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 I'.'Jj}!'    "li^i sn ii i siiii
'ul! Account of the
Wallace Banquet will
m found on Page 8
Wume 1
Ads, will be found m
Page 5, Column I
!-■ -I!1   "  '.11 I'I ■  ■' II-   M -I II        "- '
Nobth VanopuvbBi U.O., TtfpuAv, Fishhuaby 28.40H '
n •■•■
bar 49
■).ll:,.;.     - '
North Vancouver Ferry No, 3 Successfully Launched
(Seat ovation
mmm event
With fljsfjs Hying, hosts whistling
and people shouting, the new North
Vancouver tarry Mo. 3 slid down lbs
wWf»4 info her\ntnrs element yes-
7y morning at.eftctly 6.86. Mill
Objn Larson stood on sN|ightly rois-
/platform and ob the booV^oyo tl
downward motion swung tl
Ottle which MM suspended  from T^s
failing above with four gaily colon
pibboni wido out and it came aguinit
s steel hull with u force thut smash-
it to atoms besprinkling well   the
stly fluid. With tho net she declared
christening of the North Vnncou-
ferry No. 3.
occasion was un auspicious
oinAiind despite the hour ol tho morning \inl the chilly utmosphore it wus
led by a large number ol sightseer!, (bo christening proceedings being
lit up b\ a largo electric light. Quite
a nuinberXbruvcd the launching and
boarded IhY vessel shortly bcloio it
loft its inoorinKs, among these pejug a.
number ol bidicisond ci.nspieuous-n-
mong the gentlemen woT»-*errJr* I um-
missionen Paine and Williams n.'i.l
Manager Thus, Heard. On shore ihe
city wos represented by Aid. ilender-
son, with Mr. P. Larson very much in
evidence representing the ferry board.
I'orhupi the most noticeable feature
of tho wbulc proceedings v'as the
changing expressions on Mr. Wallace's
lace. When the preparations were
being made Mr. Wallace showed plainly the weight ol the responiibility
ilint rcitcd on him and his linn until
the boat wai afloat. Alter ilic vessel
had successfully floated he was a pic-
lure of gratification.
The launching of tbe North Vuneouver Ferry No. 8 was tbe first self-propelled boat of any sire to be built and
launched from the Wallace Shipyards
>hoi'e and during the whole program
there was not a single hitch. The
'slide down (lie ways was gradual,
•jlcnt, except fur Ihe ovatiom, and
hardly perceptible. The bow dipped
to about the main deck which went
mu -li lor about a fool back of the
apron. It then came up lo a level
and with one or two boom sways us
if to accustom itself to its watery-
home, glided "li on un even keel us
gracefully us u bird. The success ol
the lambing is attributable to a
large extent, to the corelul superintendence of Foremen Davie.
I In momentum of the slide off the
wayi took the boat out about 2110
.curds where it was picked up by Ihe
lug I I'llm with Cup!. T. Kickli.iin
(ferry director) al the wheel. A
swooping turn wai mado and the now
cralt brought buck and tied up to
Wallace's whorl where tbc finishing
touchci will be made preparatory to
the trial trip after whiih she will be
pot on the regular run on the new 20-
minute schedule. In recognition ol Ihe
honor bellowed, Mill I,arson wai ihe
recipient ol a handsome bracelet Irom
Mrs. Wallace,
The occasion' wai not overlooked
ashore and a celebration in the way
ol refreshments and lunch was served
id the large building adjoining the
Wsyi for the workmen and spectators,
i number o' the prominent ladiei and
gentlemen were accorded a reception in
Mi Wallace's private office wberu
toasts, drifting and speech making was tho order.
The new addition to the ferry fleet
is a handsome und stable looking
craft, It Is n Inn ii I a si et ci ship to
the No. 8 (St. George) being a double
ender. The lighting fadlitiei arc,
however, improved and the boat ii 16
feet longer. The interior fitting! arc
not finished yet, but when ready for
use will he palatini in appearance.
Many quaint devices have been inlro-
rl in the errsngement of the seals.
ball which woi built by 'he Mc-
Dougel-Jenllns Engineers on thii side
of .the Inlet is couitructcd of steel and
has four bulkheads, dividing the Vessel
into water tight comportments. The
djiplnromcnt is 683 tons, ltBglh ex-
treme 166 feet, beam moulded 20 feet,
depth moulded 13 feet 4 inches, beam
oyer guards fC (est, length' between
perpendicular! 160 feet, depth to
length 11.II, beams to length 6.17,
IV ferry is licensed to carry 726 snd
ws)) hove a speed of 12 knots an hour.
The Ipwar dW plan ii very similar ("
the St. George, having two drjvewoyi
with cabins oa the sides. The cabins
are wefl lighted with two rows of
•*»fo*| »4. f*» JBW»#W MP   FF9-
^JJLlJJUUm^ BUM Ijr^jgfgsv;
-US'  -,-i*-'"r
North Vancouver Ferry No, 3, built exclusively in North Vancouver and launched on Monday, February 27th, 1911
tccted   from   the   weather by   sliding
duori.    One largo upron en cash   end
ol the   bout   lifts   up and  down iu a
Iii.,- manner to the St. Gourgo.     All ]
tho   cabin    windows    ure     Iroppulilc!
like   street   cur   windows   mid afford
good  venlilution. In the forewnrd in-1
bin is a large restaurant    .mi    ten 1
room -12 feet, in hnglh und   extcndi'ig '
across the full width ul the bout. Vl.c
entrance to (his is   mads by a   wide
brass railed stairway tilled up fur il'c
officers und crew, .ngiiiecr's store Mom
and store room fur deck supplies   , mi
lamp loekor.
On tbe lower deck will lie arrimgid   shone  out
fruit, newspaper   und   shoe   b' inning | defence . of
Provincial Legislature
Doings of Ibe Louie for the
I*..! Week.
Victoria, Fob. S5—A heavy went  ol
legislative work wound up .'iithor effectively   with   -"un   line   displiysnl
pyrotechnic oratory on Friday   idler-
noon.   Thpsc pcrorulory fluilics   were
due chitlly to   Hon. Mr. Rows-ir  and
the   Hon.   fir. Young.     Tho   former
offulgeutly    in n brilli ml
ins   cuurse   iu CjiiiuVii-ii
I with inc .False Creek question,   win.
Two live-foot stairways on each >nd [dealing with (ho first reading   ul   liis
01 the boat lead lo ibe upper deck, bill to rulify the agreement bolvcon
on which is urmnged u closed in cabin | 'i'0 "Hy of Vancouver and. the riiiut
02 feet in length und exconding m-ross Northern Hoilwuy company, (ho lot-
Ihe full width of the vessel. The ends j'or beamed with a more NMSlined
of cabin arc circular in form, and 111-1 glow in moving ihe second reerP-i-g ol
ted with windows ulong ihe sides and j'be bill which forever flxei Ibe ti'eol
ends that can lie easily dropped down , the future universily ol British (.'oliim-
thus making the cabin ulmoM oh open [''1° in Hio westerly portion of I uilil
one dining the summer months.
Two aisles extend the full length of-
i al,iii in the centre pint of cabin, between the aisles are pined largo
coinforluble double bucked struight
seats and on the outboard side ol the
aisles aro fitted curved soalsj
drey pcninBiilu.
Tbe Attorney■licnoriil, iii Introducing
ii bill or i.ill.ii.; business n the ordinary way usually speuks i.i i. n.tlier
low monotone, but when no gins in
martial trim lie sounds the trumpet
very effectively, and raps bis oppuli-
Extending from eud to cad of Ihe I cuta with steam engine. iurco. liis
•ubin is placid a large trunk skylight   pointed   references lo those "V.incou-
with colored glass window
During Ihe winler months Ibis robin
will be heated by hot air system,
Ou one side of Ibis cabin is placed
ver politicians who would have bunded over Ilic interests ul the cily loo
raflway corporation" io Jhoir "hyi-
lericiil criticism" and "lulse propiuo)"
u small private cubin lor ludics. with j were pitched in,the campaign key, uml
a curved scot extending along two Ib» drey rounds of appluuic vlirn he
sidci and end. This cabin will be fit-: pictured how, oiler ull, tiro «■ mjii
led with mirrors and wash basin. The; men! bud stood out against it mid ic-
oiilrance to the Indies luvnlory bcingl cured   for  (ho  city   a bolter hirgoin
at one end.
(hi the outside of Ihe cubin on both
ends will be niiiiii■." 'I seats which will
be in a good port under Ibe cover of
the deck*bbovc.
On Ihe upper deck are Ihe jiilol
houses and the life boats, each pilot
bouse witr be fitted with a powerful
•carcb light.
with  llie railway company loan iliey
ever had before.
Hon. Dr. Young was den ling with
an cduculionnl subject uud nUMSSurlly
. bis luiigiiiigc was more restr,iiued, but
he grew eulhusiustic as ho pieiuied
tho now nun Co ii\ in its inogoiil oril
selling above I ho bluff of Point tlrry
ami spoke ol all Ihut il might 'mean
Tbe" vessel is lo be fitted with bond'to tho province. While prodding for
and steam steering gear, electric bell {many departments and oxpiwiing a
system throughout the boat and elee- Ihopo that a school of law migiil soon
trie light plant of sufficient capacity ibe connected with the univur-ril.y, ho
to luivi- tho vosiel. brilliantly lighted,     deprecated the idea of establishing   a
The contract lor the construction ofjmcdicul collogo lince it could never
the  vessel  wol  let  to   the   Wnllnco' ollai"'*e same rwulle as oiuld bent
Shipyards in competition with a number of olier firms just a year ago, the
price being approximately $118,000.
Tho trial trip, wbieh will take
place oi soon oi the vessel ii complct-,
ed, will be ol a public na'uro and oa
an elaboroto scolc.     ThA
The adjourned/ meeting of tho cily
council wi|l be Veld this evening, lost
oycjijng'i regular business being laid
over on nccuunj of tho Wallace ban-
luincd In Ihe older caitern instil.ulioni
wlii'ic they had all tho most up-to-
date upjiliuncei fur medical study.
In addition lu the two mailers mentioned a I ii ne, Voncouvor and the surrounding constituency of Kichmond
lime boon Mu- couf.ro of inlereit during
ulso u disuppointuicut lo some of Ihe
members of Ihe legislature. Mr. I'
l„   Curler-Cotton,   the   member    Im
shown by lour bills Ihut ho has had
lu-ii'ie the house during Ibopasl week.
One ol those provides lor the consul
llickmoud, worked hard to assist bis dulion   of legislation upportuiuing   to
constituents  in   .'-ouiii   Vuneouver   to ull agricidluriil, horlicullurul or Im
obtain their desire, uud expiesies his slock ussociiitions that conic under his
opinion that  thu government', decis department,   and   il   known   ui    the
ion is u mistuko.     Among the   -Van- Agricultural   Association!   Act.      Hy
couvcr member!   Mr. Tiidull und   Dr. I.    it Will bo caiy to toy tbo hand on
M.Hillle   openly   limned   sonic   00110X0' all)'   legislation   dealing   Willi   lllt'SO  i.illi
lion legislation, but (ailing to gol   il ! jecti.   Ho bos also brought   forward
Mr. 11. dull 1 in'i esparciied a hope Ihu a bill lor I In- eradicolion   ol   nosioui
tho delay may work out for the be st
Mr. Million und Mr. Mucgowan have
been more or lesi indifferent or n >r
committal, while lion. Mr. Dowser,
the storm centre ol il ull smiles ler-
euely ami goes ou hii way believ
ing thul iu tho end events will vindicate bjpJcuurse us they have   ubeady
dune tii connection with ibe False
'reek bargain.
Ai ulready stulcsl, the week with its
two sit lings daily, bus been a heavy
one in I,, claim work. 01 uliout SO
bills introduced during the session the
majority have been pussed through
ono or more singes during the past
live days, ami ionic of the biggest
measures have been given third leading. The biggest bill ol the leuion,
the consolidated ruilwuys ucl under
which all railway companies must in
luture be incorporated, bus passed the
liiial slice, uml ihe premier'! amended Coal Mines ltegululioni Act also
only awaits the signuliiie of tbc Lieutenant-Governor lo become law.
