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Voposed Extension of City Boundaries
MB, J. F. FBLL OUTLINES CONDI Icopt tho offer of the government, lliu
TIPNfl QOVEBNINQ INCLUSION     Worship had boon talking to Ur. Sto
OV D. L. 878
In tho courso of last night's session
of the city council, ovor which Muyor
ItcNoish presided, a lotter was read
from the secretary of the eity ferriei
informing tho council thut u malting
fit shareholders will tnko place at the
'liimpuny's office neit Tliursduy for the
purpose of considering the advisability
of grunting saluries to tho directors.
Tho mayor mentioned that tho matter
had been tulked over by.too directors
uml tbo opinion had boon espresso.I
tbat they should bo in rocolpt of some
remuuurutioii similar to that paid aldermen of the council. It wus decided
that the mayor who would in any cue
utti'nii tho meeting,, should represent
the council,
lu reply to n letter from tho secretary of the school buard the 'council
authorised the city treasurer, un ro
ceipt of disbursement wnrrunts signed
I'i the Inul.Imp und griiuinls commit
tee, to issue payment fur wurk done un
lhe ichool grounds. The trustees also
desired thu eouncll to fix the date fer
a eonferonco uu variuiis matters pertaining to Ibe city schools. "Wednes
day nighl ut eight o'clock iu thc cily
hull was thi; time and place chosen,
'i'i..' urtlng city engineer untitled the
council lhat it would cost the eily
ubout the sum ul 1808 tu placo stroel
signs ul each struct intellection with
in the Ihuvelleil purl of the cil}'- The
mayor characterized Ibis us u step badly
neoded. Tho llounl uf Wurks and the
■ ailing engineer, Mr. Wcsl, were author
i/d tu look ufler the mailer.
The engineer niuo recommended lliut a
horse valued al ubout iiln be pun-bus
nl fnr thc purpoie uf street cleaning
tiic atoed to be under lhe control uf tbr
llounl uf Works.
A lengthy Idler emanated frum Mr.
.1. P. Fell, stating lhat the Inayur ami
Alu. Dick had suggested to him Ihut
lbc rily boundaries should be cxlciule.l
bi including D. I. 117:' or at any rutc
thul portion Including Moodyvills Mill
mi i.ni by Captain HcywomH.oiixilulc
and Mr Fell and covering au ana of
ubuut 11H7 acres. Mr. Fell uut lined cur
lain i-iiuilitiuns ucci'Kj.ury iu his upiu
voiis about it aud tbe niombor hail expressed tbe opinion that be did not
think there was a ponlbility of auy
Othor consideration tban Ine (IKI/iOII
niontiouoil by tho arbitrators.
Aid. Fiircuiun woudoroil whether, in
tbo event of tbo government securing
the lite for post office purpuses, the
city wuuld bo allowed tho uso of the
hull for some time.
Abl. Forciniin was strongly in favor
of Iho bylaw going to tho people. II
was merely a question uf chuugiug the
situ frum one public purpuse to another.
Ho hud understood from Mr. Stevens
that the eity could hold the hall for
civic purposes for sonic time to conic.
It wus not likoly thut the government
would start to build ut onco. Mr.
Stevens had us much us said lhat Hi
council of IHU had stated that this
sito coulil bu hud fnr 170,0110 Hail the
bylaw been submitted ut Ihul time it
wuuld have doubtless passed. Tne
present sum wus u very considerable In
Aid. Dick strongly advocated stand
ing by the award of their urbitruturs
lu 11)11 a definite proposition wus put
to the government ut $75,01)1) ur the
alternative proposition uf arbitration.
The proposed bylaw as advertised
was then read twice, Aid. Dick ami
Aid.   McKuo  boing  dissentients.
The fullowing ropurls of committed
were formally read ami approved:
Board of Worka Committee—
Tho committee recommended that
Queombury Avonue be closed from Ullli
to llllli streets ou east side uf Hie
Boulevard as it is impassible and engineer tu put up burricades and signs
to lhat effect.
Recommended thut re lot BOlfli 1171
the eugineer move culvert to u mure
suitable location.
Recommended l)iat requests of Mrs.
C. lierry fur sidewalk past luls I lu o
North Shore May Lose Phone Service Air Compressor Plant in Operation
TIlO    B.    0.    Telephone    r,iiup;<ll<     1)01
stated, tiiruugh curtain uf its ulliciuls,
that tbo North Shure stuudsun excellent
change of being deprived of uuy tele
phone service whutever unless the government tukes sume iiiiinediutc slops
iu the matter. Ah Mr. F. ,1. Mctluugiiu
explained u littlo time agu, the company bus boon oiidoavuring for many
months tu procure a route I'or u cubic
across the Inlet ulong the ferry route,
but ull hough ussuruni'i's hud been roceivoil thai the Minister of Murine
wuuld approve lhe route, nu official
documents have yd come to huml. The
greater portion uf the necessary cable
is iu readiness in Vancuuver aud unly
awaits the authorising uf the ruute.
On the instullutiuu uf the new cubic
the compuuy will be ut liberty tu make
sundry improvements in the service.
ilr. Mueliiiugiiii, when usked recently
what course the compauy wuuld pur
sue if the cubic route wero nul granted
implied that such a lum in events
would indefinitely deluy those cou
teniplnted improvements uml might end
in the company installing un addition.
ul route across the Second Narrows. II
bus been stilled thul the Telepbouc
company's application is meeting with
strenuous opposition from the Hustings
Mill Cumpuuy who fear that the laying
uf a cable in that vicinity may niter
inclusive,  block   'in .M.i   from  Chester
held tu Muhun aveuue be granted,
Itecommemlod that Aid. Hiss discuss
mill John Km the gelling out und
crushing of rock, machinery required
etc., ami bring iu u reporl ul ncxl
Men in'' eveuing.
Itecummeuilcl that Jonei avenue be
gruded frum Uth to Lyoli Place and the
water laken care of.
Hecommoudcd that lhe plun fur i lies
li ili. 1J Dock as submitted by the en
gineer be accepted ami tenders in ae
| corilaiice be called for.
These consideration!  were thai   inn,    llecuminciiilcd that the reipiesljif Mr.
acres of this district lut having already McKceiio tu put iu a box drain across
been cleared labuot :.'.. acres being cov   Fell aveuue be left in the hands of Ine
ered  by road ■ allowance!)'   thc city I engineer ami  buildiug inspector with
■bould pay lhe eusl ur lhe greater pari  puwer to act.
of lhe eusl uf clearing tbeso ruad allow ' tin and Light Coinmlttoo-
uiicck Hint Ihu subdivision of Ibis dis !    l(ecommended  lhat  thi' som of |2u
trict lol hail recently been altered In! be paid to Mj, W. J. Masacy fur expert
conform with Ibo   government    road, service re udection of autu choniical
Ihruugli Moodyville iu order lhal Hey   combination hose wagon,
wood street  might  conned  with this Water Committee
government ruud ni Third street. Thisj    Thc committee considered the lenders
wuuld provide a low level nJud with I received fur sleel water pipe. Th i
easy grades from the Ksplauade orI gineer recommended Ibal the lender of
1st slrect lu Keith mail at Lynn Creek. I Messrs. Kvaus, Coleman ami Kvani for
The eily wuuld be expected lu open I COW! lineal feel 10.iuch diameter by
up and grade llcywood itreet within .110 iuch thick lap welded sled pipe
us short a lime as possible from llrd ( at 11.83 per fl. be accepted The pipe
street lo Kcilh road ; that lhe i ily Ito be dolivered on wharf North Ven
sin.ulii put thc-Moodyvillo waler intu a I couver free of all rhargea nn Atlantic
| , ■ instead uf in a ditch aa ioou as lbc | steamers and over land in three months
road is graded and opened up lhat the
nty should pay lhe cost of any tilling
or hnlkheadiiig which inighl be dune
on lhe foreshore in front of Koneerd,
llrookshauk, ur Olldilone avenues us
pan nf a general improvement schciii",
Ihe owners lo give up the righls Ibey
have to foreshore in front of tbli itreot
and in their lease tram tbe crnwni that
tbe cily should undertake to extend its
lowcrago system to D. L, 111 wltbln n
given period; thai the cily shoobl agree
lo eipeud a ccrlaiu sum in laying side
walki and griding streets in tbis dis
Iricl  lot  wilblu  tbe next  two years
The commillee decided lo recommend
to Ibe couucil thai this lender be ic
forks ud Cemetery Committee
Tho commillee decided lo recommend
thai touders be called for Ibe eleariug
ami grubbing of tie acres more nr less
of the reuietery grounds.
Lanea Committee
loincs between 1st and Ksplauade,
cast of Lomdale to be fixed and rock
pul on ai far aa Dickinson k Son's
Une at back of cily hall for ubiful
Hii) feet to be gruded and a few luads
1'cre with the anchoring of vessels ul
their wharves,.
During the lust few days the plul
has again thickened. Nurlh Vuncuu
ver is at the present served by u cable
laid iu lbc water main across the Fin I
•iiurrows. The dredge Muslodon is operating here und iu Ihe very near I"
lure Ihu cable will lio directly in the
path ul lhe dredge The wurk upun
which the Mustudun is cnguged demands
Ihul lhe waler main shull be removed,
Unless the government, therefore, tnkci
some timely action, ahe company will
lie precipitated into uu uwkivurd sil
uuliou so fur us the Nurth Shure is
concerned. Diluiiug on the mailer yes
lerday Mr. II. II. llulso, the secretary
uf the company, said "I'nlcss we are
given some idea sunn uf iihul the guv
eminent intends lo do iu Ibe mutter,
Ninth Vancouver is likely tu be cut uff
from telephone sen ice. This is pu
threat. It is the situation facing us al
present. The dredge in the First Nar
rows will soon be within reach of Ine
cable uml will, therefore, place it in
daugcr. We want tu know where we
may lay lbe cable uud just us soon as
wc ure given word we will slurl the
The eily cuuucil al a recent meet
ing pnsscil u rcsululiun tu be forwarded
tu lbc government uskisg for expcili
hull iu Ibis matter.
Y. P. S. C. E.
The topic for the evening wus "Tbe
I lie of llobert Moffat" Owing lo Miss
'. ilm ii being 'inn I .!> lo ultend. the
topic wus read by Mr. Knowles.
It waa suggested that Ihe Society
have u dchiiic once every monlli. and
tarried. Mr Houston, convenor of Ibo
Topic committee, will submit sume
subjecta lo debate upon,
All welcome in mi
Cor. Sec.
Mr. s. Graves is suffering from an
acute attack of pueumuuia.
Muy Day dance tomorrow night in
tho Iiisiiiuie Hall. Thc Irustuos invite
nil members ami thusu wishiug tu bo
come, also tboir friends to spend a
good time from 8 o'clock to midnight
Arrangements havo been made with
tho N. V. City Hum! for a grand cou
cert uud dance iu the Institute Hull un
Wednesday, May 15th, Chance's or
s In ns will be iu attendauco at the
Afler the regulur Sunduy evening ser
vices a joint meeting of the members'
ami uilherenls of the Methodist and
Presbyterian congregations was held tu
discuss the lii|unr licence question. The
meeting wus held iu the Institute Hall
and it was ununiinuusly decided by the
lurge audience to protest any npplica-
tiuu for u licence in the Vulley. It
wus decided to petition tho licence com-
missionors to this effect. A petition bus
been ilruwu up ami is now in circulu
lion. s-
Preliminary Work on Bice Lake Noces
iltntea Intonating System.
Of Local Interest
I wtbal thc city should extend its water   of rock put down reit of lone lo end of
NClKl system  lo tbii district  lol I* block; to bav'e holea filled in and put
ioou ty required by residents; snd that' iu shape
Ibe clly Mould agreo lo pay whatever
costs may be Incurred in the legal pro-
cess of extending Ihe city bouudurr.'i
I bus. Mr. Fell also expressed Milling
ncss lo confer with Iho couacil.lu re
gird to the matter. The ijueilion wu
referred to committee of tbo whole,
Aid. Bin said tbat in view of tbe
fact lhat Mr. /. C. Williams wished to
erect a builnou block on the comer of
ltl, and Lomdale, tbo Board of Worki
recommend thai Ibe onginecr be empow
pttibto commence grading at lhat corner.  Thii was formally agreed to-
Tbe mayor iban slated tbit it waa
oceswy lhat nigh! lo decide what
Ihey were going lo do about Ibo city
ball lilo'byliw. Tbo (jueilioo it Wm
propoied to submit to the people waa
whither of not thay were going Ip M-
Jane between 2nd and 3rd si recti
(ium 81. (leorge's lo ravine lo be clear
ed and rough graded.    ^
Une betweou .'ini and lib il reels
from St. (leorge's to ravine to be clear
ed and rough graded.
lane between Ith and Ctb ilreels
I/oiisdale Io St. Patrick's and lane be
twecn Ctb and CUi streets, Lonidale to
St. Patrick'a to be cleared aod rough
10 foot Uue between 8tb and Victoria Park to be cleared.
Une between Ctb and Keith road
from St. Heurgc's Is) McNnir's property
to be cloared and graded.
Uno through block 97 lo be fleered
ud rough graded.
lane tbrougb block tt to be cleared
Md rough graded u far aa powible.
Lasl evening lbc Imal Kpwurlli league
meeting under Iho charge of Mr. Leon
ard Osborne, whu gave a Ilne stirring
uddress entitled "Self cousccration"
Several ethers also spoke ulung the
aame line.
Noxt Monday evening aunuul elei
liun of officers. Kvery member is ex-
peeled lo be on hand.
All Ihe lanes in block ill to be.clear
cd and graded.
Unes in blocks Ol, 01, 00, 112, USA
to be cleared and graded.
Unes in block 120 to be cleared and
graded aa far as possible.
I ,n ncs in lilock 138 to bo rough
graded uml ll. fl. Electric poles wnlcb
ia on the line to bo removed.
Une in block in.', to be cleared and
graded ai far ai owned by lbc cily.
Une through block 80 to be permn
nont graded.
Lane next to Si. Alice Hole) to ber
permanent graded.
Unci in blocks 100 and 107 to be
permanently graded.
Kntrance to line in block 108 off
Oheetorfleld avenue to be lud.
Mrs. Oeo. W, Campbell, '166 Hub SI.
Kast, will not receive tomorrow nul
again this seasuu.
The Kev. II. O, Hluuilen, formerly
minister of Hie First llaplist church of
Ihis city, occupied Hie pulpit uf Ihut
church ou Sunday eveuing.
Mrs. M. McMillan, tor. 10th and St.
Andrew's, wishes to announce thut she
will not be ut home uo Tliursduy, Muy
Ilml, »"» uny mure until autumn.
The third uml liual reading of the
city hull sile byluw luok pluee this
morning in order to huve the byluw in
legul reudiiiess lur publication Ibis ul
.losepb l.cl'lunt wns this morning
sentenced lo .'III days liur.l lubor uu u
barge of drunkenness. It is undcrstuud
Ihut there is unulhcr little matter lu
be taken up with Juseph on his hbcru
lion. •
At tho invitation uf 1'ruf. II. Iv Mac
liaghtcn ubuut Ihu students uf the Mc
Hill university atlemled u special per
furinuiicc uf "Our Boys" at the Lons
dale iIn-ill i.- uu Saturday nigbt. Tbo
Hidden l.cl'uige compauy bundled lbe
evergreen comedy iu splendid style, the
students expressing delight with thu
whole performance,
The society columns of 'he Times
II. i.ii,l uf I).ills Texas, recently cun
laincd an item which will In' uf Iui ul
inlerest as fullows;
To announce the engagement of her
cuUsin, Miss Muy ituberla Findluy of
Vaacouver, ll. '.'., lo Thomaa (I irroiv of
Nurlh Vuncuuver and iu honor uf Miss
'Idu U I'rello, whose marriage lu Mr.
Flint is to take place un Wcdneiday uf
this week, Mrs, A. M W. Furresler
guie un eluburale luurhcou uud bridge
party today at the Dallas Country club.
Tu illiniums e the engagement Mrs
Forrester told the secret witb niuviog
pictures, using the pbutugraphs uf the
town elect, Miss Findluy and lhe
use they are to live in iu North Vun
couvcr, After the anuoouceiiient the
pictures of the Flint U Prelle wed
ding party and tbe luncheun guests
were thrown on the screen.
Miss Findlay, witb her mother, has
beon the gueit tbli winter of Mrs.
White and Mrs. Forrester, aud her mar
riage to Mr. Harrow will doubtless luke
place in Dallas some time in June.
The game soovoolrs were parasols
uud silk hose.
Tho work of driving tho 1.000 foot
tunnel through tho hill from Lynn
Creek to drain Rico Lako preparatory
to converting It into a storage reservoir for the local waterworks system,
has necessitated the introluetiou uf un
iutorosting scheme of oxcuvation. The
work of driving tho tunnel had pro
grossed satisfactorily, for about HIU
foot when the flea gave way with u
mixture uf ijuieksuml and water. The
samo condition! wero experienced ivlien
a previous attempt was made ubuut 200
feet south of the present scene of operations. It was found impossible tu
crib through this material uml Mr
(leo. iiiiini. city waterworks supcriu
leinleiii. decided to inaugurate an uir
compressor plum iu which the workmen
will this week curry un the excavations
behind un uir light chamber uud undo'
a pressure of ubuut lu pounds to the
square inch.    This meuus that the wu
of soft material will bo sustained by
an air pressure qf 2,100 pounds to tho
squure foot which will bo sulliciont to
witbstunii uny cave in.
Tho airlock cliituihur will be located
about 70 fool in from the mouth. It
wili be 12 feel in length, U'/j feet high
uud 0 feet wide, uiul tho wulls will bu
constructed of concrete. The air will
Itt forced in Iiirougli ii two-inch pipo
to tho reducing gauge iiniiiediulcl.v
uulsidc of the front iron door. Another
gauge" inside the chumber will pernut
thu operator to llll und reduce the air
pressure accurately. The usual precautions in reducing tlm pressure whon
coining oul of the workings will bo observed in Ibis chamber us is done in
lurger plttuts.
