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 uu.uui.inuin ut nm    oirnooo
uhjp ourrfia
North Vancouver'
Future Post Office
The rccommeudstions of the llnuril
ni Works to tbe city couucil on Tues
ilm nigbt included tbe following:
"Be letter from Isaac Waliicn ami
Mrs. Hussell stating Ibat tboy were
willing to pay for cement sidewslji iu
(root of tbeir lots on 1st street oast ail
joining the city hall provided tbo city
iniiili put a cement sidewalk around
lbc city ball. Kecominoiiilcil thai a
reply bo sent thai tbe city hall proper
ly iim1. belongs to tbo Domiuion govern
ment but tbsl Ibo council hss oommuni
calcd with the post ollieo department
urgiug upon tbcm the necessity of put
ling iu a cement sidewalk iu front of
tbeir property both on 1st stroot and
Lonsdalo avenuo. Uoconiuioniloil alsu
tbat a lotter iu those terms bo soul lo
llic I'.- imu I, i i.. I,, i.i and the post
master of North Vancouver.'1
Aid. Dick, after Iho readiug of tbe
complete minutes of thc buard of Works
uui thai be would move thc adoption of the roport witb the elimination
uf this clause. The alderman voiced the
opiniun that it would only bo a wute
of time ua, a considerable, period would
in all | int.ul.iiii i elapse before a reply
nus fortbcomlog from the governinenl
ami Ibo council further knew that if
lhc wurk was doue lbc governinenl
would pay no improvement taxes. He
l.ii'i moved au amendment lhat lins
clause be referred back lu thc H...-.M
uf Wurks fur further discussion,   if*"'
Aid. Irwin differed from ilntffVw of
Aid. Dick. He though! llnynl ire rr
purt shuuhl be adopted, believing thai
Ihc postal and oilier departments of
lbc Duiuiuioo government could make
an appruprialiou fur sucb wurk as was
suggested iu the recommendation.
Kvcntually tho amendment was lusl
ami Ibe report of the'Board of Works
was adupled iu ils entirety.
Olber I...iinm in'In 11 mm were as fol
lie letter frum city lolicilor te
Thompson aud Smart's cuutract. Ke
commended Ihut the engineer be in
structed tu prepare au estimate of wbal
he coniiden a reasonable sum tu be
paid In Thompson ami Hluart as extras, V
llceuiiiuicmlcd Ibal Clause -I of the
i-uniiitious of tbe contract issued by the
.ily be amended iu tonus uf lbe -up
p. imu ..I thy cily solicitor contained
in ihc lost mentioned letter.
He letter from Mrs. K. M. Miskiu,
fur sidewalk to lot 7.68, 1.1th streel
east. I'lerk was instrucled lo write
Mrs. Miskiu tu the effect lhal Ihis
wurk bus already beeu recommended
Kecoiuiiicnded tbat the sidewalk ou
Ihc nurlh side of Kith slreei be- ex
Iruded to lbc Iiimli iiii.I
He letter frum Kugglci and Layton
offering iu accept ♦ I5u in full of Mrs,
Hill's claim. The board determined
tu take loc mailer up wilb ihe insur
anii 1- company and the city solicitor
uml the clerk was instructed lo cousult
ilu- nly solicitor regarding the extent
lu which the city is covered for third
party risks under thc present insur
nine policy.
Ke letter frum D. McNairuic asking
fur sidewalk ou Itllh slreei between
Muhun uml Jones avenues. ''Jerk was
instrucled lo reply that this work had
uii....I-, boen recommended and wuuld
be done iu course.
He letter fruui Ueo. Campbell, scire
lary Hourd of School Trustees, sa to
a sumbcr of boulders beiug deposited
un lib street adjoining the Central
school. I'lerk was instructed lo wrile
Mr. Campbell statiog tbat contractors
bad been fpen ou tbo aubject aud bad
promised lit remove lbc boulders.
Ue letter (rom Hall A Bowyer re
gsrdiug lbc filling iu nf Mrs. Allou's
lot on 41b street bctwx-cu tausdsir
aud Chesterfield Avenues. Kccoinnieuded
thst tbo sum of $7C bo paid towards
Iho cost of putliug iu a culvert across
Ihc ravine. Tho culvert to be laid
under Ihe supervision of tho cily engineer.
Be letter (rom Meson. Patterson k
lioblie asking (or a lot of rock to be
placed in (rout nf tbeir slorc on Ks
jdanude. Recommended tbst tbe up
plicant be written to tbsl lbc rity is
willing to plscc tbe rock where requested at. Messrs. Hsttcrsou k (loldic's
eipense but that the necessary rolling
would be done (roe of chsrge.
Be letter (rom < 'apt. (,'ote* sskieg
tat t box drain to be put in on 4th
slreei (rom Chesterfield to Mahon sve
uue. Herommended thst the matter be
le(t to the engineer snd the chniriuan
to bring in s report.
Re petitiou from Antonio (iran.lrn
itti sud others siking (or a road oa
-ilh stroot between Jones sud I-anon
rosd snd for s sidewalk from tbe end
of lllltb street to l-arsou roadi corner
28th). Clerk was instructed lo reply
that Ibo sidewalk has been recommend
cd on Jones from -'ill' to -Til. streets
and ou -ilh atreet lo Ursou road.
Be, letter (rom B. I.'. Uwrence rr
gardiug Ilrd street between St. David's
avenue and (Juccmliury avenue. Clerk
wai instructed to reply tkat il in
boon decided to niaiuilaniirc -'rd -ir--. I
in the locality mentioned.
He letter from J. C.Keith uffcring lo
pay for cement sidewalk uu 1st street
In I'rmii uf lot tOUtS-STl no condition
that Mr. Keith let the contract and
pay the contractor direct bul Ihe work
to be done according lo lbe rily'*
specifications and under lue supervis
iuu uf Ihe city engineer. Hei oruruende-i
that Mr. Keith's offer be a.-.rplr.| OB
the terms mentioned.
Ke petiliuu frum James C. L l.ycll
ami !i otberi asking for the oprning of
a road lu meet Dudley road in l>. I-
.i!)!i. BecummeO'lcd lbat a letter be
written tu the petitioner staling Ibal
Ibe city has received uo intimation
frum Ibe Lonsdale Kslale of ibeir ml
llngsess to give a title tu road alluw
ance nortb from Fell aveuue.
He letter frum Jeffrey I- .Edwards
ami W. K. Milne asking fur tbo repair
iug uf plank roadway un I'nh sttrrl
frum tbe Boulevard to Muo.lv avrnur
llccou'ii.-udcd thai lm- plank roadway
be repaired and that the applicant* I.
replied to accordingly.
Ke Idler frum tl. II iluulry a»kmg
fur completion ol I'M feel uf -i-li
walk from Ibe south side of Uih
street between Loumlalr and Chester
field avenue. He. mum.ml- I lhat side
walk he euinpleled as request.!
Kc Idler from Mrs. II. K Vn-kery
asking for thc removal of slump-) piled
uu her prupcrly un Ihe southeast cor
ncr uf 18th aud St Andrew's avrnur
Besolved lhat the Hoard of Wun- ai
engineer visit the locality an.I ...
what stump., are iien-vary to I.r m-vr-i
Ke letter from Urrabl P. Knui as*
iug for lhc eleariug ui a pauagr
Ibruugb lhe heavy felled lumber to
lut HI. Tempt He gbls. K.-«»u.ni<u.l.-l
that this work he dune.
Be letter from Hold Kvuu.k asking
fur a ruud lu lul It u A 616  He. ..mmend
Survey of Howe Sound
Section of P. G. E. Ry.
Tbe work of surveying lhe route of
ihr I'seinY Ureal Kaslem Ilailway
along Howe Sound bat proven very
• iiiii--.ii sad (or Ibat reasuii its com
pinion has been delayed sume lime, as
compared with other purtiuus uf tbo
route. Mr. Jobn fallagbaii, Chief Kngineer of Ibe 1*. 0 K. Co., explained
Ibis moruiug lo a representative oi the
Kxpreu Ibst il was found necessary
lo ruu Iwo preliminary lines and to
make a eomj.lcie cuntuur map u thc
•■nitre eastern shore ot tbe suund. Ou
account of Ibr precipiluus ami rocky
nature of Ibr snowline, Ihe wurk was
i ,ii. uih. utl aud daugcruus, so thai
ii- I. lime wax iousuiued iu lhc wurk.
Although a survey parly has been at
work cunliuoously ou tbis Helios, since
April. Ibis first portiou of the under
taking was completed unly very recent
ly: A few days ago tbe surveyors be
pan work upon lbe location plan uf Ibe
roulr from lbe bead uf Howe Suund to
' 1'ort Alrbuon. Because of lhc uulurc
of Ibr rooutrv. s- noted abuve, Ibis
wurk »ill proceed comparatively at a
! slow )-ste so Ibal at least six weeks
j will br required lo complete lhc plsns.
| Inrludrd in ihis will be lbe completion
ui tho prciout location plans through
Wes| Vaucuuver.
(loud progress is lielng made with respect in gelling construction under
way (rem J.iliooot weit. Tbe compauy's headquarters (or construction,
on that soctiou arc located in tho towu
uf l.illuui'l, which lies forty-ioveu miles
north of l.v ilmi, ou Ibo Iiuc of tbo (I.
1'. li. There is an excellent govern
ment road all the way, which carries
un easy grude, thus affording goud in
• iiiiun i.n gelling in supplies. Tho
uiiiuil eiiil uf tiic haul from l.ylluu is
at the head of Socton I.uke, Ihroo miles
wcsl of the town of l.ytton. Mr.
Cnllugban thought it quite likoly thai
ground has already been broken nud
that t|io clearing uf the right of-way
was uuder wuy al Ibis point. Ho bad
Ii'it nminn uuii" with lhc local superintendent to go ahead at thc earliest pos
siblc date and expected thai a cum
nii'iiceinout had been inudc, allhough
communication is al present somewbal
slow and he had nol yet received uny
specific advice tu Ihul effect. Construe-
lion work along Sccluii lake ami An
.In u.n lake (immediately west of Boot
uu lake) will be very heavy as will
ulsu be tbe case aluug thc (,'hcakamus
river and ulong lluwe Suund. The
cuinpany were building two lug boats
and several barges uu Sccton ami An
dersuii hikes, to facilitate the moving of plant ami supplies iu lhat sec
tiou, and every ell ml would be made
lo push Ihc wurk slung rapidly, uot
only in Ibat section but ul ull puiuls,
aluug Ibo Iiuc.
Ferry Bonds May Be Purchased Back
at Five Premium
In.- ferrv dirr.lurate wt- nidified
i.-irMJi by Mr Alrxandi't I'oil'p
: thai Ibr folloaiug trlegraw hud hern
■.- ■ .. i fruiu Mini-,ui ami Cumpauy,
i Ibr frrry's final agents: "Keel sure
iran srrurc issue at uot exceeding live
i premium bul frar very difficult lu gel
i option Wuuld surest yuur going
ab.*.i witb pacing ol new by luws im
ed lhal Ihe mailer be left in lhe hand.^,^,,. ,sJ Vtit-u ready lu purchase
of the chairman ami Ihr rnginrri auk) trirfnli tatUQlu\Bt „, t0 |,ureba«c fur
power lu ai'l. ,,lrb    Ha„.   D0   ,luut,,   „,.   ,.„„   ,iw.
Kc lotter frum nly .olicitor regard „,,,, fimtBI „„„„, ••
ing Anuytagr vs. Nortb Vacruuirr;
resolved lliul llie chairman and It.
engineer call mi the ntv sotieitor and'
pluee l.efore him all the 'nformatloa
regardiug Ihis mattrr iii lln- hands of
lhc Hoard uf Wurks.
Ke Idler from J   Wjlie Duiablsoi.
asking  lut  a  sidewalk   frum  tbr  ear
traek on t^ueensbury avrnue to rvrarr
While no guarantee is giveu lo such
i-ffr.1. tbr agent, sn- lhu* lUclined tu
brln i lhal lbe old ferry bunds can be
i >.,-i.i bark sl I pru- uf I I'M and
uin.-I Mr. lloull deplored lbe fuel
ibal Mt-.-r. Minuuu ami ' uinj-nny
ioal'1 not iu tbeir messages he u.or.
drriMic on tbr.c points,   lie was lir'd
! of the tern... "fcrl sun-    aud "du nol
of llth slrect amlHoulcvarl K.vo:n
mended that tnis wurk lie dune a« rr
Kc letter frum Mi- I' S Howard I
asking for a sidewalk in (root of her
bouse on 1.11b streel between Movly
und Boulevard, clerk was instrurU-.l to
reply that Ihe letter is uu file aod will
he considered as soon an posisble.
Kc petition from Alfred Hewitt am
twu others asking for Ibe opening el> "'"' '" ,iK '»«>l""'at,u.i uf gasu
'lilh street from St. Apdrra s evraurj1'"- «"H- "' "">"*■ "h"' ""' I"""
I doot.l." Tbe mayor pointed oul, bow
Iri.r. that in dealing nilh finances il
j ex. impossible fur the agents lo pro
mi..- thug. He added lhal tbr new
by lam were in shape and wuuld be
hull) dealt w.lb al the next meeling
j ..I Ibr . ouu. il
Tbr i.tai'l issued su emphatic man
'■lai.- n.il Ihc ferry service shuuld nol
lu tyi'lgrway avenue. Het-ommi-Ddrd tbat
ilm i. in Ihe lank of uu automobile,
Jfo, ib.rb nrcunislanccs the board bl-
thai tbe council canuot see Ikr.r wav tu,*l'**Ay providrd all the ucrcsssry safe
ilu lln-' wurk al llu- |>reietl han-
Wedding Bells
' — ^
The wedding look place v. -t.r.ia, al
tbe home uf Mr. and Mrs. II. Fogg. I'.I
lib street, of their eldest daugbit-r.
Miss Minnie Kate Fogg and Mr llariry
II. Irvine of Vancouver, second »oa of
Mr. John Irvine, o( Torunto Afler
lbc ceremony, wbicb was performed by
Bev. J. D. (Jillam. a sorcmfnl sap
per and dance was held. Mr. and Mrs
Irvine will reside io Nn-. '.V. n. i
sler.        ,
To Hr. sod Ure. 0. W. Bisrkmorr, sl
Harbor Visw Sanitarium, Oct -ink. a
To Mr. snd Mrs. Percy Powell, *»ih
atreet west, October 2Ctb, a daogbtrr.
To Mr. and Mrs. llardman, at liar
bor View Sanitarium, Oct. itth, I ma.
To Mr. snd Mr*. Oeorge WaH, Ort.
itth, a daughter.
guards D was at lirsl suggested lhal
Ibr freight containing gasoline shuuld
Ih' -o labelled very prominent!) but
Ibis did not mrel w.lb Ihe bosrd',
s.i|Ln'...nic. ll was diuCmeil mueh
norr dnirablr in lbc interests of pub
lir tafely lo culirrlv exclude the Irnm
portalion of gasoline. 1'crsuus wishing
lo save ume shipped over the lnl»»
miut make um- of nows. The luanai" r,
Mr.' Iliarl. was instrucled lo ereel log
l.ii.i. i signs to Ibis effect.
Mr. F. T Balrbury was pteitnf lo
mi. arrangcnirnts for Ibr transporta
lion uf Ibr Antic llrelhrcu who arc
to resrene bere shortly. Thc board
agreed to allow Ibr delegates from tbo
norikland Irani frrr charge during
Ike lirer lays of Ibeir^isit. (apt.
Cain was very particular as to Mifc
guarding Ikr interests of lbc ferry rys
Irm by readcring these lirkrls uiinils-
takeably good (or thrrc days ocly. "1
know many men in Ibii rily," said ibo
(•(tail, "wbo, uf tbe tbing was loosely
arranged, would travel all through ihe
winter oo one oC Ihose three day t(fk
Tkr following report wsi submitted
by tke manager:
Nortb Vancouver Olty Ferries Limited
"J beg lo report Ihut ou the ttld
inst, ui s ji.iii. I had steamer No. -
hauled mil for the purpuse of repair
mg a i ml.eu propeller. Upon exam
iiiiiiiiiii uf lhe hull uul uf waler 1 fouml
in many places lhat lhe bull was lure
and decided lhal il would be mln-ablc
tu iinni lhc hull, which was done
ami the vessel launched nt 'l:.'W p.m. on
Ihc Ulth.
"Al 8 p.m. ou Hie -illi Hie steam
er No. .'I wus hauled out lo repair u
brukei prupcllur and fur painting as
wun ordered by lhc. board al la-d nccl
iug. The holl was scrubbed lhe ssmc
night in order tu have It in gmid con
■litiun fur painting thc following muru
ing, so Ibat tbe vessel could lie launch
ed during lhc uflcruoun. II;' a'raug
ing ami hauling oul in Ihis way wc
had bulb No..8 ami No .. in service
uu each ilny between tlie huuu uf .".
p.m. ami i p.m. when lhc Ira Hi. . lhe
im lhc convenience of lhe public J
am uf thc opiuion lhat a public l'l.
pbune booth shuuld be plareil un Ihc
Norlh Vaueouver whurf. This could be
placed under Ihe overhanging roof,
close lu the letter box. This wuubl ac
commodate the public uud ulso du avvpy
mih the iiiiiiii)iiine uf having prop1"
i liming inlu lhe main ulliee lu use the
Tu equip lhe sleamer Nu. I wilb nil
lanks lu carry sixty barrels of uil and
ml burners eii., I csliiuale Ihut the
rust would hu tl.l'MU. This equipment
would be sueh as 1 have installed in
Ihc No. :' ami No. II and would not
eOTcr the cost of equipment us furnish
ed by ugenls uf the different systems
The iii].inm of lhe steamers Imu
llie clucks in Ihe pilot bouse and their
watches sol by the OI'N fired sl I) p.
in. and I have arranged lhal lhe clucks
on the wharves shall be corrected oneh
day lo this time.
Tiic iron cave Irougbi arc being put
in placo on lliv buildings ou Vancouver wbarf. This work bas boon sonic
what delayed on account of tbo weather
as it was necessary lu have dry wea
ther to du the soldering.
1 in „ iMili submit the quotations
wbicb J have received (or gasoline
i'iiiu]' (or. use iu pumping out pontoons. As this pump will be required shortly thc order should bo placed."
Mr. Hoard was authorized to proceed
with tho installation o( oil burning apparatus as suggested. above. Toil is
in prelude lo the future inauguration
of an all-night service of which Mr.
Wright and Ibo manager bavo already
spoken in favor.
.' pi, :  i
HOKN ■ To Mr. snd Mrs. James Buck
ley, Fell Ave, Oct. 31, a dsug'aler.
West Vancouver Tax
Sale Before the Courts
UED AT $160,000
An iinpiiftuiil suit involving Iho nil
Mini of a sale of properly at West
Vancouver for delinquent tuxes by the
district of Nortli Vaucouvor, as previously constituted, is now before Chief
Justice Hunter in Ihc supreme courl ul
Vancouver. Tho cuse has sonic puints
uf similarity lu ihc famous Soulh Van
couver suil uf Andorsun uguinst that
municipality, but there arc special features in thc present case whicii  I
crubly modify the parallel.
