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W+f +    >>*^Yf*+ + w
At tha regular mooting of tho local
Hoard of Trad* on Wudnasilay evoniug
(tha preiident, Mr. K. H. Bridgman,
preaiding) the i|uestlau oMhe proviiion
flf transportation faeilltiea between
Wesl Vuiicuuver uml North Vuiicuuver
waa very fully discussed.
Reeve Nelson reileraled his remarks
*t a previous meeting, dwelling upon
the Importance of having such facili
ties lietween the twu municipalities.
lie pi'niliic',1 tho correspondence which
bla couucil had interchanged with the
North Vancuuver management of the
II. C. Klectric Ilailway Company iu this
relation. Ou April iillh, this your, a
letter was written lo Mr. A. U. I'erry,
requesting the arrangement of a con
iei.in■.. lietween tlie company and the
transportation committee of Die coun-
' cil. The same request was again sent
forward un May Ulli. Then un May
"mli Mr. I'erry replied sayiug lie had
been awaiting a eupy of the resolution
hearing upon this mailer passed liy
the ratepayers' association. This re
solution w*s thereupon forwarded. On
May tilth there came another letter
from Mr. I'erry containing an intiiuu
tiou that he was endeavoring lo ar
range the conference required und I'uul
wus where Hie mutter had been lefl.
The' reeve had stated ut the last meet
illg of the buunl thai another letter
bad been received saying lhat the
cumpuny's engineer was uul un Hie
mad liul he bad ascertained since that
this letter was from the tclopiionc
company, uml continuing Mr. Nelson
said il was extremely desirable lhal
electric communications lie made across
Ihe Capilano river ami inlo West Van
couver. The pupulaliuu lliere, while
sparse at the present lime, was growing
fast, ami it only required such trans
p.,iinlliiii facilities tu increase immediately lhe lutnics and  business.    The
* ,r     legal  I:' month*' nolice requiring the
cumpauy  to extend into lhat section
had  been given, lie slated   iu-accor
dance with the termi uf lha charier, bul
Ihis Wuulil nut expire until next July.
*'.,      As the II (!. Kleclric Ilailway Company
4   ,l|iiel yel iiluiiil til years fur Iheir char
ter li, run, he did uul sec why lhe cum
pany should hesitate to build lu West
m.   Vancouver.
' / Couu. Olntiburger (Wesl Vancouver)
(I     corroborated   ull   lhal   the   reeve   had
# Will.
Mr. Jobn Ijiwmui mentioned that
many who would otherwise moit cer.
tainly make Iheir permanent homes in
lhe municipality fuuml it impossible
._. Jn do su without traiispurtallou facili
lies as suggested.
Aid. Irwin, speaking frum a business
standpoint, said that improvements be
ing made throughout the province it
anticipation  of  tbe  increased   trnflii
resiiitaiii iipmi the opening nf the Panama canal ware jollification for the
exlunsiiiii.   Ha slriingly urged the point
Of cementing the Ninth Hliure together
into one community.
Mr. 0. ll. Murden wa* emphatic un
Iho same puiut, arguing that North
Vancouver should bu tbo established
civic centre of tbp North Shore ami
financially, socially ami iu ull uther
ti't.pcis it naturally occupied{that pnsi
tion. If connection* were not made li
waa probable that North Vancouver
might lose West Vancouver as une of
ie units of tbe Nortli Shore. Tbe
I.ynu Valley and North Lunailale lines
had brought seiliers in large uumbers
tu bulb lections, but the Kast Capilano
line did not seem tu have been built
fnr that purpuse, but rather in order
lu distribute a transient population oil
holiday occasions. The extension of
this line to Hollyburn would place it
iu direct contact with a sectiou which
would certainly bocojno populous. Tbe
policy of Ihe West Vancouver couucil
in liuilding up and strengthening, hy
means of its ferry service, ties that
liniiinl their municipality and Vaucou
ver city, would If similar bonds were
nol extended lu North Vancouver, re
still in the Nurth Shore losing one of ils
Coun. liinUhurgcr tuuehed cutiviuc-
ingly upon the developments which
have been luting place iu Weat Via
roOvef iluring the summer.
('nun. Merrick, manager of the West
Vancouver ferry system, stated lhal in
August last the boats carried iin.l.i
passengers; in September, ID. 6111; October, l«,M«| November, 10,140. The
falling ..if wai, of course, due lo bad
Weather and the oncoming of winter.
II was then lhat itreet ear faciiitiei
were urgently required.
Mr. John Aleiander mentioned Ilmi
between June and September over
thirty business meu travelled dally lit
twecn Vancouver and Dundaravt. In
der fin limbic.condition., they iulendeil
lo build in thii rtgiou ami certainly if
proper transportation conveniences
wure provided Iheir custom would cume
eastward tu Nurlh Vincuuver rather
lhan southwards tu Vancouver. Mr.
Alexander reminded llic meeting lhal,
wilbuut seeking tu compare ,.,, means
of transport wilh limit her, it was a
fad that Ihere are many peopit, pm
liruiariy Indies, wbo are nervous re
gardiug ferry boat*, and ire limnl
aboul going through tbe Narrow*
Mr. H. C. Wright spoke struugl.v in
fuur of thia eity doing everything in
its power to aid Wesl Vancouver iu
Ihe securing of lhe facilities required
Kx Kecve M.-Naught pointed oul lu*l
even if tbe municipality win forced lo
build its own lint, wbicb would bt a
very expensive undertaking, it would
have lo huy ill power from the R. 0,
Ooutlnuad on pigt two
Oratorio Rendered
by St. John's Choir
I.a."i evening Ihe choir of St. Julio's
church offered a program of sacred inu
*lc to organ and orchestral acroinpuni
ment. The-work choieu w*s Farmer's
"Christ and HI* Soldiers," an oratorio
distinctly pleating in purls but lack
ing the sustained quality, discoverable
in other works of the kind, "i Inni
and llii Soldiers'" ii (lio client idly
in Kastertide cantata.
It* presentation last evening how
ever, provided * vehicle for iomt rap
able snIn singing, a nicely rendered uu
ai'i'iiinpanied quartette, and some ae
eeplable choral work. Madame Nor
minion handled the contralto interludes
with her uiual lucceai, while Miu
Ailaiiisuii lefl lillle lo be datired ai tht
•opraiio loloiit. Mr. T. F. Howe imparled a refreshing /est iuto hii tenor
solo, while Mr. S. Adamion used hii
bass voice vory effectively. Messrs.
Hooley, Stovtll tnd Sharp each acquit
tad tbemielvea satisfactorily in their
respective solos. The singers iu Ihe
quartette were Mrs. Anders, Mri. Law
•on, Mr. Slurp ind Mr. Gram.
The work WU accompanied nn Ins
(rally by inlel players, with Mr. I). E.
Standee al Ihe organ and Mr. W.
Spear conducting. A collection was
wade in aid of lhe uew church orgau
To Mr. and Mri. Ueo. Leggett, Ut
Ub itreet wcsl, Dee. 16th, a son.
To Mr. and Mr* Stephen Spend,
||  Moodyville, Dec.  16th, t ma.
Steel Bridge Over
Capilano River
Al 1**1 evening'* ihurt iwiiou of the
dittriet ro.uucil over whlcb Heevt May
ptrsidtd, the municipal failure piwtd
unininiouily Iht following resolution
"Thit upun Ibt .Ii.irut of Wwt Van
couver undertaking to rouilrucl a iteel
bridge across lb* Capilano Hivtr and
to connect same by suitable approaches
w>lb Ibe Marine Drift lo Ibt Wul and
Ihe Kobiou road l« tbt tail, and alao
undertaking lo auuino ill responsibility
in connection witb tuch conitructlon,
iiiaiiileiiame  and   in   pi.ili.llie   works,
tbii council band ovtr to Weit Van
couver Ibe proceeds of tbt sale of Ibe
bondi iuued under Ibe Kellh road
wed byliw, 1911, for tbtl purpose"
Tbia bylaw wu for 160,000.
n conversation witb a representative
of the Kxpress yesterday, Mr. A. 0
Hurry, who hai announced hia Intention
lo seek re-election to Die local board
of school truitees, romarkeil that the
board wa* thoroughly satisfied with the
verdict of the ratepayers In regard to
tbe ichool lite bylaw recently submit
tad. "It i* abiolutely neceesary," Mr,
Harry suiil, "that ilepa should be taken
tu secure a new site for a central school,
seeing lhat .the capacity of lhe present
liuilding   uu   Chesterfield   avenuo   will
BOOU  ll* I'xcceile.l."
Mr. Perry, at lhe request of his iu
terviewer, then touched un the phenomenal prugress which has been nul ice
able iu tho city's schoul affairs during
lhc lasl Iwu or three years. It appears
tbat in 1010 i Iwu ruumed scbnol was
erected on block 100, D. L. 550, while
iu Ibe same year the building uf the
Nurth Lunsdale school was commenced,
this structure being one uf eight ruums.
Four of these wure occupied hy li;.in
1011—one liy the lmal high schuul and
another by Ihu primary class. In the
fall of 1011 au u.l.litlomil ruum was uc
eupied fur high schuul purposea ami
another one for the primary class.
During the fill uf the same year a
. „inioeu. iin,-ui was nni.le• upuu lhc
erection of the Hidgeway school, and
in connection with this pint of Ine
hoard's work Mr. I'erry paid a glowing
tribute lo the services of bis brother
trustee, Mi James Ilay, chairman uf
lhe building cuminittce. This schuul
was an eight ruumed une and was upeu
ed Kasler uf this year, with sii rooms
occupied. After the lasl summer buli
day* an addiliunal ruom was liruuglil
intu use, and arrangements have been
maiie fur Ihe oue remaining room lo be
occupied after the Christmas holiday*.
The pi'i'seni Central schoul cunsisls of
sii ruums and a email building outside
which the lioanl had abandoned (ipun
t|ie opening of tbe Ridgeway ichool,
but whieh tbey were compelled, through
Ihe influx of ucbqlara t„ reopen at tba
, iiiuiiien. euitiit of the fall term, lt is
anticipated that liy Easter, Iillil, a
temporary canvas class room will havo
lo lie crci;tcil nn Ihe Central school
These facts, figures and dates, as recited hy Mr. Perry, show plainly Ibat
the lioanl's work in keeping pace with
the steadily Increasing schuul papula
liun has been uu sinecure.
In reply to a question as to the nn
ture of the work awaiting tbe future
hoard Mr. i'erry staled thai the para
iiuniiii question iu 101.1 will be Ihe
provision of a new schuol un the site
almul to be purchased. This will have
In be u building nf al least twelve
rooms, ami shuuld he thuruughly mod
eru in every respect. If the present
increase uf schulars conlinues il may
be fuuml necessary lu enlarge the
Hidgeway school by lhe addition of
either a north or a sooth wing.
Speaking upon the geueral sciiool
administration of the past year, Mr.
I'erry referred incidentally lo lhe in
created staff, ami to lhe establishment
uf the first manual training centre in
Nurth yancouver, under the direction
of Mr. Albert Wooldriilge. The board
hopes, as soon as the necessary iccom-
modal inn cau be provided, to augment
the prescnl curriculum with Ihe leaching ot duiiicatic scieuce- thus providing
the girls with a course currespumiing
wilh tbe niauuul training cliises fur
Mr. I'erry expressed a hupe lhal Ihe
schuul l.iiin.1 woultl merit i tout inu
•nee of tint cQiiHdencc whicii the
buard uf the present yeir his received
frum Hie ratepayers uf the cily.
Tomorrow at three o'clock on Ut
Houli'vard ground, tbt Norlb Vancouvtr
hockey tatm will play Ihe Viucouver
aggregation, Ihe match being in connection witb the Mainlaud scrim, ia
which these two tatm* ar* now tied
for top plat*. Tb* local pl*yiri will
lint up «s follow*:
A. N. Otber, ll.pbiro, Mtrtditb, N.
Humphreyi, P.. B. llaylii, B. Humpbr*yi,
Macnaghlen, c»m*ro», Wird, V. N.
Haylii, Mcl'hirwn.
Proposed Ferry '
Wharf in D.L. 237
Weit Vancouver
The Weil Vancuuver Halepayers'
Association list week paised *u em
pliatic resolution urging Ihe pre-ml
directorate of lhe West Vsncouver
Ftrritt lo lake no furtber slip towards
tbt building of a wharf as proposed in
D. I., ill, arguing that thia mailer
ibould he referred lu the incoming
The icii of the resolution wu u
follows: "That Ihe fern director* de
Ity miking my further irrtngemcnli
regarding Ibt buildiug of I whirf iu
D. I, ill, Weil Viucouver wbicb
would tit the binili of Ihe incoming
council for 101.1, ind that the milter of
• uew whirf shuuld be lefl for tbe
new council lo dtil wilb." Toil rem
lun.ni wu duly forwardtd on December
inle to tbe directorate by Ihe Asm
datum's secretary, Mr. A. K Liddlc
A reply from Couu. Merrirk w**,rc
ceii»d Ibrtt day. later to the effect
lbat "wilh Hit ex.epiioii of awarding
roolrartt for Ibt conitructian uf uew
firry boat., no naw Iruiinru will be
uiiiferiakcn by tht company duriug the
term of orSct of Ibt prcteul directors."
Certain uaVlili of lhe Kilepiyers'
Auociatioo art dlualiiAtd witb Ibis
reply contending that il doei nol clearly
imii.aie whelbtr tfae firry dfrtrlori
bave granttd or rtfuitd to grant the
rtqurtt contained iu Iht rotolutioo uf
Ibt ratepayers
lu tbt event of Ibt sou compliance
of Iht dirtrter* wltb Ibt ataociallou'i
requeit, il ii aupgi'ilcel Ibul lue board
be approacl|td and uk*d for a dtlnilt
answer on tb* petition tnd resolution of
lb* relepaytri relative tu tht propoied
wharf in I). L. Ul, tnd in Ibe event
of a quelle reply not being rtctivtd
ou or Mete December Slid, it ia pro
potinl lo immediately forward to tke
proper department, of Ibt provincial
and Dominion governments requeit*
tbat tbt approval of ih'"' departments
of tb* ronatruflion of tb* wbarf and
lb* griming of forethor* right* bt
postponed until Ibt cMncll for 1013 bai
b**o elettei.
Shipment of English
Berrying Holly (rom
ilorth Vaneouver
The lirst shipment uf Knglisli berry
ing bully frum lbc nurth shure in large
quantities has recently been made by
Mi "S 11. Bcbults. This shipment cuu
silted of lin puunds and wu sent lo
Man Francisco where there ii ■ big
demand fur lhe bully during the
Christmas stimuli. The bully wis
grown by Mr SchulU un his pruperty
It the turner of l.iuis.lulc ivcnue ami
llllli slreet, Ihia city, ind lie is advised
by lhc il,.n i to whom lhc shipment
was made thit in site of leaf, prufus
inn uf b.in, - ami general eicelleurc,
Ihe inuii -iiipiii.nl was lbe best loat
huel been received Ihia year in San
Fn mi seu.
The gruwing of berrying holly for
commercial purpoiei is carried on ci
IcuMvcly, chiefly In England ind in
California, il bat likewise been pro
luiulcd to some client in ihc city uf
Victoria, one grower in Heal city fan
iug • plan mi mn of ten thousand I reel
One of lllc purpuses wbicb Mr Schultx
had iu mind in locating bii homo iu
Ibii rily, upon bii removal from Vic
loria, wu lo let) tbe .lunatic condi-
Iiuiiii un tbe Norlh Shore, witb reaped
to Ihe . oln..iinni of holly. Although
those intention, were carried out on
a modified trill, Ihe result ii thsulotely
toutiiiiing lh*l local condltioni arc ei
.t'piii.nallv favorable to the produr
tiuu of Ihe berrying bully.
Coined Will Inspect
Sites tomorrow
The rily council met on Wednesday
evening tu mnilder tender* for tba
clly ball tile. Mayor McNeiih pre
The lenders were presented by tbe
city engineer, Mr. Angus Smith, in
tabulated form and wert carefully
coniidered in regard to prlc* and loca
ftiun. but tfae council decided lo mwt
il 10 1,'ilin-k oo Saturday morning,
wfat* willi Ibt aid of narked map.
Iht  various  likely properties  will  be
visited mil lli.-pe.icd
The Vcneriblt E. 8. W. Pintreatb
I). I)., Archdeacon ef Columbia, will
preach at Bt. Ague*' Ckurek oa Ban-
day evening neit. Th* vicar will
pre*-* ll tk* murrain.
At .the regular meeting uf the ferry
directorate yetterday afternoon a letter was received from Mr. 11. H. Stov-
ena, M. p., rogarding the floating debris
menace to which the hoard had called
hit attention. Mr. Stevous intimated.
tbat be had taken this mutter up with
the Marine and Fisheries Deparlmenl.
It is felt by tbe department that very
little iiiui.I be done towards keeping
tbe harbor clear so long us those creat
ipg the nuisance aro allowed to go free.
Certain changes are, however, being
made in the law which may euuhle Hie
government to successfully deal with
toil matter, lu the meantime Mr.
Stevens wished In slate that he had
not lost sight uf the question ami bad
done his utmost with regard tu il. The
letter further stated that considering
the Ireulincnt accorded government uf
licials appointed lo prevent overcrowd
ing on vessels liy the Vuncouver nm
i.nimi.-, the government does not feel
inclined to prosecute any more cases
ami for the same reason caunul luke
uuy immediate action in this connection ami the department suys thul in
view of the recent action iu lhe cases
taken up prusecuting certain vessel
owner* for overcrowding lbat il feels
ilisiiiclibeil lu undertake Tinker prose
..! i.tn at present. In the ovor crowd
ing cases mentioned, lhe governinenl
put men on to watch certain buats and
secured deflnite evidence thul the same
were overcrowded, but the magistrate
accepted the testimony of passengers
who merely stated.." they did not think
the bout was oven-row.lyd " and refus
ed lu accept the testimony of the gov
eminent ollleial who was specially de
tailed lo count the people going uu
buard fur Ihc purpuse uf prusccutiun
in cuit's wbere they were over-crowd
oil. It would only be t waste of money
in the eyes of lbe govcrumcut lu un
derlake prusccutiun, etc., if Ihey are
to be treated with such consideration
as in these cases.
lu lieu of donating the use ut the
special ferry for patrons of the military
bail on Wednesday night to lhc Vic
lorian Order uf Nurses, iu uid uf which
lbe lull was held, lhc buard decided
lo duiiale ?ln.nn tuwards the order,
but tu ili'iiiaml Hie customary payment
fur the use uf lbe boat.
Bowser, Held <t Wallhridgc wrote
uutifyiug the board lhal tbey bad heard
frum their ageuls at Ottawa informing
Ihem that these ugenls bad made ap
plication to tbe Department uf Marine
ami Fisheries for one hundred square
feel of foreshore at the citremc outer
end of the strip already granted by tne
crown. Inasmuch as the prcviuus gram
was imi'l. lo thc municipality, the pres
cut application has been made on behalf of Ifae cily.