Klectric lighting and telephone systems ure being installed from the out-
Me io Un' insule of tlie uir chamber
and every precaution is being luken »
ensure ihe carrying u"1
Hfcly und expeditiously.
uf tho wurk
WANTKD   Help for general bouse
wurk.     Apply 100-llrd street,       t.f.
WANTKD-Oood    paiuters     AppL
Win, 11. I'ncquetti', Wiudsur iluud Wesl
ROOMS KOK BENT-   Housekeeping
and single.   218 2nd slroet east.
FOR BENT Single furnishod room.
Yuung Indies preferred. Apply 2011 2nd
street  licsl. A0f
WANTKD-Young lady for goneril
office work, Ollll Lunsdule ovcmiu/ai
ply ut mis e ;i
WANTKD Hirl for general bouse
wurk, Mrs. I'urkius, .'III 2nd street east
uf St. Andrew's. I.f.
FOR SALE—Ouo cook stove, cheap
Apply Neill, Allun ruud, Linn Valh)
FOR BALE-Will siicrifne lent I2x
llsi'illj, 12 o/. duck, with Ily 18x20, In
ur. guud as new.   I'hunc 480. 2,1u
FOR SALK Player I'iunu, -almost
jioii ' Small cash paymenl and lulic
uver equity.   A. W. Iv, Kxpress Ollice
FOR SALK -Kubber tire buggy ami
harness, nearly uew; ulso old uoliu
117110.J Apply .1 llicrssou, i ulunnil
FOR   SALK   One   lul   of   grocery
■shelling   ii li. I   iimuler   ill   I.) nil   Vulley
Now iu sture lately uccupiod by A. II
Fletcher. Can be seen by up|dyiug In
W. .1. Wiliuu, Aisignce. I.f
FOR SALK Sellings, uf Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. I'rizo strain. Phone IOC
Thoroughbred While Wyandutlc eggs
(1.20 per M'limg 141 llth Street
west. 20 4
TO LET New housekeeping roomi,
two und three room suites, fl uiul 14.00
per ruupi. llllli Second street west. 10-0
FOH HKNT Furnished roomi, Mn.
I'urks, SI. Andrew's, between Esplanade und   Kirsl HI. .'MM
FOR RENT- -Booms' wilh bourd If
desired, moderate rules, also small buuie
Apply lirst new huuse, 18th slreei woit
nf Lunsdule. 80
FOR HKNT -Large modefu four-
roomed suites, curner 8th nnd Cboe
Icrilcld Apply 172 tipper Kellh E.,
reiils  ill). CO
TO RENT Three roomed college on
curner uf Moody mul lilh street. (10
u un,mli Apply D. W. Robertson, 417
TO HKNT Twu Hie ruum housoi,
Third street eusl ami Fifth street well.
Immediate eiilr). llurrurd Development
i'o.  Ltd.,   17  l.olisilule  Avenue.      Ml
FOH HKNT   Fuur roomed suite Ml „
Crown lllock, First street eusl, healed
grate, disuppuariug furniture, etc. Ap
lluibliug nr At, Let I  und Tor
iivne. iiiii i; i.ii i   Si.
Ill) I
KOH HKNT   Modem furnished loom
••Iiln  liciilel, bul  :n -I  cold  Muter, 01
lli'iii liew iFirst Slreei Rooms) uver
lbe Empire Thculii*.. l'o|«ilnr prices.
FOR SALE Sellings uf Eggl aod
day old chicks from prise bled S. II,
While Leghorn, Partridge v.vV i,,ii.
und Huff Orpingtons. Mrs. .1 ti Lee,
Lynn Valley Poultry Yardsyllcmpsey
Houd, l.ynn Valley. Loavo/var at Cun
tre Road. Postal addrAi, Ilox 2114,
N. Vancoover. / t.l
"Snowball" was vory creditably presented   at   the    I,nimble    lusl    Cloning
and met with quite au enthusiastic re
ception, some of tlie. situations are iu
lenscly amusing. Mr. Adin Wilson,
who had just joined Ibe company, took
his part well, Mary Qlanbraue and Ha
ltd Stone proved very successful. Marta
Hidden with her usual adaptability, wis
also very enjoyable. Caspar Van and
Barrow LePaigc and the otber members of thc caste were of great help.
Altogether tbe company gave a performance that is well worth going lo sec.
Furniihed and unfurnished roomi-
120 Fint itreet wait. Oppoilte Oam
Tboatre. 18-0
Tf you bave any property to sjdl and
want quirk results, Hit it wilb Short,
Robcrtaon and Seymour. i.f.
LOST- On Sunday nigbl smull dog
uu 8 o'clock ferry, brown lolor, while
uuse und while front legs, foor montbi
old Apply John As., I8tn slreei snd
Mabon. Phone in.' 1-0
I/)8T- Fox terrier pup, female, while
wilb black spots underneath . Left
side of bead black  with brown spot
TO HKNT Modern twu room cabins,
disappearing beds, light nnd water, une
block from l.i.iisdnlc Apply HuMim
son I'ompsluu ... Co. 02 Lonsdalo Ave,
I'lione 220,
FOH  HKNT   O ir Ino furnished
rooms, modem. Phone, liul and cold wu
hr. el.,Iro ligbt. The best location in
the city Apply llux A0I, Kxprcss uf
lice • .11) I
TO HKNT   Modern Iwj room cabins,
disappearing beds, light und water, une
bluck from   I 'sn .lul.   Apply   Jlulcbi
son. Coinpslon A Co., 0;' Lunsdule Ave
I'liuiie 220s
FOR HKNT Urge slot, and four
room llm, complete wilu had loom.
Fine posit iuu un curner of Centre Hold
und car line Apply Merchants Trusl
k Trading Co., 044 I'ender streot wcsl,
oi  Lynn  Valley brunch offlco,     I.f.
FOR SALK-IIousc, mop, Huh atreet
aud Si   (leorge's Avenue, li rooms, ce
over eye.   Right side car black tipped.'men!' basement, piped fur furnace, lol
Pleaso retorn to I). Acbeson, HHh itrool
west, Nortb Vancouver. Reward giveu.
Delal|ed proiooulcd, '1 0
Will trado 7 roomed modorn house,
stone baarmont furnace, garden and
lawn, ono block from Houlevard and
Koltb road facing loutn, witb splendid
view, for two good lota, must be close
to rar, faring south wilb good viow.
Uoi 2280, North Vancouvor.
B. O. Livery and Board itablea -
Ligbt rlgi and ladiea' saddle borscs
for -hire. Stabling for horses. (Ion
oriNlelivcry mi heavy teaming, ti.
Dumas, 4th itreot weat. Phona if! t.f.
Agreement! for .Bale dlicounted.
Money wilting. Lonidsle Realty Co.,
Ollf Umdale Avenue. I'bone 817.   t.f
Und (Hearing and Grading Uli,
Fata Andruii, General Contilotor. Be
war coaoeclioni I ipecially, baiemcnt
and other excavating work undertaken.
Kftlniatei tm. Ill Bt. Oeorge'! Am.,
Nortk Vaneouvir, put o«ea box UM.
13x100 to Iuue, fenced in and garden,
Now rent«d H'l.tn per month, f'tke
(2,600, 1200 tush, balance »iMl month
It 7 per cent. Owner, Hux 1810, cily.
dot it at- Umdole Plun mar, phone 21
Jca Cream, Duller Milk iqd Sweel
Milk tt tbe (Irolto, fresh dally. 204
Dlffudlli Or a doien, Tulips Mr per
doien, Simpson k Wighl, Bl. Andrew's
and lilh
Japancio girl wants to Uke care of
baby, 4tb and (juceoabury avenue,
Norlh Vancouver. - J-fi
VfldieAl Ireplace shMm !"»!M«r
a/id ceroeul loon.   Kit imal es glvm on
all kinds of bfick work.  Mn Mellon
noil, P. O. Box 2060 or IM 01b atroet
weat, Nortb Vancouver, Wo
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
76 Yeari iu Bualuoaa.  Capital and Beuorve Over 17,600,000.
Three Quarters of a Century
of 6ound banking and steady progress lias demonstrated the
strength and security of thc Bank of British North America,
Your savings could nnt be safer than with us. One
Dollar is sufficient to start an accoulf* Interest at highest
current rate is added twice a year. Money n^ay be withdrawn
at any time.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
N. V. Tinning and
Sheet Metal Works
First Street, East of Lonsdale
Lowest Prices and Best Work Guaranteed.
Furnace Work, Cornice, Skylight, Guttering and
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Snaps in Homes
•l roomed  Hiiii|;iiIi,h  oii  21 i-i  atreet  ,new,  all  modern,  facing  south,
IIUSO.   Tonus en.-j.
Oroomeil  Houso mi   101b ttreet, 2 blocki euat of I.ouailale. All modern
fireplace ,etc. il'lill). $t)0U caib, balance eaiy.
I roomed booie ou 12tb alreet cult   uf   Jluulevard,   nuw.   I1B00,  |000
cash, balance 110 per monlli.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
I'. O. Drawer 2000
Local News
Humbiy JIM ppt oliuraelorUei) by tha
usual influx qf villus W Nortb Vancouver, tlm weutbor boiim miserably
Imiluiiiniit,     Coiiiimiiitlviily (uw uiiln-
iniililleu iiiiveibtiil the ruiilluiiii road
Tim North Viineuiivm- terry No.
was taken off tre ways op Saturday
after being overhauled and subjoined
to the annual Impaction. The necea
mny Installation (or oil (pel In the
plaoe ol coal la now being attended to.
In the illiurii'i iinlii'i! court laat week
a man named S. Carlo waa lined f 0 and
coala for iiromlaciioua shooting In
Capilano a weok nr twp ago. The accused declared It wai some children
who wore doing tlio shooting.
The ml luiii-iii'ii meeting of the board
of License Commissioners, which waa
lo huve taken placo on Friday afternoon, was postponed until next .Friday
owing to thu absence of Commissioner
Pearl iMiM, Ibo little daughter of Mr.
Churles Mee, while running along tho
sidewalk on First street, tripped and
loll, sustuliilng a fractured collarbouo.
She was medically attended at Mr.
Mec'a home near St. David's avenuo.
The district council Is Installing un
electric Bystem for signalling automobiles truvelllng up or down the long
hill on t'uplluuo ruud Inunedlulciy
ubovu the Canyon View Hotel. An
Indicator operated by electricity will
show whether a vehicle Is ou the hill.
TIiIb will ii'iiicil) the great Inconveu
i' ns s liiii I'l iii experienced by motorlstB
owing to the narrowness of the road
'ul ihis point.
Early Rose, Bur-bank, Sutton's Reliance, etc., also
All Kinds of Grass and Clover Seeds.
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) it the best
for the lawn.
All our seeds are selected and tested to comply'with mc
Seed Control Act.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
I lay, Flour and Feed Merchants
In consequence of a runaway mishap
on Friday, W. FleteW, a driver lu the
employ of the ('reamer Transfer Com-
puny, Is now being treuted for a double
fracture of the leg at the Harbor View
Sunlturluin. Fletcher waa driving
ilu,1,ii lousdale uveuue when his team
took fright and bolted. At tbe corner
of Twenty-tlrBt alreet he was thrown
out uf the rig and siiBtained the abovo
Injury. Ilia progreaa la slated lo bo
Territory ia but tbe body of a nu
tiuu. The people wbo inhabit iti bills
ami ita valleys lire iti soul, its spirit,
its life.
Ideus are tlie greal warriors of llic
world, uml a war tbat baa uu ideas
behind it is limply brutality.
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Ume, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lalli, Sewir Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Foot of Sl. George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Oflice: 56 Lonidale Avenue.    Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
liuuibing,  numbing Supplies, Sewer
CuHncctioua,  Hot Water and Steam
Uaatlng,   Sheet  Metal  and Tinners'
Furnace Work,  Eitimatei furnliliad.
Werehoun and Oflce: Oor. Esplanade and St. Oeorge, Plume 866.
J. U. OODDAED, Manager
It bas been a matter of womlcr lu
many huw the cows graiiug in a inua
iluw avoid eating certain plunts glow
ing thickly mining the grass. This is
well .I'nuwii in a meaduw full uf but
i. !■■ up Fur un watching tbe graiiug
uuiinuls tbere it will be iceii buw cleverly tbey avuid lbe acrid ranuueu
ll cannot be by light, liuce tbe position of lbe eyes wuuld teem to pre-
von! the cow seeing what it is eating.
A recent study by Mr. II. Tretjakoff
suggest! that the liairs about lbe lips
ami suoul uf the o« may play au im
purlanl part iu euabliug the uniinai tu
reeogniie different spcciei uf plants
It appears, lays the Globe, that there
are nuuieroui imporlaut nerve endings
iu connection with thcic hairs which
make it probable tbat tbey arc icuic
The iludcut should study himiu'lf,
his relation to society, to nature and
lo art, aud above all, iu all, aud through
all tbese, be mould itudy tbe relation!
uf himself, society, nature and art to
Ood, tbe Author uf tbcm all.
Fire Wood
Oord Wood aud Stove Wood. Full
M.uure. Prompt Delivery. Strictly
Oaib. Phone 19.
33 feet by 132 feet on King's Road, East, North
Lonsdale, for only $450, $75 cash and $75 every
6 months until paid.
llll   «■      !■■' '  I       1 'li il ' '     M<^«^U»-«MJMM^U«Mt^lJ«^»-«M»«M«W#W»~»»-»S^
10,000 cordi flf dry flr wood for quick
11)1. Price per odd cords, 11.75. Special quotations for larger quantities.
Ont Wood. W Inches, 19.86. 13 Inches
WM. C. 0. D.
I ___
Office and Yard— 14th and lonidale
Phone I9Q.    P. 0. Box 2432.
:..'i in: la hureby given Unit rebate
on v.-,iiri v, i.rl.ii I'm quarter muling .lum
10,   nil'.',  Ilnully closes un  A|ii'ir .nub
tt   IWMI'liltllYB,
,,       City Toruaurcr.
securing the City Hall Site and buililingi thereon for a Vail Ollice and
other Governmental purpoiei am   '
agreed to pay
Ninety-throe tlio
therefore the sum Of
, . iiiusiiiid ilx hundred and
fifty (|li:ur,()) Pollen.
and Buildings then...
Ion of the Munlclpul coun1
City not required lor corporate purpus
"  In fo  '
of to the King In the light of the Pom
in..Lii Tenders will be received by
the City Clerk up lu 12 o'clock noun un
Monday, the Uth iluy ul Muy. mill, for
clearing mui grubbing uboui Go acres
In tbe Norlli Vuncuuver cemetery.
The portion tu be cleared lies eust
uf the l.lllooet Huud and Is enclused by
stukea set uut by the Clly Engineer.
Spccllkutluns muy be uml ul uu
Clly Engineer's ulliee.
A cheque for 6 per cent, uf lhe
umount uf tender most accompany euch
und every tender
The successful tenderer will be required tu furnish u bund for 116 per cent
uf the amount of the conlruct
The loweat ur uny lender not necessarily uccepled
A. M   WE8T.
i'lty Engineer
City Engineer'! Ollice.
Noilh Viineouver.
30th A|>rll. 19)2.
HV-I.AW Ml. '.'n;
I II)-1,1" lo mill..nl<. Ihr illspimul u(
Hi. Clly Hall Ml.- nmi 1'iill.ll'it"
in. unu In lbc lilna lu the rlghl ol
tbr l),,,,.lisls.ii of i isiiiitin lor a rust
nillc.- uml iilli.r guvrrumrulal pur-
lim.es al mul toe Ibr price or sum uf
' WHKHKAB ihe Oovernment of lbe
llomliilon   of  I'unudu Js   desirous   or
BAS laid CUy   i,hi site
therppn are In iho opln-
unlclpal Council of the
....'ed for
es ssiui h i:,'.i.iisi: ..i'i,, in the Interest pf
City that .'Hum  aliuuld be disposed
, ii the King In the right of the Pom-
Inion of Canada for tlte purposes and
at thi price above mentioned.
NOW Tiii-:iii-:i-'iiiii-:. the Munlclpul
Council pf the City of North Vancouvor
With the uisent or the Klectora or the
City of North Vancouver and the ait'-
prove! of the Ueutenant-Qovernor-ln-
Cuuncll, enacts al follows:
1. The City of Norlh Vancouver ahqjl
leil and dlapoao of to tho King In thu
right of the Pomlnlon of Cunada the
following described lands and prom-
Ilea, ilium, lying and being lb Ihe
City of Nurth Vancuuver and being
mure particularly known and described ns l,uin Forty-oIgM (ll), Forty-
nlnp (19), and Fifty (SO), In Bluck
One Hundred and nfly-llvo I ICO) sub-
dlvlilun of Piitrict Ut Two Hundred
und auvuiily-foui' (871) group une ll)
New Wmimin:.h i Diitrict uccnrdlng
lu u mup ur nlun dopnalled In lbe I,uml
ttoglitn Omeu. Vubeuuver uud niiiu-
bored (818) (ogelhor wllh Ihe buildings
. i. .ii ii thereon ut und fur the price or
sum of Ninety-three thouiund alx hundred und llfty lllia.SSI)) Tlollura to be
uaed by the King In tbo right uf the
Dominion uf I'linndii fur u posl ollice
und ollii'i iiovei min 'inul purpusea.
:: Thu Muyor and Clly Clurh ure
hereby uuthorlied und dli-ueted uinui
payment uf auld aum uf Ninciy-tlirce
iliiimiiiml six hundred und ili'iy (193
660) iinll.ii:. tu muke, execute und deliver u convoyunce on behulf uf mid In
the name of Ilie city of Norlh Vuncuuver tu lhe King In the right uf lhe Pomlnlon uf i'iiini'1.1 uf ul) the rlghl un.
und Intereat Of the sold city of Norlh
Vuncouver In mid tu the suld premises
und building! und lu ulliich the Sen'
ut Ihu luld Clly uf North Vuncouver
to the suld conveyance
3. Thl! By-Law shui
on receiving the usse
In manner pruvlded hv the ..lEInlclpi
Act und on upprovul by the I.ieiilen
iinl-nuvernor-ln-i'uiiiicll uiul on regie-
irnlioii In due oourie us pruvlded by
1 Till! Hy-I.uw muy be cited us
"The iTly Hall Site Plapuial By-Law.
