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Volujpa 12
Npwb V4Pouv?b, 8,0., Tvbspay, Bipt«p»w as, mi
Number 6
Diitrict Council Meets
At I meeting nf tbo District tlouncil
last uigbt tbt Clark tnnouncoil thtt on
September 82nd It bid been resolved
tt a joint city uud district committee
meeting (Aldormtn Smith presiding)
tbat tbt lollowing reeoiiiuiuinliitioiiii
bt untnintously nude: (1) Thul a per
- niinent coiiiniittoe pt six - three from
tbo ci|y tnd three Irom tbe diitrict of
Nortb Vancouver he appointed, and
all nutters relating to tbe franchises
of tbt II. 0. Electric Ilailway Oo. Hid
tbe Vincouver Power Co. be referred
to the committee for report before
action be taken by either council. 2)
Tbtt tbe 11. C. Electric Bailway Co.
be communicated witb immediately, tbe
city requesting tn extension of the
Lonsdale tvenue line, ami tbe district
requesting t written reply to tbeir
previous communication on tbe tubject.
On tbe motion of Councillor Bridg-
man, tbis report was tdopted.
Councillor Ward moved tbtt Conn-
cillort Allan, Bridgmtn aud Loutet be
elected pn thtt committee tud tbat the
recommendation be adopted.
On tbe motion of Councillor Bridgmtn, seconded by Councillor Ward,
Ilounciliilr Allan was empowered to see
to tbe lighting of tbe new City Htll tt
Lynn Valley.
It wu announced tbat tbo council
would meet in committee tt 4 o'clock
en Thursday afternoon and tbtt the
public meeting would be at 4.,in.
On tbe tuggestion of Councillor Allan
it wtt resolved tbtt t 1 ft. sidewalk
bo made between Lynn Valley Bond
to Fromme.
The council dealt with certain cur
retpoudence, most of which wis referred to the board of works witb
power, to pet.
Tbis week tbe Bev. B. 0. tud Mrt.
Ftkeley return from England to tike
up tbeir min inter iui duties it Michel,
B. C. For tbe past two years Hev. Mr.
Fakeley bit bid cbtrge of tbe Metho
ditt mission Held in Lynn Vulley and
it well known In both city tnd district. Tbe cause ol Methodism wis
well servod under tbe regime of Mr.
Ftkeley and everyone in Lynn Valley
—whether Methodist or not—regretted
bis leaving. Of cheerful disposition,
unaffected tnd unspoiled laid flitter
ing turroundiogt, with I gift of fluency
possessed by few wbo attempt like
work, he speedily became t favorite
of til wbo knew bim, tnd it it no
wonder tbtt tbe Methodist church of
Lynn Valley it todty well, orgtuited
tnd cm bout i parsonage on tbo
church lots tnd plans well ahead for
tbe erection ol t church. A good
working board tnd t live lidiet' aid
tre further evidences of bis executive
aldliiy. Alter finishing his course at
Columbian College, New Westminster,
be wu ordained by the Conference of
B. 0, in Mty lut, tud atilod for
England toon afterwards to perform
tbe vows nude years earlier before
coming te B. 0.—witb Miat L. Dowie,
of llucklaiid, Kent, England, Tbe following tcceunt of Mr. Ftkeley's wed
ding it ttken from tbe Dover (Bug.)
Express tnd East Kent Newt of Friday,
July 14th. Isll:
''The wedding took place al Buckland
Wttltytn Church on Wednciday titer
noon, in the presence of a large con
gregaliou, of tbe Bev. E. t'harlet
Ftkeley, ef Michel, British Columbia,
ind lile of Dover, tnd Miss L. Dowlt,
only dtugbttr of Mr. ind Mrs. Edward
Dowie, of 16 Mllltls Bold, Buckland,
Tbt officiating ministers were tbe
Bevs. W. 1. Sipprell,' D.D. (l'rincipil
of Columbian College), A. T. Ftkeley
(brother ef bridegroom), ind S. Birt
C'oley. Tbe service wis s cbortl one,
•id Mr. Blinbridge it the organ played
soluble wedding music. Tbe bride,
wbo wu given twty by ber lather,
wore t drsss of white silk, trimmed
with white insertion, md she bid i
tulle yell, wltb orange blossoms, tod
carried t shower bouquet, the gift of
tbe bridegroom, There were tbreo
brldesmilds—the Miss Fakeley (sister
ef the bridegroom), Mitt Anderson
(cousin of tbe b'rlde), ud Miss I'hyllis
Hill. Tbs flrst two wore pale blue
Hwiae embroidered dresses, witb white
crinoline bits ind ostrich feithers,
tnd tbey carried shower bouquets of
pink rotes, tnd wore pearl md enimel
pendints (tbe gifts of tbe bridegroom).
Utile Miss Hall wore a white Swiss
embroidered drew, wltb large white
bit, ind carried i bouquet of pink
rout, ind were i gold brooch (tke gift
of tbe bridegroom), Mr. Frank Baker
wat beat tan. The reception was bold
in Bvwkltnd School Hall. Inter t»)o
Bit. E. 0. tnd kin. Ftkeley left far
London, tkt Isle at Wight ind Brighton
wbert tbe honeymoon it being spent.
Tke bride's trivelllng dress wu of
sag. green cloth, tru»med wftif silk to
match tnd colored lane, tnd she wore t
pretty colored bat witb roses tnd for-
gct-iiio-nots.   There were numerous ind
handsome woilding presents."
Mr. tlld Mrs. Fakeley left Dover en
route for Wverponl en Thursday
morning, Sept. 7th, calling ou Dr. and
Mrs. Sipprell In London on tbo wuy,
and sailed pu the Empress of Ireland
on Sept. mli. During tbe voytge out
tbey had the sad tnd unusual experience pf teeing a mouitlii)r iui|ii»
or fill overboard, ind although every
effort waa made by the crew of tin
ship to save bim, be' wis not recovered.
The B, 0. Methodist Conference
stttiened Bev. E. C. Fike|oy it Michel,
tt wbicb place be is due tbis week,
ami it il life to say tbat Methodism
in Michel Is in lor i prosperous lime
under Mf. Fakeley 'b ministry. All
friends wfll Opt only join iu wishing
I life of bippi'uoti and usefulness for
Mr. tnd Mrs. Ftkeley, hut will look
eagerly forward to the next conference
when it it expected opportunity will
be given to renew tbo acquaintance nf
Mr. Ftkeley tnd to meet bis partner
for tho first time.
A mooting ol tho Political Equality
League was held ou Sept. 32nd, pt
tbe Inmie of Hrs. (Dr.) E. B. FolKek
when a local league was formed. IV
meeting was culled to order by lira.
Limbic; Hull of Vancouver, who gave
au interesting talk on the working ol
tbe league Tbe following oilier.
woro duly elected.
Hrs, .1. L. iiiilliigli.T, pres.
Mrs. ft. It. Fulliek, chairman of 111
Hrs, ,1. A. Cuinllin, boil. pres.
Hiss Pboobe liurriaou, see.
Hrs. Hopkins, treasurer.
A member from Victoria ind several
Irom Vincouver wore prcacnt, timl
interest was iiiuiiilest.il. It is Impel
that th., Indies ol Nortb Vtnoouvtr
will take an iutvreiil in this organisation.
The wedding took place on Saturday
ulterno.iii, tt tin Hotbudist parsonage
ol Mr. Oliver Henry Biftory, Nortb
Vancouvor, and Miat Hazel Fern Lowe
formerly ol Klkitrt, Indiant. The
Hev. W. C. Sclilichlcr officiated. Mr.
tnd Mrt. Itnliciv will mike Norlb
Vancuuvor tbeir home.
Mr. H. 0. V. Hull has told hii cruising
launch, "Inlet Queen," to Mr. Ells
worth McMillan, of this city. II will
be remembered tbat Mr. McMillan was
unfortunate in losing his auxiliary
cruiser in tbo tire it Wallace Shipyards
some months tgo, ind be bu come
hack strong ia the purchase of tb.'
"Inlet Quoen," wbicb is one ol the
best known and best appointed liuucbcs
of tbe larger tiu on tke inlet. The
"inlet Queon" wu built in Vincouver
hy Mr. Hall's specitl order aboul one
year ago. Since tbe boat wu placed lu
commission, Mr. tnd Mrs. Hill bive
practically mado their residsuce on
board tnd btvc cruised over Ibe witers
el Iho Qull ol Oeorgil along the main
Und tnd tbo island coasts, from Vic
tori* to i'uinpbcll Biver,' having
travelled, tccording te Mr. Hill's
reckoning, not lest thin inn miles. Tbe
ntw owner it one ol tbo most estlu
sitttic of the mtny local ttllori,
hunters er fishermen iu tn amateur wty
and bit hosts of ffiendi will heartily
wish tbtt tbt pleuuro tnd benefit de
rived from the tcqultltlon of the
"Inlet ^neen" miy exceed bis most
sanguine inticipitioni.
Uat evening Ihe Usual monthly
seeltl evening of the Epwortb league
ef tbe Methodist church wu held in
the chnrcb tnd wu enjoyed by i full
turnout of tbe members tnd t number
ef visitors. Tbe president, Mr- Disk
inwui, opened tbe meeting, ltd after
tho usual religious exercises tbe even
Ing wu given over to I well trrango.1
programme arranged by Mrs. Marble,
the fourth vice president, Among the
items wero tbe following: A solo by
Miss Townsley; comic rending, Ur. T.
Martinson; duet by the Misses Marklc;
hints to league members by Mr. Weir;
selections by tbe Oiborne orchestra.
The league >• to be congratulated pn
tbe talent wbicb it bu in iti mldit.
Nut Mojodty tbe Bev. Humid lit
Lsod wH) Oliver lu.tddresi te tjbc
(eigne at (heir u»uuj couMcrtllon meet
•ag; topic, "The Development ef l*t(uii
I'ower." A cordial invitation is extended te all who art interested in
eur work to visit tny pt ill of our
City CoundUii Sessiop
Nsw Sewertgt System Now Beady for
Uie—Connections to Bt Made it
Once—Burner ta Be Built tt Oity
Dumping Oroundt—Utigttiou Wltb
Contractors to M Avoided.
At tbe regular session of the City
Council on Motility oveniug there were
present Aldermen McBto, Henderson,
Dick, Binilli tnd Kittson. Mtyor McNeish presided.
Coiniiiiiniciitiiinii woro detlt with as
follows: From J. XI. Ilny, taking for
l sidewalk ou Bidgwuy tvenue to liis
property, Ut 11, Block 90, D. L. 660;
board of mirks. From Mrs. L. Lock-
btrt, witb reference to provious tppli-
cation for opening ol 7th street; from
E. A. I lun w-ell, re tdoption of nteasurcs
to prevent surface water from streut
from Hooding tbo basement of bis
house. Board of Works; from M. B,
Jackson, Jr., asking for a ditch on tho
south side of )t)tb street to Forbes
tvenue; from A. I). Nyo, with reference to opeuiug of mu,Iciiy from Victoria park to Oth street; from II. A.
bliaw and others, asking that the street
on tbo south siilo of Otltwa (lardous
be cleared of boulders; board of
works. From the city cugiiicer reporting that the road roller has been delivered In good working order nnd
rocommeiidiiig Ibo payment of balance
of purchase price, namely, $1,061);
ordored plid. Frum A. H. Martin, asking for water service to his property,
Ut 17, Block 241, D. L. 646; water
works . ..inn. it t.f From (ho waler
commisaioner to tbe effect that ou account of bis being culled away, be bid
decided lo postpone the hearing of the
application of tbe city for water re
cord for storage purposes on . Lynn
Creek until October Wltb. From L.
Cray Donald, special commissioner, to
investigate the wator conditions gen
orally on the watershed from which
Norlb Vaueouver and Vincouver pro
cure tbeir witer supply, to the effect
tbtt be would be in Iho cily ou the
..'Mli. Inasmuch u this letter did not
arrivo uutil after the date set for Mr.
Donald'» arrival, Ihe clerk lo reply expressing regret thtt tulleienl notice
was nol given to enable the Council lu
meet bim and "itl'i'lu lull information
u to local col fns From (I. (1.
iTilincr, asking refund of $26 paid by
properly; boar,I of works, From 11.
Templar, asking that pile of logs near
his reaidence be burned. From tbe
London and British America Company,
sul,milling claim lor damages done by
the flooding of Knight block, on (be
Esplanade, amounting lo $70.50, is
followi: I'. B. Thomas, HDili; H. W
Young, II1.6U; Fulton Furniture Co.,
132.76 tnd $26.00.   This claim ciuaeil
i onsob-ruble dis. lissom,  Aldermen  Kill
ion ind Dick asserting thtt in only
one instance was the damage caused
by the opening ol an uid culvert by a
street gtng, u alleged, Ibe water iu
tbe other instances hiving come in
through tbe roof; board el works.
From Mr. Frith, Esplanade cut, com
plaining of the pretence of Ihe ■ ii,»
dumping ground wilbiu t short distance
ol bis resilience Alderman Henderson
explained that arrangements bid been
nude to erect t small burner in the
near future. From the ..ty englueer
lo tbe effect that the sanitary sewer
system is lew it-nly lor um, ind re
commending that properly owners Iw
requested lo conned tbeir bouses wilb
Ibe same. Notice to be published tc
cerdingly and public to be Inlormed
tbtt tke ueceuiry permit may be ob
dined free ol cbtrge frum the unitary
inspector. From T. 3. Stevens, uking
permission le cemtruct I septic tank
under the sidewalk on Ottiwt Hardens
Nol granled. From Joseph I'. Dub
berley, uking permlaaion to ronucrl
Wilb sewer on flirstcrflcld tvenue;
city engineer. From Ibe McAlpine,
Bolicrlsoii Construction Company, ask
lag for roadway lo til bouses new
tbout completed on Cumberland Cres
cent; board ol workt. From tke city
tnglneer, advising Ifouncil Ibal Be
mano Finto Co. had Issued 1 writ
igiinst bib lor t6.i8.67i, of wbicb $460
is amount deducted lor overtime on
tbeir contract, tad Ibe balance for
cott of Ove In on Bl, Patrick's tvenue.
Aldormtn Henderson considered tbal
tbe city wu embarking on a hazardous
course in allowing ilsell to bo drawn
into litigition in sucb mil I en; tbey
tbould be lettled by arbitration. Al
dermtn Kittson derlirtd thai Ibe city
engineer hid drawn pllnt md specifi
cttiona wbleh tkl contractor! hid tc
cepied. The engineer should be si
lowed to interpret bit own plans tnd
should be lucked up by tbe City
Council, Aldsrmtn Dick declared Uitl
tbt engineer wit collect \p his posl
if money weald be well spent
in skewing toittfttoti Ihtl Ikey must
live up to Mtcf Icttioni. If it »oit $600
te nature flnt class work, it wu money
wall tjptot.  Miyor MeNelih tuggetttd
that It might bo well to appoint a
committee to arrange a conference between the contractors tnd the Council,
Alderman Dick wis of the opinion tint
in such n cue tbo contractors should
•eek tbe interview, nnt tba Councl),
Alderman Kittson did not tgree with
tbo suggestion to moot tbo contractors
Alderman Bmitb declare,I tbtt the Icily
wis beginning t very expensive process
in going iuto tbe courts with cun
tractors. Not only so, but inch
methods would drive contractors away
fniii Ibe city tat) there would be np
i,'spouse to advertisements for tenders.
Iliffurcuics with contractors should be
settled nmiciilily. He was ill favor of
n conference. Mayor McNoith advised
the Council nut ho would sue tb.1 cor.
tractors end arrange n meeting between
them and tho Council witb t viow to
un niniculilc adjustment of differences
E. I'arncll and others potitioued for
sidewalks, arc light and witer service
at Harbor View Tract, D. L. 644. Be
Icrred to respective committees. A
petition from twelve property owners
was presented, asking lor tbe opening
of 24th street; board of works.
Accounts were passed is follows:
Board uf health, $10.20; local improve-
incut account, $u2,il77.30; board of
works, $1121.110; watcrwurks, $901.06.
Under rcjiprts of conimitteot ilu
committee appointed to coufer with the
District Council with reference- tn
tramway matters recommended lirst
that i committee of all, three from
each council, he appointed to whom all
matters uf moment which may arise
with reference te tbe franchise of tbo
B. C. E. B. Co. sbsll be referred bofore
a,Tom is taken by either council, and
aocond, that tbo B. 0. E. B. Co. be
requested io etleu.l their line on North
Lun.-,inle The latter elaUBo wbb adopted
it once, hut t difference of opinion
irosc with reference to the first clause,
Al,human Kittson being of opinion that
matters might arise iu which the in
iii,i of the city tnd the districl
were not idcutietl, in which each parly
should bo in" to proceed ou its own
initiative. Tbe clause wu finally
.nuclei.-1 to read tbtt "matters ol
moment in which tho joiut interests ol
tbo city and district wore affected"
should lie iciciied to such t committee.
Council adjourned.
A full ud i,lun, e of the members of
Ibe Board of Trade is desirod tomorruiv
evening it the Cily Hill to betr Preei
dcut Mct'tndlcsi, of the Vincouver
Board of Trade, tud ex -President Mai
kin, regarding the I'cicc Biver Biil
wty, ami alsu to hear President llodg
sou, of Ihe South Vancuuver Board of
Trade, en tbe subject of Muuicipsl
As I limo topics tre of deep interest
to all our citizens, the meeting will
be open lo ill, whether memben or nol
on the
A brief meeting of tbe   Ferry   Di
rectors took plies on Friday afternoon.
Mr. C. A. Damon, advertising agent
applied lor permission to place a.Ler
tiling cards on the upper deck of
Ferry No. 3. The tpplicition wu
The board passed lor payment tbe
monthly accounts tud wage lulls for
August, tbo former amounting tu
$6,260.66 tnd Ibe litter $4,760.06.
On Sunday lul-Cbildrcn'i Diy-
Dr. 0. c I'idgeou, Profesaor of System
al iv   Theology   in   Westminster    Hall
 le, led Ibe morning lervice in Iht
I'n--bv ii nun church, Lynn Valley, tnd
performed the sicrrd rite of infinl bap
tixm. Tbe service wis principally for
the children ef the union Bundty
school, tnd on that trrount tbe front
sciti were ill filled by tbe young people
of Ihe valley. Nr. Van Munstor con
ducted Ibe opening exercises wilb Ml,
W. Knowlci- superintendent—tt Ibe
organ. Then Dr. I'idgeon btptited tbo
lour children preiented—Gordon Pur-
die, Dtisy Blanche Archibald, Edith
tnd John Henry Waghortie aftcrwtr.lt
preaching on Ihe subjeel, "Tbe Bice
of Ufa." The tl ten.lance Wu Urge
in spite tl Ibe firt thl! in epidemic
of uieules invaded Ihe valley, robbing I
the Bundty school, tnd even keeping
some ol tke children wbo were to hive
been blptirod.
