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"     -   '   v     n ■
pijr itxjwaa
BPBOMi, attention mm* w
yQWJMB 1*.
mymwPm *"*•
Grand Encampment
of Arctic Brotherhood
13 snd 14
Arruiigcinenls ure prugressiug with
. , ease ami rapidity for Ihe reception and
entertainment uf the Arctic Brotherhood v.Liili Imiii, ils liiiind Kucainp-
lucul in Ibis gily on Npvombsr 19, K'I
ami 14. A lining, nud energetic com-
iniltee uf llie city couucil, district council nud Huurd uf Trade Is co-operating
with Mr. V. T Hulsbury, who, In sddl-
liun tu being une of the coinniitlee of
the last iiuino.l body is promineutly
iiliiiililieii wilb tlm Brotherhood itself.
The delegutes wili arrive here at
about ton o'clock in the murniug of
November IS, uml will be escorted to
Ihc Kniglils uf I'ythius Cusllc llall, ou
Fourth street west, whicii has beeu
chosen as the iiendquurlers for tbo
Ihree days' convention. Addrossei of
welcome will here be delivered by Mayor McNeish, for lhe cily, lleeve May,
fur lhe dislricl, und probably other
representative citizens, after which
lhc Brotherhood will .in,- down to
lhe business uf lhe llrsl session, lt
. , is, of cuursc, generally understood that
j ' lhe conclaves of the Hrotiicrbood aro
mil upi'ii lo the public. They arc gov
eriied by lhe same rcgnlnliuiis as apply tu lln- conventions uf olher (ru
lirnul orders of lhe kiml.
In tin- evening lhe delegalcs ure lo
be accorded u reception by tho moin-
hers uf lhc North Vancouver Club. Tba
function, which will lake place on tii*
club premises, will comprise a ligbt
luncheon fulluwcd by a smoking con
cert. Thoso who huve this in hand
are leaving no stone unlurued lest tbey
shuuld happen tu overlook the best tai
eut of the cily. Tin* eveuiug will be
eiijoynldy spent iu speech, soug aud
social intercourse. These arrangements
are in the nun.Is uf a special club
On lhe second day, Nuvember Kith,
ufler lhe utoruiiig business session, tbs
brethren will be luken ruuud tbe city
ami dislricl iu special slreet cars. Tbe
necessary arrangements liuve been made
iu ihis em! with ihe B. c. Kleclric
Hailwny Cunipuny. lu Ihe evening
lhe Lonsdule Theatre has been secur
this attraction will be ou sale at Mes
ars. Johnston snd Salsbury's bird ware
Death of
Mrs. Alex.
The death look place very suddenly
on Sunday morning uf Mrs. Alexander
I'hilip, wife of Mr Alexander I'hilip uf
212 Second slreet easl, une of Ihis
city's best known rcsideuts. The cir
cumatsneei were of an unusually dis
treasing character, ami the news of
Mrs. i'lnlip's demise iame as a great
shock to family und friends. Tbe deceased, it ii||uini'l seemed iu eicellent
luiilili when she ruse uu Sunday moru
ing lo assist in preparing breakfast.
This lask completed, she wool upslain
lu dress The family limiting Ibal
Iheir mother was au unusually long time
called lu bur, bul received uo answer.
Hurrying upslairs they found Mrs.
I'hilip insensible.
Dr. Verner was Immediately sum
mooed, but befou bis arrival death
bad intervened. The doctor pronounced the cause of death to be heart foil-
Mrs I'hilip, with her bimbo ml. was
one of Ibe first lo take up residence
un this side uf the lulel Sbe was
a daughter of Aleiander McLaren, of
I'opbeusralb, Argyllshire. Aged sixty-
three, ibe was a devoted wife snd mu
liter, tbe family cumpriiing tow som
and four daughters.
Tbs St, Andrew's l'resbyterlan
church, has bad in Mrs. Pbilip, one of
ils most ardent, and sincere workers.
A capable musician, ibe wai for many
years organist in connection with thll
church. Always deeply interested in
women's missionary work, bsr kindly
nature and gentle disposition endeared
her to ull snd sundry. Wide snd general sympathy ii expressed towardi.
lue beresved fsmily. *
Tbe funeral takea place tomorrow
from the family residence os Souond
sine! st two o'clock. The reasini srs
to be interred in tbs local cemetery.
ed, ami Mr. Salsbury, upuu whom the
entire management of tbia undertaking
duvolvcs, promises tbs stugiug of a
sparkling musical comedy. Tho dole
gstei snd sll tboie citiians who are
wise enough to rally, will du- afforded
an opportunity of seeing smi boaring
"Tbe Missouri Hirl'' ou thll olio uight.
In iiililiiinii to tbis Mr. Sslsbury lias
msnsgod to secure tbe services uf au
orchestra of thirty live pieces, which
will render fine lalections. Tickets for
's bin
store  on  Lonidjale avenue  and   will
range from 75 cents lu (1.00,
For the evening of Novemi rr lilh,
arrangements have been made fur n
splendid banquet to he in corded to III
delegates by tbs city of Nortb Vun
cuuver. Tbii i.pien.1 will be, at the
Nurtb Vancouvor hotel and will be ful
lowed by toasts to belt Ibe occasion.
This is the outlined program to date,
and it is ubvioui that the draml Kn
campinciit of the Brotherhood in North
Vancouver is to be rendered as inein
orahlc sn occsiion as cffurl and energy
on the part of thoso interested directly
aud indirectly can render it. Through
the enterprise aud initiative of Mr
Salsbury tbii youug city has been
chuseii as the objective puinl fur 1912
uf au influential Brotherhood It is
impossible to state just how many da
legates will atteud, bul il cun safely
be said that North Vancouver will be
mentioned, aod duubt loss most fsvor
ably in many distant cities where ils
existence ia yet unknown, iu dirocl
consequence of Ihe draml Kucnnip
ment which is to tske place here uexl
ll would be moil fitting on such au
uccaiion if tbe windows uf the local
buiiuesi liiiui'ii. were dressed dur
iug Ibei.e tbree dsys witb purple and
white, the colours of the Order. John
stun aud Salsbury bave an attractive
scheme in mind so far is tbeir uwu
store is concerned, aod it wuubl greatly
please those in charge uf arrange
menls if other merchants and business
men wuuld follow suit,
Urand Arctic Chief Qaffuey uf Seul
tie, arrivei here today tu assist Mr.
Salsbury sud bis cu uperalurs iu get
ting thlngi into final shape If up
pearances are uut very misleading thc
iiiiinii Chief will nul Uud a greal deal
tu do in Ihis respect
Items of Interest
Mr. M. Carr il moving into his new
residence on 6lh streel  easl.
Mr. Han K. Kricksuu is lukiug up re
snlcin-c at Cumberland Crescent
Mr. Alan Kd wards bas moved inlo
his uew hume 12k -'Isl street wesl.
Mr. A. I.. Ronald bas moved lu his
nuw residence un (Queen's Huad wosl
Mr. F. K. Berry, mining engineer, is
taking up residence at 242 lllh slreei
Mr. Frank Parker ami Mr J, 1'
Crawford have left for Seattle where
Ibey will spend s few dsys.
Mr. J. K J. Murray ot this rily,
but now residing ou (Isbriols Island,
has been a visitor in Ibe rily for llic
last few dayi.
Messrs, A. Mill and'11. Mill have
ylildtd lo ths sllraclious of rural life
snd have removed to take up their re
■Idsnce oo Qsbrlols Island
Come awa' and hear Mr. J. B. f'orr
rsns, Scotland's bo/ltoor; Mr. W.
Tbomion, Vancouver, elocutionist; J.
Moir, comedian, st the Scotch concert.
Min Kate Keeney arrived in Nortb
Vancouver but week from New York.
Bhe will take up her reiidence witii
ber mother, sister snd brother who are
slresdy located bore.
The pollcs magistrate of tbis cily
Mr. H.' D. Buggies, lefl on Friday
on s hunting trip np Ihs cosit. His
companion! on tbii expedition arc
Messrs. J. B. Pslss ud Kd, Peers. (
The annual meeting of tbe Nortb
Vancouvsr Liberal Auociation will be
held in tbs Knights of I'ytbias Hall,
Fourth street, Tuesdsy eveulug, Nov.
JxMb, Kvojybedy weicesu. 111-11
General Manager of
Pacific Great Eastei
The l'u.-ifii- (Ireul Kuslern Iluilwuy
Compsny ure iuukiug prepuriiliiins I'ur
taking uver the operation uf lhe lluwe
• ■uiii,,i uiiii Nurlberu Huilway iu se-
curtlunce with the agreement made wilh
Ihut Cunipuny early in October. Mr.
A. II. I'erry uf Spokane, for seven yeurs
geuerul freight and passenger ugcnl
fur the ;ip.ii.n in- International Ilailway
bas resigned his position willi thai
Cuinpany iu order lo accept lhe pusi
tiuu uf geuerul ;i,in,u, i i ut' lhe lines of
tbu Pacific droat I'lastern. Mr- Sporry
Will ll ■inline COntrOl Of tllO nl .leen   lllllcii
of railway now in operation iinme
ihniili upun ils i in mul conveyance to
llm Pacific liiciil Kaslem Huilway
Compuny ami us rapidly thereafter ai
u.i.liii.u.ul sectiuus uf the entire sys
I. in uf OUI) miles frum Nurth \ nn. nu
ver to Furt deorge ure coniplcled tboy
will puss under Ilis supervision.
Mr. Sperry wus the guest of honor
al n bsnquel given lust evening ut Ihu
Inland Club by Ihe ruilrnud men uf
that cily ul which he was lhe ubject
uf luinpliiui.'iilury addresses uccumpaiti
ed by many expressions uf regret at
his deparliirc with the heurliest guud
wishes fur his future prosperity, lie
leaves Spokane this afternoon lu us-
sume his new duties.
The regulur monthly meeling of 111
I'Xi'i-iilivi- uf Ihe Huurd uf Trade wil
be held nu Wednesday, tills November,
lllli, al t u'cluck p.m. iu the Cily
Ilipe raspberries were picked iu Ibe
garden of A. Karle Wnghoriic, Kuss
Kins, Lyuu Valley, un November 2nd
Not an odd uue ur twu, bul a guoil
handful of second crop.
Mr. lieurge Siiiucrlon, jeweler uml
optician, has moved inlu new ami inure
coiumuilious premises ul It.'l Lonidale
avenue, which he bus inn.I up ra lhe
musl attractive .manner and will curry
it larger itock of jewelry and silver
wore uf quality ut lowesl prices
Thc West Vuncouver couucil is lu
be approached by Ibe dislricl of North
Vancuuver iu urder lliut Ihc puliee
depuiiiin nin iif bulb municipalilies msy
combine tu keep duwu the practice uf
dangerous shooting, particularly iu ilu
neighborhood of the ','apilann river.
The purchase uf a gasoliue engine
und pump frum lhe Canadian Fair
banks Compuny fui the price tit f216
wus, by uu oversight in the jusl issue
nf lhe Kxpress, attributed lu ine ills
trict council. Thc purchase in quesliun
has been mude by lhc nly ferry di
The recently organi/ed Adult Biblo
Classes ul lhe Firsl Baptist Church
will debate lhe fulluwing rcsulutiou
next Sunduy afternoon: "Kesolvcd,
Ihul llie christian church hits wilhin
ilself the available power to banish
Ihe bar." Affirmative, Misses A. S,
Clark, L. Andrews und V. Seitun. Ne
gulive, Messrs. VV. K Prime, N. 1
Crust ami S. F Musselwhite The de
bule will In- hebj iu the lecture ruum
Irum i In p.m. lo 'AM p.m. All inter
ested ure invited,
Father Bcdanl O.M.I expects lo have
a fine six hundred pound hell sunn iu
stalled iu lhe belfry uf SI Kdmuud'i
church. Thc bell will sound in "H,"
ami Ils frame will In- ll feel II iuches
by ll feci II inches, wilh u wheel <liu
meter uf I feel 1) inches Tbe price
will be Iiiui uud lhe contract is lu
he awarded lo Mcinelry Bros, of New
Vurk. The pastur has under considers
tion several designs for Ins, new high
ullar, and lias also prepared a large
scale plan of Hie Improvements and ad
ditious he hopes lo make on Sl Kd
nuiii,r church, winch, if carried uul
In Iheir entirely, will eusl aboul 16,
The ladies uf lhe •Hulel Noilh Van
couver entertained al a very pleasant
wins! ilrivc und dance in huiiur of
Miss Olga Larson and Mr. Jas. Whit
Ion. Thc prizes were won by Mrs.
P. Larson ami Miss (.arson fnr Hie la
dies aud by Mr. Ford and Unions! I'a
vis fur thc geiitlemeii. Miss Olgs lair
■ou wore a daiuty pink and blue gown
trimmed with pink rosebuds. Mn. 0.
MacGrcgur wore a beautiful imprinted
gown of block  - nib iuu   in silver.
Mri, Frank Nicbol wore a handsome
black! velvet gown. Miss. Dwycr Was
gownld in pale piuk niuon wilh black
vclvopJriinmiegs. Mrs. Frank Parker
wore bind* saliu with touches of tau
gorine nmi .blue Mrs. Pelcrs was rob
ed in Nil.-Wren paiilelte with baud
some lace and lequea trimming. Mn.
Colonel ilsvli wore a dress of black
lace. M(s Ijirsun u beautiful black
astin gown, Mrs. A.A McAllister,
iiiiiuie siiiiii with trimuiiiigs of bsud
tome Isce; Mn. Slcphcns, while iiibou;
Mrs. Liencb, Orieutsl blue with satin
trimmings of green ssd gold.
Widening of Fourth St.
The city engineer, Mr. Angus Smith,
lasl evening presented tu the council
plans ninl specifications im connection
wilh the work of widening lilt slrect
belween Forbes avonue ami St. ila
lid's uvenue from tl) feel lo HIU feet.
These plans were in accordance wilh
section i'lllll uf ihe municipal act and
sliuiilil be filed wilh lhe i;i!y clerk. Mr.
Sunlit advised ilhal lhe cily clerk
shuuld issue notices setting forth lhe
council's iiileiiliuii tu enter upuu und
use the lands necessary fur Hie under
Inking. These plans may be inspected
ul Ihe city clerk s ulbcc and all claims
fur 'lanugo.-, by reusuu of lhe proposed
wurk shulili| bo tiled within sixty days
from lhe service of lhe sbove mentioned nul ices After this time Ihe council will be iu a position lu del ermine
whelher lu proceed wilh the wurk ur
The clerk was instructed liy the cuuu
ell tu send uul nulices tu everyone
i uiicerneil under regislered cover and
compliance wilh the law and in pur
suunie uf ihe abuve recommendation
Tenders were upeued lasl night fur
the cuiislrueliun uf a curb uu Secund
streel und were referred lo the ciigin
cer fur iui ...in! inn
A letter frum Ihe city assessor, Mr.
ti. T. llu Imu. iniing lhal he had in
Icrvicwcd Mr. K. Muhun iu relation lu
tbe lane question and that Mr. Mahon
would, subject lu the approval uf his
firm's iulu iiuis have a deed drawn
up iu favur of lhc clly for til lanes
already dedicated lo lhe public, wai
referred to the lanes committee
Abl. Fruser, replying tu an inq'uiry
slated lhal he was uul yel prepared lo
lake up the quesliun uf a rehule of
laics in the rase of iuduslrics employing u certain number of bauds, Nothing euuld be dune fur a while in tbe
way of legislative remedy, so lhal
Ihere was no particular hurry ill Ihis
The lull..'.-.mg niiuutes uf committees
ol Hie council were formally adopted:
Fire aud Light Oouunlttoi
Kecommendeil lhal slreet liglils be
placed al corner of lllh street and SI.
(leorge's Aveuue; Idlh street and Wil
hams, 17th streel uml Williams avenue
Suuiersel and Maillaud and .'"Hi sired
and   I.m mi  road.
(Question of ;i ligbt al corner of llllh
uml Mi.uli or lmii and (jucensbury be
lefl   lu  lhe  chairiiiuu   with  power  lo
acl, one light to be put  iu.
Waterworks OommltUs—
Ke offer frum J. ll !•'.. 1.1 to purchase
ii I b.p. gasoline engine ami belling
used in lbe llu e lake tunnel construction for ♦Un He niiiini iniini lhal Ihe
■ Hi i be not i'i.i|.nl
Bosrd of Works—    -
Ke letter from F Hansom regarding
dangerous trees ou lots Hi and 16 211.
Keconiinendcd lhat all dangerous trees
be cul down whero application has
been made for the same.
Ke Id I ir from Ann Karlend asking
for tbe opening of Snd street, to lot
HID ill. Kecomiiienilc.l tbst appli
cant br written lo lhat her application
is on file and will be takeu up when
finances-permit. *
Ke letter from Leslie H. clerk ask
ing fur a sidewalk lo Kill Kidgeway
avenue. Kecomm.nded Ibat a similar
reply be sent to Mn. Karloud.
Kc letter from Wm. ti. Stone asking
for a ditch oo HHh itreet wcsl to carry
Ihe Dow* of surface water from Loin.
■Isle svenue. The engineer reported
thst tbia work had been dons.
Ho pel il lun from J. C. Burnlatoo
snd others for s lidawufk on 22nd St.
Householders and the
CivicVoters'Lists ■-
lu icgiii.l to the eligibility of huuse
liulilui:. to vole in the forthcoming
municipal elections, thu city solicitor,
Mr. H. L. Keid, laat night ludited a
letter to the city cuuucil statiug that
he hail chaugud his upiiiiou as to the
right uf Imu ' imb1.1 tu be pluccil un
the voters' list iu Ihe city of Norlli
"The act,'' wrote Mr. Keid, "contemplates only lbe condition Hint lliere
are sume tales uot chargeable uu land,
und dues uut seem tu cuusider thul Ihere
might be a city in whfMi tbere were
uu such luxes, consequently the puy
menl uf al least twu dullurs u yeur nul
chargeable uu laud is u subsluutivc pur
tion of the definition uf 'bouses.older.'
und there being uu possibility uf u
huusehulder paying Iwo dollars per yeur
nui cbsrgssble uu lund, uml therefore
uu luu.ml,,,|,i, i whu can be placed un
the vuters' list within the inclining uf
lhc municipal elecliuu acl unless Ihey
coma within the eicinptions iu subscc
liuu l.n' siiil section .'ni in which esse
I think Ihey cun make the statulury
declaration, sinking out Ibe clause re
fcrring lo Hie paymenl uf taies uml
inserting words showing Iheir right lu
sumption.   I would suggest that com
iiiiiniciiiion be bad with tbs deputy
utttirney general puinliug out tbs difl-
cully ami asking to bave it amended
at tho- coining session of tbs legislature."
