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 ! ' ■!  ,"",'■■, LB
Volftmu W
North Vanoouver, H.O., Tuesdav, September 12, 1911
Vmon %
The regular meeting ol tlm eity
council took place hut night- M»yor
McNeish presided ai,d all th* aldermen excepting Aid- Kittson were present,
Tbe «lty engineer, Mr- Oso, Hancs,
wrote according ta instructions, reporting on the approximate cost ol
grading fell Ave. to a permanent
grade. The grading of Pell Avo. was
a*tlintt«d to cost tUQ.OOl) and the ap
proximate tost of griding Hamilton
Avs. would  be  15,000.
Mr. W. Tboinpsou of 458 Manhattan Place, Los Angeles, wrptp to the
eounell complaining tbat the new grade
tn Lonsdale Avo. would damage his
property on tho south went corner of
Lonsdale Ay*, uml L'ml slrect- When
ho built on this property he received *
permanent grade from ihe city council
*nd he, tbereforo, held the city liable
for any damage* incurred by tb*
change of grade. Mr Thompson's letter was tied for consideration,
Jack Loutet k Co. wrote a* agonts
for tb* owner* of lot ii, block til,
(I)trlct lot 271, asking what tb* coun
1 intended doing to givo trees* to tbo
hove house as the cut thero appear-
e.1 to ho nino foot, it was decided
tbst tbe owners must sco to tbeir own
Tba North Vancouver Und I Ip
provement Oo. Ltd, wrote in reply to
council's letter taking permission ta
lay t sewer through tho company's
property south of tbo Esplanado and
west of Lonsdale Avenue The city
council's letter bad been duly consid
erod by Ibo board of directors wbo,
after goiug fully into tbo matter, r*
grelted Ibat it waa not possible to
graut permission for tbo placing of tbe
sowor. They desirod that tbo company'a buildings In lhal locality
should he served by sewers pn tbe Es-
plauada and Lonsdale Ave.
A loiter was read from tbe B. 0.
Electric Bailway Go. Ltd. to the city
engineer respecting tbe grading of tbo
track on Ieonsdtlo Ave. Th* letter
pointed out that under clguso 1 of lbs
company's franchise agreement with
tbo corporation of Nortb Vancouver
dated August 16, ions, tbs work of
raising tnd lowering tke track oa
Lonsdale Avenue would be carried out
at tbo corporation's exponsc. Tbey
would prefer not to commence work
nntil tfter tke winter months, but
should th* council with ptherwis* thi
work should be commenced ss qeickjy
ts possible.
Aid. Henderson ssid that ho was
.under tbe Impression tbat Ibe city
waa to gride tbo ttreet and Ibo company wu to move tbe trtckt, either
te tbe right or to the loft. This letter
Wtt a new feature of tbe case. In
Vsncouver the arrangement In- had
quoted prevailed.
Aid. Dick said that liy tbe franchise
ths company wtt to put tbeir tricks
to Iht permanent grado of tbo street
and tbey would b* written to, telling
Ikons tbtt tbe city tesumed no rctpon-
tibillty ia tbe matter tad thtt tbty
would look to tk* B. 0, Electric (,'p.
to undertake tk* business wbeu ca
od upon.
An amendment was carried lo tk*
effect tbtt the m»tt»r ssould be left
ever for discussion oa Thursdty oven
the allies of Vanf-any** ihii) North
Vancouver witb a proportion ta tbs
Dominion government, tba railway
company to ba allowed to go |co|
Cltiten* pt North Vancouver tpd
Vancouver assert your rights whioh
aro being stolen from you.
If It is tho caso that the railway
company bave no responsibility, it is
high time we applied to our legislature tp pa*« such, legislation as will
plkCO miine responsibility on their
shoulders in order to bsve their legal
rights allepated tot the common good.
Then we may got our own, a highway
between tbe two cities open to Clod's
sun and air, not a dismal substitute
, passage through tb* bowels
up fellow citizens I
Yours faithfully,
/OBS ». jf, MPBAY
Profit and Loss Statement tot Month
ef July, 1911.
Cash fares     I      9,05
Passenger ticket saes  .... 18743.50
Vehicle ticket sales     1360.75
freight  receipts         8!11.75
Rent receipt*        580.00
Wbtrfage account    ••••••    1*IM
Advertising  rsvsnuo          18.50
Offico   supplies       ...
68. No. 8-
Bop.   equipment      7.66
Bep. eng tud mtc    1088.49
Hep- bull       14.76
Pucl tccouut ',.,   910.06
E. B. supplies         8.60
BB- Up. 1-
Rcp. eng. end mach. "....      47.40
Bep.  bull            6.67
Salaries     1846.38
Bent payment*      160.00
Advertising expense      131.90
Water account   	
Oil, waal* and sundries ..
Printing and stationery   .
Lighting account  ,  ,
Telephone  account   	
Auditors'  fees   	
Vancouver wbarf  repairs
N. V. wharf repairs   	
Equipment  repairs     2.06
Los* and dtuiage  	
Wag**  account   	
gUgf. i-
|>M> e»g. and mach.i.
p> ball     f.
J Fuol tccaunt 11..
j Eng. room supplies  . ]]..
Insurance   (proportion)   ..
Deb.  intere.i   (props.)   ...
Tbnse wbn visited th* n;qrticultu,ral
ball on Friday and Sstuiday, could
Opt biive failed tq commniii on the
excellence ol tbo Society's eighth an-
nuul exhibition. The- prolusion qf
exhibit*, their neat arrangement, tbeir
remarkable quality, wort) leuliir.-ii at
niiee noticeable, and it ia no mere
newspaper platitude lo say that every
possible credit is due to the society's
officials, ns well as tu lha porsovBrinj
people who entered their livo nli eh
and produce.
Though tho exhibition was open to
the publio after two o'clock, the for-
unit opening did not take pluco until
Friday evening. Mayor UcNojsl), who
performed the ceremony, dwelt on the
homely aspect of the exhibition, in
the necessity of having a garden to
make home complete. He expressed
a hope that oh the mty grew old.r,
gimlciui would become more pliotiful
qut in the suburbs. Ho .-■.. ■... i.. 1:. i
al the cliililivn on Hiiir exhibits, displaying a groat depl nl patiinl and
palient study. The ladies' fancy work
he declared was beyond his powers ol
description. It was deserving of tlm
greatest praise imaginable, iu fact,
when be looked-round aud saw the
excellent work ot the ladies in nil
departments, ho marvelled tbat our
young men should ever deem il nccei-
aary tu dross tho lerry lor u partner
in I'l-' In conclusion, the ninyor expresses! Iho hope Ibat the work' ul
Ibe officials might receive every support and that overyWy who had a
plot ai ground would contribute in
tbe luturo to making ilie Horticultural Society a success.
Br. W. Ih Keenc, (lie preaiuV-nl,   in
thanking the judges lor th.ir o.irvlul
adjqdjoation, referred to the (pel 'that
While laat year the pptricB numbered
■IM, this year's pntry list amounted
|q 730. Ono q! the most udmirod
features of Ilie exhibition was u il:a-
pipy of pink roses, grown by the
trunsurori Mr. li. (iroivsou- Wanted only in the spring, these roses inul
nlliiiiieil a I'eiiiiirl.iilih. pitch of perfection nmi numlieii'il six blooms ou n
single iicm. (II ih, |udy exhibitors,
sptfciul iiienlioii is due to Mrs. flfe-
heme, who, from, only a fifty foot lot
produced p, vurioly of vegetables thoi
sccuroil her a silvx-r cup.
Tlio following is a list ot awards.
A number of classes could not   lie
jmlgixl, owing to the iiiin-uppeiruiice
of siftne of the government judgts.
Duchess ol Oldenlmrgh — Ul, .1. J,
Wow's, 'ind Mrs. Kcene.
Yellow Transparent—1st Mrs. Kings
ley, '2nd Mrs. Scliultz.
Baldwin - 1st Mrs. Kocnc, 2nil (I.
A. hiilh.
Blenheim Ornnge — 1st Mis. Kinsley, 2nd Mrs. Irwin.
Northern Spy—1*1 Mrs. Ki one,  2nd
Mrs. Irwin.
firavonsluin - Isl Mrs. Sehult/, ,'n.l
Mrs. Kite.
Mmliiii,. I. Bod - 1st G. i,. lmii,,
Ontario - 1st (!. A. I.eilh, Ind I'.
F. Jackson.
Pippins — 1st W. .). Irwin, sV Mrs
Busaott - Isl W. .1. Irwin, 9,-tl T.
S. Nye.
Weullhy - Isl VV.  I. Ir.v:-i,' inn S
I). Schultx.
Any Full Variety - Is1, Sirs. Kcn.o
2ml .1. .1. Woods.
,4 -..ni u.ii.-.i on page 8)
At Nortli Vancouver on Thursday,
Sept. 7llv lo Mr. nnd Mrs. 'McQ/unrric
1st slreei eust, a son-
At North Vnncoiivcr, on Wed. Sept.
Dili, l<> Mr. uml Mrs. .1. T. Device, „
Al North Vancouver, ou Monday,
Sept. tlh, In Mr. nnd Mrs. McArtlmr
3rd streol east,'* daughter,
On Saturday nfternnon Inst while the
City J3a.ni] were in attendance, ut the
Horticultural Hall, the liuinliunsler,
Mr. R. ('banco, was presented by Mr.
S. I,. Bi'linllz with the full score nf a
march entitled "Charge nt Dawn" do-
Heated to the Canadian heroes nt
Panrdoburg, HHIII, and composed by
Mr. Behullz himself. Last night at
band practice the hand made a in i
attempt at Ilie march ami in au inter-
view I min y Mr. Chance declares tbe
inanh lo he the equal of any of the
best bo has ovor soon and with much
work, which Ihe chnriicler of the coin-
position will demand, it will bo a
drawing curd at any of Iho baud's
WANTED-Small pottage or 2-room
shack, for six months. Apply Be*
(15, Expreas office,
WANTED-Dressmaking. Thorough-
ly experienced iii good class work.
Ladies' suits a specialty.  Misses Ban,
Suito 3,
Keith block,    corner
ROOMS FOB HUNT- Housekeeping
218 2nd street casl. jpj)
FOB HENT-Furui«hed nnd vnlpt-
nisbed rooms. Mrs. Knight, 7tb tnd
Ridguwny Avo. 16-8
FOIH ROOMED FUT-rOv*rlooking
Lmmdiilo Gardens, 358 1st ttreet coal.
122.511. Apply at No. 2 Suite, or P.
II. Ilox 1889.       ' l-2-il
Express Classified Ads.
l-'.l)ltA'IION.,|.-N. V. Preparatory
nmi kindergarten. Ages t lo 12. Si.
Inlin's hull, junction -ih uml r,:l
slroots weal.    Miiis Onilw.ll.       810
Private room and board for yioug
men   $6.50   per   week.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th alrci'l near SI. Davm's.
Colonial \|.:iiliii.-i.i Houae, Victoria
Pirrk and Bib alro.'t .-net. For lent,
louinnd live roqm suite*. All modern convenience*. (HO
FOB RENT-OB SALE-Frumo tout,
nearly new. Immediate possvarion.
Site II x 16. Friiinnie ronil. Ten
niiniiles (mm car aud schoil. I'm
chase money as runt lor ten months.
Apply Hox 65, Exprp** Office. t.l.
"O Best in The Lord" will be sung
next Sunday morning iu -'tlio Prowiy-
li-riini  eliiiiHi,   Lynn  Valley.    Sirviop
c. illlllli-lie,  |   at    11    o'l'loCk.
IeCt* estimated mouthy) depreciation          663.04)
8th Ncplcinber, 19,1
Editor Express:
in your editorial of today's date
dealing witb tbe rtilwty commissioners
Ip reference lo tho ferry crowing over
tie (!. P. B, tracks tt Vancouver "the
result of tbe application marks a con
Ipiruou* turrets for Nortb Vancou
ver." Allow me to express tbe opin
ion tbtt tbt result even en your own
•bowing it tnytbing but * success to
*ur city. You «*y thtt ana 6-ndiug of
tke commissioners Is that North Van
louver municipality It responsible far
til aceidenta thtt qigbt occur on Uls
trossiog. Is not this rather t defeat
than a victory for tpj ety. There is
»nly on* highway h*tw*tt tk* two
cities tb* ferry crowing tt Columbi*
Avenue, tnd b*c*u*« the Ctntditn
Ptcitc railway rbanred to get in
thcad of us tnd btv* gobbled up the
waterfront e* tie soutk abate tt Bur
rtrd Inlet, crettjng t barrier of *u*l
nils for miles along this wtterfront,
we poor victims of ont pi the Itrgest
(orporationa of.eur d»y oust ptj tin
piper if an tccldtat ecf»rs M tkl*
trowing. If we ever btv* to pay th*
pipw wt may ting toother tun*.
Purtber, yoor artlrle leaves put on*
ef tke ao*t Important lading* of tk*
tonmislswn, namely, that tb* cott of
Net profit ovor oportting expenses    4451.50
Certified correct:
H. E. KEMP, Sec. Tret*.
Tbo local doctors have been kept un
usually busy for tbe past few weeks
infectious cases tmougst adults being
unhappily  numerous.
Mr. Qeorge Cormtck of North Van
comer has taken over the partnership
of Mr. E. Danby in tho Lonsdale
Dairy. Tbis business will now be
carried pn at usual by Messrs Cor
mack and Brauscombe.
Two cues were remanded unti| tomorrow at this morning's session of
tb* eity pnlice court. Ont conceived
the giving of t bottle of whiskey to
tn Iniiitn named leouit Julian, tbo de
fendtnt befog James Kelly and the
other Involved t charge of twtult
brought  agtintt  Dr.  Forbes  by  Mr.
M. Dcarliug, lei merchant. The
complainant alleged this morning tbtt
Dr. Forbes returned to bit store after
purchasing some herrings, aad destroyed HO worth of stock, throwing tke
herrings, at bim for no apparent rea
aon. Tbe 'defendant asked Dcarliug
to show marks upon bis person to
prove tk* assault, upon which tk*
complainant   reminded   bin,  tbat  the
miwki* war* soft herrings. Magi*
irate Kealy had to Interrupt » betted
argument between tbe opposing par
ti** and adjourned tbo eat* until tomorrow  morning.
' i .1—iisn111." .    '    .
Fort Georf e Railway
Meeting Postponed
'l> ineetsug wkfpk wa* to btvo btvo
licM in tifo Oily Hall on Wrdinaday
evening, for Uie purpoac ol discussing
Uie »»rly unmtrpplitm of a line ol
mwnf itop? Burrard friet to Fort
Ottmnm, Mt been postpoiad bill WM
nemily, UtoliemMr 97th, when Preri-
drsM HoCaudict* tnd Ex president W.
H. UnMn ol tin Vauoouvnr Board ol
Trtdo, will be prewat to ouiline the
eohmm a* it h** been |ormul*tod by
the fttfrnA 0njV,e 'Mfgtd m'm i^ ,   .
On Frdiay next, September loth
tho ceremony conncctod with the laying of tbo corner stone of the now
Bidgeway school will take place. Invitations are now being sent out by
Mr. Ooo. Campbell, secretary of the
Board of School Trustees.
During the last twp weeks a considerable number of realty deals bavo
been successfully carried out. Most
of these bave beon negotiations witb
intending settlers and bavo particularly concerned tbo residential portion*
of tbe city.
Deep public sympathy has been ox
pressed towards Mr. and Mrs. A. 3.
