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®1|? 'HxptiiB
WWW V4Jjppffy^( 9. fl., raffM tfPi'at, «»«•
H. H. Stevens, M.P. on Local Problems
Larson's pavilion was on Tuesday
nigbt tbo scene of a well attended meeting of ratepayers aud residents of tills
city, the raiBon d'etro of the evenf being tho presence in North Vancouver
uf Mr. H. H. Slovens, M.P. Aftor an
informal dinner in his honor at tbo Hotel Nurth Vancuuver, the member and
his hosts adjourned ut eight o'clock to
the pavilion, where a large audience
convened under the auspices of tbe
Hoard of Trudc, was already ussemblcd.
The president of the Board, Mr. Alexander Smith. Willi only a few prefatory remarks, called upon Mr. Btevcns,
whu, speaking without notes, dwelt ex
haustivcly aud convincingly ou most
matters at present affecting tbu North
'I am delighted," said Mr. Stevens,
^'to have this opportunity of Booting
lbc citizens of North Vancouver uuder
the auspices of the Hoard of Trade and
of discussing with yuu a fow of the
questions which are uf particular inter
est ou Ihis side uf the Inlet.   I sliull
nul attempt tu gu into auy elaborate
details regarding all lhe problems of
the moment,   Such a purpose could not
. be limited tu one night.   I shall cot
Inn myself to auch questions iu whic
I you are very particularly interested. I
noticed that one pf the papers suid
il. ii I was tu give un nccouut of my
itcwardship. That wus scarcely thc
wuy lu express il. I am uut here tu
apologise for any action 1 bave taken
*X% few uf my zealous friends have seen
III fo criticize my attitude mure or less
■laverely. When Ihey hear the explun
I aliens I think they will agree with uir
that what I have done bas beVu in tho
iuteresls of tbe community.
'Let  uie  lirst   (.mi.mne   North
Vancouver ou its development. Our
9k ing the few months 1 have been away
I notice marked changes and very rapid
development uu Ihis side of thc lulel,
lu all places in the cast which I have
visited I have heard expressiuus of
1 'iii in Vancuuver, nieauiug uf course
the lower mainland and there have
beeu gluwing tributes tu this shore
of the Inlet.
"The interesl of North Vuncouver
In my estimation is wruppci^.up iu the
interests uf the whole district. I be
lievc that it is a mistake fur auy one
section of Hrilish Columbia or of tbis
diatrict which we term Greater Vancouver to be jealous of thc other part. I
lay dowu Ihis as oue of lhe guiding
j priueipl « iu all my arlion*, that wc
must be unanimous in the interests uf
the whole district. Anything which
develops the province must delevop
Greater Vancouver. Anything which
affects the south side of the lulct advantageously musl ussist you here, and
vice versa. Wc want lo cultivate 11
kind uf esprit de corps. There is just
a little too much tendency tu look ufler
number uue and ip many cases a lack
of public spirit! 1 wisb it tu be uu
dersluud that I am not finding faull
kith my coustitucuts. Mauy uf you
In ■'■ bave tuude fortunes. There islets
ft room for   everybody.    It Is   alung
Fouch lines that I have tried tu work at
Duo of the questions of burning in
lei. -i to the people of North Vancou
ver Is thc railway question. I think one
olrhfuiost rehiarkolde things in Ihe
history of Canada Is that Norlh Vun
' .couvcr should have grown up to this ex
lent without any railway connections.
This it 000 of lbc reasons why I ad
vocated additional subscriptions lo
thc Second Narrows bridge project. Jt
certainly, however, would not be wife
for this city in the light of the export-
ifuco of Vancouvor and other cilift to
givo away all its public privileges for
thc sake of getting its railways a lit-
I tic more speedily than it would get
them otherwise. '
"Beforo leaving hero in January i
r. 1 eivid adviro ilml tho C. ,P li, had
application  to havo ihe route
I map approved. This map whirl) the 0,
P. tt. filed was tot a- route to come
from thii side of Fort Moody to an
ndeioile point about half way between
Ete Md Point Atkinson. I asked fur
rther information in thii connection
ut. could get none. I aJao received
^oio thit district certain communita
I tbo d/«tributii)g and delivery of your
,oni from public bodies." Mr. Slovens
Iiii point »«ad aloud Uw letters ro
"l think you will agree witb IHO," be
continued "that there werp pqt suU(-
cieut grounds on which to approve of
that routo map. It should bo borne ip
mind that tho ('. P. P. would havo
complete control qf your foreshore from
somewhere near Point Atkinson to Port
Moody. There wus no provision for
street ends. Yuu would bo iu exactly
thu same position aa the people are iu
Vancouver today. This wus because
their 'route map was approved by t|io
1 imu in government. Undoubtedly the
ruilvvuy t'ommissiou would havo giveu
the city crossings, but these would have
had tu he maintained by tbe city. Nut
only would tbo (.'. P. K. have had this
minimi, but it would also have control,
freight along the waterfront.
"Another point uf grave iqipurtance
is that the ruute map of the 0. I'. R
shows the rood to bo un a level lower
than the approach of the Second Nor
rows bridge. If this map had been approved and the bridge was 40 feet
higher than the ('. P. II 's. grade, the
cuinpany wuuld have said it was a phy
sical Impossibility to connect. I con
tend that the C. p. H. shuuhl provide for
"Another matter is this—that iu or
tier tbut the harbor commission should
be a success it is necessary that every
foot of waterfront should bo under the
control of the coiiimissiuii. If tbat
bunrd bus in connection with its organ-
.■mum a railway system, the C. P. B.
shuuhl be compelled to connect with
thut system Thul is the most Import
ant point in my estimation. The great-
est difficulty ii'in.v iu connection with
harbor development iu Vancouver is
thc position occupied by the C, P. II.
They own Iwo (birds of the foreshore
iu False Creek, from Coal llurbor to
tho II. T. P. whurf. They own ami
control the greater part of thc revenue'
producing section of tbe waterfront.
And the first question a harbor com
mission should ask itself is 'Where is
thc revenue coming fronit' Why dupb
cute this situatiou ou the North Shorel
Uow is the question to be answered!
"I usked Sir Thomas Shaughucssy
whether the 0. P. li. would be willing
to co-operate with the harbor rom
iiiis.-ion. ami ho said quite frankly thai
Ihe cuinpany wuulil nql. 'Wc bavo the
strategic pusilipu,' he said. I am not
blaming them ur in any wuy attacking
tbo C. P. K. Tbis is simply lhe rosull
of the' policy Ihey laid down thirty
years ago."
Mr. Stevens proceeded tu summarise
the proceedings which attended thc vis
il of Major McNeish anil Heevc May
to Ottawa. "Subsequent tu this," he
suid. "I  went  lu Montreal tu consult
Ferry Directors and Safety of Public
Continued on page two
The cily council lusl night decided
lliul work should be gone ahead wilh In
connection wilh thc widening uf Ith
slrect. The ucling engineer was auih
orizod lo lake llic necessary steps to
this end. The street is to be widened
from Forbes avenue lo St. David's ave
uue, lo a uniform width of 100 feel, the
work to be done on a 'local improve
incut busis. The estimated cost of thc
undertaking is ll'i.mji) and thc rity
purposes assessing the final cost upon
the properly benefitted,
That tho present forry directorate
is resolutely determined to safeguard
to the very fullest extent tlie livos of
passengers on tbo boats under iti' control was emphatically demonstrated at
the board's regular meeting yesterday-
afternoon. Mr. H. 0. Wright ini™
dm e.1 the important topic witb a refer'
ence to tho Atlantic disaster which hat
recently- appalled tbe entiro civilisod
world. He considered that iu the light
of such a cninmiiy as this, it behooved
a board such as themselves, since tbey
were daily responsible for tbo safoty of
a groat number of lives, to adppt an
even better system than tboy bad to
day. "I think,' 'said Mr. Wright,
"thut wc might to see to it that each
boat is equipped witb sufficient apparatus to save thc lives of overyonc on
Capt. fates, while concurring iu this
pointed uut that tbie boats carried four
life rafts over and above what the
guvernment calls for. "They arc not
loo many,' 'added tbe captain. "Tbe
point < I mean is tbat tbo government
1 annot hold us responsible so loug us
we comply with regulations."
Mr. Wright thought they ahould not
only Consider, wbat the regulations demanded, but that tbey should heed
what Iheir own coiumonscnec dictated.
Mining.'I Heard iuformed the board
that while tbe boat; were expected to
curry four life boots,'they carried five.
Number .'I ferry carried eight life
rafts, each constructed Ip carry a lou
.lead weight.   Kncli life preserver would
uimn moved lhat tbe inana'gor be iu
nirueieii lo muke all the life saving
precautions that aro possible o» the
boats; also tbat he bo autborUei] to
get eight more life rat In, four for each
boat. This motion, duly seconded,
waa carried unanimously.
. A letter emanated from Solicitor B.
Ii. Ueld on tho subject of tbo recent Le
Due action, "ln this case," wrote Mr.
Held, "the whole facts as given by
Mr. Lo Due and Mr. Heard wore put
bofore tho court. I was of tbe opinion
thut the facts so proven did not const!-,
inle li case of action against ilm company and moved for a nou-suit whiph
was refusod. It was useless to call
further evidence, as tho facts which 1
could prove ou the defeuco bad been
proven on behalf of thc plaintiff . Tbe
verdict of the. jury as it gives tbe plaintiff tbo value of the horses necessarily means that the course of uction on
whicii you have boon condemned was tbo
nmi cln.'sinj: of the gates, and 1 am of
tho opinion that tbis is quite properly
a caso which should Ire appealed to thc
court of appeal."
Iu viow of this the board resolved
that thc solicitor should go ahead witli
the proceeding! relative to the appeal.
On Mr. Rcid's suggestion it was ulso
decided that a letter should be written to thc Imperial Oil Company on
Ibe subject of connecting thc ferry
company's pipe with tbe pipe line of
tbo oil company ou tbe Vancouver
wharf for a period uf ten years.
Manager Heard suggested tbat iu
case uf lire un the boats he should have
in-ialled an electric hell in the engine
room with wires connecting with ail
hydrants.      The  suggestion   wus  for
Local Resident Gored by Angry Cow
support a weight of 10 lbs.   Number      ,
three   was   licenced   to   carry   DUO "mll>' s,ll""ci1'
passengers, and she was equipped witb     Mr. "l'»'J *" fur"'" authorized, on
1120 life preservers.   "We exece* by a ""■' »uggcstiou of Mr. Olndwiu, to sc
considerable    margin at the " present  ca™  two  additional   deeft   bonds   ou
time," suid the manager the requite, bolidays,   Sundays   or   whenever   be
meuts of the government.''    Life rafIt \ ,ll'<""» cxtro '"'P meimy.
he contended, were    belter than  life-   The manager thought the number two
boats.   Oue   man   could   launch   them boat wuuld be oil the ways Tliursduy
and Ihey would accommodate a great   night and wuuld be in service loday
many more souls.   Mr. Wright tbere-! if possible
Additional Grant to Municipal
Bridge Over Second Narrows
RAISE 1160,000
On Monday next Hev. 1. A. Gilleui
late of Sin. an. ti. ll, will deliver his
iiln imii 1 lecture uu "Scutlund" iu
lhe Norlh Lonsdale Presbyterian church
cur ".ii. and Chesterfield avenue, al tl
p.m. Mr. Gillum it brother to Bov. 3.
ll. (lillam, thia cily, and is pronounced
an aide lecturer, >> that au enjoyable
time it anticipated. Tickets, are 20c
each and the proceeds uri-to be devoted
in thc building fund.
Next week the Golden Ift-Ptige -Co.
will present for Iho first time in stock
a screaming farce entitled "Snowball"
This piece was performed at Terry's
theatre, London, where it enjoyed a
vory lo'ug run. Jt is replete with droll
sil uul ions and sparkling witticisms and
doubtless will prqve a capital vehicle
for the company. Saturday night of
Ihis week the members of tlio Mc.Gill
university will attend in a body to wit
nest a special performance of that dc
lightful comody "Our Boys" in which
the company icorod pp heavily sevoral
weeks ago, Thit will give an opportunity te those who'vlssed thc previous
porf orwancot to 100 Uio. float onjoyaWo
comMy ovor written. T^t it ii tt:
pealed by special request it evidence of
thc splendid manner in whic||i (ho field-
ea Le-F-nIgo Co. pretentod tho piece bo-
"After hearing Mr. Stevens' speech
on Tuesday night," said Councillor
ilridgman ut lust cveuing's session of
the diatrict council, "and after learn
ng the governmeut's attitude towards
the project of tbe Burrard Inlet Tun
ucl ami Hridge Company, J think wc
should make thc bridge bylaw to raise
the sum of (1011,000 instead of $120,
000, If the city wili make their by
law for 1100,000 and West Vancouver
(20,000, Ihis will bring us up to the
required 20 per ccut, of the capital stock
in thc company, which 1 believe It is
very advisable wc sbpuld have. I
therefore, move Ibat tho clerk be in
structcd to prepare tbe bylaw for $100,
The motion was carriod on thc seconding of ''oun. Westover.
Willi Kecve May presiding and
Ooun. Loutet thc only absentee, the
council attended to a good deal of
business iu a short time. Included in a
smaller pile of correspondence than
usual was a letter from Mr. .1. P. Craw
ford relating to the bridge to bo conitrueted ovor Lynn Canyon. Accompans
led by plan and specification!, thc iot | ¥"'<> wff accepted
A cluster of ratepayers forwarded
suggestions for the Improvement of
King street. They recommended lhat
a sidewalk be laid invthe north side
of the street two blocks from Lons
•lul aveuue aud tbat the street be grud
ed ami macadamised for lbc same dis
tauce. Tbeir letter was referred to
tho board of works.
Coun. Ward mentioned that rumor
had reached him that the granite quor
rics uf Deep Cove were taking ror.k
from the public roadway, Tbe rugin
ocr was instructed to investigate and
Coun. Westover then introduced 0
topic of considerable importance to the
Valley. "The people here," he said,
"have for sonic time been asking for
a telephone system. Nothing has so
far been done, and I move, therefore,
that thc clerk be instructed tu write
to the telephone company asking the
reason for delaying the installation of
a syttcm in' LynnWlcy."
Tho motion was formally seconded
and carried, lo Ibo accompaniment of
loud "Hear hoar" from lbc audi
The following firms submitted tenders
for tbe conitructlon of Woodlands
wharf: Vancouvor Pile Driving and
Contracting Co., J1.200; Mackenzie,
Broadfool and Johnson, $1,648; Mcl'her
son and   Armytage,   $000. The laat
Mr.   Joseph   Fonner While   Warning
Children it Savagely Attacked
A Kluleini'iii une frequently boars ridiculed, despite numerous demonstra
tlons of its truth, is that which claims
tbat cows aud otber cattle are liable
to show auger in the proseuco of a red
object. On Weduesday evening iu
this city the theory was onco again
exemplified with very grave results.
it appears that a cluster of kiddicB
wero playing around iu tho vicinity
of Mr. Alexumier Philip's homo on Und
streut west, ami it is said that ouo of
1 bene children was wearing a scarlet
colored gurmcut. A cow bclouglug to
Mr. Philip aud occupying at tbo time
a lot situated belween its owner's residence and that of Mr. Joseph Fcun.r | grossing favorably.
became annoyed and showed signs of
attacking tbp ypungstors. Tbia fact
was noticod by Mt- Fonnor, who ia secretary of the local Yacht (Hub, and
well known, both in tbia eity and across
ibe Inlet, and bo thought it advisablo
to warn the inuoceuts of their danger.
Wbilo be wus bustling them away, how-
over, tbo cow turned round and mado
for bim. Mr. Fcuner was thrown down
und badly gored. Furtuuutely assistance was ut hand and hu wus luken immediately to the llurbor .View Sunnier
ium where it was found he had sustained au abdominal wound six inches in
length and ulso an injury to ouo of his
legs. lie wus iminediiitely attended to
medically and is reported tq be pro-
WANTED—Dressmaking by tbo day
Terms $2. Hox A ill, Exprius Office. 20 1
WANTED—nelp' for goucral bouse
work.     Apply 100—3rd streot.      t.f.
