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' Friday, September 20, 1912
flfl iXfUTHB
Visit of H.R.H. Duke of Connaught
Governor-General of Canada
lice ul Ihi'iiuliiuiubile Ihc I. .u.n  hund.I "J'"' ■' •"'; "I  '   ■   >
AiuViii'ioon.;;1,,,:, ,,.;..'.   Public Ofticialsand Clergy
li..   i: I    i.   tii.,11    ni   ..in _ "'
nlllill  was -liillolo'il oil Ihc llllllll. ton     viVu.i-li".' lllc" I lood.'   i,'''dO'o'll!,T'!ol "llll
iloi'i'd the lir-l -I.N lutrs of lhe National | llilc  .mu, U.n  lord  Kn,;,  f-Mwnid  il
I; n.i.,i n   |'„  ii,,   giniid   -i.iii.i    th,
I'i'li'uil   Low    Hm,   liinniill)   in    flj'j   '■■  ^ "''■''";   '',','". w"      '•••"!   '"heuil  ll ad  prese I
iii.'ii.iI'liiiuMiiioiiiioi ii„ i^oiieeie,.!,;,1";;,,,,'!;.;.!) I/.>,,,,." ,,.,   ,,,'/ . i , ,,,; n> „i,i,ii.,-r „rVii,	
I,   ,.'.      II,   -iliii.l, llllll,Is
^>f ■$#   aVki^omil- jflfrpt^lp
P resell I dii «iii .if Govtinor-
Gtileiul 6 Iiluiiil
Ferry Wharl a Mass of Autumnal Foliage
■It   lu   I, III   I.l     . I
'.. I ..III  IIII I.   1
■ ,-■    ■ ••   1 ■■'■■ .
I I,   I
I    . ,.    I  .  .  1
111.'    II
, i i.
,     .'■ i     .'ull,
I , .
,1 II I
U|| III'
Th« Reading of the Civic    Sj   j     by Cily and ilistricl
Ad,,reS8 Sclmldis
iiisjietiioii ol Hoy Scouts
■  i -i," ■
I   .      ..f   ll.    ;..   ,     .,
I . I
lmii... /.ibiii.-.- Presented
I   ..,-   I-     ml
1.1   ...
lu    .    ,    l.ll        llu        I
llu I
I ll
I.l.,,.I.    ..t     .:.
1 plil,J    | I ■
Arrival of the Governor-
u   i.
f..,,| ll„       I    ,|
lull,   moll,, i
Ml       •       ,|,    ,    ■ ,u    I        >,;',!
",;,.. I   ,ii    il,      . ,|l
%    .   : I  i       I;.   .ill,ll'.'
'   .::.•■ .   iiiuiu m.i.
I .     ... |C    l|,lll,ll,u    II.      |    -  ,    |
win      is        •    pi    . , I   11. lut   in,-
- ,  I , . il
ii•' up     ■.;,...•.■:     ,\,:,v,i|
M   ',,     u     III      ,|   .,!.',    iii.i    If
no, ii. ii   ii   ,..' f    .  ,i■  11.    Nuilli   i.,-
I    I   -!':*-,    ' . mill    iill   I
; ,"  i'i,   (en    ..ui  I  pi   , I ,'      nin
| i,II    111)   ptllipiMIl    ::u     Ill        ■ .    ,,,..,. ;
In. :   In   ;, itiill ol.lil   i llll il'i  I     "I'll.,im,p
nl Cloven,or iniiiM   i.    i,i,hi,ii.
A OHAHAi;ii:iu:-tTir; i'OBE
UOM. HI  "ir.t.l'1'.IH  AUKNOWLEMIliB   OlIiiSTIMUl   Oi'    OdOWiJ   ll stap. JtsmiJitlvl; upon Ibo tppcar
r. iBr.v. i "li ll.onll,. i. snd in1., i.  ■   THE   NUKE   OI'   GONNAUOHT   ACCOMPANIED   BY   MAVOR   McNKIS'II   'VIEWING   Tilll   I'll OCEEDINOB
.   The Largest list of Choice Property for sale in City and District.   Residential lots and blocks, houses and business
blocks.   Waterfront for commerce and industry.   Best selection at lowest prices,
Loans negotiated.    Current rates of interest on first-class improved income property.   Wanted $100,000 in
sums of $500 to $2000 to loan on first mortgage security, / to 8 per cent.
Sales agents for non-resident owners. Properties in City and District. Townsite lots, blocks and acreage.
Capilano acreage and building sites. West Vancouver and English Bay lots. Lynn and Seymour Valley
properties.   Reference: Bank of British North America and Bank of Hamilton.
^- -msi-i km. IRWIN & BILLINGS CO., Ltd.
and 5th Street
Phone 15 ======
=North Vancouver, B.C.
i * *
Alex. Smith & Coy.
Real Estate Agents
Financial Brokers
NoUry Public
■ ■ i
fELBPHOJHB Si i       v.9ymvm9**9immnw*f,9Q-
Otblt Addtm:   "SMITHCO, VAHOOUySB" Oedti WtttWH Vnlep
Banken: Bank tt Brilltb Vertis Anuria.
The Sub-division of
D. L. 869
_ /
Thi.' t|i|,i'tl uf tbi.' assignees^)' tie:
iiioiir I.uml,t-r Company, Limited, to
tbu Provincial government, wlta re-
leience to tlm refusals tin' district
Council  to approve  :i  j'liui  ot Jmtndivi
mun of li.l,. WW, win. bctrd In Wed
nesday with tbo result thW-fbo,
tfur\ ,-y..r General wua instructed to
Diamine ila- properly ami report, after
wbii-b ih,- government will buml .lown
ita decition.
ll.  1,.  tt'l  is situated  on  Diplnck
in.mi.linn,    Illlllll'illUlcly    nnrlh    of    till'
cily limit*, tin! I- tbe property upon
wbicb wus located Jibe iniiin uml plant
of ilmi company, iiimli in i-oinnton
wilb  lur",   quantities of lumber ami
Inul.)    Uuu.  nil I .   of   feci   Of  In, !i   pilule
Handing timber, waa destroyed by lire
lilt rynnp, compelling fbe company
to aaiigu, for tbo bcnciii uf tbeir
creditor!. Tbe creditor! were relying
upon the proceedi from the lllc of
thii property tu enable the assignees
to accomplish rcaulli from realizing
upon fbe aiiaoti, iuch aa would pro
tect tbe creditor! from serious luu.
I'rcvioui to iti being acquired by
Seymour Lumber Company, the pru
I'.'iiy bid been beld fur niany yean
by lit. McAlpine whu had intended
to establish a lanltarlum and health
retort tbercon, for wbicb the locution
wai cunaidereil ideal,
Jn July lait, the' assignees of tbe
Company submitted tu the diitrict
council, a plan of lubdivision of tbe
property, showing loti measuring fill
by llif feet each, and providing lbc
necessary roada running eaat ami went
un a grade of approximately eight per
cent.    -With   r.-i.-i.-n. .■   to   tbe   con
 ^L." .m-j iLli .1..
ditioni, tbe survcyora'cortillcd lhat the
contour of tbo land wai regular and
Hint tbere were no rocky port.ioni or
ravinca. The land bad beeu covered
witb tn inuii.'use growth of aplendid
timber and waa capable of being uied
for the cultivation 0/ tbe hardies!
Tbe land liei tt an-altitude of from
2000 tw 2000 feet above tea level ami
t profile el an -approach from 81.
fieorge'« road' bu been made allowing
a grade varying from IS to 28 per.
tent., wbicb woulrj (rift tatiy mepu
to the properly by mcani of au in
expensive cable cur system cxtctnling
for one uml one hull miles eastward
from Kite! Streel.
The district council refused lu up
prole tbe plan upon tlie ground thut
in their opinion lbe properly wus unlit
for subdivision. The assignees then
uppculcd to Ihe government uguinst
this decision ol tbe council Tbe
Louring of tne uppcul wus beld 011
Weilueiday before l'remier Mcllride,
Attorney tjenerul Bowser and I'rovin
ciai Secretary Ilr. Young. Councillor
I.oulcl und District clerk Farmer up
peured on liidiulf of the ilistricl coun
cil. Mr. Hnnl,nr Tuylor appeared lur
Ihe Company and Willi hun were as
',i„..iiii,,| Mr. Alexander I'hilip and the
surveyor, Mr. HtrVeil.
In fuior of approving the mbdivid
jtfp uf the pruperty it was contended
tbtt uot only was the aoil of a uulure
thoroughly aoituble tor aubdiviiion pur
poses, Imi the location was un ideal
one for a lieullli resort adjoining lite
eily, ami further thai although the
assignees themselves cuul.I not build
umi operate u cable tramline, il hud
iievorllndcssHrcn clearly shown that
: in h a roud wus feasilde and could he
built at nu '..i.:il,In fxponio, A plun
was deposited, showing thut from the
proposed terminus of the cubic roud
wugon rouds on easy grudes could lie
built tu give accent to other .listr-cl
charge! un.l all subdivision plans which
were ou deposit in the laud registry
ollice, un March itb, will be alluwed
to go tiiruugh witbuut the crown claim
.ng its one fourth interest. The aame
■lociiion will apply to blocks llll and .10,
District Lot Ulli, Polnl drey."
u.   I  .   V.  Ai
Government Waives Reversionary Rights
UP TO MABOH 7,  llllll
Mr, John Farmer, clerk of tbe dii
trict muni.ei|»lity uf Norlb Vancouver,
ou Thunday received t letter front
Hon. Dr. Young, provincial sc/retury,
advising /iim 0/ tbe decision arrived al
by the government, with reference to
the claim of'tbo crown to t reversion
ary right to one quarter interesl in all
landi lubdivided into smaller parcels
than one acre each.
, The ilccjaiuiiarcleates all subdivisions
which were registered previoui to
March /Hi of tbii year, from llm claimi
of Ihc crown under thc aet, and clears
tbe title to til properly ium fim ,1
in connection witn tboie lubdiviiloni.
It makes no reference, however, to
Uny subdivisions, transfers or encumbrances made subsequent to Ibal dale.
Th«Ce»*«t text 0/ the decision ia ai
"All   applications   to   register   con
reyaucai,  lii  application!   to   regular
We are pleased lo announce mat thc
efforts of Ihe H.I'.C.A. to place an
Inspector on the Norlh Shore per
muiieiitly ia meeting with gratifying
success, and there is lillle doulit thtt
this object will shortly be beyond tbe
problematical stage. Any subscriptions
to tbis most deserving cuuse may be
sent to this oflice, where same will
lie forwarded to the President of the
Society in Vancouver, und ucknowledg
ment jnu.lt' in Ihe columns of tbe
"Kxprcss." It is the desire uf tiie
Society to ruise a monthly subscription
here of silly dollars, and we flunk
Ihere should be no difficulty in North
Vuncouver ussiiring this amount.
The W. A. of tfl. Agnes' Cbureb are
holding a "Harvest Houie" Concert
und So-ml, in the Church llall, corner
12th and Houlcvard, on Tuesday, Otl.
Ird, ul ft o'clock. Members of Ibo
Auxiliary ure alao busy preparing for
u cbrislmus Ha.mn, which Ihey pur
poie holding on Wedneiday, Dec. itb
The   Norlh   Vancouver  footballers,
who recently defealed tbe team 0   the*
72ml II eh la iuh I-- iu a friendly game,
meet the l.ynn Valley aggregation to
Notice ii hereby given tbat-in pur
.nun,, of thc creditors Trust Deeds
Act, the Hurrard tfash aud Door Fac
lory, Limited, did ou tho Oth day of
September,- Mill, assign to Jamei JL
Fraser, of Nortb Vancouver, B. '.'.,
accountant fur the benefit 0/ all XJs
creditors, all its real and penonal prop
trty, credit* aud effecti wbicb may be
seized or sol,J or attached under elocution. /
A meelitiu uf crcditori will bo beld
at llm office of William Francis, room
.'US Honor Building, Oranvllle Street,
Voncouver, B. ('.., on Monday, tho 2>rd
day of September, 11112, at i p. m.
Dated tbe 10lN*day uf September,
Solicitor! /or tbt Aitlgnet. Gifts for
September Brides
junt mid Soptomber are tbe groat woddiug mouths of tbe
year. June, with itt many weddlngi, It put, but September
It Just tt bind. Have you thought of wbat you aro going to
give your friend? Vou; gift muat be lometblng tbat nil) reflect perfect good taste and quality, for your gift it an Indication of your etttam, telling more vividly tban words ctn tell,
your appreciation of tho roplpient't frlondiltlp.
Among tbt many Hues of September wedding glfti our
large itock offen, you can nnt fail to choose a gift suitable for
the bride for whom you took It. There are scores tnd scores
of pretty thlngi ln Silver and Out CHaet. Attractions In
Brats you will not put by without stopping to notict. Leather
floods to pleate tht fancy of the most discriminating buyer,
High Orado. Outlery and Ilni table lervlcet lu maaslvo ciiestt.
Jewellory, Clocks, Watches and many other presentable llnct.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent.
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Photography far Amateurs
By Reflex
To niany amateur H ;:>■:• fi'"   cpni-
poaitiou, so far as beiqg pnde, stflpt] apd
|irm:tisi'd tm an imlisprmiililc purl of
lin'ir  luiuiii.'.'Ui  ini|;lil   never  cuul.  Tin'
vast majority of tbove wbo use a ejun-
era are satisfied -if tbey ean get all "on
tbey require, never ralnd bow tbe finished picture conippses' and however
many thing* tbere niay be ib it to jar
and i-iuiili.i one witb tbe other.
Vet in order tp succeed in picture
i!iul,!)i:: composition must uot only be
imii'!:.limit, but brought to boar upon
every picluro takeu. Here, as wc have
seen bofore, is wben tlte painter has
tbe advantage over tbe camcrist. i ■
:ui overhanging branch of tree stand
in tbe way! Tbo painter simply leuvos
it out. Or should there be any ob-
juit at all iu the composition uf the
picture wbicb is likely to offend the
eye it is .'inii■■ini-iiili left out. Not so,
liutti'iri, with the pbotograpber. lie
tUust tako just wbat is in poiut ui lim1
or nothing. Often however, by a lit
Ile dodging or slightly altering the
point of view much, tbaf woubl ulher
wife be objectionable con be cither lefl
out of tbe sphere ef thc camera or
bidilon altogether by a friemlly tree.
As au instance of tbis lbc writer
was coniniis8iun,eil to take a scrjes of
views in a park which a certain firm
required for reproduction. Tbe great
drawback tu many views was tbe fact
that a large wurks with high chimneys
,i.:. ..I, intu the views wbicb otber
wise would be satisfaetury. Tbe put
lie was wbat tu du wilh ,ihc chimneys
Bomoviug tbcm was oul uf the quos
tion nf cuursc, ami llic views bad tu
be takeu.
Uj- a little manocuvcring ii was fouml
tbat a convenient Ucc trunk blotted
out most uf the particular chimneys
which was iu the way. The pbulu
graph was takeu ami uuly those wbu
were lobl could tm,I auy trace of tbe
chimney wbicb louked thruugh ! Ihe
upper branches as though it was part
uf the tree trunk. Many uther pbutu
grapbers tried tbis (ante picture but
so far as tbe writer knew uut oue bit
upon the spot and thc chimney showed
iu each picture.
Do nut be iu tuu great a hurry iu
taking yuur picture. A lillle time and
thought will uut be wasted. There
should nut be tuo irlany prominent oh
p I-, competing fur attention. I.ct
Ibere be oue central point aud every
North Vancouver City
Price I.isl is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L 550
on Queensbury Avenue car line
Size of lots 50 fl. by 121 fl. all cleared
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited, Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymow 6286
tbing else limit be subpn|lnaled to tbat.
Aim at getting a pprfpet pjefurp by
balancing well, This does uul uieitn
ibat both sides should be equa) llkp
uu ink blur, but tbat there should 'be
some bind of harmony ami that there
s|)pu|i! b.P IIP onesjdeducss. Fqr instance
If you aru photographing a landscape
with mountains as a background and
water iu the foreground.' Dn not let
tho muitutuius be bigb on pno title
uiid sloping down towards tbe other,
louviug the sky aud water to meet iu
an' ugly double trl-anglo. Somo attempt shuuld be made to get tbe mountains on each side, but here agaiu ilu not
have them equally bulunced. (let your
view point a little to ouo side and, if
possible, u boat or some object in tin-
wator or foreground to break up t'jp
llatuiws. If it should be still water
throw a stunc into n just previous to
iimking tho exposure. Avoid all appearance ut' bareness ur llatuess in tbe
Composition applies jusl us much tu
figures us lu landscape. Suppose yuu are
taking a gruup. See lhat Ihc persons
in it are grouped iu such a manner that
tbey cuinposc well. Do not have all
the tail peuple un une rule and tbe
mull ouei un the other, nor yet .-ill
those with light qostumei together.
Shuffle Ihcui up and place them su that
every une in the group cau see tlie
camera. It stands to reason that if
tljey can aee it the camera can see
tbem. Nptlce alsu the background, if
trees or telegraph poles are behind. Np
thing is mure unuuying tu a persun than
to liud a tree or a telegraph pule grow
ing out uf tlieir beads. Tbis is no
exaggeration. It is quite a eumniun
lliiug fu see aucb things in amateur
groups. The writer remembers oue
where Ihc identical chimney mention™
above wus growing out uf the head of
a persun. It exactly fitted his hat and
though it certainly was amusing the
poor photographer never heard tbe last
uf it.
In groups uf three or more try to
arrange the litters iii such p., qmy.
thul the heuds furm a kiud ot ifteffi-
Itt triangle, Du nut be lou slavish
iu Ibis, bul use a little judgment upd
keep it as a bind of general idea tu
.Work upon. It will gradually become a
bablt and will naturally be done every
Ijuitc a great deal may be dune
judicious trimming uf tbe print. It il
not abiolutely necessary that everything un thc negative shuuhl appear
nu the print, Hie Ihe trimming Jinife.
Do not be afraid tu cut away half Ihc
print if necessary. Many u guud cum
|,nullum is mude frum quite a* small
purtiun uf the priut if une only knuw-s
jusl whuf lu trllm ulT. A very miiuII
I mi,i.n uf Ihc negative if enlarged will
Often muke u picture wurthy uf beiug
bung whilst the whule negative may be
poorness ilself.
Provide two pieces of card, cut to
lbe shape uf Ihe letter I. and lay them
ou the prim which may require trim'
miiig. Vuu will be able by these to
liml uut just the right purtiun tu cul
away and will often be surprised at
tbe result.
in tbis connection let tne again ud
\ise anyone who is seriously bent un
picture making tu study tbe best ex
umplcs uf arl, either landscupe or llg
ore. There is nulliing more helpful lo
the beginner than a good knowledge
uf good pictures, They will exert tlieir
milium,,' almost unconsciously and
will open uul new luld- of study both
profitably iud culorlainiug.One uuticcs
mure Ihc effects of nature by taking
interesl in tbe Interpretation of these
effects by different arlisti. New-
beauty  is seen  in lbc ever dunging
clouds and Ibe effect Ibey bave ou tbe
' i    .
landscape.   Study  nature  loo  In  her
varying mends uml Iry to obtain sume
uf Ihc effects in phutugrtpby. Kcuicui
ber  tint  t  bright  sunny  day  il not
Ihc besl for taking trtiillc plfturei,
Beptember  with  the early murniug
tiiisli is que of Ibe best mouths of Ibe
year for outdoor  work.   Try  a  tew
plates  or   films   one vf   these   uiiii)
uiortilugi and given a correct expoiure
il will be a surprise lo nolice Ibe beau
liful effect produced.
Short Character Sketch
Cheery Temperament and Kindly DU
yoaltlon Kndear Hln to All
Tlte Dnl.e of Connaugbt takes Ibe
cheeriest Interest In everything tbat
he has lo do; or that has been arranged fur bii pleasure. "lie looki is if
he really liked Itying foundation
slimes," said someone who had seen
Imu performing that function.
Ami he probably drdjtke it. Hr
doesn't look bored, because Ke isn't
bored I
Tbe Duke never faili to "make a
goo'd impression." Wherever be goes
bo wins all bearli by bb) unaffected,
kindly jveyi, the rlete interest be
takei in whatever li going on, bi* un
failing  courtesy  and   consideration.
"Hi It alwayi io human," lome
of Commerce
Capital $t5tOQ0,00»  Best $12,500,000
Nprfh YiWQrWr Br«ch Now Located it ,W
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest it allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
i. A- I'OHSTEB 	
We are showlug in excellout lino of Sterling Silver aud Plated Ware,
nothing but tho highest grade of Ooodt.   .
Our low expenses enable ua to mark our prices much bolow tbose wbo
pay high rente.   A comparison will prove tbit to you.  See our wlndowi.
Tbe Btoro of Quality
aud Low Prices.
one said of him recently; "he luoks
as if be really liked receiving address
es und laying fouudutiuu stones!"
He never looks bored, However tedious and loug drawn uut a ceremonial
may be, the Duke never yields lu Ihe
temptation tu treat it as a mere formality. He is keenly attentive, apparently hugely interested, frum beginning lu end.
