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 \)s Ixpresa
Volume 11
NOBTH VaWPOUVM, flrQ-  fvWSDAY, WAV 0, 1911
$50,000 FOR
Dpminion Estimates Show Grant of 150,000
for Post Office and Public BuMngs-
$5,000 for Hollyburn Wharf.
KaTtininles just received from the llo-
1,        minion government show a gi, nl   of
I tttl,IKW   lor   post   office   and    pu.lic
Vuilding* that reflects groat cndit on
"Vise of our officials win, have rood-
iTla^c^Z^^WMW oi'
our eity to tlio government at 01-
tiiwu. 15,00(1 is also granted lor thc
Hollyburn whorl project.
I'i.,pa.sul works voted for tho .rlira
province wore:
North Vancouvor public buiblin,,
■ ■ ..'di'i; ' li. i.di |iiilin. pudding, li-'i,-
taiii, Merrill public building, li.UIIU;
Nuneimo public building (uililiii,.n to
voto, ."1,1.1111,, j'.i.uu ; Nuw WiUn iu-
ator public buildiiiu improv nnnis,
: I "i . Nelson public building »;•
ililli.il, 17,1100 ; VonoouvM pu.lic
buildiug, tii.iHiu; Vancouver old post
ollice alterations, 11:1,0110; V.in.'oii'ir
drill hall, lo pay hiiluueo duo lur dm-
tract and extra work iu eiiineciion
. wilh erection of this building in I'Ji.'O-
lll, SI,tlB; Victoria post office improvements, 110,1)00; Vern n ou'lie
buildiug a - vote, ll,UIKI, (Juciiicl public building addition, cl.n u . I'nion
Hap public building, th, 100 ; Air, w
Lake improvements ut narrows, l-'fi,-
000; lloswell wharf, 17,1)00! Columbia
nud Kooleilay rivers whurvea lurther
aliiiiiinl. 118,600 ; Columbia KlV'Ol
survey Irom boundary wilh viow Io
determine cost of rendering nut navigable, 86,00(1; Courtney |<ivor Iin-
provenieuls, 11,1100; and Fraser and
the I hump-on rivers wharves fuilhcr
mn..mil., S-JI/iiitl. Fraser diver to
...inin.in.- construction ol training
pier, HMl,U00. Fruier lliver improve-
in.-iiis recoil.inntion and repairing
dams   al    Nicomm    slouuh,    gill 00U.'
Fraser   Hivor,   (lower)  inSfuvemonti
lurther utnount, <3,500.
Harbors,  rivers  and brid;
al repairs ond improvemonl.
umounls, $3fi,OIIO; Hollyburn
north   side of   English   Bay,
j'lcrtutv. Buy wharl, renowule.
Harrison river -.jmprovcoieiils
Brooks iScuiilon   LnniiioV-aai'
lay and to complete works,'tf'.H
Kincolith   wharf,   5J3.500;    KeiVr.ilv
I.ako Improvement! at nuilut, fi,500;
l.usluitu Bay wharf, Sj.'l.iiUU ; I ..el.
poll whurl lurther amount rui|uired
11,800 ; Mill Buy wharl, ijll.-.tm ; Nuas
lliver removal of rocks, 11,000; Na-
den Harbor, (iuocij Charlotte, Islands,
"d.'i'n ; Needles whurl, |7,5U0; Okan-
agau ltivor protccling aud improving
navigable channel, $7,000; und l'or-
clicr lslund whurl, lurther amount required, (H,fi00; I',,mil Biver hoibor
to luko over breakwater and complete
same, 11,5,000 ; Sidloy Island rep.ii
and renewals to wharl, |3/)00 ;St.vv
ail head of I'm il,nnl I mini, whurl lo
coinpleto, i'i, lull; Hurl Inlet wharl,
1(5,(100; Thoinpsoii Biver, removing
snugs, etc., $3,60(1. I „ purchase Now
South Wales titrpentino timber to lw
n. iii lor piles ro.'|uired in British Columbia generally revole, $13,11011; To-
Iin,, wharf renewal, $1,61X1; I'nion Bay
wharl, $1,600.
The Minmler of Builwaya lias give
notiee of u resolution to guarantee ill
bonds ol the ('anadiun Norlhein Hail
way between Montreal and l'ort Arthur, $36,1X10 per n Ie approximately,
$'1,636,61X1, with interest at :i( per
cent, ll is provided that tlio Company must construct lerniiuula al
Montreal uud interchange unfile with
tin  Intercolonial.
Woodmen of the World
Lonsdale ('amp 206, ('. I). W. 0. W.
North Vancouver
The above camp held a most enjoyable nn. nn on ii nl.;. evening iu the
K.' 4 V. hall, Lousdalo Avenue wi
they meet every first and third Friday
nl each month Mie camp will he
pleased lo receive visitors Iran oilier
..aiitp. o,t any ol ih ir meetings, also
H,.".In,.ii iiiinoi into town Irom
other parts. They arc having . lox
social on the evening ol illlli of Min
and extend a hearty iuvjtati n 1,1 all
their friends and Wonduion lrt.ni
oilier cuni|M. , They proiniso a Hunt
enjoyable time with v,,cal and inslrii-
iii.iiinl music, gumoi, etc.
New Wcsl minster (Minlo Cup linldere)
v. North Venoonvor (prolniionals)
To North Vancouver professional la.
cruise Ham Kill fall the honor of
opening llie lacrosse season lor Hill
in an exhibition game with the W>et-
niinsler team, champions ol the world,
al Hecrealion I'ark, Vancouver, on
.Saturday altciliuon ol lliil week, lho
Nortli Vancouver pr.,lc-sioiinl Irani is
to play an exliibilion gauio wilh the
New Westminster team and wilh Hie
Vancouver train in urdir lo prove
Ihat it can reasonably claim lo bo in
the same dass u tho others. Upon
lini. ability to provo ihis depends the
sunless of tin Norlh Vancouver Club
in retaining the Iranchiee which In.s
bcea granted them conditionally in Ihe
11. I'. professional hogue
The team which Ibe.Norlh Vancouver I Int. will put in ihe field no Sal-
unlay will be chosen from the follow-
ing I Goal, II. (jrbbons, defines, Mc-
'onagtiy, ' larkson, McKrown, iy.on,
and Smiih, centre, Vernon Croon,
home, I/onglcllow, Douglas, llonoliin,
II Hurray, K. Murray /ind itoberison.
Ihe numbers bsve been practising
lailbfully for some weeks fiaet nnd aro
e.tmiail (hat Ihoy cm make a iho«v
ing up both Ih? detente and tii-
ing and Out wil| setsbiisb thsir right
to rank with lite other Iwo el'ibs  ill
Ihe provincial league.
These games should excite a great
'leal ol interest in North Vancouver
because of the fuel that by permission
of the cily council thoy have named
themselves ihe North Vancouver club.
Ihe fact ili.it the players are lor ihe
greater pail nonresident in North
Vancouver does not detract from ilm
publicity which the Norlli Slia.ie will
acquire through their presence iu tho
leuguo and us local population grows
it is quit* possible that Ihe club will
become o local club, in fuut wilb local
grounds upon which all tnutehci will
be played work outs held, utc, there
will doubtless lie a strong representation ft. ,iii Nip ih Vancouver at Deere*
tion I'ark Saturday afternoon lo Witness the Initial effort in iuch cmin.nl
Compsny ol the club which wears the
North Vancouver colors.
North Vancouver is lust taking on
all the diitinrlions ol a metropolitan
oily. 'I he latest uddilion lo Ibo city's
social life is tbc special brrungenrnts
mudo by tha I'ulaco Hotel lor Sunduy
dinners und grill room guests. Kvory
Sunday evening on orchestra will play
and llie grill room will bo oiien also
—i ;
Appointments I
L. T. Davis, oi tlie city „l Nunalmo
ims boon appointed sanitary iuipeclor
ol Ihut cily.
('. W. (iruin of Barkervillc, lo be as-
sisUnil commissioner ol lands (or ths
('iiribiiu and Fort Ueorgo I mid .livi-
siiaiw oi llie Cariboo land lecuidiin
dislricl and lor llie J'eaco ltivor land
division ol Ihe (assuir aud* Caribou
recording districts.
Hon. Thos. Taylor, Minister of Public Works, has boon dvpuled to fill the
position ol Minister of Minos during
tbe absence Irom the province ol tho
Hon   itirhard McBrido.
Tho following commissioners for taking "fidayili iu Iho supreme court for
tlie presort year have been uppoinled:
f'runlirook Fledorul District Nath
aniel Isles Herrjioo, .lohn E. Ken
nedy, Francis #*, Dean*, Harry A we-
Kowan, J. Stanley Peak, Vincent lid
dicoli, Oeorge .lohpson, Kdwin C.
Sniitli, Oeorge Hoggartb, Kneee B.
Small, Horton Campbell, .lame* Fowler, and Walter Haleall, all ol (tow
brook i Charles Troops ol Vabk ; and
Oeorge Iturlon Watson ol Fort BltsU.
Vancouver City Eleotoral Dietrixl-
1'orcy Mallett, Peter Bancn.lt, and
Alexander Mcintosh, nil ol Vancouver.
Esipiimalt Electoral Districl-Anhur
Henry Peatt, pi Colwond.
Cowichau Eleotoral Diilricl—lamas
HcLood Camiibell oi Duncan.
Tenders have beon invited lor thi
construction' ol a school house at
Black Mountain and lor a motor lerry lor the Fraser Biver.
Tenders are also published lor erection ol court houses at Hossland ond
llevelsloke, B. C.
The Archer Blower Pipe Company,
Atelier Decorating Company, Cnidhw
Alaskan Exploration Company, the
Cumberland' Packing Compsny, H.
Mueller Mfg. Co., Nicola Valley line
Lumper Co. and the Humbler CariboJ
Extension Mines i'i. initul. have ail
been registered us oxtro-provinci.il
s Licenses have beon granted to tbs
Canadian Undorskirts Co. Ltd. C.
('. Pa'rsrtW^ k Sons Ltd., Cummer
Dowswcll Lt«J.i Hemlock II. ('. Mina
Co., Ontario Vlrapc Crowing k Wine
Mrg. Co., Su,lni,u Biver Land Oq. ltd.
Twyfords L#d., und Ihe Wcslern leather Goods/ Co. Lid. us cxlra-provin-
cial coinpu/iics.
City Council
Voice Protest
Aguinat the Keccnt Aclioniol l'ro.in-
cial Qovenrment With stcgard to
City's Lands
The raaytir and alderr»cn expresud
their disapproval lust iJ>M in council
ut lho recant decision^"' the P'ovin
cinl government in ca^mcclion with Ih
uu|uisitioii, of lands'adjacent to Hi"
Luko which the cit/ intend mring a* a
reservoir whoroby Ako city end dislricl
wore to each conj/ribute in oompeuat-
ing the B. C. fciectric By. (or th-ir
uximnso in the I mmstxuclion ol Cio
Lynn Valley If1* "' rai'»ay- aftci
which the said funds would be c nvey
ol North Vancouver.
Mayor UcNeish rep n
in oonf.-r. ncc w .
Cotton. Ut. Ca.ti.on
[been i
ed lo tbo city
His Worship
ed thut ho had
Hon. V. L. ('a;
was   not    ...cm
und udviaod thai
iu abeyance until
ul when npplica
him lo reopen the
or had also interview
4 this il.ii-i'.ii
matter be   hri
premier return-
mil.I lie in.i'l. to
lion. Tlie may
thc city soli
citor on the subject.
Mr. Boid adviaed Ihut the) Strong* I
resolution   that   could   lie In, "W1   be
forwunlcd to the government y>>'  •"•
rulepnyers and ulso advisid lhe\ cu"
ing  ol a   mcvtiiitg  yl the cilizmsV"
give the public a more general under
standing   of the matter,     Mayor He
Neish ulso suid that the decision Wiu
not loundud ou lacl and ibtvt be could
nol   understand   wby  sticli an evident
misconception by Ihe provincial   go-
ei niai'iit hud been arrived al alter the
representations which liml been   mad
by members of Ihe council lo Ihe government in regard to Ibis nutter.
