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;->■ ■,.;-■■:.        __     $	
fp Jkpm
North Shore Delegation-
Visits Provincial Capital
Tlm executive council of lltu pruvin-
rjnl government received a delegation
of pruperty owners on llie Nortli Shore
nn l-'ridiiy lunl fur the purpoae of lie-
Idling In Hie rn»e of tlie ratepayers in
respect In Hie reversionary tights of
lln' province to one-quarter of all tlie
properly wliieii bus lieen ttulidiviiled into
Inls less limn nne uere each as provid-
i.| in nn net passed in IM and au
iiini'iidiug net passed in Win.
Tlie following tiieniliers of tlie government were present: 'Sir ilii'liurd
iMiIlride, Hon. W. J. Bowser, Hon. Dr.
Voung, Hon. Tlioiuus Taylor, Hou.
I'riee Ellison and Hou. A. E. McPhil
Tlie delegation tiuiuliered upwarda of
sixty members auioug whom thc ladici
»en1 u,b represented. The official
spokesmen were as followi: Heovc
Mny, Alderman Foreman, Hcevc Nelson, Councillor Bridgman, J. W. Dou
ui.i uu, li T. Tin ii, John Farmer and
t'ouiii'illor  1.1,nl.i.
' lu uiin,,Iii,'in;: the delegation aud
opcuing the subject, Heeve May stated lliul the delegation was eompriied
l.v private citizens and liy represents
lives of the respective munieipal coun
uls and , ,i'ii. hodies of Ihe Notrtl
Shure. Thc Conservative excrutives of
Hie Nurlh Shore liad likewise endorsed
their mission. The members of thc
delegation were present ai citizens wbo
fell lbe heavy burden resting upou
Iiiiiii because of the laugled question
wlneh had developed with reference to
governmental claim to certain portion!
uf their proporty. The wheels of pro
gross were clogged, Ihc ainbitioiit of
pruperty owners were fettered and Ih*
entire districl was denied adequate
developuicut, became of the uncertain
iiii nf the situation. They had im
jilicit confidence lbat Ihc govcrnmonl
wuuld ni*1' ''u1' consideration to the
cole nf lbc prupcrly ownen and Ibey
liiipe.l Ibul at uue stroke the govern
ineiil ,',.,,.1.1 wipe ..tl the ilale all
claims growing uut uf reveriiou
uiv righli, Ily doing io ycais of liti-
i ,'.,iiu: wuuld be prevented, inauytbuu-
■iiii,l.» iif dnllurs wuuld lie saved tu pri
vale cil liens and to Ibe goverunicut
uml the good name of all parties would
Storm Disorganized
Over 100 Telephones
and tho aale did nut go ou, The me-
tioneer telegraphed to the govcriiineiit
anil tile government telegraphed back
that the government would withdraw
ill claim ao that the sale might go on.
This, hu regarded, aa a parallel case.
If Ihe government would withdraw ils
claim in Poiut drey, he saw no reason
why tbore ihould nut lie u similar with
flrawal iu I.yun Valley. The government
intercut in I.inn Vulley was oomparu
lively -mall anywuy, and lbe loss lu
Ihu liuieiniiii'iii wuuld nut lie serious.
Beeve Nelson, speuking I'ur Wust
Vaucuuver district, stated that property
owners in that district were not so
heavily affected ua weru those in
the ilislriet of North yuncouver, iuas
much as very lillle properly bad l.ecu
subdivided into luls. One uf the mosl
unfair featurei uf lbe present siluu
liuu, huwever, was illustrated by the
caae of tbe N.6. ', uf block Ullil. The
quarter in question was sold at u government sule al which the restrictions
were removed, und the rest wus sold
later, tlie restrictions being in full
force, lleeve Nelson reud extracts
from a memorial presented tu lue gov
eminent over une yeur ago, with refer
ence to the ijucsliuu at issue. Another
feature of lhe tangle was seen iu the
fact that people have gune lu the re-
giatry office aud received n certillcate
showing thut a certain panel uf bind
wai clear, and ii hud afterwards de
veloped that it was nol clear because
of the government '» reversionary righli.
Tbe i'u: ui'l. effect ou Ihe credit of Ihe
district which waa atill under tne ban
of the act, waa a serious mailer. Mun
iv wai beiug apcut ou roads which went
into tbe value of the lands uml if thii
goes ou the municipalities arc sp,tiding
money on Improvement! which li"uc-
(its government prupcrly, yet they have
tu recover froutage or other luxes from
tbe government, The probable remit
would be the impairment uf tbe credli
of tne municipalities. Mr. Nelson ulsu
made reference lu Ihe uufurtutiule situ
atiou whicii at preseut exists wi'.lt re
ferctice lo muuicipal sales of lamls fm
taxes ai having a serious bearing nu
muuicipal credit,
Councillor Bridgman, us llnutn ,• chair
man of the municipality uf Nurlli Van
couver, pointed uul thai the ,1mln,:
had ipent I'fi.lllill in the urea affoclod
by Ihe reversionary clause |6*,i)i)i|
had heen speut under lucul iuipro
incut lunge turns bud been spent in
achuoli, municipal ball; etc., all iu lhe
territory affected. He submitted tuul
the hoinli of the municipality were he,
comiug affected. Tins stale uf alfuirs
has a tendency lu reduce tbe value of
the bunds. Appropriation! for mads,
water service, etc, could out legally
he preserved iu the financial world. '"' «'»»'«'' under eiiitiug cundilioui,
If Ihe governmeut did not see its way pweauie of uncertainly us lu titles
In rclinqiiiah these claimi Ibe result Th' h»"lship wrought wai greal People
wuuhl be prolonged and expemive Iiii \eoM »°l Kd loaus uu tbeir property,
(.'iiiuiii,  widespread  publicity  in    lbe Everything  was  held   up.   Immediate
pre.li, I ii public criticism, tbe com j"''«' *»» required.   As.u  mutter of
billed effect uf which migbl easily be")"")' betwecu tbe governinenl and Ihc
lbe impairment of the credit uf Ibe j l,l'opli'. Mr. Bridginati usked lbe govern
municipalities  if nol  of Ibe produce Be»'  ,0 seriously  couiider  iininediuf
saving tliu iiuuso from being split duwu
the eust liilc The lightning In tbis
miinii,',' Hcciuud.to explude like u ball
uf incandescent lire and immediately
ufter the Hush smoke wui iliscerttalile
accompanied by it smell of sulphur. The
electric linings of olher houses in thia
purliculur locality were dismantled,
ninl a number of household! bud lu
luke recourse last evening to lamps and
euiidh's ill addition lu postponing any
phuue rails 'hey bud contemplated.
Tnu  Sturm  yesterday   ia  quoted   us
This eity yeiterday received un unpleasant viaitor iu the shape of an
electrical itorm of considerable violence. Appaiuniil oil their way across
the Inlet the elemental furies subjeel
ed Nortli Vaueouver to one particular
ly vivid Hush of lightning uud one ex
traordinary Ipud burst of thunder. Our
ing the few seconds that this occupied
over a humlruil telephones iu the city! being llie worst experienced for ul
were disorganized and countless bouses leant three yeurs. The last eletuenliil
temporarily deprived of electric power, i outburst nf the kind pluycd havoc witb
8o far no fatalities have been report Jin the li. II. Klectric Iluilwuy Company's
though storiea uf hairbreadth escape! plant iu Vaiicuuver, and I'ur quit,' a
are coming from suverul creditable tunsiileriihle periml tlte city was in
sources.   The Iinme uf Mrs. Ililliam on I darkness.
7llt street east according to export opiu-i A circumstance whicii will appeal
ion, came within an aee of being se- to city residents au being remarkable
verely affected by the lightning, only is ibul tboir tteur lieighhurs in Lyuu
the conductor which forms purl of the; Valley were troubled neither by Ihun
electrical mechanism uf lbe telephone del uor by lightning.
St. Andrews and Caledonian Society's Sports
DESPITE   INCLEMENT   WEATHEB  imaginable   test    of  prowess.   Despite
ATHLETIC   EVENTS   WEBE     |advene conditions the entries for every
KEENLY CONTESTED ! event    were   exceptionally good   aad
some keen conteita excited the inter
Prevented by tbe weather frum uu   est of the spectators.   The results will
derlaking then contemplated picnic to he found un page 5, column .'I.
Hollyburn yesterday, members uf the     The committee beg tu convey their
St.  Andrew's uud Caledonian Society j thanks tu Ihe following donors to tb
were niui mi' I-, determined lliul I'lu   prize list, who, aloug with other don
mi., ahould uot be allowed to put lut ors previously Ibuiiked, were the priu
.,l, ilm, veto uu tbe celebrutjuns of cipal means towards the successful purt
I,iiiun Day. They, therefore, lo a ium ul the programme,
braved   Ihe   elements  and   held   some     B. 0, Meat Market,
Infill successiul sporls in the grounda
uf the Horticultural llall, finishing up
wilb an i'.v crating dance in the hull
The prugram of athletic events wus
a long une, comprising uimusl every
P. Burns & Co.
DesBriaay  Co. "
Mr. Campbell  (lea merchant).
Pioneer Bakery.
Shoemaker k McLean,
Simpson ,\ Wight.
Gold Bearing Reef
Discovered in
First general intimation was yesler
lay received that a gold bearing reef
had been discovered by Mesara. (1. C.
Walker and il. Smith at Capilauo ubuut
a month ago ami thai the claim had
been duly stuked und registered.
i'lie reef runs, us fur as can lie ul
present judged, norlh uud south alongside the uu" tunnel which ia being
Iriven for the Vuncouver city water
supply main, and was located through
the ' "i'i i, ull being exposed by a shot
Iired when the tunnel wus driven about
lllll feel. A sample v.iis laden ami au
assay ubtuitied which showed guid to
the value of H per ton uud silver.
Yesterday morning u parly consisting uf Messrs. (J. 0. Wulker, M. t'nnip
bell, W. Sinilh, VV. II. Campbell, .1.
I'aullield and T. lluwe went uul tu
Capilauo to inspect lhe Und which bus
nuw heen furtber opened up showing
thi' reef to the width of two feel with
uut pressure uf tbe hanging wall The
party considered tbe present indications as extremely satisfactory, ami
llic loculors announced their intention
uf putting in a cross cut to ascertain
the full width uf the reef ami the prospective body of ore at the face work
ing. Afler considerable haminer ami
drill wurk a lurge sample of the ore
was brought  buck  lo the city  whicii
being heavily mineralized, will be forwarded for treatment. A piece ufthe
ore wos dollied uud panned by Mr. J.
Cuillllebl und showed free gold, A
small prospecting compuny is being or
gunized with the object of developing
the lode without deluy, uud on the
results uf this development will rest
the future action  of llu.' cumputiy.
The discovery uf the reef wus purely
accidental and fortunate. It appears
that Messrs. Smith uud Walker rceeiveil instruction:! from a city mining "i'u, ulaii.i to pi-;: out a claim al
the workings near Ihe city waterworks
intake and on going lo thul locality
being under llie Impression Ihut a luu
nel wus being driven, usked the dircc
tion of the work and wus informed
tbut the tunnel wus being put through
the puint at the secoud canyon. Then
they went buck and pegged the claim,
On entering the tunnel tbey proceed
ed to inspect lbe walls with the ro
suit tbut the exposed I'uul wall uf llie
reef was discovered. Arriviug buck in
the city iufurmutiiin was sent to the
gentleman thul the claim bud been In
mli',I ul the tuuuel by tlie secoud can
yon, but lo their surprise they were
informed thut they hud pegged the
wrong locality, Consequently Messrs.
Wulker and Smith regislered their uwn
luun    which    has   heen    nick named
'Walker's Luck."
The Royal Visit
Geueral Committee to Meet
Items of Interest
uul the dethronement in this parlicu
lur of lbe besl traditions uf the Hril
ish people.
Alderman Furcinarf' slated lbat the
interests uf lhe cily of Nurlh Vancouver were closely allied wilh Ibuse of
Ihe two neighboring district! in Ibii
mailer. What effected oue affected Ihe
ulher. Ho pointed out that it wai not
Ihe man who procured the original
i rown ii.mi for the properly who wai
illii' I, i,nil.ii na. ll thc next pur
chaser who probably subdivided iuto
live acre blocki, uor was the lubicqucnl
purchaser why sub divided iulu ure
blocka involved iu auy way, hut lbe
reveraimiary rights of Ibe govern
metit did uut take effect until portiou
wert registered iu leas lhau acreblucks,
Coder these lasl conditions tbe pur
chasers were mostly working men
who bought Ihe lots Innocently, for
the purpoae of establishing a borne for
themselves.   Tb(y bought In good failb
aud in  ii i:  of tbe   coodltlois.
Here was where I lie hardship came io.
These men bought these loll oo the in
itiilineiit plui and paid for Ihem out
of Iheir savlngi, bul when Ihey came
lo ask for Ibeir deedi they found tbem
■elves in trouble. Tke situation, however, could easily be relieved by the
government withdrawing these claims.
Ai a precedent Aldermen Foreman re
called the cue of tbe government sale
Of properly ,al Point Drey, wbere tbe
government had certain rights in that
instance and a naJe took place. When
the auctioneer explained thai tbe gov
eminent bsd certain rights, tbe people
.'would not bid under tboss condition!
action revoking-: tbeir claims.
Mr. ,1. W. Iiujuii.   as rcpreseiitu
live of lhe Nurtli Vaneunver Hoard uf
Trade, staled lhal the Hoard had ut
members upwards uf I'm business men
all of whom were directly or indirectly
affected by this isiue. Tbe Buunl en
lorsed the pusitiuu taken by tbe dele
gatiou and requested a speedy ami de
finite . mi, lini.n, upon the part of the
Ut. li Tbouipiou "J', jj jj spoke as a
representative property owner He aaid
Ibal Ibere were ouly one or Iwo caaei
in wbicb Ibe government had made any
claim uuder the act of IMM and of
J0J0. Tbere bad evidently been a mil
undemanding and tbe act of 18116
bad beeu ouly iutended lo apply lo
certain speculative raining lownsiles in
Kooteuay. II had not hi en intended
to apply lo places liko Nortb Vancou
Hoo. A. K. McPbillips-Wcre Ibcie
subdivisions previoui lu municipal in
corporation or lubicqucult
Mr. Tion—Subsequent.
Hoo. A. K. M. I'h.ibi" Thut is an
important mailer lo consider.
Mr. Thm The first subdivision WU
made io Is". Thc ioveitori bave bad
oo lolentioo al circumventing tbe gov-
eminent       Those who find got the bind
hue left, and tbe present holders
bave spent much from tbeir own pork
els so tbat it would work an eapecial
hardship oo lliem. As late u Sep
(amber, IOU, certiiralci were issued
tbat  tbere wu  oo Incumbrance oo
Mr, W. J. Norlln "le is taking up
his residence at  11(1 lllh street p.isl.
Mr. I' Mcllae, contractor, is moving
lo hia new residence, llll Kith street
Mr,   II.   W.   Younji,  contractor,   is
taking  up  bis  residence  ul  'Hit   Itvth
street  eas|.
Miss Ituth Knux hus arrived frum
Atwuud, iiniuii,,, and Intends lukiu^
up hei residence in tbis city.
Mr. il Kilsbeti bus returned lu bis
home on lulb street uud Muhun avenue
afler a musl enjoyable holiday spent at
Welcome   I'ass.
Mr. A.  I    ilni i.-i, uf Iiiiiiiu   lliu
underwent   a  successful  operation  for
appendicitis in  llurbor  View Hiiiialnr
ium -yeslerduy uftertiuun.