WANTED-llefiued girl us mother's
help, Apply Mrs. Hauiuaiiu, 200 Keith
Hoad W. 261
WANTED—To rent, furniihed modern cottage. Apply Hox  A0.'l, hfxprcss
86 1
WANTED—Dinner ut  1 u'cluck by
three gentlemen living near Lousdale
and Sixth. Apply F. It. P. 0. Box 2021
» 201
WANTED —Assistant steward for
club. Apply, giving full particulars
and wages wonted, tu Secretary, Hox
2020, Norlb Vaueouver. 26-1
WANTED—TO purcliase 0 roomed
modem cottage, must be a bargain.
Cash. Apply N. V. Sheet Metal
Wurks, First atreet eust (Williams)
ROOMS FOR RKNT-IIousekcoping
uud single.   218 2ml stroet eust.
FOR RENT--Single furnished room.
Voung Indies preferred. Apply 2011 2ud
street west. 30-4
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Purks, St. Andrew's, between Esplanade ami  First St. 00-4
New nicely furnished five-room flat
fur reul. Furniture for Sale. 202 Ub
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desired, moderate rales, ulso small bouie
Apply llrsl new house, lHth st/cet wait
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roomed stAtes, corner Uth and Cues
Icrlicld. Apply 172 Upper Keith E.,
rents $20.' 8-0
Bourd and room for siuglo man.
Terms moderalc. Near car. Apply
Mrs. jvuight , 7th nnd Ridgeway Ave.
WANTED Olrl for City Treasurer's
office. Must writ* well and bavo good
i.nmvh dgc of stenography. Salary $00
per month. Apply by letter ouly in owu
luun I v. i i i i i g in Box 2018, North Van
FOR SALE -Will sacrifice lent 12x
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lion, ready for removal. May be seen
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FOR BALE--Player Piano, oliuosl
jievv Small cash payment and take
over equity.   A. W. E, Express Oflice.
FOR SALE—By owner, double cor
nor on Peter's Rood, $700—% cash.
Box P., JCiprets Office.
FOH SALE Rubber lire buggy and
harness, nearly Hew; also old violin
(1736.)   Apply J.  Dicrsscu,    Colonial
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a month. Apply I). W. HutScrtson, 427
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Ill ti
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Ihe cily. Apply Box A6I, Express of
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Fine position on corner of Centre Hoad
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house, pantry, hath and basement, coin
Fletcher. Can be scon try applying tolplclcly furnished, good piunu. $40   per
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rOULTRY   FOB   SA1e 26 1
FOR SALE -Boltings of Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. Prize strain. Pbone J f.l'
ter stated that Mr. Crawford agreed lo
build I brldgo conitrueted of best tied
under the direction of tbo diatrict engiueer. Thc co|( of tbo bridge would
be about $1,300 more or lest, and would
bo kept in perfect repair at all timos
Mr. Crawford asked for a lease of sufficient ground at olther end for building
purposes which lease ho proposed ahould
cover a period of 20 years. Alio he
sought the refreshment privileges of
Lynn Valley on such Urmi at tbe council might approve, tho stands erected to
be also under tho council'I direction.
The letter further ugrced that on tho
termination of tho leases the bridge and
all buildings should become the proper
ty of tho diitrict. If the above requests were granted, the bridgo would
be constructed by July 1st, mi'.', in it-
cordance with thc plans aud specifications.
The natter was referred ttl committee
of the wtto|e. Settlement of the question wai, however, itfptrtA uotjl an
awly data.    -
w Reovo May wai delegated to attend
tbe joint conference fo be bold on
May lit io the rity hall of Vancouver
John Alexander and Cq. wrote call
ing the council'a attention to a small
portion of tbe main road octween Cap
llano road and the wctt end of Bubson
road which had uot been touched by
tho repair gang recently engaged on
this work. Tbe lotter was handed over
to the Board of Works.
Liko treatment was accorded two
uther letters, one from C E, Rae asking
fqr a rqad to property In D. L. 617,
block 1$, lots 7-16, and lbe other from
T.'H- Butter and R. Jj. Thomas seeking a road into property iiii lid'. )2 and
10, blocks 1 and 2, luidlvision IW23,
in the rear of Harold road near.Allan
f»»d. .. i
food Clearing and. Grading I«ti,
Pcto And^ist, General Contractor. Be
wer connections a tpcci*lty, liatunent
and ot&or excavating work undertaken,
EttlmatM tm. lit Bt. George's Ave.,
1 NoiUi Yancouvar, poat offlce box tHl
$1.20 per   sotting.   Ill   Lllh   Streot
west. 204
FOR BALK   House, snap, 10th atreel
aud St. George's Avcuue, 6 roomt, re
Thoroughbred White Wy.ndoll. egg.r'u' huomeBt' f^'"' '«"»«»>•'
on ~.~ ..in.,    uii.i in.   oi.."iJ3.lxU60 to lane, fenced in and garden.
FOR SALE Settings of Eggs and
day old chicks from prize bred B. 0.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wyandottes
and Bulf Orpingtons. Mrt. J. E. lice,
Lynn Valloy Poultry Yarda, Dempsey
Boad, Lynn Valley, Leave car at Centre Boad. Postal addrcij, Box 2114,
N. Vancouver. (.1
Wil) trade 7 roomed modem houie.
stooo basement furnace, garden and
lawn, one block from Boulevard and
Keith ro$d facing south, with splendid |
view, for two good Iota, muit be close
lo car, facing louth with good view.
Box 2200, North Vancouver.
B. C. Livery and Board slabloi•-
Light rlgt and ladles' ttaddloihortes
|for hire. Stabling for horsea. General delivery and heavy teaming. H.
pumas, 4th itrcjt weat. Phono 4*7 ti.
Agrcoioonti for 'Safe discounted.
Money waiting. Lonadale Bealty Co-,
IW Lonidale Avenue. Phom 111.  if
Vow rented $22.00 per month.    Price
$2,600, $20O cash, balance $00 month
at 7 per rent. OwW, Box 1810, city.
Oet it at Lomdalo Phurmaoy Phone 2V
Ico Cream, Butter Milk and Bweci
Mitt at the Grotto, froth daily. 29 I
Mfodils 5c a dozen, Tulips 25c' per
dozen. Simpaon A Wight, St. Andrew's
and 17tb.
Furnished and unfurnished rooms.
IM Pinl itreet woit. Oppoiite Gem
Thoatre. „ lU
Practical fireplace chimney builder
and cement fi««r»- Kitlmalci given on
all xJnda o*Vlck work, ^ohn McWo"'
sell, P. f). tilt 2060 or )l» tlh ltr«rt
weat, North Vancouvor. >!-«
/ 2,
1836     THC BANK OF     1912
British North America
vv^        78 Vt«n in BuBlneas.   Otpittl alti Sewtys Ovtr «7,500.000.
Three Quarters of a Century
of sduml banking and St^dy progress has demonstrated tl»e
strength ami security of the Jiank of British North Anieripa.
Your savings pottjd not lie safer tban with us. One
Poller is sufficient to start an account. Interest at highest
current rate is added twice a year.    Money may lie withdrawn
at any time.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
N. V. Tinning and
Sheet Metal Works
First Street, East of Lonsdale
Lowest Prices and Best Woik Guaranteed.
Furnace Wotk, Cornice, Skylight, Guttering and
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
(Continued From Paw Que.)
Snaps in Homes
4-roomed Bungalow on  Hint  street   ,ncw,   nil   modem,   facing   aouth.
111)51).   Terms en.-i.
0 roomed  ilouiie ou   llllh slrcul, 2 bluets oast nt Lonsdale. All modern
fireplace ,elc. $2800. (8111) caab, balance easy.
i roomed house 011  IStli alree.1 eaat   of   lloulevar.d,  new.   $18110,   $51111
cash, balance Illi per month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
]'. 0. Drawer 2051)
Early Rose, Hurbank, Sutton's Reliance, etc., also
All Kinds of Grass and Clover Seeds.
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) is the best
for the lawn.
All our seeds are selected and tested to comply with the
Seed Control Acl.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Hay, Flour and I'ecd Merchants
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Ume, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' .Supplies.
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave.    Phone I7S.
Office: % l/msdale Avenue.    Phone 1%.
Western Plumbing Co.
J'lniijliiiiK, I'lnmbliiK SuppliM, Bewcr
Connections, Hot Water and BUaiu
Heating, Bbeet Metal tut Tlanin'
Furnace Work. Eitliuatee rurniibed.
Warebouae and Offlce: Oor. Beyltuada aud Bt. Oeorge, Pbone Ht.
J. H  OODDABD, Manager
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
ftmli. P.O. Box 1820
Sir Thulium 8|iiiii(!iine»aj-. till agfood
'■•illi ini' i|ini the |i.ii.iiiiui I had tiikim
waa absolutely correct, Jfe said tn 1110
'Ah far im wi' tiro coiicernoi|, wo aro
in i)R ptrticular-riish to got into North
Vliieowvpr.' Tbo intention of tlio p:
p. p. ii cii'ini' only to nniii-i|inii' other
inns lis. Tli i'i wiah to bold the '■ 11; > i. ■; ■ 1 ■
position.' There wua 110 secret inudo of
thia liy Hir Thomas. Thuy iiiurnly want
tlio right to build in ordnr tn kofji
iilii-iiil nl' rival . .uu 1 ■:.jii.--..
"1 think that when Mr. McBride
uiiiioiiiiiiuiI hia railway polity thut tin,'
I), 1'. )I. ut onco mil iced thut it wua up
to tliuin to lake aiiiuii atop. Thin wuh
iu viow of nothing ol»o. Thoy luivo
not ua vol agreed lo alart or oninploto
iiiiiiHtriii-'liiin iu any Hpooiliod timo, Tlio
uuthoritioa in Vancouver liavo novor
lii-oii iis.ls.s.l to roporl uu Iho map,
"You will havo ruilroail oniiimolion
in Norlli Vancouver," Mr. SlevonH do-
lm I-. I "just all HOUU ua 1110 Beeoml
Ntrrowi liridgo ia completed, fur thul
ia Iho logii'iil entrance to Nnrlh Vun
I'oiivor ami when 11 publio briilgo in
pliiuiioil what company wuulil go lu 1I10
oxpoiiHo of building uoroM tlio North
Armf ll is tlio iiiiii III "lin' publii' lunl
ioa hero, in Vancouvor uml llurniiliy In
tuko up lliu 1,mis. seriously nn 11 publio
ipioatinii. TIiito iH 11 fooling iu various
purl 1 Unit there in aometbing radically
wrung in connection wilh thin liridgo.
Ah 11 minis', of fm I llictt' in nut atifli-
ri on I public Hpirit being thrown into
tbe ontorprltui. Too muoh Ih being lofl
to tho previiional directors. Thul
bridge niiial be .1 publicly controlled
Hlriioliiro uiul uut in lhe control of
any private body. Kithor got the
liridgo out of Iho road or got buay and
bavo il conitrueted,
"There iH under consideration at the
proiont time an aniatganiation of cor*
Inin intoroats which will givo you u
lino frmu North Vuncouvtr into I no
Peace Biver country. It will bo nn in
dependent lino, and thul in wbal you
Wtnt here. ,   .
"The trunk minis control 11 little Ion
many of our branch tinea. Branch
linoa aro often conitrueted to occupy
districts rulhor than to serve district"
People do uoi sufficiently appreciate Iho
value of a lino into tho Peace Ilivcr
oountry. It will open up u dialriol
whicii will naturally aend business Ihis
way. It will open up a liialricl cap
aide of producing more wheal than lin
wholo of 1 un.iiln outside in.it dislri'l
The Peace Kiior colony ii. iu the posi
lion thai Saskatchewan was eight years
After emphasizing tbe inestimable
value of Iho Peace Hlver region, Mr
Btevene turned his addition to harbor
"Mr. Hwtn," lie said, "lunl mado 11
r port uud haa submitted his icbeme uu<l
while I am not 01 liberty In give yuu
details as yet, I can say Ihut it entails
an excollenl aebenic lu bo i-urried out
unit by uiul, uml Ino first of tin's.'
mills. I hope lo sre started lliis yoar
with the sum of (fgni,00U urnvided.
Norlh Vtncouver hus by no means been
losl sight of iu this scheme. The dii
Acuity in currying uul hurlmr improve
mollis is lhat most of tin- walcrlrunl
in Nortli Vtncouver is held liy private
individuals ut exorbitant pri.es. fume
walorfroiitage here is being bold ul H.
ilml a fool, a price absolutely uujusli
liable place there uro no iuduatries uml
looks lo effect this vulue. Ami these
iuduatries ami docks will never come
long Uf this condition of things run
tinues. In conversation with Mr. Nash
if the lioyal Mail Sleamer Packet.('0.,
jvhicli controll by far llic lurgosl Hoot
of sloamors in Iho world, thai gentle
man told me that ho was hero recent
ly t.... 1-. 1 j;- fur silos with a view to
establishing a base for the Panama
I'anal trade, bul it was absolutely im
possible for his company to purchase
dock sites al tho high pricei demanded,
and he feared his firm would have lo go
to Han Francisco."
Let 'om go," shoulo.l some one in
the rear of the hall.
I can I ell you 04c thing, my
friend," retorted Mr. Wtcvona, "aud
lbat is that 110 amount of 'lot 'em go s'
will build up Nortb Vancouver."
The member then suggostod lhal the
harbor board might be worked in Ihe
manner of a port trusl aud that cunlrol
should lie between Ihe inuuirjjialitics
and the Iwo governinculs. Ho again
urged a greater mauifeslalioii of ie1'1
lie ipirit.
"J think a great many will have lo
ibavc tbeir ottinitios of waterfront
property. Otherwise development will
lie retarded. The government has made
ta appropriation of ♦WttyHM to apply
Ihil year to harbor development uml wo
bope to commence thc firat unit of Mr,
Swan's acbeuie on these finances. I
again a»k for more public spirit and leas
private grab."
Iu relation to the drill hall, Mr. Hie
vcai stated that be had tried lo gel
ItfiMO 01 116,009, but as organization
htd not yet been completed hero he had
only been successful lu securing a grant
ef t26,Di»). This would bo tilde! lo.
wbeaever conditious warranted,
'"Ai tu fb,e post ofilco," tho member continued, "the government tt-
ported whon limy appointed Iheir arbitrator tbst the price submitted by the
city when negotiations were first begun
would bp (hu basis nf thia grbitfttion.
That appointment wus niuili: by them to
tspor^jji if thia price waa a fair 01111.
I urge t|ie electors, when voting nn Mils
agio, to consider this mailer as simplv
a plimigo of thla,site fri*i| ono pyWie^phere- than tb» avuragu  niind  pt
body to pother.
"|i| cpiii'liiaioii, i strongly recommend the city lo muke provision ut
this time for an area ut the top uf Ibe
hill whieh inn lulor be utilized for
public lmililings, niunloipiil and Itoniiii-
ion. Lot tlio buildings bu nf a type
representative uf tho present duy. |)qii 'I
Continued oil pagu tinea
mummi*  bta»| cQUOtm    CUAU   COLD!
HUUf Mt t^Attmiomiow was,
The Umpire Club of Toronto was addressed lust woek by Mr. .iustioe druig
of lhe Yukon district, 1111 the topic
"The Present t'uudilioiis und' Future
Prospects uf the Yukon."
