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1 •mrntrmmmmm—■
VOMfltB U.
*TOM 81.
Record of Progress for
North Lonsdale Church
A church is nul, hy s lung way, Ihe
Iriist inipurtunl fuclor iu thu iifu nf a
cuiuiniiiiily; rather the reverie, Hvmi
tu Iiiuiii,' nut intimately ,„nn,-ui,-,| with
any cungregutiuu thero ii uu inlerc.il
in lhc growth umi ilevcliipinciit uf Ihut
imrliculur church tu which uuu wuulil
he attached if unu'i incliiiatiuni wore
linvuril i-liun-li ami cboreb wurk which
ia .i'IiIiiiu exceeded by any une uf tbe
ulher fiiitura which tutul up thu ium
ui human life. Ami in the hiitury of
churches in general there are curtaiu
stages—miles utuifi'H, if nils prefers tu
.-ii rail tlinn  Umi gu duwn lu postsrlty
iii the records uh uf mure than ordinary
intereil uml iiiipnrlance.
tin,' uf Ihesc in. i ui nu i evcnti hui
iiiun-,I fur the I'ri'sliylerian Church
ut Nurlh I.onsdulc.   On Tueiday even-
l.ynn Valley—smi tl|u twu services
bsve sines lieen maintained regularly.
Tbs. congregation has liken ii,- grtiwu
st s sternly rste, i'iiiii.ei|iii-iiili it was
fuuml nncpsssry tp enlarge lliu building
ami the present chur.-h in ll'l feot liy
44 t'ei-i, bsving in Sildiilotn to thu
uu,lii,iinini u t'oStry smi kilehen, each
I:: hy 84 feut. Tin- enlarged, church
Was iu iip,'iie,i nn Mny ,>ili uf this year.
Under Air. Vau Munaler'« poaloralc u
leiiiun hss lieen cIiufcii, emulating ul
fuur , l,l, iu, s l,niii,l uf iis luunspcrs
electi'il, end the different urgunizuliuns
of thu church, which include dailies'
Aid, Women's Missinnury Suciety,
iiul. Uiiiiun Rami, Hnyi' I'luli, Chair,
Adult Ililil,- i 'lass, ami a Suinluy Schuul
of aver UM uieiuhcra are all prosper
ous. A 'i.nll,- Rull haa ulsu heen start
od in connection wilh tlie 8umluy
Sehuul, aud iu the near fulure other
nrguni/uliuns sre expected tu inut.-ri.il
il| for Die Inn .'li I uf the yuung peuple.
While a g rent ileal uf Ihia growth
may he allrihulahle tu u nut unil ex
I'lin. mu   uf   Ihia   favorite   residential
P. G. E. Ry. Co. Holds
Shipowners Accept Swing
Bridgeat Second Narrows
iug nest, al !> p, in., Ihe Ret.'Rein vuu
Mm. i.i MA, is, lu lie uninincil ami
Inducted tu the cbsrg, uf Nurth l.um
dule Presbyterisn Cbureb hy the I'res
bytery uf Westminster,
This cungregutiuu wui organized uf
linnll) uli ,'unc -Oil), HIIU, ami a small
building. 84l84 feet, waa erected un
the three luts presented tu the church
liy Messrs. Aloi. I'hilip suil Bold. J.
Punier ul the curner uf :',il, alreet
ami Chesterfield avenue. Thii ciiurch
nas upeued during the latter pari uf
llu- summer in the same year, uml the
Rev. Mr. Mills wus placed iu charge
until October uf that year, 1011). At
liiul lime Mr. Van Muuster wai given
North l.unsilule ami I.ynu Valley sii
lions lu luke cure uf while still taking
Ins Ihculugical cuursc at Wcatuiiuster
Ilull. The firsl coiniuuniuh service uf
Ihe Nurth l.uunlale Church was beld
on Sunday, Octobor, 8lb, mm, when
there were i meinlicrs. At this time a
■ii.nil uuin-,,' wus I,iiiii fur Mr. uml Mi>.
Vnn Muuster adjoining lllc church,
which lius lines lieen aihleil tu. ilm.In
uiiv llunuell lhe efforts uf Mr. Van
Minister during his sluilcut days us a
Ihcolog the membership has grown,
nulil now Ihere are ou the I'ouiinuiiion
roll i'i members. In January, lum.
llic Ino i.iin,i, were divided, l.ynn
Vulley uus given au onlaiucl mis
sionury, while Mr. Van Muuster was
given Nurth i.unsdalc only, lie iiinm--
dialcly instituted u inuruing service—
up In Hub lime service had uuly beeu
held in the evening at Nurlh I.uui
ds|p,  the   iiiurniiig  being  devoted   to
sr,-liun of ilr.-ulrr Vaucuuver, il must
lie admitted that l'rcsliyluriauisin could
uot bsve heeu conserved iu Ihis locul
ity but for Ihe powers uf urguiiiziilinn
uf „,iin,' individual, and lhe Prcsby
lory made nu misteke in Ibeir choice
uf a man for thii wurk.   The vvril.-i
Ooucludsd on psgs isveu
Aid. Fraier and Local
Iinini).' last in, hi's s,",»iun of I
cily cuuucil, Aid. Fraser pave notice
ilmi at the uext regular meetiug (Tues
.hy m-Mi he wuuld.mine a resolution
In the effect that Ihe council should
apply lo the pnn in, iiii government fur
puwer lo meke u rebate uf taxes in the
cases of industries employing a cer
lain number of hands. Thc alderman
itated that he wuuld give iiii reasons
in full fur Ihis mui  u,„in furinully
moving  same.
In reply tu au inquiy Aid. I'm sci
afterwardi tuld a rcprciciilative uf lln
Kxpreu tbst he hsd bought Ihe mat
ler forward un account uf the prevail
iug local run,litmus aud Hn ii hearing
upon thc induitrlcs of Ife cily. Th
absence of railway facilifilei rendered
the ,|ii,"i,,,i, of freight su expensive
Otic 10 huni industrial firms, while in
Sddilioo to Uiii they were paying fur
the ground upun which Ibeir business is
illuateii mure taxes than any Industrie!
on tbe nurth ur uu Ihc luuth shure
These snd otber rcsioni will be fully-
sired iu Ihe couucil , liiiinliei uu Tun
dsy evening next wbeu, since Munday
ii Thanksgiving Day, lbc regular nieel
isg of the cily fathers will take plan
The following Teporli of coinmillcci
were formelly adopted:—
Water Committee
Recommended tbst Ibe fulluwiug ma
ihimry be immediately purchased:
One No I Handy Hydraulic giaul al the
price of IIIU); uue No. il Hosklus re
Hector to fit ismcj at lbc price of till;
IM feel of 9 iuch riveted iteel ptpjs
luitalde for the shove hydraulic giunl,
at the price of I'ltI.M.
Latm Oosnaittee
HecOuimendcd Jbet Ihe Isuei com
inillee be aulhiiri/ed to upen up lane
in bluck 127, from,til Andrew'i avenue
W) ftet wsst.
Board of Works
Recommended tbst plan of proposed
stub god duel st ferry whsrf ss sub
•  ,  	
The firsl uiinniil meeling uf the l'acillc (Ir.ul Kustern Iluilwuy Company
nits held al Vicloriu lusl weuk. in
tervicni-d ufter tiic inciting,- Mr.
D'Arcy Talc, chiuf cuuiisel nf the coin-
jinny, stilled tbut allhuugh Ihe repurls
submitted nud udupted were nut of Q
public nature, yet they were of ll
nature extremely gratifying lu th'
The principal business wus the up
poinlineiit uf direclurs and the uie
liuu uf ulliee lienrcrs fnr lhe current
yenr.   These resulted as fulluwa:—
Directors: Messrs. Timulhy Foley,
.1. W, Slewurl, D'Arcy Tute, K. C, I),
Mi-Lend and V. W. Spilth,
Prcsidcul: Mr. d.'W- Slewarl. Vice
presidents: Mr. ll 'Ar. y Tute uml Mr.
T." Foley. Counsel: Mr. Hale. I hiel
Engineer: Mr. .1. Cullagiiun,- '', i.
Rigid nf nay ngcnl: Mr. P. Willui|
Kocrojsry ond iie:i.„r,r: Mr. li, I'
The contract..for the cpuatruction ut
.lm entire line nf ruilwuy, In l,e fur
'liulicl ruiily fur upi ration, let lu Mr.
I'. Wrick, m ii uppruve-l.
Mr. 'l'ulu emphatically ieilerslu.il lhc
■llllellu'lil   In  ll llu, I   liiul   III.'  lilies
,if llic I'ueilie lirciil Kaslem Would be
.uinplelcd vvillnii Iwu yeurs' lime, ami.
lm proceeded, "They will consequently
in- ulde Iii pluy a part iu connecting Hie
greul hinterland nf Hrilish Columbiu
and the northwest provinces mure
Kelly nilh, lhe I'ueilie scnliuurd jusl
uliuut llie time the Panama Cunul opens
the lloiidgnlcs uf "Irulli'' lo this purl
of the wurld.''
"Active preparations ure lining
made," continued Mr. Tale, "fur Ihe
curliest possilde eumiuencenienl upun
the ui'luul uuiiilnii Uuu of the roud, Iho
recent iicipiisitiou uf the Hone Mound
Bsilwsy having effectually cleared the
path for our operations. Already cunlps
ure located uml the efforts of Ihe con
tractors arc being beul in lhc direction
uf having Hurl, sturled ul ouce. 1'imi
lo lhc settlomeol wbicb results,! in tin
uu|Uiremcnl uf the line wc uf the i'a
nli,- llnul Kaslem hud decided tu es
i.-ii-n-I, :, construction outfit smi esni|
ment and supplies by wagon ruad frpm
i.ni,,n Contracts for tho grading
along Kenton and Audcrsou Lakes weit
frum l.illunel will he uwarded next
week. An official vested with Ihe
same nuthurity as Mr. Kcllet will lie
located ut Newport to perform similjur
duties in cniiiieution with the work on
the lluwe Suund end of lhe line.
Many Letters to Council
Receive Attention
Aid. MeRue presided over the mccl
iug of ihe city council lust evening in
the absence uf Muyur McNcbh, the
uid,-nuun pre-,ml liuiug Aid. Irwiu, Aid.
Hiss and Aid. Fraser. The mayur and
Aid. Diek are iu Revelstoke attending
the I'unventiun uf the I'niou uf British
Columbia Municipalities as this city's
Tin1 city'i correspondence was us
voluminous us usual.
Mr. II. S. Jenkins, uu lichulf uf Hie
Nurlh Vuniouvcr und District .Aisucis
linn l'u,iilillll I,rll)iii,', applied for per
mission lu Ore the nurtherly end uf
Ihu Huiili".:ml I'urk fur practice upd
home mutch purpuses. That portion lo
the norlh nf the club hiiu-e would
fully siillice as |lie guuls would lie
placed eust und west und the guulci
would nut in uny wuy interfere wilh
lhc hockey club. The upplicutiuu was
itrujilcil on cun,Iiiiun that Ihis secliun
of llie park lie nut used uu Monday
('apt. cbes. Helps culled nltentiuii lu
lhe conditions pertaining tu Illi stroeV
This ilrccl was now being graded nud
iu I'uusi'ijUcin-c ull the escape water
frum the buildings and gruuud seepage
nus ludging iu the ditch un the north
s|de of the street. Children iu this vicinity were in their play III nnv ing rubbish in Hie 'liC'li causing lhe wuler lu
stop ruuning which inukes this place
very unhealthy. The writer asked if a
lun drain euuld uul lu' pul iu f'oin
Chesterfield avenue tu Muhun avcuue
until sewers are iiislalled iu the in-,-i
The matter was referred tu tbe Buard
of Works.
Similar course wus adopted towards
au application frum lhe Nurlh Vancou
ver Cartage Company fur lhc pulling
iulu  condition  of the lune adjoining
,.,',   their premises on Fourth itreet  west
ul Lilluoct, uml having since mude that ' H '
Messrs    I'ullei--..ii.   Hul,In-   I:  Clurk,
Qontimmiad ob tttt tig
urruugeincnl we are uuw pulling in uu
ulher lump uml eslulilishiug new head
,,,..,ii. i ui Newport, in.the vii-inity of
lluwe Suund.
ii,ui.iiiiiiiini  From  Two  Pointa
"Construction operations will uuw he
directed frum holh uf Ihese puinls
There were several location pluns of
ours in lhc original scheme whicii con
Hided with the uid locution uf Ihc
lluwe Suund line, uml that uf course
held us up, hut nuw that lliul difficulty
has been istisfsclorily uvercume by I
Ihe acljuilitlon of Ihe Howe Sound j
rights there il nulliing in the wuy uf
uur prugress, eud we intend lu moke
lhe must uf uur chunccs. The minister
of railways hus been advised of the
fuel Ihul llic oppusitiuu has lieCn wilh
drSWU und WC now expect lo get all the
outstanding application approved.
Doiay on Houlhern 40 Milci Ouly
"Mr. Slewurl. the preiident uf the
cuinpany, wenl eusl the duy before yes
tcrduy, hul before he went he express
ed Ihe Opinion In me pursonslly lhat the
line wuuld he completed in twu yearn,
that is between Newport aud Fori
George, leaving out uf consideration the
forty  miles separating  Newport   from
Vancouver, which I thiuk will nul uc
cisiun any unluward delay."
wrote asking Ihe cuuucil if a load of
roek eould nol lie placed on the road
iu front of their store. Bvery rain
leaves a pool of water there und il is
impossible fur it to run away. When
llie net season comes il will he im
possible lo get near a rig lhal is not
wilhin rcuchiug distsnee of the side
uniii    Hourd uf Wurks.
Mr. A. H. i'erry, lucel manager ul
the II. c. Klectric Railway' Company
notified Ihe council that iniirurtioui
huve heeu issued for Ihe installation,
of live additional arc lights. Thc writer
presumed Hint il was the cuuncll's
wish Hint all Ihe uew lamps shuuld he
iu operation on the night uf Nov. 1st.
Messrs. Cleveland k Cameron wrote
informing the eouueil thul the wurk of
reclaiming Ihe first section ot I), I
:'U4, in connection with the foreshore
improvements there, is uuw finished,
and us the cily is intereited in the til
I ing uf Bewicke snd Fell avenues tbt
writers wuuld be glad if the engineer
or in,'ini,ers uf Ihe council wuuld iuspcel
the yvurk on behalf uf Ihe cily. Tki»
wus lefl in the liumls uf the eily engiu
The secretary of the Iocs! ichool irut
tecs called nil,'iiln,n to the unialiilsc
(my conditions obtaining on 41b sir.1 ,
west adjoining the Central school, men
i,oiling features which were a source
[of 'lunger lo school children. The met
Expediting Construction | ,„ WM „,,„„,, ,„ ||le bmil Q, Wwb
In urder lu expedite cunstructiuu be |sud engineer.
I ween Newport und l.illooel, a iliitoui'Cl    Messrs. Isuue Walilcu aud M. A. Hus
of lilt! miles, Mr. Welch has decided lulsell informed Ihe council uf tbeir roadi-
award subcontracts for Hie heavy work Inen lo pay rsih for Ihc proviiion of
in smaller contracts than are usually j cement sidewalk is frout of their lots
let. Construction work will lie heavy
up Ihe valloy of lbc Chrsksmui river
and duwu the opposite aumuiit to Vein
burton Meadows. These subcontracts
Will be awarded wilhin llic nmi week
or ten days, wWu Ihe revision of sur
vcyi will have beeu completed.
Mr. Alex. Kellelt, superintendent of
Mr- Welch's eapAtpeflm compsny, is
St  I .ilium'!  directing the' erection of
14 und 47, in bluck 100, lit street eusl.
ou . ..milium that lbe eiiy put down
cement walk in I runt of the clly hull
Hoard of Works sod engineer for Die
purpose of s reporl snd sn eitimslc
of the nisi of tbe proposed work.
Ip s keenly conleited game played
on Ssturdsy, Bidgew»y school   were
wsrebouses sud tbe shipment of equip- victorious witb 4 gosls to 1.
Tlio Vsncouver Shipmaster!' Assin-iii-
liun hus forward,',I u lengthy cnmmiiui
cation tn Mr. Wursfull uf New Westminster, residunt engineer fur Iho Do
million guvernmenl, wilh reference to
s bridge at Second Nurrowi. The Associate clearly would prefer n high
level bridge, Imt evidently re-oniric-
iiig Ihe fact that this duinund would
mil prevail, Ihey have adupled au nl
Icrnutive scheme which fuvnrs the
plans sul,milled showing a swing bridge
with ;i spun Iwo hundred feet ill width,
but suggesting certain ultcrutiuiis with
respect lu their features of the slrue
lure.The lotter is silcnl with reference
lo u causeway at Sceuud Nurruws. The
full text uf tho letter is us fullows:
'Vour letter of September liith re
giu ding this bridge hus been considered by u special committee und ulsu by
two full meetings uf the Shipcovu'rH'
Association  uf  Hrilish ,l'uluinl,iu.
"Firsl uf ull they would puinl mil
ihul, iu considering lhe quesliun uf
,'ullimiiiiiiiiiiini lietween the mirth uml
iiiiii shores of tlie Inlet, it must be
Inline ill mind Ihut wlnlc Ihere l> con
sideralile and im reusing nuicrborue
Irulli,' at present, Ihe ainnunt uf cross-
liunnel traffic by means uf u bridge is
'iilindy problematical. Wc, therefore
consider that this queitlon shuuld lie
luuked ul mainly frum the pei.it uf
view of u Inn,-i,i cruss channel Irailic
mny grow up in Ihe future. In ihis
connection we villi lu draw yun nl
telilion In the following exlrucls frum
the n-j ,,ii uf the pru,coding- of the In
leriiutiulilil Congress of Navigatiun held
iu Philadelphia iu the early part uf
this year, and alien,led by highly le, h
incul experts frum every civilize I couu
Prufessur William 11. linn uf Cubim
bis University, New Yuri., consulting
engineer, in summing up the conclusions
drawn frum the results of lhc ni.c-li
gnli,,ii- Conducted by thul purlieu uf
Ibe emigres! dctuilcd lu deal wilh lhe
question of bridges, stales:
"In maritime channels when' Ocean
navigation is of considerable vuln-uc
or density,- lint nol so dense us in the
greotest purts of America ami Fur.ipc.
the plans fur croaking these chum els
musi lie sucb us will give preference I
to thc riglit uf nay tu the nceun navigation, lhal is, the service uf thc lund
ii,ill,, iuu-! be luburdinulcd to tiie n .
quirumcuts uf ocean navigation.
"And uguin, pluns for lhe croSsnif i
of maritime channels whicii involve con
lidersbtc obstruction to navigation ct.ii
.inly be reeomuiended where lhc oceuii
navigation is light ur of small imm.nl
concurrently with heavy laud traffic
uf corresponding importance.
"We woold puinl lu Ihe esse uf Pulse
Creek ui an excellent exani|d" uf huw
im-unsiilcriihlr bridge building cuu impede Ihe navigation of an nupuriuni
waterway. We alsu draw yuur ntlcn
tion tu tbe case of the'Wcstmiurler
fridge, whore great ine in cnicncc is
cuuicd tu !l,u heavy intcrurle.i trallic
by having continually lu open 'bo
bridge tu allow the nsvigslioJ nf lhc
river to be couduclcd.