II. opinion of Aid. Henderson wa.
that Iho council would receive every
support from the ratepayers in f■ •
warding a resolution prote.ting tins
decision ol the provincial governnw.t
Aid. Henderson believed Ibat mailer
ahould be fought even il it had to lie
taken ,lo Iho highest court in the Em
pne, Ihut of tho Privy Council, lie
said thai it seemed a very poculiar
lliing thai Ihe dietrict council wbich
surely must have beon cogniiant ol
tbe lacl tbat theeo lands bad ten
granted to the eity in the Act oi In
corporation, bad apparently barteie
and .traded them ewsy. The count il
iu tbii caee bad evidmlly lake, H u
ou themselves to set aside nn Act . I
Parliament by an order in couicl a
the facts above stated were dearly
ilelini-.l in tbe city's charter there was
no excuse for this action. Hs alio
could nol understand another stale-
iiienl made in another column
in this issue stating tbat 1' e
It. ('. Electric Bailway ^hnd prior
right over those loads ss at tbe time
these rights were grant od the B. C.
Elec|rio had not been gives a Iran
chile in North Vancouver.
Aid. Kittson exprosaod hie view* in
a vary (orciWo and concise manner,
saying "It il a damnabli prostitution
on the city of North Vancajuvcx In lavor of a privets corporation am) U
will be (ought to the last ditch /st
least as lor a* I am persosslly
concerned," he declared.
Aid. Hcttae ssid that there should
be muofc ooptrovsrsy on tbe maftmip
Number 18-
Bridge Matters Adjusted
bond m th* land* bad been granted
onto tbe city of North Vancouver by
an act oi parliament.
Mayor   McKeisb  nported  tbst   a
cbeijue had been ItnAerd tbs govern-.
ment lor tbe parcfasu of Ibis proper- j Dominion Sllbsidv Available tO B.  1. T. &   B-
ly.  is Mr. Boid, lbs city solicitor, is j -, ^ * A/1J \/   \V/    o     V
now  engaged in .raining up , rcoolu- LO.~LOnCeSS10nS   IVlgCie    IO    V .   W.  Oi     I .
Ry. Co.—Exact Detail* Not Yet Received
lion sufidsnlly strong lu duly impress tbe provincial gun-iuui.nt mill.
Ihs sentiments 4 ibe public officials iu
North Vaacouvtr further developments msy be especial st on adjourned council meeting on Thursday next.
The loini ( uie Advertising Com-
miltte's deksjste, Mr. A. tt. I'erry.
was pnssnl on behalf 4 that aug s
body sod submit led s rsjaeet for a
grant of tfUl for Ibe eelslJ.shn.eal o
an information bureau and free cm
ploynenl agency for Ibe benefit i.i
the ignorant immigrant or curious
tourist who might find occsaon h
sojourn in our midst. This.laudahh
motive bald ban previously oonsiderel
by the district council and the required sum oi KMl bsd in est granted ly
Ibat body.' After thoughtful d, In er
alion t&t) wa* voted by motion ol
Aid. Henderson for the project, lln
alderman saving ibat be lo.-ntdinl
any money graa.lid lo ibe -laiint Ci
vie Advertising ('isnmillie would by
previous personal eiptiiinoe be judi
ciou.lv ei|ieoded. Tbe motion wa.
Notice was lao-iv nl from the d. p r
ment ol murks. Ottawa, a.kn.- tie
cily lo make proper a|nJtcati „ l„
their sewerage •isti in front of Ih
Indian Mimiod before ibe same I- fur
tber |<yocccded wilb. This was nfeireal
to Ihe city lolidlor.
A letter from the district Council
stated lhal a ca,mmiUae bod Is-, u
appointed by than lo jointly ooafcr
wilb the cily council lo make ram
sentation re tbe discontinued I apt I
aao line from the junction of Fell .Ave.
to Ihe former terminals lo tbe B. C
Electric By. Co.
Coun. Brid^tmn, re,aramnl as lbs
district cotncil wu present and tut'
that il was far umowd fraam I,,,,, I ,
ia any way dictate to the city poun
ci), bul Ibis was matter arhich mu
otrun deeply tbs dietrict sod been
.idertd iht dl> ,ca,unctl n I ,.nl> lb.
most convanient but the prope. uud
ium through whieb ta. pie« llaat
point. I'snding rcpliee from pre. ou.
feirreapaiodcfji* from ibe B. C. Electric
Ibe mailer was Isid over.
and District
to Compensate
B. C E. R. CO.
The Lynn Vsllcy I'ark. mhl n l>a
been the subject ui much discuu.oai by
the provincial govtnucetit milo Ih.
cily of North Vancou.a ,.i. I Ibe I)
i" Kleetric railway wu di.|i.»ajd oi
by a decision oi the an in'., cnunii
•ml communicated lo ibe imi 4 ibe
North Vancouver district ca,uaiai on
/huiaday last as follows .
' The executive c.ui,cil od.-r in
most ek, -I'd loi.-id.. .in i, ol III
iptealion ttlt*MS '" ',1* I""'1""1 »
matters   between.'1*  dl> •*   ""'"''
In ilm mid Inlet Tunnel, and Kridje
Coiiipuiiy circles tlicro il n ... n
known ollicially witli rulerinoe lo lho
reported ugicajineiit in le.uril lo Ihe
Houiinion subsidy lor Second Narrow*
bridjie us reported in the Vane
daily pupets of Kriduy Insl   If
| oiiilioti Ihut the subsidy' vole in tutor of ilio V. W. k V, should hold-
(,-ood lor two years Irom lliOJ ^vhen
ihe .1 n.i was coti'iiCled, in which
iuse it would mil expire until August
uvor I of this your.' Un lln; olhor hand pi>-
s'leit  eitlve assurances had boon given   b
an agreement baa been made, lie:,e
McNuunht has not adviied his Board
ol Director* with reference to'^it up
lo thu lime of coin,: lo pi'.s,. lb
report slated thul tin,' <io cnni.-n
bad awarded the subsidy lo the V. V
k Y. Bailway Company uud r the ■ ■
prols agreomeiil thai It- would ut'. n .:
lie convey.d by thin lo the llU'i.ad
lulel Tunnel und Hrid.i: Company
That Secniid Narrows Iridic » ." io
i'. built and c niid.llad by the II. I.
I. k B. Company nnd thnt thc n, '
proachue and ihe c niteCting r.ulw.iy
lines wen: lo bo limit by lite V. W. i\.
Y. Bailway.
In an interview ahich Mr. t',. W.
M.icl.unii, director of the llurrird in
let Tuiui(i and Bridge I'oiiipunyf who
was one ol I he members of ihe ii'Cii'i
delegation to llliuwa,grunte.l lo n re-
prcauntativs of lho Express, Mr. Mac
I ...ii expressed i.m ll us being of
opinion Ihut the report publish d was
in Ihe muili correct, although In'
ihought Ihul the detuils would In-
found to dificr from what the reports
appeared lo convey, whip pntiiuluis
cere known. Mr.- Mnci.eun explained
ihul the subsidy Wus lirsl inicd I.,
Ihe V. W. k Y. railway in l'0- and
it was lo hold good Uu Iwu yoiirSj
lhal is until August IDlli. Cu uc
count ul u clerical error, however,
the subsidy voto wui found lo be de
fcctive so tbul the \. W. k i Han
way Company Was Hit miu.ill, in
pomusssioti oi thc subsidy vole I r Hi
lire! your. For thai rtoson Mr. Mn
1 .-.in oonsidered ii ijuile probable
ihul ihe government might accept the
Vancouver and  tbi'.Grille), (.,luiui:.a
Kleetric Bailm.v loiopsX'   ,in"'*d "'
ciAnection  wilb   ctrutn cTowtQ iy *'
hich   are   daimed   by   ihe   city    '''   .
Norlb Vsnca,uver nnl t the pm• .i"K\
of sn set to accek-rale Ibe ilicuip.in  . ,'fW.cr
lion uf Ibe cily of North Vnncou.er, | |n ;j>^
Mr.  .luck   Korkv,  the iill.-  expel,
and 'i..el. shot who has reo-nll) taken
up Ilia i.-id.n.-e in the cilj loll II. s
morning for a trip lo thu 1)1.una
country to lake iu a series of irap
-binils iu Ibe inlercat ol his Cobip
ii. Kniiinglou .Aim.- In. Il.nii Ihe
Hip Mr. l-'.iili, ■ will, ileirnaiisir.itc lie
uiiiiglou aims in the cities of Merrill,
Kaiuloops, Asbeiull and BcvlUtoki',
returning in lime for the Mtinunolli
lrup slinot in Victoria which will take
place in lite near future,
Mr. Forbes expressed his opinion
ibi. morning ll.ui In* cpnld I' the
Vancouver liun t lub to come In re lor
a shoot providing uroiinil c.uld i,i'».
curia! foi Ihat purpose. As this
would lie a great advertisement for
the cily ii strins h, be up lo some
one in mane * move in the mutter.
Mi   I .in. ■ hold, innumerable mod
al* und tokens for Ins proWiSs   with
lire in mi. and he is (ind. ailrteily    n
..i th In .i. od riiuiiil shuts in the n r
Iheni beiiiispheie lo.luy, Ining   ex|n'rt
nil llie phases ol gun .booting with
lite rifle, .1.. i.  n or i    nl ei
recent   shoot  Mr.  I'oraico bro •
i veil Ihe l'reuiier, Sir Williul Laurier,
lhal ihe subsidy would he made inuil-
i.blo lo ihe Burrard lulut i'miuel uml
iliidgi: Company becuueo of theexcel-
I un I results which tiny, hud already
iiccouililished and lieeaiiso tlAiy wero
.he people's CumpuUy, Ur. M.icl.eun
iliuiuloro, ihought it ipiilu probablu
alnit the pin.rniiieiit' hiid favored an
iigrcemoiit tli.it would meet both |mr-
ti.'s in as fair u in.nun r as possible.
'Villi rcgald lo llie Coticssious ui.ade
io llie V. W. av Y. il |s considered
Very improbable ihul ihoy have secui-
•il'aajll.ing oi ibis nature more im-
poiiuiil than favorable lenns us tu
i,Hup' rates ul some similar cuudi-
iott. Ihe directors wind Breve Mc
inuglil on Monduy far iiil.iuinii.il
bul up In lite nine of going|0 priHS,
io reply hud been received.
The fact llnil llie siippleiniiilary estimates as published iu llie daily pullers today do nol contain auy appro-
iriaiinii for a subsidy lor .Soc.iiul N.it'-
.iiv,* bridge i' in' to tlie corruet - .
il ihe report as lo tin: suheidy iu >u
much as no such item aould li n c-
Salary iu thu ostiuiutes il it is decided
. hn I lho V, W. A Y, Bailway Com-
>.mi Ims possessii it ol thu .nud
mul next August.
Hie circumsiutici'S, ther.lore, poiut
ilronglj in lln conclusion that an
igreomcnt has ben arrived lit wlure-
iv llui'iuid Inlet Tuiinil aud Bridge
I'ompany bus secured ll. subsidy liy
gtanling cerlsin consida-rntnin:. i ill.
\. W. *.■ V, therefor, Tho exact nu
lure of those considerations however,
is not clear as yet.
  .. .     	
Local and Personal
, Mis
iv ill   I
fivo   II. Monli-u, Sccud sin
•I receive on Thmsduy next.
Mr. und' Mrs. T. S. Buller of this
eity ure congratulating lliemselvei on
Ihe  uirivul ol a son.      '
Mrs. Vi. ■
east is lln
lug buy.
Harding ol the l'.sp'ai.ii'lu
happy in--ill i' nl a boiinc
liefore   Mayor Mc'"i h and-■ .1.   J.
Woods   .1.1'.,   y, laidnv   In li'inni Mc-
Donald, a drunk, wus lined •"-'.'')  and.