The plaintiff in the present suit is
Mrs. Alice .lumes uml the defendant!
aro Mri. A. J. Keith, Mr. J. ti. Kolth,
tbo P. II. l.uuco Co. Ltd., Mr. ti. ti.
Cummlngj uml the dislricl municipal
ity of North Vancuuvor. Tho lot Involved is tbe west half of ilislriet lol
1)08, West Vaucouvor, uow valued al
approximately (100,000.
Mr. Sluart Livingstone ami Mr. N.
II. ii'lioll are associated as counsel fur
lbe plaintiff while counsel for the de
fciiilauls comprise .Mr. iv I'. Duvis, K
tl., Mr. A. M. Whiteside ami Mr. W.
K. Hums.
Accunliug lu the stuteinciils uf claim
and of defence Ihe district municipality
of North Vancouver sold the property
in quesliun, of which Mrs. Janics was
the regislered owner, fur taxes to thc
municipality in 18117. it nus .--.iI-- .-
queully resold to Mrs. Keith ul public
auction. Tbe II. P. Lance Compsny
look over Ibo agreement fur sale in
11)10, while Mrs. Koilh sold hor equity
iu 1011 tu tho dcfondaul, Mr. C. C.
The plaintiff, in asking for u cancel
Istion of tbe applications lo register
tbo deed ami (or a declsrstion Ihul lbc
ii.Mun uf the dislricl  municipality uf
North Vsncouver in soiling tbo property for iuven was invalid. Tbo principal ground for tbo plaintiff's application is tbo samo os tbat brought (or-
ward in tbo now famous caso of An-
dorsoii vs. Soulb Vancouver, wbicb wes
fought through several courts and in
which it was liiu'lli bold by tbo Supremo Court nf Canada that tho mooting of tho council at which resolutions
woro iui' i'i in regard to Anderson's
proporty woro Invalid because tboy
woro bold without tbo municipality.
In addition tu thc contention that lhc
inccliug of tho council at which it was
decided to sell the land for taxes was
hold without thc dislriot, Mrs. Jumes
claims that, if Mrs. Koith did buy the
interest iu tho proporty she bought it
on ber ii. - muil.
As ugainst the pica of Ibo paliuliff
that the meetings of thc municipal
cuuucil were hold outside the mnn|ci
psllty, it is pointed uul by the defence
Ihul the position differs osBciitially
frum Ihul in the Amlorsun .vs. South
Vuncouvor caso. In the latter caso thc
council hold meetings outside of the
municipality, su lhc court bold, without authorization, while in the present
case it is contended duo authorization
wus given by resolutions of lhe coun
Mr. Kccne, ihc municipal clerk ul lhc
lime tlio pi"| .ii;, iii 'i'u. lu'i- was put
I for nn. linn, wus examined by Mr.
Sluurl Livingstone yesterday uflcruoun.
lie suid that us Ihere had beet uo
ulher bidders nt the suction, he bid
"knocked down" Ibe property to the
municipality. Afterwards Mrs. Ke-ih
hud suid she wished lu buy it und he
bud sobi it to her. There liud been no
change made iu lhc hooks ul the time,
but Mrs. Keith's iiuiiii' hud been nuloil
in s memorandum.
Ileplylng In further questions, Mr.
Kccne said Ihut he had n-eivnd in
■Irurtloni frum Mrs. Jumes lu protect
her al the auction, iio uu lentuud nal
Mrs. Keith was ucting fur Mrs. .lames
iu buying the property.
The case is continuing tudiiy
Bridge Engineer
BackFrom Ottawa
Mr. K. A. Cleveland, C.K., of Ibe
firm of Cleveland and Cameron, wbu
has been al Ottawa fur some weeks
past, as the representative uf the Ilur
rani lulet Tunnel and Hridge Cum
pany, attending lu matters now befure
tbo government with referonce lo Sec
mnl'Narrows bridge, returned from lhc
capital by lust uighl 's train. Mr. Clo
u'luinl declined to be interviewed on
lhe grounds that lie had nulliing for
publication, pending bis official rcpurl
In the directors nf lhc cunipuny.
Items of Interest
Mr. J. A. Fulluu has moved into his
new resilience, 216 Dili slreei eusl.
Mr. D. Hm I." hi is tailing up resi
deuce in his i.-vv hume, lll'H lllh slreei
(.'apt. and Mrs. I.. Kickham lefl un
Wednesday for California where Ihey
will spend lhe winter.
The SS. Vadsu is expected to reset
the Wallace Shipyurds luday, where
sho will undergo extensive repairs.
Mrs. Frank I'arkrr ami daughter wil
will leave for California un Muuday
next, where liiey will spend Iho winter.
The dislricl council last evening decided to purchase (rum the Canadian
Fairbanks Company a gasoline engine
and pump al a cost of filtM.
The Nurlh l.uusilale Halepayers' As-
lociation will hold its regulur meeting
on Monday, 1th November, nt 8 p.m. in
the King's Huad schuul ruum, King's
Huad Wcsl, Nurlli Luusdale.
A meeling of lbc Patricia Circle .uf
King's Daughters ami Sous will be
held ul llic home uf Mrs. (Dr.) K. A.
Merlin, 038 Lousdale Avenue, uu Muu
day aflernoon, November lib, al Ihroc
Ianlies, please beur iu mind lbc pond
ing mammoth International bazaar iu
wniiectiou wilh the Ladies' Aid of SI.
Andrew's I'resliyleriou church. This
sule promises lo be u success from every
The lucul building pcrmils for Ine
in"i ih uf Octobor announced from the
buildiug inspector's office ycslcrilay,
amount lo >).'18,;iUi), us compared wilh
11.1.(iiul in lhc corresponding month of
lust your. Considerably more buildiug
hus boon done during lhc monlli uf Oc
lober thun during tbe monlli of Sejdem
Tbo (Ireat Wesl Sam) and Crttvol
I'ompuny Limited have opened offices al
fill Lousdale' Avenue. The compsny's
bunkers, wharf ami warehouse Sre sit
ii.ii.ul st SI. tleurgo and Xsplunii'lc
whero crushed rucli.'graveb brick, sund
plaster Paris, wall ylutlcfi cement, limo
and coal cun always ne obtained at
lowest  prices.
Mri. II. C. Koberls, bank bouse,
ni D. '■■-. A., Lonsdale and 24th
wili be at homo ou tbo 1st
Thursdays throughout  the
Oood progress is being
North Lonsdale car
rough  work lias been
ballasting  will
Thc B. C
I'lu ll,'"In
ailway Company
l-i- Ibeir offices to Ks-
llng secured tbe pre-
f by tbe Civic Ii(gr-
An inloresliu/announcement is lo
the effect IhaU""' hoards of the Lonsdale  ihi-ulri'Ai" on  thc evening ou
December /he occupied by a company
of pluyi/ culled llio "Smart Sol."
Judgin/Mi}' the mosl excellent tnlcnl
and ovory bit local lalrnl,
you-this is a promised'event
should bo lakcu particular nute
it. This is .only the first whisper.
More late.r.
Dr. T. A. Al. Hughes, an sldcrmsii
of Souris, Jilanilohii, Is visiting tbis
city as tb* guest pt Mr. and Mrs,
Thos. ilull^du* Keith road. Dr.
Hughes, who came west to attend the
Dry Farming Convoulion al Lotbridg.o
extonded. his trip to North Vancouvor
in order to look over somo proporly
ho luul purchased from Mr. Hutchison.
Tbo doctor is so pleased with tbis proporty and with tbo city in wbicb It Is
located tbst bo purposes taking up per^,
nianont residence an the. nortb shore
next spring.
. *
\ ll
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)   •   $16,000,000
Reserve     .   .   .   •   $16,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L. 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
s  a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
If you use Stock Sues In Doors niifl      *
Windows You  Will Save  Money
Ask for our now folder wbicb shows
sins carried In stock
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hsy (uew)
Clover Hsy, (nsw)
Alfalfa Hsy
Crushed Osts,
Linseed Meal
li   ti K. Chicken Chop,
lii.lv Scratch Food
llit Cracked Corn
Leo's Egg Maker
Lee's Insert Powder
Swift's Beef Scraps
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Building Supplies
     • ■
Sole Agents for North Vancouver:
Samson Fibre Diabolo Cement
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Krkhun'i Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone 466
Leava   Vacou-sr
•6.20 AM       ..41   PM
■ *IM
Lsavs Nortb Vancouver
'8.00   A.M.       2.20   I'M.
* Imtitt "IM SS) taadni."    Time Ubl. subjact
inlittGempmi act IUM. for dslays, a«Hs»toi
■    "8.20
il IS)
iwayortti  uctuun
Appeal Quashed
'OQMWTIQK"   0H41OB   W,V9-
Tbs members of tbe Norlh Shore
i.itersry snd Debating Society occupied ibeinsslves ps 'Wednesday eveuiug, witb the sequel to last week's
'' nni.vuru I'' ninl est. Tbe supporters of
Ur. II. (!. Wright having formally entered an appeal agaiusl lbe return of
s(r. J. N. llnuii, ss inquiry into lbs
piviiluir in. iiiiii-liiiii'i-ii iilli'inliiii; tl|e
couotiug of the ballots was rendered
uecosssry, and it was furtber found desirable in tbe interests of public morality to "charge" Mr. O. II. Morden
willi defrauding the electorate by crediting to Mr. llnuii certain votes re
curilBil in tin nr of Mr. Wright, thereby
In.ii.kml.mii Mr. Roderick Msckentie,
scrutineer, smi csuslng Mr. llouil to be
improperly siid erroneously declared
Mr. Morden, wbu apparently felt his
|.n-Hum keenly, pleaded uot guilty to
lhe charge. Ilis counsel was Mr. llouil
while the prosecution retained the ser
vires of Mr. Aleiandi'r I'hilip. The
hearing tuuk place befure liis lionuiir
Judge Van Muuster, whuse dignity uf
bearing and cluse atteutiun lu details
Impressed these preseut very deeply,
and roinflisiuloil a general behaviour
iu Ihe court which gave a minimum ut
trouble lu I'hief I'uustuhle llsn-lay.
.Sensational evidence was given by
witnesses for huth sides. Nobody seem
id lo know exactly what had happened
lu the original ballots whlcb bad disap
peered immediately ufter (he counting.
The accused protssted vcneinently thai
Mr. Mackenzie had read lhc ballots lu
him, and thai he had written duwn the
nature uf each vote accurately. The
urigiual return was produced showing
Ihc result to be Hoult 7, Wright t. On
Ihc other hand fuur witnesses testified
on oath as lo recording their vule ac
rufately in fSvor of Mr. Wright. These
witnesses were Mr. Wright, who freely
admitted voting fur himself, Mr. Mar
kemie, Mr. ilarciay ami Mr. llilliain.
Some inlerest centred aruuml the cn
ilenec given b) Mr. Sroulen, who stut
ed that during lhc week he had been
approached by one uf Mr. Wright's supporters who hud endeavored tu persuade bim tu sign an affidavit that tithed recorded his vute in favur of Mr.
A significant feature uf the hearing
was that neither parties chose tu call
Ihc reluming officer, Mr. (J. W. Mi-Kse.
The only disorderly outbreak occurred
when ills liunuur declared thc appeal
gashed. The chief constable wished lu
im urn-rule the offender fur contempt
of court, hul Judge Van Muuster, Willi
inst lenience wbicb hss uiadc bis name
n lioutu Ii.ii.I word, ihose lo forgive the
misdemeanant. I'outiuuiug, His Hun
uur -ull- addition lo lhc charge,
wbicb inontioneil uo dale and was
otherwise technically unacceptable.
There was no olher course upeu to Inin
therefore, hut to dismiss the ease, the
1.1.1 1.1.n In pay the rust, 'the court
11,ru adjourned.
North Vancouver,
October,   I'HIi,  I'.U'-'
Kdilor Kipress
Iicur Sir. I must rcspei Ifully again
ask your permission fur s little space
in vour valuable impcr, especially as I
have experience iu Ihc pas! good results
on |iulilii- matters llirough vour press
My desire in writing is lo call lhe
all enl ion of my fellow rillwus and
public bodies to that question wbicb is
ol vital inlerest on the Norlh .Shore,
vi/, the adicnl, or sliall J say, lhc nun
coming of Un- 1'acihc Ureal F.i.tein
lluilway into Norlh  Vanrouver.
One thing I do know, is thai uur gov
i-rnmeiil uu the loth It: of February
1012 passed an s.i ratifying sn agree
ment between the government and the
company lo the cfTct-l lhat the com
I'iiiii .-lilill build, construct and com
plete a line of railway running from
Ibe eity of Vancouver to Ihe^ily of
North \ mu umi i. iluu.' mi, mug nmih
aloug the margin of iiuwe Hound to
Fort in mg.'. etc F See. 1. That the
• oiiipiiu.i will commence or reuse lo be
rominciii'fil nol Infer than Ihe first day
uf July, 1012, at a point within ten
miles of the city of Vancouver, snd
shall effectually continue Ihe work of
, ui,. ti... i ui.. etc.
Now there bas not lo dale been one
item of that agreement fulfilled. To
whom then arc we to approach for re
dress, but to our goveruuieul.
These are uot only acts passed by
our government, bul ronsfitute sacred
pledges from tbem at our last election
campaign, therefore, all we ask of our
govcriiuu'ot is that Ibey will be joal
us faithful to their pledges as we were
imiliiiil to tbeir support by our voles
aad "citty us through."
Hut we laarn from tbe press tbat tney
sre letting contracts further norlh al
together, and Nortb Vancouver again
left out is i li.- cold.
Now its vtty grstlfying to know
and trust tbey msy continue to do so
to completion. Boom NKWI'OHT S0<1
sll other good jdsoos.   Tbey sre sotitl-
not entitled  to  such  at   tils co|t   uf
North V#npouvsr.
Ws Ilk 00 favouritism, bul our just
rigllts.  Just our own snd no mure.
Molbink | hear someone saying thut
ils West Vsncouver bidding un up. Tut
—West Vancouver. Is It not (lie pul
icy uf Hrilish Columbia tu prosecutu
public works -..lu'ium the greatest iiqiu
ber receive the greatest guud. Tlm ex-
cum' ni hm small. I .el thu guyernmuut
sign tbe plun, ami then we shall buuii
And if Ibere is a shoe pinching,
Wu know that the,Nortb Wore possesses iiiilimii cl [iu. ululii iu., but every
thing we put our hand to is handicap
pod—the ambition nf uur .eiliieiis is
Nute-jtbo Mrnister uf Hallways said
that he miiilii iminl thu approval, nl'
ibe (I. I'. II. plan.   '
Tbe railway cumniissioiiers suid'Ilinl
Ibey would grant a lilill fuol spun fur
our bridge.
Our governinenl said that the \. 0.
K. shuuld start coustrurtiun wilhin toil
miles uf Vancouver city.
Where are we I
Ohl If it weru pussiblc fnr some
sciential lu diugnuse lhe veiled mn
lives behind ull Ihis uud portray I hum
in lhe limelight of Ihc world, wbal u
sad picture for civilisation In behold,
CitissuSj awake tu yuur responsibil
11 ins. \lnl,c yourselves heard and fell.
Ibeu, and nut until I lieu, will yuu prim
'.mn .uiii   omnipotent in sucli cases,
Thanking yuu in anticipation,
Yours truly,
New School Sites to be
Mu\ui McNeish presided over lm
regulur ineeling of the city council on
Tuesduy night. I'rior lo the session u
conference hud lakeu place 1111111-111
the city futhcrs and lhe members uf lbe
hoard uf school trustees. The sc.(iii-l
of this conference was a notice of nm
tion to lhc effect thai u by law mil I.
introduced at the ucxl ineeling ol ihc
council for the raising of the suni ol
87o,OO0 wilb winch lu purchase 11 .it.
fur schuul purposes. In lhc interim u
decision will be arrived ul in regard Iu
the locul mn of Ihis sile and tliu by
law will be drafted so thut tl cun un
dergo its first nailing ul lhc earliest
opporl unity.
A communication in rcluiimi in the
I'uuania Pacific International Kaposi
lion lo be held iu lulu iu .Sun Fran
cisco wss referred to thc hnsl Hoard
of Trade.
The Hoard of Works uill luuk iulu
lhc mailer of providing n sidewalk lu
lul 21, block H.I.I, ll. I. ul'.i'.ii". uo the
application of Leslie II. ilurkc 'Hi.
same course wss adopted tu ll"' cum
of a letter from W, Uimpsoii ami \\ T
(Jrahauic culling attention lo ilu- uu
satisfactory ritie of luu  bbi'k  il
ll  I,. 540.
It. Fosler wrole offering »I I'i lm llu
I horse power gssolnic engine ami bell
iug iix'-i 111 the Hicc Luke Tunnel < on
slruitioij Tin offer was refcrrd to
the wslerworki committee
Petitions were r ive.l for sid.-wslks
011 22nd slreet between Uins-lale uiul
Milium ami ou HOtli street cast ol lum.
dale avenue Holh were referred to tin-
Hoard of Works
AM Dick im id.'ilall) inquired uin
Ihcr any action had been taken lo si
cure lhc conveyancing of the run.I ul
loweiuc ou the east side uf l.ynn I'i.-cI
The nly engineer replied lliut Hung,
were going uheud in this rt-giu.l ns
quickly us possible
Abl. link was nol, however, niiliiu-.l
lo agree with this view stuliiig llui
the matter hud beeu ton long mulct u.n
It was five mouths ago lliul Hu- owners
had signified Iheir willingness
liefinilc instructions were tuereupnii
given lhe engineer tu bring the mailer
In spccily ipiiiiplctioii
Aid link also mentioned ll.ui Hie
rus.l lo the intake was now ronipli'tcd.
and Ibe city had spent more money on
ils 1-ouslruitiuii than it had ugreed with
tbr district to spend The districl lun
ing sgreed lo spend ti,"'" on th.
road when Ibe cily had ioiiiplele.1 lit
share of Ihc work, Aid. Dick Ihougbi
the municipal fathers shuuld be nol iff
ed thst the city's portion of lm- un
delinking was duly eoinpleteil lu
struclious were accordingly given lo
Ibe city clerk lo this effect
Not Much Urge Timber
But Much Pulpwuod Found lu 1...  ),.,
blebs Bsglon In Noi I hem Alberta
The forestry branch uf lhc 'leparl
ment of lbe integer lias had a mint
bar of parties out diving lhe pari
season continuing the c>«niiii»iiou of
tbe uiirjpliircd districts to 8ud uul llie
supply of timber on Dominion l«nds
and determine tbe lands which should
be reserved permanently for limber
purposes These parlies sre grneislly
in charge of graduates of tbe Forest
Heliool of tbe University of Toronto.
Tbs work for the season is almost com
pleted aad Us parties srs sow return-
ties liaVp already reported.