"In viow of the ever inceaiiiig de
velopmciit uf trade up Ihe '>,,iii,
Arm and thc probable eilabliibmuiil
uf elcvalori snd faclorici there, lu uy
nothing of the growing builnesi.doiic
by tbe uil plants al llsriiel sud I'orl
Moody, il Is i.rlain that the water
borne traffic lo the upper resdicj of
tbo inlet will enormously increase wilhin tbe near foture, snd we consider
Ibal the general principles euumcrulci
shove will cummend themselves lo any
perion of ordinary forcsighl
"As ihipovvncrs liesvily interest,',I n,
Ihc navigation of Ike harbor, we roe
sider thst if s bridge is lo bo built ut
ail over tbe Second Narrows, il ibould
be a high level bridge, if, however,
Ihe government decidci that jt is not
possible, we have the following sug
geitiuna to-mskc
"(I). In out opinion Ihc pier shown
in the plsn si in Ibe centre of tko
ciioiuiel and supporting the norlli cud
of thc northerly draw should be the
pivot of tbe double swing, for lbc fol'
lowing reasons: Ai ihown ou tbe plan
only Ibo northern draw is navigable at
luw water, ao Ibst sll Irailic would
bave to use the northern draw, *-'''1'''
would be veiy dsngsrous. Jt would
mesa i risk sccident to vessels feot-
lug III S channel  of 20  feel   uwing  to
tho Strong currents prevailing ami the
conflicting eddies whicii would be set
up by the piers, whore is a d.iiiilc
swing pivoted on the pier in the ecplrs
of the channel would permit of es, h
passing vessel keeping to its own siiio,
11(11), The commilteo is itnitly of
opinion lhat thu boight from the but
I mn ul the bridge lu tbe high water
level shuuld bo not lesa than Oo foot,
which would permit nf tugs nmi •mall
ircigliters passing without necessitating
opening the bridge. This is uf grcqt
impuriuni'C, huth frum tlu point of
view of those eunslunlly using tho ws-
tcrvvny uud ffom that of Ihe iulcn.r
liun Irani ami passenger trallL- which
may in time be created.
"(II). As fur as cau be .int'iirod
from the plun submitted to thu ,issn,-;s-
liun, the bridge is nul plu<<"l al npl.t
un;:!,- In the maiu current, but ,lm
gonully iicruss il. We suggest tie advisability uf su placing the piers that
they ure iu parallel alignment v.iln Ibo
main currents in urdor Ibst the risk
uf vessel! sheering uguinst the abut
menls limy be minimized.
"Fur your iufurmatiun we beg lu advise yuu lliul llm following companies
are members of our ussocialiou, that
yuu will sec ne ure representative of
praclieully every line uf any coiiio-
queues in the coastwise Irade, Incited
in Vancouver.
Cauuiliau Pacific  Railway  Company,
l.inonlnJiiiiiuunhip i 'onipsny.
Muu|unsl,l, Marpole k Co.
eftrihem Stosniahip Cunipuny.
gfrugressivc Steamship iCumpuuy.
Hind Krolhers.
flruml Trunk I'aeilie Steam-hip Com
I'niou Steamship Compauy ot British     '    "I   Onl    IU      l.tll.
Armstrong, Murrisuu A Co.
1,'uuil  Steamship Co. Ltd.
Buscowiti Steamship  Company.
Hrcer, Clyde . Co.
l-nuns, Culcinun .v Kvans.
Canadiau Mexicau Steamship Cum
pan,i Vuurs faithfully,
President  Shipowners'  Assui-iation  of
Hrilish  Columbia.
The Council and its
The Wish nus voiced liy ildcrmcii in
- the city hull lusl eveuiug thni r.'Hcpay-
. ers bringing mailers tu the aotlco of
' the council by letter would lake into
! consideration the fad that such qua-
lions would in all probability have to
be referred lu sume special committee
uf Ihe cuuucil befure a liual decision ■
euuld be arrived al. Letters have in
the past been received embudying applications or complaint! as tbe csic
might be iu connection witb the grsd
mg, draining, clearing, lidewalking smi
lighting uf Ihc city, sll submitted in
the same letter ami un one lingic sheet
uf paper When earh uf these euliro
ly different question! have been refer
red lo their appropriate committee!,
Ibe lilualiun has become confusing end
speedy ii.m .ni,,.ii of buiineu ii im
Citizens arc therefore asked lo ad
dress two or more Idlers lo the council if there are Iwu ur more distinct
matteri which Ihey desire lu bring forward 10 thst thl cnmiiiiiniiilinni cm
be handed over separately tu the com
milled lo which Ihey have been refer
red. Tbii will simplify council procedure snd will al Ihe same lime render
it |u,-ilde fur lbc council'! corrci
pomlcnli lu secure eu earlier reply tu
tbpit letter*.
  ,     ;	
Epworth League
liisl night thr Kpworth League of
Ihe Methodist church bold Hi monthly
social sud literary meeting. Tbe vice
preiident geve » very inlrcsling sd
dress ou the life of Miu Princes lliv
ergal. Next League meeting, Tuesday
evening, October "'lib. Will tike the
form of s mock council. Members snd
friends cordially invited.
Boys Wanted
Bouie Boyi for the BXPBHW. Bank of Montreal
EitiblUh.d 1H17    .
Capital (paid up)    .    $16,000,000
Reserve    ....   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
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By D. ff. HIGGINS   ''•
«  __—————
Leeve Nortb Vsncouvsr
•''•:>' a.m
li.ll P.M
18.15  AM
urn m Sunday.'
•'iuu  A.M. 8.80
'AM i.40
■llu 8.00
'7.00 8.10
7.80 2.4*
'7.40 4.09
8.00 4.20
'8.20 4.40
8.40 J, no
'••"> 6.20
V.20 6.40
0.40 (.00
10.00 6.20
10.20 6.40
10.40 7.0D
11.00 7.20
11.20 7.40
11.40 8.00
12.00 (.80
12.20 V.U.. »M    .
IM 10.00
1.20 10.80
1.40 11.06
iM 11.44
1141 AM.
Time table, subject U tmtfl wltkeut
setts*. Ompmy »ot lis*-) fsr dsisys, wiwaitl w 'ffmTJm%
"And so, tim hour to boor, we
rip snd ripe,
Aud tben, frum hour to hour, we
rot snd roti
Ami thereby liengs a laic."
Tbe circumstances I nm shout to re-
Isle occurred in llm yesr 1861.   The
facia wem known to s few wbo lived
here st tbs time; but I believe thst
With the eiceptinn uf myielf there i«
not uow living s single permit who wsa
cuguissnt of tho extraordinary cum
lilustlou of events whjcJL[||itei)i| npw
tu put'iuto print fur the lirst time.
Nearly every old roaiiieut knew .lohn
Qeorge Ssylor. Ha wss sllvo sa late
SI 1801 Snd llll liuiici lie st Hull Huy
Hs wss su Iriihuisn, smi camo here
from Austrsiis in I860, llu had been
a miner, s rebel, s conitshlu smi a
member of the Osld Kscort in thst
colony, snd puiieued ruinsrkaldo .lc
tsctive iustincta. He wis ouo of the
moit Intelligent meu whu ever joiuud
the Victoria police force, snd being
•trong end fesrleu, , reiourcoful ami
keenwitted si s ru.ur hlado, be wsa
generally lelected tu ini|uire intu in
vulved csaei thst rei|uireil s miml uf
more tliun ordiosry cspacity tu unravel.
1 do not think I uver met a man whine
judgment upon sil matteri coniiccleil
wilh the diachsrge uf a dilutable,
ilmiea cuuhl he hii implicitly relied un
ss Ssylor'i. lu Auatrslia, when he
mined at llallaral, the miners at thine
diggiuga rehelieil sgsiml the Imposition of su ohnosioui Isi and took up
srmi, inaugurating what wai after
wanla referred tu aa the "llallaral
War." Troopi were lent lo the dig
gingi sod several miners were killed;
hut the next psrlisnieul removed the
impnit. Sny lm uaed tu i. lit. with
ilrsmstic effect huw the miners after
wsnls elected une uf their class tn
repreieut them iu pirliament, ami huw
his comlituenti ihud hii horse wit li J
pure gold sud aicurleii him, ten thuu
•sud lining, tu thc government build
ingi end placed him uu the acel of thc
mighty amid tke cnlhuiiaslii' plamlits
Of   tile   Illllllllll.le
Haylor brought sume money here,
smi during the llfteeu years he re
nisiueil on the force edded tu it by
iiieani kuown only tu detectives ami
their petruui, iu Ibst wheu he .Ii.i
he hsd the tidy sum of ♦80,001) to
heijuealh to the I'rulestaiil Orphan's
Home, which placed that morituriuui
Institution upun ils liiiun.'iiil legs.
It will he readily umlrrituiid Ihut
msny strsnge enaraeters cume to Ihc
colony in tlie days of whieh I write.
Nome had been men of importance in
Ihe Old Country, hut bid allowed
liquor, csrils or some olher bsd Iiu bit
lo ruu awuy with Iheir bruins, ami
leave them morally ami huumiully
■tramled iu s community lhat ha.l un.c
.uni.ii.nl hunura upun them. Many
uf these men Inne assume! names I
remember une gentleman - ami he was
aa i in.I smi good hesrlcil a ercsloru
Bi 1 ever met, mure sinned auainst
thin 1.1 nninu, I feel lure-wnu poied
si Mr. Ir - d ami whu wai almul to
offer Inn..li si s candidate for the
"Whsl is Ihc usme of that party!'
ssked s uew srrivsl, as lie polnleil In
Mr. li-   - d on the street one day
"It d," wea Ihe reply,
"I'll  wager you s hundred pounds
lliul   llil   I..nne   il   I' II."
"1 won't bet; but you ought tu he
■ure befure you make sueh uu usser
"Well, I'll prove it," replied the
olher, and stepping iu frnnt of the
sdveucing msn he intended uis haiid
end uked:
"How sre you, Mr. I'- ut When
did you  leeve Mencheilert"
The penun thui iddrciscd ncolled
si if be hsd beeu it ruek a hard blow,
Slid gsiped uut:
"Kur lumens uke, men, don't
iposk tbst usme.   I sin I.— .1 here."
"I know you sre, hul yuu sre
I' n, sll tbe ssinc."
The ne wi oilier wss men ileis. Ad
dressing two or Ibrec hyiteudari, hr
pointed to thr pour, linking devil sud
"(Jeotlemes,   this   is   P r   Ihe
greet Mssrbeeter defaulter Tske s
good luuk is 'Ibst you'll know him
sgsln. Witb s Bow Hlrret runner al
bia hwli ba hsi the cheek tu stand
for your psrlisnent, I beer."
The wretched men slunk ewey. All
hie siry renin were diuipated, sll
his kopee lo do batter bed heeu ibat
tend, snd sll hi hsd left him now wsi
to hide i riwl info mine retreat where
no pirsos wbo bsd known him in the
dsys when ke pseeed for sn honeit men
sad wss respected eud influential wuuld
ever again iee him. The nnt dsy he
wss gun.- snd none could ever tell
wbitker ke west. I'eer fellow!- huw
sorry I f.ll tot kiss ssd huw I loathed
thi mau wbo sspoiid bim. •
Auotber one ksd heen s successful
dry goods deslw In Undon. His store
*se frequented by the highlit In the
lend. Ou ity t sbopwslker thought
ks detected t My Is tbe set of stssJIsg
Sll nrliele frmu 000 Of Inn rniiulers
sni) mending it lu her dresa, He laid
hii liuml on thu lady's shoulder soil
ssked her to step intu s bsck mum.
.She threw off the hand with illi1lgl>S!
lion smi lisdu hlm begone, lu spite
uf bar protestations uf Innocence she
wss forced inlu s ruum. She tendered
tho eunl of s huly of distinction. Tho
owner of the establishment, woo imp
pen. d to have lunched generously thst
dsy, threw Ihu curd on iho duor with
Ihu i em;. 11., " I in |i.i;i ni' " ||a nrdured
s female to smreli llm ludy fui plml-
dsy, Nothing that halunged to tbe
■ inlde liiu.'iii wui fuuml upon hur.
I'rofiisit spologiee weru teudbred smi
declined. A suil for damages wsa in -
stituted. Tho puldic ceased to buy Bt
the iture, trade fell ulf and in it year's
inin tho man's name appeared in the
"llaiutte." lie came lo Victoria with
an .. ■ -inn.ul uu, and sumo niunuy uml
built a large wooden placo ou fort
streut ui,uve Douglas which hu celled
Ihu '*l''nrl Street Chsinliers." Few
rented the moms und iu a .-Innt time
he went away and was never huard
uf mure.
There wuru many ulher characters
whu came here during the rush.   Fin
uncial   wrecks    in,   like   the   camp
fulluwers uf un ariny, to join evory
mui, menl which appeal:, to offer t|ium
an opportunity for cicitomunt. I met
them iu lyiiiileiniy ami ou I'm iui Ilivcr;
they were seen ut t'urihnn and on the
Yukon. Alwaya the same—thc lapse
of time seemed lo muke nu difference,
The personnel; of course, had changed
entirely in the hull century Ihut luler
vcued, Imi the reasons lhal Inspired
the adventurers uf thut day to seek
a i liunge aeluated their imilalurs uf
the luter period.
One uigiil Detective Haylor came tu
my ulli,e uud lold me lhat he hsd
.nn. li.-.i a strangely acting man for
sume weeks, ulf and on, ami had heeu
imal.le to iin.i oul the slightest thing
uliuut him. "And yet," aaid he,
"lhc mun aeli BS if he had e uin in it
ted B murder some lime in the past
In fact, he's haunted I"
"Whut!" asked I, "yuu surely
• Iiui'i believe, iu auch things si
gliosis f"
"Well, iiu," he replied, "I duu'I;
hut lhat man thinks he is haunted,
ami I think he is, luu. lie imagines
Hint he is fulluwcd hy a child. He
funnies he lieurs the patter, patter of
lillle feet un the'sidewulk, uml some
times he thinks he hears thc rustle uf
n dress its if mine Human were wulk
ing by liis side."
"Du you hour Ihem, tuo!" 1 ssked.
"No, I never hear a tiling; ami yet
lhe poor soul, while I am wilh him,
hears llie fall of the feel and the swish
uf the ilress end starts ami trembles
ami breaks intu a euld swcal. I don I
believe he ever sleeps-sl least not al
night. I meet him ui all hours wulk
iug swiftly along the street with his
head bent and his eyes fixed un the
gruuud. Al lirsl I Ihuughl he was a
burglar and tracked him, hul he never
stopped anywhere ur did anything -
jii.-i iiulked all night. Tuwardi morn
iug lui guns tu hii ruum in thc Fort
Ml reel t'hainljcrs and docs not appear
again till nightfall. I often cuguge
lum in cniivunstion. ile is ungtily
intelligent and has heen a great traveller He'll lalk until he hears the
puller uf lhc lillle feel am! the swish
uf tin- giiivu and then he'll start off like
the Hind. He's heen smncliudy lume
day, hut he'a • retry now, or next door
lo It."
"I say, : ..lui I .in.I. "I ul like tu
get ucijuuiulfd with that mau. If I
csn'I see a ghoil I'd like lo do the
licit thing lo it talk witn a mau who
has seen one."
There was al lhal lime on Vales
Hi reel a place called the Fashion Hulel
il wai lhc i. uii of the youug men of
Ihe day. Mosic si well as lupin) wai
dispensed there and Ihe attendants un
the tables were women—i|ot sll pretty
or young, but very plesisul snd, ai
fir ss I ever knew, very reipcclsldc.
It was urrunged thai Ssylor ihould
steer Ihe haunted man intu the Fashion
on a certain night,.aud that I should
meet them there si if by sccident. The
iiirnng.ii" nl waa earned out. i wsi
introduced ss Mr. Souther." Slid the
nun's usme ss given me wai ','ole.
Ile was really moil presentable Snd
chatted awsy like s msn who bsd
acen the world, ile loeined quite sen-
mIiI.- We unoked and drank and
convened for su hour on different sub
jetli, snd linilly we separated with
out his having' given the slightest
evidence thst he wsa haunted or tost
he was other than a staid, reipeclable
gentlemen enjoying a lulel evening
with iiieinl.
About two o'clock nest morning,
when on my wey lo my room lu dingo's
Hotel, I almost ran against my new
acquaintance. lie itoud by Ibe lida of
au awning post end I juit managed
lo meke bim out by the feeble gleam j
thrown from s atreet lamp.
"HeUosI" 1 exclaimed, "you're
out late."
mu vhij uue    inure *ru utpa,a won
sre out lain, too,"   .
I thought he referred io mth so 1
laughed aa 1 told him thst tny profea
■.Inn *VAniiiVad. ml   Ia   E__n   lata   linllH.
"yaiyil Ttmi.niir-yirrp a,in
lion required Ills tO keep late jiuura.
'iOh, | don't ine*u you," lis rejoin-
ml; "I rafor to others."
Then the story Haylor had, told ins
about the man boing dogged by thu
sound of a child's footsteps" snd the
rustle uf s woman's dress occurred
to me. A creepy feeling begin tu run
up my spine snd my huir acted as if
it were iibuiii in rise snd lift my hat
frum my heud. I wiabud myself safe
in bed snd made n sudden movement
to u|ien tlie street door snd sscand the
stairs, when tliu lunatic, murderer, ur
whatever be wss, laid a strung hand
uu my shoulder.
"lioldl" lm suid. "Stay with nio-
"Nu," I replied, ss calmly ss I
could, "I must gu tu lied. I nin sleepy
smi tired."
man  ruiuiiinii Ills UUIU oil my llllll IIIUI
liuniael;     .•.■liiupereil;
j "Did ypu hour it,"
lll^i wliatl"il ilamiutliili si..!.
tried In vsjn to throw off Ids grip.
t'TN-thst child wslklugl I,iste|i
to the patter nl' its footsteps I Surely
you can hour It.   J.lstonl"
I hsieiieil, but In-ill.1 nuthing, uml
io told tho msn. ,
iifty huBvnnsI" hu shouted.   ''Voq  j
Bru deceiving ine.    Fveryoue tolls niu
the sumo.   Vou do hear It.   Vou lie!
Everyone lies!"
(Continued on Prldsy.)
Lynn Valley Temperance Hotel
Nortli Vincouver
On thu cur line, iluum uml bourd
(loud accommodation for working meg
Contractor's mun taken, dingle niuSli.
16-12 ti. KAHTl'OTT, I'ruprietnr.
Than you want tbs
The Bangs with a reputation earned. Wo Invite the must critical et-
smtnstlon, tbs mors exacting ths better, as It will bring out mora
forcibly the mauy fssturss of excellence.
Thoussndo of satisfied homes throughout ths  Dominion  ire using it
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
€j 77ie undersigned desires lo announce to the residents
of Norlh Vancouvtr tiki ht hai purchased the Hardware business formerly conducted by Meurs. Sutton
6 Prince, and will carry a largely increased stock) of
Builders' Hardware, Pa'wti, Oils, Class, Stoves,
Ranges and Household Articles.
ifAH elasiei of Furnace ani TinWork) given prompt
attention. AH Work fully guaranteed.
