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The Express 1911-05-02

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t txptm
JJpBTfl VAWHVMB, frP-. TuppAV, MAV 2, \9U
■I I,,,'..11'.uul
Number 16
White City Comes Back
Mr. E. S. Millicun, who wue tt**;.oi-
alol with Medina, lfoinpliill Bro|. ua
(heir manager -in tho White t'ny
echemo which wm n cully belore
North Vancouver oituens, hat >ov,.r.d
hit connection with Hie, previous
ni heme and ia now working ||[t u the
formation ol u local coiiipuiiy to et-
lalilii,li a While City locally oil , modified plan. The present propulit on
contemplate! using ilijl portion pf
Lonadale 'iardina betwton tin E-
( phiimde and lho waterfront , i .1 Ihi
1M11...11111 linn ol a capuchins whul l..r
the accommodatiiin ol sumo ql the
fculuree 61 tho institution. Py thia
meant the main feature ol the
"i In -nn- ae originally ou 11 in ij can ho
retained and olhcra can he hvorpor-
otud on a Seduced scale to thit Iho
plan will be retained iutuel in |L modified   form.    Mr.   Milliuui   in   ma.tin{
Wilb   gOod'l'llli'l.l   III   ll   • .di   lid
to u.i.irosl local Im in .. men in ih
fm uml inn ol a local enmpuny n Ini I.I
and oporute the Im-in ss i.nhrhii
management. AhsIhI;iii ■.' call bo secured Irom "iii.'i.l.' a II lOjUirud
but Mr. Mjllicun prefers if possible lo
place the entire proposition unilor local ownerahip. Plane hove l.eo.i pre-
pared und tho Work of organ'mi n in
now well under way.
BIES LJMHT-.T)   ol   Cath   Heceipls fur llie
Month oi April, lull.
I'a ■. 1" .i  Ticket  Salce—
Single Farei > 3516.00
6 for 26c   WiO.OO
30 lur cl   SJO.I'O
70 lor *2   2.i2lhlW
Mofflbly Tiokoti   132.00
Vehicle Ticket Sulci   1116.70
Froigbl— ,  •
Collected       326.111
Ui'iilii, call) i.i.-  . wis. etc. ...    841.11)
TiAal     812785.85
April 10104 li71 _' nil.
July lliln  Sln.'iM.n
April   IDII. recoiil receipts lur one
Certified Correct,
H. IS, KEMP, Sec.-Treus.
Lyon Valley Notes
Mra. .lua. und I'm. i Cooper were
"ii a Weit to the Vulley.
Mri. Warren Archiliuld hui moved to
her new homo, Doran Boad.
Mr. J. Koberl has Ihe contract to
build Mr. Mart let I'« houie, Doran ltd.
Mra. Mcl'uriby, l.udmr, in lloppinj
Willi her mother, Mih. Iliibt. Brown.
Fromnie'e mill bun been crippled fur u Week due In n brnkon crank
Mi*. II. Mct'ormick und wife, Fair-
vie*, were viiiling In nda iu lie V, I-
Icy Sunday.
Two now faunae, uie ihnrlly lo be
creeled al Ihe corner ol Mill and I nine roadi.
Mr. and Mrs. Teelunder, Vancouver,
were Ihe guests of Mr. and Mn. Pin i
In-i Sunday nfleruoon.
The I .adieu' Aid ol Iho Methodist
church mot at the home ol Mi II.
Douglaa Tuoaday afternoon.
The can were woll filled all duy pn
Sunday and a very pretty piclurc pre
tented it*'lf lo aeo groups ol purlieu
ilalionod at different parti of the
canyon at the end ol Ihe car line.
A large bush fire hui boon raging ail
Sunday near Fromme'a mill, tilling tho
Valley with thick smoke. No damage
ia expected nut aide ol some timber
llnil will be budly disfigured.
At  thc    'i'i ,ii. i I...   -.1   in,   Iin      ..'
the Methodiit churdi Mr. li. W. Suu-
den waa elected aa rcprcsculutivc to
conference lo be held iu Trinity
church, Vancouver, Friday afternoon
Sidewtlkt are very elow to ma'o
their appearance and eummer w.ll b
..ui il the contractor does not buny
up. Centre Boad necdl a walk badly.
The rood it iu t vory dully state and
traffic ii btnvy.
Mr. Ctanmer of the Creamer Trona-
for Company hai purchottd e magoi-
liwitl pair of burton which ho propoa-
c* Io use in connection with tho lorgo
moving he will procure eliorlly. The
team'are pure bred Clydotdulo geld-
ingt wtighing 3,840 poundi, ore por-
lecily matched, and have taken firit
pruet iu their dati at hone ihowi iu
Brandon, Man., and Hamilton, Out.
They are certainly Ihe Anoit animal*
of their kind that have over been
brought to tho North Shore. Mr.
Creamer propotot exhibiting /lw '|e»m
al the hone *^ow hare qn lho tyb of
Tho now Cupiluiio exteniion pi thi
11. C. Eleotrjo By. wae firit roquii-
itiunod on Sunday whop reoord orowdl
woro curried over tbo cuiiipany'u lines.
Tho new line diverts train the main
Capilano road on Keith road qppolite
tho achool housd. Although tho line
ia nli|:liily over three miles in length
Irom lorry landing uud extends en
iiiilernbly without the city limit' it
is nn.In i.i."i.i that only oni lerowil
be charged. Tbii oxleniion wue built
e.\|ii■eiiiily (or the iiccuinin dution ol
tho -ii iniiiiite sorvioo i;i-hi-iliile whicfa
both lho B. ('. Eloolrio aid tho Ferry
Company udopled yeitcrday.
Reception to New
Baptist Minister
The induction and recognition ul ihe
Kev. A. J. Prossor as puttnr ol tho
First Baptist church, took place . n
Tbureday evening, .April 27t|i. S>prjv-.
ere for lho ovon'iig wero; Dr. Piny,
First lluplist church, Vun.ouvcr, Bev.
S. Evenon, Ml. Pleoianl, Bev. S.
Waring, Filth Avenue, Bov. P. C. Parker,'Central Foirviow, aud Bev. 1).
Lung, founder and lirst potior of ibo
church. Letters ol regret at not In'iiu
able tu bo present were received from
If.-.-. Schlictcr, Methodist, B. 11.
West, Jockiuu Avinuc, und B.
Presbyterian, who, however, "arrlvod
later iu the evening to suy (or hie
people how j l.i.l he was to welcome
Mr. Prosser lo Ihe Norlh Vancouver
churdi. Ihe prominent jjiuinta in tho
-!'.'.■.!,, were proposed c|iunh oxtcn-
sion which wiih Ihe inclusion ol lho
pipe- organ from Ilic First Bupliit
diurch, Vancouver, will givo addid
impetus to the church which is steadily becoming u (actor lor good in ihii
BOV.   A.   J.    I'i..";'.I    is   U   IL.Il'C    (,|
Yarmouth Co.,   N. S.     He wot    or
ilnined in'j in Sussex, N. H , in
whicli province he spinl 10 ycurs. Hii
last puslui'ulc there being in Water-
I.... St. .Ii.iin. Be came well lo
Ll'thbridgc, Mi.. . about u jour und a
hulf ago, but in..In. llie high altitude il" lu the li.iilii. gl his
fuinily came lu the coast In lake up
Ihe work of ihe llupiisl here.
During Mr. Primer's stuy in Loth-
bridgo the church twice doubled its
membership und Irom its Icllowihip organized llie nth Ave. ilnneli wilh
nboui 20 momlicrs. The churdi at
North Vuneouver is lurluuule in got-
him us its pastor. He ii uue wlm.
presence und inlluence in ibis city will
I'i'.'.e Ii.n. ii. ml lu ihe loiiiiiiuiiiiy
Mr. J, B. Teoven), ol Pembroke, hui
ucceptul  Ihe posilioti ul  » «   uf
the Ptlacc hold, this dty. Mr. Tee.-
eui ii an bold man ol lixtion yean'
experience, hoviug horn proprietor ol
a lirst class hostelry in Pembroke and
huving alto owned and oper.-il d a
popular summer hold mar lhal ci.y.
Mi. Teovons has always kept fully
ubroait of tbo lalosl and bctL mrth-
oils in hii busineet and bu [icnounl
ly viiilcd Ihe belt houtei In Ibclnrg'
est cities ot tho oait lur that purpose. Althnugh tbo Palace hot boon
miller llie new management only n lew
duys it is alreudy evident Ihat ifav. I-
upnii'iiln are under way which will
greatly improve this already |>opa)ti
hoitdry and I Imt Proprietor Bedn
hoi mode an oxcdlcnl chirict in Ihe
now appointment.
 '. —
Jl. is undcnlooil ihol owing lo tfao
increoiod amount ol drynkouncts on
tho Sabbath that slcpi will be li.krn
by the diilricl council shortly to clean
tfre bun of tbo holds in tho municipality Ihul ure keeping open .>n that
In order I o learn tho et net facte relative to reporte recently publiihed in
Vuncuiiver papers to the effect that
extensive works in the way of wharfage, etc., wero about to foe oonttruct-
ed by the Lonidale Estate on theii
wutorlruiilugc weal ol the cily, a representative of the Expreei called upon Mr. James P. Fell, manager of ibe
Lonsdule Estate. In reapouee toqucr-
ci Mr. Fdl itated that for eome
years thu Lonsdale Eitate bud neen
owneri ol extensive waterfront righli
in the locution above referred to und
that tbey had acquired those rjgbta
with the intention ol currying out a
general scheme ol improvement! when
ihe lime should provo ripe fur the
tame. In punuanco ol ibeir intentions plans had boon prepared by a
firm ol engineers lor a comprehensive
schemo which was intended lo be carried out in sections as tfae development ol tfao Noiih Shore might   war
rant. 01 |ate the Lonidale Eitato bad
been perfecting a portion of thii
plan preparatory to proc,tiding with
construction at sunn ai the building
ol Second Nerrpwi bridge wai uisured
wbich in turn wai more or less contingent upon llurrard Inlot Tunnel and
Bridge Company securing the Dominion subsidy. Beyond thii no steps
whatever bad been taken. The Lone
dale Eitate did not purpoio proceeding at once with the oomtruction ol
any worki and would not do s j until
tho bridge was mured when the lir,
portion ol tho scheme which they have
in baud would be proceeded witb. The
Lonsdale Estate wai acting solely
upon ils own initiative in the whole
matter. Thoy bad no knowledge
whatever ol tho plana of any railway
or other Company and they hud not
carried on any negotiations whatever
with tbo B. T. P., the Uowo' Sound,
PcmbortoD and Northern or uny other
railway or other Company.
Gty Council in Um,Z^S^ "nd B" "u
Mr. .1. IS. Farmer, C.M.C, wrote
asking tho cily council lo take joint
nciimi uul. the diilricl in aic.rliiu
iug why lho II. C. Electric hai uuin-
doned their line bet worn Fell Av.n.ic
since the opening ul tho new Capiun.
Beporti ol Committees
A report receiveil from Mr. David-
ion, clork ol works on 13lh street hie
hall coin i net wilh relereuce lu lho ceiling uf ihe durmitory and engine com
extension.    Councillors Bridgman and  in which ho adviied thut theioniruct-
Uutct woro both, the aKBir! ur be tllowed aa un extra llie differ
ence between completing tho fork in
i.luplap ur T. k ti. V. juinling was referred tu tho cluiii'iiuiu to deal with.
A letter received from Archil id
Hope with reference to llie same mutter und tfao finishing of tho balcony
floor, alsu connoctinb tho ioul ,10.uie. s
wilh sni luce drain Wul aho referred to
tbe chairman to deal with.
A loiter received Irom ifao J. II. Prater Hardware Co. givisg notice of
their lu claim lion lor   lb
pointing out the decreuto in \uluo
that pid.pei-iy in thai locality tuuld
experience owiug to the chun.e In the
Aid. Dick obtervod thut ho ilmu hi
tins was a matter fur tbo cily council. At tbo mayor's lUggetlion ih
clerk was instructed lo write uiking
lho B. 0. Electric why this had
bean discontinued and when tr.iilio un
lho same will bo resumed.
In a letter Irom tlie ae.retary ol llie
Joint Civic Advertiiing Con.miU.oil price,ul hardware Md pluinfcing guodt
wui meiilionod that lho propoied l»- j0|ivorod to j^j, „twt (m on|, con.
crone club lurmed nl Vuneouver play Wo, teiatai tl) tni, ^ly trou-
ers, bul   pluyiug under tbc name  ol  „„,,.,
North Voncouvcr, bo allowed to   ntoj   j.'iro (biof Turner lubmiltcd tho lol-
the nume, providing ih,. imripn ,.l Ihe  ^^ rccommcndtliont I
first gurae were devukd lowurdi   tl,,.     |    ybu   0M    mim   qgm^^
celebrulion ol Coronation Duy.      Ily dicmicul   and bote, W) b.p. lo   carry
motion ol Aid. Dick tbia wai filed,    j 51, (f0|||)M „, ^cmice! and 1,600 (act
Wm.   Kuowlei   wrote suggest ng    0  ol 2{-incb faote be purehused.
in. .111- uf solving ll.e (.miI nuc     2.  That tfao combination w m on now
problem  that   icuwi  bo  ulilited  lor at Nu. 1 station bo put iuto   aclim
this   purpose ul prop, sed some   two and a team ol huriei und hurno.ipur-
lenis nt"    Aid. Kills.,11 un1'. ill   1I1 1   chaied (or tame at once.
thii be filed and Mr. Faowlo., be ad|   3.  That „ team ol hor.ei uml  hu
vised   Ihul   this mailer   bud recdvid neii be purchased lor llie cily itrvice
preiurns ultonljou. | truck, whidi 1 undersluuu is now on
u 1 .. ■ _i   1    'be way here.
Numeroui  loltcri-were raei ed   l.,r    ,   -./ .       ,.„   . .   ,
.   , ... I.   lhal  a duels pom and   buugy
Ihe   optnmg   4 tlr cli,   bluwing   el , ,      . . '•'
,   , j..      be purdiatcd or a runabout motor as
stumps and ranuvel ol trees and then ., ,
,.       '  ,       .   . 1.     your counal may ice lit.
mullers each reoovid lovirnl conndcr-    .««,,, .. .,
0.   f live more puid uun lu i.dd-
tlion by the council.
The city engineer re|>nrled the
sunilury   and   building  intpcclor   ic-
e.uiinieinliil    ll .11    ullly   ijal:    line',    lo
eadi 26 ll. lut may be in lutureercit-
od in tho city.
Aid. Dick objected   tu thie   on Ihe
gruundt    ihat   Vancouver  condition! iron win and 10 non interfering box
wero vory tiniilar and ibcroot many ei installed lor the present and   Iwo
ed to the aio.II 10 we may be> lo
combat against any conllagralion and
keep abrcatt with Ihe cily.
Aliu tfao inilallatiun ol tbe Cam -
well Fire Alurm lyilcm, vii.: A lour
eirouit aluragc ball cry iwitch bourd,
t  few miles   ul Nu. 9 weather   pruul
as 16 ihtcki bad been erected ua 26
It. loli. Ai lor tfae unitary condi
tiuni il wu not 10 mucb 1 maltr ol
seweroge    and drainage pipit    al   it
wai lor water and fame, tfao dinger ol FINANCE COMMITTEE
lire being mucb greater than tbat of
Aid. Kin ion (bought that Vtncou-
ver hud amended |be,e building end ■
1 ion. and he would like lo ae.erl.iin
il Ibis Wat 10 before proocediig.   By
12-inch indicator gongi.
