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P. G.E. Route Through
West Vancouver
On Wednesday Mr. V. C. Uatnble,
chiel' engiueer fur the provincial guv-
"riuiienl eatne uver frum Victoria and
TOunipany with Mi. J. I-', (iallaghuti,
ii.el' engineer of the l'acillc Qreat
Kiinlern Iluilwuy (lompatiy, Colonel Davis, special engineer, and Mr, W. B.
Hurler, munieipal engineer, for tbe dis
Iriet uf West Vaucuuver, went carefully nvcr tbe gruuud under dispute
between llle ilistricl and thu railway
company, with reference tu the ruute
ut' the latter through lhe district. This
uetiuti was luken iu accordance wi|h
the decision of the minister of rail
ways at the hearing of thc applicatiuu
lar Jhe cunipany fur the approval ul
■ a\.it{ route map held on September Dili,
which was opposed by the district
council whu submitted un nlteriiu'ive
mute »hlrli they wished tr, huve selected. The I'hiel Iiniuii.ei procured
all lhe necessary, data uu Wednesday
for the ■ niiinil.'itmn ,< bis repurt lu
Ihc iie|'uiiim ni uf ruilwuys. Ilis rcpurl
will bo unlimited ut un adjourned hcur
ing fixed fur the Hhth inst., and in ac-
curdance v its terms Uuu. Thunius
'imloi, Minister of Railways, will
doubtless render Ilis dectsiou which
will dispose of thc mutter finally uud
thus open thc way fur the arluul con
structiou uf tho Hues- ol thc I'ueilie
Ureat Kastcru along mu Nun. (shore,
Lonsdale Car Line
to be Extended
lu thirty days' time actual steps
will have lieen lakcu tn pruvide Nurth
Lousdale wilh a convenience fur whieh
tin- residents and ratepayer! of Ihis
sect mu Iuuu been clanturiiig fur u;uitu
ti considerable period. Last evening,
during lhe regular session uf the district council, Intimation was received
frum Mr. A. tl. I'erry, lueal manager
uf the 11. ('■■ Klectric Railway Co., to
llic effect that his company was prepared iu pursuance uf ucgutiatiuiiB with
the cuumil, lu extend uurtbward thc
present car line uu Luusdale avenue.
A motion wus carried at lue instance
of luun. I mulct, receiving Ihe letter
mih iinini," uml offering to provide the
compuny witli the necessary ruck fur
ballasting un the understanding, as sug
grated liy I'uuu. Ilriilginuii, lhat the
luuipu'uy will attend lu Ihc cartage uf
This promised extension uf thc car
uno without a 'loul,I constitutes tidings
nl' great joy tu Nurth l.uusdalitcs, and
uill indubitably prove a euusldcrablc
impetus lu settlement iu that atlrac
live section. Additional track will be
laid us far as Wiudsur road, Ibe dis
lance being sueh that nu extra loop
will fie necessary. Alsu tho prescut ser
vici" schedule will not need tu be in
uuy way uffected since the aceumplish
in, nt ol the few extra block.- will
merely luke the place of the preaenl
long wmi ul  the upper terminus.
The dislricl, wilh its usual readiness
hu- in hand u i|uanlity uf crushed rock
uliuli no addition tu Ihc material tbut
»ill l,c supplied by the macadam uuw
occupying the space which tue tracks
will ultimately occupy) will be avail
iilde lor the purpuse uf ballasting.
The first pica fur Ihis extension was
made '|uile three years agu. Periodically
i ll.,)i.- huve been made tu convince
the street*car authorities that Ihc developments in Nurlh l.uiisdalc warrant
cl Ihe pruvisiun uf Ihis luxury. Nul
until recently, huwever, did thc com
I uuy, thruugh ils repnsentatives, cum
nnt '-ell lu uu acknowledgment df lbe
fuel. This thappy consummation, as
i'ii,i,illv announced lasl iveiling, *il
ennic as u great relief lo most icti
dent- in  Ibis particular region.
Valley Day A
Festival of Big Promise
District Council Business
''Thai a municipal mail bag is not a
thing lu be trilled with was clearly
demount rated on Monday nigbt when
the district council sat In special tes
sion at thc-Municipal Hall, Lyuu Valley. The unavoidable absence on other
important district business of certain
of the councillors had /or two weeka
prevented the holding of the regular
session. On Monday cvenisg'tbe wro-
mulatcd correspondence was attended
to, a proceeding which occupied the
couucil fur a period of alpost two
hours. Most of thc other items oo the
agenda were purely routine and no
busiucss Of Sxcoptioual foment re
uuiredHransaction.   The bulk tt tbe
mail eon i -ted uf upplieutiuns fur side
wulks, ruads, water cunneetions, elc,
tu private humes, must uf which weru
referred tu lhe llounl ul' Wurks, ybost
recommendations will be fuuml in un
"ll" i    fill Lllllll.
Ann,up these sundry upplieutiuns was
une frum llie l.yuu Valley Zinc Mines,
Ltd., seeking a ruad lu the mines situ
ated al the head uf Lynn creek. This
application had the hacking of Ihc
Nurlh Vuneuuver Huurd ui Trade, sume
members uf which budy had personally
inspected Ihe mines. The council, how
ever, announced Ihul il was absolutely
impossible lu build a ruad lu these
mines this year, ull allotments .having
been already made.
A letter wus also" 'received frum the
Joint Civic Advertising Committee usk
iug the cuuucil tu reconsider ils deter
iniiuii nm lu withdraw frum lhe column
tee. Thu reply uf lhe cuuucil lu Ihis
eummuniculiuii was embodied iu a re
iioloinm lu the effect that il supported
thc stand taken by ils representative,
Councillor llridguiun, ami wus deter
mined lu withdraw its representation
uu the committee after fulfilling nil
legal and murul obligaliuus.
The clerk, Mr. J. 0. farmer, was
instructed i„ upply lu lhe Attorney
Ueiierul fur pcrmissiuu lu prosecute
persons blast iug uu Sundays.
The council awarded uue contract,
lhal uf opening a ruad in I). I., fin I tkli.
The successful tenderer in Ui'is In
Stance ivus v, l.yle, whu cuntraclcd lu
du thc wurk fur
Tenders fur lhe erection uf a lire
ball iu Lyuu Vulley, lu be known us
tlie hull Nu. U, *tie lui,I uver for con
,-idcrutioii ou Thursday night
Items of Interest
Mr Win. Fooney uf Vuneuuier is
Uking up residence at lul   Itllli slreet.
The city hull, I'uuudiuu Hank of
Commerce ami Nurth Vuneuuier ''lul>
have guily deeuralcd their premises
wilh hunting uml Hags.
Mrs. K. McMillan departed on VV...I
ncsday un au extended lour of ll
eastern Slates, Huston being the ecu
Iral point  uf her visit.
Mrs.1.!. Device, uf St. fiecrges avenue,
entertained her sealer lady friends ul
a ijuiltiug on Tuesday afternoon, tbe
eldest of her guests being eighty two
years old.
Mr. IJipp of lilh street easl passed
away at the Nurth Vancuuver huspilal
uu 'I' morning Mr, I npp was the huspilal twu days having
been muved there un Monday last suf
fcrlng front apuplcxy.
Truth Itelieliah lodge, No. 28 huld a
social afternoott aud dance in the eveu
ing at thc Japanese Tea Hardens on
Tuesday, lbc litb iust. to wbicb all
members of the urder and their friends
are most cordially invited.
Before Beeve May up Wednesday at
the districl police courl four men nam
cd Mike Thompson, Melville Butler
worth, Pau| Dolgsor aud  li   Jorno-
viteh, were charged by Chief Liflon
wltb shooting ou tbe highway in Ibe
district, After hearing lhe evidence,
tha reeve-imposed a fine of'SIO and
costs in each cane as a warning to
them and others of the danger tu
which tbey were subjeel ing residents
asd riaitors. Os the charge of furiously
driving » boras ou tbe Capilano ruad,
8. Spcnce was Joed IIC and costs.
The "in'ml orders uf lhe day in
connection willi the upeuing uf l.ynii
1'ark and Siispeiisiun Hridge tutuurruw
ure now available, uud it will be readily euiicedcd by the public Hint very
litlle indeed of u feasible character
hus been ovpr|oukfid iu Ihc geuerul ur
inn,"' ineiii fur the greul duy. from
more stundpuinls than une, the occasion
seems likely tu prove u kind uf big
field day fur the Uuy Seuuts. Special
arrangements buve been minlo fur Ihc
transportation uf li posse uf young
khaki brethren frum the suulb side uf
the Inlet mul in nil there will be a
lull-, uf ubuut llllll buy-B. ,
Nobody save lhe must chronic uml
incurable gruticli uu tbe win' ul' lhe
curd euuld accuse I.ynu V*aHeyil>s uf
apathy. The past has shown almost
lime uml again Ihul fwhulcvcr thu
peuple "i the Vulley rhuusc tu handle
is u predestined success. Rueeu'ly the
first big "splush" uf u musical cbur
actor wus made in this prugresjlvi
seeliun. Tomorrow, afler weeks it
sustained uml systematic boosting
I.ynu Vulley Iluy is tu be Inaugurated
with an idea uf mukiug it uu aunuul
festival, Kvcfylhing nuinnnlv p
-illle is being dune by individuals of
ull denominations and political creels
lu render Ihc success uf tho culture
absolutely ussurcd . The hiind.-.iinc-i
men nf the Vulley huve substituted lur
Iheir urlliodox hul bauds a spocitil designed species bearing u Icifc-iid calctil
tiled lu inu In everybody Inii Ihu lirsl
eusl hound slreei cur. A hul ihus ud
orued wus prominently noticeable
throughout lust night's ineeling uf the
ii iiul cuuucil, witn (he result Ihul
lhat budy, as if under hypnotism by
the hut huml legend, declared without
hi-silutioii thut tomorrow aflcriiuuii
should be u public holiday in lhe Vul
The orders uf lhe duy us isxur i frum
hcii'lipiartiTs arc as follows:
The Hoy Scouts under the eummuild
uf Seoul Cunimlssloncr ,1 II. Kuglish
will bv massed as fulluws:
A ilclaebineiit will b- standing uu
the right side uf tne bum! slam! ami
facing Lynn I'reek, I ul li.ur s deep,
us the numbers will ullow.
A secoud detachment will be standing
on the lefl side ot the bund sluud uiul
lining l.ynn Creek uf similar depth
lo the lirsl detachment
A single run iui' scouts will surround
the wliule uf the cleared spai'.' uicu
pied by the huml stand, but leimug
the nui,i clear; alsu u single ruw of
Mcuuis will be lined uu Hie pathway iu
Irunl of uml beluw the bund stand
stretching to the right uml left frum
the centre fur u dislunce ei-jusl lo lllc
nuiih of the ileered space.
Commissioner Knglisli wilh the Hnpl"
Huml will occupy a position ul Ihi
right  curner
All the arrangements as io the dis
position of the public admission tu thc
bund lund elc, will bu cutitrolled by
Chief of Puliee Liflon.
The fith Field Company ('unndiati
Kngiueers will bu under the roiniuuud
of Lieut. K, N, llubcrlsun, assisted by
Lieut. .1. 11. Cusgrove, acting adjutant.
Liout. .1 J. Thumpann, H.C.A.M.i'.,
will be in iitiemInn, e
Upon lhe completion of the speech
milking fruni the baud stand twn I'ile.i
uf men (rum the engineers will be dispatched iu , loupe uf the Acting Adjutant and will be pusted ut lhe westerly end uf the Lynn Cunyun bridge In
order to receive Hceve May uml party
uu their :i ii i nin ii
All orders in euniiccliuti with military mutters will be given by thc uill
cer commanding tbe Cauadian Kngiu
Heave W. II. MAY,
Acting Adjutant J. II. C080B0VE,
Chief of  Polico  0.   LII.TON.
Scout   Cummissiuucr   and   fur   Ihe
Committee, J. li. KNUI.ISII.
Attempted Suicide
From Ferry No. 2
i A Vancouvor teamster this inuruing
created a semgiliuti un huard Hie ferry
number Iwu by deliberately leaping
iulu the Inlet when lhe buut wus in
midstream, The man'.- name is I ti.
I'uldwell, und In" wus onlil recently em
ployed by lhe Huiiiiniun Ijiumlry uf
11 appears Ihul he was one uf lhe
passengers on the 111:111 ferry frum
Nurlh Vancuuver, his sujuurn in this
city having been spent chielly in pu
lice cuurt circles. He wus lined twu
iluy- ugu by the lucul magistrate fur
druukeniieis while ill charge uf a rig,
and wus presumed to have left llie
city Tbis inuruing, htiwcier, he buard
cl lhe ferry uml bulf wuy ucruss, di
vested himself uf cout uml hot, emerged
from the smoke ruum uml slid   ,11  lbc
i.ui",,,m side of lln- buut iulu Ihc wa
ters ul tlie lulet. The reasonable us
sumption is that he purpuscl suicide.
Hu finding himself in the water huw
ever, he commenced lu swim in the di
lection uf Ibe First Narrows.
With great promptitude the male,
Mr. Urulcau, had uue uf the auxiliary
bouts lowered, a task uf uu "light Iuh
cully seeing that Ihe ferry was travel
ling full speed ahead. Hue uf the
deck hands succeeded in gelling t'ald
well uul uf the walei despite the fuel
thai Ihc latter displayed uu wish tu be
rescued. The ferry in the ineuuluuc
had been liruuglil lu a standstill uml
I'uldwell wus safely replaced un buard.
At tbe hour uf 8:30 Commissioner! He declared his emphatic intention ol
lirsl uppur
ii.inij, su Ihc male detailed twu men
tu lake i long, uf him until Vancuu
ver was reached where be wai placed
under the lender care uf the cuusta
Passeugers who were eyewitocrscs
uf llic incident state tbat lhe men who
effected Ibe rescue did to wilb a
.-inertness which speaks well fur feiry
discipline, I'ruinpl acliuu uf this kind
is noted and appreciated by lbc Ita
veiling public eveu if Ihc rescued per
sun hum di  proves unepprcrialivo
Mr. J, W. Stewart
Returns From Europe
Mr. J. W. Stewart, president uf the
Pacific Ureat Kastcru Ilailway Company, arrived in Vancuuver yesterday
after a fuur muiilhs' trip thruughuut
I,ui "p.- and was in conference fur thc
greater purtiuu uf tho aftcrnuun with
Mr. P. Welch, vice-president of the
cunipuny and Mr. J. P. Cullughau, chief
eugineer n't the offices uf thc cuinpany',
iu Vuncouver.
Interviewed by a representative uf
the Kxpress, Mr. Stewart stated that
his trip tu Europe hud been uf the nu | the ruute uf
ng ami grading the right-of-way. Mr.
Htcwnri was uut iu position to state
at procisely what poiut or points cpn-
ui inel i.iii wuuld commence, but ho stated positively that clearing and grading gangs would be set at work within
a week or two ami that work wuuld be
carried on continuously frum that time.
He propuBcd to outer into coiisultutiun
with tho directors at uuce, when these
details with reference tu the policy of
Iho cuinpany wuuld be finally decided,
Asked us tu whether one of the
points at whicii cunstructiuu would
begin us referred 'tu abuve, wuuld be
lueated un the Nurlli Bhore uf Hie Inlet, Mr. Stewurt uud Mr. Welch both
pointed out the fact that while the
ugroemcut with Ihc government culled
fur tbu commencement uf construction
ut a puiut uu the Norlh Sburu witbiu
ten miles uf Vancuuver, Iba difficulty
whicii bad developed with reference lu
unipuny thruugh West
ture uf u hiiliday rather than a busi
ncss trip. Ho was well satislied how
ever, with the result uf lue financial
an' utigemciits which the eumpatty had
succeeded in making, bulb with refer
ence lu the ♦5,000,001) already Hunt,-.,
aud the prospects as tu future require
It wuuld be practically itupussibli1
fur him tu give uny detailed infurma
lion with reference tu the iuteuliuus
uf his company ut present because ut
lhe fact lhat he had uut yet had op
p"iiniuii uf conferring with his fellow
direclurs since his return. With refer-
ouce lu the general pulley uf Ihe com
pany huwever, it was their intention
tu rush cunstructiuu ami fur this pur
pose a vory large force of men would
be employed ulung the right-of-way,
Difficulties which had developed with
reference tu Ihe approval by the department uf ruilwuys uf certain see
tiuus uf 'ihc ruute map submitted by
the cuinpany had caused delays with
reference tu the actual commencement
of cuustruclion, which hud nut been
anticipated, but it wus his intention
li make u 'inn immediately upun clear
Vaucuuver would prevent the cuinpany
frum commencing ut sueh u puiut until
ufter this purtiun uf Ihc ruute is sol
Hod, fur tho reasuii lhat the point re
ferred lu iu the agreement wuuld iu
somewhere upon the disputed purtiun
uf Iho right-of-way. The llnul bearing
uf lhe matter hud been set by the
Minister of Ruilwuys fur the liu'lli inst.
uml no wurk could be done uu the
Nurlli Shure until, ufter Ihut date al
earliest. It wus nul anticipated, huwever, that there wuuld be uuy proloug-
ed delay in complying with the terms
of the agreement, ume Hie route map
thruugh Wesl Vuncouver wus approved.