9m\By clou prices, strict attention to business and
courteous treatment Wl trust to merit ani enjoy a share
of the Public patronage, WATCH OUB ADS.
Sincerity youn,
.   Thi SattiffKtori Hfrfiwt
15th mi Lonsdale. Phont 352
,  . Noilh VwKouvir
"I f MlOivllvW.
Entree and Pudding Dishes
srs sit every-dsy used. Not uuly do tlisy sdd to tbs appearance of a
well-srringBd Ubts, but they tacllltate the ssrving of vegetables and
puddings, which, owing to this method of serving, srs much more
palatsbls. Our Stock of tbis clsss of table goods is wsi) sssorted slid
olfsrs s grsst range Ot choice.
The Chafing Dish
contlnuss to bs s fsvorlts In ths bonus of Oanada—Its vsry convsnl-
suce hu msde It this. To own s Ohaflug Dish Is to appreciate it and
uss It constantly. Alwayi we supply ths vsry finest valuta In tills
Ilus, u we show ths uswest types snd ths bsst qualities on tbe market,
and whether you dssirs to uss ths Spirit Lamp or Electric Hester ne
csn accomiuodste you.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on sccount of ths Ban Frsucisco earthquake aud lire.
How many Oompaulee could do this?
IU asssts amount to 1116,000,000
A postal will bring our riprssautativs
Bosidsut Agsut
18 Lousdale Avenue and Oapiiano Oar Terminus
Flumes: Lonsdsls 167. Capilauo ltil.
'I'lie eily engineer, Mr. Angus Hiuilh,
iu un olliciul repurt tu thu city cuuucil
luil ovening, mmiu lengthy reference
lo Ihu uilviiabllity uf using stuudsrd
cuinliiiioil trolley wire sud oriiamoutal
lighting |mlii. lu place of Ihu wooden
pules at present lu uso'on liiinsdulii
uvenue. The repurt .-.luted that the
eity's engineering diipsrlmenl had been
git iug Ihia matter ultcntlun fur sume
limn uud hud I'oiito to the conclusion
Ihul au nrnuiuiwlul trolley polo oi|Uip
ped with luiniuutiN arc lamp wuuld form
u vury snlisfuclury auliitiuii lu the
lighting uinl puis prulilem. Thu cily of
Winnipeg hus InituHuil UUII uf Ihcae
lights, t'lilgury uliuut tliu sumo uuin
her ntul Vancuuvur is lo plseo :'■■'•> un
Broad wsy.-
To ensure Ihu ualiafsclury installs
liuu uml operation of Ihi' lehcufe it
wuulil   be  deiiriilile  In   have  a   cum
pleto Installation supplied uml operated
l.v the It. 0, Kleetrie Hallway Cum
pany uud llic eity puy a lined rule fur
eueli ii.-ilit per yesr ua ia dune under
the city's present street lighting sys
I cm.
It would be necessary tu have thc
poles placed opposite un eu''ll aide ut
the street nmi approximately 100 feet
apart, uml us those polos would hu thc
only unes roqulrod on the street tin
prescnl woodeu pules euuld he trims
ferred lir the lunes und where uu bluer,
exist ur eunnot lie acquired Ihe wirm
shuuld  he placed  underground.
Ou Isl slreet all wires euuld he re
moved to lhe lanes, hut uu Lunula It
incline Ihu scheme euuld lie curried uut
iu lire manner indicated which would
rid the uvenue of ull obstructions us fur
ns lllh slreei.
The plun involves placing under
ground it pnriiou of Ihe II. I). Tele
phone Company's lines belweeu'be wu
I url mnl nud Ine Iuue in lhe rear uf the
eily hull and frum Oth street lu Kill
sired. Thu II. I'. Klectric Ilailway
Company'a wires would he placed un
durground from the watorfrunt tu the
Iuue north uf Ihu Ksplauade ami frnm
lilh street lu Mth .street. Au cxlru pule
line wuuld he required iu each lane
Irum 1st street tu Oth street.
North Vancouver City
Price List is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D.L 550
on Queensbury Avenue rur line
Si/e of lot* 50 ft. by 121 ft. all cleared
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company .
limited. Liability
North Vincouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6266
the lanes and pissing wires underground
wuuld probably Ira shout (9,0-0 aud
opuld ba parried out st ths preimt
tUbk Sl iiiiiiiIi lass wpsnsis toss sl s»f li
time In the future.
Tbe recumnisudstiuns snipedisd ip
this r«port wsrs laid ovsr for discussion Bt tbs neit meeting uf thu
Mr, H.C, Wright, Firry
Director, Will Not
Be Candidate
Mi. II. 0. Wright, p member uf tbis
year's ferry directorate, yeaturdsy
Uiorilillg iiii'nrineil a representative of
tho Express thut bo doui nol intend
iuukiug ru election to office iu Jsuusry.
Mr. Wright mude tbii intimstion in
eunseipience of tho fsct tbst rumors,
such as ehuiueien/e every pre-election
period, weru lu clrculsliuu lu Ihu effect
tbst |iu wuuld either leek s puiitiun
us uid. iiiuiu uf the city couucil ur ulae
make un emleavur tu retain hii lual
fur unulher year sa ferry director.
Itulh rumors, Ur. Wright declared yes
Icrduy, arc inaccurate.
II is well known that lincu bii dec
liun as a ferry cummiaiiuiter Mr.
Wright has heen a keen and energetic
servant nf. Ihe ratepayers uf litis city,
und hus ulsu beeu lliruughuut a regular
om n.i.mi al all public ami executive
meetings ulfcctiug thc welfare of tb
City. Iiu il determined thst in tbo
turning year he will give mure altenliun
tu his business snd his hume, ami cun
sidcrs that relinquishing active parti
cipatiun |ii civic affairs ii the uuly
way in which Ihia cau Iiu dune. Mr.
Wright expressed the hupe yesterday
huwever, thul he might at sume future
dule reenter lhe city's pulilicul arena
wilh renewed vigor. Uu far aa ihe
euining eiectiuna arc cuucerue.l he is
resulted mil lo seek niine. cither as
aldennau ur ferry director
Progress of Operations
in D. L. 265
The lasl few days aaw the compel
imn iif ttie till iu behind the mill foil
bulkheads'along the foreshore of I). I.
885, aa the preliminary uperatinn.. iu
connection wilh Mr. J. V. Fell's eaten
site duck scheme iu that sectiu'i. Tht
reclamation work has reiuited iu a Iiig
area of cleared property end au admir
ulrle walerfruntage for the aceomiuodii
tiuu uf   i.-i  u.i  vesieli.
The work so far accomplished .'cpre
scuts un outlay approximating i •••
1)00, No specific plans for the fu'un
have beeu divulged, but it is g-ner
ally believed that jetties will he limit
uul fruni Ihe main duck aud that the
pruperty is purposed tu become a mil
wuy centre,
Thought He Would live
"Appley" Ever After
Vicloriu, (jueenslssd, Oct. il.—Frank
Smith, fruil farm hand, prulisbly will
never "write another lovs letter. Dur
mg lhc puckiug season he wrote on
the tissue pupcr of un apple that he
desired to marry an Knglisli girl, "as
.Vi imli.in girls arc uo good," and iu
tiled correspondence.
'i'lie upple and letter reached itlack
pool, Kugland, where Ihc letter was
published in a lucul newspaper. Since
Unu Smith hus received aliuut null re
plica from Knglisli girls, but the epii
tulury uvalaiiehe did nul itup there
The Australiun papers gut hold of thc
slory and Smith is nuw being tuuutcd
hv ull Ihc girls frum Perth lo Brisbane
Thc Youlh'a Companion appeals to
every iulcreil of family life, from
housekeeping tu sthletici. It begim
with Klurici of youthful vim ami vigor,
with articles which diacloie Ihc iccrcli
of successful play in the greal games
uill; charming talci of life at Ibe
girli' college. But fbe Uompsniun
does nul, surrender -these resders wheu
they have entered the mure icrroui
paths of life. Mothers wili welcome
thu page for lbc little children sud tbe
weekly doctor's article. Fathers will
liud Ibo important newi of ths dsy
as it ii, sud not si it ii rumored to
be. Tbe entire bouiebohl wili sppre
clule the sketches which touch gently
un common foiblci or caricatur? eccentricity, lu sburt, for les*. thsn flvi
cents s week Tho Companion brings
into the home clean entertainment, pure
inspiration, duo ideals, increase of
Name* rarely seen in tabiei of con
tents will be found in Tbo tampan
ion's Announcement fur Itld, which
will bo tent upon rmjueit—with isju
pies of the paper, to those nut fimiliar
with il.
Kvery new lulncriber for UU who
semis $8.86 will receive tret all Ihe
issues for lhc remaining wc.-ks 0. 1012
aJ|o, frss fbe (.'onipeuio.i Window
Trsuspsreiicy snd Cslssdsr for WVt,
iu rich, trsnilucent colors -ihe most
beautiful of sll -ompsuiou snuvsniis.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15.000,000   Best $12,500,01)0
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards
i a. fount ,	
The folluwiug tsblea givu Ihu imports and eipurlt uf wheat hy lite chief
.importing ami eipurting countries dining lhc year ending duly 111, 1 tS 18:
Quantity Importsd by Importing Oountriss
10)118      lllllll!     Avorugo 1806-7
lu I91U1)
Bushels      Hi. dm       i:. lief
Germany           7«,70ll,000    113,833,000    gR, IB 1,000
Belgium    .'        77,157,0110    84,488,000    78,300,000
Bpsin            3,1159.0110      6,438,000      6,039,000
franco          86,714,000    88,301.000     83,710,000
Ureal Britain and Ireland         188,1187,0110   188,754,001)   180,088,0011
Italy           411,074,1)110     08,011,11011     44,803,000
Netherlands           08,443,000    .78,8110,0111)     50,838,001)
Hwedeu          4,081,01111      8,713,0011      8,877,0011
Bwilserlsnd             18,843,000     16,070,0110     14,034,000
Quantity Exported by Exporting Oountriss
101118     llllllll     Average 1006 7
to 1010 11
Bushels .     Bushels        Buaholi
Bulgaria       I8,666,l)00a   10,861,000      8,083,000
Hungary         18,674,0011     16,631,11011     15,704,000
■lioumaiiia         56,856,111)11     71,434,000    40,384,000
Kuaais      68,810,000b 884,388,00(1   148,713,000
Canada    •      78,788,000     48,443,000     45,658,000
United Slates ."      87,446,000     86,187,0110    63,1)111,000
Algeria         6,370,11011      8,368,0110      6,698,000
India  Rl,165,llil0c   34,646,000c
Argenliua  83,805,000c   B8,08fl,000d
Auatrslis  64,1187,000,1   36,088,0600
Is)    Nine months, August I,'Mil to April 3D, 1918.
llil   Ten muiithi, August I, lllll to May 31, 1913.
lc)   March 1, 1911, tu February 38, 1013.
(d)   January 1, tu In.end,, i 31, mn
Thanksgiving Concert
On Mon,lm eveuiug ucxl, uu Thanks
giving Day, the peuple ot the North
Bhore wil! have the opportunity uf tec
ing al thc Kniglils uf i'ythiaa Hall, Iiu
street, the bright and luilefui uiusnal
comedy -| ,,-.,- and Millions,'1 present
ed liy thc Cm nunc hi musicsl comedy
Wilh a nl.i.ii" uut tuo tediuus ami
a jdut nut luu cumplnulcd, the musical success wiih twenty fuur soug nun;
hers aud thirty performer's, mutes with
u dash ami charm su necessary lu sue
ecssful musical comedy work.
The pley, a Vancouver production,
revolves around an American million
aire, Biles B. Welkins, a hair restorer
magnate travelling with his sun ami
party iu Devonshire, Kugland, arrives
al ih.- village uf Buckland ami take.''
rooms at the Three i'igcuus lun, where
Iwu American eruuks arc stranded.
I'amplications ensue by the sharp dis
euvery thai Ihe hair restorer tuugnale is
liald headed and therefore uses a wig
This they ileal, am! by an ingenious
method Ihey manage lo exhort a sub
i..ni:..I reward fur diiding what they
have inleii Thia naturally brings
many situations aud woven Ihruugli the
plot are Ihe love affairs of Watkius'
sou, Archie, die, falla iu love wilh the
innkeeper'a daughter, sud the Hon.
Lord D'Arcy, who appears to fall in
love with all the girls, also Silas 11.
Watkiui, who himself becumes cuainor
ed wilh Mary llibbs, an American act
rcii friend, travelling with hii parly.
With Ihc em client ilagiug facilities
uf Ihe K. of I' Hsll, twenty fuur musl
ill uuuibcri and 30 performers, Ihere
will be without doubt a splendid ibow
by Ibii talented suciety and ell should
make an effort lo iee Ibii show. . On
Monday evening, Oct. 381b, Thanks
giving Day.
iii-i.i i.ri-m.vs
Coal mining rlahli uf lhc Dominion
In Muiillubu. husluiehcivui! and Albir-
a, thu Yukon Territory, Ihe North-wilt
Terrlloilci and In a porllon ol the province or Brlllih Columbia, may bl lulled for a term of iwentj-ono years at
an annual rental of 11 an acri. Not
more than 2,(10 acre! will hi Hand 10
one ui'i'll, .nt
Appllcuilun fur a leuie muit he made
hj the uppllcalil In perion lo the Agent
or Hub-Agent of the dlilrlcl lu which
the i lnl.in upplied for aro illuatcd.
In iuivejed lerrllury Ihe land muat
lie destlllicd by sections, or legal sub-
divisions of icctloni. and In unsurvey-
cd i.-iiiiiiij tin tract applied for ahall
he staked out by the applicant lilui-
Bash application muil bo accompanied Iry a feo of IS which will he refunds!] 'f the rlghla applied for aro not
available, hul nul ulherwlie A royally ahall be paid un tho merchantable
uutpul or Ihc mine ut Ihe rate of Ave
centa per ton
Tho perion operating the mini ahall
fm i,ii.n tlio Agent witn iwurn returna
un-..-inline („, ii,,. (U|| quantity of
inen liiiiiiiiide coal mined and pay ths
royally thereon. If Iho coal mining
ilrilit.'i mo not being operated, auch returna ahould hi furniihed at leaet once
a year
Th« le tae will loclode tho coal mining
rlahli only, but the lessee may he permitted ti |.oi .in,h,. whatever available
surface ilglila may be considered neceaaary fur thi working of thi mini at
the rato if |10 an acre
For rull Information application
should ,be made lu the iccrclary ol Ihi
Depnr imeiil of tne Interior, Olfawa, Or
lo any agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister of tht Interior.
N.   li    finiiuihinin.i   publication   of
thll idvirllseminl   will  nol  bi  paid
for. IM
In all Countrlos. Ask for our Inventor's Adviser.   Marlon _ Msrlon, III
University Sired, corner Hi Catherine
Streot. Montreal, Canada, and Washington, D. C, II. 8 A.
Ws us showing ss ssxsUsnt Une of Burling Silver and Plated Wars,
nothing but tie blghsst grids of Goods.
Our low sipensee snsble ns to mark our pricei much below those who
(»l high rente.  A comparlaou will prove this to you.  See om windows.
ThsBtors i
sad Low
nowu vAjrooora.
ruunmq nwayi tw maw ny wn mn mruiw
Bites of Bubscriptlom-Ons yesr, flM.  Bis mouths, doe.  Three monthi, Hs.
United Btatei ssd Foreign, iS.OO per year-
mmmfyw ■* M»bMJ|   H-S**S    ff If A   **•   *% UUlBIg   WH   mtfffl V im MUH*
TIS Ksprsss is dsvotsd ts tbs iute.eete of the North Bhore ef Burrard Islet
BMluslvsly. It coustltutei sn sdvortlilng medium of exceptional value fer
reaching fn s thorough snd effective msnner the pnpulstioii of Nortk Voneoovsr
City and District, Bvsrjr effort Is msds to givs sdvsrtisen ths meet istiifaetory
, All cbangee In sostrsst sdvsrtlaoments ehould he is Iks priatera1 hands aet
Utter thsn iff a. m. Monday snd fi p. m. Wodnoidsy to eniure inesrtios ia tka
following issue.
North Vsncouw, B.C.
.Octobor IB, ltil
sio>r tks formulation of a aekewe foi
providing ckeap nioaey for Ike farmer.
Tk* mttt words of Ike miniiler, as w
fwUdmwammJaimm, ■     u »■
The notice of motion given by Al"
derriiau Fraser st last night'a session
nf tlie city council to apply to the pro
Vilifial legislature for SU amendment
oinpoweriug the council to grant a rebate uf taxes to any industrial concern employing a apeciAed uumber of
men ii oue whuae prugreia will be
watched with considerable intereil by-
many ratepayers.
The mailer of the encouragement of
industries is vital to the prugresi of
the city uml the proviiions of Ihe
Municipal Act i;i this matter are cum
liariome and unwieldy but judging frum
public iliscuiiioni of tbii mailer in the
psst it will probably be found that
opinions are sharply divided aiming
rity ratepsyera as tu whether the ac
liun cunteinpiateil in the notice of mu
tiuu ,nnstiini,s the beat remedy.
As the regulation! stand al preient
It la required that a bylaw he submit
ted tu tbe ratepayeri iu each specific
instance, in which it ia proposed to
grant auy such conceisioni to auy in
duitry. The exereiies uf even thii pri
viiege upon the psrt nf the ratepayer!
is aubject to certain restrictions which
materially curtail their powers in the
premises and a further lufeguerd is
provided iu the fact that a three fifths
jnapiriii vute ia neceuary iu order to
_ ratify   any  iuch   hy law.   When   Ihe
life I   ill   di lull   Of   Ihesc   '.I,ll,n,:•   pi,,'. I
ioui ii coniidered, it ii diicovered that'
while municipal financial assistance to
industries is a possibility under the
preieul Muuicipal Aet, ill pruhability
ul the iame time in any initance ii
very remote.
VVnImui discussing tbe general quei
tiou as lo whether thii ia or ii uot, ai
it should Ire, the effect upou a city
situated as ia North Vancouver ia cer
tainly embaraaaing from an induatrial
poiut of view.
Land valuea within Ibe eity limits
have iid'.nmcl tn aucb a degree that
compliance with the termi of the sa
aeaiment act renders the asseiimt'iit un
pruperty suitable for induatrial sites
very high, ai compared with other t it
iei. iu a.I,Iiinm to thii consideration
there ia the further fact that the all
lence of railway facilitiei increases Iho
freight chsrgei which muit Ire paid Iry
local . imi ust ries. Tbe result ii lhal
thia city ii st s aeriuui diiadvaulage
as ., iimpan .1 with ita cuinpetitori in
seeking to induce industries to estub
I sl, themielvei here and those indus
tries which do establish themselves lo
tally sre bsmlicapped iu Iheir several
iiel'is became of thell iliiadvantagcs
There ii no duubt, (hat if the city
is ever to become a strong industrial
■ cm ii. it will be in-.,; ui i tu find some
means of relieving thii lituation. It
ii true tbat an occasional industry
might be found tu establish ilself lo
• ulli even despite these difficulties, but
ou Ihe olher hand the uumber that
would choose some other locality ru
ther than assume Ibe disadvantages re
ferred lo wuuld prove sufficient to ier
i.iii.lt retard tbia city iu the race for
imloitriai supremacy among the luwer
mainland cities.