The women hud I heir Innings during
I bo week when I he utlorneygenerul introduced a bill for tbo inuiiilcmrico ol
wives deserted by their huibuuili, und
ameiidmenls In the dowor ucl, an I to
Ihe inheritance act. Tho first ulthcio
measures ii fur I ho purpose nl 1'impelling a huibaud lo niainluin a wile
who may .hove had to live uparl liom
him on aecouul of cruelty a i.eglccl,
and il provides that in such a rase
the husband may be brought before a
magiitrule and comiielled to cujuib
ute a lum ol not more than W'l a
week lor her lupporl, or failing thul
be may be lent lo prison. Tlicnnend
meets to tho dower and inheritance
acts aro intended more |ierliciil:iiiy lo
•ecuro a widow a shore, praium.bly a
third ol a deceased husband's eilalo
wholhcr he wills il lo her or nol. On
this dower questivn there appears to
be souie dillcicuce of opinion In the
government ranks, and ai it was in'
iioduieil by Ihe uflorneygoncral not
us a government, but ai a ,-ersonol
measure, sonic interesting i:iseii«sion
may be looked for ovor Ihe ileiiil. of
Hie bill when it romri into eomin-llee
of llie whole.   H all tbeso bills   pen
the week iu oilier ways. One of 'hose' they should materially enhance lbs
win tho definite announcement Hint .landing of women in Ihe province in
the  government will nnl   tbli iciiion , regard lo their husband's islalos. The
introduce an ennobling bill lo   all:
the  annexation  of South   Vancouver
with tho oily ol Vancouver. Whdclliis
Ihree bills montionid really emhody
proposals thai were first advunud by
(ho Nftlionol Council of Womiuj
fun been a inntlor of considerable eri- '. 'fbat Hon. Jfr. Ellison is rui-iring
lidun in fits munici)io|itios most di- energetically on the prosecution of his
reotly interested, it has no doubt been | duties   as minister of ogrieulture  is
weeds. This mouiurc providci that an
owner of laud must keep uol only the
land wit bin his bounduriei clean ol
noxious weedi, but ulso tho land
fronting on his roadways. Another
measure of particular'inleresl lo agriculturists is a bill dealing with foul
brood among bees. This is intended
to provide nicniis for the destruction
of what is known ss "black brood"
whenever it appoari in any apiary.
Another bill deali with tho branding
ol cattle, and providci (bat brand
may be registered, und .when that is
done no ono in that partic .lor district can me a limilar In and The
bill, however, doci nol apply to ear
marks or dewlap murks on cuttle. It
is iiiiiii'lid rather to prevent conlus
ion ui i" tho uwni'i.-hip ol collie running in large hordi.
Tho attorney -general'! bill lu regu
Into uulomobilo traffic gol safely
through after being subjected to a fire
of i nun m in committee, molt ol ii
Irom government lupportori. On the
whole tho bill stood the leit well and
came Ihruiigh bllie changed cxeepl by
llie bund ul tho attorney-general him
sell. While ils rules read rather dins
lie, u strict enforcement to the tell
is hardly lo be looked for, but there
ii Iii Mc doubt that tho knowledge
that the rules ore on Ibe statute
books and can be enforced if iieceiiury
will have a lalulary effect ou reeklen
The atlorncygonorsl slio on Friday
evening followed up his work as u re
gululor by introducing a bill to en
able tho government to license and
control trust companies. In addition
to compelling companies that carry
the name ol truit -companies lo lake
out a license ihe bill providci for the
appointment of an inspector who will
have power at any lime lo examine
ihe books and business of any company uud report, to Ibe miniiter of finance. Should Ihe finance minister
not find things istiifactory ho con in
turn apply lo the allorney-genoral,
who may if he pleases lake itopi lo
wind up the company. The Mil, as
Hon. Mr. Itowier explainod, cannot injure a good company, hot may wood
out weak ones snd ss those coinpon-
|cs coll on tbe public to deposit I.
money wilb Ihom for investment, lb|
after all seems only a desirabts
Still another regulative bill by Ihe
attornoy-genera) wai the net wijtb ft-
spent to fire insurance companies
whioh- was (dW Mw'.d ri»«di»g «Ws
week. This bill, as already explained,
il intended  to lake away the power ol
taxing companies Irom tbe municipal-
ilioi and place it in the hands ol the
government who will plaoe it on a uniform baiii and mako regulations fur
thu conduct of lbs fire insurance business. Owing to tbo (sot, however that
many municipalities bod baled their
est i ma I es lor the year in the expectation ol receiving tho lees from insurance licences, tho bill will not tome
into actuol operation till January 1,
Among bills of minor importance
thul have been dealt with have bcou
some umi'iidmciiti by Hon. Mr. lion
lo tho Loud Act and Coal Mines Act,
which provide that no coal biases
will in iuluro be granted on land under reserve, and at tbo lame time the
price ol coal land will bo increased $10
un acre. The samo miuiitor h is also
introduced a bill to amend the Water
Act which will give tho government
more coulrol ol irrigation companies
and ut tho same time increnio the.
■copo of tho wulor bourdi. Hon. Mr.
Taylor I'"" a bill before the house to
enable the gov eminent to take land in
tho E. It N. and railway belts of tbe
province for tho purpose ul ru iking
highways. Tho premier bai foreshadowed a iiieiisuie for tbo purpose of enabling tho cily of Victoria lo cirry on
ill civic government till a new election cuu be held, an action necessitated by tho reeont unseating of Mayor
Moiley and tho consequent invulidity
ol Iho election ol the aldermen.
While thcro ii still a fair ornojnl ol
logiilution on the ordor paper, moil
of il ii in advanced itages, and with
iwo littiugi a day there loems lo be
no good reason why prorogation
should not be reochod on Wednesday
or Thursday next.
A largely attended and
laeeting is expected in the pavjlk
,f bii evening when two important sa
tecls, viz., considering means of a/le-
yiuording the C.p.B. tracks and
Nding suitable accommodajidni lor
csiVajf infectious djsesssswjll be dii-
'The local lodge of the I. 0. G. T.
purpose holding o box soots! in their
I nil, corner Third street and Chester-
bold Avenue, tomorrow (Wednesday)
evening. An open session of the lodgo
will be held at the same time to
which oil ore cordially invited.
%,-haniwsre busTnels of Latlroat
Elliott on the Eiplonods was dis-
|«)sod of to Messrs. Palorion, >fio)dif
A Clark, three young hardware] raen
of Vancouver this week. The nejrflrm
lukei possession tomorrow, fbJ three
partners have until rscxctJy Ami 'in
s employ of Bendsrsop £ fernook
ivsr and .this is tUr initio!
h^l^Mtk'^m^rf^ own.
They are tJTpl&Ufktr*ilU» mid. two
with Canada's demand. Perfect gems direct from the cutters,
Bought personally by experts in
those renowned lapidaries of Europe, have placed ui at the head
of the trade in the Dominion.
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General Contracting
Ksxevallnf, Clee/ins Ciaesaf, etc
**■ *•*'• "if JLw*r¥"'"
A, R, Steacy presided and all tbo
trustees were present at the regular
school board meeting on Thursday
In view of on intimation that th'i
city council had not passed the extraordinary expenses recommended by the
board m soeount ol lack ol funds. It
Yes resolved to ask ibe council to
submit a bylaw to tbe rstepsysrs for
this amount 140,000.   *
Trustee Perry-reported s esse in the
Ridgewsy school where « mother bad
relussd to allow ber child to return
to school in eonsei|uence at Dr- Dyer
making s partial examination at the
request ol the teacher. The fear of
vaccination was rile amongst the children snd this wss alleged to have
beep responsible lor a great part of
the scars, It was resolved to discontinue sny further medical examination
In the schools Until the instructions
Irom' tbe provincial board ol health
had been ascertained, Mr. Perry
said that as a reeult ol a new men
Sger being placed in North Vasuovver
be had to go over the whole ol the
matters in connection with the installation ol the phones in ths ne
A report on beating In tbe east end
school wss to tbs effect that it had
been installed and was working satisfactorily,
Ths principal reported that the-e
was an average daily attendance in
all the schools lor tbe past month ol
Trustee Ferry said that the Ridge,
way school was now full and them
wss eycry reason to expect thut additional accommodations would bave -to
be provided very soon in tli's to. lion
ol the oity.
A letter wus received from Hi.-
.Stephen making appll ."ition lor tne
position of teacher ol domestic e< i'i"'c
in tbe new hlm.,1. Tin- I-11.-,- was
The secretary of the Nelson Mbit Id
scheme advised, in explaining lbs
purpose ol the Shield, that it would
be sent to every school and the proceeds were in aid ol the Sailors' Ho-
ciety. The .Shield iiislf v. as made
out ol the i uppi'i- from Nelson's flagship the Viutory. The lattei was
laid over.
The installation ol lire extinguishers ut Mu- new school was authorized.
Letters, in respect to purchasing an
uppurutui lor testing children us lo
weight and height were filed.
A lorm ol petition was presented
lor signature petitioning for the block
pnving ol Lonsdale Avenue from Itftli
•treet northwardi and the ronilrnc-
tion of cement walks under local improvement. This was submitted because ol the school property baing
within thu area described. It wss referred to the city council.
Certsin allegation! made by ths architect that io e of the details of
the North Lonidale school conatruc-
tion were not being carried out by
the contractor according to specification! were, taken up with tho contractor who wai preient. ,     ,
try, the company commenced brwiiW
Under its management the Grey Arm?
at Proomhill wss opened in Jsjnwry,'
1009, with the best wishes ol tne local clergy lor its success,
It:hsd n monopoly In the villsg*.
The nearest hotBl wss a mile' »w»y,
yet only five weeks passed before a
charge o| permitting drunkenness wis
mads against the secretary of the
Trust snd on Nov. 8Btb, IMS, a' similar charge was made against the
Trust followed by a eonvletion and a
penalty Ol |K) and costs- The loo»l
vicar who had taken ft deep interest
In the movement had to withdraw
from it. Ths Hov. B. B. Thomas, If.
A. declared that from a mors) standpoint the housu was a dismal failure
and Bev. Canon II. J. Bulkley, U.K.
rector of Morpeth said at the annual
meeting of the shareholders, "There is
more drunkenness than In sny ordin
iiry public bouse, it makes the move
mint stink in tbs nostrils ol men)
who would otherwise support it," other houses belonging to the lame company were located, one at the villag
ol iliilnior, one in the slum district ol
Newcastls on Tyne, another at Prod-
hoe, a mining town, one at l'onte-
land in an agricultural district, one
at Benwull adjoining tbs Armstrong
sad Whitwortli lactones and lastly
at Blanchland a small agricultural village.
During the four years' management,
four convictions hud been secured,
and a large number of complaints registered against tho management ol
these houses, But what about tbe
profits that weru to be haiidrd over
to the iincfully m.'li'i'trd itrustees Im
the good of the community, the balance sheet to Deo. 1906 shows that
thoy wore about $7,60tl in arrears with
the 8 per cent, interest, .   ,
Dili.' difficulty sooms to have bee.i to
secure good managers and when good
In .weru secured a majority ol them
soon took to drink. In one euso
a Good Templar was secured iml inside ol 12 months ha was di«ii,ur,sd
s drunkard. It is the sains old story
that wherever the traffic exists there
is drunkenness and ull its attendant
evils and if another limine is grunted
in North Vancouver il will mca.i a'r
other addition to tho sum total of human misery,
Mr. It,,, hni.'.'ii referring lo ibedil-
leiencu between his system and the
ordinary method of conducting thu
buiuiois said "Of tho two evils doois
tbo lesi," but why choose either''
Our license commiisionen urs nil
public and representative men who 1
believe will have respect to Ibe expressed will ol tbe people. I believe
ihe people are against ihe granting ol
lurther licenses.
We invite all who are in sympathy
with the Tomperunce movement to
meet witb us in thu Gem thestre on
Sunday afternoon al 4 o'clock so
Ihst wo msy arrange lor a thorough
canvais ol the city againit tbe granting ol any lurther license!.