Bufore Iho address, a communication
wus road from dpi. l.o'wther, secretary
to ihe Duke of I'oiiiiiiiight, Intimating
Hint Ilis Hoyul Highness woui.l be Iho
guest of lhe club oil Kmpire Day. The
I'iiiniiiiiiiii'iilion was received with a
round oi applause
Tho speaker pointed oul thai Klondike cuinp lunl pm.nn1 I inure gold iu
proportion of area thun uny other
placer camp—So fool liming produced
♦1,0(10,0011. In niii' your $22,01)0,000 was
produced, 011 whioh royally was puid,
Inii to Ihis shoulil be added anothor
♦ 111,000,000 1111 which royiilly was nevor
paid. Mining in Klondike today wns
different from what is used to be, Por
merely, unless milling cluiiiis produced
♦llll por ynril, Ihey wero not worked.
Now thoy were worked if they showed
■ 1 cents per yard, showing the wasteful
inoliioils of the curly mining
Dawson in Uunl lunl a population ol
:10,IIHI|, today it had only 2,600, owing
lo.lho two lurgo gold compuiiios Ink
iug in Ii.n.'i almost all lhe cluiiiis.
"Whole streets of houses uro now
slnndiiig empty," he said,
Taking up the. ipiosliou of quartz
claims, only Iwo mines carry on ays
lemalic operation, uml ure showing
very promising results.
In closing liis honor made Iho sug
gostion that tlio government tuke de
lisii.' steps to prevenl wil.l-cal
mining, uml lo secure a competent
gi'ologlsl uml mining authority lo ad
uso prospectors of Ih.' best develop
ment process!';, uml ulso lo lhe value
of iln'ir finds.
A pontrlbntor to "J. Pi" W^k|y
who says tbtt he is p Scotsman of two
years' residence |n.C»ntil|» in virions
c|t|es, Ateipm rnmnlly tbat "in the.Do-
iiiiiiiini Art (puiiitingjj lags far behind
lliut pf other ci)untrill, even iu tbe ao
called artistic circles, while' uotbing
further ii'innii-.i 11 mu an artistic at
the I'liniiiliiin eii .'ii cgn be adequately
cpucojvoil. He holds tbat (or so
young a country Oanada hss fully jus
tilled lii'iui'lf iu literary tccompliill-
monts, but painting and sculpture ore
practically nun existent. He compli
monts the followers of trt in Moiitroal
on the i-ii'i-iinn of a very Uno urt gallery, but he cannot accept this ts a cri<
lerion to the im lm.  of tin) Can-
ud in 11 peoplo. He urges that tbo true
lovurs of arl should organize ami em
■ iis.is ni in create 11 more wiileapresd in
toreat In first cluss work. He fully
realizes tbu engrossment uf the people
in inuteriul minus., t condition iuovi
table is so now t country full of so
grout promise, lie re Heels that "liuine
wus uoi liuill in u duy," uml believes
thut many goncratiuus will puss before
art will reign iu Cunuda ua it dues
inin.-■■' il"' Atlantic. To attempt to
district public utto.iitiun frpm the uli
•Orbing occupiiliona of this greal Dominion is like the voice of one crying
in the wilderness, still, that voice
must be raised, ami if Ihu few who
know ami love Arl remain silent, an
ciely will lie deprived of one of it ■ nn. -i
I'liobling Influences, and'the truest tin.I
best development of civilisation will bo
long delayed,
Wkt ititntou-fc
THE STANDARD la the National
Weekly .\. ■•■■ apupi 1 uf Ihe Dominion
of Canada, ll la national lu ull lit
111 ma.
It uaeB Iho most expensive engrav-
Iiiks, oi... iiiiiii: the photographa frum
all ovor lhe world.
lis urilolea aro carefully telAled and
Ua editorial policy ll thoroughly
A . -in . n|.1is.11 lo The Standard
eoala |2.00 per year lo any addreaa In
Cunadii or Ureat llrlluln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publiihlng Co,
Limited, Publisher!.
un   / I
iiinii milling rlghta of thu Dominion
In Muiili.ilm. (i,ini.ilh In u nn uml  \il,i-i
la, the Yukon Torrllury, the North-weal
T.-iliiml.'i. and In a iinrtlon of Iho province of Hi in.-.li Columhlu, muy lie leaa-
eil for a term of twenty-one yeara at
an iiiiiiii.il rental uf |l nn ueru.     Not
more than - :■•>•> uoloa will he 1.......1 to
oue applicant
Application for u Igase must he made
by the applicant In person to the Auuiil
or Bull-Agent of Iho illalrlot In wbleli
Iho 11; In   applied for aru sltiialeil
in aurveyeil Icirlluiy 1 in- lumi must
bo si. s,, ni., .1 by sections, or i, ,..,i uuu-
dlvlslonu of seellons. uml lu unsurvu)'-
ed iniii.si.s tbo 11..ci uppllod for shall
bo staked out by the upiillouul hlm
Kuoll njii'lli .illiio niiiul lie ueoomi
led by n rue of |6 whicii will lm 1
funded If the lights uppllod lor uro not
nviilliililc. but not otherwise, n roy-
ulty shall be puld on lhe uiercliiiuliirilc
outtiut of Ibo mine ut thu rutu of live
cents per ton.
The person optrttlng tlie mine slmll
furnish the Auenl wtih sworn rolurna
accounting for the full iiiiiinlllj ol
inerchuntalile conl mined ninl pay the
royalty Ibereun. if the coal milling
rlglita uro nol boing uperatoi), such ro-
11,11.,  ahould lie 11.1 1,1  1.. .1 ill It-iisl once
u year.
1 The le iho will Include lhe coal milling
rights only, but Um lessen muy be per-
luliii -I 11 purchtie whatever avallulilo
sdrfiioe lights may be .gtgi,:. 1,1 nee
. 1'. s  ins   woi 1.11,1. fl|is<   mini
tho   lull'    it  II"  '.'I   <is li' ^fM
FOr li.H liifnrinjillon aonllcatlon
.■sin.niii lm made to tbu eccreiarj of Ui>
Dcpnriiiicnl of Um Interior, Otluwu. or
to any agonl or Bub-Agent of dunlin.>o
I.u mis.
VV W. niltv.
Deputy Mini'si, 1 ol Um im-11- :
N    lllsii.iiil Imi liul   publlcallon   nl
Nils   llilvcrllscltielil    will   llol    hu    I'lllil
lor 22 i
u 111.11   NOTICE
We. Iho Newiioli llrick & Tile Com
pany l.lmlteil, a oompuuj Incorpuruied
under Ihe Colilfjtliles Act. Willi heud
"illi-i at SOS fllilci-i'olioii IIuiI.IIiil
Vuncouvor, H C, (:iv, nuiloo lliul 011
the iltlli duy of April, 1912. we Intend
to 'i i'l: lo lhe water Cominlsslnnoi
at his ollice In New Wcslminsler. II
C. for ,1 license to luke und use ,it)i)
cubic fool of wutor per second from
sii,,nn,,11 Creek, sltuale on I.ol Olnl.
(Ji-oup One, New Woalnilnslcr Dlalrlct
The wutur la lo be taken from the
siicuin ill the heud uf Iho fulls mi l.ul
SOS. ubuut ono mile from tidewater, uml
la to be uaed un Lot bOd, for power
A reservoir for Un,' puriiose of siur-
Ing wutor will lie intnlc mi Un- i<iu|ii>rly
lylng al tbu buell of Ihe heud of Um
> Illi un Lot 608
Dulod ul.Vancouver   II C. lids lull ,
duy  of Murcli.   1912.  ul   llic   luun   .r
eleven o'clock lo Uio fun-noim
NEWI'OItT llltU'K   A  TII-K ''UM
Lot 1, re-tub. of lot 6, Block 7, D.| 549
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared
* ij,
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale Phone 15   North Vancouver, B.C.
.., ..li'MBEr-l1.1
Capita^ p*m Up 18,870,
Rciprvpnnil Undivijoi) Prnflts  3,6QQ,ooo
Tolal Assets.....  44,000,000
IT Is not In Ua power to purchaae
tl|ui tho uroiiis, i value of money
lies: The fooling of Independence,
and of security against the elteets of
aovcriii-   fortune  that a  reserve   fund
fivcn you, Is Infinitely more satisfying
han the paaaltiK gratification which
you would obtain by spending It.
Biniill ainounta—which you will hardly Inlas- depoalioil is, ni.uls', will gradually, bat surely,' accumulate 10 a sum
large enough to Insure ugainst the
elfecla tif nm in,-, ■ reverses or loss of
Htli Ollic.
II. HIvVVIIN, Aiienl,
Norlli   Vancouver
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating' Co.
Keith Road West
'Will supply you with tho cheapest estimates I'or uny kind ol I'lumb
ing and Healing Wurk, Sunilury Knginoeriiig, Honor uml Septic Tnali
coiinecliuii*, furuiii'u iiudalliitiiin*, ul,c. .lobbing work and smull coin
Iracti receive prompt nltealiun.
(live us tlio jub to fix up your new homo uml we will guarantee lo
lix all your pipes in a way Ilml will save your winter worries.
No job loo small. None tun large.
Our services ure at your dispone! night or day.
We've severed uur connection with
"The Light llrigade"
The "Wild Charge" thev tnm'le
Postal Address:
Box No. 1823  '
North Vancouver
Post Office.
H. H. H^BVWrH, MX.-09 IQOAl,
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Tclephouo 'I'll).
P. O. Box 2181
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wharf: Mahon Ave.. Ksplauade Wost. HABBY MITCHELL,.
Office: ii, .: Blocs, 3 doors from Lonsdile, Esplanade, W. Manager
lot llii'in be packing oases wilh holm in
llmin,   lunl   CtllCll   nliice:..    Lilt  tllO pOO-
pip fprget fpr t ivliile ilm idet'of malting money |jy ltnyii|g up Itipl ami sell
Ing it later nt big increase*. Material
isiti ami commercialism Bff) gi)0il, lint I
think Uiey can bo curried b littlo ti)o
far. I would |ikp to sen erected sonic
buildings of which the whole llninininii
may ho justly'proud."
Mr. Stevens, ufler spealilng an Hour
uud  llfli n  mitiutos,  retiiriiod  tp liis
scat to tlio    ucciiiiipuiiiiiiciil of   l i
Mr. .1. I'. .Pull, In the course nf a
brief spi'i'cli, said tlio llurranl Inlel,
Tunnel und Hridge Cu. was to he con-
trolled liy public bodies and as-soon as
the niuuioipalitie* lire in a position to
luke it ovor the provisional directors
will withdraw. "The trouble we tre
up ugiiiiist," said Mi. Fell, "ia iIn.t
the expenses of the bridge are greater
than we anticipated. There has also
boon delay in the municipalities uml
government! in coining Iiirougli with
I'uiiiIh Io provide for Ihis cxtru
expense." He wished it understood thai
the company was not promoted for prl
vale gain.
Mr. Stevens said the respunsibility
rested with the people. He commended
the provisional directorate I'or their
work, but cuusi.lereil it wus time the
municipalities were taking hold of llic
i|Uostion themselves, lie HUggested
lhat lo obviate so many changes in the
provisional board, each public lio.lv
mighl appoint some one to represent
it in continuity.
Hoove May expressed the hope lliul
Ihe municipalities wuuld got shoulder
in shoulder in order lo make this bridge
uu accomplished fad. la regard to
■drool ends he did not understand
why there should be any anxiety when
the city lunl all slroet omls crown grunt
ed. He did not think Unit tne (!. 1'.
II could lake one foot of their street
ends. The reeve considered there wus
room for negotiations wilh the (.'. I'. li.
i-o far as connecting up with the bridge
was concerned.
Kx Hoove McNaught briefly reviewed
lhe history of the H. I. T, A ti. Co.
Irom it* ii pi mn    The municipalities
woro, ho said, the owners uf ull llic
•inili lu the cuinpany. The bridge ni
lhe present time was pretty well linaii
cod. The promoter* did not own any
thing, Thoy were merely trustee* tu
manage il pro tola. He hclli-vcd Ihey
lunl lhe lust word ia bridge construction
in the plans of this bridge,
Mr.   li.   II.   Mordon   uiciilionoii   Ilml
there Hoenioil to |io some lingering doubt
in lin1 public iiiiml as to this being a
n))itiicip'»lly owiind coinpnny. ijultc
sufficient ii-,i .mi had boon udvaiiceil to
allow that the company was publicly
qwiltd. There wus one reason fqr tiic
remaining of the prpvisiomil liuanl of
directors which bad pot yet been men-
tinned icl\ that he iimiei.sinmi that
the law leijiiire.l ihut the jiftivialonnl
slui's'isn. nn,,.i remain in oflice until il
cerium projlfirtion of Hie .capital stock
of tlm company had boon subscribed
um) paid up.
Hoove Muy had cmlonoil tills statement saying tllltt the proporlioa was '•
per ceul. of tlie capital stuck «uliaoril|-
ml and pi".I up.
Mr. Murilen, resuming, suid, therefore
Ihut if the pruvisionul hounl wished to
retire, thoy were unable to do iinlillhis
conilitiun wus complied with Wbilo
lbe municipalities wore in control of
the company iu lud, because ii lunl
been deoliiroil limo uml again that the
provisional board wero merely lru»leo*
ol the public, if those municijiiilitie*
desired lo assume legal control they
must comply with the provisions of the
railway act.
The meeting terminated wilh u cor
dial vote of tlufnk* lo Mr. Stevens.
Consideration wus also given to
Wright, Cradock ami Co's. offer nf lols
1,1, II and 15, in |i|pck I, I). I, liHi,
fur n school sito, ami it was decided
that t|ip wuy was uot at present (.'leaf
tfl'tet|'|i|f|i title property.
'I I was reported by tyr- fpiri that
children ffom the district of P. I.. Hi
wore UOW unending Kidgoway school,
Mr. ifprdeu pioyed' that the secretary bo instructed to write to Principal Bennett asking him to compile a
list of tl|C attics of til cli'ildron non
resident it| the eily jvIip are purplM im
pupils tttcnillng the Ridgeway acltppl.
This was soeoiiileil und carried.
Mr. Terry further reported that tho
linance co|hniil4nu of the city council
desired ilml a resolution be passed uu
linni.nil' ilm rliiiiiniiin of tbo buildings
uml ground* coininittuo to certify disbursement warrants before they it)-
striicted theif I roil mi ic r to issue pay
monl. flii the inptipii of Mr. Mordon,
it waa resolved Ilml llm chairman of
thi* i'oiiiinittco bu so authorized,
The Hoard of School Trustees uu*
changed the sccao of its meetlnga from
the'Central school ou Fourth ami Chca
lerliclil to the newly opeucil school on
Kiilgewuy aveuue. All the membera
save Mr. M. S. McDowell, convened
tbere uu Weilnoidny afternoon, Mr. A.
O. Petty presiding.
The meeting Wu* hold lor the purpose
of conferring with Mr. Hurry llunuell,
inspector of muniial training schools, oh
mailers i.-lining to llic esluhlisiiinoiit
of u manual training school in Ihi*
Mr. llunuell. fully detailed the re-
i|uiroinonl* necessary lo the proper or
giini/ntion of such a lehuol and *ub
milted a Hchodulo of benches ami touts
'ssonliul for a das* of 21 pupils.
On the motion of Aid. Fraser, it was
'loci.led lhat the seer clary be instruct
od to order the benches uml lunl-- in
iccorilunce with the schedule.
The bourd also considered the tip
poiiilinenl nf a manual training inalruc
lur, uml aller deliberation awarded the
appointment In Mr. Albert Wdlildri.fgi'
of Victoria, whose experience in thi*
brunch of leaching i|uulilie* him lo un
delink.' llu-i duties lit lint initial
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
CAPITAL 111,000,000
BEBT 10,000.000
Temporary ipiurlor* of the Nortli Vuneuuvcr  bruuc'.i,   K plnmi.ic  West  near
l.inii.liile Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Intereil   paid   un  Savings  Hunk   Do
pu*its   uf   One   Dollur   uud   upward*.
Withdrawal*   may   be   mudo  nl   uny -
J. A. I'ORBTEB     Mauager.
TIME TABLE  TAK1NU EFFECT M.Mtt.'ll lit, 1018.
V.un mi.
•OiO A.M.
