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Sift* ixprpHB
The eouueil, assoroblod iu thu city
hall last evening under the presidency
ol Mayor MeNoish, handled a goodly
iniiiiiiiil uf niin. ■ i-l Iii ii I-..H - Ininiiii"... Mr.
W. Austin Ilrown undertaking the
duties of eity clerk for the lirst lime
iu i. i'liiiu  session.
There was u veritable uvaluuelie uf
correspondence to deal with. Thc city
school hoard wrole asking fur plunk
crossing*'over dileiies uud ulsu sidewalks lu the Itidgvvuy schuul, which
i.i|ui'."i was referred to the liuunl of
The Vuneuuver Auloinuliile (Huh
Wrote, through il* secretary, iu rela
tion to Ihe euuleuiplated visit lu tbe
nurlh shure uf the Seattle Autumobilc
(Hub. The letter usked if il would be
possible lu have the ruad* eu ruute to
Capilauo sprinkled, *o us tu muke th
t'isil   US   |'l, .innil   US   |'.i ".ll'l.        It    WU*
decided by the couucil to have lb
•■iiiui.I., luken over Ihe ruule i
readiness fur Juue llllli.
Craig, Bourne a Maedunuld wrote
listing lliut under the agreement between tbo V. W. ami Y. Railway Com
puny and llle B. I. T. and B. Company
lhe former compauy were to turn uver
to the latter iheir approved site fur
lbe locution uf the bridge upon Ihe lev
erul municipalities subscribing fur
stuck in llic company. The umuiinl In
he subscribed by Ihe cily of North
|f Vuiiiuuver wu* *H)(>,i*oi). The writers
wished lu know if the cily had actually signed mil"" n|'ii"iin fur slock tu
ihi* umuiint. The council gave inilruc
liun* lhal the writer* should lie in
formed lhal Ihe eily bad paid in ten
. per mul of Ibe stated auiuunl.
/ The nl} engineer, Angu* Smith,
wrole regurding the grading uf Keith
ruud frum Lonsdale aveuue lo (Joccu*
liurv avcuue. lie liud made inquiries
iiii.I lunl fuiiud lliul  Mackenzie, Bruud
' foul A l'u. were u very careful, reliable
and energetic llrm ul contractors who
hud dune very satisfactory wurk uu
lhe nurlh shure. He recommended lhal
their lender fur J7.12S shuuld  he uc
Alderman Hick und Alderuiuii McHue
were ul variance with tin* recomincu
dutton, urguiug ou the gruuud* Ihut,
pruvnling Ihe liuud* und other ueeei
ni.rv conditions were satisfsclory, Ihe
lowest lender wu* Ilie une which it wu*
cuutomury lo accept Ou Alderman
Eraser'* suggestion discussiou wu* nut
pursued, but Ihe matter wa* referred
for consideration in committee uf Ihe
whole, where ll wn* decided lhal Ihe
luwesl lender, lhal uf l.inberg A l.und,
I   * of ftfiin Bliuuld be accepted.
, '    A  Idler emanated  fruni   Mr.  J   1'
Fell, lulling attention tu bis ulfcr last
| July uf bluck 9, I). I.. 6611, fur u school
I sile.   Purchase hud since been ratified
/ by the passage uf a bylaw and ulher
preliminaries attended to, uml Mr Fell
i liti uio led lliul if Ihe eouueil Mill in
tended lu purchase payment mu»l be
forthcoming befure llic end ul litis
week. It wu* decided lhal the deed
shuuld   be uccurdinjtjl^druwii   up  uml
' illumined formuTTy fur Ihe appruvul ul
Ihe city solicitor.
Mr. Fell ulsu mentioned ihul in
March Ihis year he had forwarded lu
the council u plan of Mackay ruud, re
questing  thul  a  small  portion  uf   il
, should be opened fur traffic The mut
ter liud beeu referred to the Board uf
Work*. The diatrict council had now
Expressed it* Intention to open up 22nd
itreet iu connection with Mackay roud.
and in doing so would llll in pari of
Mackay road within the city if the
eouueil would du sufficient work lo
connect Mackay road with Keith road
.^at Heywood park. This wss a chance
of getting lhe work douo cheaply
while Ihe contractor* are grading Fell
and Hainillon avenues and are on thc
. ground witb their scrapers. It wa*
decided that the mailer shuuld receive
luun 'imi' attention.
The city engineer apprised Ihe coun
cil of the fact thai another road roller
would  be  required   iu  order  lo  carry
l out tbo macadamising program of Ihe
city. Ho ncernmendod that tenders
be called accordingly. Tho reconiincn
dalion was formolly adopted.
John Heller* aud Lewis Holdcu, who
trado under the name of tho United
Dairy k Produce Company, notified the
, council that Ihey were about to take
at'tion agaiust the city iu the counly
court of Vancouver. It appea/s that
up to May 26th the parties had been
accustomed to aupply certain retail
dairymen and ice cream Vendor* in the
cily with milk ami iee cream, deliver
iug sume by wagon. The i'ily, bow
ever, had forbidden tbis until ,-. Iiuvvk
cr'i llceuse hud been luken uut. The
parties contended that Ihey wore not
hawkers and were going lo luke action
The city clerk (Mr. Shepherd) sub'
unil' .I biH report un the *tilc uf the
city's debenturei. The 1441,91)0 geu
eral debentures buve been received and
signed und sealed. A Idler ha* been
received frum Mr. Bruce, K. (.'., lo thc
effect thul he hud pitied favorably
upou the lu. ni improvemenl byluws
uml u communication hud come lu Iminl
frum Slimauu .• Compuny lu lhe effoetl
thut lbe American Bunk Nolo Company
oxpeel to huve these bond* rei|dy to
>cuil oul »ome lime this week. With
regard to the $100,000 Ily yeur local
improvement*, bylaws fur which will
be pussed suuu, Stimsun St Company
are ul present working on tbi* hu»i
ucss and hope to he able lo submit u
bid of hii or more in u lew day*. Bvi
a pruvisiou in the ucl il I* jusl j>us-
aibli' thot the ferry cunipuny mu,™nol
be able lo complete lbe sule of ils
|ll!l,lllll) debenlures until the improve
ineiil* lu be aided by Ihe bylaw nave
been completed. The muller ih nuw
in lhe liumls uf Mr Kitcliie, K. C, ami
il muy require validating legislature
iu urder lu satisfy Messrs..8tUnion A
Company'! clients.
Around the City
Muyor McNeish lius uulbing definite
lu report ul lusl nigh! '* council meel
iug of in* rcieiil trip' lu Victoria.
The Publicil^ifljuifuilU'o hu* -lining
cd lo place Cgii* along certain Ibor
oughfare* leading to l.yuu Valey, i up
llano uml other scenic »pnls.
The SI. Andrew'* ami I'olcdouiou
Society loolbull team are *lartiug practice tomorrow evening (Wednesday)
at Heiroution 1'ark ul ubuut  ,  pm.
S Sunlo wu* un Friday lined tlijii uml
costs fur uperaliug a "blind pig." The
adjourned hearing took place ul the
cily hall befure Police Magistrate Hug
The garden fete which it is pru
posed tu huiii in ||ie .Japanese Tea
Gardens on July (illi iu uiil of HI
John'* church urgun fund, has btmii
postponed indefinitely
A public meeting of Ihe North Vancouver Horticultural Society is up
pointed to tuko place uu Wednesday,
Juue ::inli, for tho purpoie of anting
ing the prize list fur thc exhibition and
iluwi'i' i.liow lu be held iu Seplcmbcr.
ll is tbe omphalic wish nf the suciety
tu huve Ihe co-operation uf the general
public in this uu,I,'ilul.iu|: A number
of complaint* were lodged ufler lusl
year's exhibition which might have
been easily obviuled had lhe complain
ants ucceptud the society's invitation
to consult with ihem in tho arrange
ment of the prize list. Tbe committee
welcome! any BUggostiuu. "It ii im
|.n ■ il-l.-. for iustaucu," declares Ihe
society's secretary, Mr. 11. Snow, "for
a bunch of mon tu know all about the
proper classification of ladies' fancy
goods." In many other eases thc
general public cun assist largely iu run
dcfiiig thu suciety's task u simpler and
ul lhe »ume time a more effective'one.
The opportunity is provided ou We'd
uesday, June -litli. Make u nolo of lbc
dute und occasion.
WANTED-SJaihing and clearing by
contract, ti. A. Swauson, Lyuu Creek;
P. 0. 11 7
WANTED-Young lady to holp in
■tore. Apply Tho Leonard Sale Co.,
Fiiai and Lousdale. Ill 0
WANTED Immediately, gogd smart
)m Hm," driver for bread delivery vun.
Apply Bux 1828, North Vaueouver.
smull   sun   of J. I'uge of 6th
u nmi ui nm ii  in tho employ of
The Boy Scout* have
mer. Mr. T. M. Heard li
hi* sun,
fur u»e
i* i i.nm, appreciated I
now  a   inni
r. I. M. Heard having presented
, ASvyX-lfeurd, vvithajrtf' drum
• dorhig Scout .rtilr^'hi* gift
I mop.
Mr. F. A. Brown uml Miss Ilrown
from Winnipeg, nave conic lo reside in
North Vuncuuver ami ure inuking their
home with Iheir brother* in luw, Kev.
Mr.  Pea, vicar of Sl.  Agnes' church.
Tlio Kpworth I.cugue held u literary
uml social evening lasl week, Miss I'.
Keurle being in cburgc. The event was
in every respect *ucce**ful, u pleu*iug
progrum Iiuv ing been urrunged for tne
'iin, Itev. Juhn ami Mr*. Feu, lot ti
sired, belween Muody und Boulcvurd,
will be ut home lu lhe member! uf SI,
Ague*' church lud their friend* un
Thunday, Juue .mli. from I lu 0 uud
frum 8 lu  Id.
SI. Andrew's 1'resbytcriuu Church
i i'ii. • Ajd will huld their annual
Htrawberry social und sale of uptons,
elc., Thursday uflernoou and evening
Juue 20th. A novel sewing cuuteit for
men (prize) will be given. Proceeds
for furnishing fund of fhe uew church,
The Woman's Auxiliary in councc
tiuu with St. John'* church will hold
a summer sale of work in tbe parish
hull when Ihe ware* display, d will
comprise plain and fancy work and
home made delicacies. A urogruai pt
music has beeu arranged lo Uke place
iu tho evening.
the B. (', E. R.| was uu Saturday run
uver by an aulomobile ul Second Beach
where, wilh uther children, he wu*
revelling in-a school picnic. Ile wus
attended by Ilr. ilull uml luter con
veyed over Ihe Inlet to the llurbor
View nnu.iiui nn .. where'it wu* found
that he bad sustained injuriei to his
foot, several  bone* beiug fiudurcd.
The luri'i American power limmIt
Donccllu, r'glitered m Hnni,do, ba*
urived from Scuttle lo join the fleet
of the newly organin I Wosl Vancou
ver Ferry Company, the slock of whieh
I* owned by the municipality. Wilh
u paneuger currying capacity of over
It'll under Canadian government inspec
tion, the vessel is un improvemenl
over the present ferric*, Her engines
are sol in the middle of tbe vessel, the
invoking cabin being sot forward and
suloun cabin afl. II baa nol been ,1
finitely decided whelher the counc
will keep her. .
The North Vuncouver Alhlotir I'lub
is arranging a line boxing tournament
to take place ou Friday evening Ihi*
week in Ihe club ruoms uii the curner
uf Esplanade well und l.onsdule The
wrestler* will be A. Fux uml I. White
while lhe buxing will be l.v the lol
lowing i.iiiiil.li' glove wielder*; Uill,
Martin und Bob Osborrowe, A. llurper
ind JuC TJiumu.n, .1. Mu. .I,,mil,I and .1
Beeou, Kd. Kusscll and A. I'uull, and
Sum Hood und Kid Willium*, whose
boxing wus o feuture of Ihe receul
lournanieiil in this cily. There' Will
also be un exhibition mutch bv I'd'1
Tarbct, Ihe club's instructor, ami Fred
Accurdiug to thc publicity vommia
sioucr, aboul 100 automobiles ure ex
peeled lu visit Norlh Vancouver on
June 21th. The party will primjpull..
lumprise Sonde publiiitj nun and u
number of entertainer* from Vuncou
nr. Mr. Kavvlcr also stales lliul be is
having u mup of Ihe city ami district
made, showing ull the principal scenic
point.i aud ull the chlif nm is vvll in
diculiou murk* denoting where liny
are suited lu automobile Irulllc. This
map will bo u source of information mt
mountain climber*, fishermen, bonier*
uml others. II will I"' placed in all
public place* where considered couveni
cm and will undoubtedly prove u boon
11 tin* city's innumerable vi»ilor».
Wedding Bells
The wedding look place on Suturduy
afternoon, ut the Methodist Church, of
Mr. Frank Sluulon Oililcrsleovo, of Ed
uiouds, 11. C, and Mi** Jessie Marion
I'l'lliani, of llUHtitiga, Sussex, England
After the ceremony, which wus per
formed by tbe Bov, A. J. Sebliehler,
Mr. ami Mr*. Hildcrnleevc departed
fur Edmonds, where Ihey purpose muk
ing their houie.
Dominion D-ay
Tin' programme of event* in conncc
liun wilh Ihe Nurlh Shure Domiuion
Duy celebration is uow beiug prepared
for Ihe press ut the Kxpress office und
every effort will be made lo make il
botji useful and attractive. The ud
verlising sccliuu i* beiug prepared Willi
a view lo muke il fully representative
of North Voncouver busiucss house*
uud merchant* who huve uot yet been
interviewed ou the subject arc u*kcd
to phone the Express office for our representative lu cull.
Manager Brown rgl/orl* thni lhe geu
eral preparalnui* are proceeding very
satisfactorily and lie i* cunliiMit lliul
July Isl, 1912, will be tbe "beat yet."
The probability that the "first sud"
in the construction of the new railway
muy be "turned" un that day will
stump Dominion Day. 11112, a* Ibe moat
important day in the In inr. uf North
Vuncouver. Everyone iuteresled in
the progress of the city should give an
enthusiastic support tu Ihe celebration
committee and' help iu every way to
score u big success
WANTED-Wiudow aud office clean
iug or huuse cleaning by yuuug cuuple
Apply llux AM, Express Office.      II 7
WANTED-A girl for light house
work, a few hour* daily. Apply Mr*.
1. 11. I', i d,I In, ii ce cor. 28th and St.
Oeorge. t.f.
WANTED- A yuung competent gen
eral servant. Must be good cook,
wages till.  Apply  Mrs.  II.  M.  Ellis,
8tb und  Buulcvurd, Nurlh  Vuncouver.
26 0
WANTED-A first class buokkeep
er, residing in Nurlli Vuncuuver, inur
ried mun preferred. Apply stating ex
perlence, reference* uud salary ex
pocted.   Box A83, Express Office   21 (I
FOK HALE   Sellings  of  Mammoth
Pekin Hurl n. Prize strain. Phone 166.
FOR HACK Selling* ot Eggl and
day uid chicks from prize bred 8. 0.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wytndottei
and Buff Orpiugtuus. Mrs. J. E. Lee,
l.yun Valley Poultry Yards, Dojupwy
Hoad, Lyuu Valloy. Leave car at Centre  Koad.   Postal addreu, Box Dili
N.    V llllii.il'. i'J. it
BOOMS FOK HKNT lloiii'.'k.'cping
and miip.lo.   218 2nd street cast.
FOK KENT I uuiiili,l modern hourt,
6 miuutes frum ferry. Peers (i Boult,
Phuue 188. t.f.
TO RENT—Ono furnished flat with
latest  improvemenl*.    Apply  Colonial
Apiiillu.'iil ■ t.f.
WANTKD--Stenographer for purl
time only. Will pay salary on bu*is
of time employed ami give use ol
machine, etc. Besl locution in cily
fur public stenugrapber. Apply I'. 0.
Box 26)7, City. 180
WANTED-Drcssmakiug by the day
ur would lake work iu. ladies' luil
orcd Mniii. dresses of every description.
Blouse renovations, flood lit aud work
guuraiilocd. Sixth street wesl, corner
Lonsdalo.   P. 0. Box 181)1. Illltf
FOK SALE—One lecoml huml range,
guod as new. Bargain. Call ll.ll) St
(leurge Avenue. 21 6
FOK HALE One heavy sel uf wurl,
harness. Apply Vi II Bobinsou, Kuiu
bow Cafe, Koom II. 25 li
Mr. and Mr*. A. Campbell Hope und
daughter Uracc leave for Victoria ou
Thursday morning where thoy will be
guests at the Empress Hotel duriug
the B. 0, convention Of architects
which Mr. Hope is attending. Mri.
Hopo will not be "at home" on tin
Kind, nor again until autumn.
D.L. 265—Foreshore
Filling lu to Commence About July 1
Probably by the end 'of Ihe week
the piling uud planking of the side
bulkhead* being constructed by Mr.
J. p. Fell ulung Ibe foreshore uf D. L.
20ri will be completed, and everything
will be in readiue** fur pumping in,
which will be commenced aboul the
flr»l of July. These oporetiou*, which
involve un expenditure uf ulniusl a
million dollars, have been uuder lhe
Supervision of Mc«*r*. Cleveland a
Cameron, and have progressed very
satisfactorily despite adverse cirvuiu.
stances, due tu the fact thut work up
on the fruni wall of eouieut pile* and
slabs could only be carried on al low
tide.   The total length of bulkheads
is 8,100 feet, wilh an additional length ||ey'> employments may be filled for
of piling at thc back to protect the the uavy aud army, or, if they prefer
fill-in from Mosquito creek, which j ji fot emigration to the colonies, The
How* into thc inlet at this point.       j novel 'and   iutercsting   part   of   the
Thc work of filling in will be under-'< jcbeme, however, ia that, apart from
The seu, it* mysteries ami ils bar
urds, have been occupying u good deal
of ultenlioii juhI lately, aud uue point
lliul lias been brougbl uut by lhe
stones of lbe Delhi, lbc Oceana, uml
lhe Titanic is that there are nol sulli
iiiui upporluuilie* for the troiuing of
acumen in these days of sleuui driven
vessels. On a "wind jammer" of lhe
good old type u boy before the musl
learns to become a thoroughly compel
enl sailor, "|iiul lo uny emergency ihul
muy arise iu the course of nis voyages.
But the sailing ship is rapidly 'limp
pouring nmi the high sea* uml on
Oceangoing steamer* u seainun '* most
sailor like dulie* cou*ist of nteeriug
uml keeping u louk out. Much of hii
lime is spent in polishing bras* work,
cleaning puiul work and no forth. The
complete sailor cun only be niuile ou
board a sailing ship although he may
un, i v.iii.1- luke lo steamer* and lbc
restriction of *uch facilities has in
ilui fil Mr. li P. II.n,ni mn M. P., and
a well l.iinivn Ilni, li shipuwuer, lo
suggest the Imperative necessity uf
lhe British governmeut providing sea
guing sailing ship* fur life training uf
boys uud "Ihe production of lhal class
uf lhe community of British' birlb up
uu   which   the  national   existence  de
pond*   m Iv, iin nn ilm       There arc
many who agree witn Mr. Houston, uud
the Marquis ni Northamplou, for in
sfance, baa inaugurated a scheme for
establishing a training ship on the
Thames on which boys in "blind al
FOK SAI.K Murine gusuline engine
complete, ii'i. or exchange lor station
ory.   Frank Alice, Windsor rood wesl
FOII SALK -Furniture in beautifully
furnished tint, very reasonable if luken
at ouce.    Apply Apt. II, Fraser lllock.
28 0
FOK SALE- 18 hen* and roo.ter.
*16.00. Aud quantity of wire netting
Apply E. In.",ii. Sixth ami Knlge
way. 2) 0
F()K SALE—Stationary gu»oliue eu
glue, cost tlluil, sacrifice for $06. Ap
ply F. A. Maude, Derail Huud, Kust uf
Centre, Lynn  Valley. Id 0
FOR SALE - Nice Ihree ruum houie
uu Centre Koad, modem, bath, toilet,
cloiet, etc., 11,600, ea«.v term*. See
Ji L. Thumpsun, corner Durun andCcu
Ire Roads. 21 6
FOB KENT- Groomed modorn huuse,
furnished, lllli uud Buuievuril, fit per
in i.i, l li Apply owner, .1. II. English,
"0. K." (Irocer.