Tbe clork was initrucled, upon tbs
reutiliig of Ibii lutter, to go shosd with
the prepsrstion of tlie voters' list in
inu iiniiiiiic with the solicitor'a opinion as expressed ubove.
The opinion previously voiced by
Mr. Hci'l is uutomatlcally cancelled.
According to Charles Dickens, mistakes
ure likely to occur in thc best regulated fumilies, and certainly some mis
pronouncement of opinion is very psr-
iliiuuhlu when tbe municipal election
set is immediately concerned. The «
unly unfortunate sequenco of tbia little
mix up haa been the preparation by
lhe clerk and the lllliiig-iu by a number of cltliens of luiiiiieiiiibb'ii.' appli
cation liirinn which are uuw under thii
ruling rendered  usclcsi,
The cily solicitor's change of opiniun suppurls lhe contention of Mr.
Austin Ilrown, North Vancouver's city
clerk, who wrote tu Mr. Beid on Oct.
88, iiiiinii: Ihul "us iu tho city of
Nurtli Vancouver there are neitbsr
ii...!.' licences, assessments wbicb arl
uul cbsrgssble un land, us/ rosd taxes,
il wuuld uppear tu me that if tbeio
forms are lo be held ai beiug In-
curpuratcil iu the act the only persons
■ ni i-l. uf registered owners and von-
decs under agreements fur salu who
wuuld be eiitilleil to be registered art
persons over sixty years uf ago and
members ul lhe militia."
between l.unsilule uml Mubun and petition from dco. II. Kvani and others
fur a sidewalk un ..'tub east uf Lonsdsls. lir. iiinincii.I..I that lhe respec
live petitioners be Informed thai Iheir
petitions are un flic uml will In- utteml
cd tu when finances permit.
Kc petition from W. Snnpnon and un
other asking for llie grading of lhe
approach to lane iu block 71 uin Kc
cuinmcnilcd that this wurk be done.
Kecommendeil that sidewalk ou Ihc
north side uf i-'ih streel be continued
lu Hidgewny wilh tbe muterial wlncll
has been taken off the curner ot Kill]
street and l.uusilale
Kecommendeil   that   the  cxprupnu
Hun hy law as passed  by the c.uuncil
fur Ihe widening uf (Hi streel be ud
verlised fur Ihe pruper length of time
"Snow-white" by
Capable Young Players
The pupils attending Sl. .lumes'
Uirls' school were responsible fur Ihc
greater purliuo ot a very excellent
entertainment provided in the parish
hull adjoining hll John's church uu Vat
niiii., evening. Incidentally prizes fur
guod work during last session were
awarded by Arrbdeacun I'enlrcalh lo
Hilda Hoffell, Margaret McLollau and
Bonnie Gill.
Miss Voung outlines the purposes
and ambitions of the school, paying
tubules tu her colleagues uud dwelling
generally upon tbe wurk su far ac
. omplishfd by the scholars attending
Hie institution.
The piece de resistance was Ine pre
• I.liiiiilii of a Inn play entitled
"Snow White." The young players
gave ii luiui lakcabb- evidence of very
careful ami effective eoschiug, and pro
vnlcil a series of interfiling scenes in
a fashion far above Ihe lusinirffavcr
age. Kay Wright in Ihe title role was
very rharming and uoafected, while
Horn Audcrs as lbc tlueeu Mother,
proved tbe poicmor of unusual his
Ironic ability snd wou Ibe admiration
of everyone preient. I'riuce Faithful,
as rendered by Ailcen Archibald, was
a very convincing and graceful char
acter, while Catherine I'evics made a
capital lillle principal elf. Otber ichol
in, too numerous to mention figured
auccsufully in s play which was dsint
ily staged ami costumed and very cred
ilubl;.  ensiled.
Tbe balance of the program consisted
of firsl class rontribulions by Mr. K.
Cradork, Mr. Wrigbl sud Ibe Kev. Mr.
Keeling. Muw Hove presided st lbe
An mil-resting hockey game was
played on lbs' Boulevard grounds on
Baturday afternoon between the Hril
lib Isle, Public Schools snd tbs North
Vsncouver tests, wbo sre tbe present
chooipioui «f British Columbia. The
local playen secured s victory by li
gosli ts nil.
Street Lighting
Aid. Mi Hu.- inquired last evening
at the city council meeting wby ths
newly ordered are lamps were uot turned un on the eveuiug uf Nuvember 1
as promised by thc U. C. Klectric Ball
way Cuinpany.
Aid Irwin, answering Ibis question,
staled lhal he called upun Ihe local
malinger in Ihis regard aud had obtain
ed frum him the ciplauatiuu tbat ow
ing lo the shortage uf some switches
llu- cumpauy had been unable to turn
uu Ihc liglils us arranged. These switch
cs were, however, eipected lo arrive
at auy huur and Iheir installation will
make pussililc Ihr connection uf lbs
arc lamp, The alderman assured ths
council lhal lhe mailer wai being attended lu.
Sub Post Office Opened
A suit post oflice iu couuectiuu witb
Ihc local department has been opened
ou Hie corner uf loth street and l.ons
dubi avenue The need for iuch a con
.unnine has been felt for some con
snlerable lime, and it wai welcome newi
lo the people iohsbitiug lbs regions
uf llppor Lonsdale. Mr. Percy Daw
lou, who is now Ihc proprietor of tbs
Leonard Hale Company'i branch store,
is ra i barge of Ihe sub poll office, st
wlneli lump. csn be procured aod re
gtslcrcd letters mailed ind diipstcbed.
In a shurl time Ihc ueccssary arrango
minis will havu been made iu lost
puslal nules and money urders msy also
be nbiiiiii.ul at Ihis office
Boy Scouts
On Humlay next Ihere will be S sps
ll serine In Bt. John's church for
Muin Compsny Canadian Field Engin
ecu ami Boy Bcouli at I p.m kll Boy
Scouts of Nortb Vancouvsr will Sl
i.inii.- sl tbe drill hsll, Ksplsnsds
wcsl, snd sl 8.16 p.m. will fsll into lins
wilh the .SiHi Compsny Canadian Kn
ginecra aud beaded by the military
baud will march lo St. John's church.
A cordial invitation ii estsndtd to
Vsncouver' sud Lynn Vslley Boy
Bcouli lo psrlicipsle in tbe parade and
church service snd further informs
tion csn be bsd from Cosunliilooir
J. II   Kngiish.
A correspondent, commenting op s
uunl report in lbc Kxprcss, likes ex
repllon to the local bockoy team be
ing merely described u "ths Nortb
Vancouver playen." He suggcalitbst
their full tills "the North Vancouvsr
hockey tesa, chsuipiom of Briliah
Columbia " Iu bs Sled St sii llmei Hs
sxpresiei ths hope thst tbsy will rstsis
this distinction for yesri. Be ds ws.
We  will   try   lu  be mors worthy  in
) Bank of Montreal
11 hi ri  i i i
E.t.bli.hed 1917
Capital (paid up)    -   $16,000,000
Reserve    ....   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch t F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
,      n
We Have Some Good Buys
—m^mmmmm^mmSSmSmmamammmnnd   in
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house lo rent, or if you want to get
a house,
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
If you use Stock Sues in Doors aud
Windows  You  WUI  Save  Money
Ask for our new Folder wbicb shows
slice carried iu stock
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hay (uew)
Clover liay, (uew)
Alfalfa Hay
Crushed Oats,
Uuseed HeaJ
B. ii K. Chicken Chop,
B  i H Siut.ii Food
B Si K Cracked Com
Lee's Egg Maker
Lee's Insect Powder
Swift's Beef Scrajis
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
KicluWi Wharf     Esplanade Wesl     Plione 488
Lsavs North Vancouver
* inwtm "tim
■atlee. Oeespeay
6 in
4 Mi
/ 0.00
'    IM
ll.lt AM.
sb Bialsr"
aot llaUs for
•IM am
Time Ubl. sublet te thane, without
delays, aeeldesUl or otherwise.
mcruwuw i uiux i au oi
May be Inaugurated
Tbst tbs police department »f tbis
city is deteruijued to protect tbe lnml.
ing, industrial snd otber business houses
of Nortb Vancouyer is evidenced by the
effort wbicb is now being ma>le to in
sugursto a systetnstic and effective
merchants' patrol. Tile iiles is being
moubleil into shape by Mr. William M
Ni'ill, wbo is a mini of wide experience
iu private detective work end frum
whose activities tbo North Bhore has
morally henutltteil during the last few
mouths, itr. McNeill lias been authorized by tbe chief of police lo as
certain to what cutout the business
men of the pjly are disposed lo sup
port such measures, which properly car
ricil oul, as they undoubtedly will bu,
will form Ibo best possible safoguup1
against robbery by night ami other ful
unions incidentals. The patrol will ut
the outset comprise two special men
who will divide their attentiona be
I ween that taction of the city lying
belween the wharf ami Ind street, ami
frum -Dii street upwunls, in ailililiou In
the business streets running eusl ami
Tho project is une which ibould im
mediately commend itself to proprietors
ami iuuiiu;  of business houses on lhc
Norlh Shore, few of whom are likely
lo witbold u smull sum per munth if its
paymenl is calculated to ensure ihr
safety uf Iheir premises.
Held Uuder tbe Joint Auspices of tbo
British Columbia Poultry Association, Vancouver Exhibition Buard and
the Provincial Government.
Total Eggs Laid from 2 p.m. October
20, 1011, to 2 p.m., October 20, 1012.
No. Claaa I. V.pgs l.ai'l
2-  While   Leghorus    llil
1st prize, 410(1, ,1. Stewart, Hillcrest,
ltcrnvru, NSW., Auslruliu.
II   White   Leghorns UIS
imi prize, 169, liui.uiinii l-iuu Farm,
Otaki, N. 'l.lll-  White Leghorns  800
3rd prize, in,, Dr. Meed, Ml. Tolmio,
Victoria, II. ('.
HI-While  Leghorns    .785
4th prize, *lo, K. T. Hanson, Cow
ichau, II. C
18 - While  Leghorus    iih
oth prize, Vancouver Kxhibition As
sot'iution Bronze M. nil. Iv Sonic. Cow
ichau, 11. (.'.
20   While  Leghorus        745
iiih prize, "Canadian Poultry Ke
view" Bronze Mclal, .Msjor lin-cn
Wilkinson, I'lii'inaiiius. K. ('
(    While Leghorns     lit
1   White Legborni   ili
II    While  Leghorns    700
Ti    While   Leghorns    6U2
i    While  Leghorns . 6s:i'
5 White  Leghorns    Win
:"i   While  Leghorns     H'il
11 Huff Leghorns Wi
12 White Leghorn.- . Ml
L'l    Aiiconas   616
1    Wln|e   Leghorns          5411
I.l    While   Leghorn..   .. 620
6 Browu Leghorns 512
Iij While Leghorus . 510
11 While Ugboms 119
li, While Legborni 42K
17    While Leghorns     .422
3.1   Kkodc islaud Keds .    .
Isi   prize,' 1100, A.  K   Smitl
wood   P. I)   Vuloriu,  I)
of K'liiion.ls, B. C.
38   While, Wyandottes
2nd prize, ISO, li   Adams. Hox 810,
Vicloriu, 11   C
31    Hn vie Island Keds. .800
3rd prize, 425, 1. 1. ilougun, Cobble
Hill, B. C
20 ' Barred  Rocks    lit
4lh prize, 410, V. (,'leeves, ilugun P,
()., .-num. hliin. H   ti.
.12 - Rhode Island Bedi   732
5lh prize, Vancouver Kxhibiliou As
societies, Bronx* Medal. Kcl Kealhei
Poultry Ranch, Central I'ark, B  '
.li   llarreil   Horks     730
Oth Prize, Canadian Poultry Review,
Bronze Medal, 'Vied .Matthews, Kam
loops, It. ('.
34   While   Wyandottes 720
Huff Orpingtona  025
Barred Rocki  603
Huff Bocks    500
While Wyandottes  587
Huff in |ii uui mi-    564
it- Partridge Wyaudottei  ...607
27--Silvcr Pencilled Wyandot ies.. .462
It—Columbian   Wyendollci    462
40 -Silver Uecl.Wyaudottee  421
Two rfilvci medals, presented by
Messrs. Brai'Kinau k Ker, Vancouver,
B. (J,, for I'eiis in (.'lass 1, and Clair-
2, pru'luciug musl eggl duriug winter
monthi, won by Pen 2, 3. Stewart, Hill
crest, Beruwra, N. tf. W., Australia, in
Class I, and by Peu 61, Buff Orping
test, IX W. Robbiui, Chilliwaek, in
Olsm 2.
(Full report later).
W. Stroyau,
3. R. Terry,
tferretary, Department of Agriculture,
Humor snd
Philosophy <
IV nv/ycAji it. T9IT9
,»n MERRY month ot
V  0 February, abort and sweat
And carrier of pretty ibjni
That mah. th. youthful III. complst.,
| sn you her. with all your art,
And I sm vei-y much afraid
That I shall lose my only heart,
Tou leap year's Drat and busy aldt
How can th. dullest youth escape
Th. thrill that cornea alonf wltb youl
FOr when he sees tht pictured shape
Ot hearts, pierced by an arrow through,
And. when th. postman Laves a note
Mad. up of tinsel, sold snd ls.es
Hia mind recalls a shapely throat,
A mass of hair, a blooming (an,
Jun. gels th. credit, mor. or lue,
For sll ih. i-iiiiiiiiic. bi th. land,
But It li'prttly sal. to guus
That February (she. a baud
In slartlng off upon lb. w.y
Ideal undai neal li tb. hat
That will eventual, aom. day
In wedding bills and such as lbat
0 February, ihorl and sweet;
0 marry month ot valsnilnes,
Tou get Ihere wllh bolb dainty (nt,
Bo skillfully you lay your linear!
And who begrudges your succen?
Not those who In att.ndanc. wait,
For 11 you cause sum. slight dlilreu
Your pleasures mor. than compensate
Simple In Companion.
"Will ibe Chinese be able to ruu a
"1 should tbluk so."
"But wbat experience bava tbay
"Is It sny harder to ruu s republic
tbau s laundry?"
A Dark Pitt.
"I don't see wby you encourage Uiat
Jones kid to snowball In front of your
"If you were a Sherlock Holmes you
"I thougbt you didn't Uks (be Joues
"1 don't."
"Tben wby so much trouble toe muse
Ibe youngster? Vou msy bsve some
broken window glass"
"Ob. no, I shunt, bul my Isudlord
probably will, aud tben I csn bsve tbs
fuu of seeing Joues ligbt It out wltb
Found It Out.
"I bave no use for sentiment. It
never mad. a man a dollar"
"But, man. ibu world is run by sent!
"My world Isn't."
"Tou tsik like one wbo bu been
Ibruugb s breach of promise suit."
Evid.nc. to th. Contrary.
"Why la It ibat men don't bars soy
respect  for  tbo  judgment  of   Ibeir
"How can tbey?"
What do you mean by tbat?"
"Don't  tbeir  wives bar.  faith  In
Htr Hiquirenienti.
"All tbat 1 ask Is love"
"Really, Jack!"
"Yea, my love   Isn't tbat enough for
"Yes. desr, If It Is properly financed "
Rar. Old Unclt.
Boms luliii havs w. In Unci. Bam.
Wa (col qull. ttti to SUU
That he would send a telegram
For half Ibe present rax..
Wbeu a woman bt compelled ho wear
glaasea abe like, to think tbey mike
ber appear lulsllectusl.
Faint heart uever learned to run a
Some peopls bsvs SO much faith lu
tbeir own ability tbst 11 oavsr occurs
lo tbem to put II to s last.
Because s msu cannot correctly sp
pralae s compliment don't make lbs
mi-.i.i ke of thinking ns will tall for s
gold brlek.
Self reliance Is s good tbing bo bsve
around tbe bouse, but s ricb fstbsr-lu
law Is of mere weight at Uie bask.
We all udiulre Uie msn wbo strive.
to do good, eveu Ibougb we mey decline to be the victim.
No msn Is rcslly Independent. Ibougb
occasionally ons makes s Urge sized
bluff st It.
While tbe philosopher sue) the scion
(1st quarrel as to whether buHiluciw U
a state of mlud or of stomach, tlie rest
of us go uo eating fried allien ties uud
reading th,e sporting page Id Uie aame
old ws;.
Bsm Ibt most spiritually minded
like three aqusr. mssls a All-
On. peraon can't do everything, bul
some men forget this wben lbs/ sre
hiring s clerk at UO per r
, There's one very simple way mf pi
tbe Christmas problem; dou't shop, but
sit quietly st home aud subscribe fpr
The Youth'b Companion. The ebsftcsi
gre, too, thst no present you coulil buy
for tbe young friend or tbe family you
ilolighi tu hunur could confer io much
pleasure as tbis .gift of Tbe Youth's
Companion for a wbpio round, year—
fifty-two weeks' issues, sud the fifty-
second us keenly uulicipated and enjoyed as lhe v^ry Hrst. •
There will he stories for readers of
every age; .'Hiniiii aiivicu ss to sthloticsj
suggestions fur the girl st college or
mukiug her own wuy in the world;
diunl things for every member of the
family—all for tH.iili-.lese tbau live
cents a week.
.Tho'une to whom yuu (jive thu tub-
scription will receive free all the remaining issues uf I III 2, as well as Tbe
Ciiuipauioii Window Transparency sud
Calendar fur 11113, iu rich, trauilucent
or oyer'lbs lamp shade. You, ton, ss
gjver of tbs present will receive s
eppy of it.
A sale in Glasguw of srticlea left
by psaielkers in the corporation tram-
cars ineluiii-il <|l|2 iiiiilni'llas, 108 walking-sticks, 702 pslre of glovos, 200
Indira' lisndbsgs, 660 purses, 100 penknives, sud 180 pairs of Bpectscles.
