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 Ely lExpgaB
Volume, H
Tlio new North Lonsdale school wss
lormally opened tq receive pupil* on
Monday. Tlie high school pupils who
huvo lor soma months occupied class
mains in tho Borden block, corner Uth
and I.nnsdalo, were transferred lo the
new school tips morning as well aa
tba scholars from the temporary public school on Lonsdale Ave. north.
Hike Sikeuvitdi was taken to tho
hospital suffering from a compound
fniittiirit of Uie left ankle. The man
had been working for Macdonnell,
H/owski k Co. Dr. Nowcombe wai
summoned snd ia in attendance upon
tlto patient at the timo of writing.
Tho recently appointed lire chief who
is now residing in Calgary communicated with the council to tlie effect
that he sccopted tho appointment but
would be n nu I ih- lo tako up hia work
lien- until Ihe lot It ol the month.
Tbe monthly ilalomont ol receipts
of tho North Vuneouver City Ferrica
Ltd. lor the month ol March, IUII,
waa presented.
A protest was filed by the Brackman
k Kerr Killing Co. against tho closing
ol tho Kiipliininle. The company hus
heavy financial interests in tho locality and it would provo awkward if tho
lltoroughfuro was Btopped.
The proi eat wai filed.
Irwin k Billing! placed an offer be
foro tho Council giving them an opportunity to pineli,ii..- Lot A, block 86
in D. L, his and 649, at a price oi
II,ihs), as tho lot in question ia needed for making a .treat. Keforred lo li
uanco committee.
Tlio uow 16-inch water main being
laid in Lynn Valley und the .crooning
lunk being in.lallcd in that place will
be completed in a couple of week..
Tho di.trict waa aaked to bear a purl
ol tho expense connected wilh thia.
Mr. Harold C. Wright wrote a little
billet doux asking tbo mayor to grant
him tho privilege of .peaking for a lew
moments. Witb tho uid of tho reporters uud lho city clork tho note reached
thc hands of (ho mayor who granted
tho ropiest. Mr. Wright wished to
know if anyone hud been censured ai
to the sinking of thc pontoona at the
forry approach. Aa a shareholder thia
gentleman considered that an explanation waa duo him at loaet.
Tlie mayor promised to seo about
the mutter at the next mooting of Hi,
forry directors.
So that tbo poiition of Ihe Burrard
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company toward tbc construction of tbo Second
Narrow! bridge might bo strengthened
lho council approved that the resolution presented by Aid. Dick bo forwarded to Ottawa.
As the supplementary estimate! nr,
now before tho Dominion house tlur.ii:
tho month ol April, and whereas
aomothiiig should bo done in lupport
of the Second Narrows bridge in Ihii
manner. Therefore, this council, after
due consideration of the question and
tho importance of the matter to at
least one-hall Ibe population ol British Columbia adjacent to the Burrard
Inlet md supporting tho application,
wo feel that wc would be lacking in
attention to our publio duties did
not attempt to impress on your i
ernniont. tho neccsijty of giving, tu tbo
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company the requiiitc .upport immediately.
Manager Halao of the U. C Telephone Co. baa aaked tbe council to
make representation to the department ol merino and fisheries, asking
that the right bo granted them to lay
a cable acroaa Burrard Inlet. Aa the
anchoring of ships in the Inlet would
be likely to interfere with tho cablo,
could the .cablo be laid in tbo tours
taken by the Ferries. A suggestion
that the lorry company prepare planr
showing distinctly the course taken by
the ferry boats. This matter vwr
laid over till the next meeting of tho
The matter of tbe telephone company placing pole, on Lonsdale Ave.
and the main streets was brought UP
and it wss suggested tha* the poles
bo placed in ths alleys.
Under Uie head of new business Aid
Kittson moved that the March sheet
be bora off the calendar.
The much discussed White City nutter was then brought up. H was finally decided by tie board to hold s
ploWscibo on the ngressnent wjtjb
Hemphill Brothers on SatunJay-
(Continued ia Friday's issue)
Opening Service*
the Lynn Valley
Presbyterian Church
.Sunduy morning neat the dedicatory
sermon of the new I'rcebytei-iun
churoh will be preached by Dr. Pigeon pf Westminster Hall. Service
will conimeiico at 11 o'clock and the
Sacrament af tha Lord'. Supper was
be dispensed. Members of other
churches aro heartily invited to join
in this service. Tlie preparatory service will pa held in we Institute
Hall on Friday evening at 8 o'olock,
conducted by Bev. Mr. Locklmrt of
Vancouver and the session of St. Andrew's,  North Vancouver.
At 3 o'clock in tbo afternoon a
young people's .aorvioo will be held
whon Mr. C. Fakcley, the Methodist
missionary in cbargo ol Lynn Valloy,
will be the apcakcr. All parenta of
ehil.lt,at in tho Valley are corneal ly
urged to mpport thia meeting,
In Iho ovening at seven (7) o'clock
Dr. McKay, principal ol Wcstniinsln
Hull, will preach.
Tlio banquet on Monday availing pro-
miiei to lie a rod loMer day in the
iiiiniil.i of Lynn Valley, mime excellent
speakers having promised lo attend.
Tables will bo spread Irom 7.30.
By tho kindness of friends from
other churches, special music will be
hoard at each sorvico.
Il is hoped that tho remaining debt
on the building will lie wiped out before tho closing ol those «orvice8.
Tho seating capacity of the Baptist
ehim-h wes taxed to its utmost ou
Wednesday ovoning, tho occasion boi-
iug a farewell soclul leudcrod to the
pastor, Rev. C. R. Bluudeu, who ja
leaving to tako charge of tho Baptist
cause at Endcrby and Armstrong.
Rev. Joseph Long, puetor ol the ll.ip
um church at Grundviow occupied the
chair and among tho a|ieakcra wore
Messrs. .(esse Williams, Borry and
Henry ol tbe Central Mission and ..then. Mr. H. If. Millard on behalf ol
tbo church and congregation read an
uddroai to Mr. Blunden regretting hii
departure from North Vancouver and
wishing him every success in bia now
sphere of labor and asking his accjpi-
I'liec of a put ue of gold which had
boon .mimei lis.I by the friend, ua a
alight expression of Ibcir appreciation
of hi. senilis while acting a. their
paitor during Iho pail ei* mom In.
Mr. Blunden who wui deeply nffectud,
replied in luitablo terms thanking tho
church fdr their kindness and goodwill
lowardi him. Mr. Williams alio on
behalf of Ibo church presented Bov.
Mr. Long with a souvenir in recognition ol the good work performed by
him in founding and establishing tlie
lloptiif cause in thii city. Mr. Long,
who ii culled tbc father of Iho Bap-
Hit church in North Vancouver,
iliaiil.nl the friends for their osproii-
iou of good will wbich wai quite un
expei I'.I and vory accept able.
The speech.-, were intenporicd wilb
longs by Mr. Jonci, Miu lloberti,
Mrs. Ailkon, Mr. Brcan, Mn. Brean
and Mr. Blunden and al tho close refreshment! were diipcniod and a social limo apcnl, the mooting wbich
waa coniidered lho moil luccoiiful
over held by the Baptiiti iu Ihis cily
doling with tho singing ol "'Jud be
witb you till we meet again,"
During the meeting it waa mentioned that tbe pipe organ now boiiur
used at tho First Baptist church al
Vancouver would be presented to the
church here when the First church
moved into their new edifice in funs,
The Baptists bore alao intend to build
a fine large new church building in a
prominent location in the near future.
$mn VAPPPVPi B.Q;, Tuesday, April 4, 19JI
Mri. Gillan of 13th atreet oait will
not receive this Friday or again until
Im i lui notice.
Tho Editor it jn receipt ul „ letter
from a correspondent signing him*"'
"Steady Trevollor,'' dealing wjtb
forry mutters and emphasising Iho
need of on employee whom he (arm. s
"wharf foreman" in order to relieve
the manager of a portion of his du
ties, which the writer coniideri alio
getter too numerous undor present
Ws ayain beg to remind corrcsponrl
tola that only those letters duly rign-
sd by the writeri sre published is ths
Large Hotel for
North Vancouver
Three application, lor hotel licenses
wore cqnajdsrad by Uie Bosfd pi 1 j-
cense fumiirisiionvri at u public meeting on Friday afternoon. Tho petition of Mewn. McNaughlcn and Ho
chuiicii wui pointed out by Mr.
Shepherd thut out ol eighteen owneri
ill block lor which licenic wua applied
only six bad .igned tho petition, ulso
tbe fact of aovcrul namca ou thc lilt
being Chinunun. Alter consideration
by the coiumiaaioncra the mutter wui
voted down. The application of (iiui.
Mcu lor hold liocuao wu. reluicil on
llie ground of illegal presentation.
In tho face of alroiig opposition Irom
Mr. M. B. Martinson, Rev. Sdilicter,
Mn. Hull und K. E. Mucnughler, the
upplicuiimi lor hotel licenic made by
Slioeb.itIon for hii dicut Antonio
Gallia, wai puwod. Mr. (lolliu ia lo
build u largo hotel on Second itroet
to coil aomewbore in tbe vicinity ol
(4(1,000. Tbi. hotel, ho. .aid, would
lie almost exclusively built lor tils)
working classes and a fixed rale ol
room and bosrd would be given at
u minimum charge ol 96 por week.
Mayor McNoisb pointed out tho urgent need ol an institution ol thii kind
for our laborers who wore daily ox
ponding monoy in other place, which
should enrich our own city.
Mr. aud Mrs. UeWolfo loft on Friday I U/at*  VnnrisiivsW  Ni.u/e
for  Ucbncclc  on   the  Allien,!  canal, I"**1   VsMlUIUTCI   HCWe)
Vancouver Island, whore Mr. DcWolfc
is lo huve clturgo of the cold storugo
and curing pluut being titled out in
thut place by ihe Wallace Fisheries
I The past month bus been a record
• one lor tbc real estate market in Ihii
section und u gre-.il deal of properly
bulb in acreage and loli has been
purchased moilly by those who wish
to make Ibcir borne, there. Thc total
mlii olilhrw of the moil  prominent
.... ......      , real   dele  scents   for the mouth ol
Rev. Mr. l'roiicr ol Lethbndgr bus „     .       .
.. .    «.i     . *er««K / hai      sroounted    to    over
accepted a coll lo the BuptuH clyurcb
here and will undertake fail now work
about April H'.ih.
A ipcciul mooting ol the ferry dine
Ion wai held ou Friday morning Ic
allallgc   details   with   l.-g.ild    lo   liu-i   |
iii*. in eturliiic the new lorry boat on ; ]-"><x » n»vinK 'I** '<"• c,«"-*1 nlui
legulnr .,eh,.lui,- ! intendi erecting a fine rcidejicc ou this
Twenty-live per cent, ol tbe contract   beautilul .pot early Ihii spring.
price  amounting   to   WJ.ll.v7.',   hi
1   NdvoS   Avenue  i.   now   oncned   up
Irom the Keilli Road to the <'• ivorn-
went   Road   and   work has um   linn
►tail.-I on Ibe levelling and   giading
ul Ihii  Arsons.    This ii a bcuulilui
thoroughfare,   having   a  gentle  slops
tyor of Uoyds\ registrar lor *if\hom ^ (0 ,()U(l 01|'d |()|f |o   ,bo
Statement of Receipts, March, Jill)
Poaaonger Faros-
Return Tickets	
(6 lot 3(c) .
— /on r,r ti\
 , 4737.60
701) I'll
(au tor fij ...
(70 for ») .
.1. 1940.00
Monthly tickets 	
 *...   131.00
Vebido fares	
Freight Return.
prepaid  »	
Cssh   fares,   rents,
ing, ate	
- '■-(■■
Totsl rscsipls,'March «W, WUM.
Tots) receipts, July, 19)0, M0468.90
Cartifisd Correct!
f^S.1      mil      SVXVS*fSSSsyj      SaJSJV.     S. ii SSBWall*#V Vf .
one hundred thousand dollars
and pricei have ranged (loui nine hundred dollari fi acre up. One of thc
licit -.ile> wui (bat of three wuterfronl loti, nanidy lull 2, 3 aud I. in
block 31, diilricl lot Sou, which were
pinch.i-.i| by Mr. Lance for $i3,G00
cadi ».I.i.b ileal k.i put Hn,,ti th by
Milan.   Iawiiiii   and IWouu.x.       Mr.
voted (mid lo Wullucc Shipyards Ltd.
ai   .iiii.il   in   agreement      Five   per
cut.   vvus   retained   lor   six   month '
A Idler from T. ii.   Minlull.   .ur-
ping, in reply lo communication from
Mr, Wallace waa read.
Wallace Sbipynrdi l.ld.-
Door Sira,- In respect lu your in
piiiy of oven dute I muy auy Ihul all
material and ■■■■ ,,i I in.n -lop ou Hie SS.
North Vancouver No. 3 are In my entire aotiilaclion, Ihe .ted cut.ring in
to the vorioui part. ha. been le.tr!
hy . surveyor lo thi. society snd lur
niahod wilh a corlificate lo thia cf
feet. Tbc vessel will be cloned in Ihii
audit y aa XA being tho highest dux
for vcs.da of her type, which, however, is nn/ necciiury for croft used
entirely in- the harbor. The machui
cry, induding tho boiler, I have re-
commended for Lloyd's certificate XL
M.C. with dalo, which ii the premier
certificate  for   this class.
Youri very truly,
T. (i. MITCHEU..
A motion to the effect that  in  ihr
.ubdivisjan.  both   Mil   and writ    ol
Nelson Avenue arc sdfiug rapidly.
Thc .lore al Hollyburn i. doing
s|ilii,dull_v and Mr. I rearer ^hai lo be
congratulated on the way iu which lie
i. carrying on lbs
The K..1 Vancouver Alhleiic Club
have derided lo continue Ihdr even
ing dan until some lime in May when
they will give sn exhibition in ordei
lo clow ihr gymnaatic lesion. During tbe summer month, .wimming and
tennii club, will be formed und at
there will be a great many people living al W.-il Vancouver Ihii summer i
large membership roll is assured.