FOK HKNT -Two roomed cottage on
Queens Koud, block and half west of
l.onsdule uveuue. *8 per week. Apply
Miss Wade,.General Hospital.        210
FOK HKNT -Three uud four roomed
suites, Ml. Crown Block, First Street
East. Apply ut Building ur lu Lett *
Browne, 316  lin lunl, Slreei.        211
FOK HKNT- -Unfurnished fiat, I
ruum* iu modern bouse Few uiiuutos
frum eur, til per month Apply Mri.
Knight, 110 itb street uml Bidgeway
Avenuo. t.f.
FOK KENT   Furnished housekeeping!
suite, cheap. No objection lo children.
lu private family ou cur line, >'upiluno
Koud,   In   minutes   v.nil.   from   ferry
wharf.     Box  A82 18 0
(let it at lonidale Pharmacy Pbone 3V
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk, Milk,
Cream uml Butter, Purity Crcumery, 16d
Second alreel west.
Jf yuu have uuy property lu sell aod
waul quick i.----..It ■. list it wilb Muni,
Kobertsun uud Seymour. t.f.
Advertiser has IkD'l or *800 to pui
.'bate eleured lol iu good locality. All
ash, neur cur.   Box AM, Kxpresi. 18-6
Leo Yick A Co., general uicrckundiic.
171 Second Slrect West, Norlh Vancou
ver, B. C.   Employment Office.
If yuu have uny pruperty lo sell and
wtnt quick result*, list it with Short,
Robertson ami Seymour, ti,
FOR SALE -A lirsl class garden of
vegetables uu Victoria Dark east with
Ihe i.pin.i, of renting lhe ground lor
tn,oilier ni'iimni Apply J, Dicrsscu, I'ul
uuiul  Apartment!. I.f. j
Furnished Ilooms. wilh ur without
huurd, 202 curner Sl Oeorge'i avenue
and 26th itrcel eusl, Nortb Viucouver.
Firsl tlu*s  gurdeiict  want*  eugigc
ineiil■■ by day  Harden* laid out, lawns
graded, de.     Box A70, Kxpresi Office
FOR BALE-Houic, snap, IDth sired
and St. dcurgc'i Avenue, 0 room*, ce
menl baicincut, piped for furnace, lot
.'liijl.'ii) to lane, fenced in and garden.
Ladies 'uml  Children'! dressmaking
moderate charger   Mr*   Umberl, inmi
sou Ruad or Hux 18011, Nurlh Vancou
ver, g| ll
H   C.  Livery and  Board  liable* -
Now rented $22.60 per mouth.   price, I Light  rigs and  ladies' saddle hones
|!,660, $260 caih, balance *6<f month'fur hire.  Stabling for bone*.     On.
«t 7 per cent. Owner, Box 1816, rily
FOB SALE-Dlb ilrcet E, lol 7,
block HU, I). L, 660. Lovely 6 roomed
bungalow juit being completed. Hn
ovcry modern convenience, spU'udi
enl delivery and heavy Ranting.    H.
Dumas, Ith itreet wost. I'liode 3(7 t.f.
Und  Clearing  snd  Grading  I<oti.
Pole Andruu, General Contractor  Be
wer connection! * specialty, buemenl
finished off.   Built for the owner. I'luscjud other excavating work undertaken
tiii.en by the Puget Sound Bridge and
Dredge Company, and  will be undor
lhe supervision of Mr. II. L. Dana, who stnirtton in thp manning and lowering
is at present in Vancouvor. The dredge
was a few days ago brought from
Seattle and anchored alongside tbe
workings, iu readiness to start as soon
as the bulkheads are finished; but it
has since hud to be transferred to another of tbie company 'i undertakings
in the meantime.
.      •.' -m ■■
thc training which  they  will got in
stnnc trade, the boys will receive in
of lifeboats iuto the water, tne taking
on and putting off of poatengori, and
practice in rowing; in fact, tbe general
management of boats in conditions up
proxiinatiug aa nearly ai possible to
those met with at sea. This will be *
valuable training if) tboie boy* wbo
. inUnd to follow Ut* *ea, ml, U car
lo Kldgoway ichool. Fine view uf It
let, Bay and Mountains Price »4,60i
*1,00D iih, mortgage 62,200. Balanc
6, 12 and 18. Apply H. II Millard, co,
Mli and Lonidale. Pboue 171. •      21 I
LOST-Gold lucked un Wedneiday
fast, oval shape, on Lonidale avenue.
Reward—J. V., North Shore Prei*.
The lecture lo be given on lhe above
atlbject in Ibe Knigbti of Pythias
Hall by Mr. C. H. Johnston, haa been
postponed until Thursday, June 27th.
rsiiiniiie. free.  627 Bl. George'i Ave.,
Nortb Vancouver, poit office box UM
Do you wanl lo idl your lott Ws
bive rllcnli wailing lo buy If your
price ii right. Liil wilb ui md to ui.
Green k Walsh, loi 2nd itreet K. 17 6
ried oul, should go some wty low»rds new furnished house, orgin, range, etc.,
meeting  Mr.  Houston t requirement*. I barn,  near new   railroad*  connecting
Por calmu«f"'niaking, carpentering,
picttMf'frainilig, French polishing.
painting, glazing, geiteral jobbing work
aud repairi, tee or pbone 11 Haynee,
Vi■'■•'• Lonidale avenue. North Vancou
ver.   Personal atlenliun.  I'bone L147.
• ♦ '"
fiful Alberta farm in Calgary dii
Iriet, 1*0 acres, all tillable, 30 arm
cultivated, about HOO tons bay crop,
now furnished house, nrgtn, range,
The British admiralty is sympathetic
to tbe marquis' scheme, uml hn undertaken to lend a luilable ship, together
witb * *te»m plnn*c» and six rowing
witb Calgary. Ideal location for dairy
ing, hunei and grain.. A snip »t list
por acre.   Would exchange and give
Et cash for house and lot. Owner,
, W»l«b, m Second Street 'Kt*t. THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C, TUESDAY,
Bank of Montreal
E.Lblbh.d 1817
Capital (paid up)   •   $15,413,000
Reierve    ....   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg,, Ut Street Manager
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade.
Phone 227
Twelfth Street
Half Block from OBAND BOULEVARD aud Oar line. Good
buil,inv lot 6(1 ii -1 Iii ft. all cleared. Price 11,800 un term*
of S80U I'.mli, balance 11, 12, 18 and '21 monthi.
I'iiiii.. i  ii.iitii-ul.iit, of above may   be   had   at   tlie   office* of
We repiesent the London & Lancashire Iniurance Co. A
sound Buaid Company. II you liave anything lo insure we can
do it (or you.   ■
Phone 70
dale Av
>.0. Box 1816
Poultry  Bitpplica  a  Specialty.
Timothy Hay,
Alfalfa Hay,
Whole Oits
Cr. Oata,
Linn-Hi Meal
B. b K. Chick Food,
B. k K Chick Chop,
B. A K Scratch Fond
Cracked Cum,
Swift  Beef  8eri|ii.
Our price* arc right i.nil Deliveries prompt
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
North Shore Coal & Supply
Norlh Vanrouver Branch
Kiikhdin's Wharf
I'lione 488
Vancouver Branch
Johnson's Wharf
Phone 9145
•   Dealers in
Domestic, Steam and Blacksmiths' Coal; Coke, Ume,
Cement,   1'lailer,  Sewer   Pipe,   Agricultural  Tile,
i niiiiiiiiii   and   lace   Brick,   Sand   and   Gravel.
L S. EATON (Phone 405)
Mui. North Vancouver Branch
L**v* Nortli Vucoutw
2.40  I'M.
." to
J (1.00
7.20   .
12.16 kM.
on Bunday."
aot liable for
notice, tiompmy
•6.00  AM
12.20  VM.
. 10.00
Tim. Ubl* iubj*«t to cba»« without
d*l*yi, accidental or other win.
(Continued from laat Friday)
In a day or two I became convinced
that the dainty little lady bml really
Captivated Mr. Merrill, ami that, per-
h*|ii all uncouieiouily to henelf, bIih
wai being drawn more ami more In Iiih
litle. |n fact, lie did mil litem lini>|i.y
eicepl when loitering abuut the Orti
gory bouie, where he wai now a dally
gueit aud appeared to bave citahliihod
hinmilf us oue uf tbe family.
I didn't like tbe *i|tect of tltiugi al
all. Healiy, it wai noue of my Im.i
uei,:.; but I full in iiiii iwhal iliilignutit ul
the turn affaire bad taken-tiulignunl
lo Uunl, lbat Merrill, whom I bail in
trodueeil to the family, bad dliplaced
me, ni it were, in tbeir regard. Kiln
Wheeler Wilcox bai written "that
chivalry of a man eotiHiali iu protect
ing a wuinun frum every utlier mun lull
himielf." Was that the brum! uf clilv
airy tbat had awakened my imlignu
Abuut thii (imu I noticed that a
great eliaugu had come over my lawyer
friend Biley, Ilu leblom went tu tbe
Qregory'i now and be aeldiiui attuuiled
tho , lul, meeting!. When I met bim
"he iti'iin-,1 lu wiih tu iiiuiii mo, grew
abstracted uml muudy in bin manner,
and inuii to walking by himself. Was
he, too, the leant bit jealutist Once
I encountered Riley ami Merrill on-
gaged iu deep eunvursatiun ul I'uwer's,
but I ii.. ..,'l.i nulliing of lhat. And so
Ihu weeks wore uu and Merrill remained, without giving any sign, et
eupt the oft repealed assertiuu, thai
hu intended ever to go away. The
i'luli gradually became demoralljedj
tie meetings fell off and tbcu ceased
"Ho you know," I laid lu Neliou
one day, "I believe that thai man
Merrill ti uu goodt Who knows auy
thing aboul hiinl Why, he may bu lhe
biggest rascal uul,in,p tor ull we know.
What's be lining Here, anybowt"
Nelson just laughed lumi uud lung,
"Dun'I bo t fool," he uid. "The old
nun's too many for you young chapi,
uiul tbat 'i all there ts about il. Vuu re
jealous, and an is Kurt*, an,I sn ure ill
Ibe re»t. Wbat business is it uf yourn
if the (iregorys like him I"
Neit I Irit'd Biley. He said nulliing,
hut (book bu bead will) a pensive ami
ilejeeted air.' tin I diicoulmued ui)
units tu Ihe (ircgnryi ami leaned tu
talk aboul them and Merrill, although
whenever I met tbcm Ihe lu.lv ami
gentleman urged me lo .all uml ovi
ileutly wondered tl m)  cut ued ub
One afteruuun the Oreguryi lefl Vule
by Hie trail lu, Tens Bar, a few miles
down tbe river. Tbey Muoume.l lhal
Ihey would return late Ibe sume eveu
tug. Merrill wai much concerned il
Ilicir propoioil uliseu.c Hid acrolu
panted tbem lume iwu miles ou Ibeir
journey. Hu gol b»ck llle in Hie ufler
noou ui'l after dining wcnl tu bii
room Afler dark a light wis seen iu
tlieir rabin. The next morning (ire
gory complained that during Ibeir ab
lence the rabin had been entered and
although everything hid been lurued
topiy turvy, nothing bad been takeu
eicept a few papers. Tbe ufcuir
created a little iutereit for u da) ur
two, and was then forgotten,
One dismal, stormy night I ►"' »'
my desk inditing a letter for s Ban
Frencnwn newspaper. The caudle bail
burned low in ill loeket, su I blew
tbe Bickering light oul ami ruse to pru
cure a frcih candle As I groped lo
wardi the boi I became aware, by a
geutle lipping ou Ibe window pine, of
the presence uf some one on Ilie uul
idly and was eibnuited when ho Touched thu top.
"Look here,, it.," he exclaimed. "I
come to you fur Hilviee. I'm in a
iluvil of n Ilx. I'vo ilimt) a moid iIoh-
picublu iluu; For money I have eon
lented to linlray u man wliu never did
tne any barm, whose liospilnlity I huve
unjuyuil uud whom I line like u brolber.
The I'lusteru matron who drove the
null inlu Ihe heud uf ti fugitive ally,
wbu bud jusl fed ul Iter board mul who
was sleeping beneutb Hie shadow of
ber lent, wus no meaner tlitiu I fool
myself lo bu. I wus loiiiplotl und I
fell-fell llku Lucifer."
I wns shocked by his agitation uml
words. Was I lhe friend whom be liml
I'onsunliiil lo betray. Hy u strong
■ i i • ■ 11 I rolll rolled my feelings mul
managed lu ask:
"Kiley, whul in lhe name uf till Ihul
is guud uml greul uml liul) du vuu
"I moan that I'm ti iIiiiun Ihul
I have takeu u return,t uf 4.Inn in
gubl 16 entrap uml betray 11 friend.
I 'in a Judas, Ihu unly difference be
tweeu lue uml Iseariul being tluit
when) he took sil\er I look gubl 'I'lie
principle—or rulher the wunl uf it
is Hie sume. I wish I hud died before
1 ever saw Vule. I've luken I,llnul
money    blood nun iy! "
"Homo, now,-' I suul, Hoolhingly,
"lull me ull about II Ibul's 11 good
"Oh!" he groaned, "huw i-utt I tell
the slury uf my sliann', tny disgrace,
enormous amount. He came hero to
hide. Merrill, who Is u great detoctlvo
—the greatest In America—followed
him here and Ims stayed ever since, accepting .liis hospitality, eating bis salt,
uud awaiting an opportunity to take
Iiiui back. Hut thu extradition treaty
il so Imiii' uud I'uulty Ibul it tines not
cover this caso, uud Morrill litis boon
awaiting u cliunce for muntliu to in'
duco Gregory lo sel bis foot on Amor
icon soil wiuTi) he cun bu seized. The
detective consulted 1110 und I.(old bim
ho cnuld uul tuke his ipiurry buck leg'
ulli. bill (hut if he iniilil get. htm ueruss
the lim.' bo might kidnap bim. I con
sonled lu net us 11 spy on my. friend au
culnip him, mid leuve his dcur wife
ami Ihut sweet lillle Mue unprotected.
My liuill" (booting his brow wilh Ilis
rleui'lied li. 1 i "I um Ihe mosl tnisenibb)
wriilih in Vule tonight, I buvo been
wretched ever since I yielded lu lump
Iiiiinii. Tlie inetinesl hunger nu ubuut
tho furo bunk ul BonnetPi is 11 moral
king lo me.   Whul sliull I ilul"
"I'uy   the  iiiiini')'   buck   uml   retire
frnm the caso," I cried.
"(fir! bul lite worst is mil yul tuld.
Tomorrow morning"(Iregury uml Mer
rill will leuve fnr I'ninl Huberts, on
Hie Ainerii'iiu side, where lhe detective
litis luld Intu lie litis ti gubl mine, tuul
where Hie defaulter will be laid hold
uf tin 11 criniiuul. A canoe wilh mi In
'liun crew hus been cnguged uml lhe
supplies ure 011 bourd. II lies uu Hie
river bunk uml ul duyhrcuk Ihey will
be iifT At Ilu Inst niomcnl I have
como tu yuu. My conscience is tiwuk
cued. Just llnul, uf my aiding ■
scheme lu rub Ihul woman ifml nhcr
child uf tlieir protector uml send bim
lu prison.    I   buve eiilen  of Ilis suil
my fall." ^
"If  yon   iluu'I   It'll   nn'."   I   urged,
"how can I help uml advise mui.''
"Thul's rigbl," he said. " I musl
tell yuu.   Well, lliul Merrill's u devil."
lustuiillv tl occurred In tne Hint
Ihere bad been trouble at the (iregury
household und lliul Hie ubl nian lunl
either Down with lhe pretty lull,
wuinun or bud iuiultcil Inr. ami lliul
Kile) Iiu,I been retained lu defend
Merrill, uud nuw rcpculed Iiuv ing Ink
en the feu
"I  knew  it, I  knew  il1 " I eagerly
exclaimed.    "Hi's un guild, till,I   I   suid
so weeks ago.
"Dii'" bruke in Kiln, "mu'te
wrung He's bad. but it's nut in tin
way you think. (Ircgur) is u defuulter.
Hi' wus i-usliier 111 a New i'urk bin,I,.
uml   wus short  111 Ins m-nuiiits  1,, an
An Arab of Hie desert would never be
tray 1 man whose .null lie lunl mil en
Whul cun lie diitie lo stive hint mul
inn** mg 11 'Idenl while mini again!"
I tnuuglil lur a lew iiiumeiils uiul
ILi'ii suid, "We mini lull others uml
gel Iheir assistance in luutilcracl tins
infamous si heme."
" Hnt,' 'Mil.I Kib 1, "whul In'riiuiel
uf tny lioiiur, my sworn pledge as u
barrislerl How mu I rave my friend
without betraying, my elionll Ami if
I betray my clienl Bcghie will slrikc
me »lf Hie lulls."
"The detective bud uu riglit lu ask
you to assist Imu in an infamous trans
nelion, uml il is uul professional m
miu to retain u fee fur doing dirty
work. Tlirow the fee buck uml lut me
lull Kurt/ .'nul Vl.niui ull alumi tin
"Vuu ure rigbl." suid Hib-v, ufler
u pause.   " l'u tm vuu wish
"Wait  hurt- till  I   return."  I   -aid..
and 1 opoiiod tit* door cautinuoly and
peered out. No ono wa* ip light, and
I soon fouml myself in tho room with
Juhn  Kurtz aud Hugh Nelaou.
Heated iii a chair wai Frank Way,
who conducted the :i|m mu ferry,
whore tho Trutch luepeuiion bridge
waa afterwards crcctnd ami whom it
atill spans the Fraier. Frank wus a
droll churncler. Ho waa tin American
und uot a mail of much education; but
ho was as bright as a uow invorcign,
nnd ns keen-witted u» a Fox nuor.
To this duy old Yaloites relate itoriea
of his -pranks and practical juliei.
Home of thoio wero not uicu, ami could
uot bo lately printed or told to. onrs
pul ile, but he wus tho aoul of wit and
hiiiniir. He win a man of great ro-
soiircu ami bodily and mental activity.
During tbu gold rush ho mudo burruls
uf iiiuiii')' by ferrying miners uml thoir
effoetl ucrosB Fruser Hlver at llfly
cents a head. He told mo Ihut one
duy be eurtieil in I'urcs a tin biickulful
of silver ami gold, time, bo said, he
said, he nl 11 rti.l across with ton mun
in his liual, The craft run intu 11
riffle ami wus upiet, All wore proeip
itated intn tho wuler, uml ull woro
drowned suvu him.
"Vou went oul thoir fares," I said.
"Nu, I vvusn't," ho-answered. "I
ulwuys collected in udvuneo for fear
of just sinli un accident."
"Ami huw wero yuu saved I" I
(Concluded on Friday)
A serene face in Ihu crowd, a bit
of summer sunset, the hushed voice of
a homing bird, 11 lillle llower by fin.1
wayside,-will send uu from the depths
uf anger ur despair to the higher realm
within, where Hie futility of anger uml
Iho folly of deipair ure in u mmm,
clear to us, uml u song springs to our
lips. Tlie luw hus nut chunged, but
we buve changed In rhythm  with  ll.
10,000 cordi of dry ilr wood for quick
sale. Price per odd corda, 11.76. Spe
clal i|iinf,'tiiins for larger quantities.
Cut Wood, 16 lucbeii, 18.25. 12 Inches
•3.B0. r. 0. D.
f Jili.. and '1 mil    Mil) and lomdale
Phone 190.    P. O. box 2432.
uTilberol" I douiliulcil
The deep voice of Uwyer Biley re
iponded in * hoane whisper, "1*1 me
ia II., I w»ut to ipeak to you. Don'l
ligbt yeur raudtc. I muil talk lo you
in tbe dark, or not at all. I've ionic
tbing lo tell you. Irft me in, quick, by
Ibe bark door "
I didn't like tbe proportion a bit.
