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Full Text

 1   t
voymu w
City Counciand
the Ga Franchise
Oouncll Liitwi to
Ba Und H*llcel|h.
ical  Company'!
Application to
AW. Dlok, ia iliii). idlng mayor,
presided over tlio reglr session of tlio
city ''imin'iI laat nlgj Olerk Shepherd
being underitudloil I tho city assess-
or, Ur. C. 'I'lillmi II im.
The "piece ilu rr nice" of Ilia
evening1! program v the ravivul of
tho  gaa' frum liimi  i it imi,  a  lottor
•frum Mr. 0. .1. I'lii
live having prolmliH
'Hint a trio of gent lum
\ ium the council'a eu
U lii'iur.' any propus
,   the council liulnigiul i
of ilu own
M'l   Irwiu outline
erei) wuulil lm thu I at mulliml   uf
ilealing with lhe fran e ijueilfnu. Ho
thought it might  lie j iluty of Ihe
i iiiiu.'il lo advertise i i
papura  to tho ,11,-, i
upi'ii to receive appli
l.ll    ,s   Ilia,',      [lilflil   llllli
aa represents
lhe attiimlnnco
.mi nm ■ to uli
ii waa liivllml,
lull'   |<is ."nil,I.
hat lie   un.i,I
al ami utlier
at Ihey wero
una fur a gaa
llU      si   tail  .si   I,
frnm tlio city clerk, I couucil roserv
ing the puwer, if Ih
I'lr, lu reject ail am
the outul he ih,I llii
ascertain what appli
Ing lo ilo, lul rather i
dally aiiuuil ,ainl pre
'I r I in:-11    of   *.'i,llllll   aa
une of the liy law.
Alii. Irwin waa in.
of upplicalioii lining
Intiiuiling applicanla
degree of pulilicily I.
ftict lhal Iho council
receive applicationa.
AM. Foreman waa oju accord with
All!.  Irwin'a suggest
waa nut iu favur of I
gu Jo any company.
Jeot," ha Mid, "In li
liaing that North Vai
chiaoa for aale'
Alii. Irwln roau lit ulaiilhe from
lhe piiinl. ami aiuuri'i i (deputy ait
■rill   it  ii.lv IMI
plications. AI
it uaaantiiil to
i were Intend'
< s were finaii
id lo risk the
led in . 'in...
or of ■• form
niah.ul  tu all
a I.,,-.,i.,i l
given in the
ra willing   In
Further, he
g a franohill
lining!) nli
lea uf ailver
ver haa Iran
ing)   worahip thai   A
* klauudanlood  him
posted the fail  that
"l'i,'|,.'ii..i to receive
Aid.    Fssiiiniii,    pn
bmphil billy iu favur
frmchiio qOMllon I
til Iho cily waa iu a ,
it for i!m II
Whareiipun Aid. Irw urmally muv
ed thai Ihruc goiiliciii|ir Iheir iIi.m
eu apokoamaii, he In u
Aid. Furemau aecuiil The million
liaing carried, hia won lovlloil the
viaitora lo alale IhcirLpoaifiuu.
Mr   P. a. Criap thjlaimed  that
I',,i,■nun,  had
inoroly   iug
council wai
iced    hiinai'lf
allowing Ihil
liiiiiiuiii  un
inn to hiinllr
Iho North Vancouver
I'liuipany, wliuiu lie r,
cuuipoacil of local m
Nurlh   Vancuuvor.   Tli rite willing
lu pledge tlicmaelvea, .
a" franchise,   tu   cumin
uiunlha the coualrucliu' gaa wurki
iu Nortli Vancuuver i
aame within eighteen
<'riiji poinleil uut fur i
liglilenmi'iil lhal a In
plant would have to I
Knglaud, which alrru
necessitate Iho delay
The ayalem wuulil nn
ami l'uke
ciilod, waa
reaiilcnl  iu
iug grant.'il
within  all
tu complete
Iba.       Mr.
uuiicil'i en
part of tlm
laincl frum
nee wuulil
nr inuntlii.
pll'linn,    lie
i in the chair
l«   mtli. |. 1,1
i 10,000. Con
.■apald,' of iliaprnaiiig d I I'liliic feel
of gaa per day, at nf tal mat of
*i i'u pel thouiand I
i In reply tu a ijuesllui
Ut. (Map aaid lhal III
lo aupply a populaliou
linuiiig on Iht tlii'iiiil ralea, Mr
Orlip announced lhal i (he output
waa 100,000 cubic feet price wuuld
Iw ri'duii',1 lo 11.21 pi miainl, ami
whan 200,000 laat, a ,r per thun
aand would lie Ihe char
Tbi apraker until he auggci
lioo Ibal, if Ilia coun< .aa willing,
it might lie adviaabh appoint a
committal lo go into I latter llior
oMghly. Tbtra were n, Ihinga lu
lit couidartd. There i he uat of
Ihe alraala, Ibe reslrli I put upon
rf Iba romspany in Una rd , and olbtr
lundry nature. Theae d he dealt
Witb Mora aatiafei torllj tomiuilltc.
kli. Poieman: Dot, it propoai
Hot covtr both beating lighting!
Mr. Cjmpi Yn, II ef iverylbing.
Aid. jVlo: li your any igreo
idle to haVt I riaitw i i lianthlie
granting lb» dly Ut I right lo
purcbui after i slaf lumber of
Ui. Critp: Yea, thll winded io
the propoied l,y law. , spwkcr
pointed out in parent , however,
Ibal Vincuuver, Wcnn ' ind Nl
iiaiiun bid au far ahowi disposition
I" pun h««e.
Aid. Fraier linn tx\i,i hlinaeif ill
agreement wilb Aid. I 'a tuggot
lioo liul fnriiia of ipph u In mail
ad |o intending ippllca        ,.
Tlii'ri'iipuii Aid. Irwi pved to,
willy tbtt coplta of tk< *, be Mil
MOMS VAWWVBB, B, 0., JWWA^ W»MW t, tf\*\\
ml to ull kunwii ippllcunta, mil  tbat
their implication lie In by i eurlain
ilite lixud |iy tlia eouiicil.
Tha motion ww cirrlod, Aid. Fori
mill seconding,
Th'i cun nc 11 (bin Axed Fill, llllh ie
I date for tba above purpoae.
In cuncliiaiim, Aid. Hick ll I'liairinun
lut loiiao a fow worda of wladom. A
great deal qf trouble could bl aavod,
ho aald, If ipplicinta would only fig-
uro on what they exactly intended to
do, md ivoid figuring on whit wm
both more tbin thiy really oipioted
tho city lo do.
Aid. Irwin iddad that ippllcitlona
would naturally ba ,'uullili'ii
till mil would not bo reul until open
ed in public. Tbey would tike the
aame courae ia ordiniry tatidera.
The council then ictad upon I motion
of Aid. Fraier'a, iieondid by Aid.
Foramin 'ind idjourned.
Building Boom for Norti Vincouvir
A cuiiilderilile unount of correapond-
uni'c iwillad tba ittintlon of tbe city
council lut nigbt.
Sidowilki ware besought for the fol
lowing localitliai From Mahon avenue
along llllh atreet, on 22nd alreet, on
81b atreel eut of Lonadale (a wider
une than al preient), aoiilli aide of 2nd
atreet to Bt, I'alrick'i avinua md on
I.Uli atreel eut, on auiith aule of lilh
alreet eut frum (jueenihury iveuue to
Moody. Theae ind other aioilir ra
i|ueala wero referrid to the boinl of
The iii'lmg lecretiry of the Hllepey
era' Aaaiic latum ml milled tbit i com
untie.' hid been duly appointed to
act wilh other civic bodiea In II. I'.
Electric matters, but failed to give the
nainei of Ibo commlltiii The clerk
wu initrucled tu bold up Mr. M, Ken
ail by teller ind mike bim hind over
tin uid iiimea.
Mr. A. II Huts her conipllincd bit
terly aboul Ibe iuadfijuilf water icr
vlci to hii property, lot If, block 16A,
II L. WiU Tbt ciimpliint waa referred
to  Iho  water  ,'iiiiimillec.
The Norlb Bbon Drug Oo. cillod the
council'a atient mn to damage ctuiad
by |he Mocking of lha atwer outalde
their place of buainiee. Following in
•iiiimice from Mr. Ilinei lhat Ibii
wu cauaed by tbi plumbira miklug
impruper ronnecllun thl letter wia re
ferred lo llll Hoard of Worka.
The aame Iriitraent wil iccorded
Mr Joe. I'eiraon'a letter liking fur the
opening up of • roid on Howickr Ave.
between Iiili ind lliih alrieta.
The I'ln.f of I'nln" vouched fnr lhe
miiiricy of I reporl from Mr. Krncat
Vnung to lbc effect (bit on Friday if
lernoon cartlln Hlndui, wbile clearing
lull 7 8, block 10, auli 273, indulged
in audi eicetalve Mealing thai a rock
weighing about 3 pounda hurtled
Ihrnugh thl lir i dlil|nce of 301! yarda
ami crashed through Ibe roof of Mr.
Young'i bouie on lo the ceiling of bii
•ilting room collecting in route I large
ipiinllly of plulir, and crutlng in
Innalt I bole I Int by onl.
The permit wu luuid to Mr. II.
Cimpbvll of Vaneouvir, md II la under-
itood Ihil I sequel lo Ul mlihip will
like plici hi motbir dtjurtmaut of
civic affair*.
Chief Di v in rM*Maadtd I hit top-
iw nV Iba blutlaf by-law ba priaUd
and given wilh tick fumil, wu ri
ferred lo tkl laMM fffmaApfff,
luan Flndlay, ttcraUry of. Ibi i'u
prnlir md Joluri' Mtltty, miote ia
,|iiiriug if tkl (Ily bid M/ by-law cor
trlog tkt aafi construction al icilfold
uiK Tbli wai provided for by i self
folding importer la Vantmvii. JM
Idler wu referred lo Iki bulldiig In
aptrtor, Mr.   Fugler, who will riporl
UpOU tbi nutter ,
Tbt dtpuly mlniitir of Birlai aad
libirlN wroti advliiag th* coaicll
Ihil Ibi depirlnent could tike no *t*y*
lowirdi tbi granting to tki cily of
foreabon ia front of Mn Indian mli
•Ion uotil Ibi city bid promid tki
constat to tki luu* of 1 Ihu from
Ihe depirtiuciil of Indian alfiiri
Ao invltition lo tbi owning sf tkl
ntw bill ia l.yno Villty wu icctplid
by tkl cniineil with thiols.
Taylor, Harvey, Biird I (Irmt wrolt
on bthilf of tbi U. P. Op'tUt Oa. irgu
Ing tbat Mr. Hum ehould perform hit
duliu under tk* lopalU* feme atom
aewtr contrail md tbmlining iction
u>Um fat Iiiun » cirlltclti fir Ibe
proper <|uinliliti md viluea of ill II
Iri Work dosi by tkiir dlioli.
Aid. Foreman took occulon ta it-
mark Ibal thl eity ahould bl proud
that ll aid m is|iai*r who looktd
will lo M lultiuli. Hi moved tbll
tbi natUr b* tttmtii te tin Imate
Aid. Bin, bowivir, ptevtd m MWnd-
TO 01
North Vancouver to
(lave Fourth Bank-*
Thl enmmorcial impiirliinee of North
Vancouver li nuwhere more clearly em
phislstd than In tlte manner In which
the foromoat banking initltutluns aru
ealabllahing tlieinaelvea here fur liual-
mil piirpoioa. Tbo city liready hia
three lianki, eich of which ia doing a
lucrativi biiainean and one nf which has
a acioiiil office,aa a local branch. For
aome time put runtora have boen In circulation to th* elfecl Ilml lhe Rank of
Montreal wai about to opon au offico
ment In favor of leaving tbe matter in
the handi of the engineer.
The two counea being voted upon
equally, Aid. Diok threw tb* anting
voti In fuvnr of tbi originil motion
of Aid. Foromin, who had disliked th*
Idea of burdening Mr. Hania with the
whole ruponaiblllty.1
Thi building inapector'i report which
bu liready appeared, evoked la da-
lory comment from Aid. Irwln. "II ia
gratifying indeed," he aaid, ''to Snd
aucb a great Incraue in building 'hie
lut month aa compared with tko cur
reaponding month of the pnvloua year.
If tbli couditioa of,thinga contluuei
proportionately, we ahall certainly have
a building boom In the coming year I
truat tbat tbe iucreue in tbo succeed
ing niontlia will be equally great."
The return, from Mr. Fugler'a de-
partmeit for laat month ahuw an in-
create of practically 800 per cont. In
the value of building permits issued,
compared with the cnrreipundlng period during 1011. Tin Agurpa are IIII2,
148,680, 1811, *8,:iiin. Thirty flva per
mill were issued lasl mouth.        •
Aid. Irwin then moved that the mayor ba given full powor to make all
arraogamaati with lhe financial agenti
for tbi city wilh figird to tbe city'i
finances, aatil tucb Unit tha city'a debenturei  arc  aold.   tlarrie.l.
The i.e, .'.nm then terminated
ill the clly |nil tbe report haa nnw
taken definite ihape to tha affect that
ijlia hank haa taken a lease ou tho va
'imi atore in the Mount drown block
OP Flrat atreet eaat, for banking pun
pit:'.',.. The owners pf tha block upon
Ijliug interviewed admitted that the
pri'iiiiiien had been leued about the
middle of December but declined In
■■'■' uii-e the ninie of the leasee. The
Ipi'iuiiing uf Ihe bank of Montreal will
lark a di.im, i step in advance in
garth.Vancouver') financial statin.
fc=^===- -'
"     Y. H. A. OFENINU
( The officii! opening of the Yuung
Men'a Association on the comer of
llllh strut and Ht. Oeorge's avenue will
take place on Friday evening, February
lllh, at 8 o'clock. A'half hour will bo
dgvolcd to Ihu sucial reception uf the
Jests after whieh. tbo meeting will
called tu ordur and an intorcsliug
program consisting nf addresses, snugs,
I11111101..11', ruailings ,ctc, will be carried
mil The lecture room md reuling
luom ire fully eipiipptd ind reidy for
iinioe.Imi,■ us*. A fuller account of
lhe g.wiiiiaaiuiu will appear later. About
If) liel.i'la have beet, iaautd mil ■ large
all.'iiiliiiic.' and good time ii aiiurod
ip all who can conn,'. Any Interested
Whu wuuld like lo attend can get tickets
(free) frum .1. K Drown, genoral secretary, IWi.'l I .om.,Inle avenue or by ring
ipg up phone llii
I'i W. A. Dewey, lot 11, lllock mt,
snli HI. tth alreot, to build store and
three rooms.
88—B. Nliian, lol 27, block ISO, sub.
HI. Ilh street, to build a dwelling
:'!. M Firthingham, lot It. Mock
101, sub   .'ii.ii, Io build a cottage.
3D (I. II. Brown, lots SO III, block Tit,
sub. MO, lu build two i.ioi v lion,., .-in,,I
I bungalow.
in !■: Johnson, lol 10, block 311, suh.
■',l\ HHh street, lo build a dwelling.
38—A. E. McDonald, lul " Mock ill.
aub. 874, Keith ruad ,to build a dwel
87—B. Vanca, lot I, block 48, sub.
647, l.'iih slreei md Bewicko, to build
i dwelling.
BS—W. 1. Norlhcole, bit it, Mock 82,
•Ub. 6611, llth slreei. to build ■ dwel
M—I.. .1. Ilregory, lot 7, block 237,
tub, Mf, lllh atreel, to build a dwel
.16 K K. I'uiidy, lott 9, 10, block
101, tub. SIM, Htli Uriel md (Duthorliml,
to build t dwelling.
Tbi youag people of the Melhodiil,
Frttbylirim md llaptisl cliunlic mel
lul ivuiig for tk* purpos* of organ
islug a Ttraptrioct md Monl Hcforin
liMgut ii tbii illy After orgiui/atiuu
wa* complitid, thl /ollowiog rrsuliilion
wis uominously idopledi
"Wbereu nolict h»i-r*ciolly been
glvti la tk* pr*« tt m iatiatloo ou
tkl put of ll Iimt thru individuals
lo aiki application lo our civic an
TT hhoritlit let lictniM lo sill Intoalcmti;
P Aad Whiriu wt Miavt lhat a large
nujority of Wl tltiuai ar* oppoud
to Iht graatlog of wth priviligM;
And Wbertu M ire fully piriuid
id that th* Ml* of laloslcinta in my
tarn ll both difitdlig md Immoral;
HsmIvM, tbit thll wgaulolion, re
prcieiMaj thi ilhrlttka uatiiatnt of
th* yiuag ptupl* of thll eity, word
uur pr»t**t agalatt my licraut of th*
number of llconud plice* where liquor
awy In Md, md hiriby jwtltlon tka
llctnu romaliiiootra ho ttfarn togranl
tk*w liriiM* whia applltd for"
Mayor McNilih, H«ve May and
Cltrk Bbipkerd lift lit Ottawa oo
Friday evening tu attend tha p«i
poatd bearing of lha C V. U. applici
lion. Thi miytf md Mr, Hbephcril
yU)- also viilt Toronpi on P mlwion
Id th* finmclil InUrtiti of tu clly.