I'uumdernlion of tho chief'1 i.-.-nm
inisnlniiiiiii wai laid over until thc
completion of Iho uow lire hall.'
Tfae commitleo couiidered an application made by the dty band lor fui-
11.ei air and derided to recommend
that a grant ol 176 per month be
made to the cily band Irom May to
September inclusive und IM) ptr month
recommendation of Aid. McBae ilwal born October to tbe and of the year.
relorrod tu tbe fire and Ji^bl oommit-
Another communication' from Ihe
city engineer was to tbe effect restriction! should be pltcad on sawdutt
burners noar large buitdlngl. The
Briickmuii and Kcr Milling Co, complained flint « burner wot bdng erected obout 60 leet from their new building! ooit ol tbe N. V. Lumber Co.
Tbii woe referred <p the lire and ll.h!
A  droular  letter  wot rioaiveI Iroi
Ibe Burrerd Mlg. Co. I
ditiou   to  our  utduttrii
torn* encouragement ia tfae ctltili/h
ment of Ubmf plant   It wtt filed.
Milt Mary Ltbig, Ibe pipuiar it-
liiltnl traaiurer, tend red her resign
•lion to tbe council ad oikrd lo he
relieved ol her dutioe it lho ind uf Ibo
ppteot inontb.
Aid. Dick »oved Ibat Ihe neii nation he accepted under pioMli.
The troubleaome plan  A ll. I..  W
M riooivellrOM of  12,
Ihe new-It   as mood
riee ne' in./   lor.iign a
place a notipe b/inrd ahowing the highway to be eloied.
Committee recommend tnat Keith
Boad be cleared Irom Qucoi|ibury lo
St, And«rw'e Avonuoe.
Be request of Jot. Hurley   tq  ba'
■tump removed from Western Avenge
and roadway repaired, alio lidownl
Tho committee recommend that Welt
ern Avenue bo cleared Irom 23rd   $o
Bo roquoit ol Board ol School TrjiS'
tool to bave roads opened up ind
lidewalki laid along Bidgeway
Moody Avenues, and 3th and
st reels aurrounding schuul site, bllicl;
100, D. L. 660, commiltee recouim|;nd
that school board bo requeiiod 10
hisli plan abowing location ul ic'i ml
Tfao committee recommend thai J :■•
sion Creek foe filled in 10 ui 10 allcjrd
communication along 23rd mrcet
Iweon Larson Boad uud View .tre t.
Be request of 11. Uibbon tu have
siie.'i   repairod   between   Moudy
The committee reooramend    that
cheek bo ietued to B. Maybow for purchaee ol property in D. L. t66..
BOABD OF wolihs
lie refloat ol Mr. Hewitt lo huvo ao
eeet lo lot 9, block 211, I). L. 644, lot
building purpoeee. Committee recommended tbat thii work bt attended to
if Mr. Hewitt aigui an agreement to
Be requoet of C. II. Ktddic to have
road opened up to lot 16, tail pmt
of 12, D. L. 560. t'ommittoe worn-
tbat Mr. Koddie be otked to
rood agrooraanl.
1 Committae recommend that a wagon
void be conitruoled on Mtbon Avt
(torn 1Mb (u 26th ilrteli tnd t'ong
9f)U> Irom Chetlorfield to huutct west
of Mtbon Avenue. 1
a> rtqueil of Choi. Spoddtiig and
tit oth«« to have tbt f.trton Bond
udtwalk ctleudtd to 2Iet itreet, rom-
mJltte recommeod that ihii be granted. Committee rwonunend   l^tt   tbc
Quoombury Avcs. and eidewalk 1 >n
tinned from Bidgeway to car tram
Queensbury aluug 7th street, .dm e nn
ploiul ol stream ol water rum iug
across street. The committee IDC nil
mend tfaat tfae road be repaired 1 bli;
Muody Avenuo.
Be ruquest ol Jai. Firth to huvo
der itreot  opened up from St,
rick'e to St. David's. Committee
cummend that this be gruutcd.
Ue 1 ii)neii of J. t>. Porter und VI is.
burton to have connecting ruad oj. u
ed from 22nd itreet via Larson 11 ,
and   21 Hi  street,   committee    iec 111
mcud this work be undertaken il
ors sign regular form of roud   u
Be requcil ol J. A, Hiutisuu . lor
sidewalk to bo cuuslructod and 11/ih
street graded to lut 10, block 16, cudj-
mitleo recommend that a wagon roan
be constructed und application Ion
wulk deferred till house ia built.       I
Be request ol Jobn Puree tu have
ruud cluared up iu (runt ol lot 6, block
3, D. L. 273. Committee recommend
that thia bo attended lo when build-
iug ii commenced.
Be request ol Percy King fur tide-
walk to lot 9, block 64, D. L. 271,
Ulh itreet weit. Committee Agoni-
nieinl that walk bo laid.
Tfao committee recommend I Lut tbc
claim lor damagea by Sumuel H. Wul-
ker lor injuries received by hurto tailing Ihruugh Home plonki placed across
sower trench bo referred lu the city
sulicitor lor attention.
The commitleo recommend tbat the
police be inatructed to call up.ui the
contractor! to replace portion of lidi-
walk removed ilea*, Culholic church,
1 "liiiiiiiie. recommend Ihul tfae dty
clerk'be instructed to prepare t bylaw regulating theatres.
1 "iiiniiiiee recommend that CHy en
gineer be authorized tu purcfaute u
road sprinklor.
Bo icqueel uf Numu Purler for road
lo be oiicncd up ta lot 6, 2'iA Mr.
Porter to be asked to fill out road u-
ijieemnii and that up, n bie doing eo
a wagon road bo built to ifac property.
i'fae commiltee considorcd application made by J. Kirklund, ouretokjr,
fur increase in salary und decided tu
recommend tbut aanio bo nut granted.
Tho chairman 1 eji.u 1.1I iuipeotiun made
ul intake along wilh the dty engineer.
Tho committee decided to recommend
ibal duelling wall bo conitruoled lo
protect the new intuke and alio t
kigber level inltke 4-incfa cleyutiun
above tfae protenl inteke. Tho chxir-
man reported be ulong with the mayor, dty engineer, tfae walcrworki (uie-
min and Indian agent McDonald lui I
Chief Tom on Ihe roeorvo and agneJ
upon Iho local ioui for water i.qn Jt
wai olio agreed to put in .:ne extra
tup in ibo eh 111 eh for drinking pur-
poiei. The oommittcc rucommead
tbe diilricl council bt notified that ill
leaks diioovored in the now walcr
main had been ttopped up ai far 11
Ibe oar terminui.
Be application from Edgar S|ovm-
sun lor water eervico to lot 33, Mock
226A, the commitleo recommend Ibat
water main be extended nIon£ bqylo-
vard frum Weetern Ave, to (faee-
leilield Ave. ilnnce niiiihorly alcng
Cfaeeterfidd to 26lh, and tatal with
content of firo committee a fire hydrant be placed at 26th and Cbotter-
Locaj Happenings
Mr. and Mrs. P. Larson and the
Misses Larson left yesterday for a
wook'i vaoatiop to Htrriiou )Jpt
Sister Mary Amy, Sister Superior ol
St. Paul's school, North Vancouver,
loll on Friday for Frauce to attend a
conference ol the order.
Street oar travel last Suuday broke
all Sabbath records in this lino on
tbe North Shore. 7068 paid faros were
accepted during tho duy.
Frank Williams, sou ol Mrs. Humphrey Williams, Keith ltoad. ie one of
the latest i-eciiitii tu join H. M. C. S.
Bainbow, Irom this city.
A quiet wedding took place 011 Sunday when Mr. Vcro Wobstor Van Win-
klo and Miss Huzol Gertrude Winkler,
both ol Seattle, wero married by Bev.
J. D. Cillbam nt tho hitter's home on
12th Btreot. Tho nowly wedded puir
nil spend the summer in North Vancuuver cuniping and will |irobably not
return lo Seattlo before full.
A fire tost was operated for the blue-
lit ol tfao school trustees woo wore
present at the Central ichoil yesterday moraiug. Just 40 seconds elapicd
from tiro time ihe lire gong wai
sounded until the building wui com-,
pletely emptied.
Lynn Vulley Lumber Co'i. mill il
again running, repairs to tbo crank
halt huving been mude. The demands
on Ihe mill increase daily un I uddi-
11..uul iiuieliiiii-ii is continually being
added. Thc pay roll ia now cluie tq
36,000 per month und Ijunlrerhai lucn
supplied fur now houses in Lynn Vulloy alone ot Ihe rate ol one ptr day
lor some wccki past.
At a sjiccial meeling uf the schuol
"board un Friday Alexander Law was
appuinled udjudiualur lur the competitive deiigni for the Bidgeway school
which will be presented ihis week. As
thcro aro sixteen competitors and ooch
may submit ono or moro designs, it
ia very likdy that 26 designs lor this
-.inn tine muy bo preseutcd to Mr.
Law lor his expert judgment.
A wagon heavily loaded wilh large
iintiei cumo to grid 011 Lonsdale
Avenuo uppusito McMillan's grocery un
friduy all ei 111."11 when one of tha
1 ar wheels broke under the Hiuiu.
10 wagon ul Ihe Creamer Tnu-slcr
1. wus roquisitiuncd and iiiur a few
u iiiutca' delay iu reluuding thewieck-
u e was cleured and tho !,ud pruiccd-
'       tu   itS   lie   ill...ll""
For i i-.ei.-d duys bush fires huve
li i'a raging in vurioui portions ol tho
I unicijialily. Ou Sunday lint west
Iho 1 'upilaiin  neur  tfao Fraicr-Mc-
)>iiir logging camp, on Ihe Soymour
iver and in Ljynn Volley neoi
'romme's mill caused lume unoaii'iost
nr a time, bul as there wai vory Utile wind tu Ian thc llomee they did
not assuine serious pruportiuns. Numberless iniuur lire* are burning all
over lho municipality und it looki ai
the |irosoiit season would prove n,,
exception to past yean in worry to
pi"l'eiij owueTs Irom the danger incurred irom these buifa blares
Yesterday morning before Mayor Mi-
N'eish in tbo police court two men
ore brought iu by Conitable Primo
.argod witb being drunk and incapable. Mr. Alfred Jobnion, ono ol
parlies, in oniwcriag lho charge
to \he Mayor, laid that il had been
nincA years since he had seen lho in-
lido of a police court undor similar
circumtluncci. When aiked where wai
Ibo iceue ol liis former indiicroiion
be snid tbat it wai in North Vtncou-
ver and Ibat the preient dty hell was
tbe place of hearing. Mayor McN'eitb
tben laid that in view ul the fact of
tfao preient dty ball not bdng in ex-
ittonco nine ytors ago ho would (.tie.
Mr. Jobnion 16 ur len dayi In gtul.
Tbc other drunk wai fined 32J0 and
wbich hit etined many nn nUtetmtnltiion  Boad  bridge be rebuilt tnd
to wince m limit gone by wat iW* %» tba "W* l»m** b* >>**<#**lo
Waller t.ibeon, ion of John Qibaun,
Fnurlh ilreot weet, who joinod H.M.
C. S. Bainbow B thorl (imt ago, boi
been ofaoian at ont of Ifae conlingoni
(ruin hit abjp to attend tht coronation. A' the company ohoten ii ortai-
posed of only 1 few nmn/»ri, *p-
] poininweit lo the oon^fijitpt conttitu-
um t high rocomnu*jdt»«>n tad it ii
pleating tq note tbat t Nq^   Ven
f*yr*m: wy pp# »*wiw wm rrPyr:
Preparatory Service
il Jiynn Valley
On Friday evening he ibe Instilule
Hall preparatory lervict will bt beM
at whioh quite a number of new member! will be roedved. Bav. Mr- Itx*-
hart, frqm Duudat itreet prajbyiirian
ofaurob, ytj»oo«v«r, will bo thu i>|pc#k-
er and nu«eb«f qf the teeiion of St.
Andrew'i dkuroh, North Vanowvof,
will be pretflol. IU rotidonU ol
f,ytm Vtlley an inyilad, etjKsliitlfy
tifou isitnubag to portage of aojW«-
Ion on   Sunrlay morning next   ti
aliuxeh onnlAaT.
.'ffni'Ti1 i.pi>niiip TWO
Tht SIlv«rw*re of ths Century* which Quality
ha* Populariaed Throughout tho Dominion
It. |l the boqw ftlveryvnre of C»n»da-manulaetured on Canadian
toll, by ono ol the oldest end most reputable Canadian lirmi,
When Considering Ilm laliiblishiiinul ul n family pat turn ill silverware, ronieiulsir thut "IIIBBS1' gives yuitevery n|«|inilunity In
do eo conveniently, and at prior* will) which only the niiiiiulne-
1'iiiei- can aceuiniiiiidnlii lbs pureliuiier. I'liooiin the pattern you
lavor, then, by buying nlie or moro pieces at n lime the heavy exponas ol piirahueing a roniplole service ut one time le avd'ded.
We have always on hand tho. newest und bandinmeel li,,ae in
wedding ami presentation silver. What more appropriate jilt
could you bosiow upon n Ionic than a piece of thii superior diver, It would be a worthy gift, a gill .which could be In mini
dnvm thrniigh the generations as a memento of that happy htldul
day, away in lho sliaduwe of tho past.
Hoe our silver; ii will please ymV-puruhaae It and you will re-
ooivo latisfaction.
  i IM
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
jswelen and Silversmiths ,
Geo. E. Trnrey,
Managing Director
1 laslings & Granville St«.
Coiiii'i Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 233
WE have received a large co.uign-
ment of Ladiet Shirt Waiita, in
all *ize* and style*, and claim that for
value iuch an auortment ha* never
been ahown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongit the** it our
apecial DOLLAR waiit, both in white
and color*. See thi* line and we will
convince you we can defy all <M
competition, All *ize* to 42 inch.   Y *■
6 Room Houie, Furnished, with lawn &
garden, close to lerry, on 3rd St., Eait
I'. II. Hoi 171 I'll....-  3«.
39 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
r aid ur c an r al i 100,00000        a. thohmon mn, Utnmn Dlmiw
 (RANCH OFFICE, M 0U »,ttill., Ua*
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked aaving in
luel and belter baking reiulti,
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ol your lima riffel now f
The ]t De Fraier Hardware Co.
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Louis Joseph Vance
I, im bv thi Dobbi-M.rrlll Co.
think I begin lo underifand Home
iliingi oloarly now. II you're raaily
we will go."
Pram the window, where ehe etoixl
linlillng Ihe curtalm back and Hiring
oUt, Hn. Hallam turned with a curling lip
" The honor ol an American gentle-
•nan/" aha quoted, with * atlaglng
ineer-'Tw *urt 1 with ran comfort of
It, child I"
"W« muit make bute, Min 0|lm
ilnr," laid Klrkwood, Ignoring tha Im
plication "Rave you 1 trivillng
Kite illently Indicated a imall valine,
nosed and itrapped, aq a labia by the
bed and Immediately pawed out Into
the ball, Klrkwood took the SIM containing tba gladelont bag Ul out hind.
the glrl'a vallas In tba other, and foi
Ai be turned tbe beid of tba italm
be looked back. Hit. Hallam wai eilii
at Ibt window, ber back turned. Prom
ber eery paaalveneia be received in
Impreielqn Of something ominous end
forbidding. If ebe bad loit a (rick or
two of (he game ibt played, she at 111
held rardi- wai not at tba tnd of her
reteurcM Sbe etuek In bit Imiglnn
i|un for many in hour 11 a forea to bt
reckoned wilb.