1'usied by the Cuuncll un the Thl
tleth duy uf April. 191!.
Received Ihe uiient uf the Elector!
uf tile City uf North Vancouver on Hie
 day of   1912.
lleconildered.    adopted und    anally
liuused by the council on the  	
doy of   1812.
TAKK NOTICK thai the ubove Is u
true copy uf thy proposed By-Luw up-
"ii which the vute uf tbo Klectors uf
lhe Municipality of the City uf North
Vuncouver will be tukeii within the
City Holl, North Vancouver, B. C, on
Biilurduy, the lllll duy uf Muy. A.P..
1912, between the hours uf 9 u'cluck
a.m. und 7 u'clock p.m.
t'lly Clerk und Hemming Ollicer.
rull conn In/hforcc
ellt uf the KJBCtori
by  Hie  ..lUlllclpal
hereby   given
Kleclori of Ih
thut  Ihe vute of the
City   of   Nortli    Vuncoover    will    hi
i.il.. is on Suturduy, (he eleventh ■! •: ut
Muy. 1112,   belween   the   houn   of   0
u'cluck u.ni   und 7 o'clock p.m   <<n
"The I'lty Hull Sile  Dllpolal  By-|.u«,
und Ihul within the City Hall. Nurth
Vancouver,   B   C,    and   Ihut  Thoiuus
Shepherd hua been appointed ftettrn-
Ing Ollicer  lo lube  the vote uf such
Klectors   wllh   lhe   uiual   puwers   In
Hint behalf
By Order uf the Cuuncll,
City Clerk
SYNOPSIS IIF inil. iiim.mi
lllll.l Is.tl'III.NS
i'o.iI mining rlghli of the liuinlnlun
In Manitoba, Buikulchuwun und Albcr-
la, the Yukon Torritory, the Norlh-wosl
Tcrrltorlei and In u porllon uf the pru-
vin.. of Brltlah Culumhlu, muy be leaa-
ed fur a term uf twenty-one youn ut
an annual rental ot |1 un ucre, ' Nut
mure thun 2,680 ucrei will be leased lu
one applicant.
Amplication fur u leusu must be made
by the uppllcutil In persuu lu the Agent
or Bub-Agent uf the district In which
the rlghtl applied fur mu iltuutod.
ln aurveyed territory lbe lund musl
be ih :, nl', -I by lucllum, ur legul lUb-
dlvliloni uf leclluni. mid lu uniurvey-
ed territory the trucl uppilcd for ahall
be ituked uul by the uppllciinl hliia
lull. |T
Koch iipplii iiiloii must be uceumpoin-
led by a feu of (6 which will he refunded If the rights uppilcd for lire nut
available, but nol otherwise. A royalty ahull be puld on the nicichuntublu
output of thu mine ut the rule of live
cents per ton.
The person opurullui; the mine shall
furnlab the Auent with iworn relurns
accounting tm the full iiuunllly of
imii h.ini.il'li s i>.,! milled and pay the
ruyally thereun. If Ihu cuul mining
rights are nut being uijerulcd, sueb returns ..|omill be 1 ui isi: In .1 at leust oncu
a year."
The ,1c iee will Include lbe cuul minim
rights only, bul (be lesseo muy be per
milled li put-chium whatever uvallable
surface lights limy he considered nec-
.-.-sii.il> for the wurhliig uf lbe mlno ut
tbe rule if 110 uu ucre.
For full Infoim.,!!..11 .-ii io .lie 1,
ahould be mude to the iccretury uf tin*
Department uf Iho Interlur. Oltawu, ur
lu any agent ur Sub-Agent uf Pumlnluli
Deputy Mliilsii-r of ihe Interior.
N. B— unauthorized publlcullon of
this ,i.lv, 1 ii-' :i ■ 1.1 will not be puM
for. 22-9
u Mill   .mm n 1
Wu, lbe Newpuri Brlch & Tlio Company Limited, a compuny Incorporated
under the Companies Acl, wlib head
ollh e ot 608 I'.nl. 1 i'oiioii II.nl.In,,:
Vancuuver, B (,'. givo nutlcu Unit ull
the llilli duy uf April, 1912, we Intend
to uuply to the Wuter Coniiiilssluiici
at bla ollice In New Westminster. B
C, fur a license to Inlie und use 200
cubic feet uf water per aecond from
Shannon Creok. sllunie on Lol 608,
ilroup One, Now Weslnilnsler Dlslrlcl
The wuler Is lo he tulieii from the
stream ut the head of lhe fulls on Lot
(08. abuut one mile from tidewater, and
Is'to bu uaed on Lot 608. for power
A reiervolr for the purpose of utoi-
nm water will be made on Hie proiiorty
lying at the buck of Hie head of Hie
lift on Lut 608
Dated ul Vancuuver. 11 C. Hits Huh
day of M.u. ti 1912, ul lhe hour of
eleven o'clock In lbe loreiioon
Lot 1, re-»ub. of lot 6, Block 7, D\ 549
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner Sth and Lonsdale Phone 15  North Vancouver, B.C.
ll««l Offic.
Capital Paid Up 12,870,000
Kcicrvc and Undivided Profile  8,800,000
Total Asscte '.  \l,m,0M
THP incentive to thrift tlmt » sav-
jugs msoiiiii j;iici, yuu ii even
111010 valuable than the actual
interest that accumulates upon the deposit. The imliii of laving—assuring
comfort In old ueo—is an easily acquired as tbe Imliil of spending,
Doni hi," service in tho Haviugs Po-
partineut of the Bank or Hamilton ii
ui liiicernly offered to tho man who
deposits ;i fuw ilollara a month as to
those wbo deposit thousauda.
tl. ti. HiviviiN, Agent,
Nurlk Vancuuver
Palace Hotel
Second Street, IJtarth Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates lu families and lo regular boarders.
Telephone II2U.
P. 0. Box 2181
All Telephone Coal Ordert Promptly Delivered
Hhi.il: M.sliwi Avo., Esplauado Went. IIARKY MITCHELL,
niiu o. Now Bloc;,, 3 doom from Lonadale, Esplanade W. Manager
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
nn'.I only lo phone lllll to have all vacancies filled. NO OHABOE
to EMPLOYES or EMPLOYEE therefore there is absolutely nu uc
cossily tu utilize employment Agencies iu Vancouver, as a complete
list   oi   ull  classes  ol   workers ii kept at tho
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W- B. HOOD, Secretary.
Adjoining NORTH Lonidale
Boulevard Park
The eily intends to acquire.Blocki 111 A, B, O and D and 20A and
B of D. L. M0 I'or a public park for Norlli I.onsdale. These areas
winch ure Hilersoetcil »y Ibe Boulevard are ju evory way vory woll suited
lor lliut purpose.
BLOOK 121k on the opposite side  of  Moody  Avenue from    llm
splendid I'urk ureil bus been subdivided lo conform lo I'uii plan;
25* 5r
24* &*.
TWENTY FiFTH BTBEET offers the lluest tirade for a tramline
across Nortli Lousdale und it lias been widened out lo 81) feci. It is
likely soon lo lio loncadami/.ed tu give communication between Lyuu
Vulley, North Lunsdule aud Kust Capilano.
These beautifully located lots on lilh and 201b llrcoti aud facing
the Park, are uow on tbo market at prices from fOOO to and un vory
easy terms of payment. Tbey will rapidly advauce in \^lue. See our
I'rico List. \«^
Exclusive Agouti
The Burrard Development Company, United.
(Succoisori to Elder Murray Company Limitod)
Broken 17 Lonidale Phone 87
We solicit tb trade ..of all builden who appreciate
High Grade Goodi at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling pf orden, which our large
plot k and long experience in buiinew make» powible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Plan Conservation
Of Footstep?
Figurei Gathered Here Estimate tint
Country Wattei 3,000,000 Miles qt
Travel in Uieleii Footitepi Annually—Time Loat Equal to 3,Mlt-
000 Working Dayi, Valued pt »/,•
280,000-Belief that Saving Can Be
Made—Another Blow   at   Decent'
Civic Government.
Montreal,  April  2|i.—^bt|t li undoubtedly tlie oddest und at tlje aame
niuo ouo ol the moat Important -conservation movement! yet developed in
(blu country la now taking form bum
lu un liivoutigutlou looking to Uie cou-
-Ol     '    slIUlll       Of Illllll.tl'Pli. Illlillll'lllllllll
im i,in ii u project nm.' m-i'iii at llrsl
glunco, It uuuiiiiieu I'xlii.'iiii'ly ulgnlll-
cuill I'.ui "i in.ii.■ wbou It la is oii . ii
that tbo footato|ia wustod hero every
duy uro equul tu ::p,iiiui miles of travul
lor ono porsoii, or , ..minimi uul... ovory
your. )i) ubluliilng lliuao llguruB, It lu
estimated thut ovory Indivlduul lu tbu
clly tukon ul louut ouo Ihousund use-
Icon stops of two loot In length ouch
duy, or 'lilin fool ul wuslod travel; that
lu mon.' ihun I'M ibii ii of u mile. Even
II iho average rato of wulklng be
placed us high uu fuur mllus un hour
this un.un. Nmi rMiiiiin-, ili i- throw
away euch duHJ^Iiiiii hours In iisoIoib
travel, 61,000,000 hours ouch day. Re-
duced to working duys uf eight 'hours
euch, Ihis menus thut In this city ulouo
Uio equivalent ul 29,i'l'l uro throwu
away ovory duy, or T,lii![i,l)l)lJ working
dnys annually. Klgurlug ou u vuluu ol
Iwo dollurs (ur ouch working duy, Ibo
llgurea show that Now Yorkora alone
uro loosing souiolhlng liko Jl.,,joii.iiiiu
ii yeur (or luck of ucloutlllc conservation of fouiBtops. For tbe wholo country tho llgurea become so enormous as
tu bo .ilmn: i Incomprehensible. The
amount ol travel wasted throughout
tho wliule country annually is 3,000,-
Uililiiilk'S, ll is cbilinaicil, und Involves
llic loss ul hundreds uf dollurs worth
ul shoe leather, ill course il Is uot
expoeled by tho originator! u( Iho
luotbU'p coiisorvulluii Idea Ibul ull this
• un be suvod, but It Is believed thai us
u reaull of i ho reulliatlou of tbo cnur-
iiioiis luss Involved In useless luolstops
u certain purl muy be conserved with
.i resultant prulll holh In lime und dollurs.
Tho enemies o( good government In
Montreal havu not yet boen routed.
I ndlsmuyod by the check which Ihey
ii'ii'ivi'i|| to lhe ('uhlrulli.'i'shlp elections. Ibey have uppeurcd lu the lleln
wilb u new weapon
Thin Is lo be Hilled the "Indcpciidonl
Citizens' l.ougue."
The men lu whom Ihe eleellon of
Mr. Godfrey wus u body blow huve
decided Uiul Ihey musl try lo put the
regular orthodox, original Cltliena' As
suilullon "uul ul business.'' knowing
ibul ll wus the work of Ibis ussoclu-
tiuu which hud si guud deul lu du with
Mr. (lodfroy'i overwhelming victory.
8o they have decided to lorm un opposition league, the sole object of
which will be lu li.'.lii uud bluck lbc
operations ul ibe other ussuclullon.
The nuini'S ol the men wbu uro be
hind litis now ussoclullun are boing
Kepi ijiiiut lur ibe preaenl, but the
forming of ll has been dellnliely decided.
The mon behind II puse as luviuurs
uf tho illy. They cull Iho preacut Citizens' Assoclullun Ibo Tammany Hull
Of .Munlreul, and pruless Ibul thoy arc
going to tuke Ibo illy uul o( Its clutch
by ihe sumo kind uf un urgunliuilou
us Hint wllh which Wllllum Itundulpb
lleursl overthrew lbc New York Tammany Hull
-I'iii-i.i- im is also profess that the majority ol the citizens ure In reality op
posed lo thu Citizens' U'Ugue. us ll
now exists, und Ihul there will bo u
lining support from Knglisli uud
French spunking eleclori ulllie for .Iho
counter organization,
li li claimed lliut Mho new associu-
lion will huve u inujorily of lbc clly
council In Its favor, the orgunlzera de
during Uiul muuy of the aldcrmon
white favoring Iho lioard of Control,
arc opposed lo the Clllzons' U'oguc.
Ill I
debentures, InelU'   ,
„ m iiroi'oaalil, nud.lt In deoind
expedient that,the CHv atiRUlti comply
with   «uoh   renuent.'.auliloot' to
with tho assent ol the electora i
fSl'Lj!"'  M>'|[tft,ll"ed'   91*
1.  The Conneil of tho: git* tat
iiutliorlSed   fli   fcuffalr 0>v tfioil'l
,. m
torma and conditions hdrelnafter expressed: •,,;.. .1      ...
THEniSFOBB the Mayor and Aldermen of the city,- In council assembled,
with tho assent of the olectpra of tne
*mt:  as
guarantoi the pujrmtmt of ihe pHncl-
pal and Interest of laid debenturei to
bo Issued by the Company for the pur-
poaoi aforeiald, the principal of sold
i. i- nun.-s put' to excel si ihi; sup) of
12110,000, and aame i<> .ln'm-' lni.-i.ln at
fhe rato of Ave per centum per annum
and the said Council la horobV 'empowered to iiiiilmilm' mc exeeuilun of
laid guurunteo by tim Muyor and the
Clolk ot the City an4>lhe nlllxlna of
tho Corporate Beal of the City to inch
■ mn.mi.. The suld si. I., miu. : ahull
bo. subject to the condition thut no
future Isiue of debenturei shull runic
In priority or purl puaiu with laid debentures wllhuut (he consent of the
2 The is.ilsl guurunteo ihall be constituted by endorsement wrlllen or
prluled un the buck uf each ot tbe sulil
debenlure! to tbo rollowlng effect,
"The  i'ssi j insi,   uf  the  Clly  of
Nurth vuneuuver guarantee! the
wllhln debentures as to principal   and   Interest   by   vlriue  of
The Perry Improvement! Mil llyluw, 1:-1     of suld i's.i i■'■ i ■ i;i■ ■ 11' .
uud Hie suld enilursement shall be signed by the Muyur and Clerk of lhe City
and   sealed   with   tbe iCorpoMte  Heal
of lbe Clly.
II Inieresl cuuiiuns shall be attached
tu each of the said debenlurea. und
there shull be al) endorsement un the
hack of each Inlerest coupon to the
following effect,  nameiy:
"(luurunleed by Ine Clly uf Nurlh
And the suld cndursenieiil shall be
signed by Ihe Muyor of lbe City Such
signature may he wrltieii or stumped.
I Uefore uie guurulitee uuthorUctl
by Ihis uy-luw la given, a Trusl Deed
approved by lhe Council of the Clly
ihull be executed by the Company
I..si: in, all lhe prdpul'ty and assets
of the Company, present and future,
and Its nm nil. .I capital. If uny. wllh
the payment of tbe iirlnclinil nnd
Interest uf said debentures, and also an
ugreenienl between the Compuny and
tne City, sutlsfactory to the Council
of ibe city contulnltig agreement bv
the Company lo pay annually (11.1.00.
the Interest un suld debentures during
the currency thereof, ond also during
the currency uf suld debentures to pay
annually lhe Sum uf (3,001100 lo provide a sinking fund fur the redemption
uf suld debentures, and also containing
ugreenienl lhal In the eVenl of failure
by lhe Cuinpany to provide the aald
sums for Inlerest uml sinking fund.
is.inn imu from lime to lime be provided by Die Clly. nmi In Ihul event
the Cunipuny will Issue lu the Clly
fur und In reaped of such sum or sums
us may be provided by It an equivalent
.illusion In fully puld shares of the
nii'ltiil stuck of the Company.
6. The construction of the suld ferry
sieiimer nnd ull the work lu he con-
Itrueted by the Cunipuny ns aforeiald
shall be commenced wllhln Iwo months
from the dute of the coming Inlo effect
of Hils llyluw. and shull be completed
and In operation within twelve nionthe
the suld date: und- this Hy law
of Commerce
CAPITAL 111,000,000
.n- v   .t. n,|...'iii  ..,..4-m»i.
BEST »0,(100.000
Temporary quarters of tbo North Van-
ct)UY,er b»i)pj, Ksplunude fort near
Lonidale Avonue.    |
■••• - - - - -
A General Banking Business Transacted
inieresl  paid ou Havings Bank Do- "
poiits  of  One   Dollur  and   upwards
Withdrawals may  lie  uiadi ut  any.
time. i
f y
J. A. FOB8TEE     Manager.
Is uy I i.i
Is  passed  upon  the express
Mini failure lu observe such time limit
slmll render Ilie Bv-law void
(. Authurlty Is hereby gni'ile.l t >
lhe i'ouncll of lhe City to us.ii'BS und
levy from time lo Ume upon Ihe whole
rateable properly wllhln Ibe (ily a
shin or buiiib sufllclciit lo dlseiuit'' the
debl or liability hereby iiulhi.r-.ie.l or
unv iiurt or purls thereof
7 This llyluw may be ell" I lm iill
imi poses is "The Ferry Iniuroven-entJ
Aid  By-law.  1012."
i This lly-lut snail come Inlo effect
on Ihe day of All. IU12.
Nortb Vancouver
"0.20 AM.
2.40 P.M.
•0,00  A.M.
2.20  P.M..
. 5.20
0 211
12.20  P.M.
12.20  P.M.
12.15   A.M.
12.45   A.M.
• denotes "Not ou Sunday."
notice Company not liable for
Time table subject to .-luinge without
deluys, accidental or otherwise.
a in   and 7 u'cluck Li in
tii'imam siii'iniuitn.