Tlie Lyuu Valley Minslrels are
Imi,lm- a meeting iu tbe Iualitult
Hall uu Friday evening at 6 u'cluck
AH Interested are cordially invited lu
Mrs. Andersun uf I'algary, who bai
I,eel) spending Ihree niunlhs here us tin
guest uf ber daughter, Mrs. I'uryll,
lur on road, relumed tu her home iu
Alberta   yesterday
The regular meeting of the nly lu
liters, postponed from lasl eveuiug
lakes place al lhe cily bull lonighl sl
t o'clock wben some business of
I'orliiiice is expected lo arise.
flftwHpflH tn ptgt thru
Owing to Ibe unsettled stale of
weather the Band Concert announced
for tomorrow evening will not Inke
place. Weather permitting a concert
will be giveu ou Wednesday, llth Inst,,
wbicb will close a very successful sea
Mr. Booth's bunting party returned
Ibis iii..ioiii|.' from iinini,i,', I'l.'in.i.
where Ihey had brought down four elc
gant deer. Nr. K. McMillan and party
also returned from an enjoyable ox
peditioo fo tireeu Bay, Nelson Island
aod Jems inlet. *  *     . . t\ i
Charlie Llmm, bailed befure the roa
gislerial bench this morning on a
charge of operating an opium joint iu
tbis city, wu tbis morning fined (81
aod costs. He _wsi defended by Kx
judge Henderson, Mr. Udocr being toe
counsel /or tbe prosecution.
The death took place uu Sunduv' af
lernuon. September   1st, al  her homo,
.■uei of 8th street and Chesterfield
uvenue, ut Hester Roekitrow, widow of
Ihe laic George Melhuish, lute of Van
ouver. II. C. The funeral will lake
pluee tu St, John's church tomorrow
al II u.m
Sir Louis Iiuv ies, judge of the Su
preme I'oorl of Cauada, with i.adv Da
vic,s and daughter. pani a usil to the
Norlli Shore un Suturduy and were
ihown aruutnl by I'bief uf I'olice Oo
vies, win is u cousin uf the distinguished knight Tbe purl} viewed
the scenery uf t'upiluuu ind ulher pic
luresque sections, later dining ul the
Vancouver hotel where Sir l.uuis re
newerl many old acquaintances.
This murniug ul the city hall i'olice
Magistrate llugglcs had befure him
llmlli", Smith, charged with having iu
bis possession out uf seasuu, certain
game, tu wit, grouse. In fining the
delinquent ffi and costs lbc magistral
observed that Ihere hud evidently been
some negligence un purt uf Ihc game
wardens in uul giving sufficient pub
belly tu the legisluliun governing the
gruuse scusuti. He wished it lu be im
pressed upuu everybudy thai Ihc gruuse
seasuu dues uul uuw upon un Sept 1st
In support of this Mr. llugglcs read
uluuil the clause bearing upun this
mailer, which statea distinctly Ibal lie
, i iu lbe riding ol llichinoiiil dates
from Od. llllh uutil December .'llil
The local corps of field eugiuecra la
now drilling twice weekly ko that il mav
acquit ilself creditably on Ihe several
iiuporlanl occusions whicii are pending
iu Ibe very neur future. There is firstly
lo be u church porude, probably next
Sunday. There is Ibeu to be a re
bcaraal iu Vaueouver for the forlhcom
ing review by Ibe Governor General.
On Saturday, Sept. Nth, the company
will be ou duty aa a guard of honor
when Reeve May opens tbe park and
suspension bridge iu Lynn Valley. On
tbe Huh tbe company will attend the
rcvlow at Broclon Point, where, by
right of being tbe premier corps of
the army, It will lead tbe march pail
iu conjunction with tbe Vancouver
detachment. Qn Friday, tbe JOtb, it
will again fo. m a guard of honor to
Hie ilolay Highness the Duke of Connaugbt on Ihe occulon of iiis visit to
the North Shore.
To Mr, and Mrs. Nixon I lib street
eut,' on Segl, 2nd, a daughter.
.To Mr. and Mrs. A. i. C, Bobert
soo, « son,. 91st-August.
A meeting of the general committee
for the reception to the Duke of Cou
nuugiit will be held iu Hie eity hull ou
Friday eveuiug, September >ilh, ul 6
I't'lock. A full attendance is' re
Death of Dr. Steacy
The death of Dr. Sleacy occurred
al lhe residence of Dr. Martin ou Sun
day nigbl. Dr. Sleacy hud been iu ill
l,i.ilil, for Koine lime uud came lu visit
bis daughter, Mrs. Or. Martin, some
Ibree weeki ago, since which lime his
condition becume from day to duv
more serious. Or. Steacy practised fur
many years ul South Mountain, Out.,
hut relinquished ins practice ubuut six
years ago to become treasurer tor the
united counties ot Dundus, Sturuiuul
and Glengarry, Amungsl Or. Sleacy's
relatives are Mr. A. II. Steacy and
Mrs. In Martin uf Nurth Vuncou
ver. The funeral lakes place Ibis al
lernooii to Vancouver cemetery.
Boy Scouts  i
All Hoy Scouts of Nurlli Vancouver
will please assemble outside Scout Mas
ter J. II. Knglisli's store on Wednesday
(tomorrow; uvening at i u'cluck, when
lbe program for l.yuu Vulley day will
placed befure Ihem. Thoae wishing
to become members
ure   in ilml lu ul
School For Girls
The attention uf parents uf this city
is being drawn lu tbe SI. Tbumus'
it ib ' school fur boarders ami day
scholars. This institution hus been
opened under the management of the
'beslerliebl School Company Ll'l. and
under the principalship of Miss I
Young wilh tbe Bev, K. T. lluwe as
wardeu. Tbu temporary buildiug is ail
uated un SI. James' road, iu the
healthy region o( Norlh Lonsdule
while Iwo buildings conveniently ami
choicely situuled are uuder ouiulru
ion for lhe accommodation of forty
l.iiiini, i ami eighty scholars. A staff
of six qualified teachers will carry into
tin i lbe aim of the school, which is,
to quote lhe prospectus, "to provide
a good geueral education and lo itnvpirc
girls witb .'.Iiu" um and beautiful
ideals of useful womanhood,"
ance before li New Westminster public
lice receiving the honor of knight
huod ul the bunds uf King Ocurgc,
which attaches unusual interest tu lhe
The new hurse shuw building which
will he thrown open to the public dur
ng the fuir will be dedicated bv Hon
I'rice Klliaon, miniiler of agriculture,
If he accepts the inv ilul ton lendereil
liim. The minister in u lover of horses
as well as being keenly iulereated iu
the success uf the exhibition and there
is lillle qUl'sliOU but lie will grace the
uccaaioit with Ins presence.
Why docs a sink lloull Tu lind an
answer lu this quesliuu W'o must re
member Ibul the earth is all llie lime
trying tu pull everything lu ilself; it
pulls us. it pulls the air, il pnlli .1
haluuti, il pulls the moou. Nuw, the
heavier a thing m, the more II is pulled.
i.ml the ivniei is limner thun n slid,
' Ins Iocs not llnuii lliul all Ihc staler
m the puud is beuvier than a slick,
11cause uc know lhal; but it means
ll.il. ii voo hud i cop and tilled it wilh
waler uud hud unother cup the same
me and filled it with stick, lhe cup
with the wuler well be heavier thai
it to say, in a fixed amount ol space
vou ..in pack a greuler weighl ol wa
lei Iiiun ol unim Tins is whul we
I'.eon when we say that the wotci is
heavier than the slick, suys lhe Chll
dron 's Kncyclupedia.
Of cuursc, a pound "f water is the
tame as a'puuud ol stick, und you do
nul need lue In answer lbe qucatiou,
Which is Innvnr. a pound of feathers
o: a pound ol lead/ 'loey weigh the
sume, unly lhe lead lakes up leas ruum
iud so we suy Ihul lead is heavier than
11 others, though u pound uf lead weighs
Ijie i i.roe as a pound of feut hers The
proper name lor a heavy thing is dense
and whenever it ,s pussililc, the earth
pills Ih, dciistis! things farthest down
und the less dens' things llunl on lhe
lip ol il. That is "In the stick Hosts,
Ihul is why lhe cold air is touml uear
eii Hie lloor, beet use cold air is heu
'iei or denser I h.m warm air, and Ibe
nurui uir llo'uts on lop of il as the
slick  lluals ou  waler.
New Westminster, Sept. 3—Sir -Rich
ard McBride wili be invited to open
the provincial exhibition to be held ou
Oct, 1 to t, and according to informs
tion received by Frcsidont T. J. Trapp
of the Boyal Agricultural aud Indus
trial Society he will accept tbe invitation, Tbe premier is a native son of
New Westminster and ii very popular
bere, as be is over the .entire province.
Tbis will be practically hia Irst appear
To Building Contractor!
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Tender
for Building,'' oud addressed
"Norlji Shore 1'reas Limited,"
North Vancouver, will be received
by tho undersigned up lo six o'clock
on the evening of Wednesday. Sep
t, ii, l.i lilh, li) 12, for the erection
of a building oo lot 10, block 157,
0. L. S7J, id'in.g Ihe nortb west
corocr of Firsl street and Rogers
avcuue, Ibis city.
Flans and sjiccifiralioni mny be
procured at the offices of Itlacknd
der aod MecKay, architects, Aberdeen Block, Lonsdale avenue, on
and after Monday, August ilOlli.
Tho lowest or any tender nul necessarily tccVpled.
Nortb Short hm liuikti
lieu. II. Morden, Manager.
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Bank of Montreal
Established 1(17
Capital (paid up)
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The Plot That Failed
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at our factory.
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__ "Vat on tirnitj.''
notlc. Company aot liabl. lor
Time (aU. subject to chui. without
delays, accidental or otherwise.
"My conscience iiatli a thousand
HI'lllfUl   tllll|jll!!B,
And overy tangue brings In a,
several tain,
And ovary tale condemns nm (or
a villlau."
-Richard  III.
Nut    lung   since   wliilu   ri mining
among soma old papers I found tha
full'Ini, Hi |iitiiiii|ti»|iii, In uuii' iio
visile sias, of a goutlemau whoso tin
tttros Hci'iiicd I'niiiiliiir; but for tho life
of mu I could not rooali wltort ami
iimler what circumstances I had mot
tlm   iit'l|<itiiil.    After    cudgelling   my
Iliiiili  Ulliii It  ii, uu'l.  I   il,,,      Iho pie
turn duwu. lu lulling tlio back of,thu
|ilintogru|ilt iiiiiicl ti|i|iorniost and in-
■ tiiniK memory came to my aid ami
n train of thought that carried mo back
mors llniii forty years was set iu uni
tion. Written across the card appeared
those winds:
"Yuurs      'i'i'
"Victoria, V. I., May, 1861)."
'I'lie inscription brought tu mitnl tlte
t'tii'c, uml face and name recalled a
slury nf an attempted crime whicii, in
ils ruiiiilli'titions, had it been actum
pllslied, wuuld have been ono of lite
most remarkable and oitraordiuary
that ever occurred in America.
.Inltii Cooper was an Englishman wlm
beforo coining In Victoria in 18511 had
been iii ilie Australian government em
l'l." As lin was backed by good credentials liis :,,'jii, i, were immediately
eiiguged by tiic Government uf British
Columbia, und being au eicelleut ac
,',,uniiiiii lie was installed as chief
clerk of the Treasury uf liritish * ul
umbia. Tlie culonies of Vancouver Is
liiud uml lirilisli i ul,in,luu were al that
liuie governed by separute ami distinct
staffs. They were presided over by
uue governor— Duuglas-^who supervised bulli I'stablislimuns.' The officials wure ipiiitlcijpj' lit Jaines Hay,
ninl Hie mull illicit Treasury llttildiiig,
which was a defined structure, and
.-I,,i,,l near where the palatial printing
office nuw stands, was used in common
iv I",u, staffs. This waa hefore the
lay uf combination and lime lucks, ami
the massive iron iluur uf tlie Treasury
wus secured by a key resetnliling (ex
•pt iu tile, I'or it wus a huge brash
affair ami weighed nearly a puund) uu
urdinary Huuse key. There was nu du
plicate, ami llic task uf upetiiug ami
, losing llic vault wuh assigned tu Mr.
Cooper, who lefl the office abuut fuur
o'iluek every afternoon, bearing witli
Intu llic ) .uul, !,,,,.■■ key, safely dcpusil
e,| in an inside pucket.
Tlie house iu which Mr. Cooper ruum
e.l  was situated uu the southeast cor
tier ut Yule* und Douglas streels.   The
building lius been lately turn dowu lu
iiiiike  ruum   for    the   massive    stunc
strmlurc   of    the    Merchants'    Hank.
The muss uu the roof uud Ihe general
ititle  of  dilapidation   iulu   which   the
pluee   liud   fallen   betokened   its   anti
i|uili     ll   was, at  lhe time, uf which
I write, u new and smart Iuukiug build
ing    A gentleman named I'idwell I,mil
aii'l occupied it  with his family, and
Mr. Ciiuper slept in one of tiic moms uu
Hie  mu uiul  fluur.    The neit  tieighbur
uf   the   I'lilwells   was   an   auctioneer
iiiiiiied Mel'rea, wliu, with hit charming wife and family uf three children,
mi iipieil a four roomed one-story build
iug  wlneh lius lung since disappeared
before the  ravages uf lime,    lu  llic
iu. Ii.n,i   uf   the   M,' nu   houae   and
overlooking tlie   rear  uf  the   I'idwell
huuse wus a smaller liuilding.    Al the
time of which I write it was occupied
I,;, a gentlemanly Iuukiug man and his
handsome wife. Tlicy bad arrived from
Nin  Fram-iiro abuut  the  1st  ut Iuuu
uty,   l-i'i. and  had  rented  the houae
frum   M.i'nu   fur   three   months,   the
gentleman,   who  said   his   name   was
Npraguc,   informing   the   landlord   that
he was awaiting Hie   opening uf   tbe
mining seasuu to gu to Yale and wurk
some   claims   he   owned   there.     Tio
couple were regular  in   their   attcn
dance at worahip, dividiug Iheir alien
dance belween the Wesleyau Methodist
liiiirch uu Luwer Tendera street and
Hie Oliurcb   uf    Kuglund    ediffce    on
'ininli   Ilill.    Tbey   seemed   to  have
money, and Mrs. Hprague, wbo bad a
line contralto voice, was accompanied
by her liusbund upon  tbe violin,    Aa
tbeir strict attendance at cbureb at
l met ed ul lent ion, it was not long be
foro tbey were "iu tbe swim."   Vie
toria society, sucb. aa   it   was   then
threw  wide open  ita doors to tbem
•Houn  no uiusicale or tea party  waa,]
leemed    successful    at    wbicb    Mrs
Hprague did uot sing and Mr Hprague
Hiing a very young man at the time,
uml unmarried, 1 had pjenty of eveu
itigs at my disposal, aud naturally
made one of several young fellows
who availed ourselves of tbe opportunity afforded by an invitation to pass
a pleasant evening in good company.
As tke Mc.Crea and bpraguc bouaea
were too smell to accommodate many
visitors, tke reunions were held at Uu
i'idwell houso oo Uie corner, Tke
family were vjBry musical, and witb all
|Jlio avuilaltlu local amiitunr talent eon
trlbutillg to the eujoymont, wo waifs
and strays from Canndlan and English
homes were made supremely happy.
Mr, uml Mrs. Hpriiptni lining the
latest arrivals, and being, as 1 huvu
said, ilueiiludly musical, woru tho centre
of attraction,. Mrs. Hprague woultl
sometimes be inilimti'l tu l'u vor us wlfli
a secular song. Situ sung "Tbo Old
Clll at Hume" and "Tlte Last llusii
of Hummer" with groal pathos iiml
fueling, but she profaned evory vocal
effort with Hie informuliuit that alio
preferred sacred music, As fur curds,
iiiui weru the aboiuiiiotiun of tlte pair,
uml iliiiiciiig wus sinful uml immodest.