The mean! indicated iu the propoied
notice of motion would certainly iim
plify thc method of dealing with appli
niii,ins uf tbia i,at,ire, end would prob
ably lead to uegotiatioui with ipan/
induatrial firms necking a lueal iuu wbo
would decline to submit to the process
ci wbicb are at present required It ii
further difficult to understand juit
why tbii particular item ibould be tin
gled out by tbe Municipal Act and
power to act witb retpect thereto with
lnl.I from the rily counrlli. Thii mat
ter ii of uu greaJer moment than are
mauy otberi with reepeet to which Hie
couucil ii clothed witb full pow
ere and it is reasonable to conclude
that the ratepayera who are elected to
the council board arc quits capable of
exercising reasonable powen in tbie
particular alio, with discretion snd to
tin advantage of the community.
illations of una thousand dollars and il
haa consequently been neceuary Is
negotiate their sale through outside
iirokerage linm. The bouila of smaller
di'iiuiiiiiiiiiinn are tinned "baby" de
dentures ami it is Imped iluu Ikey cas
he disposed of locally inasmuch as It ia
thought lliut many eitixena lining a
modest surplus on band woultl prefer
tu place their money iu city debenlurea
at live per rent, rather Iban in Ike
hunk nt fuur per ceut. ll ia expected
linii the fuct that such boudi are read
ily negotiable, wili facilitate Ibeir locul absorption. It ia probable tbat tke
first il.iiniinii of Ibe small deaomina
tiou bondi wili be in Ibe form of leu
year debentures with inlerest payable
half yearly for uae under the local im
plui cn,,ni system.
I'reieut conditions of tke money-
market at any rate, at the i-oeet, would
nut uppear lu justify any very greet
degree uf optimism in cunnevtioo witk
an experiment of il.n- nature, bul il ii
easily pussiblc that cumiitioua may tlif
fer greatly iu different In.aim..- ia this
icsp,. t Slwul.l the icbeme Ind favor
with the In, al public iu am city, il
would constitute a most commendable
plan of in -i i.... I self help upuu Ibe pari
uf Ihe municipality ami the ratepayer!
thereof. ' -err ,
"It ia my inn couvictios tkat if
. "agriculture ie to be property de
"veloped ig this proviuee, mmm
"meaae mut be found of supply
"tog |ks fsrmen witk cheap mouey.
"Tke province kae eeversl million
"dollan pu kaud snd 1 cannot iee
- "wky it ihould uot be loaned to lhe
"faruen at a low r»ti of lateral
"initcad ef beiug loensd ts Ike
The tbeory advanced ia Ikss* sen
lence* U along Ihe Iiuc uf tbat waicb
ksa beta found practicable in otker
rounlnei and it is difficult to see aay
naaaa wky ile application shuuld net
bs found to work laliifa.lurily asd lo
produce gratifying results ia Brilisk
. All ef theae indication! point lo Ike
roacliuioa Ikat Ike government boi
under conaideration tke inception of au
aggressive policy for Ibe redemption
and tke cultivation of Ike wild Iiu,l.ut Ike pnn in.e, auck a* will jrronr.1
baud ia kaud witk Ibe enterpriaiug pel
icy witk reference to roadi aid rail
wayi au.l wkick will afford every ta
.uuragemeni for getting tke settler a -
lually upon tke mil under tuck • .nni.
lions ss will eniure bii lureiu end
will redound lo Ihe promotion of tbt
welfare aa.l tke prosperity of the ea
lire population of all .-lasses.
Ha    L.    llll
A practical application of s euggei-
tlou, with reference to methods of mu
niripa! financing made hefore tke mu
ujcipsi commission during its recent
esssiose, Is stout to be msde by the
city of Nelson. Tbe bosrd of alder
men of that city have sdoptcu s it-
commendation of the msyor lo the ef
feet thst tks muuieipslity loot e loan
aod offer it is debenturei of one hundred dollars sack.    Frsrlow  dstteo-
There arc many encouraging tigus
which point lo • general quickening uf
interest in agriculture throughout tbe
province sm-li ai will reiult ia tke
providing uf some method of aaaiet
sure tu the pioneer farmer, and
will exert a wholesome effect i.p.n, the
development uf the provincial agn'.ul
turul interests. Public Ibiabiag ksf
been awakened tu the wisdom of keep
iug a close wun li upuu Ihe relative pro
portions of Ihc amount ut farm produce
railed within the province au.l Ike
aiiinui,I uf such produce imported au
uiiuiit wilh the result lhal Ike deur
ability of devising and pulling iuto op
eration soifie effective meani of hold
iug lhc latter lo a minimum ii uaiver
■ally recognised. Tbere are, of course,
two main features of Ihu situation
whicii should not he but sight of in
any iliuupiion uf luii subject, namely
that ou the one hand the inrreaM ol
the p.ipnlui nm of tbe proviuee ia .lei
tiiied lo proceed el a very rapid pace,
while un the other baud natural cou
dillons are such that al Wil, Ike de
velopminl uf Hie agricultural landi ol
the province is dertiue.l to Iw reai
parstively slow. I.t il., deiire be
never io strung and let tbe facilities
be uf Ihe best, it ii a pb'yiieai imp.,-
•ibiiily lo enter upon a tract of Brit
ish Columbia wild laudi and ckange
lliem Inlo producing farmi nilnr "lun
by u snore or I.-- protracted fight win
nature. Notwithstanding tse mmi ii
terpriling policy prosecuted mtli. ino.l
energetic manner, it may, therefore. Iw
found that for a number of years lo
come, the increase io the vulumc of
the farm produrte grown within . tke
pruvimc will fall somewbal behind tke
growth of the demand for suck produ.1
su lhal nnt withstanding tbe rapid ia
. reuse in the volume of home groan
produce, the iui|*orti of iuch pro*!u.r
may increase in volume, la Ike course
of lime, however, Ibe goal al wkick all
wish to arrive may be attained wkrrcis
the home grown producle will begin lo
fight back Ihe importation! until Bnt
ish Columbia becomes lo Ike gn iteal
possible degree a self contused torn
mouweilth iu Ihe important mallei of
food products.
Thc provincial government kae sa
iiooiiccd ill intention of appointing aa
agricultural romuiiution to thoroughly
irrveitigale all phewe of Ike piublrtn
of the igri.ultural intereiti of tbe
prov mi e and to report wilb recoamen
• bilious.   Hou    W    B    Boss,   Minieler
of   I .limb,   bS!   juit   completed   I   luul
of the interior of Ike province witk a
view to gathering personal information
wilb reference lo ifae arose ef isad
luifable for farming purpoiw sad kae
beeu most oplimietic ia datrribiag tar
reiulti of bii inveetigatious. It kse
recently been announced tkat ae SS isi
lis! experiment along Ike lias of prac
Ileal aesietenre te Ike pioneer farmer,
tbe goverument ia arranging to mpply
powdey lay Issd clearing purpoeee upon
condltioni tkat ibould greatly career
age iuch operations Hon. Price Kill
eon, miuiiter of agriculture, recent
ly voiced tkrougb a press istsrvlew,
neaHarifff whieh   Isditale   thai   Ifas
Nortk .tboie Preai limited ii
prepared to eutertaiu propositions
for a loan lo be uiiii/* ! n Iho rou
struct im. of a building for n.ivi-
paper and priuting p..r| .-. -, 11 he
erected on lot' It, block |.57, D. L
271, being Ike nortk win corner oi
Firat itreet au.l Bogen stasia, Ikis
city. Full particular* may Iw obtained by applying to ths uuder
OKI)   11   llol.DI.V
Bis Hooosr Ike UsaleeaatOeraawr
Iw Bissau k-rtsew-yS-we. watt tka
fsllewjaf ettaiitmt.it:
Oierge W. Edwards af toe rily of
Liverpool, Begin--, tebtH-t, ta he a
remmiwioaer fer taking aJUai m auk
ia Ike rasotiss sf Cfcaaii* aad Ua
caikire, in Bagiand, for mat ia Ike
courti of Brilak Cebmhin.
Ts bs satstias peUie: Nalkoand Ar
I kur Merrisan, af Ike rity of Lad;
sailk, aad Oeerge Boy Leag, of Ike
rity of Vaaeeaier, LerriM*ret be.
W. I. Baird, of Ik* rity af Vaacwa
ver, barxialerallow, le ke e rent of
reviiioa aad appeal far Ik* Vu/mih
ainesmeat diatrict, ia Ik* tfatt tl
W. J. Walker, n*ig**A
Willinai Jomtph Boaaiia, U W ier
retury lad ilalatieiaa of Ik* defeat
meat ef agricolln* tram tht 1st day
ef Aug**!, Mit
lerliitali, af iarajpoioliea oace
Um great*! le tka falUwiag tampma
B. I', lain, Ltd.; & 0. N.tHlir. Co,
Ltd.; I1*!* Aula t'o, UA.; Crigaea* Her
ring PiaUriw, UA; Boat Ceaet Legggiog
ti., Utl; Bushier Usakes I'a- UA;
Huow Mfg. I'o LU. laremct* tea
trading tM. UA; likmi Urt -Seek
A Devet-poual IV U-, KoMeaay
Oarage t'e. UA; Mergoa Ormi ««
Ud ; New Haulm* Brhlge aad Peaer
Co. Ud.; Pert Naeska Load Bya-ieale
Ud.; Beckett Beraritie* fa UA; Tsark
sell, HiHiglas ood t'e UA; Doit Bealty
Ce. Lid ; I'tretkl CaaoAo lareMoae-l
Co. UA; Writ loan Inni IV UA
Tke follewiag eeaasooiea k*»* Im
graated extra protiaeisl UceocM:
Caua.la Val* A Toao*, UA; Hogh*.
Owrae IV UA; F. Niroloe A IV UA;
Tka fotloaiag (eapaaia* kar* Lata
regulerol: l-kuag* -Urr ooA OAce
Forailorr «'e, Uro-FhiBig* •-mpaay
mf *T m^mmmWmm    mjmmammaammt^        mmlW  '^^■^^"^r' ■-- ^W ^
100 Per Cent
Pure Paint
i   '   ———S—BBSS—OOB0M»
u mkb mnn to nm nunw mumjAWttm-.
Ittwgt t tarn stssk skate Osj* aaaas k* |ii|inl tmm load sod
ux), u k* nsaie Ino, eat* oefaasasa af laaA pass e*Ms of skuc,
srtrt c-Unag suetex ta gafestsisisSa gi illStni seiaaauT te *****
tksSr nemotttat sfcite uA
tim iimw. imA la le
Tkis Is Ifas sasy Ftfotso
PDK£ VAOfl m lit, aur.et
90 Lonidale Avmm      Not ll P.O.
U  tha  Slitter  sf  Tb*   Leonard!
Tks crediton hating given imperative
iaatructioua lo coUert all outstanding
acrouuli, partiee indebted to Ike above
'The Leonard Bab) Company," are re
quitted lo call aud aettlc tkeir indebted
new fertkwilk. Tbie rea be duu* by
eitker tailing at Ike itore, uu lousdale
Avian*, Nortk Vancouver, to Ibe man
in charge, or al Ihe other of WiUoa A
Perty, Auignee., :i.!6 ilailingr Street
Weat, Vaacouver.
la punuaurc of an assignment dated
.Auguit L'sili, I UIL'. to tke i,i,.l.isigu.-d.
|iartiri indeblrd lo tbe W II. Hloaey
k Compauy arc hereby uolided lo pay
Ike amouati due al Ike ofirc of Ihe ai
t-patt, Wilson A Party, suite V, Defieek
Buibtiag, 6it ilaitings street writ,
Vancouver, H. ('., al lbc earliest ,.t.
slide moment r.hu will iuue rcripli
for oat
W. J.
Pkon* Heymour 1734.
10,000 carAs of Ary dr meet tat pahrb
uie.   Price gar sAA cassis, II lb By*
dsl quoUtton* far largsr quantlttae
Cat Woo*, U lack**, 13 36 U lock**
C. O. D.
Oice ltd Ysrd-I4d> snd Loaeaalr
Pbna*l90.     PO. Bos Ull.
The Scenic Highway
lm* Ike I'Mllanl
Threufk lick.te lo all pa/I* of Ik*
worl* at lowest rale*
Tk* popular rout, to tin
HU lamli,.
Lodge Wsettia lara, Ma SM ,
Meeliags of Ikis Mg* inkUn
Ik* KaigkU sf Pytkia* Hall, («n*r ef
Ckeilrrfeld steaa* aad Pwartk slreei
o* Ik* list aad tkird Friday* ia asck
■ealk, at I a'dack p m.
C'owaaaicaliea* aad SfaHrsliaaa f«
uiaiLcnkip U b* sHr—ad I* Haraid
Lmo, aatrstasy, P. 0. Us 01L 1* i i.
District of North Vancouver
Applicative* will U tmttxtd by iW
undenigaed up I* tU ISck tin far
the |M*ili*a of petir* reoelaU* I* lU
ilialriel of Nutk Vooraarer. AptAuati.
te aril* wilk fortiraion af rapmrare
and ituabiealiea*. Biaglr aaa prefer
red Salary of end Hi per satask auk
alluwaa.e for aaifene
(Bigued)       JOHN IV PAB11IB
cm. a
P. 0. Bes I7M,
Nortk Vaotaaver. ISIS
First Class Dwelling House (or Sale
■Asm Im tk pinSiqqr of aew cigiu toon md base
Ms ts oawsauiask ttaet nu loulr taid an hat lii,
Us. Dsssrict La Al > ft twin IL  Tk* beading la a fcxy
ipanied by a
W detiwed ts ue
TXNDaa autmmi i-au aaa
mmlmrnt   tmm\llt   f*V  t  gOS OSSS. *f
Tks ksgkoss as sag l
TW Burrard IkfcfapBC* Gwpany ihiui.
IT Isoedih Aswan*
Pbone 37
SPROn SHAW Ihshm Ctltft
Of, Hastings St. W.
•   Q* ••**«   W99*\9f9   sfeatstt.
IJ. Sprott, BA, •  Ueugsi
Yasiikirs CswsjdM k SennUes
CarparstiasL imaltd
440 Seymoar Sit set
It. Kerr Il.^lgatr - ■ • Manage!
TU Lady But Daw
TU Uag Peataga
TU Wiod Befot* tU Daaa
■A Una m U* 0|*a
W< mat a** n*m fe* tt 1
lA-mtm ml Dew Osctar)
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EaraU Begtiu
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J. L Sanrtet's Book Store
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TU «t*t op-io-Sai. Inlu aeielc.
between Vaacour.r aad Ik. Karl
Per  ralae.  reaerralloai   aa*  all
further  Infoimailon   apply    to   3
MOB,   Clly   P*M.ag«r   Aeral.   Ill
llailin*.  Hi    or  I
0 P A ,   Vaaeour.r.
loots Beys wooted at Ua
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperfcaoging
rtm tmm tua vou
Harding & Walkei
• 1*
V. o
A Double Ender
50x175 ft on two graded roadi, 17th St and Yorkshire
Gejcent, cloie to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.  A nap at $2^ft, Q»4srdc«*,M 6»d i2«o«ths
?^^S?t!£'" ^^*^.,;r^'ifs^,:r*^^^S i^W      TflK ■ANK OF      1913
76 Tssn In Sustssss. Osyttsl   ssd Surplus Orsr 17,600,000.
letters tf credit
For our customers'convenience we iseue Letten of Credit payable in
Pounds Sterling for use in Brest Britain sad fil (tits sf the wprld, an-l
payable in Dollars for use in Cassis, United Blateo, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba and As West Indies.
Ws buy Ud sell Drsfti OB France, airmen-, Soulh Africa, Australia,
Nsw Zesland, India, China, Japiu smi Ihs West Indiei.
Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lontdile Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Frss Trial
Solvee tks Bummer Ironing Problem
Por 1018 we sre offering s "Hotpoiut" of Ibe 6IL iuc, suitable fur
general huuiehold uie, for HOO. This iron ii limilar lo all "ilotpoiuls"
except thst tbe upper mrfsce is unpolished.
t|on to tttOJO tO.ths v||)oy,rt|s fin-
tor tu furnish tbP'bqiiSB and start married lifn. The lottoAtA hrlAm srrivod
inssjjul, uumk'ssssiliti» shs ssfiysl pf
Second Street East, North Vaocouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 to 10.
Hot and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a, day up.
Weekly Ralei $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
North Vancouver,
HU. October, 11(12.
I i uru wilb my naked bandi, I cure
paralysis, indigestion, neuralgia, bed
fever, heart trouble, npevially palpi
lu I iuu, lung ami kidney in,ui.l.,. alio
Hii> Madder defect. Uanicle caan md
eye defections uf sny kind, stoma* b
lnnil,I.-, and all kiudi of stricture I
specialize in.    I cau also beal hruken
bone*. Alio all kinds of female Iron
bin aad irregularities, catarrh, etc
(lite me a trial iu auy uf the abutc
rain and I will pruve tu yuu the geu
eineuru of my aiscrlioin. I am will
iog lo undcrlake any ease however
. Iin.r.n abi-re olher medna! men hate
failed Address, Bet Ben Buuuer, co.
Ur Jaekion, comer Kcilu aud bulk
nlaiid Bds, North Vain outer, B. <'.
I:' ll
Mt. tie tl. i ml tie liun lieen appoint
gi| lo ii posillun in ths , ustputs de
purlmont ut Vancouver.
Owing to Iho unusual rough weathfif
hist evening Hie meeting of the nielli-
burs uf th11 ''yuu Vulley dru depart-
iiieni uus postponed.
Thanksgiving Duy inuruing at (liJlO
nn Buulevard i'urk ('•■ P. H. and l.yuu
Vii Ucc. Afternoon Bt !| o'clock North
Vancouver uml l.ynn Valley.
Saturday. lunl un Boulevard I'urk
l.ynn Valley uipl c. P. II. football
played a friendly game, l.ynn Valley
winning : lu 0. Bulli teams pluyud
guud combination.
Tile" capture uf Mr. .1. K. Ilialop's
bear tthieli gut luose somu days ugu
bus been unsuccessful. On Friday mum
ing il was semi by Mr. and Mrs. .1.
Maitlainl un Luugworthy lion.l.
.Special Thanksgivingaurvices will bo
held iu llm .lui, in nu cjunday next,
Oct. lilh, uud un .Men,hn evening, Hit
18th, u Thanksgiving dinner will he
rTrvcd Bt Ihc Methodist church.'
■ A baskclliall team hus lieen formed
in lhe Valley. Tho lirst practice took
l'l. - in the Inslilule Ilull on Wed
nesilay evening, the members consist
principally m the l.ynn Valley fuolliull
All members nf football, cliji i'lie
reiiucslcd lu attend Inoi Imu ul I...
tute lls|| WmlwisdS^'liigli'l Bt 6 o'clock
rsiu %t lm - '.intno of impurtauce
are loin' discussed, A huskel bull
practice wili he held ul 8.30 uu (Veil
iiesduy night in the Institute ilull. ull
j lining mriultcrs musl have suit shoe,
uu iluur.
Al one o'clock on Suturduy morning
a small lila/c was discovered in Mr. A.
