-s pur ill l.lll l.lll
SS l.ousSale  tttaue
Phone ili
Nurlk   Vaaeou.fr
The Scenic Highway
Across Ibe roullaral
TIiioukIi ticket* lo ull on is of llie
world ul luwett ratal.
Tbe om.ol.ii ruule lo (he
IIIS l ouutr>,
l blua, aad
Tbe iu.nt iip-to-dule Irail) service
lul ween Vancouver and the Bait.
l-'ur ratea, reiervalloni and all
flintier Information apply lo /.
MUI-:.   I'lty    Passenger    AkoiiI,    III
iiiiatiuKs m. nr ll   w. iniiiim:.
0 I'A. Vancouver.
Klecll le elevutulS for thl CUK0P1I  Ml-
enduing   Warehouis,    Vuncoover,    11
IC." win ba received at Ihli otll.-e until
1:00 p.m.   on   Holiday,   November   11,
Illi, for (he work mentioned.
'   mi-:ai,i-;ii tknuhkh addressed to (he
undersigned, und endorted "Tander for
Tender! wili not he coniidered unleii
inude upon feran supplied by Di-
parlmenl and In accordance wllh con
.ililoiiii contained tbtrtlo.
Plain and tpeclrlcalloni to be leen on
application lo Mi l-l. l-l Miiln-uoi.
I'l.-rh of Workt, Vancouver Kjumln-
Iiik Warehouse, lir. II. K. Malthewa.
tupervlllns arelillecl. Winnipeg. Uun,
and at tne Department of Public
Worka. 01 (awa.
Each under muat be iccompunlsd by
an accepted cbftuue on a chartered
bank, payable to Ini order of Ihe Honourable the Minister nf Pobllo Workt,
■■■inni lo ten ptr cinl. IIO p.c.) of ihe
amount of fbt tinder.
Br "i'i-i. '
Deportment of Public Workt,
Ottawa.  October  it,  1*1..      —10971
Musical Instruction
Mlu E. A. (lord, A.R.C.M., pisuiit
aod Itscbtr, pupil of Franklin Taylor,
vitlti   Nortb   Vancouver   Wedoetdsyi.
56(1 Tburiow Htreet. Heymuur Uul I,.
Oovsrnmtnt Tabei Action
Number pf Pood Btsudsrd Definitions
Just Issusd Osjl for Kigb Dtgros of
Purity In Vsrtotii Pood BUplss.
Steps huvu boon taken by tbt Inland
lloveuiie Depart munt tp have slaudardi
for s vsrioty of srtju|ei of rood, Ip-
eluding fruil* su'l fruit proilueH nil
csuueil fruits, vegetables, boooy and
lard, properly dutiued. These jirecuu-
(ions huve beep embodied In S series
■if ioHii|i(ioiiraip6VM ny He oor-
ernor iu (loun, il- The sdvantago to
tho general public of Ospsn> is clearly
slmwn by tbi scope snd demands of
sume  of  Ibo  regulations.   Concerning
esnned fruit, lbs rigwlstiop itstsu
"(,'snned fruit is the sound prprtpel
mule by sterilizing clean, toutiil, pro
perly intlured sod prepired freih ffljlt,
by hosting wi|b or wUbool spfsr, snd
keeping ill suitable, clean, hermetically
seeled conltiiiersj snd conforms in
osme to tho fruit ui»d io Itt prspirs-
Jams snd Usrmsltdt
Tba deiiniiioiis of jam and maiiiial-
ado Hlale tbst they sre the suund pro-
doct iniido from clesn, |oood, properly matured snd prepsrcil freib fruit,
S fruit pulp snd sugar witn or without
spices or vincgur; by boiling to I temi
solid consistence; gnd conform iu
niinie to Ibe fruit used in tbeir prepsrs
It ii further listed:
10. Wben jsm, mariuilsde, fruit,
butter, or jelly contains other fruit or
fruit juice tbau that which givoi ill
•pecitl name to the article, the fact
of tbe pretence of tuch other fruit
tbsll lie listed upon tbe hthel, io lei
ti-rinp si large and ss distinct ai thtt
uted io iiiiiiiiiii.' tbe fruit priuelpsliy
preient. Tail requirement doei uot,
however, tpply to the use of fruit
juice, up lu tbo iiioooiii of ten (IV)
per ceut. ot the weight of Ihe jam,
e|e., uied inttes'd of wutor in tbs
manufacture of tbe jam, etc.