Iiir. H. H. i'luli' examined during
lbe past suuson the district lying north
nf Uc liallichc und east of tho Atbs-
bushu Hirer in Northern Alberts,
which is alilng lliu ruute which wus
proposed for llic Alborlu (Irout Water-
|ivays liailwoy. The season wbb wet,
Sud, us lhc ilislriet was fuiind tu bu
covered largely liy muskeg, lliu oauni-
illation of it wiis difficult, Thu mgsk-
'-iiu weru uiiiin. I impiisssbju and tlio
few trails Unit were found are lu poor
1'iinililiuu. In spite of the condition
uf thu I rails quitu ;i large number uf
people were going inlu Furl McMurrny
111  lm Ulu
It had Iiiiii reported Hint Ihere was
LSBlotlSi PUI r-nu bjs|uiii»uoii niuuijiii
out the fact which lias too frequently
been  the  case, that the'quantity uf
largo timber is wall uitd only In a ttw^
scattorsd areas.  Tlitire is, however, s
largo quantity of immature spruce ami
jack piiis whicii needs only pi nice! inn
from tiro lu be a valuable crop for
pulpwood or lumber.  The land is gunjii
urully covored wilh niuukug, und tho
suil, nowhere lirstduss, bseomss lighter
uud sandy towards llm nasi, whero It.
consists uf sandy jack pinu ridges withv
muskeg between. The uudrainuil muskegs muke Ihe timber growth slow, but
the whole ilistricl is more suited for
timber growth' Ihun fur ugriciilturs.
iiili. nm best Tea Is Mc per lb.   Tbeu wo havo Teas at ttc, iuc,
and our .-.iuuid blend at 36u par lb., i lbs. for $1"0.
Tbeso uro not "the finest Teas iu tbo world.'' but wo guarauteo
i iu i.i squel to any and superior to most Toss nuw being offered
at Die money
In packets, for those who profer packet Tous wo carry most all
kinds Iluu are un tlie market at tile usual prices.
Fresh roasted and ground as wanted, extra spoctal fiOc per lb., other
prices ihc, lllc aud llfie per lb.
Van Houtcn's, Siichard'B, Fry's, Osdbury's, Cowan's, etc.
B. C. 18 lb. sack  1MB
Finest  quality Now Zealand, per lb 40c
Finest quality Eastern Townships,'3Bc per Ih '1 Ibe. for $1.00
New laid, per dozen BBc
Bolscloil   Ontarlos,   per   diiKuii       IBc
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Choico quality, dry us menl, por lllll Ih. suck  $100
Now is thu time to lay In n supply
Good ijiulity, I lbs. for ' 26c
Bettor i|iiiiliiy, :i lbs. for ..   2hc
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(ioou for cooking or oating, per box   . ..' $1.2.1
Better qualities $110, I1.6U, $1.7fi uud liim per bux
In 1 lb. suctions, per section  26c
In glasses, each  20c and'66c
(Imui Bread Fluur, per (0 lb. sack ..  . $1 bll aud $1.76
Five Buses, Boyal .Standard, Royal Household, per sack     $185
DesBrisay Jobbing Coy.
HARDWARE."        I'hone 297'        GROCERIES
57 Lonsdale Ave.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing "
It It Not Necgjtary
For us to advertise our large Ilus Of
Stoves. Ran|os and Hoalon Tboy
spsak for themselves, but we wish to
call your attention to tbe fact Uiat ws
are carrying tbe largest lias of Oast
snd Malleable Ranges, JStovos stid
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contains eveiylitliig Hist yon migbt
dsalre sud oui priest, ars KIOHT sud
every stove wo scU is guaranteed.
Aak about our special credit plau, au
bonsat proposition to housst buyers.
All  kinds of Builders'  Hardware,
Faults, Oils, Etc.
16lb and Lonsdalo
PUons m Birks'Store News
ri       . i ii****"
Entree and Pudding Dishes
srs sn everyday need, Mot only do tbsy add to the appearance of a
well-arraiigad'table, but tbsy facilitate tbs serving of vegetables and
puddings, wbifli, owing to tliia method of serving, are much mora
pslstsbls. 0ur stock of this class of Uble goods is well assorted snd
uffors s grsst rsuge of choice.
The Chafing Pish •
continual to bs s favorlts In ths homes of Oanada- ito, vsry conveui-
sncs has made it tbis. To own s dialing Dlsb is to appreciate It sud
uss It constantly. Always ws supply tha vary flusst values in this
lino, u ws show ths nswsst types snd tbs bsst quslittss ou ths market,
and whether you dssirs to uss tbs Spirit Lamp or Electric Hsstsr wo
csn iii'i'oiuiiiudati! you.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I'.. Trorey, Managing Director .
I laslingi and Granville Slreets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly aud promptly ou account of tbi Sau Francisco oartluiuako and lire.
How many Companies could do this?
Its assets amount to $116,000,000
A postal will brjng our representative
Reeidcut Agent
1$ Lonsdale Avouuo sud Oapiiano Oar Terminus
Phones: Lonsdsls 167. Capilano 104.
9*  HwlvBw IfflFwwJ   Www    w jW-WWMfWfW? 99
By Reflex
I  ' "I    I Ml.'J.   '       '■' I   I I ll'l
wiiiii s'silly ipicuiinn/ Anybody
kuows wbst a good photograph is, of
course. Oue cau just imagine tbs
above answer being given by most
people to the question which boads
nur article this week. How many sre
tbore, however, who csu suswer the
ipie-stiuii us it should bo answered!
One is forced to the conclusion tbst
titer, ure few indeed who can properly
say uud know wby tbey sre saying it
that such ami such a photograph is
good ur iiiui as the case may be.
Tu the sverugu persun a photograph
is guod if it Is "clear' 'as tboy say,
if It Is a good likeness, if It looks
lilic what il is supposed tu lie and to
nn. Well, a phutogruph may have all
Ihese ipiulillcations und yet ho far
from guud, iu fact, it may bo pusilivc
ly Inul Anyone cuu wilh an urdiusry
ainuuul of pruclice, combined wilh a
lillle common sense, take a clear pie
ture, u view nf a given subject, but tu
liceuinc u good phulugraphcr in lhc
true sense nf the word is a matlcr ul
patience uiul years of perseverance and
i'linii-.' uf subjeel, fpr instance, it
no easy matter. One Is positively
pained lu sec how recklessly many
photographers will expose on thc mosl
impossible subjects aud as tbey say
"trusl fu luck'' to gel something on
This is un escelloul thing for tho plate
nmi Hint makers and docs nobody harm
bul il certainly dues no guud. fur iu
stance, lhc writer along with u profsi
siousl friend, were highly amused to ine
two enthusiastic cuncristi about 1:110
p.m. un Thanksgiving duy making great
preparations to take a photograph of
one of the canyons iu Ibe neighbor
houd. The light was very had uml they
were against it The sides uf the cau
von wen- in deep shadow uml all tbey
.oulil possibly gel mi Iheir lilm would
be ii slrcuk uf white ribbon represent
iuu lhe stream and a triungiilur patch
ui while sky. Add lo Ihis the fact
Ilml thr i iiiiutu was oue uf thc cheap
"Brownie" type and il will be seen
al once huw utterly absurd it is lo al
leliipt such a tank which even the Inesl
lens would mil lie ci|ual lo. Huwever
uo iiuiiii was done iu thin case, bul
wlicn une of the Iwu posed in front uf
llu- ulher uliuul lour leet distant lu
have Ins phulugruph lakcu, it was I
North Vancouver City
Corners in District Lot 265—
BLOCK 8  .- LOT 16
BLOCK 13  LOTS 29 and 30
BLOCK 17 ..I.OTS43an.M4
District Lot 274-
BLOCK 140.. . IAT 17 and Two Storey Building
BLOCK 168 1/)T 5 and Iwo Houses
For Prices, Termi and Further Particulars, apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Nortli Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286
fuuuy for wurdi; awl y»t Ibis la mty
commonly attempted.
. A llttls thought aud common lenjS
wiiiilil »uvc s VSlt iiinniinl  of lnmlile
SSd S good many flltiia.
Whilst it ii quite poiiihlu to got a
Hund picture with a very cheap camera
it must lie iimieii.iuoii that the conditions must Iimt uf all bo favorable. No
camera la side tu make up fur ita user'a
ignorance uml inexperience, (let a good
grip of the theory ao to apeak and then
peg away.
A good photograph frum tbe pic-
inii-.ipu- point uf view muat naturally
|iunH«hH good 'quslities. The exposure
must bu right, develupuicnt alau and
printing in whatever procoai muit be
iu a   uiiul.lu Iuue.
ruini of view uiual bp carefully
chum and composition be cuiiiiilered.
A good picture ileiii nul even be
''clear.'' There are uucli thing* knuwn
iu photugruphy at iinpreisiunist pic-
turns, though even ilu. may he carried
luu far. The fuzny lypc unless in the
luiiul-. nf an expert ia apt tu CSUie ridi
.-uk' rulhcr than praise Boms Ihere
ure who ■ unnut comprehend ihe srtii
lie Ileumv of an impreialoniil picture
properly done; uh in the cuse of tiie
BlitbusiSStic amateur whu had been
in.. I. v,iiii thc lad thai muny uf the
prize* awarded in a certain exhibition
were given tu thimc picture, of u " fui
iy" type an he called il. lie hifliaelf
meant tu he in lhc running ul the next
exhibition uml nel aboul lulling fuxxy
liming Hccurcd une with Ihc right
umuuiii uf futlineu, he proudly tuuk
it tu the club uiiiin une nigbl lu allow
hia fellow membera. Their remark*
were anything but Complimentary but
never Uliiul uur hem waa mil tu be ao
dimly pul down.
Ilungiiig Ihe print down un thc tabic
he glanced uruuml isying "It'a a guud
uue, ila fuxxy, und it doean'l inuller u
d , I line il."
Of euurae thai aelllcil it. Thia ia
perfectly Irue ami ibowj how caaily a
mini may In- led iulu many channels uf
iilcu*. I'uiir fellow he hu* unly recently
gune lu hi. real ami in jualice lo hia
memory il ia uuly fair tu aay lha! be
plodded nu until be wua every year
.ceil iiiiiiui" the awanl* iu thc club uf
wbicb lie waa au honored member.
A guud pbiilograph will icek lu inter
pret   auine   jihuae  uf  nature   ur  aOinc
character of a portrait.   There will lie
iomt* underlying motif wbicb will dum
mul'   tiic whole and whilat  nut  being
luu obtruaive will ao aaaerl itaclf lliul
il   ruiiliol   pm-.ilil;    he   lual   tight    uf
There ahould be a rcaaun for lue tak
lug of lhc picture which   Inn.I.l plainly
apcuk   for   itaclf und  aiinplr  aubject*
are often lbc beal.   Take fur inataucc,
uue which certainly hud u line aenie ul
in.in.i.i aa well aa being a very finely
executed  piece uf  wurk.   A  ihclf on
whiih waa displayed \anuua nrticlei of
broken i rockery in vuriuua colora      ll
burc lbc Itllc "rilic a only been  wilh
ua  a   week "   Nu uiiatukiug   why    il
wua taken.   It cauaed nu cud uf aniuac
un nt  in Ihc exhibition bul tl alao re
ivei  ita incaaurc of prune  for  ill
erit aa a phulugraph    ll waa uu eaay
lliiug In du tu phulugraph lhc vanuu*
colors uml to give their true tunc cul
urs;   and   thia  lead*  mc   tu  auy   thai
pholiigiuphy  in  order lo be the oui
il tl ahould be muat give the valu
to the '.uin.ui  I unci ur color* iu the
lubjccl    To do thia luccciafully  it  ia
nipiiuiive that unly chromatic plate*
be  uaed  ami a aerccu  alau  in   many
aiu-a    Nu Irue value* can he ublaiu
ul wiihuul ilu-ii aid  Flower*, for iu
ilancc, iuiiiuil  puwibly give good re
auil* unlcaa huA urlhurhroinulic plate*
ami a orrccu are u*cd
Tu lol lln* rxpuac Iwu plate*, one
an ordinary one, the other uu "Oblro"
ml note lhc rciull*.
Generally speaking the mosl pulur
caijji mull* arc lu be ubtsmcil by the
portrayal uf »omc effect iu nalure audi
aa a storm, a rough *ea, a unity morn
iug/, -now picture*, etc, many lubjccti
will readily occur Ifi lbc reader del
uul of the rut. Ncrtr mind auapptug
al any aubject. Have a ilclluite pur
imu In your Work and peg away. Hue
ce** i* bound lo conic with pcrivvcrauce
Nuw about lhal competition closing
ilSlc i* on Mondei next, fend your
print* slung iiiiuiiii.il and trimmed lo
"Ill-Del" e.o. the l.ipi. .a nili.i
Whi'o tbi* It over we will have an
oilier ou mure general line* In the
meantime *cnd aome qucttion* along
or "une print* fur crlHi-lim
Two uacful little booklet* arc juet lo
band "Orlbo chromatic I'hotogrspby''
and the "Imperial Handbook" bolb
well worth having. Alio s few copier
is/I of "I'aull* iu Negative* " Any
or all ilunr will gladly be tout to tboie
Who care to aak aud enclose I'smpi
lo cover poitsgc.
tw Js»w    ^riulbIWWpmI^Ww .    m%tt*m*MWnw
of Commerce
 -——. r— —————
Capitol $15,000,008   Best $12,500,000
North V»ncouvtr Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
,..,,,    Manager.
Consisting of Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils, Iris, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Paper While Narcissus, Double Yellow Daffodils,
Double White Narcissus, etc.    Plant right now.
We have also growing al our nurseries llie finest slock of
Roses, Shrubs, elc, in B. C. Call or wrile for our catalogue.
Cul Flowers, Moral Designs, Wedding Bouquets, etc., on
short notice.
Phone 235
Cor. I7lh ami St. Andrew's Avenue
Burn. del. UMli, lo Mr. ami Mra An
gel .folic*, I'eler Ituiul, ii "ini
Tiic ll ti. Kleclric Ilailway Cumpauy
ban- cuiuplclcil thc inatulinciit uf light
ou Hcnilcr.iun Avenue.
M;m. J I'. Crawford uml -un leuve
uu Tueaday m-xl fur California :\'u,,<
iln-y will apcinl the wintci
I ..ml week the employee* of lin- I.	
Valley Lumber i'o. Ltd.. donated llu
lo the iiiiiiii. of lhe lule .lm,.    M.i
Mra I1 Wc»liiver uml her *i»lcr, Mr« I
Adam*,   huve   lu-cll   i-ulillln'd    lu    Iluu
home   fur   »cwrul   day*   Willi   severe
Mra. 11 T I'arry, I'eler Koud. ia
■pending a lew daya wilh her relative*
ia Vancouver, ufler which .he mil gu
to Victoria
The opening dunce under the auapirc*
uf llic l.ynn Valli'y dancing club lake*
place tuuighl ui the Inalitule Ilull ul
ll.iW u'clock ,
• lu Wednesday evening, Ucluliei .tutli
at   lhc li'imc  ul   Mr. uml   Mra   .1    I' i
Crawford lhc chnalcuiug look plun' ol
their aon. Henry Tavi-rner l.v Hie bev
A    M.i. Ail,i.
The fl Jamea' Aaaunuliun Koulhu
team uf Vumouver ia coining lomor
row afternoon lo pluy u friemll) game
mill   lhe  l.ynn   Valley   leal    Ihc
Boulevard i'urk at II o'clock.
Mr. A. i-i   Wagborne of llo«i Koad,
will ahorlly occupy   Ihc  uid   -i i   ol
l.ynn Vulley general »lore on l(o*>
and I.ynu Valley roadi, where he in
lend* tarrying on a job printing !>uai
uei* Mr Waghornc ha* been iu , lbc
employ uf Ibe Norlh Shore Pten l.ld.,
uf Norlb Vancouver fur the pual lm'
yeltl, lbe lual Iwu in the puatliuu uf
M'c II I.. Thompion fur insurance
uiul invcalmcul* in l.ynn Valley
Kruuiiue liliick, corner Cetilrc Hoad
I'liune .ill.
I'reily gtfia Ilmi mc caiily made arc
lhc limn lnml. aela. They may he
iiiii.i of linen ih uuy culor which ia u
favorite of Ihc perion for whom Ihe
gil'l taHi|i'»igiici|. ll ia uauully heal
lu nuiii- linm ul llu nuliirul linen und
lei lliu -uin nl.I in li luliiig linng uul
lli.<  luiui     Tlu-j   uie   lur  lhe Ju.IIum
lllil     lOp      III      lilill      lllll.    Illlllnil     uml
Hillli    11.Hi.   llll'l   iluliule   llu-   I.uc   lm
nil.!, i-   killing  uniiu. lolled  dollim
hug ulnl  toilet  caae
Tun me ull hound with autin ribbon
uml Iiuv,- anlin ribbon ln-a and are
eiiibonlcrcil lu mulch nilh lhc initial"
i'liiiu! in the centre m cuili piece oi
ul ilm - iiiin-r Tin . nr .cry handy
unl ill-.e lulling lhe Uauul number uf
i.iiiiK lur lhc auine purpuie,
Mm. ulau add lbe Inii au. lid pu.la
il u more eluliiiruie gift i* deiired,
ii gptcuu 'i | iluu. ure unolher fui
unle gill llna yeur, and Ibcj ore cu.
ercl niii l.rown or yellow denim em
I,nu.nil.! nun it lurge bcraldjc deiigii
in llu i 11, in- mth lhe initial* ul one
i uiin r Tlnl arc ml uml ahliped lo
lii tin aleunicr ehaira uml have aofl
lui. of lhc luime nuiiii ul
W| H, .bowing m tutX,-^ BMU" »Uv" m Pl»w w««'
nothing but ths highest gtjy
ft ,. 1»- ..n.n.„ arJ "* ^ J""* 0UI »'lCM mch MOW UlOSS Who
?!!!„.;Ti^* wU1 fm" ""« «• *ou'  s" m windows.
psVJf tUgU ItttiM.    A COOT THE   EXPRESS
mmm vamoouvbb...
11 r r»t»* * * * • • • f < • * •
Publlihsd Tueidsyi snd Fridays by North Shore Prsss, Limited.
Bstae sf Subioriptiom-Ons yesr, ♦1.00.  Hii months, 68c.   Tbree months, 35n
United Btatei and Foreign, 18.110 per yesr.
Advertliiug Bates Will Bs Quoted on Application.
