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Volume U.
Nowb Vawpowvpr, BtOn Fwdav, Spptwww 1,19U
Number 61
Conwrvfttive Candidate'i Meeting-Reciprocity Pact Arraigned—Canada Should Keep
Natural Resources for Own Benefit— Can-
m   ada Part ot Empire In Peace and In War.
Tailing arguments against the rem-
procity agreement were piled ■ up ut
the meeting ip Larson'* pavilion nn
Wednesday eveuing when Mr. II. II.
Stevens made his initial bnw lo lanil
electors and in the course nf a strong
anil eloquent address submitted 'tis
argument against reciprocity, dealing
with it in this instance frnm the standpoint of the producer and the manufacturer..
Mr. S. D. Schultx, chairman of tpp
L'nnservativ e campaign committee,
ocupied the chair and introduced as
the first speaker Mr. 0. M. Wnodworth
of Vancouver.
Mr. Wooilwortlt began by declaring
tbat the issue now before tbe Canadian
people was one of the greatest issues
thst bad appeared during the past 80
or 80 years. There were many questions which might l»e dealt witb such
ss Indian reserves, better terms /or
H. 0., the right nf the province to administer ita own lands, tbe improvement
of Burrard Inlet as a harbor, in each
of which the position of Mr. Borden
ui leader of the Cousorvstivo .putty
wu iu favorable contrast witb tbat of
tho Liberal party. Hcciprocily, how
ever, was tbe great iuue. He waa
against reciprocity first ai a matter of
sentiment. Discussing the issue from
this standpoint ho quoted tbo epitaph
upon the monument of Joseph How*
si Halifax, t« the memorable words of
Sir .liilm A. McDonald during bis laat
campaign "A British subject I wu
born and a British subject I will dje"
and also made elective use of tbe
United Empiru Loyalist* sml the war of
< 1(18. Tbs speaker cited the fact that
Canada bad spent hundred* of million*
of dollars nn line* of communication
throughout tbe Dominion and this would
bo of little use were reciprocity to be
inaugurated thus diverting traffic to
other routes. In all such bargains u
this proposed pact, the larger party
controls ths smaller, the greater dom
inatcs the lesser This is precisely
what tbe United States expect to do
if they can secure reciprocity. In
support nf this position tho speak "r
read ouotation* from l'rcsidct't Tall.
' Champ Clark, Senator McCall and
likewise extract* from leading United
States journals all showing that iu tbsir
estimation reciprocity meant that the
United State* would dominate Ibe situation, make use of Canada for their
own benefit and ultimately to anex Ibe
country to the States. Sucb wu the
effect of tbe pact tbat Sir Wilfrid
i Uuri*r would make but Canada would
' reply on September 81st that we nf
today are u loyal as woro our forefather* and will have none of tbo pact.
Turning to it* economical phases Mr.
Woodwortb contruted the doubtful
value of tbe United States marlt.it fur
Canadian products witb tbe great lime-
fits offered by tbe British market. He
pointsd out that under present conditions British c.p'tal »s* flowing lot)
Canada at tbe rate nf tltOM"Mn per
year and reciprocity weald cut nl this
most nscessary assistance. Hs further
dsalt with tbe pact ia it* bearing
upon flab and lumber, showing It*
harmful poasibilitiei with referoncs to
British Columbia and closed wltb tie
declaration that reciprocity was neither
good sentiment nor good business u
MfJ.Jf Canada aod richly deserved the l'
JKtloa witb wbich.lt would meet at
'•     tbs hand* of the Canadian clectoralo.
afterward but ho held that those prices
wero due to the fact that lb* Crimean
war wt) tbt U. S. civil war w*g*d
during that period and were not atlri-
billable tQ the treaty Itself,   At that
limo reciprocity wu a good thing fnr
Canada, because we had nn hnmc mar
ket nnd the Hril vli iiiuiket WW inu,cos-
•title tp us, but conditions have  been
revolutionized   since tbat time,    tb*
very opposite being nuw tbe cuo.  Iu
the abrogation nf that old treaty tbo
object of tb* United States had been
to coerce   Canada   Intn   annexation.
After the abrogation  tbey  expected
to see Canada go to   pieces,  beciin
dismembered and by force of circumstances become their property.  For
tunately fnr ber, Canada bad al tbo
time a galaxy of very able men who,
led hy Wir John  A. McDonald, conceived apd carried out tbo sebems  of
Confederation which was the first clip
in the upbuilding of Canada and tbe
expectations of the States wors ditup
pointed.   Hand in hand with this wo.il
commercial development   wbicb   had
proceeded steadily until tbe present
Ovor (600,000,000 had been spent in
our railways and canals, great systems
nf inter-provincial communication had
boon built up, un   immense   Internal
trado bad been built up and asked tb*
speaker, "Are we to throw all Ibis to
the wind* just when we sre about to
reap the real benefits thereof I" Tbat
j* wbat reciprocity would do, but tie
put wu doomed.    Bsferring to an
address mads tb* previous evening by
Mr. Bcnklcr the Liberal candilat*, Mr.
Stsvsu declared that it WU chars:
tori zed, by paucity of argument   aud
consisted mostly of broad, unsupported
statements sucb u any ons might easily
utter.   He could nnt   so himself how
the statement* made were to bo reconciled, namely,  that reciprocity would
mean lower prices for the consumer
and higher prices for tbs producr ot
tbe same time.   A big delegation   of
farmers   from the prairit provinces
bad  waited  on  Sir Wilfrid  Uurier,
uking for reciprocity In machinery,
shelf hardware aud leather goods and
bo bad replied by giving something
clss, namely reciprocity nn foodstuffs
■ <
Mr. Stevens on arising tn address
the audience, wu greeted wltb prolong
ed applause. After a preface contain
lag well chosen remarks complimentary
to North Vancouvtr he entered upon
bis main 'object by stating that hav
iug dealt witb reciprocity on Mow'-iy
night from tho standpoint of the ■'»*
turner, he proposed tp appro nli it
upon thl* occasion from the slnnnuoini
of tbt producer and tbt manufacturer
He referred ta the policy of the Conservative potty it outined by Mr, B.
L. Borden aad declared that. If wtt
sn excellent platform and positive in
lis term*. Ml read oxtracis from I
letter appearing in a Vancouver paper
In wbicb the writer bad mii-ceustrned
bit remark* on Monday evsolng ttte.-
live to Ibe benefits of tin reciprocity
treaty of 1*6*. He IM not stated
that tb* treaty was a bad thing far
Canada, bat on 'At contrary bad admitted that tbt farmers bad rtetlvtd
Proceeding tn discuss tbis form nf
reciprocity Mr. Btevsus first referred
to wheat. It wu said that higher
prices for wheat would result, yst he
read from market reports showing
that wheat is uow and usually is three
or four cents higher la Winnipeg than
in Chicagn. It Is true that tbe big
mills nf. tbe States pay more fnr No,
I hard at times, because tbey absolu-
lely must have that wheat whatever
the pries. If, however, tbs amount of
No. 1 bard imported by tbe States ex
' ceded the demand tbea tht pi i. s would
at ouce bs lowered and further, tbe
surplus would be cent to foreign im-r
kets to compete with wheat shipped
from Canada direct. Even If there
were no effect on prices, the exportation
pt our wheat tt tbe States to bs milled
would meau Ibst thoy would have the.
advantage nf Ibe by product* sucb a>
bran and abort wbicb are al present
three nr four «eul* cheaper In Canada
than la tbt Btetes. Hence If wheal is
sbippsd away by products must be
bought back witb duty added. With
rsferencc to cattle. Cattle on th*
hoof are higher in pries in tho States
it is true, but why f Simply because
tbey are able In tbeir large establish
meuls lo slaughter calllc in tremeu
dnus numbers and tn use every scrap
of the animal, even to the hoofs for
•onto purpose of manufacture, while in
Canada, owing to our lack of these fa
cilitiee all we can get from ths rattle
it tbeir carcaaos and bide. Tbt re«u,t
is tbat cattle nn tbe hoof arc worth
moro tp the manufacturer than in Canada. The Conservative platform how
ever proposes tp remedy this atate pf
affaire hy (WtoMWnf. a chilled meal
Muitry with depots distributed
throughout tbe Dominion where cattle
cts be slaughtered in large numbers,
tbo meat kepi in cold storage until required and the by products used toy
those ftrftm tor which th*y ar* suit
able. Th* Conservative policy likewise
provblas fpr establishing * atritt tl
agricultural cpHiges throughout ' su
ad* tot teaching tin tftpplt ffimf'
piss pf farming, Tht a|m pf the Con-
servaiiv* pplicy la tp keep par wheat
mill*, tn un the by prpducbj fnr mt-
180 C»l)»n|an t»Ki> to Vi VijM MA
marketed through Canadiau' channels
thus ensuring the largest prices   and
profits fnr ito farmer an<l building np
Canadian industries and institution*.
At present, laid tbt speaker, we am
essentially a raw material psnple snd
tbit is Invariably tb* man who sccurei
tbt sma|l tad pt tbt profits. |t |t tbo
process pf manufacture that creates
wealth and yield*, great profits. Csn
ada ba* all tbt natural conditions (neb
(I raw material, cheap power (nd food
resources to make ber perhaps tbt
greatest manufacturing country in tbt
world. It would be suicidal tn hand
our manufacturing possibilities over
tp tbe United Btates. Canada should
sit tight at tbt present juncture fain)
follow a course that wiil make tht
best pf par uatural resources and our
manufacturing advantages fnr pur awn
After a forceful reference to tbt
water power assets of tlm Dominion
tbe speaker passed on to diicuss tht
transportation problem. This is the
most valuabls uiot iu tbo possession
of Vancouver and tbo lower majnlind
of B. C. Ws uunl tbe traffic from the
hintsrland lying to tbo uurtb and east
of ns. If tbo situation is properly
bundled we cau socuro greater benefit
frnm tbe Panama Cauai than auy piker city nr section of tho Pacific cout.
The Democratic party captured tbt
United States congress at tho poll*
lut year by being swsrn to tariff reduction u between the States and
Canada. President Taft in reciprocity
wu endeavoring to forestall tbe action nf tho Democratic party hy lowering tbe tariff in certain respects la
consideration nf certain equivalents
from Canada, and if successful ho would
moke capital out of it iu seeking reelection by declaring tbat he bed secured valuable coueesalous from Canada by giving uly o portion of what
the Democrat* proppssd lo give us fir
nothing. Canada should pause bore
and wait a little. Let tbe Btates lor-
sr tbeir tariff if they wish lo do so
We will scept tbeir market nf !">,
0041,0410 for wbat it is worth and pre
serve our own resources for our
Mr. Stevens tben road a jiersonal
letter from one of Ibe leading lumber
msn of Miosapolis iu wbicb he do.lurid that reciprocity would greatly bene
fit United Wales cities and put Winni
peg, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and
other Canadian cities back where they
woro fifteen years ago. Oregon and
Wubiugton lumbermen, declared Ihe
speaker, want to capture the market
of tbe prairie provinces aud supply II
with our raw material, manufactured
in their mills, If wo are foolish enough
lo allow It.
Tbe spsakcr then proceeded u be
said to "wave tbe old lag." lie had
been charged by Mr. Wade with being
an American citizen f It wu f'llst.
Ho never lad been an, American cili
xan. H>* birth plars wu Bristol, Eng
land and ths home of his ancestors
was in Cornwall. He bad been in Can
ada fnr 86 years, mostly lu British C'o)
umhia In different parts of Ihe pro
vines. He knew Ibe whole province
thoroughly sol loved it. He wai
proud of Vaneouver. As loyal > Incus
we must look far into Ihe fuluir tno
uk ourselves wbat ie tbe destiny of
the empire. A blow at the British em
plr* Is a' blow at tbe greatest force
for Ihs peace and happiness uf the bu
man racs lhat exists. The Influence pf
tbo Empire had evsr been fur peace
and for liberty. Wheruver Ine IJnlor
Jack fioats msn will gel justice. . We
will nol stand for anything Ibat will
lowsr Ihs prestige pf Hie British lag
We prefer te belong to Ibo British em
pirs rather than bitch up with the
United Stales.
As for the naval policy the rpcek
er ridiculed thr sort of navy thai the
Liberal government bad brought into
existence u well u its doubtful slti
tnde towsrd England in tho event pf
war. Ht favored a icbeuio along the
lines proposed by Nrw /ealuud namely
an Imperial bond of Defence ou which
each colony would bt represented aad
through which each part of the Km
pin* *»i,|i conirii'uic pro rat* <>u tl"
ba-ls pf ita trado for policing thr wa
tors pf ths norld witb British Heels.
Amid round o'ler rpuud of applause
Mr. Stevens com Med hi* splendid u,l
ureas with the wot/h) ''Ws waul Cf*
ad* te bo aa integral portion of th*
British Empire both in peace uud in
Tb* meeting concluded witb three
cheers fpr Mr. Stevens and for Mr.
tp bt ready far oeeopaney by Dec.
llth. Th* material ta he used is wood
ppA wben tbt stricture ia completed
It will bare cott in tkt neighborhood
nf (10,000. Proviiioa ja to be made
Ipr tbt erection af galleries when thi
needs nt tba church stall daman I
them, and witk three tbe Intel scat
lag capacity will bt about HO. The
lift ef tke building ie at tke corner
of Vila street aad tjl. Qeorge'* A
Wtyh lb* entrance a 18th strct
Mr. I'rosser (of N. V. Baptiit
church) will deliver aa addreas enlitl
td "The Arithmetic ef Religion, oi
(t*t Monday evening, at 8 pja. A
(nil turn ont is requested. Everybody
welcome.        t
I.ast evening wa* Social Service at
tba League aad a vary enjoyable even
ing wu spent
Tbe Coaatesa Mathilda P-i-Mer.
Lady ia Waiting upon Hor Majesty
tbe Kaieeria of Oenrany, at esmpai ini
by Miss von Koteielaky arr.vml
North Vancouver from Oeru-i.y vu
tbt 26tb nf tlia month. TV distill
guiibed visiters are at prcsti.i the
gueeti of Mr. aad Mr*. H. von ilia.-
venitz at their home ia thia dty and
will reside Ihere fir vn-e wees*.