Mr. B. D. Oltdwin, oisbicr ol Ibt
I. C. It. al Hilifii, N. 8., who bit
boon paying t short visit tp Ul par
ntte, Ur. and Mrs. B. filidwiu, Nortb
Vtncouver, hu returned to jN. 8. 9*
wis very much pleiatd wjth wbil he
iiw to-toe west.
Local and Period
idkff wprlt hi being carritd put
iel4leniMte, fit tnd 2nd street*
Tho now boiler whioh it being instilled in Ferry No. 'J, will bt ready for
use in' I lm course oi tbe next lew days.
The school in Lynn Vulley wu closed
lor in indefinite period yesterday owing, lo i serious outbreak ot pieisles.
A tent belonging to throe young
men, pitched near tbe witerlrppi and
St. Patrick's tvenue, caught fire ind
wm partially dettroyed on Fridty Inst
Mr. Wallace, 'ol the Wallace Shipyards, bu ttken out a permit to build
a big machine shop on tbe ume aitc
aa that on which itood hit shipbuilding plant wbicb wtt burned down t
lew months sgo.
Mr. and Mrs. iTcTv. Htll hive returned to tbe city md bive taken
apartmonti in the "Colonial" apart
ii I houso, Hlli alreet eut.
Mr. Charles Mee has, during the last
six ivcelis, been travelling up north on
tho Grand Trunk Pacific on sonic buii
hobs connected with bis mining in
tercsts. He is expected home in t few
dsys' time.
The funeral took piles ou'Htturdiy
ol lihiilys Mary, tbe little daughter ol
Mr. ind Mra. I). 0. Kirkness, of Nye
street, Norlb Vancuuver. The cbild,
wbu was uiuc months old, died on Fri
day after a month's illness.
A smoking concert wti bold Saturday nigbt, in honor ol tbe opening ol
the new boat houeo in connection witb
tbe Nortb Vaneouver Yacht Club. A
program wai contributed to by Messrs
Percy Wuid, P. II. Lamb, C 8. V.
son, E. Adamton, and H. Kanisey, lo
Iho pianoforte accompaniment ol Mr,
Vonncr.  '
The annual tnoutiug of tbe Catholic
congregation ol St. Edmund's church
look place on Sunday alter Mast. Tbe
Bev. Father Bedard presided. A com1
iniit.v was elected to eontinue tbs
work lor Ihe coming year, several ol
Ibe former committee hiving lound it
impossible lo rotiiu office. It wit
agreed to build a reaidence lor the
priest as near to tho church as possible Tbo position ol choirmaster
wus given lo Mr. John fiarvie.
Aboul hii) ol the young popple ol
Ibe Baptist church congregation and
ih. ii di, mis met at tke putor'shome
lael (Monday) evening lor social in
Icrcourec. Alter a short programme
wai compict e>l the remainder of the
evening was ipent in an iolormal way
by playing game!, etc.
Tho uow addition tp.the city ball
is now completed, tnd tbe offices ol
ibe mayor, dty clerk, city treasurer,
and I he police sluli.on ire being trans-
L-i 1.-.1 lo Iheir new qutrtert. Tht
engineer'i office will tlio bs situated
upstairs iu the new department.
II the lino weather continues, tho
grading will anon be completed on 1st
street, 2nd itreet tnd the Esplanade.
No little difficulty ii being experienced
in certain portion! owing to the ex
iiciiiely loll composition ol tbe raid
bed oiler the recent rain. Tbe ttttm
shovels on lit itreet, Minon tvenue,
•nd St. Pitriok't avenue lit doing ex
ci'llciii work.
Among Ibe building permits recently
granted, it it interesting to note the
inclusion ol Mr. Andy Linton, who in
tends to build i boat shop on tbt Es-
pltntde. Mr. I.iulon hi* t°t )<*r*
boon i|uol«l u t succoulul boat build
er in Vtncouver, ini bit taking out t
permit in thii oity will doubtlew give
the boat lluilding industry considerable
FOB BENT--Six-roomed .fiat. 443
Lonsdale avenue; $26. Enquire at music
ttore. 2ii n
FOB BENT - New i roomed house,
uud ol Capilono oar line. 111. Apply on premium. 26-8
FOB BENT - Three room shack on
one eere of cleared land, suitable lor
chickens, gill per month. Apply
Merchants Trust k Trailing Co., 344
Pender street west. 39-9
Private room tnd botrd for yiung
mep   $6.6il   per   week.  Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th street near St. Duviiii.
FOB BENT - Five room, bouse on
N. W. corner of 1st and Chesterfield.
Bent |30 per month.    Canadian Financiers, Ltd., Bank ol Hamilton Bldg.
WANTED - Girls lor folding.    Apply Express offioo.
WANTED - 61) cords good fir wood
W. L. Kocne, I6lb etrcot. 20-9
WANTED — Unfurnished room or
shop, suitable for t lady. Apply P. 0.
Box 2027. 261)
WANTED TO BENT-Seveu or eight
roomed house, immedittoly. Apply
Peers k Boult, Keith Block. 2D I)
WANTED - IMinldc person to tiko
entire charge ol baby girl, 11 months
old. Sttlo terms. Box CO, Express
office. 26-9
WANTED Dressmaking. Thoroughly experienced in good class work.
Ladioi1 tuitt t specialty. Misses Bto,
Suite 3, Keith block, corner First
itreet. 1010
FOB SALE - Throe roomed cump.
Enquire 67 l.onadule. 27-9
Miypole Butter, 31b lor tl at  Uio
Up to dak. Grocery, SMI let it., eait.
Btrictly fresh Eggi, 30 cents per
decon it tbe UptoDtto Grocery, 368
to 360 Flnt Street eut.
FOB SALE -First growth dry wood
lor $4.60 per oord, 4 It. 0. McDade,
Pbone 82 t.l.
Mild Cured Brettfut Bacon, 20o
per lb. In bill or whole tld's it the
lip lo Dale Orocery, 366 First St. E.
FOB SALE—Cheap; 4-room cottage;
$2i)i); Esplanade E.; electric light ind
witer.   Apply Box 74, Express mine
Express Classified Adf.
Miss Jtabd M. Paw, Ihs, liiin at
tin Boytl Academy of Music, I<oidon
En|land, leechsr ol pienolur:*, vU'l«
North ywpooyyar fwo days p mttk,
Jirlto lot IttBU 8W Broughton ilrstt,
Vancouver. I10
ART CLASSIC*-During tbs winter
months Miss AsptU- (jutronlwl by
Kntllth ud For»l»n Boyajiy) WW
hold dusts In gt. KdmnnA'f »cheoJ,
Mthon Avenue. Oil tnd Water Color
Painting, Pen Pointing, Jllumlnttlon,
ginning for Book Vftlpt. eta Priteli
leuons by arrangement. For lerrnj,
etc., pleue aptdt tm Olics po* <>f'.
North Vancouver. |7-1$
■ r r t,   irmWl^tm-mT^^
aod Qt»Ml JffiiskmiM, Iti p „H
amtrr    wt jpnn i ■ m* I |   11 m itm-mmmnmrnw    w
FOB SALE - A birgain. Caah or
terms. Two cottages on 'HHb alreet.
Vory desirable location, five minutei
Irom Lonidale school, three minutes
Irom car lino. Boudy lor occupancy
about October 1st. Apply B. W.
Elton. Nortb Vancouver Coal It Supply Co.    i'bone 170.      . t.l.
FOB SAIL A boautilully lu.irlml
new bungalow, five living r.iumi wilb
bathroom ami pantry, on lot 33x130
bi Lynn valley. Sidowalki, water end
electric light. Price $2,300, Caah
|300 and fit monthly. Thit il in
absolute bargain aud worth seeing us
tbout, The Merchants Trust and
Trading Co. Ltd., 'lit Pender street,
west.    Pbone S 2733 t.1.
J, loutet and Nortb Untitle
Get it It Lonsdale Phnrmuy Pbone 22
Wt dote Sundayi. Pbost 324. .).
B. English, 0. K. firociry, 13 J.oni-
dtls Avenue.
Dr. .). C. Morrison, denliil. Post
Graduate, Chicago University. Booms
6 ind 10, New Foil office block.    1.1.
MONEY TO Ii)AN on Miprovod property. Agreements ol sale purchased.
0, ll. Hickman, 632 Louidelc.     32-10
M. II. Bayment, Costumier, (tb St.
tut, adjoining west ol Botlcard, N.
Vtncouver First class work of'y, la
diet' own mtleriali made np.
ho-Wyttg Pwobee, Ytliow Fries
low. Mo. per crate, Up lo date
.Grqoery, 3M-3fO lit ttreet eat.
Th« Oily Dye Werb hu es/ibiu'.
id a orinii tpy, Eiplf.siic if. Ud
I*nsdilc, First clus work »t in■■'.'-
met, cleaning,   iytipg, t'etii'i
ma'jmw** ,
#.. 9. fivery
lot kin-   S^
and boird alahM -
lodW aaddh bor»t»
Slotting 'or hoTM.    Qtn-
mfr n^ymlr f^'TJ*W * *jyTm*f9*    m*
W*w*9*mt *ww wmmw ftwymt      * Ww ^»t
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. S, F. MuhsoIwhite begs to
iiiiiiouiioe that ha haa purchased
the business at 71 Lonadale Ave.,
formerly oonduoted by Mr, 8, H.
Walker tinder the name of the
Pioneer Bakery.
The business will be oonduoted
in the same premises under the
name of Tbe Pioneer Confedioaery,
and will continue to produce
hand-made and home-made bread
of the best quality as well as all
lines of high-class pastry and
Mr, Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of his
customers, and by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former customers, and to welcome many new ones, for whicii
purpose the factory and plant has
been greatly enlarged itutl im-
l'ovetl. Careful attention) will
e given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F, Musselwhite, Prop-        Phone 8
Why? Because we employ men who are experts in the
line and consequently by their wide experience in different
parts of this continent are better prepared to give our customers the best that can be made in any kind of woodwork.
If you phone 222 or drop a card to P. 0. Box 1719 our
agent will call on you and cheerfully estimate your requirements. We also do bandsawing and any kind of machine
I (\f\V at our Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., for the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City,
I-save Vsncouver 6.30 a.m. Htd
thereafter every 20 roilililo* until
7.00 p.m. Cimnwamng 7.30 p.m.
svery 30 minutes until 11.30 |i.ip.
lltervalter 13.16 ud 1.00 a.m.
Uava  Vancouver   7.10,   8.10 ami
It.lW thereafter sams as weekday*.
Uava NorU, VaMguyar 6.80 a.m.
and thereafter every j0 minute* until 7.00 p.m. Comnwocing 7.90 p.
m. every 80 minute* until 11.00 0.
m. tlioroafler 1146 aad 13.48 a.m.
Leave North Vancouver 7.16, 8.00
and 8.40, thereafter earn* as *«k-
days. *
Mingle lar. 6c, 6 km 2te, 30 lor 11, 70 lor 19.
Vl'lliai, BATES
A l.uiiilier Wagons, truck* and
drays, 76c return.
II—3 horse oxprcs* carriages and
liecki, 60c return,
C—1 hors* espress buggies and
autoi, 36e return.
All Ui* tbov* rates include driver. 1UU. A Md B lubject 10 30
per cent, discount ia lots ol 60.
Psr 100 lbs. r.U. 6c.
Minimum raU, 10c.
Timo-taM* tubjccl to cfaang* without nolle*.
Company not liable lor delays, accidental -or otharwiee.
tfwxi Liverpool
Vi      to Lonsdale
Miscellaneous   Imprssslons
'• a\i*m -lomty,  ^
,  (By "UN wi*,")
to  a
"Yes," lis olisorvuil, "this ll my seventeenth crossing." Sayen—f. J gated
open mouthed at a msn of w\ colossal oiperience. Then, very siilnluiiil
und muilcijt, I asked liim ths W»y to
my bartl).
(To ba continuoil.)
Hay, Hour & Feed
Owing to larger warebottse accomodation, wa are mow ie a position te
carry a larger aad mere complete
acock ef theae Rood* and to supply
our ciiatomArs at Vancouvar nrlra*
An Qtinri Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Whon 1 settle myself sQUnroly before a bleak Blii'ct of paper and dip my
inni Into ihe inkpot, I am all the time
perfectly aware that, In the orthodox
sense, 1 am not rsally qualified to do
so. Nine people out of ten, vory rightly,
perhaps, will contend that 110 experiences are worth writing up tbet are
not In some way unique and educationally valuable. These that 1 am commencing are neither. They aro
scrlbblsd, thsrsfore, for the edification
of tbe "tenth" wbo Is content to nod
over his uewspapor and tell himself
coutinually that the only difference
between the writor's imprcssioue and
his own is that the other fellow has
put his 011 paper.
We stood—our party—in a touching
cluster, within tho portals of tho
Liverpool Art Gallery. Ilain strosmod
continuously off all tho projecting portions of tho great guardian sUtues, the
countenances of which hospoko placidity in spite of tbo downpour. Wc poered
into a dirtier sky tban bad evor
canopied England since early May. O
cruel aud melancholy factl After
tbreo months of glorious good nature,
the heavons chose our day of sailing
to let loose all the water that had bcon
- Well, well, we mado tlie best of it,
a policy more ofton written and read
than acted upon. One of us commandeered a lmii uli,-ri, r. after soveral
rosultless rushes at engaged cabs and
taxis, ami into tbis we crawled, thankful at last to bo utT tho stone flooring
of the Art Qallery, thankful to bo
doing somctliiiig ilefiiiito and dry al
the same lime.
slmilj, but surely, we gained tbe
docks. There she lay, tbe great
" I .nn .nl 1. ■," berthed in the company
of other smaller ships, wliith looked,
by contrast, like anchored cobbles, a
mammoth hive into whicii thousands uf
bees sr.in,si to be clambering. On tbo
wbarf, iu tho hissing rain, relatives of
tbo bees stood bravely, pathetically
under shiny umbrellas. Here and there
a handkerchief fluttered to the oyes in
response, perhaps, to a wafted kiss
from 0110 ef the crowded docks. Botween the groups, now and again, au
immense carthorse moved solidly, dragging in his wake a luggage-laden
vehicle. A moiiieiit later the same
trunks and impedimenta were crawling
up the luggage gangway on moving
- Discipline iu excelisl One wave of
a constable's hand and au errant passenger was given his proper bearings.
Dili, mis iu oilskins briskly eiamiiiod
tickets, smiling nuw ami then into the
faces of old patrons, Soiiiu stalked
ou beard in a calm majestic manner,
others fussed and fumed, stampeded
hither and thither with explosive
queries rcsdy for utterance, queries
whicii wero sometimes neither pertinent nor sensible.
Third class passengers had been
aboard since early morning, but their
friends and relatives still stood miserably on tho drenched quay, rjccuud
class patrons were, most, of them, visible amidships. First class travellers
were suyhig and tripping (il hobbled)
over' the rali?*iwi.l -gangway, leaving
tips and cigar siniikc behind tlicm.
Suddenly, while our party stood
watching this wumlcrful panorama,
somo invisible bell clanged ominously.
The raiii-drciiched umbrellas un the
quay were raised, to discluse pale
faces. There was a greater fluttering
ol handkerchiefs, a greater straining
of sore eyes. The several gangways
slid away one after another from the
boat side, a* if frightened iuto (light
by tho strcpitous hoot lhat had just
been sounded amidships. Al/nost be
fure we wero perfectly aware of it, the
monster "Ijiurenlii'' waa in motion.
A quivering breathless permit! vum
lot these lu whom uu hand was waved.
A succession of moments which many
on board (and doubtless many on
shore) had chosen nol tofndurc. He
side us stood a jilight youug girl, governess apparently to a French lamily.
Using her trembling hands as a mega
pbone, she called brokenly, to bar
eldorly father and her tearful mother,
"I am going below when tbe ship
moves." liven as she spoke tho liner
was gliding away. But she did uot go
below. Bhe lingered on the upper deck
till her parents were mere specks on
the lading wharl. Then, almost blind
wltb emotion, she turned away. Bhe
was ono sf many.
Still the rain beat down, to the keen
discomfort of eyes .training lor a last
glimpse of tho old country. It pattered on the newly swept decks, aud
hissed iu the white painted gutters.
"Like the rainy season at Vancouver,"
said a male traveller with bis black
mousUcho blowing moist in the breexe.
Only a faithful few watched Liverpool fade iuto nothingness. I formed
one Of that loyal company. "Abl"
breathed I to myself, "this happens
Only once in a lifetime! It is sumo-
thing to remember ud write about!"
I turned round briskly (aod a little
proudly) and collided wltb a smiling
steward.  I asksd hiin a few auMtlon*.
NOTltiK |s hereby given that an
application will be made under Part
V. of tbe "Water Act, WM," fp nli
tain a license iu tbe Mew Westmlneto-
division of Now Westminster District.
(a.) The name, address and occupation of the applicant Ernest Tnwu
sley, Best Estate Broker, 688 Peudet
Stroot, Vancouver, It, O.
(If lor mining purposes) Froo Mlu
er's Certificate No.
(b.) Tbe name of the lake, stream
or euiireo (If unnamed, tbe description is) Cyprus C'rsok.
(e.) The point of diversion—Two
('!) miles up stream from mouth on
Hislrict  Lut 8|8.
(d.) Tbe quantity of water applied
for fin cubic feet per sscentl)—8 (11
minor's Inches).
(e.) Tbe character of tbo proposed
(f.) The premises ou which lb'
water is to bs used (describe saine)-
District Lot .Ull.
(g.) Tlie purposes for which tbt
".ater is to be iisid- Domestic.
(li.) If for Irrigation describe the
land intended lo bs irrigated, giviiu
acreage       ,	
(i.) If tbo water is to be ussd for
power or mining purposss describe the
place whore the water is to be returned
lu somo natural channel, and' tbo dlf
ferenee iu altitude between poiut of
livorsion and point of return.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended
to bo occupied by tho proposed works
(k ) This notice was poslod on the
13rd day of August, 1011, ami uj.j.l.
catiun will bs mado to tho (,'onimls
pinner on the 33rd day of Septembtr,
(I.) Give tbe names and addresses
uf any ripariau proprietors or lieen
ten who or whose bind] are likoly to
bo iiifi'iTcl by the proposed works
either abuve or below tho outlot.