Ths Kipreu is dsrstsd ts ths intsraits at ths North Shore tt Hurrard Inlet
sicluiivoly. It constitutes sn sdvsrtising medium of exceptional value for
reaching ju a thorough snd effective manner tbs population ot Nortb Vancouvor
Oity snd Diitrict. Evsry effort is made to givs advertisers tha inset satisfactory
All changes in eontrset sdvsrtlsomsnts should bs in ths priutari' liuuds not
Istsr than 10 a. m. Monday snd 8 p. in. Wudnesday to ensure iuisrtion in ths
following Issue. *
Nurth Vancuuvir, B. 0.....,,,,,,,
Novsuiber 1, 101B.
ll hss been frequently observed that
municipal administration represents the
must.direct form uf guvurumoiit by the
people. Tbe clly or the distent council Mauds in closer contact with the
electors In general, is more susceptible
to public sentiment ami mure stpetll
tiuu. in n..inlli.mi lhal sentiment
into administrative action lhan is auy
uther ii.liiiiui .ii,iim unit in cuusti
tuiiiiniil guverumeiit, its methods ure,
likewise, more readily adaptable In
■ u.,1.mi.;■ condilloui uml requirements
than thai of auy olher representative
body. *,
For these reasons nur municipal sys
tent within its seupe, might to repre
sent the besl development of eonsli
nunmul goverument.
iiritiih/'olumhiu hua every reasOu fur
urolith iiinm uu the scure uf the progress which haa been made ulong Ibe
line uf munieipal government thruugh
uut the province. An observer who ia
conversant wiih ihc conditions which
prevail eouhl nol hul consider the de
vetopint'iil of the province reinurkulilc.
iu this regard. This allitude is i|Uitr
compatible, however, wilh a recogui
tion of thu fuel that there is still up
portuuity for iiiuteriul improvement in
matteri pertaining lo municipal govern
ment, The uppuinluteul uf a municipul
fommiisioii by lln- provincial govern
incut gives atrong indication nol only
of lhe fuct Ihut improvement is reebg
ni/eii ai pussililc. but wliul is much
inure to the point, of a determination
ihut here as elsewhere,'lirilisli (iiluni
bin shall procure llil' beal lhal is lu
be bad.
Among ull thoae forcea, however,
ulinli exert t steady and helpful in llu
cnci' in.v,iiu the improvement of mu
ni. ipul methods, none is more worthy
of mention thuu tlte I'niou of liritish
Columbia Municipalities. The unnuul
convention* uf tlm urguuiruliuu arc
aitcuded by dclegatei appointed by the
municipal eouueil* of the province ami
Hs deliberations ami conclusions
i • outcome of Ihc practical experience
ut men who are experts in municipal,
A perusal of the reporl of the pro
i.-i-'liiigs of the recent convention of
ihia organization us submitted to ilu
iilv .oui.cil on Tuesday evening hi
tin ilelegatca, shows huw numerous un.l
iinpoituiil are the various mutters witn
ininli the I ihou .leala Thia report
shows thut the convention considered
nmi reached definite conclusions with
reference lo some eighty different mul
Lis aubiiiitlc-l bv the respective boil
n-s rt'prt'si-iilcl, euch ami ull of which
wer> of moment in llic administration
ol uniiu. ipul affair*. Tne uniouul ol
work -lone appear* lo have bun .■-,
cxlt-iis'ic ua tu- involuntarily nils'- lln
ifUeslmu whether inv bod) cuu fuise.l
of representative men could possibly li
Justice to audi u priigruinine wilhin tin
short apace i,f two .lay* t'rulli tin
nature uml llie volume ol 111.' business
which churui leri/i-s Uie uiuvcnlioiis tl
would appear us if the I'niou Wouhl
lind il necessary lu make aome change
ui il* iiielhu'la In enable Ihe orguin/u
lion lo ueuillc llu- lui.-iiii..- iu a thor
Uighly latufactory manlier.
' is inevitable lhal un organi/aliou
sucb „ il». |    ||   i    m   .|,,„||,| |,„,,,.
a mu*t urlui-ntiul factor in ibaping inu
nieipsl u.,|,u,|( „„! |t.gj,jg|iuu pertain
mg Ihereti (,.„, Uj,, V(,r). reMon p j,
sdviisble tb, n, j,r„eci"linga of lln
convention* A,,|(j |/f M||„|, f,n.fi„ii,
anything appros.,j)Jj( U|1,|U(, t,^^, |)U!
.lhat all Ihe concS> ntotM thaM
reiult frum due deliirg|jwi »„,, ,|,.|,u,,
,„ order tout tboac ''(. ,|uBi(pn( |ngy „
preaenl the mature ju. , l)f ,|(,lt,,
galea expcricuccd in tb ,„„,)„,,, ,;,-,
municipal affain, arrived t, t)ii, j. (i.
of the careful consideration t,.^, ,u,|
cat infonnatiou oblsinskle. « , ■„,-,
uiual reiuarka made by the do.
• it'ltes
it ii gathered that the advisability"
lun Imi facilities, fur handling .the in
- uunl.I trallic which will umlnithtt'dly
develop. One of tbe sluiinchcst eiiinpu
niui- ill the coolest'fur this truOie is
going to be found in the city uf Weal
tie. The magnitude uf the wurks that
are nuw being curried forward to im
prove the lunl-.,i facilities of ihut'city
iu|n iiiui wilh lhc wurks under way, at
uther l'ii|ii'l .'"uiin.i purls, provides eon
viliciiig | inni Ihul huth the, I'nited
Mnii .■■ government uml ihc i'ugct Sound
cities are fully alive lu lhc value ul
the opportunity which the compistisu
uf the '.inul will afford, fur building
up an immense shipping I rude. In the
issue uf October I Ulli, lhc Hrisnlilr
American published editorially a summary uf Ihe vviirlisut preaenl being pm
secuted in I'ugi-t Hound bsrliors, which
will be reud wilh inieresl. Alter dealing Iniiili with lhc nuliirul advantages
uf thc bafbor uf Seattle, Ihc article
proceeds us follows;
"These excellent natural uilvuntiiges
of deep and sheltered wulent, are lu be
supplemented by lurgi' uml costly un
provcineiils—thc work partly of the
I'nitgil States goveruuieul uml partly
of the public spirited citi/ens uf Seat
lid The pari of lhe latter is repre
seated by a bond issue uf s)5,llllll,iuM,
Ihc money In be used for conilcmnu
liuu ot one hundred and twelve acres
uf the highest class industrial properly
iu the city, and lhe erection thereon by
the i'url Commission of a series of
piers. These facilities an n, be leased
In ii Terminal Cuinpany, which will im
prove ilu- balance of the grouml un
u plun similar tu the ltush Terminal
Company, Brooklyn.
So far sr ,i. iu.il hurliur improvement*
go, lln governiui'iil unit llic people uf
lhe .Northwest ure spending inure Ihun
♦t,ni. i.iii.i lor wulerway*. jellies mil
similar worl. Tne lurge.-l project is
the l.uke.Washington < unuj. exlcmliug
from Salmon Iluy lo I'liimi Hav nn
Lake Vi'ushingtoii The distauce ia be
tweeli lout aii<! tive mile* The - liun
ml will be I'm feel wide ul llle liul
tutu   uin!   from   Salmon   Iiuv    lo   I..S,
I llloll  will  be uu I.. I  Hii p ul  low   IM' 1
from Luke I'uiun lo Luke Wuahiiigtuu
will be Ti feel wide ul luw Inle III
i-iiiincction vviih this wulerway. which
Will   be  -i|lli| liiul   l|n-   lusl  pf   11114,  the
giivcriiiiicnl i.- row at work upon a huge
lu. I-, the se. ond largest in lln I nilcl
Stales, coaling ii.iililt'i'i Tin luck
will be Wgl feel lung uml mui led wide
inside dimeiisious The rigid nf wuy
for ihis caual mai iTi'i/Pin, lhc nn
vtttioii alreadv hus cosl uboul tt69,
HOU, uml lhe i .v ii,aimn to complete llu
iuiiuI will i osl unolliei uiilliou, making
II lulul I \|..'inI.Ii.n   nl almiil   Jl.iilli'.li'l'l
I'or tins waterway
The great   value  tu s.ulile  ui  tins
in..,i opening up u. it -lues. Iwo gr.ai
fresh wul. i harbors, supplving gciieruiis
dm a .-pui e un-UsjS' 'orv silcs, i.- t v,
■Itlit It incrcuses th. wulcrfruntugc
Irom li tu lo'l miles Tin- giivcriiniiiii
.lllll'l,- u little over om- hull ul llu
expenditure, llic people uf S.-utlle uni
King 1'uuniv  ilu  bala/n-c
Another wulerway pruit-cl i onli-in
plaled, is the straighlcuing nl ihc j),.
ivullilah river This plan iuvol.es uu
ixpeli.lllur'c bv lhe people ul Hint dis
Unl ul about tlfltHllPPI iii inn.-lriiii
j slruighl chuiiiiel ui place of llie -• i
peiiline in,...ii i river, extending
-unlit four mile* frum the harbor Tin.
' lu.nn.), which will be Iti feci deep,
will upeu up u river truut induitriul
Iracl nuw supplied Willi only railroad
Olher Improvement* iu the Nurlh wcil
being lunii bv llu- (loveruuieul are lhe
tlray 'a Harbor jellies, coating iu all
uboul i2,'l9'l,')l)l). The Jelly on the
south side of lhc harbor, H.'iu'l feel
lung, is completed and uf the one on the
north aide about 13,000 feet i* partial
Iv completed, and will eusl when com
pldt-d UyWO/WO. These jetties arc for
the purpoae of scouring out a bar al the
ntrancc  of  dray's   liarbur.   Seattle,
|l|H In gOO feet at a cost of $-10,000.
Ths i'ort Commission lisa S lehtpn pi
dock  impruvoiui'iits involving four or
live municipal ducks, including a large
timber dock for the handling of tbi
timber shipments uf t|)e entire Pi)gst
Suund country."
An  energetic  policy  ni  actual  sc-
euiupliuhnieni inch ss tlie above tlonutss
cniilrusts very strongly witli the conditions which obtain in nnd about
Burrard Inlet, where, notwithstanding
iin- n piulli'd natural advantages,Hie
situatiuu is cbarseterUed by u nisi
iniuni of talk and a miiiimum of sc-
unu, tu such an extent, thai even sn
much as the building of a bridgo'rsu
uot lie proceeded with solely because of
lhe obstructive tactics of those who
have constituted themselves hyper-critics uf the plans nf thnsu wljo are trying to sccomplish something. Surely
jl is high lime lhal all this verbiage
was brushed aside and the way cleared
for actual operations upun Hie devulup-
menl uf lhc hurliur uf Burrard Inlel.
Tenders arc invited uf luls ur Irucls
uf land suitable fur lhc erection uf a
I'ily Hull fur thc City uf Nurlh Van
All lenders must be made un a form
lu be obtained frum the undersigned,
uud must be made by the uw tier ur his
Atiuriicy authorized by duly executed
power uf attorney.
The successful leiplerer will be cull
ed upon lu give un uptiuu tu the city
in a form satisfactory to the City Su
lieitor until the necessary By luws' arc
passed. The price will be puyable,. 10
per ceul. wilhin thirty daya ufler lbc
passing of lhc By luw authorizing the
purchase ninl lhe buluucc wilhin nine
ly duys thereafter.
Sealed Tenders marked "Temler fur
i Uy Hull Silt.''must be ludgcd wilh Ihc
Cily Clerk, City Hull, Nurlh Vaui-ou
ver, before li pin. uu Monday, lli-n-in
her !Hh. llll:'.
The lowest nr any lender-uoi neces
sunk accepted.
ti I:' Citv  Clerk.
Vancouver Island
Wiit. not- live on the waterfront f
Seven acre blocki* wit Jj h|tren<hil hru.li
trout age of Ml feet ea< Ij Maud Hign
wu) and ('. I' It. tu ('oiuo.\ at (irm'iit
ii ii d it (oii.-.trticlioii i t..,,,.i tln> [irojaTly
on thi- suiitli Mile. He»l of hunting and
Hulling, good soil, unexcelled' tweiier)
and splendid elimate. I'rue only tUfliJ
\,vi block. ';i:-u. It.yMl, und balance
$M per ajiijuin for flw years al J per
eenl Tlit-M' blorkp are under price ot
fiirroinidiug pro|ierl) und are I muted
in inuii ber for ti, filler jiurlu ular.-
wrile owner, II ' \ Hall, Hark»\ille.
Vaneouver  Island. \i. *'.
making   auch   changes   will   be  •»» Ifurtunulcly, baa no problciu of a bjir to
into   consideration  by   tbe  executivs,,,,,,,,,^   ^u
I'nder right conditions the poseiliil
tiei of usefulness embodied in thc
t'nion of B. •'. Municipalities in its par
ticular sphere, arc of the most vulu
able order.
In view of tbe accepted significance
of tbe completion of the I'snsuis Caual
to Ibe leading harbors along the 1'uci
At toast, sny information is of inlerest
Tbu   government   is   also   installing
■dug dikes in Kverctt river. These
v.,;iout  three 'miles long and cost
WW i)0b ''"''0 ""' '' li":'it'uli *''0"'
. II  ,.0J'ls of dirt for the channel
liunul Ail'""ti""'fl',>' 9M/jMt addi
being dredgil'1"*1""" » "Slerwsy is
OW, involving cost of sboutf »)«•),-
At Wiliips >l*Wm V",h "' *"[h
i, being dredged ffi '» f""« ''1""»»')
mbud, between ieVaJhe Hay to Bay
involving the removal*1 eignt miles,
of dirt, snd st s cost ffUMO ysrdi
wbicb gives sn idss of rfhst the gov   v. ...., -— ~-   -   -.
ing lo provide resuisite Olympis, s wstorway os \AM0.   At
orunieut* sre doing I
Tu Whom It May Concern:
J. lhc undersigned, herein give nu
iii-c,lhat I huve. wiliulruvvii from purl
i.crship in Ihc firm known us Baker,
Kveuaoll und Compuny, Jt cu 1 Kstu'e
Agcnla uml Building t.'uiilruclurs, coin
pnsi.I oi llerbcri \ Baker, 0 A. l-.ven
ion uud Frederick i.u:. of lhc eily ol
Norlh Vancuuver. B c. J will iu fu
tun- have uo connection with lhc hut-i
lies* of lhe suid lirm ur uny new lirm
which muy hcreuficrflic organized by
Uu- suul ilerlii'il V, linker, und Fred
crick Turn.
iSigned)       I). A, KVKJiSON.
Norlh Vumouver, U^iul day of Oclo
Jicr, lliiil. Ill
li 00,  NOET1I  VANOOUVBft
In pursuance of au saiigunieul dated
August HfJtb, I'M:', to thc undcriigucd,
parties iudeblcil tu the W. II. Sloucy
Si Company ure hereby notified to pay
lhe amounts due at Ihc office of the aa
uvgncc, Wilaon k i'erry, suite II, DeBeck
Building, lt'16 Hastings aired . west,
Vuncouver, H. ('., i.t the curlicul po*
stliic monyrnt, who will issue receipts
far same.
W  J. W1WON,
Fbouc Seymour 4734.
10,000 cords of iry fir wood for quick
sale, Pries psr odd cords, 11.75. Spiels! quotations for larger qusatlUss.
Out Wood, IS Inches, g3.ll6. U UsbM
MM. CO. P.
Oftc* snd Yard-  Mtli sad Lpudalt
Vest side     finna IM     P. 0. Bog 2432.
ttmy itmjNw»»)w swrtw
North Viwouver
On the esr line.1 "fnoin smi bosrtl.
(fuud ui-cuniiuiiilatiiiii for working men,
Contractor'allien taken, Siugle meals.
Ifi 18       «;, BABTOOTT, Pruprlstor.
Lodge Western Boss, Ns. Mt
Meetings of this lodge srs bold in
tho Knights- of Pythias Hsll, aorusr of
i iii'iiii'iiiiild avenue aud Fourth itreet,
on the flrst and third Fridays in each
moulh, at t o'clock p. in-
Ciiuiiiiiuii.'iiiinns and upplicatiouu for
lueniheii.liip to be inhln-used  In  llliluld
l.eci, secretary, P. 0. bos 8811.  16 7 I.'I
Mrs. Milliliter will give at her upun
ment Weilnesday and Saturday after-
uiiuii, a free ilemunatratiun uf tbe "tiei-
Iuuu Dress Furui." How an enact re
priiduilinn uf your ligure can be bad
whieh hereafter saves the tircsume
times uf lilting self. Thc form allows
the free use of pins, is nun-breakable.
Cull and see. Mt. Crnwn Apartment, Isl
street east. I II
HI Il.l I .A IIII Mi
Cual mining rlghtl uf lhe Dumlnlun
In Munlluba, Saskatchewan aud Alhir-
a. thu Vuliuii Tcrrltury, the North-west
I'.u Il.n l.s and In a porilun uf the piu-
viii.e uf Hi lil.-di Culumbiu, may he leased fur .. iuuu of twenty-one years al
an unnuul renlal uf II an acre Nol
moru lhan 3,610 acrei will he leased lu
une applicant
Ajijilli uiiuii fur a Icale must hu iiiuiii
hy thu applicant In persun tu the Aaunl
or Sul. An- iu of llio dlalrlct In which
Iho rlglils uppilcd fur are illuulcd
In surveyed territory the land muil
be deicrlbed by lecilom, ur legal sub-
dlvlilom of auctions, and lu unsurvty-
ed lerrllury Ihe tract upplied for sliull
be staked uut by thu applicant himself.
Escb uppllcallon muaf he accuinpun-
!• il by a fee uf IS whlcb will be refunded If the rights applied fur ure nut
available, bul not otherwise. A royally shall be paid un Ihe merchantable
output ol the iniln at the rate uf Uve
-•nin per ton.
The persun uperatlnu the mine ihull
furnish Ihu Agent with iworn rclurni
... .-...nuiiii; for the full ijuuiiilty uf
in. I. h.uiiiii.'l.' cual mined and pay lhe
loyally thereun. If Ihi coal milling
illfhti ure nut belnii operated, iuch re-
iiu in liiuuld he furniihed at least unce
u year.
Thc b is- will Include Ihe cbal mining
rights unly, but the leiiee may hu permitted (i purchuie whatever avulluble
■urfucc 11,.i.ii may be cunildered necessury fur lhe urn hint uf lhe mine al
Hie rale  if |I0 an acre
For full Information unpllcatlon
should be made lo Ihe iccretury of thc
lii-i'iii imciii uf (he Interior. Ottawa, or
to any agenl ur Sub-Agent uf Dumlnlnn
w w. cony.
Deputy Minli'i. i of Ihe Inlerlur
N     li      CllilUlllOll'Cll    J,ul,IK ..Hun    ol
Ihli  udverllieinenl   will   nul   bu   pub!
fur «!•»
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT- SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada a Gnatuit Wtstsrn School
U. J. SprrStt, B.A., ■ -Mttiiagsi
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 .Seymuur Streel
H. Kerr Huultrate - - - Uausgei
All Nortb Vancouver psopls sst sl
I'.ilbei Hack Block or lluitine-i 81.,
o|i|iiiiilc tbt new puit uflice I .tununl
•vli* bit tea by tbt pound.
100 Per Cent
IMtSW»ll«lllWIWWI^I|M»—^—       I
Pure Paint   ,
WB GUARANTEE tbe Msrtln-Ssnour 100 Psr Osst Furs Fslnt
(except s few dark shade* tbst cannot bs prepared from lssd sad
sure), to bs made from purt carbonate of lssd, pure raids of sine,
Wltb co|orU){ matter In proportionate qusstltlss nectstary ts make
their respective ihadii snd tints, wltb purs linsssd oil snd turpsa-
tins dryer, snd ts bs entirely fret from wattr, bsnsins, whiting
snd sdultsrstions, and sold subjsct to chemical snalyila.
Tbs Martlu Stiiour Os. Ud.
Tbis is the only Pslnt so gnsrsntssd becaust it is tbs only
PUBB PAINT on tbe msrkst.