Por tbt preient bt underttood tbtt
•lit was willing to tpprlse Calendar
end Mulready of tbelr night. With
more beilt, tben, ha followed Dorothy
dowu the three illghit, through the
liny oitiee, where madam sat sound
asleep tl her overburdened desk, and
Opposite tbi door tbey wart fortunate 10 Und a flecre drawn up In waiting at tbe curb. Klrkwood opened tbe
door for Hit girl 10 enter,
"Osre du Bud." be directed Ihe driver. "Drive your faslett. Doable ftrt
for quick lime!"
Tbe driver evoke with a start from
profound reverie, looked Klrkwood
over and bowed wltb geetlouletlve
"U'lieu', I am deeolated, bul in-
gaged I" be protested.
"1'recleely." Klrkwood depoelted tba
(wo bigs oa Ihe forward aeat of Ibe
conveyance tnd stood back to convince
Ibe men. "I'reclMly," Mid be, mulls-
uiiji'd. "Tbt lady who engaged you
It remaining for ■ timt. I will teitlt
her bill." /
Very well, m'sleu'l" Tbt driver dlt-
claimed reeponelblllty lod accepted the
favur of ibe godi wltb a apeaklag
shrug "H'eleu' uid the Qtrt da
Klrkwood jumped In and ibut tlm
door. Tbe vehicle drew slowly sway
from tht curb, Iben wltb gratifying
•peed hammered upstream on Ihe embankment. Bending forward, elbowa
en kneet. Klrkwoud watched the side-
walka narrowly, partly lo covtr tbt
irlrt'i conitralnl dut to Mrs Hsllim'i
momenta tbey passed a public clock,
"We've mined tbt Hushing boat,"
ht tunounced. "I'm mtklng 1 try fet
Iht Hook vin Holland line. We may
poulbly make It. I know that It leavet
by the Bud quay, tod that's ill I da
know," bt concluded, wltb an apologetic Isugh.
"And If we miee tbttr aiked tba
girl, breaking silence foi tbt flnt Unit
llnce they bad left the hotel.
"We'll tukt ibt lint tram out of An*
"Wbera tor'
"Wherever tbt Brit Ham goei, Mlea
Otltodtr, Tbt mtln point to to gal
away tonight. Tbit wt muit do, u
milter where wt land or bow we gat
there. Tomorrow wa can plan wltb
more certainty."
"Vee." Her litem wu mort a llgb
than a word,
Tbt cab, duhlng down tbi Bu lao-
pold da Waal, swung Into tbe I'll
do Ind before Ibt elation. Klrkwood,
•cutely watchful, tnddaaly tbruet betd
and ihoclderi out Of bit window (for
tunitely It waa tba one away from iht
depot) ind called up lo tb* driver.
"Don't ilopl Hire Oentrilt now nnd
treble farel"
"Yee, elrl All rightI"
Tkt whip cracked, aad (be ban*
iwerved tkerply round tb* corner Into
Ibe Avenue do Bud. Tba young man,
wltb a bmhed ticlimtjlon, turned la
hit tett. lifting IM lap over tbt mile
ptepbote In Ibt beck of tba cirrlagt.
Ht had not bean mlataken. Ctlendtr
waa ttinding |n front of tbt station,
and It waa pltle to be attn from hit
pete (bit the madly careering Bur*
luierteted blm mort than allgbtly. ir<
reeolule, perturbed, tba men took a
slep or two efter II, cbingad bit mind
tnd returned to bli pott of oburvt-
Klrkwood  dropped  tba  lap  aid
inroad hark lo tod the girl'e wide eye*
eeercblng bia face.  Ua ul* nothing,
, "What wm Ibair ah* aaked ai
a peliepl moment.
"Your father, Mite Ctlendtr," h*
turned uncomfortably,
There fell e ehorl ptote) than, *Wl
will yoa WI me, It It neeeutry to
away from my itUm, u$. Vrktn4r
break la bu Mtoa,
de, partly en tbt lookout for <} i>
and bU confederitai.   In u •   .
KIRKWUUII lii'Hlinii.,|   II wat unfeeling |o lull her why. yet II
Wia tiiemiai Hut ihe know,
however painful tbe knowledge
might prove m ber.
And ibe wu insistent, lie might not
dodge the Issue "WhyV aba repealed
tie ||| pauied.
"I wish ynu wouldn't pnaa mi fur
nn answer Jnsi now, Mist Calender."
"Don't yon think I b«d better know?"
Instinctively he Inclined bli bill) ID
"Thou wbyr
Klrkwnnd bent forward and pattad
the Dunk of tba tattbtl that held lb*
giiiilsiiiut bag.
"Whin dues that mean, Ur. Kirk.
"Thut I hive Ibe Jewell," ba told ber
tersely, looking itralgbt ahead.
Al bit ehnulder ba beerd a low gup
of ameieinent and lucredullly commingled.
"Hui- bow did you get tbem? My
father depctlted tbem m bank tbia
"Ue muit hav* takin tbem out
again. I got them on board tba
Aletbea, where your father wu conferring wltb Mulready and Captain
Blryker." '
, "Xba AJaibail" ,
"You took than from thou men-
youl  But didn't my fatber"-
"1 bad to penuda blm," uid Klrkwood limply.
"But there wire thru of then
tgalust youl"
"Mulready wun't-ab-feellng vary
well, and Btryker'a a ceward. Tbey
gave ma no trouble. I locked tbem to
Btryker'a room, lifted tbe bag of Jewell and ctuie away. 1 ought lu (ell
ybu that tbey win dltcutelng Ibe ad-
vtoabtllty of milling tway without you,
Having you litre, frlendleu and without mttiit. Tbafa why I couildered
It our duty to take a band. I don't
like to tall you tbia ao brutally, but
you ought to know,"
"I undenltnd." .
Bat for aome momenta aba did dot
apeak. Be avoided looking at bar,
Tba tacit, rolling at top apeed, but
amootbly, oa tbe broad tvtoutt Ibal
enclrclt tba ancient city, turned Into
the Avenue de tteyter, bringing Into
light tbt Otrt Centrala.
"You don't k-know"- began tbe gtrl
without warning, In a voice gutty wltb
"Blaady onf uid Klrkwood gently.
"I do know, but doq't left talk about
It now. We'll bt at tbt etatjou In a
mlnutt, tnd III get oat and ua wbtf 1
to be doha tbout a train If nalthtr
Mulratdy nor Btryker U tbout, You
ttty In Iht etrrliga. Nol" Ha
cbangtd bli mind tuddenly. "I'll not
rltk Wising you again. It'i a rlek we'll
bav! (0 run In company."
"I'ltutl" tbe agreed brokenly.
The Bacre slowed up tnd ttopped.
' "An you HI right, Mtoa Caltndirr
Klrkwood aiktd. .
Tbe girl ut up, lifting btr betd
proudly. "I im quite reedy," ibt.uid,
•tetdylng her volte.      '
Klrkwood rtconaoittred through tht
window wbilt tbt driver wu defending.
"Otrt Ctnirilt, itfiteu'," be uid,
opening Ibe door. .
"No one In sight," Klrkwood told the
girl.  "Come, pleaae."
Ha got out and gave her hto band,
then paid Ihe driver, picked up tba
two bagi tnd hurried with Dorotby
Into tbt union to flad In wilttog a
•Mag of can Into which peopit watt
•nnylnt at jflaiirtly Mtt. UP) ItiMMW
at the ticket window developed Ibe
Cut that It wu tbt TIM to, Bruutli,
the lut train leaving Ibt (Inn Can-
Irele thst nlgbt tnd dot lo atari lu Ita
Tbe Iqforintllob willed tbtlr plena
for once tnd all. Klrkwood promptly
tecured through tlcketa, tlto purehaa-
Ing "reserve" tuppltmentary Ucfcett
which entitled Idem to tbe uu Of
thou modern corridor eotchu whlcb
take tbe place of Bnt clau compart-
menu on tbe llelglin elate railway*
"It'i a pleuure," aaid Klrkwood
lightly aa ht followed the girt tot*
one of thut, "tq and oneatlf to a
common sense tort ot Into agile,
ireele like home." He pat tbtlr leg-
gage to one of tbe rackrta* eat down
beelde hey.
The girl milled bravtly. "And after
Bruutli?" iht Inquired.
"Pint tnln for tbt eoeet,", ba uid
proroptly-"Dover, Ottend, Boulogne,
whichever provu htndlett, a* mttur
wblcb, 10 long u II gtte ut on Bngttafa
Ull wllbout undut deity."
Bbe uid "Yea" abetreotodly, retting
tlbow on tbt window illl u*d ber
;bln In bar palm, to itart wltb uri-
ou, awaet brown eyu wt Into tbt
an abriftau night tbat bung banaath
tbi tehoing roof.
Klrkwood *d*eied tn deeptto of lite
•Jbnitrtlnt bt plactd blmtelf under to
be eilll and not dUiurb btr nttdltuly.
Impttlanct iqd tpprtbtntton of mil-
fortunt obataead bit medial proctuu
I* equal degree. The ton olnutu
turned InlermlnaUt that etapead an
me grinding couplings arfvertleed th*
Imminence ol their atari
Tht gutrdt begin to bawl, tht tun
At mu, beleiw) IrtnHere to dub m*d-
lytptlbt coubii.  Tbt tfilnjUM jl
Paper the World
Irom our itqek ol new Wall I'apert
10 |t teems. ISvory day some pew
design brrlvei' to All the va«*noy
q| llinsa close.) out.
pnllmlmiry lurch are uttllng down to
iti league long Inland dub.
Klrkwood, In a fever of hope and an
ague of fur, uw a map sprint furiously across ibe platform ind throw
himself nn the forward itapi of ihelr
cotcb oh tbe very Instant of the atari
Presently be entered by tbe forward
door and walked slowly through, narrowly Inspecting the various patten-
gall. Aa he approached tbe seats occupied by Klrkwood and Dorothy Calendar bit eyes encountered the young
mail's, md hp leered evilly. Klrkwood
met tbt look with one tbit was like ■
kirk, and (he fellow passed with tuuie
bute Info tha car behind.
"Who" wai thit?" demanded the
girl wiihuui moving bar band
"How did you know?" be asked, as
Initialled   "You didn't look"-
"1 uw your knuckles whiten beueatb
tba akin.   Who was Uf
"Hobbs," he acknowledged bitterly,
"Ibe male of Ihe Aletbea."
"I know. . And you think"
"Yet. Ill must have been as
when I waa on board tbt brlgnj
He i-.'i-iiiiniy wain't In the ciblu
ientiy Ibey bunted blm up ur ran
cross hltn uid preued blm Into aerv
Ice Ynu tee they're watching ever)
outlet.   But we'll win through, uevei
feurl"   -
The iraln. esi-npiiig ibe outskirts 01
Ihe city, remarked Ibe event with un
tiullant ihrlek, Iben eellled down
droning lleadlly, tq night devouring
illghi In Ihe innlilnr cir the few pus
eeugere dltpoeed themielvu lo drowse
away the coming bour-the shun
hour's ride thai. In these piping days
of frantic Inivellgg. separates Antwerp
from the raplul cits of Belgium
A guard, tliriiiiuliig gustily In through
Hie front duor. rueled iiueteedlly down
Ihe aisle    Klrkwood, routing from a
Handgoma Wall Paper*
an here in eudlcti variety, Just
lull our suli'Hiuiin lor what room,
you want the paper and he will
•how you just (lis pattern ynu are
looking lor. ,
To  choose Irom our iloek li a pleasure, to pay our price ii easy.
Xfli lull encountered thi uqung nuiii'i,
and hi IttriA willy.
profound rtverle, detained blm with a
gesture tnd began to Interrogite blm
In k'reui'b. )Vhen he departed preient-
ly It irimplred that tba girl wu unacquainted wilb Ibat tongue.
"I didn't understand, you knew," iht
told blm wilb 1 slow, thy smile,
"I wu merely quutioulng blm tbout
tbt irtlui from Bruaaeli tonight. VI*
daren't itop, you tu. Wt mutt go on
-keep llubbs 00 the Jump and lota
him, If poulblt. There"e wbere our
advanuge lln In having only llobba
to dul wilb. (If 1 boi particularly In-
totlactual, and we've two bude lo bli
one beeldn. If wt etu prtvtnl blm
from gunning our dulintllon end wlr
lag Uck'to Antwerp, wt may win
twiy.   You undtratondr
"Perfectly," tbt uid, brightening
"And whit do you purpoae doing
"I cin't nil yet Tbe guird'i gone
to get me mine Information about thi
nlglil Inlnt on otbef Unci In tht
meantime don't fret ibout llobbe. I'll
niHwcr for lloliln."
-I abau't be worried," tbe uid alnr
ply, "wilb you bare."
Whelever . answer be would btvt
nude lie wu obliged to isielpone be-
11 ute of the return of Ihe guard, wilb
I handful Of time lul.lan. ind when,
rtwarded wilb 1 modest gratuity, the
man bed gone bit wiy end Klrkwoud
turned again io (be girl ebe bad wilh
dnwn her attention for the timt.
I'ncoiiscluus uf hie bold regard, ibt
WU dreaming, ber thnughtt at loote
ends, ber eyet studying tbt Inrtlculi-
bl» depths of blue black night that
swirled end .-ddli-d btyond Ih* window
glass The most shadowy of unlln
touched her l||it; Hit ftJulMl ibtde of
dei'iH'iied collar retted on ber chtekt
Bbe wu thinking of blm? Aa leog
u he dared ibe young man, hit heart
In hit own tree, witched ber greedily,
Ukl»g a miter's Joy qf her yoalbful
btauiy. eiriring with all bis tool to
analyxr the enlgim of ijt|l woat to-
tcruttble smile.
(Coellaued oa page 6)
117 Lonsdale Avenut
I'h. nt I in
The A. Farro        '
126 2nd St. We. t    .
Winn ynu ilcnl nl llie A. I'arriiCru-
ciy you gal esuclly vyltal you mk lur
it .ii io prl>i,
Special Attention!
We etrry t  complete line o' Hid
Ilanbury ii I'.vam Brand   '-' lor H OH
mmm*m^m   I .mma-mm
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
. ■
135 Lonidale Ave
(Ntst door to Kvervbodj/e Shoe itori;
Scotch Shortbread
 — ' ■   ■
and Pjgt
Bruce & Co. TrtE mmm north vancouvr*,. g, g,
for everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs.
We have just
received a
complete line
nl Imported
Pricei right.
Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Buffets, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
II you intend making your home
in North Vancuuver ace ua.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery.
128 Lonidale Avenue
ROADS.   1 st block off VICTORIA,
a limited number at
$450 to $500 per lot
Quarter' Cath; Balance  6,   12 and   16 months
Those lots arc level, good soil, easily cleared and
building is rapid in adjoining blocks.
Five Minutes walk from Car
North Vancouver
$300 to $325 per lot; $20
cash and $15 per month; or
$50 cash and $10 per month;
or $100 cash, 6, 12 and 18
333 Pender St.W. Phone 5654
Wurhl, April Will
Important Dry Docks
Contracts Awarded
Imperial Car (oniutny'aT Conuapond-
cm iu Kngland Hnkee Intvruitipg
licpurl  Today.