I he cn-e of I In
to have .upi.lli.il
individual   i   tin
eh.iiL"! yesterday
■ne     Muss .|).  nil.'.Oil
lle.-iilly li'pior I'i an
Mvv.i h list wus dis-
nioiuiiig by   M.iyor
j%',\«.l, .md   I, .1, Woods, .1.1',
t Mrs. Mar; McLean ol Snrili Vnncou-
vcr sn Ha nd ii bttdlj finciiiied arm ou
Friday. The nucideitl oec.tried al llie
corner   oi Villi   slroet   und Lonsdale
the agresBawl living schedule
lo and especially paiagia|4i
A i.  ii
1 of the I ,|,j|
1  | 'W clav \
lull'.'   'II
i'ai- ree.
I 1.1..ml.iii .
cily ball
ing.   Al
read aI 1
fciwice lo1
cOmo) nn
1 agreeawi findi that by m.-ul
vtnlure nritmt by irasa» 4 mallei,
knows to tbe municipalise, c.aiorina.1
legislative assent wss gixes to ths
agreeMBl which in ils lerau i ii| i
nl lo ssssre la, tbe city of North
Vancouver Ibe lands in ■pK»lion whan
would appear Ibat prior ib.iH..
the UoveruMul bad agreed ihat Ihe
•aid lands should be conveyed lo the
BC.E.By. Co. in consideralion of Ih ,i
cagnpany conslructing ils line of rail
way* is tbe immediate naighltoriioasl
oi tb* aaid land* which at Ihe time
were represented to be a mailer of
greet municipal advantage and sn un
del-taking in tb* public intereal aul
that ih* Iin* of railway* wae ao con
structed and now is in operation an I
in thst it hsd later been found that
Uw said lands are a necessity for iIk
water system fi,r Ihe oil)' of Nortli
Vonoauver and if conveyed lo Ih
railway compsny would bar* to I.
expropriated by Ibe city The dni-
ion it tbst tb* corporation 4 Ihe dis
trial of North Vancx/uver snd lb* cily
ei North Vancouver should etch am
tribal* relatively or g* msy lie
sgTMd upon between lb** is c.m
ponsaiiog lb* B. C. Vltclrk Uaia0y I Ih*
''<». (or if* oullay In Ibr <««*irerlion extast
oi th* said line oi railway, Ihii he
ing data* lb* said lend* will be eon
veysd to th* city of North Vanouavee.
pigeons out .'f ii possilIcII i'; Avenue where ilic   ewer   Construciion
-pjhinstroling * new mod I lie .work now under w...i in.il.es ihe pedes-
liolgun which brooks a'llte tlrioll   ti.illie   dillicull   and 'dniiuerous.
ds ol the k|nd in   British' Mrs.,   McLean   sleppid   upon   u loose
Ratrjpayers Meeting
t pi..nl. pai'liully covercal wilh mud and
■ dippini; Ml heavily. Dr. Ncwouaba
.win the alli'iidaiil  philician.
The  ami1
rill be h
press   on
The old North VuUCouvcr ferry calm'
auuurncd moeling «f Hu' Ufflf '"" 1l"' Mm w".v» »" Baturdiy 11
son.ition will be held ;ti tie  ''" ')"ng   rcpirinlcd.   Tho   boai   .vill
»t oighl o'cl .el  Una   ecu- j"1""1')' l» oijuip|(cd with a new! upper
this mt» tini lho r.soluli .ns  ,l'.1'1 W* *'11 '"'"i"1' I"'1' with great-
ie niKiin/ Insl week wiih ie- !'.v  increuscd   paSHHg«r   ucoiuni'idi-
lerry njatlere will I.*   dis   turn.• tkmjn |ii|» fillings will ulaole
installed at an outlay of nearly i3in.
llie lerry minjiany is Considering   ihe
p ir.iiiiie of a boiler similar loth it in
vNo. a. the installation of whicli would
pioliii.,- tbe service pi the bout for n
nunilier of veurs.
action taken upon th iu
i*l meeting of the Nortli
Amateur Lacros«o ' luo
at the ollno 4 lho    k'.x-
Tburailuy evening ut cigbt
II lln.se iitleresled in    pur
moling tVft national gnmo at 5 rib
V'ancouveiF •ro 0WJlnijll> nivilid loot
conslruelion work which
up for the post wcslt by
rains, wa* it«u»»*i to tome
elthough gangs of work
peril of the oily or* bung
extant us a result ol Ihe
t)ie ol  thi' laiv v.icaiit  ilores w
ihe  Haul,  of Hamilton building ha.
In-i-ti iliei.d bv W.   I. Dick, Ihe .igOol,
I.,   the  poll   "tide   , nl li .lilies as  a
smtable space for iucreased poet office
faeililies.   Mr. Dick gave Ihe poll ,.$•
lux |ienpl.' leu duys to consider   Ihe
proposal pnii something diiinilo in re
)ir,rd l„ llii-  innller wliiib-is ofs»vi-
Inl uiiiieiji  to  N..rlli Vancouver iii
Wns j*'expected this w.ek.   If lie
posnl   is nn-iiilw)   much relief qf (fee j
congwlnl coikJiIihU 4 thfl mail* nwy |
be looked fur.
i Mpith VAUCwjvmi
B, C
Published Tuesdays and Pridnyn by
North Shore Pssss, Liwtsu
On* year, fl.OU
Sis monthi, 50c.
United States and Foreign, 91.00 per year
Advertising Hatee will be quoted on appllcatinn
Thras msnlhi, U»,
Tbs Esprew is devoted to the Intereit* of tb* north Shorn ol Burrard Inlut
*gcltnj)|e|y, it conat|tu|es an sdvertisir.g inidlum ol Bxooiitiungl v*|i|e lor
: flWRaWl tft H tboroM|h fii|d jglfpnUve innnnar tl»e population ol Nortli Vsncpi
• Oity and Tllstrlct.   Every effort ll made lo give adviirtiieri the moit is.Wae
AU changes In contract advertisements ihould ba In tha printer*' liandi not
,-.ta6rft»p ios.m. "     '
|«Uo*TllTg Issue,
Monday and "fi p.m, Wednesday to ensure Insertion in the
North Vabtouvis,  B, C,
Mav 9, I9H
llilllliiF. SUBSIDY
When the movement waa started approximately eighteen months ago to
lorm a company tn purchase ths long
disused charter lor the Construction ol
a tuiuiel at First Narrows und a
bridge at, Second Narrows with connecting lines of railway, the one
avowed object of the movement was
to bring to au end Hie long iiiccess-
ion ol iluiuys and disappointment a
which had characterized the project ol
building the Second Narrows bridge
and to substitute therefor « succession
ol positive efforts which would culminate in Ihe actual construction ol tbi
bridge at au early date. For this
purpose Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company was incorporated and
since its incorporation that Compmy
has moved steadily sad persistently
forward directly toward the goal.
Each step has marked the accomplishment of something of real moment in
the attainment nf the purpose in
band. One after another tbe ajl'&oul-
ties have beon npiarely met, vigorously attacked and effuttively overcome.
Within the epace of one year this
Compsny has successfully surmounted
•vary obstacle and placed tho realization ol the Second Narrows bridge
project whore lho solo remaining requirement ia that, ths Dominion subsidy for the construction ol the bridge
ihould be mods svailabis to the Company which hu proved to a demnii
stratum its ability to cope with every
difficulty and to make the bridge it-
sail! a real and immediate fact.
With    characteristic    snergy    and
atraigfatlorwardness,     Durrani     Inlet
Tunnel and. Bridge Company has  addressed   itself   during   tho pasi    lew
weeks to negotiations at Ottawa with
s view to tbs adjustment ol this laat
outstanding   matter   and    those  who
bsve  mod  closely  followed the  unbroken succession ol progressive   and
I successful efforts upon tbe part of this
' Company  are  most   fully  convinced
that the present negotiations will ter-
(adnata in the Dominion subsidy Iioin;
made available io Burrard Inlet Tun
mil   and Bridge   Company, Ihe   only
[question in doubt being that of    ths
particular form ia which thc eubeidy
will be secured.
The reports published in the  daily
nepers   op  Friday  last   setting  out
what purported to Im tbe final   basis
of agreement between the llurrard in-
[fat Tunnel and Bridge Company   ami
libs    ¥.    W.   k   Y.    Hallway     Com
ay with regard to th* allocation ol
Dominion subsidy, locks    official
firms! ion ai lor ths former   Com-
I patsy'   .It is a led not only that tb*
|*port did not smaiiols from Burrard
foist Tunnel and Bridge eourcs*,  but
further tbat if tuob sn agreement haa
. bate arrived at liaeve McNaugbt has
Dot m yet advised bis directors   that
,aoab I* tb* •***.  It i* »oareely  cm-
osivabia thst si secretary ol lbs Com-
posy u  wsfl as parliamentary repre-
f*syt«tivt   'or    tbem    B*»v»     Mc
Hsught would foil to advise bis direc-
prpwFtly hai toch an IwportaBt
aetually    transpired as
whieb hoe found plans   in lb*
report may b* quite accural*
»*»*r, it stating thst tb* tepttam-
*». of the  V. W. A Y,   Railway
hn* aflred hi* aigtatan to
I sad ibst , Vaaeouve, dty »h*er-
k mmmM   faitO   mmmammSmmd   LO   1'lJf—TIlM mi'
mimtymr   mt*m* tt   ^m* wrw^r^**m   wm   ,atfw ■' *" '  m*
fmm.dmmwm to Um mammmm.   ll
Mr ^mm "W^T mmmmmpmm w r
m*$VrWmm **mt mmf ^mmm mmm ammw
WW. ii Y. representative hopee   to
secure lor hie noinpniiy in any event.
And yet even were an agreement
along the lines designated lo prove tq
be the ultimate basis oi adjustment,
such an event would constitute a pronounced victory for Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company. Those who
wish to keep a proper perspective
upon this whole movement will bear
in mind 'the lacl that Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company has never
taken the poeition, that the object of
its endeavors was to secure the con
struct ion and absolute control of ths
bridge and connecting linos ol railway
by that Company. Time and again it
haa been asserted by tbat Company
that they were not particularly concerned about thu question *• to who
should actually build und control the
bridge or tha railway, but thut ut,..
they were determined Lo accomplish
was that thia long period ol vexatious
delay should be brought lo an end
and that whether built aud controlled
in whole or in part by themselves, by
the V. W. Ai Y. Hallway Company or
by a holding company In the interests
ol both, the bridge should lie built
And that within a short |ieriod ol
Should it ultimately transpire that
a filial adjustment is made somewhat
along tlie lines of the report
published, then, the fa*t t t
within fifteen months of its
incorporation Burrard Inlet Tt
nel ami Bridge Company hoe overcome
all obetaclee and haa placed Ihe Second Narrows bridge scheD)e where tenders will be oalled (or as soon as details can lie disposed ol and actual
diminution will begin as soon as
tenders can be received and tl* contract Bwardud-all litis constitutes fulfilment to lb* very
lets i'i ol 'Ihe purpose lor which
tbat ('0mpaoy wae formal—much
more etpolitious and much more
complete fulfilment, indeed, than
could have Iteen anticipated by the
most sanguine of those who hod any
clear conception of the real difficulties
ul the task by which llurrard Inlet Tuupel and Bridgs Company wu
confronted and to which ths Board ol
Directors so courageously addressed  I hem wives.
Canadian Verse
m nnm, north Vancouver, b; c,
As * young queen sitting stately
Mountain* ranged behind her throne
And bar street,*; ami ptfmi/t lately
Hug from ou.t a tqyptr Ion*.
See her brown earth nattered wildly
Blnitlng deep for tree and rddk
Patient horses standing mildly
Startled at the rending shook.
Mighty trees are now laid lowly
Onoo ''tba roonarohe ol tb* glen''
Now the wild trs°k* vanish slowly,
Peaoeful homee where late was den.
I'ltrplo mountains towering loftily
Upward to the deep blue eky
Where the mountain mists hang softly
And her rooky "lions" lie.
Her dark lorests climbing steeply
Upward to the enowy, pall
Foaming canyons roaring deeply
Deeply unto deep doth call.
And her sunsets orowning glory
Shining softly on the ses,
Faintly tells the old old story
Greater glory we shall see.
She shall yet her thousands rally
Thickly peopled street by street
Eastward on to (air Lynn Valley
Her wide boundaries shall meet.