Clly Clerk und Iteturtilng Ollicer.
hereby   ulven
of   the
1'uased   by  Ihe Council  of  the  Ull)
on the  doy of,. .• th   Ull
Itecelved the olient of Hi,   ICIeclurs
uf the Clly ut un election held for the
purpoie  nn  lhe duy  of       I'CDI.IC NOTICK   Is
A.p., 1J12. Unit  the  vute of Ihe Klectors
ltcconsldered,   udopled   mul   ilnully    City   "f   Nnrlh    Vancouver   will    be
I'.i.s's-i si   by   the   Council    of the   Clly.   lukei  .Suturduy. the eleventh day of
signed  hy  the Mayor unit City  firm   Muy   1912,   belween   the   hours   "f   I
und aeulcd wllh the Corporuie Keul ol  n'rluch a in   and, 7 o'clock p in   on
Ihe Clly on the  day of      "The eb'rry Improvements Aid Ily l.nw.
A li. UI2 ' 1912"
  und  Ihul   ..hi in   the  Clly  Hull.  Nurlli
.,  „    ; i Vuiiii'uv, i    11   c.    und   Hint   I'r.ttvm..
Mllli.h 10 I'.l.l'.CIullh Shi'pheid  bus been appointed  llciurn-
TAKK NOTICK thul  the above Is u   Ing iiltlefi   lo  lake  tile vote of iuVi
true copy of the proposed Uv l.uw up    Klectors   .inii   lhe   usunr   powerl   IU
on which the vule uf Ihe ICIictms nf  Ibul Inhslf
lbe Municipality of the City of North -    Hi Order of lbc Council.
Vancouver  will   he   token   wllhln   i|n- j WM    McNKlSII,
City Hall. North Vancouver. II  Con Muyor ,
Halurilay,  lhe Itlh day uf May.  A.I).1 THOMAS HIH'.TIIKIlfV
1912.  between the hours of I u'clock I Clly Clerk
Phone 335
Owners—Palmer, Burmeiter Si von Graevenitz, Lt^
III   I iw   Nl).  ■Ml
cm Oft MOUTH  \ iM ui nil
A in iiu fu nuililis in. i o,in,i,ul,,,,
ni iin rity or Aoriii Vaacouver to
liunrsolfr the ps)nlrnl of Drhrnlurrs
to br Ismicd by ihe \orlh Vaucouvjrr
Clll   I'i nl. »   l.lmlliil.   In  Ike   e.n-lil
ol Tim Hundred mul Mnetj  'I I	
  Dullan  iivno.oiio)  aaa lnlereit
WHKHKAS lhe Norlli Vaneouver Clly
!■'■ i it' i.ii, iuu hereinafter fefeheu
to as the Company, a Ferry Company
having wm lis' constructed within the
limlls of ihe Corpuratlon of lhe City
of Nurth Vancouver, hereinafter referred to ns tbo City, proposes tu tslue
debentures bearing.Inieresl at the rale
of live per cent, oer annum, to be
lOedyed ns hereinafter mentioned, fdr
the aum of |2li0.0M fur tbo purpomi
following. Hint Is io say:
As tu the turn of fl.10.000 for (he con-
airueilun of a new and modern ferry
llcnincr, w-lib steel bull! foif the lervlce
of the I'ompuny Detweeirihc labl CHy
of Nortb Viineouver and Ihe city of
As to the sum of |2t,,ooti for the construction of wulflng-reom and offlce
buildings and additions (o Wharf al
the terminal of suld Ferry lervlce
at laid '.Tt'y of 'Vuncouver;
Aa Ui tho sum of 1121.100 for lbe
purchase of an Issue of debentures uf
the Company uf the atnoupt of "
000, Issued purauonl  '
of ihe city, being ac-bodu;
or oeoeniures or
nlilimlll   of  II21,-
to By-lay NO. I)
iduie td the north
Commencing April 29th
i »
The Golden -LePaige Co.
Played at Terry's Theatre, London
One Performance Nightly. Doom open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Box Office open 10 to 12 ajn. and 6 to 1 p.m.
PRIGES-lBc. and 25c,
*-l THE
NOETO yAifOonfiR	
 .'., i.mjMH.pqhVMm
Published Tuesdays and Fridays liy North Bhoro Preu, Wmitoil.
itatos ot Subscription:—Quo year, IIM.  Sjx months, niic  Throe monthi, S|jc.
* United .Slates anil Ii'proign, *U.U0 por yoar.
Advertising Bates Will Ba Quoted qn Application.
' The Bipress is iluvuiml to the inturests of ilm Nortb Shore nf Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes au advertising medium of exceptional value far'
reaching in a thorough and orTeetivo planner the imputation of North Vancouver,
Oity and District. Every effort is nmilo to givo advc|;tisors tho most satisfactory
A)l changes iu contract mlvurtisoinoiils shoulil ho in tho printers' bunds not
later than 10 a. ui. Momluy mul 5 |l ill. Woilnosday to ensure iuiertlon iu the
North Vancouver, B. 0...
April 30, 19ia
One ul' ihu most pressing present
needs ul ibo Nurlh Shore, frum tin
uciinniiiic viewpoint, is tbo extension
ul' iho linos ol Iho 11. I'. Ii'.leulrli: Hull
wuy Company wesl wurd as fnr us 1 lol
1>luun. A little careful Ihougbi wllh
reipeel lo this mutter will show ihul
ibo problem Involved pertains uot
merely lo the convenience of those
residents who nilghl bu accommodated
hy Ihis new line, bill lis real siglllfl
runce Is ronli<l In lhe iiiusl vital inn
slili.'iniiiiiis relative to the welfare of
tho I'liili'c iiiiiiiiiiinliy.
The formation nf ihu now dlsirici
iniiniiipiilily of West Vuncouvor bus
served, among other Important Items,
10 give groulur promliionuu lu the
economic priilibiiis which muy be es
peeled tu develop, with reference lu
lhe inleruul ri'luliuimhipt. ul the differ
out sections ol the Nortli Shore, will;
uno number All who givo this vltul
mutter Hie thought which ii shoulil re
mini will readily sou Iho necessity ol
exerting uKtry possible influence lu
prevent tho possibility of die territory
lying holwcun llowu Sound on Iho
west and Norlh Arm un Ibo eusl tall
iug avwii lulu individual suctions, Kind
uiilly drawing upun from one aiioilui.
lusim sympuMiy olio wilh another, ire
tiling diversity' instead of unlit of In
ii'iesls und forming oulside cunnei'
lions iu <i business uml u .iiui.il wa)
null us will ilcsiroi Hie idi'iillty us
mil ns Iho solidity of tbe Nm Hi Shore
and in.il.' ul it sliupl) a , iiiiiii Unu ul
separate loiiiinunlllis, whoso sub
sluiico is being diverted Irom lhe natural i hiiniii'l in ulii' b H shoulil How
and Is liunili.il out lu ilu- oiirlchnitiii
ul ilu.' iii in i loniro uu tin Bouth shore
uf Ihe Inlet
With  Irli'l.'Ill I'  111  Ifcllllsi,--  lit   illl'i
ii i ii nl i Ipal Importance noli ns .good
luii'ls. Ibi-ii' is lin iluiilil but thai llu
several' niuiiliipiilllleh un iIm- North
Shore  will  bu louiul  u.-iulj   to   wml.
Ingullier ill   nil   lum -.   lm   llu    | l"	
tiuu ul ilnn iuniiinni Interests. Imi
this of Ilsell will in i onipllsh lompuru
lltoly liiilu inward biiildlng ii|i u sulid
North Shoru luiniii'.nii.. Irnni uue ox
Uciully tu uliol|li'i. in wbu h ail elc
Hunts llllnilglioul ils eiiilii' bu mils ai<
working in iiiiisun im ilm purpose ul
making ilu inmost ol all .idvuiii.ines
ami oppuitiiiiiili's foi building uu u
populous, uunlili; ami iiilluiiiil.il un
ihu i iiiuui.i nmi,Is in ul the Nurth
Shore uiges ibe ni'iessli) nl su<li luu
\isloli us will •■tn um ago llm mil uiul ib
in l|villi.- lbc IIii.iiii lai a. unu llu
iilinutii.ii.il  mu nil .uul ullirr lu IHlln
III   llll!   llll     Ul  fl IIIIIIIIIIIIIV,   III   HOW
in a lomiiion ihuimi'l ami lo mull
lm ilie i n uiiuu uiul Hi vi lupins nl in
11 lists   .Hid   lilslll Ul WHS.   illstllH live   lu
lin' Niii Hi Sliote, us null
A gli.ll llllli i:. being Mild ol lain
Willi |i leu lu . lu III' il.ilulii Hun ex
IsIS   lit   llm   lluili    in   llm   I'.Ji,    lil.ul
"mull) being iliwilnl Irom Hie i-llk*
ul Hrilish Coluiiiblu, to min li pruvlm e
n li.'iuiigs, >o Hie di) ol pdinuiilon.
and sin iuu; is elluiis aie being made
10 nven sin li u i uliiiinly Nut alone In
ii "iiiiiii'n lul sense, but In nfi'iny other
■■■I n.i Ily Important respects  Hit1 Norlli I
Slime Is Iui4 lo laic Willi hllliil.il iill.
lllll'illS.   wllosu   I'ltl'ilS   pioiuisi'    lu   Ilf
mule foiiuldable i.lsiiiii I) In Ibulr
bal lllfill leslllls I hii n lbe Ins" nl lbe I
I'l'.n i- HIk r Iriule would prove to (lie
illl'S of Hie pruv line
Tin; IuiiiiiiIIoii of Ilie dlalrlcl of
Wcsl Vuncouver servos to llliisiral*]
' conditions In this respect, which will
doubtless be repealed In not u lew Instances, in the proii.'ss of lbe develop
Ing nnd the peopling of Um Norlh
Bhoro, Naturally, Hie s'ympulhles nnd
the relationship! of the I mri Inr) of
whiili die now dlslrlil. lonsisls He
with lhe .oilier portions of Iht community upon thii slib' of Un' Inlel, but
11 Is . .iu, ni iimi there la vory grave
Hunger thnt lu Ihu early singe of Ihe
devi'lupmenl o.f thai diitrict lliu Irend
of events will loud in die dlrecllon ol
dm ulli'uallon of diose sympathies uml
relationships from Ibe ilsjur i uinmuul
ties, and Ihul, not beiuusu those in
charge of Hie administration of Ibo
affairs of tlie several Nortli Bhore mu
libIpnlltlea uie cither unwilling or unprepared to muke overy effort lo have
II otherwise, pul because Ihe control
of the situation lt| Ihis important mat-
ter |i not In lluir bunds.
The key to Ihe pnlir^ sildalioo as
Ifir tin ri'latiuns   wbicb  West   Vao
couver in to aualaln commercially and
suclully with iho otber porllons of the
Nurlli Shore, Is found In iho irunspur
iiiiinii problem. An enterprising policy
in Ihu construction of un mliiiielilo In
11: inn I syslciii, of rapid transportation,
coiiiiiclliigiip ull section! ilf the . .ui Hi
Shore, Is iho vital point In iho sulls
factory development ul iho community
upon llils side of tho Inlet uu u whole.
A fatal tactical error, whoso harmful
offsets It will he extremely dlllleiill to
counteract, will have been committed,
If an Hillside triiusporliilioii .;-ni. in be
established wbleh affords lbe residents
better facilities for travel out of uud
Inlo the dlalrlcl thun those which are
iiflorded for gelling lo und fro wllhln
I lie dlslrlcl from one extreme to lhe
Iiiloiiiiiiniuly, the slluallon Is such,
lliul this is jusl -ilml Is likely to happen wilh reaped to Wesl Vuncouvor.
The mu I lur of ferry nunsporlullon Is
entirely wllhln the control of lhe coup-
dl of Hie dlslrlcl, und wllh cuniinciijl
able energy uud unlorprlsi! Ihey uru
addressing themselves lo Ihe project ol
pulling uii u thoroughly llrsl-cluss, up-
in dine furry service, Iiiun Hollyburn
lo Vancouver. Were land Iriinspniiu
liun within their control likewise, ibey
wuuld without doiibl proceed In the
sunn.' businesslike milliner lu provide
Irani connection wilb lhe present syslciii on this side of the Inlel Unfortunately, however, the i mil ml In this
latter respiii lies entirely with Ibo II.
i Kleclric Hallway I'ompuny, uud Ihis
nam iniinei lion cunnei be hud until It
nuts tbe luiivciiii.'iicc of ibui compuny
to ilimply .villi Hie wishes of lhe coin
ii, unu > in ll,e mui lm
Tbe issue Intuited is so momentous
ili it ii nn uis ilm combined attention
nf ibe in nun ipal councils. Board of
Tunic and ul|ier public Isulles on the
Nurlh Shure, in order If pusslhle lo
prevail upon Hie II. I'. Kleclric Hallway
i • nn i ui ii > lo develop Ils syslctp on tbli
mli oi tbu inlii upon a broad policy,
designed lu afford satisfactory assist
un, in I,milium up the community,
r,iiiui Hun upon Uie narrower basis
ot ibe probability ol Ibis extension or
ibal extension yielding nl ouiyYfhJiv)
lovciiiii- Milln lunl lu pa. dividends
upon the lapliul Invested.
Tre solicit, the buslntia of lptnuflrtortrt,
Inglneerioud otheti who realize |he tavlubli-
ly ol hsvlug the r Patent business transuded
ijBxperti. Prelholairyidvlcefree: Charge*
iirtmi ttoi-nnk.
Fire Wood
Cord Wood mi Stove Wood. Full
Measuro. Prompt Dslivory. Strictly
0aib. Fbnne 88,
linn. and Kstimiites furiiishoil free.
Ilepairing,   roinuileliug,  uls.,  prninptly
utteudoil to
Lynn Valley, 11. 0,
Allan Hiiiul near Westover. P. O. Hux
80, l.ynn Creek, 11. 0.
Pure fresh milk, ereuiii butter, butter
milk, ulso ice und ieu croiim supplied in
liny quantities ut right prices by tho
li.rity Creamery Company, 160 Fourth
street west. Our methods of handling
und prucesses uf manufacture are tba
lutcst aud best knuwn tu mudorn
science. t.f.
to larger premises uu Kspliuada, so
Don't Forget
euicKLV trope couoHf. com* colds,
huu thc iMHoar uia mum. ut cuirt
that when you do papering tins
yeur thai we ure itill here Willi ll
far belter lineal much belter prices
Ill Ksplauade West. l'hono 110
fui'ii to I'ultersun, (Joldio k < I.ir 1. j
lull SAI.H V'egetalilc ami flowering
pluni- All hurdy, cool grown pluuts,
un.ly Inr IriiiisplaiiHug April 1'ilh, eab
bnge, savoy-, i urly greens, sprout", -
.lut li unl., nn,lilt,uver, celery, :' ilnl.
ili i in)" ,1 mnalo pluuts, curly flower
iug 11111-111111111111.111..., ialeeolarias, elc,
. I. Hp.ii i„r liumm-ss ufler 5.30 even
inn-, Suliirdu) aller I pin.. Note ad
ilnss l.liluus'oi'i'. I'sjieosllr ha. 1 l In
Hall. IUU Hirer I l»-l
CopyniQiire Ac.
Aarmitmll nisi eh tni IMOriaUat m»r
qolrllT urarlAln our eiinli.D fttt wliplher th
liiieiuliin llproSitl; riitnlseta risniiminlt><A.
llsmmilcllycoiifldliillsl gjUOIWI inl's'rnu
lint Itt*. (lliul l|«nc| lornnirliifDilinli,
1'xhdu Uiio tlmsiS Muiiii * i'o. renal
•Mil noiiri, wiihoul cbirit, la lbe
Scientific American.
A hind*.m*lr iWumliVnl wttklj.   Uunl qlr-
- of mt iirjiiiri   ji.urmi.   1«tmf for
" I mttww4mi.
S" UUoa oTfiif   I'lrliWV   Journil.    letmi
im4*. ji.Tlt jrux, po*uge pnim.4.  Sold
fell MMdMltifc
B ht t H . WubtD«ti
Fifteenth Street
'idli. i 141 Hi. practically cleared and
a Block (rom Carline.
Price $1200.00 on Wm of one-
lliird caih, bal. 6,12, & 18 months,
lor further particulars of thc above ice
>    We represent the Undon k Lancashire Issuance Co.     A
sound Boaid Company.   If you have anything to insure we can
do il for you.
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P.O.Box 1616
We invite all thote who intend building a new houie
to call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
auortment of the latwt
• pattern! and aolicit
a call from
you '
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. Bo« 1719.
Phon* 222
'■     m
.     '   i
Q\je quarter Cash handles a fine 50 foot
l^ot corner of Rufqs and 19th Street
[^■Jr-j  Price $700
Phone 37, Norlh Vqncpuver, B. C.
Sporting Goods
composed of everything for   .
Fishing Tackle,
Small Arms,
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
N, V. WOODYAR&    ,
■     —'
10,000 cords of dry Sr wood for quick
Bale.   Price pet odd cords, $1.75. Special quotations for larger quantities.    **
Out Wood, IB Indies, $3.85. 19 Incites
HM C. O. p.
Oflice and Yard—Mill and Lonsdale
Phone 190.    P. O. Box 2432. '
LjnnView. Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 cash, $10.00 per month
i\ I Itcse lols arc one block Irom citi line in Lynn Valley mul
nice and level and high.
i] Ixl us ijuolc you rales on I'ire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
I    l.ss,   .        -llll.
10 I.IIMjIlAI.K A\ KM I-:
'■S'.s.'.'mI   I,Ulllt   III',I,I. I
TAKK NDTIilK ilml Murray CllfT. of
VullCUUVt'l',   11    I.'.   UL'CU)JUtlUll,   llllllliei-
ii,.,is   liitrii.l.s lu n|.|s|y  tor tii'rmUsluii
lu    lilllrllil.li'    tllv    fnlluwlng    Ji 'HLTlfoi'il
I 'i.lnliii iicIiik al u Jiost lilallliil ut 111.'
nurlli i-ual liiiihi of Tlinln'1- I.hull Nu
l.lllil lliin,, nl lie rliiilnn. Iltfiice
nurlli to i'Ii.iIiih. ilu'tai' rum SU chains
iiiun' or lend lu Hhore llm-. thenee uuu
Hurl)   nloiiB  sii,us'  llui'   lo  point    of
.ulllllll'llri'llli-lll.   rullllllllllIK   Htll      JI.'I'i-IJ
lliul r ul   leim
UliKKAY i:i.ll''F
:iiiii I'Vi.iiiiiis, litis
i;i:di;i;i: viaiDlKH, Agenl
>.!....,n,i i i nis.iii.1
TAKK NllTli'i; lliul I'liinIt H K liul'-
ii-ii. uf V'uiK'uijVk-r, 11 C... oeeijiiulloii.