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Fjrs( Class DwelKngJlottse (or Sale
We invite teudeia for the purchase of new el»ht room and bsst
ment dwelling house ou .Seventeenth Street, uear Bsulevsrd ou Lot U,
Block 16a, Diatrict Lot ObO, 00 ft. by 167 ft. Tbe building Is a very
substantial oue aud haa all modern convenleucss.
TENDBBB aUtlug tuo; and tcrmu of payment, accompanied hy t
marked cheque for 6 per cont. of offered price muat be delivered to ui
here uot later tbau Saturday, tbe lath Uut.
Tbo highest or any under uot ntceaisrtly accepted
The Burrard Development Company ii«ted.
17 Lonadale Avenue
Nortb Vancouver
Pboue '31
■Between Two Thieves" ,
'Mirabel'a Inland'
Tbe Lady Neit Door''  .    .
Tbe Loug Portage''
Tbe Wlud Btfon tbt Dawn''
A Mau In tbe Open''
We bavo uow room for all coiners at our uew store
(Author of Dope Doctor)
Louia Tracy
Harold Beg hie
Harold  Beudlow
..   Boger Pu. ua
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book aud Stationary Company!
30 SB Lonadale Avenue PHONE 1*1
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
Harding & Walker
F   0   Boi 8141
Oeo. W. Harding Audrtw Wslktr
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St." and Yorkshire
•   Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.    A Snap at $2,000,  One-third mh, bal. 6 and 11 monthi
11        I     I ll I II
Ottct Pbone 171. ' BesUence Phone In
t. 0. Vet 1*31.
: I
ioau      i nit XwiKViA Qf     iyy
Biffish North America
78 Years In Buslnsss.  Capital snd Surplus Orsr $7,600,000.
The Advantages of Bank Money Orders
lor trausniittiug small sums of mouey are four.   Tboy sre easy to pru. im-
essy to cssb—ssfS—inexpensive. We iiiue tbem st tbs following rates:
It or under- dc l| to 10    (ic
^10 to $80—10c 30 to   60 —16c
Tbess Mouey Orders sre psysble st psr st auy Branch of say Cbsrterad
Bauk is Canada (Yukon Ter. exeepted), in tbe principal cities of tbe United
States aud iu London, Eng.
Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Dsys' Fres Trial
Solves tlie Bummer Ironing Problem
Fur lul:' we ure uffering a "llotpuiut" uf lbe (lib sire, suitable fur
geueral buusebuld use, fur ii.m. Tbis iron is similar to sll "HolpoinU"
except tbut llic upper surface is unpulished.
• T*»w*
Second Slreet East, North Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on the Pacific Coasl.
band concert every Friday evening from fi lo I (J.
I lol and cold waler in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
I.. REDA, Pr.ipt.elor
Nurlli Vancouver,
Niii October, 1
timiM. Kim uil kiM> ni liju a it- itx/u
\Av$ aiul irrt^jUnliri, mtnith, eu
(iivc uie a (rial iii uuy ul llii- al»u\e
i uiii' Willi ni) nukeij ban dn, i «iire nine* au<l 1 will \tu*v tu you lin pim
|j;al\MH, luiiigealion^ in'urul^.a. bed u:in-Uf»n ht iu> a 1.31.71 iuii*. I am w.tl
lever, heart Iruuljlr, t»(>i'tlullv jiiljn iny I" bu>k*rlakia ut.) tau- im*»..i
lutiuii, i-.i.,j uiul k ill iif y ttDiiliUa, al.«o intuitu axUntv uUi* t untlual uirri ia ■ ■
biiv hia(1'ler ilcfetft. iManiric cam'* au<l tailed. Adilrew, Hv\ i i , . »o
t)t' ilelectiouh ui any kiwi, itoniKb Mr Jat-kjou, corner Keiiii au<l hull
:jh,.J'I, - und ull kiml* ui ittirturti I rrlaii.l IM-. N'-ni. Vamouwr. ,H '
►jieciali/e  m.    I  tau alcu lieal lirokcn I. ll
Council Meeting
Tbe West Vancouver council mel in
lbe municipal bsll st Hollyburn ou
Tne.iluy, Keen- Nelson in tbe cbsir,
sad tbe fulluti-'iiiK members of tbe
couucil present: Councillors Msthera,
Ginttburger, Hsy snil Merrick.
• Discussion on Terms of Subdivision
Tbe objection of Mr. Jobn Alexander
Mr. Jobn Uwson snd s number of
property-owners, wbicb some of the
members of tbe council sdmitted could
not be answered eicept tbat "il would
work ilself out," was the case of one
man subdividing bis laml smi .Luring
the rosd allowance while the owner of
Ihe netl piece of property allowed bis
to remsin onsubdividcii rstber Ihsn
desr M.i'l allowances. In sucb a case,
iu lbe opinion of the objectors lo the
! passage nf lbe new bylaw, the mau
' who bad gone to lhe trouble of clear
I ing his roads would be little better ull
'iiuii. befure, since his ruad begau and
.'inle.I nowhere.
Beeve   Nelsou   told   Ihe  petitioners
thai   be  bad  jusl   returned  from   the
meeting uf ihe Convention of the l'u
'iuu uf Hrilish I'uluinbiu Municipulilvs
mnl   ii.ui   Ibis  question  had  been   up
! fur  discussion1  at   that   assembly   mid
'llisi il bad been resolved lhat the gen
i eral feeling shuuld compel subdivide!?
not  unly tu clear roads, bul to clear
', every   bll   of   pruperty   befure  selling
lo the puldic.
Kecve Nelaon declared ihut lie was
i in sympathy with tins view ami Iboug'.il
1 ilml   if   Ibis   course   was   adopted   il
wuuld .lu away- wiih ihc many accidents
{ wbicb occurred ns the results ul' iilesl
j iug upcraiions on property which bud
{nol  been cleared priur lo being sold
< aud wbicb very often was surrounded
by settlers  who were iu great dsugei
wben tin- uwiu-r ot lln- -nil subdivision
' tuok it .iiu ins 11 u.l tu clear bis pru
perty.    Very often  lives were lust   nl
tin's way ami otber people's pruperty
| damaged, which in mauy cases lbe mu
niripsJilies   were called  upun  lu  li.-ur
, lbe responsibilities.
li wa.. further maintained by one of I
il,. petitioners n.,,1 it wuubl be a!
greal hardship especially tu Ibuse wbu
. aad bought wheu property was cheap
ami whose incomes were nul lurge
1 enough lu alluw lliem to gu lu the el
pease ol clearing of ruuds prior tu
The tuuucil acknuwleilged that u ■ er
lain amount of hardship vvuubl In- u
>a.«ione.|   suiiii-   of   llu-   small   holders
lml lbi> wuul.l be utTsel by Hie iii,,,u-
e.l value uf tin- landlhrougl
ruads *'
Two liuiuiri i dollars TH^l
in,.t which wuuld unly 1
mirage eusl uf niakiug ruads tb'ruugb t
<ni uf ll. ulnl valuo uf laud in ibnl
ilml. »in. li lbe .uuiiili Ihuughl »o>
i.,.i tuu nn ' li
ll uj- explained by lln liffrrrni
ii,ml.i- uf lbe cuuucil lhal in lbc
i.-> if a luur ami Ihreequarter acre
ii'i uf land which is I'm average
h.i'l iu Wist Vaiiiuuver, thai unlv half
an acre would be required tp be used
for roadways, snd not us in other municipalities s rosd 68 feel in width nud
rough graded as well ss cleared.
Tbs council of West Vancouver
ouly ssked to have a road it feet wide
aod just cleared and tpe timber re
iniivi'ii or burnt.
Tbe reeve promised tbst tbe trailer
would be fully discussed before tbe Hy
Isw is finally approved.
ljiter the by law passed tbo socond
reading with some changes in lbe wording wbicb does not in any wny effect
tbe main features of Ibe act.
The geueral Sccoguts amounting to
-uuii in, eipense sccount cugiticers' de
psrtiiicut $:i.."iii, pay rull 11004.95, sup
plies .; I:.'" :ii were passed.
An uppliruliiiu from Messrs. Irwiu
sud Hillings fur water rights was
(loun. Miiiln-i" gave pallet lliut he
would introduce a by law governing
lbe placing of lelepliuiie, electric ligbl,
telegraph uud puwer poles Ihruugli the
Tenders will shortly be called lor
rocking Murine Drive lliruugli I). I,.
Ocluber ti, Ibll
The  ' uuii.il  uf  the  Municipality  nt
West Vancuuver:
Hollyburn, H. ti,
Deur Sirs, On liehulf uf tin' nvvu
ers uf D. I,, ufl I wunt lu enter a pro
lest ugaiusl the passing uf proposed
by law re slreels Ihruugli new subdivi
We object uu the grounds thai we
have already helped lu puy lur all the
roads in lhe eastern end uf lbe li uul
When I suy helped I waul lu pul H
a lillle stronger thun lhal, nol unly
have all lbe taxes frum the Wettern
len ur twelve miles uf the inunici
palily gune lu the eastern Iwo or three
miles but ull Ihe liurruw-cd money for
which wc arc liable has alsu been speul
un the east eud, Ju fact you hav..' uul
speul a ten dulhir lull uu lhe Wesl end.
Nuw yuu waul us tu pay uur uwn way
afler using uur money.
Regarding uur uwn pruperty whieh
we want tu subdivide al -uuce, wc pru
posed openiug sume uf uur streets tu .
widlb uf twelve feel uurselves bul
wuuld iniiin nul have Ihem opened lu
iwcnly fuur feet fol lbe prescnl even
In ihc municipality as we wish lu
keep pari uf it similar tu t'uullields fur
summer collages uuly
We alsu llnul., now mat the ward
system ha.' been introduced, Ihul uli
nuiiiies shuul.l be prupurltuned uut tu
lln- vai uus wards (bulb luxes ami
liurruwed illumes; uml kepi fur use ul
ihc.-c wards uuly.
Nuw lhal I am al it wuul.l like t,.
urge the early completion uf Hie Mar
ine Drive at leasl us far as ('aullicld.
We want lu place uur pruperty uu thc
market al ume and live uf uurselves
al least waul lu build in the spring
Hul with nu road ami with such a fern
service ss we had Ihc past summer it
".        ..i'ii...
Money to lend in large or small sums
at current rates,
11  11....
Bonds of Industrial, Power ahd Railroad Companies,
Oor. Marine Drive and Man Bosd, West Vancouver, sud 81 Aid-
gate, London, England.
wuuld be impossible fur u business luun
lu gel lu his wurk, consequently wuulil
be uselsss fur us tu build ami inipus
ill.  lu sell luls lu niinl- lu build uu.
If Ihere is any difficulty in (Inane
iug ihc completion of this ruud wc
wuulil be willing tu sign another lucul
improvement by law fur suy, S|ili),iiiui,
Iiu! we think the Provincial Oovorn
menl shuuld contribute much mure
Ihun Ihey are doing, as compared with
Vsncouver Island we are receiving nu
Nuw uuuther liuust fur oiled ruuds.
We are thoroughly convinced Ihul all
macadam ruuds shuuld. lie oiled iu the
making mil uuly lu have u guod ruu<!
but un the side uf ccuuuiny us we cuu
sider it simply muney wasted uul lu
nil, as au oiled ruud will lusl three
li.iies us lung us a plain macadam.
Dui)'I make lhe mistake thai the
cily uf Nurth Vancuuver has done uf
uin,fi uii tup of ruad uuly as Ihc uil
musl be put uu in Ihree coats wilh the
iiiiun.nun. I',.j gallons tu lhc square
yard in ull
Just luke :i luuk al l.uusilale avenue
wbeu it is wet ami sec the mess il is
111. If tbis hud been uiled properly il
wuul.l be us hard ami smooth us ■.-. yV.-.n
ruud and would shed every drop ul
I wuuld suggest Ilinl yuu send yuur
engineer tu l.us Angeles lu sec lhc ruuds
fur himself uml get the leclinieul infur
i...linn at first hiiuil. This wuuld lie
money well spent
If he goes down lei bim gu lu lhc
Huard uf Supervisors uf l.us  Angeles
county  Inoi  city;  us  Ihey have lunil
many miles of line roads
Vuurs truly.
Flnt  Lord  lu  Submarine
Mr Wiusluu I'burcbill wenl uut wilh |
:i lluiilla uf submarines Irum I'uris [
inuiilli Hurliur ami witnessed sunn
interesting evolutions lie made llu
I rip iu a submarine uf lhc I'. I'loss, ll
, understood llie evolutions earned oul
were similar lu Ihuse in progress wlun
lbc All was wrecked
Sixth Field Company
Canadian Engineers
VOU KKNT   Kurm.bi 1 roi.ii..   »-' "'
— —       aiul   *:' u"   |.r   week,   lull,       10'   ,l|,|
KOOMs  POU   HKNT    Housekeeping   slr.-.l we.i, Nurlli Vm.uuiu
KilH sAi.K Kiria aru win wuud
tl iii a cord '0 M. Ilmi. 11(1 Mb streel
easl   I'hune Kl I f
ui..1 single   -'11 :'iul slreei easl
: 1
FOK    KKNT   ' ului, ai    A| jrtiu.-nls.
Full KKNT Twu 2 ruum collages, m,),.,u ,tM „„„„,.,, .,,,,,, ,,,.,, ,, M|,
with waler ft and i'l. A. Siniili - '„ |,mloj, |„.,|,. ,,|, ,|„, „,,,. ,,.,„,,,„,,.
 1 ~~~~~—'apartment   with piano ami  j i.ui >    Ai
K'lK   KKNT   Twu   nice   large   lur luwaii'i-  made   lu  suilahli   i.nai.t    lu
lushed   bedrnoius.    Apply  (kni  Queens luuk aller furnaic   Appl..  .1   lim... n.
bur)   Avenue. ll'l I'll l-l   Andr. w'». I'lione Kll 1 II
KOH KKNT   Furnished Hal, I'll pet —
111 unlli, hul  ami cold  waler   261 First
street eo»t. I " .	
FOK SAI.K-.W Inn- ami , In. kens
I'ome and give mt a quick sale price
fur Ihem Uriines. i.'.'.l Hlk'sicrSeld
Avenue 1 11
FOK .sAI.K Snap on Western Av.
ii,., ..i.iii.i! fei-l, Min feel frum lln
pr.-s.iil Icrnnnus uf Lonsdale car ' a.l.
t.s.i'1   Apply I'nn I..1I1 slreei wesl   1 II
I male lessuns in French, li.nuai,
un-1 Knglisli Ajj l.v :.Vi Keilb linn 1
Wi.l llll
FOK    KKNT   (iroomed    Hal    near
,     .    1    o, ..,,.     cheai'    iiar.l.n Apian, llll liili w.sl
ferry, lit per month. Apply Warburu '
it/ l'iano Huuse 1^
FOB.SALK   Honey   Fore, di-iuiuu.
li  11
FOK KKNT   A hnuse un lOlh slrect      FOK SAI.K   Solne lurnilure, 1 lu-sp
and Boulevard; alsu shack, suitable for
couple. Apply F. Booth, plumber.   I.f
Small   healer,  elc
ilrd ftleet  west
not   Used.   II   VU
I ll
FOK  KKNT   (roomed modern  hou      j.-(iK ^Aj,p;   KhuUrh routs, best mi
res, 6 minutes  frum  ferry   Kent  flo
per uiuiilli      I'eers I Uuull, I'hune IKS.
FOK KKNT Knglisli lady has spare
bedroom, wuuld suit (wu gentlemen.
Apply  N   V. P. 0. Uox lott.     If
FOK HKNT- Five snd ail roomed
bouses, sll conveniences, HCIb street
and Jones, iin and i'16 per nioutn. Ap
ply Firlsnd, Sth street and Hendry
Ava., N- Vancouver. •*-! J
.FOB BKNT Fine new modern I-
roomed boune, corner of HOIh and Ma
hou Avenue. Will giv* lease to auit
able tenant. Apply Boberl J Fowler,
■ill Ksplauade Kast. ' If.
FOK KKNT—Modern three room cot
lage complete witb bath and toilot.
Fm*. .-il uat ion Jill Keith ro»d. lltM
j^-r month if rented this week. Alexsn
der Bmitb and (,'omi>sny, 11 lonidsle
Avenue, North Vsncouver, B. C.   6-11
porli-'l   Knglisli   seed    D   Hull.worth
(Jardcii avenue, 'apilano. t.f
FOK SAI.K -Unlimited amount vl
cord woud ur stuve wood. Ii-n, ., and
Hluart. I'liune Ml. If
FOK SAI.K -Furnace wood. 6r slab,
J. J. Doran, pbone to. Ia-ivi- orders K.
V. Lumber Co ollice kll
FOK SAI.K Apple- (Iravrnstcin,
also apples for wiulcr s(o. k Keene.
17tb slreet sud SI. Oeorge. til
FOK SAI.K A ffw very choice
While U'ghvru (.'ockerels.. Afply it'i
61b street west, North Vaacouver  tf
FOK KAI.K Three ponies, weigll
about tOO lb.*«*cb, well broken to ssd
dis snd barocas  J. A. McMiilss. III
WANTKD A capable lady's help
in,. 1,. j.1.1 wild .luld .',.'!< Kighlh
sin-el casl
WANTKD Jap Of l.'Usrse Iluy for
house help. Millie, corner Moody Ave
and Iktb stmt , Ili
WANTKD (firl fur real n«lalr of
In. <.011.1 i-lianee for learner Stall
wages tu P. 0  Uox 2916. ill
WANTKD Kuuin and use ul bath in
11. nli- family al once by two Kugiish
mn,   Wuilobora,  (posl  olliu-,      fill
WANTKD- A alrong girl ur woman
for housework. Apply al St. Thomas'
liirls' school, SI. James' road, Ixins
ilale avi uue. North Vsncouver.     Ill
sliull Iuue luans ou vacant ur 1111
proved property Star i.uau 1 ompouy,
61:' Hasting... Vancouver 11
1 himuey Sweep *ts*Vt». taken al
Norlb Vancouver Traiisfcr"CuJs office
VI  l.i.n.'Jale   I'lione  Ili.   ■ 'lla-ll
For line wal.li and jewelry wurk gu
lu (ieu. Suiucrluu, the new jewelry sture
uli Snd street
Klderly lady wishes position a-
housemaid ur ladies' help in smal' fain
iiv   I'bone 119 I 11
Iiniiiii and board iu modern house ai
modern rates F.uglisb cooking. 410
illi strsst and Hidgeway Ave      10 IJ
I ji. em,king Taught All hranrbe,
I Irish;. For terms apply Vin imb St
West, Lunsdale Avenue, Nuiih Vau
couver. OII
MONKY TO LOAN Muney loaned
uu diamonds, jewelry, furs Star 1 .oui.
i'o, kl'l Hastings,  Vancuuver        If
Gentleman wisnes nne rui.in  in pn
.ale   house   Close   in    Apply,   slating
particulars 10 Kui Lit. Kxpress Office
Laud Clearing aud Orading Lots.