Thru Large Audlasn** QrttUd Bpiak
•r on Bundiy
The series of three lectures given in
ilu ■ cily on Kim.Im lut by Dr. Bruit
lllll nf Victoria wera largrly attended
and pr.ncd intenwly interesting. Dr.
Hull dells with phases of lhe tragic
iu alcoholic liquors which arc not us
null,'. cli„..,„ |,y public speakers and lie
speaks with authority md wilh force
fulness born uf porsunil investigation
ami conviction as well is with all the
prestige which mliirilly attaches lo
lhe iilieiniic'B of one who has attain
ed prominence iu tlie medical prufeS'
sion, The announcement tint In Hill
will possibly return within the next
few weeks, fur mother leries of id-
dresses wu received witb oiilhusiasiii
hy the audience uf men wbo listened
tu his effective speech on Uuuday
irining and il is certain thai he will
be greeted by largt crowda upou Ibal
Al tho evening malting a atrongly
worded resolution was passed witb re
feiem■>■ lu pending applications for bul
lie licenses and protesting against any
increase of licenses of any nature io tbe
There ii one of Ibe lines!. If nol
ijuite lb* flneit, pieces of high clasi
kuuor ivir mob io British Columbia,
or anywhere else. Nelly Bailies and
Nat Shipbtrd kepi tk* liooidilc Ihei
trt icrdiiiiug witk liugbler, aid mind
you, there il nothing clowiiiab it il
•cting In Ihe Irucil unu of tbo term.
Tbat It likei a clavir man lo play the
fool mu never betttr eicroplifleil.
Then an mmy other good things il
the Lonadilt tbli week, bat ifter aee
log "Two Hearts If* Won" It ll dilli
cult to Ujnk of anything tlte.
Anyont whn mlwia tbi LoBtdile Ibii
week || nllling mwetbing rtllly good.
Tbe North Vancouvar bockiy club
win again victorious on Saturday
whan, on tbi Bwlivard ground, tbay
adminlatirid d*fut lo th* Vancouver
twM, in energetic and nclling gime
mulling In a icon of two goali io
pil. Tbii city wai rtprtitBled by tbi
foUoWlog worthies: Owl, N. Woods;
bicka, Oeoff. Afinytagt aod H. Cun
erou; half Uckc, B. Humphttyt, Ted
Haylli (('opt.) Md N. Humphreyi; for
wirdi, II. a Mci'bcrion, 8. Micnigh
Ub, B. i). Wird, ii. I. II. Cinllniil
md P. N. Hiyllt.
Thi Int auoual wembly md dime
Of th* I.O.O.F. (M.U.) li diUd to tiki
plice |« t)u Kuighli of I'ylblu ('mile
Hill oo m aad Chiaterltld on th*
evening of Feb. Oth. No tffort ii Ip
pireiilly being tpind to enwre tko
lucctw of tb* fuoctloB, md N glid
ion*, light I* aat/lljiatad.    ' ",Ul.
■hM, tt
mmm a? mm™
Tbo annual mooting of the North
Vuncouver llonwirnitlve Clui, (Association) v/lll be held this evening in Laraon'l I'«viiiun. Tho ullicern will pro-
iicut their reporti for tho put year, thu
election of officer! for tbe ensuing yoir
iviii bo held ami general buiinou of |p<
len'sl to tho Assueilllinil will  In: Imu;,
Mrs. ,1, Hiilheiliinil lipid, 6th street
and Itiilgeway Avenue, will not receive
Wudiiesday, Fub. 7th.
The death occurred suddenly on Hun-
day illuming of W. I'. Maaon, aged 23
yean, who bad been employed as i
leamsler at Ihu Heymuiir Lumber Co's.
mill. It was while working that ho
was taken suddenly ill. The funeral
took place this morning frum ilarrou's
parlors ou (jralivilie street, tbe remains
being interred in Iho Mountain View
The death of Mr. ,1. Daltoll occur
red nu Uiinday lual at Ihe home of
his daughter, Mra. II. B. Busier, this
city. Docoaael wi.a 72 years of ngc
nnd had hegn ill Inr ghoul two )''urt.
Besides hia daughter, Mra. Hauler, he
leaves Iwo suns, Walter uf Lynn Val
luy, ami John W. uf I'riuce Ituperl.
The funeral lakes place tomorrow
mi,ruing from the residence uf the dsu
uliiei. Mra. Hitler, eor. uf lOlh and
On Haluriluy evening last Mr. and
Mrs. Vf.m.l. Irwin enlerlained a theatre
parly comprising ihuut 150 Invited
guests al the prcscnlulinn of Uilberl
md Bullivm'a "Mikadu" uu lhe
liuards uf the Luusdale. Tbiuks lu
this inspiration uf Mr. ami Mrs. Ir
win's, i great mmy people who would
otherwise have remained it home, wil
uessed u performance of this musl fim
uus uf comic lipoma which wai quite
surprising iu ils quality, The Lonsdale
bas lm,idle:... gained many clients
Ihrnugh Ibis impromptu Iheilreparly.
At the close Mr. and Mn. Irwiu shout
hands lift each departing guest md
received thanks and congratulations on
a very enjuyable evening.
A representative trio of the lucal
Hoard uf Trade, ininprisiug the prcsi
dent, ei-Ahl. smith ami Messrs. .1.
Stephen ami A. li. Heaven, havo wailed
upun the cily council in committee fur
the purpuse of making a number uf
suggesliuns as lo certain situ in tbe
city suitable fur i city hall ind other
public buildings. Su far Ibe locations
of these sites are liul public prupcrly.
The council, however, fivortd certain
uf the suggesliuns madt by Ihe delegation and waa iliapused lu wurk along
lhe lines recommended. Already I
move il being mule iu Ihe mitter of
Ihu diipoitl of the preient cily hull
sile .nnd | coiisuiiiuialioii ji anlnipul
ed It III .sili   dale
Express Classified Ads.
IIDOMH FOH HUNT   Hoiiickttping.
218 2nd Street Mil.
TO HUNT Choice modern luitii ou
3rd street Apply Ales. Smith * Co.,
Norlh Vincouvir.     Keuts 117.60. t.f.
Will HUNT friiir roomed house, cor.
Fifth end Sutbirlllid. Liil .Innd
liirgt enclosed poultry ruo. Ill per
month. Long lease if winltd. Apply
Boi Ail, Kipreia.
FOB HUNT- Furuiibul bouickceping
roomi io prinic family. Suitable for
lady or quilt married couple without
children. One minute from car. Apply finl house lilb ttrttt md Boult
vird wail. |IC per monlb. II
FOH SALK I'ure bred While Leg
born Kgg. 11.ah per selling, all* four
cockerel. Tbii itock li guirmtild.
Apply F. Japes, cor. Omtre road md
Mill alnel, Lynn Valley.
t09 BALK- A faw pins of prin
slock, Columbia,, Wymdotlll, t'ulum
plan Bocai, 1'irlridgc Wymdollfs, Hug
Orpingtons, S. ('„ While Lcgbnrrit. Now
booking orders for eggi md day old
chicks. Mri. J. li Ul, Lynn Villcy
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yon dNin lo tall your biulniit or proptrty of my kind «*ll or writ* ut,
wo bave clients for cIom-Ib acrtag*
for subdivision. Wi cm fit riiull*.
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Wl ttMtlw Itt. W, tlttotm, B. 0,
POB aALE-Fino ul.l Violin. Apjily
Scotch Tea Hnnins, Kaplauado K.    6 2
FOB HAI,C llll loads cow minium
cheap. W. 11. Wilkina, Ilia! alreet
Weit, 112
FOR HAIiE-Udy'i haiidiome %
white coat. Unit #00. Sell 116. Box
kit, Kipreaa. li 1
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663.   |000   cash,   |1.000   3rd,   tl,   11
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ckaiar. Terms arranged, llm 22Ufi,
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cau givo you prices un all material
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W. II. Wilkin,,        , 17 i
Costume, may he obtained from  1
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lend 1'leering and finding Lot-.
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•moooujtTrt W80IUBB bv bbv, DB. BOOT!
The Bav. Dr, Scott, ot Vancouver,
riii'uiitly lectured in Victoria on the
poetry of Huiiert Burns, a topic imlub
Itably Interesting to those of (hii city
wbo participated iu last weeks Burns
"Tlte great force of Burns" said Dr,
Scott, "is not a quuition of Oberactay,
it ia a gift of mind and heart, bemuse
the poet li so.essentially a man. lie
deals with human life just us It is, and
breathes Into tills lifu of ours his personal gunius.
The great puul bei'iinies a vision, a
voice that thrills the strings of emotion.
It wit Ueorge Meredith whu said:
"as ,wu humans aro to Ihu brutes so
are wo to the poets." Tlm puuts are
yourselves l.ul expressed jn your ideal.
a mystical lurch through limo—lie
puurs bis soul uut to all men's souls,
lhal and nu mnru. Tl.. i, is the whole
magic nf llm poet, uud when hu sues
visions we sen llii'in loo, Ihe truths
that all nit'ii pass by aud whiili wc do
nut sou ur rciiieinbur uru with poet! llm
link of Time.
Nuw ail Ihis is essentially true of
Robert Hums. He had the hourt of
hearts, he hud thu srurn of si'oru, und
ubovu ull hu had tho life uf life, tlm
line uf loye, Ilis Ihuiilugy is Ihu iiis
approve! uf the "unooguld." Kiglit
m in-,, the memorial page of his letter
is written: "Write mu as mm lliul
luves his fellow mm."
1411111117 unit Keels turned iway from
man to the ideals of ancient Greece.
They weru disgusted witb humanity.
Hums deals with men and human inter
csls with fervour. Here ul mice we
have the great poet, the real luun.ii
ladividual soul that does not wander
away frum men. Hit thrown himself
iulu the very hearts uf men.
Hums moved men nut beeause he
wis a ploughman, but bueuiise ot thnt
rare gift uf esprossiun. The reason
that Hums is able tu speuk lo other
men with such overwhelming power is
be, mis. he is leu limes more a man
Ihun Ihey. He wus a Hcotchmaii, but
becauae he was so intensely and pas
sioiiiii.lv human, bis poems are found
iu tbu hi,mn of Ihu i-h..|. i i mid iu
lhe eutlages of the peasants. Now In
me it is the question of nipreiuu inter
interest that those here tunighl l.n.,i\
what is the attitude uf Hums lu religion!
II has been defined as uu altitude
nt antagonism. The soups lie sang du
nut present a wurd, lint one hitter ur
biting word Did be ever sav a wurd
ur sing a verse against religionf' ll is
against men whu made tbeir professions
a eloak fur hypucriey sud wickedness
thai he declaim!. It is the very inmost
spirit uf religion that inspires Hums tu
write bis puein lo Ihu "I'lieu fluid"
ur the Rigidly llighleoiis.
He hid no sympathy with the writer
whu wan tn tremendously orthodon and
so uncommonly "guid" thai even the
doctrine of predestination was accept
able tn him, and lhe tortures of those
predestined to eternal misery iailed
forth nu ulher sentiment but "all for
thy glory Ood"! ll wes simply im
possible fur any man with a ton,li uf
honiur lu accept the duel ri lie after
thai, aod yuu will rrfifinher bow the
poem goes on loo. The writer prays
lhal his enemies may be .rushed Hist
ho may reap his remark from 'lul. lo
whom bu prays "lord remember me
and my ain folk." ID' is su good thai
if hit gels lhe temporal benefits for
which be prays he is willing to give
tin Almighty ill tho glory. That
irony, thai delirious irony of il. The
lack of religion is nut a lack of religion
hut a lark of humor
Tho rritlrt tell us "The Culler's
Hatunlay Nigbt" is the religion uf the
orthodox, not the religion uf Hums
at all, but tbe religion uf Hums' father,
Had Burnt been hustile to religion thul
poem would never have been writtleu
at all. Were he an emmy of religion
bow eoald he have altered Ibat notv
of penonil r/invirtlon III ".The Hotter'i
Saturday Nigbl."
The steret of Hums' power lo touch
111* heirtt of men was bit, love of
reality. He Mug of no fictitious men
and women but of realilins, of living
men ind women . Hums his not merely
touched tb* heart! of men but Im has
Mt tbem ifire with Ibe lurch of his
Hut tonight, I am here lo deal with
Burni' attitude mi religion. Wbal
does Buroi give at the key to joy, to
blppinau to powerf Wbat does he
Ull ui: "It li no la wealth to pur
cbaae weel."
Whit ll tbat but religion Itself talk
Ing |a ita owa aatlve tongue!
Hut passing to anotber phase of Tie
subjeel    altogether   pausing   from   man
to animals, it was lift to Kobtrt Hums
to ling. I would not my of animals
ii othor poo's bav* don* tbat—witb
infinite pity md eompasnion of tbe
lowest aeimali of all. "Tbo skylark,
tho ikylark, ii my little brother, au
othor poet hai' song, losing nothing Indeed by allying bimaelf with the iky
ship- with an ordinary common field
He ia not merely the intellectual at
titude of mind, hii iu llm very soul
of man throbbing with more than
human feeling for thp minimis. You
will roiunmbor his famous description
of a snowy winter night when the
thought of men are turning to the
warmth of homo ami their own II
sides, but where on auch a night are
the thoughts of Burnt.' Hie pitying
thoughts turn to tbu fluid-mouse:
"WflB, shield!, rowrin, tim'roue buustiu,
0, what a panic 't In thy breasllel"
tkat whieh it abpv* utj tbera is »
reverence for that wM«h I* beneath
uaj We have reverence far things
thrive and on au equality with n», but
ivrtnt tit twin yet hiving a »»nwiep
Vor tbe thinga beneath »»•
How Am we speak nt thit century
H being w highly civilised. Wa my
afford lo do without fashiou, we can
afford to do without sport, but na long
as wa are inqdu in the Image of God,
,we cannot afford to do without pity
and sympathy. If the average animal
could apeak I think lie would look
almost anywhere .than to man to
realise hia idea of Ood.
Many mnnpmenti bave beep railed
to the memory of Robert I turns, and
yet hie detractors are many. Yet, bla
limits were ninny bo < himself eon
fessed them. 1 wish he bad uot done
so, tbat be bad uot bared hii bosom
tu the world. Had be not done io
ho would have been spared tbe ruth
lesa attacks of hit detractor!.
I am surprised at thu want of charity, at the pitylessneu of Iheir judgments. "0," they say, "Hums was
not a guod man. Bums drank wbis
l.y." Hut what if be ilidt Is Bums
Ihu only man who drank whisky. The
real Bonis is lhe sincere poet. Hii
head and iiis heart were of tbe purest
gold. I have recently received from
thu Old t'nuiitry u paper dealing with
Hums, and that paper said that wu
weru getting io civilised that soon no
one would understand Burns. "How,"
il asks, "is it lo be supposed for ono
moment that Hum:, can endure!"
Hums answered that question long
ago in bis poem: "The Urigs of Ayr"
(Bridges of Ayr).
Due—Ibe new bridge spick and span
and   up tu date,   luoks  contemptuously
at the old on* am tkt with .* anatr
how it can hope tf de the atorini uf
the coming yeart.
The Auld Brig
lirk^_Vjt what tlull we iay of the
> could claim Intimate fellow-
Is it not clear, is it nut u morul and
spiriluul law:
"He prayelli heat, who lovelli I,est,
All linn;!:-, holh ji,■:,! ami siiiall,ele."
Nothing iiiiild have staggered Hiimn
more than to see tlie modern Eogliidi-
mini's idea nf spurt, the cruel hunting
down of llm fox, pitiless torturing of
a hure.
Hi.ii, Tius gune right lo Ilie heart of
wrong doing, mid lins shown us lhe
hardening process. Other people may
or may mil lind us uut, he tells us, hut
Ibo dued itsi'll tinds us out iu lhe
weakness ut wiii lhat succeeds Ihe
first downward step, in the hardening
and petrifying of ull noble feelings.
A critic has pointed out thai in these
modern days we are getting beyond
Hubert Burns. Well, frankly, lliul is
news tu ine! Hums' idea wus tbut thu
aunuul ought not lo run from man, bul
is it any wonder Ihey dot Why t'ur
from getting beyond Hums we hove
uut yel gut to the level of Ins spirit
of reverence.   There is a reverence for
Th|t mony a year
Md tjw
I'll be a Brig wb
o stood the flood
w|' oral did I'm talr for-
yu'ru a ahupoluti
And to it will
with Burnt.  Hit
versei will remain ing poema in tbt
hearts    of  nmn
poet'a   rbymee v  have
Protection foAlpiiie Baglei
Wu are glad to
minater Uazett
Government haa t
fiw remaining ei
It eeeini that the
many a new
sung into
ir, lays tho West-
the Swiss federal
led to protect tlm
left in the alps,
ro only four nest
ing places of the; (lo still known to'
eiiit in the Alpt ud watchers, have
been told off to g> ovor them aud lo
repay the peasant! tlm ml leys which i
Ihey haunt auy »gu thuy do, The
work has alreadwm taken in baud. 99
Lust year tbe ils mado off with
fourteen lambs,
which wero duly
the government i
Iu the valley uf
have tried Ihe
scarlet collars n
newly bom lamb
tbe eagles. Tli
piirenlly willing
and the > -p. in
kids aud oun eat,
d for. Thuy cost
is way llll francs,
rberg tbu peasants
riiiieut uf putting
tho necks uf the
oritur tu frighten
overnment is ap
rovidii the collars,
has buuu success-
thing, and Ihey
learn Ibat thu c
ing after all.
ful.   Hut the cat "iust live on some-
no duubt iu timu
aru uut su alarm-
Don't Take Chants!
