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Mm* n
Nobtb VawwvP, B,0?, f&ipiy, 3bptembpb 39, mi
$w\m 1
•  ....
Of Immense Importance to North Vancouver-"
The Resources of the Northern Interior
k An Important anting took place at
fit* city hall on Wednesday night in
furtherance of the Burrard-Pcaco Biver
Bailway scheme—a scheme which most
assuredly demands North Vancouver's
closest attention. The meeting convened under tke auspice* of tbe Board
of Trade, but wai quite open to tb*
public, tbe proposed development* being of sucb immense importance to our
Tbe chair wss taken at sight o'clock
by tbe president of tbe Board of
Trade, Ur. Alexander Philip, and at
' y outset tbe following gentlemen
a%re enrolled a* new member*: Mayor
McNeish, Beove McNaught, Messrs.
Percy King, 0. F. Foreman, k. Dickinson, John I.. Johnson and John Shop-
The principal speaker of tbe evening
waa Prosldsut McOandless, of tb* Vancouver Board of Trade, wbo in comprehensive terms illustrated tbe great
advantage* tbat tbe opening of tbe
Peace Biver country would entail. A
line of railway, tbe ipeaker contended,
into tbat territory, would do mors
good for tbe province tban any other
tbat could be constructed in British
Columbia. It was well (known tbat
there wu timber in tbs Peace Biver
country tbat would justify a line of
railway if thero wa* nothing else in
sight. Tben there ws* a chain of
mountains and lovely lakes wbicb
would form delightful summer resort*
within easy reach of Vancouver and
North Vancouver, There would be
access to good fishing. He bad per-
tonally tccu a trout up there that
weighed over lix pound*. . Already
thero wmo many fino raucbe* established, bat through lack of transportation convenience* tbe only thing they
could rail* at present was'stock. There
were 40 million acros of good wheat
growing country waiting for develop-
m*nt. Thar* wu, Mid Mr. McCtu-
dless, no question of tho groat necessity of tbis railway. There wu no
question of its feasibility. There wu
no question of its paying after building. Mr. McOandless tben showsd
witb tbit aid of a map, tbe relative
distances from Fort Qeorgo of Vancouvor and Edmonton. There would be
tbe advantage in wheatgrowors in the
Peace Biver country hauling their
grain to Edmonton when they could
get it to tbe cosst direct to Vancouvtr. He urged immediate action in
tbe matter. Otherwise by tbo time
tbat the Panama Canal wu through
thty would not be in a condition to
do butinw* with that country.
Mr. McCandless tben( uked tbe
Nortb Vancouver Board of Trade to
endorse tbe petition for this railway
and to appoint delegate* to be sent to
Victoria so that more pressure might
be brought to bear upon tbo government. By thl* mean* they wore more
llk*ly to got what they wanted.
Tbe Grand Trunk railway would not
touch Vancouvar for ssvon year*. He
recommended them patting tbtir inoul
ders to tb* wheel and building tbat
line. It would run through finer country than other line*. It would not corn-
pat* witb any otbtr existing railroad
ant) it would benefit us greatly if we
bad on* hundred million bushels of
wheat coming tbi* way. Settler* war*
already locking Into1 tbe Peace Bivtr
country. Wbtn the C. P. B. wss built
iittlcrs followed tbe road. But in tbi*
cut thtrt would be thousands of set
tl*r* before tbey could get tbe road
Th* matting wu asked to consider
tbt following resolution; "Tbat where
U tb* Northern Interior of tbe pro-
vine* of British Columbia contain* im-
m*na* tract* of land well suited for
agricultural purpose*; wbereu tba import* of agricultural produce to tbe
province in 1910 amounted to ill,
OHMl, all of wbicb ahould bt raised
from our own soil; wbereu in tbt same
rtgion tber* bav* been discovered
■orat of tb* mo*t valuable coal deposit*
lo On world; wbertu two great faa-
. tar** wbicb combined with th* gener-
ally favorable climatic condition* will
attract immigration, li* in tba feet
taft good watt* and timber are everywhere abundant aad tbat thate ua
many bundrtd* ol mil** of riv*r» and
. a vut extent of lake* wbicb ar* nevl-
gabl* and will afford cheap and ton-
v*ni*nt meant of trauportatioa to tbt
railway* of tbt futurt; wbereu railway communication between tb* Ptac*
Mr* «#»ntry and tb* tutern Canedl-
aa «ltls* will soon ba an *ccompll*bed
faet, tb*r*by landing tn usurp and 41-
vart to tbt eutorn y«yln«*i of tb*
Dominion    traffic    from    and    to
tl)* northern interior which rightly
belongs to the merchants and manufacturers of British Columbia unless a
lint of railway running from tbo uorth
tn the lower mainland bs provided;
therefore be it resolved that in tbt
opinion of this meeting, it has become
a matter of paramount importance te
the lqwer mainland and tbe coast cities
and in tbe beet Interests of tbe development ef tbo province tbat there
should be constructed a line of railway
from tbe cout northward* wbicb shall
link up th* variou* intermediate section* of the western interior and form
a direct connection witb tbe Peace
Biver district and tbe northern part of
tbe province; and be it further resolved tbat such step* be takon at once
u may be thougbt beat to bring tbe
matter meet forcibly to tba attention
of tbe provincial government urging
tbat It may take into ita consideration
wbat may be tbe best means to secure
tbe establishment of such a line of
railway witb tbe leut possible delay.
In tbe abience of Ex President Mai-
kin, wbo bad been appointed by tkt
government to take part in a tax commission at Victoria, Mr. Von Cramer,
ono of tbe vice-presidents of tb* Vancouver Board of Trad*, endorsed Mr.
McCandless's sulogis* of tb* Ptac*
Biver country and indicated that, if
this desired railway were built, North
Vsncouver would proportionately reap
greater result* tban any other city because tbe railway would bave to touch
Nortb Vancouver before going to Vancouver. Mr. Von Cramer pasted
around some excellent photographs illustrating the natural beautie* and resource* of tbe Peace Biver district.
Beovo McNaught said very decisively that tbe North Vancouver peoplo
should taks a' leading plac* in this
matter, tbat tbey ahould push aod work
for It. Tbey bad within tbeir reach
a valley containing tba finest agricultural tracts of land, and teeming witb
resourcer. He wu ia favor of
appointing a committee to help in
every way. The flrst in tbe field would
havo tbe best opportunity.
Magistrate Kealy said tbat if tbey
all pulled together he waa surs tbey
would get wbat tbey wanted. Tbey
must get bold of tbat trade if it wn
at all possible, and it wu not to be
thought for a moment tbat the .iti
itn* of Nortb Vancouver or tbe Board
of Trade would hesitate to give every
support to the enterprise.
Following a few remark* from.Mr.
.1. Wood, Mr. D. J. Dick, wbo had personally been over tbe proposed route,
three kears ago, pronounced it to be
a splendid one on wbicb to build a
railroad. Ht hoped tbat before long
tbey would be privileged to rid* an
Iron bone through tbe Peace Biver
Mr. Q. II. Morden championed Nortb
Vancouver'* alertness in seeing wbat
was coming, but reminded tbe meeting
tbat tbeir's wu a small community
and it wu not always possible to
swing things along for tbi* reason.
Tbs ons desire on tbo'part of Nortb
Vancouvsr would be to secure tbe con
struction of that road at ths earliest
possible moment and on tbe most ad
vantageou* baai* to all parties con
Coun. Bridgman moved tbe hearty
endorsement of tbe resolution out lin
ed above,'Mr. Dipfock seconding. Tbe
motion wu carried unanimously and
with acclamation.
Mr. McCandless, in' thanking tbe
meeting, aaid that be did not care wbo
started tba work, or wbo got the ere
dit for it; bt itnly wanted to tie tbe
work done.
President Hodgson, of tbe South
Vancouvsr Board of Trade, then spoke
of tbe public telephone, «y»tem. Hs
bitterly attacked tbe present toll iji
tern, stating himself In favor of gov
ernment-swntd t«l«pbon*s. Hi* views
were supported by Mr. Appleby, who
aired tbe inefficiency at tb* telephone
system in CollingwW He urged that
they bring these matters before tbe
provincial government and bave tbeir
telephone ssrvice mad* u efficient u
that of Manitoba, Saskatchewan aad
Tbe chairman aaid tbat it wu an
old theme in Nortb Vancouver and a
somewhat tor* en*. Ae soon u they
were able to gat a cab)* acrot* tk*
harbor tb* toilag* would, denbtleu, be
lowered to Kve cent*.
Mr. Kealy contended tbat it wai
not sufficient to bave a few municipal-
itiae    rtrrsualad      Their    ueilxioa
-' "■ ■       rap. |"WP^^_ riT^Tf       pw^WF
should com> from the whole province.
The chairman added tbat in Nortb
Vancouver one pf the industries pays
as much as (800 a year in tallage,
Thoy had oven moro to complain pf
than their friends in South Vancouver.
Coun. Bridgman moved that Magistrate Ksaly and Aid. Homlerspu be
appointed to act in conjunction witb
ptber committees to bring tbis movement before tbe union of mulcipa|ities.
Tbe meeting cordially agreed with this
Alt a )ate hour the scheme for tbe At
vulopuiont pf tbe North Arm of tbe
Fraser river fpr barber purposes came
up for discussion. President Hodgson
argued tbat Vancouver must be in a
position to look after tbe trade tbat
would iu tbe near future come ber
way through tbe opening of tbo Pan
ame Canal. He suggested that thoy
should get one of tne best harbor en
giueers to outline a scheme for tbo
consideration of the government at
Beev* McNaught associated hlnuelf
with tbese views, pointing put tbat tbe
port* of Seattle, San Franciico, Tu
come and Portland were spending millions on harbor improvements. Vancouver, witb a smallor expenditure
could give accommodation to larger
seagoing craft tban any of tbese
Aid. Henderson and Magistrate
Kealy alio spoke briefly ou tbo subject
wbicb was really too important a ono
to be iqueeted into tbe last few min
utes of tbe meeting. The departure of
President McCandless and others to
catch tbe 10.30 boat brought au on
tirely successful mooting to a close.
Nortb Vancouver, in common witb
tbe city of Vancouver, New Westminster apd other places in loutbern Hri-
tisb Columbia, where electric power is
supplied by the B.O.E.B. Company, wu
thrown into temporary confusion on
Tuesday night by tbe sudden failure
of one of tbe company'e dynamos at
tbe Lake Buntxon power station. Tbe
calamity occurred at shortly after 7
o'clock aad for over an hour and a
half North Vancouver wu in uubap
py darkness. Needless to say, for
tbi* period tbe *trcct ear service wu
paralysed, a condition of affairs which
naturally caused great inconvenionce.
Passengers on th* firriee bad tb* novelty of approaching an unlighted city
not to mention tbe innovation of finding no car to take tbem to tbeir
homes—in some cues situated along
street* and avenues bouting no lide-
walks. Candles and lamp* ware util
litd in business premises, but pn tbe
whole activities In Nortb Vancouver
were more or let* temporarily suspended. The explanation from headquar
tan ii tbat a llttl* after >ev*n o'clock
en* of tb* 10,000 horsepower dynamo! brok* down, cutting off on* third
of tbe lupply for power, light and rail
way purpoie*. Whin tb* employees
opened another dynamo of tb* *am'e
capacity to replace tbe brokon ono, tbe
•witch burnt out, leaving only four
3-000 bone-power machine* in working order.
Tbe company bad tbo damage to tbe
dynamo ripaired en Wednesday morn
ing and rsplacsd tbs burnt-out switch
for tbe **cond machine.
North Vtncouver wu a great deal
batter off tban In many other places
acre** tbe water. Many persons wbo
were visiting la Vancouvtr from New
Westminster, Kburn* and other places
reached by the suburban line, were
compelled to spend the night lo the
Vancouver Signs Agreement — Plans to Be
Completed at Once—Tenders to Be
For af Earliest Possible Date,
BOOMS FOB BENT-Housekoepiug.
818 Snd. street east. 97-10
FOB ptJT-flixroouiod  flat.    411
Lonsdale avenue; fit. Enquire at music
store. , 89-o
For some weeks put it lias been up
derstood in well informed circles tbat
the delay with reference to further
activo steps toward tbo conitrqctiun
pf Soeond Narrows Bridge was caus
ed by the fact that tin- city of Vancou
ver wer-j; deferring tbe actual execution of the agreement botwoen that
city and Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company, whereby tho city
contracted to purchase capital shares
in tho Company to tbe amount of
$800,0011, On Thursday morning, howovor, this Isst obstacle was disposed
of whon the agreement was signed by
Mayor Taylur ami City Clerk McQueen
on lieliuli of the city of Vancouver,
and by Mr. E. W. Macl.ean, president
aud Mr- -Iulsss Y. McNaught, secretary
upon behalf of tho company.
Some time ugo tbe council ef the
city of North Vanvouver passed a resolution authorizing the Msyor and City
Clork to subscribe for shares to the
mmmui of (1011,000, as authorized by
tbo ratepayers aud also one to make a
first payment upon tbo same. Tbo
subscription form wu duly executed
and although no nionoy was uctually
paid, the city stauds ready at any time
to burni over a cheque for a substantial amount in part payment.
Tbe district of Nortb Vaueouver is
tbo only municipality which has actually paid any money as yet, to tho
(.'oinpauy the council having iun.li- a
payment of $16,000 sonic mouths ago.
At the close ul yestcniuy's meeting
ui the diitrict cuuucil, tbo rouve aud
all Ihe cuuncillurs adjournal to l.ynn
Vulley and inspVUnI tbo uow municipal ball. Tbe Building aHuuld have
been completed by Vtot/ Ihih. but tbe
i.-.vni strike utiiIitA'IIii* impossible.
The hall is nuw, hjmvcr, in a state
ol completion anil nu\ dissatisfaction
in auy ivlnliirn wus expressed at tlie
inspcctinii yesjvorday. Afterward* ut
iin' iimt ni inn uf Counajllurs Hriilgv-
man anil Ward, tbe company had supper at Hulel Nurlh Vancouver.
Hr. and lire. ■)'. C. ,*tlliiiin« were
outgoingYnssengi'i* un Thursday, lur
Southern California, where Ilny will
•ujourn fpr lee winter.
A special meeting nf the police commissioners will bo hvlil tomorrow al
the city ball, to invwtignlo Ibe qua*.
4ii.ii uf providing Ii.-ii.t protection lo
tlie batiks and busiuess premises ol
North Vancuuvor.
The car traffic ef North Vancouver
Is becoming prodigiously high. Lut
Sunday, for instance patron* of the B.
C. E. B. lines numbered no less tban
The rank* of North Vancouver buti
new man bar* meat!/ added to tbeir
number Mr."* M. Booth, wbo bu Ot
tabliihoil himieV in ptnieu u a to
b*eceai*t in tin\ewfUorne block noer
tin ferry landlngy Mr. Booth is a
North Vancouver Joy wbo bu grown
up with the fAttl Apd who is Identified wltb tke city/hand, u well u other
local Institution/ He will carry a full
aseortmeat of ' tobacco*, cigar* and
smoker*' supplies generally and will
doubt)*** meet witb liberal patronage
not only from hi* own personal friends
el whom bs an very many, but from
tbe gensral public u well.
Ust Tuuo-y's meeting wu an in-
f_t*ting one, it being a aooial evening in honor of on* pf our old numbers, Mr. Patlereon, w|*e il gulag to
Uie Koot*n*y M'a miarionary. Tb*
*ooi*ty wisbes him evsry suneeat. Mr.
I). HutoW*on (poke on tin topic of
Home in Oanada." Tke subjwt for
patt Tueadny will be "A miuionary
journey around ibe worid. Visions
Onl Wednesday night lut in the
Presbyterian church, l.ynn Valley, one
of tbe best concerts ever held lu the
district look place. Tbe artistes were
all visitors lo fbe Valley and mostly
strangers. Tbe pieno wu hired from
tho N. V. Piano School and Mr. T. W.
Ward kindly acted u accompanist
and opened the program with an ex
cellent instrumental, Mlu Bessii
McDonald in ber reading wu exceed
mgly well received end had to respond
wilb an encore while her sister ia
Scotch songs secured Ibe sympathies
of the audience at once. Sbe wu call
ed and recalled, but satisfaction bad
to be accepted in ono encore. Of the
men singers It is bard to pick out the
favorites, the audience treating them
all with vociferous applause and-de
manding in every instance an tncorc,
wbleh demands wire complied wilb in
almost til clses. Messrs. Percy Ward,
Bobert KoOrrtion, Duncan ((empbcll
and W. H. Nanseu u artistes at tbii
concert have lecured for themtelvei
an excellent hearing if they ever visit
tbe Valley again in a like capacity.
Mr. Robt. Scott, wltb his violin, bad
appeared once before in the commuu
ify but that fact made bim tbo more
popular. He handles hii instrument
firmly and secures i good tone, cboos
lug music known and consequently
liked by bis hearers. His imitation pt
tbe Scotch bagpipes wu very r/oslistlc.
Refreshments wsrs served by the ladles' Aid and at the close tbe goods
left over from tbe tele In tbe afternoon
were auctioned off. Op tbe whole it
wu one of tbe successes pf I.ypu V«l
l*y despite tb* fact tbat sickness pre
veiled throughout ths community.
Over Ht will be added tp tbe Ladle*'
AM fundi by tbe sals and concert pn
Wednesday lut.
Tbo signing of the agreement upon
the part of tbo city pf Vancouvor
places all tbe municipalities in line,
wbicb bave thus far passed bylaws tp
purchase stock and clears tbe way
fpr Immediate steps towards building
Tho Board-of Director! have every
reasonable assurance tbat tho mattor
of thu nonunion subsidy will bo satisfactorily arranged when tbe reins
of oilier have lieen transferred and
the House gets dowu to business. One
of the prominent mcinbon of tbo board
of directors usurod a representative of
tbo Express yestorday thai upon the
strength of positive information wbicb
ho possessed relative to tbo Dominion
subsidy ho wus prepared to vote to
pruceeil ut once with tho building of
iin   bridge.
It is the intention of tho Compauy
to hold u meeting of tbe Board of Di
rectors within a few days to retain
a linn of bridge epgiucer* witb in
struetions to proccod at once witb the
preparation of plans for the type of
bridge that the director* elect to con
struct aud to issue a call for tenders
immediately these indispeusable pre
limiiiarics have bceu disposed of.
While it is neither possible nor wise
to unduly hasteu theae preparatory
proceedings, positive asurauce is given
thnt every effort will be made to expedite matters and to place the bridge
in the contractors' hands witb the
greatest possible diipatcb.
ftilt BEN? - Three room shack on
one acre oi cleared land, suitablo lur
chickens. 110 per month. Apply
Merchants Trust k Trading Po., 944'
Pender street west. 89-9
Private room aud board tor ynmg
men   #6.00   per   week.  Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th sired near St. Itouira.
ii in
FOB BENT-Soven roomed home,
furnace, fully modern, garden. Eighth
street, good view. Apply Colonial
Apartment House, fith street east. 8-10
FOB BENT — Five roum house on
N. W. corner of 1st and Chesterfield.
Bent |80 per month. Canadian Financiers, Ltd., Bunk of Hamilton Bldg.