Mr. and Mr.. S. Lefesux have moved Iran) Revdeloke snd intend moldnt
Wert Vancouver their luture home.
face'of ao favorable a report from Hit
Board of Trade Meeting
The Board of Trade met on Wednesday evening last to organist tbo
new board. Soma little delay wag occasioned by not sufficient members
being present to maho the organisation legal, but after strenuous efforts
by a few of the members on behalf of
their absent fellows tlio required number was gained snd tbo meeting proceeded.
Alexander Philip, president, then
addressed the meeting.
Mr. Philip referred to tbs efforts pf
tbe Board with regard to publio
works as to the proposed new poet office and othor ileum of public benefit
to bo realized within a low years. 01
the organization of a company of field
engineers which is now practically assured, tbo modification of coal rates,
secured by the Board, technical education in tho schools and other benefits
which lho 'members bud participated
iu which wore too numerous lor aepu-
rute attention.
Regarding tbo V. »', l V. Railway
Mr. Philip considered that the time
had come when further delay on the
part of the company would bo at r.
ond. The president warmly thanked
Mr. Farmer lor bis services with the
Bourd and expressed deep regret that
bo should be obliged to leave owing
lo bis municipal cares. In conclusion
Mr. Philip thanked the members for
Ihdr unhiding co-opcrution with him
us pre ul,-nl iu seeking to advance the
moral and social standing of tbo community uud tho transforming of s
In.rien wilderness into a rapidly growing city which all had in a measuro
assisted. Willi tho caution of avoiding the contracting of too large a
municipal dobt, Mr. Philip .resumed
his scat amid hearty round, of applause.
The election ol officers was thou proceeded wilh, all tbo officers ol the old
board with tbo exception of Mr. Farmer, sccrclury, being re-elected; Tbe
sir.-..- of Mr. Farmer's municipal and
peiMUial business rendered it impossible for him to accept tho appointment
aguin. Mr. .1. Wylio Donaldson waa
.■ippoii.i.il to fill the position.
Thc report of tbo treasurer for six
mouths ending March 31st waa read,
which ahowed Iho receipts to bo 1620,
und disbursement! 1633.60.
Tho following resolution! wero palled by tho Board I
That all membori ol the old Board
ol Trade whose subicriplioui oro not
more than one year in arroaribo received oi members ol tbii Board ol
Trade and that thoy be onrolled accordingly.
Thai tlio executive coundl ol this
Board consist of an Honorary Pre-
sidcnl, a President, First snd Second
Vice-Presidents, 'Secretary, Treasurer,
mid Ton ordinary members.
Tbut Ilic preparation of By-Laws for
this Board be referred to Iho executive
council and Ihat they report to a gen-
erul mooting of thc Board lo bo convened by the Council.
Tbat we invito tho city end district
coundl to appoint delegates tq a
joint civic committee to arrange for
u suitable celebration ol thc coronation of our King, und also for suitable Dominion Day events, and that
llie president in conjunction witb the
muyor and rcovo convene a publio
meeting of citizens on the North Sbore
to appoint delegates to represent dif-
let. ni   intcreati on  the committee.
All accounti woro transferred from
Ihe old board to tho now.
D.i i.l.il before tho meeting Ibat the
cily and district councils should be invited lo appoint delegate! to a joint
civic committee to arrange lor a suit-
able celebration for Coronation Day.
Mr. F. T. Salsbury, Mr. A. G. Perry
and tho president were spppintsd a
committee to look oiler those celebrations. Mr, Salsbury spoke of tba competition for tbe Eves Cup which
would be partidpated in by about
1.600 Boy Scouts bore on Dominion
Day which would in all probability in-
dude several patrol, from Victoria.
The meeting then went Into
Mr. W. W. larfesiu will be Issviop
lor n trip Io lbs old country early
inspect or of coul rncl and liny d'l iur nexl week snd expects to rctun
vcyor. that 36 per cent, of price be .again in'two months' time.
paid Mr. Wallace as stated «ud j>.r | The B. C. K. B. will have their Cap
uudcrslood (hit So drniur.ge' br ilono extension csr line in opera
charged. The manager wa. Instructed lion by May next and lucre are rum
lo call for tenderi for 13 Iflt  rails uf'ors being rirculalrd tbst tbe linewil
i. proof piiiicin snd lo hate manbote,
installed on Ferries No, 2 land t to
comply with Iho marine regulatisig,
No. 3 ferry wa. put on Iho run on
| Sain/day pxaiing the icrvicc a 30-min-
ol* .ni.,-,«Sld behaved faultlessly. II,.
urgent Seed of tbt boat was) .1.
on Sunday .In tbe crowds of ninV-
seer, wbich Ihe carried.
be extended west of tbt Ctpilano
eummer, bul tip to now
tbt tooth
rust qusrler of district lot 1079. The
loutb west quarter is already cleared
and owned by Messrs Crane an
Smith who bav* been living Ibare 'or
aosse time.
A slight fire took place at tbs Cjty
Hall on Friday when s kerosene
healer in the office, of the city
trcasarcr saplodcd setting fire lo
tomc/papers in close proximity- Han-
tie blaze was discovered quickly
promptly extinguished with Blti*
damage done except lo plant
of two lubdjviiions and sons)
other docomonta lo wbjeb -Jshs
fire had access. The fire comftcj- ■
wblcb had boon summoned were on lb.
scene almost inunodiafsly, bat was*
dot nailed upon to demonstrat* tbs
sfectivessai of lis departnsent, TWO
Lonsdale Estate
50 foot Lots (cleared) for sale in
District Lots   265   an(l   553
At the Terminus of the Capilano
Carline   in   District   Lot    607
One Acre Lots for sale in District Lots
132 and 129
For Price Lists, Terms, and Particulars apply
526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.       Phone 2835
4-I-l-l-llt"ll"t-M"M-l-I"l-t-W"l-l"M"I-M->-t"I l-t I'11M HII 11 H-H-H H H"H"1 M-Hl-H-l-Hl l<
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocb 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in  District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocb of from
to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through This Property.
For Pirns, Price Lis! and Particulars, ap|>ly to
The North Vancouver Land
Improvement Co. w. i*
Comer P«*W and Seymour jfe*. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vwcouver, B, C
Klrkwood unbuttoned bis com und
rreolng th* ebalu from his wiiii,ii um
buttonholes, removed bis wuteh. Aa
Will abandon tbem altogether. He bad
designed to leave tbem ss sceurltj
tot tbs £3 and bad delayed staring tba
terms only tax fear last Ibey be re-
frjsed. Now, too lata, ss ever, ba recognised bia error. But surely, ba
thought, It should be apparent oven to
tbat low Intelligence tbat tba tlm*
Discs alone waa worth mora than ths
boat Itself.
"WUI yon lass timer ba offered.
"Tags and keep them. Only ast ns
aboard tbat shlpl"
Deliberately the fisherman weighed
tba watch and chain tn Ua broad, ban!
palm, ayaa narrowing to mars silts Is
Ua bronsed mask.
"Bow much?" fas used slowly.
"mighty pounds together. Tba chali
along cost me twsnty."
Tbe shifty, covetous ayaa ranged
from tba treasure In his band to lbs
threatening east. A. puff of wind
caught tbt sail and sent tbs boon
ntbwartshlps Ilka g mighty flail. Hot.
msn ducked Instlnctlvsly to escape s
"How do I katarT objected t»,
"I'm telling you. If you've syes yoi
can see," retorted Klrkwood savsgely
seeing thst be had erred In telling tht
truth! The amount be bad named wai
too great to be grasped at once by Ibis
crude, cupldlnoue brain.
"How do 1 know?" tfae man repeated. Nevertheless bs dropped watch
and chain Into his pocket, then, with s
manning grimace, ettendcd sgaln Us
horny, greedy palm.
"Hand over tb' two pun und we'll go."
"Ill see you Itsnged flrstr"
"Ashore ye go." lie pronounced bis
altlinatuin, motioning Klrkuniid to en-
tar tbs boat
Tba American turned, looking for
Hit Aletbea or for the vessel (list bu
bslleved bore thst name. She was
■string tbe lightship wben be found
bar, and as bt looked t squall blurred
tbt tlr between tbem, blultlng tht
brlgantlns out with t smudge of rain.
Tba effect wss ss If she hsd vanished,
at If sbe wire fortvtr tnstched from
Ut graap, and witb Dorotby aboard
btr-hesven alont knew In wbst need
ol Uml
Uut* and blind witb despslr snd
wrstb, ba turned upon tht msn snd
caugbt blm by the collar, forcing blm
out ovtr tht lip of tbt overhang. They
were untvenly mstched, Klrkwood fsr
tba .lighter, but strength csmt to blm
In tbt crisis, pbyslcsl strength snd address sucb ss he bnd not dreamed wtrt
at but command. And tbe surprise of
bis onslaught proved sn slly of un-
guessed potency. Before bo himself
knew It In- wss stsnding on Ihs over-
bang and bsd shifted bis bold to seise
tbt fellow limn the wtUf; then, lifting blm clear of tbt deck sud sided
by tht lurch of tbt catboat, bt cast
Um bodily Into thc dory. Tbc msn.
fslllng, struck his head against ono of
tbe iiivsnris ti glancing blow tbst
stunned him tetn|Hirsrlly. Klrkwood
himself dropped us If shot, a trailing
reef point shipping bis cheek until It
Stung ss the Ihhuii thrashed overhead
II was ss close s .all at be Iuid known
Tbt knowledge sickened blm s llltlt.
yviiiii'iii rising he worked the palmar loose snd issl the dory sdrlft. Iheu
crawled bsek Into the cockpit No
pang of compssslun dltturlied hltn as
he abandoned llie fisherman to tbt
mercy of the aea Though the fellow
lay .Mil. ti in ■! mi lily distorted. In tbs
bottom of the dory, ba waa lu no danger Tbt wind and wavet together
would ctrry tbe boat ashore. Fur tbst
nutter, tht msn waa tven then re
covering, struggling to ait ap.
Crouching lo avoid tbs boom, Kirk
wosd went forward to tba bows and.
grasping tbs mooring cable, drew II tn.
dipping back Into tbt cockpit to gtl a
stronger purchase wilb hit (tat   It
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright. IMS. by tht Bobbs-Merrlll Co,
glshly agslnst ths wind, the cable
Ing In Jealously >nd behind hltn ht
could henr u ynh'i' hallowing ^."irtlou-
Ittt menaces nnd,kntw thst In another
moment tht fisherman would bt at his
Frantically ba tugged and tore nt the
slimy rope, hauling with a will snd n
prayer. 11 gave mora readily townrtl
tba tnd, but ba ttemed to have fought
With It for agtt whin at last the nn-
abor tripped snd be got-it In.
. Immediately be leaped back to the
itam. (Med In tba tiller and, seizing
tbt mslnshwt, drew tba boom In till
tbt wind should cstch In tbe canvas
In the dory the skipper, bending at his
oars, wss not two yards sstcrn
Ht was bard abuas* whan, the sail
filling witb s hang. Klrkwood pulled
tbt tiller up. and tba catboat slid sway,
a dosen feet separating tbem In a
A ytll of rags boomed down' tbe
wind, but bt paid no heed. Careless
alike of tbt dsngers ha bad passed and
those tbst yawnsd before blm, bt
trimmed tbt sheet and stood away on
tba port tack, heading directly (or ths
Nora lightship.
T HANlNu againat tha combing, feet
braced upon tht slippery and
treacherousdeck, Klrkwood clung
«L>i to tiller and malnsbeet snd peer-
id ahead with anxioua eyes, a pucker
of daring graven deep between bis
A milt to westward, three or mort
thaad, bt could wa the brlgantlns
standing clot. In under Iht Essex
shore. At times tbt wss Invisible.
Again bt could Cttch merely tbt glint
of btr csnvss. whltt sgtilntit tht dsrk
gloom of the. ininrni. toned by s mist
Jf flying spindrift. II. strained but
syst, wnit liitiit fur the chapes whlcb
would take place In lite rnke nf ber
meats nnd sails when i lie should romt
For tbt longer tbst muiieuver wus
deferred tbe better was his cbauce of
(ttalnlug bis object It was s fur-
lorn hope. Hut In time the brlgsn-
llne. to escape Mapllu suuds. would
be forced to tack and stand out past
tba llgbtsblp, tbe wind off ber port
bows. Then their courses would Intersect It remained to be demonstrated whether Hit ctlbout wss
ipeedy enough to arrive at this point
of contact In sdvance of or simultaneously with the larger vessel
lie watched tbe catboat anxiously,
qui '■■ to uppr.in- ber merits ss aba
i'.' plnyed tbem. Ht bed sailed small
craft before-frail ccnterbosrd cat-
boats, bund) and swift, built to serve
In summer winds and protected waters, never sucb s one ss this Yet bt
liked .her.
'Offshore, loo. the wind stormed witb
added strength or possibly bad fresh- I
litii-tl For minutes on end the ic*
word gunwales would run green, and
now and agsln ths screaming, pelting
squalls ium scoured tbe ostuury ,
would heel her over until tbe wattr j
in, iniii] Iii over thc Ice combing, ami j
the rudder, lifted clear, would bang
Idle until, siulllen by some racing bll
low, the tiller would b« sll but torn |
from Klrkwood's hands. Again snd
again this hap|ieiicd, and those were
limes of trembling. But always the
i.iilnwi righted, linking the clinging
waters from her snd swinging ber
-1 .-in Into tbe wind again, snd there
would follow su abbreviated breath-
Ing spell, during wblcb Klrkwood wss
ai liberty to dasb tbt salt spray from
Ida eyes snd search tht Wind harried
waste for Ibe brlgtntlne. Sometimes
he found her. siimoUniet not.
I.'iiiii sfter be bad expected ber tt
•he went about, and they begin to
i I.m. lu upon cinli other. He could
set Hint even witb shortened csnvsa
she was slsggtrltfg drnnktnly under
Hie Arret Itnpacla of ths wind. For
himself, It wss nip snd luck now, snd
no man In* bis normsl sense would
have risked s sixpence on tbs host's
i Injure lo live until (hi crossed lbs
t.iii-ihiiii.-'h bowa.
