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W8fi1 II ,lfl
is)i lot
Distrid Council
Among tbe business tliscusseil by
the district council Isst Thursday
livening wero tbe following items:
Tbe West Shore and Northern Land
Oo will appropriate a strip 100 leet
wi.de through tbeir property lor tbe
purposes ol tbe continuation ol tbe
Keith Bosd snd tbe Marino Drive in
tbs vicinity at Horse Shoe Bay provided that work on tbis rosd should
bs commenced at once It wss moved
tbst while tbe council coincide witb
tbs idess ol tbe Und company tbs
matter would have to be left over for
tbe passing of s bylaw It would
tbeu immediately let a contract for
that portion of the road
Mr. J. P. Crawford desired to dispose of lots 18 to ii, bind, in, D.
I.. 852-3 fo tbe council for tbe purpose
of adding to the Marine Valley 1'ark.
The clerk wss instructed to sdviso
bim thst ths council were not in a
position to accept the proposition.
Por grading and clearing work done
Id D. Ij. 663 and on tbe Boulevard on
blocks 36 and it in I). L. 663 it was
ordered tbst dames P. Fell be paid
tbe sum of (1500.85 and (134.38. Tbs
clerk wss instructed lo writo to Mr.
J. W. Jay to tbs effect thst with regard to bis claim for sums for work
done on the new municipal building
and bis abortive attempts to get the
council to arbitrate these, that the
council had nothing to arbitrate.
The reeve will also consult witb tbe
district solicitor concsroing threatened proceeding! to collect.
A letter was received from the As
sistant Deputy Minister witb regard
to tbe road end of the Koslyn Boad
and the foreshore rights iu wbicb be
announced tbat bo was searching tbe
records in view of the application
made by tbe district for tbese rights.
W. J. I.. Pacey wrote for A. E. Pa-
cey snd himself tbst ho would nol
grant to the council a twelve foot
right of wsy for a pipe line through
their property eicept under ridiculouj
conditions. Tbese tbe council would
aot except snd a motion wss msde to
Authority was received from tbe
provincial secretary to remove those
bodies in tbe road allowance ss shown
on tbe plsn of tbe subdivision, tbe
city snd ths district councils to pay
one hslf each of the cost.
The reeve was appointed lo meet
tbe raiway commissioners on the 31st
of tbe month and to do what be could
to persuade th™ to order Ibe safe
guard of tbe level crossing at tbe sou
them entrance to the ferry
The hospital matter was again tak
sn up and it was agreed tbat an aud
tor bo appointed to examine Ih,
books of the institution witb a view
to placiug it on a better financial basis the cily snd tbe district councils
to share the expense. Plans and tbs
engineer's reports concluded most of
the   lm ii.,
Mr. lurson of the North Vancouver hotel appeared on behalf of tbe
users of ths Capilano rosd and asked
tbst s msn be kopt there for tbe
bslsncc of the season filling holes snd
removing boulders. Tbe request was
a proposed agreement between tbst
company snd tbe ferry company as to
overhead walk fifteen feet wjds from
the dock over both tracks which
should be open both night ssd day,
sod as to a proposed roadway thirty
fest wide to be maintained over tbe
tracks snd further ss to s working
arrangement between tbe company
aud the ferry slip snd ss to tbeir ac-
In tbe agreement there is s joint
user clause ss to tbs foot bridge and
sn arrangement for a branch to tbe
Tbe outcome of tbe discussion of
this wss a motion tbst a letter should
bo written to the tl. T. P. stating
tbat tbo ferry compsny would do nothing further in the mstter until sftcr
tbe meeting of the railway commission.
Tbe matter of the assignment of
his rights, granted in a lease to sell
ertain goods on tbe ferries hy Mr
Tuck to John Qlynn was held over
until tbe ferry bosrd should be satisfied thst Mr. Tuck bsd porfected arrangements witb bis creditors
A letter from tbe Wsllsce Shipbuilding yards askJfe for the settlement pf sn (iiitstPrliiig sccount of
(400 wss referred to tbo manager for
sttention. Tbis account was iu connection with tbe repair of tbe boiler
of Percy No 1. The Wallace Co. enclosed a letter by way of a certificate
from the inspector uf boilsrs, II. G.
Bobinson which expressed the opinion
of tbo inspector to Ihe effect that the
workmanship and tbe material used
on tbe boiler were sstisfsclory snd
gsve the reasons why the stsam pro.
sure wss only raised from UO lbs. to
160 lbs. instead of to 160 lbs. Tbis
wss becsuie the inspector would not
pass any higher pressure than 160
The matter in tbe difference in rates
for insurance oo cosl snd on oil bun.
ers' bsd been referred to Messrs.
Evans, I'ol.'iin k Evsns for informs-
tion snd s reply wss received to the
effect tbst tbe firm would tsks steps
to obtain it
The delegstes lo Ihe meeting were
two, including Mr Archibald of tbe
firm of Bayfield and Archibald, wbo
waa present to advocate tbe purchase
of a Taylor water tube boiler.
A letter from Charles C Moon and
Co. quoted the price of two Babcock
and Wilcox patent tube boilsrs at
(14,700 which wss inclusive
Nobts yAW-opUYM, B.C., TbMPAV, Au<jus| 20, 1911
'■ ■■-   l.'.!!       ■■'      '   '■ "       ' '—I
Number 50
$22,000 ANNUALLY
Financial System Wrong—What Is Excavating ? Tunnel or Ditch ?—Waterworks Force
All Laid Off on Account Lack ot Funds.
Two letters were read at she meet
Ing of the Board of Ferry Directors
bold last Friday afternoon wbicb
dealt witb tbe matter of tbe crossing
ver tbe C P. B. tracks an Ibe south
tide nf Ibe Inlet iti the approach io
the ferry.
The first wu from Mr. t. F. Bis
l.'i'l, suportntendei.t of Iho C. P. B.
Compsny. The conclusion readied by
him was Ibst it would be betas If all
parties interested could be present at
Ibe meeting uf tbo railway commie-
sionors ou tbe Viet of the month snd
tben and there stale their respective
esses. Mayor McNeish, wbo was In
lbs cbsir explained that be had had
• meeting witb Mr Bustced snd Mr.
McMullsn snd hsd discussed lbs
crossing st Columbia Ave. and tbe
possibility of tba C. P. B. Co. putting
up sn overhead foot bridge. It was
suggested st tbat time tbat the whole
matter be left i n tbe hands of the
Tbe mayor also stated that the pro
posed overhead bridge to be erected
by the (IT. P. bad been mention,,i
and thst be bsd been informed Ibat i>
was nol likely tbst the C, P. B. would
raise soy objection to this.
It wss Anally moved tbst Ibe city
solicitor, Mr Bitcbls, should be jn
structed ts prepare tbs eass of the
North Vsbcouvsr ferries aud sboall
togstbsr wltb ths chairman present ii
to the commissioners.
Tbe sesoad liferents to the crossing
wss contained in a letter fronj the
(I. T. P. By. Go. which also ssclosed
Another bost of Iho race for Ibe
commodore's cup for competition by
power boats belonging lo Ihe Norlh
Vancouver Vu.hi Club was brought off
on Saturday when Captain Harris
"Sunny Jim" beat captain Hall's
"Inlet i/ueeii" in a twenty-one and
a half mile race off Bscoon Island and
Other boal, were expected lo have
competed in tbis event but did not
show up so tbat Ibe two mentioned
bad matters to themselves wilb Ihe re
suit staled. Tbe boats in Ibis comjic
lition sre bsndicsppcd on tbe milssgs
tbat they sre capable of making, but
in this esse tbe race wss won on Ihs
actual performance. The water was
all tbat could bo desired wilb Ihe exception of the heavy tide that had to
be bucked.
Mr. II. F. Dyke, secretary of tbs club
acted In Ibe dual capacity of judge
aad starter.
Tbe boats now left in ths event
witb tbeir points won in tba ssvsral
beats sre ss follows:
"hathemic II." capl Williamson, t
points; "Donnecons," Cspt. Smith,
6 points; "Buffslo Bill" Capl. Sbsk
eepeare, 3 points; "Sunny Jim1'
(apt. Harris, .1 points; "Onws.d '
Capt. J. McMillan, 2 point,
Tbo final will be sailed off sootc time
aest month snd Ihe result is verv
much in doubt since on Ibe points sn
far gained by each boat il Is posible
Ibat sll may lis sad Ihe race will
have to be sailed over. Tbo course
will probably be Ihs stuns.
It is slated tbat Mr. Bobt Cbamc
of tbe district municipal office, has
bought property on the Fromrne road
and intends lo build a nn,d. r.i bungalow.
Miss l.i/cie dill of Vancouver wu
united in msrrlsge to Mr. Tom dreer,
l.ynn Valley, lut Thursday, Mr. and
Mrs. Orecr will reside on Frederick
Hoad in their new home.
Alexander Flore, was one of Ibe
two interesting cases brought ip in
Ibe police courl on Saturday morning.
Alexander indulged lo his detriment
0*1 Friday night and no* haled into
tfca cells lo sober «>.. Having done
His bs sru allowed !„ yo oi ti bail.
Saturday iame around bit not so
Alexander so Ihs ball wu foifsiiue)
sod tbo cjty is C-s fifiii hy thst
In describing the financial situation
of tbe ferry compsny ss "rank" s
word wbicb be did not wish to "so
but tbst he knew no other which so
sceurstey fitted it, Aid Dick stated at
tho meeting of tbe city council last
night thst it hsd beeu clearly shown
by the financial statement presented
by Mr Kemp that tbe ferry company
was losing about (22,000 annually
Tbis condition was brought about
by the faet tbat the ferry company
provided for no merest a: I uo sinning
limd fnr tho payment of interest on
tlio city's loans Aid. Dick advised
that tbe compsny should buy bsck nil
its debentures snd issue a fresh con-
> h,luted loan imiii iwo lo threo Ini'.-
did thousand dollars as might bo
Bepresenlstives of the ferry company Including Messrs. Wiliams, Lar
son and Capt. Kickham and Secretary
Kemp were iu attendance for the j.ri
mary purpose of urging upon the city
the necessity ol nn'.iu i provis.O'i lor
a now ferry. There was much discus
sion in which all agreed upon the
need of a furry though Mr. Williams
was not of so imperative a mood as
his fellow directors. The discussion,
in which the D>S»r joined as chat
man of Ibe directors of tho compsny
nnd iu which Hie councillors eventual
ly participated, brought out Ihe facts
of tbe Ferry Company's hopeless financial condition.
Directors Larson and Kickham were
insistent  upon the inline.I late nei'ijsit.,'
of takitig steps to start on the new ferry at once for even if tbat wero done
it would be doubtful if the ferry would
be ready much before 1013.
The mayor himself was inclined to
coincide with this opinion for he slat
ed that if No. 3 wore to break down
as she might do al Uny time since she
wss only now limping along on otto
boiler, the. would have but one com
pel cut ferry in use. If one ferry
were put nut of business the whol
cily would be effected. He thought
tbat no time should bo lost in pulling
forwsrd a bylaw lo provide for a
new boat. Sunday had ail but scllp
sed sll previous records snd su it
wss wilh every day. The Ira Die was
increasing by leaps and bounds and
next year must lje provided for. There
was, however, said the mayor, a rsso
Ilium, before the council from Ihe pen
pie asking thst no more bylaws le
put forward until confidence has been
ll hsd been suggested that the ferry
compsny should flout its own debentures backed by tbe city. This ha I.
however, been done. There was already a mortgage on the ferry. Tb!,
statement appeared to be news to
some of tho councillors and il was ig
onwi'ieuco 'hai Mr. Ketnj was us".
ed to read out Iho delsils of Ihe fu
.in. :.il petition of Ihe ferry.