Tbe Countess Pueckler haa wade ia
vestment* here sad is gathering fur
that information witk p view to
increuiag her interests.
The Couulrse who v a tvUtivo of
Mrs. von Uraevenitz, i«, by her iai.ll.rr.
tba Countess of Bradeaburg, a grca'
grand .laughter ef King Kre.ler, i.
William tbe Beeoud of Busia.
Two more erstwhile rcaidenta of Vaa
couver arc among tke number of t' ot.
who are moving into sew houses iu
this City this week. These ate Mr
Jehu Gould who moves to a new reel-
daace on Ihe i'rawfor.1 Boad in the
Lynn Valley, aad Mr. W. V. Cerrsn who
lakes up hia abode ia a houae al t
earner nf I*tk Street and 81. ileorgeV
Other* who will occupy m> home en
Mr. W. C Oreea who goes to tha cor
ner of Wolfe Avenue and 17th Street,
Mr. A. Myres Md family who will in
future reside at Ike corner c' lftb
•street sod Bewick A>cnuc, aad Mr. U
I Irwin nf Ith Street wko mo.es to a
'. w home on 10th Street, east.
wwwtwwtwmm}   TtHtxJ   WSllPJItel
Tkt Canadian ensign floats at tho
head af tbt uow flagstaff on tho
grounds-of Councillor Tonj Allan in
Lynn Valley. TbeTecasion last (Thursday) evening waa mad* ono pf pnjny
Kent fpr tbe great crowd pf pooplo
assembled by tlm jovial councillor and
hie estimable wjfe. Np pai.is wero
spired to make thu Mm* nnjnyable and
Councillor Allan is proud of tho fact
that everything—oven the weather—
pasted off successfully. Sbnrtly before
eight o'clock Bos* road from thu car
lint to the councillor'* home was a
busy itreet, many people coming by
car to participate in tbe rejoicings
'Ihe North Vancouvar City Band also
arrived by tbe same means nf trans
Beeve Mc Naught—tho head nf the
council on wbicb Tom Allan serves—
wu master of ceremonies and was
picturesquely arrayed in bis native
costume. Tbo flag wu hoisted lothe
aii-ompaniment of prolonged cheers
and speeches by Councillors Briilginun,
Ward and Loutet aud hearty words of
welcome by the host followed. Tbo
company tben adjourned to tbe bouse
where the bknd enlivened proceedings
witb selections excellent ly rendered and
where refrshniouls and the usual fri
wdiiie. were indulged in to thu heart's
content The majority nf tbo guests
started homewards about 10 o'clock
wkile tbe remainder followed suit
somewhat later in tbe early hours.
lAPPR-A Iff to  deliver   *m|
make blW'elf generally nipfpl nrun»t|
WfflW      "tore.     Lonsdale      Supply
Stores, VJII Lonsdale. Avp. 50
WJQP FOB PNT-fruiekaeplng
318 Und itosst eait. 13-0
FQB BENT-Purniebod and vptuT-
rAippd rooms. Mr,. KnigM, 7th and
fldgsway Avt.         JM
flppm ant| JBqard-WiO per wooV.
Apply, Mrs. H,' Qarvle, nv«r Henjinond
Pool Boom, lit street west.     .    8-9
90V99 W9 WM mo**,
133.60 monthly with lease. Furnituro
lor lain cheep. Owner leaving city.
Apply evenings only, 7 o'clock of after, 163 Third Itreet east, North Vancuuvor. 99-5
BOOMS FOB BENT-Koitb rnad jj
minutes from tpny-  Apply 66   Lons-
iiiii.' Avt. i-i
Widening Fint Varrcwt
Mr. J. H. Stabler, tke government
candidate, hu received definite assur
ancc from Mr. Hester, the government
engineer, that the dredge "Mastodon'
I be here to commence work al
tke widening of tke Fint Narrows
wilbin two months. He is assured
lhat the work could aot well have ken
begun earlier owing to tke delay in
getting out tke two aew lag boats be
ing built by tke government ia North
Vancouver aad also witk tke special
scows ibal aro being built ia Vancou
ver. Mr. Sinclair it also advised tha'
the work on Hollyburn wkarf hu hem
definitely undertaken by tk* Dominion
government aad a large sum of money-
will bs expended at oace to pot it in
first class shape.
Mr. Boland McMillan of tbe C. P.
B. fuel department, bu returned from a
pleasant holiday trip through Okun
agan and Arrow lakes.
Mrs. L. M. McEoo of Winnipeg ai
rived In tbe city on Tuesday and will
visit at Ike homos of her cousins, Mr.
and Mrs. B. A. Morden aud Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. IL Morden.    •
A quiet wedding wu solemnized pn
Thursday, Aug. litb, at tbe residence
uf tbe officiating minister, Bey. Dr.
Frastr, Vancouver, wbon Catherine
Jane, second daughter of John und Jane
Evans, Bryucrug, near Fnwu wu united iu marriage tn Angel Jpnea of
North Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs Joucs
wiU take up tboir reaidence in North
A modem bungalw to cost* in the
neighborhood nf (86,000 ii to bo
built at tbe corner of 17Ui itreet and
I. George's Avs. for lit. A. Dickinson of tbo firm of Dickinson A Sol
the l-'spl.-.iiade. The contract fpr tbe
building bu been let to J. W. Baiter
of Lynn vallny. The houso will ion
lain six rooms witb all up-to-date con
FOB BENT-Largo ball, Lonsdale
Ave. (near 1st street) iormerly known
aa K. F. Ball) suitable for lodge room
socjety purposes, or suite ol offices.
Alterations to suit responsible tenant,
irivilege oi sub-lotting. Apply Irwin
b Billings Co. Ltd., 601 Lonidale Ave.
Telephone 16. tl
I urgently need.cusli. Will sacrifice
100 shares of Imperial Car stock for
auy reasonable offer. Box 46, Express. > fill
Double corner, 100 loot on Houlcvurd
and HI loot on St. Andrew'i avenue,
cleared. Prion 13400, J cash, balance
over 18 months. Palmer k Mcllwaint
I'iH Biohards st., Vanoouver. Phono
Seymour 8763. 19
FOR WyS-Pjrit growth dry wood
lor (1.60 per oord, 4 ft. O. licUude,
Phono 83. „•«
II you want a good buy ip North
Vuiicuuver, cull and see our listings.
We specialize in tbis district. Palmer
k Mcllweiac, 136 Bichards it., Vancouver.    Phono Soymour 8763        ID
Splondid view lot, 3 blks Irom Loss'
dale carline. Price (676. J oush,
balance over 18 months. Palmer k
Mollwaine, 438 Bichards tt., Vonuou-
ver.   Phone Seymour 8763 1-8
Express Classified Ml*
WAM-p.il -Smart routt boys. Apply
Province offioe, Hh street west.
An experienced Double Knlry Hook
keeper desires position, tbis side of
the waler preferred! or would attend
to tradesmen's small set of books.
Box 87 Express.
thrift"! tat plat Bantiat flharck
.iiiiiws't  r~   riiv   ^"* 1st  ogwew
The contract for "the bnildjng <l
tht First Baptist church bt* Veep iti
tp N. Y. Cross and work *jll b# com
bigbsr prtt* tot ttoit pypfm tMa Hm*mnW>l*mi9 tomrm'
Mr.'aad Mra. Wm. Morden aad fan
ily ars leaving the laat of tke week for
Is,. Augrln aad will take up Ikeir re
sideure In Ike teeth for Use fall aad
winter months.
The provincial  lasporlor of road
Mr. I. MrBride, acresapMled by Ber e
McNaagkl, I'onn. Bridgaua   aad  the
district tafiaaer started on a lour-of
inapectloa of tkt roads ia tke muni
cipality yesterday ■oraiif.   The route
followed wu that from tk* Capilano
IP Wkileclift aad tke object ol  Ik
tour waa to aarsrtaia   tk*   localities
which wart MM to ami tf financial
aid aad whan it would be U»t to
spend  tke geveraaeat  appropriate
of (6,000.   •
WANTED Wl foot lot facing south
between Snd and -ith streets. Must be
withia twn blocks of Lonsdslo. Corner
preferred.      Apply  Box  18(8.       0-8
WANTED -tiirl tp  tok*  ear*   of
baby.   Apply Uliuim,  Chesterfield  lie
tween 1st aud 8nd struts. . f
FOB HALE -A beautifully flu.sued
new bungalow, five living rooms wilb
bathroom and pantry on a lot at tt.
180 ft. in Lynn Valley, sldewalu,
water and electric light. Prico (8,-
m. Cuh (300 and (86 monthly.
Tbis is an absolute bargain and worth
seeing us about. Th* Merchants Trust
k Trading Op. J.td., 944 Ponder W..
Hume S. 8738. 6 8
60ft. lot, second blook Irom *—aa*
dale carlino and doat to Boulevard.
Price |800. Cash (300, balance over.
18 months. Palmer k Mollwaine, 438
Bichards st., Vaneouver. Phone Seymour 8763 Id)
FOB SALE-Imperial Cat Co. (100
shares. A few (or sale at Ten Dollars
per share in loti ol two or not lest
than five shares. Gtorgt A. Kendall,
633 Pender St., Vanoouver. 11 -9
Splendid inside lot, would make fint
business location, on Fint St., on*
blook from Lonsdslo avenut. Print
(6400. Cash 11800, balance over 18
months. Palmer k Mcllwoias, 488
Bicbard* at., Vanoouver. Phon* Seymuur 8763 H
WANTED A young girl pr elderly
woman for light housework. Sleep
home. Apply evenings tn Madame
Humphreys  I8lb and Chesterfield. 40
WANTED First class dress and
salt maker want* work at home nr
would go out at (3 per day, Mrs.
Frost, Ota. Del., Norlh Vancouver. 1-0
WANTED TO BENT-Houae of from
four to six rooms, furnished or partially furnished in North Vancouver. Six
monies' lease fill bt taken. Box B
81. 68
1/tSft—k (1041 iotc betwetn waltr
front aod First street. Finder (base
return to Police Office, City Hall and
receive reward.
a* en wammw    mt nmmmnm
The finals ia tks toinasaent   f Ih.
N. V. Tennis Clab toorjaaeat will be
played tomorrow afternoon.
At i o'clock % winner tl Mallby
md Cardinall vs. K. 8 Baylis
Twp o'clock F. Baylis aad Mrt.
Humphrey* vs. N. Humphrey' and
M   Archibald.
Three o'clock Mrs. Cardiaall vs.
Mr*. J. Archibald.
Tkree o'stock Maltby ar F. Baylis v
Pour o'clock winner of mixed maid,
s. M. Wood, aad Mia* IttkiMll.
Four o'c|«k Baylis aad Mf- * »»
w'assar of MrPkersoa aad H*f pkrar*
nd Hutu*, aad «p«<ri
Firs o'ctoek, wieners sat 4 pas. asi*
(''' *'*■ Uf- Ml Mf* 9kmdjmnU.
Prim mill bt pnwatod at tke c«s>     |fDJHfD-B»n|k cbatjuo. Owptt mfj
elusion tf tkt mm by Mn H. I), kava ptmt by paying this adv. at Ex-
U)Wt Water ipaniel ppPi (*»>,
( months' old. Pleue return tp W
l*t West, North Vancouver.
UtBJ-Bundny, August I3tb,   bat-sea  St. A«J*|*Wi ebM4 e**J Hy*
*Wrf*Wt  9f  |(Vpf efWrn   W+efrfrtyf ffW   ffrrfm
m4 wiih BwwiU. VindUr dImm   Utva
*m*v  lr~TT BP ml r-;   rll!'Hjl   frrT^w    row7™
fi   nkntMrnmrnant. IB4
j.-^-fB>T>^ssj|s1fs- i n
FOB SALE-H'imesile bargains al
North lonadale. Water, light, toll
pbont and sidewalks. lOJxlSS all
cleared and in garden. Small houa*.
•3000 on good term*,     (bimn lUtn,
100x183 on Nyt street, now balag
macadamiied.   I860.    )-» nub.
100x133 lacing south on Queen it.
Excellent soil.   (WOO.   II cash.
Lonadale avt., 33 but 11600.
JACK LOUTET k CQ. Tel. 47 k 87
A. Loutet and florl* Lonfdal*
(Jot it at Lonadale Pharmacy Phono 38
Nurse Oreop, who Is ono ot the first
nurse* In y*ncuver, is established at
88 Harris street. 7-9
f* tips* Sundays.   Fhotvt 324. g.
U. Pngli*, O. K. fjfooiry, 13 !.«»*•
fllf dp family »ewing'   (n privafe
families in North Vancouver fpr (1 a
'•»»■ Mi fW,*' *? «f ^l?'8"' N
—r ■ -.    : •;:';
Tb* ». V. prtoaratorjr school and
kjfjtffptbm wtfnoptn to Sv do*J>
mtiib hnU, coti Oik I
|F>Tf™™r mfnfi rrrT .hht •
Qk  WtifamWrinY Bt   '
m - w-'WMmiiww nu
mm it*
■   M
4 Ih
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr, 8, F, Muaselwhite begs to
uiiiioiiiioe that be ban iiurolmsotl
the business Bt 71 Lonsdale Ave.,
formerly oonduotad by Mr. 8, fl.
Walker under the name of tbe
Pioneer Bakery,
Tbe business will be conducted
in tbe ssroe promisee under the
name of The Pioneer Confectionery,
and will  continue  to  produce
hand-made and home-made bread
of the best quality as well w all
lines of high-class pastry and
Mr, Musselwhite hopes by clone
attention to the interest* of bis
oustomers, and by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former oustomers, and to wel-
oome many new ones, for which
purpose the factory and plant has
keen greatly enlarged and improved, Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phone 8
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehoiue accomodation, we ere now in a position to
carry a larger end more complete
•lock of thaae Roods and to supply
our customers at Vancouver price*.
All Order. Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Eiplanade Eait     -      -    Phone 4
I (\f\V at our Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO,, for the
Largeat Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City,
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! 894,000,000
Sol* Agent
Asi.e_i.nli us) CtwIracU drawn        .,, ..- Ganwal
ot .van ietcrmtmn nuM  l3'        Cwanciiif
Pleaiant Fields
of HdyWrit
bohooi, IB8B0W.