There bad been levcril morderoui u-
sault- and robberici iu town quit* re
c*ntly. I wun't afraid of Kiley, of
counc; but iuppo*c the perion uow
aeekiug admittance ihould prove not
to be Bileyf Wbat if one of the many
deiperadoei witb whom Yale wu iu
felted al that time bad assumed hii
voir* and under that guiie ihould gain
I'linittsu"', mul finding me unarmed
md of my guard ibould slay and, rob
met I lighted * match and seafrhed
llll i found a "blackjack," with
win. I, a New /.calami miner bad pre
lented me a while before, aud then
groped my way to tbe bark door and
opened it. In the gloom, which waa
■lightly relieved by tho ligbt of lb*
•tan, I i"'iicid tb* mbittntitl outliou
"f Hi" Biley figure. The lawyer
(tumbled rather tban walked inside,
rlo*ed and bolted the door end took
a. by the band. I noticed that toe
baad h. placed ia miu trembled like
*« »apeu leaf, and bii breath came ami
went in great puffi like that of a man
who bad aacaded a pair of ttairi rap
Residential Properties
Lots I and 2, Block 36 $3,200
bt. 17 and 18, Block I4A  $1,300 each
Lot 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)  $3,200
Lot* 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms 1-3 cash, Balance 6, 12 and 16 monthi.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286
Something New in
Parisian Jewellery
We bav* on view a couaigiiiitoiit of the latest Parisian
Jewellory tbat I* "Just out" In tbe fashionable French met
ropolia. Tbia 1* positively the highlit gradt of PASTE
Jewellery tbat I* manufactured. Iu workmanship, appearance
and fiiilih It la tqual to tbe belt Platinum from wbleh tt cannot b* readily diituigtibihod. Tbi* Jewellery was aaleuted
personally by Ur. Qeo. E .Trorey during bl* recent visit to
Parti where he found lt eiceediugly popular.
We iiliow this Jewellory lu Broocbee, Bar Piiu, Neck
laces and Bracelets. This 1* tho real tiling for evening wear
and hi Inexpensive enough to suit all customer*.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
New i iniiili aud baaomont liouse, well located on Bevonteeutb
Btreet. Price 11,600, Tonus to arrange.
i. inuiii Houso and Baseiuout ou Forbes Avenue, Prico W.lioo
One third casli, balauco to arrange.
The Burrard Development Company limited.
(tiuQ'OBMorH lo Elder Murruy Horn pany Limited)
lirok.TM 17 l.ojiwlalu Pboue 81
lPVitw' Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caah, $10.00 per month
i\ I liesc lols are one block from tar line in Lynn Valley and
nice and level and high.    	
(J l^ct us ijuote you rales on I' ire, Lie and Accident
McMillan & reid
I'liune llll.
Returned from Hire
to be Sold on Easy Payments
1 HALL It BONB PIANO    $260
1 KABN OBOAN       190
Tbo above Instruments are lu a* good coudlttou as when uew.
Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
Coal & Supply Co.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wliarl: Foot of St. CeorgeVAve.   Phone 178.
Oflice: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 196.
Alderman Irwin
and Oiled Roads
Mimic his return from ('aliforniu
after u brief sojourn Iu the eity' of Iios
Angeles, Ablermau W. .1. Irwiu bus
been earnestly proclaiming tho ijuulb
ties ami advantages ul' oiled roads. He
delivered a short address lo the city
Council recommending that lhe Board
of Works and engineer should investigate the matter thoroughly aud in
deluil, and even uutomobiled into the
neighboring municipality of West Van-
cuuver in order to u|i|iriie tbe councillors there of llle merits uf oiled
Ihtiroughftiros. In each instance tho
ulileruiuti wus fittingly ueeordoil a vote
of iinini,, for bis |iuhlic-s|iiritcd aetiou
ill ueeuntulutiug Ihe dulu Willi whieh
he bached up his suggestiuu uiul which
he placed enmplelely ut the service of
the Iwo councils.
The i,, hi, iiiini, , which 'il,I,mmm
Irwiu seetired from the city engineer
uf l.iw Angeles describe in deluil lhe
process uf oiling macadamised rouds
such us Nurth Vtncouver hopes In huve
before very lung. After tne surface
uf lhe ruud litis dried lo the depth of
an inch, tlie ml bus to be evenly dis
Iriliuli'd lu ti volume oi|uul lu uue gul
lun | rr rijuurc yard uf surface, The
lurfaee muil then be rolled until
lluuul li. Aller u lupse of nut lens Hum
twelve hours uil is uguin distributed
iu u volume etjual lo bull' u gullon per
sijuuri' yard, Tin' lulni umouul uf nil
used musl uul be less Ihun one und
une bulf gallons per sipiure yard, und
during lbe prueess Hire musl be taken
unl lo soil the curbs or.waWts of tl(e
slreei. All rullilig musl be done with
a sieuni roller weighing uut less thnn
leu Ions, lhe roller being mude lo
travel over the surfuee transversely
uud diagonally us well un lougitudin
The oil used is u uulurul oil uf uu
asphnllic base. Irealed to remove sediment, or lhe residuum uf iuch uu uil
from whieh lhe vulutile material bus
been  removed  by distillation
Interviewed with uu ides 1,1' elniling
slill further iuforinatiuli in thm run
tii-i'tioii, Alderman Irwiu luld u repre
st'iiluliw ut the Kxpress Ibul he liml
lillle lu ml,I In lliul vilnili In' liml ul
ready suid iu public. " All lhal I um
sni is iiiiii these rouils'buve pruveu
sulisftii fury ivbere they huie been cun
itructed in n, i urdunir with flic spei'i
fieulioiis Tlie syilent uf oiled rouds,"
the alderman added, "lias passed lhe
cxpcriuifutul rlupe The udiuntuge uf
iiii u.n lompored ivillt wuler in the
j':i,i,ii,ti uf ruads is Unit it doesn't ul
I, n the dustiug uf Ilie ruud' lu tin'
same cjtteul It sheds Ihr vtul.-i und
l.eeps uul liu.nl in Ihe winter Inn,' liud
preventi dust in the suiuuiet lime
Kseepl un iteep hills, oiled roods un
in my opinion superior tu inueudani
rouds.1 ' Alderiuuii Irwin euijihusized
tliu lure wilb which sueh ruads nhuuld
be eoiislrueled. Tbey were easily
■potll by allowing Irulli'' lu traverse
111,un before lhe oil bud properly sunk
It will lie remembered lliul Abler
iiiiiii Irwln lirsl intruduiol tne ijucsliou
uf mle,I ruU'ln tu tin- euuni-il's uotiie
nu Muy HUth, when he wus freshly re
lurned from ' iilil'upnu. where he liud
been prinlegeil lu travel uut man}
miles of rumls llius Irealed. II.' Iluu
poiulcd oul lliul lite elimulo uf Nurlli
Vuuiouver wun wry sitnilur tu thul
of l.os Augeles. Alderman Uiek uu
Ihis iu i'Usiuii I'unleniled Ihul u mun
mul.I l,e Irneked hull' u mile ufler
tvulUng ulong uu oiled roud; to which
sliili'iiieul Aldermun Irwiu retortcl
Ilml wlun projierly ronilrueti'd Hum
ruuds were us clean us uspliult. Hm
ri'ipient Ibul lhe mutter sbuuld be re
ferred lo the Board of Works for in
i,-i iiiui,uu wai adopted by the
North Lonsdale
Presbyterian Church
Musical and literary
Treat Tomorrow Night
Trio of Ladle* Will Bender Splendid
Program at Knights of Pythias
A icry pleasing und impressive cere
many t6o( pltee in this church lusl
Bunday morning, when Bev. Dr. (lio
ti.   I'ldgeon   bupli/ed   eleven   children.
Besides these eleven lillle ones there
were present I number of olber babies
of lbc congregation whose names hud
been entered ou lbe cradle roll
Tbis roll was tailed, by its lupcriu
Undent, Miss Annie Bltcble, while tbe
secretary of the Sunday school handed
eut the cradle rcJLcertlficatei to those
present. Seventeen oul of the il were
preient, but not a nnu^l wus heard lo
disturb Ihe service, though ull stayed
to lhe end.
Dr. Pidgcon beautifully uml clearly
emphasized Ihe duly and privilege uf
parents to create a Christiun utiitos
pberc iu Ibe houiej of lhe cougrcgn
lion, illuitratiug Ibe great influence
of parents upon the lives of their children from the early history of Samuel.
On Tburiday of this week lhe ladies
uf the  congregation are arranging u
strawberry and ide social in Ihe
afternoon and evening. A good pro
gram is beiug prepared for tbe ore*
tins.   No admission will bt charged.
If the public is wisu it will bo ropri'
scutod In large numbers at the musical
anil literary recital to be given in the
Knights of Pythias hull tomorrow even
ing by Miss Winifred .Harden, Miss
Helen llndgley mul Miss Burn IjOoioii.
"Not for sonic time has our public
been given such a treat," was tbo
comment of a Vuneuuvcr eoutemporary
ou a recital given by tbo same three
ladies across Iho lulot. "O'Brien ball
was puckeil lu the doors by u most en
i lm:.in ■! u utiilicnce," declared uitutlior
daily paper. History should repeat
itself ul Hie K   I', bull tomorrow night.
Miss ilurdi'ti is u yuung pianist nf uu
limited promise, A bronte and silver
medallist uf lhe Buyul Aeuilemy uf
Music, site bt* already charmed critical
audience* with her clever technique
nmi finished Interpretations. Tomorrow
evening's priigrumme includes, umuug
uther wurks, I'hupiu's Polonaise. In B
Ilul, Marcbo Mililuirc (Schubert
Tannic, i uud Unit's Bhapsodie Hon
groise No. II.
Miss l.ccsoii is u contralto singer of
exceptional quality, The programme
pledges her In Iwu. songs .only, "Angus
McDonald" uiul "Goodbye." H is
inure Iiiun probable, huwever, Ibal her
contralto voiuo of gloriuus compass"
(to ijuote une of her many press uo
I ices) will tomorrow night evoke the
persistent recalls to which she is be
coming accustomed.
I,usl Iiiii nol leusl by ti thousand
miles in Miss Helen Bailgley, an elo
I'liliiiiiinl uf greal charm and puwer.
She will contribute iu ber inimitable
uuv u Ittiniiiruus sketch, studies in
French l'una.liiin uud Cockney dialect,
an excerpt from Kipling ami "Tlie
Besurrecliou" by Arnuld.
A couicrl mure full of vurie.1 promise
bus niler been arranged to luke pluee
on Ine north shore. It is earnestly
hoped Ilml Hie art loving people of Hits
city uml ilistricl will rally ruuud tbis
triu uf talented young ladies ami render tomorrow night's eveul uu cu
lirely successful one.
Mountain Climber
Accompanied by Iht adoring parents,
l.yuu llrci'ii. Hu' fuur tear ubl duugh
ler uf Mr und Mrs W. >'. Hreen, man
aged, despite cvlremc youlli. lu prupel
lur lul lillle legs up lirst, second and
third peaks yf Grouse iiiuunlain un
Sunday lasl. (It,is jusl huinun cult
Iruriiii'is ilinl u yuiingsiiT named ufler
u ialley shuuld develop n passion for
mountaineering.) I'nless some buby
ur litibiea nave done lbe deed quietly,
l.i un is most iiTlainly flic youngest
, Imu,cr ou recur,I. Sin' accomplished
Ilie ascent most nobly, only becoming
sleepy und tired when il wus time to
come down again. And eieu I lien
daddy liud a nice, sofl neck lu sleep
on, aud is as sure fooled us a nioiin
lain goal. Su lhe descent was quite
sat isf acl ory, loo, The kiddie can now
be relied upun lo tell uew iisitors josl
Imu she "climbed Gyouse," oinitling,
nf course, uny unnecessary details ol
the descent. Ilenlli'incn, please, lulls
off lo l.ynn Hreen!
Slruw hull, of every kind can bl
cleaned Willi lemon June and idea'
water. Knb Ibe surfuee of lhe Iiu'
well witb lhe lemon, then rinse with
wuler Ihul is cold uud clear: repent
this scleral times, ami pul Hie liat uul
in Ihe sun lu dry. ll will nol lose it"
sJiupe by this treatment.
M .MH'.MS UK l UM' jiimm.
Ill.l.l I.ATIO.VH
i.'oal mining rights of llle Dominion
fn Munltobu, Naakulcliowun und Alum
la. (lie Yukon Territory. Ibo Nonb-weil
TciT'ltut'lcs und in u |,"i tli'i, ol tlio proviuee of Brlllih Columbia, may be leal'
ed for a term of twenty-one yeeri at
un annual renin] of ll un acre. Nol
more in.ni 2.560 acres will be leased lo
one nl'l'll. mil
Application for » leuic moat be made
l>y fbe ui'|.Iiiunt In perion lo Ilie Auent
oi Kiin-Agcnt of thc dlilrlcl In which
the rlghl! applied for ure situated
In'surveyed torritory tho land must
lie described by seellons, or legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvcy-
ed torritory the tract applied for ilisll
tie ifaked out by tbe applicant lilm
Kucli uppllcutlon muitf be accompanied by a fee of (6 whlcb will be re-
lundcd If tbe rights applied for are nol
available, but not otherwise, A royally shall be pall on the merchantable
output of Ibe mine al tho rate of Ave
cents per ton.
"The perion operating the mine thill
furnish ibe Agent with sworn return*
.... ,.ni,l iiil; for fbe full iiouiillly uf
merchantable coll mined and pay tbe
royally (Hereon, If tbe coal mining
rlghl* are not being operated, iuch rc-
turm ihould be furniihed at tcolt once
a year.
The ic i«" will Include tbo coal mining
rlghtl only, but the Iciioe may be per
milted li purchase whatever available
uu if uei' light* may ne considered necessary for ibe working of the mine at
the rate >f |10 an acre.
For full Information application
should be made to tho secretary of Ihe
Department of the lnlarlot, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion
Lands.        '
W. W. COM.
Deputy Minuter at tb* Inferior.
ti. tt—Unauthorised publication of
tbi* »dv»rll*imint will ttdt be case
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIS   EDMUND   WALKEB, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.L. President
Asst. aeuersl Manager. donoral Manager.
Capital $15,000,001   Best $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
J. A. FOEBTEE   Manager.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close lo thc Government Road, and overlooking thc sea.   Most suitable lor subdivision.      D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
DL 1100, S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive andMarrRd., Dundarave
North Shore Locators
Block 12a ' D.L 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1824
We invite all thote who intend building a new home
to call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment of  the  latest
*'• pattern* and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone222
Get a "Prosperity" Edition of the "Express"
\ A 1'
I .
!  •
PubllaMI Tutuday* and Jfrlday* by North Bhor* Pr«H, UnlttA.
Batei pt Bub*orlptioni-On* y*»», »1.00.  Si* moutui, 60a.   Tbree montbi, 85e.
United Btatei and Foreign, $1100 per year.
AdVMtlalng Bat*) WU1 B* Quoted on ApplbUloii.
Tbe Eipreti ii devoted to th* intereiti of tbe Nortb Bnure of Burrard Inlet
eioluiively. It conititutei an advertising meillum of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective maimer the population of Nortb Vaneouver
Olty and Diitrict. Every effort is made to give advertieeri tb* moit Mtliftctory
All change! in coutract tdvertiiemenli ihould be In tbe printer!1 bkndi uot
Iktar than HI a. iu. Monday and 6 p. m. Wetlneiday tu miiura iuiertiou iu tba
following issue.
North Vincouvir, B, 0	
.June 11, vm
Tbu    advisability    uf
um.   ■, in in.   whereby lbe
HYHTHM nf lhe ubl couutry who havu removed
i to Iho over anus dominion! increases.
Tbu narrow conception of Ibo liluu
I lion wniili ii ' lun. 1.1 ci ini n ul' the
governinenl j •• l^ftltu Hnglan.lur" il giving wuy be
iliill advance financial aid to adual f0M 0ie adva'uco of a beallby optlntlim
lettlen upou tbe unoccupied laturia whieb limli Hi baiii iu a broad and
throughout tht province lm beeu grad- intelligent concoptlon of Britlab cil
ually working ill wuy iulu Inn lure |MB,h|,,, '|'|,e mu In litis rogur.l was
front of lute, ami at lhe prescnl timeL,,„n||, Vl,ry e|,gr|y and forcibly slat
iu rtKwjng a greal deul nf atlention Lj |ljr thu London correipondeat of the
ut the liumls of the public. I Moulrcul Herald as followi;
The appointment by the provincial "'Kniigratlon baa takeu the but in
governinenl of n ipeclal commission toitbo cotiulry,' has passed into a mel
Inquire intu mutters pertaining lo llm inu'lnily proverb,
eui'iiurngeiiieiil of agriculture lliruugli uuu mure uut iv
uul  Hrilish Columbia is u prrliininiin
autwiv .top. couohi, cg*»» com*,
NC*U tHt THMtt aim tuNti*. a* cint*
We 'uuv  a  full  tine of Imilden'
auppliei. Nortli Bhore Heal It Hupply
Co., Phone l««,
• ' •        ■'
Vancouver Bu.ine*. Directory
iinsinil'isn nil,i,in.lis.
SPROH-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Haatinga St. W.
Canada'.  Gr..l«at W.aurn  bchool
ll.  J. S|iiiill,  11.A., -   H.uiiip.ei
IUM,   InS'l'.l'll..
■ " ■	
to larger premises nil hlspluuaila, ao
Don't Forget
Uill |'l
III) gl'
move ulung practical lines. II will re
suit in ihu governinenl being placed
in im .nm:.i.ui ui detailed information
wilh reference In the requirements ul
agriculture in Ihe province, wilh re
gard to the means whieb are adopted
elsewhere for ttie ineuuragomenl ut
actual settlement upun the soil, uml will
bring lhe wliule uiultcr within lhe pah
of  prospective  legislation.
Iti thu news columns of toduy'i is
sue will be luuiiil au elucidating urliele
from the pen of u well-informed writer,
giving particulars of flic provisions
uow in force iu uther countries with
regtird fu governmental aniitance, Iiu
iiin'iiill'.. to the bona Ilde sel I ler. A
careful perusal ut till* article will place
overy reader in pussessiun of accurate
information wilh reference to tins im
portuiit phase uf llic problem of Ihe
faltering of national agrimltural in
lereita by means of governmental u»
Tbere is one itatetnonl of fael wnicli
will ut ume arrest Ibe atleutiuu ul
the close reailer, to the effeel Ilml 0UH
immigrants whu urrive.l ul Melbourne
willnii Iwo hours wore provided with
employment, und 70 per icnl of them
found (but employmeul uu Ibe laud,
liiuuks to the credit system 111 .vogue
iu Ibal country.. This feature of Ibe
problem is of eapecial moment lo Hril
mli Colombia, in view of the Irejnend
mis and ever iuerewing lunu» uf new
population which Ibe province is nu,w
experiencing aud whieb will, witboul
doubt, continue through tbe years lo
come, If lome effective means cau be
deviled for iuducing a fair proportion
nf tbe uew arrivals in Britiall Uplujn
bia to nettle upon tbe land, tben thc
immigration probatw will be practically
solved, aud .in ond will have been ai
lishcd which will work lo Ihe
itu Vliunlage alike nf the in
ihvi.luul settler uml uf the pruvince ut
Tke nope of Iho inquiries uf Hn
,,„„i,,insi„i, appointed by lbc govern,
l„,,,,| mil ,1'iulilless over Ilie whole
nl agricultural intereiti um! i"
., ,,| wlneb tin- matter ut lluau
,. |i, Ilie wilier is onl)
iin.l there is every rmi
I,, unit when lhe results
„f ilm iiiquir) are linally cryslalli/"'!
n,l„ 1,'ginluliuii. lbc province ul Unl
,,„ 1 ulumbie will lind ilself ill pusses
„„, ,,t 0 .mli' of .-ti/UWluiy provisions
willi icspcel lo ugricullure wlmb will
lake rank will) tne provincial fornlry
rcgulutiom i" nu,- nf lhe most com
|,leli' uiul progressive syslejni iu lb'
world 1 particular sphere.