(tlignautro)   lll.NHV   BHODEb,
Agent for Ernest Townsley
(P. O. Address)   P. O. Box i61.
Vaueouver, B, 0,
MITTT iin.' cubic loot per toe owl
is equivalent to 36.71 miner's inchss
Expcr| on Fireplace* and All Classes
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth St. and M*hon Ave.
House Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouvor
A* tb* main drainage ayslem Is approaching compict iou we beg to notify
properly owners tbat ws ar* making
arrange—sols to 'undertake tb* **w*r
connection, on lb* variou. privet*
properties at a roaaonaWe cod lo all
tboM who desirs to avail tbsBueivo*
ol< early drainage laciljtus. Having
carried out lb* main drainage system
lor the city council and having tlie
nooouary plant sod skilled labor
available we ar* in an exceptionally
favorable position to carry out the
private bouse drainage at a moderate
cost to property owners and we shall
be ploaasd to lurniab sellout** and
plan* U naoesesry to carrying oul (bis
moat eawutial work in accordance witli
Ui* city regulations an* on most up
,0-date principle* of modern sanitation.
sTSAvuvssvss\a/.vff e^s wv*
»s~m/sms mi* mint mammmim mtm
WWW e~>•
I      I I
See, Our Attractive Dfopby of
       "      ■ =
Showing an assortment of attractive designs in
Fern Ppti, Jardii»ier«i, Electroliers, Fire
Screens, Desk Supplies, Smokers' Comforts,
Photo Frames and Candlesticks.
These goods ire of recent importation, made
from quality brass, and sell at importers' prices.
Henry Birks *& Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths    /s
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   •   Vancouver, B. C.
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Workt
Ul Fint Street West
Proprielors—E. Laukin, Tailor; F. Norminton, laic with the
11. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, Ii. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,  Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Girt us a trial and patronize the
North Shore
111 First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Airttnunii and Contracts drawn
ot tvtry deicription
Phone 157
»            =
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers end employees, Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help. '
W. B. HOOD, Secretary,
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
life have e few aplendid building Iota, each 49x139 feet,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and 'School.
Two splendid loads to the property, and near the Capilano
Riyer. Price |$00 eech, Corners $600. One-third cash,
6 and 12 months. These are excellent residential lots, and e
John Alexander & Co,
direct from mines, 500 ton«
New Wellington Lump now
oil. liaiul. We strongly advise consumers to get in a
supply before the rain comes.
Prompt delivery gtwunteed.
Phone 178 for prices.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
56 Lonsdale Avenue.
The Standing Alibi of H. Stapleigh Strome, cont.
The mini obeyed apd Vaa Immediately sworn.
''Mr. Stprrae," tald hit counsel, "will
you tall thp Jury-
Btanlelgb Stormot" .
"Well," retpnndpd Burko, strufch-
Iiik f)l> lniiiii, "ii'u about tbo same
cither way.  Tbere't no dlflerence, to
fnr at I can tee, between the two."
WW 0 minute," tald tba man on   And Q'Ponnel! was in much tho
in* wffrwn ttanj), Interrupting blw'iame frame q! m|nd.
with a gettpro, "you have made ai
mlitalte-niy nmt „ mt Stotm,,    \ CHAPT     XVIII
"Wbatl" orclalraed bit counsol, un-
propared lor tula
New Harness Shop
A branch of the Vancouver
Harness Co. hai been' opened in
ihe premises of the C. M. (t N.
Coal and Supply Co,, corner,
Esplanade and St. George's Ave.
A full stock of first clan harness
apd horse fittings will be carried.
A specialty will be made of repair work. Prices will be the
iame as those in Vancouver.
.     Phone 259
Telephone 276
"Wbatl" repeated the fudge, "do
you mean to tay, sir, tbat the name
Btorme Is an aliusT"
The judge, Iron bla manner, wat
unquestionably" convinced ol the man's
"I mean," replied tho plan In a
loud, Ilriji voice, looting- tbe judge
tquare|y fn tbe tact), "tbat my name
It not Storma-tbat I up not H. Stan-
lolgh IStorme-that'I am not tbo prisoner."
"WbaU that! Wbat't tbat!" cried
tbe protoquted.   "Not tbe prisoner I
Storme Provea Another Alibi,
Tbo facta aet forth In tbo foregoing
aarrative wero all within the por-
awal knowledge ot tbe writer; for
irtat happened later bo It depondent'
wholly on evidence at second band,
but which nevor th el e»s It In all re-
•poets reliable. 9
Tbe writer tat wltbln tbo court
room at each trial, and In faot re-,
ported for i local shoot such of the
lactt at woro alterwarda made publio,
but inunediately titer the second trial
tBsoclated himself with a leading
paper In an Eastern city.
,   It was wltb feolinga ol contiderable
What In Qod. name do you moan, L^J $2 J Jgj gg coa.
"i ,„„ „ ...   ii a 2\  ...     ...      tottloA on tho itreet not long since
I mean/ replied the othor, ",u,t .„. , bearted J*g ot ,„„ olJ p|aM
Bargain Home Sites
In North Lonidalt.
Two toptrtto corner lots io
south oast quarter 017, near school and
good road.   Cheap ami easy tormi.
In Lynn Vaney.
A number ol good level lots near
Municipal Hall, for (300 each. Payments spread over five years.
In Diitrict Lot Bio.
A selection ol double corners for
largo houses near the Boulevard.
Alexander Philip
Iniurinct Broker.
Olub Block, Esplanade. Phont 10,
what I tay. H. Stanlelgh Stormo, tbe
prisoner, It the man who bat Jutt left
the witness stand, and wbo bat left
tbe court. I tried to bill you time
and time again tbat tbo man wbo
took the stand was the prltoner himself, but you,wouldn't lfsten to me.
He was the prisoner, tho criminal,
tbe bank robber blmtell, and you
never know It. He knew that I wat
coming here to take the aland agalnat
him—though I had told no ono but
him—and he fook tbe stand In my
placo and told my ttory—the Btory
that I meant to tell—tbat I would
have told. He knew It Just at well
at I did, and he could tell It better."
"1 don't believe ltl" exclaimed tbe
proaecutor. "Your honor, It It a mere
ruse "
Province ol British Columbia
NOTICE is hereby givtn that all public Highways in onorganiicd districis
and ill Kain Trunk Hoods in orgsoir-
ed   Diitrict i tre sixty-six (tut   widi,
and bave a width ol tbirty-tbm bit
on each tide ol tbe mean straight centra line of the travdlbd road.
Minister ol Publio Works.
Department of Publio Workt,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, 1011.11-10
300 fett of Water-
frontage with crown
?rant,   known   aa
rallace  Shipyards
erma to auil purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
'ihe other pitn again Interrupted.
"You havon't even tho commonest
observation," he said to tbo prote-
cutor. "You know tho volco of H.
8tanleigh Storme. It It like »lnotlMnJ'7''
You are familiar with bit face. Look
at mine. Tbo ono thing tbat Storme
did not tell you waa tbat tbe vory
points of difference between ua were
In Uio volco and In Uio color of Uie
skin.   Hia laco It florid, moro or lost,
mine Is always pile "
By Qeorge," exclaimed Uie aborlft
Ui an audible voice to tho crowd nbout
him, "that accounts lor It."
The Judgo adjusted bit tpeclaclet
nnd looked long and earnestly at the
man. Then he leaned back with an air
ot conviction.
"This man It not Uio prltoner," bo
sold finally, "be ll not H. Stanlelgh
Tbe prosecutor thougbt lor a moment   Tbon be spoke.
"Why, then, did you not take tbo
stand when I called your name?" be
atked severely.
"You did not call my name," returned Uie otber.
"1 did," retorted tbo proBocutor. "I
did call your namo — Uio name ol
Wetly Warburton."
Tbe man amlled and abook bit bead.
''My name la Honry F. Towntond,"
bo responded quietly.
"Wbatl" returned the proaecutor.
"no you mean to tell me that you
didn't writo thia letter to me signed
Wesley Warburton! Look at III"
"If you care to find .mi," responded
Townsend slowly, "you aro liable to
discover tbat that leUor It In tbe
tundwrltlng or H. Stanlelgh Storme
aak tbe bank men bore—and," ho
continued, "lis my opinion that you'll
havo to look a long way beforo you
find any real man of Uio name of
Wesley Warburton I"
From this man he wu able to glean
luch lurther facta relative to H.
Biunlolgb Stormo ia were ot Interest
to bim.
"Well, air," tald the visitor. "I'm
glad to toe you. I haven't teon you
lor i couplo o' yeart at Uio outside—
aot In tact tlnce I taw you at Uio
Btorme trial. Do ;'ou romomber itt
Vou were on the Blade about tbat
"Tbe Star," corrected I. "Did thoy
ever bear ot Storme?" I asked
"Hear ol blmr roplicd tho old man
■■Why, ain't you heard 7 Didn't you
know about lit"
"Tell me," I requeued.
"Why, no," rosponded ho, "thoy
never got bim out there; but somebody did on hero East. Why, man
alive, bo't been tent up—ho's Jailed,
though on another charge, and," be
tddod, "under uuothor namo."
Another name?"   I   eaid.    "What
Tbe old man tlowly smiled.
"It's a namo that's well known by
tli|s time, I guess, pretty much nil
over. Did you ever bear ol Steuben
''Wbatl" I exclaimed. "Stci.hcn
Duckworthl Tho man that tried tc
flout that million dollar bond Bcllcnic
-Ibo forger. Why, no's In Btate'i
prison In this stale; been thero s
month, st least."
"Exactly," rcturnod my old friend,
"that's whore he la. And thnt nan,'
he continued, "Ib H. Stanlelgh Stormo
I thought you know it all the time.
They've got bim under lock and key
Ibis time lor lair. Ho won't get out
too soon."
It was about dinner time. I led tho
wuy Into the coty corner ol a downtown restaurant, where we regaled
uuriii'lvei: and whllctl away an hour.
"And the olbcr Icllow, Townscnd,
what became of hlm7" I asked.
The old man wiped tbo soup off
bis wide expanse of short Iront nnd
nodded bit head.
"I don't suppose," -be nnswercd
"that C. T. ft A. Hallway bad a bolter
manager than thoy'vo got now. I
know thoy haven't in my Ume. Hit
namo," he added, "It Henry P. Town
rend. He't one ol the best business
men In Uio place, and thoy nil swear
by him.
"Tbey toured on bim a bit after
tt-at laat trial on account of the bliune
fool way In which bo'd been taken In.
but when they came to cool down.
Ihey concluded all around that Town-
lend watn't to blame any more thun
m.ybody olte — the wholo town bad
iho lopke at Townscnd, for If over a
nun looked like Stormo, he's the man,
plough he's changod bla look' some
low,.tog.  .
"That Dumont girl Is rich, too; rich
is mud, they aay. So Tqwniend, what
villi tbe railroad and other things, le
pretty well fixed, ana happy, tpo, I
[uost; aa happy aa tbey make 'em.
Veil, air," concluded tho nbi nuw,
reaching for a bunch ot toothpicks,
I'm duo uptown about thit time and
I gueta I'll bo moving."
"I'll go with you," I responded.
Aa we paaaod a newspaper bulletin
in the way up tbe street, wo taw a
nowii around IL
"Well, by Qeorge," ezolilmed my
Mmponlon, ''will wonders never ccato?
jink at that. Tbat'a about tbo man wo
ten talkln' ol Juat now."
1 looked. Upon tho bulletin, In troth
ilack paint, appeared me lollowing
Duckworth't Desperate Escape
Itophen   Duckworth,   tho   Notorious
Bond Forger, Breaka Hit Prison
Cannot Be Found. Poetess Scouring
Tbo Country In Search.
The old man tqueeted my arm.
Wbat do you thing ol 'thai 7" bo atk-
id. "You take my word lor It they"'
imer got him—no, air, tbey can't do
t. I'm bi'tiin' on any man tho lirst
t-ttcr of wbOBO last name begint with
il. Stanley Stormo. II be't out he's
mi tor good."
And he was. Officially, Stephen
Duckworth was Bupposcd to bo con-
Ined In cell No. 118. Actually, be was
'ar away.
They lind bla bars tawed, Uio cage
jrokcu, and the bird riown.
Officially, Uio rocord In tho war-
len't offlco sot forth Uiat Stcpbon
Duckworth, tho famous forgor, bank
tobbor, and Bwlndler, waa safo within
ib. .1 nt .li.H of the law. But It was
lot true.
At bo hod ofton dono bofore, H.
Stanlelgh Stormo had onco more
proved on alibi. y
"Somo follow ought to write a book
ibout him," exclaimed tbe old man
igatn as wo started on onco more.
I naaentod.
"I will," I tald.
Aud, accordingly, I have.
Now Westmlnater Land pittriot—Diatriot of Norlh Vanoouver. TAKE
NOTICE that we, H. Gladwin apd A
O. Gladwin ol Norlh Vancouver, oceu
potion, retired, intend to apply lor
peruiuripn to loass the following de
scribed ttroam, known at I.vnn Creek,
commencing at a post planted at Ibt
N. W. eorner ol the old wooden bridito
crossing taid stream, thence norlb,
lollowing bad of stream to a post
planted IJOM feci norlb ol Keith
Road, steel bridge, 'or the purpose of
obtaining rook, gravel and taw) for
building ana other purposes.
fitted Aug. 7U>, WU. 810
"But these exhibits!" went on the
lawyer. "How did tho pTisoner come
lo bavo charge ot tbese I"
That's   simple  enough,1
Uie other.    ''He bad a copy of Uio {
newtpaper Jutt aa I did, and It wu I
in everyday Job for a man like 11
Stanlelgh Stormo to prepare coplct of
lettert 'from memory   letters that be
had banded jno in the put. Here are
my  proofs—look at them." And he
placed  another batch  of papers in
Uie bands of Uie ditlrict attorney.
Tbe whole thing It plain. Stormo
It a clover follow, and be knew beforehand that I wu coming, and he knew
what I wu hare for. He'knew that
tbo man who had the first tay would
win out and eaat suspicion on Uie
other map. It wu a simple thing
for him to take Uie aland and tell my
story. He knew It all by heart And
It wu a simple thing to get off Uie
itand and walk out In the ojiou air a
free man from henceforth. And mark
my word, gentlemen, youl'l never Und
And they nevor did. For H. Stanlelgh Storme wu only halt right la
bit lut ttatemont to tbt court
The Judgo bad bit address all rlgbt
In Uml he wu correct. But he wu
laboring under tome grlevout mltap-
prehenalon when be told Ihe Judge
thai bo cooli be lound there any Ume,
U wanted.
For tlpy tried It many, many times,
tad with great poralttoncc lator. And
Ihey lound he'd proved an alibi.
7Now wbo wu ttrlnglng ut,
Burke?" laid O'Connell if ler It wu
til over,   "Wu It tie devil or H,
been took In, tho hunks and the pollen
lorcc the mott ol all.
"Henry F. Towntond told a tlralghl-
.l.irward ttory, and bo was a stralnhl-
relurnod . ^Tj_
l tv„,ni man, and they camo to under
Hand Uiat pretty toon. Tboro wasn't
tnylblng against him except that lm
wu mixed  up In  this  unlortunate
tiling about Uie tame way everybody
bad been, aud tbey found thero wna t
good deal In lavor ol bim. Ho stayed
light there and bore tho brunt ol the
whole thing—said  be waa all rlgbt
and Intended to tUck to It,
"And he did. And ho won out. Some
ol bit old railroad people got Interested bi Iho C. T. ft A., and Ihey
slapped Townscnd rlgbt In as assistant manager—you see be knew all
tbout tho business. And then, by
Qeorge, tbo manager resigned and
Townn.'iid stepped rlgbt Into bit
about. And be't all rlgbt, is Honry
V Towntond."
''He never married, I suppoio?" I
The old man trailed again.
"Yot, be did," bo anawored. "And
1'ial wu another funny thing.
"Do you remember that Dumont
robbery—the thing Storme turned before he went for line First Notional?
Well, sir, Towntond married lhat girl
—the Dumont girl. I believe tbo'd
known Storme, or tomotilng of that
bind, and I tuppote Towntond. met her
la tome way alter tbe trial, but anyway, tbo marries him, and Uioy'rt
both all right"
"It wu a funny thing, though,
They tay the law the burglar lo her
home that night and rocognlxcd him;
tnd It mutt teem queer to her whon
ll.-K- **
Dogs were formerly IndfgonouB to
the Indigent, Int. since the advent ot
dog licenses, whoroby a dog, without
a maid or a valet It presumed to be
guilty until It Ib provod Innocont ut
shot, tboy have beon grafted on family
trots, with thoir own soparate borald-
ry an substitutes for children, thereby furnishing considerable coubo-
liiiliui for raco suicide.
Dogs arc divided Into two great
classes — pedigreed and vcrdlgreed.
Widlgrond nre of two klndt — mad
dogs and doga, Pedigreed are of
i-i i, i.ii kinds. I'hb'f mining wbleh are
-.-..it.-ii dogs and sheep-dogs. Watchdogs are so called because tbey aro
. ii .ill onougb, and usually cranky
ctough, to bo curried around In tbo
piece of '...ih In i by people wbo havo
plmiy of Ume. Sheep-dogs are bo
.-..fl. .1 because thoy aro led around
by i-h., i'h h looking peoplo.
Those dogs aro considered Uio
in nl. nine: i by connoisseurs wbicb
lock (be ugliest to other people.
Challenge the Judge.
II was a cue In an Irish court,
md, the prlsonor seeming bard lo
::-11 ■ i.-. Juryman aftor Juryman was
mked to leave Iho box, However, all
things como to an cud, oven In ire-
luud, nnd at last Iho swearing of the
Jury was completed. And then the
prlroncr leaned ovor (be dock and
sought tho car of hll counsel.
"Iho Jury's all rlgbt now, I think."
hi' whispered; "but ye must challenge
the Judge: I'vo been convicted under
Mm i-ivlml times nlrcady, nnd maybe
lie's bcglnnln' lo bave a prejudlcu."
Sophistry ol a Sophist.
A certain archbishop," whon asked
wi.limn to mlsttale her age, replied:
"A lb may be defined ns u il.ite-
ii.. nt made by one raUonal being to
anothor rational being, wltb the Intent to deceive. Now, u uo rational
in ing would think ol uking a woman
her ugc wlih Uie expectation ol being
i in.','., ird truthfully, one ol the
i-h mend of tho lie la lacking, and tho
.'<-.nan's slali'iiienl Cannot, strictly
Bj'tukiii,;, bo deflnod u sucb."