The letter pointed out, iu couiiection
with obtaiuiug the approval of the
Governor General in Couucil, that ...,s
approval cannot apparontly bo obtained, inasmuch ns the present wharf baa
been constructed ainee Mafeh lit, 1890.
The statute ptpyl0)** thtt It i» *o\l
with reaped to works cuuslructoil befure March, 1899, that approval e*P
be given after the constructor ilself
has.already taken place. It appears
therefore that Ihu only way iu which
this additional structure can ho madu
absolutely safe from interference by
lhe department is by attaining a special act of parliament. Sucb 'action
would, the letter added, only he taken
if the wharf, with its extension, was
found to he interfering with navigation.
The board decided that the secretary
should write to the solicitor as to the
costs of u special act as suggcitcd aud
as to what eitent Ihc ferry company
was at present liable should a Vessel
happen li, cume into collision wilh tbe
preient wharf.
Cupt. Cates and the manager, a
commillee appuinted to bring in rec-
uiniiieiuiutiuns fur belter regulation of
the departure of tlie ferry steameri,
rt'cniiiniiiiili.'el Hie purchate and initalil-
liun iu the north Vancouver oflice of I
guoil chronometer, by which Hie clock*
on the wharves und pilul house clock*
I,..nl.i be daily regulated. The matter
ius lefl in lhe hands of Ihe committee
wi,., huve power tu ud.
The fuiiowiiig report was submitted
by Mr. i M. Heard, manager, and
formally adopted:—
"I beg lo report thai I have obtain
cd lhc following prices fur suitable
new steam capstans for steameri No.
2 uml No. II:
"For No. ii, <il2ii.illl.
"Fur Nu. H, $878.00—* larger liie.
"The engines of these capstans are
beluw lbe deck ami nulliing mote would
lie iu sight than is shown hy the preient cupsluns un the boats. These capstans would have to bo ordered from
the eusl, ami probably six weeks would
elapse before delivery.
"Hulf of the deck in lhe smoking
ruum uf Sleamer Nu. II was covered wilb
l.ilo Silo iail night. The olber half will
In* done as suuu as use can be 'made of
the part completed.
"The fuel oii tanks for the Sleamer
No. 1 are completed am) have been in
specled uml passed as satisfactory by
the .i.,unl...at iuspectur. 1 cipect delivery uf same today.
"In order lo improve the appearance of the crews on trie steameri ,1
would recumnieml thai a number of
strong woolen sweitcrs be purcbued
for lhe deck hands, the monogram or
initials uf lhc company to be suitably
placed  on same.
"For lhc past few yeara il bai been
the ' en i.iin of Ibe board lu give lo eacb
member of tbe regular Bluff of Ihe
cumpany i donation al Christina* If
Ibis lioanl desires lo follow lhe tame
custom the amounts should be derided
al this meeting."
A ipeclal inccliug of Ihc council md
ferry board ii lo be arranged in con
ncclion with tbe compiny'i financial
uuderlakiugs. This will probably be
on Monday neit.
Supporters of Geo. S.   Letter (rom
Hanes Met Last Nigbt j        Premier Borden
A well alttuded and enthusiastic
meetiug of tbe geueral committer in
charge of affair, connected with Hie
mayoral randidature of Mr. Oeorge 8.
Hauea took place laat evening in Ifae
committee rooms, Mauri. Keid and Mr
Miilan'i office ou lonidale avenue
Speeches win madt by rtjiroitulativt
and influential supporters of Mr. Hanoi,
imi tfat platform, wbicb will be found
in auothtr column of thit issue, was
tubmitttd by the executive cummitlee
and adopted unanimously by tfae memberi of tbe general committee.
ST      AONB8'     SUNDAY     SOHOOI,
Tbe auiinl Chriitmai tea and entertainment of St. Agnu' Sunday
school will be held in tbt pariib ball
on Friday, December S7tb. Tea will bt
•creed lo tbe iroolara »t t'.iO p. in.,
tben game* of variou* kind* will he
inelillgi'd in li|l 7lilll p, in , when * con
cert will he given by tbe children of
tbt Sunday ichool. Tbe public are
cordially invited to attend tbii concert During tbt tvtning Ibe diplomu
tnd prirti won during the ytar will
bt prouutid by tba vicar.
!    Following thc announcement of Ibe
governmeut naval contribution in the
i House of Commons at Ottawa, the lo
! cal Couiervative eiocutive forwarded
I to l'remier  Horden  an  eiprawion  of
Ibeir atrong  commendation,  Ipgatber
t willi   congratulation*.    Tbe   matwge
wu forwarded in lhe form of a tele
gram signed by Mr. S. I). Scbulti, president of the auoi iatiun, and bt il iu
rtrcipt of a persunul letter irom Mr.
Horden in reply eipreuing tbank* for
the message.   Tbe latter contain* Ihe
following characteristic Utterance from
the pen of the Prime Miniiler: "We
hope iud firmly believe Ibat tbe pro-
potili will contribute, got only to tbe
necessary  naval alrcnglb, but alao to
ibe reuw of Imparial lolidarily."
H.C. Wright WUI
Stand for Re-Eleciion
Mr. II. ti. Wright, who during tbt
pul year bu been an energotbynember
of tbt local board of ferry dlrtclon,
yetterday announced bi* intmllou U
melt reflection to Ibii office at lb*
coning tlmtlem.
i oailK oi muiurqai
EtUbliih.il 1817
Capital (paid up)   ■   $16,000,000
Reserve    ./.   .   .   $16,000,000
Savingi Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch i
Mt. Crown Bldg, lit Street
""'     Tht Futeat Oimt In tht World
Prlceai Bntlrt OaUary, 60 ctnta. Btserved Beato: »1.00,
let Skating 3 Seitlona Dally. v-
Mlll Phona B6
P. O. Boi 1000
Factory Phone vm
Pactory Phone 667
The North Vincouver Lumber Oo. having purcbaatd all the atieta
ind plant ire making a clearing out sale of all tha old stock at greatly
raductd price for caah to make room for naw itock.
Factory: Comer Btplmada ind St. Oeorge.
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273. 274, 550.
See ut if you have a houie to rent, or if you want to gel
a house.
We have lome lovely homes for tale.
Listingi wanted.
UO Eiplanade. Phone 227
Building Supplies
Sole Agenti for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON. Manager.
Kickham'i Wharf     Eiplanade West     Phone 466
Time Table for Christinas Day
Ltivt Vincouvtr
7:4U AM 4:90 P.M.
WitO VM.
12:30 AM.
Ullt North Vincouvtr
7:30 AM.      ,   4:00 PM.
13:40 PM.
18:40 AM
i     ....
gabjut t* ckaagt without notlci, Compear mt llibU tm
m othirwlie.
Weit Vancouver
Ooutimitd from put l
,'lri,' IJullwny Doiniiaiiy ur tba Vau'tNort'1 Vancuuvur uml I'lilnt Atkinson
T .  tt   „„.,  .,„....I  l.u, I   XI.    ll'Xr...   T..le  I.U'I
1'iimvr Power i'o., according to ile
frunt'liimi. Tbe mnnliiiK shoulil |lto re
uininlinr tbit til* railwy i'niii|eiiiiy V
IiiiiiiIh wife guaranteed by llio pin fm
nuiiii, but tliu R. Ut R. B. were eipecteil
to liuilil tM, niilo» Of lino without even
a lionut.
Mf. Ainlrew Ititlilln llioiiplil tlie IIU
ture of Ibe I'linipany'a franchise was
tlte boat Iniini!. II I'Qulil riii'i'ivn. If
limy tliougbt it right lo I'oine to lluv
North Hhoro at all tlmy should live up
to llielr I'harter.
Reeve Nelaon then aniiuuiiced lhal
legal opiniun hail Iiinm olilniiioil lu lliu
t'lfi'i'l that Ihe whole North Vancouver
district ami West Viuruuver franchise
e ui.l.I lm i.|.. ui in lhe fiiiirls Tin' cumi
i'H waa ivui'itiii, in inin regarding thin
I'Ollililiuns of affairs, Imtt rt i i  lu Ilinl ii
IliO   R,   ti.   li.   II.    t'.'llll.l    tllllllllleilll     liuilil
a line to llollyliurn. Asked wliullinr
nolwllhiitnniling llui fail that tbi Mar
ine nriin lml been imiii aa a purely
pliiaaiiru tliorouulifuri' curs woultl In'
allowed to run ou it, lleeve ''"iuii. ro
I'iuul that ilia I'uumil hail givon tin'
II. C, K. ll uu opportunity lo uae the
mi foot ininli!iiv, nliifli in parla wua
lllll feet Willi, A iiiih. In;..' witli IS
yeara yot to run waa, |i|i|eij thu reeve,
aiiruly Iniiiua enough ui..i llif Now Wcsl
ininali'r lim1' waa thu liiggeal loaa nl tirst
liul il wua paying aplt'iniiilly live yuan
aflor Inul.In..•
Mr. A. (1. I'erry, local mituupcr of tin'
II. (1, H. II., aaiil thul ua eitglueen lunl
luu n inalriirti'il tu aurvt'y the prupoafl
route of lhe electric railway through
West Vancouver, a reporl woultl ror
ininli lie brought fo(wnnl. lie liu.l
fouml thai aome of the rouila ulong llie
roull! Intel been grutleil lo u wiillh which
wuulil not allow of any other than
atreel ear traffic. If lhe truiiaporlulioo
committee of the hounl went to the
Vancouvor management of the com
pany, however, unl nrttenleil the aume
arguiiienta ia were u.l.lu.. .1 by the van
ona ."luul,, i.n of lhe evening he liml on
iluulil but that the iiiHiiugemeiil wuulil
give Ihe project every rontitleraliou.
II. ■.,Iiiiun.. were ii.ii, pmifij hi co
iloriutioii uf lhe ilcsirea of the Viert
Vuncouver couucil, while the miller
wua iiiiiiiiiii! left in the humla of llie
transportation committal (wilh power
lo nlil lo ils numbers), which I'ollllllil
leo wili seek in interview with the
Vincouver niinigemctit of the il i'.
Kleclric Iluilwuy t'onipiny.
The hoard then proceeilcil with |hc
triusiction of other minor liuiluett
Messrs P. li,'lum.in.I .1. I.. Mugnua,
W. J. Wils/in, 11. I'. Miller, |n<l A. W.
I.nui,n.i were elided new meuibera.
Mr. (1. II. Mm.iei, reporteil lliut toe
Joint I'i vie' Advertising wonlil in nil
probability lie ahorlly in t position In
oii'terluke further publlrlty work.
On lhe million of Mr I.. Wuils
Hooey it wat lleriileii thul n new liy
luw lumi' he itlilctl lo the constitution,
to the effect Ihtt iny number or per
Mill    lllStiUgUislll'el     ill     |,Ulliii'    Hulll'    Ullil
ilct'iiit.'il worthy of lhc elisliiiilion
shoulil lie eligible tor bottomry lifo
tuembertbip of tin* boarti, proviile.l ot
any regulur meeting (lie proposition ia
uuaniiuouily received.
Aa thu bonrel's ilelegale to Victoria
on the I'. II.' li. railway nut ter, Ine
president     llll I'll'htlilly       SllllllliltCil        I
'.i'iiiu report on the trip whiili wus
emiorttil in 'Iiinii by llrevc Nelson
lie sui'l il wus clear thll Maun  14 is
uiii uio iiih' woimi no uno iiuno ran-
euuver wlthili lbe epetiJUl liun', Iwo
ami a half yetra. In reapucl In tlio
coit uf tbt erprupriatloit uf a right nf
way between Hie wes|eru lloumlary nf
ll waa itatfil liml Mr. D'Arcy Tain hul
mule nil.estimate of (10,000,1100.
Military Bell
Pronounced Succen
The ihiliiiny ball liebl on Wuilncs
ilay night in the Horticultural  hull
hllele'l   |||«  lllli.pi. I",   of  Ihu  ."clli   Field'
I'limpany uf I'anailiaii Kngitinori ami
In uiei uf tlm locul brunch of ihe Vie-
loiinn Oritur of Nuraoa, wus an mis
plciuiis sueciiss in every reaped, uml us
Ihere wore over uue humlruil cnuples
I'lu.,ui   the  nel   i< It,.  In Ihu  nrilur
■hlllll'l      III!     U      Illlllil'Ulllt       l"C
The hull wuk in.i.'lull', tlm ..i.ii. i
with Hugs, foliage, pulms ami pul
I'li.ni ■ ninl- I'oiiibineil with the eiipiia
iin bull ik ium." of thv lu .In' the
uniform! of the olHreri ami lhe lobor
relief nf Iho guiitlomen iu evening ilress
the effect wai iiiceplinnally pleaaing.
'I'lie severul regiments rcpresenteil in
■ lee ui.i lhe l'n;'i in 11 .. 11 iitlilu ii.Iuc
llillea nmi I in).i of (ioiiiiaoglil's Own
' The success galniul was mainly ilue
lo the exertions of two committee!,
IIIIII Ilf III.lil'S  Willi telle iniini  lo Iho sop
per ..nui.". im hi-, |iii'luri'si|iiely laiil
mil iu lhe new liumpicl hull. On lhe
committee were Mcsiluuics I'lisgrovc,
Kitchen, Keane Butler, Jackson ami
Miss Thomaiiii. The other commillee
luii.<I!•<I llii! business mul ileeurulioiis,
uml wua eiiiiipoanil of I,inul. Cosgrove,
Messrs. II. Wen,.In, Kitilieii, Kuuoe uml
Woinls, Jr. Too much credit cinnot
lie given Ihese lulics uml gentlemen fol
lhe very evident lunl work ilispluycil.
Improved Post
Office Facilities
I'i..-1 Office Inspector lliconliobl piitl
uu olliciul visil lo this cily a fow ilayi
ago. lie inspccti'il the newly eslublish
fl substulioii posl ulliee oo tiie cor
mt of l.onsililc ami Fifteenth street
imi will rcfomiiiciiil Ihil a posl oOiei'
.money onlar <le|iarllueiil lui u.1 .I.'I
Through the g00t| olliees of Mr.
(Irieenlit'1,1, I'lty I'ostmailer J. A. Mc
M.lbn bus succeeded In procuring a
hii.mn of the iiniiii'iiii irriiigeiiieiit
wilh the deportment, an lllll lhe pro
portion of local Income available for
I'., ul rcipiiremeiils is considerably ill
ireistil. This will justify the em
ploymeul of 1'hlllloaal laaietince in
the office ami the iullueiice is llri'ldv
fell ill the new wicket which has re
i i'liiiv been Instilled fur himlling pur
i els.
Wilb refursine to stumps for chur
ilul,lu purposes lhe ilcpirlmeiit his ilu
e i'li'l In permit sinli slilups to bo past
ol on lliu back of letters bot not so
Ihu froul.
Card of Thanks
I highly appreciate uml wish lo thank
tin llaplist Church, city officiali, m.1
sonnies uiul nil others for Iheir kiml
assistance given lowardt Illy siek wife.
Yours  sincerely,
Till'; ATTIiNTIiiN of puriune desiring to v  nl lhe forthcoming Muni
diiul Kite He,n ts hereby lulled to Hit following  Infoimaiion.
Tbs I'Klain"! Owner and Hit lepltlerit) Vendee under Apteetuenl tot
Halt both havt tin., right lu lisve tbcli name! apt'eur on lliv Volcii' I.Isi bul
llic itffiilarid Hwner elonu stiull have lb., ilglil In vols at any election unless
lie or the on or btferv thu day of Klei lion hy wrlilni under lilt or Isi
liuml Died in' Ills offlce of tbe uiub islnind. waives or renounces hll or lur
ilubl to volt, In which cats the Vendee sbsll bt entitled to volt provided
lis or iht hu Ibt ruiulillt i|ou|ltleuiii)it of • Voter
According 10 a sjisclul Moluthm tf North Viricoover t'lly It*
Hit tjuillflcaflont oft lllrcciui nf (hut I'oiiiiiuny ars now llie
ut an .tbi. iiiuiii of lbs i'lty of Noilh Vancouver.   Candidates
F, llle i. I.tinlled
lams at lliosu
. for thai poll-
lion mutt lit mats liilllsli aiiblecit nl tha full ana of twtnty-ons ytari. who
I" not diiiiUillfltd under any law anil havt been for Ihe plat ill month!
mil prtcedlng tlia day of nomlnilion tht registered owmri In the (.ana
llealslry (wire of land or real IjHjptrly In tha City „t Until) Vincouvtr of
the assessed vulue In the lasl Municipal Assessment Hull „r Klv, llunilisd
i|6e0) llulliri or mors over and abovs uny registered Judgment or chine
■nd who ara otlici wiit quslincd at Munlclpul Voter!.
Tha vhIIhk Ihlt yes, tl by Wards, of which lha following art tht boun-
Wird I.   On the Km Jnnia und Maiion Avenues, on lhe loulh, Norlh and
Weil Clly iloundirltt
Ward 1—On tht Nortli Kallh llond. on llie Welt Mihon Avtnue, on Iht Kail
l.e.iisiiiile Avenut, on Ihi Houlh llic louthtrn boundiry of tbt Clly.
Ward inn Iht North K.nii iinini  on iht Kssi hi   Andrew'! Avenue, on
the tooth, Hit loulkern boundary of Ihe Cily, on tha Wael lunsdale
Ward I.—On the North Kellh Itoad. on lbe aouth Ills touthcrn boundary of
tht City, on tin Weil It, Andrew'i Avanua, on Iba  Kast, Clly
Wiii.i li ' nn tht Bouth Kellh Itoad, on Iht Wetl St. Olorge'e Avtnut, on Ihe
e        ,      Nnrlh end on lhe Kiel clly boundaries
Wild I—On tbt N/trili City boundary, on Ihe toulh Kelib Hoad, on lha tail
Rt. Qtofgt'i Avenue, on tha Wtal Jonct Avtnut.
A Candidate for the representation of a Ward met not be • Voler In
that Ward ao long aa he possesses tha other >|Ui)lflculloin lo, an Alderman
of iht City, •       '
No Kt.clor thall bt entitled lo vota lu mon than ont Wird.   A reildent
tltrtor thill volt In lbs wird In Which ht or tht riildat   A iwn-rtilltnt
tltclor thall volt In lha Ward In which ha or thi ownt the linen amount
Tht voting plica for ill Wtrdi It the Clly Hall
of proptrty.
Nor,I%.?«i;!1U^^T.,b0^ihy%)'tti;i,r! ,r,,,."l,n lb'0I" »•»•
viniAu i iunu   v#ti i v
Art reiidert4 mon acceptable from the fact tbit tbey irt uttful.
SSB our large linen of HoiiaefiiinlBbliigs and Cooking UtenilU In Alum-
. .Ilium, Nickel and Oranlteware,
From now until Ohriitmaa wt will give FRBB to evtry peraon bttnt
I stove, rang! nr bl'lttr for mth, thoir choice of my cooking uttnallt
in tho avoro, to the value of Ul per cent, of the price of itori purobaaed,
provided tha buyer hu In thtir poutnlon a oopy of thll ad.
