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 F      VOLUME W
Wjwffm   ™f
\nrr9flltri hmtitirw9 El«cHoa
Tlio following questions |iro|iosei) lo
lie put to til' candidates at tlm forth-
coming municlpsl elections will lio submitted to * general mooting of the
North Vancouvor Batejmyors' Assoeia-
tion at the city hall on Friday oven-
1,   Will you a.lvoi.-iil..■ pmeadainlzing
jfJte inain streets of tho city before
Ilny attempt it mado to lay any kind
. of block psvingt
8. Dp you advocate the city giving
further finaucial support to the B. I.
tV T, Oo. tpward tbe construction of the
Secpptl Narrows Bridgot If so, what
8. Will you advocato the immediate installation of a gas syslom in
Nortb Vancouver!
4. Will you insist tbat sucb systom
In- owned by tho eity if the civic A-
nances are in such condition as to render tbit possible?
6. If it is necessary to grant franchise to * private company in order
to secure an immediate supply of gas
for healing and lighting .will you in
tist tbat no bonus or exemption from
taxation be granted t That the, city
be given the right to purchase tbe
plant and business on fnvorablo terms
whenever sucb actiou appears desirable "ml tbst tbo terms of such franchise be tubmittod to tbo public votet
fl. Dp you favor the division of tbo
city into wardtt
7. Are you in favor of extending the
city limittt
6. Will you advocato taking immediate steps for acquiring the foreshore
right opposite the Indian Mission He
nerve for tbo cityt
9. Would you bo in favor of deviling tome means wborcby an owner of
. uncleared lot centrally located could
be either inducod or compelled to blow
Western News Letter
Oow*rt*d Mov*meut to Smooth* tb*
Pathway for Futur* Empire Build
Winnipeg, Man.—"The immigrant is
tb* real touchstone of modern imperial statesmanship." Tbis senleneo
sounds the keynote which is to guide
tbe future policy of Artbur T. llnul.es
', special immigration commissioner for
i Hf-tnaila. Itr. Hawkes believes the
immigrant to bo Ihe body, brain and
•oul «f tbo Dominion. Continuing, be
; |»)-,: "/The empire has been made by
•migration. It can onyi bo maintain
' td by all parts of tho empire learning
the lesson of emigration. We have
only jusl begun to appreciate tbe many
•14*4 importance, and lo understand
the possibilities of tbis inlcr-imperial
transference of an Imperisl peoplo, as
tbey advance to take possession of Hie
lut but west, bo* increased into a
rolling volume of sound thtt it pleasing
alike to the oars of iininigreilon offi-
citls, boards of trade, townsite organ-
Iters and town planning commiiaious
—wb|eh, by tho way, is t Reminder
that tvtiy town planning commission
is Canada aud the Hailed SUtes It
likely to receive within tbo neit rcw
days as invitation lo tbe international
congress of town planning commit-
•ions to be beld In Winnipeg early In
18111, where tbe intercbtnge of ide**
among city builders and trade oxlcu-
lion tntbusiasts Is likely to generate a
new interest is tbo subject of immigration is general and west Oanada iui
migration is particular.
Ever Westward
B*eent colonisation figures compiled
from reliable sources by railway and
immigration officials indicate Ibal Hie
ym 1*11 bm established a record of
incoming settlors to Canada, and has
evon exceeded last year's figures by
nearly ttMO. It It also stated by the
assistant superintendent of railway
terminals at Montreal tbat fully 70
pit cent, of tbe newcomers went
straight through to westers Canada.
th* great majority bpinst well supplied
witb ready mosey and personal effects.
In coutrast lo tbs largo number of Ital-
i»os and Oreistali who come isto Canada but wjio do sot Hay, |t ii pointed
ont ihtl tbo .ountrlo* pf Vorllicru
Hprope and probably even Scotland are
a.'lually being drained of tboir lite'*
bloi.J .tkeir smrditrt toil* poi cpmo-
^btt* daughters having beard tfce call
f.l tb,* y eat mw went asd buMcjui-i
fi rpiAlp II ef tin-tone* with tU ev#
tar routing Ibiong that'It to Mi;! the
il'kiel.. nl' lie new empire li.., ■ I t'r
teas. However, ft i' the northern
Europe ilium: Hint is feeling tbo paralyzing effect Of tbii irresistible west-
war.l ino'oiir.i.'f. Pfppi St. John, New
Brunswick, ...no pf the olb.it icttle-
nienls in eastern Canada, comes Ihe
word that tho people of i be entire province aro stirred as oarer before tilth
the seriousness pf tbo problems arising
from tbo wholosalo emigration taking
place to tbo power west; and his Lordship Bishop Hicliiinlsoii at tbo recent
l.-ivinen'ii Missionary Conference In St,
John doclared that the pooople must
rouse thoineslves and pursue such a
policy of -development as would not
only prevent tbo westward movement,
but attract many immigrant! tp Now
Brunswick, li is to be fearod, however, that bis liiirdsliip and Hiobo interested with bim might with equal
success command the sup aud moon to
stand still iu mid-heaven as to undertake to stem the tide that has non-
set in for tbo upbuilding of tbo new
empire to the wost of tlio bead waters
of tho St.  Iiiiwronce.
Utt Blood of Northern Europo
Referring to tuo great popular movement of tbo sturdiest offspring of northorn Europe iuto western Canada, hi,
,1. Cloven of Winnipeg states that tbe
progress of tho Scandinavians who
have settled in Manitoba bat been nothing short of miraculous; and Hint he
for bis part intends dovotiug bis entire attention to advocating oven larger immigration from the countries lie
represents; as Scaiidinoviaiis, be says,
make tome of tbe best citiieui. Mr.
Cloven was one of tbo loading organizers of tho Noruiauualsget society,
ono of tho oldest and largest Norwegian societies jn Canada, and he bas
uow been approached by tbe Dominiou
governmeut as Canadiau immigration
agout for tbo Scandinavian eouutrics.
Tho fact is often overlooked, however,
tbat about 70 per cont. of the immi
grants into tho Canadian wost come
from tbe United States ;and in viow
of tbo fact tbat it is recognized in
official circlet tbat tbe proportion of
British settlers iu Ibe west should be
largely increased. Says the editor of
Tbo Canadian Gazette: "We waut from
Great Britain the young sons of farm
crs who are so helpless iu tbo Knglisli
cities, lo placo thorn iu training centres
aud then distribute tbcm on Canadian
And it bo* even been argued thai
it is tbe duty of Ihe British govern
ment lo tpond money in turning intending immigrants into citizens whom
Csusda can advantageously accept.
Sueb money, il is said, should be spent
in "i,lieges or schools, to be subsidised
by Ibe-British government, tbe Cap-
adiau governmeut acting ss trustee,
where people bsving nothing lo do in
England could learn the rudiment* of
agriculture , Surely Canada needs
men aud money mml where is the use
askt Iho Gazelle, of construeling rail
ways and canals, unlets tho population
it poured in—a population instructed
in agriculture—lo open up Ibe laml I
It It believed Ibtt British statesmen
will soon be giving serious attention
ami earnest thougbt to tbis important
pbaso of tbis ever-present and Inrrcat
ingly  urgont emigration  problem.
Preient Day Emplrt Buildlug
Finally ,and by no meant of icait
importance, in tbe work of aiding to
tmootb Iho pathway iuto weitern Can
ada of the great army of lbc future
empire builders, Ibo comprebeotive
work of townsite orgtnizert asd land
companies; wilh Ibeir rrntralized in
foripsliou bureaus and thousandfold
source* of reliable dale is lo acluil
conditions and beckoning opportunities
in tbo golden west, should not be
overlooked. The Great Hudson's Bay
Company, chartered tbret centuries ago
set the standard for all,time at lo
wbat it to be anticipated from private
enterpriio in tbe way of nation found
ing smi empire buildisg; asd the Can
adias railway system asd townsite or
gani/ers of today are tbe heirs sud
lineal lUfceuori ef tbe precedents
tben  eitablitbed.
.     Scotsmen ffdl Organ!**
Medicine Hat, Alta.—Among recent
visitors to tbe Hat wai A. W. Noye*
of Uie Chicago Groat Western, who
ii making bi* annual lour through the
W**t. Ia as interview Mr. Noye,
uid: "I have frequently vltitcd tbe
big tows* of Alberta aod Baikatrbc
was; asd tb* cities which I consider
to bav* the biggest future before tbem
lie Kdmootos, Calgary, Moose Jaw,
Baikatoos asd Medicine bat. I have
paid ««veral visit* to Msdleise Hat
during tbe put few yean, aad I malt
•ay that its growth Is stupendous." Jt
ba* recently traniplred that this city
bat been provisg particularly attrar-
tiv* tp Scottmeo ui active itepi
bav* sow bats lit en toward tie or
gaaizatjen of a local brand) pf tbe
Sew ft Scotland mtitj .appUeatieB
fpr charter having been forwarded to
to the society's grand lodge ip Toronto.
Efflcleut Organization
Jjothliriilgo,   Atlu,■- Conipuel   organization apd  efficient  working methods
employed by tho southern Alberta An
•eciated Beards pf Trado are prevlpg
oxlruoriliniirily lUcceisful iu the pm
motion Of liethbridgo's growth. Tbe
Idea of tbe association is to assist
tbo smaller boards of trade and tbe districts which tbey represent throughout
southern Alberta. A concerted effort
will now bo made to bavo each of
these districts adequately represented
in tbe ciiiiing Dry Farming Congress,
which will bo held at I.othbridge iu
1U11! and which will bo especially designed to advertise to tbo outsido
v. .,1-1.1 tbo resources aud possibilities
of this section o ftbo west. Dr. P.
I,. Leech is expocted to enter upun hi-
duties as permanent secretary of Hi
association on January 1st,
Nowadays when tho seasons teem
lo play sueb merry pranks wilb us,
when gloomy summers and sunny winters are regarded as over present possibilities, it Is almost rcmarkublo to
bavo mow ami Christmas occurring
simultaneously in a mild climate. The
weather clerk has so very Irei|unlly
in tbe post shown himself disiucliucd
to pauder to lbc Christmas card sup.
position that all landscapes at Ibis sea
sou of tbo year must of ucecssity bo
buried in suow.
Totterdty ,Norlb Vaueouver opened
ber lattice window and held our arms
of v.el, "ins' lo an uuczpcclcd white
visitor. Certain citizeut, to bo turc,
bad uid tbo day previously, wilb the
usual, sapient handshakes, "We sliull
have mow." But then one bas come
to regard these weather prophets as
very unreliable creatures. Tboy arc
generally sueb poor logicians. Tbey
carefully uy "Wc shall bave rain" iu
Juno, and if the rain occurs live weeks
later they clamor for tributes lo Ibeir
prophetic genius. Saturday's seers,
however were rightfully inspired for
once. Snow fell in a quid dignified
way during tho uight and turned the
eity ilsell into a Christmas card .The
air was u frosty as au ice-maiden's
smile. Doubtless tbe kiddies jumjed
out of bed ,grabbed the heavenly slock
lug aud jumped back again: Ibere lo
I'lainine Santa Claus' anuual offerings
until father bad the Arcs going.