Builnett men audkslnw houra
ara usually judged b|e printed matUr they t*nd ont.
Ou you afford to | chancei with
your printing whm j work in tbii
line coeti little, if aunort.
Flnt  Street   Bul,
th   Vancouver
North Vancouver Business & Ffofessio il Cards
Percy   H    Howard It    J     Turin
l.'liy   Auditor.
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tit  I'ender  :-i ','.       1'   0   Uoi   ini
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nuur the Ferry  Appruiob
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General Coetnotor*
lllll IIIM'I II
133 tlh .Street Kist Nortb Vancouver
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su,, ,-.„r to Wallace It Scott, Third
Street.   Ocae.nl n.pmr work.
A. Wa|lace'i services Aave bcitf te
liiiied. , ,.
i niiii.1,1.,1 ■ for reinforced concrete
construction. Sewering in all iti
branches; house connection! a tpi
dally.     Estimates   furnished.
Office: 10 Lonsdale Ave.        i'houl tit
i'ressed llrick Mantles a Specialty.
Pbone 1,1 Vi
A. Craib
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Ju Concrete, Brick and Wood.
Iinniit AMD »'1A TIHNHH1.
Bookaelleri end HLt Insert
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Roomi 6 mi 10, mw tm OOc* block
AM.lt,. k B.
Irrigation,  drainage, twfit,    pit
and ipooilicitioni.   Septin Unks    end
houu drainage a  speciilty.      p. 0.
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M Ul BatM
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llth itreet
cottages, bungilows,
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Fint   n!.'.
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Hone 107
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J^I'll, H     WO
of  repairing
cleaning and ulng i.'lnrgte moder
ati, work gi i
and lllh sin
Phone 171.
And general GoMsMoa Merebiot, 13
Lonidale Avi.,' North Vaawuw.
mmmm ^m» M
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North Vttnimm
fip the eu llm. Hoarding mtali.
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SuPP°|i Home Industry
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Titt PATtnNOsrri; miar-CMitinmd
hit clothing, and without toy obauga
of grpriiilnn tlitt I could pni'uelvgr
The pale eyet followed my movements
wltb a blank, Ineurlout stare (though
Stodger maintain* tbat they did not
coat*- for an lnttn|it regarding bim),
tnd I waa glad enough to aee tbe fellow depart, after I bad privately pasted word to Htodgar not to Ipte llurko
until Another man could relieve htm.
Tba High! ul stairs above tbe landing gave upon a ball which— excepting In tha front, where there waa a
large dlamuiid-panud window entirely surrounded the stair-well, and waa
continued by a lateral passage connecting tbe gtblet or wlngt.
On* leaning over the baluatrade at
tbe top looked down tbe aicaudlng
•tain, tba balcony midway up, and a
good portion of tbe apacioua hall below. The lateral hall gave accent tu
til the rooma on the teoond Hoo)'.
Arriving tt the bead of tbe atalra,
I lint gave my attention to tbe
elagere. Tbit piece of furniture ww
almply t padeattl of ahelvea, without
aide*, front, or back, ao tbtt to tilt
It In tny direction ftr out of the per-
pendlcular would moan to spill Itu
burden of i*! newtptpera and perl
Maybe It would btve been convenient in t mualcroom, but all uat ed
where it wat It waa ceitalnly In the
way of anybody using the ttalrt. If
a peraon unfamiliar with tho houao
ihould aacend the ttalrt In tbe dark,
tbe Instant ha turned tt the top bo
mutt almost Inevitably collide with
It a circumstance wbicb I wae to
btv* brought home to me a few
nlgbta later, wltb coneequencea which
mined being fatal by only the eleii-
di'i'i'iii marglna. But after all, I concluded, If a tlrauger missed It only
by a miracle it might havo served
t double purpoae here; no one slept
In tbe second story, ordinarily, uud It
would make a good burglar alarm, ae
well at a repository for the Iron
candlattlck and the tea-shell mated
From lhe point where It now leaned
agalmt tbe baluetera to (he Intern!
corridor or hall, tbere were many
little details lu arret! and stimulate'
Patting through tb* bath room, I
tmmad umb thi landing ft! tba Hir
•tain. Across tbe laming wus another email room, which contained,
besides ' t dutt-maiitlud sewing-
machine, nothing but tome broken tnd
worn-out furniture,
I followed the stairway to tbe hot
torn, tnd tbout half-wty down found
t bit of llulteiied paraffin tbout tb*
tlte of my thumb null.
After re-ascending theae stall's I
tiood once more looking Idly down
over the baluatrade, going over In
my mind the parts of the puttie which
bad been aet for me to bring together
Into tn intelligible tnd perfectly
rounded whole, tnd wondering what 1
would aucceed In making of It all. For
u while I wtt aware of a ttrange laok
of confidence 111 myiolf, of a feeling
ol uncertainly. Had I been negligent
in not arreallng both Maillot and
llurke? It seemed lhe almplett and
must, dlrct method of proceeding; II
would he no difficult mailer to faalen
thu crime on one or tho othor, or both
of Ihem; why should 1 go behind tbe
lew plain details which Ity so Invll
Ingly belore ino?
i'i ii..i.i. lhe Intrusion uf a pair of
blue eyis Into tho midst of my cogitations hud much to do with my Irresolution. Somehow 1 waa extremely
desirous ol winning their approval.
The inni iliihii that I might win more
did not enter my thoughts, because,
I I, ii.. i. .I rather dismally, Iho owner
of the blue eyes moved lu a sphere in
which I hud neither purt nor parcel.
dtlll, my determination to tolve tbe
mystery of Felix 1'sge's death was
Inextricably Inierwoven wilh another
determination lu win one liual friendly, commendatory look —parbtpt a
word or twu, or even a warm hand-
clasp -from Miss Ueiievleve Cooper.
How wus I to do Uiat? liy fastening uu odious iiiun- upon her cousin's
lover? 1 shrank from such au alternative. Heaven grtnt thtt so fur 1
bad not reasoned falsely.
It may seem a poor business tbut
tu mix Miuiim in with one's humdrum
daily annin., but—well, and su It Is.
After iiiniiii,' reflection, 1 can think
of hut one enlonuatlng pleu:  I  was
my   curiosity.   The   carpet   betweeir only twenty six at Ihe lime.
theae two points plainly thowed signs "P to the present It had been dlffl
uf a recent struggle, and al tbe weBtv c"l' l(> tlcrlbe lu euch circumstance
era vortex  of tba angle formed bf ltB "*'" Proptt value; but now tbey
Ihe btluslrade surrounding the slaii* woro beginning lo shape themselves
well, innumerable drops ul congealed ll110 uumc semblance ef order, and lur
paraffin  were  icallored  widely over "'" "ft' Ume u fairly complete con
tbe floor.
And the rulllng Ilsell ulso held a
record. Stout as were thu uprights
sustaining il. II liud received lhe impact ol a lioily sufficiently heavy lu
throw It aakew.   At this point un the
cept presented Itself lo me.
The antecedent elrcumstaiicet leading'up lo tlie crime, wore largely conjectural, iillliuiigli the) were pretly
atrongly stiggetted by thu details of
the struggle Itself.   I  wst tbus en-
railing  there  was a deep triangular  tb'ed lo supply the misting portions
dent, doslliied to ataume a high place   with more or loan plaualblllly
lu solving the problem of Felix i'age's
Wheu 1 aloud directly in front uf the
bath room dour,  I  euuld louk dowu
over the balustrade to the I.unl in.
the Inul) had heeu removed to u muie
suitable place   and I could also no
tho front dour and must of the lirst-
tloor hill.
A duzon or su feet weit uf tlie stairwell two floors opened upou the lateral
passage   They were directly opposite
each other;   Ihe  front  room huving
been tbe one occupied by Mulllot ihu
previous niii,i,  while  tlie other  was
Now as I allowed my glance tu ruvo
along lhe dim lighted    hall   In    the
direction ul Ihe two bedchambers, It
wai tt unco arrested by some small  -
and at tho diilauce, Indistinguishable
-object  lying In  Ihe cenlro ol  the
iinm g few feot beyuud Uio twu duui-s.
1 went and picked It up.
It   was  Ihe  shabby   leather  Jewel
liul nuw 11  hole uuin)   Indications
of extremely rough usage.   II wus nut
unly upon,  but  empty;   the  lid  was
bent, twisted uut of shape, und bunging precariously    by    une    damaged
binge.   The leather was freshly burn
and i ■ i, i. i ..I   while the Inner lining
uf laded satlu had been tilt In a nu in
ber ol places.   1 contrived alter some
manipulation to got tho bux  Into a
semblance ul III formor shape, uud
then slipped It lulu a pocket  uf my
Neither Mulllut'i room nor Burke't
revealed anything   ol   much   conse-
ijuoiico.    In  the  former I  noted  the
open  wardrobe duor, und, owing  tu
It* position relative tu the bed, was
obliged   lu   .iiln,ii   the   likllhuod   ul
Malllul's accident.   In the other room,
In a small leather satchel, were the
papers by which llurke accounted lur
bia presence. Thuy wero uf no Intereil to niv.   I turned them uver lo
Mr    While,    whu.    with    the   uther
ganllouiou. wis Jusi departing.
With ■ feeling uf lively anUclpaliuu,
I mitred the bath room. I bad fur-
gotten that Hill room alune had lieun
designated by a dlttlngultbbig mark
on Iho churl which I had lound while
following Uie myalerlout looipiims.
Hut 1 dltcovored nothing to Just Ily my
hupes 'I he piece waa munulunously
like olber balh rooma lu which I had
Uen. I gave It an exceptionally;
thorough overhauling, tben went carefully over it once mote-even restating to my magnifying gloss Irom lime   '■> I1'11 '".un
io time—but til to no purpuae;  the      ""' "'
ruom waa dlacouraglngly wanting In
anything that might be regarded a*
t claw.
In Uie end I fell hu muting over t
bar of com mun laundry soap ou the
iltUontry wuh-aleud. Jt wai linpos-
tibia not to contract tbu humble de
lorgent- -for It wm of a bigness led
coarse yellowness to tuggetl the
largest possible quuUty for tba
iioilleit price with tbe dead man'*
wealth, tad to wonder t little tt aucb
petty economies is were slgnlllcd by
It, by. tho pariflln csjidlei, tbe tb-
sonco or servants, and by aome oilier
detalla of tba menage wbleh perhaps
1 btv* alrmly mentioned,
I recalled, wlto t tmlle, Ibat Burke
btd inielled of laundry soap, and lhat
OS toe mifhriliod In Malllot'a room
tbere btd bW oo soap at all. Well,
toere tn tone queer way* uf utiilz
Ing waallh; but I contend Ihu, of all
of tbem, to deny oneself to* commvp-
eat oomfort* of exlatonce I* toe ijueer-
e*t tnd lb* bardett to understand
Here, then. It the wty I reconstructed Ihe nlglii's occurrences lu this
bouse—lhe falsi sequence of events
which begun when Felix Pago badu
Malllol goodnight, culminated In the
oldor man's death, and ended with
tbe flight of the murderer. Yuu will
porcolvo tbut the fuur "Chinese" had
no place lu It; I could liud none fur
After Mr. Pago aud Maillot sepur
sled, for some reason lhe funnel- hud
not retired. 1 look II as being mure
than likely lhal he relumed lo Hiu
library, where presently he fell Into
I Hii/, before the dying lire. But, no,
llrsl of sll ho weiil lo the safe tu dis
pose of the bux cunlulnlng (he ruby;
alter Ihut he returned lo Ihu library.
While lie nodded over Iho Are the
thief stole to the safe, upeued ll with
ihe combination, und louk nol only
the ruby, Imi everything else the
strong-box contained!
Uut cuiilious us Ihu thief Is, some
disturbing nulse penetrates to Ibe
sleeper's consciousness; in fancy we
muy tee the uid man -fox, pirate uf Ilie
pit, as he hud been culled tlurtlug
broad uwuke. feurlcss. every faculty
nlerl und strulned lo catch Ihe belruy
lug sounds.
In a in,.im i i he bestirs blmsell to
ascertain what Is afoul in hit bduso tl
■o unseemly un hour Nblselesiiy he
enters ihe hall frum Ihe library, In
time lu behold the marauder by the
imi, is own candle liainc, I was posl
live   ascending Ilie front stairs.
And here lhe tragic episode depurli
Irom ull precedent, ut this stage It
assumes Its hallling aspects If lhe
thief hud nut beeu a member uf lhe
household even bul a temporary
member why .Inmid lie hive gone up
lhe stalls Instead of leaving Ihe In,use
by Ihe nearest wuy? And imam, why
sli.mid Mr. I'nge have lulluwed the
thief su stealthily If he had nut rccog
nlr.ed him?
Hut the inustel of the houie slealt
on up Uie stalls behind lhe ulher. At
about ihul time lie iinlves at the head
of the .-'ain the thief vanishes: elae
why did mt. I'age pause lo light the
caudle in the Iron candlestick which
itood upon the elagere?
Fuml move, that! In sume manner
Ibe elagere Is knocked forward
agulnsi lhe huluslradc; lhe thief Is
alarmed, although some dour must
have closed behind bin. And now Ibe
old gentleman Is lacing no lunger a
thief merely, bul a man wltb murder
Wlil, I, dour had II been: Maillot's, or
Burke's, or yel tome other duur?
Once mure we ure given t strong
Indication that Felix Pago knew the
man, for he and the tissssln In limine
do nol Immedlitely cloto In combat.
:<Hl ,iei. Some words cerlalift^iass.
Iho taper In the heavy Iron candle
stick must bum long enough to ac-
mini nol only for tho dropl of uarsftln
littered about over toe >floor, but
those lhat ran like congealing tears
■lown Ihe side.
1 could fancy the outraged and mya-
■ itied old gentleman demanding tn explanation, and before long exploding
wilb wrath. Ibe Iblef standing hope
lately convicted—c*ugbt "wlto to*
Suddenly tbe ' tlruggl* la precipitated by Ike lufurltled houaeholdcr
endeavoring to recover bl* propert.v,
We may sa/ely assume tbat It wu by
no gentle uieina Uiat ha aougbt to do
t bit, tod it once toe bttUe wagea to
tad fro between toe heed of tke tttln
    and toe lateral pmage, quite ap to
et litis* li involved ptr' On btth room doer. Tne tilef 1* airiv
i.~.m.r.—y*r,mihi* >, « ina to retain Hie leatlier box, tin, otbot
" m (Ooaitauw on TH* Blgllt.)
A uhlloaopby
tolif iMNW
tnd Upright Grand Piano In Bottweod
Next WEDNESDAY tb* 7th. at 3.30
p.m. corner of Uth, Strut tod Chat
torllold (ttkt Lonsdalo Ay*, car)
Favored with instruction! we will
soil at the i'lie' e a.hire. :
Upright Grand Pimm in rosewood
'ij Kirkliiiiii, Dining Extension Table
n Oak, Dining Chairs, Easy Chairs
and Rockers, Brussels uml Tupuslry
Carpets, Brass and Iron Bods complete,
Dressers und Sluntls, Secretaire, Bookshelves, Bed Lounge, Music Cabinet,
.'..iccn. Oak Hall Stand, Bed Linen,
Child's lluggy, Center Tahlos, Mirrur,
Kitchen Utensils, Cfiickerywure, etc.
This is a nice clean lot uf furniture
and is to he sold without reserve. Buy
ers must remove goods saniu day.
Aiictlonoor and Appraiser,
Palmer. Biirmostor - v. Ortovoniti Ltd.
Tenders will be received by tbo eity
clerk up till unon on Thunday, February Sth, for tbo supply of sidewalk material fer the City of North Vancouvor.
Spociii'■.■'iiiui■ may bo roceivod from
the City Engineer's Office.
Oity Engineer.
North Vancouver
Conservative Club
Larson's Pavilion
TUESDAY, Feb. 6,1912
AT 8 P.M.
In pound tinea Willi nil one Indian
puny, mare, ull while, lung inaiiu ami
tall, 11' nut claimed wit Iiiil six dnys
hull he suld by public auction lo defray expenses.
Tho undersigned hunks will, com
moni'ing .Saiui.la'., February Unl, dis
ciiiitiiiiie tlm practice uf opuning un
Saturday evenings:
The Bank nf Hrilish Nurth America,
cur. Lonsiiule Ave. uml  Esplanade.
The Hank of British Nurlh America
Upper l.iinsilulc branch.
(Signed) .1.  STEPHEN,
The Ksiili ul Hamilton, cor isl struct
mul Lonsdalo Atcnue,
I Signed) C. II. HEAVEN,
The Kuyiil Hunk ul Canada, Lonsdale
Avenue .