Then sll hail to) North Vanoouver
Fair young city hail to thee
Softly guarded naught can move her
Greater city yet to be.
If>th Block, Lonsdule Ave.,,
North Vsncouvsr.
Angus J. Cameron
A.M.I.E. A S,
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specifications, fieptio tanks and
house drainage a specially. P. 0.
Box 244', 16th atreet weet ol Bewicks
I, O. ()  F.
Vancouver   J.iitlga,
No.   66,
meets every Thursday evening, corner
Lonsdale Avenue anil First street, st
8'o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially
inviled to attend. A. T. Ksnnii'
N.O.; Thos, S. Nys, rcr.-eec.; J. ..
Pilling. P.O., liii.-sic ■ Chus.Nye, IM!
I'lans prepared and Estimates given,
Office | M07 Dominion Trust Bldg.
J'boni 3497
Bssidencs, 153 Eighth Ave. B.
-       North Vancouver.
Office Phone io
House Phone 367
Alexander Philip
Financial and Insurance
Agent lor Fidelity-Phoenix Fire
Insurance Company.
Canton Marine Insurance Company
snd Employers', Contractors',
Accident, Live Stock and .Guarantee Insurance Companies.
Loans arranged, Wills snd Deeds
prepared. Valuator, Aiictionec/i
Notary Public. >,**
Several good Houses ly*{    ,
^CO'lUKX, Esplmii
"J^milnillUUll  Ul  I I   I
,    HALF MILE Qtes
For pick pf littindgee
265 Stores
mmmi   Wmr   W*W       amtrmmmmmmt^mmmmmmmm—^^
Commercial Union Fire Assurai
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hole Agent
Agreements and Conlracli draws
of "very de.cripliou
Jt     '■  '
Lilt your close in acrest suitable lor subdivision,
with us, we £{,,, c|jentj w,i|) money to
219 Lonsdali
% LTD.
Cor, 8th and Lonsdale
Phone 40.
63 Lonsdale   ^m
Kroo delivery to ull parts of the oity.
3 lb. I.oiiediilo blend T««, rug. tlio
3 lbs. lor «l
3 lb. Uiisiliili! blend Collcu, rug.
We, 3 lbs. lor *1
Ih Hi. Hack 11. C. Sugiir, reg. 91.10
lor   »1
Illlle   l,ill,,i|   hileliil|l.   l.|'    35c,   Illf  2fio
Worcester Suuco, reg. Ilic, ...3 for 3f:o
C. k B. l'ickles, reg. 35c ..Wc.
English l'ickles, lurge sire, reg.
3ISo ........ 35c
l.yie's iliilileii Syrup, 2 lb. tins,
Swan .Soup, reg. 6c liibluts ...7 lor -fie
Eels Naplithu Simp, reg. 3 fur 25c
4 lor lllo
(lid Hull li t 'le.iu.. i. ng, Hie 3 lor 2ho
Empress .lam, uuy flavor, 6 lb. tins   ■
reg. 75c, iiur price  65c
Cliinux .Ium, uny lluvor, 5 Hi. tin
reg. 6<lc, our price  46c
Olivers' .Ium, I lb. jur, rog. J'c
Telephone 44
our price 	
Olivers' .Ium, 4 lb  Una, rog. Ii5c
\fruit  produce
120 Second Slr^et East. Telephone 206
Convenience to Nor1(, Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Yeur Own-Tow,,
mir price
('Rivers' HuiiiiiiIikIc, 4 Hi. tins, iej.
title, our price  .50c
Kuilur's Miirniiiliiile, 4 lb. line.
reg. 611c, our prico  6O0
Dainsiiti I'Iiiiiis, ng. 15c  3 (or  T.e
Wu curry a lull lino ol Ire.-lt Fiiiuki.il
incuts uml liali.
\.-|iiii.-ii;ii>, reg. 'j fur 16c  H'c I'i.
Kii'ili.iili. reg. 4 lor 'lho ...6 lb. lor'iAc
Fresh I ■ ■ n. ■ ■ ■      Cucumbers, l.ei-iuee
Itiulii-li. flreen Opiinia, llsnuniu un I
new I'olutocs.
New Zouliilnl,   I'liiv,r.lu'e,  Ayrshire,
ran-.- Creamery llutter  3 lb. lur II
Campbell/ftealty & Investment Co.
FOB SAI.E-60 It. lot on 9lh strest
north side, tim, lerms; 60 It. lot
on 7lli street; tl,300, i-3 coelt, balance
llie    'lll'-ii   nj l.lr.l     S   Ci  ly     III. ill    II
Nurlh Vtinciiiivur in Hi oni 4, 67 buna-
dale Avenuo i.i.il.u • next tu Welcome Parlor) every W.dn ed.iy ev.nlnt
nl > ,,'. I' el,. .All. nl ,11 , is inliicly
free und carries tin o'llig.ili'ni 'ihut
ever. You are invite I. Thiol pliicul
study end i|Ucatii.ns.
ugroii  1.1-
EHHONE 89. !'• O. IKiX 114
By Amoi Hanry Choodlsr,
[Dr. Amoi Henry Obaoilnt,,
the Isle I.ieuteiioHt-Gorarnor
ler. wu born In Doreh**t*r, "
11*7.   (iiiDoinlly with Um
0. P. Mulvsiiey ht publish
iSongi and Sonant*," In UW]
llreery, dnity,
I'umly'i mill* tn tamp
Up Uie stricken vals* of
Weary, waary.
Is my haart ood vowing,]
Wii.K the eld wava* dub U|
1011 ef
II, in
N0TABY Pilllljc
139 (th Sussl Host North ToMo*r*r
A. Campbell Hope
(OS Hutinge Street West, Vancouver,
B. C. I'li.u.c h'flh
ileeidence : Tireman Illock 368, let St.
East, North Vancouver. IW III 13.
1.    1   1 '■
rilled, IUM
I* Um land wltii (orrow/n
In loud willing roar* th* sagi
Stilled, stilled
Will they he to-morrow,
Summer notei, snd raurwuri
Wa. yM Um
Oeldl;, coldly        ',
Blent with sutamn mists lj,
Ev*'*  dsrk  shadow  'pen  thi   He
awiy; | f)  hill.
I '■• bsy
lay ma, lit ma,      fi
WUI* (U world Is wskiiJ A .
Downletnm oa wlut Ul(l(|,
LOW SEA, Proprietor
First-class Meals 35c.
Commutation Tickets, 31 meals
Rooms (or Kent st moderste rates
Paper the World
Irom our stock ol now Wsll Capers
so it seems. Every day some now
deeign ariives to fill Ibe vaeuncy
of those closed out.
NOTICE is 1,1'ieliv given 1 In. 1 al (ho
next lilting ol the Hoard of   Mceusc
('oininissioiicrs    lor    Iho   Hist riot   of
North Vancouvor, I, lho 1111dor1igu.il,
int.del   to   npply (or a hotel   licmse
for   premises situats sn Hcallsy   Island,   Eagl* Harbour, I). ',. 774,   in
Hie suid llmlinl nl N.iilli VimCieivcr.
Hui"! .it Nurlh Vancouver,
•April »7lh, l»ll. tl
^■*^*nwf 'lift
1( inoh-W per load
13 ia/k-m % per load
CotiwnpMt ym eord
wnrmfiSM mm* * mm i        ^^^^^^
wm^am\TTrww mmmm w m • W fm P P^P^a'P^
tu*. m t. q, m m
New Westminster Land District
Distriot ol New Westminster. TAKE
notice lhal Hubert Duff Kimund ol
Vancouver, B. C. occupation, broksr,
intends lo spuly lor permieaion lo pur-
'iiiiie ths lollowing aeeeribed land* I
I'oiiiinenciiig ut u post plantad en tha
weet sids ol a imall bay on ths North
lino ol Lot 1626, thenoe weet 30 chains
mors or loss to ths nortbweet corner
ol 1.01 2IWI thence eoutb 33.70 cfasins
lo the northeast corner of Lot 3(33;
1 hence wost 31.73 chains to Ihs southeast corner ol Lot 6(8; thence north
80 chains mors or lee* to th* southwest comtr ol Lot 1338; thence ***t
33.78 chains mors or It** to (hurl of
laks; thsoc* in 1 southerly direction
along sbore ol lake to point ol common cement.
Uth H.rcb, Hill. U
Handsome Wall Papers
' IM   ,  ,1    i ■      ..if.,
ari hero in endless variety. Just
tell our sslesnion lor what room
yon w*nt the paper and he will
•how you juit the pattern you ars
looking for.
To choose from our stock is a plea-
aure, to pay our price u easy.
W. ii ST0NEY & CO.
117 laonsdale Aveous fhmw U9
TeJ.phon« 2T«
I mmmmmmmmm
To I hu women
handbag is an
Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Japalac Varnishes
hte Lead
tip,..  It is her d jig    Rn-ckp,.   pi„
oompanying bor , 118'  UIUS11C&, eiC.
p,,ii.io„so,wi.e.|.e 5t       Furnishings
irf social calls.       "*"p"
bug liei'iue the vj
lll'ill   iS   I'd. III!'   |!.|
it, us the si.'iison|
spring we huvo
bags, all oi whirl ...
tim weoi touosjE NEXT TO POSt OFFICE
i, Goldie & Clark
, Vancouver Hardware Store
Tlioy are of line
struct td uud wul
rouglieiit we.tr tl
muy lie niil>jr.clol
Henry Birll
Geo. E. Troroy,
.Managing Director
est Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
]i|! Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
-,    -     -      1.50
■     • 1,75
Her First Street and St. Geoige
Corner Lonsdale and
11TE have ra|
ment of
all sizes and st j
value such an
been shown ii
leading featur
special DOLL)
and colors.   Se|
convince  you
competition, i
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
■j office. 50 Lonsdale Avenue
The Place W
i^rGood Pict
iX*r*** •••   (1
see     sss       v(
Programme twanged
Adults 10cc",i01
es in
M,a i inn'
Rites:   $100  pel
and   to regular   I
finest Hoof
The Gurneyt
Spring Suite
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
r'    $10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one, They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
Price 25 cents
Per Box,
tw wvm% wwm hmqvvm, b. c
veit'thatan. an-
NOTICE i* hereby
plication will be mad* under Part
ol th* ''Water A4.. im," to obtain
* lioouse in the District ol Norlh Vancouver, Group 1. Nuw Westminster,
(now Vancouver district).
(11) Tbe name, address uud iiccupu-
Iion of the applicant—The Il.trpora-
tion ol the Distriot of North Vancouver. S
(If lor mining ptlrposel) free Miner's
t'ertifiouto No.
(b) The name of the lake, stream
nr source (il unnamed, the description
iB)-McOnrtnoy Creek.
(0) THc point of diversion- About
600 feet smith of the northern buun-
durv- of District Ut, '1616.
(i) The tpiuutity of water oppliod
for (in cubic feet |ior second)-!! cubic
feet per second.
(el Tbe oharacter of the proposed
work*—Wooden dam and intake,
(fj  The premises on which tho wu-'|
ter is to be usod (desoribe lumn)—Tbe
District ol North Vancouver.
If) The purposes lor which tlio via-
ter is 10 Iii! used—Municipal purposes.
(li) II lor irrio-stion describe tbe
land intended to lie irrigated, giving
acreage—Not lor irrigation.
(i| If the water is to bo used for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where the water is tu be return
ed to some natural channel end th
difference in altitude between point 0
diversion and point ol return—Not for
power or mining purposes.
(j) Area of orown land intended to
be occupied by Ihe proposed works—
(k) This notice wus posted on th
'Jlilli day of April, 1911, and applies
liqn will be made to the commission
cr mi the second day ol Juno, it'll.
(1) Give the names and addresses 0
any riparian proprietors or licensee*
who or whose lands are likely to be
effected by the proposed works, other
above or below tbo outlet —Thomas
Ail I.. 11, Harold Rrenton, Conrad and
Henry. Hewitt, all ol Nansimo, and
F. H. Hepburn, Fanny K. McCartney
and E. W. llncl.0011, all ol Vancouvor.
Note—One cubic loot per second is
equivalent Iho 36.71 miners' inches.