Mr. Kemp's statement showed thai
(198,000 of forty yesr debentures hau
been ileal. I in llllli and thai to secure
them and the interest on them there
was a charge on all fuluro and promt
assets of the ferry company. Tu Hod
further debentures would only be It
raise a second mortgsge win, b would
present some difficulty. A siuking
fund snd interest arc provided for an
Dually for these debentures but there
is none for Ihe city's loans which
amount lo (1(7,110.
It wa, at thi, jun.lure lhat Aid.
Dick pointed oul tbat the whole financial system wss wrong.
Aid.   Henderson   thought   that     al
though il was right  thai  Ihe    Ferry
Compsny should come lo the council
wilb their troubles limy should   not
uk for a bylaw.   Wbst be would like
to see would be Ibst the council should
ssk Ibe ferry directors to prepo,"
concise and simple statement of llici
position,   Tbjs should be made public
\t. the whole of Ilie rtlepsycr, •>' t't
cily and ihould It. p'intnl and drcu'
pled.    And  then  tbe  msyor  -bott'd
convene a meeting of llm ratepayer
or have a referendum and let it do
cide u sn sllrrnslive tho Inking of
some sound finefcisl advico ss to Ihe
buying bsck the compsny', indebted'
Tbe first suggsstioo wu msde s ino
lion hy Iho alderman and witb Ihe ad
dllion of a motion by Aid. Dirk tit
the effect that lbs ferry compsny
should bs ssked lo amend its (nancisl
system by providing interest and a
Milking fund for payment of tho inter
est ou the city's loans was carried
No Money for Waterworks
A letter among tbe correspondent'.;
from City Engineer Hancs indicated
tbat he bad received a statement from
the treasurer whicii showed that there
was only (8,5(111 to the credit of tbe
waterworks committee. Ho stated
further that the sum would be exhausted by tbe present day's .pay roii
and be asked whother ho should lay
off tbo waterworks force.
He io. niiiiimude.l that a cast inr 8-
inch watcrmain should be laid down o i
the Esplanade and First and Soeon ■
meets ami a stce1 main nn 17th »'.
from Lonsdslc tn Sutbodauil Avonm
For these purposes the engineer recommended that a bylaw for (50,000 be
put forward to the council.
Aid. Dick, chairman of tho wstcr-
works committee, said that he kucw
that funds were short but he did not
know thai the proposition of a bylaw
was to be put forward. He said that
il was evident that they could not
complete their work without addition-
si 'funds.
Aid. Henderson recommended that
the usual procedure be adopted and
tbat the matter be referred lo tho
Board of Works, but the chairman
was opposed to this method, lie
thought that the matter should be
thrashed out there and then and ho re
queslod lhat action,be taken llmt
night to million.o tbo continuance Of
Ihe work or that the force be bid off
Aid. Smith moved thai Ihe mailer
be brought before the committee ful
further details ami the motion ea-
Fores Laid Off
Aid. Dick then moved that Iho c■
gineer be authorized to lay off Ilu
whole of the waterworks force excopt
those absolutely necessary un'.!' such
time as the council should arrive at
a decision. This motion was alsocir
Various accounts having bcou di.
cussed petitions were re' .."d. These
included A. B. Dlplock and Mr. Irwin.
Mr Williams and Contractor Romano.
A meeting between Messrs. Diplod.
and Irwin, Ihe Hoard of Works and
engineer war arranged for Wednesday
when the proposed subdivision will lie
Wbat is su Excavation ?
Then came Mr. Romano's tor. lie
had had dim.my with the city because, of the fael that he had in carrying out his work done tunnelling in
slead uf excavating or making open
litches in whicii to lay his pipe ■'.-
Ibo specifications called for. Tjto cu
gineer had said that he would hi.
nut of Komatio's estimate on account
of this fact.
The whole question turned on Ilu .1
in.in..u of the word "exu..iti"
nindi Aid Dick contended mcsnl t
dig an open dilcb an I
which Alderman Hcndersou de
dared quite as stoutly meant cither
tunnelling or ditching. Komano wish
ed to introduce specifications on which
he had worked and tunnelled flow
-..mle, Portland and Toronto.
For Ihe benefit of all concornel it
may be as well lo give Wcbst.ir'a definition which if very clear on litis
point Under tho word cxca.l.'ion Ibo
mesning of the word ss used by en-
gineer, is given ss follows: '13. fro-
glu) an uiii.n ere.i culling in Ibe
ssrlb in distinction fronr a cowri'd
cutting or tunnel." The last fou
words are italicised which ought to
convince even Mr. Romano.
This definition completely upholds
the ' mil en t mn of the engbiei-r.
Aid. Smith thought thai it was Mi
unfortunate busiucss and tbat Iho tunnelling should have been stjppul I.)
Ihe engineer al onco. Tbo fact he
ssid, of deducting money now d'tl ml
uphold the street. "We bsve tun idled First, Second snd Third streets, '
said the a i.in mu ii. "can any right
minded man say Dial we should it.)
tbis contractor doing it now!"
Engineer Hancs thought tbst ll"
mui"! should not be allowed to come
into Ibe council to sir bis views in
tbis miiinmr. The contract was draws
leaving il lo Ihe engineer to define
the clauses and not the Board A
Works apd lliji particular contract *•«
ssM provided for su open cut.
This concluded tbe mtfn business.
Tbo ftports Of lbs various committees
were recoj red and  Alder
msn WA hsd tHAnf to sty tt'oni'
Iho discrepsney i» rates uf ^.pnloyors
Liability Insurance between the Waterworks Aid the Board of Works Employees. Tbo clork wss instructed to
writo tbo insurance company.
Then Rouiano once more bearded
tbe council witb regard to sn estimate of (6,000 allowed bim by tbe engineer wbicb he considered too small.
Tho estimate wss not increased.
At the conclusion of ths session tbe
msyor declared Wednesday afternoon
to be a legal holiday in order thst the
citizens of North Vancouver
have sn opportunity to visit
Vsncouver exhibition.
Light Bstss To Bs Adjusted
Bepresenlstives of tho I) O. E, t'o
and representatives from the cty cian-
oil are to meet with a view to tho adjusting of the lighting rates for the
city and the district at somo time in
the near-future.
Tbe origins! sgreemeut with the
lighting company which was made
witb the infant municipal district out
of which have sprung the present city
and district was made on a basis' of
so much for tbe first fifty lights and
so much less for the next fifty, the
sum to be paid to decrease In inverse
ratio on tc lights increased by (bo
When the city snd tbo district separated it is said that the B C. E Co.
wished to apply tbe terms of tbo oii
ginal franchise to the two, de novo,
but on behalf of the city Aid Smith
objected to this,, hence the necessity
for readjustment.
A general meeting of tbo North
Vancouver Yacht Club was held lust
Friday evening iu the Palaco Hotel
when it was decided to purchase tlm
larger float of the Vancouver K.ivit, •
Club to replace the old float now in
use by the Yacht Club.
During the past week Mr. and Mrs.
J M. Shaver wero the guests of Mr.
J. .1. Boss of Partuand, Oregin, at a
dinner at the Hotel Vancouver. *i
most enjoyable evening wss .pent.
Miss Malic Powell, who has but recently arrived from England, has come
to North Vancouver where she will
make her home witb Mrs. Humphries
at Iho comer of llllh and Chesterfield
The new house on tbe Langwortby
Road, which has been under construction for somo time past by Mr Frank
tiiidio. is now practically completed.
It is.quite a modern residence, the interior is well finished snd convenient
in every respect ami the location in the
beartiful Lynn Valley is most desirable.
His Wqrsbip Mayor McNeish has been pleased to re:om-
iiii-ml that a public half holida)
be observed tomorrow (Wednesday) to afford citizens an opportunity to attend Vancouver Exhibition. Merchants arc requested to observe the half holiday.
WANTED-Qjrl to take ca)o of
baby. Apply Glirara, Chesterfield between 1st nn.l 2nd streets. ,#.'
WANTED-A young girl or elderly
woman for light housework. Sleep
home. Apply evenings to Madame
Humphreys 10th snd Chesterfield. 4-0
WANTED—First class dress and
suit maker wsnts work st homo or
would go out st (3 per day. Mrs.
Frost, Oen. Pel., North Vancouver. 10
Au experienced Double Entry Bookkeeper desires position, this side of
tho water preferred, or would attend
to tradesmen's small set of books.
Box 27 Express.
BOOHS FOB BENT-Bousekeepuy
218 3nd_street_essL        13-8
FOB BENT-Furnished and «x.fur-
nisbetl rooms. Mrs. Knight, 7th ond
Bidgeway Ave. 16-9
BOUSE FOB l(|.;NT--r. rooms,
i'il.60 monthly witb lease. Furniture
for solo cheap. Owner leaving city.
Apply evenings only, 7 o'clock or alter. 152 Third street cast, Norlh Vancouver. 39-5
FOB BENT-Lsrge ball, Lonsdale
Ave. (near 1st street) formerly known
as K. P. Ball) suitablo lor lodge room
society purposes, or suits ol offices.
Alterations to suit respoasibls tenant,
privilege ol sub-letting. Apply Irwin
It Billings Co. Ltd., 601 Lonsdale Ave.
Telephone 16. tl
Extra Choice Preserving Crawford
Peaches, (1.15 per crate, llll Lonsdale Ave. -in 8
Double comer, 100 feet on Boulevard
and 111 let on St. Andrew's avenue,
clesred. Price 13400, j cash, balance
over 18 months. Palmer k Mcllwsine
438 Bichards st., Vaneouver. Pbono
Seymour 8763. Ml
II you want a good buy in North
Vancouver, call and see our listings.
We specialize in this district. Palmer
It Mellwiiine, 43t> Bichards st., Vun
mow!'.    Phone Seymour 8763        10
Splendid view lot, 3 blks (com Lons
dolo niiline. Prico 1676. J cash,
balance over 18 months. Palmer k
Ucllwuiiie, 438 Bichards St., Vanoouver.   Phone Seymour 8762 1-9
60ft, lot, si end block Irom Lonsdale cnrlino and clots to Boulevard.
Prico (800. Cash (200, balance over
18 mouths. Palmer k Mcllwsine, 438
Ricburds st., Vancouver. Phono Seymour 8762 14)
FOU SAI )■: topcrisl Car C'o. 1100
shares. A low for sals at Ten Dollars
per sharo in lots ol two or not less
than live shares.' fieorge A, Kendall,
622 Ponder St., Vancouver. U-9
FOB SALE-First growth dry wood
lor $4.60 per cord, 4 It. O. HcDade,
Pbons 82. ,     I'jn
Express Classified Ads.
WANTED-Smart routo boys. Apply
Provinoo offioe, 4th street west.