(Signed)'      W.  DICKINSON,
.   ,'d.ii.iipi
ouicru mors couohi. cutit coiar,
0,000 cordi ol dry hr wood lor qui' L
isle, i'ntc per odd iord», $4.5!)
.spii i.ii ijiiul.iiiuii, loi l.inici quni
lilici. Cut W "ss.i. 16 incites, ii.ii.
12 inches, $3.50.   CO. D.
FOB  BENT- Olio  suite,   furnished,
also ono uufiirnlskcd. hatoit Improve   Office and Yard    Mill and lomdale
inonU, with heat aud tilophouo.     t.f. |    Mono 190.     I'. O. Hot 2432.
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Busy" Signals?
•Suppose a customer is aboul lo order something or
oilier over your telephone. Ilie operator funis your
line or lines engaged, [lie customer musl wait or
order somewhere else. Maybe he tbooses to wait —
mils again again finds your line or lines busy,
lhal means a possible loss of a customer.
ihe business man needs adequate telephone service for -the accommodation of his
business and his customers. When you lose
customers through "busy" signals, il hat
been proved that your telephone Utilities
are inadequate.
I'topic who gel business make il easy for their customers to gel them and have the number of lc|e|>hoiic
lines iheir business requires. The number ihould be
determined by lhe amount of use al the BUSIKST
time of the day.
B. C. Telephone Co., Limited
Bind your friends who art laUrnUd
la thi Nortb Short a copy ol
"The Exprew"
It will klip limn potUd on oil
Nortb thm Nam aad will only cott
$1'per year
\  Wm
Published TuMdeyt and Frldayt' by Nt^b Short Pratt, Wmlted,
Batei of Bubaoriptlini-One year, UM,  Six montbi, Wt,  Threo montbi, 8Su
United Btatei and Foreign, ♦u.iio ptr year,
Advertising Bitot Will Be Quotid on Application,
Tbt Expreu ii devoted to tba interests of tbe North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively, It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
retching [n t thorough pnd affective manner Ilia population of North Vancouver
c|t» tea Dlttrlot. every etfort it made tp give advsrtitirt the most tttlsfaotory
ttrvlta, ,
AH ehanget in contract advertisements ihould be in tba printers' hands not
latsr tbtn 10 t, ui. Monday and 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure iniertlon In tbe
following ittua.
Nortb Vancouver, B. 0„... ...,
..Februtry B, 1B18.
A system ef governmental loam at a
low rato of interest for the actual settler, was ono of the departures recommended by tbe annual meeting of Ihe
,t'milml Fanner's lustltuts, which recently convened in Victoria This was
later submitted to tho government in
an interview accorded thu ejeiiutivo of
tbe In; nun.■ by the Premier At this
interview the oxueutivo n.|u,..l.ii Ihut
a Boyal Cuniiiiission lie appointed lo in-
ijuirs into tbe wliule question nf cheap
money for the farmur, special mention
being mudo of lhe pluu in nperutimi
in Denmark, in purls of Austruliu ami
in Ireland The reply nf Premier Mcllride was symputhclic uml wus to llic
effect that their suggestions wsre very
largo onus and involved.the acceptance
of u policy never yot tried uul in this
country ,thut tlm government wss fully
alive to the requirements of tlio sot-
tiers, ami likewise desirous of doing
ils full duty al ones \o the province
at large and lu the fanning community therein
Miine the endorsation uf this proposition by the Farmers' Institute, the
matter hus been widely'<discussed and
it has been pointed out from different
sources thul the uduption uf a system
nf num. tar. assistance, upon the pari
nf tho government in favor of any
uue section of tho community would
'im Hint' u grave departure which
might involve far reaching developments, inasmuch as it might constitute
u precedent and be made the basis of
similar demands upon Ihe purl uf uther
classes uf the community.
While considerable weight must un
denial,ly tin attached to this contention
it is in ■.'■nli, I ', worthy'of note thai
lite report of the royal commission on
taxation contain! a recommendation,
iilinli, in ell" I ii iiiun ii i - to a .until
liiition of government funds fur lhe
encouragement uf the Individual for
mer, ami which may, tberefori be held
tn Hislni.-e tint principle involved in
thu recommendation uf the Farmer's
Tbe Commission on Tuxulluu reiniii
mend il.ni while lhe amount of income
exempt from luxation us for the gen
prul public ho fixed ul $1,500, that an
exception be made of Ihs farmer ami
that he lie grunted an udililiunul exemption of < 1,500, making an exemption of i.i.nuu in all. lu explanatiuu of
Ihis recommendation the reporl stales
p.',,"c H:M, section 5, "thai (us u ifio
('iui ciicuurugernent to a must important industry) a person engaged in the
production of fund products should im
entitled to an additional exemption of
fl/iOU (beside* the exemption of II ■■""
referred to in the (irst recommend*
Whether lhe auinniit contributed be
filly doliars or live hundred dollars is
not inateriul to lhe point ul issue. This
clause contemplates a direct uniiual
contribution of money otherwise
accruing to the government,
In tbe in,I,.,.t,,ui firmer ai
an encouragement lo flic food pro
dining induitry of agriculture. It is
dun. nit, therefore, to sec wherein the
principle involved iu Ihis recnnimeu'
dulion differs from that involved from
the recommendation of the Farmer.*'
In point of fact, a consideration of
the details of tbe two plans would ap
pear to make rather in favor of the re
commendation of the institute, The re
I'onimindatiou of tbe Commlwioners
I'linti'iiiplalm a gift outright, of slut,'
fundi, sto tba individual farmer, while
tbat of the Institute contempiitii'tbe
advancing of certain sums by way of
loan ,proper!y secured, te he repaid is
due course, at a low rate of. lntereit.
The recommendation of tba commit-
tionert "contemplate! tbii abioluti (fifl
of government funds, tot to tbt fir
mor wbo is laboring against   heavy
oddt in a small way (ami Wlto for
tbat reason might be held lo require
and to bo worthy of somo assistance),
but to the farmer who has attained a
positiop of opulence ami who of all
members of his class is hast alilu lo
sustain hii full share of taxes, without
deduction of any kind. The riicom-
inundation of thu Farmers' Institute,
on the other hand, recommends iiione
tary assistance, by way of luan uf
government funds, for the plotter, for
the mail whu with his capital nf heullli
and industry ami energy is prepared
tu selllii upon Iho wild lauds of the
province, to redeem them from the
wilderness, to cause them to yield new
contribution! to the volume of food products gruwn iu the province for home
consumption to make of them ultimately
a insuiis of increased revenue to the
pruviucia! treaaury and tho niau whu in
addition to this will rear his family
upon the soil and thus add yet furthei
to the agricultural population of Hie
Public opinion may he said to be as
yet iint'oiined, is to the advisability of
giving effect through legislation, to ei
ther of these recommendations, but
if the principle of sttte iisiatance lu
agriculture be ciii,,'.led, Ihere are good
grounds for concluding that the recim
mendations of lhe Farmers' Institute
are better fitted to meet the real re
quirements u fthe caae, than those of
the commission on taxation in this re
The action liken by Ihe municipal
councils and the Board of Trade, is
expressed in the resolutions idopted,
with reference lo the ippiication nf
the C, P. K. for railroad righli ou the
North Hhore, is without doubt aq tc
• urate reflection of public it'/ilijiient
wilh reference lo the miller in hind.
The Nortli Hhore winls (he C. p. R.
tu enier this Held, just is it would welcome iny md every other road--that
il, on a sound business basis in relation
to all North Hhore interests both pre
sent and prospective. It is not de
sired to hamper tin-, great corporation,
or any other incoming railway cor
porstion, with restrictions snd provisos
thai would place II, in any sense a
disadvantage in the transaction of
business, but il is desired lo so prolcr
North Hhore interests thai the incoming
of any railway, will not .rente soy
conilitions which would lo any degree
shut out olber roads, or in any way
close up additional avenues of business
that might be available lo the Icrrit
ory at present included in Nurlh Vin
couver City and district, at any future
time.. In adhering lo this altitude.
the citi/i'iis ind fricndi of the North
Shore a,e persuaded that Ihey are
actuated by lOund ind reasonable
business principles, which will com
mind the respect of railroad and other
commercial organlratioua and all
rcisumble requirements of whicb
ought lo receive due ronisderitlon at
their hands.
Ai at prmnt understood, tho pro
redure which the C. P. B. it foliowltg
consists of au application, under iti
originil cbirter, to tin Minister ef
lliilwayi for the approval of a route
map mado for a bridge acrou Nortb
Arm ind • connecting line of railway
from that'point to Ibi city of Nortb
Vincouver. Thii ipplirttlon il made
under tnd by virtue of power to con
itrurt Isinii.li llnei of railway, con
ferred upon them by their charier and
no ipeclal (barter li therefore ro
quired. Tbe tucriii of iny ippiication
which North Vancoover may make ai
to proviiloni, to protect North Hhore
Intereitt, depends therefore, solely
upon North Vancouver doing aide to
convince ths Minister of Biilwayi of
the rigblnoM of thote requests. If the
Minister gives hii approval conditionil
upon the C. P. B. complying witb
certain proviso! itlspoiatsd by Nortb
Vancouvor, bli decision muit prevail.
The condltioni outlined by tbt
public bddlet, nprennling the intertill
of tbt Nortb Hhore ire few In number,
tbey ire eminently rntonabla and an
aot it any unu obstructive. Thoy tre
thru in number ii followi:  1   ThtJ
tit montbi tnd begin tnd maintain
continuous operation within two years |
B^Pbtt the 0, P, % eminent itt North
Hhore tnd South BJipre lines with the
bridge at won ti tbt latter is completed! 8—Thtt other railway lines lm
given running rights over the 0, I'. R,
linns, upon ftl; tnd equitable te<fmt,
Tba conitructlon of O, P. R, lines
upon tl|lt btais would result in tbtt
Company and tlm North Shore being
able to do business to tboir mutual
benefit and would promote harmony
and good will in all those relationships
which might ariau between the Cum
pany and North Hliure interests. Tho
information that the Minister of Railways had approved the application uf
tbd C, p, K. upon conditions outlined,
would bo hailed with the practically
ilnaiiiinons  npprnwil   of  all  those   whu
are nleiiiiih'd with North Vancouver
and its program.
I. O. 0. V. (M. 11.) first annual as-
mhly iu K. P. Hall on Friday, lllh
uf February at H p.iq. Tickets (I.IIII,
• un bu ubluinuil front lhe Leonard Haiti
Cu., 1st and Lomdalo. 0 3
Extract   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylawi. \
"Whenever auy householder kiiows
tbat any pcrsuu within his family ur
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whuop
ing   COIIgll,    Inensles,    mumps,    plil luiel a,
ur any other contagious or Infectious
disease, lis shall (subject in case uf re
fusal or neglect tu Ibe penalties pru
vided), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing to Ihe Me.In nl Health
Ollicer und uo member uf any huiischoh!
shall im,I,.I school until a certilicalc
has heeu obtained from the Medical
Health uth,, r that uo infection any
longer exists in the bouse, clothing
and other off eet c have buen disinfected
lo his sstisfui'tion, ami until such cor
tiib'sin shall have been obtained il shall
lie lhe duly of every member of the
household, ami of the Teacher, tu use
all reasonable efforts to prcwnl the
association of members of lhe said
housohold with ulher children.
1. The mat run of a public or private
Hospital, Iho keeper of every Hoard
ing or Lodging-House, evury Inn keep
er or Hulel Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report in writing lo Iho Modi
cul Health uth. 11. or any person being
st one of tbt iforesiid houses
or hotels am! ittackcd with or suspect
ed of having my conligious or infer
tious disease ment iuued in the By
law;" under the penalties provided
for by such byliw.
I.f. r-cereliiry Knurl of Ileallb.
Telephone 276
V.l solicit tht Msiaei* of Mfliiulacturfis,
Hnjincril »nd others trim jeiliic Die mlvisabll
ily of liivitif their Patent bu.iiiru tiuiuuctcl
by I'.ioetlt. I'ii lirnluiiy idvkc free. Clurgci
mod.i«l«. Our lavcalw'l Adviser*) nl upon lc-
•inert. Mtrtoo AUirion, Kcg'd., New York l.i/c
hll WoaliesI'liulW/ulilniilga In:. UOI.
Choice acre North of City,  Qttn*
ingfor$18QQ.   QneArdCath-,
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
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and would like to do so
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Good 33 (t. lots, block and half from Lonidale
Avenue facing south, very light clearing.
Dv!aa tfiCA   on ,erm8 °f V* ca8^' balance
rnCe $ODU   6, 12 and I8 months.
For further particulars of above and other desirable properties see
C. E. Lawson & Co.
Phone 70. P.O. Box 1816
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need mil)- In pbone 321 In liave all vai nn, in, filled. NO OHAHUE
ts EMPLOYEE or EMPLOYEE therefore than in absolutely nu ue
canity In utilise employment Agoncics in Vancouver, at a complete
Hit  ol all  classes  uf  workers it kept at tin
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, -Secretary.
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
wilh the best quality of these goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty,
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST       -      -      Phone 4
jror om'
w'apta P" ""' wr Boulevard, btauti- |
, jBytiwtlM .far, 'i9W«!iltWi„fT!?in,',,, I
«50V"J up on easy tormt.
83.((,pt'\o*t 111 Lynn Valley mt Iran)
|1m—«ju*a   on   |lot|iiiit road   mul
mint net' V'mm ,08<l' PrlM ^      m
up ou myKt,m'
Guarantee   ani}   ****** ' lHMMM
Office Pbone 10 f
Md Broker
Houae Plioue ltl
TAKE N0TjPE *'"'t *' "" "Mt
titling of the »H °f Uem,U,° "0I"'
mitalonar. of 3j« °>»y »f North V.,.-
ply for a »toft>"« "r '«»"» "«»"
for the preinltat'*»™ '"!.  Z ^
a. Number OniP^^'0'''104
Eiplanade WattL1" tu m* 9t m*   ,   ,
J \0    M
III Vancouver tliit Sit^rt
|f.i-v, una. ]
Vancouvor, B. i'
Dated at Norf
•lay of Jauu|
|,y given tliat the uull |u u|iply at the next
of llm Hoard of I.t
Notice ia heilf;
ili'iiii/.'iii'il inti'lijl
statutory tittinll
centing OomBitft,lu""» of ""' 0ll^,°'
North ViumtI' ,or "ie mae t0 bim
le license l«r and in re-
,'aai In lm  eroL'ted and
ni'k   168. Diatrict
of 11 retail boll
tpect to i'is'iiii
situate on lot (t 7' ''''
Lot 274, iu ta1'1 Cil> "f Nor"' V»"
Dated   this
llOlt III.      ,   still   J' 1
ing Honimissioii
Vancouver 1 si
cense uu 1st t
186, I). h. 274
Dated at Nil
day of Januiirr'
23rd   day   ur  January,
VC3\K   BOTTLB   I.l
suby given iimt at the
I ihr'Um,ri of Licens
ee Ini Ihe i'ily uf Nnjtti
sll apply for a liuttle^i-
iteel  cast, lol  7, lllock
BT. THOMifc'
Bav. T.
tiirls under
Oirls uver 81
Special Urnj
sent from tbu
erect a buildi
•■ illll III mill I n   30|
day Bcholnrt.
nli Vincouver tho - Bt Ij
I. Bowe, Prlucipil
yeart, uid, 16 per month
in. ulil, in per mouth
[when inn nr more are
iiiiii' family,
are   lining   made i
|i|i by tlie spring to A-
or in Imarders beiiflM
Pap« fHe World
Irom our ^ "' U')W *»" 1'iP«rt
ao It ateni''-   EvwJ' lill>' ,omt "•"
dMign   aril
ol I luun ill
1VM   til   81
nsol out.
Ihe vacancy
Handaom J WiU Papen
"i" bere ii
tell  our
you wapt
•huw you
To  cboou
urt, 1,0 my
Ii I idlew variety.     Jint
\i man  lor whet  roan
ll   pB|n-r and bi   will
m\ lha |),itlern yuu tn
li"|" our itock ii i plia-
'tr't prlci ii my.
W. H. iiTONEY k CO.
117 lmi*r*\
ivmue PkoM 14|* ,^
A Comer, 157 feet frontage on Nye SW Ipft by
132 feet deep, for $1500,    Third cash, W
6, 12 J 8 and 24 months.
uOL^mm^admMm )
<*|*VMIVV;1T1WUI1I|       \
I City Council
A apetlil t^iToif the city twin-
-clHotrirjilai!* SyitiFiluy sHewnon;
Aid, ¥«8aa tp 'appaluM acting-
mayor for Hloriod of bit wor-
tblp't alHtnctfyiero tlip prpaeut
Aldermen Bieifiwln, Feremtu tnd
A'letter wa«iii ffotn'tlie ttcrotary
, Of tha If. B, (j| Intimating that au
aiecutiva^ineeft of the Union waa
to bo he|d on %imilay. Aid. Mcfiao
aa aoting-mayniis delighted to attend thit niootfus reproaontatlve of
the city.