Christmas in North Vancouver! A
better and truer beading would be
Christmas the whole world over .Even
those ntlions that deny and ignore
the tlgoiflcauco of the festival some
how come under ill ipell in one way
or auolher. Jobn Chinamen, for instance, appears ou the back verandah,
his faco wrealbed iu smiles like a
celestian Bant* Cl*us. He b*nds you
bis urrcd lily as a Christmas offer
Ing. (s justice to John ,ono csn aver
thai thtt same spirit actuates bim,
wbicb, *" unling to Dickens, influenced
Scrooge many many years igo. "A
beastly expeusivo lime, Christina,,''
somebody grumbles—a modern as yet
unrcforjned Scrooge—"presents forlbe
kids, fun for the wife, cigars, candies,
drinks, tree* and * turkey Hrrr'"
Well, well, well. He is Ibe exception
proving tho rule. "Merry Xmaaoa''
and "Happy New Years" are still
cheerily universal. Peace ou earth,
good will to men li slill Ihe leuos-
side wish. Make it the perpetual
maxim of the rare, aud life will become ecstatic I
A walk through Ihe streets yesterday wu interesting If one wu audacious enough lo peep through uncurtained windows. Tbere is a brief
polite way of doing tbis, and tbe re
mark it not intended to imply t no«e
protwd plumb sgaintt someone vises
pane and two imprudent eyes staring
ttrtigbt Into a slrangor's home . A
passisg glimpse of a few seconds is
surely pardonable, particularly wben
that bald fblny paternal head vaguely
dittioguiihtblo at the top of the table
leti/you chuckling snd Dunking God
you're alive. In tbe next wlsdow
Ibere it an elderly roan siting In Ibe
glow of a lamp, reading Ihe Xmu.
number of bis favorite paper. From
Ibo adjacent bouse tb etbrieks of de
lighted rbildren, witb a poor piano
struggling vainly lb be beard. And to
os ud to ss. A* Dickens aay*—but
what It the use of quoting Dickens
ptrticultrl/f Tennyson hai uid it,
tbey bav* all Uid it. There are so
twp downright pinions about Christ
mu. It I* imt a merry mocforlablt
period and North Vtncouver celebrated
it u »ueb ymtily.
The city fathers will eppvepp in re
gulur session at tbe city ''»" tbii
evening ut 8 o'clock.
Threo individuals who had carried
Xniss oxuberatiom to liquid exceu
wero discharged on tuaponded lonteucp
tbii morning at tbe city ball.
Tbo St. Andrew's ami Caledonian
Society bold their Hogmanay danco in
the horticultural Hall on Friday night,
whon lively music will be provided by
Boynolds four piece orchestra.
Tho Christmas tree  exercisci    and
inn .ii  of tbo Sunday school of the
First Baptist church will bo lipid in
tbat church this ovening commeuciug
sharp at 8 o'clock.
Mr. uml Mrs. Bennett of Olb street
eust had a visit from Santa Claus early
Christmas morning and there was loll
a baby son to gladden tbeir homo ni
Ibe seasons roll.
Mr. Is's'.l.'i, proprietor of tbo Palace
Hotel, is employing u scene painter lo
adorn Die ceilings of curtain rooms of
Ibo hotel with panel pictures ,jn oil,
Among other improvements ho is hav
ing cement walks laid iu frout of tbe
A tent erected at the corner of Ms
bou avenuo uml Ksplanodc caught Are
ou Sunday morning and was entirely
demolished. Despite its being situated
between Iwo other leuls, ucilhcr of
tbo latter were in any wuy seriously
affected. The ill fated structure was
the home of Mr. St. John.
Mr. A. S. McDowell has intimated
bis dosiro to continue i u office as a
member of Die Board of School Trustees and will enter Ibe field accordingly
M. McDowell bas done valuable work
iu Ibis department of the city's affairs, aud hit decision will be groetcd
wilb approval by bit many fricndi
and lupportcri.
The SI. Andrew'i aud l.'aledouiau
Society are advertising a "Nicht wi
Burni" and a Haggis supper and dunce
for Thursday, January 85th. To ijuoto
Hie words of Die announcement "A
Hot Scotch Diuuer will bo dished oot
in Hie Horticultural Ha'at 7,80 o'clock
The Haggis will be piped Into lbc Ha'
and banded oot by braw lads and
bonnie lasics."
Mr. tnd Mn. D. Luing bavo bad
Ibeir daughter tud louin-law, Mr uml
Mrs. Gcorde Fox of Vernon, spending
Christmas wilb tbem. Tbe visitors
were passengers un lbc west bound 0,
P, ll. train wbicb rail into a small
rock slid* seven miles west of l.yttuii
onSalurduy morning uml was ubout 18
hours l.ii... olber delays having occurred casl fo Ibo miiuiiIiiiii
The SI. Andrew's and I'ulediuiiun
Society will bold Iheir aunuul Unguium
ay dance in Ihe Horticultural Hall on
Friday sight. At in former years Ihe
commillee vouch for a high standard
of merriment being served lo those
wbo come along and Ihe ladies will be
in evidence wilb Ibe usual Scottish
delicacies *t supper time. The rus-
lomiry function of swearing in the
new nils, ris will Isko place duriug
Ibo evening, ushered in by the strains
of tbe pipes,
Tbe Knigbls of Pytbiss bavo issued
la-i.i invitations for tbe opening of
Ibeir new rssllc bsll on the corse;
of Chesterfield avcuue and tth itreet.
Tbit celebration It dtled Tbpndty,
January tlh, 1918, and timed for 8.341.
Tbere it a supper tnd dancing. Inter
ettisg fad, concerning the new ball
aro given is the invitations asd the
names of the directors are also included: H. E .Beld, pres., M. McMillan,
v ice pres.; J. B .Bulger, sec-treat.; A.
Davits, A. K. Kealy, T. I,. Kennedy
snd W. C. Kiienman.
j An entertainment and Christinas
IrU display took place successfully io
thi Capilano ichool house pn Tburiday evening. Despite tbe inclemency
of the weather noarly one hundred lo
cal resident* assembled and listened
appreciatively to wngt, recitations snd
disloguet rendered by tbe pupils In t
manner wbicb wu is itself proof of
Hie iireful training given tbem by
Mr* Harlow. Mr- AlUn presided
over * lively compaay which wu re
galed witb refreshments provided by
lb* ladle*.
Tb* only regrettable future pf tb*
evening wu tbt absence pf any re
prouslative ef tbe council ar tcbool
liperd, whote praus.es woald bavs been
»u encouragement tp educational pro
grcss in lit dirtrict. Tbp (»rl»lmu
tree wu laden wltb good liiugt for
the kiddie* who departed amid lurb
a tumult of tis trumpets tud drum* as
wu ae»arMsty»'tw4 ia implnot.
tf. j, wmh vm
Tbp gui'Hls nl  the Hulel  Nurlli Yap
couvor were on Sunday ovouing at
uiiniii nipp o'clock   cheerily   silting
round a yulo lire ip the hotel lounge,
laughing, chatting asd throwing Xmas
gift wrappings and stray pieces of
paper quite unthinkingly Iuto thp
already merrio blaze. Eventually tbe
lliio protested. It flatly declined tp
endure pay sipro beat, uo matter what
time of tbe year it wat. Briefly it
caught Are. Everyone was very much
alarmed and eyewitnesses say tbat
from a distanco tbe hotel roof appeared
to be entirely op lire. Very promptly, howovor, willing volunteers had
climbed to tho roof and were oxtiu-
guisbing tbo blaze as. calmly us if tbey
wero watering plants. Ip a vory short
time conditions were again lovolled tp
a normal grade .Meanwhile someone
bad giveu tho Aro call, thus prpvijing
tbe local brigades witb an opportunity
to distinguish themselves. They seized the opportuuity with great vim,
The 1st street coulingeut was ou tbo
... i-i..- in three miuutes while the i.'nh
street aggregation created a commendable record by covering the rough-hewn
course betweon l.'ith aud Mr. I - u.im ' >
hold in 8 miuutes. *
Tubiigiiiming was lbc order on
Christmas day, boys and girls of ull
ages participating.
Mr aud Mrs. H. T. Porry and family were guests st Mrs. Parry's parents
in Vaueouver over tbe week end and
the holidays.
Tbe Christmas tree ami entertain-
meni arranged for tonight in Knox
church is connected wilb tbe Union
Sunday sebppl over whicii Mr. Wm
Kuowles hu been superintendent for
some yean. Tbero is an interesting
program to bo porformed and the dis
tribution of tbe presents from tbe treo
lo tho 118 children  uow on  tbe roll
will   bo   certain   to   lirnllse   enllillsili- III
Every ono is invited.    Admission free
It hu becu pointed out that au error
was mado in tbe news item concerning
tbe carol singers. They claim iwlc
pendence of actum in this connection,
and were inspired purely from nn ar
listic standpoint, there being uo effort
made for funds for any cause. Tbo
term applied—heroes—bas a greater
significance when this and the weather
are taken iuto account,
Mr .11. Vau Muuster preached Die
Chritlmu message on Sunday morning
aud at tbo close annouueed lo his
congregation that in thu course of
events'that would be bis lusl sermon
to them iu his official rapacity. His
work—aubject to the asseut of the
Mission Board—lying iu Nortb Lous
dale. Au application bas been seul
lo Ibo board for a mun to supply Ibe
vacancy in Knox cbureb, but up lo
Ibe prcsout uo answer bas been re
Tbe Sacrament of tbo Lord's Sup
per will be administered st the morn
ing service next Sunday in Knox Pres
bylcrian cbureb. Hev. Bonald Mae
Icod, moderator, will preach and will
officiate al Die communion. A prcpur
alory service will bo beld on Friday
evening of tbis week at wbicb Mr.
Mm lend will be Ibe speaker. Light re
frcsbmcuts will be provided tp tbat
the missionary and ituion may have a
belter pppprtusity pf makisg tbe acquaintance of those witbing to attach
Ibemselvcs to the cbureb. Friday
eveolng at 8 o'clock.
At noou today tbe Capilauo car
jumped tbe track and wu put out of
busioess. Coming dowu Fell avenue
Ibe car attained quite a high rate of
speed tnd ps searing tbe corner Me-
tormso Kdilinglou diicovercd Ihe
brekei would sot act. Tbe (pood of
tbe rar carried it off tbe rails asd it
rostisued on it* course and burying its
front wheels is the road it lies almost
turned over. Nearly all the glass is
smashed and the body of Ihe rar bu
received serious injuries. Tbit may
not, bowevor, be io bad as it wu one
of Ibe old type cars, tbe single truck
vsriety. witb wbicb tbe run out. to
Capilano apd return witk only two
cart bid been a trylsg ose. Osly two
pauesgen were carried at the time of
accicUst asd neJtber pf tbeso were burl,
bad t*» car beep fuller Mrious conic
quinces might bav* respited.
The K|n4*rg*rte*, at ib* *Wntj ol
ltd alreet asd Lensdale avenue will, at
let the Christmas holidays, bo joined
wltb St. Thomas' girl*' school. Keys
•till admitted. Application* fof en
rolmtnt tp be mad* tp Mr. Bowe it'
stead pf Miu U: 0. JMmiop u tor-
mny. nn
Express Classified Ads.
WANTBD-To   excaVatonl   Esrt(i.
App|y Wallace Shipyards Ud.     t.f.
Wo havo money fpr tbp pprebaw pf
Agreements of Halo.   Canadian Financiers Ltd., Hunk pf Hamilton Building.
* m
WANTED-Tpn|lprs wanted for excavating comer of King apd Lonsdale,
l-lxtiil. Approximately 300 yards. Box
1807, North' Vancouver. f.t.'
FOB SALE-Firet growth dry wood
for M.78 por cord, 4 ft- 0. Mcllade,
l'hono 81. General  teaming,. t.f.
FOB SALU-Fir wood HM per cord.
Apply John Campbell, 227—Ctb itreet
west, or phono 301. 18-1
FOB SALE-Two Angora (joati,
sheaj,. Mrs. A. Hodgson, cor. 12th
pnd St. Georgo's. " ™
FOB SALE- Lots 8, 8, 10, block 03,
I). L. 800. Price (2880 or separate, 1-3
cash, 0 and 12 months. Apply Boz A10
Express Office. 181
FOR SALK-Uprighl Grand Piano.