Among olher matters Mr. Stewart
hopes tu be able tu lake up the mut
tor uf thc pui.Im by his company
of the Howe Suund uml Northern
Iluilwuy wilh satisfactory results.
The .n.iiiiiil general uieetiug uf lhe
Pacilic (Ireut Kaslem Itailwuy Cum
pany will be held iu Vicloriu un Sep
teuibcr ISth fur receiving reports,
electing director.- uml for llie trans
action of such business us usuully per
tains lu such u meeting.
Government's Reversionary Rights
BBFT. nth
The secretary uf the comm live in
' loupe of matters rclulmg to the gov
criiiucnt's reversionary rights to cer
lam distiirt lauds bas received inii
iiiiiiiini by wire from Premier McHridc
to the effect that the den.ion uf Ihc
gov i inin. ul iu this cuiiuciliu! cannot
be rendered um, iiic liili day uf Ihis
Jl will be remembered lhat ihe sixty
uue cannot du better thuu visit l.yuu
j Valley purk, cunyon uml the new sum
I pension bridge. A line progrum has
' been arranged for Hie occasion and
the impression uf lhe llrsl Lyuu Valley
day will uu duubt makfa further repu-
i tuliuu fui thai district.
The l.yuu Vulley Ratepayers Assu
ciation held their regulur monthly
meeling uu Wednesday eveuiug iu Ine
Inslilule Hail. Mr. T. A. Allan and
Mr J. Neat presided uver a guud al
tendance The meeling uf August the
Mth wus ignored us infuriual ufler
adupliug lhe minutes of the meeting
on July ilh The secretary read thc
uirespundeiicc. but lillle ur nu business
transpired beyond Ihis, the feulurc uf
'"'the evening being Ihc discussion  of
giieu-iiii... aud sume uf the language
used was uf lillle credit. The meeting
iidpniriii',1 at I0;80 u'cluck.
Knglisli will march off lhe Hugle Huml   leaping off agaiu ul   Hie
Inwards  the  lefl   uud   will  hull   them
at Ihe fuul uf Ihe slops uu the Iruil
leading down from t'ruwfurd ruu I til
which point be will arrive ubuul '.Mil
At ll:lii he will turu the Hugle lluud
ubuut and march ulf ut Ibe ueed of
lbc Oth Field Company I'auadiuu Ku
gincers who will fulluw lhe bail I in
Iwu deep furinaliuti if space will per
i pun Ihc arrival uf Ihe Hugle Hand
.within siglt uf Ihe band aland al lhe
huur of ICGG p.m. the Hugle Hand will
cease playing and the rcgimeutal land
uf lue Kngiueers will immediately cum
ilience a march and will piny tbe 'um
pauy into Iheir pusitiuu directly in
iioni uf the band stand.
As Cummissiuucr Kuglisb and llic
bugle baud upproach Ihc bench cpuii
which the Hand stand rests tbey will
ioutiiuie lu move forward in order lo
ulluw   HlC   engineers   to    wheel    le   tbe
right and take up their position as
aforesaid!      ,%
Upon Ihc complciiou of sonic rille
nun uuI. ni by tho Kngiueers, precisely
at thc hour of il o'clock Hoove Nay
will proceed lo deliver bis speech.
After the Hugle Hand moves off al
2:110 and between tbat hour and 2:60
Reeve May and the oilier speakers will
move to Iheir places as indicated liy
Chief of Polico l,iiiun aud will liave
taken up tbeir places by iitj).
Tbo regimental Uud will occupy Ibe
band stand aud it is assumed will havo
been there for * considerable time pre
vlous te.|hs bt,ur of SiM.
Miss Beatrice Louise Keller was sue
i-eiwful in Ihc recent ciaminatiuiis of
Ihc Toronto conservatory uf Music in
securing first class bunurs io piano
furlc primary grade.
North Shore l'ress Limited is
prepared to entertain propuritiuss
for a loan lu be utillud n tbe run
si met ion of a building fur nevs-
paper and printing purpuse-, 11 be
cicicd ou lot IS, block 161, I). L.
ill, being lbc north west corner of
First streot anil Rogers avenue, litis
rily. Full particulars may bo obtained by applying lo the under
HK,<).   II    MORDKN,
■'   '
'Premier recently, lefl Victoria un
understanding that the govern
meat's reply wuuld be furthcoming uu
ur befure Sept. Hlth Thc l'remier slat
es as Ihc reason for debv uausual
pressure of. government business
Lynn Valley Notes
Hum- Hn Sept. IHtb, lu Mr. and
Mrs. II  1.   ii on,p i,n. Centre Huad, a
The Lynn Vulley Day committee will
hold Ibeii final meeting tunighl in Ihc
hall al tim.
Mr. Wm. Herniy ii has under construe
lion a I,,,,'*, uu i'eler Huad fur Mr. T.
^mtlli uow residing on Durau Huad.
Thc athletic club will huld a special
geucial meeting this eveuiug tu make
Dual arrangements fur a tug uf wai
leam fur Saturday's spuria/
Thc funeral of thc infant son of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Maude, Durau Ruad.
tuuk place un Wednesday frum Ihr
chapel of T. F.tlwerds k tympany, itev.
N. 1. Thompson conducted tbe services.
Interment was made lo Mountain View
The birthday party lo cosscctiou
witb Knox cbureb manse is nest Tues
day evening and an interesting pro
gram is being arranged. So many years,
so many cents is the order, and these
are to be placed In an envelope and
handed   over.    Refreshment-   provided
Tomorrow, Saturday, is Lyon Val-
ay Hty,  For a fsw hours 'enjoyment
Un Tuesday evening an excellent
concert was rendered in Ihe Lynn Vol
ley Methodist church by Ihc choir uf
Sixth Aveuue Mclhudtsl church uf
Vancuuver, under the direction uf Mr.
Wm. Hicks. Tne concert w:s well attended and wus a great success. The
program rendered was as fulluws: Song,
"Mouutaiti Lovers," Mr. Wm. Hicks:
recitation, Miss llcalhcr: sung, "Star
Tide,'' Mrs. I'rilcholl; soug, "The
Carnival," Mrs. Jaa. Wilaon; duel,
"Venetian Hung," Mrs. Tipper and
Mrs. Hicks: recitation, Miss Heather:
soug, "Love's Coronation," Mrs. Tip
pen 'song, Mr. Wui. Hicks; recitation,
Miss Heather; song, "A May Moru
iug," Mr. Pritcbcll; song "Ulorious
Devon," Ul. James Wilson; rccllaliun,
Miss Heather; soug,''Tli.nn.'' Mrs.Tip
per; duct, "I kuow a bank,' Mu.
Pritcbett aud Mr. HirkV Ood Save
The Kiog. The pruceeds of the even
ing were in aid of lbc organ fuud.
Tag Day To-morrow
Tbe annual Tag Day in aid of the
Children's Aid Society of the provimf
of British Columbia will ke bold to
morrow, Saturday, September llth Tbe
ladles in charge will lie ia evidence lo
receive contribulions. Tbis worthy id,
ject will 00 doubl induce a large cou
Iributioo. Udics desirous lu assist io
thll work will kindly phone Mrs. Gall*
gbcr, HI, when place wili be left for
Iheir services
Route Boys wanted for th* Kxpress. I
Bank of Montreal
E.libli.hed |S17
Capital (paid up)   •   $16,000,000
Re«erve     ....    $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Branch t Fi A, MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bhlg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
1      ■ ■       ■ ■    .ii    ■
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Right Delivery II) Tittle
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
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•otic Ikapeny net HaU. lor
Tim. Ubl. aubject te eheof. without
d.l.ys, accld.htal or otnarwU..
The Premier Baron
One bright morning jn Muy, 1881, I
uliuul  in front of 11 iiliiiiim  ollice,
then published on Uoverument Street
in the lmii,Imu now, occupied by tbe
U. P. If. t.'u. On tbe opposite side,
near fort Street, I saw siumiing u
ni'H l.uuu n barrister (afterwards a
.lii'l|ic of tiie Supreme Court ami still
iiliii'l. Two yputlg men iu-.nI appcnreil
in view. They were strolling slowly
along, ami as (bey nearei) tliu lawyer
that geiitleiuan atoppoil in frunt uf
them and barred their further progress.
SuiU' words were eiehanged liy tba
barrister ami ono of the young men,
uml then the barrister's mm shot out
ami 'Imui went thu young man tu tin
(iinlliiii iii a disorganized tangle. Thc
other young mail put up his hatuls in
tin uggrcssive attitude, wncn he, loo,
went sprawling on top uf his coiupan
iuu. Hulh sprung tu their feut ami
holh went down agaiu. ily this time
Ur. Qllberl Malcolm tjprual (who Is
still wilh us, I am pleased to say) ami
I huil readied the spol, and Major He
courcey ami Mr. I'cmberlun, the police
Magislruto, whu were mi Iheir wuy In
Iiulil '.nni. ulsu ruu up. Thu yuung
men, whu proved tu be Mir Hurrell
Leonard, Hurl., ami Dr. Ramsey, u
medioj|] practitiuner, were ustiisteil tn
their feet, their hats weru recovered
mnl fni'y aiijuurnol tn Scurhy's drug
slure, where their wounds and bruises
were dressed. The cause of the difficulty
wus sume silly llllli'tut He of the due
lur which the barrister hail reasun tu
think utfecled thc repululiim uf a.lady
friend uf his. The baronet's uuly fun 11
wus being' found iu bud company um)
interfering iu u i|uarrcl iu which lie had
no concern.
With tbe ",, uf the American
war UeCoiircey saw lib opportunity,
Mc Immediately gut together his effect.
and left fur the Hiatus. Arriving at
Wasliingtuu he presented his ere.leu
iiul aiul wus mado a colonel. His
lirst engagement was ut the siege ol
V'icksborg, a Southern' strungiiuhl
which was beleaguered by Drum. In-
I'uurcey showed su much bravery uu
that occulon that he was mude u bri
. .i-ini I'l'i" i.ii His men, befure guing
intu action, baled him; he wus su tyr
nunicul and enacting lliul they made
up their winds lu kill him ul the firsl
chance. Hut, as une ut' them tul.l uie,
"The fellow wus su I'liii,' mnl cureless
uf Ins own safety uml comfort Ihul wc
'."ii.i nut "uiiii him. With sume ul
uur generals it was 'tin uu, buys!
With liei'iiurcey it wus 'l-Joinc on.
buys!' fur he was always lirsl. He
bullied uml damned us, but he would
uot lut us gu where he wuuM uut lirsl
gu himself."
After the fall uf Viiksliiirg Del'uur
ccy was scut with liis brigade lo a Dun
federal* fortress at a place called
i'limticrlainl (lap. ile was instructed
tu invest tlie fortress, but tn delay
furtber action until the arrival of the
commander in chief, Upon reaching
the Hup |)e('uurccy detected the weul,
spul iu the enemy 's works, au.l ut mice
u ,i,,lie,i the place, with the result
thut it sunn fell intu Ins hands wi|!i
muny prisoners cml ull the munition"
uf war,
Thc nest duy, upuu the um ul ul
the cuininan.ler in chief, llel'uurcey was
cashiered and dismissed frum lln'
uiinv fur "disobedieuec uf orders uiul
presumption." Was there ever u greut
er act of ingratitude dune by a jealous
superiur ufbeerf Jiel'uurcey did whul
Nelson did with impunity- wun u great
victory ii} disobeying orders. Nelson
was loaded down with many honors.
llel'uurcey was dismissed in ignominy.
Different nations huve different frays
of recognizing ability and pluck.
It may be mentioned as au cstrs
ui.iiiuuy circumstance that the Moulh
cm commander ul Oumbprland (Jap
was I'ickell, llic captain whu invaded
.San Juan Island ami set llel'uurcey's
null",ni\ al naught' At Hie outbreak
of Ihc war I'ickell resigned from the
Vniiui Army and joined the South
cruers, I'ickclt was nol captured at
tbe (lap, being absent at Uichiuoini
when Jici'.uiiicy louk Ihc place, i'iek
ill when I knew bim was abuut thirty
Hie years of age, of medium height, a
handsome, dashing fellow, with yellow
hair, wbicb be wore very long, after
the fashion of the Vikings, ivlium be
very much resembled. lie rose to great
distinction iu tbe Southern Army ami
died at Richmond after the war was
I),'"nr,.j weut back boiuc. It wa.
understood while bere tbat he was a
'Iniiuii connection of Lord Kingsdalc,
tbe l'remier Huron of Ireland, but so
remote were his chances of attaining
to the peerage that it never entered
the bead of auy oue to spcik of bis
high possibilities. Hut fate often ile
cides tbing in a way tbat ia foreign
to our anticipations and expectations.
One after auotber tbe immediate heirs
lo Iho Kingsdalc peerage died off and
cleared tbe path for Major Def'ourccy.
Then one day tbe old earl died and our
whilom disagreeable Victorian, the
former Hasbi baiook, the originator of
I tbe tim imt "mm," tbi tin kmeri-
can general, Iiiiinii nest ill line, succeeded tu tliu title uii'l e.mii'. Tho puur-
age is one of tlio most aliciotit In Oreat
Britain, dating back to Ihu twelfth
.'iiuiu. Tlio prescnl lumi Kiugsiluln
is |be thirty third of Ilis line, He |s
privileged to remain witli his hat on
in the presence of bis sovereign. II
Was King .Inliu who cunferrud Ibis
luiiun on lltu DcDuiirceys, because of an
act of bravery performed by Hir Juhn
Det'ourccy iu defending his sovereign.
History relates thai when Willium,
I'nn,' of i ium,"''. asccinluil Ihc Knglisli
iiniuii' in I Mill Im wus surprised ul ob
serving among the assembled peers ti
lull, gtiatil man, poorly dressed and
wearing his hul. Ilis Majesty iudig
iiiinili ilemumlcil In It now why Ihu per
sun fi' uuu",I In neur Ilis lieuvur in
lite presence of royally; uud one nf
Iho Miinii,'in probably replied Ihul llle
man wus lhe thirl uf Kingsilulc, uml
Ibat he rniiiaineil covered because ul'
u riglit cunferrud by a previous iuuu
arch. King Willium denounced lbe
right us au absurdity, mul in effect de
dared his unbelief iii the genuineness
ut' the claim. The Karl wus compelled
In wllhilruw, mnl wus uul again per
milled to cunie inlu lhe presence uf the
King until he hu<l produced the ueees
nary authority for llie strange custum
over the huml mul seul of King John
When King Qeorge IV visited Ireland,
somu seventy live yeurs ago, lie ,1c
iiiniufcul lu be lull the name ul' llie pel
son who of till the 'company prescnl
dared to remain covered in his pres
ence. I'crhsps he asked the Lunl
1 iiuiiii.,'iiiui.. "Whu is Ihul guyf" fur
Ueurge wus never very cliuice iu his
language, and revelled iu slang. He
was Inlil, whereupon he is said In huve
remarked i
''HumphI will it lie is un Hurl In
need not furgel Ilml he is it gentleman,
and refuse to luke off Ins liul  in  ll,
presence of ladies."
Our llel'uurcey, after lie became liml.
when presented lo (■juooii Victoria, wm,
Ips hul. I believe al the recent.I'uru
nation of King Kdward the present
Karl uf Kingaalo reluaiucil cuvered in
Westminster Abbey during the cere
muny. The llcCuurecys ure puur, bul
Ibey ure pruinl, und huve always resisted every effort In buy lue huts oil
their heads wilh u pension. Members
of the family lime engaged in I rude to
eke out their slender inniiin'. Like
l.urd i.yvi'.li'ii, wlm lisiled I' lusl
yeur, the Del uiinevs Inn. uflcn heen
forced lu accept menial empluymriil In
ublaiu the means of Inii,". I nni n
member nf lhe llet'ouri'-i family whu
wus employed us mul. in u mining
■ limp near ilkmiugiiii in l.vui. I'ulil
quite recently unutller ineniln'i uf thc
family wus a waiter uu u Medilerrau
cun steamship, mul another pluycil u
comet on the Hugslnp Xeuluns wbcu
thut vessel wus un tins stuliuu thirty
live years ugu. I,or,I l.yveilen bus been
u liilli;ii.| murker, a waiter, u slewurd.
;i sailor uud u barkeeper. A Victorian
who drunk willi him ut the Driurd luir
I'll* mc Ihut l.yveden cuu mil Hie
litiesl cocktail lie ever lasted. "There
is one thing," his lordship suiil, "lliul
I never let a man do-mis u cocktail
fur inc. J du it myself." Anutiier
Irish lord was un ostler iu New /.eu
Imui, uud wus sleeping in u huy lull
when culled Iinini' lu Ireland lu aeei-pl
the title uml the estates. Lunl Hubert
''ceil laflurwards Munpiis ut Salisbury
uml l'remier nf Oreal Britain) mined
fur guid at liallurat iu Auslruliu, where
bis cabin muy stilt be seen. Lord
Hlaijuiere's nephew wus a cou'din lor
on a Victoria street cur ten years ugu.
uml a buy named Harrison, bum ul
Vicloriu uf puur parents, is now a
baronet in Kugland. The ups am) downs
uf life ure wonderful frum the annuls
of the peerage.