1 in
D in
0 lu
8 on
12.20   P.M.
i 00
Loavo Nortb
8 mi
i ii.iiii
2.20 P.M..
:, 20
I 20
l in
;, 20
I 20
" 12.4.1
* denotes "Not on Sunday."     Time table subject lu change without
notice. Company nol  liable lor delays, uccidontul or otherwise.
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Advertising Bates Will Be Quoted on Application.
Tht Expresi ii deyotld to tbe interests of the North Shore of Hurrard Inlet
oxcluiively. It conititutei tn advertising medium of exceptional valuo fpr
reaching in a thorough and effective mannor the population ot Nortb Vaneouver
Oity and District, every effort il made to givo advertisers the moit satisfactory
All changes fn contract advertisements should bo iu tbe printers' hands not
later tban 10 a. m. Monday and 6 p. m. Wednesday to emure insertion iu tbe
lollowing Itsuo.      fi
North Vancouvar, B. 0.,
...April 86, 1012
All well-informed citixons of tbo
North Shore wbo wore present at tho
meeting called by the Board of Trade
ou Tueadhy eveuing, to listen to the
address of H. 11. Stevens, M.P., wore
greatly surprisod when, the intimation
was made that there still lingered in
certain quarters, a disinclination tu accord acceptance tu the fad that Hur
rani Inlet Tunnel aud Bridge Company is u corporation, owned ami controlled by the respective municipalities
whicii have become stockholders iq the
company. The local public have long
since arrived at au accurate uu
demanding of Iho situation and arc
well uware of thc fact that there is nothing whatever iu that situutioii which
is in auy way irreconcilable wilh the
fact lhat Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compauy is a municipally owned company iu tbe strictest souse of
the term. The fuel that ilm provision
ul bourd of directors is still in ollice,
creates uo uncertainty ur cunfusiou in
the in i in I uf any well informed citizen
in this regard, it is well understood
that certain private citizens were suf
lieieully enterprising tu take hold uf
iho proposition lo givo their time "und
attention and to put up their own
money iu order to secure the incorpora-
lion of Hurrard lulet Tunucl ami Hridge
Company iu the initial stages uf the
movement, when it wuuld have been
impossible to secure concerted action for
the purpose upun the part of the muni
cipalities. Frum tbe very inception of
Ihe proceedings^ these gentlemen pub
liely declared lhat they were undertaking the matter, not as a private cuter
prise, but in the public interests. I'pnli
almost every suitable occasion Ihey
have openly declared iu the must un
mislakeahle language lhat they are act
ing as trustees for the public aud farther that Ihey would be fuuud quite
willing to relinquish their positions on
the Board jut! as soon as the munici
I .■■ lis uiude it pouible for ibem to do
so. The local public likewise fully ap
preeiate the fact that Ihey have lhe
public spirit, and lhe ability of the
members ol the provisional board tu,
Ihaiik for the fart that the affairs of
Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Com
pany have been conducted in u manner
which bus scored conspicuous success,
ull along lhe line and that Ihe whole
intricate problem has been solved in
nil its phases This, hat not been ac-
compliibed in u-duy, neither has i been
nil flam sailing. The pruposillou was be
set with many difficulties and develop
ed many delicate situations, lo lueel
whiih required persistence, paticucc,
lime arid ability The provisional buard
mis splendidly responded to all the
requirement!, ut all times, and
so    signally     successful    hat     imu
ie' -traiion     pm vi 0     that    everv
detail of thc entire problem
Is.." been worked out lo a point at
which is all lhal it lefl lo accomplish
is lo m'core Ihe small remaining pur
tion uf the large aum of money that
will be required for actual construe
the provisional hoard remains in olhco
should not at all confuse the mutter in
lbe mind of members of Parliament,
because uu ordinary working familiarity with the llui I wuy Act itself, will
fully explain jusl why Ihis is the cue.
The Railway Act provides that in uo
cine shull Iho provisional bourd of ili
rectors of any company or any member
of that buin,I, be allowed lo relire from
ollice until twenty-five per cent, of tin'
capital stock of the company has boon
subscribed ami paid up, Now, uilbuiigii
live or six municipalities huve passed
the ■ necessury bylaws and have sill'-
scribed for shares iu Horrard Inlet Tun
nel uml Bridge Company, there has
nni vet been actually paid into the
treasury of the compauy a sum of money
equal lo twenty five per cent, of thc
capital stock I hereof. Until this in
• lone, it would not .be possible, under
lhe Bailway Act, for the members ol'
the provisional board lo retire.
But even were the wuy clear for the
appointment of u board of direetots,
composed of representatives of the re
speetive municipalilies, which ure shure
bidders in the company, the udvisul/fl
ily of making any extensive change in
the bourd iu charge of Ihe company's
iiiiuii just ut this juncture, would call
for vory serious consideration, before
uny such steps were taken. The mem
hers of lhe present buard are fully
conversant wilh evory minute detail uf
the affairs uf Ihe Company, frum the
lirst hour when the incorporation of
Horrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge ('om
pany was proposed down to the pres
out. II is ouly reasonable to conclude
thut a new board whose members were
to a great extent ignorant of those mat
lers, could not hope to give an admin
islratiou, so advantageous to the inter
cols to be served as would be given by
those who have been iu charge from
the beginning.
Added tu tins, the constitutiuii of u
bourd composed of members of the
several councils, might break that con
tiuuity of representation ami of policy which is essential at the present
lime lo the consummation of the work
already accomplished, inasmuch as such
hunges us might transpire iu lhe per
ouicunr arore couomi. cumi count,
HXAIM THt tMHOAt Ihil LUNftt. U CUtlt
sound qf the several councils mighl nhm
necessitnle 'corresponding clningen iq
tbo membership of the Bourd of Direc-
ton. j
All tilings considered, it il safe to
conclude, that imi only is a change in
the ppraoniict pf the Board nqt necessary in order to establish |>eyond question tlie actuality qf public ownership
tnd control of Burrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge Company, but the probabilities are to ■■ inin," as to amount In
practical certainty Hint any movement
tu disturb existing conditions, in this
important regard al present would prove
detrimental tn those public interests in
thu mullur uf Second Narrows bridge
which all desire to see prosper to the
utmost possible degree.
to larger premises on Espluiiudii, so
Don't Forget
that when you du papering iho-
year that we are si ill here wilh a
fur belter line'ut much better prices.
Ill Eiplanade West. Phono 140
(next to Patterson, Qoldie A Clark)
Trade Mark*
CopvntoHTo Ac.
I skolcb and descrlnllnii mar
qaicsir ucoruin our oonuuu fuse wliollior in
lutoiulon i r •
•licit taency foYi7,-ifrTnir patents, ~
il.u tHroui-n ilium i Co. roctlTi
linontlun IJ prfvbnl.lf pnlei.lnl.ln   ,'. iiuiiiuilrs-
llunsllrlctll Ctiii0-Jciill.il. HAIIOBDCK . n I'nlciilj
UoiitUrlccjT c
lint (r««. l/lili
I'AUuli talon thr.ilu.-li Uunu Jt I.i
Wtdalnotki, wlihour ehsrst, la tho
Scientific Mean
k h&mUouidf lllutlr&lnj mt*Alj. Uritrtf air-
million oT »uf nirnttiic Journal. 1mm for
(•uud*. |»:» » )«r, ;    '
111 MWfrlulU*.
potUge i-n I'.ii.j.  sold tij
*!»>*<»>. New York
BU WuliUistuu, li.fc
FOH BALE- Vegetable and flowering
plants. All hardy, cool grown plants
ready for transplanting April Holh, cab
huge, savoys, curly greens, sprouts, 2
dot. li conti,'cauliflower, celery, 2 dor.
L'ii cents domain plants, early flower
iug chrysanthemums, calceolarias, etc.,
etc. Open for business afler 0.30 even
iugs, Butunluy after I p.m.. Note ad
dress, Livingstone, N'o.'.' Fire Hull, Iglli
•trcet. HI 5
i ini.r the cirrumtttncci, it cannot
but be difficult for well informed ritl
tent locally, to understand how there
can be the slightest heiituucy upon the
pari of Ihe members at Ottawa to accept the fact lh»t Burrard lulet Tun
nel aod Bridge Company it a bona tile
municipally owned company, in every
sense nf the term. To ffpm with, the
fyl.'s of the DaparUnent uf Hailwajs
contain a legally attested dm um, nl,
.. duly ligned by the memben of the pro
' visional board, declaring that they hold
Iheir aalte it tmt lai the various
inuuicipaJitiei which may purchase
efctree it the ctpiUl atock of ttt* company,  further tim tbii, the ftottiat
WINDSOR BOAD .'ui fl. lot oue block from Uusdile Ave.,
Ptiee Hii) on leint olH'19 caih .balance I, 111 and 18
'li ll. lot all cleared, carline going past property, i'rice Hfi'ri)
ou termi of I 3 cash, balance tl and III mouths.
For further particulari of tho above aud olber business and
residential   properties, see
Phone 70
15 Lonidale Ave.
P.O.Box 1816
We invite all thote who intend building ft new houie
to call and iee our diiplay of door* which
we have on hand. We have a targe
auortment of the  latett
pattern* and tolii it
a call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. ^» 1719.
win-«iiwwi.ii i iti,. i mini uw-ipt-ow
i     .' .
One quarter Cash handles a W 50 fp$
Lot comer of Rufn8.an4 19tf) Street *
Price $700
in    i'„. ,i i mtmmmmwmi m , wmmmtmmmmmmtmtmm
Phone 37, North Vwwvw, B. C.
II    I mnnnammmnnnmnnwmn^^mmmm
1.    ■" r
Sporting Goods
composed of everything for
.  Fishing Tackle,
Small Arms,
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & red
I'lione I'll-
P. S.--We want your listings
10,000 cords nt Anil TMi tOf tW}c9
Mil.  Price per odil coriU, 14.75. Special quotations for larger qualities. ■> j
Out: Wood, 16 Inches, fs.25. W Inches
13.60. C. Q. D.
ptfice tnd Yard—Htll tnij U|)M»ll»
Phone 190.    P. D. Ho* 243J.
Applications for Oity Engineer
' i
Application! will lie received liy tlio
uudomigncil up till IU o'clock nooti on
Thursday, tbo lllli day of Mny, IBV1,
for tlio position of Oity Eugiucor of
tlio.Oity of North Vaneouver.
Applicant! lo stttp experience, i|uul-
ifleutloiu and salary expected.
City Clerk.
City Hall, Nortli Voncouver. 75
•Sujiurd l.aud III.lit. I
TAKE NOTICK thut Murruy t.'llir, ol
Vancouvor, B. f:„ occupation, lumber-
inun. Intends to upply for iicrmlssluii
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a oust planted ut the
north-eusl corner of Timber I.llnll Nu
13116, thenee Vest CO chains. Ihence
north 10 chains, thence east (0 ehulns
more or less to shore line, thenee southerly along Bhore line to point ol
commencement, containing 210 ucrea
more or less.
2Uth  February. 1918
i:i-.ii|Iiii: VKIiniKH  Agent
la>»«rd l.ud Dlalrlct
TAKE NOTICB lhat Churloa li. Oar-
rett. of Vuncouver, Ii, C„ occupation
lumbermun, lnlenda to apply for por-
mlsalon to purchase the following described lands:
I'ninini t). Ii|k at a post planted at thu
aoulh wesl comer of timber limit No.
11331, thonce norlli no cholna. thence
west 10 cbalna, more or leaa lo ahore
line, tbence aouth-eaaterly along ahore
Ilne   to  point   of commencement  and
containing 200 acres more or less.
31th I'Vl.t ii.m t    i'ii:
2»-t iiKiiimi: VEJtDIKH. Agent
In tbe Hatter of A. K. Fletcher
The Royal Rauk of I'uuada lining
banded tbo books and bills receivable
in   Ibo  above mailer  over  to  W.  J.
i Wilson,  Assignee, al partiea Indebted
to tho above Estate are requested lo
settle tbeir aceouut    witb    Ibe   aaid,
Aaaignco forthwith, the creditors !■■ .
ing  giveu  imperative  instructions  to
j collect all oui standing arcounls forth
!with.   Al)  cnwiu-iii'•  are  in  be  paid
direct to tbe Assignee wbo will issuu
.receipts for sume.
3311 Heatings St. West.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Insurance Guarantee Howls
Auditor aud  Accountant
lul I.onsdale Avenue. P. O. llux 11D1.
Norlh Vancouver. I'boue 111.
I'cicy   .-    Howard
11.   J.   I'tnln
Ulty   Auditor.
Audliur.   aaa   Accou»l»la
bli  I'ender  St   W.      I'. O.  Bus  !23i
rii..in  1137 i'lione 111
Vancouver        Nortb Vancouver
Underwood'* Barber Shop
'Ill I IM   111
i'laus l\.. ..ii.i       :   Estimates Qivcu
Centre and Hill Koad
Lynn Valley, B, O.
The iftw  lllock od  Lonadale Avtaue
near tbo Ferry Approtob
wm built by
General Oontraotort
Practical Mecbtnlcs. All work guar
niii.-.-il.   P. O. Box nil.
I'ionwr Uunoibo«r — C»irUg« Works
A. tlrtib W. Crtil^
In i sin,mils, iiiui, god Wood.
Accessor to  Wallace k Scott, Third
Street.   Oeueral n.ptir work,
A. Wnlltce'a services nave been re
A.M.IK. k 8.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, ylnnn
and Bspcoilicalions. Seplie tanka and
bouae drninage a apecinlly. P. Q.
Box Ul, llth ilttoi weft oi IWiolie
Booittellcri tnd SUHonore
Cor. lonadalt mi lit.       PM* IH
Hy clothes are tt tbt I'apilnno
Uiinilry whore yours ougbt to be.
Fltt work (or tC cents dot. Hough
dry, fie lb.,' wet wub, 3c ib. Drop ut
t tud ud we will ctll for thia.
P. O. Uw UU
liptodatc Millinery
Uoderlto Uul'.'
Koltb Block    93 Lonidale Ati.
rii.ii.H.ii miu ii
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonsdale and Esulooade'        (
I'm nn«
High Cites Ijdlcs' and Ocuta' Tailoring
Kcpuiriiig   and    Alterations.   Clotting
and Dyeing iu all ils brauchca. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill Fint Street Weat. I'bone 207
IIM  III   IIS    ,11.   .|l   I
SAM. T. SUTTON      >
Specially: Children's I.csun.. nt own
home. Terms, etc., apply Qenortl
pell very.
■~~m   ,
And general Commiaiion Merrbtnt, 13
Lonsiltle Ave., Nortb Vtncoovof.
Sham IU
N.V. Tinning 4 Sbed Mettl Worki
Flnt ttrttt Rttt of Lomdale
loweit pricca tnd beat work guarau
teed on tinning and ibeet mat*! wofk.
North Lonsdale
In the last issue of the Express six Norlh Vancouver
firms advertised Norlh Lomdale properly. There is reason
for this. North Lonsdale becomes more popular every day
and opr listings in that section have alliums been the best and
matt extensive.
WE OFFER the following properties which should
nett u large return to purchasers before the end of the summer:
33 ft. lane corner on Lonsdale  $2200
50 ft. on St. George's $75,0
204 ft. on Osborne  $1600
One acre west Third D. L 799 $1400
On acre Centre third D. L 799 corner. .$1500
100 ft, corner on King's Road $2050
100 ft. corner on Windsor Road $2000
100 ft. corner on Osborne $1 >U0
50 ft. corner Queen's Road  $ 700
50 ft. corner Cily Boundary $ 700
60 ft. lot on Queen's Road $ 900
All on excellent terms.   ^
Jack Loutet & Co.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers.
Tel 47.
Cor. King and Lonsdale.
Tel. 87.