Price tllO, n snap. Nearly new. Can
bo scon iu Nortli Vancouver. Apply
Box 2120, Nortb Vancouvor.       20-12
FOB SALE-Wood, 18-ipcb ir,
i'.i.'lh, cedar blocks, t'1.26, cord wood,
*t.oD. Lcovo orders at btru, Ith and
Bidgeway or P. 0- Bp* Wlf     1|M
FOB SALE-Tbree tHTfoiot" loCa  on
Queen street, Avo minutes' walk from
Lonssliile avenue, $360 each, one third
cash, 8, 12 and 18 mouths. Apply
K., "Express" Office.
FOB halk Light delivery bone
weight 1,080 lbs. Good all round
i aimer. John Alexander k Co., 121
Lonsdalo Avenue, N. Vaneouver.   t.f
BOOMS FOR KENT--Ilo.uiekoepiag.
218 2nd Stroot oast.
FOB   KENT-One   suite,   Coloniii
A !-.-> 11 ns .'ii i ■.   Telephone aud  but in
eluded. I.:
FOR BffliT-Lonsdalo Avouuo. mod
em liriniin bouse. Immediate pusspv
sion. Apply Irwiu, Billings k Co.,
Limited. t.f
TO RENT -Choico modern suites on
3rd street. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
North Vuncouver. t.l
Cot it at Lonsdalo Pharmacy Pbone fl
Room  and  board  at Iho corner o:
Quccnsbury and Gib ou car line.  Vi •
Mrs.  Adams, maternity nurse, near
Hotel, Lynn Valley Boad. 10 I
Agreements for Sale discounts...
Money wailing. Lonsdale Bealty Co..
838 Lonsdale Avcuue. I'bone 317.   t.i
B.  C.  Livery aud  Board stable*-
l.ighi  rigs and ladies' saddle horn
for blrc.   Stabling for horses     Q*i,
oral delivery and heavy teaming.    Jl.
Dumas, tlh street wost. Pboue 347 t.f
For plumbing, pipo filling snd csn
uceting see F. B. Hormon, Frederic!
Boad, Lynn Valley, or Pbone 184,   t.f
Tbo North Vancouver Dy* Works
44 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to do
U good work at cheaper pricts than
you cas possibly get in Vancouvei.
Give us a trial, tb* result will tpuk
for itself. . Phont 147.       t.f.
Bower connections by experienced
workmen. Good grade Iroo pipe. Wori.
fully up Ip requirements of city is
spectipo bylaw. Estimates given. J.
Vincent, General Delivery, Nortb Van
couver. II
IjOST—A ium of mpney on Jlr'd
last. Bpward, W, J. Qtmime, P. 0.
Hoy mt. li
imJ-f)a Keith road betwen St.
Androw'i and St. David's, a lady's
poejket book. Krturs to Boa All.
Expreu Office. till
till IIBIBIM ,     I    11 Will 11
MM tnf^M.m\mtl*^'^
the Boyal Aeademy of Music. Londp*,
England, teacher pf piaaofarte, virtu
Nprti Vaocouror twy watf. Mt^tm
WO ffmeh ivnoe, Veneonttt. Pboa*
1 J_
PaWlshed Tuesdays and Fridayi hy North Shore Praps, Limited.
Batu of |8p|w«riptlo»i-One ytar, flM, 81. MgtjM, «0e, Wire* montbi, 25c,
United. BtatM aad Fwalfu, fP? m ym,
AdwrtUlng BaU* WW M s)tl»M pb Application.
TM *T»«aa Is derated te tkt inttrtstt pf tk* UattV 8bp»e pf Bprrard Inlet
•aolutively. It comtltutei aa advertising medium of exceptional value fpr
latching fn a thorough pad ejtutiv* manner tk* populttion af North Vancouvor
Oity and Dlstrlet. Every alert le nude tp give advertisen tb* mott satisfactory
AU thing** in eoatrtct *dv«rtisementi ihould be ip tbe printer*' bauds not
Ifllar than 10 a. at, Mondty and 6 p. m. Wedsetday to ensura insertion In tbe
following Istut.
Mortti Vanoourer, I, 0...
.D*c*mb*r it, mi
An Hem tn tbe Hamilton " Spectator" pf recent date ttatee tbat during
tbe pretent recess the teats in tbe le-
gitlative ball ef tha parliament buildings at Ottawa are to be thoroughly
renovated and addt tbat thii is tbt
fint time that they bave bean given
auch attention tines tbey were originally installed.
Every Canadian wbo faplt a pardonable pride in tbe upboldipg pf the
prestige of tbe federal houso aud who
recognizes tba importance of externals
witb respect thereto, will entertain
ths hope that this action upon tbe
part of tbs govornniout it but tbe straw
which rovotli tba fact that tbt current it letting ia itrongly toward a
thorough overhauling of the houses of
Any citizen who hu been preient
during any leuiooi of tbs houie, aod
who oot*d conilitiom such u are tp
parent to even the casual obiervsr,
could not but have noted the fact tbat
while a portion of tka furnishings and
appoistrntstt of tht variout tptrtments
throughout tb* buildisgt ia modem and
of a creditable chtracUr, tbere ii nev-
•rtheleu, a great deal of it tbat bu
***n it* but dayi and does sot imprest on* u being up to th* standard
that ought to prtvail in tha national
legislative building of a country tucb
u Canada. It wpuld be a wite move,
war* tbete old timt article* diictrded
tad replaced by higk eltss modera
furniibingi throughout the tutirt
buildisgt. Tbe idea of renovation of
tb* aid uat* ia tk* council chamber
it good to fir u it gou, but it would
not havt bun imiss bad tbe govern-
m*at duidad te iartal a teriea of tht
but type of modern office chain for
tbt ute of tht membera instead of tbe
old style seat* which are sow in uu.
A walk through the parliament
building* while a io*»iou it In progress
givtt tha ordioary observer a further
imprttsiou that tk* buildisgs ar* too
small to piovldt adequate accommodation for tPe members asd tbe busineu
of parliament. The members are dis
tributed in companies, in spartmeste
throughout ths building, asd is very
masy instance* these apartments ara
overcrowded witb dsaks, etc., wbils is
other isstsscu tk* room* ara (ituattd
in out-of-the-way aud incoovenieut lo
eatioat; typiitt tre likewitt evldeotly
placer] witb thtir duka is masy in-
static** just wherever accommodation
can be arranged for tb* time. All of
wbicb give* tbt dittiuct impression
tbat tka buildisgi ar* overcrowded and
tbat esUrgtmest it imperative.
Tbi* lack of ad*qu*t* ac.commoda
tiaa ia ao wk*r« nor* apparent tban
la tk* library. Her* tka apartmant,
wbicb ia naturally ipltsdidly arrasgsd
as. well *quipptd, it crowded to tk*
crillsgi on all side* asd is many tec
lioss of tb* room book* ar* pllad la
thru at four tier*, ooe behind tb*
etfcar os tbt thtlvet. Tk* result can
paly b* tbat tk* facilitiet for advaa
tagtou* arraagtmeut which were ori-
ginally provided ar* diurranged and
aot only i* a couidtrabl* portion of
tb* library practically iaareetsiblc, bat
•v*n that portion which la tea-
ttaatly in demand caasot b* arrasgad
to advastagt. Hence tk* uwfulau*
of tbit augnbtcaat library i* greatly
impaired baeaau of iaadequate ac.com-
modatioo. Tka situation ia not re
li*v*4 from tb* fact tbat p)»si bav*
b**a in eiiittnct for wm* yaua tat
tin **darg**a*st of tke library. It
it'vary patent tkat thau plan* (or
otkar plau mor* luiUblt U ptuUde)
aeai le aaiirieliu ia tk* form of tka
wall* of a library additios.
1/ "W*U Begun i* Unit Dam" tkaa
It i* to be hoped tkat tka other half
of thit atoraaust upon tk* part of tfc*
government Indian tin taetilyiag et
all thfw eoaditlou witk rupaet to
On parUaauat bailding* wklcb at pra-
awt met, which impair tkeir »utt
abUUy for *M pvrpau for whU* tiny
mm-mm   M%fi*i   Usi   99g   mminimlnmA   hw
W^ptJT   mammmi^mmtmi    wwtt-    mwmr    wnmmmmnmmrmnmwm    wi/
Am    Tho-mAmAom     mm    nrntAnmlmlri-M*    whirl)
mfrfW   ^raaj^^aavpi   ww    wm»mnwt>p ■■   mmm,    wtarm-m
U  TUmiftmi   du   DLaU*   —-mm   /.An,   thm
m immmT^mW  T9W  W"JI       wmmwnwmmwr  ww*mm   m'ttmi
PPMf tW%W  9W9 TmmmemjpajefQalQfm,  tfmm   \ tt^mw-m*
tManmmnmLmaf   B*Jkritl&    ****    4**>dAMJ    —Ml    (hf
w-WWWsWm    99WrmWP   ^om   mawmmmmmmmm,   mwm*   mm
tmnangmmLM  Mmm httftufM  mmnikmt glm9titw)
t*r*^kmrfLm9w  ■Wm9   trwmwwm  mmmmmmmmmp   fmmwmmwwWf
will epstidtrably add to tbe total
number ef members in tbe house, thus
increasing yet further tbe demand for
In aceordance wltb tbo findings of
the arbitration board, the ll. C. Tele
phono Company is to advance tbe pay
of itt list-men twenty-five cents per
day. Promptly upon arriving at tbis
decision, the company inform* its cus
tomers that because of tbis advanso in
wages it is necessary to advance tbs
telephone rates. Tbe rates for busi
ness phones are to be iucroased by
oue dollar per montb.
The Victoria Colonist has figured it
out that the increased income to the
Company in tbat city will amouut to
too times tbe aggregate increase in
wages involved apd.tbat tbo increased
income from Vanvoucer will amount to
approximately fourteen times tbo to
tal increase iu wages and enters a vory
vigorous protest against tbe increased
From tbe practical viewpoint tbe
lodgment of any protest would appear
to be a mere matter of form. In auy
cue ths users of telephones can ouly
keep smiling asd play the game,"
contenting themselvu with such con
solation u they may be able to ox
tract from tbe circumstance, for iu
stance, with tbo assurance of tbe com
pany tbat the advanced rales will not
be io high u thote already prevailing
in other provincea and countries.
It appears to ui, however, tbat our
esteemed contemporary goei lomewbat
farther tban itt premises would war
rant whoa it declares "We bavo'illus-
trated tbat it will mean very largely
increased income to tho company for
which tbe public must pay and for
which thay is turn bave no roosou to
hope for additional benefits." Tb*
Company bu not yet advised its cut
tomers u to what disposition it pur-
sou* to mtke of tke surplus income,
over asd abov* tbe increased wages
for linemen. It il not unreasonable
to presume that the compauy may de
cide to divot* thit turn to improve
niouti to tbe tervico, such u may in
a large degree reconcile telepbouo users
to tbe increased ratu.
If it were not to be cbargeablo wito
undue temerity, it might bo in' order
to suggest tbat the company use this
surplus for increasing tbe number and
tb* wtgu of tbe "Telephone Girls."
Tbi* would probably work out in many
wtyi to the improvement of the lervice,
would popultriu tht tervico of tbe
company witb tbit very numerous tnd
important seetlos of itt employee! aod
would tend u perbapt no other action
upon tbe part of tbe company could do,
to indue* itt customers to part witb
tha additional cuh philosophically, in
usmii.h u the geseral public, rightly
or wrongly bu tbe impression that
tke lady operatives aro under paid
asd more or leu constantly worked.