And be is alwayi ready to unbend,
tu chut amicably ";'h anybody and
everybody, and take a friendly interest
in their uffairs.
When be held nigh cuminumls iu Ihe
Army, be won Ihc devotion of every-
tu sueh an extent that he gut twice
as much work done as be wuubl have
if be had been a commander uf the
stem and uul,ending variety,
When he governed a big military
districl iu lu,im uu light task-he
aroused sueh personal eulliusiusin Ihul
lhe wheels of tbe governmeut Ihere
ran mure smoothly than Ibey hud ,-i.r
dune befure.
When he went out tu Soi.lh Alt:,a
last year tbe country was in a stale
uf considerable friction and din-in lent.
Hut the Duke's tour through Die .or
ious slates aruused a loyally and a
devotion tu the Mother Country cud
Ibe lloyal Family that nothing else
euuld possibly have done.
People whu know him besl sny liml
his qualifies will fuilf.ir h',„ tu the,
I'ana.liliiis in the st-."ic wnc an I thai
he will du a very greul deal lo Injeu
s i'.v lhe feeling of byallj lo lhe Uid
> ouulry iu lbc Dquiiniup.
in pui ■ nt. i- uf an assignment deled
August ttlb, IPli, lu Ihc'undersigned,
partus indebted tu lhe W. Jl. Money
li Company arc hereby notified lo pay
the auiuunls due at Ibe ulliee of Ihe as
aignec, Wilsou k I'erry, suite V, Delleck
lluilding, ,'Utl Hastings street wesl,
Vancouver, M. (.'., t.l Ihe earliest pus
slide moment, whu will issue receipts
fur same.
W. J.
• Assignee.
I'bone Hcymuur illi.
ANIl WIIKKK l.-: [or the payment or
Interest on suld Debenlurih, during the
currency thereof. II will be necessary
to raise und levy each yeur. the sum
Uf   ... iuu in
AND Wl'lKHKAti for the puytneiit ul
the debl wlun due ll will be necessary
lo rulse und levy euch yeur Ibe sum
of 13308.20 by special rate, aufflelent
therefor in eocb yeur un ull raleuble
properly u' the Municipality.
AND WHKHKAS the umount of lbe
whole ruleable properly of tbe municipality Is !.'.. lu ',u, uu
ANI) WHKHKAS lbe lotnl amount of
tbe uiiuiiii,: Debenture Debl of llif
Municipality Is IM till) 00 Irrespective
uf debts Incurred for locul Improvements uf which nunc uf lbe prlnclpul
or Interest Is In nrreurs.
NOW THKIIKFollK lbc lleeve   and
I',.oi., ||   of' lhe   Mn ;■. III'.     Ill   open
meeting ussemblcd enact as follows:
).   Fur   Ibe   purpuses   aforesaid   It
shall be lawful for lbc lleeve of lhe
municipality to procure, and he Is bere-
uy   uuu I   to  obtain,  by   wuy  of
loun. frum nny person, pirsnni or corporations who may be willing lo advance Same on the credli or llle debenture! herein inentlnncd, a sum not exceeding In the whole tbe sum uf f J00.-
000 1)0. und cause Ihe lame lu be puld
Into tbe bunds nf tbe treasurer or llie
municipality, for lbc purposes ufurc-
solil and with the object hereinbefore
2. It ihull be lawful for the Ileus
IO cause any number of debentures In
be   made   OUI.   eueli   fill'   luch   uuu    of
money nut less ihun 1100 or uu i-tjui-
vuleni expressed In pounds slerllng nf
the United Kingdom ur Ureal Britain
and Ireland nl Ihe value uf I; 11 2-1
tu the pound stullng. us inuy be required, and all debenlures shall be
sealed wllh the seal nf the Muni
ilinUiy and slgtiid by tlie reeve and
cnuMcrslgiild liy Hie Klerk of lhe
3 The suld debentures shall be pnv
ubic wltbln twenty years from the
dule lurcjnuficr nienllnwed fnr the
fly-law to take effect ul Such Dank In
Ihc i'lty of Vuncouver, ur nl sueh
ll.uil, In ine i'lty ,,i l.„i„i„n. Kngliunl
or ul such Bunk elsewhere ui the m'l-
iilclpulliy may by resuiutlun decide
I The suld delietiluies ahull have
millions attached for the payment of
ihe Inlerest ul Ihe rule of live per
letitoiii per nnnum on the amount of
the debentures, and shall he payable
half yiarly on lbe llrsl duy uf April
and the llrsl day of October In each
and every jcur
I A speclul rule on the dollur. suf-
II,dent to raise lhe sum of 16.000 shall
bo raised und levied unnuully In each
year. In addition lu all other rittei on
all Ibe iui,.,i,i. property of the Mu
in .fill i, lo puy Interest on Ihr
debt hereby created during lhe cur
ui":. of ihc suld debl,
I The sum of |J J.'.K 20 shall be
raised uiid levied annually In each
und every yeur by special rale during
the currency of the said debl. on all
Ihe rnlcnblr properly of the Munlclpullly, for'lbe payment or ine debt
hereby created, when due
7. It shull be lawful for Ibe Monl
elptillty from Uflle "to Ume, to repur
i huse uny „y the suld debenture! nt
such pike nr prices ns may be mutual
ly ugreed upon and ill debentures •„
repurchased shull forthwith be mun.I
uuelli ,
nnd nn re-Issue uf any debenture
or debenture! shall hi  innde In conic-
III Milium
i IU  M  II
Ilj-lu.i    VtU.   ^
A Hy-i.au  lo liinri'ii Pi way al Ue-
lienlure. Ikr IIIB III IIOU.OUO.00 lor
Ikr liurynar uf lubsriIMug for Ind
■ ri|ulrl«|t sfcarra, In Ikr «r.l Vt«-
eoetrr terry Cemwer, Welte*.
v.iii i;i..\..: It li deemed expedlcnl
lo borruw the sum of UPO.000 00 to
uimhte Ihr Municipality to subscribe
fur and purchase 1,000 shard ur such
number ai Ibe proceedi of the Deben
turn will purchtie, at lbe par value of
1)1)1 each In llie capital stock i.r the
wetl Vancouver Ferry Cuinpany. Unified; a Forry Company duly liicorin
uted for the purpon) of giving Ofr
f lUell   M I'll,, huse
I It lli|ll be lawful for Ihe lleeve
nf lhe unit, I, If uiin   and h» Is hrichv
authorised In i liuu,  wllh ihr monry
in obtained by way of loan. One thousand nhai.s, ur such number as may
be purchased bv Ibe proieeds of lhe
ib hi Iiiun s of (lie eupital stuck of the
Well Vancuuver Ferry I'mnpany l.lm
fled 4
t. Tbli Dy-lnw shull. before tfte
llnul passing Ihereuf, recelvr Ihc bi
senl of Ihc Kleclori In the niunner re
gulrcd by law.
10 This lly-luw. when passed, 'bull
come Ifito force upd lake etteCt'tgi lhe
flrat dav of October, llll.        T
II Thll Bylaw may be cited for
nil purpoiei in thr writ Vmcnovrr
Ferry Money By-law, No I, 1112
Received lhe nisriil uf lhe Kin-lorn
thii *
day of 1112
Done and pulled In upen cuuncll Ibis
dt)' of
'   "jiunicipiiiiirrii
(BEAM       ' >
TAKK NOTICK lhal the above 11
- "mn ii uiiuii   between
palily  of Win  Vancouver  utt  tne
City of Vancouver and any olber nest
led true copy uf Ihc proposed Hi l.nw. upon
w iii, ii the vote of the Municipality will
be taken al th
Saturday ihr twenty
hy'clilet, miiniclpaliilei'or dllirlcis   j lembcr. 'Uli.  from
•■till 7 oTcl
AND WHKHKAB, It ll neceuary fur ■ „,
tin; iiyri/ote uf.orcsejd, .that the muni-'"'
iTpaflty iliuuld procure by way of Is
New Municipal llall un
■flril ilay of *rn
I o'clock fn the
lock In Ihe aflcr-
0. II. I«AKIC. KM'
VICN thai tbe rote of the Klcclnrs
lbe DIlfHcl of Weal Vuncouve/will
ken on the above mentioned By
payable Wl'litr,! iTibVrebTpf'isi ';"*• /»' '*' ilmt AVi"u*,'V.f.'S,n»
er centum per abnum, to be applied : Htmed, und hul 8 II. retke has been
r Ih. purposes t^rciald. .   . Wolnied   llr-lurtynir  OBlcrr   to   lake
AND WmcnKAi a petition hai been , Ibi »ofe nf such Blcclors. wilb Ibr ut
.senicd lo tiie Counefl of the Muni-  ve) poweri in thit .befit)/.
W, repiy
ly on wi
fi00,000JO. repayable twenty
fer Ihe fly on wfflc'
the  tald
le  Ine
ll this
. ,„. forenoon un)l
iunl- H'
, J ll-      „
d  loan  of I   L
y yeuejit- kO/V
y-luw lultfi'i'i f
er ihc Hy on wltlch this By ...,
.ffect. wllh lntereit in lhe meantime,' he token on the abnvr. menl.loneO
per et
for in
> WJIBBKAB n prilllon
presented lo the Council of Ihe Muni
elptllly. reoueitlng ihem to InirddOte
BV-law lot the purpoiei herein let
fib, which poliilon hn heen llgned
ihall on»-iinti
(f lhe <
Which petition
by ihe ownori ot more ihi
of l.i value or itbl In
mi poweri Ifi m.
Ily Order of Ihe Council,
N,       O. .,. «#£_  G
Mri ■*—»*—»»■ *■» m*®
..■■...-.■ i      I ^^^^imm^^^^tmmnmmt***mt*mmtt*%mm^^m^mmi^m^tmmmtMmm^mmmmm^
■niii"'! ,"       i   .     ■
—I, ■ miim.;!,.;',! rr v" r    ,."■■■■
—-i-^1" > "'' "■'
The Largest list of Choice Property for sale in City and District, Residential lis and blocks, houses and business
blocks.   Waterfront for commerce and industry.   Best selection at lowest pricej,
Loans negotiated.- Current rates of interest on first-class improved incomjS property, Wanted $100,000 in
sums of $500 to $2000 to loan on first mortgage security, 7 to 8 per Ant,
Sales agents for non-resident owners. Properties in City and District, f Townsite lots, blocks and acreage.
Capilano acreage and building sites. West Vancouver and English Bay lots. Lynn and Seymour Valley
properties.   Reference: Bank of British North America and Bank of Hamilton.
^ ^ *a  IRWIN & BILLINGS CO, Ltd.
and 5th Street 7
Phone is !North Vancouver, B.C.
i * *
Alex. Smith & Coy.
Real Estate Agenti
Financial Broken
NoUry Public
TWUBPH0K8 21 j t. 9 Vet 1110 9at*A ttnrmtit, HO-
CttoU Addim:   "MIITHQfl, WWOUVBE" Ceie: sTmiern Union
Vmuktii: Bank et VMStb Itottb Aaarict.
The Sub-division of
D. L. 869
Thr u| j cul ,,i tin' assignees ul Sey
niuut Lumber (lompany, l.itnitr.l, In
llie Provincial government, witn referenee tu llie refusal of llie ditlrict
rijuii.-il tu approve a plan ot suhdivi
uuu ut IH,. 116V, wtr heud uu Weil
nesday vv r i li lui* reiult tint tlie
Surveyor General wn instructed tu
ciaiuine the properly uml rt'|iurl, afler
win. 1. tht- government Hill Imu,I down
its decision.
II. I. still li nliiiil.nl un Diplnck
iiiuuutuiu, immediately nurtli of the
lity Iiiiiiiu, au.l m tin- proporty u|>un
wIii.ii wit located llie mills and |iluul
ut tint company, wliirli in i-uintnun
witli lurge ijuuniilics ot lumber and
many thousands uf feel of high grade
standing timber, wan deatttyed by tie
lift ipttng, cumpclling tin- ruinjiiny
10 assign, fur llie lieui'lit uf llirir
rrcditori, Ttl rrodlton were relying
upon llie proceed! ttoiii tlie lllc uf
llu. property to enable tbe aisignccs
tu accumplish rciulti from realizing
upon  lbc iwii, iu.-,i  us   would  pro
i..t   ttie   creditor!   ti,,;,,     , i    lum
I'revioui tu iti being acquired by
Heymour Lumber Company, tbe pru
perty bad been beld fur mauy ycari
by Dr, McAlplne wbu bad intended
lo .'iiul.li.li a nn.iiiiiiiini and bcaltb
rciurt tbcrcon, tot which tbe locution
wai coniidered ideal.
In "July Imt, lbc assignee* of tbe
Company tnibmiltcd to tbe diitrict
council, a plan ,.i lubdivinvn of tbe
properly, showing loll measuring $0
by I'll) feet itth, and providing llie
net-canary roadi running cant and went
on a grade of approximately eight per
rent. With reference to the eon
ditioim, the lurveyon certified lint the
contour of lhe lind wai regular, and
thul there were no rocky portions ur
ravine!. The land had beeu covered
With au immense growth .of splendid
timber and wai capable of beiug used
fm the cultivation of tbe har/iieil
The laud lien at m altitude of from
2000 to itDO leet abuve tea level aud
a papule ol au approach from Ht.
George'i road haa been made iliowing
a grade varying Irom If! to !8 per.
wai., which would fist mAy item
fu Ibe property by means uf uu in
expensive cable car system extending
fur uue and one half mile-, euslwur.l
frum l-'.ssex Street.
The districl euuncil refused tu u|i
prove lbc plan Upuu lbc gruuud Ibul
in their opinion lln.' pruperty wus unlit
fur subdivision. Tin- aiiignecs then
uppeuled to the government against
this decision uf thc council Tlie
bearing uf tin' uppcul wus held ou
Wednesduy before l'remier Mcllride,
AltVuoy lien, iui Bowser and I'nn in
ciul Secretary lir. Vuung. Councillor
I.oulcl und Diitrict i'lerk Kurmcr up
peared uu behalf uf the dislricl eoun
cil. Mr. l'unl.in Tuylur uppcurcd lur
the Company und with bun were as
lorialed Mr Alexumier I'hilip uml lbc
surveyor, Mr.  if.i,n
In 1.1'.,,i uf appruving the mbdivid
iug of the properly it was contended
thut nut unl) was llie suil uf a ualure
Ihuruughly suitable fur nubdiviiiou pur
puses, bul lbc l,„uiiuu wus un ideal
one for a lx-ultli resort adjoining the
city, and I,mli,i thai ultliuugh Ihe
ussignces themselves could nut build
uml operate a cubic Iramliue, il bud
nevertheless been clearly shown that
such a road was feasible and could bv
built al i.ii-.,i,ul,I.- eipense, A plun
was deposited, thawing Ibul frum Ihc
proposed terminus of tbe cable road,
wugou i,,;,,i- ou eaay grades euuld be
built to give ueecss tu oilier ,:i li ,i
charges uud nil subdivision plans which
were nu deposit in llie land registry
oflice, uu Mureli ilh, will be allowed
tu gu Ihruugli withoul the erown claim
my ils une I'uurlh interest. The name
decision will upply lo blinks .in uml JO.
District l.ul 2921, I'uinl drey."
Government Waives Reversionary Rights
Mr. Mu farmer, clerk of the dii
Iriel municipality of North Vincouver,
uu Thursday received a letter from
Hon. Dr. Young, provincial secretary,
u.l vising lum of the dcriiiou arrived al
by the guvernmenl, with reference to
the claim of lhe crown to a reversion
ary rigbl to one quarter interesl in nil
landi subdivided into smaller parcels
iiiun oue acre each.
The decision rcletaes all subdivisions
which were registered previous to
March 7th of tbii year, from lhe claimi
of lbc rrowu uuder the act, and clears
tbe title to all properly transferred
in connection with Ibuse subdivisions.
II makes uo reference, however, to
any subdivisions, transfers or cm uin
bniirea wade subsequent ,tu lhal dale.
The eiad text of Ihc decision ii ai
"All applications to regiiter cob-
nytucii,  tli HpJilUttioM  U ngiiUr
u. I . v. A.
Wc arc pleased lo unnouiiec (nul tbe
effort! of Ihe S.I'.f.'.A. lo place au
llispcclor un lbe Nurlli Shure per
titaui-iilly is meeting with gratifying
success, and Ihere is little duubt that
this ubjeel will shortly be beyond tbe
prubleiuatical stage. Any subscripting
lu Ibis musl deserving cause may be
mil lu this office, where same will
I.e forwarded lu the President uf the
Society in Vancuuver, aud aektiuwlcdg
ment made in the columns of the
"Kxpress." ll is the doiire uf Ine
Suciety lu raise u uiunllily subscription
here of sixty dollars, und wc think
lliere should be uo difficulty in North
Vuncouver ussunng tins amount
Tne W. A. of SI Agnes' Church arc
holding a "Harvest Hume" Conrert
uml Social, in lhe Church llall, comer
Villi and iluiilevard, ou Tuesday, till.
.>r,|. ul ,n o'clock Members of Ihe
A.,,,!,ui, ure alsu busy preparing fur
a 'Christmas lla/aar, which Ihey pur
pose liubling un Wednesday, lice. Ith
Thc Norlb Vancouver footballeri,
who recently defeated Ihc team o the
i:'ml II ghlaudi i- >u a friendly game,
meet (lie Lynn Valley aggregation lo
Notice il beiel.v giveu that iu pm
• iinm<■ of (he creditor! Truit Deedi
Acl, the Hurrard Sasb and Duor Fac
lory, Limited, did on Ibe ''tli day of
September, r.n:', assign to Jumci D
Fraier, of North Vancouver, H. ti.,
accountant for Ihe benefit of all its
creditors, all its real and personal prop
erly, credit! and effeeti which mty be
leiwd or sold or attached under ete
A meeting of rrcditori will bo held
al fhe office1 of William Fraucii, room
3H5 bower Buildiug, Ortuville str.-ct.
Vancouver, li. (',, ou Monday, tht 'liul
ilay of 8opf.oinl.ior, l'l l'l, ul I y m.
Dated Ibe 1Mb day of Bei>Umber,
1»I2. '   -
HHYDDN JACK k Idltiti,
Hulicilori for th. AtaiguM, September Brides
June sud Soptomber aro tbo groat weeding monthi of tbo
year. June, with its many weddings, is put, hut Beptember
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give your frloiidl Your gift must be something tbat will reflect perfect good tut* ani quality, for your gift Is an indication of your oeteem, telling more vividly tban werds can UU,
ypur appreciation Qf tbe recipient'! friendship.
Among the many Iluu of September wedding gifts our
large itock olfora, you can not fall to choose a gift suitable for
the bride for whom you seek It. There are icoru snd scoroe
ef pretty things Ut Silver and Out Olass. Attraction! In
Brui you will not pus by without stopping 'to notice. Leather
floods to plisu the fancy of tbe most discriminating buyer,
High Orado Cutlery aud flue table services lu maaslyo emits.
Jewellery, Clocks, Watches and many other presentable Hues.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings anil Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
light Per Cent.
No good tecurity turned down
Phone 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
Photography far Amateur*
By Reflex
        H. .nf
Iliiiili elm must be snboriliuutoil to tbat.
Aim at getting p perfect picture by
balancing well. Tbis tlees not met.
that Imiii sides should be ci|ual liko
an Ink blur, but that there should -bo
some html ot harmony and that there
should bo no mn .i.i.'iini ■... i'ur Instance
if you arc photographing a liwliuipe
with mountains as a background and
water in the foreground. Do hot let
the mountains be high ou ene ilde
ami sloping down towards the other,
loaviug tho sky and water to meet in
an'ugly double triangle. Some,attempt should bo made to get the mountains on each si>|u, but here again do not
liun: Uiiuii equally balanced, (let your
view point a littlo to one side ami, if
pu :i,i. a boat or some object ifi the
water or foreground to break up i.ie
llatucss. If it should bu still wuter
throw a stou.c iulu il junt previous tu
molting tbo exposure. Avoid uli ap
netraiico of bgrouoii or llalttess iu lhe
foreground. i
Composition upplics jutt us much lo
llgures us lo luiidscupe. Suppose vou are
faking u group. Sec thul lhe persons
in il lire grouped iu sueh a maimer that
they compose well. Jin not have all
llic lull people on one side and the
■liuill ones on lbe olher, uor yet i'H
those, with light dostumes togotber.
Shuffle lliem up ami plucc tbcm so lhal
every one iu llic group can see the
camera, ll sluuds to reason that if
Ihey run seo it the camera can sec
lliem. Nolice ulso Ihe l-iu kgrouinl, if
trees or telegraph poles are behind. Ng'
thing is more annoying to a person thun
In Hint u tree or a telegraph pole grow
ing uul of Iheir hcuds. This is uo
exaggeration. It is quite a common
lliiug lo tec sucb tilings in uiuulcUr
groups.   Tin-   writer   remembers   one
To muny amateur photographers composition, so far as being understood and
pruclised us uu indispciisiililc part of
their business mlgbi uevgr exist. Tlie
vast majority of those who uso a camera aro satisfied if they can gut ull on
tboy require, pevor infn'il bow tlie Bu:
i-.ii.'.f picture composes' and howovor
mauy things thero muy bo in it to jar
and couttict one with tho other.