Time oul of reckoning be was forced
lo kneel lo the swimming cockpit,
steering with one hind, using (he I mil
Ing dish wilb tbc other snd keeping
bia e.ei religiously turned to the belly
lug patch of sail. It waa heartbreak
lug loll. Ue began reluctantly to con
. cdr that It could not but much longer
Aud If he missed tht brigsntJne. ht
would lie lost.
Lung since hs bad become numb
wilb cold from Incessant drenching!
of Icy spray (list piled in over the
windward counter, keeping tbt bottom
ankle deep regardless of Us laborious
but Intermittent tSorta with tht billing dish. And the two, brlgaaUnt and
eocklrahtll, wtrt drawing together
wilb npptlllug deliberation.
Bui Hut his voles (tock in bia
parched throat ba could bavt shouted
lu bl. el.lion when mntutlly bt
gabied tbt point of lolersectlon ao
eighth of s milt ahead of Um brigan-
lint and got eight of her windward
U/mi hi* ettor of ttoim, boo* km
bodily Into Bu ion. I
Ihat htld gnnc liefr-ro.
Holding ihe iiiili'int on fur ti tliuu,
he brought her uliout hnntlsotnely a
little way beyond thc brlgttntlne's
course and hutig In tbc eye nf the
wind, the leach lltipplng nnd tightening with reports like rlAo shots and
ihe witter sloshing about his cnlves-
halllng dish now altogether put of
iiilinl v.blle In- watched tbe oocqmjng
vessel, his even glistening wilb anticipation.
Bite was footing It smartly, the brig-
nnllne. lying down to It snd snoring
Into the wind. Beneath her stem
waves broke In snow white showers,
vyhltcr than the canvas of her bulging
jib— broke and. gnashing tbelr teeth in
Impotent fury, swirled and eddied
'.own her sleek dark flanks. Bobbing,
coiiitcsylng, she plunged onward,
shortening' Ihe Interval with mighty,
leaping bounds.   On ber bows with -
each Instant the golden letters of her
name grew larger and more legible
iintll-Alctlieu-ho could read it plain
11-V uml dispute.
Joy welled In his heart He forgot
ull tlt.-it he bad undergone In tbe prospect of what he proposed still to do tn
thc tin inc of the only woman the world
held for blm. Unquestioning ba had
come thus far In her service; unqucs- -
Honing, hy her Bide, he was prepared
10 go Still further, though ail human-
Ily should single her out with accusing fingers.
j They were watching blm aboard the
briganIInc. He could see a line ol
heeds above ber windward rail, Per-
j haps sbe wss of their number.  He
, waved sn ouduclous band. Borne ono
replied, a great shout shuttering Itself
unintelligibly against the gait. Ht nel-
! titer understood nor attempted to reply.
, Bis every faculty waa concentrated on
\ tba supreme moment now st band.
i   Calculating tbe Instant to a nicety,        t
ba paid off Iho sheet and pulled up tbe
tiller. Tho catboat pivoted on ber heel.
With a crack her sail flapped full and.
I rigid;   tben,   witb   tbe   untempered
I might of the wind behind her, sbo shot
j like nn arrow under tbe brlgsntlne's
bows, so close that the bowsprit of tbe
1 latter Drat threatened to impale tbe
I sail: next, Ihe bows plunging, crashed
down s bare two feet behind the cat-
boat's stem.
Working In a fremry of basic, Kirk-
t wood Jammed tht tiller bard alee,
bringing thc cat about, and, trimming
tbt malnsbeet as best be might found
hlmaelf racing under the brlgsntlne's
leeward quarter, water pouring In generously over Ihe cat's.
! Luffing, be edged nearer, handling
hb craft aa though Intending to ram
the -larger vessel, foot by foot shortening tht Utile Interval.   Wben it waa '
four feet be would risk thc Jump. He
crawled out on ths overhang, crouching on bis toes, one baud light upon
the tiller, tbo other touching tbc deck,
ready  ready.
Abruptly Uie Aletbea sbut off the
Wind; the sail flattened end the cat
dropped back. In a second tbe dls- ,
Ian.'..- had doubled. In anguish Klrkwood uttered an exceeding bitter cry.
Already bo was fulling fsr oil ber
A shout reached blm. Ho wss dimly'
conscious of a dark object hurtling
through the air. Into tbe cockpit
■■ -1■ i-1■ lung, something dropped-a coll
of ro|ic.  lie fell forward upon It Into
«..!. I    eighteen    III. lies   ileep   nil']    for
the lirst time realized that but for (list
lino he hud gone Ui bin drowning hi nn
ulher minute.   The cat wu sinking.
As he scrambled to bis feet, clutching Utc life line, a heavy wave washed
over the waterlogged craft and left ll
all but submerged, snd s smart tug ou
lite ro|ie added point to tht advice
villch, reaching bis ears hi a bellow
like a bull's, penetrated Uie panic of
his wlls. •   '
"Jump! Jump, you fooli"
• lu an Instant of coherence ht asw
llutl Ihe brlgsntlne waa luffing. None
the less much of the line had already
been paid out, and there waa no reckoning when the end would ba reached,
Without time to make It fast bt bltcb- ■'
ed ll twice round bit waist and chest,
unci loitrd au arm, and, grasping ll
shove his head to'east Its constriction
when tbc tug should come, leaped on
the combing and overboard.   A green If
i. ii ing avalanche swept down upon
him and Ihe luckiest catbost, over
e. in lining both simultaneously.
The ggony that waa bia during tbt
next few minutes run by no means be
exaggerated,   lib) senses were blotted »
out In blackness. Tben he was breath-
lug one* mure, the keen clean air stabbing bis lungs, thc while he swstn unsupported In-an ethereal void of brll-
I ><" I    His mouth, was full of some- '
thing tbst burned...* liquid hot, acrid *
und stinging.   He gulped, swallowed,
slabbered, choked, coughed, attempted
to sit up. was swart that bt wu tbe .
focsl center of a ring of glaring, burning eyes. Ilkt'tyet of ravening beasts,
mid fainted. ^^-"J"
Ills next conscious tapyassjojgjJwal^T    J[M
of standing up, supported by friendly
nrun on ellhur-ttfic, while somebody
.   ..     , ,-r ,—   —. I wna usirtflghlnj U fat could walk a
freeboard at most slowly ths catboat J «fpji or two.
forged across her count. J^-^"""'^^~
for (II Ibal, thejDosnAf of bis actual triumph waa not yet. Ha bad still
to carry of successfully a scheme tbat
for sheer audacity of conception and
contempt for danger transcended all
H» una partlpteded, partly htld up,
ou the odire of tht cabin skylight, ou
object of Interest to gome half dozen
•men,, sosfnrhui foUowa* all. bv  tbelr
(To bt oonUonsd)        .
B> !]■'
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
l® Good Pictures Good Singing
m\\\ ::; Good Music  ::; ,:,
Programme clianged Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.
Adult. 10c Cw^JitlT^^ Children 5c
Matinee:  every   Sutuiduy 3.30 o'clock
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
.  ■ j
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
The A. Farro
126 2nd St Weit
When you deal at lho A. Farro Grocery you got exactly what you aak lor
at right prict.
Special Attention!
Wo carry a complete lino ol Groceries.
Hanbury k Evans Bread ii for $1.00
Phone    1%
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Killed and Satisfaction
Guarantcd.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near Gly Whail
Warehouse:       Foiman's Wharf
Rebuilding Montreal
Costs $10000 a Day
Qroot Consliriiption Wpr|r Going on
Will Create Now City, Soon-Old
Ji»w)W»F|h jfaappoaring-Bubonio
Plague Menaces Cauudu-Sir Andrew Fraser Opining.
(From our own correspondent)
Montreal, April 3—With the now eru
«l construction timt bids fair to make
this on entirely new city within the
next quarter o( a century wol) under
way, Montreal is now (pending bu-
iniiilly on tbe erection ol new buildings nearly enough money to build the
(loorginn Boy-Canal, uud is using during tbo same period owiugh building
material to conitruct at luait Ibrcv
pyramids equal in aire to tbo great
pyramid or Choopa. Never boforo in
tbo hiatory ol Canada baa thcro been
any approach to tbe record ol expansion which figures just collected luivu
brought to light here, Now auburba,
towne in ti)omso)vcs, are springing into being almoal every day all over
tho iilnnd. Old landmarks, gentle
reminder! of Maiaonhouvc ond the
Frond) founders of Montreal, diiop-
pitiir in a night and long, alurdy iron
girdora reaching to Ihe akica take thu
place, ol the squat lime worn stone
Sturies which have been circulated
at different limea of terrible diacaaca
caught from tho wearing of false huir
arc bcuig brought pretty close to home
at thc preeent moment. Dr. .1. I
Laborgo of the provincial Board ol
Health ia nbout to iuuc u itutcuicnt
to the effect that there ia danger
thut the plague which ia cuuiing much
frightful suffering uud "death in Chinii
may be brought into Cunudaby l-ilic
hair. Tbe officer! of tbc huullh de-
jiiii-im.-iit oro making impiiiie. ut the
l.ieiil hair itorc* in order to disoovar
what proportion ol thc switches mild
by local doalcra come Irom China.
The men who conduct the huir
buaincn state thut they import
tlio bulk ol their goodi Irom Germany, but they add thut Chinese hair
ia also on aulo here. It ia claimed
that moil ol tbo corpus taken to the
morgue iu the plague-stricken district
ol China ttie minus pigtuila, and Ilic
rcuson ia that the huir Ium been taken
hy agouti ol tbe hair coinpunica.
A Canadian-wide miationnry convention will ahorlfy be announced by the
Laymen'. Miuionnry Movometil.
Meetings will be held in nearly
every town and cily from ihe Atlantic
lo tbe Pacific some time next uiituuiu.
The iliiiet have not a. yet been definitely fixed but the lirst   gathering
C. G. S. Duncuti of Ihe City of Vancouver, broker, bus been appointed attorney of tho above-mentioned Compuny in tho pluce und iteud ol W,
Harry Wilson.
Dal ol at Victoria, 11. <'., Ihii ninth
day of Mm eh, lull.
Rcgiitrur Joint Stock Companies.
NOTICE ii hereby given Ihut at Ibe
next lining ol the Board ol Liceming
Commiiiioiieri for the City ol Nortli
Vancouver, we, the uiider.igncd, intend
to apply for a hotel Ium,, lor prom-
iiei nil utile on loli il and 118, block
166, district lot 371, Fir.t .tract, in
the .aid City of North Vancouver.
Dated at Vancouver, March 1Kb, 1911
the partnership lieie[..,fi,ie cuiiting between ui, the undersigned, ai real estate ugents in tbe Cily ol North Vancouver, in glass urovinco ol llriliih Col-
iitiilnti, liie. thii duy been dissolved by
niiiliiiil con.cut. All debta owing to
the iuid parliierahip are to be paid
lo Henry Valentine Smith ut llie I'ily
of North Vancouver, und all cluiuis
lignum! the suid partnership are lobe
presented lo tlto suid Henry Valentine
Smith hy whom the snmo will bu tot-
Dated thia 37th day ol Nardi, A.D.,
(Signed)' THOS. A, MARTIN.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
a new Carpet (or
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select fromT
jiices a little lower
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Note our Prices:
KM« Tables       (1.75
KWwCluIn      Sfcudttc
"       "        75c and $1.00
Dining Chairs 75c ap
Iron Btssteadi trim	
$3.75 up U $35.09
Mallretwi, Mi size, Irom $3 op
Spriagi, tuH sue, Iron $2.25 ap
Dreuen with Uvtttttl mirrors
$8.00 ap to $45.00
Estimates Gladly Furnished.
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
Will likely take place at Vancouver in
I lln iiiiinl It nf Del tiltitr,
. Pjr Andrew Fraspr, Isle Lieutenant-
fipyerppp of Bengal, wi|l be thc chid
speaker ul those conventions, mid in
the western provineea he will he assiat-
edby Ml', J.'lllll «. Mutt. Iii Metros! it ja expected Rev. Pr. Robt. E.
Spear will accompany Sir. A. Fraser.
Including tbe population of the
Philippine lalanda, aa enumerated
by tbe otmaus of 19113 under tlm direction of ths war department, 7,(i36,4M
and adding estimStes for the ial.iiids
of Guam and Samoa and tlie Ognal
Zone, the total population of )fao United Slate:! uud piiiit.etii.i.iiiii i. about
Tho population per square mile ol
the continental Unitied Statea, excluding the District ol Columbia, is now
80.0 aa compared wilh 36.fi in 1000
and 31.3 in 1880. Rhode Island, Ihe
moat deoaely populutod atnte ol lho
Union, haa 608.6 pcraons |>er aquaco
mile, v.lnle the louat dcnsoly populated Hint... ja Nevada with 0.7 per bij.'
During the last decade 11 ol the 18
atutca of tho Union, all in tfae woat,
viz., Wuahington, Montana, N. Dakota
Orogon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Arizona, Norlh Mexico and
Oklahoma huvo incrouiud their population in a ratio of 60 p.c. and ovi
throe states, Utah and Colorado
the woat und New Jersey iu tbo oast,
by between 30 and 80 p.c.; six itntcs,
Toxua, Arkunaua, Mnaauchusclls, Now
York, Ponnaylvuniu und Weal Virginia
by between 20 and ,'ill p.c.; while the
remaining in at ales have incretiacd in
|, in in, ii in in i of under 30 p.c, the rule
of increuao in nine of theso being under 10 p.c. The bulletin ahowa Ih i
ie,i|)eelivi. nitc-s of inereuse graphically
by in.'.un, ol hatdiingi on u map.
SEALED TENDERS on tbo prescribed formi and uccompaniod by cadi
or certified cheque for fivo per cent, of
tha amount of tender will bo received
by the underiigncd until 6 p.m. on
Thursday, 6th April, 1011 for clearing, grubbing and grading portion ol
Hoikins Road, Lynn Volley,
Tfae lowoat or auy tender nut men
lorily accepted.
District Engineer.