II   m     Ji        Adjoining NORTH Londale
nOlflcSllCS ^Boulevard Park
The lily intends lo acquire.Blocks IB A, 11. O sud D cud IDA aud
H "1 1) I., iilii i"1 ;i I'ul.l" ]■ iii-l, i'..i North Lonsdale. These areas
whicii ure intersected liy the Boulevard ure iu every way vory well suited
for that purpuse.
BLOOK 222k un the opposite side of Moody Avcuue from Ihis
splendid 1'ark area hus beeu subdivided to conform tu this plain
251* S1
1   1
f      9
>                                       LAHC                          3
2 i
241* SI
TWENTY FIFTH BTBEET offers the lines! grade fur a tramline
:is ii.':. North Lousdale uml il has lieen widened oul lo Ml feet. Il is
likely soon lo be in&cadamiied lo give communication between l.yuu
Volley, North Lonsdale uud Kant Capiluno.
These beautifully located luts on 21th uud liilh streets and facing
lhe I'liiss  arc now on the murkcl ul prices from (6nD uy   und on very
easy terms of payment.   They will rapidly advance in  value. Sec uur
I'rice List.
Inclusive Agcuts
The Burrard Development Company, Limited.
(Successors to Klder Murruy t'oitijuuiy Limited)
Brokers 17 Lousdale I'lione li
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and bualnaaa houses
a io usually Judged by the printed matter tlioy tend out.
Can you afford to take chances witji
your printing when good work In tbli
Una coati little, If any, mora.
Flnt Btreet Eaat, North Vancouver
Whitfield Found Guilty
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only lo pboue/ftl lo have all vacancies filled. NO OHAEU£
to EMPLOYEB in EMPLOYEE therefore there it absolutely no nc
ccssity to uldi/e cinpluymcul Agencies in Vancouver, as a complete
list   of ull  rluiici  of   workers it kepi ut tbe
Rhone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Nortl) Vancouver Shooting Affray Oaso
Heard in Vancouver
Jesse Whitfield, a colored man, wns
found guilty iu tbo assise court, Vancouvor, yesterday of blowing up the
shack of ' 'li'iide Halo, another colored
man, at North Vancouver, witb intent
in do him iirieiuiiii bodily barm. The
ei idence showed that on tbe morning
of March U5, an oxplosion occurred in
a small house occupied by Halo at tbo
corner of Chesterfield avdnuo und -Ith
atreet. Suspicion fell upuu WhitHeld,
v. im was said to have made throats
aud to be jealous of Hale. The police
went straight lo Whitllold's house and
saw someone running across Ine sidewalk and into the bush that they ho
lioved to be Whitllold. He was after
wards placed under arrust, and to
Chief of,Police Davies he mude u statement to the effect that he hud placed
Ilie powder which had blown up Hale's
shack, but he hud not meant to hurl
him. He only wished to give him "a
good scare."
It further developed that Halo was
Inul up with a broken leg at the time,
and u colored girl staying with the
Whilliclds used lo go to his shack to
clean up uml cook for bim, Mra. Whit
field would go duwn with her, ami it
appeured lhat Whitfield became jealous
uud resolved to put a stop lo il. He
placed his powder and fuse accordingly
ami about one o'clock iu the morning
it exploded. It tore up the lloor of
the shack, uml lhe rucks blown up frum
uiiderneulh wore lodged iu the ceiling,
bul llulc wus untouched.
Whillicld had no counsel, nor. did nr
have any definite statement lo make
iu his owu defence. Aa he was uuruprc-
scntcd, Mr. A. I). Tuylor, K.O., erown
prosecutor, did nut address thc jury
against bim, while Mr. Justice llrcgury
ulso protected his interests iu eiaui
No sooner wus Whitfield found guilty
and rcmandeil fur trial till the cud uf
the assizes, than anulhcr Nurlh Van
couvcr case wus called. It was that of
David llreenwood, charged with shoot
ing with intent to kill Marcus tlrogum
in a shuck on Muhon avenue an Junu
ary 11.
As developed from thc evidence il
seemed that Greenwood, ttrogum aud a
young iiiiiii uiiiiilii Lung hud been
driukiug together in the shack that
night. Just how thc, shooting occur
red was not very definite, but lute at
night lbc police were culled ami (Iru
gum was found lying on Ihe lluor with
a bullet wound in his neck. He charged
(irccnwooil with the shooting. Dr.
McManc, whu waa called, stated that
jl was a wonder lhat tlrogum escaped
with hia life, aa the woond wus near
Ihe jugular vein and aiming a network
of arteries.
Inul  been uppiuiielied   in  the bar of the
Palace hotel with this petition to sign,
I'liiiiiiiiMii.iiii'i Bill declared that
there seemed to be something myster-
inin. about tho petition, ami when he
luppprted a petition, for a bottle licence
in tbis cily bo must be convinced thut
tbu application and tbe maimer in
s.liis-li the petitiou was siguod wus
straight uud abovo board. He moved
accordingly that the application be refused. If was socouilcil By Commission-
or Mackenzie. Mr. Tecveu's legal adviser said it appeared like a reflection
ou Mr, Teovetis' character aud he pointed out in the petitiou that 1709 people,
aa against -III persons who bad signed
against the granting of this licence,
had in affixing their signatures done bu
believing the applicant of good char
actor. The board wns asked to allow
u withdrawal but this wus alau refus
Mr. Maciiughleu's proposal .was then
brought up uud the muyor reud Solicit
ur liuid's advice that under the ail a
bylaw could uot be submitted except
ot the annual elections. The ideation
then arose if the buurd could of its
own right submit a plebiscite tu the
pcuplc to ascertain the popular feeling
Tbo tneetiug wua adjourned to Friday
in order lo obtain the city solicitor's
License Board Refuses to
Grant Bottle License
Allow Withdrawal of Other Application
Mayor McNeish yeiterday presided
over a session of thc Hoard of Licenc
ing , (.'ouiniissioucrs whicii not unly
granted withdrawal of the application
for a bottle and liquor licence of Mr
W. iloolli, but ulso placed un record ils
refusal uf a similar application from
Mr. J. il. Tcevens.
The proposal of I'rof. Macnaghlen
that n plebiscite be luken of the
(lolheubcrg system of operating a bottle
liiiuor licence iu this city, namely lhal
all proceeds ubove 5 per cent, be dcvol
cd tu some public institution, us against
ail individual grunted licence, was
made the subjeel for an adjourned meel
Ing whieh will be held on Friday after
noun at 4 o'clock. With the mayor in
llic ehair, the full board (,'6inmissiuncr
Hiss and McKenzie, were present. The
lirst application to be heard was that of
Mr! JJoolh, who was represented by K
D. Bchulli, Thc clerk reported lhat
the petition contuiuilig the signatures
was not Ip order and on the rci|ucst
of Mr. : i In ill.- he was permitted to
withdraw which gives him an opportun
ily of again petilioaing this year's
board for a licence,
Mr. J. II. Tcevens wns legally reprc
seated by Mr. McDonald. This poti
tion, according to the clerk's report,
wns found to be In order, Objection
was raised by Mr. Hchultz that there
wat nothing to show that the petition
was bona fide and bIso dates were not
shown when some of lhe aiguaturet
were obtained. -Mr. McDonald pointed
oul. lhal the act [(resumed that lie
signatures are in order until absolute
proof to the contrary is produced. Mr.
(.'. N. Handy presented a petition hear
iilg Hi signatures opposing I In- granting of the application. Mr. M. li. Martinson said iImi he hall made a personal canvas of block 166 at the time it
was canvassed by Mr. Tocvoni and he
found lhat some of the wivoi of own
en whose signatures appeared on the
pet it inn were not known in that block
A ino, of the four women entitled to sign
the petition on the south side of Fint
itreet in block 106 two had Signed and J
two bud refuted.  Mr. Bopth uid be
Interesting Locals
Miss O'Sullivun is llic guesl of Mr.
and Mrs. W. C. Green of 17th street
west for a few daya.
I'lie Misses West of Oth and Quoona
bury huve left Ibis city on holiday lo
northwest' territory relatives
Hev. (.'. li. lilunder, former minister
of tbo First Baptist church in thia city,
will preach in the llaptisl church oi
Sunday evening at 7.110.
Tbe council lasl nigbl accepted Kvani
Coleman and Deans' tender uf IVU pei
foot lur 0,1)1111 feet of steel piping lo
be used for city waterworks purposes
Abl. Irwiu wns last night appointed
by the eity council to the eliairiuanslii]
of the finance committee in the stead
of Aid. Mcllue, resigned. Aid. Irwin':
seat on the committee bus not been n
yet filled.
I'aptaiu uml Mrs. Smith of No. -
lire hall, Cedar Collage, are being eon
gratulalcd by Iheir friends oil the birtli
of u 'laughter, who has the distinction
of -being lhe first to be Iwrn in a lire
hall ou the Pacific coast.
About thirty fowls were destroyed ai
Wednesday night by dogs. This whole
sale massacre took place in lhe vicin
ity uf 14th i-u.-i I and l.unadalc avenue
Nu clue has been discovered that wil
lead lu the arrest of the canine of
Nut only according to the inlvl.. bul
according lo all those competent ti
judge, there will be "laughs, lung'
laughs" al the Horticultural hall In
nigbl, when the two eomediea "Old
Cronies" and "The Ana Hellc" are
put on. The North Lonsdale orchestra
will 'be in attendance and us the pro
reeds arc fur the organ fund of SI
Thomas' church, il is only reasouabli
lo expect a full House. 11 is certain tn
deserve one.
Mr. J. Stephen terminates Ins up
ponitiueiil as manager of the Hank uf
Hrilish Norlh America in Ibis cily ii
ten days' lime, when he leaves fnr
West Tolouto. In the manufacturing
Bcctiou of tins great eily Mr. Stephen
is lo take over Ino reins of manager
ship of Iht- 11. N. A, branch. The good
wishes of his North Vuneuuvcr friemls
will follow him cast, lie will be sue
i ceiled ul lhe lueal brunch by Mr Hub
crlson of Victory.
Ileorge Karnopp, who was recently
urrcKlcd on a charge of obtaining mono}
on false pretence?, was examined
yeiterday afternoon by Drt. Thomson
ami MeMone at to his Unity, and wat
adjudged insane He wns taken over
lo the asylum in New Woitminrlcr last
evening by Chief Lifton and Assistant
Douglas. Karnopp, who is said to have
a inii' i a minister in Chicago and a
brother a doctor in Calgary, wot charged wilh iisuing worthless cheques on the
Imperial Hunk of Vancouver. Hit cr.te
wns adjourned lo"Friday lo get wltnou
et, but since he wai fhken into cutlody
lie has shown symptoms of mental dis
Integration. .Hit condition grew worse
yesterday until it wai found nccostary
is.'inii iu medical advice, with the rr
aulrlhat he was taken to the asylum in
an auto.
On April 171 Ji the wedding took place
In St. John's church, North Vancouver,
of William Walter Weston and Kllrn
Susan Sherwood. Tho Bee. J. H. Hoop-
or officiated.
Have you got your ticket yet for
the iIIurLnilcd Lecture of "Scotland'1
in tho North Lonidale Preibyleriau
Daddy's Bedtime
Why Ulle Billy
Is Never Late
■|lly Tlea Hll lum     * *','x** J ra g.    i
at tho Sohoolhou... . TO! OCPOOI
JACK bad been late for Kbool again, ul Evelyn waa lent bone with t
note ubout It when Kbool mu over.
"Tbe flock wasn't rlgbt tbli morning," Jack waa explaining to daddy,
"Very well/' aald duddy; "I'll bive t look at It after you are lo bed.
It'i a pity, though, tbat a littlo boy ahould aot be ai bright ll Billy IV
ter's burro.
"Billy li a little boy wbo Uvea In Montclalr, N. J., aad be baa a pet burro,
II It Is called. The burro la au American donkey.
"lillly's immi Is named Palsy, and ibe li a nice, gentle animal wbo generally obeya ber master and trots along good naturedly.
"Patsy takes Hilly to school every day. Wben' be goes Iu to bis lessou
tbe littlo boy ties bor to the bitching post, ind Palsy vtuuda quietly until
school Is out, when ber little muster ugalu mounts ber buck, and (bey trot
iniinii to luncheon.
"If tbe lonelier Ii a bit late In letting tbe class out Dulsy knowa It ,11
Silly should be kept In, dear knows what would bappen, for unless bo comes
promptly Palsy lifts up ber voice uud brays as only a burro cau. It Is a very
liiii'.-ili und iinpleiiMinl sound.
"In tbe mornings Dulsy sees Ihut Hilly gets to school la time by braying
loudly If she bus lo wull ill the door.
"Not loug ago Hilly wus sick mid stnyed borne from school two days. Daisy
didn't iindei! laml Sbe wua puzzled uud grieved, lor Pulsy likes lu go to
school. So she nt Inst tiinnuged to escape from ber stuble aud uuibled oil to
ichool to wait until legating were over
"Wben Billy's schooluiutcs cmiie out of school tbey lound Palsy wltb ber
nose poked up against the bitching post aud ber bright eyes wstcbliig the door.
"At first (be children luugbcd Then some of Hllly's frlcuds' tried tu Hurt
ber borne. Hut tlulay know tbut it was ber business to curry bor little muster
borne, and. believing bim lo be Inside iho scboolbouse, sbe would nut move.
"Neither cuinlug uor bunting would make Dulsy budge, and at lust some
one ran to Billy's borne lo tell ubout the burro.
"Not Ull one of Lilly's folks came lo leud Dulsy borne would i.iie stir, and
then ihe went very unwillingly und very slowly
"Wben Billy waa nblo to go to school again Palsy showed ber joy In ber
pleased eyei and frisky trot. Aud she beld ber bead right up to tbe bllcblng
block to be tied to It as usual, although to tbe uilnds of most people It would
arem icircely neceaaary to be a burro who likes to gu to school as well us
Puis; don."
Offlce to be ou Esplauado West
Mr, Thos. Lawlor, Ihe newly appoint
ed publicity commiasiuncr for this eity,
un Wednesday aflernoon wailed upon
the joint civic advertising eoiuiinllcc
ami on being formally presented, was
uci ordc'l a hearty welcome lo Nortli
Vuncouver. Mr. Lawlor intimated le
Ihe committee thul he was prepared lo
go ahead wilh his publicity work ou
May llth. The questioii of uu ulliee was
introduced ami the premises now tie
fupied by Mr. Alexander I'lnlip were
selected. These un- situuled on Ks
plunudc wesl and pusses-, in inbliliKii In
u front ulliee a large ball in lbe rem
capable of seating liul persons Tlie
rental tu be paid is (.In per month.
'I'lie Wesl Vaneouver t.'onscrvalive
Association met last evening al lbe
1,'laliiiu lea rooms.
In the alienee uf lhe president, Mr
V,'. A. Thompson, Mr. .). Teurc.   vice
president, very ubly llllod llic position
of chairman. A keen interesl sectnod
lu lu be taken iu tilings generally and
at a plan has been launched whieh we
believe will prove very successful in
lr.it.'in- Ilie ball. II is hoped before
lbe winter is here again thai a now
building will be erected on the lul al
ready purchased, une of whieh the die-
llui  will be proud.
Mr. C. 0. Hutchinson Iui: euniincncoil
{work on his contract ui building a line
inllim' al lbe eorner uf Nelson avenue
uml Marine Drive fur Messrs. ilourlay
I A Sel wood.
!      M[. ,1. L. ('ri)ips li.l    rented Ilis llUUSC
an.I lut uu I'ei-I slml nnd i-< moving
lu his new une on Mi,line Drive, Irwin
A gun,Ily number went from here lu
bun Mr. II. II Slevei.. address lhe
■Nuilii Vuiuouvyr Heard of Trade un
Tuesday evening, an.I certainly were
not   disappointed       Tbey   came home
|feeling proud ilml Ihey lind such a ca
pa bin  mun   lo  represent   Ihem   in, the
, house of parliament al Ottawa.
HOilN To Mr and .Mrs. Knic.il Da
i - iliordon Iiiiini, a daughter ua tlm
.ilb iii.-l.