Australia has Tallest Tree.
Australia clalma to bave Uie tallest
tree In ihe world. It hu long been
tliougbt that to California belongs
tblb distinction, but, wbilo Ctllfor-
nli, trees nro of glgsnlJc dimensions,
llity do not coma up to Australia's
eucalyptus trocs. Ine Callforolans
ure noted not to much lor their height
: i for iiii l r girth and die met jt. Iho
ti lb st trco IS Calllornlu yet discovered wu found by actual measurement
tu be 34011 high Australia's record
i.iiin iroe can beat this by MOIL
Offhand Definitions.
A llnitiiiy. -Tbo price ol peace.
laughing slock.—An amateur actor
nuking an attempt at high' tragedy
I'ollUcsI ralnbowt—The kind utual-
Vl teen Just before Ihe November deluge.
Human nature -Something to blame
yt ur oxcentrlclUea on If you are not
like other people.
Becoming plldo—Setting a proper
valuation on your own abilities and
nrrompiisbmonfa — and never cutting
_. ,	
Women aren't lha only human
tolnat who marry for a horn*.
135 Lonsdale Ave.
mj If you are a discriminating buyer you
\yill have no difficulty in proving our
fl Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
**} The Delivery Wagon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will take orders
and deliver promptly any Quantity desired.
Bruce & Co.
Capital ('aid Up  , 2750,001)
Reserve k Undivided 1'rulili    3250,000
Total Angela  : 40,000,0110
Il is not easy to alter tlie habits
ol a liletimo—no small mutter lo
Iuii'.tI.i' extravagance and leuru to
Vou  will  never  leuro   unless
have au inccnlivo of,
Do  not   i'i-'l
•5 „
Haul,  ol   llnuii
at   the
C. G. HfcimSN. Agont,
Nortb Vancouver.
Head Office:
Wo have a low lots for sale close to Lonstlalc Avenue
■Carline in ihe City. Prices $450 to $500 on very
easy terms. Wc believe these to be the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Cull in and we
will show you over them.
Ihul   Kitale and  Financial Agonls.
Agreements ol r>alo discounted.
219 Locale Avenue Telephone 44
if J/Cosntu
I-etsn'It'ft*V Z£0U<L
| (/Ufihi^t tn-
l Z
. ii^mr'jwm&/i<ii%.
The iiperaliir'i duties ore to answer
calls and make connections as rapidly
ai possible, Conversation witb you
would inovilnbly blook othor calls just
as urgent as yours.
So tho operator is trained louse
certain set phrases relating strictly
lo her work. Any questions' oulside ol ber (unctions must necessarily be referred to people having in
obnrgo special classes ol "irregular" inquiries.
A minute's consideration will show
that unions the operator's duty were
uniform praotically thp lomo in-every
csll-sho could pot poisjl/ly rive /I.Ij
subscribers tbe service tbey demand.
•ir-   Jamt..a.'-
i a..
uovm Mkuaotrm, bwtjsh pqwimwa
Pnblisbeii Tuesdays and Friday? by Nortb Bbore Praaa, Wipltei).
Batos of Subsoriptiont-One'year, $1,00. Bix mpntbi, BOo. Three months, 36b.
United States and Ppreign, WM per year.
Advertising Bates WW Ba Quoted on A^UeatlAD,
Tbe Express is devoted te tbe intorests nf tbe North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorpugb and effective manner the population of North Vancouver
Oity and District, Every effort is made to give advertisers the most satisfactory
UrirVli'll i
All changes in contract advertisements should bs In the printers' hands not
later tban 10 a. m. Monday and 5 p. ni, Wednesday te ensure insertion In tbe
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0 .' September, 86, UU.
The definite announcement from Sir
Wilfrid Uurier that be will retain bis
seat in tbe Dominion House as leader
of the opposition will be received witb
gratification throughout the country.
For many ruasens he is the logical and
the host equipped man for that position.
His infill pf (i11.in years at the head
of the government has givon him a
euiii|ireliei>sivu knowledge of national
.Thins and a ripeness of experience
whii'h places him in a position to render valuable service to Canada as
leader of the opposition. - However
rudiiully the Conservatives, whon in
opposition, may have differed from the
policy adopted by Sir Wilfrid Uurier
as premier in his administration ol the
several departmeuts of the government,
they at all times manifested, as a party,
every respect for bim personally and
accorded him all due considsration as
the Prime Minister ol Canada. As
leader of the opposition, that attitude
toward him will not undergo any
.■Iiiiiii...' upon the purl of the Conservatives from the government side of the
House, and it is certain that speaking
from the left of the Speaker the er
promier will at all times command a
respectful hearing ami his utterances
will he rccogniieil as deserving eareful
consideration upon tho part of Ilie government and its supportors.
Aside, however, from the roeogiiineil
advantage ol the presence of Sir Wilfrid Uurier as opposition leader, one
■ an,,,,i hut note the faet that in his determination to remain in the House in
thul capacity he baa exhibited again
his astouishiug faculty for hasty change
of position relative to matters of public
Importance, of wbicb his political career
provides many instances. His utterances from Ihe platform during the
campaign just closcil gave the people
to understand in unmistakeable
language, that, il defeated, ho would
retire from public life, and specifically
staled that be would on no account
censnl '" egaiu act aa leader of the
oppoiitiou iu tbe House at Ottawa.
Once tbe eleclioni are pest, however,
and it li certain that he hai becu overwhelmingly defeated, be promptly
tomes forward witb the facetious an
iiiiiiiiu'iii.'iil, "I will stay witb tho
boys," aod by way of explanation
deigus lo add, "It would be desertion
te leave tbcm now." Doubtless, tbe
ardent adorer of Sir Wilfrid Uurier
will contemplate tbii masterful deliver
ears witb rapt admiration aud will
, .impure Ibe i-i premier to tbs dutiful
captain wbo refuses to deisrt a sinking
ship. There are others, however, who
will sec in tbii sudden change of front
yet another indication ol the .rushing
nature of the defeat whicii the, Uurier
administration experienced at tbe polls
ou Thursday last. So completely decimated arc the Liberal forces tbat tb,ere
is no one left wbo is at all capable of
leading but Sir Wilfrid himself, llii
chief niniilcrs all went down in tbe
delays; there is no member of bis
government wbo has survived wbo is
equal to the lank of leading the opposition; therefore, for Sir Wilfrid ie
withdraw at tbe present juncture would
leave tbe fragments of bis former
splendid forces ia a stale ef abject
impotence and disineiuberincnl, tbe
humiliation ef 'wbleh is toe much for
tbs wbilom first minister to contemplate. Inasmuch as bjs awa pretence
a* loader ef the opposition ii lbs only
possible mass* of aetompliibio.g any
degree ajl tWiveraaw ftom On ptedbm-
fallen, Sir Wilfrid finds it imperative
te ratals tbat leadership.'
Bs Ma underlying motives ef thii
ekasfs of frost wfcat Mm/ my, mf
Wilfrid as opposition leader will very
greatly enhance tbe usefulness of the
minority in tbe House.
Many of those utterances upon the
part of leading statesmen and other
recognised authorities in the United
States, which were considered more or
less ominous in' relation to Canada
previous to the rocout elections, will
be found to have entirely changed
their aspect ami to be most encouraging
and consoling wbeu viewed in tbe light
of the .change wrought in the political
situation in the Dominion as the result
of the polling on September 31st.
To begin witb, tbe oft quoted words
of President Taft at the New Vork
banquet may be taken:
"I bave said that tbis was a critical
time iu the solution of tbe question of
reciprocity. It is critical because unless
it is uow desided favorably to reciprocity, it is exceedingly probable that
no such opportunity will ever again
come to the United States. Tba forces
which are at work In Englaud and la
Oanada to separate ber by a Oblnase
wall from the United States, and to
make ber part of an Imperial commercial band reaching from England around
ths world te England again by a
system nf preferential tariffs, will derive an impetus from Uu rejection of
this treaty, and if we would bave reciprocity, with all tbo advantages Ibat
I bave described, we must take it now,
or give it up forever."
It is highly gratifying tbat aa authority SO eminent as tho President of
the United States may be quoted to tbe
effect tbat the affiliations of the Dominion are now settled once and for all
ami that tbe destiny of Canada is that
she should become the chief factor in
Ihe building of a solid British Empire
"reaching from Eugland around tbe
world to Englaud again." Tbe more
literally such a prophecy is fulfilled the
better will Canada be pleased.
Mr. James J. Hill likewise gave utterance to some very significant sen
teuces which "look good" in the new
light which was shed upon matters
upon tho ever to be remembered 21st of
.September.   This, for intsance:
"Tbe effectuation ef tbat agreement
would practically destroy Oreat
Huinin's scheme for Imperial federation, a scheme wbicb not only implies
closer bonds politically between Qreat
Britain and ber dependencies, but
closer relation* commercially, and undoubtedly preference for tbs producti
of Ibe depend,to ies in tbe great markets of tbe world located in Oreat
"If eur government rejects tbe
proffers of reciprocity now under consideration, Canada will certainly turn
Uu current ef bar trade aa far aa possible toward Oreat Britatla. In that
mm It WiU put hat autit* earl-
cultural output through bar own watsr
channels te tbs Liverpool markets, aad
from Orsat Britain will be bought an
Increasing proportion of supplies of
manufactured feeds ef all kinds. Our
food products fill have ta compete in
tbe world's marked ef Liverpool ami
London at a disadvantage witb the
products of Canada."
Tbe .'lie.nation of that agreement
did not eventuate, net became tbe
United States rejected tbe "proffers
of reciprocity,"' but because Canada
was vise.enough to decline with emphasis. The result, therefore, upon tha
authority of Mr. Hill, will be that
Imperial federation and ail tbst it
implies will proceed unto its consummation wbils the mutual trade between
Cauada aud Oreat Britain will be developed t« its utmost limit, Ip all of
which Canada moat devoutly respond*:
"So Wott It Bs."
scalar Bsvartdg*, of India"*, \o
want m wbnh Wa supporters bavslos inspires moment, broke into   IM
ranks of the prophets and cried!
' tieJMn must be   reciprocity   with
Caaad*.   Ow tariff witb tbe r*#t of
Mm world m mt apply to e« porta..
i farip '■ammHw ip** mn tjywMwm*j' iw- mf mm umjfflmf*  \mm Wt*m*<mr wmrmmw mm
driven American manufacturer* across
tbs Canadian bordsrs, built vast plants
With American canltal on Canadian
soil, employing Canadian workmen to
supply trade. That capital ehould be
kept ut borne to employ American
workiugmeu to supply Canadian demand,"
The eminent senator certainly Ifibl
hold of a highly patriotic idea from
the standpoint of the United Statss,
Igit unfortunately for its survival the
t'aiiadiiiu electors did not soe tbe matter exactly in that light and so, "Tho
best laid plans of mice and nieu." The
eiii.'i'ii.'i of Canada are prepared to
welcome capital from the United States
er from any other country for the pur
peso of developing Canada's natural
resources within Canada's borders, but
if tbat capital is te be "kept at homo"
then auy benefits that may be derived
therefrom must be gathered from semo
source other than Canada's raw materials. By iuference it follows from
the remarks of Senator Beveridge that
American capital will coutinue to come
in yet larger quantities, to build yet
vaster plants on Canadian soil, employ
ing ever increasing multitudes of
Canadian yrorkiugnicii to supply trade,
all of which tallies exactly with the
true fitness of things from thu Canadian viewpoint.
Tbe Northwest Miller waxed eloquent
ever, the pruspoct which reciprocity
opened up for the great milling industry
of the United States as follows:
"The disposition of Canada's surplus
is a question upon the answer to which
depends the future, not only of tbe
milling interests of the (American)
Northwest, but indeed of the United
States. Should this surplus be shipped
abroad, it must inevitably mean the
destruction of thu American export
trade, the shifting of the American
milling centre, the gradual decline of
the American milling interest to a comparatively unimportant place iu the list
of large American industries.
"Tb* miller who Is able to grind
this enormous (Canadian) crop will bs
tbt miller of tbs future, and wbar* hs
Is, tbsre will be tbe great mill* of the
The Canadian electors bave decided
that tbe miller who grinds tho enormous
Canadian wheat crop shall be located
on Canadian soil and they have no
desire at all to evade the mild impeach
ment of such an eminent authority as
tbe Northwest Miller when it declares
"There will be the great mills of tbe
world."   Tbey have uo doubt about it.
Tbe Minneapolis Journal, a reprcscn
tative newspaper, thus siimuiuri/ed tho
commercial significance of reciprocity:
"The Taft poicy uot only
spells North Amcricaii commercial
union, but also thu duom of British
Imperialistic commercial unity.
"Today, England Is our beet customer, and Oanada Is eur third best
customer, But our foreign trad* wants
and tbat ef Oanada grows. If we push
Canada Into England's anna, Uu trade
arrangement* between the two will
Uud mora aud mora to abut us out.
"How long will our trade witb tbese
two customers last if reciprocity fails!
Our Canadian trade must fall off, as
tbe east and west channels of her coin
merce are scoured by uio. And Canada
will more and moro supply English
needs iu our stead," \'  .
Tbe chief difficulty, from the standpoint of tbe above, would appear to be
tbat tbe spelling match did uot end in
favor of tbe "Taft policy." True, tbe
United States carefully avoided pushing Canada into Engl mil's arms, but
finding herself snugly ensconced in
those arms, Canada declined the flatter
ing invitation to separate herself there-
from. In the opinion of the above authority, thsrsfors, British Imperialistic
commerce not only survives but is
dsstiued to steadily strengthen and
develop. All of which Canada considers
a "Consummation devoutly to be
This profitable exercise might be extended indefinitely but ths above are
sufficient to demonstrate that even in
tb* opinion of tbe most omineut
thinkers of the United SUtes along
political and economic lines, Canada
made no misstep In tbe action which
waa taken st tbe pells ou Thursday
TENDEHS will be rooeiverj by tlie
undwsignad up to I'i o'clock noon on
September 80M>, Ull, (or Ihe construction of an Institute ball at Lynn
valley. A certified cheque mad* pay
aWe to IM uudariignod, equal to five
oar osnt. of the amount of Under,
moat accompany each Under. Plant
snd specifications to be obtained Irom
P. We*tov*r, corner Frederick rosd
»ffd esrijne, l.yrn valley. The lowest
or any Under not n«ces*ari;y ssoept-
House and Lot pn Keith' Road,
facing south, $2629 on terms.
North Vancouver, JJ. C
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International Varnish Co.'a
Vamiahe,, Slam, and Enamel,
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Will give you results that will please you (or yean longer
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il loweat. Come in and Ut ui prove thii.
■ ) . " =
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vancouver
Martin Bunour
(iurney Foundry Co.
Ini.-iTiiiti.iiiiil Varnisb Co. '   •
Majestic Range*
Zenith Kdge Tools and Filee
50 Feet on Nye St
Special Price for Caih
On   Macadamized portion
213 Lonadala Ave. Tel. 47
Cor. Nye St. Trl. Sy
Two Good Buys in House Property
I9lh Street—Cloae to Lonidale Avenue, modern houae, J
roomt and modern conveniences, for $2,400; $500
caih, balance to arrange.
13th Street—Firet block (rom Lonidale Avenue, good
house, 5 rooms, on 60 ft. lot, facing south.  Thii il 1
map at $3,150; $1,150 caih, balance $20 per month.
For further particular! of above
and other Houae Property, see
15 Lonadale Ave.       Phone 70.       f P. 0. Box 1816
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C,
1 1 nmmmmmm- ■   i il     i        i        in
RATES:—$2.00 per day tip.    Spedal
rata lo familiei and to regular boardtn.
REDA - ANDRUSS    ....      Proprietor!
The''VOGUE'' ■■*
Mwonic TwnpltS' Building,
North Vancouver- Mr*, F. Ber-
ryman, Proprietress, jmt ppeped
with new stotflt wrnprtfint! full
range of Fall Millinery, Inspection cordially invited.
I      ','  . ,1    T.l
llAItlUS'l'MIt I
193 6tb Street East Nortb Vaneoartr
i'bone m   . •
ltoonw 1Q and 11, Pander Obambars.
ttl Pender Street W.    Pbone 'iihl
and Lonadale Ave., Nortn Vanoouver
Beaidenee, cur. Lonadala   Ave   and
—nd street, Nortb Vancouvtr.    .
Loans, Investment* and Insurance.
Boom 307, hill Granville Ht., Vancou
ver, B. C. l'bono 8309. Land Bagi*
try work a specialty.
10,1)00 cords of dry lir wood fqr quick   *&
salt.    Price per odd cords, $4'>0.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.00,
12 inches, $3.25.   C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—14th and Lonsdale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box2432.
Builders and Contractors
All new houses should be
piped for gas in order lo
save the heavy expenditure
for this convenience al a
later dale.
Paper the World
from our itock ol now Wall Papers
io it seems. I'ivory day some sew
design arrives to till th* vocaney
ol tboM cloned out.
Handaome Wall Papera
ar* bore in eodle** variety. Juat
tall our *al**nan lor wbat room
you want lb* paper and be will
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looking lor.
To   oboo** Irom our stock is a iilea-
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117 |x>nadal* Avsnu. PbomiW
50x157 ft, on 15th Start,
west of Boulevard snd lying   MartllWOn & Co.
high and dry, a bargain, at   82 Lmsdala Ave. SUTT
$980. on term.. NORTH VANCOUVER
The New Ridgeway School
Corner Stone Laid
by Mr. A. R. Steacy
There is a worldwide superstition
tbat tho hrido whom tho ttuu shineii on
will prosper. Applying the namo theory
to educational enterprise, there will l,e
very little ilouht but that Hi.' new
Bidgeway school will bo shortly a
flourishing institution. There was some-
thing prinTilentini iu Ibo postponcinoiit
ol tbe la-yiug ol tbe corner stone from
Friday, September IGlh (which proved
to bo a miserably wet day), to last
Friday, which fulfilled everybody '* most
sanguine meteorological bopes. A good
natural buii sbooo warmly upon the
whole ceremony, and mado it a pleasant
\| inemorablo one. Quite a goodly
I ilur of prominent ' citizens woro
present, the clergy went lavishly represented, and a concourse of school
children, accompanied by toacbers uml
parents, stood round iu ordorly dusters,
bursting into patriotic long between tbe
Tbe seat of honor was given to
Mayor McNoisb, wbo, in bis preliminary
remarks, relorred to tbo great educational advancement ol Nortb Vancouver. Thanks to the hard work of
everybody coucornod, said bi* worahip,
tbey bad uow iu Hrilish Columbia a
system ol education which was second
to none.
lie called upon Mr. M. ti. McDowell,
one of tbo school trustees, whoso duty
It was to place a box containing sundry
articles and documents in a specially
provided cavity.