There woro slso a number of tobacco
pouches and pipes, travelling bags,
tools, golf clubs, gold sud silver
welches, snuff Iiiim's, rsxurs, books,
football outfits, snd fishing rods, whilu
other srtieles auctioned Included s
violin sud case, s music stdiul, u set
of drum Micks, ami a typewriter cssu.
in the I'biglisb-ipeakiiig wurld Ibure
sre twenty millions uf Methodists pf
ail .u i.lumii iuu
Real RangeSatisfaction?
Then you wsnt tbs
The Bangs with s reputation earned. We Invite tbe most critical ex
animation, tbe more exacting tbt better, as it will bring out more
forcibly tbe mauy features of eicellence.
Thousands of satisfied homes throughout  tlie  Dominion  ue  using  it
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
It is Not Necessary
For us te advertla. our large 11ns of
Biovti, Baagw snd Haste*.    They
speak for taemaelvss, hut ws wish to
tall your attention te ths fact thst ws
art tarrying the largest Una of Osst
ssd   Mall.sble   Bsngw,   glares   sad
Uestsn In ths city snd our aaaorUnent
contain,  .verythlng  that you  might
saelri sad our priest ut EIOHT and
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Ask about our apeclal credit plan, sa
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411 kiaia of BuUdsri' Harawars,
Paints, Oils, Etc.
16th sad IsoasiaU STOBTH VAJfOOUVBB
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mJjmtm* .
Birks' Watches
T)» success we bavs sclUsvcd Hi tbs WAfP trads Is tbs result
of our great pars In puttbig on tbs msrkst wstcbss wbicb ws know
will glys tits purchossr tin most sstlsfsctenr ssrffss.
Ws can supply any grado sf watch tbat may bo required, but
Will not present s watch tbst Is not reliable. Ws offer s splendid
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snd adjuatod tbst inaccuracy Is almost tmpoisible,.
has beeu mailed ts our out-of-town costomsrs snd sliould be in tboir
bauds uow. This catslogus Is one big book of Obititmas gift iug-
gsetious snd should bs in the hands tf svsry buyer lu tbs Dominion.
If you bsvs not rscslvsd s copy, sdvlss us snd ons will bs mallsd
to your addreai st ones Ons ssctloa of this catalogue Is dsvotsd
to wstcbss alone.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Qeorge E. Trorey, Managing Director
I fastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. Ur-        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly sud promptly on account of tb. Sou Frsnclico earthquake snd Uro.
How mauy Companies could do this?
IU SSSSts emouut to 1110,000,000
A postal will bring SU representative
Bealdent Ag.ut
IS Lonsdsls Avenue snd Capilauo Oar T.rmluua
Phenss: Lonsdsls 167. '      Oapiiano 161
w9nfh Vti\*mW IfflHt 99
Mr. .lack Loutet, writing tu a representative uf thin liaper fruni the
Hotel Inglsterra, Ilavaua, on October
BCtb, dwells intiireiitingly uu tho features of a (tyliau, electiou in thu fbith
of which tbo .ii f'i-i councillor snd
bin I'uiuily found theiiiiolvea pp arrival st  llsvaus.
(Jpon thia election the fate of Cohan
illili'|ieildelice   WSI   SS|l)   fp   llli|ll'llll,   llllll
un nuiiii' disorder ws* uuticipaled, till
lliem, uiuiinleil und uiniiounted, were
ou iiuiird nl Sll tbs polling booths.
I'resiili'iit dime Miguel Gomel wsi par
lieularly uu.iuus to maintain order
loa| tbo Bi 'ed SUtes ibould sgsin intervene in tbe event Of ordinary de-
ci'iniei. nut being sbisrvet). culm,
like Mexico, bsa been warned of this
pu ;.iliie inteneiiiion, but unlike Mux
ico, i'niui':' pouitiou demands that it
ibould take heed of tbo waruing.
Vul   lbe  | HI I ]in.'i.'  Of   I bin'elect inn, lhe
tinny ii ciii'inl r.i sill" ordored four turns
ports in roterve st Fort Hunroe, Vs.,
to lie propsred within four dsyi for in
slant ri'iiiliiii'i-ii to carry 8800 troops
to Cuba ihould disorder arise during
fhe  insular  elections,  demanding  in
tcrveutiou.  Tbe contents of Hr. I.uu
let's letter sceiu to Imply tbese pre
cuulionnry tactics wero vory necessury
The following is tbe missive iu full:
Hotel Inglstens,
Havana, Cuba,
October 85, 1818.
"Hear Milium:—
I pjuuiised lo let you kuow of soy
thing stirring down here, but bsrilly
expected lo be able to write wbat
am now about to relate. We arrived
at this hotel ou Ibe evening of tbe
83rd In 'Ind lhat the elections take
place ou Nuvember 1st. Wo thought
of moving ou last uight, but heard
there wus tu be a great Liberal meet
ing mil.!.lc of tbo Hotel Tolcgrafu,
ucxl dour lo tbii one, no waited to ci
perlence a Cuban electiou meeting
There wus a rumor that trouble might
be expected, but as Ibe great Couser
valin- meeling was some distance
away, uu clash was expected.
At 7 p.m. the Liberals started lo
collect opposite the Telegrafo, which
with tbis bold, is situated ou a huge
square or plana, tbe centre part being
hnowu as Ibe Louvre aud tbe Ihroug'a
slreet as the Prado,
The  Hotel  Telegrafo  ii  tbe rocug
Corners in District Lot 265—
BLOCK 13  ....LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 LOTS 43 and 44
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140... LOT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 168 LOT 5 and Two Houses
For Prices, Terms tod Further Particulars, apply to
IV  North   Vancouver  Land  and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
(North Vtncouver Agents for
Phone Sevmour 6266
■   9-9999*  mtivmmammsiyejm.  nmmtWw
llie Hotel fu»l.terrs tint pt the ppR-
lervstlvei, At 7.80 tbere wore shout
815,000 people In the ii|usre, white si»J
colored, spd btbBsrs ot tbe Mbsrsls
were curled slong iu treat 0< till.
lists! j/lfb, some eppoiltlou ftnpi tho
few Conservatives preient. At t
o'clock tbs numerous sboo blacks teemed lu scout treble #u|| csrricd off
tbeir chairs snd boxes to a place of
A lew small lights took place sud
pf 8.30 the betel wsa closed aud bar
ricsilod sa su attack was feared.
A ebsript tbeu csme ulong ssf-
rounded by yelling'negree*, ssil III It
S ''iil'iin ■■•lii'id with S live Illinium
iiiuiii' bis bead. The significance of
this I du not know, Very few speeches were iiui'i'' ami thoic-were short, the
(lubuns evidently believing in terror
Um in place of argument.
Tbere Is a saying borei "Tio a
(lubsu'i liumls ami he'll choke in
dentil," snd the incuuing is plain when
ouo bsa seen the ipeskers. The urms
Hy in Ibe air, then go like lightning
from tbe ground to tbo bead, followed
by Iiig beating iu lbe air and un the
chest at a rate difficult to imagine sud
scconipsnicd by u screumiug voice aud
uiiiiilii.'.i face. The people eujoy
this. Tbe marching of the standard
bearers frum lhe Telegrafo corner lo
Inglsterra curner grew more boisterous us time went on and tbeu a mass
uf abuut l.iiiiu men, niuslly negroes,
marched round the sipiure with u bug
ler and chanting "Viva Zuyas jiara
President ri'piili-licu Cuba,1' all is
perfect harmony and accompanied by
hund clapping and cakcwalking. The
din «:n. tcrriflii'. if you can imagine
the cheering of Iiiii.hiiu peuple st au
I ni eriuii iiiiiiiI foolIiiiII match ut horn
continued for four hours solid yuu
have some idea of thc noise, dockets
were going up every minute from Ihe
Plaza aud hund grenades, or small
bombs were exploded every few min
utes. Hundreds of lurches added to
the scene and the excited faces of the
negroes made a hurrible picture. I'lu
cards were posted ou the columns uf
tbu hotels ami pusteri uud buiiilbills
littered the streels. (.'ars were continually arriving full iuside, and oo
the roof, with yelliug Cubans aud at
HI u'cluck Ihere were over 1111,000 in
front of thc holds. Wc had a spleu
did view of everything frum Ibe balcony oulside our bedroom on Ibe fourth
Al twelve o'clock I weut lo bed as
it looked as though everything would
quieten dowu, but al 12.110 I dreued
again us tbe din increased lu a terrific
degree. Wc then saw that the Con
■ervalives were arriving from Iheir
meeting in uiutor cars, slreet cars and
ou foot, and Inking possession of thc
Uiuvro sidewalk, which Ihey regarded
as. their i-i. ml prupcrly. Then sume
oue Iired a revolver aud fat was iu
the fire. Several shuts struck the ho
lei and a wounded mau was baitily
Iskeu inside. The puiicc were almost
powerless, but thc rural guards or
mounted police bad been quartered
nearby aud al  I uni. a bultlc was iu
Tbe crack of the revolvers and the
llsibiug of tbe -iil.il as the guards
charged was a sight lo watch and
men dropped all over lhe square some
■boi and some with fright. The incin
tiers of Ihe club uver Ihe square from
tbe hotel opened lire und Ihe mob re
turued the fire. fctomc wonderful cake
walking iim.is were bruught off as
tbe bullets riccocbelted from Ihe pave
menl. .Needleai tu lay these were im
promptu. Al 1,40 Ihe streeti were
almost clear and the ainbulauces had
relumed aboul twenty injured Only
three police were hurt aud nunc kill
cd. A sbot was fired from a street
car and a Cuban promptly cul the cuu
duclor's throat, lie may uul live.
I Ibeu went down lo Ihe hulel oflice
and found about 10 policemen quartered there for Ibe uigbt, uot knowing
Spanish, I could uoi gather much iu
formation, au returned lu bed. Today
mattera are quiet, but uncertainly ii
fell fur nmi week. Tbe fecliug ii that
Ihe (,'ubaoa will either lumbit to thc
n uli of the elections or iusurrectiou
will result with poiiibly I'nited Stales
inten em ion to follow. The moderate
papers bere cuuiuel peaceful accept
line of the results of lbc pull on No
veinber 1. By tbe time tbii reaches
you whatever ii to be will bo known
to you. I am sfrsid Ibst Ihe Cuban
nature, particularly that uf thc colored
•eclion, will uot submit without fur
ther trouble. J have got photographs
of Ibe acese of the "battle" sa tbey
cell it is the pspori tbii moruiug, snd
will f.'ml you s copy luler We leave
for near Astilla tonight. Kcgards from
Youn lincercly,
School Site By-law will
be Submitted
Al Ihe instance of ''oun. Bridgmsu
the district couucil but week dc-iidcd
t« inform the diatrict achool board thst
while the couucil sympathized with the
bosrd Is Us endeavor to secure school
•Uei, it louid set approve of tbe de
tailed eitimatei tbtt (tad been submit
ted before m sppssl bsd beeu msde
to the electorate.  Up«# tin nqueit of
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,000
North Vsncouver Branch Now Located at tha
Corner of LONSDALE AVE. and the ESPUNADE
A General Banking Buiiwii TrwwM-
/n/ere»/it Allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwarii.
1, A- VOWtJO,     Msssgsr.-
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths. Snowdrops, Paper While Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double While Narcissus, etc.   Plant right now.
We have alto growing at our nurseries the finest stock of
Roses, Shrubs, etc., in B. C. Call or write for our catalogue.
Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short notice.
Phone 235
Cor. I7lh and St. Andrew's Avenue
the board, the couucil therefore will
-iilnnii to lhe ratepayers a bylaw fur
tbe amount mentioned, $02,1011 The
bosrd in lu be sdviicd to uiukc this
requeit and is also advised lo ask
the couucil uf public instruction for
leave to i|iread Ine lumi over a period
of fifty years.
The council also decided lo meet u
representative of the.- V (.'. A. in com
millee iu order to discuss matters re
inni.;.' lu the ;i|.|...iiiiiiii ni of au Inspector ou tbo Nortb Bbure. The io
cicty ia \villing to make such au up
pointiueut if the cily will subscribe
Hit a monlli, ami lhc two districts (In
a   in.mih.
Coun. Westuver's motion' Hint wuler
in.i'i. be placed in lauudries ami in all
buildings I enuii I ed by mure lhan one
tenant or family wai adu|ited.
Jarvis fundi was appointed uddi
liouul cunslublc fur the district. The
'I i n]ui. ii I of the municipality's "spare"
hurse was left to the discretion of Ihc
chief of police.
British Columbia Won
Forty-one Prizes
Large Hopresouutlou st the Interna
tloual Dry Farming Cougrcu st Loth
U'thbridgc, Alta., Nov. I— Hrilish
Culumbiu wss very largely represented
at lbc International Dry Farming I'on
gress uud Kxposition beld here aud besides carrying away a provincial sweep
stake for boxed fruil aud a swcepslakc
prise for thc best potatoes, which wus
won by D. Malbeiou of Arinsl rung, tbey
carried thirty uiue other prir.es, com,
prising one special, sixteen firsls, six
leen seconds, live ibirds and one com
uieudaliuu iu u class iu which there
were six awards.
The handsome (KIU silver trophy cup
donated by the llo\eminent nf Maui
lobe, through Hon, Ucorge Uwrence,
Minister of Agriculture, wai awarded
io tbe British Columbia provincial ex
bibit for ilu- 11-iiiiiii diaplay of box
fruil, and moit favorable comment was
made upou thc mauuer iu which Mr.
W. -i Brandltb, superintendent of the
Britiih ' "iinni.in mini.ii, im,mill-.I a
large display of frdit aud vegetables
There was no doobl that many   more
prizes were takeu. The first prizes
were given largely lu Armstrong and
Sulni.in Ann.
Tlie ipecisl mini.i fur tbe best diitrict display, a l.elhbridgo Buard of
Control trophy, wus captured by tbe
Nelson I'-"ind of Trade,
There wus a very liberal atlundauco
uf nil, ui. from Hrilish (,'olunibla,
Hou. I'rice Kllisuu, Minister of Agrl
culture; W. K. .'-'.nil. deputy minister
of agriculture, and U. M. Whitlow, tee
rotary of the Fruit Growers' Aisoeia-
lion of Victoria, ami Hun. ll.e,hi Bos
lock, M P. uf Ducks, hcuilinji Ihe de
lu addition to these Ihere were regie-
termi. Mayor Hlcasdolc of 1,'ruw's Neit,
J. ','. Campbell of Nelson, James Cow-
per of 'liuml Furks, Jumci l.'rumptou
of ' i fi nn, W. Cunningham uf New
Westminster, J'. K. French of Salmon
Arm, K. Jt. Fursler uf Bporwood, F.
(Jill uf Cranbrook, I'. l.und of Crnu
brook, F. .lulni: inin of Nelsou, C. O.
(ledgers of C'restou, I.. F. Utobsrt of
Kamloops, W. T. Mmiit uf Kamloops,
W T. .' i.r. hi uf Kamloops, |)r. Dixon
of Kelowss, uml II. Wnluistry of ''res
Among lbc delegates of the Women i Congress who were registered were:
Mrs. li M. llm, liiii'ii of Victoris,
Mri. Hum of Victoria, Mrs. Kodgen of
Crcston, Mrs. I'. l.und of Cranbrook,
Mrs. McKecbnie uf Vancouvor, Mrs.
Tupliu of I-.' l". Mrs. Mildred Twisl
of Kudu and Mrs. Wall of Victoris.
Stove wood, Uin. W.26 psr los4,
Win. hm. Prompt dsUvsry.
Pbone 666, oflce mi its*. Oorasr
ith snd Mahon Ave. If.
Jeweler uul Optician
143 Lonsdale Ave.
IIII   ,   ,IIm\I)   1   ii
«w TAMmrm
11» tt t r i r M f m ? f r ► • • 11	
Publlahsd Tsssdsys snd Frldsys by North Bbeis Prsss, Llrsl tsd.
Bate, el Bubscrlptlosi-Oss mr, 1140.  Bis fteatks, 80s,  Tbrss montbi, ills
Unitsd States and Foreign, IMO psr yssr.
AiverUstug Bstss WW * l\nmA en AwUtsWss.
J.hs ftrarsss Is dsvotsd to tbs intereiti tt tin North Shore of Burrard Inls,
usivSy.   It eonslitutss ss .dv.rtl.ing m.diurs sf sxc.ptiunsl vslus fer
.Xg7n» U2 wd aJistlv. pisw las psWIes/rfyk V»n«»nvsr
Ol5 suS Distriet. lfvsry slfort I. msde to givs s5v.rti.ers tk. most sstl.fsctury
J Chang* la contract sdvertbemente should bs l» Iks prlntsrs' bsnds not
Istsr thsu Ills. m. Mondsy snd IS p. m. Wedneiday ts eniure insertion in tbs
following iuue.
North Vsmsutsi, B. 0,.
ifitiinitt' sn
Novsmber 6, WU.
It il difficult to uinliirslaiiil why
there ihould be any delsy upon tbe
imii of the department of tbe Dominion government concerned in iiiuing
to the district of Nortb Vsucouver,
the title to the wster lot, in front of
the atreet end recently purchased by. tbe
di.triet from tbe government, out of
Heymour Indiuu reserve.
The fads are ss followa: In order
to uiiiiilii s l.n ui inn suitable for s ferry
wharf to serve tbat portion of tbe
municipality, tbe district negotiated
for a atrip of laud sixty six feet in
width, running through tbe reserve,
from the waterfrout on thc south to
Keith road ou tbe north. Tbe price
agreed upon and paid in cash was
(6,150, in whicii sum wa. included $500
for the improvements which had been
made tu the proporty. ln making application for a water lot in front of
the property purchased, tbe diitrict
endeavored to obtaiu title lo live hundred feel for municipal purposes, instead of merely the sixty-six feet, to
which they were eutitled as owners. A
reply was received tu the effect tbat
the Indians had been consulted aud
lhat Ihey demauded $125 per frout
in.it for lhe riparian rights. The cuuucil then advised tbe Department that
Ihey would ..inline their application
to the sixty-six feet wbicb pertained
lo the property of which they were tbe
owners; wberoupuu the department in
funned the council tbat au additional
price must be paid for even the water
lot iu frout of tbe street eud ami Ibat
if til!.1) per foot was considered too
high a price and tbe Indians could
not be prevailed upon to accept a low
er figure, the ouly recourse would be
In arbitrate the matter.