Express Classified Ads.
.1. loutet and Nurtb Lonadale
(let it at Lonsdale Pharmacy Phono 88
Ws close Sundays. Pbone 834. ,)
H. Knglisli, O. K. Grocery, 13 Lous
del* Avenue.
Dr. .1. C Morrison, dentist. Post
Crailunte, Chicago Univeraily. Boom*
6 and 10, New Poit office block,    t.f.
FOR SALK-Ono lljock from Lonsdale car line, lltO cash, balance over
Iti mouths, i'l foot lot, cleared and
graded, splendid viow, iceoml block
from Lonsdale car line, 4100 cub, balance over 18 mouths. Palmer & Mill
waiuc, 110 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 110.
MONEY TO IXIAN ou approved properly, Agreement* of uio purchased.
0, it. II,, l.inan, (89 Lonsdale.     38-10
M. II. llaymeat, Cpstumicr, 8tb at
cast, adjoining west of llouli- aid, N,
Vancouver Fint rlas* work or'y, la
die*' own material* mad* up.
Preserving Peoclie*. Yellow Fries-
tone. 90c. per crate. Up to date
Crocery, 366-360 let rtroot eaat.
Tho Cily Dye Work* hu ostibiisli
a '.inni It tay, bspla'.aiie E.  and
LoiimIuIc.   Fint class work at in>
ate ratci, cleaning,    dyeing, ptoiiiij
and repairing,
B. C. livery and board liable* -
Light rig* and Indies' saddle borac*
lor hire. Stabling (or bona*. Oon-
oral delivery end heavy teaming. 'H.
Duma*, ith street west. Pbone 347
and Ceucrol Blacksmiths, 3ri ■ nil
and Lonidole. Horeecboetng a specially. , g in
WANTED - Hclioblo perion to take
charge of boy fourteen months. Box
81 Express .'Offioe. 39-9
WANTED - Three or four-room
bouse, unfurniibed, reasonably close in;
will teko one year leaso or less. P. O.
Box 8386. »l-u
WANTED-Btrppg capsblo girl  to
look after bachelor rooms and  cook
ovoning meal.   0 hours, II iluys   per
woek (on car lino).  Apply tbis office.
WANTED-Wo have mouey to invest in close-in North Vaueouver property. Jf you wish to soil call and
give ui your listings. Palmer k Mc-
llwaiuo, 36 Lousdule Ave. Phono 110.
WANTfcll - ISO'cord* good fir wood
W. L. Keene, Ifiih street. 89-9
WANTED TO RENT-Sevon or sight
roomed bouse, immediately. Apply
Peers * Boult, Keith Block. thii
WANTED-Drossmaking. Thoroughly experienced in good clui work.
I .allies' suits a specialty. Misses Bao,
Suite 3, Keith block, corner Fint
street. jn in
WANTED. - We handle businoss
ckaucos, real estate, insurance, loaus,
purcbuo agroeuieiils of sale. If ypu
want tp sell your house or your busiucss call and give us particular!. Wo
can get results. Business is good.
Palmer k Mcllwaiue, 36 Lonsdale Avo.
Phone 110. 8910
FOB SALE - Puro bred wbilo Wyandotte cockerels. Mrs. Brcan, oor.
Koilh road and Forbes avo.        3-10
Maypole Butler, llll, for II at  tbe
Up to dabs Grocery, 366 let st.,«ait.
Strictly fresb  Eggs, 30 ceots   per.
doten at the Up-to-Dsto Grocery, 368
to 360 First Strcot eut.
FOB SALE-First growth dry wood
lor 14.60 per curd, 4 ft. O. McDade,
Phono 83 t.f.
Mild Cured Breaxfut Bacon, 80o
per Ib. in half or wholo aid's at tbe
Up lo Dale Urecery, 366 Fint St. K.
FOB SALE-Cheap; trooni milage;
I'M; Ksplapade l-l; electric light tad
wafer.   Apply Bex 74, Expreas OSes.
FOB SALE -A bargain. Ca*b or
term*. Twp coltagu on 90tb (treat.
Very desirable location, five minute*
from Lonidale tohooi, three minute*
from car line. Beady for occupancy
about Octobw Isl. Apply fi. W
Ealon, North Vancouvor Coal k Supply Co.   Phone 178. "t.f.
Beal estate agist* and other* take
notice. Lot 18 and 17, block 106, D.
L. 660, alto south west quarter .of Diitrict Ut 1069, municipality ef North
Vancouver. Off the market, tbe title
of tbi* I* defected and parties buyieg
or selling do so tt their own risk.
Signed- KVA ANNIE Hl){fPHBIR0,
per i. A. Gallagher.    ' 110
English Pox Terrier, poe aide pf bead
marked Mack, ether tide white, baAf
white, Opted reward paid fay infer-
nation leading tp hi* recovery. Anyone harboring awn* wBil b* prosecuted.
Notify T. Barrow-Green, P.' 0. Hot
tm l-yf
FOB SALE -A beautifully bnirbed
new bungalow, five living room* wilb
bathroom and pantry, on lot 33x130
in Lynn valley.. Sidewalk*, water end
electric light, price 93,300. Catb
1300 and (36 monthly. This i* an
abspiuto bargain and wortb seeing us
about. Tbe Merchant* ?«** and
Trading Co. Lid., 944 Fender street,
went.    Phone 8 37IHJ t.l.
Min Isabel M. Dann, LI»;tifi»io ul
lira Eoyel Academy of Music, London
Knglanr). teaoher of pisnoforty v.s'l*
Nortb .VnncouvOT two day* a week.
Writ* for terms 891 Brougjbton street,
ravaunrve*. H10
ART OT,AJW-Dur!nr ">• wtotof
month* Mi** Aipell (patronised py
Kntiisr, and fforslm Royalty, will
bole ojaaatf Ip li BdmunA'a School,
Mahon Avanut. 0/1 and Water Cofor
Peiniinn, pen titptinf, HluminaUieu.
Rtohini for Seek Plate*, etc. Ptltatt
Itmapi by fRefweaunf. Way ntmi,
Mm 9WltWMt. IHI
\ Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. 8. F. MiiMHtilwliitii bogs to
HiinouiiHu that he has imrulinsetl
tho buuiuesb at 71 Lonsdale Ave.,
formerly,oofiduoteci by Mr. 8, U,
Walker under the name of the
Pioneer Bakery,
The businesH will be oonduoted
in the same premises under the
name of Tbe Piraetr Confectionery,
and will continue to produce
liainl- iiiailn and home-made bread
of the best quality as well as all
lines of high-class pastry and
Mr. Musselwhite hope? \>\ close
attention to the interims 'of his
customers, and by sustaining'nt
the highest standard of I'xcullfiioti
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of thepatinimpc of
all former customers, and to welcome many new ones, for which
purpose the factory and plant has
been greatly enlarged and improved. Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from putrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phone 8
Why) Because we employ men who are experts in the
line and consequently by their wide experience in different
parts of this continent are better prepared to give our customers the best that can be made in any kind of woodwork.
If you phone 222 or drop a card to P. 0. Box 1719 our
agent will call on you and cheerfully estimate your requirements.   We also do bandsawing and any kind of machine ,
i ook" at °ur Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., (ot the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
Ijtiava Vancouvsr 6.30 a.m. and
t Iht caller every 'HI minutes until
7 Wl p.m, ('..iiiiniii.'inK IM V.n.
svory IP) iiinnii..-. untiF 11.30 p.m.
ilii-i,-iifi.,i  13.16 and 1.00 a.m.
Uavs Nortb Vaneouvir 6.00 a.m.
and llii-i-nallcr every 30 minute* until 7.00 p.m. .I'oiiiiiieiicinji 7.30 p.
hi tvery 30 minute* until 11.00 p.
in. thereafter 11.46 and 13.46 a.m.
I .'nt..  Vancouver  7.40,  8.30 and
9.W tlieraaltw same as weekday*.
Leave North Vancouver 7.10, 8.00
and 8.40, thereafter iuu aawask-
Singl* fart 6c, 6 for 36c, 30 for fi, 70 for 13.
A—Lumber wagon*, trucks and
drays, 76c return.
11—3 hnrw ospreu carriage* and
hacks, 60e return.
C-l hurso eiurea* buggie* and
a ii 111», 36c return.
All the above rate* include driver. Bate* A and II *ubj*ot to 30
per cent, discount ia Iota ol 60.
Per 100 Iba. raU,6o.
Minimum rate, 10c.
Time-table sulked to change without notice.
Company not liable (or delays, occidental or otberwin*.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouae accomodation, we arc now in a pu*ition to .
carry a larger aod mora  complete
dock of the** Kooda and to supply
our cuatomera at Vancouvar price*.
Ail Orders Delivered Promptly.
From Liverpool
to Lonsdale
Miscellaneous   Impressions   |n   a
Long Journsy.
,(By "TAN HJLJr.")
I don't liulievo in sea posts. I have
a sneaking tipnyictioi) tbat tba majority
nf sea songs are written several limi-
ilm.l miles inland. To begin with, 1
mu quit; i-iiiiviiii-,-,1 that nine out of
ten poets would Uo as sick as dogs iu
lin- klml of weather that they particularly like to write about. 1 tried very
hard while on shipboard to visualise
a long haired huni, stauiling inspired
in the breeze, jotting down linos of the
"O mighty sea" order, but I cuulilu'i
fit him into the picture auyhow. In
all probability tho dock hands would
commence swabbing during his rhapsodies, ami before he could And a
rhyme for "bulwarks" his hat would
blow off into tbo third class section,
ami he would look too foolish to ever
become immortal.
Thoro is, however, another side to
the question. No one, save the unmitigated hairbraiii, could possibly fail to
be inspired by such immensity, such
grandeur, such indefatigable awfuluess
as that of tbe great Atlantic. There
wero steerage passengers aboard who
had never in their lives seen a bigger
,-i. ■ uunl In i iuu of water than that of a
city reservoir. Was it to be greatly
wondered at that they drew closer to
one another at the boatsidot As one
stood in the quietudo of the evening,
smoking a last pipo before turning in,
the question inevitably presented itself
when one's gn/u rested ou the now
deserted steerage pruinonade: "What
manner of new life is it that each of
tbese people go tut What manner of
luck is going to bu thcirsf" In the
afteruouu, an unhappy looking Jew,
with just that typical appearance which
is given to a Jew in the comic journals,
bad wandered up ami down tbe deck,
fingering his beard like Shylock himself, muttering under his brcatb and
looking ill and wretched. Why was he
bound for Canada! There arc characters on every voyngo that remain
mysteries to the end—perhaps even to
themselves. Aud there are characters
that ono can read ami understand at a
single glance. Unmistakeable, for instance, was the purpose of one youug
emigrant, broad about the shoulders,
with Siimiii eyes thst stared unwink-
ingly over the waters, Solidly be
stood, with his arms folded, determination written in every line of his figure.
He was going to test fol himself the
possibilities of the great lifo of the
West. Near to him stood an old man
from Yorkshire, his clothes smelling of
the moors, his tobacco smelling even
stronger. "Hy gum!" he muttered at
intervals,, and joined iu Ihe laughter
ef those around him. "Ah'm off oot
ter join Jack and 'Arry," he woold
explain, if questioned as to his plans.
"Me old woman died a twelvemonth
buck, and Ah'm sick ,, femlin' for
mnien.' 'Sides, Jack an' 'Arry ain't
done had oul in (lauady, an' tbey
reckon they can liud me Wine odd jobs
about t'ranch. Where is t 'ranch 1 Nay.
1 can't pronounce t' name o't' spot
yet awhile. Ah'in just laruin' it,
like." And so on. Then there were
one or two girls going out to get married. Certain of them knew it; others hoped so. And how many, if you
please, of those excited, souls gave
thought lo Ihe captain, who (out of
sight, out of mind) wus responsible
(Continued on page five)
Notice is hereby given that an ap
|,li, ■ ii.ui will be made under I'art V.
of th* "Water Act, J.iu.i.'' to obtain
a licence iu the Nortb Vancouver In
viiion of Nuw Westminster District.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant—Corporation of
the City of North Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Mill
er's Certificate No	
(b) Tbe name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description is)
Uke at the upper end of Lynn .Crcok,
on right hand branch going up stream
(olev, 2490 feet above Burrard Inlet).
(c) The point of diversion—At
Falls st mouth of Lake. ,
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet por second)—Storage purposes.
(e) The character of proposed works
—Building a dam and raising level
of lake 'luring rainy season.
(f) Tbo premises ou which the
water to be used (describe same)—
City of North Vancouver.
(g) The purposo for which the
water is to bo used—Domestic and
(h) Jf for irrigation describe tbe
land intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) Jf tbe water is to bs wad for
power or mining purposes describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return
(j) Area of Crow* land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works-
Lend flooded by construction of. dam.
(k) This notice was posted on tbe
l«tb   day    of    August,    1911,   and
licaticn    to   b»   mad*   to   the
ilssioner w> th* i9tb day of 8«p-
ber, 1811.
(!) tiltl tl* Pimm ami address** a(
any riparian proprietor*, or licensee*
who or FhMa laud* ,»?» DMy to bt
affected py ti)e proposed wprks, either
above or below the outlet—Hasting*
Shingle Manufacturing Off., District qf
Nortb Vancouvar.
Commencing at a point, in Hurrard
Inlet, distant 8,900 leet duo soutn
irum the south-west eorner post, or
Lot 2tj6j theuco due north 2,lfuu feet,
ft Hid suuthwesl comer post uf sum
Uf 906) thuncu 11,11111 .foot, muru or
loss, to the nortb-wust coruor pf said
Lot 866; tbenca northerly through Ul
668, 8,640 feet more > or less, to thu
south-west corner post of Lpt hill);
tbence easterly along the north bouu
dary of Lot 668, 8,640 fast, moro or
less, to tb* north-east corner post-of
Lot hiil; thanes northerly along the
weat boundary of Lot 644, 1,714 fast,
more or less, to tbe north-wast oorusr
post of Lot 644 j tbence easterly along
tbe north bouudary of Lot 646, 8,640
feet, moro or less, to tbe north-east
corner post of Lot 646, theuce easterly
along the nortb boundary of Lot 646,
2,640 feet, more or leas, to the northeast corner poat of Lot 646; theuce
easterly along tbe nortb boundary of
tbe north-most portion of Lot tilii,
1)00 feet, mora or less, to tha north-east
comer of said portion of Lot 816, 800
feet, more or lea* to the north-east corner of said portion; theuce southerly
along the east boundary of said north-
most portion of Lot 616, 3,068 feet,
mora or less, to tbs south-west corner
of Lot 3,026; thence easterly aloug tho
uorth boundary of tbs south-most portion of Lot 616, 8,870 feet, more or lets
to tbe north-east corner of said south-
most portiou of Lot 616; thsnee aouth
crly along tbe east boundary of Lot
616, 2,310 feet, more or lee*, Ap the
southeast corner post of Lot 616,
thence westerly along tbe south liuiin
ilary of Lot 616, 3,300 faet, more or
less, to tbe south-west corner post of
Lot 616, tbence southerly, aloug tbe
west boundary of Lot 663, 2,640 feet,
moro or less, to tbe smith-west corner
of Lot 663; thence easterly, aloug the
south bouudary of Lot 663, 660 feet,
more or leas, to tbe nortb east corner
post of Lot 275; tbence southerly along
tho eaat boundary of Cut 273, a distance of 1,839.6 feet, to tho north
boundary of that part of said Cut 273,
the property of John Bsndry; thence
westerly along tbe north boundary of
the property of Ibe said Hendry to
the cast boundary of Col 274; thence
southorly along the said east boundary
of Lot 274 to the high water mark iu
Burrard Inlet; thence in tbo saino line
southerly 600 feet, and theuco westerly
in a straight line to tbe poiut of com
in.TiiTTii.Ti! tbe said tract of land com
prising the following bits, namely;—
266, 371, 274, 273) eicept tbe portiou
thereof belonging to Jobu Heudry, the
easterly portion ufl.nl 662, and Lots
547, 648, 649, 550, 544, 645, 546, and
616, and the Mission Indian Reserve
all situated in Oroup One, New West
minster District, together with the
foreshore in front on the nortb shore
of Burrard Inlet as comprised within
the said boundaries of the tjjly of
North Vancouver; tbe said tract of
land being shown on a map or plan of
the said City of North Vancouver de
posited in the Land Registry Office al
the City of Vancouver.
(r) Approximately tbe number of
inhabitant*—Sir Thousand (6,000).
(s) The place of tbe proposed rescr
voir for storage—Lake at upper end of
right band branch of Lynn Creek (clc
vation 2,490 feef above Burrard Inlet,
(t) Tbe means by wbicb it is pro
posed to store tbe water—Natural stor
ago by use of Uke and Dam.
(u) The area of tha reservoir site
or sites at each foot in depth above
outlet:— •
1 foot above outlet 6 acres
2 feet    „       „    7 acre*
1 feet    „       „    8 acre*
4  feet    „       „    8 acre*
t leet    „       „   ...,,.,..10  acre*
6  feet    „       „    11  aero*
J feet
8 feet
9 feet „
10 feet „
11 feet „
12 feef „
13 feet „
14 feet „
15 feet „
16 feet „
17 feot „
18 feet „
19 feet „
20 feet „
21 feot „
22 feat „
23 feet '„
24 feet „
25 feet „
feet „
27 feet „
88 feet „
29 feet „
30 feet „
 12 acres
 13 acre*
 14 acrus
 15 acres
 16 acres
 17 acres
 18 acres
 19 acres
 80 acres
......in acres
 20 acre*
 80 acre*
 81 acres
 81 acres
 81 acre*
 88 acres
 83 acres
 84 acres
 86 acres
 86 acre*
 87 acre*
 28 acres
„ 29 acres
.30  acre*
.642 acre*
(v) How it ia propoaed to acquire
the land necessary for the purposo
By purchase
(w) Approiimately tha number al
acre feet intended to be impounded—
542 acre feet.
(x) Whether it i* propoaed to lower
the water in any natural lake or standing body of water, aad If so, then—
(1) The anticipated extent of the
(2) The means proposed to lie adopted to lows; apt) reel,
(8) The nature and character, in
detail of the work* proposed to be con
elnRUd to provide for the discharge
and penning beck of the w*ter—flon-
st.ruclion of a daw. -
(Signature)  THOMAS  SHEPHERD,
Oity (Hark.
(P.O.  AMrm, IMy Hell,
forth Vaatearw.
See Our Attractive Display of
Showing an assortment of attractive designs ih
Fern Pots, Jardinieres, Electroliers, Fire
Screens, P«ik Supplies, Smokers' Comforts,
Phpto Frames and Candlesticks.
These goods are of recent importation, made
from quality brass, and sell at importers' prices.
.." .'     I.t     .      !■'<.. ■   -
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewellers mul Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets
Vancouver, B. C.