The city fathj|||Un forearmed Aid.
Mcllae with ablution to tho effect
tl|at the counc|isired to direct tlio
attention of till. B. (I. M. to the
advisability offriouily considering
the luhject of ||cr power ootiierva-
tion In tho Lor Mainland und par
tloiilarly that Dull in Biota proximity
to oentrea of lai .population, iu urder
niunieipalitiet concerned could if uocq|l-
»ary generate electric powor and 'hus
priiviiut the indiilluitii cniitiiiiiiilion of
what wp btlltvt .to bt the exorbitant
ehmnt-lai miwiir uow in effect,
Aid. Forantsn wat thm appointed a
committee to meet w<lngmayor McBae
ttt Victoria, nnd aot with bim In the
matter of tho changing of the Municipal clauses act dealing with olitcliuua,
and in tbe mattap tl thll liuilding of
governmont roadi t]irqug)i ibt eity ind
any other matters that may lie brought
up tf tho next meeting of (he council
for  consideration,
On tbo motion or Aid. Frator sn-
coiidi'ii by Aid- Foreman, it wat du-
clded tbat a telegram b> sent to Major
McNeish urging upon him the necessity
of cloalug the detl with tbe Dominion
iiiiu'iiini.!i|i lm Um alio of the present
city ball aite at a ailo for pust office
District Couu. Bridgman waa up-
puiuted valuator to act for tho city
in thla uegociation.
Mr. Bridgman't appointment be tele
graphed to Mr. H. fl. ptevem, M. P.
and to Mtyor McNeiih.
Tbp founcll ruaolvid Mian adjeurn-
ment, thtt, a letter bt tayt to the B, p.
inrnri mint- T-rry r-.wiri .*r, :' 771 ■'
Electric Bailway Cq. iu regard to ll
iiioving of their pules nn lioutdale aye.
north of Eleventh street from thtir
present position tp tba part on the
weat tide.
At lent ion in drawn to Ilie A ucl inn
Bale of lliiiiBiihiild Furiiiliirn and effects
to ba held at tho corner of 14th atreet
tnd i.'liratiiriliilil on Wednaaday nett
the 7th Peb. commencing at 8.80 p.m
Included in the tale It an Upright
llriniil I'iuiiu by Kirlihiim. The nue
linnecr ia Mr. 'litis. Ilmvniiii of Measrs,
Palmar, Bunnotter * vou Qraoveultt,
ofpurchasing CLEARED LOTS fronting on 20th
ail 21st Streets in Blocks 9 and 9 "A"~Only two
blcks east of Lonsdale Ave.-AT FIRST COST.
Oly $600 and $650 each! And two years
in which to pay for them.
Gfand Boulevard
Bautiful Cleared View Lot (Lot 6, Block 78)
OJLY $1500 on terms.     Discount for Cash.
North Lonsdale i
Ve are the sole agents for an Estate comprising
ver 50 Urge Building Lots at FIRST COST
/laps and price lists on application.
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner ith and Lonsdale
North Vancouver, B. C.
• /
And you cerlaiily do when you buy furniture bin. Quality and variety are tbo string featuros of tbii store. Nowhere else will you tud
u exlcuiivi t wowing of really good furniture aad carpeti at inch nominal prices n wi rlnrge. Peek article ia npmuUtlvi of tbi but of Hi
kind mA our wmdcrful itiorlment iniurw our putting overy lute ind
ivory purte. (    ...
This Month
■  '    ' ■- ■
You can »ve money in
making your purchase! now
Extension Tablet, $8.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
Dining Sett ol 5 email and
I arm Irom $14.00 per
Bedstead, Spriti* and MattrMI, coapUtlUt $|.M Bfl
Dreiieri it cut prioi, $8.51, J9.M, lltl*, $IS*
ud up lo $75.00.
In 9i)> Crockery Dept. wt ara juil opening up « Urge .biproenl of Hower Pul.
aad Crocki.      "—as      All Si»i
128 li sdale Ave. North Vancouver
wwi uuin L,jruu Ttiiicy
Matter Wesley Baker bat recovered
from P "light atttck of meaalea.
WED^-On Saturday, Drd ink Mr.
Mw'i, ottot'i V\i»t Ilium. Pinmrti
arrangements art #W»W»II the arrival
pf rolativet from other cities.
A very enjoyable evening wat went
on Tburiday, )Pa||. )it, In tha SCuie-
inniit'» liull ut a dance ppt] Any under
|bo management' of the Women'a Auxiliary fo* thsfrifurpote of dtewatingibe
debt on church property. Thtrt waa a
goodly number In attendance.
On Wodneaday a largely attended
concert waa given in Knot I'rosbytcri
ati church under the autpicoa of the
Uilien' Aid. The proceedi will form
a HiiliHliiniinl addition to the funda.
Thu instrumental and vocal itomt were
capably rendered and woll received.
Mrs. Koberta opened with pianoforte
sole.   Mrs.  Uimpson  Bang  two tonga,
My Aiu Folk," beijig tympithotictl-
ly runilerud. Mr. Hutcbiion gave "An-
nie Laurie" with credit. Mr. Puriliu
rucitcd "iieciliiieil," mil made a decided hit with ."The Lion o' Kil-
brltlo." Mr. .1. Veitch waa board to
advantage in hia aong "Thora." Mr.
J. (I, Parmer'a excellent baaa voice
quite won the audience in tho aong
"Green Isle of Erin." Mr. Marr sang
"pear Love, Hood Night"; Mra. Douglas sang "Jeasiu's Dream." Mr. .1.
Veiled gave with apirit "MacGregor',
Gltheriug." The tceompaiiinicnts
were taatelfuuly played by Meadumea
Koberta and Douglas. During the in
tormals liago uf "tootheomc candy"
were dispeuacil by young lada and Ins
lies. >
i ni.vnnn wr
Jr <n fim to ButlMta.  otpital and Btttrvi Over WiMO-OOQ,
Thfee Quarters of a Century
pf sound banking mi steady progress has demonstrated the
Strength and security of the Batik of Pritj^(i flprth America,
Your savings could not be safer than with UB. Ope
Pillar is sufficient to start an account. Interest at highest
current rate is added twice a year- Money may be withdrawn
at any time.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Comer of Lonidale Ave,
and Eiplanade, Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
The funeral took place on Saturday
afternoon to the North Vancouver
eeinulory of Henry Porcy, the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. George Nicholson
of inili street.
At HI. Andrew's church on Tuesday
nett, at 8 o'clock, a choir of nliout
thirty (.'10) voices will render a pre
gram of secular music. In addition to
the choir, a number nf well known
Vancouvor vocal soloiala will lake a
prominent part. Instrumental music
will lie given by Mr. 8eotl, a locul vlo
liniet, whose abilities arc well known
Traffic Bactiptt for tht Month of Jan
nary, 1813
■Single or return ♦liltl/i.lli.
(6  for  25c)     8400.00
(110   for   ll)     080.011
(70 for H)     2160.00
Monthly Passes     151.00
Vehicle   tickets     862.75
Freight collected     184.95
Freight prepaid    27.70
'iii'li fares, rents, advertising,
etc .' a... 939.05
Tolal    18380.41!
January, 1810—14488.10.
January,  1811—$6570.65.
Madame Nordica, Bill Estate  Artist
Mine. Lilian Nordica ia jubilantly
telling her friends of her succcse as a
real estate operator iu Saskatoon,
Canada. When the singer gave a cou
cert Hi,-re she bought a plot of land
in the town at the advice of her manager, Frederic Shipmin, who is a ''nun
• imii. and a real eatatc expert. Paying
$2000 cush ou account of the purchase
price of 110,000, Mine. Nordica moved
on fqr her next concert. Three weeks
later a department store king wired
Ibe diva an offer for her land, and she
losed oul with saliafactiou— and a
profit of (10,000 on her investment
The Value of  tbi  Australian  Foreit
According to the Victorian Natural
isl, there exists near the head of the
lalrulie rivor a forest covering about
96,000 acres, the value of tbe timber in
which it ii estimated at £8,600,000. On
aeveral measured acrct Ibe number of
trees' hat boen counted; theae average
300 fl. iu height, and ti tbe low eati
male of 4,000 ft. per tree il..'y wouhl
yield 160,000 ft. of tawn timber per
acre. Aa a tample, it li stated Ihtl
one butt yioldcd sixteen logi of 6 fl.
in length, from which 9,960 pilings
wero split, theto, at Ihe rate of 18a. 6d.
per hundred, giving a valut of III I0i!
tor tbe tree. Anotber tree supplied
sullii lent timber to build i live roomed
Gold Mining In Manitoba
Deports from Minilonu, Man., where
a gold discovery wu made two weeks
ago in tho valley, are that conditions
are terrible. There it no food ind no
accomodation in the little village, 260
miles nortbweit of Winnipeg. There
is much suffering, ai hundred! ara milling in unprepared for cold weather and
local condltioni. Tralni reiemble the
dayi of Klondike. Old miners by lite
tcore pft going in, with tenti and out-
All tbt printing wt do It proof ef our
ability. Wa ipecltllie in tha littlo
thlngi which art to Important, ud
which add ticelleuce te your work.
i Our plant and itatl, combined with tbt
study wt give te tbt trado, enables
ut to give satisfaction. Wt wil) gtvt
tttlmttti, mtkt up dunimitt or tdvlae
you on any work you want dene.
Puuliihiri      pf      "Til*     Bipreu."
PrlnUn of Fine Job Work.
North Vincouvir, B. O.       FkoM 10.
• IJ
Bewor Connections
PUBWO NOTICE is nereby givan
that all ownera of real property fronting or abutting upon a streut or lane
In which or under which a main or
common newer is laid ia hereby required to connect any building qr pre-
inii.cn upon auch property with such
main br common aewer.
IVrinits may be iiiitiiiiicl from the
Plumbing Inspector at hia office nt tbe
Oity Hall between tbe boors of t p.
in. ami JO a.m. ami 1 p.m. and'U p.m.
Tbo following regolatlona govern the
conatruction of (louse or building connections witb sewers;
No house sewer pipe mall bava a
loss fall than 1 to 40, unlets ipeclal
permission ia granted in writing !iy
tbe Council. Haiil pipe* between the
iron pipe, to the connection of the
public aewer to be of tbe lies! quality
standard salt-glaned v n ■ iri.-.l clay su
wer pipe, and ahall have a diameter of
not less than 4 inches. All pipes shall
be sound aud well burned throughout
their thickness, impervious to mois-
Iiiiii, with a clear ting, smooth mul
well glazed ou interior ami exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, erucks, blisters, Ure checks or othor imperfections.
The pipes must lie ao laid in the
trench thul utter the sewer is oomplet'
., In making tbe Joints, a guskot of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, mutt flrst be .used ' and
pacliad Into place. The joints ahall
.ftarwarda bo tightly peeked full and
wr«Heil-«ff-witli-iite»t*'i - teatpaaai-at
one part by volume of approved Port-
lajiil cement to ono part by volume of
approved suiiii.
All joints ahall no made water tight,
80 that thoy will ptaut) a head of 10
feet of wator, wheu tested by the
Plumbing Inspector at tba owner's,
plumber's or contractor's eiponsu.
By order of.tbe Council:
City Olerk.    tf
Diatriot of North Vanoouver,
HBAhEli TENIIEIIH on the preaerib
ed forma and accompunled by certilieil
cheque or cash for t per cent, of tho
amount of tunder (which sum shall be
held until the satisfactory completion
of the worka according to plans and
specifications) will he received by Mr.
Juhn (I. Farmer, Municipal (,'lurk, until
6.00 p.m. on Thursday, Hlh February,
1013, for the following work:
1. Clearing, grubbing ami grading
road from Keith Head southwunls to
Mr. John Taylor's properly, l>. ',. I'M.
1. Clearing and grubbing portion uf
Marine Drive West from Capilano river
to I). Ij. 2.17, through Indian deserve.
in        I
riuuti m rr. u. oot.
4, Olearlug rlgbt nt way for aide
walke, I), h. iti.
6. Clearing mul grubbing road n 1) nuance from »g street, North lonadale,
TiTli'romnieTfpud, Lynn valley,
AH in accordance with plans and
spiieiflculiiimi to b» tieiiii at this nitici:
after 6,00 u.ni. on Monday, 30th iust.
upop payment of 11.00 which will bo
returned upon the receipt of a bona
tide tender.
Tbe lowest or any tender not miens-
sarily accepted.
J,-B, COSOBOyfi,
Diatrict  Engineer.
District Municipal Hall,
Oor. Lynn Valley and Fromme BoadB,
Nortb Vaueouver, B. O,
82nd January, 1019. 3-3-12
If you want tha best
Don't travel—Beat,
You need not roam
Just buy at borne.
200 Lonadala Ave
All kinds of freab, smoked and
saltllab.   Delivered dally.
Pboue 370.
* THE    C. P. R.
dels pretty iiuurly everything il goes after, ami if it is tint ('. P.
II. thul is applying lur power tu bridge Hie Nurlli Arip uf I urrunl
Inlet the bridge will ho built ami liie present opposition will ensure belter terms frnm the Ciiuipuny—that is ull.
un Keith Head. D. h 022 will, thcrufnre, be in direct line belween
Hie bridges end will be very valuable
50 foot Lott—$400—on Easy Terms.
NOTE—Nesl April u rapid ferry    service   will   be    established.
Come ami see Erimlule before buying elsewhere.
D, MacLURG, 340 Pender St. W^
Phone 335 Owners—Palmer, Burmeiter it von Graevtnitz, Ltd.
Commencing February 5th
The Mikado
Company in
a varied
ShawPiwp»rtioiut» Dwrwie
Compared to. Number of Fsassugers
Carrie* Ww Wara Power Deaths
Laat-Bteel Care Minimise Aocl-
denta-WWW UTytf* Hot Over-
burdened With Ollouts-Opponents of
Long Sault Dam aay Proposition Is
Mora Alive than Ever it Waa and
That Opposition to It Secedes as
Matter Becomes Mora Thoroughly
Montreal, Fob. 1.—Tt»a railways of
the country kill or injure a great many
peraoua in tlie course of a twelvemonth,
many mure in proportion than aro killed by Hi,1 railroads of European j-mni
tries. The railways lire not entirely
to blame for ull the Iragmliiia due to
their ni'.,.'in,n I'robubly the victims
in half the Instances, or more, weru
trespassers, including those who use the
trucks for pi'ilnstriau oierclse, and th,
trekking fraternity whuse members
ride nn the trucks instead of in lhe
Hut it is the I.n in.     uf the railroad
companies  lo  curry  their    ii." ,11	
patrons iu sufuty. Tu equip tlietnsel
ves for their great responsibility they
must avail themselves uf every form of
safeguarding their human freight lhat
science ami invention hnve provided.
To do less than tbat is nut keeping
faith with the public ur doing tlii'iii-
selves justice. A guod many accidents
Indicate that sume nf lliem huve fallen
lmii of Iheir full duly in this rnspuct.
Many derailments have occurred iu the
past yeur or two lu hnikcu mils, imii
culing thul the rails are mil strong
enough, to beur Hie hIruin nf the rolling
stuck thai is being made Increasingly
heavy frum year 10 yeur.
There is one advance, however, Ihul
wears a very hopeful aspect. .The steel
car has had ils lest in several collis
sinus uml it lins behaved in a very pru
lifying maimer. At leust twice within
the past year, when fast flying express
es have lieeii thrown from their tracks,
iu each Instance killing the engineer
ami ins,ii.ii ttie passengers have el
caped wilh untiling worse than au uncomfortable slinking up, uml Ihis com
parative Immunity wus due to the lad
lliul they were riding in sleel curs. The
victims of the re,'nil accident in lllfn
iiis were themselves railroad ollinuls
of high muk, bul they were riding in
a.wooden car lhat crushed iu the iiu
Act like an eggshell. The sleel hill
nan on the same train escaped wilh
light    a. 0 ,       -
NOTICE la hereby given that an application will be made under Part V.
uf the  "Water Act,  1908,"   to  obtain
u licence In the
Plylrionpf   - . DlelrlOt. '
lu) The name, address and occupation nf the applicant—Corporation of
-th» -City of -Nurth Vanuouvur.	
(If for mining purposes) Free Minor's Certificate No.	
lb) The name of the lake, stream
or source ilf .unnamed, tha iieacrlptlon
la)—nick Lake,, elevation of 1600 feel
above Howe Sounds
o)   The point Of diversion—At out
let of I.iiii
(d)   The
(a)   Th»_cKariyiiir' if. the ijropoeed
I per second)
piled for (In c"
(a)   Th» charaot-.
works—Dam 10 ae constructed across
oh the wute  eamo)-
uiitlut of lake
' It)   The picii|
ter Is to lie  ut
P|ty of Nortli Vancni ,
(a) The purpoaea for which the
wafer la to be uaed—Domestic and
Munlulpal Purpoaea.
(h)   If for Irrigation deacrlbe  the
laud  Intended  to Da "
iiTiKui'id, giving
(I) If the waler Is to lie uaed for
power or mining purposea deacrlbe the
placo where the water le tu be ruturnoil
io somu natural channel, and the difference In altitude between point,of diversion and point ot return.	
id Ai" of Crown Lund Intended to
Iiu occupied by the proposed worlisr-
160 acres.