IiiiiiI.i] iiiiiii, hihii.l.i  lu apply  for pel-
I.sl::.I.sl.    |u    Mill I,.,,-,     Hll'    I'slluUlll;;    l|(<-
ncl'lheil liilnU:
I'uiiiiiiiiiMln^ nl ,i pout plunti'il ul It..)
aiiulh weal ennui uf Iiinii i  limit Nu
11311.  Iiiui.- nli 110 elialns   Hi, ii,,
ninl 10 si,.,ins   ni,si   Isss i„ nli.,i.
llll,.   Ill, III,-   H..lllll   . .l.ls-ll,    UllUlK   Slluls
lln.s   lo   pulnl   iif  commencement   au.l
nlaliilii^ :'llll .,, ii:, iinut. ol- Ii-hh
i'iiAin.r.s i: liAitttKTT
jinii i.'ri.i iiiii-   ni:
II f. (iKullllK VKIllilKll. ,^'iil
In the Mattel uf A. B. Fletcher
Tin' Hut ill Hani, ol' I lunula liu.ui;.'
Iiuii.li'il lhe lunik- mul I.i Ilx reeeivulile
in llu' lll'oM' IIIIIII,T mer In W. .1.
Wil-on. A-.-jj.-iii-.'. nl purlieu in,I.l,le I
In lhe ul,nve folate ore rei|ues|.i| lo
«illli'   Iheir uriuiiiil,   «illi    Ilie   Kohl
A-i(.'  lurlluvilli. Ilie iri'slilori luu
mi;   pun   iiii|<ii.iiiii'   iiistnii hoi"   [ii~
..Hi's I  nil ouuiuiiiliiiK iiiiiii.nl-i luiili
nilli     All   piijuuiils   ute   lu   I.e   |in>l
In..I   h, Hu   A-in'iii.s  wliu lull  iuue
r... i |l -  l.ii  sunns
W   .1   WI1XIN.
...ili llii.lni|.s- Si   W,-i
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Al I ill SI 1M-
i ii.m it ti nuts
lumiruiii e (iunniiil...-   It I
Auditor uu-I  A. i,iii,liii,l
lnl Luinulnle Aienue   I'  O   llm ami
,'s.iiilli Vumouver   I'lmiie l.ii.
I'l'icy   H    ll/.uuisl II     |    Is 11 ii.
City   Auditor
Audll.ii.     un.I      Is >...ini,,,,,,
I2i  I'ender  tn   Vi      V   II   Uo>   lliv
i'lione mi; phone in
Vancouver        Nuilti Vuneuuvi'r
Underwood'* Barber Shop
III. 1.   I, s-lllll-
j. brind; r.s.s.
Succcuor  In  Wullai'e  ii  Scoll,  Third
Mnil     t,s n.'i.'l   i..pair   milk.
k. Wallme'i tervieet nave heen re
I'lulm KJeeulC'l K-iliniul,-, Hi,, n
Centre and Mill Boad
Lynn Valloy, B. 0,
'Ihu Nuw fllucli on  l^niilulo Avmuc
ueur  the  l'Viy   Approoeli
»»i built by
'ieneiul ' s.un,is imi
Hit I I.MIIl.
l.'|i lo dale Millinery
Muilcrlue KuleH
Keith Block    93 Lauidaie Avo.
•Studio   over   timk   ti. N.' A,
I.uukiIiiIo nmi Kmiluode
i ni"T-
MORRIS & ANDERSON   ,,,„,,,   ,EiLAUR,N „ ,
• '"'I'l' ' '»"•« Iji.Ih-   lind lienlH'TtlliiriliM
Villi'.   Vhkl'PH,   I'HIMNKVS AM.   ll«p«,r,,,K   and    Alleratiu,,..   Clcani..«
8TONK  HA8KMKNTH nmi lh,„,„ j„ ,,n |„ |,IU„,|)e,, All
Practical Meihunli'i   All nork (juar       W"'1' K"aruiileed.
nnlccil.   I', I). Ilox 'llii. Ill Pinl Slrect West.          I'lione 807
Appllcutioim for City Eutjiiiuor ,
A|)|iliealioiin will he reeeivi'd liy tin:       ,
unileraignoij iiji till 111 o'clock iiinin un
Thursiliiv, lhe llth day ol' May, llllli,
for Hie position of i'ily  blngincvr oU
Ilie City ul' North Vancouvor.
Appliuiiila to .stale ex|ierieni'e, ipiul
illi'tltioiiH and milary uxpocloil.
City Clork.
THOMAH SIIKI'lil'lltll,
iiiv Hull. Norlli Vuncouvor. 7-li
A- ''"i'' • W. Craih
In Conereto, Briek and Wood.
llinil.s     SMI    si  Ml,, ,SI   lit.
Bopludltfi and Stalionoii
Cor. lioaedale aod Itt.        IVi- 143
If >ou   tiiiiit,  tour Harden  |l*ed  or
linttja liiiii oul, tog
I'eler Hoad, hynn Valley
He it ill pivv you a guo'l job ul n rent
unable ralti,   Nolliiny too larn» or too
Kinull.   Kslimateii  (liven.
IIV,).   I  SI.ISI I II,
N.V. Tiukg & Sh«t McU Worki
Fint Street Bait of Lonidait
Jiowent  priren and bent work puurnu
tm/ m tinouig and ibeot metal work.
A.M.I.K. k B.
| Irrigalion, Urolnege, lovele, plana
and ipocificationi. Sofitio tnnki and
houie dralnatte a  a|ieeiall.y.     p,  0.
sflfcx Ut, Ifilh atreet weft ol Hewiolte
1 »
TKA" IIIIIII   iill IK ).
S|ierialty: Children'«  J,cmoiii>  nt   DWUj
home.     Term*, cti;., apply Gcucral
i.nm i i^
Au.l goueral CommiiHiou Mcrchaul, I.'l
Loumlalu Ave., Norlli Vancouver.
Phone SSI
I u sunn ,
My dol ben   nm   at  Iho   Capilano,
Laundry  where  youn  ought  lo be.
Mit work lot 66 centi dot. Bough
dry, -lc lb., wpt waib, 3c lb.    Drop ui
* card and wo will call for Ibeni.
.... I
 1 — .	
Empire Day Prosperity
Edition of the "Express"
Advertise Your Business
FRIENDS "DOWN EAST."   This will help to
advertise North Vancouver. REMEMBER, a copy
will be sent to every Board of Trade in Canada, to all
Ratepayers in the City of North Vancouver, and copies
will   find   their   way  to  all   parts   of   the   world
Phone To-day and our Solicitors will call on you
■■■■—"■■■ '—y ---
>l|   ••.•!•* ' " THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, B,   fr, TUE3PAY, APRIL 30 |9|2
■ .>
:   f
Knarm:.**, r^rymmmmm-fmmmmmn-^nmvrmn)  |
The steady demand upon our stock of Out Glaus for wedding gifts this spring li a solid and secure proof of ltl worth.
There Is aiaortiuont as ell as quality ln the stock you will find
in our crystal room. Inferiority Is unknown here—from the
smallest Salt Shaker to the massive Punch Bowl—from the
delicate Wine Glass to tlte Imposing Vaae, you will Aud the
the samo perfection of design, cutting and weight.
Our stock of OUT (ILASB Is now complete for tlte spriug
demand, aud our extra Hue display of high-grade INTAULIO
offers an attraction to wedding gift seekers that is hard to
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
Breakfast Table!
EL TOSTO may be connected with
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on the current and in an instant
the coils arc glowing
In a few minutes the Iwo slices of bread
are turned to a rich, golden brown color
Toasl made on F.L TOSTO is especially appetizing, the more so as it may
ne served direct from the toaster lo
your plate.
agjegSgb) Price ■ $4.00
Call at our office, .50 Lonsdale Avenue, and see ihis appliance
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will Miji[>h you wilb lliu cbcttjjwl rMiniuW> fur any kiwi uf i'luuil*
iug ami Heating Work, tSujiiIury l-!»(j|iijrcriii(Z, Mover .m.i Static Tank
cumiuctioiiH, furnace ipt-iuJIuliijiiH, elc Juhbiny work uml miiuII iuu
trade receive prouipl attention.
Give us llic Jul; lo fix uj> yuur new koine uiul we wil! ^uurantce to
fix ull your i>\\m» in a wuy thut will saw your winter worries.
i\o jub too fuiull. None luu lurge
Our eerviccp ure ut your ili.-jioi>ul night or ijay.
We've severed uur eonnectiou witb
"The Light Brigade"
Tbu "Wild  Cbargo" tbey made
Post.11 Addrcas:
Box No. 1923
Nortli Vancouvor
Post Offlce.
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    D. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
beg9 to announce lhat he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.   Let us have your listings of Capilano property.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
She Did Not Tell All
She Knew of Her
l»vv^»rf*W^^#y^v^^*^.M»»*m* na*! I
I bad bi'fii brought up In tbe draad
tt nuking a iiii'siililuiice. Mutber bad
lectured uie time and again nn tbe subject, and I bad thoroughly appreciated
tbe undesirable remits af marrying
mn ot aud especially lieueatb my class.
Motber did uot Inalst on my marryiug
p i Mi girl, but Him deprecated iny marrying ouo whose station In life was
illnVif ni from mlue. Uy fatber agreed
wltb ber.'
A day or two after tbo Clarkes moved Iuto tbe placo next ours from my
window I saw Alice In lbe garden In
tbe reur. Whether sbe would bavo attracted others or not ou sight 1 dou't
kuow. Bhe certainly produced a profound effect ou nn! Sbo was fourteeu
yeara old, but bud completed her
growtb-tall and willowy aud graceful
lu her postures uml movements. Her
eyes were her main feature, bespeaking somelhlug Impressive, though uue
who looked upon her for tbe lirst time
would uot kuow whut It was.
It wus early spriug, and the girl had
e:dl.'inly gone oul Into the yurd to locate a dower garden for the coming
scasou. She Inspected what beds
there were and looked about with a
view to locate more, laying out oue by
pulling two Bllcks In tbe ground with
a siring between tbem.
Uow 1 should have liked to Join her,
take a spade and dig for burl But 1
knew my motber would see me, and
Ibis would cause u commotion. I never liked duplicity, but I uever liked
paluful lutervlewa eltber. 1 restrained myself for the time, but I kuew
that I would not he able to keep a wuy
from tbe girl neit door. Hud 1 known
then that sbe was u foundling It would
bave Increased my alarm at Inning
ber so inni' me, but it would buve
made no otber difference. J should
bavo been engulfed (11 tbe same.
It was evident the same evening that
my mother bud i-might sight of lbe
danger lu tbe garden.   Tbut sbe and
"I UW IU 00 OUT TO THS 11,0ft III IHU-
my father had had some words about
the matter aud lhat Uiey knew more
iinm 1 did about Alice Clarke Is evident from the fact lbat tbey couversed
ou the subject of heredity, the disgrace
attached to unknown parentage, and
especially tbe stigma of being born
oul of wedlock.
I confess I was much shocked. I
would have beeu minimi to Icorn
these Ihlugs about myself aud felt a
ili.il of pity for Ibe poor girl who was
obliged to beur tbem. And lbat was
Uie most daugeroua feature of lbe
whole affair. Bhe became ao object
of compassion.
If 1 bad beeu of t combative nature
I should have made the acquaintance
of Alice Clarke aud quarreled wltb my
father and motber. As It was, I fell
Iuto Uie channel marked out (or parlous of amiable disposition- 1 met
Alice without letting ihem know anything about It-tiiat Is, I met ber when
tbey were away from home. Tbe beda
lo tbe garden bad bean dug up for ber,
and one morning wben tbe aun wm
shining warm I saw Alice ge out Wltb
seed packages to plant I took occa-
rion to go out to Ui* ban for something I didn't want Thero WM I
low hedge between the two places;
therefore uo obstruction intervened
between her aud me I Aid not screw
up my courage to apeak to bor till I
relumed (rom tbe barn; Uien I said:
"Aren't you putting- lij, yoar crop
ral ber early?"
8b* wm bending over Uie work, aad
when I spok* rose and (aced tm. U
seemed tbat ahe looked rlgbt through
"Wby, no," wm bet mi. "I d<,n'i
dhluk we'll bav* another frost. Do
"Vou can't be aur*. but U w* do Md
tltxnl.lniXmA   An   HUT*  UVill
mmmmmmmmtmmmaMmm   mtm1   ffWJ/fW   ^mj^m
IIV-I..HV mi, ins
pm ftp south vwmiivmt
A By-Law tp sjable tho Corporation
of the C|ty of North Voncouver tu
£Sl.*J..b}'  wa>' of loun Hiu mm ol
liis i> .l"mi     ° ''uul Properly for
wjra&gM*t|e   North "Vancouver
, yJ. *}.Improvemenl Compefie I.lmll-
oi  I.lulill ly, has offered t0 ,„}) to Die
j-lty nf North Vancouver und the "CUT
has agreed, subject  in Ilie ussent  ol
the electors bolnit glvun to Ibis By-
Law  us  provided  by  the  "Municipal
Act,   lo purchase from tlio suld Company  for  nubile  I'urlm  Hi,,  following
ilt'Hci-llind lunds, Ilml Is to say:   Hindis
J 9, ml, Vm,  2JIIC.  J2II.I und  23011
all   In   District   I.ol 'mo.   coininlsliig
It.tl goreS more or less ut mul fnr llu-
price or sum of Tlilrty-foui- Ihousund
Iwo hun,I,,,i uml Ihlrlj-llve tlDUHIi <)0)
AND WHKHKAS h, order to pur;
chase lhe same ll will lie tieeessai'V In
Issue debentures of (he City of Norlli
Vancuuver for the sum of Thirty four
Ihousund Iwo is.ii,.,:,,i unit Ihlm he
• I . i ■:.■  .1. il.n us liilrelnufter' provided (which Is lhe uniouiit of the
ilehi Intended In lie creeled bs HiIh
By-Law) lhe proceeds of the suld ilo-
lirnlures   lo    lie   applied   lo   lhe   mild
puriiose mul lo no other:
AND WlfKltKAB a petition signed
by the Owners of moro ihun one-
tenth 11-10) of lin- value of real pruperty In lhe City of Norlli Voncouver
(as shown liy the lasl revised Ahhchh-
uniiit Rolll has Inin presented to Ih"
Municipal Council of the City nf Nnrlh
Vunt-ouver rsQUeatlpg iliein to introduce a By-Law to authorise lhe borrowing lllloll Illi- eledll of the sold Clly
lhe sulil uuin of Thirty-four thousand
two hundred ami ihlrly-iive ill! ini;, iiii)
IoIIuih for lhe purpose nfuresuld:
AND WHKHKAS It Is advisable lo
comply with lhe prayer of lhe suld
I'l-ililoii und in acquire lhe suld lunds
fnr  public   i'urks:
AND WHKHKAS for the payment
nf Interest on lhe dctvnlures proposed
to he Issued under lhe By-Law, and for
creeling a sinking fund fnr lhe paymenl of the saltl debentures when due
II will he necessary In raise by special
rute lu iidiljilon to all other rules, euch
year during the currency nl .such debentures the sum of One Ihousund nine
hundred and tlilrtv-alx dollars uml slsiv
cents ill.931! HOI. whereof One Ihousund
seven Iiundred ami eleven dollars and
seventy-live cenls 111,711 751 Is In rulsed fnr lhe payment of Inlerest iluring
lhe currency of sulil debentures und
Two hundred and twentv-four dollara
ami eighty-lye cenls (1221.86) Is lo
lie raised annually for lin- purpose of
creating a sinking fund for puxment
of Ihe debt secured bv llic said debentures, lhe mum- being mude puy-
nlili' In llflv yeurs from Hie llrsl dav
of April  IHI2
AND WHKHKAS Ii) order to* raise
lhe said yearly sum of Dm' Iholisiitld
aim' Iiundred mid Ihlny-slx dollurs and
slxlv cenls (ll.lMCMi f.n Inlerest mid
,n.lm,: fund an euuul speclul rate on
Hu- dollar will In- required In he levied
mi all llic ruleuhle real property In Unsaid Clly
AND WHKHKAS the whule rulnnlile
i,ul properly In lhe mild ('In uccoril-
lag In llu- lasl revised Assessment Hull
Is Thirteen million nine Iiundred uml
Iwelilv llniuHiilnl seven hundred und
slxlv  11131120 7001  Dollars
AND WHKHKAS Hie uggreuule of Hie
existing dehelllure dehl nf tin I'or
iteration  Is  . . it m. piing
f,,|-    winks-    •-(    lo. Ill    Illlpl.lVelllenl    llllli
for school purnosesl of whh h none
of the pilui-lpnl or Inii ri si Is In nr-
TIIKHKKOHK Un   Municipal i'ouncll   of   lhe   ('.ill It'll   nf   111,    I'll)       f
North Vancuuver (with lhe nsscni ol
tlie Klectors of Ihe I'll) of Ninth
Vancouver duly uliinlncd) enucts as
1 ll shall be l.iwrnl fnr Ihe Mu'.or
of lhe I'll) of Norlh Vuneuuver and
lhe City Clerk fnr lhe purpose aforesaid to Imi row of raise It) way of loan
from an) person or persons, liuily or
bodies coiporilte win, may he wlillliL-
lo advance the same upon lhe credli
of iin i|< lii-niiiii-H herelnufler men-
Honed of Ih.e Coii'oiailon u Hum of
inoiif) n„i ..jet-ceding in lbe ft'lmle lhe
siiii) of Thirty-four Ihousund Iwo hundred mid Dili n five il.ll 23BOIJI Dollurs
and In cause lin- sunn to lu 1-1.,.,,] In
Hi,- Bunk of Hi-lUsh North Amcllcit ul
Norlh Vunctyivcr lo Hie credli of <li~
I'll! for the purpose.iibove recited and
su.1i moliev slmll be used fol ilml
purpose only
2 Debenlures   uf   the  City   n x-
, idling lu umoiinl the sum nf Thlrly-
four tbniisiind Iwo hundred und ihli I;. -
live i|3l23r,00) Dollurs mui be Issued
by Ihe suld Muyur und rily Clerk In
I, iins of the Munlclpul clauses Acl. In
Hums ut nmv be desired, but nol exceeding Dm- thousand W.OOOl Dollars
euch. or Hie eijulvalenl expressed In
pounds slerllng of ihe I'nited Kingdom
of On-al Britain and Ireland ul tlie
value nf liim 2-3 lo the pound sterling
Kueh of the Haiti debentures shull be
sklied bv lbe suld Mayer ami I'll)
Clerk and Ihe Clly Clerk shall ulllx
therein lhe Corporate Peal or the suld
I'ltv  of Nnrlh Vuncuuver
3' The debenlures Hhull beur d  Un
Hint dnv uf April 1912 mul shull bear
Interesl ul Hie rule of live It,) nei unl
perunnum nnviil'le hnlf yearly on Die
llrsl duy of .March and lhe IHsl dnv of
geplember In euch and every uur dur-
Inir the currency of Ilie suld debenlures. or nny of Ihem There slmll be
attached to the debenlure coupons sign-
ciUby the Mayor only for euch and
every payment of Interest Hint tnuy become due.  nnd such signature may be
either Y'i'8"' 't-MPPA '>Pfll»M 91 II-
I. Tne said debentures as to principal und Interest may be made payable either In currency or Us equivalent Ip'pounds starling at the vulue
of JUS 2-8 tu the pound sterling ut
.'Hell place or places In Qreat Britain.