Mr, McDowell emphasised tbe ad-
vantage enjoyed by British Columbia,
wbicb was a young province, iu having
the educational experience of older
proviuees te work upon. When the
British government was fouudiug the
school system of the Transvaal, tbey
came to tbe province of Now Brunswick to get ideas for tbat system. It
spoke well for tbe Nortb Vancouver
authorities Ibat tbey also had copied
the system of New Brunswick. Mr.
McDowell referred in complimentary
terms to tbe courtesy tbey had always
received from Mr. Aleunder Uobihson,
the superintendent ol education at
He tben deposited tbo boi containing
tbe following documents, etc., in the
prepared cavity.
Tbs latest copies of the North Van-
couvor Express, the Daily Province,
the Daily World and the Daily News-
The statistical statement of public
Hchools from the date of the incorporation of Hie lily (May, 11)07) to the
present day.
Hulls containing tho autographs of
the following: Tbo mayor and aider
men of the city and city officials; the
city board nf school trustee* aud officials; the president and other office
bearers of the board of trade; tho architects, contractors ami inspector of
Works connected witb the building;
and a list of names of members of the
teaching staff of tho cily schools.
Printed pamphlets and written statistics of tho City of North Vaueouver.
Silver coinage of Canada of tbe
latest minting.
Text books as used In tbe schools of
the province of British Columbia.
Mr. McDowell expressed tbe hope
that if occasion arose future genera
iion« might luu'.' tbo pleasure of iimt
ing lhat box intact.
Then followed the formal presentation of tlio trowel to Mr. A. B.Steacy,
by Mr. Jones, of Messrs. Jones k
Uillam, architects. Mr. Steacy, after
apologizing for the. buskincss of his
voice, which be said was very bad that
day, expressed his pleasure in participating in sucb a pleasant labor a* laying tbe foundation stone of a building
which in future woubi be known us
the Kidgoway school. His board had
allotted bim the honor of placing tbat
stone. He felt (bat he could truly say
tbat tbat day's ovent would be an
epoch iu tbeir history. Mr. Steacy
then gave somo interesting particulars
of the advancement which has been
made educationally in North Vancouver. Ip the year nwii tbey had one
lluilding, 53 pupils and one teacher. In
191)7, there were Htll pupils, with three
teachers, and tbe relative assessed
vulue of school lands was iV2,i',nh. lu
1908, tbey bad 316 children and live
teachers, and tbe assessed value of
'school 'property bad risen to $211,251).
In lUlll), tbey had enrolled 341 pupils,
bad seven* teachers and possessed
school lumIs assessed at #.'115,000. lu
1010, the pupils numbered III, the
teachers eight, aud the relative assessed mine ol school lands was
IHMO. In 10)1, tbey bad 615 pupils,
thirteen teachers, and tbe aasessed
mine of school lands was S)I51,540.
"Wc aro uow," said Mr. Sleacy, "in
our small but ambitious city making
substantial headway." The chairman
of Ihe school board tben formally laid
the coruor stone, which was of granite
and boro the following inscription:
North Vancouver City
"BIDGEWAY 8C1100I,."
Erected 1011.
This stone was laid by A. B. Steacy,
Esq., li.th September, 1011.
Board of School Trustees:
A. B. Steacy, Cliairinaii.
M. 8. McDowell,       A, G. Perry,
J. W. Hay,      J.}). Frasor.
Geo. Campbell, Secretary.
According to formality Mr. Steuey
iiiiii declared the stone to be "well
and worthily laid." .
The school children having rendered
a patriotic song, the Bev. Mr. ttchlirh-
tcr made some appropriate remarks. Ho
deehued that be could have rather hud
tbo duty of laying the comer stune.
"Look wise, aud that's all Ihere is to
it," said Mr. Scliliihtcr. After con
griitiilaiing everybody ou their good
fortune iu having fine weather, the
speaker expressed a hopo tbat education in Nortb Vancouver would now
go ahead more rapidly tban ever.
Tbe Bay, II. 0. Hooper said that with
ono exception, nothing could bo more
important in any city than education.
He (Misled that he would live to see
tbe time when the teaching of religious
knowledge would be included in tke
school curriculum.
Other speakers were the Hev. A. J.
Prosscr, the Bev. Uonald Mcl.tTnl und
Alderman M, Hue
. Mr. A. G. Perry, one of the trustees,
outlined the causes which led to the
lluilding of tbo new school. It had
been found that they were greatly iu
need of an additional school in Ihe
cast end of the city. Thoy knew lhat
it would uot be any use putting up
anything iu tlie way of a small structure, so1 it was decided to erect a fire
proof building, containing eight rooms,
to be oxteuded to sixteen rooms when
occasion arose. The architects iu the
niuller hnve been MessK, Jones ii
11 ilium. The conlrucl wus .lra,«ii up ou
a Thursday evening. On the Friday
morning it was signed, nmi in the
aftcruoon was passed by Hie board
On tbo following morning they were at
work ou the chosen site. They bad
found that the price of material had
been greater than they had anticipated,
so that in January they proposed lo
come to the rutc|iaycrs for more money
to complete thai magiiillcont structure.
Aftor a brief address from the presi
denl of the board of tfBde, Mr. Alex.
Phillip, Trustee Eraser moved a vole
of thanks to the Mayor and sll the
speakers for their presence ut that in
torestiug corcniouy.
"VV9UO WfttnWBfl *pT."
His Honour llm Lieutenant-Governor
in Council has boou pleased to appoint
the Hotiourublo Albert Edward Mc-
Phillips, K. 0., President of the Executive Council; tbe Honourable Prico
Ellison, Minister of Finance; Obarlee
Hepry Lugriu, ef the Oity ol Victoria,
Esquire; and William Harold Mslkin,
ol the Oity of Vancouver, Esquire, to
be Commissioners under the "Public
Inquiries Act" for tho purpose ef enquiring iuto end reporting upon tbe
opera!inn of the ''Assessment Act.
1003 " with rcspoct to its practical
bearings oh the financial requirements
Of the I'nn inn'.
The said Commissioners will bold
tboir meetings on the dates and at tbe
places mentioned hereunder, namely:
Victoria, at the Executive Oeunei)
Chamber. Parliament Buildings, Monday and Tuesday, ittb and 86th
s.-i.i.-iiil.i-i', at 10 a. in.   At the Court
II nil.-..- or the i tin eminent Oltiee tt tbe
following places:—
Nanaimo, Wcduesday aud Thursday,
27th and 28tb September.
Vancouver, Friday and Saturday,
20th and 30th September.
Now weatwinsfer, MooAij, 8»4 flc-
Bevelstoke, Wednesday, 4th Qctpber.
Golden, Thursday, Gtli October.
Cranbrook, Saturday, 7th October.
Pernio, Monday, Oth October.
Kelson, Wednesday, llth October.
Bossland, Thursday, 18th October.
(iraud Forks, Friday, 18th October.
Princeton, Saturday, 14th October.
Morritt, Monday, Ifltb October.
Kumloops, Tuesday, 17th October.
Sunimorlaud. Thursday. lOtu October.
Pontieton, Friday, 20th October.
Kelowna, Saturday, 81st October.'
Vernon, Monday, 83rd October,
It is requested tbat all persons who
aro interested in tbe matter aforesaid,
and whn desire to be heard, will not
fail to bo present at tbe meetings ot
tbe Commissioners.
Treasury Department,
13th September, 1011. 8310
miittdk Is hereby given that appllca-
1 Hon will be made to the Parliament of Canada at the present session
thereof lor an act to Incorporate a
company under the name of the Nortb
Arm Bridge & Hallway Company, wltb
power to lay Out, construct, operate,
maintain and use a bridge across the
Norlh Arm of Burrard inlet from a
point on tne seashore commonly known
as the Turtle's Head to a point on the
west shore of Lot 576, directly nortb oi
the island known as White Rock. Such
hridge to be both for foot passengers,
carriages, street railway and railway
purposes    with    the    neceBSary    ap-
flW* <>f etrcnet railway and rall-
% - W 'It. I"6 Purposes of connecting
th the said street railways and rail-
<•*?* to lay out, construct, and operate one or more lines of railways
tot Mpeedlpir ten miles In length.
And with bower tp construct, equip,
maintain and operate n Ilne or lines
Of railway from some point on Lot 268
at the end of the Canadian ru.-lii.i
Railway Company's branch line from
Port Moody, hnd following the north
shore ot Burrard Inlet to s point In
the City of North Vancouver or to
connect wltb any railway that In or
may tie constructed on the north
shore ot lin ii unl Inlet.
And fur the purposes of Its undertaking to acquire and develop water,
electric or other pqwer or energy, and
10 erect lines for tho transmission fll
the same and to transmit and deliver
the same to any place In the cltlee or
municipalities through which the
works of the company are authorised
to be built,and to receive, transform,
transmit,-distribute and supply mi.-li
puwer or energy In any form and to
dispose of the surplus thereof, and to
collect rates um) charges therefor
li Is Intended thut the works ol the
?ul.l company shall be declared to be
or the genera) advantage of Canada.
Victoria, ll C.
Solicitor for the Applicants.
Dated at Victoria this JDIh day of
Kay, llll. 20-10
Conservatives Note
Just to provo tp you tbat wo brush
aside all competition wo have a sale ot
brooms, reg. 40c. to bo sold at 16c
each this woek. Hurry up. S. ti.t-
cbie, the Up-to-dato Grocer. 356 to 300
First Street east.
Percy S. Howard H. J. Perriu
City Auditor.
Auditors and Accountant*   ■
636 Pondor St. W.      P. O. Box 2335
Phono 8837 Phone 183.
Vancouver     Norlb Vanoouver
iTiNT'Hii runs.
The New Block on Lonsdale Avenue
near tho Ferry Approach
ws* built by
General Contractors
Mill Mills AND mm..
Finest table* nnd cuos is tho Cily
in, vi i.Minns.
Pioneer Hurscsbocr — Carriage Works
Booksellers and Stationers
Cor. I.hiimIiiIi. and 1st.       Pbone 143
i:\rni s> .imi mi.i. n.i..
Prompt     Sorvieo—Moderate  Charge*
Phone 93.
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, ('onlcctioncry, Ice Cream,
Soil Drink*, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light Lunches, Fruit
Lonidale and 6th Phone 318
I.  I      III   II I   lis.
Wholesalers and Betailcrs ol Pur* loe
Ice lor lamily us*
Phone 334      IONSDAI.E AVENUE
■'oiiiiin im. for reinforced concrete
construction. Sewering in all its
brunches; house connections a spe
clalty.    Estimates  furnished.
Oflicc: 20 Lonsdale Avo.        Phone 280
lip in ilnie Millinery
Moderlae Bates
Keith Block    03 Lonsdale Ave.
'      I
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.
Pbone I.H2
Building Contractors
Brick and concrete- work. Houses,
Uungulows, etc. a specialty. Plans
submitted, estimates. 217 Lousdalo.
Bon No. 2221.
I.'IVII, it.m.i>i:i:iis.
A.M.I.E. k B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specification*. Septio tanks and
house drainage a specially. P. O.
Do* 311, IGlh alreet west ol Bewicks
K M. it„ii |, Stud, it I.i Stud. Inst.
Mun ting. lite. Areht. and Civil engineer, l'liuis. elcvutlona, sections,
reports, specifications, estimates, etc.,
fur all .lasses of w.iiTi. Tracings, lliu,
Prints, -''i-'i Mou'nllng. Ii7 Lower
Kellh  Houd.  iTusi. North Vancouver.
PISH iiI:ai,|,:h.s.
Fresh and Smoked Fish
Live and Dreuad Poultry
Vegetable* De)iv*ry Iwic* doily
Pboa* 340 -    181 First Str**t
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
I-onsdaU and Espl*aad*
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kind* ol
hand, cross cut and buck saws set
and filed at shortest notice. II Lonidale Avenue, Nortb Vancouver.
High-class Ladies' and Gent's Tailoring
Phont 307
Mb Street E. (adjoining west ol Hon
lev unl,  Nortb  Vancouver
First class   work only.    Ladies' owu
materials made up. Ihouo
Specialty : Children'* Lessons at own
home.  Terms, otc, apply General  I
eva a. Mcdonald
Teacher ol PIANO PLAV1NO.
For terms, etc., apply Monday
and Thursday.
IS* Tralk Bt. K.
float IH.
U'ATI'11 hkimiiiim;.
I* your watch stopping or going irregularly 1  Set
Tl* Norlh Voncouver Expert
and pioneer Jowdler
60 Lonsdale Avsnu*
fit Recognizing tbe auperior quality of the
"JJ Cakea and Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co., 136 Lonadale, wc bey to
adviae cuatomera tbat our drivera will be glad
to accept order* for aame and give prompt
Try Our Iriih, French and Homemade Bread
Four loaves for 25c       20 ounces to the loaf
Eighth St. East Phone 54   NORTH
ChasJ.Kittson, Manager   *^ wl\ H i ■ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C,
iiv-i.Aw no. m.
A 111'
LAW toSuafel*
ot Ik* i lir at
alia tha Corporation
Vsrlk v»»epiiT*s
ta raise by wtt tl It** II* turn
at aiS.MO.4M far *ek»ol purposes.
WHEREAS the Board or Trustees
nl Nortli Vuncuuver Cily School I'la-
trlet bave propareil a detailed estimate
of the sums required to meat speclul
or extraordinary expenses legally In-
ourrulile hy the Board, which estimate
is us follows:
i-..hiu.,i, of Speclul or Extraordinary Expenditure—
Purchase of School Site, Block
t, I). L 668 118,600
Expense* ulteudunt upon pua-
suge of thl* By-law and
suie of debentures       760
nt'toiPltf ?! Nprth vangouver at an
election lor the purpose on the,,
day ot
Reconsidered by the Council and
Anally adopted, signed oy the Mayor
and City Clerk, and sealed with the
Corporate Seal on th* day
of k.p. 1B1L
TAKE notice that the above Is n
true copy of tba proposed Bylaw upon
yvuluh ine vote of tne electors of the
Muiilolpollty of the City of Norlb Vun
couver 'will he taken within tlm City
Hall, North yuncouver, B. c,, on Saturday, the 7 a It day ol October, A, D,
isl), between the hours of t o'clock
a. m. and J. o'clock p. in..
City Clerk and Helutnlng Officer.
' I'llBI-IC NOTICE Ib hereby given that
tlm volo of the eleotqra of tne City ol
North Vancouver will be taken on the
iiii day ol October, llll, between the
hours of ( o'clock a. m, and 1 o'clock
n. m. on "The Schools Extraordinary
Expenditure Loan Bylaw, No. i, 1911,''
and that within the City Hall, North
Vancouver, B. ft, and lhat Thomas
Shepherd has been appointed Returning
Officer to lake the vot* ol ouch
elector* with the usual powers In that
By Order of the Council.
City Clerk.
AND WHEREAS the said estimate
wus laid before the City Council and
duly considered by the said Council,
and the suld sum above mentioned was
in.-li rejecled and disapproved hy the
suld Council on the seventh day of
August,  1911.
.INK WHEREAS the Mayor of the
cily hus since the rejection and disapproval of Ihe said estimate, to-wlt:
, ou lliu nm iirih day of August, 1911,
reoelved from the Secretary of the
suld Bourd of School Trustees, a written request that the said Mayor submit for the ussent of ihe electors, In
the in.nm, i proscribed by Section 68
of Ilie Municipal Clauses Act a Bylaw minimising the proposed expenditure uud If necessary Ilie raising of
the moneys required to defray the
sume upon Ihe credit of Ihe munlctpul-
ANIi WHEREAS tt is necessury lhat
the suld money he raised upon the
credit of the munlclpullty.
ANI) WHEREAS the Council has
iiiiilioitsed the submission of this By
law to the electors.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
Intersil on Ihe debentures proposed to
be Issued under this By-law, und for
, i, - .nm u sinking fund for the payment of the suld .1. inin iii.-.-i when due,
ll will he necessary to raise by spe-
,Tiii rule In uddlllon lo ellfother rates,
each year during the currency of such
,i, i„ Minn a Ihe sum of (683.1)6, whereof 1598.86 Is lo be raised annually for
the payment of Intereat during the
currency of suld debentures, and 186.60
to be rulsed .num.,liy for the purpuse
of ■ i, .ui,, u sinking fund for payment of tho debt secured by the said
debentures the same being made pay-
iibie In uny years from the first day
of September, 1911.
WHEREAS In order to raise the laid
yearly sum of fSaa.00 for Interest und
j-iiiI.iiii- fund, an equal special rate on
the dollur will be required to bo levied
on ull Ihe . . i... i.i.- real properly In
thu suld city.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
nut property tn the auld city, according lo Hie lust revised assessment roll,
Is  (10,990,371.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
the existing debenture debt of the cor-
I'.iiiiilon Is 1849,670 (excepting for
works of local Improvement and for
school purpoie*), of which none of
the principal or Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Cily ol
Norlh Vancouver, with the usent ol
Ihe electors of the City of North Vancouver duly obtained, enaeta aa follows:
1.   It si,all he lawful for the Mayor
■if Ihe Cily of North Vancouver and
the City Clerk lor the purpose afore-
aul.J to borrow or raise by way ol loan
in) in payment of tbe cost el the
passing of this Bylaw end the Issue
end su]e of the debentures therein re
from any'person or persons, body or
bodies eorpbrate, who may be willing
lo u.lvanee the sume upon tho credit
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned of ihe corporation, a sum of .money
not exceeding In Ihe whole the sum
of 113.25009 und to cause the same to
be placed In the Bank of British Nortb
America ut North Vancouver, lo the
ir.'illl of the city for the purpose above
recited, und such moneys shall he used
for Hint purpose only.
.   2      .,.1,1,,,,-. of Ilie city not
Deeding In umount the sum of f 1I.SG*>
may he Issued by the suld Mayor and
Cily clerk In terms of Ihe Municipal
Clauses Act In sums a* may  be desired, but nol exceeding 11,000 00 each,
or the equivalent expressed In pounds
sterling  of  Ihe   Untied   Kingdom   of
Ureal Piltuln und Ireland al Ihe vulue
uf  14 86 8-3  to   Ihe   pound   starling.
Kji.Ti of lliu said debentures shell he
signed  by the said  Mayor and  City
Clerk, und  Ihe I'll.   ri. ii,   sii.ii  alllx
thereto tho Corporate Seal of the said
City of North Vancouver.