11. Wheu lbe sugar iu preserve,
jam, marmalade fruit butter or jelly
it wholly or partially replaced by giu
cote, or by any otber ipbititute' for
sugar, the fact of tucb substitution
ibtll be ststed upon tbe Isbel in plum
Owned Psss
At regtrdi ctnued peat tbe regulation   ilclilics.'
I.   funned peas, unless specially lie
npe peoi pr ns prop or mai yeir,
I. Rips pesa may ba canned, provided tint tbi label shows <piito clearly
tbat thoy sre tpe),. Tbis mi m Am*
either by labelling tbcm ai canned rips
peso, pr'hi tin uso of tbo word ''tusk-
Ript aud Unrips Psas    .
..   Mixture of tip* ind OPfipt (tt
group) po»s, tblll b. plllbly liMHed
iu sdcli a way st to allow tbit tlltl
are tucb.
A former regulation ip regard to lard
il upieudeil by Sliding S provision lliul
-tmmtm ***d) Yftf lard na, eoHiptuinl
lard shall contain any uddeil roiuritig
Honsy, us iii-iinci, is eptiroly thc
product of tbs. work of boos oporstiug
upun tbe no.-liir of flowors Slid Otber
siii'chiiriui' exudations pf pluuls uud
contains pot more  thun   Hi per cent.
of wster, oot mora llmu t per cent, of
sucrose (cane sugar) not more than a
ipuuier uf I per cent- of sib sud nol
leu ihun uu per cont. of invert lugsr.
Carbonic Acid Buow TrtsUntut Proving Oenerally Buccetiful
In Iota tiou s year the carbonic
acid mow ireniui.-ni fur liirlhmarli,
wiiils, aud rodent ulcer, llrsl intra
duced tt Charing Cross Hospital, hus
gained an accepted place iu muderu
Tbu early experiments with the uew
remedy have been so successful in
suituble cases Uiat now practically
every hospital in the country, aa well
as thoiisViols of general proctilinucn
sud ikiujipecitliils, is making use of
the uew medicament.
The snow is prepared by alluwiug a
(bin spray of csrbouic acid gas, lique-
lied under pressure, to escape into a
felt coveriug slipped over the tap of
tbe iron cylinder containing the gas.
The gas is deposited ou tbe felt as
a very Uno powdered snow at a tour
peiiiioie of about IUU degrees beluw
aero. Tbe snow ia then solidified into
au icy pencil by being lightly packed
iuto a hard rubber cylinder with n
Treatment consists of pressing this
intensely cold pencil of carbonic acid
ice for a few seconds against llic
birtumsrk, wart or rodent ulcer lo
be removed. The resulting interne
cold   liei-.i". the pari, setting up ic
ll" pvp aim ine wuuou "sail minnun
fp # f|f dsys, leaving lbs akin prueti
csiiy pormsi.
Sib rf Work
1 Tbs Win' 4(4 Society pf tbs Vint
Baptist church will hold a tale ul
Work OP Priday, November 31)1 ll, ip
tbo lecture ruum of tbe , bUfeb, corpsr
pf Ht. (lenrges sud llllh street, lie
frcshiiii'iil.-i provided nud u good lime
[iroiiiiBoil. Tbit will bo a good opportunity 9>- buying pretty and useful
Chrislmus gifts. SOU
1601 Lonidtli Avsnus, Nortb
Csbinel maker, picture frunier and
jobbing work SUd repairs of all kinds.
Designs and eillmates submitted. Pur
ulture bought, sold and repaired. Phone
The Panama Theatre
Por the  Whole l-'nniilv
2 Slums   Nightly- 7:1(11 and  11:10
llic, Wie, itt,
Malinee Daily at« .'I- -10c and Ut
WHKHKAS by By-luw Number IIO!