Diilricl Muuicipul Office,
North Vancouver, B. C.,
36th March, 191). II
NOTICE is hereby given that tho
partnership bcretoloro existing between Edwin Dickinson and John
Scott ai lasb aud door ruunulucturcrs
al Norlli Vancouver bus thii duy
been dissolved by mm mil consent lho
laid John Scott retiring.       >
The laid Edwin Dickinson assumes
ull Ihe liabilities ol (lie lute firm uud
to v,)n.in all accounts ure payable.
Dated Ihis 31 il duy ol March, 1911.
The partnership herd ..furs eluding
between John '!.■ llrcssay, l.dward
Poore and Wuller I Moult, ull ol
North Vnncouver, ia ibia duy dissolved by mm mil consent und the reul citato und iuiurunee brokerage business
of Breiicy, Peers k Boult will in future be conducted by Edwurd Peers
and Walt,i L. Iloult under Ihe tun,
name of Peeri k Boull.
Mr. Breasoy, who is leaving for an
extended trip lo Peace River early in
April, hope, that hi. friends will continue their buiineii connection with
ths firm during hii absence.
■li. . BRESSEY.
March 81st, 1911. 4 4
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Noxt door to Everybody's Shoo store)
Scotch Shortbread
d Pies
Bruce & Co.
all porioni having claimi againit
the cJlotc ol Martha II. Holt, deceased, late ol lho City of North Vancouver, (re required to aent by poat, prepaid, or deliver to Sebullz k Arnold,
solicitor, for the executor ol the said
deceased, their name, and addresses,
and (ull particulars in writing ol ilu-ii
claims and tbe nature of the security,
if any, bdd by tbem.
AND TAKE NOTICE tbat niter (be
1st of May, 1311, the executor will
proceed I o distribute tfae ahsets of lbs
deceased, having regard only to tbs
claims ol whicli (ie then shall have
bad notice.
tbat (II parlies indebted to tilt (aid
estate art required to pay tba
amount of their mdebtcsness to tba
undirrigned forth wilb.
Dated Ibis 3»tb day of Marcfa, 1311.
Solicitors for lot Executor.
WM Crown Building, 616 Pender
Street, VaJMOurer, B. C.
TENDERS will bo received by tho undersigned up lo Ilic Und day ul
April, 1911, at 6 p.m. lor the purchase
of Illock 37, Subdivision of Lol No.
611, Group 1, New Westminster Ills-
tricl, lit uut ed in the I'ily of Vancouver, und being tho site of the old Pro-
vineitil Court House. Euch lender
must bo enclosed in u registered Idler uud must be addressed to the un-
jersigned und plainly marked "Tondei
for old Vuneouver Court Hou r .ite,"
and n, i t be accompanied by un accepted clici|ito for ten per cent, of the
lirst payment ol the purchaio money.
Payment lor the property will be ue-
i,I'i,,I in instalments ol onc-quurterol
the purcliiisc money. Tlio first of audi
initiiliuenli to be paid within thirty
duyi ufter the accept once of the tender, and thc other three annually
ilen.,n, i, with interest at Iho rulool
6 per cent, per annum. In tho ovent
ol Ilic person wBoec lender ia accepted tailing to cotnplole tbo first iuslii)-
ment within thirty duyi ol the notice
of iuch .,,ieiitni e,. tlio salo to Inn
will be cancelled mid bis ton per cent
deposit forfeited. The cheques ol unsuccessful tenderers will bo returned.
Tbo highest ur any lender will nol
necessarily be accepted. No commissions of auy kind will bo allowed.
Mil,; n i of Land.,
Department ol Landa,
Victoria, B. C.
Marcfa ill,, 1311.
•• VIA-
Plans prepared and Estimates given.
Office: 1407 Dominion Trust Bldg.
Phono 3407
Residence, 163 Eighth Ave. E.
North Vancouver.
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
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. standard priest.
Ashorott potstost
Ring up Tel. 13» aad wt will anoU
prim on Swill's Huns and Bacsp ttt.
fip,»aW»  0»»f»r Im of »*st7 |840
order to get a ebaaas on rsaatssUlsl KWfc
No».TH V*«fPovvsB. B - C
JUtss or KtiHCHinion i
Ommt |i.oo
ll* months  -        -        •      .60
. Tbrs. months    -       • .36
UuM States and Forsign,|i.Wperyear
W csnts per iuch each insertion. '
Lone a Noriosa, Etc.—(1.00 psr Inch per
U*o ago Tiapaa Nwcpa-IJO days, Mi
Laa.i. Advsutuinu—First insertion, 10
, ssnts per line; each subsequent insertion, oc. par lins,
RsiniNu Nonets is Locit, Nsws Cut
cans—10 cents porlino,esch Insertion
Oontsict Advsbtissmsnts—Rates sr-
rsnged according to space taken,
All chaugesiii contract adverlisomeiits
fust be In liis hands of tile printer by
adntsday evening tu ensure publication
Intbs nest issue.
North Vamcouver, Ai'kil 4, 1911
The net result
of tfae
recent negotia
tions with the Dominion Government,
with reference to voting a subsidy in
lavor of llurrurd Inlet T.unne| ond
Bridge Company, toward tbe coat ol
constructing Second Narrow, bridge,
il to be gathered perhaps by inloronce
rather than by direot stu'omoiit, from
tho reports submitted by the dolegutos
to the respective bodies which they represented.
Tho one fuel thul atandi oul clearly
and iiiiiuisiiihenlil; in Iho reporla ia
to the effect that ua soon ui llie Burrard inlet Tunnel und Bridge Company has arrived ut u basis of ugrei.-
iiient with the V, W. Jl Y. Railway
Company, us to Iho, consideration lo
be grantud the latter company, the
subsidy appropriation will be entered
in Ihe supplcmcnlary eilimulcs, in lu-
vor of the former company. On Ihe
face of it, thia appears to be practically Ihe same position in which Ilic
matter alixxl at the conclusion ol tic-
gotiutiona at Ottaw/i in Fdiruury ol
last your. In summing up the sit tin
tion at that lime, The Eipress ol
March 4th, 1010 aaid editorially;
"il 'lues not require any exceptional
powers ol insight to diiccro tfae intention of the Railway Committee, namely, that thoie two companies, one
owning a luderul subsidy fur a bridge,
und the other owning exclusively Ibe
right to build the only sort ol bridge
that the committee upproved, ihould
conler together and arrive ut u baiii
ol co-operation iuch oi would render
the lubiidy uvuilable (or Ihe bridge
that Ihe people need. Nol only is
'lis the courtc iiiunislukcuhly indicated by the uction of the committee, but
il ii likewise tbc indliod of prooulurc
that was lime and aguin spucifieully
impressed upon tbe interest ml purties
by iiiiliii.itiiil members of' both sidei
of the house, ui living the course Ihut
it wai expected would he followed.
"It muy therefore Ik anticipated
that negotiations looking to such un
arrangement between 1I10 two conipun-
i.'., will lw instituted ul an curly dute
Ths sue..-.slid conclusion of audi ne
gotistions would ut once unite the federal and tho provindul mbirdic. in
aid of Ihe bridge, uud would uiiiure
not only the conitruction ol u ntugni-
laviii railway and IrafHc bridge, but
bk..wis. the i iiiniiii in elm ni of operations wilbin a lew modi In' lime."
While at first sight (bia would up
|«-ui to accurately reprosenl tfae situation aa il atandi today, nevorlhelesi
at elos. i view it lieoomos evident that
there sre certain lestures in wfaidi
tlie siliiiiin.n hus materially .-hang
ed in lavor ol Burrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge Company. Iu Ihe Oral
place it i. not now a laot that there
is a compsny "owning a fodsrsl tub-
tidy" lor a bridge at Second Narrows
inasmuch aa tbt subsidy vote in lavor
ol lb. V. W. k Y. Railway Comjiaoy
lapsed io August last, in conicquencc
of fsilure upon the psrl of that compsny to bsgiu qcluel conitruction at
tbst tint. At tbt matter itondi
in Una particular, tba Dominion government ia committed lo s subsidy iu
lavor <A a bridge st Second Nurrowi,
but tbst subsidy it mtiraiy unsttach-
sd st lbs f>rsssnt time. Il will bt re-
oegnissd tbst thii, ia ilsell constitutes
f most Isvorablt cbsnge in tha aspect
0/ alsira Iron lbs standpoint of Bar-
tu4 Iota* Tsswl stsi Bridge Company.
But tins is only tbe btginning. It
ia lurthtr, a lair iafsrtnce Iron) Ull reports wfai* havs Imni wtwriHtd to
oomUkU list tbs (sinister ot railwsyt
bus recognized that Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company baa prior,
ity ol right to the Dominion subsidy.
Ths plain significance ol this is that
ths V. W. Ik V. railway has tarn'riJa-
placed by Burrard Inlet Tunnel (nd
Bridge Company   as ths   prospective
owner ol ths Dominion subsidy and
that when lb» subsidy vole js passed
it will bo passed in favor of Use
Meantime there is only ona consideration which stands in the way of tha
immediate entry of the name of Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company in tbe aiipplumontury estimates
to ths amount of this subsidy, namely the reaching ol a decision as lo
the concession wfaidi shall be made
the V. W. k Y, Railway Company in
view ol the (act thai in the issuing oi
the subsidy to ths other company the
V. W. k Y. will Anally relinquish not
only all hope of securing any government assistance toward a bridge at
this point but will also be forestalled
in tlie right to build a bridge there at
ull inasmuch as the minister of railways has staled that only one bridge
can be allowed at .Second Narrows
and that mtiat be a combined railway
and traffic bridge.
There remains one further obstruction which may arise, namely, the negotiations between the two companies
may result in a deadlock, the V. W.
k Y. Railway Company demanding
more than Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company is prepared to grant.
Although the reports have not even
suggested what would transpire
should sudi a lituation develop, it follows aa a reasonable deduction from
lho entire situation, thut the breaking of the deudlock would depend sole-
ly upon the ability ol Burrard Inlet
Tunnel und Bridge Compuny to convince the miniiter ol ruilwuyi that
liny had offered the V. W. and Y.
Ruilwuy Coiiipuiiy u fair und reasonable conaideration, but that the aamo
had not been accepted. Whether
thore exists any understanding either
tacit or explicit a. to wliut thc minister would e, ut ni, let u roaaonahle consideration, is known perliups to only
the immediate memliera ol ibo com-
p.inie.i moat nearly concerned, or if
known by others, it could not lie divulged wjthout prejudicing lite successful progress ol negotiations, und ia,
therefore <|uit« properly suppressed,
.Should Ilic uliove lumming up ol the
situation Ik upproximutely correct, it
ia .-wili-iii thut the happy solution ol
litis whole problem ia not fur removed Irom tlie present.
There ia ut any rate, one fundamental   proposition   which   may  he  laid
down   aa   touching   tbe   question   ol
trading at home,   with    relcronoe   to
which uli who truly wish to promote
tin interest* of tfae homo   town   will
entirely agree.     Thut propoailiou   ia
thia, namely, when, prociaely the mute
article can be bought at home lor precisely the same price al whidi it cun
be bought out ol   lawn,   thul   article
should bo bought ut home.  Thii plain
rule, the juilice ol which ii patent to
ull, will diipoic ut once uud upon,  a
satisfactory buiii, of u very lurge proportion of locul truding.    In thii connection,   however,   the  position   has
been taken throughout thi. aerie.   "I
niini.-s, Ihut it ia not fair  in  comparing prices, (hut   the  locul    atorue
should be expected  to  compote,   with
largo ilepurtinentiil concerns, aa   coin-
purod with which the local merchant
ia inevitably at a heavy disadvantage
lor reasons whidi have  already  been
submitted.   Tho comparison should lie
made with out ol town stores ol   Ihe
lumc grade ns tbe local stores,   and
when ibis ii done, it i. sale to say
that local price, will compare  lavor-
alily   with   respect   to  a   very   wide
range of  articles,   will)   those  which
csn  be  obtained  daewhere.    II  tbt
large departmental catablidiment it to
be   accepted   aa a sale   criterion by
means ol which lo judgo prices,   and
il trading i. to be placed accordingly,
then it ii evident  that  Ibe  ultimate
result  would foe  that all  merchants
trading ou a smaller Kale and catering to a .action ol the public in sny
city, would be crowded out ol bonnes,
and tbe public would be delivered into
the   hund.   ol ths big departmental
concerns, a contingency   fraught  with
such grave results tbat no thougfalful
person will entertain it lor a moment.
Outside of tbo merchandise referred
to in the abovs rule, there liea a great
volume of trading, relative  to  wfaidi
the conditions are sucb as to create a
persistent tendency to   wander  afield
It goes without saying that there is u
certain amount of trading which must
be dona elsewhere because Um   local
morket bai not yet developed  to an
extent sufficient lo  justify  our  local
merchant, ua stocking tbs lines involv-
Aa a lurlier mnsjatosiloB witb res-
Beet to prices snd good., it will n 1
doubt ba found in ths ordinary court i
ol stopping Ibst tfasrs set some Unci
in wbich t|ai price, ol tonal merchants
mny be aontewbst in advance oi out-
ol-town priest and likewiao some instances in whioh the shopper m»y not
be able lo procure at local stores tbt
exact article required, lint jn order to
trade at home may find it necessury
to accept a similar article which will
servo the purpose. Incidents such as
these are to be expected in the ordinary course ol home shopping. Now,
throughout this trndo-ut-hoino series
of articles, it has boon tht endeavor,
while frankly admitting that some disadvantages may have to be assumed
in order to trade at bona, yet to
ahow that there fere much wider issue 1 involved in thin problem, to promote whioh, the looal resident could
well afford to assume ths slight advantages at times involved and by
that menus, continually place the
largest possible amount of money in
circulation in the home town.