Having committed the abovo sug
gution to "cold type," tbere soem* to
b* so other appropriate course but
to add tbt convention*! "Vorbum
WA9IIB. ffrJIffl
NOTIOB |a hereby givpp tbat pn ails
plication arlll bp made under Part y.
pf tke ''Water Aot, 100," to obtain p
liftmen  iu the
Division nf District
(a) Tbp nprpe, address asd occupation of the applicant—Corporation of
tbe Oity «f NortirVancouyer.
(Jf for misipir purposes) Free Minor's Oertlflcatp No. .,..,.,...
(li) Jpe ntme tt the lake, struuin
pr iiuiii'fii (if illumined, Hie description
It)—Creek flowing out of Hlco Lake
into Soymour river,
(0) Tbe point of direrilon—?,000
feet down stream in a northerly direction from outlet of Hico Uke, suid
point being in p. L. 857.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feat por second)—Throe
cubic feet per leeoud.
(a) The charactor of tho proposed
works—Small dam.
(f) Tbe premises on which tho water Is to be uied (describe iamo(—City
of North Vancouver.
(g) The purposes for which the wu
ter it lo be usod—Municipal and domestic purpoie.s
(b) If for irrigation deicribe tl|0
land intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) If tho water li to lie used fur
power or mining purposea describe, thu
place where the wator is to lie returned
to some natural channel, snd tho difference in altitude botween point of ill
version and point of return 	
(j) Area of Crown land intoiidod
to be occupied by tbe proposed works
(k) This notieo was postod on tho
22nd day of Doccnibcr, 11)11. and application will be made lo the Commission
er on the 25th dsy of January, llll.!.
(1) Give tho names and 'addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands aro likoly lo
be affected by tho proposed works,
either above or below the outlet.
(Signature) THOMAS SIIEl'HEIII),
(]'. 0. Address)
Cily Hall, Nurth Vuncouver.
you waut your fish frosh and ut
Vancouver prices
call or phone
Acme   Fith  and
Poultry Market
Phone 370
We are booking orders NOW
Two deliveries daily:  10.80 aud
8.80. '
Ptrtiero, Bug*, Mat*, for Ckrirtau
gift* at tk* N. V. Home Furnishers
Extract   from   Provincial
Health Bylawi.
" Whomever any householder knows
tbat sny person wil Inn bis fuuiily or
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoup
ing cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any other contagious or infectious
disease, bo shall (subject in easu of re
in-ii I or neglect to Ihe penalties pro
vidcilj, wilbiu eighteen hours, give
BOticc iu writing lo the Mediral Health
Officer ami no member of any household
shall attend school until a certificate
bu been obtained from the Med i.n I
Ileallb Officer that no infection any
louger exists in the bouse, elolbiug
and other cffcctc have been disinfected
to bis satisfaction, and uutil such cor
tlfieite shall bavo been oblaiued it shall
be tbe duty of every rueniber of the
household, aud of tbe Teacher, to uko
all rt'iisniiiilili' efforts to prevent Ihe
nsi-'icinti'in of iii.inl'.'is of Ibe said
household wilh olber children.
8. The matron of a public or private
Hospital, tbe keeper of oyery llotrd
Ing or lodging House, overy inn keep
er or Hottl-Keejier, ibtll, wilbin lit
houn, report in wriliug to Ihe Modi
cal Health Officer, or aiiy person being
at one of the aforesaid houses
or hotels and attacked wilh or suspect
id of havisg asy contagious or infer
lioua disease mentioned iu Ibe liy
k»;" under'tbo peualtiei provided
for by tucb bylaw,
t.f.       Secretary Hoard of Ileallb.
NOTICE is hereby gives tkat tbe
first lilting of tkt Annual Court of
Revision of tke Municipality of the
City of Nortk Vancouvar will be beld
is tke City Hall, Nortb Vaacouver,
B. 0., os Tburtdey, tb* tth
day Of January, 1912, at i o'clock
Is tk* afUrnoos for tkt purpoao of
bearing ocmplaint* against the A*
uttauat* u made by tka Aueuor and
for rtvisisg and correcting tke At
uumest Roll.
Any person making complaint
agaiatt tk* atauaaaat wist give no
tic* is writing to the Autuor of tke
ground of ki» or ber complaint at
leart ten day* befer* the date of tbe
tut mam tilting of tb* Court of
Dntoi at North Vnawuv.r, B- C,
November »xd, WU
TtwuAM urnvtm,
rw\*9w SPWt*
Til toad! Ue Mutws* of Hmufaduren,
ll.c Hi. advlMMI
.iocs* transacted
--.Icelrce. Clwrgi,.
Bulettu,. Smlmmpori Adyistrtcnt. j.... i, -
uml. ltarii»*M»r|jsn, KegC Kew York 1.11c
IM* MwliwIia^WJisi'lnwIoo lllt-Unt
llurloterssad others «lw rttllu Ihe
ity of ktrlng Uiclr Ptictl liu.iuru i
byfMttla, frcllmUuny advice lire
ovrn h VIA"
TO RENT-'-Nw "rriptly modem 6-roow
house in   fine   residential   locality.   $35.00   pef
PJiorie 37, North Vuncouver, B. C.
1     '        ii i i
■ ■ ,       '  '	
We have a full line of
Safety Razors
Thermos Bottles
Carpenter Tools      Sporting Goods
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Good 50 (l. lot, fine location close to Lonsdale Avenue and
car terminus. Price $1000, M cash, balance 6 and 12
Fine double corner 100 It. x 132 It. Block from Lonsdale
Ave.   Price $1400, 1-3 cash, bal. 6, 12 and 16 months.
Phone 70. b      P. 0. Box 1816
BUREAU is now open for die convenience of employers and employees. F.mployers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
$4400.     Cash |600
A Modern 5-roomed Houae, 'half a block
(rom Lonadale Avenue, $2200   -    $400 cash.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz. Ltd.
Head Office   411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Bruicb -4)67 Untitle Avenue.   Plioue 71,
Branch—8636 Lauiisl* Aveaut.   Phoui 368.        |
First Class Bungalow
F|vs rooms; 'liwifaomiily tmiihti],
largo lpt, gratlotl, thoroughly ilialiml,
I'ritlU iiiiiilt-r.-'li-.
I still havo n fow photca liuiltliiig
luts in lllock 330, cheap, Will arrange
to erect Ihiiiii.s to suit ou favorable
I lm,i' 1% mri'it on good roatls tut)
near wator front, auitalile for subdivision.
Alexander Philip
liual Estate anil Insurance llrukor
Club Block, North Vincouvtr. Pbone 10
Telephone 276
10,000 cordi of dry fir wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cordi, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger qu»n-
liliei. Cut Wood, 16 indies, $3.25.
12 inclie*. $3.50.  C. 0. O.
Office and Yard—14th and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P.O. Boa2432. '
North Vancouver Coal k
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wbarf: Cor. St. Otorgo'i aad
Esplanade.     Ollice, CO Louidtlu
Wbarf 1'buuo lit.
Office i'bouo 100.
Wo can deliver at onco in largo
or small quantities.
Oot your wintor lupply.
1'ronipt delivery a specialty.
Paper the World
li "in our ilook of new W»ll Ptptra
so it I.-.-II.S. Kvtry day sorni am
dttign arrivea to fill th* vacaaay
ul thus* ciotod out.
Handaome Wall Pi
ua her* in cuillwt vtriety, Juat
Ull our salesman (or vrbai room
you want ib* paper and tt will
show you juat lb* patlara y»u ar*
looking lor.
I   To  iliijiiso Irom our ti ock it a pit*
sure, to pay our prior u amy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 J-onidtlt Avoout
Pbon* 149
lOOftxIOOft, corner of King il/eel (now graded) and St. Andrew'i Ave,   Tliii
profieriy ii all cleared and ii jn a moat desirable reiideotial location, and the price '»
$1,150   1-3 cadi, 6 and 12 »ca4»
62 M>NSDAL£ AVEWW    f*mm n*mm     NORTH VAW6QUVHI I I
I   99.
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Buiy" Signals?
Suppose a customer jl about to order something or
other over your telephone. The operator finds your
line or linei engaged. The customer must wait—or
order somewhere 'else. Maybe he chooses tp wait -
calls again—again finds your line or lines busy.
That means a possible loss of a customer.
The business man needs adequate telephone service for the accommodation of his
business and his customers. When you lose
customers through "busy" signals, it has
been proved that your telephone facilities
are inadequate.
People who get business make it eaiy for their customers to get them and have the number of telephone
lines their business requires. The number should be
determined by the amount of use at the BUSIEST
time of the day.
B.C. Telephone Co., Limited
Three and four roomed suites, $30 and $35.
Partly furnished; heated; hot and cold water,
etc. Also stores in Mt. Crown Block—Firit
Street, North Vancouver. Apply to
C. A. Lett ®. Son
316-318 Richards Street
Palace Hotel
Second Slrect, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
talcs to families and to regular boarders.
f1 1    r* • WfcbU,
Feed Grain g^,
As we have now in operation in our new
warchoutc in Norlh Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the best quality of these goodi at prices
•i low ai can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co*.Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST       --      -       Phone 4
Jonvt Vsncouver 6.'
th«re*it*r   every   5» iiiiuoic*   until
IM p.m.    Comnionoing IM p.m
'nutes until 11,30 p.m
mi and IM a.«n.
. anil Uava Nortb Vancuuver 0.00 a.m.
nnd thereafter every 30 minutei until 7.00 p.m. CoDunencing 7.10 p.
m. every SO minutei tnlll 11.00 p.
m. ttiuWttr 11.4* aad WM a.m.
leave Veneouw 7.40, 8.30 and
9M iMrealltr time ut wookdayt.
J.oave North Vancouvar 7,80, 8.00
and l.tl, ioareailor imu as weok-
PA8SENGEB J&ATjES        -
Slngl* far. It, I lot Mo, JO for $1, 70 lot «.
,4-W« *ag<W,  trunk* and
driyt, lip rpiuri,
9-9 Mm (apron carriage* and
baoks, Wo relui*.
(H kop* mptm buggipe end
infoi, 96a ratttrp.
^y^W7ffrTr,' off
Alt (hp thoy* rate* inolude driv-
4 mmiltmtia^if JO
per am. dlaoount is lol* ot ».
vtrnm fim
iwnum ret*, IM.
to obtaa* without notic,
(or ieliyi, iidAidil py otinrmbn.
the mom Horn
Oustouii of m tytomi/oi A»I»M»
Jb* Persians aro oro pi tbp Btntiiitost
pi oriental peoples, becanso in tiroes,
cuitoiR, speech aud thought, tbey aro
muni i-|iiiii|;isiilili' I linn any Otlier pr|0|||
al nation,
Pfosi tllfoiB in various parts pt for-
i|a ai In tbo different countries of
Miirupi', anil tbe I'limiKi's tnliini! placp
in tbo largo cities aro ureat. An Armon-
iuu young man in Toliersu ilresses like
an American, except that'bo wears tbe
native bat.  The Mohammedan young
man itlll wears tbo full sltirlf.l coat
but bis I'liiilinni! tliffers widely from
tbat of bia fatber, wbo still atlborei to
tbp bright colors uml flowing robot,
Tbo Persian untouches! by European
civilization knows not tbe use of a
iii'iiinii. Thoir wtiito muslin shirts,
though Ihey may be washeil very clean,
are never either starchoil or ironoil.
Tbo custom of smoking is well nigh
universal. Tbe pipe ia called the kalian or waler pipe, ami tbe drawing of
the smoke through its largo bowl of
water is said to lesseu tbe injurious
I'lfi'ilK of tobacco, Tbo I'ersiaiis oflcn
lavish great sums of money upon tbe
kalian, ornunientiug it with silver and
gold and precious stones; for its stylo
of decoration gives an idea of a man's
wealth and social position.
