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The Express 1912-08-06

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NOBTH VANOQUVsW, B.O, TtrfiflBAV, AffftnjSf 6, 1919.
i "i "    "
The lung sutight hnuso to house mail
dupery for tlio city is about to eveu-
tuatu. As the result uf thu persistout
. nmi of Mr. |i, II. Stevens, M.P. ably
supported by Mr, .1. H. Qroeufield, post
ulliee inspector and Ur. A. J, Mi-Mil
lun, local p., ii,.,, iei. the pn im.'Tel
general has issuud the necessary order
that a free mail delivery lie inaugur-
utod iu this city at once, The urder
fur the equipment weut furward frum
the iuspectur's oflice sume duys since
umi ijic equipment is nuw cn route .for
this cily by fast freight. Tho corps of
delivery clerks has already been de
lulled fur North Vuncouver und immediately upon the arrival of tbe equipment whicii should nun..iui.' within a
Uiw duys, the service will be Inaugurated.
In addition tn the free mail delivery
a null pust ulliee will be upened ut the
coruor nf l.uusilale uvenue und lilh
street uu September 1st. Fifteen addi-
Iiuiiii letter buses will be installed in
the city us sunn as they arrive frum llie
eusl ami two parcel receptacles as well
It Is the intention to locate one of the
parcel receptacles on Lonsdale avenue
at the extreme northern boundary of
the city,
What with the Improvements reeoutly
inaugurated as noted in those columns
a few in.nui'.n iluce, together with tbo
inception of the free mall delivery, the
ei,mill!,iiineiii of the nub pom ollice
and the addition uf other features, the
postal service in this city will be unci
celled. The arrangements now pending
will have the offect of greatly reigning
the situation in the main post office
und shuuld largely do away witli tho
loug wailing which has hitherto boen
necessary upou the part of thoso procuring their mail through general delivery, It is hoped ulsu that tbo department may he prevailed upon tn placo
the cily'poit ulliee upon a more liberal
i.iiili- ts to proportion of income to be
devoted to local purpuses, au urrimgc
incut which wuuld permit of yet further
developments for tho improvement uf
the internal arraiigementB of tne ulliee.
Post mii" Inspector Ureculiciil
states tbat he is leaving for aa oft
ciul trip to Cariboo aud that when hu
returns ho expects to iiml the Nurth
Vancouvor free mail delivery in full
and successful operation.
Items of Interest
Mr, A. linn., i'nn. is moving inin his
new, bouse, 316  Uuii slreet  eust.
Mr. II. P. Dupliiio is moving into
his new holme, 'Jiind street west.
Mr.   Percy   .lewitl   is   preparing   tu
.iiiiiii' lu liis new house, 431! Ifitb slrect
e- '
i .
Mr. Percy Jewitt, Culoniul Apart
incuts, is mourning Hie luss uf his infant suu.
Mr. II, Houston, optician, Vancouver,
hus taken a suite uf iipurlmcnts iu the
Hi'bullelil block.
Mr, uml Mrs Kdgar Hill uf Western
avenue lefl on Moinluy fur England
where Ihey will upend u six mouths'
vm uliou.
There was quite an n.ilu v uf visitors
lu the beauty spuls uf the Nurth Shore
on Sunday lilt and il is e»liui»ted
ihul llie II. C. Kleclric Ilailway handled
a crowd uf 11,0011.
Mr II W, Tuverner returned ou
:-.ii .i in. Irum a two ami u half niuuths'
trip Ihruugli llic eastern Steles. A
considerable purt uf the traveller's time
wus spent in New York cily.
The Scotch Tea Knums iu the Club
bluck ou llic l.'i'i.imule until recently
k conducted by llie Mine* Sawyer, have
heun taken uver by Mciin. (lurruw ahd
1 ,'U,in, i and will be operated along
llie line uf u high cluss restaurant.
ilu Sunduy last lhe congregation uf
ul SI. Edmund's Catholic cbureb were
■ ih. ....I   by   tho   President   of   tbu
Jjjuldren 't Aid Suciety, wbu afler pointing oul Ibe good work uf the society,
i li v i I ml lliem tu form a brunch un thej
Nurlli Shure.
Mn. Aiiuml, wife uf Mr. A. Arcand,
glover, First street owl, accompanied
by her younger son, Henry, were uut
guing pussengeri un Ihc C.I'.K. Suu
day evening buund for Montreal, whero
Ibey will remain un n visit of aboul
Jin" nionlIn| wilh relatives and
Mr. Ueo. Orant, wulcrwurki superintendent, Mrs Ciiini, Mrs. A. Nelson
•nd Mr. Harry Scott left thii morning
uu a week's gibing trip tu Deserted
Hay, Jarvii lulet. The party luuk a
ruw boat along and a splendid outing
is anticipated, Neither Mr. Grant's
or Mr. Scolt's reputation will permit
of lliem returning empty handed and a
good "catch" is nun' to reiult no
matter what Ihe "fliit" may be..
Mr. J. A, Forbes, representative for
the Remington Arms Co,, and a roii
dent of thii plui e, rtturncd from a
business trip to Aslierufl yeiterday.
Appearing in tbe Rovelitokc paper ii
an orlielii on tb* annual trap ihoot
(bare. Mr, Forbea carried off the bunurs in lb* profeulonal, making but 16
misses In 3)0 Shots. He is alio an ardent
yai blwniii and a fine new launch, a recant purchase, is now anchored at the
local yacht ciub'i mooring*.
fil lust week's tdjouruod meeting
Muyur McNeish pruduccd a letter frum
the Hunk uf ll. N. A. staling the city'i
account had been crodited with Ihe
sum uf (686,139.16, boing Ibe proceeds
uf debentures forwarded to their Lon
dun office. The letter alio stated tbat
the city's aecouut bad been charged
with IWl, being 1-32 of 1 per cent.
Mr. unl Mrs. A. J. Burt entertain
ed a party ou tbeir launch Leona last
Sunday lu Ruslyn. Among tlm
guests wure bis inutber, Mrs. Hurl, late
uf l.iiintin, Ontario, Mr. and Mrs.
Bowman und sun, Mrs. Curler and sup,
Leslie, Mr, and Mrs. P. Hack and
daughter, Miss Mabel, alsu quite a
number of yuung folks. The duy being
ull Ibul euuld be desired, the parly en-
joyed a buppy outiug returning home
tired and with many thanks to Ibeir
host and liostes*.
Messrs. Palmer, Burmestcr aud von
Oraevenits reporl thai Mr. Knight of
the North Vaueouver office bas put
lliruugli Ti.iin within tlie past few days
(mounting to sume ||I10,IIOO, the properly having beeu buught by Kugliib
eupiiali'Tn. Other large deals are ro
purled pendjng,
A special general meeting nf Ile
l.ynu Vulley athletic club was held en
August ind, when the fulluwiug rcpurl
was luliiiiillcil: Net prutils frum cup
cert abuut 146. Of Ibis 120 was do
noted to Institute funds. A fuulhlil
club in nuiiii''in.ii wltb tbo issocla
liun is being formed and entrance* will
be sought iu the U. C. league.
Squamish Conservative
Acting under authority from tbo etc
eulive of tbe Central Coniervative Ai
aociation for Bicmond riding, Mr. Jobn
Madden has succeeded in organizing a
strong Couiervative Auociation it
Squamlih. It lud been felt by tbe eje
eulive for sume time that organisation
ought to be undertaken ln tbe valley
aud considerable correspondence together with several interviews hid til cn
place with that object In vitw. tip
Saturdty tvining laat ao organization
meeting wai held in tbe court bonac
squire, Mr. John Maddta presiding.
Tbe election of officer* resultod a* ful
lown Preiident, Mr. Fred Tborne; vici
preiident, Mr. John Madden; iccrotery*'
(reuuror, Mr. T. W, Breet; executive
committee, Metsri. T. L. Lawrence, 0.
Halbrailb, T. W. Judc and C. Firm**.
Tbe meeting tben adjourned to meet
again in ont week, namely on Saturday
August 101b. The club ilarti witb an
excellent stiff al officers and a itrong
membership end I* expected to greatly
strengthen th* position of tbt party in
th* vallty,
Col. Sam Hughes, Minister of Militia
was the guest of Nurth Vaueouver yesterday aftornonii. With him was II, II.
Stevens, M.P., del. Wadmore, commander of the provincial militia in Victoria
and Major Liudsay, provincial district
Tlie Colonel's visit to Nortb Vancouver was mainly fur tbo purpose of in.-
spoetiug the drill hull site in Muhon
1'ark which the eity council sot aside
this year and upon which Ibo government is about to erect a drill hall suited
to the needs of this city for years to
In speaking of this site Col. Hughes
declared it to be splendidly adapted for
the purposes intended und at tlie first
opportunity wurk would bo commenced ou the erection of the hall. Ho considered that we ihould have a batulion
in Nmill Vaueouver He praised Ibo
Jobu Uull spirit manifested in Nurth
Vaucuuver uud said be would sot Ibis
place up as an example to inspire oil-
ies in the cast along the lines uf mill
tary advancement.
The guests arrived abuut 11.30, ufter
having enjoyed a launch ride up the
Nurtli Arim After landing it Hie
ferry slip tbey were met and welcomed
by Mayor McNeish, Aid. Furcniau,
Dick, Fraser, Irwin, Biss and Mellue,
represcntiug the city, lieeve Muy fui
tbo district and A. Philip for the pub
in ny committee.   ,
Tbo parly immediately motored tu
Muiiuii park where the ilrill hull site
was inspected aud also the now rccrou-
tion grounds which tho city' is putting
into shape for tbe athletic activities of
It was purposed to take a trip up
the Capilauo and bavo lunchepu at the
Canyon View hotel but tbe Colonel's
lime was so limited tbat tbo luucb wai
partaken uf at the Hotel Nortb Vancuuver and under the porsunul super-
lisinu uf Mine liust Mr. I'eler luir
After an invasion uf Hie guud tbingi
liis Wurship the muyur prupuaed Ihe
health uf Cut. Hughes. The mayur re
grotted very much that more time
could uut be spent in Nurth Vancuuver
The reason for thii shortage of time
was lbat the minister bud to inspect
tbe lluTiiiniiiil ride rsugo uud alsu lake
a trip around Point CJrey.
Tbe mayor made apulugies fur tbe
hurry up lunch bul wet of the opiu
ion that the visitor would be as much
at borne with an iruu spuun uud kettle
ai wilb the musl elihorale of silner
ll wis 1 great pleasure to t.'ol.
Hughes tu visit Nurth Vuneuuvcr aud
accept the hospitality uf tbe North
Shure people. Since bis lait trip In
Ib'ib be mil"! greal changes. "Yuur
community requires nu prophetic eye
tu seo its future.',' iu fact" ill Ibr
towni in,,.nuI this llurrurd Inlet ire
growing by leaps and bounds, ho auid
He iiniiiipal.il greater devolupmcnt
fur Uus place when Die I'auama Canal
was opened ■• it wuuld surely beuefll
Burrird Inlet,
"There ii no uie ;u ibuttiug our
eyes to tbe fiet that lliere is a uocei-
lity for keeping up our military do
■icncei." With tbe range of mountains
k,. .
dividing the cast from the west military prelection and traiuing was especially required on the Pacific coast
Wo in the cast, be said, aro always
willing tu pay fur the defences of the
whule uf the lluiniiiion.
.■I"'..1 in; uf the drill hall iito he cuu
sidored it tu be u splendid one.
At tbeivcry earliest moment tbe do
p.'im,, in wuulil start construction of
lhe drill bull which wuulil uot only
in eiiiniiiiiThii lhe curp uf Field engineers and a bultulion of troops, but
would meet uil tbo requirements uf
Nurth Vancuuver fur yeurs to come.
It wus ulso intended to eroct tbu building In sueh a' wuy that it euuld be
udded tu without injury lo the general
scheme. .
He commended llie inrlitary ipirit in
ilim pluee and said he would uie the
Influence und example of Nortli Van
cuuver iu inspiring cities ih tbe east
tu further their military wurk. "Tb
only sure way tu defend uur cuuutry is
tu bo prepared," Meu of today, he
said, must have much mure training
rliuii in Hie duys uf WTiieiluu, TinnI
il wus uuiu lu mun, uuw it ii strategy
und straight shouting that wins bat
ties. He uguin cuugratulated Nurtli
Vaucuuver uu tbe rugged Jubu Uull
spirit ami referred tu tbe sturdy proper
tiuus of llie muyur as a striking ex
ample nf Hie John 'Uull uf former
The Colonel believed greatly iu tbo at
tilude uf Wiustuu Churchill in getting
the army iu goud lhapo for the de
fence of the wliule empire. Oue greal
navy was thc pulicy he advocated,
Mr. II. II. Stevens touk the oppor
tun it y uf inviting the assembly uver
to Vincouver to a reception which
wuuld be accorded Cul. liughci. It wn
• great pleasure he said tu take the
ministers ■muud bis constituency and
slum lliem the fact! of hii itatementi
at the Huuse in Ottawa.
Mr. Stevens luuk uccusiuu to state
that his treatment by all the cabluet
ministers witb whom be bad bad any
dealings was always llic must court
eous ami lie attributed Ibis to tbe fact
of the greal impurtiuer uf the west.
They displayed wonderful ability in
grappling with the qq/stions pul up to
liiein which iii aume cises was sur
As lu military Iri.ining Ml. Sleveni
said Ihul ■ lillle military training ur
restraint wus guud fur t youug man
Afler the luneheuii the visitors were
taken duwu lu the ferry iu Aid. Irwin's
uuiu aud frum tbere to Viucouver vie
Fetry No. I.
MiniiUr of Militt*
Caledonian Society Expreu Gratitude
The spoils committee of the Sl. Aa
drew and Caledonian loeioty rcipccl
fully big to .oxpreia, their grateful
(dunks to the undermentioned donors
to tbe prize Hit In Connection wilb the
bigbland gamei beld on 27th luil, and
wboie sportsmanship anil gcnf-mi
ity wai tbe principal means of tbe
good talent tbowo by local athlete*
and tbe lucceii of th* iport* general)/:
Avenue Grocery,
W, Booth,
llriekmau, Ker A Co.,
W. Cuiiuninga, t^
H.  Chile,
1. Cauidy,
Hickinaou k Son,
J. % tiftlllh,
P.. Evans,
Fulton Furniture Co.,
J. M. Fromme,
W. T. (Iri.lii.ine,
Grahams Klectric (le.
A. 1. Hood,
W. J, Irwin,
Juhnitou k Salabury,
KirkneH Bros. 0
0. K. Uwaon A Co.
I.unsdtle Supply Stores,
l.euuiril Sile Co,
P. I.ar-im,
J.  Loutet k tio.
M. H   M.'lluwi'll.
Mayor W. McNeiih,
I. Y. McNiugbt,
Marlininii k t.'o.
Rtcv* W. Miy,
N, V, Home Furnishers,
Nortb Hliure Pteii Ud.,
Nelaon Miuuftcluring (lot
N. V. Lumber Co.
N. V. Trtntfir Co.
North Sborc Iron Worki,
Nortb Shore Coil iud Supply Co.
N.  V. Cartage Co.
Ihs  New. oinl,e ind Mtrtin,
A. Pbilip,
I'allersuu * Huldic,
K. 0. Perry,
Palac* Hotel,
H«iubow Cltl,
Alex. Smith k Co..
SI. Alice Hottl,
J. K. Hi'oiiien.    .
II. Minims,
T. Y. Tullli,
Ilr. Tfaomion,
P. 8. Thorn**,   t
Tb* (lurry Co,
A, WeUaci (ihipbuildM), '
Tbe city fathers wore all prosont at
the regular meeting Inst evening witb
the mayor presiding.
Au unusually large amount of correi-
ponilenco was road for consideration.
These, however, wero principally of
minor importance, having reference
to new rouds, sidewalks ami water ier
The B. U Permanent Loan Co. wrote
■ tniui;: that it was uut tbeir intention
lo dedicate auy part ef their property
curner uf Fnufth and Lunsdule Avenue.
This pruporty is effected by the widen
ing of Ith slreet to HIU feet. Ou motion
uf Aid. Dick the currespuudenco was
pm away witb all docunionta in con
auction witb lib street wideaiug.
Tliu i unlruller oLthc H I,'. Klcelrii
Ilailway Co. ri1u7ueW|j|Uix notice wbidi
ilfihiee'n scut to tlrmTlflh||iJ)ili1 ^1,
blocka 81, I). 1, '111, corner of St. D*
lid's uud 1th street. Tbe writer stid
Ilml uuder the Trtuiwayi By-law in
Inu,, the compauy was exempted from
taxation un tliis pruperty.
Aid. Dick said he did uot know of
any exemption on tbe property, lt
was referred to tbo huauce commiltoe.
Messis. WnnTi k tio, acknowledged
receipt of city'i letter tbat tbe cou
trict with Messrs. Tilloiov ind Vtrr
bid been discontinued by tbe litter
The bund fur the work wus signed by-
Mr. J. S. Penny uf tit Peuder itreet
\ um ouver, »nri tin- writera itated that
Mr. Penny had been Allied of hii lia
lulu: It wai referred lo tbe Hoard of
Miss Marion Howard, iDtb itreet
■sked tbit t re,im ium he tllowed on
wtler a,, uunl. Her retiou fur tbii re
quest wis thtt when miking tpplici
tiou ahu wai told tbat until tbe maiu
wua put in the service would be very
poor. Ou motlou of Aid. Dick tht
clerk wn imtructcd to notify! tbe
iiiiiii ilm no reduction* were being
Messrs Hupe iiiii Firmer uked for
more iul'ormttiou iu respect lu the
Widening uf Uiat stieut. Tbey required
Ibis   befure   slguiug  any   cuuvcytucc
Ou iiii.iii.i. uf Aid. Diek tin- writers
will be atked to meet Ibe Hotrd of
Works whu would explliu Ibe prupusi
liuu to them.
Mn. S. J. Holmes uked fur tbe re
|.lining of the street in frunt of ber
property, lot 36, block 70, ll. I. ill
iu order ilml sbe migbl be iblelonnt
lhe bouie.
Tlm eouueil assumed no reipouiibil
dy in the tu|c of the steed at tbe
present time wbicb wu neceuiteted
ni Ihe iiisiallitiuii af water pipit.
Messrs. Ruggles k I nylon give no
lice thll • writ would be issued agaiusl
lhe eily iu default of the latter'• iei
Heineiil of i iiiiiii Imi by Mri. Pitt
whu aualalnetl injuries iuiuc tim* tgo
Iinm falling on the sidewalk through
an alleged defect in miiic. II wu referred lu the solicitor.
(Tty Solicitor Keid wrott sucluiiag
•luciiiluieut |o tbe Uctl Improvement
By lee *a H le bring. Ibe bylaw le
in i mnl wilb tbe ut.