One ol Ihe most striking phrases Ibal
lias yet been coined in Hi" dismission
of ibr movement uf population willi
in lhe Hrilish Empire is thai wlmb
was ulteri'd by Knrl drey before, lhe
Idiyul Colonial Institute al the Imu li
run given fur Hon. Heo. E. l''oslcr,
when lhe el'lovenlor Heneral said "I
wish some one would bory the word
"emigrant," When u mini i.n ■ Hril
ui. for.Canada, hn has limply moved."
This slutement will meet with uuiver
sal approval in ull parti of the Empire.
(li'iigrapbiril distance! arc nu longer a
formidable factor within (he Umpire.
There is no reasun why a Hril ish sub
jell wbo removes front Huglund lo
Canada should be termed an emigrant
any more than one who remove* from
1 iifliiiul to Ireland sbouid bo termed
sucb. In either c*ae be is slill williiu
tbe Kmpire and ii devoting bii inttin n,,
us a • iii/i'ii to the advancement of the
British nation.
This broader view of British ritirep.
ship is being mure uml more strongly
emphasized as tbe numUr of nativei
Huitio villages have
1 living iu Canada
tlititi iu their birthplace. Many news
papers devolu column; lo record thu
doing! of these overseas. I'ublie men
frequently express Hie opinion lhat a
national hemorrhage of Ibis dlmeii
stun lnml bu slopped; lliul while llreul
Britain chit uffuril tu lust its children
lite ilmner! inn uf llic , uunl ry by Hie
11111I11Iinns miiiiig men and wumen
spells nut uiual decay."
Tins titlilii'le is fiiniluinentull)' un
siiuml. Tbe mun wliu talks ut "a nu
lluuul lii'timrrliiige," ur "the deiertion
uf lhe country,' 'uml uf "national de
ui)." us it result of emigration, docs
nut luun whut he is lulking uboot.
Is 11 deprivation when u mother gives
hie lu lut ilillilf ('an 11 lie described
as desert mil when I young man moves
iulu a linger sphere nt influence uml
uf mn n if Hues lhe building up uf u
greul uml virile empire spell ualiiiiiui
lmii) inr tlie mother uf ibat Km
There arc people whose minds are
so puroclnal ibal Ihey luse sight of
two I,, i|. .uuin tails iu connection with
emigration; uue, lhal lhe belter Ih
uulily ul lhe emigrant, lhe greater
the service be can render lo the Url
I ish Umpire ami the Old Laml, ami
nmuinlln lhal the removal uf Ihe
iiiuie lit lu another iphero gives, as
llii'lviinl' Kipling pull H, tin "second
eleven," u chance.
Huw is lbc Hrilish Umpire lu be
lnnil up if llic wurk is mil undertaken
Iiv tin suns uf Hriluinf One uf Ibe
greul problem! 10 Western Canada is
tin lurge Americau immigration, au
immigration which we welcome, but
wlmh hriugi witb it ileminti not
quite friendly tu tbe Britiib Isles,
and 11 ia only by tn »dmiltun of r**l
slerllng Hritisb itock thll tindencie*
and tdcali which ire foreign lo our
Imperialism can be modified and
liruuglil    iulu line.
It sounili nilL.t 'absurd In une wbu
lum seen something ul Hrialer Hril
ani thai Ihnse wbu cltim lu In' luu
periulisls, wbu glory in lbc fart thai
tin sun never sets upon Hie lliuiiiu
nn.. nf Hie King, should, al lbc same
liun' beuiiiun tbe going furtn nf (In
men aiul women whu are the onl) -nr.
loitiidgtiou nf Imperialism
Intu tin intricate und dinVull su
• mlu" 1.nl problems which lunfrwnl lhe
nm,mi,1-1 uiul plnlanlbruplsl in Hn'
I,ul 1 iiuiilt., if is iiiii for in lo elite.'
luil wc wuuld mosl einpbalirilly n«
Mil ilml In relieve llic ruiignsl.nl con
Ires of population of sume ul Ibeir lies'
clllreiis means Ihul those whu aie low
er down in lbe class will bave mon;
room and u ilience to rise lo lhe lop
.Cenailu wants the besl; Canada if
lends lo gd lbc best; am) il pays lbc
Old Uud lo tend out u„y. Hit but; for
we nrc building, and of He material
which is being pul linlin into Ihe
structure will lbc future Htlish Km
pire consiil. ' Tboie who leave tne
lli'orei of Britain and settle under an
ilicu flag arc lost to her, lull thoi* who
migrate to Britain ovtrieu, arc not
.ml), not lost, but become a greater
striyiplh sway linn the) wire et
home" ,
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
4411 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manage!
llllSTll IMMh
Alt North Vaneouvir poophj nl it
Kilber Flack Blook or Hustings Bt.,
oppoiite the new poit ufio*.   11 nul
sells bli tea by tbe puund.
We have a few cheap lot* close
to Second Narrowi budge, alio
somo of the Oheapwt and Finest
lott ■ In Weat Vumouver; u this
taction ta moving rapidly, you will
hivi to hurry to itcure one or more
of theae. FrU.lt from 1100.1)0 and
up.   Oood term*.
Georgia Real Estate
617 Fender Ut. W.   Phone ley. ny.,)
lliut when you do papering Ibis
year Hint we lire slill here willi a
fur better lino ul lunch better pricei.
Ill  1   1l.1i... 1   West. Phone Nil
(next lu Patterson, liuHiu A ('lurk)
Mllll In
NllTII'K   Is   llelel,)    (Hull    lli.il    Hi,.
ll.,.ml   uf   Yillll.ilult.   tn   i.'.itisiil,.'l    t'lulllis
fut work 11, in..11, in iiiiiinni .m.i mu
icflula sii(,|.|l.'l iu < uiiui'i'iliiii with lhe
lulisliintlni, uf lin 1Mnlu.11 . Vi uuin
llllllwu.v will tin llui iiilnil,!, 1 .,11 mn ||
, l.iiiin, us hove tu uli ilul) III,,I mul vi ii
Any I'liilnia  win. li  Iiuv 1  ult,mli
li.lli   Sll   lllllll   .Ilni   Vi'lllli'il   I,)    .nl.lllllm 1
ili deration ..I uiliel wIhc sl.uulil I,,'
filed Willi llm iili.li islniinl whinml ile
Till'    BuUI'ii    Will    iiillSlilil     .ill    . lnlli,n
fin U1.I1111I |iliisfi-al wull. mil mined
aiul poods ulld llilll.'l IiiIn sii|,lind ill
1 ollllii llutl  with till' sill Vr) lup    Imillllia
ui obtalnlna "f iluln ut ::.,.  Iiui»,.cii
Hu. Iv  I'iiiii  llliil   Vi 1 li.ui
It   V   llKKmN,
Beeieliir)  for lhe Hmml
Adihess Bux .11.'   Victoria   II   '
.,*.'•  4.■4'.,"',  «*«.rtrlmu»  titan*,
Iv.ltli l(.,ad tiaivleii: Uuililna llllll).
ivinlnf, 7.11) Adult Bibl. Clui, li.lu
Bunday Bchool, Mt. f.PIC E. Tun-
Ity, il I y 111 I'r.y.r U.el Ing Wld-
Choir Pis.U.m
Honald Us. Uml
Kiii|iiiriTs cluss meets every Weducs
dly evening ut t> put tlbtmcnlary stud.'
uml ijiieslions. Yuu are curilinlly nivit
ed tu alleiid Kuoni Hi. Aberdeen build
tug.   Theuiophical free.librury.       l>
m HOUSE Movma
I'liune Kiiiruiuiil laid, Simpson Hros
building movers, tlilt Fifth Ave Wesl,
Vuiiiuuver, 11. I'. Umpiiro .Simpson, Isl
huuse easl uf Luusdale, llllh street. Ks
Intiuti's free 21 fl
-   ,, ■,■     '•
Our Shipment of Prosser
-:- Racquets is Here -:-
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and buslniii houaee
uro usually Judged by the printed mat
ter thoy scud out.
(Ian you altord to take chaucci with
your printing when good work In fins
line coils little, If any, mon.
We Do Good Work
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tnd (t. O.ui as . Sundty Sirvlcei, 11.00
" 7.10 i
t m tnd
Blbli Cl***.
Monday.   I
I ..a
)■ in    Sundty Schuul tnd
M0 pm    H.i.i. i   i..itii.
I   in      I'i nm   and   t'lulle
st    1 30
.     IVtl    mu
W'i'iliifsdu).   I   |i m
• usmi    Thursday   afiiinuuii
ailoi. W  c  ;., i,in. |„ i
K. t. HALL
Wednetdiy,   lum
Fourth   Btritt,
lUth, B..')0 ibtrp.
Wliinlfrtd Otrdtn, Plaulit
Helen Badgley, Blocuttouiit
Bur* L***on, OouUalto
Ket*rv*d B*at* Mc.     Admbaloii Wic
TiiktU at WarburnlU  Piano  Hou**,
Lon*d*l* Avenue
*   kni at tbt Hill
at Aaura' I hare* 1*0111.1 i.'ilil
mul       liuiil. v.,i,I        l-nlijn tl.i Villi
Muiuliiu     I'i,i.u      II    am.    Suiuliiy
School 1 it y ui . Kvniliia  I'm.. i. i ill
p in    Ilul) I'ul Ulil.ill. (list mul itiliil
Suiiii.i... In in,,mt)   ut  ti ii in    lei-uml
.luluI n ,    III   In,1.1 I.    t   ll   in       It, v    ;..,,,..,. |
.in.   M A    VI. ui
talvalluu Aim, Luintiliil,' Avenue
Bunday mvices. 11 00 a in 1 n m uiul
7:16 |i m Tuitdty, I i in T'liuisdsv
a 1' in ri.ll,li.i,'« Service, w, ,iu, ,,1.,,
I i m
Mainlsi ta.rck 'i'weirili ami til
ilmiia, Bervlii'i ul II a in am) T In
p. Ill Hun.In;. ;•. iii-nl and llililr i'lans
tl 1:10 p in 1'ruycr und f'ralie Bcrvlci'
WnliKida) ul- I p in r.ii.i, i Hev A
J  I'iomfi. Twelflh uml HI  Qturgi
tl. Iota Ibi r.vsuarll.i, Klghlli mil
i t.it i., nin Holy Communion, i a in
Muiiilns IT..,.i || a m tivenlna
I'rtyrr, 7:10 li in On Ilis Arsl Sinul.i.
In Hie monlli ilm. will be a ieron.1
calibration of lbc Huly Communion
11 a in    Rtcfor, Ht«  lm.,    Ilougei
•t. Mi*..*'! i •u.uil. I buret, Blstli
tnd Mahon Avvuoc Bumiay lllah
Uui ami Htrjnun. It a in Sunday
Ichool, II* I' in Hnsury and Belli
diction. 7:10 p in Kildtt l.uw Miss.
I t in I'tiioi. Rev J A Hmliiiil
0,11 I
l.iU. i •ib.nir l.'b.ieb of 11. Paul's.
Mail.  7)0 I  In . Bun,lim     fusli,i ..ll.v
K    I'.-) lavlli    OUI.
beautiful .'miii. la nu in t tlgarv
diitrict, lflU acrei, ill tillable, 30 acrei
cultivated, about 3(JU loin hay crop, naw
furniihed houie, orgau, range, etc,
barn, near new railroads connecting
wilb i algai) Ideal location fur dairy
burses and grain Price ill pet acre
A snip Wuulil fsi'li.'iiigi I'ur house nnd
bit Appl) Miin Ml Walsh, 21a imi
slreei l> •'>
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATI'S:    $2.00 pei  du]) up.    Special
mlcs In families and to regular boarders.
I have 11.'mu
a l.iiililing ml.
pussiblc   lm   tin
:',u l.'et ur nun.'
Willi, Nmih  \iii
.iiili uml
l.i. uli .1  li
.l,   I.,   lun
il   inil-l   lu
I'  II   Hu.v
« b.i.n...
s.l.um "Klmberliy'
ihiilerflrld Avinut ibclween Fuoi
(.'.nin tnd Klflnnih ilrsclii Bumlai
Sirvlci! tt II »ui Ti'iiiiiwii) Mui
Ina   Wetlneiday. I 00 i> in
Miiini luvsniii.
■I. 1'b.aut—I am. every Bumlav
iseipl flril Bunday In monlli. I In
s iu nnt Sunday In inonlli II a
Mullui. I.lluii) and Bcrmun. sn ond soil
fourth Sundty Holy Communion end
H.'ininn. Iiiui and Ihlid Bumlayi Vicar,
li. v-  T  E   Huw
Prnbrlrrlaa rb.reb Bonduys. II
t m tnd 7:10 p in. Bunday School anil
1111,1.. i'Uss, J to p in Ti uuh. is Train
lat Clue, Widnui.li) i-i. Prayer
Msifln*. Widneiday, I y in Boyi
Club, Thunder, 7tlt p m choir Prac
ton, Friday, I p ro It Van Monslci
M A ,  lunl'ir
I.VRN vai l l l
dayi. Ham
d  7:00 p In
(chool,    11'.    i' Jn      fiisi.ii,
Rev   0.
frttbrlrrlt. I bjurb   Worihlp, .'-''"'
di/i. ]l   tin   tnif  7   pro.    Sundty
Bchool, l.ll p.m.   Pulor, Hiv A. Mae .
i Itmeift, Uae Vfllty—Mallni
i.    Sundu)  Beln
OOl i.iO p 111    I'VII
■ 'nlnuiill,InII ui'.'ulii!
in* 7 00 nro.   Holy Communion i
undty in month tt 1100 a.m.   Normtn
Tbonpton In ch»rf ,
TAKK Mil I' I. Unit  nu i> ling nl
Hie miiilii il will In In Id un Thursda)
licit, tbe Hllli m'l Tliu next regular
melting will be Ini'l on Thursdav. lbe
Tllh inst
.Mills 0  PAKHKlt, I'll''
Tbere is in Ihe Cily lliuinl une
1 i",'.i, pony which will be sold Iiv pub
lie auction ul noon, Tuesda). 1Mb
lusl , at the cil) lull, if uui . lu'ined
befure linn
begs lo announce llial lie will
At Terminus oi Capilano Car Line
immediately.   Lei us have your listings ol Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real F.slale, Insurance and Conveyancing.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
lor only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
British Noi America
78 Yiari in Builuesa.  Capital and Beiarva Ovtr $7,600,000.
A Complete Bayking Service
Collections made in any part o| Canada. Negotiable
paper discounted. Money advanced at reasonable terms to
finance your business. Local and foreign Oralis bought and
sold. Money transmitted by Money Order or Telegraph
Transfer. Letters of credit issued payable in all the leading
cities of the world.
We invite yuur account.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade, Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Five roomed house, large rooms, modern,
and two roomed cabin rented, standing on
double corner, 100 (eet by 140 (eet, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. Price
$6,600;   cash   $1,800, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Yancouver
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
Watch and Jewelry Woik, Diamond Setting
Jeweler and Optician 106 Second Street
Government Aid
To Settlers
.   On The Land
VI   \ II   II    Mllll   ,.
Fur i< Mi-ruse lu  Ink.   aud  I ar  Mnln
•Mini'!•;  la  hereby given   ihul  Tin'
kll,III. l|nl|ll)     uf    Wl'SI     Vlllll IlllVtl      Will
uppi> fui ii license iu luke unil um:
100 cubit tee! pel net uml ut Walel out
ul fruli .-. i.i. I. lluwa In ii n.illli
Wtnl.il) direction II.,. :> I ll 1. lilt
ulnl .mollis llil'i Haute lliiilim In
Huw, Sound Tin' lulin will lit ill
vttleU near tin.- iiiin... ami will bu used
lur   i. .....i... 1   j ... i .■   un   tin'   land
ikm.ill.i.1 ua Tlie Munlclpallly ot Viet!
Tlili nolle* waa iiuaii-u un thearuurid
un Ihe Itth day of Nay. i'H    Tha at
ullcatluli will be Hied In Iht unite uf
th* Water Recorder al Naw Wtatmln
Objections may ba olid wllh tbt
aald Water Recorder ur wllh tht Comptroller of Wattr Hlihts. Parliament
Buildings.  Victoria, fl  C
c   il.n,i..in   Auent
W II KM Mllll In
Fur a l.lcmar In Take and  ler  \\ ulrr
NuTli'K  it  hereby  ulvcii   iju.i   Tin
Muni, linllll) ul vv'cal Voiicouvei will
,i|il,i) lui .i llitli.i. lu lulu.' und uur lull
infill' fill |.ti ai.ulid ul wiil.'i mil "I
I'lei'li wllh li flown In u houiIi-
i nun 11) dlicclluli n.i, "i:l l> 1. im
N \v V .Ui'l ellipllet ml" Kuulc Il.n
l,„i In llu.v, Huiiml 'II"' wuin will lii
illvelled nu' II" lllluki und will bt
imed fui Muni. 1|"'I |.ur|iuaea on ll"'
lund described us 'I In Mmili Iniilil) uf
Weal Viilnu'iv, i
Thla liuilil wuai'"»itd "ii ll" nnmml
un Hit I3lb dm i.f Muy. I»I2 The ap
nlltiiilun will be filed in lb>' ""l" "'
ll,,. Wuin Recorder ul Ntw  Wralmln
" lil.Jt. Uuin. muy be lll.d with Hi., "ui'l
Wilier    Recorder   oi    wllh    llle   I'nllll'
Iiullei   uf   Water   llluMs    Purllumeni
Hulldlnus.   Vltlurlii.  B   '"
Tllln Ml'NK'Al'TI.ITl  OK WKHT
Allium  ,'.|, Allnl. i    Alien!
12 7
, uvrhiit miim (•■
Fur  a  l.lernae  lu Slure  ur   I'm   Mark
NuTli'K   la   hereby   slvcli   Ihul   Til
Moiiltli.ulii)   of Well  Vancouver  will
upply fui ii llcenae lu slorc or pen buck
Twcive  Tliuuauiid  acre-feet   of   water
from I'reek. u alream How
Ink In u N  W dlrecllon am) emptying
'      Into Howe Hound, neor Kuirlc Harbor
The  wiilei   will be aloud  In  u  rem i
vuli of .'.'I """ 'mu inilliii"' capaclly. imlll
t. or to be Imlll al Oil" lake, anil will be
19* until foi Munlclpul purpoaea ue niillioi
lin) bv Waler Record No Walei
1,incline Nu        . or under u nollct of
uppllcallon for a llcenae  lu lake unil
une water, iioaled berewllli  nil the lund
described  a«  I).  I.   Ul.   New   Weal
Tliia nolice won puaied un lbe aiuuiiil
on lhe Klh duv uf Mu.u HH2 'lhe np
pllcull'in will I.e filed In Hie office of
lhe Wuter Recurdei et New Wcstmln-
Objections muy be filed with llic suld
Wuter   Recorder  or   Willi   the   i"mii|i-
Holler   of  Wuler   Rliihlt,   Parliament
UulldlnK*. Vlclorlu. B C,
0, Hannan. Auent
»  IIIH   Ml I II  I
License lu more or Pen Hack
NOTICK la hlieliy uiveli Ihul The
Municipality of Wett Vancouvei will
npplv for » llcenae lo alore or pen
back Hcvcnty-flvc acre-feel  of  wain
from  Creek, u alream How
Infc In a aouib eaaier|y direction uml
emplyliiK Inlo Howe Hound Deal KutU*
Harbor The water will be stored In a
reservoir of 2Q.000.0dO K«Ilon« rapacity, liuill ui lo be built at thla lake,
and will ba uaed for munldpo) nut-
poses ae authorised by Water Record
Nn .    VViiIii    I,lu. lint   Nu "i
Ullll. I    li   liulli ,    ul   uppllCUllull   f"l    .1   II
cense  in luke uud  uae  wuiii    poati-,1
berewllli    uli   Hie   lund   dim tilled  un
I,   Ilil.  New   Wealiiiliialel
Tliln notice wua pual,-.I nn Un uruilliij
un llie lllli duy i.r Mu)   1912   Tin  up
|l]lcallull   Will   In    llll'l   III    Hit   ulliee   uf
Hie Water lit tin ilt I ill Ntw VVtnlmln
Ill.Jei linns 11,11)   lit  llliil   Willi   llll   U.l 1.1
vsi.i.i   Recorder  in   win.   ll.e   rump
iiull.i   „f  Water   Hit li n    1'.,: 11 j I,,, i, i
Hiiiiiiinpi, vi, i„iin. n I'
Annus   M. A,ii i. i    Aatiil
Your iu|i|ili«a for coal can be llled
by tbe Nortb Shore Coal k Supply Cu.,
I'l "I.e   488.