There are doubtless subtle legal
|u,min involved iu tbe ijuestiuu uf
the rights of the Indians in the lands
occupied by tbem a. reserves, which
laymen iu such matters are not iu po
sit ion to discuss intelligently, but it is
reasonable lo conclude tbat these were
in uo sense involved iu the situation
under discussiou, but tbat tbe whole
matter might justly be disposed of by
issuing a crown grant for the water
lot iu front of the atreel end.
Were the matter one of disposing
uf a i...ii.iiii of an linlisn reserve or of
riparian rights iu frout of a portiou of
un Indies reserve, to certain individuals
fnr their personal use, theu the whole
transaction might consistently be called
iu question unless indeed the transaction were carried out ill a manner
which gave ali parties eijua! opportunity to obtain tbe concession upon a
hasis applicable to all alike. Tbis, how
ever, is an instauce in which the people
as such desire certain concessions for
public purposes aud fur public purposes
only, namely for a public street and for
a public wbarf. The lituatiou aa it
stands, therefore, presents ou a small
scale those features of tbo situation
relative to ludiaa reserves, which cause
theic reiervei to become a barrier to
the progress aud tbe development of the
weit and a menace to tbe intereiti of
ihe Canadian people.. Wheu thc reicr
vationi were made originally, it was
impossible to foresee tbat such a situa
tion would develop, but now tbat it
bas arisen tbe reserves should be made
to give way to tbe interest, of the
people, evtry care being exerciicd at the
iame time to provide for the ludiaa
population iu a suitable msuuer. In
being psid tbe ium of »5,I50 for their
rigbti iu tbe laud and for tbeir iin
provement. in tbi. instance, tbe Indium
have been dealt witb very generously
by tbe municipality, and the endeavor
to exact a further ium of mouey for
riparian rigbU, il (imply «n imposition
wbicb the people cannot but resent
and ia, SI the member for tbi. constituency bs. informed tbs department
"preposterous." Tbe flagrant nature
of tbi. demand i. apparent wben the
further facta are stated, namely tbat
the reserve iu question contain, ap
proximately two hundred acre, having
a waterfrontage on Burrird lulet of
over one mile, tbe whole of wbicb ia
actually occupied by only three or four
Indian families.
It is to be hoped not only tbat the
Department will Issue s erown great of
Ihi. water lot to the municipality without further exactions or delay, but
alio that the negotiation, sew proceed-
' ing between she Peoinies and the
proyladsl governments with reference
to tbs Utle of the Indians in ths lands
occupied ae reserves (Mad wbleh U is
understood will among Other mailers,
be furtber discussed during tbe present
vi.it of Pfemier McBride snd Attorney
(Itinera) Bowser, st Ottawa) will be
brought to sn ssrly snd ustiifsclory
conclusion sud tbst us s result il will
be no longer possible for tbe presence
of theae reserve, to obstruct the pro
grew and development of tbe province.
The British Colunibis Electric Ilml
wsy Company Limited has recently is
sued a highly artistic ami copiously
illustrated brochure, descriptive of the
progress of the Company: since its
iiicnrpuratioii with the extension of its
business snd its future prospects.
Tbe Compsny waa incorporated in
It'll and took over tbe operation of
public utilities iu tbe form of light
and power plants auil street railway
systems at Vancouver, Victoria and
New Westminster. Since tbat time tbe
developmeut of tbe business of the
Company has been of p remarkable ua
ture. In 1897 the capital iuvested
was $8,700,000, while today it is $80,-
01)11,11110, tbe gross annual income was
$.118,721, it is now $5,855,700; at tbat
time tbere wore iu service 28,008
lamps, there are now 707,000; in 1897
the compauy owned and operated 40
miles of tramline, which has beeu in
creased lo 20'J mile., tbe number of
cars iu service was 50 and it is uow
700. l'asseogern carried in 1897 numbered 11,654,300 and last year the uumber totalled 80,56:1,300. The gas mains
iu 1897 aggregated 36 miles ami iu
1911 139 miles ami the number of
connections increased from 2,258 to
Au estimate of tbe part ployed by
the company in the progress of tbe
province sioce 1697 is expressed iu the
following M-nleii'.'s:
"The progressive policy outlined
"by Ihe Compauy upou its entering
"the territory lias marked it. car
"eer throughout the entire fifteen
"yean of it. hi.lory. Stop by step
"it bas kept pace witb the phenom
"eual development of its field, con
"stantly acquiring uew interests,
"constructing greet power plaut., ex-
"tending tramlines throughout ur-
"ban and suburban ceot{el ami link
"ing it. field together from end to
"end by a system of interurbau
"lines, providing light and power
"service through the extension of (ts
"wires as tbe march of settlement
"moved ouward and industrial ueedi
"developed, etc., etc. II may truth
"fully lie said tbat no history of the
"development of British Columbia
"during recent years cau be written
"without ascribing considerable ere
"dit to tbe Britiih Columbia Klectric
"Kuilwsy Company Limited, whose
"farsightcd policy and liberal ex
"peinlilures at a time wbeu tbe pro
"vises wa. but little known did
"much to bring about the prosperous
"condition of affairs which uowVx
"ills witbiu it. Hounds."
A. for tbe future tbe statement is
made tbat the company bas "well de.
ieloped extensiou plaus covering years
to conic."
A record tucb as tbat aubinitted by
tbe Britiih Columbia Klectric Ksiiway
Company, while it culls for encouiumi
rtlic euergy and the onterpriie of
Company a. well as tbe capa
bilily of tbe management, muit like
wi.-e reflect credit upon the province
wboie prosperity and development ba.
preiented su opportuuity for the at
Lining of iuch prosperity upon tbe part
of the company.
The population of tbe Nortb Shore
will indulge in the hope tbat the'' well
developed extension plana" in ponies
liou of the Company include tbe ex-
tendon of the wettern local branch
at least a* far as Hollyburn, in the im
mediate future and tho construction of
other new mileage tucb as will not
merely follow the course of settlement,
but will do somewhat better than that
by anticipating to seme degree the
actual incoming of population, to the
various localities on tbi. side'of the
. , chn|>i ana
Is disss, 1:30 p.m.   S.Rlsr tis»ue,
,,ond*y, I fim-   Prsyer snd Prs-.e
Service, Wednesday, i p.m-   •tumor
si anas' pkBfrt-^Corner Twelfth
ind Wouljvurd. Sunday Services:
Kornlni Prayer, Jl a. ra.; Bunday
Kohoalj:|0 p.m.; Evening Prayer, VM
i. m- Holy IJommunlon, first and third
Sundays, In month, at ll a. m-l aecond
iimday In month, I a. in. Rev. Samuel
Co, V.k   Vicar.
lalvstlen Army—Lonsdale Avenue
unday ssrvlcsa, 11:00 a.m., I p.m and
'*' '"InJif'^h* u-ni-iThursduy,
p. in,   Children's Service, Wednesday,
Bsetls. CH»M»-Twe|fth api St.
Qeorge. Service, at 11 a.m. and 7:80
o. m. Bupday School and Bible Class
at !:SQ p. in. Prayer and Praise Service.
Wednesday at I p. m. Pastor, Hev. A
3. Pro.ier, Twelfth snd St. Qeorge.
Sl. Juhn the Uvanecllsl, Eighth und
'hlrteenlh. Holy Communion, tun
turning   Praysr,   11   a. m.    Eycnlnx
Prsy.r, I'M p. in- On the Arst Bunday
|q tbi month there will be a ascend
cslnliralluii of the Holy Communlun
at 11 a. in. Rector, Bev. Hugh Hooper.
St. MmueS's ('ethoiic pknrefc, Sixth
and Muhon Avenue. Sunday—High
Iluu and 8cinion, 10 a.in. Sunday
Bchool, I:t> p.m. Rosary and Benediction, MO p.m. Friday—Low Mass,
I   a. in.    Pastor,   Rev.  3. A. Bedard,
fatiat CatSollc PMreS ef Sl. I'.nl's.
Hiss. 7:10 a in., Sundays. Pastor, Rev
I Peytayln, O- U. 1.
mmm I.ONS1UI.B
St. T»o«.aa—11:00 and jiiSS- a.in.,
1:00 andllO p.m. P. E. Perrln, H.A.,
i'i ini In charge.
i'rr.brlcrlau Church. Sundays, 11
a. in. and 7:10 p. m. Sunday Schoul and
Bible Class, 1:10 p.m. Teachira' Traill
ing Class. Wednesday, 7:10. Prayer
Meeling. Wednesday, I p. in. Roys'
Club, Thursday, 7:80 p.m. Choir Practice, Friday, I p m. R. Van Muiim.i.
H. A., paator.
I'rcsbrierlu Church—Worship, Sun
days, 11 s. in and 7 p. in Sunday
Bchool, MB p. in. Paator, Rev. A. Muc-
Mcibodui Churth—Worship, Sundaya, 11 am. and 7:00 p.m. Sunduv
School, 1:16 p.m. Potior, Rev. ti
St. CleoMSl'o, htm Valley—Mallns,
11 a.m. Sunday School 2:30 pm. Even-
King 7.00 p in. Holy Communion staim'
Sunday In monlli at 11.00 n in. Normal
I.  'I'liu uiiiiilii  In  •-Iiui'i:-
Why net live ou the Waterfront?
Seven-acre Blocks
With splendid beach frontage of 360
feet each. Island Highway and O.
P. B. to Oomox at present under
construction bounds the property on
the south side. Bsst of bunting and
fishing, good soil, unexcelled scenery and splendid climate.
Price only $950 per block
Cash, 1630, and balance III per an
uuin for five years at 7 per cent.
These blocka ars under price of
surrounding property snd ars limited in number. For further particulars write owner.
Parksville, Vancouver
Island B.C.
Tenders are invited of luls or tracts-
of laud suitable for the erection of a
Cily llall for the City of North Van
All teudcrs must be made ou u form
to be obtained from the undersigned,
and musl be made by tbe owuer or bis
Attorney authorized by duly executed
power of attorney.
Tbe successful tenderer will be call
cd upon tu give ou option to the city
in a form satisfactory lo the City So
licitor until tbe neceaaary By lows ore
pusseil. The price will be psysble, IU
per reul. witbiu thirty dsyi sfter thc
passing uf the )(y luw authorizing lhc
purchaae and tbe balance within nine
ty day. thereafter.
Sealed Tender, marked "Tender for
City Hall Site" rau.t be lodged witb Ihe
City Clerk, City Hall, Nortb Vancou
ver, before 5 p.m. on Monday, Decern
ber tth, 191!.
Tbe lowest or any tender not neces
aarily accepted.
J 2 City Clerk.
10,000 cords at diy At weed fer quick
uie. Price psr odd cords, 11.70. Bps-
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Oat Wood, IS Inches, UM. 18 lnchse
MM. C. 0. D.
Ofttt end Yerd-14tlt and Lonsdale
PUslW.    P.Q-VPtim.
North Vwcotiver
Oii- the car line. Room snd board,
pood #cwppioda!loii fil working men.
Contractor's men taken. Single meals.
iB-jii       ji. KABTCOTT, Proprietor,
SONS    pp    VmUm    BBNBFIT
Lodge Wsstsru; Boss, No, 886
Heelings of this lodge are held in
tbo Knights of-Pythias Hsll, corner of
i'lu'iiicriiclil avenue und Fourth street,
on the lirst and third Fridays in such
munih, ni 8 ii 'chid; p. in.
Communications ami applications for
iiii'iulii'iuliiji to be i'ddressed to Harold
fares, secretory, P. O. bo» 8311. I87-I1I
Mrs. Mutiger will give at ber upurt
ment Wednesduy and Saturday after
noon, a free deninnslralion uf Ihu "Sex
tone Dross Form." How un esuot re
production of your ligure cau be bad
which bereuftor saves the tiresome
times of titling self. The form ulluws
tbe froe use of pins, is iiuu-lircaliuhle.
Call and see. Mt. Cruwn Apurtnteiil, 1st
street eust. 1-U
Ilinl.I  l.ll HISS
Coul mining rlglils uf (he Dominion
111 Maliilobu. Siisliiilclicnnii ulld ilinl
a. the Yukon Teri'ltury, Ihe Norlii-wtsl
Territories and In a portion of tho province of British Columhlu. may he leased for o term of twenly-ono yeurs al
an annual rciiial of |I an ucre. Nol
more thun 8,680 ucres will he luused to
one applicant.
Application for a lease muat bo mude
by Ihe applicant In person lo lhe Agent
or Sub Ail-in of lhe dlslrlcl lu which
lhe right, upplied "Tor are situated.
ln surveyed territory the land must
ho described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, und In uni.m ...
ed lerrllury tho tract minlled for sliull
bo staked out by the uppllcanl hlm
Knelt ni'iillciiil.in musl he accompanied by a fee of |6 whicii will bo refunded If lhe rights upplletl fur ure noi
uvulluble, hut nol otherwise. A royalty sliull be puld on the merchunluhlc
output of ths mine at the rule of live
centa per ton.
The person operating thu "mine shall
furnish the Agent wllh sworn returns
.nu .iiiniliin for the full guunllty ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royulty thereon. If Ihe coul inlhlns
rlghla ore not being operated, such re
turns should be furnished at leust once
a yeor,
The It uc will Include Ihe coal minimi
rlghtl only, hut thu Iciico muy be permitted ti i unl.uu.' whuli'Vcr ..'..nl.iM
aurfoce ilghta may be considered nee-
nssuiy for tho working of lhe mliiu al
Iho rate if IIO un acre.
Por full Information nnpllcullon
should bo made lo (ho secretary of the
Deparlmenl of (ho Interior. Ottawa, or
to any agenl or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister ol the Interior.
N. B—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not bo puld
for. »i
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada a Qraat.ot Western School
tt. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Muyaijet
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporalios, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgale - - - Maiisgei
ill North Vsncouvw people sst st
Uther Kiwi lllock or iioslinyi 81.,
opposite tbs uew post office. l.eouard
sells bis tea by tbe pound.
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
WB QUABANTBB ths Mirtbi-Bsiiour 100 Per Oeiit, Pure Fslnt
(except a few dsrk shades thst canuot bs prspared from lssd aud
sine), to bs msds from purs csrbonste of lssd, purs oiids sf sloe,
with coloring matter In proportionate qusuUtles nscssssrv to nisks
their respective ibidn sud tints, witb purs Unsssd oU snd turpeu-
tins dryer, snd to bs sntlrslr fees from wster, beuslne, wbltbig
Mid tfultsratlans, sn* sold snbjsct to charalssl snslyils.
Tbs Martin flenour Os. Ud.
Thut Is the only Fslnt SO jusreutaed bscsuie it U tin ouly
PtfBB PAINT on thjujisrist
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
First Class Dwelling House (or Sale
We Invite tenders for the pun-bus of new eight room snd bsae
iiicni dwelling house on Seventeenth Btreet, near Boulevard ou Lot 111,
Block 16a, District Lot 600, 60 ft. by 167 ft. Ths buUdlng Is s very
substantial oue aud has nil modern conveniences.
TENDEHS stating piles aud terms of payment, accompanied by J
marked cheque for 6 per cent, of offered price must bs delivered tu us
bore not lator tbau Saturday, tbe 18th Inst.
The highest or sny louder tut uecssssrlly accepted.
The Burrard Development Company Uauud.
17 Lousdale Aveuue
North Vaueouver
Phoue 37
"Between Two Thieves"      (Author of Dope Doctor)
"Mirabel's Island''   Louis Tracy
"Ths Lady Neit Door"  Harold Bsgble
"The Loug Portage"    Harold Bendloie
"Thc Wind Before the Dawn"  -....Hunger
"A Mau Ui thi Open" Bogsr Focock
We bave uow room for all comers St our uew stars.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book snd Stationary Compsny).
36-31 Lonsdalo Avenue. PHONB ISI
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
Harding & Walker
V. O. Box Ull
Oso. W. Hardkg Aadrsw Wslksr
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline^ and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, Qm-ivi oth, b«l. 6 iui 12 montb
omco Phone 173.
Besldeace Phone IIM
v. 0. Vet mi.
i^ ~ »"MV
• r*
78 Yssrs la Buiinsss.  qspltsl snd Surplus Ovsr *7r500,ooo.    '
Tb« Advantage! of Bank Money Orders
'or triptmi, fing tme|) WW of WOOtl in four, fbey sre esey to prowess, y if) e»sb-sofHw>*POps|ye. W, lisps them st tbe following ralei;
ffPFU»c|er-8o 6 to 10-Be   .
♦IO to «Mue it) to 9) tWs
Tbess Money Orders are payable a t par at any Branch pf guy Chartered
Bank in Oanada (YukOD Ter. excepted), In tbs prlucipal cities of Ibo United
States ami in luiiiiliin, Hug.
, '
Tw« Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidsle Avenue, near 14th Street
'      '       iiii       tmmtwmmmmmmmmimmtmtmmm
i    .
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves tbs Bummer Ironing Problem
For 1012 wc sre offering a "Hulpoiut" of tbe Dili site, suitable for
general household use, for f4.H0, Tbit iron is similar to all "Hotpoiuts".
eicept tbat tbo upper surface is unpolished.
Second Streel Easl, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coast.
Band concert every Friday evening from fi to 10.
Hot and cold water in every room. f
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rates $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
OuriuK  tb«  past  few  dsys  Br  L.
Thompson bos had msiiy enquiries for
ucreuge ip l.ynn Valley.
Aft. .lames Hluart, engineer for tbp
Pacific Ureal Ksstoru Bj.l|w|y, Ml
sbortly resli|e ,p PmlorA Bosd
A isle of wprk snd enlerlniiiinenl
will be beld In Pno* cbureb in November hm undor tbe auspice* of im-
Iisdies1 Ab).
Mr. snd Mrs
ipn leuve fpr Seattle tonight-    From
tbere tbey will go to the south for tlie
winter Hlm.
The l.ynn Valley Boy Senilis sre
ipvilod to a cbureb persile on Sunday
not at 11.15 p.m, st St. .lo|in's cbureb,
Norll) Vancouver
The Hev. A. MscAulsy sououiiced
pp Sunday tbst s mill week bvening
tervico would be belli in Knox church
duriug the winter months coroineHng
Ibis week ou Tbursdsy.
The l.ynn Valley Day committee
will meet in the Institute llall touigbl
st li o'clock fur winding up Ibeir busi
ncss of Sept.  I4tb, and  the musical
feitiVUI       uniil III I Iluu      Will      III eel     IH'Xt
week for the same purpose.