In point ol laot, is it not just hers
that the test of true loyalty to horns
interests is spplisd? It is not intended to advocate tbat looal residents
should assume any disadvantages ol
an extreme or unreasonable nature in
order to trade at boms, but is it not
a fact that the one who is enthusiastic in hia attachment to his Inline
town, will be lound willing to assume
at least a certain amount of disadvantage, if necessary, in order to promote,
tfae welfare of liis town? 'Ilia man
who boosts lor his own town so long
as he is called upon to assume no per-
aonal inconvenience, but who suddenly
subsides when some locul difficulties
develop, is at best a very doubtful
quantity in locul progress, but it is
thc man who (lands staunchly by bis
home town even when he is placed at
diiadvunlngii iu some particulai
by so ,!,,!,,, it ia lite man who atunda
the tost—who ii truly loyal und who
become! a atrong factor in local prosperity and progress.
In the matter of trading ut home
tfae difficulty should not lie lound in
iududng residents to patronize homo
merchants but the difficulty—ond a
vory Iprmidnblo difficulty-should be
lound conlronting those who would
induce them to trade awoy Irom home
Peachland Home and
Orchard (or Sale
Six and a hulf acres of bearing Orchard near tlio town ol Peachland,
witfa four-room cottage, phons and
electric light available. 600 poach, 60
Apple, 70 Cherry and 30 plum trees,
Mostly over 7 yeara old. Place in
good condition. Price only $3,600, of
which 11,000 ia in a mortgage. Apply
Financial Agents,
CLUB   BIXJCK - North   Vancouver
Office Phone 10        House Phone 247
133 6th Street Eatt North Vancoutw
Phons 373
Notary Publio
Loans, Investment, and In.ur.aas.
Room 307, 632 Granville St., Vanoou-
vtr, B. 0. Phone 8300. Land Regit
try work a .jiociulty. ,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital t6,W,im.
Rsstrvtt, 17,300,000,
Total AsstU »A,000,000.
A general banking buiineii
transacted. Savings accounts a
(penalty. Accounts ol firms
snd individual! lolidtsd,
North Vancouver Branch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
A. Campbell Hope
358 Irt Stmt Eut
Phona BUS
General Contraetlnj
piflflrnnan 6 Andru»»
Keith Road, east ol St. Oscs-gat Avenue, or P. Q. Bog 134
Lnnsdulo Avonue
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l-i-oom Bungalow, hot and cold water
bath,   eta,, fenced,   1636 cash;
balance arrange. Price $2500^
On ami after April lit, 1911, we ihall be located in ihe
New K^ith Block on Lonsdale Avenue.
Having secured a central and convenient office in thii up-to-
date building, we ihall render our many client* even better
service than heretofore.
Pierce & Hall
FIRE!   FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
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Afrtiouoti and Contract! drawn        q, , r-j Canard
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The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
rAID UP CAPITAL 1100.000.00           R. THOMPSON TINN. M.n.,i,> Dir.cUr
 BRANCH OFFICE. 14 OU Bio.a Si., Laura.hilar.	
Building LoU at Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L. 550 for $950.   $350 Caih;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
In Block 82, D. L 550 for (1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 monthi.
Alio a block in Upper Lonidale for $5250.   One
Quarter Caih; Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Already subdivided into 14 lots.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Us Joint., A Wsrd)
219 Lonadale Avenue. Phona 44
One block from car line, 50 feet facing south $800.   Third
caih, balance six and twelve montbi.
50 feet Facing South for $350.   $100 cash, balance six and
twelve monthi.   Adjoining lot just sold foi $450.
Phone 70-P. O. Hos 97
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceriel
Fresh and Smoked MeaU
PASTRY FasOTJli    oe
10 lb. sack,. .,/yC
Large Tine  25c
]'s  2 tins for 15o
jj'a 2 tins for 25c
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of Tea    -   -   -' -   $1.00
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Russet Apples, per box $l.f?5
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bur    -   -. -   -   -     25c
Oliver's Fruit in Syrup
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quality und price of our Meat
Rolled Oats, Tibs, for    25c.
Ayrshire Rose t-'iTiimery
Butter,  -   -  ,'i lbs. $100
Lemons, per do/,.   -   -   20c
Maggis Soups, 5c. per tablet
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1111 Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEA, Proprietor
Iii.Ill    lug |) III.
First-class Meals 251.
Commutation Tickets, .1 meals
Rooms for Knit st moderate rates
I. <). ()   K.
North Vancouver Lodge, No. 66,
moots ivory Thuridny ovening, cornar
l.onadulo Avenue uml First Mreil, at
U o'clock. Visiting hell 1,11 cordially
invited to kttciul. A. T. Kennedy,
N.O,; Thos. S. Nye, rw.-ssc,; .1. II.
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0., im,.
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
K0K SAM, Own.,, must .ell largo
roomy house, all modern, cement foundation, ftnao, ArapJace, flQQ cash.
OIom Ui car fins.
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TELEPHONE 89. y. q. BOX Fty
Fully Equipped
to plod over tho desert 0r suffer bun-
gcr and tbirit is Mr. Camtl. We're
not built tbat wuy. What we want it
lbs real thing.
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will stand tie blaring iun of thi
Sahara or tho blaits ol Cooks North
Pols.  . '   .
coj-ona-Buy mn.
117 Lonsdalt phone 149 mm
will soon bu in order, antl this is why we send
to every home and to every soul in BRITISH
COLUMBIA, this message of the eastertide,
trusting that Ml may take advantage of tin:
opportujjjties lo which it directs the mind,
upon tliis in, .i:.mn of gifts and giving.
We are offering many popularities in easier
lines which v. ill umvey to friends the sentiment of tlie/titoiiietit, in a most appropriate
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Our jewellery and sterling silvur lines ofler
a fine range 01 choice in popular gifts which
cannot lie excelled either in quality or neatness. . We have also a line of cut glass vases,
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silversmiths
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Corner Lonsdale and Second.
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WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waiata, in
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value auch an assortment haa never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst theae ia our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
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convince you we can defy all
competition. All sizes to 42 inch.
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.     Reserve Fund $2,530,666
2 Offices in'North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $i.oo and upwards received.
Interest allowed ut current rates.
Haulier's Money Orders issued.
Both offices transact a general hanking business
and are open on Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
the STAPLE Department
72 in. Full Bleached, Heavy Imported Sheeting, price 25c
I2^c Roller Toweling, strong arid heavy, per yd. 10c
36 in. Bleached Cambric, extra value, per yd. . 10c
White Curtain Muslins, in dots and stripes, per yd. 10c
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Button. Coy.red from your own material   .11 .lie.
r 1 [ :	
Brand new Sewing Machinal slwajri on ul. si rsducsd pricei and much
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Keith Block
J.onidalo Block
COB. 16th and IMtilMS
I'hono m
We operate the only pap-
ded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. , ,
N. V. Cartage C#,
XI onsssft Avar
mm    -   ■    i*i
i      '■
(July 1st. )9W)
Province of British Columbia.
No. 884A (lflOj
Thl( It to aarUiy that "THE
authorised ana lioensod to carry cp
business within ths Province of British Columbia, and to corry out or al-
foot all or uny of the obfeots ol tbt
Company to whicli the legislativs authority of tho Legislature ol Brltiab
Columbia oxtonda.
Tbs hsad office of tbo Company Is
situate In tht City ol Montreal, pro-,
vinos of Quebec.
Tht hsad offloo of the Company in
thit Province li situate at tho City ol
Vancouver, and William Ernest Burns,
whose address is Vsncouvsr aforesaid,
is the attorney for the Company.
'The amount of tha capital of tbo
Company ii Fifty Thousand Dollars,
divided into One thousand shares.
GIVEN under my hand and
Ssal ol Office at Victoria,
(L. 8.) Province of British Columbia, this ninth day 9I February, ons thousand nins hundred and eleven.
Registrar  ol Joint Stock Companies.
Tbs objects for whioh this Company
has boon established and licensed aro:
(1) To esport to tbo Dominion ol
Canada tbo manufactured products ol
fireclay and other liko mineral. substances, and in particular furnace lining, ([US' rt.li,rla, c"k0 ovl!"' blocks,
bricks, tilos, pipes, baths, sanitary appliances, ventilating appliancoa, and
other liko artiolos.
(3) To carry on buanass within the
aaid Dominion aa general builders aud
contracture, decorators, and manufacturers of or dealers, in all and building requisites and in all such producti
and article! as are mentioned in paragraph 1.
(3) To carry on any other business-
os whothor mauulacturing or otherwise, which may seem lo tho Company
capahlo ol being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of tbo
above spsciflod objocta, or cumulated directly or indirectly, to enhance
the value ol or render profitable, any
of the Company'a property or righta.
(I) To apply lor, purchueo, or oth-
orwiao acquire any putuiita, bravota
d'invontioii, license., Couceiiioni and
ths like conferring, au exclusive Ol
non-exclu.ive or limited right lo uss
or any secret or other iulormalion ai
to any invention which may loom capable ol being uitd lor auy ol tho purpose! ol the Compsny or the acquit)
lion of which may icem calculated di
rtctly or indirectly to benefit tbi.
Compauy, and lo uie, exercise, devd-
op or grant licenses iu respect of, or
otherwiso turn to account tbo proper
ly right and information so acquired
Ih) To purchaso or otherwise ai<
quire and undortako all »r any part
ol tho buiineii property aud liabilities
ol any 'person or Company carrying
on any buiineii wbich thii Compuny
il authorised to carry on or possessed of properly suitable lor tlio pur-
poses of tbe Company.
(6) To enter into any arrangement
wilb any govornmouta or authorities,
supremo, municipal, local or otherwiss
aud lo obtain from any such government or authority all righti, conces-
>ioa> and privileges that may seem
conducive to Iho Company's objects
or any of thorn.
(7) To enter into partnership, 01
into auy arrangement for sharing profit!, union of intermit, co-operation,
joint adventure, reciprocal couoaiiion,
or otherwise with any person or Company earryiug on or engaged in or
about lo carry ou or ougege iu any
buiineii or truuiaclion which thii
Company it authorised lo carry on or
engage in, or auy buiineii or Irani
action capublo of being conducted io
ai directly or indirectly to benefit thii
Company, anil to luko, or otherwise
scquiro, .hare, or .lock in, or .ecuri-
lie. of, and to subsidim or othcrwjit
assist any iuch Company, und lo icll,
hold, reissue with or without uuc.rc.ii-
lec or olhorwiio deal with such ah ure.
•tock or securities.
(S) (iouerolly lo purchaio, lake or
lease in exchange, Lire, or otherwiso
acquit, any real or personal properly,
and any rlghl. or privilege, which Ibe
Company may think necessary or son-
vouiont wilh reference lo auy of the
objects or capable of being profitably
dsalt witb in connection with any of
ths Company's properly or rights for
tbo timt b.-ing, and in pellicular any
land, buildings, oatemenls, licenses,
patents, plants, inaohinery, ships,
harass, rolling-dock, aud slook-ln-
(8) To sell Hie undorlokiiig of Ibe
Company or any part thoteol for auch
coualdoralion (( tho Company may
think fit, and In particular lor iharei
or debenture., debenture itock or other securities of sny other Company
having objects altogether or In part
similar to thost of thit Company.
(10) To promote any Company or
companies lor tho purpose of acquiring all or any of the propsrly rights
snd liabilities of tbo ('ompany or lor
any olhor purpose which may stem
directly or indirectly calculated to
benefit this Compsny.
(II) To Invest and dsal with tbe
money, of tht Company nol immsdl-
aiely rsquired in such manna as may
from timt to limo bo determined.
(13) To land money lo auch person,
and on such terms as may seem taps/
diont, snd in particular to oustomsrs
of and person, having dealing, with
tht Company, aud to give any guarantee or indemnity at may (asm aa*
(It) To raiio or borrow, or securt
tht payment of money In iuoIi manner and on such terma aa may seem
expedient, and in particular by the is-
sua ol dsbenturoi or dobontuxt ttook
whether parpolual or olfconrlas and
charged or not ohargod upon tht
wools or any part of lis proptri]' and
rights of th. Company both prossrd.
aad future, including Its uncallsd capital, snd lo redeem, puroheso, or pay
of any such saourititt.
(14) To draw, accept, lodorst, discount, txeouit and Usui bills of ax-
cWt, promissory nolmMmAtnt,
bull or lading, warrants and other
ntaotisbit ot trsnslarablt lnJr.,mamim
r^^m.     I™       IV      ^^      ^ ^^^^"WW "f *SK«      st"a*F^ ■*SVf**SsS^B*SS:
(1$) To rsmtinsrstt any pirUst for
sorvicoa rendered or to bs rendered jn
plaoinjr or smistiii|r to pin™ upy
(bars, jn the Company's inpiinl or
any debenture., debenture, atnolc, pr
other securities ol tbs Company ur in
or about the formation or itioiui.iion
ol (.ho Company or ths con-Inn, olita
(Hi) To do all or spy of iho above
things in any part of lho world ond
either (s principals, agents, ttuHlcei,
contractors or otherwiio, one] cither
alone or in conjunction with others,
and either by or through agent., subcontractors, trustees or otherwiso.
(IV) To soil, improve, manage, develop, exchange, enfranchise, lraso,
mortgage, dispose ol, turn to account,
or otherwiio deal witb all nr any part
ol tht propsrly or rigbti ol iho Company.
(18) To do all sucb otbor things as
ars incidental or conducive id tbo attainment of tbo above objects .n.l m.
tbat the word "Company" in thii
Clause shall be doomed to include any
partnership, or other body of poisons
whothor incorporated or not lucorpor-
ated, and whether domiciled in tho
United Kingdom or elsewhere, art! so
tbst the objects specified in cich of
ths first two paragraphs of this
Clause shall except whan ptborwise expressed in such paragraph be in no
wise limited pr restricted by rolorouca
to or inference from the terms of any
other paragraph or tbe name ol tho
To tho Contractors of North Vancouver, B. C.:
Ploaao tako notice that on aud ul-
ter April in. IUII, tho U. B. uf Car-
pent on, Local I M>. N. Vancouvor, B.
C, will demand a minumum rate ol
wagoa ol Mil •-■■nia an hour.
P. it. Mcl.EAN,
Rec.-Sec. Local H3o.
North Vancouver, B. 0.
March 33. IUII. V-i
Canadian Verse
By William Douw Ua-hthall.