(q) The boundaries and urea ol tbc
municipality are as follows :
All that piece ol land commencing at
a post marked G. F. B. situate on tbe
westerly shore of tho Norlb Arm ol
llurrard Inlet, being the north-cast
corner of lot numbered 873 in the Dialrict ol Now Westminsler; thence west
along the norlh boundary ol said lot
numbered 673 to tho north-west cor
ncr thereof; thence in a westerly direction to tne north-east corner ol lot
iiiiiiilieiij.1 066 ; 1 In-nee west alonu the
nan 1I1 boundary of said lot numuei'cd
056 lo Ihe northeast comer of lot
numbered 'JfJi situated on .Seymour
Crock ; thence west along tho north
boundary oi suid lol nuntborcd Oro to
lho north-west corner ol said lot,
tin-uce in a west .-ily direction lo lho
northeast corner ol lot numbered 876;
tlionco west along thu north I omul.n
ics ol lots numbered 876 and i.i end
u line produced lo tho intericc.ion ol
the coast lino on Howe Souul . ilinire
southerly along the cuast line I .point
Atkinson; theoce cast along ihorousl
lino and north shore ol Burrard Inlot
to n point in tho southwest corner of
lot numbered 373 ;> thence ii.-rib i.long
(ho wost boundary ol stud lot to ibe
north-west corner ; thence Mi) slogg
Iho north boundary ol aaid I■.t numbered 373 and lot numbered 373 to the
norlli-casl comer of suid lot 1 umbered 373; thence south along thc east
I1011111I111 y of said lot lo 'he interne-
lion ol tho shoro lino; Ihenco easterly
along lho said shore line to Bocho
l'oinl: thence northerly along thu
west shore ol lho Norlh Ann of Hur-
i.n'l Inlet aforesaid lo point ol com-
uicnceinont, and containing one hundred squuro miles, moro or less ;
(r) Approximately the 1111111,11 of 111
habitants is 1600.
JOHN G. i'-.J(*EB,
•\ V. if,    80 6
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be wi.iie under 1'ort V.
ol tho "Water Act, IWU," to obtain
a licence in the District ol Nortli Vancouver, Group 1, New Westminster,
(now Vancouver) district.
(a) The name, address and occupation ol the applicant—Tho Coipora-
tion ol the District of North Vencouver.
(II for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No.
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (il unnames, the description is)
■ -('reck running through District Lot
633 snd crossing Keith Road about 10
chains west ol east boundary ol aaid
Ilislii. I   I ol.
(0) The point ol diversion - In Distriot Lot 633 at or about 10 chain*
north ol th* Keith Road.
(d) Th* quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet por second) 2 cubic
feet por second.
(ol The character of tho prop.ieed
works  Wooden dan and intake.
(!) Tho premises on which tlie water is to lie uaod (describe same)-The
District ol North Vanoouver,  '
ill) The purpoeee lor whioh the water is to In used—Municipal purposes.
(li) If lor irrigation aeearlbe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Not fqr irrigation.
(i) If tho water is to bs used tor
power or mining purposeti describe the
place whore the water is to be returned to somo natural channel, and too
ililFeieiii'ii in olliludc lielwfcii point 0'
diversion and point ol return-- Not for
power or mining purposes.
(j) Area of Crows land intended lo
bo occupied by the proposed works-
lit) Thi* notice wes posted on th*
Wlb day ol April, IMI, and application will be made 19 the oommisiibner
qn the Second day of Juns, 111).
(1) Give l|ie names and »ddree*ee of
any riparian proprietors or licensee*
who or wkoee lohds arc likely to In
affected by jAl PTofloH wi
equivalent to 36.7) miners' inches.
(q) The boundaries and area ol the
municipality are as follow*:
All tbst pipes ol land commencing
at a poit (barked 0. F. p. lituat* qn
the westerly shore pi the North Ann
of Durrani Inlet, being tbe north-onst
corner ol lot numbered 873 in tbo pis-
I riot pf New Westminster; thenoe west
along the north boundary of suid lot'
iiiimburod 873 to tbe north-west corner
thereol i thence in * westerly direction
to the north-east corner ol lot numbered 066; thence west along tbe norlh
boundary nl said lot numbered 056 to
the north-east corner ol lot numbered
086 situated 00 Seymour Creek;
tlionco weit slong tho north boundary
ol said lot numbered 086 to tbe northwest corner of snid lot j thenoe in a
westerly direction  to tbe liortli-cust
corner ol lot numbered 878;' th«ioe
weet *lpng the north boundaries ol loti
numbered 876 and 874 and a line produced to thu intersection ol the const
lino pn Howe Spititd; thenoe southerly along tbe coast line, to Point Atkinson ; tbenoo cast along tbe cr.est
lino und north shore pf llurrard Inlet
to a point in the louth-weit corner
ol lot numbered 373; tlionco north
along tbe west boundary ol eaid lot
to the nortli-wust corner; t bonce eait
along tbe north boundary ol laid lot
numbered 378 and lot numbered  373
In the norlli mi;!   corner pi laid    lot
numbered 373; thenoe south along the
east boundary ol laid lot to the intersection ol tbe wore lino; thence
easterly along tbe laid «boro line to
lloche Point; thenoe northerly along
the wwt shore of tbe North Arm ol
commencement, auflFi.*!*
bunrtwd n'n*4||
ha-VtVaflftr is}
HnHM Pwbll|
Loon*, Investment* *,
Room 04)7, 683 Gwyi|li
m, 9. 0. l'hon. *y~
try fork * spsoUlhr.
New Subdivirions in North Vancouver
Fronting on Grand Boulevard in Blocks 226 and.
A. Farro Uro-
t you aik lor
Alio LoU in Block 230, Fronting on Grand BouMention!
and LoU in Block 232a. =
complete )ln* ol  Gro-
Mahon, McFarland & Procte., &
Cor. Pender and Seymour Sts., Vancouver, B. C. ^couver
Jly Co*
-I.in ic,
t on
Real Estate and Fire Insurance AgenU
Agreements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, RenU Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver Cit
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft x 147 ftl
Cleared, Ready for Building
In Blocks  15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D. L 550.
Prices: Inside LoU, $750 to $1000 according to
Double corners,  $1900  to  $2200.
In Blocks 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: IA Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 16 months,
ACREAGE in D. L. 546 and 850 \
subdivided into blocks of from I to 4 or more
acres.    Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250,/
Terms: 1A Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
i     '         —        	
The Grand Boulevard extends through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, Si
innnnmnr^ii v(*vd| prfoWrf V*»fi«{V»»
1IVER. « C,
mm iVancouvsi, & c,
I JfcI./ttLL
Carpet iweepef
Wben the movement waa
jj.   proiimuleiy  eighteen months ses right,
form a company tn purchaee tbe
disused, charter lor ihe consnuctla, :
a   tunnel   at First   Narrows   nf
bridge at, Second Narrowe witb if
naoting line. 4 railway,    the   fjJl
' avowed nlijeel ol tbe movement   was
to bring to an end the long luecess-
Ion  ol  ilelays  and   disappointments
whidi hut ebaeaoteriiad the projset qf
building the Second  Narrowe  Inidgi.
Snd to lubetitule therefor « auccsmi<Q||^
9! positive efforts which would wIl.^„_
ate in the actual eoiialruclioupm^g
bridge at au early al,,!..
purpose  llurrard   Inlet   Tin
Bridge Company was inooMpf
since its incorporation ilmt
bos moved sUiadily  and
forwent   din-oily   toward
Each stsp has marked lbs m
r.e.i«*,/„:,;viaoRiA and ferris
b... *.*.**< Ui block off VICTORIA,
ties have betei nmsruly m ■
ly attacked and sSe^ea   nUmbd"   Bt
Within   the   apnea   4
Company has »u.-.-.W
every obstacle and
tion ol ths  .Second
project where tbe soli.,
in North Vancouver see us.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
->0 to $500 per lot
fi«ii«n«„i, it.uh.^*i Bilince 6,  12 and 18
eidylor ihs eonstructio. ,     , ...       ...       11
should be mode .vail.!1014 m level' I0" 80"' *** C,eared 8nd
pony which hu pW»fW » ^l0"""-* bloc,u'
Itration its ability Ir \
difficulty and to-  MillUteS   Wall*  frOITI   Cm
sell a real and ii
Witb    aharacleri.
Mr.lyMI,..a..r,lnt-. —."■!    ' ■ _ '     —
Tunnel and, Bridge
drsssad   iteell   ilm
weeks to negotiatj
a visw lo ths ttiijl
outstanding mstl
bave  most   close
broken—od t j DL621,BAYVIEW;
succesilul iflorla^
' Company   ar
that ihe preei
kth Vancouver
)300 to $325 per lot; $20
cash and $15 per month; or
$50 cash and $10 per month;
or $100 casfi, 6, 12 and 18
a** s>!
333 Pendec/St.W. Phone 5654
World, April Kill.
Important Dry Docks
Contracts Awarded
Imperial Car Company's Correspondent in Kngland Makes Interesting
Ueport Today.
.Steps Well Under Way (or Consummation ol Tbia Company's Croat Undertaking.
Important newa waa raceived by ol-
li.-iula ol the Imperial Car Company,
Limited, Ibie morning Irom Mr. Bullock, who, it will be remembered, was
in Vancouver a abort time ago in connection with tbe building ol tbe dry-
dock at H.niie Point.
Mr. Hullock statas tfaat hs has let
a dozen important contracts lor the
compauy, the largest ol these being
to the Arm ol .Swan it Hunter (or the
main structure. This immense dock
will lie built in sections in London and
shipped to ibis eity. Details ars
aweitud with intsreet by citiiens ol
Vancouver, to whom the magnitude
and importance ol ibe company's various undertakings has strongly appealed. According to tbe teems ul tie
Dominion subsidy construction will
begin neit month.
si.ciiMi   nAi<HOWS  BBIDGE PBO
Newi-Advertiaar, April lltb
Mr, E. W. MacLean returned on Sunday Iron a si I weeka' trip to the
Kast, convinced tlut tfaare is no elly
there to-toucfa Vancouver. As regards
the .Second Narrow! Iwidge project,
the deputation on wbich ha mat at
Ottawa, hs ooneidors tfae substructure
work should be started In lit Weeks'
liras, before wblcb time Baeve Mc-
Naught is eipeatad back from England and will probably Disks a statement on the eubjeet. Mr. MacLean
thinks there U Bo question as to lbs
(ederal grant.
U( 18, Block 36, D. L 550, SUM. Cash $450, balance 6 and 12 months
Us 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdak
tbt abftl 1«U ore among lis best buys in Nortb Vancouver, and intendi!)/ Invsators will serve their own
ittenete by investigating. We bave tbe saciuaive saU and also a large Bat ol ttfcer U>U In Ike Otty. It ia
il four own Interest to col) aad inspect o»r list belore deciding.
EaUfa Agent*.      Financial Brokers
Mr, B. C.
Brwib OH
» Hastings St W.,Vi
V Vi%iwoijv«f
in Europe
, Kcglsi-iJ
Will Rob River
to Extend City
Win pnder (^kMi^ttyn To JWw
Montreal lalsnd a Mile Longer by
■Tilling in Wotorlront-Would Add
Million Dollars Worth of Land and
liivo More Space lor Docking Ships
(Prom our own correspondent)
Montreal, May tt—With tfae problem
of accommodating a population) of one
million Ave yean hence etaring ber in
the lace, Montreal ii planning to rob
Pother Neptune ol nearly a square
mile ol territory in an effort to provide, additional room. Aa in the can
in many entailer citlea the plan in
i|uestion simply proposes red.minilou.