Bev. i: (!. Fakely of Ibe Methoilis,
church has been removed frum the par
sonnge tu the N. V. hospital with ty
phoid fever. It wus tliuuglil at first
Ihul Mr, Fakely was suffering from an
attack of pneumonia. He is under tin
care of Dr. Verner and todsy 'I bul
lut in shows uo improvement.
St. ('lenient',-, Mission purposes huld
iug an enlerlniiiinenl ami sale of work
in the Inslilule llall on Thursday even
ing, November I nh. A novel prugram
is in course of preparation and a very
interesting evening is assured. Tbe
members uf 81. Clemenl^ church are
noted fur keeping their guests moving
aud this will be uo exception lo the
r Nortb Vsucouver,
lllh October, 1011
I cure with my naked bands, I cure
paralysis, indigestion, neuralgia, bed
fever, heart truuble, especially palpi
latiuu, luug sud kidney (roubles, slso
suy bladder defect. Mauicle esses sud
eye defections of auy kind, stomach
troubles ami all kinds of stricture I
-lu. nili.e in.   I can alio heal broken
bonci. Also all kinds of female Irou
bles and irregularities, catarrh, elc.
Ulve me a trial in auy of the above
cases sud I will prove lo you tbe genuineness uf Uy assertions. 1 am will
ing to undertake any case however
chronic where other medical men beyc
failed. Addreu, Bev. Ben Bonner, cu.
Mr. Jackson, corner Keil'u and Suth
erland   ll'l:'..
North  Vancouver, 11. (.'.
Thc .Inn.-.- iu the In .iiiuie llall uu
Friday evening last was (lie greatest
success of any dance yet given in lhe
ilull, regardless uf the ruugh neither,
Uooil music wus rendered by Frank
Iiii'l mill, iin of Vaucuuver. Tins
was under the auspices of the i.ynu
Valley linm ii.," 'lull ami was a cum-
mencemcnl uf a scries'uf dances wbicll
will be gives during tbe season. Thc
promoters were highly pleased wilh the
Imiii 1J. I.'i!   SUCCt'SS   of   ill'    CV'Cllillg.
Sec II. I.. 'I'll.ni11 .mi lor insurance
aud investments in Lvnn Vulley.
Froiunio bluck, comer Outre Koad.
I'bouc Cil.
I'lun forget tlie Scotch concert,
Thursday, lllh iust., t p.m., Ilurticul
lural Hall.
Wmi H*t *w» *W9
BsorgsnUstbm of tbe Burt! Mall Ps-
Uwy Bwtsm. % TrsysWtM Port-
wsstsr Makes HU Appssrsncs.    ,
Tljre development of tbe cpuutry snd
tbs mpid extension of tb. ureas of
settlement |i culling for corresponding
iurreuses ip |nd extensions of the
pnnliil ueri iee. An idea pf lbc rapid
strides made, il given by lhe flirt Hull
iiliniisl liiiil uew pust offices have been
opened iu different psrts of tbe country
since January 1, 11)18. Tiie nuipbor
|s increasing monthly, fur lhc umntbly
. average from July 1 to October I bsi
J.   P.   1,'rSWfoi'd   Sllll . , ,, „      ....        m,
it'i. tJaZ       v..--l^*** *' • ** "lle "'"',')''  ^0" *""*'
ing togotber of uew inhabitants ueees
situ!'';.   Ibe   I'sllllllishuielll   pf   pit   of
lieen The majurity pf tbnse beiug
opened ore in lhe wesl, but tbe older
peril uf (be country ara not neglected.
Outsrio, Quebec ami the Maritime pro
vlncet receives their shure sccording
to tbe increase nf pppulstiou, sn iu
crease specially noticeable lu the clt
Nsw Western Offlcei '
Au idea of llie development uf the
west may be given In lhe number of
new posl oflice established in the
prairie provinces ami the far west in
one month. Oul uf seventy sin new
ofllcci opened uu July 1, fifty were iu
I'iiuii" in tbe l'reirie provinces ami the
Far Vtest. The same ratio has been
kept on August I, Bcp|cmhcr 1 and Oc
tober 1 ot tbis year.
Rural Hall Service
The department is slso cutering lo
thc needs of tbe people iu the rapid ex
tension uf Ihe rural mail delivery
scheme. By au act passed last sessiuu
a superintendent wus appuinted over
the rural mail delivery branch. His
wurk was to specialize on that branch
of the Iie|.;,iinn-ill '. work. This has
been mi.uu .'.ml ami beginning wilh Nu
vembcr of the present year, the rural
mail carriers will be equipped with a
supply uf poslal urders and slumps aud
authorized tu take registered letters so
tbat iiei|i:i ut visits ou the part of tbe
inhabitants to the post offices iu outlying districts will be unnecessary, witb
a consequent saving uf time and labur.
The result will be a former rural mail
carrier transformed iulu a travelling
Twelve Hundred Boutes
Mr. luddiie. Ibe new superintendent
slates lhat at the end of the prescul
year there will be abuut twelve bun
dred rural mail delivery routes In operation tbruughuut the country. At
present there arc almost nine huuured,
ersuoii. .'tpe route irnuer tpe pw system ws» simply b?. "sen pistes already
citsblished but the circulsr route takes
in more outlying parti si well ua tbe
eilstlug route sud »fi»K» Ureater bene-
Weitern Visit Postponed '
Tbe PostuiBitorOeneral bsd intended
to see for blrpielf tbe gffii, tb Ot fbe
country uiul visit tbe west, before tbe
opening of parliament, but his work in
Englaud sud tbe early opening of pur
lismept bsve prevented him and ho will
be completed to wsit for I more op
poftune time.
Tbe following tsbie give* tbe ibis
wheat production of iill the countries
Wbicb  have ap fsr niade  tbeir otlieinl
reports to tbe Institute including the
informal inn in u cablegram received
1018 1011
Tbi. of Tbi. of
Buab. Bush
Prussia     08,788 05,741
Belgium      111,878 14,01/
Bulgaria     0.1,750 78,U0lj
Denmark    .3,016 4,498
Spain     118,416 148,497
Preuee     «,03» 322,058
Kugland 4 Wales..   66,341 68,066
Hungary  186,200 100,100
Italy     166,714 102,387
Luxemburg          664 641
Huumania       88,410 95,667
"ii uuu Empire ... 740,041 609,603
Switzerland       3,112 3,524
Canada   206,685 215,851
I'nited  States   .... 720,000 621,338
India   366,930 374,645
lapau       24,463 25,815
Kgypl    28,948 38,046
Tunis         4,226 8,635
Norway           291 270
Nui lim lu ml   ...;...     4.608 5,566
Algeria       27,173 36,600
Tulali    3,266,902    3,036,75;
Accurdiug tu today's cublegrum tin
1912 producliou uf wheat in the eoun
triei which have su far reported lu
tbe Institute is 107.2 per ceut. of that
uf thc same countries' iu 1911; barley
106.2 per cent; oals 120.7 per cent.;
com 116.4 per cent.
Tou  WUI  Bsvs  Your  8treugtb
Bitting Down
Sil in s luw rocker with lhc board
placed uu two chairs or something
thai will bring tbe board jusl high
enough to allow the knees to slide
under easily. Hon't have il uny
higher or there will not be ruom
Of this number about six hundred bad ] enough for pressure from your arms,
beeu in operation wheii tbe Hon. I.. P. The rocker will give witb every mo
I'ellelier took up the reius of bis de-1 tion you make and is altogether bet
pertinent. At that time tbe scheme j (er than au ordinary chsir. Just plan
had lieen iu operation for four years, where lu put your bosrd and get into
The result ut Mr. i'ellelier > wurk in-the habit of usiug it so aud you will
appoint iug -a special superintendent will save your strength wonderfully. Is
be seen at the end uf Ihc year wbeu aij thii way you can iruu wheu tuo tired
many ruulea will have beeu establish : to stand up, and fur these wbu arc
ed by bim in Iiiln -ii inuiilli:. as during troubled wilh sure and aching feel,
the four years uf Liberal adiiruistra , especially in hot weather, it is a won
lion.   This is all Ibe mofe creditable ar ilerful help.
BOOMS FOB KK.NT--Housekeeping
snd smgie. 214 2nd street eait.    t.f.
FOB  HKNT—Two  2 room  cotUgoi,
witb waler 18 aud SO, A. Smith k Co.
FOB BBNT - Modern furuii'ued
apartment of 4 rooma; beat; disappear
log beds; piano; telephone, etc.; alsu
uufurniihed apartment; iplcndid view.
Colonial Apartments , Fighth street
eaat, Nortb Vancouver. Knquirc Apartment  3,   Phone 2101..
FOH BKNT-Two nice large fur
uiibed bedrooms. Apply 600 C>eeus
bury Avenue, IIU
FOB BKNT-6 ruumed 1st near
ferry, A25 per monlb. Apply Wsrburu
itt l'iano House. t.f.
FOB KKNT -A house on lOtb ttreet
. sud Boulevsrd; alto tbsrk, suitable for
couple. Apply V. Booth, plumber.   If.
FOB BKNT—4 roomed moderu hou
iw, 6 minutes from ferry. Bent 116
p.-r liumlh     Pcen k Boult. Phono,188.
FOB KKNT Knglisli Isdy ba. spare
bedroom, would luil two gentlemen.
Apply  N.  V. P. 0. Box 8686.     If,
FOB KKNT Five and sis roomed
houses, ill rouveuienrei, 26hb itreet
sud Jones, $20 ssd 126 per moots. Ap
ply Karland, 81b street and Hendry
Avs., N. Vancouvsr. 4-11
FOB BKNT—Fint new modern 7-
roomed bouse, corner of Mill sud Ma
hou Avenue. Will give lease to suit
ablt tenant. Apply Bobert J Fowler,
8)8 Kiplausdc Kail. pf,
FOK BBNT—Modern tbree room cottage complete mltf l»th and toilet,
Fine tituaUon we Keilb toad. IUM
pat montb It rented tbit week. Alexander Bmltb and Company, 11 Lonsdsls
{'OK  MAI.K    Honey    I'urc,  dclicioUl,
heap.   Usrdeo Apisry, 140 17th west.
FOB SALK—Some furniture, cheap.
Small beater, etc. nol uied, li. 120
3rd ttreet west. 4 11
FOB BALK— Bbubarb ruoti, boat im
ported Kngliih teed. J). Hohlsworth.
Usrdts svenue, Cspilsno. if
FOB SALK -Unlimited amount of
cord wood Of ttove wood. Thompson snd
Hluart. I'bouc 481. I.f.
FOB BALK—Furnace wood, Ir ilabi
I. I. Doras, pbone Wi. Leave order* N.
V, Lumber Co. olee. 8-U
FOB BALK— Applet, Oravenitdlu,
slso spples for winter stock. Keene,
I7tb street snd Bt. Oeorge. 4-11
F,OB 8ALK-A few very choice
WUte Leghorn Cockerels.. Apply 263
lib street west, Nortb Vsncouver. (J.
FOB SALK -Three ponies, weight
Sbout 600 Ib. each, well broken to sad'
die snd awnsst. 1. A. McMillan. 411
FOB S*LK--(Jramapbope In  llrsl
clan Order.  Six double records, Apply
cor. )7lh sad Bewicke Avenue after
aVveaae,' Nortb VaaeWsr, B. fl. -*J*n\$ f- 9 tn
FOH   BALK- First   growth   wuod,
II.in a cord. 0. UcDsde, 140 mi, slrect
easl. i'hune 91.
FOH BALK-Snap ou Weitern Avo
uue (35x164 feel, 300 feet from Ihc
present terminus uf Lomdale car. I'tub
(800. Apply 160 161b itreet well. Ill
WANTKD--Waitress. Wl wages.
Apply Kii hn i n Cafe, 116 Ksplauade,
North Vancouver. - 811
WANTKD-Girl for real Mlale of
flee. Good chance for learner. Stale
wages lo P. O. Box 2086. .611
WANTKD—Boom and use o't belli iu
private family at once by two Kngliih
men.  Wniteborn,  (poit  ollice;.     611
WANTKD—A young girl lo audit
witb housework in family uf three.
Apply 162 3rd street east. 12 11
U)ST - Black, white and lun rough
haired fox 'terrier puppy bitch, aboul
five mouths' old. Howard, Mskovski,
HHh aud St. Andrew's Phoue 1.161. t.f.
Private loiioui in French, German
and Knglish. Apply 260 Keith Koad
West. ")M1
Short time leant ou vacant or im
proved proptrty. Star Loan Company
8)2 Hastings, Vancouver.
Chimney Sweep erderi taken at
North Vancouver Transfer t'o'i. office
12 Lonidale. Phune 07. 4 11
Klderly lady wishes pusitiuu as
housekeeper or ladies help in small
family.   Phuue 120. ' 111
lady wifbci daily position as lady'»
help, housekeeper or cure uf child. Bux
A165, Kxpresi Ollice. 8 11
I.ady  living  In  iniall  huuse  offeri
home to.another. Very moderate termi
MONKV TO LOAN Money loaned
ou .Iiiiiiiiiii.I:., jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., 812 Hastings, Vancuuver.       t.f
Modish Colors In the Naw Sprinn
Gentleman wiines nice ruum iu pri
'..ii.   liim..,-   ri,,..,-   in,   Apply,  stating
l-mii. uiin. lo Uox 161, Kxprcss OOJcc.
*   Oil
Bets, Box 2367, Phoue 477.
Dsuriug taught, tin class or private
ly. Miu Kidwell, 2184 Cornwall St.,
Vancouver. Pboue Bay. 1I73B.     8 11
Mri. Frank Alice, maturuty nurse,
North I.uu -dull- P. O., or call at grocery
cor.'Lonsdsle snd King's Bosd.    611
For too wstcb snd jewelry work g'o
to Oeo. Bumerto'u, the new jewelry store
on 2nd itrett.
Boom tnd bosrd in modern bouie sl
modern rales. Kngliih cooking. 416
ith slrect and Kidgewgy Ave.     16 11
Loeciuuliiiig Taught- All branches
(Irish). For terms apply 120 IWbb Bl,
Weit, Lonidale Avenue, North Van
cuuver. 611
Furnace heated double front room,
•ingle room alio bed tilting room, bslf
a block from I-onidsJe. 126 siixth,
Street Wesl, North Vsncouver.    \lt
B. (3. livaiy ssd Board itablat-
Ligbt rigi snd ladies' saddle bortss
/or hire. Stabling tti hones. Oss
ersl delivery and $eevy learning. 0.
Dumas, Itb strsst wsst. Phon. 347 tf.
Und Clearing and Qrsdiug Lots,
t-frjj?ete Aadrati, Osssrsl Contractor. Sewer connections s specialty, bstement
snd otber excavating work undertaken
Katlmatc free. 120 ISth street wsst,
Nortb Vsacosvsi, past oftes box MM.
Authorised sgent for Singer Sew
ing Mscbine Company in Nortb Van
couvcr. J. i. McAlcccc, Dry Uoodiand
Gouts' Furnishings, corner lu-t and
Lonidale Avouue. t.f.
Wc Ihe undenigued givo notice that
we have' by mutual couienl dissolved
partnership tbii day lu the plumbing
business istely rsrried ou in the usme
of Hoebuck snd Neale, at 116 Second
Slreet wesl, Norlb Vancouver. All
debts payable to said Inn wili be col
lected by W. Nssle, Nortb Lonidale
and sll debit incurred by Inn to dste
will be psid by W. Neale.
Signed tbii lit dty of November,
B. KoKlil'i K.
North Vtncouver, B. C gj)
In puriuence of au aulgnment dated
Auguit Mth, 10)2, to the undersigned,
parties indebted to the W. II. Btoney
k Company are hereby oetiled to pay
the amounts due at tbe office of tbe at-
aigaee, Wilson k Petty, suite 0, DeBeck
Building,  lit  Haitingi  street   west,
Vancouvsr, II. C, at lhe earliest possible moment, who will Iuue receipli
for tame.
w. i. miaou,
Pbons Seymour 4734.
Thl Whits Wephsnt Psrty tht Litut
Social apd Charitable Fad-8omi-
thing Like s Rummage Sale, Though
Mere fun—An Emergtnoy Dmtrt.
Pear Elsa-Of course Dick sud ji
look Id tbo automobile show wbicb
wsa Recently beld st Mndlion Squsre
Osrdeu. 1 uui wonderfully Interested
lo motor modes and fssbloos, bot ons
feels like puttlug down tbs brakee snd
going slow sfter sn bour or so spent
St tbs exhibition. There Is po place
In wbicb to rest one't wesry bones,
sscept t« sit In ons ot the cars, and
that's sucb a conspicuous' piece of
vantage, snd one's bead, my, bow It
does go whirling after wstcblog tbs
cars whiz sround tbs trsckl
I Too know, desr, tbst nowsdsys
(hero uro fusblonnblo shades In sutof.
There srs some tones tbat stay In, foe
Instance, somber colors for general
practical use, but most of the curs at
tbs show wero wearing their nsw
spring suits, regular Easter dsy pa-
rude effects. Psle lavender wss am
nt tbe leading colors, snd If tbut Isn't
s reel Busier color I don't know wbst
Is. Pearl gray cars were much In
evidence, but tbe swsgger Gsster
frocks will go In the sll white snd
cresm cars. 1 never ssw so msny of
tbem before, especially In limousines.
But If 1 wero going to buy s nsw
auto 1 should bo tempted to purcbaae
s very dark violet machine. This color It shown In a number of makes
sud bas replaced In my affections ths
dark buoter's greens tbat ars slso well
played up. Tbe emersldt snd light
gruss greeue, scarlets and crushed
raspberries and Ibe other light ones
are too brlgbt for my taste, but I wu
fold tbat tbey would be sil ths rsge.
Imagine having lo live up to s ulmon
tinted motor, though, or s cerise or s
vivid greenl For you know It It ibo
proper caper to get your motor In ons
of tbe fusblonnblo shades flrst snd
choose your coats nnd veils to match.
Tbli vagary is possible only for
persons wbo cou afford s car every
year or so. Indeed, you would wsnt
ouo a monlb for aucb cspriclousness.
I've Just (bought of s scheme for the
"don't know whut to do wltb their
money" outolsts. Ut tbem bsvs s regular seasonable procession of cars.