[William Douw I.ightliall, K C, barrister, author, publicist snd member
ol many learned societies, has been
a contributor to Canadian letters lol
many years. He wss born in Hamilton, 1)1,1 in 166V and slter graduntiiu
fi..m -M.-tiill settled in Montreal. Ho
has written both prom'works mil
verso. Ol tho loiter his "Thoughts,
Moods and Ideals" is best known
He is also an editor of Canadian
Rome. Florence, Venice—noble,   lulr
and quaint,
Tbey reign in robes ol magic round
me here;
But lading, blotted, dim, a  picture
With spell more silent, only pleads s
Plead not I   Thou hut my heart, 0
picture dim I
I see  Ibe  flcldi, I see  thc   autumn
Of  God   upon   tbs  maples! Answer
Wilh wr-ird, translucent glories,   ye
Old     l-itnl
Like   spirits   in    scarlet    and    in
I sec the sun break over you,  Ihe
rniat ,'J
On hills  that lilt Irom  iron  bases
Their heads uipi-rli l--tbe.drea.il, it ii
my native laud.
By Thcodor. Roberts.
(Theodore Huberts, a brother oi
C. G. I). Hqbsrti wat bom in 1877 in
r'rcileiiclon.'N 11 Hs was war eorrs-
ipoinl. nt lor The Now York liuiupon-
■I. nt io Ibe Spuiiisb-Americai> War,
and has written occasional verse.]
"Cold.'' cried Ilic wind on Ihu hill,
"Coi.l," tang the tree;
Your eyes were blue-grey and still
And cold us the sea.
Cold Isy tin1 mow on lbs land;
Cold    I-",I the 1 line;
Bul br-llhor as cold as your band
l.yli ,,' in ftiine.
Ah, ... rt. Inn (nr Ore died so aootj—
Just tiii"hlori.il mid guns;
s. kis.- by Ihe light ol tho moon,
A purling by dawn.      1
We want your business, and if you
will give us a trial will show you
that we have the goods, the prices
and the best service in North Vancouver
Nails, Building Paper and Finished
House Hardware delivered or the
job in short notice.	
Patterson. Goldin & Clark
Kg French Foulards
These Silks (iio ull double width and
the iin 1:.1 in- ure new uml exclusive.
The collection is the largest that we
liuvt) ever shown.
At $1.50 11 yard—Navy and black
foundation with while designs, polka
■dot, link, key, shadow check, rosebud
uml hairline stripes.
At $1.75 a yard—Foulard silks iu pale
blue, old rose, pru.nelle, while, black,
reseda, kings' blue, etc., iu a wide range
of new patterns.
At $2.00 to $2.50 u yard—Foulard
Silks iu individual dress lengths, hand*
some colors ami newest designs.
Al $2.75 and $4.50 a ywd---Bordered
Foulard Silks in an exceptionally good
range, among whieb one may easily find
• a choice in color ami design.   Tbey are
in exclusive dress h nglbs.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Easiest (o
Uo USif./
Hi inch—(Vi per loud
12 inch-W.2G per I,,nd
Cordwood -(V) per enrd
Office and Yird:
I'lioue Hit) P. O. Boa HF
todyc all fabrics whether
silk, wool, linen, cotton ■
or mixed floods, in ono
Dye-Bath ut the same I
No Streak.  No RunninS
No Worry
ask ler FRU SMOKUT ant Color Cart al |
II C, VUCOMMUN 6, JO, Ilic ima
Telephone 276
Painting Time Is NOW
if there's any woodwork about the house, outside or in, which ooka
shabby. Don't think you aro " economising" by putting i. off.
Every cent's worth of Ml, Pure.Faint adds value to anytl. og it
covers.   Whether you do the Job yourself or have a painter lo it,
Be Sure
You Get
li you wanl to ba sura ol s good job, Kijuii inn Ml. Pilot
will pioteci snd bi.uuly tbs suil.ee it court Just sboul twice
a. lone as sny other pslnt you csn buy. ll will becsuse ol
Ihs tpsctal iniitdieni whieb w( uniU Wish oth«r pur. material.
to |iT( It unu.u.1 wttriol qu.l.ljr.
M.Sti.fn ,...»>
Jit.ii.il ci r. ..J
Ihii lor li !IM
ll paial, I, III ai
ut, (r fl' . «ri.l
ViioiabU .irC
Llull.S, ),,ioalo.
focxmtmvkij And Sold by North.VancouverHaioVareCa SIX
THU %xmW, NORTH VAMQWM, 8, ti,
One Dollar deposited in ihs Bank ol
Hamilton might mean tbe first step
toward tho accumulation of * fortune.
Ths man who scorns the sagacioua'
investment of his savings has y't to
learn   tha true principles ol frugality
and thrift,     "
Deposit one dollar to-duy-begin to
provide (gainst old age and financial
C, G. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver,
Messrs. MaKbmoit and Hiakson,
blucksmitlis and parriaga bwilders-»od
but recently ol Ballingbam, Wash.,
have within the past weak established
up-to-date business quarters on ths
Esplanade two doors east ul ths "• Q.
K. It. office. The f»ot of McKinnon
and Hickson having had practiced es-
lierienoe, as wslt as being intimately
asaooiatod in buainesa for over thirty
yeara ' is a positive guarantse that
satisfaction will be gainad in tbs patronising oi so valuable an addition
to the already large number of menu-
/(Oturing industries our cjty possesses.
Mr. McKinnon lakes charge of the
wood working department while Mr.
Hickson, blacksmith, believes firmly
in the old maxim "to strike whils ths
iron is hot." So expedition as well
at first class workmanship may ba expected from any work entrusted to
tbsir oars.
<   I '  I HI'      =
Blocks 226, 227 and 230,    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286.
Comer Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
j A  GOOD  PROPOSITION  for either the jj
Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th Street, il
: just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 ||
; Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil, ;;
• « ii
i Martinson & Co.
Phoitt if3. P. 0. Pot 7?
WU 1 IK 1II11111111III I'M HiWl'H'H'l il'H I \>HM t-MH-l Hit i I Ul 111111
The Canadian Financiers
ii        ■naiiim ■!   ii ii
120 feet on Mahon Avenue
Car Line at $62 a foot
q LoU 33 and 34, Block 112a, D. L. 271, 120 feet by
100 feet deep, only $7500,1-3 caih, balance 6, 12 and
18 months.
ii. >
N8 fJrasvill. Stmt     VANCOUVEB, B. C„
Baal Ettttt.    Intur
Tslsphoss 316.
Authorised Capital  .,
anct.y   Monty to Loan.
, .   , V„ _,,   .. EBNEST EBBAGJS.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, Nortli Vancoum, j^ Uungu
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150.   Cab $450, balance 6 ud 12 moths
LoU 54 uid 55, Block 166, D. L 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
ths abovt tots sn smong ths bsst buys is North Vsneouver, sad inlsndiag Iswtstors will ssrvt thsir own
iaUrstts by invtstigsliag. Wt bsvs tht isdusiv. 11U and aUo a largt Hit of othsr loti In tht City. It ia
!• four own inlsrttt to call and impact our list bafor. dsciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial BroUra
Htld Office: 405 Haitingi St W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offieaa: Branch Offices in Kurope:
Ber Iin, Germany
Union, England
Pur*, Fr*M«
i Lonadale Ave., North Vnwwuver
Sonic two hundred devotees ol tha
light fantastic, Assembled in ths Horticultural hall on Friday night lo son'
tribute to the suopsaslul snd enjoyable
danoe, given by tha ladies ol lis St.
Andruwa and Calsdoiiian Society.
To the obssrvsnl wall flower, tbs
ryihmin beat o| ths danoW fast, H#
host of light hsarted dancer, swaying
like wild flowora to tba brassy air oi a
Strauss or Mendelssohn waits and tba
Idslideoscopeio shifting, oi color plashing, or color harmony, impressed it-
Mil upon tbs retina with t persistent
irradienos almost daitling.
Folly fancifully cluil,Jupano»o Geisha
girls dantily attired, lovely maidona
in the costume of gypsies, Swiss peasants gr flower girls, were whirled- a-
way on tha arms of bo-wliiakarod and
lie-wigged courtiers ol ths 18th century, a hobo, or a highwayman.
One daring male donned ths latest
freak of woman's fancy, in wearing
apparel, tbs "Harem" costume, and
(111 OD treated hair of a stags wig,
thus caricaturing Dame Fashion's 1(1-
The following are a fsw oi ths
Character costumes:
Mrs. MoNsish—housemaid
Mrs. Ksriy-FoUy
Mn. Hiokman—Brittanis
Mis. Maggie Smith—Lobster
Miss Agnes Smith-Butterfly
Miss Finlay-tiipay
Misa Muriel Fugler—Spaniah
Mrs. Alexander Smith—Valentino
Miss Nora Philip—Shamrock
Miss Simpson-Swiss peasant
Miss Graham—Flower girl
The Misses Graham-Geisha girls
Mrs. W. 0. Green-Folly
Miaa Smith-Mother Hubbard
Mra. Campbell-Japanese girl
Mn. Garrol—Nurie
Among the gentlemon, the "Hurcm"
skirt of "Bob" Smith deserves special
mention and waa quite the apectacle
ot tbs evening. Mr. Smith ii receiving $3.48 we undentand, lor demon-
atrating tbe coatume, from a Vancouver dry good, limine A. a rcault of
hia .li..iin on Friday night, a number
ol Indies ol North Vuucouvor havo decided to invest.
Other guests preient wen:
Mrt. M. Fugler, Mn. Fowlas, Mrs.'
Flemming, Mrs. T. Nye, Mrs. l'rout,
Mn. Walker, Mra. Jonea, Mr.. Burns,
Mrs. Barton, Mrs. Gallagher, Mrs. .1.
Badger, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Alexander
l'hilip, Mn. Uing, Mrs. W. Graham,
Mrs. Graham, Dr. and Mrs. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Alesatidsr, ths Misses
Kennedy, Miss Maggie Laurie, Miss
Uing, President snd Mra. J. It. I.
Murray, Mr. (nd Mn. J. Storey, Mitt
Hunter, Miu Dallas, Miss McMillan,
Mn. Magannit and Mn. Dotting.
Why bay 0644)0 fojt.mA unshared Lots jAtnwe W '•» m
tbt vary best cleared Lota without a (tons on them, level as a labia
and into grass. Been cultivate for ten years, situated ■;•» fJrotn
Eosd, being the best Bpsd on I'm North Shore and one block from
the Csx Lflie, School, Oburph nnd Store; havt cjty water, (l(ctrj(
light and telephone. ,
Met |8«0 tp $100 euch. Tai'iiia flOO cash, balance «, If and 11
months. These lots will bring at least in our Estimation 100 psr
cant, profit on ths amount invssted within six months. Buy quick,
they an going laat. i ,    |
p, 0, n»x 173 North Vancouver
Elegant New Styles in
Mr. Gtorgt Paith, ons of tbt aditora
of Tbt Statist, bat road belort tht
Hoyal Statistical Society two interesting and instructive paper, on the
cspital investment, of Great Britain
in othsr Unas. The fir.t paper giving
the results ol invaatigsliona up lo
ths snd of 1WI7 wa. published in the
Socioty's Journal for Septctnixr, 1909,
nnd the iecon.1 dealing with British
invoilmsnti abroad during tha paat
three yoara appeared in the lame
Journal for January, Hill. Mr. Palih
tttimalss tb.l the total of Great
Britain'! vitiblt capital investments in
othsr lsndi now reach., tbo enormous total of{8,in,U00,U00 116,634,-
400,000), geographically di.tributsd (i
lollowi ■ Amsriaan counlrie. £1,700,-
000,000 (18,272,333,000), or 63 p.c.;
An. £600,000,000 (12,433,333,000), or
16 p.c.; Africa £466,000,000 (93,314,-
ntfiOQ), or 14 p.c; Au.trsl.sis,
£387,0110,01)0 (61,883,400/100), or 12 p.
c.; sad Europe £160,000,1100 ($730,-
tiw.iiw), or 6 p.c,
Ths lot.I amount of British cspital
invtttsd is Ctnsds i. given .. £373,-
009,000 (61,816,267,000,. Of <bii ium
so law than £101,366,180 ($498,266,
742) bat ban tubicribtd during th.
past thro, ytsra, vis., £31 ,*»,«■»
($162,873,182) in 1908, £87,687,464
($188,412,826) is 1909 sad £62*369,-
168 ($167,481,236) in 1910, tba tpttl
(or tfastt tbrse yasrt bsing contidsr-
*Wy lavrgar thsn ths nun invastsd dur
ing tht taut period in any other
country. The total invtttsd during
tfasss Uuat year, in all othsr cantos, is £616,861,063 ($1 fil6,Mfi».,
(O thst tb. smount placsd io Canada
rsprsssat. 19.6 p.c, or netrly one-fill h
of tbe toUl.
Ths suthor ststss thst, cicluoing
ths Unilod Stats., Grsst Britain
has provided more cspital to t'wisJ.
thaa lo any othsr country, sod th-
rati at which tht British psopl. tit
inca-Mting thsir investments in Caned i
it SO rapid at to bt phenomenal.
''Csnsds" U writss, ".till nerds a
Isrgs sum oi mousy lor th. completion
oi ths nilw.y. now under i-nintru.-
lion, sod inssmsch st ths Mothsr
Country it proud ot tht gnat pro-
gfsss ot bar daughter sad is willing io
supply bar with sll tht capital tbt
Mads to dtvslop her resource, it is
svidssl thst our ospitsl invratrai ot iu
Csnsds will rsaeh s asuch grsat.v lots! In s (sw yuan.
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
Seeithem and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonadale Avenue.
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
ttiii VsncouvK
Liavi Haiti Vs..
Issvs North Van.
Lsivs Vsacasvsi
'6.20 s.m.
'6.46 s.m.
'6.20 t.m.
'6.46 a.m.
«.   7.80 "
7.60  "
•7.20 "
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
8.30 "
8.60  "
•8,20 "
9.16 "
9.46 "
9.90 "
0.46 "
'10.16 "
10.46 II
10.16 a
10.48 "
11.16 "
11.46 "
11.16 "
11.46 "
12.16 p.m.