United States of America pr the
Dominion of Canada as may be agreed
upon between Ihe Corporation ana the
holders thereof, and tne said principal
sum shull be made puyable hy'tbe City
at a date not later than llfty years
from the flrst day or April 1912.
6. During the whole term of tho
currency of the said debentures a
.■ipeclal rate on the dollar shall be levied and raised each year In addition to
all other rates on all the rateable real
property Ip the City ami sufficient to
nay the Interest upon the said debenturei, und to create a sinking fond
'torthe'iruymentflHhe'pT'lnclpol thereof when oue, subject to any act or
enactment respecting the suipe. Such
special rate shull be Inserted In the
Collector's Itoll or Bolls and shall be
payable lo and collected by the sold
Corporation In tho sume way as other
rates in the suld Roll or Rolls, save us
jierelniifter provided. i     '
S. In order lo provide fur the rales
set nut III paragruiih Ave IC) and subject us uforesuld, there shull be rulsed
unnuully by speclul rute during the
currency ur the said debentures tho
sum uf One thuusund seven hundred
and eleven dollars and seventy-nve
cents ijl.7il.7ii) to provide for Ibo
puymenl of Interesl thereun, und the
sum of Twu hundred und tWcntv-fnur
dollurs und eighty-five rents ((221.85)
fur the repuyment uf the tu'lnclpu]
7. The proceeds uf lhe said debentures shall be applied us folluws. ami
nut otherwise:
la) In payment of the cost of Ihe
passing of this By-Law and the Issue
und Hale of Ihe Debentures therein referred to, und ull expenses connected
wllh lhe suld loun.
Ib) In recouping the suld Corporation
(or such sums as have been expended
hereunder until the pruceeds uf the
sale uf the debentures becomes uvull-
(c) To carry out the purposes of this
By-Law as uhoVe set out.
s, All moneys urlslng out of the
annual special rate rierclnhefurc provided for ninl,inc. fund shall be Invested by the Council uf the said Corporation from tltno to time as the law
9. No rebate shall bd ulluwod on tlm
special rales to bu levied under Hits
10. This By-Law shull lulte effect on
tho Thirteenth day of May,.Una.,
11. This By-Jjaw muy be cited (oir
al) purposes as "The I'urks Purchaao
By-Law, 1912."
Passed by tho Council on the Twenty-
second day of April. 1912, Received the
assent of the Electors uf the City of
North Vancouver ut Un election for Uio
purpose on the day pf
April. 1918. Reconsidered by lhe Council and Ilnully udupled. signed hy the
Mayur and City Clerk and sealed with
Hie r.u i".i.ii.   Seul uli lhe	
duy of.. 1912/s
TAKK NOTICK thul Uie abuve Is u '
true copy ot the proposed llv-Luw upon which tho vute of lhe Klcclnrs nf
the Municipality uf the Clly uf Null1)
Vuneuuver will be tukeu within the
City Hull, Nurth Viinenuver. II. C„ on
Suturduy. lhe lllh duy nf Ma). A.D..
1912, botween thc hours of 9 o'clock
a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m
city Clerk and Returning Ollicer.
PUBLIC NOTICB Is hereby given
Unit the vote of the Electors of Hie
City of Nurth Vuncuuver will le
taken up Saturday, the eleventh fuiv ol
May, 1912, between the li'iuiaol 9
u'cluck u.i» and 7 o'clock n in on
"The i'urks Purchase By-Law, lulu"
und Ihut within the City Hull Nnrlh
Vuncouver, B. C. und lliul Thomas
hepherd has been appointed Returning Ollicer to lake lhe vole of such
Klectors with the usual powers In
that behalf. T
By Order of the Countll.
City Clerk.
We have several good buys in D.L. 273
and D.L. 550     .  -
We can sell you close in Lots in Lynn
Valley from $300 up. SMAULrSEPAAsrT
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
That well known and flourishing Rooming House
and Restaurant business known as the RUSSI:.LI.
HOUSE, with accommodation for 20 roomers; 3 or
5 years' lease given. Rent $75 per monlli for fust
PRICE $1000
And Corner Marine Drive and Mao Kd., Dundarave
im. Get Your E
This Month
You can »avc money in
making your purchase* now
Extension Tables, $8,50,
$9.50,   $12, $15 up.
Aud you i ciii'mi..  -I" v.ii< ii you buy furniture bore,   quality tud vurj
cij' aro Ilie hiring features ot (hit tlore. Nowhero olio will  you  Had
a* extennlvo a uliowing of reilly pod furniture ond carpeti at such noui-    Dining Sets of 5 small and
inul prico o» wo ehatpe.   Kacb orticlc i« roprcjeutatlve of Uio lo»t of iU < /        11 i (VI
set up.
lumi aud our wonderful anKorluiriii iusuroa uur sultiog every  lute aud
ovory puree
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete for $8.50 up
Dressers at cut pricei, $8.59, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
aad up to $75.00.
In our Crockery Depl. we ore jutl opening up • luge ehipment of Flower Pole
ini Crock..       «.,         Ail SUet
128 Lonidale Ave. North Vancouver
• II
,-      ■
Bank of Montreal
Eet.bli.bed 1817
Capital (paid up)    -   $15,413,000
-   -   -  -   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1 it Street Manager
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
* LTD.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and J7th street.
Take Quecnsbury Car (Yellow Label)..
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
We have a Large and Exclusive lilt
D.L..265 and D.L 273
Phone Z4. P& *« *y
yonr plantx hnve conic; up tltcy cun b*
covered "I i.<'''|i H"'"' i'i1'"" Iiiiinii lipped."
I Oliuttpd wltb Iht iihonl  ulmt she
wuh putting In and up virions subjects,
bul did nut cross the hedge-nut then.
I wuh no^ hurrying on to furbliitlon
ground.   ( was drifting there.
A mouth passed", during which 00
one in my homo knew tbat 1 bad any
iicipiniiiiiiuce with the foundling. Wheu
tbe secret cumo out It was In this wise:
Ou a frosty morning the plants next
door were seen to bave been covered
fur their proleiMlon from the cold. 1
Knew by I In- ili'liieunor Of my father
sud mother ut tbi breakfast table tbat
something wus vpong. When, my father finished bis breakfast and bsd
scanned bis paper be went out, leaving
me uloue wltb my motber.
"Henry." uiie said Impressively, "I
am very much alarmed."
"it whut, mother?" I asked.
"I fm r that you buve formed an acquaintance, pii.-wihiy an Intimacy, wltb
tbe girl licit door."
While I consider deception as a necessity I never could get down to a deliberate He.   I saiil notblng.
"Ust iiIkIiI." mother continued, "beiug wiikeful, 1 arose sud sut by.tbe
window lu lbe dursuess I saw some-
tiling while moving from uur place to
tbe uue uat dour. That white thing
this murniug covers tbe yuung growth
plauled by the girl there."
The secret wub out. I bad been
cuugbt red hnuded.
"I-I tbuught there would be a frost,
aud I wished to save thc pluuts."
"Did you riilnl; of those lu our owu
garden 7"
I nulni.-iliinl a confessional silence.
Tbut wus ull so fur as words were
concerned, but the neit week I was
packed ull to school. 1 found opportunity to meet Alice aud tell her what
bud happened. Sbe mudo uo comment
-did not reproucb me or my mother.
But iu a way lu keeping wltb ber
youlh ahe sullercd-thot was evident.
Wheu wo purled 1 teut to give her a
goodby kiss, but Bhe quietly preveuted
My pnrentH sent me from school to
college and continued to keep me uwuy
frum home during vucullomi llll 1 bail
llulsbed my education. There was no
communication between Alice Clarke
and myself during this time, but i did
not forgot her. Ihuugh 1 tried lo do
>su. 1 bud u number of mild Ulrimloni
wllh different yuung girls lu my slu
dent days, but tbey made uo liupros
ilml on me. Afler my gruduulioii no
objection was mude to my going home.
1 wuudercd ut this und feared lliut
■something bad buppened to remove
Ail-v riurko from the place. But slure
she bud not been referred to belween
my mother uud myself ufler I hud
heeu sent uwuy lo separate uie from
her I did uot like lo ask. I tried lo
convince myself lliut I would be sails
lied lo Ond the dunger removed, hut
(he girl bud left u tender spot lu my
heart which would not be healed. As
soou as I reucbed bomc-lhe lust of
Juuc-I kept au eye out neit door. I
did not see Alice, and tbo blinds of
her room were closed. But I saw thut
tbo Clurkcs wero Mill living there. I
was aatoulshed ut tbe sinking I felt
hi my heart. I could refrain uo louger
from asking my mother wbat hud he
come of my young love.
"There Is a slory to tell," she sulil,.
"aud I will give it to you as It oe
curred uuder my observation. One
murniug ubout u year ago n carriage
with liveried servuuls drove up lo tbe
Clarkes. and a ludy allghled and wrni
Into Ibe house. An hour after she uml
Alice came oul. baud In hand. The
lady said goodby very feelingly. Imt
came aguhj the ucit duy. Inking lhe
girl wllli her wheu the weut uwuy
Since Ibeu Alice bus come often lo see
tbe Clarkes, but always lu the lady's
carrluge uud huudsomely dressed."
"And jisii have uut leurued lbe rea
sou for sll Ibis)" I asked wonderlngly
"Yes, Mrs. Clarke and I have often
spokeu from tbe windows or from llic
grounds, und she told me, bul ouly llic
bure facts Thc lady Is Alice's molher
Bbe U of lbc blue blood If there Is
such of Americu. In her youlh she
eloped, wus murrled, and her fullier
dlaowued ber. Her husband bccuuit
su luvulld. starvation stured tbe cou
pie lu lbc fu"1. end when Alice was
boru (here seemed nothing lo do bul
place her lu a fouudllug borne. Bul
Ihe mutlier kuow wbcru lbc child bnd
been taken and. (luce sbo wus well
eared for aud poverty preveulcd, did
not i'lulm her. Wheu tho grandfather
died uud left o lurge forluuv II wai
fouud Ibul be bad relrutcd and lefl
bis daughter ber share of bis prupcrly
Bhe Immediately claimed Alice, or
Beatrice, which Is ber real unine-Bea-
trice J'sruswurlb- and took her home
wilb her."
Ooe morning I suw i carriage drive
up, snd Alice, richly dressed, alighted
and went inside. I watched for ber lo
sppeur npin aud presently saw ber go
out to the (lower garden where I hud
drsl seen ber. I Joined her. sud Ibe
delight Ibst sprang iuto ber face uu
seeing ae brought me on equal buy
"There Is no need now," I said, "for
ui to meet cloudeatlucly."
"Nor vu thero ever. I knew Uiat I
was tbi/ child of luxury (rom uy bsby
• ini in i Ibst J found."
"A sd you didn't 1(11 me."
"lio; f never dreamed tbst I would
be restored to lbc sphere In Wbicb I
vfki burs."
My mother saw us talking In tbe garden, but there was a great difference
to ber action ln. lb* mutter from what
tt would bave been bod Uie young lady
remained t founding. Indeed, motber
■seemed very curious to learn whether
our put affair was to b» continued.
I wu unable tu satisfy ber at one*, (ot
I did not know. I could answer for
myself alone. However, t very short
Uae elapsed before I wu able to tp-
nouuee my engagement.
Wflryiwrte^i! Waterfront
A commencement bas been mude on
the ilrivine, pf the piles for tbo side
bulkhead In connection, with Mr. J. P.
Fell's relllllng process ulong tbo water-
trout pf R.J,, p. Those side bulk-
|ieads will encompass that area lying
hetweep Fell nmi Bewlcke nvouuou,
and their height will be 2 feet 9 Inches
above tbe bii-,iiei',i known tide, and t
Inches higher than tbe Union Steamship Company's wbarf In Vancouver.
These operations, which are boing supervised hy Mr. Donald Cameron, of
Messrs. Cleveland & Cameron, are
progressing satisfactorily under conditions whicii are not entirely propitious owing to the fact t bat work
cau only bo proceeded witb at low tide.
It Ib stated that in all there wili bo
over 31011 feet of bulkheads, IM along
the front and 800 to each side, and iu
uddltlon u short bulkhead to protect
lhe llll from Mosquito creek which
runs cIobo to one corner. The pllos
ure ulready in and tho slabe in placo
along the front TliiB undertaking Is
ono Involving un expenditure which lu
its preliminary siugcs »i upproxi
mutes some tens ol thouBuudii ul dol
lurs. Ai luuBt a million dullurs will be
spent upon the project before consuni
111   I \»   .\.i. 203.
i minim on,   uv   nn:   < ITI    m
A Uy-l.aw tu authorize the Norlli Vancouver Has & Coke Compuny. Limited,
lu erect, construct, niulntiilu um) operate bus works within the limit* ol
tlio suld city uf Nurth Vuncouver.
WIIURICAS ll hus been deemed advisable by tlie Cuuncll to pats a By-law
iiutburUIng  Uie  construction  py  lbc
North Vuncuuver (lus 4 Coke Company,
Limited, of gus works wltbln lbe city
ul Norlb Vuncouver. and In conjunction
therewith to lay duwn. relay, dlscun-
nect und  repair pipes ulong. through
and  under the streets,    lanes, alleys,
grounds, thoroughfares and other public places wllhln lhe suld Corporation,
und  lu submit  for the  assent of the
Eleclors the proposed Agreement   set
out In lhe Schedule herein belween lhe
City uf Nurlh Vuncouver and thc Nurth
Vaneouver Has ft Coke Company., I.lm-
lli'd: :
NOW TIIKHICFOHK.. ll"' Mayor und
Council of the Cil) of Noilh Vancouver enact as follows:
1 The druft agreement between the
i'lty of Nurlh Vancouver and the Nurth
Vancouver Qas ft Coke Company, Limited, Set out in the Schedule hereto Is
subject to tpe assent of tho (Hectors)
hereby approved mul such assent having been obtained nccbrdjng to lav, 11
shall be lawful for tbe Mayor and the
City Clork and they arc horeby directed, for end on bohelf ot tho Corporation to execute and aRIx the Corporuie
,scai of the Corporaiton to tho  said
Agreement, and  thereupon  the   ■
Bhsll become valid and binding upon
tbe Corporation. "
1 This By-law shall come Into force
and tako effect from tho date of tpe
final passing thereof:
Passed by Die Council this twenty-
second day of April. A. p. TII12.    -
Itccolvcd tho asBont of the Kloclors
this day of.. '..A, I). 19)2.
In duplicate this day of	
In tho year of our Lord one thousnnd
nine hundred and twelve.
province of British Columbia, hereinafter called (he "Corporation," ot
iho Hrst parti        „______
and -
Company. Incorporated under the
"Compunlos" Act. having Ils head office at North Vancouver. In tho I'rov-
inco of British Columhlu. who wltb
their successors una assigns, arc
hereinafter culled (ho "Company" uf
(he second part.
WHEREAS thu Company bus applied
to lhe Corporation for llic rlglil to
erect, construct, maintain, and operate
guB works wltbln tho limits of the t.'ily
of North Vancouver, ond lo lav down
relay, connect, disconnect and repair
all pipes ulong, through und under the
streets, lunes, grounds, ulley-wuys,
thoroughfares, und olber public places
of the Bald Curpuratloti. us inuy ho necessary for supplying gus to the consumers thereof.
• ANI) WHEKEAB the Council of the
Corporallon huB agreed to grain sue]-
right lo lhe Company.