A Mr. D'Kwch was colonial pust
master frum 1868 to 1861. He was u
huppy pn lm ky, hail fellow well met
sort uf pefson, very pulne and picusiiul
iu Ins manners, ami as jolly a com
|,ium,ii us yuu wuuld cure lu moot, The
I'oitolii" wus a frame structure, and
stood on Ihe sile uf whut is knuwn us
the "obi posloffice" uu Duvcrnuiciil
Street, There were forty lock boxes
and oue delivery window. The revenue
waa considerable, rale of postage ^hc
ing very high, as much as a shi-Uing
being cburged on a letter lo Kuglund
and tbe Slates, and ncwsjiapcrs paid
four cents each. No one ever knew
what was luken in al Ihc Colonial posl
office under D'Kwes. One duy D'Kwcs
applied for leave of absence. He was
overworked and was ill, and wanted
a trip to California. He gut his leave
aud weut away. Then Mr. Hold. Ker,
at tbat time Colonial Auditor and oue
of Ihc most accomplished accountants
in Oreat Britain, gol possession uf Ihc
oflice and it waa speedily found (bat
the postmaster was a serious defuultcr.
for line, much uo one ever knew, but
as be had taken everything that cuiuc
in for two years and paid lillle or noth
jog out, be must have got away wilh
several thousand dollars. His books—
well, he kept no books. The condition
of things at tbe postoUicc recalled to
old William -Leigh, aflcrward fowu
chirk for many yuurs, a reminiscence of
Oapt, "Hilly" Mitchell, whu fnr sonic
yours was in cuinmand of the Hudson's
Hay Company's pioneer stcotnur Heaver, uml trailed with the Imliaus ou
the northwest coast of the colony. The
coinpuny ilespalehed a sailing packet
once each yc»r for London with furs,
ol|s and skins. Tho annual accounts
wuru also despatched liy tlio sums mo
ilium. This, oi cujirse, wus before tin!
discovery of gold in California had
opened a shorter ami easier passage
to Kugland by wuy uf Panama. Uov-
oritur Doiigltis on one oecoeiou was
mniii vexed with Mitchell because of
his ilihituriiicss in handing in "thp
Heaver's iiccuunlit. After several uu
successful nppliciitiiins, the fluvernor
wont down 10 Hie lunil in pursuit.
"Cupl. Mitchell," he began, "yuu
musl hund in your accounts by loinnr
ruw iiiuiii"
"My accounts, replied Hilly. "I
huve none."
"Htirely, Cupt. Mitchell,'' returned
Ihu (lovemur, "you kepi accounts uf
your expenditures and  receipts!"
"Yes, sir I did,"
"Where an; thoyf"
"To loll lhe truth, llovejnor, I kept
then in the Bible, and the d      d, ratal
haya eaten lb« book from Oenesis lo
Major DeOourcey, or rather Hai,,,,
Kingsale, died ill Italy, where ho te
sided for economical reasons, thirteen
years ago, aud his remains fere taken'
to Ireland aud interred in Hie faiuily
vault. His grand nephew, who is uell
iu succession to tha present earl, is a
tea merchant iu London aud his coming
of age Will ihortly be celebrated uill,
becoming liouurs.
Where wuuld the pantry sleep f
"Wuiili'd: l4dy to share room an
um beds and kitchen. Rent rea.,,,
able."—Corpus ciirisiie Democrat.
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Job Printing at the Express
JJdUor Express:—
Bir—I road ip your issue pf Wth
iu»f, * ropprt flf the proceedings it tin
dty council, flyer wlijch it sfates In
large bead-lines tb,»t "Tht 9mi 8«-
bukes AHderiuuii Forumun fur Duwniiig
iirpiuiii Children," wl Intfl wiiicu 'uy
name lias liecu soniewl|*t uunpceesijrily
drugged |iy lliu Worship the Muyur ami
Al<|- RI*        *
The facts aro that; sume weeks ago
when the questinp nil pxemptlons from
liiMiliiiu lirsl iirnse In Uie council, Al
deritiiin Porciiian asked my opiuion regarding It, and I gave it to hint, setting out at lbe I'uii ibereiif a few facts
which it was necessary for bim to got
in order tu enahlu mo to givo a definite
opiuion "ii tliu aubject. My. opinion
was nu lu,lu,l iu iim document read by
Ablerniuu Foreman which |ia» already
appeared in your roport, and which I
litivewo hesitation In standing back of
as correct. Tho facta suggested in my
opinion given Alderman Foreman or at
lust the most Important of thorn have
uover been givon to Ibo council so far
a* I can gather from your roport. The
musl important thing to know ia "the
number of children other tbau Indians
fdr whom uo pay is received." Without tbis no definite opinion can be given
by auy solicitor. It would alsu be
well to kuow whether III cm' children
belong to llic cily of Norlh Vancou
ver or havo heen brought bore from
Tbi opiniun of lbc city solicitor ivas
given on a mis statement of facts. The
letter from the city clerk to the cily
solicitor, written at the mayors' dictation—as it states—says, "There arc
fifteen white children, all orphans."
Sister Mury Atny'B letter says, "Wc
are puid I'or the white children as the
parents ure able lu pay." From this
it woold appear that some, at least,
of the llfleen "orphnti" children men
lioiicd liy the mayor, havo parents.
This is slurliing, inasmuch as it con
stitutcs un entirely uew class of "or
pbatis;" as ull urpliuns hitherto known
huve bad uo parents.
Bister Mary Amy further says,
"Home while orphan children arc uever
paid for." Now just how many arc
included in tbia word "some" is tbe
all-important question) aud this the
Council did not lake tbo trouble to
havo answered. Here it may be asked
why a copy of Slater Mary Amy's let-
f*> i
North Vancouver City
PRICE. $4750
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
k     Limited Liability .
Nortli Vancouver Agent* for
Pnone Seymour 6286
ter WM R. t Wtf t« th* pity solicitor
instead of til* one that was sent. Qf
why, at least, was lbe city solicitor
liflt g|yon a truthful statement pf the
facts as contained iu her I, Her' If
my recoil*. Hop serves me  correctly
ypur fopprt slate, that thc council wero
tb»t night considering the weighty sub
Joct of tlie Turkish Bath By-lap, and
tills may have been the cum"' pf diverting their minds from so trifling a
subject as the taxation of a quarter
ofl in iiiiun dollars worth of property.
The »liiliile miller which this exetilp-
Ho* is ciaii»pi| mentions "orphan mA
ih-ulilnli- children." Aldeniiuu Fore
mun is quite correct in saying that tbp)
.ine" not include iiiiiiiius, wlm are wards
nl  tb* government, ppt destitute.  Nui
ther does ii include the newly discov
ered cluss. of orphans whose parents
ure able to pay for Ihem. These two
classes being eliminated, it leaves ouly
the "some" out of a tutal of fifteen
white children. We bave no luforma
tion as to tbe exact uumber Included
in tbis word "some"; but for the sake
of argument may safely presume iu
Iho absence uf better evidence tbat it
would not bo over three or four, or it
would have boun stated aa a third ur
more uf the afuresald fifteen, ii tbis
bo so, theu all tbat any educational
institution, such aa the Mission schuul
(or for lbat matter any kind of an in
slit ul inn i would bavo to do, would be
to take iu throe or four orphaus free
of cburgc and in this way have Ihc taxes that should be paid by tbe institution transferred to the shoulders oi the
rest of tiio community. Tbis would upply lo even tbe Chesterfield school not
withstanding the "incongruity" of the
comparison in the opiuiou uf the mayor.
It is not a qucstiou as to whether the
council may feci inclined tu grant ex
emptiuu tu auy pstrticular party, but
whelher tbey have a legal rlgbt to do
su. It is an easy thing to be generous
with money which one docs not have to
earn; liul a public trustee should be
at least as careful with public money
us he would with bis own.
Thc suggestion that Alderman Fore
mun lius tryiug lo "down tbe or
pliaus" as the mayor so gracefully expresses il, it is not necessary to reply
to, us Al,l.■iinini Foreman is well ami
favorably known iu Ibis city. There
docs seem, however, for some unex
plained reason, to have been au uuusuul
minium of heat iu the couucil's discus
siuu of this subject; so much su that
Ilis Worship the Mayor, followiug llic
example of the ancient prophets deem
ed it i ,i, ii lulni't on him to scold- - I
menu "rebuke" Aldermen Foreuiuu
for "downing the orphaus." Of eoun
Ibis sounds very well wben a civic elec
liuu is louming up a few muiiths aheadi
but thc ijucstiuu is a purely legal "c
and shuuld he so considered.
it ia solely frum Ibe legal stand
puiul thai I am considering il, and I
regret that Iho remarks uf llie inuioi
ami "mm lilm referred lu bave rendu
ed il ueccssary for me to trespass ou
your space by Ibe insertion of tins
Norlli Vancuuver, Sept. II, Iill:'.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,000
I    ,       , I ..   -A -
V '' IJ"'   ■
Norlli Vancouver Branch Now Located at tbe
A Central Banking Btiiincii Ttansacled.   Inlerest an
* Savings Bank Deposits an One Dollar and Upward,.
I. A. FOBSIW    Maueg.r.
We are showing an excellent Hue of Sterling Silver aud Plated Ware,
notblng but tbe highest grade of Hoods.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much bolow those who
pay high rents.   A comparison will prove this tu yuu.   See our window*.
The Store of Quality
and Low Prices.
tided in accepting from uuy solicitor
•'legal advice Imscd on uu inaccuracy uf
this kind.
Ju conclusion, I suppose thut tlie
aldermen of Ibis city lire elected lo
express Iheir opinions ou city unit
ters ami not lo be subjected lo pub
lie ni,ni,,. from the mayoral chuir
when theae opinions happen to differ
from his worship's owu.
The ratepayers wouhl, I hope, dis
cover for themselves upon reading the
newspaper reports of Monduy night 'a
meeting thai there wus no ullempl
whatever on my purt lo "down ' uny
children, orpuau or otherwise
Yours truly,
(!. V. FOII KM AN.
Kdilor Kxpress:
Dear Uir, At tbe close of a discus
lioo ut Monday night's meeting ut lhe
council iu regard to the exempting of
HI. i'aul's school from taxation, the
muyor uddrcssing me personally, ex
pressed a hope that I would work for
lbc city's interests to Ihc same ex
lent as I hud worked for tin "down
iug of the orphan children."
i feel Ihul it is up lo mc uh .
chosen representative of the rutepuy
ein of North Vancouver to assure thc
electorate that in bringing fornunl
the facts that I certainly did bring
forward uu Monday night, I hud aliso
lui'l.i uo mii'i,ium whatever of at
lucking orphan children as a class. The
,,i, ii,,ii uuder discussion was purely
uml simply whether a particular in
slitutiou came or did uot come under
u certain section of thc Municipal
Clauses Act. if I had beeu satisfied
Ibat tbe former was the case I shuuld
bavo beeu the firsl one tu move Ibe
grunting of the exemption applied for.
As I was by no means satisfied ou tbis
poiul, I aaid so, aud was prepared lo
say so again and again until proper ivl-
deuce wa. prodoccd to the contrary.
''he advice of Ibe city solicitor lolhe
cuuucil was baaed upou information
t,.r»iinlid tu hini by His Worship tbe
Mayor, and 1 felt it my duly lo call
i.llenlion lo thc fact th.t certain ini
pn iinni Hiiiiciiiciits iu his letter tlif
fcred very greatly from the state
nictils made by Bister Mary Amy ber
self iu ber lotter tu the council. Bister Mary Amy stales "we have under
our care at preeent 60 Indian children
aud 16 white children; we arc paid fur
thc white children aa the parents are
able to pay for tbem; some white or
phan cbildreu aro never puid for." Tho
letter dictated by His Worship cou
Inins   Ihe   sluteini'lil   that   Bt.   Paul's
school has "16 white children, all of
whom are orphans,' 'then oue of those
statement, muat of necessity be false,
since iu the one instance some of tbe
|J white children have parents lo pty
luf Ihem, while iu the second instance
they are every one of them alfted to
be parcutlew. J, for one, if only tpf
this on* reaeon, would tot fttt Jus
Kdilor  Kxpress:
Iicur Hir, There is u "rowing feeling
of unrest uud dissulisfaeliuu with llic
nay iu which affairs huve been uud are
being urrunged hy the city council of
North Vuneuuier.
For one thing, the price reuli/ed lor
Ihc cily bonds does not appear tu be
satisfactory enough for pollination to
lbe geuerul body of ratepayers, not
ivillisluudiiig Ihc Apotheosis win h llle
financial uml,a-sudors received on their
return from the eust by the present
chairman of the finance committee uud
the majority of lbc aldermen,
Tben au enquiry is desirable inlu
mauy matters amoitgsl other-- THK
As lo the ownership uf ihc quarry,
us lo arrangement of lbe contract, us
In the action of the city council in os
scsslng Ibe priCc of the rock contrary
lo the schedule of prices per yard per
slreet specified in tin- suid contract.
Also us to whether any uldermau or
any person in his' hehulf or uny person
in partnership wilh him has entered
into or obtained any inieresl directly
or indirectly iu auy cuulro/t entered
into by or wilb lhe city, (Bee Sec
lions IW, ifi, i!H Municipal t'lauacs Act),
Also as lo whether il luy within the
power of tbe cily council of lull lo
sell or exchange IH acres mure or less
lying upon thc slope of the wust side of
Mackay I'reek for ity, acres wore or
less lying at the. bottom of thc said
creek, whellifr the said sale or exebunge
was equitable,
Alsu a full explicit statement as lo
tbe im' eut position of Ihc Klec Lake
I -iiul dispute, ami as lo whether lhe
council are acting within their power
under lhe Municipul Cluuses Act, in
■.pending muney upon Hie suid properly.
Also as lo whelher any alderman
acted as agent for the vendors of properly eonliiniuii" lo Eire Lulu- aud do
mended or received for Ihc sale of
any portion of the aaid properly to tiic
The opinion is expressed by many per
sons that this enquiry should lake Ibe
form of an audit liy a person or per
sous appoiuted by the Lt.Governor in
Council under Ihc Compulsory Audit
Clauses' ol tho Municipal Clauses Acl.
Commending these mailer, to the
earnest consideration of the ratepayers,
I remain,
youra truly,
P. 0. Box im,
North Vtncouvpr, B, U,
Creating Interest in
Highway Conitructlon
Toronto, Scp'tcmber HI—With Torou
to us iiis temporary headquarters, Mr,
W. J. Kerr, of New Westminster, 13. ft,
president of Ihc I'uuudiun Association,
is spending a lew weeks iu (liilurio
with u view In arousing inlerest iu tbe
convention of the association which is
lo lie held iu Winnipeg October 11 lu
When seen by a press representative
this inuruing, Mr. Kerr suid Ibat pros
peels were bright for u very successful
gathering in Winnipeg next uiuuth, He
lound seiitimciil ull over the country
keenly aroused mer good rouds, anil
Ihis, he believed, wuuld ensure a bump
er gathering of enthusiasts in the Muui
lul'ii eupital. Nul only were the uuiu
mobile men keenly interested but he
fuiiii'l lbe same sentiment prevailing
iniiuii;.' city residents, men wliu hud bill
little occasion to use Ibe country rutids.
Farmers, of course, buve all aloug been
hi lui ui of lhe unproved roads, ami
the ouly reason which cau be advanced
»hy Ihey huve not lul.ui mure aggrcs
mii measures to secure this boun Is
Ihul  Ihey lacked concerted action
"ll ' Ibis concerted action lhat we
ure promoting hy means of the Cuuu
dura Higtiwuy Association," remarked
Mr. Kerr, "and it is very gratifying
lu me lo be able lu say Ibat we buve
succeeded even beyond oor hopes. I
have often been luld that 1 am vciy
enthusiastic.over good roads, bill you
will find lliul every mun wbu has given
some thought und study tu Ibe qucstiou
is just as enthusiastic us I am. A roud
uf ilself is a prosuic subject and one
needs imagination to forsee the Iran
formation iluu will result uuce the
ruads uf this country have been
changed from the quagmires lo level
streets. Ilecuuse Ihc tubject is io pro
sun1 ihe people huve becu apathetic.
Hnly hen- and there some mcu stand
out as keenly interested iu road im
piuvctjciit, men who ure willing lo de
lole time and thought  aud money lo
tin- amelioration of conditions. It is
the object of the i'iiuii.lum Highway
Association lo baud llicsc incnlogclher
nnd lo use Ibis union as a force where
hy the will of thc people cau be guided
ami directed iu tho right cbanucl"
"What will be Ihu attendance al
yuur Winnipeg cuuvcntiunl" Mr. Kccr
wus asked.
"it is really luo early to make uu
estimate," was tbe president's auawer.
"Wc expect lu have representatives
Irom a large number uf Hoards of
Trade, Chamber, uf Commerce, I'ro
gross Clubs, Cily Councils, Aulumubiic
Hubs and (food lioads Associations
Arrungemenls have bcou made for these
accredited representative* to be given
a voice in all discussions ami debalcs,
The inc.■lings will be open io every
man interested iu good roads, and every facility will be giveu till attending
lo luke part in the discussions. The
fuel lhat wc have arranged for a four
day convention is lo itself cytlenco r
lhat wc txpect lo trained a large
iiiooiini of business The program
should be ready for distribution tbi*
week aud anyouc interested cau secure
a ropy by. writing lo Hecrotary P. W.