Tho tobacco used in this pipe is of
a poculiar kind raised only in i'crsia,
ami is milder in Uavor than westorp
varieties. Tho best Is raised near the
city of Sbiraz, and its excellent flavor
si. said to be due lu tbo ureal amount
of saltpeter io the soil. largo tjuanti
tics of Persian tobacco sre annually
exporlod to Turkey, where a similar
stylo of pipe is used. Tho Persians
seem to be smoking all the lime, yet
tbey are uot really hard smokers. For
example, one kolian will do duly for
soveral people who are gathered lege
ther socially. A servant brings a
lighted kalian into the room ami pre
.-riii'i it tu the one highest iu rank. II.
takes a lew puffs, ami presents it to
tbo man next below bim, and so il
goes the rounds. If there arc Iwo
people iu Hie room of eipial nmi., a
Italian must bo presented to each al ex
Hilly tho same install!. If Hie host is
of higher rank than any of his nm-i
tho kalian is preseuled lo him Drsl
and he, afler drawing il n few timet
hands it to Ibo man on his loft—tlio
left hand being In Persia Hie plate uf
Persians have not many kinds uf
recreation l.'ouvcrsalion ii one ot
their chief enjoyments. A large pto
portion of Ihem can neither reed uor
write, yet; on account of Hie many ilif
forcnl races lu their couulry Ihey can
.i.u-. s-ri- iu several languages. They
are fond of poetry .nn.l quotation*
from Ibeir classic authors arc constant
ly ou ili.ir lips. Imagination and
memory are moro highly developed
wilhl them lhan reasoning power. Tiny
bave little real business ability. Tbey
sro lii'li' fur politics, and like musl
subjects ol an sbuslulc monarchy, have
hull- genuine patriotism.
I.iislii".' Hccrdorlos smi Desks al Hit'
N,   V..Homo Furnishers.
h Vancouver, u, a
Immigrants lo Ihe number of' 805,'
(33 srrived iu (,'ansils .luring Ihe Urol
seven nu.nilii of Hie current listal year
-April I to November I. Ilf Ibis nuin
her 11:'. 'i'.'i arrived al ocean ports and
U,1,r,7.'l from the United Wales. These
figures show au increase of seventeen
per rent, as compared wilh Ibe figures
for Ibo corresponding months of tbe
lasl IImioI year which were Hl.h'li al
ocean ports tud t6,2lt from Ihe United
.ilm,"'. miking a total for Ihe seven
mouths April Jt lo November It,
miu uf 2117,770 persons, (luring Or
tober Ihere were i'.i.'w- arrivals, Vi,
(46 of tbem having been at occau
ports, and 10,1106 from Ibe United
Wales, ss ugainst 211,1(93 /or October
lasl year, I.i.iVr' of whom wero al
ocean perls and ''.-" I from Ihe Unitod
Tbe custom of flodiug * male for
life through Ihe medium of advertise
meets soincllincul has curious results.
A young Polish engineer stationed
at an out uf Ibe world place in Ibe
Crimes, recenlly fell be ought lo mar
ly, ttudled Ihe a.iverlisoiiu-iils in e
Polish newspaper, and replied to one
Inserted by a "widow in Iho height
of be rbeauly." He used a nom de
guerre, and gave au address at tb*
nearest lown. The widow alto used l
pioudonym, and Ihey hotcrrbanged
typewritten letters. The young man
was delighted tt Ihe prospect of be
coming engaged to l young widow from
bit own town and Ihe widow looked
forward to marrying again In a town
only a few miles away from ber dear
boy. A meeting between Ibe widow
and,,the engineer wa* arranged, tnd
then it wat diicovered that all tke af
/ectlonele correspondence had been
wasted botween untbet and ton-
Contrary to the usual practice the Assessment Notices for
1912 have been tent to the regiitered owners of property
according tq the Land Registry records.
Up to the preient. purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities that ihe property had changed hands
io that noticei of assessment and taxation ihould not go astray.
This form of registration of owner* has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it lhat they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that they may be
come aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
I  M1M1
Percy  H   Howard
11.   3.   renin
t'lly   Auditor.
llldlliill.     .*<l     Ass „ii„|,.,il.
(St. I'ender Nl.   W.     1'. 0.  Dor  2230
I'lione SSI7 Phone IIS
Vancouver        Norlh Vancouver
Manor Hots /rom 619 up at tb* V.
V, Home Ewnirshen.
I'll Gib Sin-el Eait Norlb V,.iir..uvii
l'b.mi m
III.Al I. -Ml i in
I'ionttr Horwhoer — Csrriagi Worki
Hus.I-Mir In Wallace k Brett, Third
Hired.   Henerll ri .pair work.
A. Wsllace's services hive been re
minus AttU *TATIONIC»y.
Ilooksollen and Bttlioeeri
Cor. Lonsdale sod 1st.        i'bone 143
i'otl Ortduat* Oalrego University
Boons lmdW,mjtVm Mac* block
< uimovttirtfc
s Ihs ttlttte ol I klrofrtclie.     A
ronracilc ll l mechanic AM MJusis
It _
or i
...inr human ia.
the tireliurt on Iht
(•ra.it>* Hi.
1'iiirar tl tifily. ifuvit
Tbii tommy  mm
the tetraee
lit is s
'   P
ittns.  Tbii  homiaiy  thii fftefff
iiie/f aittrorl tieknn*.  ;nv»ill|auwi
colli vou riolltln*
ibo New .Block oa  l.onsdnlc Avoue
neur tho Ferry  Approach
w*i built by
lienors! Contraolori
I'onlrncturs   for   reinforced   conerole
construction.    Hovvorlng  in  all   its
I'l.-n ihe   .    lii,:.' .'     i,e. linll"    t    I'l"-
citlly.    Kslimalei  furniihed.
Dili.'.-:  HO  I ,i,ii: .lisle  Ave. 1'lsi'l.e lit
Expert on Fireplace* and All Clauci
ol Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth Si. and Mahon Ave.
Tressed llrick Monties a njiecinlly.
I'll "lie  MIS
A. Craib W. Craib
In Conrrolt, Brick and Wood.
A.H.J.E. k 8.
Jrri((»lion, drainage, levels, plant
aod ipeeiAcslioni. Septio tonka and
Isouie dralntg* a tpceinlly. V, ti.
Hox 211, lOlli tlrcel wc*l ol Dewicke
North   Vancouver   B.
College Mid Copying
IptcJiJ reducllyn of 10 per cent, on
I months' court* In gborlhand end
Typewrit'/)* if name it irlren licfore
December lllh, ill). Miss 0. 9. M
Mtuhder*. Sank of iltmlllon Bul)dln»,
Norlh Vancouror.
er' l— \TcSfjmwwf
kni general Comnltslon Merchant, 13
lionidale Ave,, Horti, Vancouvar.
ma/tym jit*
Up to dato Millinery
Modortae Batet
Keith Block    83 Lonsdalo At*.
Studio  over  Bonk  B. N. A.
I.ontdnle and EsploBadt
i'ii-   Minn,; anil Oonnfcllng I'romiilly
and Correctly Done.   Prtcm ilfht
Norlh Vuncoover. DC nmi I,,, no Vallt-i
l'hono ill
Saw Eiler and Urlnder. Ail kindl or
hand, cross cut and buck saws n--
tnd Uied at shoriesi notice. Ht iti
street fM, Norlb Vueouvw.
Uigb-cJati l.adin' aad Otnt't 'Jallorin:
I'bone 107
l.isil.v would like lo recelvo pupil.-
for imii room dancing, either private
or in class.    Ail dress
Box A 13. Exprau Oflc*.
Uy elolhei wero al the Capilano
Ijtnndry where yours ought to bo
Elat work tfpm tt cents dor. Bough
dtjr, ft Jb., wot wash, ie lb. Jirop us
a card and wo will call /or then.
V. .0. Bor MM
WAjfist mimii'i
It your watch .1*0^ ay 'fatof Off
Ei, mm
n* yo$3!miyfLM>#
Western Decorating & PlurabingCo.
Sum.. .       . .......—ii .'	
Mantels Mado to Spqctfcatlon,  AU Estimates FurnUhed Free.
W* Can and Will Bive Ton from 10 to SO par cant, on AU Faints, Oils,
Varnishes, sto.
P, 0. Bor JBB7. Telephouo tm
Ma» a ftragarloui Anlwal
Wbat |« wrqfo,g-<|ni|ig, asks tlia Vio.
toriu Colonist, ' J9 define anything
wilh a.-cruney Is dillieull, and to «io-
linti what canniit b<> weighod, mens
ui .Ml pr described Is ospecially iw.
Wbotbor pr pot a thing is wrong do
[funds upon a varioty of conditions I'm-
what piny be right ppAat certain plr-
cunjitances may bp wrong under oth-
pri, To eland upon Iho seashore and
dim-harp.! p gun loaded, with shot ovor
Ihe water may easily not bo wrong; to
iliielnirgi' it iolniitl and up a city
stroet would uniloiibledly bo wrong,
unless it wero discharged wilh a viow
of pr.ivniiting a greater dangor. Anyone can think of a hundred instances
ttV            /   *^~^^^H                  1  Ik      M
\\W/hmfMt^^t%^    I K
Smokers'Cabinets $5.00, $9.50 up
Card Tables	
Morris Chairs, $7.50, $8.50, $9.50 up to
Ladies' Secretaries, $7.50, $9.75, $15.00,
 $18.00 up to $35.00
Isn't it inn' that you always appreciate something
useful and miusiblo for »
iIiii:lmii'' gift 1'nllier than
somo frivolous silver Iriile
that is merely pretty t
Thou don't you suppose,
that your friends wouhl
profer something Hint is
both ns "Iiii uml ornamental! Why not inalte your
i'In i.-i nm-. :,. I,, Hur. hero I
Wo will surprise you wilh
the variety of things you
can got for liul very lUtlo
Reading Lamps, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00
     and $15.00
Pictures, some beauties 50c. lo $ 10.00
Children's Doll Buggies     .... $3.75
Children's Toy Sets, 2 chairs and table, $2.50
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Phon* 54, 8th Stmt
Phone 8, 71
Lonadale Av*.
Pioneer Bakery
8th St. and 71 Lonsdale Ave.
You don't have to goro Vancouver, for your Xmas. Cakes,
Xmas. Puddings, Mince Pics and Scotch Short Bread. Just
stop at the Pioneer Bakery and see our good things for Xmas,
Quality and excellence unsurpassable.
1    ' '    ■      i'u    "    '' si""-''
Pm am.mm. mnx amamdl       U ami I n au*i "SjE* 1    IS.IHJ
loneer oakery    n \^mm ave,
\o whlnn. tVV) (IWinctlfm will'apply,
Vpu will sop, If ypp glyp tho wetter
careful consideration, that tba teat pf
wrong ie, in most cases at least, the
effect of tba apt upon others. This
may appear lo aopih persons an entire
misconception of tbo whole matter.