Tyson in tbo loss of their four-year
•old son, Albert, whoso remains wore
on Saturday interred in Mountain
View ccmotory, Vancouvor. The funeral wu largely attended and was
remarkable for its profusion of wreaths
and floral tribute*.
Tbe St. Andrew's tnd Caloodniau
Society, Nortb Vancouver, Inne organized a series of dances to bo hold
in the Horticultural Hall, and bay*
daintily set forth tbo dales of same in
i neat little invitation card which
came to band yeslerdty from Hie secretary, Mr. A. Miclagan. These dances, which aro te bo celebrated by a
service of late cars and tbe presence o/
a shankie orchestra (to say nothing
of refreshments) tre dtted ta follow*:
October tth and 20th; November
l*t, 17tb mul 80tb (reserved for tidies); Dec. llllh, and 29tb; Jan. loth
and KIli; Feb. 9th and 28th (reserved
for ladles); March 16th and 16th apd
April  imli.
The president of the society ia Mr.
1. R. J. Murray and tbo committee
contiet* of Messrs. A. D. Fleming, W.
T, (Irahani, W Dunnet, J. Swanson, A.
Miller end A. flr»h*in.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express special correspondent)
Members of the above dub aro re
Mr. L. E. Huijuct has bought one
of the houses built by Ihe Canadian
Financiers near the car line and has
seltlcd in Lynn Valley.
A Libera) committee room hus been
opened for the accommodation of Unpeople in Lynn Valley, cor. of Church
Messrs. Hattie and Pearson have
closed thoir summer refreshment booth
for tbis year. They wish to thank ull
their patrons for the support given
Mr. Jos. Hirklaud and family have
returned from a pleasant sojourn of
two weeks among Iheir friends ami. relations iu different parts of Ihe pro
Mr. Wm Barllcll, of 1). Spencer k
Co. Ltd. has left their employ to ae-
ccpt :i position with the D. 0 E. R.
on the north shore. Mr. Rnrllcll re
sides in Lynn Valley.
I'lans arc being formulated fur the
erection of a new institute ball in the
near  future.
Mr. Girling and family, lately arrived from England, is building a line residence for himself on Milton Ave. in
Ibe Valley.
Mrs! Fred. Dulton, Froinme Road,
has been visiting her uncle at iMilimr
for a few weeks.
Mr. Joe. Burrows has been in charge
of tbo intake at Lynn Creek during
the absence of Mr. Kirl.lmnl Mr. Ilur
rows is having, an addition built to
bis bouse on Fronimc Head,
Lypu Valloy was well represented
at tho late show in Nortb Vancouver.
Among tbo prim winners for poultry,
flowers, fruit aud garden produce were
Mr. Price, Mr. O. W. Sugdon, Mr.
Loo, Mrs. J. P. Crawford, Mr. (leu.
Leilh. All these m.cntiiwcd won first
and second prize.
Mr. J. N. Bunker is about to com
mencc building operations ou * new
house ou tbe Boulevard, near I|tb
. Mr. Willie Nagenuis sou of Hobl.
Magennis, Lynn Valley, met with a
very painful accident at Sijuaiuish last
week. He was unfortunate to have
* log rpll on his Jjjg*, painfully bruis
ing one so thtt bis removal to the bos
pital wa* ordered by the doctor.
Miss Tuck, Nortb Vancouver, wa* on
a visit to tho Misses Markley, Fromme
Road, Sundty last
Miss IsuM M. Dunn, IiiWiillAtp ol
ilu- lloynl Ai'iulciny ol Music, London
England, leaeher of plaiiolji'ie. \'.»;ia
Nnrlh Viiiiriiuwr two iliivs .i ii'ttk.
Writo lor leiins rill Hro'ighlon slreei,
Vancouver, I] |il
KIM)l.|(iiAHTEN - A day school
fur children oI kindergarten age It to
li; will be opened shortly nt Doner ol
3rd street nnd l.misiliilo, by Hiss M.
IL Thomson. (Higher (ierlilkalc.
Suliiiii.il Froobol Union). Tonus, etc.
on appliculiou. IJ 'i
■I. I.oulcl and Norlb Lonsdale
(let it ut I onsil.ile rbnrmacy Pbono 2'J
Ws close Sunduyt. l'bono 324. I
II. Knglisli, 0. K. Grocery, 13 l.ons
dais Avenue.
M. II. Iliiyinenl, Cuslumier, 6lh bl
cist, adjoining west uf lloulc^aid, N
Vancouver First ilasi, wurk oe'y, la
dies' own malcrials made up.
Ini; SAI.B-leigbl  horao   aud  lig.
E. A. Day, llth anil Bidgeway.    15 (J
FOR SALE - Cow, good milker.
Owner leaving cily. Box 49, Expreas
ollii.v. ||, '.I
'l.i.i I...I- liul lei, 31b for |l at  tin
I p In da!,  i'i".. i'.   366 let at.,eait.
Strictly fresh Eggs, 30 cents per
lozou at Ihe lip to Dale Qrocery, 356
lo 300 First Street cast.
FOR SALE-Plums lor prceexving
are now ready. 0, E. Keenc, 16lli
street. lb'J
Will  exchange  J aim.*!   nuw tenon
limns lor good packing trunk, tlw t
few houwtiiilil articles for sale, toilet
sets, uashatand, pails,'etc.     221) Dud
11.vi casl. 16-9
WALLACE A- SCOTT - Holsosli. ar.
mul (jonoral IllucUmilhs, 3rl ■ nol
nnd Lonsdale llui*shoeing a spe
daily. 810
I'li-serving   IV-nehi-s,
lone.      911c.  per chile
Yclk.w   Krioa
I p In dale
Grocery, oWSiiiJ Isl slnwi casl
Tho City Dye Works his . i. Mis',
ed a branch cor. Espla'.a'ii- <■'„ and
Lonsdale. First class work Jt up '."I
ate rales, cleaning, dyeing, p'esing
and repairing.
Congregational  Meeting gt  Andrew's
Bo sure and attend the coogregs
tional meeting at St Andrew's church
ijucsled to pay bt their suLsoription* this evening (Tuesday at 8 o'elcok to
to tk* Bank of B. N. A. (Upper l.ons- consider tbe pi mb bmbobnihuimm
.1*1* brtnei).  Tboro will be a r:iluf   consider tke piau for Ibe now ilnir.li.
Don of ejO cent* on tubsc^^iipns p*|d	
liefiyra Sept. Ifjt',.  TB« M ">*«•> jjll DEATH
take place on Wednesday, 0(1.  Ill*,     H ^^ A „„ ||lp 7(k inB(
tt 8.W p. m. in the llorlicultarw Hii, ^ (Mlltom; ,m youngl,lt w„vW
B. ABCHIBAIO, duugbtw of Jfr. apd Mrs. A. II. Jtfnl-
H*Mto laos, W.ci^lb     Deeply regreUod.
I'.. C. Livery aud bourd slubli-t
Light  ligs mul  Indies' saddl*   hunw
lor hire.    Sluiding lor bort**.    des-
iiul delivery mid lu-uvy lt-ajsung.   'II.
lb,in....  HI. sired west.     Phone 347
FOB SALE—Two boaters in   good
.million, cheap.    Apply kundie Kil-
sli. ii. if, 9
FOB SALE-First growth dry wood
for $4.60 per cord, 4 It. O. Belinda,
Phone K2 t f.
Mild Cured Urcasfasl Baron, 30c
per lb. in half or whole aids al Ihn
I'p to Date Grocery, 350 First St. E.
h. p. gn idiue engine ami 411 i.ui.rt
ioe oivam Intatr, good as new, nlso
S liwl sanitary soda loun-.ain, ctly
u-i-il one season. Will soil clcnp or
will i-M-baiige lor good d.b.iiy louse
and rig. Snap il taken immediately.
Apply 30 Lomsiiile Ave., Noti.'i Vancouver. II 'J
FOR SALE-teJuanlily ol rough luui
bar, all Isinds, shisrl lengths, suitable
lor fencing. Also I{ x 10 very ehaap
l W. Knight, luiih road, wosl oi
loni» avenue. 11-J
A meeting lo be adilressed by Mrs
Ijishley Hall in the iuterests of I'oli
licul Ei,ualily, will be held at the re
sideiicc of Mr. J. L. llallagber, Keith
r,.ioI east, ou Friday ait. i i at .1
o'clock.  All  Women  interested   arre
cordially invited. 11-9
Mrs. Iji-lilcy Hall, who is to
speak on political ei|unlily at Mrs.
Oallaghrr's residence on Keith road
casl ul :l o'clock on-k'riday, Is Ihe pro
rincial nrgam/er of the Equality
League for British Columbia. The ob-
jei I of this league is, to all intents and
purposes, the securing of the Women's
MILLINERY Miss < "II,.. is now
nu.king n sjh-cuiI shoving ol fall mil
Iiiiiiv,  with all  the luteal noxollire-
From wvk io trunk m.w tfmmfgtnmt
in., miiviiig mid thus ladies may be
nssureil of gvtlii* really up to date
goods mid slyle, ivlul. [>■ i.-.-si nros'ol
kept conaiiietaMy Below the n>rriigo
Mis* C.dlie lakes Ihis oppjrluflltv (f
tlinisVing Ini   inline s ,i.usl,ni»is It
their kind palnuinge id the pu»l,ooil
cordjolly iiuitiH them to call nod in-
spw* her nww stmi. Keilb III, ek.
00 Uwtnh, avenue, Mv'tt hhis c4io*.
FOB SAI .I-!   Jii.iHl.al   Car do. IIUO
hares.  A lew lor sal* at Ton Dollars
p*l   share  in lots  ol two OI aot l**e
limn five share*. Utorg* A. Ksoslall.
522 I'ender St., VtnOouvw. ll-t
FOR SAI K A Iniulifully bi,i.lu-J
new Imngalow, five living roomt wilb
liul bloom ami pantry, on lot iirl'M)
in Lynn valloy. Siilewalk*. w*t«r end
electric light. Prioe 12^09. Cam
mi ami IS, monthly. This is ao
all...lull, bargain and worth eecing ua
nlniiil. The Mwelinnls Trust end
Trading Co. Ltd., HI Vendor itreet,
wort.     Phone S 27*1 t.l.
-    '     '      i '.■' ! ' »
1/1ST- A llm note Lotwetn water
front and Firsl street.   Finder jl-sse
return lo Police Ollre, City Hall aod
receive rowtrd.
UIST-On Uiwr |)ay, f*s*r momi
iron Ini'lge up Mainour creek, Oent'i
nuiolrintiwh. Finder returning tame
io VMriotl k Fcflows, .114 Hatting,
street west, will b* rewudod.      Ill
tW-UpnAnt, Mlln IM, b*-
fifttc -St. Andrew'* ehuicb and By*
(Ucat, * gob* bar Brooo* wit* dom
sot wltb pearls. Finder pl**e*   fmvp
V '
' i
Mr. R, L. Borden's Manifesto
to the People of Canada
To tbe people of Canada:—
When parliament wa* suddenly dit
solvod on tba BOth of July, I issued a
•latomont touching the circumstances
d*fler>Thteh that dissolution had taken
place. Tt now becomes my duty to
indicate the'issues which present themselves for decision.
In resisting tke government's proposal for reciprocal trade with tho
United States, we bsve met with the
cry tbat the majority must rule. It
ia clear tbat the late parliament inner
received any mandate to surrender to
the United States the complete iis.ul
autonomy wltb which Oreat Britain
ondowed this Dominion, a consequence
which follows,from the reciprocity
compact. The government, without
public consideration or discussion, have
iinilcnilken to commit the country to
a treaty whicii completely allors the
conditions and the policy under which
our country has grown so rapidly and
so surely to its present spleudid stature. ^
The   objections  to   tk*   reciprocity
compact are profound   snd   abiding.
They  may  bo thus summarized. --
"It tends to segregate tb* province* af
Canada which confederation aimed
to unite
"It shatters tbt Ideal tnd tht hop* of
rtciproclty within bt* empire. The
president of tho United Sates has a
vowed that the main purpose with
which he sought tho treaty was to
pivii'iii consolidation of the British
"It reverses tbe policy of Canadian
lutiiiiihiiuil which sought to bring to
pother (he provinces of Canada hy
intercourse ami commerce over east
and west lines of transportation; and
it stultifies the unexampled sacrifices
of half a century which the Canadian
people havo cheerfully made for that
high purpose.
'It la a direct and serious menace to
our internal lines of water riinimuni
cation and to our ocean sbippiug as
well as to our Canadian Atlantic porta
that have been constructed and
equipped at sucb enormous cost to
Ibo country.
It makes Canada a commercial appea
dtgt of tht United State* aud virtually surrenders Ihe control of ber destinies
It Interlock* our fiscal system witk
tbat or tb* United States and fetters
tbe power of our parliament to alter
our tariff according to the juat requirements of our people.
It* tendency and aim ara complete
commercial union between the two
countries to the EXCLUSION of tbe
re*t of th* empire.
It opens to tb* United State* our
home market which consumes 80 per
cent, of our auimal mil agricultural
products. It tlso hit the effee of
opening tbtt time market to
TWELVE foreign countries and lo
ALL tbo British possessions.
"It abandons tht policy of Improved
..trad* relations wltb tha British
peopls, our best customers, ami
centers our hopes on tho American
people, our strongest competitors in
the markets of tbo world.
"It makes au absurd preUuaa of bringing relief to Uu fanner by EXPOSING him to tk* competition of th*
world iu everything that he sells and
by continuing the existing burden of
FIRE!    FIRE!!    ARE!!!
FOR A3 OLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agreements and Contracts drawn
et evsry description
Phone 157
your neighbours
and they will recommend it to
electric iron wilh
a reputation.
HO 1 POINT We .hall be pleased lo tend one ol iheie
iron* to you (or TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Phone 46
I ..glit and Power Department. ,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Civic Information tnd Labor Bureau ia now
n'li'ii lor the Convenience nl Employer* and Employuca.
Employer* are required to take advantage ol tlia Office
when reipilring In dp.
Phont 321
W. H. HOOD, Secretary,
l       14 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver.
9em^m    wmwmmftfTtmwr    ijevff*n*wiW    rmnwrnrnf p tmmtnmgrMwnwwwm    mmwjwj
ConvaiMence to North Vancouvar Merchant*
9tm Vi'tim Ovtjawn. Haw Otdett Imbntoi
taxation on avarytWag that lie buys.
It threatens ths eilstanc* of our full-
lag hmm and t»*;*s *w*y o»r
nowar to give such enciiiirageineiit to
any industry affected by tbo aip/ao
It will dtatroy tba distinctive character and reputation of our staple products which will henceforth be met-
get) In thos* of tho Unite)! States
ami will be known a* kwtim rattier
than Canadian products.
"It *ipoaaa but natural rt»l>urc»* to
Uu daprsdatloua of our gigantic
truata which have already secured
control of those of tbo United States.
"It will for he most part reduce th*
price* which our prodnc*r* will  n-
. .reive for their output, while tho control of the trusts will prevent any re
iliii-iiiiii to tbe consumer.
"It Will encourage th* export of our
raw material and unflnlsh»d product*
for manufacture abroad 1N8TKAD
of at home.
"It will eatabllsb condition* and relatione from which It Will be ex
tremely difficult and even Impossible
to retreat except with tho CONBHNT
of the I'nili-il States or umler terms
ilictateil liy her.