Tbl»4 (Jn»rt*r.
Jessspn X. Ssptombpr
Tho popular notion tf p JifophOt i,<
Ion tsitbniitai anil »rti|r*»y-pr»*Me»l-
ly'trtlng ito in«"fliii*iil tot it W»:
■■atoiinry  of th* human—making  an
initoiiiaton nr phonograph nf hint.   If
anything wm -Mtod to «otwt tltit
fall* nation, P atody of the characters
nf Isaiah and Jeremiah would he sufficient.   They ar* discovers.! to lie man
of lik* passion* with th* rest nf tlm
raca—v*ry human, Imt at   the   ssiae
time men nf high view nf purpose.  As
•inlotit patriot* tbey studied the con
tlitions and Undone!** prevailing i.i
thsir country.   They war* quick to
observe, persistent la mnditstion upon
what they saw, and fearless in pro-
claiming lhair conclusions.   They felt
themselves to be—they were the voice
Of (liul to thai' fellow-cuuntryinon, but
it WM In no artificial manner.   As sin
core patrlts and tm* men pf God they
thought and fall until their convictions
burned in their bones and must needs
find expression.   Kniotlous so kindled
and expressed are among tbo richest
legacies of humanity.   In this sonse
Isaiah and Jeremiah were not sant to
Judah alone, but to all lands.   Tbey
spoks for all ages a* wall a* for their
awn.  .  .  .  Isaiah tarns a penetrating light upon tbe agelong mystery—
the i iitnin and function of [•'.'faring
He pictures his nation   *•   leprosy-
stricken -on it* way to judicial .Icr.ili
and  f„bin's grave   But in tho darkness of horror of it hs   blows   bis
clarion note.   "Lai the sulfating nation rlsa and sarv. tb. surrounding
nations.   Hanging harps on willows it
no honoring of Zion.   Th* better way
I* to outer into the divin* purpse of
suffering and become an .sample of
submission."    This   Israel  does  and
thus gives light to tba dentils*     .  ,
The title   "Weeping   Prophet"   does
Jeremiah injustice.   Ha was pot always
writing elegies and thudding can.   lie
was a    determined    reformer.   It  is
easy to transfer roseulmeut against a
message   to   tbe   one   who   bears it.
Jeremiah    wa»   odious    because    he
uriught an odious message   lie cniiiu
,i"l always be nini in bis twins either.
He was not dealing witb nice things
' iii.si'.pi.'nlly when Ibe princes, whom
'ut had once likcund to lotion figs, had
him in tbeir power they traa.i.l bim
• intently.  Onri from hi* reeking dun
ji'eon be was brought before ths king
Ohs gentle word from bis lips and bis
>uir.rn>gs would ho mitigated. Hs wu
at the disadvantage wbicb maiy victims  have  suffered  bsfors  their  inquisitors—weakened aa bs ww by con
flnement snd scant supply . of   food.
Tbeu it was he joined lbs immortals
who will not re.rut.   No smooth message came from his ever truthful lips.
.   .   .   It is s proverb that roliglous
perverts  go  to greater lengths  than
ilu,*.! born in the faith.   So wheu tbs
people under lend of King Manaasah
turned  to idols  the depth    of  tbsir
apostasy could hardly   be   fathomed
(lulls uovsr practiced on Jewish soil
were introduced and putrid streams of
las, iviousriees      flowrd      umrywuerr.
Tbe bitterness of it waa that th. worst
of  kings  reigned  the  longest.    But
it is a long lans thai bus no turu. Tbi'
turn for Uanasseh was sharp when it
came, and the proud king was ia tb*
dust in * moment.   Hut divine justice
eicels in this, that it is never vindictive but always rsformatory and sa-
I'lupbiry.   When the king iepni.nl tin'
restored him.   .   ,   .   Josiah    WU   a
lily on a dunghill.   Hs sihalsd (rag
ranee abov* |ba prutrsscane. of his
time.   Ills hand loosened bis nation
'rout tbe Inad.'l.ii.s of I, allien worship
In performing this ssrvles for Hod and
hi' country b* proved skillful - luululs
and strong.   II. wu not simply uoga-
tivsly "flood'Hi* was aggressive
against arilj not only pious hut powerful. 9t nut only purged Judah pt
idolatry, It* prepared the way for p
resumption pt divine worship liynlpans
ing aud repairing the tong-nsglootoil
temple. . , , (juiek and great were
tbs gain* p( honoring Opt! in Hln re
stnratinii of Hi" temple. Hawk1"!!
the plan* brought to Unl** Ih* long lost
and furguiton WW*. The _w»u,lt. of
th|* dl»e»yery wM of o>| impp,rtonc«!
A ml* of life for hath nation and in
dividual wm fwml—to which Mlg »»<l
pfUHiint alike might resort. No wonder
thai on Ihe Ont rending the King rent
his chillies in gnet i.iv.inse (l.e will
of Hod *s (hero aaprosautt hud been so
long neglected. . . , .Inbuilt! lm is
a type of the sinful soul assorting it-
self against Qod, Hi* 'ate I* example
of the folly. When Iwo or three m-
nmuii of titp prophet's scroll bad bee"
nihil--be took a knife and began dill-
Hug the parchment in shred*, dropping
it pl»eo al a lime on the wl*. Tho
king congratulated himself on Its destruction, -»|asv-«iti|i ttitfii-rUnlikji.
photinir, i| rose from H» »»hes.   So
is the word of flod HidoslrHrtlbl*.
The taking of Jerusalem   make*   a
frightful page. Why m* tm\ f»tol
Vft| it wm UP hMty i»»p»»t. Judah
had boon warned, i tot? kni en «*lll«g
up idols. Bo Qod'» flail must fsl|.
but after the thrashing Ih* wheat of
the notion was gathered In th* rem-
uunl that returned from exile. Thus
Qod brought gopd OUl Of apparent pp-
mixed evil.
vomfa mm1* -uvmiWM .<■
unworn mm ama? um
(IX) ntWUlyS
fin doubt theyJ^nV^ provprb in
Paul*)'* d^-'cofrospondiiig to n»r
luodhrt'inaitimi "Whw In Bom* -do a*
Honmus do." But Daniel scorned it
in Babylon.  Iu the midst of an off*-
niinato court apd yjsplnM populace-^-
Btuoiig slrangore—(Iv* hundred wil<*
from Ih* restraints of aequaintaneps-
boiuo and Church—with tbo subtle undermining Influence pf p general do-
g*ner*oy—beaal with wosld, flash and
devil lust of flesh and eye and jiri.lo
of life—Paniol purposed )u his lioart
that he would not defile himself. And
he Irept hi* purpose true I
any part of the City or Municipality, it will pay you to look
into our CHOICE LIST of '
WELL-LOCATED  PRO-   ... 0  n
perties Mvtawon & Co,
62 Lonsdale Ave* 2rm
Phon* 173
' ' 	
Scenic Delights, Fishing, Hunting, Mouotaia Clinbing, Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short.
Family Room* en suite with ipecial rate*.   Home greatly enlarged.
Extensive Gioupds.  ,   High-claw Service at moderate rate*.
Eaiy trail to summii ol Grouse Mountain Altitude 3000 (eel.
' I
lliiiiin and Hoard- *fl.5tl psr wees.
Apply, Mrs. II. Oarvis, nvsr llaiunund
I'ool Boon, 1st strest wsst. It
Mahon, McFarland j Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED SO ft. UU in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     1-4 ca»h, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. Loti in Blocki 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
  in i     i      ii   '
Phone 6286 -   -543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Recognizing th* auperior quality of the
_ Cake* and Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co,, 130 Lonadale, we bug to
adviie cuatomer* thai our ntiim will be glad
to accept order* for «mm Mid give prompt
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves for 25c.
KtS NORTH VANCOUVER the mmm, north vancquver, "b.
11. i .
i    '
Home Furnishers
We have just received the largest shipment
of metal Bedstead? we have- assembled in
seasons, this ought to be intensely interesting
news to hosts of people in, view of the fact
that iron and brass beds are replacing wooden
ones so fast. As a still further emphasis on
the advisability of an early inspection we
name these prices:
Very Neat Iron MM «*$%%, $2,75
Good Strong Bedstead, all sizes - $3.95
Special, a leader „       -   $4.95
And prices range (rom these up to $40 to $50
Don't forget we can supply you with
Dinner Sets
Tea Sets
Toilet Sets
We can specially cater to your wants in
Linoleum and
Window Shades
We have an expert man at this work and
can guarantee ALL OUR WORK
Special Showing of
in leather or wood seats
Golden ur Early
English Finish.
Bedroom Dressers
In Golden Finish, with beveled Plate   d»~f CA
Mirror 14x24 on Sale, Cash Price   «P « *OM
Another Drewer
In Surfaced Quartered Oak with bev.   d» ** *1*t
Plate Mirror 14x24, Cash Price   -   «P I • I Q
Mahogany Finished Dresser
Large and beautifiil. Fine large Mitror <_OQ AA
FOR QUICK SALE -    - . - «P--O.UM
Ladies Dressing Tables
Don't hesitate if- you want a genuine bargain.   In
Royal Oak and Mahogany Finish. Cub Prices are
$10.00, $14.50 and $15.00
Large Dresser
With three large Drawers. Extra   (fcOO CA
fine British bev. Mirror, Cash Price   ^LeweO\l
Carpet Squares&Rugs
We m enlarging our
and will offer Special Vajues during
August, as we must have more room.
We are expecting the biggest Shipment
of Squares and Rugs direct from England
that ever reached this North Shore.
Did you hear it? "Necessity invented stool.,,
convenience next suggested elbow chairs" but
if you want to see the very latest -things, in
the way of convenience you ought to come
in and let us show you what we have in the
Wfly of Davenport Beds, Leather
Couches, Large Easy Chairs
and several other pieces that a progressive
age has invented for use and ornament.    *
You would wonder how we could sell
them for so,small a price.
Cash price   -   -   -   -
in early English Golden Fumed Oak
the latest Mission and Colonial Designs.
is what you always get at this Furniture sIok
Benulily your home. I'lsnsuro, Ouni-
lort and milisdu-limi mine Irom an nl
11 ii i-i'm- ii i I.-ii.ii-.
Homily in lurnilnre .iocs nol norm
Airily imply tli,' i t   i-.-i.lly in.il.ri
als, lint rather food iml.-in. nl  In so
leclloii. '
Tlii'i'i1 is n vmiiiilili- hni.' -i
fin in lm.r heri) mil joti uri
cuiuo lo vi.il un ns ws i-iii
luoko you.
• J   v.,
i<nssit ly
Pillows and Blankets
We have a large line of ROCKERS and
chairs of all kinds:
Veranda Chairs
Hammock Chairs
Camp Chairs
Canvas Cots
VVbven Wire Cots and Campers Outfits
_        t
Mail (Mew receive prompt attention
. ■ .— . ■-
THE HOME FURNISHERS, 128 Lonsdale Ave.
Nwof Vakbobw. B C
G   H, M0RP8N, Editor ami Manager
R»t*s ot bvmpirtio*i
*m\a.' ,lM
Jbiea month*   •     •'   ..    >»
United Btate* end Forelgn,»lM|>er year
TeiHSIBST Dl*«*l,AT Anv«w**a*>rT*-
M cent* psr Inch each Insertion.
Um* Notiois, Ktd.—<l.00,p«r Irs)) par
lun *KR Tin*** Noricis~M day*, |61
Wdar*, |7.M.
Irnm Aiivsartsma-Flrst Insertion, 10
eentsjier Una; each subsequent insertion, Bo. per line,
RssniKu Notiois ii Loch News Col
nuns—10 cents per line,uncli luierflon
CoHTBAirr Aiivibtissmints—Rates ar-
rallied according to apes* taken,
All chanijesin contract advertisements
Must bs in the hands ol the primer hy
Wsdnesdayeveniiigtu ensure publication
intheusil isaiti.
North  Vancouvsr
l, mi
As the federal election eatn|algu
progresses, the appeal te tha spirit of
patriotism stsadily moves up to a
more and more prominent and influential position in ths arguirrm ol
t Muni' wbo are opposed to tho io ipr.-
c.ty agreement Tbe ...fnrli of the ad
vocates of ths pa t to stop this sppctil
or to detract from its force by the
i-an-antir cry "waving tl.e flag'
twhii'li no one heeds) or by loud pro
testations of their personal kyslt)
(which no ono Inn called in quoeli'iu)
are altogether futile to stem the nd
vancing tide of public opinion. Tin
. iiiivi.-'inn is taking deep and uiislnil
aide hold upon tls-, ittiuds of sn fff
increasing proportion of tbo el.ctirste
that the spirit of this reciprocity pad
is esseutialiy at euniity with the in
legrity of the British Empire. As Us
lampaigii progresses and as Osndian
citiitens give closer and mora mature
cousideration to thia great issue, there
is developing ao ever increasing vol
ume of public opiaion to the effect
thai if the reciprocity pact were to pre
mil il would result on tbe oie band
in impairing ths iuflueeces which bind
i nmi.la to the old couutry in seriously
wcakeniug tbe position aud influence
•■Iiiiii Canada enjoys as a part of the
Empire in the creatiou of conditions
which would mark the beginning of
the disintegration of Ibe Empire, and
on the other band in tho setting dp ol
influences which at lirst commercially
would attach Canada to the United
f Mates, hut influences which would grad
ually, perhaps imperceptibly, increase
Iheir intensity aud enlarge their ..cope
wilh Ihe reeult that even political au
neiatiou to the t'r.ited ..lutes wou.l
lull within the realm of piobeiiility.