Wy wore taught tha Tab Oommawl-
monts when thoy per* children, and
thoy have grown up with tho idea
that these form the toil between right
and wrong, anil that tbey impose a duty
upon Immunity, whieh otherwise should
not exist. You may remember what
Kipling says of tbo land o*at o( Hue,
as a place "where there ain't uo Ton
Uommandmoutt," and possibly you may
have thought tbat tho duMei and obligations of mankind would havo boon
different if this brief eodo of ruloa
fur human conduct had nevor been promulgated, Hut thit Is a mistake. The
Ten Commandments did uot impose a
now restraint or a new obligation upon any oue. The. are not anything
moro than u memorandum sotting forth
man's duty to his Creator anil to bis
neighbor. It was just as wrong to
aleul before Moses came dowu from
Sinai as it was afterwards. Moreover, there wore millions of peoplo in
the worhl at that time who knew nothing of Iho promulgation of these
i'onmnm.hiieiii:,, just as there wero millions now who have nover heard of
tbem It is important to bear this' In
mind, because right in this city of Victoria Ihere are people, who look upon
rlgbl ami wrong at having some relation to religion, and oven as being
in Kome way conuectod with tbe
church. The thought that everyono
should get into his mind is lhat (here
is a fundamental difference between
right ami wrong, a difference which
arises al least so far as pur active life
is concerned—wo say uothing of our
relalions to the Creator—out of our
relations to each olher.
Thero is nothing new in tbis, nothing at all adverse to tho teachings
of Christianity. Tbo founder of our
faith Hummed thu whole law up iu a
sentence commanding us to do lo oth
crs as we wouhl lhat lliey should do
to us. This is Ihe louehstone; this' is
tho test of right. Hut tho tail musl
be applied ill Iheligbt of reason, that
is lo ray we musl eserclae our intelligence iu order thul wc muy fully weigh
Ihe conscipieiiecs of our acts. As was
said at the outset, things, may be
right or wrong according to circumstances. There are very few acts, if
auy, of whieh man is by nature cap
able whieh arc wrung of Iheuiselves. A
man abiue upon an uninhabited island
nm.oi very well do a wrougful act.
Ho may think wrongful thoughts,
ili.ni; lii- which if Ihey found expression iu deed would be hurtful to bis
fellows; but os long us be was alone,
it is difficult to think of anything
wrongful that he could do. Hut tbe
moment  another person  entered  upon
is solitude new obligalions wpuld
rest upou him, and the possibilily of
wrongdoing would  bceomc Immediate.
Man is a gregarious animal. The
li.'.-.'i slalks through Hie juuglu alone
or jerhaps wilh bis male; the eagle
lives in solemn loneliness nmi,I inoiin
lain emgsjthc crow, Ihe blackbird, the
pigeon seek Ihe eompuiiionsliip of
their fellows; the wolf seeks his com
radat) and so do sheep, cattle, horses
ami oilier animals. Man likewise seeks
his fellows. I'erhaps ilis the loitlucl
of self preservation lhal makes him do
so. If he ili.I not Ihe rate wouhl nol
endure, fur Ihe human infant is the
mosl helpless of all Infant*, Wc band
together for telf-preinrvatlon ami for
racial preservation. Hence we live end
ere happy iu all latitudes.     Tbe liger
ub is stronger al birth lhan the human
infant; but the liger cub would die
inni.I Arctic snows; the man child,
protected by his fellows, grows up to
.vigorous manhood. Thus wo will see,
if we think awhile, tbat social)' Is
necessary for Ihe preservation of Ibe
race, and we will also ace tbat the
family is necessary for Ibe niaiplcnancc
of sociely. Tbe family relation puts
* check upon more animalism and sc
ures for infancy its nocoatery protection. The tocisl relation nct-cssllatei
property in Ihingi. Tho law of self-
preservation demands the sanctity of
human lifo,
Thoreforo io tl..--.- throe essential
ideas; right of the individual to life, tbe
necessity of the family for racial pre
i en ui nm ami development and the right
of property in things, we bavo tbe
whole basis of law, and to transgress
Ibe laws wbicb aro tho natural espan
sion of these ideal it to do wrong, ll
may be added that tbt obligation of
worship of-.hit Creator is not herein
considered. That opens another field
of enquiry. Tbe only point aimed ii
to show tbat tbs distinction between
right and wrong in bwnan action is
not merely an ecclesiastical invention
but ia based on a principle upon tne
recognition of wbicb the wuy existence of tbo human race depends.
Mint Isabel U- limn, licentiate of
Ihe Royal Academy of Music, Union,
England, trtrbcr of pianofort*, visit*
North Vanconver every week. Address
IM Beach Avenut, V*ncouv*r, Phoa*
WUB 6*ymwr. |M
Ohrlstinii of HIU hu gont into ths
past. During tht rush and demand of
tin holiday season, tire valus pf our
frtat store bu heeu proved hy tOMf,
W* will continue tq serve aa fall ia tha
future 14 in the past. Always wltb
ua you will tnd the bait at rlgbt prices.
Tq all wt ertond thi compliment!
tl tpt i*a*ou, A RAPPT NEW YBAB.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -
Vancouver, B. C.
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.    .    Assets $111,000,000
Ibo   clot-trie   coffee
tho disc un which Hie
cloclric current will
do your cooking.
Ihe   immersion   heater
for   boiliug    watsr
ipiielilv. t
iti.'. in. Iron, tbe iadii-
I" I. nl.I. convenience for
irouing day.
Drop in at our office at 50 LoNSPALE Avenue and sec how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an  Ordinary  Electric  Light   Socket.
I i——~—*^^mnm
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
W* bar* tba Inert collection qf
Shrub*, Bulbs, tout, Wililowtr, Hoi
lyhocki, Holly, Prlvtt, Carnations,
Rhododendron*  etc In tb* province ...
Simpson & Wight
Nursery hi tn and I'lorisls
Wc are handling a large amount of veneer panels and
can fill any order, large or small, in 14 dayi' notice. These
panels can lie had from 6 to 36 inches in width and any
length up to 84 inches. Wc have finished two rooms in
a house being erected by Mr. Chas. Downer at the corner
of I4di street and St. George's. Call and see the P*"'1
jn place and then ask for prices.
.....'     ■■.'■'■■   1 -,.      1   ri  ,      ,11..     .1,'!.
Bo* 1719. ft*. 222, WHY DELAY
Fqr pply SI flown and »l
woolily yep can bpy the
ItEABLE .BANOB, roier-
voir or waterfront complete litioil up. Hco tbe
BANOB. They last a
Prompt Dollvory.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.
'%" '"'
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building lot
as cash payment on a 10 room homo;
new; all modern. Easy term* on
Free! Free! Free!
Commencing now and continuing till the 23rd
of December I will give to all purchasers a
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FOR GENTLEMEN-1 Hollywood Handle Silk Covered
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Hoskins Road, Lynn Valley
/ '-
2 j
0  i
K  i
ft 1
i 1
mt        1
If)    Iv
0   i
X   >
'   1
pLlmrwtmmytW ■ 1
Pm of ifeoye from |350 up.   Terms, 10* c«h, U. to arrange
Imvuici Broker, fflub fincl, Bajtaaai*. VMM W,
■»"""    »  " ■(«  immmntmwmmmmnmnmmmtm '
A Harbor With a Future
tim *m Amt wnm
Anything ff|t|| u probable fqturq
|l   iiitiiriiKting   in   thii  onoriiotii:   ano.
For this ressqn alqiio, tljo Ifarbqr nl
iiniii'nv has nl late boon widely discus-
hoiI. tfuit as it la no« 'u|l pt {itMiai--
bi|jlle» sq fill H ape day bo 'tnil pt
great ibl)». Tu realize this que has
only tn study tbo following figures
which ri'|iri'Hi:nl tho dlittncoi botwoen
foreign port* and Halifax and New
York compared:
From    Vftm
Halifax    N. Vprh
Mil™      Milct
Liverpool :iimi        8,1138
Capo Town  n,i:::i 0,(340
Hydiiey ,N. ti. W. .. 18,1180 13,840
Huenoi  Aires    5,701 AMI
Moiitovideu    .... 0,080 0,7113
Bio Janeiro  ,..4,811 4,748
l Vm n in I ni ro    3,041 3.878
Barbadooi   1,908 1,880
With its 43 mill's of iihori' lino, Halifax iin-y bo doseribod ai really a group
of harbiim the main harrier of coin-
moreo being flanked on tho Dartmouth
Hide by tbo oastern paaaago ami on the
eity aide by tho northwoit arm. .
Thoru are 47 tloeka, piers and whar-
vest along tho waterfront of Halifax
proper, nine of which at Richmond, and
the deep water terminUH have■ ■connections al ilu' . inI-'. nitlo with the inter
colonial  railway.    Hulmtautial altera-
Bowor Oounectlous
riilil.li: NOTICE It l.fis'isy given
lhat all owners of real property fronting or abutting upon a stroet or lane
in which or under which a main or
oniiuon newer ii laid ii hereby re
tpiired to connect any building or pre
iiiiiii upon such property wilh audi
main or common aewer.
I '■■nnit b may be onlalued from the
Plumbing Impccto? at bin oflice nt Ibe
City Hall bolwcen tlin hour> of 9 a.
in. and 10 t.m. and I p.m. and 2 p.m.
Tho following regulations govern the
oiiHirtieiion or liuiii'f or building cou
invliiiii'i   witb   i s'S'.i'i. :
No home lowor plpo mall bavo a
Ion fall tban 1 to 40, union special
porniinion it granted In writing by
tbo Council, oaiil pipci between the
iron pipo, to tbo connection of the
public lower to be of tho beat quality
•landard nil glaiod vitrified clay te-
wer pipo, *nd ihall bavo a' diametor of
not l.is, Hum 4 inchci. All pipes iball
bo sound and woll burnod throughout
thoir tbickneai, impervious to moiituro, with a clear ring, smooth and
well glazed on intorior and oxtorior
Hiirfiii-es, freo from flawi, cracka, litis
tori. Ore . I..-.-I.- or olber iinperfoctiona.
Too pipci muit be io laid in Ihe
trench that after tbe lower it compict
cd, tbe interior turfaco thereof, ihall
be to a Irue and evon grade.
lu making tbo Joints, a gaikct of
oakum or bomp, frcibly dipped in ce
moot grout, muit lint be u«od tud
pin l.fsl into pltce. Tho joiuU thill
iftorwsrdi be tightly packed full snd
hovelled nil' wilb morlar, compoiod of
ono part by volumo of approved Port-
laud cement to one part by volume of
approved uud.
All joiuti iball tic mado water tight,
io that tbey will ilaud a bead of 10
feet of waler, when lenlcd by the
Plumbing inspector *t tbo -owner's,
plumber "i ot Coulnctor'i espcaic.
By order of tbt Council:
City Clerk,    tf
NnTH'l'T Ii Ik iriij alven Dial uu tp-
plk-allon will he mude lo Ihe laivlila-
live Asai'iiil.1) of Un- Province ol
IlrltlHli Columbia al lit licit teatloli
for an Acl to authorise Hie l.l.-.n...
am-Governor In Council iwlihool re-
qu11-1iijer observance of the provlilom of
Hie Munlclpallllci' lneor|iorallon Acl)
by teller* itatcnl under Ilie i.uhllc
leul lo divide the corporallun of Ihp
I'li.nis i of Norlh Vancouver hy In
coii'uiuilni! Into a fililrlcl Muukli<ul
llv under flic name of Hie "Corporation
of Ihe Hsitilii of Weil Vancouver"
all Ihtt portion of Hie Corporation of
Hie iHmiii i of North Vancouver, de
it-rll.etl ua followt:      >
Commencing al Hie nolnl where Hie
rum liouniliii'Y of I) I S7S lnleri.ci>
Ihe norlh boundary of Ihe luld ('or-
I'isiiiiiiiii llii'ini' well along ttld north
boundary lo a Mm In flowc Bound
en Hie line of Ilie laid norlh boundary
produced: dlilant 1.000 feel well from
Ihe itjsis il> there of laid Howe Hound.