Ik) Thin notice wua misled on Ilk
SOU) day of Jahuary, mli. and application will ho made lo tlie Commissioner on ihe ISth day or March, Hit
tl) Olyo the names ami addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensees who hr whom- lamia are likely in
lie a,,,..,, ,i hy iho propoaed works.
either above or below the outlet— Jas.
.1. Mulhall, 192 Humor Street. Vaneouver; West Shore b Northern I.und Co,
Mil.. Vancouver; Annum Nelaun, Eagli
Harbor, B. C.
iSlliniiture)    THOMAH SIIKI'HBHD,
Clly Clerk
Clly   Hall,  Noilh  Vaneouver.
Ont Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Boi Office open 10 to 12 ajn. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
E.A COU.IUmi''
Long Bault limn Not Dead
According In Mr. .1. Wesley Allison
Ibe Long Hindi dam proposition is .-nil
,'ery live proposition uml Ihere
every Indication that the hackers of
this gigantic tusk huve ut lust succeed
ed in perfecting pluns which will admit
of their ~.in-iii.i,,r, carrying on the
work, while, at Ibe same time previous
opposilioli nn certain points will be,
eliminated. Mr. Allison is somewhat
downcast over Ibis stale of uffuirs as
be lies spent the lust purt uf Ilis waking
in,ui,,'nt- for the past live yuers buck
iug tlie Long Haul! iu one way or another. Mr. Allison also feels very much
aggrieved over the attitode of certain
ciTtiiin of his allies have taken hitch
ou the subject of Ihe Long Haull. To
im,tn -Saturday Night, for instance,
whose columns a year or two ago were
filled wilh dainuatioos on lhe dam, have
nuw set forth to rectify theh errors
and have, in reeenl articles, announced
that chjse study uf the subjeel leaves
but oue opinion ami that is that tin-
dam is bound lo be built and that il
will be a good thing for Canada when
II Is built.,
Montreal opinion is mil altogether
unanimous wilh Mr. Allison. The up
poiiilmciit of the new international
waterways commission and the belief
lhal Hits body wili be called upon to
o. k. the revised plana pf lhe Long (hull
people has renewed interesl in the mat
ler here, and sbippiup men and others
are beginning to study the i|ueslion
with real rare. Bo groat is the inter
asl, In farl, thai the Canadian Club bas
invited Mr. .(spies W. Rickey, lhe chief
engineer of tho Long Haul! Develop
I I'o., lo ."Us, lo M..uti. jl aud ,uit
/mill before Ihe , lul, bis side of Ihis
much discussed question.
Lady Lswyers Unpopular
With Ihu admission of the third wo
luun to the Montreal bar this week,
Hi, eily now leads Ibe country iu num
bir of Portias following the profession
of law. Small as Ibe number of female
lawyers or lawyerewes, may seem, it
is really surprisipg Ibat, il is as large
ae It Is. Investigation shows Ibst they
Ind it ejic'inely difficult to gel start
ed, and all the way through tbeir ear
•ers have a somewhat more difficult
time of it than the male lawyers. Jusl
wby Ibis is ibe rase bas not been
very definitely determined, although a
number of,.reae»os ard suggested. The
female lawyer is still looked upon as a
novelty and as a result perhaps not as
reliable as her more Irmly entrenched
.professional brother.
The lluuuiUrlc. ani Area of Ike Mu
Commencing at a polnl In Burrurd
Inlet, dtelant 2.800 feet due en'iitb from
the south-west eorner poat of shot
HE; ilu iu . due north 2300 feet to said
south-west corner poat of suld Lot Hi;
Ihence 1810 feet, more or less, to Ilie
north-west   comer  or  Bald   Lot   365.
Illiliee   llorl llel'ly   tlllollgll   Lot   (55.   3410
feet more ur Icsb. to the aoulh-west
corner post of Lot (99. Ibence uaaterlc
along tne norlli boundury of Lot 652,
.'■■'in fuel, more or leas. In the niiiih-
eust coiner post of Lot (OS; thence northerly .,1-siii; the west boundary of lot
Oil, 1711 feet more or less lo llic northwest corner post of Lol (It; thence
... is il .,I■ -111-. the north liouiidiiry of
Lul uiis. 3640 feet more or less, to Hie
I., i ih s.is.i corner poat of Lot HO
thence eaaterly along the nortli houii-
dury of Lot i'l" 2(40 feel more or leaa.
lo ihe iu,, ih -.mi eorner post of Lot
018.   thence euaterly ulong   the   north
I I.n \  of the nnrlhiiiost portion of
Lot 616. 090 feel more or loss lo Hie
i ■■■■ it, ....i corner of.sulil poi-llim of Lm
616, 000 feet more or less to 'he north-
eust corner of auld portion, Ihence
southerly along thu cast boundary of
suld north-most portion of Lot 616.
30(9 feet more or leas, to Ihe soiilh-
wesl eorner of Lot 303(. Ihence easterly
s'ls'in lhe north boundary of the south-
must i iuu of Lol sis  1970 feel mure
or iess. to the norlli-enst corner of sulil
south-most portion of Lot (16. Ihence
southerly along Die casl boundary ul
l,ol 616. 3110 feel more or less to lhe
soiilh-euat corner poat of Lot (1(.
thence westerly ulong tho south boundury of Lol (!(. 3360 feet more or leas,
to the south-west corner post of Lot
616, thence southerly along the
wesl i ssi,uu,,i s. of Lol (63. 3(10 feel
more or less, lo tlie aoulh-weat corner
of Lot (51. thence taalerlv ulong the
south boundary of Lot 663. ((0 feet
more or less, lo the north-cast cornet
post of Lot 370. tbence southerly along
lhe eust hoonilury of Lol 373. a die-
Innee of 1939 9 feel, lo the north boundary of tbut purl of said Lot 87(. the
property of John Hendry, tbence westerly along Ilie north boundary of Ihe
properly of the said Henilry lo the east
boundary of Lot 171, thence southerly
along the suld east boundary of Lot
271 to the high water mark In Hurrard Inlet; thence In the same Una
ni.' 11 • 600 feel, ami thence westerly
In n straight line lo Ihe point of commencement, the snld tract of land com-
iii. 'in Hie following lots namely: 3(5.
371. 271. 373 except the portion thereof hs Vis, iu, lo John Hendry, the easterly porlton of Lot ((2. and Lota (17
518. (49. (60 (44. (K. (4*-and 818. and
the Mission Indian Reserve all slluat
ed lu Croup One. New Westminster
tu.Hii,i together with the foreshore
In front, on the norlb shore of Burrurd Inlet, us comprised wltbln the
said boundaries of the Clly nt Nortli
Vancouver; the suld tract of land being
shown on h map or plan of Ihe said
City of North Vancouver, deposited In
Ihe Lnnd Registry Offlce at the City of
(r) Appi oxlinul, I the number of In-
llabllunla—81s   thousand    (6.000)
Is) The place of lhe propoaad reservoir for storing -Dick Lake
ill Tbe in, mis by which II la propoaed to store tlte water—Natural sloruge
by ute nl lukc-anil dam
HI) The urea of Ihe reservoir etle
or si lea ul inch foot In depth above
I    foot   ubove   nulls!     112
(a)   'ine cioiiu^
works—Small dam at ou
(!) Th» premises on
ter Is tq be, used ideser'
of North Vancouvor.
(g %e|iuri>o»its for lull thewa-
■•■   .- \...r..l...i   Doini   and Mon!"
of Lake,    i '■ '
eh the Wa-
'he i'i" i
lei in to be U||e
olpal Purposes.
til]   If lot- In watloi
l&nd Intended to be |r
acreage   ,"• till)   If the water, la
power or mining I'Urpi
place where the water
el to some natural clt
difference 111 altitude liJuuii
diversion und point uf torn
- "own li  Int
iled, giving
lie used for
describe the
I o bo return-
i.-i. uml the
sen point of
(I)   Area pf mwp lii InUndsd do
ipled by Ihu Pro id works. ..
This notice Wasjisted on^tlie
be occo
90th day'iif'January, 10
lion will ne made to I
er on Hie llth duy of
(I) nice ilie names
of any riparian propria
whn Or whose luiifli ■
und -i Mill.'
rch. 1912.
id  iidilrosSBS
i or licensees
likely to be
affected by the proposi vorka. either
aboye   or   below   Hie   " ■    '
Mulhalh 132 Humor at
West  Shore  and Norl ...
Ltd. Vancouver, Augut lulson. Laglo
Har,,S'.T?'<.P NURTH
(Hlgniiliiri.'l   TinuMAS
O.    Addresal    Oil
llel—Jas. J.
, Vancouver,
n  I.ond  Cu.,
District of North
City  Clerk.
Hull. , North
couver, B. 0.
Applicants fm wilt
thu above ilislri.t pri
her, lllll, who havo
a supply ,uro ri"|iii.'at6
with the undersigned i
upplicatiuns mui lio I
Waterworks I'uiinnitl
Haled   Isf I'Vhruur
.ItllliN H. P
District Municipal I
Cor. l.ynn Vulley a
Norlli Vain ont
iiiiieelioiia in
o ,'llst Decern-
yet received
nlcr Ihul Iheir
d into by lhe
I' the council.
dKII. l.'.M.H.
District of Nort
TAKK NllTIi ll Ih.
the North Vilncouv
1012. coming uu for
fore the Prlvul" Bi
Victoria, un Thuridn
the Sth or lllli met..
council he held thl
the necessity I'.r tin
In attendance »t VI,
Hilled   (III   I', luu
Kromino Kouds,
i c       ua
ii the event of
'r.i.i,si, Acl.
Iileiniton lie
'illlltlllllec    lit
l-'ildiiy next,
tiding of the
ek. owing to
inelllnrs to b-
IIIN (I    ill SIKH.  I'M i'
TAKK NoTli'i: Ih
heretofore exliln.
'.I, ,m:ii.I uud I \MI<
the tlrin immi of
day been illssiived
ihul all accounts di
moat he puld i" .In
ail accounts uiwng I
paid hy lhe -aid
llulcil   ul     ■
Ihis Olh  day  '
Hie puitnershliij
etweuli   LKwIi
K HIXllN IlllileV
I1KK.   has     this
the sulil  luu
K   llixoli.  and
he suld (Inn will
s K   III ■■ i
oover,   II    C,
mry. A li.  lull.
■NWICK Is hereby given thai an application will be maiie under Pari V.
of Ilu ''Water Act. 1909." lo obi
rence In Ihe
Of Dlslrlcl,
(a) .The name, address and oc.cupa
Hon of Ihe applicant-Corporation of
' NOrth  Von. nnv
r jruoi
ei's  Certificate No.
J 9
II 4
.  1.8 4
.21 4
23 6
.14 7
.18 8
.   «!
Vaneouver.  B   ''..
Intends to appli foi
haac   tin-  roll.'Win
Coiiiinc-iiiliig ut a p
chains ensl of the
menl of T  1.  109
surveyor's  |)ost   h,
thence   norlli  i-O
10   chains,   tlnnee
thence west 40 ,-liu
meneemt-iii. em,tall
or less
i OH
lllh January. 1912
ii   King, of
iplltioll. sidnsls c.
lllllSSloll   111   pill -
■Is set llseil   lands;
, l„i.l. .1  obulll   JJ
Ot  of colllllli'licc-
and alongside u
Ing numhor 216;
Ins, Ihi'iicc eiial
uth 10 choliif
lo polnl of ciniif
320 iiclca itior,'
i< mn
nf Vancouver   B.
hcriuiiii. fiiteii'is I
bIoii to purchase tl
cd lands: Commeni
ed ut tin- wunr'a
weal cornel of pre-
north Hi chains; tl
thence sooth .0
lo water's edge,
shore line  lo noil
coiiiuinliig 32u ac
It   lllSTRH'T
lllh Junuury.. 191
t 1'eler llui I'mln
oceuiiiillon. Iiiiii-
npply for peiinls-
followlng Oeacrlli-
g ul u past pliiul-
'ge. ul lite i. in
ililtoll 2411: thence
ce west 40 chains;
tins; mole or less
nee eust following
of commencement.
i more or less
of Vancouver. B
cruiser.  Inteii'ls
•Inn lo purchuse
cd lands Common
10 chains south b
ncr of T I, 1(261.
thence notlli    < c
chuins, tlieiic,  so
eust 40 chains  t)
to point of
480 acres iu
Olh January. 1917
Total 801 4 acre feel
Storage rapacity 216900.000 gals
(v)   How It Is proposed to acquire
Ihe land necessary for thr purpose—By
Iw)   Approximately  Ihe  nurhber  of
acre feet Intended In be Impounded
8084 acre
tx)   Wl
er lhe W_.
standing   body
(»)   Whether It Is proposed lo low
il    "
 Una   body  of   wute
er the water In any natural lake or
of   us,i.r   and   If   so
II) The iii.iiriiA.i. .1 eslent of the
(I) The means proposed lo be adopted to lower and rolll]—By constructing a small tunnel.
(II* The nature In character In
detail Of the works proposed to lie
■ ..ui nu.h.i to provide for Ibe discharge and penning back of lhe wa
ler—Construction of a dam
Haswell of Vain
Hon. broker. Intt
mission lo io,. i
scribed lands
planted about'In
north-east corm
the corner smitl
ner, Ihence non
less lo corner •
east 10.chains I
thence west 10
I Heorae
oecupiilloli   Ilml
apply for permls
I following describes ul u post plant,ul
the north east cor-
tenee east 40 chains,
Ins. Ihence west 90
h  40 chuins. Ihence
e south 40 chains.
iiccmeiii   containing
i.ii Elliot Aleiander
iver. B 0. occuptt-
la lo upply for perls (lie following de-
nmencllig al  u  oust
ell.ill,I.   SOUtll    Of    Ht,'
of Lot   il.  and   at
if the uforesald cm-
(0 chuins, more or
"    I,   illiI.  Ihence
nee soulh (0 chains
ilns io polnl of commencement coiili nlng  400 acres more
Or less
OlfllOK   VERD1EH.
elliot alk;>
III) January, 191
■is; i',.0  uf at a, post pii,tii",i
Ibe uMuil, ,.;. I eorner of T  I,  No
TAKE NOTICI Ibal Alice I'earee HusW
well, nf Vancoui it. B C   married woman, Intends I" apply  for perinlsaton
to   iulu lisisie   ,|,    following   described
lands; Coi
10184. Ihence vest 80 chains, Ihence
sooth 80 chains thence east 40 chains.
Ihence norlh 40 chains, thence east It
ehiilns lo wuiii's edge, tbence north
40 chains along abore to point of commencement, containing 460 acres moro
or less ■
1011,  January,  1919
H .	
'.   ■ <k
i,.... n.n'i y (    * "''i-i ■ =
The JWT\lYST is UM $m by all nations bi tha
February l|th»tone. It is regardto as a symbol of deep,
pure love, Id is supposed to prevent intoxication. Rich in
Its color otfcep violet and purple, it demands attention and
ranks amoii the fashionable stones of the jewellery realm.
Set in a Aee of fashionably designed jewellery jt becomes
J an article ptdonwient which m»y be fittingly worn on »ny
occasion. \
In our dilay of Wiethyst jewelfery will be found a fine
selection ofhese dea purple colored stones, so eminently
| popular vvitiall loverAif beautiful jewellery.
PEND/NTS in 11 amethyst, or [earl and amethyst
settings. \
BROCXHES in maW handsomely designed mountings.
NECKLACES in ailamelhyjt settings or fine combinations. \
Wttlfly M«tr tm uur ftltSlal Vrtu
Qtllery Oonetpondent
Heniy Birk\ & Sons, Ltd.
-jbwbhbs, silvbmmW WATOHMAKUHS.
ieorge E. Trorey, Imaging Director
Hastings anl Granville Street* -   .   Vancouver, B. C.
BOXES FOR RENT.       YO\pT^CTnil^
Is Yoir Furnitur^Insured?
18 Lonsdale W.     NOTARY PUEfc     Phone 157
Sole Agen; Commercial Union Aurance Co.,
Ltd., of Lndon, Eng.   •   AweU Vj 1,000,000
tbt   electric    cof.c
Lei. ,'llllssl.
the iliac ou which ba
electric  current   «il
do yuur cooking.
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your kitchen caa-t may be lightened by the use of these in
All Ae Operated by Connection With
an   Odinary   Electric   tight   Soclftl   .
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1 It
!i Od
it n
J 8.00
9.0U      •
i'i If'
. 11*1
HI.Ki   AM
• dtuotei
"Not onBuuiliy "
Lean Morth Vtncoul
•ii"" A.M.
a 10
6 ID
12.20  PM
•olici. Oomsjiany ul I"1;
Tint lahli luhjett to (binge without
for diltyt, «, cnlciital or othirwiii.
The Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Road Wtit
Will supply you iill' "" CBU^1 -Omnlm tot my kind of Plumbing ind Hotting r*)k, ™"iu,y fnilrnatl-t, Otwei and Stptic Tank
connection., teiulif i.i-«*ll»Hon», ate. Jobbing work tnd mull contract! rectivi priupl tUtattpfc
Olva ut tbt j»l> w '" ui' J"ur m* hm' *Dli "' wi" fl"*'*"100 '•
I* all yotir jilpet in a **) "** w)" 999 imt wlnttr worrlit.
No Job too until "oat '"« tot**-        s
/   Our tirvlcat art u )•"" •I"P••*, *9tVt et ity.
I imhyjpHovv uo. oi.
 - (ion witb PbttaJ Adirnt:
Wi'vi Hvertd oir
"Tk Light prp'l'1'
Tbt "Villi ClH)"'
Tbt bill *P dlvldt North Vtnppuytr
municipality by creating tho district
»f Weit Vancouver Ir (hp wpttern portion pf ft hat nlri'iniy provokitil the
o|ipoaitli|ii pf vented interests. The
bill mt pretentod to tho Hoimo latt
week by Mr. P. h. Oartor-fiotton, member for Richmond, am) threo dayi Inter
ciiini) n petition from .tlio Vancouver
Power Company in opposition to one
nf itt clauses. Tht Power Company at-
ni'i i ■■' that In 1805 by an agreoniciiis with
the nmlllcipallty of North Vancouver
thuy woro given p franchise over itt
whole area, and that thu prevent bill
while it providea that Weit Vancouver
thall lake over othor contracti of North
Vaneouver affecting that district, ex
>opt the agrooiuont with tho Vancouver Power I'oinpauy. This, thuy soy,
it an interference with their vetted
right* nnd muit affect their burrowing
jtowori In tho money markult of the
world. i'n far 'tho petition hai only
been .received liy lhe houiu, Intt at n
later date will be coniidered liy Ihu
private hillt committee in connection
with the Nurth Vuncouver division
It'll, when that measure comes up lel'ore
it. This hearing has Ituon set for
Tuesday gPubruary 0th at 10 a.m.
Tho Vancouvor Power Company In
iti petition cites itself us a compuny
lubordiuatu to and controlled by thi'
British Columbia Electric Bailway i'o.
This latter company hus iIbu sent iu
ill protest agaiusl a proposal iu the
Vancouvur charlur amendment! tu the
effect Hut I,dun- (lie present cliurler
of the company in that cily cun be
oxteiiilcd after llllll, a by-law must lie
submitted lu lhe ratepayers ami carried by a throe fifths majnrity in fuvor
of iuch au attention. The li. C. Electric Compiiiy says that this wus never
conlomplaled iu Iheir original iffta-
ment with the city.
The past week has seen the re up
pearance of Mr. .1. W. Ilautliornlli
waile, the ttucialist lender, whu has
tic'ii uver iu Kuglund un the capital
isin missiuu of idling H. (1. lands.
His conduct since his return hus liccu
enigmatic. In the past he lins alwayi
been eager tu jump into the fray, hut
though he rcturued to Victoria ou Mnn
day lasl, for three days ufler he kicked
his heels about the lobbies and made nu
attempt lu like his wai in lhe house.
On Tuesday he louk Hie rather uuusiiul
procedure of entering for prayers, un
standing reverently with the rest while
hey were lining road. On Friday 1
liolibi'd up with quettiont concerning
i' Vincuuver lulmr troubles, uml hsd
lilt ilith the speaker un mutters of
procedure, ami afterwards oppotcd a
.mill amendment hill of the tttornoy
general's with no uppurcnl ur logicul
r. ii.-ini, oilier lliau to get the names of
the three Oppositionists recorded on
lbc sessional papers fur lhe lirst lime
this year. At it lakes .three members
lu call fur mines, Mr. Brewster und
Mr. Williams were unable lo do this
before bis appearance. Evidently Mr.
lin-vil.mi-in,',,,it. is endeavoring to
shako off the influence uf his recent
aristocratic environment ami to gel
back into lighting form again.
The house has compromised on Mr.
Ur, '.mini 'j naval resolution, awl tl,,.
week be will have the pleasure uf
moving 1 somewhat similar one drawn
by Ibe Premier, which the latter «ill
second .nnd the Socialist! will uu doulit
Or. M, ilmi.■. who bus been I,num.. 1
ing Hen;, for in investigation of tlte
price of coil ind ils causes fur sever
■I s,.■••niiis put ,-' nr.'sl a signal victory
when the Premier announced Ihut Ihey
would aak the Dominion government
nee moro to appoint a commission
investigation, aud if the requeit
refuted then the provincial gov
in-ill would establish one. Frum
it would appear that from une
ico or tho other, the coal barons
Lu another year will be m.li-,1 tu
i\m tba discrepancy belween llic
of rial at Ibe pit head ou Van
Island and thai charged to the
d householder when il is duni|
il basement. Dr. Mcliuire bus
iiteally at Ihii quctttoil >es
scsisun, tud it is pleasing lu
constant dripping bus worn
slimy will of oppoiiliou
bo pait week the wheels of
ive machinery have turned
The time of the Minuter.
cn occupied with numcroui
nd conference!, and con.e
fl ol the Imu" have been
Ki,rests All is still at
with the debate omin
day last it came in for
daroui criticism frum
0 made the belt use
material, but other
,h Milling. Mince Mr.
however, adjourned
■. it it likely to be
d deal of sarcasm
,m. n 1.use when the
houw   lt*el
influential lu;
haunt the ro.\'tll,;<""J»uoHta
tel:andlb.l>c/7M» <".
tho Houie, ahd
1 my
M* Ua.
Uorth Vincouvir
Port 0«ca,
but i
SUIU,'    III!
Mr. Hnil
of rathcrl
win it h»
the debate 1
treated wit J
and tome
FIPT—    mm-
»» ...„.„. .ohio u, moir suggestions win
ruiult |d tome changes iu tht bill when
it euinui to be coniidtroil l|) coinmittoo
tt the whole.
It docs not now item likely that
iimt will bp toy radltttlbottoirntmiiitr
in th* province tbit itition.  Ho far
tbp official report frpm Ottawa giving
tbt population pt Oft present, provincial ridings hat not been received, and
at It will bt impotlibU to mtko a redistribution till tbit It at hand, it it not
likely that the government will undertake to big a task late In the session.
In tho meantime people aro buty with
suggestions. A ftw diya tgo Mr. B.
O. Hodgipn of South Vancouver and
Mr. Churchill of Point Qrey woro down
to interview the Promioj with a sug
goation that tho constituency of Richmond, containing the largest' population of any aingle conttituoncy |n tbe
province ibould bu divldod bofore another election takes place, Juat whut
geographical limiti they propusod has
not been made known, but in any
event the matter ia not likely to bo
dealt with tbii session.
nay, trip, m, >t 01 "P )»W» 'Plfowt
that' it nil) hu brought in on thnt date,
u tboto matteri v» nttoo |Wtp/>N
ffPff iw to All to mit, thp 'fPDypiii.-
om ot th« How, ft ts by on mo*
tho diroctipp pf pert!)s<!Jng tot public
that If a payment is mado fqr teaching
the iuetructiou ihould at least be worth
tba momy pa|d fqr It.
.......   .,„-,„».   Bf. Qpipiiifs fRtde tb° Interesting
tiailMy that ♦ba-ffwwww^1^^r{tt)>tffnti't tt1** 'iM rAAmt rpcclipo^ pt
««ll...     —1,1      L.      ., Li      ,_      L-»-^-      ..'-I . ...
policy Till bt brought in before the
biidgut |0 Ihul It mty bt iliapused uf
bflfpro tbo ilphsto pn tho hpAmf gp
Thp municipal cuiumiltco rit still
awaiting a visit from the ilo|AHatiuu
uppniiited by the Union of British llpl-
umbiu Municipalities. Mr. 11. II. Wat
sun, thu chairman of tho committee,
has announced that it ii nut their intention to receive delegations after
Friday, Feb, Otli, so it is tu he huped
that tho Union will make its wishes
known tu them thin week.
Wbilo tho time for bringing down
lbc budget bai been formally Used by
Finance   Minister   Ellison   for   Thurs-
Profound Oloom of tba Profettor
Tbo twonty-teventb minimi conforenop
pt tho Incorporated Society qf Muai-
ciant wat bold at Idanduilno, Wales, recently, and it became apparent that
tbo koynoto of tht preient position of
the musical profession il one of profound gloom. Tbit it tald to be duo
to tho method's employed in granting
professional diplomae, tbo fow bittern
placed afler tbe name, and granted
by some Institution in return for a foe,
boing coniidered qf no real value ui
evidence of tbo lit mm! of tbo teacher
for hia calling.
Unfortunately, tboie diplumat are
frequently ipiito sufficient for tbe or
iluiniv parent, who ii further enticed
by tho charges for leiaont, which iu
many inilances aro 10 trilling ai to
mako the musical education uf a child
a matter of -..mull cuniideration.
Tho remedy suggditod is that the
profession itself should educate the
pnbiiii to di.'.i liiniiii'ie between tho
goud ami the bud, and it ia thought
that much could  bu accomplished  in
music with words wst a tong composed
in tbs 12th century and entitled "Summer it icumou in" (Summer is Coming in). Tbo manuscript Is now in tho
Bfjtith njuieuiq. It wat Celtic in ori-
The following It tbo tcbodule of
datna fqr full fuirs ou tbo lower mainland cireiiiin, tp bp bald under the aus-
l'i'"n of fho department of tgriculturo
at arranged at tbo recent convent ion of
the Britilb 1 liibimbiii Full Kiiiu A...„s, iu
Kent  ...0opt 121,1
Chilliwack    Sopt, 11)21
Coqiiitlain   Sept. 21
Million  J4ejC"2!l-25
Maple Bitlgo   Sept. 25211
Mulnipii      Sept. 'It'll
Vuncouvor       Aug.  10-17
Nortn Viucouver   Sept, 7
Coutral Park   Sept. 18-13
Dolta   Sept. 21 22
Surrey    Sept. 24
Laugloy      Sept. 85
Bichinund   Sept. an H6
Burquitlam  Sept. 20
Now Wuatminster Oct. 1-5
11    11
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 each, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
 ■■■■ l  I. I  i   1 1     IIIUI.  1    nil I
Contrary to Uie usual practice lhe Assessment Notices for
1912 have heen tent lo the registered owners of properly
according to the Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers h^ve heen in tlte habit of
notifying the city authorities that the property had changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
Thit (uiiii of registration of owners has heretofore heen deemed
sufficient for city purposes, bul owing lo a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly
which it has suld and which has since changed hands two or three
. *- ,   ...      .., .1 ■  ...... _
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it lhat they should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them to that they may be
come aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxes at they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6266
to'wraetlt from htm, n       ] tbo nettle for me to elt beelde her, I
It In pretty oartaln, too, that the old *'d eo, awkwardly enough. There waa
gentleman hastily put down the Iron M1 On illghteet traoo of opqueti? In
Ifadlastlflfe beloro ho graatHHUha-ba* \Mr .itnndimt, aha wis entirely frag-frnm
^^—^-"^^-^^-^—«"     ..       ^ j^ IndlOatlOP Of a«0Ctat|0ll, Mid
1 oould not do otharwisa than meat bar
In tho same spirit, although I appro-
bendod same difficult momenta before
our colloquy should be finished. Her
errand must Indeed lm urgent that alia
should alone brave tbia house of death,
After a pilniile of hesitation on bar
part, during which she eat wltb downcast eyes while I took a huso advantage of tbe opportunity to drink In bar
loveliness, she abruptly faoed na.
Her oounhuiauco ralleotad an expraa-
slim of determination, tempered by the
wlstfulneas of uncertainty and doubt.
"Mr. Bwlft," she began, in a straightforward manner, "It waa simply lm-
pnasllilo for ma not to have sought
you out—If not here, then at the pollen
Biiiilnii, or wherever It Is you make
your headquarters,"
I remarked that a message would
have brought me speedily to her.
"Oh, nol" In quick protestation.
"Tbere Is no place where wa could
have been private—to-day, And,, besides, I wouldn't have put you to so
muoh trouble."
"TroubleI" I Interrupted. "I would
have been only too glad."
Bhe smiled at my warmth, proceeding:
Anyhow, I suoceeded In Undlng you
—on tbe floor, somewhere near tba
western angle of the bnluetrade-and
In tba end, as the combat In ono of Ita
uncertain revo|ut|ops gwoepi paui It,
tbe tblef /rocs himself with a deeper-
ate effort, anatohea tt from the floor,
and beponws an assaaaln In aotu.
Tba dull Impact ot thu blqw, as lha
eoene la bllndedfby sudden darkness;
tba crkeb of tba body against the railing; tbe dominant Jar wben the body
atrlkee upon the landing below—and
the dark deed le accomplished.
Wbat nest followaf
Panic on the part of tbe murderer,
we may be sure, aa be stands one
second In a atupor of horror at what
he haa done; tben be muat bava
It la at this iuiiiiiiire tbat Alexander
llurke steps Into 1)10 hall, and beholds
nothing In iho'light of bis own oaudle.
It Is at thin point Uiat Royal Maillot
springs from his bod, collides wltb tba
open ward-mho door, and straightway
forgets tba tumult In hia own physical
Buffering, until DurU raps upon his
door, And It Is at tbli point tbat,
iiiiIohu there waa some third person
In tha bouse, eltber one or tbe other
oi tlieae two young men haa dellbor
ately lied. In turning them both loose
I trusted to convict the guilty man
by his own conduct.   It will develop 'alone; now tall me-truly-am I both-
how far my course was Justified.        .erlng youf"
Tbe mute but vivid tesUmony would l   "Truly, you are not bothering ma In
aeem to lead, step by step and wltb ;the least.   1 can fanny nothing nicer
than alttlng Juat Ilka this and talking
—with you.  It's ao—ao—"
"Bactly. But tbat'a a woman's
word; 1 never would bave thought of
The handsome eyes flashed a look at
me which made me hastily revise my
opinion that she waa entirely free from
any trace of coquetry.
"I didn't come hero to listen to nice
things," she said, smiling Into my
eyes; "I'm awfully serious."
And In very truth, aba straightway
grew grave. Bhe drew a long breath,
and sat auddenly moro upright, quae-
Honing ma r.l'h a look. Bucb Ana,
honest eyes I
Her tint s>poken Interrogation wu
direct onough, In all conscience;
while I wu impeding some such Inquisition, I wu by no means prepared
with an Immediate answer.
"I want lo know, Hr. Bwlft,—!■ It
going lo appear that Royal Maillot
murdered hie unclet"
Bhe spoke very quietly, bul, too, very
aarneatly. Murder Is an ugly word;
I marvelled that she did not shrink
from H.
"Why ara you ao aniloua to know,
Miss Cooper?" I Umporlsad—"out of
friendship for Mr. Maillot?"
"No," frankly meeting my Intent
look, "though lhat would be a sufficient
reaeon." Sba paused a moment, bit-
lug her under lip In Iba Intensity of
her musing.   Then,—
"Mr. Swift, I'm going to ba .perfectly
candid wilb you; I'm going to lay bane
my mind and my feelings. I pray
that you will do the samo by me. Am
I presuming loo much?"
I*y ban my feelings great hea
venal Bba would bava thought me
crasy. In a sense, Torquemada him-
aell could scarcely bave made me
more uncomfortable; but I would nol
have had that delightful teta-a-lele
broken In upon for anything In the
"I reallied Ibis morning," she pn,
landed, afler I had clumsily begged
her to, "Dial Royal Is In a desperate
plight, though why or how be came to
be I can't understand.
"I iis|ill/i il. too, that Ihe story he
told will appear Incredible—even ridiculous—to anybody who does hot
know him. 1 do know bim"—1 could
well believe Ihall—"and for lhal reason, uolhlng short of an admission of
ruin from bun would cause me lo con
elder him u a participant -In any
rapacity, Mr. Bwlft in last night's
"Your loyally does you credit." I
murmured, lor lack of anything better
to say.
"ImyallyV sho nied, with emotion
"(Ih, Mr. Bwlltl That's no' His wurdl
It's not loyally thai moves me to speak
Irri'uiBilbli, Ingle, atralght to the private secretary--had It not been for
two circumstances which placed him
once for all beyond ilm possibility ot
huviiiK been lhe peroon who struck
the blow.
First, he would have been u a babe
fn Felli Rage's powerful grasp; there
would have been no stniggle at all.
Second, tbo fellow wu uu arrant
coward, und he would never havu uttered the least resialance unless convinced that hp was In linmluenl peril
pf his life—which was Improbable.
Tbe rear stairway wae associated
with the thought of Dtirko's cowardlca,
for he had chosen lhat way to acconv
pany Htodgur: whose shoe-sola bad
left ihu flattened fragment of paraffin
For somo limo I had been alone iu
Uie house- save, of course, for the still,
eheeit-d form The piano wu u silent
u any tomb. Tben of a sudden a
sound i-i .tut,' upon my car tbat brought
me In a ftaali to attention.