Tlio public aro beroliy w.-irncd tliat
Hr. I.. 8. Eaton lias no further ofhcwl
connection with Die Nor'li Vancouvei
Coal b Supply Co. Ltd.. and tli.it no
ii..i...,i iuu.. made by inn. in lbc name
ol tlie company Will be ircoglitzod.
There la uo council lou between tills
company and any other of a alimlar
nunc l"'
Tendera addressed i„ tl,, r-.. r. turn
nf District Si'liuul Hoard, Wcnl Von
i iiiimt, will I.t received uj, In iiiuiii ul
June I nth. lor achool ailca. un i'rup"iif
fiom two i'i) to live til) oeren
A. i»UAM'„ Secretary'
Hyiiiin.'ilii of Methods ill Voguo In Other
Tho following Information witli re-
gard tu llic plun, iu uperutioii in various countries for uilviiiii'iii" tonus to
farmers is I'onipilui'l from an arl ide. hy
air. ll. V. i.n,,,. uf Vinii'iiuver:
The Credit Puiieior aval em, wliiuh
lum developed in'Friiiiii' uml wliieii iH
working bo satisfactorily iu iiiuuy iiiiiii
IricH appears likely to lie udo|ileil ,for
lung 11nn 1,,,'n Ireliiuil affords a
giiiul Illustration ol' what lung term
loun ill low nil e.n uf intercut uud co
Operation cun do. There were uliuul
fiGn.iluii tenant farmers iu Ireland when
lliH Imperial government panned the
nel authorizing tho advance whiili
mude' il possible for llic tenant farmer
to purchase his holdings.
The tenant farmora. nl Ihul linn.'
were descrlbd! ua t shiftless, Imnkrupl
elans without hope ur ambition III
lllll llic report shown lhat 330,000 nf
Iliese leiiiiiii farmers lunl purchased
their holdings uml il in reportod linn
nol quo nl iImm in in arrears. ' u
operation under the Irish Agricultural
Organization Societies, commonly cull
ed llic I.A.O.B., under lhe dire. Imu of
Sir Horace flunked has udded greatly
In llicir prosperity. They Inne UO no
cielien uml -Hiu cooperative Imiika. The
ro operative buulis inulce nuiull luiiun
fur nliurl dates to enable Hie fanners
more successfully to curry un their
season's wurk The Irmli farmer in
nuw described us liuving developed
into ii self respecting, prosperous huni
ness man ami agriculture a., u prulil
able uud ,".'.1.1 induatry.
In France Ihey mm- a plun known
is the Credit Pointer syslvm, under Ihe
mi I rul and directum of tlm govern
ment. The money is rained by Ihe mil
uf government guaranteed bonds. This
plan provides Ibal a fanner nun Inn
row up to tin or in per eenl of tlm
vulue of bin farm fur any lerui of years
up to IW, They have ulso eo operative
banks for short lime loans Tlm Bank
ut Frum,. alau inukca ahurl term luunn
lu farmers amounting in llic' uaure
gule iu uliuul *hi),M.i|il.iiiw annually.
Tbey rcpurl lhal Hie loss by bud debts
In  llllililli'nillilll,  being  less   lllllll   III  Ull)
ulher hue uf credli Ihe) give. Ami
largely us u  rcaull  uf llicne  very   lib
i'llll   liliUlu lal   fm lillle-   UU   pel     i 1,1    uf
lbe French fauiilicn iiwii tin- huuaca
ilny live in ami the land Ihey - ulli
wile, ami il in claimed lbat llm) art
lbc wealthiest pcui-unlry in llm wurlil
Nul lung ugu a liuilil nm ul tllu,u'|i|,iji|il|
uf  railroad  atmi.  wua uffcred  lu    llm
public ll Wiln null., tilled il'.. Ilium
Ttie ("lul n lii.iui. I of nulls, np hull,
amounted lu abuut |2,clilU,iHW,bi)ii and
il ii a.iu.uied Ibal aboul 29 per ceul
uf Ibis ennruiuus sum of luoucy be
luuged to tbe agricultural and working
lu Hitman; Ihey bave s plan known
ua the l.i.i I s Lnlli i system This in
niinliir lo llic ''redii Foncier Tlie)
aim. Lun' i u up, tiiIi).   bunks for nhurl
I. nn   luun,      In   uddlllun   lu   Hull    Hi
imperial  lunil,   ul   iieriuunv   caih   v.u
luun,   Ihruugli   IiiuI.it.,  nbuiil   »ii'l.niiu
"'I"   lu   tin    laniuTn.   Wlll.ulll   lu. . I
llcniuarl..  Hn   . u upcrutiuu   m   pi" lu,
£3,000,015; total iiumlmr of applies
lions for. which rodueod aiuouiits were
"iliTi'il  tint  iiiii  uiTtpicil  wero  1,1117,
um ilm;   tu £810,11)5;  total  niiuihur
of applications declined wero 1,500
amuuiitiiig to £7115,8711. Of the limns
grunted £1,51111,858 have been repaid,
leaving outstanding current luunn on
June 311, lllll, amounting to £1,308,-
057. As security for this sum the commissioners hold lirst mortgages on im
proved farm"property valued hy their
own appruiser ut £2,B6-,145. The
umuuiil ul' lnnil property acquired hy
foreclosure, uil; reserve fund over anil
above working enpeusen to provide for
uny possible loss £81,788.
Ou .Iuue 3D, lllll, lliere were ouly
nil farmora in nrreurs ami the tutal
umoiiiil of nrreurs amounted lo £88 Ils,
On June .'III, lllllll, Ilie lund under put,
tivgtion in Victuria was 11,888,3115 acres
On .lune .'III, lllllll, it was 4,1183,8111 ucren
au increased urcu brought under oul
tivuliuii in nine yearn of l,l!l5,IHtlacren
which in uu ;i inuii iii eipinl lo Ihu lulni
nil...., [ brought under cultivation in
llm stale duriug the IIIU yearn ending
June 311, I Slid. The ulher day mm ini
migrants hud found work I'or 'hem
within two hours of their arrival iu
Melbourne and by reusou of llic credit
afforded the fanners hy the Credit
Fancier syslutu, in per cent, of the
in in found wurk uu the lumi.
Her  export   uf  meat,   wool,   holler,
choose,   uImiii   uud   other  products  uf
Ilie   Iiiiiii   huve  increused   frum    uulll
mi: uniil now ii amounts lu hundreds
uf millions uml chiefly attributable to
lung  term  luunn afforded  farmers  hy
llm  Credit   r'oucicr  system.   All    llic
iillicr stulen huve a sunilur system uud
are equally satisfactory.
New Ztllllllnl hun U slightly illllerelll
plan wlneli m very fully described in a
letter  frum   Mr.   Thomus   Wilfor.l,   a
lawyer uud a liiiaucier of In^h aland
my in Wellington; he hpn beeu muyor
nl ilie city inr two years; in president
of   Hn   mayur's   association   uf   New
Zealand ami bun been a im-inhcr uf lhe
parliamcnl ul  New Zealand fur ubuui
II yeurs uud bus been deputy speaker
fur twu yearn uiul Ins report can be ro
lied upun    The farming industry   hun
Increased by leups uud huunds   since
Hie introduction uf Hie ucl autlioiizing
advances  Iif settlers    The extiotta  nf
fu nu produce huve increased from  al
muni   nothing   uniil   nuw   J10,illli|.i|ii'J
worth   ul   butter,   6,111)0,1)1111   bales   uf
wuul  uiiil  5,01)0,1100  carcasses  of unit       Kvery  une in and uliuul   Ih
lun;  Ihey ulso grow  about   lil.iiini.iiiiu : ur Cuinuions complains   of   Ibe   pace
bushels of   wheal  unuually   uml   ulbet   '|'be uiicsliun is what  can  lie dune tu
products ul   Un   farm  in  Iiln   proper   (.|iei I: ill   Tiie resources of parlianien
tun procedure seem lo lie un ejhausleil
os Ihe energies of iin members, and il
Using it rinxlmnm of HtlJMM and -a minimum of tit. On urban lauds power
was, given to advance not exceeding
throe llflhs of the valuo of tho laud
apart from tho buildings plus half of
tho value of the buildings apart from
Ilie lands and on suburban lauds on
half thu value of the laud plus half
the value of tho buildings, while in urban or suburban land having no buildings, half thu value of the land could
be louned hul ouly for tho urectiou of
lu llllll the n,ininiii authorized was
lent out and Die people through Iheir
representatives un both sides of tho
housu. of representatives clamored for
mure money I'or those who decided to
tuke udvuntage of Ihe provisions uf
the uet and in thut yeur another mil
lion pounds wan authorized, lu IlllKI
the margin of security on leasehold
lands was reduced frum one hull' lo
two fifths thus mulling lhe same
terms tu the leaseholder as lhe free
holder, lu Hind ihe authorization
amounted lo £5,000,000 und u reserve
fund uf fJnU.Ulll) wus created und u sink
ing fund, the contribution to lbc lul
ler.to lie III per cent, uf lue gross re
eeipln. Iii lllili thu authorization
amounted lo £6,000,000 und in lllllll u
department wus established embracing
Iho whole of lhe government invent
incut departments lleuerul power wus
Uiw'ii lo rumc up lu £1,800,1)110 a year
uml ihe iiiimiiil contribution to ilm
sinking fund amounted tu I per ceul.
of Ihe total capital liability nl llu
time of payment while such fund is In
he held ami re invested ill mortgages
by lhe public trustee, u separate stale
department which nun recently been
successfully copied m Ureal Britain.
I.uuus can be granted un lirst inurt
Huge of lauds und improved lnml un
der li difforeul forma of holdiuga nr
No louns will be uruiiltil on u leuse
which pruvides for absolute forfeiture
without cuinpeusatiuu for brcucb ul
cuinlilions ur if ul lbc end of lhe leant
compensation is tu be allowed oul) on
certain improvements und uoi uu ull
Progress payments are made un
building loans as llic erections an: b.
ing completed.
A Made-in-Canada
Do not uso liiiiiiiil Sulphur uutil
you road the booklet. Do not
accept tho bottlo without It con-
talus tlio inini'.iei .md medicine
Tinders  will   be
«/n    Mm ;.,.    Juu
part   of  Diatrict
North Vaneunver,
received up lu
■ L'lth, fur clearing
Ull iiii and itt
I'uiilunniig une hun
Inn,  iiii'l   .clinic,   In,,   been
..Mil   I   |i ili, linn  |'ii    ilil)   1
an in
ulher . nullify       Tin ,   Hln 1,11
III,.<     Inil'l.
Iii    .ill    11"     Mill,       ul    llii
i "ii.ii
.iniiili   "1    Au-ir.ili.'i    lin .
lu ".lm lu Hi,   Km,. 1. '
rein 1
i'. i ..I. iii and' u do., ripliui
uf   li"V
wmi,.  ,i '  ntate  uui,   I'i
lul. I'll
reprencnl.il i.c   iif   huw   il    .vn
rl..  in
A.I   Nu    IIM. panned   lll'l     .'1
liil'l   l" 1  iliin nyslcni  in   Hi
Vi, luriu,   Australia   Tbt a,
l„r the ninuugcmeiil of llic
live   i uiiuniaaiuiiera   uml   an
p. I
droil acres, inure nr lenn. Pull purlieu
lara and apecificaliuiia tu be obtained
un applieutiun at llm Lonsdale Kslnle
Ollice, 526 Winch lluilding, Vaiicuuver,
H  C, Telephone Seymuur 2830,     21 i
_ A
I. O. O. T.
Ambition liudgc, I  i> -'I T., mel as
ii"".ii lasl Wednesday evening ul 8
"'ilmi in llic St I val lou Army Hall,
and afler hong opened in due forni
by Chief Teroplor, Hro. Heard, conaid
nralrle l.uainena wan gone into. Then
were three caudiilalcn up for initiation.
A comruitlec waif formed to get up an
ice ereum :... ml and a program which
will br worthy of any Norlb Vuncou
v ei lie '< attendance.
ltau fiAiiAiift titui ritkimat
ITQN COUGH met. u cmt
ueneral. The * commissioners lanuc
mortgage bonds Buck bonds un' guar
Biilccil by the government. The money
ruined by lhe sale of such bonds in
loaned lo farmers uu liml murigagc in
aiimn nut lenn Ihun Uil) and mil inure
than £2,1100 tu any une borrower, ami
up lo lib per rent of Hn1 value uf llic
farm properly offered un security. The
value lu be decided hy a vuluulur ap
puu,led by Ihe commissioner* The
luunn bearing inlerest at lhe rule of
I'i per cent' payable half yearly and
extending over a period up lo 30<4
yearn a aum cipiul tu ti per rent, on the
amount borrowed will pay off principal
ami interest in HIV, years, Tne loans
may be paid off at any lime by pay
ipg the iiilcreal up lo lbc dale of re
puymenl and lbe balance uf llm prin
eipul t li .ii remaining due. In ppijl of
lbe olher sliilcn, New rbiiilh Wales
fur iiuluiii'c, none of the principal in
paid during thv hrst live yearn bul is
repaid nuring lhe next succeeding it
years. The loin! number of applnu
lions received by the rommisHohrrs
from December 21, I8A0 lo Jane in,
lull, wai 0,407 amounting to a total
of £4,012,055; lolnl number of appli
cations grafiieii  (,770, amounting to
Hon     llm Icllci m an followa:
"The lirsl in I lun uuu- luw in le'.ll ami
a board wns irealed lo ml wilh a nu
pcrinlcmlenl  to udvinc und co uperule
a. In arunla fur luunn Tlm nel uu
Unitized ii luun ul £3,ll0il,i|IHl as u be
ginning uud pruvided fur a maximum
rule in l,e punl fur ruining llic luan at
1 pel .enl    The minimum advance tu
b. made vvas £25 and thc uiuziuium
£2,5Hi), repayable iu 98 years by half
yearly instalments uf 8 per cent, on
the amouut burrowed. The muinnuui
was raised in 1806 to £3,000 and loans
were allowed for a fixed period oo
freehold security for terms uot ez
cccding ID years al 5 per cent
lu IkHk an amending act reduced
Hit rule of inlerest to Hi, pn icnl
in lead uf o per i enl. il idiid puinlual
Iv iin rural freehuld a,linii.cn were
ii'iiliun.cd tu three hubs uf lbc value
..I Hit n-piurity .ind in '-"se nt ien-.e-
I 'i     I., bull „f tl,e lessees' interest in
Inn   Itll-e.
I'uwei vvim ulmn given lu tin buard
n, uiuul loann under au innlulliucnl
nviicui  un   urban  uiiil  suburban   lumh
Bulphiio oilers in li^nd form greatest li. uuii., germ destroyer kuown.
Most convincing letters ever printed
toll of wonderful cures of Oockrain's
Sulphur Compound.
Poison Settlesin the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rheumatism, and stomach
troubles develope. . Sulphuo
is a iorm of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
Bul|diiiii i." pn
mc ui lbc upe
vn,"  tiic ureal  mcdi
new I
phur is procei
record ui cur
ltl t cm uf pru
|in,| I'ompuuiid uf Bul
ing entirely uu its uwu
-. ani ibuse wlm writ*i
e I'm Sulphuu In I.   V
wuuhl seem Ihul nothing sburt of a
ucueral collapse of ministers could
procure a reasonable suspension of the
unhealthy energies of the lew. Bul here
again ministers have the advantage, be
cause Ihey cun lake holidays by re
Jays, a luxury which to the bouse ul
large is impracticable wnen live lined
whips appear every week It really
seems aa though parliament would be
driven to the last resort of the sweated
workman, and compelled to strike
Fall Mall Oazotte
Wo hove  S   lew   ' Inap   Inls  . 'i ■"  li
ciecuinl Narrows Bridge, ti'-,, boinc m
Ilie  cheapest   ..ml   llneil   lull   i'.   Went
'Vancuuver, ij.  Him setl'un    '  in p
rapidly you  will lune I  ny   l-i "
i'llll' I,lie  ur  inure ul   I bene   I'rietn  Irulli
tiuu uiid up <i.i.i.l Icrinn. ilenrgin
Ileal llnlnle i'u , 517 1'eiider Street W ,
Ilium- Bev    IMI 28 8
I'm liinui. Sulpl
Kdmuiidn. II i
lu talk willi "ilm
and reiult by ium
lin ir cures
ll   in Mile lu   nn   I
ever  drjugrd  Willi  n
pri'l lilt IV ,-   III I ITS   lin
ill tin- Bulpliuu "tin
friiiliun uf Ili.'s. l,u
public    UeWspUpIT    n
>l mil e
ill   In
mpr    i ullage,
clad, indeed,
u ait afflicted
llm    ntulv     uf
ml nu rei
nil li tliu,
hun been
n     ilnlv
fl,. was
I nl up
u  mi..'iI
u   lu  till
I'i'lllg    JI.U'lo
Before buying that new Suit, call and inspect our
range of new samples. I In y comprise all that is new
in clothing. , We guarantee the fit, workmanship and
ijualily of material.   .Satisfaction or money refunded.
Iflieumuiinui. Mui,,! dini/rdcia. alum
utli Iruuble, akin dineaaea, diabetes,
goitre aod all audi aluitliuus havf
yielded by the hundreds- even thooa
suds before Uulphuu No caaa of
rheumatism hus beeu kuowu to hut
a/tor Uulphuu hss had a cbauce to
permeate tbe systole To obtain the
desired results yuu must study tbe
booklet occumpaiiynig cadi buttle- of
Sulphuu ami follow the dirclions to
the lull, i n
ii. I...- Nature's Own ,Kcmcdy
i udfiiii'ii  .i n.i
|.llllll    -    .111  I   I nn      I
own gtriu
Llllli"     , Iti,
ide in
,-i" ll
nm ll
Ilie    ni    nil     |
icweragc,   lm
Ilie  I.,-..» „f Mul
,   Iluuie Suture's
li iiilci'taiil     Mul
-. nm  uf  iinf,un
Id I n  ibumc lu
i. i ,ii the ulfeili'd
nun in v.,ur aysteui,
I'.'il'ility lu inipropcr
11, ml Ihruughoiil the
I- in  Hu   vvtiilicnl purl
id   llu
'I lia I :i
..ab. Up-
the   -In"
 in  Inr Ijiijaililm, run I in
I Tunnnli, brrvlklllg uul nf
in piiuplca, ni mure serious
uml ii  mulliplii'ily uf inter
booklet  will show
i thiiruugli cleani
Shirts & Collar.
110 Second St.,  East.
np musl he given Ibe system
r-ulphuu ia becoming more und moro
a necessity in every household
For Hale hy All Drugglsta. lot. 60c,
10-ox. Ill)'), or Bond Direct to
t. V,
Hend for a Free  Hook Id  Thul Telia
All   aboul  iiieiiruin'ti  Djicovery
and Iluu uml Why It Brings -
Hack Ileallb and Mlrcnglb.
Holukuu la oot aold w)  agtalt Item
in,nn,   lo I"...-.     I an be tad al itlt
alore. oiilj   or al  .nn fitter Itrtt,
312 W»Ur Sf, Vwlww
* *i I
To Contractors
Tenders will be received up to 10
a.m., Monday, June 24th, for clearing
part of District Lots 552 and 266,
North Vancouver, containing one hundred acres, more or less.
Full particulars and specifications to
be obtained on application at the Lonsdale Estate Office, 526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Telephone Seymour 2835
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
About The Valley
Mrs| A. Campbell   Frederick   mail
has rccovbrod.
Mr. J. W. linker, Allan Road, Is uiiil.l-
ing au iiililitiuii to his limine.