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
Ul First Street Wed
Proprietors—E. Lauktn, 'failor; P, Nukminion, late wilh the
B. C. Cleaning and Uyeiiig Co., Vancouver, b. C.
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repair Work
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give ui a trial ud patronize the
North Shore
111 First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Af r**m*nta and Contracts drawn
at *T*ry description
Phone 157
iiii, '      ,:
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employer! and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.'
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
'-'I "  "" ' ' I n
life have a few splendid building lots, each 49x139 feet,
within 5 minutei (rom the Car terminus and School.
Two splendid roads to the property, and near the Capilano
River. Price $500 each, Corner* $600. One-third cash,
6 and l2monoV These are excellent residential lots, and a
John Alexander & Co.
Direct from mines, 500 Nl
New Wellington Lwmp now
on \wdA, We strongly ftd"
vise consumers to get- IA 9
< supply Wore the rain comes.
Prompt delivery guaranteed.
Phone 178 jpr prices.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co,, Ltd.
56 Lonsdale Avenue.
/lew Harness Shop
A' branch of the Vancouver
Harness Cp. has been opened in
the premises of the C. M. & N.
Coal and Supply Co., corner
Esplanade and St. George's Ave.
A full stock of Ont class harness
and hone fillings will be carried.
A specialty will be made of repair work. Prices will be the
iame as those in Vancouver.
Phone 259
Telephone 276
i ' .
Bargain Home Sites
In Nortb Lonsdale.
Two mj ti ni.- cornor lots iu
aouth eaat ijuartcr 617, near school and
good road.   Cheap aud easy terms.
In Lynn Valley.
k iiiiiiiIht of good level lots   near
Municipal 11*11, tor I'M each.   Payments spread ovor five years.
In District Lot 56o.
A selection of doulilo corucrs for
largo houses ucar Ihe Boulevard.
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broker.
Oluu Block, Esplanade. Phone 10.
public highways
Province ol British Columbia
NOTICE is horeliy given tbat at pub-
lie Highway* in unorganised dutiicta
und all Main Trunk Road* in organised  District* ar* rixty-iia (set   widi,
and havo a width of thirty-ibre* lest
on each side ol ibo mean nl might tenia' line of tho travelled road.
Minister oi Public Works.
Department ol Publio Work),
Victoria, B. C, July 7th, IM1.U-I0
Sun-ay School Lesson
.   SUNDAY, QWffiEB J,  '
The Wth century, B. 0., was a period
of awful gloom. Heathenism wu
frlutnp||gnWerusalera in r»ln»—It)
pimple ill exile. But in the darkness
it pleuMiid Ood tu keep three beacons
burning-- .lurcniiab In Jerusalem, Daniel
in Babylon, and Eieklel In Cbaldca.
They preserved » rouiuaut aud paved a
way for tbe Messiah. . . Etekiel was
never persecuted Hire Jeremiah. He
was with the first exiles—tbo best company. Tbey wore patriots, and listened
to the prophet as tbe messenger pf
Ood. . Like Isaiah, Eiekial was inducted to office by a vision of God.
Hut what ho aaw so surpssscd power
of human language tbat nothing is
conveyed but the glimmering ideal pf
an ineffable presence Such was tbe
installation of a prophot, essentially one
of action . He was pot » weeping composer of elegies, but a man pf determined energy- -who, al hia nam* lig-
nilies, was Gud's provider for his
poople's needs. . . Now follows a
series of symbolical actions like those
of Jeremiah. He drew wltb stylus on
a clay tablet a picture pf tbe impending
sicgo of Jerusalem. He cut off bis hair
iu sign tbat tho holy city was to be
shorn of its glory. He gave a picture
pf what bo eaw when "spirit-led"—
tbe ii'iuple walls coversd with idol
images and tbe worship of A.i.iniB in
progress at the very altar of God. No
wonder tbat be next sees live coals
scattered over the devoted city by the
hands of cherubim. The forceful book
closes-with a' description of the City of
God so glorious as to make tbe writing
tho Apocalypse of tbo Old Testament.
. . . Tbe Jews put Exekiel along
with the first part of Genesis
and tho Canticles—calling thorn "the
Treasures "—and directing tbat thoy
sli mil il not be read bofore one's
thirtieth year. Tbis is manifestly a
mistake Eiekiel in bis liveliness and
picturciuueuois especially appeals to
youth. As a piece of literature, bo
makes for the best.form of expression.
But more tban tbat, be is a quickouor
of patriotism. His spiritual meanings
also arc clear and appicablo to our day.
lie puts a supreme omphasi* on the
spirituality of worship and tbo doctrine
ef a new heart. Ills wholo book
reaches its glorious and golden climax
when bo cries, as if be was God's own
voice, "Then will I spriuklo elcau water on ypul"
Kapbaol, with tho daring of his
genius, attempts to picture the ineffable
scene—Exekiel'« vision ef God. Tbat
diminutive painting in tbe Pitti Palace
was, from its very subject, predestined
to failure, although it is a majestic
hand-breadth of canvas. . . Exekiel's
style is marked by sublimity—pathos,
beauty and melody. Ho has been
likened tewEtchylus, Dante aod Milton.
His description of tho sack of Tyro
undor tbe figure of the wreck of a
merchantman witb goodly cargo is unsurpassed. Tho lumen! ul inns of Israel's
princes in tbe parable of tbe Lion's
Whelps makes an elegy of melting tenderness. , . Exekiel is a treasury of
ethnology, objects, manners, custorac of
extinct nations are here preserved as in
a cabinet. . . Tbe sensitive-plate of
the prophet's genius caught those
weird bas-reliefs of composite and
symbolic animals, and tbe gigantic
character and proportions of Babylonian
architecture. . . The prophet's prim
ary meaning is one, of course, for the
Hebrew peoplo. They are shown bow
tbe chastening of the exile is to rid
them of idolatry and produce tbe fruit*
of righteousness. . . But there is a
larger messing—depth below depth in
tb* prophet. Hi* li * message to the
human raca u well as te the Hebrew
race.   It* term* are far too large fori
the Jew) to exhaust.   Exekiel's js a
call of i|| humanity to spirituality I
Petpr was dean pf tho apostles in
age, but seemed at start least mature
pf al). 9t mu vacillation'» vory so|f.
He neutralized his glorious "con-
fession" by deprecating Jesus'' way of
Saving men. Ho walked on tho water,
but be I'uni; in it. Ho protested be
would never desert, but lm was first to
do so. H* defended Jesus with a sword,
but denied Him with an oath. Yet tbp
matter knew the possibilities of pbar-
acter in His shifting disciple when Ho
named bim "tbe Bock." In tbo end
C*ter justified abundantly tbe prophecy
of bis name. He is an admirable proof
tnd example of tbe development in
human character. None should ever bo
despaired pf; all should seok liko Poter
—to attain tho full stature—the consummate strength of moral life.
Conservatives Notr.
Just te prove to you that we brush
aside all competition we bavo a sulo ul
brooms, reg. 40c. to be sold. at 16c.
each this week. Hurry pp. S. i\.i-
cbie, the Uptodato Grocer. 33ti Io litlil
First Street east.
New Westminster Land Districl District nl North Vanoouver. TAKE
NOTICE that we. II. Gladwin and A.
C. Gladwin ol Norlb Vancouver, occupation, retired, intend to upply (or
pormiuion lo louse tbe lollowmg tic
scribed stream, known aa I.vnni'ieik,
commencing at a poat planted ut Ibo
N. W. corner of tbe old wooden bridge
croisiug said stream, tbenco nortb,
following bed of at ream to a p. ml
planted 1.000 leet north ni Keith
Boad, stool bridge, lor tbo purpose ol
obtaining rock, gravel and mud lor
building and other purposes.
Dated Aug. 7th, 1911. 8 10
His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor
in Council baa boon pleased to appoint
tbe Hoopurablo Albert Edward Mc
Phillips, K. C, President of the Executive Council; tho Honourable Price
Ellison, Minister of Finance; Charles
Honry Lugriu, of tho City of Victoria,
Esquire; and William Harold Mnll.ni.
of the City of Vancouver, Esquire, to
lie Commissioners under tho "Public
Inquiries Act" for tho purposo of enquiring into and reporting upon the
operation of .tbo "Assessment Act.
lliu.')'," with respect to its practical
bearing* pn the financial requirements
of the Province.
Tbo said Commissioners will bold
their meetings on the dates and at the
places mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Victoria, at tho Exceutlvo Council
Chamber, Parliament Buildings, Mm.
day and Tuesday, 2Glk and I'lith
s.-pii'inlier. at 10 a. in. At the Court
House or the Government Office at the
following place*:—
Nanaimo, Wednesday «ud Thursday,
27tb and S8tb September.
Vancouver, Friday and Saturday,
.iiiiii and 30th Scptcmbor.
New Westmlnsler. Monday, 2nd Oc
Rovclstoke, Wednesday, lib October.
Golden, Thursday, Gtb October.
Cranbrppk, Saturday, 7th October.
Fernio, Monday, nth October.
Nelson, Wednesday, llth October.
ltostland, Thursday, I'.'th October.
Grand Forks, Friday, l.iili Octobor.
Princeton, Saturday, Htb Octobor.
Merrill, Monday, 10th October.
Kamloops, Tuesday, 17th October.
Suniinerlainl, Thursday, llllli October.
Peoticton, Friday, SOtli October.
Kelowna, Saturday, 21st October.
Vernon, Monday, 23rd Octobor.
It is requested that all persons who
aro interested in the matter aforesaid,
and wbo desiro to bo beard, will uot
ftil to bo present at tho meeting* of
tbe Commissioners..
Treaiury Department,
.Uth September, lllll. 2310
' ■ i i.i  i i       i,
300 Feet pf Waterfrontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Term* to mit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St
Builders and Contractors
All new houses should be  ►
piped for gas in order lo
rave the'heavy expenditure
for this convenience at a
later date. i
'-. .'      W   '        "      I'     I    "■
"■111    I       ,     II
Half Price Sale
In Prder to ff)»|te a complete clpan-up pf all wirier
lines and thus make room for the new fall order? already
invoiced, we will «ell fpr Mf price the undermentioned
' $5.00 Ladies' Wash Suit*, white and polors, sale $2.50
$7.50 Ladies' Wash SuiU, white and colors, sale $3.75
Sizes 34,36 and 38 only.
Boy's and Girl's Summer Hats, regular price 25c to
$100; sale    HAW PRICE
Lacjies' Lawn Waists, slightly soiled; a large variety ol
patterns; .... HAl| PRICE
Ladies' and Girl's Parasols, hanging Irom 25c in Girl's and
$100 in Ladies'  sale HALF PRICE
Boy's Wash Sub, sale THIRD OFF
Gent's Straw Hats HALF PRICE
Gent! Summer VesU   HALF PRICE
i vrivis.
Percy S. Howard H. J. Ferriu
Cily Auditor.
luditw    mul Accountant*
625 Pender St. W.      P. 0. Box W3J
I'houo 8837 1'hiino 183.
Vancouver      Norlh Vancouver
nn i i inns  nn riini..
It in-■ i talili'* mul i-ni'i in tlie Cily
Tlm New Block on I.onadalo Avenue
near tbo Ferry Approach   .
wa* built by
General Contractor*
Contractor*   for   r>" ii.i'i.r.-.'.i   concrete
construction.    Sewering  in  all  its
bruin Iil'h;  house couuodious a spo-
rilllly.       I-    all       I'uilii-li,-I
Ofllee: UU i.-I. .inls Ave.       i'ii..in- Soli
111   11 l.sillTIl-..
Pioneer lioriciboer — Carriage Work*
iinin,s AMI sn hum n,
Booksellers and Stationers
Cur. I mi -.l.ii. ■ and lat.        Phono Ui
I.M'IIITs.l   IM)  IMI.I. VI.it
Proinpl     Scrvice—Modc'ruto   Charges
Phono Tl
mil  Mill
The Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, Ice Cream,
Soil Drink*. Fountain Drink*, Tobacco
Light Lunelle*, Fruit
Lonidale nnd 61b Pbone 318
li  I      HI    H  I  lis
Wholesalers „nd Retailers o! Pur* lee
Ice (or lamily uie
Pressed Brick Muntles a Specialty.
Phono I.N:'
Building Contractors
Brick and concrete work. II,,me:.
Bungaliiws, etc. a spccislty. Plans
submitted, estimates, "li Lonsiiu'o.
Bos No. tlii.
1III.I.IMTII1. /~±^\
Up-to-date Milliuory
Modortac Rates
Keith Block    93 Lonsdale Ave.
MU    I 11 Ills.
Saw Filer and Grinder. All kinds ol
hand, cross cut and buck saws sot
aud filed at shortest notice. 11 Lonsdale Avcnuo, North Vancouver.
High-class Ladies' and Gent's Tailoring
Phone 207
lllll    I   M.IMT.IIS.
A.M.I.E. k S.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specification*. Septic tank* and
bouio drailiago a specially. P. 0.
Boi S<4, llitli itreet west ul ilgwicko
V M :-i..,i|. snnl B !., Siu.l lum
Mun Knu Klc. .Irclil anil Civil Kn-
glnter. Plan*, elevations, sectluns.
report*. suicHlcuili,na, eitlniuli'i, ele.,
lm nil iTu»lcl ill work. Treeing* Him-
Print*, Mm, Mi.uiiiIuk 127 Lower
I,, ill    ii.i.i.i   Must. North  Vancouver.
Frcib and Smoked Fiib
Livt and Brewed Poultry
Vegetables Dclivsry Iwics daily
Phoa* 240 '     131 Firit Str**t
II J 11.11.11 Mill 11-.
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
I.onidal* and Kuilasad*
Mli Street E. (adjoining west of Boulevard) North yancouver
First class   work only.    Allies' own
...,-ii it in I- mado up. T bono
n:n in.us IHIKK ).
Specialty i Children^ lesion* at own
home.   I runs, etc., apply General
eva a. Mcdonald
For terms, etc., apply Monday
and Thursday.  .
W* Tri.1* «l. K.
ri....... IH.
I* your walcbutopping or going irregularly I Sat
The Norlb Vaacouvsr Eipert
and pioneer Jewollor
60 Ijonsdal* Avsnu*
tfjj Recognizing the »uperior quality of the
7J| Cake*.and Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce ii Co., 135 Lonidale, we beg to
adviie customers that our driven will be glad
to accept orders for ume and give prompt
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread
5c per loaf.
Chas. M.Kitaon, Manager , ,         • ,  ,  | THE IXFim NORTH VANEQUVlft, g, Q,
wara vmoum wrww mmmi
Publlslied T-wduy* »»d ftlApyi by Upttb ohatt Press, Winitad.
Rites pt Siib8cript|o»^-O»ii ye»r, *1.Q0. Six month*, Ma. Throe months, itt,
United SthtM »nd Foreign, W.00 per y«r.
Aivertliliw Rate* WW Ut (Ji-W w Awlle»tt*)t,
, Mr. A,' Wnllnpe, pf W»H»w. WApyOfAa
Wd„ this eify, is at present eonniwd
to Hw!city hpspim, V»HPP«ver, where
he successfully iirwlerwiint nn ppeprfipn
OO Saturday last. Mr. Wallace is
making eifoellenl progress toward recovery and it ie expected that he will
tie iililn In leave the hospitn) mum.
The Kinross is devoted tp th* interests of the North Shorn nf Burrsrd Inlet
excluuivoly. It constitutes nn adviirtising mailiiiin of exceptional value for
rebelling in a thorough nnd effective mannor tbe population of North Vancouver
City and District.  Every effort is mads tn give advertiser* the most Mtitfsctory
AH change* in contract advertisements should bn in th* printer*' baud* not
later than 10 a. m. Monday nnd 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure Insertion in the
following issue.
North Vancouvtr, B. 0,.
B.pt*mb*r 88,  1011,
During the past few days developments have taken place which have
Bgain revived interest ill two issues of
the utmost moment to tbe port of
Vancouver and iu which Nortb Vuncouver is vitally interestsd, namely
tbe project of tho early const ruction
of a Hue of railway from Burrard Inlet
to Fort George, tbe gateway to tlie
great Peace River country and the
proposition that some" feasible means
be found for tbe nationalization of
Hurrard Inlet as a harbor.
Tin- Ant mentioned undertaking is
one with which residents of North
Vancouver bave long been familiar
ami of whose great importance frqm
the standpoint of the Port of Vaueouver in general and of Nortli Vancouver iu particular, all welUiuformei
citueus aro anil bave I ecu for yean
past, fully convinced. The great
aroa of the country to he reached, tbe
varied nature of tbe vast resources with
wbicb thai countrv is endowed ami the
incalculable possibilities . of tbat section of tlie province for tbe 'Tuition
of in alii, and tlie iicvclopment of Ii.i
Ibe all conjoin* to demonstrate beyond
cavil Ibe imperative necessity of establishing Ihe very be*t pouibl.'transportation facilities, between that com
try nn.I Hurrard Inlet. Those citir.ous
of Nortb Vancouver who lake au active interest iu matters of public nm
in.ni have persistently endcavorud at
every - opportunity fur years pant to
impress upon the mind of the (labile
ou both sides of the inlet, * due realisation of tlie supreme importance of
tbis projected Hue of railway, but
presumably because the Nortb Shore
happened to lie tbe *m*ller commuuity
Hie agitation did uot meet witb any
material encouragement with tb* re
•ult iimt Ibe proposition lias been beld
in abeyance while precious time ba*
been lost md tbere i* ground for the
fear that a rare opportunity ba* been
siirrilin'il which si best can but be
partly regained.
The .Tiiislrucliuii of the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway Introduced a new factor min tbe situation by ushering into Hie aroua a strong and alert rival
lo Vancouver for possession of the
trado from tbi* extremely valuable
section of Uritiab (,'olumbis, namely,
I in,.a,i,in. Alberta. The eitent to
..lm li Hist city, by energetic motbods,
ban succeeded In making it**lf tbs
lm-.- of supply for tbis country I* it
ba* opened up, bu finally aroused in
ilu. niinl circle* in tbe city of Vancouver to a realisation of the fact that
if this iiniii.Tiscly valuable appanage
is not to be permanently lost, iu large
measure lo ibe Vielte roast city,
prompt tnd energetic measure* must
b« lakru to connect Vancouvar by
means of a line of railway witb Fort
George, which is tha immediate centre
jot thai country. The movement wbicb
lm" developed is being energetically
prosecuted *ud steadily gains strength
and influence. Needle** to say, tbat
Ibe entire Nortb Shore will be ready
at all lime* lo lend every possible aa
sislaii.-c to Ibis project, for it is cou-
"•il.'.l without qtwilion tbat any line
of railway which may bt built for tbe
purpose would flrst reach Burrard Inlet
at Nortb Vancouver. w
The terend project, namely tbe for
initiation of a comprehensive harbor
scheme ler the port of Vancouver ba*
bus revived in thl* Instance from a
sourct which give* encouragement to
believe tint fcagJW* remit* will ultimately follow, ninety th* Harbor Improvement* Commitlit of th* Board of
Aldtrmw el tin eity tl Vawow**.
fhfl fat li/mMt mm tnetarptog
*WWb tMpam Mm tt North Vm-
*^T"ffF    mw9*T    wmiWW      ^^w    wmprnWrn   fMwW,
which tbey bave consistently striven
to keep alive, notwithstanding repeated discouragements, maintaining under
all circumstances the Arm conviction,
tbat a matter such as this, of supreme
moment to not only the Port of Vancouver but of very great moment tn
tba entire Dominion inasmuch as Van-
coin-,ir is and over will be Canada's
great PaciAc port, could not rest until
some adequate solution of the problem
bad been  found
There is one fundamental conclusion
witb reference to a harbor scheme
which may be said to have become
Axed in the minds of those who have
been most intimately associated with
thia movement, namely that any
scheme which is destined to survive
must avoid  tbe  error of attempting
tOO   nun II
Tbere are two important particulars
iu which tbis principle applies. Tbe
flrst is that however extended the
bounds of such a scheme may ultimately become, it should be clearly recognized that initial operations shall
be cinflnc.l In Burrard Inlet in the development of tbe auperb advantages
with which tbe Inlet has beeu endowed
by nature, ami tbat expenditures up
ou the creation of additional harbor
by artificial means should not be un
lertaken until the utmost lm been
made of Burrard Inlet.