Tbe utterances which have proceed
ed frolu United Wales statesmen and
from Ihe leading journals of the Bta
l.s iu tbis respect are so
tiinierous and unnquivocal that
ni-   effort to  ,'xpi.iu. them   u*»>    or
10 nullify their influence can hope to
succeed. That President Taft aipecte
ll.at    reciprocity    would    eventually
licckmeU Ihe scheme for a great lin
li Empire is clearly shown by his ut
ranees at New Vork as follow* t
Tbe forces which ars at work is
' gland and in Canada to make ber
rt of an imperial commercial band
inni! from    England round    tbs
11 to England again l,y a system
prsferealial tariffs will derive   an
.ijetus   from tha   rejection   of this
ieasy, and if ws would have recipro-
iy  witb til tbe advantages tbat  1
have described and  lhat 1  earnestly
uml sincerely believe will follow its
•|ition we must take it sow or give
i i-p>feres**."
lhat I'resideat Taft anticipates tk
.itiinat* effect of reciprocity would
• arry Canada much farther towards
Ihe United Wales tbto be chose** to
intimate la tk* »l»ve is evident from
Ihe message which, at bis request, bis
Nfcrelsry of Agriculture sent to tbs
isinSri ae follows i "Adoption sftbe
pmdiag   reciprocity    treat/    would
11 mn tbe national standpoint he as
mi..li an act of wisdom as was tbs
adoption of the treaties of tb* put
that bava added t* «ur country more
iiuu half its present area."
Mr. Champ. Clark tow speaker   of
■in  legislative Asssmbly spoke plain
.'.ngiish  when be said "Therefore 1
am is favor
toward* an alhAmerican Ind* polioy
which, will redound to the untold benefit .of boll) people. Well, do England'»
imperialists appreciate tb* sequel of
such p pact; p growing union of North
American interests redounding In  tb*
common advancement of bol^ Canada
and tb* United state* and especially
ti) the latter'* ascendancy at the eipense of Oreat Britain,"
Ther* is no* denying tb* fact that tb*
situation is » vary grave nn* pn it*
bearing upon Canada's destiny. Pre
sldent Taft w»* wised of tb* full import of (he matter when be declared
that Canada Is at tbe parting of tbo
ways. Tb* future qf the Atuadlan na
tionuiiiy is now in tb* balance and
it. about to be determined. Tbe sov
ereign choice rests with lb* man who
mark*  tb*    ballot.     September  81st,
1311 will mark ni>* nf tb* great -risis
of Canadian history. It I* nnt »t all
a question of wbicb politiea1 party
shall ba j* control tt Ottawa but lb*
issue ia whether Canada i» fomvor tn
remain British.
"because I lop* Ui see the day
the American lag will float over every
square foot of tbe British North Amsr
ice poMseeioa* clear to the North
i'ole." Similar utterances might he
quoted from Hon. Satsiiel WeCell, Sen
ator Cummins, Senator IMJuuber
Madden, Cosgreeemen Flake aad oth
at,, Tb* g»*er*l ton* of the remarks
ot tbe press of tbe United States my
be gathered front tbe following quol*
tie* fross th* Milwaukee "'tie
frees" a rapret*at*tlve newspaper
'We aave abeeiubly m <Mbt that
if tb* preeent agreeaaettt I* »ppr»yed
it will be aastwUd Item tipy, to tim
until we bare ymtivdy fr«* pmnantt-
ami Ittmmwm with   m   lotiMn
WmH^Mwmy*    "*   m   •   Mjf^efWWIiof   t^m^gwwWmmfm,
A decision was banded down by th>i
courts, tt Nelson last week, which has
Important bearing upon tbe relative
rights snd duties of tbe Board of
School Trustees ami tt* City Co'mci..
in tbe matter of providing money for
school purposes.
The board of school trustees of tbe
ity nf Nelson submitted estimates to
tbe city council wbicb included pre
'vision for the sum of »J3,0iH) which
the trustees placed under ordinary es
penditures and which tbe council declined to provide, upon tbe ground tba'.
the items designated were i properly
eitrant.iinary cpem-'s.
Tbe board of school trustees mad"
application lo the iimrts for a v.-it cf
inaudamus, directing tbe council to
provide tbe amount required, wi(h tbe
result tbat judgment was banded dm a
last week by Justice Gregory, to tbe
effect that "The prerogative writ of
mandamus is, speaking generally, only
allowed where tbe party has a clear
right and no other appropriate rem
inly." Tbo writ was therefore refused
on ths ground tbat tbe council bad not
yet failed lo perform any clear duty
imposed upon it by the statute.
Ths judgment cites th» fact that t'-e
school act could be improved in aome
respects and likewise contains plain
and wholesome admonition witb regard to the desirability of tbs schoji
boards aod councils working io bar
muiiy and avoiding tbe expenditure
ff public monies in unuecessaiy l!ti
gation, The erect wording of the
judgment, ia tbis reepeet is aa follows:
I1 Tbe right here seems to me to be
anything but clear, io faet there is so
much doubt arising about the construe
tion nf tbe school act that tke discretion of the court should not bs exercised in favor of granting tbe writ.
The school act undoubtedly requires
amending in several particulars, but it
seems to me tbat Ibe general intent js
reasonably clear and there should he
no difficulty in operating under it, if
both tbe board of trustees and the
mnnlcipal council each for itself de
tormina to work in harmony witb and
aot to usurp the other's functions. The
preeent litigation and waete of public
monies is unfortunate but will be jusli-
Dad If it clears the atmosphere an* reestablishes tbe pleasant relations
wbicb | presume once existed betwee.i
tbe two bodies."
Tbe judgment procee.Ts In the next
clause to distinguish between ordinary
and extraordinary expenditures aa defined in the school act to point out tbat
wbile Ibe council ie not at liberty to
revise tbe school board's estimates
witb reference to tbe former, it ie empowered to revise tbe tetter and tu
alter tbem, if deemed advisable, in
which case tbe school board baa the
right of appeal tn tbe electorate.
Tbis clause of tke judgment ie ae
"Section 311 nf tbe act casts upon th-.
hoard tbe duty of providing schools,
etc., aad section it prescribes tbat all
sxpeases therefor shell be borne and
defrayed by the municipality, but Ibe
board must, under section 48, a* a
preliminary, lay before tb* council a
detailed estimate of tke suras required
by the board for tbe current year's or
diaary eipensea sf maintaining tbe
schools. As Jo these monies tbe opinion of tbe board cannot be quesliiucl
so long ** it* acts are bona Ide ami
the aaoniee estimated are for the car-
NOTICE 1* hereby given that' an
application will b* made under Part
V, of the "Water Ml, WU," to oh
tain p license in |k* New Westminstor
Alvisinn nf Now Westminster Dis
(a.) Tb* n*me, address and occu
nation pf th* applicant—Ernest Town
•ley, Rati Estate Broker, tli Pender
Street, Vancouver, B. 0.
(If for mining purposes) free Min
er's  Certificate  No.
(b.) Tbe name of the lake, stream
or course (If unnamed, the doscrip
lion is) Cyprus Creek.
(c.)   The point of  diversion—Two
(2) miles up stream from month
District Lot DIS.
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for 'i» ruble feet per second) :i (11
miner's inches).
te.) Tbe character of the proposed
(f.) Tbe premises nn which tbr
water ia to hi used (describe same)-
District Lot lii*J.
(g.) The purpn.es for which tli
water is tn lis used- Domestic.
(h.) If for irrigation describe the
land intended tn b* irrigated, givim
(1.) If tb* water I* to be used for
Jpower or mining purpoaee describe tbe
place where the water is to be returned
to some natural channel, and tbe dif
fereoce in altitude between point of
diversion aad point of return.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended
to be occupied by tbe proposed works
'iopTtflTbrday mM»\tr*UM''}m fy**W. **?» *«
tin monies are for aome other pur
pose, then It appears to me that, how
ever neieessry they mey bo, they mutt
he treated ae extraordinary espeasn*
and should be (flvitpnd by llx latter
part of <«*loo it, mi my b* <-»n*id
ered, altered, or approved, by tin council, but th* council'e decision I* subject to sppeel to tb* electors . to in
other way do** the act appear tp fit
vld* for the payment of paloraaep ti
extraordinary expenditure which bss
not been anticipated by the board."
I« tbi* lactase* the iltunity oyl
dually arose through tb* Inability of
tb* city eoppeil lot tin Mnrd nt
mbtnfltenMt, to igim a* to wba;
mwnwetww^mnnwt}  mngifimnemfw   mewl   i<tf| wytymmmt
dlnary achool expenditures. In inch
p coutingmtoy, it would appear preferable that the board ot school true-
inw should simply allow tb* Hem, in
vu'ved tn gp In the electorate r»tb.*r
than tn attempt te force the council tp accept tbeir classification. By
tbi* means not only would expensive
litigation together wilb th* frict'ut.
wbu* I* frequently engendered then-
by lie avoided but tb* matter would
he definitely disposed pf in a manner
that all parties could accept without
disturbing tb* harmony that pngbt tn
obtain between municipal boards pr
between them and lb* electors.
In almost all mm, tb* city and
district municipalities pf British Col
umbia bav* shown a disposition to
deal most liberally with the financial
needs of education nnd there Is every
reason to.couclnde tbat tbe school
boards, under normal conditions, peed
feel on hesitancy In submitting local
educational requirsments to tbs vote
of tb* electorate.
(k.) Thia notice was posted on tbe
i'lrd day of August, 1911, and application will bs made to tbe Commie
sionsr on the 83rd day sf September,
Mill     '
(I.) Oive tbe names tnd addresses
pf tuy riparian proprietors or licensees who or whore lands ara likely to
be affected by tbe proppeed works,
either above or below tbe   outlet.
Agent fer Ernest Townsley
(P. 0. Address)   P. 0. Box 452.
NOTE—Ous cubic foot per second
is equivalent to 35.71 miner's Inches
(Signautre)   HENIiy   RHODES,
Vaueouver, B. 0,
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harneii Co.
Only hull a block from Lontdtlc
' I   .      'I       '■      ' I   I    U III ill II I
Lot on I Ith Street, MOMeeg,
c price (pr» few dnyii flOOO.r
North Vmmuw. B. &
We carry » complete Atwrtment of Ulded Shell*
Sovereign, Regal, Crown (Black) rod Grand Prix
Gum, Rifle* and Rifle Cartridge.
Agents for-
Gurney Foundry Co.
Martin Senour 100 percent. Pure Paint
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Mm
We have a few lol* for sale close lo Lonsdale Avenue
Carline in Ihe City. Prices $450 to |500 on very
easy terms. We believe these to be the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Call iu and we
will show you over Ihem. •
Real  Eetate and   Financial Agents.
Agroemanle ol Sale discounted.
219 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 44
50 feet dote to School, open road and water to property. Price |350.00 on term* of one-third caih, 6,
and 12.
33 ft. Lot half block (rom Lonidale Avenue, E., facing
South. Price $550.00 on termi of one-quarter caih,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
C. t. LAWSON & CO.
Phone 7o--P. 0. Box 1816
Ratis:   ti.mi  per   and   up.   Special ralea to families
and  lo regular   hoarders	
riiwt Hoof Garden Of) Pad/if Count
S»cono 6m.aT.   -   •   •   •   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C.
Most modern filing device
on the mwlttf^
A wfe receptacle for ihwe
valuable papeti and Jewell
32 Lomdale Avenue
Telephone 123
133 fith Street East North Vancouvsr
l'bono 371
Rooms 10 and 11, I'ender Chambers.
633 Fonder Street VV.    I'lione 'Ml
snd i.niisiiiilo Ave., North Vancouver
Residence, cor. Lonsdale   Ave.   and
33nd street, Norlh Vuncouver.
Loans,   Investment   and   Insurance.
Room 307, 633 Ijronvillo St., Vancou-      K
vor, B. C. l'bono bU iu.   Lend !<*,<--    »
try work u specially.
i . ■ )     "_—3
n, e. Kuutii-u
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work QuaranUcd'
Corner Fifteenth St. end Mahon Ava.
^ftAmnfer Yi ^[IHafth Vancouver
eith Koad LOt|Coa( and 8upp|v ^
A Bargain for Quick Sale
Beautifully located 50 (t. Lit in
Qy limili on Keith Road. To
teU (juicldy, will. ac<r|>i $1200,
one-third caih, and balance on
Alexander Philip
Finwcill Agent and imuranct
Club ntooM rVono io
Wharf.' Cor. St. (leorge-s and %*•
lilooeHc.   Office! tl UiueAale Avenue.
Wharl PMm n».    (mm Vhtm 1*8.
IWers ip III kinds ti Building Malarial, Sand, Otnv/d, Cmunt, Um
Rrie|( (aonmoB md pressed), fite
9timt, ftl CAM, PI***-, Eibre, Wa.-
Ur  of Vptbi, lotii, ShingUe,   Drain
fim, TM.
Oomtstic and mttkemttb Coil.
Prompt (Mivsry * spwialty.
10,000 cordB of dry fir wood for quick,
sale,   i'rice Der odd cords HM.
Special quotations tor turgor quantities.
Cut W.i.,.1   Hi incbod STl.iW, 13 inciies
C. 0. D.
Office end Yard i
Phone ISO P 0. Be* 8133
Paper the World
from our slock ol now Well Papers
en R eooms. Every day soms now
deeign arrives lo fill lbs vacuuoy
ol ibnss closed out,
Handaome Wall Paper*
ara here in endleer vnrloty. Just
1*11 our ialesman for what room
you want tb paper and be will
•how you just th* patter* you are
looking tot.
i I'l _k
To  duioee from our elock is a pic
tun, lo pay our price Is easy,
117 I^nsdals Avenue i'bone 119
Telephone 276
of Merit
A reliable time piece in the home always give* such an
assurance of donwtic contentment that we deem it our
duty to direct the public mind to our «t(~k of superior
clocks which are real models of modem perfection. ■     So
cloiely do we keep in touch with the re»lmi of production
that we can readily furniih any article in (Wu lin*.
Every clock purchased from us is carefully tested end
regulated before leaving our store, from where they ere
delivered to the purchaser's home by competent men who
will explain the most intricate movement.
There ii safety in buying a clock at "BIRKS."
tims & aons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Haetinga and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, B, C,
Half Acres in East Half 787. The
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550.
Terms 1 -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to   »
522 Pender Street
l.ciivii Vancouver 6.20 a.m. and
thoroalter every SO minutes until
7.00 p.m. - Commencing 7.30 p.m.