' Mr. (iliiniie ii,'mn.I, has eeniniiinc
oil tho construct Inn of a nuw limine nu
Iloskins lluini
Lynn Valley is looking forward to
having a lolo|ihuue system sliurlly. Mr.
Wm. ii.imv ii has roniiutini'uil huiiliug
pules for this |iur|ioso.
The undersigned Coal Merchants of Norlh Vancouvei
hereby beg to give nolice that on and aller June lit, 1912.
all coal supplied will be sold for cash only, either on or before
While we do not wish our customers lo llunk lhat we
doubt their credit, il has been found lhat the cost of collecting
so many small accounts is prohibitive.
We, therefore, ask all our customers lo accept this notice
in order to avoid inconvenience to themselves and to us.
(Signed)                 <
F. M. Bressey, President.
H. Mitchell, Manager
t                          s
Job Printing at the "Express"
Hev. Mueiuilcv has returned frum a
two e..'1'l..n' tri|i ii|i Ihu euusl where he
luiiil 11. lulni tu his successors lo lhe
logger's mission
'. wailing slalinu ia littlng ereileil
at the curner uf .Minn ami Lynn Vul
Icy roadi ut the live cen'. lino limit, by
J. VV. Halter. The municipality is sup
nli mg Iho material.
Mrs. K. I'. Fakeley is progression, n
vorubly. ,Hhe is ul present nt the liu-n
of Mrs. Hiigilen. When completely, re
covereil Mr. ami Mrs. Fakeley will re
•iile iu the parsonage.
W. It. I'luil.e I t'o. havu atarleil
business iu a well slmkeil hardware
slure in the curner of the new row uf
stores mi I'cutre ami 1'ipe Line, the
property of .1   M. Fromme,
The in., ii". uf Kn ui church is well
nii'i.i wuy of cuiislruciiuii. Mr. King
is superintending the work uml esh
p..i. to gel lhe same completed in
Uliuul  live weeks.
tin .'-.i I ii nl.iv afternoon and evening
lasl Ihe uew board tennis court uf lhe
l.ynn Vulley l.nw,, Tenuis I'luli wus uf
Hclally opened and a mosl |ileasanl
lime was spent, (juite a number ul
friemls accepted lhe invitation to he
present ul thu upeuiiig gumi'.i uud ulsu
by ilinl uf augn. ahoe changing Innk
purl iu sutue. • 'Sume good lotiiils und
Mime bad was seen, but fin re vets cu
iliiiniii.mii all Hie lime. This did mil
even nnulr when lea was called, uml
was lefl guessing which wns cn
Jii)ml iiiiiiI The kiddles and there
were ipnle a few did their very besl
iu chasing the balls lhal lhe stronger
members scnl over the III foot wire
Hotting, and demolishing tin' deli
dries prepared by lhe ladies. iVuii..
was kopl u|> till u laic hour.
Willi Mr Curdle (chairman) ui the
wicket the opening ball nf lbe l.vtiu
Valley cricket season was sent down hy
Mr llrovvnice (honorary secretary) ac
luiiipuuied by tbe guud wishes uf the
many members whu turned uut From
tlie beginning it was decided In "take
things easy" fur the Hrst aflernunu,
und so lbe cocoa mailing was nol Ihe
■"in of mauy thrilling incidents
Nevertheless, a (rood man is alwayi
marked from the Arsl, ami so Mr
Farmer, with Messrs. Sbur|i, O'Connell
and I mm I will have greal difficulty
iu uvutding lbc eyes uf the selection
committee. The balling promises well,
bul when one sees the "sphere" break
log uli round lhe wicket his fears as
lu howlers vanish In about a fort
ingnt Messrs Ilmi.ni- TIM and For
die will i,,.nil.-, come back to some
Unrig like Iheir old form, and with
the aid of Mr. Instructor Farmer the
team has indeed every promise uf a
bright future. Practise will lake place
every nigbt nutjnlc Ihe Institute Hall,
and aa challenges from ulher clubs have
already beeu received, all members arc
uked to attend regularly so as to eu
able Ihe club to put thr strongest leain
possible in tbe Held Entrance lee li
All interested are 'cordially muled lo
Ilis Honor Ihe I.teuteuaul Governor
in (gum ij bu heen plrued tu make Ibe
fullowlng appointments
To be Justices of Ihe Peace: Francis
Kdward Uloaaop, of Hock I'reek; John
I,. Christie, of Fort Kaaluglou.
Herbert Stanton, chief clerk lu lue
Department of Mines, lo he Oold Com
ViiMioucr and Mining Recorder for Ibe
Vicloriu Mining INvleiou, vice It A.
Henwiek and Granville Cuppagc, resigned.
Samuel Richards to be Secretary of
Hn Board of Examiners at Cayifln, vice
Kirbard Jones, resigned.
Frederick W. Warren. Issuer of Mar
riage l.ii ruses, to be District Registrar
.,1   Mnib«,  Dealls, and  Marriages at
To be-Notaries Public: Oeorge Jaines
tineii and Arthur Vincent Wood, bull,
ot the cily of Veawaver, Barristers
at Law
Jobn P. Ptttell, ol Moyie, to he a
Deputy Mining Recorder for tbe Fort
Steele Mining Division wilh sul. rn unl
ng onVe at Moyie, lo the place of J.
A. ti. McDonald.
Essays on Good Roads
Nortn  Vancouver  competitors  who
Wert Awarded Souvenir Flue
Tho essay competition nu "What
Quod Roads Mouu to Humiila," which
was recently conducted liy tliu (laiiajftf
au Highway Asociutiun, reunited in Iho
submitting nf 4(1!) essays frum Oiittadu
and a number frum blngluuil.
Tho drsl |irir.u wus awarded In tl.
I'ii'iiiiin of Turunlo, Hie sueonil, Al|iert
Watson of Now Westminster, while
llaviml Tevloldale uf Kilmuntuii ami
Christine Lunnvillc nf Mouth Vuiicmi
ver Hud for lliu third prize. Annie
Shoru uf thla cily, lii yeurs ul' ugo,
stands eleventh un the lint. Tlm besl
pup. i , frnm Nnrlh Vuncuiiver wore ship
mil led hy Annie Hliure, I'uliu Ciiiiiernn,
Annu Ciliary, Wiarlus Avon  Unrein c.
Edward Milton l.lttle, Duulilus II. Hue
ami l.iitiis Bqualr, uaub ut' whom will
receive u souvenir silver pin, Forty of
suys iu ull were roceivoil front lhe
Norlli Hhore.
CAPITA!. PAlff Up./ i) 2,870,000
Reserve and Undivided Proflta  3,600,0(10
Total Assets  44,000,0(10
*        llu.
Hoad OKI..
nut In Ils power lo purchase
but Ihe greutest vulue of money
Ilea.   The feeling of Independence,
and of security against the eflocla uf
ini'.'ii.n,' i.u i nn, that ii ii'.'iei ve ruud
fives you, Is Inllnltoly more sullsfylng
Hum the ii.i:..,hu i ;, nin, nun ui which
yuu wuuld uliliiln hy spending It.
Bimill amounts—which yuu will hud.
ly inln.n iii-|,i,,-iiii'ii iI'l'.iil.n ii, will grud-
uully, but surely, uceumulute to u sum
lurgo enough lu- Insure uguinst the
nlioels nf business roveruea or loss of
Auk In seu our Surely llcpuuli Boxgl
. II. II, I1KAVHN, Agent,
North   Vancouvtr
Looking to Modern Agricultural Moth
oda to Cheapen the Host of Living,
and Will Send Experts to Canada
and United Statu.
The invitations which lbc Dominion
llm er inn.ml' ul Canada, Ihiough ibe
Secretary of Slute, Hun Win. .lumes
Ruche, huve extended to fill nullum,
huve carried wllh Ilium llm npinilll
curds uf ihe .minister nf agriculture
uf the province uf Albeiln, Hon. Iluu
mu '.Ln li.Jl uml Hie liileriiuluiiiiil
President uf the Dry Funning Cou
gress, Dr. Jolin A. WhIIhuc, nf l.ogan,
I'tall. These lUvilulliiiiK ri',|li,'nl Ilie
attendance ut' nl least two dc'lcgalc*
with full power lu ml lur each
eminent al lbe luu agricultural inn
nullum it,  l.cll,bridge, Ucl   11 li, in it
In mail)   casua the acceptuuci
ulrcudy ussured, as the corrrsjiundence
with    lhe    11,1.1 unll.y111.I   nm rellirien   ul
the orgaiiitation has iimIi.ni..l ibe iu
lent uf these governments In scud
delegations, mil alone lur Hn- pur|iose
lit   plirtlelpllllllg .III   llle   llluleluenl.   bill
I > mukr Ihe eilciiilcl it inly nl dn
funning methods 111 the I'tiited Stulen
ami Canada, uud lu gel physical illui
Irnluiiin   ul   lllc  sun cnn  I'f   ll    until
nils with lbc view nl tbeir further in
Iroiluclion  miu I lu'i r eoutiirv       li   m
supposed    III 'Ill'llll    ilebpiile-    will
Imu tin western provinces ut Cunudii
uml many ul the slates, diluting ■>■■
erul miuiilin in 11 Ihuriiugh inwlipii
tiuu ut lie uiiulerii inclhu'ls ul lunil
ing wind) are proving nu mn 1 ennl'ul
and upun which lu n large eitent .lipoids cheaper In mu in tin- future
Several ul these inunlnrs will ul.-u
ml delegates lu Ilie liiliTiiUlninlil
Congress nt I ,"i,1 Women, tin- uunl
ary of Ihe Congress, win...   unu  is  I"
llpllll   the   riirul   llllllll I,   In   illlpruve   III.
unl.11 ,  uiul Inum I in.hln,11- i'I  llu
1,.in   bullies, und  lu cousirve  tin   en
rgv  ill llic housewife lu Hi.   1 veriest
tig   lieiii'til   ul   pustcrit)
Tbo governments invile.l ure: In.fui.
A11-1111I1.1 New /calami Kelgiuni Hu
livia, Columbia, Cuslu Him, ftibu, Hen
murk, Sunlu Hutmugu, Ki|uudur, F.gypl
Sudan, Indo 1 h 1 iiu, Algenu, Tumi, Hu
vuria, Saxony, tlreece, Huuti-uuilu,
Uuin. Ilundurus, Liberia, Muulnicgrii.
Morocco, lliilluml, Nicaragua, Norway,
I', in imiii.   I'orlugul.   I'cisia,   Jiniiuiui'iii
.11..' i-i Serviu. Swc Icn. Uriel Hn
lam, Suulli Africa, I'liilrd Slulcs, li, r
Iiiuiii.   ' Illlill,   Jupun.    Kiln-Ui.    Turin V,
Daly, I'urugiiui, Cruguav, Argcutiiii'
llra/il, 1 Inle. I'eni, Vciir/uilu, Franc
Mono, Austria Hunger), Spurn ml
Hon. PrUe Ellison to Address the Dry
Farming  Congress and Send  Big
I mil    ll.I.llill
Hon Price Ellison, minuter of Fie
nin and Agriculture "l British t'olm
bia, has accepted an.luvluiiun in ml
dicss the great International lin
Farming Congress 111 l.etl l.ndr 1, Al
bcrta, October 21 Kfilh, unl In- lm- nu
dried the officers uf thr urgaui/alnm
Ibal he is making every ihVrl In liave
one of Ihe largest exhibits uf fruil
ever uuii,. 1.1 in lii'i <'i,iuiiiluu tu
display. It is propoied In lokr Ibis din
play lo tbr grcai laml shows iu Chi
isgu aud New Vurk ufler the Dry
Fanned I'm.i,., 1 Exposition oi I,mli
St. Agnes' Church
Ilutli Hm morning uml ovening ser
vices weru well lilteiuleil ill SI. Agnes'
church un Sunday, the vicar preaching
uu liolh ocenaloiil, Tlte evening ser
vie,, wus especially bright owing lu
Hie presence uf llm juvenile choir Iruin
(•hrisl church, Vuncouver, wlm huve
volunteered their services for 11 lew
Ily direction nf Hm Iluu. Marl in Hur
roll. Minister of Agriculture, u Hindi
Ilnliiliii uu lieo-keeping hus been issued
In tin Federul Department nf A|in
culture. According tun statement of the
uiilhor, Dr. 1 lliiinlnii lli.-will. Doniiii
ion Fuluniulogisl, Ilus wnrk bun been
prepared lu meet u very persistent de
inaiul fur information by persons wlm
wish   In   I'iiiii   huw   In   begin   and   In
iililiuui.' the industry nf iipicullurc ll
wus the further ulijucf uf Hie author
tu increase tin- number of lice keepers
n Ciiiiii'lii l.v iii'licnting the udvun
luges ul beekeeping ll is pointed ml
lliul l.i e keeping returns llic ilirei I pm
lit ul 11 lumi v ini nmi tlm indirect
une i.t inipruieiiiei't tu yields uf cluver
seed liml fruit. II is unserved Hurt 11
bull." I. ufler being led Ulnl cured I'nr
during un entile winter will nut rculi/.e
iiimb mure iinm Iiu- produce of 11
,,iluni ul bee.. 111 ll Hugh' seusull. He
gninem ure r mimeinled tu slnrt un n
"lllllll   mlllr   llllll   uue   lit   lllll   lull's   III
.reusing   Hn-  iiiinilici   'im,1111II1   as  cv
cd    This treatise ul  I"
In 11.1 iiiln.   illuslratcd,
UllgllUgr, the wliule Held
including    ei|iiipinenl,
product-ion  of  Iiiiiii-v
en,    Icglslul.iOII    nl   llic
■n uguinst  lue disease .
el. ll    1       lcnllllllll.nl   "Tlie   liiinil
Hee        11,11,1111   tin    2.   I ti v 1 -11111   ui   In
luuiolug)   iiii'l   Nu    UU,   Experimental
Kill,,, I ,,pnn 11,111   I.e Ilinl free by II|
plun,.'   In.  tin    I'llldii llllull   Hlllmli    H.'
puiliiu nl  ut   Apm nil ure   (llluwu
pern me  in g
plllf  ",     Will'  I,
invers, 111 j.lu
nl     II),I. lllllll
lliul    will,    il
viirimin pmi
Uluriii, H  C. m 111
liml ,1  I. .', mul li, lhe I ium m-lcilcd lur
luil,III,||   Hn    nrtt   I'uliveul it     llm
Cuiiinliun   Fiirei.tr)   A uliuii       The
.,', reiuii Mr .Iiiiii.- I.uwl.r, uf HI
luwii. 1- nuw ingiigr.l in urriinging Ihe
II,„. Vi II Ross, mill's
1,1,.I Mr .lulni II.'mil, ul
,. I'leni.l, nl ul the A,„l
inllVellliun m '"'ing ll. '.I
1,   III,,   llllillll.ull   "I      III
pm. iiiiiiei'i  ut  the proviuee, uml  Hm
Kl, ll.uil   Mi lUl'le  IS  elilllll-IU't mill   im
nardiug Ibr project,    ll  will be onr ui
lllc     llir|(e.|     1 UIIV Cl,'ll.Iin     uf     Hi*     i-1 ll'l
, ur held 111 Wentni  I'nnadu.
iiiuiii,1; CO. REVENUE
dilllll.   will
I.l III I.'I'
v ner.
I llllillll   'III
Illln     lllll''     ll
y. p. ». 0. e.
A large number uf young people ut
(ended lhe usual weekly mertiiig of
the ne n't) In St. Andrew's Presbyter
iau cbureb. Mr. Bcuj Howell deliver
ed an excellent address on  the topic
Heading That is Worlh While." All
yuung people are giveu a hearty invite-
ium to attend.
■MM r/MIOilt UUU TH* M/HOf
fim tmm§ met, m cixTi
I'll,.    ("Iliillilip    rcleliue    1111 muni    lu
1st, llii;, ofinc Hurrard Inlel
litlliel uud  Hridge I'oiiijiuii)   wus sub
milled lu Iiu- 1 ill couucil lust eveuing
together with Hie minutes ol lhe mosl
I   Hireling,   which   was   not   re
uiurkalde lur uny oulslaiuling feature:
limi'ipln    I n,lur  the  lieu-I ing ulciill
ul '..' per "-ui   the following amounts
were given    I,   Bond Su"'), J, P. Fi
(unil, .I   I    Keith IMU, K  Million *ui«,
E.  W   Mclmun gOlW, J.  V.  McNuiigbl
JillJIJ.   The 10 per cent   culled were the
Municipality of Norlli Vancuuver tlio,
ubl), lbe i'ily uf Vancouver 4110,001), tbr
Cily of JNorlh Vuncouver 4)0,000.
Expendllurea Legul expenses geuer
sl, #4,176.59; legul expenses subsidy,
JI.IWU;'boring ulcount, ♦ l'J,yt*7.80; sur
veys, ♦H,gti4,40; travelling expenses.
ti'H,ti9; general expenses, *lu,40; rent
aud rales, tl.'iwm-, salaries, tl.nl'i;
advertising, ii,11".; ..11. slulionery,
♦ lov'in. pustuge, (IU; petty cash,
V- I", plunl und fixtures, illlMr, kw
ditorli fern, 116; engineer's fees (Sir
■I Wulfc Barry and j.arluerj,.»fl,0l)0;
total, *30,788.g8.
It Really Was  Her Titm to  Ask  a
nin.in,n, aud So She Did
The great orchostra wns playing its
musl compelling number, She sul us
uue miuruppi'il in nu ecslatic dream.
lie sul beside her. 11 wus he wlm
lunl  hiiugh!  Hie tlckots.
"Porfeclly grundl" he whisperril
in her eur.
She remained silent, drinking in lbe
divjue melody.
"Don'l yuu think nut" he added n
momeut later.
A fuml sign uf distress passed uver
her   beuiilifill   features.    "Yarn," she
brculhcil su fuinlly lliul she Impel it
would   tint   disturb   her   blissful   cu
ilm nlineiil
A  niuiueitl   uf   heavenly  hush, ninl
linn, "Wbal marvelous phrasing!''
,She suul nulliing.   She wus fur nvviii
in 11 realm nf delight  so delicious, su
ilelniiie, Hm fmn 1 est lueiiili uf discord
Wulll'l   lliilllli   uml     ilcnlruv     it.     Sim
suiighl in ili'inleu Inn uruuii uf bearing
lu lus rnspiug words uiul lu muke her
sell'  believe lie  bud   mil   spoken.
Uul lie lunl, nmi be followed Inn
previous rctuark wilh, "Did vun eur
beur ii 'lun.' Inilerr
Sim ur.i iiciirli stjeeeeded in giving
bun li iii'iv nun lijinn ul lip funned
"Nu" wiiliiiui ining In-r irauspurlml
culls, iutlsni'ss.
For 11 lull inumi'iil lu- rrUiuincd
Ipeccbless, forgclltiig lu bruise Hie ten
der blossom ul' liii'ludi Willi Ins liursn
hlmlgenn of vvurils llm i-ie» were
closed Ilmi Iiiiik nli il nil Kccnied'
Sho nun drifllllg in nu 1 III,-I, ill mil ul
harmonic I,hss when lliere came crush
Hip    Illln   Hie   illiiriln-,1   mullein c   ilium
ber ul Inr dreams Hie .,u.-1 .,.,, "lime
mu eur tiled listening to music with
1 uur eves i-linu'd!"
The ' 11-in Inul uiliie she uttered u
(anil uimp ut sturlcsH despuir, like uue
Lidding farewell lu u .bur, diviuu Hup.-.
I.uuking In-r devilish Inrnniilur lull iu
the   l)CS,   she   nUld   SWeetl),   IIS   lllll)    U
Ihriec i-inbiliered woman cun: "Ob,
vis, uml I III ink il heightens the pleus
iiruhle i-Oeit Uut ilul um eur try
listening    lu   mum,    with    Hie    In.nilll
llllll ('
And Hie Hull's uiul III,- 1,ln,e. ninl ll e
\111ln1n pliiyi .   un
Likewise Hie I Ijltil. Hie Iriuilgle nul ■
Hn    kellleilrilllis      Inle
l.iiinp ilninnein ure inure ijuickly uml
i-usil) , I,uniil In th,. Bicuni from a
soapsuds uml  wiped dry.