"And, finally, it li at tbt best a ruh
oxperlmoiit inconsiderately under-
taken in a period of unequalled do
volopmciit and prosperity after ('ah
ada had long since outgrowu the con
ditions under which such » policy-
was once thought desirable."
Tba Position of tb* Government Is
Vigorously Attacked.
"The address of tbe primo minister
may fairly be token as indi.-atiiig the
position of the government party iu
this contest.
"He attempts lo represent Ibo opponents of tho treaty as casting doubt
upon the loyalty of tho Canadian
people. There is no foundation for
sii.li an insinuation. But no people
can cscapo tho consequences of their
acts, and if Canada places itself under
tho commercial control of tho United
States ita political independence, If re
tmiie.l, will be a shadow and not a sure
Tlir.-e chief contentions arc put
forward by the primo miuister. He
says,' At all times during the lasl forty
years it has bcon the constant cry of
all pulilical parties in Canada to make
with the United States an arrangement
for the free eichange of natural pro
duct* between the two countries.'
But it hs* been repeatedly shown
tbat the primo miuister by bis own ut
teraiices during tho last ten years, lias
repudiated and denied such a policy..
One .imitation from his utterances
will suffice: 'There was a lime wbcu we
wauled reciprocity witb tho United
States, but our efforts and our offers
were put aside. We havo said good-bye
to that trade and we now put AM. our
hopes upon the British trade.' (Imperial conference, May 7, 1906.)
"The prime minister next refers ts
the supposed advantages of the frco
Ainen. nn market. Iu parliament we
repeatedly demanded from the advocates of the treaty a detailed ami systematic statement of these advantages
covering the whole agricultural, In
.lnsin.il and 11,miner,ml situation ill
Canada, but our demand waa uot complied witb.
"l.-istly, the prime minister endeavors to refute tbs argument tbat the
reciprocity treaty will lead to aniicxa
linn. Whether it will do so or uot no
man can tell. But it is beyond the pos
sibility of doubt that the leading pub
lie men of the United States, its press
and bulk of ita pcoplo bcliove that it
will so result, and support it mainly for
that reason. My position is that we
cannot safely ignore tbo pronouncod
view* of tho other puny to the com
perl, and lhat sooner or later we shall
have to reckon with tbat.
"But there are other issues which
also merit attention. The government
bave twice refused any efforts of
vestigatiou of the expenditure on
national transcontinental railway,
which is assuming startling proportions.
, "Scandal after scandal wu unearthed in the last two weeks of tho recent
session, and NOT A TENTH baa y*t
U*n toll.    .
"Sine* tho lasl general election th*
government haa entered upon a new
line of policy in regard to the naval
affairs, wbicb ia of Tar-reaching iai
portinc*. Tba policy adopted waa
NOT debated bofore tb* p*opls during
tbtt election, and it bear* all the ear
marks of a hasty tnd ill considered
"Tbe plan of the government con
templates the creation of a naval fore*
tbtt will In ataotvtaly u*«l**s In Um*
of mil, mt therefore, of NO I'HAC
Tli'Ale BENEFIT to Otnaot or to tb*
"Tb* lack of basinsss capacity manifested by tba government io connection
witb tb* (ejiwbec bridge and other pubic undertakings should tlso receive tbe
grave consideration of tbe electorate.
Tba    J^b«r*i-Con*orvativo    party
give* it* pledge to carry out tb*   following policy il returned to power.—
(I)   A thorough   rtorgMlaaUon   of
tb* irottfit*) by wbicb tb* public
*arn*s_lt&r* 1* *nt*n_*_
" («» lb* 'granr'ui pf tft*ir naturals ja
sources to the prairie provlnc***.
" (8)  Tb| $OMtruottOB ef ..tba gudaan
Bay railway and It* operation
by Independent commission.
"(41)   The control and operation   by
tb* state of the terminal elava-
"(6) The necessary encouragement
for establishing and carrying on
the phillod meat industry.
"(6) The establishment of a permanent tariff commission- '
"(7) The granting Of substantial as-
aistaqco towards the Improve-
-   ment of public blghyaw*.
'' (8) Tb* extension of free rural mail
"(8) Tha extension pf civil service
"10) Tip, granting pf liberal assistance tp the provinces fpr tbt
purpose pf supplementing and
extending the wnrk pf agricultural education and for tha Improvement nf agriculture.
"SHAIele WE continue In the course
which ha* led us to our present enviable position of prosperity and national
development, Oil shall we at the moment of greatest success and achieve
ment lose heart and ABANDON THE
"Upon Ihis momentous issue I appeal
to the peopls with tho utmost confidence and iu tho strong belief that
their verdict will be for the UNITY
and nnt for the disintegration of Canada, far the STltENUTHKNINO and
nnt tbe lopssnlng of tbe ties which
bind tbis Dominion to the British empire. "B. L. BORDEN."
Quality m Crystd/
nmnmnmntrntntmnmnmnnn i I nmnpmmm
Heavy, flawlew blanks whjdjjljfl#rlhe workmen to cut'
deeply *n4 dwtirilnvfcri following the Mfato Iracerjet
of the designer with the flying whepl—beautitut pattern!
whifh piwWro thu dwigwr 8 leader in hh profoMjoft «i*
the warp and WMf* nf quality in *
Always we carry the heavy, clean cut glass which il the
choice and pride of the factories which produce it. See
our display of berry bowls, water sets, comports and map-
pies. '    -
Our stock also affords a splendid choice in wedding
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jeweller* and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -  -   Vancouver, B. C.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lot! in Block. 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. LoU in Blocki 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 months
n   i i l •
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS. 15,15a J 6 ad 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 month.
ACREAGE in Diitrict LoU 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
.    PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1A Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
Tke Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, i£
*>* ■■■.,'     ■'  .■-.'.,<
onarch MaMle" Range
tUte Time
au.l ease ol operation.
No stove excels Ihe
<i Monarch"
Prices No. 226, $67.00
No. 426, $71.00
We also cany other
makes in cheaper stoves,
Builder*' Hardware,
"Bapco" Pur* Paint.,
etc       ,
& Clark
104 Esplanade West
Phone 88
' J    <~—~—•mtm
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aa he man who come* to buy, our
primary object at thi* time being -»
acquaint the men of North Vancou ver
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at tbis store.
We don't expect to sell you goods
before you know us, our goods and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
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The first shipment to this counlty nf the famous Dowgate
These machines arc of the best quality and finish.   For tone
they arc unequalled.
DJ..   £QA   To be sold on term* of $10 cash
rnce $ju „_ $5 ^ mon^ less than
of any other make of gramophone of similar size.    There is
nothing cheap about these gramophones but the price.
f| We have also in stock a quantity of English double disc
rectxds, price 85c each.   These records are the finest we
have heard aod aan only be obtained at
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
443 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 114
•I '
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, oyer Jffo Year*
Price $350
Evsry lot on an open graded road, casl of Seymour
Creek, Norlh Vancouver. UuililiiiK* baipg cti-ri.-.l on the
properly now    Telephone anil c-leclrip light available.
(1*11 or write ami pel msps ami lull particulars. When certain
developments Sit announced in * lev week* you will Ihs too late.
. «        ,       ii    ii ,     '
D.L 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short dialaocc west of the Imperial Cat Shipbuilding aod
Dry Dock Co.* property. $300 aad $325 each-$20 cash,
hrfciy my term*. These lots command an nniiit.rrupted
view of th(cc miles of Hurrard Inl.-i. Good soil and level.
Call or write for dtscriulivc pamphlet.
5. F. MUNSON     ,
333 Pender St W. PU* S«WW WW
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express special correspondent)
Mr. Lawrence, a prominent lawyer
of Glasgow, Scotland,, is on t visit
to his sister, Mrs. T. Dickinson, Wost-
Ov«r road.
Mr. Gould, Vanoouver, it moving to
lliu now house mar tbe end pi the car
line in the willey.
Mr. Geo. Seelsy, (lit,r, was * guest
of Mm. Itolil. Drown this week, before
having for the I'eacc River District,
where be intends making bis home,
having bought a largo luo-t of farm
Mr. Snow Frederick rosd, is ablu lo
be around once more, alter a severe
attack of neuralgia in his face.
Mr. Whitlesuy has started thu new
foundations for bis house on Shukos-
pearo avenue, clo*o lo Fromme road.
Several sales are reported ol late^ in
this desirable section.        .
Mr. Chapman lias built, a small
bungalow above tbe mill.
Mr. and Mrs. l'ugslcy, who hnve
been the guests of Mrs. 1*. Wastovur,
have purchase)! a bom,? in Vancouver
on ljurhci:  Av.-iiur.
Notwithstanding the dullness of the
day, a large and happy party Irom
l.ynn Valley drove to Seymour in a
large two horse vun on Ijibor Day,
where a splendid spread was laid lor
the bi-n.'lii ol ull.. Haiti in Ibe afternoon marred the pleasure soaiewhel,
ullbougli even-one bud u f:.,...l lin-e.
Tbe Ladies' Aid ol the M.-tlnxli.sl
diurcb, held a lurge mectin-! hist
Tuesday ultenioon, whin u innnl or oi
new mombcrs joined and mat t st* of
business were discus-mi.
Mr. .). lloljvrts, ll.,itin road is now
building unotlier In,use next lo tile
one at pivsent occu|ric<l by him.
Trustees of tlie Mtlbodi-it .-liii'cb
met lust Tuesday evening to dis uss
I .i.u). for the erection of a new i-l.ircli
Tender* will most likely I. , .Hi I for
ill tbo near future.
Miss IU-.li",. ii.i, i of Mra. i-.url, ol
Kilmer road, bua returned to l.er
borne in Vuncouver, after n pl.-nsant
bolidiiy all uuninii-r in lliu willi-v.
tfAiEH mm .
Notice is hereby given tbst *D ap-
plicatjqp. wi|| ho made under fart V.
of tbo "Water Act, IP," to obtain
a licence In tlio North Vancouver Division of New Westminster District.
(a) Tlio name, uddress and occupation of tho appljcaut—OpTppratiou of
tho Oity nf North Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miller's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
Hourcc (if unnamed, tbe description is)
Lake st tho upper end of Lynn Orouk,
nn right liunil branch going up stream
(elcv. t'iii.i foot above Burrard Inl.-l).
(e) The point of diversion—At
Palis at mouth of Lake.
(d) The quantity of wttor applied
fqr (in cubic too, por socoinl)—Sto,-
ago purposes.
(c) The character of proposed workB
—Building a dum ami raising level
of lake during ruiuy season.
(f) The premises uu which the
water to bo used (describe samo)—
Oity of North Vancouvor.
(g) The' purpose for which tho
water is to be used—Domestic ami
(li) If for irrigation describe tho
land iutcndeil lo lie irrigated, giving
(i) If the water is to bo usod for
power or mining purposes describe tho
place wlioro Iho water is to bo re
turned to some natural channel, ami
the ilifTcronco iu altitude between
point of diversion and point of return
West Vancouver Notes
Mr. und Mrs. Chus. Nelson left lor
Montreal last woek, where Mr. Nelson
utteniied a convention of the Canadian l'harmaocuticu! Association. The
1912 convention will lie held ui Vancouver in the inonlh   of    Scptcinl.er,
und Mr.  Vi  wns elected pn Bident
of   tbe   association lor Ihe   ensuing
It is very noticeable that the campers ure sluying ut West Vuncouver us
long us (his iiii, this your, uml su far
only one purly lias relumed lo Vancouver. The school chil.lr.-ii come
Over empty day, uud the W.s, . Vnncou-
ver i inn .p.,i laii..ii liav. agreed to let
them truwl to und from tjcbool lie
of charge. .
Salmon trolling is again much in
evidence thin month, und September
is generally reckoned to lie tbe led
time for this sport. On Labor Day
many boats were lo lie men nil .11.11 _r
tbe coust and in the morning nearly
every bout had the lorlune lo eutcb
at least one line salmon, while .oth. re.
cuught three or four.
School Trustees
Al a meeting of Ihe Bounl ol
School Trusttt-s, under Ibe presidency
of Mr. A. It. Sleacy, it was announced thai Ihe foijndutioii stone of the
Hi,Ig.-way School would 1.0 completed
by Friday, Scpleniber loth, uud that
the opening ceremony would be performed by the chairman of the board
Mr. Sleacy, on thai day ut l.tnV"1
The secretory was instructed to issue
uivii,ilini,    for tbis inler.sling nrul.
It is worthy of note thul ', gentle
man residing in Lynn Vulley, wro'c
lo tbe trustees a few days ngo, n*k-
ing that bis daughter might he eMowed lo attend tbe cily school. Ihe
trustors have been compclhd to answer that owing to limiicd .-.rroipwo-
, 1..'us the only children rHjpMo to
attend the city school 'e ibosc I est-
dent in tbe city.
A pretty wedding Jook pine on
Tbors. morning al SI. John's church.
North Vam',,11 vi 1, Ihe bride Ik ing Mits
Agnes Winifred Bouslield, daughter ol
the Hev. (ieorgc and Mrs. Bouslield.
i>f Kastview, Ollawn, and the bridegroom Mr. David Art Inn Young Miir
rick, younger son of the late (apt
I', y. Merrick, of Mcrriokville, Ont.,
*«d Mrs. Merrick ol Nortb Vancouver
The bridal dress waa a I'aris robe
Of'her, handsomely embroidered wilh
raised applique over muid'n de soi.
silk, wreath, and orange blossoms.
Tho briefly* motbef wore silver grey
rope de chine Over laffcin,   with   a
black hat and white plume.        The
bridegroom's m.Hncr wore grey   poplin with a Mack picture hot.
The gills wero many and costly,
and the happy pair intend spending
Unix honeymoon cruising Ihe Pacific.
(j) Arcs of Crown land intended to
lie. occupied by the proposed works-
Laud Hooded l,v ,■oli.'lrurliun "I   llui".
(li) Tin. iiulice was posted ou tho
ICtb day of August, lllll, ind
application to be made to the
Commissioner on the L'luh day of Sep-
leiubor, llll).
(I) Give the names ami addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or wh.ose lands aro likely to be
all cl nl by the proposed works, either
above or -below the outlet—Hastings
Shingle Manufacturing Co., District of
North Vancouver.