I.   Thu debentures shall  bear date
the first day of September, llll. and
•hall hear Interesl at the rate of lour
and one-half n1'.) per cent, per an
iiiiiii payable half yearly on the first
duy of March and I lie first day of Sep
tciril.ur In each and every year during
the .mi. i,.;,   of the said debenture*,
or any of Ihem.    There shall  hs at-
Inihed    lo    the    debentures   coupons
signed  by  the  Mayor only, for each
and  every  payment   or Interest   that
may i • ■......   due, and such slgnalure
muy be either written, alampeif print
ed or lithographed thereon.
I Tin, said debentures a* lo prln
cTpul and Interesl may be made pay
alii., cither In currency or It* equlva-
bin In pound* sterling al the value
of 14 8(2-3 lo the pound slerllng at
an, li ids.'.' or places In Oreat Britain,
IT,unl Slates of America or the Do-
iiitnlon of Canada al may be agreed
upon between Hie corporation and th*
holder thereof, and the aaid principal
sum shall be made payable by th* city
ut n dale not later than fifty ytar*
from thu first day ol September,'Iill.
6 During the whole -term of th*
currency of the said debentures a speclul rule on the dollar shall be levied
and raised each your in addition lo all
OlbsT rales on all the rateable real
properly la the cily and sufficient to
pay the Interest upon the said debentures, mid io create a sinking fund for
the payment ol Ihe principal thereof
when due. subject to any act or *n-
aclmeni respecting the same. Such
apcrtsl rale shell be Inserted In lb*
joll.'.iors roll or rolls, and shall be
payable to ond collected by the suld
corporation In ihe iame way aa other
, rates In the said roll or rolls, save a*
hereinafter provided.
t. In order lo provide for (he rate*
«et oul In paragraph (t) and subject
aa aforesaid, there shall be raised annually by special rate during th* currency of the »ald debenture* the turn
of I69I.I5 to provide lor the payment
of Interest thereon, and Ihe sum ol
11819 for the repayment of the principal tb, I..,f
7. Tbe proctiia ol the uid debentures shall bs applied as follows, and
not  otherwise:
(a) In payment ol Ihe cost of th*
putlng of thl* By-law and Ihe luu*
and Ml* of Ihe debentures (herein re-
tarrti to, and all expenses connected
with th* aaid loan.
lb) In recouping tht tald corporation for, »uch truss* a* hav* been ei-
ptnded hereunder until  Ih* proceed*
Ol tho *»fe of the -
comes available
aaid dehenluret be
ta) To tarry out the purpo*et of
Uil* Bylaw a* abov* ttl oul,
8 No rebate ahall bt allowed oa Ihe
tpeelal rales to be levied under thl*
V This By-law ihall tab* ettat on
Ihe day of the pawing
It. This By-law may be clltd for
all purpose* *J *tt>* Wheel* Ktl/aor-
BYLAW WO. 163.
A BVLAW to enable Ike Corporation
of tke lit) at Norlb Vancuuver
to raise by nay af load tke su
of 8*3,000 to purchase leal
property fei corporate Bur
WHEREAS a petition signed by the
owners of more than one-tenth (1-10)
of the value of real property in thu
eity, us shown by the lost revised us
aussinuiil roll, has been presented to
the Council requesting them to Intro
duce a Bylaw to authorise them lo
borrow the sum of alxty-three thou
land (1(3,009) dollars for the purpose
of acquiring by purchase Lois I and i.
Block 81, and Lota I, i and 6, Block 87,
In the aubdlvlalon of District Lot 510,
containing five and one-quarter (614)
acres, more or lest, togedier with the
buildings erected thereon, the same
being necessury for corporate purposes.
AND WHEREAS It is deemed necessary to acquire by purchase such land
and the buildings thereon for corporate
AND WHEREAS for the payment ul
intereat on the debentures proposed to
be Issued under Ibi* Bylaw, and for
creating a linking fund for the payment of the tald debenture! when due,
It will be necessary to raise by special
rate, In addition lo all other rates,
each year during the currency of such
debentures, the sum of 83,847.70,
whereof 12,866.00 is to he raised unnuully for the payment of Interesl
during the currency of aaid debentures
and 1418.70 to be raised annually for
the purpose ol creating a sinking fund
for payment of the debt secured hy
Ihe laid debenture!, the tame being
made payable In Afty yeara from the
tliai day of September, till.
AND WHEREAS In order to raise
tht tald ytarly Sum of 11,817.70 for
initrett and /linking fund, an equal
special rate on the dollar will be required to he levied on all the ruteublc
real property In the ssid city.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real property In the laid city, according to the lait reviled assessment roll
is 110,990,371
AND WHEREAS Ihe aggregate of
tht eilttlng debenture debt of the
Corporation li 1119,170 (excepting for
workt of local Improvement and for
ichool purposes), of which none of
the principal or Interest It In arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council
of thl Corporation of Ihe City of
Norlh Vancouver, with the aatent of
the electort ef the city of North Vancouver duly obtalntd, enact* aa follow!:
I. It thill be lawful for the Mayor
of the City of North Vancouver and
the City Cferk. lor the purpoie afore-
aald, to borrow or raiae by -way of
loan from any perion or perioni, body
or bodit* corporate, who may be willing to advanca ths same upon Ihe
credit of Ihe debtnturts hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporation, a sum of
money not exceeding In the whole the
sum of 813,900, and lo oauie the same
to be placid In tht Bank of British
North America at North Vancouver, Io
the credit ol the city for the purpoie
above rtclted, and such moneys shall
be uaed for that purpose only.
I. Dehenluret of tne city not exceeding In amount Iht sum ol 111,090
may bt Issued by th* aaid Mayor and
Cily Clark In termi of the Municipal
i'Iiius.'s Act In sums us may be de-
•Ired, bat net exceeding on* thousand
dollar* (11.000) each, or th* equivalent
I'ipretted In poundt Stirling ol tht
United Kingdom of Ureal Britain and
Inland at tht value ol 1416 l-l to
Iht pound slerllng Each ol the aaid
debenture* shall be algned by tht
tald Mayor and Cily Clerk, and the
City Clerk thill affix tbtrelo Iht corporal* teal ol th* laid City ol North
I. Tbt debentures thrill bear date
tht tlm day ol September, llll, and
slut! hear Inlirtit at thi rat* of lour
•nd      nil.'  Iislf      IfU)      per     ci-lll       pel
annum ptytblt half yearly on tht Ural
day of March and th* first day ol
September la each and ivory ytar
during tht Currency ol tht tald debentures or any of them There ihall
he attached to the debenture* coupon*
signed by tht Mavor only for taeb and
evirt payment of Inlerctl that may
become due. and tuoh tlgnaturc may
bi either written, damped, printed or
lithographed Ibertoa,
t. Th* laid dtbenturt* oi to principal and Inttrtst may be made payable eltber In currency or It* equivalent In poundt slerllng al the value of
IIII l-l 10 the pound slerllng al such
Pla.'o or placet In Oreat Britain,
United Stale* of America or the Dominion of Canada aa may be agreed
upon between the Corporation and
the holder thereof, and tha aaid principal lum ihall bt made payable by
Ih* oily at a dale not later than Ally
yeara from tb* flnl day of September,
C. During the whole term ol th*
currency or tht ssid debentures a
special rat* on th* dollar (hall ba
levied and railed each var In addition
to all other rates on all lb* rateable
real property In th* city and sufficient
lo pay the Intern! upon the laid debenture! and to create a alnking fund
for th* payment ol the principal
thereof when due, tubjscl lo any act
or enactment retpecllng tbe tame.
Such special rat* th*ll 0* Inierlcd In
the eolleoCor'i roll or roll* and thall
be payable to and collected by the
said Corporation In Ihe tome way a*
other /ales In th* said rail er roll*,
save fa herilatUer provllal.
I. In order lo prortl* for lb* rate*
ttl o*l In paragraph 11) and tublect
a* afereeald, than shi
tarred to, and all expenses connected
with tlie aatii loan.
iii) iii recouping the said Corporation lor suoh sums us have been expended hereunder until the proceed*
nf the sale of the auld debentures become available.
(c) Tn carry mu Hie purposes o|
this Byluw as above set out, ,
8. No rebate shall he allowed on
the special rates to he levied under
this Bylaw.
9. This Bylaw lhair tak* effect on
the day of t|ie passing.
10. This Bylaw may he cited lor all
purposes as "The Huh Street Property
Purchase Loun Byluw, 1811:"
i'ass,-,! by the Council on the 80th.
,la,  ol Benleinber, 191),
Received the assent of the electors
of the City of North Vaneouver at an
election lor the purpose on the
day ol
ii.',■.iiiniii,'..i  by the   Council   and
Hnnll'' iiiloi'teil. signed  bv  Hie Mayor
and City Clerk, and sealed wilh tho
corporate seal qn the day of
A. D. 1811.
TAKE NOTICE that ths abbve Is a
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
which (he vote of the electors of the
Municipality of the City of North Vancouver will ho taken within the City
Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, nn Sat-
Urdu '. the /Ih day of October.
A. D. 1911., between the hours ol 9
o'clock a. m. und 7 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk und Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
that the vote of the electors of the
Jlty of No.tli Vancouver will he
'skan on thu 7lh iluf of October.
1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock
a. ni. and 7 o'clock p. m. on "The 16lh
Street Property Purchnse Loan Bylaw,
1911." and tbut within the City Hall
North Vancouvor, B. C, and thai
Thomas Shepherd Iiiib been appointed
Returning Officer to tuku Ihe vale of
such electors with the usual powers
In Hint behalf.
By Order of the Council.
City Clerk
the MMing
Bv'ltK. m;
iu "the t
dinjry HxpendTture teak fry-law No. I,
Tu**|v«J (h* «A**»l ol Uu tiector*
...Jl be raised an
nually by specie! rale during th* our
renry of Ihe laid debenture! Ihe *un
"f 11,(16 00 to provide lor lb* payment of Inlerett thereon, suid tbe sum
of 1418 70 lor iht repayment of the
principal thereof.
BYLAW NO. 181.
A llll,III lo enable Ike Corporation
of tke Illy ot Nurlk Vancouver
lo ralae by nay of luan Ike sum
of »:i,iiiiii for Ibe purpuse of
maintaining Ike Fire Department.
WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient
In Ihe Inlerusl of the city to borrow
13.990 for thu purpose of muliilulnlng
the Fire Brigude, sume being un ux-
li,-iiiiiiin. necessury for assistance of
uie Fire i., pai im, pi of the city.
AND WHEREAS 111 order thereto It
-■■ iii -be necessury lo issue debentures
of tlie City of North Vuncouver for
the sum of 13,009 as horulnuftcr provided (which Is the umount of the
debt Intended lo be creuted by this
Bylaw) the proceeds of Ihe said debentures lo hu applied to the suld pur-
puses and to nu other:
AND WHEREAS u petition signed
hy the owners of more thun one-tenth
(1-10) the vulue of reul property in
Hie cily lias lieen presumed to Ihe
Uty Council requesting them lo Introduce u Bylaw io n.ip,,ii., Hum In
borrow thu sum of three tliousiind
i|3,000) dollars for Ihu purpose afore
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of Interesl In the debentures proposed
to bu Issued under this H. ].,--. und
fur creating u sinking fund for the
paw,,, pi of Ihe suld debentures when
'lu..'. il will hu necessury In rulse by
special rule In addition to' all other
rales, each yeur during Ibe currency
of such ,1, I-, nun,,,, the sum of 1164.66,
whereof 1136.00 Is lo bu rulsed unnuully for Ilie pujiiieiil or Interesl during
he currency of suld debenture!, und
119.65 lo be raised unnuully for the
purpose of creating u sinking
fund for the puymenl of Ilie dull!
secured by the suld debentures the
sume being mude puyuble In Afty year*
from Ihe Arsl duy of September, 19)1
AND WHEREAS In order to raise
the suld yearly sum of .M-i, fur In
i.'iT-si and sinking fund, un equal special rule on the dollar will be required
to he levied on ull Ibe rulcuhlc reul
properly In the suld city.
AND WHEREA8 Ihe whole ruleublo
real properly in Ihe suld city according to Ihe lust revised ussessinent
roil Is 110,999,171.
ANI) WHEREAS the aggregate of
ihe exlsiing debenture debt of the
corporullon Is 1849,670 (excepting for
work* of local Improvement and for
school purposes) of wlileh none of the
piip, ii',,1 or lm, i, :.i |s In arrear,
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council of Ihe Corporullon. of the City of
North Vancouver, with the assent of
Ihe electors of the illy of North Vancouvur duly oblulned enacts es follows:
I. II shall be lawful for-the Mayor
of the City of North Vancouver and
Ihe City Clerk for the purpose afore-
iaid to borrow or rulte by way of loan
from any purton or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance Iks tame upon the credit
of Ihe debentures herelnufler mentioned of the corporation, a sum of inonoy
nol exceeding In the wholu the sum
of 13.000 00 and to euilse Ihe sunn- Ip
be placed In the Bunk of British Norlh
America at North Vancouver, to the
credit of the eity lor the purpose above
recited, and audi moneys shall ho used
for that purpose only
8. Debenture! of Ihe city not cx-
'' i .llui' In amount the sum of 13,000.00
may be Isiued by the euld Mayor and
City IT,tIi 111 termi of the Municipal
clauses Act In iurni ai may be desired,
but not exceeding 11.000.00 each, or
the equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of the Untied Kingdom of
Oreat Britain and Ireland ut the vuli
ol 1186 !-l to the pound sterling.
Each of Iho laid debentures ihall be
signed by the laid Mayor and City
Clerk and the City Clerk ihall affix
thereto the Corporate Seal of the
■aid Cily of North Voncouver
I, The debenture* shall bear date
th* Aral day of September, 1911, snd
ahull hear . interest at the rate ol
lour and one-half (t'i) per cent, per
annum half yearly on Hie Arsl day of
March and the Arsl duy ol September
la each and every year during the
currency of the said debentures, or
any ol them. There ahull be attached
to the debenture* coupons signed hy
tb* Mayor only, for each and' every
payment ol Interest that may become
due, and luch signature may bo either
written, stumped, printed or lithographed  thereon
I. The laid debenture! ai lo principal and Interest mny be made pay*
able eltber In currency or Hi equivalent In pounds sterling at Ihe Value
ol 11.86 8-1 to tbe pound slerllng st
such place or place* In Oreat Britain,
United Slate* of America or the Dominion of Canada a* may be agreed
upon between the corporation uml tlu>
holder thereof ,and the suld principal
turn (ball be made payable by ihe
city al a dale not later then Afty
war* from the Arft day of September,
I During th* whole term of th*
ovrrenoy  of  th*  laid  debenture*  a
special rate pn the dollar ehell be
levied and raised each year In addition to all other rates'on all ths rats-
able reel property In the eity snd sufficient to pay the Interest upon the said
debentures, and to create a sinking
fund lor the payment of the principal thereof when due, subject ia any
set uf enactment rospectlpg tbe samo.
Such special rate ahall be inserted In
the Collector's Boll or Rolls, und shall
he payable to und collected by the
said corporation In th* same way ae
other rates In tbe said roll or rolls,
save aa hereinafter provided,
6. In ordetto provide for the ratei
est out |n paragraph (!) and subject
us uforosuld, there shall be raised annually hy special rate during ibe currency of the said debentures ths sum
of 3136.90 to provide for ths payment
of Interest thereon, and the sum of
1111.66 for the repayment of the principal thereof.
7. The proceeds of the said debentures ihall be applied as follows, and
not otherwise:
(a) In payment of the cost of th*
pusslng of mis Bv'luw und ihe Issue
and isle of the debentures therein referred to, and all expenses connected
with the said loan.
(b) In recouping the said corporation for such sums as luive bsin expended hertundir until the proceeds
of the sale of the said debentures be-
cumei available.
ie) To cgrry out the purposes of
this By-law as above set out.
8. No rebate shall be allowtd on
tho special rates to be levied under
this By-law.
I. This By-law ahall take effect on
the day of the passing.
10. This By-law may be cited for
ull purposes as "The Fire Brigade
Assistance Loan By-law, 1911."
ITiaseil bv Ilie Council on the 80th
duy nf September, 1911.
Received the assent of the elector*
of the City of North Vancouvsr al an
election for that purpoie on the
duy of
Reconsidered by the Council and
Anally adapted, signed hy the Mayor
and Cily clerk and aealed with the
Corporate Seal on the duy
of , AD. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE thuf the above Is a
true copy of the proposed Byluw upon
which the vale of (hu doctors ot the
'■iui,i, ip alii ■■ of thu City of Norlh Vancouver will be taken wllhln the City
Hull. Norlh Vancouver, B. C, on Saturday, Ihu Till day of October, A. D.
1911, between the hours of 9 o'clock
u. in. und 7 u'clock p. m.
City Clerk and Returning Offieur.
IMIHI.IC NOTICE Is hereby given thai
Ihe vote of the electors of the City of
ntu ill Vancouver will bu tuken on Ihu
Ith duy of October, 1911. between the
hours of 9 o'clock u. m. and 7 o'clock
p in. on "Thu Fire Brtgudu Assistance
Loan Bylaw, lull." and that wllhln the
'Hy Hull. Ninth Vancouver. 8. C, and
Ihut Ti...in,is Shepherd bus been appointed Returning Officer In tuke the
vntc of such eleclors Willi Ihe usual
;-,,'.'-, is In that liebulf.
Hy Order of the Council.
City Clerk.
Oity of North Vaneouver,
9. /'The debentures shall bear date
ths Ant day ol September, 1911, and
shall bear Intercut af the rat* of lour
and ono-hulf (414) Per cent, per annum, payable huir yearly on the Ars
day of March and the first day af Sep
placed tn tho Bank al British North
America at North Vanoouver, to Ihe
credit ol lliu city fpr the purpose abov*
lumber In each and every ytar during the currency ol the said debentures, or any ol them. Thar* thall be
attached to th* debentures coupons
signed by lbs Muyor only, lor each
apd ovary payment ol interest that
may become due, and such signature
may be either written, stamped; print-
ad or lithographed thereon.
4. The *ald debentures a* tp principal and Interest may he made payable either In currency or It* equivalent In peund sterling at th* value ot
14.86 8-3 to the pound sterling at such
Plucu or places In Ureal Britain, United Statue of America or ths Dominion
of Canuda us may be agrasd Upon between the corporation and the holder
thereof, and the said prlncpul sum
shall be made puyuble by the oity at a
dats not laler than Ally years from
Ihe llrsl day of September, 1911.