In a loiicr from Dr. J. I. Tbomiuu,
moduli beallh officer, be staled be wis
prepired tp treat city workmen, iuclud
ng hmpital feci iud drugi al the rate
of 6(1 centi pel two wuk* pir mm
Tbit wu tbt uiutl rati of contracti
of tbit kind, It wu referred lo tbe
"'iniiuii.. of tbe wboie.
A coivtytnc* oi lot* It, 4», 60, block
166, l>. I-. SIS from Ik* illy ef North
Vm,.mild to Hll Ut jelly tbt King.
wu received from Messrs Ttylor, Her-
icy, Hind end Urtgt. Tbe cily wu
uked to bave il eiKUttd. Tb* metier
will be attended te,
Mr. ti. H Knoll on bebilf of bim
self ind otber reildeot* cl}** to tht
cornir of 3rd itreet ud (juioncbury
avenue aaked the council lo centidir the
luUllttlea of • light at leet corner
It wu referred to tbt In tnd ligbl
Messrs Job* Aleunder aad Cha*.
Moore drew mention ia * lot'er 10
Ihe dingeroui ruudille* el Keith road
at Ibe junction of Fell avenue, Tk*
loeje gruel It tbli polat mule it
tietcbueui for tralc.
Aid. Bin st»ted lhat tb* roed bad
been repaired now.
Mr. H. I). Hreen Armytage enclosed
ouek*n te tkt amount of U0116 for
rsftirt le Ik* ditch ruelif ikreug'a
bli pruperty.
ft wu referred I* Ik* beerd ei
work* **d *ngin**r,
F, W. Mtea mad* tppllcetie* tat i
sidewalk to liis houso, Mli 16th street
lt wu referred to tbe Board of Works.
Petitions woro received frum W. u.
Jones and others for a sidewalk on
iiml itreet, .north side botween St. Patrick's and St. David's avenues, and
from W. L. Ligbtfoot and others for a
wagon road ou iiiih street from Quoeus-
bury to Williams avenue.
Messrs. I leu II k tio. uf I'ml In u.l, 0.,
wrote laying tbat the shipment of machinery wis hoodoo'd by reason of tbe
disappearance of tbo oil sprinkler en
routo. Boat companies were nutod for
losing parts of shipments, tbey stated.
The fullowiig i.'niiliiiiun, passed by
tho cuuucil uf the district of South
Vancouver was read: "Thut a coufereuce bo held of the municipalities interested in thu receut decision of Ibo Privy
Council, namely Suulli Vancouver, Pt.
(ire!, Nortb Vancuuvur and West Vancouver, to discuss ways and means to
safeguard thc position of tbese ruunici
palities regarding lands sold for taxes."
The qucitioo arose is to the meauiug
of tbe rcsolutiuu whether it had refer
ence to tbe legality of tax sales or to
the legality of titles of laads sold at
tax miii In case of tbe latter Aid.
Mellue did not think this city ihould
interfere. If, however, it was a matter
of provincial legislature then tho coun
cil should seud represcnlutivcs to tho
conference to be held. Tbe clerk was
atked to find ibis uut.
The Huiii'l uf Trade executive iu a
communication, stated thuy had indico,i
thruugh Hn- press that His ltuyal High
nenn the Duke uf Connaugbt is to visit
Norlb Vaueouver oa September 3Utb.
They bad nu odicial notification of this
frum the city but at a recent meeting
of tbo executive tbey were prepared to
join in any reception tu llii K.xcellency.
The clerk wis iuifructcd tu notify
the Buird uf Trade, Ritepuycn' Asm
.miinii, diitrict council, West Vuncuu
ver council and schuul buard tbit i
meeting wuuld be beld in the city bill
at t u'cluck on the evening of Auguit
Utli fur tbe purpuse uf formulating i
prugnm fur Hie recopllou uf i in- Duke
of 1,'uuuuughl.
A letter from the diitrict cuuucil
noted the fut that Aid Dick bad atut
ed tbe city euuld uul agree tu build
tbe uew pipe line mad tu thc sitisfac
tiou of lbc disiriil engineer.
Tbe 'iiniin I euungl, tberefure, wilii
drew its tpprupriitiuu uf il.'imi to
wirdi Ibe ptupi.M'.l wurk ud wuuld
spend it ou lurficing the ruad after
tbe city bad done ill work. This was to
tbe utisfacliun uf Aid. Diek iud wis
pined by the cuuucil.
Twu teuders fur the luwering uf tbe
lilock it Ibe u. w. corner uf Lunsdilo
md lit sire.i were referred to tbe
Uotrd uf Works
Repoiti will be made by Ibe Hoard
of Wurks md engineer un Ibe lower
Ing of Ibo Thompson mil Stovenson
blocks to lhe street gride.
I'lun were pissed of pirt of loti
in, 37, 31 md 86, D. L. 663 iud 296,
md lol 13, block i, D. 1, 1116.
Tbo cily engineer was iuitructid lu
bring iu • icpurl ou the establishment
of a permanent gride on Ibo well side
of Quecuabury avenue.
Ou motion bf Aid Dick a conveyance
of the drill ball site in Mabon avenue
will b* forwardtd at once to Col. Saai,
Hughes, Miniiler of Militia, Ottawa,
Reception Committee
Mtyor McNeiih and Aid. Irwin bave
li en appointed a committee ou behalf
oi lb* city for lb* reception of tbe
llovernor Hooeral oi Canada end the
Duebeu of Connaugbt on their visit to
Uni city on Ibe kV)lb Sepiembor.
PUni are being prepared by Mr. J.
W. Hiker for * tbree thouitnd dollar
bout* to b* *rectcd on Mri. ti. Adami'
properly, Cinlrc roid loutb.
Tbe Lynn Villey Day coinmittoe met
in tbe Institute Hill lut evening and
decided tbat a elnnge be mule in the
date for Lynn Valley Day owing to tbo
ilblctlc club having previouily made au
appointment witb Minion rity for Labor Day. Tbt opening ot the Lynn
park aad tbt tuspcniion bridgt will
Uke plact u previouily arranged. A
refreehmtnt booth will be eroded in
tbe perk that day in aid of tkt Jniti
tute Hall fundi ind i dtoct will be
•rrmged in tbe bill oa tbe enning_
oi tki tbove dtte commencing at 8
p. m. Lynn Vallty Day trill be poitpon-
ed uutil Saturday, the Uth oi September Further mueuncemenl* fill be
mnia later for ikii efta.
mmmiw   pmmaw    ttiff    ammew    mm*
Bank of Montreal
Eit.bli.h.d 1B17
Capital (paid up)    •    $15,413,000
Reaerve     ....    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branchi F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade.        Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Ciafslmafl Fiont Doori. 'We are the
only fum in Canada malting these doon. Come and see
lliem.    Piicei aie leaionable, ,
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of all Building
Material.   Get quotations before placing order.
k S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham's Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone *W.
rUU TABU TAIlNfl tfTWT MABOH lit, 10111.
Lear. Uorth  Vancouv.r
'6.80   AM
8.40 VM.
iM VM..
6.80    —'
tM  •-
■   M
..AW m
11.40   -
18.10 FJI.
10 JO
10.80.     .i
lilt AM.
,    ■       AM
18,46  kM
* ienetm "9ti
netiei. Qempm
Met M tenlay."
y tMntidttw
Tlmi Ubl. Itbfnt tl InMU wUk.Ut
Immi*, Mili|i»ul w atimtm.
" ,.i   i .    '
The Fight For The Standard
It's only ii small pleoe,pf hunting,
Only an niii oolorod run,
Yet tliuuiamli liiivu ilim| fnr Ht
And iilnnl tbeir belt til I (or
tboir flag.
You may oall it a email piece nf
Yuu may call it an ulil colureil
Yet freedom liuu inadu It niujuitie,
And time hai ununliled tlie flag.
-The Union Jaek.
. Hii iiiiiiiu wai William tSliujianl.   lln
wai a Mnulli,■ini'l l,y Imiii and u huuse
iTii|ii'iil.'i liy iiiuiu. lie came to Vic
turia in 181)8. ile wui In hii prime
ami laliured ililigoutly at hii culling
till tbe war lietween tliu Nurtli umi
Buulli broke uut. Tliun lie laid duwu
hii tooli ami took tu talking abuut lim
wiiiii(iii "I the .'iniiili and tIiu right uf
tbu Southerners tn lucude uml buy uml
mil iiiiii', I., Tin,,' were inuny here
who i,i mi'.iiln ' T witb liim, uud iu u
.■'lmii time uur little city wua tilled with
Houtherueri wliu Hod liithcr tu eieupii
i'iiu,M|,ii„n ur euuspiru fui the uver
throw of tlie Republic, A guud talker
like im,,|,.'i.i .i keen, unlive and ag
grenive periun iuch ue lie waa~atlrart
ed tbe uii.■iiinm uf lbe nowcoiueri and
be wui uniiu llie centre uf a gruup uf
men ami wuinun whu formed lhe South
em iiiiun)-. Hut talking liruuglil au
griit tu tbu Hhapanl mill—pul uu broad
in the little Uhupurd'e atuiuucliij, pants
on their lege ur ihuui un their feel.
Neither did it furnish the parents wilh
preienlable clntliing or pay Iheir liuuic
rent. bbapard, who wui u high spirit-
ed ii il.iv., wuuld neither beg nur burrow, aud the gram iu hie puature iuuu
became very icaut. Work lie cnuld
not while hii beloved South wai iu
peril, ami he euuld nut erou the line
and nni,I the Suulhern army without
consigning Ilia wife and children lu
want. At iuit be hit upuu u scheme
the aduptiun uf which he hoped wuuld
eniuru him ul luail u living, lit hired
a muiiII brick building un l.ungley near
Yatei itreet ami upeued a drinking
ru In,ni called lhe "lluufcilerile Su
loon." iu fruut uf the lulnun he erect
ed a lull) staff, and from lhe tup ui
the i'luli' he flung tn the brec/.e a I'nn
federate flag. Thii Hug wm inude by
tho i.ii.nli,in ladiei uf Victoria ami
their sympallii/eri und by Ihem wai
preiculeil lu Khapunl. Ae well uu I
an remember, the Iiig roproientorl a
tit. Ainlrew'i irun in blue un a red
ground. Within tho Unci uf Ihe emu
were thirteen etan, each slur being em
blematic of a Heading state. The pet
name of thc flag wui thu "titan uml
Han." Mini) people rcgurdeil thirteen
ii an unlucky number, ami predicted
the failure ef the Confederacy in inu
■equeuce. But the retort, ulwuya
ready, waa lliut the ilalei which re
belled agaiuit the ilriiit.li I'rown in
1776 were alau thirteen in number ami
tbey wun. lt ii a puur. rule that will
not work bulb wayi, ami the bouth
erueri, taking heart uf grace from the
historical example of Iheir furefathere,
continued the il niggle wilh great dl'
terminatieu ami bravury.
Tbi '"ii'i 'Iiinii' Saloon became fain
oui ai a rendezvous fur lhe Buulherneri
and tbe "bun vivanti" uf ulher ui
tionalitiea. It wai iioUtI fur ili gen
•rout free iuuchei, iti excellent rye
whiskey cocktails aud iti reading room.
It alio became uuted ai lime run uu
for iti poker gamei. It was suid Ihil
large sunn wen slaked and but nu ils
table, ky *'uril.au, mineri mil Huulherii
refugeei who were gathered al Vie
toria and made tibapard'i bouie Iheir
lounging place.
livery murulng at preciiely 0 u'cluck
mini bolt of tho Huufedcrute wuuld
bolit tbe dellant emblem, and every
evening at lumluwii he wuuld luwer it,
ami folding it rarefully away wuubl
lock it up over night,
"You see," he eipluiiieil, "I have
to be awful careful of that bit of bunt
ing. It'i merely lent to me by tho
ladiea of tbli place. I urn pledged In
returu it to lliem when uur cause is
gained, aud thoy will lend it 111 Jeff
Davii 81 i memento of huw we kopt
tbe tre ol nationalism a burning ou a
foreign ibore. if 1 were to leave il
out after dark lome of those eerulean,-
bellied Yanks would steal it and then
wbere ibould I bet I'd be disgraced
Tbe proience of tbe flag was a eon-
htrarnrorrij of annoyance ipt anger to
loyal American! here roiidont, and
many were tbe plant laid to capturo
It, but a long time elapsed before an
opportunity waa preiented. Mr. Fran
eii, tbo American i Wmi, wai often
appealed to by bii compatriot., but he
• dvisi'd tbem to beep cool aud biile
Iheir time. Mr. Frsnrii nn. appiront
iy t very ingonuoui chancier, but the
man who picked him up for a fool ran
a chance of being fooled bimiclf. lie
wai alwayi on tbe alert—heeu and
watchful. To talk with biro you would
think his mind en moit lubjecti wss a
blank,  if. could diaieniblo better than
any other man | huvu ever met. Yuu
eoulfl never apparently moito iu him
Hi" slightest iuturest in anything nun
miming the plans "f tha Southern onl
uny. To use his ufteu oipreiiiuii, he
never " euih 11,11111," and yet all the
time he wis itoring away tho information in his mummy and preparing it
for uie when the time for action ar-
rived. The Boiillioruuri always regarded Mr. Francis is au oaaygolng no
budy, but in the result we iliall ioj
huw little tbii eitlmate of hii ohiirac
ter wai juitifled.
■   ••iiiiii
The summer of llllli! panod away and
tlie lung whiter evening! bad set iu.
The .''iiiiiiiini colony grew and the Hon-
federate Huinun did a roaring buiiuois
—seven dayi lu the week, with the
iiighti thrown in. Thu place wai never
clusud, uml the tloiifoiloralo itamlard
cuiitiiiueil tu whip thu breoie frum II
a. in. till lumluwn euch day. My uflicu
was just back uf tho lalouu, ami my
duliiii a. 'i Hi  im, i ,i mo to remain
uut uf bed until three in the morning.
I wuuhl often suuutur intu the pluee in
search uf iufurinuliuii ur to rofreih my
Hugging uiiurgies. I wus always re
ion oil by the guests with cnrdiality,
umi muny mutton concerning the plans
nf Ihu colony tu lit uut privateers, ur
seize Mr. Fruuois uml semi liim iwuy
un u ichuniier, weru talked uver iu my
presence. Of cuurse, I never repouted
what I heui,I ihere. but I did resulve
lhat I wuuld gu tu auy extreme lu prevent a pi 1..11111I injury or indignity lie
ing inflicted upuu ur ufferud lu my
friend the ruimul. Furlunatelyj the
uccusinn nevor urusu, ami I wns spareil
the pain uf revealing whut I heard.
I roomed ut the St. Nicholas lintel,
ruum 7. The ruum adjnining mine wus
occupied by Mr. uml Mrs. 1'usey, whu
huve already ligured in these pipers.
A ruum neruss the bull uu the same
lluur wus occupied by u young follow
culled Finlayion, I have furgulteu his
lirst name. Ho had been educuled in
Europe, wus uu excellent convocation
iiIi.t. u guud musiciuu ami a fair Iiu
gllilt.      I'll,ie;.!.lllg   tU   llU   U   l;,ll.Ill,'II,, I
ho wui very sedate in compuny and
never resorted tu extruvagint demon
•trations ns uewi uf ruufuderule vie
lories ur ,i, imi .'nine iu, 'i'u use a
Southern cxpressiuu, wu "cottoned"
tu each uther frum the start. I du nut
think I have ever met a mun whu un
lirst ii, i|i,iiniinii, ■■ mure ilruugly up
pealed lu mo—who possessed Iho same
iiiiigin he uiiiin iiiiii or iu wliiim I wus
so strangely and irresistibly interested.
A certain dissipated writer for the
press, nne "F, F. I).," was a remark
ably outertaiuiug and captivating man,
liul uver him I saw ever hanging the
hIiuiIuw of u ruined life—the picture uf
wusted opportunitili uml a vilion uf
the i.t, it burled in u napkin. Aruuml
Finluysoii Ihere wus uu such unpleasant
euviruiiiucnt. Tu my yuung ami ardent
nature he was open, frank ami lovely
minded. I uften iiiil to myielf, "If
I wanted to lie other thin i nm I
shoulil isk to be in all respects like
Finlayion," Ami yet, mark bow I
was deceived—murk huw rudely my
iiiui wus thrown down uud bow com
pleiely he was shuttered tu bill iu
smull lliut il wuuld never have [mid
In try unl put thorn Ingelher again.
Furly uno morning ufler eluiing my
ulliee I culled in ut the I'uufedente bur,
uml Finlayion ami ieversl friemls were
leaning un the bar. Thoy hud been
drinking uml I suggested lu Finluysuu
tbat it wus lime all suliur men were
in bed. Ile assented evidently believing Ilul he was lohrr, which be wai
not. Ho together we walked to our
roomi ut lhe Ht. Nlchelai.
At bii dour he Invited me to itep
inside ami I complied, lb sank Inlo a
'lmii ami Immediately began to unfold
ii jnliful tale of moral obliquity, lie
told un that be wai a dcierler from
Ihu American army', having cnllited in
I imii, and bad been made a sergeuiil
major. His company wai lent tu ''ali
iiniuii iu a .iiuiu' i , nlle.l the Anier
iea. At iliiiiiliiildt\Hay, whither llie)
were dcipalched in liglil Indiana, Ihey
in,! tbe ihip and mude off acruu the
Siskiyou Mountain! to Hail Frunciico.
Tbere, be said, be changed bia liame,
which wui Wolfe, to that of Fjuiayiou,
and bii parents being rich i'hilidel
pbiaiii be wai constantly in recoipt
of small sums of money 'or his support.
lie continued i
"I bave been a bad ion, a bad
brother and a bad man generally, mnl
I betrayed my country when J de-
acrtcd thc army. It wai my baud that
Ared the America and I have had no
peace of mind lincc. I bavo imputed
upon you and upon the Hoiilh.erners
bere. I am not a tyoutborner. I am a
fraud. Here," said be, Uking a tiny
pbial from tbe deptba of a secret
pocket jn his vest, "tbii pbial contains
enough poison to doitroy a doxeu iivei.
Tbe wbite fluid you iee there ii prussic
acid. All I need do to destroy my life
ii to place tbii little bottle bitwMn
my back teeth and cruib it—and in ao
instant I iball bs dead."
— A-piet«rB of a coroner'i inquest, with
myself os the principal witness under
suspicious eirniiuioliiiienii, flitted before
ipy eyei and i exclaimed:
('■UnuA grecjuns, Wolfe or JNnlayson
or whoever yon ure, dou 't cruib it now
-wait till 1 get'ont of thii."