Yours very truly,
Programme  changed Monday,  Wednesday and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^OTB^* **w 5c
Phone   196
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal/Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Orders   Promptly
Filled snd Satisfaction
Gusrsnted.   Prices on
Office: UnidskitewCifyWlW
WweWssi      ForoM'i Wharf
Dear Sir:
I have read Mr. slacnsgihten's and
Mr. Bocbuiien's letter roplying to my
communication of the 3rd inst. and
am satisfied that every argument
thai un,) bo used againit the grunting ol an ordinary bottle license may
lie uied witb equal force againit Hie
granting ol one under thi i Disinterest-
ed Management System. For exem-
plo we do not need to go to a lorelgn
country where tbe laws end customs
dilFci from our own, but in England
several Truit Comisaniei *bave been
formed. Ai en exssni,ile I will toko
Ihe Northumberland Public House
Trust Company formed in liKII. I select this company bccnuie being a
Northumbrian I know something ol
the social coalition! where each house
U kfisead and alio because I kyio*
tejsf (be 'juineiiwli in the movement
were men of unquestionable character
and Ihe very highest motives.
In a letter lo ,the London Times December I3tb, 1900, Karl Grey, the present Govemor-lienei-al of Canada, laid
do'irn what he believed lo lie the ee-
wntials to the sucessful management
of ths business. The proposed Trust
Houses to be managed so that: 1,
Only t^e beet liquors that can be obtained in the open market will be
sold, 3. It will not be (he interest!
of the manager to push ths site ol
intoxicants, he will receive no ">'"'
million, on the esle of intoxicating liquors, but will be pisid a 4'aad sslai v
with commission on the ul* of food
a«d noojotoxicsat s, or a Iwii'is for
good management. 3. The |/ublio
bouse*' will b* refrcil.monl housu and
not merely drinkioi; liars. Food rnd
aoB-inloxicant* will be rupplied ai
readily as intoxics nta sad during the
hours, f Isio   surplus   profits
A man named Fell wus charged with
being drunk. Ho stoutly declared hii
innocence but on thu evidence ol Sergeant Stewart and Comtablo Weir a
line of $3.50 and costi was impon-d.
Tho adjourned illegal relations caie
came up tbii morning but the principal
witness was unable to lie present.
Bail us previously grunted was again
(urniibed. Tho case is let lor oigbt
dayi hence.       '
The Winnipeg Silver Band (38
piecee) of the Sslvalio* Army will be
at the Pavilion, North Vancouver Hotel, an Tuesday niffl, the 7th March,
1911.    Prices   ana   particular!  next
issue. Vo
"I.    .   . ..I ... .1.  . ..I   ..        , . I '■
Corner Lonsdale and Second. Phone 293
We are overstocked in' Cashmereltet, Wrapperettes, etc.,
in a variety ol designs, regular values up to 13c     01
Our price  O2C
Special line ol 36-in. While Cotton, sold every-    "I A _
whereat 15c.   Our price   IUC
N.B. We are direct importers of Staple Goods
from the English Manufacturers. See our values
before buying elsewhere.
NOTICE is hereby given lbs} thirty
days sits* the date hereof we ths un'
dersigned intend to apply as co partners to the Board ol Licenss Commissioners for the oily ol North Vancouver (or a retail bottle licenss (or premises situate on a fractional part id
lot thirteen (18) block one hundred
and Bltyaeven (167) D. L. 371-374, la
tbs city of North Vancouver OB the
principle of the Norwegian system of
no profit to the sellers).
(Signed)  B. E. MACNAGHTK.N.
(Signed)     P. BOCHUSSEN.
Dated at North Vsncouvsr, B. 0,;-
February 7th, 1*11.
allowing a se ffii test sum lor
serve and interest not exceeding 1
per rent, oa inverted eapiul, win" be
administered by carsMly selected
trustees for the hand) V of the «om-
meoKy. With thee c i *V*Jn and supported by many of (he Mi»g clergymen and phileathKsjrfstr.1» she ***»-
NOTICE is hereby given (hat at the
nest sitting of (he Board of Licensing
Commissioners lor (he City of North
Vancouver, I intend to apply for *
hotel license (or. premiss*' situate of
lots 31, 33, 98 and 34, Mock 140, 0.
L. 374, Second street wsst, in the said
city of North Vsncouvsr,
Dated at North Vancouver, February
7th, mi. M
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'i
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
. i
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means s marked saving in
In, I and belter lisking results.
only lines its work IiETTER
but AT LESS COST than
uilii'i Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chsn-
cellur pi im ipel of economy
snd efficiency in ten minutes.
is it not worth that much
ol youi time right now ?
The J. D. Fraaer Hardware Co,
Phom 58. 133 UoeJaU Avenue
The Kimball
«ou> DHitv ivm
Warbunjitz Piano House, limited
443 Ui4d«l« Avwu. PIiom 114 «BB
'    /
Counter attractions Vers rcspcndblo
lor thu slim attendance at the meeting
called by the m»yor to arronge   lor
sending pontributlons towards  the
Chinese relief fund,
Mr. A- Philip WSS chimin chairman
end introduced the purpose lor which
tho meeting was called.
There were, ho said, about 3,000,0110
pitisens of China rendered homeless in
the Yang Tse Volley on account ol
floods sntl as China was not flowing
iu wi'ulih the call w»s sprout! world
wido for the necessities of life. I'ive
hundred thousand deaths had been ro-
eordsd to dale and many more would
bo recorded il immediate aid was not
'■ roi%ed.
! The Chinese Consul Hun. Chung-
Song don was introduced end stated
thut the population pf tho Vang Ts'c
| Valley numbered about 00,000,11110 but
tho whole population wss not alludra).
The ulfectcd district was principally a
iilk und rice producing uroa but crop
failure followed by Hoods was having
disastrous and lata) results to million" of its population.
While tho land is goncrully fertile on
iicciiiiiit of tbo population, it WSS
none too oaiy at any time to eke
out an existoqee. His Honor said
that ilii'.iiiiiiiiioimiii':! bad recorded tho
cost ol living far an individual lor a
month at 11.60.
If supplies were taken in st "nee it
was possible to save thousands, from
starvation, otherwise tbo fatalities
would continue- Any money ennt-rlbn-
iinn,:, In i.uid, would be cimvj-iiiil Into foodstuffs.    The following" rf/iir
lution wus then mflvtd oy (lev, Si-|i-
licter and seconded by h>. fiiilMl
and punned iinunlmnusly: "|ifs;.l-.cd,
that this meeting ol cjtijjns ol.N'olth
Vsiicpuver having heard iii tlm Hri
ous calamity that has pvori,iik.>D so
many ol the pitiioris of t'ldiw dtoflM
to record tboir sympathy *j|tl| the e"f-
ferors end with a view lo niikingcun
I ri'oiil iiimi to the i i-li.-f fund being rail
ed from different sources, resolves to
appoint a committee to solicit and receive subscription! to bo forwarded by
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancpuver, B.C.
H"M .^■■^,^■.^■^.|l^.,H..^■^.^.^.H■^^4^4i^^^4il1^4^■^^w4^■i^4i^^d^1'l^d'l^'d^d'^'d'ld"^'I w i b m-i w
jj A  GOOD  PROPOSITION  for either the jj
|| Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th  Street, i|
jj just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 •■
ird cash, balance easy.    Good View.   Good Soil. ::
ii iU8t
ii Thi
Martinson & Co.
Plume If J. P. O. flux fi
them to the proper quarters."
The committee appointed were fh>v.
J, Jfooper, Bev. Belillcter, Bov. J, I).
qin»m, Aid. H/cUuo, Aid. Din. Opun.
I.owipn, (Jpun. Allan, A- Philip.Q- A.
Mclluin, Mr. Ogle, Jesse Williams,  C,
diieliHiin  and  Will.   Kiiowlra.
Subscriptions to tho fund' were received alter tho meeting. Lists will
bo distributed through the eity and
districts end contributions' received.
You'll Make Money Here !!
sl/T Jtourr.
«f *«•//.
1   (i
Anyone win) will ^ivo Ibis investment opportunity' ..ii",i consideration for u few minutes will readily
hco quick und l.-u.-i- piollts accruing to
the purchaser o'
Boulevard College
Extension Lots ,
J      1/ or >7$t'X) ' ^IffW.' m\  \
I*t I  |*7IS.0i)
Lots 3, 3 ond I  each   675.00
Lot-6     71)0.00
Lots 6 and 7  both   I.VoOJU
ls,t 8    biii.ot)
Lots a, Ml uud II   Sold
Lois 13 und 13   Ilolb Sold
Lot it    moo
Lots lo, 16 and 17 ... each   875.00
Lot IS .-..Sold
Note the length of these lots, some
w — —— — —i    |    — — — — — — ol Iheni bvi»a U0 feel lo a lune
The advantage! ol these loll lor business or residence purposes ure appurcut on ihe plan attached hereto.
It |s the closest car line properly lo the north of the Uriind Boulevard (which is exclusively lor hi, I, , l„ residences). It alio lines St. John's College and grounds und lor these reasons alone il will he a centre ol some
importance. Boulevard extension lots are within the city limit, uud huve ull the advantages and conveniences of
other ally property. To close out every lot in record time we have iinderjiriced them, no that you will have to
hurry to get any, Consider also tbc lermi which ure much cusier than usuul . lo cusb, bulunce in 6, I'i, 18,
and 34 months st 6 per cent, per annum.
m Granville Street    VANCOUVER, B. C,
Telephone 3)6.
Authorised f'upital   W,OO0,W.
Ileiil folate,     li,'limine       Money to I mm
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
I "'III   Mlinn^el.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 650, $1125. Cash $425, balance 6 and 12 month*
Lots 54 and 55, Block 156, D. L, 274,' $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
the above loti are among the best buys in North Vancouver, snd intending investors will servo their own
interests by investigating. We huvo the exclusive iuIo und alio a large list of other lots in the City. It is
in your own interset to oall end Inspect our bit before deciding, \
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Bfitje)) (Jolumbja Branch Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
|1U Government St., Victoria
Hrahch Offi,cffij In fAm\n<:
Berlin, Uerwflny
London. Kngland
Paris, France
LAHCI'', CllOWlh
Last Wednesday and Thursday evening's exhibition of moving pictures st
tho Gom theatre attracted a VBty
largo patronage On both occasions
crowds lined up in front of the sn-
Irnllee   long   before    cllcll    pel lol'llllinee
and it was with difliculty that seeling
capacity was provided.
Two feui ui en on tlm progrum were
"Tbe staid ol the Niagara" and "Tbo
Little Station Agent." The former
was a romantii snd Irugic Indion love
affair which terminated in tbo death
ol both principals. It depicted an
old loglon of the Niugars Folli. A
young' blood, having been tofuieU the
hand ol the dkiol'i 'daughter bocauiu
iho ii decreed to marry u chief, makci
a hero of himself by coming oil victor
in a scries ol Indian games with' another tribe. In ttii tbo life and vigor
ol tho competitors is forcibly ibown.
On bis return to fail tribe Eimoogit ii
given ibe baud of the chiel'i doughtor
but tho fatal arrow which he shoots
to indicate tbo one to be lacrilieed to
tbe cataract fulls ut the feet ol bis
iweethcurt. Love even does not uvuil.
und tbo young woman is piclured in
bor canoe being tossed through the
rupids towurdi tbe lulls. Eor a iltt-
gle moment tbo muimili'cut mighty
Niuguru lulls, coin, i. Into view. The
eunoe and ill human freight 'leapt
oulwurds und dissppeurs in the rush
ol water. The young lover finds the
body below the lulls. Despondency
lakes possession ol aim uud witb a
pussioliulc desire be plunges into   the
v, ii Im,: wuters to join hi,, loved one
iii Ihe huppy hunting ground.
A leeliug of pride mid lumiliarily
takes poisesiion ol one us the lolly
■ n,-v. .ind mountains appear ou the
screen in the opening iceuei ol the Little Agent! The picture depicts ueom-
inoiijilnei' ruilwuy itnlioii in our own
oekiei. 'Ihe little ugrni ii a girl at
small CD.It. i.,n..ii Her very
movement! pnrtrnyi ,m sceuslomneu
lo Ihe every day duties ol her office.