I. During "Ihe whole term ol tb*
currency of the suld debenture* a (pedal rate on the dollar shall bs levied
and raised each year In addition to all
other rates on all lbs rateable real
property In th* oity and aufllclent to
pay the Intersil upon the laid dehenluret, and to create a sinking fund for
the payment ol tba principal thereof
when ilne, iinliju.T to any act or enactment re*pectlng the aame. Buch
speclul rate ahall be Inserted In the
Collector's Roll or Bolls, and shall be
payable to and collected by tb* suld
corporation In the lame way aa other
rate* In th* suld roll or rolls, savo a*
hereinafter provided.
I, In ordsr to provide for the ret**
let out in paragraph 16) and subject
us aforesaid, there shall be raised annually by speclul rate during Ihe currency of'the laid debenture* tb* sum
of 1676.00 to provide for the payment
of interesl thereon, and the *um of
198.85 for the repayment of tha principal thereot.
7. The proceeds ot the tald dehenluret thall he applied ul follows, and
not otherwise:
ia) In payment of the co*t of the
passing of this By-law, and tho Issue
and note of the debenture! therein referred to and all expemei connected
with the laid loan.
(b) In recouping tho said corporullon for such turns as have been expended hereunder until the proceedi
of the sale of the laid dehenluret becomes available.
(c) To carry out' the purposes of
this By-law as above let out.
I. All money! arlilng out of the
annuul special rale hereinbefore provided for linking fund ihall be Invested by the Council ol Iho said corpora--
Hon from time to lime aa the law
9. No rebate thall be allowed on
the special rattt to be levied under
Ibis By-law.
10. This By-law thall take effect
on the day of the pusslng.
II. This By-law may be cited for
all purposes aa I'The Street! Maintenance Loan By-law, 1(11."
PuiBcd 'by the Council on the 80th
day of September.  1911.
Received the assent of the electors
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election for Hie purpoie on the
duy of
ii,, ..imi.i.t , ,i by the Council and
Anally adopted, llgned by the Mayor
and City Clerk, and leafed wltb the
recited, apd such moneys shall be used-i
for that purpose only.
Debentures at the city not,
ceeillug In amount the sunt ol "
for that purpose only.
al the
i the uuni of 130,000
muy be Issued by tho suld Mayor end.
Corporuie Seal on the
of A 1)  1911
HI -I,All   NO.   IM.
A in I,ah iv enable Ike Cerpurillon
of Ike t II) ot Nurlk Vancouver
lo ralie by nay uf loan Ike aum
ol *ir,,inin for Ike purpose of
making, preserving and repairing roads and elreela In Ike cily
Including tke construction ur
new sldenalka.
WHEREAS the Uencral Ruvenue is
Insufficient to meet Ihu expenditure
necessury fur the purpose of making,
preserving und repairing rouds und
streets In lhii city, Including the construction of new sidewalks
AND WHEREAS II Is deslrahlu und
deemed expedient that Ihe eum of m
i.'.-ii thousand (116,000) dollars bu ox-
ponded  by  the city for the purposes
AND WHEREAS In order thereto It
will he neceitary to Issue dubenturci
uf the City of North Vancouver for Hie
sum of lifiei-n thousand I|I6,009) dollars ua hereinafter provided I which It
the amount of the debt Intended tu
be created by Ihil By-law), the pro
ceeda of thu tald debenture! to he ap
piled lo the laid purpoiei and to no
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by tlie owners of moro than one-tenth
ii iui the value ot real property In
tho city ha* been presented to the City
Council requesting them tu Introduce
a By-law to authorise Ihem to norrow
Ihe -'.uu of Aftecn thousand ititjli)
dollars for the purpose aforeiald.
AND WHEREAS for Ihe payment of
Interest on the debenture! propmed to
be Issued under this By-law, and for
creating a linking fund lur Hu pay
ment of Ihe aaid debenture! when due,
H will be nccenary to raise lor special rale In addition to all other rales,
each year during Ihe currency ol luch
debenture! the lum ol 177126. whereof 1(7600 li lo be railed annually lur
the puymenl uf inlerett during Iht
' ui ii p, > of suld debenture!, and ltl 16
lo be raised annually for Ihe purpuse
of creating a alnking fund lor Iht
payment ol Hie debt secured by tbi
said debenture!, Ibe lame being made
payable in Ally yean Irom Ihe Ant
day of September, 1911.
ANI) whereas In order lo rain
Ihe aaid yearly lum of 1773.11 for in
t...mi and alnking fund, an equal ape
.isl rate on the dollar will be required
to be levied on all Ihe rateable real
property In the aaid city.
AND wllKREAH Ihe whole rateable
real property In Ihe laid cily, according to Ihe laat reviled aauaimant
roll  I* 110.990.171.
AND WHEREAS th* aggregate of
the exlatlng debenture dobt of the cor-
pnrellon I* 1849,(70 (excepting lor
work* of local Improvement and for
school purposes), ol which none of
the principal or Interest I* In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of Ihe Corporation of tbt City ol
North Vuncouver, wilb Ibo aatent of
Ihe eleclori of Hie City of Norlh
Vancouver duly obtained, enacts at
1. It ihall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Cily of North Vancouver and
the Cily Clerk lor (hi purpoie aforeiald to borrow or raise by way of
loan from any pirion or perioni. body
or bodlci corporate, who may be willing to advance tbt tame upon Ibe
credit ol tht debenture* hereinafter
mentioned of the corporation, a aum
of money not exceeding In (he whole
Ihe sum of 116,009 08 and to eaute the
suine iu he placed In Ihe Bank of British Norlh America at Nerth Vaneouver,
lo the credit of Ihe cily for Ihe purpose abov* recited, ail* *uch money*
(hall he used for lhat purpose only.
t. Debenture* of Ihe cily not exceeding In amount Ihe sum of 116,000
may be Issued by the said Mayor and
City (')erlt In term* of th* Municipal
Clauses Act In surm at may bt detlrtd,
hut not exceeding 11.00000 each, or
Ihe equivalent expressed In pounds
slerllng of the united Kingdom of
tJreui Britain and Ireland al the value
of ft It 8-9 lo Ihe pound sterling.
Each of Ihe suld debentures sbsll he
llgned by Ihe suld Mayor and '-liy
Clerk, Md (he City Clerk thall affix
Uiereto th* Corporal* Seal of lb* uid
TAKE NOTICE Ihut Ihe uboVo Is a
Hue copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
..i.1,1, ihe vote uf the electors of tho
Mui.l, Ip.illn uf the Cily ul North Vancouver will be taken within the City
lull, Norlh Vancouver. B. I'.., on 8at-
iii duy. Ihe 7th day of October, A. D.
1911. between the hours of 9 o'clock
i. ra. und 7 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given Hull
Ihe vole of Ihe eleclors of the City of
North Vuncouver will be leken on Ihe
nli day ol October, 1911, between Ihe
hours of 9 o'clock u. m. and 7 o'clock
o. m. on "The Street Maintenance Loun
Bylaw. 1911." end lhal wllhln the City
Hall. Norlh Vancouver. B. ft, and lhat
Thomas Shepherd has been appointed
li, mining Officer to take the vote of
such eleclors with the usual power* In
lhat behalf.
By Order of Ihe Cuuncll
City Clerk.
City Clerk In terms of the Municipal
Cluuscs Act Ip sums as may be desired,
but not exceeding 31,000 each, or the
eiiulvuleiit expressed in poundt sterling
of the United Kingdom of Oreat
Hr 11 nl n and Ireland ut ths value ol
11.86 3-8 ta the pound sterling. Each
uf the sui.l debentures shall be algned
by the said Mayor and City Clerk and
the City Clerk shall u'llx thereto the
corporate leal of ihe suld City of
North Vancouver,
I. The debenture! ehall boar date -
thu Ant duy ul September, 1911, und
ihall liear Interest u thu rate of four
and ono-boif (t%) pet cent, psr annum payable half yearly on the tint
day of March and the Ant day ol
September In each and every year
during the currency of the said debentures, or any ot them. There shaV
be attached to the debentures coupon*
algned by tho Mayor only, for each and
every payment ot Intereat that may be-
corns dde, und such algnatui-s muy
he either written, stamped, prlntjd or
llthogruphod thereon,
4. The said debentures as to prim. J
elpul and Interest may be mude pay-
■il'ii elihur In currency or Its equivalent In p..inul, sterling at tbo value of
I486 8-3 to the pound iterllng at luch
place or places in Great Britain,
united Slates of America or the Dominion of Canada as may bu agreed
upon betweon the Corporation and th*
holder thereof, and the *ald principal
aum shall bo made payable by the city
ni a date not later than Ally year*
from the Ant day of September, 1911.
a During the whole term of tpe
currency of tho suld debentures a
special rate on Hie dollar ahull be
levied and raised each year In addition
to all other rules on a|l the rateable
real property In tho city and sufficient
to pay the Interest upon the said debentures, and to create a sinking fund
for the payment of the principal
thereot when due, Biihject to any act
or enactment respecting ihe aame.
Such special rate shall lie Inserted In
Ihe collector's roll or rolls, and uliull
he payablo to and collected by tne
said Corporation In the samo way aa
other rules In Ihu said ,roll or rol|s,
savo as hereinafter provided.
I. In order to provide for the rates
set oul In paragraph 15) and sullied
a* uforosuld, Ihcru ihall bo railed annually by special ralo during the currency uf the said debentures the sum
of 11.360.00 lo provide for Ihe payment
of Internal thereon, and Ihe turn ol
1196.60 for tho rupuyniunt of the prln
clpal thereof.
7. The proceed! of tho tald deben
lures sliiill be uppllcd us follows, and
not otherwise:
(a)   In payment of the cost of the! .
passing of this Byluw, und Ihe Issue
ami uat.' of tho debentures therein referred lo, and ull expenses connecttd
wilh the a.,I,i luan.
ib) In recouping the laid Corporation for luch sums in huve been expended hereunder until the proceed*
of the sule of the laid debenture! became* avullublu
tc) To curry out the purpose! pf
Ihis Byluw ut above set uut.
I. All moneys arising oul of tbe
annual special rale hereinbefore provided for sinking' fund shall be Invested by Ihe Cnuiiull of the laid Corporation from time to limo a* Ihe law
9. No i,T,aie uii.ui be ullowed on
the special rules to he levied under Hill
10. Thii Byluw shall tuke effect on
the day of the pusslng.  <
II. This Bylaw may bu cited for all
puiposes us "The Waterworks Loan
Bylaw, No. 8, 1911."
Passed by Ihe Council on the 80th
day of Suptembur,  1911.
Received the uiiont of the elector*
of the Cily of North Vancouver.ut an
election  for  the  purpose  on  the
day of
ii. ...iii.i.ii i. d by   tlio   Council   and
Anally adopted, signed  by the Mayor
und City Clerk, und sealed  with  the
corporuie seal on the day of
A. IX 1911.
A III I, AW le enable Ike Generation
ef Ike City of North Vancouver
■e r*l*e b, way of leu Ik* earn
ot m,tat lot Wateiweek* purposes,
WHEREAS II I* deemed necessary
and expedient that the sum uf lie vu)
be provided for Waterworks purposes
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by the owners ef mor* tban one-tenth
iI ID) Ihe value of real property in (he
cliy. haa been presented to Ihe City
Council requesting them to Introduce
a Bylaw lo authorise them to borrow
Ih* aum ol 110,000 lur Walrrwork*
AND WHEREAS Ih* Council hu authorised Ihe submission ef thl* Bylaw
to Ihe electors
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
Interest on (he debenture* proposed lo
be issued under (hi* Bylaw, and for
cresting a linking fund lor lb* pay
ment ol the laid debenture! when due,
It will he necessary to rotic by special
rat* In addition la all othor rate*,
each year during tha currency of aucb
debenture*, the (tun of 11,6(660,
whereof 11,8(0.00 I* lo be railed annually for the payment ol Intereat
during the currency ol laid debenture!,
and (191.(0 lo he raised annually lor
Ihe purpose of.creating a sinking fund
for payment of the debt secured by the
aaid debenture*, Ih* (am* being made
payable In Afty year* Irom the Arsl
day of September, 1811
AND WHEREAS, Ik order to raja*
the said ytarly aum ol |1,61(60 for
Inlerett and linking fund, an equal
speclul rale on (be dollar will be
ii-.iiiffvd to lie levied mi all
Ihe rateable real properly In Ihs said
AND WHEREAS the whole raleablc
real properly In Ibe suld city, according to the last revised utiiimeiit roil
Is 110,990.(71.
AND WHEREAS th* aggregate of
lb* enisling debenture debt of Ihu
Corporation I* lilt,170 (excepting fur
works of local iroprovoinenl and for
school purposes), ol which nont of (he
principal *r lniore»t I* in arrear.
THEREFORE, lb* Municipal Council
nf the Corporation ol the City ol
Norlh Vancouvtr. with Iht aitent of
|he electort of tbt City of North Vaneouvir duly obtained, enactt u follow!:
1. It ehtll hi lawful for (be Mayor
of ibo Cily of North Vancouvtr and
Ihe City Clerk, for Ihe purpose afore-
euld. lo borrow or raise by way of loan
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance (lie sume upon the credit of
(he debentures hereinafter mentioned
of the Corporation, a aum ol money
Sot exceeding In tbe whole Ihe sum of
and to cause th* sain* te be
TAKE NOTICE lhat the above I* a
true copy af the priipotcd Bylaw upon
which ihu vote of the elector! af the
Municipality of the Cily of North Vancouver will he luken within the City
Hull. Norlh Vancouver, B. C, on Saturday, the Till of October. A. t>. cm.
between the hour! of 9 o'clock p. in.
und 7 o'clock p, m,
thomas Shepherd,
Cily Clerk und Reluming Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE ll hereby given
thul Ihe vole of the eleclori of the
City of North Vuncouver will be,taken
on the 7th duy of October. 1911,
between the hours of 9 o'clock u in. ■
and 7 u'clock p in. on "Tho Waler-
worki Loan Bylaw, No, 3, 1911," and
that within the City Hall. Norlh Vancouver, B. C, und Ihul Thomas Shepherd has been uppolnlcd Returning
Officer to lake the vote of luch
eleclori with Ihe uiual power! in that
By Order of Ihe Council.
' Cily Clerk.
Ml'-LAW no. m.
A IIV-I.AW tl Miblr tbe Corporation
el Ike 'Hi et Nerlk Vueenrcr
le raise bi «•) at loan Ik* sua
Ol llOm tor Ike Preservation of
I'uhll.' Heallk la Ike (Hy.
WHEREAS It Ii deemed expedient
and neceitary to borrow the turn of
alx Ihoutand (16,900) dollars lot
health purpolct.
AND WHEREAS a petition llgned
by the owner! of moru Hum one-tenth
ol lb* value uf real properly In the
city u shown by thu lout reviled
Aneiimenl Roll hu* been preientid
to Ih* Council requesting them to Introduce a By-law to authorise Ihem
to borrow the loin of lix Ihouiand
(16.000) dollars for Uie prciervullon of
public health In the ully.
AND WHEREAS for Hie payment ot
Inlereit on Hie debenture* propoietl
to be Issued under this By-law, and
tor creating a linking fund for tbe
payment of the laid debenture! when
due, 11 will be neceiiary to rulse by
special rale In addition lo ail other
rates, each year during Ihe currency
of such debenlures (ho aum of 130910,
whereof 1870.00 ii lo he railed annually for ihe payment of Interest,
during (he currency of said debentures, and 139.30 lo be railed annually for the purpoie ol creating a linking fund lor payment ol the debt Secured by the sold debenture!, iho lame
being made payable in Afty yean from
Ihe Aril dty ef September, 19)1.
AND WHEREAS In order to raise-
the a»o. yearly aum of |309.30 for Interest aod sinking fund, on equal ipt-
clul rale on Ihe dollur will bo required fo be levied oo all Ihe rateable
real properly In Hie tald cily.
ANI) WHEREAS (he wholo rateable'
(Continued oa pegs sevea)
The "Monarch Malleable" Range
They last a Life? Time
i an
■ '            J... ";.
For economy, di)r»liilily
and ems of uperalimi.
t\> o 81 o y e eifcpls llm
Price* No. 226, $67,00
No.426, $71.00
Wb p\po party pther
makes ill cheaper stoves,
Builder*' Hardware,
"B#pco" Pure PainU,
& Clark
104 Esplanade West
Pb9l»e 88
receivei the iame glad welcome here
ai he men who comes to buy, our
primary object at this time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver,', t
with the advantages in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii store.
We don't expect to tell you goods
before you know us, our goodi and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
■  ■
Let Ua Furnish Your Home
Discounts from One-Fourth to One-Third
Hints for September Buyers
We carry a (nil stock of Household Furniture. During Sept.
we make Special Discounts ranging Irom 25 to 33'.; per
cent, off all lines. We cordially invite you lo call and inspect
our Sim I; during this Special Sale. Our stock of Beds is very
complete, comprising many lines in white, blue and green
assortments, with Hrass Filling, very artistic. They have cou-
tiiiious post and in addition to their line appearance, have the
guarantee ol years of wear. We carry Mattresses in ail grades
from the best 60 lb. fell to flic medium grade felt top. Dressers
in .great variety. Splendid selection of Oak Mori is Chairs and
Rockers in variety 'of coverings. Call and inspect our stock.
Fulton Furniture Co.
Balfour-Ker Block Esplanade West
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, ever Two Years »
Price $350
Eyery lot op an open graded road, east ol Seymour
Creek, North Vancouver, fkildings being eftcted on the
property now.   Telephone and electric light available.
Call or writo and pel maps ami lull particular*. When certain
development* ar* aiwoinice.l in * few week* vou will Ihi too late.
I   'I   ■ <l< 'll'   1 'I        H I'l" I' »'*   "
D. L. 621 k 2078 on Keith Road,
1 short distance west of the Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
pry Dock Co.'s property. $300 and $325 each-$20 cash,
balance easy terms. These bits command an uninterrupted
vit-'W of three miles ol Hurrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write for dwipfiy,e'pamph|ef.
&I   9*
333 P»nd«r St. W.
Phont Seymour 5654
NotiiTi Is given that Glarenco Msn-
1,im 11 O'Erieb, barrister, pf Vancouvor,
lum boon iippuiiiii'il niiiiinr., pf Ibo
British Oolurobis Kiitullu Oil (Juinpany,
Also that James tiiistaco Harrison,
ol Vancouver, ban been appuiiitiiil attorney of I'llkingtoii Bros., 1,1.1.