WAV!'I'D Ind class dress and suit
maker wauls work at homo or would
go oul at (3 per dsy. 29-8
WANTEP-Furnisbed house, 4 bedrooms, fireplace. Walking distance
of lurry. Apply A 84,, Express office
I want a good residence Int. fill
foot frontage, corner prcfeir.il. File:
must be right. Apply Box 1764, H,
Vancouver, B. 0, 29-8
MIST- Sunday, August 18th, between St. Andrew's church and Nye
strset, a gold, bar Brooch wjth dome
set with pearls, Finder please leave
at ^is offioe,  )8f
Lonsdale Supply Stores 'Co. places
on sale 600 lbs. Choice Butter at 3 lbs.
for 86c.   llll Lonsdale Ave.        20 8
Splendid inside lol, would make lino
busiucss location, on First st,, one
block from I.onsdnlo avenue, ^rico
(641)0. Cash llbOO', balance over 18
months. Palmer k Mcllwains, 438
Bichards at., Vancouver. Pbons Seymour 8763 l-i)
FOB SALE-- Boiiusils bargains at
Nortli Lonsdale. Water, liyht, talc-
phone and sidewalks. 101x138 all
cleared and in garden., Small bouse.
(2HO0 ton good terma.     (Jueen street.
100x133 on Nye street, now being
macadamized.    I860.    13 cumV
100x133 lacing south on 4ue*i st.
Excellent soil.   11000.   1-8 cash.
Lonsdale sve, 38 leet 11600.
JACK IOUTET k CO. Tel. 47 It 87
.1. Loutet and North Lonsdale
Get it at Lonsdale Pharmacy Phone 29
We close Sundays, lions 324. I.
H. English, O. K. Grocery, 13 I„ns-
dsls Avenue.
[MT A tint) note between water
front aod First street. Finder jl<a,o
return tp Police Office, Oity Hall and
receive reward. g
Tho N. V. Preparatory school und
kindergarten will reopen in Si. John's
pari4lboll, cor. 8ih and 131b streets,
on Wedbcedny Sept. filb. Boys and
girls fees 4 to 19. Hiss Gr.nlw, II,
North Vsncouver,.
B. C. Livery and board, stable* -
Light rigs and ladies' saddls horse*
for hire.. Stabling lor horses. Goners! debyery and. heavy teaming, 'li.
pumss, 41b slrect west. Phone 347
_______ two
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr, 8, F. MuBselwhHe begs to
annpunoe that he has purchased
the business at 71 Lonsdale Ave.,
formerly conducted by Mr, 8, H.
Walker under the name of the
Pioneer Bakery,
The business will be oonduoted
iu the same premises under the
nanie of The Pioneer Confectionery,
and will continue to produce
hand-made and home-made bread
of the best quality as well as all
lines of high-class pastry and.
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of his
customers, and by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former customers, and to welcome many new ones, for which
Eurpose the factory and plant has
een greatly enlarged and improved. Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phone 8
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, we are now in a position to
carry a larger and more complete
stock of these goods and to supply
our customers at Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Esplanade Eait    •      -    Phone 4
i nc\tcat °ur Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., (or the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Hole Agent ,
Agr..m.nts sad Contuctt dr.wn        p, . . ■ G.n.rtl
ei every d.icription "none   '"       Conv.,.ncin,
Ksd Csrsvw,
Aug. aa.nl, 1011.
Hilitor Express!
Will you kindly insert litis letsr In
your pnppr with 1 vii>w nf MttertiliiinK
tvltat (su Its d/rnn to relieve this f)re
permit for land clearing irritation t
We csnnot nlilain tt permit to olrtl
only while it ia raining or for s psrlo.|
of tlir.ni days after, sccordlng to tint
iinsntity of rain having fallen Bine
this rsstricteil term tins opened thgr.t
listt been tlifferent changes in the infal
officer snd liy the tims you locate tht
msn yon want you are too Isto to olt
tain a permit. A gentleman to the
municipal office suggested that s't of
lire should lis opeucd for the lm m officer where tims.' desiring s peimit
touIiI (to und git it st on.'C i heurtily
ondorae thie snd suggest' thst th.) officer should have regular office hour,
which would be tbe saving or rather
prevention of a great deal of annoyance through wasted time and a failure to locate him before tbe permitted time expires. Jt Is necessary for
the advancement of both city and ili*
trict tbat the land ke cleared and 1
an MitVIv so, that the majority will
assume responsibility after starting a
lire fgr clearing when permitted to
Are during rain or for two or i hi■■■•
lays thereafter Such being thu ess.'
a permit could be Issued for tlie
month with tbe written understanding that uo Ore wil be start M until
it has been raining one hour to last
for a limited number of days according to tbe rain fall aud the printed
scheditlo Kadi owner by signing this
schedule to render themselves liable to
any damages resulting.
What do you suggest t
Unless something is done to relieve
tbe present annoying situation, pro
perty owners whose places are too wet
to clear, except in midsummer, and ure
lesirous of residing ou tbeir own property will place it ou the market in
ilisgust and locate elsewhere, each
one doing the same thing that purchases that piece of property.
Thanking you in aTvance for anticipated apace, I remain,
Yours truly,
I sin,,i  Kipress :
Dear Wir,—Referring to Mr. Wag
horiie's teller in last Tuesday's issue
on which he claims that I um nol o
ratepayer I wish to state that I am
u ratepayer. Mr. Waghorno acins
Concerned because Mr. i'earson and
myself joined Ihe Ratepayers' A..<o
.iiii.nl, oii the same night that Mr.
Pearson's letter was sent to tlie coun
nil. This is quits beside the question
ami shows what childish trivialities
.Mr. v..i: i,.■ 11 ■ lm, to resort to In order lo Anil an en-use foi-answering my
letter, il does not mailer a tinker's
.linn when we joined (this is nol u
swear word, Mr. K'litor, so it will not
be necessary to use asterisks), I tm
surprised that Mr. Wagliornc has tht
nerve to sit down and write suck a lol
of pilllc As showing the correctness
of his remarks I beg to inform you
in ii., ii,ni I wus nul rouucsled with
the sending of Mr. Pearson's letter to
the Association. I simply seconded
the motion to sctni the letter to tlu
district council. Tl.nr Coun l.oitti'l's
answer to Ihe charges against the engineer were not aatisfsctory is borne
out by the fact that, sccordiiig to
Mr. Waghortie himself six voted for
the umeuiltiieiit and u larger number
ugainst it. Perhaps Mr Waghortie inters that the "sis" possessed all the
intelligence and the "larger number"
were fools unable to form a correst
judgment as to the facts. I am sur
the 1.11,1, Valley men must feel flat
tercd by Mr. Wagliorne's evident opt"
ion of iin in
Mr. Wsgborne ststes tbst I was
•eated in,ir the front. I was sitting
directly iu front of Mr. Waghortie. 0.'
"ini-. if li" i mn nt s»e a man stand
ing up within three fee, of him but
imagines bim tn be st thu opposite c, d
of the room one cannot, expect uuejto
sight to be good enough to observe
the engineering blunders all ovor Ihs
Mr. Wsgborne regrets that he wu
absent from the meeting whjob. WltVll
for the engineer's resignation. I'sr
baps he flatters himself by thinking
that bits ;; Influential pressneo would
have prevented the sending of the let
I am glad Mr Waghorne confesses
his "luck of knowledge'" regarding
tbs engineering work In tbs Valley for
frnm the tone of hie letter I iniaglued
that he opnsidsred that be had all th.
brains in (he Valley under his own hat
However, SB he admits bis ignorance
I hll to ate tjie resson for his rushing
Into print as he is obviously not qualified to give 'in opinion either wsy-
Mr- Wagliorne's letter Is more iii
the nature of an sttsck upon ns thsu
u defence of tha engineering department and whilst I treat with contempt
thi genHnmaiily (f) manner in which
he alludes to so-called false statements
I v|esv0 It to your readers tp judge as
to who i|l telling the truth with regard
to the Ratepayers' meeting
I cannot conclude without express,
ing my hearty thanks to Mr Wngnorne
for his consideration In cutting out
the swear wotlrs in tiro reporter's account of the meetW 't^owTlnBt'
we have st least one respectable gen
tlciiiuu watching over ths morals of
Lynn Valley snd we may rest assured
that Hindi naughty words will uever
appear in tbe columns of our entertaining and uplifting journal so long ss
Mr Waghortie wields his marvellous
Yours, etc,
W\w*yefd}Tv^*wfftJ     n mOnwWwnnnr
No, BIO, W, J, Meltsm, tots ID »n4
aj, block 4B, suti, M8, Wth stwt, i-
roomed b»ng»low to post »J,QOn,
No 888, 9. Wllin Wesson, ••' "•
block 48, sub. 548; llith street to eost
No 1184, W. Ua, lot 87, bloel^fl?,
sub. 1174, dwelling. . t-^-^
Nte^-^^Wfiell, North Vsncouver, )ot it, blook }1, Mill. 648, 18th
street, 8-rom one and a half storey      '
dwelling to post *l,80l).   Architect II.
Morriom, contractor, 0, Jarrott.
No. 886, Mrs. W. 0. Green, lots 16
and 16, block F. Bub tfl, 17th street
and Wilfe Avenue, cottage to cost
No. 387, Frank Poehul, lot 66, block
287, sub. 646-6, 97th street, dwelling.
Scenic Delights, Fishing, Hunting, Mountain Climbing, Unequalled (or Holiday, Long or Short.
Family Rooms en suite with special rates.    House greatly enlarged.
Extensive Grounds.      High-class Service at moderate rates.
Easy trail to summit of Groute Mountain Altitude 3000 feet.
We have a  HALF ACRE  of  level  land, adjoining City,
75 x 257 feet, on two streets near Capilano Car line which is
An Attractive Residential Site
-  ■   —..■'.. — —1 ■■      -        ■       ■ ——  ''—"       ■ ■       . ■■■...   ■—
This property has a magnificent view that could never be
obstructed (except by sky-scrapers), for $750, Cash $250
62 Lonidale Avenue
P.O. Box 1831
Phone 173
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Loti in Blocks 226 And 227;
$900 and $1000     1-4 caih, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. UU in Blocb 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Phone 6286 -   • 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone 54
• ■ .
Try Oar Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves (or 25c.
\ ■ * H/XTHA!
Home Furnishers
We have just received the largest shipment
of metal Bedsteads we have assembled in
seasons, this ought to be intensely interesting
news to hosts of people in view of the fact
that iron and brass beds are replacing wooden
ones so fast. As a still further emphasis on
the advisability of an early inspection we
name these prices:
cash races
Very Neat Iron Bedstead, m^L $2.75
Good Strong Bedstead, all sizes - $3.95
Special, a leader „       -   $4.95
And prices range from these up to $40 to $50
 -. •■■■ iir" ni,—
Don't forget we can supply you with
Dinner Sets
Tea Sets
Toilet Sets
We can specially cater to your wants in
Linoleum and
Window Shades
We have an expert man at this work and
can guarantee ALL OUR WORK
Special Showing of
Bedroom Dressers
In Golden Finish with beveled Plate   dj-/ fjA
Mirror 14x24 pn Sale, Caih Price   q> I »Ov
Another Dresser
In Surfaced Quartered Oak with bev.