Yet iu order to succeed in picture
making composition must not only be
understood, but brought to boar upon
evory picture taken, fiere, us wc have
seen before, Is when the painter lies
llie advantage over Ibc'egnicrlit. Does
a/i overhanging branch of treo stand
In the way) The puintor simply loaves
it out. Or should Ihere be any object ut all in the composition of the
picture which is likely to offend the
uyc it is conveniently left out. Nol to,
however, wilh the photographer. He
nlust take just whut is yi point oi lim1
or nothing. Oflen However, by a lit
lie dodging or slightly ullering the
point of view much, lba| woiibl ulher
wise be objectionable can be either lefl
out of the sphere of lhe cumcru or
hidden altogether by a friendly tree
As an inslunce of Ihis the wrilei
was commissioned to take a serjes of
views in a park whicii a Curtail/ linn
required fur reproduction. The greul
drawback lo muny views wus the fail
lliul u lurge works with high chimneys
obtruded into the views which other
wise would be satisfactory. The pur.
ile was what lo do wilh lbe chimneys
Removing lliem was uut of the quel
tion of course, und Ihe views hud lu
be taken,
Hy u little mtfnoouvering it wus found
lhal a convenient tree trunk hloltcdj
oul most of Ihe particular ehiliucys. where lbc identical chimney iiicntiuiuid
which wus iu lhe way. The photo above wus growing out of Ihe head of
graph was lakcu und only those who I person, ll exactly Riled his liat and
were told coedd liud any trace of tin-1 Ibougb il ccrlljply was amusing the
chimney wlmh looked through. the i poor photographer never heard Ihc last
upper brunches as though it wus purl of il,
of the tree Ironk.   Muny oilier pholo I    |„ groups of three or more |ry to
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
gruphcrs tried this lume  picture
so far as the writer knew mil om' hit
upou the spol uud the chimney showed
in each picture.
Do uot be iu too great u hurry in
lhe sillers in such pusifiofs
thut the hcuds form a kind of iyrcgu
lur triangle. Do mil be too slavish
in this, boi use u lillle judgment nmi
keep il as a kiml uf general idea to
lul.ing your picture. A lillle lime ami i .wurk upon. It will graduully becume u
Ihougbi will not be wasted. There habit and will naturally be done every
■bould uut be tuo many prominent ob | |,i,R,.
jecls competing  fur   ullenlioii.      I.d      (Joilc a greul deal may be doue'by
Ihere be one central point uml every Judicious trimming uf Ihc print.   II is
'   '
North Vancouver City
Price l.ul it now ready for Subdiviiion 0/
BLOCK 11 A,  - D.L. 550
on Qucensliury Avenue rai line
Sim ol I..I- 50(1. by 121 ft. all cleared
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6286
■    ;  .
not ui, ,,Iiii.I} necessary Ihul eveiy
thing on the negative shoulil appear
uu the print. I'm lllc Iritniiiiiig knife
llo.mil be ulruid lu cyt away half Ihe
I'uul if necessary. Mauy a guod composition is iniiili' from quite a smull
portion of the print if one only knows
just whul lo Uuiu of) A very small
portion of the negative if enlarged will
often make u picture worthy of being
b.ng whilst the whole negative muy be
poorness ilsell
I'rovide Iwo pieces of card, cut lu
Ihe shape of the Idler I. sud luy Ihem
uu ll.e print which muy require trim
ining. Vuu will be able, by llicie to
Iiiui mil jusl Ihc right portion tu cut
away uml will oflen be surprised ul
lhe   result.
lu this luiiueclioii lei me agiuu ud
vise anyone who is seriously Inni uu
picture making lo study lbc besl ex
uuiples of url, either landscape or Rg
tre. There is nul lung mure helpful In
Ihe beginner Ihun u good knowledge
of guud pictures, They will exert Imir
influence ulniusl unconsciously and
will opeu oul new lirl.lv of study both
profitable aud cnicrleiuiug.Ouc notices
mure the effects of nature by taking
lUtrrest in the interpretation of these
eject* by different artists, New
Iru ot > is seen in lbc ever changing
clouds and lhe eflcil Ibci have ou the
landscape Study nature loo in her
larying moods and try lo obtain sume
nf the effects in photography Keinciu
ber ihut a bright sunny day is uut
lhe best for taking artistic pictures.
>.(I.inl.ir wilh lbe early moruiug
mists is one of Ihc best mouths ol the
year lor outdoor work. Try a rr*
plates or lilm. one of Ihesc uiisly
morning* aud given a correct exposure
it wili be a surprise lu notice Ihc beau
liful effeel produced
Short Character Sketch
Ohiery Temperament and Kindly Dis
position Endear Him to Al)
The "uke of I'oiinaugbl lakes the
cheeriest inieresl In everything that
he has lo do; or that has beeu arraug
ed for his pleasure. "He luoks as if
be really liked laying foundation
stones," said someone who had seen
him perforniiug'lhat Inaction.
Aod he prububly did like it. He
doesn't look bored, because he ftn'l
bored I
The I'ukc uever fails to "make a
good impression.'' Wherever he goes
be wiu* all hearts by his unaffected,
kiudly ways, the close Interest lu
takes lu whatever Is going ou, his tut
failing  courier.,   aud  consideration.
"N« il ilwiys 10 human," some
ian Bank
 1.,— ui :....  iDJ..^„x-.^ai,„u.	
Rest $12,500,0110
Nortli V»bhwvw Bmwl. Now U^trA #t rt>«
A General Banking Buiineu Trantact'ed.
Interest is allowed] an all deposits of $1 and upwurds.
"• it	
... Mmigir.
We an showing an excellent Hue of Sterling Silver and Plated Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grade of Goods.
Our lew ojpeusei enable us to mark our pijceii much below tbese wbo
pay high rents.   A comparison will prove this to you.   See our windows.
Tbo Storo of Quality
and Low Prices.
ANH WHKIIKAH fur Hie payment uf
lllleiesl uii suld llelii-iiiuris. during the
currency thereof. II will be necessary
111 rulse und levy'euch year, lhe sum
uf m.iiouo,.
ANIl 'Vl'lKIIKAO fur llle Jiuymclll ul
ilie Uebi when ilue ll will be necessury
lu rulse uiul levy inch >cui' Ihc sum
nf mint) hy speclul rule, null,, I, nl
ihcrefur In eueli year un ull ruleuhle
fn,i.ui.   qf llie Municipality
ANH WHKHKAS Hie amount uf llic
whule  lulcuble  prupcrly  nl   Hie  llllllll
cipniii) iu |:.:it'.;oi uu.
ANIl WHKIIKAH lhe I..lnl umuuul "I
Hie   cxlsllllg   Ink. nl 11     Ilebl     ut    llle
Mnn li i|.. illi.. Is I.-.; in inlu Irrespective
uf deblH Imuircil fur local improve-
nn ins uf which nunc uf the prlnclpul
ur Inlerest Is In nrreurs
NllW   THKItKI-'lillK  lhe   lleeve    uml
in.ui..ii u( ihe Municipuiiiy, in uiii'ii
meeting assembled enacl uh follows;
I.   Kor   the   purpuses   ufurcsuLJ   It
sliull I.e luwful fur ibe lleeve of llie
iiiuiu. I|,.iin, lu procure, and he Is here
Uy  uuii,,,j 1., ,1  iu obtain,  by   wuy uf
loun, frum uny persun, p'ls'iiis or eur-
1",mil,,in. w'ho muy be willing  i,   ail-
vunce sumo ou the credli nf llic deben
lures herein mentioned, n sum nol ex
iceding In lhe wliule ttl,  sum uf lum
W) ul)   ulld cuuse lhe sume lu be paid
Inlu the bunds of lhe treasurer of the
liiiiiiiiil,nllly.   fur   Hie  |.in fuses   ufol'c
suld and wllh Ihe object hereliibefnre
'1. II shall be luwful fur Ihc lleeve
in , unu uny number of debentures lu
I.e mode uul. euch for uu, J sum <>t
inline) not less thun flU0 or un ntul
vuleiil expiesst'd III pounds slerllng uf
llu- Culled Kingdom ur (Ireul llrfiuln
uml Ireland ul lhe vulue uf Jl III I J
lu the I'nulid sliillny. us inuy be le-
i|Ullcd. nnd ull ill belli UleS Hhull he
siiili'l wllh llie t.ul i.f llle Muni
iiiuiii) Hind uigind 1.)  ibe reive und
inuileislulild by lhe I'l.ili of Hie
.Mm.,, ll.illi)
i    Ihc suld Ui 1,1 iuuu   sliull In- imt
uble   wliiiln   twenty   yeum   from   Hie
iiuie   In 11 Inuflcr   ii - i"i,..',. 1   fur   llic
11). law Iii luke illeil ill  Silili Hum,  in
I Ibe   "il)    nf   Vuiicuuver,   nr   ul   i'u, 1,
i ll.uil. In ihe fli) ul Undon   Kngluiid
(ur al sucli bank elsewhere us lhe nn
People who know  hun best sav liml I nlcli-nlli)   Inuy   by   resuluilun   decide
' • upon
his  qualities  will  endear  ll'"'   In  Ibe I    I    lbe  suld  debeoluius  shall   huve
iiiiiiiini.. .a in,     , i ,i„ i   coupons altinlicU fm   lln   payment  ol
un.i.liiins iu Hn   -i -."!• cn.  unl Ilml | ,|„,   nn,,,,,,   ,,|   ||„.   rule   of live   pel
In  will do a very great deal I., Inieu   ej'iluiii pu annum mi ibe am,.uni „f
, '   p lilt   di-b, iilnn-s.   ullll   sliull   be   puyuble
- iy lbe feeling nf ' iulu  ', lue ubl   half .null)   on  Ibe  llisi  ilny uf Apill
i ,,„„,,.   ,„  ,i„, i,  und Ihc llrsl day uf Ocluber In eueli
i uunlry  in Ihc nonunion. iUn.) ewiy year
 |    f.    ,\ apctliil lale on Hn- dollar, suf
■ jllclelil   In rulse  lhe  HUIII  uf  It.,000  sllllll
... —._ ...--M . be  lulsid  ulld  It-vlcil  unnuully   III  each
IN THE MATTES or W. H MONEY ..nm  I Idliimi in ull olber rates on
«nn    NnHTii  VAMi'iiimrn        ""  "''   niieiiWe properly of Hie Mu
UW.,  NOBTH  VANOOUVEB nlclwillly,   to   pay   lllleiesl   mi     Hie
iiii.I   liereliy  creaied   iniiin.   Hie  eur
Irene) of ihe mid <i< pi
I  , I     The   SUIU    ill    ItitiX-lt   sllllll      be
III pursiaiue of jii ussigniiieiil .luH"l.|ruls.d -aud   levied   annual!)    hi   ■-... I.
une suid uf him recently; "he louks
aa if he really liked receiving address
es uud laying foundation stones!"
lie never luuks bored, Huwever ted
iuuu uml lung drawn uut a ceremonial
muy be, the lluko never yields to Ihe
lempluliun tu treat it us u mere lur
mality. He is keeuly attentive, up
purcnlly hugely interested, frum be
ginning lo end.
Ami he is alwayi ready lo unbend,
lu chat amicably nilh anybody uml
ei er j Inni;'. ami lake a friendly interest
iu Iheir .iiiun
When he held high commands in the
Army, he won lhe devotion ol everybody lu wull au client Iiiui he gul twice
as much wurl. dune as he would have
if he hud been a commander ut the
stern uud unbending variety.
When he governed a big military
dislricl in India no liglil lusk be
aroused sf, h pcrsuiiul enthusiasm Ilml
lhe wheels of the government there
run more smoothly Ihun Ibey hud ever
done before.
Wben he went oul lo South All. u
lusl. yeur ibe couutry uu- in u state
nf considerable friction upd d;-, ul lent
Hut Ihc Duke's lour through Die .ur
iuu* stales sruurcd a loyally sul a
devotion lo tbe Mother Country cud
lhe Hoyul Family lhat nulliing else
euuld possibly have done.
August ittUb, mt, lo lbe undersigned, |i'"'1 »»' '>, rear by  special rale during
. II,e   illlllnil    nl   tile   sub)   debt,   llll   ull
parlies indebted to lhe Vi   II   tiluuev   Hu   nil.aide  pmprrli   nf  the  Muni.I
.,,,., i • , , pulliy,  fur'Hu   puymenl   «f the  dcbi
k lompany arc hereby untitled lu pey|hereby created, alien due
t»e amount* due ,. .be oflice of the a, | ,,,;„„/;. .tfg \\JXVZ. t UX
kiguec, Wil«ou A I'erry, "inle II, lleUcck   ih'ii"'  "H>   uf  llie  suld  dcbcblurtj al
,.    ,, .,.,„    ,.    , Sllill lllll   ul' plli's US Ilia)   be  uniiu,,I
lluilding.   .I.lli   Hurliiigs   slreet   west,   f,  uirrrrd upon and till debenlures fu
Voncuuver,  ll   (.'., i.l  lhe eurlicl  pu- . r. i un!..,n..J sliull foilhwllh be cancel
' '     led, ami no re Issue uf ani  delunluie
slide  inuiuepi.  who  will  issue  receipts w debentures shall bi   made In conse
ijUelli-e nf su, ll  li puri Imse
<    I    ll  «Pull  bv  lawful fui   Hie IP eve
lof   lhe   mulililpiilllv.   Ulld   lie   Is   Inlel,I
W. 3.  WllsSON, uuii j.'d I" pun fume with i|ir inuiie)
Sll  ublulllid   I'J   Wn)'   nf  I'UII'    1)111    liuill
Mind iiiun s   i,i   sueh  number us nmi
be putt bused  by the proceeds of llic
lll-bMllUH-S    I.f   llll    ei'pllul   Slmll   ill   III)
, West Vancouver Kerry Company l.lln
I  i ' Hi d
I    Tbis   llyluw   shull    before   lln,
II.Miimi.lTI     UK     UKIT     \A*.'9,U>I  bussing   llirleuf.   tjttltt  the  uf
i in w ii mel ul Hu   Klectors In Hie iiiiiiiiiii i.
UUlred by law
IU Tbis Ily luw when passed, shull
come Inlo forte und lake cfTecl on the
flrfl  day of Oi toiler. IV)l
I! This Byluw may be cited lor
nil purpose* n* Ibr Wcsl Vuncouvel
sFerri Money By-luw. No  I. ill J
deceived lbc uS'elil <>f Ihc Kleelms
dtfy of llll
llone und puffed In open council ibis
. day  of
(ur tunic
Hum.  Heyinuur  lc I
IIH'*"  Ao. t>.
A Hy-I.an  lo burrow b)
brulurtf   Ihr
Ike nutiete
•eauirlajt flares. Ib Ike welt  Vm-
colter Ferry Cemw*l, Mailed.
lo borrow O,   way el „t-
ikt sum uf iioo.oou.oo lor
■ate at fobfrrifalua lor lad
, WHKHKAS. II la deemed expedient
lit borrow lbe sum of lloo.uoooe lo
.■mil.I,■ the Mun I, Ip nllli lo ; ul.,ill,
for und purchase 1.Q0V »hnres or sucb
number us lbc proceeds or lbe Jicbeii-
luirs will purchase, at lhe plr value Of
«iuics will purchase. »l lbe plr value lit; uaainii '.'< i>i«,b   '
V« eaeli In lbe cipllkl /lock it Ibe   ,„„.. , Municipal Ucrk
'*|l Vshcuover KeKry ftumpuiiy, 1,1m ""•"-!
Ilfef; 0 Kerry Cuhijiany dul* liicu/por TAKK NOTICK Ilml llie above l« a
uiid lot lliu lilirWIe uf giving direct Irde copy uf lbe proposed IJy-l.ow, upon
eommuiili'iilloh belween llie *|u»lcl- Whieb lbc vole nf llie Municipality will
puJlly -or Wist Vancouver u¥d lhe he 'akeli ul Ihe New Munlclpul Hull on
i'lty of Vancouver ahd any other nxur-, BnturJiiy the iwciily-flfl day of tiuy
by elite*. inunlcfpilTilel or disirlfis I tembcr. IVil. from I o'clock In the
AN!) WHKHKAS, 11 1, neeewary lor  '•«'»•• U,|MI ' 0?«« >b >hr *""■
fiir Ih. uurniiai'i afurefald SPPOintl'O   llriuining   'lincer   iu   m«e
A§   v?l^lt\iTp%lltin bit be,,, ihC vole of *"<>' 'Ci"',",":,£.W"" "" ""'
priMtii tu lhe T.'uu-Scll I.f the Muni "«, l»/wjr; In lti«i beha (■ .
ilpsllly. leuueiting ibem lo lotrddbee By Orfer of lbe ' oultcil.
u fly Uw tut Abe purpofes herein let
forth, wbicb peljilon has been Htted |
1,'IIAIH.KS HMM'lti.
HI :r ■ ■'■■-■■i ■' ■'  ■',-    hi mi
MCffllH yjMomim.
mBBitibh \ia\mm,
PubliAid Tuwanjr. and Wd»ye by Nortb Sboit Vm, Limited.
Batei of Bubwrlp'tippi-Oiifi y«r, IWO.  81? wnlithi, Nt,  Three mpptbi, 860,
Ilnitetl Btatei aud Foreign, ♦8.1)0 ptr year.
Advtrtltlng Bittt WW B. Quoted ou Appllwtton.
Tht Bipreu It davotatl to tb» intaire.t. nf tbt forth Shore of PinitprA Intel
ticliiilvely. It eouititutei m advertising moiilum qf exceptional v||ue for
leaching lu a thorough tnd effuctivu iimiinor ibo population nf North Vancuuver
(lity and District. Every effort ii made to giva advertjaura the moit aatiifaotory
All ohanget tn eoutrtct advortliementi ihould ba in tlio printera1 bautla nul
liter tlitu 10 a. », Monday and 5 p. p\, Wedneid w. to ensure insertion in tha
following Iiiui.
Nortli VwwMffw, 9 ft.
.Btpttmbtr go, 1818.
lit honoring the North Hlmre! with a
visit today, IIia Hoy*l lllglinosa the
liul,i' of (loiitiauglit, appeared 11 1
royal pioneer, inasmuch as this oecasioit
marks the lirsl inittnee in which any
niiiiiibur uf ibe royal family or ropru
sontiilivo of the King has visitud this
tidu nt the Inlet, 1'nnv en el., today's
function constituted the m.,i oppor-
tiinily which tho North Shore aa a
distinct community has enjoyed of ox
tending a wulcume tn royalty.
These facts are due to those conditions which are characteristic of the
great Canadian West at tlte present
time—conditions under which populous
euiuiniinitiei spring up within that per
iud of time whieh necessarily inter
venes between events of su auspicious
u nul ure as Ihe visits of royalty. In
|iinul of fuct, the North Shore has at
tallied ils growth uml relative importance since Ihc last nccaiinii upon which
.1 royal -pcrnnnugc visited the shurca pf
llurrurd Inlet.
Without overstepping thu bounds uf
11 becoming modesty we may be ulluw
..I lu venture the remark that the
Nnrlh Slture mude a must successful ili)
bul as tho host, for the time boing,
of royalty. Although thu stay of Ilis
lloyal Highness extended over only
Iwu and one half huurs, yet every
moment frnm Ihc lime uf bis landing
ttl the terry wharf In Iiis return onboard Ihc terry steamer, wus replete
with appropriate incident and wus full
10 overflowing with niuulfestulini.'. of
11 wiirm uml unci loyal welcome.
The ready mul ulfubbi manner in
whieb Ihe Duke of Uoiinaugbl partlci
paled iu the respective feaiurcs uf the
reception, wun lhe chief fuelor in the
success nf llie occasion and iu i-oiijunc
tiuu wilb ihc kindly expressions wbicb
lell from bis lips afforded every assur
nine Ihul hi: duly appreciated lbe whole
hearted uml loyal welcome extended to
Inin as a member of Ihu royal family
uml the personal representative uf Ilis
Majesty King Ueurge lbc Fifth.
ciplo and terms of tho Rd but 1ms
mi-en , uuin. um,■ uf the apuciai casts
arising out of the irregularities whioh
bad occurred ami hat frankly ooncoil-
ed the fullest measure of relief, in
ordor |o prevent tboie hardships wbicb
would have arisen from an onfurco-
ment of the act iu thnso cases ami in
order to deliver all t it luu frnm the well
nigh hupelcss tangle in which they
would havu been, involved.
As mutters stand in tlio light of the
decision, Ihu sheet is uuw perfectly
clour and all parties start afresh with
a clear ami doflnite understanding
The plain ami unequivncul assertion of
I'leiiiiei Mcllride was lo Ibo effect Ihut
thu government believed thu principle
of the legislation wilh roferouuo lo
sueh subdivisions to be suund nmi thai
it would bu u pari nf the policy of
his government to enforce thul legis
lun,hi    Thero   is   ruum   therefore,   fnr
only ono -i.i.-.i.ui. namely Unit linnet).
fnrth Ihu policy at Ihe registry oflice
will be in strict conformity lu the act
uml Ihul ull prupcrly owners wishing
tu subdivide in such 11 wuy us to come
under thu act -must expect lo comply
with its terms,
Accepting llie fact that Ihc govern
monl believes tlm legislation of Iinni
and nf Illln wilh reference tn sullili
visions tu be in the iulerosts of the
province us 11 whole, the decision is
uue lliut will commend itself lu Ibo
judgment nf nil who tuke a disinter
ested view of lhe matter as Ihc fairest
thai coulil huve been arrived at iu
view nf nil the fuels.