Andcrsnn's residence, i'eter itoud, caus
cd through Ihe leakage ,,i a spirit lump
Thc Humes gulled Ihu lloor of the bed
room hut little damage was done owing lo Hie tjuick aelion uf the uccU-
pani ■ by extinguishing the damns with
The district chief of puliee trussed
Ihe Inlet un Friduy aftoruuon und ideu
tilled Ihc budy of u l.yuu Vulley man
Mined Janics Mercer, lying in Ihc
jirntiucial puiicc uOicca- Tire deceased
»us drowned ulf lhc I he,lul.ee ul Mul
u-pina Inlet on'Oct. 16th, ami the budy
nas liruuglil down on Friday. The late
Mr. Mercer lias heeu a resident uf the
Vslley for a rouiidcrahle lime, hut'ing
lived ihere wilh his parents, whu sur
vive him.
lln Tliursduy lasl u partly built tuu
store) residence on Humid Boad was
completely blown down liy lhe strung
wind. The building was the prupcrly
uf Woodcock brothers who oro at pre
scut in the V uk nn where Huy have
ipent lhe summer    ll was their inten
W.sirs; Wood«op|!s who Jim niujwi.ro nt
Ihu da Hinge tu tt|Sl. proporty.
Seo )t. L. Thompson for insurance
sni) investments in Lynn VsllOX-
Fropnis block, corner Ueuttt Bosd,
Phono IH.
Additional School Site
Necewary     \
Among the civic currpspumloneo lsst
■"-1-11111," win a letter from Mr. Peorgo
I'iiinplicll, secretary to the local board
of 'inuii ii.mice:,. Acting upon the
iiiHlruciiiriiH uf ihe busrd, sir. Campbell, iu hia letter, laid before the council for consideration un eatiinstu of
the uimnim leipmcii |,y thu buard tu
meet special ur uxtruurdinsry expend!-
turu propoied lo be incurred, namely
i....inni for tho purchsiiitg uf laud I'ur
u ecnlrul schuul site.
Aid. Frascr, a member uf thu aehuul
hoard, slated thai it waa well knuwn
hy ull that the time waa coming when
tl. would Ire nl id.it .-I' necessury lo
impure a new schuul site. Thc Bulge-
way schuul was nuw pruelicully full
uml lhe Cenlrsl school teas more than
full. The I.niinl euusidereil that it
wuuld In'(initviso lu put up s new
.nui iuu ou the smull ground they al
re'idy hud. The uldcrniiiu Ihuughl that,
iu view uf the steady growth of Ibe
school populaliun, a bylaw fur Hie purpuse specified shuuld ho luhmilted lu
Ihe rutcpaycrs ul the earliest passible
inrtmiily, jjiut is, along with the
'liy luws winch arc ahurtly
lo he voted  upun.
Aid. Irwiu propused thai Ihe matter
shuuld Ire luid over until next Tuesday
Aid. Fruser mentioned that lhe schuul
bosrd had iu its pusscssiun ijuitu uu
iimouiil uf dula hearing upun this i|ues
liun and suggested that it might lie
well tu hate thc I,mud meet Ihu cuuu
cil in conference.
Aid. Irwin was ugreealdc lu this ninl
changed his mutiun uccurilingly. A
euiifereme lietween the Iwo bodies will
therefore, tuke .place in tire eity hall
un Tuesday evening next.
,    Evening     ,
Tunight lpjju\ publicity rooms ou
Bspiiinu.ie ispST the "msyur' 'of tbo
c|ty of IJorth Vsueouver will be jvoll
ami worthily chosen* The inverted
commas msk'e a good deal of dill'erein e
Of cuursc, iiiiisniiich SS his newly elect
od wurship will pot neinally take his
pises Oh the dins |p the eouueil chum
bef I"' tht eiuiiing :u:.t, uor wi" lie lie
expected    lu,   enter   for   II   I welt e 111. ml ll
ililu tbo. ebsus of civic politic!. )li«
"mayurul" dignity will last holy until
the adjournment of the mooting with li
will elect him to In nt uiiicc.
A'.great deal of general interest is,
nevertheless, to be crammed iulp this
sburt period, however, md tn mciilion
a lot of eurueat iliacuiiiuu un mutters
i'iiiu im;  this city's welfare and prulr
Silly num. inn.., pi.uuillln eineiil' uf Dpi 11
ioil Which will III.' . nlii'lileniii," uud i.'du-
.-nlnuiiii. The twu geiitloiueii whu ure
.■.landing fur "mayur" are huth well
ami favorably known to the city uml
what Ihey will huvu to suy on the pre
sent civic issues ami to recommend fur
the fut uro conduct of the city will
without uuy duubt whatever lie wurlh
hearing. ,
The North Shore Literary uml lie
hating ('Iuh, which had organized Ihis
"mock election'' wishci it to W gen
orally umlcrstuod that the meeting this
evenihg is quits open lo the public.
The term "much election" ii uut Intended to iiieiin aiitjlimg nf thc nulur.
uf a linrleuipie Fur Ihc time being the
Iwo candidates fur "mayur" tyill lie
regarded us uctuul candidates, their ad
dresses will he seriuusly mude, thuy
will lie I..iiniiiii prupused nmi leeoudsd
und a pull will lie taken ul'Inn close
uf the meetiug.
Pythian Sisters' Box
The I'ylliiuii ''islers will Iiulil a liux
social iu ihe knight.' uf Pythias Hall
on Tliursduy evening. A good musical
piogrant and a whist drive liave boen
urrunged uud il is expected thut thc
younger members will lake thc lloor
lo llie siruius of the good music .ind
enjoy Ihe light fautuatic.
. Mayor McNeish and Mr. Percy King
I arc attending the lirilisli I'ulumlriaii
! Conservative Convention in BevcKlokc
ui uppoitilees of Ihe Bichmond Con-
Iral Asioeiatiou from North Vulieouver.
On Saturday at the l.unsilule schop]
grounds Britannia schuul buys met
Noi Hi vuneuuvcr high schuul hoys and
afler au exciting game thu Brilanuiu
hoys were Ihe winners.
The girls' teams uf thc same schools
also played a game of baskclliall which
resulted iu u win for the home team.
Ths twsMsBt tm ss used lu smsrt
bonnes tu convey tbs Ant repast to tbs
overnight guest bos become a work of
srt ss well os fbe sons Of daintiness.
Sons Is the urdluury salver wltb Ils
whltu clotb. which, wbilo It did nol
Silence appetite, did not, on tbs otber
hund, excite It, ss Ills nsw ous Is assigned to do.
Nowuduys fbs tray follows soms styls
»f srt, tho Dresden being « popular
cbolco, snd lbs service used wlfb It
must correspond. Ths foundation of
tbs pices Is s sipinro or ovul pf exquisite silk In thu desired pnlieru. covered witb heavy glass and surrounded
Witb a projecting frume of wood wlfl)
p subslunllul currying bnudlo st sscb
Whero slltt of Dresden pattern Is employed tbo diiiiiiy cblna Is selected to
miitcli. Special nets sre tbs only tblng
for tiie purpose, os tbo pieces must sll
be In proportion und dsintily munil.
In uddltlon to tlio service for tes or
coffee, wilb Its pot, pitcher, augur bowl
snd cup, there aro tbs bowl und ssucsr
for porridge, u weo covered dlsb for
scrambled eggs, creamed dried beef or
s similar untrue, s covered pluto for
chops or bin nn everything on tbs
daintiest scule wilb regard to size.
A int'eiv one ii'i'ii receutly st s fssb-
lonoble bullae bud for foundstlon s
piece uf dululy lupcslry lu empire design, covered with nn oval glnss. Tbs
innim wus uf wuvcu wicker of deep
purplish tinge, ovnl, of course. Wltb
tbis went u dellcluus mile empire clil-
nu sea wltb s decoration In tbo form of
bands uf purplu uud gold.
The dishes numbered a toast rack
snd u in.iiiiiiii.-oie Jur, wbicb have become iiinm i I r 11 (i... 11.-111.; 11 j J. - articles
i.ln. •■ so muny Americans have acquired tbo English imiriilug bsbit of tosst
and Jum.
New Bold Thread Crochet.
Very dainty uud lovely are handkerchief bags mads '" mutch thc costume.
To nm I..- these pretty accessories com-
iiicni e wllh a Hue of eliulu nUtcbcs st
tbo lower end. llio length of which
must correspond wltb tbe widlb of the
top of tho nielul clnsp. Tbis clasp
should lie of oildlzcd silver for silver
ilinnil uud gilt metal for the tfui
thread, uf course. Into evory third cb.
put 1 tr„ 2 eh,, und work at both sides
of the foundation cb., nr joining tbe
tillet crochet aud working round snd
To Wluyi It Hay Cou nun:
I, lhe undersigned, hereby give uu
lice Ihut I have withdrawn from purl
nership in the lirm knuwn as Baker,
Kvcnsou and I'oinpauy, Itcul Kslale
Agents uud Building I'uiitruclurs, composed uf Herherl V. Baker, <). A. Even
sun and Frederick Turn, uf thc cily uf
Nurlh Vuneuuvcr, II. C I will in future have un connection wilh lhc Iruai
ncss of Ihe said lirm ur uny new firm
whicii muy hereafter be organized by
im- said Herbert V. Baker, uud Fred
crick Turn.
(Signed)       0. A, KVKNBON.
Nurlh Vancouver, 22nd duy uf Onto
ber, llllll. 1 II
FOB BKNT ' Knglisli lady has spare
,             .„ ,,  „.,,,._   .                " bedroom,   aouhl   suit   two  gentlemen.
BOOMS FOB  BKNT -Huuwkccprng ,           '    ,.   „   .,
f A|'p'>   s    V.  p. 0. Bos  iiii.     I.l.
end tingle. 2 1 2nd itreet nil      if      "'  	
FOB BKNT Furnished room, healed
Apply   IIS   glil  slreei   wetl.      26 jo
FOB BKNT Twu 2 room cotUgn,
with water It and ID. A. Smith A t'o.'
FOB BKNT--Two nice large', for
imbed bedrooms. Apply Ml l^twu
bury Avenue. II 'I
FOB BKNT   i room kouM, modera,
121 Sixth it ltd cut. Will nnt rkeap
lo luitabel tenant   Apply il2 Peplm I
til Best.
PUU BKNT-Twu furnished bed
ruvura and iilling room, tuitable fol 2
ur 1 g.nibii,. ii. wilb ur wilbuut board.
Auto order- Mulct fur children's sew
mg Apply Mri. t'oruisb, I'lln I'lics
i. in. id.  I'bone  Bill 2'J lu
FOB SAI,K Pure bred While l.cg
horn ruosters. Apply 0:':' Keith itoad
West. So ID
FOB BKNT «roomed 1st sssr
ferry, g20 p. r monlb. Apply Wsriiwa
A l'iano House. IX
TO BKNT Four room borne os -Is
hou avcuue between .'Ird and Ilk   Ap
FOB BKNT Colonial Apartments,
modern four roomed suit.., beat, dtsap
prariog bf<le, tic, elio one furuiihcl
apartment wilb piano and pboue. Al
leweaee made lo suitable lenanl lu
afler furnace. Apply J. Dieriicn,
Ul 81 Andrew i. i'bone Bill       If
ply lllli Mihon  Avenue.
FOB BKNT A bouie oa loth. Hittt
end Boulevard; also aback, tuUalft f*>
couple Apply V. BooU, plumber.   If.
FOB KKNT I roomed metiers hou
sei, 6 minutei fron ferry. Best Ilf
per montb.    Feci, k Boult. Pkoae IW.
' TO BKNT Two part ftuiukW
rooms, grsle, disappearing bed, beautiful view, tuite 7, Mr. Crows Apart
merit, 111 itreet  near l*onidaie   il 10
FOB BKNT FJvc md tit tamed
houses, ill conveiieacss, iftk strwt
snd Jones, fill and lit ptr Boats. As
ply Karland, 81b ilrccl asd Head/7
An., N.  Vancouvsr. fil
FOK BKNT I ulonisl Apirtmcnle,
modern twi-foemd mtitm, hwl, diiap
fearing beds, etc. Allowance made lo
suitable tenant lo look after tetawt.
kpply i Ditmtn, W Bt. Aadrsw's
,S>as Bill. U.
FOB SAI.K   Honey   Pure, delirious,
cassp.   i.ard.n Apisry, Ili) litb west.
'   . Ifi II
VOU SAI.K -Borne furniture, cheap.
Smell healer, etc not used, (2. 121)
3rd alreel'west. I II
FOB SAI.K Firsl gruwth Ilr Wood,
1116 curd. cod. Kjtcavaliug and I'd.,,, v
hauling a|iply John t'amplicll, 227 ulli
street  west. Phone 3111. ill ID
FOB SAI.K Snap on Western Ate
uue I SOU I fil feel, 300 feet from thc
preient terminus of liousdale csr. I'ash
ts'in. Apply Ifrii b'lili street west. Ill
FOB SAI.K   Thoroughbred H. ti. W.
Leghorn f'ocksrels, 12 each. Apjdy T.
I'.   Bae,   ijiiecn's   itreet   weit,   Third
Building frum north corner Lomdalo.
27 ID
WANTKD Furnished ruum, with
open lire plate. Apply Bos 100, Kx
I'U- 21 ID
WANTKD-By business ludy, Iwo
unfurnished ruums (in mudern huuse).
Must be central Apply Bus Alltl,
Kxpress  Office.   . 22 It)
WANTKD -Yuuiig girl as secund
li. Ij. fur general buusewurk, mornings
or permancnlly. Apply Mrs. Kitcbln,
Ilul Mahon Avenue, North Vancuu
ter.  " It-lO
WANTKD -Tendera fur eleariug N(_
uf lul 2, bluck 228, D. I.. 616. Apply Bus
22Uri, Norlh Vuucuuver. Wanted, a iee
uml hand basincllc. Apply abuve ad
dress. 251(1
WANTKD- Picco of property, lixc
ahouj illlxlM, located un I8lb street be-
I ween St. (leorge's and Douidale Ave,
lu creel s fsclory on Apply Box
IDifi, Foil Office, Nurtb Vancuuver.
FOB SAI.K I'nliwilol amount of
cord wood or ilovc wood. Thompion and
Hluart. I'bouc M|. If.
FOB SAI.K- Furnirc wood, dr slabs
3 1 Dorao. phone A. Imit orders H.
V. Isoadwr Oo. otirc. 8 II
POB SAI.K Applci, Orncnslc.il,
sis* apple* for winter itock. Keene,
llth rtrtm m* Bt. Otorp. ill
VOU. HALK Three ponies, weight
aboul SOD lb. each, dell broken Io sad
die aad korases. /. A. HrUdliu. 4II
tOli HALK Pint cloie cordwood,
1AM atr cord, Hpcciil prices en Isrge
tosolitise. Pkoae Ul. 2D 10
WANTKD Homework by reliable
Japanese, guod plain cook. Write Jap
anesc harden, 2lil street. 81 10
WANTKD-A eapablc lady'i help.
Oue lu assist with child. (28 Kigtith
•lreel eait.
L08T—Ou liual or alreet rar, baby
| signet ring, initials K. L. W. Finder
'■ return to iil2 10th K„ Mri. L. L. Webster. 21-10
, WANTKD-Meat cutler for Satur
dayi. Apply Avenue Meat Market, 1311
Lonsdale Avenue. 26,-iO
WANTKD Woman, Iwo half-days
weekly, fof huusewoSk Apply Uiid
First alreel easl, Norlh Vancouver.
SIC 10
ItW -Kilher at Kaslem Btar ball
or beiueen l\ P. Hall anil Fifth itreet
old ivory nugget brooch. Will Under re
turn lo Mn. 1. I'rout, 130 Fifth itreet
wcs|. 20-10
Prlvato leiious in French, Herman
ami Kngliih. Apply HI Keilb Boad
Weil, Ull
WANTKD Millinery aod dreiamak-
ing sl hiiuiii, or out, by Ihe day, S2. Alterations, also plain icwing. Box AHI,
Kxprcai. 21 10
WANTKD -A bright young girl for
s retail itore. Sltke age, experience and
wages rcuuirtul, Bui 21987 Nortb -Van
etygmi, B. C lilill
Short time loans on vacant or Improved property. Btar Loan Company,
412 Haitingi, Vancouver. t.f.
Domciticatcd woman wlsbei position
—few hours several days feckiy, Box
101, Kxprcii Oflce. 20 10
Chimney Sweep urden taken at
North Vsncouver Transfer (Vi. oflice
fi Lonsdsls. Phone .7. fil
For lino watch-snd jewelry work go
to Ueo. Bomentou, Ihc new jewelry itore
ou 2nd street.
MONKV TO LOAN Money loaned
ou diuinunds, jewelry, furs. Slur Loan
Co., 812  Hustings,   Vancouver.        i f.
lmmi, and huard iu modern huuse at
mudern rales, Kngliih cuokrug. Ill)
ith streot oud Bidgeway Ave.     IOU
New thereout and Suit patterns jusl
arrived. Ucorge il. Sale, 338* JOth
streel cast, North Vaucuuver. Impurt
er of Kngliin made lo measure Suits,
etc.    imu.bim or Knglisli cut.      -ll In
Authorised agent for Siugcr Sow
ing ilschiuc Curopsuy in Nortb Van
couver. J. 1. McAlcccc, Dry Ooods uml
'.'mils' Furnishing', corner First uml
Lonidsle Avenue. I.f.
When needing coal ur building sup
plies, call up phone 188, North Bhore
Cosl k Supply Ol., Kickhnnii wharf.
li. S. Katun, msnsger Nolo usme and
phouo number, t.f.
H C. Livery ssd Bosrd stsblss-
Light rigs snd Ladiea' ssddle hones
(or hire. Stabling for horses. Oen
eral delivery aud heavy teaming, ii
Dumas, Itb itreet weet. I'bone ill if
lnnd Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pete Andruss, General Contractor. Se
wer connections a ipecislty, bsicment
snd other excavating work undertaken
Eitimatei fttt. 120 18th street west,
North Vancouver, post ofce bos 2303
Orders fur cabinet snd picture frame
making promptly executed. Furniture
and ofcee fJtlinije-lo sny design. Job
bing work and repairs of sll kinds
ipccisllx sttended to. Ksiimatci ttee.
I. P.. Hsyytn, Hit Lonidsle Avenue,
North Vsncouvsry Pbons LH7.
ai.'.'iiatnniiitv nso is uut.p nu-nuso-
round up to Ibo luwer coruors of lbs
i lm p the.'i work i'iiiii bulf eepsrulcly
up tu the tup uf Ibo clasp Tbe tillet
i iuu lu-i ia i ewed io tbe clasp ibrougb
Ibe iniln bfie-i fur tbat purpoae: tbeo
lbc bug li. lined wilb suy color of silk
liked, und u crochet cord of onc-bslf
yard In Iciiglb 11 worked for the bau
die. For this curd Join 4 cb. lu a ring
uud wurk round und rouud ou these
four oiltclicu, pul Uug s d. c. lulu each
silltli for ibe required length. Fasten
tbo ends securely wilb a few single
niii. in . wurked Iuto tbo beginning of
tbo cord aud cuucesl tbe eud of lbe
thread lu (bu cculcr of tbo cord.