Plate Mirror 14x24, Caih Price   ,
Mahogany Finished Dresser
Large and beautiful. Fine large Mirror (_0_* f\(\
FOR QUICK SALE -   -    - $_-O.UU
Ladies Pressing Tables
Don't hesitate if you want a genuine bargain.   In
Oak and Mahogany Finish. Cash Prices are
$10.00, $14.50 and $15.00
Large Dresser
With three large Drawers. Extra   <J?00 CA
fine British bev. Mirror, Cash Price   «P*4i.0U
■   ■
Carpet Squares & Rugs
We are enlarging our
and will offer Special Values during
August, as we must have more room.
We are expecting the biggest Shipment
of Squares and Rugs direct from England
that ever reached this North Shore.
in leather or wood seats
Golden or Early
English Finish.
Pillows and Blankets
Did you hear it? "Necessity invented stools,
convenience next suggested elbow chairs" but
if you want to see the very latest things in
the way of convenience you ought to come
in and let us show you what we have in the
waV of Davenport Beds, Leather
Couches, Large Easy Chairs
and seyeral other pieces that a progressive
age has invented for use and ornament.
You would wonder how we could sell
them for so small a price.
Cash price   -   -   -   -
in early English Golden Fumed Oak
the latest Mission and Colonial Designs.
is what you always get at this Furniture store.
Humiiiy your horns. I'lsasurc, comfort and satisfaction come from an attractive interior.
, . j",    '     Beanly in furniture does not aaccs-
«arily imply Ike most costly match-
4      iii It "'"■ hul rather good judgment io se
There is a veritablo harvest ol houae
I     fumiihings bcrs and you ars as welcome to visit us as wo can possibly
malts you.
We have a large line of ROCKERS and
chairs of all kinds:
Veranda Chairs
Hammock Chairs
Camp Chairs
Canvas Cots
Woven Wire Cots and Camper's Outfits
11       ' ■ i     ■
Mail Orders receive prompt attention
i '■"
THE HOME FURNISHERS, 128 Lomdale Ave. ■
Published Tuesdays and Fridays liy North Shore Press, Limited
0»p, H. Morden, Editor and Manager.
Otto yoar, (1.0(1 Sis niontlis, 60c. Three months, 364),
United States ami foreign, (1.60 per year
. Advertising Rates will ba quote.! op application,
The Express is devoted tu the interests of the north Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. 11 constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reselling iu a thorough and effective manner the papulation of North Vancouver
Oity and Districl. hvery effort is made to givs advertisers the njost satisfactory
Alt changes in contract advertisements should be in the printers' hsnds not
later limn lliu.iii. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday in ensure insertion iu the
ItillowiiiK issue.
North Vancouver,. Is. C
August 39 19,11
the Expiro-WR
To one to   whose  mind  the forest
covered   hills  and  valleys   of British
.  Columbia are a familiar picture it if
:i most difficult niftier t.n cni't'oive V.
possilde that tlie day will over route
when these vast timbered, areas will
'" he' denuded of their forests and when
tbe luittlier problem will seriously ex
.  ercise the minds of local economists
Secure in the consciousness that this
province possesses one of the greatest
remaining tlrnber belts in the world,
we have viewed with unconcern the
most prodigal methods with reference
to the marketing of our forest wealth.
Satisfied    that   our  timber  resources
aro "practically   inexhaustible"   we
have persistently dismissed us puerile
those warnings that lime been raised
with reference to    extravagant     and
wasteful   practices.   Even (hose   who
have been disposed to view the rapid
impoverishment of our forests   wit'i
some concern have yielded to the nur
miir Influence of the persussiop thst
the  possibility  of  British    Columbia
being inconvenienced through shortage
nf lumber supply is so exceeding!) 'e
mole as to runstitute s problem right
fully  belonging lo future generation.-
and tu the artful theory that when the,
time of scarcity of lumber iu this pro
vines  has arrived—if it   ever does -
modern  progress  will  have produced
Mum  other material which will so far
take the place of the lumber for pur
poses for which tbst material is most
intensively used that there will   ye*
remain s more than plentiful supply
of timber from Which to me"et the de
mauds of those ptirpo.es for wlti.U
lubmer  will still  be uituali;   necessary,
Amid conditions and influences SIM
•ns ihc..c it ^ nut nl ull marvello.'.i
thai il should be found difJIciilt 11
rouse public sentiment tu a degree
tbat will nut unl) approve but Ilinl will
ilemtiu.l Ilie inauguration of Methods
thai will on the one huml prevent the
unnecessary sacrifice of our fo>0"t»*nd
wlinli on the other hand will provide
Inr Ilie replacing as extensively aud
us rapidly ar possible of llio.-e fores!
arciis which liuve been denuded, ut
1111;. rule in thole instances in which
(lie land is uul required ur is not suitable lor uuneullurul purposes And
yet Ilie advisability— even the lines
wily—of the adoption of mcusures
m.li ,f ■'nr-e I, Ihe very consuls'*-'
lion wbleh ilu.se who have 11u.de n
■pedal .-tier, ol forestry and ol Ilie
liiiibci rcoiiice nf fue world, ate ear
uesll) eudeuvnriiig to impress upoi.
all tliuse countries■ which ure siiHincnl
ly fortiiusle lo bs yet in possession of
'nr.'. timbered urea,, British I'olutn
Ida tm luiled. As a slrikii.g o'gcit lo
ton in lliis regard it is not iieccisar)'
for us to go lurther afield than tli"
1,1 bill to the south of ut in ordtr
I, understand how resdily a nation
may be Inn,spurte fruii (Ito gr<atc!t
sWucnce In Hiraitened poverty as U)
4 lu.ij.-r   resources,     l'ho   nisgi lift '
primitive forest tracts of the United
."tales lisve been mown down greedily
and ruthlessly. Forest monarcus
which were produced by long centuries
„f natural growth have gone 'ion. Ii!.e
grain before a scythe ami thul coun
try Hids herself today tliretttet.ed with
11',' exhaustion of-be; timber resuurc*
within another decade. Herein another danger menaces Canada ia tbat
the Halted Wtatet are eves oow seek
lag free screw to ths timber weelt'i
of tbit country In the effort on the
one hand to stay their own inpovcr
i.liwont and 0 secure ifpur.uuiiv 1,1
replenish their own depleted resource.
and on ths other hsnd by ths allure
mint tl problematical snd temporary
sethoils such as these It fsr removed
'rom any probable immediate applies
tion to British Columbia, there are, no
vnrtliiiiiiss, excellent sousoiih to lie urg-'
sd why measures based on existing
conditions looking to tbe prpteetion
and the preservation of nur forest
should be adopted, A few at these
reasons may be cited. First, the pub
lie mind is becoming informed with
reference to matters of forestry and
readily approves its basic principles,
one of which is that all land should
be devoted to its most profitable use.
Another is even more potent namely,
that It Is imperative to the stability
and purity of the water supply of our
towns and ejties and other municipalities that they should own their own
watersheds' from which thsir water
supply is derived. And yet another is
found in the fact that "prevention ie
hotter than cure" ami it is easily possible for British Columbia, by the ad
option of scientific methods of forest
preservation and of reforsttratioti to
successfully protect itself for all time
against any material shrinkage in her
supply of Merchantable limber, while
the accomplishment of thie desirable
end will become increasingly d.flicult
in proportion as the ineeptioi' of
those 1ucih11.ls.un1l eniisini s is deferred
FOB- immediate gain to deprive Canada of
thnt immense advantage, of that un
challeiigable supremacy and of those
vast  ami  permanent  benefits    wbicb
would inevitably fall to our lot,   by
holding matters as they are fnr unolher
decade  or    two.   The   time  honored
maxim "Bide a wee" was never more
apt or forceful than when applied lo
Canada at the present juncture in II.is
The intensive methods in  the cu!
tivaliou of forests, to which the older
countries of the world have been driven, in  the effort  to safeguard  their
timber supply to some degree, constitute a perpetual  reminder   that    the
present   is the time for   Canada   tu
grapple  with  and   solve  this  stupen
lines!,  important problem.   The municipal forests of Germany present   th'
most helpful illustratio. of tl.'iMj intensive   method/.     In   that country
,'illages, towns, cities, states, corpora
tines   and   even   churches   own    and
manage forests on the most scientifi'
basis as a source of revenue.   Ho pro
filuble lias this method proven that s'
land that is not valuable for agricultural or other uses has been purchased
by private ur public bodies und plant
ed to trees.   Out of 1,564 communities
in the stste of Bsden, 1,5:141 have their
own forests which are under the supervision of the stale or imperial for
est service, an organization of Inuhh
trained  men whose duty  it  is to see
that the land is devoted to Ihe most
profitable species  of trees, that    the
mode of mtuagrmenl si adapted lot'lil
various species, that the timber is cut
only when it has passed its profitable
period of growth, and that every cutting  is immediately followed  by   natural  or   artificial   regeneration    of'
young trees of valuable species. Under j
the state officers arc locally employed j
guards who follow the plans drawn up!
by the superior officers, transact   the'
business, do the munua labor and pre
leet the forest from fire or oilier tie
struetive agencies.
As an .'.inni I. of the tutuul resulls
which ure attained the city f Baden,
with a popluatiou of 16,'luu, owns a
forest of I" ■"'' acres, tlie total annual
income from which averages s|i|il,iglO,
while the annual  operating   expenses       _
are 18.1,000, leaving a clear margin of j IMpee_ea4__«r«f soiflltaUu siMssgE
p It* of tuv-tos their Patent buimeM t.snttcteil
'•   by Expert*7PicllmlM.ya<Wlcel,ec.   Charge.)
m Min
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harness Co.
ScicttUfic America!.
_ _*ad»n*lr UlQ*r-U<l whHj. Urn* ar-
million ot my •diuill.i: MiriuU. TwmJ lor
Cwwli P-Tf » IMS, (MUI* yuimli. ftU tf
til MVtdMlMf-
profit amoiiuling to about SHli/mo per
Wliilc tin  nocsssii)   fur intnnsiv
uu.len.ui. OatUwantprtAi
qutel. HtrioatUtitSii,ttti   .
iht J Uoolitt I. tat WulUn.tM
t ASvlttrtent upon re-
H*ve your Fire Insurance looked into these hot days.
Delays are dangerous.
The largest end wealthiest Fire Insurance Comp*ny
in the world.. Phone Our Agent's:
Elder Murray Co., Ltd. » "KSAVE
Johnston & Salsbury
fl This week we call your attention to
the Demonstration of the Great
Majestic Range to take place on
Friday and Saturday.
9} While the Demonstration is going
on we will have a Bargain Table full
of Real Bargains for 5,10,15 & 25c.
We have a few lots (or sale close to Lonsdale Avenue
Qatline in the City. Prices $450 to $500 on very
easy terms. We believe these to be the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Call in and we
will show you over Ihem.
Heal   Estate and  financial Agents.
Agreements ol Sale discounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
50 (eet close to School, open road and water to property. Price $3)0.00 on terms ol one-third cash, 6,
and 12.
33 (t, Lot hall block (rom Lonsdale Avenue, E., lacing
South. Price $550,00 on terms ol one-quarter cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
C. E. UW&ON & CO.
Phone 70-
P. O. Box 1H16
RaTSS:   fa.oo per  and  up.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   boarders	
finest Hoof Garden on Pacific Coast
Sicond Street.   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER. B. C
Keith Road Lot
A Bargain for Quick Sale
Beautifully located 50 ft. Lot in
City Limits on Keith Road, To
tell quickly, will accept $1200,
one-third cash, and balance on
Aleunder Philip
Financial  Agent  and  Insurance
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Wharf.' Cor. St. George's tnd  Esplanade.  Office : 66 Ijonsdste AvtnuS.