Commencing at a point iu Burrard
Inlet, distant (,300 feet duo south
from the southwest corner post of
Lot Mt; theuce duo north 8,300 feet,
to said south west corner post of said
Lot 1105; thence 2,610 feet, moro or
less, to the north-west corner of said
leot 205; theuce northerly through Lol
358, -,iilu feet ingro or loss, lo tho
southwest corner post of Lot 5011;
thence easterly along Ihe norlh la,an
dary of Lot 558. 2,H0 feet, more or
less, to the north east corner post of
Lot 55:'; theme northerly along the
v.i.i boundary of Lot tli, 1,111 feci,
more or less, lo the northwest corner
post of Lot hit; Hi,'in e easterly along
tho uorth bouudary of,Je»tr ftlj. (,<tff)
fee|, mors pr less, to the north-east
corner post of Lot 015, thpuco easterly
uloug the north boundary at Lot 510,
2,0-111 feet, mor* or less, to 'be northeast 1 corner pnat of Lot hit; thouce
easterly along tbe north boundary of
the north-most portion of Lot 010,
000 feet, more pi less, tn tbe north-east
corner of suid portion pf Lot tit, IWO
feet, moro pr less to tho uurtb-east corner of said portion), theae* southerly
along the eaBt boundary of said uorth
most portion of Lot 010, 3,000 feet,
more or less, tq the south-west corner
of Lot 2,025; thence easterly along the
north liouudury pf the south-most portion of Lot 010, 2,070 fe*|, more pr less
tp tbo north cast corner of said south-
most portion of Lot 010; tbence southerly along tbe out boundary of Lot
616, 2,310 foot, more or less, to tbe
south-east corner post of Lot 616,
tbouce westerly along tbo south liouudury of Lot 616, 3,300 feet, more pr
losa, to tbe south-west corner post of
Lot 616., ihence southerly, along the
west bouudary of Lot 563, 2,610 feet,
more or less, to the south-west corner
of Lot 65.3j thence easterly, along tbe
south boundary of Lot 563, 660 feet,
more or less, to tbe north oast corner
ppst of Lot 876; theuce southerly tloug
the east boundary of Lot 273, a distance of 1,036.6 feet, to tbe nortb
boundary of that part of ssid Lot 273,
Ibe property of John Hendry; tbence
westerly aloof tbe north bouudary pf
tbo properly pf the Slid Hendry to
the east boundary of Lot 874; thoncc
southerly along tbo ssid east boundary
of Lot 274 to the high water mark iu
Burrard Inlet; tbence in the **<uo line
sum lie, ly 000 foot, tnd tbence westerly
in a straight line to the point of com
meucoment tbe said tract of land com
prising tho following lots, namely:
265, 271, 274, 273, except the portiou
thereof belonging to John Hendry, tbe
easterly portiou of Lot 562, and Lots
547, 548, 548, 550, 644, 545, 546, and
616, and tho Mission Indian Reserve
all situated in Group One, New Westminster District, togethor witb the
foreshore in front on tbo nortb shore
of Burrard Inlet as comprised within
the said boundaries of tbe City of
Nortb Vaueouver; tbo said tract of
land being shown on * m»p or plan of
Ihe aaid City of North Vancouver dc
posited in the Land Registry cilice at
the Cily of Vancouvsr.
(r) Approximately tho number of
inhuliilunlsr.il Thousand (6,000).
(s) The place of tbe proposed rcscr
voir for storage -Lake at upper cud of
right hand branch of l.ynn Creek (elocution 8,400 feet above Burrard Inlet.
(I) Tho means by which it is pro
posed to store the water—Natural storage by use of Lake and Dam.
u) The are* of the reservoir site
or siles at each foot iu depth sbove
1 foot abovo outlet 6 acres
8 feet    „        7 acres
1 tm, » ., ..., .8 #«?*..'
* feet „ „ 8 acres
6 feet ,, „ • :..lf) *cr*|
fl feet „ ,,  '.':.u acre*
7 feet „ „  18 acre*
» IM' n „   .,.M, awp*
8 feet |, •    ,j 14 acre*
10 feet „ ', j,    16 acres
1} feet „ „    ...18 acres
12 feet „ „    ...17  acres
18 feet „ „   18 acre*
14 (set „ „  18 acres
15 feet „ „  80 acres
16 |ect . „ „  211 acres
17 feet 1, „  20 icros
18 leet. „ „  80 acres
111 fm » „  81 acres
80 feet „ „ 81 acres
21 feet „ „  81 acres
88 feet „ „  38 acres
33 feot „ „  83 acre*
34 foot ,, „    84 acres
85 feet' „ , 86 acroB
88 feet „ „    86 icros
87 feet,   , 87 acres
88 feet'   „       , 28 acres
88 feet    „       „    88 acroB
30 foot    „       „ ' 30 acres
548 acres
(v) How it is proposed to acquire
tbe laud  necessary  for tbo purpose—
By purchase,
(w) Approximately tho  number of
acre feot intended to be impounded
542 acre feet,
(x) Whether it is proposed to lowor
tbe water iu any natural lako or stand-
ing body pf wa(cr, aud- if so, tbou—
(1) Tbo anticipated oxtout of tbo
(2) Tbo menus proposed to ho ad-
opted to lower and rctil.
(3) The nature and character, in
detail of the works proposed to be constructed to provide for tbe discharge
aud pouning back of the w»tor—Construction of a dam.
(Signature)   THOMAS SHKPHKBI),   .
City Clerk.
(l'.O.  Address,  City  Hall,
North Vaueouver.
I'lilll.ic HIGHWAYS
Province of British Columbia
. NOTICE 1* benby givan lhat all publio Highways in unorganized districts
and all Main Trunk Hoods in organized   Districts ar* lixtysix f*ct   widi,
and hav* * width of Ihirly-lbre* del
on each side of tho mean straight ocn
tn line of tho travelled rotd.
Minister of Publio Work*.
Department of Public Work*,
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, 1811.14-10
North Vancouver Business Cards
Percy S. Howord II. .). Pcrrin
Cily Auditor.
Auditors and Accountant*
ii'S, I'ender St. W.      P. O. Box 223h
Phone 8*37 Phone 183.
Vancouver     North Vancouver
Finest lables and ou** ia the Oily
Pioneer Horse»hoer — C*ni»gc Works
Booksellers and .Stationer*
Cor. Lonadale and 1st.        i'bone Iti
F. M* Sharp, Stud. 8. I., Stud.
Inst. Hun. Eng. Etc.. Areht. end Civil
Engineer. Plan*, elevation* section*,
reports, specification*, ettimaloe, etc,
lor nil classe* of work, Tracings, Blue
Prints, Map Mounting. 137 lower
Keith Boad. East, N. Voncouver.   3-8
Prompt     Service- Moderate   Charge*.
Phon* »i.
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, ('pntoolionofy, Ie* ('ream,
80ft Drinks, founloia Briak*, ToMeto
light Lunches, Fruit
Lon»dat« *ad (th Pkon* (11
Tbo Now Block on Lonsdale Avenue
near tbe Ferry Approach
wu built by
General Contractors
Contractor*^Jor reinlorosd sonorde
construction. Scwtring is all Its
branches, house connections * *pe-
dally. Eilimtto* furnished. Office
20 Lonsdale Ave. Phono 286.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.     Phone Liu
Building Contractor*
Briek tud rourrcte work. Houses,
Bungalows, etc. a specially. llaas
submitted, estimate ltl7 taunla'c.
Boi No. ml.
Angus J. Cameron
A.M.fK. It 8.
Irrigation, drainage, Isvsls, plaas
and specification*. Stplio tanks and
bouss drainags a specialty. V. 0.
Boi 844, l(th strsst »s*t of Mwimt
Fresh snd Smoked tin
list and Br****** Poultry
VsgetaUss Miv«ry twic* daily
Phew HO 1(1 First 8tr**t
tVboloselers *j*f Rttailsn of Par* las
FfaoM m      WN8DAM AVEMUl
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonidale and Enplaned*
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
hand, cross cut snd husk saw* set
aud filed at shortest nutlet. 11 1 um
dnle Avenue, Nortb Vancouver.
High class Laditt' and Ctnt'i Tailoring
Pbons 807
Ibdin TaHori iui Raaovalory
907 I«Btd*lt Avnius
Cleaning,  Prttiiag,  Dyeilg,  Alhriag
W.   use   ths   Fnoeh   Dry   Cttariav
Proes** Phoa* SIU
Nib Street E   (fdjolnlng went of Boulevard)  North  Vancouver
First clas*   work only.'   ladies' owu
materials mad* op. those
Spscialiy: CUdrae's I-aston* »t own
bopm- Tsrm*, *tc., apply Oa»«al
I* your wtt* stopping or gtmg lire-
gulatkyl Ma*
A.  J.  HOOD
Th* North fimtonm MapsM
- and pimm itwnm
i thie. mmm, north Vancouver, b,
THE  R&Pfcfc&fe
Nqhth Vahpouv»r
. sin r—m—      ... -i.u,|i
Published Tueidayei and Fridays |»y NokTH Sho»e -Hkibs, Limit'kd
Quo, H. Mobdw, Editor and Manager,
Ona year, (LOU
mm o* aoawainioa
Sil mouth*, 5Uc.
United Stat** and Forsiga, (1.(0 per year
Advertising Rate* fill ha quoted on application.
Throe month*, 'Ihe.
Tb* Espress is devoted to th* interests of the north Shore of Hurrard I iilul
ly,     It constitutes an udvcrtisii.g niediitn, of exceptional t»Iiio for
Oity. and
reaching i
ly, It constitutes an advcrtisit.g tnediun, of exceptional rsluo
in a thorough uml effective manner the imputation of North Vaucoi
District  Every effort Is made to giv* advertisors th* most **tiaf*o
AlTciianae* in contract adv«rtl*en,ent* jhnuld b* in the printer*' hands not
later than 10 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure inaartlon la th*
lollowing lame. ii
September 18, 1011.
Eiulneut Canadian* and
Tho following deliverances from out
standing public men, who find them-
selves through deep conviction, opposed
to tbe proposed reciprocity pact, are
only a few pf tbe many which might be
selected, but they ire of * represents
tiv i nature and gq to show how wide
spread is the opposition to the pact,
and likewiso to demonstrate the fact
that Sir Wilfrid Liurlor ind his government deliberately placed party bo-
foro country when tbey refused to accept tbo proposition of Mr. B. L. Borden tbst tho proposod agreement be
Mil,untied to the electorate of Canada,
perfectly free from any connection
with uny political parly, by moans of a
referendum vote.
pirej would frustrate her hopes ef net
ionhood within the empire, ami would
lead to political union with the United
Hon. Richard McBrlds Premier of B, 0.
"I firmly believe," says Provincial
Premier Mcllride, ''that tbo present
political issue is one wbicb, if carried
nut, in i unliug to tbo viow* of tbe l.ii,
erul government, must lead in tbo
. nurse of s fow years to the dismemberment of tho empire and fusion witb
the United Stales. Tbis is *n emphatic and very serious statement to
make. I hold office under tho Crown.
I want lo be. as trus aud consistent
with my position as posaiblo *ml I feel
lliul iu the fri«i*~in tbis emergency—
if I do not eiort every effort 1 possibly
could to induce people to think ulolig
Ilie lines I have marked out, 1 should
not Ik Irue to thu stewardship given
mc by tbe electorate which I now en-
Sir Jams* Wbitnsy, Prsmltr, In a Be
solution Introduced by Him In th*
Ontario Lsglslsturs:—
"Canada is now enjoying a poriod of
uneitmpled prosperity. Her trade is
expanding ill ill directions, her popul*
linn is rapidly in. reusing, her ability,
if u n ham pored by agreements to work
nut her destiny i* beyeud dispute; md
her people are prosperous tud conta*
ted. Tills is tho result of a policy
which has been pursued in tbo develop-
u t nl trade and resources, and whicii
involved great sarrilres on tho pert of
lur people and tho expenditure of millions uf dollars upon transportation!
facilities between various provinces
lind hewceti fund* and the Empire.
The determination of ber people to
nine out their own destiny and
ii, lmi,' nationhood a* on* ef tbe component |niris of the British Empire ju*-
tilled thi* policy, *nd j* itself justified
l,y the result.
"C*uad*'i tids of prosperity and
...nii'iiiincnt is still rising, tad her
position and influence as au oaeeuti*!
pari of 1 consolidated empir* is becoming more assured. No arrangement
wilb a foreign slats should U considered which might jeopardix th* continuance of Ihe present satisfactory
condition, much less Ibis agreement for
reciprocity, negotiated in secret without authority from tho people, md
which, if made effective, weald In th*
opinion of tbi* House, te ( Urge extent
reverse th* policy which brought Canada to her present enviable position,
would rams widespread and revolutionary disturbance in buiine**, would «ur-
teil and hamper h*r freedom in d*v*i-
oping ber own resources in her owa
way; would caw* sarious injury to
many i»du»t««« and in Canada u *
wkoii; would sbsck th* growth aad d*
v«iep*wnt of trad* between <e_.*da
md th* Empir*; weald ruuilt ia torn-
mettiil unto* wiw tin Cited State*;
would weak** OaaxaV* ptatliaa and
Uiwwe* a* a aatt ia th* aVitish Em-
Mr. Clifford   Blfteu,   Ex-Msrahsr   of
Liberal Oablnst, Chairman of Out-
adlau  Oenssrvstlon  Commission. .
"I regard this Beclproclty treaty is
commercially of no advantsgo, and
from t national standpoint, disastrous
in tho ettremt. I boliovo tbat il will,
if carried into effect, havo tho most
prejudicial effect upon our progress towards a strong independent, influential
position iu tbe British Empire, a position towards which we hive lately been
advancing with wonderful rapidity.
Tbe priuciple involved is much moro
important thai, tbe continuance in power, or even tho existence, of any party.
It is a quostiou which goes to tbo root
of our national lifo and devolopmout
Holding tbis opinion it is obvious tbat
the principle of party loyally could not
he evoked lo guide my actions and it
became my pltiu duty to act upon my
convictions md offer the strongost pos
siblc resistance lo the ratifying of tho
Mr. B. L. Bordsu.
"We oppose this trcity because it is
i compete reversal without mandate
from the people, of tbtt policy wbicb
bu u*ea punned an Ui* country for ill
yctrs. Heciproi ity wsa definitely abtn
loned by tho Liberal party ia 18118. Ths
young men of Canada have never pro
nouueed upon it. No msn in Canada
ill years of *ge has ever had tbo op
portunlty of voting upon tbat question.
We maintain thu right of tbe p*ople to
pronoun. ,■ upon tbis policy beforo the
government shtll put it into opera
"We oppose the treaty becsuso tbs
Identity of our products will be merged in those of tbt United States anil
Ihu splendid reputation of msny com-
modilias produced in Canada will bo
"We oppose Ibis treaty because it
will increase the opportunities md
powers ef tbs United Statea trusts lu
I snails. We srs opposed to tbis agree
ment for the further reason thai we are
paying a price which the United States
arc uot prepared to pay."
'We oppose tbis agraament because
it destroys ths hope of reciprocal trad*
prefers**** with th* Empir*. Ws tre
opposed to this agreement bec»use its
tendeury is to disintegrate tbe Dominion, to neptrtte the provinces, to check
inter, ourse und , oinniercc lu'l ween tbe
province* md h*tw*en tb* *t*t md the
"And so w* firmly oppos* thl* tgrec
ment because wt believe that if carried
to if* logic*) conrliufon it will bud to
commercial union md commercial union
will inevitably end 1* political sbsorp-
tit Ont. W. Bots, Bi-Fr*mi*r (Liberal)
of Ontario.
"I also favor Mr. Chamberlain's policy because I believe it will prevent entangling *llimce* witb the American
Bepublie. Our *ip*ri*nc« so far with
tbs Americans ha* n*t been very *ati*
factory. Wns* Mr. Oh*ml»rl»in hu
doctored himself In favor-of a prefer
ears to th* colonies th* Americans hav*
began to show considerable aniloly for
rwnriaf ratiaroeal tnd* relation*
with aa, I h*v* not quits forgotten
tbe reeeapa into th* r*«|proslty treaty
«*g*il*ted by fotd %in In im wa*
so »um_arily repented in IW. Neither
it ay Itngmm cteud te th* hettil*
character at tin Wn-jtey bill by which
the America,, market wa* practically
closed against th* Canadian manufacturer* and farmers. In my judgment
th* commerce of Canada should never
be placed at the nieroy of th* United
States Congress or of my other competing nation."
Sir William Van Horn*.