duly iiussi-il, published und lliul uec.nl-
ini lo law, lhe (Torpurullon ol '.be i'lty
of Nurlh Vuncuuvei- wua. duly authorized lu widen l-'iitiiiii itreet rruni For-
bes Avenue lo Ht. Duvld't Avenue tu u
uniform width of one hundred '1G('|
feet and wai ttiereby eilruontuj to
enter upun, expropriate, brenk or tulte
and utu sucli real jii-upcrlv .ia wm nec-
■ .".uu v ile i. i'i v.iiiii.ui tbe cunsent uf
the ownera thereof:
ANIl WHKHKAS llle Cuuncll ul the
Corporation of thc Clly of NorHi Vuncuuver Intend lu curry nut Ibo suhl
llj-I.uw and to widen Kuui-lb Hired
from I-'oi Inn Avenue to Ml. Iluvlil'i
Avenue to a onlform wldtli of one liun-
Vancouvor hereby glvet notl'-o of (llu
CouncH't Inlcnllon to process Witn tbt
uuld wurk nnd lliut (he laid plana and
specifications buve been died wltb lilm
unit lhat the same may be liitpecled St
bis ufflce In the City ffa)|, North Vancouver, H, ....from lind after the day
of Iho date of tbia Notlcp;
nil eliilniu fur duniuKcs by reason of Hie
sub) propoied work or iindenulcliia
iniiiil be filed wilb the laid clerk of
thii Muiiielpullty wlllllll sixty 1)0)
iluys of tlie tervico of tucb notice (or
In cuse or poisons reildent without
tlio I'l'iviiioe wllhln ninety days from
audi service) and (bat ul) owneis, occluders or otber iiortons muil file with
(lie auld Clerk wllhln Ihe laid period
of sixty  ISO) days Ipr In esse
tfilsiilt wliiinufibii I'ltelniti tslthln
ninety (UO) daya llndi- claims tor dominies for uny real properly entered
upon, luken or uied by the Corporation
In Ibe exercltt of Itt poweri In retpect to the aald work or Injuriously
airected (liereliy at provided In section
lit nt tbo "Municipal Act" end tbst
In default thereof ony claim tot sucn
diimiikei will bo burred.
Dated ut the Oily of North Vancouver. Brltlah Columbia, lb|s MO day
of Novembor, Ull.
I Intend al the next regular meotiog of
tlie 1 .iconic i'iiniuii.'.'om'i" for tbe
Cily of Norlb Vancouver lo apply for
au Hulel Incense to be known by tbo
name of the Arlington Hotel aituate
ou luls twenty-seven iu lllock 106, R,
I,. 211, iu the city of Norlh Vsncouver.
Dated Nov. llth, UU. UU
Nov. t, lllli.
North Vancouvor, R. ('.,
Thirty duys ufler date I will apply
for a trunsfor of licence for tbe Boy-'
iniiiir Hole!, D. I,. 701, Municipality of
North Vancouver, from Jobu Mclnnii
lo Kciiiiclli D. Btiusuu.
(Signed)        JOHN MclNMIS.
Are You Moving
We dn moving of all kindt. (live ut
a trial. We also have heavy tcanii by
the day-express and baggage, or when
you want wuud, call or phono 1)7. Wo
have a large stuck uf mill wood 18x11
inch lengths. Puma.-e wood s ipecltlty
Prompt deliveriei.
IS Lomdale Avtnut
I'lione 87. Wood O.O.D.
A piece of land, adapted in every way for residential purposes, has an intrinsic worth over and above land which has merely a speculative value.
It has an actual value bated on the only true measure of any land- tlie money return, or the percentage which nin be realized from it by the addition of
improvements. In the case of residential property these improvements consist of a dwelling, the clearing, fencing and finishing; agricultural land gives
returns proportionate roughly to the efforts and capital put into the soil.
This principal is well illustrated, and acknowledged by capitalists, by the ease with which money can be borrowed on the security of
either improved residential property or improved farm lands anywhere. On the other hand, land with a purely speculative value either cannot be
mortgaged at ali or only by payment of an utterly exoi-bitant rate of interest.