Gol Contribution* To
Rnyhl Virthiiftn OrHnr
Of Nurses
The decision handed duwu by I lie
provincial government wilb reference
lu Ihc waiving of the claim uf the
crown lu a one quarter interest in
certain lunds, nn the Nurlh shure uud
Puiut <lrey, which huve been sub divld
ed iulu bits ul less than one acre cadi.
,11 nsot bul prove highly itliifaolory
in all those whose intereiti arc in
vnlvid ami tu the general public us
lei, is considerable spccUiUliun
iiliriiad as In lhe means by which thc
pn eminent arrived al the dale ehuscn
fur the limitation uf Ihc privileges ex
tended. The must probable cxpiunaliun
of Ihc choice which occurs al present
is the fuel Ihul il was in lhe first week
iu March Lial Mr. W. A. MacDonald,
K.C, was appointed a Commissioner
lu investigate Ibe mailer and lo report
lu the government, a circumstance
wlneb would give oxecllcut ground
fur the dale selected, inasmuch as thc
government might reaaonably expect
Unit iii view of inch in imu by the
government owueri uf pruperty would
nilIi.il.l further subdividing uniil llic
lnml iidjiinlineiit uf Iho mailer bad
been reached.
The decision is in strict accord with
Ihc 'policy outlined by Sir Itiehtrd
Mcllriilii iu bis reply lo Ihu delcgt
lion whicii wailed on the government
sume weeks ago with reference lu litis
mailer. Although lbe decision makes
1111 direct reference lo properties ro
ferred to Ihe registrar subsequent lu
Mureli iih it leavei room for only
one conclusion namely Ihtt as thu Pre
micr iui,,I. il will he Ihu policy of
the government tn enforce the legis
Iniiuii which is iu such cases made and
ll would appear, therefore lhal the
government bus dismlsied Ihc appeal
of Ihe properly owners imofar aa it
referred lu Ihc goneral policy of the
governinenl claiming a one quarter in
teresl. in all properties subdivided
inlo loll of les! than one acre each, ur
inlo luvvnsilc lull, but has given fa
v orablc ,'oiinnli'raliuii lu that appeal
insofar ai it referred to the unecr
iiiiniien which liud arisen locally rela-
nv/l to Ihe enforcement of the act
prevtoui to ;lhe institution of t gov
eminent inquiry In slriet agreement
with the lerms of tho Premier's reply
referred to tbove, Ihe government bu
rieflirrucd tit adherents to the priu-
Nurlh Shore Press Limited is
prepared to entertain proposition!
for ;i 1. ,11, to be ulllu,,I 1: Um sun
■traction uf 0 building 'nr i.,,'v.,
pupcr uml printing purpose, I i be
erected un lut If!, bluck 117, D L.
871, being Ihc north-Host corner of
Firsl ttreet and lingers avenue, this
cily. Full particulars muy Ile ob-
laincd by tppiying tu tho under
lll.i.l I. WIII.V1
Coal minlo,. righli uf llio Dumlnluii
In Manitoba, buakaivbuwun und Albur-
ii. lbc Yukon Torritory, Ihc Nnrlbweil
i, uiiuii,.. and In u imu.:. uf lliu province uf Hililuli Columbia, ma/ be leal-
cd fur a i, uu uf i iv, 1,1, ,,n, v..us al
an annual rental uf II un acre. Nol
linn..' iinni f.Elo aens will be luuaed to
one ,,|,|!i> .ml
Application fur a fcalu must bu made
by Ihc uj i ii. m.i In i, ium, io Iho Audit
ur Sub-Agent uf llic dlalrlcl In which
the rlgbli .,, , li, o for arc situated
III    „i i i, n ii.,i,  the laud muil
bo dcicrlbcd by icetluni, ur legul sub-
lUvlsluni ot j., , il,,n,n ;n,,i in uniurvey-
ed territory tbu iruct applied fur iliall
be naked out by tbu applicant hlm-
Each application muil bo accompanied by a lee of II which will be refunded II Iho righli applied fur are noi
available but nul ulhcrwltt. A royally ihall bo pnld on Iho merchantable
,,oiimi uf Ihc iulu.- ul Ibo rale of live
cenlt pir lun.
The perion operating Ibe mine iball
furnlib tbe Agenl wllh iwurri ceiuiin
accounting for the full i|uunllly ol
in. i, loiiii.itii, coul mined aud pay lb.
royally thereun If lilt eual mining
11, i.i • an nol being operated, tuch n-
Iiiiiii »ln,hM bo furnished at liaal unci
t yitr.
Thi lone will Include ihe coal mining
iiniiiii only, bul lha lewca may ba pur
inlliui 11 purcbaae whatever avalluble
sinfuie tight! may be contldured neceuary for thi wi.il.lm. of Ihe mlno al
Iho rulo if IIO an acn.
For full n,I,om,iti,ui application
uliuiild be mude to the leCretary ol thl
Department uf lhe Intorior, Ottawa, or
lo any agent or Sob-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Miniiler «r tbt Interior.
N, B—Unauthorised inililli nilnii of
Ihlt   ailvellllcinciil   Will   not   bt   P
for. I
Tilt following ia I compliilc lilt of
tbie i .mt i iiiuiui ;* to the fund for tbe
Victorian Order, of Nurses, raised lo
cullv iii 11 .qiiini;.! to au appoal iu that
bihilf by H.B.H. tlie Ducbeu r Con-
nlilgbt. Tbe fund wai colleutod
through a personal canvtii liy Mr.Alex
iiinler Smith, Preiident of the Board uf
Trade, liy whom t cheque for the
iiiiiniini (five hundred dollars) was pro.
si'uiiil to U.K.II, the Duko ef Con-
lltught duriug today's reception cere-
ninnies to bo ciHiv eyed to the Duchess.
■The list is ts follows:
N. V. Und t Imp. Co ■■.huiii
,1. P. Fell ami 11. li. Hoywood
;   Lonsdale   50.00
Wallaco Shipyards    80.00
P, Ursou     85.00
K. II.- Bridgman  !    6.00
Alui. Philip      li.lM
ll. 11. -Heaven      5.00
W. ,1. Irwii   rum
l« Watts Doney      5.00
Alexander Smith    10.00
vim. McNeish       5.00
Wm.   H.  May    ,..
(Ico.  B.   Shepherd   	
I),  hi. Lawson  	
North  Shore   Lncators   ..
I),..liii ..,■■    Jobbing   Co.
Norlh Shuro Press Ltd  .
I. A. Askow 	
.ll Q, Williams 	
Cil.In,nil    .     Mu. Hi,'imi
Alox. Law   . .fli	
K. ti. liiis	
Pullcriun  It  Hullo    ....
.1. J. Woods k Co	
Martinson .'   Co	
Paine k   M. Millan        6.01)
.Ino.  Aleiander  k tio    6.111)
A.  T.  Crooks,  homo   furnisher   6.00
.1.   Loutet   k   Co    6.00
.1,  llalfuiir  Kerr         5.00
T. (!.  Ilull,  Ltd       5.00
II. Mackenzie k Co    S.00
Dr. .1, .1. Thomson       5.00
II. McMillan       1.00
Heo.   W.  Campbell        1.00
11.   J.   Ilatton        LUU
T. Harrow 111    I Ski
Magnus   A   Morewood       i9>)
Hood .'. Soul, r       8.50
N. V, Trust Co	
Aid.  Mcllae   	
(I. W. Vancu 	
Irwin   ,v    Hillings    	
Wood k Sou   	
Ciiplatn   Archibald     	
Mcl'oll   k  Walt   	
H. k tt, Mlg. Co	
10,000 cords of dry Sf WOOd for ilulck
tale. Price per odd cordi, 84.76. Special imataMpiM for. law. "IWMMoe.
Pllt Wood, W IHSllM. 18,86. 18 lucliei
♦3.60. C. D. D.
Office mnl Yard—14th ini Lonidale
Phoi,. |?0.    P. 0. Wot 2432.
Lodge Wettern Bos;, Nn.
Meetings of (his lodge are hold in
the Knights of Pythias Hall, eorper of
I'lni.iiiii.lil avenuo and Fourth strout,
on tbo first and third Friduys in oipih
moulh, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Communications und applications for
membership to be uddresacd to Humid
l.oes, sc lein. v, P. O. box pill, JO Till
In all Countries. Aik for uur Iiiven-
tur't Advlier. llniloli & Murlun,' 361
University sinu i corner Bt. Catherine
Streot, Montreal, Cunuda, and Washington. D. ti, If. 8. A.
Vancouver Business Directory
,i no
;i nil
:i im
  I jn
N. V. Lumber Co  PM
Kriioil  F.bbage    600
llaker  Evciuou  *   Co  5.00
Thu Curry Co       ".Oil
N. V. Cartage t'.i     ' 'i'l
Kecve  Nelson   .«      ■ lb0b
N. V. Heal folate Kxchange .... .'.Oil
llrs. Newcombe and Martin odil
c. p. Furctnan    AM
Mr.   Hedier    '... 5.00
A.  (lallia     5.0(1
H. Hickman  6.99
...    . .i.llll
... ,i I'll
 ' 6.011
.    ... 5.01
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hastings St. W.
Ctntdt't Grttteit Western School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Uanagu
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
4411 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manage!
t>. II. bhultz  .
ll. I), Hoggles
M. ,-. McDowell
(.rem k   Walsh
I'ccri Iv  lloull   .
i. 1. Houd   ..,
I    I'. Holli     .
i„ it. <;	
Ilr. i.'cMaiic
by tlm
Vancouver lo Victoria and Return!
BIA, B. O.
StllUmbtr 81-88, 1018
TictaU on lilt  Bept  83 to  80   duel utl va)
Flnil return limit September 30, 1818
Is tbt  MatUr  of Tht  Leonard Salt
Oomgany, Attlgntd
The creditor! having given lui|ieralivc
inilrui'lioui to collect ill outstanding
trcoiinli, ptrtict indebted lo the above
Tho Leonard Halo Company," are tt-
quelled 1,0 call tnd lettle their Indebted
nen forthwith. Tbii ctn be done by
either celling it the ttpre, 88 Lonidtli
Avenue, Nortb Vtncouver, to tho mau
in cbtrge, or tt Ibt office of W1I1011 *.
Forry, AulguiM, 336 Haitingi Street
Weit, Vancouver.
t.f, Auignee,
Ail Norlh Vaueouver people eat at
Dither Pluck lllock ur Hustings St.,
opposite the new post ulliee. Leonard
11 Hi bii tea by tho pound
' lier..iniui,; tho sale of the 33 loti which were tbe alto of the old Seymour
Mill 011 Sutherland Avonue.
For a payment of «i.:iiu cash aud $10 por mouth you bavo a
, Ii.m,,: of valuablo reeidoi.ee lols, clone to tho in ..n.l Boulovard at a
vory low prico.
We li.ivi. also lor tale tou lota in Block "O" of District Lot 78b
ou Bt. Muui, 1.'.. Buad wliu,, thc Seymour factory 1., located at modorate
prices and on easy terms of paymont.
All these lots are cleared and ready for occupation.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
Asslguoes of tho Seymour Lumbor Co., Ltd.
17 Lonsdalo Avenuo Nortb Vaueouver
Phone 37
Job Printing at the "Express"
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.    A Snap at $2,000,  One-third cash, bal. 6 and 11 months
Offlce Phono 173,
Bcsldcncc Phoue ;i:ni
P. O. Box 1831.
CM. SLOAN, Manager.     CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER    p- ''AB80W' Pr°"r'ct"'
, aAftfj, I .(
''   ■        -1  >l* J\-~mMm
■■• 'Jr- /v
A- - *^,:
I lin-i|ii.illi il Resort lor I ioliday, long or short.
.'.,.' i, ....-— *
Family Rooms en suite with specikl rates.
1   ' *   ■
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate rates.
' E*»y 'rail to top ol Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 ^ecl.
SEASON 1912 . SEASON 1912
w —————
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
'i' 1111. ii. .
liliuiiililee   lluini:.
Auditor uud Aeeoiinluiit
llll I..HI"lule Avouuo. P. 0. Hux I'll);
Norlb Vaucouvor. Phono 4:17.
Underwood's Barber Shop
i IliqiulrltiK, Remodelling, Wlo„ Promptly .hi, ii,i,.i in.
UstllllBtoS  e'liiiilsbi'd  Pree
! Ulliee: Dickinson Jii Son's Puelory, Ks-
planade. Phone 'ill.
Ilislileliee:    Aliull   IIiiiiiI,   I,yun   Vllllej
P. ii   llux SO. I.,inn Creek. I'liune
A.M.I.K. k 8.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, pluns
, mid Hpeeilieuliuus. Septic, tuuai uud
! liiiuso ,b,linn, u u speciully. P. 0.
I lins JII, Ililli street wust ul Howickt
'• Avenue.
'     ■' '■'.!      I       f
Studio  ovor  Bank  B, N. f.
l.unidule and Usphmudo
lligli Class Ladies' and Uonta' Tailoring
llupuiriiig   ami   Allerations.  Cleauiiig
and. Dyeing in all its branches. Al]
Work ijuuratileoil.
Ill P|nf Btrout Wust. Pboue tii
(.1.  Ijiiix)
Ladies' aud Gents' Cloanlng,
Pressing aud Kepairing
a Specialty
UQ Second Street East
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Streot Eut of Lonidale
I.r.'.,. i   prieos und  bent work  , iiiiinii
teed on tinning and sheet metal work.
And geuerul f'oiiiiuission Merchant, 13
Lousdale Aee, iWlh Vaneouver.
Phoue 321
We  lire  speeiulisls   ill   llie-e   lui.".,
Ul A Lonsdale Avon:::
All kinds of biiivs llled and set un tbe
shortest notice. Liimii mowers, knives,
hedge shears uud seissurs sharpened. All
work guiiriiiilecd, inudurute priees,
nil Lousdale Aveuue Fhouo go
tin lbe ear line lioardii p. meals
| guud iii-euiiiiiuiihiliiiii I'ur working mon.
1 t'onlraelors men boarded. Hy. Must
, mil, Proprietor.
h  yy.il   VV'jitrli   Mu|i|iiiij{   ur  J.ivP  IM
_  irrrguliir hiiir/   It m>, gee
Cabinet  Maker and  Carpenter I'nineer Jeweller, HO Luusdale Avenue
Will undertake ull kinds of wood work,   	
re|.airs, el. NOBTH   SHOBE   PBES6   LIMITED
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avenue lob  Frintcra
P, 0. Box Willi- Publishers of tbo "Express'
NORTH  VA,\i:i|l,Vi:it Firei street Fast Phouo 80
I low about u snapshot album (ur lliosc views you
li.ivi ,;,iiliriul ul yuur holiday excursions ? Wi- have
u large stock ul map-shot albums, varying in price Irom
25c lo $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe racks, tic
holders, bugs, coin purses, elc, al iigbl pricei,
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. S. Book and Stationery Company).
.>b Lonsdale Avcuue PHONE lul
Furnished House to Rent
Three  adults,  careful   tenants, must be modern. Furnace, llroplacc, 'I
or 6 bedrooms. Fairly close In. Apply Bos Ainu, Eipross.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonadale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. George*'* Avenue.      Phone 178
Robert Louis Stevenson
on Scottish History
A Hitherto DnpublUhed aud Little-
Kuown Manuscript by the    '
Famout Author
This ml.lieun by Itobort IM*, Pt,oyou-
sou, wlik'M wa» ilf'iveroil before tlio
Scottish Thistle Club of lloiiolu|u, previous tq the author's llnul ileparturo
for Samoa in 18113, bus just been pro-
sonteil to tbe uliib by tho estntu pf
the lute Thomas Limliuy, prusiiieut uf
the eluli,- who requested ami received
llle mTiiwleil ptt(jiiH from the writer.
The i.peeeli was not published nt the
time, ami Mr. Lindsay refused iluriug
lil'o to allow it out of his poinossioit;
but his heirs havo doeiilcil that it
should lie given to tbo club. The eipb
leen piipoH will be fruiueil separatuiy
ailll  Iiiiii;:  upon  lll."elllli  i i  will*.
Stevenson was iii'i-iipylug a little eol
tigo, not iniiili more pretentions than
a ■ lim I., at Wmi.ii.i, throe miles frum
Honolulu;, ami liis kinsmen uf tlie
Scottish Tli ini le Club Ipvlteil bim In
apeak befure thorn. Tbe utilhor was
preparing 'or bin Irip to Samoa; but
be ueeepii-il ilie Invitation, laboriously
walked from bis abodo to the club
rooms, .arriving late, uml reul bis ml
Ladies ninl lleiitleiiien uml Brother
Sects, I sincerely trust nunc of yuu
have eome lure under a misrepresent;!
lum. If you buve come cspee|ing ti
speech, you will be disappointed! for
I mil in no sense ii public speaker. If
Ibere is uuy one thing which lluslrule..
inuii uiul obfuscates llie public nun,I.
it is the doubtful uill of public speak
My one reason for contenting In
lull, befure you Imu.Ill lies iu lbat
ueakneis. or strength, that binds
Scots' henrls together wherever Ihey
may meet oaeli other, I eunnot -in
wby Ibey ure promt to be Scotchmen;
lln- ('ini remains that ihey ore. It is
nut Ibnl our Imul is sunny, like there
lmpil ill isles, mul its iliinu.li' is. mil
even lovely. Keotliind''s history eon
Ilium lilile Ibul is nul disgusting lo
people uf Immune feelings. Thul long
brawl wlneli is i nlle,I Nun .li history
eonliiins scarcely one object thut Scots
bave uuy patience with.
First lliere was a long period .lur
iug wlneli lhe wild Hells were lulling
en .li nilier'.-i throats mul trying the
thickness of eueli oilier's skulls, i'iiiii
ng down u lillle further, we arrive at
lbe lime of Sir Willium Wallace, lbe
uunliuii of Scotland, n mini fur nin,'ul
of bis lime, wbo, if nut particularly
mumble, bud suuu- humorous i|ualilies.
Tbo Bruce.
l-'ulluwiiig liim eome Hubert llle
Urine u lillle humorous uml certainly
amiable. He wus something of a
rogue-tbut kiml ul' political rogue
whieh il muy uul lie indelicate for mc
to ment iuu, us I have eome from Sa
lima, where we ure all politiciaus,
uml speaking lu you here, wbo uro all
politicians iin.l Hie most offensive
kind uf u rogue is u politician. Bruce
figured iu a lime when lbe nobility
were grusping ut everything in sight,
eueli without any rc-yard for the riglit
ul properly in his neighbor's cow.
i umiiig In tin- Iti-fornialioii, tiny bud
I no pnnl i ■luirui'lrrs Mm KnoJ uml
Mury, ((ueen of Scots. I musl ronfesa
lu ii foible fur Mury in my sympathies.
Tul.e ber ull in ull. Mury was i|uile a
Cm,.I fellow, ll is Irue she blew op
Inr liusbaml mnl committed olber lit
lie eiienlrii ilies; still, »bo wus rulber
n good fellow. !>, ut In ii I owed inu, li
lu .luliii Knox. Ami Ibis is a name
I'slioubl uc'cr presume lu mention in
a jocular muiiuer; inr eiery Scotsman
in liis heart ul hearts kuows Ibul per
liupi. tu lum mure Hi.in tu uny une
eli.e belonged Hie , lelil of lbe i ".II
try's advancement in ('duration. Uul
Ibey euuld uul lind uii.Wlung amiable
in .lulni Knox, "lie who never leure.l
llle illi e nl  mun."
Kulloniiig Hie greul reformer eouie
;i greul bust of priestlings. I'crsc.ii
linns uml Iriuls fur witchery then be
came geuerul. The greul struggle on
behalf uf lbe Solemn League ami Hie
liivelilllilers     WUS    II    I'unspielloJS    fea
lure ul these limes. The I'mcnuolers
were very interesting; bul wuubl uny
one usk me lo sympathize wilb ihem I
They suffered Hielnselles lu be killed,
simply because they could unl kill
What Aro the Facta
Like .il.ei befure tne, I bave fooml
difficulty in coining to the reul fuels
of llic succeeding period, owing tu Ibo
unreliable character of contemporary
history; bot where there was so much
smoke Ihere musl be some fire jusl
enough lo ligbl a ligurcllc.