When this mark is an
thc outside uf a paint-
i .in, be sure that what's
inside is the paint it
will pay you best to put
inside or outside of any
building. It's yout
warranty of real paint value—because it means
paint permanence.   Trust it—you're surely safe.
IN TINS ' I'l OM riM TO i.viiu.-i
Uelt Id 40 shades (or cvrr.v pulnl um
by luiprrl.l  Varnish  & Color Co., Toroslo
North Vancouver
wAlDBOB  BOAD-.Mi fi. lut une block from Lomdali Arl,
Price li'sji) on termi ufi'l'lD   cash  , balanci   n.  in    ami    18
Tl tl. lol all cleared, carline going pail properly, I'rici HMD
on termi of 13 rash, balance (I and  ll months.
rtj. I'rici H,t
Pur further  particulars ul lhe above and other business aud
reildential  properties, iee
Phone 70 15 Uidale Ave.       ' P.O.Box 181$
One quarter Cash handles a. fine 50 foot
"Lot corner of Rufue and 19th Street
Price $700
.,   Phone 37, North Vancouver. B-C.
j 6,
All tbt printing wa do is proof of our
tbUity. Wt specialise in tbt little
things wbicb tri io Important, tnd
wbicb tdd excellence to your work.
Out plant tnd stall, combined witb tbe
study wt glvi to tbi trade, tnablei
ui to glvi satisfaction, Wo will give
estlmatss, make up dummies or adviao
you on tny work you wtnt done.
Publishers      of      "Tbe    Express."
Printers of Pint Job Work.
Nortb Vtncouver, B. 0.       Pboue 60.
Wt invite ail. thote who intend building a new houte
to call and tee our display of doori which
we hav* on hand. We have a large
attortment of  the  latett
patterns and Jblicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0, B«>» 1719.   •
A Fool's
Or tn Unexpected
Turn of Affairs
liul Mnrcy watched bis couiln from
ander lowering brows. Dick was
■landing Iu tbe iunpy window, bli
inniiib set lu grim, obstinate llnei.
"Well?" repented Uul coolly.
"Wbat Is It)" gruwlid Dick over bli
broad sboulder.
"Ara you going down to Scarsdalo
tfter v.lnii I've told you? Wby, Alice
would only luugh lu your face!"
Dick turned sharply. "Ub, no, she
v.iiiiiiin'i iin-.. imi lliut sort! Bhe
nllgbt feel like laughing, but she would
bide It well." he ended bitterly.
"Why strain bor courtesy, tben?"
persisted Uul.
"Muy I ns-l. whether thla Is my if-
fair or yours?" Dick Corning was
white under his limned skin.
"It Is mini: lu u ineusure," was Hal's
in s.i,-in reply, lio leisurely drew out
a cigarette case nmi scratched u mutch
on u gold boi. He spoke between pulls
of blue s.iinil i tbtt wreathed his dark,
thin face: "Voii-know-wben-you-
mentloued-you-were-golug-down lo
Hi mi. .il. do today I asked you ipulfi If
you were golug down lo see Alice Wilson—uud you snapped out-yea-aud I
knew wby by Ihe look of you-lbore,
there. Dicky, don'l get hot. We all
enrtli It sooner or lutcr like measles
und whooping kugb. I bad a good rea
eon for iiiiii in,: you uot to go down
there, it's a fool't errand for you,
Dicky, my boy."
"You ini'.iii Hint somebody else"—
Dick's voice choked Into silence.
"It conies pretty near being-.that,"
returned Hal snim-whnt vaguely. Then
rather coudcsieiidlugly be added, "I
may ua well drop you a bint, Dicky,
in. i.'    Bl iu  . i ii
boy-even though sbe muy uot be for
you, you may bo able to claim relationship with her some day-eee?"
Dlok Coming's eyes blazed menacingly, uud hia big bunds clinched tightly Hia lips writhed Into a alrauge
smile lliut was hull u sneer.
"Vou mean that I may marry Alice's
cousin Muy niiji llius become bor cous
Inin luw>" be asked.
Hnl Mnrcy winced. "No, I didn't
uieiiii that, eud you kuow it loo I
nn.mi il .,1 the rolulionsblp would be
ou the other side ol tbo house."
"Ob, you nn.in tbut you cipect to
marry May und we will be related to
Alice '■', n i.n in that Dimmer. ; lull I
congratulate you. old mun?" Dlck'l
gray eyes pierced the veneer of good
noliiro that bud covered bla cousin's
"Quit your fooling. Dick," snarled
Hal. flinging away bit cigarette uml
prcpnrlug another "1 cun lell you oue
"You bave told mc so many ibis
morning I am tempted to forego any
furtber Infringement ou your"-
"II you go down lo tee Alice Wilson
today you'll be making Ibe mistake Of
your life. You'll be m,iking a fool of
yourself. Believe me tbat I bave a
good rceaou for saying Ibis."
Dick picked up his bat, smoothed tbe
creases In the aolt luun and sclllcd It
ou bii lair bead "You've bulled Iuto
my iiiiiiiin today lu uu unpardonable
manner. I have simply to toy lbat 1
am quite willing to beur auy inortlOca-
tion tbat my harmless tctious may
in lug upou tne."
At bt closed tbe door ho beard Hal's
Impatient voice sending after bim:
"Vool'i errand" • *
"I'll do It Juil tbe ttme," gritted Dick
through bit tit iciij., and bli keen
eyet had a.vision then of beautiful
Alice Wilson lolling bim wltb tearful,
pitying eyes Ibal the loved bit couiln
Ull Marcy tnd tbtt tbt would be t
cousin tt bim tuiever.
"I'll be blanked If tbe will!" . -led
'Pick tl be drove through tbt crisp,
cool tlr.> "If «be won't (and I kuow
tbt won't bave a duffer like me) I
■ball go around tbe world, tod wben I
Bud t good plice In which to forget ber
I'll itiy Ultra, only I know I'll never
tad tucb t plice," M mAed forlornly.
Hi  wu  fiercely   Jetlooi  ot Bll
Mmy.  Mil wm ttMCftOW Ml
senior and of t domineering cbtrtctir,
Dick btd ft||en desperately In love
witb A|to« Wilton-tbt year before
while Hal wu in .Kurope, but Hal bill
suddenly returned three montbi igo
and, wltb bit ciiatotuury overbearing
manner, bad bustled bit couiln off the
Held uml Immediately laid open lllgt
to Alice's heart, Dick, astonished and
quite dlllldeiit In tbe presence uf tin
overpowering love, btd allowed himself |o be pushed tilde until now hu
found It almost Impusallile to regain
tba ground be bad lost-
Alice (rented hlm with IWtlt friendliness that wu maddening as won tl
disheartening. All tba sweet, gay Intimacy ot their friendship wu gpne.
He iieemeil to be numbered tmopg t
hoit of untmpurtaut admirers wbo
worshiped Alice from tfar. while the
intrepid Hal Marcy Hepped boldly
forward and openly admitted lhat
tbere waa an "understanding" between
Alice Wilson nnd himself. To all hints
aud Innuendoes tbe lovely Alice turned
tbe pni'.; ot ber wit to eicelletil effect.
I'lvc weeks bud elapsed since Dick
had ventured near Searsdnle, where
Alice lived. At bis elaborately careless remark Ibat he tbougbi he would
drive down tbut way IiIb cousin had
been quick to stltiK hlm wllh tbe remark tbut If ho wus going down to see
Miss Wilson bis errund would be In
Kut Dick Coming's lips were sel In
Unit obstinate curve Hint  few  had
ever seen ond i  bud iinilorslnod
111 .in e Ibere hail been so lew things
in this world Mini he lunl bud lo light
for. Most everything lind come io
hlm eii.-illy. bul now this grenlesl boon,
lhe love uf u good, fair woman, was io
bo denied hlm. Mie was iu be lial'S,
und liul wus n liniiinler
Dick was going lo put the ipiesilun
to her just the sume. Ilia ullentloill
lo her bad been su uimiiod iu lhe punt
Ihul he fell Ihul lie owed II lo her lu
,isk thu ull lUiporlunt question.   Tbut
iho would rertise lilm lie bad ppt tba
slightest ilnulit. It would be done
gently, put convincingly, with perliups
n hint nl iioipe cousinly relationship
In tbe fiilui'o.'nl'loi' she hIiouIiI be married to Unl. He routed out a lima
table, gnd. wltb oue band on tim mooring wheel of tbe aft, be studied the
trains from town nnd mentally compared tb| running time wllh the de-
pnrini-ii of certain Pacific liners due to
Mil from Sin I'rancltco Ip il( dujH.
"I'll get down lhere nt 6. drink lou
at 4 and, tt tbe ts alone, usk ber! It
will take ber about .ten uilputea tu turn
me down, including tbe cousinly advice
and all tbat. Than i can run back to
tnwu by 5:80. ctlcb tba 7:10 for the
west and connect wltb tbe Ktinkat-
sella nt Ban Fm nelson on Saturday.
No wedding belli for you, picky, my
Bli mind attuned to tbese gloomy re-
ilectlpni nnd wilb a drnb future carefully outlined, Dick Corning was some-
whut taken aback at Alice Wilson's
greeting. She wai a Dresden ohini
sort ot betuty, all pink nud wUlle, wltb
soft blue *res ond btlr tbt color ut
ripe corn silk. Bhe wore some little
soft, clinging gown of pnle blue wilh a
pink rose tucked in ber bretit, and all
tbe pretty color faded from ber checks
aa ber band waa lost to Dick's big,
warm grasp.
"Where It Bit?" Ibe asked, as tba
sst down behind tbe tei table.
Dlck'a face clouded slightly. "I sup-
pose be will be down later. 1 came by
myself, on my own erruud." he ended
gruffly. He accepted u cup ot ten nnd
dropped lump after lump ol sugar Inlo
Its pale depths before be reullzed whut
he was doing.
"Ou your own errand';" repeuled
Alice, fussing among Ihe teacups.
"Yes. a fool's errand." returned Dick
1 "If It is a fool's errnnd. wby do you
come?" Alice's voice shook slightly nnd
ber long lashes wore luld ngulnst (bu
shell pink of her cheek
"I hod in ii fool uml Ida errand ara
soon parted,'1 Dick grinned miserably
and replaced bis untaited tu pp tht
fable. Ho leaned across tbe slender
legged table, menacing tbe fragllq
cbiua. i
"Alice!" bt gasped.
"Well?" Her eyes were downcast, and'
ber fingers bad ceased to flutter. Sba
wu very still and now very much
like a sweet, sad little Dresden cblne
"I've got to uy It, and tbtn I'm
going op a trip around tbe world. I
love you, dear. I want to marry you.
I know you won't bave me, but I want
to givo you tbe cbanco to say po,"
attmmered and stumbled unfortunate
Dick, saying more tban be meant am)
meaning more tban be said.
"VcsfC murmured Alice softly.       i
"That's all," assured Dick.
"Yea; I'll marry you, Dick, tbe dear-
eat and beat boy In tbe world, only
you did let Bat elbow you out of tbt
way, aud it served you rlgbt for
awbllel" Alice's little hands fouhd
Dick's clumsy ones and crept into
tbeir warm grasp. One or two fragila
cups were crushed under the weight
of Dick's arms.
"Wbat?'' shouted Dick, unbelieving.
"Vou asked ine tu marry you. I will
-only If you start on a trip around
tbe world I nbuli go, tool" wblspeied
Alice In bis startled ears.
At 6 o'clock Dlok brought Ills car before tbe clirbslono. nnd he ran up Iho
steps ot the bachelor apartments,
where both he and his cousin lind
rooms. In tbe main corridor be run
Into Hal, Immaculate In evening dtoss,
on Ills way to keep a dinner engagement
Bal smiled condescendingly up nt bis
big cousins "Been well trimmed,
Dicky, boy?" be Insinuated cruftlly.
"I suppose you've got yours now."
"You  bet I"  crowed  Dick  happily.
"I've been ou a fool's errand tnd received t fool't rewardl"
Application! aro invited for dealing
lott 3 and 4, block II, I), h. 166, Wind
■or Itoad, Nortli Vancouver. Speoifl-
cations at niy ollice, Percy J. 8. Colo,
Financial Agent,Hi Pendoratroet, Van
couver, ti. C. 2(it
Sctled Touden will bo received up
to VI o'cluck noon on the Hi. day of
Mny, 11)12, for the construction of the
now St. Andrew'» Preibyteritn church,
..a the corner of Tenth ami Bt. Ueorgo's
I'liins und specifications can ho aeon
nl o.i.1 I.onsdale Avenue or at the office
of Alexiuider A Ilrown, architects, Ul
Granville street.' Tenders to be address
ed to tbe secretary, St. Andrew's Pres
byteriun Church, 1'. 0. Box 11035, Nurlh
Vaiicuuver. m
The lowest or my tender uot uecoi-  •
sarily aeceptod.
By Order of thc Buildiug Committee, Cord Wood aad Stovi  Wood,    rull
BT. ANDREW'S PKE8BYTEBIAN Measure. Prompt Dtllviry.     Strictly
CHURCH. «•    26-1     Oath. Phoni Si.
Cure fresh milk, cretin Miller, butter
milk, ulso ice uud ico croiiin supplied in
any quantities ul right prices by tho
Purity Creamery Company, loD Fourth
street wost. Our nielhuds ol handling
and proccaaei of manufacture aro the
latest and host known lo modern
science. t.f
Fire Wood
'    Plans and Estimate*, furniihed free,
Uepuiring,  remodeling,  els,  promptly
attended to
Lynn Valloy, B. G.
Allan Hoad near Westover  I'. 0 lluv
Jn, l.yuu Creek, II C
Phone 335
Owners -Palmer, Burmetter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing April 29th
The Golden -LePaige Co.
■ ...
Played at Terry's Theatre, London
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Box Office open 10 to 12 tm. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-lSc. and 25c.
E. A. C0lEf MtMfltr THE EXP^NOCTH VAEWTO. B. C, miRAV. APRIL 26. 1912.
■ '■ .»•■.      .,l.^UJ..U-l'u...«»IUJLlJ.l.UlHll.m4IIUA.
Empire Day Prosperity
Edition of the "Express"
. m—n,
Advertise Your Business
FRIENDS "DOWN EAST."   This will help to
advertise' North Vancouver. REMEMBER, a copy
will be sent to every Board of Trade in Canada, to all
Ratepayers in the City of North Vancouver, and copies
will   find   their   way   to  all   parts   of   the   world
Phone To-day and our Solicitors will call on you
— 8.
ii. .
Wedding Gifts of
Finest Cut Glass
Tba ateidy demand upon our stock of Out olaia for wedding gifts tbli spring li a lolld and secure proof of lu worth.
There ii Miortineut u all ai duality in tba stock you will lind
in our crystal room. Inferiority ii unknown here—from tbs
smallest Salt Bhaker to tbt massive Flinch Bowl—from the
delicate Win* Olasa to tba Imposing Viae, you will And the
tbe same perfection of design, cutting and weight.
Our itock of OUT QLASH is now complete for tbe spriug
demand, and our axtra fine display of high-grade INTAHi.ui
offers an attraction to wedding gift seekers that ia hard til
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trotey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
Breakfast Table!
EL TOSTO may he connected wilh
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on the current and in an instant
the coils arc glowing
In a few minutes llic Iwo slues of Lead
aie turned to a rich, golden hmin color
Toast made on Id. TOSTO is especially appetizing, llic more so as it may
;e served duett from the toaster to
your plate.
t*§f~y&&Prict •$4-00
Call al our office, 50 I.onsdale Avenue, and see this appliance
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Norlli Vancouver, B. C.