Let's see in January a snow whits
would be appropriate. I think s dark .
red ono would feel cozy In February,
and Ibe gray days of March would
suggest a dull gray motor. For April
and Easier, as 1 tald, there would bs
tho gay lu verniers. Tben in May oss
of those crushed strawberry effects
would come In nicely wilb the esrly
berries, and a real American Beauty
red would do well for the montb of
roses. For patrloUc July there mlgbi
tio s blue .ur M io Is fosblonsbls—
wltb s border line of red snd s monogram In while-the national colors, you
see. In reel summer weather, In August, s cool vaullla les cream would
be cboseu -thut Is exactly what one
cer looked like. For September days,
wben lenve.'i begin to turn brown, one
of those toft brown motors would do
tnd for October tbe purple tone would
be most appropriate. Tbere Is s regular pumpklu yellow ihut u hideous
but modish Ibst could lit In for November end Thanksgiving day, snd.
Anally, In December a deep holly green
wltb trlmulngt of red would carry s
suggestion of Christinas. Then next
year thero would be a new gamut of
colors from which to make s selecUon.
But to bo serious and to change tbs
subject, wby don't you bavo a white
elephant party tho next Ume you entertain lbe oniuscniont club! This
slcpbant parly Ib tbe latest lu soclsl
tud charitable fuda As you know,
shytblng of tbe whits elepbsnt order
msy bs wbntever la useless to tbe
owner, from reel esiote to hotplns. Bo
those wbo sre Invited to Ibe party select tometblug which they consider
uudeslrable-a new pair of glovea
wbicb are too small or too large: s
collar which Is unbecoming; s bowknot
bi tons wltb the complexion; sn orns-
nii-ni tbst has become distasteful to
the owner; s book which bus s duplicate. U lbe sffolr Is for, charity (hs
articles sre laid out and modsrslely
priced, ssd then tbs affair It of Urs
union- of s high class rumnugs ssls.
If it li iluply o social affair Uis
package, oro wrapped up snd drawn
(tr, snd if Uis guests wish to cbsugs
off wltb oue slolbsr Uisy srs st liberty to do lo.
Here's Uie recipe for so emergency
dsssert I've found vsry good sod useful. It Is called by Ihs woman who
Invented It "cream surprise." On* pf
Its sdvsutagss Is Uiat if tbs milsrlili
called for srs not st band otberi may
be substituted. Msrtbmallows cut
wllh scissors Into small tqutree, cut-
up csndled cherries, broken nuts,
crumbled macsroons, sherry according
(o tiie suiount of dessert required snd
whipped cresm sre the ususl Ingredients, bul bits of ceks or Isdy Angers
tss-be-used In place pt ths macsroons.
snd If candled cberrlss ere sot handy
s fsw chopped seedless rtlnlut or chop
bed Ags will do ss wsll. English wtl-
huts ut perhaps Uis nicest nuts to
oss. Tbe msrsbmeHows, nuts, cberrlss
sod macaroons srs soaked for sn how
sr so In shsrry and fast befors serr-
folded through tbs wblppsd crssm.
i dieted Is terved sitaer In Individ
bsi dishes with s chstry or s fsw nuts
so top or lo s Urge bowl,  lorn It-
■ i
1 Houses to Sell or Rent
We have some splendid buys st
Reasonable Prices
I louses of all sizes to rent
Excellent four-room suites, Close in, $17.80 and $22.50
Pbone 24, P.O. Box 1820
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Keinilrlng, Remodelling, Mc, Prompt-
li attended (o.
Kstimates Furnished Free
III It,llllli   (UKTHilTIIH
ollice: in. i.ln.nn St Son's i'.i. i..Is. 8s-
lilanade.   Phone  122.
Residence:   Aliull   Itoud.  l.ynn  Valley.
P. 0. Hox HI), l.ynn (.'reek. Phone
A.M.I.K. it »■
Irrigation, dratnaga, levels, plant
and •s|iii-ilie,itiniii. Septic Innti .nd
houie drainage a ipecially. P. 0.
llui ill, llilb ttreot west of Bewicke
Aud general Commission Merchant, l'l
I ..I uui,  Ave., North Vancouver.
Phoue 324
Studio   ovsr   Hank   B. N. A.
Lonidtli sad Kmluaad.
High Class l.n.lien' and Gents'Tailoring
Repairing   Slid   Alterations.   Cleaning
and Dyeing in all its branches. All
Work guaranteed,
ill Firit Street West. I'bone 'Hit
(•I. Uui)
Ladies' sod Bents' 01 tan Ing,
Pressing snd Repairing
a Specialty
120 Secoud Street Bsst
N.V. Tinning 4 Sheet Metal Works
First Strut Bsst of Lonsdsls
Lowest prices auil best work guaran
teed ou tinuing and ibeet metal wprk.
All kindi of itwi filed and set ou tbe
HUME &. CAMPBELL       shortest notice.   Uwn mowers, knives,
121A  Lousdale  Aveuue l"idk'e 'h**'* *ui scissors sbarpcucd. All
  work guaranteed, moderate pricet.
1231 Lousdalt Aveuue Phone 16
We lire tpeciuiiats iu these lines.
Cabinet  Maker and Carpenter       — . :	
Will undertake ail kinds ol wuod w"ork,|    ,, Jm W,tcbi,,Bpl)jI)g 0, keopi.,g
repairt, elc. irregular tinicl   II se, tee
Fourth Slreet and Sutherland Aveuue,
P. 0. Box 2006 A. J. HOOD
NOHTII  VANCOUVEB Pioneer Jeweller, 60 Lousdale Avenue
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Groceries and Provisions st tbe North Shore
Qrocery, where you get the very best goods at ths loweet
prices.   Olve us a trial and prove this for yourself.     We
dou't carry auy goods wc can't guarantee.
A few of our specials:
Oood CoBao st  26c  Ib.
Brooke Bond Tea at i S6c lb.
Creamery Butter, 35c or 3 lb. for  f 1.00
Boiled Oats,  36c 7 lb. sacks
Apples, eitra fancy $1.60 and $1.66 boi
Oenulne Ashcroft Spuds   ,..11.36 est-k
All  guaranteed to be over three Inches lu length and the
grower's  nam.  furutaued with each tack.
Oood CbUllwack Spuds     $1.00 a sack
Orders promptly delivered.
15th aud Lomdale
Phone 217
Jim McLaughlin's Regeneration
'    '   m-mma-—p     ■■	
(Continued from lsst ftfdnj)
Good Butter Buns.   Plain Sultana, Nut
and Cherry Cakes in great variety
Yule and Coffee Cakes
Home-made. Candy     M
"■I "      i' il      'Mill
But Jem did not die. He did not
belong to that class of whom it is ssid
tbey die young becspee llie gods |pye
tbem. lo tbe course pf an hour ur twu
lie awuke from his stupor, uin) although
wegk Slid groggy oil bit pins, at ho
lijiiisnlf eipressed il, and bruised und
bettered shunt the Out, smi with huth
eyes nesrly closed, be resumed bis du
ties. Strange ss it may appear, he
emerged from the ordeal a cbunged
man. From the hour thst Power ud
ministered the drubbing s great refer
million set in. Bvery truce of rultian
ism had ou, ed out through his wounds
snd in plsce nf tht bully whom every
one feared sud listed, there stood s
polite snd decent nisii wboie inunners
were almusl obsequious and who never
again was known to browbeat or insult
n cu. iinner. Women, children and degi
were tlio especial objects of bis kind
attentions. Wben he weighed a piece
of meal he did not follow bis former
practice of weighing bia heavy hand
witb it, hut gave good measure, heap
ud up and running over. To Mrs. Bur
roughs be was more than kind, sending
her the choicest bits ami forgetting tu
charge them ou the books. As for Me
I'ui nuiii, be sent for him and told him
that his dug would be fed daily il lie
wuul.l only let bim como to tlie shop
I'ei'i'l' wlm used tu address him as
"Mister" Mclaughlin gut lu address
iug bim as Mclaughlin, ami dually
they lapsed iulu the greater familiar
ily of "Mae" ami "Jem." He re
ceil e.l.all Ihese ul lent inns wuh smiles
of approval and happiness; but the
strangest psrt uf the affair was that he
never by auy chance referred to the
pounding he had received at tbe hands
of I'ower. Asked how be received the
injuries oiNlie face he would attribute
them tu ruuning against a side uf licet
in the dark. Ilis memory of thst eveul
seemed a blank. Ail tbat he knew was
lhat he hail been hurt, he believed, by
accident, ami that was all there was
tu be said. Hut the reformation wai
must marked, and so loug as 1 knew
him afterward he continued a steady
ami exemplar member of the eommuii
ity. He ' neither drank, gambled nor
swore. "Hoy," be remarked to oue of
his old companions, "I've drunk my
lust drink and I 'in guing to save my
money from Ihis time on forevi-nnorr
till Kiiigiluiu ".iih u, don't tempt me.
for I won't go." He was suspected .of
harboring matrimonial designs toward
a woman who kept a restaurant on tbe
liat, bul al she had tbe iuconveiiieui
encumbrance of a husband still living,
ami told him so, the courtship came lo
naught Wheu Kev. Klicne/cr Bullion,
the first Methodist missiousry, paddled
and poled his way in a canoe lo Yale
in Im'.'.i. Mclaughlin gave him the glad
hand, aud attended his first sermon on
a Sunday iiiorujng ami joined in sing
ing lhe hyiiini, "Fur you kuow," be
explained, "1 used lu belong lu a choir
when I was a young fellow back in
■ There were tad days iu slorc for the
Utile Hugh li woman in the tent down
ou Ihc hur Mho was 'jesliued to have
a greal heart trouble, ami looking U. I.
as I write through all the years thai
have lapsed since theu I conjure up
her frail ligure as 1 last saw jt, with
her dear little ones clow pressed to her
brea.il and calling on Cod to protect
aud buoy them up iu Ibeir great sur
row. That picture is one 1 never can
forget.   Hul I must uut anticipate.
Out- stormy aflcruouii a miner came
into tuwu. He had Irs veiled rapidly
over the trail from a bar where hir
company were located iu quest of a
■ui,-"'"i. The story be told waa Ibat
a stranger on bis wsy down the river
Irail had shot himself in Ihe thigh
uiul.- iliiiiliing over a tree that had
fallen across the pslb. Tbe trigger
caught on a (wig aud tbe charge exploded. A doctor was procured and
accompanied ibe man back to Bailor
Bar. Wbeu tbey reached tbere Ibe
stranger was .lead—having hied to
death. The doctor, after pronouncing
the man to be dead, asked if be bad any
effects. Borne letters and a bag of
gold dust weighing over Hon were
im a. led to bim. Evory miuer'i cabin
was provided witb a pair of gold scales
for weighing dust, snd from the purse
Ihe doctor weighed oul (15(1 as hit
fee and handed Ihc bag bach to the
mimis. The hitler brought (be letters
and the balance remaining in the bag
to Vuh-, and banded tbem to tbe author
itios. The letters were addressed to
'' ('huries Burroughs, Ly11ou,'' aud bore
the Yale postmark. Hid anyone know
Charles Burroughs I No one knew sueh
a person; but Jew Mclaughlin, who
joined s group of men who bad gathered to discuss tbe tragedy, suggested
that Mrs. Burroughs migbt know the
dead stranger.
"(lad! '■' exclaimed oue pt tin group,
"I'll bet any mouey tbat he's her hus
"Op sud mis hm," suggested #*•
"Wot iM fmn mymlt," erieA i
third man. "I don'l esrry no hsd
news to no one, and eoold no more ssk
thst poor thing it Hit her Itnibsnd , bsn
, ppuld fly."
Ami su il came about that ip pi)
thai crowd of rpugb and uncouth men,
Whn were peputtoilied tn brave danger
In every form, nol ope could be found
wilh millicieiil   nerve to Sth the little
woniiin, "Wub be your husbsod
The Ipsk was assigned to Mrs, I'ower
and Mrs. Fulker. The latter ws. the
wife of Henry I'VUi.-i of the Blue Tent.
Bhe died ouly the ether day at su sd;
vunr.'il pge. The 'Sdles went lo tbe
tent. Mrs. Burroughs wst sewing. We
nmi he sure thst they performed tbe
duly gently and slier the niuiiner of
tbeir nulile uiid self denying ies. Tbe
: iinni'''' proved correct. Tbe dead man
wss the woman's husband, who wss
ou bit wsy bsck to mske ber happy
with his purse of gold when ibe neei
dent occurred thst took away his pre-,
'■inii.-- life. A man who waa on tbp
Irail with bim when the gun went off
lold me that be was whistling and sing
ing sllemstely ss be wslked along iu
anticipation of s reuiiiou beforo uight
fell with hia loved ones, uf whom he
often spoke. "He was siuging," said
the man, "Tbe Qiri 1 Left Behind
Me," and using bis loaded gnu as. a
slun'  when  tbe  death-blow  came."
Little more remains tu be told, Mrs.
Burroughs had thc budy brought tu
Yale and interred iu the little cemetery
Dear uid John Kurtz read thc funeral
service, ami Hugh Nelsou, William
i'ower, Jem Mclaughlin ami I led tbe
pallbearers. At the grave tbe widow
knelt, and with her children pressed to
her I.u-nin engaged iu hiIfii( prayer,
while we all drew back and gazed reverently at the affecting scene. Wheu
she rose Jem Mclaughliii respectfully
ami humbly came forward and took a
child in each lluud, while i'uwer offered
his arm lo the afflicted womsn. We
then formed a iitlie procession and
marched .lown tbe bill to Mrs. Felker's,
where comfortable ijuartor. had been
prepared for tbe family. The following
week Ihey went away tu their friends
iu li'alifornia, ami Yale knew them uo
Was Ibe regeneration uf Jem Me
laugbliii permanent 1 l do not know
I hope that it was, for at the. boltoni
he was a good sort and capable uf
noble actions. Let us trusl that he
uever relapsed into evil ..ur. ami
that, as he must have long since gone
the way of all flegh, he continued lu
grow in grace until wheu the end came
e won a starry crown.
Wheat ii Moving With
Record Speed
Blocksds This Year Unlikely
Government's Efforts to Provide Ade
quale Facilities for Transportation
of Wheat Crops Meeting with Harked Success.
If there is a western gram blockade
Ibis year il will uut lie llirough lack
of effort ou the pun of the government to prevent it However, at pre
sent the prospects arc bright that the
western grain will be all moved to
utarkel without any serious tie-up. The
wheal was a lillle slow starling to
move, but official figures show that il is
now going forward at a record rate
and the prospects are that by lhe close
of navigation fully double the amount
hai.ui. .i last year at Ibe same period,
will have como cast by waler.' Tbe
grain is «t m exceptionally high tjuul
AB Are Helping
Tlie Bailway Commission, (be uev,-
grain Commission ami Ihc aduiiaiitra
(ive departments at Ottawa have beeu
doing everything possible lo facilitate
the nun eon ni of the crops ami tbe out
look is thai for (be first time for years
tbere will uot be a serious blockade.
Hou. Bobert. Kogers, Minister of the
Interior, has been workiug all sum
met on a plau to bave the period of na
vigatiou extended for a month and has
bad many interviews with shipping and
insurauce men last week he bad a
conference wilh H. P. Hale, of the Mon
treal Board of Trade aud representative
of large insurance iutercsts, sud the
prospect il that arrangements will be
made for an extension of the period of
Aids te Navigation.
If Mr. Kogers succeeds in thit it will
be a great boon to the western fsruier
aa it will mean tbat much more grain
will be moved before sole reliance will
have to Iw placed ou the railways- The
Marine Department baa already made
arrangements i'or iee breakers at V'
William snd i'orl Arthur to keep the
herbon open to tbe latest possible
dslcs. All possible aids to navigation
bave bean arranged aud additional
Jigbts have, been placed at Georgian
Bay ports.
That tbp railwaya Me in a ballet
petition to handle the crop than ever
More it due largely to the sCsrts et
eiicu WSS held si Ottsws between ptem-
bere of the cabinet snd tbs beads nf,
tin railways tp disspit the situstiou sod
to prevent suother blocked..
Rsjfws mfiomM ■"
Tbs rWlwsy rosgpetss mm tmlly
told they lOUit make larger Jreper»:
Horn to handle ths west's crppV fbtf
started early anil placed largo orders
for cars ami at i#ts rv'sln syer since-
tbe Itailwuy Commission hss proddud
Ihem. The railways made remarkable
preparations, and the three roads, Can-
aiiiun Pacific, llraml Tmh sud Can-
iiilian Northern added thll summer In
their rolling stock no lets than twspty-
two thousand bnt <ws nnd firs ||U"
ilreti engines. In addition SO lessthsu
seventeen, million dollars wst expended pp betterments with intent sulely
to   expedite   the   inoveuieut   of   grain.
This M'l I'liti'.'ii millions ii ust Including the millions spout  for I'xlensioiii,
branch lines, etc. This .mossy wst
spent on increased iwitchrtig facilities,
better teriiiliisls, etc. The 0. P. B
alio last year spent millions po improving tne line east of Port Arthur
tlong the noilh. On the Canadian l'u
cilic railways tingle line sidings bsve
been doubled, iteel bridges have taken
tbo place of wooden trestles to bear the
weight of heavier locom»,|vei, snd
grades have been reduced
Another Spot
Tbia yesr, thanks tn tbs efforts of
tbe governmeut, the weal will not bave
to depend ou oue tingle track eusl of
Fort Arthur for the movemeiit of grain
after the close of navigation.
Using ths N. T. B.
Hon. Frank Cochraue has beeu press
ing lo completion tbe only section pf
Ibe National Transcoutiueuta|, which
is to be of any immediate uio to tbe
weit—tbe line (imp Winnipeg to (loch-
iiiiic Cochrane is tbe poiut where thc
Outario government railway crosses the
Transeoutiueiital and witb the iiuv
cuiupleled tu Cochrane it ia possible lo
ship wheat that fsr over tbe Trsnscuu
iiu.-niiii and ihence suuth ami east
uver uther roads lo tbe ocsap ports of
Canada. Tbe minister uf Hail ways ou
assuming ofliee ordered thai all possible
speed be made iu order lo mn -i the
line iu lime lo be ready this fell. Ms-
jur Leonard, the Transcouliiiculal Bail
way Commissioner, has been speeding
up the worl with tbe result tbat the
steel will be linked up to Cochrane
early in November and iu plenty of
lime lo aid iu tbi! crop movemcul.