Club Block
Phone ie
Wliarf Pbons 178.
Office Phone  188.
Dealer, in nil kinds ol Building Materia), Sand, Grays), Onant, l.ime
Brick (common tnd preeaed), Firs
Bricks, Firs City, PltsUr, Fibre, Plaster ot Paris, Utli, Shingle-., Drain
Pips, Tilt. ,
Donsestic Mid Blacksmith Coal,
Prompt delivery t sptoitlty.
Most modem filing device
on the market.
A sale receptacle (or those
valuable papers and jewels
32 Lonsdale Avenue
Telephone 123
132 6th Street East North Vancourer
Phone 378
Rooms 10 and 11, I'ender Chambers.
6-11 I'ender Street W.    Phone 3461
and Lonsdale Ave., North Vunoouvet
li.'ii.iii"'''. cor. Lonsdale   Ave.   and
''.'i..l street, Norlh Vancouver.
Loans, Investments and Insurance.
Room 207, 532 (Iranvillc .St., Vancouver, B. C. l'honc 89011. Land llagis-
try work a specialty.
li. mm am
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork.
All Work Guaranteed
Corner Fifteenth St. tnd Mahon Me,
10,000 cords ol dry fir wood lor quick
sale.   Price tier odd cords H.6H.
Special quotations for larger quantities.
Cut W'lj.nl  Hi inched 13.00, 12 inches
C. O. D.
Office and Yard:
Phone 190 P O. Box W
Paper the World
Irom our stock ol new Wall 1'apert
to it seems.  Every day some new
dstign  arrives to fill  the vacancy
ol those closed out.
Handsome Wall Papers
ars hero in endless variety.    Just
tell our salesman for what room
you want the paper tnd fat   will
tbow you just ths pattern you art'
looking for.
To choose from our stock is t pleasure, to pay our price Is etty.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 149
Telephone 276
127 LONSDALE k\%
Wfr (fifty "U ontfanti,|fo||)a|
tbalr totyrt|s flArtb Vancouver policp
fofcs roado a WRiarkaWy goo.) shying at the atblstic nieetiug lielil  on
tylnesday last' untie? tlio auspices of
the 'flwjmvw Ppil»e Mutual Bonotu
poiistablo A
Jalst >nMn
Hires prM^i
isd n8 no Isss tbaa
awn cheek. These
were first IS {110*8211 yards r»coi iteqnd
la the pols vault, and third in the
100 yard dash, lu the Utter event It
is a meat point whether Constable
was not second. Tbe race was a c|oso
ono anil Shannon was well up behind
nW||t i amm'f'' 'iff-y-f-"'•■"--'i - ""' from the
refeives the tame glad welcome here
ai the man who comet to buy, our
primary object at thii time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantage! in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii store.
' We don't expect to sell you goodi
before you^know us, our goods and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Wpw wss MwkstbdJPeriila alt^ntMHct 8ncb appointment wil) expire on the 31st day pf
pecember, W I.   „ ,    -
by him, so thst the sopoud priis wss
awsnlod to Smith who h|ppene| Italic
In a belter line of vision,
Iu auy event tbe local (nan's performances weto splsmlid and tbe police force is proud of bim.
Tbo sports were curried out woll
front all points of view, ths policemen
giving evidence of fine athletic prow
ess and grit. They beat the Highland.
ors in the tug of war and made good
time in all the running events. Tbe
reporters' race was one of tbo ovents
of the moctitig and undoubtedly would
have been won by Bam Bobb of the
"World" had lie only been able to ruti
iiish-r thun ilu- othors. As it was, lie
said that he burst his gasoline tan!,
early i|i Ilie rare and had to stop for
repairs.    ■  .
B, £
T. Urkin, from Vancouver, has
ouiir lid to stay. He lm.-. roopeiioil
(he Berber Simp in the Palaco Hotel,
aud guarantees first-class work.   :'■»'.'
The lirst shipment to this country of the famous Dowgate
These machines are of the best quality and finish.   For tone
they are unequalled.
D  •        &QA   To be sold on terms of $10 cash
rnCe $OU   and $5 per month.   LESS THAN
of any other make of gramophone of similar size.    There is
nothing cheap about these gramophones but the price.
<J We have also in stock a quantity of English double disc
records, price 65c each.   These records are the finest we
have heard and can only be obtained at
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
443 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 114
, X',,, i i.    ,   i ii
Tli.- week before last it was tliocar
that killed the cow
Last Wednesday it wss the csr
that gol  ,iiiini>;...'.|
It was rounding tbo eoruor st nli
ttreet uud t-Jucenshury Avenue that
the mishap occurred when tbo fender
ni one of the large nsw cars hit the
dirt at the. side of the track The
fender buckle,! and wus forced under
the truck of tho car thus putting it
out of business as far as travelling
was concerned
The big vehicle was bucked lo the
cur l.arits and another cur commissioned and the passengers transferred. So much time wus lost, however,
that cor, crew and passengers were
all taken bark lo the foot of Lous-
laic Ai,'iiur to wuit the advent ul
the next ferry when the journey to
l.ynn Valley was resumed
Nobody was hurt, nor is it suppos
cd that the cur is anywhere near be
yiiinl the repair stage.
Lynn Valley residents were late io
Totting lioini' ss it wss liul;'|.n.'.i nine
when lbs SCCldSnt happened.
His  Honor the  Lieut.Govcrnor    in
Council has been pleased lo make the
following appointments:
To be Justices of the Peace—Joseph
Wliitehcsd Koss of Weldo in the
county of Kooteoay ; John V, Blau.l
in- the county of Kootensy
Usorgs William Frederick i'nrt it
of t'ranbrook iu Ihe county of Koot
enuy to be a clerk of the Peace for
the county court of Hast Kootenay.
Alfred I'. Nclsuti lo bo acting district registrar of births, deaths and
marriages, acting registrar for imir
riages, acting registrsr of tbe county
court of Kootensy and acting record
er of cattle brands.
Kicliari! Henry Winter, MM, to be
resident physician at (jucen Charlotte
city from tUc 1st August, lllll, in tbe
place of Jobu i/Uiicclot Atkinson, M.
II., resigned.
His Honor tbe Lieut.Governor in
i .nni'il has been pleased to appoint
Tin,urns Km., lo be s commissioner
for taking affidavits in the supreme
."iiii for the purjiose of acting under
the Provincial  Elections Act in   th
Mi'l'H'l-: is hereby given thst an
application will be mado under Part
V. of tbe "Water Ad, IIIIIII," to ob
tain a license in the New Westminster
flivisipn of Now Westminster District.
(s.) The name, address und occupation of the applicant—Ernest Townsley, li.-.il Estate Broker, lillg Pender
(Street, Vancouver, B. tl.
tlf fur mining purposes) Cree Killer's  I'ertiHratc  No.
(b.) The name of Hie lukc, stream
ur cu urn' | if unnamed, the description is) Cyprus Creel'.
(c.) The point of diversion—Two
(B) miles up stream from mouth on
District Lot IHS.
(d.) The quantity of wuter spplied
for li" i'1'i.i" feet per second)—II (11
miner's inches).
(c.) The character of the proposed
' (f.) The premises on which the
wnter is tn lu; use! (desirilio suiiie,—
Hindu I Lot 1211.
(g.)   The  purposes  for which  th
water is tn lie used- Dwucstir.
(h.) If for Irrigation describe Ihe
land intended lb be irrigated, giving
■■ii-.i,.i-    ..
(i.) If the water is to lie used for
power ur mining purposes describe the
plate where the water is to be returned
to some natural channel, and Ihe dif
fcreuce in altitude between point uf
^version uml point of return.
Ij.) Area of Crown land iiilcinl.'i!
lie occupied by the proposed works
(k.)   This notice was posted on the
83rd dsy of August, iiili, and application will be made to the Commit.
pjonsr uu the 83rd dny of September,
(I.) Give Hie names ami addresses
of any ripariun proprietors or lieen-
I who or whose land.! ure likely to
be affected by tho proposed works,
either above or below the   outlet.
Agent for Kruest Townsley
I P. 0. Address)   P. 0. Box 452.
NOTE—One cubic  foot per second
is equivalent to 36.71 miner's inches
(Signaulrc)   HENBV  BH0DE8,
Vancouver, B. <,'.
A Little Corn For
Larson's Pavilion
■ ' ■
Wednesday. August 30,1911
AT 8 P.M.
-■-■     i"       I    | ■  I   'pa-"-^s__- .ii tit am
North Vancouver Conservative Aw'n
Millinery Parlor
Masonic Temple Building,
North Vancouver. Mrs. F. J3er-
ryman, Proprietress. Just opened
with new stock comprising (ull
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
House Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
As the main drainage system Is approaching completion webeg to notify
property owners tbat wo aro making
arrangements lo undertake the sewer
connections on tbo various private
properties ut a reasonable cost to all
those wbo desire to avail themselves
ol early drainage Inciliilci. Having
carried out the main drainage system
lor Ihe city council and having tho
necessary plant and skilled labor
available we ar* in an exceptionally
favorable position to carry out tbe
private bouse drainage at a moderate
cost to property owners and wc shall
be pleased, to lurnisli estimates nnd
plans II necessary to carrying out tbis
most essential work in nccordancs with
th* city regulations and on most up-
to-date' principles d modern sanitation.
Second St end Malum Ave.
Phone 27»	
Clocks of
A reliable time piece in the home a|way» gi
assurance of domestic contentment that we dee
duty to direct the public mind to bur stock of sup,
clocks which are real models of modern perfection.      So
closely do we keep in touch with the realms yl production
that we can jpadily furnish any article in this line.
Every clock purchased from us is carefully jested and
regulated before leaving our store, from where ihey are
delivered to the purchaser's home by competent men who
will explain the most intricate movement.
There is safety in buying a clock at ''BIRKS."
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets   •   •   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Half. Acres in East Half 787. The
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550.
Terms I -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to
522 Pender Street
1.,'uve Vancouver 6.20 a.m. and
ilii'ioufU'i- every 20 minutei uutil
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.31) p.m.
ovary 30 minutei until 11.30 p.m.
iherealter 12.15 and 1.00 a.m.
I cu!,' Nortli Vancuuvor COO a.m.
and ilit'ii'iifiii every in minutes until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
m. every 30 minutei uutil 11.00 p.
in   liii'H.iltci  III,') anil V1A6 um.
Leave  Vancouver  7.40,   8.20 and
9.00 thereafter iame us weekdays.
Leave Norlb Vancouver 7.20, 8.00
and 8.41), Iherealter name as weekdays.
Single fare 6c, 6 lor lin:, 30 for fl, 70 lor fl.
trucU  and
A-Lumber   wagons,
drays, 75c return.
B—2 horse  cxpresi carriages and
liin-l.s, 50c i.-iiiin.
C— 1 bono  cxpron   buggies   and
autos, 26c return.
Time-table subject to change without natico.
Company not liablo for delays, accidental or otherwise
All the above rates include driver. Ilaiis A und V. lubjoct to 20
per cent, diicount is lots of 50.