Rates':—$2.00 per day up.   Spend-
rates lo families and In regular homdeis.    ^--
REDA&ANDRUSS -     -     ProprietoX
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    P. L 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cashr 6, 12, 18 roths.
liegs lo announce (liat he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.   Lei ui have your listings of Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
Connaught and Kerr Join in Movement
For Good Roads
Mov|ii| liy {!|o 8nmn high |iii|ilin bpir
it mul t|m hitiylo purpose pf bringing
tlm minis nl (.'uiiiiilii up In a standard
lliut w||| lm u (.-retllt tu tlm nation, ami
hii i's.iiiii|ili' tn tin1 wurlil ui largu, Hi»
Hiiyal Highness thu link nf (lo)iiinagH
ami \y. ,1. Kerr, hulil Iho two highest
liniiiiiiiiii. iu ihr gift of tlm I'liiiinliiiii
Highway \i.!.iiriiiiiini. ilml of patron
anil president, respectively.
Tlm I'iii'iiiiliiiii Highway will lm an ac-
i inii|ili--lii'sl fad wilhiu lliu next fow
yoarii, anil Ihu outside wurlil will thun
know that in Uiia'liruyd Diiiiiinluii there
in ii run11 innru than .'l,Hlltl miles loug
iivnr wliiili nu automobile i-nii I ravel
frum i-iim.i tn ciiasl in safety ami with
I'oinfiirl. Thu country lhal offers Iho
wualthy tuiirisl thu splendid minis that
liinmlu will havu, tin: iniigiiillcent scon
ury ami uxi'u|itiuual opportunities uf investment, will reap u largo harvest frum
itu visitors.
Thll association wan formed in New
v.. inuis -is i II. (!., lusl Nuvonilior uml
it wus ut lliin mooting that Mr. Kurr,
u wealthy Million! of iho roust uml tlio
,'iiiii iplil miner iu tho convention Ilml
resulted in the formation of tho tun-
eiutiou, wus olootoil presiilunt. tioine
time plater lha (luveriior Hoiiorul ol
i uiiiiilii, whoso activity in tlio etiusu uf
joml minis is woll known lo those interested in this wnrk, wus approached
uml roipiosloil lo permit hia namo tu
lie used us that of piitmn, the following resolution lining forwanlod to him
after a inueting of Iho executive of thc
Moved liy 1'resident \\'. 1. Kerr, ueo
omlod by vice-president A. K. Toilil,
"Ilis Hoyul ilighiiess tlie Duke of ('on
nuiighi,   Qovernor-Qineral of Canada,
ilillueiii:i: tg i in t'tute of roads Improve-
iiiuut, and fnrtlur
"That thu secretary rtspudfully in-
forma Ilia i.'o.i; I Higliness that it is
tho I'iiine.'il a.-:.hv qf the niuinbors of
this um im inn that |I|s Royal iii/th
nana should consent to -boeqino jmlrini
of tho Canadian highway Asaoeiatiait."
Thi following rb|>l>- was received a
fow days agn by W. I'. |,uce, secretary
of the Association!
Government House,
Dear Sir,, '
1 am desired by Iho Uqvoriior-Qouoral
lo acknowledge receipt uf your lotter
uml tu inform you in reply that His
Rbytl Highness wili bo pleased to be
eunie I'll I run nf the I'anadiaii Highway
Auociation us requojtpil'by yuur oxoeu-
live committee.
His lluyul Higliness is much interest
oil iu the subject of good rouds, and
wiahes your assignation every suoouss.
I urn, ,
Yours faithfully,
Arthur F. Bladen,
Private Beoretary.
The Unite nf t'onnuughl has lung
boon interested in good rouds uml hus
shown in many ways that ho is strongly in sympathy with any movement
Hint will tond to bettor the truuspor
lul inn facilities of this ur uny uther
oountry, Travelled mun as he is, and
trained iu nliservstiuns Qf things that
inijke for the public weal, Hia lioyal
Highness hua put tu practical use the
knowledge guincd in ('unailu, Kuglund,
on lhe continent, and in foreign couu-
tries, and he believes lie hus acted
wisely, in allowing hia nuiiio lo.buouiiie
asiociated with the enterprise futhorod
* 'Patron  »»  mnd - President
y Ovt Canadian Highway A&soeiation
hiiniig iii iiiuuy ways shown his interest by the runuiliun Highway Assucialion.
goml  roads, ami  more particularly     "Good ruads ure u auciul uud oeuno
by hia speech from the throne ut the mic necessity und good reads wc will
lust foriuul opening of parliaiuenl. boi huve all over Cuuudu befure 1 am ready
t therefore resolved Ilml the secretary tu acknowledge lhat the work uf lhe
extend  to    His    Huyal  Highness    tho Canudiuu Highway Association is lin
thanks of the ollicors of the I'anailian ished," says President W. J. Kerr. And
Highway  Association  for  lending  his he means every word of II.
The lurgest crane iu the'world has
Jnic" erected ut Huvun, ticotlnnil, , on
lhe rivili-i'lfm.e f"i lhe Fairfield snip
yards. On slow geur it will ruiso SflO
lons ul a distance of in leet from the
mast, uml on quick geur il will curry
u load uf IUU tuns al l.l.'l feot extension
Tha ii.'iii'i.-.i -I ihe crane consist uf
four lurge lubct»! Hi leet through ul the
base, lilh.I with concrete and sunk 71
feel below the surface.
The Bcottisjl Aineibgn gii,,'- us 'i
story of the simple faith of a little
lad.- -Jl came io Ine knowledge of I'bil
ip I. Iloborls, who relates il as ful
A pmii little slum child uf about
eleven developed u malady which do
mended an instant operation. He was
taken lo Ouy's hospital, whore Ihe
great doctor whu examined him hail
to tell him that there wus jusl u lighting cliuin'c tat his life.
' The seals of the operating theatre,
rising Her above tier like the gallery
of a church, were lllled wilh long rows
of stodenls, whu had conic lu witness
thc greatest surgeon uf his time, use
Ihe knife. The little patient was
brought in and, during sumo prelim-
inarics platl'd.in a cushioned chair.
i-'."I in," around at the greal throng of
men, he aaid timidly lo on.cmf the as
Blatant doctors, "I'leuse, /ir, I should
be very glad if one of you gentlemen
woiffl say just a little prayer for me."
There was a profound silence. No
bodfmoved, so the little slum child
knelt down and Mid: "Dear Jesus, I'm
only a poor, wcik, little lad, bul |ileuso
help this kind gentlemen so lliut he
shall dq his work right. Amen." Having said that (the boy climb, i mi ih,
table ami lay back while a smile lighted up his face."
Dun'I forget the lecture "Scotland"
.is. li. i. ■    on  Monday  next  in  the
North   Lonsdale   Presbyterian   church.
T7I solicit Hie bumnert of MiniufActurcru,
KugiiHcraoud olliera who realize Hie ailviwiljil-
ily of having llu ii palcut buftliiMi ti.,f:- I. if!
I.y HxperU, picliu>luaryadvicclrcc. Charre*
RiodcnU. Uur Inventor's Advisertcut iiikiij u •
quest. MariuiiSMnil'iu, Itea'a., Kwr Vorl;],lfe
»tf*'-   \\..„t-f,,t    -Ml W'tnlili.tfh.ii   1;C    IIM*
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)    ,    $15,413,000
Reserve     -   -   -   ■    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F.A.MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
That well known and flourishing Rooming House
and Restaurant business known as the RUSSELL.
HOUSE, with accommodation for 20 roomers; 3 or
5 years' lease given. Rent $75 per monlli for llrsl
PRICE $1000
And Corner Marine Drive and Man Rd., Dundarave
John Aspell & Co.
Rents collected and repairs, renovations and connecting
of drains superintended.
Listings solicited for houses, stores, flats, offices or other
property for sale or lo let.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,
P.O. Box 2153.
North Vancouver
Phone 43fi.
Job Printing at the "Express"
And you certainly At when you buy furnituro horo. (juality anil vuri
ety are the'strongi features ol this store. Nowhere else will y.ou limj
as entonsivo a shorting ol really good furniture aud carpets at'such mini
Inul prices as we charge. Uacli artlclo ia roprosentstlve of the best of its
kind and oor woudorful assortment insures our auitlng every tusto ami
evory purse.
This Month
You can save money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $8.50,
$9.50,   $12, $15 up.
Dining Sets of 5 small aod
I arm from $14.00 per
set up.
ni i 'i.i
Bedstead, Spring and Maltreis, complete (or $6.50 up
Dressers at cut pricti, $8.50, $9.50, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.|».
J rnr 11        ii .       =
In our Crockery Depl. we are just opening up a large shipment of Flower Pols
and Crocks. ■■■        All Sizes
J28 Lon^ale Ave. North Vancouver THE EXPRESS ppRTH VANCOUVER, 3-C., FRIDAY, APRIL 26, |9I2.
« Long GS5I
m 6^=1 Laughs
Friday, 26th Apr., 1912
"Old Cronies" -
"The Area Belle"
Two Screamingly Funny Comedies,
also the
North Lonsdale Orchestra
In aid of the Organ Fund for
St. Thomas' Church.
Curtain at 8:30 p.m. Tickets, 50c. and 25c.
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
I lavu tlieir mill operating in ilie mountain and can give
ul all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second lo none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street.
'Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
I lit li Grade Goods al a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in buiincss makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
jl-'OOl  Oi'' ST. GEOKGE ST.
We have several good buys in D.L. 273
.   and D.L. 550
We can sell you close in Lots in Lynn
Valley from $300 up.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
National Weal as Urged hi Preaclier
In tho Moiro|iplitan tMbtfiV, Begin*,
fonently, a notaWp seriiipn  on  f'Tlie
Need pf a Niitiiiiinl liluu" wua preached by Bev. Dr. Bland of Wini|ippg.
WImi Ih i.'iiiiuilii's imtimiiil iilmi,   llu'
from t'QOBt 'to coast I atked Dr. Bland
Ho b|)o|(o of tl)o spirit- ll|at wpt dividing oast nnd wost, tlie sharp linp of
iloiiiarkution liotwoon tlio different roll-
giuiiH of tlio country and tlio varied
immigration—thousands of mon pouring
into tlio rouu|ry eveiy yoar vvlio wore
not filled wjth lovo for our British traditions—all of which I'iiinii'.i to tne
need of a uatioiiul idea to bind tlio
oust uud tlio west, tlio I'rotostant and
Catholic and tlm hosts co'ming yearly
from ovory rountry in Eurujie into ono
jjooplp.      '
"Is the gaining of moro torritory lo
In' lllo ideal"—uml ho pointed to tho
eust unsi'llli'il s.iii-irln'ss to show thut
thiiro was no lumi hunger. "Is it more
yeuyleV uml liy ronipuring our iinnii-
griilioii of lust your with Ihut of the
United States in the groatost yeur in
hi'r history lio pointed out that we re-
coivoil in proportion to our populutinn
four limos us inuny ua the States. Hus-
liiii.-lii'wini, he doelureil, would yet food
ua inuny' people aa the whole Oerniuii
Umpire, liul if nuniliera wus the only
aim Ihi'ii we inighl jusl us well huve
iliVnno i.iiii:11.> iiii the plain,
As nn Idea hig enough i,. include ull
Canada and to sorvo her la all future
ages ol' her history uml one thul should
Iiiiiii ull t'utiuiliuns in one great hro-
lliorlibod, bo suggested "I'miudu furtho
1,'onilllOli People." A humlteil years ago
the United States wus in much the
iiiiiii' position ua Canada ia today and
if we eonliiiue In drifl ulung wilhoiit
ii nutiiiiiul idea Ihut will prevent us
from falling into her mistakes, loss
limn a hundred years will liml ua where
the liiiited States is today, he auid,
uml added u description ul' the worst
features of Hie American system; the
amassing of wealth undreamed uf in
any former age uml Hie ruthless do
slriii'tion of her uuturul resources tu
enrich  individuuls or corporations.
The uppoinlineiit ul'    tbo    liuilwuy
1 "im  u few yeurs ugo wus, he
, a great step in the righl direction
urnI lie noted aa u sign that Canadian
statesmen wore 'taking the mutter uy
thut the i'ommiasioii wus not appointed
ui Imitation of lliut of any other couu
try liul was Ihe lirst of its kind in tho
wurlil. He praised the work they had
.Iuue and expressed the hope thut they
would I.e given broader puwers to <!cul
villi matters thut upprcsscd the public.
The Conservation Commission, too, he
I'elt, hud u great wurk tu do as mon
who hud no love for the public were
nor reaching iu the dark or while lhe
peoplo slept tu snatch their heritage
from them liel'urc they reali/.eil ila
\ulue uiul he thought thut the commission might even go ao far as lo prcYcul
silly citios or municipalities from giv
iug away public rights.
Tlie men who massed wealth iu thii
country were able tu take care of them
selves anywhere anil would gol along
in uny country, but the poor luun and
Ihe crowd needed lo be cared fur uml
Ihis he said wuuld be the object of the
slogan he prupused—to lift men so that
there would be nu poor or ignorant. He
dreaded lu think uf the day if it ever
aliuuld como when llegina and Wiuni
peg would have palaces ami slums us
Ihey had in Liverpool ami Loudon uml
he added that he wuuld dread more lhe
coming of the puluce thun of thc alums
for while the hunlship and privation of
the poor might be endured uml might
even be uf benefit to those whu surviv
est, lhe wickedness uml licentiousness of
llic iille wealthy wus u real danger tu
the life strenjii uf the uutiun us il tuint
ed ull below it.
In closing, Ur. illuud made an earn
eat appeal that his hearers, particular
ly Uie young men who would have a
share in the moulding of the future of
the nation, wuuld bear in mind as Iheir
i,mn,i.ul idea "Canada fur the Common
flie above cut gives un excellent Idoa
pf ihe now striicttlro which it is pro-
pici-.l tp build for tpurist hotel purposes
at Lynn. Valley. Tho site chosen consists pf Avo aorps of Uiul, near tl|o now
lea that l|!ls am)   inspires tlunuijimfridge "" "'" liil:'' ''"'"' ''"'"'' "" "il
".■'i ei I as-to pverlook ilu- cauyons anil
park. Tho venture is promoted by
Messrs. W. li. K cu Hi's Ij and ,1. A. Sea-
bold and the object in viow is to establish a tourist hotel ou much the sume
plan as Canyon View hotel al the Capiluno canyon.
, The lluilding itself will bo a ^two-
story structure with a frontage of
62 foot aud a depih of OG foot, having
111! bedroom a jn all, Tho ground floor
will bo occupied by ,a spacious lauding
parlor, a ditiingrooui SO by 37 feot, ti
bo.il 30 by 30 feet, fitted with a large
open fireplace, k smpko room 15 liy
10 foot, au office 10 by 12 feet, bath
room, luvutories, etc. There will also
be a second dining room of smaller proportions than the main dining hull. The
stuirwuy will huve a separate entrain"-'
und will terminate ou a spacious corridor running the full length of the
building on the lirst story, The upper
floor will contain 26 bedrooms pf lib-
erul <liiueir,iuii:i and will bp fitted witb
toilets,, lavatprjos, ptc, The b|iildiug
will bo steam heated throughout and
outside will bo characterized by broad
verandahs pp Ihroo sides totalling 150
foot in length. There will be a stable
and gurugo iu connection with the hotel.
Thp grouuds will bo laid out In un
attractive manner in part as a Japan-
cso tea garden, while elsewhere will bo
found a bowling green, tenuis courts,
croquet lawns, etc.
Tho architect of the building is Mr.
J. 8. 1'carco of Vuncouver, who, designed Canyon View llutel.
Nothing is more uncertain than the
result of any one throw; few things
more certain than Hie reiult of many
if there'be une thing upun this earth
that mankind love and admire better
Hum another, it is a brave man- il is
a man who dare look the devil in the
lhe face, und tell him he is,a devil.