I'ouiiug thcij^to' 'lii, tbey tried lo
slurl niinibef government, uud failed j
l.ul the/ sacrificed themselves wilh
some irvgrcc of dignity. I am sure Ihis
is Ihe most heroic ,»ceue in Scottish
In im .. fulling os il did upon Ine blink
defeat of t'ollodeiiMooi; yel frum Ihul
suinl,re Inn I,(.'imui,I springs inueli to
nilinire, much lhal shines out onder
looriug circumstances and misfor
tune; for by it was Scots' loyalty dor
iug Crime Charlie's wanderings thai
evened Ibe honors of Ibal disastrous
duv. From the moment that band of
lluumlcring horsemen, straining In the
wake of a youug Highland lai.'l, (tl j
loped •.mist the KfM "m" tn t.bo
l.pyut's u>qr, pttpt forty minutee. of
ilespernte killing at I'nlliiilen, neiy
friemls sprang lu lhe I'rinee's uid with
tho moment's ilangcr.
I cannot go over ull thp stqry of tba)
dreary tune—the marches apd tbi
couiiteriuuKhOa ou linn! ail'l the wmi
diimigs by sua li) open cobles, {.very
Scot Iiiih suinelliinp of this laid by in
Ills memory; uud he can trace ou oc-
ciiiuoii flic retreat from Culludeu Moor
along Loch Ness to the western sou.
Tllja path led Ilinugh I.ueliiel'.-. niiin
try,, through thu Isle of Skyo, uml
throughout the othor islands; thun by
return lo Hie iiuiinluml through llmse
peribius eiiunteriiiiirelies, down |o the
last resting place at thi; friendly
threshold uf Ih,in,lule uml the liual
enilm'r*.||ii>iil at Luull Nanuagli.
First there eainc Kilwiu llurke, irue
Scot and ninny guid, uver lhe rugged
iniirulics between InveriicsMmpil the
iieenii nutlet; I lien I mind a hull, n' a
fm mer, eiilled I'litneruii nf ' I - ■ ■ | ■...:.
who bcfrieuiied llie 1'riine muro Iiiun
uuce. iu liis wanderings; ami the wile
of Angus McDonald, whine bairns perished in Hie I'rinee's cause, and her
Icurs, uul yet dried - tl musl lieroir
wife I
Bravo Names.
Nur musl llounl Mcl.eod be forgot,
who piloted the Prime's I uut, uu upuu
noble, without I'liiiipuis. llirough
sturm uml mirk ueru.-s the Mineli; nor
tlte iMiii'kenziis of Slnriinwny, who nl
though supporters of Ihe government,
pul aside lbc reward of lliirly thou
: und pounds, uuly insisting that I'riuce
I hurlio sliuiilil euil ark at onee uml de
purl their neighborhood..
Then Ibere was Flora Mnedinnild, a
bonny lass—who ean ever forget hurl
And it cun be suid In her honor that
her loyully lo her Triune wcnl huml
in band with ber prudence; fur she
ventured even lo dressing him in pel
ticoats ami luuk him by dangerous
mules in Skyo, disguised ns u female
servant railed Hetty llurke, und fend
ing nil ilutigers nulil sbe hud placed
him iu safe Scots' liumls ul lhe uid
inn of i'nrlree.
Next eiiiiii- lbc three Mel,cods ami
the hiding uu the Isle uf Ifasity; Ibeu
the mainland again with manifold
lunger uml sume desperate eases, slip
pilig liy sentinels ami Hillings iu Ihc
darkness many uml oflen. Kepi-nielli
Ibere were lusl hopes uml frequent I'd
ter disappointments, creeping) in the
heather ami hiding in eaves, nulil the
I'riuce found temporary safety again
with Caiuiiruu qf fllmies and Macdpn
Iild of l.iii'huiuii'.
Ono more is in my mind for a last
word—the "Heinle Lochlel," wbo from
the flrat suw what folly the rising was,
and said so; bnt with grave olTeuso
tn his I'riiico, Yci iiiieiwnidi, he silenced reproueb, when, wounded, ho
went into skulking iu the hills pf Ben
Alder, almost in sight of Kitglisii
troops, us they lay encamped on the
Ivorness mud.
Willi Liiehiel was bis cousin, Ifae-
phorson of (Unity; am) they had contrived a , .I.,,.; luu .uli,i,i "i'lun,
('ago," which I have described already
in "Kidnapped." Here I'riuce Charlie
lay in safely until tuccur unexpectedly
arrived ut Loch Nunuugb frmu over
sens. And here at a stroke the picture is nm,.liml fot either soug or
story—anybody in ull broud Scotland
by betraying the fugitives euuld have
secured, a fortune; but llirough lluite
squalid uml parlous mouths the I'riuce
passed iitilhreuloiieil save once. Tills
was when the starving, half willed
youlh whom lhe I'riuce had fed umi
clothed mude lbe .ludus attempt lhal
failed, happily fur Ihc honor of Sent
lumi. Such ni. i ini: ilovuliou Iii our
defeated countrymen shows ilmi there
is sume little guild in Scotsmen, after
II. Wiih I'riuce Charlie, Scottish tils'
lory ibises.
A Hanglug Judge.
A littlo further un tbere eiinie a very
nieresliug imu n.i. who was a Judge
uf lbe High Courl of Justiciary. He
was a very celebrated lawyer, bul
cruel, unconscionably cruel, "Hang'1
was iiis oue wurd. Ilroxlleld Lord
llriisliel'l was his "name. A Seul emi
hardly think of lhe woril'Miang" wilh
nut remembering Lord llrnslleld.
whose fuvoriti maxim wus "llnii|j a
thief when he is young, uu' he'll no
sleul  ttben he's uul I."
The nptesl sample of lhe genlle
man's wil was given during lbc trial
ul' Muir ami I'ulltier lor showing sym
(■ii I lis with lbe French Ifevolulioii
line uf Hie prisoners displayed n preui
dial of elijipienee un liis uwn behalf;
while "iny lord" sal listening. The
prisoner  mine   to  u   point   where  he
unl iluu oil greul men hud been
i binned wiih being'criminals, nul e.\
eopliiig lien Jesus.    " And I think he
was liauged," was tho colli obeerva-
tiuu from tho bench. A »tory is to|d
of his Lordship's hlltl.s. fjv||ig bim
potAta, his rea«m fining that ftc c°»H
uot get along *ltt her "loddysbip."
The matter ej», .ItMi "ModI   If ye
were married to her I"
Thus 1 have run iny eyes over n lung
past of Seottiih history, and have
found   mil liniji bill  whgt is desperately
cruel and brutal. Vet there was somp-
thing good, and this is tho beautiful
songs anil ballads of Scotland. There
was ruin, I, Walker, grim eiiough, but
his songs wore filled with huinun sympathy. There were many others whom
you all remember, nulil I come to that
one who has summed them nil up;
tint is Sir Walter Scott- Scott w|s
tho iueuruutioii of Limine.... uml good
nature. And I would recommend ey-
erybody to read not only the Wa'verly
novels but the life uf Wtiltor Scott
by his son inlaw. Loekhart's "Life
of Walter Scott" is iu places crush
iugly pathetic. When yuu arise from
Its perusul you arc melted, consoled,
Stevensou and Crockett.
Another thing I feel strongly. I re
i-clveii a book the olber doy culled
"The .sni,it Minister," with n dedication to myself whieh ulfeelcil me
strangely, bo thai I euuld nol reud
without a gulp. It wus addressed to
tne in Ihc third person, uud itiu.le mc
remember those places
Where ubout the graves uf martyrs
the whuups are crying,
My heart remembers bowl
Now when I Hunk upon my killer
end, ns 1 do souieiiuics, especially of
late years when' it seems less iiiimin
enl, I feel Ihul when I ahull come to
die out here among these beuuliful is
lunds I shall huve lost suinctbing thai
bus been uiv due uiv native, predes
tiuntc, uml forfeited grave uinong lion
est Scots' sod.
And I feel Ihut I shall never quite
.in."i lo what Patrick Walker culls
ill one of those pullielie Inu, lies of bis
uf whieh I have already spoken, ray
"resting grave," unless it were to be
upon one uf Ibuse purple hillsides, un
der une of uur ubl, quaint, half oblil
eiiili'd table tombstones slanting down
the brae und
Where uliuul lbe gravei uf martyrs
Ihc whaiips are crying,
My beurl remembers howl
The Slumlord.
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19.46   AJI
The tblrd eon and seventh child of
Queen Victoria, (he Duko of Connaught waa born at Buckingham Palace |n 1860. On leaving Woolwich
Academy In 1868 ho entered the Hoyul Elnglneare, and subsequently transferred to the lloyal Regiment of Artillery, and, later, to the Klfle Brigade,
ol which be Is Colonel-ln-Chlef. Ae a
subaltern, he served tn Canada tlurlnj
the Fenian Raid of 1870. He was
created Duke of Ooiinaiight and
striiilii'iiin Iii 1874. Five years later
he married Princess Louis Marguerite
of Prussia. In the Egyptian War u(
1888 he commanded tho llrlgado of
iiiiiiiiiii at i'i I el l-.uliii From 1888 to
1890 he commanded the truoiis In Hum-
bay, and he has since held lhe Portsmouth and Aldershot commands, and
lhat of the Forces In Ireland. In 1804
ha became the first Jiisiiuolor-Goiierul
of the Forces, anil In 19118 ho was appointed to the Mediterranean command, which, It will ho remembered,
he resigned. II was a greul disappointment lo hlm Ihul ho was not per-
milled lo share tliu risks of Iho liner
War. lim patriotism wus strlklnitly
shown hy his refusul nf flic iliand
Duchy of Saxe-Cobutg. In order lo retain his Hrilish Nullnnalily.
He was mealed a 1'uur of Ihu Hulled
Kingdom on Muy 81, 1871.
The lasl nf Ihu muny Important
Army pnsis held hy the Duke wua
(lominandor-ln-Objel nf tliu Mediterranean Forces, which ho resigned
.■Ininli   ufter his .iini.i   . Lasl
•"i'm. it  " '■',:.
He Has Been British Ambassador to
All the British Dominions
Hasod upon the fact that Mr. As-
iiuiiii. speaking recently.at the Guildhall, ii. hi iiiieii tin- puke ol Connaught
i as "A Necessary Pltp," a yirltor In the
I "Empire Magaslne" gives a remark
ably Interesting record of his Royal
Hlghpess's various activities as an
Ambassador of ijuuon Victoria, .King
Kdward. nnd King Oeorge. ThoThikc
has visited all tho HrlOsh iiniiiininii:
beyond tbe seas at different tlmos ol
his career, and throughout bis travels
ho has boon nqt a triers, tourist but a
worker. What the Duke of Opnnaughl
.stands for today In the eyes of all men
Is solid diplomacy and honest Imperialism, diplomacy that knows no make
sblftB, Imperialism whioh knows no
party. Incidentally there Is quoted a
story which It Is Bald the Duko tolls
uguinst hlmsoll. 11 Is certainly amusing;—
"On one occasion," says the Mm
lilin Miiijiiitluo, "u young swhaliorn
pulling ii cinupuiiy of Infantry UiriuiKli
their drill managed lu |B' 'hem Into it
terrible muddle, The Duke, who was
■ .ni inn," Ihu effort, called tbo subul
tern end-asked, smiling:
" 'Havo you iui) Idea what your men
uru supposed In hu doing?'
"The buy saluted und replied:
'"Nil, sir.' Then wllh a roguish
gleam lu his eye Iiu added. 'Not the
slightest.   Hare you, sir'/' "
year he represented the King nl tbr
iijn iiiu;. nf ihu South African Parlli-
ment, enduring wonderfully welt f.ir
a mnn uf silly Hie fatigue and I'urry
ol his 18,000 tulles Irlp,
The Duke's connection ullll lunula
Ib a Iiiiii: uml |ik usuul one. Forty
years u.n. Mien a yuung man uf
Ueitly, lhe llujiii euiili' tu Camilla und
lent'd us u soldier Ihruugli the Ken
I.ui Ii.iiii Since tben Ibo Duke has
several Uuu b returned in Canada,
tacit time enhancing nnt only his own.
but his iiiiiiiii'i-. popularity. It -nil
uli." be remembered that his nin,
I'riuce Arihur, toured Canada some
lour years ami.
The   Duke   of   Connaught   li Grand
Maitir of the Grand Lodge
of England
Thu coming of Ihu Duke of Con-
ir.iiKliI Ib ul' more Hum urdliiury lie
tercBl (o Iho Masunli: brethren tit
'.lunula Ills Royal Highness, who Ib
the (iiuiiii Muster of the Iiluiiil Lodge
ui Knglaiul, Is an honorary member nl
Zetland Lodge, Toronto, Ills visit io
thut lodge sume yeurs ago wut un historical event In Cuiiudiun Mnannry.
Impeded the U. O. R.
Iiuiu,, Hie 11,11tiln, of tho ilun ii'i'
Own iiiu, „ In ihc lirilisli manoeuvres
In September, 1910, the Duke uf Oou-
i,.mi i,t   visited   Ihe    i!,m   regl
uu mi. camp ut Avlngton I'urk, ttea
Ihu village of lichen Ahbas. He In
speeled Ihe regiment and delivered u
soldierly address tu Hie officers an.i
This photosTuuh waa taken mi Slay  l.i.   1161,  w,j  ,ho»i   ii.e   nuke  ot
Wellington (ircienllug a euk.t lu till goilion Prince Arthur iliuk. of Cos-
The Family ol Hie Duke und Duch-
ess conslsl of:—
Prince Arihur, bom at Wlmlw.r
Castle. January 13, 1883
Princess Vlclorla. born January 16,
1882; married lo lbc Crown Primo
of Sweden on June 16, 1906.
Princess Patricia, born ui Ducking
bam Palace on March 17, 1886.
• dwotM "Hot on Sunday,"
aotltt. tiotntmy aot llabli (or Aenyt, MeidiataJ or atim
Tin. Ubl. lublMt U ehasi. without
- irwW
Tb* fact that tbo sporting Irophlei
(bat fell lo the rifle ol tbe Duke of
('onuau(tlit duriug bla visits te South
Africa are uow being placed In position In HagBiiot Park, bis country
home In Surrey, reminds one thai IIU
Boyal Highness Is a capital shot. »i I
runs Hii Majesty close In tbii direction. Wben ha was In I'ganda Hi*
Duke shot mime splendid lives. Ills
Royal .Highness Hluil hll flril llu i In
India aome years av
The itory ii related lbat Canada V
Mis,;not I'ltiuitl wai conducting MAS
mn.) manoeuvre* on the ,'U-l i mint um!
M,iue filly or ,i.\t\ jiiiinuili.t- were in
.Iriiile.l l>y tbeir rei>pciti\ lilori In
alien.I the pruei'cdiiigii nn I mil tu Ium'
night ut Hie Huml eolillnalider.
Timnr.il. evening the pnriv rcn'he.l ,i
small ullage, uml lhe riiiiuir wcnl ri'ind
ilml th' Hul.. inten,lu,I tu pul uplln-re
fur tlie night. Tlm. rumor iaui.ei|
greul i uii-.leinuli.iii iiiuong lln oi.»cnibl
ed pressiiieii. fur il meant lliiil fifty
men woui.l In uldiged tu pul up with
liu|,.i. >-lv iiiudeijonle uiiouiiuuitu*'on.
The journalists licld un iinproin)ilu
meeling and uue man was depufc.l tu
aiccrlein lhe Duke's ml' iiiiun- He
found His Itmul lliglim -,, in uiii|)iiiiie,|
l.y uii Cijiierii. wuleliing 11 number nf
lllllg.le  jllllien  creeling   tents.
"i'llll    mil   lull   III,     il   llie   Duke   of
I'miiiiiiiylil intends lu slay lure lu
uighl f" the pressman Usked ,,f llic
'{iicrry. apologizing  lur ihe  intrusion.
The equerry lurned upon liuu like a
released wblrlwui.1. "Huw un enrlli
do I knowf" he snipped. "Do you
llnul. I uui llie Duke's I'i'-- ogcnlf"
The I'nlie of 'uiiiiuugut, who had
overheard his ripicrr)', t-'ply, turned
ut ume "WbaCS Ibalf Vt Imt V
iluiif" he it'ki',1. I,ml.mu ul the jour
1,iili-t wild enquiring eye,
.'.'I was a»king ..I Vuni liuvul High-
iiejs' e.|Cerry «liul lief yuu inleiuleil
slaying lur. tonight,' 'answered the
|iressiniin, who. by lhe why. ii uuw 11
shining editorial liglil uf Fhei street.
"If so, il will moan lhal iill, ur sijly
men mil Imu In flud ui i'uii,mull,liun.1'
".-"uue yuu ntc inlet, led, I 'II tell
you wilh (d.-uniiri','' suul the Duke, ")'
nm nul -toying here." Then, with lunl
led brows uml iingry eye, be lurned
upon Ins equerry 1 "And there's no
reason why Ilml question ibould not
have been answered civilly, dense re
poll yourself to mc iiiiuniiutely on
reaching ' Imllnin."
Qpo of the Most Retiring of Royal
ladles, but Has Wit and a Qift
■of Paricatiire
Tlm Duke and Duchess, of Connutiglit
nro a must devoted couple; hut vory
little is known uf tlm Duchess, who
Ib ostromcly Bliy, and ouo of the most
roliriug of Hoyul ladies.
Hut iu licr homo circle she Is 11 du
ligliTTui companion, tvlth a pretty—n4f?
mul 11 |;ili ut' 1 ;iiiiiil;:t'i-, which lui,
lieen inlicritcir hy  Princess  I'utrii'iii.
Most of hur girlhood wns spent near
lliu iin, for she wns llio Princess lunula
Mnrgurol of I'rnssiii, daughter of I'riuce
Frederick Charles--tliij "Red I'riiiec,"
us he wns culled.
tihe bas lii.'i'ii nearly nil uver I'm
■.mi 1,1 willi her liiisliiiiiil- in Unst, A liim
India uud Ihc fur I'tUSt.
When in the.cuunlry, or "on vny
age," the Duchess and her daughter
dress most limply, flannel or cotton
shirts, sorgo or tweed skirls, eu lo
show low -heeled, liriuulgmlcd bonis,
rain proof coals, and sailor huts form
thoir everyday nil ire,
I'uople who kllOW llio Ditche-i speak
warmly of her charm and consilient-
lion, and she has inuny deviled friends.
file HucIiobb is very fond of tolling,
a story of a little Incident j/gft happen-1.
oil when alia, acconipauloti tin   Duke
to review seine troops in Egypt.      . j
Her Baddlo girth broke and >l)0W|tfj
coiiBoi|peutly upaii|e to ride Ipclt from
tlio roviow ground. Bo a sort of si"ila||-
chair was improvised out of a |iun-|
carriage, ami tho DucIiosb wub ciirrl.i'l
hack by tho Kgyptiau gunners.   «
At fhe end uf tho journey hor firnoo
Ihuultcil thu mon, uml said to th,' in-
Pfo.,  ^lll.iur   li,   ..linrjjn ,
"I hope your men aro not very tired
after currying mo so far."
"Oil, 110, nm,liim," replied tlio man,
wilb tho best intentionBj "yuu uro nu
heavier than tlm gun they ure uccus-
liinieil to curry."
The Panama Theatre
For tbe  Wholo Family
Starting Matinee Monduy, rjcpl. llllh
2  Shows   Mighty—7:90  and  0:16
Ifie, 2.1c, 35c.
Mutincc  Daily ul  3—1.80 uud  itt
30c. per lb.
Delicious for Breakfast and after Dinner
30c. per lb.
In mn! iug use less QUANTITY, il lining much stronger than OBDIN-
AEY Ooirec.
Your I'all Suil from us you can save from
$5.00 to $10.00
Tills week we are selling any suil in tiie store at
ijieally reduced prices. This is your opportunity to
secure a liie.li grade .Suit from an entirely new stock
al rocjt bottom prices.
110  Second  St.,  East.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
* mmM i ! .	
8U00E880R TO THB
V. O. Vol illl Pbon. 167 1836     THI BANK OF
76 Years In Buiineu.   Capital aud Reiorvo Ovor $7,600,000.
Two Members of a Family
particularly if they live far from town, frequently iiml it convenient to take
-    tiiivuntiigii ef our Joint Account plan.
Either make deposits or withdraw caah en llll or her own signature aloue.
ni» either can ilu the bonking whmr in tOTmpiriuiti thoir conveniencer—
$1.00 opens a Savings Account, Joint er ordinary.   Inieresl  milled half-
yesrly.   Money may be. withdrawn at any tlmo.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trlsl
Solves tho Buinmor Ironing Problem
For 1012 wu am offering a "Ilolpoint" of tbo 6 lb size, suitable for
goneral household use, fur $1,51). This Iron is Bimilur lu all "llutpoinls"
eicept that Iho upper surface is unpolished.
rt Wl
PHONE fil!
Second Slreet East, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
I lot and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
Business Gentlemen's Popular Luucb Place.
Broakfast 8.00 to 10.00. Lunch 1100 to 2.00
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
The West Vancouver council mot iu
regular session on Tuesday, Sept, I Tlh
Tlio following members of the council
wero prescnl: lieovu Nelson, (louiu
Mothers, OinUlnirger, Merrick umi
The clerk read tliu lollowing eorros-
poiiduuco: from J, H, Mcllall, requesting that tho council upon up the roud
tp bis propertyi referred to engineer
uml board oi works.