Pietioii uml In, tl,,n creep into the
exi.leiire ol the little n, ml Two
biuk, im n formerly close d:, n l. until
the gilt's lip. loiich those ol one ol
Ihe friends, euii.es enmity between the
two men. In a lit ol despair the on-
forliinule olie tries to (one his love
und is rejected. Vrngciin>c is dcclnrod
uud on lhe lop ol a rupidly moving
freight in the heart ol the mountaiui
the only wilncss lo the tragedy being
tbe turbulent wutcn .,1, a picturcii|ue
mountain stream, the two friind.uiei
hot word, ensue which result in the
lavoreil one In ing len&ered union-
•cioui. Feuring Ihut he has killed his
pal Ilic rejected one purls Ihe train
und leave, bis Irimd appuniilly dead
on tbe lop of the "dead" train. Slowly the three uncoupled cars enme to a
standstill ni*i then commence running
backward down the grade. The)' rush
pait a Milium and the ugenl immediately notifies (he dospiilcbci who
wires the little ugenl ol the occurrence
und Ihe dunger of a catastrophe to Ihe
Pacific Limited. Almoit superhuman
effort! encouraged by the imminent
dunger in which her lover wai in and
tbo livei of the passenger train, are
made by the little agent and a race
lor blc iukei place between the motor
i|„"l., and Ihe onruifaing dead
height, wilb tbc switch ai the goal.
The motor wun and the twitch ii
turned juit in time lo lidelrack the
runaway. Tbe picture tben reveals
Ihe old, old story, the climax being
Mi'i ol the criminal.
The motor launch marriage wui
a moil laughable line and wai lbs
I- ,,i un- of the humorous element "I Ihe
program. Bsilus and hi. Tbinkigiv-
ing turksy wai moil icaliitic and
fanny. Hri. Venner iong "Sun Bonnet Sue" and wai accorded an unu.
uully pojiular reception.
SEALED TENOEUS on the pic .il,
od Wtmi will be received  by the  undersigned   until 6 p.m. on   Thuriduy,
2nd  March,  If 11, (or  the   (ollowm
I, Clearing and grubbing llollyburn
School Site. *
9. Clearing and grubbing of road
from Lynn Valley Trail to lot 8, bin, k
I, east half II. I.. 787.
S. Clearing and grubbing porlioSol
Allan Bond northwards from Boss
Bond, It. I. 3087.
4. Laying lidowulk 10th »lrt-st„ II.
L. m.
All in accordance witb speeJffcalions
and plans to be seen at this office.
The loweit or sny trader not ncceY
eerily accepted.
DisUiet Englnesr.
We. are clearing out all our Ladies' and Children's .Footwear, and in order to do so in the
shortest possible time have made prices lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows:
Ladies' Patent Blucher, gun metal tons, regular
$4.50 lines, now $2.85
Ladies' Patent Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.26, now |W5
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular '
up to $4.00, now $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxford?, blucher cut, regular
$3.75, now $2.45
113-115 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing ol New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49   HASTINGS STREET, EA5T-47 A 40
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
I..nun li "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
I"... Ustm Vsacegiu
ii.iiyi,ii,uv.'ii.,i en, rutin' Whirl
(very ftey, (xccbl bisaay
7.30 a.m.         - 8.00 s.m.
ij.mi a.m. 11  un 1.in.
'11.00 a.m. ia.oos.ro.
13.15 p.m. 14.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m. 16.uu p.ui,
17,00 p.m. j8.oop.1n
i<y mi i'in SaiurJi)! oei)  aa.oo p.m.
').jna in Sunda, OcticSuli 10.00 S.ffl.
I3.i5p.ll)  "  'l4.00p.HI.
•   IfOOp.rn  "  S3.OOp.ffl.
 Wagls Fan Ho.      two Ttttsts 16c	
Cjiiickcst route Irom North Vsncouvsr to the district beyond
Cspilano Kiver. {.aunch "Wusi Vanconvef" makes conntc-
tioni, without llil, with the Icuy steamers Iron North Vsncouvsr, as per shove schedule.
'i  ——-we—■»■■
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
Laws Norte. Vso.
'«.« s.m.
IM "
U.fS pro.
lasvs Nerui Vas.     Urn ysaceavsr
'«-» a.m. '«.« a.m.
* Ilenotei not on Sunday.
This Tie* Tatts *)*j*et to eaa»f* «sfff4Sj| M#«*. the express
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
Nohth Shore Presb, Limitsd
I year, 11.00 Six months, DOe. Three months, 36o.
United States and Foreign, 11.(10 per yosr
Ailvoriisini) Rates will be quoted on application.
Tibs Kinross is devoted to the Inturusts ol the north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
SXcliieively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value lor
(teaching io a tburougli und effuettve meiinur the population ol North Vancouver
(lily and IHstrirl. livery effort in made to give advertisers tbe most satisfactory
[1 Alt ohsngus In contract adviirtiscmiints should lie In tbe printers' hands not
Uter than it) ii.iu Monday uud 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion tln the
following issue.
Uorth Vancouver,   B, C.
'''-' 'i'/i;ii/'i ""i
February 38,  ign
Deop and heartfelt regret und lym-
pulliy were evidenced by ths entire
coininunlty last week because ol tho
sad fatality which befell Mr, ft, T,
Poll,1I1, a prominent member ol the
community in hurrying to cross the
trucks of tho C. P. 11. at Vuueouvor,
in order to catch a ferry boat which
he ih,,ii: in wus on the point of departure. This sudden casually, which
has removed in a moment one who
1 was so well known and so universally
resfHictod brings home, to the ,.,1111111111
ity with u forcefuluopB which is irresistible,   ike   leubiess   of tbo   dsngei
which cxiiti in the fact thui many
thousands of |ieo|ile ate continually
croiiing those tracks 011 llioir way to
or from North Vancouver, Il 1 tru
thai certuin. protective measures bav'i
In • n udoplod io the way ol slimier oil
Mm, Hon.- In whi.li the name ol
"gates" is given, but it is oAdto evh
deut thut this in but a partial measure uml is ..ho .1I1.1 inadt"|iintc I,,,
piibli, protection. It ii gcuerall) 1 n
ii,i.i..,,,l that when llie I'galei" ure
down, any,.11. who pul.es lliem does
•0 at his own li.k uud that be only
is responsible Im any incident thul
may result in i-on.ci|Utnce. in the
f.-i" of this fuel il bus Iniii shown by
■worn testimony thul it is' .juitc u
common pru'lice f„r llie public I,
. watch their opportunity to gel pn-l
the "gales" uml in hurry u.r.iss tin
track even when moving trains uru in
the vicinity.
While ibis lion lie looked upon us a
highly consul able practice ul Ibe sumo
lime the luu that it ii uot confined
lo a few individuals, but is 1 .minion
to a Luge pr..|Hiilion of the publi
travelling oil lie ferries, clearly shows
thul the puliln in iboniugbly dii-
mui.|i,,| wilt, th, |,resent crude provis-
sions for ibe a(t'ummodeti.,n of the
■'■aigesUd I mill' wlinli develops COB-
liuually ul ihut puiliiiilur point and
'it ulso constitutes 11 sluuding prolesl
in this regard which should not lw
it is u uml 1,1 uf ioiiiihoIi knowledge
thut |'l..n aie under 1 vBslderation (or
ih, construction ol u lUbwuy uml, 1
neuth ihe Iracki for Ihe liumlling ol
Ibis traffic, bui ilus, plani u|ipcur to
iiiutui, vity slowly und evm aflei
they have been Inn,llv adopted, run
liilerulile lime mn-t Ih ooiisumed in
poBilnieling ihe subway and meun
time tin preseol I'oBdiltoS of ulfairi
loiiilitute. a iliinding murium lo the
lately ol the public
Add-il lo thi., the season for heavy
I travel in now mar ul hand. lb. pop-
,. ulation of the Noiih nbore will 11
.lease ibis P|.iing und summer by
leap. ..ii'l I,,,., d . greatly adding to
llie |„',,,iiiiiini Havel across the inlet.
The popularity ol the  North  Bears
, wilh pleaiuie inkeri will lie much
' greater tins siilinn'i th Hi evei More
end a very heavy imrtees in pulien-
gei trallic will ic.iilt, The kiiowlodgu
that the feiry eompaiiy ih in ,>u|l,nl
|ioeilion llniuuse of Ihe complelion of
the new ferry ileainer). to I II.-   the
largest   crowds,   will tend to   clnoui-
ege end imreun- i|„ volume ol travel.
Under   piueent eoaditiom, even    st
' lhi« |,inii"il.n    ',n ol the year th,
''denger ol ureidenl is undeniable,   but
(hat danger will he inniMiwsd to very
grave proportions unl, .1 lome   itepi
art taken  to provide belter larililiee
for   the   n'..iiiii,i.,.bili,.,i   ol  llie SPriH
I sod summer paisengir traffic.
,   An overhead bridge ol a biibilantial
'nature mid ol siilfieienl lepneily to re
Have tbe lituulion Could lw construct-
H at no very great eipenu and wilh
K|a a short period of time.   Jvven if it
Were designed on e scale Ihet   would
HMSWer   Ihe   rKpiireminti   only foi   n
ii  uruld lw mede to do Mrvii,
the  lubwuy ii  ormiileted   when
■Wild lie removed.  One of the moit
oil net fealiirii of lU'-h . itruulurr
a/ipuld lw the fad that it would pre
vii. en .limnativ. means of access to
down by those who might otherwise
bo inclined to adopt ths dangerous expedient of passing tbe gates and
"rushing" across tbe tracks.
Whatever the precise meani that may
bo adopted, it is certainly imperative
in tho interests ol public salety that
some stops be taken to obviate ths
|,i,., ni dungeroui conditions, due to
the inadequate and crude facilities by
whiih tho travelling public is inconvenienced at this point at tbe present
The ..-..- -f.il launching ol tbe now.
ferry steamer "North Vancouver Ferry
Number II," yesterday morning from
thu ways at Wallace Shipyards Limit-
mi murks a notable event in tbe development ol the North Shore. It is
in striking accord with the fitness of
things that this lulcst addition to the
ferry Heel should be tho In -l steamer
to be liiun lied Irom the yardi ol one
of our lurgesl and most important local industries. The led thai North
Vancouver Ferry Number 3 has been
built entirely upon the North Shore
and is therefore the exclusive product
of local industry is a feature ol tho
new   sleuiner   which   adds greatly to
I ho i- 11. on, ,■ of the launching Irom
a North Vuneouver point of viow.
The fuel that the now ferry iteam
er is now in Ihe water provide! ihe
certainty that the Ferry Company will
bo in excellent poiition to handle the
lurgest pussenger traffic that will develop during the coming ipring and
summer. The completion of the new
ferry wharf on this side ol the Inlet
likewise adds very greatly to tbc In
■ ilne for handling tho heavy travel,
the seusnn for which is approaching,
with uipodition uml witb eomlort to
the public. The ferry landing on' the
Vancouver lido ol the inlet Inn- been
under eoniiderution by the Hoard ol
Directors and extensive improvements
are iu contemplation. Tbo details ol
these improvements aro contingent to
a greater or lesser ext.-nl, however,
upon the decision! wjiiih may be arrived at by the CI'.H. relative to the
proposed subwuy and the plans of the.
ferry boord are held in abeyance
awaiting information in this particular, Tbo travelling public will fin I
excellent provision lor their accommodation this sumim 1 in connection with
the ferry service to North Vancouver,
ward and that instead of endeavoring
to'take advantsjja ol his customer end
to give the Impression of selling f'a|
opst" eto„ when In reality the usual
profits are being made, as is frequently done at "bsrgsin" storos, tbe local merchant is in reality protesting
his customers Irom imposition and is
selling them an honeot article at an
unusually low pries.
The business ol the local merchant
is built upon tbs foundation of mutual confidence between him and his
customers, the interests ol ths merchant and ol ths nurohsser are recognised as identical and ths merchant
is guided by tbs fact that in serving
his customers' interests to the very
best ol his Ability, he is thereby serving his own Interests in the most of
(eetive manner.
Relationships such as these are well
worth lostsring from ths standpoint
of the customer, Thoss who consist-.
ontly do their trading at home to thi
greatest possible extent will find very
appreciable advantages accruing to
them from the permanent intorost which
the merchant soon learns to take i
the welfare of his regular customsr
and the reciprocal intercut which tbe
customer takes in the wellare ol tho
merchant. v
The Royal Bank oi Canada
Capital 16,300,000.
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Total Assets 196,000,000.