THE THOMSON EJSTATE hai a speculative value in a high degree, but we lay more sires* al this time on ill residential value. Hits
Estate ii at a good elevation; it slopes slightly in a southerly and westerly direction; it commands a fine view of Burrard Inlel; the soil is of the besl
and ji entirely free from rock. ,
THE THOMSON ESTATE is being tolcj at from $6^5 to $700 a lot on excellent terms. If you want to secure a homesite for immediate use or to keep for a future time buy NOW when we are offering the property at actual SNAP pricei. Take thii on our word—you cannot lose and you MUST make good. APT WITHOI IT flFI AY
52 Lonsdale Avenue Phone 225 North Vancouver
'  ■ m Ww T wrPlpffffvf      # mff^mmmm^mtmm       fflfffff
^^ v W     .MP^rW^W^      frW     * W"# 99TW
Tbere sre mauy eulhuiiaslie Iseroiae
fsns who sre of opinion Hist lhe uuly
Uopu ror llie pmle.si.inul game in the
*mg lies iu tbe increase of Iho liuill
bsr pf leans In tbe ft. ft lacrosse Aa-
toeiation. Thete, n well it sll who
sre iuleresleil is tke welfare of tbe
national game st lbe coast, will be
pleased, therefore, lo leam tbat tbe
prospects aru very bright tbst Victor
is will bsve a flnt rloat team in the
Held next aesaon. Should such prove
to be tbe rate, il will lie due to the
fad thai Sir Kirburd McBride haa
sbi/wii bii inlerett in the welfare of
the nstiousl gume in liritish Oilum
bis, by finding lime, amid the duties
Double Corner
101x132 Fsst.
For $1900
Terms: 13 caab, I, IS tnd IB.
Pboue 468 P. 0. Box 2397
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Thu Victoria L'ulouitt at recuut dsto
gives Iho following .itlleuinul of tbi
Some time Sgo it WSS sunouiiced In
tbeao coluiiiiis thut lbs ebsncua of VU
luria baviug a pfpfetilousl Iscrotie
team in HUB wero very dim. Then Ibere
wat every reason to boliove that to bo
the rase, but recent ilcvelupiiiiiiilshuve
created s more promising outlouk, sud
as the siiiuiiinn 'stands at tbe present
lime, it is-Hiot goin4 tun fsr to say
Dial spurt devotee! may, after all, huld
themselves prepared to sou the nation
ul game played by prufeisiousli here
uexl summer.
The plan to bsve Jimmy Murphy,
president of Hie National Ijicrosse
I iiinii, insnsge n Viclorls loam was
lirst prumiilgutcil a year or su ago. All
wat going nicely and due Ully, S pro
lllineul eilslero lucrns.se man, coming
west iislciisibly merely tn Innk after
Ihu affairs of (he Cumwail Miulu cup
i hnilengcrs, was, il was said by Ibuse
nn lliu imiile, tliu a anrt uf advance
ii;" nl for dunlin Murphy. He WSI lu
spy out tliu lay nf the laud, leum juit
how milters .-Mod in tbe const league
and whether it wuulil be a paying pru
poiilimi lo put a team in Viclaria. Ile
intended, uf cuurse, to lie himself in
leresled hiiuiicially iu the club. Then
there iirusc u decided eublneis lietween
l.uili ami sume of the mainland In
• rosso magnates ami Lilly returned
easl, giving mil before lie lefl thai be
und Murphy Wuubl havo iiulhing tu du
with the proposition owing to a lack
uf ciiliesiou and a generally unsettled
.■.noIn nm uf utTuirs iu the il. ('. lesgue
whicii wuubl render il olmoit impoi
silde to enter u new leam and make
it pay.
Nuw, huwever, a renewed and more
puu,-iiul impetus which oughl to bring
I results, has been given Ihe muvumenl
llirough the ujinoumonieiil thll Sir
Hiiiiard .Mi-Bride will actively interest
himself iu it.
A despatch frum Turuulu brings Ihe
information lhat Jimmy Murphy is
again seriously considering  a request
i to come lo Victoria. Among other terms
stipulated, be wants a llireeyear ruu
trad and it is nut likely lhat he will
have auy difficulty in getting il.
i Murphy was in eoiiiiuuiiiialiuu witb
Sir Id. liar.I McBride, who wia in Ol
lewa last week, uver tbe lelepliuiie,
ami pruiuired Sir Hi. bard ihtt he
wuubl .ume wesl in February and
look the situatiuu uver.
' All of which simmers duwu lo t
goud bet that Murphy dues .nine lo
Victoria In manage a laerusM' i.um iu
In llu nests there are, on au average
26,'Pii) wasps.
Dou't forgot the big boxing lOMrnl'
ment under the auspices uf the Norlli
Vuneuuver Athletic Club in their olpb
mums, corner of Ksplunudii and Lmis
dill, un Monday, I8lb November, when
llio fulluwiug pugilistic artists will lull
tli for tpprsmscyi
Obsrlie I'utlnn, V.A.C chuinpinn,
special weight of Censds, vs. Jimtnle
Plther, uf N.V.A.C.
liuri'iicc Minn, .V.A.C vs. Harry An
iltitniiib N.V.A.tt.