Too property owners iu lot HI, block
•li, I). L. I'll, culling llic uttontioii of
the council to tho overflowing of a
slream which runs thruugh said prupcrly und requesting that council instruct
thpjr engineer tu see to the ovcruuw,
else tbey wuuld lie forced lo vueute
tlieir hoincB ou uccount of it; referred
lo engineer and buard of works.
From fol. White relative to deed of
right of way through While Cliff pro
Mr. Chus. O, While wrote requesting
Iho opening "I' McDonald incline to Ilis
properly; referred lo engineer and llic
board of worjis.
A letter wns reud from tho luiinici
palily of Bouth Viineouver inviting the
council to appoint u delegate to meet
lhe government representative and dis
cuss the existing law governing tux
sales. Councillor Mathers proposed in
stead of 'Vending li delegate to the
ineeling thul Iho following resolution,
which was passed", he sent to Soulh
Vancouver, thus expressing their feel
ing in the matter. The resolution, pfo
posed by Coun. Mulliers uiul seconded
by Coun. Uinlzhurgor uml passed,foada
"It is Ihe opinion of this council Ihul
ihe government should puss strict legis
I.u nm ilml wuuhl muke ull conveyances
by municipalities of Iiiiiiiu by Ihem,
sold for nrreurs of luxes valid, if same
have been sold ill aceordaitee with ex
isl ing by lawn.
Mr. .lohn Lawson wns requested In
deliver deeds In the municipality, fur
lots I, 5, nnd ll, in block F. I). I.. 176,
according lo his letter of April llllh,
1012, Ihc properly referred lo being
thni on which lhe new municipal hull
is creeled and which was donated lu
the municipality by Mr. lawson,
Nolice of iiiuliuii lur by law to divide
llie municipality inlu fuur wards wiih
given by Coun. Mulhera us fulluws: I
give natiee Uml I intend tu present u
bylaw al llie next meeling of the eoun
cil lo divide the municipality mlu fuur
(lu mnl iuu il wuk resolved Ihul Hie
new munieipal hull he insured uguinsl
fire in Ihe sum of f'l.iliiu. divided u>
follows: $I6,iiiio in London Mmm,! und
116,01)0 in llie Sovereign fire Insnr
ance Co.
A bylaw sanctioning llio exchange
nf a portion of Keith road fur land be
lunging to Mr. Hnlfiiur Ker, wus read
ii first lime uu the unit ion of Cuuncillur
It waa resolved lo advertise for un
assessor to prepare nn .assessment roll
for 101.1.
lu lu'cimliiiiiT with an iiivituliou from
tllO I I'lTclllll'   pf thO  geuerul   collllllilll'C
Weat Vuncouver will join Norlh Vuu
eopver in according welcome to Ills
liuvul Highness, The Duko of .Connaught on Friday. Reeve Nelson an
niiiinccii that in view of the visit of
llio lloyal imi'l v to the North Shore,
he had pleasure in declaring Friday a
half holiday in West Vancouver, ami
Imped ull resident's of the municipality
would attund al North Vancouver that
iiflernooii lu assist iu tho colnbrutiuiia.
Tliu achool children, forty strong, will
intend ami take purt in tbo prueoediugs
Tbo Wost Vancouver Furry lloinpany
iiiiiiiini;: tlio cliihlron freo transportation.
Ilciivo Nelson appealed to tlio rate-
payers llirough the press to come uut
in full force on Suturduy to vote on the
*I0U,UIH> bylaw. Tbo reovo cxpluined
iluu the inline)' would bo Hpunt preparing for next spring's ferry facilities,
ami Unit It Ihe liyluvv did not curry it
would seriously retard West Vuncou
ver development.
Mr. .lulni Hre came before lbc couu
cil and iiiiiiiiiiiiii'O thul the people of
Hiiudiiru-vc luul funned u brunch ul'llie
ratepayer's association,
llccvc Nelson announced thai ull the
meetings of lhe council in future wuuhl
he held in Hie new muuicipal hull.
News Items
The new cement sidewulks from the
ferry arc fast Hearing completion.
Ilollyhufit is sunn lo huve u lumber
yard In eater lo locnl requirements.
Mr. -lulni Luwsun has returned fruni
!a week's visil lo Vicloriu and olher
, points un Vuncouver Isluiul,
The Wesl Vuncouver Ferry Company
arc extending  tlieir  freight  sheds  uu
the Vuncouver side of the Inlel.
I  .
Sunday last waa a record day in
llullyhurii, the largest influx of visitors
to thnt pretty seaside being recorded on
thai   day.
The council  will  hold  their ineeling
1 iu the new municipal hull un Tueaday
next for the llrsl lime, and all nicctinga
uill he held Ihere iu lhe future.
Furly School children from Hollyburn
Duiidarave uml ulher points iu Wesl
Vnncouver look purl ill the celebrations
I held in North Vuneuuier ou Friday ill
conueeliun with lhe visil ul the Koyul
West Vancouver council was repre
seilled in Nurlh Van,inner uu Friday
hy lie,,, Nelaun ami Councillors Mn
liters and (iinuburgcr, Ihesc gcnlldhicu
lining presented to His lloyal lligluiev
The Duke of Cuiiuaug.il.
Job Printer!
Publishers of tho " Expreas'
First Street East Phone 80
Presentation of Medals
and Certificates tp
Music Students
Tbp first part ef the program which
U.K.II the Uuin' Of Conniiiighl luuk
part in pn Friday was the prosjinta-
tioii tp successful students of the Asso-
Hilled lluuul pf |ho "oiul Academy
and Royal Oollego of Music, London,
of medals and certificates. Tbo exanl-
iiiiiiiiiii., wore in'1,1 i'i Vancouvur in
Juno, and as il, R, Highness Ib tlio
President of the lloyal Academy of
Music, tho occasion of IiIb visit tp Vuiicoiiver wua utilized for this function.
Tho ceremony took placo lu tho Labor
Temple before uu adienco of 700 people.
Thu names of the students wore announced by the Honorary Local llcpro
aunlativo of the Associated Board, the
[lev. A. St. John Mihlmay and Ibo med
als and certillcutcs weru presented by
tbo puke. Au address waa read by Ma
yor Findluy uud "Home Sweet Home"
was sung by u lady, and "0 Canada"
and tlie Nutionul Anthem by the audi
Nortli Vancouver waa represented by
lbe following students, wlm received
Llla   McColl, piano.
Liicilc  llnlli, plsnii.
illu.lm Kirkland, tlieury of music
and piano.
llweiiilolinc Hove, theory of music
uiul piano.
The lirst Iwu iini, ui ■ gained ecrtill
ealea ill the Junior (Irade and Ihc lusl
Iwu iu the senior central grade. Miss
I love was Ihc pupil uf Miss Dunn. Vuu
couver ,und Ihc others were pupils uf
Mr. .1. Alexander of this city,
District Council and the
Coal Shortage
- - r~
During lhe meeling of lhe .lislrin
eouueil lasl nigbl i'uuu. Ilriilgman nude
mention of the serious situation ureal
ed on Ihc nnrlh shun' by the present
acureily uf coal. He formally moved
lhal  lhe proper steps be loken to ac
! quaint the provincial governinenl willi
the gravity uf Ihc situation acting in
j mi duing in conjunction wilh Ihc ulher
public bodies of lhe eily and districts
j I'uuu.   Ln i|-i..in.  suid   lliul   lie  under
i sluud Ihul une lucul eual merchant bud
been   ulde  lu  gel   unu  scow   loud   uf
. null  Imt that  iu urder tu do this he
, had lo pay 76 cents a lou inure mun
over previously.    The ciial   supply   is
cunt rolled by agents ill Vancouver, ami
il appealed tu iuuu   llridginaii as an
ubsurd lliiug thai a Miiiuii with a pup
Iniiuii   ui   In,uuu   could   nm   purchase
its eual direct fruni thy mines.     Two
yeur.--  ago  simitar  truuble  arose  and
lhe   councillor   did   nol   -ce   wiy   lln
norlh shure should be thus led in 'he
lurch uml compelled In fuce high prices.
II should be aide lo gel a direct s ipply
linm llic l-liiinl
Cuu,i. I.oulcl thought ullenlioii
should be culled lu Ihc fuct Ihul Ihc
problem haa had lu be fu. ed every year.
II was subsequently decided lhal lbc
lleeve,   i'oun     Weslovcr   and    Couu.
Lniilet shoulil iitieuil the meeting of
tho board uf trade ou Tuesday evening I'or the purpose of conferring with
thut body in th|» important connection,
District Lot 869
At the government Rparljig- qn, Wei}-
iic.'iilny ol thp appeal uf the assignees
pt t'|)p Seypiour liUnibqr Co. Ltd., with
reference io the refusal of the district
council lo approve a plan pf subdivision of D. L. SOU (|iugo two) tbo district delegates based thoir action upon
tl|o fpllowng contentions; That the
grade of tlio prpporfy in some places
exceeds. 28 per Cunt; that access to it
would bo over similar grades whilo tbo
plunk roud iu places is .'10 per cent, autl
moru. the cont of rpads wpuld under
Ihesc cun,liimin. iunoiiiii to over (1
per foot. Mr. Alexander I'hilip argued
ihut these rouds could be buut 20 feot
w|dc lor 60 centa a foot, Inn it wsb
pointed out that the municipality pays
about 69 cents a fuut for 24-foot road
rough gruded on level laud. After photographs hud been shown demonstrating the chlfacter of the land concerned,
it wub decided, as elsewhere itated,
that the surveyor general shuuld make a
personal examination of tbo property.
Local News
A limited number of extra copies of
tbia souvenir edition bus been printed
eopiea of which may be procured at
Luis ofli.ee.
The foundation of the new intake at
Beyuiour creek is now completed and
work uu the superstructure ubout to be
Thc new JO -inch steel main up Soy
mour creek for the city of Vanouvur,
ia now in pluee frum tho lulet as fur
us Scott's ranch.
The engrossing of the address pre
senicd today to the Duke of Connaiighl
a fac simile of which appears on tho
froul page, was ciecyUnl by Mr. T. B.
Allan  of lirunville street.   Vuncouver.
Miss M. liil™ of Fverett, Wash.,
liuneeo of rff'J. IL English of thia
city, journeyed frum lhe Stales lo
Norlh Vancouver lo attend tbo Uuv
oriior-Uciicml 'i reception to-day.
Wilhin the past few daya the dis
Iriet councillors of Soiilh Voiieouver
paid nn olliciul visit to the Beyuiour
Intake. Tins in connection with a
scheme for supplying Iheir municipality
, with an up lo date wuler system which
is' lo eusl upwurda of Iwo million dollars
Thc funeral luuk place today under
Ibe auspices of lhe lucul Aerie of Keg-
lea uf Mr. William Walmalcy, for mauy
yeara employed as bartender iu Ihe
Nurtli Vancoover hulel, Mr. Wulinslcy
had been in indifferent lieullli for boiiio
lime and wus taken seriously ill about
three  days ugu  and  notwithstanding
ll'very medical ullenlioii passed away un
Tliursduy morning, licensed was u ua-
Ine of Devonshire, Kuglund.
TO    HKNT     Rooms.    Kigiitb    and
Lonsdule. l'hono 111. I.f
ROOMS FOR HKNT   Housekeeping
and single.   214 2nd slreei cast.
TO   HKNT   Rooms,   fi|misbed   and
unfurnished, alsu stable.   312 121b St
FOH   HKNT   Two  2 ruum   cottagei,
With waler It and 19. A. Soulh i Co.
TO HKNT—l-ruuincil Hal, some fur
nilure for sale. I'lione I'll nr P. O.
Hux 2011. 2U 11
FOH HKNT I ruumed modern hou
res, 6 minutes from ferry. Reul |I6
per month,    l'ecrs ,'■ lloull. I'lione )»>.
TO HKNT Furnished liouse, seven
rooms and balh, hot and cold walei.
electric liglil lliruugli uu I Large ground"
wood and coal on llic premises Apply
al 200 Second slreei weal, Norlli Van
rouvcr. c 30'I
FOH BALE—fli exchange for North
Vancouver real estate, au Cquily of
(1,600 in 10 acres of llrsl cluss lumi
lund iu Surrey, Apply Uox A112, Kx
press Office. 23 II
WANTKD    A  Japanese  wants pon !    I.onsdulc Really Co, 6116 Lomdalo—
Limn na schuul boy or housework. Ap   Agreements discounted al current rales.
ply  Kxpreaa Office, box  A MS.       21 ll  Money   nailing.  I.isliugs solicited,  If
FOH HKNT 0 roornbd Hot near
ferry, »26 per mouth Apply Warburn j
Itr l'iano Houae tl
Foil  HKNT   Foriiisiied front ruum,
• 'central, private   family,    Apply llux
A I,'10, Kxpresi Office. 210
FOH HKNT 3 roamed huuse. (Jl'l pi,
monlli, also   a   furniihed  bed  room.
""Apply A13i, Kxprcss Ollice. 20II
FOH HKNT Colonial Apartments, I
roomed suilo, unfurnished, Inquire Dior
ascu, 6lh street and Bt. Andrew's. 1'iionc
Bill. "
FOH HKNT Urge roomy, well
liglilcd tlore willi slublc uml 6 roomed
fiat over store, eorner Lynn Valley and
(.'enlre Hoods, Apply McrehnnlH Tin>l
k Trailing Co. Ll'l, ll* Orunville 81.
Vaneouver, B. 0. t.f.
TO BKNT Furnished, 1 roomed bun
galow overlooking L'ynn Vn'ley 1'ark
pn carline. Hot water healing, uul ull
modern conveniences, dcctrle light,
open (replace etc., etc. Fornilor" practically now. Kent 136 per month. Ap
ply J. Oould, Crawford Hoad, '/ftp
Vtlnl."     - '*
FOH    SALK     Apple.,     Aalrachau,
Duchess, (iravenileln. Keene, |6th SI.
20 0
FOH SALK (,'ounler and office tabic,
elf. Apply Ilox 2163, Norlh Vancouver
I'. 0. 210
FOH SALK- Stove or furnace wood.
12 inch lo I foet, Apply 0, A. Lindsay,
I'bone 163. 610
FOR SAI.K Restaurant business in
good running order. Apply 134 1st
streel weal. 6 10
FOlt SALK Nice lillle bungalow,
Centre Hoad, Lynn Valley, #1,600, WO
caab, IioIuiict' KO per month, I'lione
n   L, Thompion, 611 or M622  20V
FOK BALK -Vine lot, (*> feet on Oth'
facing south, close lo St. Andrew'a,
fur tlltu. Mual have money quick. Box
1810 1', 0. Norlh  Vancouver.
FOK r.ALK Frcna camera, 6*1, to
carry tl) films, with ID carriers for
plates. Kxlra good lense with portrait
attachments. Owner purchasing larger
camera. What caih offers I Pj 0, Box
J, li/M ,C/||».
A SNAI' To be suhl cheap owing lu
sickness, lhe owner is willing lo sac
nlico uwuy below market value two
■.ni,uiid. lots adjoining Mahou i'urk ul
lhe bottom of lllfi streel west. For
further particulars upply Armby House,
ou lhe spot.     , inn
FOK SALK We are instructed by
une of our clients lo dispose of two
automobile motor trucks, capacity uue
Ion. These wc will sell ou cash pay
incuts or will trade on good real ea
tale properly. Apply Wilson k i'erry,
Assignees, 330 Hustings Slrect Wesl,
Vancouver. 210
LOST   A solid golu/uff hul luu cu
graved initials F. T. S. Howard ut Ibis
ollice. lull
FDI'ND-On Sunday night on SI.
Andrew's Avenue, Wallet. Owner clin
have lhe same by culling on Oeorge
Uiul, lllh street casl from 0.30 lo 8
and giving full particulars and paving
for lhe ml.
I,inii    with   ilni,I,   lite   yeurs, will
help   wllh   light   tturk   for   room uml
hoard  iNurlh Vuneuuier/, Apply lllllll
Orunville in II
Dressmaker wishes lo go oul by the
duy.    Ternjs: UM.    Apply I'lione Mi
FOB BALK- Or exchange, 1% acres
in D. 1.. 866, one acre clcarc-d, iji min
ules from car line, (11760. One third
cash, 8, 12, 18 at 7 per pent, or ex
■ lunge for bouse and lot in eity valued
al 13,000 and balance tu arrange. Own
er, Jas. liuiliield, Sonera) Delivery,
Cily. 210
Firsl class flrcssinallng apd Tailor
ing, IIO Kellli road west. Fit guar
aulced. 13 10
Kxperienccd woman wauls washing
and ironing al home. Apply AKII, Kx
press Office. 2011
j For fine wulcb and jewelry work go
i lo Ueo. Soilicrton, Ihe uew jewelry store
on 2nd slreet.
Authorized agent for Singer Sew
ing Machine Cuinpany in North Vuu
couver.   J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Ooodiand
ilni' '  i-'iiini lm.' . comer  Firsl  und
Lonsdale   AvcUOC. t.f.
WANTKD   Houie   boys  to  deliver
Iho Kxpress   Apply at Ihia office.
WANTKD--Unfurnished well lighled
room, central. At.ply Dot''kii,', Kx.
press. .   21-0
WANTKD--A11 experienced waitress.
Oood wages, Kilbura .Cafe, Ksplauade
WANTKD By eoinpejciit gencrul of
fire man, poiilion iu Norlh Vaueouver,
Apply B.o» lilt, Kxpreas QUcc. 16-0
Short limo loans on vacant or improved properly. Slar Loan Company,
VII Hustings, Vancouver. t.f.
MONKS TO MIAN Money, loaned
011 diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., 614 Hastings, Vancouvor. i.f
Miss Isabel M. faun, Jjleoeliato of
llie lloyal Academy of Music, Loudon,
Kugland, teacher of pianoforte, visits
North Vaueouver every week. Address
1102 Douiuuti slrect, Vancouver. Phone
W40L Bayjuour. HO
When needing cuul ur building sup
plies, call up phone Itt, Norlh Shure
Coal A. Supply i'o, Kickhtms whurf
li. S. Kulon, manager Nule name and
phoue uumber. tf
I). (.'. Lively and Hourd slabloa -
Light riga and ladiea' saddle borsci
for hire. Blabliug for hor'aos. Oct,
oral delivery and heavy learning II
Dumaa, lib stroot west, i'heue 317 t.f
Idiul Clearing and Orading Lols,
I'eto Andrew, Ooneral Contractor. 00
wer connections a specialty, basemen!
and other excavating work undertaken
Kslinialcs free. 120 181b street west,
Norlb Vancouver, post ollice box 2303.
Orders for cabinet and picture frame
making promptly esccoled. Furniture
and office fillings lu any design. Job
lung work and repairs of all kinds
specially attended to. Kstimates free.
.1   I.   llu.1,, . J230 1. 1.''1   Avenue,
Norlb Vancouver, I'bone LI47.
MM* Gune
Mu, 11,Iiiiiii'mg uf the eual side ul llio
Boulevard is uuu ulniosl completed and
there is nuw a complete iiiacadaini/ed
ruad from the ferry wharf to Lynn
Mr J. W. Ilul,,i bus been.awarded
Ibe conlrasf for building No. 2 lire
hall on Dempsey Huad which was er
runeoualy atated as completed in Tuesday 's issue.
Mr A. Anderson, an old resident and
properly owner uf lhe Valley, ia spend
mg u few days with Mr, and Mrs.
Wull, Duval Huad. Mr. Anderson will
leave uguin on Suturduy fur Skecna.
Thc Lynn Valley Day euiiimittec are
holding a general special meeling Ibis
evening  iu   lhe  Institute  llall  ul  t
u'cluck. All committee men arc asked   '
lo make a special effort lo be present.   ,
On Tuesday evening u lurge parly
gulhered ul Knox church inunae where
a fine progrum wus rendered including
muaic, slercupticou views, olc. Tbe
purly wus in honur of lhe completion
uf the manse. Refreshments were pro
video), Hev. and Mrs. MucAuluy gave
on open Invitation to all residents of
Lynn Valley. »
A meeting of Ihe Lynn Valley Alh
I.iii club look place 011 Wdlncaday in
llic Institute llall. 'Die aecrelary asks
all im.iiilu 1.. desiroos of entering Huir
names as foolbullera lo let hini know
In writing as soon as possible as all
uj piu iiiuiu■' liave lo be in at lesguo
headquarters a week before thu first
watch. Teh centred for protection of
hall windows for basket ball waa let
and It is hoped that, wilhin a fortnight n
Hie necessary outfit will be purchased,
All membera pf Hie club are requested to turn out on Wednesday next tl
8 p.m. for training. A football practice
for Ibo whole club will be beld on lbe
Boulevard on Saturday at 3 p.m., colore te be worn, WEST VANCOUVER
Three new blocks bflow have just been put on the
market, They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and mwHre 65*
122 feet to a lane. The finest views of the Gulf of
Georgia can be had from these lots, Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is tbat it cannot be
beaten as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS—A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment to go out
in our automobile and see the property.
!■>■      ■   l    'I    -I'll >-' Ll ,'            ) Llll-,   I. "HI I..
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
High School Debiting
Beturns Wnlfflr* Volt Against Prei«t
System Qf Judicial Appointment!