As I was very iiuprussiuitaliio at thu
timo, I confess Iiiui this tull, courtly
uml uiTouiplislifil ludy won my cuiill-
tones from tliu start, utui, I muy mid,
tbat situ similarly impressed ull my
yuung friends. Wo liud little use fur
,'i|ini|!iie Perhaps- we oiividl lum llie
possession uf the splendid creiiture lie
called bis wife, Imt it always seemed
lu uie that hu was acting u part. Wliilu
bis wifo was eusy und ntiturul in her
manners and gave evideneo of gqod
lireediug, Hie litisiiunil was decidedly
iiiiiiiitunil uud too Itielliiiijieiil iu uis
ways ami speech, iiis words were
measured uml his voice seemed to be
false ami assumed. Whon lie etjqke In
you bis bluck eyes would wander ull
over tbo universe, us if bu were fearful
of Iuukiug you iu Hie fuce, uml I ufteu
had a sensation como over me, as we
conversed, tbut be wan pulling Hie wool
uver my eyes, Hut gradually lliul feel
ing wuru away. Tbe generosity uf lbe
uttple wus unbounded, uud tlieir piety
wus su pronounced Hint lu liun' tillered
word in dispurugemciil of eiliier
wuuld buve been lu consign tbe itllerer
tu a soi'ial Coventry.
1 did venture on one occasion lu re
uuin, lu u ludy friend lliul I didn't
like Mr. Hprague, when. I wu.- met willi
the lurt remark, "Ob, you're jealous."
So I suid nu mure, and Hie enjuyuble
evenings continued, witli Hie Bfiraguus
cutting daily u wider swutli wilb tlieir
voices and viuliu iulu Hie affections uf
tbeir friends uml neighbors. J forgul
to suy lliut Mr. Hooper always utlemled
Hie musical parties und eonlribulud
Ins sburu lu make (lungs pleasant. A
1'ti ilhui in un 11 Society wus formed uliuul
tbis lime, und ot cuursc Hie Hprugucs
were invited tu Join. Tbey uccepled
and lbe lirst" rehearsal wus urmuged
for, wben an astounding tiling incur
rid,  wbicb  rent  society   lo  its  iculre
Ulld    burst     our    IllUsieUl     elelilllgs    111
pieces tt if u chuTge of dyiiumilc bud
gol in its work.
I'lie winter of iMiil wus \ery hois
tenuis und wet, The dwellings were
mostly of u ilicup iluss, uud tbe wind
played havoc Willi the windows uml
roofs. The streets were l,ugs. There
re iiii sidewalk,, aboic Uuvernmeut
slreet, and uuly bere uml there u crosswalk to enable pedestrians to go fruni
une side ut a streel tu the otber.
Win-cling wus utmost un impussiliilily
and teutiis were "sloughed" in effurts
tu navigate the lupinl mud Willi lund.
of goods. There'were no streel lights;
gas bud nol lieen introduced uud elci
trie lights and telephones were mil in
vented. Tbere wus nu wuler supply,
except frum wells, und eurts delivered
the fluid froiii door to door. There
waa nu sewerage; yet, struuge tu suy,
cases of typhoid feser und diphtheria
were rare. Tbere were no delivery
earls, goods beiug scut from store lu
buusu in wheel burrows or baskets. Not
a single buck plied for lure on tlm
streets, and open vans ur espress
wagiins couveyed |itut*ci>gcrs to und
frum l.-nipumiili tuwu, where u steamer
frum California culled eiery three
weeks witli lbc mails, freight uud puss
eugers. The service between I'uget
Hound ami Victoria wan performed by
a smull steamer that mude weekly trips.
There wus nu ruilwuy anywhere uu lbc
I'oasl at linii Inni' uml nu telegraph
line west ut Chicago.
ilul ail Ibis is Inside Hie slury i
have to tell, and I urns! hasten uu, Ou
tbe aflernuuii uf Hie HHh ni February,
I860, ive heavy wooden boxes slrap
ped witb irun were delivered ut Hie
Colonial Treasury. Tbey were addressed lo lbe Treasurer uf Hritisb Columbia
ami bore Hie broad arrow uu Ibeir cuv
ers. Tbe Inncs had been liruuglil frum
England by u warship lliul arrived Ibe
ilay before. Jt wus known tbut lliey
contained 40,01)0 sovereigns, whlcb were
to be used iu paying off a force of
English regulars quartered on lbe Main
laud (and tu defray olher Imperial
Oovernment expenses. Tins lurge sum
of 1200/000, added lo a furtber Vum of
about (20,000 belonging to tbe local
authorities, made a tolal of WltMil).
Mo secret was made of tbe presence of
all this treasure at the Oovernmeiil
Huildiugs, and when on the morning of
the lmii of February, eight days after
the receipt uf the aovcreigns, lhe jaul
tor found Iracke of muddy boots ou Hie
floor of tbe. verandah, their preseure
created no surprise. Huch an event as
a burglary was tbe last thing to enter
my one's mind, and tbe *220,ooo re
pined in the vault behind tbe iron door,
which was looked by John Cooper's
massive koy, in apparent seourity.
Tlw nigbt" of tbo 8Ptb nf Vtpwiy,
1880, was one of tbu most diswal and
Btormy of a long and weary winter.
The wind toyed with roofs and uw»-
ings, and storm-clouds scurried 'across
tbe sky. Tbe Inmates of tbe Pldwell
homestead retired oarly that nigbt and
tbe household was soon fast asleep.
About two o'clock in tbe morning,
while tbe storm was at its litlyW H
v.indue.!, and du.uu milled l uoisy accompaniment to tbe lierce gusts of wind
that shook the building, > young lady
jl iu une of tho ruums was awakuu-
till by a sensation of something t-'old
toucltiiig her faco. Bite iustiuctlvoly
miue.i bur arm uml grasped tbo bard,
horny hand of a mau. Tbo room was
intutiBoly dark uml not au object could
"{ want to know wbere Mr. Coop
or's room is. I want liim," replied (the
voico. f'J won't harm you if you tl
te|| pie and' make no union. If you
don't I'll bill )•'»>," uiiii tbe cold
muzzle wub pressed against tbe girl's
1 Instead' of remaining silent tbo girl1
screamed loudly, Tbe screams uwpkc
the occupants of tbe Other rooms, anil
tbe burglar, bearing tbeir cries umi
movements,' sorted fpr the stairs, in
||io durk be lust bis wuy ami run intt)
tbe arms pf Mr. I'idwell, wine was ulso
groping in tlte dark, having run in to
ascertain tlio cause of the cumulation.'
Tbe two iiiiiii grappled uud in Limit
struggles  full  uguinst  tbo  1,11 i m
iloor, which yielded to tbo pressure,
and down they tumbled into lltu mom,
tbe Intruder underneath, As bo luy
there be contrived to Urn Ills pistol.
be soon.' Tbo young lady, now tiior ''Die jtall grused tho knee of bis captor,
ougltly ii nn I.e and alarmed, asked:
'Who aru you—what do you wantf"
11 mdi!" replied a man's deep voice,
lowored to a hoarse whisper, and then
tlte yuung girl felt the euld inuzilu uf
pistil! pressed agaitiBt her face.
Hushl" continued the vplce, "If
yuu spuak again I'll bluw yuur bruins
Hut the girl wuuld tint lnn.li    "Wbat
lu yuu wunti" she again demanded,
and passing Iiirougli tlio huso hoard uf
tbe room mined uwuy part of tbo ear
of a limn,", mun whu came liuiindiug
up tlte sluirs tu i".ui.,1  ii   tlio 'u|,11in'
About tbis lime a light wus pru
cured, and as its rays fell on lite lace
uf the captive tbere wus u simullauu
ous cry of "Wby, it's our Milkman!" .
And suro enuugh Ibo burglar proved
tn be tlte mau wbo supplied tim neigh-
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l'hono 207.
Our special  blend, 35 cents per lb., II lbs.  fur ? I"".      Extra
value ttl 10 cenls, lu cents uml  <" cents per Hi.
I'i,'."lik   masted ami ground us rcipiired, 36c, -IDc, 46c and ftllc
per pound.
11. O, Hugur iu IK pound socks, 11.16 each.
Eastern   Tuwiisliip,   Mc   per   pound.   1'eU.   Hrtiud   Finest   New
Zeuliin.l 10c per puund, Cooking Hutlcr 30c per pound.
Fresh selected 35c per dozen, il dozen fur jl nu. l.ueal eggs 15c
per dozen.
Wilson's Hpeeial and Hwifl's I'remium, sliced, lltic per lb. Our
slicing  machine  is  uue  of  tbe   best  and   cuts   lo uuy   desired
One puund psekets, Stic, II lb. pails, tin cents, 5 Hi. pails 110 cent.,,
HI Ib. puils il ■••" each.
'.mui   bread  Fluur, 11.16 ami 11.50 per lit Hi. sack.
5 Ituses, Hoyul Hlaudard, Hoyul llousehiild uud Koliin lluud JIM
.     per 40 Hi. sack.
Mltlpim i 1.76 ami Pacific (Jem (1.60 per 40 III. I'astry in In lb.
sucks  116 and  40 cents  each.   (Irabutu   Flour  10  cents,   Whole
Wheat Flour (wboie meal) 40c per ID lb. Olympic Hum-like Fluur
■ u cents per pucket.
Of every kind ul prices as luw ss pussililc consistent with good
Ail orders promptly ami carefully attended to.
Order Your
Fall Suit Now
110 Second St..  East.
The North Vancouvtr home of " Campbell Clothing"
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paper-hanging
V. O. Box 2444, Phon. 467
Wmmnamnmtmmmmmg ' •" —ffTI-t'
Birks' Diamonds
'■  i ■ ••' •• i
Tbera are two (rime reasons why as Diamond Merchants
ve havt been successful. They are: First—Every stone we
submit to tlte consideration of the purchaser is perfect in
overy respect. Second -Being the largest importers of diamonds In Canada and cash buyers, we are gblo to sell at
lowest possible prices,
It is known throughout tlte whole Dominion-and we aro
in toucu with every portion of tho country through the medium of our five great stores—Uiat we remit I. to no subter-
fugo lu order to make diamond salos. Bvery stone la sold at
its limn';,! value, and carries with tt our guarantee of perfection, a guarantee which our unsullied commercial reputation niakos too valuablo for doubt.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George K. Trorey, Managing Director
I lasting! and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
fiwwt nwytt f
WWTIillVH-V'i 'VimfStVOIitJ^rtpiVlBFiIi j, |?|4j
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Gent.
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Job Printing at the Express
North Shore Delegation
Viliti Capital
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these lands and uudt certificates now
ought to be |)e|d gpoi|. Mucb flnglieh
capital had been invested iu good faith
aud it wpuld certainly cause an impairment of credit |f tbeso titles were
not hebl to bo good,
Mr. John Farmer, clerk pf'tne municipality of Nprth Vancouver, gee valuable Information with reference to certain phases of the matter, in tho acts
of 18110 aud of 1910. Mr. Farmer direct
ed uttcutioti tu Iho fact tbat the definition of a towu lot was uot clear.
During that period plans showing bits
uf less lhan uue acre had been passed
by lhe registrur. In mm uiuety plans
hud been pussed and fifty had been
slopped later. Those lots bad beeu as-
sensed under local improvement made
un u frontage basis and taxes bad
been assessed accordingly. If it is do-
ruled that uny uf this pruperty reverts
lo Ihe crown lhe legality of Ih-e debenture luun may be <|Ucstiuueil.
Sir Bicbard McBride: Are there many
parcels ulfected in tbut way.
Mr. Farmer—From twelve to fifteen
llmu ui. i parcels, The assessed value
uf which is $1,.'100,11011 and tbo improve
moots upon «iiiiii amount tu $,'iBO,ooti.
The territory affected cumpriseil the
must densely pupuluted portion of thc
districl, uud the district in which the
must extensive improvements sucb us
mails, walks, wuler service, etc, hud
been made,
Councillor I.oulei declared Ihut the
delegation wus there asking for tbeir
rights, nut fur favors. They hud been
greatly handicapped becuuse uo hint
had been given uf the pusitiuu uf III
government in tbe mutter. They might
pertinently ask Was the act.of ltMd
just ami pruperl 1,'uubl the act uf
1010 be made retroactive) Hid Hie
act fully cover Ibe cuses in huml/ In
his opiniun the acl contained the germ
of a socialistic idea and nothing more
No pruvisiun nus made fur currying il
uut. The registrur had nu way of tuk
ing the government's share, even if il
were offered him. Nu mentiuii wus
made as tu huw the one-quarter would
revert. The governmeut must realize
tliu! the act was not well but loosely
drawn ami cannot be carried out. The
uil hud been hastily conceived and as
hastily put into law. Tbe act of IMiii
did noi provide fur compensation for
Improvements. II discouraged decolor
incut. The government hud so far giv
ei, them uu opportunity lu discuss Ih
mailer uml he suggested that Ihe guv
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
'   Limited liability
Nortli Vancouver Agenti ilr
Phone Seymour 6266
criinieiii should iip|iuinl * eiiniuiiliee of
their brighten! and boat to discuss lhe
matter Willi the properly owners, They
wished « decision es to what wus to be
done. It wtiplil \n-t graceful act were
tits government to decide tbat the md
of 1800 does nut upply ami Instruct the
registrar to give tillSn   :
At fl later stage Mr. John Duval
obtained permission tu apeak as a pri-,
vato citizen. Ho referred to thc length
af time duriug which the matter hud
been under negotiations, He cited the
caso of the sale of curtain property
which bad been owned by himself iu
liyuu Valley and considered that it was
easily witMu the power of tbo government tu dispose uf tlte whole mailer to
the satisfaction of all. concerned.
Hir Kn lund McBride replied to the
delegation us I'olluns:
Ile wus ratisflod Ihut lie spoke for the
pn eminent when he suid thut they np
pruciuted the strung and represoiitu-
tive delegation which hud visited Vie
toria to present the cuse of the |iru-
pert|)' owners wbo are effected by the
matter investigated by Commissioner
MacDonald. In number and iu Ability
as well, he could out recall Ihul a mure
efficient delegation of Hie pruperty uwn
ors of British t'oltiiuliin lind ever up
i'ii'.', in ,i ibe government tu discuss a
t|ucstioii su pertinent to the general
public interest. II wus nul, proposed
that the government should enter sl
lhat lime into uny lengthy examination of the sitiialiun Ihut had nrisen
ami the course thul hud been adopted
to bring uliuul some measure uf reliif.
lie might state, however, thu! lhe guv
eminent was equally anxiuns to huie
Ihe whule situulioii cleared up just in
quickly ns conditions uould permit.