•very 30 minutes until 11.30 p.m.
thereafter 12.IB and 1.00 a.m.
leeeve North Vanoouver IM a.ra
and thereafter every 30 minutes un'
til 7.00 p.m. Commenrinif 7.30 p.
m. every 80 minute* until 11.00 p
m. tinreatler Hit and 12.46 a.m
Ietave  Vancouver  7.10,  8.20 and
8.00 Iherealter some a* weekdays.
Leave North Vancouver 7.20, 8.00
and 8.40, thereafter earn* ae weekdays.
Single faro 6c, 6 lor 26c, 80 lor (I, 79 lor 12.
A- Lumber wagons, trucks and
drays, 76c return.
II—2 horse ospress carriages and
hacks, 60c return.
O—l horse espress buggies and
autos, 26o return.
All the above rotes include driver. Bate* A ond ll subject to 20
per cent, discount I* lot* ol 60.
Per 100 lbs. rote, 6c.
Minimum rota, 10c. '
Tjme-table subject tu change without notice.
Company not liable for delays, accidental or otherwise.
If you want your Doors
and Window* in ft hurry
call, phone or write
-— ■ ''  ■   ■ '   - —
Phone 222     P. O. Bog 1711
'     nmnmnmmmmemwmwm
\ V
Gmpbell Realty & Invertm^t Co,
FOB SkJAHiom Mm o»
twfield Av*. N*w, all inodsro,
13,200. E**y tense.
telephone 89. f, ft 00* m
vmm mm wmotwjw
%t NlflWlng i* P ll'l Pf Hit pre
motions among tlio pupils pf Hie pub-
lis scbopls of |)t* s|ty wbicb came in.
to ttttcf wl||i th* reassembling flf tl'it
pupils on Msmliy of thi* wart ,
Promoted to' Fourth B**4*r
Margaret P*rl<)vy,
Pals; Mil,
Leslie lloiiimlt.
Arthur puoi!,
apipMti P»»t.
Hulb Cluiiiuiils,
Ernest P*)v|w,
"    •    (llsreneo Bggingten,
Oeorge tiggiiigtiiu,
Htanloy 9m»,
Murdoch tinhau,
-   Monl* Graham,
Mary llrcon,
Bonnie Pill,
QWy* Wall,
Penlab lleerns,
4»»l« pill,
All" Bill,
Jean Jl'iU'liisun,
- LpUis*. .1 ulii'iit.iiii,
B»ryl Kcoley,
Alics Kendall,
«»w| Hl»g,
Leonard Little,
Laura Mills,
tlonstaiii ii May,
Voruie Moon',
Erank Mnsh.ir,
I'lnml M.'.Doitalii,
Orvill  MelloilllM,
Alei.   MiMunlo,
Kog. II  Osburu,
Frank rollard,
Beverdy Prnssnr,
Terosss Beila,
Edith Jlugglos,
Arlhu- i.iiggl...,
Aulrey Siniili,
Bertha Stewart,
Kathleen Shepherd,
Until Talcolt.
Promoted to Third Boadcr.
Herbert  Browu,
Jack Pinion,
John Crawford,
William Crocker,
Lily C'Mlcllo,
Doris I'uhiiiHin,
Hcatrico Eilehetl,
Leslie Kail,
Cecil Harris,
Viola ll.iiiini,   '
Bita llarr.111,
Eloteni "  Heard,
Goorgina Hill,
Howard .lohnsnn,
Lewis   Jiilllimli,
John Kesri,
Dorothy  Lees,
Winiiified   Lloyd,
Weetley Mauciiiaim,
I'sarl  alee,
Harry Moaber,
Anna  Meponald,
Vivian McLean,
Donald MtOoll,
Signy N-lllelttiid,
Kleauor Ormrod,
Annie Boid
Jetty Boid,
Norma Shields.
Promoted to Second Balder.
John Barlow,
Evelyn Hurt,
Keith Caverly,
(Henna   Hewitt,
Hladys ..'wi,
Nellie Morrison,
Hruee   riiillipu,
Beverly Prosser,
Baymoad Shakespeare,
Bobert Sylvia,
Wesley Williams,
Promoted 14 2nd Priuisr
Irsne Bosquet,       .
Dell* Burt,
Anna  Carnegie,
Willi*  («ru*gi*,
Muriel  (.'lemenls,
DeWiti Curtis,
Helen Edgscopb,
New WftataMrllM W*W*J
tfjpt   of Npr|h  ynpomvet.
rioS that wt, 9, QltAirto pM A
llodwin ol Nprl» VapopuveF, pf**
patjou, retired, intend to apply tor
permission lo loose the following de
soribwl strpum, known a* Lynn Creek,
commouoing at a post planted ut tho
N. W. onrncr pf tlio old wooden bridge
crowing soid etronm, thence north,
following bad of stream to a post
planted 1,000 fast nnrlh oi Keith
Qoad, *t*o| bridge, tor tto purpoto ol
obtaining ropk. gravel and smid fpr
biiiliiing and other purposes.
Dated Aug. 7th, 1B1L
Th* grand concert to Uke pace in
the I'resbytcrisu church, Lynn Valley,
will be held en eht evening of Wed
nesday, Sept. 87th. The ticket* were
printed for the 21st put owing to th*
eleetions it is postponed a* above.
The artistes will be strangers to Lynn
Valley and a good time Is promised.
TAKE NOTICE that wo intend to
poly to Ui* Board of Liosnsiug Com
rtiMiouers of Ibo City of Norlb Voncouver, British Columbia, (or a retail
liquor bt bottle lioene* for tbe prom
lees known aa Lota tl and 42, Block
166, District Lot 274, North Vanoouvsr, at the sitting* of such coronas
ra to be held on Iho l3lii day ol
■  f, A.P. 1211.
tehis 3rd day of August A.
Vtr 9- 0. Oienl, Agent.
i<  et a
west  tor-
-. n    . mm 40
or Isas, along sold boundary
nl nrtmnsenfttiiitTiT*
TAKE NOTICE tbat the dote for
expiry of robiilo on taxa* has Iwen 01-
leudcd to SEI'TEMHEK lOlh, 1811.
All persons who pay th* annual tf***
levied on lands on or before September 10th neit will b* entitled to a discount   ol  one sixth   off   tbt  general
City Clerk.
U ' ' -
NEW WKSTMNSTEIl UND DISTBICT—Diatriot of New Woettiiinster.
Take notice lhat Eliot A. llnswcll ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply lor permission to purchase
tba following described lands: About
200 acres commencing at a post planted on tbs northeast corner of Lol
1874. tbenco cost 26 chain*, thence
nortli 80 chains, thence wsst 6 chains,
mors or lsss to shors of Horse Shoe
Lake, thsuoe in a south and westerly
course around shors of lak* to Nortli
cost corner ol Lot 1678, tbonee aouth
64 chains, moro or lose, to point ol
(Sgd.)      ELIOT A- HASWELL.
.lune 17th, 1011. 11-9
Province ol British Columbia
NOTICE is hereby glvln that sll public Highways in unorganised districts
and all Main Trunk Hoods in orgeuii-
ad  Districts art sixty six feet   wldi,
aod have a width of thirly-lbraa leal
ou each side ol Iho mean straight centre line of tht travelled road.
Miuielrr of Public Works.
IK| 111 r 1 in 1 nl of Publio Work*,
Victoria, B. 0., .Inly ilh, 1911.11-10
NOTICE ia hereby given tbat an application will lie mack under Part V.
ol the "Water Act, l'jtw," to obtain a
license in the North Vancouver divia
Ion of New Westminster district.
(a) Tbo nam* pf emilioaut The
Corporation of ths Diatriot of North
Vuncouver, It. C,
(il (or mining purpoa**) Free Miner s I'.-it ilic.it e  No. —
(b) Tbe name of Ihe lake, atrcam
or source (if unnamed Ihe deecripliou
is) An unnamed tlrtam running in a
southerly direction through District
Lots 7St and 666, Oroup F, New Wort-
minsler District.
(c) Tba point of diversion is in
Block 4, District Lol 763 aforttaid,
about 221 chain* north of Ibe sou
thorn boundary ol said District Uit.
(d) Hia quantity of watar appliol
lor (in cubic feel per second) one
quarter of a cubic foot par second.
(e) Tb* character of tba proposed works Shallow wslr (lam with
suitable intake.
(I) Tb* promisee on wbicb Ibe wa
lor it to b* used (describe same)- -iho
Districl of Norlb Vanoouver.
Ill) Tbe purpose* for wbicb lb* water is to bit ueed -Municipal puiposes.
Ih) If (or irrigation describe tbe
land intended to be Irrigated, giving
(i) II lb* water ie to bt usod (or
powsr of milling purposes deecribt tbe
place when tbs water is to bt return
ed to ao*)* natural channel and the
difference in altitude between point ol
diversion aad point of return	
(j) Ara* of Crown land intended to
bs occupied by tbo propoaed works
(k) Tbi* notic* wu patted on lb*
llth day of August, 191), and spoil
cation Will be made to tht oommlo
siuner on tile I3tb day of Sopt*mb*r,
0) Oiv* tba name* and tddtetm ol
any riparian proprietor* or licensure
who or whose Lands are likely to be
sleolesd by the propoaed work*, either
above or bsiow t-toetU an: Ailliur
S. Pacey, Wm. J. L. Paosy, Vbomaa U-
oeaurier and Walter Finch Page, all
ol Ibe City ti Vancouver, and A. Dol
Ion Nye, W. .1. Irwin,' Benson Glad
win ami Mary L- Archibald, all of Uie
Oily of North Vancouvar.
(q) Tb* boundaries and area of tbe
District of Norlh Vancouver are as
sot forth io tbe leU*rs patent offn
corporation d»t*d HHb Ingnet, W,
.„rpuWisbad in lb* CTTfitoU,
qnpM1 PnW Up HfiWfa    R«erVP hi4 $2,652,333
'"■   !..   .I..USJ. .     ' ., .    .   i   . . . .' .n     .  .   '       .1     .
I OfflWf in North Vancouver—2
UPPER mWm AVENUE tun, Fourth Street)
  . ,i     .      .i
Having l.)u|itmit8 nf ti-uo ami ujiwanls received.
Interest allowed al current rates.
Hanger'* Money Orders issued.
Both pfljees transact a general banking business
and are open oo Saturday night.
f',T.8hmmy, mmm,
The Labor Day Celebration of British Columbia will be held
jit ibis city on Sept. the 4th at ibe   Wiibitjpn ond   Reprealion
Sounds. The programme of sports it the largest ever held jn
it province. The children will have lots of races and alio tlte
babies, they will have a show of the))' own. Baseball, football,
tUg-of-war and about forty other events will take place. There
will be dancing in [he Horticultural Mali from 3 to M p'clock
p, in. Band in attendance all afternoon. Mayor McNeish of
North Vancouver and Aid. Robt. McPherson of Vancouver will
speak at 2 p.m. Every person in North Vancouver should not
miss this treat.
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Worki
.     Ul First Street West
Proprietors—Ii. I.aukin, Tailor; V. Ndkminkin, Into with the
11. C. Cleaning nnd Dyeing Co., Vancouver, H. C.
«———»•——»■——————»»—        .. . ,.    ]i "
.Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description C|cancd,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
(Hals Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We giveyou Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'li call and deliver quickly i
Give ui a trial and patronize tbt
North Shore
111 First Street West
BURRARD SASH ft DOOR FACTORY, fpot of St. Geprge
We siilidl a trial bit! an vour Order* mi'ill pr inruo
■ I -—s—- I. '
Tbo Tlu'osu|ihicol Society meets in
Nni Hi Vaiicuuver la Itmiin I, ti Lonsdale Avenue (entrance acit lo VV, I-
come I'urlor) every Wednesday i.v.niiij
at 8 ii'i'lmi. Attendance ie entirely
Ire* and carriee no obligations .vbnt-
over. You are invited. Tbi'.i*i'|ili.cal
study and ijuestioDS.
Millinery Parlor
Masonic Temple Building,
Norlh Vancouver. Mrs. F. Ber-
ryman, Propiietress. Jusl opened
wilh new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
All new houses should be piped for gas it] order to aave the
heavy expenditure for thii con
venlencc at s later date.
frontsg* with crown
«ant,   known    M
'alUct Shipyards.
Terms to suit pw-
H, H. D^VIW,
■ '        '    '»■ I '
I). 0. I,ivi.i> and board stables —
l.iirbi ript and lafllc*' saddlo bonce
(or bin'. Btaliling lor borses. Oen-
rinl ilclivory aud biavy Uaming. 'II.
Dumas, lib sttei< w.sl. I'lione 847
House Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouvtr
As Ibe main drainage sysUin I* ap
proacbing ooaiplclioo wetjeg lo notify
property owners Ibat ve ar* making
arreiigwiKiits to undertake tbe sewer
connections ou tbe various private
properties al a reasonable cost to ill
Iboso wbo desire to ovoil tbcmselvcs
ol *srly dr»inag* fnq|i«i!i, Ilavisg
carried out tbs main drainage system
lor lb* cily couriojl and .having Ilie
necessary plant *.nd akillcd labor
available w* »ro ifl an ejccptionolly
lavoraWe position lo'gsrry out tbe
private bouse drainage at n moderate
opst to proporly owndfs and wo elioll
be pt*a*od bu lurmeb esliroolos and
(dan* U n«r5***»ry t" carrying out ihis
Mjost a*s«otisl work in occordoncr wilb
the cily regulation* and op mo* Dp-
tO-tdatc principles ot madern sonilu '
MacdonellCzowski *&Co.
ffwiotm St- snd Mshon An.
■m SHE*-*
'—Oi - -JU
% "Monarch Malleable" Range
Thoy latt a life Time
Fpr ccqnomy, durability
and oasts o| pperaiion.
No stove meek l\}e
Prices No. 226, $67.00
No. 426, $71.00
Wb also cany oilier
Bupderi' Hardware,
'•Banco" Pure Psinta,
Patterson, Goldie
& Clark
104 Esplanade vv.-i.i
Phone BB
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west of 1 lit- Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Pry Uppk Co.'s property. $300 and $325 each-$20 cash,
balance easy terms, These lots rommanil an uninterrupted
view of three miles o| lltirraid Inlet, (iootl soil and level.
Call or write for descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pender St. W.