(n this case the reclamation will lie
from the river involving an amount'
of land which will be worth sonif'thin/,
like a million dollars. The idu ni-
ginotad with an engineer who has added in a . ■' 1.1; 11111 i ■ i; ■' capacity in I he erection ol some ol the largest buildings
in the oity and lias made a specialty
ol (oundation and caisson work. His
idea, in brief, is to lengthen the id. n.l
ot Montreal by the erection ol sea
walls behind which the space oniil.l he
filled in by pumping eand Irom Ihe
channel. Chimerical as the scheme
mny sound at first hearing there appears to be no reason why ii should
not be carried out, since the vol 10 oi
the mode land will lar exceed thc cost
bl its creation. Ol oourse until bor-
ingl and surveys have been made it
it impnisitilo to more than rouuhly
estimate the cost ol such an undertaking, but it ie believud that it would
not only pay (or itsell but would
leave a handsome profit besides .
it is well over a year now sinee
Johnny Wuoda, un export aecond storey man and false key burglur, stepped out to freedom and announotd
that all was not as it should tie behind the walls ol St. Vincent do Paul
penitentiary where he had been confined lor thc five yoars previous for
robbing the hoine of Ex-Mayor Ekers
whilst His Worship ami luinily were
abroad. Johnny is a smooth, well
educated young Englishman and hi
tolls a good story. The newspapers
took him up ami he became famous in
a night. Briefly he charged tfant c
.■nine, rum, dope ol any kind und
pipee to Smoke it wilh, dainties, tobacco, oven knives uud roiors, were
bartered and exchanged within th"
walls ol the "pen" ai Ireely as th' j.
would be outside. Coin ol tho reulin
wae the standard ol trade, although,
il short, an ordinary plug ol toliucco
rut into ton slices, stood lor filly
cents. Prom out side uppcaruncis
Johnny's tales did not ruffle one whit
tho equanimity ol the prison officials,
the inspectors nor thc deportment
Justice, but it hus licou harned since
thai almost as soon as he had spoken
a searching investigation was order-
nl through the Dominion police. Now
it turns out mailers are even worse
than Johnny pictured then. One
guard had the audacity to enter into
partnership with a convict lo run, a
bar room. The guard smuggled in Iliu
fire water by tho "underground route"
und lho prisoner peddled il, his place
nl business luiiig a well concealed cave
in thc huge coal pile standing in a
corner ol lho wallod yard. A hospital
orderly sold cocaine and morphine
Irom Ihe hospital stores. A conk, when
disehargi.il after his lime wus up,
walked out with seven hundred dollars in his pocket although he hud not
a cent when he was s.-ni.-ina-.l, ull ol
It marie by selling dainties und cxtru
rations to the wealthiest inin.it - s. Several guards have already bun suspended and a general sfaukeup und reorganization is being brought about
behind Ihoae high groy walls.
That various citirens i In ou ghoul
tfae country may be the unsuspecting
woarers ol gun Coltoa neckties and
explosive locks liable lo blow up ut
any moment, ii the it nil ling possibility just brought to light bete. Nor
is the feminine eex immune Irom Ihe
danger since pel I iron is muy likewise
be articlci ol destruction. This unimpeded conditio* ol affairs has been
iliKiovci.il through a local protest
recently filed against lho manufacture
ol artificial silk Irom celluloae, in
which it appears that there is a possibility ol almost any article ol
wearing apparel made lo imitate nal
•ilk may aetually be explosive. There
ore eovOral processes it appears,
according to tbe protest by wbicb artificial silk Is produced Irom cellulose,
One process employs nitro-celluloie,
which ie really nothing more than soluble gun cotton. From It tbe
threads to be ueed in manufacture are
drawn in etfaar or alcohol. Alter Uie
thread bats been drawn and ii rosily
for wearing it ii supposed io be dcni-
Iralod. II it ii, il is entirely sile, II
it ii not, H may fac.exceedingly dangerous, lor it than remain! nothing
leaa iban gun cotton spun into u fabric So in tbc future it may be Worth
while to refrain Irom slumping its
silk" dad loot or yanking vi-
eiouily at the cravat 4 tfa* sememe-
leriel, levin though no casualtial (rom
ufAtwp ajatpmu faave yet beep re-
pWl |
Weatherproof Fjaint
You pan readily appreciate) tbs
economy of painting Kpojed isrts J
of your house wii'.i raintthat protects jfi
and preserves the ,vood for the long-1|
est time at th« lowest cost. You "
ihould, therefore, be particular to get
Ordinal. P.inlJ viil .ooHdilcajlinipaJ laid.,tiliiic.,nack
ud pnl tl.  nl ■ 1. Curl I'.im. DO r.i IT btci.il .1 ■ ,
ipicilli.|Ildicpmllicliv,tl)lvtlvaiu.,lliui, laj.aaiiiillil I
itilb oib.r pure maliriill to in.lo s pji.it lb.ll.iaii. 1
Inula., I.BIclonl. .icspliomlly Jur.blc cuva.ial    11 .
is/urll 'nit. >• l"«l "'"' ■>'■"' »■""'•   'In ■'
Mill Islorl,-llvi« tolorl (c< ill un. b, In-
postal V.ipiib S Colsr Cu.. Unil.l, Torosto
Piint the well! end ceiling with the einitsry, wsibibls,
dursbls, economical M-L FLAT WALL COLORS. 16
ibsdss—jusl right for artistic stencil decorstivs illtcii,
ltecommendud and sold liy
BUELL BROS., .Masonic Temple Building
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
' ■      ' '   ."
, Decker & Son PIANO
in perfect condition,
Price $ 100, easy lerms.
443 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 114
A few yards off LONSDALE AVI NLI'.. duly
two lots left, each 50 ft. by 167 ll. I'liu only -^00
each, I-3 cash, balance 6, 1.2 and IH raonilis.
Block and half Irom car line, a clt ered 50 It. lot loi
$1050, 1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
C. f. UWSON il CO.
I'lioue 7n—1'
Uu* ij'i
l.eme Vancouver 6,'2l) a.m, und
il.iiei.li.i every 'Hi minutee until
7.1*1 p.m. (Jiuiniciicinu; 7..ttl p.m.
every 'M) minutes until 11.110 p.m.
thoreaitor 13.16 and 1.00 a.m.
l.oavo Noiil. Vuneouver 6'" a.m.
and thureulln every IM minutes until 7.W) p.m ' onimencinu i.lW p.
m. every '.91 minutee until I LOU p.
m. Hiereuilei 11.16 and IU 16 a.m.
I*uve  Vancouver  7.10,  8.20 and
'J.00 llieieiilter same ua weekduys.
U'ovc North Vancouvor 7'A), 8.00
aud 8.40, Ihereiiller somo ua Week-
Single laro 6c, 6 lor H6c, 30 lor |l, 50 lor B.
A   l.uiiiU'i   wU|(ons,   truck*   and
drays, 76c relurn.
II -1 bone eltpross curriaiies and
hacks, 60o relurn.
■ C—I borse  espress   bUKgies  und
outoi, 26c return.
All the«alsi.e rales Include driver.  Kates A mid ll sub;..i to  J)
per i.i.i. diiKiunt in lol. "I 60.
I'er 100 Ilia, rote, 8c.
Minimum re1". |h'
Timo^aUe subjeot to cbanue without notice.
Company not liable lor dauys, accidental or othei»iae.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
LaSUDCll '
West Vsneouver," Ciptsii
Licensed lor 35 passengers
Leaves Vancouver                        I*avs
Heal tucouvef
(Saturdays only)
11 m
Single Fare 16c.      Two Tickets
QnickcBt route Irom North Vsneouver to the diilricl beyond
Cspilmo River. Launch "West Vsneouver" makes conijsc-
tions, without fail, with the lerry stesmen Irom North Vsneouver, is per shove schedule.
Lmammtt**m»mmint*mmmmmmmtmmW   1       1    1 hi THS 8XE&BS8, HQMl .VAWftJVM, B, 6,
 ■» "■
To thii Women ot the present ago a
lllllllllmi'.   is    llll    il..li:.|l. llii.il.l.'   IICi|uili-
tion. It is her daily companion, an-
cumpnii) in., her on Iter shopping ox-
pisliliiins or when she pays her rounds
ol sociul culls. 80 much is tho li.mil
bug belore the world Ihut dame fashion is pitying pnrlieulur attention lo
il, ua tint hcusoiis come nnd go. Tliis
Spi'illg   WU   llUVO    ll.'djiy    a ||i|i|,i, III;        o|
liugs, all of which hear lho cfftcls. ol
the  lut   1   loucli  ol fashion's  llund.
Tliey ure ol lino i|uullty, strongly con-
Hl111.il.il and ".,,. .....i.-i to stand Il.o
roiiglicst wear lo which a I. uul ha;
may lie subjected.
Geo. E. Trorey,
Muiiiiging Hircclor
, Ltd.
jewelers and Silversii)it|)8
Hastings & Granville Sts.
Corner Lonsdale nnd Second.
Phone 233
WE have raceived a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value such an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
and colors. See this line and we will
convince you we can defy all
competition. AU sizes to 42 inch.
The Place Where Everybody Goea
Gem Theatre
n Good Pictures Good Singing
\?B  see     see
eee     eee
Good Music
ees     sss
eee     ee*
Programme clanged  Mondsy, Wednesday  and  Friday.
Adults 10c t^jyt^*** Children 5c
Hulinco   every   Soluidoy l.'H) o'clocli
Kins:   $: uu  per   and   up.   Special rites to families
aud   to regular   boarder* '.   .   .   .
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Cout
Ssi:iinii Simu.   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVEK. ti. C.
The Gurney'Oxford Steel Top Range
mean* * inaikeii saving in
fuel mul boiler killing results.
mil) dot j. iin -.-."! I. I'.l' I I )•'.)<
liul AT M-.SS COST Hun
lllllCI   I. .Ii|"   .
We cell .l.iiniir.Iiulc to you
(lie whole Superior Clisn-
ccllor principal ol economy
snd efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not worili lhal much
ol your time rigid now ?
The J, D, Fraser Hardware Co,
Itwoe W. 133 l^oBsdale Avenu*
 iitmi ' I imtattmmmmmmwmmmmmtmmmm
By Louis Joseph Vine*
CmhUM, IMS, bj Ik* Irths-Nsniil C*.
[oowiauaii.}       ^
. bl* cotiiiiieiice tbit Klrfwood and Dorotby Calendar would proceed a* tar
toward Ostend *• tbe train would take
tbem namely, to lb* limit of tb* run,
Thus Inspired, Klrkwood took counsel wltb tlie girl, and wben tbe train
paused at Ubent tbey mad* an wins
ii'iiiaiiotiii ■•:..it trout tbelr lioii.'ii, Snd-
lng t|ipuise|ve* wlien tbt eiprese bod
rolled on Into tbe west upon a elation
platform In a foreign city at nine minutes past 1 o'clock In tbe morning, but
at lenglb without tbelr iltadow. Mr.
Holilis bad gone on 'to Bruges.
Klrkwood iped bli journeying* wltb
an unspoken malediction and collected
blmself lo cope witb s situation wblcb
wu* to prove liunlly more happy for
tbem than tbe espionage tbey bid Just
eluded. Tbe primal flush of triumph
Wblcb bad saturated tbe American'*
burner on tbia signal success proved
but active mul transitory wben Inquiry of tbe station attendants educed
tbe Information tbat tbe two earliest
trains to be obtained were tbe hm for
Dunkerque and Ibe 5:87 for Ostend. A
minimum delay of four boura was to
be endured In the face of many contingent features singularly unpleasant
to contemplate. Tbe station waiting
room waa on tbc point of doling tor
(he night, and Klrkwood, alarmed by
ibe rapid ebb of tbe money be bad
taken from Calendar, dared not subject
did flnniicca lo tbc strain of a nlgbt'*
1 iltiiia at one Of Ghent's hotels. H*
found himself forced to be cruel to be
kind to the girl, end Dorotby'* cheerful acquiescence lu their sole alternative of tramping (ho street until daybreak did nothing to alleviate Klrkwood's exasperation.
. It waa permitted tbem to occupy a
bench outside tho station. There tbe
lt-i, her bead pillowed on the treasure bag, napped uneasily, while Klrkwood plodded restlessly to and fro,
Up and down tho platform, addling hi*
poor, weary wlla witb tbe problem ol
tbc futurc-nol so mucb bia own as
thc future of tbe unhappy child for
whose welfare he bad assumed re-
eponsllilllly. Dark for botb of them,
In bin uuderalandlng tomorrow loomed
darkest for her.