Tbore Ib a curtain fucinatlon ubniii
a dour slowly opening In a house
whicii you suppose to be empty. Un<
HI yuu have lound out the cause you
nm i ilu It to anything from gliosis to
llengal tigers, and even then may be
Bure of a surprise. The Invisible
agency may turn out to he ouly tbe
wind or a wandering cat. But II makes
no difference what starts the door to
i- win ring open; the bald fact of Its
doing so when by all known laws It
should remain firmly shut, Is per sa
pototit enough, or hypnotic enough,—
or whatever Influence 11 Is that eierta,
—to tout you at once lo tbe spot until
tlte Unseen declares Itself. In truth,
an opening door Is pregnant with such
Inllnlii' pnsalflllltli'B.
It wu with some such sorl of suspended animation Ibat I stared down
over the baluatrade and walled, my
look glued upon tha front door. It
swung Inward with a siowuesa Inei-
presslbly aggravating. And then I ra
colled with a little cry,
Miss Oenevieve Cooper waa standing In the lower hall, pale and troubling, and darling quick nervous
glanues In every direction.
A fact
' At my liivoluutary eipresslon of
amusement, Mlaa Cooper looked up,
ami our eyes met. Her charming face
Immediately broke Into a smile; her
fears seemed to fall away frnm her
Ills- the dissolving of a sun smitten
'Mr. Hwllll" she esclalmed under
ber breath. Her voice expressed roller. And, loo, she spoke aa If thera
ml hi bo nl bora In' the house whom
hoi errand did not In Ibe least concern.
"I'm an glad! I wu uli uid I shoulil
nut Ilml you here."
'lhe Idea of hur wanting lo dud me
for any reason was distinctly pleulng.
I'm afraid I appeared for Ibe moment
a trifle (nullah; I wu tongue-lied, at
any rate.
"May I come up?" aba went on
brightly.   "Or will you come down?"
She was so pretty standing Ihere
ahd looking up al me, so everything
tbat a dainty, reltnid little lady should
be, tbat I could have remained Indefl-
nli, I) watching her,
Hut I'm so glad to say tbat I did
nol. I found my tongue by and by,
and vnii i ,i some Inane remark lo tba
affect lhal she might mosl usuradly
"coma'up," If she bad Uie leut Inclination to do ao, but, on ibe other band,
tbat I wu more Uian wlillng to "•■mnn
down." Which I did, whan she made
known her choice by sitting down In
lin b»-ii|«- Stodger aud 1 had occupied
aome hours earlier,
Hut I moved down Uie steps deep In
meditation. Oreat u had bean my
surprise whan ibe opening front door
disclosed Miss Cooper, I wu not long
In surmising wby aba bad come, and!
WU mora than a trifle reluctant to dis
anas tba brutal details of tho tragedy
wilh a lady ao obviously geulle and rained. The subject wu ao utterly for
Mgn to anything wltbln bar exponent*
that. I (alt she could barken to and review tba different upecia of tha crime
only With shuddering aversion. But,
fafu mt, bow Incapable Is any man of
estimating a woman's fortitude!
While I descended to Inr, aba <on
d to talk Hie merest bit lurried,
perhaps, but with a direct, fearless
glance which tha duilaat comprehension muat haVe understood.
"1 suppose I should bava rapped,"
aba lm saying; "tent who wu here
to open Uie door? Poor Mr. Pagol
Poor maul  How tserrim jt Isl"
Bhe wu a little awed, and aeemed
glad whan at laat i etoed amfr/snUng
Ai It It wara the miMltmWIW
Tltoao wbo have note bonks In wbleh
to jot down onmlng events worthy of
runioniliranen should not fail to sitrlll-
| blt>*n)TpoBito Wedbtmdsjv Feb, Mill,
words "«■ of I'. Houial Club's Masquerade Ball." Jf there Is any doubt
as to the spelling of " masquerade"
one need only buy a ticket for enlight.-
iiiiifiiuit and these are easily obtainable.
The event promises to be a hugo atic-
cbbs uiul there Is absolutely no sloiihl
about the attendance whatsoever.
Tlie Court of lloviaion qf thu district assessment roll, 1018, sat at llm
municipal hull on Hutunlity, tbefe heinn
present Acliitg Uncut llii,liiniiiii, Councillors Lawson, Nelson, I.oulcl ami
Wn.'dover, uml the iii>»i"t ussessiir, Mr.
Hubert Chance. In the maj>.,!ty of tho
forty appeals Ur. Chance'i assessment
waa aiistaiiiinl, In a great malty rasna
the llll J assessment bail been applied
lu imt ami agaliiBt this thero wero n
iiumliur of appeals, all of which, however, suffurud defeat. Mr. J, V. Full
protested ngajnal the amount of aero-
ago levied against him in I). U 3IH
uud "hii. According to a plan recorded iu the registry ollim in IIIIIII, 7 acres
in each of lliuae two auhilivialoiis were
sul aaiilu aa roasla. Since lhal dale,
the error in asaos'imipit hail not huen
delected until Hatunlay afternonii,
when Mr. Full personally pointed it
out. Allowance for this was ordered
by Ihu courl. In II. I,. 2114 a general
reduction of 6 per cent, wus ordered.
A fow minor appeals were allowed iu
I,van Valley while in wards I ami 11
Iho assassin, i.i ahuwed u considerable
nn rs'i	
^       WW worm m
In Itoyal's In hall although I would
niiiih for Iiiui In any cue. Ilu
Bhe was slopped by a sudden arret-
slon of reeling, and I tried lo lojecl
Into my dcemanor the encouragement
ehe quite plainly needed.
"Ilafora yon go on," I quietly observed, "I will say that Mr. Maillot
Impressed mc very favorably."
'.'Yes," quickly; "I also perceived
(bal. It wu (hat clrrumelante which
dually overcame my reluctance lo Intrude upon you. You were greatly
pussled, though, baffled, by bla aura-
ordinary story "
"Not ligltlid, I trust," I sajd.
"Well, no; perhapa not baffled, Hut
the ettravagaut recllaJ thai fell from
his lips must bave seemed lo you fan-
lutlcally Improbable.
"It la sblefly for Hells FlueiU's sake,
however," sbe pursued, "tbat I want lo
I, am nli, everything about Ibis
dreadful affair- all Ibe little details.
I want to enlist your sympathies (or
lloyal;  not against bim."
It wu a relief when sbe grouped
ber daslra for Information Into tbis
vague genarallialliin; 1 could sea my
way aa long u aba wu not ion
specllc. But eome further Intimate
knowledge respecting this pretty
young lady wu Imminently In store
tor oa.
"Mfse Cooper," aald I, "I am against
no nan—eaoept the guilty one; and
even he, in a meaaure', bu my sym
"Tben"—ate wu suddenly breath
Is'bb "In your esUnieilou, Koyal la not
the  ike-oaf. Uu guilty-"
Mr amlto checked bar. Alu, I mu
not to aaaape.
"You read a meaning Into my speech
that «aa not In my mind," I said— and
Immediately regretted IL Her twin
teneaoe at owe reflected loan ion
"Pleaaa, pleaae, Mr. Swift, don't be
Inscrutable with me," ahe pleaded.
I torillkd at tha wleilul light lo
fctf tWaw""* htm eyw, mi I looked
to the world to lo, sto imntWmpg lon&gli at iba wavjr brown (mm
11. i.'is In   from thu old lum! n nlly
.inus,uu-,.1 that Ihu Hrilish Investors
proposu to semi their own represents
lives to investigatu the merits ur un-
derlukinga fur lhe prniiiuliun of which
tbey are asked to pill up money. We
are dispuseil tu approve of this very
iuuell, but wuulil warn Ihi' Investors to
lm .milium, what kind of men ttfoy
semi to investigsle. Honesty of pur
pose is mil a siithcieul Qualification.
They must be able lo determine not
only the apparent merits nf Hie parti
Hilar proposition under considers!inn,
bill lo jiulgc the men with whom tbey
are dealing. The investigator must
huve a general knowledge of this country and of Hie particular class of enterprise being promoted, ulau lis- is jusl
as liable lu turn slown a good thing und
rcs'ijinmciul a puur one us nnt. There
are plenty of louiul ami profitable in
vestments lu be made whu h wili slaml
Investigation, ami thu Canadian public
waul ih,in looked into, boi Ihere are
others where lhe promoters' skill is
most manifest in making a pood im
pression on the investigator and keep
iug   him   from   finding   out   the   t^i-ry
thing whioh he ought to know.
. T^TIia. Fruit   Magaslue,   Boientiflc
Farmer and Canadian Magaslue,
Bin Is the Press Q|»b of Chicago a
reliable concern' 'The t|»y , hefpre
Christinas I sent over four pairs nf
pants,to bs pressed, and [ don't mm
to be able to get them hack. AH )
cgp get out of these people Is, ''Bend
over the coats and vests to match
I am a stranger in towih awl WquM
appreciate yom,»dv|ep,—Jnlgipl Printer.
, B. 0, QA8BTTS
Ilia Honor thu Ueutenant-Qovoruor in
Council has lieitit pleated tp mnl.c the
Hilhn in." appointments:
Cliarles Leonard Flick of bower Niiu
"lu ,iti thu enmity of Vale,, to be a
justice of the peace.
Plorro P. Casgraino, H.A., W,,M„ of
Montreal, John 11. McDonald of Dub
lin, Ireland, ami Wm. I'l. Fair, of l,oeda,
I m::lliu.|   to III! . mil lioimn, for Inking
iiili.Iiii ii:s for use in the courts of Hut
lab ' ui,,iui,11'
The following havu Itunii uppniiitoil
to lie nu mi,., uf the Hoard of liirons-
ing Commissioners;
Aid, Alexander, I). M, Kun/.ii' and W.
0, ilower, for the city of I'hoenii, Aid.
John A. Ami,'nun and I'uter .Swim for
Ihe cily of Hlncaii; Aid. W. Iluymer ami
Edwin Wuddoll, for tho city of Kel-
iiwmij and Aid. Iv II. Barnes and B.
Teeco for the eity of Underby.
The following uru appniutoil as mem
burs of tho board of eommisaioncrs of
For I'hoenii and Blorau, the afore-
inuiilinni',1 licensing commisBionera; for
Kelownu, Aid. It* A. Copelami and
llunrgit llowcliffe, and fur Underby,
Aid. II. K Hln iu lun .I and II. li Uibb.
Idealises have been Issued to the fol
lowing extril provincial  companies:
i iiiunliiiii Jewellers Limited, Graham
Island (II. C.) Coal k Timber Syndicate Ltd., Ideal Fence Company Mil.,
Miftopolituu Importing utrt' Manufacturing Co. I.ld., Fellen li (luilleattmo
i iiilu.il, Ai'lii'iillcsellselial'l and Mul
ler Si Hoaa Coinpniiy nf Washington.
Certificates of Incorporation have
been granted to lhe following!
H. C. Btone .' Content Products •'.•>.
Ltd., Hrouksiile Milling Company Ltd.,
II. H. Wniiiey k Company, Ltd., Hills
liar (luld Dredging Company Ltd.
tinin personal liability, International
Brotherhood of Owls, Main Street (lore
Ltd., Nanoose Water Co. Ltd., Nicltnl
sou, Ltd., Pacific Coasl Oil anil Fur
llllner Co. Llii., Prairie Laml Cimipuny,
Ltd., Haa it i ch f nl, i Und Co. Ltd., Silver I iuu.I Milling Co. Ltd., Stickuey
Furniture LCI., Western Plumbing A
Supply Company Lid.
FOB BENT One suite, furnished,
slso one uufuriilshsd. Latest Improve
incuts, wltb beat and telsphous.    t.f.
In view of the advent of the C. P. II. lota in ;'ol are becoming
more .nil:. ..li lo hoy overy dfly. Prises should double in value here
within thu nett few mouths.   Sbo what  we have left  without   delay.
We bavs also apeclal values In Second, Third and Fourth Streets.
ions 263 P. 0. Boa 23'
Agents (or London Assurance Co.
1 ——<mmamm—
We have a good selection of Houses (or Sale or Rent
in this Territor;
Bach of these lines fe conceded to
be tba standard ef til country. Our
stock Is all bought frit representative
linns. Rome of tljs lines ws are
compsllsd to uk a Rtle mere for be
cams It costs mone/.o manufacture a
high grade article.
Wholesale an Retail Hardware
NOBTH VAM iiliviili
Bl.    Audrey's    I'rt.ln Irrl.,
Keith Itoad—Services:   Mori
evening, 7.10.   Adult Bible f
Sunday School, i 30.    I'.P.H
day, at I p. m.   Prayer Mei
n, nihil,    nl     8    p.    Ill        Cil
Fi iilii), at I p.m.   Itev Ro:
H.ihuJI.i Church   nor
jl. ih as,,.,,..   Sunday Uervi
und 7.30 li in    Sunday He
''I.um   8.10 p in    Senior
duy, 8 p.m.   Prayer and
Wednesday, 8  p.m.
Tliursduy  afternoon
Vi. C. . ■ i.ins I., s
f Ith and
11.00 am.
and ltlhle
age, Mpn-
ss Service
si.   Aauts   Church
uiul  ess,|. s.as.1      Mor
eveiilng ul 7.30 ii.m
llisi Sunday in ine
uml ihh,i Sundays
School  ul   3 00  pn
Howe. Vicar.
Salvallo*   Amy.
mm.I,ii   sel vices,   1'
115   Ii.m.     Tins,III
8 |i.m.   Children's
I p.m.
n.utt.i   r
Qeorge.    Servlcei
Sunday Be
Corner   llth
al 11 am.,
8 a.m.; Drsl
a.m.; Sunduy
v   Thomas  li
llco,   h'rlduy, 8  p.l:
UA.  pastor.
Methodist churel
Sunday evening lis
7 o'clock.
I'.ol,, I. il.ni it,,|
days, If a.m      i
3.10 |i in.   Prayer
pm    Teachers' Til
7 :,,i i. in   II Van :f
K. Van Miinsiui,
Survlcss evsry
the nsw ahuroh, at
eh—Worship. Bun-
n Hiimliiy School,
cling, Tuesday I
ulng Class Friday
itBler, MA. pastor.
SI. I Icon ul'., I ^flleiiul-llulv com
ins,1.1..1, 1st Sundii
evening prayer, e
m; choir practli
pm.   Rev.   'i Unu
In month, 11 im;
1  Sonday. 7.00 ji.
W'eillieSilny,     8.00
liruco. Vicar.
I.    Sls'l
m, I
p.m. and
p.m.: Thursday.
2 30 um. Pray
Wednesday at 8
I  Prusser, llthi
SI. lull tki
Holy    C.umm
I'i .line, ll 11
|l 111     i ni  ths
there will hi
the Holy I'm
Itev   lluuh I
SI. Kdaiua
Avenue    8
day School
Hon and
ludlau r
Muss,  7 :i
E. Peylav.
wslfth   and   Hi
11 sin   and 7 80
nd lllhl.. Class at
I  praise  service
rMtor, Rev. A
St. Oeorge.
aellat, lib and ISth
I a.m      Morning
veiling Praysr, 7 Hi
outlay tn Ihe month
euml celebration of
Ion at II » iu Rector,
SI.    II,
escnpl I
llrsl So
T. K
• Pn
in.   a
HI hie
• Ihollc Church, Mahon
—Mass, 8 a.m.   Sun-
in    Rosary Benedlc-
7 10 ii in
c Church ol II. Caul's.
Sundays    Pastor, Rev
, -8 a.m. evsry Bunday
inlay In month. 8 80 a in
i month II am, Melius,
unon. second snd fourth
y Cominuntun and sermon,
rd Sundays    Vicar, Rev
,laa Church—Sundays, 11 a.
0 |, in Sunday School and
8.10 n m Teachers' Train-
Wednesday   7 .'in      Prayer
W'ednesslay 8 pm. liir.-i
pm    t'holr prac-
and Upright Gran Piano In Bosawood
Nsit WBDNBSD Y tha 7th. at 230
p.m. cornsr of 1 b Streot and Chas
lerheld (take Loijdale Ave. car)
Paviired   wilh
sell at the abovi
I'priglll    liriiii
ll)'     iMll.hlilu,    Hi
In  dak,   Dining
ami   liui'kcrs,  ll!
Carpels, llrtiss uul
Dressers and Sta|
'sinllli' Holm    WO    Will
Piano   in   roaewood
ng Kiteiisioii Table
'hairs,  Kasy   Chairs
I.   11-   ami   Tapestry
I run Hints ciimplole,
Is, Secretaire, H^,l,
Screen, (luk Ils
Child's liiiggy, I
Kitchen I taoilli
This is a nice
and is lo he auhl
ers must  ruinov
shelves,   lied   Loiige,  Music   Cahfiel,
sday  7.10
Slaml,   Usui   Linen,
tiler Tables, Mirror,
Crockeryware, ate.
lean lot of furniture
|,,iihmii reserve, llm
gnoils same day.
AucUou^r sud Appraiser,
Si v. (Irauvenits I.td.
Palmer, llurmesiij
Have Yo
It's Your Opportunity!     Filled by the
to get good, reliable .Foq^ear
at wonderfully low
The STORE with the RESIGNS
Mount Cnws Hoek    lit U, taMlft. Ctty Hd
Nortli Shore Drag Co.
P. 8. THOMAS, 'fat, 8.
Druggiil, 116 Eiplsasde Wot


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