» " 	
Uth aud Lonadala NOBTH VANOOUVBB Phoni 363
r <4
Electric Household Appliances
Christmas Gifts
All our appliances operate by connection with an ordinary
household socket.
5 Esplanade Wkst, North Vancouver.    Phone 66
Seasonable Goods at
Applet, per box  11.60, (1.76 and 12.00
Orangti, per doien  80c, SOc ind 40c.
Oringei, Jips, per boi ......  ,....■ 46c
Lemoui, ptr donn  SOc
Bauiuii, per doitn  SOc
Wilniiti, Ouoit, por lb 'Mn:
Wiilnul'., good  ,. ii lha. for 26o
Brull   Noli,   Hunt,  pir  Ib llic
Oiirriuti, ihidt uried Vottliiia, 2 Ibi. for 21>c
OurrauU, sliade dried Vuitiuai, 1 lb. pkta. eicb  ...16c
OurnnU, guod tjuillty, 2 pktl. for  Sic
Baltlnt, 3 Iba. for   .. 26c
Baltint, 3 pku. for 26c
Sultinn, 2 pktt. for 26c
Miucittl Balilut, finest i|iullty, pir lb 36c
Hmcittl Kalslns, good ijitiiity, per lb 26c
Flgt, finest. Uble, per lb gfio
Flgt, cooking, 3 Ilia  for 26c
Prunet, liett 2 lbs for 2.1c, smaller mut il llu for 26c iud 4 Ibt. for 26c
OitM, hula, pir lb.           uie
Oatea, iu pkta. 2 for  26c
lluttor  Hut ij.'illty Creamery, ii Ibi. for  11.00
Tei, our special, a Ibi. for    ti.ou
OolTn, hut i|iullty      36c pir lb, 3 Ibt. for 11.00
GolTei, French, dellilom for hreakfiet or after dinntr, ptr Ib 30c
him .,", ti...,.im e.n, Hlit'lltii Walnutt iud Almondi
Vou csn always depend on gottlug good vilue.for your money at
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Your Xmas Gift
One of our Suits or Overcoats would make him a useful
and satisfying gift.
Our Clothing is made from the best materials procurable
and tailored by men who know how.
We want to show you the quality of our Clothing and we
will be pleased to have you call whether you buy or not.
'     '       i
97 Umdale Ave.
JU N, V, Home of Campbell'i Clothing,
i f
• I
m^?t ^n^i jr   ao
ID tb. BIBBS Store yon como flee to fsci with tba wbjla Jtwilliry
world, ita faihlhni and it* fanclei, ita dalntiu and ID luffriM, Wtrt
|| g eoiiipleteneis ahput thla d*p«rtm*nt of our itore wbleh Will bt ruddy
noticed by irw? eniumtu wlw ant«n„owr doori.
NBOKLAOBB-Flnely jewelled and hamlioHiely dealgutd. LL
BBOOOHBS-In every quality and fashion, Mt with tlia fluait g*m*
or with leml-preeloiiB stone*.
BBAOBLBTS-In all tba latest faihloiis, either Jewelled ,ir pliln.
POfS-Banging from tb* elaborately Jawtllad bu gin Wl the ilmple,
dainty blouu and lata pin.
OAMBOB-In brooche* and ring*.   Beautifully tlnttd Oorili an! Shtll*
from tba ahadow nf Mount Vuuvlus. - i
SIONET BINOg-ln wiry I nuwn ityla, plain or angravtd t» tult tk*
OUFF LINKS—In uucli an uiortiueiit nf ityli* that all miy purchiu
tint which will pitaie.
bOABF PINS- A scirf pin la i gift which i tun alwiys ipprtelit**.
' Wa have a itock Qf icirf plui showing every digree of quality.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Haitingi and Granville Street*   -   «   Vancouver, H. C.
Thoae wishing to select Pot Plant* ind Out Flowtn for OhrliUuu
gift* bad better com* early and gat tkeir cbolca. Wa bava t nice
ulactlou of plants In Aowar, alao Finn of ill description, Pilnn, tu. .
We hive tlio growing it our nurstrieir th* flnut itqck of Bom*,
Shrub* eu. In B. 0. Plant right nuw. Oall or writ* for our titi-
logue. Out Flowers, Floral Deiigni, Wedding BouqtitU, etc, on short
Two blocki tut of Lonsdale Oar.       Oor. 17th and St. Andrew'i Ave.
Two blocki weit of Boulivird 0«r. Pkon* UU.
Al une progresses in the ar' nf tha
camera photographs auuuuiulaie tn auch
g great eitent that It la 'i»i'i! nnt uf
tha i|uiiitiun to have ill franiad. Kvau
if ona tm afford such a luxury, space
must ba considered, anil a* tbi* ia lim
ilml by tba funr wull* of nna'i dwelling,
nothing further need ba aaid on that
1 Many   phuiognphers   bive   strong
leanings towards   the   passe   parloul
method nf showing lhair photograph*,
which bai much to recommend It; and
Wbicb rerliinly I* an iiiculleiit way of
showing one'a pielures suilalily un
under tha moit idvinlig*ou» condltiuiis
ulher thin fnmlng.
Ainilher feiture Is ill comparative
cheapness. Nut every one li capable
uf making picture frames, hut anyone
with a iniiilciiiic minium of experience
and i little patience miy easily mam
age the |Wi*epartuut.
Having previously muutileil the pho
tograpb ai shuwu In a previous article
the neit proceeding I* lo cut a piece
uf lioul card exactly Hie same site'as
the uniiiiii Alio | piece uf glaas the
time tiie. All three, glass, phulugraph
mount and back must be a perfect fit
in si.-e or troubli will be met with iu
tlie binding together and ugly edges
will be the mull.
Neatness in tbii, as in all thlngi
photographic, il all important.
If married, aik tbe wife for half a
yard of Prussian binding. She will
knuw wbat it i* if you don't. If uu
municd you muil Dud out your own
On Ihe buck of tbo card support cut
Iwo sliis slmll I t i miles from each
•ide aud il iu. hes from Ifae lop. (iut
two pieces of the binding ubout i
inches loug and pui'n tbu two ends
through from the oulside, having pre
viously slipped on a small ring lu hang
by. Turn lhe etula of the binding one
up, tha other duwu. and glue tn lhe
I'lnl. on Ifae inside, Inning about I
Inch and the ring allacueil on Ihe out
tide. Ai i furlbtr precaution agaiust
coming undone glue a piece of ordinary
brown paper over tbo emit of liie lnml
Having dona Ibis, and cleaned the
glass perfectly, fli llie mount ami bach
tu the glass ami proceed lo bind all
Ihree lugelher
I V.
i   "■ ■
North Vancouver City
Waterfront Properties, District Lot 274
In Blocks 171 ft 172,
Business Blocks on Lonsdile Avenue
LoU 10 All, Blk 165, D.L 274.
South Half of UU 1-4 inc. Blk. 166, D.L 274
Modern Residences, Extensive Grounds
On Ottiwa Gardeni, Corner Mahon Avtnut,
On Grand Boulevard, Corner Keith Road.
For Pricei, Termi ind Further Particular!, apply lo
The  North   Vancouver  Luid  and
Improvement Company
Limited liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6266
New M.p of Nortt VucMrtr City ud Vkkity mw m Sile
Binding for thla pniynn m h*
purchased at tha iletlen, M thl hMliiy
mil) Will prefer to up.lit bit own. Any
nt'lkuy ptpti il itoul enough will
answer thii purpose. Tints suitable tp
the photograph should ba chosen.
Drowu paper wb It tailors uie, dark
|n' color, it about m good as any oilier
mil will |)e fouml lo suit nearly any
Oat p sheet about 'lAxlt ppA ilimp
well ou a flat surface, leaving for Ave
minutes tp become limp, then with a
siitr bruib mer the surface ill over
with tliinuisb glut. Not too thin, but
uot ia (hick ai used for womlwurk.
Whan thll il ttry, with I sharp knife
cut Ihe paper into stripe about IM
inchat wide. Out thete Iuto lengths Iht
same is tha glass, (lamp with a tponge
ani) lay on tbe edge of tba glass about
uue ipiuiter of ao Inch along one tide,
pressing ilnwu (Irmly with a clean cluth,
taking care thai the edge of tbe paper
is pert.telly even aud straight all along,
Now iuru uver the paper ami preta
along lite edge until it llrml)' adheres,
then lum over to the hack and fasten
duwn lltu remaining paper firmly tp
the card backing. Follow Iba tame
procedure with each tide, making turn
tint Ihe comers are neatly turned uu
dur ur cut off, then leave to dry. Hfaoiihl
any glue or tlngurniarks bt teen ou the
paper, tpouga them of with a wet
tponge or piece of duller, bul'wipe Ihe
(taper ail round to prevent nnrklngi
ou one. If all are'done al Ihe same
time uo mirks will appear.
Our picture is now complete and
may either he hung or packed away for
future uso.
One very useful feature aliuut il is
ium il any lime it rau very eaaily
be framed it little coil. Mouutiug and
gluing being already 'Inne, all lhat li
needed Is the frame. This should be
as simple as possible, with nu attempt
at elaboration or oruameut, which will
only kill Ihu effect,
Tlie frames may he ordered ready
iiiiide ami Hie picture being reidy cm
eisily bu licked in iud given |he pisse
pirlouls ire Ifae same tiie the same
framei can be utilised over aud ovor
agaiu for Ihe various photographs, giving each iu lum a shuw and adding
varlely lo Ihe home piciurei.
The lolii cost of sly a lliiil picture will not exceed about in cenls for
the doing ami one hai lhe added pleas
ure of seeing one's own handiwork
bunging un the wall.
Mauy ol lhe leading pholographers
idopl this h.dl....I uf exhibiting their
pielures, ami where eihibilioui ire con
ceriietl inii freight merges are a cun
siileriliiiu Ihere is a great siting.
i   t. t
tSpli'iulnl upporlunilies ire uffered
jusl uuw fur the miking of good pic
lures. Wilh lhe iiiuuntiiiis partly
snuw covered and the mittt of the eirly
morning Ihere ire idmirible pictures
ill me,i,iui ti, be hid for tfae uking.
Nature ii ilwiyi beautiful, bill win
ler phulugripliy affords opportunities
uf picture making which ire fir and
away before tuiamer in mauy respects
To those who have eyet lo tee it il
iniiili some little trouble to secure some
uf llie eirly murniug md lata afternoon
effects. Time for tfat riglit uiposure,
am! du iiul forget tint tbt exposure is
lunger in December tbin in June,
Hnow pleturei require a shorter ex
pusurc than Ibe ordinary iaudtcipt.
Ilolidiyi ara coming along, to get out
lbe aluiusl forgotten camera md If
you Invt not Iritd winter photography
before begin now ind you will lie well
salitlled wilh the reiult.
Disposal of Coil Lands
Lmehold System Supirlor to Oriatlug
Inula It Vm Bloplt
Tht roil irtu iu Nova Hcotil, Mini
ioln, Hukalchawan iud Alberta, art,
al the prettut time, disputed of uuder
• leuefaold tyiltni. From Ibt itand
point of ' eiiisenalion Ihil it IU ideal
siiiein uid it would bt I deplorable
mllllkef if such il dumped in unt of
llic above mentioned provlpctt.
The lelvantiges of a leasehold tyi
ttm art it follows:-- I
I. Till government oblliiis I rev-
eoue from every ton of coil produced.
i. Tfae goiemilienl rcllius I right
to Hit roil ire»» Tbli would nol be
Ihe caw if tbay were diipoaed of fee
8. There It lata likelihood of cou-
diet belween sorfico rights iud roil
1. Ai the Itattt an giveu for imuie
ditto development, it- It uoi pottible
for privile interests le bold coll limit
for speculilive pu/potet.
fi.   Tbt government  hit tbe paver
le initrt cltoitt Is ill leases tat Ih
purpoae at pravtutlog wuttfui mining
tptratlout Md tlso rehiring tbt oper
lion to givt eemfltU infowitlon t*
Utlng to Ibt work.
me uwaaian dmik
of Commerce
■in ■ * •—■'■■-
cjyawgWMJ uwjtjmnr»
Capital $15,000,0011   Rd $12,500,000
 I...'   .    . I -   I Ull—I
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Busineis'Transacted.
Intereil ii allowei on all ieposils of $1 and upwaris.
1. A. FOHBTBB     ,.,,.  Uauager.
N.V. Dock & Storage Co,
20 Lonsdale Avenue    Phone 568
It It cheiper to buy frames for your doors md wlndowi
tuide by machinery thuu to make them by lund.
Wa are In a position to supply many slies from itock; iud
■uy tlu ou the slimiest possible notice.
Our outtide frillies Include blind slop and casing.
Oall and gat our stock liat,
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
inii I lu Esplauado Eut
P. 0. Box 1719. Phone 222
Eitimatei Cheerfully Given        Telephone 208
210 Lonidale Ave.      North Vancouver
Jeweler and Optician
143 Lonsdale Ave.
District of Nortb Vancouver
Pound Notice
To Ali Whom II Mty Concern:
TAKK NOTH'K, tint Ihere has been
impounded ll lhe Dislricl found, tit
mile oi lbe l.ynn Valley Huie I corner
of lloikint and I.yun Valley roads,
Norlb Vancouver, one gelding, aged,
ligbt bay color, II while feet, ilight
blast ou forehead.
And further, like notice that unless
tbt laid gliding ii previously redeemed
liy Ihe owner or tome oilier person ou
hit or ber behalf and all proper tilil*
and charges paid, the Maine will be to|d
by publir auction al Ibo above mention
ad pound on Weduetdly, Ibo ilolh duy
Of December, llllll, at 10:00 o'clock
a. m.
Haled this IHIIi day of December,
(Signed)   If. JSAflTGOTT,
If II I'Wind    Keeper.
Ql 111 < 1111 »i i in i n I tl fn l iQ
Bow many fiuillltt wbott
mtmbtrt bin bun lltfttwl
tnd Hittona fir ud wldt la
tin tmtlmt nxuggitt of lift m
on iiu Iti nunlud ui nul
onct again lo tint hippy tUU
of compiDiontblp ind mutual
good will whlcb |i l loom of
•oob pun tndi umlloytd dtllgbt
tnd ont io locompiUbli with
tbi ctret ind Mrrowi of Uw
world, tbit tlu rtllgiout belief
of Utl mott clrlllwd oitlOM ud
tbi rudt tndlUont of tbi rough-
Nt tavagei illkl uutabtr II
imong tbi Hnt Joyt of ■ fulurt
condition ot tritttnci prorldtd
for th* bint iud bippyl Bow
mmy old rtoolltctloBi Md bow
mtpi dormant tympitblii jm
Ohrlttmat time
auxin Dickuu.
6i i >'t 11 iuu 11 ms tnen—mmQ
t«t»WeW». W»i«»w™»
Publiibid TDNdiyi md Frldiyi by North Short Preti, Limittd,
<*.' .""■—■'.ii i   ,!"■*.— —. —- .'  ■■ ...- —; , —
fetM tt Bubioriptlont-Oni year, »i,00.  Hi montbi, Na.  Three montbi,
Unlttd Btatei and Foreign, $8.1)0 per year,
Adrtrttalng Bittt WUI Bt Quoted on Application.
Thl Eiprtss ii divoted tu (hi Intereiti of thl Nortb Hhore of Hurrard inlet
tleluilvely. It coimtltutei in advertlilng medium ol exceptional value (or
Weblog in I thorough aud effective manner tbe population ul Nortb Vincouvtr
Olty ind Diitrict. Every effort is made to give advertisers tbt moit MtUfactory
All cbmgtt In contract advertiieraenti ibould bt in tht prlnttn' bands nut
Utter tbin 10 a. m. Monday md A p. m. Wedneiday tl amura iuiertlou In thl
(ol lowing inni.
Worth Vanonwtr, B, 0.....1.
..December 80, WW.
One of the must valuable suggestion* which has yet been madu relative
to Inducing the Pacific Great Kasteru
Ilailway t'onipiny tu start work on the
Nortli Hhore at an oarly date, was mude
by ,\l.lio umn Irwin at the session of
the city couucil on Monday evening.
The alderman called attention to the
fact that the point within ten miles of
Vaneouver at which the agreement
originally called for a commencement
of railway! construction, would fall
lotncwhere in the vicinity uf Point At
i'ii.:..in.   He further observed that im
the company made It tbu close of tbt
discussion, upon the invitation uf the
President of the hoard, were of I M-
tiire to encourage the belief,that the
head oflice will be found williug lo give
serious and perhaps favorable consider
ation td the rase which the committee
appointed to interview the compauy
will have to present from the stand
poiut of local public interests.
There need lie no hesitancy in af
iiiiinii!: that the hope will lie univers
ally entertained that the attitude of
the cumpany will be found to bo such
as to relieve public sentiment uf any
uncertainty or further amioly with
respect lu this important matter. There
mediately eist of Point Atkinson (and ] ll nu manifest inclination, neither, it
wil Iiiu the hounds of the District of
West Vaneouver) there is a large area
of property which has not ynl linen
-iiiuiu i,leil. One 'properly owner in
this area had recently declared his
willingness to give a railway right-of-
way through liis properly freo of
charge. This promise would tut ft ouo
half mile (of right-of-way, which it is
understood lies uii Ihe proposed route
of the Pinific. iii.-ui Kistcrn, and the
localiou of which is iccep'talile to bolli
the diitrict iiieel the railway compauy.
Following pp the possibilities imii
' iiii'l liy ilm. niiiiii'le upon the pari of
one properly'owner, the suggestion of
Alderman Irwln was to the effect that
an effort shodld be made to n.-.-.-iran.
whether other1 property owners in thai
vicinity would be prepired likewise to
iiouuie uiul .for right of way purposes
(laving discovered wbat amount of
right of wiy could be procured in this
way, it might be fouml of sufHeienl
tent to'justify submitting a proposition
to tho Pacific (ireat Kasteru Ilailway
Coinpuny, to tbe effect that property
owners were prepared to deed the pro
petty for railway purposes, provided tlie
railway company wuubl fouunan.e con
■nu' Hon operitioos in that loellity at
once, iud carry the same on i-ootinii
'iii-lv until the line is completed.