The Inlet is gsueraily conceded to
be one of tbe greatest natural harbors
in the world and inasmuch a* it is of
very large proportions, it affords ample accommodation upon au economical
liii'H-i of harbor improvement for the
requirementa of tbe port for *ome time
to come, for wbicb reason any large
expenditure* for the creation of au ar
iiti.-inl harbor elsewhere would bo uu
called for.
Tbe secoud consideration is tbat
any feasible scheme for the,improve
ment of Hurrard Inlet as a harbor must
make provision for the incorporation
of private enterprise in its general
plan. The expropriation of any large
tracts of wtlerfroiitagc upon
snulh shore is impossible and although
the north shore present* much better
opportunities in tbis respect, the ml
visability of any wholesale expropriation of waterfrontage is not favored
for two reasons. First, because the
price of sucb property bu attained
■uch a high Agure that any extensive
expropriation would Involve tbe ex
pendltura of huge sums, tbe effect of
which would bs to nereasitate high
charge* wbicb would prove detriment
«l to the popularity of tbe port and
lecondly, becau** tbere are many pri
vate owners wbo would be prejiarcd
to develop their waterfrontage upon
a *cal* of considerable magnitude and
io strict conformity witb any provi
•ion* which might be enacted for the
control of lucb cue*. Tbe scheme,
therefore, which bu of late found fa
vor' oo tbe North Shore is one tbat
would combine national or municipal
development witb the operation* of
private anterpriie.
The quest iou i* a broad one and one
which Will develop difficulties when an
effort i* made to reduce theorist to
practice, but it is one which i* by
no mean* impossible of solution and
it ia lo be hoped tbat thi* latest move
Bitot will not (Mat until thi* exceed
ingly important matter ha* been sue
cetsfully arranged.
NOTICE I* hereby given that application will lie made to the rncliu
niinl of I'aiijiiin nt the preeent session
thereof for nn net to Incorporate a
coiniiuny under the name of the North
Arm Hi Min- & KiiHwti! iTiiiiiiiuiy. with
power to lay out. construct, opei-utc,
maintain uml use a liiloVc across tbe
Nortli Arm of Burrard Inlet from a
point on the seashore commonly known
aa Die Turtle's Hen.1 to a inilm on Ibe
west shore of Lot ■"• vi.. directly north of
the Isliiml known as White Rock. Such
bridge to be both i.n- fool nnsaenarera,
carnau-es. street railway and railway
purposes with the necossary ' ap.
broaches, ami with power to connect
tho suld iirhii-.i- with existing and
future lines of street rnilwuy and runway and for the purpose* of connecting
with the suld street rullways um) railways to luy out, construct, and operate ope or moro lines of rlllwuya
not exceeding ten miles in length.
And with power in construct, equip,
maintain and operate a line or lines
of railway from tome point on l.nl 256
at the end of the Canadian Paclfle
Railway Company's branch . line from
Port Moody, uml following the norlh
shore of Burrard Inlet to a point In
the Cily of North Vancouver or lo
connect with uny railway that is or
may be constructed on the north
almre of. Bui-1-ar.l Inlet.
And for the purposes of Its undertaking tn ...iiuii.- und develop water,
electric or other power or energy, and
to erect lines for tile transmission of
the same and to transmit and deliver
Ihe same to uny pluce In the Cities or
municipalities through which the
works of the company ure authorized
lo be iiiiiii.i.nii to receive, truneform.
Iruiismli. dlsli'llintu and supply such
power or energy In uny form and to
dispose of the  i Ins thereof, and to
collect rate* nnd charges therefor.
II Is Intended that the work* of the
sain company sliull lie declared to he
for the iii-ii. i.t mlviiiiliige of Cunuda
Vlclorlu. 8. C.
,:. h. ii..i   for the Applicants.
Dated  nt   Vlclorlu  this  89th  day  of
May. 1911. 20-10
Mr. W. I, trwin at Uudiit Av*,
hu filed* «ew »*t at pUuat th* building ImpMlor'» otkee tot th* thaatr*
wbirh 1* being bu)Jt on I.onidal( Ay*.
«nd wbifh will new teat IZO/m. Hy
this satarprit* * moving picture iliuw
i* b*ing tofaad mto t irst clu* op»ra
ham which wHl equal any on th, p».
House Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
A* Ihe main drulnuge system I* *p-
pruaeliing completion we lieg to notify
properly owner* Ihut wo are making
arrangonients to undertake tlio aewer
connections ou tlio various private
properties at a reasonable cost to all
those who desire to avail thoraeclvee
of early drainage facilities. Having
carried out the main drainago system
lor the city council and having the
necessary plant nnd (killed labor
available we aro in an exceptionally
favorable position to curry, out the
private house drainago at a moderate
cost to property owners and we shall
lm pleased to furnish estimates nnd
plans il necessary to carrying out this
most essential work in accordance witb
the city regulations nnd on most up-
to-date principles of modern sanitation.
Second St tnd Mahon Av*
PHONE 379.
1 idsaUSo Journal.   Tarina Of
i pu, pwu«« |ii«i»iii. tm ty
I'll     I .1 .1    I"   .11 I.l
inert of Mouufftduren,
hu ttsfUyt the fcrlvittbil-
' 4JRiiiC» trniiiacleai
free.  ClurgM
House jni Lot on Keith Road,
facing south, $2625 on terms,
North Vancouver. 0. C.
Martin Senour
100 per cent. Pure Paint
for the Outside
International Varnish Co.'s
 .1 .iimi i u 1    i'
Varnishes, Stains and Enamels
m^nnmmmmnnlmnmnnmn.»——*—.■ »l   i      !    11      I .11.
Inside .
Will give you results that will please you for yeart longer
than any other makes on the market and the fint coat
il loweit. Come in and let us prove thii.
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
90 Lonsdale Ave,, North Vaneouver
Sole Agents for
EDGE TOOLS AND FILES.     it.    .:     11
50 Feet on Nye St
Special Price for Cash
On Macadamized portion
213 Lonadale Ave. T.-l. 47
Cor. Nyt St. Tel. 87
Two Good Buys in House Property
19th Street—Close to Lonsdale Avenue, modern house, 5
rooms and modern conveniences, for $2,400; $500
cash, balance to arrange.
13th Street—First block from Lonsdale Avenue, good
house, 5 rooms, on 60 ft. lot, facing south. This is a
snap at $3,150; $1,150 cash, balance $20 per mould.
■________-___—-•.i _._______-__——_,    m      -.,._.,■_•, «.„..,,..-._
For further particulars of above
and other House Property, see
15 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 70. P. O. Box 1816
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
m Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
ralu to families and to regular boarders.
Millinery Parlor
Masonic Temple Building,
North Vancouver. Mrs. F. Ber-
ryman, Proprietress. Just opened
with new stock comprising full
range of Fall Millinery. Inspection cordially invited.
Wo tlm umlorslitiioil hereby (jive
mil H i i im Hr. Alexander Ikll, of tlio
Oity of Nortli Vancouvor, 11. (!., has
withdrawn from partnership .villi the
firm of d. (I. Wi.ll.. r k Co., real estate
Sgoiit*, of tlio Hiiiil (lit)' of North Vancouver, ami will, in I'lituii', lum' no
connection with tho business of ten,
saiil llrin,
(Signed)    0. tl. WALKER.
133 6th Street Bast North Vapcouvar
Pbone 373
Room* 10 and 11, Pander CbamUra.
hii Pender Street W.    Plume 3461
and Lonsdale Avo., North Vanoouver
Residence, cor. Lonadalt   Avo.   and
33nd street, Norlh Vancouver.
Loam, Invcatincnlt and Insurance.
Room 307, 533 (Irunvillu St,, Vancuuvor, II. ('. Pbone f'Mli. Und llexis
try work a sjiecially.
Paper the World
10,000 mills of dry fir wood for Quick
sale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches. $3.00,
12 inches, $3.25.   C. O. D.
Office and Yard — 14lli and Lonsdale
Phone 190.     P. O. Box 2432.
F.xperl on Fireplaces and All Classes
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth Si. and Mahon Ave.
(rom our •tuck ul now Wall Paper*
•0 it *ecma.   Every day soms new
il.nign  arrive* to fill   tbt vacancy ,   '
of I lime cloned out.
Handsome Wall Papers
ars hero in ondlos* variety.    Jutt      *
loll  our aiilraiiinii  lor what room
you want (ho paper and be   will
•bow you just lb* patttrn you an
looking (or.
i* * plea-
To  chooa* Iron our ilock
•ur*, to pay our price I* ***y.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lonsdale ivmii* Ph.** Wl
50x157 ft on 15th Street,
we«t of Boulevard and lying
high »nd dry, a bargain, at   62 Lomdale Ave. K*T
W50, on terms. NORTH. VANCOUVER
Martinson & Co.
—■ \ Liverpool to Lonsdale
(Ooiitlnuerl from page two)
for al| ti|| tin great ship bad covered
it* appointed course ami waa safely
berthed at Montreal f
If it were not for the eternal problem of mat de mar, crossing tbe Atlantic it would be one of tbe roust perfect luxuries of lifo. An ocean liuer
can never, however, be Elysoum so
Song as tbat diabolical affliction lays
hands on either one's self or one's
shipmates. There was a comparatively docile sea on tbe first day of our
crossing, but nevertheless a quite surprising number of passengers . were
cabin-hound before tbo eud of the first
hour. One pitiable creature tucked
himself into his bunk as soon as he
had ferreted out his quarters, tbat being bis only means of avoiding tho
plaguing malady. Others wandered
* ihjfut tbe deck patietitly awaiting
bojiu;  inward  heralding of  its    ap-
preach. Many "lid their Idiotic bwt
to accelerate tbe symptoms by convening together and discussing tbe various
forms and features of sea-sickness.
There was the usual brigade pf
"comforters" each w'0> nn |rfit»t-
ingly cheerful smile and an unpardou-
ably strong cigar. "Tbii," said one
|iea)tby looking brute, looking affectionately at the rolling waters „Why
this is nothingl" He toO'toi tilt
arm of bis stricken neighbor. "Vol
should have been on thii 'kip two
trips ago. We rolled to angles of
forty live hoth ways—backwards and
forwards, two and fro, thus I The
plate racks were never off the saloon
tHide the whole trip, ft was gr-r-andl
Going b'lpwl Hear me, bow annoying.
tiee you again presently."
I bad uoticed at the commencement
of tho voyage three smart ladies, exuding self-satisfaction at every pore,
tbeir cheeks rosy beyond tbe limits
of nature, tboir bats Parisienne   and
Ratepayers' Meeting
i u   '    '..   i 11 i     i   ii-
The Ratepayers' Association will
open the season of 19) 1-1912 with a
meeting in the City Hall on Friday,
September 29th, at 8 p.m.
Special Business, Discussion of the
Loan By-Laws to be voted on Oct. 7 th.
All citizens are invited to attend and
express their views.
Ibe electric  coffee  \,er
EL 8T0V0
the disc on which Ihe
electric current will do
your cooking!
the immersion beater
for boiling wator quick-
Klcctric Iron, the indispensable convenience for
ironing dayf
El  Stovo,   tht  Handy
Electric Heating Disc.
Drop in al our office at 50 Lonsdale Avenue and aee how
your kitchen caret may be lightened by the use of these invention!.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary   Electric   Light   Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Messrs. D. B. Watt & Co.
beg to auuouuc* that tluy hav* bought
th* business of ths SCOTCH BAKEBY
formtrly carried on by Bruc* k Oo. at
13* Lotudale Av*. Th*y intend making great lmprovcm*nt» and ut ox
tending th* premUe* io thit they will
lit more able te further Inert*** th*
growing busln***. It 1* to b* their
aim and determination to continue to
manufacture tht highwt grtd* of good*
which already ar* famed for quality,
aad by strict adhtronce to business and
careful attention to cu»tom*r» thty
truit to maintain tut patron*** of tbt
former patrons and solicit ths favors
of many new ont*. Th»y ar* nuan-
tim* considering a dtlivtry lyittm. but
eJl ordors left to be deliver*! will be
promptly attended te.
Thay ars prepared to cater for
dancst, private parties or any »ucb so
clal functions.
For quality of goods—the Uat word
In purity and deaaliiu**- <YOU CAN'T
Horn* mad* aaa hand-mads bread,
scones and oat cakes, fancy cakes and
confection*. Brown bread a specialty.
Wedding cake* at rttaonabl* price*.
D. B. WATT k Co.
the mmm. mm Vancouver, b- e-
greatly befeatlierei|( their gowns ho-
witching and needles tp add, rifting to
a nicety. Being Interested, in these
society dames, I sauntered about in
search Ot t^amtVP. morning* later.
(In |he upper 'leek l found them. But
where, pi, wljefe, wus tbe elegance,
the rosjness, tbe self ;satls' action t
Those throe leaders of fashion, as 1
suddenly came across tbem, woro lying
full length op tlirou ship's chairs.
Tbey were swathed like Egyptian
mummies in multi-colored travelling
rugs, *haw|s round tbeir bead* in imitation pf a Lancashire factory girl.
Only their eyes were visible uml they
lacked lustre. Beside tbem lay iimgu-
sipes (peevishly discarded) spelling
salts, *kl volatile and cups of tea (half
sipped). The husband of one of them
sat gloomily in tbe fourth chair. As
( passed be rose, angering his cigar
"I'll go and have a few minutes'in
tbe smoke room, dear," bo murmured
tentatively. One of tbe mummies
came momentarily to life,
"Not yet, Qeorge," *he said, sopul-
chrally. "t shall want your arm pro-
sently. And don't smoke, please. The
fumes would almost finish us off."
1 glanced at Qeorge. For a fow
seconds bo was tempted to smoke, perhaps on tho strongth of the possible
accuracy of the mummy's last remurk
But the true Briton rose uppermost
and he |f!it away Irts cigar case.
1 wandered ou, wondoriug .whethor
be would ever stand on his own hearthrug and say '*By James, ycsl We
had a glorious time oii board I "i or
whether he would dare to contradict
bis wifo when she said sol
(To be continued)
Lynn Valley Notes
(Bxpres* special correspondent)
Mr. 8. A lima ii. Centre south, is again
sblo to bo around after his accident to
his foot.
Mr. Fletcher of Nortli Vancouver
ha* opened a store in Ihe Valley, cor.
of Church and car Hue.
Under the care of Dr. Vomer Mr.
Wm. Magcunis is slowly recovering
from his acrious mishap.
Mrs. H. Douglas, who had Ihe mi«
fortune to poison her hand, is recover
Five stores aro doing business in
different parts of tbe Valley.
Mr. Sam. Prober! 's now store uml
pool room conibiuod is uow open.
Mr*. Bobt. Millar, Bico Uke, re
turned laat Wednesday from tbe old
country tiler spending a very pleas
ant sojourn among friends.
Beat estate in l.ynn Valley is again
very active. Land clearing i* in evi
deuce in all parts which is usually followed by Ihe building of houses.
The new school in the Valley is pre
grcssing satisfactorily. A grand eclo-
bration is uudcr way for the opening.
The Methodist Udics' Aid will
meet at the home of Mrs. C. Allen.
I'.I.r Boad, next Tuesday, Oct. .'Ini,
at 8.30 |..m
Humbiy last saw large crowds vis
it Lynn Valley. Only one car was in
commission which was overtaxed.
I'laus arc bciug drawn by Mr. Dun
can, Centre Boad, for a fine house In
be built nn Fromme Boad for Mr.
Bobt. Chance.
Mrs. Bobt. Harvey, Vancouver, i»
visiting her mother, Lynn Valley.
Mr. Frank Underwood is clearing a
part of hi* properly on Underwood
Ave. before building.
Mr. Bobt. Magcoiiis sold his wagon
aud horse to Mr. Banlian who will use
tbem in bis business.
Mr. Lamb, rep. of Merchant Trust,
reports a number of good sales in and
around  tbe  Valley.
Mr. Duncan is preparing plans fur
Aid. Campbell's new bouse, Lynn Vol
Mr*. Ii. Douglas, Lynn Valley, leaves
for New Westminster uext week to
judge all Ibe laides' work etc. shown
al tbe fair.
Mrs. Farrar's eldest daughter, Kvon,
ba* bcon confined to ber borne wilb •
seu-ie cold. Friends ur,- pleased tu
know she is progressing rapidly.
Nu'lcsi tban ten new families from
different parts have settled in hemes
near the end of the present ear line
in tbe Valley.
Sunday-) afternpon last some boys
playing around tho rock quarry started one of the cars down the incline.
The car travelled al a rapid rule uutil
it struck tbo bunker With more or
lew damaged the car.
(Alao on page nven)
C, 0. W. 0. w.
Lonsdale Camp 2%, pi the tiiW
Ordor held a *ucce*siul mooting Hun-
day evening in the K. ..I 1'. ball.
Altor the usual business they gave a
welcome gbcial lo Mi. and Mr*, 'lii
mour wbo wore married that altcrnoon
Supper wat nerved under the super
vi*ion ol Mr*. 9. ,!. Fowler and tin.
.1. Hoberlaon, alter which dancing wa*
indulged if.
Dr. 0. SUaoy of Cornwall, Ontario,
wfco ha* boon vrnting Io (hi* city lor
■orne week*, took hu departure Inr
the ewt on Monday. Dr. Steacy ia
lather of Mrs. (Dr.) Martin and broth* of Mr. A. fi. Steacy of thi* oity.
District Council Meets
At yeBterdqy's (peetipg. p! the District Council, the clork read, a letter
from Messrs. Fillimpro k Todriok, sq-
licilora for Mr. II. II. Smith, mipur-
intendeuf of wprke, cppip|aiplng o| tho
"impossible pondilion" under which he
was now working, because of ihe ''pe-
eiiliur iillilmli! assumed by ypur engineer, Mr. Cosgroyp." According to
Mr. Siniili, matters bar) beep unsatisfactory for some lime, Jmj lliul uuiiti
ing they reached tlie climax when Mr.