Luce, at Ihc association's hetdqutrtere,
Cunningham lllock, Now W«tioio*t«,
I LLUJI »-">»" I'tsmtlWIII   Timi"ilWT^ri  '-i-iHUiriTllnnT   ini"'
MOBTH VAJfpOff?*»... 9mm OOWWLt,
Published Tuetdaya and Friiltys by North Shor. Pr..., Limited.
Bates of 8ubsoription:-On* year, IIM,  Si* months, We,  Three months, 86s,
United State, and Foreign, 82.00 per year.
Advertising Bate* WUI tn Quoted ou Application.
TAI MfPini Is devoted to the interests of tha North Shore ol Burrard Inlet
•xelu.ively. It constitute, an advertising-medium of axeeptioutl value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vancouvar
Oity and District. Evory effort, is made to give advertiser, th* most satisfactory
. Ali change, lu contract advertisement, ahould be in tbe printer*' hind* not
later than HI a, m Monday and 6 p. m. Wednesday to. eu.ure insertion in tb*
following issue.
North Vancouvtr, B. 0	
111111111' "
 September  13,   1012.
Th,- di-. i.-ion iif Iho 11. 0, Klectric
Iluilwuy Company tn oxtoud litolr linos
iiiiiiiiiiii Norlb iu.n "lulu frum the pres-
out terminus tn Windsor road ia one
which will unl only be hailed with
elnl inn by tho residents and the pru
perly owners of thut particular ■dislricl, bul which will likewise be received with .",,'inii.hi.,u by the entire
Norlli Shore. Norlb l.unsilule has been
making great strides of progress dur
illg.recent months, notwithstanding the
fuel ilmi the locality has been seriously
hampered because of lack of tram service. The prupcrly owners have manifested a most .uiiiin a.iuliiu spirit uf
enterprise iu the way of assuming lhe
litiiim iui responsibility for the inslalla
lion of extensive public improvements
iu this iinoiii'' residential district,
umi huve i in i In 1 munifestcil their in
,livuiual liulii in the ment.. of the
community i» many iiiiiiiiiii ru by im
erection of handsome uml expensive
, hollies A visit to Norlh Luusjjule will
quickly convince unyutie of the faet
that lbc householders arc fully con
viuceil uf tho iniiin,i,i,'i', which they
enjoy while lhe cure which is evliltnc
ml iu the .surroundings of the homes,
reveals a well justified pride iu the en
viulde reputation which the community enjoys as a pluee of residence.
Marked as has beon the advance
men! which (his sec I ion hus made ul
lute, thai uilvuiiccmcul would lliulcni
ulily have been very much greater were
il nul for lhe fact Ihut the tram ser
vice nas hitherto slopped al a point
loo fur removed for the convenience
of families resident in North Lonsdale.
Now, however, Ihul lhe extension of
tlie tramline for a distance nf part!
cully one luiii uiile, or lu u point some
what beyond the present centre of popo
hit ion is assured, a very decided im
pedis will he given tu the growth ol
population and the locality will ra
I'ldli come inlo ils own as one of
Ihe most desirable reaidential sections
of lhe North Shore,
The decision, upon the part uf the
ll (I. Klectric Hallway 1'ompany, lo
'nuke Ihis extension, constitutes au cu
coiiatiinp evidence of the fact Hint
tlie compuny is by no means indifferent
lo lhe progress of Ihe different cum
muuitics on this side of lhe Inlel. From
the very nature nf the case, it is in-
evttulde thai the properly owners and
tin: nun, company view Ihc sobjeel of
Irnm/ne extensions from ilivcrpjeut
i ii wpmnls The property owners
wuuld have ihi' tramline do lhe pioneer
ing by building somewhat ahead of\the
Influx of population in the hope of ex
priiitiug settlement while (he Company
i,ii tiie other hand are inclined to view
tin' mutter from u transportation view
lnnil uml tu consider Ihul as a busi
in-s  proposition  a   certain  stage  of
s, III,'111, 1,1 should he utluilieil iu lhe
lirst instance iii urder to justify the
extension of the lines. The task of
reconciling Ihcae Iwo atlitudes is* In
in, means au easy one and any indict
liun ol uu inclination upon the part
uf the company in follow a policy
which anticipates, rather (ban fulluws,
the populating of the several i omnium
ties is a mailer of interest to all
portions of lhe North Shore.
Willi respeel lo lhe North Lonsdale
extension huwever, inasmuch at
this implies lhe exleusiun of
Ibeir lines for approximately uuly
one hulf mile und involves
no alteration in the existing schedule,
or addition, lo (he sen ice, while ul to.
same time lhe dislricl thruugh which
the exleusiun will run is now fairly
well populated ull the way there is
every reason to hope lhal lhe company
will Uml the ret urns satisfactory from
lliv inception of lhe added road and thai
increased populaliun will speedily
place the new Hue on en even better
earning basis.
All the circumstances pertaining to
the grain yield of tin prairie provinces
Ibis year appear in be of au exception
ally encouraging and gratifying nature.
The season proved to be well nigo
ideal for growing aud ripening' the
grain throughout Die entire immense
territory comprising Ibe grain area.
Tbe weather, labor und other coudlliolis
unending the harvesting of the immense
S appear likewise lo present the
' auspiciuus rireuuiaUnces. Now
the llnal attges, namely that of
shipping and financing the crop, have
beon reached, it will givu rise to tbe
utmost • satisfaction throughout the
west to nolii the fact that the facilities in these important particulurs ure
ium h more adequate tbau tbey liave
been with respect to any provious liar
vest, '.nt!• iihi.iiiu.Ini" tho fart that .
reliable estimate places the tulal iroj
this year at the enormous yield uf 288,
01)0,0011 bushels, which is greater by
I0,(II)II,I|IH1 bushels than that of any pre
viuus yoar, tho sbippiug and financing
tu, iluu",, nevertheless, give every pru
mise of I'l'in,-' for the first timu equal
to Ihc Herculean task of marketing
the crop wilb despatch.
Tbe wisdom of those special measures
which woro adopted by lhe Dominion
cabinet in preparation fur the problem
whieh it was believed tho crop wouhl
create is clearly evident, in the gratifying results whlcb are nuw accrit
Ing thorufrom.     lu accordance    will,
their determination  tu muke prepare
lion, which wuulil relieve Ihe ijiffiitil
tics   which   have   hithertu  caused   so
much vexation in connection with muv
Ing tho crop, the government called a
conference at Ottawa last winter which
wus attended by Hun. Oeorge K. Fus
ler, Hun. Hubert lingers, und (he heads
uf the leading railways.   At this cou
ferenre an agreement  was reached us
to u policy of improved Iraiisporlaliou
facilities ami in this policy Ihe Hail
way   Commission,  Hie  drain  Oommis
sion,  Ihe Trade and  Commerce Com
mission, Ihc Department uf Kuilwuys.
lhe   National   Taiiscuiiliucntal   Cum
mission aud lhe Cunmllun .Manilla,tin
ers'  A.'.-o' ml mu have en operated, lis
a result uf this policy, Ihc railway trans
porlatioii syslem uf Canada is belter
equipped lhan il was last year bv Ihc
addition of 600 locomotives on' over
20,00(1 cars, in addition to which ex
tensive improvement, have been made
lu Hie roadbed, terminals ami other In
nuiiciul circles uiul with much greater
'expedition, than has over beeu the
cuse hitherto, feels whose beneficial iu
i'iiiu,'' upon the prosperity of tiic Dominion ip general and the wost in particular, eunnot well be uver pstimutud.
iiiK'i. *-*****,* PWO/frlan I'kurch,
Belli Koed-8eryN»: Morning, Tlillf:
evening, 7:30. Adoll lllblo t'liisu, 3:30.
Sunday School, 8:80, f.P.B.O.W.. Tuesday, at I p.m. Prater Ueollnjr, Wed-
aertw.   at   6   p. ni.   Choir   rraetlee.
Friday, at I p. m. Key.
I.illiil.l Macleod
i-iini. linn, ui ui, with this movement, lbc
Minister of Itailways began lo lav
plans fur averting Ihe currency famine
which has hitherto caused su inm-lt in
convenience during the crop moving
seusou. iuist year, iu order tu relieve
the currency stringency to some cileil,
the I ,inl, were permitted In ,tuu,< a
temporary currency ou a eertu'i, lam
in proportion lo tbeir assets good fn
four mouths ll transpired bowevci
lhal Ibis period for Ihis emergency
circulation was too short and il lias,
accordingly, been extended a month
either way, lhal is, instead nf begin
niug on the first of October, it begins
on the lirst of September ami instead
of terminating at the end uf January,
the bunks are given until.lhe end ol
February lu recall lbc contingency ,ur
In renewing Ihc contract for the
printing of the Dominion notes, the
lacl thul il would be necessury lo meet
Ihc greul autumn demand was kepi in
mind ami Ihc recent issue of tii notes
was designed to solve this problem. In
ull Ibere is iu circulation iu Canada,
tm,5illl,000 iu notes available for use
by luniks, iu additiuu lo which ther''
is a very large amount iu what arc
termed "legals". These "" are
notes of very large denomination, rang
ing frum ♦5WI lu 15,000, which arc uul
available fur public circulation. Inu
much us the banks have hithertu found
themselves ruuning short of tneir own
uotcs, of suitable ib'uominalmu for pol.
lie use, lhe Minister Tf Finance decid
ed lu provide the uew ti, uote, iu or
der that Hie "legale" might lie read
ily converted into . form available fur
puldic circulation, These Ave dollar
notes were accordingly distributed
throughout the Dominion iu exchange
for Ihc notes of large denomination,
uf Ihc respective banks and their popu
laiii.v may be gauged frum the fact
that up to August 23rd live duller uutes
to lue amount of $0,400,105 bod heen
placed in circulation. Hy this means
it was Imped Ibat adequate provision
woold be made to meet llic demands
Of any possible expansion of currency
requirements, which might develop. Thc
test iug poiut has uow been aboul reached and there is excellent ground for Ihe
conclusion, ilml although thc temporary money stringency which thc oilier
porin.ii- of the we.t Invariably feci
nInn ibe crop must be moved i. again
"Toll, because uf the desire oil the bank,
lu make ua. of lhe largest possible
amount of tbeif own currency, yet the
great prairie crop will be moved tbia
yetr witb much leu disturbance in 4-
Hctkudt.i tifcqreif-Corner  of Sixth
and St. (leoi-ue. Sunduy Mm-vices. 11:00
a. in. and 7:811 p. in. Sunday Scliuol uml
Bible I'liiss. 8:30 p.pi. Senior Leuvuu,
Monday, 8 p. in. Pruyor und I'rulse
Service. ". .'.in.mlu). :■ p. ni. Junlur
Liiiigiie. I'liursiluy afternoon ut 8:38
Pu.tiir, W. C. Schlllchcr.
•I Ant.' Iikank—Corner Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunduy Services:
Morning Pruyer, 11 am; Sunduy
School 1:30 |i. m.; Evening Pruyer, V.ii
p.m. Holy i',,miiiiiiii,,n. Ural and third
Sundaya In month, ut 11 u in., second
Bunday In munth, 8 a.m. .riuv.iSaniiiui
Fea. V. A   Vicar.
Salvation Amy—Lonsdule Avenuo
Sunday services, 11:00 a.m., 8 p.m und
7:15 p.m. Tueaday, 8 p.m.: Tliursduy,
I p.m. Children's Service, Wnlnesdu),
1 p.m,
llapltai < Iniri-h Tvvolnl, und St.
Qeorge. Services ut 11 u.m. und 7:3i*>
li.lli. Sunday School and lull,, ilu....
at 8:80 p. m. Prayer and Praise Bervlce.
Wednesduy ul 8 p. m. Pallor, Kev. A.
J. Pro.ser, Twelfth und St. George.
si. .lulni Ikt lliunaillsi, Eighth uii'l
'i'iiuiinull Holy Communion, 8 u. in.
Morning Pruyor, 11 a. m. Bveiiln.j
Prayer, 7:30 p. u. On the lirst Sunduv
In Ih. monlli (bore will lie ., second
" I' In, of the Huly Couimunion
at 11 a. in.   Rector, Rep. lloglf Duuper
St. ii.iiooii.i-s i uiiiuil.' i i, I,, sixth
und Mahon Avenue. Sunday—High
Muss gnd Sermon. 10 u.m. Sunduy
School, 8:30 p.m. Rosary und Bene
dlcllon, 7:80 p.m.    Friday  -Low Muss,
I a. ni. pfuloi, Jlev. 3. A. llcdurd.
O- M. I,
latin Catholic I'kureli ul si. I'aul'i.
Haas, 7:30 u. in., Sundays. I'nsloi, Rev
ti. I'.') lavin, 0. M. I.
•I. TkosM.—8 u. in , every Sunduv
except Ural Sunday in monlli 8.311
a. m. llrsl iinmlu In month. II u.m.
Matins, Llluny und Sermon, second uud
fourth Sunduy. Holy Ciiiniiiuiilon uud
Sermon, llrsl und third Sunduys. Vlcur.
Rev. T. !■:   Row*.
I' tcrlan Hburck Sunduys, 11
a.m. und 7:30 p.m. Sunday Sciioul and
Bible Cluss, 3:30 p m. Teachers' Train
Ing Class. Wednesday. 7:30. Pruyer
Meeting. Wednesduy. 8 p in, Hoys'
Club, Thursday, 7:30 p in t:hulr Practice. Friday, 8 p. in. It. Van Mfiiisler.
M. A , pastor.
Prtsliilerlan rburcb-Wurslii|i. tiuu
days,   ll   u. ni   and   7   p. in     Huiulay
School, 8:16 p.m.   Pastor, Rev  A   M.i
it. ii.miii.i Cklirek Worship Sunday.. II a in. and J:00 p.m' Sundav
School, 3ilG p.iu f., i,.i Rev "
tl.'.,   Ijiiu   Vallt-l—Matins
II a.m Sunduy School 3 30 p in Even-
Song 7 00 p ui. Duly Communion soeuni
Sunduy In mouth at 11.00 ., in.   K, mini
J    I I," Ll "UO   tu   nliiiru,
10,000 cords of dry Dr wood for quick
ta)*. Pr|c» psr odd cord*, f«.76. Bps-
clal quotations for Itrgor quantities.
Out Wood, 18 iuchit, 13.26. 18 Inches
IS-M. C.O.D.
Office and Yard— Htd and Lonidale
Pt,oi,.|90.    P. 0. po* Z432.
Lodg. Bote, No. 1190
Meetings of Ihis lodge aro held In
thu Knights of I'ylhius Hall, corner of
Chesterfield avouuo ami Fourth street,
uu the lirst and third Friday, lu each
iiiunili, at t o'clock p. in.
i'nn ii 'iiiiun.'. mid applications for
inoiiiiiei : to be addressed tu Harold
Lues, sucrotary, I'. O. hot 2311. Hi i" Hi
In all Cuuuirlea. Ask fur our Inventus. Adviser. Marlon A Marlon, 161
University street, corner St. Catherine
Street, Montreal. Canada, and'Washington, 11, ft, II, HA,
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
C.neda'a Grail.*,! Wt.t.rn School
K. J, Sprott, B.A., -   Manual
'   1 'i
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
.|.|n Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Mfinagei
Taxes 11112
Notice in hereby given lliul I he i,
ball- ou IIIIH Tate. positively i'Iosow uu
Moinluy, Setomhcr  Kith,   IU I tf.
Proporty owners or their'agent* nut
having received requisite lux uoIuch,
run 11I1I11111 Iinni hy U|i|ilyinu ul tin
I'ily Hull. North Vuuruuvcr.
8. HIIMi'llllKYH,
('iiiln lur.
III  tbe   MatUr  of  The  Leonard Sale
Company, Aaaigued
Thi' creditor, having givon imperative
instructions tu colled ull uui iiiiulmu
in 'iuuu:. purlieu indebted lit the ubove
"The Leonard Hale Company," arc re
ijuoMOiI lo call and si'llle Iheir indebted
in-« forthwith. Tin can be dooc Ity
eitber railing al lbc slorc, UU Lonadale
Avenue, Nurlli Vumouver, to the man
in-charge, or at Ihc olliie of Wilson *
I'erry, Assignees, mui Haatlnga Hired
Weat, Vaueouver.
W. .1. WlliSON,
t.f. A.slgni'e.
All Nortb Vancouver ptopl. tat at
I'.ilber I'luli. Block or Haalioga St.,
opposite the new pint office. I.minimi
«'-ll. hi. I'" by tb. pound.
Begardiug the sale of the 33 lota whlcb were the site of the old Beyuiour
Mill 011 Biithorliiud Avouuo.
For a payment of linii cash and till per montb you buve u
chalice of valuable residence lut:,, close to the Hi mul Boulevard ut a
very low price.
Wo have alao lor talo tou lota lu Block "C" of Dmtn.t Lol 7Wi
oil St. Hi-Hi;,e'i, Boad whero the Seymour factory I. located at modulate
price, aud 011 oasy terms of payment.
All these lot. aro clearod aud ready for occupation.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
Assignees of thc Seymour Lumber Oo., Lul.
17 Lonadalo Avenuo Norlli Vancouvor Plioue 37
Job Printing at the "Express"
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.    A Snap at $2,000,  One-lliird cash, bal. 6 and 12 month*
Offlce Phona 173.
- i   55S
id. i.ii 1111- Phoue 3%
P. O. Box  1831.
cm.sloan,Manager.   CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER   *■■Lkum' t,micl"t'
• . . . m   '    •
'     »
'm\-\ - 1
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms en suite,wilh 'special raits.