'i'lie suggestion Is of * most prac
licll nature iud could be fulluwcd op
wilh eompiritivoly little trooble or
expense. It is i|uite evident lint tin
prospective high coll of the right of
way along Hie North Hiiore has been
an important factor iu the postpone
ment of construction on the North
iiiioie-. The d.iiiiitiuii of i considerable
portion of Ilul right of wiy would
nii'i" iiibly relieve the hituitiun l.ll
this respect anil wuubl offer benefits to
the railway company in consideration
of whieb tbey might rcasoiiibly be c«
pci'lcl to ■ .ms, ui to begin work, which
sooner or liter must be doue, it a date
somewliit etrlier than the company
might otherwise commence the same
This is a mitter which fairly falls
within the province of lhe Hoard of
Trade, as representing the commercial
interests of lhe entire North Hhore
ami is likewise oue which offers thr
possibility of conferring material bene
Ills not only upon local public interests
but upon ali partiee iu any way concern
ml in the Pacific (Ireat Eastern pro
ject, It is, therefore a matter which
Ibe appropriate committee uf Ih
Hoard of Trade might profitably tni.
ill blind
The .oi,mu unu of llle residential
section of West Vancouver with thl
eily of North Viucouver unl other por
tious of the North Hhore by meiui*of
a syslem of fast liml transportation Is
universally ricogniutd at a matter of
prime importance iu the public inter
Coder -uiii ■ in iiiiistaui.'s it ii na
lunl ind right tbtt Ibt II. ft Kletfrit
Ilailway (!eni|>any, whieh already owut
aad operates some ten miles of tram
lint locilly aud wbleh owns i franchise
carrying witb it a monopoly of itrett
railway rights aud privllegee ou tbii
•ide of tbi inlel for I ttrm of fifty
y.»eri, ibould be reijueiled to eitend
ill misting westward linen inlu tbe
municipality of Weet Vincouver. One
of tbe llrsl wtt of the first council at
tbe newly created Wttt Vincouvtr dii
trict WM tn open ntgotillions witb tbt
company in (bit mitter and the rtply
of Ikt compauy waa amk m ta intimate
that tbty were prepared tn lake tba
proportion into itrioni foniidtration.
An adiadlmptUu bit btM giveo tbt
project through tkt disunion which
ntilitd Ikt urnrn tt tkt Hoard of
Trade Waineaday tviuii| md tkt
rmirkt wfclik tki lo»l *mtg*r of
may safely In) said, is there any lurking
desire upuu the part uf tho North Hhore
public to adopt any iltilmio toward
lhc ii. ('. Klectric Ilailway Company
uther than that of appreciation
Although the Company have unt
always teen thoir why to
doing just what Hie puldic ul the
moment wished them lo do, ami In ilu
precise manner in which Iho public
wished them lu tin il, Ihis is rerognixeil
as inseparable frnm the ilivergnnt views
«Iiiiii tlm I'dnipany on the one hand
takes of such projects as problems in
lbe i -|-iii mi ion business ami whieb
the public lakes of the same projects
as mailers of public utility. The greal
assistance which the local system of
the II. C Electric Ilailway 1'onipmy h":
rendered ill the settlement uf the North
Hhore to ilale is too patent to admit uf
any denial and il is precisely because
the public recognise and appreciate thai
assistance thai they are desirous of
seeing it extended to lhe district of
West Vincouver, in the intereiti, as
is firmly believed, mil of thut districl
alone bul of the entire Nurtb Hhore
and of Hie company as well.
Having noted lhe importance nf the
propound line of coniu|unicatiou in
public interests and having arTinned
Hie universal tii.-h thai the 11 ('. Klectric Hallway Company be the agency
llirough which the same skill be pro
vided, it is in order to observe further
that tiie establishment of this comiuuu
hull",i is a metier of such pressing
importance from the public viewpoint
that wise policy urges upon local public
bodies Hie necessity of looking beyond
the present negotiations ami consider
iug wbal course is lo be porsucd shoubl
Ibe company ultimately decline tu com
ply with public wishes with respect
the power which tho franchiie pit
io Ihe hinds of the municipality to
build and operate the line shoold tin
company decline to do so is of doubt
ful utility. In the first place the mun
icipaliiy in lhal ease would be com
pelled lo buy the electric power from
tho company, which would give lhe
laller the firsl and probably the largest
benefits from the operation of the line
As a second consideration, the munici
pal line would be compelled to connect
up with the company's line al the easl
em boundary of the diitrict of Wesl
Vincouver. Tho pusitiuu then would
be that a person wishing tu go from
any West Vincouver point to Van
couver woultl be compelled lo i'.u three
or four farts and to make two or tbree
'linages in order to ami e It bii dlltin
ation iu that rity. A hinditip sueb
as tbit would vary leriously prijud
tucb a route from tht start and would
render ita usefulness more Iban doubl
ful. Further, as the muuicipal lint
woultl Ihi dependent for ill usefulness!
upon tbi connecting ilnee of tbe II. ().
Klectric I'oinpiny, tbe conunind of the
•ituatiou would reit litogttber witb
tbit company, a feature which would
render the undertaking one of vtry
doubtful tipeiilency at an experiment
in municipal ownership.
Tke luertion tkat tkt legal sound
nest of Ike company '• fnncbiie ii open
to i|iicstlon doei not materially affect
the position of iffiirs, inasmuch as
tke city of Nortb Vaurnuvtr ratified
tbe fram bise it tbi lime of iurorpora
tion and the council of tkt diitrict ef
Norlb Vancouver did likewlae in Hiking in agreement witk tke company
witk mpect to tbe extension of thtir
linn through I.ynn Vallty. If, (ken,
tkt diitrict of W<Nt Vincouver ilone
wtrt to tllai'lt tkt franchise mil were
even to succeed in breaking It, It It
di&rult to tee jutt wkat count Ikt
Municipality could pursue otber tkm
to endltjtm to mke a ntw tgrttmtnt,
pnttiWy upon a mora adviitigeout
bull, witk tkt unit eoopany.
line pf uoniiiitiiilciitloii, abould it be required, independent of the B. C. Wee
trie Ilailway Compuny, would uppmir
to bo the inauguration' of I fast iud
up toilatn motor bus service on thit
route, The enmpletion of Marin?
Drive wuuld afford a must uxeullunl
thoroughfare for thu operation of such
a service anil It could be operated (rom
the l.iinsiliilti uveiiiie ferry landing to
uny point or points which might bo ile
Hired It West V uncoil vor without ill
iny wiy infringing upon tha rights
and privileges of the Kleclric Ilailway
I'ompiuiy. iu l.iin.liin, Kugland, experience has dearly shown thai motor
bus systems can be operated success
fully In competition with the tram
uervice. Qn the south of Hurrard I tiled Hurnaby is abuut to have p motor
bus service. Ou Vancouver Island Iho
council of the city of Victoria has been
carefully investigating the subject for
some mouths, wiih a view to establish
ing a Ilne of intjtor busses in that city.
There is good reason to conclude that
iuch i system of tratispurtaliun cnuld
be mado tu give excellent sitisfacliou
ak between this city and West Van
cuuver, while the problem of establish
iug the samo (nuw that Marino Drive
will shortly be cuinplutod) resolves it
self into one of the initial iiiviistmunt,
operating expenses ami inennie, A guud
purpose woultl probably lie served were
Ihe, North Hhore public liudios tu constitute a .-iiiumino.' fur the purpose of
gathering and tabulating the fuliosl
possiblu information with reference to
» motor bus semen lietween Ihis city
ami Wcsl Vancouver points,
0. ft.  If IMC
Dolls Toys md Xmsi Cirdi
now on viow.
260 Firit Street Eait
Muit be Sold
Am Instructed by consignees lo sell
Immediately tu tons choice Highland
Table Potatoet, very low price in 5-
jack lots; i-> tons t-urrots, beets, I'll
tons hay. Apply II. W. Baton, cn.
Norm Hhore Coal ami Hupply. I'lione
INK. ,
I'nlll further nutiee all business Irons
... inni: of II. ii. Hums will be dealt
with by I. II. Askew, 111 Lousdale
Avenue, North Vaiicuuver. I'. 0. Hox
HUIII. illl
Vancouver Business Directory
Burrard Inlet Tunnel &
Bridge Company
au appli. ai iiiii will be made lo Ihu I'm
llamont of Canada ui tiie present ses
sion thereof by tho Hurrard lulet Tunnel und Hridge Company fur an eaten-
siun uf time within which to commence
construction of its authoritod lines of
railway and liridgo and tuuuel.
DATKD al the City of Vancouvur,
Province nf Hritisb Columbia, tbis "-ml
ilay uf   .e. i ml 11. IIHL'.
HI111NH & WAI.KI'.M,
tlii Winch liiiililing, Vaueouver, II.
C, aolicitors for tho Applicant.
11111 right
In Manitoba, tUtkalchawan and Albar-
-. tha Yukon Territory, tba North-wtil
ie 11 ii.n ii;. and In a portion of Hit nio-
tln.ee of Brlllih i'..liiiiil.i.i. ni.it bt lined for a term of tweniy-ont ytirt it
an annual rental of It an acn. Not
more thun 1,610 sere! will l,s lealtd to
one  .|.uio .mi
A|i|illi iili'.n for l luate must ba nurdi-
iln- applicant In person to tin Ae.nl
nui >-Agi ni of the diitrict In which
the lights applied fur in sliualtd.
In nui '.."."i territory tht lind muit
be il- s. iiiu ii by si" lions, or Util sub-
divisions of sections, md in uniurvty-
td territory tlia trict ippllid for thall
hi hi,.I,..t out hy lliu ni'i'iiiuiu  lilm
Each application must bt accompanied hy a fit of It which will bt refunded If (ha 11. liis applied for me nol
available, but not othtrwlta. A royally ihall bt mid on Hit inirclimlibli
output of Iht mint it thi nit of Ivt
cenli per ton.
Tbt litrton operating tht mint iball
furnish tht Agent wllh sworn rtturni
accounting for Hit full quantity ot
mt i. Iiitiiliileii' coil mined tnd pay tht
lotiili, thtrton If Hit coal mining
right! tra not bslng onsralad. iuch rt-
G.n.d.'i QrtltMt Wittirn School ^™Jr,,10u,d '" '»"»,,1«> » I"" »»"
Tht It-ise will Include tht coil mining
rlghtl only, hut Iht Istiet uny bt pir'
milted I i purchase wlllltvtr available
lurftct i is his miy ba contldirtd me
eaiary for Hit working of Iht mint it
tht ritt if IIO in acri.
Vor full Inforinitlon innllcitlon
„ ,      „ 0       ,        shoold ba limit lo tht Itcrttiry of tht
Yorkshire   GuVUlCC It Securities ptpartm.ni al Hit Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agtnl or Hub Agtnl of Dominion
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
j}6 Haitingi St. W.
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Uattagir
Corpontion, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Ken Houlgale
in pul} Minister al thl Interior
N    ll   -llniulhorlied   publl. all.,11   ol
Ihlt tdvtrtlitmint
Lodgt WttUrn Boil, No. UW
All Nortb Vancouvtr ptoplt tat at
„ Meeting.'of tbii beige ire  btld  in
■*»»»!«  lhe Koigbu „f Pytblii liill, corner of
mmmmm-mm.   (Vlli'rfil'l'l   IW'lllle   Uiul    Fourth   street,
.   I on Iht hrst and third Fridays iu m-li
.   . moulh, il ll o'clock p. in
ConimoiiiciHoni ind ipplicilioui for
membership lu be addreiied lo Harold
Uei, secretary, P. O. boi Hll.  II Ml
Kilbtr Clack Block or Hillings Si.,
opposila Ibt ntw poll offioi. Umaitl
Milt bit lit by tbt pound-
Copies of the Kxpress Illinium
Hon cm be had it this ole .-
Bind your frltndi wbo art InUmUd
in tbt Nortk Bbort 1 copy of
"The Expreu"
It .Will tutu Hum potttd ra all
Nortb Bbort Ntws and will nulr wat
$1 per year
Corner of (.'b'tttrleid  Avenue ind
Kixlli Strut, Nortb Vaarouvtr
A privatt achool for boyi of uvea
yean tf age and upwards Heeler
term begin. January Mb, 111).
Protpwtut wot on applirttion.
I'. 0. Addrtet,
Boi I0O8. Vincouvtr.
Before Buying i our
Christmas Presents
Ut us ihow you OUI complete stock of
Such gifts combine usefulness with beauty and will lasl
a life lime.
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
We beg lo lender, for your full line ol Christmas gifts in
Nm ili Vancouver:
Our mollo:
"Excellence of
Quality of Goods"
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. t. Book and Stationery Company).
3(1-38 Lonadala Avtnut.        PHONB 181
FOR XMAS-AII kinds of Fmcy Cak« and Pastries,
Buy our Xiiiis Cakes and Yule Cikei.   They
are perfect in quality.
Job Printing at the "Expreu"
at Frank Col well'.
1029 Granvilli Sto-t Vaocouvr, B. C
FOR , *
An Opportunity
In North Lonidalt
Close lo an open road, 50 ft. lots $275 each, >2S cm. tio
Also half-acre lots from $500 to $650 each,   *50cnh »20 monthly
onct Phont 173.
Bttlltnet Plant $81
62 LONSDALE AVENUE »■ * *« «•>•       NORTH VANCOUVER ■■—J
Board of License Commissioners Constructed
Previous to the regular meeting un
Tuesday, thu West Vancouver eouueil
itt In special suasion for tho consideration of by-laws. The Public -Health
By-law, Hie Street Naming Bylaw, the
Hopey By-law to borrow $iOO,()(HI for
the further construction' of Murine
Drive IU<1 other by-laws wero runil and
put through vm inii.i stages,
Ip opening the regular session, Homo
Nelson announced that tho attorney-
geueral has appoinleii the folluwiug
ratepayers as ineniliers of tliii Hoard
of l.ii-i'o-ei' I'niiiiiii.n.'ei.iiii'i.- for Ihu remainder of the year: Kccvc Nelson,
Councillors Hay and OinUliurgor, .1.
B. Mathers, .1. P., and A. B, Iiiddle,
J. P.
Tlio reeve also uiinouncod lliul tlie
special limo lalilo for West Vancouver
ferries on Christmas day is us follows:
Boat will leave Wost Vnncouver at
'i and HI a. in., 2, .'), 7 and 8 p. in., and
Vancouver one-half Inuii luler in each
instance, with the exception ot tho
lust bout, wbicb wili leuve llie city at
111.10 p. ni.
Beave Highly Complimented
Messrs., How, Frascr A. tie. . wrote
with reference to tho pun-huso of cerium debentures for which lliey  were
negotiating to the effect thit they had
noticed p statement tu the effect that
it wis lha Intention of Btevt Nelson
tn retire at thu close of tbt prescnl
yi'iir. Thay bill "Uteriid upon nugutiu-
tions with impli'uit cnnllileiicii in Hie
ability and bus|no»» nnuageipnl of
the present .administration and in view
Of the approaching change wished to
ili'l'or iii'i.'iiliiiliniifl until tl|B puriionnol
of next year's council had been deter-
miiiiiil ,
Beeve Aniioiilices Bttlrtnitnt
lleeve Nelson Imiii oci'usiuii to coii-
linn tho report already published as to
his retirement. It wis his intention
to enjoy a long tour uf Europe md
probably extending round the wurld,
and be would therefore be absent praclically the whole of next year ''on-
seipieiilly it was impossible for him
to do othor than retire from Hie held
in Ihe approaching municipal elections.
'fenders for Fourteenth Btreet
Two tenders were received and upon
ed for the work on Fourteenth streel
in connection with the new ferry up
proaehes iis follows: il'iiiimii k Present!, (D,587.IUi; Bruce k Ford, 46,608.
On iiiiiiiini the contract wus awarded to
Bruce b Ford.
Tenders for Bock Crusher
Tenders were recoived for providing
n rock crusher from ,1. Iv W. MacFar-
lane, the II. U, I'iipiipnient Cu. and
.hi.unuii.n. Limited. These were referred In iho engineer and the hoard nf
works lo report.
A  Idler from Mr.  King, owuer of
1).   I..   7I1U   (King's   I liiii.ii   advised
council Ibal lie was not prepared to
actually ue constructed, un nnnum
it WIS resolved to cull for tenders for
clearing the roadway It soon is tbi
deeds will executed.
Witb tttttmet, to thl efforts of North
V|uouuyer City ^errlis, Llmlletl, lu
procure the services of the government
dredge to improve the lauding ul Van-
couver,  the  clerk   WM  lj)slruc|ei|   to
write the proper lutburities, mppurting
tbe request nf North Vincouver City
Ferries, United.
Upon the report uf the engineer a
plan nf subdivision of the iS- W. one-
quarter of 0. L 10611 wus approved.
Op ii'i-i.iiiini'ii.iiiiioii pf tho finance
committee accounts aggregating  t'l,-
009.86 were ordered ptid.
Beeve Nelson reported that it had
bean decided that the following ques
Hon should appear on the ballot at tbe
approaching municipal elections: "Are
you in favor of lite clause iu tlte subdivision by law which requires property
owners wishing to subdivide tlieir property to eli'iir a roadway tweuly four
feet  wide through the subdivision!"
Cuuncll meeting next was ordered
held on Monday instead of Tuesday, bit
cause of the proximity of Christinas.
10,000 cordi nf dry Ar wool for quick
lilt, Price ptr odd cords, $1.76. Special quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Inchss, 13.36. Ill Inches
W.60. C. 0. D.
Ollice ind Yird—Mih ind Lonsdale
Phont 190.    P. Q. Bo» 2432.
The sacramental service of tbi M«tb-
oeiisi church will be held Sundiy mil-
Uf »t H o'clock.
The Methodist Sunday tehon) to-
iiiiiincns their annual Christmas tm
»nd entertainment In-night.
Last night about one inch nf mow
fell iu llm Valley. Tbit is tin Aril
snow iif the season to stay my length
of t|me,
Urs. 0. H. Fakeley wishes to express
her sincere thanks ind appreciation to
all who helped and supported ber in ber
latu sad bereavement.
Mr. K. Rosseau has purchased a piece
of property at tba corner of Westover,
Allan and Lynn Valley Boads where
he auticljiates building a business block.
Mr. II. 1.. Thompson will leave tomorrow on a trip lo Newport wbere he
will investigate tbe propects in real
estate, ami, if favorable, be will probably opon a branch office at that point.
The masquerade hall at the Institute
ilull lotiighf promises to be a great
success. This will be tbt laat dance
uf thu yeur now drawing to a close
given uuder the auspices of the Lyon
Valley Daticiug flub. According to
the tickets sold, ihere will lio many
peuple present.
A loague football match will be played on the Boulevard Park tomorrow afternoon at 2:110, Lynn Valley va. Lous
dale. I.ynl Valley team is as follows:
Messrs.    Ilogue,    lliiril.it,    Burrows,
Mo»d#y, Pttember 30tb, has been
announced for tbe annual Christmas
tree md entertainment to bt held in
tbt Institute Hill. All the Pbnwbet
and schoolt hire combined to make
tbli f hippy opeieloi ind every child
md peraon of the Villty is cordially
Invited to mibe it a great success by
appearing at the Hall. A committee
bat been formed ponslatipg pt Met-
dimes Fromme, Ar»»tt md Pton*ll.
Op Wednesdiy nigbt the tym Vilify
Choral Society eouimeiici'il tbt old-fash-
iuued custom pf carol singing on the
Boulevard. On this occasion they were
Invited Into tmj, bomis where tbey par-
took of goad feasts. Thay will extend
tbeir visit through tbe Valley on Monday and Tueaday evening.