Cosgrovo attempted to reduce Smith
from his position us supurintendept to
that of (ill-emun. Mt. Smith hud consistently endeavored to avoid friction
wilh Mr. Cnsgrove and at tho same
time to obey Mr. Cosgrovo'a ordor*.
The council resolved that Mr. Smith
bo notified thnt the case would come
up nt the regular meeting on Thursday next.
A letter, signed (I, Wooton, wa* read
asking ou behulf of the Capilano gang
that the council would receive u deputation to enquire into certain grievances. *
On the million of Councillor Allan,
ii wus decided lhal 0 small deputation lie received at tho cnginoer's officii nt two o'clock on-Saturday next.
Ferry Directors
Tho reguliir mooting ol tho ferry directors took plan yesterday afternoon
Mayor McNeish presiding. Some discussion wugc.1 lound a long-delayed
bill of ilu Wallace Shipyard*, amounting to slnlil.N'i, and in this connection il wus resolved to defer the mutter until tlie directors' next meeting,
to hear the manager's report relating
to the bill.
The liiinnciiil reporl und tho report
of the diru'loru were submitted, aud
will lie sent to the city council. The
Iprraer showed thut during the laat 'Si
months, the lime during which the
ferry bus been opcrutcd by the city,
the net profit* umounled lo 118,917.
A certain ninount ol minor routine
business wus transuded after which
Ilie Dueling terminated.
(iii.MOlilt - BENSON
'ihe wedding took place on Monduy
ulieiiiiiiiii in St. Thumu*' church, in
North l.onsdule, of Mr. Archibuld C.
1 uliiiinn . formerly uf Scotland, now of
this cily uud Mis* Catherine Uenaon,
ol Il1111n1.il, Scotland, I In- Uov. I-. T.
llott.. officiated. Mr. Wm. Oilmour,
brother of the groom wuilod 011 bis
brother and Miss Dolly Fowler was
bridesmaid. Then.' were alao present
Mi. Wallet Illinium, brother of tlie
groom, und Mrs. ,1. (uul. The bride
I,a.I,nl very dainty in while silk with
white crinoline and tulle hat. The
bridesmaid wore pale blue silk with
hut en suili.'. Both curried lovely
bouquets of while und purple |h)Iiiii!us
After the ceremony Ihe parly drove
Oi the home of Mrs. Cunt, ilml itreet
west, wbote Ilny hml leu Mr. nnd
Mrs. Oilmour will reside in Iheir new
home, 'lind street west, this cily.
ling "in
Sewor Connections
PUBLIO NOTICF, is hereby given
that nil owners of real property front
ing ur abutting upon a street or lane
in which or under which a main ur
iTiuiiuen sewer is laid are hereby le
quired lo council any building or pre
piii.es upon such nrupeily wilh sucli
main or couuneu sewer.
I', mui- may be oiitanie.l from lie
Plumbing lin-po Iot al his office al Ibe
t'ily Mall between the hours of 9 a,
ui. ilml 10 a.m. and I p.m. aud 1 pjn.
The following regulation* govern tbe
construction of house or bull
iicctions wilh sewers:
No house sewer pipe shall bave a
less fall tbau J to In, unless special
permission ia granted In writing by
Hit Council. Said pipes between the
irun pipe, to the .connection of the
public sewer lo be of the beat quality
standard salt glazed vitrified clay ee
wer pipe, and shall have * diameter of
not less than I inches. All pipe* thill
be sound ami well burned throughout
Iheir thickness, impervious to mois
lure, wilh a rlear ring, sftioolh aud
well glared on interior and exterior
surface, free from <l»ws, cracks, litis
lers, lire checks or other imperfections.
The pipes D—si be so Isid In the
trench lhal after the newer is compict
ed, the interior surface thereof, shall
be to a true and even grade.
111 making the joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped iu c*
ment gmul, must first be used ami
parked into place. The joints shall
afterward* be lightly itkekid lull and
bevelled off with mortar, composed of
one part by volume of mpfavti I'ort
land cement lo one part liy volume of
approved send.
All joint* 'ball be m*il* water light,
su tbat they will stand a bead of 10
fee! of waler, wheo )«»led by the
I'luinblnii Inspector a! the owner'*,
plumber s or contractor's expense.
by order of Ihe Council:
Ciij OUrk. ,.li
-"       ■■     ■ .....  ■ ...    .!■■    '
The Bank of British North America
Capita) Paid Up, $4,866,666. Reserve Fund, $2,652,333
2 Offices in North Vsncouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.
Interesl allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Order* issued.
We liavi: a (ew lots for sale close to Lonsdale Avenue
Carl|ne in Ihe City. Prices $450 to $500 on very
easy terms. We Relieve these to be the cheapest lots
left in the vicinity of Lonsdale Ave. Call in and we
will show you over them.
The Nortb Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
Beat   Eatoto and  Financial Agent*.
Agreement* of Halo discounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
We solicit a trial hid on vour Orders small or large
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will taks deed of good building lot
a* caah payment on a 10 room house;
new; all modern. Eaay term* ou
TELEPHONE fjq. P. O. BOX 114
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Mauteli Made to Specification.   All Eitimato* Furnished Free.
We Can and Will Bav* You from 10 to 20 por cent, en All Faints, Oil*,
VaruUhe*. etc.
P. O. Boi 1987.    Offlc*   8. W. Corner Biplanad* and St. George's Av*.
Vancouver Bustoew Directory
|I9 Pender street, Vsncouver
Nortb Vtncouver
■ ATM.
Corner Homer and Pender SU
The only up-to-date and reliable batb houae in British Columbia,
Wi cure where othert (ail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower, baths, massage (or body, scalp and (see; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
SPROTT-SHAW lawuu College
lib Hastings St. f.
C.n*<*'« Or..i.»i Western Softool
R. J. Sprott, B.A., • -M<w*gef
lit Seymour a*,, VWM»?«
Day school open al) the year
round. Night Khool commences September tt#.
1.lllll Ills.
Groceries aud Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
ji6 Hastings St. (dowustairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
si mum ni nm mm
Sign aud Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Pons R317J
Yorkshire Guarantee It Securities
Corporation, United
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr HoulgaU - - - Manager
AH Nor- Vaacouvw p*opl* s#* Si
tfONABPf   .
KJUw Flaok Blot* et Haeliop St.,
opponU tin new post o»», .Uowrd
•ells bis tea b/ ~* pound.
r^ss^^sW^W^&^S^Swi^^S^^-: TNE BXFRE38, NORTH
in-law nm. im.
hv-i.jiw ta amble tm eupnintnn
It tkl llll  nf North Vaueouver
to mill bt tint etitm the nm
nt »iu,aM.uu for ickoqi purpose
WHEHEAS the Board ol Trustees
, Norlb Vuneuuver i.lty School Ills-
I let have prepared a detailed estimate
u! the sums renulred lo meet aneelul
o • oxiraurdlnury oxpon.es legally In-
c iirublu by Ilie H.iuril, which estimate
IS aa follower
Estimate of Special or Extraordinary Uapundlture—
I'nrchuso ofSuhuol sn,', Block
;  s, it. 1.. m iia,6oo
Expenses attenduiit upon pus-
:    suuo   of   this   Hy ii.w   "
'    .-...I.-  of .1.1,, in ui, is	
-AND WHEREAS the suld eatlinate
Was luld buforu Ihe C|ty CuupclJ and
duly . oiisldi ..-.I by the aaid Council,
und the suld sum ulmve m.-iitl..ii.-.l waa
IIpally rejected and disupproved by Ihe
said I'.jun.'il on Ihu seventh day ot
August,   lull.
ANIi WHEREAS the Mayor of the
e|iy bus since thl rejection and disapproval of the ...nd estimate, to-wlt:
u)i the thirtieth duy of August, lull.
r.eelved froin Ihe Secretary of Ihe
ssid Hoard of Sohurtl Trustees, a wrlt-
i,iii i, .in. M thai the said Muyor sub-
iillt for the ussent of the electors, In
Ibe uiunner prescribed by Sculluu (I
of Hie Municipal (,'luuses Act a Hs
law uulhurlslng the proposed expenditure unit If necessary tho raising of
Ihe moneys mquir.q to defray the
samu upon Ihe credit of Iho municipality.
AND WHEREAS It la necessary lhal
Ihe sold money he raised upon the
credit of Ih. municipality.
ANII WHEREAS the Council hus
.inn."ii.,.1 the suluulsslon of this Bylaw lo the oluelors.
AND WHKHKAS for Ihe puymenl of
iiii, ,. i on the debentures proposed lo
lit Issued under Mils Hy-law, and for
dealing h linking fund for the pay-
i.i of the suld ii. i • nun.I when due,
II     Hll
currency of suld deliei
IS he rulsed annually
of dealing a slnklni
.. Alll ho neceSBsry Ip raise hy spu-
eli.l rule In uddltlon lo all other rutes,
rich yeur ,iui In,- Ihe currency uf soch
debenturei the sum of 1(13.01, where-
of (iaii li is lo be rulsed annually for
He poyni.nl of Internal during the
■-' ol sold ilehcnliircs. und im; mi
_lly for the purpose
uking fund for payment of Ihe dehl secured hy the aaid
di-heiiiures Ihe sume. being made pay-
uhle III nm yeart from the Ural duy
of September, lull.
WHKHKAS In order to rulse the said
yearly sum of (683.06 fur Interest und
mui,ii,i fund, uu <-■(n.ii speclul rate on
Ihe dollur will he required lo he levied
on ull Ihe ruleuhle reul property In
the suld city
ANII WHKHKAS Ihe whole rateable
nni properly In the suld city, according to the lust revised ussessinent roll,
Is   im ■• "i 171
AND WHKHKAS iho aggregute of
the existing debenture debt of the corporation ll 1149,670 (excepting for
works of local Improvement und for
school purposes), of which none of
the piln.lpul or Interest Is In arrear.
TIIKIIKFoltK the Municipal Coun-
.11 of ihu I'liii*mil'ni of Ihe t'lly of
North Vuncouver. with Ihe ussent of
the electors of the City of North Vaneouver duly "i,inin, d. enact, aa follows:
I II .hull he lawful for Ih. Mayor
of ihu t'lly. of North Vancouver and
the Cily I'leik for Ihe purpose aforesaid lo borrow or raise hy wuy of loan
from uny person or personal body or
bodies corporuie, who may be willing
lo u.lv,in,. Ihe sume upon the credit
of Ihe debentures herelnufler mentioned of Ibe corporation, u sum of money
not exceeding In Ihe whole the sum
of li.; .: nun und to ..in,.. Ih. iqmu to
be placed In the Hunk of British North
America ut North Vuncouver, lo the
credit of Ihe city for the purpose above
recited, mul such moneys shull be used
for thul purpose only
1 Debentures .,( Un. idly not ex-
coedlng In amount the .um of (13,3(0
um.' be I'-mi. .I by Ihe suld Mayor und
i liy 'li ii. In lurms of the Municipal
Onuses Act In sum. us may he de-
sin it. but not exceeding (1,000 00 each,
or lb. equivalent expressed In pounds
'■iin,, of the CulL-il Kingdom of
ijniii Britain und in I,unl ul the vulue
of (I |( |-| to the pound sterling.
Km h of Ibe .aid debenture, shall be
signed by lbs suld Mayor und cily
r|. ill. und Hie cn. i'l, ip shull ii in k
Hi,uio Ihe Corporate Soul of the suld
cily of North vuncouver.
1. The debentures shall hear .lute
the Inst duy uf September, till, und
ill Ij. i.. Interest at the ralo of four
und une-hulf tt'/L) p.r cent per annum payable hull yearly on the tint
duy of At..i. h uml the first duy of Sep-
leinbiT In etch nnd every yeur during
ilu i on,my of ib,. .uiii debentures,
or uny uf lliein. Then, ahull he it*
inched tu the debentures coupons
signed by the Muyur only, fur euch
snd .very payment of Interest lhal
muy I.. ...in., due. und such signature
muy be either written. stamped, printed ur lithographed thereon
I 'Ibe suld debentures us lo prln-
ilinl uml Int.r.lt muy he mud. payable .Ilinl In currency or Its equivalent lu i .mu,I., sterling al Ihe value
of ii m. : i t„ ii,. puund sterling at
■mli place or placet in Ureal Britain,
Hulled Kiule. of America or lha Do-
■ nilnlun of Canuda u. may ho agr.cd
upon bet wren Ih. corporation and Ih.
hold,i ili.i,,,r. nnd lliu s.ld principal
sum shull be mud. payable by Ih. cily
..I i. .bile nut later than flfly yeara
fjj.im ihe lirst duy uf Bcplember. mil.
I. i,mn., Ihu whule term of the
"ii ii in y nf Ihe unlit debenture, a ape-
■Ini fall on Ih. dollur ahall be levied
uul raised ,in h year In addition lo all
olher, ri.li a on ull Ihs1 rateable real
properly In the illy and aufflelent to
nn., Un Inttrul upun tn. said doben-
luus. and lu create a ilnkfiisftuiid for
Hie uayin.'iii uf the principal thereof
wheii due, suhje.i i., uny act or en-
iiiimi'iii respecting the aame. Such
special rale shull be Inserted In Ihe
".ll.ri.,1 u ioil „i rolls, and shall be
payable to and collected by Ihe said
njiporalloii In Ihe same way as other
riles In the said roll or rolls, save aa
lieu Iniifler provided
I. In order lo provldo for Ihe ratca
sel out In paragraph <() and .object
aa aforeaald, Ihere shall b. railed annually by .pedal rale during the cur-
rSni'i'."J."le **u debentures Ihe .um
of li'ir. i'i. I., provide for th. payment
"' „'e.real Ihereon, and th. sum of
IMJI for the repayment of Ih. principal thereof.
7, The proceeds of Ihe said debentures .hull bl applied a. follows, and
nol otherwise:
'ni In paym.nl of Ihe cost of the
pruulng of this By-law and Ihe Issue
mid sale ul Ihe debentures therein referred to. and all expenses connected
with Ihe .aid loan.
lb) In recouping the said corporation for auoh sums a. have been expended hereunder until Ibe proceeds
uf lb. sslo of tb. said debenture, becomes available.
It) To carry oul Un purpoeei of
lh|s By-law u abort sel oul.
1 No rebate .ball be allowed on Ih.
special rate, to be levied under this
s. Thl. Bylaw .hall tak. effect on
Iht day of tht patting.
10.' Thl. By-law may be died for
all purpoiei at "Tht School. Kstraor-
dlnary Expenditure Loan Bf-lttr No. I,
t'tated i,y ihe Council on Ihe lOlh
da/ of September, 1911.
Ktotiv.d lbs aural nf ths electors
I the City of North Vancouver
loution tor tho purpqia on the
ut an
tbt I Oounpll  and
Ibs) on the day
f .4,0. II
. I ■    -_4si. i
TAKE NOTICE mat the above |a a
tl'Re pupy nf Iht',proposed Byluw upon
which iho vole of the electors pf Ihe
Municipality of the City of North Van-
aoiivpn'will In taken ^vljila tho C|ty
Hall, North Vancbuver, B. ft, on Bat-
urflavv, the 7th day qf October, A. D.
roll, hetwoeii Ilie huura of 9 o'clock
n   in   und 7 o'clock P- in
Ulty Clerk apd Heluyplnif Olrjctr.
lll.|C NOTICE la hereby glvon lhat
 of the eleclori of the Cily of
tinrlll VuncnUyiir Will be taken op the
7th day of O.-tnber. 1(11,' between tbe
hours of 9 u/clucjt a. m. and 7 o clock
n. m. on "The School. Extraordinary
Expenditure l.onii Bylaw. Ho '!. 1911,"
um! ilml wllhln the City Hall. North
Vancuuver, B. ft, and ihat Thomas
Shepherd hu. b.'.-u appointed Returning
Officer to take Iho vole of such
eleut.ira with Ihe u.ual power. In thai
By Order of tho Council.
Wli¥AU *••**%
THOMAS siiki'iinun.
City Clerk.
uu,aw  Nil.  INI.
A 111 I,AW la eu.ble Ike Corporation
of Ike Cily at Norlh Vaacouver
to ral.e by way «f lo.n tkt .up
of ttU,U04l to purchase real
properly tor corporal, purposes.
v. hitiiitas a petition signed by the
"..in ii. of more thun one-tenth (1-10)
of the vulue of reul property In the
city, ua shown by the laat revised aa-
le.smciil roll,' haa been presented to
tho Cuuncll requesting ihem to Introduce ii Bylaw tu autlturlzu them to
borrow the aum of alxty-three Ihuu-
.iiind if.-J.uooj dollars for Ihu purpose
of acquiring liy purchase Lol. 1 and X,
Block 31, and tots 4, i and (, Block 37.
In tho subdivision of Olstrlct I.ot (49,
,,,in.,lulu,: live and one-quarter l({4)
ucres, more or less, together with the
buildings erected thereon, thu sume
being necessury for corporate purposes.
AND W11 Hit UAH it Is deemed necce-
sury lo acquire by purchase such land
und Iho buildings thereon for corporate
AND WHEREAS for the payment ol
Interest on the debentures proposed lo
he Issued under this Bylaw, and for
creating a sinking fund for th. puymenl of the said debenture, when due,
It will he necessary to ralae by special
rate, In uddltlon to all olher rates,
each year during th. currency of such
debentures, the aum of 11,817.70.
whereof fl.se6.00 la to be raised mi
i.n..ii. fur the' payment of Interesl
during Ihe . inicnuy of said debentures
and 1413 It lo be rlDj.,1 annually for
Ihe purpose of crcutlijYa.sinking fund
for puymenl of the drM .cm ed by
Ihe suid debentures. the'Sruniu being
made payable In fifty years from the
lirst duy of September, 1911.
and WHKHKAS In order lo raise
the said yearly sum of 11,117.70 for
interest and alnking fund, an equal
special rate un tbe dollar will be re-
iuiin.il lo be levied un ull the rateable
reul property in Ihe laid dly.
ANIi whhhhah the whule ml..ihil.
reul properly in the ..Id city, according lo the laat reviled ussessinent roll
I. (10.990,371.
ANI) wiihhhas thu aggregate of
Ihe existing debenture debt of the
.'oi|.i,i.iil.,ii Is (119,(70 (excepting for
works of I."nl Improvement and for
school purposes), of wbicb none of
Ihu principal or Inturcst Is In arrear.
THEREFORE ihe Municipal Council
of thu Corporation of ibe City of
North Vuncouver, with tbe aatent uf
the electors of Ihe city of North Vancouver duly obtained, unacta aa ful-
1. It shull be luwful for the Muyor
of the t'lly of North Vancouver and
the City Clerk, for Ihe purpose aforeaald, lo burrow or raise by way of
loan from any person ur persons, body
ur budles corporate, who may bo willing lo advance the same upon the
credit of thu debentures hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporation, a sum nf
money not exceeding in tbe whole the
sum of ((3.000, and lo cause the name
lo be placed In the Bank of Brltl.h
Nurlh America al North Vancouver, lo
the credit of Ihe city for the purpose
ubove recited, and such moneys ahall
be used fur that purpuse only.