A general banking business
transacted. Savings accounts a
specially. Accounts of Iii ins
and individuate solicited.
North Vuneouver Brunch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, $11 per sere
$50 cash snd $10 per month
Enquire or write
216 Second Street East
The "personal equation" I.i shopping makes strongly in lavor ol trading at homo. The individual acquaint-
iinceihip which gradually growi up between Ihe merchant and hi. regulur
eiialoineri becomes a very Important
factor lo their mutual advantage.
The morchant gaim a valuable know
lodge ol the individual tailoi end
need, of hii cuilomeri und 11 ablo to
give specisl attention to those require
incnti in hii buying Irom season to
•eaiou. Thi goodi thai he .locks, the
particular line, ol theee good. Ibat
he place, on his shelves, with respect
to styles, gradei, price., etc., will be
purchased witb ipecial reference to
tho   patronage   to   which   lis   caters.
Iccel buyers will therefore find at 'be HI r»p A P J|W"|*fi
local buiineei houses, lines of goods
bought spedelly lor local trade by
men who bave mad. a close study of
the requirements end ths tastes ol
their customers. Further than (hii,
in (lie matter of values, ths pVchaser
can reasonably expect to buy to better advantage from a merchant in his
or her own town with whom Ihe purchaser is personally acquainted 'and
who ii rsally anxious to pleae. his
customer in order lo secure a eoa-
linuelion of p.lron.ge. When the local mercbest announce, line, or goodi
et reduced prices, his cuilomeri faeve
the best grounds lor concluding  that
Specials (or
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 ..16 to 18c per lb.
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i'ork Shoulders, whole  ...He
I'ork Shoulders, sliced  16c
Australian Mutton  .18c
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liuuranteed Fresh Ranch Eggs 3u, do/
3 lb. fail furo Lard 16o
ft lb. fail furo Lard 75c
Finnun Hnddic   10c
Phone 16
Free delivery to all parti ol the cily.
For Sale
the ferry landing or lo Ihe city wbM,
weld  be   ueed  whoa  the  gstei  are' the  whols  transection is streightfor-
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Grocery you get euctly whst
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FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreement, end Contracts drawn        ■,, . r 7 General
of every description "none   ,3'        Cons.yenclnf
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11250.   One third cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
Phone 70—F. O. Box 97
North Shore Locators
WE are now offering 40-ft. lots in Bk. 205,
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Cash to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
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Phone 123
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. Double Corner, Queenibury 1 lcighu.   Price, $ 1500;
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North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Late leister A Ward)
219 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 44
1    ■
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co,
Snap on at roomed Bungalow,
close in, All modern, fireplace,
furnace, etc. $600 cash, bah
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The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
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of our
Lonsdale Blend Tei
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t s.m. to 8 i' in
Fitst-class Meals ajc.
Coniiii'utstion Tickets, 21 meals
Rooms lor Kent al taoderate rates
I. O. ()  F.
North Vancouver Lodge, No. 66,
iiH't'ti eviry Tliuriduy evening;, corner
l.niiidul. Avenue and First itrest, at
8 o'clock. Viiilins. brethren cordially
invited to nil,ml, A. \. Kennedy,
N.O.; Thos. S. Nye, rsc.-soo. j J. H.
I'illing, P.O., fin.-MC.; Cbas. Nys, I'.
G., trsas.
P. 0,„BOX>i4
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get and tbirit ii ]fr. Camel. We're
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When Buying Here
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Sehara or tbe Mails of Opok'i Worti
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117 Lonsdale Phoas 14^
faons tbs wsnts snd tbs offerings   qi
wrrent local advertising. I
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West. 8-3
FOB SALE-lloublo corner Iota I'J
30, block 3, D. L. 663, corner 18th and
Gladitono, facing south, 81800. Colli
1600, balance, 6, 13 and 18 montlii.
Apply L. Wilke, Hotol North Vancou
ver, botweon 6 and 10 p.m.
out interests of eastern client, I will
sell S. W. double comer Sutherland
and Eighth, North Vancouver (Hum
13 j 103, 650) Ut feel by 161; block
Irom car ; cloured. Riglil hundred cnnl
balanco 6, 13, 18 months, 7 per cent'.
While not binding myself to uccepl
sny tender thul looks reasonable to
me. Hoke offer. ('. K. Campbell, bur
ristor, 441 Soyinnur street, Vuneouver.
J. l.eutit and North Lonsdale
Elder Hurray Co. firs insurance.
Ws will buy or sichaogs your itovei,
ranges and bouiehold goodi (or spot
cask. Turner'i, 70 Lonidale Avenue.
Phone 184.    I 3, Bos 318.
Booms 10 snd 11, Fender Chambers,
633 Fsndu Street W.       I'hons 3451
Beiidence,  cor.  Lonidale  Av*   and
43nd itrset, North Vancouver.
are now ready to 1111 all orders
for coal They will
carry a fall line of building supplies. Qet tho best. They have il,
A trial order will cenvinco you of
that. Oat your coal before tho
rainy season sets in. Headquarters oa corner ef Esplanade
and St. Oeorge, North Vancouver.
Phone 868 Terms Gash
Application! will be received by the
undcriigned up till 6 p.m. on "Monday,
13th March, Ifll, lor the poiition •>'
Building, Plumbing and Sanitury Inspector of the Cily ut North Vancouver to perform duties defined in By-
I**i of the Cily and Provincial
Health Act end Sanitary Regulation!.
Salary 1100 per month.
104 City Clerk.
I. O. B.
Will any member ol ths" above fra-
liiiiiil iorioty communicate with H.
E. Dswe, D.C.R., post office North
Gsmeral Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump arid Rock
Blasting. Estrs cars near houses.
All damagei made KOod.
ISS •*., West «« hanm4»l*
r ia»i ii
Huston Discusses
Lead Reciprocity
George Huston, formerly well known
in Ibe Kootcnay, but now of Mullan,
-Idaho, contributes an article to tbe
current number ol Mining Science, in
which he proposes reciprocity baUnon,
Canada end tbo United States lor Ihe
entjre lead schedule. Tho article was
writton^iolors the rosult ol Ibe conference between tho commissioners o! tho
two governments ooncern-id was
known. Specifically, tbo article deals
with the history ol tbe load mining industry p| British t'uluinliiu, and tbo
situation in the lead producing slutcs
si present. Mr. Huston's nitUo is as
In discussing tbo reciprocity question as it affects lead mining, it is necessary to roviow briefly the causes
leading to tho establishment ol loud
smelting, refining and manufacture on
Canadian soil.
Uritieh Columbia produces about all
thu lead mined in Cunuda. Lead mining owes its origin to thu hardy prospector and operator, of whom thrre
wero u\ n- 3000 scattered ovur tho oa.it
uud weal Kootcuoy districts in IBM,
or soon alter tbo discovery. Twenty
iiiiiii- were then working in silver
lead. Of the 17 companies in Ihe lirld
16 were American, one English1 uud
one Canadian. The ore wus huuled ol
packed at Kaslo, entering the United
States via Kootenoy lake and river lo
Bonner's Ferry, end was distributed
to the United Slutes smelters' by the
newly constructed Groat Western Mil-
way und connections.
The lead curbonute ore nl l.eudvillo,
the supply source ol the Colorado
smelters gave out in 1803 und up to
lo 18'JJ. Strikes in the Coeur d'Alsesi
low silver prices in Honlauu' und the
effect of the I J. cent duly reinforced by
the Windom decisions shutting out the
Mexican ore rendered Ihe rich galena
ul the Slocun u godsend und the
plants In in ■ independent of euch otb.'i
made strenuous competition, resulting
in big shipments to smelters located
in Colorado uud Montunu.
As the tonnage promised In become
important railwuys were constructed.
A narrow gunge ruilwuy and steamer
line on Eootonay lake serves lo connect the district with metallurgical facilities locuted on the United Stules
railways, 'ihe home line, the Canadian I'.i. id, ruilwuy, wus almost shut
out in llie competitive /one, iu addition, having to watch helplessly the
tonnage Irom exclusive territory led
to its foreign rivals becauso of lack of
metallurgical facilities ulong its own
lines. The completion ol the (row's.
Nest brunch with ils tributary tonnage in great bodies of silver li rd
ore, coupled will) (he pustujic of jbe
Wilson lurilf act reducing tbe duty
Irom li cents to J cent per|i>l»d,
mi,n iii, 'I tbc feeling. Fin illy tie or-
i-iiin;.,11,,ii ol western leud smelling
ill,in li the agency of the Aii'ui'Wi
Smelting and Hrlinim fnnipuny, witn
its avowed policy of I'tAiigliug the
British Columbia o.'c W I'nloinoo
drove the railway into securing the
erection of mctullurgicul facilities ou
Canadian soil.
Thus the industry owes its existence
to the fight of u powerful trunsporlu-
lion system uguinst thu encroachment
ol I  ii competition und in point ol
practice, equipment, shrewd management and boncit capitalisation, the
t'unndiao smellers arc cijuul to anything in the United Stalci.
in the purchase of cuitom ores tbc
Canadian smeller settles on the London price baiii.< The United Slates
concerns lettle on Ihe New York,
which ii I} cents pur pound higher
being made up by adding the duty
on lead in ore to the J..,iulmi price
end subtracting tbe carriage London
to Now York ol oppwximulcly i of a
cent per pound, It scemi that the
United States plants have tho advantage but tbo Dominion bounty, giving
| nla cent per pound on lead mined
and smelted in Canada, more than offset! half the advantage. The remainder ii wiped out by the provision
ol section 6 of the United Stales tariff act which imposes a penalty equal
to the bounty in iddition to the regular duty on iWporls. Thai, between the provisions of the load
bounty act end of section 6, the Canadian smeltefs are completely protect
ed from foreign competition for r»w
material. It might be mentioned tbet
mine labor in Cwerta i» compensated
uliout ss* well us here, while smell or
labor is paid' higher than In :,".v "'
the pluals handling Idaho ore.
The above fundamental oconomiu
facts must not bo lost, sight ol in considering how reciprocity with I'miudu
WQUIorbcnolit tho Idaho producers.
Tjio entire lead production of tbo
Coeur d'Alono region might bo classified us customs oro; that is, it is mined for sale to the highest biddiir under time coutrsct. It is shipped to
those smelting centres which hnvo
need for the Iced contained i fi-.■ -m to
act as a furnuco collector for values
of other dry ores. A single interest
in loud imelting dominates tbo enrapo-
tilioii for tho ore.
Tho interests of tho district would
be best served when tbo groa'ost mini-
bor of smelting centres could rompcto
for tbo product and the economic fuels
governing the policy ol competitor!
wore such as to provent combination.
Apparently this is impossible io thu
United States, owing to - close control
i-.i,'i,-ii:eil iivi'i- the commodity. Local
smelting is out ol tho question as the
supplementary ores arc scarce snd no
capital on a score commensurate
would undertake local reduction in the
face of the well nigh imprcgnablo position of the interest controlling the
inuchincry ol treatment ond distribution of lead in thu United States. It
would appear thut effective competition can only iconic from established
concerns on the outside having efficient pructicu und equipment necessary, us the United States competition
is bused on u basis of common understanding. Tlie smelters treating
the bulk ol llie ore uru located nt
grunt distances from ■ tho i"gion
wherefore, llie producer must clean liis
product lo a In. li vuluo pcrvnliij/c.
This eptaill more costly In-ii'iii lit
a n.l heavier losses in mineral. No In-
vorublu constituents ure allowed I ,r,
even if the producer is out u ionsi.1-
crujlilo sum per toll 'or Leigh, an I
in aim, in charges thereon.
The dominant smelting ni pnrniion
is heavily capitalized, a conelni-r-
able percentage representing imlbihg
but well irrigated good will, The production is peculiarly sensitive to Ibis
capitalization, us the rites for
■melting on/ lead ore have been i;c-
peulcdiy lowered in the slotes vhero
the plaifs nee located, with a lew or
no rrdltclioii in Idaho. The (!r,eur
d'Alrne producers ure paying an unjust p;,.p„ni, ii ol the returns of sn
inflated capitalization. Recent additions to that capital account coupled
with the run down condition ol mining and   ns Inn ■ in Colorado, ii   not
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calculated to improve thu poiition
of (cad mining in this region ss long
as tbe monopoly persists.