British Columbia was it very large
cuunlry uml demands were continually
arising from ull portlous uf lhe pro
viucc thul require prompt action nl
the Lini'l of ihe administration. Tin
government, however, wus nut always
able to proceed just us rapidly us
people would desire. It wus necessary
lo proceed conservatively and with that
discretion which must murk responsible
government, lie wished, however, lu
refer lo one ur Iwu puinls which In,I
been liruuglil uut. lleeve Muy had referred lu the integrity of the credli uf
British I'uliiml,in, and uf the uiuiiici-,
publics. No budy of men in the pro
vines today was more jealous uf the re
|,milium thul the pruviuce enjoys Ihun
Ihc provincial cuhincl and the legists
tive assembly. They hud always fell
lhat so lung us Ihey were able lo pre
serve u guud clean reputation for the
province they might e»ped Inul li
iiunciul rccugiiiliuii which would make
it possible lo proceed with Ihiise lurge
wurks of development which the i-uJn
Iry musl have if it is to develop satis
factorily. Hurt and parcel uf the policy of the goveruuieul in this regard
was the determination Ihul the luvvs
shuuld be carried uul. They were
there nol fur une purty or fur another
bul for all the people. 'They uuder
sluud whul their duly was ami whut it
involved. When rights were usked for
Ihc government was glad lu listen and
lu say "Vou lm,, popolar rights ami
Ihey shall be ubserved." The government wus sensitive ul many euiburass
incuts and the lime ulso mignl cuine
when the government must suy "We
iiniuii du so, but must respect uml en
force lhe laws." Now und Ibeu, huw
ever, hardipipe arose which demanded
extraordinary action uml iu such ,
Ihc governmeut wuuld uut hesitate
With respect lu Nurlh Vumouver
subdivisions the guvernmenl had all
ulung been anxious tu see the colupli
cations which had arisen cleared u|
A commission hud lately been issued
in W, A, Macdouald, K.l', uml a very
careful investigation liud been made
by him with the result thul two or
three weeks ago he seul iu his repurt
tu the provincial secretary. Thai du
cuineiil wus uuw befure lhe cabinel. ll
was a very lengthy one ami would re
quire frum thc government very cure
fill   Illln,Imll
The cabinet proposed uu or before
September I'llh to eiamine ami digest
the report su us lu be enabled lu form
some denude comdusiun as lo lhe
cuursc tu be adupled. II was lu be
expected that the represcntaliuusmadc
by the delegation w'uubl very'material
ly assist Ihe cabinet iu arriving at
Iheir , mi, I.• n.i.
There wus no desire upon Ibe par!
of llic I".' ium' ni lu iiml in ue lbc
condition of affairs Ihut seems to be
so prohibitive of development nl Norlh
Vancouver and vicinity. There wes
uo wish upun Ihe pari of lhe govern
ineiil thai any individual should suffer
ur Ihul there should be uny such thing
un harsh treatment, Tbe goveruuieul
must weigh all lhe farts and see what
must be dou.e in the public intercuts
While business interests must be re
cognized yet tlie cabinet musl sec huw
far public interests were involved. Tin
guvernment would always try to du
what was fair and hunorable in the
As in the general policy Ihe act uf
Hit wl* later endorsed by the pre
sent guv eminent They were agreed
lhat the legislature whicii first esinb
iished the act acted wisely. Jl had
its rise ill the mushroom growth of
townsltes which at one limo character
i/.cd tho Kooteoeys, which lovicd heavy
demands os tbe government for roads
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of Commerce
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uud similar public works. It was,
licrcfure, reasonable lu usli frum llie
icrsuii ur persons lieueiitlcd llic icturn
of some lands tu lbe people. A similar condition uf affair was likely fu
arise tudu) iu the opening up uf new
purtiuns uf tlie pruviuce and llic gov
eminent ■ ...ill see uu reason wby llie
peuple us sueli should nut ■.bare llic pru
lit wlm li the enterprise of the wliule
peuple mude pussiblc to certain imi'
viduala. There was uolbiug socialistic
iu sucb a policy ami lhe guvernmenl
proposed lu adhere lo it. Attempts liud
been made tu circumvent Hie govern
ment and Ihe records disclose such a
situation as -llic guvi'mmi'iil's one-
i,.i.'iM interest having been uver
liud,ud II,, wuuld nul say thai in llic
case under consideration Hie government wuuld insist uu Ils rights. The
government was cognisant of the or'
gcury uf Ihe cusC uml public aunuiiuce
ment wuuld be mude un nr before Hep-
lumber 10th.
Among those present on tbe dcb.'gu
lion were tbe following:
Keevc May, Kecve Nelson, P.. ti.
Bridgman, I', Westover, i. Loulcl^'.
V. Foreman, tl. W. Mc-Hac, W. J. Don
aldson, O. BbopboM, F. A. Field, C;
Wakoly, K. W. Hewitt, K. A. Hill,
3. M. Fromme, Mrs. Fromme, ll Horns,
Mrs. Burns, H. I,. Thompson, Qeorge
Dewier, W. Burrill, Mrs.'Burrill, B,
V. fcttuart, J. Duvil, J. W. Baker, Mrs.
Bakor, I. P Cnwfutd, 3. Barker, 1.
W. tinmloid, V I'., Cross, B. I. mt,
Kobort Broirn, H. A. Bbtw, I). V. Karl,
■I II. Brigharo, 0. S Oser, J. flryunl,
T Dickinson, .1. MeDougal, ti. Dallas.
W. A Brain, F. Inksler, 0. Vance, J.
Nye, V. Dalbcr, K. Mitchell, Mrs. Mit
ibell, II i'. Wright, J. P, Bcrtrlch, P.
ti Hooner, F flonricksou, J. Y. Mc
Muughi, J, i). Farmer, F. Underwood.
Musl uf Ihe talk iu wbicb people io
'bilge when Ihey are discussing modern
lierman.v, which means modern J'rua
sit, is sheer illusion, tihe lias not got
Ihe largest army in Kurbpc; she has
only lhe third largest. r.be dues nul
train evory mau to be a soldier; un
Ibe cuulrary, sbe carefully allows tbo
wliule mti- uiat,- {mrt uf the nation lu
avoid tbe harshness uf true barrack
life, and her proportion of roaliy train
ed men is Ijicreforo not much larger
than Hint io) Italy, und hopelessly be
low lhal uf France, Hhe ii not a lead
er in tbe things of Ihe brain. Her
modern ort is contemptible; her history
(in any .synthetic sense) second-rate.
Her literature is a backwater.    The
movement  'of   milder li    Kurope   is   mil
following her in her facile, clumsy,
uml rather old fashioned atheism. In
a word, Prussia Is not Ihul theatrical
engine of oppression aud success which
o legend, uow almost delusively English,* would have her to be.—Kye Wit
Jf Iho beet is not yours you cu
quickly make the bent of wbat you
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following '
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mini1   tn
. September 9, miu
A close observer of the progress uf
events at the ineeling of tbe delegation
of the Nortb Bhore with the Premier
and members of the executive council
« at Victoria last week to present  the
caae of Ibe property owners with reference to tbe possible reversiouary rights
of the government to a oue quarter Intereat iu certain lands on tbe Nortli
Bhore, would not seek in vain for rea
sous to eoucludo that the result of the
conference would prove salisfactury tu
all property holdurs who taku a reason
able view of the situation.
That tbe government considered the
occasion oue of considerable moment
wae indicated liy the fact that there
was a full iiiieinluniv uf all available
membera of the cabinet. The close at
ionium with which the l'remior ami
his eoiieagues followed Ihe remarks, of
the respective speakers was readily ap
parent ami was emphasised by the
questions which they interposed from
time to time. The straightforward ami
furceful n,um,, i in which the speak
ers presented the case of the municipalities ami Hie pruperty uwuers uvi
ilently appealed tu Hir Itichanl Mr
ilride and the members uf his cabinet.
The , .nn |>IiiiiiiiI ;ii v terms iu which the
Premier in his reply, referred lo the
delegation and lhe speakers were not by
any means mere conventional phrases,
bni were a frank expression uf the
_ . , manner in which the proceedings had
** ■ I Impressed  both  himself and  his  enl
lu dealing with lhe matter at issue
ill his reply tu the delegaliun l'remier
Mi Ibii le even iseil the utmost eatiilor.
Ile made himself perfectly clear as lo
lhe policy uf his government in the
premises and aa tu the gruumls upun
liiinil relief, if any, with respect lu
the lucul .-uunl!',ii miiilii be expected.
As for the bill of ivm providing
for a leveisioiiniv right upun the part
of the government to one quarter of
towtisilc lamls subdivided into lots of
leia Uuin one acre each, and the
amending acl uf IIIIH, tltr Hi.lund
i'uul1, declared the acceptance by his
government of the principle involved
and Iheir determination tu udliers to
Uuu principle iu the pruclieal ad
ministration uf public affairs. Auy
attempt to brand the act as embody
iug what miglit be Ivruied freak legis
Iiiln,!, il was quite evident wuuld luce!
with sliurl Inin al the hands of the
cabinet ami any effort lo contend that
the legislation was uf a temporary ua
ture or was unworkable woold likewise
seek in vain for sympathy front the
government, lu a concise uml forceful
ii uuu i Hie Premier mundiulleil the
fuels and intimated lhe ii.i",,," why
the government considered lhe act
sound in principle and jusl ami right
iu practise, fulluwiug tins portion of
his address by lhe aflinnaliun lhal llie
guvernmenl intended lu enforce lhe aet
under discussion as a part uf Ibeir pul
The Premier proceeded however,, to
imprest upuu Ihe minds uf the dele
gutiun lhat the government recogni/'cd
the fact tbat exceptional cases might
arise in working out the terms of the
act which would call for special cuu
ud.ml ion in such insluiues, upon
the attention uf the government being
directed thereto iu a proper manner, it
wuuld be fuuml lhat Ihey were nut de
\ siioiis of sn administering lhe act ae
to work undue hardship opon auy and
relief would uot be sought in vain
where it was justified. The Premiei
was careful, however, lo impress Ihe
fact that all special eases must be inn
sidered iu Iheir relation tu the inter
est. of the province as a whole and lhe
nelion of the government would at all
times be guided wiih a view to the
proper protection of those interims in
in('iiidiiii.'i' with tbe principles of te-
, sponsible gdvernment.
Witb reference to the situation ex
——.—m--..mmiag.il Jiattb .yimiDivef, tkl Pie
mie; intimated tbat the facta of the
rue as .presented had impressed hlm
self end bis colleagues ami stated that
In response thereto the government
would expedite as much a> possible the
consideration ul tbe report of the coin
mi. sinner appointed to specially inves
v tigate  tbe question.  He  further    de
elareil tbtt tbt local situation would
receivt tpecltl consideration and tbtt
It migbt be expected tbtt tbe tiett
adduced would have an important
batriug upon  the conclusions  arrived
Jk tt,
Tba ftvortbbi imprtssiou nadt upon
tbe delegation by the reception ac
corded them was roHoeted in Ihe op
11 in in i. view with respect to Iho out
i'.mm which prevailed amoug Ihu muin
bora after the conference, Although il
is impossible to forecast the exact lines
along whieb the action of the cabiitet
will proceed, it is, nevertheless, geu
i mil-, anticipated that their ducisiuu
Will eiiibii.lv provisions wliieii will UIS
terially reliove the serious conditions
whicii have developed locally with re
sped to the operation of the act.
There appears lo be a strung prub
ability Ibat lbe lliiniiiiiiiii guvernmcut
wili decide to establish a uew depart
ment by the creation of a federal
llounl of Health, The matter came tt|
at the last session and a special com
miiiee wss appointed to investigate
and report. The chairman of tliu cum
iniilil' was Dr. t'liabot, oue of the
membera fur Ottawa. This committee,
in submitting its repurt, outlined Ihc
luties which wuulil appertain lu such
a Buard ami submitted a iiieiiiuraiduin
pui nt mg out "the grave danger I"
which  the peuple uf l.'uuada are
posed, liy reasuii uf Ibe ilii-ompleli is
of suitable laws rcluling lo the pub
lie health and uf the indifferent enforce
nieiii uf sii. li laws as are uuw iu up
oration" ami directing alletitiun to
"the urgent need uf the establishment
uf a separtite department uf Public
The several items suggested by the
Oliilniltcc as falling within Ihe scupe uf
Dominion Huard uf llesllh are tin
1. Making a Ihurnugli eutnpara
lin „imli uf the various pruviti
rial health ads ami amendments
with a v if vv tu a todilettlon uf all
the legislative provisions ut a geo
eral ebtrtctar relating lu matters
effecting tne public lieullli.
2. Dominion registration uf all
cases and varieties uf In.mun to
lierculusis, uml a systematic tnd
vigorous crusade agaiust lhe rav
ages uf thc white plague lu be ac
' Hiiipli In"I by Inuniiiii,n supervision
ul all suniliinu by Dominion nii'dl
cal inspectors.
II. tine ur Iwu federal model T
II. C. sanitaria tu each million pupu
I. Dominion prosecution of food
ur drink adulterers wheu evident
uf the -public tud the bureau of
public lieullli is sufficient, and also
a mure complete and ethcieul rodi
of laws regulating Ihc fuud aet.
6. I'barge uf the subjeel uf hu
man ami animal pathulug) ami ba,
iiiiulugv and organizing iialiunal
laboratories to eucourage uml .,ii,»i,
oppurtuuities fur urigmal scieutiAi
research wurk.
6. Establishment nf a Dominion
medical legislation buard under tin
siipei vision    uf   the    .1, |li lln.'l.l    uf
public health.
7. Looking after tl|e quarantine
of ships arriving.
t. blaudardisiug Ihioughuul Can
i--in llic quality uf milk euld by
vendors and producers lo the
public, as alsu conditions of ils
II. lieceiviug tml Investigating
I'limplululs uf river, lake ur slreuin
population ttld obsllii. iiiiii oi
drainage affecting sanitation in pen
10. Taking  inc.luul  culllril  "I ull
Indium un reservations.
11. Medical inspection of immi
grants to be made al port of em
barkation, thus lessening the work
of quarantine, t
11 '(■iiuiiiiiime laws relating tu
the contagious ami infectious dii
eases to be made uniform tbr tugs
out Canada.
1.1. Tbe preparation end enforce
ment of Dominion regulations re
girding disinfection tud fuinigttion
of railway ears and public .convey
- limes, aod liy semi annual insptc
tiuu of all public buildings as rt
gurds dealing, lighting and ventlla
tion, etc.
14. Dissemination in foreign
lands of I knowledge of tbt medical
immigration Uw,
Id. Monufaelure of til ten btc
teriuel end vtcrints ia tabulator
ill under tbt direct supervision of
officers of tbe depart ment.
Witb tkt tbovt tt t basis for tkt
formttlou of  suck *  Botrd, It will
readily be seen that the progressive
biviilupiiiunt gf the idea, through tho
practical operations of tbe Bowl, resulting ts It W4Uld In the systematic-
lliin pf ltl work, tud tilt gradual extension of its scope would place the
Bourd iu, posssssiou of a (pld of usefulness whose possibilities for benolits
from the standpoint of public health
are very great.
Should the   government decide to
give effect to tbe recnuiuicuilitiuin of
the abuve ciiunnittue, pp agency wil)
havt beep eslpblished which, if properly used, will prove p must import
put factor In the public welfere.
Why Not 7
Do It Now •
I'll pursuance of au assignment dated
August wth, llllli, lo the undersigned,
parties indebted lu the W. II. Btottoy
k Cunipuny are hereby uotilied to pay
the aitiuuuts due at thu ulliee of the as-
signoe, Wilson k Porry, suite U, DeBeck
Buildiug, 'I'M Hasting!, stroot west,
Vuucuuver, II. I'., at tlte earliest pits
llllli liniment, whu will issue reeeipls
fur .'.'nni'
W, ,1. WlliSON,
I'liune Heymour li'.H.
Tenders will be received by tbe uu
designed until A p.m. Thursday, Sept
ember I'Jth, ml.', fur clearing bluck
138, District Lut miti, Nurth Vancuu
ver city in accordance with specifications lo be ascertained ou application
6111 Peniler Btreet,
ISO Vancouver, B. (
Lodge Western Ross, No. 2ua
Meetings uf Ihis ludge ire held in
the Knights uf Pythias llall, curner of
i'lusi,iiicl.l avenue and Fourth struct,
on the first ami third Fridays iu each
nuiiiih, at 8 o'clock p. in.
Cummunicatiuiis uud applications ful
membership tu lie addressed to Harold
Lees, secretary, P. 0. box 3811.  18 7 13
Architect and Builder
i miismim Houses and Bungalows.