There ii in lhe 1 ily pound one black
burni', slightly luinc If uoi claimed be
lure noon, Tuesday, I'll III, will be suld
linn bv public unci um nl City Ilull lo
defray expenses ul impounding said
lune, Hii:1. Pouudkeeper
Do yod want to sell your lot I •. Wt,
have funds waiting /or good buys, 'live
ua your beat gross price and terms
Canadian Financiers, Hunk of Hamilton
Monday, June 241)1, IIH:', between
Ibe hours IV lo :' pin from Vumouier
to Norlli Vuncouver the vehicular lm
Ale will be confined lo uutos of llic
Seattle uud Vumouver Auto Clubr Hy
Order of tbe Huurd nl Directors. Nortii
Vancouver City Ferries Limited
Public meeting of the North Vun
couver Horticultural Society on Wed
nesdoy, June'Ulilh, to rearrange the
prize list for the exhibiliou aud gnwer
show. General public , cordially in
vilcd. HO t
'    Boxini
at tlia Olub Rooms I
go Friday Evening, June Slat, at iH)
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or prioting anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD,, is liable to a'penalty of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co.. Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
tl I III   VI 1.Yin
I in,unl.I,,     Uullils j
Auditor und Accountant
llll Luusdale Avenue. 1'. (). Bui Haul,
Norlli Vuncuuver. I'liuiiu 437.
Will. Burrill, I'eler liuilil, I.vnn  Vulley
I I'lnftlisli   ccrliliciitc,   Kstinialei   given.
I'atcy   ti   lluvvurd 11.   J    I'ciiln
City   ,v,i.iii,.i
AuJHurN   aod    AccouutiuU
626   Peniler  Ht    VV.      V   f)   Hux  223.
I'lmne 8837 1'llGliti   112
Vuncuuver        North Vuiicuuver
And general Cuninisaion Mercliuut, 111
l.unsdule Ave,, Nurlh Vancuuver.
J'In uie 321
I,A I  Mlllll.n
0. A. Oal... BOH A.
1720 ilu nn iin ul  A ■, .-ini.!.
Nurth   Vuncuuvor
Pltouo BIM
My clullies aru nt llic 1,'ujillanu
Laundry where vuurs uuglil lu In'
Flat wurk lur III, cenls .lu/. Kutigli
dry, le II,., wet wash, lie Hi. In„|. u ■
a curd ninl wu will cull lur Ihuui.
I'. ().. Uoi Till
'?alm Oil"
Insinuation Against Olty Foramen
Treated Summarily ny Council I'ro
teat Against Employment of Italians
on Bead Work.
Underwood's Barber Shop
-   '      IS NOW OPEN
i in ti ionium.
Uuccussur  in  Wallaco  A Scott, Third
i   direct,   (leneral rr.riair wurk.
A   Wslluce's services nave lieen re
Huubsvilors aud  SuliuUcis
(lor. I inii'liilo add 1st. I'lmp., IH
* Htll. H.M.l.tKKHS.
Pliiuihlugl     Plumbing I     i'liiinliiii,
I'uiilrai lurs (Inner, gel lued uj
willi julm lielure rise in tuulcriul. lint
ligures   .lul,luii|i eiirefiilly allended lu
21st bile, i   '. Block West ul 1.. i.„il.u,
Sludiu   over   UnuL    li.  N.  A.
I uuidnlo nud KipluBudo
' a«
Irrigation, drninugo, levols, plans
aud i|ii.cilicnl nun Septic tanks add
liuuie drainage a s|iecially. 1'. (J.
Hoi 241, Ii.i 1. slreot weat ul Bewicks
Avsnus, '
I'luns Ktcculud     :      Kslinialcs Given
Centre aud Hill Boad
l.yuu Valley, B. 0.
Tb. Now  Block on  l.uudalt  Avusuo
near  tho Forry  Apuruaoti
waa built by
lionaral '-ualraolois
I'lans and Kslinialcs lurnishcd free.
l(e|,airiug,   niiiiul.'linu,   eta,  |iroui|dly
attended lo
Lynn Vulley, B. 0,
Allun Koad near Weslovcr. P. 0 Hoi
IW, l.yuu Crock, H. ti.
:  II,.i < luss Inii her' ninI llents'Tailoring
| ltc|iairiug    uiul    Alleruhoiis,   Cleaning
"i    a'"' Dyeing  iii uil  ilu I'lainlicn   All
Work guarunlecd.
Ill r'irsi Slreei West I'hunc 2'li
,.l   Uuii
Ladies' and ilcnin   Cleaning,
I'rcasuig and Uopalring
a Bpcn tally
VM) Hi,..nd Hln 11 Eaat
TI.Ai lll.ll,'. ,iii sn ,
Hj'cinlty: Children's   Lessons   ut   utti
huinc.     Terms,  etc., sj'j'ly  General
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Tint Btreet East ol Lonsdalo
I,nnest  prices ami l.esl  wurk guarnu
Iced ou tinning and sheet metal wurk.
()u the tar line Jtuurding, meals
(loud accuuimuduliun fur Wurking rnarn
Contractors'men boarded ily KaalcoH,
During last night's session of the
eouueil tho eity clerk roud u somewhat
lengthy letter indited In Alderman
foreman uml lodging au emphatic pro
test against the employment of foreigners ou civic work.
Tltti letter wus signed hy Arihur K,
Mu i.u,, Ullil I'lilnpluiued ul' "I'luplnyi
ment uf Itulians uud olher foreigner!
by city foremen uu mini wurk whilst
anotber man wliu is u Britisher, a rem
dent uud a ratepayer is allowed to walk
iiliuiit uud seek ulher wnrk, nr perforce
gu hungry und he uml bis Wife ami
family suffer burdsllip." The letter
continued tu detail the recent history
ul' Ihe writer, culminating in his al
leged dismissal In give {.luce lu an
huh.in "Wo llll knuvv," lhe writer
observes, "fnr an assured fuel that
the reul rcusiiu the Ituliuu et altera
are favored by Ihe bosses is because
these latter gentry nu puy duy bcuclit
li mi li. i n I Iv fruni these foreigners iu
the shape uf pulm ml, which menus
anything Iruin I'l upwurds Ibul Ihey
chouse lu give the bosses." The let
ler concluded witn u petiliun tu the
cuuucil fur it "square deal."
Alderman Kurcuiuii considered Hint
Ihis constituted u written roinphiitit
and it was therefore the dul;, uf lbc
cuuucil to buve lhe mailer iuvcnligaicd.
He prupused thul il should be referred
lu lhe Huurd uf Works, whu unulil bubl
un inquiry, having befure Ihem >t ne
essary   the  foreman   who   wu.-   men
luncd iu the leilei
Alilerinan link did nut luke Iluu
,'ictv   iif   Ine   mutter      lie    Inul,    verv
llrullg   cli e|,tiuu   tu   tile   stall IIH'lll   HlUl
llu. only rennuii itulians were eui|duve.|
ivii.n because of Ihe "pulm oil" Ibe
busses received front . them. Abler
iiiiiii Ilul. did mil Hunk linn vvn- llu
I.iii.I ui I, Ihr lu which the luuinil
IiiiiiI'I |itve ils eonsideratiou Ini :> iuu
nii'iiI. A written complaint uf ant
kilnl shuuld be lltvesligulcd, bul il
nliiiuM be .uinhml in pru|.er language
Ile auggvali'd iiiiii Hn' letter be r.turn
n|   Iii    till'   1,'CllllelllUII,   Ulnl    HlUl    lie   In'
invited, if null ilesiruiis, lu re writ.
Inn letter, elllliiualillg ull llisin.iatliills
„l Hie kind referred In "We iniild
lm u < r i in i nn J I'hurgc ugainsl llu in.n,
fur Ihul une -l.il, in, i,l. .1,, lun,I
Alderinun Dick
The muyor  tvas  in  u.. uid   mil,  ll,,
sctltllllclits ul   lbe uldcrtllUll
Ableruian Irwin agreed Ilml Hi, Id
lei Inwards the i lune beeulne ,.rv
„ minium     ' He    thooghl     ll     nliuubl
hi III |dl    be   llle,I       Ile   din   liul   klliiW   llu
writer from  Aduui. and  nu,l  mil  even
happened  lu , nl-li  In-  iiuiin   when  Hi'
Idler vvn< uud
Finally   Alderman' Ilni. tailed ..in
liun  In lin   tin I   Ili.ll  tin   lilt i-i   nn-  l.ul
,rl in--,,I lu the i uiiii, il ul all    Ii wa.-
,i,|,lir.,-i ,1   In   Aldermuu   Foreinnu, unl
Alderuiau   link,  iii,md  Hint   it   -I,,,,.I
be relurni'd tu lliul nl.jcrui.'iii.
Tl 111,1 11    llll |ell|.iill    J|,lu|l>'.|    tl,.
iugs banks testify and the geaeral tone
of tbe holders emphatically pnxbiaa.
At tbe end of IBII the deposit* ia tkt
post office savings banks amounted 1a
over illfi.iNMl.iioo ud Ihu nilh a pops-
lutiun at tbat time juat under oa* ail
lion people with an avenge rate af deposit under Ul). New Zealand dt*ti»-
guishes between Socialism and Social
reform aud considers that the whole
future of their fertile and great com-
try is bound up with the prosperity
for tho man on tbe laud, for ils denial.
iu my humble upiuiou, will be ia Ihe di
red ion of agricultural and pastoral
land rather thau as an industrial coat-
luuiiity, its own natural pru lud- will
in (he future play uo small part iu tre
trade war of the world."
The question is recti! ing attrition
in uther parts of the Dominion.
The Nova Scotia legislature duriag
Ihu last sessiou passed a bill ■ t t- .
"an act fur the encouragement of set
■ lenient uu farm lands" which prut iin
fur .Advances by tne government to
farmers ami. while 1 do not appr.it e of
thu plan provided, it is a step in thc
right direction, and tbe id mil -..-
dniibi be anicuded and made mure
workable at the uext session of lbe
The   Saskatchewan   legislature   tai
passed the following resolution: "That
in Ihe opinion of tbis house il is ei
pi'dieiit (hul the guvernment ibool.I in
l|Uire    lulu    tne    ilUCslroO    ot    uilllLi:.
muuey fur niakiug loans at a luw ral.
uf inlerest to the furmers in the pro
It is ul-u being made s pol.li -,. i
liun in Alberta aud Manitoba and 1: m.
whut I learn will soon le to in Ul
lu tbe luiled States ('resident Till
bas instructed a luninnttee ot ci;~rt*
tu investigate the financial facililir*
afforded furtut"- iu ulh. r countries 211
tu make r.-i uuiineinlatiuni win L -tali
be the bams ul' lea-ulaliun Tke . r.
snIcnl il 13 report."! will rerommei 1 t.
1'Ollgres.s bjilslalion ou  lllnc ro.o::.-.-
Lott in the Royal Palaces
The vaslucss. tbe number uf   lifir
enl crridors ami ru.>m*. lbc «irt,ur.t
nf  mui v   parts uf  Hie  build igi  alei
uue 1-   111 Imi them, the urauge t,'L
iu .1 t'lauinr ant flitter uf lie ft
iironiueul uf retail), all these la..- at
tunes a. ted with .ert notable an 1 ,-r
pleiing elf,. 1 on 111.   pi.ti aid »^n
tn    vvllu-,-     [ieli-.re     ur      lutiel     [1   ■
ai.se I Hum t„ te al Windsor ' aiiie.
Kmkmghaui I'ala.c and Uandnagtaa
And eilraordinarj meetings -lit.uil
situations, amusing i:-i .., • lav
ualurallv .mm Hue aft.r lim' as lie
lenil ul' it all.
r'ar buck  m IL.  middle (in   ,1 t-t
i, .pu ihe lai.   >)    .Kloria 111 t- .
fauiuJi Monsieur 'iunot t,- 1 -
tui .ni uf win,ui e..r.. Kr.n.l:.au ■• ,-.
I r.. 11 t,, |a.. In r 1 v ml at 'A m i,.:
in 1 11, -tav at 1L. .j-in i.-r a (»» •«.. 1
11,,    liurnc 1   an 1    ,,, rtn.   Fr.    iti-
(Continued from page Five)
AIJ kiiifJ.* i>i ta\vt< llli'ii uii'l ht'l uu llu1
flnillt st   iiolnl'     J.;iv,n tUOWO/f, I.UIVUH,
liclgi' t\ii-ui* and Hi'inriyrr1 nlnrjii'upij, All
wurk yimnjnit vl, modefAle prirvi
licit Lousdalo Avonue Phono 16
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will mid. ■ ink.' all kinds of wood work,
repairs, otr.
FourUi Street and Sutherland Aveuue
V. 0. Box 8006
In aU l.'uunirleS Ask fur our Jnvcn-
lot's Adviser Mnrli.ii A Morten. .Cl
University Slreei, curner Bl Catherine
Slreei, tfonlrcal, Canada, and Wssh-
tnflon, 1), C, ll. . A.
Job Printing at the "Express"
A fee nf I'ls n,| ui cuiupainc.n 111, uy
pin ul 1,m lur n limn and. un din 1 I
tbt' vuliinlioii l.i.url 111. nl inspe. Is ulnl
reports in the board before u lorm ,-
grunted     The fee for valuation depend-
nil   Ibe   aillulillt   reljUirt'd   Ulnl   l<>s   Isl   1-
Ihe   nnnn,llllll    lee   ,'unl    fur   ;,    luati   nl
£.1,111*1 lhe fe,- is Ll :'» Murleag.s nr,
repavulde bull ycarlv, payments „t
prim ipal Ulnl inieresl cninlilned. Th.-v
tyay also be repaid in whole ur in purl
al uuy tunc. This is a distinct mm,
lalnni Interesl is ul llu- rale nl .',
per nni reduetiblc In IL, if payable
within II days uf llic due dale tiy,
nul provisions ure mude as to repay
incuts during the currency uf the loans
ami alsu as In readjustments. Tin
■ ess ol the department has been
phenomenal. Nu borrowers have ,b
faulted up tu the lust returns and lhe
resumption clauses ure apparenllv mere
mallets uf form Thousands of scttl
ers hate been raised from Juiverty tn
iilllm mi und J make bold to say that
there is nu politician in New Zealand
who would dream ot adtucuting a re
peal uf what has been the most bene
lleient uet ever passed by lbe New
/.Cllluiul I.ui'lulni. in fact, lhe sub
jccl of whether or not thc act shuuld
be repealed is never discussed: J bate
been iu Ibe Now /culund parliament
luiue ivi and bave never beard uny
tlnng but praise for the measure. It
ia ' mi. imb -i that Ibis measure geuerul
ly reduced Ihe rale uf interest for bor
rowers throughout New /.eulsud. 1
believe Ibat tbis Is go: tiotne uf those
wbo bnie.l the acl from the beginning
say that tbo rate was ruining diiwn
uny way Let that be as il may. 1
kuow farmers who before the acl pass
ed paid In por icnl for thoir money,
and ,,,-u, fIn*m lhal in somo iustauccs,
and thc result of tho acl is increased
p..i' I ing  power,  improved   properties
and contented settlers and general all
round prosuerity as the post office sav
splendid drawing rood. But it wu nol
until ahe had bidden him goodnight,
till ha found himself out in a corridor
with a candle, thnt he recalled hia. utter
forgetfalnras of where his bedroom was
sstuled, sine* he had not taken tbe
least notice el its position or number
oa laving it previously.
Monsieur Guiiol wandered^ hither
aad thither with his candle, hoping to
eoow upon a room be would recognize
aa thai bedroom, trusting to meet some
tenant Of Ihe castle whom ue could
aak to show him to his apartmeul. Bul
he met nobody; nor did be. as be |>ass
ed from one corridor '" aaolbcr. sec
aay door or room tbat luukcl like the
one he had vaaaled some, lime before
At length, after half au hour's
tramping up and down in search uf
thu room, he came, in a distant part
of the tfait. to wbat he fell sure must
be Ihe long sought apartment. The
door was like oue be remembered;
Ihere was a look about tbe s|hiI he hall
identified.   Ves. tbis must be the room!
n.-; i. he pushed upon Ihe duor and
entered. Tben he stood fur just une
moment as if lurned tu stone I There.
right before bum. was a lady having
ber hair done up for the night by u
maid! Ue led precipitately, banging
the lour behind bim. Luckily he had
int reached the end uf the corridor
u.: he ran up against the valet u|
aomeuoe slaying al Ihe Castle, und
pon/i liLtuil, tdutirog out ins dilemma,
tiiignu al last lo find somebody wlm
tti.l'l shorn him hn own ruum, and su
te safeit   landed there fur the  Ilight
Nut 'Uy be met lhe LJuccu again ul
U't'i: flu looked at hun with un
amused smile, and he saw sin- Imi
ion.1-vi near-i the siory of the pr.
i .- : gbl. hut he wailed till she
ipoke. ai ne felt s.r. sin- vtojbl .ball
r i^ about In- "gajdniu He wan
lining hat i l..i In --mi explain
• u.l ai iivi-i n.nialc i'l never lot
o^r u.umcj.1 so (a: bai In dreamed huw
awful' truly ,'.i.,i, ii/ut'cn Vntnria
sail, ^tiellt and smilingly. Munmeur
ii.iioL " it usual lor gii.ll.iu.il in
to'-r ,-ulr. In -all upun a lyui, i. us
too -lit last evenmgl" .ltd In r.uli.,
■ torn tic lad;, was he ban interrupt. I
io luaitnly and terribly! He went
(ode as dealt: but the LJuccu soon sel
hie. at ease. Taking Ins hand unl
-Ulng it heart ill. Ibr Majmlv  .-aid
Bcgiuuiitg to cuiiiprcheiul iimt bo had
mistaken Jim way, tlte worker was juat
about to burry up tu ask tbis lady to
show him tho right way, when a door
quickly opened close liesidu bin, and
soinoliuily unseen pulled bim inside
without a word . Naturally bo turned
angrily as the duor was hurriedly shut
agaiu tu Seo who his attacker waa.
Aud ho fouud hint to ho a secretary,
who, half in uuger ami half iu amusement, said to him; —
"Didn't yuu ktiuw it was Queen
Ali'snudru Whutti tun were about to
stop in her vvttlkf And didn't yuu kuow
these were ber upurlnteutsl"
Tbv u i,,nn,b,I workman buuibly
apologized, explained his mistake, and
the -,, itui.n suw hint safely outside
the public ere he left Ilmi ■" Woman's
"Four new universities are founded
already, ul mi tne eve ol establish
ini-iit. Tbere is Huakutoou, with its
Hum acres, uud its group uf theological
colleges; l-!.|uiolitoll, in .Virthern Al
In-rlu, uml Calgary, shortly tu be fuum!
ed in the suulli uf lins territory, l-imt
ly, lliere m I',iiiii llrcy, ou lhe I'icisic
fiiatd, the eoiiiiiig university lor lint
ish Columbia. Anglican. Presbyterian
Ulnl uther dcliollnliutluliul cullegea will
euch huve their urea williin tin- i-amjius.
Toriitiln I'tiiversily, ovdli its luun stu
denls, m one nf lbe Inrgcsl in the Cm
I ue Canadian unl British, students
vturl, happily -ntc by side The unu
i|'..en'iinii n.nl.i',1 ul.i,ut the immigrant is
Him. ■ In he ;i guud luncrl' " Ilr.
i,iniiili  I bun,:,- in tb., Hrilish Weekly
Whittle   n   good   wlnlc   belore   you
lm nje any   uuld ijuentiuu.
Elif ^tanbitri)
,     S...; :..i-i. Uvuti
■,_ i..   i  -v   ft  } od  at
lit-   }4;i-   tijin IDUM   i'd.