Steps Well Under Way lor Consummn-
liun ol Thii Oompusy'i (Iriut Undertaking.
Im|i.iiinui nevvi wai received hy "I
In ml. ul the lui|isritl I'm l'niu|iuii>,
Untied, this muiiiing Irom Hr. Bullock, who, it will he rsineniherod, wu
iu Vtncuuver a short time ago in am
ne lion wilh the huilding of the dry
dock ul It... I..' l'oint.
Ur. Ilullock itatoe llial he hai lit
a dolea important contracts lor tbe
eompmy, the largest ol these bting
to the loin ul mm.n it Hunt.i lur Ibe
main structure. This immune ilock
will lw built in sections in London mul
«lii|i|nj.l lo this cily. Details art
.i.m.ii.-.I wilh intereit by cill/cni uf
Vuncuiiver, to whuui the inagnllude
and Iniporttnca ul the cuuipuny'e vtr-
iuus uudcrlnkings hai tlrongly ap
poularj. According lolhtleriiii ol ll.
Doininioii mili-nlj cnnslrucljoii will
begin nest month.
SECOND  NAMIOWS  lilllDi.l-,   I'ltH
/   ject
Ntwi-Adverlisir, April I lib
Hri V.. W. HucU'tn rtluratd on Sunday Irom t lis weeks' trip to tht
1'jit.l. convinced ileal there it so city
Ifaero lo lundi Vancuuver. As regerdi
Die .Second Narrows bridge pm|ecl,
tlm depulatiim on which In met al
'Hi..v..., bg ouinideri Iht .uli.liuctuiu
wurk should lw slarlsd in sis witki'
lime, More which time Heeve He
Naught ie espeeted back Irom Kng-
Isn.l and will probably inakt a I'att
ment on Ihe lubject. Hr. HacLetn
thinks there Ie no quiet Ion selo lot
(oderal grant.
Canadian Verse
U 18, Block 35, D. L 550, $1150. Cuh $410, Ul.nce 6 anil 12 monlh.
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Term* to arranga. Ne*r LoiutiaU
tht above lots on among the but buys in North Vaacouvtr, ood inteadiag Investors will wrvi their own
iatereets by invcsligtling. We have tin exclurivi silt tad also t lugs lit! of other lots in the i'ily. ll la
la your own intenel to ctll tad imparl our lilt More deciding,
Real Eatate Agenta.      Financial Broker*
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
liritisli Ouliiinbiii HraiKli Office*:
4 Lonsdale Avt!., Norlh Vaiimiimr
11)1 litmrnnwiitto", Vit'Uiri*
l,raiicli Office* in Europe
Di'ilin, 'JcrniHiiy
JiOikIoii, Kiiglmid
i'aris, it mm*
By Annie C.mpbsll Hu.itli.
[Annie Campbell Hueitii waa bom
In Halifax in 18ft, and ia chiefly
known at a writer of occasional
yene tor tha Canadian and Americiq
The iky had a gray, gray lact,
The touch ol tha miit wu chill,
The etrth wu an eerie place,
Por the wind moaned over the hill:
But the brown earth laughed, and tht
aky turned blue,
When the little white sun ctme peeping through.
The wet leaves taw it and smiled,
The gltd birds gave it a stng-
A cry Irom t hurt, glee-wild,
And the echoei laugh it along:
And the wind tnd I want whistling
When Ihe little white Hn ctme peeping through.
Bo welcome tha chill of rain
And the world in ita dreary guise-
To have it over again,.
That moment ol tweet surprise,
When Ihe brown etrth laugnt, tnd
the iky turns blue,
Ai Ihe little wKite tun oomei peeping through I
Canadian Verse
By Berry Striton.
I Hurry Btrtton, a cousin qf O. O. D
Holier It, wet born at Fredericton,
N II. In IBM. He studied law, but
forsook thit prolettion for firming.
He has written "Ltyi of Love, "Building ol the Bridge," and "Tha Hunler'i
The lurrowi of lift Time it plowing,
But we mourn not Ilia Spring which
For the husbandman  Fate, in bit
Scattered love ia tha toil qf our
Oh, blow, grtini of lota to tht binding I
Ob, hluih, gulden fruit on Iht hill I
Tii a drttry, long dty to tbt grinding.
But t ihort, pleasant way Irom lot
Bul luudiicu tnd faith will be grow
Be the sky clear or cloudy above.
When lurlune is ript lo Iht mowing
' We ilnll gather our barvatl 4 luvel
Nolice tppeiri in the curruul b-iue
ol the provincial (ia'clto ,1 the tp-
puiulinasit ol I lie following ti commie-
sioners lur tht tiking ul tddavill in
Ihe supreme courl umlei I lie previa-
cial election act:
r*|inuiult Electoral diilricl -Inscph
Bill ol Ka<|uiniall , Kdwurd Wii'irms,
Kobl. llniry Nunn, Sidney llmld, William Worlh, Herbert William I'uuiine
and Frank i'atrick tilavin, til ol
Hcauiaoal P. 0., Thomas Wiliiems,
William I "In. Wurdcn jnd liMTgt lie,
til ol ll."l,'iii. W. I'. 0, ; Eiuusl Vic
lor I'mII and Alboil Edward, In th ol
t'nlwood F. 0. . II, in . ( h.rioe II. I
ganati and l«« Llewellyn Field, both
ol Httdimin ; Duugltt II'.I.I William
Huir of Suoke . Kdwi.d I'eicy Wiggs
tnd Tlioi. Hillcr ilaird, jr., bolh ol
I'm! tteofnw.
Viclorit cily decimal districl-l'ercy
Kichardiun, John II Hc'.'unncll and
John Mil...n. all ol Viclorit.
Vancouver cily clecturtl district—
'Chtrlet t. I'erry, F. Btncroll rod W.
N. Ctrly, ill ol Vancouver.
Vmir Flecloril district Henry Ikin
of Nf-I.un
Licaiscs have lawn granted to the
Inflowing estu provincial mmpsnies
Aine. Ilulilcii M. It. ml; I imiled, Aulu
Auto Strop Safety Malm Co.
ed, Berg Hachinery Hfg. Co. Ltd.,
f'tatditn Elgin Watcb tt), Ltd., Con-
tinenltl Imuraaca Co Lid I anndiaja
Nttiontl i ...I..I. Co. I i'i II Krug
Furniture Oo. Ltd, Kerr Engine Co.
Lid., Nttiontl Surely Co,
The lollowing notiett ap-
pear: Davidson and LtUtk, Veacoa-
vtr, I-: N. Alhurly and Cq, Ltd., Vancouver and .lobn li. tajutan, Vtucou-
Tbe registration of the Ctretant
Peeking Co., Vaacouvtr, Soovil lion
Store t'o., mat Ibt United Slits* Bled
Pruducli Co. trt recorded as ntra-
Provinritl Companias.
Ntw WMtmiatttr land Diilrict
Dietriot 4 Haw WatlajW TAKK
outlet Ibal Robert Del Klaond of
Vanoouver, B. tl. qooupttion, broktr,
inlmit to DxAy lor oatmuwton to per
chit, ibt URowiag oWtiM lt«b i
CoatMBdag at * pott planted an tfae
wtttiidtof ajeeajlbty on lit Norlh
lint of Lot MsOatM w* JO (balnt
more or leee to tbe aortbweel core*,
of U J»»: thane* toulh M .19 '
to lb* nortW am* 4 M
eaet corner of Itot odd;
9) ahaut mort or
Ibtoee weet Jl.TJ chtits to lbs
; tbeoce
to tbt eoaib-
wwrnrnf   mima-mm,   I'ln ,
mun or leee to aWf of
in a another,* Snaiiov
mM    rmwmm    fma   jprnmym    mm    ^fm^
ff m*m MUI aMtlaValf      k\  1UIIU      IlUUUVy      BJliaiBlVU
Decker & Son PIANO
in perfect condition,
Price $100, easy terms.
443 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 114
The Place Where Everybody Goea
Gem Theatre
jarGood Pictures Good Singing
m\\\ ::: Good Music ::: :::
Programme changed Monday, Wedneiday  and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^y^^ Children 5c
Httinee  every   Saturday 3.80 o'clock
Rath:   $ii/u   per   and   up.   Special rates (6 families
and   to regular   hoarders	
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
SacoMD Sikmt.   •   •   •   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, ti. C.
I i-iiu- Vancouver i> -Jn u. and
ilii'ii'iilti'i ovcry In miniilcs until
V isi p.m. i'..inn., in my 7.30 p.m.
every 30 miuulei until 11.30 p.m.
tli.-i.'iilti'i  Villi md LOO t.m.
Leave Norlb Vuneouver 6.00 a.m.
aud liun i'ii li i'i ovcry 20 minutee until 7.00 p.m. i "wm.'inina- 7.80 p.
in. every 30 minutee until 11.00 p.
m. iii.'ii-nfii'i  U.i6 tnd I1.1.tii a.m.
I.i.'iivc  Vincouver  7.40,  VII) and
V.OO thertalter itme as weckdtyt.
Leave North Vaiicouvir 7.90, 0.00
and, thiiultor tame it weeh.-
Single Iin f,c, 6 lor 'ihe, (0 for II, 70 (or Hi.
A Lumber wagons, Iruoks and
drays, Vie return.
II i Lira, eiprcei ctrritgia tnd
back., We return.
D I horse tiprees buggict tnd
tutut,  Ihe  i.i.nn
All the uliuie rates include driver. Unlit A tnd ll subject to DO
|»i cent, discuunl is lots ol o0.
Tor 100 Ibe. rate. 6c.
Hiiiinniin nil", 10c.
TimeHaMt subieot tu chttut withnut notice.
Company not liable lor dsloyi, locrdsntal or otberwitt.
II. E. KKH1',   Sanrotary-fotaiurer.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Weit Vancouver," Captain Findliy
Licensed lor 35 pitiengera
latvos Vaaeouvar
91 .Ml
(Sttuidtyi oply)
L*ar* fed Vanaoavir
91 .M
two Ttetat* ww.
 __^ Slaglt raraU*.
QuiclteM rout* Iron; Norlli Vancouver to the diilricl beyond
CapHino Rjr*r. L»«ncb "Wail Vanoonvar" makti wn.nae-
ii<w», frithom liil, w|i* tb* Hvry »U*rrfnr« ftm tim VrW--
mm,»$m iMw immm,
mMmtmmm*mmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmm^ row
 1—1-U  ..'.-
PuJllblied Tuesdays and Fridaya by
' Noanf Shoe* Press, Lmrrip
 .. '''■ "    ' !	
ami or suescBtnioa
Una ya«r', fl.Od Si* moiitbi, 60c. wont)
United Statee and foreign, $1.60 per year
Advertising Hales will ba limited qn application.
Tlie Exprusi ii devoWil loilie Intereit! ol the north Shore nl Burrard Inlot
ciclutively. it coustitulei an (advertising iiisdluiu nl oxcentional valuu fur
reaching in a thorough tnd effective manner tha population of North Vancouver
City and Diilricl. Every effort is made tq give auverljters the most satisfactory
aervlea. X
AU changes in contract advertisements should be In the printers' hands not
later thin HI a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday tu ensure insertion In tha
following Issue.
No»TH Vancouver,   B. C.
May i, 1911
The inauguration ol a twenty min-
salt: time achodule in connection   »ith
the lerry service und the prompt   in-
caption   ol a correepoqding   edit bile
by the It. C. Electric Railway   Company, both uf which cumc int.) ope a-
lion yealeniuy lniirba n ileveliipmi'nt ol
great importance with respect ti.Ni.ith
Vancuuver    traus|inrtiitinn   lacililiei.
Transportation   cunstitutcs   llie    all
iinpuiiuiii prolllem in llie development
ol the North Shore, whether it be thu
incoming ol a railway In connect our
in. 1..11   iiiorul with the   inuikcts
ul llie World thus opening up boundless   puseihilitit'S   fnmi   un   Industrial
and ciimniercinl puinl ol view, or the
improvement   und   p,.il,riiun   of   our Irunsporlulinn systems, ns npic-
eenled   hy lho train   service  nnd   Ihe
lerry  service lur the uccaimmndalion
of   il..   1.-.nli-iii   population,   the in-
create nl lhal  population or the   ut-
tractiun ul luurista uml pleasure seekers.  As lu Ihe relation! which these
two   lines ul progress hear In   oach
ni Iin however greul Ihe developments
of 11..- (utui,. may prove tn he relative tu railwuy facilities, hy means ul
Iraiiscunlinentiil   lines   reaching    thu
North Shore ol llurrard Inlet    either
from Ihe south over Second   Narrows
bridge, ur (rum the nnrth via   llnwe
Suiind" .11  any other route, it il' very
evident   thai  Ihe effect  ol their presence   upuii the lerry service can    be
only tu briug ubuiil „ rupiil and heavy
increase   in the traftic tbat must   be
handled un  Ihe boats.     The ferry is
dattiiKsi lu be the great highway   ul
truvi'l   across   (he Inlet fur the entire
population ul the city uf Nurlh Vancouver as at   present constituted   lor
Ihe   entire population un the   North
ul the present  cily limiti and   lur a
wide lone on both the oasl and   thc
west side ul the present city bounrio -
iua.     Every devclupment  which'tend'
to increase (he population within the
uri'u designated will mean iiiiuiellnlc
uud   permunent   incrouac   in the lerry
The interests entrusted lu the Itourd
ul Kerry Directum arc eecund tu nuu6
ia   impurUnoe   to Nurth   Vancuuver
a«d the problem which they will con-
tiautlly bt called upon lo solve will
require constant upplication and oner
gttit udiiunitlrulinn.    The tuik ol un
Ucipating    and   ui   making adt>|Uate
provision  in order lhal the  facilities
tt command may lie capable ol cop
ing wilb the situation al all limes, is
one thtl will be Iraught with 1liH1r.1l
m and perplexities.    The present fleet
with 1 twenty minute service is quite
capable ul   fulfilling Ihe requirement!
of tbe proaenl  pupuiulion   and   also
of handling great crowdi un   special
occasions, su that Ihe service as Uow
established   is  lully  abreast   of   or
eomtwhat in advance ol actual needs,
ntvertbtleee thc action ol the Hoard in
aiking the city council to submit a
bylaw for raiting, 1160,000 lur another
Btw   boat   and  other   improvement!,
showi   that they ure lully   convinced
that the steady end rtpid growth ol
populttioo on Ihe North Shore,   together with pending pirns (or indutlriul
aievilupment  tad  lor   touritt trefir,
wjil toon cauat tlie demand   to over-
tabs tbe preeent provMone tad tbtt
in order to rtttin Hwir preeent \ua\-
Uow 4 advantage, tbi* rtpid incrcaie
ihould ba aBtwipeted tad provided Ur
tt own.
0110 have been paid into tha lund.
Every class ql the community inuy he
said tq be purchasing. Twelve lector
en or agenta are ornployed to preeent
the leaturea olthe lyitemtq the pub-
lie Irom the platform and nlhiiiwin);
und an oliioo staff of eighteen it already necessary to handle the work.
You bear no ihare of thii cost, hut
every cant you pay in il pluecd at
your ctotAl lur the purchase nl your
If you desire any iurlhor
lion on the lubject this will be sun
plied yqu by the nl
Canadian flovornment Annulilne, Ot
tiiivu, to whon) all li-iii'i.i go Irae
uf poBlagje. Literature may lie obi -rn-
ed ut the pott office.