I'cte Andruss, General Contractor Su
wer connections s specially, basement
'i^nd other eicavatiug work underlakou
Kstiinaifs free IJ'i IKIh streel west,
NurtlNs/ancuuver, posl office boi li3UJ
Aulburi/cd agent for Singer Sew
ing Machine Cuinpany io Norlb Van
couver.   J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Goods aod
(funis'  Furuiibini.", curner First und
Luusdale Avenue. if
I/M" Black killeii. tail rut short
last seen 2nd and lanmlale, Tuesday
liiul Keturn lo or notify No. I. Fire
Hsll. » 111
B. C. Livery and Bosrd stables -
Light rigs sod ladies' saddle horses
for birs. Stabling for borsca. Geo
eral delivery and heavy looming. H
IIudss, ith strsst west. Phoos 147 t.f.
I.M   On tM p.m ferry from Van
luuver, F'ridsy, iiiiii, electrical cugin
crr's sand book, bound red leather cov-j
rr.   Finder (ilrsse return aame to ferry 1
wharf osVr. .mm 1-1)j
Orders for cabinot snd picture frame
making promptly executed. F'umilurc
snd office tilings lo sny design. Job
lung work aod repairs of all kinds
specially attended to. Kslimstes Int.
i. P.. Hsynes, flit Uaiitlt Avssus,
North Vsncouver, Fbona L147.
FOK KKNT- "Kaiielagh", l.itli S(
Kssl, i'i, block frum Lunsdale Ave,,
lomntodioui IK ruunl uiudern residence,
furnace healing aud 0 Open lire plui i's
Heaiiiiful gruumls consisting, of 2 lo
ii acres. | milv tn unbard, lawn, shrubbery, pasture, Auwer and vegetable gar
dens. Ijiwii tennis and eroquelcourts
and facilities for oul door pastimes
Truut stream, cottage fur gardener ami
slabling accommodations The musl si
tensive snd charming premises and
gruunds in Nurtb Vaucuuver, elevation
.ill) feel. Suitable for tbe following
or like purposes: Country Club, I'nvale
School; Kindergarten or. Seminary;
Sanitarium, wilb or without open-sir
trrstuieut; select boarding premises;
residential for large family and cuter
toimnculs, horticultural and nursery
purposes etc. I .caw /or short uj long
term sl nominsl rental if tenaid. will
assume reasonable rare 0/ grounds. Fur
Iber particulars on application Wc
have also a good selection of residenrei
cottages,- bungalows sod stores i'or
mrtr itmia A sBttHngs Co., iii: Hatr
Oth and I-onsdsle Telephone 16, North
Vsncouver, p. c. ,-
Orders by Captain 3. Hades Word, Coin
iiiniiiiiiiK October 29tb, 1912
No. 70. DuUes:-
To bu orderly ollicer weeli ending
Nuvember Htli, ISIS, Lieut. .1. II. Cosgrove.
Next for duly:  Lieut. H. Ward.
T'u lie orderly sergeau: week eud
ing November lllll, lllli, No. (i Ser
(.'•lit I H. 0. Ou;:'ilcii.
ivul   fur duly, Nu   2, ,.- igcnul   II.
No. 71. Leave of Absence—
I cue uf absence to Sapper Vi. P.
II'id has been cileudeil Irum Ocluber
■Ust. liim, to January 31st, HUS.
The fulluwiug men having lefl tbe
limits are hereby struck ulf tbe atrcuglb
uf the compuny:
No. OH. Supper Clement Clurgcn Taylur.
Nu. 01. Sapper Charles Arihur Mc
No. 73. Paradcs:-
flie company will parade at the drill
hall, Nurth Vancuuver, on Tuesday
ev'eiiing. November ulli, ul IHU, al t
Dress Drill urder vv'ilh rilles ami side
Ailing Ailjulaut
North Lonsdale
Presbyterian Church
The missionary sucielj uf ihis church
is under lln- alili- leadership ul tneir
presidenl. miiliiiig great prugress
The meetings will in future be called
iln^fuurili Mumtuv ul every iiiunlh al
.1 u clock. Al the mil meeling lhe
address will be gnen by Mrs. F. Bulish
"un current missionary news
Would Save Canadian Kailways  Vast
Sums Yearly
There were I.'l,(i8.'!,i7ll cross-ties pur
1 liase.l in 1 in,;iila tn hi]], uceurding
lu sluli.-lns compiled Ll llle Kiireslry
Ilium 1, tt llm Depurlmcnl ul lln- In
li-nur     V-
This is au iiicrcuse uf Ulil/.tWti ils.i
per unl 1  uver lhe number purmascd
i"   ISiJu    The  increase  is  largely  due
:u railway  cunslrucliuu, which wus es
; eciaily iioliceuliie in llic western pru
I lines   nu   llie   new    trails, unl menial
i lies.    The replacement ot lies nn el
-ling   Inns   nmuunted   lu   uliuul    10,
Kigbti'i-n  liiiuls ul   wood  were used,
lml. June standing lirsl m importance,
niirniully,   with  iiiuiii   lu  per  icnl
1  ihe lulni    Tamarack sluud set-urnl
illi allun     l'l per unl. ami ll"      .
111 wilh 11 per reul   and hemlock wilh
'■' per unl   occupied III ird and fuurlh
places respectively
Tbe  average  price of tics    1   liil
.1    .i'i  nuts, one cent mure lhan  in
1910,   Si.ullu in pine lies ul |l 10 iin
ported from the Cniled Mules were lhc
musl expensive, aud spruce ties at 26
cent, were the cbcapc-i    The sawn litis increasing iu favur evidently, as ei
per ceilf.^pf 1. jur cent   mure lhan iu
miu.  were lbe  producl  uf  the mill.
Sawn lies cost, un lhe average, 41 cents
a piece, or I tents mure lhan  hewn
lies, while in IHln the hewn lies were
ine moir cijicnsivc by II cents.
Oply 200,201) lies, or 1.0 per eenl. of
lbs total number purchased were given
preservative treatment. However, Ibis
is practically a clear ud vauce over
1910. Two treating csloblishoieul, are
nuw iu uperatiou. On Ihe average, Ibe
Ircalini'iil of ties prolongs Iheir life by
leu years. It is estimated lhal si
leasl il.iU million feel boordajueasure
ruuid be saved annually Ibruugtf Ibis
procois. s>
Substitute for Mucilags
Few knuw that a cold boiled potato
rubbed ou a piece of paper for a few
minutes will fuMn n moisture of the
cpnsialjescy of glue sud it 1 satjsfsc *•
lory substitute tat mucilsge in csss tl
in emergency.
wm Houses to Sell or Rent
m*maamtmmnmammmm--**-m n in i .       '
We have some splendid buys at
Reaeonable Prices
Houses of all sizes to rent
Excellent four-room suites. Close in, $17.50 and $22.50
Pbone 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
Jim McLaughlin's Regeneration
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Repairing, Remodelling;, Htc Prompt
ly attended In
Kstimates Furnished Free
BIll.lllM.    I IIM'HAI'I'IIH
tilllcc: iu. i.u.. ■ .. Ik Hun's Factory, Eiplanade.  Phone Wl
ii. n.i      Allun  Ruad,  Lynn  Vuiiej
P. 0 Bu* 20, l.ynn Creek I'hune
A.M.I.E. 4 S.
Irrigation, drainage, leveli, plans
and ipi-i.-ifu-iiiiuiii. Septic luni-i and
hutiiu drainage a ipecially. 1'. II.
Hm '111, Iiiiii atreet weel ul IJswioke,
Ami general Commission Mcrchanl, Kl
Luusdale Ave, Nurlh Vaucuuver
Phone 321
Studio   over   Hunk   B, N. A.
I .ui,--lulu aud l-u-i'liiUiiiiu
ii.i, 'lass Ladies' nud Qenta' Tailoring
llepsiring   and    Alterationi,   Cleaning
aud  Dyeing in nil ils branches.  All
Wurk guuratileed.
Ill Firsl Street West. l'hono 207
I.l.   LilllX)
Ladiea' and Qouta' Oleaiiing,
Pressing and Bepairiug
a Specialty
129 Second Street Eaat
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Street East of Lonadale
l.oiic-l  priics ami lies!  wort ji ..uuu
Iced un tinning uud sheet metal wurk.
We an- specialist*  ui llu-sc lu.'?
VllA   Lousdale   Avenue
Otbtuet Maker and Carpeuuir
Will undertake all kiudi uf wuud wurk,
repairs, etc,
I'uuith Btreet and Sutherland Avenut
P. O. Box 200(1
All kinds tit saws hlcl uud set un tin
tliurteidl nuli'i     l.uiwi mowers, knives,
hedge shears and si issuri shurp'-ucl. All
iv.,rk giiaraiilced. nni'lcrali prices
1231 Luusdale Aveuue Phone hu
I,   yum   Viol. |,   .tupping   .,i i..-.-j-    p
rreg'ilur I im 1    If so, si u
I'lijimf  iktt.ii. i    'i'i   i.'ii..-liili- Awu.it
If Not, Why Not?
Buy your Orucertes and Provision! al the North Shore
(iioiciy where you get llic vciy bu>t good, al the lowest
pii. cs Olve ut a trial and prove tills lui yourself We
dou't cany any goods we can't guarantee
A few of our spectala.
(lood Coltee at
Brooke Bond Tea at
CreaJucry Butter, 3hi oi -1 ih lui
Boiled OaU,
Applet, eitra fancy
Genuine   Ashcrolt   Spuds
All  guaranteed to be over Uuce lm ho m length and tbe
grower1!   nanic   lurulabcd with caih pick
Good Clulliwai'k Spuds 11*1 a sack
Orderi pruuiptly delivcicd
■lhc   Ih.
.iin Ib
ibe 7 Ih  sacks
Sl IP) and $1.05 box
$1 35 sack
IMh tni Lonadale
Pboue 217
Good Batter Buns.   Plain Sultana, Nut
and Cherry Cakes in great variety
Yule and Coffee Cakes
Home-made Candy
...i    - i    ii «        '" — ■,——■-M i...
mmm^nm i i    >■ ■ !
"Ami darest thou then
To beard tbe lion in his den,
The Duuglas in bis hallf"
With tbe permission uf tbe redder 1
will give anotber turn to lhe kaloidu
scope and ask him tu allow his mental
visiun In again accompany me alnng
tbu court* uf Fraser lliver to the town
uf Yule
There was much that transpired ut
Yale, und indeed throughout the colony,
Ihut created a deep impression upun
my young uiul ardent mind. .Many
Ihings Iiu|.iiciii il that eunnot be written,
lhal were uf luu minifying u nature tu
he luld uuw; but there is a greal weullh
uf reiiiiuisci'iil lure than can be and
ought tu be i.n.-mill..i fur llic inforiuu
linn, if nul lhc Instruction, uf lhe pres
enl generation of men uud milium. This
uuu I III uf Incident remains to be de
\i-I.iji.-il, and uu uue whu wishes lu be
regarded as u faithful histuriun can
iilliinl lu disregard i|.
Neurl.v every early resident of Yale,
Vnnenuver and Virlnriu will readily re
cull the persunalily of Cuptuiu Willium
I'ower, whu, having amassed u fortuue
during tin- lund Iiniiiii ul Vaiicuuver,
died u lew years later in lhe Eastern
Slates, ur Knglanu, I uin mil sure
which. The Captain, who was an Irish
man, was u splendid specimen uf man
hiiud uml un accomplished athlete. I
lir.-l inel him curly uue sunny morning
in the munth uf Auguil, 1858, uu lhc
soluon deck ■>> I'aptaiu Thomas
Wright's stem wheel steamer "Kilter
prise,'' as she ploughed slowly against
llu- current un ncr ivuy lu Hope. I had
risen early uml was reading ii hunk
when I saw approaching llie u lull,
fair yuung man. Ile held in on? huml
whul seemed tu be u chins mug. As
In drew near he said: "I've been all
out lins precious crsfl looking for
the steward Ho yuu knuw where he
is lu he fuuml I"
I replied iu lbe negative, adding
iimt I uus, like himself, u itrangcr uu
"I wunl sunn' hul water," he said
"I've travelled ull uver Europe uml
lhe Huly Lund aud have been un Ihc
Nile, hul' Ilus is the Brsl lime I have
t.,,11,1 >| impossible lu gel i rup of
Imt wuli-r in shave with. Whul dn
iuu usef
I luld hun I used .uid uulcr
'It   | 've gul   III lire cold  wuler." he
lii-.l, •■ I il nul shave ul all," and lie
i Im scleral years.
In llu iiiuisc uf lhe day he inlrn
du.e.l nn lu Mrs. I'ower. u bright yuuuu
ili-rniiiii lady, and wc Ihree became fasl
friends Hur frieiidslnp wa.- maintain
i,I fur man)  yeurs, for the)   were su
i.lllliuldc   HlUplc.
Wc pilciicd uur leuts al Yale and Mi
uud Mr.- I'uwer opened un hulel un
ili, llui ll uu.i speedily regarded as
iiu lusl in tuwu, ami the couple suuu
bad .. full house Tbere was hul one
l.ul. I, i shop in tlu iuuu al thul nine.
It »us owned by u man named ' ui
1,1, One Jem M. Uugblin oflieialed
ul the I.ln. k He wus ,i mosl desperate
•lu. kguard, both in appearance and u<
iii.ii IK «as il huge, bloated specimen
ol Ii.m.anil) uud vias gem-rail) filled
lo ihc throat with .innk W'lieu in Ihut
, ..million   be   lius  mosl   abusive  to  his
i-im,., is and look u delight m.plai uigl
l„ ion tbcm port ium ol mi ul Ibey did
not ilisin- or older, gencrall) wilb the
remark, "Tuk« it or leave il. show
,u|/ Ilmi In ua.- aware lhal he possess
,.,| u inoiiupul) "I lbe business I had
tm, ui Hire- nils wilb tne fellow, und
i-vcri linn' was worsted because he
I,, id ti,, k.-) lo my slolnucli. He insult
,.,| im.i bullied ■everyone, Including
Power, whose reslaoraul was ul Ibe
in,,, , ol lhe hloaled bulcbei lie could
cui oil the suj.pl) of meal ul uii) mo
uniil and pul I'uwer oul of business,
,Tlic language he used was fearful ile
browbeat woineu as well as men lit
hated children and wuuld often I urn
them crying away without' Ihe fuod
llui nad been sen! by their parent* to
buy. A puur dog thai strayed into hn
shop afforded htui lbe greatcit joy snd
Mil isf action, fur if he euuld nol reach
liim witb his foot be would burl a
ileaver at hun, once or twice witb
deadly effect. A Scotchman named
Mcllernioll was fhe owner of a bcAutl
ful huie terrier, bii couitaut companion in all his prospecting loun Toe
little fellow ventured intu MiUugh
lin's shup one morning lo pick Up
scraps when Ihc wretch sJruck him with
his great cutting knife across the back,
indicting a wound lhat manned the
dug for life. The owner of the animal
was furious. He seized bis revolver
ami storied for Ihe shop to shoot the
butcher, li."' ii intervened sud iu
dun.I him to-give up bii weapon, but
he wenl to the shop and, addressing
McUuphlm, said:
"If I ever catch you ou the otber
side of (be line I'll kill you   kill you!1'
"Uo out of this," shouted thujiuti-It
or, "or ITI serve you as I did tbe
"Very well," aaid McDermoti, "I'll
pn; but remember, you will be my meat
if I ever catch you on tbe American
"       '
McLaughlin  tired s volley of bsd
words iu defisute and tbo Scotchman
weut swsy.
Huw we submitted pstiently to tbe
i- iiiiiiiiiii: conduct of tbe nillian, even
at the risk of losing our meal supply,
1 cannot imagine now; but we did, and
most humbly. He lei) us captives to
thu bluck and decapitstcd ui morslly;
if uot physically. For a long time be
ruigued supreme. Like Alexander Sel
kirk bo was monarch of all be surveyed
and keenly enjoyed his regal position
Hut one day lie struck a snag, or, rath
er, a snag struck him. "The worm
turned," and although wurms aru nut
generally supposed to bsve teeth)" tbis
I'liiiu iiiui worm bad a guud sharp set
and llil tbu oppressol liil he huwlcd.
Iiinm uu lhe bar there lived a little
Kill-lull woman named llurruughs. She
had twu dcur little children, a hoy and
girl, who were ootid for their neal
appearance on all ueeusions. The bus
liuml and fullier had gune up the cau
yons iu i|uesl uf gold, leaving his wife
nud children in a small lent. A scanty
supply of groceries and money whieh
he left behind fur their sustenance
was exhausted and the' family were re
dueud tu greul straits. 'Vic neighbors
uu the waterfront did ull they euuld tu
help the wuman, but they were generally puur, tuu. it wus understood
thul Mrs. llurruughs was luu pruud tu
appeal for help. Wilder was approaching and the discomfort of occupying a
tent in cold weather will he undcrstuod
by those who have passed thruugh
lhat experience. The lillle wumsu hud
heeu a frequent customer al the buleh
er shup and had paid fur what she gol
su lung us her purse held uul. I..it.li
ibe hud fallen in arrears. One inuruing,
when she asked tu have su urder filled,
McLaughlin was iu uue uf his wor,-'
inuii.Is He had been revelling over
uight uml had lusl heavily al the fmu
table.. Su when Mrs. llurruughs lined
up with uthers hi fruni Of the Iduek
His Majesty addressed n.-r in language
something like this;
" What do you wanll"
" I should like lu gel a lillle more
meal un credit fur a few days Mr.
llurruughs will be here suuu ami he
will pay yuu.'' she timidly said.
The .wretch leaned uu his cutting
knife and regarded the Human witb a
diabulical leer as he said: "Is there
ii Mr. llurruughsf Was Ihere ever I
Mr llurruughs I I doubl il You'll
gel nu inure meal here wiliiuul cusli
|'ie too iuuu) of vour soil ou lbe
The hoi blood mounted lu Ibe wuin
un's fuce and painted it crimson (.he
hied her eyei in a lerrified stare oi,
M. I,ai,(iiiiiii ntul her lips moved as if
in remonstrance; hut nu wurds '-aim
from tlieui. She li-aul forward ou thc
block aud theu sank tu Ihe flour. She
hud laiul.il dead away Strung hands
raised the lliin, wasted figure (fnr il
lurned uul llial fur auiuc weeks she
bul -;..l.n.au.ally lived on thc short
est uf shurl allowance so lhat her cln!
dren in,abl have enough lu lUltsn.
lliem,;, aud a low murmur of indigna
nun ran thruugh the line uf Mcljiugb
lm s subjects whu .iw.itii.-i their (uru
lo be  served.