Hudson Bay Work
Hut lhe government has in addition
been looking uhead. Mr. Cochrane bas
been rushing work on lbc Hudsou Hay
Ilailway. He has mude a remarkable
record. The Liberals talked Hudson
Bay railway fur liftecu years and made
Iwo election campaigns ou it iu lbc
west. Tbey built half a dozen paper
railways, but al the close ul fifteen
years all that had been dune was to
start a bridge at Le I'as ami let Iwo
weeks before lhe last eleetion one contract. Mr. Cochrane bus in one short
year let lhe contract for the whole line
from' I*' I'as to the Bay, over four
hundred miles and work ii being/uih
Terminals at the Bay
Hut Mr. Cochrane has not stopped al
thai. A road (o (he Hay without an
up tu Hale harbor tu receive ships to
load lbc west's gram would be of lii
He use, ami tbe Minister has likewise
rushed work on Ihc waler side, ao that
tbe contract will be let tbis fall for
terminals, elevators, docks, etc. By tbe
time the road is completed, there will
be up to date harbor terminals. Mr.
Cochrane found lhal Ibii pbaae of the
ijucstiou had never beeu properly in
vt'stigalt'd by his predecessors. Tbere
was uu accurate information in bis de
paitineni He at once despatched ex
pcdiiious by land aud water to the Bay
to make tnorougb surveys of the bar
lion of Fort Churchill aud Fort Nel
■ou. H. T. Ha/eu, au expert harbor engiueer, was eugaged, aud ii iu charge
Ip surveying Port Nplwp, sud If his
report oo this hsrbor is favorable it
will bs cboien pt ths termlns! at from
S railway standpoint |l is' much mors
deilrable, owlug to ths tittthit It Is
eighty miles closer to ths *sst's wbsst
Debit. Ai soon as the report i* in,
the final choice pf terminals will be
made ami ths contracts will be let, so
tbat work will not be delayed,, ft It
expected to huve the loud completed in
time lo help carry the crop of Uil.
Fort WUlleip improvsmttiu
At Port William tbe nsw grsip commission  it  tusking  preparations  for
handling post yesr't crop by erecting in enormous new public owned ''le ■
vstor whieh will bs espslde pf hsndl-
log Ihree million bushels of wheal. If
w||| bp one Of tbS largest sud the most
up tu dale elevalura 00 the continent.
Work it being rushed tnd  will  eon
iinm' all winter, io tbst tbe elevator
will be ready hy next fall. A contract
haa alto boep let to double the ''opacity sf tbs government uw i elevator at Port Colborne.
Bample Markets
Tho grain commission lus also completed urrangenii'iils for tbe est ubl ish
merit of a sample market at Winnipeg
uiiiiii'thiiig lhe weatern farmers havu
loug been asking for. lu order to bouie
tbe market, the drain Kxchauge of
Winnipeg ia doubling tho else of iti
present building, while arrtflgumeiils
sre being msde llirough the Bsilwsy
Commission to have additional railway
St. Andrew's Society-
Tbe Bt. Andrew's ami Caledonian Bo
eiely lsst week celebrated Hollow
e'en by a most enjoyable dance coupled
witb Hue installation ceremonies of tho
olhi.'is reecnlly elected.
" Mr. A. Smith otlleittcd st the later
ceremony ami Mrs. W. T. (Jruhaine de
.■orated the new uAlcers with the budg
es. At Ibe conclusion of this I unci ion
the uew president, Mr. J. Y. Tuliis,
addresied a few words lu hia fellow
officers and members soliciting their cooperation in the year's duties
Tbe daure was led uff wilb Ihe graud
iiiiii.h hen,led by tbe society'i piper.
K.'iienhiiiujii" were provided by tbe
ladies iluring lhe interuiiasiou iu Ihe
In sll Ciiuiiirlei. Aak for our Inventor'! Advlltr. Marlon A Marlon, III
Unlv.rtlt/ Blreel, corn.r St. Cathirln.
Siren, Montreal, Canada and Washington, D. C, U. 8. A.
Ths North Vancouver Coal and Bupply
Company  Limited,  In  Voluntary
Tbe .ie.iii.ir~ of the above named
Company are hereby notified to die
their claims against the said Company
duly verified it tbe office of Harry 3.
Ferriu, one of tbe Joint Liquidators,
North West Trust Building, Bicbard.
Btreet, Vaueouver, B. C, ou or before
Ibe 16th dsy of November uext, 101:'.
sud thst the.Llquidsiori will sfter tbat
date proceed lo distribute thc aascts
of (be said Company, having regard
only to tbe creditors wbo bave filed
Ibeir claims iu compliance wilb tbis
uotiee. * —
Vancouver, Ocluber 30tb, 1>1S,
Joint Liquidators.
Wby is chloroform like Bicbard
Wagncrl Because it is one of tbe
greatest of modern composers.
Western Dominion Und & Investment Co.
With Which Is Incorporated '
Bevan, Gore t Eliot, Limited
North Vancouver Branch: 67 Lonsdale Avenue, opposite Pott OAct.
Bepretsnting Lynn Creak Zinc Mines Lotted
Wt havt money for kgreeanuli for Bale.
,   NtttB.
Nothing too lertfo or too
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
<| U us quote you rsies on Fut, Ut tud Accident
McMillan & reid
?hm* HI..
U Wvmiffi isyBNUK
4 > '   t
Are You Contemplating a Trip to
the Old Country?
IF 80
Arrange to Join our Personally Conducted Party, Leaving Vancouvei'
I on December 8th.
Spend Your Chriitnuu at Home
ily joining litis special you cuu make the trip at small expense. Every
thing im hided in lhe fure we will  quote you.   Tbe  party   will   be  iu
charge of ihe undersigned, whu will look ufler all details uf the trip,
relieving you of ull worry incident lo u journey uf tbis kiml.
il' interested, mil un, telephone ur address,
T. C. HOLT, Ltd.
10 I.me.Inle Avenue, Nurlh Vancouver, B, 0.
A. W. NABE, Commercial Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee b Puget Bound
Hallways .
113 Haatlugs Htreet Wost, Vancouvar, B. 0.
A Slory Showing How»Small
Circumstance May Turn the
Scale ol Advantage
The Scenic Highway
V.'l.i:.'.     Ibi'    I   e.'ililll'lll
Tbroupli UvUvia tu nil jwrt» of the
..'■ii.i   Ut   luWl'ttl   lUtt'H
Tlie popuJur ruule lu lliu
Old (uuuIr)i
( tilun, iud
The muni uji lu-il.iit' train jtervlco
between Vu tub uver ami (lie Kant.
Fur nil t'«. i*.'bc i vull unu and ull
further Infuruiatiuii upply iu J
MOK, Clly PuMelllfer Auent. 434
Hunting SI , or ll Mr BR'.DJK,
0 I' A . Vuncouver.
BKAIiKU TKNI.KKS uddreMed lu tl:.
underslgnetl, and i-iidomed "Tender fur
Kleclrlo iKvuIoim fur the Cuuluinu Kx-
ululnltitt    Wiircliuune,    Vancouver.    U
C.." will he received ut tlili ulliee uniil
: i'" p.m. un Monduy. November Id
1!>]2. fur the work mentioned.
Tell dura will nul he considered 'ml. - .
made upon formit nupp)led hv De-
par nn en i und ln uccordunce with cun:
dltlonu «.im,.iii.-ii  therein.
ri.ui.'i und flpeclllcutlonu tu be leen on
uppllcutlon to Mr. K. R McUretfur.
Clerk of Worka). Vuncouver Kxumln-
ii., Wurehoufte, Mr. H E. Malthewb'.
.■■ii;., i vl.-iii;; urchltect, Winnipeg. Mun.
und   at    tne    Depurtnient   of   i'uhllc
V. "i ''-■■   uttuwu.
ii.i. ii tender muui he uccompaiiled by
un uccepled cheque un u chartered
buuk. puyuble tu tlie urder uf the ll-.j.
um able Ihe Minister uf Public Work*.
cquul to ten per cent (IU p.c.) of the
tmounl of the tender.
_JJ^ order,
i .u in,- i.i of 1'ubllc Works,
Xtuwu.   October   26.   I ' l':
Musical Instruction
Miss K.  A. Card, AH I'M., pianist
ami teacher, pupil of Franklin Tuylor,
visits   Nortli   Vancouver   Wedoetdays.
ofitl Tliurluw Slreet. Seymour 05811,.
26 11
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set"
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Stationery That
is dome by North Shore Press, Limited
the firm that studies "Better Printing"
I tew fears In-fore tbs wsr lietweeu
tbo sis les I wss obliged lo go (rom iny
noi'iiiiirii boms to Boatb Carolina. I
wss sluing oss evening In s csfs wltb
s friend Wben s discussion srots st s
lublo near us bstwssn sa elderly man
sud ous wbo wu. st lesst py comparison, youug. Tbs Isttsr bsd beeu sit
ting slons st tbs tsbls wben tbs former
entered tbs csfs. stood St tbs entrance
looking about bim. (lieu walked wltb s
limp lo wbers tbs oilier wat slttlug
snd, tsklng s cbslr, called (or s Julep
Neltber spoks to tbs otber, snd It wss
evident tboy wero strangers.
lint presently tlie older insu sddrest
ed u remark lo tbe younger, wbicb ltd
lo conversation. At tbat time tbs pro
snd sntl slavery parties wars contend
Uig, tbe one to maks Bsnsss s free, tbs
otber s slave state, Tbs msn wbo bsd
entered laat began to Inveigb sgslnst
tbe "border rulUuus," ss tbsy wsrs
called In lbe nortb, st tbs same tims
charging tbem with committing Innumerable crimes. I wu rather surprised st tbis, sines bs spoks wltb s
distinct southern sccsnt, (bough st (bat
time tbe southern peopls were not united oi tbe slavery question, Indeed were
not united eveu ufter tbe wsr commenced
The younger msn took Issue with bis
neighbor, averring tbst tbs south bad
tbe rlgbt to carry their lnstltutlona Into
tbe new territories as well u tbs nortb
Whereupon tbe other become violent
snd abusive. Tbe sdvocsts of those
who were trying to make Bsnsss t
■sinvo stale endcuvored lo withdraw
from tbe dltcuaslou, bnt bis opponeut
would not permit hlm. Flutlly tbe latter, wulng wrotby, declared tbat tbe
proslavery movement In Kansas wat
conceived In Iniquity and sny msn who
sdvocsted It wat s scoundrel.
Tbe other's cheek burned, but bs con
trolled himself, whereupon bis oppo
ueut, wbo wss evidently disposed to
drive bim to tbs wull, ssid tbst s msn
who bsd sucb opinions snd declined to
defend them wu s coward. Tbtt forced tbe younger man to resent (be In
anlt offered bim, and, drawing a card
from bla pocket, ht bunded ll to bis
I usul ter.
"1 haven't a cshd with me, sub, ssid
lbs challenged man, "but wltb yo' pe'
mission 1 will writ* my name oo (he
back of jo's. I will ssad s friend io
yo' Immediately to arrange a ineetlnii
at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning I must
leave lbe city al 8 oo Impo'taui busi
"And 1, sir," replied tlie otber. "have
in Important engagement In Ihe earl;
morning whlcb will prevsnt my fighting you llll luler."
"If yo' mess, suh, to crswl out o' the
affair I should be glad to know ll now."
Tho goaded man. aeelng me aud my
frlcud sitting ul another Uble witness
lug tbit Impulatlou oo tils courage, aald
coolly to bit tormentor:
"Very well; tlnce you wlab to be
killed before brcaUut I will pul off
my other engagement sud kill you I
will be at home for tlie rest of tbe
evening, where I shull swslt Uie com
lug of your friend "
tie srose from bis cbalr aud wenl
out, leaving bis opponsot In possession
of tbs field
Hs bad uo sooner dlssppesred than
tbs msn wbo bsd provoked bim heck
oned to my friend Mortimer, wbo left
me snd went wilb bim (o sn unoccu
pled corner of tbe room, sud tbe twu
held s coufereuce In s low tone. Wbeu
It wu over Mortimer returned to mc
und gsve ms s few words of etplunt-
tion. Be ssid tbsl bs wu to be the sec
oud Ui (he coming meeting of thc mau
whom be bad conferred wilb, Colonel
Ulngold. tie bad commanded a regl
ment of volunteers lu ths Moslem wsr.
wss s plantar wbo owned slsvss snd s
man of high standing Is tbs commtuil
ty. Wby be bad provoked tbe man be
bad sst with Jerrold WU his name
Mortimer did oot ssy.
I hsd s desire to see tbe end of wbal
to me wu i very lingular affair, snd.
fortunately for my purpose, being s
physician, Mortimsr agreed to tskt me
wilb hlm ho Iho capacity of surgeon
Meanwhile I wu to ss/ nothing sbout
Ibe matter. Colons! Blngold bsd noi
given bis true asms, snd bis opponyt
did not know wbo bs wu. Since Mortimer snd 1 were ths only persons betides (he principals sad lbs colouel
would stay st boms untU bs went (o
tbe ground ths secret wu not likely
to come out
I confess 1 bsd been aucb preju
diced sgslnst Colonel Blngold (or forcing s quarrel upon one wbo sssmed
su luoffcoalve man.
"Ion tliluk jerrold so Inoffeuslvs
nun, do you?" ssid Mortimer. "Well.
1 will lei) you sbout bim. He Is ons
of thote perioni wbo grow up under
Ihe dueling system-It Is rapidly dying
out hers lu Uis oogtb I tm happy to
wy-wbo, having acquired great skill
wltb arms. coQceivs s pssslon (or
making u many victims m potslbJe
Be ess kill tbs colonel l( he wlihcs to
lo so, bot I shall ass diplomacy to lu-
duce bim to bs content to wing bis
tuemy. l'bar* sr* bot two persooi wbo
know wby tbs colossi losolttd him-
the colonel ssd myssif. Jerrold does
oot know It; you do aot kuow ll, asd
I   !•!!»'!  mm  i.ii run  *,,,  mm mrna,.  m
peer. Tbs probability is, bowsver, thai
It wilt lead tu suotbtr tight."
ihlt fraction of s star/ left ms mor*
puttied tban before. Indeed, ny cariosity wss esclted to sucb s pitch
that I did not sleep s wluk during tb*
brief Interval before tb* meeting. I
wu called tt A la tbs morning by
Mortimer and. with ny cast of sur-
glcsl Instruments, entered s csrrlsg*
In waiting snd drove to tbs ground
Tbs colossi wu there, standing
sion* In tba grsy ot tbs moruiug. lt
seemed to ms tbst Ma sipresslon In-
dlcttad tome tpecltl purpose, by wbicb
be was much moved. Sine* he knew
be wu to mut a man wbo wu considered Invincible, bs must have (sit
thst death (or bim wss slwoit cer
tain. Thero wu a (ar away look In
bla ty*, tucb u s msn migbt bsve
wbo dreads to letvs thote bt lovet
aod wbo love bim. Wblls I bsd been
prejudiced sgslnst bio a (sw hours
before, 1 uow took bim Into my besrL
While I wss retarding bim s csrrlsg* rolled up snd ont stsppsd Jerrold
snd bis second snd bis own surgton.
Tb* colonel ss tbs chtllenged party
bsd cbosen Derringer pistols, wbicb
wsrs used st tbst tims In dusls. Tbs
seconds psced off Uis ground, snd
tjnes It wu long before tunrlte snd
cloudy st tbst there wss ao tou op
tor cbolcs nf position. Colonel Blngold
stood In one spot antll bis second
plsced bim lo tbe position from wbicb
bs wss to light lt wss bnt s (sw
pacta (rom wbere bs stood, but I uo
tlccd wbsn be took tbem Uie some
limp wu apparent u wbeu be bad
entered tbs csfs tbe previous svenlng.
Just before tbe (Irst Are. when sll wss
ready eicept to give Uis signal, Mortimsr whispered lo my ur:
"Whatover you discover keep It to
Hs then took s position midway bstwssn ths two st tbs slds snd. holding
S handkerchief In bis bsnd, dropped It
Jerrold dred to Uis sir; the colonel's
bullet grated bis adversary's slssvs.
To my turprlie-MorUiner did not
appear to sbsrs It-tho colonel culled
(or soother tboi. Tbe two were again
placsd to position, tbs signal gives, snd
two shots rang out Jerrold wss un
hurt; Uie colonel (ell. 1 rss to hlm;
but getUug ap witb difficulty, hi motioned me to keep swsy. Stssdlng u
firmly u before, bs called (or s third
Ii I WU ptaled at teeing bin fall
sod then get op, bis antagonltt wu
smszed. Mot s drop of blood wu to
be teen, though bis trousers wer* torn.
Wben Ui* two wer* staodtog waUing
tor Uis neit signal I glanced St Jerrold snd uw st oocs that ssmsthlog
mat tin niattsr with bim.
I oat* sloes thought thst it Uis moment Uis signal tor Uis third shot wu
given Jerrold wu suffering from lode
clslon. Be bsd gons oo to Uis Held
Intending to wing bis adrtssry snd
wu DOW undecided whether to kill
hUn or oot Indecision st s critical
moment Is utuall; fatal. It delayed
Jon-old's shot At soy rau. It wu not
dred UU after he bsd received tbe colo
osl's bullet to but longs. His struck the
earth s tew paces before bim, be bar
Ing pulled ths trigger of bis pistol spu
modically with s bullet Is bim.
Jen-old's surgeon ran to bim. I, not
knowing st Uis Ume wbere Jerrold't
bullet bad gone, sdvsncsd toward the
colonel to see It bs bsd bsen bit. Be
stood moUouless, not sppesrlug to be
a wsr. ot my presence. NoUclng Ibe
tear to bis trousers sod UfUng the
cloth, I msde Uis discovery thtt Mor
timer bad csotloned ms against bring
tog to (lis attention of otbsrs
Tbe leg wu of wood.