"To my amaionioiit and distress aud
sluune I now see the magnificent work
of a generation traded uwsy for a child
isb sentiment tbe splendid commercial
and industrial position we hnve reached
and our pi.iud Independence bartered
for a fow wormy plums, md I feel it
my duty to jpin iu the protest which is
started from every station of the country. Today we are in in enviable position with a commerce throe times is
great por capita as that of tbo United
Stitos, tud without I cloud in our sky
save the one which has just now boon
raised. Does not common souso tell us
to stay whore wo sre and'to let well
enough nluuu ,
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heavy eipcndlturt for tbia convenience at a later data.
Ra*li.trrssud others who realise the sdilal.ll
llj ul hiring their ,'ilest buiiurw triutaclcd
te? Kipert*. Firlituljurraavkilret. Charges
1-io.leml*. Oar laviatar'* ASvlser .ml upon re-
uutsl. Il.rlou'kll.rlun, HeftC Hew Vork IJfe
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Ileal   ItsIiiIi) and pinnnci*! Agent*.
Agreements of Sale dUcounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
D. L 204.—Double corner close to Waterfront and Second
Nairows Bridge Site, i'rice}1200.00, one-quarter cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18. months.
Fromme Road.—A (ew yards from Lynn Valley carline good
lot 50 by 157 feet open road, sidewalks, water, etc.
Price $575.00 on terms of one-third cash, balance 6 and
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22nd ttreet, North Vancouvtr.    ,.,
Loans, Investments and In.man,,,
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vor, I), C. Phono (0D>1. Und llejin
try work a speoialty.
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from our slock ol new Wall P*pera
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TtlephoM 276
»♦ the i -m mm, mm h vm
wnmw act
'"' ^BHp lJtol0wnt-floy«rnor
iu CouncilBKh^ nltutiA to mVt
further B«gil»|,te»y|,li.ig for the
ronm*! of tlioT~t^|| | M tp tito
shuuting and sal*
tioptA tomto, and th*
iiiilumbian fttpr .luriug the leeson o
1811-Wl, a* follow*.—
thM the dUabilltie* as to th* iboot-
big of tlroiiso of all hind* h» romoved
throughout Vancouver Islauil, the Is-
hkud* fiitotora1 Pistriet, »iui tb* i»-
l»«fl» *djscs»| thereto, »wpl "|U
Uunieipalitia* pf tht Pl#r» nt
Nnrlh and AwM Saauipb, bttjtten the
WH» rt»y s(f 'Saptpmljay, and tha 3j»t
day nf Wacwtbpr, mil, both day* in-
Th*t the disabilities »stq the shoot
Igfg pf Oqek. Ph»«ent*, and Quail be
Ffaaovad In tha ^ninai'i Powieha",
Baanich, and WWiil Electoral Districts
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let U» Furnish Your Home
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We carry a full slock of Household Furniture. During Sept.
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G. 0. UKAVlsN. Agent,-
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Mitt dsy nf December, |t|l|, both days
T|,*t lliu disabilities ub \o |b* (Noting of Duck piioasupts be removed in
hat purtiuii nf the Cnliiox Kleclnnil Dis
trict It ,iow,i as IJqriiby *n(l Doiiniaii
Islands from tho 1st day of October tp
the lliul ibi.v of October, lllll, bulb
days inclusive.
Puck* and snipo.
That (he disabilities iih tu tbo shoot-
tng af Ducks ami Siiipo bo removed
throughout Vancouvor Isatul, tho Islands ailjaeont tboroto, and the Inlands
Electoral District, between thp Ultli
day of September and tbo 36th day of
February, 1013, both days inclusive.
That the disabilities ss to tho shooting Of Deer on Vancouver Island, the
Islands sdjacont thereto, and tho Islands Eloctoral District ho romovod
botweou tho ICth day of Septembor and
tbe 10th day of December, 11)11, both
days inclusive
That tho llisuliiilics as to the (booting of Iiiiii', Willow Arouse ami I'tur-
11111111I, Dewtlney, Delta, I'liiUhviuk, and
v.-ilc i-ilcciiiiui Districts lie romovod
bptwoen tho liitb day of October aud
tho b I Hi day of December, 1011, both
day* inclusive.
That tbo tlisabilitic* as to tbo (booting of Blue, Willow .Urouso, and Ptarmigan bo removed in tbo Fornic ami
(,'ruubrouk Electoral Districts betwpen
the Ini day of Octobor ami tbo Hist tlay
of October, 1011, both day* inclusive.
That the disabilities as to the shoot
lag of Blue uud Willow Urousc ami
Ptarmigan bu removed in the Kick-
,i,,,n,l, Dewdncy, Doltaaml Chilliwuck
Electoral Districts and in that portion
of tbo Kent Municipality in tbe Yale
Electoral District bctwoon the Kith day
uf October ami the Hist day of December,  lllll, both days inclusive.
Pralrl* Ohlcken.
That the disabilities as-to tho shooting of Prairie Chicken in tho Iiilloct,
1'a ri Inn,, K ii in limps, Okanagan, Crau-
1,11,1,1., and Ooluiiibia Electoral Districts
bo reninid between the 15th day of
September ami the lGtb day of October, 1011, both days inclusive
Sale of Game.
That the disabilities as to tbe sale of
Ducks, Snipe, ami Ueosc bo removed
throughout tho Province between tbo
1st ibiv of October ami the ,'10tli day of
November, 1911, both days inclusive.
Attorney-General's Oilico,
•.'Mb August, 1011.
yesterday morning, at th* Pity Hall,
Boberl Allen, of North Vancquver, was
charged with baring forged an agreement, dated July l»t, 1910, between B.
M. 8. Jlyp Of North Vancouver and
Itiimi) dosiiljch, for the suiii of *;l,r,0,
purporting tu sell Ipt -', block 1, district
lp| 8038. lie was further charged with
havfng, pp the 1st July, 1910, obtaiiied
by false pretences the sun, of tilt
from lliiinti ('iii.ulieb.. witb intent to do-
fraud.      :
Magistrate Kealy presided.
Fof tho complainant, Mr. II. D. 1-ad-
uer; for tbo defendant, Ur. Oactr Orr.
At tbo outset, Ihu bearing of tbe cat*
bad to bo adjourned for fifteen minute*
owing to the nun appearance of tbe defendant's counsel.
Tho lirst witness waa Cosulicb, tbe
complainant. Speaking almost intuit
ibly, ho described his business relations
with Alien and produced receipts given
to bim hy the defendant on payment of
various sums of money, commencing
with $00, iu respect of tbo property
mentioned in the agrcomont.
Mr. Byo said he had known the de
fcinlaiit'fur more than seven years. He
had acted as agent for tbe witness iu
several eases. In the present caae be
gavo Allen instructions to sell, but did
not learn that bo had sold until a letter
i-unio to bim from Martin k Smith, the
original owners of the property. The
wituess denied that tbo siguaturo on
the agreement was his, aud stated that
be had received uo monies from Allen
in respci of his property.
Corroborative evidence was givcu by
Mr. W. 11. Davidson.
The ilefeiuluut had nolhiug to say
ami Magistrate Kealy committed tbe
■use to a higher court, Mr. Orr, defendant '11 counsel, reserving bis dofence.
In Ihe court lust woek, Magistrate
K.-.-ily 111lju1l1c.1i,si in u caae ol unlawful excuvalioii, the defendant* being
Messrs, Hun k Anderson, (bill of
Police, Din-jes ditl not press the summons, uml u nomiiiul line ol ouc dol
inr and cost* was impoeed.
9.30 to Vi ; 1.31) to 1
Best   Kindergarten  methods.      For
s'lgn languages extra.
Oxfrod University Women's i-erlifi
-ales (Mmlcru liislpry and I si,-..,
ejos)   Cambridge  Tearhing   Diploma.
Care Mrs. II. (I. Wright, loth strut,
Iwo and a bull blocks east of Bo'ile
vard. 1 9
Canada (or the Canadians
Geo. H. Cowan, Esq., K.C.
Hon, Charles Wilson, K.C.
Ex-Attorney General
Geo. H. Morden, Esq.
■' ■
I ta
Wednesday, Sept 13,1911
Chairman, Ex-Mayor W, H» May
Meeting called at 8 o'clock, sharp
North Vancouver Con«. A«socn.
Its Standing Alibi of H. Stanleigh Stroae, cent,
b»rd, cold voice.
"You wen, not at tba club tan
night at two or half put two, 11
8|unlelgb Btorme. ¥pu were here Is
(bla very houaol"
Stormo looked at bar curiously.
"1—waa-hero, la thl* bousot" bt
repeated In a daied sort of way. "Ir
thl* house r
In thia bona*," repealed Wis Dumont "I law yoa bore." ,
Btorme put bla band up to bl* bead.
Ho caught ber by tba ana.
Tell mo," bo said with a queer
look. "Did I come back! Wbat did I
dot Did the others — your guest* —
see met Were ther at|ll bore? Toll
ma about It"
"Tbey were not here," returned ihe.
"Thoy had gone. Vou camo later. A—
* burglar vlalted ua laat night, and
Did 1 did I (hoot htm", queried
th* man.
"Shoot html" axclaimad tbe girl.
"You wero tba burglar yourself—It
was you who broke In and entered tbe
Stormo looked at her for a moment
a* though bs thought »he hid gono
craay. Then be started forward as If
shot and witb hi* eye* atartllng from
their aocketi, and bla arms waving
wildly In the air, be threw himself
Into a chair and covered bi* face wltb
lis band*.
Good Hod," ha oxclalmd brokenly,
after a long while, "Is that tbe thing
I've come to—la tbat the »ccret of my
life   iu)' livelihood t"
A Dinner at Ibo Club.
Livingstone Drcddllngton wa* th*
sw*lle*t thing In Lown. He wa* the
spendthrift mllllonalr* of th* place.
He flattered blmaolf that he kept up
the pace with tho beat of Ihem.
''When I do a thing. Storme," he
would >ay, "I do It, and don't you forget It."
But If Dreddllugton kept up tbe
pace, It waa clear to him tbat Btorme
lim.lt- It.
Stormo htd many admirer*. Dred-
dllnglou of all thoa* waa tba moal
ardent. He did th* thing* ind stld
Ibe thinga that Btorme did and aaid.
Btorme, to him, wu tbe essence ol
ill that wu chic and dashing and exclusively fuhlnuablo.
Some wtek* now bad clapaed line*
Iho greet trial of the people vorau* 11,
Stanlelgh Btorme.
No one wu mor* enthusiastic over
the outcome than Dreddllugton himself. It supplied bim with no (Jl engrossing topic of conversation, and II
furnished bim with a mighty Inspire-
He would give a dinner on the moat
magnificent actio. Btorme ahould be
Ihe gueal of honor. It would bo the
Li.lk of tbo town.
Ho consulted Btorme (bout It
Stormo acquiesced wltb dc-llgbt
He wu appreciative aud became
inthusluetlc aboul Ibo thing. Ho even
suggested some of tbo details of tbi
It wu to bo a freak dinner on a
breakneck ecale; und more (bun all, a
dinner commemorative of tbe greut
Thu Invltutloua, which of ctj'ireo
cm.- out two wceka ahead ol time,
were freak* In tbcnuiclvi*. They vor*
In (be shape of aubpocnu to tcsllly,
with big read seals, and even tho genuine algnature of the county clork.
'i'ii.- aberlff, * pereonel friend ol
bulb of ths men, volunteered (ho ecr-
vices) of ono of his deputies lo serve
the Invitation* peraonally on tbe In
-.lull guo*t*. Tbi* Idea, u may be
l iii-asi.-d from tbo weak, sickly huinoi
It Involved, wu the Idea of Dreddllugton.
Ihe nowiipapera, when tbey Mulshed
roasting the police department look
up tbo freak dinner for all II wu
Tbey lauded It to the firmament
They printed luclmlle* of tb* luvlia
tiona and alao of tbe menu, which bad
I .-co designed ia advance by Canon
il e carlcuturlit. Canon waa a mernboi
ti tbo club; neverthulcu be lent in
his llllle bill to Drcddllngton. and
Drcddllngton paid It oa (he *pol.
Canon fixed up highly lllumlnalod
copies of tho Indictment, and th* verdict of Ibe fury, and Iba nitnu-thf
whole Inclosed In a magnificent cote,
rcpreecnling on tba front the prisoner
...torino. In Ibo act of breaking Into t
hank In a fulldreaa »ult. and on Ibi
Tuck a striking llkeneu of tbe urn.
u.nlleman In prUon garb, rucfuly con
uniplatliig th* outline* of » nearby
Iho dinner cott Drcddllngton ow
lundrcd dollars a cover, and then
v ere fifty coior*. The whole thing
wu* stupid and boylah enough, bul
(he newspaper* conaldcred It excruciatingly funny.
Tbe town laughed al It aad lalkad
(bout It aad walttd (of ll To cap tb
cllmux, the boat Invited overy man oa
mo Jury panel to etteod-aal *v*ry
n-.sn atteadnd.        , —■
Tbe Judgo alao wu Invited Tbett
wero Storpic* *uggc*lb»» — «nd b.
bad goqd fetiotu tot them
Ths thing began If W o'clock
Fvrybody w** am. band Mt (Koran
H* bad bad aa mnwutl I* It
■""'   " ■- ■- -      ~'r   ^—imm^mfrnmawfTi   ——.   ——s
pbilned, and had had to hurry- H*
seemed breatblow and out of aorta.
T|,i.' company sat a>wu—fifty man In
'You're looking pretty pale tonight,
Storme,' remarked the aberlff In tbi
middle qf a course. "Are you lilt Vou
look aa pale a* you did tbat night th,
bank wa* robbed, when you lost thai
five hundred to tbe fudge."
Stormo Binllod end shook bu, head.
"I'm all right" be aaid. "I'm tired
tonight - (hat1* all."
-'Well, your'* most awful pal*," re-
prated tba sheriff. "And so you wore
that bight"
There were f*w aptecbe*. Tb*
guest*, being all aorta and condition*
of men were Inclined to be a bit
Tbe sheriff, who. didn't enjoy
speech-making, roso from hll chair
and walked up end down tbo room.
The dinner, of courao, wu about over.
Storme wu called upon. He roso,
aud aa be did so bl* face grew paler
than before.
Uoatlemen," ho began In a bealta-
tlng voice, ''there'* something I have
to lay to you. Something of serious
Import. I—I bavo boon, In a mcuauro,
lulling under false colors   I—"
Ho stopped, for tho Jurymen at tbo
iitbe, end of tbe bible wore squabbing
among themaelves and he could nol
make himself board.
"Oo onl Qo onl" aomebody cried.
"Bully for Btormul"
Tbay bad not comprehended tbe Import of bla worda or wbul he meant,
l'bey look It fo* tbo start of ono ol
Storme'* usually willy speeches.
"Ocntlemen," be resumed, "I—"
He stopped. Tbo aberlff, roving
r.stlctwly around, bud strolled over to
tbe ticker. He held the tupe listlessly
In bis band for a snort space of lime.
Suddenly tbe Instrument began to
tick away like mad.
"Great Bcottl" exclaimed tbe aberlff. "Hold on there, Stormo. Bay, you
-fellows, listen hero. Tbe First National
waa cracked tonight and four hundred aud fifty tbouaand taken from
tho vaults. That'* » fact — look here
If you don't boliove It. Wall a minute."
Ho (prang lo tbo telephone and
called up headquarters
"Tell ua aboul It" bo aaid to tbi
man at tbe other end of tbo lino, ''it's
(ho aberlff talking to you.
- "If* that nun Burke," bo explained
to tb* crowd, with bla band on tbe
mouthpiece. Ihe receiver at hi* cur
"Vce, tell us about It Burke."