(OonclmW on Friday)
When parliament wai in aesilon a
uumber of very useful papers on Agricultural in|dei, were read by pruminsiit
iiuilioniieii before the itandlng commit-
too of tlio lenate uu agriculture ami
Foroitry. One of theeu by W. Haxby
liluu, prnfeiior of horticulture, Mac
doiiuld iTillnge, Quebec, duuli wilh the
growing of garden vegetable!. After
pointing out curtaiu Importuiit dotaili
muro or lou common In Ibeir appliea
Imu lu ull vegutublu crupi, tliu mil imi
Inline,;,   With  lliuril  Ipucilic   lliliiiliinliuli
relative tn tho gruwiug of muny of tliu
principal vegetable eropi gruwii iu thii
country. Aiuung other impiirtuut pninta
taken up uru lhe cuuilruetiuii and iuuu
ageiuont uf but beds and euld frames,
kinds uml upplieuliuu uf miuurei, Iiii
agu, ium e..1.11111111 suwiiigs, elc. Ainoiig
the crops dealt with    uru   tumutnes,
unlous, cuulilluwur, culury, melons, par
inipi, beets, salsify, egg plants, spinach, iwoet berbi, aiparigui, .to. Of
all these and others desirable varieties
uro named. Tbii paper ii Issued M
puinphlet of seventeen pages and
being distributed free ky tbe I'nhli
tiou Hraui'b of tbe Department of Agri
culture at Ottawa.
nut in it li heroliy given, nuriunnt
tn the nruvlilum of Chapter IIS of the
iti'vlseil Statulei of Canuda itint the
North Vancuuvur Lund and ImnrvVti-
ineiii r,,iii|,iiiii, i.iiiiii,t Liability, un
Iii. "iiiiiiiiiei I Company lin vin,. III bead
ulliee ut the Clly uf Vuncuuver, in the
I'i'uvlncu uf Ilrlllih Columbia, hai
llled wllh the Minuter of Public Worki
fnr tho linuiiiilitii uf Canada u plan of
ioi lulu bulkhead! and whurvei jirupui-
ed lo lie eollllillelod by llle Company
und ii dmurlptjon of the lltu fur the
inii|iiiseil Impruvniuuiili which llle Is
li.iinllel lu lhe ITsiibininli,, Nurth Vuucuuver  City,   Hi lllllll   IT,lllllilTll     |,e| We, II
Illlllnil and I'lleslorlleld Avenues and
I'si,'ll, I III llle IT'i'l.iuiiiie, Nurlh v.in
couvsr, Brlllih iTiiuinblii, between Rug-
ii ti Ulld 1,mis.Inin Avi inns, hulll silos
heliiu mi ihe Nurth Shore uf Burrurd'
inlet, unit thai the laid Company bai
.ib,.i llleil u copy uf thu luld plun and
di ;., llplhiil      Willi      tliu      lleKltlll.i*   nf
I'i ' .i. ut Vancuuver. Brlllih Coludrlilu.
mnl thai thu laid Cuniii.ny will atiuly
to thu um ,i u,,nm ,il In ''"'in' il for
ippruvul of Ihe laid plan and the uon-
hI i nm Imi of Ihu suld bulkheads anil
DATKII thll 88nd day of July, A I),
1818, ul Ottawa. Onl.
I'HINCIl.E ft llliTllllll,.
8-8   Bollcllon for the laid Cumiiany.
Five Itui.eii      11.86
Hoy.il lloiiseholil      SSl.Bfi
Boyal  Standard       ll.Bh
Oood Bread Flour, m Ib. lack 11.60 and 11.76.
l'astiy Flour, 10 lb. lack  86 and SO cenls
Whole Wheat    40c
ili .iiiuiu Flour, 10 lb. for    it t out!.
Olympic Pan Cake Flour, 10 Ib. package.   36 cent.
•   ■   —
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Pboue 'I'll.
who want something a "little different" we are showing a beautiful range o( sillc hose wilh lies to match.
I lu- tics are made ol solid knitted silk and will not
crush or wrinkle as the ordinary tie will,do. The
hose are the'weH-known "Onyx" brand, seamless
and last colors.
We have just opened a large shipment of
negligee shirts and we wili be pleased to show this
as well as other lines.
110  Second  St.,  East.
Tha North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothing"
Painting and
-  '   -*•*• " ■    " "   mmmt^emmm^tmWm^mmWWWmSammmmw
■ ■      * '■   ' m
SU00E8SOB TO ttft.
P. O. Bo» 8441. Pbon* 467
See tke birgiini em an ofltring to Beo»enla awl Novtltle*.
Wt nave a-cholc* telectloa ei Coral, Amber iud Jet'
Oholc* Una* to Ltdlie' OToab* and Halt Ornament* kev*
Juat arrived.
W* are cloalng ont a Bice Un* of Aik B*c*l**n at Iv* and
ten ctnt* *ach.
Our Une* of Fancy Bnaael Pin* will InUreat you.
We are Introducing a new end pretty Ito* oi Bnunet La
W* can give th* purchuw aa eseeUtnt ckolce In Ixteipeaiivt
Long Chain* in Burling BUv*r, Beld Filled ud Beid.
Should you want something fuhlombl* la t Sterilug
Sliver Bracelet we can submit t putty nlectian u jrour ckelce.
OuumeUI Utah Baft are null* fitUonibl* aad wt ait
iho wing a very neataelecttOB et tkt leading style*
Our Luther Qoodi D*pirtaiiut WU n*v*r tetter stocked
thm It I* at tke preient time. But ut ihown tk* newest
fu)lou* in Ladit*' Haodbaga, Trattlllag Cue* and Suit Cue*
lenry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
I tastings and Granville Street*   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
To Rent
We bav* aom* modem ken***,   furniihed   aad   unfurulihed   at
moderate rente.
Excellint four room tuite*. Frater Block, Third Street But.
Nunc better.
Bent* $17.60 aad lit 60.   8EB THEM.
Phone 24. P.O. Bot 1820
i >
Job Printing at the "Express"
In spile of the fuct that some morn
•oft material bas been encountereil in
the Bice Lake tunnel, good progrois is
jieiug mule every day for the lust woek
tho average distance driven beiiig two
ami one half lets or practically smcu
feet. Tbe tuuuel is now in 376 fuel
and witb threo shifts of six men to thu
•hift tbo flee pf tbe tunnel ii grinluul
ly but surely boing forced in the dime
tiou of Bice Uke whero au outlet will
be made to driiu the lake and even
linilly eonitituto thu outlot for Norlli
Vancouver's 7ll,iiilil,iiilil gallon reservoir.
Yeiterday Mr. II. Iv Miller, the su
porintendont of tbo tunnel played bout
to a number of press men and lut
tbem into Ihe dark recesses uf the tun
nel. Garbed iu oil skim, rubber bunts
iud carrying candles thu scribes were
taken through the long durk passuge
and tbo ii'< lum nl terms ami intricacies
of tbe work were explained by Mr.
II liter.
Tbe light iu the tunnel slug's umplu
evidence uf the difliculties uf driving
this holo through lbe hill. A short dis
Unco, from tbo mouth the guide ex
plained the trouble Ihey hud with
ipiiek sand and water, lu some spuls
great hardship wus experienced in
placing tbe mud sills uu whlcb were
poit* for thc laggings md caps. In ur
der to itop the leukuge quantities of
straw bas to be used for caukiug uml
eveu at this time straw hus tube placed
in bebiud the great buunl it the face
of tbe tunnel and tbe men work from
un,I. in,ml,, hnt i'lu. in, Ibe mud sill,
linn driving tbe lugging A cruwn beam
supports tbe roof of the tunnel until
the cap aud 1'n.nii. ure put intu pusitiuu
A regulatiun ruilwuy syslem with Iwu
lump cars runs uut to the dump, the
ars pass uu a stationary switch. Each
shift il comprised uf six men nr mm I,
ers. They work continually fur eight
hours and ire then relieved by anullier
shift A tally buunl It tbo muuth
e.'l'.i cuunt uf the uumber uf dumps
to each shift. The blacksmith shop and
air compressor plaut are situuled near
the mouth uf the tuuuel, and,while the
latter is not uow in uperatiuu un ac
count uf lbc linn, i ci,"ii..i, il is ready
nin,,,. i at a moment s notice to be turn
ed on. A greet ddl uf time is nawil
wiih the i,imu.ii air pt uver i half
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
B;C, TUESDAY, AUGUST (., '1912,
The  North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company .
Limited Liability
Nlnrlt. Vniu-nnwr fafflf jig , ,	
Phone Seymour 6286
 li ' ■•■•"■•».ri tu gut through
locks, All the cutting qf the timbers
for the sustuiniug of the tunnel is
now being ilouo by ineaui pf a small
gasoline engine ami saw. It is estim
stod that over IHSI) a mouth' is saved
by tbe Installation of this plant.
The tunnel when completed, will bo
11)81) foet in length. Its dimensions
aro height 6! ft. 8 inches, cap t feet in
lliu clour mud sill t feet, iu t|ie clear.
Rico lake has sn altitude of about BIO
feet, ami the tunnel is being driven tt
a :: per cout. grade.
The trench which Is being dug under
the supervision of Foreman J. Blake, i.
almost completed frum t|iu lake tn the
nuw iniulie. It will ho il>4 miles in
I.-ii|:ih ami thu now intt%ko site ii
about 114 miles above the ohl intake
which fnr il  wliiln will  bu  llie  mum
millee   Ilf   Ullll.T    ill|<|>ll    In   Nortli   VB||-
. Cuniidurahlo eleariug bus been duiiu
abuut Uiin i-.il". umi llirough tho me
di uin uf upeii iiiiiiiu. lliu luku has been
lowered suvcrul feet. When thu now
pipe lino is lm,I intu thu lake there
will be a pressure uf ibuiil Hll lbs. By
tho use of hydraulic puwer, the muskeg
iiiiiiiini the luke will be uni.lie,I oul
through lm  tunnel intu I.ynu Creek.
The nii'iiiin tu lie used fur the luw
eriug uf the lnl,, will bu a scctinnul
stuudpipi' .ftjliieh ut llic start will be
ubout HI fee! in height. II will be set
ubuut tlii feet frum the edgo of the
lake and connected with the tuuuel
pipe. As llm ditch frum llic luke tu
tin' iliumipipe is deepened the pipe will
be lowered section by scctiuii uiul in
Ibis way ,,i, "Ini, snfety will lie en
■iired, When the water is ull run uut
the doming uul proeeii will be com
The record diy iu llic tuuuel su fur
Ilus been III feet 4 i in lies uud the eust
less thun tl- a fuul. Bupt. Miller is uf
the opinion that bettei gruuud will be
encountereil frum uuw un and better
progress will be lhe result. There arc
ubuut iiii men in Hie lliec luku camp
ut the present lime.
N. V. Engineering
Department Locating New Line
The district engineering dcpurtineul
of tbu municipality of North Vuncuu
ver has iiiiiii.i uu the undertaking uf
Inciting the Muuuluiii Drive roadway
which is propoied lu be constructed
frum practically the head uf Lonidale
avcuue westwards verging uruuud the
mouutain wilb une branch emerging
uut on lbe Cupiluno ruad immediately
suulli of the t'uuyun View hulel, uud
the other continuing northwards lu u
imliil oppoilto the i Ti|,iiiuiu bold from
where il will decline uruuud behind
Hie hotel uml conned with lbc 1,'apllauo
lnml a little below tiie Intake of tbe
Vuncouver wutcrwurka.
The northern branch, wlnlc funning
it connecting link between Lonidale
ninl the Upper Capilano, will traveno
u lurge nmi ut undeveloped lunds and
eu ruute will puss Ihruugli u very pic
turcsipic cuunlry. Occupying a pro
inineul pusitiuu uu llic higher levels it
will serve as a highly desirable drive
wuy frum where un uniutorrupted view
uf the I'apiluuu vulley und the (Julf
can bo obtained.
This work in in pursuuuee of the
council'! policy fur providing future
muin highways connoctlng dilTcrcut see
lions uf tne dislricl with guud gruded
Child Seriously
Injured by
Vicious Dog
A calamity which was uuly averted
by the timely arrival uf her uncle
occurred tu Friday to little Mies Wake
Held uf lllli itreet when she wus ul
tacked by a vicious dog while ou her
way Inline uud icvertly Inllen ubuut
Ibe legi. The huh' girl was oul tu
a neighbor's pitying with othor children und al the approach of supper
time ml urt i.l up the alley for ber liuinn
en mli slreet ucir Matron avenue. Do
mute she had lu pass neur lu Mr
Md'unucH's residence where sume dogs
bearing u none loo placid temperament
arc kept. One uf these rau out and
attacked tbe little girl whu screamed
uut iu pain and fright. Her uncle,
Mr. Kldcr was working on a building
close by ami was Hie first tu rescue
tbe huie one.
While ber leg is severely marked, uo
serious otToct* are anticipated witb proper attention being given tbe wounds,
•tfrjWfror, the child wai'badly frightened and if ibo had been troubled
wilb a w.ak heart lhe results might
have been wurse, The matter hai been
reported to tho police and tbe animal
bus been ordered shot.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
HV,   EDMUND   WALKBB, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.L. President
Asst. Omeril Manager. General Manager.
Capital $15,000,000   test $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of the North Vancouver' Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
I. A. FOB8TBB     Manager.
Representative of
British Capital
Wishes to get in touch with
anyone having undeveloped natural
resources to offer.
Coal, Copper, Asphalt or Gypsum propositions preferred.
Ground floor deals only. Real
Estate not wanted.
Mail (ull particulars to.
P. 0. Drawer 2030, North Vancouver
Sad Fatality
A very mnl fuiuliiy occurred lu lillle
Kll ii May lluilie, up.,I ii yean, dough
ol Mr. uml Mr* Daniel U. Hutu.'
ul Lynn Valley uu Friday luat, when,
loaning ber bead uut ul the elevator iu the Central Minion, Vuucuuver,
abe wua iiiuglit uud imUotly killed.
I'liii lillle une ua. in company with
hor mother al lbc lime und wan u«
ending tu the ruul garden. On up-
pruachiug the .'Ird lluur abc pul In r
heud uui uud in a moment her neck
waa brukcu.
Mra Iiuiiii' win attending religion.
■orvicci which were being held In tbe
Minion. When, a/lcr u time lbc child
became reitleai, the mother decided lu
Hike her up to Ihc mul garden wbcru
abe ruul'l play ubuut willi the ulher
ll wna due muni probably lu Ibu
pleiiHuut anticipation ul pluy lint lliu
lillle girl danced ubuul the cage duur
uud euuacd her to puck uut.
Mra- lliillie wa* .Mil.", tuucbing
iliHlunie ul lu'i diughter when Ihc ic
.i.leiil occurred und tbia iiuii.i Ibe ol-
fall all Ihc inure aid. Mr llittlr i in
employee uf Ibr diatrict uf Nurlli Vun
couvcr and when he wai notilied uf thu
terrikl* accident he hurried .uver ind
icnl hii wife Inline iu u hack, ile luuk
charge ul llie budy uf tbe lillle une iud
bad it luken lu Kdwanl* ilrua'. under
taking purler, frum where thu luneral
inni. pluee tbia morning at in o'clock
lo the b. V. cemetery. Many llurul Hi-
liuie. Mteited to the lympttliy of
the II. 0. Electric Company nave
nearly completed the excavating fur
their track on Fint itreet weit and
up Mahon avenue a* far a* Third
Itreet, On tbe completion of thia 10c-
tios of tbe road, the aame proccn will
elected en the eaat line along First
Court Gives Lenient
For liguiog the iiaine of a legal lirm
lo an luthority i,, advance a loan,
1,'harlei 11. Dowuar, a local contractor
wai giveii a aentcuce of Ihree inoulhi
by Judge Mclunei iu Vnncouver on
Halurday. Ai lbc charge wai laid threi
monthi igo Humlay evening tho lenience wui practically fulfilled when it
wet"mponeil Mr Ikiwwr wa*, h*iil
prmed to gel muney with whlcl to pay
tbo wagea uf hii workmen and vexed
at the delay expcrien.'ed lu getting a
loun undertook to ficilitate matteri by
Ibe act uk above, Ju hii plea lot hii
client Sir. I. W. dell. Parrii said tbit
be "wa* uot a criminal, but the vie
tim of a too upliiuialir temperament,"
and further explained tbat during thc
three montbi tbat Mr. Downer hai
been incarcerated be bad paid tfl hii
dcbti and made full reititution. The
judge then iiopo**d tho icntenco a*
abeve which gave tbe »ccu*»d hi* lib
irty again In »bout tw«ntjr/ouT hours.
Indians Dissatisfied
Tbe fullowlng extract was liken
frum lbc "Weitcru Catholic" umi hia
to du wilb a feeling ut diHiutiafactiou
among lliu lo. nl   Iinlliiii cbiofii
Tin cuming viiil uf lliu llu wil High
ileal, lbc Duke bf Cocnaught, lu Norlb
Voncuuver, baa itlrrud up consider
utile excitement mining llie ludiani uf
(lie Mr..inn  Itoiorve.
Kur many yeur; tbore lui been
Hiiiuulilcriiig aiming llic chief* u feel
ing ut diiiatiifactioii ut 'lie iiiuuu r
In wlncll lbc whites tu Norlli Vai cou
ver luuk j" , <n of llic old In
'Inn limlii uiilniiii |.ii;. uu; mn cutllpon
nation iu lbc original owner*
The lule Hi.hop D'llcrboiucz, ac
rordrug lu Chief. I'harlic iud Hurry,
hid bruugbl up Una i|ueillon uf u
uiouotary cunpcniation un une uf In.
Mail, lo uii.....i, unit bud then recoiv
cd u pledge tbut llie Nurlli Vuucuuver
Imlmim wuuld bave Ibe iame treily
rigbl. a. buve the Indiana eaat uf the
li... l.i ii,.mi,inin
Nothing further, however, cane uf
lln* alleged pledge uf the government,
uml ilic Indium have beeu iu chronic
Tim iiiiinii ever .iin'C. Nuw, wilb the
appieailnug M.il uf llic lluke uf Connaugbt, the native, loom determined
lu carry their grlovancei direct to bim.
In B'l'lilii'ii lo lbe failure uf the guv
.iiniinii ul lliil liiiie lo corupeniale
the Iiiiiiiini. fur Ihc ni'i/ure of the Uml,
the chief, .lule Ilill there il ll.o iu
volt cd Ihc i|ue«liun uf hilling right*,
wlneb have ulau heen liken frum Ibe
All lbe chief, un lbc   Nurth   Hhore'
ire i'lu i.i   tu join iu the appeal  lu
tbo (Jovernor fleneral un hii viiil.
Al llic preient lime, tbe_ Mi.iiuu
Kcicrve coniiiti of uliuul 38 acrei,
With about 117 acrei of/water right.,
according lo the ilulciiefpt made by
Iiig Chief Harry.
At lul evening'• meeting of Ihe cily
council Aid. Foroman moved to bavo
tbe onginoer bring in anotber report ou
tbe progreu aud cxpenici at Ibe Bico
Uke tunnel to date from tho lait re
Wbilo doing thii, he noted at tbo
Hinie time through thi prcii lImt hot '
ter progreu wai being made at Hire
Iiike tud for which III Ml grateful
At the ume time, however, be wiibcd
to have in official report.