Homes of Individuality. I Fatrlield
Huildiug, Vaiicuuver aud Nurth I.mis
dale P. 0. Btymour 8481
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
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U VI'1'.H MITII l'l
Pur a llct.se tu Takr aud I se Water
NOTICB Is hereby given lliut New
("in Brick and Tile < iiiiiiiiiii) I.tinlled,
Vancouver, will apply for a license le
lake ami use ISO cubic feel pur second
uf water out uf iih,umi.ui Creek, vvlilcli
Hows   In   u   iioi-tliwesii'il)'   direction
Iiiiiiiiiii   Lol   808.   ,.1,'iip   I.   New   Wisl-
mlnslur lllilrlel, und empties into
lluwe Hound lieu I llle lleud lip not
The water will lie diverted ill llie In ad
of Hie  falls llllll   wilt   l„   IIHed  fol   povvcl
purposes on llu.. land u..,, 111 >, .1 ns Hot
(08,   lllolip   I.   New    VVeBlliilnsli.l    Ills
This Nuilce wus posted un Hi"
,.i"i.i.,i oil llle Ulli da,   of  lulv.  lull
The . iu ie ui. u will tie ltl■-•! In llm
uHlce uf Hie Wuler Recorder ul New
ni,),, 11,-ns may be llled willi llu- aald
Water Recorder or will, llie I'umiilrol
ler uf Wuler Hi, In Pmllomilll limb!
In,    Vlclurla.   If  C.
NHWI'lilill' llltH'K  £  'III.I-; cu,
J   11   llevey. Agent
U ATI-Ill Mllll I,
l-'ur a I.leruse lu Tuke iiiiS  I sr W.lcr
NOTH'K Is hereby alveii Unit New
port Water Company Limited of Vuiicuuver, Will apply lor 11 license lo lake
end use two buiiditil cubic feel per Second of water nul of Sluumus Creek,
which tluws In 11 southwesterly direction lliiuuiili Biuiimiis Vulley. ami empties liilo Howe Hound neur tin Item,
Tlie   water   will   be   diverted  ul   Ho
point of IlllL-ISeclloll Willi  llle lllll I 111-11 ,
limit uf T I. 8(86| uml will be used loi
Municipal pui puses un lbe lund desci Hied us Lot 188, ili,,i,i I. Now v. ■ in..,.
Sler  lllslrlel
This notice wus poHieii mi tlie uioumi
nil the J61I1 day or duly. 1918
The iplittialliili vvlll bo libit In Ih,
Ollice of the Walei llc.oi.br al New
. lll,J«clliiiin muy be tiled wllh llu said
Wuter   Recorder   oi   with   tbe   i'o,u|,-
llollel     of     Wute,      Hill,IU      f.u ll., li	
Iiniinii,,     Vlclorla. II f.
,T   1   Monlli   Agent
in thi MatUr of Tks Leonard Sole
Company, Aealfued
The creditors hiving given imperative
instructions to collect ill outstanding
accounts, parties indebted to tbe tbovt
"Tbe Irfontrd Hale Compauy," trt le-
qUMttd to clll tnd little Ibeir indebted
nam forthwith. Tbis can bt done by
either calling tt tbt store, tk Lontdile
Avenut, North Vincouver, to tbe man
ia cbtrge, or at tbe oBce of Wilson A
\jfW1, Assignees, 330 Hillings Btreet
I Witt, Vincouvtr,
If, Assignee
WATKII Mllll i:
Pur • I -te..... lu Takr aad I te vv,,,,,
NOTICB Is hereby plven tbut New
purl Water i'o idtilted of Vunviuvt i
will apply fur a license to lake ami
Uls 100 cubic feet per second of wale,
OUt of Muuuiuiiin Creek, Wbleh Iiii vv H bi
a southwesterly din-,Hon thioiial, tin
Mum.iiiuiu Vulley ulld duplies Into ensl
branch Bijuiimleii lliver neur lluwe
The wuler will be diverted ul Hi,
head uf Ihi; flrat fulls beluw Hoot i-|i,el,
and will be used for power nut-poses
un the lund described na I.ol 188, uioup
I. Nsw Wt'Sliiiliislor lilsiilcl
This nuilce wue posted on the ui""iu
un the 88th duy ol July, 1812
Ths md'll'.'ll'ui will be llled In tlm
"'llic uf the Wuter Iteeonler at  Mew
VV. Hindi.M. I
Objections muy be tiled will, llic u,,l.i
W.l.r Hreuider or wllh the romtilrol-
Ilr of Water Wains Puillaiiiiiit llulbl
lltfs, VKtoila. li  ('
J  11. Hcvey. Apcnl
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L REDA, Proprietor
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Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
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Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, Quoted i«ih,y. 6 wri 12 monthi
In all Uoiinlrl.e.   Aid for our lost
taft Alvlatr.   Marlon  A Union.  881
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V. O. Vai 1831.
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What ii.'.'in.'i an inoxhmstlblo supply pt strength may oot last as long as
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A perooutiigo of your wages dopositoil in a Bavings Account is so much of
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Continual IroiO page I
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
MH hi America
76 Vain In Business.  Capital aud Beserve Over $7,600,000,
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Comer of Lomdale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Bargains in Lots
We have the following offerings worth making inquiry about, vis.:
Lot 16, Block 36, D. 1. Hi, reduced to $1,90(1.
Two lou tn Block 30, D. I,. 873, $1,000 each.
Bmull house aud lot on 18th strset, only $8,100.
Four lots'ou 16th street, $3,600 for tbe whole.
Bin fractional lots, Block 37, D, L. 801, only $3,000,
First i lii!,:: new residence, 7 rooms and all modem conveniences. Lot
60H67 fast—a bargain at $1,800,
Blx room bungalow on Tempo Heights. Large basement, lot 60x110 feet
A bargain at $1,000.
lii'.intiiui Hollyburn home aud largo lot for $10,000—one fourth cash.
Balance to arrange.
The Burrard Development Company United.
(Successors to Klder Murray Compauy Limited)
17 t .oii.'..In!•■
Pbone 37
Electric Irons
1  tm.
B     HfSI
111 Days' Froo Trial
Solves tbo Bummer Ironing Problem
I'or IOI.' we are offering a "ilolpoiul" of lhe Oil, size, suitable for
general household use, fur $1.60, This iron is similar lo all "llulpoiuls"
except Ilinl the upper surface is unpolished.
rt awa
Race, j|rU umlar $-1,' Agnes V\pA
lay; 8, Dpn Pi«rfl»»p; X %%* TlpA
Boyi ooA*t l'-l, ¥pra»i Grahami;
i, W. Musselwaite.
• Glrll under 1A^T{ Joan Q ransom;
8,   .li'iinie   Mullici'llliiil.
dailies' skipping-1, Miss N. Qra
haino; 8, Miss M. Leslie.    .
100 yards sprlllt-l, J. (Irani; 8, W.
Firth. I
Mtirrii',1 |»diss, 60 yards ■ 1, Mrs. Me-
Kiiiniin, 8, Mrs. Diekuiau.
Single li.liis-1, ¥lss M- titlhupt;
i, Miss A. Firth.   ,
Old men's rice—I, If,. A Inlander
Philip; 8, Mr. A. Oriut. If,. Pbilip received live yards' start and won by
that length. Mr. Orant wis scratch.
Mayor McNeish also ran, being also
tm i'u 6 yards' start, This wis one nf
tho premier events of the diy.
■I,uui: .lump   I, J. iinini; 8, J. Deu.
i.ti'ly members' race—1, Miss 'I'ul
lis; 8, Miss N. Urabame.
Married men—1, W. Austin Brown;
3, W, Qrahame.
1/allies' lemon and spoon I, Miss A,
Firth; 8, Mrs. McKinnon.
(lent':, lempn uml spoon—1, II. Musselwaite, I, 1). lii'iiiicii
Putting ilic shot   .I. Oraut.
Wheelbarrow race—I, J. Henderson
ami P. Work; 8, Kirkness and Firtb,
back race—1, M, Urabame; 3, J.
I Ihi Id ren's rue-1, Inu Urahautc; 8,
May Nyo.
Walking race-l, J. Keats; 2, P. l).
Old Ladies' race-l, Mrs. Firtb;'3,
Mra. McNeil.
Whistling-!, 0, I). Morris; 8, 1.
Blindfold Baee-I, M. Orabame; 8,
J. Orant.
Tug of war, ladiei—tyarric.l defcit
Tug of war, men—Single defeated
quoits- I, .1. Deas; I, W. Firth.
Infants-  I, A. Musselwaite.
Al lhe conclusion of tbese events
au adjournment was made lo tbe hall
where the many pleasiug trophies were
presented by Mr. and Mrs. A. V. 'I'ul
US In lhe successful athletes. Mr. Alei,
Philip made a brief speech compliment-
iug all participants In Ihe day's doings
ou their courage lu defying tbo ele
ineiils. The daaee which followed was
from every poiut of view a eonspicu
mis success, Ihe incidental refreshments
and general ealeriug for tbe day being
lu the hands of the Pioneer Bakery.
"Never mind Ihe weather," is thu
counsel more often preached than prac-
Hied, ll is a featbei in the rap of
the Bt, Andrew's ami Caledonian Bo
net)' lhal Ihe niembeis thereof so sue
cossfully made the besl possible use of
a rainy day.
A Good
Bend your friends who are InteraiUd
in tbs North Bbors a copy of
"The Express"
It will keep tbem posted on all
Nortb Bbore Newi aad will only coit
$1 per year
Lynn Valley Notes
The II U, Telephone Compauy has
uow  twenty-three phones  installed  in
the Valley.
The Lynn Valley Day commit lee will
uieol in the institute hall Ihis eveuing
at t o'clock foi Ihe dlscsusloo of pro
gramme, etc
The Lyuu Valley meat market on
Frederick road will be reupeued on
Thursday licit by Messrs. F. Biddlc
combe and ii. Kdward..
8cp»t¥l»fer 8hafp of the Lynn Val
liy Qoy Snoots reports good progress,
Tbe valley troop will In out iu full
force on B, ptomber 14tb.
Mr. J. H, Kugllsb bss beeu successful |o sscuriug about two hundred Boy
Scouts for Lynn -Vllliy t)$y. Alsu tbi
80m of $133 towards prises.
The municipal hall grounds ire be
iug gmlod and i stone will is being
twttA |p front of the bail, whicii,
when completed, will add greatly to
t|ie appeinuce of tbi municipal pro
Uin V. jll.pp, B.Bc. Loui|., at pre
scut staying witb Mr. and Mrs, Wag
borne. Boh Boad, has accepted a posi
tion in Western Schools Ud., Shaugb
nessy Heights, where she will special
lu In mathematics ind physics.
The majurity of members on tbe
delegation to Victoria last Fritiay eu
gaged rooms it tbe Dominion Hotel by
wireless message from tho boat en
route. A large number of tbe delega
tiou were also seen at tbe Etnpresi
theatre iluring tbe evening of Tburstlsy,
"1 ! !	
Tbe Scout Movement in
Lynn Valley
The first troup of tbe It. P. Boy
Scouts oi) Saturday, August 31st, held
a meeting to discuss rules ami select
officers, Noel A Iiniuii was made Patrol Lender and (,'. V. Scaife, corporal.
Tbo Scouts were drilled liy Iheir scout
master, Mr. II. i'.. Sharp, ami, afler a
little recreation, did tbeir good turn
by helping sweep the Lyuu Valley lu
nt liuie Hall. After doing this they practised signalling ami tlte meeting ltl
jourucd. Boys wishing to join can ap
ply either to the Bcoutmastor, P. 0.
Boi 8047, Nortb Vancouver, or to tbe
Patrol Leader, P. 0. Boi 1330, Norlb
Vaueouver, ur Oeueral delivery, Lynn
Kditor Kxpress:—
You may recollect lhal iffritig lhe
early part of Ihis year that financial
ambassadors represcutiug the city of
Nortli Vancouver having power to aet
duly granted by the city couucil, were
repiesenled iu the press as having cut
a wide swath iu the eastern financial
It afforded the ratepayers very cousid
erable satisfaction tu leam that twu
local gentlemen, without previous coach
ing, had so Impressed the gods who rule
in tho di/.'; heights of finance, tbat
they reckoned Ihem Ibeir peers, Ihe li
nsucial mission terminating iu a blare
of iiinii aud do in i luiili they sat with
the gods.
But there is une nute of satisfaction,
namely, we have been awaiting for
many months uow the eipresslou of Ihis
blaze ot glory iu dollars and pel ceuts,,
and we hope Ihe guds will come duwn
lu earth fur a sufficient space uf time
tu hand out to Ihe press for the Infer
malum uf the public thc eiacl plice
realized fur the different bouds.
Yours, etc.,
Thr world is for the man just what
he makes it himself; thus il appears
lii! ei enl to all -to some barren and
lull, lo others brimful of interest and
How Yale Was Founded
The nplWtOBlty afforded for oolt|v#t-
iug acquaintance with good books js
not thi Imt mm inr spending four
y«ri In I co|l»ge atmosphere, in the
yur 1700 when WIIIM - ind Miry
were ou the throne of England, .lames
Plorpont selected )\ trustees, pin. of
whom were gndutte, of Harvard, whu,
it Is recorded, met It Braufurd, Conn.
Kach pf the 11 brought u number pf
books, ind, laying them on the table,
said, "I _g|ve these books for tbo
foundation pf a college iu tbis colony,
Tbis wmi the early fouuiletlou of
y*lp. The influence of such founda
tioni upon the ideals of American etu
deuts bas been I'uuaidotahle. Many
• miu bis discovered in college what
Thackeray meant wheu he wrote to his
motber in 1368, "1 usod to know, to
banker after parliament, polico magis
trades, ind ip forth; but no occupa
tion I cln devise is so profitible is
that which I bave at my band In that
old inkstand." Bobert Louis Stovutt
sou—and wbo can furgot hint itt think
ing of bookel—said 80 years after bis
scbool days, "I have really enjoyed
tbis Imui. as 1—almost as I used lo
enjoy books wheu I was going 211 lo
83; ami these aro the years for reading books." he continued, "were thc
proper remedy: books of vivid liutuun
import, forcing upou the minds uf
young mcu tbe issues, pleasures, busi
uess, importance and Immediacy of
that life in which tbey stuud; boohs of
milini'., uf heroic temper, to excite or
control.—Century Magazine.
Millinery Opening
Ladies of this eity ami district will
be interested to kuow of the first miiiin-
cry opening of the full season.
Mias i'iillie of Keith block, Lunsdule
Avenue, having just relumed frum vis
King the leadiog cities of the eust and
also Seattle ami Portland, will muke u
full display uf all the latest novelties
in up to dale millinery ou Wediiesiluy
and Thursday, Sept. 1th and 6th. U
dies are cordially invited lu call.
Miss ' "lliu has made u careful sc
lection of all the most popular styles,
colors, etc., and will also ensure satis
faction to her custumers both in quel
ily and price. Children's hats iu every
variety at eitremely moderate prices.
Miss Collie agaiu takes the opportunity
of thaukiug ber uumeruus customers
for their kind patronage of the past
and assures tliem of her besl attention
for lhe ruining season.
Sealed Tenders ou Ihe prescribed
iiuiiii ami accompanied by certified
cheque or rash for 6 per ceut, of thc
amount of lender (which sum shall lie
held uutil thc utisfactory completion
of the wurks, according lo plans aud
specifications) will be received by Mr.
Julm II. Farmer. Municipal Clerk, uniil
t p.m. on Thursday, the 9th 8, pt|ra-
bor, 1018.      "'
,1.  Boads it) p. Ji. w'j.W.    -
8. Culvert mt) Bo* flfltoi D. V.
■J. FI,(tB»ll,p. L. 8}B».