Phone Seymour 5654
and NORTH ARM BRIDGE on Keith Road
FIFTY FOOT LOTS, $330 %»& !
ntn——■ ii i 	
Water snd toicplioru) service is being put into ilislrict now nnil
route lias Men surveyed lor em-line.
D.MacLURG ^~
your neighbours
and they will recommend it to
electric iron wilh
a reputation.
•IU 11 V/lll 1 We shall be pleased lo send one of these
irons to you lor TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Phone 46
Light and Powtr Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Civic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open lor the Convenience of Employers and IDmploynes.
Employers are requested to take advantage ol the Office
when requiring help.
Phone 321
W. li. HOOD, Secretary,
■ 4 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver.
ISO Imm4 %wwm E**». Telephone 206
Co»ve«itfK« Its North Vancouver Merchants
m m Km Omlmm, »•» Onto* ***•*
Lynn Valley hUiif.
Mrs. .Inmos Qroor Is visiting frio|iils
in Vniiiiiuivtir tbit) weolj.
Tlm niiiiiii'i|iiilil.y is putting a
rnuil intn Mr. ltlnkutt'a proporty.
Hlinio   ln'in.v    bin: I in;:   li.l;-   li.nl   i'l   lift
linm iii nfilnr tn ronnive fljo" stpmp nil
tllS  I'ull'l  nllimi.iu i'.
Mr. t'liriiiii lumi uml family, llnyiir-
.mil lliiiul. linn, ri-lniiii'il lo lln'ii'
luiiil.■ ill llm Valley, ill'ler ii sliorl.
plsiisiim iilismii'i'.
Mr. AiIiiiiiii is ImvliiK bis bouse
i:<iiii|ili'lnl ivliiili uils il|iluy«i| on account of Mi.' past. ..Irili'. Mr. A.lniii-.'
limisii Ib sitiiatml near Me'Pavisii 1'ark
un ear lino,
Mr. Wear, i.tmli'iil uf Met.lin<|lsl
(lliunii, niiii Mr. Ilulil. Ilimin, l.ynn
V»lloy, Hlliiiulnil tbo Piiiaiifial Pis
triet mooting belli in Oraro phnrnhi
Viiiuoiiyur. Mr. Hi'liirler of North
Vnniiiiiyer was alsn a ro|irpsniilativo.
Mrs. Ilubl. Harvey, Vatu'uuvcr, and
Mrs. II. A. lirnwn nf.I*ngloy worn
visit Ini i'i »'ii'Is in the Vulli'v 'I'Iiiiis
IjIi.iI Hnlitrilsy afternoon on the
Hear I'uleli, thu Knglisli tliiuilny sehool
In I.l iin'11 annual piunie. A very on-
jimilili' aftsriiiion was spoilt   by   the
Priomls of Mrs. Wish, Preiloriek
I inn 11 aro sorry tn bear that sbo lias
hooii I'liniini'.l to hor home Ihrnngli
illness. All bopo for a spooily teepv-
The Melhinlist Mies' Aid will tnoet
ut the lionio of Mrs. Ilslph Whipps,
I'reileriek roa.l ncxl 'i'ii,'i..lii,y.
Mr. Ilnssuaii's new houso, eortier
Allen anil lloss lloa.l is Hourly reinly
In ho oeeupioil.
Mr. Dave Cook has rcturnoil t'n.iu uu
rsliiinlinl stay at Harrison Hot sprin,.' .
iliiiili improveil in bmlily health.
l.ynn Valley sohnol ro-opcno.l ils
ilmirs, Monilny. The present si'bonl
is tiixoil in its full capacity. A very
jjtisgs uiiiiiiier of new pupils wero on
rnllcil.        .        .   .
The line weiilher has heeti driving
a lol nf poiiple Ii| visit tho Vulley
Inlcly. B'lnilay nearly everybody tank
a.lvaiitage tu make a call to soma one
ill Hie Vulley.
An uncommon incident happened
near the hollle of Mr. Onodnll. A young
i:iun eliiisi'il liy some dogs, took re
fuge in one of the nut houses on Mr
(IiioiIiiH's properly. Au effort wss
inn.I. to catch the fawn, Imt with nu
.iiii'i-ess ;i ■ it managed to escape into
the underbrush.
Ilcy. Mr. Dyer of ,8enttlo, was visit
trig friends in l.ynn Vuh_>, Sunday,
iitteudiiig the Melhinlist ssryjcw.jp
the livening.
Building in Ihe Vulley still keeps
lively. A number nl' houses partly com
pleleil are iintin'.l iu ninny new spots.
The new Hunt re.enliy jinn ha.M " y
Ihe local inrlii dill, is tin feel lorg |/y
fitly brnnd and will iii'iommodule
ilnwiisiiiir. I.v.iily I'nur dlagbiM mid
almi't lil'ly In sixty iniiocs, besides
I mi i ii;; spfce nn Ihe rinks for the
lapslreak boats possessed by Ihe .-lull.
Upstairs there is nun iiimnioiliiius
nniiu'wilh. numerous linkers nnd two
shower Inilim The limit is lighted by
nleclii, ily and the writer is piped
aboard., il will be brought over tn
this side of the Inlet ili nb.nil lun
weeks. The old lion! tins lieen snld lo
partially defray Ihe expenses imiir
red iii the purchase uf the new one.
The Vmhl Club are to be .ougralii
I.iii.i on the new acipiisiliuii which will
prove much In the cnniforl und ion
Vantages of the members, H nl»n
speaks the welfare and progress of tho
Oow Jules (Iocs Up.
i'miliary to the law of gravity,
which among other things has an ox-
ciuplifiriilion- iu Ihe fail Unit water And
ils own level nm) that other li.piids of
ii unim nature do l|ie same, milk,
Ihul is Ihe price of il, has ... • I to
fallow ihe laws of nature but has
turned (mil the milk, Ihe \itne) nnd
is. mm sniirinK upiviir.l.
This is by way of prcfiuc In Ibe
iiiimiiiM ini'iil thai al a meeting of Iho
North Vulieouver Milkmen's Asrniia
linn liild ou ffitly ibi '.'Ilh Imt., >t
wus 'lis nln.I. owing lo the high price
of feed and the si unity uf milk tn
sturl the usual iiiercase in llm |iinn nl
milk from Kept.  Isl.
For   the   winter   nionlhs,   therefore,
. ...
11"in the taller dale the price of milk
will be as follows: I'liglil quails for
a dollar iu liulk or in hotllc instead of
ten i|uarts us herelofotr. This notice
ulii.il is a.lvcrljscd in this pupm, is
lignaij by T. .M. dray, presidsnl of t|io
Tl... niisniis Hi t'urlli above fur I lie
ii.i' in llm price are not staled,to i.t
the oaly ones. There are cruel and
in. . in |., i li.l ii people who onimlili remarks about the ifeeks gelling lower
every ib}y and of tbe trouble thai Is
"I in gnllii.it Ihe "ly ami ttl'.'
districl councils to lay 'water pipe.
Whisper* from disgruntled bailnbirs
are lo the effect that the iufanl pup
iilnlion is la. too prevalent
thirsty but these sre not taken scfi
our))/ ss alatialic* go lo show Ibat
bai'liclois ito not drink inn. h milk thai
is if tbey <•»# gel anything else. II
it is not well to analyse Ihe snbjccl too
carefully however. tiuttei jt tbat tbe
price is "six."
"If the lure of gold doss its dastardly work Canadians will
prove unworthy of jhejr history and of the glorious heritage
which oi member} of the British, Empire (bey share—an Empifc
(hot is not only a mighty power hut renowned for honor, justice
wid all that is best in human affair". I have an abiding faith in
the patriotism and common sense of my countrymen. I believe
that ihey are ready to sink or swim under the old flag that has
sheltered us in the past and under the King of the greatest Empire
the world has ever known."—Sir C. h. Tupper, KC.iXf.G. on
 i Lm
"Washington must insist thai Kngland must expect no assistance from Canada and in compensation for Canada's absolute
neutrality Germany must make no attack uport Canada or her
oceSn trade. If Canada look part in the war Germany would
attack her or at least threaten attack, in either case we would
have to send our troops into the country and our Heel into the
waters of Canada. When would they come back ?"—Detroit
Free Press.
.   •
Mr. Voter, Which Do You Like Beat?
Vote (or H. H. STEVENS sad Insist an Canada Being British
'     .
North Vancouver Conservative Associalion
. j
•    i
;  <
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
,-_—..I,.1    IT ',  II .* =
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
i TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
•  » *
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18* 24 months
The Grind Boulevard extendi through this property
i " i   'i   ii
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company,
\nwwif > I
In order w mnF^foriirrj ntitin im nf sll mimei liw»
toilom rnslte rom {at th? new fall order« »lre«ly
jnvoie4 m will sell (nr yiprfce, tbe u^*srme?ition>^
$5.00 Ladies' Wush Suits, white nnd calm,' ssle $2,58
$7.50 Mies' Wf»»b Mb, while iM pqIqis, wl-? $3.75
Sizes 34,36 and 3| only.
Boy's snd Girl'* Slimmer Huts, FeguUr wipe IM to
$100! Wle  .,.,,.„.... ..,".. HJ&>Wffl
Ladipu' t^WU Wwfi slightly soiled; a large variety of
patterns; _,.,.„.■.,..,„'„ uifrlKil
Ladies' and Girl's Pwasols, ranging from 25c in Girl's #nd
SlOOinUV «Je   Mm*
Boy'. Wush Suits, sale  THIRD OFF
Genl's Straw Hats   JAII FWCB
Gent's Summer Vesfs.......        ,. ...UAH PWC8
The lirst shipment |o this country of the famous Powgate
These machines are of ihe best quality and finish.   For tone
they are unequalled.
D«s!^a <fcQA   To be sold on terms of $10 cash
Trice ydV 9n4 $5 per month- LESS THAN
of any other make of gramophone of similar size.    There is
nothing cheap about these gramophones but the price.
'   Cj We have also in stock a quantity of English double disc
records, price 65c each.   These records are the finest we
have heard and can only be obtained at
The Warburnitz Piano Hqjwe. Iti
443 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 114
10 Ox I 3 2 in a splendid location*   ,
facing south, $ 1000, Qw third
cash.   East of Lonsdale Ave.
213 Lonidale Aye. Ttl. 47
Cw. Nye St. Tel. 87
Vancouver Business Directory
tii'i Pmder street, Vancouver
1^ . and
^ North Vancouver
■ Kallethe's Bath
Corner Houicr and 1'tndcr SU.
• Business College
6)3 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all the ytar
round. Night school commences September 8th.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Rttajl
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
The only up-to-date and re|i-
,   slid Hath house in British Co-
Ws cure where others (ail.
Satisfaction guaranteed .or no
pay. Plain baths, electric Utli.s,
' shower liaths, iiiassage for body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of-RtfJIu. Germany
Rusiness Institute
3i6 Hastlnga St. W.
CshjMi'i One-M Wmem School
9. I Sprolt, BA-, - -Manager
Read   the Express
Miain upw mm
Sign 0P& I'rice Markirs
10 FairlVW VM,    font *$W
um 997979
Ubire dunilie &
Xfsmrtties ^Doraliw IU
ifi, Btymm $t*m
mJfttm 1KAN4GEP
R, Ulff .HMlgate - - -JHa*a*tf
' nmmMi.,
I}1 Uorth yineouvtr people Mt A»
mMr VM 9tom » »«««» St.,
lwJiyTrW>rtW BttF rr^V  nFiWri cvtYItW*    f^nefrfWr
nil, hit lm by tin powx).
Police Court
9plft Umo m tot th» moil
time inwigM np i» thi utiiiff (iwrt pit
TRwiliy mntoi m ttmoA, piw'
With   M»i|lt,  censing  actual   bpf|i|y
IHTWr   '
ft if ellwl tbst |» tbo pfom pf 1
qiujrrsi that took plana <m Mtotfv
liotwouii Larson soil f. |s. ejPp-, tbe former struck tlio latter ovor Ihe ben.l
with p sbovol. Fun. has boon 111 t'.o
hospital since Hatunlay whou tlio light
occurred wbicb accounts fpr |b.< ti-
Tbofe WM auotbor reuiuud call 011
Tuesdsy morning in order tbit Urson
might procure legs! *tlvice. U'irsu.i
il 1 teamster ind tba llgbt took place
4l Foremsn's old stablo where ihu
il unployeil as baruuien
ffptipt la baraby givin that »p ♦»•
plicstiou will bo iiib.Io uuilor Part V.
of tbi "Water Act, 1IKIII," tl obtain
I licence in tbe Nortli Vancouver Di-
visiou of New Westminster District.
(a) Tbo ptmt, address and occupation pf tlio applicant—Dorporation of
tbi 0|ty pf Nortli Vancouver.
(if for reining purposes) free Minor's Cortillcate No	
(b) Tba name of tbo hike, stream or
spprce (if uniiameil, tbe description ii)
Uke at tbe upper end pf l.ynn (Ireek,
on rigbt band branch going up stream
(elev. 3400 feet above Burrard Inlet).
(,•) Tbe point pf diversion—^t
Falls at mouth of Lake.
(il) Tbe quantity of wator applied
for (in cubic foot per second)—(Storage purposes.
(e) Tho character of proposed works
—Building a dam and raising level
of lake duriig rainy season.
(f) Tbo promises on wbicb tbe
water to bo usod (describe same)—
City of North Vancouver.
(g) Tbs purpose fpr wbicb tbe
water il to be usod—Domestic aud
(b) If for irrigation describe tbs
laud intended to bo irrigatod, giving
acreage ..-	
(i) If tbo water is to bo used for
power pr mining purposes describe tbo
place where the water Is to bo re
turned to soms natural channel, and
tbe difference in altitudo botween
point Pf diversion and point of return
(j) Area of Crown land iutended to
be occupied by tbo proppsed works—
luiiil flooded by construction of dam.
(k) Tbis notice was postod on tbe
16th dsy of August, lull, and
applicaticn to be made to tho
Commissioner ou the ...ith day of Bop
ten.her, IHU.
(1) Givo tbo names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
wbo or whoso lauds aro likely to lie
affected by tbo proposed works, either
above or b.elow tbo outlet—Bastings
Shingle Manufacturing Co., District of
North Vancouver.