For working Ibis gold Ibrcsd Into
luce purcbaae strong brusscls net of
tbs bust ijU)lUrr~~-"so s crochet book
tbut wtttfti, easily llirough tbe mesh
of Ibo net, yet tske tbe ibread without
splitting IL Tbe slltcbcs must be even
oud lie Uot on tbe oot; Uicu mucb less
flWIng will bo necessary, eud so tbe
work csn he douo vety quickly.   He
fore inuii.inn on tne piece of ises
practice on s small portloo of Hie net
until you ess work tbs stltcbss fairly
Novel Cerd rVtlei.
A woman whose parties srs sure to
bo s success makes up for bsr Isck of
money by originality. Her prisea for
a csrd parly can never bs costly, so
sbs makes Ibeiu unusual.
At one nffulr Iho wlnuer st sscb of
Ibe six tables was presented wltb a
wicker basket of openwork design.
This was Hoed wilb waits tissue paper. Hod wilb gay ribbon, wblck, open1
ed, revealed live glasses of bomsasdt
orsnge msrualads.
Another time, st s spring psrly, escb
wlnnsr received s inuii Jopsoncd rimmed tray on wbicb wars set bslf t
inten Uni pott of well grown cuttings
from s .rare old roasbusib.
AfSls. tbors wsrs sets of homemade
place cards, painted on wsler color
paper snd folded orsr to stand Tli*
edges were gilt snd sscb csr| hit ll-
luminsled.opon It st spprophsfs verse
Boas of tbess sets wars tanmoroas.
--' I
«v ,'
drth Vancouver Business
and Professional lards
—■> ■
Repairing, Remodelling, Bto, I'roiniit-
ly attended to.
Estimates Furnished Friu
HUH,HIM.    ( tlN'I'HAt Tilll
Offioe: Iilukliisun A Bon's Factory, Ha-
lilunutte.   I'liune BBS.
Residence:  Allan Road, l.ynn  Vullry.
P. 0, Boi IS, l.ynn Creek. Phune
Irrigation, tlrelnaue, IsVds, plsss
snd i|i*oi(ioatiom. Ssptts tnnki sua
bouse draioags a specially. P. 0.
Bos 344, I6tli itreet west ol llswieke
Avon us.
High disss l.uiliei1 utui Hunts' Tuilurinp
llu|iuii-iiiK   Slid    Alterations,   Cleaning
siid llyoing in all ill lirsnclies. All
Work iiiiiiiiiiiii'iul.
Ill Firit Btreet Wast. I'lione SO!
Anil f.'ii.'ml Conimlisioii Murckaut, III
lum,'uiul,, Ave., North Vaucuuver.
Pbons S3A
We uru .-1 .■ - in 11.--1 --  in tltuse lines.
121A   Loundalo   Avenue
■ ■■-a.      tail ■        ii ■-.■■f—in   — iw
Oaklust Maker aod Carpenter
Will undertake ail kindi uf wuuil work,
repairi, etc.
'     Fourth Btreet and Sutherland Avenue
F, 0. Box 2008
Studio  oyer  Bank B, N. A,
Lonsdale and Bslilalada
(J. Uut)
Ladies' and Gents' Cleaning,
Pressing snd Bspslring
a Spsclsltjr
130 tJerond Btrsst Bsst
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal World
First Btrsst But Of .Lonsdsls
Loweit prisss ami licit work guarsn
lueil uu tinning ami sheet metal work.
All kiiuls uf lawi Iiiu,I iin,l lit un the
.■.Inuii'. i notice.   Lattu mutters, kuivoi.
■ hedge iltean mnl it-ision sharpened. All
wurk gusrsutssd, niuilerate pricei.
ISSI Lousdale Avenue Phone tn
Is yuur Watch, stopping ur ley ,p
irregular timet   If so, ies
I'liini'rr Jeweller, till Luusilule Avcuue
Adam's Apple
Couldn't have been any more It'inpling lhan llie apples
we have on display at this store, nul only in t|ualily ami
flavor but also in price.   Come and see for yourself.
We hold special sales each Saturday which are
proving to be a great success. Come with llie crowd
and gel in on these bargains we arc offering.
15th iud Lunidalo
Phous 217
Houses to Sell or Rent
We have some splendid buys at
Reasonable Prices
Houses of all si/es to rent
Excellent four-room suites, (lose in, $17.50 and $22.50
Pkoae 24. P.O. Box 1820
Fresh Fancy Cakes Daily
Yule Cakes, Coffee Cakes, Etc.
Whole Wheat and Dutch Brown Bread
Home-made Candy
■   1
14340N3DALE AVENUE-143
aixin neio wmpany
Canadian Engineers
■ *W*W9m^*^rWn%Jflrw   tW"B"IW*f ■*
Orders hy Osptsln 3, flsdes Ward,
Ouimnsndiug October 16th, 18111
Up, 63. PiittNh-
To he orderly officer iwk swlftis"
October Utllh,  nil:',  l i.i.i.i   |, Jj,
Next lot illlty, l.ii'iH P. Wunl.
Tp lis tiriliirly SBrgespt tveult en,ling
Qetotw 86t|i, IBID, No. I, Hernosul
W. }, BMer.
Nest fur duly, No. I, Bcrgesnl W. |l
Ns. «. Bsrsdes—
Ths i'iiiii|iuny yill jmni.lt' ul tlie
drill hull, North Vuu,',i,nur, entry
Tuesday evening, el t |i.ln. until fur
ther ,n,i,-i,',l preen, ilrill unler with
rilles smi sidesrins.
Ns. 86. Notice.
Nun I'liliiiilli'uiiiniul    officers   mi,I   IIICII
eru jierinllluil to s|>|iesr iu uuil'iirni
st the iinini' In he held in Ihu ilrill
Hsll, l'u,In) uvuiting, ti,t„l,u, -'(Silt,
N. B. HOUKHTHON, Lieut.,
A, tin;: Ail inlliui
Canada's Finances
Spell Prosperity
Bevenues Continue to Boar
Half Yoaily Statement Shows Buh
stsntisl Dscresse iu Oanada 'u Nat
Debt—Beptember's Figures
The half yearly rinuucial, statement
fur the Iiiiiiiini,in which lius heen is
sued shows tiisl I'anuilu's Ituuui'cs were
never su prosperous es iimler lire guid
iug hsiul of Hon. W. T. While. A
.in,'tUI ami progressive policy Is being
followed. A striking festure uf the
st.lenient is the derresse iu t'liuuilu's
iri't hy (en million dollars as nun
pared with a year ago. Tire revenues
fur the six uiuiitlis from March .'11 tu
Beplember 30, amounted tu ♦61,878,660
This is an increase uf SI 7,300,189 uver
lhe seine period in It'll. The increase
is al the rate uf '.'7 per ceul. It is
expected that Ibe revenue fur Ibeyesi
wili resell the record breaking tulal ul
1170,000,000 if the present rate of in
crease is maintained.
Bsvsuus for Hsif Vssr
The revenues fur the hull' year uid
the half year uf IOU were uunl up
as fullows:
IUU lllll
(histoms    »58,46.),l4d   Sli,L'8l,.V'lfi
Kxcise        10,168,011      8,?Bfl,6SG
I'osl ODtre     ..    1,060,000      1,150,0011
I'ublie Wurks,
Railways . 6,780,6711 S,873,63i
Miscelluneuus       :i,8O0,BII       2,081,816
The expenditure upuu cousolidste.1
lini'l fur the six iiiuntlis uus fill,
li.ll,.™ as agaiusl |M6J)88,«66 in IOI I
'III.' expenditure ou capital account
shows a reduction of some nine liun
drt'd tliuusaud. The expenditure na,-
Iintlffii aa against fUfltflll in
lull The must noteworthy decrease is
in lire Transcontinental. Although Ihr
Wurk is being rushed by the got eru
menl, the expenditure was neurit three
million less than  1011.
The net debt es compared with it
ytar ego was reduced nearly ten mil
liun un.l a half dollars end uow stands
et «:il.'l,.Wu,:ti6 aa against 8.183,838,708
the inni'' time s year ego,
September'. Iucresse
Iluring Beptember the revenue wss
nearly fuurteen ami a half millions, the
exact llgures being 814,478,483. Iu
Beptsrshsr, 1011, il wttlll/il'l.ltiit The
ir,i reuse thus was nearly i'l per cent
Customs sluud at $0,00:1,65"; excise sl
81,778,111; |.,.inline, at 81^60,000;
public wurki ami railways at 11/104,
683; aud miscellaneous ut 8738,188, The
corresponding figures last yeur were -
Customs, IIMOlMIt; excise, (1,681,
216; p,H ulli*'*, 8000,000; public works,
81,116,603; ssd mincellancaus, 8681,
1103. There thus is s drop of shout
(llll/XIO In receipts from public works
end rsilwsye.
Progress of Eaual
Suffrage Movement
New Vurt advocate* of cipial mil
rage feci very in mli elate1 over tlie
unusual tit-luric« scored in sll lhc
Hlelc politii'Sl conventions tbi. fall.
Thc latett to incorporate a women
suffrage plank we. Ihe Htate lleinocraty
in convention pi Byrscuec, October II.
Plvety political psrty in New Vork
iiaie hss now pirn, l ii * li on record
ss favoring tbe submission of tbs
iiucsiion to the voters, end a vigorous
eaiiipeign 1. being plsnneil hy .uffrage
leeders ef the Kmpire Slate,
Thc Bepublican convention of New
Jersey, st It. session. October 1, offered e te, niui nm that s pisuk fevor
log women suffrage be inserted in its
platform and tbe motion was tarried
by acclaim. Tbe Democratic eonven
tion bit take ii similar action.
Arizona rawpaigu report*'.how that
shout eighty .er cent .of lbc voters
of tbe stele sre in favor of tbe wo
men suffrage amendment.
Tbe Michigan "Vote, lot Women,'
esjnpsign though s quiet one sud lack
isf is Us specteeuier, is being pushed
Si kilug iys»ei»ell.»l|f'[niSssdi insul
lugs sre held in every eity, townMlA
village, sud ths newspapers supplied
with sl| l.iiuiii uf miileriiil tu pruve the
Justice uf tho cause.
T||0 Dm ermir of KstlBSS hus iluiiuted
the use uf ii building in Kausss Oity,
Kiiiih., for the wuinun suffrage head-
t|uurtttrs,   The governor's wife is vjca-
pli'sidi'lll   Of   tllU   Hillli*   liHKll.'illliilll   uml
one nf tlm must aetlyo workers in Um
present cumpuign.
Mrs. Unhurt M. l.tiKnllelte, wife of
tllU Win,', niui II i.l'Illi lur, bus jusl com
pld uil u tour of her Iinme atsstts ill the
interest  of  iviiniun  .uffrage,       Mrs.
UPollotlO ,le, linen bor belief llllll   Wis
cousin t ulers will curry tliu propused
umuntlitiellt granting tni us for women
by a lurge majority in lbs Novumber
elections. <
Thu  I Inu  Nluu,lunl publishes ths
news tbut  tliu pust siiiiiinei he. been
It nl li lib'   fiir. tllU   \v llllillll   sllll iuue   linn, e
iiieni in Mouth Africa, as it lias seen
tbu Dr.! national conference ever held
iu the miinii, which hss been ropresiin
tslivo of ull the suffrage societies iu
Hon I It Allien ll wss culled Ihe First
Annual Congress uf Ihe Women'. Ku-
fruiichisement Aasueiatioii uf Mouth
Africa, and was held in illumfoiiluiii,
eupital of the Orange Free Htate I'ru
vines. a
The New Vurk Keening I'osl says:
"Nu mure surprising evidence of the
growlli of the suffrage movement lies
ciime under uur observation than a re
eenl editorial in Ihe Frankfurter 'iei
lung, the must iullueiiliul pa/per iu
South Gormeuy, in which it advocate,
the exleusiun of the liullul tu (Jermaii
Women, (tnmplelu equality and the
full development uf the Individual are
the foundation principles uf uvery do
mucratie cumin unit j| writes the Frankfurter Zcituug. It is uf uu significance
thst the puiut uf view lias uever here
lufore been upplied tu women. There
conies times wheu such pruhlems ac
quire a different aspect and dctnuiid a
new application uf old principles. The
male tiiueii, too, was al uue time push
ed hack with u thuusund reasons for
refusing lum when Ire ilciuumlcd equal
to resell the individual voters coittin-
ue to lie tlie *' uii" Of the active
workers, thu distribution of literuliire
By "Hume"
About IL' miles north uf the old ea
Ihedrel city nf Salisbury uud jusl al the
I'ummciiiTinfiil uf lliut great rulling
stretch of cuunlry knuwn as Salisbury
i'liiiu, stands one of the most remark
able efforts uf prehistoric man', cn
gtiicernig skill. This is uuue ulher tbau
the greul stune temple nf Saturn, now
celled Stutii'hcugc, reared by the llrunls
ages ugu.
The ubl liritish nume for this Ifiu
pic was "I'huir Usui," mcaiiing "tbe
dance uf lbe giants," but when, cell
turn's ufterwurds, the Saxon, came
along Ihet culled il stone heuge, which
sigriiHcs "bunging bn ur sujipurted
-lune..." wbicb nno.e slill ublaiu..
Iff the extreme anlnpiily uf this
niernorisl Ihere cau be no possible
doubl. The dale of erection is un
known, but when the invasion uf Brit
Bin by the Humans louk jdace in 06
HI', the temple wus then very ubl.
Hundreds uf yeurs, possibly thousands
before the slini.Inni bearer of lue I'Jih
legion leapt iulu lire seu ut ileal und
wilding ashore called lo his comrades
lo follow this temple wus being used
by the Druids fur Ibeir mystical rites
and sacrifices. Muny centuries befure
lluiiuibiil's mini.", swept Ihruugli halt
the l.i.i i, tribes wuite assembling
aruuml tunebeiige for Ibeir battles and
Tbe temple is funned uf Ihree cuu
centric circles of great stone.; the
two outer which are much Iuc larger,
are joined al the tops of each .tuue by
lintels which continue or which did cou
tin Uf the whole way rouud tbe circle
Holh the lintels end upright .tones arc
morticed lugelher wltb gigantic mortice sud tenons. Within the circle,
stand the Ingolitbs, Ihree set. of two
upright stone, with tremendous lintels across, the alter stone stands m
the centre of sll, snd is s huge fist
Mr. Tuke, the well known anliqusr-
Isu of Arnesbury, made very cubitus
live surti'ir of Hlolielicngc sud vicin
ily, sud conceived thc ides tbat this
temple wss the soullicriuust point of
au immense open sir I'lauclariiiiu which
extend, over Ilic plums for twenty
miles. At Sabury arc two temples which
he considers represent thc sun snd
moon snd st relative distances down
to Htoucbeiige sre other temples which
each correspond iu their place to tbe
planets of tbe solsr system. Thc ides
is bold, but il is st lout s vety re
murkulilc coincidence Ibal these lim
pies set in S straight Hue should oc
cupy the same relative position that
the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury,
Mars, Venus snd Ibe csrth would if se'
iu.» line snd Sgsin the plauclsrium
makes the mistake which sll the au
ricut. msde; thst of Ihe un revolving
round the earth.
Thr neighborhood of Btouehesge
teems wits object, of euliquarlsn
interest,   the   writer   counted twssty
it mIHR w w*MW99w   RAW  Wl'VWf
ItJOHtM {tm gate {\
initteil by ths 11. 0. Teleplio'uu Oo„
Ud., bs sdoptud.
Hecnniiueudod that p sidewalk bs
laid on ths oust s{i|s pf St. George's
avenue frum loth street to Uth street,
tpd tint the necessary erusslngs bs
lisp put ilowu.
Heeoiniiieinleil thst the city engineer,
bis clerk ami the city treasurer prepare a statement of the financial position of the liiiunl of mirks comiuillee.
Finance Oonunltte.
Ileeuiiiinnmbul   that   the   treasurer
wylie to British) Foreign * Uolonlsl
Corporiilioii, Limited, staling that tbe
Local Iinprovsweuts—
brskers for stiei|t|lnj te coupon pay-
incuts has hetu ousfpurtb pf piis par
p»pf. sod to ask them whether, Ms
tminft%im\9 tu'tii8iiii	
Recommended that sn addiug ma-
chine bs" purebssed fer tbs trsssursr's
offlce. • '•     .'    i
Bscoinmeudeti that form of tender,
and silvertlseinent for dty bull site ss
submitted by ths oity olsfji snd sp-
pruved by the eity sulicitur be sdoptud
ami tbit ths advertisement be published
Ip the daily pspers twice s week until
the 7th pf December.
The cpuncil slso sduptmi the
fulluwiug statement, shewing the pur
ticitlars pf the different wurks carried
ppt in tbe c||y during July, August ami
Beptember with regunl to the eust bf
labor, lo whlcb uo account has linen
taken of tbs cp.t pf material:—    ',
I 3,700.116
Blreet grading emit reel	
Grafting Maboti Park cuutract  	
Cement sidewalk, curl) and gutter contrast,.   8,608.46
Grudiiig ami spreading reck on variou. .trusts,
day labor  1I.41I.0U
Hewers   , ,.
Board of Works-Osusrsl-
Kiiinl sud sidewulk repsir      673.66
Nuw siilowslk.   '        UU.76
Clearing end grading new streel.    L',044.36
Une clenriug    ,     ),L>38.60
lloek crusher    1,286.85
Installing hydrants and main cuiislruction..   Ifil'lllD
Service cuiislrueliun      1,887.76
Kite  Inl.e tunnel       8,812.35
llice ijikc road   '.	
Sinking shaft   ,.,.,     320.00
IV  Has    :.,-. ,   8,836.18
I tfiii.it
3,181.70      1.863.85
Tot ii I eipeiuliture fur June, (37,826.60.
(.'14,471,1^ (40,061.06   (37,:i6U,45
tumuli and hurruws all iu sight uf the
old temple.
The real meaiiing of Btouehengu will
uever be known; that the Unit,Is bad
considerable astronomical knowledge
must be admitted ami Ibat Ihey had
fearsome riles and exercised control
thruugh their religion of the British
people—bul still tbe real meaning of
lhe ubl stones will ever remain a greal
mystery, due can ouly gate at It snd
wonder, as did the Roman legions two
thousand years agu, oue louk. on tho
greal alter stone and shudders; low
many lliuussuds of innocent ereilurcs,
l..uiiuii ami brute, have been offered up
on that silent stone) How mauy limes
have children's shrieks rang through
that dreadful circle, who knows!
"lu l.iiietigio" George Brown
spcuks of Ihe "spell of Sion.-henge",
a strange eerie feeling seems to take
possession uf the onlooker ami his tiisl
impulse is lo throw himself on lln
stuues uml weep the writer felt in Ihe
presence uf some somber influence
whicii was impussible t o describe.