ANI) WHEREAS lhe Klectors of Ike
City of North Vancouver buve iissenliil
lo the execution of Hits Agreement:
MENT WITNESSETH ilinl (lie Corporallon In consideration of ihe premises
ipil of lhe Company agreeing lo perform and observe tlie covenants hereinafter contained, doth In pursuance of
ihe powers conferred upon It by ihe
Munlclpul Act, and In pursuance of all
olher powers thereunto enabling It
grant lo lhe Company lbe rlghl lo
erect, construct, maintain and operate
mis works wllhln lhe limlls of the said
clly' of North Vancouver, and lo luy
down, relov, conned, disconnect and
repair ail pipes along, through or under the streets, lanes, grounds, alleyways, thoroughfares.'uml other public
places or Ihe Buld Corporation, that
mav be necessury for supplying pun to '
lhe consumers thereof, upon the con- i
dltlons und terms hereinafter contained, via:
I, The Cuinpany shall pay the expenses reasonably Incurred In submitting
the Uv-luw ratifying Ibis Agreement In
lhe Electors:
! The Cuinpany shall wllhln Unity
.lavs after the ratlllcullon of Hie By-law
by ihe Electors of the Corporation In
conformity. Willi the Municipal Aet. llic
wllh the Corporation n bond In Ihe slim
of Five Thousand ffr..um> «0» Dollars ns
liquidated damages a.s sccurlly for ihr
■luo performance of Ihe Company of ihis
Agreement, and each and every of the
provisions, terms and conditions herein
3 The Cuinpany shall nol have llic
right tn exercise un)' powers under Ihis
Agreement until the bond referred lo In
Paragraph ! hereof shall have been delivered to Ihe Corporation, and duly approved of by resolution of (he Mayor and
CountII "f ihf Corporation:
1.   The right  herein ytrniilod   lu ibe
umpany shell he for a period of I'll nni
IM years lo be lonipuied from the (Inul
musing of tiic by-law au(horl*lns the
execution hereof:
5    The   Corporation   shall   bate   Ii.o
rjgbl   lo  purchase   the  gas   plant   and
equipment erected and Installed by the
Company at  tin- expiration "f Fifteen
If.) years from lbc dute of lhe passing
f the By-Law ratifying this Agreement
J    Is'l in  '
nt lind
upon giving to the Compuny Six (0)
months' previous notice Ip writing, the
price ut which Suld gae piuni and equipment ts to be purchased to bu settled by
arbitration, oue arbitrator to bo appointed by tbo Corporation, ono by the Company, and a third arbitrator to be chosen
by tho flrst two named arbitrators in
accordance with tho "Arbitration Act,
but nothing shall be allowed by said ai'-
bllraioi's for good-will, unllclpiileil profits or for iin- franchise granted to the
Cunipuny, lliu proporty, gds plain and
equipment, however, to ho valued Ily said
arbitrators as a going concern, provided
always, thul any equipment which at the
time of the purchase shull.bo obsolete or
not largo enough for the then purposes
or (he City, or for any reason of no uso
or of little i in to thc City, shall be
only valued at the value ot the same to
tbe city at lhe time of such purchase. '
U.   In the event of Ihe Corporation not
 is.i in;  lhe gus i-i "ii and equipment
nf tlio end of .mid Fifteen (16) years,
Ibis Agreement shull remain lu force for
ii fiirlncr period of Five (6) yoars, the
Corporation shull have the right to purchase the suld gas plant and equipment
according lo lhe terms hereof and so
on from time to time ut the end of each
period of live yeurs tbe Corporation shall
nave the rlgbt to purchase on Iho lorms
ubove mentioned until the Corpbtt,"
shall purchase the suld gas plunt
7. If ui uny time the Cuinpany de- .
sires lo sell tbe gus plant and equipment,
nnd Ibe uppiirtennnceii lliercto, tlie Corporation snail before any such sule bavo
thc llrsl right to purchase the same at
a vulue to be arrived nt by arbitration
In accordance with the method prescribed In Paragraph a hereof, and Id
any case, any purchase shall only Iako
pluee subjeel in the City's right tu purchase as herein set out,
8. The Company shall, wllhln Ihree
inonllis after the Una) passing of tho Ry-
law ratifying this Agreement, cuinnienco%
the construction, Una wllhln fifteen (15)
months after lbe said lln.il passing of
Hie sal.l lly-law complete the construction and establishment of gas works and
buildings adequate to tin supply pf the
Corporation, uml lay mains adcouate to
Hie supply therefrom of gas lo the Corporallon lamps If required, and to all
persons or corporations hereinafter nion-
li.mid,*ami In ease lbc same shall not be
eiiiiiiiu-neeil. tsiiistnirtoil. established, and
laid as aforesaid wllhln lhe said resnoc-
li\e periods, or in case of the breach of
nnv of the conditions uf Hie sold bond,
all lbc rights, powers and privileges to
be conferred under said lly-law, und
this agreement, shall at the end of said
rc-spocllvo periods or upon such brench,
eeliso and determine
'.I In the event of lhe Corporation deciding to pcriiinnenlly pave any of the
slreets. lanes, alley-ways, thoroughfares,
or other public places, upon which the
Company has already luld mains, the
Corporation shall give to lhe Company
Ihree months' provluus nullce In willing
i.f Ils Inteiilli.n lo do S", und the Company shall then upon construct nnd Install on said streets, bines, alley-ways.
Iliiiruughfiins,- or other public places,
permanent mains, so us to nvuhl the ue-
cessll) of breaking up said permanent
pavement after Ihe same lias been laid.
in The right-of ibe Company io lay
down, reluy. connect, disconnect, repair
and maintain Ils mains umi other plpos
through and under the streets, lanos.
alley-nays thoroughfares and bridges of
the Ci'ipoi.iil.iii ns may be necessary.
ph.pic in convenient for dlsirlbntlng oi
supplying gas to the consumers thereof,
and to ninlto connection between sucli
main-- and pipes and thc dwellings, and
nil,it buildings of such consumers where
sin li ga.s Is io be used. Is subject to the
condition lhal the same shall be laid and
connected, nialhtalned am) repaired In
workmanlike manner, and so as not to
Interfere with Ihe use of suld streets,
lanes, alb')- ways. thnrnughforcH and
bridges of ibe corporation for iho'pur-
pi.-i- ..)' ii.ivcl, ami so us nol to Intel-
fere wllh any exlsllng sewer or water
pipe.- in i,ild streets, lanes, alley-ways,
thoroughfares nnd midges, provided nl-
wan ninl ih right Is hereby reserved I"
the I'nrpiiniilon lo decide what slreei".
lane, alley-ways, thoroughfares and
bridge- tl ■■ Cnnijiiin) may so use for the
purpose al'..resold, ninl also as lo wbat
pari of the same shall be used by ths
all works lo he tarried un by
'  ul   Ihe streets.
(Continued on Pago Cigbt.)
Residential Properties
COENEB I»OT 10, BLOOK 30  >3.M
INSIDE LOTS IN BLOOK 10  $"60  each
IfJBIDE LOTS IN BLOCKS ID and IDA     $800   each
DOUBLE 00BNEE8 IN BL00K8 ID, IDA. 10 aud 10A  ....$7,000 each
LOTS 1 aud 6, Block 213A, tt. L's. 611 and DID  $2,100
TEEMS: ] 3 Cash, Balance 0 and IH mouths	
Block 154-25 ft.
Block 158-25 fi.
Block 152-100 fi.
Block 155-50 ft.
Block 132-50 ft.
For prices and terms apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286
L r
"Old Cronies" and
"The Area Belle"
Thoso of tha nobility and gentry of
this city who spent two hours of Friday evening 111 tbe Horticultural Hull
felt selfishly grateful for the uslst-
enco of the St. Thomas' Church organ
ii. lo, fur had no such fund been In
neuil of asslslance, It is highly probable iIi.m tho .in. i nobility und
gentry would havo missed a reully ex-
■ s ii. ni in,ui, .ii. and ori'heslrul entertainment. "Old Cronies" und "The
Area lii'lle" wero the brace of tabloid
ciiiiii'ilii i. i'lni.,1'11 for presentation by
Bi iiliialor uf locgl ludles und gentle-
mun, and In euc)i playlet these uuin-
luur Thespians (lunilluil parts of no
small ill'lll ni Ily I'or ull Ibo world like
a puck uf professionals In full cry,
"Old Cionies" wan in iliioltiguu I'oini
and Introduced Mr. tl. V, Jones uu
"I'n.ii .ssin .lucks" and Mr. II. II. Sinker au "Capl. I'lguon." I'roressor
Jacks was a lovable uid fussll devoted
tu a science wllh a lung cumbersome
muui-. which, luken Irani the Latin
and other defunct languages,, means
lhe study Di derivations, lu this pur-
suit I'i; .sin was only u nUlsauce lu
hlm, tho cupluln's Iriends uiigguslliins
being ulwuys ihe limit in ubsurdlly
us, lor example, Uiul the word bodice
wus evolved frum lluiiilici'ii. Thu pluy,
housemaid. The area bells, as por-
irnyud liy Miss K. Archibald, was a
buuiiliriilly neat, clean-collared, white-
aproned, Impudent Opckney "domestic"
-a character which In other hands
than Miss Archibald's might have been
bad|y overdrawn botli in accent and
action. It wss manifest from the start
thut Hie slncerest of Penelope's three
admirers was Chalks, the milkman
(Mr. 1 V. Young), who most evidently
required somebody who would look
after him and touch him Incidentally
ii suier place lo carry eggs. In I'll-
(her ho hud u conslabiilury rival, In
Tester s mllltury one. The pollcemun,
who, despite helmet und mmm in. was
recognisable us Mr. Swart Adumson.
crept down the urea sleps lur the one
ami only purpose which, according to
comic jouriiuis. uctnates London po-
Hi linen lu creep down area Bteps.
Iluili he uml Tower (Mr. II. il. Stoker)
yearned Inr ilm bund uml heart of
I'onelope -particularly tho bund, sincn
H mude excellent plus uml puddings.
Tlie triumph ui' virtuous adoration
over rn|,l,oi|nl love brought the pluy
lo'a suitable close, ufter a series of
farcical sliiiiiiluus caused by lhe early
return of Mrs. Crouker from a ihuiilre
party which appareptly dldn'l come off.
however, did unl centre around Fro  The rule ul lhe mlslress, who found
lessor Jack's'dictionary of derivations, ,1 greal man) limlls wilh an unusually
Imt around I'ldgeun's ridliiiluus love
ulfalr, The proiessor's attempt in
write hlm a i. il i uf proposal, Ihe con
no vols) which followed ciuh tentative
siiggeslluii, the subsei|iieul tllspatiiilug
nl' a prepaid telegram, ami ibe ulllinulc
arrival uf u negutlvu answer formed
the scaffolding of u blgbl) amusing,
smartly wrlllen, und capably epactud
duologue -Mr. Voting's make-up wuuld
have been purled hud Ills wig rem lied
in thc uupe uf Ills iui I-. Otherwise, in
voice, 11 .si.ii. und everything else lie
wus an admirable old crony, lu Mr.
Sinker he bad llic Imsl possible co"
leiigue. Ihuugh nu mortal luun ever
wnre such burnt slciinii wrinkles. The
iwo pulled together In cupltui unison
ami maiie llic llllli- plu) uu llislunl
success. Ilellevers In Ihe iiifliicin c ul
euvlroninenl might reasonably huve ul
tribiitcil the (|Uallty of Ihe acting lu
lbc choice character uf lhe sicnciy.
The proiessor's room, though, \,.is
tiercely thm oi u book worm; it *u«
very dellglitiull) urrungud; mi mm li Bu
lliul Capt. I'lgeon's liiibll ul
mulch cuds ui |,l.ii,i|,.,i . mid missing]
ihem, seemed iilmusl crimlnul.
An inlernilssiun of Iweni) luluules]
divided the heart ull'uirr nf lliu capialn
Irom Ibiisc uf I'eneloiie, Mrs. I'loaaers
ili'ini l.llclien, was very suiluble en-
Untied Hi Miss M. Archibald, whose
in i L - tii> bordered ou the remarkable.
Willi Messrs. A .i.i in. nn. Stoker and
Voung us the three swuins, und a Pen-
i lope unity uud nuliirul lu every-respect, ihe inin comedy Weill with a
swing [rom beginning lo end, the only
i omplalnl from the auditorium being
thul brevity wus lliu soul ol Its wit.
The orchestral section of the programme was very pleuslugly simlulncd
liy ibe Norlb Lonsdale Orcliesiru, comprising Misses '/.. uml A. Archibald,
Miss I' Sptsur, und Messrs t!., (1. and
N. Sp^f- I'urveyorB of delicious can-
il\ n.illp'd bn lhe uiulHfnce during lbe
Inierval, while g Impuiiupiii dance
wus ul ranged ul lhe close ol Ihe pro
lio vun waul lo sell your lot I     Wi
lime fluid.- wailing loi gum! buys. (Jive
j as your best gross price uiul terms
11 iiuadiun Kiiiuiiucrs, Haul, of Hamilton
lm!"*, lluilding If
MBS. J. illLL
Hr.'i   .lass  ,lrissiiiukiii(i  alteration),
la.In., own materials made up, lit guur
imii ed   Address Bewick, comer uf 131'i
I' H   N„iih Vuniouvcr.
To the Homeseeker
We have for sale this week at the decidedly low ligure of
* I ii.n ou inu.s, a Iiuc, uow modern house ou nth STEEET
EAST ol Lousdale, containing seven laige rooms, well finished
stone foundation, furnace heated, aud which has an obstructed
view ol tbo im, i
The house is worth $57601
For further particidan apply
Boom 19. 61 Lonsdile Avcuue.
(above Post Ollice)
Post Oil,, n Boi No. 2397.
North Vancouver.
Telephoue No. 111.
Oil   tbo   car   Apt.   I Inn riling,   meals,
(luiiil accommodation for wurbiug mnn.
Contractors' men boanlei). Hy. Euutcott,
If yuu have auy property to sell and
want quick results, lisi it with 8|iurt,
iiuiieiii.ini and Soymour. tf.
stall a gas meter If required for accurately meaJwrlng the supply of gas to any
such person, porsuim or corporation, the
cost of i in li Installation tu 'be charged
at u lair market price not esceudlng live
Hunan ilLUil) for each connection, and
Ms is .iii.'i the Company shall be entitled
to charge a rent fur such meter ut^lill
rate of Fifteen Lunln n.'.ei per monlli
fdr on ordlnar ' — --'--
uther iiii'i'iiii ace _ _
null! notified in disconnect Sams, ana
lib., ssniinne tlie service, and the Compsny
shall, after such Installatlop, keep sueh
service pipo und gus meter In proper or-
ler and repair, and ahull supgly to evsry
Iui   all   ordinary   bullae   meter,   sua  for
other  melius   acciirillllg   lo   tin-   iiilunlls
such parson or persuna or corporation un
.nn.mme umount of giu uf good minnis.
II being iiiiiliu'.-ilood that all  gas to be
adeiiuate amount of giu uf good uuallty
t I's'lin; iiiiiler.siiuiid that all gas to bt
niipiilled by lbe Cuinpany shall be what
is' kniiwu n'i eual gas 'generated In
hermetically '  '
aeulcd returt  by external
mt SttuitbarH
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper uf Ihs Dominion
of Canada. It Is natlonul In all ita
11 uses Hie most espsnslve engravings, procuring the photographs from
ull uver thu world.
lis articles aro carefully selected and j Snjjfjjfcj,,*^^ "'"'■' '"'!""!'* "?»*'>''
Ils   editorial    policy   la   thuruughly
A ..Hiu., ii|iin,ii tu The Standard
costs $2.00 par year lo any address In
i'.unnl.i or (Jrcul lirlinin.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Cs,
Linlittd, Piibliilnn.
(Continued from Pago Seveu)
d i-i i ini ins,I under
50 Foot LOT in BLOCK 13 D.L. 552
On Carline And All Cleared
$200 Caih $900 "" Balance Eaty
SI Lousdale Avenue
Room  19
P. O. Box 1796
Nortb Vance Mr
time tbi
lune-.,   ul lev-way
Ifrltlgoif tn uu dune ami |>l .„.
the lyipcr via I on nf Uw Corporation ESi
glnoer, .'i.'i to n.i   ...in i'.u ii..i. ut - .'i'i
J UK ills er
11    Iii constructing uiul hiylng down
pipes iiln) lllli i ll.s mill iIi-iii,: uth IT uml,  >>l
llu- ('u)npaiiy, Uu- Company .shull nut
iii.il>!' any excavation In any nil cut, lane,
alley-way ui thoruualifure fur a distance
exceeding twu hlocks at one lime, anil
upon completing Hiich wurk Hhull with-
fill dele) nul In any ca.su lu exceed
twenty-four hour* llll in ur remove all
>aii h, gravel, dirt, debrla, ur other ina-
terlal and pul llic itreet. lane, alloy-way
»r thoroughfare In a* BOUUly a guud
.'late of I-, .hi ur eondllluii as before
I)token up. dug or illstiuhcd. all to be
ili'iii- iu lla> »atl.ifuttluii of lliu City Kn-
I'i. Whenever Ihu (S)rpurailun shull
nm Itli-r II iiuceinary fur any purpose lu
remove any i>lj>e luhl as ufuiisDiil belong-
Intt iu ihu Company, thu Cuinpany shall
upun receiving twenty-tour huurs' notice
frum ilu- ('urpuratlun Engineer, remove
such |)||il' fur such purpose, uiul If the
Company tdiull neglect in remove oi
nfux- tu reinovo such pipe, I lien such
pipe «hull hu removed by Ilie Corpuratlon
ul the expense of llic Cuinpany. The
Curpurulluli shall nut hu liable lu the
Company fur any loan ur Inconvenience
rati veil or Dccusloncd hv sinii removal.
13. The Company nnnll nut lay down
nt place any pipes or ulher work* Intu.
Iiirougli ur a tftt In Nt any buildings ur lanil
nut dedicated tu public u»c, wTlhuul lbe
consenl uf the owners thereof:
ll Uofore thu Compuny proceedi to
hil-iilt up any atreet, lune, ul lev-wuy
ii.i'u- iti.i,in ur bridge, ll shull give lu
ihi Cln-poratlon notice In wrlilng \>t It*
Intention lu upun ur break up the sume,
ul mil It** lhan three days before the
ln'Kliiiiljif; of mu li works, oxCent In cusc*
uf emergency nrlslug from defects In. ur
breakages or pipes or ulher purlluns nf
Cue Cumpanv'i ii\ ,i|'ii.i ;.i when Immedl-
ate lu'llcc sliull ../111 ■ and Hie Company
ihall ubiuln frum Ihe . mi Corporation
MiiiHenl lu proceed ulth such wurk. auch
lunseiil however, nut (u be unieu.sunubly
15 When i - Company upenx ur
hreiiks up the ruud ur pavement uf any
imt. lune, aliey-wuv, thutuuuhfure ur
hridge, K shall wllh all convenient speed
complete 'be wurk fur which the suuio
-hall have bean brukeu ur opened up, and
•l,nil hji In the ground, rc-lnstule, und
make guod ihe ruud, pavement, ur eur-
f.ni' no opened up. and curry owuy the
■ i i : uccimloned thereby tu the huIIh-
fiuilon uf the Curporutlun Kngineer, and
.-hall ul nil limes, If required, while uny
uch street, lane, ulley-wuy, thurougli-
rure ur hrl<Ue shell be hruken up, cuuse
ii HkIiI Milllcleiit fur (he wurnlng of pai-
• • i ,.< i In be net up. und maintained
•-wry nlgltl during >u,l,,, u,.- *.,n„- nhull
be hruken up, and u proper Kuurd during
tin day. in (he .m. f... ilm, uf (he Cur-
puiutlort Knglneer.