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of London,
PAID $4,250,000
Qlilckiy and promptly on account of tin San Francisco earthquake and, lire.
How many Companies could do tbii?
Ita assets amount to 1116,000,000
A postal will bring eur representative
Sealdeut Agent
18 Lonadale Avenue and Oapiiano Oar Termtutis
Fhouea: Lomdale 167. OapUano 161.
Job Printing at the Express
Tlm debuting chili in connection willi
the local high school hobl it* firat
meeting laat week, the question chosen
for ih i un mn being whether or not
judges should lip appointed for life. The
chair wuh neeiipieil by the president,
Mini,",' Uill, while tho li'inl.'i:, of Ihu
ilobuto woro Wallaco Bhoro, Kdwiird lit
llu ami Mlblreil Baxter favoring the
election of judges for a torm of years,
ami I,iiiiun Hull, A Imu Bhoro ami Hob
ert Bteplienr. favoring life appointments
Tho I rials ami tribulations of com
uuiiili ii .. vilicro judges aro appointed tu
piirillallOIlt   ulliee   were   iplnlcl   bv   the
opponents of this syslem, the view
being orpreismi lhat periodical dec
tions -servo a niitioiiui uso by keeping
Ihu peopls '" touch with tho laivs nf
Iheir lund mid susluilting tbeir interest in lite dispensation or those laws.
The opposition, on thc other huml,
claimed Hint life judges were essential
ly more free from political iiilliicnee,
any recourse to 'load) iug" furolbee
being unnecessary, Their decisions are
more likely lu be unbilled when elec
tious ure not looming ahead. The urgu
mini was ulso iiiKiiiiii'l thut the longer
a man is judge lbe mure perfectly bul
anced will be his sense of justice. The
syslem of periodical election! is nut
nationally advantageous, since, us iu tlie
Bliilcs, lbc country is for a timu thrown
mi" u .i.iii uf turmoil uml everything
else but the Immediate issue forgotten
iii llie political medley. Nalurully mure
cure wuuld I.e exercised in chnnsing a
judge for life than in electing one for
a limited term.
line ullirmulivc speaker reminded the
meeling Ilml a life judge fuuml to be
biased or unlit tu reluiu ulliee may be
removed by act ei parliament, purlin
ment being "more eupuble thuu Ine
general   public.''   Tbe  defence  cluim-
consuls nf lloiiie, one uf the greatest
Ilid wisest' lipcjies of ii|eu ovor ubbuiii-
bled, wero eleotod for a„tor|i| of years
°l,lr--     r
After furll|Pr itiecuesiow on eimilur
lines the meeting returned a inujority
vote In opposition to thu prevailing system.
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineers
Orders hy Lieut. N. It. Robertson Oam-
inanding Beptember 16th, 1S13,
No. 17. Quird of Honor—
' Kxtract from dislricl order No. 168,
diui-.l at Victoria, II. ('■■, illst August
1013, ii hereby proniulgatcil: "A
(Iniini uf lloiiuiir" wilh bund will be
furnished at Nnrlh Vuncouvur by thu
Sixth Field l'iiiii|iiinv t'liiniiliiiii Kngiueers, on Friday, the :'uili Bopliiinber,
11)13, on His Hoyul Higliness' visil to
Nurtli Viucouver,
The company will parade iu review
order willi rilles uml sideurms ul the
ilrill hull, Nurlli Vinii'iiuver al Mill p.m.
No. 18. Vancouver Oarrlsou Parado—
The eiiiiipiiiiy wilb blind will parade
ul lite ilrill hull, Nuiih Vuncouver, on-
Thursday, tbe llllli Beplember, 1018, al
18:00 noou when lhe company will
nun,h l,i llnul,lun Point, Bluuley Park
und luke purl in .the review of the
(roups uf lhe garrison before Ilis lloyal
Highness,, lhe Difro' of t'uiiiiiiughl.
Iress. Review order wilh rilles ami
No. 19. Usual Parade—
The company will parade ut the drill
hull, Norlh  Vancouver, every M'liuluy
uml Friday evenings ul  ■ p.m., until fur
ther ordered.
No. 60, Dutlea—
To be orderly sergeant week ending
September ilutli, IH^i
Nu. I, Bcrgeanl Vi. .1, Klder.
Next  for duly:
No. 4 Sergeant W. H. Fleming.
Board of Trade to Di«-
CUM Coal Situation
nl,   however   Ibal   "parliament   iliii'jj   No. fil. Enlisted—
not always see tiling.,'' 10 that incap- j    T|)|| IMm.;„g ,„„„ |iavi,1(, ,„,,,, ,ju|v
nru   hereby   luken   un   the
truligtll   uf   lbe   eiiiiipuny:
No. tl: Sapper Alei. Huss.
No. Sl: Suii|ier Kdward I'urre.
No. So: Sapper Hurry Peers.
No.   811:    Sapper   I barb's    Herbert
I.ieteiiunt ^ ,
minaiiiling Sixth  Field ''uin
puny, i ana,lui ii Kngineeri.
able uud unlit men mighl bo »husen j...,,. , i
and allowed lo retain ollice. Ilcsides il
is knuwn Ibnl judges buve frei|U0litl)
been iippolnleiL because of some pre
viuus service Ihey buve rendered In
parly poliliei. This clearly alleds tho
I,.,i.ii integrity of the judicial bench.
The negative summing up emphmii
ed the polnl lliul Kliglalld uiul t'uiiiulu
adiipted the present system fur purely
traditional reasons, while the Staler | Ollicer
system is fouudod ou experience. Tli
* NimSBP FyifD
At a meeting'of the oxcctulve of thu
Board of Trade l|o|d pn Wpilnosduy
evening, the |iroslde|it, Mr, Alexander
Smith, intimated thut Iiu hud colloetei|
to dute $1611 towurds lliu Hoyul Victor
iuu Order of Nurses Fund, in response
lu the lluchess of tlonmijight's recent
appeal. The meeting resolved that,
since thc presiilont had taken so much
interest in this matter ho should be
delegated, on behalf nf the Ruard of
'I'm.!,, to present Ihis sum lo Ilis Huy
ul Highness the Duke of I'uiiiiiiiiglil.
This i, uiul imi wns subsequently endorsed by the joint ru. option coiiiiiiillec
Tho vory serious situation occasioned, by tho present scurcily of coal ami
its grave effects on the cuinmuiiiliiis uf
the North Bhore rocuived the consideration of the ineeling. II wus lipoid-
ed, however lliul the mutter should
bu exhaustively luken up ut u regular
meeting of the board which Is lo luke
place in the city hall nn Tuesday even
ing, and ut which a full attendance uf
niembers is urgently desired, lu the
meantime the secretary, Mr. .1. Wylie
lliinuldsuii, bus been instructed In write
to the various councils asking tiiuI immediate  steps   be  taken   tn  have   the
government approached in this urine
Wedding Bells
Mr.   Win. - II.  Hobiusiin  of Ibis city
and  Miss   I,'limine  Hell of  Vaueouver
were (wiled in tlie huly bonds ol  mu-
.rimuiiy  Wednesday, Sept.  I8,h, pt
Obrist Church,1 Vancouver, by the Bev.
0, P. Owen.   Tlio bride in u hospital
nurse and a, IHI! graduate of till Yfll-
wi"e™ g'e'nirui Mpii'w Unwuc'tt"
a North Vgncplivpr llViiMM OlItillA
both hpve many friends hero and else
where who wish them evory happiiiuss
in their married lifo. After a short trip
to Victoria uml Seattle, they will return In North Vuncouvor. anil will lie
ut homo to their friends at 3116 10(|i
street oust.
Suid yesterday of to-morrow,
"When I wus young liko you,
I, too, wus fond of boasting,
Of all I mount to do.
Hut while I I'ell u-ilreatniilg,
Along the pleiisunt way,
Hefore I scurcely knew it,
I fiiiiikI I wus linliiyl        '
i ,'■■;.*
"And as In day, so quickly,
My lillle course wus run,
I hud no time to flnisti,
One half Hie Ibiiigs begun.
Wuuld I could Iry il over,
lllll I cun ne'er go buck;
A yeiterday wus ever, ».   ,
I  now musl  be alack!
"And so, my good tomorrow,
If you wuuld make u name
Thul history sliull cherish
Upon ils roll of fume,
He ull prepared and reudy
Vuur nublesl purt to play,
In Ibuse few Heeling hours
When you shull be to-day! "
'The clerk of the weather was bulb
well informed ami goiulTcnipcrcil during
the Hoyul visit.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
i\ Let ust|Uole you rates on Fire, Life anil Accident
McMillan & reid
l*boiiu 131. HI LONSDAI.K AVKNUK
Lonsdale Avenue:
44 ft. cleared corner, close to new terminus   $3200
33-fl. lane corner  2500
44 ft., a special oiler   1600
36 fl. extra depth  1350
69 fl. cleared corner  5250
44 fl. cleared lane corner   3250
44 ft. faces west '.  1650
47 ft. facing soulh on King lane coiner
140 fl. from car  $1350
200 ft. corner  .'  2500
50 fl. facing south    600
50 fl., splendid view  *  750
I80fl. on Sl. George's   2700
50 fl. on King   450
73 ft. corner Queen   2000
60 ll, on Queen   1000
50 fl. on Osborne    800
100 ft. on Windsor  "  1500
Tel. 47
Tel. 87.
b,,-. RAMK OF HAMII lllk!
■ ■■si  » » a t
Capitai, P»m Up..
..8 3,870,000
Reierve ond Undivided Profits '.. a.SOft.non
TpM Asset! .... „...,.,... 44,000,001)
T ji not |i) Hi powor to purciiuo
I l'SrfWi5f -' '■"	
ipcurlty aifii:
adverse fortune, thut a reserve fund
(let.   Tbelocling of Independence,
end ul' iieiini'lly iiKiilnul  the effects ol
than [he' passing, gr'utl
i Infinitely nipre satisfying
• ,at|on won
ling It,
Pftti 0«U.
yoo would 'obtain by spend
Small amounts—wbleh you will hardly miss—deposited regularly, wl)l gradually, but surely, acuuniululo lo u sum
large enough to Insure against the
eirociu .of business reverses or loss of
Ask io see our Safely I'eposlt Poses
V. I!. HIvVVKN,  amt,
Kftrih VnwDUHrpr
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge "poster
di an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
English Nobleman Tilll III.  \fn»» *l
Urds That Hi WerM lm Y«»r»
Underground - Hi| Father and
Qrsndfather H»d Also a Paition lor
Advinture and the f^itlng Side
ef Uls.
The Earl til Hardwicke, who inform-
•d the Huuse ol lords the oilier night
that he tied worked underground tor
two years as a miner Of) this side uf
the Atlantic, would hold the title nl
Baron Morden tu-day, in addition tu
the others which he possesses, but fur
tin (act that his great-greatgrandfather, Lord Chancellor Yorke, declined on. his deathbed to authenticate
the imii'iii of the peerage conferred
unon him un his elevation to the
Woolsack, on which he never sat.
The second son nf Lord Chancellor
Hnrdwicke, he attained his ambition
KAIII. Or IMlilii'.l' i-i
tu reach the samo high ulllcu ns hi.
lather, bill survived his appointment
mi 1 v by three duys.
Tlie present peer ts not tlie lirst uf
his family to nave seen Die ruugl
side of liie, Hi father, who died In
I'M, suw active service us a naval
.Ih.. i in the Crimen, wliilu his grand
father, thc luurtb uarl, who wus alsu
in the navy, hud some exciting experiences in eiiiinet'liiin witli the suppression of piracy in the Mediterranean, An earlier holder uf lhe title
was the Lord Lieutenant nf Ireland
al the time of Hubert limine!';, rebel
lion, und his action, . i luuk of action,
at the time wus Iho subject uf con-
siderable debate in the, Imperial I'ur
Gentlemen's Clothing
We are prepared to meet your requirements in high-grade
Suits, Overcoats, Ulsters
and Waterproofs
from a mosl comprehensive showing'of the newest and best from the Scotch tweed looms
and Knglisli worsted mills, made up in the corrccl ilylcs and prices to please all.
$12.50, $15
$18 to $30
Complete Range of Men's Furnishings
Scotch Clothing House Ltd.
K. GRANT. Mm, Di,.
Hastings and Abbott Sti., also 77 Hastings St. E.
King George Anxious That His Boys Shoulil Form "Links of Empire" in Do
minion's Vast Ch;.in
London.—The Itlng and queen are
keenly interested lu the experiment ol
m iniini: lb.' in niee of Wules lo a foreign capital for iin- purpose of sludy.
If Ibey ure euiisllud with thc result ol
bis visit to Pjrls n i.iiiiii.n cuursc will
prububly be followed with their majesties' other sons. ,
In tbis event u French course Is t.ot
unlikely, umi it ',„ Intended thai the
prim ese shull ulmi spend somu lime In
The University of Bonn wuulil be tho
mosl likely selection, and bore tho
boys would bi' following the footsteps
nl tlieir grandfather, King Edward,
wliu. us prince uf Walei,, spent sni'iu
llmu ii.mini, ul Kfilligswlnler, and
subsequently in Rome, Edluburg auil in
Spain ond Portugal.
Tbe prince of Water will not, of
course follow hi. naval profession seriously, all hough he h.it by nn nituiis
levered lit ouunu-Uou villi the senior if r.i let.
A s.inur Prince
.lis brother, Prince Albert, In likely
to remain .1.. sailor prince, anil lhe
king's iniiuii miu, Prince ileuige, hi,
niunili shown u strong predilection
lor bis hitliri u piufesslon, and is looking forward in I ie time i.lieli his u„o
will eullUe bim In inter O.borue Cub
lege uu u eudel.
Prince Henry bis majesty's Ihlnl
sun. Is il). u.n in nl student ul the family, happiest always wilb bin bunks
and bis music While ver) much belter In health fut 'in, resilience in the
bracing Isle uf Thuuel, be is by no
im .im robust, ami II la not eipected
inul he "ih be- iull A upun In I ad
Ibe Blreiim'iis life of a naval officer
Tin-re li- possibly a deeper purposu
lu Ibis cumi.roliciislye education of lbe
young prince lhan may al lirsl be up
parent, lor il is dialed In coun ciicles
lliul the king Intendi his suuu lu In
i'lire "links ul lhe enipl.c," by I:,',,,..
ip |,n> iuuu. nin,ll,,. In that nuw belli
by the duke uf ('oiuiaiighl.
I'lint n son ul the Mug would m
beuillly welcuiiied ua a guvcroui-general or vlceitiy ul nur caaieru empire
pieii wi:In-ill sa.v'r.g, ulnl lbe ronsuni-
inaliun ul surb a project wouhl sllll
limber eiihinei' the affection of Ihe
overseas liuuili.lo.is for lbc lluouc uml
sil llu seul on lbe work so splendidly
in.ni. niileil by llle king himself.
Coming of Age
lhe prince of Wales will attain bis
legul majority on June 113, when In-
icli'iiiuiei. his eighteenth birthday, ami
on Ibal tiny considerable changes illl
luku plucc lu lbc Internal arrangements at Buckingham Palace an I
Wlncluilf Italic.
The prince has bad his own rooms
and lus speclul valet and footman
since be was crealed prince of Wales,
Ou the attainment of his eighteenth
year, !<owcvor, hu will huve his own
boiiseb„ld, the membera of which are
now being carefully choeon by uie
king and queen.
Al llucklughuni Puluce aud Wlndsoi
Castle largo sillies uf apartments,
suitably uppulnlcd, havo been sel
apart for llie use of the prince und
his slab*. The ruunia al Windsor are
situated lu llie upper wurd nf the castle, and consist uf dining room,
lm ul.in. i mum, reception and drawing
room, business ruums tfor the prince
uml his secretary), bed and dressing
rooms and iiumeruiis upurlinenls for
the members of bis ruyul higliness'
The choice uf these ruums has rested solely, wllh the king uml queen
Her majosty bas peisunully superintended Ibe furnishing gild deeurullun
miking several private Journeys in
Wlmlsur lo sec What prugress bus been
miuii' uml decide general details.
Special Suite
Naturally, Hie king-will continue tc
ladvme ami supervise his sun's occu-
pm inin, and pursulls, hul there wil'
be u governor uud controller uf bis
ruyal highness' household, un equeri)
and two secretaries. There will be
a large stuff uf scrvuuls, Incliidli',.
ipeclal pages, coachmen, grooms ami
a chlffeur.
II musl mil be taken, li..- ■ -e-r, tha
the prince will dissever himself alio
gel ber Irom the affectionate fumlly lib
lo which he lias been accustomed !!■■
will spend sume uf Ills lime and will
often tuke bis meals In the cumpuii.,
'of his parent!, sisters uml brothers
\ Al lbe sume lime, be will he able to
'nine alone should be wish, or Invito
bis unu particular frleudu to lunch-
eon or .iii.i... In his own apartment!.
[ Invitations will nuw be sent direct
10 Ihe prince, and nul lliruugli Ihi
king lie will ulso be able lu accept
lluvliailons un his own nccouul, al-
|though his majesty- will doubtless oflon
he consulted.
The queen's regency -crealed In lbe
event uf prolonged absence or of dire
.'iilufurlune lu Ihe king will cease uu-
iiiinuiii uil> uli June 23. The prince ul
Wules will be ol uge and legally enabled tu lake his majesly's posillou
ahould any emergency occur.
Bogus Baron Who Spent 13(6.000 In
Two Vears Is Sent te Prison .
Paris—An elegant swindler, rau-
ui i .uliiig as Baron Aleiander do Inr
lioey, aud claiming Dublin u hll
..■iriliplace, has beeu sentenced In Paris lo two year*' Imprisonment for obtaining goods to the value of (ISO
by false pretense.    He Is well known
III l.iii.ibin   .
It Is estimated that la two years
he bos spent more than |3BC,'W1), obtained tor ihe moil part from credu-
luus society women fascinated by Ibll
md diuiiiii Irishman's charming manners uml handsome appearance. Ile
wm a member of the Belgian Jockey
Club, aud gained some repute u I
gentleman rider.
He hu duped many of the fashionable Paris hotels and restaurant* hut
most of thsin refuwd to prosecute,
owing lo Ibe large umount of muney
be had spent wllh them In the pas!
The "baron" wbo bad already served a term of Imprisonment, Is bellcvid
lo be a Hungarian; but thii cannot 1:0
ib imii.dy eafabllsbcd. He Is a gold
Faille Teeth Danger
Ixindoii—Ai a rosult of swallowing
hor false teeth, Mlu lluykr, a droit,
maker of Newport, Mon., has died
aftor an operation. Kfforti wore
made to remove the teeth through
Ihe mouth, but tbli proved Impossible
and lt was found tbat the only way
was to make an Incision In the throat.
Cabman's Drive lo Death
Paris. Tbe Journal reports the dramatic lulclde of a cab driver- Thl
man whipped up bli horae and drove
It full ipeed Into the Seine at l.ov-
alloii l'l-nel
Rejine Losses Suit ,
Parli.—Mmc. Kcjane,  tbe  octrois,
bu loot Ihe action which the brought
to prevent Mile. Ilejan Belly from using the name Rojane,
Die al Their Son's Grave
Berlin 7 An old moo named Hothi
ud hll wife both died of heart fallun
It the funeral of thur ies In Berlin.
Hlnti  F«r  tin  Wom'.n  Who  Love.
ii ■   n Elawirii,
In the iprlng plants ind, ferni growing lufjppra begin tp make fresh
growth, aud quite a number need repotting.
Muny plants In warm room alio begin to put out fresh sbooti.
If iuch plants are repotted tbty generally improve very much In growth.
Put some people Ao not know thl
right way to go te work, and some
times tbe plant Alei in consequence ot
The gnat thing to remember li net
to hurt the roots. Turn the plant put
of Iti old pot and ibeke off or scrape
away any grit that comes easily.
But If tbe plant bai a tight hall ot
roots, wltb loll firmly wedged between
tbem. it lu better not to disturb ibis,
but merely to use a larger pot (ur It.
Take your new pot, which ibould be
clean and dry, cover tbe hole at tbi
bottom wltb a broken crock, hollow
•Ide dowuward and cover thla again
wltb a few smaller pieces.
Tben put In a little freib soil at (hi
bottom and place tbe plant upright on
tbli. Flit In all round wltb fresh soil
and ram It In firmly wltb a wedge
shaped piece of wood.
Very siniili pots, however, only need
to bave the soil made llrm by pressing wllh lhe lingers A rim an Inch
deep ..huiiiii be left between Hie top of
tbe pot and the soil of a five luch poL
After repotting plants should ulwayi
be watered and kept for a duy or two
In a rather warmer pluee tban uiuil.
Never uso sour, exhausted soil from
the garden for repotting, but get good
One loam. A small quuullty of tbli
cau lie bought at uny good nursery. It
should, when used, be Jusl moist
eniiiicli lo elm;: together, but uot wet
or sticky,
If there Is a leaf heap lu your garden some of the most decoyed ol tbli
may be mined with tbe aoll at tbe bottom of the pot.
Potting aoll should always bave a
little coarse .mul mixed with It, aa tbli
helps to keep il sweet
Laundry Work Msde an Ideal Occupation by This Contrivance.