Commencing at a point iu Hurrard
inlet, distaut 2,3UU feet duo south
from tbe south west corucr post of
Ut alio; thsneo due north l,.iim feet,
to said south-west corner post pf said
Lot 205; thence Ifiin feet, more or
less, tp tbo north-west corner of said
fjot itt; theuce northerly through l.oi
062, 2,640 feet more or loss, to the
south-west corner post .of Lot (DO;
tbeuco easterly along 'be north boun
dary of Lot 562. 2,640 foot, more or
lost, to tbe north out corner .post ol
Lot 662; thence northerly along "(hJ
wost boundary of Lot hit, 1,714 feet,
more or less, to tbe north-west corner
post of lent hit; thence easterly along
the north boundary of Ut 646. 2,640
feet, more or less, lo tho north cast
corner post of Lot 646, thence easterly
along tbe nortb boundary of Lot 640,
2,640 feet, more or less, to tbe north
list corner post of Ut 646; thence
easterly along tbo north boundary ef
tbo north-most portion of Ut 610,
990 feet, more or leas, tp tbe nortb essl
corner of said portion pf Ut 610, 990
foot, moro or less lo ths nortbeut cor
ner of ssid portion; tbence southerly
along the out boundary pf said norlh
most portion of Ut (16, 3/169 foot,
more or less, to tbe sputb-west comer
of Ut 9fiit; thence easterly along the
nortb boundary of ths south must por
tipn of Ut 616, 2/170 fast, more or lesi
toOki north-east corner of said south.,
most portion of Ut 616; tbence south
erly along tbe out boundary of Lot
616, 2,310 feel, moro or less, to tbe
southeast corner post pf Lot 616,
tbonce westerly along tbe south boundary of Uf (16, 3,300 feet, more or
less, to the south-west corner post of
Ut 616, tbence 'southerly, along the
west boundary of IM 663, 2,040 feel.
more pr lass, to tbe south-west corner
pf Ut 663; tbence easterly, along the
south boundary pf Ut 663, 660 feet,
more or leas, to tbe northeast corner
peat of Lot 276; thence southerly along
tbe east boundary of l^t ITI, a dis
unco pf 1,939.6 foot, to tbe nortb
boundary pf that part of sal*. Ut 273,
the property pf /oho Hendry; thence
westerly along tin Ptfth boundary of
the ffilPtnf pt the said ilendry to
tbi east boundary of Lot 274; thence
southerly along the said east boundary
pf Ut 274 tp ths high water mark in
Burrard Inlet; thence in tho same Jinc
southerly W0 flit, and thence w.esterly
in a straight line to tbe point pf com
mencoment the Mid tract pf lend com
prisfng the following Jots, neaely.-
266, 27), 274, 273, except the portion
thereof beipngiag to John Hendry, the
easterly portion of lot ftt. and utr
w, im, in, m\ l*t, '«<, hi, mt
lit, ana the Mini" Indian Reserve
all situated Is
wit frnmrffT ew
New West-
iniMtPF DliIrM, 'fpgfttw IflrV IVP
fprpshors In ffppf pr. tbo north ibori
fl' fiwird. ?nl»t M PR»pri«pii within
tho said boundaries of the City pf
North Vancouver; thl laid tract pf
laud being shown pn p map or plan of
the aaid Oity ef North Vencpuvir deposited In tbo Vend. Begistry Office at
the City of Vanc0u»r.
(r) Approximately tbo number pf
ilihlbitautiHSi* Tlipiwapd. (9,000).
(I) Thl place pf thl prpppupd reservoir fpr storago-Uko at upper end o(
r'gbt bwi branch pf tymi 0mk (eio-
vatiou 8,490 fept above Burrard Inlet,
(t) Tho means by which ft |i proposed to storu thp water—Natural storage by use pf Uke aud Dam.
(u) 'fho area uf thl reservoir site
pr situs at each foot in depth above
I foot above outlet  .6 apres
•1 acres
•1 W*»
2 (est
3 leet
i foot
t   tout
i'i    9 acres
,1    to acres
1  l»t    „       „    11 acres
I m    „       „    12 icres
6  fpot    „       ,,    13 icres
8  foot     ,,       |( .........|4 acres
10  fpot     „       „ ' 16 seres
U feet    „       „    16 icres
18 feet „  „  17 acres
13 feet „  „  18 acres
14 foot „
Hi feet „
l^. foot „
if feet „
18 foot „
19 foot „
20 feet „
21 foot „
32 feet „
23 feet „
84 foet „
36 feet „
36 foet .,
87 foet „
28 foot „
20 feet „
30 feet „
.19 icres
.20 acres
.20 acres
.20 acres
.20 acres
.21 acres
.21 acres
.21 acres
.22 acres
.23 acres
.84 acres
.26 acres
.26 acres
.27 acres
.28 acres
.29 acres
.30 acres
642 acres
(v) Ilpw it is proposed to acquiro
tbe laud uecessary for tbo purpose-
By purchase
(w) Approximately   the   number  of
acre feet intended to bs impounded
043 acre foet.
(x) Whether it is proposed to lower
the water iu auy natural lake or stand-
ing body of water, and if 10, tbon—
(1) Tbo luticipitcd latent of tbo
(8) Tbe means proposed to be id-
opted to lower aud red.
(3) The nature and cbarictsr, in
detail of tbe works proposed tp be cou
structcd to provido for the discharge
and penning back pf tbi water—Cou-
slructiou of a dam.
(Higuature)   THOMAS   Hllh.l'HKIIIi,
''iiv Clerk.
(l'.O. Address,  City  Hall,
Nortb Vancouver.
receives the same glad welcome here
as he WM Wto cPW»e» to OW, W
primw Pbject ml this tlirtp being to
acquaint (he men of North Venppuver
with the advantages in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
Bt this store.
We don't expect to sell you goods
before you know us, our VQP>4* end
our business methods, so we invite
yOM tP call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainled.
50 Feet    -      -      -
25 Feet, Blk. 158  -      -
25 Feet, Blk. 138       -
50 Feel, Blk. 129   -      -
John Alexander & Co.
North, Vancouver Business Cards
Percy 8. Howard H. J. 1'orrin
I'iiy Auditor.
Auditors and Aooountasli
526 Pendor St. W.      V. O. Boa 333.)
I'hone 8837 Phono 183.
Vancouver     Norlh Vaneouver
Finest tables and cue* is ths City
Pioneer Horsesbocr - Carriigi Works
Booksellers and Stationers
nor.ieen.dele awl lat. Phone IM
Tho Now Block on Lohsdulo Avenue
ncor Iho Ferry Approach
was built by
I .'win nl I'..nli nd on
Contractors lor reinforced ooncrote
construction. ScworinK in all its
branches, house connections a specially. Estimates furnished. Ollice
30 Lonidale Ave. Phone 386.
Pressed Brick Mantles u Specialty.     Plione LM2
HiiiMuiii Contractors
Brick aud concrete work. Houses,
HuniisloVis, lie, a ipccislly. Plans
suomillcil, estimates. 317 IjOUsiIoM.
Boi No. 33!i.
F.  U. Sharp, Stud.  S. I.,  Stud.
Inst. Nun. Eng. Etc, Arobt. and Civil
Engineer, plans, elevations sections,
reports, specifications, estireates, sic.
(or ell dosses of work, Tracings, Blue
Prints, Map Mounting. 19? Power
Keith Boad. KaA, N. Vanoouvsr. li
Prompt    Service-^Merate  Chargee
Phone 99.
I ssl* emjnf e^ftntmrfi^fimff
SUiiooery, PcAeatiomr, l» ftiwn,
Soft tfriolfi, Vooofiin tltjmkt, TofceVfo
light lupmrFpAt
% c. ffpmiuus k m
Lonadale aad Hh VMM HI
Angus J. C
A M.I K. k
Irrigation, Jralnage, levels, plans
and specifications. Ssplic tanks and
house drainage a specialty. P. O.
Bos 211, 1611, street welt ol Bewicks
Fresh end Srpokcd Fish
Livo aud Droased Poultry
Veiretablas Delivery twice daily
Phono 340 131 FlrsJ Street
Wboleaslers anal Itotiiuti ot Part I«c
t*m   frfr   tmffMfw    ffr^
Phone 334      J/JNSDALE AYSfW
Studio  over' Bonk  B. N. A.
Lonsdale and Esplanade
Saw Filer aud Griuder. All kinds ol
haml, cross cut and buck saws lot
and filed at shorlosl notice. 11 Lonidale Avcnuo, Nortb Vancouver.
■ — -      — Usui     i.—
High-class Ladies' and Gout's Tailoring
Phone 307
Me-dern Tailor* aod Remmtory
307 Lonsdale Avenue
Cleaning,  Pressing,  Dyeing,  Alt.,rinK
Wo   use   the   Froneb   Dry   C'llnniyg
Process Pbons 313
Specialty: 0$)dfoB> I-naoni at own
howe. Terres, etc., apply General
, , . -----
la your wetoh itopptog or gpu»g |ffr
gululy? Sn
The Nori* ym>m 9m.
tnd pionm itmi9*
i™ fm,y'm*Tmr*fm mtwWiwf
fcnidfli    ClttttiMb    Bold — T^Blfllli
B^nvft}tmrtm      wetjmmjjirflnrffl      ~*———f ■■    yrt'viTttwfttm
Annua Vritnllns Bxtinilon
WWW 45 Mil-       Wwn^famfl9Ttw      TTTWmn—ntnmmT
♦f »*»'<
A disoHssion ijvar ^ report mi pl»*i
I^llhjal^OapHano road mbmtt
^mwti hy Bngiwars Bwh-
II, tualfgpthiijraatirpart
tha mwttojjrf thi diitrict w»eil
yostsrday »ftsrw)R|i,
The reave ana fjoim, Alien wan of
tha nptoiw that the diatriot engineer
should at Ant go ever the pntpond
road and report to the council at tha
u.)U meeting. Several of the councillor* Win opposed to thia, saying that
■> let of time would be wasted In doing an and as ths engineer is the most
likely to ipprove ths plans a full week
would be lost. It WM Anally agreed
that the engineer should report 01, th>
roail at the nnt masting but
tbat Messrs Hucknill k Kussell should
conttnus the line up to tha Capilano
A latter from the deputy minister ot
lands was read aokuowledging a letter
of the council with enclosed cheek fpr
1071.70 in payment of balancs of purchase money on lots 1363 and 1413,
group one New Westminster district
and applying for crown grants of
those lots. It was lurther stated in
the letter that the department before
proceeding with issuance of tbese
erown grants would like to* know whether this property is included in tbe
transfor mails to the corporation of
North Vancouvsr in accordance with
tbe act of incorporation passed hj the
legislature on thu 12th of Kerch, 1006.
Tho clerk was instructed to s'pply
the department with the desired infor
Tbe city engiuuer of Vancouver in
iiimii'il the council and the corporation
of North Vancouver re taking over
tho pipe line. There were certain ob
ligations which North Vancouver as
sumsd anil uinong.it other things tho
maintenance aud koeping opsu ths
n'liet to Crown Creek which is Ini,
uatry to Capilano creek one mils south
of the old intake. Tbo enginee, stat
al further tbat tbis is a most dan-
gerous place iu the' pipe lino road and
North Vancouver had promised to
kiep the channel open so thai at p
Hood time there might be no backing
upon scouring out of tbis cresk where
it discharges in ths city pipe line. In
connection iwt bthis matter ths dis
trict engineer wes instructed to attend
tu this at once with newer te let.
Upon a complaint by the buildjng
 imlliee that Contractor Jay  was
not doing tbs finishing work on the new
nn nieipal hall according to specifics
lipns, t'oiin Bridgmen moved that ths
clerk should notify the architect, Mr.
McAuley and ask bim to see tbat the
work would be done as stated iu tbe
Coun. Loutet tben made the follow
ing motion which was seconded by
Coun. Bridgman and passed : Whereas
the couuril have from time to tims
during ths past three years rsquest-
ci an estension of tho Lonsdale Ave.
Hoe and whereas no definite answer
has as yet been obtained from the
company and no reply received to our
laat request, resolved therefore, tnat
this council greatly regrets tbe attitude of the company in connection
wi'.b this mstter ind further thit th,i
<ity council be rcquestsd to ippoint a
committee of three to meet 1 similar
committee from the. district to diaeiiK,
generally our position with the com
1 im v and particularly iu regarl to
the I ...ns,li.l.. Avs estension. A commillee consisting of Beeve McNiugbt,
Coin. Loutet and Ward was appointed to attend to this matter.
Mr. Charles H. Bhopherd reported
to Ibe council tbat tbe railing en C.3
approach to the foot log on Lynn Vails; Creek was ia I condition which
made it dangsroua to pedestrians.
Tbis mutter was referred to tbs engln
icr with power to act
Tbe accounts ef ths foloivlog com-
iniltese wsrs submitted and pasted ;
I maine committee $1761.84, Hoad   I
iridic Receipt* folia Month f,t An,
ggSt 1811.
Single or ratnrn .,......,,., MiMMP
6 for aso     3,8B7,50
BO for »1.0P       880,00
?0for»3     8,880,00
Monthly panel ■ ■ ■ •     138.0Q
Vehicle   ....,....,     1,538.75
Pieigbt  collected   ..,".....      B5?.Bo
11      Prepaid .......      IM
Caah fim, eftvnrtiaing, ranta-
ita    iit.tt
Certified correct:
H, 8. Rimp, Sso.-Tws.
Works    W6I1.17,
ind     water work.
A short session of thi eity council
was held Wednesday evening at which
there were present Meyer McNeish,
Aid. MrBes, Henderson, Smith and
Bias. Tbe work of grading Lonadale
Avenue from tbs firry landing te Upper Keith roed was considered and R
wai decided tbat tbe grading t' thi
eattern sids of tbs street be couplet
rd bat thit ths grading ef the wes.
•Ida be deferred.