Modern appointment* throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate rales.,  v
Eaay trail to lop of Grouse' Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
SEASON 1912 ,,_, ^<T, f^^aata, nMit-m rniiwwrftftt Hi v» Pt*
\V|iou your Savings Accpupt roaches a reaeuuablo amount the Interest begins
tp'tol). Ono workman, wbp bar! * lam hundred dollars on iloposlt, said thai
tbu.Interest sueined like r*c*iyjpg un extra peak'* p*y pacli. ye*,. Tlw »l|
hud to sluri onco. Lose pp limo |» nuking yuur InltW dtposjt.' Due npllur
itarts up account in
1836      THE BANK OF      1912
British M America
78 Yoars In Business.  Capital and B*«*rv* Ovtr 17,600.000.
Two Offjcei in North Vancouver, Corner pf Lpnidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
|vi" >r>
'    ..      ■ 	
^Electric Irons
10 Days' Erso Trial
Solvea tha Summer Irouing Problem
I'ur 11)11! we are offering a "Hotpoint" pf tho 81b sizo, suitable (or
goucrul liouseliohl use, for ♦1.5U. This lum is similar to all "llolpoints"
except Unit lhe upper surl'ucu is unpolished.
PHONE lili
Second Sired Easl, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses llie dnest roof garden on the Pacilic Coasl.
Band ruin cil every Friday evening from 6 lo 10.
I ltd ami i nlil water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Business Gentlemen'. Popular Lunch Place.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.00. Lunch 12.00 to 'lm
High Tea 6.00 till 7.80.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Ordtr. sptclally attended to.
i I
Special Council Session
The dis|rict cuuucil held a session hn
Tuesday lUiiinly fur tho purpose of
milking progress willi reference fp n
number of iiiiporlunt by-Ion's which,
uru in various singes of completion.
Tho bylaw tu regulate thu uso of (ire
units wuh loud a luHt limo and dually
passed. The bylaw pruhibits thu liriug
of lirciinns within the municipality on
Humbly uud provides that no long
range firearms shall bo fired witbiu u
distuiico uf three Ihuusuiul'foot or any
building. The rrucedure By-law waa
read u second time mul the lleultb Uyluw wus reud a lirst time.
Bit* for Ferry Terminals
Mr. W. .1. Wliiirlou wrote lo the of
fed thut uetiug ou Ihe couclusiult that
thc street-cud immediately east of
liloek 211 in I). I'. 11H7, wouhl be suitable
fur ferry leriniuul purposes if the ter-
iniuuls were pluced in thut locution lio
would give the district u strip uf land
fourteen feet wid* ulung luls IS aud
IU, in Id". I. Iill and aluug lot IH in
block 21, thus iniilil ne the street eighty
feel wide from the waterfront lo
Keith roajl.. The offer wus referred lo
the Trunsporliilioil i'uinniillec.
Sale of Diatrict Bond.
I'liuiicilhir Mothers, chairuiau uf the
finance committee, reported an nlfer
fur. $50,0110 of Ihc debenture bunds ol
the dislricl. On motion the offer was
accepted, lo upply to iii>,9ni) school
bonds unil lo fin,mill of bonds under
uther by laws, the specific nature of
whicii is yel lo be docided.
lu response lo u letter received from
Secretary Huso, 11 resolution wus pass;
id authorizing the payment of the
uiiniiber»hi|> fee uf ten dullars tu the
Union of U. fl. Municipulilies. lleeve
Nelsou will represent the district,
1 nun, illui lluv upplied fur leave of
absence for the monlli of September.
-  (iruntcd.
Mr. (Ico. King wrote In the efl'ect
thul his "iiu of u 'road ulluw-
nine tiiruugh 1). I,, itltl wus for sixty
I'ei't instead or eighty. On motion utl'er
wus accepted.
Mr. VV. Austin Ilrown wrote as see
rotary of the geuerul committee tu ur
raugc tin; programme fnr the approach
ing visit nf II. H. II. lhe Duke of Con-
naught   to  North   Vancouver,  request
iug thut Wesl  Vuncouver council   up
I puiut  delegates in common  with     tlte
other'   North    Shore    municipalities,
Beevo Nelsou ami (louucillor Mathers
were appointed.
I     I'oun. Muiin 1   g*ve notice of niotiou
I to authorise the exchange of lunds in
I lhe old  Keith rood fur corresponding
., lunds in Murine drive.
I'oun. Merrick guve notice of mo
tion to provide for Ihe expropriation of
sucli hinds us muy be required for lhe
road ullowutu 1 ul Murine Drive.
Iu accordance   with   au architect's
warrant, the payment of *0I4 ou account of contract price for now muni
cipai hall wa* authorized.
District Kngineer W. fi. Carter was
iippointed 11 constable without salary
for the purpose of promoting tbe enforcement of tbo hy laws.
Mi. .lumi-:! .leii'ries has returned from
an extended trip to Bella <loola.
Work on the new cement sidewalk
Iniiin;: from the ferry it fini rearing
Mi'wr*. tfwll 'liHintt.itiiil Yellow
lees   of   Vancouver   ure   upening   a
I,nmih ulliee iu liuilil.11111
Mr. .lohn Lawson is away for a
week on a business trip tu Vieturiu
and'uther puints 011 Vaneouver island.
Mrs. Hun and Mrs. W. A. Thump
suu huve returned frum a must enjoyable holiday ul Harrison Hot Springs.
Mr. Tcaroc is erecting a large hum
and expects lu be ready tu start hi the
1 'inii 1 ii,-   uml   cuit.ii'e   business   curly
next week.
The campers' dance was held in Iho
' lm lum Hull on Thursday night. Tin
utteiidunce was good und a most cu
joyuble lime spout.
Tlie government engineer 'was iu
Hollyburn 011 Wednesday and wenl over
the proposed routes of the I'ueilie Kreul
l'u iiiu railway company.
Aa Ihc 1 o'clock ferry was crossing
lo Vaucuuver last eveuiug a large
yacht was seen iu distress iu the Nur
runs off Un.. I.tnu Point. It would up
pear that the strung current complete
ly turned the craft uroond and drove
her up agaiust a log pile in mid stream
uiul three occupauls uf the yacht were
r.uilitig tbe assistance uf sume men
iihu were hurryii g to them in u ni iter
Pathfinder Motorist
Makes Good Headway
New Westminster, B. p., Supt. 8-
Word received at tho ollice of the ''mm
iiiun Highway Association yesterday
afternoon conveyed the information
that well over u third of the coast-to
coast nnt 1,ni "Iuh' j,.in mi nuw being
attempted by Mr. Thomas W, Wilby
had boon accomplished. Mr. Wilby
le.-iche.i Toronto on Saturday, having
made a quick run tu that city from
Montreal; where bo spont some tjipe iu
tho cunipuny of Mr. Tarto, proprietor
of I.u I'atrie, one of the staunches! supporters of the flood liiunh, movement in
Kiislcrn  1,'uillldll.
Everywhere on his in lliruugli lhe
Maritime 1'rovinccs, (Quebec and On-
tariu, Mr. Wilby bus beon acclaimed us
the herald of a new em nt motor lnnd
and thu fororunner uf n large army uf
tourists. That ho has uot encountered
serious diillcultics during his journey
westward is proved by the remarkably
guud time he is milking, he having only
taken eleven days tu make the trip
frum Iiniuii.-. to Toronto. If it is possible for him to continue his journey
ut Ihis rule uf speed ho will reach the
l'acillc coast in lillle more Ihun five
Several cities along his roule huve
prcsculcil Mr. Wilby with Hugs, hilt tne
I- en uunl:, of the Cuninlilln Highway As-
sociutiuu und thc Au|uiuohih' I'lub of
t'unuilu continue to occupy the places
of honor 011 his machine. To Ihc letters
of greeting sent Mr. W. .1. Kerr, president of the Highway Association, irom
thc civic authorities of Halifax, huve
now been added several cowniunicu
tious from other bodies, und there
seems every prospect of the lirst cuust
in .mi-1 motor muil assuming bulky
proportions before New Westminster
is reached.
p'clpck noon, when Ihc company j|H
mureli lo Hrpc|ftpn Ppiut, S^ulpy fifi
ami tuko part in the review of tho
troops of the garrison befpfo fill fipyiil
Highness the Duke 'of Uimiiuught.
Dross. 'Review orilcr with rifles Mil
No. l'l. Sunday Parade iu Vancouver.—
Tbo company ami baud will parade
at the drill hull, North Vaueouver, at
12:111,o'clock op Suuday, iCtb September, 1812, ami will procood tq Vancouver by the ui: ui noon ferry to attend
the review rehearsal ut Brockton Point
Stanley I'urk.
It is imporutivo that all members
bo present. Dross. Huview order with
rifles and side-arms.
No. 13. Usual Parade—
The compauy  will  parade at  the
irill hall, ■■inin Vancouver, no Mon
luy uml I'h 111 .iu. evenings at 3 "
cluck .until-further ordered, oxcept on
'i'intrsday—ewning,—Ucplunliei    llttlt,
IIIU, which drill will be untitled owing tu the  iiiun:,"!!  parade in  Vaucuuver tin this dute,
No. 14. Dutiea-
Tu lie orderly sergeuiil week einliug
Beptember I) 1st, llll.', Nu. 2, Sergeant
Henry llolluml.
Nexl for duty: No. I, Sergeant W,
.1. Elder.
No. lb. Promotions
The ollicer commanding   has   beeu
pjeased to approve of the following:
To he l'orporul-No. 711, Sapper A.
K   llruham, ' ,
No. 16. Leave of Abscncer
Leave of absence nus been granted
lo No. 011, Supper O. T. Tuylur, irum
the llth September, 1812, to lOlh Oeto
her, 1812.
N. II. KOHKKTSO.V, Lieuteuant.
(Juicer , commanding  Oth   Field   (company 1 umi,Imu Kngiueers.
Nolice is hereby giveu that iu pur
nuance of the creditors Trust Deeds
Ad, llic Hurrard Sush and Duor Km
lory, Limited, did uu the (ilh duy,pf
September, 1012, assign to James D.
Frascr, of Norlli Vaucuuver, B. fi.,
accountant for thc benelit of ull its
creditors, ull ils reul ami personal prop
erly, credits uud effects which muy be
seized or sold or attached under 0X0
A meeting uf creditors will be held
al the ollice of Willium Kronen, room
315 Bower Building, (Iranville Slrect,
Vuncouver, H. (,'., on Monday, the 83rd
duy of Sepl ember, I HI 2, al 1 p. in.
Dated Ibe Hit li day of September,
Solicitors for Ibe Assignee.
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineers
Orders by Lieuteuant N. B. Bonortaou
Commanding Sept. nth. 1012
Nii.';;:i iin.iid of Honour—
Extract from District Order No. lot,
dated ul Victoriis. H. <•'., .'list of August
1012, is hereby promulgated: "A guunl
of honor witb huud will be furnished nl
North Vnncouver by the Sixth Field
Oompany Canadian Engineer, ui a
time und place In I"' arranged locullyv
un liis Hoyul Highness' visit lu Nortli
The company will parade iu review
order with tillcs uml sldcarms ou Fri
ilay, I'dlii September, 1012, ul lhe drill
hull, North Vuncoover, ul a Inne here
ufler ordered.
No. 10. Parades-
i'aruile ul the opon iug ol' l.v iiii Val
ley i'urli and .Suspension Bridgo.        ,
Tbe company will parade at the
drill hull. North Vancouver, at .' u'
clock ou Suturday ufternuim. llth Sep
tclubcr, 1812, uml will proceed lo l.ynn
Volley by special cur ul 2:2U p.m.
No. 11. Vancouver Garrison Parade—
The cunipuny uud bund will parade
ut Ibe drill hull, Norlh Vancouver, on
Thursday, l»lh September, llll:'. at 12
SI .MII'.SIS  in,- , mi, JII.M.M.
Coal mining right, ol tlio Dominion
In Multiloba, .'■...I..,i, 1,, cm and Alber-
u thu Yukon 'I'. 11 itm.v. tho North-west
Territories uiul In a portion ot Ihe province ot iiiiiii, Columbia, may be leased fur u lorm of twenty-one year, at
un renlul of |l un acre. Not
more Ihull 2.r>G0 acres will bo loused to
one .'!■ ru, um
A|i|ilIcullon lor a lease must bo made
by llle u|.i'ii, .mi In person to Ibe Ageni
or Sub-Agent of- llio district In wbleh
the rights applied for arc illuateil.
lu surveyed territory lhe lund must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, und in un.urvey-
cd territory the trad applied for .ball
be staked oot by Ihc applicant blmsell
Bach iippllcullun must be acompan-
led by u fee of |8 which iCTIl bo refunded ir the rights uii ii, ii for are nol
.iv.iii.ii,ii■  Iiiii not olherwlie.    A roy
ally .hull be puld on Iho merchantable
output ol the
cenls per ton
output of the mine ul Ihc rate of Hv.
"lu per (on
The person operating the mine shall
Tiic person operating tlio mine shall
furnish the Auent with sworn rolurnt
accounting lei the lull ijuunlity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tb.
royally Ihereon If thc coal mining
right, are not being operated, such re
turns should be furnished at leant une.
a year.
The |. ii. will Include thc coal mining
right, only, hul the Icbsco inuy be permitted ti i ui, I..,.', whatever available
surfuee lights may be considered necessary fur the working of Ihe mine at
the rate  if II" an ucre
Kur full Information application
it,uul,I he made 10 thc secretary of th. of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Sub,Agent pf Dominion
w w. cony.
Deputy Mn,i i' i or thc Interior
ti,  B.—Unauthorised  publication  ol
this  advertisement   will   not   be  pal*
for  JJ-I
TO   HKNT    Boom..    Eighth   auil     mt yAU.: ,A Ml>. lim, „„,, ^
Lonsdule. Phone III. '•'•   curl.    UU Keith roud Wesl. IMI
,   BOOMS  1'uh'   HKNT -Housekeeping
uml single."211 2nd slreei east.
SALK- -Apples,     Astrachaii,
llruvenstein.  Kectic,  Ifith 81.
20 I)
F'lll   HKNT   Two   2 room   collages.      »,...,.   ,,
I'll. SALK   i i,uuiu) and ulhce table,
mih wuler ik and III. A. Snulh * Co. I   ,      .     ,    ..     ,,,.,,  .,   .,  ,.
etc.   Apply Hox 210.1, Norlh \ uncouver
Kolf HKNT   2 loom (back, IKI per  '__
month.  Apply  Mrs.  Kuigjil, 7lb tnd     FOB 8Al',K-8lovc or furnace wood.
Hidgeway uionue. 18incji tu 1 feel. Apply C A. Lindsay.
""  ~ I I'bouc lud. 6 In
KOH    HKNT   6 roomed    Hal    uearj    ■ 	
ferry, fit per monlli. Apply Wurburii ■    WB SALK -Hoslauruiil business  in
it/ Piano House.. I.f   food   runuiug  urder.    Apply   UU   Isl
 , street wcsl. 010
' Unl; HKNT A house un HHh slreei
uml Iiimli vui'l. also shack, suitable for
couple.   Apply V. Iluolh, plumber. If 8
KOH HKNT Urge front room bed
room, furnished, suil Iwu friends. 112
per monlh. I'hune ,161 afler 6 p.m. Llif
KOH HKNT Colonial Apartments, 8
roomed suite, unfurnished. Impure Dot
ssen, flh slreei aud 81. Andrew's. I'bouc
Hill. t.f.
KOH HKNT- Jjirgc roomy, well
lighted store wllh stable and 6 roomed
fint o'er store, corner Lyuu Valley aud
I'lntro Bonds. Apply Merchant* Trust
.' Trading Co. Ltd., 119 Granville Bt.
Voncouver, f). ti. tf.
TO, HKNT- Furnished, 7 roomed bun-
guluw overlooking Lyun VnHcy Park
on carline ilul water heating, aud all
modern cpnsjnjttttl, electric light,
Jpcn lireplacc etc., elc, FtioUurn practically uew. Bout ♦35 por moulh. Apply }. Mould, Crawford Botd, Lyi.u
Valley. tf
KOH SALK Seven S. O. White Leg
horn bens, oue ('oekrcll, ♦ 10. Also ten
three moulh pullels. 120*.l"lh slreet
wesl. 17 0
FOK SALK 15 acres west cud of
D. it K80, Noilh Vancouver crown
grant. Title prior lo 1800. Apply Uox
A120, Kxpreu Office. 13 It
FOK SALK-Nicc little bungalow,
I'cutrc Hoed,,Lynn Valley, ♦I.5II0, ♦JHI
cash, balance ♦2u per monlli. I'liune
H. L. Thompson, 514 or M522. 20 0
FOB BALI1!-Owner wuuls money-
I i.u,in. d bungalow ou 60 ft. lot in
garden, Ity, blucks from Lonsdale. I'l,
000 this monlli only. Terms easy. Ilox
A127, -Kxpress. t.f.
FOK BALK-Wc arc instruct*'! by
oue of our clients lo dispose of two
automobile motor trucks, rapacity one
lou. These we will »«" on cash pay
meot. or will trade ou good 'reul es
late property. Apply Wilson A Petty,
Assignees, 330 Hastings Street Wast,
Vwwver. 24-V
FOR SALE—Pears for preserving.