33 feet by 132 feet on King's Road, East, North
Lonsdale, for only $450, $7S cash and $75 every
6 months until paid.
tfltt     £Jm\     MM      MBl'    JM       Mm. M
Jii Mil . i Li* J
rhSmmimnmLit '
■vj    ;        FT- I
'      7i tm>.Oti^X*'.-»Smt.  -        V.,
i, i. .m.i
g-tmr- i
Residential Properties
iiiii;Mil; LOT JU, BLOCK 13. ... lliin:
OOBNEB LOT 10, BLOCK 311    1.150
INSIDE LOTB IN BLOOK ltl  J750   each
INSIDE LOTB IN BLOCKS 15 and 15A $800  each
DOUBLE COBNEBS IN  BLOCKS 15, 15A. 10 and HIA        92,000 tuch
LOTS I and 0, Block 111 A. D. L's. 541 and 515 111,100
TERMS: 1 .'I Cash, Balanco 0 and IS months. ...
Block 154   25 ft.
Block 158-25 fi.
Block 152- 100 fi.
Block 155   50 fi.
Block |32-50 fi.
===== i      ■      i   i ' ■ in .
For pricei and terms apply to
The  North   Vancouver  Land  and
Improvement Company '
limited Liability
Norlji Vancouver Agents for
* p ■"■■ ,      -
Phone Seymour 6286
h* 10,
The parish hall of Bt John's church
'wim oq Tuesday evening iho scone pt
pn mi11.'ly sncee.cii'iii eiineuri arranged
miller the allspices ol' the Ulrls' Aux
ilinry qf which Mch. A. E. Aiulors is
the superintendent. The program
was profaced liy a sale of work, tho
display of wares lieiug eloquent of re
cent industry and tho receipt! together
with a minimum admission fee total
well ovor (50. Musical und dramatic
faro of exceptional interest was provid
ed hy an nggrogatiqn qf very capable
artistes, Miss M. Burrows oponing tho
program with an oflFlictivo pianoforte
sub). A comedietta entitled "The 1'iano
Tuner" proved a laughable outlot for
the histrionic tulents of Misses Viehers
Adumsoti and WhouHaml, und Messrs,
Diploek, Ailiinison uml Anders, whilo
Mr, T l-: Howe contrihulod vory amus
ing recitals. Miss Doris Anders mado
her first uppeiiriiuco us a moiiolpguist
ami was warmly encored fur her recite
lion to piano uccnijipuuiiiient. Two
clover su nm,,■ items, excerpts frum
"bun Toy" were rendered by Mr. ami
the: Miss Aduinsoii, while a Iliplock-Andcrs
, interlude   on   liiiiuuriius  lines  was  an
TAKE) NOTIOK that the Council of.
thu llor|iorulion nf the Oity
Of    North    Vancuuver    intends      to
carry oat ai a work of local improvement the widening of Fourth street
from ForbeB Avenue to Bt. David's
iiviiniiu to a uniform width of ono hundred feet under section 68 of the Municipal Act and iutenda to assess tho
final coat thereof upon tho rea) proper
ty fronting or abutting thereon, ami
to be benefitted thereby, end that a
statement showiug tho lands liable to
pay tho said assessment and the mini' ,
of tho owners tlioroof, so far as can be
n., i iioiiii'.l from the last revised Assessment Hull is now ot| filo in tho ollice
of the Olerk of the Municipality and
is open for inspection during ollice
The estimated cqst of tho work is
(IU,lil)ll of which  it to bo provid'
od out of the goneral fuuds of
THOMAB BHEPHEBD,     .immediate success.   The concert closed
Nortli Vancouver, B. 0.       Oity Clerk, with keyboard pyrotechnics and   other
April !lt)tb, 10H1. iini:.,i.i. .,|.„ contribution!.
THE beauty o^your Jiome ma)
be helped or hindered by the
hardware trimmings?" If you
are building or remodeling.insure your
interior against inartistic effects or inharmonious combinations byspecifying
Yale & Towne
Ornamental and Builders'
No matter what style your house is
built in, we can furnish the hardware to harmonize with it. A wide
range of designs and finishes may be
had  in  grades to suit every purse.
Our assortment includes hardware requisites fur dwellings and every oilier kind of
building, large or small. We'll luke pains
to help you make satisfactory selections.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Pimm: Iif)
107 Esplanade Wrsl
To the Homeseekei
We bave for aale this week at tho decidedly low figure of
(1.760 on terms, a fine, uew modern houso on Uth BTBEET
EAST of Lonadale, containing seven large rooms, woll mushed
si one foundation, furnaco heated, aud which has an obstructed
view of Hie lulet.
Tbe house Is worth ilu mil
For further particulars upply
Boom 20. Bl Lonsdalo Avenue. North Vancouver,
(above Pott OUke)
Post Offlce Box No. 2397. Tclophoue No. 462.
50 Foot LOT in BLOCK 13 D.L. 552
On Cirline And A| tyttrtd
$200 Caih        ,     $900"° Balance Ea»y
Bi Lonidale Avonue
Boom It
V. 0. Boa 1796
Nortb Voiieouver
Pboue 467
Tbe price of lou la Block i,  D. L. 784, la uow (376,    Tenje—'/,
caab, 6, 12 aud IB monthi, Tliose Lou are 40x113, perfectly level and
ouly two blocka weet fron Lonadale Aveuue. Dou't delay lu buying
the cli«.ipe!t stowuflU tu Nortb Lonadale today.
Agent! for London Assurance Co., aud British5Einplro Hone Iniuronce.
Pbone 263 V. O.Mt UM
.    Agenti lor London Auuiance Co.
W« have a good teleclion ol Houses (or Sale or Rent
City Clerk Resigns
Hr. Shepherd Verbally Informs Oouncll
of WW t« &m'»» O|no«—PftunpU
Bequests Written Intimation
At tbe close-of laat uight's session
of tbe city council iiniiieiiinielv prior
to a motion of adjournment—Mr. Thos.
Shopherd, the city clerk, ii|timated verbally his wish lo resigp (hat office. Mr.
Bbephord, iu so doing, apparently
sprung a surprise on the council, ftp
reason was given fur this action. Too
council did not accept tho resignation
but expressed a wish that it should )io
put into writing. It Is generally hoped
that Mr. Bhophord will reconsider the
matter. Ho informed a representative
of the Express this morning that it
was in any cuso his intention to continue in niii"' for at all events Iwo
miu,ilm uml sou the eity tiiruugh ils
present Dnaneial undertakings.
Lynn Valley Notes
The Orpheus Male Choir of Vancou
ver gave a very successful concert in
the Institute Hall ou Tuesday evening
In u large audience in aid of thu new
Melhinlist church fundi. The progrum
was classical ami hiiinoruus. The repeated encores proved lhe appreciation of
singers, iiuliviiluull)' and collectively,
Mr. V. Underwood of l.ynn Vulley muil
is given the credit uf getting the choir
lu the vulley ami Ihu financial committee wore satisfied with Ihe success uf
the concert.
All members of the Institute and
their friends ami all Intending In become members, are invited by the trus
lees to join in a May Day dance uu
Wednesday the 1st of May, in the Institute Hall, from eight o'clock to
midnight. An opportunity for ull
uml others to join the Institute will
bo offered. The secretary, Couu. West
over, will ho on hand lo enroll new
members, um| ull nlombonblp cards is
Mini uu Ihis dale will entitle tho own
er to free ailnii»»iuu lo the dance. A
lurge tiiriiniil n expected uml hoped for.
The district police force hus beon
Hiving ils active attention lo a |iulihc
nuisance which fur some little lime has
sadly required a nipping if lhe hud.
Uuder the erroneous belief thai Ibey
were luff tud lulling through u desertod
region, inolorisls have developed lhe
habit of negotiating the dangerous corners un the I'apiiano roud without glv
iug the necessary tool uf warning. So
thut pedestrians shoil receive proper
.iii.i  timely intimation  when  to nmko
District Council
Site Chosen for Municipal Hall-Ferry
Steamen to ba Purchased
Tho s|te for the municipal headquarters of tba diatrict nf West Vincouver was ehiiseu at tbe meeting of tbe
council un Tuesday and building will
be proceeded with It pace. The lite
chosen is one offered by Mr. Jobn •'»"'
sou and comprise! a full bulf block at
the northwest comer of Taylor road,
according to a plan of subdivision lubmitted by Mr. Lawson. Tbe lite ii
two blocks or about 700 feat nortb of
Koltb rotd on tbe roed which leads
from the ferry lauding and ii 830 feet
by lllll foot in area. Mr, Lawson gives
the ilii'iiici a froo deed of tho pro
porty aud the council agrees to erect
thereon, a building to bo used as a
municipal ball for at least
Ihroo years, after which tbe property
becomes the possession of tbo district
for auy public purposes for which it
may be required.
In making the motion to tbo above
effect Councillor Mathers stated thai
the council felt that in thu various sites
submitted, they had beon privileged to
choose between the vory best sites
whicii the district afforded. In selecting the sito decided upon, the coun
cil thought that it was the most accessible for the present centre of population and that at the end of throe
years the council would be iu a position
to decide more satisfactorily upon the
permanent site for the municipal ecu
In submitting the resolution Beeve
Nelson stated thai the couucil had traversed the district before choosiug the
site. Tbey had visited every site offered ami had given tbo matter most
careful consideration. While he had
nut agreed with the docisiou of thc
committee, ho bowed willingly to the
opinion of the majority of thc council.
A minium.nn. vote of thanks was
pussed to all who had submitted sites
for the cunsiilcratiou of the council, lu
connection with whicii tho reeve remarked that the ratepayers who had
offered sites free, had set a striking
example to those property owners who
wished to make the district pay the
last dollar fur each piece of proporty
which might be required for roadways
or for other muiiicipll purposes.
Dealing with transportation matters,
Councillor Mathers moved tbat iuaa
much us no suitable boat had thus far
| been offered for charier, tho transportation committee be empowered to ad
•serine for suitable boats for purchase
uml alsn tu lake optious ou auy boats
the  usual springbok  leap lo the ruii
ilde, Chief l.iflun introduced seven; whieh they might wish to locure
offenders lu lleeve Muy in Saturday
morning, uml ilr. May deeiucd it fitting
lu impose I lie minimum Hue in each
instance. Messrs. E. K. Walsh uf New
Westminster, W. Kilroy of Vancouver
und the Kussel Mulnr liar i'o. of Vaueouver, were the delinquent purlieu. In
Mr. Kllroy'i case it wus discovered
Ilinl   his   uuliiiiiuhilc   licence   hud   not
Under the report of tbe finance com-
uiittee, it was resolved that tbe Bank
of B. N A. bo appointed baukcrs for
the district ami that a bylaw be passed
authorising the borrowing of (40,1)011
for mum. ipnl purposes. Tbu first Temporary I."im liy law of West Vancouver district was then introduced aud
read twice.   The rules were thcu sus
„, I,..i peiided uiid the by-law was read a mini
been renewed time its iipiruliun lusl '                          '
„           ,i . r .     i ,,,..i   ,i lime.   Ils lerun  were iu accord   with
yeur.    He was, llicrefure, depnu'il ol
, tr (he above resolution
'jn u.Mill.iiiui to ...                 ,     .         .
Under commonicitions, the letter of
3 Nurlli bhore l'rcss Limited ro Ibeir spe
•tub* rnimufi H«'-s TI,K'UNG1
, BNKL i, in Hii: A i Harbor View Ban
laturium, on Friday, April llllli, lo Mr.
ami Mrs. T A. Uuclgrobe, of this cily, I
If you  want  yuur garden  lixcd  or  ,|aUj,t,ti.r
Iiiaiis laid oul, see !     ,..,,..,    ,    .., ..,  ,
i    I I'U I:-   l„ ibis city, on Wednesday,
W. BURRILL April mil., to Mr. aud Mn   Ernctt
Peter Hoad, Lynn Valley Davis, a daughter.
He will give you a good job al a reus JENKINS—lu Ihis city, on Wednes
onable rule. Nothing luu large or loo day, April itth, to Mr. and Mrs. P.
small.   Kitiuiltei   given. Jenkius, a daugblor.
You Have The Advantage
When purchasing your BooU and Shoes from ui of looking
over one of tbe lwgeu aud moat varied stocks in Britlab Ool
Boll agenti In B. 0. for Uu LADIES "X" BOOTS, you can
only get tbem from ui.
All tba lateat styles aud ibapa  from  Uu  leading  mauufac
Wood-Paige Shoe. Co.
hrst mm %ffl
MourfCrmBlodf, Opp. City M
mn i a »
Garden Took
OUR STOCK ii complete, and
the Quality is here.
LAWN MOVERS in all mt
from 12 lo I flinches.
We a|io have a stock ol the
Famous Summericale
the beit on the market ranging (rom
300 to 500 pounds and the prices are
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
cial edition was referred to tho llnuiico
minimiiiv. as wis also ouo from Mr.
Jessop with reference to publicity mut
ten. It was decidedv to ilefer tho up
I ...i ii i in ..ri r of representatives ou Iho
i.'Mii Civic My.iiiis.ni|; Committee. The
application of W. M. Harinuu fur u
road to D. L. BIG was referred to the
Board of Works. Hevlrai letters with
fen Ico to Liability Insurauce, Ure
apparatus ninl other similar matters
wero referred to the apprupriate coin-
iiiitii.'i'.i. The offer of John t'cers tu
givo gravel from his property for con
structing a road along Creek View
avouuo was accepted. The application
of Charles Appleton for a road to bit
88, block 21, I). I. 837, was referred
to tho Board of Works. The flnuiifi
committee waa empuwercd to act in the
purchase of four lots in D. L. 1U64, for
A plan of subdivision for the went
subdivision plans slati'd Hint I Ilr nip
cil would not consider pluns uf prupcrly
lying hack frmu the watorfronl "huh
ibuwoil less Ihun Iill fuel in width.
"•Scotland" by Bev. .1. A (lillum mi
Monday uw>i in the Nurlli Lonsdale
Presbyterian church, car. Silh mil
Chestcrlleld. Hi cents.
Transfer of Business
Elder Murray I'o. Limited, beg fu
announce to their clients uml lu llu
public generally ihut tbey have irnm
ferrcd their business lu the llurrurd
Development Company, Limited, uli..
will continue to carry il uu ul I.
Lonidale. Avenuo.
They lake Ihis opportunity ul' ilnmk |
ing Ibeir cllonla and the puhlir lor
their suppurt during lbe putt soup
half of D. I,, luun was passed us were years from the Inception uf Ihuir bu.l
also a plan for subdivision uf the south ! m's" and Ihey respectfully reipn.-t n
half uf D. L. 10113 aud lots A In and contluuancc uf Ibo same lo Iheii .-;;,
AID, D. L. C5C, subject to the approval  " ■'••'■•
ot tbo engineer. KI.DKII Ml IlilAV I'll   i.I'll
On motion of Councillor Merrick Mr. | I'er .lohn .1. Murrs
W. B. Lees will be asked lu moot the I I
couucil with reference to estsudiog tho. In Inking ovor tbo bosiucsii
Marino Dm.' through his proporty. Munay Co. Limited, we pledge our»elvc
On motion tbo clerk was instructed to lo very careful utleutiuu lu nil Hi
write tbe West Vancouvor Transports H'ork thai is entrusted lu in.. Wc n
lion compauy ai to whether they have vile Ihe earliest listings uf proprrlii
any proposition to submit witb refer for sale and uf bousr* lu rum W
once lo tbeir ferry service. have uppliruliunii fur u number ul gu.,
Ou iniiiiun of Couu. Hay, tbo engineer   loaiin ul ty ami 11 per cent, interest
wai empowered to procure plans for a !    THE UI'HHAIlD DKVELOPMIjXT
municipal hall to be built at a cosl COMPANY LIMIJIli
of uot more thun HMO. Per Alei' pbilip,
Councillor Qintzhurgor, referring lu       ' Manager
Murra   i j
I'reii   //
CHI  of   .     I
All New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peai by* the oz.
These coma in Bluck,   White,
Lavender, Pink and Red or mixed.
—iu—I -—.—:— :—
Special Lawn Grui, ■  50 cti. lb.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ih.
North. Shore Drug Co.
P. 6. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade We8f
 ■   '     _ s _i  » I,  ',.   i     ,    ,
1   9    ' l—


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