Al| ju accordance with plans and
specifications to be bid it thll Office
after tip a.|u. on Friday, 80th Apgust,
1818, upop payinutit of $1.00 fpr each
whieb sum will bo returned upou receipt Of bonp "de tenders.
The lowest or any tender pot necessarily accepted..
District I'm, ini'i'i.
District Municipal Hall,
Oor. Lynn Valluy ami Frommo Bonds,
'   'North Vancouver, B. C. If
NOTICK la hereby given, pursuant
lu the provisions of Chapter IK of the
itevlsed statutes uf Canada iimt the
North Vanoouver Land and Improvement Company, Limited l.i..i,iiit,. an
Incorporated Company having Its bead
ollice ut tliu City of Vancouver, ln the
Province of British Columbia, haa
tiled uiin the Milliliter of Public Works
for the i iioniiiii,n of Canada a plan of
certain bulkheads and wharves proposed to be constructed by the Company
and a description of the Bite tor tbe
proposed Improvements whicii sito is
parallel to thu Ksplunudc, North Vancouver eity, British Columbia, between
Muhon and Chesterfield Avenues end
imi.ill' i to the iv'i'iunuii,' North Van-
couver, British Columbia, between Rogers und Lonsdale Avenues, both site.
boing on tho North Shore uf Burrard
Intel, und Ihut the said Company has
also llled u copy uf the said plan and
description wllh the Registrar of
l'u, .li- at Vancouver, liritish Columbia,
and thai the euld Company will apply
to thc Uuv, i mn iiinii ui in cuuncll ror
approval of tbe said plan and the con-
iiiriiciloii of lbe said bulkhead, and
IIATKH this Tliul day of July, A.II,
1818, ut Dltuwu, tint.
1'ltlNllLlil A ailTIIHIE,
Solicitors for Ihe said Compauy.
'     i.   ■ '  B—■
Coul mining rights of Ihe Dominion
In Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Albsr-
a, the Yukon Territory, the North-west
Territories aud 111 a porllon of the province of Brltlah Columbia, may b. Lis
ed for u term of twenty-one years at
an i.iiini.ii rentul of It an acre.' Not
mure lhan 8.880 acres will bu leaaed to
one applicant.
Ai'i'llenilnii for a lease must be mad.
by lhe applicant In peraon lo Ih. Agent
or Bub-Agent ot lhe dlslrlcl In which
the right, applied fur are situated.
In surveyed tcrrltury the land must
be dcacrlbcd by scctlone, or legal subdivision, of aeclluns, and in un.uiv.y
ed territory the Iract applied for shall
be .tulted oot by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of |8 which will be refunded If the rights applied for are not
available, but nul otherwise, A roy-
slty ihall be paid on the merchantable
output or lhe mine at Ihe rale of Ave
cent, per ton.
The person operating Ihe mine iball
furnish tho Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full guanllly of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
royally thereon If Ihe coal mining
rights ure not being operated, iuch returns should be furnished at let one
a year.
The I. i.e will Include the co.l mining
right, only, bul Ihe lessee may be permitted ti purchase whatever avull.bl.
surface lights may be coniidered necessary for the working of Ihe mine at
the rale if III) an acre
For    full    Information    application'
.bould be made lo Ihe secretary of tbe
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
w w. coitv.
Deputy Ulnl.lrr at Ihe Interior.
ti.  ii   I inn ui Inn lied  publication  of
tbli advertisement  will nol be  pall
for n 8
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Builussi Oentlemeu'i Popular Lunch Piles.
Breikfait 8.00 to 10.00. Lunch 18.00 to 8.00
High Tea 6.1)0 Ull 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Ordsn specially attended to.
Tti    HKNT-    Uiuiiii-     Kiguth    and
Lunsiluli.'. i'liune 01. t.f.
ROOMS FOR HKNT Housekeeping
nnd single.   I'll 8ml slreei east.
POR BKNT—8 room shack, $10 par
month. Apply Mis. Knigbl, 7ih and
Kidgewuy in eniie
11ii: HKNT ti i,um.e.l rial uear
ferry, $88 per month, Apply Warburu
ill fi.im, liouse. t.f.
TO HKNT Orouin modem houso,
lib slreet wesl, block from Lousdale.
Apply 888 Ilh slreet we.l. lit
FOH BKNT I roomed boose, l.ynn
Valley, furniture for sale or reul, gar
den, fowl huuse and yard, 3 miuutes
from car Apply Mr. Hrierly. Mageunis
Avenue 6 0
FOB HKNT--Partly /urni.hed I
roomed bungalow, bath, etc,, gardeu
aud fruil trees. Near car. Apply Wolfe
Merluu, of? 101b street eait,        10 8
FOR HALK King's road eut, ty,
block from Lomdale, facing loutb, 8
loU, 100 feet, $8,700. $600 caab, bll
lance 7 yean, for 8 week. only. Boa
1818,  Nortb   Vancouvar. t.f.
FOB SAI.K New Ive roomed buu
galow; modern, Ircplace, piped fur
tuniiu u, paneled dining room; dry lol;
J '-j blocks from Lonsdale ctr, un 801b
Hired Kail. Price $$,100. Terms.
Owner, Boi A HO, Bipreai Ollre.
'', ANTKIi-A: ouce, a respectable
woman for bouie work. Apply Mrs. P.
J. H. Cole, Otb streel, second bouse weit
of  Hi nib 'i ii  . 11
For lue watcb and jewelry work go
to Oeo. Sonierton, tbe new Jewelry iloic
on tnd itreet.
FOK HKNT Colonial Apartments, t
rnuuieii suite, uufuruisbed. Impure Pier
tiseu, Slh slreet umi HI. Andrew's. Fpune
Hill, ', If.
FOB HJW'f 1-argo roomy, well
Hglifed .lore wllh alulile aud 0 roomed
liul'over slure, corner Lynn .{alloy and
renin, ilomls. Apply Merchant's Trust
k Trading Co. Ltd., IIU Oranvllle Ht.
Vancouver, )l. C. ' If.
TO HKNT Kusnisbed, 7 roomed bun
gslow overlooking Lynn .Valley Fart
ub carline. Hot water beating, aud all
modern conveniences, electric light,
open fireplace etc., etc. Furniture practically uew. Bent l'M> pet month. Apply 1. Oould, Crawford Boad, Lym
Valliy. II
FOII    HALK     Apples,    Aslrachan
I"" In'",    Liim i.-l'ili      Keene,    10th    Ht
80 0
FOH BALK   Furniture
lasl  huuse belween  loth
Bewicke Ave.
cheap. Apply
ami  imii HI.
FOK   HALK   Norlb    Lomdale    ty,
acre In D. L. iti lot $000, ur would sell
half. Huap. Boa Allk, Kipress.     I.f.
a'OK HALK 10 acres weat end of
I). L. 880, Nortb Vancouver crown
grant. Title prior to 1006. Apply Boi
A180, Rlpreee 0«ce.      . UO
FOB HALK—Or eicbauge for Nortli
Vancouver real relate, ao equity of
$1,600 in 10 acres of Irstdais farm
liud In'Snrrey, Apply Bw AII8, Ki
prlss Office M »
A SNAP -To be sold cheap owiug'to
sickness, tbe owner il willing lo sac-
rittrc away below market value .iwo
yaluable lols adjoining Mabon Park at
tbe bottom of 141b street wtat. For
further particulars apply Aroby House,
un tbe spot. ' U-0
WANTKD-Situaliun. Young lady
wauls puiitiou ligbt housework aod
would be willing tu do children's lowing,  Address 11., box 1083. 10
Dressmaking and Udics' Tailor.
Mra P. Kiicr, Boom 7, Thomson block,
N. Vancouver. 6 0
WANTKD   Udies to call at Hair
Dressing Parlors for an up to date hair
dressing,   shampooing,   massage   and
uieiiieuriag, Keltb Block, department 7.
If you have any property to sell and
want quick leiulti, Uat it wltb Hborl,
Kobsrtaon ani Seymour. t.l.
Heal Kslale Brokers take notice Ibat
Lot 18, bluck 106, D. Ii. 660, il off tbe
market 10
PIANO   Miss  Hilda  Kees, late  of
l.eij'sn i nin.. ii iiinii, Hi rmuny, between
Oth aud nth street, lit block weit of
proved property.  Btar Loan CoJ|iauy,
$11 Hillings, Vancouver. t.f.
' WANTKD-Nice unfurnished room,
Hoi AI17, Kipress Ofei, .   JOS
WANTKD - Kiperlencid    waitress.
Cloud  wagek Kilbuiu  Cafe, Ksplauade
WANTKD Listings from owner, of
property in'D. L. 817, Wait Vancouver,
Box W, Kiprew Oflre.
if   la<
waits aaotbsr lo 4kire laill bouse.
V. O. Bu. 8141, North Vuiwvw. W
liOHT  Hold locket, heart shape. Ke
ward. Boi A1I8, Ksprni OAei. 80-1
LOST On Bunday two sacks of
laundry from tbe corner of Keith road
ani Bewicke avenues. Beward. Canyon
View Hotel or Hotel North Vancuu
(luod young stock bull kept, comer
Boblnson ani Capilano roadi. V, II
Wilkin., f«
When needing coal or building sup
plies, call up pbons 4M, Norlb Sbofs
Coal k Supply Co., Kickbama wharf,
L, 8. Kalon, manager.  Not! name ind
nkou nunsbM ' tt
gnvtmr .      ... sm:
It you bave any property to sell and
want quick results, liat it witb Short,
Bobertaon ind Heymour. ti,
NONK'y TO U)AN Money loaned
on diamondi, jewelry, fun. Star Loan
Co., $14 Baitings, Vancouver.        t.f.
Lonsdale Bealty Co., 686 Lonsdale-
Agreements discounted at current rales,
Money waiting. Listings lollciled. I.f,
International Bestaurant now opened, Oood meals cheap. Mill licked
of 81 moils, $8.76.. Give ns s trill and
become our customers. .        10
Orders for cabinet and picture fnuie
making promptly eiecuted. Furniture
ind oice filings to uy design Job
bihg work and repairs of IB kinds
rriilly attended to. Ksbtaatee free.
B. Waynes, 123$ Lumdale "Avenue,
Nortb Tumi**, WW M'7'
Authorised agent for Singer Sawing Machine Company In Nortb Vincouver. 1.1. MeAleece, Dry Hood, and
Oc„is' j'ui uiiii nip*, comer First ami
Lumdale Avenue. t.f.
B. (I, I dvery Ind Board ill biee -
Ligbt rigs and Udies' saddle boms
for bin. Hlabliug for honee. Oen
ml delivery ind heavy teaming. H,
Pumas, ith itreet weit. Pbone 117 t.f,
Land during ind (Jradlng Lots,
Pell Andruss, General Contractor. He
wer connections a specialty, btsemiat
tnd othir excavating work undertaken
Eitimatei free. 687 Bt. George'i Ave.,
North Vaneouvir, post o«ce boi MM.
■ I « mmmmfmbmmm
Tike notice ibal I bare rinteftd
and taken possession of lot U, P. L.
Bipreu OliasUsd Alf. Bring «Julck
BneutU     Trr Dun,
je^^^^      ""   ■
I To the Publlct- i
As President of the Board uf Trade
of New Westminister, I became inter
ested in tbo plans of tho Dominion
Match Co., Ltd. After thoroughly investigating aud familiarising myself
with tho sound, economic basis uf Ihu
Parker process of mailing ^matches, I
Inn unu a considerable stockholder, believing the now in,In dn to bo a solid
busiuuss iitvestpietil capaliln of naming attractive dividends.
The factory is buing orectod at New
Westminster, on a site served directly
by the C. P. H. and Oreal Nurlberu
railways aud the B. C Kleclric Cm,
therefore uueu,ualliM in transportation
facilities. -
Mayur John A. Lee of New West-
minster is also a director of Ihis com
pany, and all stockholders muy feel
sure of the honest uml capable .handling uf tlte compauy's interests, us
all directors have been selected for
thoir integrity and business capacity.
I feel quite justified in recommending the Dominion Match t'o. stock as
a good investment ami one which I be
lieve will in the future have u value
many times its present price.
President   New   Westminster
Hourd nf Trade.
The' aliovPfchQlograpli o( [)te Dominion Match Company's lirsl plant speaks for ilself. Tlte factory it lervcd direct liy ihc C. P. R, Greal Northern and B. C. Electric, therefore ii unequalled for lianspoilalion facilities.
The BrunctlKPfo(*<ottit1i can be seen, serves as a logging pond. Who can doubl bul what lins company will be a greal sucresi and make money tear after year for those wbo have lbe courage lo back tlieir convictions
wilb a little money? Lei these fads convince you ibal the Dominion Malch Company, Limited, olfeis an investment ibal is really worth while: Canada consumes over 8 carloads of matches per day. Today Canada
is importing matches (torn Japan and Sweden, notwithstanding a duly of 25 per cent., which is equal lo $1.00 per case. The nearest match factory in Canada is Hull, in lbe Province of Quebec. Lddy ol Ilull lias
made a fortune for himself and associates fiom lbc manufacture ol matches, and yet lhe syslem used by bim calls for while cork pine al $90 per ibousand led, and a great deal ol band labor. The syslem used by lbe
Dominion Malch Company calls for alder, basswood, collonwood, or any wood ibal will veneer or absorb paraHine. The cosl is aboul $5 per thousand. This syslem of machinery also save* 50 pel eenl. of lbe band
labor. In brief, the Dominion Match Company lias aboul $(i()ll a carload lbc advantage of any other manufacture in Canada. The Company ian make over $1,400 nel prohl per carload. The (aclory has a capacity
of one car per day, therefore, counting illl) work days, il can cant aboul $420,000 per annum, which ii equal lo 42 per eenl. on $1.1100.000. wbicb is lbe capitalisation of the company. Docs ibis uul sound good?
Would you nol like Io have some of your money invested in an industry thai ts not effected by crop failure or panics? This is youi opportunity. Wbal are you going lo do wilb il? Stand back aud doubl and say, as
90 per cent, of lbe people do, 1 don'l believe il will ever amount lu anything and linn wake up lo lbe fad lhal you have lost oul? I he cnmpany is . ilm ml by men you know and can liuil, men lhal stand In. li in
iheir own community, Ibere will be no enormous salaries paid lo llic officers, nor no freezing oul of small stockholders. Remember, you arc buying inlu the parent company, and investors will share in 50 pel cent, ol
lhe three olber plants which will be established in lbc eastern provinces. ( orne lo our branch oflice, where we have one of out wonderful malch culling machines working. Come and Id oui salesmen show you the
reports of the enormous dividends being paid liy olber match concerns. No mailer wbal your neighbor (wbo is undoubtedly a knocker, anyway) may say, come and investigate lor youtself. The factory will be
running and turning out matches in aboul 'HI days. Russell Sage t|uolcd In make money you muil do so on your own judgment. Ihc man wbo hesitates either has lo pay a premium lo the man wbo docs act or be loses
lbc opportunity for ever.   Don't lei ibis be your case.   If our salesmen call on'you give ihem a few moments of your lime.    I l.cy will malt: you some money.    Vou don'l have to invest.    Use punt .ini judgment.
BRANCH OFFICE |\ •    • U.l /. IT     1 »i
66 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver      Dominion Match Company Underwriters
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
tj Let us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'bono 431.
Taxes 1912
Notice in liereliy given tliat tin' rt
Uie nn lilll Tales positively eliinee ull
Moinluy,  Boleinbcr   mill,   1912
Property owucrii nr llimr ugents not
having rceeiveil requisite las uotices,
.iin iililniii lliem liy applying al tlie
fill  Hull, Nurlli Vancouver
ti, III'MI'IIKKyn,
cm..loan,Manager.   CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER   p-UM0N' p,°yf"tor
It    I       I k     *.J
J ii —
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
•        '
Family Rooms en suite witli special rates.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate fates.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
Animals and Sickness
How They Preserve Tlieir Hcaltlt.