I'lose at band iu a dark woud probably
the iumum uf the old Druids' sacred
grote, from whence Ibey emerged each
inuiiii tu perform their d readful human
If these stones could only speak
they could tell a far more wonderful
story that euuld the stones uf Huie
mon's temple, or perhaps tbau the
walls uf "ohl Carlbay." Tales of
battles, bloodshed ami great gather
ings, the last of wbicb marked Ihc
annihilation uf British power in the
soulb of Kugland It will be rem cm
bered that thc Hatun conquest of Kug
laud was accomplished hy two brothers
ll.-ngisi and llorsa. liengist, lo mske
sure of his victory, determined to S.
sussiuate the remaining British chiefs
uud lo tbet end uniled the old British
king Vorliugcn, together with tbree
hundred chiefs lo a great banquet near
Stoiiebeiige whicii was to be a peaceable end tu the wars which bsd lung
racked lbc island.
liengist craftily placed each of the
British chiefs between two of his owu
followers, who wero wheu a preconcert
ed signal was given, lo jump up and
piling.- Iheir knivci iu Hie throat uf
their British neighbor. Wheu the I'm,
ran high and the chiefs had drank
deeply liengist shouted "Ijake your
saxes" (knivss)i this was thu signal, and Ihc fell work was dune only
too thoroughly, for out uf the three
hundred chiefs assembled unly a hand
ful escaped, and su passed uwuy lhe
flower of a brave nation.
The British chiefs,pSSSSd away; Ihe
Hatons went to their uwn, and inuny
dynasties since theu; but still Stone
bango stsiuls, noble, proud, mute, mys
terious as ever, ami will endure a inure
wonderful ml,He tbau the Hphinx uutil
—"the star, art old aud the suu grows
euld, and tbo leaves of the Judgment
Book unfold."
Notice of Sale
I'NIiKK aud liy virtue of tbe powers contained iu a certain mortgage
which will be produced at the time uf
sale, tbere will be offered for sale by
Public A u. t nm ou Thursday, 31st day
of October, 1012, at tbe hour of II
u'cluck in the foreuoon at, ruum 37,
Davis chambers, 616 Hastings Hi reel
we-i, eily of Vaueouver, British Col
umbia, by Thuma. Hhirlcy, Auctioneer,
the folluwiug property, namely: "All
and lingular that certain parcel ur trad
of land situate, lying and being in the
Municipality of North Vancouver, I'm
mice of British Columbia, ami knuwn
and described as I.ol 1, block 16, in
subdivision of District Lot 2088, group
I, Vancouver district, according tu the
registered map ur plau uf suid sulnlivi
siun deposited iu Ihe lunid Kegistry
Ollice sl Ihe City uf Vancouver iu said
Terms, 30 per cent cash, balance on
prod,i.iinn  of  deed
For furtber psrliculars sud condi
lions of sale apply to F. M. Mcl.cud,
Ksq,, room 2, Hsrtney Chambers, 347
Peudtr atreet West, Vsncouver, B. C,
Dsted st tbe Cily of Vancouver, B.
ti., Oct. 18th, UU.
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which U Incorporated
Bevan, Gore 4 EUot, Limited
North Vancouver Branch: 67 Lenedsls Avenue, opposite Post Offlcs.
BsprsssBUaf iJynn Creek Une Wnss United.
Ws bars money fsr Agreement, for Bsls.    Nothing tea large or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.    •
<J 1*1 us quote you rata on Fire, Uc uid Accident
McMillan & rod
Pheso lit
Capital Psid Dp     ......   13,000,000
Reserve snd Uudlvided Profits    $3,6(10,000
Total Asset*        oyer 146,000,000
THP incentive to thrift thst S snv-
ings sccount gives yeu is even
more valuable then ths sctusY
interest thst sccunmlstes upon tliu du
posit. T.s hsblt »f saving-assuring
comfort in ol<| sge—|s gs ossily so-
quired ss tho hsbjt of spomliug.
Hanking sorvico in the Havings lie
pertinent of ihe Bank of Hamilton Is
as sincerely offered to tho man who .
deposits a few dollurs a mouth aa tu
Iinme  wlm  deposit   thousands.
Buful)' deposit buses provided al mud.
erate rente),
i.'. a. iiKsvniti, at-cni,
Hurl*   Vaueuiiirr
Hid OffU.
Stationery That
Excites Comment
is done by North Shore Press, Limited
the firm that studies "Bettflr Printing"
- ■■■  i.i■■ 11.■ ■■..■ i  i i.iii.i ——
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
i •
We Study Printing
We make a feature of prepar
ing printing lhat is profitable to
our patrons.   .
We study type facet and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge potter
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice,
i -
School Attendance Last
Month Makes Record
Tliu monthly (limiting nl (he city
school trustees was iiulil uu Wednesday
evening it) tits Hidgeway school lioanl
ratlin, Mr. tl. H. McDowell, clisirmaii,
Ill tl)e school, reporl it was shuwu
Ilml tlm enrollment of scholars st the
several si'houls totalled 751, (thm ex
spoiling spy previous record by W, ills
IrillOtUll  |M mil.iv;,:   High school,  lit
(iniifrtl -ii. i.un..ini.- m i.'iii,.,.,,.,,
'lit.     Tho   average   ilnily   iitli'iiilmiiT
was aliout Ul) psr cent.
Mr. Wnolrhlgo, innnitiil schpoi ip
uli'tictor, reported thai that brunch 0f
Ihu education hail now 170 pupils tsit
iug tlio .-"iin.!'. Ho n fiiviiini ssvorsl
minor alterations ami improvements to
tlm |iri'ii:iit promises soil the chairman
uuii liiiililing committee were s)>|ioiotei!
to iv|iiii'i on llm wurlt.
Tim uso of tho lisssipent a. the
lioiisilulo school he grsiitml to the North
vancuuvor Iluy Scout, one ovouiiig s
uri'li iluring llm wiutor mouths fur the
|iur|iiinc uf ilrllliiig ami instructing tbo
Imys was n-J...1 I'ur by Acting Scout
Miistur II. N. Ford suil grsutoil by tho
iu lnml liiiiinl, who .'\|'ii';i:ii-il g ilosiro
Iu ii. lc the iiiuvomoiit.
I'm llm i >u j (.mi- of tbo high schoul
. Imliii . Ii>>lilni|.' a .,",ml, I'i iiii i|ml Hollar requi'slcil Iho uso of tho l.uusilale
■uliuul un Friday evening, Nov. 1, ami
was occetleil to.
Principal iti'iini'ii reported tbst
I here wore nincleeii children from the
lii'lrict altcmliug Ihc Hiilguway school.
Tliui llic class allouiliiiice iu somo
■user huil reached their masimum.
The report wa. received ami une or
twu mall ith requiring attention were
tu lie remedied.
A i "iiiiiiiini, uiiuii rceeiveil from Hsll
i iluwyer, contractors for widening
Fiiirlli street, requested llie jirivilege
In gtsile the tVnlrul school gruumls tu
lhe level uf lilt street with excavation.
Irnm slrect. The secretary was iu
• I ru. I i'.i lu write that the truste
unulil nut consent lu such wurk being
tarrioil uul.
Ill mt) |i". uipouis slid pleurisy, am|
for weeds his Hfo wss ilospairci| nl
T||is seriously hindered Iiih studies
It) iht t!>ep, .g)t's! college, lml despite
fills selliack be graduated tills year
faMii Westminster Hsll, making, high
Sliough1 percentage of marks tu enable
him tu Iako a special course sud qualify
noxt year for the B. D: dogroo if Im sp
It ii s mii'i' ''imji'i'imi' to ssy thst
one whn i» so naturally s student ss
is Mr. Van Muuster will avail himself
uf llm uppurl unity uml Ip mini her
year's lime tbe ilQVoleil Id I cm of II. 11.
win bs eoupleil with the tl. A. which
lie |s nuw |ii;ilin. i to usu.
A map of groat ideals, of strong
cliiii-acier,, nnd kindly liesrt, with sn
St.rsctivo personality, sn especially
magnetic force for young people, snd,
above all, a man of sterling worth,
Mr. Van Monster hss before bim a
prospect bright with possibility iiml a
■ureer ill one of the highest callings of
life, Ip which bo will not fsll to achieve
'ilmi lie Ilmi pluiiimil for himself, snd
of which his iilina mntor will In (bo
future refer lo with prido.
This, theu, is the young ami prosperous church, Slid Una llie equally
promising minister which sre to bo
united luuiglil liy the Presbytery. The
llnul,'mini llev. Or. Wright, will pre
side, ordain and induct; Hev. Mr
iinini will preach; Kcv. II Maclcud will
.Mn llio congregation,'uiul the Kcv.
Dr. Mackay will address lhe minister.
Canada's Best Customer
Market For Unlimited Quantities
Luck of (he
Oi, the Omen of Bad
'   U4
|i 111111 hi 1111111111111 li
United Kingdom Wsnts Our Whist snd
Is Beady to Tsks Our Flour- United
Statss s Keen Competitor.
St. Andrew's Boys' Club
The unniiiil banquet of Ihe bl. Air
ilrow's Hoys' I'lub luuk place lasl nigbl
nt lhe basemont uf the church. The
first part nf the evening wus spent iu
giimcs. Al eight fifteen twenty happy
buys sal duwu lu u dainty supper. Kev.
liiiiiiiiil tluelcud presided. After supper
mu uDieerH were sppoiuted ss follows:
Hun. pros., Kev. Kuiinld Maclcad; pre
..nli'iil. Master Hubert Gibson; se.re
lary, Willium l'ow; treasurer, Victor
MiUau, social leader. Freeman Thuiiiui;
athletic leader, .lulni Baton.. A very
happy eveuing was brought tu s cluse
bj Ihc singing ui Ihc Nutiuual Anthcin
ami three lusty cheers fur Mr. Hou.
Inii, the retiring ulliccrs und the min.
islet The club meets every Thursday
evening al seven u'clock iu lhe base
mini of Ihe church. All the youug
buys uf the church ur slruugers arc
inuile welcome.
Record of Progress
North Lonsdale Church
Continued from psgs 1
lias nu hesitation iu snyiug Ihul il
is very largely due lu the magnetic
personality of Mr. Van Muuster aud
ln> estimable partner in life lhat sueh
progress lias been achieved, ami if tbe
reader eoold bow bul beard Ihe eulog
Isms uttered by the congregation
through their representatives at a ie
iunl silling of lhe I'resbytery, he would
have uo heiitation in joining iu gluw
Ing I'rogeorlicstious ruucerulng the
future. That the eougregstiou made no
mistake in calliug Mr. Vau Muuster
ami Ihc Presbytery sMcd wisely snd
well in sanctioning the "call" .can
uuly be proves by foture events, but
thul il ni pruuf will be furtbeuming is
a certainty.
Keiu vun Muuster was bom ip Octo
bor, 1879, in liccuwardcu, Netherlands,
and after a public school education
inalrieulateij fruni Gymnasium corns
|.muling lu high schoul- - at l<cruwar
deu iu June, lilt. For Ibo nest four
years he studied science and mul lie
nialli'S iu the I'uiversity of Amsterdam,
following ibis wilh one year of niciu-
iu Ihe university st Oroningou.    He
sailed  for i'una.lu  lu  September,   1 'id.'..
and acted a. astiilsnt professor in
i'bysioiogy sud zoology is the I'm
versily of Msnilobs st Winnipeg, from
October, imu. till September, mi.
Iluring Ibis period—Msy, 1W00—bs ob
tinned the degree of Uschelor of Arts
st tho university. I.esviug Winnipeg,
lie . mii.' oul iu Victoria, II. (.'., sud
started leaching in the public schools
there in .Immnry, 11111,1. continuing in
I liis wort for Iwo years, lo Msy,
1909, 'he.esrnsd Ihe M. A., degree from
Hie Iniversjly of Mssitoba. From
•January to October, 1910, Mr. Vsn
Munstor wss tutor io mathematics in
Wcsiininsier Hall, .tartlng In Nortb
i.niisdiiii' snd l.ynn Vslley sl that
lime a> missionary in charge of these
two siatioui. About April snd May,
MUI, tbs studsnt wss laksn seriously
uiin'al llgurei uf the Britiall grain
and lluur etpurls for the past yesr
which have boen rceeiveil by the Tradi
tnd  Cuminerce   Department  furm  tin
Iruugest possible obstacle tu the sd
locates uf reciprocity. They contend
that the farmers need the American
market for the western wheal un Iwo
grounds. One is that the Hrilish mar
kcl is lou small, and is insufficient, and
hccuiiiI thul the United States is no
longer un exporting country in wheat
and wheat products but au importing
cuunlry. These llgures sliow on the
contrary that at present uuly uue fifth
uf Greut Britain's wheal is supplied by
fossils and second that the United
Slate, is one of the Dominion's must
important competitors for thc wheal
Irade of Britain ami Camilla's uuly
■i im..-. rival in the Hrilish Hour market.
The conclusion is that there is plenty
of room for thc expansion uf t'auuilian
wheat Irade iu the I'nitsd Kingdom
ami that il is ridiculous for us to ex
pod the rulied Slates lo form a mar
kcl for our grain wiieu it is our great
est rival in the old country.
Tbis Bbows It
iu 1010-11 the United States sent
9,479,000 -hundredweight ur HMtflOt
bushels tu the United Kingdom, whereas inuii.i.i sent 13,835,000 hundred
weight ur W,OO»,OO0 bushels, iu 191
111 Ihe United Slates increased their
sales uf wheal in Greal Britain tu ili,
i,ini,iji,i, bushels, Canadian sales ninuiin!
cil lu 37,000,0011 bushels, lu lluur sales
the United Mlutcs leads Cauada, al
ihuugh the Dominion promises iu a few
years to be in the lead, iu 191011
Uniled stai*" expurts tu Greul Hrilain
were ■>.-.'-',IMG cwt. and t'auada's I,
UiO/lfl ewl., aud iu 1011-18 lbc United
States llgures dropped lu 4,IJM98 ewl.
and   Canada's   mu I   tu   ifllMt
ewl. There is an almost unlimited
market fur Canadian oats iu Greut
Britain. Kussiu und Argent ma dumiii
ale the market, with Canada a bad
third. Canada's export of osls iu
lllll VI amounted to about three million
Want Canada's Wheat
W. 1. F.gsu, 1 imii,Imu trade coiumis
sinner at Manchester, commenting uu
those figures iu t report to Ibe Trade
and Commerce Department, remark,:
"Thc milling trade uf Lancsibirc,
wboie facilities sre growing couliuu
a|ly, both in Liverpool sud Manchester,
sre very much iu favur of Canadian
wheat, ami slate thst lbc Ijurssbirc
uisrkel, which i. tbo mosl direct and
belt situated fur distribution, is pre
pared It handle all Ibst may be .hipped
here, claiming tbst there is no limit
lo possible ej pa ns 1 on.
"Tbo trsde continue tbeir prune of
our whest, syslem of grsding, aud si
port condition, from Canadian ports,
Sll expressing tuu wi.il thai in Ihs near
future sll our grain would br shipped
from our owu port, ami "''.der Caua
din 11 regulations."
The Irish consul shows tbst tbe
present population 1. 4,681,901) 1 decrease in ten yean of 76,8111, or l.J
pet cent. Tbo decrease of mslei ii
0.9 per ccpl., snd females 9.8 per font.
According4to.tbe enumerators' sum
inarics, 8,989,06* ol tbe population sre
returned as Human Catholics, s tie
crease of i.l per cent, os the number
so returned top yoars ago, while I'ro
Icstsnt Kplscopsllau. number 611,1 49,
SS Incrssss of l psr (sat.
"Wbere did It cuius from 7" demand-
sd Bob ssbln. boss of IDs logging
Tb* csmp cook waved s Honry hand
lo uildslr. "Search ns.'' Uo ssid
frankly. "Here I sst asking tbsss
bsr* biscuits wben sll of s spddlDt
t»1 tim fslt queer sud 1 looked up to
l«* tbst critter staring st mo big ss
lib. 1 swan it givo ns s turu to look
at It"
"1 nsvsr saw a cross eyed cut bs
tors," rsmsrked Ssbln. surveying tbo
Isrgo blsck, lean looking feline wbicb
bsd sppesrsd lo csmp tbnc uiornlng
Tbs est bsd beeu wssblng lis face Industriously, but under Ssblu's steady
scrutiny It suddenly ceased Ils labors
and stared back st bim uncannily.
Tbs rlgbt eye wss large snd yellow,
Kith dilating blsck pupil In Its proper
lilm'''. but tbe loft orb wss marred by
a decided cast lu fsct tbo pupil of
tbe eys mnnlfested s desire to tlissp-
pear entirely behind tbe animal's nose.
"I wonder If It means bad luck)"
inin uul Sablu.
laiter In tbe day Siihln remembered
tbe cross syed cut. and wltb a thought
to tbs Ingrained superstitions of some
of bis men snd the titincccsssr; talk
tbat would be escbenged among tbem.
to tbs detriment or tbeir work, be or
dered Smith, n oewcomsr, to carry the
est to wbere the blgbney crossed s
llttls section of woods wbcreln tbey
were working snd there lesve tbe est.
Olsd of soy relief from tbs tedium
of hauling logs lo tbe river book,
young Sinlth picked up tbe black est
sod csrrlsd It. unresisting. Into tbs
sbsdow of tbs woods. Ao bour later
bs returned to ssy tbst bs bsd'left
tbs black est sitting lo tbs middle of
tbs highway.
"Osvs me s creepy feeling down tbe
spins ss I wslked .way," bs rsmsrked
at suppsr, "snd I turned snd looked
bsck, aod I know you won't believe
wbst I'm going to tall you," bs concluded hastily.
"Ob, yss, ws will." chorused but com
panlmis.   "Hro aliead, Smithy T
"1 turned aud looked bsck, sod by
tricky, boys, tbst est bsd shifted ber
position so tbst sbs wu looking sfter
me wltb tbem crossed eyss of hers,
asd 1 nsvsr wsnt to sss s mors ovb
sails uu snybody's fscs than tbsru
was ou bora"
"A est .mils"
"Ain't you going It nitber strong,
"Hemeuiber tbi. sln't no 'Alice In
Wonderland' party," protested unother
Aald tb* dn.1 un of gibes Hub Se-
bin's deur voice startled tneio Into sl
"If you don't heller* Stnllb. Juat look
there, boys," bs said qulclly
Ther* wss slicing ss tbe elglil men
turned snd looked st tbe .pul wbicb
bt bsd Indicated Tbere, on Ibe edge
of tbs limber gruwtb, sot tbe bluck.
cross syed est, an evil smile curving
bsr wide mouth
"Hood bssvens!   I'a not going to
bsvo tbst thing around bere!" ejaculal
ed I'etcrsoo, springing from bis cbalr
"Wbst srs you going to do'/" lit wa.
"till bsr full of lead," he announced
Hut tbere wss s murmur of protest
from bis coapsnlons. Subiu wntclied
tbem curiously, noting tbe element of
superstition Ibst tluged tboir bundling
of this tuutier. Ills men were com
posed uf Ainerlcnns.Swcdc.uiid Kreucb
Canadians, and of tbem all tbe Kreucb
men were tbs most excitable
"Ab, m'slsu," appealed Jeun Kabroli
to Ills boss, "prsy let u. uot bsrm te
•vli eyed call None of us bare too
ui'i'icb of se good fortune lo lake ie
reeik I myself will lake ber gently
swsy snd lose ber."
"That, tbe best plsn, Peterson.'' tald
la bin, wilb s nod toward lbe man
wbo wss seeking bis gun. 1'eteiKoo
wss dlssppointed and came bsck lo tbe
"Tbsnt's only ons wsy you csn lo>e
tbst est," be grumbled.
young Smith nodded bis bead "She
certainly cam* bsck!" bs ejaculated.