•Well." Mid llurke at tho other
ond of Um line, "It wu done tho iame
a* down at Mordtunt'*. liars sawed
clean off. Window puno cut. Combination beat — an' four hundred an'
fifty thouand gone. Tbo coin wu
lyin' there to be aent out tomorrow
And aay-"
"Oo 00," retpoudod  tho aberlff.
"Bay," continued llurke "I've got
tbe man tbat did It clean to right*
thl* time, eharirr, lot mo tell you
"Have you actually gut him,'' yelled
the aberlff.
''No," aaid Burke, "I haven't actually got him, understand, but I uw bim
at work all right. He got away this
limo, too—bow be did It Is more than
I know—but Ibero'a no mistake aboul
the man, all right, all right — and
there waau't any mistake before,
oilher, let me tell you."
"And tbe mauT" queried tbe .sheriff
"Well," responded Burke, "If li
ain't th* devil—and I'm aaylng II tin'l
tbt* tinu-lf It tin'l tlw devil, It'* 11
Btanlolgb Stormo"
Tb* eherlff winked upon Ihe crowd,
who bad not board a word. "Hood for
you, llurke," hs ropllod, "and I hop*
you Jug bim, loo."
Tbo aberlff rug off.
"Oontlemen," be exclaimed to Iht
waiting crowd aboul him, "I have tbs
honor te Inform you (bat the Mrsl
National Bank wu crocked at ten
minutes attar on* o'clock this mornln*
to th* tuna of four hundred ud fifty
thousand dollar*, and th* nun thai
did It honor bright now, gentlemen,
thl* I* from llurke at hoadquartera
the man Ibat lid It la tbo man that's
sitting thero H. Btaalidgh Storme,
A great about of Uugbter want u,
from tbe guttt*.
"Bpeechl Speeobl" thoy cried io
But H. Stanlelgh Storme, the guoti
of honor, did not Join Ih• general
He turned pal*—(aueb paler than al
any lira* before.
'Oreaf Scott" M .nattered to bim
self, "how could I bare foreseen (hii
blag (bl* time — bow oould I bast
gueued thl* would occur tonight!"
"SpeechI 8p*ecbl" («*ln tbey cried,
kit Up* and began to apeak. Suddenly
he tell creating acrou th* UWt
among tbe dinner plate* — be hai
feinted dead away.
"By Oeorge," laid the ebertff to 1*4
rest "that'* the only time I ever **«
Storm* take loo much but he'* goni
ont thl* Um* illrlgbt "
Hs laughed and lb* CKll iMMOi
with bim.
, ^     Tb* SKXVKj OMH»-
iiidiouloui tilt wanted, aad eat-
ImwnOmH wt 9mm toll MM mm
.'\ rj R)
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. S. fc\ Musaolwhite' begs to
iiiuiouiicu that hu Aaa purchased
tlio business at 71 Lonadale Ave.,
formerly oondueteil by Mr. 8, H.
Walker under thu name of the
l'joneer Bakery,
Tho business will bo conducted
id thu sumo promises under the
name of Tbi Pioneer Confectionery,
mul will continue to produce
liiintl-nindo nnd lioine-niatlu bruad
of lliu bent quality as well na nil
linns of high-class pastry and
Mr. MusbuIwhite hopos by close
attention to the intercuts of hie
cuatoinoru, und by sustaining at
thu highest standard of excellence
the goods producod, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all fornior customers, and to welcome many n°w ones, for which
imrpo.su the factory and plant has
linen greatly enlarged and improved. Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from patrons.    ' ,
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phone 8
I OOK" at our Babie8 BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will tike it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., lot the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
TAKING   .-..•TliCT  MAY  FIRST,  1911
I .ni.. Vturouver 0.211 ■ in. end
I lid culler every in miiiulcs until
7.00 |i.in-    Commonrlag 7.-UI pin
every :tn   minute* until  11 .Wl I'm
thereafter  I'J.IA mil  I-IHI .in.
l.e.v* North Vincouvtr (.00 *.m
mul il .ii, i every 'JO minute* un
til 7.00 |,.m Cominoncing 7.90 |i
ni. every 30 minutes until 11.00 |i
nt. Ilieroeltcr 11.16 ead 13.48 i.n
I env*   Vancouver   7.10,   8,'Jl) ..ul
'.unl il..-i.',ili,.|  mm, u* weekday*.
I.cive Norlb V»ncouv.r 7.00, 8.00
*nrl 8.40, I bcrc.ltor eime ■• webk-
■',..., I.   lure 6e, t lor 36c, 30 lur fl, 70 lor 18.
A I um Ui w„(,i,ns, true!,* *u.l
ilmy*, 76c return.
It 1 homo rx|,,.sH carriage* ami
burl.*, 60c reVirn.
I' I horse c>|irocs buggio* end
unto*, t!6c return.
All ths *liov* rnte* include driver, ll,,i, s A and II euhject lo 110
I-. i cent, diuount ia lol* ol 60.
I'.,. 100 Ike. rsU, 6c.
Minimum rete, 10*.
Tinn., tnbl. hiilijiri In rhitnue without notice.
Company umi liable lor ileliiy*, ncridonlal oi
^TT If you want your Doors
^h   and Windows in a hurry
call, phone or write
____-___-___«■_-_■■■_—ia_-HM_-__l_-_-_-M--^-B-.i ■»!>■■   Ill    I    IMII|
•      Phone 222      P.O. Boi 1719
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing lo larger warahotiaa accomodation, wa ara now in a pvakkfl to
carry a larger aad mora uxnatata
tlotk of thaw gooit nni to euppiy
mil uutomar* at VaacouTtr p»ka*.
All Otwxi Dmvtmmi Prowptljr.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Ml fofUmlM h*      ■       .     fW4
What The Americans
Can Teach Us
Nsit to bulng born a Canadian, I
'rather think I would tlko to hs born
In the United Statea. It I* a wonder
tu! oountry, It carries a wotidorfu!
people, J hey are an eigmple to ui
In many things; a warning In other*
.Wherever they are admirable they an
olton eioeulve—It la a natural delaol
of possessing Immense productive tor
rltory, vast population*, and a rathe,
ghort political past. Tbay can teach
ua very very much that we^ ought to
know. Take tour of their splendid
On*.   Their lev* of country.
Keavenal How tbey boaat; how
they wave their flag. Tbey Insist oo
'carrying It—flaunting It, If you llke-
In evsry foreign oountry j and tbey
fiat touchy as a bear with a *ore bead
I you show your Hag on tbeir soil
They believe In their country; In It*
Institutions. The flag Is the symbol
of all their strength, ambition, glory.
There I* a roason.
. Million* of people have coma from
ail the ends of>the earth to the United
State*. They know Utile or nothing
ot the liberty tnd opportunity ol
which tho State* are full. They com*
to better their conditions; to place
their children where tbey can grow
Inin prosperous cltiisn*. The flag ha*
linm made Ihe emblem of all thel,
hopes. It (Ilea from every achool.
house. The eight of It engender* •
flood ol patriotism Id tbe native-born
and the alien-born. '
Tbe American can teach us here,
Our flag has flown a thouaand years,
HI* Is a product of tha day before
yeaterdiy. We bave a tremendous
variety of alien blood and alien speech
In our midst. We Impreu too little
upon them the magnificence of l«t
thing* the flag ha* stood for anl
Simula (or, aud will stand (or. We are
tpt to forget that In patrlotlam.
Those wbo come to u* have to be
born egalu. If ever there was a country In which patriotism ahould burn
with a vehement flame, It I* Canada.
leDOk    IO   It.
Two. Their willing**** to adapt
th.nu.lv*. te chang.d clroumttinci*.
Tradition I* .aplendid, within llm
It*. "At It wa* In tb* beginning, la
now, and ever shall be" I* not sn Infallible political principle, for thl* 1*
* progressive world.
There I* danger, too, of falling into
tbe habit of the fellow who tald,
"These ire my tentlmenta; If you
don't like 'em I'll change 'em." The
wl*e man often change* hit mind, th*
fool never; but the wl*e man doe* not
change merely to ault somebody else.
Tbe American I* pre-eminent In the
world for bis ruadlnes*. to cbauge hi*
method of regarding questions of
trtds and of politic*. He thought bu
could frees* Canada to himself by a
high tariff. It didn't work, so he tries
Reciprocity—which we asked for long,
long ago.
If we go Back to It we show tbat
w* don't adapt ounelv** to changing
condition*. We hive outgrown oul
notion* of commercial dependence on
tb* American. We must not be cajoled Into going back forty year* for
our Idea*. Sir Wilfrid Uurlar leap*
backwards over 1907, 1903, 1901 and
US' i. iiii. In which be emphatically
repudiated reciprocity. He Is like t
vanerable msn who goes out to meet
in old sweetheart and eipecta to find
bar young and blooming a* she ws*
forty >i in a ago.
Thr**. Their unbeundsd faith In
th* futur*.
Sir Wilfrid hi* bid hi* spell* of
thl* splendid quality. He once said,
"The Twentieth Century belong* to
Canada." In conformity with thl* he
Mid, "Tbe bolt and most effective
way to maintain friendship wltb our
American neighbor* I* lo be »b»olute
ly Independent of them." Uit winter
i'reiltle* Ttft aaid, "Canada 1* at tha
parllng of tbe way*." Canada la expected lo mike reply, "Tby way, not
mine, O Taft."
On the reciprocity question Blr Wilfrid (poke again, only four year* ago
h* declared lo the Imperial Confer
•act, '"I hem wu a Um* whan we
wanted Reciprocity wltb tb* llnlti-d
Stat** • . . We hav* Mid good-bye
to tbat trad* and wt now put all our
hope* upon the British trade."
The futur* was lo be u Ihe put
bad been—a development of commerce, of aoclal ant) national aentl-
aunt, aut and wait, tnd not predominantly nortb and aouth. W* aipres*-
•4 our confidence In the futur*. Noth-
lag wu to draw u* Into tb* ssductlv*
■■brace* of tba United State*. Wa
b*itn a new tran*contln*atel railway
Uat will coat tbr** tlm** u much u
wu Intended u a proof-of our dl*
tlactlv*nau from lb* big neighbor.
Aad than wa began \o play bl* gam*.
from turning oar back upon him wt
began to turn our back upon ourulve*.
When you becom* afraid of your Future, good by* to your Future.
four, Their determlmtlen te Ho*
thslr own Raw.
I never heard of a man who chou
bulng u • holiday occupation. I
n»ver liked It wbeu I wu OB Uu, firm.
Bat you can't bav* a garden without
pUnllful ihu of thl* familiar ooiiipan
tea Of th* backache. It'* lb* bo* that
Mfa po—tee* aad but*, carrot* »nd
burn, trad all Um v*g*ubl* luiurte*
oa tb* tebte.
What wu tk* ba* la Uu, attlonal
gavelopment of th* United State*?
It wu protection, of young Indus-
UIM. Tb* Halted State* decided te
*Uk* tha rao*t of ttw4r own retourcet
by helping Induttrtel «ip*u*loa with a
tariff- They became Uu gratted man-'
■petering country |n Nu world. Tbay
bar* done It by nosing their own row.
Canada look t laat out pt their book.
Ik* oould not bav* bad ber btg (**-,
gaalrUJ cities aay oth*r way. Her,
luu* market Would bave beta a n*gU-
gabte quantity If ab* bad bun content
U b* merel* t getter ot raw material
for somebody mil.
Tb* Anurlcao* *r*nl her raw m»t*r-
III. IM hir l**« of thorn ««d m«k*
I** most ot bar own raw material,  it
WW*   ]*W    Wjamnf   t^*nWnWtm\ft
Building Permits
The lollowing building permit* have
nlrauity boon issued for tlie current
Albert Bright, 'Jltli gtreet, houso,
II. V/linlley, I Illi strait, wno.lyiir.1,
ollico anil stable, (WHO.
,1. W- rikelliorna nmi Uul Ii .1. de
Forest, l.onadulo Avenue, addition to
Store, WIN).
Hii-linnl Holy, cor. Mh und Chtstir-
Reld, store ami Inline, f350U.
Ailn Emily liicliin.inii, hii, niiT.'i,
house, Wl'.
William l.ticklinrl, 97th struct, *>iiul|
house, ttl fill.
.iuines Woohlrngo, 'J lib slreut, house
Vuncouver Ilousohuililiug k Inviwt-
int'iit Syndicate, Dlith struut, bungulo,
l'ythiun Castlo Hull Co., Illi streut,
two Bloroy frumu building, Ml,huh.
llaptist Church Trustees, cor. lillli
and Bt, (loorgu's, church, 167110.
Chnrlcs Downer, 14th stnr-t, cnllago
•600. '
North Vancouwir I.untl k Improvement Co., I'.. |.li.m.i.le, brick uud stone
lmii,ling, line,, stores and two liv.i
mom Huts, 811,153,
City it,,ni,I of School Trustees, 3rd
street, classroom, 1311.
Chus. Il.;('nlc8, 1st slre.il, two cottages, tlttn each.
0. C. k V.. B. Pearce, 18th stnol,
addition tilOfi.
W. Cousins,'Jtllli struct, house, Will.
Alexundcr Cameron Miller, -ihili si.,
house, tihil.
E. J. G, Ilnxtor, I'.hIi alreet, smill
office, $1511.
C. II. Proske, tltith struct, houae,
A. ID. Criekmay, llith slreei, boiiac,
1700. .
Mr. A. W. Gibson itluiiiuil lust
week Irom un cxk-miol visit, Ihr'ough-
oiil Ontario ami Ibo Euslein alalia.
Mr. Gibson waa uccnmpuniud iiy Mrs.
Qlbson who tariic.1 for n ih ill us I
ou Ihe lioniewuril jnurmy, .ml wbo ia
expected home in u fow tluys.
During their trip Mr. uml Urs. 0)b-
son , isii,,l tbeir son Dr. John 'iilison
ul .luckaoii, tli, l,ii..,wi. iu which place
he bus liuili up u large and lucrative
practice in bis profession us a votecr-
The Theosophicul .Society meets in
North Vaneouver In Boom I, tl l.ons
iliih.' Avenue (ifltianro next lo Wil-
come l'arlor) every Wednesday ev.Vwng
at U o'clock. Ai i.n,lune. is entirely
Iree und curries no obligations whatever. You aro invited. Tbcosopb.cal
«l mly iin,I qiieations.
Now Wselminsler I.mul Dislrict-Di*
trict ol Norlh Vuncouver. TAKE
NOTICE that we, II. illinium und A-
C. liludwiu ol Norlh Vuncouver, occu
|.,itn,ii. retired, intend to upply loi
I-, iii,i si. ii in I..,,,, the i, II..'-.-.,„ de
-.■iibe.l sn,..mi. known ns Lynn Click,
commencing ut a post plunted ut Ihu
\. W. corner ol the old wootlon I mlje
crossing *tiid *lieuni, thence nortb,
lollowing lied ol stream to u post
planted 1,000 leet north ol h.-ilh
II.imi, sic I bridge, lor the purpnae ol
obtaining rock, gravel and land lor
building ami other purpose..
Ihil.sl Aug. Vlb, 1011.