I Dehepturea of Ihe dly nol exceeding In amount Ihe aom of 1(3.000
may be Issued by the said Mayor and
''iiy Clerk In terms of the Municipal
cluuses Act In sums aa muy be de-
i-iu d. but not exceeding one thousand
dollar! (11.000) each, or the equivalent
expressed III pounds iterllng of the
Hulled Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland at the value of (4 86 I-I tn
the pound slerllng. Bach of Ihe auld
debenture, shall ba algned by Ihe
.aid Mayor and Cily Clerk, and Ihe
City fink shall affix thereto tho corporate .,'nl of Ibe said Cily of North
I. The debenture, ihall hear date
Ihe Drat day of September. 1911, ant)
.hall bear Interesl at the rate of four
and ni,, i,..ll l|i,;) per cent, per
' first
jrs| day
September In each and ivary year
dorlng Ihe currency of Ihe laid debenture., or any of Ihem There .li.ll
he attached lo Ihe debenture! codponi
.igned bv Ihe Mayor only fur each and
every payment of Intereat lhal may
become due, and audi signature may
be either written. Hamper), printed or
lithographed  thereon.
1. The suid debentures al to principal and Inter..! may be made payable either In currency or Ita equivalent In ueunda alerting al the value of
till 2-1 to Ihe pound iterllng at audi
place or placet In Oreat Britain,
United Btalei of America or Ih. Dominion of Canada at may he -agreed
upon between Ihe Corporation and
the holder thereof, and the .aid principal aum ihall b. made payable by
Ihe .liy at a date not later than fifty
years from Ihe Arst day of September,
( during Ihe whole term of the
currency of Ihe said debenture, a
•pedal r.u on the dollar ihall be
levied and railed each year In addition
lo all olher rati! on all Ihi rateable
real property In Ibe city and aufflelent
to pay the Interest upon tht laid debentures, and lo cnale a linking fund
for Ih. payment of the principal
thereof when due, subject to any ... i
or enactment re.peclliig Ih. same.
Such aneclal ral. ahall Vjneertcd In
he collector'! roll or rolls and .hall
he payable to and collected by Ihe
■aid Corporation In the lam. way u
olhsr rate. In the salt roll or roll.,
•aye as hereinafter provided.
4 In order lo provide for the rate,
.et out In paragraph ll) and .ubject
at .fufesaH, ihere shall be railed an.
nu.lly by .pedal rate during the currency of the laid debenture! thi lum
of 11.11(00 to provide for tbt pay
i1i..V.VVm in"*en, and tbe turn
W l&JP "»>*">* " ""
. 7' 1,V*,Pteeaeii pt tbi uid dtben-
«u™« ,***»,»* iMli* M Mlowi, tnd
not oth«rwJ#i.'
annum payaide half yearly on the first
day uf March und ibe   flnt   day   of
wiw*; .ifeM!*, ■'»«! jKwmii
nnd sal( Of the debenture! therein re
ferred to, and all expenses connected
Wilh the said Ipan.
lb) In recouping tb. aaid Corporation for such sums an Have been is>
ponded hereunder until the proceed1!
pf ibo wit. pf the suld dshontwrsi pi-
■ i,in,- available.
in) Tu egrry nut the purposes of
this Hylnw an above uoi put.
rebkte shull  be allowed pn
the special rutes to tba levied uiirJur
this Bylaw.
9. This Bylaw, ahull take effect on
the day of Hie pusslng.
10. Tbis Byluw muy be cited for all
purposes at "Tho li,ih Street Property
purchase Iiiuiu liyluw. 1911."
r,uoi,..i by Ih. council nn the 80th
day of Soiiicoiii.r.  I'm
Received the wsBunt of the electors
of tlm Cily uf Norlb yancouver at an
■ ■I,.-iiiin for ih,-  i' 1111 ■ - >.-1 ■ op llm
day of
Hceoiisldoicil by the    Council   and
llnuii'  .I'h, led. signed  bv  ihe Mayor
and Cily Clork. ahd suulud with the
corporate seul'on tho day of
A. 1). 1911.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut the above |a a
true copy of Iho propobod Byluw upon
whicii the vole uf the electora of the
Munldnullly nf tho City of Norlh Vancouver will hu taken within the City
Hall, Nurlh Vancouver, |t C, on Saturday, the Ith day nt October.
A. I). 1911., between the hours of 9
o'clock a. m. und 7 o'clock p. m.
Cily Clerk und Returning Ollker.
PHBI.fC NOTICE Is hereby -given
(hut the vote of tho electors of the
•Jlly of Nurth Vuncouver will be
aken on Ihe 7lh duv uf October,
1911, between the hours of 9 u'clock
a. m. und 7 o'clock i pi. on "The Kth
Street Property Purchase Loun Byluw.
1911," und that within the City Hall.
North Vuncuuver. B. C„ and thnt
Thomus Shepherd has been uppolnted
Returning Officer to tuke the Vote nf
such electors with tho usuul powers
in Ihut behalf
By Order of the Council.
City Clerk.
BYLAW NO.  181.
A   Hll.AW   lo   cuul.lc   Ike   1 oriiorull.iii
of Ike t'lly uf Nurlk Vtncouver
lu raise by wuy of loan Ike lum
of »:i,oihi for the purpoie af
ui.lulalulug Ike Hire llcparl-
WIIHHHAS II Is deemed expedient
In thu Intersil of (he city io burrow
(3,090 for ihu purpose of mulntulnlng
the I'u, Hrlgudu, sume being un expenditure necessury for usslstunce of
.he Hire Department or the eity.
AND WHEREAS In order thereto It
will be necessary to Issue debentures
of the City of Nurlli Vuncuuver for
the sum uf (3.000 ns hereinafter pru-
vlded iwhich Is the umount of the
debt intended tu be created hy this
Byluw) the pruceud. of-the suld debentures lu be upplled lu Ihu suld pur-
pusu. und lu no olher:
AND WIIHHHAS u petition signed
by the owners uf mure thun uno-tunth
(1-10) the vulue of reul property In
the dty has been preHcnied lo the
Cily Cuuncll requeuing them to Introduce u Uyluw to -i ii i ii- 11., Ihem to
borrow the sum nf piree thuusund
((3,000) dulluis fur Ilie- purpose ufuru-
AND WHHHEAS for Ihu puymenl
ut interest in Ihe debentures prupused
tu he Issued under this By-luw, and
fur creeling a sinking fund for Iho
puymenl Of Hie suld debentures when
due. ll will be necessury to rulse by
speclul rule In uddltlon lo ull other
rates, euch yeur during the currency
uf such debentures the sum of (1(4.((,
whereof (136.(10 Is lo be rulsed unnuully for the puymenl of Interest during
.he currency of said debentures, uno
ii■■ i.i, to he raised unnuully fur Ihu
purpuse ol creating u sinking
fund for ilie payment of thu debt
secured hy Ibe suld debenture, the
same being made payable lu flfly yeurs
from Ihe lirst day of September, 1911.
AND WIIHHHAS Iii order to raise
Ihe auld yearly sum uf il in, fur Interest nnd sinking fund, un equul special rule nn Ihe*dollar will be required
In be levied on ull lite ruleuhle reui
property in tlte .uid city,
AND WHKHKAS Ihe whole rateable
reul property in the suld city according tu the lust revised ussessinent
mil is |iusnu.:r,i
AND WIIKKKJttltjyi aggregate of
the   exlsling   ■.- n.    ,1. l-i   uf   the
corporullon Is tH'i.lili) TrH(k.uilng for
works of local liupijjvcrncnl"und for
achool purposes) of v.i,i, I, nonenLths
principal ut Inlet,.at Is In, mnat.    ''*.
THKHI'IPOKK lbs Municipal Coun->
ell of thu Corporation uf the City of
Nnrlh Vincouvtr, with Ihu ussent of
tin electors of Ihs t'lly of North Vun-
• i.mi i duly i.pi..ii," enucls us fui-
I. II shall he lawful for the Muyor
of the Cily of Nrirlh Vancouver and
the ('liy Clerk fnr the purpose aforeaald lu borrow or raise by wuy of loan
from uny person or persons, hudy or
bodies corporate, who muy be willing
lu udvunce the lame upon the credit
uf Ihe debenture, herelnufler mention-
erl uf the eorpurulluit, u sum ut money
not exceeding In the wjiolo Ihe turn
uf (.: nun mi und lo on use Ihe aame lo
he placed In Ihu Bank uf Brltlih North
America ut Nurlh Vuncouver, lo tbe
credll of the dly fur the purpose above
recited, und such muneys shull he used
lur thul purpose only
I. Debenture! of the city nol exceeding In amount the sum uf (3.000 00
may be Issued by the said Mayor and
City Clerk in (crms of Iho Munlclpul
Cluuses Act in sums us muy he desired,
hut nut exceeding (1,00000 each, or
the equlvulenl expressed In pounds
slerllng of (he ITnllcd Kingdom of
(Jreul Brlluln and Irelund ut Ihe value
uf (41(3-9 to the pound slerllng.
Each of Ihe suld debentures shall he
llgned by the suld Muyur and City
Clerk and the City Clerk shall affix
thereto the Corporate Seal of the
auld Cily of Norlh  Vancouver."
I, The debenture, shall bear dale
tho flrst day"of September, 1911, and
shall lioiir Intereat nl Ihe rule of
four and one-half n'i) pet cent, per
annum half yearly on (he Aril day of
March and (be drat day of September
In each and every yeur during the
ciirrciii y of the luld debentures, or
any of them. Ther. ahull be attached
lo Ihe debenture, coupon, signed by
the Mayor only, fnr euch und every
payment nf Interesl that may become
due. and such .Ignuture may bo either
written. Humped, printed or lithographed th.reod. >
i. The aaid debentures at to principal and Intereat may be mado payable either In currency or ill equivalent In poupda iterllng nt tho value
of Il.ll 2-1 In the pound sterling at
spell place or places In Ureal Britain,
United Slalea of America ur the Dominion nt Canuda as may be agreed
upon between the corporation and the
holder thereof .and the .aid principal
.um shall be made puyuble by lbs
city nt a dale n»< inter (han fifty
yn.rs from tbi tint day of September,
V. During tba whole term Of Ihe
Mfrepoy if tift mto Mbeatotet a
apodal utt pil'tin dtfUrcthill' bi
levied and raised each year |n addition tn al) other rates op all the rate-
iible real proper-lv fu thp city and uulfl-
clnnl to pay tho Internet Upon Ihe mild
debentures, and lo create a1 sinking
fund for Ibe payment of Iho urlticl-
■ nl tbereuf when due, subject In any
ot nf enactment respecting tha same.
uch special rats ihall be Inserted In
Ibe Collector's Roll or Rolls, und shull
be payable to and collected by ths
suid corporation In the same way as
ni Iht in i on In the said roll or rolis,
Save as hereinafter provided.
t. In order tn provide for the rates
1st out In paragraph (6) and1 tubject
as uforosuld, tliuio shall be raised annually hy apodal rate during the currency of the said debentures ths sum
of (13(00 to provide for Ihe payment
of Interest thereon, apd the sum of
(la lit fur ths repayment of the principal thereof.,
7. The proceedi pf the said debentures shall be applied as follows, and
not otherwlssi
(a) In payment of lb. cost of ths
pusslng ni this Bduw una Ih. Issue
and aale of the debentures Jjiereln referred to, and' all expenses connected
with the laid loan.
. nn In recouping the laid corporation for luch sums aa have been expended hcieiniiii i until the proceedi
of the sale of the aaid debenture! become! available.
(c) To carry out the purpoiei of
this By-law aa above set out.
I. No rebate ahall be allowed on
Ihe aneclal ratea to be levied under
this By-law.
9. This By-law shall take effect on
(lie day of tbe puaalng.
19. Thl! By-law may be died for
all puiposes aa "The Fire Brigade
Assistance Loan By-law, llll."
Caused bv Hie Council on Ihe 30th
duy Of September,  lilt.
Received the assent of the elector!
of the Cily of North Vancouver ut an
election for that purpoae on the     .
day of
Ruconaldered by the Council and
Un.illy niiiipied, algnud by the Mayor
and City Clerk and aealed with Ihe
I'm pinole Seul on tlw .     duy
Of , A.IT1911.
TAKE NOTICE that tho ubuvu Is u
■ rue cony of the proposed Bylaw upon
which Ihe vute o( the electors of Ih.
Municipality of th. City of North Vuncuuver will he taken within the City
Hull, Nurlh Vuncuuver, B. C... on Sul-
urduy. the 7tl| day of October, A. II.
1311, between Ihe hour, of 9 o'clock
ii. m. und 7 o'clock p. m.
thomas Shepherd.
Cily Clerk und Heturnlng Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given Ihut
lire vole uf Ihe eleclors of tne City nf
North Vuncouver will hu lul.cn un the
Tih duy uf Ocluber. 1911, between thu
huurs uf 9 u'clock s. m. and 7 o'clock
p. in. on "The Fire Brigade Assistance
'aiiin Byluw, 1911." and thul wllhln Ihe
'Hy Hull, Nurlh Vancuuver, B. ft, and
thul Thomus Shepherd has been unpointed Reluming Officer In tuke Ine
vole of such electors with the usuul
powers in (but hebulf.
By Order of Ihe Council
City Clerk.
BY-LAW MO. it*.
A in-i.A» to ru.bic Ike CsrtorttloB
uf Ike i Ir, at Nvrlk Vttcuuver
lu ralae ky nay ul Iota Ike sum
Ot S15,000 fur Ikt purpose of
uaklug, preserving aad repairing raids aad ilrr.1. la tke clly
lucluuiag tk. construction of
sew .Idrvtalftun
WHEREAS Ihe Oenerul Revenue I.
Insufficient tu muet the expenditure
necessury fur the purpuse of mukliig,
preserving und repairing roads -und
streets in the city, Including the construction of new sidewalks
AND WHEREAS ll la desirable und
deemed expedient thul lire sum uf fifteen thuusund l(K.OOO) dulluis ho expended hy thu city for the purpuses
AND WHEREAS In order therelu It
will be necessary tu Issue debentures
of the City ut Nurth Vuncouver fur the
sum of fifteen thuusund ((16.000) dollars ua herelnufler provided (which Is
(be amount uf the debt Intended lo
be created by this By-law), the proceeds uf the said debentures tu be up-
piled lo the said purpose! und lo nu
AND WHEREAS a petition llgned
by the owners of more (han one-tenth
ii in, Ihu value of reul properly In
the city haa been presented lo the City
Council requeiting them to Introduce
a By-luw lo uuthorlse th.m to borrow
the sum of fifteen thousand (IJS.IIO)
'iniini,  for'the purpose aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
Interest on the dehenlurea proposed to
be Issued under this By-law, and for
on ii 11 nn a sinking fund for the pay-
iii. ni nl the laid oebenturca when due,
It will be neceuary to raise for special ltl* In addition to all oilier rules,
each year during the currency of such
debenlures the lum uf (771 It,, where-
uf ((76 00 Is lo be raised annuully for
the payment of Interest during the
currency of said debentures, and (9I.K
tn be raised annually lot the purpoie
of creating a sinking fund for Ihs
payment of th. debt secured by the
said debentures. Ihe same being made
payable In flfly years from tits Arsl
day of September, llll.
ANI) WHEREAS In order lo raise
Ih. laid yearly aum of I77l.il for Interesl and .Inking fund, an equal .pedal rgie on the dollar will be required
to he levied on all the rateable rial
property In the laid city.
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
real properly In Ihe laid city, according to the laat reviled assessment
roll  il (I0.9J0.3JI.
AND WHEREAS Iht aggregate of
Ho. ' -lotinc. debenture debt of the corporation l| (119,171 (excepting for
works of local Improvement and for
school purposes), ot which none of
the principal or Inttritt Is In arrssr.
therefore tbi Municipal Council
of. the Corporullon pf tht City of
North Vancouver, with Ihe assent of
Ihe eleclori of the City Of North
Vuncouver duly obtained, enacts a.
1. It shall b. lawful for the Mayor
of the ('Hy of North Vancouver and
the City Clerk for tho purpoae afuro-
sald lo borrow or rail, hy way of
loan from any per.on or perioni, body
or hodloi corporate, wbo may be willing to advance the same upon tht
credit of Ihs debenture, hereinafter
mentioned of the corporation, a sum
of money not exceeding In Ibe whole
the sum of 116,000 00 and (o cause Ihe
same to be placed In ibe Bank of British North America al North Vancouvor,
to the cr.dlt of the city for tbe purpose above recited, and aucb moneys
ihall be uied for tbat purpoie only.
I. Debenture! of the oily not exceeding In amount Ih. lyrn of 116,000
may be l.sued by Iht ttft Mayor anp
Cily Clerk In (arms of the Municipal
Clause! Act In sumi at may b. d.ilret;
hut nol exceeding 11,004.00 each, op
Ibt equivalent  expressed   In   poundt
Stirling of Ihe l/nlt.d Kingdom of
Iriat Britain and Ireland at th. value
of (4,112-1 to Ibe pound iterllng.
Ktich of toe aali iabinlprta .hall be
City of North Vanoouvsr.
Jl. The debentures shall bsar date
tbs first day of September, 1911, and
iiipili bear iiitiToni at ih,, rate of four
and oriii-lialt mi,) per cent, per annum, payable Hull yearly on the flrst
day of March and the first day of Hep-
umber ll) each and every year dur-
ng the currency of tho said deben-
:tires, or any of them. There shall be
attached to the debentures coupons
Signed by tbs Muyur only, for ouch
apd every payment of Interest that
may become due, and such signature
may bt eltber written, stamped; printed or lithographed thereon.
1. The said debenlures aa to principal and Intereat may bt made payable either In currency or Us equivalent In pound slerllng at the value of
lt.819-1 to the pound slerllng at auoh
place ur lii:"." In Ureal Britain, United States of America or the Dominion
uf Canada aa may be agreed upon between the corporation and the bolder
thereof, and the mil,I princpal aum
Ihall be made payable by lb. city al a
date not later than fifty years from
the lirst day of September, 1911.
a. During the whole term of lbs
currency of the suld debentures a special rate un the dollar ahull bo levied
and raised each year In addition lo all
other rate! on all Iho rateable real
property In the city and aufflelent to
pay the Interest upon the aaid doben-
iurei, and to create a linking fund for
tbe payment of the principal iberiof
when due, aubject. to any ucl or enactment respecting the aame. Such
•pedal rale ihall be Imerled In the
Collector'! Roll or Roll!, und ihall he
payable lo and collected by the suld
corporation in tho sumo wuy aa other
rati! In the aaid roll or rolls, savu us
hereinafter provided.