An c)e wilness luld me afterwards
lhal i'ower turned as white as a corpse
wiieu the wretch iusullcd Mrs Hur
roughs, bul   he  said  ilotlnng
In response lo llic ruffian's queitiou
In- guie his urder
'' You can 'I gel whsl you waul,
you'll haie lu take what I'll give vuu.
llil )uu hear I but f Here's a picic uf
ii.. ,i i lhat's guud enuugh lol thu
"It'i nut guud enuugh for my 'able,
inv how, and I'll not lake il," sa.-l
"Theu gu without Whu's tbe uexl!"
shouted Ihe bulcbcr. "Stand aaidc,
will you, and give place lu a gentle
man I''
"Mclaughlin," said Power iu sion,
measured words, "every lime thai I
come lo your ihop I am insulted. Tbli
thing hs- got to stop. I' don't can-
so much fur myself snd I could bave
stood it, bul I do care for Ibal pour
little woman'' (pointing lo Mri. Bur
roughs, whu, supported by a couple
uf miners, was walking slowly away,
having partly recovered)
Witb a roar as of a wild beast Mc
Uugblin threw down bis knife and,
divesting himself of bit apron, rushed
from behind the block and made a pas*
at Power. The lailer iteppcd quickly
aside and ai Mclaughlin lurched
heavily forward with the force of bis
own ineffective blow Power floored him
witb a powerful stroke delivered full
on (be rufiisu's tpre. Mclaughlin
scrambled to hii feel, but before he
could put biumclf min position I'ower
was upou bin, rsioiag blow after blow
with smashing effect upon bis antsg-
ostM'r face aad body until the latter
sank insensible to tbt floor aad stayed
there, tbe' bsd blood sad bad wbiikc-y
flowing from numerous wounds. Power
then walked behind the block, seierUd
a piece of meat, weighed it, calculated
its value si tf) ctntt, s found, snd'
leisurely swsy.
"I think tbe nisn'i dssd, Power,"
called out « bystander.
"Wsll," ssid Powor, "if be is dead
you kuow wbsre ta Snd an," snd wslk
ed to tbs lintel Si cool snd '-aim SS if
nothing unusual bsd occurred.
Continued on Tussdsy
Pathfinder Telli Story
of Long Trip
First Attempt to dross Oanada by Auto
A Buccsas—Nations) Interest Shown
In Oood Boads.
By'Thomas W. Wilby
(Canada's  First  Ocean tu-Ocean  Motorist)
The fiiiiii.linu Highway is u fin i! Oul
of the haxe uf dreams, oul uf thc realm
of uui om., the i','nud i,i ii Highway
emerges, proved feasible uu (he Hrit
attempt at a transcontinental journey.
The tour officially ended af Victoria,
uu Octubur 18, uu tbu return frum the
west coasl nf Vuncuuver Island when
a banquet wus given tu Mr. Wilby by
the president uf the Automubiie Assu-
cialioii, Mr. A. > Todd, and at whieh
Mayur Beekwilh, W. W. Foster, Deputy
Minister nf Works, and Other leading
citizens were preient.
The actual fuur frnm coast lu coast
occupied lurly nine days ellipse.I Iuue,
the slurl having heeu iiiu.lt* from liali
fax uliuul four u'cluck in dull, cold
weather, and the arrival at Vancouver
by a cu incidence, was made at the
same huur and uuder the same weather
conditions. The aetuul running tunc
was fnrty uue days nnd the mileage
wus, 11,1)11(1 miles, which gives au uver
age of lln.il miles per day.
Huad conditions were bad, owing to
the impii-nsc ruinfuii iu every part of
the cuunlry. Mauy purls nf the cuuu
try, especially Mauituha, were turned
utu swamps and quagmires; this re
luccil ihe dully average considerably.
In addition (o the d.illlo miles, inu
miles were covered under other tnuu the
-ar's uwn power, owing lu thc abience
of Irail ur roud; this applies purlieu
lurly tn New Outario. As far as Nurlh
Hay uo shipping had to lie undertaken
allhuugh this wus lhc lirsl cur Ihul had
ever eome thruugh all lhe way from
Halifax lu Ihul puiut.
Al lirsl il was nut difficult lo kup
up an averuge of IH) miles a day, bul
frum the prairie provinces uu this was
reduced In as luw as sixty miles. The
mghc»i daily ruu was made in AH,nin
ltd miles, belween Maple I'reek ami
Lelhbridge; the lowest in Mauituha -
II miles, Irom Winnipeg lu lleadiugly,
unil.. to the wretched stale of Ihc
uuu,I ii roads The car was running uu
an average uf ten miles tu the gallon
sometimes as much as fifteen miles tu
the p.iliuu but in sume purls uf Hnt
ish 1'uluiiihia, five miles tu the galluu
was guud going Tin- number uf bruk
cu links in the road llirough British
Columbia necessitated runuiug uu toe
ties iu some places; taking a stcaiuer
un Kuulciis) lake ouliiulhcr, and run
ning for a few miles Ihrougu the I'nil
cd States in auotber pine
Thc cosl .,1 crossing Inn, Halifax
10 Vancouver averaged about ,'i iiu a
dav per person. The expenses ol the
car wen- abuut It Up yet dl) exclusive
uf repairs, flu two occaaiooi tbe trip
was delayed owiug tu injury tu the
car uu bad grades, ihc driving shall
haiing been Iwistcd.
The guinbu roads uf Mamloba were
ui iuch bad. condition lhal (he driven
weut ou strike iu Winnipeg, causing a
ihree days' delay Owing lo the ab
seme uf roads many dcluurs had lu be
made, amounting tu (kk) miles altogether, of wlneli M'l were In Ontario and
IWO in Hrilish Columbia.
Tbe enthusiasm fur Ihc Canudiau
llighwav all aluug Ihr road waa marked
lu.'.i, ami lilies did their besl to
welcome the |,aihbiidei and besides pre
turtaiuing the motorist psneu ruiufu-
Huns plodgiug unqualified co-operation
In sny scheme for ths Csnsdian Ifigb-
WSy 'rum coast tu cosif.
Chuins men iB|i|om USSlJ. BlSPlt
sud tackle wars often In requisition.
Ou one occasion a bridge had to be built
to get the car over, and teams were .
neceuary to pull the car uut of the
bsd spots.
The motorists, bnwuver, woro slwsy*
sblo to get shelter for tbe nigbt find
nsvsr'lacked food ur gasoline.
Scarcely any inucuilum made were
found ou the JQurnoy, the majurity was
um ih and thu rest gravel. The best
ruads were in British Culuinhia and iu
Ontario, the wurst in Muiiitubu, tho
.-uuii ruads of the maritime provinces
ami '.Iluuiu and ■'•■■,-'kiilrhcwsii wure of
ubuut ui|iiul merit.
A Genuine Service
"I believe," soys au old subscriber,
"that every lime The Youth's Cum
|,iiiii.ni enters a mum1 il dues lhal hume
a genuine service,'' Thai describes
Ihu purpuse uf Ihc publishers exactly.
The puper is nut filled with niiscliicv
uus ur idle Ihiiughls In Iill an idle huur.
It pruvides hcallhy pastime, reerca
tiuu Ihul builds up. ll is to lhe minds
of eager ami impressionable ypuug
people whut sound athletics ure to their
At s cosl uf less Ihun fuur cenls u
week Thc Youth's Companion open*
lhc duur In u company uf ihc musl dis
linguishcd men and women in America
uud Europe Whether they ure reveal i
iug the lulesl discoveries iu science, or
describing greul imluslriul uchievc
nfrnls, ur telling uf Iheir wanderings
in strange curner of Ihe world, Ihey
are giving Companion readers lhe besl
uf themselves.
Beven serials at least will be pub
lislicd by The Companion in !llCI,.uinl
nearly SUU olber complete stories, in
addition in some Du special cuutribu
lions uiiii ii treasure box of ^sketches,
anecdotes, expert advice as tu athletic
spurts, ideas for nuudy devices round
the huuse, und su furlh lung huurs of
cuiiipuiiiiiiiship with the wise, the ad
venturous uml the entertaining.. Au
uouucciiicnl fur 11)13 will be scut with
sample copies uf lhe pupcr to uny ad
dress on reqhest.
Bvery new subscriber whu scuds
»- -•'> fur the fitly Iwu weekly issues of
111 I.'I will receive as a gift Thc Com
paniou Window Transparency ami Cal
- luiui fur llllll, the moil exquisite uuv
city ever offered to Companion readen;
ulso, all the issues of The Companion
fur the remaining weeks of fill!.', free
111 Berkeley .Slreei, Boston, Mass
Tht Nurtb Vaucouvor Ch.il and Supply
Company  Limited,   in   Voluntary
The creditors of the abuve named
Company arc hereby notified lu lii.-
Iheir claims uguinsl the suid Company
duly verified al lhc office uf Harry J
I'crrin, une uf the Joint Liquidators,
Norlh West Trust Building, Bichards
Slreet, Vuiuuuver, H. ' , on ur befure
the loth duy of Noveniliei uexl, IHU'.
and lhat the Liquidulurs mil ul'lei Ihul
late proceed lo dislr bule Ibe ussets
uf the said Cumpuii), buung regard
only lu lhe creditors who havt lib-.I
their claims in compliance wilh llm
Vancouver, October 30tb, UU
Joint  l.iquidalors
Why is chloroform like Kn-bard
Wagnerf Because it is one .of Ihc
greatest of mudern composers
Western Dominion Hand. & Investment Co.
With Which Is Incorporated
Bev»n, Gore sl Eliot, Limited
North Vincouvir Brmch: 07 Lonsdsls Avouue, uppuutt Voal OSes.
RtprsssuUng Lynn Crssk line Mints Llmlud
Wt hsvt mousy for Agreement* for Sole     Nothing too Urge or loo
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
*J I .H us quote you rates on' Fire, Ue and Actidenl
McMillan & reid
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jjHiiyiitfttiiiir iliiiili Personally Conducted Holiday Party
Leaving Vancouver December 8th
will givo you sn ungual opportunity to make tbo journey economically In uny point in Europo. ,,,
Tickets will include all rsilwsy snd lUsmsWp' trsnsportstiou, meals
snd htrtlu,   Then srs no extras.
A chuico uf utcaunthip linen in offered lu those who ileiiro tu make a
Hl'll'l'tioil. |
The parly will I,.- in charge of the undorilgiieil, who will luuk ufler
ull ileluili of lhe trip, relieving yuu of all worry incident lu a trip
uf thii kind.
duly a limited number can bu accuiunioilatcd. It i ■ udvisulilc In
muke your reservations a> noon ai pnuible.
I'm complete iiifonnatiuu call uu, telephone ur aihlreii,
T. C. HOLT, Ltd.
It l.uiiHdale Avenue, Nortli Vancuuver, B. I!.
A. W. NA8E, Commercial Agent Chicago,  Milwaukee b Puget Hound
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The Scenic Highway
AlTUMN   Ibi'   I UUfllifUf
Thru uk |i Uch tti to ull imitu of (he
.M'l III ut  l.v., . i   i ,i i, ,
I tn' nopulur route lo llm
Ulil  I'uuiilrj,
\ UNll'llllu.
Miiiin.   oud
J ii pau'.
Tlie muni up-to-dale ti nli) Btrvlct'
U-tvvi-eii Vuncuuver umJ llic Kumi
Vol    liitcH      UHl'lVUtlOllH     Ulld    Ull
furl Iki Infyi 'inutluli upply Iu J.
MOK, City PiiHsiMiuer Atii'iil, 434
Iluullnfta Hi . or H W BROJiltC,
it P A . Vuncouver
SKAl.Kli TKNDKRB ...nin .. .1 i„ the
liiiilnnUijiij, uml enJuried "Te/ider for
KJcclilc tJivatojH for lhc Cuutonw Bx-
.unlnliiK    U'uti-houui'.    Vulicouvcr.    B.
■" i ■
<:.," uiii I.,- received ut n.i: office until
4:00 p.m. on Monduy, :;.■■.. n,i. i 18.
1912, for the work mentioned
Tendeiu will not be considered unluan
made U|ion forma »up|illcd hv Du-
purtmunt und In accordance willi eon-
'Iiiiun.'.  i'ulil,hi;, .1  therein.
l'l,11,.-- uiid ;.|'. i ii.. ..ii. ii. io he Heel) on
upiilk'iiiloii to Mi Iv K McGregor
Clerk *)t Works, Vancouver Kxu.ni I n-
Ing Warehouse, Mr. II ft Mat Ino Wi,
.■'iii"'i vi.-nir. architect, Winnipeg. Mun.
und ut the Depui tineiit of Public
Worka, Ottawa.
i'l uch lender must he accompanied hy
an accepted clieuue on a chartered
hunk, puyable lo the order of (lu- Honourable Uie Minisler of Puhlle Works,
eijuu! lo hn per cent (IU pe) of the
umount of the tender.
.^y   order,
Jt. ('   DKfiKOCHBRD.
OepurtiiK-nt of Public Works,
Ottuwii,   October   :;.    1'T.1 .Huiii.
Cheaper Cable Rates
Trana-Atlantic Measaget st Lower Batea
Mean Large Benefit* to sll pisstss
Of Oanadistis Having Social or Commercial Eolations With tbo Old Ooun-
Musical Instruction
Miaa V. A. Card, A.H.O.M., pisuisl
and teacher, pupil ul Kim.i.ln. Taylur,
visila Nurlh Vuncuuver WciltieaiJsyH
660 Thurlow Slrect. Beyuiour 56811,,    I
i'u 111
lt has been left to the Burden cabinet
to take tbe lirst step lu a scheipa^f
reduced cable rates between tingland
ami Canada. Iluu. 1,. P. l'elletior, Posit-
um.,im Oeueral, returued witb Premier Borden from Kugland, carrying in
bis pocket a nice present for Canadians, in lbe form of a substantial all
ruund decreuse in ratos fur Cauaillaus
on calilcgranis lietween Cunuda aud
the mother country. He secured the
reduction after a hard struggle in which
be wus assisted ia every possible way
by Postmaster (lenerul fcluniuul of l-'ur
Imnl, nmi was able lu accomplish iu a
few weeks what Ihu Postmasters uf the
I,uurier cabinet euuld uul during their
fifteen ycurB of power.
Mr. Pelletlor's Success
The liun. Mr. l'elletior secured Ihree
impnrliiiil cuiiccssiuus, all reibtouding
lu the benefit of lhc Cuuudiun people
—reductions on messages subject to de
livery uf ordinary wires, on ordinary
press telegrams and night press tele
There hud been iu force ll reduced
mlu lm cubic messages under the name
uf'' deferred'' rate. The difference be
tweeu the deferred and lhe ordinary
rale lay in the time uf delivery. The
ordinary rule entailed immediate deli
very of a message in Kugland, while
the deferred rute guuruulced Ihe deli
very uf, lbe message wilhin twenty four
huurs after being sent.
Ihe Now Way
Kur telegrams in plain language llm
present deferred rule -of twelve cents
per wurd will he reduced tu nine cenls,
und ulsu Ihese messages, insleud uf lie
ing subjeel lo u delay of Iwcnly four
huurs, will I"1 truu.imisHulilc wilbuut
any mure delay thuu whut is necessary
tu give priurity tu lhe urdiuury rsle
telegram of tweuly four cenls u wurd.
It is Ibus un,km thul fur u little
more Ihun u dullur u twelve wurd mi's
sage iuu puss hetweeu Kuglund ami
i uuu.in iii u lew huurs. The private
citizen in nn emergency can cuuuuuin
mli' cheaply with relatives iu Ureal
Mm.nn while lhc commercial man cun
conduit his busiuess iu a much easier
manner The lies between Ihe Mother
lund uml Inr llomiuiuu ure drawn inure
Liberal oppouenti aa s Nationalist and
Sb enemy to I'liniidiiin developmept.
Nsw Night Bate Also.
Another rate of nigbt lettergrams
will bs inaugurated. For tbe sum of
seventy two cents a message of twelve
words cun be flushed over the Atlantic
to Ureal Britain, aiul for each sildi-
iiniuii wunl live cents will bo charged.
Tbese lettergrams will be subjeel io
tbo prior delivery of ordinary traffic
to be delivered uu Ibe morning of the
dsy following that uu which tbey sre
.   Woek-Eml Messages.
There is at present in existence s rate
of one dollar forty-four centa for
thirty words and twenty-four cei|tB for
each additional gruup uf five wurds for
week-cud cable letters banded il) up to
Baturday fur delivery on tbe folluwiug
The arrangement is. replaced by a
much more fuvurable one. The new
rate will be uue dullar and eight cents
for tweuly fuur wurds uud Hie cenlt
for every additions! wurd, but the time
of delivery is Moinluy Instead uf 'lues
duy us befure.
While Ihese reductions have been secured I'ur Ihe peuple uf Cunudu ul lurge
Ihe Iluu. Mr. Pi'llelier ulsu oblsinsd
the iinni, iiiiiii.ni uf new rates fur
press messages lielween (Ireul llrilain
and Cunudu which will rcsull in a lurge
dissemination uf llauadiun news in
Kuglund und vice versa.
A Qreat Achievement
The whule scheme, thuugh mil su
vast as Mr. Pelletlor anticipates ii
will be yet, gues intu force at once.
And il is sale lomuy that few men
..nii'i huve in. uiii|*.liiil so iiimli in
such 11 shurl tlunTiiiid uguinsl such
udds. Mr. I'ellelierin fighting for re
duccd cubic rutes wus advancing muny
sleps furtber lhe scheme uf u vast em
pin- cable system cuiilrulle.l wilhin (he
empire, lie makes nu secret ut his am
billon iu make lhe transmission uf met
sages acruss the Atluiitk us cheap ns
between any iwu luwns in u Canadian
Striking Oontrast
Mr. I'ellelier's success was iu slrik
ing . "i.uu i lu thc failure ut lhe Iluu
Hudulphc Li'inieui, I'uslinusli-r (lener
ul in Ihc (.uurier cabinet, whu prated
su loudly und su lung uf hisi'mleaciiiirs
lu secure reduced cubic rules
A new minister gifted wilb admin
istretive and business ability lo a rare
degree look the reins uf office. Mr.
I'ellelier effected changes which pre
sage u i.i ,.li. t in ii in the hithertu hum
pered cable relations between I'anadu
uud Ureal Britain
Capital Valuta of Agriculture, Manufactures and tbe Hallways
Aeenjrdiug to the estimates of the
natigsal wealth pf tbs Unitod States
made by tbe Bureau of the CensuB tho
value of i lm railways increased but little more than half as fast as the value
of sll property from 18110 to HUM.
From 11)01) to 1H10 the capital value
of agriculture Increased froin *Li(),4;ti>,
ttl,m tu ♦10,91) 1,410,11110; the capital
value of manufactures from ♦8,U7fi,-
8511,000 to ♦18,4811,870,11011; tbu cost of
road and equipment of tuo railways
from ♦111,8113,313,4110 to ♦14,387,810,0911.
Tbo gross vulue uf the products uf
manufacture increase tlfruin $11,400,-
987,000 in 1900 to ♦80f678J)08,0Dfl in
1910. The total operating revenues of
tbe railways increased frum ♦ 1,487,-
044,814 lo ♦8,7511,007,435. Thus tbe increase uf 81.8 per cent, in the gruss
value uf manufactured pruducts wns
accompuuiud by an iucrcaseiif 105.3 per
cent, iu mn im in, iiiui.; cupitul; while
llle increase uf 85 per ceul. iu lhe lu
lul uperuliug revenues uf lhe ruilwuys
waa uccumpaiiicil by au iucreas.' of
unly 40.8 per cent, in their eust uf ruud
ami equipment.
The capilal value uf agricullure in
eludes all farm property, land, buddings, impleuienls, machinery, uud Ine
slock as enumerated by the census.
The capital vulue of inuuufuclures, us
defined by lhe census, includes lhe vulue
uf prupcrly employed for the purposea
uf production, excepting rented pru
perty, but dues nut include liny ulluw
ance fur patent rights ur guud will.