Successful Concert
The entertiinment given list evening in the institute hall, Lynn Valley,
by the Sports and Pastime Club of the
SS. Zi'uluinliu and local artistes was a
great success in every respect. The
audience was enthusiastic throughout
tnd the responses ware as generouB as
the recalls were insistent. The programme was a lengthy one, and it
would be impossible iu limited space
to pay a' tribute to every performer
meriting one. Suffice it to say tbat the
eongs and comic numbers contributed
miy be ranked among the best ever
listened to in ths Valley. Special mention however is undeniably due lo
Messrs. Miiea and Bull, whoso duet
evoked a tremendous encore. Another
notable feature was Iho pianoforte
playiug of Miss Uladys Kirkland, une
uf the must gifted youug piunistu uf
PI Pt t|, A- M. oxaminatiuu enthused
the large audience and gained ber a
boisterous reoeil.  After the enttrtllp-
mont refreshment* vert provided by
the ladies of tbe iuMMi, Tbi proceeds,
go to the funds of tho. hall.
Last Social of Y.M.C.A
"op8»r nmw' snips
The liat "ppep house" of the yeir
wia beld S|turd|f night at the
V- M. o. A,  Madame MUiw Pavle,
one of Vancouver's most talented lingers, gave p beautiful inierprol»tiflu of
several songs, particularly of "April
Morn," which wis entbuslitHeilly encored. Matter Cecil Hoot, i talented
boy singer of Vincouver, tang ''Silver-
Threads Among the Hold" md "Daddy" ip a manner that speaks well of
his future eireer is a concert singer.
Mias Margaret Currie, North Vancouver, croatod a very favorablo Impression, her numbers being rendered in a
must entertaining manner.
The prugramme alsu included coit|ic
songs, 'niliii selections aud an exhibition uf club swinging by members uf
tbo y. M. 0. A.
As stated iu the last issuo uf tha Express, Mr. William Knowlcs has agreed
to be au aldermanic candidate at the
furthcuming civic electiuns. It wat
miatttkenly reported, however, that Mr.
Kuowlos would seek to represent Ward
Four. This should have betn Ward
One, in which diviiiuu he will probably
lie opposed by Aid. McRae.
i  <
The whole of our $30,000 Mock of Furniture, Carpels, HousefurnishingJ, Crockery, Etc., lo be practically slaughtered.   Take this opportunity
and purchase for caih al wholesale pricei.
The Home Furnishers,128 Lonsdale Avenue
On lhc stage of busmen lhc tpm
light ll on tht man who advtrliui
Our Classified Want Ad» will
place you or your needs in lhe Iimt
light of public attention
If yoo have not tried them, their
illuimn jtmj power will surprise you
twmmtlt mam
FOH HKNT—4 roomed flit, moderu FOK BALE—First growth wood,
improvements, 10th tnd Boulevard. Ap Uin a cord. 0. McDade, Ht Klh street
ply F. Booth, plumber. t.f. j ml. Pboue Ul. t.f.
FOH HKNT   C-roomed house lu front
of 1'aia
re Hotel.
See H. 8. Hanna, .ml
16  Hastings
HI reel
FOH HKNT t roomed house, ueit
to drug store on Itb ami Lousdale,
1211. Apply 11. II. Millard, 166 l.oni-
dala tvenue. If
BOOMS FOB BKNT-Housekceping
tud single. 'HI led street 'atit.    t.f.
FOB . BKNT-Cloaii    bou**ceping
rooms  P'fltll* family, tit 8od\treet
FOB BENT—4-roumsd modem hou
sot, t minutes from 'ferry. Bent lit
ptr month.    Peers k lloull. I'bouc 111.
fOP. BKNT—Two Srooin cottages,
water. 18 and l'l. A. Smith k Co.,
fl Lonsdale Avepue. 80 I *
fOB BKNT- A roomed new, modern
houses ou Fell avenue, near car lint)
lit.   J|. MaeKee.ie>, Phone IU. MIS
FOB BENT-^Two furnect halted
Jiedrooini, board If desired tud use of
tilling room witb open flroplnci, nnr
,., |j»t.  90* 9M s      **■»
TO LET—Co«y flvt-ronuicd modern
bungalow, lllh alreel, close lo Hidgc
way scbool. Iii'i, nice lawn and garden.
II. II. Millard, 761 Uuedtle Ave. t.f.
FOII BAI.K-A few very choice
While I.e. burn Cockerel... Apply Itll
tlh slreet weet, North Vancouver, t.f
FOlt sai.K lip' baby carriage,
nearly new at a sacrifice Apply Iill
Ksplauade Wesl. id 18
FOH   BKNT -irpom  modem   bun
galuw, cumpletely furnished, balb, bot
and cold wattr, electrli light nett n.r.
Bent IU monthly.   Hot: KS, Kiprtst.
|| V HIS
FOB BAI.K-Neirly uew (gnu (ier
bird Heiiitsmtu Pitnu, for flit. Wtr
burnilt Pitno Home, 41,1 Unadalc Avo.,
Nortb Vincouvtr. ' t.f.
m——.  »■ a,i|
terms, modern 6 room houae, I Itt la street
block from Unsdtlt, .13 ftttilM. Fiat-
ed tud iu gtrden. Bvol lii.HI. Apply
Wood k Boo, Everybody's Bbot Blort.
FOB BKNT-Modern apartment.,
furnished or unfurnished, disappear
iug beds; telephone md belt included,
Colonial Apartment., lib itreet aad
Bt. (leorge's avenue. Enquire apart
ment t or pbone B4kfl. 4111
FOB HAI.K   Hhodr Island Cockerel.
i'iiiii Iillh Itritt Mtt. IW-18
FOB HALK Bbubarb roull, belt Imported English tttd- 0. iloldtwortk,
Otrdeu ivitut, Oipilino. . tl.
FOB HAI.K fjrtiniphoue, Uir, cott
♦46. lid will buy it. Apply Mf Uth
Bt.   Phuue WD. Iill
WANTKIl    inning girl fur Amcrirlii
Ctft.   Al, Etplanide Weal.        li ii
WANTKD-BiKuaerti use of silling
room, ijnily IWU First ttrttt eiil.iU 18
WANTED-A wonitn to do bouse
work avail,Saturday. Apply mth Ht.
Wttt, uiomiugi btfore Hi, or evenings
afler I,    Matlain  Humphrey*. If
WANTKD Contriclor to, lind
clearing, Bplir Itnki, connecting tew
ait, teaming, cordwood hauling by con
ira.l or by cord. Apply 3. Vincent,
Nortb Vancouvtr. 8418
WANTED -derdwood lo cul oo your
prmitet, at 11.81 I aingle cord, Iwo
tilt, Ipffill price |«r larger ipinmi
till. Alio a qtianllly of 16 inch wood
for tilt it I8.KI ptr load Apply 1. 11.
Foeler, 181 tth ilreel ceil. Phont til.
WANTKD Youug girl, iboul If,
years old- fur light home work. Apply
164 Second Street K. If
TO KM'AVATOBS We will Uke all
die earth you have. Wallace Ibip
yards. «        t.f.
For Dot walch aod jewelry work go
lo Oeo. Hoiuerfot, the ntw jewelry stort
•t  143 Lonidilo Avtnut.
MONEY TO 1/IAN Mouey ioancel
on diiniouds, jewelry, furs. Star Lota
Co, 818 Hillings, Vincouvtr.       t.f.
Short Iimt loam oa vacant or im
provH property. Star l-oan Company,
118 Haitingi, Vincouver. t.f.
FIBEWtHlD Fir itovt wood U ptr
luid, bark, »l per Itld, flr cordwood
14.50 per cord. Boi 8806. Phoue 304.
COD. Prompt dtliviry.
Will the known pirly who borrowed
I girdcu hen from tht back porcbNof
No. 845 E. 181b ttrttt, North Vm
rouier (secoud bouie cut of Bi.
Ueurge) ibout Stpl. 10th, kindly rtturn
saiin' lo above placet No questions
likid.    ' 8418
Will lent lot, 78 ft. frontage in
Norlb . Loatdalt, N.E. eor. l«osdale
Avenue tnd Britmar Botd, for term
extending from Ivt to tin years, with
flrst ihiare of rtatwil, on re adjutt-
ini'iil of terms It npiritlon at nui.
Fine tltuilion let ipartmtnt home or
business block. Apply owntr, Bui Ui,
Edmonton  J>. 0,  AM*. M ll
B. 0. Livery and Board itablea-
Ligbt rig. and ladiei' laddie hone.
for hln. Hlabling for horsca. Qln-
tral dtliviry and heavy learning H.
Dumai, 4th ttrttt wttt. Phoue 847 t.f.
Authorized igent for Singer Sewing Mtchine Compioy iu Nortb Vtncouver. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry (Jooils ami
flintt' Furnlibings, corner I'ust and
Lumdale Avenut. t.f.
Land clearing and Orading Luls.
Pitt Aodruae, Oeninl Contractor. Bt
wtr (onntctioni a specialty, battmtnt
and othtr titivating work undertaken
Estiioili'i" free. 180 lllh street wtlt,
North Vncouvir, pott odlci boi 8WI
Bailwiy iud Wlrelm Ooncirut Hurt
of Eiirmiu le Tranmit Mmim
—.    ——e^^m   m.    ..m—m-mrw   mrmmrnn—.
With ntw fidtrtl Uwi in effect re
aaiilag nilwtyt and 'b'p» to tw pro
vided wllh man ttlcgnpb and win
Utl openlora, thtrt i. * widnpread
ttareity of nil aid women 'to wurk
lit ktyt- Tht commercial telegraph
comptaiei art aim ftellng tbt short;
igt. All Hl-goilg vemli in now
lapuind to carry two operators, wbere
Mt mu deunid suUciant Mori.
Schooli for Ulegnpb ttenitn ire
finding |t utremely diHcult to meet
Ibe demand! of ail bnncbet of tbe
service. Tkt Morse Telegraph dom
piny, ojiposlte tht Orpheum theatre,
Sealtle, will gitdly miii you, upon re
"unit, p. catilugut oulliniug tht
counee for men and womtn. Thll it
tin largtt* Kbool if tha kind in UU
Northwtit. Il-Iil
Anclint Nuning Botllit.
Areuriiitig tu recent ditcuverits it
appears thai nursing buttles were uted
even iu prehistoric times. This ia
true ai least inr the age of polished
■tone, iiiasinii.il as i French arcliaeu-
logist, M. Nn-iii-e. when eiploring a
neolithic funerary dtposit, iniiiul a
small clay nursing buttle, and tlilt
wis quill intact. Tin." ii not tba only
specimen of the kind which cornea
from the early aget. Among others
■re tiie specimens found in llie Gaulish burial placet of Jonchary and
mora rectnlly in the (lilln-llomaii arena of Paris. This latter relic ol ancient babyhood wu uncovered wltbln
a comparatively lata period.
Thl Secular llll.
Archil Henderson, patenting hll
crtdintilli to Mr. McTiviili, (tit sure
that tha coveted putilion ol laaittant
in tbe grocery would it onct bl bit.
Mr. McTavisb read tbt paperi carc-
lully md than looked over bll spec
taclai at tin confidant Archie.
"it's i vtra proud thing for yt i"
hu thit rtcumiptndiUoBt Irnm tlie
metniiUr and tbe Sunday acbool
teacher," ba Mid, "and 'tti in your
lavor wit yi'n I Baotcb lid. bul
I'd llkt wees to hit a law wordi Imui
iomt ona thit ktni it oa watkdiy.
Ulon I put yt to wort ler aw, Archie
•Ig Mtutbsd.
"I'm a sell-made win," tald Ibt
pmud individual.
"Will, you in all right ticept is
In your Mid," comroeiiltd tlie other
hirl ol tbt convocation.
"Tin part you talk willi fl out ol
proportion tn Iho aart you think
wl»."-Mndon intwtrs.
m- ,|
"Bo you won't lake children ia your
auartwent bouitf" ,.
^'Cubldn't Iblnk of it," laid tbi
'ou dislike children!"
(ond ol Iban that
tike a chance on
dig kept awilmby paopU wbo
yimo till mii
. i
Officii 56 Lonadalo Avanua.,
North Vinnwwr, *• "•
Phont 188.
Bunkers, Wbirf ind Warehouse,
St.  Qeorge ind Esplanade,
Phial VIA.
Keep Your Eye o»
Wa have houaea to rent al all iirlcee, end In every part of |he oily;
ulsu guod buelneai ttandi at low remaps.
We ire apecltlleta in miniHlnv rental pru|,eiilet for both resident *
and nut ot town owneis.   Our ataleinenti and remittance! mu   »,m
tin'uniil)   every munth end, and no detail  of  this aueclal plusi .uf
service escapee our attention.
ltil I uu.dalt Avenue
HliM Al,  Nl'lil Ul.lB'l'S
I'hone i-iti
Nerlk Vaucuuver
North Yancouver Business
and Professional Cards
lii'tmliliiK, Itemodalllng, Ktu„ Prompt-
ly attended tu.
Bulimies Furnlihid Free
III IIIIINII    IlltViiUI'I'lllt
min i-: Dlckiniun A Son'i Factory, Bs-
nluiiaile   I'hone  Sll.
"' iiiiii n.i-.  Allan  Hoad,  Lynn Valley,
P. 6. Boa 10, Lynn Creek. Phone
For First class Work see
184 Second Strut, ntir Lonsdale
P.O. Box 2111
Building Contractor
All classes of houses and store build
iugs, office Itslures, ete.
136 121b Htreet E.
North Vancouver, B. <••
685 I'euder St. W.       I'hone Hey. 2652
A.M.I.E. ii B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specifications. Septic tankt and
houae drainage a ipeoialty. P. 0.
Doi 'ill, 16th ilreel weft ol lltwicki
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wood work,
repairs, ate.
Fourth Strset and Sutherland Avanua
P. 0. Box 8006
Studio  over  Bank   B. N. A.<
I.onidali and Eapltudi
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flrat Btrtit But of Lonidale
Lowest pricei iud best wurk giiaruu
teed on tinning ind sheet metal work.
All kinds of saws Sled and ael ou the
shortest notice.   I.nivn mowers, knives,
hedge theirs aud sciaiuri iharpcned. Ail
wurk guaranteed, moderate pricei.
1834 Lonsdale Avenue Pbone 80
1641 Lonadala Avenut, North
Cabintt maker, picture framer and
jobbing work and repairs uf all kiuds.
Ilesigus ami estiuiules eubuiilled. Fur
niture bought, sold aud repaired. I'hone
Aud genera) Commission Merchant, 13
' onsdale Ave., North Vancouvtr.
Plant til
Is your Watch stopping or keep >g
irregular timet   If so, set
Pioneer Jeweller, tkl Lonsdale Avenue.
Lynn  Valley Temperance Hotel
North Vancouver
On ihe car line, iluom ami board
(lood accommodation for working men
Contractor's men taken. Single meals
15 12 1|. EASTCOTT, Proprietor
It will pay you to put a card in this column
To each cuitomer making a caah purchate of 11-00 or ovtr ntxt
witk wt will pfeient a large bottle of Stephen'! Fltkjis, which nuana
tkt but thing for your Xmu diantr. Coma hart |%irour Xnni tup-
piles, you will bt aura ot getting tht but, and not bt ditappolnud
with jam Xmu cooking by ualng old itock. Tht ntw itock costt Iw
tun, Vt givt full weight Md tukk delivery.
Call ud Mt our Unit of Xmu goodi, wt havt till agtnclit of tbi
but on tbt market in CrysUlllxtd Fruita, Fruit Jtlllet, Xmu. Oakttt
Baitint, CurrmU, Petit, Orangei and Applet, tba viry but grown; a
tW uwrtmint of Candlet ind Nutt, Oranberrltt, Orafia, Oarr'i aad
McFarliui, Lang Bnglith BltcuiU, alto all kinds of meat much, Ollvtr
"Pick" HaricoU and Oreen Ptat la glut, "Htlni" Ooodt aad iU
kindt of Prtatrvtd aad Owned Vegtuhltt aad Fruitt.
WtmntwM  wmi
111      '  '
1Mb aal Untdtli
Wt (Kii mimp of tha rtir prob
'. II Ibll no lity Af (hi indent
f\ JUlm pruinti • m'ort pie-
• ft ittrutqut qr ittraptlva atpact
than flatlilitltm, Whuw population It
man; timet multiplied hy |ha present! of t vatt arm; of pilgrims from
IVM pirt of (hi glnbu Mecca, In Iht
balghl of (hi grail annual Moslem In
Kill, or Hnrdwar, In upper India. II
lha teeeon of tbi laored festival, mny
hivt niuch greater bill tbay cannot
tn ttld to have more devout or mure
cosmopolitan crowds Iban those thll
fork to lha ilti or iiuvid in tbi chrut
mil weak filliped wonderfully llkl
I ereicenl, yet lhe only lliorniighly
Obrletluu town In all Syria, Hellilehem
pull on Id gayest garb ai Ghrlatmaa
approicbut. Al all timet i prelty and
tttrmtJii pliM, It It thin i thousand
fpld more so Thi thrifty towuspeo
nil. Ibeir bandsunio wives aud dark
eyud daughter!, preparu for tba fottlv
uiei wtakt in idvani'i ind in nidy
in wilcomo thl first arrival!
No worda cm adequately datcrlbt
Ihi grandeur of the Chrlutmai servicea
at Ibi Church of the Nutlvlty, which
it tbi cetilor af Intiiresl for thl pilgrim!. Those isrvlres are kept up tht
entire week. On tha way to cbureb
ilia vliltori in betel by puddled, wbo
insist on pushing under thair ten
mmm lillle ornament! of ollvawood
tnd mother-of penrl Tba Cbureb of
lha Nativity la ona of lha oldest etrnc
turoa In Mltlenco, and, although It bat
bean rtpoaledly repaired, It atill ra
lalm much of ltl original form and
ibaraoter. In tbo ilde aisles it different altan prleeti chant tha service
lo tonaa that swell and dla amid tbi
Ull colnmni tbat support tha root.
At tba thrines groups of pllgrlmi
Snttl In reverent adoration, while ilill
olbtr groupu are guided aruund tbu
rhurch.by nionka. who point out lhe
rich rallci and snored placet, tbt most
venerated of all being lilt shrine of tbt
manger, benealb tha church, which, It
la claimed, Inclotei the actual birth
place of thi Saviour. During tbi
i hrittraai fesllvlllet thit manger
ibrlDO |l resorted to by great mull!
unlit, wbo crowd tacb other In their
pluui eagerness to kiss tba marble tlab
on tba floor with a illvar star In tin
Ho fervid md enthusiastic ara then
wiirshlperi tbat tbt mnrble tlab bai
lieen repeatedly biased sway In placet,
rendering i mw ilab necessary. Tbt
some tiperience baa occurred wltb the
stunt covering of ibe crypt In the
Church of tha Holy Sepulcher In Jam
trestle-.,.  ry|i,T7ri nry ununj ...l-em
. "Pnyini" iiistcti.