Per 100 lbs, mil'. 6c.
Vinimum rate, 10c.
If you want your Doors
and Windows in a hurry
call, phone or write
Phone 222     P. 0. Box 1719
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
VtiH SALKj-6-room bowse .on
terfiatd Ave. New, all modern,
»3,m Eaay terns.
TELEPHQHE '•«. ' 9. O. BOX 114
,4 . .1,'   '-.IT-*- ■-,   '
North Vancouver
5h®7Malleable" Range
Pupliaberl Tueadayi and
Quo. H-
Onuyoar, $1,00
Ut ft Ufc Time
For economy, durability
and ease of operation.
No stove excels the
ii Monarch"
Prices No. 226, $67.00
No. 426, $71.00
We also cariy other
makes in cheaper stoves,
Builders' Hardware*
"Bapco" Pure Paints,
Patterson, Goldie
& Clark
104 Esplanade West
Phone 88    .
■ ■
wirotrwas       W
Tlte wedding tool' piece on Wm)i|Bi
Bay last of Captain E L- Timlsll of
Nortli   Viiin'oiivDi-    uml    Minn    Isabel
Mexwell, the Bev. ,L ll. GillBif* n|-
Mr. Angel Jones of North V»«oqi)'
ver wss on Thursday last' msrried to
Miss Catherine Jane Evans ofTowyn,
North Wales. The wedding wemnny
wss performed by tlte Bev, |lr Pr(
mn' .of ths -First Presbyterian clmreb,
Viini'tiiiver Slid wus CQIlsUlillltateil at
the iiiiiiisn. lite newly msrrleil pair
will iiiiiii North Vancouver their
horns In the future.
Another wedding on Thursday was
Hist of Mr. E, M> Bailey of North
Vniii'iiiivi'i' to Mi's Annie Ethel Morris, whicii was performed by.tho Bev.
William Schlicte^ of the Methodist
church. Thejvery pretty ceremony
wss earrJed out at the Methodist parsonage with many friends of the hrids
and groom In attendance The perms-
in'iii home of the collide will lie in
Nortli Vaneouver
Capital Paid Up  , I 3760,000
Reserve k Undivided Profits    8360,000
Total Assets 40,000,000
The Bank ol Hamilton has made
saving simple—by eliminating all unnecessary Bank formality.
An account may be opened with the
deposit of one dollar—even so small
on amount will act as an incentive to
etondy saving, and will quickly grow
tn 11 sum worth while.
O. C. HEAVEN, Agsnt,
North Vancouver.
s  :
L' Nsw Firs Msln Tsstsd
The new lire main which has its
hydrant near the corner of Second
street was tested last Wedticsdsy and
gave very satisfactory proof, of its
(i'ower by shooting n stream of water
over the city hall.
This main, which has thu    inn
iation of tho pressure gathered by the
water in its journey from the intake
and wbleh is ten inches in diameter,
is never tapped until it arivcs at the
hydrant. It Is to be used solely for
lire purposes ami will afford an additional unit in' Ihe already powerful
tm, is at the city's disposal in case
the necessity should arise to light a
big conflagration.
The Eire Chief ami a number uf the
members of the city council were gathered at tlte point where the flood
was let loose and were gratilied lo
see what a tremendous pressure was
to be had. This was the liriit tell
ami was witnessed by a large and in
teteste.l crowd.
NOTICE is hereby given, tbat 1 shall sell at public auction ou Thursday, the Hth day of September, lllll,
It the City Hall, North Vancouver, B. (.'., at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the following lands, Improvements or real
property hereinafter described for unpaid delinquent municipal taxes, special rates, interest, costs and expenses duo
thereon, unless iu the meantime tbe sorementioiied ta»es, special rates, interest, costs and expenses as set forth iu
the following schedule are Booner paid. SYDNEY HUMI'HHEVS
Dated st the City of North Vsncouver this 22nd day of August, 1011. Collector.
fi i ' '
2 1 • il
I 'A at
C m i Assessed Owner a h
S S &      « AAel      H     Ith
tt,     l-tt-t     I)     10  Ksndrlckson, care Blcbsrdi Ackroyd 4
Oall,  Vancouver         • It ti $3 3il W 8ft
147     2-2:1-4      D     11           " " " 6 64   3 33   8 80
(Hull        6 1       14    lladcriiiailier, II. L., N. Vancouver 10 01    3 60  13 64
540          7     12-3      7    Bedded, Miss N., Qen. Del., .■'. Vancouver 14190   3 86  10 81
840         7      4-6-8      119  Ilesrns, Win., Welcome Hotel, Vsncouver  1180   3 69 14 30
640       17 1       0    Boult, Louise I)., Vsncouver 8 61  .3 43 1101
640        17 6       7    lieeue, W. L., N. Vancouver 10 07    3 80 13 IW
8411       18      8-3-4      1.1  Honoda, T., 33ft Powell St., Vancouver 11 98   3 60 14 68
84811      10 2       3    Illingworth, W., N. Vancouver 13 ■„   3 61  14 90
64811       HI         6        3    Alvensleben, A.  V., Hastings k Bichards,  Vancouver   .,„-, 14 06   3 70 16 76
tin       39       12  Salt, .I., ilus Hotel, Vtncouver .....  38 01    3 36 38 96
647-8      41        14  Thomson, Mrs. A. L., 1339 l.'ardero st.,
Vancouver 9 16   3 46 11 61
oil*     41        18   " " "  tj 10   3 46  1161
W7-8      41        16      0 16   3 48  1181
271547   43        10  Williams, Mrs. Mary, care  Yorkshire
(Juarantce    k    Securities    C'o.,
Vaueouver 7 89   3 39 10 38
thu        89        13  Uml,, .las. A., care Irwin A Billings
Co., N. Vancouver  ; 16 83   3 82 19 81
Mil       61       11 Part   '. Whitlsw, D. II,, N. Vsncouver  66 33   8 36 70 68
271       1.5        19     Wi/,   Crsbtrtt, J. I., 476 Alexander street,
Vsncouver J 13 16   3 66 IS 80
ttl)       83       19  Emery, W. P., Central Park, Vancouver , 39 49   3 97  43 46
848      112 4' Hunter, W. C, Elder Murray Co., N.
V»ncWYM  , 34 94   8 34 38 18
648371   I12A    46 Koraujs, Puchi, Box 629, Vsncouver  36 18   3 30 39 48
174     118       21  Poole, Jas. J., cars Irwin k Billings
t.'o,, N, Vancouvsr' • 3(33   3 41 31 74
174     lit        t  ..Estate of M. 11. McLeod, care E. J.
I'lsrke,808 Pendsr st.,  Vancouver tl 47    6 87 18 04
*u      M       a8  Shrapnell, .lohn IL, lW)8~7th Avenue
Eairview, Vancouver   '.      83 61    8 63 8*134
tu      I*'       M- .( Townley, T. 0, Und Beglstfy Oflice,
Vsncouver  ]  68 03   6 40 73 43
371      I5<       10             Alvensleben, Alvo Von., Pacific Building, Vancouver  1:1 (A   4 If  |. ui
W*      m       ;,8  LoMessurier, I'heobe, 1857 Kobson St.,
Vsncouver  , 73 81   6 64 78.48
S74      1*8       !»   " " " „„■ 73 U   $'IB  78 Wl
874      17°        8  Oodden, IL, N. Vsncouver 49 78   4 49 84 34
874      iln       »  Pord, 11. B., 1118 Broughton it,    Van- •
«wver  49 76   4 49 84 31
646      228       82     8%  Berry, Thus., care Irwin & Billings Co., .   ■'
N. Vancouver   , * ,.., 7 94   3 39 10 33
873 4 9     >...llomewood, IL ()., 249-13th Avenue,
Vancouver  *  17 60   3 87 30 87
W        *       10        .      17 60   3 87 30 n
"73        6        9     ,... Ogasawara, care W. ti. Young, 267
■ '     • VmeV f}>) Vancouver  „,,„ 0 m 1499   f 71 )7 00
878 '    ...-Ferguson, Oeo., N, VBttoouvef 1,  17 JO   3 87 30 87
|M 8       18 , Bauer, W. A., Pacific Building,  Van
ffluve'  •: ••■■■ , 1893   800 3393
•73        9       1»  Brasblield, Mrs. 1., 838 Ptcillc, Van-
m*yit 19 93   8 00 33 93
873       14       17 -».,...•  ..,,Johnstone, I)., 2735 Sophit St., Vtncou- ,
_      *" "> ,  .3338   811 3619
V*       «        »  B|ac»de, A., Vancouvtr u 39   3 W  17 ft)
886        8       11 ,,,,,,   ....Cltnwnts, Mrs. 8, A„ J^idwe'll Boad,
Vtncouver ,  i, nn    0 7]  i, u
III      18     1+1     U  Holt, T. C„ N. V.n«,UT.r J ,   \2   7 J
W       U     '*'     "■•••;  mt tm mm mn 9II   l«H»
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 i x 147 ft.
■..   .
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D, L 55Q.
•   PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
.    PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: I-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 month?
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
1 ll'  '<»■   'Ml I   '
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company,
North Vancouver Business Cards
Percy ti. Howard II. .1, Perrin
City Auditor.
Audllori and Accountants
fit Pender St. W.       P. O. Bos tli;
Phone 8637 Phone 163,
Vancouver     Norlh Vancouver
i ■ ■ ii    -   ■ '
finest tables and cute it tbs City
Pioneer Borsetbotr - Carritgt Worts
- Booktsllsrs tnd Slttiootrt
Cor. I ..uplale tad 1st.       Pboae 148
it—a—- ni       ,=———■——
F. M. Shtrp, Stud. S. L Stud.
Intt. Hun. Eng. Etc., Archt, snd Civil
Engineer. Plsns, elevttlont sections.
reports, spsciActttont, ««tirt»Ui, etc.
lor til cltsssl ol work, Tracing!, Blue
Print*, Htp Mounting. 137 Lower
Ktitb Botd. East, N, Vincouvtr.   3-8
Tbt New Block *on  Lonsdale Avoaue
n.'iir Ibt Ferry Approach
wtt built by
Otntrtl Cotstrtotort
1'imirtctort lor rt-inlorccd ooncrete
conttruclion. Sswcring in ill itt
brtnchsi, bouM connections t tpe-
citlly. Kitiwttct lurnltbtd. Office
30 Unsdtlt Avs. Phone 3U.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.     Phone l.i i;
Building i'null... t.-i-
Brick tnd concrtle work. Houser,
Buniiiliiws, etc. t sperltlty. Plan,,
submitted, cillmslca. ill Ijonidaic.
Boi No. mi.
 ——— I-
prompt      Servict- Moderate   Chsrgtt.
Tha Palm Confectionery
Utttiontry, Conlsctiostry, let Creto,
fott Drittki, Pounliin Briaks, Tobtcco
light Lunches, Fruit
tostdtlt ttd «tb Pboot 111
Angus J
Initiation, drtlntss, Isvels, plsns
tnd tpsciAottiost. Septic links tnd
bouss drttntgt t i|iccitlty. P. O.
Bos 2ii, loll street wctt ol Btwickt
Frseb tad ^noktd Fish'
Live tnd Dressed Poultry
Vegettblts Delivery twjee diily
Phcsu il') 131 First Strstt
Wholettltrt itf) RtttiUrt ol Purs lot
les lor (tally uu
Pboat 3M      UOHtiDklH AVENUE
Studio  over  Bmk  B. N. A.