In leeonding (lit. motion Aid, Dick
•tiled tbat he bad been tuld by Water-
work* Superintendent Ora»l lhal day
that rock aod gravel bad been encouo
tercd with tbe abience of water. If
thii ground continued the tunnel wluld
be driven for tbo bilincc of tbs distance at half tbe engineer'* eitimile
jrerM' '   » ' the express north Vancouver, b,c today, au«T6, \m
WOBTJI VAjqpgvwi,, ,,
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United State* and Foreign, |8.l)0 -per year.
Advertising Bats* Will Bl quoted ou Application.
Tba Kxpreu li devoted to tbe intereiti of the North Shore pt Burrard lulet
exclusively. It constitute* an advertising medium of inception*) value for
reaching In a thorough and effective manner tbe papulation of Nortb Vancouvtr
Olty and District. Bvery effort is made to givo advertiser* th* most satisfactory
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later than ID a. m, Monday and 6 p. m. Wedneiday to Uiure Iniertlon in tbi
'nllowing iwniu,
.forth Vancouvsr, B. 0 '..August 8, 1918.
Tlie fuel HlUl I nm,Tin ll   .mill Hie:, uml
ipterprllll ure uow reeogniied aa an
nliililinlieil eliuiiiicl fur the invcatmuut
if linn li capilal, ii nowhore more
leiirly imlicnleil thuu iu tho effort!
i bicli ure being mule ill quarters which
exert a wide arid potent iufluence in
financial' circle, iu Ureat Britain, to
promote Anglo -Canadian intereiti and
'ii reduce the mm m to a thorough
iv reliable uud lyitumatic hu.ii.
Fur lliia purpuie a (,'anadiiu Cbumlior
ni Commerce lm been formed in Lou
dun, tbe object! of which are dcclar
Cil   tO    in, 111,In   tllO   i li lii|'i iiieni    uml
promotion uf Anglo -Canadian Iradu uiul
commerce, the development of Cinidiin
in,limine, by llriliali capilal ami genur
ally, the furtherance uf Canadian inter
e.l. iu the United Kiiigiluiu.
Tne per.unui'l uf tbe Cuuucil of th
newly formed Clumber of Commerce ii
uf ilself i .mull. i. ni indication uf thu
highly ii. i mi.n.i part which it ia del-
lined to play in the pruinutluu uf tbe
eiiiini.- which il liui cspuused. The Vice
I'resident* ire Furl uf Aberdeen, Firl
llrussey, Furl of llunnven ami Mount
I ml, Furl drey, Furl uf Miutu, Lunl
Amy, Lord lllylli, Lord Desboruugh,
Nr Algernon F. Firth, Lieut. Hen,nil
Sir .1. Heian Kdwards, Major (leucrai
Sir Henry (Jreeu, tlir Thomas Lipton
Hurl., Hir Albert Bplcer Hurl , Sir Wil
limn Vun Home, Hir Qilbert l'arker and
Bir Kichard McBride, wbo, t*gether
nilii eleven uiblitional member! each uf
wliuni is widely 1. mm ii in both couu-
Inc. constitute tire couucil.
The iii-i announcement of Ihe chum-
Let just issued declare* thai "The need
for llie , niiilTmliini ni of .nmll a budy
embodies is to the promotion and the
cementing uf Anglo-Canadian commercial and industrial relationships aro
wull nigh mniiiTimirulilc, but iti practical lieni'iii will bo i imu.. i.nl to a
very largo degree by tbo moaaure of
cu operation   which   ii  received   from
tllOSO  :.ulliee:!   I 111 illl|;llillll   I 'uilllilll   11)11)11
whicii the Chamber muit rely for that
continual How ol the lateit information
rolative to ail those matters which
full within the scope of tho Chamber's
activities. When the offer of organised
and puwerful assistance, iuch ai tho
'TminI.,-i of (Tiiniiieri'o represents, is
voluntarily extended tn this country,
Canadians wuuld bu ulituie indeed if
they did nut at mice manifest a keen
sense uf the value of thu opportunity
which is pliced witbiu their reach and
a prunipt willingness tu pruiiHile Ino
ectivenoSi and tbe iuccuii of the
moment by overy means within their
i   »
■ pm
The recent ilurmiiig unnuuncument
frum Chicago Ihut nigh as the price of
beef is at present, it is destined tn
iiiuiu.i still higher, finds its counterpart
in tbe condition which exist iu 'Tin
The production bet beef cattle iu
the I'niiiiniiiiii west has fallen far short
of keeping puce witn the rapid iucrdie
iu pupulalion.  The consequence iitlut
it ii i .iuh. mi mutter tu procure u
nnllieieni aupply of cattle to meet the
Ten,in,,In of tho iniirl.iT i'ricei for
cattle on the liuuf buve advanced greatly and in accordance with the Inexorable law of commerce and trade, the
cuiisumcr pui. the piper in tbe higher
price tint he is compelled tu piy for
, ,„ , ! the fumlly supply of beef.
lung been fell and il will unduubl '      " '
miiv prove uf ininli prii-lii-il use' in
drilling willi commercial and imluatriu)
en, nl ion. arising frum   time to time
Tl Iiuuibcr prupii.es lu culled infur
malum concerning Hie practical busi
uess conditions nul resources of cub
pruviuce of Ihu Dominion, and so bo iu
ii position lu readily dcil with inquir
ie- nude uliuul these milters it il. of
hi en Hy lbc , l.ill. T.i,,, i.l uf rorrei
I'omli'iii'e with ri'pre.i'iilitiie men ind
Ideal lm.lies iu C*uada, information
ii liiib in uliuli; 11 i.n IT. will be ll the
i n| uvil ol llie Chamber und of ulhers,
i.ieiinieT iu Anglo Canadian com
Heiugiii/iiig Hie fail Ibat clrcum
-l.n,,.. ,Iiniinii iu Hie Hntmli lnl,,, nil
l-riniTiiiTit In the mutter of ublnniiig
ri liable information with regtird to
> .iniiiiinii, iouiiiicreial, imiii.Inul ami ti
nun. nil uudertikingi, the I'htiulicr will
"Ilml ami Tinneuiiiinli' iuformilioii uo
Ilnne .lllijei Is,
"Alliillier llilllli'l  wbu ll  Will eiiglge
ihe .li.ui,,,ii „f ifie Clumber will be
i'i  l-riug pruiinni nil)   to llie attention
il   linll.il iiiumilai lilrer,, traden and
.ij.uli.l-,  niforiiluliuii  le.peeting  lbe
|.|,ortiiiiilii.n il.nl iii.i in Canadu fur
in   e.lal'li.liincel uf iii'lu.trie. uf all
i.T- uiid in purlieular for ealabllilnng
ium li fiitorid."
Willi   reference   to   ligi.l|liou   Ihc
"linllll. I'lilClll       nllll.n       tbtt       "Tbe
liuiiilnr will keep • watchful eye on
legislation ur other  measure,  in  lhe
ailed Kingdom nul Cinnli, iffciliiig
ilu luriuui inlcre.i. coiiueeled witb
Anglo Canadian tilde nul induilrill ua
lerlaking. nul will Uke steps to pro
mole, .upporl or oppose suib inv*surci.
Tlie < liamlier b*i also created an
Arbitration Cooaltt** for the icltle
in en I of dispute* •riling' out of Anglo
I'lii.uiliun trade, conimerci', ibippiog
or niuiiulai'lures, ur out of financial ne
(..'iiialion. or iiiruiigeinenl. ilong the
lines already fallowed by Clumber,
of Commerce In Ihc I'nited Kingdom
An office lit* been eitablished it Ihc
Royal Colonlil luilituti building which
will form i icnl re frum which Ctu*di*o
viiitori to London may obtain inform*
tiou rwpecting Ibe British market and
•II matteri cognate to Anglo Canadian
J liter cltl.
The cha,,,!,,,, i. now in corrc.pnn
di'iice with public bodici throughout
Canada witb a view to establishing tu
oxtendeil inembenbip and a i.o of creel
iug tboie ivenuci of information which
will enable It te carry out tb* object*
for which it iiiil*. '
The movement ii ene wbicb should
meet witb • moat cardial reception
•nd U which th* b*»rti**t co operation
•bould be accorded throughout tbe Do
minion,    Tnii' poUotlaJili* which It
Tboie wliu ire acquainted with tbe
true ii.n,ii,Ine■■■. uf the siluatiun attribute the Scarcity uf beef cattle tu the
lln.ijiju,Uiii,, ,    |,f  ibi'   In,:   , allle   illln he,.
uf the prairie province*, because uf
Ibeir being cul up and suld in smaller
holdings and Ibt disinclination uf the
owner uf Hie smaller firms to tike to
, niile raising iii view of the easier me
ili.T- uf inn..in,:, money lliruugli rain
ing wheal.
Tbis situation a,I.ln yet another iui
I,,ii.mi feature In tbe argument in fa
vor of the rapid opening up of the
large prairie tracls of tbe northern
interior uf ilritiih Columbia including
the Peace river euuutry. There is jjo
doubi that the uccisionul very severe
winten wlneb vi-jit the greater portion
of ibe territory Included in the prairie
proviucca,  entailing  as  Ibey  de  tbe
lOS!    of    Iiln i  .nel-    Upoll    lliiiilnillnln    of
catile, have had i great deal to ibi
with Hie withdrawal of the prairie
firmer frum Hie cattle business and
his innuifeil tendency tu fullow the
easier ami safer iiielhod uf wheal, rais
mg. The weather comlitioui of tlw
Peace Diver country however give
guud gruuud fur the hupe Ihil it will
be found an iicelleut cuunlry for cattle
raising and if lln. shuuld prove Hie ease
Hni i-h Columbia will duphtlcu find iu
that district * basis uf upply which
will play • very important part in thc
-iilniniii of Ibii problem wbicb uuder
preient condition! il heruuiiug ever
more pruning.
Meantime however, it would appear
that there arc. very many owners of
large or nulil firm, ou Ihe prairies
wbo might witb great profit build up
• ud illllllllll) smi|l herds of eillle fur
beef purpoie*. Th* rilling of in all
berdi uf utile by a large nuinbur of
fanners would prove even more ef
fectivc iu supplying the required mini
ber ami al lbc name time would produce
a better grade of beef cattlo tban wu
at any time Hie cue under tbe produc
tiou of large number* of range rattle by
ownera ef a comparatively few immense
trarli ef laud. Tbe preient condltiou
of tbe mllll market offer* * iplondid
opportunity for tbe firmer to greatly
increase tbe iucamc from bi* agricultural operation! with very little iocreaie
uf eipemei, thus providing a very wili
margin of profit and at tbe Mine lime
to provide a much needed increaie in
the food product* of Canada in thii im
poriuni particular.
St. Aadmv'i I'reib] terliu Ckwrpb,
Keith Ronf-Servlcei: tfoi-iifnsr, - \VM
evening, 7:80. Adult Bible Cluii, 18:30.
Sunday School, tilll f. P. S. C. E„ Tuoi-
day, at 8 p. in. Prayer Mooting, We dr
nesdey, at 8 p.m. Choir Practice,
Friday, at S p. m, Rev. Ronald Macleod,
Minister.     r
Hcihoiii.i Ckurek-Oornor of Sixth
*nd St. Qeorge. Sunday Servicea, 11:00
a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School and
Blblu Cluss, 8:30 p.m. Senior League,
Honday,. 8 », m. Prayer and Praise
Service, Weuboiaay, I p. m. Junior
League, I'liiiindii! aflernuuii ul 8:30
PiiforvW. C. Bchlltoner.
SI Ani*' Ckurek—Corner Twelfth
nmi Boulevard. Sunday Hurvleea:
Morning Pruyer, 11 a. m.; Sunduy
School 3:80 p. m.; Evening Prayer1, 7:30
". m. Holy Communion, first and third
iin.iiiin In munth, at ll u.m,; lecund
Sunday In munth, 8 u. m. Rev. Sumuel
Feu, MA, Vicar.
Silvio** Ann) Lunsiluli.' Avenue
Sunday lervleei, 11:00 am. 8 p.m ami
J:» p. ni    'I'm-inI.i.i   8 p. ni.; Thursday,
p.m.   Children'! Service, Wcdncsdu),
1 p.m.
Hiniiii ckurek Ttteiiiii and St.
Qeorge, Service! at 11 u. in. and 7:80
p, m. Bunday School and Blblu Cluis
it 8:80 p. in. Prayer and Pralie Service.
Wedneiday at 8 p. m. Puitur, Rev. A,
J. Pruiier, Twelfth und Sl. Quurge.'
il. John Ike Unug.llat, Ulghlh und
Thirteenth. Holy Communlun, 8 a m
Morning Prayer. 11 i. ru. HvenliK
iT.'.i ii. 7:30 p. in, On tbe tlnl Sundav
In tbe munth theru will be u lecond
i. b in.uunl iif the Huly Cuiiiniunlun
at 11 n ni    ll,, i,,i   Hev. Hugh ilunpei'
SI, Hduiuud'a Cilkullo Ckurek, tPnlb
and Mahun Avenue. Sunduy—High
Man and S ermon, 10 u. in Sunday
iTTniiii, 8:30 p. m lieu.n i and Benediction, 7:30 p. m Friday—Low Muss,
* nm Pastor, in-v .1 A. Bedunl,
0. M. I.
Indian Citkollc Ckurek ol SI. Paul'..
Man, 7:30 u. in., Sundays, castor, Rev
E. Pi   I.... in   0. M. I.
Ckrlallau    Science  —   "Klniberley."
i'ii. nieiil, bl    Avenue'     i,.r,i, mi    I'uiii
leenlli und Kin,, mn atrccls).   Sunday
Service! at 11 a.m.    Tcatluiuny Meeting, Wednesday, 8:00 p. in
St. Tiiiiina. s a. in., every Sundav
except tint Sunduy In monlli 8:30
a. m. flnt Sunduy In niunili. II a.m.,
Mnilnn. Litany and Sermon, secund and
fourth Bunday. Holy Communion ami
Seiiii.,11 ilmi and llilnl iMiiidiii., Vlcur,
Rev. T, E. Ruwe,
rri'slnierlaii Ckurek—Sundays. 11
a. m. und 7:30 n. iii, Buuiluy Sctiool uml
Bible Class, 3:30 p.m. Teuchers' Train'
Ing Clan, Wednesday, 7:30. Pruyer
Meeting. Wediiesiluy, 8 p. in. Boys'
Club, Tliuriduy. 7:30 p in Choir Practice, Frlduy, 8 |i in. I; Vun Muuster,
H. A., pastor.
i'i i-.ii! ii-rluu Ckurek- Worahip, Bun
dayi, 11 ,i in and 7 p.m. Sunday
Scbuul, 3:15 p.m. Puslur, Itev. A. Mac-
Mtlkodlil Ckurek-Worship, Sundayi, ll a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sunduv
School, 8:16 p.m. Pullor, llev. <],
(I. i li-ini-ui'., I.} uu Vvllry—Miillni,
11 um Sunduy Schuul 3.30 |i in liven-
•ung 7.00 p.m. Huly Communion leomiil
Sunday In monlli ut 11.00 mil. Normal
J.  Tliu nli.oli  In  ell.iin.
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastiuga St. W.
C*n*d»* Greit.it W.itirn School
U   J. Spruit, I).A., - -Manager
Ladies' and Gent's Hats
Crinoline*,   Huir   lirunls,   Straws,
Beavers umi  Fells
i'uiiamus  Cleaned,  Dim lud  and Trim
mud "i'-.-i tu new.   Positively
uu 11. i.c  used
Next Labor Temple, Vancouver, B. O
Why Not ?
mmv vowb vm nm*
Cume in ami see us.   We will be only
lou pluuscil tu show yuu uur samples.
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill Eiplanade West. Phone 119
(noxt to Patterson, Qoldio k Clark)
10,000 cord* of dry lir wood for quick
uie. Price psr odd cords, $1.76. Special quotations for larger qiiantltloi.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, |3.36. 13 Inches
WM. c. O. D.
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonsdale
Phone 190.    P. 0. Bos 2432.
u it -nn Mini 1;
I'ur a l.leruac lo Tike anil I ac Waler
NOTICK la lierehy given Thul New-
purl Iiii.I, und Tile Company l.in.ii,.
license lu
... upply lur
und due 100 cubic feet uf wuler
oul of in,.nin,,ii- Creek, which Ilmin In
u n,,i ilm, nieiiv iiiii. iluu through l.ul
608. gruup 1, New V ,-Minium, 1 lllslrlel.
uud cuipllei Into in.ii. Suund near ilic
lnnil Ihereuf. The wuler will he diverted ul lbc in ,1,1 ul Die r.Tin und will
lie used for power purposes un lhe lnml
described   ul  l.ul   608,   (liuup   I,   New
IV. :.In,innI. I    I'I..lin 1
This .Nuilce was iiusieil un th"
,11.1111,1 on lbe 86II1 day uf July. 1818
Thc uppllculliin will he in..I In Hie
ulliee nf tbu Wuler Recorder ul New
ui'l' , lli'iin inn) lie llled Willi lllc suld
Wuter Itccordcr nr wllh lliv Conipirol
ler of Wuler Iiln l.i.i. I'.u Ham, nl liuild
Ing.  Vlclorlu.  ti. C.
J. II. ilvvcy, Aii'-iii
fur t Meruit lo Take aa* llif Wal.r
y ulvcn
port Wjilcr Compuny 1.111,11, ,1 ut Vancouver, will upply fur ,1 license lu lake
and use (wo hundred cubic feci of wuler oui uf Siiiumus Creek, which Hows
III u .....mliivenl, ili dlrecllon IIiioukIi
Stimulus Vulley. uiid cuiplli-s Inlu Howe
Suund near Ihe bead Ihereuf
Tlie   wuler  will  he diverted  ul   lbe
Iiolnl Ilf l)Jlele. , ll,,|i wllh lhe nm llu 111
II111I1 of T. I. 36801 uml will he used for
MuiiliTiiiil purposes on the lumi dcic-rlb-
cd us I.ol 186, Ilroup 1, New Wealinln-
slei   lilsiilcl.
This nolice wus polled on llie ground
1111 lhe iOili duy of July. 1812
•The   ..i-l-S Will   he   llleil   III   lhe
oillce of Ihc Wuler Ilceotdcr ul New
Hid,-.Hull. IUU)   he llleil  Willi lhe said
Wuler   llecurder   or   wllh   Ihe   Coinp-
Irnller  uf  Wulei'   nn 1.1...   l'urllunienl
Bull,Unu.. Vlcloilu. 1   C.
T. F   Morrln, Aujenl
A geoersl matting of tl|e North Van
couvtr Horticultural Society will be
held on Friday, Auguil tlh tt t pm.
il the Horticultural Hall lo diieim
the letting of tht' N. V. Athittlc
ground*. )4
Yorkshire Guarantee ft Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houigate - - - Managci
All Nortli V»ncouv»r p*opl* nl at
Either FJmck Block or Hading* St.,
#ppo»it» tb* new poit offioe. Leontre)
•Hia bi* tt* by th* pound.
tOtll    OF    ENOLANI)    BENEFIT
Inlga Vf eaten tion, Ne. 298
Meetingi of thii lodge ire held in
the Knigbti of I'ylhius Hall, curner of
C'heiturfleld avouue and Fourth itreot,
on the tint and tbird Friday* in each
month, at 8 o'clock p. m.