Mi Tito I'ompuny shall Immediately
jiTtcj the Completion of uny line uf mains
i»r service pipes, furnish the Corporutlon
wltb an accurate mup showing the lueu-
tli'li and site uf all su. I. ui.iln - und ser-
vli-e pipes luld
The Company shall ut lis own ex-
pi'iwe run .■> nil •■ pipes Into and lluuugh
the walls ur enclokurea of,the house, office, shup, .'Mi,.Lii 1.1ii. ij residence or
hulJilInK uf uny person nr persons or corporutlon requiring the same, such nPrvlce
pl '      * 	
niii   i    inin mi **
■—^W  I -I —
Tht price of tou ln Block 2,  D. L. 714. u uow 1376.    T»mt—>/«
cub, 6, 12 uid 18 months. Those LoU »ro loillS, pertectly level *n4
ouly two blocki weet from Loiudele Avenue. Don't telay In buying
lbe cheeyeit towniite tn North Loiudalo today.
AgcuU for London Auurence Oo,, and Brltlah Empire Hone Laurence,
PUoaa aes i \-       f. o. Box as«
AgonM for Ijohdon As»urancc Co.
»^MWMwM»*^w>^*<liy>IIW*»"       mMmmWmmmmmmmm
We have a good selection of Houses (or Sale or Rent
lu he of approved elile and design.
i.'i shall elfo Tn-
■-■-. J r 11 proper «top cock, unu
It '.ii.iii ba compnlNory on the
Compuny to rurnluli ur uitrodnce iucb
aervice pipes and appliances mh ufore»ul<l
Into uny lioutte« utlluo, Hbup. luUubllsh-
muui, rehldence or building ni u dlstuncc
uf not mm.' than one Iiundred (100) feet
from uny of tbeir niuuis, upou receiving
uu application ni to du from the portion
or puibone rei]uesllng wucli Hervlce.
IU.   Any imi ur corporutlun regulr-
Ing u Htipply of gtm may. If tho piece
mheieln Hticii gu» Im reunited bo dlHlunt
mure than One Hundiud (lUllj feet from
any main reijulru the ('umpiuiy tu supply
■ iu i, .mum jiijic. Htup cock, und niih i
fur lhe price allow iu, utluni a In tieotlun
17, und n mun nut exceeding tlm uctuul
eust, plus Ten per cent !!()%) for the
dlstunce lu excesn uf sucli One Iiundred
JO. Any such person, perapim or corpuratlon ..lull have the light tu funiUli
Huch service pipe, ur giiH meter ut the
expense of such person, persons ur cur-
so furnhilied such pipe Nhall be
connected by the Compuny with Iheir
I...iu, lit a price nut exceeding Twu nul-
I.n . and l-'lfty rents l|J fill) ami any per-
mui, i" i..nn or corporation so furnishing
the .'inii' shall be thereupon entitled to
the same right* as regunlH llic Cumnau),
a- If the ..i-i Compuny had furnished
Ihe same:
21. The Company shull. when requested l)y the Curporullun, supply uae for
the lighting of the i-ui.li. hulldlngs.
.streets, lanes, alley-ways, Ihuroughfurcji
and bridges of the Corporation ov the
Hji'UIIh nr lamps, tu be furnished and
erected hy (he Corporation, the vatne lu
be alluute al hucIi place* as may he
ii;-..! from time lu lime bv Ihe Curpura-
tlun und the Cunipuny sliull after the
loiiNlruclluu uf the sum gu.H works und
iiialns at their* expense Mining uuly as
Is heroin otherwise expressly pruvlded,
provide all things necessury for the »up-
i'i-- of gas tu the said lumps, and accordingly coutlnuoualy supply the sume,
temporary nloppuge from unavoidable ao-
i idetils only excepted, and at all times
during said llghlliiK shall cuqae the mime
tu he duly ii,;! h I and extlngulshcil al
the proper hours uf llic evening or morn-
lug, und ch lined und kept in reiiuir all
tin'- suhl lumps excepting such damage,
IT uny, un may hr caused by any peraon
i.ol being In the .service, uf. ur connected
.uli, the said C(impuiiv, und the I'urput-
■j11<ui shall pay the Company nut mnn:
than Three Indlurs >i .'•■■■ i per niunth
foi euch i>( Mild liitniis during the period
ul   use,  each of said lumps   to huve nut
v-.s than une Hundred candle p\'v«r, the
Cuiporntloir, however, tu have ti' rlghl
tn discontinue inch service ut any lime
Vi. The lucatlun uT said lamp.i may
al any time frum time to lime he changed hy ihe Corporullon, at ihe expense of
the Corporation on resolution of the
Mayoi and Council.
13 The Compuny hereby agree* to Indemnify and save hiiru'tle^.s the Corpor-
llmi from ull actions, cmuhi-m of actions,
claims ur demand* which muy arUe
against the ('urpoiijllnu hy renvoi) of Ihe
laving, constructing uperuling ur main*
lalnliiK (he said gus plunt m which may
iijIhl- either directly or Indirectly by rea*
•om ot the permission and right* permK-
(ed nr given under this franchise, and In
the evi'iii ol uny such aiiluu. cause of
lie I Inn. clulni ot deugind being brought
iik a I ih I tiic Corporullon, the Corporation
mill huve a remedy over agaliiMl the
I'oinpiiny, and muy enforce nuymepl b>
the ''umpuny uf uny uud ull such loss,
io*K cliurgcs. duinuges or expenses In
whlcb the said Corpoialloii mav he pul
The Corporullon. however, ■ -.ii In due
course notify (he Company of any clulm
Ilml muy he made fnr damages ur olher-
arise by reason uf ihe matters herein
mentioned, and ullnw the Compuny to
contest huili clulm IT It nhal| he ho
:i The hond referred tu In paragraph
i hereof shall he further conditioned Dial
lhe Company shall lay down un lhe puh-
ll> .slreei ni Ii.i si Klghi li) miles uf
dl irlbutlng main of proper sire, with the
gas therein icady fur consuinptlOn on or
before the expljolloii nf Fifteen (\l)
month* >>r ihe passing uf the By-law ui
aforesaid, and shall frnm lime tu tunc
extend such dMilhutlju.' mains' ha the
Mime may he reuunubfy required, and
fu   ihe  purport-  nr  this   Paragraph   M
-hall be 'leeined lhat nueh un extension
i nas.mahly reonlred. provided upon u
eiwiMi.x inni; made. II lull he found thai
there i at lean) Six Uj liounc holders
tn iu i.'ii ga< connection In a  hlock uf
nul mure lhan I mi i Iiundred  / feet
udjulitlnu the hln, i. where such distributing main 1.1inh.-.h.. and so on from
time lo lime during tljo life of (he
franchise giaiiUd hcicby und the giving of such bond iind the acceptance
thereof and any nroceedlngs taken hy
ihe Corporation tin h-under lo enforce
lhe same vhull Imt waive Hie forfeitures
oi any uT (liein referred tu In this Agreement bul shall he without piejudlce lu
ihr right nf the Cur|>i>rulluu tn enforce
such forfeitures oi uny of lliem If It
shall he so advised
I'O I'lie rates to he charged foi gn4
consumed shall he on a sliding scale
mi a basis fi om rifly Thm/saiid lu Five
Hundred Thounaud ruble  feet  pei   day
U The Company shall In no ca«e
charge fur unu more lhan the follnwlng
rutes, namely
'ul (inn for lighting potposi-n until
lhe cuiMuinpllun reaches Flfly Tlmu-
und nihil reel per duy. One Oollar and
en ty-live 'Vnts (|l Tf>) per thuusund
Alter lhe connuinpllun reach-
i .n.il cubic feel pej day
iind ui i ii lhe name reaches Two iiundred
nihk feci    A
c    Fifty   Tin
mmaammamnmmammmmmamammm *   , I BB>
The number of well-shod people in
North Vancouver)
They buy iheir booti and shoes at Wood-Paijie'i,
where the moit up-to-date styles and the latest
shapes ol the leading Manufacturers of Canada and
Great Britain are kept at the Lowed Pricei
commensurate with honeat dealing.
Below "Manufacturers' Qoil" bluff has no weight on lhe
North shore.
This week's winning number 1202.   jCeep all tickets you'
may win next time.   New tickets given with eveiy purchase.
All repairing executed at the shortest possible notice by
the latest snd best ol machinery.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
IW »3 »U* Cwwn Black, Opp. Gty Hall
Garden Tools
■ i   11    i     i
OUR STOCK is complete, and
(he Quality it here.
LAWN MOWERS in all si^
from 12 to IA inches.
We also have a stock of the
Famous Summericale
the best on the market ranging from'
300 to 500 pounds and the prices are
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
*    1
un  the <luy and  war in. i   tieielntieluie
In lhe |jienenee uf
TAKK NDTIi-'K lhal Ihe ahnve hi a
true copy of the iH'tipuned By*£*aw up
un which the Vule of Die Klcclnra ul
the Munlclpallly of the fill) uf North
Vuncouver will he taken wllhln the
City Hall, Norlli Vancouver, II. P. on
Hatunlay. ihe lllh day uf May. A I).
11*12. between ihe houra of 0 o'clocli
a in   uiul 7 u'cluck  i'u.
t'Hy Clerk ami Koturnliiit Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE   In   hereby   given
lhat the vule of the Kluclors of the
Clly of Nurlli Vulieouver will lm
inL.ii oi) Salurduy. the eleventh ilu J of
May. 1912,   between   lhe   l j      of   'd
o'clock u m am) 7 u'cluck p.m on
"The lias Franchise Uy-Linv, lull;
ami lhal wllhln lhe ''Ity Hall Narlh
Vuncouver, H C", uud (hut Thomas
sh.ph.ii] li.: ■ been appointed Rrltiri)
lliK Ollicer In lake tlie vole uf such
Rlccturu with (he ubuiiI puwem lu
Hint behalf *
Ily Order i»f the Cnuncll,
City CUrk
anil Flfly TliuM«ahd cubic feel per day,
■ hollar nnd Twenly-flve cCliUl ($1 L'C)
per Ihuu.Hiind cubic feet, Afler the con-
Mimiillnn reache« Two Hundred and I'tf-
1^ Tliuu.Hiind cubic feet pur duv, uml until lhe sume reaehei Five Uumlred Thou-
und ruble feel per day, One Hollar and
Ten cents ifi 10) per thumuind cubic
I'i * I After lhe ,■■:. .):mpii"ii i. ... I,-
Klve Hundred ThuuHiiml cubic fuet per
il.iv. One- Oullur (ll.OU) per thousand
cubic feel:
ib) Out fm purpoien uther lhan IIkIi!-
iiu; iiinii he chai((ed for at u rate nut (o
exceed thai charged for nm fur HkIiHuk
puipn.se.-., Htib J eet, huwever, to (lie dis-
coulil liiirlmiiter mentioned:
::. The ubove rates nliall he aubject
In a discount uf Klve ii>%) per cetil uu
,■,!■ fur ■ ■'ii. i'ni'" < . und Ten
(10J per cent un gue fur uther purpudea.
il paid lur within Ten HO) days after
lhe munlbly account for ifu.J supplied Is
U All dlKiiutcH between the Corpora*
Hun .md lhe Company tdiull he mibmltleil
In aibllrathin under lhe pruvUluns uf
the  Arhllriilinu  Acl "
•it.    Tbe  Nile of  (he  Qai  I'luut  Khali
receive the appruvul uf tbe Curnurullun
before tbe Ilnal -o'lecHuu (hereof by the
I'uuijiany, the Council, huwever. to mIkiiI-
vv belli it ur not ll approvefl lhe Kite
l.|i:llt>d Ii) (he I'uinpany wllhln Fourteen (Ut d,. .;i after euch dule Is no *u\>-
I'l    The  Company   'lull  ut  uli   llmusl
durlna Hie ncrlui! of lhe fronehlec keep
 Icjiu-M In lhe i'lty Treiuury lo lhe
■ .1 : uf the ruinoiallun Ibe .sum of Two
Iiundred and I'lfly OoIIuih l^r.oOu) lu
lu deNlunuted us an "einorgency fund"
Whenever In the uplnloii of the I'ur porallon, an emergenc)' exlsl.s foi the Immediate repair of uny danai-ruuM defect I
fuiiiid tu uxUl In. ur In relullun In auy |
pipe ur appliance, belonging to ihe Company, and lhe Company hm fulled on police lu li io Immediately protect or repair lhe .same, the <S)r|>onitl»n nhall
i;iuse said repair lo be made ut one*. If
lhe I'oiupanv ."hull nol promptly pay the
hill f«i the actual «■' i of uocli repairs
when made out und presented ut Ihe Of-
llic of the i'uinpany, then (he Corporation
mu) by restitution of the Oouncll draw I^nndulo Avrnue
lhe umount >>r such hill from suld "Kmei
pluy Fund." which fund shall be rdm- Ibey tuke lins o|i|.urtunity of lliuuk
l.ursid by kuI<1 ('ninpuiiy wllhiuit delay,   - ■■ ,   ., t
und kepi up to «ald amount of Two Hun- »>8 "Jt')r ''lll-,,,lH ^ "'*■' l'"'*''*-' '»'
died and Fifty Hollam ($28000) ua tliutr HUjijiurt durinu Ilie imal hcvoii
nfuresuld and lhe Corporation shall have " r '
i MKl.l >>f in linn hs fur a debt .i^.iln -i \. ;n ■- from Uie iureptioii of Ibeir binu
the f'ojnpanv for any deficiency therein. ,   .. ., .,
:il    The I'urpurution to hove lhe rlahi   ",,KS  ai11'   ,ia'>   ri'8|»cctfully   reijiieM   a
from time lo time to Inspect the hooks   ,.0U|iUuaiiee uf lbe Mime In tbeir uue
..f ihe i ompiniy fur lhe purpose uf uhcit-
Lilnina the dally consumption of aus, ceHNorn.
W.   The »as supplied hy the Cuinpany ... , ...   »,,.,... . v ,,n   . ,.,,.
Hhull be cool s-.m generuted In un her- MilttH Ml HKAV  ' I). Ml),
uiellculh  sealed ndurl by extc'innl heal i>„,   i,,ilfl   j
nf Mjch u iiualll) as lo comply wllh the '   r •""" '''
leijiilreineins  of Chupter  Hi  of  the  Hv ProaidOOt.
0.-*ed Hlututes of Ihe Hitmlnlun of Cun        ,    .  . . ,.    . „ ... .
mlu  rtyltled the "flan jnsucctlun Act" '» tiikuin over the busmemi of hliior
re%±tXe\r?(Li it.^Xy'Z". Mar"»'''" U»"M' wc l'1'"1^ mn'he'
ui - lliuruiixlirun iiimii »Iiiil, ll,« I'liliiimni   lu   vitj-  cim-fiil  i,ti.-,,i,.,,,   In ull    llic
,s       iiln .i.l,     Nil,I    It',     '., I vki'    |S||S,'SS    'SI ,„      .   »
niulim, ami suili Mrvlci |il|w< or iimliw   *»'»  Ilml  I" cnlrwU'il  In uk. Wi, hi
!!::;r;;^, ^ztw"lis .W.' »»•,ta "ufl-'li""""»' i,r"i«r,i,;-
,il.i,nl nl i, ilis i, i,i ilcpii, liy 1^,. Cum fur wilc nm) gf hornet lu rfiil. Wc
I mi, ul It-, own ,-x|,. jik,.
Jl    li    i-   rurik-i   cov.ii.nlcd   ant\>".y* »Ppl"'»"»»» '•« * numlntlgfl g^il
agreed between the parllrs hereru thai
lliin Agreeiueul uliull enure tu the benefit
nf .md be blndlna upon the umdant< of Ihe
I'omiiany.  hut  nu iiiHlgnmenl  shull  he
tatld   null ■■    the  Corpurutluii coiuiOllI   tu
IS WITNKUf WHKKKOK lhe parties
heielu huve ufflxeij iloli  cummun n-uls
Transfer'of Business
KIiIit  Murruy  I'o.  Iiiniilod, bep   to
uijiiuiiiR-c tu Ibeir I'licuU uml lu tiic
|iulill|s  gl'ljrfullv   llllli   tin '.   Imvc   lissn-s
IVrri'il tlieir liuiiiicmi tu llic llurranl
IIcvcIo|,diciiI i'uiii|uiiiy, Liluilcil, wbu
will  coutiuuu  lu  curry.il   nu  ut   17
i  Iuuiih ul 8 umi ll per icnt. interest.
Pet Alex. Pbilip,
THE beauty ofyouF home imj
be helped or hindered by thc
hardware trimming!;. If you
are building or remodeling insure your
interior against inartistic effects or in-
li.-ii im ii j ii w.s combinations bys|5ecifying
Yale & Towne
Ornamental and Builders'
No mailer what style your house is ,
built in, we can furnish the hardware to harmonize with it., A wide
range of designs and finishes may be
had in grades to suit every purse.
Our BMwrliiiGiil include* hardware rcaui-
(lUi slordwelliiigj and every other kind ot	
tuildlng, large or ainall. We'll take p»ni
io help you wake aatul^ctory ac-leclioi*
■  -
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
107 I'JpliMde WeU


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