' If, us sume cynics prupbesy, men are
to reign In the dumestlc realm In ibi
near future we muy get an Inkling ot
tbe reason lor tbu perfection of thc
labor suvlug devices they are luventlug
lo muke Hie duiug of domestic duties
uu Ideul pastime. The vacuum cleauer
wai but' a beginning; tbe rucuum
clothes washer is ibeir latest achieve
iiinii. of having ill your clotbei
washed lu twenty mluulcs without
auy bund labor by a purely scleniillc
device tbat has uu cogs uor wheels to
tear tbe clothes aud Ibul bas Hie additional virtue of being so simply constructed iii.ii Ji cannot get out of order.
This vucuum Wniber la funnel sbupe
In form, wolgiiTiwu uud a half puuuds.
Is leu Inches Wide and twelve uud a
half Inches high aud will Ut In auy
wash holler. 11 Is made of pure polished ilne uud therefore will uellber rust
nor corrode and Is practically imlc
To have ll wash your clotbei you fill
Ibo wusb buiier half full of water uud
pluee lbe vacuum wushcr Inside wilb
soiled clothes loosely around IL Neither
clotbei uur wuler should extend higher
thuu one Inch from tbe top or tbi
cleaner. Theu suup powder or Uuely
shaved suap Is put Into lbe water. Ai
Mi'iii ui lhe water comet to the boll thi
steam created forcei the bot uapy
wuter tbfougb Ibe o|ieulug of tbe top.
Tbe force of suclluu then keeps tbi
wetcr circulating, und tbe boiling audi
aud water keep rushing und sucking
through ibe clolbes at tho rale of live
uuii,um per mli,uie. through uud
through, again uml uguin. until al Ibe
ciplrulluu of twenty minutes IOU gul-
lous of water have pcnelruted through
every liber of lhe clolbes. Then ihey
ore removed aud rinsed. The rinse
waters ure found dirtier thou usual,
but even Ibe must soiled pieces aro u
while ss snuw.
Quaint Embroidery.
Quaint, old in i,,"in ii embroidery ll
tbe rage nowadays, uot ouly for fancy
• nli les. bul for dress trimmings as
Uver In Paris ihe great designers ot
women's apparel are using all sorts of
curious old designs In wool, silk and
linen embroidery to trim tbeir mister-
Floral designs worked wltb wool on
emu us arc the ucweat conceit tbat hu
uiiigiii tbe fancy of tbe French modiste Tbli U uot at all dllUcult te do
ind can easily be copied by auy om
wbo can use ■ needle iud Is clever
with color comblnnUoui.
Or Ihe canvai can be bought nump
id hi colon, reedy to be worked.
Tbese come lo collar end cuff seta, veil
patterns, bands iud revers tbat add a
most attractive touch lo a somber
gown, especially It Uie embroidery bi
done In bright colon.
One und one bulf puunds of brown
sugar, one cup of milk, butter the size
of au egg, one pound of Knglisli walnuts flu ibellsi and sixteen marsbmal-
lows, which should he fivsb md soft
Shell Ihc walnuts and cut In imal)
pieces Put sugar, milk find butter to
boll In agntc loqcepan null) • thick
sirup: idd thl m.irshuinlloivi. illrrlnii
nluiost constantly When dissolved re
move from Ure. add walnuti. beat I
UUI*. then put In ranllla. which, however, Is nol necessary Md miy m
omitted. Pour in n grouted cblna dlsb
tud cut In tqusres Tbli li I delicious
I ,
paine & McMillan
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Yoii can buy a 60-foot lot on Osborne Roud, ll/, blocks eist of
Lonadale Avenue, for Sbiin.ilil, on tonus of one t|ii..rtor rssb, and
the i, 1I..11., over 18 months.
Emiiiire about tins wbile One Dollar Shsres aro selling for Fifty
v       Cents.   CALL or WRITE for Prospectus.
Pbone 162 V. 0. Boi 11897
The Monarch Malleabli
Everybody knows the Monarch.    If you intend
jiuri'linsing a Range this fall, it will pay you lo investigate the Monarch,    ll costs less, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood than any other malleable range'
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Plione 88
105-7 Esplanade West
Ing tliu (liivurniir Qtne.nl nf tboir luy
alty to the ilrown. Tlmi.gli Hum
biofs thuy presented Ills llnynl High
'   tl
we're n credit tu tliu people and tu
evident snurrii pf aii mn to tin
Hui.e as the King's mprpsimtntlvn Tin
address was suitably uimasod ami em,
tains a scries nf. itdmiiahle pluturuu iif
typical Indian life, ami nu n suivenii
alone, apart from lielng a ipismlid t,
suratinii nf loyalty, will ilnulitlcss in
triiusilrml by llpi royal huusu. Thu ad
dress ns read to tliu lliiicrnnr by Mr.
.1. Plinllny, sociBtarytieasurer pf the
Kipiaiult'h Indian luuiinll, wra as follows i
"To Ills, Royal Highness lie pulfu i
Cunnaiiirni,    Qoyornor   Uoiitrul   u.
('iiniidii. i
".Mnl 11 |iie,i'.'. yuur Hn ul l|l|[lnus.i
"Wu, lliu ropresuiitullvca nl j urt ul
Uin  Indian  I "I-uillilnii ul  Hinii'ii  I'nl-
iiinln.i   tbu Si|il.uuiiili, 11. . Ii.ii. Sl uu , i
1. iulu,,,,.,.     ii,,111,1,,    und    i',:.,.   i...
lilllillS,  Sllll,I u, .    tills   .,,,,,, I ,,inj ■   of in-
. luiin to your ii",ni ni, .I.., un
In tbe im inu, ii, ol yuur family, .. cor
Uul   mill   iiiuiii   Iiu,nil    u. l,uli,,.   |u   llllS
lllld, which has been Ihe llu'im ot uui
n'u, .iee.'! inuii lime iiinm ,,,, ii.,i unt
wu trust that lliu brief aujnuru li' your
liny ul iiiui.ii,. muy I.e ul sueh nature
thut you will limit buck In It In imu,
.vuurs wllh much ....ii i .ui
e "Wu desire ihul yuur Hoyul Hlnli
ness wuuld ."im: In His Majesty Min
ili ,,ii , the i'luli uur sincere eigres-
elun nf luyulty lu his inujssty's iiursnn,
us well us uui- duvulluil to Ilie HrlCs-i
et'iiwii. Nur would w.i forget tu impress nui' luvnlty lu Die i m.i, ni ul
Ciinndii nl which yuiii- Hoyul Hlghnes.-
Is tbu beilil.
"(In litis , eu.u.'i,ni we wish tn Vlllfe
mil' ii|i|)reclutbin nf the hnoii nf cluis-
tluu . r. in.:uii,ui im,milu tn us by llu
early   nilsslminry  und   foslursd   uy  a
liiiti't'iiiil I.,,', i inn, ni   which has I i
ut nil limes earnest ntul uetlvu In
.iui,iuuu,. ilu- welfare nf the Irlhui
uml ihu welfare uf uur children,
"(lui ubl men. whu weru children nl
llie finest  when tliu while mull can-
ilbl nul knuw wbal blessings weru lu
follow   lu   lln-   train   uf  ii-IIkIuii   ami
irnuil,, unverniueiit,  hut nuw uui'  . i.i!
. 1 itu   ),,|1,,u    ilie   new   way   uml   uur
ii n   ure   i l.ul   .
"The iii'iu'liitnii'iii uf a oominlsalunei
tu lunl' Intn tin- iiuuul,:, whieh have
lul'u existed amul'K uur people Is an
evidence uf the place we hub! lu lln
llearla uf those wlm rule us. II Is u
uinll.'i' uf ureal moment tu us. and we
sincerely Iruel 1 la ji t li will rcsuli sutla-
faelni'lly lu nil concerned.
"Thni I'llll' liuvul lllirhlii-sa sliuiilil
culile sn fur In see us ulvcs us every
ciiniiilfuce ilmi mn Interests will he
"Wu iiiui Unit llie protective hand nl
ilml   will  nreeprve   vuur  Huval   llluh-
llcss iillil   llle  I eliiveil  inelullefs uf yuul
fiuuiiv iiiniuiinuiit iiii- wimiu ,uf your
(.nil uiv
"Ulili   I.ivIiik   reuanls   We   liinnlil
slllieiTllic   ourselves   Ih''   devilled   ami
iilieilliiiil Servants ul your Royal High-
Chief Hunv Siiiiiinilsb,
i'iiiii' i ,n ,    Hechell,
Chief Tnni Shannon,
chief .llllillll  Klllllnnse.
Ai-iimt rhl,r iiiiiiiiiii"
Chief James Stayer I'erfihcituli"
Governor-General's Reply to
Indian Address
Tu  Ihia address the Hummer fleu
erul replied in Hie fnllnwiiig lenns;
"I am very hap|iy' in receive j.nir
iiilitiess uf Welcome, and alsu yuur
wurda uf loyalty tu n» Throne, wbleh
I slmll have iii'iil ,1'luiisuie In Hans
ii,mint lu Ills M.ili si,  hi li it Hongc V
"I nnt ftlnil i" li, ui ium expression
nf suilsr.n ilmi ui the conditions iu
which yuu live, ami I irusi lh.il tin
enquiry now )„>li>it cundiieled hy in)
•'imiiilssi.iiii t i ii Jt > result In lusl iee tie-
Inn dune   uml general sallsfaciluii eli-
"II is i vi t llu desire uf llle Kin- 1111,1
in Inn,, ilul iiuv,•ruin, nl, as uf myself
unil uf my (liiverament. tu iruul all
liilllsh subjects fairly uiul In Hull
Inst sulviililaue I'lrcuuiHlanci.s some
(Inns cuuse dlssullsfflcliun aiming cer-
lain sections uf lln- pupulullon, Iiu'
nruvlilcl llic iiulillc i,,.,ini.mi us yuu
buve ilmi,- their belief In the pom)
f.illti uf their rulers, Ihc mailer ul
I'limillallll will mil. li. he llll J UH I till ill
iu i"lullim e will) jlislli-e uiul llle law uf
Hie lnml
"I Iiniuii yuu for yuul' K'luil wishes
in uns, If ami tny i.n n nn uur lunr
Iniini,'). ami inn)' lliul lhe huh.ie. uI
liiHsh Columbia Inu) always continue
iu he liapi')' ami luusi.eruils In Ihis
i.eiiiiilful cuunlry. which has been the
home nl lli>Ir ancestors fur su many
Kenc rations."
The (Jovernor flcneral then waived
and shook by Ine bund uver a score ut
Indian Chiefs. Chief •Charlie t'owiehtn,
whu is ninety fuur years uid, uiul wbu
was presented iu Indian costume, bow
cl twice tu his lloyal lllghnYss and cun
eluded by kissing the Duke's baud.
On descending frnm the grand itand
ufler receiving u pat nn Hie buck und
a smiling reply fruni llic Governor
licncnil llic iigc.l chief was beseiged by
rniotugraphers, fur whom in goon
iiiitmiredly posed. The Indian pre
sent net were: Chief Hurry Kipiuiuish,
Chief .1..hm. Sceliell, Chief Turn Shan
nmi, Chief Julian Klukuinie, Acting
Chief   lliinialeu,   Chief   .lames   Stager
•    ♦
I'l'ii'licrtiiu,     i hul     i im ,.,
Charlu- cliueiniis. t'liiel .1 in Si|iinini.-
ll.I..* Hull....    .  .1  ,       l.ul I	
North Lonsdah
Cheapest huraetlU in North Vancouver, 10 ft. lot within il blocka of
Lonsdale Avenue, only $376.00. Terms WS cash, I, 12 and 18
Local Agent* for Britiall Empire Horae Insurance pa., London Asturuuci
Company ,
Wt will be pUutd to have linings; also home* for salt or rent.
FkM* m V. o. vn uu
I hurtle < tin, nn,- I ,.n I .1 iii r.i|iinlni.-li,
Chief Malthas ' npilaiiu, i Ind .lames
Alert Km, liner Julin Mn, Lim..".
Chief Churles Nnilli, i Imt .luu I hi j
kit, Chief l.llehslliil, i/,inlliu, llnei
flenrgc llitrr.v. Chief .Imui W.-.-li.ll,
Chief 1 'hurtle Ciiwicliiiii, duel' Scvniu.ir
I'liuiiinniis, Chief Henri Hiiniliell, Cliief
Hilly iiiipiillsiii, chief Tnni •Iiiiiiiiiii.li.
Chief .lusepll Mis- un, I Inel Ueurge Nn
il, Chief Jimmy Hurry.
A ilisliucll) ph'iisiug feature of lbe
iiflcriniun 's prueec'lings wss n piitriulu
snug rendered by the scholars ul the
Indian Mission > wmi Tin lull'' lu
liun songsters sceini.I lu lune a cun j
uniii. Iuue ul Ibeir uwn acl certainly
treated llmr luyal dill) imb evt-rj I
credit lu tlieiiiselves ami Iiu n Icsclnrs
'flic i Illlllnil lleeulllpuilicl Ilull M.llg
wilb apprupriulc irtnl crfc-tiic geslures,
bowing very low al emit repetition uf
"your llnynl Highness."    Ai,lln- i lose
of Ibeir effort J lie Ilul -, mied Imiii
lllc gruii'l sliiicl mnl milked inlu hie
nn,l-l nl tin linlnr, n He asked In be
introduced tuftsin Mar) Amy, nl the
Ht. Caul's si Intnl. aiul spoke words ul
eiicuuragi'iiii nl lu lui aii<i ber liltle,
pupils,    ilic  iliil,|iui   responded   uuii j
lllll'l    el Ir       llellirillllg    lu    the   (llllli,I
In. f I slim.i Iiis llnynl Highness uus heard In
uguin remark lu his aide de camp Hint
Ibe children snug rt'inurkuhl)   uell,
The Governor-General and
North Shore Kiddies
'I'liruugllniil the aflernuuii llic Hm
erinir Heneral shuued eniititiuuiis npprc
"iniiiin ul tin pari uiiii h Ihc i li11.1r.-ii
piuyc'l in In- .-nl .-rl ii i ii iim- i. r. I',mug
finivcrsnlum with Mayor McNeish be
nuiiii' speeial itieiilinn uf the youngsters
iiml uus- pluinly lunched by Ihc spied
did   r |ilniii  uul  scud uli   Ibal   Ihey
ic ■•',,,loi iiiiii. Kspecially pleased, alsu,
,||i| lie sniii uh.ui sp'iiillilicuils i heers
wire given Inr Hie llilehess of I'uii
iiiiiiiiiii un.l Iiis popular dinigbler. I'rlti
cess I'lllll'111 Aller a illpllblc sele.
Iiiiii uf bllml music by the I iiilian'linnd,
prcjiarutinns ucre made lur tb'|iarliire,
Tbe i unu,han Kngiueers and Iluy
Senilis Ini'l already marched fruni the
park  ami   had  lined   Lunsdule  avenue
Indian Commissioner
Due ut lln distinguished vlsilnrs uf
Hie .In) uus In M. Ki mm, llie limerii
ur Heiieral's commissioner 11nm Oiiaus
impiiriiig iulu Indian cuii'litinns Hr.
M. Ki imu cuincrseil wilb liis llnylfl
Highness fut several uiinules, ami uu
being i|iie.iiiiinii In11 r li) ii representa
Ine "I tin I us j,i,.-. staled Iluu ihc
I'ul' liii'l expressed the gteut interest
lie Ini'l taken in ibe purl played by the
Indians m Hie uf-teriiotiii's proceedings.
Hr. Mi Km na iii.ii spuke highly nf the
spicii'li'l work being dune by Mr,
llyrne, liidian agent, who is Itnuuu lue-
nil) tu huve eulilrihiilei! largely tu
wards Hie siiiecs-cs achieved by tliu
I n.l in tt.-. uu tins <>i eiisiun.
Cheque Towards Nurses'
Fund Presented
park lu Ihi'l
Highness is
Shoe Talks
Quality, Style, Comfort
Are three essentials when buying footwear.
Drop in our store and pick out a pair of Shoes. Examine the leather
aud wfkkniansblp, note the appoarance. Try them on and walls
about the, atore jn tbem. You will be convinced that our Shoes
have theae thru essentials combined wilb s fourth, vli:
The balance of^our stock of Ladiea' low cuts Special lo clear 11.90;
Hen't Oiforda ln black or tan t'l.th.
Sea our window for new Fall Stylet.
P. 0,1815       PIRST STREET EAST •       Tel. 393
Irum lbc I'lilranec lu Ih
I'cii) wharf, liis Ituiul
>..t.l u,.innlim,- Inni ii
iiimiiI liim at the eulruiie
su llllll  he might  Ullll,  llll
mure lurcfull) cvuiiiiiiti
urt li.
'I'lie Hnvernur ficncrul's  ride  tu  Ihc
uliiul ua-   tu   the   inn uiiipliinmciil   uf
sliuiilil   I
iii lln- park,
distance ami
lliu    Inn .11
r I
Mr.   Alesi
e Huurd ul
tile  lllll l'l
fu    prescnl     lu    I.
ellcijll,'    luuill'l-
uaugbi s imui in
Inriun Order nl
said: "Your Id
Hie buiiur lu a sl,
uniii.  president   uf
un being presented
ii nil, luul, iieciisiiiii
-.   ih,)al   Higliness  a
Hie     Dlllll,.,.    i,|'    1 nil
nul ul' the Huyal Vie
N.ii-e.-.    Mr' Smith
yal  Higliness, I have
yuil lu accept un be
uliiul ua- In llic ll.-1- nni J .11 ij - in i -ii i ui ine iiuiiui in i,-i, uui n/ ueecj'l ull lie
iiiuiu uiitliursls ut cheering, uuly druwn Jmli ul the Nurlh Vuiieuiiver Huard uf
ed by lhe slrepilus bugle bluwing utfl'rinlc Hie en. In-i .1 cbei|Ue towards lhe
Hie lluv Senilis. On arming al Ihiafuii'l uf Hie lloyal Vnluruin tinier uf
whurf bis Huyal Highness buardi'd lhe| Nurses This sum was ciiiilribuleil, in
ferry ami bade adieu In Muyur Mr response tu lhe appeal nf Ihe Duchess
Neisb. Keen  Mm uml lleove \clsun.       ul I'uiiuaiiubl. l.i Hie rili/eiis uf Nurlh
Duke Comments on His Visit
Tu lliese gentlemen bis Ituiiil High
nc.-s ume,I Ins gnat satisfaction willi
lhe ui'l. riiuuii lie had spent on llic
Nurlli Shore. Scenically ami frum
ever) ulher point of licw Ilis visil, lie
,1" line.I, (uul lieen une uf pc'ssiire ami
,le|,",,| |l, :,.1..I III Iill.i preseiileil
lu lum Captain Kcnney, wbu uus
, 'iiuiiiun.l ul Hie Number Three F
and niiiilii, the cii|itH)ii bv Ihc In
Ins lluini lllglllli'ss eulnpliliieuleil
ii|,.,<i lhe cleanliness uf lbe ship and
upon ilic cUii miu) uf Ins crew.
Mtuiulillg un lbe upper deck the I'm:
eruor tic'uoral wns seen tu raise hi:
uul in final-uili'-u In Hie people of llu
Norlb Shure.
A Memorable Day Unmarred
by Mishap
from eieri slumlpuifil lhe Duke of
i'uii nn uj; lii', visil In the three muui
cipulilics nf Hie Nurlli Shure eun unlv
I"1 ri-galdcil us a uutiibh' success, A
very greul iiinniinl nf - rcdil ll due tu
Ihc city clerk, Mr, W. Austin llr»WH,
wliu, as director uf 'in unlliics, bamlled
lii.- difficult iiulil. i, gilmirublc
ftshinu. Tbe iiulilie elwi ,m'.. thanks
lu llll chiefs nf l"'li"' und their men
for Ibeir capable - ricilliiiii'c pf llic
alierji'ii/u 's |irueec<liiigs. Tlius" ullicers
leiiiiuici were Chief ul I'olice Duiies.
Chief of I'olice l.iltun uud t'onslalilc-
Hriiiiib), Weir, Sliunniiii, Kennedy und
Adams, while, llic remainder of tlie
local and district forcei were on duly
eiiliier ut ihe park under command of
Sergeant Hlewart or tt the various
ttrttt iutsisei linm.
fV»\ li) 11 pf In tlii' Jlfijn
ui ''oiniiiiiylii, I»\ Uii
Vam-uuvir     li' ll.
iil uf llic llijrlii'MK
ih/iiif* nl' North
-l'imii ini' ftivat
j-lrjiMiri' in ij-.m.-i ni -o' wjirlli) n
niiiM^" Tu linn iIk* Duke rcjilii'i'l;
"I um nun' tUc Ifui'liMMi will In- ilfligtit
fil .ui'l \oi will duulilloM ri'ii'tw' uu
ajtijuttlnl^iiiriii fruiil Ikt |MTM»iully
in 'Iiir rourvc.
Drugs at
City Prices
North Shore Drug Co.
V. 8. THOMAS, Mm. B.
Druggltt, lie Eiplanad* Wttt


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