Lonsdale tnd EsulaBads
Haw Filer and Grinder. All kinds of
band, cross cut and buck saws id
snd filed tt ihorttet notice. 11 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
I Ti
High-class Ladisu' and Cent's Tailoritg
Phont 307
Modern Tailor* and Rtnovstory
307 Lootdtlt Avenue
Cleaning,  Prttsiag,  Dyellg,  AlUtiig
We   uss   tbs   French   Dry   l.lsnniag
Procsss Phont 311
BpMJtllyi Children's Itesons it ow»
bone. Terms, stc, tpply Qmntti
Is your witefa stopping or going ixrt-
gultrly?   StS
The Norlb Vusconver fcptft
tad pionttr Jtweller
60 Untitle Atsbos mu
the only legible dyes to w ^re
You only have to use cwe?4yt? lor
all materiftls-^wool, silk, miwd
goooi and so forth. Therefore,
when yon dye a dress with trimmings on it, you don't have to rip
the dress apart because owe dye
dyes all materials.
Your Dealer Has Them
m. 3. Mciinwr.u.
B. 0, miCOMMUN-6, 10, IBs slots
ii        i      i. .in i is*——P—«—■»—■-—^—p—_—.
D. L. 621 k 207S on Keith Road,
a short distance west of the Imperial Cit Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Co.'s property. $300 and $325 each-|20 cash,
balance easy terms. The6e lots cpinmand an uninterrupted
view of three miles of liurrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write for descriptive pamphlet.
■   ■
Phone Seymour 5654
333 Pender St. W.
and NORTH ARM BRIDGE h Keith Rod
Will a and telephone service is being put into 'district now ssd
route has l)0en surveyed for carline.
your neighbours
and they will recommend it to
electric iron with
a reputation.
HO 11 U1N I We shall be 'pleased to send one oi these
irons to you lor TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL- Phone 46
Light and Power Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Oris Inioroutiw, end Labor Buimu >> now
open for the Convenience of Employers and Employees
Employers srs requested to take advantage of the. Office
when requiring Kelp.
Phone 321
W. B. HOOD, Secretary,
14 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vancouver.
Ooutlnuusd Inpi Ttbtoft !*W
120 Second Street But. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vaacouver Merchants
Barb Yaw OwiTws. Yaw Orim, Ulumm
Tbs BigHt-or-Ww     '
1. During construction the right-
uf way of ovory railway shall he
clearer! of all trees, logs, brush and
other perishable matter Logs specially reserved to be mads lata Me*,
limber or cordwood, must bs removed within a reasonable tiros. All
other iiiiliiminiiiili' material must be
piled as near the centre of tbs right-
of-way as possible without Interfering
wilh tho construction of tbe roadbed,
nnd burned under permit of tbe provincial lire warden, before using
such permit the wardou. niust bs sa-
tisliod thst ample precautious bsvo
boen taken to render sucb burnings
3. Trees ami elirubi. mutt not bo
thrown upon ailjaroitt lends but mus.
bo pileil uml hiirncil on tho right-of-
way as provided ubove. Trees unavoidably felled .,iii■ i.l.- of the iii-Iii
ot-way must be cut up, removed to
right-of-way and there disposed of
.1 In addition to clearing its
right of way as provided abovo, ovary
railway company shall remove, when
so ordered from alongside Its right
of way any dead timber or accutnula
tlon of debris that endangors the safety of adjoining timber lands and
shall pile snd burn sucb dead timber
mi,l.r permit from the district Are
i. The right-of-way of every rail
way cotnpany must at all times In
liept free of dead timber, brush, dry
grass and other inflammable material.
S. In especially dsngcrous places
when so directed by the minister,
railway companies will he required
lo cut and clear llreguars on lands
adjueent to their right of way Whenever Arcs shall o.-.-ur in proximity to
any raiway, the owners thereof
and their eontrsclors upon request of
tho Minister of Bailways, shall place
tbe laborers in thoir employ at tbe
disposal of any oAicisI duly authorised by tbe minister.
tk. ISiiilieii-iii provision' of buckets, mstoclts, shovels and aics for
tight ing l.u-li tin-., must be made by
every company at a suitable place
along its line.
Cutting Tlmbsr ou Crown Lauds
I. Debris, esusod by tbe cutting
of any timber by a railway company
under special pormit of tbo minister
of lands, on lands of Ihe crown ml
jarmt to the right-of-way must at
once bo limbed off and piled and
dealt wilh subsequently by burning,
or otherwise in accordance wilh tbo
order of the minister of lauds. Dur
notice luu.i be givan to the minister
of lands bsfure any such cutting is
done in aay- locality.
7. Every locomotive engine having an extension awoke boi shall bo
equipped with netting mesh, the
u..--I lo be not Isrger Ihsii .''-.■i-'.-j
per inch No. IU Hirminghsm wire
gaoge and to be plsreil in Ihe smoke
box so ss to oxtaud iqppletsly ovsr
the -aperture through which the smoke
as.ends, the openings of the said not
to exceed a quarter of an inch and
one sixty-fourth of an inch to tbs
square inch. Ou every engine equipped witb a diamond stack tbo nesh
to l>e not more fkan ixi per inch of
No, 10 Birmingham wire gauge and
to be placed across the top of Um
slack so ss lo completely caver ths
sans, tbe opening of ibo said ussb
sot to exceed three sixteenths of an
inch and one sixty fourth of an inch
to tbe square inch,
8 Tbe openings st the lack of
tbe ssb psns u every locomotive engine must bs covered wilb heavy
sbsst iron dampers or wilb\ screen
oitisg dampers 'l^xiy, psr lucb of
No. 10 Hirminghsm wire gauge, such
dampers to bs fastened either by s
heavy sprisg or a split color soil
V. Overflow pipes from tbs injectors must be put into the front and
back parts of tbs ssb psns snd used
from April lo October iaclaslvs.
10. During the months from April
lo October inclusive, wire screens
must be fixed to the windows of all
smoking tompsrtmcuts of all railway
11. Every railway company shall
provide inspectors at terminals where
ils lot-motive engines sro boussd
sod repsircd and shall causa
these inspectors to exsminc at least
oiks a week tbe fire protective appliances used on all engines running
ialo Ibe said  terminals.
li. Kecor'l of such iaspeclios shall
be kept In s spccisl book al each ler
minsl and Ihe book stall show ths
condition of Ihe Arc protective appliances aad lbs date of inspection.
IJ. it sucb terminals tke railway
company shall at sll reasonable times
show sny Are wsrdeu appointed by tbs
government of British Columbia tt inspect ths tre protective appliascss aa
aay engine aad to examine thl record
of inspection kept by Ihe company la
aceordsoce with ths preceding rsgula-
District Lot 552
The West End of the City
The Finest Residential Lots at moderate prices
on easy terms. AH cleared. Twenty minute
car service. Water laid on. Electric Light, etc.
Within half a mile of the water| front of D. L.
265, the future industrial centre of the North
Shore. Buy before the inevitable advance in
values takes place.
Block 6, District Lot 607
Large Cleared Lots within one block of the Terminus of
the Capilano Carline. These lots are on the bench overlooking the Pipe Line Road and the Capilano River.
Beautiful views.   Very accessible.   Terms one-fifth Cash.
District Lot 553
A Limited number of Corner Lots reserved from the
original sale are now on the market. Close to the Grand
Boulevard. Good car service. Electric Light. Water laid
on. The roads are being improved, and sidewalks constructed.
For Plans and Price Lists Apply to
.      i i
Lonsdale Estate Office
525-6 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Phone, Seymour 2899
i I
• Yesterday was tSs fst»t from tilt
school boy's point of view, asth and
esbool kept nnce men, Satchels anil
' books were ilisintarrtM from the inch
thick coverings of dust which das en
Shrouded them fnr the past ei* weeks
JWile sharpened ami si'buol emtbes
Were »vsrli*tilt)i|. Once mor.i the Ijtirn
brown feet were oncased in stockings
and enwhido anil the tnnnet) ami
lM»lsl|y yQHdgsters tiled with p rein-
Vignrated and Ineihauatilile fund of
Mischief trudged net too unwillingly
tH the halls ef erudition.
Ami outside the sun still
bravely from the sky. The birds
•till sang from how to how ami ths
fjareanis were filled with tish, Tbe
boating and bathing were still at tbeir
height but the poor boy must give all
his attention to .those musty old spell
ing ami   'rlthmatic books.
Why couldn't school wait till the
summer waa done I It was not su
bad tben when the rain and the cold
Ailed the out of doors. But now.
Why there wss lots of summer left
yet nmi there wen* iots of things un
finished and places along the creek un
eiplored ami by the nest time they
got a chance someone else would have
been  there.   Ding bust  it anyhow
There was only one thing about it
that was auy good and that was the
new "fellent." Gee, hut there will Iw
•onte fun with them. There's 75 of
tli.'iu up to now and more coming
However yesterday was not no It
after all as besides Ihe new boys and
girt there was only half a  day
Mr. Bennett, the headmaster of the
Worth Vancouver schools, found that
there waa su much tu do in arranging
the new classes, placing the new pup-
ils and making the promotions that it
waa i|uite impossible to hold a whole
day's leesion, hut today things will
be iiiiiiiiii|; according to the regular
Ou Friday all the promotions will
be published with a list of the new
arrangement* and classes ami l,y that
time everything will have got down
to working smoothly. Rut the holidays are really over at last.
TBICT-Dielrict ol Nsw Westminster.
Tain notice thtt Eliot A. Httwell ol
Vancouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply lor permission to purchase
the following described lands t About,
300 tores commencing at a post plant-
id on tbe northeast corner of Lot
1674, thence east 38 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 8 chains,
mora or lass to shors ol Horst Shos
Lake, thinot in t south tud westerly
count around short ul lake to North
ttit cornsr ol Lot 1573, thence south
10 chtint, more or less, to point oi
(Sgd.)      ELIOT A. HASWELL.
June 17th, I9U. )|.,j
Record in Pwengen
With tbs end a\ tSe'sesstin spnrpacb
Ing and with the dsy such an ona^
of beauty and brilliancy as only British Columbia can produce, it was no
wonder that the cars of the British
Columbia Electric Company once more
demolished their own record us far at
carrying passengers is concerned lit
North Vancouver. Prom a cloudless
sky the sun was coloring the mouii
tains and the foothills, and glisten
ing in it .thousand irridescetit flashes
from the tiny wavelets of tho jplot
When the lirst travel began. The heat
which promised to be intense was fortunately tempered by a cooling offshore breeze, so, with the elements at
their best and everything pointing t,i
a gorgeous day. It was ferry load
after Perry load which from the firm
boat tilled the waiting cars at the foot
of I,mis,Inle Avenue.
Hy the end of, the evening when tlte
i'ars finally stopped there was found
to he a grand total of over nine thousand five hundred passengers eSrrieit.