12.46 us.
12,16 p.m.
12.46 p.m.
1.16 "
1.46 "
1.16 "
1.46 "
2.16 "
2.46 "
2.16 "
2.46 "
$.16 "
3.46  "
$.16 "
8.46 "
4.1( "
4.40 "
4.16 "
4.40 "
6.00 "
6.20 "
6M "
6.20 ll
6.40 "
4.00 "
6.40 "
6.00 "
6.20 "
6.46 "
4.20 "
6.46 "
7.26 "
7.46 It
7.26 "
7.46 "
8.16 "
,  846 "
8.16 "
8.46 "
9.16 "
9.46 "
0.16 "
0.46 II
10.16 "
10.46 "
10.16 "
10.46 "
11.60 "
11.46 "
11.16 "
12.16 sjs.
12.46 (.a.
1.00 s.ts.
' DmoUi Boi on
Toil Timt TabU lubjscl to
c bangs without nolle..
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouvsr," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
~ftMfc TAHLK
I'llr fcrile.' Wliirl
Hi,il,l,urn Wl.ail
tvtry Wttf r»crpl tmodt)
7,30 a.m. H. no 11.111.
9 00 a.m. K.ooa.m.
1100 (.m. 13,00 a.m.
13 '5 P'"•           ' 14.00pm,
15,00 p.m. 16.00 p.m,
17.00 p.m. 18.00 pm
19.00 p.Bl aslurdsys Only  11.01, p.m.
9-3"»-'" Siisds, wchtiult mi.00 a.m,
'i-IJP-1"  "  1400 p.m.
17-oopm  '•  t7-4Sp.ni.
18.30p.n1  „  .2.00p.m.
JNB6ia Pars Ifa,      Two TickaU $60.
Quickest rout* from North Vancouver to the district beyond
Cspilsno River. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, Without fail, with tlie (erry tUsmcrs )>OB>.Wor|b Vancouver, ss per above schedule.
1 ■'
mm -s
for Wall Papers, Paperhanging, House Painting,
Decorating, Kalisomining, Sign Painting or
Picture Framing until you have examined the
stock of I--
117 LONSDALE AVE, North Vancouver
20 per cent, discount off all Papers for this week
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
HY-I.AW NO. 171
A BY-LAW lor obtaining tbc opinion
of tbc electors a. lo tbc deiirabil-
ity. ol closing Ihe Esplanade
through Lonadale Gardens.
WHKHKAS application bus been
, made by J, Cooper Kcilh, Ki<|., and
Hemphill Bro.., Ltd., to the (ouncil
| ol the City ol Norlh Vancouver lo
i puss a H> I ..v. for closing tbe Kiplen-
' nde, so-called, through'Lonsdale Gur-
| dons and tbc said Hemphill Bros. Ud.
j have agreed lo cx|x3id nt leusl f'-'no.
000 in  connection wiih tho providing
ut   park  nt   Lonidiifu
Gardens ^foresaid, if the suid Ksplan-
North Shore Locators
We ars planing on thc market a blook of 17 lots, on tht
Grand Boulevard eiltndon. These' lots sre high snd dry, witb
nn unsurpassed view, two blocki Irom ths present car fins, (in
40x136, partly cleared. Price, from $660 to $800. Termi-1-6
cash, balance, 8, 6, 9, 12,16, 16, 21 snd 24 month..
Come in and let us show you over this properly.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
ado be
closed :
AND WHKHKAS lb. .aid .1. Coopcr
Kcitb Kiq., hsth agreed Ibal be will
without any payment therelor at lho
request   ol  tb.  Council   ol thc  .aid
Cily at any time alter the expiration
of In.- yoar. after tlio dato o) auch
doling, redcdiculc ai a it root tbo
part io . l.,..iil to tho laid City, or at
the aspiration of one year if lite laid
Hemphill Broi. Ltd. lail to exiiend lho
■uid .mil ol at least $21111,0110' within
one year from the date of such doling;
AND WHKHKAS it la odvi.ublc tbat
tlie opinion of the electors lie taken «o
that the Council ol Ibe suid City inn* j
know   il  il   is the  desire  ol the laid i
elector! that  the laid doling By-law
should be passed :
fNOf THKKKKHHK tbo Mayor und
Cuuncil of tbe Cily ol Nortli Vancouver, enact us follows:
1. Thc   opinion   of   llie electors ol;
tbo Cjty of North Vuneouver upon the I
lu.l reviled Voter.' list  ul to lliejid-1
viiubilily ol pun-big u Ily luw closing ,
tbo Esplanade through LoumJtile  liar-
den- iliull lie lul.-n ut llie Cily Hall,
North   Vuneouver,   ou   Saturday,   the |
Kighth   duy   ol   April,   IVII, between
the houra ul 9 o'clock in (lie loreiioou
and 7 o'clock iu the afternoon of auid
2. Tho form ol ballot to be tendered each elector ul the polling booth
at .aid election iliull be ul follow! :
Arc you in lavor ol doling tbe  Ea-.il | .''..   FOB; AGAINST.
120 Second Street luk. Telephone ZOO
Convenient* to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy is Your Own Tews. K Your Ord.r. SotWlsd
planado through Lonidale Garden. ?
and any elector in favor of doling of
tho ssid Esplanade through Mid I.oni-
dalo Gardens sholl mark a cross in
Ibo space under Ibo word "Im" and
any elector opposing tho dosing ol the
said Esplanade through I/iusdale Garden, shall mark s eros. ill tbe space
under Ihe word "Against."
3. Sections 61, fi, 66 to 67 inclusive snd section. 78 and 80 ol tho
"Municipal Elections Act" .hall bo
followed in tht laid voto in so far at
the same are applicable.
4. Mr. Thomas Shopnord, dork of
thc laid City it hereby appointed (nd
nomod returning officer for Ihe purpose of tsking auch volet.
6. Thii By-lsw shall be published
(or Iwo inwrlion. in tbo North Vm-
oouver Hxprcii, a nowipu|>cr publish-
•I and nrciiliiting iii the City ol
North Vancouver, 11. C.
6. Thii H> I aw may 'bo eked ai
tbt "Kspliinnde Closing Ily luw.
Failed lho Council thc 3rd day
■ ■I April, 191).
Hceoniidered and finally imiwil,
■ignod by the Mayor und Clerk urn!
soulal with the i'.ai>omi!- tout on tbe
auy of
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
fuel and better baking results.
only docs ils work BETTER
bul AT LESS COST than
other Manges..
Wo can demonstrate to you
tlio wliolu Superior Chancellor principal of economy
ami efficiency in ton minutes.
Is it not worth that much
of your time right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 3Qc. lb.
I       i I a I        I
M»y Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire floae 3 Ihs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea  1.50
5 IU. ol better Tea - IJ5
5tU.olthebeatTe.  2.00
Conwr Fird Street and St. George
.  '
Over 100 piecei to choose from
10 cent; a copy
Warburnita Piano Houfe, Limited
443 Lonadale Avenue
Phone 114/
freed Potatoes
All  our sends .re specially selootod and tested tp comply  wjsfc 1
Seed Control Act. In buying aecdi don't overlook quality.
W. also carry a lull lins ol FWTIWZJ5RS
ii...      ..   ill.   I
The Brackman-iW Milling Co., Md,
LONSPALP AVENUK.        AYfetry Lanflng,.
mmmmmmmm \       mwmmmmmmmm right
•m vmm n<
■■■.   i1 'in
press Want Ads.
-T"—.-'••— ■ '  ~~ •'-   •■i" —  — ■».■■—■•... --
m Wartorns,
TKP - Msn to out firewood.
,trn(, Boss Boad Lynn Valloy
ipraas Office.
tED—A few parlies to join a
• who own a large tract of
Iruft laud in tlie Okanagan
fronting on tbs laks, A good
iiiid proposition aud a big
moneymaker with a quick turnover.
Apply Bos 161, Express Office.
POB UKNT - Furnished' l)fiusoktw(i-
Ing I'iKiina, iilH 3ml aliwit enal.    '2N-I
l.llST—On Hlhh Mnich pair of Indian Itufiniir'.lliiekrt. Howard, Fiali
.Miiii.ei. lat '(trail, N. Vancouver.   7-1
LOST llniu'h of I.iij-h, one liriiriinj
itiimber of IMW. linwiinl. dipt t lias.
Ontoa, Ith street, North Vancouver 7-1
Froth   Lulliieu   for   Sale
Keene, 16th (treat.
C,   E,
FOB HALE  (looil milch Cow. Apply
phone lli'iti, Nortfi Vancouver.
First class Cook Stove for suit). Apply at 137 l.oiiiiiliile Ave'. (1-1
FOR HALE - ileiliui.l llciiit.iimii
Piano. Owner going eaet. Will sued
lieu.   Box 11, Expreaa Office.
Thoroughbred Leghorn und White
Wyandotte egg. for sale. Mra. II. 0.
Wright, North Lonsdale, between Kit-Is
(nd 17th.  Phone .11 I'll
FOR HALE—Thoroughbred Leghorn
and While Wyumlollu eggs. Mrs. II.
C. Wright,   Norlh   Lonsdale, between
)6th and 17th.   Phone BU In-1
 , , , :	
I.O.ST-lllnrk uml white. Sutler l'tip
tliitehi ut enl' terminus Capilano Sun
day afternoon. Owner HII Hastings
street,   pbnuo |ll|7. ' IH-1'
.1.  Loutet and  North   ! .■.. •!-.I.-
Elder Murray Co. fir. [nsurapoa.
suvonty thousand dollurs. White |t
would ulford ua oonsidarable pleasure
lo sun 'rtspuliiblu eilineiis riding on
In.liliy horaus of eory strict morals, or'
slinking oil lull cure in a riiwle-iliiz/lr,
also of iiiiini|iiuiuhnhln morality, tli.n't
you think it iu liable lo ho ii moats*',
psnaivu uiilerliiliinieiit f
Thu pitrtiiil closing of the street by
lease for liv. yeBi'S^vould ineail the
wluiiliflg of lho wuturfr.itit, thu bottling up of industries, which the finait-
uieis who huve been touring II. C. an,I
Premier Mi'ltritle ul tho liuitquut Ihe
liter evening suy ought lo lw eticoiir-
auwl In eMii'nl their aeopu. llnil enough
in all eoiisuiunee, but lo think of a
gjvs away of lite alreol by thu outicol-
liug of the riyialorul plan mukes one
feul very sick. 1 trust there will | lw
,,.eruliulniiiiL' opposition oll'.mtl to thu
|no|ioM'il agreement,
Yours, elc,
Apr. II, 1011.
PAINFUL AQfflim    '
Whila working for ths (4ty on some
of the sewer wnHruottoa, work on
Third street on Way, Oeorge Dab-
bacrao|ough sustained a badly  (ran-,
lured, leg caused by the felling ol a
boulder. Ur. Newoombe was'hastily
Hiiiiiinaiii.nl and the bone was skilfully
set. The injured man was taken to
the hospital and latest advices wes.
the)  ho was progressing favorably.
Mr, and Mrs.; J. I, Qallagher, Keith
block, will not he at home until lurther notice. In the interval they will
settle in thsir new home pn Keith
Hon.I east.
Miss Eva lloliilen is prepared' It
luko 3 or II more pupils into her nl
tei'iiooti preparatory er-hool. Foi
terms apply Mos '.'I'.l, North Vain-op
ver. "   ' UH
FOR SALE -7 Yoiing strawberry j
plants, 60c. per hundred. First prize
stock Megooi). Apply W. Hold-
worth, Uth street k Forln. Avenue
west, Norlh Vancouver, '• II
FOB SALE-In 65.1, ono lot Mai IT,
in block 4, lot 17. Prim |80f). Will
sell agreement, s'ti'J.'i cash. Have till
96th February, 1613, to pay rest. Ap-
. ply J, A. Fillir, SS, Inlander, Porl
Essington, B. C. 11-1
Wo will buy or eM-hnilgo your aloVus,
ranges ami In,us, I,oil goods f,.r spot
rush. Turner's, lu Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 184.    \   I. Ilox 313,
Rooms 10 und II, Pender Chnmhsrs,
623 Pender Street W.        I'lioue Wd
He-ili a, o,   u,".   I oosilulo  Ate   aud
32nd stieei,  Xoith   \ mo   u h,.
FOR SAI.E-A fine Jaraey-Durjium I .11 Mil Its „re imiml for tin- lease
Cow,'calving middle ol April. Apply [of the't, -laurani ,„i,ilei.s on tin
to Mrs. Dougall, corner (ith nnd St. Steamer \..i-Jh ... muni Ivi'ij X,,.
Oeorge, North Vancouver. 3.   I'mulition of Ie,.-.- and ulli.-r   par-
Im,   .   ■       | tinilars muy be nl.uiii.d f.'-uiu th. uu
Un-One   block Iron, Lonsdule cr, ,|,,„,,„,| ,i,|, „\,;M ,,,„,.,.   „,,,., ,„
"I,';' term8'     Mr«- Mellw.inu,,),,.!,,.,! ,.„ ,„. M„„ ..,   ,, ,,„,.
63 TbJnf atreet ea.l, 4th house from,   |li,|,„s, „,. ,„v „„,,!,  ,„„ „,
UaM'' »'<ily  a,:ee,„„l.
The local onlcrtuinincnl-goiinr puh-
lie will lw Interested to learn thut ar-
laneciuiuls hare lieen deliniluly con-
eluded for the inunediato election of u
.lieili modern and commodious theatre building at the Corner of Lonsdale
Avenue and Sixteenth street iu block
117. Thu plans are now in course of
preparation and will ciuliiniy ull Ih.
latest features iu the way of lighting,
healing, I'eliliiutidn, etc The .Hum
space will measure forty by one line
11 red feel ami will ulford seating nr-
"iinuiodalion for upwards of four hum
drill people. It is hoped lo have On
building ready for occupancy . within
lonely days. 'Iliu losses nf the new
llienlru is Mr I'eri'i Want, well and
t.r,oi'ubly■ Iui0v.li as a lender in hicnl
musical circles, and whose identifies1
lion with the project is uf itself a
guni'Alltes that the theatre will he op
orated on thu best and most spprpv-
il lines.