Animals mil iio anything lo keep
themselves in |ierfec! rouilition, iiml
Ilinl liiiw leiirnc'l in lln' morse of ugi's'
that eloanliness is uin' ut tlie couditiuu*
nf health. It is wotidcrfnl what care
ull creatures will take tu keep linm
selves ninl Iheir dwelling* clean, ami u
| liir'l 's nest, even when tin* |iurenls lire
most liiisy I'ci'iling tln-ir ruvcnouH
young unes, ik usually lieaiitifully nleun.
Tlie cure they will tuke nl their skins
uml coats, ur, in tlie ease ut' I,inls, of
their plumage, is wonderful.
Muny ugi's lieforc inuii liat lm iiiiiie
intu fashion among humans, llic rura
live vulue uf muil wus kuowu lu uny
un,inul ami animals ju tropical cuun
trios frequently luke muil baths; in
inul. Wiiiiinliul rli'plii'inl- uml' ulher
lurge quo'lmpcil.-. will rull Iheniselvcs
in the m,i,I ul u river bank, uml mil Iill
up the wound with mud rf Ilni pus
stbly can, while wounded birds mil
sometimes also Iill ; n wound to pre
..ni foreign mutter gulling mlu lliu
wound, which limy seem lo knuw from
experience will do mischief.
I/Uckily |H'Hiaps fur Ihemselves, tlte
vast  number ol drugs uud  inedicinea
|wherewith poor humanity ie dosed are
unknown, but there ure MVeral plants
whicii nun,.,ii ■ use as medicine, uud il
liun even boon suid thnt we hum burn
ed the vulue uf smiic such b) watching
the use nni'l' nf I In in by auimals und
iui Thus il lius luu ii luld Inul Hi,
healing vulue of llle springs lit lluili
bei'umi' km,in by watching a sick pig
which drunk tliu water; uml thuiigli wc
no lunger believe thul snukes rub their
eyes with fennel lu improve Iheir eye.
I sight, yet certain planls ure certainly
oaten by animals lu produce certain
results. Thus in tropical countries rap
'iiinii. are eaten by various birds when
these feel they need u slimiilnuj; while
in uur colder climate* llie wild arum
ami olher pluuts with biting fluvurs
aro eaten for the sume reason. Mum
mats, too, will nut grass, thc sharp
blades of the sword gruss being in demand mining .in," and rats when they
require an'emetic; while grass eaters
will travel long .distances to procure
salt; indeed, tlieir extreme ileaire /or
salt lm* been the moans of bringing
many of theu to destruction* /or hunters take up their position near \he
"saltlicks'.'in the same way as they
drinking pLi
*      j
but'race* of people lo befriend jiud  low
I'lU'll  Utiit'iV'
•In   iii'i) r
indention in a lliiug carefully lookedI Mmb depend* u|>ou farlori otber
after b\ wild ercaiurea; tbey leew lu Ibun polifieaJ bow soon Ibis admirable
know liuw imjiorlunt it is to flicir life ideal of Vunu Sin Kai'a aiul llm hu tall
Ibal lln- f*li ii ul.l I..' kept iu jwrferl
unb r Tlm- dun- ami tuts will cul
a.-lio now .nul III i'ii ami bird*, uiul ewu
naiilu'-*, will -walluw hIoih'm tu aiil iluu
ilijfi'iftivi' (iovvith. Wbt'ii bens art- lav
uiC nl iourM>, lbc>' require limo to
I Drill llif »bi 'lis, an<I Hie umount uf pri I
ami I'rujriiifiitH ul .-turn- tbey tlira uat ib
.incredible; it ilic) Juvt- been confined
in a small I'linf fur Hume tiuu.1 ami mjiI
• \rii\\ ( ii i i.iii loo*e upon a bcup ( ut
gravel ur wlierc lln} uin obtain miiuII
hluiii'it aii'i pril, lliry will be aeen de
vuurinji I lirm a- if tbo beap bud beeu
formed of i om
Wlieu Ili*' lunl Htuffi1 lumei, ux it wut>t
"Jim1 lu all (billon, wild or tame, tbe
i'li'l is usually merciful in itu speed. To
'lie a violent dealli is tin; fate of mo*!
wild animals, und nureJy tbit* in pre
f era Me iu tin.' wa^tujji playur m alow
decay uiin li awuilx hu man)' ol up; add
t'd lu wlm li the)' buve nut tbe uuii
upatiun of evil we pome-sii, und "wbicb
it* (.be vtoml purl ul iffenu ■ Now
ami Uuii uuv uf ilu'in muy linger uu
into ul<l afie, but an u rule, when u wild
iluu;: iuu iiu lunger maintain ito lnpb
-lundard of activity, it poriibei at
once. Wlifn tin' last jiour cornea it will
hejmrale itsi-lf from itu fellow* and ;:«-i
iulu llif must priVatcjilacv it ctD Und,
■a i liat it is ne Id oiii anyone bu« wateb
m| a wild annual die. It ueemu tbat
Ibe drsl requirement of u stricken uui
mat is tu I"1 ut jieai'O from friend und
lur-  alike,   (jlobo   (Jsondun).
Intermarriage by Fiat
'Jiu of the sure proofs of a new era
in China is found iu a recent presidential order, calling attention lo thc re
peal of Ine former interdict against
marriages between Chinese and Manch
us, uud Chiui'st' and Mongols, and uf
lirining 'Ilml ull discriminations and
dislincliiins of the kind among ('bin
ese, Mum liun, Mongols and Mohamme
dans li"in' i"iiii are done away witb.
Nor Is the governmental attitude per
missive only. Intermarriage is advis
»cd in order, as thi' decree runs, "to
remove the vestige of difference and
ulso to harmonize.feeling*," the aim
lining, in very smith, in weld tho five
races in  one ffuinily.   Aa the decree
puts it, "'i'iiis'will cause the five great a had idea.—K»
cl reformers can be rcali/cd. Abolition
nl fuol hiniJiug un.l tin' ijiK'iji' ure,bud
ges ol eilerual deiuariatiou relaliveli
cas; lu sweep uwuy by liul uud liy
tin' inHuein-e uf ixuiujile in Inuti pluces
'l'u make lliiiidhism, Confuciuiiism uml
iMuliiiiniiK'iluuism seem as naughl itX
loiiiparisoii with human fraternity und
un nli'ul uf marriage bused un Iiu- ut
illinium uud respect, is uuolher mul
In Long ul In ine uiul core nf u iv
ligiuii hus ceased In be held loyally by
adherenls Ihey will stickle uver its sc
oinlurv or ceremonial auo truditionul
The reform, like nil others prujeted
lor New t inna, can be must ijuickly
furthered bv leadership lliut suy»,
"Conic, ndt "lio." As tin' mujur und
nuw Inininuni body, the Confucian
Chinese inuM bri*rvlki' chiel respun ,
sibilitv. 'The ti. ti. i\fuitaor,
—   "X
Swiss May Abandon dial
Nineteen fclwiiw di-putn'C, repreneul
him all j .ni' of lbe vountry, Jiu\c pre
seilled u motion to lbe federal rouqeil
to examine the .queatiou of aeei'li>ratiuii
tin' inlroduiliuii of elei'tric trueliun on
all tbi' railways iu Ibul euuutry wbirli
belong to Ibe ntute. Tbe object of Ibr
motion in to furtber tiie exjiloitatio/i
of Ibi- uu^uiiul "forcei nlulrii'i'H" und
to make Ibe Hiviiw rail way h indejiend
enl of Ibe iniporlution of c»juI from
abroad. Tbe iJepuliei rceeiveil ii.
U--UI.IIM.' (but tbo i|urf)lion would be
di-i n ■■■■! by tbe Hwlai I'urliuiiii'iit ut
mi early dale, AlrtUdy must of tbe
i'iiti)i'iil:n ami several nborl linoi are
worked Ity fle.'lrieil.y, wliieb i« qIho
employed in lbe iuiuh'Ih.
The fruits of joy are the lightening of one's owu  burdens, for work
'lOnO   iU    lu. Ullll,' it   llllll   I'ullli .1.    tlu<
sweetening of the world, for every Joyous soul changes the atmosphere of hjs
place; the imparUtion pf hope, courage,
and endeavor, for joy, as well as sor
row, is»contagious.—Christian World.   ■
"A shoemaker of Kansus (lity has
secured an injunction restraining his
mift from beating bim."   Not at all North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
1  '■■
liiMirnueo atmrauteo floitds
Auditor and Accouutuut
101 liousdale Aioune. P. 0. Ilox 11307.
North Vancouvor. Phouo 4117.
O. A. (lal„, B.O.B.A.
1725 OhesterHeld Avenue,
North  Vaneouvir
Phono B1DII
1     '      I
i im, I'liMiiMitoim,
A.1IJ.K. ii 8.
Irrigation, Orilnago, levels, plane
and Specifications. Septic Innlm ninl
liouse dratmuo s ipeoialty. p. 0.
Hux 211, 16th atreet west nl llowicku
I.IHU Kill
Bakers, Confectioners and
nil Lonsdalo Avouuo
Underwood's Barber Shop
J. BR1ND, R.S.S.
Succossor tn Walluco k Scott, Third
Street,   ii.in'iiil n.plir work.
A. Wallace's services pave lieou re-
mum... ami »T,i'iiusi:nv.
B,i,i1ihcIIcih aud Stutioncri
(lor. I.onedale and lat.        Pbnr« 143
I'lun., Executed        :   Kstimates Given
Centre and Mill Boad
Lynn Valley, H. 0.
Plaus uml I.'iin,,ii,., uunl,in,l free.
Itcpairiug,   remodeling,   cts.,  promptly
atlemlcd to
Lynn Valloy, B. 0.
Allan 1,'uun near Westover. 1'. 0. Box
L'U, Lyuu Creek, B. (,'.
|     0. K. OBOOBB
And geuerul Commission Merchant, IK
I lnl.- Avo., Norlh Vancouver.
Pbone 894
We uro speciiilinls in these lines.
181A Lonidale Avenuo
rnilTiii.it iniiuii
Studio   over   Bunk   B. N. A.
Lonsdale and Esplanade
High Class Ladies' uml Cents' Tailoring
Repairing   and    Alleralious.  Cleaning
uml Dyeing in ull ils bra'uclics. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Street West. Phono 107
(,l. Uttx)
Ladles' aud Dents' Olcauing,
Pressing and Repairing
a Specialty
120 He.,.nul Btreet East
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
Continued from page a
Cabinet  Mukor and Carpenter
v Will uiul. unl,,' all kinds of wood'work,
repairs, otc.
Fourth Btreet and Sutherland Avenuo
P. 0. Box 2006
It will pay you to put a card in this column
liurlinnil   witb  milk.    His   iiaino  was
Eauuii*.- Blmiy,, uni ,k. 1ml toeimliinli. i
ed upon us a model young mm, whoso
oply BMJBptio, to the business, ho often
Slit), wns thit bl WIS (oread, to deliver
milk ou Sunday, when be ougbt to be
ut cbureb.
Tbo little (own was thrown Into a
Btato of intense excitement when it
lici'iinic kuown tho uext day tbat murder aud robbery 'had been attempted.
The neighbors of the Pidwolls were
extremely agitated, aud all repaired to
tho scone of the startling ovout to
learii. particulars—all savo tbo
Sprugues. About teu o'clock in tbe
morning somo one remarked tboir ub
Bi'iii'o ami a inossougor wus despatched
to tell them qf tbe affair. Ho found
tbo door opon, household 'things and
wearing apparel scattered about the
rooms, but iu the words of Cusabianea,
Tbu Spraguos, onl where wero
tin". ,"' Tbey bad disappeared-—mur
lered purbupa by the mau or men who
bad invaded the I'idwell bouse. Ibe
woll wus examined, ami ovory place
where u body might have liueit con
eeulcil was searched.   Even the kitchen
oor was tukeu up, but from thut duy
tu tbis no trace of tbe pair was uver
suuu in or about Victoria.
Tbo captive wus arraigned ul lln
next Assizes, uml  Chief Justice Cum
run gave 111 nicy a sentence of Ave
years in the cliuiu guitg.
About a week after bis sentence Bir
ncy scut for me and told tne that he
wanted tu muke u confession. He said
lliut lie bud joined a I nin,I of six robbers who were aware of llie defense
ess condition of the Treasury. Tbey
knew ull about Mr. Cooper and the key,
ml on due occasion bad arraugeil tu
nock biin uu the bead in liruud day
wbilo bu wus on bis way lu tuwu, rub
be Treasury' willi tlie aid ul' the key,
ami curry lbc treasure off iu a boat
tu (be American side. The scbome luil
ed for wunl of opportunity, ami be
accepted service as a milkman with
(lie object uf ascertaining lhe Iminl-
uf iin riihvcll's and the location ul'
Mr. I'liiipcr's routn, from whose pockets
it was iiiiini, mi (hut be should nlislrucl
the Treasury key while the eustodiuu
slept. The gang were (lien to tout lbe
vault, carry Ihc treasure (u tbo wuler
iinni and convey it iu a boat lo tbe
Atnericau side. As originully planned
Ihc plot cumprcbcmleil the stealing ol
First Street Eut of Lousdale „|,ou( |jjo,000, money belongiug to tbe
Lowest prices und best work guarau[local govcruineuls, but when llie
teed on turning aud sheet metal wurk.   46,000 sovereigns were liruuglil iu the
scheme wus enlarge,I, ami the game
bci'uinc mure excitiug in expectation
of larger profits.
"I worked on lliut scheme for six
months, uml ought lu huve won," said
lliruev, "ami wuubl have won, loo.
unly llie youug lady would nut IiuhIi
when iu|.i to do su at llie peril uf Iht
"And Ibe Sprugues I" I ventured.
"I suppose you killed tbcm I Wtierc
did you hide Ibeir bodies!"
Thc criminal luugbcd lung uml loud.
"Tlie Spragucs- kill tlictnt Lord love
your innocent yuung heart, tbey were
in ilic conspiracy. Tbey were my psrt
ucm How they did fool you ull, 1
used to nuiil, iu at tbeir back door
and sleep ou a lounge every night. Kill
ilu mi Sprague isn't Hprague at ull.
lie is otic of the most notorious bur
glars iu America, uml he and bis 'wife'
iume here ou purpu.c to du Uiat joli
lo rob the Treasury. Mrs. Sprague
searched Cooper's ruum twice for Ihe
Treasury key, but Cooper always iur
ried il wilb bim. Ob! if tliul girl Inul
uuly hushed! Bul it's just my luck.
Hprugue gul uwuy und I um here. Wlun
Ihey found oul thul 1 wus caught, the
pair bulled   fur the  American  side in
All kinds of suns bled uud sut uu tbe
ilmi i unl notice. 1 ii v.n mowers, knives,
budge shears und scissors sharpened All
wurk guaranteed, moderate prices.
1234 Lousdale Avouuo Phono 80
Oii lIn' fur line lUmnimt, uu'uU,
i[ituil aiTOiJiuioilaliuu I'ur work iny men.
Contractor*' men bounk'il. Uy i.,i 1
nill, Proprietor.