Not mull tbe gray, formless light of
tbo dawn dusk wus wavering over tb*
land did he cease hia perambulations.
Then a grudual stir of life In tbe city
streets, together wltb tbe appcaranc*
of a station porter or two, opening Hie
waiting mums uud preparing tbem
agulusl the (raffle of the day, warned
blm lhal he must rouse his charge.
Ho I'iiiii-.-d uud stood over ber, reluctant to disturb her rest, auch a* It wis,
bli ii'-iiri torn with compassion for
her, bl* soul linblllcred by tbe cruel
Irony of tbelr estate.
If what be iinilersloud were true, *
king's iiiiim'iii was secreted within tbe
..heap Initiation leather satchel whlcb
served her fur a pillow. Uut II availed
her u.'ti.ins' for Iter comfort. If what
he believed were true, abe waa abao-
lule mistress of lhal treasure of Jewels, yet ihul nlghl she had been forced
io sluip ou o hurd. uucuebloued bench
In Die open air. und this morning be
nutsl waken her to Ibe life of a buut-
i'd ililttg A week ago sbe had bad at
her . "inniiiiiil every luxury known to
ilic civilized world; loday ebe wa*
irli'iulli'ss lull for his Inefficient, worthless self and In a atrauge land. A
week ago, hud he known ber tben. b*
'uul been free lo tell ber of hi* love,
io uajcr her lite protection of bl* nam*
a well its bis devollooi tmlaf be wu
in all but pcuullcas vagabond aud
ihere could Ik bo dishonor deeper the*
io let ber know tbe nature of bt*
'icarl's desire.
We* ever lover hedged from a dec-
.ir.iil.ui lo bis mistress by circumstance* io baleful. *o unlowird? II*
could have raged and railed ogelust
liis f.ii.' like any madman, for be desired her greatly, and abe wa* very
lovely In his slant. Bbe wu to blm
of all created thing* ibe moat wonderful, the moil dcilrable.
The temptation of hia longing seemed mure Mian be could long withstand,
itui resist he must or part forever
with auy fill*.- to her conibleratlon-or
hit own. He (but bis teeth snd knot-
led hi* brow* In i trsneport of dsdr*
to toacb, If only wltb bis Anger tips,
ibe woven wonder of her bsir.
And (bus eho saw blm wben, wltb-
out wsrulng, she awok*.
Bewilderment at Brat Informed tb*
wide brows eyes, then, u tbelr
drowsiness vsulslicd, * Utile langbter,
* Illlle J*nd*r mlrlb.
"Hood morning. Sir Knlgbt of tb*
Somber Gounlenancel" she cried,
stsnding up. "Am I *o utterly disreputable Ibst yoi) Sod It necessary i»
frown on me so darkly?"
Ue (book bl* bead, smiling,
"I know I'm « fright." (he ***erted,
vigorously shaking out Ihe folds of her
plaited skirt. "And. *• for my bat, tt
w|ll ucver he on ttiulgbt: but, then,
jou .wouldn't know."
"II seem* ull right." he replied vacantly.
"Then please lo tr; to look « lltu*
Dunpier sines yp« m m n9w
"I do."
Without lifting her bended bend ib»
looked: HP, lambing, m III plwm*
■"Yop'd. say au really?"
ttt rtpFfl tbe railwif trucks there
rose g murmuring that waied tn a
rumbling roar. A passing porter an-
aworcd Klrkwood'! Inquiry; it wss Uie
pigbt boat train rrpifl Oitend. Up
picked lip tbelr bags and drew (be girl
Imp tb* waiting room, troubled by a
sickening foreboding.
Tbrongb tbe window tbey watched
tbe train roll In and stpp.
Among others alighted, smirking, tb*
unspeakable Hobbe.
He lifted bis bat aud bowed jauntily to tbe walling room window, matt;
Ing It plain tbst nil keen eyes hud discovered them Instantly.
(Continued next iuui)
obtain and opapai* itsarn!
....«v«sse|ii («-to bmw *nd
mikjtotim, mmjnmmmi
»fc-> and tp mny pn tn* busmen of
general warehousemen, and for SI6))
other powers and privileges oa may be
incidental or nooessary to tne above.
DATED at Ottawa this JStli day pf
Aprjl, ml
Citiion Building,
Solicitor* lor tbs epplleitBti.     93-*
dates rm4 bo Brjtjjb.jsbj
:. Mm,
i tbs ages ol 31 and 80, if lor
Third-class Clerks; and between 16 ond
91, il lor alwiipr Clerks or Stenographer!. '
Application* wll| not be upPopW il
Fccoive4 lst«F tbw m !"b p! Jup*
Further inlormotion, together with
application forms, may bo pbtoinod
Irom tbe underlined.
.   p. WALKEB,
Begiitrar, Pnblio Bsfvjw.
Viotoria. B. C, 371-h April, Iflll.lli-O
The undersigned takes pleasure in
thanking his friends and customers ol
North Vancouver for their highly, valued support and putronage during tho
last six months. He regret* to say
tbat he has to close his jewelry business temporarily, being called to tlie
old country, both by duty and un
business. Ho, however, il nothing Unforeseen occurs, will be back again
ihis lull or next spring when ho will
engage in the jewelry and wutcb repairing business lu North Vuncouvor
permanently und be more than ever
ready to undertake any job in bis
line however bad il may lie. Until
ho goea, which will bo in uliout a
mouth's time, be will bo glud to ice
his friends ut bis rcaidencc, 19lb slreot
aecond house cast nl St. George's Ave.
and whore ho still continues to do repair work, as his lime is too short to
seek another location in the buaincsi
pari ol the cily. Juwelry or watches
lor repairs can bo lult at the Puir
confectionery store, Mb block, I ons
iliile, iu euro ol Hrs. Duconimuii and
Sincerely yours,
10-5 C. K. UTAUFFKB.
l'UHMC NOTICE |i hereby given
that, under tbe authority contained
in sootipn 131 ol tbe "Land Act," *
regulation lma been approved by tbe
Lieutenant-Governor in Counoil fixing
tbe minimum sale prices of first and
second-class land* at 110 and ft) per
aert, respectively,
Tbii regulation lurther provides that
the pricei fixed Iheroin snail apply to
all landi with respect to which tbe application to purchase, is given favourable consideration alter this date, notwithstanding tbo dale of sucb application or any dolay tbat may nave
iiceni-nil in the consideration ol tbe
Further notice is hereby giveb that
sll persons who have pending applications lo purchase lunda under ibo provisions ol suction! 34 or 86 ol (be
"Land Act" aud who are not willing
to complete sucb purchases under tbe
prices Axed by the aforesaid rcgulgtion
shall be at liberty to withdraw such
applications und receive refund ol tbe
moneys deposited on account pf such
Minister ul Lunda,
Department ol Lands,
Victoria, B. C, April 3rd. 1911.   t-6
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. West
When you dul at tb* A. Farro Uro-
eery you get exactly what you elk lor
at right price.     .
Special Attention!
We carry
a complete line ol Pro-
Banbury it Ev»ne Broad 33 lor 11.00
Ml'I'll   i
The  qualifying
tbinl-class Clerks,
Junior Clerks
Notice is hcicby givln that tbo
Howe Sound and Nurlhorn Railway
i laiiipiinv (a compuny incorporated by
tho leuislulure ol tbo Province ul British < olunibiu) will apply al Ibe pre
sent session ol parliament ol Canada
lor an Act ll) declaring that tbo
works and undertaking ol the Compuny are worki lor tbe general advantage ol Canada: 13) to extend ibo
lines of railway which tbo Company is
now authorised to construct und op-
erute as billows: Irom a point at or
noar Lillooet, Ihonce northerly along
lho valley of lho Frasor river to the
town ol Fort George, Ihonce northerly
ihe valley of tbe Parsnip Bivor and
along the volley ol tbc Parsnip river
to a point al or Hour its junction with
tin- Poace rivor, thence eustorly along
tlto Peace rivor to 1'cuce Biver landing ; wilh power to lay out, construct,
..pcniie and maintain a brunch line
Irom Newpqrl at the heud ol Howe
Sound to tho cities ol North Vancouvor and Vancouvor; (3) lo empower
tho Company to own, develop und update water powers for tltc puiposcs ol
ils undertaking ; (I) to conatruct and
operalc telephone ond lel.vi.iph Iin. -
und to charge lolls lor lie use there
ol; (li) to   own, build, purchase  or
Stenographers will be held at (he lol-
low inj.' places, commencing on Monday, Ihe 3rd July nexl.-Armstrong,
Chilliwack, Cumberland, Golden,
Ciaiul Forks, Kainloops, Kaslo, Kel-
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co*
Deslen in Cosl, Brick,
SfWid,   Grsve|,   Lime.
Cement  snd   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
iituiaiiii-il.    Frict-s on
Office: Lomdsle, near City Wharf
Warehouie:      Format's Wh*rl
Will Open Wednesday, May io
Meals 15c, 25c and up.
Supplies for HaiiuucU and
Picnic Parties.
Salads,    ll"i i,nl. Pics,
' Cake and Hn-.nl Kolli.
None but White help employed.
H. Ilniiiil'i--. Prop.
66 Lonidale Avenue
We wiih to notify ths gtntral
public that on uul after June 1st
wc will occupy th* front officts op
the first floor in the new BANK OF
First Street and Lonsdele Avenue.
LoU 9, 10, 11, 12, Block 10, D. L. 273.   200x137 ft.
on corner,   (6200, 1-3 caili, 6, 12, 18 months.
Chore uro trig profits to lie mode iu wiling Ineee lots soporutuly.    ll will
pay you lo iuvosligulo Ihis,
' — 1—' "   "' '  ' ■' ' '   . ■'■
Canadian Financiers, Limited
Phone 21S I m^>
, Local Manager.
For clearing about Forty-five Acres in
District Ut 552,   North  Vancouver.
526 Winch Building,
Phone 2835 Veneouyer, B. C
from $200 to $450; 1-4 cash, balance 2 yean
All slashed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Bouleverd; open (trait}
high ground; full view of city and harW; 10 minutes walk
from tWO eer lines.
   1 =u—^=^t        I,','     •»'!     "I   ■  It mi     'i'i ir       :
Wby live miles out of Uie city when you ceo puwhaae Home-
the west end at that?   MWWmT,
▼ s^^Wvw ▼ Wrrf th vt SIX
^Classified Columns
WPTE»-Yo»wf gW to help w|ih
osre ol bsby during the day,    J,
Bspreei Offine,
WANTED-Vpiipg lady having'some
enperlenoe in grocery buiiness. A.
Farro, .Second street west. U-6
WAN'TED-Young girl to help with
A«ra ol baby during the day, J, T„
Kspreee Office. 8-6
EOH   SALE -Sis  hivee   ol  lues,
ebesp.   .Apply, llurrill,  Lynn Valloy.
60-lt. lot on Boulevard, Norlh Lonsdale, |800 j 33 It. lot one blook Irom
ear line, 1460. See J. Mcllwuine, 162
3rd street, North Vancouver.       2.1-5
Pure   Milk   and   Cream   delivered.
Lynn Valley Dairy, fit, Lonsdule.   13-6
FOB KENT-Hhack, |5 on ith iieni'
Bt. David's. WhK», 14U |tjtlr y/rst. V2-6
FOK ItENT-Desirable rooms,  lialh,
iiiiuili.'in exposure, Im, •• yard.   Idler-
iiiircs, 220 2nd streel eiisi, 9-6
TO BENT—H-ronmuf house, rlos,> to
lerry. Funiiture lor sule ifaeap. !...»•
rent nnd lease one year. .1. llcllw.iiiic
162 Third atreot east. H
EOlt KENT—Ejrst slreot, live roomed house, 126. I-'..un..., il, street, |(vu
idn.iiii-.l linngnluw, t'lh. I.oiisdnlo Ave.,
miven ronineil house wilh '"' '
grounds, tih.' HIITCHLSON, McMIL-
LAN li CO., the II..use A e..i . 6J
Lonsdale Avenue, MJ
FOB HALE-flne conibiuid Book-
oaee and Writing Desk, .me Wiltoli rug
8x10, cheap, apply 215 14th street
west. 12-5
Beal nice business in North Vun<-ou
v|r lor immediate sale, about 16,000
required. Apply, .1. Ifellwaine, 152
3rd street, North Vancouver.        53-5
FOR SALB-Bil room house and
large burn on 1 acre, Duval Boad
11,700 terma. Apply llurrill, Lynn Vol
ley. M
FOB SAI.E-l.oi 18 in block 4, D.L.