Wo find, in summarizing points, that
the smelting, refining and manufacturing cuiii'i'ins |n British Columbia uru
bucked by the -policy ol a poworfu
transportation company, whose influ
ence is prool against tho tannage methods of tbo single interest controlling
load iu the United States, und whoso
economic position is such as to remove ihe [ear ol combination therewith. The concerns are highly efficient
in practice and equipment end honestly capitalized,
Comparatively speaking the dominant interest In lead in the United
States has a monopoly in tbo Coeur
il'Alenei, and can enforce what condition il pleases. It is clear that tbe region would be greatly benefitted
could it but receive tho competition ol
the Canadian imoltcrs under a well
considered schomo ol reciprocity between tho two countries. It is the
typo of competition 'needed. It ii
further obvious that no schemo of re
ripiority in raw materials will apply,
as loud in oro is now admitted free
into tbo Dominion. Even wore the
proyisions ol section 6 ol our tin ill
act repealed, tbo Canadian emclton
witb the help ol tbo bounty act could
effectively compete.
A sehomc ol reciprocity throughout
tho lead schedules ii the only plan
worthy ol consideration. Canada now
consumes her total load production
and the load bearing commercial
ureas are limited. Dominion turiff
duties to assist tho industry hav.
cut off a once profitable- trade to the
United Stalci maiiulucturcri and in
vorscly built up tbo Cnuudian enter
prises. Willi Ihe present enormous expansion in population, growth and
ui.'.ilih in the Dominion incident to
sell I,an in along Improved lines of
communication there is room lor
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
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Cans     13*'
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Vancouver, B. C
Phone 6266
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, 1908, by ths Bobbi-Merrlll Co.
■It teas not sir Calender." The flue
lined brows arched In surprise, real or
pretended, at bis first blurted words
and related. Amused, tbe woman ■
laughed deliriously. "Hut I sin expecting blm any moment He wss to,
bave been here ball an hour since.
Won't yon wait!"
She Indicated, with a gracious gesture, a chslr and took for herself one
end of a davenport "I'm.sure-be
won't be long now." f
"Tbsnk you, I will return, UI may."
Klrkwood tnoved toward tbe door.
"But there's no necessity"- Bb»
seemed Insistent on detaining blm,
possibly because sbe questioned bis
motive, possibly for ber own dtvertlse-
Klrkwood deprecated bis refusal
with a smile. "Tbe truth Is, Miss
Calender Is welting In a cab outside.
"Dorotby Calendar!" Mrs. Hallam
rose alertly. "But why should tbe
wall there? To be sure, we've never
met, but I have known her fsther (or
many years."
She swung about quickly, preceding
blm to tbe door and down tbe stairs.
"1 em sure Dorothy will come In to
wall If 1 ssk her," sbe told Klrkwood
In a high, sweet voice "I'm so anxious lo know her It's quite absurd,
reslly. uf her-to stand on ceremony
with me when tier father made an appointment here.  I'll run mil und usk"-
Mrs. Hiillnin's slim while fingers
turned Int'-li aiid kimli. opening lbs
street door, snd ber voice died swsy
in sbe stepped out .into the nlght-
I'lii'ii, with a sudden, Imperative gesture, sbe half turned toward blm.
"But," sbe eiclsimed, perplexed, gas-
Ing to right end left—"but the csb, Mr
He wss on tbe stoop a second Ister.
Standing beside ber, be stared blankly.
To tbe left tbs Btrand rosred, tbe
stresm of Its nlgbt Ufe lo blgb spate;
on tbe right ley the embankment, comparatively silent snd deserted, If brilliant with Its blgb swung lights. Between tbe two, quiet Craven street ran,
short snd narrow and wholly Innocent
of sny form of equipage.
WV ►> H >') J» > m W4»» HW > Y\ toW/Mt¥YW¥S MM H r M'W'M M Iff
ELL, Mr.-Klrkwoodr
"Mrs. HsUam," he stem-
''mered, "I"-
Bbe lifted her shoulders
Impatiently and witb a quick movement stepped -back across tbs threshold, where she peused, a rounded arm
herring the enlrsnce, one bend grasping tbe doorknob, ss If to shut him
mil at any moment.
"I'm awulllpg your explanation," sbs
said coldly.
He grinned with nervousness, striving lo penetrate tbe mental processes
of this handsome Mrs. nullum. Bbe
'■I'.'iiii'd to" regard blm witb a suspicion
which he thought Inexcusable. Did
she suppose he bed spirited Dorothy
Culendur sway und then called Id apprise her of the fact, or that he was
some eort of, adventurer who bed
!,in ii ii fuel in ..I ;i plausible yarn to guln
him access lo her home, or hurklng
lisck to ber original theory—tbnt he
wee en emlsssry from Scotland Yard?
Probably she distrusted blm on Ibe
latter hypothesis. Tbe reflection left
him more e( ease
"I am quite us mystified as you, Mrs.
Hullnm." be begun. "Miss Calendar
was here at this door In a four wheeler not ten minutes ago, mid''
"Then where Is she now?"
"Tell me where Calender Is," be retorted, Inspired, "and I'll try to answer you I"
But ber eyes were blank. "You
"Tlnil Culendur wss In this house
when I come: that be left, found but
daughter In the cab and drove off wilb
ber.  It's clcur enough."
"Tou'e're quite mistaken," sbe ssld
thoughtfully. "George Calender bss
not been here this nlgbt"
He wondered tbat tbe did net seem
lo resent bit Imputation. "I tblnk
"Msten!" the cried, raiting a warning bend, snd, relaxing ber vigilant
attitude, moved forwfrd once more to
peer down toward the embankment.
A cab bed cut in from tbst direction
end wes hearing down upon them with
a brisk rumble of hoofs, it It approached, Klrkwdod's heart that bad
lightened, woe weighed upon again by
disappointment. Ii was no four wheel
cr, bu' s bensom. and tbe open wings
of ibe apron, disclosing a white triangle of linen surmounted by a glowing
spot of fire, betrayed the set of tbe
fere too plulnly to allow of further
hope tbst It might be tbe girl return-
Al tbe door tbe cab pulled up sharply snd t man tumbled hastily out upon
ibe sidewalk.
"Herel" he cried tbroallly, tossing
ibe cabby his fere, and turned towerd
Ibe pair upon tbe doorstep, evidently
surmising tbst something was emlss,
for be wss Calendar In proper person
and s tight to upset In s twinkling
Klrkwood's Ingeniously bulldcd eastle
of suspicion.
"Mrs.  Hsilam!"  ha cried, out of
sat*, "ft my daughter here?" And
then, catching sight of Klrkwood's
countenance: "Why. hallo, Klrkwood I"
Be tainted blm with a dubious sir- -
Tbe woman Interrupted hastily.
"Please come In, Mr. Calender. Tbls
gentleman bu been Inquiring tor rot),
with an sitonlsbbur tala about your
"Dorotliyl" Calendar's moonlike visage was momentarily divested of sny
trace of color. "What of bar?"
"Von bad better come in," advised
Mrs. Hallam brusquely.
Tbe fat adventurer hopped hurriedly
across the threshold, Klrkwood following. Tbe woman shut the door tud
turned with back to It, nodding significantly st Klrkwood ss ber eyes met
"Well, well?" snapped tbs latter Impatiently, turning to tbs yonng man.
But Klrkwood wss thinking quickly. For tbe present be contented himself with a deliberate statement ol
fact "Miss Calendar has disappear
I'd." It gave blm an Instsnt't time
"There's something fishy!" he told
himself "These two ire playing at
cross purposes. Calendar's no fool
He's evidently S crook to boot. As for
the woman, she's bad ber eyes open
for a number of yesrs. Tbe main
thing's Dorothy. She didn't vanish of
ber own Initiative. And Mrs. Hsilam
knows or suspects more tbsn she's
lining to tell. I don't think ebe wants
Dorothy found Calendar does. So
do I.   Ergo, I'm for Calender."
"Disappeared?" Calender wes barking at him.  "How?  When?  Where?"
"Within ten minutes," sold Kirk
wo # "Here; left get It straight."
And he told what had hsppeued. mentioning thut be bad not paid tbe call
Thanks," ssld Calendar dryly. He
licnl his bead In thought for an Instant, then looked up end fixed Mrs.
Ilullnm with sn unprejudiced eye
"I sny I" he demanded explosively.
"There wasn't sny one here that
Her fine eyes wavered snd fell before his. mid Klrkwood remarked that
her iinderllp was curiously drawn In.
"I beard a man leave as Mrs. Hsllsm
Joined ine." he volunteered helpfully
ind wlib s suspicion of msllce. "And
ufter thut-1 paid no attention st the
,'lme It seems to me I did beer s csb
,11 the slreet"-
"Ow?" Interjected Calendar, eying,
Ibe woman stcsdfsstly and employing
in exclamation of combined Illumination and Inquiry more typically British
:ban anything Klrkwood bad yet
heard from the man.
For ber part the look sbe gave Klrkwood was sharp with fury. It wtt
more; It wet a mistake, t Haw In ber
Ilplomscy, for Calendar Intercepted it
Unceremoniously be grasped ber bare
irm with his fet band
"Tell me who It wail" be demanded
In sn ugly tone.
She freed herself witb a twist snd
stepped back, s higher color In ber
:beeks, a flash of anger In her eyea
"Mr. Mulresdy," sbe retorted defiantly.  "Wbst of tbst?"
"I wish I wss sure," declsred tbe fet
adventurer, exasperated. "At It Is, I
bet t dollar you've put your foot In It
my lady. I warned you of that blsck
guard. Tberel Tbe mischiefs done.
We Won't row over It One moment."
lie begged It with a wave of bis band,
flood pondering briefly, fumbled for
bis watch, found snd consulted It.
4It't the barest chance," be muttered
"Perhaps we can make It-1'
"What are you going to do?" asked
the women.
"Give Mr. Mulready a run for bis
money. Corns along, Klrkwoodl We
bavent a minute. Mrs. Hallam, permit ut." Sbe ttepped aside, snd be
brushed past her to the door. "Come,
Klrkwood!"   .
Ha seemed to take Klrkwood's company tor granted, and the young men
wis not Inclined to ergus tbs point.
Meekly enough he feU In with Calen-
sar on tbs sidewalk, tin. Hsllsm to)
lowed them out "You won't forget?"
she called tentatively.
"Ill phone you If wa tod out sny
Using." Calendar jerked the words
uacermonlously over bit shoulder at,
Inking srms With Klrkwood, he drew
kin swlfUy along, They heard her
shut tat door. Instantly Calendar
propped, "book hart, did Dorothy
save a-e until parcel with her?"
"She bad a glsdstone bag."
"Ob, the devil, the davUI" Cslendsr
started on sgaln, muttering distractedly. At they reached the corner be
llsengeged bit arm. "We've a minute
tad a half to reach Charing Crest pier,
snd I tblnk lt't the but boat You set
lbs pace, will you? But remember I'm
in oldish man tud-and fat"
They began to run, the one esslly,
the other lumbering after like an old
fssbloned squsre rigged ship paced by
i liner.
The Thames appeared before them,
a river of Ink on whose burnished surface lights iwsin In long winding
streaks and oily blobs. By the floating
pusr s county council steamboat strain-
sd lit bawasrs, snoring huskily, Belli
wars Jingling In bar engine room u
the two gained a head of the sloping
Klrkwood ttippeC s shilling down
on Uu ifeket window ledge.  "Where
to?" be cried back to Qslendsr.
"Cherry Qirdens pier," rupsd the
winded mm. He itumblsd titer Kirk- )
wood, groaulng with exhaustion. Only
tbe tolerance of tbs pier employees
gullied them their end. The itesmer
was held some tecondi for them. As
Calendar staggered to Its deck tbs
gangwsr wss Jerked In, tha last bsw-
ser cut off. The boat theered wide
out on the river, then shot In, irrow-
llks, to tbs pier bsnsith Waterloo
Tbe deck wu crowded, and sddl-
tlonsl passengers embarked at every
stop. In tbe clrcnmstsneas ennvsm-
Hon, save nn tbs most Impersonal topics, wu Impossible.