At (Uoi moment Uie sound of galloping borses wss heard, sod s csrtisge
daubed up to Uie dueling ground Out
jumped a young moo, oot more than
tweoty yeara old. wbo at a glance took
In ihs sltuoUon, then, rushing up to
Colouel Blogold, threw bis snos sbout
"Oh. tstherl" be sidelined "Wby
did you do Itr'
"BccsjiM I dldo't wisb to lose in;
It wu s strsogs scene. Jerrold sll
Hug oo ths ground, leeulng igslust bit
second, coughing up blood snd look
lug st ths father end son embracing
eucb other. Then doubUess tbe ctuse
o(|lhe tosuJt of the nigbt before was
apparent to bim. Be bsd Insulted the
younger Blogold, Intending to show bis
skin to killing bim, aod wu to have
fought bim on this isms morning But.
Insulted by Uie boy's father, whom
he did oot kuow, he bsd put off the
duel with Ui* out to sccominodsu the
AB wu so pitln now tint Uis wound
ed mso must bsve surmised It But
ho uid nothing . Bs WU taken Ul bit
carriage to S hospital, sod I WU pleat
ed to bear sftsrwsrd thst sftsr having
recovered. Uis affair bsd audi t
cbtaged man of bim, sod hs bsd re
solved uerver to dght soothsr duel.
Mortimer, by bit diplomacy, u he
i a I ltd II. aaved the colonel's lift When
bearing th* colonel'* challenge he pre
vailed upon Jerrold, tor Jerrold's own
good, to woaod the colouel to sucb s
wsy ibst hs could Dot conUnue tht
tight, for he represented th* colonel ts
be ss obstinate sod determined msn,
who, once to s light would continue U
Ull bs wu pat bora ds combat Jsr
rotd. baring soothsr duel oo bend to
follow Is tbi mill of to* irst sud
fearing to excite mtsgoslsm sgttost
himself, fell to wilb tbi Idss. Mortl
mer suggested thst Jerrold. when con
vlaced thst bis enemy would kill bits
1/ he could, should break bis leg so
that h* could oot stood upon tt to ceo-
tiou* Ui* dght, Mortimsr kaowlsg Uiat
oot hag would be advoacsd sod rscslvs
ths bullet sod Uut that lag was Uu
wooden on* It wu a oakeshl/i it
beat ml retulied In Jsrrold't dlscois-
. I  '
Capital Paid  Dp         $3,000,000
Bsservs snd DodlTldsd Pro»t»    13,600,000
Total Assets  ,    ovsr 1*6,000,000
JUST as a tueoeilful merchant maksi
•Very effort to give hit cutto-
inert courtoout, efficient attention, to do the ofneert of th. Bank of
Hamilton endeavor tq render to depoi-
HorS every service consistent with con-
turvatlve hanking practice.
Nu deposit ll too small to Uturt tbt
lii-iHiuliiii' comlderuto treatment—tbe
saving* accounts of thote In moderate
circumstances arc welcomed with courtesy, and with that absence, of undue
formality which malioi banking t convenience and a pleasure.
Thii   blanch   Is   now   equipped   with
Safety Deposit Unlet.
c. a. IIBAVBB, A«t*t,
N.rlk   Vancouver
Civil Service Dismissals
OF 1886
The Liberal press lias beeu coin
pluming of some dismissals Icoin llie
outside civil service by llie govern
uunl In \iew of their complaint.",
and llic virtuous attitude they have us
turned, it is interesting lo preiCUt the
record of Ihc Ijiuikt administration
'.'.imu it .im.u into power iu I-'"' Nine
mouths afler llie Ijiunci goveruuieul
upturned nil... . return wan called for
in llic senate of llie dismissals up lu
lhal Iuue.   'I'lie return is a.remarkable
I.,, ..im ii. and . uui.  oo pages, vmjiJc
il contains only u partial lint  of lhc
diim totals
lu Ihc Indian department lhe dis
missals rau up-io li The aie loll par
ticularly freely iu lhc customs depart
im ui where iu the nine months tl em
pluyeei were dismissed lo make way for
good Liberals. Ju uo ease wan lliere
an  iuvcstigatiou.
Many Heads Fell
The then Minister of -1'ublu Works
iii-iii: -.'1 in Ihc lirsl nine mouths (Jl
In Ihe   lepinm..' i  of Inland Hcvcuuc
10 employees were removed, and in the
majority of eases it was frankly ntul
1 Ihul it was al lhc request of a
member of parliament. Tint wan ap
patently thc main i.u ■■■ for disuiis
sals al lhat time.
Big Sweep There
lu thc Fisheries service thc Liberul
government worked overtime to gelling
rid of (.'outervativvi aud no lest lhan
I'll iiiiini ui.. of the civil service were
removed from ollieo lo give uuugry
Liberals jobs. The esplanatiou given
for thc majority of Ihc dismissal was
"active aud ofsntivt partisanship,
which was a favorite excuse to cover
up a bald dismissal. The sue was uot
employed guile so freely in the Marine
service, sud only 311 were removed by
the minister The dcparlmcul of Jus
lice has not as many employees and ils
Jisl is smaller, running to eJcvcu. lu
every case eicept live, there was uo
notice giveu, aud Ihis is true of a large
percentage of thc Liberal dismissals.
The decency of a regular notice lo give
Ihc dismissed man au opportunity to
liml uew i mpli,.im ut was uot fulluwcd,
11 was simply a case of "olf witb his
Also to Others.
Iu the Agricultural Department
thirty three employees were dismissed
lo make room for Ihe clamoring Liber
als, aud iu Ihe department of Interior,
outside of Ihe Indian Branch, the
"bloody assir.es" resulted in these llrsl
nine months iu the dismissal of 113.
Major Ourrle'i Ohsxgs
Theio sre but s few of the civil
icrvsuti diuuiiticd inunediately stter
the elections of KiHti. Major (,'urrie,
iM V. fur Norlh Bimcoe, commenting ou
Ihc ,,in,I. .uir slaughlcr of lhe Liberals
iu lhe House lasl session, said: "Tho
proscription lisls of Marius aud Nulla,
lhe lyruuls of aucicul Komc, were uot
lo lie compared wilh the lists prepared
after the elections of IsUti. Iluudredi
of men.were thrown out of oflice wilbuut any reason being given for thoir
dismissal. The members of the late
governinenl never for a moment ceased
lu make Ihc upeu boas! that Ihey he
licvcd iu und always practised the
spoils syslem uud Ihul Ihey were goiug
lo practise it."
I'uiilinuiiig, Mr. I.'urric addod, "In
addition we all know Ihul the preicut
leader of lhe opposition alwayi wai
the high pnesl of the spoilt system.
We know thai throughout hit wbolo
career lie practised Ihem.' priudiploi
aud endeavored to sel up in thtt
cuunlry u system of partisanship."
Now lhal Ihey are talkiug of having
a deparlmenl for stammerers undor
lhc management of lhe Hoard of Kdu-
cal iuu, some people arc woodjering
whai will be lakeu as the limit which
-hull murk a stammerer from a person
who has only an occasional sl utter ou
certain words.
If anything of Ihc kind is done il
is probable thai ,iouio learned doclori
will devise a system of tests for Iho
powers of speech, jusl as Ibey do uow
fur lhc powers of sight. Nome dsy
wc may sec children asked lo'stand up
ami repeal something like Ihis:
Hhe sells sea shells ou Ihe seashore,
The shells she sells arc sea shelli, I 'm
Ho if she sells sea shells ou thc set
Theu I 'm sure she sells seashore shelli
Here  is   another   oue thai   should
prove au  en client  tell of I smooth
ruuning lougue: •
hm.hu  Kcuiblc  kicked  his  kiuiiniii'i
Lid Kiniliu Kcmblc kick hii kinsman's
If Kimbo Kimble kicked his kinsman's
Where 'i   the   kinsman,   kettle   lhat
Kimbo Iv inlili  kicked I
Au eilraordinary dud wst made iu
lhc front garden of t leading cil iren
ui Jii  Scotland    Deposited in tbe
garden was a rodln lid, 6 feel loug,
sud oi proportionate luj-adili The Ud
wu S now one, covered with blsck
cloth, uud had all the furnishing! ex- jmf
n-pi a name plate, snd the tr.rowi
were inserted ready for tcrtwiug
down, investigations at tho various
undertakers' premises io lhe tows re
veiled that such an article hod sot
bssn abstracted from thtir stock.
am "Filing it in Better
8, P. q. A.    OFFIOBB
A Isttsr wis resd st. the cjty couu
e|l meeting lsst evening from Major
'Mt, secretary of the British Opium
liiau Society for the Prevention of
Cruelly to Animals, touching upon th*
appointment of sn intpector for tbe
North Bhore exclusively. The society
eipressinl rosiliiioss to pay Inwards the
salary of such an official, $116 a month
if the eity would coutrihuto to the
slime extent, and the two districts |15
a month. A deputation from the to-
ciety was proparod lo wail upon the
council  ill  this I'lllinei'liiin.
Aid. Dick Immediately moved that
tlm letter he filed.   .
Aid. Foreman huwever did not sgfeo
with this treatment of tbe letter. II
shoulil he repliod to courteously, and
inure was nu apparent reason why the
deputation which wai suggested should
not he received.    The alderman con
Double Corner
101x138 Feet
For $1900
Terms: 1 3 caah, 6, 18 aad 18.
Phone 168 P. 0. Box 2397
213 Lonsdale Avenue
i i
tended tbtt tlie soolety was »uo
wbicb did much goon! jtpth.
Aid, RI. k tjwflrt o.tww|i*. I'Thmt
gft people connected witb thst society," ho ssid, f'wIlP )l»y*|)i*ile themselves su sbominsnle uuitsnes ip tbo
cily of Nurtb Vsncouver, These sre
the peopls fba will Hsve lhe power to
make this appointment, I would not
on sny sccount favor thit ide* unless
the city hss the privilege of appointing the inspector,"
Aid, nick's motion not being seconded! m%. Irwin moved thst the writer
of tbe letter be informed tbst to fsr
at tbia yetr'i fundi sre coucerneil the
council could not tee its wsy to msM
su iippriipriiiiiiiii fnr (lie purpose tug
gelled. Tbe mutter should, therefore,
be referred to thu next year's eouueil.
'"I'lnii 'ii ouly filing it iu better l»n
(iiiu, i'," isitl Aid. Diek.
Aid. Irwin's uml ion was i hereupon
seconded tnd sdopted.
W. M. S. Convention
The iiimli annual convention of the
Woman's Missionary Suciety of the
Vancouver district will convene in tliu
Methodist church this eity, corner HI,
(leorge's avenue ami fith slreei al
10.80 a.m. on Thursday, November ilh.
The Ijdie... of sister churches arc mosl
cordially invited 16 attend the several
sessions of the Convention, while the
public generally will lie heurlily welcomed at the evening session at 7.30.
The Nurtb Vaueouver .V ... inti.ni
football league match ou But unlay
was between the Lontdsls and the Huyal Kngiueers' team. The former aggregation won by 1. goals to I. Although
outclassed the Engineer! throughout
put up a plucky defence.
Snow Drying
Bnow sl a very low temperature ab
sorbs moisture. Arctic travelers take
advantage uf this fact liy spreading
their wet clothes ou the snow, and
Ihey snoo dry.
Ancient Bocks
The stratified rocks of Ihe "punbun
die" of Idaho aod the adjacent lection
of Montana arc among the most a'n
fitful to be found on the carlh's sur
Cork Oak
Tbe outer spongy hark of the cork
oak, which grows in the south of
France and spurn, cousli(utes the sub
iuu., known as cork. This outer bark
is periodically striped off lhe tree,
soaked for a time iu water and the
surface subsequently charred to close
the pores, rjome species of elm also
produce cork.
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In the last year we have sold over one hundred of Ihese ttovet iu
Norlh Vto/ouvcr. This year we expect eveu u better record. If you
need a reliable rauge, it will pay you to see thii oue before dceidiug.
Wc guarantee absolute satisfaction on every rauge.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month.
Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Debating Club Meets
,Tbs North Bbort \littftty snd Debating Society meets this evening at
its pptf licudi|uurtors in Uie Nortb
Vsncouver Athletic Olub roomt on tbe
corner nf HBnlanailu Weit and l.oiisdale
avenue. Tho debate it tu wage around
the question of capital puiiisbnitut, ill
continuance or its abolition. A good
i.c uuin il ii ul iu ipu I e,l. NVw members uml
the general public cordially invited to
attend,   i.'inhi o'clock sharp.
New Uis for Forest Bittrvit
Interior Department After Buccetsful
Experiment Now Working out General Scheme.
The foreitry branch of thc depart
imui of tho Interior is developing u
plan to make Iho western foresl reserves of more real benefit lo the general public Hitherto the reserves have
been timber reserves pure and simple;
llio new plan is to make them pluy
gr»!Wds us well for the people of llio
west. A new brunch hus beeu formed
which might be termed "The National
Playgrounds Bureau." In brief the
scheme is to establish summer resorts
uml picnic and outing camps in the
various western reserves. ,
The lirst experiment was made this
summer ou the Turtle Minimum reserve in Southern Multiloba and proved highly successful. A resort was
laid out on Lake Mas, nol far from
lioissevain, where for several years
campers have lieen going, lliough wilh
out recognises1 rights. Now the sile has
been laid out into lots and leuscs arc
given under certain easy conditions.
The lessee must build a substantial
summer cottage. The plun was very
popular aud already many leases have
heeu taken uud uext summer there pro
mines lu be a rush for lots.
Others Doming
Already applications lo have resorts
established at several other reserves
have been received by the department,
and the plan will now be made gen
This coming year will see the establishment of a lurge number of new
rcierves. The lurgcsl is in the vicinity of Lester Slave Lake in Northern
Alberta anil will comprise some 4,0(10
■i'uii■■ miles. .Several new reserves
have been recommended in northern
Saskatchewan, while survey parties are
working in south eastern Manitoba
with a view to the loealiun of a new
reserve there.
A lionifl-wSuu stwlne,, for (lis kit-
ebon link msy hu obtained by punching bnlss in tbe lower psrt of tbe sides
of s preserved fri|tt p*o by onm .nl
s bsmnier snd awl.' Such s ttrsiusr,
used si s temporsry bolder of wsttt
msttur like tea- leaves, coffee gruumls,
potato psriugs, eft., Will help to keep
the link clean snd tbe wstte pips
clear, and mty be easily emptied end
The burners in s gas stove ami oven
often got choked up with greasu, etc
To remedy this, remove sll th" burners Slid place lu tlie copper full of
suds (after washing is done), ami add
a good handful of common salt. Al
low tu boi) an hour or so, then dry
thoroughly ami rup|ucu iu stove. This
process should lie repeated every lew
weeks so as to koep the stove iu good
condition, and will save both gus and
limo when cooking.
If Hie fulluwiug method for clean-
iug ami renewing dirty wallpaper was
followed every spring less puperhung
ing would be needed. Buy a packet
of 'iiiiiiiiiiii whitening, ami take u piece
of rough blanket or- fiuniiel ami Ihnr
i.u,"lili rub lhe paper by dipping the
cloth in tbe whitening dry. After ull
tlio walls huve been rubbed, tuke a
clean piece of cloth uml dust down,
and the result will be a class pupcr
for a little cost.
A farmer boy who had a cough
Made up his mind his job was tough,
Bo hied him to a well-stocked slough
Where he could fish  the  whole day
And listen to the soft wind sough
And sigh and kiss each leaf and hough.
"My work's not doue," he said, "ul-
I think thul I have dune enough.
If dad should kick and cut up rough
Some other wuy thuu at the plough
I 'II find to cam my daisy dough.
Leading artists iu songs, duets, tpiar-
tettes, dances and music*^ selections al
(he Scotch concert.
Too Late to Classify
KOH BENT—Iroomed Hut, modern
improvements, IHtb tud Boulevard, Ap
ply P. Booth, plumber. If
The nerves suffer from want of pure
oxygen. They run like a network all
through the skin, and when they are
overwrought the skin is apt lo be dry
aud colorless. Walking is an excellent
tonic for the nerves It gives Ihem
strength to control themselves.
Jf one ha* means or leisure there are
plenty of other more enjoyable exer
cist's. But few forms arc so beneficial
as the regular daily jaunt of four or
live miles for obtaining s good com
Try cleaning your cretonne chair
covert,' in Ihe following way: Pul
pom'- clean bran inlo thc oven and
leave it until il is quite hot. Then
take some on the plun of the hand,
and rub it into the cretonne wilh a
circular movement. Keep using fresh
bran until the whule chair lias been
thoroughly gone over, and you will be
delighted with the result.
WANTKD-Bookkeeping,   collecting
accounts etc., in spurc time.     Apply
156 Kxpress Oflice.
IiOBT-On hlh or IDIh sUptt a
lady's slipper. I'leuse return, to 357
IDth slrcel cast. 8 II
1236 Lonadale Avenue, Nortb
Cabinet maker, picture fruitier and
jobbing work and repairs of ull kinds.
Designs aud estimates submitted. Furniture bought, sold und repaired. Phone
Nov. 5,  1912.
Norlh Vancouver, B. (.'.,
Thirty duys after date I will apply
for a transfer of licence for the Seymour Hotel, D. L. 791, Municipality of
North Vancouver, from John Mcfniiis
to Kenneth ll Stluton.
I Signed)
.') I!
Cord Wood
FOB SALK--Unlimited amount of
cord wood or stove wood. Thompson
uud Stuart,   i'huuc 431. t.f.
Local Agouti for British Empiii Horse Insurance Co., London Assurance
We wiB bs pieuaa to bavs llstingt; also bomst for sols or rent.
FfcSM SOW V. 0. lit itU
Shoe Sale
1   IJLlaTl   1   JUlVlJ
Be prepared far
the cold and mis-*
erable weather by
purchasing one of
ouf heaters
We have thirty
different styles for
both wood and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a trial
paine & McMillan
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
Don't Take Chances!
ButUieat nieu aud business houses
art usually Judged by tbs printed mat
ter they uud out.
Osa you afford to taks cbancss wltb
your printing when good work .In this
Uus costs llttls, if sny, mon.
We Do Good Work
First Btrsst  But,  North  Vancouvsr
10 per cent. Reduction
on all Shoes
Tbie Is s Sale of all Seasonable Footwear.
Msb's High Leg BooU snd Work BooU.
Boys' School Bfaost. ,   ,
Woniou'i Waterproofed BooU.
Oirls' Scbool Shot*.
Eubben and Ourn Boou.
Any Pair in Uie Store.    AB 10 per cent. off.    Oet your winter supply
tbit week.
•f    > ii
s Shoe Store
CO, have moved
to „59 sLonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Efeplanade.


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