Angus J. Cameron
A.H.I.E. k 8.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, pltns
and ipaeificationi. Soptio tanks tnd
house drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Roi 344, 16th street west ol llowicko
transportation which tre offered
North Vancouver preeenU attractions
to home seekers which are not equalled by any community adjacent to
Vancouver. The lad tbat every
available roaidenoe in the eity und
vicinity is occupied und that then is
regularly sufficient inquiry to call lur
-..-i-i-.-i I hundred houses in advance of
ihe supply goes lo show that .1 strong
and steady trend ol hnmcaeekers  hui
now eat in in thi, direction which 0'     ArranjIBnienl|  Bre Mng  mad,  ,or
itself  will  onsurl the  aoquisitinn of  emotion of first olnsi 7 room houses
North Lonadale
thousands and lens oi thousands ol
new residents, the rapidity uf whnsc
arrival will bo controlled by thc readiness with which facilities are proVidaJ
lor their accommodation. Upon the
basis  ol  its  reeidenlial    advantage*
only, 11. ■ In nm. ure now light hi
making Nurth Vuneouver in a ilm-t
period one ul the must pupuluii, communities contiguous to the city ol
Vancouver. ,
Ironting on North Lonsdale Boulevard
with modern convenience!, i'ricci N,-
300 to $3,800 nn terms to suit. Ily
purchasing now plana can be altered
lo suit  purchaser'! wishes.
As the locni ion ii ono ol the best
in Nnrth Vancuuver lor a hi me sile.
the opportunity it a Invorable one.
For particulars apply to
Financial Agtnt,
CLUB BLOCK -> North Vancouver
'in;.    Phone 10        ll....... Phone 267
Plant prepared and Eitimatee given.
Office: 1407 Dominica Trust Bldg.
Phoni 3497
Beeidsnce, 163 Eighth Avt, ''■■
North Vuneouver.
Wbat witb tbt Iwo etoriltot terry
Utaemtri now on lbs rogf, tbt twenty
miaatt tarry aaMuli and  oo%ectb>g
The object ul the Act is tn prumolc
habits of thrift and to provide all persons, mile or femalt, domiciled in
Canada with a aale tnd sure plbu ol
making provision lor old tge at the
lowest possible cost. Deposit Iron)
lime to time in any money order ollice such turns tt you ctn spare, lur
which purpoie the postmaster wit iupply you with a pats book) or you may
ii you prefer, remit these amount! direct to the Annuitiee De|ieitmenl in
any manner that may belt luil your
" (II by cheque or money
order, Ihis ahould be drawn lo the order ol the receiver general). Upon
your dapoaitl 4 |ier cent, compound in-
i.-i.-i allowed, and at tho tge
ul 66 (which is the earliest ago at
which un annuity can licgin, or at
uny In 1 it age desin.i, an.I ul cuursc,
tho lunger deterred the larger will be
yuur income, such unnuity us tho lota! amount then at your credit will
purchase will be paid to you in quarterly instalments s,, long as you live.
A definite amount ol annuity may hv
tccurad if specific sums are regularly
paid. Should ynu die belore tbc unnuity is due, all payments mode will
be returned to yuur legal representn
livet   wilh 3 p* cent, compound  tffp  Q  ^ „  j^ VuM)„„
Iciest ; though the same payment! will
I. O. ()  F,
North Vancouver Lodge, Ijq. 66,
meets every Thursday evening, corner
Lonidilt Avenue and First tlrset, it
8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordislly
invited to ultcnd. A. T. Ktnaidy,
H.Q.J Thot. S. Nyt, nc.-aae.; Ji H.
Pilling, P.O., lin.-iee.; Chot.Nye, I'.ti.
n. r.HBiiorR
Expert on fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
All Work Outrtnteed
Cqmer Fifteenth St. tad Mthoa Art,
secure lor you 1 larger annuity il you
do not with to provide lor this return.
II you have tn amount tt your credit in tbi Poit Office Savings Bank,
you inuy have this amount, or such
pin lion of it as ynu muy desire, transferred to the Annuitiee Dtpprtment
lur, or on account ol, ibo purchaee nl
tu annuity.
Tho minimum annuity which maybe
purchtsod is $60, and the maximum
$600. The earliest age ut which (lie
purchase may be begun ii 6, bul it
may begin at any age therealter. To
each purchaser a contract or policy is
issued, tnd a provident feature ol the
system ie that then are no penalties
ur forfeitures, If payment* ihuuld
(or toy reason cease, they may be renewed at any lime ; and il arrears are
Hurt mude up the only effect will be
that u smaller annuity will lie scoured.
A person over the tge ol 66 may
buy an immediate annuity : and a
lost survivor inanity, immediate or
deferred may bt purchased by any tvo
petaont by a amgte piymaet,
By paying * llttli higher rate, oil
innuitiet may be guaranteed lor ,*
number of yHn certain.
About  1,800 persons  htvi  availed
Plana, Specifications, Estimates
133 6th Street But North Vancouver
trim Mfaedub), aad Uw low ratee for tbamtelvoe of tbe Aai and over$8«0,-
LOW SEA, Proprietor
6 t.m. to 8 pm,
First cljsi Meals jjc.
Commutation Tickets, %i meali
Rooms (or Kent at moderate rata*
Lonidale Avenue
Tb* cbttpeet bouae buy today
Compare it with surrounding values
4-roum Bungalow, hut and cold water
balk,   etc., lenoed.   1636 cub,
^balance arrtngu. Price UfitHL
Nye Street, ihort diitance from Lonidale Avenue. Fine
corner, 152 x 132 (t. For a homeiite, thii cannot be
equalled. Price $1400. Terms, 1-3 caih, 6-12 month*.
Pierce & Hall
Phone 110      New Keith Block
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Hole Agent
Agntmtnb and Contracts drawn        p, .»- Gtatrtl
of ottry dts riplion rnone   I J/       Convijinclng
Lilt your cloie in acreage, suitable (or subdivision,
with ui, we have clienU with money to
'CO., LTD.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchant!
Bu, if. Your Owa Towa. Your Orderi Solicited
North Shore Locators
Wc still have a lew lots left in
our Boulevard Subdivision, block
231. at ^650 each, one sixth cash
balance ipread over two years.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
14 inch-43 per lotd'
1? mon-m» per (pad
Cordwood-fJI ptr cord
OWee ui farit
Phone }*9 V. 0. Bo» Uf
Campbell-Realty & Investment Co.
Vim 8ALE-60 It. lot on 'Jib 1lT.1i.
north lids, 11,360, terms; 60 ll. lot
on 7th sUoet, 11,300, 1-2 ctab, balance
in mil    i an. . in. i ■'    a
late HICKMAN li 110(11)
Cor. 8th and Lonsdale
Phone 40.
IIBANl.'ll S'l'tlttt,
63 Lonsdale   NW
Free ilolivory to ull parti nl l.ym
Valloy Tuesdays und Fridays. (Jopil-
iiiin, Mondays and Tintrsduyi.
■liul orders receive prompt alien-
Specials for Saturday—
Quaker llrund Corn, rug. 2 lur 36c
.Saturday  |0c
Quaker Wux llunns, rog. 2 lor lho
Saturday  10!
French I'oai, rug, 16c
Saturday 2 lot 36c
Itnlliil Ouls 7 lb lor 36c
I'aimed il'umpkiu, ng. lro.
Baturday  ...3 lur 2f»
Lonadale blend nl <'iylui mil As- Tun, run. 3Bo
Balurday II Ihs. iur'jr.e
l.nnniliili.' blend nl Kucha inl <lavi.
t'nlfei.', ay. Wc. But. II Ihs. lor (I.
18 lb, sack I). C inyar  II.
Hoyal t'lnwn Snap. roi^. 6r liar
. Baturday  7 nurs h.r 16.'
While Swan Snap, niji. 6e ti'ir
Saturday  7 1) ire In.- 3."ic
Fels Naplilhn Soap, N|". 3 lur 36c
Suliinlny  I I n   "Ik
Bun Suup, reg, 6c Imr
Baturday 6 'tn   3>
Keiler's oli.riiiiilu.K-. rcr/. ilic.
Baturdoy  WV.
shiver's Hiiiinnlndi', ne. title.
Saturday    60c
We carry a full line of
Fresh Meats and Fish
vi;   Hoel, Kuito'i,   I'l.rk.
Veal nud I.,■ 11 ind  in eeoiin.'A
Hams, Stewart's rcir. 31c
Suliinlny  -. )!)e
Kucon by side, reg. 36c
Sutuiduy   lie
Lord, I'ure Leul, 3 Ilia, reg .Vic
Saturday 46c
Lord, I'uro Leal, 6 His. reg. M6c
Suliinlny  Uc
Swill's l.urd, pure leul, i Ihs
reg. t'/ik., Suluiiluy  fide
Swill', iatinf, pure leul 6 lbs. rej WI
Sutuiduy  UOc
Au.liulian Onions     6 lbs lur S6c
We have u complete aluck nl (rush
vegetables, Lettuce, lludiidiei), (Ji«.ii
Oniuni, Aspurugim, Khiihurd ut market prices.
Fresh struwbvrries arriving duily.
Special prices lur camps and rcsla
S. Prentice, Prop.
New Weitminiter Land Diilricl--
Diilricl ol New Westminster. TAKE
notice that Robert Duff Kimond ol
Vancuuver, ll. (',.. occupation, broker,
intends to apply lor ntrmiMion to purchaio the fuifowing described lands:
''■iiiiiuancing at a poll planted on tbe
west side ol t tmtll bay on ihe Norlb
lino ol I.ilt 3630, tbenct weit 30 cbaini
more or lets to ths northwest corner
ol Lu! 3630 ; (hence south 33.70 chains
lu tho northeast corner of Lot 3633;
thence weit 31.73 chtini to tho southeast em iu» ol I ...i 668 ; t linn i' north
80 chains mori or less to thc soutb-
weet comer of Lot 1338; thence eat!
33.76 chains more or lees to shore ol
laks; thence in a southerly direction
along shore ol lake lo point ol commencement.
lllh March, 1011. t <-*
Telephone 270
You buy psint lo but advantage wben you get M-L,
Paint, bictuie it
Ssvea time—spreadsloesiy.
Stvti coit—t little covin
io mucb lurltci.
Sitci bother   all ready la
8ivee expenst — repainting
not necisury for longest
pcmibli limt.
M-L Pun Pilot li mill lo •>
color, for ill purpoata b. ImrKrliJ J Color Co .
Hlkl lour walli .main wilb Uii
w.aliaMt. durable, .anh.ry M-L
FI.I W.ll Color.,
Recommended and sold hy
North Vancouver Hardware Company
I'or pick ul listing*, »ce
VERANDAH POSTS,     ETC, ETC. SASH & DOOH I Ad OK Y, foot of St. George
We solicit i trial hid ou your Order, stiuill or large
i , —*——>
, ■■■     ■■■■■■■■■■
GENUINE  SCOTCH (IIMUIAMS,   our   own  iinportotiun   in    l'loin'
Shumhroys und Checks, ipeciaJ por yurd  ,. Wc.
33-inch PRINTS, itiiod licuvy i|Unlily,   light   and dark colors, special
per yurd  ' 10c,
DHKSS Ml SUNS, plain uud fancy   Dimity   stripes,   also   dots   and
crossbars, price  ....'  IOo and 16c.
A lurge iissiirtiiiunl of Vicloriu l.uwns, liidiun Linens, l'ereiun Uy/oi,
Niusookt, Organdies, etc.
Bullous covered from yoUr own mulorial-all si/«s.
.it.    ...iii.,   'i  mm*
lM'ii.1. Block Lonsdale Block
phone M Ph. .iu. 263
(Continued, from page 3)
ft bullied blm. Sa could not say of
what ibe thought tnd told hlmiclf
bitterly thut it wai nut fur him, a
pauper, tq presume a plaice lu ber
meditation^. |fe must not furgr-l all
clrciimatuncca nor let ber lulerance
render blm oblivious to bli place,
wblcb quilt ba a icrvant'i. not a lov-
The bettor tq convince himself ef
tbii be plunged deaperataly Iuto a forlorn attempt tq make bead or tall qf
Belgian railway ecbedulce, complicated, ne theco of ncceetlty are by tba
alteration from normal time notation
tq tbe abnormal lyitem lanctloned by
the government, and vice vena, wilb
every train that crossca a boundary
Hue of tbe ituto.
80 preoccupied did ba become In tble
pursuit tbat ba wai lubcouiclouily
linprcucd tbat tba girl had spoken
twice ere be could detach bit Intereit
from Ibe uaiperatlngly Inconclusive
and Incoherent cohort! of ranked fig-
"t'liii't you And oat anything?" Dorothy waa asking.
"Prccloua little," bo grumbled. "I'd
give my bead for a Bradabawl Only
It wouldn't be a fair exchange. Tbere
sccma to be antexpreai for Brugei
leaving tbe flare dn Nurd, Bruweli.
at Ofty-llve inlnutet after 33 o'clock,
and If I'm net mlataken that's tbe
latest train nut uf Brussels ind tbe
curliest we can catcb-lf we can Catch
It. I've never been lu Brussels, and
heaven nnly knowi bow Ions It would
take m to cab It (rotn tbe Giro du
Midi to tbe Nord."
In this statement, however. Ur
Klrkwood wai fortunately mistaken.
Not only heaven, It appeared, bad
cognizance of the distance between
tbe two itatlona. While Klrkwood
wai hi ill debating tbe question, wltb
pessimistic tondcnclei, tbe friendly
guard had occasion to put through
the coacb and, being tapped, yielded
the desired information wltb entire
It would be a cab ride of perbapi ten
mlnuici. Monsieur, however, would
serve hlmiclf well It be offered iho
driver au inhume tip aa an Incentive
to speedy driving. Why? Wby. lie
ciuse (here the guard consulted his
walcb, und Klrkwood very keenly regretted ibe loss of bli owni-bccausc
thii train, announced to arrive lo Brus
sels some Iweuty minutes prior to Ihe
departure of tbat other, was already
laic. Bul, yea, a matter of some ten
iniiiuti"! i-niiiii that not be made up?
Ab, mooeleur, bul who should sty?
The guard departed, doubtless with
private views at to the madness of all
English speaking traveler!.
"Aud there wc arel" commented
Klrkwood in fociltluui rctiguitlou
"If we're obliged to slop overnight In
Brussels our friend! wBl be on uui
back before we can get out In the
morning If tbey bave to come bj
motor car." Ue reflected bitterly uu
tbe fact tbat with but ■ little mure
money at bia disposal be, too, could
hire a motor car tnd cry dollince lu
tbelr persecutors. "However" be
uuienil. d. wilb rising tplrlla. "to mucb
ihe belter our chance of losing Ur.
Uobbt. We mutt be ready to drop u
the Instant tba train ttopt."
Ut begin to unfold another time
table, threatening again to loee blm
self completely, aud waa thrown lulu
Ihe utmost confusion by the touch of
tbe girl's bund, In appeal placed lightly
on bli arm And bad ihe been obterv
ml ibe might bave seen i iccoud lime
bit knucklea whiten beneath the ekln
aa be asserted bia aelf control, though
tbit time not over bit temper.
Ull eyes, dumbly eloquent, turned to
meet hen.   She wu nulling
"Pleucl" ebo Iterated, wilb tbe lent
Imperative preuure ou bit bind, pushing the folder tilde.