I* yuur Wuitli    1 j i i ,■ ur
irregular time!   Il' so, tw
■T i«
iii; LuiiKiJule A \ tn uc
Aro Uio right kind of things whon tbey sell the goods. It Is tbo facta about
tho quality of our goods lu tbe way of FURNIITURE, CARPETS and
CROCKERY, and tbo facta about the low prices and the special pricei on
thoae* goods tbat win favor among our customers,
Horo aro somo facts for you to profit by:—
CHILDREN'S PUSH CARTS, special prlci   $3.00
A large sblpmont Juit received.   All Uio rage
MEAT SAFES   11.99
MEAT SAFES, large size   $3.60
ROYAL OAK DRESSERS, with hovelled plate mirror UM
Complete for IIM
MATTINO MATS, lixh.  .Ilfic
MATTINO MATS, 3x8,..40c
a limited number only, 92.90
Iu our Crockery Department
TUMBLERS, per dot SOc
dos SOc
the boat tbat |md been provided to car
ry away thu treasuru."       i  .
Some yeurs iil'tcnvurils, when, Birney
lunl served bis ui'iilen,
if large, hn was detected wbilo in tji
apt pf.robbing tin house of ap-pl
woman. Ho resisted ami n coustat)le
was shot dead, Biruey escaped to t|to
American side and two years later
wis hinged by a vigilance committee
iu   Molilalia.
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineers
Orders by Lieutenant J.   R, Oqsgrovo,
Commanding August 27, 1912
Vn. 30. Qualifying Courses.
Extract from District Order No. 152
dated ut Victoria^ II. ft, li-ltii day of
August, 1012, is hereby prumulgnleil:
"Oiliiir commanding active inililSn
unite will forwurd to this office, .80
us to bu roceivoil not later thin Tues
day1, the Kith day ef September, IHU',
the applicutiutis of officers und N. II,
ii'i,. who wisb to attend thc Third ser
ies of courses, cuvulry ami infantry,
whieb commences on Monilny, llie Utli
day of Ocluber, next, ut Winnipeg ami
Esquimalt, respectively.
Officers will make written application.
The application uf ilie N. C. (I's will
be mude uu Militia form lliiil, copies
uf wliieii lire being distributed.
An, niiui   is invited tu Militia Or
ders U2, iti uml iiii. lllll,
No. 31.    Enlisted.
The following men having liMIt duly
uttestcil tire hereby tjiken nn the
strength of tne company:
No. 81, Sapper .1. C. Ilurnislun.
No. 62, Supper li. II. Hiug.
No. 32 Duty
To bo orderly sergeant for week end
iug fib,September, IIIIL': No I Sergeant
W, H. Fleming.
Next fur Duly:  No. li, Sergeuiil Jl
No. 33.   Parades—
Tbe compauy will parade ul the drill
ball, Nortli Vuneuuvcr, on every Mun
day ami Friday evening ul d u'cluck
until further ordered.
Dress: Drill order with rilles uml
side arms.
JOHN li. ('t)SlillOVI.,
Ailing -Adjutant
St. Thomas' Boarding
and Day School
for Girls
I'ulil new buililingi. arc eotnplelci
ufter the Christmas holidays tin
t'luss li,,,,iu will be in tbe lirsl houm
on t^uceu's lioud West, North Loin,
lule. Ilesideiice Ul bouse, SI. Jumes
Houd wesl, Norlli Lunsdule Term be
gins Tuesday, September 'ltd. Appli
atiutis fur admission -nnt to The
Principal, llm llltn, North  Vuneuuvcr
Western Dominion Land &
Invesl ment Co., Limited
Willi which ii incorponlrd
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
61 l.on
sdulc Aveuui
• "I'l
Post   Oflice,
Nurtli   Vum
or Sale disc
nting  l.ynn  I'reek   /.
nu   ,\
128 Lonsdale Ave.  »■■»m North Vancouver
Cleared lol  ou Keith road  'tilxlli I
twecn   Mniii',   avenue  uml   llnule
vurd I'liliii)   I :i easb,  balance tl,
li' ami IK.
Alneii Ul! acres wilb I,inn feel water
front in Wcsl Vain nuver, ri|n' lin
subdividing   Price t.'iui.nnii, lerms
lO     Hll.' I,ge
Lurge selection in ll, I. OSS, Iho best
part of West  Vancouver,
Tent Tea Rooms
SEPT (i (2 p.m.)
of eutiro content*- 6r above, comprising
Tut (11x21) with board floor, 3 ft.
walla and verandah, large stock ol fine
Japanoao China tea sots, Ice Cream
liul cake dishes, two doscu Japanese
Bamboo Tables, nearly now, several
doien Chairs, Ico Cream frceier, server!, show cases, counters, 3 humor guo-
llno storo and boiler, jcigtra, syrups,
lie. Alao household furniture of 1
roomed (hack compiling bods and
bidding, good, linoleum, cooking utou
•111, itove, scales, ttc:
GEO. McCUAIG, Auctioneer
unain    Ket i      iir-ii  iitai iim
Capital Pun Up.. ftfOUm-f
Reserve and Undivided Profits : IMPfiCiO
Total Assets  II.OOO'.OOO
IT la not your KmnUtn power thai
will measure your hapiilnej* Id lbe
later yeara. i'our mvlam i-ia.t
alone cun as.iurc you against Ibt Uor
when your corning power will le reduced.
' A gavlni;s account at lhe Bank of
Hamilton would be a help toward acquiring Ihc lialill ul navlof. The mime
courteous, efficient, attention Is give*
lo ull de|iositoru whether Ibe account
be liirtje or smull.
11nvc you seen our Uafety Deposit Betel? Toll clui rent one for a reasonable fee
I,', n. in: t \ i:.\,  Steal,
North   Vsaroever
H..d Offiw
Boys and Girls Take Notice
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Stationery Company).
33 Lonsdale Avenue PHONE 191
Rooming House or Offices
On thc Upper Fiooi of the
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade Wot
Wide Euttauco and well lighted Hallway
Pur particulars apply to
London & British North America Company, United
(Mahon, McFarland k Procter. I.td )
M3 Pender Street West
(Phone Seymour G28G, Rental Department)
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 I.onsdulc Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georges'* Avenue.       Phone 178
Piano Sale
To reduce itock lo make room for new goods.
Wc arc selling a number ol returned limn real pianos
at great reductions in price.
All these instruments arc in perfect condition.ud equal
to new.
by buying during the sale, which terminates on September 7llt. Terms of $20 cash, and $10 a month if
• 99- ■
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
i mm
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons. t
We study type faces And effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a ligure or our advice,
You can buy a 60-foot lot on Osborne Boad, I'/, blocks eaat of
Lonsdale Avenue, for I80tl.ni), on teiltts of one iiuarter easb, and
tlte balance over 18 months.
Enquire about this while One Dollar Sharon ars selling for Fifty
Cents.   OALL or WHITE for Prospectus. *>>,
Phone 862 P. 0. Box 2397
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate lhe Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
Ijiii us- less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Eiplanade Weil
If you want to succeed in buiineu on the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Expreu"
Cardinall & MacGregor
An returning to tlieir old premlm, 102 Esplanade But, whin ttijr
will cuiy on Bill BaUU and Financial builuaaa u heretofore.
Ml P. 0   »M UU
possibilities that are opened by tbi
one wurd—shopping I Probably nol,
Unl yet many a largo business lias boon
created in this way, says Opportunity.
For instance, to baeonto morn tmpli-
e|t, I woman living in a goodsisetl
city may work up a iirnllinlile business
by doing shopping for women living
ill tits slnall towua uid rural ilistrlets.
Tho usual commission allowed by the
large city merchants tn professional
shpppors is IU por emit, ami many women have established vory proDtablo
businesses in this line. II may 'be
started on a small scale ami cun bo
worked up to largo proportions under
tlte right management.
A woman whu started a business of
this kiml in Now Yofk somu years ago
on a small scale, now employs a largp
forro uf'assistants, has a dressmaking
and othor departments in her own establishment,'buys uml carries in slock
iiiuiu lines of goods, anil is now really
ii big merchant herself.
HIIU nniither woman in I'ltirnp be
pun I'liiiir of this sort by nljciliuu
llie nii'i'' uf lhe v.,'ulllu Hiiitmii ul her
iicigliliiirhnuil. li,'im a tiiiinth liml
passed she hail ilnne such satisfactory
work lhal hor nnlers become jtoo greut
for her to All, Her next sle|i cams when
she was sent ubruuil In purchase In
I'uris the latest gowns tor ti irriiiip nf
women, whu paid not uuly her expen
ses, but gave her a IiiiihImiiiii fee us
well. Today she is Ihe buyer fur one
uf the greut mercantile 'establishments
of |he West—a position Ihul was Offer
ml lu her as a result uf the rcpiiliitinu
she Ini'l ucipiired.
Customers fur this line of business
can be serurcit ,.,,,! relatives uiul
friemls und through smull suy ilussi
Ucl uilwrtisemcuts, iu publications
circulating in rural districts, After
ilncc ,",,min; a customer's eonlldeuce
llirough fuir dealing, you run depend
upon liiiliin;' the busiueas indefinitely,
Much a business, properly cotnlui led,
'uiin i ■ momentum rapidly.
The death occurred ui 311 HHh s|reel
ust, Nurlli Vancouver, uu Buudiy
night of Hurry Butcher, aged 111. The
deceased lived fur sume lime at I'lu
ienisle, II. I'., and previuusiy for sume
yeurs in Klondike. Tho funeral serv'ir"
will be held al the hume of the de
ceaaed ufler whieb the body will Ilni.
be iiiiiucrulcil al lhe Vancouver ere
ii,.iiuin,in ,
Nolice is hereby given that Ihe lime
lur lhe reception uf tenders fur ihc iuu
•Iriiiliiiii uf the Victoria Harbour, ll
I'., Hnakwutir, is eiteuded tu Wed
liesday, Septomber IS, lull
Hy order,
It. I'  IIKaillM'IIKKH,
Department  of  I'ublie  Works,
Oil,mn,  August  -i'l,  lllli
Too Late to Classify
WANTKD- Ituuil'   boys   lu   iloliW'j
the Espress, Apply al this office
WANTED- Tu rent, nice 11 ruuDied
collage, particularly II lu llu Hui
AIKI, Espress illliii' 6'3
,OVB you-ltfin ne'er forget
-TttBttisny fcuTi'fnii'tftat jronprnwlr
You are ihe alrl for me-rend yet
Mr love |s United with discontent.
I'm no equestrian. Us kneoe
Have never praised a charger's ella,
And yet my common sense decrees
1 hat womsn need not rlda utrlde.
Your dainty tinier tips delljht.
And rst I feel profound reinti
That their oomnleilon ihoolfl be quit*
,   Bo deeply stained by cigarette*
Hy very life Is In yuur hand,
Upon you all my being dotee.
And yst I cannot understand
Why you should favor women'l volte.
And so (I'm not the man to frit)
'Tware better you ehould still h* free.
I love yuu fervently-and yet
I know we never should agree.
-New York Sun.
Thl Bookworm'e Meal.
Mr. nigley wns a book lorer. When
ba wis duply Interested tn rauding he
Wuuld Ignore inoul houn entirely and
take ■ Btandlug luiicbeou wbanever It
occurred to blut to do io.
Mrs. lllgley wiih of a very doiuesllc
turn nf iniini "lining up" .'iiiii'i'bi'ii
clothes wus her chief delight, aud
starch ai ahe uittde It was a must artistic composition.
One day Bhe uittde somebolled starch
•nd, turning It Into a yellow bowl, put
it In the pittilry wluduw to cool.
Household dm les took her upstairs for
nn hour or so. and when she ciinie
buck for the stunb iba found only un
empty yellow bowl wltb a gpoou In It.
She went Into the lilting room. Her
btmbutid wus busily i'1'iiillni: Sbe
thought besl to use a lillle illploitnny
lu discovering whut bod become of In-r
mni,li "How did you like thut pudding lu the yellow bowl'!" sbe usked
Then Mr. lllgley unwittingly convicted himself, "il wua a pretty mean
piiililliii:." he suld. "but I mutti|gitl to
•at ltl"  Vuiiiii':. Companion.
Sounded That Way.
Mki linm n whs giving an elaborate
descripllnit of n blackamlth prepnrn-
lory to teaching Longfellow's poem to
her pupils:
"Now, children, we are going lo lenrn
a poem today n limit some one wlm
works vpry Iinni Be Is very large
ami lins greul niiiih that fun ll'l heavy
things Ills (hit la blackened with
sunt Hint cornea irnm bla greul hinting Ares. Ami lie wears a dlrly bluck
apron, oud lie lins it lire Hint glows uh,
so nil umi whenever be makes nny-
thing he puts II Inlo hia fire nmi tbcu
pounds It wllh n great big hummer,
which mikes the loudest Hanging
tiiil.c snd unites the spnrks Ily nlimil
In ever; direction Now, who cun tell
me what I have been dcsirlbliig?"
A little mniii who bad listened io
these vivid detulla wllh eyes twice
llielr nuliirul tlie sprang lo bet feet
and saltl In an owed whisper,
"The devll."-Uoiisekeepor
Some One Ought to Tell Her.      J
No woman ever made a grealet
mi' iui,,' iiuiii (bat which Is mode
by lhe lady wbo tblnka she will
plciise her husband by silling up
uud   welling  for  hlm  until  2
u'clock In Hie iiiuriiliig    I'bli'iigii
li.,,,i,l ll.iiiiil
Tdadi Marks
Copvriqhti te.
A niOfll llllillll 1 Ik pi (li n.il dclclljilliill Bit,
quickly ucoH.ln cut oi'i'iiuirlLii wbtiutr so
liifolilluS li i»i,,l,«! If ii»l.'i,,,|.|n I', ii. in u i, I ra
lluinililciliC'iilliK'iiil.l |I»NI)I)I)M "iiI'Uuils
■till Ittt, Oldwt uuicr Ii'i if unuiIMciiiL.
I'sMiiM umi iImuuH liji.n I l.'u. itatlrt
syiiiat 11111111, vii811111 twm, ui lbe
Scientific American
A hwuUotMly UUutntfd wrrtly,    I mih ttl cir-
Hi Of Mf  » l.'i,Iir.i'   }' uir.il      Jttini   for
. fltt 1 iui, ,VU8)U«e liltimli.   Bula bit
Our lull slock it iiuiiiiip iiiuiii, und pic a,k puu lo p.". ill
a cuil mill Innk limn uktt. We tan tail llic mail piilliiuliu, in
-lnl,. plice and iiimlilii
We hake uVeial lalilu in oui tloit filled willi HI.AI.
BARGAINS in /.om Cult, Summer Slim; and broktn lot,
of Iiiiiiiu limn uniiiiii, fm I'all ini ,ii All iiiiii iitsen'i goods;
il will pap pou lo look ihun over.
We have 10 ihil11,nt make, uf iMcn, Winking Boots,
Irom $1.95 lo $10.00, lo ulnl fttm, in (i-imli lop, lo 10
inches; all guaiaptted uiid Thioughuul,
Late Wooo-Pabe Shoe Co.
Tc). 393
S. 8t W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Job Printing at the "Express"
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and business hoimes
ars usually Judged by the printed mat
ter they ssnd out.
Can you afford to tako chances with
yonr (irliitlng wben good work In this
Ilus costs little, If auy, more.
We Do Good Work
1'lint   Btreet  Eaat,  North  Vancouver
v   r.
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Enoi Salt  a,,- 75c
Zambuk   35c
Allqnbury'j Food  B5c
AUenbury'i Food, No. 3.  55c
Pink Pill.  r 35c
Peroxide, per ib , 65c
Culicura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple* 5c each
Absorbent Cotton :35( |b.
We have constantly in itock a complete slock of
Bed Pani, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bdtlles, Irrigators, Elaitic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Belli, Trusses, and. in fad, everything in the
lick room line not usuallyVjtocked by smaller drug
Plione 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of ilu i iiv
;   North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm, B.
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade Weit
j i  1.1,,


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