FOR SALE-Cow mutiuro for the
ftrdsn. One dollar per loud. Colin
F. Jackton, Fifteenth street, telephone
FOR HAI.E-One block from	
dalo oar, Boulevard  Lot, 60 Let fronl- j c|mM. ,|lu f,
age, price WOO, easV terms, Mrs. Jlc
llwuiuu.   163 Third   street enet,    ith
houae from Lonsdule Avu.
Sealed tenders on thu prescribed forms and accompanied liy cernli-d
chcpie or eush. for five per cent, oil he
amount of tender will lw re cue I In
(ho iinderaigued until h p.m
Thursduy, 13th April, 1911, ior I'm
clearing, griibliing and grudiug of
I'imI,,,.!. I,',..,.i ti,,,,, Fromme Pond
oaalwurda to Centre lloud, Lyn i i alley, in ac'ordniire with plans aud specification, to Im seen al this i.lti'c
The lowest or uny lender not necessarily  ue, e|,l.d
District E,igii.c(.-.
District Municipal Office,
North Vancouver,
M1i   Mi.nli,  I'.HI. 11-I
New    W'esiiiiin.-I r    I,and    llisiriel
liisirini  .,/ \,,«  Vi,.-iiniusier.    TAKK
notice   li,,    k,,h, i     In.n   bimoiid   ol
,        | Vnncoir.cr,  It   ('., o.eiipaliuii, broker,
intends lo apply for iK.vniis.iuii lopur-
winj d.'.i I'ibe-I lauds ;
t'omiiicneiiiu al a posl  pliinl..! on ihe
west  side of a small bav on lln V.irlli
I Ijno of Lot 2630, I li, ii-.- west 20 chains
mora or less to the northwest  umn-i
| of Lot 20211 ; llielice south .Tl 70 chains
to the iiorlhuusl coiner oi lot 'in.'.'
thence west 21.72 chains lo the   aoutb-
eiist eiuiier of Lot oii:'': ihoiiro  nortli
60 chains  more or less to tin   south
west corner of Lot  li'i^ ; tlniie.  enal
XUH chains more or less lo .-11011' oi
lake: thence in a southerly direolior
along shore of lake io point  of coin
i,j, I iqencomenl.
llth  March,  lull.
SEALED TENDERS on the prcscrib-
sd forms and accompanied by certified
chsipic or caah for five per cent, of Ihe
amount ol liaidor will be receivod by
Ih. uudereignud unlit 6 p.m. on Tbuii-
dsy, till. April, lilll, lor:
1. Clearing uud grubbing Wcslovcr
Koad, I inn \ ull.i. from Allan Road
to Duval Road.
3. Clearing and grubbing Queen
.Ire*, North .Lonsdale, for two
block, west of Lonsdale Avenue in ue-
cordssot wilb plum .nd apeciliculions
to bs asm st thi. office,
Tht lowetl or any tender not necessarily aossptsd. ■
Kx-Pire Chief lloiio an «...- the ro-
cipionl ol a li.i,i,Is,inn: rem,miu unci
from Ihe men ol Ins uoiiipini) and tlm
citizens uf .North I'ulicoilU'r on Hal
urday last in the shape ill u gull
watch and chain i.ihmd ut ,,l..ml {fin.
Mi. Donovan's nunm nnd dale ol pre
Bcnlation were ileal', otigruvud upon
the ruvarse, The li|,|ireoiolionol s,r
vice croililably ;|ieil,,niiid lousl doubtless lieu pleasant memory lor the ex-
Chief to cherish.
nillTKITTV OK M'ULKT, Hll|('|| y
lidilor I ,\|ir,....
Considering the tnuglllluilc of tl|<
public lights at issue il is u pity that
the publio mnetiiie? held lust. S.ituidni
evening wus not inoiu.lniycly ult.nd
ed, nnd in  view  of tin
Three drunks were brought liefore
Mann McNuish yuelenlsy morning,
two of lliom lining lined *'2.fi0 and
mils, and the third mun, un old offender was given un hour iu which to
lime town. This he did with more
husle I Ium dignity, making trucks for
the furry in short order.
Mr.  liluir of Fromme's mill had h
faithful dog, Max, dio Irom the effects
of a dose of poison.
Mr. Tims new block, corner ot Con-
Ire and cur line, is well under Don
struct ion.
«"!■'    'i„i ,„, ,,„ ,„„„,„„, „,„„,„ „„   ,„.
readied by .the Express 1 should  like I,,,, Ud supplies locally.; und that  a
lln- publio meeting held in Larson's
Pavilion uu Saturday for lho purpose
of considering the White Cily proposition from all points ended in endorsing Hemphill llnlthers and I In
iiniusumuiil park heartily. '
Several epoukurs .jclin.xl in glowing
terms the advantages to lie gained
by ihe nourishing ol so mighty n
-elienie while on the other I I far-
seeing people foreiuw the probability
of luw luits. The whole mailer in
u nutshell, however, is that the only
objection lo the project itself is the
closing of the Esplunudc, und us
Hemphill brother, have ugreod to pro-
i idu a road' for heavy vehicular traffic   through   the   grounds,   even   this
ie. iu. to bo overcome.
The following resolution finally displayed the tenor of Ibo meeting. It
passed by u good majority, 50 for and
17,against, It rtsd: "Whereas Mee-
iri. II. ii.,,!,..I Pros, of Vancouver ure
|iie|niiiiig to expend upwards of 6200,-
UiiO iu the construction of nil amuse-
iiiiuil park lo be I,mud the White
l.ity in Ihe l/mwlala Hardens, North
Vancouver, tho contrueton agrcoing
to, ns fur ns possible, obtain nil   la
The Hollyburn whurl win ronsidcr-
ably damaged by tlio heavy alorir
which raged all day Friday. The por
tion of the wharf which abutted I'
sea was completely enrriod away uinl
neicrul Inunehe* which wore moored
ulong the wuterfront wore badly dm:
ngal, one of litem Iwing sunk.
PuSBengori aro being land.,I with
grout difficulty, und il is estimated
ihat some iluys will elapse and con-
siilcrublo iiiomiy lw expeiulnl Iwforo
Iho il.iiiun u ia ropuirotl.
St. Androw'a Preabyterian church,
liih ,.in. i : Services at If a.m. ana
7.30 p.m. Sunduy sihool 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Lynn Valley Preabyterian Chui'-h -
Wuiahip, Sitndaya, 11 a.m., 1 mm,
Suiuiay School, 2.30 p.m. II, Van
Mun in, M.A., pastor
l.ynn Vulloy Meihodist Church—Service every Sunday evening in insti-
tuiu Hull at 7 o'clock. Chaa. Ease-
Icy, pastor in charge.
iluplist   ' Inuili ' ui    fiih   and   St.
Osorgo.  Scrvieaa, ll,mi a.m. snd 7.30
p.m.  Bible ichool (t 12 noon.    Rev.
C. It. Illiinden.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
Worship,  Sunday.,  7 30  p.m., Sunday School, 2.30 p.m.  ft. Vun Muna-
iter, M.A., pastor.
St. John the Evangelist, 8th and
Mill streets: Holy communion, 8 am.
in, 11 ii in., pruyor, 11 a.m.; evening prayer, 7.311 p.m. On Ilia lirat Sunduy in
the month there will be a aeconri oe-
lobralion of the holy communion at
11 a.m.  Hector, Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Methodist Church, corner ol Sistb
street and St. George's Avenue--
Sunday preuihing service, at I Lot) a.
m. and 7.30 p.m., Sunday School an
Bible Class at 2.30 p.m., Senior League on Monday evening at 8.00 p.m.,
prayer and praiio service on Wednesday evening at 8.00, Junior league
service on Thursdsy alternoon at 3.30.
A cordial welcome ia extended to all
lo attend these services. Pastor, W.
C. Scblichter, n-.id.ne, corner Keith
Uiiinl and St. Andrew1!,
i I   Indian     Catholic    Church   ol    St.
RATEPAYERS MEETING FAVORED ] Paul'a.   MaaB,7.30 a.m. Simdayt, Pu-
lo lake this opportunity to urge nl
who huve ul heurl the niaiuliriiiui;., i
public rights to oppoae tooth and na
ihe propositi agreement,
We ui'e told u syndic,il.e is desirou
District Municipal Office,
Mortb Vancouvor,
61st March, 1911
■»•- " ■"""""
District Eninncer      !"' esUblishing u«ft'hiic city upon the
th. sststs of ths 1st. EDWARD T'lln
MAS IHIUM, Isle of the City ol
, North Vsneouver, Estate Agent, who
died on ttM 33»d day of February,
!»ll, hat been ORAWED to thc en-
l»l».   WM
Apt CREDITORS snd others having
bwsnsse ptntjiog .with ths said deceai-
sd tl rtquastsd lo tend in particular, of tfasir several claims or ot the
business in which Ikiy ar. concerned
to ths undtrdQmi on or Mora Hui
Jf. 0. lox 20,
Mor|jb Vsneouver.'
DstsdWoeVVA^TsU        Ul
site known us l.unsdah., liuidelis. |Jprzji
looking over ihis site it is found to
bs intersected by n sin I sixty fcof
wide upon which the city has (lone
certain work. This ii staled to make
the sil.- an .impossible one for llie
While Cily. The |Hoiiiolns ask yml
Ihul the oily shall lease ibe strcel lo
them for live years: but for the run-
celling ol n registered plan of subdivision hi which tl,.. snid strae) btanme
tho Wolwrtj ;.l I Im- > (». ia rUaira
for (In- limy promise to run the While
Cjty un strictly moinl lines nnd the'
oity is promised ihut at fh« ml of
five years llie street will bo rodediont-
cd to Ou.' public.
A bird in the hand is worth two i.
the bush. •Vt have a viy lUbsinntial
ml will be constructed throilgh th
said projierly-r-lhe EsplanadV-to be n-
vnilable ,for iieuvy teaming, nnd a
keeper in attendance nl all times ■ and
wherein the up.-niug of sii amusement, park will greatly increase the
tourist travel to uud from Norlh Vancouver, and whereas Messrs. Hemphill Pros, bind thcmaelyes nol to per-
piit Iho. sale, ol any intoxicants pn Ibe
premises and lo conduct all amusement in an orderly fashion, entirely
free from any objectionable features,
nnd also agree not to run boats iu
opposition to the prosonj,i«rvice; and
wfiersat (he increased travel and largo
expenditure of money in North Vnn-
asuver will materially add to the prosperity of Oie city—Bo it resolved Ibat
i liis meeting of ratcpnywe hereby re-
ipioat the city council to extend every
aid in its power lo the furtherance of
(bis scheme." .
Following thii a niotion to, ask Ihe
council    to submit the matter to   s
in the street, nlii,l, il i, |,,„| UdsMsclU to be held as soon as pos
b« exprupiiiiled „t the pivs.ul ,;„;, 9j|,|t, „'„, p|)t „,„, „„. a]mii m
wovld cost the oily between fifty  ami j nnimously.
tor, Rev. E. PayUvin, fi.M.i.'
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Mn-
lion Avenuo: Smalms Man 10.30 a.
in., Sunduy School 2.30 p.m., lioiary
lluuodiction and Sermon 7.30 p.m.
St. Agnes Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
Rev. I E. Rowo. 7.30 p.m. evtniong
evory Sunday ; 11 a.m. Holv Communion, 2nd Sunday ol every month.
St. Clemont'i, Lynn Valley-Vicar,
Rev. T. E. Rowe. Aaaiittnt Priest,
Rev. II B. Hailam, B.A. 7.30 p.m..
evensong, every Sunday: II s.m.
holy communion, lit Sunday ol every
St. Thomai, North Lomdale-Vlrar,
Rsv. T. E, Rowe. 8 a.m., ovory Sunduy except lit Sunday in month ; 8.80
a.m., lit Sunduy in month; 11 a.m.
Matin Litany and senium, 2nd and 4th
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, lit end 3rd Sundays,
The   Salvation  Army-S. A.   Ball,
l.uns-ilah-   Avenue :
Sunday—11 a.m., holineii meeting;
3 p.m., children's meeting j 7,46 p.m.,
lofvuOon meeting : Tuesday, 8 p.m.,
hotinelk meeting; Wodnooduy, 4 p.m.,
priildriii's meeting ; Thursday, 8 p.m.,
sAlvalioii meeting. Captain Dougtu
will visit uny who ure sick or in dit
Ireaa ut uuy lime.
300 Feet pf Water-
frontage with crown
grant,1 known aa
Wallace Shipyardi.
Terma to suit pur-
chaaer.   Apply
Seymour St.
tl. Et HIU«CR
Rjpert on Fircplacts and til
,• classes of Brtckwork
All Work Ou.rwtsed
Corner Fiitstnth St, tni HUm An.
We are in a position to
("  look after your requirements in thie line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps, We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
The Hardwire Sp.ciili.l.. Phone 12
McMillan's Tea
Is Good
3 |b». for $1.00
j. a. 6 ei. McMillan
Fifth Street Bargain
a———— .      i  jC-» i
ii'.- ii ■ "ii
50 feet, half block
east of Lonsdale
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz j
Ratss:   $iiiu   pur   md   up.   Special ratt-s tn families
ami   tu regular   hoarders	
finest Roof Garden on Paci/ic Coatt
Skc.inii Sra«»i.   • ■   NOKTH   VANCOUVEK. ti. C
»J|   When you deal al the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask lor at the right price.
t|   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes, »
*J   We carry a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
Sundries.     ---.--?
TtUflbu L 29     A; tyioh, ,,H,     Cor. Uidale k ilk
NortH Vancouver
utttmoym »r
Ortltctad Surgical, jKsdical and
MsUrnfiy Untm
tot Itmt tft*T U tht Hoipltsl
UU. Utrset gut.
All new housta should be pip-
«rl (or gaa in order to (avt tfae
heavy expenditure for tbit coa-
vealence at a later data.


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