"1 beg pirdon I" bt muttared blankly.
"Ia It quite ueceuary, uow, to itudy
those schedule!?  Uaven't yuu decided
to try for the Brugei express'/"
"Wby, yes. tatf'-
"Then plcete doa't leave me to my
Lbuugbti ill Ibt timt, Ur. Klrkwood."
There wot t tremor oX laughter lu ber
voice, but ber tyea were grave ud
taructt. "I'm vary weary of thinking
round In a circle, and tbat," tbe concluded, with t uervoua little laugb, "bl
all 1'vt bad tq do fox daya."
"I'm a/rold I'm vary atupld," he humored ber.
She witched blm, a Utile piqued by
Ui ibientminded mood for a moment,
tben, and not wltiwut a tract of malice, "Mutt 1 tall yoa again what tq
talk aboutr the aaked.
"Forgive mi. f wu thinking about
If not talking to yon. I've bean wondering juit why tt waa tbat you lit*
tbe Alethaa tt Quaeniuorougb to go
on by eteimcr."
And linincdlatcly ba wu sorry tbat
bli tadlcu query bad awung tbt convert! I Ion to bear upon ber father, tbt
thought of whom could not but prurt
painful to bir. But It wit too let* to
mend mat ten. Already ber evaneacent
luib of ninuoemeut bad given place to
"It wu on my UtbaCa account,'' aba
told blm In a steady voice, but wlto
everted eyea. "Ba Is a vary poor tailor, and the promlae of a rough paaaage
terrified blm. I believe tbtrt wu a
difference of opinion about It, be dlt-
puling wltb Ut. Mulrcady and Cupula
Blryker. Tbat wu Juit after wt bad
left tho incborage. They boUi Inilttad
tbat it waf ttfer to continue by tbt
Aletbea, but be wouldn't listen to
tbem and la Ibt and bad bli way.
Captain Btryker ran tba brlgiutine
toto tbe mouU) of tba ttedway ud
put ut uhore Just In time to catcb ibt
I r Btte abnMared nightly."Htfdly I
I tblnk | oiled Uw tblp from Ibe moment I tat foot on board her. It wu
l dreadful place. It wu aU nlfbtmar-
lib tint night, but tt aaemed moat terrible oa tbe aj«**«j2{**^
m*ff mmm    mmm    m/mt   m^mmffmfmm    mfr*
(Continued nnl ium)
Tbe Burrard Cj^r Mfg. Cq. ).l|.~
' Oapitti |lii,oi;o-Divid d into loom Shares.
For the last lew yoari patt i be. pec
pip ol Vouoouvor and udjoinw; lovni
bavo enjoyed a tremendous nil fipiij
inorcaio in Aai estntg values and
have, llierelore, given themselves up
largely to the speculation in tltat
commodity; now, howovor, wu Intvo
retched a period that injusti.'es nl dil-
feiviit' kinds muit be in ordor
to, in a mouiure, sustain tin valuci,
tbat th.' boom hai creetd, otinrwiiu
tbo bottom will fall out nl Iht He ,1
Estate market,
A local industry hus many distinct
and lavnruble point! :'
lit. If omployi home labor.
2nd. [t prevonti sending away fi.'in
li''in.- tha I'ie.iiiT pari of tbo rnqney,
therefore increases circulation ol thul
always appreciated agent at homo.
3rd. ll i.Mild loyally lo buino
markets by ils demand lor support ol
home industries.
4th. ll assists iu advertising tho
city as a manufacturing and industrial
center. Thereluro a few' business men
ol North Vuneouver huvo associaled
themselves and formed a Company for
the purpose ol menulncturin;   cigirs
Tho n.iiii.- ol this compuny is Till''
mul lur.thu purpose ol getting the
goodwill and strength that numbers
givo, havo decided to start iu a modest way, and with a small ciipituliiu-
tion, distributed among a large number of loyal Norlh Vancouver men
The capital needed could be obtained
Irom Iwo or three people, but lor
genuine and lusting .success il is deemed to he n better plan to divido it
among many ond thereby secure the
advertiiing lhal interested frienda can
The e.|'n| will be (nexptniivo
uud stuck will be bought in such
quanlitiei as in insure modcroto prices The man at the head nl the
manufacturing is on expert, whicli will
guarantee the output tu be ui ii liigh
ill"; The fullowing atatemenl will
give uu approximate idea ol the possibilities wilh even a modest sturl,
and i,.lumen.nig this business nuw
gives on excellent promise lor growth
us the city and population increases:
l-.|.iipni.'ni, providing lor employ
im in ol lour in. n (ond an output ol
Irom 30 l<> 36,000 cigars por month),
$76 ; runt lor three months, |60 ; materials, lubor and appurtenances, IV
300; preliminary oxpcneoe, $£00;
lotol Cost ol.cigars placed in   storoe
per l,t)00, lw; aoid .Bt #60 to. 166, or
on average propt per 1,000 qf 33 per
II, thereluro, we make and sell only
30,000 cigars per month tq begin witb
wo can show a gross profit qf more
tbun $330, but as wo do not intend to
remain stationary at this modem)
slatting point, wo figure that wltb a
blgb grade of goods, and close nltm-
tiqn to business, wo will receive tbo
appreciation find good will of ihe public lo iiin-h an extent that bolore a
your bu gono by, our output bus
boon more than doubled.
A few dollars invested in Ibis will
not make you rich, but will give an
iulvrc-Hl ou tho money invested several
limes thut ol „ savings bunk.
Yuur support, moral und financial,
is neeih .I expected und will be highly
Tender* Wanted
SEALED TENDEHS will be received
until 6 p.m. op Thursday Ith May,
1011, by tfao undersigned lor ibo grading ol Lynn Valley Scboul Grounds iu
accordance with Ibe plan, specification and schedule ol quantities lo be
soon at this oliioo.
Tbe loweet or any lender not necessarily accepted.
District Engineer.
Districl Municipal Office,
North Vancouver, B. C,
34th April, 1311. 3-6
Woman Says:
" The free Booklet and Color Card
Uught ma a lot of things worth
knowing about harmonising colors,
md a lew ten cent packages of
Rainbow Dyes helped me to bar-
innnii-u tbo climbing cost of living
md drenlng well, with our stationary income, by dyeing a )nt of
things from my wardrobe to look
fresh uud stylish.
Aik for III frtiBeoldil sti" Color CsrJsl
M. s. Mcdowell
B. C. DIJCOMMUN-6, 10, 16c store
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known a*
Wallace Shipyard*.
Term* to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
General Contracting
'TNG, Etc.   Estimates Given.
Macl ennan ii Andruftft
Keith Road, eait ol St. Goorge'e Avenue, or P. 0. Sox 131
All new bouses should be piped for gas in order to aave tbe
heavy expenditure for tbia convenience at a later date.
NortH Vancouver
Certificated Surgical, Mtdictl ind
Maternity Nurses
Nuiiii tMt Oil M Afptltltlos
For tirmi apply  it  the Hoipittl
imii Street Eist.
We Specialize in Society
Printing. We carry a
stock of Emblemi (or
most orderi. If we have
not youn we will get it
The North Shore Press
■)„■, m
thh mmm, mm vangouvrr, ». a
Brighten Up!!
Bapco Pure Paints Baplac Vamwhes
Shmgle Stains        Japalac Varnishes *
Enamel Paints       White Lead
Oils, Brushes, etc.. ,
Hardware Stoves Furnishings
Patterson. Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Roie 3 lbs. $1,00
5 lbs. of good Tea 1,50
5 lbs. ol better Tea "  -    1.75
5 lbs. ol the best Tea 2.00
AT \
Corner First Street and St. George
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'i
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
Elegant New Styles in
Spring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
NOTICE ii hereby given tbat an application will be made under I'art V.
1)1 the "Water Act, 1IHIU," to obtain
a lioeiiso in the District ol North'Van
eouver. Group 1, New Weetroinster,
(riow Vanoouver qiitriet).
(a) 1%! name, addreee and occupation ol tb« anpHoant—Tbe Our|i»Fft-
tion ol tbe Diilrlet ol Nprth Vanoouver.
(II lor mining purpoiee) Free Miner'i
Certificate No.
(b) Tbe name'ol the lab, stream
or source (it unnamed, the description
is)-MoC»rtuay Creek.
(c) The point ol diyereloii-About
WKI feet miiilli of the northern Imun-
iliu-v ol Distriot Lot WIS.
(il) Tho quantity ol water applied
lor (in ciiliiu bet per second)—1 cubic
feet per second.
(e) The oharaoter ol the proposed.
Works—Wooden dam and intake.
(I) Tbe promises op whieb ths Water is to Im used (deecriba samo)—Ths
Distriot of North Vancouver.
(g!   The purposes (or which the water is to be used-Municipal purposes.
(h) II  lor  irrigation  describe  the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
oci-eago-Not lor irrigation.
(i) If tbe water is to be used lor
power or mining purposes deeoribe tbe
place where the water ii'to be returned to some natural channel end the
difference in altitude between point o
diversion and point ol return—Nut for
power Or mining purpoeee.
(j) Area of orown land intended lo
be ocoupied by the proposed works-
(k) This notice wai posted on th
39th dav ol April, lull, and applioa
lion will be made to the commission
er on the second day ol June, IUII.
(1) llive the names and addresses o
any riparian proprietor - or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
effected by the pronoeed works, either
above or below the outlet —Thomas
Aitken, Harold Drentnn, Conrad and
Henry Hewitt, all ol rianaimo, and
V. H. Hepburn, Fanny E. McCartney
and K. W. MacfiUiii, all ol Vancouver.
(P. 0. Address)	
Note—One cubic loot per second is
equivalent to .15.71 miners' inches.
I'll The boundaries and area ol the
municipality aro as follows I
All that pieco of land commencing at
a posl marked Q, V. II. aituate on the
westerly ahore' ol the Norlb Arm ol
llurrard Inlet, being the north-easl
i'ii nn- ol lot numbered 873 in the Diilricl ol New Westminster; thence >>est
along Ihe north boundary ol laid lot
numbered 873 to the north weit corner thereol; thenoe in a weiterly direction to thc north-ooet corner of lot
niiiiilii'iiii lifiii; thence west ulong the
north boundary ol ssid lot numnored
DM to the north-east corner ol lot
numbered !)88 situated on .Seymour
Creek ; thence weet along the north
boundary nl aaid lot numbered 9th to
the mu ih nest corner ol said lot;
tlrence in a westerly direction lo tbs
north-east corner ol lot numbered 876;
thence weet along the north I oiiudni -
ios ol lots numbered 875 and 474 end
a line produced to the interscnvion ol
the omit line on Howe Sound . lln neo
s.iuihi'ily along the coast line lu point
Atkinsou ; thenoe eaet along lho rn.ill
line and north sbore ol llurrard Inlet
to a point in the south-west corner ol
lot numbered 373 ;> thence n ith ulong
Ihe west boundary oi snid h,t io ihe
north-west corner . thence elong
the north boundary ol said lot numbered 373 iuid lot iimnli.-ied 373 to the
n"iih i.'".I comer ol aaid loi numbered 373; thenoe eoulh ulong lho eosl
boundary ol auid lol to '.he intfiiic-
lion ol the shore lino; Ihunce ouslerly
along the said shore lino to Rocfaa
Point; thence northerly along the
west shore of the North Ann ol Ilm
raid Inlet alorosuid lo point ol commencement, and i-.iiiiiiiniiid una hundred souure miles, more or less;
(r)   Approiimutely the union -r of in
hiibilunln is 1800.
JOHN 0. F*lla«EB,
0. M. C    80S
equivalent to 8M| uuW Mies.  .
(<|) Tba boundaries »nd are* ot lho
municipality uro as follows:
All that pioue of land commencing
at a post marked G. F. II. situate on
the weiterly shore ol the North Arm
of Burrard Inlet, being the porth-eait
corner ol lot.numbered 873 in the Distriot of New Westminster; thenoe west
along the nnrth boundary ol said lot
uumbered 873 to the north-west oomer
thereol; thenoe in a westerly direction
to the north-vast corner of lot numbered WW; thence weet along the north
boundary ol laid lot niimboml %ti to
the iioi'lh-ottBt. corner ol lot numbered
088 situated on Seymour Creek;
thenoe wunt elong the north boundary
of said lot numbered <w to the northwest corner of eaid lot; thenoe in a
westerly  direction  to tho  iioithensl
11.3-115 Lonadale Avenue.
Seed Potatoes
All oat malt alt tpemaUy vmUA and teatad U amply  wit*
fatai Botitwi A*   h bayim ««kde den't oaarmtm nmMy.
Wt almmrtJalmliu4 FERTILIZERS
The BrackfMn-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
UmWAlf. AVKNUK.      ' At Ferry UuAm
NOTICE ii hereby uinn thai en application will be made under Part V.
4 the "Water Ant, IUM," to obtain
a licence in tbe Dietrict ol Nortli Vencouver, Group, I, New WeetminiUr,
(now Vancouver) dietrict.
(a) The name; addreee and occupation of the applicant—'ibe Coipora-
1108* of the limliii t of North Vuneouver,
jl' lor mining purposes) Free Manure Certificate Plo.
(ii) The name of tbe lake, stream or
source (il unnamee, the deaaoriplion ill
-Creek running through Dietrict Ix/t
Ml and erowing Kaitfa Rood about 10
chains weet of eait boundary ol aaid
Distriot l,oi.
(0) Tha point ol diversion -Iu Dii-
(riot I .ul (33 at or about 10 chain!
north ol ths Keith Road.
(<t) Ihe quantity of witar applied
for (in cubic feet per second) 2 lubio
feet por aecond.     ,      .      ,    .
(e) The chareolar ol the proposed
worke-Wooden dnm and inluke.     •
(f) Tbs premises on wbich tha water is lu lw ueed (describe sume)-The
District 4 North Vancouver.
(g) Ths purpoie* for which th* water ie to be used-Municipal purposes,
(b) If lor irrigation deeoribe the
land intended io be irrigated, giving
a0r*age-Not lor Irrigation.
(i) II Ih* water ii to be used lor
power or mining purpoeee describe the
place where (he water ie lo b* returned In some netural channel, end Ine
diflerencs in altitude between point ol
diversion and point of return-Mot lor
power or mining purposes.
(1) Aria of Crown lead intuaded to
be ocoupied by the proposed workt-
Nrme.      ,.
(k) This notice woe polled on the
Wtb d.v M April, |»ll, and eiriW
lion will be made to tbe oomi»U)oMr
on the Seooad day of June,.1011.
(I) Give the name* and oddrseaai ol
any riparian proprietor! or lisweeoo
who or whoM l*adi era Ijjkaly to b»
aleeUd.b}' the propoaed works, mlAat
above or Mow the outlutr-C. 0. Wick-
of Vencouvse, Th* balance is
Indian reeerva.
corner of lot numbswd 875; thenoe
weH along the north boundurjei ol lots
numbered 878 and 874, and a lino produced to the intersection nl the coast
line qn Howe Sound i tdi"n°<> southerly "'"ng the const line lo Point  U-
kin»nn | twice eait along Iho c list
line uud nurth shore ol Burrard in ot
to a point in the soutb-west pome'
ol lot numbered 378; iheinv 11..1-* '■
along the west boundary ol laid |ul
to tha north-west comer; thenoe esat
along the north hnuii.lury l|f   snid lot
(lumbered 378 and lot numbered H73
in the north-east oornsr ol laid lot
numbered 373 ; thenoe south along the
cast boundary ol said lot m tbe in-
joi'sootii.n ol the ln>) thine
iiistorly ulong Iho suid ilinre lino to
1'o'iie Point) .ihi'iic 11.01 h.d I; along
the wost shore ol the North Arm ol
Burrard Inlet aforesaid \o point ol
onninuffloenient, and containing one
hundred square miles, nW» or lew 1
(r)  Approximately the number of inhabitants ie 1800.