Communication* (nd application* for
mtmbtribip to be addretied to Harold
Imt, lecietaiy, V. O. box UU. 1«7)8
u in n NOTICK
Vor • littaet ia Takt tli lm Wilri
NOTICK ll hereby hIvcii Ihul New
port Waler Cu. 1,lulled of Vancouver,
will apply for a  llcenae to lake and
uie  3011  cubic   feel   „t  waler  uul   of
Man.,in.nn Creek,   which   Huwi   In   u
'.-•HI,!'., . I, 1I.1      illi.-, Hull     lllli.il,.ll      iiii
Mumguum Valley und cuipllei Inlu eual
brunch Sguulnlib River near lluwe
Suupd   '
Tbe wuler will be dlverled al Ihi
head uf lhe Dim full! beluw liual Creek
und will he uied for puwer iiurpuiei
un lhe lund deicrlhed ul Lul l|6, uniii|
1,    .-•',.1     Vn nlliill.nl, I    Dlilrlcl
i! pulled
86UI uuy of July,
i'lie ,'i'i'ln aili'ii  will be pled In Dip
Thii nuilce wai puated on Ihenrounil
on lhe Sllll day of Jujy, 1818
(Heo of Ihc Water Recorder ul  New
" iimlhiler.
nl,),, Hun. may be Died wllh Ihc laid
Water Recorder or wllh lbc Cuiiiptrul
ler ol Waler Rlnbli. I'urllumcnt .Hoil.l
Ingi, Vlclurla, B. ti.
. J. H. llevey, Aptnl
Cooking this
Mighty Hot Work
But some Ranges radiate LESS heat {ban others.
The NEW CHANCELLOR, fitted with ihe
Guerney Economizer, insures a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even heated oven, and the smallest'
possible fuel bill, v
Call and let us demonstrate this to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouyer, B. C.
e^nmanmnnnn^— —n—anm^^-^^mm-m^n-nn—
RATES:—$2.00 per dab up.   Special
rales to families and to regular boardm.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of tne San Franciico sartnquaki aud lire.
Huw many Oouiuaulef could do tlilil
Ita weti amount to 1116,000,000
A poital will bring our rcpreiontitlvo
Bwldibt Agint
19 Loiudale Avenue iud Oipllauo Ou Tinuluui
Phouei: Lonidilo 167. OapUauo 111.
Wc solicit the trade of all builders wbo appreciate
I licli Grade Goods al a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Nottci to (.'mil 1 ji ion
Scaled lendci. mi llic prescribed
forum uiiii uicuni|iinieil bj' ccrlified
cbci|ue ur caili fur 6 per cent of lbc
amount uf lender (wbicb .um .ball le
beld until lbc »uli»fuclorj completion
of Hie worki, uccordinn to plain and
.pciilicuiiuii.j will lie received I'.i Mr.
Julin (I. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, until
t p. in ,'hi Tliuraday, lbe Mli Aunu.l,
IVI!!, fur lbe following worki—
I.   li'..ili   Hi'iiT   Kail   Impioveniciil,
*.ell.,li   NO.   I.     In l.|.'Hi,'li Hi" Iill
feet; eul, 'i..' cubic yard., inure
ur lew.    Culvert., etc.
It.   Kvilli   Hold   Ini   Impruvemenl.
Hccliun Nu. 2.   U'lijilb, «,3IW lln.
feet; cut, 6,2UU culd^yardi, more>
ur Ic».    Culvcrli, ■,
All in accordance witb lbe I'lun. and
Hpei'lflcalium to be bad at tbii ollice,
upon paymi'iit of 11.00 fur oacb, wbicb
•um will be relumed upun receipt of
a buna Ilde lender.
Tbe liiwe.l ui i.nv leuder nol necel-*
■■mli acciptid.
Piitrict Kngineer.
lllilrlel Municipal llall,
cur. Lynn Valley and Fromme Kdi.,
Norlli  Vancouver, II   O.
The row In. I'boriii, bul wit ire nut ^
obli|ii"l io handle Ihem.   Tbere ii .inV
in lbc World, but wo are uuder uo obli'
gallon lo iudulge io 11.
• •
oO feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months. ,
<? MWSDAIB AV10HJ&    m*>uu vhkiii     NORTH VANCOUVER r
the mmm nqrth Vancouver, b, c, Tuesday, august 6,1912,
lltti Oil!,.
Capital Paw Up |a,870,ooo
Reserve and Undivided Proflta  8,600,000
Total Assets  44,000,000
JUST us a sueooBsfiil merchant mulios
•very effort to give bli euito-
mem emu i,,,,,01, efficient attention, io do the officeta of the Bank of
a i ii in 111 < in endeavor to render to donui-
Iton every lorVico conelatent with conservative im ni. in, practice.
No dopoilt li too email to aiiure the
deppiltor conildornto treatment—(be
luvlngs accounts of those In moderate
circumstance, uro wolcomed wlllicouf-
leti). and wllh that absence of undue
formality which muke! bunking a convenience and a pleasure,
Thll  branch   li  now   equipped   wllh
Safety liepuilt Boies.
(.. fl. IIIIAHvN, A.t.t,
Nnrlll    Vll.lcmrr
Office Supplies
04) TO
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. B. Book and Stationery Company).
38 Lonsdale Aveuue PHONE 101
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
Items of Interest
The members of Lodge Western Rose
Np. :!!Hi heli| meetings on Friday evening, A|igi)Bt tpd, w\,m two me'inhers
were initiated into the lied Rosa degree aud eight membera atlvani'nl to
tbe White Rose degrofi. Pistrie, Deputy
Bro. J. B. Waits, of Vancouver acted
as president un tbe occasion ami wns
accompanied by inomberi from  the'
arlous lodges across the Inlet.
A meeting uf tbe above association
will be held un Friday evening nest,
nib inst. at the Maple Billiard saloon,
UUli I .me.,inle Avenue nt ■■ u'cluck whet,
the election of officers ami comniiltc"
will tnke place; alsu tu comiilnr lbc
advisability of tbo club joining the
Vancouver Senior Football l.cugue.
All whu arc interested iu thiH mul
ter will lie heartily welcomed.
A luccessful test qf the Nortli l.ons
dale flrp llgbtiug System was made frpn|
tbo main on Queen street recently by
Engineer Jumieion, uuder tbe super-
viiiiun of Chief Bade. At tbe point selected fur the trial on Queen street
the most satiifictpry pressure is nb
tainable aud as a result of tbe successful test complcto satisfaction is felt Ip
tbe whole system in North Louidale.
With the advent uf the vacation sea-
sun inemtiers uf tbe Nurtli Vancouver
police form are tukiug tlieir minimi
Iiiiiiiiiii uf Iwo weeks. It wus Mr. li,
flrcavcs' lum tu dun civilian's clothes
this week ami with a smile in re)>luco
the tilern visuge nf the law, Or. Urcavoi
departed uu the 11 dayi' recrcatlun
Tbe need for a reservoir tn safeiiuunl
the water .supply tu residents in Nortii
l m, .lnl.- is, ill the opinion of Engineer
Cosgrove, urgent ami it is probable he
will make a recommendation lu lhe
uuticil ihurtly with this Improvemont iu
view. The growth uf Nurth Lonsdule in
thr), lust your has'materially chunked
conditions there aud new arrangements
will huve tu be uduptcd in urder lu
keep pace with the demands uf that
popular lection.
Much improvement has been recorded
iu the wuter syslem in Kust I'nplluno.
The louree of supply is the muin uf tiic
Vuneuuver ivutenvurkH wbicb uulil recently bus been sumcwlini  limited  in
orrcspondeufo with the influx uf ict
tiers  into  that  seel iuu  uf  the  muui
A sburt while ago a new arrange
ineiil wai made with the Vuneuuver wu
lerwurks department whereby a larger
supply can be taken from the main and
this is uow in i',■ -1.■ i iuu and is proving
vtsty satisfactory.
Fruni present indications lhe 11)12 K.
I'. Picnic to lluweu Island tomorrow
by the By. Buraiuhn will be a record
une The music uud spurts prugram have
now been settled upun und a Ilne day
is ull lliut remains tu make lhe ultair
a crowning success.
Mr. ,l  G. .Imiii Tni. uf I,Hii slreei east
has takeu out a permit fur a line twu
'storey residence whieh is tu cost uboul
♦0,11110. Permits have ulsu been issued
fur Mr. S. iiarkes fur a dwel'iug uu
'2t)tb slreei east where there is aire! ly
much development iu the building line
und uu lie illi ruad eusl Mr. Geu. Wil
liuu is erecting a eoituge for his owu
During tbo montb of July there were
'11 building permits luken uul.
Work will   Tn,nl\  slurt uu the cun-
ti.et recently let by the eily for theI
luyiug uf 18 fuol cement lidewulks un
Lousdale avenue luun  llic waterfront
lu llie north side of First slreei. From i
First   street  northwards  tu Mil  sin el
'contractor!  will   soon   commence   tlie'
pulling iii uf .-inii:, wbleh are ncecssi
luted   by   thc   macadamizing   uf   the
Fullier .1. I.epuruux, O.M.I., Calgary,
Alta., and Fathur I. Urabendcr, Oil.
I., Suakntoun, were the guest.i of
Father Ucdurd, O.M.I., Nurlh Vun
couver, from Friday tu Sunday, when
tbey left un u visit to Victoria. I'ulln.;
llrubcnilcr, during the Buor War, aet
ed as (Tubulin chaplain tu thc British
A pretty weddiug was suleiniiucd
in Bt. Angus' cbureb, comer 12th Bt.
uml Grand Boulevard, un Saturday uf
leiiin,,ii, when Mr. Leslie iioruee
l.'larko and Miss Dorothy B. Wadey
were united iu holy matrimony. Tbe
cerepiony wui performed by the vicar
Bev. Dr, 8. Fea. The bride was given
away by her brother, Mr. Jumes Wadey,
while Mr. aud Mrs. Chndilock were Ihe
witnesses, The huppy  couple  will re
lidO iu   Hull  UeW   llnlli,    UU   I,'III   slleiT
The lirst aunuul picnic uf Bl. Agnes'
Buuduy u lii'.T will be held tomorrow,
Wedneiday lu Beeund Beach. 11 will
tuke the funn uf a basket picnic, lea
and liTiiunuiic being provided by llic
Committee, A good raee sheet hun
been prepared so Ihut there will nol be
a slow minute ull afteruuuu. A special
eur will leave Iho curner uf llllh au.l
Buulcvurd at I u'clock and all friends
of the cbureb ure cordially invited.
l.usi evening was Ihe iiiuulhly conic
oration meeting. The opening exercises
iK'luded the siugiug uf vuriuus con-
lecration hymns. Thc Misses Mail.!.
snug a duel entitled "Jesus Hunks of
me." Mrs. Oibion was Iho speaker of
thc eveuing. Bhe luuk fur the lubjeel
the wurdi "Tu obey is belter thun
sacrifice," und mude u, strung uppcal
fur obedience to God's cuiuinands it
whatever cost lu ourselves.
Tbo Union Steamship Company'i
steamship '!|Jowj«bs»" is 00 the Wallace w.yi having oil burners installed.
A general overhauling fill be given
the vessel while iho is ou tne dock.
i liouleiTii'bi Boy Mounts returned last
evening from tbeir aunuul oiiling which
ill this instance was hold at Caulfields,
beginning qn Friday last and enduring
inr threo days. The eotps which numbered about twenty-live, bad a royal
guud nni, frum itart to fluish. On Friday afternoon thu icouti woro paraded
uu the lawn tennis grounds at iiunllli'lds
uud were put through a uumber of interesting )i.itmen of scout drill, including i no building of a bridge from alder
trees uf tlieir uwu felling. Tbe proceedings were followed by an appotiilng re-
past, picnic iilc and coucluded with
cheers uud the scouts' yell for thoir entertainers aud lor tbo icout master,
Mr. Iinni' On Bunday tbe camp wui
visited, by a cuinpany of about fifty
parent! uud friemli of tbe boyi aud on
Moinluy evening the corps returned tri-
unipliuntly tu town, all highly elated
because of the success uf tboir outing,
A well i,mmId rqmur having tho
ear marks of substantiality baa it that
the Bunlight Buap Mauufacturi|g concern uud ihe Blaekwuuds t Timpani, pre
servers of jums, bulh uf Kugluml, ure
interested parties in North Vaucuuver
While these twu concerns are not
gcuerally known in any negotiatiuus
that may have Irauspircd within the
pust few in,,min,, credence ii, ueverthe
lesi, given to the rumur of an invest
incut running well up iu the tbuuiauds
uf T,,llm, by tboie twu well kuuwu
manufacturing companies iu North
Bhore pruperty.
A speciul meeling of the schuul board
will bo held tbii uflcruuuu fur tbe purpuie of opening tenders fur the croc
tiuu of Hug pules at tbe different
nh.,..!■■ iii the city. Other sundry bum
ucei will be dealt witb uliu.
Work wus commenced yesterday by
the II. C. Klectric Kailway Company
uu the raising uf tlieir tracks uu I.uus
dule uvenue between Ksplauade and the
'whurf tu meet ilie permanent grade uf
thc street.
('rushed ruck fur the micailuiuuiug
uf lhe street is now being laid as (ar
Tiuu, us the wharf un the west side uf
tke avcuue, und this is being followed
up with u cuuling uf liner material und
Ihe roller.
The easl inle of the itreet will be
started as soon as the weal tide ii put
iu a hi slulc for travel,
Teams Wanted
Wanted to Rout or Buy—Two to
Un teams. Apply Camp on Keith
Road and Bt. David 'i or 110 Empire
Building, Vancouver. Unburn k
Jawb Tjparoent
Tlio oitoui'ive improvements wbicb
North Vancouvor horticultural society
has been carrying forward in connection witb tbe groundi of the society are
now about completed apd it is tbe in
tentiou of tbe directors to make tbe
formal uponiug of tbo groundi ono of
tbe features uf tbo annual horticultural
exhibition on Friday,! and Saturday,
September t ami 7./flic grounds are
laid out in omuls I'm i in ni., croquet
and bowls, all of which will ligure in
tho openiug functioui. It is tbo intention to put un a great public tour-
iiiiiiiiiii iu these different forms of
lawn exercises. The fee for entry will
bo placed at twenty-live ccutB and it
is hoped that tbo result will bu a geu-
eruus response upuu the part of tbe
public as tu the number of ciitricn At
tbo conclusion of the tournament tbv
grounds will be closed fer the neaiuii
aud re-opened uguin iu the spriug when
clubs will be funned having the privileges  of  the  ground.,.
A special i general meeting of the
Lyuu Valley Athletic (Hub will be held
iu the Institute hull en Friday, August
uth at i p in Hu- im ui discussion uf
club rules. All members are asked to
be present un tbis eveuing. Priutcd cup
ies uf rules will be hauded each mem
ber present and tbe secretary will be
glad if all tbe uumes of members whu
do not receive u copy uf these rules are
imnii to him so us tu enable him tu
furward eaiue by posl.
Watt.—On Thursday, July 18th, tu
Mr. aud Mrs. F. li Watl, Third street
eut, a iuu, siilil,i,rn
OyiUra, Olami and Bbcllllili in Season
Ico Supplied at slimiest Notice and
Rlgbt Price
Prompt Deliveries, 10:30 ud 2:30
Telephone 370
208 Lonsdale Avs., Nortb Vancouver
Notice to Property Owner.
Nolice ii hereby giveu lbat iu ic-
curdiiiec with tbe terms of the "Muui
cipal Acl," as uow amended, thc names
uf hulders of unregistered Agreements
for Bale 'annul be inserted upou tbe
Ae,'■ in, nl Hull or Vm,'in ' I,ioi of
Ihe Municipality fur I'U,:.
All holder! uf Agreements fur Bale
iu respect of. property in this district
are therefore notified to register same
at the l an,i Registry Offlce in Vancouver.
J. 0, FARM Kll,
13 8 i:. M. 0.
ROOMS FOlt BENT- lln-"i,,. 111. j.
and single,   211 2nd slreei eusl.
FOK HKNT Furniihed room, tin
Firit Street Kail. US
TO BBNT Bluble oii Fouilh itreet
K, Apply Uoi AHll, Kxprcss Oflice.  7 3
TO HKNT Well furnished room witb
or without buard. Apply Hit nilh at.
Kint, ••»
FOK HKNT Iluuie, furniture for
uie. i'lnlip, |non|rs at eld llaptiit
church, lilh and Bt. George. 8-8
FOK KENT Urge ruumy, well
lighted itore with stable and 0 roomed
flat over slure, curner Lyuu Volley aud
t'enlrc Koods. Apply Mcrclunts Tnut
IV Trading Co. Ltd., 94* Pender Bl. W.,
Vancouver, ti. 0. '■'■
FOlt BALK—1 ruumed muderu col
luge with lailiiiiniii iu Lynn Valley.
Half bluck from cur. liim cash ami
SID per montb. Apply Uoi Hm. Ex
press oflice.
WANTED--Cook stove, guud order.
Apply P. 0.  Hm  2'illl''. 0 8
FOK BALE--} room house, modem,
wilh electric ligbt, water, roomi paper
cd. Ut cleared. Corner eity bouudary
and I.ynu Valley road. On good termi
8.1,000 or spot cash 82250. Apply Boi
iiii", Nortb Vancouvtr. 88
FOR BALK Leaving fer Australia
Cheap. ■' roomed bungalow, witb opeu
fireplace. Price limn; 8300 caih and
balance ai rent. Hickman, Dovercourt
road, uear Fromme road. 6
FOK BALK-Kipo greenhouse Tuma-
loci.  Keene, I lilh itreet. 6 8
FOK BALK   Hem and yuung eirks.,,
Apply Bowler, kind and .CboMcrficld.
FOK BALK -<>u Pcl« Koad 11 lots
83*137 cleared, 8*00 each. 8100 caib.
Double corner Mil20, 8700, 8200
rub. Apply Upt BM, Ki-proii Of
FOK BALK Houie, snap, 10th atreet
and St. George's Aveuue, 6 roomi, ce
moot basement, piped for furnace, lot
33x160 to lane, fenced, in and garden.
Now rented 822.60 por montb. Price,
82,000, 8260 call, balance 860 mouth
at 7 per cent, Owner, Box 1816, city.
Matf Uniil chain and locket, K. 1.
F. Would tbo Sudor plcaie cull or
notify Sr. Cbaddock, J6tb avenue oud
Mabon. »-8
FOUND-Near Ferry Wharf; on Saturday evening lut, a gent's watrb.
Owner ran bavo iame on proving prop
e,rty and paying for ad. Express Oice.
WANTKD-l.iilingi from owners uf
property in D. L. 237, Weit Vaucuuver.
Bui 112, Klpress Oflice.