Prunk Bsrricsp, N.V.A.C. woHer
weight eliiiinpiun vi. su opponent yet
tu lie selected.
Oil Mart in, iniddluweiglil liiampinn
nf Cunudu, vi. Prod. Osbornp, N.V.A.C,
Tumorruw sflertinun Iho Nnrlh Vnii
couver hoci.ev 11:1111 iii,'er. Hie Van
cuuver players un the Brucklun I'olnt
ground, tt il u'cluck. The fulluwiug
will line up as the local repreienlulivcs;
McPhersim, Meredith, liapham, •'•
llumpliruys, K. S. Buy lis, N. Humph
reys, Mamughleii, Cur.liiiali, 0. Wi.r.l.
P. N. Hiu lis, Condy.
" "i   r -—• — v I1",' ■
Tbs JBnuH of Putting s Couple of
Wins tn Wrs»| Tsrwlnili
A Isrge   number   uf   the   will's
greulesl invenliuua l)»ye been (Tie re
lull of tome accbloiitul mmm of
forces, thu lislure of which tbu persun
win) started  them  neither understood
nnr iuipec|sil. Tbe working of .ly-
iiamus st long i|ltttlioet ajisrt wlmu
prn|i|rlg, itnnssolsil wqi illinsiiereil by
St. Andrew's Church
11 nu a.m. subjeel, "Intensive and
Kxteiislve Influences; Mil) p.m. "Ileli
gion of Public Opinion." The pastur,
Kev. Honald Macleod, will preach et
both services.
On Tburiday libit, Nov. 2lit, St.
Andrew'i Hoys' Club'will meet u lhe
cbureb  at   7..'HI  pin.   when  tne  Key
-I'llie   jUllilir   III' I"     "'   1'Up,   pies.'H'e.I   I.'.'
Juhiistoii A Salsbury,  will be handed
uv er to the 'club.
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In the lost yesr we bsve Mild over ope hundred of Ihesc slowi in
Norlb Viucouver. This ytar »e i-spe.l oven u better record. If yuu
nied • reliable itnge, it will pey you to see Ibis one before <b, nlmg
We guarai.li.  ilnudule aetisfailion oil every range.
Patterson & Goldie
Plione 66
105-7 r-i-Iiiii.i.l.' Weit
If Han Would Bat a Little Bind Ht
Would Bulla No Ills
livery i r.'iiluic, from t clutry lo
au elepliuiii, devours a certain hiiioi.iiI
uf sand with ils food. Mm is the
unly eiiepiiini tu thii rule, and, Uc
curdiug tu a well knuwn doctor, il ii
becauae  uf  this  exception  he suffers
. ".Ml,        ills,
If we Ile sliull i|Uiuliliej uf Iluu
sand wilh every metl, says thii
doclor, we would never be liouldid
wilh indigestion Yoo muy see every
dty how neeesstry il ii to birds. They
riniiul live wilboOl il. Will iiniiiii-
ire the same. If they are tssfnsd,
in cages iu which Ihey <uiinot find
any kiml uf gritty subillin-e, Ihey
lure their tppelite tud toon liciomi-
ill ami miserable. All animals prefer
lu eat Iheir fund on the gruuud fur
Ibii rcsiwii.
Pul a plate uf meat down Inr a dog
and yun will ut once see thai he Will
lake il frum the plate and lay it on
lhe ground, unless prevailed. lis
Initios!! tell il that a small quantity
uf gritty substance is beneficial.
Psiliilioui msn requires everything In
be free from the slightest particle of
grit, and until we recognize that il is
iieccisiry lu perfect health wc rlrill
sulfur frum mdigesliuu and utber ilia.