TIIICT-Distiicl ol New Wostminiteer.
i'uko notice tbut Eliot A. llaawell ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply lor permission to purcliuie
the following described lauds : About
Inn acre* commencing al a post pistil-
.si ou the mo th,usi corner of Lot
1874. thence eu*t '.'5 clisim, thence
north mi chain*, Ihence we*t 5 chain*,
more or lex to thore ol llora* Shoe
I ul..,, tbence in a *outh *ud westerly
com*,, uroiind .bore ol luku to North
usl corner ol lol 1573, theiic* aouth
50 chain*, more or lees, to point ol
(Sgd.)      EI.IOT A. IIASWEI.Ij.
lune litb, lllll. 114,
NOTICE is hereby given Ibat an an
plication will lie made under i'art V.
ol the "Waler Act, lm*)," to obtain a
license in the North Vanoouver divia
ion ol New Wealmig*ter district.
(a) The name ol applicant Th„
l'oiponilion ol tbe Diatfict of Morlh
Vancouver, IL 0.
(il for mining purpoee*) Krsc Miser's CertiSiate No. —
lb) The nam* ot Iho lako, ■tt.-mii
or tource (if unnainuH the deacriptlon
I*)—An uinianiiil iirciim running in a
•oiilherly dlreotion through Diatriot
leols 783 and ttt, Group 1, Now Wesl-
i„linter Diitrict.
(e) Th* point ol din-iaii.n is In
Illook 4, llUrict lioi 7tlg .b.ruald,
about 22^ rhnTin norlh of Ihe 1041
th.rn boundary ,ol said District |,ot.
(4)' Th* quantity of water applinl
lor (in cubic foot far second) one
quarter ol a cubic loot per second,
(*) Th* character of tea popoe-
arl worka Shallow weir dam with
auitebie Intelut.
(I) The premise* on wbicb Ik* water is Io In used (describe an*/*)- ihs
District ol North Vancouver.
(gi The purpose* tor which Ih* water is lo b* uaoH- -Municipal puiposes.
' (h) tf lor irrigation deacnbo the
Una intended Id be irrigated, giving
(1, II Ih* water nto'totwA In,
pr/wtr or mining purpo*** doarriU the
plao* wb*r* th* water i* to b* return-
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
Ul First Street Weal
Proprietors—E. I.aukin, Tailor; Y. Niiruinion, late will, ilu
I). C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, il. C.
Ladie*' & Gentlemtn'i Garment*
ol all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Prested
We specialize in Repair Work
Hat* Cleaned and Blocked
Feather*   Cleaned,  Dyed   or
We give you Contract* for Genti'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Gin ui a trial and patroaiie tke
North Shore
III First Street West
ed to some nutursl channel and Ibe
difference iu altitudu Ulween point ol
diversion nnd point ol return	
(j) Area of Crown lund intended to
bu occupied by Iho propoaed works-
None.     , •
ll.) Thia nol ice waa pouted on the
lllli duy ol Annual, I'JII, and uppli
call,In will lie in,nl,, to the ciniiiii*
iioner on Ihe l.'lib day .,( ScplnnUr,
0) live the numea and addreaaea ol
any ripuriun propriotora or licenaue*
who or whoso lauds are likely to he
affected by the proposed work*, either
above or lielow the outlet ars: Arthur
E. I'acey, Wm. .1.1.. 1'aooy,'.'borne* U-
Meesuricr and Walter Finch t'age, all
ol the City ol Vancouver, and A. Dal-
ton Nye, W. .1. Irwin, llenaon Ula.l
win ami Marv I,. Archibald, all ot the
Oily ot North Vancouver.
I'l) The bouiiiliirie* and area of tbe
Diitrict of North Vancouvar art aa
ast forth in tbe letters patent of In
corporation Haled 10th August, 1801,
anil publiehcd in th* B. C. fiasette,
Intt oscepting the area ol tha City ol
North Vancouver specified in Bchedule
II ol Ibe North Vancouver lily Incorporation Act Amendment Act ,M7,
(i■', Approximately th* number of
inhabitant* ol Ih* Ditlrict at prca.nl
i* 3,600.
(Sul) 0. M. G.
House Connection!
TAKE NOTICE (hat we intend to
apply to tho Hoard ol I.iceo*ing Com-
muwonors ol tb* lily ot Norlh Vancouver, llriliih Columbia. lf>l l retail
liquor or bottle lieeat* lor the prem
isee known at IeOte tl and 12, Hlock
IU, Diitrict Lot 874, North Vancouver, at the tolling* ol such commie-
.ioner* to lie held on tbe 1 Jib day ot
.September, A,I). 1811.
DATED thia 3rd day ot Augtut A.
D., 1811.
>t-« '        Far I. 0. Or*al, kgenl.
Tll|i;T Diitrict of N*w W*rtmbi*ter.
Take notic. tbat Joeept C. Dookuill.
ol Vincouver, occupation, ftovwnraent
otbciai, Intend* to anply for o*rmi<-
lioo lo purchaae the fotlowiu dtsserib-
ed Isnd*: ltd aersa oornsasaslig at •
post planted on th* touth wast corner ol Lot '1622, thane* aouth 40
chain*, Ihence *a*t il cbtin*, Hums
north 40 chain* to aouth boundary ot
l,ol 'It'll, Ihence west 40 chain* mor*
or lo**, along **id boundary to point
of com*uno*mtot.
Junt 17th, 1811. IN
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
As Iho main drainage >yatem I* ap-"
proaching completion we hag lo notify
property owner* Ibal we are making ,__
arrengemeote to undertake Hie aewt*
connection, on tho variou. privet*
properties at a reaaonablc co*t lo as|
thos* wbo dceire lo avail Ihnawlv**
of early drainage facilrlka. Haviaf
carried out the main drainage *yst*a|
(or tb* city council snd having Ih* ,
oeoemry plant and (killed labor
available we are ia aa esceptionaliy
lavorable potition lo carry out On
private hot,** drainage at a moderate
coat to proparly own*** and we *baN
be pteued to lurpiab cttlmate* aad
plan* if ncccaaary to carrying iwt Ibis
moil caaential work in accordanor with
the eity regulations aafl on moat up t,
to date (irinciploe of modern sanitation.
jkWond St. mad Mahon A v#
M Your Own Dress
Jsiymy. matter nQw,^?cam»
limTmiipition of
one dye bath does for »11 materjfals---
cotton, wool, silk pd so forth. Tb§y
916 dyed perfectly with no trouble.
Pots and pans are not spoiled, and bands
are not stained.
follow simple directions and learn bow
good tbese dyes are.
Ypiir Dealer Has Them
m, s. McDowell   -
B. 0. DUCOWUM, 10, tbe store
t! :,'(,,< tltC
135 Lonsdale Ave.
ii    -
fj If you are a discriminating buyer you
will have no difficulty in proving our
<J Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
fl The Delivery Wagon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will take orders
and deliver promptly any Quantity desired.
Bruce & Co*
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE-6-room boJ*s on
li'ilielil Avo.  New, i
il iii,,„I, in.
|3,3<I0.  K»*y lcr«a*
''8ud|r*rd" on B*cipr*c|t|.
There aro certain little' eiiinoilies--
Sometime* tliey have proved tragedies
which invariably bob up bofore us
at such politir*! criiea as this present
one. At the last general election in
the 01.1 Oountry, aome Liberal ontbii-
(last (unknown) penned * stirring appeal to tbe country (all very accurate
ami verbally brilliant) anil niitn.nl it
with tho niiue of a prominent politician. While agreeing with tbe matter,
tbis important poraonago strongly denounced tho maimer, am) so caused the
said stirring appeal to be regarded at *
worthies* forgery. Tbo Builyard Kip
ling letter which was published on Saturday forma au analogoua cue. No
sooner ha.l Canada's heart leapt wild|y
at tho truisms of Builyard than tbe
rumor came tbat be bad never set pen
to paper i.u tbe Beclproclty question.
More is the letter *a it appeared importantly in tbo proa*:—
"I do not understand how nine mil
lmii people can cuter into such arrangements aa aru proposed with tbe
ninety million strangers on au open
frontier of l.inlil miles ami at Ihe same
time preserve their national iutcgrity
"Ten to ono is too heavy oibls. No
single Canadian would accept sucb
odds in a matter which wan vital to
him personally aa this issue is to the
nation. It ia ber own soul that Canada
risks today. Once tbat soul is pawn
ed for any consideration Canada must
inevitably conform to the commercial,
legal, financial, social and ethical
standards which will bo imposed upon
Ihem by sheer weight of the United
"Bhe might, for example, be com
poll,..I later ou to admit reciprocity iu
tbe murder rate of tbo United Statea,
which, at present, I believe, ia some
thing over one hundred ami fifty. per
million per annum.
If tbcao proposals had been made a
generation ago or if tho Dominion wero
today poor and depressed ami without
hope, one would perhaps understand
their being discuascil, hut Cauada is
lion,' of these things. Hlie is a nation
and ae the lives of nations are reckoned, will, oro long, be among the great
"Why, then, when she bss made
horsclf wbat alio is, should she throw
Ihe enormous gifts of her inheritance
ami ber future into the hands of a
people, who, by their haste and waste,
have so dissipated their owu resources
that even before national middle ago
tbey are driven t sock virgin fields
or cheaper food and living.
"Whatever tbo United Hlale* gain,
and 1 preaurac tbat thu United tilates
proposals are uot wholly altruistic, I
sec nothing for Canada iu reciprocity
except a little ready money which sho
does not uccd, ami a very long repent
unci'.    (Signed)
The joke, however ill timed, would
have been still more complete bad the
writer of Ibo above adopted a nice
slangy metre aud done tbo whole thing
in verso.
nation pt tlm tpplieip^Pm**! Towa-
iley, 8*»| Estate Br»lf«j 588 P»nd»r
gtrpot, ,Va,icpuvfl»,.fl.jp.
(If fpr mining purposes) Free Win
nr'* DartifieaM Up, .
(b.) fbl> lianw pf th* |*ko, stream
or eourco (if unpaged. Hip dwnirip-
lion is) Cyprii* CrceK
(c.) Jbe point pf diversion-Two
(8) miles np "troain from mouth on
District Lot 018.
(d.) Tba quantity of water applied
for (ip cubic (set p*f bocouiI)—8 (11
miner's inches).
(e.) Tbo chancier of the proposed
(f.)   The premises pn  which   il»
water is to bs p**d (d**crili* ***,*)-
District Lot mi.
(g) Tk* purpms* for which tke
water is to be us«l- Domnrtir.
(b.) If for irrigation describe th.-
land inteuded tp he irrigated, giviuu
acreage .,	
(i.) If the water ie to be used for
puwer or mining purpose* describe tk*
place where tk* wat*T ia to b* returned
to aome natural channel, aad Ik* difference in altitude between point of
diversion aad point'af return.
(j.) Area nf Crown land intended
to be occupied by tbe proponed work*
(k.)   This notice wu posted OB Ihe
83rd da/ pf August, 1911, md application will be made to tbe Opipmis
sinner on tk* 83rd day of S*pte<nbt r,
(I.) Give the nan,** aad addresses
pf any riparian proprietors pr licou-
*er» wko or. whose lands aro likely to
ba elected by tbe proposed works,
oitker above or below tke   outlet.
(Higaautre)   HKNIiY   H1IODKS,
Agent for Eruoet Townsley
(P. 0. Address)   P. 0. Box 463.
Vancouver, 11. (1.
NOTB-On* cubic foot per second
I* equiv*l«ut to 35.71 minor's inches
NOTICE is hereby given that I shall sell at public auction on Thursday, tk* Utb day nf September, 1811,
nl tbo Oity Hall, North Vancouver, B. 0., at 8 o'clock ia Ike afternoon, tbe following tends, improvements or real
properly hereinafter described tor unpaid delinquent municipal laics, special rates, Interest, costs and expenses duo
thoroun, unless iu tbo meantime tbe aoreiuentioued taxes, special nice, interest, coal* and expeusee aa ict forlb iu
(ho following s,li,slid,, aro soouor paid.
Haled at tho City of Nortb Vancouver tbis*83ml day of Auguat, 1811.
4 TS,
Ill      2-23-4
7     1-8-8
7      4-50
D      10
11      11
7   .
TELEPHONE 89. P. 0. BOX 114
BURRAfffl SASH A DOOli FACTORY, foot of St. Georp
VV* solicit • trial bid on vour Ordor* small or large
Members of ihu above Club ar.) re
ipic.1,.,1 lo pa; in Iheir Mil v ript.un..
jo the Bank of B. N. A. (Upper LoPI
dale branch). There will bo a reduction of On cents ou Bubseri.i.ious paid
before Sept. Hit's. Tbo first ils.ii'o wil
take place ou Wednesday, Oil. I Illi,
at 8.30 p. m. iu Ibe Horticultural Had.
8-0 Hon .-■..-
NOTICE is hereby given that an
application will Ul made under Pari
V. of Ibo "W.ter Act, 104)0," to oh
lain a licsnso in tbo New Weslmiusler
/livision ef New Westminster Dis
(*.)   Tbo name, address and occu
5411 17 I fl ...
611) 17 11 7 ...
filll ltl 2.'II 1.1 ...
518-0 III 2 3 ...
5-181) -    III II 3 ...
517-8 11 15
617-8 41 10
871647   43        HI
■ 550
60        18
01       11 Part
116       10    Wi/j  ...
6511 83        10
648 |18 4
648 371    112 A     40
274 113        21
274 120
271 127
274 141
271 164
274 KM
274       160        3D
274       170 3
274       170        11
Assessed Owner
....Hcndrickson, care Bickard* Ackroyd k
Oall, Vaneouver	
.. .. ..
 lladurmacber, II. I., N. Vancouver ...,
....Beiidard, lliu N., (leu. Del., .'. Van
couver  ..'. ..,
. ...llearns, Wm., Welcome Held, Vancou
ver  ,„
— Iloult, Ieoui** I)., Vaacouver	
— Kcone, W. 1.., N. Vancouver	
. ...Hono.la, T., 338 Powell si., Vanrouver..
 llliugworth, W\, N. Vancouver  .,
....Alvensleben, A. V., Hastings k Bkb
ar.ls,  V*acoav*r        „
...Salt, J., Bus Hotel, Vancouver .....
... .Thomson, lin. A. L, 1330 Cardero at.,
-Williams, lira,  alary, care   Yorkshire
lluaranl.-e    A    Securities    Co.,
Vancouvtr    ,.,
.lamb, Jaa. A., care (twin k Billinga
Co., N. Vancouver  ..,
Wbillaw, D. IL, N. Vancouver	
.Crabtrcc, J. J., 476 Alexander alrccl,
.Emery, W. P., Central Park, Vancouver..,
-Hunter, W. C, Elder Hurray Co., N.
.Korauja, Fucbi, Box 639, Vancouver ..
.Funic, Jaa. J., car* Irwin k Billinga
Co., N. Vancouver „
.Estate of U. B. Uelitad, cue K. J.
Cterke,6418 Pender si.,  Vancouver..
•Sbrapncll, John II., 1WM—7tb Avenue
r'airview,  Vancouver  	
-Townley, T. 0., Und Begistry oil...-,
Vancouver .'...
• Alvenslcben, Alvo Von., Parilc Building, Vancouver „
■U-ilesaurier, l'btobc, 1657 HoUon al.,
... ft H
li 61
....HI 01
12'12 IS 811
238 884!
8 60 13 51
 16 80   itt 10 81
....  1180
../ 8 61
 10 07
....  II V6
 18 80
 11 06
 .85 ot
 8 16
 8 16
 9 It
2 69 It 30
3 43 11 01
3 60 13 07
3 00 Uf,-',
3 51 1100
S 70 16 76
3 95 38 26
3 tt 11 61
3 ID 11 ill
3 46 11 61
... 7 80   3,39  10 28
 16 63
 66 38
.: 13 18
 D, 4D
 il it
 ,....% 18
 28 33
 81 47
 33 61
 68 02
 43 85
'    <
273 .