WANTKD- (lirl lo wait on Ubic. Ap
ply Rainbow Cafe.
WANTKD-Refined youug girl ai
mother'! help. English ur Biutcb pre
ferred. i.n Keith Koad W. 08
WANTKD-Young lady for oflice,
Borne experience preferred, I'cera k
Boult, Bank of Hamilton Buildiug. 6 8
WANTBD-Daily homework or In
valid nursing. |,cuoui ou the piauo 10
centi. North Lumdale. Box 103, Ex
press. 88
WANTED   Udioi to call at Hair
Dressing Pirlori for au upto dale hair
droning, " shampooing,   massage   and
manicuring, Keilb Block, department 7.
WANTKD—tjtonqgrapher for secretarial work. Snort bouri, muit bo rapid
and have perfect' spelling and punctuation. Apply V. 0. Drawer 2030, Nurlh
Vancouver,      < 818
Middle aged man wants light employment. P. 0. Box 2287, Nortb Vancou
ver. 81
Gpod yuung itock bull kept, corner
Kobimen and Capilauo roads. W. II
Willi,ns, 6-8
For cabinet making, carpentering,
picture framing, French poliihiog,
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
und iniini in.' repairs, iee ur pboue J
Iiiiiiiu, 1236 Lomdalo avenue, North
Vaueouver. I'cnonal altentiou. Pboue
1,111. If.
For fine watch ami jewelry Wurk go
to Geu. Bomertoo, tbe new jewelry ilorc
on 2nd itreet.'
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk,    Milk,
ream and Butter, Purity Creamery, 160
Second atreet weit. -
ll fon ibst any property tq iei! and
want quick rciulti, list it wltb Bbort,
J|obortiou and Seymour. m- tf.
Bbort timo loam on vacant or im
proved property. Btar Loon Company
614 Hastings, Vancouver. t.f,
MONEY TO I.OAN Money loaned
ou diamonds, jewelry, fun. Btar Loan
Co., 611 Hutlngi, V.nOver. tf.
WANTKDWlremmaklng and" ladiea'
tailoring, long summer ceati, etc. Good
fit aru) style guaranteed. Pricei rea
lunablc. Also an apprentice (Guud
training given). Apply evening Sixth
itreet west, corner Lonadale. .     IM
Ii your Witch slopping ar krGp; ig
irregular timet   If so, iee Mi I. Hood,
lioWaie i
Pioneer Jeweller, 60
Bimpiun Broi., bailding move™ and
contractors.   Knquiro firit home east
of Lonsdale, 13th atreet' Pbone LA87.
If you have aay property to iell and
want quick rciulti, liit it witb Short,
Kobertion and Seymour. 11
Authorized .gent for Singer Sewing Machine Company in Nortb Vancouver.    J. J. McAleecc, Dry lluodllnil
Genu' Furnishings, corner First and
Umdale Avenue. t f
II, 0. LfVcry aad Board lUbW-
I-ight rigs ud ladies' saddle borm
for bir.. Stabling for honee. Ou
eral delivery aad heavy teeming. H.
Dumu, 1th itreet weit. Pkoue 347 t.f.
Und Clearing and .Grading Utl,
Pet. Andrun, (moral Con tractor. Se
wer connections a specialty, basemut
and otber excavating work undertaken,
Rttlmatei free, aft St. George's Ave.,
Nortb Vaneouvir, poet oice box 1888.
Wben needing coal or building wp
pjiee, call up phone 488, Nortb Shore
Coal A Supply Oo,, Klckham. wbarf.
L. B. Eaten, manager. Note same asd
shone number. tf.
TAKK NOTICE tbat tbe Cuuucil of
lbe Corporation of the Cily of Norlb
Viucouver intends lo carry out ai a
work of local improvement the con
•truction of a concrete sidewalk, curbs
ind guin r and ornamental lights ou
Uniuilc Avenue on both ildei irom tbe
waterfront to the north lido of Firit
itreei. under Fart 11, Division (2) ot
tbo Municipal Act and intends to u
icm tbe "nil cost! Ihereuf upou the
real property fronting or abutting tbero-
on or to be benefitted thereby, and that
a itatcincnt ibowing tbe lands liablo
to pay tbo saiil assessment lud the
name, of the ownen tbeieof, so far
u cas be uccitaincd from tbe last re
viied iiK'siiiient roll, ii now uu file in
lbe ollice of the City Clerk aud is open
for bjipection during oflice boun.
tbat tbe Council will proceed with the
•aid work or improvement as afore
aid unleii a majority of the ownen ,
of Ihe Mid lands er real property so
lu be uiened or charged in rfiOMCtof
iuch work ur improvement jictttlon "tho
council against sueh assessment within
fifteen (IJ) day» after tbe fint pub-
liratioa of tbii notice.
OUy M«k.
We Are Plotting
'■ in             i ' nn ' i m
t« Ka( your business. Our new subdivision In Hollyburn Is well worth
yonr consideration If you want OOOD VALUE AT SMALL OpST.
Ideally situated on the Oovernment Road, CALL IN AND WB WILL
  ■—■—  ■ ■.■■■■■■ — —   in i—■ m, i
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north of D.L 204, at price*
from $650 to $775.   Terms one-siith cash, balance
spread over two and a half years, with no inlerest.
<f Now is the time to buy, before railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent
North Shore locators
'HONE 123
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonadale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georgea'a Avenue.      Phone 178
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
t] Let us ijuote you rales on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
II,i,I.e    fit.
Sixth Field Compuny
Orders liy Dipt. J. Bade. Ward Commanding
July Hillli
No. 18 Leave—
Extract fron] militia order Nn. :iii7,
.liiiml at Ottawa illli July, 1018, is linm
by promulgated: Leave at ahaonoo witn
pUMllSsioll   to   I ITU rl   lllnnllil   lum   lii'i'il
granted to Prov, Major .1. 1*. Fell, Htll
Field Company, U. Ei, for sin months
frnm the lllth inst.
No. 11 Bnllated-
'I'lii' following men having linen duly
attested,  aro   liereliy  taken   on    the
strength uf thu i-oiiiiiuny:
No.  iw.   tiappui   M ii ii 11...   iliiylnr.
611.   Hapjiur Moment (', Taylor.
Mapper Edgar T. Hardy.
Happer (I. W. Stone.
Buppur (J, W. filnchhonse.
Happnr Wm. II. dray.
71.   tapper .Iiuiiii, iTni|,uuin.
No, IB Duty-
T'u lie 'Orderly rlorgoant fnr unsuing
week:   No.   1,  targoaut  W.  .1.   Elder.
Next for duty, No. i Sergeant W. H.
No, 18 Parades -     ..
Tim company will imruiln ut Ihu drill
hall, North Vaui'iniver, uu. uvury Thus
day and Friday evening, ut 6 o'clock,
uniil iTiriimr ordered, Ureas: Drill Order.
No. 17 Appointments and Promotions■ -
Tho  uflii'ur   , mnii,.-.n,in,    has   been
|,i,■;,.-., t to approve of iho following:
To lie i|iiiirlor maslur sergeant No. 71,
SuppOl    ,1 lllli,,,   I Till |illlll I
No. 18 Notice—
A iTTi.'iiil meeting,uf llm recreation
association will he huld al the drill
hall ou Wuilnusday evening, illi Au
guat, mi-, ut ■ o'clock, It is Important
ilml ull members uf ihu compauy should
Ai'ling Adjutant.
Indian Children Hold
Successful Concert
In ji/usoiu'e uf a lurgu audience,
which included Mrs. McNeill., wife of
the Muyor of Norlh Vancouver, the
Indian boys and girls ef tliu I Tun out,
Nurlh Vaneouver, gavo an etcellenl
dramatio and musical entertainment
ou the uvuniug uf Thursday last, iu
the Oonvent llall. Thu programme
opened with un oilu of welcome lo Ihu
visilurs, rue ilr,I by a lilllu Indian buy,
which was fulliiwui] by a four uct can-
lalu by Indian girls, untitled "Thu
Festival uf thu Flowers." A farce,
"A Manager's Triuls," was given by
llie  buys, who alsu guvc un liuiusiiig
spelling  sung  ami 'a    nm,   ail ton
sung. A festival song by Ihu buys
and girls ulusud au interesting even
ing. The children weru afterwards dis
misted fur Ihu summer holidays, wiiiclt
will continue IIII September. There
aru nuw uine Misters uf "The Duly
lnf.nl .limns" Order in Nurlh Van
couver i uuii ni.
International Geological
l.'anuda is fortunate iu having been
chosen ut the scene nf Ihe sussiuns uf
tho T'u,Tni, International IJcological
Congress which will be held next yuar.
Preliminary arrangements ere nuw
well under wuy us announced in u |ium
I'i,I, i ei,i.in,ii,c the draft prugrumme,
a copy uf whicii may be had by appli
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
.   •       ,..
Family Rooms en suite with special-rates. *
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, hiyh elm service at moderate rates.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
cation to the secretary, W, S. l.eekio,
Victoria Memorial Museum, Qttawa,
since the first meeting of the Congress in Paris In 1878 meetings have
been held iu Italy, Germany, Englaud, tiie United State, of Ainuriiu,
Bwitserluiul, liusslu, Austriu, Mexico
Uui) Hwuiliin. At the last congress held
in Stockholm iu 1810 there teas an at
tendance of SBO and it Is expected that
this number will be exceeded in Canada
noxt year,
Vou will notice that an extensive snr
les of excursions are being arranged tu
illustrate the typical geology and miu
ural iT'Huiiri'iTi of Canada. These oxu t
sions will lake placo during August and
Soptomhuf ami will extend from Capo
Hroton aud Halifax ou thu Atlantic to
Prince Rupert sud Victoria un the I'aei-
llu, and iuuu Niagara'Falls ou tho sou
Muni boundary tu Dawaon City near
thu Arctic Circle.
(biologists frum overy quarter of the
liluliu will attend the cuitgress and tor
many il will bo their first visit lo Can-
mlu. They will inclifdu professors frum
thi leading universities and mt'tiug
1,1 Ininli,, uAicors of tho vuriinH govern-
iM'iil m'iiiiiun ill surveys and mining de
piirlmenls ami gculugists and mining
engineers iu privato practice.
The mini' of tho annual mineral output of i ,ii,ii,l.i hus stoudily nn n.i , .1
yiur by year fur thu lust thirty yours
ninl is uuw over one hundred miiliuti
dnllurs, Considering, huwever, the
knuwn resources aud thu enormous ter
nlury uli,i.v resources uru unknown,
Ihis uulpiil is smull and Canada needs
lillire mun uml ufuru muney fur plus
peeling, iluvelupment und operation
This sho cun best sucuru by attract
ii g, ,iut thu general public, but IIium
punplu whose Iiiu.uiei,i, it is lu engage in
such industries uud whu umlurst.ml
Ihuir nun.uin un in Ueulugists and min
ing engineers are ubviuusly those besl
ublu to iiiiliii'iu e opinion iu their uwn
countries nu the subject iu which thuy
aru recognised authorities ,hence thc
opportunity arTunled by thu meeting in
i ium,In ut' sn many eminent specialist,
sliuiilil nut bu neglected. Kvery effort
.sliuiilil Iiu nm,I, tu shuw lu Ihu wurld
nni while uur knuwn mineral rcsuur
cos are large, we have an iinuicnsu un
developed territory awaiting Ihu udvcul
ul lhe Iraiucil prospector.
Meetings of yariuui guulugical and
other .hi,nu, societies huvu beeu
huld in Cauada in Ihu past, hul thm
is Ihu lirst ,i,,iii,iiiii ou whicii Ihu In
tcrnutiuuul Geological ''uugruss has mul
here and thu opportunity will nut oc
cur uguin fur many yoars, since the
meetings uru huld trieuniully in lliu
ilifTereul countries of the wurld.
Canadian gculugists are fully alive
In Ihu high honor paid Ilium uud I heir
. I'l.i.ii ■ by thu selection uf Canada fnr
the meeting and Ihey aru beiug gunur
iniTi  assisted iu preparing fur it by
Rooming Haass ar Office.
Ob lb. Upper Floor at tbe
KNlCtTT BLOCK, EjpUifJe Wetl
vara HoouH
Wld. Bntraaa and well U|Ua4 Hallway
Far particular, apply ta
London tl British Nortb America Company, (jailed
(afakaa, McFarland k Procter, LU.)
6U PaauUr Btraat Waat
{Flout Seymour UU, Umtal Dtputment)
the liuminiun .ml provintial govern
incuts aud by Ibe railway au.l mining
corporations, a. w.ll a. by iadituluaf,
business .ml profewioul u.. n, .11 of
uliiini .ru contributing liberally both
money and time.
Field Uanball, llu Hoyal lligbnew
the lluku of Connaagbt, lbe Qotrruor-
Oeneral of tint,la, bu graciously rou
senled lo become Ibe honorary president
of the Twelfth I'ongma,    .
Several Wbo An Deeply Inurated la
Agriculture to Speak at Dry Farm
tag Ceogrea
Lethhriilge, Alberta — Tb. rr-
ccpliiiii accorded lbe h,..iui .ow
mission.rs of Ihe International Lry.
Farming I'ougrew ou Ibeir low uf lac
Weatern slates has been Haltering in
lhe uxlreme and il is believed that U a
result uf Ibeir visit, there will be ofi
ci.l rupresuntalives frum upwards of
iu otales while a daiea or more Bill
semi exhibits. As indicating tbe trend
uf public opiaiaa it i- anticipated n i
tlie guieruurs of many of Ibe north
western slates whu have beta prmuiu
uut in Ihe agitation for immigration l-i
mat sn liuu will alleud. and tbe an.pl-
ance nf the formal imitation tent oul
by Iluu. I inin in. Marshall, rire-preaideat
fur Alberta uf tin International I'ri
Farming Congreae, has been received
by secretary lohn T If..ri.- fiuia tev
erul governor..
Iliiveriiur Oddie of   ...-,.   alter al
> .inference witb  Iluu   Daniel  Morgan. Tk. meadows ara sburu af Ibeir daisies,
une uf the i oiumi»iun/crs al  Keuo uu'    Ta. gardens have lust thu rosu,
Thursday, declared himself heartily in!The birde arc through with Iho Basting,
favor of  urging  lhal   eiery   western!    Shrunken the streamlet gucs,
slate bu represented ufb.iall) .u.l 11..1   b\lu»ii Ihe suu is nsiujp
eacb send a large exblbil.      II'  »ill|    Faster tu slip away—
bring the mailer before Ihe contention  The year has turned frum the aenith,
uf governor, al Boise, Idaho, next week.     Turned lo Ihu downward way,
ami  will personally urge all ibr otter, Vet il hu filled its promise;
guwruors lu curuuiagc    Iht    witlern j    Sweet is Ihe fruilage uow,
slates  iu  making a  grand  . il.ii.it  al   I Itr per Ihe green uf Ihe forest,
Utbbridge. Uirb is thc ui.in.nl bough.
Governor William Spry, ef Utah, ac
knnwledgiug the invitation sent him
by Hun. Human Marshall iu behalf of
tbr t'.ua.liau Board of Control, takes
the opportunity of assuring thu ulli
eiale of tbe congress of hi. hearty co
oprratiou iu the sending uf a ruprusoutu-
live slate delegation and exhibit, lie
plana lo attend if his official duties will
permit.   •
lluvcrnur Jamea II. llawley of Idaho
will attend and will head the state du
legation in itt efforts to boost Boise for
Ibe next congress. Uovoruor Lee Cruco
of OkUhuma will head lhe Oklahumn
•Illegal 1.111 tbtt will eomu by special
11..:.. to rudeavur to c.plure tho IUM
.nil-ell.-., fur Oklahoma Cily. Uuvornur
Kdwiu 1 ..hi.- of Mniiiiiiiu will wilh
oul douhl be iu altcudamc, hu being
one of the vice presidents of tne eon
grras and one of its most ard<ut 1 p-
1..... 1- li.. 11.nur ll. I. Iluy uf Wash
iiiti.ni mil probably accompany Ihr
Spokaue tptiitl tram that will bring
oa. of tbu largest district exhibits
eirr . ..II.-, ie,| lo shuw thu product 1 uf
Ihc li.lun.i I'.iupirc aud llncriinl lis
-..11 West of Oregou, who is greatly
interested iu tgheultural deiel • .rr oil
may accompany lbe special Iraiu lliul
a.ll bring delegates frem California
and wert.ru Oregon, which Tillman
ii'..M. the it,ulau.1 number uf the
Hoard uf ijineruurs, it tirtiid'ug, and
, which w.ll bring . large exnibit from
lbe li ....nl.iiu counties of California,
{gathered under Ihe auspices uf lliu Ba-
■ 1...1,,1,1,1 lleiclop.uc.it l.i'uguu.
Subdivision of North Weit quarter of District Lot 1067
Corner Rosebery Road aid Fulton Road
•    I
I    i
.--J    L L__.
1     •
twit                1
I    ROftD    \
Double ('omen I aad 1, 11 and
12. Hand 14, .nd 23 and
3ic.chp.ir $1250
Ixdt 3. I, 5.8, 9. 10, 15,
16, 17. 20. 21 and 22.
cadi $540
Ui   6.   7.    n   and   19.
cl, $510
feists-1-3 Cash, balance by
Iwa iutalmeab al 2 and 3
yeart Inbtrcst 7 per unl. p.y-
able hall yearly.
J   ^iL-^mwmje* _
i   i
The above iuboSvi»un) is one
ol the i |jowr»l of cmap lor home
ium on An nn.kcl ll ii
iluij.il iwi, ilmdi of . mile Irom
lhe wilnfronl, al lhe coiner of
Iwo roadi bull by tin Provincial < jovrinmrnl. aad ... the can-
Ire of lhal laige are. of small
holdings laid oul by lbe (jov-
Weil Vancouvei it lo become Vaacouver'i aitd North Vaacouver't greabtsl
mliurl) .nd the vigorous measures of its first Council will gic.lly further llui
The prices of lhe Lott now ofered are strictly modtr.le, and the terms
sre very favorable. These prices may be altered or llie I jAi any bf withdrawn treat
lhe market al any lime, without notice.
The Burrard Development Company lid.
17 Lonidale Avenue, Nortli Vaacouver Phone 37.
t       !   , '    " 	
' % r ai
■"•  mmmmmmmnnmmmm
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Aooti|i ruin's.
,  .    .
Insurance Guarantee Bonds
Auditor aud Accountant
101 Lonsdale Avouuo. P. 0. Hox 8307.
Nortb Vaueouver. Phuue 197.
0, A. Oal„, B.O.HA.
172B Ohoiterilold Avenue,
North  Vaueouver
'Phone ltlliH
Bakers, Confectioners aud
113 JiiiiihiIuIu Avenue
A.M.I.K. li B.
Irrigation,  drainage, levels',    plans
and specification!. Septic tanks and
houie drainage a ipeoialty. P. 0,
Box 'JII, 16th .treat weet ol llewicko
And gouoral fioniniisBlon Murchaut, 19
I'unsdulo' A iu., Nurth Vancuuvor.