Tlie grotesque insntis |s a a«ir>t|ir-
looking Inseot, yet bis ohleot It ic
prey rulliur llmu In pray. Vor hours
tdguther it Wili assume ul) altitude ol
Inuuoeiioa uiul qnllitness, its lore-legs
raised as if In supplioalinn. "mi mil
until soma uqwury fly or nijier intent
ii|i|iruiicliiis wuulil » watcher realiir
(lie object ul its ijuaint posture. Tliei,
with a dart thu mantis seises Its victim which Is soon devoured. It i
easily explained, lor the mentis li
I'liriiiviiriiiis, requiring (uml ' sucli as
grnssllflppert, flies and caterpillars
nut being slow ol loot has io depend
upon oratt in capturing its (marry
Its suinlly iitlituilii while awaiting the
coining of some victim lias given rise
to the ciiiiiiiiiui names ni ''praying in
sects," and "soothsayers."
I'lven    tin'    (ireeks    endowed    Hie
mantis with supernatural powers, and
in Nubia the lleiileiitiiis regard tliese
insects with tlie greatest reverence.
Hluiiilil nne alight np t Hottentot the
man is at onct considered as selected
nl lie-iiv, ii and becomes a saint; lml
wu,. uuin the native wlto Lilin a
mantis; he becomes no lunger a skill-
ed huiii. I and is ill fut. .1 uniil the
end ul In.- days. Turks mul Arabs
contend that these insects are In
constant prayer, witli their faces ever
Iiiiueii toward Mecca. France, Por-
luiui, America and many nlher coun-
tries provide similar superstitions,
all ol which have doubtless arisen
(ruin the quiet demeanor ami deyou!
iiiiiiiiiii' serving to disguise ibo highly pi.'iliii'i-uii.-. character nl these
It is un. 11- im," tn nole thai .the
Chinese .have belter realised Iheir
Irue character. In Ihut ancient country Uie munlids are kept in bamboo
cages and matched like nghiing cucks,
Such a thing is quite possible, Inr
■lu.hM two (i-iii;ili' mantis meet a
light is tolerably certain. Ily means
uf.Iheir powerlul lore-legs IhejKare
sblu lo strike tremendous liluw^ /ml
with these ui'iiiwiis tbey engage in
lit roe cniiibul, tlie result often being
ilmi tlie weaker o| the two bas one in
more ol lis limbs severed by one successful stroke ul tlie enemy, or even
its bpdy may lie cut llirough.
Thc male mantis bas t difficult
tusk on hand when wouing his mate.
Siie is Imiii larger and slrunger than
he, and should his advances nol
prove lm.nnlili lie rarely has the opportunity ol retreating; lor while she
will nut accept him at her lover, she
lakes care Ibal he does not becume
Ihe husband ol another ol her species
by killing him as a Anal act uf refusal
and then dining ull his remains. Can-
inliiili,m is a common (eature witli
tbese in.-i'i I-, but thit it practicing
it in its worst form.
_^^r' jAn
•'VT _____9'''
' ffit      I                        ell
1 ~\^^ ■       Wj
$k           Ml
B        r                mt-mmlf        '              m'
I! nt                          1
Bsiting of Dud Hearts
Hearts uf cold-blooded animals will
beat lur a comparatively long time
alter death or ramuval Irom tb« body
(il kept cold and uoiit) because ol
powerful internal collection* ul nerves
known is ganglia, whose automatic
impulses cause tha regular cunlrac-
iions ol the muscles. Similar ganglia
exist in man and other warm-blooded animals, but their actiun is less
prolonged. Scientists have ascertained that a turtle's hurt will licit altel
removal if put un i piece ul glass,
kept cool and moist and covered with
a boll jar. I believe it lua been
knuwn tu beal Unity sii ur even forly-
e iiiiii huurs. Twelvt or fourteen huurs
is a common record.
Htaaar rniot in uaruniiiaM on onaier-
talem, whlcb bit bid lo bt renewed
oevoril timet In contequenct of lit out-
tl surface being literally klsied away
by piom devoteei Tba tradition la
Ibll Chrisl waa onct laid In tbli mm.-
gtt A (IW Im^ dlalant li tlia chapel
of ibt Magi, where ibt wltt man ol
Md, ileli'hlor, Cupar and llalthiiar,
nmi wonhlplng wltb rare giftt.
A lulidued, rich ligbt It diffused
throughout tbi grotto by the toftiy
glowing limpi over lha atar, and tbt
•winging rtnseri land in igrttibli
•gut to in otberwUt cloaa and mntty
iiuiuiiiheri All worldly tbotigbii an
banished It the kneeling pllgrlmi lit-
tin spellbound fe Ibt meMloui cbint
if ibt mctmt offlce or tbt (ull, tturdy,
nulile tinging of Iba grind looking,
(warded print!. Tbt low roof, tb*
living rock," Uu censers, tbi muilc,
tbr ilghti, ill item lu dluolvt, ind In
theli stead tbtn tppttr la tbt uioltt
lyet ol tbi tdorlng pllgrlmi tbt Ban-
gfi tridli wilb tbt iw in-, tbi virgin
mother ind Jotepb. tbi amp lurround-
(ngs, iba user tnd tbtlr litter of ttraw
ind Iba gentle, wondering tlwtp.
Iht Ohrittiuai feillvltlfi, howtvtr,
ire nol eongnetd to tbi Church ol (in
Nallflty. Tbi WMk ll I general full
til In (bt town tnd i waton ol (nin-
till harvett (or lit dtlMiit. Mki til
orienlalt. lbe; IN thrifty toiviridoui
t, ind 'bt |lgbl Of tbt iplendld gift!
Nul in brought yeir after ytar tl (ba
cburoh and eepecliiiy tba Orotto chap-
tl. by tlringeri Iron ifir widely ei-
tlte tbtlr cupidity. Among tbou tbou-
Miidj tbit irt living iimporirlly In
unit, or, It niy bt, quartered Is tki
port comfortabit convent, there in
woy rich who cm bt ut|ly ptrtntdtd
late fMurmty wbto coder tbt nptr-
titnril Istunct that mm te ptrvtdt
tftrytwm  at   Bnbl*mia.~Pbllu
Omll   tmmmt—
~*mw tT99Wrmt
Boulevard tnd Eiplanadt
ll'itli "esplinade'' aud "boulevard'
Bre military terms by origin. The
original "boulevard" wat a bulwark
or in ii/.intel uart ut the rtmpirl, apd
an   "eaplanadt"   was  origintlly  the
I iiai-is ur slope i,f llii cuunUrscarp ul
a (e itiiieel place. A writer 'M yean
agu  iinUil  thai  llie wurd boulevard
| wu "now iin. ily taken lor the void
space lietween the glacis ol a citadel
ami tho Hrst liuuses uf a tuwu"; hence
ils .-ii. i.~-.i ii to other "void aptcts"
suitable lor promenading. The old
iriii.'li "esplanade" wsi dtltned liy
('utgravt as "a planing, leveling,
evening ul ways," (rom Latin "axpia-
Mere." to sinuuth ur flatten nut,
whence the hingliih worda "eipltin
mui  "expiaiiatiun."
Hi Hid Tut.
M. i■ imui Our iileimen musl shuw
Itct. Nuw, lur instince, il a Inly
cune in the iturt ind iskeii to see
..uine lui-. Imu what wuuld you say
lu herf
linglit lie,) I el uk ber what elude
in-1   I i.-i friend prelerred, an'
"Enough," said the merchant;
'name yuur owu salary."
"There is a plact twaiting yuu in
lhe abode "I future punliliment," uid
llif man who, tvtn tiiuugii tngry.
stiives tn hi discreet ul i|itecli.
"It ili n't icara ma uunt," replied
tht jiuitor "I'll bt kind u' glad to
gel dome plice where thc Umiiti
never compliin beciute lhe raiilators
■ire cold."
Why lhe Wu llighlad.
Mrs. Hilton I got in invitation to
laniwty'a iee .plum   did ynu.-
Mrt. Citon-nu. She borrowed ill
my chim and tiivir, and I don't aup-
puu iht wtntt me to see huw it'i
Stopping tlii Laak.
Mother-Hobby, why have yuu stud-
ed c'ltl'iii in your ttrf Dom it icbtl
Hobby Nu. Ptpi laid that everything hi tells mt gnu In one oir ind
comes uut the ntbar. I wint to prevent (bit.
An Enviable Job.
"Why do you uy lit hu i guod jplil
fit's only i ttetioniry flrtmtn."
"I know. Hu'. lie's i llrtmin in an
ic# plant. Hi cfii keen warn in tht
winter ind cool oil in tht maimer."
Na.d.d Thim.
"Vou havt tfiree yiiit ol glaaut,
''Vu; I uaa ont (or reading, ont
lor diitartd nm tbi tblrd to Had
uauuy s Deuume
OM Awlwit
»'   Thf King of
TUD winds wire whittling outtldi, in* Brilya glmcid towtrd tbi
>'l wunder wbire the wlfldl.ewii froiflf" ibi sal*.
"Vm," ipoka up Jack; "I'm pttert wondertd that wwelf."
(•I'll tall you what Ihe old Oreelti aald olmt th wl»di," **M AiAAi.
"They cinimcii thai ihu winds hid a kipg numtd Aeolm, who lived In a
placo tilled the Aeolian Islands.
''King Aoulus (mind aume of bli wlnda io rough and wild that hi thought 11
but |u keep Ihem In dark dungeons In tbi rocky eurih with i mountain on fop,
tu that tbey mlgbi only coma uut whan hi wlabed Ihem to do go.
"The UreekK mild thui lllyatat, ont o( their heron wbo (ought Ip (be vgy
against Troy, stupped tu visit King Aeolus on bfl wuy hume.
"Aeohti and Ulyaaea bwuiiie grout (rlends, and wben llie lattar wn ready
to gu un hoard his ibip uguin Aeolui Mid tbut he would makt bim l uiefnl
gift. Than hi handed DlyutH t leather big in wbjcb ht hid Hid lip ill thl
rough, hud wliule iimt wight make storme and drlri lhe ahlp (mm id couru.
"Ulysses tlmuM Aeollll ind ordered bll mm to tut all tbi Mill In plice.'
"Unfortunately Ulyaaaa did nut itll bit men whit wn In tbt leather big
which Mu king hud given hlm, and Ihey were very curiums.
"It wia indeed e etrange bag. if ona lilted It It wn ligbt u I featlur,
although puffed uut in evtry direction to en euurmoui alia. W bin tbe nee
touched Hit bug Ulty would beur strange noises Inside.
"Now. illhougb if liumo |ht sume mm bad often aeulded tbtlr wlvu ind
daughters (or being jou curiuiis, tbty wire now woit curium to knew Wbat
wai in thit gueer iick. .
"At lut one mm more lni|tils|tlri than bll (illowa cut the cord thtt
bound tbt mouth of tba bag, und (he rough wlnda rushed uut, knocking oyer
every one in their way aud ailrrlug up Ibe wean into a aiuini.
'The bolaa of the eacoplng wind* wakinad Ulyuu. Hi wu riry angry
wbtn bt learned wbat bin innipunlona bad done and ordered tbe Ballon to
turn hock at once to tba Atollun Islands that be might aak King Aeolm to help
tbem out of llielr lioublu.
"King Aaolua wua dlipleaied that Ulyuu had pot taken better can ol hie
present, and ht told bim bt might gtt home ai best be >'oiiid.
"And owing to fba tricks of tin prankish und contrary winds which bis
fuuiiah comninloni bad Itt escape from lha bag it waa many i wttry day
before DlyuM mw the ihures of Urttca and got safely boini."
Second Slreei Easl, Norlh YWouver. 0. C.
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Wa And frnn>;oiji|flaBpi that tJtp.yqung mun mh htennm mh !»teriiitai| in
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Job Printing at the Express
The Scenic Highway
Aeru»r Ibt CoiHIm-iil
'''in mi: ie tickets lo iill purU uf llm
vvorld at loweit inten.
The popular faille 11, tlie
Dill   I■.11111I1,,
iiiiun, and
The most uj,-to-iluic Iruin service
lietween Vuncuiiver mill tlte I'lttet.
For rates, reHervuiloiis iiml ull
further Infuimiilloii u|i|ily In .1.
ami:. City I'... ..ie. 1; Agent. 131
Huntings Bl.. or II W. URDDIK,
Q.P.A., Vancouver.
|l.r,0 PBR OOBD
Stove wood, Hi 111. t'1.36 per load,
li! in. isii.iiii. Prompt delivery.
Plione iiiiii, ollice aud yard. Oorusr
Uli and Maiion Ave. t.f,
The special attention of Kloiiurs is
ilruwn tu the provisions of section 1 of:
the " ,\l u1.11 i|i:i| Klcclions Acl Amoml
ment   Acl,   IIH!!,  which   reuils lis  li'
"In mui- ihc rcgielereil holder nf tin-
fee and Hie registered vonilce iimler 11:1
'Agreement for Sale are holh owners (us
.le-iiiie-ei in Ihia Acl) uf the same lumi
or real prupcrly, lhe)' sliull holh Lava
Hie right lo huve Iheir names euli'icil
on Ihe voters' lisl, hut llic holder
alone shall have Hie rigbl  In Mil' ,:!
uiiy municipal olectipn, unless lie, nu or 1
before Ihe dny nf elecliun, hy writing
iimler his Iiuiiii llleil in the iillice of Hie
eily clerk, waives or renounces hisj
right to vale, iu which cuse the vendoi
shall he entitled In vule, provide''! he'
lius ull lhe requisite qualilliutions if 11
Forms of waiver in terms uf tjio
above pruvisiun tuny In: obtained from
the undersigned.
Cily  i'lerk. j
fily llall,
Nurlh Vuiicoiiver. II 1-13
In .-ill countries. Ask for our INVKN-
ToK'i) .MiVlijlill.wiiieli vvlll be tent free.
364 Uni-'crilty St., Montrlal.
'"|'p|epitn|iii Tali" tor dobmiiiipf
contains tlif t'niliivviiiu interesting ip<
count of tho sinking of the now i'a|ei|e
hat wan VaneRnyer and Npfth Van-
liable eoiingetion witli tyoHh Yaipiiu-
ver WSS1 Utilized pll llei'i'llllii'l (llll, lllll
ilie' ilnii inu city pii ti|e nuilli ..Iiui'i-
now enjoys Ihu better service whieb
this improved coiiiiiiuncutiiiii affords.
The cable is a duple*, with a" hltiniato
capacity of, eighty-seyen circuit!.
|.ay|ng of th|a •••>! •■ ■ was successfully effpcteil pi| November Kith,
under the direction of Mr. doorgp Wc
• UH I IM'.'-'1 ull|ii'l il Ii'lll Qf I'lilisl l Uei lull,
who wus given oxceijent assistance by
Mr. II. B. Noble, division foreman, and
Mr.   tl.   W'   'lilillil.'i: .   e nil   llll- li.H,   Ollgjll'
ear. Mr. A- A. I'm in. division foreman
ef the Man.I division, was au observer. Oilier observers wpuld havo heen
present on the occasion, hut advantage had to he taken of the low lide
and a start was made hefore Ihe arrival
of those interested.
Thul ihe estimate uf the leuglh required wus carefully made is shown liy
lhe fad lhat there was a difference uf
uuly llfly two feel lietween Hie estini
Hod length of spare cglilo tuul whul
was iiiiiiiillv uver. Thirteen liundrci'
feet of spare cable was reckoned for,
ami Ihe ligure was 1,1118 feel. When
it is kuown thai the' Iota! length is
lii,"IHI feet this shows good work.
Much careful wurk is rcipiired in
perfecting a connection of this kind
and considerable uf this fell tu the lul
uf Mr. li. 1'. l.ul ill.-, un. engineer,
umi Mr. A. II. l.eiuiiiuii, dislricl ciigin
ecr. They hud to moke 1,1IHI tests to
assure ilic perfect efficiency uf Hie
From the lime the wurk was begun
uu lhe ti. V. |l. wharf it,Ihc Vuncuu
ver end until the I'uinplcliou across the
inil'l, Ihree hours and sixteen minutes
were occupied, while Hie a. iuu I hiving
operations luuk une hour and thirty
live minutes. The culile was paid uul
frum SCOWS whicii were iu low. of Ibe
lugs 1 iiivl.un. ani Mc Tuu.
There is i|uile a difference belween
Hie efficient Iwu -number system which
this cable gives, ami lbc Ilinl line which
liiil.i'il Vuncouver uml North Vancuu
ver. This wire was run lliruugli tin
wuler mains uuder the First Nurruws
the "laying" being duuc by means ul
a i.u,iiuell to uii In I'll wus UM I.l.el II
rope of small diameter. The Imll was
blown lliruugli tlte iiiuiii Iiv the wilier,
ami the wire was alliiched lo the rope
uml pulled Iiirougli.
Mrs.  A. 'McAllister has returned In
her hume at   Hulel   Nurlh  Vaucuuver
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526 Hutfflgi Straat Wert       Vancouvar, B. C.
at I. p. m.   »ray»r.
iieihudist pimrok—Corner of sixth
uno 81- OcurKO. Sunday Services, 11:1)11
u. m. uml 7:80 p. ni. Sunduy Schuul uml
Illlilo iiinm, SitO |i.m. Senior League,
Miiinlii>', I n. m. Prayer umi I'rulsu
Service,   Wedneeday,   I   p. pi.' Junior
SI Ajfutf uawek-Cnnier Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunday Bcrvlcce:
Homing Prayer, 11 am.; Sunday
8cheu| 1:30
8. m-  Holy
outlays In munth. at ll a. m.; ueond
Sunday In month, I a. 111    Uuv. Samuel
Ken, MA   Vicar.
J p. in.; inventus: prayer, 7:10
Holy Communion, flrat and third
lalvallua Army—Lonadale Avenue
Sunday icrvlcei, 11:00 a.m.. If m ahd
l'l* vn'l.-J,'".*ht f-p-iTliureday,
8 h.m Children a Service, Wedneiday,
1 £.!«•
Sirfflsei at fl'ain. and' j'li
p. m. Sunday School and Blhle Claaa
tt 1:80 p. 111. Prayer and Fralee Bervlce.
Wedneiday al I p.m. Faeter, Bav. A.
3. Proaaer, Twelfth and St. George.
II. Juki, tke Kv.uarllil, Eighth and
Tiiii 1. .-ntii Holy I'liiiiiiiiiiiioii, I a. m.
Min nlnu Prayer, 11 a. m. i-ivi-nin 1
Prayer, 7:30 p. m. On the nmi Sunday
111 lhe iii.iiiiii Ihere will he a aecond
cclebrullon of Ihe Holy Communion
at ll a.m.   Rector, Rev. Hugh Hooper
at. Kdaiii.d'. 1 alkollc Ckurek, Sixth
and Mahon Avenue. Sunday—High
Mau ' and S ei mon, 10 a. 111 Sunday
School, 'J:tie p. 111. lluuul ) and Bene
dlctlun, 7:80 p. ni. Friday—Low Man.
8 am. Paator, Rev. J A. Bcdard.