Keene, I ill It street and St. (leorge's
Avcuue. 17-0
KOH SAI.K Inul est uli- ollice, wilh
or without fixtures, Almosl any price.
I'. O. Ilox 2163. l.lll
KOH SALK Field Spaniel Pups.
Mules I'li'l! females ♦ID. K. Iv ('.
Iloiipvr, corner of Olh uml ChcsterOclil
Ave. 13-0
KOH SAI.K Und clearing oullll.
pi'vy, mullocks, shovels, uxes, saws,
burs, elc. Inquire .1. W, Sluckhoose,
Him imu road, Iicur Lousdale. 13 0
FOII SAI.K   For ♦060, near Seymour
Hulel and Second Narrows Bridge, lot
,111x122 ft. Terms, ♦300 cash and bal
nine  cusy.  Ilox   AU"i   Kxprcss  Oflice.
WANTKD -Two uufurnisbed rooms
iu private boose, wilh purl bourd A|:
ply 1'. O. Hux 2011.
WANTKD- -Experienced hoy for gro
eery. Apply, slating age and salary lu
Box A136, Kxprcss Oflice. 1.1-8
WANTKD—Uy young lady, respon
sililc position as cashier or bookkecp
er.    Apply AI33, Kxprcss Oflice. lio
WANTKD—By competent general of
lice mau, position iu Norlh Vaueouver.
Apply Ilox AI32, Kxpress Oflice. 16 8
WANTKD --Oood general servant
who understands good plain cooking.
Apply Mrs. K. II. Bridgman, corner Silt
uml Sutherland avenue,
FOB SALK   Or exchange fur North
Vumouver real rslale,  au   equity  of;
ti.-'"" iu  ip acres uf flrst cluss farm j
lund in Surrey, Apply Bux A112, Kx
press Office. Ti V
WANTKD -Littlngs of North V.n
couver property near car Hue (owners
only). Also of I and 6 roomed bouses.
Apply BI23, Kxpress Office.     ,'   17 8
A SN A f To be sold cheap owing to
silliness, lhe owner is willing lo sacrifice away below market value twu
■■ 'li.uid. lols :i.Iiiiiiiiiii' Muhon i'urk ul
lbc Iiiiiiiini of lllh street weal. For
i hiiImt particulars apply Arinby liouse,
ou lbc spot. ,   34-8
WANTKD-Kouto  boys  to   deliver
Ibe Kxprcss. Apply at Ihi. ollice.
WANTKD--Unfurnished well lighted
room, central. Apply Hox.AKiJ, Kx
preaa. 81-8
WANTKD-A general servant. Apply
Mrs. Hi'l.iTi". Lonsdalo Avenue and
26lh stre,e]t. VI■»
l/WT-Udy'a gold-welch.   Howard.
Kcluru lo Kxpress Office. 17 8
'I'OBT-A .olid gold cuff button en
graved iniliajs F. T. S. Ilewutd alibis
uflico. i08
FOUND On Bunday night oo St.
Andrew's Avenue, Wallet. Owner cau
have tbe same by calling on Oeorge
Keid, 141b atreet east from 6.30 to t
and giving full particulars and paying
for the ad.
Dressmaker wishcH te go oul by the
day.   Term,: UM.   Apply pbopy 80.
Fjrst class dremroaxlng' and Tailor
ing, 410 Keith road weal. Fit guar
Mtsed.   • H',«
Experienced woman want, washing    Lonsdule Hcaliy Co., 686 Lonsdalo—
uml ironing ul home Apply AUll, Kx   Agreements discounted ut eurreul rales,
press Ollice. 211II Money  waiting. Listings solicited.  I.f,
For line watch uud jewelry work go Lund Clearing and Hading Lots,
lo (leo. Somertoli, the new jewelry slure l'ele Andruss, General Contractor. Boon 2nd street. , -wvr connections a specialty, basement
  and olher excavating work undertaken.
Sburt time louus ou vacant or im n.,|j„iUt,., r,n.. |o„ mil ^Ieel wc,t|
proved property-   Star L6au ( olnpuuy, NgI||, Vancuuvor, post ollice box 8389
OH Hustiugs, Vancuuver.                If. ■
MONKY TO MIAN Money loaned
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs. Slur Loon
Co., 0)4 Hustings, Vuncuuver. I 1.
in ium und Bourd (if needed) in j
private family Oood home for nice
girl.   Apply llux Al'i'l. Kxprcss Office,
l.i it-
Snap oii Western Avenue, lol 3.r,xl'.l i
for short time only, ♦1,000 I'ush, For
particulars apply Box Al.'li), Kxpress
office. 13 8
Wbeu needing coal ur building sup
plies, call up phone Itt, Norlh Shore
Coal k Supply Cu., Kickhums wharf.
L. S. Baton, manager Nute name aud
phono number. tf,
Authorized agent for Singer Sew
illg Mm Inne foiiipnn.i ill Nmih Van
couvcr. I. i. McAlcccc, Dry Oood.and
(louts' Furnishing*, corner First uml
Lon.dalo Avcipio.^ . t.f.
B. C. Livery and Board .tables—
Ligbt rjgs aqd ladjea' saddle horse*
for bir*. Stabling for horses. Oen-
er.l ilcliveiy and heavy learning. ' II
Dum*., Ith street weit. Phone 347 t.f.
Miss Isabel M. Dunn, Licentiate of
the Boyal Academy of Music, London,
England, teacher of pianoforte, viajt.
North Vancouver ovcry week. Address
1102 Denman street; Vancouver, l'houc
mn. isyfnuy. ' IV)
Heulcd Tendon will be received by
the City.Clerk of thc City of Norlh
Vuncouver up to 6 o'clock on Mon ,
duy, the 1 Ot li day uf September, 1812,
fur nui inu iinp a rourrctc sidewalk
ami curb on Lonsdale avenue, between
Ullh and Huh streels and on Ibe north
""iu uf i.'ii street, approximately 309
feet from the east side of I«usdaie
Usl imal cd quantities: "«,n i  /eet
sidewalk; I,WW lineal feet o/ curb.
Forms of tender and specifications
may lie oblaiued af the City Kogin
A bond of 26 per ceut. of Ibe amount
of fhe contract will be required.
A cheque for 6" per cent, of. the
umount of the Icoilor musl accompany
each and eil'ry tender.
The lowest or any tender nol necessarily accepleil. ,   '
City Kngineer.
City Kngineer's Office,
North .Vaneouver,
lilh'Sept. 1812. 13-8 I TrjJTX. TiTTS
Capital Paid. Up |a,870,ooo
Reacrve and Undivided Profile  8,100,000
Total Asseta  44,000,000
THM incentive to thrift tbst a savings account gives you ia even
more valuable than the actual
interest that accumulates upon tbe deposit, The habit of saving—assuring
comfort iii ohl age—Is as easily acquired as the habit of sponding.
Banking service in thu Bavings Ho-
piirlnii'til of tlie Bank of Hamilton i»
as sincerely offered to tlte man who
deposits u few dollars a month as to
Ihoso wlm deposit llitiusaml..
Safely >lo|ioslt boxes provided at moderate i.ui ni
II. D. IIIIAUII*,  Aarul,   .
North  Vaaeouvti
Photography for Amateurs
By Reflex
., ■
Three new blocks of lots have just been put on the
market. They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
122 feet to a lane. The finest views of the Gulf of
Georgia can be had from these lots. Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is that it cannot be
beaten as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS-^A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment to go oul
in our automobile and see the property. •
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
One of the mpst interesting brunches
Of photography is the making of our
own enlargements either for lioniu dec o-
ratiou or lor tbe keeping together of a
portfolio  to   nlfuril   pletisure   tp   one.-.
frii'iuhi ami iu ibe occasional going
through for one's own.pleasure.
Hnlargi'inunls may bo dune eii hei by
daylight or- uniiieiui ligbt. 'llic latter
perhaps is tlie easier inelliuil on ac
count of tlio necessity for a dark room
iu daylight work.
Should daylight not, however, be
method chosen there is uo ucuil ley the
purchase of an enlarging iaiitern. The
ordinary camera may be uscdf not a
Iminl . iiiiii-iii) by making u frame to
lit the back of Iho camera and placing
the negative iji, the slide just a. tho
photograph was taken.
A frame can bo made to lit an or
dinary window leaving Ihu aperture
for the camera to tit iu. The ruuii-
iiiiiui lie iiimli' perfectly light tight uud
the camera must fit perfectly info the
opening. In front of the camera a
screen slipuld be erected parallel with
it. it should be movublo so as to al
low various sized pictures to be enlarged.
imagine for lbc' moment that the
camera is a magic lantern (1 wonder
why the old name of mugic lantern
■nel.-.. There is nothiug magic about
Tlio image Is projected outo tbe
i"■leen. which should have a sheet of
white paper stretched on it, just as a
lantern slide is, only with the difference
that everylniug is reversed. Skies uiul
while ubjeets will show black while
bluck ulijeit- will show white.
Having determined Ihc size of pic
lure required focus sharply ou to the
white paper. A ruby screen shuuhl
Ibeu bo placed on thc leus and thc bro
mule paper pinned unto the screen
The Image will show exactly ihe posi
tion. The exposure is now ready to be
made but hrst of all a trial slip should
be exposed. In mosl packets of bro
mule jiupcr small pieces will be fouud
for tbis purpuse. I'iu one on lbe
screen in a pusitiuu where different
grades will be obtained uml muke the
exposures as follows: Cover up two-
thirds of the paper before taking olf
the ruby cap once upun the third
thai shows. Exposure will vary accord
ing to liglil. Sui for the lirsl strip in
seconds. Than movo your covering paper il»iri| another strip giving a fur-
thur 311 seconds, dually taking the cover away uml giving another HI) seconds,
You will tben get exposures of ill),
40 and (ID seconds. Now develop file
trial und note tho ejfect. One will probably bu just llie riglit depth. Note
which and expose for tip; picture accordingly.
After exposing, take lhe paper olf Hie
screen ami immerse it for a fow miu
ntc" in clean water, reciting it at tbe
same time; TbiB has Ilie effect ot
thoroughly soaking tlie paper and pre
TTntinjr tlir nubbles. Have your novel
uper ready in the dish uud transfer tlio
pupcr to it. See that it lies Hat ami
thut the dovcloper lOvois it all over.
if not uiiei|ii'il development will follow
and tho print be spoiiod.
Notice the image gradually appcur
and as soou as the rcipiired depth is
obtained placo iu the Using bulb uguin
rocking the dish and being sure Ihul
tho print is completely covered. Let it
slay iu fur at leust leu miuutes uml
wash in ruuning waler ror uu hour.
A11iti, iui light is just the same as
abovo except that exposure will differ
with tho light used uml u lantern is
All the above sounds very simple
and the .operation is as simple us il
sounds when once one is used to it,
imt—that but uguin-Ihere are many
pitfalls for the cureless ur uuwury up
erutor. .Special cure must be luken
in handling bromide pupcr whicii is
highly sensitive lo liglil. Not a lay of
white light most penetrate uiul ubso
lute i iiiiiiiiiii",.. is imperative. Paper
can be obtained iu every grado from
glossy lo rough thick cream, If ar
t ml it- effect is aimed uf uvoi.l glossy
or very smooth papers. A rough cream
crayon paper is us good as anything
for ull round work uml it should be
noticed that different papers tuMul dlf
fereill exposures. Never forget u (riul
slip llrsl fur each kind of papCr. If
u ii 111" u: give u generous exposure uml
u weuk developer, Any developer will
do Ihul nne is used lo. M (j. will he
fouml lo give good ud round results.
It may be purchased iu Seoul packets
enough for leu ounces of normal de
v eloper. Weaken il to L'u or 30
ounces and u.l.I a few drops o. In per
cent,   bromide   solution.   This   is   not
only to give perfesf control but *i)|
»lsp givo soft effects.
After well washing pin the print
up to dry ill I pluee free from dual.
for porlruits do not use top rough
paper, a medium grade is best. Lam)-
scapes may be dune on as rough a.
one's taste dictates. A groat thing tP
avoid. Is t.e' formation nt .listers
which |)»ve 'au aggravating way of
Bpuiliiig (lie work. They uro caused by
tbe solutions uaed being too cp|d. in
Winter especially this fault wijl appear.
It cau be avoided by the u.n nf a little warm water added, .'mine papers
are moro liable in blister than others
but wililhiiiui. will nni drag then
nuiiii',. from the writer for fear nf pus
From i' good negative an enlargement can lie madu np to any i-onvciii
out sine witb the ccrtuinty that the
print will be clear ami sburp if it ia
■Kipiiruil Ig be su, ._	
The   smull   en.iguette   negative   is
capable of giving I tnoA culargiinieiil
uii to mii.
Another kind of enlarging is that qf
tlie usual lixoil foCUS box for daylight
but tl>s great ilisadvantugo of these js
oujy nn" else pap by mude.
If there is anytli'ng In tho alias*
not dear Iii lhe render the writer will
be pleased to answer any question or
tn criticise prints' which shuuhl he addressed   to   "lii'lliV   l-\pri'ii-l   Ulliee,
North Vancouver,   ,
Y. V, S. O. E.
The r»».lur wonting of tin vi'S.o
K. of St- Al'ilrcw's Prcebytoriiiu church
was held pu Tiii'.'idiii evening last with
a fair attendance, A very interesting
essay ou the subject "liuw to improve
thu mind," waa read by sir. i-i-i. i
after which lhe topic was fully discussed liy ulher. present. A cordial invitation is extended |u all yuung peuple
U ha present at llmu Tuesday muuin
'     ' ' n     . "   i     i      ii    ;
Tbe Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. OT       PAID $4,280,000 t
Quickly and promptly ou account of tbs Ban Frauciaco oarthqiiakc aud fire.
How many Companies could do tbia-.
Ita assets amount to 1116,000,000
A postal trill firing our representative
Besldeut Agent
18 Lonadale Avenue and Capilauo Oar
Plumas: Lonadala 167. \ '/
'        Capilano 401.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
i] Let us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'boue 131.
Lonsdale Avenue:
44 fl. cleared corner, close lo new terminus $3200
33-fl. lane corner  2500
44 ft., a special offer  1600
36 ft. extra deplh  1350
Ifi ft. cleared corner  5250
44 fl. cleared lane corner   3250
44 fr faces weit  1850
47 ft. facing south on King lane corner
140 fl. from par  $1350
200 fl. corner   2500
50 fl. facing south  800
50 ft., splendid view  750
180 fl. on St. George's   2700
50 fl. on King  450
73 ft. corner Queen  2000
60 ft. on Queen  1000
50 ft. on Osborne   800
100 fI. on Windsor  1500
Tel. 47
m>i . '   .'    ..11"
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Local Corps of
Field Engi
IjnjUroiu'o (Junruutoo  Uoihln"
Auditor im.i  Ai'i'ii'iui.iiii
IHI Loumlalo Avennei 1'. 0, \)m 000?
Nortli Vaueouver. plioue 437.
Underwood's Barber Shop
 '   FBBBY WHABt'—"L~
Higli Class Utiles' uml Qenta' Tailoring
Repairing   ami   Alterations  Cleaning
aud Dyeing in all Its brioches. All
Work guuruuteed.
Ill Pint Street Went. Phono 807
IlL'imliltiK, lleinodclllnir, Kit., I'lonipl-
'        IV nttundod tu,
Estlrni||os Furnished  li'roo
-ii      J. W. BAKER
(illlru; lilclilnsmi A tiun't factory, Ea-
i'I.m.i.I.    riiuii,, 282.
|leeldonce;  Allun  llouil, l.ynn Vulluy.
I'. 0. Iiii* 28, Lynn Creek.  Plione
A.M.I.K. ft B.
Irrigation, drainage, Icvoli, plana
ami upDciliuutions. Septic tanki aud
I"'mi' drainago a specialty. 1*. O.
ilox llll, Ililli street weat ol Bewicke
Ami geuerul Commission Merchant, 19
l.ouiilale Avo., North Vaneouver.
-   Phona 384
Wo ure specialists in these linen.
121A Lonsdalo Avenuo
Studio over Bank B. N. A.
Lonidale and Umilo»
(A. Uui;)
Ladles' aud Cents' Cleaning,
Pressing and Kepairing
a Specialty
mo Second Street Eaat
N.V. Tinning 4 Sheet Metal Works
First Btreet Baat of Lonsdala
Lowest prices aud best work gunran
teed on tiuning aud sheet metal work.
All kluds ot saws filed aud set uu tli
shortest uoticc.   I .uuu mowers, kuives,
hedge shears aud scissors sharpened, All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
1231 Lonsdale Avenue Phone 80
On llie ear line. Boardiiig, meals.
guud accommodation for working men.
I'otitructoraOuicu liourdeil. Hy. Kast
mil, l'ruprietor.
Is :,„iu   Wm, li sluppiug or krepiiig
irregular timet   If so, see
Pioneer 'Jeweller, lid Lonsdale Au'uue.
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake ull kimls of worn! work,
repuirs, etc. jNORTH  SHOBE  PBE8S  LIMITED
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avenue' Job Printers
P. 0. Box 2006
Publishers of tlie "Express'
First Street Bast Phoue
Boys and Girls Take Notice
M llnul,  SI'I'l'l-IES   KVKB  SI1()WN~1N   NOBTH   VAN
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. S.Book and Stationery Company).