The cupilul value uf llie ruilwuys used
in this comparison is the "eust of ruad
and ii j u i j mi in r ' us il stands un their
buuks uud us reported by Ihem lu Ihe
Inlerslale 1'unimercc Commission,
The reporl ul' lhe mt of llm Ci'u
siis fur lllim iiiilii-ul^Pnhul the "lusi-
capitalization of ilu- imluslriul ium
lim,il v'u then iu existence wus mure
than twice as greul us Iheir cupilul
vulue. The gruss capituluutiun ul' lhe
ruilwuys wus uliuul IJ per eenl, greal
er than Ihc eusl uf ruad uml ei|uip
incut in IIUIU ami lid per i enl. greuler
in 1910. The ltd lupiluli/nliun uf lln
ruilwuys, which is lhc uiiiuunl I.u iihn-li
tbey ure respuustlile lu tin- puldn. ul
must exactly coincided in lulu nilh lln
nisi ul ruud uud eijuipniiiil.
Ilecuuse of lhc peculiar nuturc ul
the industry, it is iuiprarliiuldc lu in
riie al a aaliafsrlury uud conipural'l'
ultimate uf the nel return un lln- cup
ilul in ii, in nltiiii The "renter sitnil
Brity uf the iiuiu..!.,. i .:       um] ruilnui
genefal wsy sre comparable. Approximately, tho 'percentage of pet return
on the capital value ofmanufscturcs. in
19110 was 17.119 per cent, apd tbat on
the cunt of road and equipment of the
ruilwuys 4.050 per cent. In 1810, when
tbo capital value of manufactures bad
Increased 105.3 por ceut., the percentage uf net return was 18.041 por cent,
while un tho cost uf road ami equipment of thc railways, which had in-
creused 40.2 per cent., tbe porconlngo
of net return was 5.729 per cont. That
is, iu 11100 lhe percentage of net return on cupitul iu manufactures was
nearly fuur times ub great as thut uu
the cost ul' ruud and equipment uf the
ruilwuys; in lllll) il was uver twice as
greul. In liul It cuses tho interest on
cupilul is included in net return.   .
While lliem- comparisons are subject
lu qulililicutiuu, it is nut believed Ihut,
were Absolutely uccurule uud conipur-
ulilu dtilu available, Ihere wuubl he uuy
i.i i.n imi change in lhe general conclusions.
These fuels nnd llgures which ure
bused tin olliciul slulistics ul' the
United .Suites (iovernmonl ure fruni the
just issued Bulletin No. 311 ul' lhe Hur-
etui uf Railway Kcouom'icB.
Women wlm like lu muke dainty
tilings fur Iheir friends tuny hp inter
ested in lhe lillle gifts thul uue wuin
un is mukiug wilh those smull buuks
of slumps which ure issued by the
government uml which ure »u useful
lu carry either when I ru lulling ur in
dump weather.
' A smull cuse is made jusl n Iritln
larger ihun lhc slump Imui, 0'liut is
stiffened with cardboard, mnl lhe in
Mile iu linisbed willi un extra puckel
like piece In uliuli new buul.s In lie
put in us the uid unes ure used The
miileriul used is llnwered ribbon, bul
the sume ideu nuiiii lie wurl.ed uul in
lun ur blue I'liibruiderril linen
When in dniil.i mnl..' ii pinciiuhinn
is exi-clh-iil ml,i" fur lln i'I.ii.'Iiii.h
gifl giver. I'm. in luun.-- ure ulwuu
ui-vlul'. They weut mil ur lose lluur
freshness su thni n greul muny uf
ihem muy I.e i.-i'l in i-u-ji u yeur.
.Mnl. uiii, i/i. lit..' iiiuiu iluliuriite pieces
nl Imui null., llu;, iui imt heyond the
.lull nl ilu- uu mu -i  i I'l-.ilewoman.
Take note this week on your map of Norlli Vancouver of llic position
of lhc Thomson Estate, which is the whole of Block I, I). L 547, in relation to the great dock fill wcsl of the Indian reserve. This fill is over 1,500
feet from high water mark and extends lo deep water; lis width includes
lhc Bewicke Avenue and I'ell Avenue street ends and the intervening block.
Ihc land here reclaimed will in a few years he lhe scene of extraordinary
commercial activity; large industries will he located there and miles of railway trackage will pass through it onto the long wharves to he built oul into
Burrard Inlet. On these wharves will be erected storage sheds and every
modern device will be used for the economical handling of freight from the
great ocean liners to the land.
Wc use this argument in order to induce our friends and lhc buying
public generally to take advantage of thc offer of lols in the THOMSON
ESTATE at first cosl. We firmly believe thai lhe West End of Nmih
Vancouver has a brilliant industrial future. Wc have bai ked this
belief with our own mouey, our holdings being almost exclusively wcsl of
I -ii'.'il.ili
WiJI you go with us NOW and bank somelhlng
expansion of the Cily westwards?
lhc ii,' ..dl I'
Thc THOMSON ESTATE is beautiful residential properly, wilh
a slope to thc soulh and wesl. ll is view properly of lhc finest aud lhe land
is thc best in Norll) Vancouver. There is every modern convenience ul
hand on the THOMSON ESTATE Waler. Fire Hydrants. Sidewalks,
Roads, Telephones and Electric Eight.
Come with ui and make your selection while the choosing is still good and while the opportunity is open to you
Hutchison, Compston & Co.
Phone 225
52 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, B. C.
' 1
"Truth" Me Horse-
whipped on Street
An article appearing in n recent issue of "The Truth" was the 'mainspring of a tragl-.comeily enacted -on
the Ksplauade yesterday. Miss llobert
sop, the proprietress of a Turkish Dull)
establishment in The Victoria Ilooms
on Lonidale Avouuo apparently louk
emphatic exception- lo |bs fnllnwing
free advertisement:
Turkish Bath lioime Still Doing
There ii still ono Turkish Huth
nun. i with lmii mi. inInuii, fur men,
upun ami doing business ami if empty
beur butties Ihut ure taken uwuy Iruin
Ihis plSce count fur ouylliing, much
bouse js being consumed ou the prem
Why is this bullae ulluwcil to ruu
and advertise itself through the Van
couver papers and by signs in lhe win
'ioi-. -, when thu uther two liuiises wen
Double Corner
mixl.'W Feet
For $1900
Terms: 1 3 cash, II, 12 tnd IU.
raitlud liy tbp police and eluseil up one
of the parlies lining hund *15U. This
eity now bai a bylaw regulating bath
houses. Is this houie In ths Vicloriu
Rooming Houie, ss advertised dsily in
ths Vulieouver papers as Miss Bobert-
sou's Turkish Baths,, corner. Lonsdsls
and Esplanade in the I'erssnsl Columns, fitted up and being Qpurntod in
ctiiiiplittinie with tho Jaw. Wu have
received lots of complaints regurding
this discrimination ss shown by the
authorities by clusing down Iwo houses
and allowing tbis one to still remain
upon,   and   advertise    for    business.
"in.,,n, ja (responsible for this state
of nil uir.-. ihere. Who is itt A Utile
investigation would sunn bring sume
light on the subject.
Upon purusing this article, Miss Hub
ortsou, it appears, armed herself with
a business like hursu whip, ami station
iug herself ul the must likely place un
Kspluuuile wesl, awaited the coming
of .luck Turner, lhe lucul Truth scribe
Upon Turner's tippeiiraucc she put tne
horse whip inin uptiratluii ami iidmiii
Istsreil ubuut a score nf lashes'. The
journalist tried tn wrest the whip frum
her grip, lml Miss Robertson is nol
fragile and he lulled to do so. Tumor, therefore, exercised the better purl
of valor and tuuk to his heels. The
pi" .ui dush which ensued wus
watched by a large uml enthusiastic
The seijiiel toolt place in the police
court this morning when Turner level
led u charge nf assault ugainst the
iliipellulur nf the previous day. Thc
I-1.i.ni.il confessed luul he was the
writer nf the article which had ctosted
all the havue, but declined, nu being
questioned, lu inform Ihc court liy what
means he Inul obtained the infuruiuliuil
upon which he bused his polished Ireul
ise. Magistrate Kuggles, in view uf
the liul thai tin aissull mul certainly
luken place, lined the defendant one
■ i..ii.n  uml costs.
The auditorium was well filled
Phone 169
213 Lou
P. O. Box'231)7
ale Avenue
Ernest Day vs. Frank
Wild) |iroJii)s<'s In It nn im iini-u
wrestling miii ih will In' jiullt'-l "ii io
ni^lit nt tliu Nurlli Vancouver A Hi I flu
''hilt rooms, cotnvt 'if K*|'lttiib<l(- wont
uml IsuntolliJi' a wmi iir Tbr i-outi'Maitl*
urt.' Imiii well known wn^tUr.- muthotli
men nro in Hir pink nf ruinlilioi£ Mil
ler |iroj)OM* i» throw tIm- manager ol
the local 'lull twice in one hour, i'oiiic
uiul uei' it lie vi ill iio il
Duy  lur no tin- xrale nt   N5 [tomnlv,
Illl    Mlllrr   lm?   tltr   11'huillUL'i'
in Bvoirilu|ioi» l»>   I'i |'i;uit'lv
men   are  .-• leulifi*'   wrentlerii
ineiil  will ilrrjiii' iv Ji n Ji mail can com
liim-   tlir   Iwu  ijuulilief   ut   Micun   Uiul
u\ uir-iUjiuiK lu llic hesl a>huntu^r     A
lur^r   bous*?   i>   untirijiuteil,   m   eome
iiirly uml m-> nn- u ;j i erul
Indians Ask f 125 fer
Foot forJVaterfront
l-'iinbi'i eorrespondence was read
during the course of last night's ment
Ing of tlie district council bearing unon
affairs connected with llm muuicinu
ity's road through tl|e Si|uainlsh liuliau
reserve number threo,
The deputy superintendent general
has, II appears, written in reply to
lettor indited by Mr, II. II. Stevens,
M.I'. declaring thut tbe ♦IIIB per fout
ashed by thu In,h.m fur wuturfronl un
tlje reserve is preposterous, The deputy superintendent's reply states thut
Ihu vulue of Ihe lund and the iin
prnvciucnls lln-reiiii whieh have been
paid I'ur, niimcly SB,Iiiil, was rem-hed lu
dependent of Ihu value of thu wuter
fruni, the Indians' price for the Isttsr
being ♦ llil) per fuol. The inuiiii-ipulily
ut llrsl applied for BUD feet but il has
siihsi'ipienll.v been fuuml that this ureii
cun lie reduced In IIH feel. The Impel'
lur nf Indian u It'll us has discussed the
matter uguin with Hie Indians tu give
ihem nu oppurlunity In modifying Iheir
demands if they Ihuughl pruper In do
su. The Inspector's report has mil,
huwever, yel been received.
i'iiuii. Hrltlgman culled attention lu
the fact Ihul' this wus tint the position
ut affairs ai nil. He believed iiiui
uther letter Irum Mr. farmer ciplaiiiing
the circumstances fully would du smut
guud. The municipality hud bought
certain hinds front the reserve to build
u ruud. Thut mad lind been liuill ami
lln' Indiuns wuubl reap great heiiefll
from it. Without Ihe riparian rights,
which lln- Indium now refused tu con-
except uu the terms mentioned,
lhe ruud was useless In the luuuicipaj
ity. luun. Hn.luniiiii suggested Ihul if
lhe liuliau.'. adhered lu Ine prescnl
view nf the situation the municipality
shuuhl ask the governinenl to refund
the $B,lfit| it hud already puid.
Hunt' May shared the couucillur's
opiniun which wts ulsu suppnrtcd hy
I'uuu. Ward.
Kveiiluully il wus ilcci'lcd Ibul lbe
matter shuuhl rest in abeyance (ur nu
ul her week.
be possible to arrive st some remedy.
Tho directors mm tbera in luuk after the
public, tbsy were there for no' ntjier
piirpuiu. ' 11 was no fault of tbs public
thst lhc strsst car was a moment ur
tWO  bile,  nnd  If tlie ilepurlllie  of ths
bust could be delayed without detriment
to the service, he thought it would be
only right in the intereiti of tlie public.
Tbis view wss not entirely held by
tbe remainder nf the bosrd. Mr. Gladwin insisted on Ihe .adherence la the
schedule. The boats never left a moment before the appointed time, and it
was up lo the B. ('. Klectric to see thst
tb>' street cars were alio nu time.
Aftor furthur discussion thu mutter
wus laid over, Mr. Iloult observing thai
sume uction shuuld bu taken cither by
approaching the II. ('. Klectric ur by
other moans, since as things are at
preient wnrkmeii of this city .who arc
in employment in Vancuuver have time
uml again missed a liual in the mum
ing thruugh the luluncsi uf lhc struct
ear. Bvury occasion on which a work
uuu, missed his lmal was an argument
fur his ml,in; up residence on lhe ulher
siilc uf the Inlet.
ul    lu
$1.00 down, $1.00
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
lu the last year we haw suld over nne hundred of Ihese itoves in
North Vancouver. This year we cupel eveu u belter record. If yuu
in-..! a reliable range, ll will puy you lu see Ihis one befure deciding.
We yuarantei' absolute suiul'in liun ou every range.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 F-splanade West
To-morrow's Hockey
A hoc key iuu led which .1,..- ,i i If
will uttemleil hy local entliiiMUft.* lake.1
place lorn or row afternoon on tlie Hun
li '.ii.il pruuii'l, tin- I'onlettting leuw* lir
iiili ihr Norlli Vaneouver player* und
Ihr Hnt bii lule» I'uhhr tirlmulu Thr
encounter is limed to eoinineuce ul il
p.m., un'I Ihr | oi a I ;iji|/rr|<2U thin coin
price tin- following;
(jijuI, II Mil'lit'ouii; hulf l>acktj, tt
HuinplirrvH, !•: 8. Huylis (Capl.), N.
Hninphrr>>; forwards, H Muciiagtjleu,
•I. Mer.'.lull, |v Hayli", II I'amtroo,
und K. -I. II   Cardinall
A second eleven vw i J J plat agaiuit I
Vui|LO,i\rr'.» .HiTijihl Irum tomorrow ut
1 |'in. on the Brockton I'oinl ^rouii'l.
Street Cart and the '
Owing to the vagaries Of flic llunl
ripal Kleeliiin Acl, the eily cleiji, Hr.
Austin Hruwn, hus during thu lusl few-
days been besieged by mystified eili
reus, certain uf whom catinut under
sluud huw they can cruelly swear tu
having paid luies which du not exist,
The ucl reads that all persons, male
ur female, uver the age of Iwcnly One
is eligible In figure un lhe municipal
elect mn mil pruvided he or she is
householder and "has puid all tases
uut chargeable uu laud ami uul less
Ihun |2."
On the uther huml "nu lanes in
Nurlh Viinciiuver are nut chargeable un
At Ihc lasl meeting uf the council,
huwever, the cily solicitor intimated
by letter Ihut householders might safely
uml prupcrl.i take Ihe necessary declaration, nnd tnis they have 'been duing
uriitg tin- lust tew days iu ureal uuin
The fact, according la Mr Beid, lhal
u section of the dccluratiiiu refers tu
rales, luxes, ami assessments chargeable
un lumi dues nut destroy tin- right lu
mie if ihere are uu such luxes or as
lessiueiits, because u man "canuol |my
Ihese lluuul if Ihere are nu sin-h things
lu pay.''
iiili A1 Eilw
Be prepared for
the cold and miserable weather by
purchasing one of
our heaters
We have  thirty^
different styles for \\
both  wood, and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a trial
paine <& McMillan
Wc the undersigned uivt notice that
we have by niuiual content dissolved
piirliicrship this duy in the plumbing
business lately carried uu in lhe usme
uf Kucbiick und Neale, al iill Beeoml
Htreet west, Nurlh Vancouver, All
debts puyable lu said firm will be col
lectin! bf W. Neale, Nurlh l.uusilale
and ull debts incurred by lirm In dale
mil In- paid by W. Neale.
Hi|iiied Ihis Isl .day uf November,
North  Vancuuver, II. ti. s, II
The school sile bylaw is shortly to
be submitted tu the ditlrict ratepayers
Iii tha Matter of Tbt Leonard
llauiig suld the stuck, cl. tu "Tne
l.tilisdule Slatioatr) l'u., who' will
iintiuuc the business as successors tu
the Leonard Hale l'u., at the iame old
slum!, '.I'd Lunsdule, nul ne is hereby
given that all accuuuts due the said
"The LeoDtrrl Sale Co." must be sel
Ili.l   Wllh   the
W. .1
C     lullll'Mtll
llurinu yesterday's meeling of Ihe
ferry ilirectoralc, lhe prubl.-ni uf bur
mum/nig the slreei car uml the ferry
services mice uguin intruded. Mr. lloull
iiiinuliii ed tin- topic by ineiiliiining re
newed enmplaiiits whieh hud been iuu
cd   lo   llllll   li
-ii llui.lmgs HI.
We the undersigned liereliy give nu
lio- lu ull iilmiii >l inuy uiin cm, thai
ll. B. Wull uml ll 11 Md'ull have Ihi.
day by mutual i-oiili-ol dissolved pari
lienhip in the lirm known as the Lons
dale llcally Company, real estate bruk
eri. The business uf lbe Luusdale
Iiiiiii'. Cumpauy mil hi future be cou
ducted by I). II. McColl, solely, lu
»biini all monies owing lu said firm arc
licreul'ier payable
I).  II.  WATT,
il. 11. Met ull
Dated Nurlh Vuncouver, -'list October,
Healed Tenders marked "Tender lur
concrele curb," will be received by lue
(■Hy Clerk of the i'ily of Norlb Van
cuuver up lo n u'cluck uu Monday, llm
•Illi day of November fur euiiilrurlitig
concrete curb nn Beeoml slreei frum
Chesterfield Avenue In HI Ueurge's
•    Ksliinali'il ipianlily 'i..'.'lu lineal fed.
Kuril's  uf   lender Uml  spcciflcalious
'may be obtained al  the i'ily  Kupus>
eer'i utlice.
A bund of 'lii per cent, uf llic amount
uf lhe i-iinlrscl will In- required
A cheque fur 'i per eenl uf lbe
amount of Un- tender musl uecuiii|iuny
umli ami every lender
The lowest ur nnv lender nut neces
sarily accepted.
Citv Kngineer
City Kngineer s Olhee,
Nurtli Vaucuuver,
M Nuvember, I'.U:'
Cord Wood
l-'OK  HALK    I'lilumicd   ainuuul    ul
urd   wood  ur slove  wuud.  Thompson
lireclur,  uml   which < and Hluart     Phone llll I.f
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month.
Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Local Afsnts for British Eapbrs Hon* Insurance Co., London Assursncs
Ws will bs sissssd to bsvs listings; alto homtt for ml* « rant,
kt P. O. Vn *S«
Shoe Sale
Saturday, Nov. 2nd
10 per cent. Reduction
on all Shoes
Get Your Winter Supply Now
Everybody's Shoe Store
V. O. Bos 181b
£\\ Tl IE - NORTII
CO, have moved
to 59 Ijonsdale Avenue,
two doors from Esplanade.


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