I. In ni'id to provide for the rates
set out-In paragraph la) and aubject
aa aforeaald, there shall be ralaed unnuully by .pedal rate during the currency of Ihe eald dobenturoa Ihe aum
of ((7(00 to provide for Ihe payment
of mil ii.: thereon, and the lum of
(us 26 for the repayment uf the principal thereof.
I The proceed, of (ho laid dohen-
ture. ahull be applied ua followa, und
not otherwise:
lu) In payment of tho coil of Ihe
paaiing of ibis By-law, and the Isauo
and sale of the debentures therein referred to und all expenses connected
With the said loan.
(b) In recouping the aaid corporation for such sums as have been expended hereunder until the pruceeds
of the sale of the said debentures becomes available.
I (c)   To carry out the purpoiei of
Ihil By-law aa above set out.
',  I.    All    III"I).".:    .ill.In,     out   of   the
initial special rate hereinbefore prodded for linking fund shull bu Invest-
d by the Council of the suid corpora-
Ion from time to time a. Ihe law
, 9.   No   id'.no  ahall   hu  ullowcd  un
Ihe special  ratel Lu he levied  under
(his By-law.
in    This   By-law  shall   lake  effect
an the day nf the passing.
II. This By-luw muy he died for
Sll purpuse! aa [The Streets Mulnte-
ounco Loan By-luw, 1911."
i Pussed by  the Council on  tho 30th
day of September.   1911.
i Ke., i-.i'ii thu ussent of tho elector!
qf Ihe City of Ninth Vuncouver ut un
3lection for the purpuiu on Ihe
uy of
Reconsidered hy Ihu Council und
finally adopted, algnud hy Ihu Muyor
and City i Pil, und leulud wilh Ihe
I'm poi.ii.. Seul un the duy
of A.D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut the ubove Is u
true copy of Ihe proposed Hyli.w upon
which Ihe vute of the eleclors uf tlio
Mum. ip.iin . uf the City of Nurlli Vulieouver will be luken wllhln the Cily
Hull. Norlh Vuncouver. B. ('.. un Sul-
uriluy. Ihe Tth duy of Ocluber, A. D
Iill, P, iv. nil Ihu hours nf 9 o'clock
a. m. unit 7 u'clock p. m.
City Clerk and Reluming Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given Ihul
Ihe vole uf the eleclors of the t'lly uf
Nurlli Vuncouver will be luken on the
7th duy of Ocluber. 1911. between the
hqurs of 9 "'ii.ii I. u. m und 7 o'clock
n. in. un "The Street Miilnlenunce Luun
Byluw. 1911," und thul wllhln the City
Hull. Nurlh Vancuuver, B. C. and lliul
Tin,inns Shepherd hus been uppolnled
i;. imi.in. Officer lo Ink.- the vule uf
such electors with tbe usuul power. In
Hint behalf
By Order of the Council
Cily Clerk
A BYLAW to eatblt Ik. Corporation
of Ike Cily of Nurlk V.ieourer
lu r.lse ky nil ot Iota Ike lum
ol STW.ooo lor Waterworks pur-
WHEREAS II Ii deemed neceuary
and expedient Ihut the sum of (30.000
be provided for Walerworka purposes
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
hy Ihe owners of more than one-tenlh
(1-10) the value of real properly In the
city, haa been pre.onted lo Ibe Cily
Council requesting Ihem lo Introduce
a Bylaw lo authorise them lo borrow
Ih. turn of 119,000 for Walerworka
AND WHEREAS the Council Ins authorised Ihe submission of Ihi. Bylaw
10 ths elector!.
ANI) WIIHHHAS for Ihe payment of
Intel est*on. -the debenture! propuied to
bs Issue,i under thii Bylaw, and fur
creating a linking fund fur tbe payment of the laid debenture! when due,
11 Will he no,,,ssniy to ratio by ipcclal
rate In addition lo all other rati!,
each yeur during the currency of such
debentures, the sum of 11,(11.(0,
whereof (1,3(000 Is to be railed annuully for Ilu- puymenl of intereit
during (he currency of laid debenturei,
and f 100.60 to be ralaed annually for
Ihs purpose of creating a .Inking fund
for puymenl of Ihe debt secured ny Ihu
aaid debentures, the aame being made
payable 'In flfly year! from tne flr.l
day uf September, lull.
AND WHEREAS, In order to rnl.e
tho luld yearly sum of 11.64160 for
Interest und sinking fund, an equal
•pedal rale un lbs dollar will be
required lo be levied on ill
Ihe rateable real properly In (hi Mid
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
reul properly In the laid city, according to Ine laat revised uaieiiment roll
li 110,990.171.
AND WHEREAS Ibe aggregate of
the exlltlng debenture debt of Iho
Corporullon ll 1849,(70 (excepting fur
work, of iocti improvement  and for
icbriol purpose.), of which nons of the
principal Or loler.it li la arrear.
THEREFORE, the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of tbe Cily of
North Vancouver, with tba assent of
tht elector! of tbe City of Norlh Vaneouvir duly obtained, enacls at follower
),' 11 shall be lawfol for tbe Mayor
' lire Cily of NOrlh Vancouver and
ja city Clerk, for Ihe purpoae afore-
iald, lo borrow or ralie by way of loan
rom any perion or persons, body or
odlci corporuie, wbo may be willing
to adysricc Ihe same upon the eredlt of
tbi debenture! hereinafter mentioned
ot tbt Corporation, a ium of money
not exceeding Ip tbe whole the sum of
and to causo the suit to b.
placed In the Bil)|t,of Brltiib North
America ut North Vancouver, to tbt
ci'inlli of the city for tho purpose above
recited, and such moneys'shall hi pud i
for that purpose op|y.   . '
i. Debenturei qf the city nut ex-
coeillnc, In amount the sum of 110,000
muy be Issued by tho suld Muyor and
City Clerk In terms uf Ihe Municipal
Cluusus Act in sums us may bo desired,
but not exceeding 11,000 each, or the
equlvulenl expressed in pounds slerllng
of Ibo United Kingdom of Ureat
Britain and Ireland at the value of
II.H6 l-l lo tbo pound iterllng. Each
of tiro said debentures thall be signed
by tbe auld Muyor and City Clerk and
the City Clerk shall .r'llx thereto the
cul'imruto seal uf tbe mild City pf
Nurth Vuneuuver.
I. Tho debentures shall b.iur dirt,
tlio lint duy of Boptemhur, till, und
Shull 'hour Interest at the rule uf fuur
and mi.■ hall 11! ) per cent per annum payaide half yearly on the tint
day of March and lire lint day of
Sepieinln i ip . .i. li und every year
during the currency of thu-aaid debenture!, or uny of ihem. There shall
bu attached lo Ihu dehenlurea uouponi
llgned by the Mayor only, for each and
every payment uf Interest tbut may become due, und such signature muy
be cither written, stumped, printed ur
lithographed thoreun.
I The laid debentures ul to prln -
dpul and Interesl muy be mudo putt
able sillier In Currency ...■ its equivalent in uuunils niciiin,: at tbo value of
Il.ll 1-8 lo the puund iterllng ut luch
pl.ioo nr plucea In Ureat Britain,
United siaies of America or thu Dominion of Cunuda aa may bu agreed
upun between the Curpurallon ond Ihe
hold, i   ih.- i. und Ihu suld principal
sum ahull bu inudu pnyuhlo by Iho dly
ut a dale not Inter thun flfly yean
from Ihu llr.t duy of September, 1911.
I. During Ihe whole term of the
currency uf Iho auld debenture! a
speclul rule on Ihu dollar ahull be
levied and raised euch year In addition
lo ull "Hoi rutes up all tho rateable
reul property In tho city und H.rlli. l.-i.l
lu puy (he Interest upun the uuhi debentures, uhd lo create a sinking fund
tor the puyment of Iho principal
thereof when due, subject to any act
or . ii.'oiiii. ni respecting tbo aamo.
Such speclul rulo shull lie Insertep In
tho collector'! roll or rolls, und shuli
be payable to nnd cullectcd by the
said I'm pin,up,p In th. aume way us
other rule. In the luld roll or roll.,
suve us herein.iii,., provided.
I. In order tu provide for tho rule,
.et out in piiragruph 16) uml subject
ua .lion :,..Id. there shull he rulsed annually by speclul rule during the currency of the suld debenturea the ium
of (1.160.00 tn pi,.\ id. fqr Ihe pirvmenl
of ini. i. .a th, n i.ii und Ihe sum uf
11U0 60 fur the repayment of Ihe principal thereof.
7. The pruceeds uf Ihe auld debenture! shall he upplied ul follow., und
nut otherwl.e:
(a) In puyment of lliu eust of tho
pusslng uf this Byluw. und the Issue
und sule uf Ihe debenture, therein referred to. und ull expenses connected
with the suld loun.
(b) In recuuping the suld Corporation fur audi iiiiii! us huve been expended hereunder until the pruceeds
uf the i...I.- uf the suld debenture, becomes uvulluble
le) To curry mil the mirpuse. of
this Byluw us ubove set uut.
I. All muneys orlslng uut of the
unnuul npei lal rule hereinbefore provided fur sinking fund .hull be Invested by the Cuuncll uf the suld Cur-
purullon from time tu time ut the luw
9. No rehute shull ho allowed on
(he speclul rates to he levied under this
10 This Bylaw shall tuke effect on
the duy. uf th.   pusslng.
II This Uyluw muy be cited fur ull
purpose, us "the Wuterworks Luun
Byluw. Nu. I, 1911"
r.u... d hy lite Cuuncll un the T'nili
duy uf September.  1911.
Received Ihe assent uf the elector!
of Ihu City of North Vuncuuver at uu
election  for  Ibe  purpose  on   thu
duy of
Reconsidered hy    the    Council   ond
no.ill.   adopted, llgned  by the Muyor
and Cily  Clerk, mul ueuled  with  the
curporute seul on Ih.' -   doy of
A. D. 1911.
TAKE NOTICE (hut the ubove Is a
true copy of the propoaed Byluw upon
which the vote of the electors of tho
Miiiinip..Ilu of Ihe CHy uf Norlh Vuncouver will he luken wllhln the City
Hull, Nurth Vuncouver, B. C, on Sal-
ilrdiiV. Hie llll of Ocluber. A. D 1911,
between tbe huurs nf I o'clock n. m.
und 7 u'clock p. in.
City i'l. 11   und it. inn,In,. Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
Ihut Ihe vule of the electors of thu
Cily uf Nurlh Vuncuuver will be luken
on Ihe .th duy nf October 1911.
between the hours of 9 ./clock u. m.
and 7 o'clock p. m. on "The Waterworks Loun Byluw. No t, lull." und
Ihul wllhln the Cily Hull. Norlb Vaneouver. B. ft. und Hon Tb..inn,! Shepherd hu. been unpointed Rc-iurnlng
Officer lo tuke thu vole nf such
eleclurs with the usuul puwers In Ihul
By Order uf the Council
City Clerk.
II)   I,trt   Ml.  IH.
A BY-LAW lo tufcl. Ikt Corner.(tun
of Ike t'lly ol Nurlk Vancouver
lo rtitc br wty ol lata Ike torn
ol Ufiia lor Ikt I'rrnrr.llut of
I'obllc llrallk In Ikt ''Hy.
WHEREAS II ll deemed expedient
and neceitary to borrow the sum uf
alx thousand (|l,090) dollars for
health purposes.
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by Ibe owners of more thun one-tenlh
of the value of real property In Iho
oity at shown hy Ihe lasl revised
Assessment Roll hus been presented
lo Ih. Council requesting il,, m i, in
troduco a By-luw lu uuihurlxc Ihem
tu borrow Ihe .urn of alx thousand
lll.OOO, dollars for Ihe nieiervallon of
public I....HI   in tip. cily.
AND WHEREAS for lire payment of
Intereat on Ihe dehenlurea proposed
lo he Issued under this By-Jaw, and
for rimiing a alnking fund for Iho
pay on in of ibe aaid debenture! when
due. II will he necessary tu raise by
speclul rale In addition to all other
rales, euch yeur during lire currency
uf audi debentures Ihe sum uf 1309 30,
whereof I2T0.00 Is lo bo raised annuully for the puyment of Interest
dorlng the currency of luld debenlures, und 13930 lu be ralaed annually for the purpoie of creating a linking fund for payment uf Ibo debt secured by Ilie said debentures, the lame
being made payable In flfly years from
Iho flrst day of September, J 911.
AND WHKHKAS In order to ralio
Hie auu yearly sum of (909.tt tor In-
iciest and linking fund, un equal speclul rale on the dollar will k. required lo be levied nn ell tho raleablo
real property In Iho auld city.
AND V/HKRKAS (he whole rateabl*
(Oonttousd wt pagi uvin)
The " Monarch Malleable" Range
They M ft Ufe Time
For economy, durability
and ease of operation.
No stove excels the
Prices No. 226, $67.00
No. 426, $71.00
We also Piny other
makes in cheaper stoves,
Builders' Hardware,
"Bapco" Pure Paints,
Patterson, Goldie
& Clark
104 Esplanade West
Phone 88     '
receives the same glad welcome here
as he man who comes to buy, our
primary object at this time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantages in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at this store. //—
We don't expect to sell you goods
before you know us, our goods and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Let Us Furnish Your Home
Discounts from One-Fourth to One-Third
.       Hints for September Buyers
Wc carry a full stuck uf Household Furniture. During Sept.
wu make Special Discounts ranging Irom 35 to 33J .1 per
cent, off all lines. We cordially invite you to call and inspect
our stock during this Special Sale. Our stock of lleds is very
complete, comprising many lines in white, blue and green
assortments, wilh Brass Filling, very artistic. They have Con-
Itinioii.'. post and in addition to Iheir fine appearance, have the
guarantee of years of wear. We carry Mattresses in all grades
from the best ho Hi. felt lo the medium grade felt top. Dressers
in great variety. Splendid selection of Oak Morris Chairs and
Km I.i 1 . in variety of coverings.  Call aud inspect our stock.
Fulton Furniture Co.
Balfour-Ker Block Esplanade West
50 FT. LOTS, $70 CASH
Balance Quarterly, over Two Years
Price $350
Every lot on an open graded road, east of Seymour
Creek, .North Vancouver. Buildings lining erected on the
property now    Telephone and electric light available.
Call or write ami net maps ami lull particulars.   When certain
ilrvi'ln|iiiiiTii'. are miiiiiiiiiiTsI in a lew weeks vun will be iuu late.
1    . .     11    1 1
I). L. 621 k 2075 on Keith Road,
a shori distance west of the Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Co.'s property.  $300 and $326 each-$20 casl),
balance eaay terms. These lots command sn uninterrupted '
view oi three miles of Burrard,Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write for descriptive pamphlet.
im* vmhiy row
Mr. awl Mrs. Albert QtaAtlf are receiving the coiigratalatians pf friowls
pp tlm arrival of a limuiriiip Imy st
tbeir boine,  l!al|ili   Avenue.
Mr. (lennyn of fetor Hoail lias Um
foumlatiiiii jiobIh minli lur bis new
Tlm sympathy of friomls in l.yiin
Valley is exleiiileil tu Mr. anil Mrs.
Hyslop tt tbp severe illnei..-. ol' their
fim Annie Hlewarl of Nanaimo bus
Ihiiti on a month's visit to Mrs. Fruil
Hunter, Oeutre llnml.
Mr. Itolit. Brown baa returned from
Port Kolls at which place bis daughter, Mrs. McCarthy, is residing.
Mr. B. I. Thompson is settled In hir
new house, comer Doran ami Contra.
Mr. Wm. Morrisou leaves for the upper country 011 a buhtiug trip this
Tho orchard of Mr. Q. W. Sugdeu
was stripped of nearly all the fruit
last week.
The electiou of laat week created
quite a stir all over the Valley. Many
names left off the list caused some
(Ooutluued From Fairs Six.)
real property In tlie aalil city, according to the laat revised aascmuniTit
lull, la 110,980,371.
AND WHEREAS Uie airarcKato o(
tbe r'.iniiiii. debenture uelil ai Ibe
corporation la 1149,670 (oxci'iitlnu lor
worka of local Improvement and lur
achool purpoacs), of which none ur
tbe principal or InteroBt Is In arrear.
TilKltlil'TilUC the Uunlclpal Cuuncll of the Corporation' uf the City uf
North Vancoover, with the uaseiil ul
the electora or tbe City of Nurlli Vuncouvor duly obtained euacta ua ful-
1. II ahull bo lawful Im the Muyur
Of the City of Nurth Vuneuuver and
the City Clerk for the puipuae afore-
said to borrow or raise Ly way uf
loan from any person or persuna. body
or bodies corporate, who muy bu willing- to advance the aume upun the
credit of tbe debcnlurea hereinafter
mentioned of Ihe corporation, u aum
of money not encecdlnif In tho whule
Ihe aum of 16.000.00, and lu cause the
same to be placed In Ilie Bank of
Britlab Nortli Amurlcu al Nut-th Vuncouver, to tbe credit ot the city for
the purpose abovo recited, und such
moneys shall bo usod for Ihut porpuse
I. Debentures of tbe city not exceeding In amount the sum uf 16,000 00
may be Issued by Ibe said Mayor und
Cily Clork In terms uf the Municipal
Clauses Act In aums as muy be desired, but nol exceeding 11,000 00 euch,
or the equivalent expressed In puunds
sterling- of tbe United Kingdom of
Qreat Britain und Ireland at the vulue
of 14 66 M to (ho pound sterling. Kucb
uf the said debentures shull be signed
by the aaid Mayor and City Clerk, and
Ibe Cily Clerk shull ufDx thereto the
Corporate Seal of tbe said City uf
Nortb Vancouver.
I. The debentures ahull bcur dule
the drat day of Kepiember, 1911. und
shall bear Interest at Ibe rate of four
and ono-balf (Hi) per cent, per annum
payable half yearly un Ihe first duy uf
March and Iho first day of September
In each and every year during tin
currency of the said debentures, o
any of tbem. There shall be attached
lo tbo debentures coupons signed by
Ibo Mayor only, fur each und every
paymont of Interest that muy become
due, mul such signature may bo cither
written, stamped, printed ur ililiu-
gruphed thereon.
4. The suld debentures us to principal and Interest may be made puy-
333 PewiW St. W.
Phone Seymour 6604
■' ■.."—■
iilile either In currency or lis oipilvii-
lent In pounds sterling ut the yiiTuu uf
Hll l-l to the poond sterling af Such1
place or pluccs In Great Britain. United Stales of Amerlcu ur the Dominion
of Cunada aa muy be ugreed upon between the Corporation and the bidder
thereof, und the suld prim 11... I sum
shull be made puyuble by the cily ut
a dale not later than fifty yeurs from
Ihe ii|hi day of September, 1911
t. During the whole term of the
curretcy of the suld debentures u
special rutc on the dollur ahull be
levied und raised each yein- In ail,II
tlon tp ull other rules on nil Ihe rule-
able real property In the city and sufficient lu pay the interesl upon Unsaid debentures, und lo creute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal Iboroof when due, subjeel lo uny
act or enactment respecting the sume
Such aueclal rotp shall be Inserted In
the Collector's Boll or Hulls, und ahull
be payable lo und collected by the
sold corporation In Iho sume wuy as
other rates In Ihe suld roll ur rulls
saye as hereinafter provided
I. In order to provide for the rules
set oul In paragraph 161 und subject
as aforesaid, there shall lie rulsed an-
nuolly by special rale during Ibe eur-
renclr of the said debentures the sum
of U7000 tu provide fnr lb., pay msn I
or Interest Ibereon, and the sum of
119.10 for Iho repayment of the principal thereof.