The writer his fur years insisted upon
a   small  quantity  of saml   — tilvir
A scientific jnurnil says: "Soon uf!
er lhe opon ing of the Vienna exposition in UT1, | eareluii wiirkmun
picked up lbe emit of u couple of wires
whicii he fuiiiid trailing ulung llie
gruuud. He fasleued them in tlm ler
iniiuii. of a d.vniiinii, to iiiuiii he
thought Ibey belonged, while they were
really attached lu another ilynsinu tbst
waa running in soother psrt of Ibo
"The dynsjuo to which ho fstteueu!
the wires wsa uot runuiug, but si ioou
as the wires were pliced in Ils ter
uiiiuil- il revolved st if a steam engine
was driving it. The wurktnin was
iioin.'1'il The engineers ami electricians
wure sitouiiheil by the discovery thst
s dyilsmo ulectrie mschine (luruod by
steam power) would turn another situ
ilur machine a long distune uwuy If
properly connected to it liy electric
wires. Thui originated one of the
must revolutionary applications uf elec
The fact lhat puwer ran lie transmit
led for milu. by electric wires ia uue
uf the must imporlsut tVtoro in mod
ern civil engineering achievements.
iviicncn juppiu*
Cord Wood
POK SAI.K Unlimited amount of
uni wood or stuve wood Thuiu|wui,
ami Stuart.   I'buues III and XoM   If
>' Here ii s duiuty little sentence from
Ibe "Courts uf Europe," • series of
urlicles contributed regularly lu a cou
temporary. Auy school child of Nurth
Vancouver will doalilieaa liml it per
I'll',    .-unpie   to   uliulwe:
' 'A nin luke Piuu.-is Perdinatid'i ie
l. - imu uf so pronounced a Ciech No-
iiniiulist ta tbe Kigbt Kev. Dean
Slinowiky of Juiigbuu/lau ai priuci
pul luiui lu Iske cbsrge of Ibe edu
- ul i.m of bii leu year old lou, Prince
Maximilian of llobauberg, of the t
year old Prince Email, and of the tile
veil iteur old Princess Sophie, couiti
lutes iiii.nli,r indication uf tbe falsity
of the sloriei whieb are perpetually
beiug circulated iu tbe native mil fur
cign preu, lo Ihe efTecl lhal he is de
Icrmiued uii hii sccewiou tu raise his
morganatic wife, the lluebcss uf ilu
hciiberg, to a place beside him uu 'he
thruue, at Kinpreu of Auitrii and
ijuuuu ol Hungary, Slid lo grsul lu llil
clnhlrcu the rsuk of full Hedged priu
ceil ind princetiei of tile blood, ami
as sucb, iu Ibe line of lUcceuion lo
lha crown."
In t'orea marriage ii even more
important ami esiential for a mau than
il ii for a womsn, ss, until a man be
wed, he ii a being of no accuunl. If t
father hai nul selected wives fur hii
suns ere Ihey reach Ibe age uf tweuly,
be is considered worthless and neglect
Too Late to Classify
Fill! KKNT- Pive roomed lent  bun
gulow, partly furuiihed on lllltli itreet
east  uf  '/ -l.'nv   on   I-vnn   Valley
car line 22 HI
We have tome of the cheapest buys.   Good location
adjoining lhe original Townsite.   For full particulars let
Local Atmtli tat British Empir, Bout Inourooce Ot., Leaden Amtnat*
Ws will bs sissssd U bsvt IltUnft; slso howl lot aale et rant
Vtma m V.O.Itttnt
On View in our Window the
Splendid $25 Cold Watch
and Bracelet
Get • Ticket witli Every Pair of Shoes Bought
What is mora uaeful for a Ctuiolaai sr Ntw Jfitr'i (lift Uuu) s Pslr of
•llp»eri7 .hjby.     .
Wt hsva s largi leUctinn froo 60 csnts s*JLf.
Ladist' Ossy Comfort Sllu^n in sll colors.
Men'i Pelt, Vslvit or leather Mlypsit.
OUUrss's mmatn at alt hint*. I '
IM varieties U aelsct fros.. f,
Be Bead te Oo Axrota to Vaacouvtr for Poetwssr.
tkt OB a vim
Everybody's Shoe Store
wood ■ nm
p.». iw mi
WHEN in want
of Kitchen
Supplies don't
overlook the fact
that we have a
complete line and
carry nothing but
the best, and every
piece is guaranteed
Our stock of STOVES and HEATERS
are the best we can buy and prices are right
paine & McMillan
•* !
n i
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Don't Take Chances!
Buslnsss msn snd businsst liomei
srs usually judgfd liy tht (irinUd mat
ter tliiy ssnd out.
(Jan you afford to tiki cbiucei wltb
your printing wbeu good work lu tbis
Ilus costs llttls, if suy, mors.
We Do Good Work
Plrst Btrsst Bsst, Nortb Vsncouvsr
CO. have moved
Ao 59 Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.


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