10 .
11   .
16 -
tin,I,Ion. II., N. Vancouver	
-Ford, H. H, 1118 Broughton at,    Van
couver I...'. ,.
-Berry, The*., care Irwln k Billinga i'o.,
N.  Vancouver	
• Hoiucwood, H. 0., 240—I3tk  Avenue,
Vancouver  _
, -. Ogaaawara,  care  W. 8.  Young,  267
l'.,».-ll at., Vincouvtr	
... Ferguaon, Geo., N. Vancouvtr	
.    Bauer, W. A., Pacific Building, Van
couver  n
...-lirasbfiebl, tin. h, Ul Facile, Van'
couvir it
. . - Johnstone, D., 2736 Sophi* at., Vancou
v»r  B
....Btecadc, A., Vancouvtr 	
....Clements, llrs. S.  A., Bidwell  Bead,'
....Holt, T. 0., N. Vanrouver	
 72 81
 73 16
 IS 76
 C...I9 76
 7 94
 17 60
 17 HI
 II 99
 17 60
 19 92
 10 92
...32 28
.14 39
...14 79
... I II
... 6 91
...9 96
3 82 10 31
6 30 70 58
3 66 16 80
3 97 tt 46
3 24 28 18
3 30 39 48
3 11 31 71
6 67 98 01
3 63 3d 31
6 40 73 43
4 19 48 01
6 61 78 16
6 66 78 80
4 49 64 31
4 49 64 31
2 39 10 33
3 67 90 37
387 90 11
9 71 17 00
3 87 30 87
3 HO '1191
300 33*3
311 36ft,
9 71 17 SO
2 71 17 41
9 35 7 18
931 836
9 4* 11 79
H larftfMnji th* wparior quality of tbt
*l Cnmm «_r r
^m       ^m    "ntrnw    mm    m  mmmmmm§ m^^m ^w —». mmmwrnm    —»^» ^mt^m^^^m mm   tHM to accept orders for noma and give prompt
WammmmWmm^mmmmmmmmWmmmmWmmmWIm^mmmTmmmWmmmmmmmmm^mmmm^ AtMltVJ.
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread
Eighth St. Eait Phone 54
Chu. M. Kittson, Manager
Four loaves for 25c       20 ouncei to the loaf
I m
(PonU»u«d Irom page »)
Prnbappla* - 1st M,-*, flolljlUr, 2i"l
A. A. Istith, ,
Orabapple*. any vapa'y - l«l 0
A, Wth, 3i,i| Mrs, KebslIU,
Heat Colleotion ol Arris, ■ lui. Mrs
Kiiono, 2inl Mr*, Irwin
Host nnllnotiim nl Apples, np*n to
New ^ostminstor Uiankt- Isl A.
BarHett - 1st W. J, It-vin. W 0#
W. H»g*», *■
Louise Bonne.de Api*9 - In'- W|a.
Irwin, find Mrs, RehitlU,
Any WiiSer Variety - 1st Mrs. Ir
win, Ind J, Luwsof,.
Beet Colleotion - 1st Mrs. Irwin,
Italian - I»| Mr*. Irwin, 3nd Mr*.
Silver - Ul VV. ,), Irwin,
In order to make a complete clean-up of a|l luminer linei
and thus make room (or the new fall orders already
invoiced, we will sell for half price tho undermentioned
$5.00 Ladies' Waih Suits, white and colors, sale $2.50
$7.50 Ladies' Wash Suits, white and colors, tale $3.75
Sizes 34, 36 and 38 only.
Boy's and Girl's Summer Hats, regular price 25c to
$100; sale HAIF PRICE
Ladies' Lawn Waists, slightly soiled; a large variety ol
patterns; HALF PRICE
Ladies' and Girl's Parasols, ranging from 25c in Girl's and
$100 in Ladies'   sale  HALF PRICE
Boy's Wash Suits, sale THIRD OFF
Gent's Straw Hats HALF PRICE
Gent's Slimmer Vests , HALF PRICE
Jo Jo  1VIC/\I iChUwJu
1   ' I I I   I       I I     I 11 S SI
life have a lew splendid building lots, each 49x139 feel,
within 5 minutes from the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid mads to the property, and near the Capilano
River, Price $500 each, Corner* $600. One-third cash,
6 and 12 months. These are excellent residential lots, and a
good investment.
John Alexander & Co.
Siik-ar m> 1st Mra, trwin, IM ¥>»•
Any Variety - let Mr*. 9php.t«.
Ilwarl Beans - Ut Mr*. Hill, 2nd
Mr*. Knew.
Runner Be*n»-l»t Mr*. Irwin, '-tint
(i. a. Wady.
Ilmseela Bprot,l»-l»t Mr*, 9tolAty
3„d Mr*, Hill. '   *
Bummer Cabbage-|*t Mrt. King*-
ley, Snd A- B. Diplonk.
Plat C,*,r*»g*-|st T. Prjc, 3,,d W.
>l. I™ill-
Mix  White CarroU-lal  T,  S. Nye,
3nd Mra. Keene,
Hit Yellpw c-pmto-ln Mri, IJ, ti,
Si'lnilu, 3nd A. B. Diploek.
Tbreo Head* Pelery-Ut Mr*.' H. D.
Hebullj, Ind A. B. Diplnck.
While Com on Con-let T. S. N>e,
Hint Mrs. Behulta.
Cueumber*-l*t Mrs. Irwin, Snd ti,
Herb*, best oolla*tioa-l*t Mrs. E.
Hill, 3i..l Mrs. (irnhnnio.
VegeUttilo Marrow, whit* Ul Mrs.
Kingslay, Snd Mr*. Ku-ne.
.Six Bed Onion*-l*t T. S. Nye, Slid
Mr*. Hill.
His While Onions 1st Mrs. Ke. no,
■Jml Mrs. Hill.
•Six Yellow Onions-let Mrs. Irwin,
2nd T. H. Nye.
I'arsnips-lat T. 8. Nye, Snd A. O.
I'i-iis, 31 p.nl» -Ul. Mrs. S. Sebnll/.
2nd ti. U. Elder.
I'ntivtoes, any variety—Ut C. F.
.Isekson, Snd Mrs, Irwin.
Itliiitwrii, iin Btalka-lat Mrs. S. D.
Kohuits, 2nd Mrs. drabame.
Sipiusli, huMiaril- let Mrs. Ken,,,
2nd -Mrs. Irwin.
M.pinsh, crookneck—lit Mr*. Schulli
Snd Mr*, $11,
Hi* liul Tonattua-Ut Mr*. Schulli
Six! A. 11. Diploek.   .
Tomatoes, picktiny-ltt A. B. Dip
l»ck,2nd Mra. Klngsley.
Tunripo, ovale -Ut Mrs. Kecue, Smi
Mrs. .Schulli.
He,i collection ol vegotabrce, con
im,si I.) city and dislriot —1st and
cup, Mrs. Keene, Snd Mrs. Irwin.
Il.-ii collection ol vegetables, In Ingrown without help—Ut anil cup Mrs.
(iralinnie, 2nd Mr*. Hill.
ll,si.l work-lat Mra. K. M. Ess.m.
Crochet work-lat Mrs. K.uuin, Snd
Mra. Martin.
lull crochet— 1st Mrs. Upbani.
.Set throe labln mat*—lit Mn. Martin, Snd Mra. Schulli,
Drawn work-lst Mrs. Martin.
Dbyiiea, sit-lst Mra. Hill, Snd Mra.
Darning and Mending—1st Mrs. Hill
I'.niliroi.lery—1st Mra. Martin.
BnbrOtdsry on linsn-lst Mrs. E*
win, Snd Mrs. Simpson.
KmliroinVry oyelel-lat Mrs. Scbullr
Snd Mr*. Ksson.
50x157 ft. on  15th Street,
west of Boulevard and lying
high and dry, a bargain, at
$950, on terms.
Martinson & Co.
62 Lonsdale Ave. '
Pbons 173
fl We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Square* and Rligi imparted direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonidale Ave. Nortli Vancouver
Imbrmdery to*r*l»-|*t Mr*. M*rti„
2nd Mrs, dill.
Qloves, band kniM»l Mrs. Smith.
HamstitPhipg-ut Mrs. tmm, {M
Mrs, Simpapn.
Home made rug-fat 9ft- ViPkiWi
2nd Mrs. Kllipt.
Horn* made phild's dress-Ut Mr*.
Bill, M Un- P»«»n.
Hand pajnt«d china oonyenliionar-
Ut Mrs. Hohulfa,
Hand painted natural -1*1 Mr*. S.
D, Scliullii.
Knit ij*oe-i»t Mr«.|Br«m, 2»dMr«-
leailios' Hawftng-lst Mrs. BiBiOeja,
2nd Mr*. Martin.
Holn Billow-let Mra. Esson, 2ml
Mr*. Billings.
Outlino work —1st Miss DiiMJilaun,
2nd Mra. Hill.
I'aleliwork CJiiilL -1st Mra,  Esioji.
I'nir pillow sham* - Ul Mrs. Simp-
Holu |»lli.w-liJt Mrs. Hillings, Dud
Mrs. Martin.
1'oint laco — 1st Mrs. Esson, 2nd
Mra. Essiiii.
Embnniiorod ten cloth—l»t Mra. E.
Martin, Six! Mm. Simpson.
Hun,I knitted eocks-Ut Mra. Smith
Tuiiwifb Work—Mra. Day.
Work uproii Ut Mrs. Billings, Snd
Mrs. Esson.
Beet collection luney work — 1st
Mra. Esson, Snd Mra. Ilrann.
Workotl iniiiiil.i or monogrum — l*t
Mra. Merlin, Smi Mrs. Eason..
Wool slippers—Ut Misa Smith, Snd
Mrs. Martin.
Tut l«pt Ul Mra. Esson, Slid Mrs.
Iliin.l liemmeil hniiilkercbiof-let Miss
M. Esson.
Crochet luce-lst Miss I). Gill.
Hunutilelieil hnnilkerchiisf—Miss (iill
Funcy pin eiishi.111   Miss Criekmay
Home mnilo rug—Miss F. (>riek,nay
. Darning nnd mending—1st Miss M.
Ibsst dreaeod .lull Isl Miss B. de-
monies, -.'nil.Miss 11. (iill.
Hap drawing   Miss M. Eseon.
Free hand drawing—C. Fieldhouse.
licet Ixnnpiet wild Aowera-lst J.
(.roiinmc, Snd ('. Criekmay.
Messrs. Simpson k Wight secured
lirst piuce among the show exhibitors
lor a splendid display ol blooms.
We are informed that tbis year's
poultry display at tbo Horticultural Ho
eiety's exhibition was the largest o\ or
seen in North Vaneouver, Tlio birds,
which were of lino quality, numbered
over  200
On Hiiinr.liiy tho Norlh Vancouver
i'iiv llanil was responsible for a line
program of music, wbilo in ihe even
a very successful prouienado dance
wu held.
Tho nil,, mis announce that they are
vory gratified at tbe all round success
of tbo exhibition.
Hia Honor Ibe Lieutenant Governor
in Council has been pleased lo make
Ihe lollowing upjxmitmonts:
Vancouver Cily Elootorul District-
W. Fowler and .1. K. WarU ol Eaet
Vancouvor, W. Walpole of West Viineouver, C. .1. Kadwell ol Grundview,
New Westminster Cily Electoral District, H. IKsnoy ol New Wcetminster.
Richmond Electoral District-Humid
I .ss of North Vancouver.
Gorge (iray Donald to be a iin.-in
bw ol I Ik board ol inveetigation under tho water act IMS.'
i'ercival 11. Nelson of Harrison, to
be a justice ol tho (wucc in Hrilish
David M. Itobinaon, B.A,, tn be us
..isinni teacher in tbo Normal Sohool
nt  Vancouver,
Wm. E. Hun ii t lo in districl regie-
nm ii (be supremo court at 1'riuou
llupcil und registrar of Iho .-i,un(1v
court al Atlin. '    v
.lohn Young Co|nmnn ol Viotoria,
lo Iw a coiumissioner ior Inking affidavit* within Ihe 1'rovince „( British
'ilie following firms have aaaigned
lor the l»iui11 ol their creditors: The
Alberta Itnlisli t'olumbin Grain nnd
Supply Co. Ltd., Vancouver) l.o<n
U/t/kur, grocer, IKH5 Hasting* strait,
***t, Vaneouver; Sussex C*(e, WS
Si-yniour street,   Vnnciniv,.,.
Tho fidlowing application! bave
boon raceivwd lor water record*;
W. T. Hoyc*, Vancouvor/ 14 outiic
feet, out of 'I.-imunson crook. •
1'. H. Vraner, Vancouver, 30 cubic
toot out ol Black .lack Gulch creek.
.Mm Duffy, nejn>il, lor Iroin'iinl fim-
er Co. lid., Vuncouver, (Oil cubic (not
Irmii Thunder rivor, alao MOD cubic fl.
out of I.i Mb'  Hell  Roaring crook.
Tbo l/igtrtiring Crock (B.C.) Hydrnu
lie Mining Co.  Iild.. of Van Winkle,
B. C., 8.8 cutiic leet out of Amador
... ,1
Tht Hrilish Cnnndinn l.i,mls-r Got-
|nir*ti(j- l,t<l., Vniiciivci, \m mine
last oul ot Oiinin riv.ir and Ouum Ink*
lha 3fi4 cubic fed oul of Aiin rivtt/
*nd 4>'» iatc
Tht following estrn provincial com-
pani<* bav* U»-n n-gislesrod:
Th* lookout I,un*er Co,, Viotort*;
The Moose «r /loltfriotl Co., Vancouver; .
0*rv«(t <V Co., lid., VonoouvBr;
Vapor ttamt Wver Untax Oo.
IUI       »ll  '
Anything we miaht tay about these Rangei
would |»e wperflous. Thoy V* tW well
known to need booiting.   OUR TERMS i   '
$10 down  .  $10 per month
■ ■ ■ ■'
We are sole agents:
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver. Phone 12
Corner Lot in D. L 786
(500 on terms. First Deposit gets it.
113 Lonadale Ave. Tel 47
Cor. Ny« St. Tel. 87
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,666,666.     Reserve Fund $2,652,333
2 Offices in North Vancouver   2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits uf fi.oo and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rate*.
flanker's Money Orders issued.
Iluili offices transact a general hanking husincss
, and are open on Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
~~——^mn*—mnn^——nmn i     .
r'-^'l_*!r,'y '•"
D™« Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Fly Paper, 2 double elieufs
for 6c, or 50c per box
47U Soap  (>0c box
Modified Milk, large size 75c tin
Allenbury'8 Food, lial/dozen ,., |LK0
„ „     1,dozen  i'.i Jii)
„        No. 3 Food .'iin! eacb
„ „    ,,       |ti.25 dozen
Prsston't Kidney Cure 75c bottle
Peptonized Wine of Beef & Iron $1 00
Miu^iiciiteir^i in box  $l.5t)
TiKikett'g (Tub Special    fl.75
King Cutter and Carbo Magnetio
, Razors  $'2.50
Gillette and  Aut-ostrop Safety
Razors $5.00
Oem Junior and Ever Ready
Safety Umra  $1.00
Strops from .....Mo to $2.00 each
All Razon Absolutely Guaranteed
Money Refunded If Not Satisfactory
North Shore Drug Co.
M,THMIAS,Hb.l, Droit*
;C£5 ;


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