"Wbst will you do, Jean'/'
"Ab, tsko ber in is dsrkness snd
lose ber forever ts ts ungle of woods
on i« otber tid° of s* .*.?•?." rstllsd
tbe Krsocbmas gayiy.
"Tbst's a good Ides, Jssn," commend
ed Hsbin, rising from tbs table. "Take
tbe small host ssd be bsck ss soou st
posslbts.   Ws CSS'I 1st S est Interfere
with oor work In lbs morning. It's ss
Important msiter ibst ws get tbis lot
down wltiout delay."
"Oul. m'slsu," rsspoodsd imt ti-
borls as bs suddenly swooped down
upon lb* cross sysd est snd csugbt It
deitsroosly Is bis Isrgs bauds. As bt
dlmppeared Is tbs direction 04Ul* rip
pllng river bis comrades exebenged
•mils* of tmuMneut and coscsrn.
"Bar rill com* back." ssid Unto,
lb* Uf 8w*de, ss tt* pushed besrlly
awsy from tbs labia.
"I'll give luv ibr** time, to etas
tack. Tb* but Umt will b* my Urs,"
turned PsUrtoo ominously.
Neil dsy tbs trig driv* occurred, sal
•a bin asd a uumbsr of plcksd msn
Wsnt down to Doubl* forks hoping tt
avart A tttmMliW at Itt hoabla of tbe
~-n. m  mmmmm^mm m. mm.  -.-rmmmi  m.   a^v
previous ysgr. 'fps rwsr wu running
hll. fpr it)* spr|ug freshets bsd sddud
tbeir slmre lo tbs brimming .tresm.
The logs cams down a roaring, mm.
bllng chaos of blackness, now snd (bail
tossing put n dark srm ss tbs pressor*
frnm behind becstns bssitsr. Sabln.
lull snd musculsr nnd btndsoms, stood
011 the east bank pt tilt river st tbs
forks snd wutcbet) tbs logs crowding
iirmmfl tbs beud. Oq either bank Ids
men were strung along wltb poles,
sinuilliig ready to risk llfs and limb tbs
liisliiiii necessity called for It All
wure rough corduroy clothing and long
b|p boots.
''If tbis lot gets through all rlgbt we'll
be ssfe this time." muttered Sabln fo
young Smith, wlu> stood closs beside
Tbey looked upstresm wbtrs tbs
whlls foam bubbled around a mass ot
tumbling logs, tt iw* a great sight.
especially when n log wss tossed Iwcnly feet In tbs sir to corns crssblng
down upun Its fellows In tbs water.
Ths two tnei| were so Interested Is tbt
sight of tbe approaching lop tbst tbey
did not realise sl lirst wbst bsd bsp-
pencil when Peterson's soles srs* meg-
niiiniin ii across tbe river.
"Jam ihorc!" be yelled. "Jsml"
8sbln looked, It was true,
Across ths rivor directly In front Ot
tbem snd ot Its narrowest point tbs
logs bod Jammed Into s wsll tbsl .momentarily grew wider ss mor* logs
were added ss Ihey limited down.
Somewhere lu tbst innie ot tree
trunks was one log tbst formed tb*
key to tb* siiiiutiuii. Locsts ibat log
ond pry II looso snd tbs wsll would
lie broken. Then tb* rest of tbs driv*
would follow Ilk* s flock ot sheep.
Sabln frowned snd swore a llttls.
Tbere wss s chorus ot Indlgnsnt yells
ss suddenly there broke from tbe
woods on tbe west bank of ths rlvsr s
leau. black streak tbat shot out In ons
flying leap, and lauded on ons of Ibe
logs tbst formed tbs lowsr snd ot Us
bsrrlcr. '
"The cross eyed catl" yelled Pstsrson
through ths -megaphone. Tben b*
il.-nu-eii angrily up tnd dowo tt Us
I'liniliiiicil: "I knew It would bring us
bad luck, Ur. Sabln. If 1 csn borrow
0 gun I'd like to knock It Into dlndersl
fin. 17"
"Don't be s fool, I'elersonl" sboutsd
bsck bis employer.   "Ons of yoo fei-'
low! get out tbere tnd start tbst Jsm.
sud I guess tbe cat will gsl sll tbst's
coming to hlm."
Ibere was a moment's conference
nuiiing tbe men on tbo west bank, snd
Iben Peterson lesped to tbe nearest ot
tbe closely packed logs snd msde bis
way cautiously toward Ibe outer edge
of Ihe jam.  Be carried s gun.
All st once Ihe lumbermen met wltb
snolbcr surprise, from tbe ssms
point In Ibe woods from wbence bsd
come Ibe cross eyed est tbere darted a
girl's slender form. Sbs wore s red
cloak, and a red knitted cap wss toss-
ed on lbc back of bor wind blown
dark Imlr She looked neither tn (be
left or right. Her gstc seemed transited upon Ibe smsll black fora of lbs
cruss eyed cat anil tbe gun In Peter-
siui's band
A Iiniiiii on Ibe beels of Peterson sbs
leaped fearlessly to tbe floating logs
and then darted from ons to another
until she pouted close behind Peterson's big form. Tbe boss Inmberinso
on the shore watched her wllh panic
stricken eyes. If Ihe Jsm should break,
os It might ony lustanl, wbat cbntice
would tbut frail girl bare among lbs
grinding logs! Peterson, big and
strong as be was. realised tbst be was
Inking a chance lu trying to break tne
"Cowurd!" cried ibe girl, bsr volet
ringing clearly above the boiling of tbt
wuter among tbe logs. As sbe spots
she uiiuii imi I'clcrsun't guo from Uls
oertelets hand and dung It Into tbs
streum Then sbe leaixtd to tbe eiior
mou. pine log 011 which tbe cross eyed
cat sst ond clusped tbs uncanny creature In ber arms. Then sbe arose and
for lbc hrst lime seemed to realtis tbs
Her lift waa nol worth an Inatnul's
purcbaae if tbe Jam broke She turned
terror atrlckcu eyes toward Psterson,
wbo Indulged In ous of bis derc* Uls
of anger, laughed contemptuously sl
ber snd leisurely picked bis wsy orsr
ths logs, pretending to acrutluli* escb
one searching for tbs key log Ibsl
would brcsk tbe Jam.
Sabln watched ths two for 00s long
minute. Then, with sn Indrawn breath
of mingled rage snd fesr, bt sst nut
foot on the nesrest log ssd went to
tbe rssc'ut of tbo girl, it bs lifted oer
fainting form Is 'bit arms, togetuei
wltb tb* black cat, wbicb tb* sllll csrrlsd wrapped Is lbe folds of bsr red
cloak, bs left Uis grsst piss log oo
wbicb Ui* cross sysd est bad dslgued
to sit Sablu's foot bsd bsrely left in*
log wbto It shivered silfbUy.
'Tbs ksy log-ahe'* breaking now)''
shouted Sabln snd raced for tb* oesr
Aa Iw stumbled op Uu rivtr btnk
wltb bis doubts load of lovsly girl sod
Cross eyed blsck est tber* curat a
crashing boom from tb* river ss tut
Jsm broke ssd (be logs went thundering down to thoir destination
Afttr beautiful U.lale Wood* hkd
departed for home wltb btr lost pet -
yss, ID* cross tytd black cat big Peterson approached tbs lumber boas
sbsaefscedly enough.
"I tuppost yoo'll wsnt ae to band
In my tims, sir/' bt muttered "It's sll
Uw luck of Uiat cross sytd cat"
"Nooatastt" rsturusd Bsblo brightly,
1 happy light lo bit dark syes "Slay
os. PsUrtoo, tod try to remember tbsl
tbs eroat sysd est broks Uw Ism, sfter
sil. If ssybody csn show ma a bttttr
mascot thin a cross sysd black cat I'd
like to b* shows."
AfUr sabln bsd aurrltd MtlaU
Woods ssd bsd become part owner of
Uw black sal tbay uadarstood wbat bt
■ Items of Interest
»r Ji tti fi'pgHs. bin reiurned from
a Visit tfl Beattle, Spokane am) other
coast cities.
Wr SUd Urs. P. I .arson announce the
engagement of their daughter, Olgs, to
Mr. James J). Wjtton of Vancouver
Mrs. 8. Keuiioi|yrof lilth street sud
her dsugbtsr, Christine, loft lsst Thursday for Ssntiugo, where thoy iplepd
spending ths winter.
On Saturday afternoon Mr. V, V.
iinni", in his ii'i" n iin■,.miin,mt Kmi
esr "Psthfinder" visited North Vpn
cuuver. Mr, lliiuey wtt tho driver of
tho car on whieb Mr, Wilby mude the
Halifax to Vancouver (rip.
At tho iusiun..* of Aid. Irwiu during
tha regular sessiun nf the city council
last eveuing, the clerk was instructed
tn prepsro s if law providing for tlte
naming of those slreels iu the city
which are at present uunuipei).
Mr. ami  Mrs. Calvert, uf l.imlsuy.
Ontario, sre the  guests  of  Mr. ami
sirs, w. r». Parkins, or aim street, tu,
Calvert, who is Mr- Parkins' uncle, is
inimetiSBly impressed with Mis growth
0lM.itmf,,iMi. it YMfiUmir,
years Sgu,
The ilesth of Mr*-I'hilip toward
Gregory, aged 04 years .occurred at his
resid c, HIS 14th avonue west.   Th*
funtirui will be held ou Thursday from
the residence to oddfellows' cemetery,
Vuniouvcr. Norlli Vencouver Lodge
fit), nn will ennducl the services.
Mr. Kuss, proprietor of the Ciipilann
Laundry, lias made extensive Improve
menl. to his plant, liaviiii! added uu
olher slory to his laundry buililingi
■■nni is now pruparcd to do sll kinds
of laundry work including sin it n gun ii
whiili were heretofore sunt O'Jt-  ,'
The  Cheapest  Buy  on  the
Ave-pue is the S^2 of Lot 34,
Block 228, D. L. 545. Price:
$3,000 on very easy terms.
See our list of North Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
A puldic meeting will lie held ill the
,i() liull iiu Tliursduy aflernuuii under
Ihe susplr*! nf the lueal branch uf the
Viiluriau Order uf Nurses. The meetiug. which will cummepee st three
i'iiiu k, will be ii.I,In-.-e.l liy Miss Mac
ieiii.ie, geneial superintendent of the
Order in the Dominion.
The wedding luuk place ou .Monday
at HI. .lolni's chimb, North Vancou
ver, of Mr. I''releriek Shirley, of Kd
.ii"i.i"ii. youngest sun nf Mr. Arthur
Shirley, Monlpelier, Hrislul, Kuglainl,
tuul Miss l.'lhcl I'ickard, uuly daughtei
if Mr. Joseph I'ickard, of Keith Mad
west, North Vancouver. The Hev. J
Hugh Hooper officiated.
Thc edilor is iu receipt of a lotter
frtiin a rorfetpoildept signiug himself
"An Inlerested Visitor," sdvocating
Ibe use of a portion of Victoria l'srk
for city hull purposes. Utters sre
published iu llic Express only over tbe
name uf the writer. We may say, how
ever, that tbe siiggestiun is uot prac
licaldc for the reason thai the deed of
gift conveys the park to the city, for
park purposes uuly, and Ihu ilunors
ure uut willing lo umeiid tu permit of
the erection of buildings thereun.
It is sunuuiiccd that a bout has been
urrunged bet ween Kid Kuymund, bus
iug instructor Hustings Athletic Club,
nf Vutnuuver, und Johnny Leonard
instructor to the North Vancouver Alh
letic Club, which will be pulled off at
I'nnell Huir iu Ihe near future.
Ernest Day vs. Frank
A Wi-HtHAe". IllSiBll of unusual jnlcr
sst Is billed to take place iu the North
Vaneouver Athletic Club ruums uu thu
egrner nf Kaplsuade west and I,ons
dsie avenue oil Friday ovening, Tli
contestants are to be Krursl ilay, the
ipspsger Of Hm local • 1..li, ami t'ruuk
Miller. The latter lips proposing in
throw the former twice in uue ho i
aud the former hss dosed with the
tatter's proposition. The point' is, will
the bitter iio itt It is i -u ..•.. i '■ op-
lii'ipuled that a very large audience will
weud its way lu the club ruums uu
Friday night lu watch this riil.il- sulvu
Dsy is a Ht pounder b.il Miller
him l"i'iin in .uvuii'ilupoia by lifleen
pm.ml:. Huth ure hrst tiou |i ieuli-
lie wrestlers, and il roninirs lu be
soon iu which man svo'ril. puis uml
science is the belter bulunecd. Duy uu
hi. llrsl appearance in Nurlh Vuncuuver, made a creditable shewing ill s
twenty.minute hour with Kciishuw. lie
alsu won a du.idcd victory in un en
ouulcr with Tom Knlly, former li In
weight elinttiplnii of lhc I'a ili, const
There ure also uther rcduttlilnble Ir
implis which nne cut.Id siring alter
Day's lis nn if space permitted, Suffice
it to say that lie is contiilenl hinisell
thnt he will add one mure tn tiicslriig
uu Friday evening.
Miller, who is inure or less knnwn
uu this euutit, lius made u considerable
name for himself iu Ihe Slates--iu
l'ortlaiul particularly.   He is keen uu
iicmuii.trstipg his science here, apd his
encounter with Dsy pruniises to be ono
of the must esciting anil Interesting
iHtnffltoBMiiigy Itii garth Sl-tit,
Too Late to Classify
WANTKD titrl for gcncr.l house
work. No washing, .157 HHh street
casl. 2t ID
Warm, newly
up. llli'i Sixth
Irum   i.onsilule
furnished rooms, 11.50
street  west, hrst block
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 66 105-7 Esplanade West
.'.   .
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody,
$250 cash and $30 a month.
Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Loctl AgeWa tor Iritis* Bttpirs Hone lasurssce Oo, London Astsrsjics
Wt will U ptsassd ts bavs listings; also horns, for sale or rsat.
Pbobs Ml P. «. Iff IM
N.V. League Auociation
The t'aleilonian and Hoyul F.up u"ci
teams met un Saturday aflernuuii al
the i.-.i.ui i.m park lo pluy a league
match fur thc Allan cup.
■in the first half of thegutnc the t'ale
duniaiis hud lhc play ull their uuu.
scoring 10 guuls without much trouble
as the engineers appeared ilefeurciess
and shuwed little or nu continuation.
The captain uf the engineers' team
luuk advantage uf half lime lo rcorgau
its Iiii men and the second half of the
game proved this a wise step for the
game was more even and although the
engineers were unable to score liiey
pul up a belter defence au.l prevented
the ' uli .Illinium iiuiu pin. ii lunrc
then :' (.-mil- lu Iheir credli iu thc lasl
half. At the cluse uf the guiim the
score stood Caledonians VI pual.. F.n
giueers o.
Herewith is tbe Caledonian I cum.
(Josl, ilauiilloii; backs, I'm.ilu. and
Wilson; half backs, I), liutchiusuii, Mc
Mill.u, I'ul.nu.; fofwards, Smith, Km
lie, HuU'blnsou, (I. Dsridaui, ti. lla
The t'aleduuiaiis head Ibe league up
lu dtle with 1 poiuts.
Sammy Oood, Lstt North Veuconvsi
Atalstlc Olub Oeta Euy Win lu His
First Frofssslonal Bout.
tin Saturday eveuiug Stuiuin liuml,
Ihe ei Norlb Vancouver Athletic Hub
light weight hard biting bolter, msde
his hrst appearance in the professional
ring when be was matched against
Jack lladiluck uf i'owell lliver, a boner
who had Ibe besl of tbe weighl by Ilf
iuuu or twenty pounds. The buut »».-
scheduled us a ten roomi one, bul owing to the hard puuehing ami science uf
(lood, il became ijuito evident tu Ihc
spectuturs that lln.I,In, I, could mil
stand up against such a fusiladc of
hard blows for more thuu half of the
nuiii In-r of rounds scheduled. 'I'll -
surmise proved ijuitc correct for tin
man who started favorite was sent
crashing to the Hour wilh a splendidly
measured right tu the cbis followed up
with a forceful left on the stomach,
Itclcrcc Jimmy Hewitt'counted "leu"
bul poor Haddock continued to count
Ihc stars he saw fur at least twice
"ten" and of course Jimmy was fait
ed lo declare him knocked oul.
Sammy Hood showed much cluss and
nun admiration for his clean am1 cle
ver boxing, and his general deportment
in the ring showed him to be quile nl
Iniiin- and had thc effect of making the
spectators wonder if it .vis uot Hsd
dock who was makiug his lirsl profes
lional appearance. Sammy has devel
lipid a very effective lefl and punched
straight from the shoulder instead of
wilh the wild swinging style uf his
amateur days.
The i.inii was pn,in.ilmI by Jimmy
lletweiler and was held in Cosgrove's
new picture theatre. Kohl. Scsnlou, su
pcriiilemlenl of the I'nlp mills und I.
Kinney, manager uf the I'owell Biver
Hotel were the timekeepers.
I'al ItulfiTly of Vancouver cbslleug
ed the winner and Good suuounced
Himself ready to meet him. Sammy
also hurled u challenge lu Kruie Bar
rieau of Vancouver, Al. Jeffs and Jne
Bayley of Victoria, un.l Fat Scott of
Vancouver, in fact il is a case of let
them all conic, but of course, uue ol u
Johnny Leonard, manager, ami train
er of tuul.I sparred with Young Hack
.ns.Iiniuii in uue preliminary, while
ti ... beal Yuung' Smith in thc
wreilliug .null -t
Be prepared for
the cold and miserable weather by
purchasing one of
our heaters
We have thirty
different styles for
both wood and
1 coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a trial
paine & McMillan
To psrsuts wbo bsve the health of thair children to look after: See,
Ihlt tbsir feet srs kept dry. Ws bavs t full line of Children i BooU ani
Muss tbat ars rslnproof; shots that srs built to .tend Uie rough road, and
wst wutlur of British Columbia.
Our BUBBBB snd LEATHEB COMBINATION Boots ars tils thing
for boyi.  Aak to tss Uism.  Tbsy srs waUrproof.
Ws bavs sitrs High Leg Boots for tbs (iris, in ali the now shapes.
Aak u> see tba Slater BooU for Us Udiss. Tbay bars waterproof
soles sad sis up to date in ttyle. We have them la all Ustbsrs. Tbay srs
made to wear WITHOUT rubber..
Our lists of Man's BooU sad Bhoes, both for disss mau ani tot wot.-,
ue net squalled is British Columbia. A look in our windows will convince
you. Ws cannot show sll our linst Is tlw windows, but BTEF INSIDE snd
eur psbssassn will bs pUaaed to try os sny pair Is tbe .tors.
Everybody's Shoe Store
P.O. 1815        FIRST STREET EAST
TH. 393
Don't Take Chances!
B'usiuess men sud business bouses
ars uaually Judged by the printed mat
Ur they send out.
Cau you afford to take chances witb
your priuting when good work in this
Hue cosU llttls, If suy, mors.
We Do Good Work
First  Street  East,  Nortb  Vsncouver
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
CO. have moved
to ' 59 .Lonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.
'   I    nm


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