As the boat snorted benestb London
bridge Calender's Impatience drove
blm from bit seat pack to tbs gangway. "Next ttop," pa told Klrkwood
curUy ind rested bis besvy bulk
igalnst tbe peddle box, brooding morosely, until, after an uninterrupted
run of more than a mile, the tteamer
twept In, tide wheels busing water
furiously sgslnst ths ebbing tide, to
Cherry Gardens landing.
Sweet name for s locality unsavory
beyond credencel
Klrkwood shuddered, sticking clou
to fiiii'iiiiiir's side u they landed.
Life's nuked lirnlulltles bad thorite-
fore been largely out of bit ken. Be bid
heard of slums, bsd even ventured to
moutb politely moral platitudes on tbe
subject of overcrowding In great centers of population, but in the dsrkeit
flights of Imsglnstlon bad never pictured to himself anything so untpesk-
ably foul snd hopeless u this. And
they were come hither seeking Dorothy Celendsrl
After some ten minutes' steady walking culendur turned aside witb a muttered word and dived down a covered
dark ind evil smelling pssssgewa;
that seemed to lead toward tbe river.
Mssterlug hit Involuntary qualms,
Klrkwood followed.
Some ten or twelve pacei from Its
entrance the passageway swerved at I
right ingle, continuing three yardi or
to to end In ■ blink will, wbtrefrom
a flickering, Inidequite gu Ismp Jutted. At this point a stone pisiform
perbsps four feet square wu discovered, from tbe edge of which I flight
of worn ind slimy item ttepi ltd
down to I permanent bolt tending,
where mother gaslight Hired gustily
despite the protection of Its frame of
begrimed gilts.
"Good Lordf exclaimed the yonng
msn. "What In buven'l same. Calender"-
"Beruiondsey Old Stein.   Come on."
They descended to the binding stage.
Beneulb them tbc pool slept a sheet of
polished ebony, whispering to Itself,
lapping with small, stealthy gurgles
sngles of masonry tod tnclrnt piles
Ou Ibe farther bunk lull warehouses
reared squure old time hcoiR l heir un
compromising, ruggr-.i prim,, rflleyrd
here and lln-r.- hy iNnerl'i'i i,,i lb»*i
1 few scattering, feeble lights wire
visible. Nothing moved ssvs tbe river
uud tbe wind.
Tbe landing Itself they found quite
deserted, something which the adventurer comprehended witb I nod which,
like Its iccompanylng Inirtknlttl ejaculation, might bave been taken to In-
dlcitt ekher lutlifscUon or disgust
Be Ignored Klrkwood sllogither tot
the time being and presently produced
t small, bright object which, spplled
to bis lips, proved to be s bostiwsln't
whistle. He sounded two Mutt, one
long, one brief.
There fell a lull, Klrkwood witching
the other ind wondering wbst next -
would bippen. Calendar paced rest
leesly io snd fro upon th. narrow
landing, new Hopping to Incline an
ur to citcb tome snttclpatad sound.
now sesrchlng with sweeping glsucss
tbs blsck retches of tat pooi
Flnoiiy. consulting bis wstcb, "Al-
raotl 10," be announced.
"We're In timer
"Can't uy. If that lafirnsl boat
would only tbow up"-
He wu lifting tbs whistle to sound
s second luiiiiuoni when a rowbott
rounded s projecting ingle formed by
ibe next wtreboutt downtimes sad
with clinking oerlocks swung In toward tbt landing. On ber thwarts
two figures, dipping ind rising, labored
with tbt tweepe. As Ihey drew la the
msn forwsrd shipped sis Uides tad,
riling, scrambled to the haws la order
to grssp m iron mooring ring ut fa
the well   ,
Calendar widdled to the brink of tat
sisge, grunting with relief.
"The other man," he asked brasqaa-
ly-"hu he gone sbosrd, or Is this
lbs flnt trip toolgbtr
One of the wstermea nodded latent
to the Utter quettion, adding grofJy,
"Been nswtWrV of Im, six."
"Very good," Mid Cslendsr, ss If ha
doubted whether It were very good or
bad.  "We'll wilt a bit."
"Hlgbtol" .greed tbe waterman civilly.
Calendar turned back, bis small tyu
glimmering witb uttsracttoo. "I suppose," he uid to Klrkwood sbruptly,
"you haven't changed soar mind?"
"Changed my mlndr
"About coming In wilb me."
(To tap eontineed)
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■   ' 1     t
"Away on the lar Asiatic coait lies
China asleep, lather sleep lor if she
awukei God help us ! SI10 will shako
the world." So prophesied Napoleon
long ago, snd in coiuoijucnce lbs
uwakening ol China has been an un-
pleaiant possibity to western itetci-
men becoming cryitnllizcd into the
ominous phrase the Yellow Peril.
But il would; apjiear that while poi-
vible it was not %.i .1 probablo bo-
causo the power, bovc been busy lor
decades unnoying the sleeping giant,
yet iho has not awoke and lomc people refuse to beliovo that China ever
will awaken in the way Napoleon
Thinking ol (he immense population
ol China and the comparative iniigni-
tkuncv ol her tormentors, one ii strikingly reminded ol Gulliver among the
l.iliputinns. Tho Chincre muit have
a 1 "in- louse ol something like humor when ono bears that doctors in tbc
celestial empire arc compelled to hang
ai many lighted lumps outside their
door* at ol patieuti who have died
wbilo under their treatment, consequently "medical row" ii gloriously
illuminated at night. A story is told
of a frantic Furof-'can whose ion had
liei'ii taken sick travelling Irom medico
to medic,, to find one displaying the
lowout lights. At Init he lound ono
who showed but three lempi and be
promptly engaged bii services. Afterwards ho romorked to the doctor that
ho muit bo a very skillul man losing
but three ol hi. puliiuili bad luccumb-
id. "Not at all," said the doctor
frankly, "I jjavo only just bogun to
It it tad to hear of tbo plaguo and
famine now dovaitating large aroti
of tho cdestiol ompiro end a call ii
made for our practical lymputhy so
that medical attention and food may
be given to those in dire need.
/   '-
The district council bat now psssed
an cle..'tricarinilaHation bylaw and s
Waiting bylaw, making it nccoisry
haroaiter (or tat securing of pcrmiii
to cither inilal electrical fixtures or
do any Wasting. These can be obtained r.t the district office on 'he E»
Claiming that ho had alwayi carried
a gun und would always do it and al-
ho acknowledging Ibat ho hod point"!
a loaded gun at I'aihior 1'alton of Iho
McDonald, (irowiki Co., who art in
italling tlie srwori is thii city, lark
Doyle, a lix looler from tbo Shamrock land, was icnlcncod lo pay a fine
ol |60 or go to jail for 30 days by
.). FY J. .1. Wood jjd rj, g, jrorc.
man in the police court Monday morning. Thero was excitoment in the police station wben a menage came is
that a holdup man wilb long red
whiskers wsi coming along First
ilreet. Conitablei Blake and Shannon
met tho man and as they came up hi
dropped a revolver alongside tbs
walk. Conitable Blake picked it up
and lound it loaded. Tho caw wai
called immcdiaU'ly end the slory told
,,y Ihe cashier was ,thnl there wit s
difference ol 36 cents in his and
Doyle's reckoning ol the letter's pay.
With sn oath the eccuicd declared
be would hove bis rigbli and pulled
the gun. Mr. I'.ilon did not appreciate the icriouinci. until he it* the
and. 0! Ihe brass cartridge, when hi
readily complied with the demand of
"haw;, up." He declared ijstl thert
volvci mapped, but Doyle, while admitting he was in earnest repudiated
the statement. The cashier wu then
basked out el tho building prosumeWy
to binder bite Irom getting hii gun if
he had sny. When the soeuied left the
premises Ihe police wore notified- The
magistrates, after summing up the evidence, passed   the sentence u  above
V.i'iolldl tlie beilrcu of Minorictomi'
ItticiurftMudolhtr. wlio re.lire Ilic idiusbll-
it; <l li.rlof llitlr f.lt.l butloru humcitS
lyHiJ'flU, Pnlliulniiy idrl.tllff. Ch.rfTC.
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135 Lonsdale Ave
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Scotch Shortbread
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Bruce & Co. STOUT
iquet by Mr. A.
Wallace in Honor of
Successful Launching
Tho note ol loyalty to our own lo-
k, eel plciheer industries was,struekwith
unlliiiBlttBiii i,t tlm ooni|iliiiisntary banquet given by Mr. A, Wallace ol tjin
'Wnlluuo Shipbuilding Cq. in tlm lln-
tol NortJi>Vuiiuniiver last uvmijiig to
' commemorate tho mccoiiliil Iniinehing
Ol the North Viincoiiviir Ferry No. 8
in the morning ol the sumo day.
Among the guesti numbering uliout
47 were many prominent Vuneouver
Snd North Vancouver liuilni'ii light!
Including tho represeutulives Irom tin
city council, diilricl council and the
lerry board.
The speeches ull hud u jubilniil tenor to thoiii, the Imin|in i Iwing to a
largo extent loilivs. Ex-Mayor. Muy
(ullilled the duties ol touit mukorund
each ipeuker wui culled upon without
Sdy pre-niruiigod li.-i. Tlie spirit ol
iiifoimulii.iu win rile und with the ex-
.'"ll'-ill    line.1,nl   piOgl'llln   provided      In
Chauco'i mi In ..ihi, the' ovonlng wui n
iiioni en joy ulilu ulfuir. The tuccci
lauiichiiig, tho uhnorinul growth of
the forry syult'tii in tho luit low youri,
the providing of accommodations
along tho wiiii iii"in fur the establish-
ineiii of induslrios und thu encoiirug-
ing ol iliu local onoi und tho udjuil-
ini'iil uf wutorfroiit luxation* wore
subjects woll discoursed uml lavor-
ably received.
The li.iii.|nei liull wus i.i. . I - deeorul-
ad with Hoi ul decorations ulong thu
tables which weru nrrnngod in
the lorin ol u "T". (In ai-
tlm lidu ol T'liisliniislor W. II. Uny
nl the hind lulilo win Mr. A. Wulliicu,
thu Im i. uud Acting Mayor McKue,
lliliei prominent North Vuui-oiiver ol
lleiuli ami prominent oftitens from
Vuneouver occupied plueoi ut thi.
lulilo. tin |„ ,l,,i ol it,, evening
wuro Ex-Mayor May*, A. Wallace, Acting Mayor Mo Hue, Aid. llcnihirum,
Aid. Smith, -Iii. Howell, A. Iliiilinii,
Ferry Cornmissloiieri l.arion und Wil-
limii . Forry Muliiiger T. M. Ileurd, l:.
Trial, W. D. Whitehead ami A.
The Ex-Muyor propoiul thu huullli
ol the King which was drunk with enthusiasm, whils I ho -Archest ra played
the Neljonul Anlliem. Mr. Muy iuid :
We were hero ui the gueil of Mr. Wul
lace uud to cololiruto a most import
ant evenl, the launching of tho N. V.
Ferry No. 3.
One ruaiou whj thii fact wm in lig
llilieunl   WU!   the  fuel   thut   11..   bout
wai l,ui|l hy Mr. Wullnce in our own
city. lie obtained the contract
through avenues ol fair competition.
Iliu tender wui between |II7,0<III uud
IIIH.IKW. The host nearuit wai ll'Jo,-
Owi. So you will know thul Mr. Wul-
lii'..' ii u business man uud he did not
get the Contract through any lavor-
ili-in. Mr. Muy believed that llie men
who hud pioiieeie.1 llie urTuin of (he
cily uud limine! I,...i not been ulruid
In wield tl.- ate llicmsclviii. lie mid
he could loot. Iiui'k und loo himielf u.
a unit thai went lo mitt up ibipio-
in .-I:- of North Vancouver. Il wu.
not long it .-..nurd when a iiniill whurl
WU! pill   up lor til! SS.  Seliiilnl    Sine,
then iii" 11ml win wi.li'iiul by tlie
bud.In.,- of llie SS. North Vancouver.