This iiiiuilmr is upwards of two hundred better than the previous best,
ami looks as though it wuuld prove
the record for the season
The fact that that same season it
rapidly drawing to a closo is doubtless
accountable for the number of visitors
who avail themselves of the glories uf
the'Indian Huininer weather. Many
who had journeyed hitherward before
seined the opportunity to cross again
and revisit tbe glories of the Capilano
the Ly it it or the Heymour Ami there
were many til-o to whom the North
Share of the Inlet was undiscovered
treritory and who had lieen loth to
forego the pleasures of whicii they
hud heard.
Of the three carlines leaving the
bottom of tlie Hill, it was the Capilano line yesterday which proved the
most popular. The memories of the
beauties of the Capilano Canyon is
in many men's minds, ami the charms
or its fir .l.-i.l glades, vistas of mighty
mountains ami the gurgling streams
which run through all, do not pall
after many visits. One may see the
same faces Sunday after Sunday up
the valley, with many new ones to
add to tbeir uumbcr.
Tbs Theosophical Society meets io
North Vancouver in Boom l, 67 Lonsdale Avenue (eatranot sett to Wil-
come Parlor) every Wednesday cviaing
at 8 o'clock. Attendance is entirely
free and cirrits no obligations >vbat-
ever. You tre invited. Tbootopb.cal
study aad questions.
NOTICE is hereby riven lhat an ap
plication will bt made under Part V.
o< tho "Water Act, IU4PJ," t„ obtain a
liueuae in the North Vancouver division ol New Westminster district
(a) Tbe name ol applioant-The
Corporation ol Ihe Ditlrict „| )jori|,
Vtucouver, 11. C.
(if lor mining purposes) Free Min
tr't Certifiotte No. —
(b) The name ol tbs lake, stream
or source (il unnamed, the description
is)—An unnamed slrcum running in a
K.uthorly direction through District
I.ole 783 and 688, Group 1, New Westminster District,
(e) Tbe point »l diversion ii in
Block I, Diitrict Lot 783 alortstid,
about 33) cbuOit north nl the southern boundary pf slid Diitrict Lot.
(d) 'Ilie .|uanlity ol water applied
lor (in cubic leet per second) one
ijuerlcr ol a cubic loot per second,
(e) The character ol the proposed works-Hballow weir dim with
suitable intake.
(I) The premises on wbicb the water ii to be used (deicribt semi)--Jhe
Diitrict ol Norlh Vine,uver.
(g) The puiposes lor wbicb Hit water is to bt ustd-Mnnicipal puiposes.
(It) II lor irrigation ilcicrilie the
laud intend,-.! lo Iw irrigated, giving
(i) II the waler it to Im used lor
power or mining puiposes describe the
piece where th., wtter is to bt return-
id to some natural channel und tbe
difference in altitude between point ol
ilu.i.ion tud point ol return	
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
bt occupied by the proposed works-
(k) This uolics was posted ou tbe
lllh dty ol August, 1911, and uppli
cation will Iw mads io the commissioner on the Llth day .,( Seplemlitr,
(I) 'live the names ond addreetet ol
tny riparian proprietors or licensees
who -,i whose lands ure likely to Iw
afteclod liy the proposed works, either
tbove or below the outlet are : Aillnu
E. I'acey, Wm. •). L, I'acey. '.'homes U-
Mmwirier and Waller Pinch Page, all
ol the City ol Vancouver, and A. Dal
ton Nye, W. I. Irwin. Benson Gladwin and Mary L. Archibald, allot the
Oily ol Norlh Vancouver.
I'l) Tbe boundaries and aria olthc
Diulrict of North Vancouver urs as
set lortb in tbe letters pnt.-nl >,{ In
corporation dated I Oth August, 1991,
ami  publithed in  tbs  1). C, Gaiette,
but eiceptiog tht area ol thl City of
North Vtncouver specified in Schedule
B of tbs North Vtncouver City Incorporation Act Amendment Act 1307.
(r) Approximately the number ol
inhabitant! of ths Ditlrict tt present
ii 3MM, *-
john g. nmm
' m
New Weetminiter Land District—Dia
Iriet ol North Vuncouver. TAKE
NOTICE that we, 1). Gladwin and A
Lynn finlk way % taksnjs i
routs second in popularity, especially
for those wbo pr»fer their sylvsn so)h
jmle to,, be ravied wi% t|p «ry«t»i;
ripphi of the stream though ther*
are crowds who up straignt op tho
Lonsdalo Avenue to try their »ki\}'pi
mountaineering on the nearer "lopes
of Grouse Mountain.
But a" these lines have such offerings pf rare beauty in seeites of mountain, dale and meandering river, that,
were a plebiscite to be taken of the
whple of the B, Oi B. ,R. Company's
routes, thoy would doubtless be found
to nesd the list. Nine thousand three
hundred passengers in one Sunday ip
indeed a record which will he hard
to bsat.
The nuw manager of the Bank of
B. N. A., Mr. J. Stephen, left Hamilton, Out. last Friday on his way tj
his new home and duties in North
Vancouver where he is eipected to
arrive  in  the  middle  of  the  week.
Mr. Salsbury, tbe retiring manager,
has leased a house on Sixth Street for
a term of eight months, He is so far
well pleased with the change in business which he has made, and looks
for fair progress.
i.l.nluin ol North Vancouver, occu-
piiiion. retired, intend to apply lor
permission to lease the lollowing described stream, known at Lynn Creek,
commencing ut ,. post planted ut tbs
N. W. corner ol the old wooden bridge
crossing said stream, iln-iev north,
following lied ol stream to a pott
(dinted l.OIK) leet north ol Keith
Hoad, steel bridge, for tbe purpose ol
obtaining rock, gravel and sund lor
building and other purposes.
Dated Aug. 7th, I'JII.
TAKE NOTICE that we intend to
apply lo the Hoard of Licensing: Com
misstonere ol the City ol North Van
couver, British Columbia, for u retail
liquor or bottle license for Ihe nrem-
met known us Lots 11 and 43, Block
188, District Lot 371, North Vtncouver, at the sittings ol such commissioners to be held on the 13th .i.-y ol
September, A.I). 1911.
DATED Ibis 3rd duy ol August A.
I),, 1 III 1.
ll-'J Per E. G. Grant, Agent.
THIC1T—District ol Nsw Wtttminttir.
Take notice tbat Joseph 0. Dockerill,
"I Vancouver, occupation, uovtrnnient
oihrinl, inlands to apply lor permission to purchase the lollowing described lends: 160 acres commencing at t
post planted on tbt south wtst corner ol Lot -'I..'.', tbenet' south 40
chtint, thencs est! 40 chuins, th.nce
north 40 chains to south boundary o!
Lol 'Wil, ihence west 4b chains more
or lets, along said boundary to point
of commencement.
duns 17th, 1911. U-9
' Province ol British Columbia    .
NOTICE is hereby given tbat ell public Highways in unorganised districts
tnd til Main Trunk Boadt in organised  Districts an sixty-sis fast   wide,
and bavt t width of tbirty-tbrtt lett
on etch side of tbt mean straight centre line ol the travelled road.
Minieter of Public Workt.
Deptrlmeot.ol Public World, '
Victorit, B. C, July 7tb, Ml.U-W
At the meetiug of the District Council which was held last Thursday it
was agreed by the Councillors that
the next meeting would be held at
three o'clock next Thursday afternoon,
for the transaction of urgent business.
It was inadvertently stated in the last
issue uf this paper that the meeting
luu to be held next Thursday night
wuuld bo abandoned till the following
The meeting will he held in the
afternoon iu order that the Council
may attend in a body the Plag raising at tbe home of Councillor Tom
Allan, which, with it's accompanying
ceremonies, will take place iu the
Members of the above Club art re
quested to pay in their suU'.ripCons
to the Bank of B. N. A. (Upper Lous-
Inle branch). There will be a ■ --.in.
tion of 50 cents on suliseri.i.iom psid
before Sept. lftt't. The first dsncu wil
lake place ou Wednesday, 0.1, llth,
st 8,10 p. m. iu the linrlicultuisi Had.
yi Tcnnii Cfcih
s in the tennis c|ub's touwn-
pientttd, %o are as tMm<-
Men's stolen Singles — Mif berson
nest Afmyiege.
Handicap Sjngles-Cardinel beat %
$. Baylis, Maltby jr., beat Qrsen-Ar-
mitsge, 8, 9 M'Nsughton beat Muslim, Cardinal beat Heaven, Maltby
beat N. Humphries.
Handicap Doubles— Haaiiiiti And
Rogers beat W. N. Humphries snd 0.
Armitage, 11. S, McNaughton and Cardinal htat Criekmay aud R. E. Me
Nniiglitoii, litiylis and Bsylls best
Bull and Vomer, Maltby snd Maltby
bast H. Wood snd Stsvsns.
Lsdies' Singles — Semi-finals—Mrs.
Maltby will plsy Mrs. Cardinall nnd
Miss % Archibald will play Miss
A furtbar large number of licit.
were plsyed off on Ssturday with the
following results:
Open Singles- Mallby heat Baylis,
E. F. Baylis bast Humphries, M.tphe*
son best Criekmay and E. F. B'ylit
bsat McPbersnn.
Handicap Singles—Cardinall heat
McPhersou, Bridgman beat Maltby jr
P. Baylis heat Bogors and Cfirdlnall
beat   llridginiin.
Mixed Doubles—Mr. and Mri. Hunt
beat Haswell snd Miss Archibald.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens beat Rog-rs and
Miss Shaw, Baylis and Mrs. Humphries
bsat Heaven am) Mrs. Armitage (by
default), M. Woods end Mise Z. Archibald beat Mr. and Mrs. Stevens and
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinall beat Mr. aud
Mrs. Hunt.
The work which was got through on
Saturday brings all events ot tbo
tourusnient practically down to the
finals which will be played off on Saturday unless rain prevents when the
meeting will bs adjourned till Monday
(Labor Day).
Ths prizes for the winners of ths
various events are now on exhibition
in tbe window of Messrs. Johuston k
Salsbury's hardware store ou Lonsdaie
Avenue tnd it it safe to sty thtt at
no previous event ever held in North
Vancouver has so hsmlsome a ' Imi
Isnge Cup been competed for ss tliut
presented by Mr. Jsincs P. Pell for
the winner of the men's hain'i up i n
The other prizes tre sll iti""ielly
worth while.
On snd sfter September 1st, ths
dsirymen of North Vsucouvcr will
nn-,- the prico of milk to the usual
Winter rates—8 quarts for tbe
dollar. 29-8
Anything we might say about these Ranges
would be superflous. they are too well
known to need boosting.  OUR TERMS I
$10 down   .   $10 per month
■       -
We are sole agents:
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver, Phone 12
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Worki
Ul Fint Street West
Proprietors—E. Laukin, Tailor; F. No'rminton, late with the
H. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts (or Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give us a trial and patronize the
North Shore
III First Street West
Johnston & Salsbury
Why You Should Buy The GREAT MAJESTIC
Lain Longer, Heati More Water, Heats it
Quicker, Uaet Lew Fuel, Bakei Better,
And gives better general satisfaction thu any oiim
tang* on tin market.
—»-—■——— 11' i  j   .  '   "i i       «■
II you will call at our store, we will prove time tacts to yon,
Have arranged with the
Manufacturers of the
—______ |as-geaeg   i i i
For a Two Day Demonstration of their Ranges
w] They have added a complete line
of these to stock and will be able
to show all sizes and deliver at once.
IJ Cook Books given to every visitor.
•m k


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