7. The proceeds of Ibe suld debentures shall be applied aa fullows, and
nol otherwise:
(a) Jn payment of the cost of Ihe
passing of this By-law and the Issue
and sale of the debentures therein referred lo. and all expenses connected
with Ihe said loan.
lb)   In recouping Iho aaid corporation for such sums as bave been ex
peii.l.'d  bcreundcr  until  the proceeds
of Ihe aale of Ibe aaid debentures becomes available.
fc) Tn carry nut Ihe purposes of
Ihis By-law as above set mil.
I. Nn rebate ahull bo allowed on
Ihe special rates lo be lolled under
this By-law.
I. This By-law shall lake effect on
the day of the pausing.
Iff. This By-law may be cited for
all purposes aa "The Health Loan Bylaw, llll."
Passed by Ihe Council on the 20th
day of September, llll.
Received the assent of the electors
of Ihe City of Norlh Vancouver ut an
election for the purposo on tho
day of
Reconsidered by the Council and
finally adopted, signed by the Mayor
nnd Cily Clerk, and scaled wltb the
Corporate Seal on Ihe day
of AD. 1911.
TAKB NOTICK that the above Is a
ui- copy of the proposed Bylaw upon
which Ibe Vote of the electors of Ih
true copy of Ihe proposed Bylaw up
which Ibe Vole of the electors of I...
Municipality of the City of Norlh Van
couver will be token wllhln die I'll
Hall. North Vancouver, B  C. on Saturday, Ibe 7lh day or October.  A   I,
Hit, between Ibe hours of 9 o'clock
a. in  and 7 o'clock p. m.
Gltjr cisrk and Returning onu-er
I'lIBMC NOTICK Is hereby given thst
the vote of the electors of the city of
North Vancouver will be taken on Ihe
7th day Of October, 11)1, between tbe
hours of 9 o'clock a, ft), and 7 o'clock
p. ui mi ''The 11,-1,111, Loun Bylaw.
Jill." and lhat wllhln ihs City trail
North Vaneoorvcr, B: C, and fhst
Thohius Shepherd has been itppulmcd
Returning- Ofllosr to take Uio Vole of
such electors with the usual powers In
that behalf.
By Order of tbe Council.
fl We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6, 12, 18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from' One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
—-_■—■■«   hi.——«-s—„■ mniiitmmmmimmmmmnaemmmmmmm^mnndmmmtm+mmmmmnmmmim^mmmmmmmmmm^mmiimmmmm^m
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, i_*
Head Waters of Lynn Creek
.1   mi.i.ii..   i   .'       i     '    .m ".     ^     ... .'      ,i..   i   .i.   .   i n '.ah . *T.     .    |.     .  .1., i ,|j     .    .      	
W.J SMtffW Hanas Dascrlhas I»t«r-
ssting Jowniy—New tfemto At-
tractions — Pwtty ItJTW W»--
Splendid Bits (or Btorags Basar-
At the request of tbe Express, Oity
Engineer Hints lias provided a 4m.
criptimi of his teoent (rip to the. held-
-aters of tba wast branch of Lynn
Greek, togetbor witb Lynn Luke from
wbicb the creek originates and which
it is proposed to utilise' for storage
purposss in connection wltb tbe eity
water system.
To tbe Express representative Mr-
Lynn Oriek Falla near Forks
llanos said "Duriug tbe latter part
of August I decided to take a trip up
Lynn creak and investigate tbe source
of tho cily water eupply.      ^
A good trail exials from Ibe intake
of Iho cily water aystem un Lynn
creek to the forks, where tbe creek
divides into two branches, each branch
carrying about tbe same amount of
water. Tbs forka are about four and
one half or five miles from tbs intake.
Tbe western fork is about throe
miles long and for about half of that
this tbe creek again makes its appear
aoce Aowiug out of a narrow deep canyon, from fifteen to thirty feet wide
and from one hundred and fifty tq
two hundred feet deep. In tbis canyon anothor ut of falls is met with
in tbe first of wbicb tbe water makes
a sheer leap over tbe precipice drop
ping fully sixty feet while immediately
above are the second falls with i drop
,WW .1
mto&at Lynn lik* would, prove an
invaluable adjunct of tba city, water
suply Lid the mors particularly so,
inasmucl as th* small amount of water fouuit running in tha creek points
strongly \u tin conclusion thnt it certain seasons of tbs year it will ba necessary to Winont thl natural flow of
Lynn Creek   Bouldir Bridge
distance wu dry at tho time at which
I inspected il, tbe waler flowing uu
der the accumulated masses of boul
Tbo eastern branch is about tbrss
or four miles long to tbe top of ths
divide. Going up stream from tbs
forks, ths craek bsd for tbe first half
mile is formed of boulders from four
feel lo six feet in diameter. Following
these bed rock appears and tbs first
falls are encouatersd oo tbis branch.
Tbess falls trt fully Afty fttt ia
height, wbilo imntdltttly tbove Ihem
tre other falls about fifteen fttt in
height. At Ibis point Iht wtttr flows
beneath ao immense boulder wbicb has
become wedgtd into tht canyon cot)
l-l.i,i> blocking it from side lo sidt
but suspended tbovt tbt bid of tht
creek sufficiently to allow thl water
to flow beneath.
For perbsps t mill tbovi tbtl point
the creek flows through 1 until can
yon which Is to steep tnd rocky u
to render travelling impoMibl/ A
ehorl distance above thia canyon thi
creek appears to bt coining up out of
the ground tnd for out half or thru
quarters of a milt thtrt it vislWs on
bym Otm -nwttm*
If t dsy trttk hai formed at P mm
4 fftvtl, tnol m bwditrt.  IMtt
Lynn Orsik Canyon Falls-Mors Dis
Unt View
of from thirty to forty fsst. It is
Impossible to travel through tbis canyon ami about one half hour's bard
climblug is required in order to work
round it.
Above tbess falls tbe creek is well
defined and t little farther up are yet
other falls filling from forty to fifty
fset and located immediately it tbe
outlet of I email lake.
Commencing right at tbe falls this
lake Is approximately one, thousand
feet long and from one hundred to
three hundred feet wide. Tbe water
ia not very deep but is very clear.
This like is tbe source of Lyna Crsik.
Lynn Ortik Falla it OuUst to Laks
On thru aides of ths laks ths moun
tains rise lo I considenbli height, thi
slops* being steep lad rocky. About
tkt liki thirl ii l vslley of flir pro
portions which could be flooded by
munt of I dim ind converted into
i large rtttrvoir for witer storage
purposes, ctpible of containing it i
rough cslimtlt 130 million gillous of
witer. Thit like lies it in eiovition
of 8»W fett tbove tea level.
At tht tint of my viait, tht mow
Lynn UM looking Tim Outlet
had atutietlly melted from tht mountain topi, On mult being thii tht
MM of wittr lowing la Lynn
»/ttk wm rtdueti to I minimum.
Tht ebara practice) description of
tht upper ruches of Lynn trttk In-
mtt c—trly tint tkt coostruttioa of
m ImtotndlH tmnali by tin atili-
Lynn  Lake .Looking Towarda  Outlet
the creek by some artificial means in
order to ensure a sufficient ami reliable
supply of water for all purposes for the
rapidly increasing demands.
It is likewise quite evident thit
were tbe higher elevations of Lynn
creek made somewhat more accessible
they would provide highly valuable
additions to the splendid iconic attractions tf the Nortb Shore. Tbis feature of the situation will be brought
out more clearly by reference to the
several views which accompany this
article. These views were taken by
Ur. Hanes himself and kindly given to
tbe Express. Inasmuch ts tbey are
now published for tbe first time, tbey
constitute a very desirable acquisition
to tbo ever accummulating store of illustrations of tbs hitherto but little
known beauties of tho hinterland of
Nortli  Vancouver.
An Original short story by
Price Holland
Having observed on several small
lamps and also on tho back of a station seat, the name of Falcon Hill,
painted in blue letters witb a considerable ainouut of obviousness, 1 alighted
briskly frum the train pad strode down
the platform with a fecliug' of great
importance. I waa aware tbat I hid
only to meutiou to tht grey-bearded
station master tbat I was actually n
invited guest of the Honourable Arthur Montague Falcon, and be would
become instantly obsequious. I was
also aware that, even if 1 did not per-
aonally apprise him of tbis fact, tbe
porter with the bottle coloured sloevea
wbo was vigorously mastering my luggage wuuld do so sooner or later, for I
lia'l addressed ail the labels iu a scrupulously large baud and had written
lu each instance "care of tbe Honour-
ibis A. M. Falcon" in order to conclusively differentiate myself from auy
new chef or footman who might be
expected to arrive by the same train.
Such pre.eulioii* were not taken, 1 assure you, because of anything4incuial
in my appearance, but ralher oo account of Ibe fasbiou now prevalent
among servants of cither sex lo elotbi
themselves iu a geutcel manner aud
speak as particularly as Iheir belters;
I fisbion commendable uo doubt io
some respects but liable, nevertheless,
lo create blunders of identity of a peculiarly disconcerting nature.
It WM a perfect day iu August, and
the stition muter, after the departure
of the train, shaded bis eyes irom lbs
sun wilb a brown horny band.
"Filcou Court, sirf" hs inquired
wltb I canary like motion of tbe bold.
It WM pleasing to reflect that, after
all, the labels ware a superfluity. I
replied affably tbat I wm bound thither and tbe station muter pointed in
immepse, thumb over bis giudy epaul
etted shoulder.
"There's Lord Falcon's carriage
waitiu' outalde, sir," he informed me,
"and tbe footman wu here I minutt
tgo. He'll be seircbiu' round for
you most like. I'll go and fetch
A youth in livery, however, emerged
at this moment from lbs wilting room
tnd ditcerniag the thumb of the stition mister, put two md two together
quite  cleverly.
"Mr. Tslbil, sirf" hs queried, touching his hit. "Mr. Falcon is extremity aorry but he wu compelled to shoot
with some friends this morning. Ht
hM wst along the brougham to mitt
you, sir, aad hop* to sat you at
I thanked the looiann lot his met
asgi, which ht hid im"itared with
great precision IhrotMhaat, ind proceeded to mike arrangenma relative
to my luggage with tip) ptnplring por
Tht *ri« to iwm Omtft wm »
very delightful experience. Ohildreu
ou the roadside paused in their piny
to drop automatic curtseys and many
forelocks were respectfully touched
when the Nlghiwi bearing Ike falcon crest rolled suddenly round tht
earner. I hid bean given no adequate
conception' of tht immensity of the
Falcon estate. The Honourable Arthur
WM P quiet unassuming follow, whoso
acquaintance I bid made it a London
Club And whose reputation wis solely
thit of being tht eldest >on of Lord
Falcon. He hid never boasted, as you
and I would probably have done, of
tha vast possessions he was heir to,
nor hid he evor mentioned his titled
father more than was clearly necessary to conversation; and yet, as 1
Mt in tbit cosy vehicle, on oitber side
of me wm Falcon this and Falcon that
—now a public house witb a savage
looking bird as tbt sign thereof, then,
It I moment liter, I huge temperance
bill witb tbe same distinguished name
on a foundition stone—till 1 pinched
myself thrice in order to properly realise tbat I wu on a firm ind friendly
footing witb tbe scion of so noble and
suited i family.
Arthur, whose shooting costume appeared strangely incongruous amid the
general magnificence of Falcon Court,
greeted me it lunch-time, mil presented me in a moat natural manner to
his lordly father, whose flee wrinkled
briefly into the contortions of a smile,
then relaxed, with equal abruptness
when a sudden twinge of gout seized
some portion of bis persqn.
During tlio^fcriiiMiJ Arthur displij
eii lo me tljPhmleri of his ancestral
home, wbicb, hi informed me, had in
the flrst place been presented to I tl-
muus bygone Palcon, wbo by sundry
tricks of diplomacy bad foisted himself most successfully into tbo good
graces of James tbe First. Since then
it bad besu occupied by Falcon after
Falcon, all of whose portraits, faded in
accordince with their age, bung in au
interminable piiture gallery situated,
i believe, in tbe eut wiug. Tbe examination of tbess wu to ins extremely interesting, while my expert method
of focussing each with my monacle
seemed to amuse tbe Honourable Arthur considerably. He offered (jocu
larly, I fancy) to send for Lord Fnl
con's magnifying glass, but at tho very
moment of tbe jest I called bis attention of I Urge oval paiuttng.
(To be coutinued.)
Bev. A. .1. Prosper of the Baptist
church uud Bev. W. C. Scblichtor „l
ths Methodist church, bive arranged
an exchange ol pulpits lor Sunday tho
firs', when tlie monthly children's sor
vioo will be held in euch church,
There is likely at some date in the
early future to be a competition iu
motion picture circles in North Van
couver. Mr. II. 0. Coaley, who is tho
proprietor _ I flrst class kinemalo-
graph tieeire at Feraie, B. C, bu his
eye on tbs Ambitious City and will
probably visit best shortly with a view
to "looking around."
Mayor McNeish, by special invitation
joined tlie 'J'ecumeeb lacroott team, <il
Toronto, in an aul..mobile (aunt tu
Capilano, whore tke party will spend
the day. Thoy trussed tbo Inlet by
the eleven o'clock ferry and proceeded
Capiianowarda in (our cars. A lew
minutei' converution with a meuibvr
of tht lamoua team revealed tki fact
thai ths Tecumsohs art unanimously
pleased with everything tbey ara seeing in this province, and particularly
with tin "dandy,appearance" ul North
Vancouver when viewed Irom tbe deck
ol Ihe lerry. The team, unilonnly
arrayed in their red sweaters, appeared to be in the livlictt mood when
their autoa mounted Lonidale.
Permansnt Committee Constituted—
Municipalities AU Represented -
Schimi to bi Formulated.
At thi call of the Harbor Improve
meats committee of the city council of
Vincouver i conference of municipal
representatives snd Boards of Trade
wu held on Wednesday when ths pro
position of I comprehensive scheme of
harbor improvement md control for
Burrird Inlet wu again discussed.
Tbe proposition nil considered in ill
its phues md the old ground wu
igaiu covered, little if anything tbit
wu new being tdduced.
A resolution wu passed ievitlng the
respective municipalities and Boards
of Trade each to sppoint two representatives to l joint committee to tike
the whole nutter under advisement,'do
Ifto it thoroughly in ill its derails
tnd to formulati sous feuibls scheme
of harbor control lad improvement.
Mr. N. A. Ke*tM, architect, hM de
signed end ii Mptrinteadtndlsg tht
erection of i high clip and thoroughly
modern residence for Mr. I. 0. (fill ot
this city. Tht rtiidence will cott couplets about oini thousand dollars ind
is located on the Grand Boulevard it
wmtw   xi&mmwi   p^    m^mmimmwwtwnt
Anything we might say about these Ranges
would be superrW They are too well
known to need boosting.   OUR Tf RMS •'
$10 down   .   $10 per month
We are sole agents
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave,
North Vancouver, Phone 12
Hr. aud Mrs. .1. Bums, ol tbis eity
led on Thursday for Loa Angeles, Cal.
where they will be tiw'guests lor tbe
winter ol lir. and lira. Wm. Morden.
A quiet wedding took place on Tuesday the 36th mat,, at the Baptist parsonage, when Hr. Hurray Chas. I«wis
ol this city was united in matrimony
to Hiaa Omnia C. Brown ol Hilltown,
N. B. Hr. and Mra. Uwis will roeide
on Hahon avc., this oity.
An amusing incident took place on
the wbarf on Wednesday morning
Ihe dramatis persouae being nonstable Wear and a mile stringer wbo
bad besu "hinging round" for some
time. It wm reported to the conata-
ble that there wu every reason to assume that tbe stranger wm about to
make an attempt to board tbo ferry
and get across to Vancouver without
plying his fire. Gonstabls Wear decided lo interrogate tbe man, but bad
no sooner turued in bis direction thin
he took to his hods ind fled. Very
naturally the constable pursued bim
and au exciting chase terminated on
tbo Ksplanade. The suspcot wu conducted lo tbe city bail, where be con
tided to the authorities tbat he wu
iu possession of a cheque fur $1(1 ply-
able to bim in Vancouver, but unhap
pily be did uot possess Ihe ferry fare.
He produced the cheque and gave
proof of  bis  povsrty otherwise  aud
wu invited lo cross tbe Inlet it tbt
exponse of tbo forco. lucidentilly be I
was reprimanded ' for bis foolisbnsss
in run ing away. If be bad stood bis
ground like a Briton Couslsble Wear
would bavo personally assisted bim,
ind tbere would bive been no more
Previous to tbe open session of tbt
Board of Trade on Weduesday evening a vory daiuty bauquct wm served
iu tho private dining room of tba Hotel Nortb Vancouver, at wbicb - .ill-
dent Alexander Philip entertained tha
visiting speakers, namely Freaident
McCandless and Vice l'residont Von
Cramer of Vancouver ind Prosident
Hodgson of Houth Vincouver, together
witb tbo members of the eieeutive
of the locsl Board of Trade
A short lout list followed the dinner. The "Mouth Shore ind Our Visitors" was proposed by Mayor McNeish and responded to by l'residont
McCandless and l'residont Hodgson.
Tho "North Hhore" wm propoaed by
Vice President von Cramer tud responded lo by Beove McNaught and
vice president Alexander Smith of tbo
local board.
M>. A. 0. Perry proposed the health
of Alexander Philip, president of the
North Vancouver Board of Trade by
wbom the guests had been so royally
entertained. Tho tout having bssn
heartily honored, Mr. Philip made
a short smi biting reply, tfter which <
tbo company adjourned to tbo city ball '
where the public meeting wu held.
Drug Store Snaps
Tanglefoot Fly Paper, 2 double sbeets
for 6c, or 50c per box
4711 Soap UOcbox
Modified Milk, large size 75c lin
Allenbury's Food, half down ... 14.60
» ii    1 •'"'•'■ii  $!'50
,, No. 3 Food 55c each
ii i,    ,i       (6,25 dozen
Preston'a Kidney Cure 75c bottle
Peptonized Wine of Beef &. Iron $1.00
Marguerite, 25 in box f 1.50
Tuckett's Club Special   $1.76
King Cutter and Carbo Magnetic
Razors  $2.50
Gillette and  Autostrop Safety
Razors $5.00
Gem Junior and Ever Ready
Safety Razors  $1.00
Strops from 50c to $2.00 eacb
All Razors Absolutely Guaranteed
Money Refunded If Not .Satisfactory
North Shore Drug Co.
t. S. THOMAS, Pk_. B., Qtuttitt


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