0. II 1.
ladlaa Catkollc (kurek ul at. I'anl'i.
Unit. 7190 a. in Sundayi Paalor. Rev
E. l'.-:.i..Mii. 0 BI. I.
t'krlallan Sclrucr S.iclcl) -! IU Ohel-
tcrlli'ld Avenue Servicea: Sundayi. ll
a.m.; Wedneiday!, 1:00 p.m; Sunday
School. 10:30 a.m.
north i.DNaoai.ii
HI. Tkuiaaa—8:00 and 11:00 im..
3:00 and 7:30 p.m. F. R Perrln, II.A,
I'Me nt In charge.
I'reikyttriau Ukuck—Sundaya, 11
a in and 7:30 ii. m. Sunday Sclioul and
Bllile Claaa, 8:10 p. m Teachers' Train
Ing Ulau. Wedneiday. 7:30 Prayer
Meeting. Wednesduy, 8 p. in )iii>."
Club, Tbunduy. 7:80 p. in Chuir Prac
lice. Priday, I p.m. ll Van Muniloi.
M A., paalor.
I'reakrtcrlaa Ckarck—Wunhlp. 8un
daya,  li   a.m. and   7   p.m.    Sunday
School, 3:16 p. iu    Paator, Itev. A. Mac-
Netkudlil t.'kiirck—Woralilp, Sunday!, 11 am. and 7:00 p. in. Sundav
Schoul. 3.It p in. Paalor, llev. <:
Bt. il.ui.-ni'.. Lisa Valley—Mutltii.
II a.m Sunday Schuol 3 30 pm. Kvi-n-
long 7 00 p in. Holy Communion locum!
Sunday lu monlli at 11.00 .. m Normal
I  llm.... -ii In chars.'
Tenders (or Clearing
Tenders   uill   he   received   up   till
lici'cniher Uiat, HUS, fur clearing ami
culling wood, lut  -'. Iiloek II, D. I..
Hrl'l.   I'nrticulara  uu  application   io
I.j'iiu Valley.
Tin1 uuiiual "at home" under the
implies uf lhc -s"n of Kuglami. Wesl
eru Hose Lodge Nu SU'!, takes pine
on Tim mils}', Dec. It'll., at i p.m. at
the I li.lli' Hall, Mounl lici.anl ll
it ctpeileil there uill he u guud al
I inhiiiic ul membera ami friemia frum
Imlll shores uf lhe lulel. The even
ing']. cnlertaiiiuicul wili cumpriie sup
per, iuii,. dancing, gainci and prizes
Diitrict of North Vancouver
a BV-I.AH lo aulfcorlir tke louarll
uf Ikr i .-I,iuuuiuii uf Ikr Dlalrlcl of
Nurlk v in.um,, to leuiie... Ikr tun
„t ilu.imii lu bt urcur.-l ayoa Ike rra-
ii'i". ralra or eksrgfa ralorerablr
uudrr Ikr l.iaa Veliri Walrmurka
iiitiiieiiie.ii 11, l..«. luus, aad Ikr
I mu Vallr) Walfmorka llrgulailuu
liii.iidiu.nl 11,-1 an. nm.
ulllilitiAS under Ihe provliluna ol
Hi. Liun Vulley Walcrwoiki Rcgula-
Uuii II,-Law. Vint, and lhc Lynn vulley
Vi ul. i u i.ii.* lie k iilulliui Ami iniini in
llv Law, ■ 90V. duly paaacd by lhc cuuncll of the Corpurailun uf llic Dlalrlcl
uf Nurtb Vancuuver. crrlaln renlala
lud-a ui chargca uie enforceable In llle
Linn Valley Walerwurka Tuwniltc
i-u ii in defined,
AND WHKHKAS Hie axuounl ot Ibe
debl which Ihia By-Law li Intended to
neale ll llie ium of 140.000. and lhe
ulijcct fur which Ihr lame ll created la
lhe r.i. ne lun uf ihu aald Walerwurka
tyatam In lhc aald Lynn Vulley Walrr-
i-.uiU TuWIiillr;
AND WHKHKAS lbe caiimalcd
amount of llle laid reniali. rain or
.Inline* chargeable aa aforeiald for
llu- yeur lOlllo lbc aum of S3.100. and
im amount of uioniy ll already charged
I Ill-Hull,
AND WHKHKAB lbe debl la cicaU'd
mi lhe ircurlly of Iho aforeaald reniali,
i ui.k ur iliurgel.
AND WHKHKAS II ll eillmalcd that
Ihe aald reniali. ratei ur charge! will
In- aulDcUal lo make Up Ihe uuiuuul
uf the annual iniereat and alnking
fund upun (he -debl hereby crcuicd and
Hint  iiuiu  will be no ii.'iii'ii-iii),
Nuw. rilKHKPOliK, Ibo Reeve and
Council of the Corporallon of tho Dlilrlcl of Nurlh Vancouver In cuuncll
uminii.led iwlih the aiicn! of Ihe
eleclori duly obtained) do hereby enact
ui followa:
I It ihall be lawful for tbe council for lha purpoie aforeaald lo borrow ur ralae by way of loan from any
perion or perioni. body or bodlei corporate who may he willing lo advance
Ihc lame Upun Ibe credli of lbe debenture! of Hii" Corporation hereinafter
Piuvldeil fur. a aum ur auml of money
not exceeding in Ihe whole the »um
<>f (10.000 und to cauie the lame io
he placed In ihe Bank of Hamilton io
ibe credit of the Corporallon for toe
purpoie aforeaald.
i Debenture bondi of ihe i.'orporu-
Hon lo the amount of (40.000 In ibe
whole may be (allied by (he Reeve atld
clerk of the Corporation in term! of
ihc Municipal Acl in lumi aa may be
deilred, bul no aingle debenlure limit
be for a greater aum lhan 11.000 Kucli
of aald Debenture Bondi iball he H«n
ed by II
lbe jtceVo and f|
i aboil be alan-
'lerk and iball
al Of lbc Cof-
eealad Wltb the Deal of 11
..2 I Debenluri Bt^..
put Intanlt at a raw not axcaedftl
The aald Debenlure Bondi thai)
There ahall he sttiulied to the debenlure lioilffa couiionu algnod Uv, thy.
Reeve ujid Clorli fur euch uiiil every
nayment ot Intareit that ahull beo'pine
due, und Hiicli algnatiirea muy he either
written, lithographed pr mumped.
4. 'I'lie uaid ilulieiiinii' liiimiii ihull
ua tu prlnclpul upd lntereit Ilk payable
ai Hie Dliiriet Municipul Olllee, North
tnenuyer, B. p.,- or ut Iho prlnclpul
ce ot the Hank nf Hamilton lu the
v of Toronto,' Hi tho province uf
Urlo, pr at tlia principal offlco of
the auld hank In tho city ot tluntreul
In the pi-iivIiii-i- of Quebec. The laid
principal euin ahull be made tiayuWe
hv Ota Curpiiriilliin nui lotcr than tO
jreari frpni'lhe lit day of Niivemiici-,
jl. The aald debonluro lunula uiu.u
ho iii-ciii-i-ii upon the reniula, rules und
churgei i-nlom-alili- iiml..r the ihiivIh-
lone uf tho befure-rcclleil l.ynn Vulley
Waterworks Regiilatliiii lly-Uiw, inns.
und Lynn Vulley Waterworks Regulation \iu. iniiin in ii, t.aiv. moil, ahd the
said bonds ihull be and tbe lutne are
hereby us to principal und Inlerest
I nu:.mie nl liy Hie municipality ul
IT T|iere uliuli be act aside annually
by the Treaeurer uf Ihc Cui'luirnllon
out of Ihe auld rentals, rales und
charges, and In case of a deficiency
Uuu ua to inch deficiency out of unnuul
rcvenhe, the aum uf (iiiiii. fur the pur-
nose of forming u sinking fund for lbe
payment uf said debentures when tbey
become due and Ihe sum of 13,000 for
Ihe payment uf Hie Inlerusl at the rule
afurciuld lo become due on such debenture! during the currency Ihereuf. The
aald rentals, rutes nud charges sliull
lie withdrawn from the iiiiiiiiiii rcvcnin.-
of the municipality and shall be paid
Into u special account (n Hie Uunl. of
Hamlilon for the purpose ut meeting
the ufuresiild sinking- fund and Interesl. pruvlded always Ilml any moneys
lhal may have In be advanced, or
which may huve lo be puld under lln-
aforeaald guuruntee und uny lurplUI
beyond Ihe sums iiitniiiilly required for
such Interest and alnking fund sliull
frum iluu tn limp be Iriinsleneil from
the suld special account und refunded
to the amount of the unuiuil revenue
This By-Low muy he cited for nil
purpose! ui "The Lynn Valloy Wolor-
uurks Revenue Loan Hy-I.nu-. 11112."
This By-Law ahull come Inlu elfccl
on lhc 3111 duy of December.  1.112.
I'usied by Ihc council on the 131b
duv uf December, lllll.
Received lbe aasenl nf llie Klecfori
ut an election held un llic
day of 11112.
ii.unu. i,i« 11 il and Ilnully uilnpteil by
llio Council and algm-d by Hie RepVC
and I'lerk und sealed willi lhe Corporate Sen] nn llic
day of 1013
in ia thus   OF  THB   HISTHII'T
NOHTII VANt lit Vl'.ll
TAKK NiiTUiK lliul Ibe abovo Is u
truo eupy uf the proposed By-Law unon
which llic vole of lhe munlclpullly
will be taken wllhln thc following
polling stations, vli: 111 llle Mniii.nui]
Ilull, Lynn Vulley Road, lu thc
office of Mr. T. S Nye ul eorner of
Lonsdule Avenue and Kl .lames' Road,
und ut I'.ii-ii.iiiii Scboolliouse, nil In Hie
dlslrlcl uf North Vuncuuvel. on Sul-
unluy. ilie 28tli day of Decomber. 1913,
belween lhe hours of 9 o'clock u.m.
and 7 i clock p.m
('M.i'.  and   Returning  OlDcor
sou u,   (iMi*ui.n,  una,  a. uuu.s* *m.,,w»-
nte whu may be willing fp advance
the sume upon the credit of tho debentures of iIiIh Corporation herein-
ufler provided for, a sum or mmi of
money lint exceeding In fhe whole the
aunt nf 8112,000, und to cuuse. tho sumo
io ii.- placed |n tlie Bank sf Hamilton
lo thu iiulil ot the i.'orporiitluii lo ho
expended fpr tbe purpose uforoaald.
2.   Debenture Bunds of the Corporation to th0 umount of fSS.000 in the
whule may be Issued by the Reevo
Clerk of Ibo Corporation In terma
of tho Municipal Act In sumi oi may
he desired, but no single Debenlure
sliull bo for u greater sum than uno
Thousand Dollara. Hack of the laid
Debenture llmuls shall be signed by tbe
Keiivii umi Clerk and ihall be sealed
Willi the Seal of the Corporation.
3. The said Debenture BOndl iball
bear Interest at a rute not exceeding
ie tier cent, .per milium payable halt
yearly on the tit day of Way and the
1st day of November IP each and
overy year during the currency flf
suld i iiin in in mi ur uny of them. There
shall be uttac|ied to the Debenture
llmuls cuupuni signed by tbe Reevo
and Clerk for each and overy paymonl
of Interest that' uliuli become due, and
such signature! may be either u-riiien
in imi.] ,i|iiii'ii or stamped- '
4. The said Debenture Bonds shall
os lo prlnclpul hnd lliterpit ho payable at tho District Municipal Ollice,
Norlh Vancouver. B. 0„ pr at lha
principal offico of the Rank of Hamlilon In the city of Toronto, in Ibo province of Ontario, or at the principal
ollice of iho luld Bank In tbo city ot
stonn.'ui, In the province of Quebec.
The said principal sum ihall be mude
payable by tin- Corporation not laler
lhan to yeara from the lit day of Nu-
vembcr, 1018.
t. There shall bo raised and levied
unnuully by ipeclal rato nu ill rateable bind or Improvements or roal
lu'iiiu-iiy In the district the aUm of
3107 for the puriiose of forming a
. ii'i.nn fund for lliu payment of laid
u; ■ nim,: when they become due and
Hie sum'uf 13.100 for iho payment of
tlu- Inieiesi at the rule aforeiald lo
become due un such debenture! during
Hie currency Ihcreof, und lhat In addl-
tImi lo all other rales to ho levied and
collected In tho aald district dining
Un- whule currency of tho aald debentures or uny of then..
Nn rebate shall bo allowed on lhe
suld special rale to be levied under toll
lly-l.aw.   ,
Tills it-. Luw may be cited for all
purposes n« "The School Sites Loan
By-Law  1913" ,
Tills By-Law shall come Into effect
un lhe 3lst day of December lilt.
Pussed by lhe Council on the 13lh
duv of December, 1913.
Received  Ihe uilent of the elector!
nt an ■ 1.1 in.n held- on the
day of ISI, j
Reconsidered and Anally adopted by
lbe Council nnd algned hy the Reeve
uml (ierk  and scaled wllh Ihe Cor-
i .i.ii.   Seal  oii  the
day uj '*   W-
cierk   '
illiiroHH   Op  THK   DISTRICT
TAKK NOTICK lhat the above ll a
Hue copy of Ibe propoied By-Law
upun which the vute of the Municl-
i.ull'y will be taken wllhln tha following polling i 'tli.ii.'i. vli: In the Municipal Hall. Lynn Valley Road: In
llic office of Mr. T. S. Nye at corner of
Lonsdale Avenue und St. James Road,
and ul Capilano scboolliouse, all In the
iu ni' i of North Vancouver, on Saturday, the 28ib day or December, Itll,
belween Hie hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and
7 u'clock p.m.
C M C, and Relurnlng Officer.
PUBLIC NoiiCK Is hereby given
thai lbe vole of lhe Kleclois of tlie
Dlslrlcl of Nmih Vancouver will be
taken on Ihe "Lynn Vulley Wulerwoika
Revenue Loan By-Law, iill2." on Sul
urduy. tbe 28th day of December. 1912
belween Hie hours uf 9 o'eloek u in
and 7 u'cluck p.m. wilhin Hie fulluwlng polling pluccs. vli.: In Ihe Munlclpul Hull. Lynn Vulley Road: In the
office of Mr  T. t) Nye. ul Ihc corhcr
I  Lonsdule   Avenuo   and   St.   Jamei'tjj ticceniheB"lftt hoifc'ooB'tM'JUjjB
d. und ill lhe lapllulin bclioolliuuse '-. ,.  ...      ii.  - m.   ..A . „>.,., A«i.^« mv
Ii'lll.ic NOTICK la hereby given
Ihul the vule of lhe Kleclori of Iho
District of Norlh Vuncouvor wiy no
taken on the "Schuul Site! Loan By-
Law. 1912." un Suturduy, the Slth day
Ruin the dlslrlcl of Nurlh Vancouver, and
Ibul Julm tl. Kat hut hus been nppolnl-
cd Relurnlng Ollicer lu luke llu voles
uf such Kleclois Willi lhe usual poWern
In thul  behalf
Bv order of lhe Council.
idlglli-dl       •   «M   II.   MAY.
Diitrict of North Vancouver
A Ilk -I* VV to . ii.il.I. Ikr I orpurallon
nf Ikr lllilrlel uf \... 11. Vaoruuter
lo ralir by nil at luaa Ikr ■■„•„ ol
|U.-,iaill    IO    I'liellele     le,|     Hie     |Hlliil!lM
aad clearing ol Hekoul Mir*.
.1 ii o'clock u.m. and 7 o'e'lock p.m.,.
wiiiiln Hie following polling place!,
viz In Hie Municipal llall, Lvnn Valle.) lioud: In the office uf Mr. T. 8.
Nye. ul Hie corner of Lunsdale Avenue
and l'l Jumes' Road, and al Capilano
Sclioolhuusc. In the dlalrlcl of Norlb
Vancouver, and lhat John Q. Farmer
lias been uppnlntod Relurnlng Officer
to tulic tbe voles of such Eleclors with
Hie usuul puwers In Ibal behalf.
llv Order of  lhe Council.
iSlgiied) WM.  II. MAY.
C. It. C.
WHKHKAS uu Ihe .i.u duy of Ocluber,   1913.   llle   liii.il.l   "I   School   'liuu
lees fui lbe Dlelrlii of/Nurlb V.n.ion
vu luld belore Hie ie.'lim lml Council
u ,1,i.iiiul eslliiule nf tlie ."inns n.
guhed by ihe lluuul Hi lbe purchn*e
cleuiing uiid grading of scbool sile*
III suld dilllicT. umiAinlluis tn (li.'.HOO
the laid ilus be|ng In District Lots
tr.3  0t2. ill. 781 and Ita rrapecllvel}
AND WIIKRKAS oll llle Jlsl d.» uf
Ocluber. .1912. lbc Municipal Cnuiui]
fliiully tejecled and diaapproved said
isllnules until sucli linn us llie Kleclori Should ulve llielr ussent lu u By-
Law f.n iailing lbe suld sum of IB:' ■
000,  fur   Hie  purposes  aforesaid.
AND WIIKRKAS oil lllc 3nd du> uf
November. 1912. the icuctaiv of sulil
Bourd uf Scbool Trusted made u will
ten icflucsl ll, lhe Reeve of Ihe lilstrlct for Hie submission to llie Kleclori of a By-Law iiutliuilalng lbe pro-
puled cxpctidlluto und for rulslng Ihc
muneyi required tu defray llie sunn
upun the credit of the Munluipulli)
AND WHKHKAS lhe amount of Ihr
debl which Ihli by-luw Is Intended lul
create ll lhe aura uf- IU2.000. end  ll,, ,
object   for   which   Ibe   euld   'b I'i    l»
creoled ii lhe purchase and liiiuliig ol
Ichool illel ul ufoi'csuld:
AND WHKHKAS h|  a Sueclul Oidi-l
dated lbc 31il Uuy uf No\1ml.er.   512
the Cuuncll of Puhlle fnilrucHon buve i
auihurlied  ihe cxienslmi  "f Hn   loan
lu be railed under lhls By-Low over!
n  polled  of 60  yeurs  Loin   the  dule i ——
when Ibis By-Law lulul ctfeii:
AND  WHKRKAS II  will  be necia-      w, j   nmwjl ot „|| kiuil*. Give ui
lary lu rulse unnuully bv special rate ....
lhc lulul sum uf 131.07 00 fui to yeuis  u t rim I.   We alsu have heavy learns by
fc&W# S.WJSSHi'S Ik. •hf-^piest and baggage, or when
'''AN|l;',WIIKRKA8'||;he  value  of    lb, | W  «""'  *^i "Hot |*OM II. Wt
whule i a
or real .
according .» ... —
menl roll amount! to- I8.083.7s0:
AND  WHKRKAH the  aggregate   ut
NoTICK—AtU'iiHuii la drawn lo the
, i .. tm. ol the "Municipal Elections
Ail Amendment Act, 1»1J, which pro-
vldcs as follows:
"In cuse llle registered bolder of tba
"fee and ihe registered Vendee under
an Agreement for Sale ure both ownera
"iuu i' i.n.i] in lhls Act) of the same
"land ur real properly, they shall both
lm\i tin. right lo huvo iheir names
"entered un the Volcrs' Llui. but Ihe
"bolder uluiic sliull have Ihc right lo
"vuli ut any Munlclpul Election unless he. on or before llie day of KJec-
ilon. by willing under hll hand filed
in the ufficc of llie Municipal Clerk,
"waives or reiiuunces hll right lu vote
In which ease lllc vendee shall be entitled lu vule. pruvlded he baa all lhe
"reiiulillr iiuallflcallons uf a Voter."
liciiilenl Kleelurs vule In lhc Ward
In which Ibey reside Non-resldenl
eleclori vuli- In iho Wurd In which they
liat'e Hie largest amount of properly
In value according to lbc Aiicaiment
No person Is entitled to have hll or
lm nun i' I uie i' entered oll Ihe Annual
Vuurs List ul u voter In Ihe Munlclpallly
Are You Moving
alcalde land or Improvements j |nm> a large stork of mill wood 12x16
nronerly  of the  Munlclpaill) '.,,.,„ , , ,,
lU  to lhe laal  revised assess    inch lengths. Furnace wood a ipecially
Trump! ileliverici.