653, three hlooks from Bnulevurd Im'-
ing south, 50x147 list, I'l'iee IM0. SILO
176 every three ni.uitlis. Apply owner,
236 1st west. 'ill
FOK SAI.E-Sniiill slock, Washes,
('looks, dewelry, etc., some iiitures.
•Storekeeper gone out of i'Ullnms. II..11
price lor the lol. .1. Mcllwnine, 152
Third si reel eksl. tl-5
Partly lurnished l-ronm houseboat
—Price 1150. Apply Nelson Mlg. Co.,
Esplanade ICast. WS
FOK SAI.IM.ols 33x166 in new subdivision Illock 53, I). I, 2087, Irom
1376, Apply owner, llurrill, Lynn Vulley. •     0-8
Fruit and oaady store and ice cream
parlor, real nice businees lor lady,
eaeh required, Will. Sn .1. Mcllwuine
162 3rd street, North Vancouver. 23-6
Frssh   Lettuce   lor   Salo
Keens, 16th street.
C     I-
"The Knoll, high view loll, two
blocks from Lonsdule cur, best view
in North Lonsdale, only 1676, easy
payments. These are selling, io gel
busy if you want to secure one Apply, J. Mcllwsine, 162, 3rd st., North
Vancouvor. 23-6
Dissolution of Patnenhip
1.0S'1'-A   dI",ill.   Il|lt-||illla.llie,l   lout,
puinled white with red atrip ru..uul
lop, drilled Irom Liiia-n's rninp
grounds Friduy night, Muy 6lh, Fin I-
er please imlily Cump '-", Lorson'a
lirounde, Nnrth Vuneouver. 0-6
FOUND. -On Muhon Ave, E.nt r Pun-
day, a brown far. Apply '1*8 8lh
atreet west. "-o
n District of Nortli Vancouver
rlEAI.ED TENDERS will tin roiaiui-.nl
until it p.m. on Thursday, I lib Mny,
IUII, liy tlm Miininipiii Cl.rk fur the
doming ini'l grading til Lonsdule Ave.
lo 8J) f»'l wide Iron North boundary
I). 1,. 801 In norlh side block 111, D.
|„ '26%, according to plans nnd spe-
cilioiitions In Isi seen ul this ollice.
Tlie lowest ui- uny lender Hot iioccs-
sni'ily neceptiiil.
,l. ii. rtisiiiiuvii:,
'      •    Disliiit. Knginoir.
Ilisliii'l Muuicipul Office)
Norlh Vuiii'iiiHi'i', B.C.,
lilh Mny, Kill. '•'■.'»
District ol Noilb'Vsncouvcr
.Snitii'l Boy Wanted, able tu write
sh.irliiiiiial uml iiitiihIhiiikI Io office
wurk. Opportunity h.r en ine iin.'pupil. Apply District Enjineer's Ofli.-e,
Espluiiiide, -Nurlh Vancouver.        8-5
furnish u bond pipiul to ths  iini.uint'■
nl tho contract price (or the I»ithluj
porlormunoe ol said work, euourding'
to the spueilieaiioiis atid terms ul the
City Engineer. '
Mny Oth, ion.
J. Iaoutet aud North I "ir.l I.-
Elder Murray Co. Tne insurance,
(let  it at Ihe Lonsdule Pharmacy,
corner 8th and Lonsdale. Phone 22. II
i i.ii.-1   Brotherhood   of  ('..rp.nt.r
anil   Joiners ol   Amerieu.  I oral    No. I
1136.    Headquarters lor both   workmen seeking I'liipli.ynienl en I c n'ruel-
ors uei.ling men, lit t'uii.in n :.-' r- ui'.1
I ...is.lui.■   Avenue,     r.ui'n-s   u : m -
hours 8.00 to H.HI) nm. nnd 6 lu r...:
pV   al. II. Thain, liusiiu'ss iil'HiI   ll  I
__—— ———tS—————
Boome 10 and 11, Pender Chambers,
622 Psnilar Street W.       Phone 8461
Residence,   cor,   l.unsdsls  A'e   and
22nd itreet, North Vnnc.uici.
SEALED iT.MH'.llfi pinrkul " lenders lur i-lcuMi.' tltusiiilli eus'ii I.
portion nf Million I'ark" will he • re-
aalvad liy the Cily (lerl; up 10 l2
o'clock inn.n on Monduy, Muy loth,
IUII, lor clearng lln l.illen limb.",
cutting iiown iin- dead tr oi i,ii.l
burning llie rime, . n u portion nl
Million Park, e. n iniin. ul a1 nut III
ni res oi I.-- . ul llie. soii'h easier.)-
corner of suid Park.
S|ieoilioulii n- iiul e n lit i ns in iv l,e
n-i'ivnl ni  the cily ingiior's ufficc.
A iiinrkial cliepio pnyu' Ic lo llie order ..I llie i il) Ireaiiirei t' r the stun
,,f 5 per i.nl. ql tha' value of tlio lender hum me in puny each ..nd ivory
llie lowusl or all) l.iuler n.,t n-'ee;---
s.illl;   accepted.
'tlie  ...uliu.-tor   will   In' ro| iir d to
Dr. I'hillippe Roy, I'i iuii Cuii dian
ai'iintor of Ediiiniilon, his ken ap
pointed t'uniidiuii Iliuii ('oiumiss iiuer
nl I'nris.
Rev. |)r. II. (j, Bunion, v,hi fo'
nn. uy ...ii.. whu |irlu'i|i. I of Mi.ml
Allison Lad'os' College, Snckville, N.
II., Ims boon appointed prisitlnt i.i the
Mount \tli-.,u lliiivtrsily, in sucoo-
niuii in |lr. David Alii.- n, who resigned n year ago.
.1, ti. Turill, M.P. lor Aee'nl'olii, is
being looked upon ua successor to
Hon. Waller Scott us premier ol Sue-
liiili'linwun. Mr. 'I'm ut is ubu.tfo
iiuivu from Ottawa t„ Regina.
Sir ('. A. PiJlit'er, the lalu II uttn-
anl'goversor of (luu.ee, who passed
uwuy recently, c. roinniiod llie Nuilb
lialliili'iii, of ""-...11' i- ■ ■' i .1 - .Jus co,"
dining the l-'.ni.iii raid of V*6".
ll is understood that delegates to
the Imperial Conference will lold   an
informal   meeting (0 dicid. whither
lliey shull uiTcpl their expenses from
llie Iinperinl ifoveriim.'iit. A strum
ii.iiid will likely lie taken in favor o'
the proceedings being optn lo llie
press. ' •
The 11,un. ol Toronto has incre.iB-d
its dividend to II p.r cent, per on-
The total trade of Cuniida for thu
last fiscal your wus «j5'.l,(l'.l-l,38'.l, en
itiorcuM uf 182,000,000 our the | re
'ions J'tiur. The in.po Is i i,.ll -I
■liil.'.M.ll.M, an ineivuse ol SB ,0011,-
iillit. Ex|KuTe ol I'onu' lie pnducti
tolullcd i'21i;ilti,hh'2, u d'ere se id
nearly 85,0Htl,0tHI, uwlug lu the de
(Icienoy in Weal em v. he it crop and
greatly, increased drmund ol home
markets, ihe export., of ngriciilturc
tiilallukl l8B,li0l,2of, a deoiesie of
nearly *\IHH),UOO. Kxpots „l m.nu-
(natures lotalled |34,2tfl,ll8, un n
crease „l nearly $1,000,0:10.
New Harness Shcp
li N. tXIAI. AM) SI I'I'I.V Hi, Ct |(
Vancouver Harness Co.
NOTICE is hereby triv.'n lln.' ,.t .'.e
NOTICE is hereby given that llie! next silting ol lb* 'loud .III : e
firm ol 0. M. N. Coal and Supply j Cuinmis.iuiii'rs lur Ihe District ..I
Company, North Vancouver, Las bam I North Vancouvor, I, the iindersi nnd,
dissoivwl by mutual consent m at tlie intend to apply lor n ho'el Inns'
31st day ol March, 1011.
lur premises situate'..n Ipl 6,1.|..ck2i,
All accounts duo lo the firm are puy-' ILL. 565 fDuiiduriiwo iu llie a aid I),a
The Bank of Briti :h North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.     Reserve Fund $2,652,333
2 Offices in North Vancouver—2
UI'PtR LONSDALE AVENUE 'near Fourteenth Street)
S.' i a;; I), p .sits ul .<1.1 .i .ii'il ii|iw.tr'ls received.
I mi list allowed ut unr in rates.
H.i'ikvr's Maim v Oiiln> iKbiicd.
11..dii ..Hi is tunsd. i ;i r iii-idl liaiikiug business
.iiaal .in  tijiun un S.ii inlay uiglii.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
able, to the undsrsigned and lie   will   Inn oi Ninth Vuncuver,
pay all debt!   incurred   by the   Arm
prior to Ike dale of dissolution.
Dutul ul Nurth Vancouver,
May 8th, IUII. "li
Between the Bridge and Imperial
Car Works
North Vancouver
|TI The name "|m-
*j| perial" itamped
on Garden Hose is a
guarantee ol Quality.
We are sole agents
lor Noilh Vancouver,
(or this brand ol Hose,
have handled same (or
years, and guarantee
" every (ool.
When buying Hose'
insist on getting the
best. Lawn Spiink-
lers, Nozzles ana1
Reels o( ihe best
quality always in stock
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
McMillan's for money savers
Sugar, gi'unululed,  !.'• lb. sack ...tl.lW I I'unnud I'l'iiln, dolicii.UI Ciililuinu
Iuu, UcMillan's 3 lb. tnr  UM
Baking Powder, Coledykc Bruud—
lull Hi oi. tin I5e.
Coffee-whole roost and Ireslily
ground, |ier Ih 25c
Hani, fancy sugar cured per lb....20c
I'enrs,   I'cochei,   Aprico s  nnd
Raspborrles, per Iin     21c.
I'itklos, fine Knglish |.ickhs, per
Lulllc  26c.
Duller, Iresh niutlu, New /uilind
3 lbs tl.0i
j. k. & m. McMillan
 Phone 20:	
Capitul I'uid lip  * 2780,01
Reeerve & 1'ndivided l'r..lils   ,3250,000
Total Assets   lltDIIO.illll)
Desidns offering nn in-.-ntivc lo
save, a savings account atfords a
sufe and convenient method uf keeping liiu accumulating dullurs,
safe custody is ol paramount im-
purtaiice-eiUicr lur Ine hurd-eurnud
savings of Ihe-worker or lor irusl
i'iio Hunk ol lliiinilioii invjlei your
savings account, whether Inrgc or
1 *»
The Knoll, l.iuli und dry Iota wilh
splendid \ii'» in Norlh Lonsdale, two
bl.,.1,- 'rum .-nr I Iuu. I'rice <<65ll und
H676, j iii.-Ii. Iialuiicc over i.igbtien
. inoiiilis. Them' I't- uru ii. sniind in-
Apply J- MclLWAINE
152 Third Street East, or    -
438 Granville St., Vancouver      Phone 8752.
Wu Specialize in North Vancouver Eait of
Seymour Creek _
I'm HM-ii'i
and i 'ol./r Cord
is of
li'enl l\il,n and
Inlcrcst lo Any
Easy and-neat to use.   All kinds of fabrics, gilks, lisle, linen,
cotton uritj .mixed goods, dyed In one JJye-Batli.   No need of
soiliiaif tbu hands or ruining utensils,    Warranted fast colors,
Am for /•«££ BQQAUT mi Cokr Car* d ^
M, H. MeiMlWKI L
U. UtMMmW-t), W, i6c ilors
Hud II UJ/fell ut
Inuui'   Ifu'lltalevuly


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