Horticultural BiblblUon
The eighth annual exhibition of the
North Vancouver Horticultural So-
neiy aad Farmers' Institute will' he
held ia the horticultural ball on Friday tnd Saturday, the 8th and Mb
leet. A aaeeWng el the leeiety trill he
Md aa WacJaaaday ivenlag neat for
tke purpose tt putting tin Daubing
9A^WmWm9 *m  wWm W^tWWffmnwwjmw'    nt-iinm
tiow point to one tl tin moat sukiss-
ful eihjbjtiene in the history ef ihem
Bev. BeaaU Uttlm4 Ot thia  ally
W*fr   m^WMwrn W   •Wrrry  t*^WWftmrt   fW ArWm
r9\www\mwmw rmWrWrTi   wtjmmfWTm}   mwm
Tf tf 'yn' '>'~" tt"
wvf mwfTmw-f TJ(
."tl*! I'mtlin
At the Mdinci pf the bride's par-
outs, North Vancouver, on thl .'1st Of
August, Hev. Allan M. McColl pf Tp-
field, Alberta, tp Miss Grace Q. Campbell. The ceremony was performed by
Hev. Ronald Maclood, assisted by Roy.
P. (lilluin jn the presence of a large
company of friends
Miss Campbell was a well known re
sident pf North Vuncouver, being one
of tbe popular members pf St An
draw's Presbyterian churph.
August 81st, at tbe manse, 400 Cordova street, Vancouver, hy the Rev.
R. Miii-li'inl, Oeorge McNeil of Barrhead, Scotland, to Klitabeth Daly pf
Johnson -Fletcher
August 81, at  Hill (Jprdpva street,
Vaueouver, by Rev. li. Macleod, Geo
Frederick Johnson  of  Vancouver   to
Maude E. Fletcher, of Kent, Wash.
Tb Standing Alibi d H. Standi. Strome, cont,
with u
Offcial   Celetntlnn  hy  liaila' r.nd
Labor Council to be Held In This
City—Progrn.    baigte. and Bai>.
The Horticultural grounds vn| Ho-
creation Park, this city, will bo tbe
tcene on Monday pf one of the most
notable annual celebrations on tbi
cs'eudar. Tho Trades and Laboi
uas a membership consisting of
wards of fifty differont unions
m.'iiibi'r.diip of man;' Ihousauds, have
decided to hold their annual Labor
Dsy celebration in this city. Tb' pm
gram, which marks tbis event is in
icriably one of mo most euc'lout
which is provided lor any such ceie-
hiation and this year np effort has
•em spared to makp ','-. even ouiter
than any tbat has lieen put on here
tofore. A band will be in attendance
during tbe afternoon and a feature of
the occasion will be a speech >y Me
;or McNeish and by Alderman Hojierl
McPherson of Vancouver. This is La
bor'a gala day and it will be eclcbrat
ed in right royal maimer.
Nest Sunday's services in St. An
nrsw's church, city, will be aa fol
lowsiCbildren's service at 11 a. m.,
subject "Lessous liom light and col
or", sermon, " The Sign of tbe Covenant" ; Bibe Class at 12.15 p.m. Evening service 7.30 "Does God Care for
St.   Clement's Sunday  School  Treat
A school treat was held on Saturday
last for tbe children pf St. dement „
Sunday School and proved a great sue
Tbe early part of the afternoon wsr
spent in games, poms of which wci.
'uteilectual and others merely siren*
ous. Urge quantities of nuts aid
may were gathered, I game of run i.n
ors pleyi'd, al". another gun; son. I
what resembling football,
But perhaps tbe most popular part
pf ths program was the racing
which followed. Bares there were fpr
all ages in wbicb starter and judge all
competed aud tho competitors were so
skilful tbat we believe everyone got
a prize. Tbs last svent was a handicap fpr "parents md visitors ovor
50." Thin were several entries end
ths race waa won by pne who lu con
sideration for their advanced age shall
remain uemeless.   Mr. J. Bullock made
good third and was followed close
ly by Mr, Hasina.
Everybody went heme in good
spirits and we fee) sure did net need
My  sleeping  draught.
The S, S. staff are very grateful to
tin young men (meetly over 60) who
made the afternoon peas so pleasantly
and set an example pf that quality of
unselfishness which we fear is becom
lag old fashioned.
Members of ths a|»ys Club ars ft
quested io pay ia their wU'ripi.eni
to the Bar* of B. N. I. (tipper Lens
dale branch). Then will In a ridw-
tion ef 64) cents en wb*«ri/iP!>a paid
before Sept. J6t>i. The fint da/ie.i »:i
take piece on Wednesday, Ot llth,
at 8.80 p. 11. ia tha H->rUculteret Hail.
WW mWrnnWr
"Whom Ho m'mP'** d«wwM
ibfntljr. hut In, a tow tolci,
The girl, by 1 MW illott, m<
gained full posaaaalon pf her faculties. She itopped quickly to tha wall
end turned a button. Thl torn WM
flooded with elsctrlo light.
n nailed you," ihe repiw, ruing
him. "I called Henry Btwlilgfc
The om 'ooked at liar atupldly.Ho
stared widely.       ^^^^
He looiwd aa a ma* tjoaa wbo ttopt
Irom darkneaa Into light- Ha itood
there gaslng at tho girl uncertain.
"My aama," to mmAM, "l# twt
llonry Stanlelgh Btorme,"
Ho aaid It tn a nonplussed sort of
Wajr, aa though ha Wire confronted to
a novel situation
And thi girl kept looking at bis
eyes, ffppt waa there about them
that mado Hum look ao peculiar —
that mado the man look a* 'hough
he bad Just wakened out of sleep.
An ordinary observer would Mm
sa|d tbat he waa daisied by the sud-
don light. Perhaps that waa all there
waa to IMhat waa more than likely
But tho girl, agitated as ahe wu,
jumped to another concluilon. Bhe
laid to herself that thi mu before
her wai aaleip — fait asleep. Tbat
explained all.
Tho man did not move. Hi still
Itood regarding her itupldly.
Shi sprang to tha table and picked
up the photograph of H. Stanlelgh
Stoma. Tba man watched her for in
instant. iaw what aha wu doing, and
than luddenly readjusted hll muk to]
hll face, leaped toward th electric
bulb and smashed IL
Tben all waa dart. Hi moved
stealthily toward tha window.
Hi mado no attempt to touch thi
girl. He half impeded wbat was In
her thoughts, and knew perhaps that
bo wu safe.
He reached tha window and placid
om foot outside. But u quickly be
withdrew It
For there, dimly outllnid In the
darkness, hi eaw tbi hud of a uniformed pollcemin peeping carefully
above the roof. v
Tbe burglar, once more within the
room, and now regardless of tba presence of the girl, stepped Uatlly lo
the Inner door. He "would make his
exit by another way.
Hi hastily unlocked It, and triad to
throw it open. But ha wu foiled by
bla own petard.
HU rope outside waa faatined to
the knob, and the doer would not
ylild. Hi itopped to tbi eastern window and looked out
On the lawn below wu another officer standing motlonlois with something glinting In hii bind.
Tbi burglar iwore beneath bis
breath. Ha baited for a moment ind
debated wltb himself.
Tben stepping to'the foremost ot
the eastern windows, hi put out bla
head and let forth a blood-curdling
acream — a scream that might have
been a woman'!, ao shrill wu It In
Ita Intensity.
Tbe attention of the officer below
wu attracted to that window. The
burglar Immediately daubed oul
through tbe northern window upon
the eitenalon roof, and brushed aside
the officer who *ai prepared to
make an entrance there.
He leaped and sprang to an arbor
at the back and Jumped to tba
The officer fired a shot In the air.
"Haiti" he cried to a loud voice.
The burglar laughed a mocking
laugh and sprang upon the tow wall,
cleared It, an disappeared. But
ho did ao the officer took aim and
The shot wu followed by tha shriek
of a man to agony. Tha bullet had
reached Ita mark.
Bat the burglar, though ba' ihrlik-
ad with pain, never halted for an
Instant. Hi iped on hll way.
Thl officer kept on firing. Thep
be wu atATtled by the faint acream
1 if a woman.
Don't — don't iboot that man,
pleaded th gtrl In the window. "Don't
hoot him.   He's not himself.   He's
not awake. He's fast uleep. Don'l
Fortunately tot her, tha officer
card but HUla of this. Hia duty WU
hu fellow officer wm #iraa4y
peedlng after tha culprit, and thl
nan on the root loit no time la fol-
The glrl'i TOtoe trilled off toto to-
oberen'cy, and ahe slipped down
elating to the floor. The household
(tt aroused, only to find tbat each of
he occupanto vaa Impriaoned to bis
or haf room.
The nelghporhod wis arouad, and
cams to iheir relief. The butler wu
loppl m waking from bU stupor.
Everybody wm acewd to death.
Away down tha etreet the burglar
made good uie of bU heeU. If ha had
been uleep, ha Mrtatoiy had wojken
up, for he flew like the wind.
Fler a WW- tha offteera kept light
of Mm, bat finally tfear toat him
VrrMf    rTflrW!    IrrW    MrWtWr^r**    ffPwTfW1
Bi  4llfcb_4   Ifi  MA tnlMmmt ttl  tOWl
mmen  ^mmmwrnncw'   mam/  twwwtj mtmwmmjmmt  wmmmw  - j-.r f71~
ito nwfi ioA nttoo <toiiblid pn hit
tracks Suddenly lie dMhed arpiind.
a corner, Then pefythiug^wu Ullli
Thiy rushed around thl ww is
turn and found - nothing. He had
completely disappeared.
"(To to aonllna*!)
Editor Bapress.:
Diar Sir,—I was at tin muting nt
the city council on Monday evening
and hoard the discussion regarding the
ferry company and 'ell to see whin
you had occasion to make a glaring
headline in yesterday'a edition saying
that the city la Iniing W.ooo per to-
num pn thl ferries.
An Inquiry was made by an alder-
man.as to whether tho directors were
prpviding for injures! ami a linking
fund tn  ropey  the city's  debentures
issued to bay stock in thi ferry company. Thi' Would require, it WU
sgid, $38,000 per unuuni. Tbe iniwpr
was "No."
Now sir, if the ferry directors do
not pay. the $28,000 is that any reason
tp say that tho forrics are losing that
money. It is simply this. Thl city
owns the ferry company having bought
it with borrowed money. The gJ8,000
is to pay back that borrowed money.
The city baa value in stock of the company, therefore the city should provide the sinking fund and interest.
The company claim to be providing
a sinking fund fnr their own debentures also to be writing off a sufficient
amount for depreciation of stock If
this is so, which romains to be seen of
nurse, they are, 1 think, doing very
Surely, sir, it would lio better tp gp
ipto tho matter a bit edpser before
publishing a scaro headline as you did
on Tuesday whicii is a very poor advertisement for our city.
Tbe particular phase of ferry matters
to which tho above lotter rofers, will
be dealt with editorially aftortbo financial statement which it has liceu
decided to publish has appeared.
Meantime wo may say that inasmuch
as tho itemized ferry siatomeut for sis
months past was published in tli. Express a week ugo today aud inasmuch
as tho sense in which Ihe phraso iu
our headline to which objection is
taken was used, was clearly explain
ed in the article which followed ami
inasmuch as wo believe that tke read
srs of this papor are porsons of intelligence, we do not sbaro the fears
which our esteemod corrcspondnt appears to entertain, that the reputation
of the city of Nortb Veneovvor will
be impaired because of our modest
Mrs. li. Douglas has beeu appointed
by tbe Board of Directors of the N.
V. Horticultural Association to judgo
all tbo ladies' work at tbe forthcom
ing exhibition ou Sept. 8th.
Applications will be rccolvod by
Ibe undersigned up to t p.m.. September nth, for tbe position pf Fire
Cbieffor tbe City of Norlh Vancouver.
Salary $100 per month and residence.
City Clork.    l-i
■_■_■■■■■■■■■■ •—"'
8,30 to 18; 1.30 to 3
Best Kindergarten methods.     For
sign languages extra.
Oxfrod University Women's cortifi
cales, (Modern History aad Lengue
gee)  Cambridge Teaching  Diploma.
Cars Mrs. II. C. Wright, |f,l)i sin ol,
two aud a half blocks cast ef Boulevard. 1 V
Diatriot of Nortb Vancouver.
Sssled tenders on tho prescribed
forms and accompanied by cash or
certified cheque for 6 psr cent, of ths
amount of tender (which sum shall be
retained until the satisfactory completion of the work according to ipeclfi
cation) will bo received by tho Municipal Clerk until icoo p.m., op Friday,
1st September, ltl), for lbs following
Clearing, grubbing and excavating
pipe line and trench through
D.L. 471 from Keith Hoad to
Bed Fir Lumber Co.
In accordance with plant and •pacifications to be seen at this ofice.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
^M       1.8. comjBQVfl,
District Pagiaeer.
District Muni copal Office,
Esptanade, North Vancouver, 8*3.
Slat etypit, Idll M
Anything we might aay about these Ranges
WPuld P« etipeWWfc IW III 100 W*H
known to need boosting.   QUR TERMl!
$10 down   ,   $10 per month
We are sole agents: f
paine & McMillan
Corner Pint Street end Lomdale Ave,
North Vancouver. Phone 12
''     "
135 Lonsdale Ave.
*} If you are a discriminating buyer you
will have no difficulty in proving our
*l Wedding Cake* i Specialty.
fl The Delivery Wagon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will take orders
and deliver promptly any Quantity de-
Bruce & Co.
Drug Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Ply Paper, 2 double sheets
■for 5c, or 60c per box
4711 Boap ;  (iOc box
Modified Milk, large om 76c'tin
Allenbury'a Food, half dozen ... £4.80
„ „     I dozen   I'.I.50
„        No. 3 Pood 66c each
„ „    .,       $6.25 dozen
Preston's Kidney Cure 75c bottle
Peptonized Wine of Beef & Iron fl .00
Marguerite, 26 in box $1.50
Tuckett'a Club Special  $176
King Cutter And Carbo Magnetic
Razors - $2.50
Gillette and Autoatrop Safety
Razor* $5.00
Gem Junior and Ever Ready
Safety Uwoyo $1-00
Strops from,. 60c to $2.00 each
AH R*zora Absolutely Guaranteed
Mdmv Refunded If Not Satiafactory
North Store Drug Co.


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