Ibence toulberly. parellel IO. and following Hie ineunderliigl of Ibe aald
there lo a nolnl of Intertccllon wilb
Ihe line 1.04)0 feel dlttanl leulh from
Ihe north there of Hurrard Intel:
Ihence eulterly parellel lo, and following Ihe meandering! of tbr auld Norlh
Bborc of Burrard fnelt lo a jjotnl of
iiiisii... II..H 1,000 feel ill'i.'iii toutb
from the loulh-weil corner of I) 1,
III: and In Ilne wltb the Weil boundary t.f »nbt fiittrici i.ol aa* in "'im ui
Ihence north-easterly and norlherl)
alona Ihe well boundary of luld I)
fj. !I4 lo Ihe north-well eorner thereof; Ihence continuing northerly along
the Will I'l.iiiiiiiny of 1) I. Ill lo Ihe
north-well corner thereof, itld
eorner being on Ibe toutb boundary
of 1) Ij. 711; thence wetterly
along the tald boundary It 1. HI to
the soulh-weii corner 1) ),. Ut; Ibence
norlh along Ihe well boundary of tald
li li. 7S4 to the norlh-wetl corner
thereof: thence eaaterly along the
north boundary li I, 7CI io the louth-
I'ui'i si'iisi'i I). J, Hi; Ibence norlh
tlong the eon boundarlet of t) I,
7li 711, 107 and 105 lo the nerlh-eaSI
corner of I), h Itt. thence well along
the north boundary of told 1). I, m
to the toulb-tlsl corner of f), I, ttl:
iiss'iiii' north along tbe mm boundary
of tald )> I.. S7I lo point of commencement, including all rights and
treat of laid Howe Sound and Kna-
llth Bay, riparian or otherwlie, now a
oart of taltl corporation of Hu- Din
Irlcl of North Vancouver, .and liy reducing the Hliilll of Ihe tald Corporation of the fililrlcl of rrorih Vancouver accordingly: each of laid i
Hon* lo remain lubieel 10 Ibe ,liMt
and llabllltlrl of Ibe nrfienl Corpora
Uon of Ihe Dlilriii ol Nnrih vancoil-
ver. but as between the Corpornllnnt
Ihe atiel*. debit and llahllltlet Of the
preient Corporation of the riiiirlei nl
Uorlb ViAeoter to be divided and illumed noon an eduitablt basis
MTKIj ihis llth day of December.
loflS'tor for'th*A*i
t\om mi Iwpmwwts at an outlay
qf *1,|)00,Q0P aro now |n |irqgrei«.
Ap additional ji|e,r on  flip s|to pf
thp OpwA ||ie« (H>« «rai!l», by tVo
way, of Atiaptip »toaiii»bi|i iiay|g»t|oii)
ia ilosignod to provide terminal facil-
|f|oi iqconi) tp pone pn tho continent
for convenience and despatch.
TliOHO iirriiugonionlfl pap In: tluplieut-
0(1 pp th" Oartniqutn »id»i "Nfs spv.-
era) cqpiiriqdiqui wbfrvos and pien
are already In pyidoqce, ipclutling a
raariiio alip in tb* cove. The Brook
llnlil tlry dock qn tbo Halifax oi.lo ,qno
qf the largest and nioit thoroughly
titjuipptiil nu tha Atlantic coast, It
about to he extended In dlmepiioni tq
accommodate the over inereaiing ilso
pt tbo largest   necaii liners.   The  Im
portal dock yard, a littlo iqutb af the
dry duck, iibniisi ciioviil with tho lirst
lettlomont of Halifax, lias boen uudqr
tho control of tho Dominion authorities
for several yeara, and t naval college
hai already been oatabliahod with 'ls
full quota of fluids for marine in
Until tbo decline of woodon sailing
|h|M half a century ago, Nova Scotia
made their construction a leading in
iluslry. Tho urgont need of a itpol
"hip building plant un twentieth ecu
tury llnei located on tbo Atlantic coait
of Canada has been rocognjaod for
several years. Kvery rot|ulrcmont exists in Halifax harbor iu full mcusure.
At tbo front door of the Atlantic
ocean highway, Impregnalily fortillcd,
exceptionally well situated for usacm-
tiling raw materials cheaply ami quickly. Halifax ii regardod as an inviting Held to lay down keeli for Atlantic greyhounds, freighters and coastal
boats. When the time comes dreadnoughts, cruisers, torpedo croft ami
all tho vessels regarded nocossary for
NOTICK is hereby givon tbat in pursuance of Section 7, Chapter 110, Ho
vised Hlatutos, Canada, Thomaa .1.
Kickham, master mariner, and Harry
A. .Innes, broker, have deposited a
plan of a proposed wbarf and ware
house and a description of tho jiropon
ed sile wilh the llonourablo the Minister of Puldi Works al Ottawa, ami
a duplicate thereof iu tbo Laml Begistry Oflice at tho City of Vancouver.
The proposotl aite is situate in Norlb
Vancouver ami is 33 ill) feot cast of
Mahon Avenue produced and is 100
feet in width.
Notice is also givon tbst at the ex-
I'liaiinn of one month from dalo application will he made to tbo Governor-
Hi-Council for approval  thereof.
Haled at Vancouver tho 0th day of
December, AD.  1911.
Hy Iheir solicitor, T. 0. Townley.
IS HffllEBY (JIVKN lo Ihe Electort
of the Municipality of Iho Cily of
North Vancouver, lhat 1 require Ihe
I'u"■! ine of Ihu said Electors at the
('ily Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, on
Monday, Ibe 8th day of January, 1911
al 18 o'clock noon, for Ibe purpose of
electing persona to represent tbem in
Ihe Municipal Council ai Mayor tod
Aldermen, and electing two persons
to represent them ou the Board of
Cily School Trustee!, ami to recommend
for appointment four persuni lo act ti
Kerry Director! for too cniujug year.
The mode of uomiuation of Candid-
ales shall be as followa:
Tbe Candidates shall be nominated
iu writing, the writing shall be tub
mrihcil by two volcn of tbo Municipality of tbe Cily of Nortb Vancouver,
as proposer ami seconder, sud shall bo
delivered to Ihe llcturniog Officer si
any limo between Ibe date of tbia no
tilt aqd two o'clock pm of tbo day
of Ibe nomination; and in tbe event of
a poll being neccarary, iuch null will
l>c opened on Tburiday, tho lllh day
of January. 1918 between the boon
of nine o'clock a.m. and icvou o'clock
ii in. of Ibe wid day at tbe Cily Hall,
Nortb Vuhsssiuit, ii (,',, lo ibe isld
Municipality of tho City of North Vsncouver, of which every person li hereby
required lo take notlco and govern
himself in enrdingly.
"Tho quillficalloni for Mayor shall
be hit bclnff a male British lubject of
Iho full age of 2) yeara, and baying
been for Ine six months next preceding
Ibe day of bii nomination Iho regis
Icred owner, in Ibe Und llegislry
Office, al land or real property In the
('ily of Ibe assessed value, on the laat
Municipal Awcssinent Roll of One
Thousand (41,000) Dollars or more over
and abovo any rcglitered judgment or
fharge, and who is otbcr/iso qualified
as a Municipal voter." .
"The qualification /or Alderman
shall be his being a male British' *ob-
icel of the full age 61 81 yean, and
having been for tilt six montbi next
preceding tbo da/of nomination, the
registered ownor/in tbe Land Begistry
Oflice, of land of real property In the
Cily, of Hie asstsscil vtluo on tbo latl
Municipal Aii/ssmeul Boll, of Five
Hundred f4000/ Dolltri more over and
abovo any registered judgment or
charge, and Abo is otherwise qualifled
at a Municipal voter."
"In-etiry Municipal School Diitrict
any' person bejng a householder in the
School District and being a British subject of tbe full age of tl years, and
otherwise quelled lo vole at an election of School Tru>loci io their Diitrict, iball be eligible lo be elected **
a School Trusteo In the Maoicipt!
School lliitris I
Ulven unrtey my hand at Nortb
Vancouver, this 28nd ity al lJ*c*iab*r,
tbo iirqtectlqn qf a ippil-coutinont
JIHVoA Vi tVi Tltli'i tfP, greeW
m W|l!; probably bp Mit here.
Pw|ng * vpyego trw Halifax to
Myprpopl a few yo»f» ago, an officer
pf high rank in ono of the world's
gjreat navies askod a fol|qw pa/songer
ifhicb harbor in the world li considered
the best. Sydney, N- 8. W-, 8,!p do
Janeiro, Naplei, quopintnwn and %)j-
fax woro mentioned jn, an olT-ba|iil
"J have often hoard similar ideas
expresiod," romarkod tbe naval export.
"During if yeart' service I bave aeon
then) "11 ( hot ,in my opinion, Halifax
Should lioplaced flrat, taking into consideration its cat* of access from thp
open ocean ,wilb deep wator closo to
tbo land wash on both ildoi at lung
stretcbei in addition lo perfect shelter.
From (be, view-point of a naval base
and tbp requirements of a great commercial shipping port It is unrivalled
arouud tbo globe,"
From i.'hebueio head, boldly jutting
out on tbo broad Atlantic at tho entrance of tbo harbor—a soamark to
guide and a landmark to waru with
iti lighthouse and signal station—only
an hour's st finning is required to or
from tbe city waterfront . Dockage
for )8 largo steamships il available
at any itago of tbo tide. Tbo course
ii lighted ami buoyed on Strictly modern lines, sud the quarantine itation
it ono of the moat cnilly reached on
tho Atlantic coatt-
Coming in or going out delays oro
raro, the fairway, straight and broad,
leading to a secure and extensive anchorage area, sufficient to acctuniuil-
date v.lmii- fleets ,day or night, wilh
case both in winter ami summer. The
harbor proper !• a mo,i?tlpt sheet qf
fitfpr t to W fathoms depp, oup to
two n)p)pi jpjdi), #hf} W m!'w lonpi
iholtorod by thp natural broalffastpr o|t
WcNi)b's tiifoA.
Thp advpptpjjp pf hplng | grpaf headquarters (or pablp and ?e|pgraph cpm-
mu)ilcat|pi! has beep %rt|pr fDpjdo-
nioutetl by a wireless installation at
Oanjpordqwp In cpnsMt tpiioft mltif I
similar ppint at Sabln Islsnd, ffi»W»g
Halifax harbor a veritable ocean ten-
tinid for communicating the oarlleit in-
teiligoneo pf passing ship* and maripe
Vnt recreation thp picturctqup surroundings of IJpNab's ?a>#nii, thp Pat-
sago, Falkland Village ,t)|0 Atn\ipp\ itt
memorial towpr new. noaripg completion, Dartmouth and its lake* witb
sylvan scenery, Itockingbam, thp
Prince's lodge and Bedford dotted with
villas and replete at ovorJ lu"' vsritlx
cozy nooks for campers and picnic gatherings and its generous array of club-
houses and grounds, are attracting a
constant itream qf visitora.
The future qf Halifax harbor is
bright with ijromiie. Perchance when
Iiiiii; brings tbe Dominion tq its flrat
jubilee, live years hence ,a Bip Van
Winkle qf 1917 ,scated at V future
Connaugbt pier loading from Qreeu-
liaalt to Point Pleasant, or an ocean
boulevard modcilod after tbp Proven-
mli- ties Anglais at Nice may rub hll
eyes nt the light of the "swiftest
yet" of the ocean greyhounds, made
in Canada, gliding along the fairway
afler loss tbau a 100-hour voyage from
tbo mother laud, vying with tbo ad-
winces, in aerial mail and passenger
transmission ,rcgardcd by many thinkers as possible factors witbiu tbo next
Cor. 16th and Lonidale Ave.
I'lione 335 Nokth Vancouver, B. C.