0, M. C.        80-8
Notary Publio
Loam,   Iiiveitmsiiti   and   Insurance
Room 307, 133 Granville St., Vancouver, B. 0.  Pboni 8300.  Land Registry work a specialty.
New Subdivieions in North Vancouver City
Fronting on Grand Boulevard in Blocks 226 and 227
Alio Loti in Block 230, Fronting on Grand Boulevard
and LoU in Block 232a, ■'    ■'
ahon, McFarland  & Procter, Limited
Cor. Pender and Seymour Sts., Vancouver, B. C.    Phone 6286
Real Estate and Fire Iniurance Agents
Agreement* for Sale Bought and Sold
Loam Negotiated, RenU Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. O. Box 72
North Vancouver City
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
r1      Cleared, Ready for Building
In Blocks 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
Double corners,  $ 1900  to  $2200.
In Blocb 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms; 1-4 Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D.L546and550
subdivided into blocks of from I to 4 or more
acres.    Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250   .
Terms: 1 -4 Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grind Boulevard extendi through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, 1^%
843 PENDER ST. BsiBS VANCOUVER, B. C. m W»m NQSTfr WeQUVBR, j; ft.
The Bank of British North America
Capital m Up 14,866,6^,   Rewve Fund $2,632,333.
g Officei in North VmiwwtW^S
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (near Fourteenth Street)
'      i> d     . '   Ul    . .
Saving PeppBJts of JJr.'oo and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker'?'Money Orders issued.
Until nllii'i\s transact a general Uniting business
and are open nil Sill ill duy uigllt.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
Richmond Electoral District.
TAKE NOTICE that I bave received objections in writing to the retention! the following names on tbo llogiiter of Votera for tbo Richmond
Electoral District on tbo iirouutls stated bolow.
AND TAKE NOTICE that at u Court ol Revision to be held on the 1st
day ol May, l'.HI, at the Cily Hall, Norlh Vancouver, II. C, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, 1 shall hear and determine, the said objections, and unless such named porsoni or some other provincial voter on thoir behalf,
lutisty pie that such objections ore not well founded, 1 shall atrika euch
name! oft tlie said register.
Ihiled Ihii llllh day of/April, 1011. Registrar ol Votori.
No. on
» Abercrombie, ,1. T Lulu Island
60 Aiii.iit, John  Sea Island
.ajj4..,.t...By!, tlerbert  ,...,..,[)lock 6 Nr. 7, Sea Island
lUSC Boihwell, J. B Lulu Island
374 .-..Burrell, Henry ...Srn lslund
li86.......,.Burlop, William  Steveston
fi Hi lumiey, .innien , ., Sea Island, Ehurne
fill) Daniel:., Duniel li South Vuneouver
878 '....Diobel, A|hort Win Steveston
6711 Ilirmr, William  Eburno
674... Diiiuwull, llohort M Sea Island
*  716 Duff, Alox Lot 111, illock 6, Sea Island
777 Evans, Alex. E Lot 6, Gr. 1.
831 Fisher, ■lam.s . Sea Island
1010 Grigiis, Clinton A.  Eburne
1178 Hirst, P. C. ..'. Iliiclibcrry ltd. l't. Grey
|313 Hooper, Wm. 'bus Lulu Island
1374 Huslun. Wm. I* Lulu Island
1333 Irwin, Holit Sea Island
1330 lohnslon, F. II Lulu Island
1348 Lines. E. ,1 Sua lslund
1662..„,..,.Logic, .1 nines  Sea Island
1633.... Mnlheson, John  Soa Island
1633 Malhuwsiin, Peter  I Inline, Lulu Island
108!) iiTcLeoIl, Roderick  Soa Island
2003 McMyn, .lames Soulh Arm, Lulu Island
3003 McMyn, .lohn   Soo lslund
3240 Ruliey, Chut.  Eburno
3406 Sauudure, Jos .I.ulu Island
3716 Telford, Thos.  .Lulu lslund
3864 Walker, Wm Lulu Island
3036 Wooltnl, Jas Lulu lslund No. 3 Road
7 Abercrombie, Robt. Henry ...Term Novo
168 Beer, .lunue  Sluveslon
301 Ilroek, .lohn  Hburnu, Sea Island
633 i ..n..11;. I'.yrira  Soa island
616 Deloeck, Alherl Claud  lluri|uillum
761 Elliott, Frederick  301b Ave. and Heather, 1). L. 473
1041 Origjjs, F. T Eburno
3361 Rowan, Duncan  Terra Nova
3467 Sheridan. Wm. 17th Ave., Fuirview
2027 While, Thos. A Stovoelun
2038 White, Thus. Aloysius  South Vancouver
3003 Withoy, Peter  Lulu Iilond
===== TUC =====
Complete Showing of
New   Spring   Goods
We Sell Everything for M» but Stai
W. DICK,. Prop.
47 * 49 HASTINGS STREET, PAST-47 & 49
■A few yards oil LONSDALE AVENUE. Only
two Iota left, each 50 ft. by 167 It. Price only $500
each, 1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 16 monthi.
Block and ball Irom c# line, a cleared 50 ft. lot fa
.   ||050, 1-3 caah, balance /j and 12 aifnih,
C« E. LAW80N & CO.
I'lwne in- -I'. O. tintBl
mmmmmmmwm        umi Iwaae»««aae«ej>awt>a«pa»e»»twwi
Editor Eipreii:
In your paper ol the 38tb imt. you
gave an artiole to tbo effect tbat Iff.
It. RiHjl, "tbe bone ql contention ho-
twoon me and my council and engineer," bud resigned. I think it "only
lair mul juit to myself tbat you give
tbii letter publication to flatly contradict such satirical stigma to a publio official, common souse and justice.
Mr. Coegrave'i dctiro to discharge
tbe superintendent wai ouly one flf
many incident! which led urn to privately aik lor his resignation.
I was doing my duty and I om still
ol the opinion tbat our chief engineer
lacks the oiporienoo whidi is required
to fulfil such an office.
I um n practioal man and one who
has beon over the municipality repeatedly. Therefore I consider I know
whereof I spoak.
(Sgd.)      T, A. ALLAN,
Distriot Municipality.
Canadian Verse
By Jem Bliwitt.
[Mrs. Jean Blewett wai born at Scotia, Lake Erie, Ontario, in 1889, and
is the daughter ol John McKishney.
She wai educated it St. Thomu Collegiate Institute and achieved her
Arst success when ihe published her
series ol sketches entitled "Cabinet
Quebec, the grey old city qn tbe hill,
Lies with a golden glory on ber head
Dreaming throughout thii hour so
fair, to still,
Ol other day- s id all her mighty dead
The white dovci'•perch upon the can
nuns grim,
The flower- iiluom where once did
run a tile
Ol crimson, when the moon roie
pale and dim
Above the belli.-Held io grim and wide.
Methinki within her ruse i mighty
Ol pride, ol lenderneii—her itlrring
The itrife, the valor, ol the long ego
Feels at her heiirlstringi. Strung, and
Ull, tnd vast,
She lies. ton.■bed with the luniet's
golden giace.
A wondrous soltneu on ber grey old
Piajrai and tbo nature ql the leeurity,
i| any. hold by tbem.
ADD TAKE NOTICE that alter tbe
lit ol May, 1911, tbe eieoulor wjll
proceed tq diitributo the aiiott o| tbc
deeetied, having regard only to the
cltims ol which bl then ihall have
bad notica.
tbtt til parliei iiu|obtixl to tba iuid
estate are required tq pay the
amount nl their indehteincii tn tbs
undersigned lorlliwith.
Dated thii 39th day ol March, 1811.
Bolicilors lor tbe Eicculor.
103-4-5 Drown Building, 9)8 Pender
Slroet, Vancouver, B, 0, 3-6
NOTICE ii hereby given that at the
ii.".i ntting ol the Board 61  Licenio
I'linimislionera    lor    Ibe   District   ol
Norlh Vancouver, I, the undoriigu-iil,
intend   to   apply lor a hotel    license
for  promisee 'situate an Beatley   Ii-
liniil.  Eagle Barbour, D. h. 774,   in
the said District of North Vaucn'iver.
Dated at North Vuneouver,
April 37lli, 1811. \    tl
Canadian Verse
By Inni Eldir Morten.
| Mrs Irene Elder Morton of Clem-
entiport, N.S., wai born at Hantiport,
In the same province, in IMS, and was
educated at -Acadia Seminary. She
haa written occasional verto.J
Where the soil ihadowi fall,
Where tlie wind's voice! call,
Softly tnd low,—
Mother earth, cover mul
Dailies, grow over me I
Bury me low.
Far Irom the sound of strife,
From tlie rude voice of lite,
iJury me deep I
Where thc suit lummer ralo,
Soothes all my weary pain,
"here let ma ileep.
•   Wild on earth'! hopei and vato
Even love touches pain—
Bury me low I
Mother earth, cover mtl
Duisies, grow over inel
Bury uie low I
Notice is hereby givon that thc
liowo Sound and Norlhern Kuilway
Company (a cumpany incorporated by
tho legislature ql the 1'rovince of British Columbia) will apply at the present session oi parliament ol Canada
lor an Act (1) declaring that the
works und undertaking ol lho Company aro worka lor the general advantage ol Canada: (3) lo ostend the
lilies ul railway which the Company is
now to const)net and operate aa follow,): from a point at or
near Lillooet, thence nurlbcrly along
the valley ol tbo Fraser river to the
town ol Fort Oeorge, thepco northerly
lo the valley ol tbt Parsnip River and
along the valley ul tbo Parenip river
to a point at or near its junction with
il"- Ponce rivor, thence easterly alonu
the Peace rivor to Poace Rivor landing ; with power lo lay out, construct,
operate and maintain a branch line
Irom Nowporl al tho head of Howe
Sound to the cities of North V'ancou
vor and Vancouver; (9) to empower
tho Company to own, develop and o|>
ei ni .■ water jiowtrs lor tho purpotei ul
its undertaking; (I) tu construct uml
operate telephone and teleuroph lines
und to charge tolls lor lho use thereof ; (6) to own, build, purchase or
othorwise obtain tnd operate steam
and other vessels; (li) to build and
operate elovators, wharfs, warehouses,
etc., and to carry on Ihe business ol
general warehousemen, and lor such
other powers and privileges is may lie
incidental or necessary lo lho above.
HATED al Ottawa this Mli day   ol
April, 1811.
Citiicn Building,
01 lava.
Solicitors for the applicants.       21-h
NOTICE ii hereby givon that all vt-
oant Crown landi pqt already under
roiirye, lituutod wtyhln the bounder-
let of tba, Und Recording Districts of
Cariboo und Lillooet, and the Kam-
loops Division ol Vale Land Recording Diltriot, are reserved Irom any
alionotiou undtr tb* "l*M Act" except by pre-emption.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lnnda,
Victoria, B. C, April 3rd, 1811. 7-fi
.1. J'J.r''■'■ 3
,      a    ' NOTICE
PUBLIC NOTICE li hereby given
that, under tho authority contained
in section 181 ol the "Land Act," a
regulation bat been approved by the
Lieutenant-Ooverner iu Coundl fixing
the minimum salo pricei ul firit and
leoond-class lands at 11II tnd 18 per
nere, respectively.
This regulation further provides thut
tho prices fixed therein shall apply to
all liiu.lii with respect to which the application to purchase is given favour
able consideration aftor this date, not-
wkhstanding tbo dalo ol auch application or any dolay tbat may nave
occurred in the consideration ol tbe
Further notice is hereby givon that
all persons who havo ponding applies
i uiii.i to purchase lands undor tbo provisions ol sections 34 or 86 ol tbe
"Land Act" and who are not willing
to complete sucb purchases under thc
prices flxod by tbo tlorcsuid regulation
shall be tt liberty to withdraw such
applications and receive rciund ol tbo
moneys deposited on account ci euch
Minister ol Lands.
Department ol Lands,
Victoria, B. C, April 3rd. 1811.   f-6
The qualifying examinations for
tbirtj-clatt Clcrki, .funior f'lerke and
Steuographeri will lie held at tie lol-
lowing places, commondng on Monday, the 3rd duly next:—Armilrong,
Clrilliwack, Cumberland, Golden,
'hand Forks, Kamloops, Kttlo, Kd-
owini, Ladyamith, Nanaimo, Nelson,
Now WcstmintUr, North Vancouver,
Peachland, Hovdslo'se, Rostlend, Sal-
iii.'ii Arm, Suinini'iliiiiil, Vancouver,
Vernon and Viotoria.
Candidates muet bo llritish subjects
between the agte of 31 and 3D, If lor
Third-elan Herts; and between 16 and
SI, il for .funior Clerks or Stenograph art.
Applications will not be aocepted if
received later than lho I6lb 4 June
Further information, togolfaer , with
application forms, may lie obtained
from the underiigned.
Regiilror, Public Service.
Viotoria. B. C, 37th April, 1811.IS-6
tH- perioai baying c|»i«« N*^
the tttate of Mtrtht H Molt, deeett
ed, late of tbt City of North Vencouver, tre rtqujnd lo eent by pott, prepaid, or deliver to SobulU k AmU,
loHdton /or the exeou'tor of Uuitid
^m^amMmff   Aifaftf   fmfHm;   pUfi     mtmff mmmmmi
A. Campbell Hope
603 iltitingi Street Witt, Vancouver,
B. C Phone 6836
Residence: Tiroman Illock 368 111 St.
Eait, Norlh Vancouver. Phono RI13.
n M vm-
North Vdiicouvn
Coal and Supply (o.
Dealen in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Buildeu' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.    Prices on
()lTiie: Laonidale, near City Whirl
Warehouie;      Forman'i Wharl
Bert Goodi at
"    '.' 'i I 'i"i    ■■
Bed-rock Prices
All lines of choice family
Groceries, also Fruits,
Confectionery, etc.
t    '
Satisfaction  guaranteed
or money refunded.
Our methods are receiving favor on (nil Bides
und hiisiness is increasing with great rapidity
Yuur orders respectfully
Telephone 126
Jno. Dierssen I
Coupons given Iree on ever}
$i.y> order to get a chance on
residential lot iu Port Angeles.
Capital Paid Up ■. t 3760,000
Reeorve k Undivided Profit!    8360,000
Totil Assets  40000,000
mj* :
Many a fortune can bo traced liaok
to tbo day it! owner deposited tbe
first dollar io a Savings Account.
Tbe one dollar tffordt an Incentive to deppeit more—end, ai intereit
ii added to principal, the imall ium
growi mure and more rapidly, until it
finally hecomct a competence.
One Dollar will etart an account
wilh (he Bank of Hamilton.
C. Q. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vencouver.
EttA Ofixt:
- ■   -r        m^a^w*
from $200 to $450; 1-4 cash, balance 2 years
All alaahed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Boulevard; open;
high ground; full view of city and hwfcor; 10 roinuUa walk
from two car line*.