Niiii.T' is givan that tlio annual g0|i-
oral mooting of tbo sliarolioMors of
tbo Victoria Tormina! Ituilwuy au.l
Ferry Company'will bo I10I1I at tbo
office of tho company in Victoria mi
October llth, st 9 p. m,, for tho pur
pose of electing directors aud truiisiu'l
ing all other such business.
Notice is given that tho Uanada
National Fire Insurance Oo., of Winnipeg, ban boon licensed under Hie
'British Columbia Insurance Act" to
tranuact In British Columbia the business of Oro insurance.
Tho Vancouver Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Compsny, Ltd., gives notice
that it Intends tl apply to the Registrar
of Companies fpr' tho approval of Hie
chango of namo to "Tho 1'ort of Vsncouver Dry Dock ami Shipbuilding
Company, Limited."
(Continued From Page Six.)
real property In thu suld city, accortl-
iuy to tbe lust revised usscsmiicnt
roll, I* 1111.11:111,:ht
AND WHKHEAS Hiu uKKi'egute ol
the existing debenture tltiiit of tlie
corporation I* |8lu,ii"u (excepting tor
works ot local Improvement und lor
school purpoie*), uf which none of
tbe principal ur Interest 1* In uirimr.
'I'llMitl'll'TiltU the Municipal Council of tho Corpurutlun uf tho Ulty ol
North Viineuuver, with the usseni ol
in.' ,T",t,,ia ol the City of North Vuncouver duly obtained cliucls us follows:
1. It shall be lawful for tbo Muyur
of tlie City of. North Vancuuver and
the City Clerk for the purpose ufure-
s., 1,1 to. burrow or rul*e by wuy of
loan from uny'persqn or pcrsuns, budy
or bodies corporate, who muy ho willing to advance the sume upon Ibe
credit of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned ol the corporullon, a sum
uf munoy not exceeding In the whole
the sum of 16,0011 .On. und to cause (lie
same to bo pluced In tbo Dunk ol
Britlab North America ul North Vancouvor, to the credit ot Ilie cily lor
the poriiose ubove roclted, und such
money* ahull be used fur tbut purpuse
3. Debentures of the city nut exceeding In amount the sum of 16,000.00
muy be Issued by tbe said Muyor und
Cily Clerk In terms uf the Munletiiul
Clause* Act In aums us muy be desired, but nol exceeding 11.000 00 end)
or tbe equivalent exiiressed In puunds
sterling of the United Kingdom uf
Grout Britain und Ireland ut tho vulue
uf 11.811-3 lu the pound sterling. Each
of the aaid debentures (ball bo signed
by the suld Muyur und City Clerk, und
the City Clerk shall ufllx thereto the
Corporate Seul of tho laid City b(
North Vancouver.
3. The debenture* Ihall bear dale
the Him duy of Ueplember, lilt, and
shall bcur Interest at tbo rate ol fuur
and one-half (4(4) per colli, per annum
puyuble half yearly on the tfrsl day uf
March and tbe flrst day of Bcpicmbcr
In euch and every year during the
currency of the suld debentures, or
uny of them. There shull be -■ 11... i,, ,i
to tho debentures coupon* signed by
the Mayor only, for euch und every
juiynient of Interest Ilinl may become
due, und such signature muy be eillier
written, stumped, printed or ill In.
gruphod thereon.
I. The Bald debenture* us to principal und interest may be made payable either In currency or Its cqulvu-
lent tn pounds sterling ut Ilie yaiue of
14.86 3-3 to the puund sterling at such
place or place* In Qrcul Britain. United States of Amerlcu or the Duinlnluii
uf i'a n a,I a ss may be ugreed upun between the Corporation ond Ilie holder
thereof, and the said principal sum
ahull be made payable by Ihe city at
a date nut later thun fifty years frum
the flrst day of September. 1911.
Ii. During the whole term of the
currency of Ihe suld debentures u
special rutc on the dullur shall br
levied aud rulsed euch your In uddl-
iluii to all other rules un ull Ihe rule-
able real properly In the city and sufficient lo pay (he Interesl upon Ihe
laid dobenlures, and lo creute u sinking fund for Ibe payment of the principal thcroot when due. subject lo any
act or enactment respecting the sume.
Soch special rale shall be inserted In
the Collector'* Roll ur Hulls, und sliull
be payable to und collected by the
laid corporation In the same way us
other rate* In the said roll or rulls,
Save as hereinafter provided.
I. In order to provide for the rules
set out In paragraph IE) und lubjeel
a* aforciuld, there shall be rulsed annually by (pedal rate during ii.t currency or the suld debenture* the »um
nf 1270 00 lu provide for Ilie pnmieiil
of Inlcresl thereon, and the (urn of
I3S30 for is., repayment ol the principal thereof.
7. Tho proceeds of Ibo sul.l debenture* ahull bo applied aa follow*, and
not otherwise:
lu) In puymenl ol Iho cott of Ibe
palling of Ihli By-law and the Issue
and sal* of Ihe debontare* therein referred lo, am) all espouse* connected
wilh the mild loan.
(b) In recouping tho *ald corporation tor such sums a* lm—v been expended hereunder until the proceed*
of the (ale of Ihe laid dobenture* bo
comes available,
le) To carry out the purposes of
this By-law a* above *ct oul.
I. No rebate sliull be allowed on
the sped,,! rate* to bo levied under
this By-law.
8. Thl* By-law ihall take effect on
the duy of the oasstng.
10. 'iTils By-faw may be cited for
all purpoiei us "The Dentin Loan Byluw, Hll."
Passed by the Council on the 80lh
day of September, HI)
Received' tbe ussoot of the electors
of the City of North Vancouver ul an
election for Ibe purpose on the
day of
Reconsidered by tbe Council and
Anally adopted, signed by the Mayor
and City Clerk, und sealed with Ihe
Corporate Scdl on Ihe day
pf AD. ltl I.
Ihut Ihe alio..
proposed Bylaw upon
.TAKE NOTICE Ihut the above li a
true copy of the ni
which (h» vote of Iflc clours..or.the
Municipality of the City of North Von
couvcr will bo token wltliln the Cily
Hulk Norlh Vancouver, B. II., on Sot.
iirdffV, tho 7th day of October, A. D.
1(11, between Iho hours of t o'clock
a. in   und 7 o'clock p. in
Cily C)ork ttd ftolurhlhg QlHcer.
PUBLIC NOTICE I* hereby given lliul
he vote of IS« eleclors ef ilie city ol
forth Vuncouver will be luken on ihe
7th day of October, 1811. between tbo
hour* of ujwocjj a. pi. ji.nil 7 O'clock
North VasojiWer will lie luken on the
„ oi ''Tbe' Heal* Loan' jiyiJ'w,
Ij.'i did that wllhln the Cily Hall.
orlb Vancouver, , B. C„ ah|, that
.homo* Snoiinerd ha* been .ippoinlefl
Jieiurnlog lifmeer tq take the vole ol
such elector*' wltb the usual power* In
Unit behalf.
By Order of Ibe Council.
City Clerk.
<J We have just receive?) a latge new stock of Carpet
Square* and Rug* imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be < beat.
mj We especially invito the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet (Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
L'i-m-i mm
CLEARED 50 ft. Lota in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 caih, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
  i :
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
' PRICES:  from  $2000  to $3250  per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
"| ' ) mmmmmmmmmmmnWmm-mtnmWmmmmmmmmmmmmmmWmfmmM
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
The North Vancouver Land and
.   Improvement Company, ~X
———■_—• mmmmmmm
mtil&tlim NORTH VANCOUVER, 8...C,
At Home Cards
Ball Programs
Business Cards
Bill Heads
Cotton Signs
Delivery Receipts
Hand Bills
Invitation Cards
Letter Heads
Post Cards
Price Lists
Shipping Tags
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
i    •
North Shore
Press Limited
Phone 80
lord Charles Beresford
fbe Mail and ftn Q-jIfltPM,
"I regard today B8 Uaiwda's birthday as a nation, uml while propriety
prevented mo before from giving ox-
prossion te jny thought* ant| wisbes 1
km moro (bin glkd to be able Iqday to
tell tbe l»u-l>I*a of llanada huts niiicb I
rojiiieu wltb them in tbeir jplendid
victory, for I consider it ossoutially a
victory of tbe Canadian people tfl buvo
preserved thuir national integrity and
industrial gild oi'unninie freoiloiu. "—
l.uril t'hurlos Jlurosfard.
Tbs piitiianco, in which we all eat,
ptirred along snipothly inwards the Hug
ship, which, with its groat sides glint
Ihg iu the sun, lay uiu'linreil among tbe
foremost warships ol tbe Heel. Already
a cluster ef small ligures was visible on
a wide stretch of deck-- ligures wbicb
were presently to bscomo life-siied and
reveal thomselves as Lord Charles Her
I'si'uiil mill his officers. Now and again
Ihe admiral raised his sparkling telescope, wbicb be held under his arm just
as I h,"il noticed iu photographs, and,
pouring over the waters at some vessel
of tbo flout, in,-in nm,si something wbicb
we all felt must be very important indeed, te the officer nearest bim
I shall never forget tbat first glimpse
of "i lun dor Charlie," as tbe whole
world popularly know him. I have aeon
inuumurulilo pictures of Napoleon,
standing un tit. Helena in ouo unvaried
attitude (so unvaried tbat 1 bave
como to cynically disbelieve tho Emperor over stood that way). And 1 had
seen Lord Charles depicted in tbo
papers rather Napuleoiiieally—short
leg* sturdily sstrido, kuuu hcml slightly
forward, arms folded behind bim, and
with that ei ei mil telescope under one
ol tbcm. Consequently it mado me
blink iucrudulously and look again, ami
take a third look under tbo sliado of a
baud, when Lord Charles materialised
above us, just as 1 bad seen him depicted, oven tu tho toloscope.
Ilu has been described as thu "bull-
log" typo (facially as well as temper
amenially), but tbo classification is
not very apt. His mouth certainly
droops rather sternly, with that curve
which is noticeable in the mouth of his
own favorite minimi, but ilu n is
nothing at all savage or il!-toinperi)il
in bis personal appearuneo. His blue
eyes, which, iiku most sailors' aro bo'
wrinkled round very lavishly, aro distinctly mischievous, and bis j-. i..i .
on each of the three limes 1 have
soon bim, reminilsil mo of tbo old
country squires Unit aro discoverable
ou almanacs at Christmas.
He has been accused uf pomposity.
Most persons in authority havo to moot
tbis accusation. If Lord tlliarlet is
pompous, it is pauperism—-not affectation. Ho is a keen disciplinurian, has
a mania for accuracy and precision in
trifles, ami keeps a vory warm eorner
in his heart for subordinates who are
victimized by tho red tape inanities
which frequently occur at headquarters.
These lent Iwu eliaraettristies necessarily render his opinions specially,
worth our attention. A man wbo is
im inni.■ and precise will go into the
minutest points nf any problem that hi
attacks. A man whu recoguixes, uml
has always rocoguixed in the past, tbat
thoso in high ipiartcrs err vory
humanly at times will put aside all
partisan prejudice and give bis poinion
straight from tho shoulder. Therefore,
Lord Charles Beresford's recent pro
iioiiiii einiTii on the reciprocity flatro
should be eut into ami pasted in your
memories as the dictum of a nan
whoso principle has always boon le
"say what you think vory deeidaAly,
but think it well over beforehand.'1
Thus, in 'cording to an interview recounted in the Daily News Advertiser,!
docs Lord Chsrles Ilercsford write kls
epitaph to reciprocity:
"I am particularly delighted witb
tbs outcome of this campaign because
it was not based upon tbe question ef
partisanship but upon tbe Issue of
empire and country, and I believ* tbat
I am correct in tbis analysis because
many Liberals must have rait their
voles with tbe Oonsorvativss to accoin
plitb tbit glorious result, which proves
to me tbat the people ol any country
may lis trusted to answer wissly and
decisively 'yen' or 'uo' when important
issues are plainly put before tbem. All
Kurope is interested iu the outcome of
tbis election because il solidifies Ibe
British Kmpire, and I believe tbat
Canada, with it* enormous resources,
ils energetic and virile population, will
some day be tbe ewtre pt the flriiieh
Empir* I regerd toAty ** Canada's
birlbdey as a nation bacause by thia
election It h.M revived upon )te futura
course, aud with the marked ebility it
has shown' in flnenoe, industry nnd agriculture it ie well able to tulle cm tt
Httlt, thereby benefiting the empire* pf
the world. Had Canada accepted a
reciprocity pad with tbe United States
its affaire mmt hj»ve been drawn, omit
or later, into a political arena, a»d
what tbat would have meant ultimately
may be beet understood -by the 'act
that for every dollar Canada put* down
America cau put .lown a thousand, apd
lor pvtfy min, America put* down *
hundred. People and nations generally
think ef their own pereon ami *all*h
interest ami if} had been ao American
citixou I should bav* worked with all
my might lor reciprocity because 1
Would have been certain to benefit by
it. I have tbe greatest admiration ler
American* and tbeir wonderful achieve
ment* and I don't blame tbem in the
least for having tried to gain a most
important foothold for tbeir energy
and ingenuity. I believe tbat If reciprocity bad been carried it would bayo
been tba beginning of the end of tbo
British Empire aa a whole."
Lord Charles, who commented thus
on tbe defeat of reciprocity, bas, on
the heels of another Napoleon of tbe
soa, been in our midst. Hardly bat)
Admiral Togo departed tban Lord
Charles Bereeford arrived—an interesting brace of heroes witb nothing more
in common tban success and stature.
Children's Day was suitably cole
hrated in Nortb Lonsdais Prssbyterian
church last Sunday by a special child
mn 'm ssrvice In tbe evening. Almost a
record attendanco was noted, tbe church
being comfortably filled. Tbs special
children's collection—eutsids tb* usual
adoring—amounted to (4.3S, wbicb sum
is to be forwarded to tbs Central
Children's Day Fund. Suitable ad
Iresscs were given by tho supsriuten-
dent, Ur. If. I'hillips, and Mr. Van
The occupant of a bouse on Ilh etreet
had a narrow escape from Are on Bunday altornoon. Sbs bad apparently
thrown asbes wbicb contained livs
coal into tbe basemsnl, witb 'he result
that a firs conimencod to spread along
the basement wall. Fortunately tbis
was detected Iron outside by W. H.
McBaily, who, afttr several attempts
lo enter tbs basement, succssded in
arousing the occupant of tb* bouse,
who, ii nu ware of bor danger, bad been
placidly sleeping. An extinguisher wai
obtained Irom tbo Fire, Hall and by
tbis means a serious jilaxa wa* promptly
Tbe J .lilies' Aid of the Lynn Valley
Presbyterian church are pulling ou a
salo of work during tbo aflernoon in
the church, on tb* car lis* aud Ceulre
road. Altemoon toe will be served aud
a good tims 1* assured. In tbe evening
a grand concert ba* beon arranged by
Ibe Indies' Aid and will be contributed
te in it* outirsty by visiting artist*,
mostly strangers te Lynn Valley Mr.
Bobert Scott is to give solos on tbe
violin; Mr. T. W. Ward, oa tbs plane,
and ai'.Timpaiiist; aad Mr. Nausen aod
I). Campbell, lenor and baritoue solos,
respectively. Tbese bavs been beard
on one or two occations In Lynn Valley,
but Ihe other performer* *ra on for the
first time. Thee* Includ.* Mlu Mac
Donald, soprano; Mia* Beiti* MacDen
aid, elocutionist; and Mr. Bobert Bob
erlson, baritone, and Mr. I'ercy Ward.
ba* dsrovertd lb* Oaus* of Dlttui to
bt Fresiur* on ntrv** — (tupping
lb* Power Ouir*ut* wbicb product
functional activity. We liberate tk*
Fewer Current* by removing tk* Proton—and b**ltb. li rtttornl, B. i.
Irwln, D.C., Dr. of Chiropractic, Wil
lOtb Slreei, North  V»nc*uv.r.
We tba undwslgntd b*r*by givt
nolies tbat Mr. Aleiander Ball, of lb*
City ef Nertb Vancouver, B, C, bat
withdrawn from partnership witk Ibe
firm of 0. C. Walk.r I Co., real **t*l*
agist*, of the said City pf North Vaacouver, and will, ia future, bavs
connection  with  tbe biuiln*** pt tl
said Arm.
(Signed)     0. 0. WAI.KKH
610 11KNBY V. SMITH.
Wet tern Decorating ft Plumbing Co.
Mantel* Mad* to IjntH^ttlHf)   ill B*t!n*t*a Fu—sk*4 Fr**.
W. Oaa aad Will Btv* You from 10 to 9»att cm. en 111 Ptb-a, Ont,
V&ml_l_u. ate
. T mmwmmmnwa mwm*
f. 0. Mt llll.   OUm-f. W. Owner BapUoaa* aad M Omi*'* *■"
Anything we might say tbout these Ranges
would be luperflous. They ale too well
known to need boosting.   OUR TERMS |
$10 down  .  $10 per month
We are sole agents;
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonidale Ave,
North Vancouver.
Phone 12
tbs electric coffee psr
tbe disc on wbicb tbs
electric currant will do
your cookingf
Iho iiiiiiiorsion bcatlr
fnr boiling wator .jui.'k
I'.'loclric Iron, the in,lis
tionsable iTiiivoiiionce lor
Ironing duyl
Bl   Btovo,   Uu   Hsudy
Electric Muting Disc.
Drop in at our office at 50 Lonsdale Avenue and tee how
your kitchen caret may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
' All Are Operated by Connection With
an  Ordinary  Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co,
Will tak* deed el good building lot
u cub payment on a ID room home;
new; all modern.     Easy   Uniii   en
TELEPHONE 89. P. 0. BOX 114
Drug Store Snaps
'IWIefopt Fly Paper, 2 double ttheets
for 60, or 60c par box
4711 Soap ... «0c box
Modified Milk, large size 75o tin
Allenbury'a Food, half dozen ... $4.80
„ ,,     1 dozen  $0.50
„ No. 3 Food 51)0 each
„ „    „       $6.25 dozen
PreiM'* Kidney Cure 75c bottle
Peptoniied Wine of ijeef A Iron $1.00
Marguerite, 25 in box $1.50
Tuefett'i Club Speoial,  $1.75
King Gutter and Carbo Magnetic
BMon /:  $2.50
GilUtte and  Autoitrop Safety
Raaori .\  $5.00.
Gem Junior and Ever Ready
Safety Raaora  $1.00
Strops frow 50a to $2.00 each
AH UmioTi Absolutely Guaranteed
Money Rofundmi \f Not Satiifactory
North Shore Drag Co.
M. THOMAS, Hu Manf-


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