Lessees—Palmer, Uurmcster &von Gracvenitz
Special Christmas Bill
Exlr* Matinee on Chrjitnui Dsy. Doori open 2 o'clock, Commence 2:30
Ont Performance Nightly. Doori open 6 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Frances Dainty & Co., Cyclists, Slack Hope Artistes
'Edith Amanda Wilma, Descriptive Contralto
Nitwi mull\- William:-, in Comcdy.Skctclies
Ki iiii and llmi'.li, Comedians
Animated Pictures
Uox Ollice open io to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES--15c, 25c. and 50e.   *. e. cole, mf.
Support Home Industry
ild up North Vancouyer
Seymour Lumber Co.
■ LTD.
Have (heir mill operating in the mountain and can give
ot all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow .Label).
(Large uid Small)      Also (or
•nmwmmwemammmmmmmm9Mtmmmm^9Wmmmmmmm mm RAjnm, *a» wow aw
9\-9fma*Mm*s\*iT* TfT
Among tlia Gharpke Indians the following itory at tV* r§bbit and the
tay wolf ns»d q'tan to bo told'
O»oa there was Wh a long *wsw)
nt drr weather that no mqrs water re-
mitotA in tbo creaks and springs ana
tbis animals belt) a eqsncil tq see wfist
coulil be dan*. Tfioy decided to dig
a, a/oil and all agreed tq help except
tlio rabbit, mhn mm a la«y fellow and
said;    t
"I don't need to dip fqr water- Tbo
dew pn tba grass Is euougb for me.
Tbo other animals wara nnt pleated
witb tb» rabbit'a remark, hut they
tst tq work to dig tbo well. Tbey
noticed (bat tba rabbit kept ilick aud
lively, although it WM still dry weather and tba water was becoming low
i* tbs wall.
Til* other animals luspecttd that tha
tricky rabbit was stealing the wator
at nigbt ,and thoy made a wolf nf
pin* gum and tar and placed it by the
well to frighten tbe thief. That night
th* rabbit came, as bs bad been coming every nigbt tq drink enough tq
last him all tbs neit day. When be
saw tbe queer black thing by tba well
be inquired—
Who's tberot
But there was no reply. Tbe rabbit kicked witb bis bind 'oot ao bard
tbat it wai caught in Ibe gum and
bo could not move and tbere be stuck
until the animals came for water in
tbe morning. Wbtu tbey ditcovorcd
tbt thief they bad great sport over bim
for a while and tbsn prepared to kill
him, But as soon at the rabbit wai
releaied from the tar wolf ho niauag-
ed to eicape.
Ths Cherokees alio tell thii story
about the rabbit and the terrapin :
Br'er Babbit was a great runner
and everybody know it . Tbe terrapin wa* a slow traveller ai everybody
alio knew, bot he was a great warrior
and uqlilusbingly boasted qf it.    The
terrapin also bad a gift of cunning
in no small measure, and as tb» rabbit waa always flaying tricks -on tba
other animals Mr, Tttrmip concocted
a praotlcal joke with WbWb be ffO
needed to Victimise tilt pld jpkur.
Tb« t*rr»pin challenged ths rabbit
tq * fpot rata. The d»y was flaed, tin
Starting  placo   agreed   upon.      They
war* tq run aorqss four mountain rid
gos, and the one tbst came out lint
pf tha and was,to b» th* winner qf tba
Br'*r Babbit said tq himself that
it would bs I. shame to take anything
so easy, so bo said to the terrapin
'Vou can't run, and qysrybody knows
|t, T'U give you tbo flrst rldg* and
tban yon'1' bavo only three tq cross,
■while I'll cross ovor four.
To thia the terrapin assented and
wont home tq arrange for tbe race.
He sent for bit terrapin friends and
frankly told them that he knew tbat
ho could not outran the rabbit, but
he wanted tp stop bit boasting. He
tben etplained bis plan to tbem and
tbey agreed to help bim.
Tbe day came aud tbe animate Were
all out tq too the race. The rabbit
took bis station at tho starting point,
and the terrapin went ahead aa Ihey
had arranged, and they coulil hardly
top lum on account of tbe tall gran.
When the word was given tbe rabbit
itarted out with long jumps up the
in,milium, expecting to win tbe race
before tbe terrapin coulil get down tho
other title ot ti. Before be got up the
mountain be saw tbe terrapin go over
tlie ridge ahead of bim.
He ran ou ami when he reached
the top be looked all around, but
could uot aee the terrapin on account
of the tall grass. Br'er Rabbit kept
on down the mountain ami begau tq
climb the second ridge, but wbeu he
looked up again tbere was the terrapin
just going over tbe top. This was
surprising and Br'er Babbit began to
take longer jumps to catch up hut when
be got to the top thero waa the ter-
rapib my to front nm ton third
ridge :
JM rabbit was uow getting tired
apd, nearly nnt of breath, but be kept
pn   down   (hp   niiiuntiiiii   and   np  the
pthpr ridge mitfi be got to the top
jplt ip (Imp to see Mr. Terrapin cross
tba fnnrtb ridge, and thus wip the
Br'er Babbit onuld pqt make anether
jump 'Ml fell qyqr qp the ground crying >Mn mi, mt. mi 'as the rabbit has
done ever since when he is too tired
to run any moro. The race w»» given
to tho torrapin, though all the animals
wondered how bo managed it. But
he kept atill and never told ,
It wai eaay enough, howovor, because all the torrapin's friends looked juat alike, and he had simply posl
ed one near the top of each ridge to
wait until tbe rabbit came in sight,
and then climb over and hide in the
long grtu. When the rabbit came on
be eniil'l not find the terrapin apd eo
though the terrapin wai ahead, apd
if he had met ono of tho other terra-
pint be would bave thought it wat
the samo one because they look so
much alike.
His liiiiini tho l.ieiii.'iii'in ii.. . inni
ill-Council hat been pleased to make
the   following  appointments:
Alesander John McLaren of Moose
Lake, in 'tbo county of Vule, to be
justice of tho peace.
Gerald B. Baker, M.I)., to lie resident physician of i.nn ml from the
1st slay of January.
William Stuckbuuae lloltlen of I lie
city of Liverpool, [England, to lie a
commissioner for taking affidavits iu
the courts of British Columbia.
To he notaries public:
John Murray titriiiigouur, qf Vancouver Isisiii.'ii'i I'l I.-i v.. Charles John
Hurt ami George Chalmers Johnstone
both of Veruon.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED SO ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286 -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
mb, a, Wi immrt WS* Sf AW
f™   W""T*T*T^tT*Tj9i
Ml,. Ai Ws- Sargent, after being up-
preached persuasively liy a delegation
of ratepayers, has computed tq enter
the alilcrmaiiit- field st the coming
municipal elections. Prior tq Saturday Mr- Sprgppt waa dl»ine|iiiod to bo-
I'lnne i-nuiliiliili! because of business
matters which then threatened to frequently carry bim afield. On Christ-
mas eve, however, ho sue. llll wuy elcur
tp comply Wltb tbo delegation's wishes
am) has duly satisfied them with llm
abovo decision.
Nortb Lonsdalo
Bev. T. E. Bowa, Principal
Girls under 8 years old, it per mouth
Girls over 8 yrs. old, It por mouth
Special terms when two or moro sre
sept from the tame faniijy.
Arrangements   are   being   mudo lo
erect a building by the spring to a
commodate .'111 or 40 boarders besides
day scholars. t.f
A geuerul meeting of Ibo North
Vancouver Halepayers' Association to
bo held iu the City Hull on Friday,
the llDtli iust. at 8.1)0 p.m. for tlio purpose of submitting questions to candidates for alilerniunic honors adopted
by the executive and to add to same
i desired, also to submit a resolution
udiiptcil by the executive Ihul the association support a ticket in Ihe forthcoming civic elcclioni.
29-12 Acting Secretary.
Dried Brewers' Grain
Clean, bright ami wholesome, low iu
water and .-urlinhydratos, but contain
nil! nearly double the amount of fa)
aud protajq pound for pound, lhan the
ordinary food slufifs iu locul ure. It
Meets all the Requirements of t
Profitable Dairy Feed
ami compared in price wilh what is
asked for olher lumi stuffs, ii triplt
protein value for your money. Ils iu
pcriorily lies In Iho fact that feeding
it increases both the lotal digestible
mutter and Ihe amount of fut and pro
teiu iu iin' daily ration
and lavci you 40 to 50 per cent,
on Feed
You ihould not be without it.    Mailed grains, fresh ami sweel  from  lite
brew kettle, dried iu a conlinuoua vac-
'•iiiiiii process by
Ilryers of and  Dealers ia  Field  l'ro
duels, Scotia and Front Direct,
Vaneouver, B. 0,
9y reference to the abov* Key Flan, you will sole our favorable position, which III (1) Close lo «'. 1'. I.' (t) rim..- to Fill Kiver.
(!) Clo*e to Us* industrial diitrict, witb it* many »pur track*, u shown on Koy Flan, and already grant ml by Hailroad Oommiiu-iou. (t)
Clot* ta tht main artery of th* diitrict (Prairie Road), aad lying between tht C. P. H. development and aay other Corporation properly
that may b* acquired in tbe north.
Wa Mte b**n appointed Sot* kgmU la North V*ntouv*r for Ust latatt asd bast subdivision in CoquiUaa - vlr. Fltubury. Th*,lota
ata wall aiuatad wltWa tha tibial towwit*. Thar aro ab*ohit*ly daw and Ural, aad tht prlci, HOD, givn *veryon» sa opportunity of **-
earing as laurast l» what Is aapactad ita bammi out of Uu boat** industrial csotn*.     Tarns: HO cub, balance t, 18, 11 ud ii meaUi.
Cardinall & MacGregor    » W «*«■■
Jjtifiti for ijOA4os Aifrffnnft tOot
^rfeftmwwmi   faimm    i*w^^^rTrT    mrmmv^mmmftnw   mw9
WmVwQ   9^9
P. 0. Hex UW
•      >
You can keep warm
and enjoy life if we
supply   the   heater.
We carry a full line of McClary's f amain i
and Airtight Heaters of various -|jg#, j
Giye us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail .Hardware
4th Street West.        H. DUMAS.        Phone 347
Ut RaJMtaftT miT« «U ■ ■■ HM «n*n rwsar •*wr*W*MM
Capital Paid Up   { i.lhu.nui)
Baksrya * Undivided I'rnllta   :i,ioi),D0i)
Total  Aiith  ..:...:. 'ii.iiiiii.iiiin
Call at tbe oHico ol the Mnnl. ol
Hamilton and incur* t pan-book,
'ibis ii a limplo truniaction. Yet it
may bo the lint itop toward * competence.
You e mi.i.i commence to tavt too
oarly in lilo-and Ihe place to keep
your imin, ■■ ii in a (hurteiud Bank.
Intereat paid, un deposit* ol 11.00
and upwards.
C. 0. HKAVKN, Sural,
\is.lli    liMii'Ji.i.rr
Hud Otlca:
A Good
t'end your frleuda wan ara iattrastad
lu tho North Shore a copy sf
"The Express"
It .will lucp thom potud on all
North Short Ntws and will only coat
$1 per year
■ i*
Now is the Time
to lay in your stock of
Owing to removing to much larger premises
The Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
are selling at greatly reduced prices, the finest
BOOTS and SHOES manufactured by the
leading firms of Canada and Great Britain.
If you have not already examined their stock,
do so at once, you will be astonished to find
what a splendid range they keep, and lhat you
are neglectful of your own interests if you do
not make your purchases now.
How wi\ k otot pm ot wara, woollen
shoe* tifk you, or better still, spend a busy
day oo wa* aUeoU and atill keep your fm
wara «i>d dry 7«
Wood-Paige Shoe Co,


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