Phon. 384
Underwood'* Barber Shop
Nn i e.n i,i   to Wallacu  & Scutt, Third
Slroet.   General rt.puir wurk.
A. Wulluce's services nine been ro
lllllll.S   AMI   Ml MUM.III.
Uimktellon aud Slatiunori
I'ur. I.iiniiliilo and 1st.        Pburo 143
Plans Executed     i :    Eslimutcs .in. u
Oeutro aud Mill Boad
Lyuu Valley, B. 0.
Plans uiul  I. IiiiiiiIh. i.ui.: I.,     free.
Repairing,  romodellng,  eti.,  prutuptly
attended to
Lynn Vulley, B. 0.
Allan lluud neur Wcsluver. P. 0. Hox
tn, Lynn I'reek, B. ti.
We are specialists iu thesu lines,
191A Lonadale Avouue
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonidtli and Esplosudt
High Class l 'nin   ' ..I. I Ocnta' Tuiluring
llepairing   aud   Alterations.   Cleaning
ami ii.., in,   in all its brauchei. All
Wurk guaranteed.
Ul First Street Weit. Phono 291
(J.   I..TIIM
Ladles' and OouU' (.'leaning,
Pressing and Bepairing'
a Specialty
120 Sue oi nl Street Eut
N.V. Tinning k Sheet Metal Works
First Street But of Lonadale,
Lowell prices uud best wurk guurnu
toed uu tinning aud thcut metal work,
All kinds of saws filed and set ou Ihu
shortest notice. Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge slietrs and scissors sharpened All
work guaranteed, modoratu prices,
11131' Loutdale Aveuue Phono hi,
,i.Milnit  Maker aud Oarpeuler
Will ui,T, ii,ie, all kinds of wuod wurk,
repairs, etc.
nuilli Btreet aud Sutherland Avenuo
. P. 0. Box 2006
Ou Ihe car line. Iluarding, meals,
guud accontmodaliou fur working men.
Contractor!' men huunlcd. Hy. Eusl
cull, Proprietor.      '
Publishes of tho Express
Fine Job Printing of All Kinds
11B First Street E., North Vancouver
It will pay you to put a card in this column
Tbu series of amateur boxing bouts
staged on Friday availing lust at Lar
ion's Pavi||o). by the North Vnncouver
Athlotlc i Tnli drew a full housu and developed sniuii fast, clean busing.
There wore uigltt bouts In ull, In the
groator number uf •wfiiuh tho locul club
wus represented. Although tha local
boxers did uut at all limits display
giinurulsliip cipiiil tu lliut uf their mure
, uji.■ i i.-ii. ml uppunuuts, they, uuvurthe-
luss, displayed reul eluvuruuss in linitdl
ing the glovua ond u willingness tn
mix things which iiiudu thuin prime fu
uintus with thu big crowd.
Mr. Inliu l.uuuurd, instruclnr at the
Hustings Athletic Club, uut.nl as un-
iiiiiiiu.-i ,'inI Eruitk lluini of Nurlh Vum
I'UIIITir  US   ii'leiee
Tho lirst bunt wus between Mills ul'
the N. V. A. 0. and .luuus nf Culgury,
thu lucul buy securing thu decision, lu
Ihu sucnttd bunt Johnny lluuiilluu luudu
u guod shnwing uguinst "Kid" llullus
uf i'|nil..'in but nut ipiilu guud enough
tu win llm iluiiisiun. (HIiu i'Mini uf tbu
lucul club and Hurt Hughes nf thu V. A.
II. put up Ihree fust bouts, the latter
ium in,- the winner. Doyle uf thu N.
V. A. C, guvu "Kid" Lou uf thu II. A.
(,'. u .In.".' eull in thu I'uurl I. limit in
lltu CU puund cluss. The bunt bolwoun
.lumes Fisher uf the II, A. C, und
Churles Mitchell iu thu 185 pound cluss
muled iu lhe middle ul' the lirsl round
by Mitchell's coruor throwing up thu
spungu. lu ll.e sixth bout I'uul 1'ulur
sun of lhe V. A. ti. forced thu lighting
all thu wuy und liud his uppununt
Edwards uf thu N. V. A. C. in u bud
wuy a( the close uf Ihu third round.
Hob Norwood uf thu V. A. C, uml
Miekie Welsh uf the 11. A. C. fuught
at catch weigh Ih, the former al 185
pounds uud lliu latter ut lilt pounds.
This was Ihu musl stubbululy contested
bum of Ihu eyoniug, lhe ducisiuu Iiu
ully guing tu Nurwood ul thu end of
thu fourth round, Bam Huml uf Ihu 11.
A. C, was the favorite with tho crowd
in Ihc b.nii between liim uml Harold
Melrose of the N. V. A. (!., bul Mel
ruse displayed unexpected form pulling
up a bard fust llghl, ullliough hu failed lu gut the decision, lu thu lunl
buut Frank Barrleau, welter weight
champion uf America Inni nu difficulty
iu handling Blackio Mcliore. The Imui
wus culled ulT iu Ihu middle ul the
third round iu lliu face uf streuuouB
protest from Mcliore who wns game lo
ti.iish Ihu bout.
Bracken who was instructor ul the
lunil,ilul) hus signed up lovcral boxing
contests und has been luccoodcd us
instructor by Kid Herman who au
uiiunces Ihut in ubuut uue week n
l.i,hi I sniulier will be held ul the i|uur
ters of the N- V. Athletic Club, un ,-\
1'clleul prugrumiuc for whiili is now
in course of preparation.
Hie Game In tha Days Whin It
Was Played With Bare Hand*.
Preparing Plans For
New Intake
Thu engineering dcparlmunl uf llm
city is preparing pluns fur Iho nuw iu
ni,, un l.ynn Creek by whicii ineuns wa
ler will be supplied into Ihe new Bice
Uke reservoir. The old inlaku luwer
ilow.i tbu cruuk will still bu kept in
operation add for the prescnl will be
the main channel lliruugli which 'he
citizens of Nurth Vancouver will re
ceivo Iheir wuler supply, The (eying
of thu IC iiiiii wuod main connecting
Ihu new ii.iiii''' with Bice Lu'iu is
nuw under wuy and will bu completed
lung before llie reservoir is mudo ready
lu receive lhe wuler supply.
Are tne right kind of things when they sell th. goods. It Is tbo facta about
the quality of our goodi la Uu way of FUBN1ITUBE, 0ABPET8 and
0BO0K.EBY, aud Uie facta about til. low prices and the special prices ou
ilicso guuds that win favor among our cu.Um.rt.
H.r. tr» som. facta for inn. fe gtntl bf.—
OHILDBEN'S PUSH OABTB, iptclal prlca  |;i.»o
A largo shipment Jutt received.   All the rage
WBAT SAFB8  ,  18.00
MEAT SAFES, largo alaa.... ,..f. $3.fi0
BOYAL OAK DBE8BEB8, witn hovelled plate mirror  MM
1 WOVBN Willi; BPltlNU
Oomploto for 8)7.00
MATTINO MATS, 8x6...86c
a limited uumbor only, $8.90
In our Oroekcry Department
TUMBLERS, ptr dox.....Wlc
0UP8 and SAUCERS per'
das  .line
128 Lonsdale Ave.  noMm  North Vancouver
Aa a Rssult Fractured Noill, Split
Palms tnd Broktn Flnjiri Wert
Ivtryday Ineldtnta—The Aatvant tnd
Divtlopmint ol Prattotlvt Ravlcis.
"Can rou Imagine a modern baseball
taatn playing tbu game barehanded!"
uked a gny hatred fan wblla dlicuis-
ing diamond doings uf long ago. "Tbere
would bu plenty of business for tb.
bona setters and so many errors tn lb.
Held tbtt ill. tport would develop Into
t burlesque. Yet I can rtnietuber tbs
dnyi when ball player, never wore
glove, nmi when catcher, bad neither
nm;,i.n uor mini It required great
cpurtigu lo (mu t swift piii'i.ei snd lots
of nerve to get la fruut ol • hot
tinny of our citizens wbo played
baseball mure thau thirty-live yenrt
sgo will tell you lhat broken ilngcis,
lume br.iliea, split pultini tud lorn ilu
gut nulli were.everyday icchlenia and
iluu a pliijur wbo .bowed the white
(either wai tabooed. Kelore glovei
nul uiiiHks were invented cutcberi hid
indleti trouble.. Tbu old tliucrt wbo
l,mil lo iiluiiil cluse lu lnml the hat.
mc. bid teeth knocked oul and itosca
I. ucl nt ed by Iho foul il|m Ihul riittld
out be avoided. Huon ramu a Iiuiiii ul
pulling n piece ul solid rubliei In Ibi
in,miti made lu sucli a niuiiucr ibal It
covered tlm lips mid provided prutec
Uuu for Ibe leetb. II proved io eill
cleut thit .11 tbe lending catcher.
iiiuiii. il |t. But eveu then ll wae dan
gerom to catch dm. up until James
I'yi.g, tbu fm me. llm uml pluyer, In
veined lb. muk, a cutnberio.ue affair
wllh Itro.i.l elrlps of lliiiti'iicil Iron Ilml
covered tbe face, but also purtlally ob
icured the backitop'i vision.
Then came tbu cntcber't gloves, one
lor each bund. These gloves were ol
light kid, wltb uo liugert and little or
uo pudding. Catcher, who bundled
«"iu deliveries, therefore, euou fouud
that tbe glovei did uot come up lo the
requirement., so It wtt a common
thing tu eue backstops .Hilling gruss
lum lbe glove, to protect tbe palti.i ol
the liuuds.
One ot th. flrat Natlouut leugue
catcher, to uae a loft bond gluv. wltb
liugert wa. Meyer, of IndluuupuiU,
mora tban twenty-Ore year, ego
Somebody mode a glove for hlm tbtt
caused a general laugb. Tbe liugert
were to long und tbe surfuee uf tbi
glove win io broad tbat Ueyers found
It iiiiiici.it at Ont to bold s pitched
ball He was etching tbe great Hen
ry Uui ie In tboee tlnya, aud Uoylt bod
blinding speed Meyer, bad brok.u
all of hi. lingers, ulau both thumb., lu
bundling Boyle, wltb Ihe dug.rleil
glovei. eo that be readily tried tbt
new one, nnd ufli. much perseverance
be proved thnt II bud merit After
tbut ell tbe cutcberi idoptcd a linger
glove for Ihe left bund. The gluvt waa
improved upou Mien tbe manufacturer put tolld lenthet tlpt oo the eude ol
the lingers to protect the nulls
Buck Bwlng, Sliver Flint tnd i«>ur
Iry Dennett, tbree ol the grcnlcst
tun kalopi the gniiie ever produced,
were mining tbe lirst to adopt tbe mitt,
which wua e comparatively light if
fair, but made II Impossible to Injure
the lingers of tbe left hand. A. Ibi
uuinufucliirer. gradually lnc.ci.scd the
Hie und weight ut the catcher'! mill
the mu nin for glovei become geuerul.
lhe In und out Oelden adupled than,
mine iming tba mitt unUI the baetball
rule milkers wer. forced to legislate
i,.■ iiiu.t the pn.. th e
When tb. rule stipulating tb. tin of
the glove to be worn waa paased tli.
culeher was allowed to weai (be seme
hear; wilt, while a llgblei one wai
assigned io tbe lint buMtr.su. Bul
ill lbe other Oelden wen compelled
lo uie a linger glova weighing uot
mure tbau belt a dui.n uuiu es. Hefore
Uie lo and out Oelden began lu weal
gloves, however, many .ur. madt n
u.urknbl. record.. Adrian U iusou
ployed flnt baaa for tba Cblcsgoa for
muny yean btrehmidcd Tb. old m.u
wm • mark lor aucb swlfa, Ulluw
tug mileldera it Kd Wiliia.utuu aad
Fred I'fcfftr, who tried lu vain to
muke hlm wlnca. Many llm.. Aflaon
went bom. from lb. ball. Held wltb
iwolleu Ougen and vary painful buna
britltn, but never uaed a udit oi a
glove until near tbe and ut bla dla
muud carer
Wilb tba popularity of iba glove
ram. un Improved atyla of mask Tba
wires were made aualler and wronger,
wltb Uui padding Inner, lister oa In.
mask bad a vbwr of lealbai lo keep
Ui. ino out of Uu catcher's eyet, to
gel bar wllh a iteel protection for Ida
ueck and throat. Tba cbeal protector
came Into um in tb. elghUe.. bat at
liat It waa not Inflated. It waa a lat
if air f Itb a bamboo Irani, ore. which
wm a buckakln covering Tbia did
oot pravent catebsn from being partially knocked opt by sharp (oul tips
in the bread baakat, ao tba pu.uin.lic
chest protector wui balled wltb da
light and la sow lndl.pen.abl.
Itugti llretnaban wu Ul. Or»l inijn.
wtgu. catcher to wear ebln guard,
sucb aa crtcketere uie H. wa. nui
culet) at Ont, bul wbau a ipeclal make
wn put ou the market Uogei was vin
dieted. The guarde noat worn bt
mauy backi(ops uava a Joim at ibt
kncei so tbat (bay da nol Impede
titcben ip ibeir hurry afiai fnnl flies
Tbe guards in, tdJuaUd quickly tnd
preri/nt many aarlooa Injuria. Ntw
Ian sua y
Humor and
unu. would that It wtrtelwaya iprtmr
v'  A milden softly sillied.
A min ol pnetlcil affairs
In words llkt tbtn rtplltdi
"To btvt It tlwtyi spring, my dear,
Would never do it all.
Wt couldn't do without tbt (nla
That linens I. tht fall."
W. need till unions at ther come.
lied. In iti iptclil nleht
Utl lomilnlna that tht world nqnlna
To run without a hitch.
In spring Iht tinnier MWI Ibt lltln;
In summer's gentle boil
It rlpint, io tbtt In tb. tall
W. htvt enough lo taL
Tbt eotl mtn needi tbi winter Umi
With proflt on etch tun;
Thi let mm couldn't ait along
Without thl llllunier IUH,
Spring bu thi millinery ehow,
Our eyes tnd caih to .ilni
In autumn, it wt uid hefurt.
Wt rttp tbi goldin artlu.
And to Ibt lessons come lad ae
And tnakt tht varied ytar,
I'm bow inoniiluuoi.s 'IWOUld he
Old only ont tppourl
We do not llkt in iven flow)
Vai lily wt crave.
And every ont wt cu eaiot
If It will just bibive.
John Interferes.
"Oh, what ahall wo do uow J"
"Wby, uy dear, wbat ara you weeping uliiiut J"
"John, whatever made you go aod
bavo Ihut ollicer transferred from out
"Thut policeman. Wby, bt was Impertinent, and we couldu'l aloud bim,
lu ibe captain Juat bad blui wul to
another pluee."
"But, John, now tilt cook'll leave,
and niibi.iij can bake ajwklet fo pleuis
llttl. Jluiiule but bar."
Keiplng It Quilt
"My  pu   limit  allow   mi  to  pity
"Uut you play It right aloog."
■ tim el   I wou (mi) marbles and a
nickel yealerday."
"lining to tall lilmi"
-  "I ibould say nub"
'"I'mId ho would lick your
"No, but be might lake Ibe nlckol
Couldn't Remember.
"Whut do you kuow ibout thit
caief" detnuuded tbe gruff it wye.
"Not vory much, 1 lm ifrtld. replied Ibe liuild wltnaae.
"Noi viry ..niiTil" iiniiiii.n.i tba
uuii..'.   "Why are you bcra'f"
"1 knuw considerable about It one
wbeo It wai Onl drought lume yean
Igu, but It bai beeu potlpuned so ...uuy
limes I Uuva ami of torgolteu nnut It
wat uliouL"   .
Tht Wiy Shi Kniw.
"Huw du yuu l.t.uw Jim hi la Ion
wltb your
"I cou tell."
"Uy wbal he sayi!"
"lieu mc. uoi Uy lbs thlngi b.
leaves uu uid "
Illustration Farms
Tlinsit whn havu fulluwcd thu wurk
of Or. James W. Hobortsou ou behalf
of agriculture uru awaru uf bis cou-
liili'ine iu tho iiilur of illiiiilrutinn
ur iieiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lu tho teachiug of
better methoils uf furmiiig. jlurlng his
icciTit iiiiiiii ni Kiii'iipi'iin countries Dr.
(.'■■lu'iii.uu hus been further couviucod
of   tl.U  gOOll   iiilliiein i'   upun   thu   nmi
niunili of well munagpd farms. Tho
committee on lunds ut'tiiu cuiumissiuii
uf couservatiou uf 'which Ur. Hoburt-
son is i Iiiiiiiiiiiii. has iutruilueud a ays
tcin uf illuslrutiuu i,niui. thrutigliuut
llunuilii with u limv lu iluinniiatrutiug
lucully the great udvunlugus uf u pru-
pur system.
This wurk wns uudurlukuii beenusu
lliu agricultural stirvuy' cuuductud by
Ihu cotmnissiun for thu past twu years
uu uue hundred avaraga furms in uucli
uf tlm pruvineus, snuwud uuinislaku
ulTi thut thu farmers wuru nut gutting
frum Ihuir luinl till thul tboy ihould.
Thu illustration farms, minuted iu ovary
pruviuce of Cauada, uru nut Ihu pru
perty uf Ihu cuilimiisiou, Tliu plan is
lu select uu avuragu farm iu u given
lucalily Wliotu owner agrees tu bu
guided by the advice uf thu ugricul
i,.i,iI experts pruvided by the commie
slun uml miiku it uu illuslrutiuu cuu
ter fur the neighborhood where the sur
ruuudiiig farmers cun uieel uml receive
practical instruction, In this wuy it
in hoped ihul llm farmers cuu bu led
lu see Ihul they pan product lurger
rops nilh lhe same moans within their
Iluring lhe pu i session of piirliuiueul
Ilr. Hulii'rluiiii luul llic luull,! belnre
thu suluct i.u. in.,; cunimlttou uu ugri
ulture uml culouiaatlon uf Ihu Huuse
of Commons. In his address he pointed uul linn arrangements uru being
luudu whereby the illustration I'urius
will receive visits two or three times
u yeur frum Iwu uf the best cupcrls
on farming in the whule cuunlry. The
visits will be mude lur investigation,
fur cuunsul, for advice, fur mulling
plans, all within llie means und the
Icsire uf the farmer himself. Thu uh
jeel uf Ihis work is lu bring about liul
ter fanning, bettor business und bul
ter living. A lurge issue of Dr. Hub
n ■.mi - address bus been printed fur
free distribution by tjn< publications
brunch, ilepurtmcut of agriculture m
Her Opinion.
"My husband luld me this uiomlag
thut my di.-,mm coat a lol of uiouey."
"Whul if J you tell bim)"
"I told lilin Ibey ware worth It."
Wanted a Doinomtratlou .