30 Lonsdale Avenuo PHONE 191
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing lhat is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type facet and elf eels
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you wili appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
wlll i,bap'thb march vm
pveryuiie -*•
Tlio lotal eprpj of Fisli). -Engine. K
lire iiluiiil ta.enter upon an i|i|,su|i||v
busy pefipd. Tomorrow they aro to
be in attendance at the opening of Iiiu
purk ami suspension bridge in Lynn
Valley, special nrruiigt'iuculs having
been made fpr their transportation wilh
the B. P, Kloctrie Bailway Ciunpaii)'
Then, almost ou the heels of this event
llie Iinni rehearsal for tbo review at
Brockton Point will necessitate a jour
Tiey -nrnm-the hrtul. As U
will now lie llnuii', Hie grand parade
itself, dignified by the presence of the
Governor-General is dated to lake pluee
nu Tliursduy uf next week, the duy
pi'iUr   lO   llll'   UllU'u    In   liim      lli'ir
un whieh oeeasiiiu the local regiment
will again ligure pruniini'iilly as a
guard of honur.
Keen eittliiiuiusm litis been the key
note ull ulong of Hie attitude* adopt-
ed by the members uf this newly niubil
ized eurps. The drills have been re
gulsrly ulli'inled and ellleiently learnt,
This eity has reason lo feel proud
that il liuii in its midst a goodly clus
ter ol' men who run so readily assimilate new idetis und turn then) lo guod
account in su sliurl u lime. Despite the
infancy of the i-urps, it run safely lie
I'luiiiii'd tu eunipnre favorably with any
ulher body of men in mam... ■■ uml
As u corps lhe Sixth company hold a
very enviable poaitlon iu (itupdimi
unuv circles. They constitute the unly
representatives uf the senior liraiich of
the service West uf lai.,- Superior and
uu Thursday next will have Hie honor
in pursuance uf niurliu! right, of lead
ing the march past. No other branch
oi the service cuu lie associated witli
such a lliuruughly efficient system of
training as that uf tlie Ruyal Kngiu
cers, Thul it is u much coveted branch
is evidenced by tlie fuel that un grad
nation Hie lirst twu men are ulwuys
given the upliun uf taking up ruiiimis
sion in tho Kngiueers Thus unly the
must ijuuliticd men secure commissions
I herein, while lu the rank ami file Ihc
regulations are similarly strict und ul
ways calculated tn ensure (lie muster
ing of a capable body.
A preliminary training is lirst given
in soldiering utter which probationary
periud u course uf highly ellicient llllli
lury instruction is entered upon, Afler
this there are many most interesting
departments of special study whicii
may betaken up, such as wireless lolc
graphy, balooning, bridgo building, sub
marine milling, fortress wurk, defence
I'urlilicnliuu demolitions, cable wurk,
ami surveying. Under Ihc auspices of
I his brunch of lhe sen ice Hie mosl reli
able maps uf Ihc day have been drawn
and filed. These are well knuwn us tbe
ordnance survey maps, and ure regard
ed us marvels uf accuracy ami druuglil
munsliip. The liuvul Kngiueers' wurk
in British i'ulumbia inuy be evidenced
by Hie activities of a survey party
uuder the couiinand of Colonel Moody
iu lull These men laid oul the cities
of Victoria, Westminster ami Burnaby
and surveyors of the prescnl duy can
uuly speal, in the highest terms uf
praise of tlieir work, despite the fuel
that lhe surveying instruments then
used ure now regarded us antiquated.
Provincial Exhibition
New Westminster, Sept. 13.—Hon.
I'rice Kllisun, minister .of ugriculture fur
Hrilish Culumbiu, has written lu Mun
ugcr I). Iv MacKen/.ie of lhe Boyal
Agricultural tnd Industrial Society
that he will be very pleased ou Oct.
I to uiii, mie at tbe dedication of the
horse show building which is nuw being
creeled iu connection wilh Ihe prolan
rial exhibition whieh will be held here
un Oet. 1 lo 6.
'l'u lhe easteru visitor, and to the
residents of thc province uot near ap
I iniiuii reservation, oue of the most
interesting features of the annual pru
vinciul exbibitiun at New Westminster
is Hie display of Indian work and thc
Indians themselves. While thc race is
civilized now, specimens which seem as
primitive as iu the frontier days are
lo be seen, Tho Indians, being wards
uf Hie government, arc always admit
ted free to the Westminster exhibition
ami they take advantage of their pri
vilege'ln "largo numbers. Tbey appar
cully enjoy ""' noise and Jraioty for
every year hundreds of redskins arc
lo be seen at the fair.
Besides boing interested in the ex
Iiiiiiiini frum a spectator's standpoint
the Indians have a spare reserved for
them, and Ihey enter the results of tboir
labor in competition for liberal prises.
PHmriiifr with the Frank Rich Company at the Panama next week iu "His
Royal Highness."
The Prank Bieh Company opens its
fourth big week at the Panama Monday
iu tho Orieutal Fantasy "Hii Boyal
iiiiiiiiir..."  I'm   this production an
enl ire UOW SOt Of scenery llll'l been con
structed. Evoryth'iiig will be now and
dazzling in Oriental splendor. A complete change of snugs, dances and specialties. His Royal Highness runs tho
"uul, with a munum daily at 3 u'clock.
Two shows nightly, at 7:80 uml II; IS,
with tbree complete shows Saturday
night beginning at seven o'clock.
miuger I). K, MucJiiiiui* of tbe IUU
fair says that tbe Westminster exhib
ition is practically tbe first iu Canada
tu recognize the faet that the ludians
will shortly have to turn their alien
tion to fanning for a livelihood. To
encourage them iu this, the management
each year pays special atlctitiou to
lnt|lan exhibits, charging no entry fees
and offering substantial prizes for the
best showing.
In thc women's department, a prise
of I'M and u second prize uf (IH is
allele.I    I'll'   llu     lue.I    CUllCCliUII   Of   IICCll
le work Iiuiu uu Indian schuul. Kur lue
besl ussurtment of In,Imu made bus
keis. including neatest wurk, prizes of
till and SS ure offered. For bottled
fruil, nut less thun live bottles, pul up
by uu Indian wuinun ur girl, prizes nl'
(S and (.I arc offered. Firsl prizes of
S.I and second prizes of $2 arc i tiered
fur necdlewurk, knitting, crochet work
moccasins, butler und bread.
Division II iniliuieu the agricultural
uml luuiu ali .i ,i prizes. Iu Ihis class
special prizes uf i'ii), ili, ami (HI are
uffcred fur lhe best exhibit of farm
|,i u,I ii, ia and fruit frum any Indian
reservation iu ihe proviuee. Olher priz
es of fl ami il ure ulfcred fur lhe best
wheal, uuts, timothy seed, clover seed
potatoes, uni mi . turnips, unions, cum
beans, peus, cubbage, pumpkins, squash,
apples uud pears. Tbese exhibits arc
allowed to be sold.
In past years there has always been
a guud rcprcscntnliun in ull classes, uml
sume ontrios bave already been rccelv
ed Ihis year. Kntrics close ou Sept
21. Entry blanks and instructions
may be obtained from Mr. MucKcnzii
in this city.
Royal Victorian Order
of Nurses
The following duiialiuns have beeu
received tu ikite in response to the plea
of Her Hoyul Higliness the Duchess
of t'oniiaught through the president
uf Ihc North Vancouver Huard ul
Tittle, tot contributions tu lhe'Ruyal
Victorian Order of Nurses;
N. V. laud & Imp. l'u (Sll On
Jumes   I'.   Pell   and   II.   II.   Ileywood
Lunsdule   fUf'uiJ
Wallace Shipyards     60 til)
P. ljirsun     25 DU
P.. II. Bridgman      5 OD
. ,"i nu
. 5 00
. o OD
. S 00
. S 00
10 00
. f, 00
. r, ou
. s oo
. ii oo
. 5 00
. S oii
. r, oo
. 0 oo
.1.   ('.   Williams     6 00
Alex, i'hilip  	
(.'. (I. Heaven   	
W. .1.  Irwin   	
I,. ,Walls Doney  	
J. Wylie Duiiuldsun  .   .
Alexander  Smith   	
Wm. McNeish   	
Win. II. May   	
tleo. S.  Shepherd   ...
II.   l'l.   IJiwsuu   	
Nurth  Shore  Locators
DesBrisay Jubbing C'o,
Nurth Shore Press Ltd.
P,   A.   Askew   	
Cardinall  k  MacOrcgur
Alex.   I*w   	
11. C. Hiss  	
Patterson k Coldie 	
J. J. Woods A Co	
S 00
5 00
S 00
r, do
r, on
Martinson k Co  5 00
I'iiiu*' k McMillan    S 00
John Alexander b tio  6 00
A. T. Crooks, Homo'Furnisher.. S 00
J.  Loutet  ..   Co  5 00
J. I. Johuston    S 00
.1.   Hulfour  Ker     6 00
T.   0.   Holt   Ltd    '■■■ 6 00
II.  Mackenzie k tio  S 00
Dr. J. J. Thomson   6 00
11. McMillan    TOO
(leu. W. Campbell   I <W
B. ]. Barton    1 00
T.   (larruw    .'  I 00
Magnus k Morcwuod     2 00
lluud k Boutar   l  8 SO
N,  V. Trust Co. Ltd  6 00
Inspector H. Bottle, of tbo Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, bas been detailed from tbe Van
couver branch to inquire in!6 condi
lions on the Norlh Shore, He will concentrate his attention on this side of
Ihc inlet for a period of about a month
when he will submit a report to boad-
quarters,- This acliott of the society
is regarded as being, tbe flrst step
towards tho appointment of an lode
pendent ollicer for Nortb Vancouver,
and is in pursuance-of a petition recently received by the society for auch
au appointment.
In pursuance of an assignment dated
August 28th, 1018, to the uu<|«rsignod,
parlies indebted tu the W. 11, Stuney
A Cuinpany are hereby notified tp pay
thp amounts duo at tho office of ihe assignee, Wilsp.ii ii Ppfry, suite 9, DoBuck
liiiililing, >1'10 Hastings street west,
Vuneoiiver, II. 0., at tbo earliest possible moment, yibo will issue receipts
fpr same.
W. if. WiUMN,
Pboiio 8oyrat)ur 473-1.
Notice is hereby given thnt lhe lime
for tho reception pf tenders I'ur the
construeliuu of tbe Vlclorla Harbour,
B. C, Breakwater is further extended
tu Tuesday, Ocluber 151b, 11112.
By order,
Department uf I'ublie Wurks,
Ottuwu, August ,'llst, 11112. 811 I
V Wl 111 ll.ll-MX UJIII
A Delightful Trif
l'l ST 'l'l li him;
tt. "I'lll.M KSS f llllll I I
Leave Nunulmo  ....7;00 u.m. Dally
Arrive Vnncouver     :.iu   Daily
Leave Vuncouver ..10.00 u.m; Dully
Arrive  Nanalmo   . .18:00 p.m, Dally
Leave Nunulmo   3:00 p.m. Duly
Arrive Vancouvsr  ..5:00 p.m. Daily
Leave Vancouyer 6:30 p.m. Daily
Arrive Niiniilnio  8:30 p.m. Dally
Special   Uiiiiilii  Trip  lime  uf si.;,n
Saturday or Sunday
Leuve Vuncuuver at  10.00 uni. unil
-   return  at  11:00 p.m.
TllltlOl,;   lint Its   IN   M\ inn,
'rickets uo Sale ae n hirl iiiii. ,-
ill Mill' 11 111      OK     V'KST     WS-
11)-l.oii  ,Vo. .v
A II, I.,i\> lu I,,,i,,i,i by »■) ol llr-
lu-Mumi Ihr autu of aiOU.INItl.IMI lur
Ihr purpuse ul    ,.i„,  im.,     ,,,,   „,,a
in 'Ullll hit   Klinin,   |o   Ihr    11, nl     1„„
Colter Krrr) l'oni|inii), limited.
WHKHKAS. ll Is deemed expedient
lu burrow tin- sum ,,r (iiiu unu uu to
enable lbe MunKIintiiiy to subscribe
lor and I'Uicliusc 1.000 slimes uc such
number os tlie proceeds uf llie IxI.rii-
lures will purcliuse, ul llu pm vulue nf
8100    '.Ull     1||     till-     Clip ll.ll     Sllllll     of     i|„.
Weal Vuncouver Kerry Compuny. Limited; u Kerry Company duly Incurpur
uted fm' llie purpose of glvlim direct
communication between llic Municipality of West Vancouvei' uiul the
l.'liy nf Vuneuuvcr utuj mi) olber neur-
by cities,  muni, i|.allu,.,. or ilium, i..
AND Wil Kit KAN. ll |„ ueccasiii v lot
tbe purpose aforesaid, Unit the municipality should procure by way uf Issuing a, I- nluu the sol.I loun of
IIOO.OUOOO. repayable twenty yeurs ufter tbe duy utl nhi, li lhls Hi-law lulus
effect, with Interesl In the mdunlliue.
payable liulf yourll ut tlie rule of live
per centum per annum, lu lie uppiled
for lhe purposes iifurcsuld
AND WHKHKAS a petition has been
presumed to tlie Council of lhe Municipality, requesting tlu-m to Introduce
u By-luw for the purposes herein set
forth, which petition bus been slpncil
by lbc uwncrs of mure tlian oiic-u-ntli
uf   the   vulue   of   land   III   the   .Muni
AND WHKHKAS lor llle puymenl of
Interest on sold Debentures, during ihc
currency thereof. It will be nccessaij
to rulse und levy inch year, tin- sum
of  ir. uin, nn.
AND WHKHKAS f„r llle payment of
Hie debl when due H ivlll he necessary
lo rulse and levy cieli year the sum
of  |::.;.'.s l'u  hy   smi lnl   rale,  sulil.
f    Hie
therefor In inch yeur on all ,
property uf Hie .Mm... Ji., 111.
AND WHKHKAS the amount
whule rateable property uf Hit
clpallly Is I.' .ii., in? un
AND WHKHKAS Hie total amount of
HlC      -.I'll.;     Deli. Illlllc   I''l-l      of     the
Municipality Is  i - ■•     ii respective
uf debts Incut red for local Improve-
incuts uf wbicb none of tbe prlnclpul
or Inlerest Is In itrre.irs
NOW TIIKIIKKiiRK Ihc lleeve ami
Council of llle Maul, Delhi, in npen
in.■. llilc  assembled eiiai'l us follows:
1 fur the pUI'I'USI-S afiilesald ll
shall bi- lawful fur llle lie, ve ,.f III"
iiiiiiii, tl- iin.. lu prurure, ond lie Is here
by uulliuilzcl lu ubtiiln. b.i wuy of
loan, from uny pe'raun. piisutis or cm-
|'"l allun . wlm muy be e iiiiii, In advance sume "ii tlie credit "f the debentures herein mentioned, a sum not exceeding 111 Hit' tlliole 111. Sllill uf ilea
000 00, ullil cause the a.nne'In he i.u I.l
Inlu the liumls of the treasurer nl llu-
municipality, lot the purposes aforesaid lind wllh ibe iibject lieielnbefure
8. II shull be I.m Nil fur llle lleeve
lu cuuse uny number of debentures In
be made out. inch for sucb sum of
money nut less lhan |le0 or un eijul-
vulenl expressed In pounds slerllng "f
Ihe Culled Kn,. .uu. of (Ileal Hill.iin
und Ireland at llm value of |l Hit 2-3
to the piiuml slcrllnir. as may be required, and all ilibenliileii shall be
Seilled with lbe Seal of lllc Municipality and alined by the rreve ami
countersluiiid by the cirri, of Ihc
1    Tlie snld debentures slmll be pay
able wllhln twenty years from - the
date herelnufler mentioned for tho
lly-luw io Hike effect ul such Dunk In
the i'lty of Vuneuuver, or at aucb
Hunk lu the t.'ity uf Lundon. Km i.m,i
lor ul such Hunk elsewhere us the mu-
iilelpulfty   mny   by   rcaolullon   decide
I upon.
1. The said debentures shull have
coupons iiitiicheil for the payment of
ibe Interesl ut tlie rate uf live per'
centum per annum on Ibr annum! uf
lbc debenlures, and shall be payuble
bulf ycarh un the Prat day uf April
and the lirst day uf October In each
und every year.
' .'■ A speclul rale un the duller, suf-
to |, ni lo raise the sum of 16,000 ahall
be raised und levied annuully In each
year, In uddltiun lu ull other rates on
all the rateable property ot lbe Mu-
nlclpallly,   to   pay   Interest   on     the
I debt   hereby   crested  durlilu  the  eur-
1 lency of Hie said debt.