■ ■    12 I»mdalo Avanua
Wood COD.
ihe Debenture Debl of I.M municipal
Ily (eicept for worki of locul Improvement and ichool purpoiei) amounii lo
It8t 000:
THF.HKFOHK Ihe Reeve und Council of 'he Corporullon of de Dlsiiiii
of North Vancouver In council usscm Law «
bled (with Ibe aaienl of the Weilora^*'""* III
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
m] Ut Ui quote you ratea on Kite, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Phona tit.
•ml Mr, A, Huuklay, M.A., h* taken up
hia ieitdeni'0 pn ith street east, Nortb
Mr, Charles Bollinsou pf Seattle nmi
Mrs, w; B, ^Vaten of Santiago, wore
thll week tho guilts p* Hrs. W. 11- Par-
klm, of (111 Bacpnd atreet.
Tho Oapiiano aohool announeo their
annual eoncart and chriatnias tree tu
bo hold in tho sohuul on Monday, tho
llilrd, tt H o'clock. Children free. '
The Knights of Pythias are holding
a Christmas (res In their hall, 4th
itreet west uu Munday, il.'ird inst., tu
which members and their families are
'   , ,,.
Circumstances forbid the inclusion in
this issue uf a complete list of the pat
runs uf Wednesday night 'i military
tiall Such a Hit, Will, however, bu
available for Tueiday'a issue.
The Salvation Army officers of tha
local corps deiire all those who would
One-half Block Off Lonidale Ave.
Lot 41 x 132 Feet for
All Caih, or til 50.00
on Termi of One-third
Caih, Balance 6, 12
and 18 Months.
Agreement! of Silt Purchased
Phona 163 V, 0. Box 2397
213 Lonidale Avenue
Wiwimy ur Wl w»wn»i.|, .. na-, *„. *.,„.
to iiiii! Third itreet east, North Villi
flit Nurth   Vuiicuuver  Cartage  (Sp.
pit excavating vha»eroei>t hpA*i their
(iremliea on ith street west which whop
completed will he ntillieii-fur atofggi)
pprpuses,   Tlio   liasemenl   will   be   ihu
aim of tlm whole buildings, covering
nilsiiil feel.
Ip .-nnuc-1inn with the newly estah-
lishiiil .Hi, Aiulrtiw's I'rusiiylurlan
liiunii, the special dedicatory services
will lie I'liiiliiiui'il nu Sunday neat lit
tbe inuruing the Hev. ('rinuipnl Man
Luy, D.H., will preach, while  in lhe
UVOIiIng the preacher will he Hie llev
l-i.   I).  Maclii.iii,  I).  P,
Miliiiir Eipreaai
Pear Sir,—Writing witli reference lo
a cuiiiiiiiiiiii-uiiiiii iu yuur laat issue
frum Mr. II. Kltchin, I shuuld like lo
draw your attention to a clause iu
same which must convey lu a ratepayor
uot well u-rsi'el in liiiiini'iiil matters an
entirely wrong impression. The pani
graph I refer to is lhe one which stulus
that "the ratepayers voted a year
ago i-'.u'in fur uue object, ami lhe city
Immi over 111,21111 ur a 'lose' uf twin
lu Hie ratepayers nn this small amount,
Now In make a statement lhal a cily
lust r-oui nu a liuml nun-ii. inni because
the bondi happened tu he suhl al a dis
count is absurd, since tiie unly possible
way of calculating such matters is upon
the rate per cent, the cily is paying
for its money. A 6 per cent, bond fur
Instance snld al par slums uu "luss"
such as your correspondent says was
made lasl year, whereas a 4>/j al IIiiiiiI
(the price our liumls were suhl al),
■•linn:, a "luss" according tu his mo
tl.'i'i of reckoning uf approximately
tlilll) uu 118,000 debentures.
Tn pruve the fallacy of calculating
in such a manner, I wuul.l puinl mil
that lhc cily ui.ium:. its money on a
1%'it basis when its IV,';, tt) year
bonds are snld ut U.'I..iii uml a supposedly heavy loss made, whereas wheu
nu "luss" is made and 6'/, bunds ure
suld al pm lim city pays just '. of
l'/i more. Reduiiio ad ahsunlinn
Tlie children of HI. I'liluiiiiiil's schuul
are giving a'concert iu lhc school liouse
Mali.,i, avouue, luuiglil. The children
display guml lulent in Hie musical
direction ami a very iirighl entarlaiu
men! is assured.
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
lu Hie last year we have suld over nne huudred of these itoves In
Norlli Vaueouver. Thii year we expeel even a belter record. If you
necel a raiiahlu range, it will pay you to lie thii one hefore deciding.
Ws guarantee absolute saliifaclion on every range.
Patterson & Goldie
I'hone 66
105-7 Eiplanade Weit
We have some of the cheapest buys.   Good location
adjoining the original Townsite.   For full particulars tec
lml AlMtl to BriUih .tapir* Howo Umnnz* Co., London Awuruu*
Wa mm kn lUmei te lara lUUnga; alto bum let tela or wit.
nmm r.o. uv «u*
Candidate for Mayor
To tbe Elector! of the City
of North Vancouver:-
Vuur votes are ashed fur Mr.
1. Herauiu he has dumunitratad his
l|itli|y ami integrity iu handling
iuiinici|ial Wurk.
2. li.-. un . lm has iin'iii' a study nf
niiiiiicipui law ami can save inuny
e'llsllv    nl   lul.-
il. Became us an engineer he has a
strung tuul i..iiiii ■ in inlerest in
llic Hue mii .Nurruws llriiige, ami
will advocate lhe curly taking uver
nf Ihis project hy the imililrjpali
(ies ruuccriioii.
I. Ho hum' he will i|u his uiiiin.t lu
secure enforcement* uf ull uliliga
turn* lu thu Nurtli .Shure liy lhe
P. (I. U. ilailway.
ii. Ileiutise Ile is in favur uf eileml
iug the sewer system where lite
Iniilili uf the cily demands il, and
iquallilng uml facilitating the cun
ililiuns ii|niii which individual con
iiciiitiiis can hu made.
6. Because he ia in favur uf opening
up streets ami intending wooden
sidewalks for residents.
7. Because he is in favor of paying
cily workmen same rale of wages
as is paid in Vancnuvei ami giving
preference lu llie. eiiipliiyiniiit uf
residents uf Nurlh Vancouver ou
municipal wurk.
I, Became he is iu favor nf the cily
operating ils owu rock quarry.
II. Because he will advocate lhe cu
ordinatiuu uf civic ilupurtmiiils so
as lu avoid the re opening nf earn,
plated ilreels fur laving sewer
pipes, etc
HI. Became lie is to favur uf building
np the city clean ami allraeUve lu
the lies! class uf ritiieni by tlie im
priii 1'iiii'iit of the ferry sen ice ami
lln enforcement uf llie luw milium
fear ur favur.
Having  every  confidence    iu    Mr.
Hanoi' eiprawed  intention  iu adhere
lu ilic pulicy leniliiielii'.l iii llic above, llie
undersigned executive   committee    fnr
tbe furtherance uf hia candidature fur
the mayoralty appeal lu Ibeir fellow
cili/eiis I'ur tln'i! active suppurl ul Hie
i-uiuing cleiiiniis.
('uiin F  Jackiun, chairman of com
mil lee,
W. I,, lloull, ine chairman,
W. II.   M. I'iiiI.in i   secretin,
thus.   II.  tales,
Thomai MeKwen,
11. .1. Fowler,
A   II. Anderson,
,1. II. rrei'imau,
N. Kennedy,
M.  McMillan,
I., ti. Katun,
ll   II. Young,
ll. .1. Iiiill]p|.u
Kxeculive committee elected liy the
(ieiienl t'umiuiltec
i'lcelgtiig myself lu adlierc tu the
abuve platform as formulated hy my
general committee, I respectfully re
ipiesl yuur vote ami iuduem-e in my favor as Mayor i be eily of Murlh Van
couver fur lhe emuing year.
The upin forum whieh wa» opened
last Munday afternoon iu B. P. hall
wilh a lively debate on lhe i|Ur»lion
of open versus secret ballot will ha
rontinued ail llirough lbe wintar
months, if poinlile Willi the ro opera
tion of all North Vancouver cillreni
these nn'jfiugs should prove of great
educational vatks to Ibe young people
of the city, ll ii eipected that a few
musical lelertioifc will he rendered nol
Huudiy. Tha meetiug will itart al
it p. in. Admission free. I .mli.'. ei
pe' iulu  invited.
' in isi mi« Services at Bt. Agora'
' luiui] -i n in, Celebration of Holy
('oinmuiiion; 11 a.m., Morning i'rayer,
with iierinoii and holy communion.
Cord Wood
FOB HAI.K Unlimited amount of
eajd wood or itove mati. Thopijuon
aad Btaart.  Pbonae ill aad llll  tl
slWwtlJ T?WK
Ottawa, Dtettiht IOU, UU-hmt-
ar has announuart hii naval pal-
icy. He illli clingi tu hii Ifta pf
p Uuimillaii navy. Only, AtMn hy tliu
WIVU of patriotic ontbusiuiio wilh
whi.'ti the I'reuilur'i prnpniali uf a
week agu wara racnivml, ha li prepared
tfl liuild a I'auadlaii navy on a broader
uus   basis.   Un   uHleu
vy wai ty|iihoii hy tlm
iiii (he Nlflba-lt wai a
juke navy. Nuw h wanti two llnot
uiiii iin the Atlantic aud 'ha PaaiBo
eiiaili. Ha wuuld devote tbu 1)116,000,-
iiilll lhe llunlon guvernnieut ll prepared
tu viiiii far super dreadnoughts Ill tha
liuilding of Ihoso units. Uurier in
ollice mul l.uiirior, iu uppusilion ara
IWU altogether dlffaraVt propositions
nnd thi country mul Iw-jirtjtoafl*'»"""
to judge Uurier by hia idiom rather
than by bii wnrdi.
Hir Wilfrid made light uf the mom
uiiiiiiIiiiii uf the British admiralty—tbo
greatest naval authority in the world.
Their euncluiium ho rejected ami thair
li'.'iiiiiiui'iiiliiliuiii. ha ."|niin.ul Ha
lightly declared that than wai uuthiug
naw in the memorandum from what
wai known and discussed four years
ago. Ini Ul examine ft little this
inemuininluin. One clause reads: "III.
the spring of the preient year the fifth
Herman uavy law waa anenleil to liy
lhe lieiehstag. Tlie main feature of
lhat law ia not the iucreaae in tbe
new .leie.iin. turn uf capital liiipa,
thuugli lhat ii iiiipuriniii, hut rather
the inereaso in Iba linking furca uf
all ships uf all classes which will he
immediately available at all limes of
lhe year." Thii, lhe memorandum
guea un tu explain and amplify. Thoae
were now facia, Here are a few randutu
.pollution:, from the memorandum and
yel Hir Wilfrid fays there are no new
"Taking a general view the effect of
the new law will he that nearly four
niiii- uf lhe entire Herman navy will
be maintained iu full permaiiaut com
minion; that ii lu ,-uv, instantly ami
I'uuitantly ready fur war.
"The new law adds l-i. ilu .■!-. nu.l
men and makes a tutal iu WHO of
1111,51111. The now c.uiiilrurtiuu under
lhe law prescribes the liuilding of Ihree
adilllloual battleships " And iu the
lueinurauiluin gues. Ami yel, Hir Wil
frid seos nothing new iu it. And lu
nun up here ii wbal Ihe admiralty haa
to say iu reply lo lhe premier'• requeit
iiir the muit effective method of aid:
"The Crime Miniiler uf Ihu Dom
uiiun, hiving enquired in what form
nny immediate aid thai Canada might
give would lie moil effective, we have
nu heiilaliuii iu amwariug, after a
pruhmgcil consideration of all Ihe cir
lumslaiiies, lhal it is desirable that
said aiil ibould include lha proviiion
of a certain number of tbe largeit and
strongest ships of war which science
can build ur muney mpply."
Ami again llie admiralty says:
"The mi which Canada could give
sl tlie preient lime ii nol lo be ilium
ureil only iu ships or money Auy ae
liun on lhe pari of Cauada lu increase
lhe power and nubility of Ibo imperial
navy, ami thus widen Ihe margiu of
our common safely, wuuld be lecuguired
every whore ai a moil significant wil
neat lu the uuitt'd ilrenglh of lhe Km
pire ami lu the renewed reiulve of lha
overseas Dominium lu lake Iheir pan
iu  maintaining  ili  integrity."
Could language be'plainer! Could
any hiiiieil and patriotic man iu Ihe
face of tucb advice from the big'n.*!
authority iu lhe empire dlipule i|Uii
l'remier Borden is duing Ibe rigbl thing
iu propuiiug that Canidi ihould iniiue
diately m.i lhe Briliib fieet in a iuii
alintiil manner The Uurier policy-
is a political make ibifl ili-iigne.l lo
•ive nul Ibe Briliib Kmpire, hul the
Liberal parly.
Tlie whole Udrier .iiln imu af tbe
Burden plan ii on thi uiiimplion Ibat
the present propowl ii a permanent
and ni policy. But Mr. Burden bai
not proposed auy permanent policy-
he had made tbat clear, lla baa manly
reeognited what evaryoni ilaa In tbli
country haa reroguiud, thai lhe Uur
ier policy al beat wai lomelliiiig wbicb
moil be for yean union lo Canada
or the empire, llordin Ibiuka it ii
linn Canada did lunuluiiig affective
aad proposes Dial until a pirmanrnl
policy li worked oul i contribution
•bould ha made lo Ibi Hrltlib fleet
•o tbat if war comei wilhin Ibi n, ii
five yean Canada can be in Ihe front
of luliii- Uuritr had a policy which
waa no good for Ibi preset l, wbirb did
nol reropnlie Britiih unity aod wbicb
promised nulliing for the future. Mr.
Horden hain't announced bii pernio
cut policy, be bai merely itrneb a big
blow for Iba Britiih empire. Hii policy
Will  come   lllll
In Jiff of tbi itlilude of (Hr Wil
frid and bit dellrmlaallon tu itand by
a Canadiau navy, It ii lolirnliug In
note jaat what (hi Liberal! did do
wblla ia power on Ibi mvy qUMtiua.
It wu in July and Auguil, 1«W, tbat
the Liberal mlnliUn rooiullid tba ad
mirally. A united Kmpire Faille laat
waa propoied, Canada to wpply ona
unit, Auiiralia another, ete. Canada'i
representative! njirtid tbtl plan by in
lining tkat bar forea ibould U dlvid
Christmas Uifts
Now that the Omit*
mas season is here we
invite every bite to
examine our stock of
CbriitmM goodi.
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<     > i  ■
ed between lhe Iwu ureuns and hy declining lu build a complete unit, the
essential battle cruiser being emitted.
Iii.ii'ii.i the Canadian government de
cideil upuu a t to couaiit aieluiiva-
ly of unarmoreil cruiaori and dustroyers.
The fluei decision was fur Iwu ships
of Hie Uliiul type, and six deslruyori
uu lhe Atlantic and Iwu Briilols on
lhe i'aeilie. These ihips were lo hu
built iu Canada, if pussililc, and a na
val eitablislimunt tu support Ihem was
tu he eilabliihod. The Uurier govern
menl luuk ils time abuut carrying uul
litis prugram. It had tu procure the
ships, hul was exceedingly leis "ily in
■ ailing for Ihc tenders and, as a mat
ler uf fact, never awarded the con
tracts at all. Keen hail lhe contracts
been awaided at open tbore wuuld have
heeu no visible uavy fur years as lhe
guvernmenl wai figuring ua iii yean
lu liuilil Ihem- which would bring liau
ada 'lown in tha year  IUII.
Here, then iu brief, waa lhe ohl I .mi
ier naval policy:
I—It wai nut whui lhe British Ad
mirally aikod for, then ur uow.
ii-The force whuu il wai planned
In provide wuuld have bad uu serious
lighting power.
8—Tbi ships would have been divid
ed iu that un uiilher m-caii would
there he an effective fighting force.
I The ships wuulil have taken so
long lo build that thuy wuulil be almost
uul of 'lull   when completed.
Hon. J. I), llu/in, miniiler of ma
riue and fliheriei, read to tba houie
an interesting ducuiui'iit which threw
suiiie interesting light on tbe Uurier
navy aud ihe Uurier igothodi,
ll wn a meiniiraudum of Capt. Bop-/
er, chief tf lhe Canadian uavy staff
dated Sept. till, lull. Capt, Koper layi
in pari: "The only vessels belonging
10 Ihe naval service of Cauada up
to' the preseut are the Iwu cruisers,
the Iinini,ou ami the Nioba, While
fuur .misers ami lix destroyers have
lieen nullum,eel by piirliainenl.
"fn far hack aa Auguit, ium, it
wis uniiiiuuced that these vessels wuul.l
lie Inuii by ee,i,un, i and tbat tenders
wuuld lie shortly called fur. it ii
nuw the liat half nf 1911 and tin conned lias not yil been awardad.
"The comiitiuiii are that Ihe tint
cruiser la lu ho delivered in three
yean frum the ilale of signing Iba
cnnlrai't, whilit the tulal of four tu
ho completed in iix yean from lhat
"On reference lo lbe admiralty re
lum il is louiul that lim Weymouth
type uf cruiser which il similar to the
type lo be built liy Canada wai launched iu IIIIH ami ll now ready lo he commissioned. The earliest lhat the cruller for Canada can ho expected iup-
pusing the cuiilraii In lie awarded
wilbuut further delay ia the latter
part of HlUl in other words tbii typa
uf vess.-l will he four yean uid beforo
11 ii completed, while the lail will hu
■even yean old and rapidly approaching the alage Uf adolescence
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