Ilrigbl   Iluy   (lu   visit,ng   parson,
"Now Iry il on inc.   Mother says yuu
can put ii in une lu ..l.cp in live miu
"Vuu sny lbe elopement wus suit of
fun I'd upuu yuul''
"Vi's; ufler she cum. down Ihe lupe
ladder her father pulled il up."
Cuul mn,ii,ii hi.uii, of ihe liomlnion
lu M.i iiiiii', i SuiKalchowan und Allien
lu. Ihu Vuliu.i Territory. ,,„, Nurili-wotl
Tirrllorlvs mnl In u porllon ol the province u( Hi .il I it lun,! i.i may bu leased for u term nf iwuuty-onu youn at
nn uniiu.il rental uf II uu ucre. Not
in..re Ihun I.ECU acres will hu leased lu
one upnlkiint
Application fn. a I, ju. must be in,nle
hy the uupllimit In pcisioi tu the Agent
ni Hub-Agent uf the dlttilcl In which
Un lights ui, II, T fur aro situated.
In sin,. iT Ic.rllory the land must
be diHciihci) by sections, or legul subdivisions of icciloni, uml In unsurvu)"
eii territory the Unci uppilcd fur shall
I"' mul,i il uul by the .,iill, ,uil lilm
P-.n li application must bo accuiupuii-
P il b, u leu of |l. whlcb will be refunded If the lights uppilcd for arc nut
in.ill,ill, but nut ,•Uiei win,' A royalty sliull be paid un Ihc merchantable
uutpul of lbc mine ul lbe role of flvo
cents per tun *
Tho person upi in ling llio initio sliull
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
,i""il"ll|.    fur    till'    (Oil    ,.U.i.i.ll;.        li(
merchantable mul mined ...nl pay Iho
royalty llu.cuu If lhe coal mining
rlglils nn; not tiling u.'i'.uied, inch re
lumi should he furnished nt ton ut unco
a year
The Inise will Include Ibe coal mining
rlglils only. Imt lbc Icitoe inn) he permuted ti jnu lume whatever nvniiril.li>
unit."      ii, i i     lull)   be  ."liul'li'l I'll   lin
.niliii fur Ihe working of the wing ut
the into it. IIO iiii acre
For full inf. liiinil ti iii'i'iiciitloti
■Iiniiiii bo inii.).' tu lhe iccrotarv ol tbo
t'.'i'.u in., it uf Ibo Interior. Oltuwa. or
lu any ogont or Hub Agent of Dominion
w w. i:i)iiv,
liiuuli llliiluli i of ibo liilcilor
N    ll    I n.i ,il., n.-..I   piil.ll.iiili.il   uf
thll  inlvcillti niinl   will  nul   bo   paid
Jl 1
In all it,iiuiiii ii Alh fur our Inventor's Advisor Marlon A Marlon, tti
Onlverilty Blrcol, curmr HI  f.'alborinu
iTii.i   Mniniini   .Tin.nl.i.  and  Waih-
Ingtun. t). ti., 11, H A
Electric Irons
10 Days' Frst Trial
Solves tba Bummer Ironing Problem
. Hiu
For IHIS wo arc offering a rr)loipuinl " of Ihc 61b ine, luil.ble fur
general household uie, fol H M This Iron is similar lu all "llulpuinli"
eicept Ibul Ihc upper surface ii unpolished. THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, B,C
Ornamental Street
Principal amungst p number of ra-
I'uiiiniiiiiiliiliiius made to the c)ty cuuucil last evoking by city engiueer A.
timith was tba inauguration of orna-
iiii'iiii'l i.t nni lighting for liuiuiiluii'
avuuue from tbe waterfront to Uth
stroot, both sides ami for both siilus
of First streut from Million avenue to
Bt. David's.
Thu eust of thia work, which will
umoiiii! tn uver $20,1100, is prupusuil to
bo charged to the frontlug property
uiul ulsn tu thu upcratiuo of the lights
mer uml uiiuvu Ihc cost of tho presunt
lighting system.
Aid. Dick muilu this latter suggestion oud was . ii p| ui ltd by Aid. Irwin.
The reusuus given   for  this  attitude
was that the present lighting systum
.'.ns general Uiruughout thu city uml
he espouse wus spread uut. By reasuii
uf the .minim mul  lights tbe better
'linm: tin i I it it's wuubl benefit the pru
lorty uffectcil to that extent uml be
cause of thut Ihu owners were entitled
i pay for the benefit received.
The engineer recommended the im n.l
. liuu  uf  urnuiuiTiliil   lights  on   built
i les,   uf    I ui. .inle    uvenue    from
ihu       mirth       aide       uf       Firat
eel tu the south side uf lilh street ut
. i> estimated cost of $12,500, the eity
i i bear $2,111111.27 uud Ihc fronting pro-
rty $U,uO0.73.
From the nurth side uf Firsl street
' i the watcrfrunl, including icmcnl
i duwalks and curbs the estimated eust
was given a. $10,200. The city's share
, this in.,nunc was set duwu aa i'l,
Wia.liO uml froniiiig property $7,887.61).
The estimated cost of ornamental
-inet lighting of First street both sides
iiuiu Million avenue tu Ht. David's was
estimated at $11,600, the city tu bear
11.163.31 ami the pruperty benefitted
No aetiun was taken and th* Alt
and light committee will report pn the
three works ami the question of opera
tion at, nest meeting.
Othor recommendations made by |he
engineer was the grading of 3rd street
.AUGUSTS, 1912.
.treet far enough yuu pas. the imperceptible frontier. "After so njatiy
years," says M. Pronientiii, "thero aru
nu barriers between the two cities except tllOKB nt suspicion and, antipathy
existing between the two races, but
iiuicli one another, they line in t|ie
closest' 'companionship, but neither
incc] 'nor mingle except iu tire worst of
each—the dirt uf their gutters apd
tbeir vicos."
from Forbes to Mahon avenue at atfpM? suffice to separate them.   They
estimated cost of UJH0 chargeable to
the fronting property; the laying of
concrete curb aud gutter ou donsdalo
from 1st street to llth street at un es-
liniiilinl cjist of $9,800, the prnpurly
benefitted to stand $9,001! of this expenditure; the laying of a concreto
curb ami gutter ou First atreet from
tho west side bf Mahon aveuue to thp
east aide of St. Andrew's ostimatud ut
$0,700 of which iiiniiiinl tho fronting
pruperty wouhl boar $5,010.50 ami thu
i niii.i i net mu of^a in inei' ami storm
drain on First street from Forbes tu
Ml. liiiiiil':, at an estimated cost of
$12,000. The property benchtid in this
case would pay $11030.611. This return
nienduliuii came as a surprise tu somu
uf Ihu ui.1,'iiiion and the engineer tt
pluineii a drain of Ihis kiml was necessary hufuru the laying uf pcrntaliciit
pavement tu carry ulf the surface and
ruuf wutur. The mayor stated thu necessity for thu wurk might bu uppurcnt
but it was a question of financing the
undertaking thut the council would
have lo face.
These latter recommendations were referred to thu huard of works.
Nu foreigner knows whut Iho Aral;
dues: lu fow hus it been given to
understand whut hu thinks; within his
huuse he is as much master in Algiers
us he is in Mecca, so lung as he avoids
the up,. .ii.n.. i uf what the Infidel culls
evil, ami su lung us he cuuiplies with
certain demands, equally fuulish ami
outrageous tu him, iu respect uf regis-
uniiiiii, vaccination, sanitatiun, aud
thc like.
There is nu shurp boundary between
the twu I'uminuuitics; if yuu fullow a
Tq anyone who has over seen for
moment hjchind the veil uf native life
there is something almost terrifying
about the inipuiietrabln mystery nf
those silent huuses. .Things happen
there, and human uuliiru assumes aspects there nt' whicii thc Western wurlil
never dreams.
I confess to beiug unuusy when I seu
Tireless ami ignorant Westerners cur
tainly when I sue Western women -
ivnll,inp uiiiin in thu native quurters uf
the in imi towns. Mippu , imu uf
those durk doors shuuld open suddenly,
the stranger be dragged quietly within,
anil thu dour shull Thai stranger might
disnppcua fur ever without leaving a
single trace.
II wuulil be ii .de... to um, I,. unless
the authorities were prepured tu nm
suck every house, lu ils must privute
'upurlnicuis, iu u wliulu ilislriet, uud lu
du Ihut wuulil he, if not tu provoke u
revolt, ut least lu slir up such dung
ous unrest aad 'hostility us tu muke it
impossible. Wlmt might bappou (o
thai stranger is best nut considered.
If his or her captors so chose, there
wuuld be nu mure truce Ihun murks llie
sput where u stone hus ftillun into thc
suu. Such uu event is, of course, very
unlikely, but it lius horribly buppeuc.l,
uud might' happen again-From "The
Autumuliile iu Africa," by Sir Henry
n ni mn n. M.i',, in Bcribner's Magaslue,
|pg of Third street to a permanent
grade from the wast line of Mahon
Avenue to tha .ait liuu p( Forbes
Avenue under I'urf II Division (2) bf
the Municipal Act and intends to as
suss thu final costs thoreof upon the
reul pruperty fronting or uliutting
llieieou or to be benefitted thereby,
uml thut a statoiiiuut showing the lands
liable to pay the said wsassment and
the mimes of the owners thereof, ip far
us cun bu ascertained from tliu last
revised assessment roll, is now on Ale
in the office of the (lity clurk and is
open for Inspection iluring office hours.
thut the Council will proceed with thc
said work or improvement as aforesaid
unless a majority of Mm owners of the
said lauds or real proporty so to bo
assessed or charged lu respect of sueb
wurk ur improvement petition thu
Cuuucil against such assesument wiih
in fifteen (15) days after thu lirst
publication of this notice,
Cjty Clerk.
Do You Want to WORK for Your Money, or
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work for You?
The following are moneymakers
Lousdale Avenue (West Side-Inside city limits.   35 feet, at $3,000.00.
Ouo third caab.
Lonsdale Avenue (But Side)-11 feet, at $1,660.00.   $160.00 caah, balance 6, 13 and 16 months.
Ottawa Gardens   Ono lot for $3,000.00.   One third caah.
We respectfully solicit listings of your property.
Phone 162
P.O. Box 2397
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Let us show you why
Two styles, $4,50 and $475
TAKE NOTIOE lhal the Council of
the Corporation uf Hie City of Norlh
Vancuuver Intends to carry out us u
work of I.u.ul Improvement the construction uf concrete curbs uml puller
uu Imll. sides uf I.ui"..nil.- Avenue Iruin
the nurlh side of first slreet tu Ihu
nurlh aide uf Eleventh streut under
1'art II Division ill ol the Municipul
Act, ami n.i". i to ussess thc final
cults thereof upuu the real property
froiiting or ul.niiing thereon ur lo lie
uctitlcil thereby, und thut u statement
showing tiie lands liable tu pay thc
said assessment ami the names oi the
uwncrs Ihereuf, su fur us can be ascer
laincd from the lasl revised assessment rull, is nuw un lile in the ollice uf
the City Clerk ami is open fur inspection during office huurs.
thut thu Council will proceed with thc
said wurk ur improvement us ufurcsuid
unless a majurity of the owners uf
thu sabl lauds ur real property su to
be assesseil ur charged in respect uf
such work or improvement petition the
Council against such ascassineul within
fifteen (Hi) iluys after Ine first publication uf this nolice.
City Clerk,
TAKE NOTICE that the Council of
the Corporation uf the Cily uf North
Vancouver inlands to carry out us u
wurk of I,,, ul iuiprovciiie.it the cun
structiou uf u concrete curb and gutter
un huiii Bides uf First streut from thc
wcsl sidu uf Muhon Avenue tu thu casl
side uf St. Andrew's Avenue under
l'art II Division (2) of thc Municipal
Act, and intends tn assess the final
costs thereof upun thu reul properly
inu,nn; ur ubuiling thereun or tu lie
benefitted thereby and Ihut a stuteiucn!
showing llie lunds liublu tu pay thc
said assessment und the nuines uf the
uwncrs thereof, so far us can be usccr
tuined fruni the last revised assessment
rull, is now ou Olu iu the ulbco of the
City Clerk und is open fur inspectiun
during ulliee huurs,
lhat the Cuuucil will proceed with thc
suiil wurk nr impruveincut us aforesaid
unless a majurity of the owners of thc
..aid lamls ur reul properly su tu be as
seised or charged in respect of such
work ur improvement petition the cuuu
cil uguinst such ussessinent within Iif
Iciti (lii) iluys ufler the hrst publication uf this nolice.
' City Clerk.
Too Late to Classify
the; kouqh
S. & W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
above t
ie Hoyul Hank.
ut the
.' niiiiinii .il and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 EspUnade West
TAKE NOTICK lhat the Council of
tbe Corporation pf the City of North
Vaucuuver intendi lu curry opt us a
wurk uf I.mul Improvement the grud
A meeting is being held opposite N,
V. lintel lo get together a aoccor eleven
lu compete iu the H. ('. senior umateur
football league. All interested please
he un huml tomorrow UTUI prompt,   dii
lot! ,oi,i uf lirst class curd wood,
ull piled cluse in, guml ruud, will uc
cept mile fur tkl days with guud endorse
incut. $2,110 per cord, Norlh Vancuu
ver. W. H., P. (). Uox Illi, Vaucuuver.
WANTED—A li'iiur ami au altu who
have voiics of guud quality, rungc
puwer, alsu a guud uccouipanist.
iiliiiic arc wanted tu complule a i|uur
telle wl.use aim it will be tu aiug the
very bell sclcctiuus unly, ami alsu lu
render Ihe aame perfectly. It is intend
I'd thul the 'I'u'ii'Ti' will be open fur
public engagements during the coming
winter, ['radices three times a wed
Voices will be tried by appointinan
Express Boa A IUI. .    1'
ouicslv •roan couQHa. cuau cocci,
wan ma Trtaoar ana umoa. m aunt
Special for a Few Days
TBIPIJS OOBNBB ou luth Street, Site '210  feet by  167.     Price,
' 11860. Termi #660 cash, 6, 18 and 18 monthi.
We have ouly a few lots now left in 784—a beautiful homesite within
two blocki of liouidala Avenue for a>370. Termi *W cue, t, 13
asd 18 montbi.
If you (ikve a houie to Bint, or for Sale kindly give ui a lilting.
! ltf aWiUaUSB (OU) VOW QVPlOfi)
Vment m V. O. Vn OU
mmmwmmwtttwwmmmm ,, g —^as—saw—
Our great Midsummer Sale is over.
Our stock is greatly reduced in quantity, but
we still have a lot of Summer Stock left.
Our tables are full of broken lines at prices
still further reduced. Give us a call, anyhow, and pick up some of-the real snaps.
Fall-stock is coming in daily.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
MuHuitf Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
N. V. Yacht Club Has
Prosperous Season
Ouc of thu .mi. im. in.,' fculures un.
the Nurlli Vaueouver waterfrnul is the
Vmlit Club's Iinme ul the fuut uf Ut.
Ueurge's avenue. A new coat of bright
red paint brings thu liual huuse iu
great prominence and il is uuu nf Hju
first buildings uf note whicii Hie visitor 'sees uu approachiug thu North
The yacht club, of which Mr. J. B.
I'aine   is   commodore   this  year,   haa
Iiiuiu remarkable progress uml is just
imui In i striking example uf Nuilli Vun
cuuver progressiicncuS which nus done
su much tu build this pluee up in Hie
last few years.
There has been inaugurated 'lus year
u suciai side tu Hie iluli uiul by this
means Iho members huve been drawn
together with the result lliut purled
harmony hus existed throughuut
Instead of un opening uml closing
iiliiini club run, this year's schedule
will cuniprisc fuur cruises. Tliu opening
cruise wus held lu Brighlun Hcucli, On
July -'Mli a large contingent of, the
club's busts tailed up to i'oil Mellon,
thus lirculnng uwuy from the coulinc..
uf the harbor. The next run will he Aug.
th tu Snug (.'ova und Bowen Isluml.
It is eipected Ihul u guod represcutn
tion uf the Mue ensigns will limit over
llic wuters uf Snug I'uve uu Hi,., even
iug of Wedneeday next.
The clusing club run will lie up the
Nurlh Arm on September :'l uml this
will signal the cluse of Hie 1:112 yacht
ing icaaon in Nurlli  Vuncouver.
These series of races Inn
Ihu rulings of the Pacific I'ower I'mi
Assueiatiun uml as there uuly happened
lu be twu buals eligible tu be ruu un
der these rulings, the '"Winnifred"
ami the "Elcauur" II wus thuughl
besl tu pustpune Ihe race to some time
when Hie Vancouver huats euuld cuter.
The Fell cup was wou tail scasuti
by Hie "Winsluw," 1,'upt. Harris.
There bus been a number of new
limits entering the club this year so far
thu Inlet being Ihe ".less" owned by
lilll, llll    1.1,, III, in
Mr. II. E, Kemp, secretary treasurer,
uf thc Nurlh Vaueouver City Ferries,
Ltd., has lately purchased an auxiliary
yawl which I.c is uow Ik lipp I""" i "p.,
As suuu as it is in commission, tcc^
Vact .lull will be augmented by one
more craft.
The club's anchorage iust olf llic
foul uf St. (leorge's avenue presents
nuw u busy place and with thu preiuuce
uf such a hue dect of the smaller craft
un the i.uii iiii.ni uue's in -. iuiprcsaion
of the cily is greatly enbauccd.
Mr.  II.  Ililliuiii, city editor of the
Expreu, is cujoyiug a vacaliuu  Ihis
week.    Mr  ililliaui hupes lu recuperate
the lusl energy cousuuicd iu fullowiug
Ihc strenuous life uf metropolitan uuws
|iapcr work in Ihc last west. Wc hope
he muy lie abundantly blciscd wilh Ihc
elixir of life and returu with a stter
iinini- »upply of lhat which makes fur
tin1 bright breezy contributions lu Ihci
Tbu   I .ii, Held   llu   tho   itiuAgcr)
"Aren't yuu Hie uiiuii readywho wai
entertaining the cuiiipauy-a couple of
added uil , huurs ugu by HiuJiug w.vnles ami ulher "3
.litiiuiu 1 spirit uml interesl in Jl;
club ilu- year.
Next Suturduy the third race fortne
lialcheliir cup will take pluee, This is
a handsome cup presented tu ihc iluu
by I'iiut Capt. Hnii le im ami is being
cuutcsled fur in a series of fuur races i    "Thai 'i a fool of a dog you've got."
The fates cup race haa been I'lisljiuu i    "Why, il hai is much lense as I
cd, Ihe reason being that under the du.'d  bavel"
uf gift the races are to be run under I    "Thai's what I Mid."
smull objects Ihey had bidden "
"Well,  what  his kept  yuu  lure so
lung I"
"I Tn looking fur my bat."
Geo. Somerton
A Good
Read your frlenaa srka ars taUreeUd
ln the North Uort a copy tl
"The Expreu
It   will   keep them aoeted on   ill
Nortli Wars Haws mi will mly coat   "
$1 per year


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