I    8.    Tile   sum   uf   1338820   shull     be
, raised   and   levied   unnuully   In   euch
|und every year by speclul rule during
the currency nf Un said debl, un ufi
Ihr rateable properly of Hie Munlelpiillly.  for  ihc  payment   uf thc   debt
llelelll cteuled. when due
I " ll sllllll lie lawful for lhe Millil-
cll'iillty frnm lime to lime, to repur-
j chase uny of Hit* suld debentures ut
such price or prices us mny he muluni-
ly agreed upun uml all debentures so
repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled; ahd nu re-Issue of any debenture
or debentures shall be made In eotise-
pui'iice of sucli lepurchosc
8. H shall be lawful for thc Reeve
of the munlelpiillly. and lie Is herein
nutliiiilzid in purchase willi the inonev
su obtained by way "( loan, One Ihou-
suinl l,.ii. or such number as may
be purcnuSed be lhe prmceils of the
debentures, of lhe capital slock of the
West Vuncouver Kerry Cumpuny Limited. '
i This lly-luw shall, before thc
Html pasiilnu ihereuf, receive lbe us-
s,nt nf the Klci'lnis In Ihc manner re
..illlrd by liin-
lU Thjs ll.v-laiv. when passed, shall
come Inlo force uiul take effect un Ihe
llrsl   du)   of October.   1918
11 This Hi-laic muv be died for
all purposes us lb.' West Vancouver
Ki iry .Money lly-lmv. No   8, 1912
ftecelVed the assent of the fvleclurs
dni   of 1818.
Done and passed III up< n council Hits
day  of
TAKK NOTICK ilml lhe above Is u
hue copy of Hie proposed fly-Law. upon
iiblch tlie ml,, of llie Munlclpullly will
be token ut lhe New Municipal Hull on
Sniurduy the twenly-flrst day uf September. 1419. frum » o'clock In lhe
fort-noon until 7 o'clock In the afternoon
OIVKN Ibal llic vote of Ibo Electors
of the District uf West Vancouver will
be taken on tlie ubove mentioned Ily
Law, at the lime and pluee ubove in, n
tinned, and lliul C, ll Cake has been
appointed ItelurnliiK Ollicer lo tnhe
the vole of such Klccini-fl. wllh the usual powers In Ibnl  behalf
Ily Order of Ihr Council.
ri   ll   I'KAKK,
& M.  ti.
It a
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which is Incorporated
Bevan, Core & Eliot, Limited
North Vancouver Branch: G7 Lonsdalo Avenue, opposite Post Office.
Representing Lyuu Creole Zinc Mines Limited.
UOillO wilb good Ave roomed house wlililii a block of Kellh Boad car-
line closo ln $7,1)1)1)   ', cash, tl, 12 aud 18.   '
Coal, Brick,.Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewe; Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. George.'* Avenue.   * Phone 178
** BB
One. uimio the I'tiinplicateil ipiestlnn
of financing the rnnstructjqii oi u
fourth ferry was cunsiiloroil by tbe
forry directuralu yustiinliiy uflornnou,
nlnu tbo only nbucnlcu from tbu com-
inlaaimiora' table woe Mr. VV. C, (Ibid
"'in. •
i ■■in i., worn to baud from legal pud
liiiul,iii|i niiurreH, but il nm. nut doomed
I'spiiiliout to taku any ilraatie .lop un
til ti - iui.uu had Itiketi plueo bu
Iwimtl.llm lioanl ami llm aily nAiiiiiil.
Thete, iniiin., will, therefore, meet next
Wt'iluosility aflernoon at llui ferry rom
I'tnty's ollieo ami il iti liopud Ibal tIiih
"infi'ii'iiii' will bu 11 mean, of arming ui ■nun' iuu:,ilil. mul liiiu'iiiully
info wuy uf bundling llie niluatiiiii.
'i'lie fiiilliioiiiing Huml vltill wa.
loiieiii'il upuu by the board ill view of
tho vory important purt which tTie
ferry number threo will tuke iu Hie
iluy'* proceedings. Tin manager, Mr,
T. II. Hoard, wun usked to pcmouull)'
superintend the decorating of the t t
fur Ibis ;,,,),. j,,,,. orca.lntt, Inliiua
Imu Imi been roceivoil Iruin I'ul. l.uw
(her, eoerelary to the Duke,
Ilml Iheir Hoyul lligliucsticti purpiis
el leuviug the Hotel Vnm inner ul three
ii'i'loi'k. Tlie iii.,i„i;:i i wun tlmri't'urt',
inatrurted In luke Hie number three!
nil' her regulur ruu ul 8:110, so Hint
.-lie mny be trim uiul ready tu receive
lbe ili.lingiiblieil |,arly. The'number
une  will  be  brought   into   requl.jtlpu
maamammmmm ^
on Friday afterunnn so tbat tlm number
time may rerosln berthed at the North
Vancnuvei1 ffW'Mlltll lllll UP1 I.f
tbe return of tiie Hoyul visltum. Tne
ilircetoratn, on receipt nf au olticial
invitation, Intimated its inteiitloit tu
ulliind the reception a. a My.
Aii offer of »a,00O waa receive'd frnm
the Wallace Bliijiyunfc fnr tliu old
Heoii-li holler wliieii is in disuse uuw.
The uffur will be acceptei) sulijcel to
suitable iiriungi'iitiintii being mudo fnr
puyiiiont as specified DTVie maiiagor,
iii tbu manager's report lie recom-
in.■mlu.I that a canvas awning be put
ovor the passage way from the wait
ing ruum tu the gates un tlio whurf ou
Ihis sidu nf the lulet tu protect tho
passengers front bad weather.
Further arraiigeineuts lur the leas
iug nf the freight privileges were ile
ferrod for another week ponding the
return   uf  Mr,  llliidwiii.
\HR twrftEtflWi iysjp\in YmivwwrBi
Cates' Cup to be Contested To-morrow
Tho tare for the I'atos Uqp Ih to be
lhe event fur tumurrow when it i. et-
pei'leil thai tliu new liainliiun will g;ie
ihi- mi'Uibers enloring a bun run as a
reward for their offurls.
Tho tides arc favorable and grauled
ii Hue duy thero should be u good nii'u
Tbo entries im-lude: Uapt, Macken's "Elf," Cumniuiloie Pains')
"Wlnnlfroil", ('apt. Hughes' "Ider,'
t'aplaiti Barclay's "Jess," Capt, J,
,1. Woods' '''Kloanor," Capl. Harris'
"Wtnslow,'Sj\upl. (1. Willismsoii's
"Kiillieen II." Boms of the bouts euu
wulk uwuy with a surprising number uf
knots per hour and tbuugh, aeiuidiug
to llie liaiulirap it will be a ease'of
a "atern chase etc.," tltcy ham the
.'.{uid that will make lhe earlier slarl
ers turn many ail anxious look astern
to sen how the heavier penalized run
is anybody's race till the finishing line
is absolutely t'NiSSWl.
The llnul uf the Batclielor ''up ser
ios (which bavs pruvui) the viuli's
must exeiting races thi. seasuu) is tu
be run off shurtly whun tho "Klf," und
"" will have   about thu
must strenuous anil'highest strung lime
nf their lives in settling the ulwuys
spurting!}'   iiuatod  quustiun  of
Thoy  havu now raced  in three runs
nn,ler a vory closely worked out huinli
cup which, uf course, hus boon reduced
each race su tltut  iu  this, lliu  llnul
thoy will huvo to be right there al on:
hu|l lo the struku us every ueoml will
be worth, well, probably the cup.
With this race   .tiled uiul lliu win
Nli ■ \ ■
umi' uf lliu Iiiiii eup presented by I'apl.
II.   Hatehulor,  the  season's  program
will.Iiuvu been Idled with llio oteoptioii
uf the closing eruise uf lliu seusou up
Ihu Nnrlh Arm which will wilboiil uuy
duubt bu a hugu success und needs only
a smile from lbe weutbor. guardiun lo
bo u litllu item limited ill N.V.V.I',
circles for Hie winter muiilbs round Ihc
galley lire aa one of those Iiuc "du you
remember yarns."
the' clearing, grading and draining nf
Hidgewny and Lonsdale grounds.
Tlw ainouiit paid tu uuii uf August
un the grading, clearing, draining and
laying uf sidewalks and culverts uu
the Lonsdale and Bidgeway schuul
grounds was'qnnted at M044.8B.
The old Bidgeway school has bueu remodelled with a View tu instituting a
manual training scbnol.  •
iiniier the direction nf Mr Wool
bridge, who wi" have cbargo of tlio
practical training of tho boys, Hie
building has been lilted out with ull
thu requirements. There aro twenty:
fuur benches nf tho most up tu dale
niiidul, "eueli with a complete out 111 ol
earpoutry Inuis, There aru also Iwu
large saw bunches iu the centre uf
the i.ini.iiii.- Uupboards and showcases have beon fitted around the wulis
with iiiiuilieieil shelves.
The inuii mil Iiiiiiiiiii! eiusses have
heen ..srtml tli in wuek wllh Hie Intfif
You can buy a 60 foot lot ou Osborne Boad, 1% block, east Of
Lonsdale Avenue, fur Hfilil.OO, on tonus of one quarter cash, aud
the balance over 18 luonthe.
Enquire about this while One Dollar Shares are .ailing for Fifty
iviiil    OALL or WBITE for Proapectua.
Plioue 852
P. 0. Box 2397
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
If you want to succeed in business on tbe
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
North Lonsdale
■" ' ■■■       ■"" —"—
Cheapest in Nortli Vancouyer, 10 ft. lot wltbln il blocks of
Lonadala Avenue, only' UliM.  T.naa $96 caab, 8, 12 aad If)
Ill.ltllllU ',
Local Agents for British Empire Hone Insurance Oo., London Aaauraace
W. will b. pleaaad to have Hating.; alao torn* for sal. or rant.
FhOM 243 f, Q, V9I 9U
'      ■  i i i »s ■    i   I     i         '	
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range ihis fall, it will pay you to investigate lhe Monarch, ll costs less, lasts longer and
hums less coal or wood tljan any other malleable'range
sold in Norlh Vancouver,
School Board Trustees
.iho Inlil priiviiius usperienro at utlior
schools, ami it is oxpcctcil that liy ucxl
week ull thu benchus will be lillcil,
Al We,Ine,.,Iny evening's session of
the city school lioanl winch took place
ut the Bidgeway "i lnml ii in if r Hie chuir
mausliip uf Mr. M. tj. McDowell, llic
school attendance return,, for tho
mniiili uf August wen- fouml lo reveal
thc fad Ibal thai montb liu.i been u
rceurii. The previous highest uvciuge
was that of lusl Muy tiltiti). The re
turns for August figurei mil In uu
average uf 601,
Mr. A. 11. I'erry voiced tbe belief
thul Boplenibur wuulil .bow u still
lurger attuinlaiiee uml predicted lltol
the schools of lhe cily of North Vun
collier wuubl very soou lie ruling in
(lie lirsl eluss.
The trustees unanimously decided to
accept the invitation lo lie present ut
ilie recaption of the lluke un.l Duchess
of t'oniiuuglil uu Prbiay, .September 211,
ut  Vicloriu I'urk.
Trustee I'erry informed llie bour'l
lliul Hie norlli side of Victoria i'urk
had been reserved for lbe scliool 'lnl
ilren where Ihey wuubl lie arrange!
according to site to enable ull tlie
children to witness the ceremonies, in,
whieh Ibey will participate, ut inter
vats by singing Hie "National An
lliem," "Maple Leaf," ami "0, I'au
ailu " These airs are being simile,I now
by the cliitilren under competent leach I
Because the ilule of a cheque lie
gavu wus shown to be July 'JII iusleuil
uf July li, Hkuli Johnson, u North
Vulicouvcr man, ou Wcilueiuluy bail a
charge of false pretences ilismisseil by
.ln.iue Mclnues. Johnston was ubic lo
show Ihut nn July JII ho was tu have
n deposit of toil lilm .-.1 iu his aeeouul
which wuubl more thuu cover lbc cbcijue
nf t'1'2 hu gave lu Samuel I'rulierl, u
tradesman. The discovery ihut thc
chcipie was dated ami given on July
•111 uml nut on July :'■'• as mini in the
Indictment wus uuly discovered in
edding Bells
Du the 1Kb of Beptomber ul
Jumes'.church, Vaucuuver, by tl
Henry Btlwards, William Shuw, cldc.l
son of William Shuw Keurlou of tlib
son's l i ml inc.. II. i'., lo Clara, only
i.,„,'lit, i oi Mark (lark of Boulhamp
luu, I'ingluuil.
Uii llie^lli September ul HI. James'
church, Vuiicoiiver, by the Hev. Henry
Kdward., Jobn St. (iialr, eldest son of
Julin Harrow o. Norlli Vuncuuver, H.
I'., lo Beatrice, second daughter of Thos.
ami Mrs. Bannister, of Peterborough,
The buys of Ki'lgevvov. wliuul wrole
Ilr. Underbill', milk analysis places
The I'urily Creamery of lii'l Beeoml
street, North Vancouver, al Hie head
nl the list including Vaucuuver, Norlh
Vuncuuver ami ilislriet., tm'ir samples
showing k.t u per ceut. butter fal. i'a
vul Spencer k tit. ure scroml on Ihc
list   wilh  filii'i  per cent,  butler   fal
i P. (,'. Jones .'■ Co. huve us tlieir mnl In
I'urily uml Ibey have certainly li.vnl
up to il with lhe highest ataiulanl of
mill, in Vancouver ami vicinity.
informing the Iwur'l I liul uu athletic
ilul, hail been formed under Hie mi
pervision of Principal llenitetl, uml
"Uiiii. elected, ll wus the iiitcution
of the club to charge (lie members ai
smull entrance fee; but the sum rai.'l Thc lirsl dance of the season of
cil by this moans would be insufficient lhe Chesterliebl club wus held un Vied
In niei'l expenses, therefore llie) nuuulil! iiesday night in Ihe Kniglils of I'ylhia.
i,i..,i...,I assistance Irom tin- school I Hall. There waa a good allcnilame of
board. The matter waa referred for di. the club member, ami yuung women,
,u nm in committee. Doubles, llic I Kucellcii! music was prnvliled by Pow
blossoming alhleles will lie tiuu llie i ler's orchestra. These .lumes ure iimler
desired ciiroiirugcniciil. I the auspices of lbc Knights ol I'jlbias
A report from lllc commillee having | Social club, which lusl <ean,n' proved
iu charge Hie fixing up of Ihe grounds! su successful Mayor and .Mrs Mc
showed that Hull Hi bad been spent uu   Neisli  were prescnl.
Ilf 0 C        Everybody's
Wood&oon shoe store
Our Oooda ar. mad. by tne beet linkers of Boots aud Shoe. In Canada,
Uu UnlUd BtaUa and Great Britain.
Stylo, right up to the minute.
Prices Lower Than Ever.
A few pair, of Ladies' Low Shot, to clear at (1.06, black or tan. War.
UM, 11.00, »&.<*), sizes HI/,, 3,3'/. only,
Man's low Shoe. In black or tan at 13.46. All sites.
» • Late WoodPaioe Shoe Co.
P.O. 1615       FIRST STREET EAST Td. 393
paine & McMillan
11:1)0 uni. "The hcrilU|<L< of tin' lie
lie\er"; 7i3fl |hii "Tin1 u|ieii gat lea."
A iiiiHiiinlrfsiuiiiln^ iin.m; ut almul
tin"- urloek ycntenlu}' ulluniouu In*
twecn ferry number three uiul tin'
"I'riin'o Hupert" uue ut' llie Ufatui
Trunk I'vrifie liuuln Kuril vcuhcI U|t
jiaruiiti)' iimt^iiH'<I ilmi tin' utlior wbb
uliuul tu hIuw .fowu uilli tlir rt'Mtilt
lliut u v ill I iii ion neur tlte entrance I"
tlie Vanrouver ferry lermiiiul wun nur
rowly averted.
Tlif tn i wurliiS i'|jaiii|>i/jij 'unui'Mr
lui-rusM' muli'li fur ((utmi'miiuii ul I lir
liainltiDiiie ^uM Maun i*W|*. will l-r j i-i •
eii tumurrow afternoon nl Herrcotioti
I'urk, Vuiuuuver, lietween tl-e Van
euuver Athletic ('Iuh team, Iw'ilirH nt
llie tro|iby, iind Un- ('ttnuilisu Nurllietu
team of Winnijiiji J tni ti leam>< arc u
the |uiik uf 1'oinlitiuu uiul it hi{< iijwil
will .I..uhin ■ witiieHx tlie yami*. Mr.
Kreil. IaimIi of New Wt'Htmimtler will
Architect md Builder
' i:,ii u,,ii,    II     .n.i    Jlmignluwg
Il.n., uf hi'livi'luulily I Puirlii'1,1
Building, Viuu -nuver uml Nurlli lum-
'lule I'. (I. S, wnuiii M-l
llrili'm fur illiinel uiul j.n I nn- I'tuim
luukiiiK |,tuiii|illy L'ici-iilL-'l Furiiiliiii'
uml ulliui' iiiiini:.. tu uii)- dtiiign. ,lu><
l,ii,;.' wurk uml ri'|iuirn uf ull kiuiln
K|ii'>iully ulli'ii'li'il  lu.   I-)hIiinuli'H fre«
J.    K.    llllll,Un,    IJili   l.ullHilull.'   Avi'llUI',
Nurlli Vgni'tiuvcr, I'liuni' 1,147.
Ntilfi'lf   8HOBE   PBESB   IJMITKD
Job I'liiiiui..
FiiIiIuIicib of tho "ExpretuT
Flnt Stroot Eitt Phono 811
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Knot Salt  75c
Zamliuk   ' 35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills , 35c
Peroxide, per lb 65c
Culicura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25<*
Anti-Colic Nipples 5c each
Absorbent Cotton 35c Ib.
We have constantly in stock a complete slock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fad, everything in die
sick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed lo any
part of the cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade W.»t


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