Jl   hllUiil,   lin
I     IS    Mtt\     lul
itt  I*-.mi ni ii   :■■ -
. I, an uniUlii'i'. ui - iaBiu.iL'1 *.i:
.. r \ti\i will, an I . '!"•' ■■>.:- '■ 9t
■ ,, | at   WiimI* ;
Hut frum tbi- verj list u.        .1
1, t.f 1 lie -a.-t intn) uf ajaru
iti.'iurt <nhs3v>\ hun fiinmav    i--
  crcat niiu'H Ik >'»■! k>di   .* • *
(t.i Mail, lik»* tt.o mai.; tuU-l uil
it |i.' j,ai'l flltjfht nu-iiliuL t' *at
iati nal Iuil>!.- ».■» n-iml'i-r?
i l Ma^ts of laaJiL^- He -•> f"'a
I in.lr. |. ft-tli tt- *VuttD. ni;. arii
n.i-.- I ttitlt ii. r ku I ifvc^ttur    /
,     I    li'   f   lltirkl'tj   attl'altlOli   In   kii!)     llmi.LJi
inter aii'l   iim' fin.ii.fi i-mm*>
K:.:-   nn xjiLiiuiijl   tLri.   iia.-   it.tr
It,    Lliiil  *LUm\V   Tilv   JUW'I   Uill   kltil- ll'„-
•V-i*i Ihut* llkl) I'i (lib! IliliH-u-
V:*i. i.j^*L Ai j ty ibt ia-i t.„,...i
iniin.L'i ibat Vi.iuiia ««■■ >.i 1 ui
ii«- ^i-iitj-i aiiti iioMici  Hiiuirn <>i mi
Ir-llir    .Hit   9x:i,  a   y-Wi'ttt   iii'l'l   If   ;M
lt^ J ,n'L  witk at  bmiit, i^'.aiit i'ala<c
;,  1 ■ l  ilh;   tif  1 it,. ..-   tl uc   in   tht
a;     <   ;.■uUl^      At   be   p-l   I"   iui.H
tt- ji.a 1 i-t-ttii I.,  um ailuuv'l in -,,
.L     L..     *\H.      .^tl.-lsttii 'I     |.\     M*|\ll|il«,
u.i *Ltu ■*! L<- aaa «•! lu .Uuu uuin'
A  it-   \\i  :ujr jtrfttltr,  ;i- a i-urt  oi
ill;*.    i<      991    ll\\»\«    iu   l.O-l     ill     Ilx'
; -.;_  1 ii  L.*  9ui'l  ua* •lutit1
ii.., Ut*. ti< itlrii'iaiil ia\nifV un
i.s i- 1 iii 'iu..1 ul* iif a}>arliii< nl
»i.;. . 11. ;(■»< ■■: 1.1 1 I'fij. at wurk
*i 1. uj; ,■* : .- uul. ii <lialu v>\
ua: a* 1. -. uii.r *.;ail win l\ at the
: l Hi atUi tatt acki ; tin ul ncr if
1 > .i 1 It: , i.i .ia. . -I .ul rij;lil
Ti- uat. Liimtk.' 1 nit id, " \ ■ ■, ■. ilum
..1 r.i t.tf for 11 ■ <> u»tiijiii 'I
.,■.;   a* Lt liuj^ll     Uul t>j  -i-r. •   mi-
THE STANDARD li (lio National
W.iki;.    N. \\.-|ia(Hi'   ut   llu;   l^ullilliloli
uf I'aiuiJj       J:   ..1 iisjUiilial  .,.'t.l ltl
I; .i ij.. ii.t.ni . ai- um\« i-ngrtv-
1;., , : .Mi i. ii>.' pi <t 'ilai'lia fiuiu
,.,.      .. 1   il,,    u ijl-l
, - .,; In I, S .I. t il. f ..i.i ?'I.'.:.'J fll.J
, ■' . nil..n 1. I ,, j 13 tiuIuUgiili'
ilnji (.- In]. |,l
A i-'it^i t ti.ti.'ii i • The iS..:..]..: ,1
1 bin (2.00 per >cji to any iOJftiJa lu
Cu..nl.1    :   iluu;  lirllaiii.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Mu11tre.1l   &tandard   Publishing  C*,
Limited, Publithira.
1-ujE    1    .Wu
it   i.f  jwt-l   'HituU 11 tm ut-'LAi  a   ', i • I
.::  , :   »i.t:   ir   ***   u   wty   iiiuiij:
itt   a.  : pi   Unil    t llJt*Tjktil'|£   ftVtl)   ii   'lout   ut
.ii   /.nit;  ltd
Tn*Di Marks
qaleslf M^rtntn war opii "n frw> wtpth»r io
llitpti|]'.t) ll pfihnt.!; palm niiU (""wnionlhl-
tlat»ptrl(rl;f"iiClr.,:ii!   (TAflCSCOH "> I'-friti
lent ir**). OlfJett Kt>vj f"f •*,irh'.'i'wj.wtf.
I'Mrnll ffciPtl  Ifir.tti.^   Jltir-i 1 U). rtOUTt
tfttiil not iff, wl! huul clitnjp. In tilt
Scientific Hmtricai..
A lm™liv>ii*.,r Ulti-lial^J *mU;     l*ir« <it-
Filw-r of nn j  Irtfhllll'   ;."ini*:     T«*r«  f«t
ln.d*. $t S * Jttf. potUft 1/tri'xll    Bold bj
ttl IVWtaSiaJrit,
Srend) WON. L. V ft. W tali tug! im. D. C.
The Home Furnishers
This Week End SPECIALS
MA ITING MATS 35c, value, ai 25c
Do. -       -       50c. taiuei al ¥k
Beaufilul  m   Ikagn aad  Coloa
Bag Value at ii; aWWee».$4
MATTIN(;. Pa Yard
Ki ►ul.ii Value, 25c and 15c; litu
Week, 20c and   10c per yard
Big Value al 45c, litis Week. 20c
150 CUPS aad SAUCERS to Qtu tt 5c each; Regular, 12 1 -2c.
- Theae are Pretty Brewe and Green Edg'e Border	
128 Lonsdale Ave.   "»*"*   North Vancouver
,sW      ...     . THE pCPREjB NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C, TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 1912.
Way be uncomfortable when with little expense you can
have your homo llttotl with BOREBN DOOBS AND WIN
Thla ia tlie Hum to place your order.
Don't wait until your houie la filled with Hist.
Do lt uow,
Our stiii'k la complete in every detail and our prices are
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods al a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling ol orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
i'OOl Ol' ST. GEOKGli ml.
Grand Boulevard
Iiiiulilc Corner in' Block   ISA,   10UIH0   ft., for   HUM,   ou
i'■!n.i, of ', cash,  I,ni.ui,.   over   IU  mouths.    Good   haying,
Ottawa Gardens
The only lot to be got nt these lltjines in tills select locality:
$12,800, all caah; or t'l.ikkl on terms of one third ctali, balance
(i and 12 months'.
We have a large list of choice residential property
Phone  IM
P. 0. Boi •mi
$1 down, $1 per week
^^^/ Malleable Steel Range
On Ilie easy jiatnicul plan of One Dollar ilottn aad One dollar per
wed, tve arc offeaina oue nl' tne best Mullcublc .Sleel Jtuiigcs ou the
Canadian market! «.
Made of besl Knssian lilueil Sleel colli rivet led un malleable sleel frsiuu
it is absolutely iudestructibie,   Impossible to tvarji or crack uml no
slote putty iu tlie j6iiils to fall oot el any lime.
Supplied  ttilli  wuterfroiil  or high eliitated capper reservoir
Patterson, Goldie* Clark
Phone 88
107 Esplanade West
Special (or a Few Days
TRIPLE COENER ou 19lh Btreet.  Size  210  feet   by 167.     Price,
♦1S5IJ. Terms $650 cash, 6, J2 u.ul 18 months.
Wo.have only a few lots now left in 784   u bcauliful honicsita within
two'blocks of Lousdale Avenuo tor t'116. 'J'errus $U0 caso, 6, 12
and 18 months.
1/ you have u house to Kent, or for Bale kindly give us a listing.
Phone SI63 P. 0. Vm Hit
Wonderful Buried Trea»ure»
By Tha Duke rjf Argyll fp Pall Mall
Those of our ancestors wlto woro
called Kelts or Delta, aud who lived
in Brlttauy, Cornwall, Ireland, Wales,
aud part of Scotland, were just as
much lovers of gold as wo are. It
was not because they required so
mauy comforts as wo do. Thoy were
ciiiilmil with one storey for a house,
ami that was usually below ground,
uftett carved nut of the side of a "uill.
Thuy had little knowledge of uny
kind,of inlinei. hul they valuud   the
gold   for  iillialnenl:,.
They, decorated their horses willi
thin beaten plates of gold placed in
11"ni of Iho uiiiiilii! chest, but tlte
metal wus so scarce that it was only
a greal chief tvlio could afford smli
decoration for the team which drew
his chariot, or for the war liursu
whereon'he charged Iiis enemies.
It seems to be natural for ull mun
km,I to love litis mysterious' product
of the chemistry uf Nature, which no
man can initiate, ami which no other
mil,..inn..- can corrode or destroy or
alter. Whence it comes is often u
mystery, and uo one can be sure of
tracing lite bedrock which must e>
isl; thc river Bauds for hundreds nf
miles muy contain particles of llic
shining ore, and yet give no clue tu
the veins from Which those shilling
'atoms hate trickled.
The |iatieul Chinese laborer may
obtain llic vulue of al leusl u dollar it
day from the sands of sueh rivers as
the frascr or Columbia, where these
greal rivers up|iroacli llic sea. But
whence do these grains of gold comei
it is the same in the waters of the
Saskatchewan, the northern river that
Hows from the Kooky Mountains into
l..il.. Winnipeg and so on into Janit'i
Hay--there also industrious washing
will gite tlie precious gruius which
muy come from the mountains often
sii or eight hundred miles uwuy. or
more, ami yet in those mountains the
parent nirula huve not been found.
The tciiis which Iiuvc been revealed
to the prospector are not such ihul
lhe stuff cun have been lorn from
them by the mountain streams, and
Ihe gravel of nuggets thut lum been
discovered in a few placet, is nut
situated whore lhe preseul rivulets or
torrents could slteur uwuy particles nl
these soliil lumps.
The two meluls whicii are most
like to gold -namely, copper ami iron
pyrites are both found in musses,
and butt] lfli ' been used to mil Willi
gold to harden it. Bul our ancestors
used the pure metal as a rule, because
ihey .uniil mil without difficulty muke
any lire hot enough to fuse it.
One wuy Ihey tried lo get great lnml
wus by the guthcring together of wood
111 .ail piles, logs und brusliw'00,1 al
(enisling in layers. Near tint, they
gathered seaweed, placing tins ulso tn
layers among the wood, and so got a
beat sufficient to fuse certain stunt's.
Fnr cementing the loose piled stones
of a wall for defence l^et employed
such brushwood heaps, selling lire lo
liiein, and letting the molten cemeiil
from the fused stoues placed on the
tup of lhe pyre How down and Hood
the tup and sides of this loose wull.
But such methods could nol In- cm
ployed fur the gold, winch had lo be
worked in pits, where llic draught
would nol make u foruuie strong
ejniiicli Therefore extraction ui the
metal by hammering nail lu be re
sorted lo. The ore was plueeij in hoi
lows 111 hard stones, und wus pounded
with  grauilc  ur  porphyry   hum!   hum
mors, or basalt blocks, and the shining
grains collected; but tlm labor was eo
great that only the most powerful mon
commanding tho aorvices of many serfs
or slaves or laborers could afford it.
For instance, at Inverary tlio children of tlie glen worn told liy their
parents, and thoy iu turn told their
children, that a treasure was hidden
there. But prophecy said il would
never be found savo liy the hand of a
stranger, Search was made by generation after generation of children
If u badger made a hole in the hill
sido Ihey believed that the badger lunl
got hold of lhe scent, and his burrow
was dug UD, but 110 young or old bud
gor ever Issued from those holes wilh
bungles on its neck or nose. Auy
rabbit scrupe, or oven lieu scrape, wus
watched to see if animal or bird hud
llt'l'll ullin, lm! by nn,lluii|- shining
iimler llic sud nr in Ilie suinl.
Then namo the duys when drainago
wus introduced. Formerly lhe glen
was too wet In be cultivated eicept on
dry slopes where waler could mil
gather, and 11 huml plow did nil llm
necessary furrowing. Uut now red
tiled pipes ure put down tu drain off
water frum tluttcr ground, making it
possible lu suw in comparatively even
There was one pretty piece uf'grass
land under a cliff, which was poitited
oul ns a good pari lu plow. Kruin
the precipice abuve u greul nul. lunl
fallen ip long pust ages. This liud
lo be removed, The man ut the plow
tuil was a stranger, uu tliiglishniun
He put a bag ol powder under llic
rock In blow il up, The explosion
followed, lhe roil, .nan partly spliu
lereil, uud heaved and I'ell un ils
side. Iltuleruciilli where il had been
was a gluum nl' Milncllilng. What wan
ill Koine ot' the lunl treasure!
Three beautiful, heavy gold bracelets.
ni" of them with nips al Ilieir cuds.
The Ireasure had been louiul, ami
Ihere  was lhe "stranger" projihesied
thc Englishman.
These bracelets were beautifully
wrought; one of them had plain finis
where the wrisl was slipped through,
ami the purpuse of llic pair with Hu
hullow nips wu.- settled bv tradition
which ilcilurcl Ihul no person who
had committed a fault in olden times
ii,iil,| lie forgitcn unless lhe cops uf
gold al llic gap in il,,, bracelets were
filled with lhe tears of lhe penitent.
There is just room for the nose, like
the wrist, lo slip in belween Ihe euld
cn ends, und il m jusl pussiblc in that
way tu liuhl cadi • up under tin- twu
Bracelets were In, ingot.,., nr the
saleable form ol gold, taken l„r pay
ineiil   throughout  all  I'elln   countries
Sometimes ignorant men ttho Iiuvc
found litem looked upon llu- auld as
mere brass, and then wus one ,-anc in
whicii 11 number ul bracelets Ihul
were foond in au island in tin- He
bride,- were furlhvvitli employed 11.-
ilrawer hatujlcs lor an obi pmcwuuil
chest of drawers 111 a mltugc A
pedlur 1 ume thai way and I'mnnl
that the ubl .lunl lunl 1 ert heavy
handles, and gun I.'i shillings Inr lin
drawers, look them uwuy. ami suhl
1 lien, fur i'i'l cinli ' He never ',1,1,1
back tu llihl cultuge lur inure, an,I
the "handle.-" Hint were put I.. Ins
uuine by thai cottager sunn- time uf
terwuril nitty hate been nru/cn, but
were certainly nut ot high talue to
the person lie no despoiled.
These heavy ornaments must hate
lieen a burden to a Celtic beauty, ami
for a warrior Hu- gubl was b.-uteij
uul until it wa.- ipiUe lliin an,I mure
purtable and easily worked I'ultcrtis
of  ull   i"ii-  loul'l   In- jmni'lii'il   in   su
I uv, cult and Oxfords are all ilm lag? this summer.
Cool and light, ihey ensure every comfort (01 lhe (eel
thit hot weather.
We have a splendid assortment to choose frum in Black,
Tan and fancies for ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
If you bava Uut number bring It la aud get Five Dollars worth
of Shoos.   AuoUier drawing neat Saturday.   KEEP YOUR TICKETS.
No store la British Columbia baa a finer selection of Ladiea' Pumps
In Velvet, Stripes, Blue, Black, Tan and White than we are showing.
Our pricaa ara rlgbt, our goods are of tbe beat and If you believe In tho
slogan "Buy at Home" give us a trial. You will get every cure uid
courttay shown you. |
W<Jbd-Paige Shoe Co.
Pimp 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. Cily Hall
us to give a good oll'oct in front . Wo
cau imagine how grand an pld chief
from Brittany or Wales qr Ireland
looked with u shining yellow Irani! on
hia conical helmet, a broad plate of
gold on his. right shoulder, und 011
hia left a long yellow mantle girt in
by the belt itself.
Thu ruddy yellow of tliu 111u.itlo
wus obtained from Ihu dye of lliu
erochlal or dark lichen moss which
grows so commonly and densely on
lite grey boulder 'slunes and rocks of
lliu moorlands. This close clinging
lichen hniks black uml durk grey un
tlte ruck, Imi if you take it off uud
then plunge tho brittle uud crumbling fragments uf ilu lilius into boiling waler yuu liml lliut 11 dark sherry
color or atnlier colored liquid is jiro-
diiced, mul this when applied lo wood
gives it lhe Unl known 1111 saffron nr
criicliliil    iu    the   Gaelic    ur    Celtic
Hu imagine this chief, wilh lung
ml yellow huir, witli his mantle of
yellow, ami with thin golden jdute.s
uu his body, standing behind his shield,
with his long spear iu Ilis hands, Ilis
legs bare, save fnr lhe Human like
sandals ur leather shoos with upon
leather luce like wurk 1111 their upper
sides. Thus iu his war panoply on his
native heath, with his rough horses
licliiiul him harnessed tn his light open
chariot he made a picturesque ami 1111
posing appearance.
Muke a mutable quantity uf baking
powder biscuit dough j aiul instead of
culling it into biscuits, quickly rull
it uul ubuut uue half inch lliul,, luy
it upon a Hat, bullercil plain, and bake
al 'unci'. While il is still hut cut Ilie
crust liiiiiiiiil the edge su Ihul lhe cuke:
1 nu be pulled apart in equal pieces
and spread the inner side of each half
with butter nr whipped cream ' rush
a pint uf ripe strawberries, sweeten
Il.i*in. ami s|iicail litem upun the bul
tereil sides uf the cake. Now arrange
iipmi the lower' luili an even layer ul'
tvliule berries, using lhe smaller unes j
lur the purjioso; ninl sprinkle with
sugar l.uy iijutn these berries the
ulher hall'. 1 runt side down, em er it
wilh a later ol Hie liuest berries, ami
spriukle them generously will) sugar.
Servo cold with whipped cream, or Imt
an preferred.
Tlie pearl divers of .lupun are
women. Along tbe coast of the Bay
of Ago am) tlio Bay of Kokasho the
Hniii'i'ii and fourtecu year old girls,
after thoy havo finished their primary
school work, go to aea ami loam to
' They are in the wator and leant to
swim utmost from babyhood. They
n|'i-n,I most of their lime in the water,
except in the coldest season, from the
end uf December to thc beginning of
February. Even during tho most inclement of seasons they sometimes dive
for pearls.
They wear a s|ieciul dress, and lhe 1
hair twisted,up into u hard knot. The
eyes aru proleetod hy glasses to prevent thu entrance of water. A boat
in cumiiraiid of a iiiiiii is assigned lo
every llt'c nr ton women divers to carry
Un .11 to and from tlm lishitig grounds.
When Ihe divers arrive on the
grounds thoy leap into Ihe waler al
mice and begin to gather oysters al
the bottom. The oysters ure dropped
inlo lubs suspended front their wuists.
When thete lire lilled lite divers aro
raised to the surface uml jump inlo
the bouts.
They dive lo 11 depth of from live
lo thirty iiiili"iii- without any .special
apparatus, and retain Iheir breath from,
one to Ihree minutes. Tlieir uges vary
from Ili lu Hi yeurs, and between 26
uml llii Ihey ure ut Iheir prime.
Tu the godly Sunday is u duy nf low
limes, ils minutes gu by muffled; to the
children ui Hie gudly it is eternity, Tu
Hie iiiigmlly il is u duy jeopardized by
an inieresl iu barometers thul ia
iiliiiimi iuu poignant. To one man il is
an interruption of the week; lo another
it is Hie week itself, and ull Hie rest of
llic .lays am but the pre|iurations for
it    K  V, I.iicus,
"Tn ttlial seel du ton belong!" ask
ed Mean Miluiun uf a mun lie lunl ul
ways looked upon us u Nuliconfuriiiisf
" I 1I1111I iniiul lei 'ling yuu," unswer
ed llic iiiiiii. " I am a Hurse I'rotes
lum." "What uu eurth is lhal/"
quest iuue.I Mil mu n "Why, I wurk
like u horse all the week, and I never
gu to church on Sunday; bul I halo
the I'ojie and all Ins works."
121 Second street
Phouo 167
All New.       No Old Stock.
———   ■     niH. 11 —a—a—
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These   come in  Black,   While,
l.aveijtlei', I'ink ami lied or mixed.
Special Lawn Grass,  -   50 < Is. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 rIs. lb.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B:
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit


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