It win thou the "Dreadnought" of the
North  Shore    The licit addition war
tho   SS.    St.   I.'.'l: e     It   WU!   lllllllglll
el   that   time Ihut  the old company
wui running Iho huiiness lor the   ml
Viiiiiiuieiil ol tho city.   The ,-ity then
bought  iho I'ouipiiny out and il win
not   long   hefoio.the reduced »  cent
(arm brought in u lurplus of |30,IWi)
in ID iiioullii.   ihe city wui now laying a llrusseli rurpot by the roiislrur
tiou o! the now North Vancouver Nn
8.   He prophesied  ihut   il would   not-
be long Mori  unollur one would lw
r.'|Uiie.l.     When thu oiiliid. district.
weie opem«l up mori botli would I
no»hi| und II iu one year from loduy
lime i« not .mother boat il  will lw n
great mi.i u|.e, bo mid,  Another greut
tri.il which wui Iwing opened up. II.
referred lo thu Second Nurrowi bridge.
It  needed hoJp,  however, Irom olhor
municipuKliui uml when it wm ucc>„„-
pli.hud   greut   imluilri..   equal   lo  a
New York or 'Fritco would line   Ih.
North Shore-   11. eeked everyone   to
£11 their gluiiei lo "Our llo.l unit Ilia
Benowned iloet lluilder, Mr. Wullecc.'
Mr. Welluc. felt   very proud to m
dress the assembly.  II. rsgretlal that
Meyof  Taylor could  not Im preeMit.
As I o the new (wry be said hit com-
piny had done their (wet to give the
N. V. Ferry Co. a lair de»l. That wu.
only a unit in lb. greet development
but (he main tbing wet lo eiiiit in
MStaraging jnduilrie. lo bring In la
htur.  We want tho istisl.nee  nl  tin
■ypl oTto. city lo help in this work
At e British subject he seid he would
Ilk. to tee loine'of tin dnadi.n busi
coming to flurr.rd Inlet. It ws.
to the ostium of N.s-lh Vineou-
to SMoarea* this elong.  We have
I ve»t  jrtterfront that il lying idh
end   we need sotas totajsany  ol
I magnitude to dome hers sod help
t#J   this up.    Speaking   of absent
friend,  whom hs regretted were   not
Burnt he mentioned J, C. Beit* who
i    *
PJan of Upper Deck of North Vancouver Ferry No, 3
WPWJL     .   ■sk.esView
hud done greut work in North   Van
Tho nail touit wui lo Mayor Mc
N'tiisli who wai iiIihi'iiI und lo (he success of thu minion on which ho wjus.
Replying for Mayor McNeish Aclin
Mayor Mcllnu mid ho Ihought Ihul no
one would Im'.e tnkon a grouter in
loreit in this occaiion than the ab
nut mayor. While wo wero celebrnt-
ing one event tho mayor wai on mini her very important mission. Ills
worihip trusted that N. V. shipi
would ore long lw seen all over the
world, with whurvei on the North
Shore to accommodate ocean veneli.
Tiro heelth ol tho moyor and hii mi'
■ion wai drunk with great enthiiiiaini
.oul ovation.
<l. M. Ilowull laid he did not know
why ho should lie called on to' ip.uk
.liter Iwing liaiil.il over the colli loi
the last two montln ai he hod been
in Vancouver. Ill wai greatly pious
«1 to lie present ai the gueit ol Mr.
Wallace. He laid hi had had the
pleaiuro ol ineuiiiring ull the bouts
which hud plied between North Vancouver and Vancouver ami hud noted
the progreii of the North Shore. Hs
propheiied u great advancement on
the North Shore. He had the link of
meuiuring up the new boat und Imped
Ihut Mr. Wallnco would shortly bo in
tho toili building another lerry. Hi
thought thut the city could not do
butler than help Mr. Wallace. "Let ui
aid Ihe local industry instead ol calling in Industrial," he mid.
The lorry director!, were included in
one lonit, Commiiiioiier Williams
wai the first to rupond. He remain-
In ml thai it wot '|ml" a while ago
since th. cily a.ked him to represent
them on the lerry board and since
thin he wes agsin recalled to finish
ihe work lie hail begun and the building of ths N. V. No. 2. He was
ureal ly gratified ovir th. successful
launching ol tin new lerry. This had
Iwen duly celebrated all day long, h
olworved. Wilb the new addition lo
the service it would be eaiy lo carry
51110 an hour instead ol 12801) as lure
lofor.. Mr. Williams congratulated
Mr. Wullece on hit work and truited
he would iii'ull the pren report Dial
lui wa. thinking, ol moving awey.
Seeking to the civic and rjislriot officials be trusted thai itepi would lie
iuilitiiled to nr.piire mors waterfront
to leese out to Industrie! et a small
rental.   Hit ambition as to the   ferry
service in the cupucity ui nn iip-liuild-
er of Iho oily wus thul in thu iiem
future tho company would lie ublc to
give pmaei lo Ihe working men.
Mr. Muy iuid that both the oily
und district councils hud t,nil lo got
the nil. I llnti hut Ihe government had
iiiiswei.-.I ihut ovory owner had I.in iii
pariun righli.
Him im I iiiniiu mid he had been in
II. C. lor 30 years and this wui tl
huppieit day nl all. He wai pleased
that the N. V. No. 8 wai in the wu
ter. "Von laipayori ol North Vuneouver need nol bo surpriisd il we
come to the council to aik for the
price of another boat." He Ihought
t lial Mr. Wallace wai due great prain
The boat launched by Mr. Wallace thii
day wus tho biggoil und only steel
bout built and launched in II. ('. and
thii wai a great thing for i|ich a
burg ai North Vancouver. He hoped
that Mr. Wallace would gel the contract for the noil lerry. He declared
it was Ihe duly ol the city to back
up Mr. Wallace in hii industry ami endeavor!. "When we aik lor tho price
of another bout vote lor it," he concluded.
Mr. Heard, niunnger of the Ferry
Company, wai (ho next to ho tousled
He iuid Ihut while there had been little iliilu ultici in Ihe building of the
bunt, through il all good friendihip
hud remained. Speaking of Ihe boat
he .aid that il wui a first-class ferry
in mu reipuct uml had not id ci|Uul
in workmnnihip iu Canada. He hop
nl Ihut Iho next bout would lw still
Mr. E. Trill, who hud helped to get
out the specifications lor the new bout
said that while acknowledging there
might be room lor improvement II"
now bout would be found very satis
factory. He .hoped that the nicccsi ,,'
Iho bout would be equal lo the
A. I Inch n n, manager of the Dunk ol
Hamilton, Vancouver, mid this was
one id the proudeit momonti ol his
life and he thought il was a great
honor to aid in (he celt'hrntion ol the
liiunehing ol the first steel limit on
llurrard Inlet, Ho enured thut tho
N. V. pimple wore Ihe groateel of
hosts. It wus hii opinion Ihut lluive
Mi-Naught would lw iiicroiilul on bin
mission in ths east in connection will
Ihe ulisi.K lownrd the Second Nurrowi bridge. Vencouver wai not envious   ol   North   Vancouver iu   thi.
bridge. Vuneouver wiinlod counnuni-
cutioii. The lirouiu Mountain railway
wai a inai'iiilieeiil project and In have
easy uccois to 11 muse Mount nin was
a great privilege. While Iho bridge
wai good In ils wuy u furry wus required. Concluding Im remarked that
Vuneouver was, co-opul'utiiig wilh Iho
North Shore hy aiding tho dredging
of thu Firit Nurrowi.
('apt. Wnltu ol thu Vuneouver Shipyards joined iu coiiii'iitiiliiling Jlr.
Walliico   on   Iliu   const met ion ol mo
V. I'iiv Funics
Soc.-Trcui. N. V. Cily Perries
new  (em     l|o thought   thul  thu now
lioul might meet tho roquiiTiiicnls  for
■is   months   bill   umilher   would   lie
i coded ure another year hud chips d.
Aid.  Henderson   assured il     ».n   a
root i'i,.i in,■ In v.m,,     such 'i mo-
leiiinie, launching ai lluil ol thu N.
V. Forry No. II.   Ho thought tho  city-
had     solid    reason   lor   Collgrnl ill.il in.'i
it."II on tho fuel ol huving luiiiiched
the lint ituol bout in tho province.
Ho juoplirsicil that il tlieie wui going
In lw a Cunudiaii nuvy il would lw
built in llurrard Inlet and Ihul II,.
'.1,ill,in would participate in it. It
win up to both Iho north and mull)
hole ti, pull this business Ii, Hun oil
Inl't. und when we got thcie iudiis-
trial I.en- do not lei in thiol lie them.
Ho hoped in Iho near future L'lal the
burning question of wulerfroiitugo dilution would lw ;-i I in i, i
Aid. Smith iuid if tho city wiiuid
have piirchuied Ihe l.oiiiilule Hardens
when thoy had Ihe opportunity il
could huvo offered sites to in.In ttriei
II" i..id ho win always ugoinit milking crown (.Hunts uml il inch hud nol
been gruuled Iho cily would huvo hud
iiuiiiv fed ol waterfront ugu on wh'.i
lo build wharves.
Mr. A. (>. I'erry made u practical
speuch on Iruniporlulioirgiving ilu-
liitics and figures thowiug the pro-
i/rcia, the city hull niudo year by year.
He wui followed by II. 0, Dick, A.
I'hilip and J. V.. W. Mucfurlnno iu
slmil uddrossoi.
Pruiiilont Wallace Shipyards J.L.I.
Al a i|iociul meeting ol tho district
council held lust evening II W. Young
wui the successful tendoror on the
municipal hull conilruclion conlrucl
ill Lynn Valley. The price wui t:<.
IIDIi. Olhor ii'iiihie iu were from
frost uud Davison fll/JOO, .]. T. W.
Jay >'vi:t5, and Smith llros. »\.V.t:,
Three olhur lendari were oponed Inn
wore mil oligiblo nn account ol not
being accompanied wilh tlie neei'seio
cinli delimit. It ii iiuderitood there
limy lw a rucnniiderution on account
of certain conditions in counoclion.
I Coun. Iiuwiou and tho engineer wore
j rcipicstod to invoiligiilo uud roport on
a rock cumber. Thoy intend vjijting
I'm run by wilh thii al I heir object.
|   Active stops toward ths widening n
the Cupilumi road to lit) foot wero nil.
in in the mil tire ol an order roipioil-
ing thu engineer to make s'rspnrt nl
next meeting.
A report from tho works department
said Ihul good progms wot lieing
Made on Ihe iniisliuetioii ill l.inni
Koad which will extend from I vim
Vulley through to North l,on.da|i,
linn forming a connecting link between ih,si two districls and ngordlng
a nn.,ie. ol communication hy which
to 11.oi spoil aruihsd rock Irom the
quarry to ths latter pises- Ths work
ii being done by dsy labor out uf
Iho general fluids.
The luuurul ol Ihe lale Kdward T.
I'ollok look place on Friday III. lith
in.I. Irom Ml. dohii'i t'huroh whtrs
a grout many frioudi had galhsrod lor
the luiD ceremony. Tho llow<ri wu
iiiiniuroui und beautiful and were es;
by Mr. uud Mn. A. Diplnck, Mr. end
Mrt. II. Kilchin, Mr. and Nn. I'. Bo
liiusKon, Mr. mid Mn. C. F. duckilin,
Mr. and Mn. Fred Sulihury, Mr. ind
Mn. II. Cornish, Mr. ,and Mrs. E. H.
Hridginiiii, Mr. und Mrs. A. K. Mealy,
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tyilir, Mr. ind
Mn. Alex. Philip, Mr, ind Mn. U. S
llodgs. Mr. and Mrt. W. I.. Keene
Mr. and Mn. F. (>. Ciickmay, Mr. and
Mn. A. F. Crickmay, Mr. and Mn. E.
I. Crickinuy, Mr. end Mn. 0. I). Curtis, .1. .1. Woods, ths office .lag,
Crickmay Bros., The North' Vsncouv.r
Club, the Horticultural Association,
Hoard ol Trade and olhon wilhopl
NI'HSE— Trained,  genorul and   maternity,  I Hh and Choelerfield.       8-3
WAN'I'ED-A girl for general housework. Apply lo Mrs. W. II. Parkin,'
Second ilrool eait ol St. Androw's.
.       H
FOB SAI.K-A second band vegetable Wugon, i".ml for luiin end grocery and all kinds ol business. Apply
New York Culc, Esplanade Wul, N.
Vancouver. 8-8
-""'■   viAsCauyf.-
of Main
Deck of North Vi*neouver Ferry No. 3


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