         .....        .      —
Why liv* milea out of the city wfcea you fm purcbaae Home-
titea for lew than you pay three and four milea out, and jn
the weet end at that?   INVESTIGATE.
Express Classified Columns
IW.-'l    I I11"  '
>■ ■ I—■■■ ■llll.lllll
WANTKD-nroohy Hani' and   live
fowl,  Fish Market, Irt atreet weet,
Japanese woman wnnti work, washing, etc, IHth Itreet euat. 1', 0, Do!
SO, Telephone ft*, Irom 7 to 9 pm.
WANTBD-^Yoniig girl or olderly woman to help with two children, good
; home, good wapjoe. Harrow-Omen, St.
tieorge itraet, liotween IStli and 13th.
DRESSMAKING Mis, G. Findlny,
Miee' and children'i dreslmnker, do-
•iree work by tho day. Terma moderate, Care Mis. A. Mill, Box 184, N.
Vancouvor. H
I'uro   Milk   and   Cream   delivered.
Lynn Valley Dairy, (W Lonidale.   13-8
Freeh   Lettuce   lor   Sale.   ,0,   E.
Keene, IMI) itreet.
Deeirablo rooimHxalb-eoutliorn ex-
poauro, large yard. Referenoee, 230
-'ml atreet eaet,,    , SI-IS
LOtST-April 33rd between. Lonidale
Ave. end Lynn Valley car lim, liver
and white epaniel bitch, aged, diet. 01
no use eioept to owner oa a pet. Reward lor return. '-'IM S.m. n.l Am mm,
Nottb Vancouver. Poena 380.        15-fte
Roonu 10 end 11, Pender Chamber!,
533 Fender Street W.       1'hone 3461
Reeldence,  cor.  Lonsdale Ave   and
Mud itreet, North Vancouver.
J. Leutit and North Loasdule
Elder Hurray Co. lire Imurance.
(let   il al  the Lonsdule I'hormiu'y,
corner 8th ami Lonsdale. I'hune '-".'. ti
Diiiolution of Patnerthip
NOTICE il hereby given Ihat the
ium ol II. M. N, Coal and Supply
Cniiipiiuy, North Vanoouver, hai lieu
dieaolveil by mutual in nt tbe
3UI day ol Mnrcb, IUII.
All accoiinli due lo tbe firm »ro pay-
able tn thu uiidertiigna-il ami he   will
pay all'debts   incurred   by the   fimi
prior lo ihe ditto nl ilii.olulinn.
United llioilii'ili.iiiil ol Carpenters
and .loinera ol Amerioa. Local Nn.
1436. Headquarter! lor both workmen seeking employment and ct nlract-
ori needing men, at Cummings' Store,
I ..linnl.iIr Avenue. Business agent's
hours 8.00 to 8.30 a.m. nnd 6 to 6.311
p.m. .1. R. Tlinin, businesi agent, tl
Notice to Contractor!
TENDERS nie invited until 8 p.m.
May 6th neitt, lor llie erection ol a
theatre building, Lonsdnle Ave. near
16th street.
The lowest or uny tender, not necessarily accepted. I'luiis and specifications nl the i,lln.  ol
■I. ,1. DONNEI.I.AN,
III!) I'ender Street,
3-5       • Vancouver, B.C.
pairing businees in Jfarth Vancouver
permanently nnd be more than ever
rea<|y to undertake any job IB his
line however bad it my ba, Until
he goee, whioh will be in about a
mordh'i time, he will be glad, to wt
his Iriendeuthii r^eidweo, NHb atreet
second house eait nl St. George's Ave.
end where he st ill continue! to d.. repair work, ns his timoie too short to
mink another looilion in tbe business
part ol the ojty; Jeyeiry or watcb«i
lor repairs can be left at the Fair
confectionery etore, 6th block, Lonidale, in care of Mn. Ducommun end
Sincerely yours,
10-5 'C. C. HTAUFFER.
A Cheap Double
Corner on
Queensbury Ave
LoU 23 and 24, Block
14, D. L 273, 137 feet
on car line by 100 feet
deep. Price only $5750.
1-3 caah, balance to arrange.
The  above   will   .i..aa.>■ I-      be
good I..inn..-.:• i'i"|»'ij, being
hiiuiii.'l .-., I'loee U) the Gland
Boulevard, upon which no itorea
.'nn In erected.
Canadian Financiers
Oil Qraavilie Street,
Aull.„ri/»l   Capital, tl,t*»l,m.
Id .il Bltlta    Insurance
Money to Loan
Nortli Phona 2IS
local Manager.
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harness Co.
District oi Nortli Vancouver
Application! by loiter will be lerclv
"I by the uii<leiiigiu<! lor tin poiition
ol ltoad • n|i.. mi.-i.'i'mi Appllcililll
slate experience in clearing, ; i.ulu .
iiiucudumiring, und i H..I..I ... im' i ial
'..iHtiiiriuii. work, including linu-
l.'v|,in:' und .'oiling. Salury #110 per
District Engineer,
P. O. Boi 63,
Nortli  Vancouver.
The I heoiopbicftl Society meet! in
Norlh Vancouver in Room I, 61 Lonsdale Avenue (entrance next to Wei-
rome Parlor) every Wuln.eduy evenln.'
at - o'clock. Alteiidunce ii entirely
/nit uud lurriee no obligutioni "but
ever. You are Invited, Tbeni pliioal
■-I  and .pieitionl.
Tho billowing ii the revised li.t to
date of those who have made donations lo the North Vanoouver Hone
II. C. Leather Co.
S|kmceri Ltd.
Hesanu.Armstrong (Jeweler).
M a. I kin k Co.
bnovvb'i- k MuoCadley.
P. Itochusieii.
G. Grierson.
Colin F. Juckion.
Misers. Birks k Sona.
N. Van. Coal Co.
Salo k Co.
C. E. Lawion k Co,
N. Van. Cartage Co.
Briiuhunin .'.  Kerr.
F. T. Salibury.
li"' .il Bunk.
Vnn.  ILiinees Co.
II. A. Smith.
Geo, Brooks.
W. HoNeieh,
Tboinpson (iruhanic.
A. B. Diplock.
W. Bailey.
li. A. McBain.
II. I). Green-Armytuge.
Norlb Shore Press Ltd.
I'..    II.    Ull,li'lH.ill
A. E. I.iddlo.
Decker k Woods.
Hudson Buy Co.
Kelly  llouglus k Co.
0. II. Allen.
Lccsoii, Dickie Ai Gross.
Independent Liquor Co.
J. M. Fromme.
Lawsoi) k Thompson.
I'. Larson.
Kingsley. . '
II. Fogg.
Bunk nl
(apt.  ('ales.
Stanley Park Livery.
I'. Burns k Co.
Irwin k  Billings.
S. Scbultl At Co.
W. W.  LeFcaux.
Alex. Smilb At Co.
joining miiBloipaMlw tntvi W.» ro-
lined with a view to efltabliehing the
identity of the deoeawd. Although the
bloochod and hideous skull contains no
recognizable |e»twe the t«ture
deoompoecd cloth and the effeqti lound
in poilulii of the uliith e muy (o in
Kiiiiiu el un that will hud to the tiara-
veiling oi the mystery.
North Vunopuver wua presented with
soiiuiihing new in the line of its manufactories this morning when,a cigar
manufactory under the management ol
Mr. A' W. Wilkie, opened hia work
rooms over McMillan's Grocery etore.
Yesterday murning ue Itev. A. J.
Frossor, Ihe newly iiiatulbd Baptiet
minister wai making be way to the
forry down the mml side of Lonsdale'
Ave. he very nearly met with ami
oils n.-ei iii in i. As he wae palling the
building now iu course ol lonitruoti n
between the Espbiiiimle and lerry a
hod ol mortar fell from tha icaffold
on lo the board walk only u few in linn behind Mr. Prosier. Luckily it mined him by .. lew inches, but came cloee
onoiigh to be unpleaiiint.
The undersigned lokua phasure in
iii.inking his friends and customer, of
North Vancouver lor their highly valued support and patronage during the
tail sii monthi. lie regret! to sny
lhal he hai lo ulnae hii jewelry busi-!
nets temporarily, Iwing railed to tin
old country, both by duty and . n
busineei. He, however, if nothing unforeseen occuri, will lie back again
thii fall or next spring when he will
engage in the jewelry and wutch   re-'
A slu,eking ii.. .-'K win brought lo
light yesterday ufimnoon when tbo
skeleton ol a man wm diioverel
bunging by several llni-kneese. ol win
(low lord from a true in l.ynh Valley
iu a spot known us ihe "Idle Wyld,"
ball a mile or more irom r'r.mime's
mill nnd about a tboiieaiiil Minis from
Ibo road where it bud evidently been
for six months or so. The 6n Iin t
wus reported to ibe oily ro.iste'Ie
and llie remain! were brought to tin
eily last night. At an n., ■■ il Ibis
morning ul Hurron Urol', undertuk-
ing purlors, presided over by Coroner
Diplock, Ihe jury found a Verdict lb1'
tlie man came to fail death by lur
ing, Ihe evidence pointing very strong*
ly to suicide. A puree with „ 11 bill,
two jack knivue, a pair of small ni
sore, a mntcb box, u smuil pie e ol
tobacco, u pair ol gold spoa'taclce and
case, load pciiril and ,. wat.-h and
chain were (ound iu theclolboi. lie
i'u|i, whicli wai ou the ground mar
the scene ol the tragedy, wa! of tho
make ol a Philadelphia Ium and tlii
was Ihe only indication ol tlio iniin'i
nationality. It bat beon ahsided to
allow the l>«ly to remain unburiod until   the police ol Vancouver and   ad-
St. Andrew'! Presbyterian church,
liib street: Services nt II a.m. and
7.311 p.m. Sunday school 3.3(1 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at a o'clock.
Lypn Valley Presbyterian Church-
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., I nion
Sunday S.hool, 9.30 p.m. 11. Van
Munster, M.A., pastor.
Lynn Vulley Methodist Church-Service every Sunday evening in limti
tuts Hall at 7 o'clock. Chea. Fake
ley, pastor in charge.
Baptist Church - Fifth and St.
George. Services al II a.m. and 7.31,
p.m. Sunduy School and Bible Class
at I'i. 16 p.m. Prayer und pruiee nervine Weil.,.- 'I,., ul 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev.
A. J. Prosser, 'ind ilriel east.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
—Worship, .Sundays, 7 311 p.m., Sunday School, 8,31) p.m. II. Van Huns-
iter, M.A., pastor.
St. jobs tho Ei nnjeli I, 8th and
13th strcuti: Holy, 6 a.m.
morning prayer, 11 am. ; evening pre-
yer, 7.311 p.m. On the first Sunday in
thc month there will be a icconn celebration of lho holy communion at
11 a.m.  Rector, Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Methodist Church, corner ol Sixth
atreot snd St. George'i Avenue-
Sunday preaching services at ILK) a.
m. and 7.30 p.m., Sun lay School an
Biblo Clsii al 3.30 p.m., Senior
gue on Monday evening al 6.00 p.m.,
prayer ond praise Miivica on Wednesday evening at 8.011, Jmior league
service on Tlmrsduy all.-ino. a at 3.30
A cordial welcome is extended to ell
to attend these lervi.e*. Pa.tor, W.
C. Schlichler, reiidtn e, corner Keith
Road and Ht. Andrew'!.
Indian 'Catholic Church ol St.
I'dnl's. Muss, 7.31) a.m. Sundiiyi. I'm
lor, Hev. E. Poytnvin, O.M.I.
St. E.lmund'i Catholic Church, Malum Avenue : Sunday! Ma . 10,30 a.
in., Sunduy Sclinol 3.30 p.m., Roiary
lleiii-Jii I i.,n and Sermon 7.30 p.m.
St. Agnei Church, lloulevaid—Vicar,
Itev. T. E. Howe. 7.30 p.m. evensong
every Sunday: 11 a.m. Ilolv Common
ion, '.'nil Sunduy ol every modth.
St. f'lemenl'i, Lynn Valley-Vicar,
Rev. T. 10. Howe. Aiiiilant Pricil,
Rev. 11. I). Ili.-liiin, BA. 7.30 p.m.,
evensong, every Sunday: H a.m.
holy communion, let Sunday ol every
St. Thomas, Norlh l.onsdale»-Virar,
Rev, T. E. Rowe. 8 a.m., every Sunday .- - •.■ |,t lit Sunduy in month ; 8.80
a.m., lit Sunduy in month; 11 a.m.
Matin Litany und aermon, '.'ml and HI.
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, lit and 3rd Sunday..
Tbe Salvation A uny S. A. Ball,
Lonidale Avenue:
Sunday—11 a.m., holineae inn-ting;
3 p.m., children'! meeting ; p.m.,
salvation meeting: Tueedoy, 8 p.m.,
hnlineee meeting; Wednesday, I p.m.,
children'i meeting; Thureday, 8 p.m.,
ealvation meeting. Captain Duuglae
will visit any wbo are lick or in dii-
trssi at any time.
Gitf den Took
——.■-. .
Our spring shipment has
just arrived from the factory, consisting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure Forks, Potato Hooks, etc, The above
are all full strapped and
first grade, Drop in and
look them over.
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware .Sfecitlisti Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
Sugar, IV lb. suck ,,.$1.00
I'nu, McMillun's 3 lb. lor  11.00
Baking Powder, Colwlykc Brand—
full Hi
I'aiini.l Fruit*, delicii us Culiiom'a
Peura, Peaches, Aprico'i cud
llniplierries, per Iin     .40c.
tin la*.   Pickles, line  English picklee, par
Coffee-whole roiisl   und freshly
ground, |ier lb 38c
Hum, fumy sngur cured p.-i   lb....30c
bolllu  !l»c.
Butter, fresh mude, New /.inliiiil
8 lbs , »!.«'•
j. a. & m. McMillan
 Phone 20-	
Leave Vancouvor A.3n a.m. and
ilieiealtei cveiy 30 miuii.i until
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.80 pm.
every 30 minulei until 11.30 p.m
thereafter 13.16 and LOO a.m.
Leave Norlb Vuncnuvcr fi.00 a.m
uml lb. i. ■,. I i.-i .very 'ill ii.iib.iI.-h un
lil 7.00 p.m. Commentinif IM) p
m. every 3l| uiinutn until 11.00 p
ni   tii,iend,.  11.16 nnl 13.18 « in
leave   Vuneouver   710,   8.30 an I
U.IHI ilieie,ili|.  samo as weekdayi.
Leave North Vancouver 7.30, 8.HI
and 8.40, thereafter some »week-
Single lure 8c, 6 lor 36c, 30 lor II, 70 lor il.
A "Lumber wagon-, Irucki ami
druyi, 78c return.
!'• - horse express curriagii ami
bucks, 60c return.
C—1 led-.- express buggies uml
uuloi, 36c return.
All   ihe   111 a.  a-   mla   include  di iv
er.   Iliiles A und B subject to   30
pci cciil. .lis..,nni   n loll ol AO.
Per I'm lln. rate, 8c.
Minim un rule, IHc.
Time-table subject to change wlthoul notice.
Company not liable lor delays, u.ndcnlol or otherwise.
ll. E. KEMP,    Secretary Ireasur f.
Breads   Bread!
Union Made.   Home Industry,
H;(|(j<r Loaf*  Better  Bread.
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.Mori's: 711 otwlale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale A llli St.
Our Easter Progress and Development Edition contains $\ volume of information about  the North  Shore,  with  pictures of  both City and  District,


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