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 "V Ia
T v.,t>'
Safeguarding Nortk
Shore Interests
lb,   BUvius'   Lettar  in ' MlnUter
s "iif\ymm-~~'—
l After the hearing of the c. P. li.
impany'i application for approval of
t. route map on the North Shore at
Ottawa ea Friday—North Vancouver
being represented thereat by Mayur
McNeiih and Clerk Bhopbenl (eity),
and Reovo May (diitrict)—Mr. 11. II.
Htcvens M.I'   indited a lettOr to the
f i(.jiiii. Frank Cochrane, minister of rail
ways, embodying tbe reasons why curtain representation! made at (he hear
, viug required careful consideralioii. The
miuister ou receipt ur tbii letter ,aa-
I tured tbe inember for Vancouver thai
the interests of his ■■ ucntii would
j be fully prutected.
■ Mr. Stevens'letter to the Hou. Frauk
Cochrane was us followi:
"Dear Sir—Re application of the
i'. P. B. for approval of route map ou
tbe north shore of Burrard Inlet:
"I  feel  certain  tbat  you  did   not
ce   of
application or the effect infill have
if as we stated Ibis morning it I" np
proved of without having certain slip
olatcd conditions made.
Control on Nortb Short
"First permit me to draw lo your ut
teutiou this fsct, namely, tbat    Ibe
0.  1'.  ic,  under  tbeir  charter,  may
Inni,I branch lines.   This application of
theirs for approval of tbe route map
will place in their hands the control
of transportation facilitiei ou the north
shore.   To this 1 strongly protest.
V'l confess tbst you stated that you
would mi that for a cortain dlslauce
Other lines would have running lights.
This, however, is not satisfactory   to
my cotisiiiuenii for various reasoui.
"Tbo railway company would be
given almost as exclusive a right en
tbe north ibere ai tbey have ou lhe
smith shore at the present time, whieh
is one of tho most serious handicaps
to the development of Vancouver harbor.
Then tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compauy bail definite approved
plans which tbey are actually proceed
ing witb at the present time as rapidly
rthey possibly can .ud which involve
large ozepondituro of money.
"In my mind, Ihe present applies
tiou of tbe C. 1'. It. uulcss otherwise
provided for, will affect this under
taking fur which the people have already voted iiniiiev .
"Again, I waa successful, aftor a
great deal of bard work, and acting ai
- representative of the whole ,li.in. i, ip
■ecuring definite action from tbe put c
works department towardi the sieve) . -
ment and improvement of Vancouver
harbor ,uml to that end the public
worki department iceurod tbe services
of Mr. Swan, a most eminent engineer,
to make an investigation and report
on a definite plau or procedure.
"He bu made his investigation on
the ground most exhaustively, and ii
uow preparing his pl.ni and reports^
wbicb I espcel, will be pretentcd in
the courso of a few weekt. Tbii con
templates a distribution system of rail
ways and I am convinced th.t this ap
plication of tbe 0, V. R. is now boing
made with tht intention of anticipating
the ii'i'Tt of Mr. Swan.
"1 took tn. i|u«llou up with Sir
Thomaa Sbaughneiiy and he staled
1 tbat io far ai their preient system wai
concorned, tbey would .not entertain
apy suggestion of turuiog it over to a
harbor commission, which leads me lo
conclude that they are aniious to ic
curt approval of their plans in such
* way as to control the distribution
lyitera ou tbt nortb thore u will as
on Ihe south ibere.
Further, 1 migbt .late, that itrong
representation! have been mad. by my
s'flf and others for the establishment
■ Vof a terminal elevator and while I do
not care at the preient time te ao far
anticipate Mr. Swan's report as lo
suggest where It ihould be located, I
'/ (eel confident that the application of
tha C. P. B. If approved ai stated .this
Kerning will forever handicap ui in ao
approach te tbii terminal elevator, iu
Sjimteb u It will be used more by the
lOauadiau Northern, the Grand Trunk
Pacific and tbe new propoied provincial
Peace Biver line. I alio with lo point
out that the conilruction of the lipt
py the ('.. p. p. comprehend! another
bridge in addition to the oue already
. authorised, aad I pnwwa that If the
C. P. B. go to the espeau ef construct
-tog a bridge acriu tbt North Arm they
w|ll object to connecting np wltyi Other
j^idgei In so far as their own trallic
ii coucejned, wbicb would mean lo
transfer C. P. B. freight from Vancouvar tf) North yancouver a trmiler aver
I llm H lm three times u long ai
If they ware connecting witk a former
ly prop-pud aad about to in -constructed
Tbe annual Reeling of
the local Conservative Association took place last
WOek iu Larson 's i 'in iiiun,
whore . largo .udiouce a.-
.ombled, the chair being occupied by last year's president, Mr. Q. H. Morden.
Tbo president and secretary submitted their annual reports, the former
reviewing tbe work of tbo
past yeur, outlining the
prominent events and detailing tbe actions which
the executive bad luken iu
sundry connections. This
wis formally endorsed by
the meeting.
A cummittec wns ep-
pointed tn revise its ion -
stilutiun, draft uew bylaws and repurt to a sub-
seti'ieitl moot iug.
Tbo election of ollicer.
resulted as follows:
Prusidont-fl. 11. Schnlt*
1st vice president—W. 0.
"ml vice-president—A. T.
Treasurer—A. J. Tyion.
Fiuauclal Secretary—M.
S. McDowell.
Secretary—U. 8. Shepherd.
Secretary North Vsncouver Oonaerva-
tlvo Association
Frttldent Nortb Vancouver Oouerva-
tlvo Association
Kxecutlve-E. H. Bridgiuau, E. A. Peers, H. 0, Wright and (!. 8. Arnold.
The retiring president roturnod thauka for Ibe mpport bo bad received during his terra of office and wished1
tbo now  president  every mccess.     Mr. Sehultt replied in suitable terms.       t       \
Votes of thanks to the retiring preiident, secretary and members,of oxoeutivo terminated a very successful
secoud  bridge  by  tbe  Hurrard   Inlet
Tunnel aud Bridge Co.
"I do not wish to go on record as
objecting to tbo entry of the C, P. B,
to Nortb Vancouver, for I heartily
approve of it, but I do object to tbe
approval of tbeir plain ai at present
proposed snd us verbally approved by
yourself this morning,- tnd 1 ask as
representative uf tbe district that you
will withhold actual ..tin ml approval
of tbii plan uutil tho C. P. B. agree
to protect the dislricti affocted as sot
forth in tbis letter and before you
tbis morning .nd also agrees fo com
memo conilruction within ill months
and complete and continually operate
Ihe line within two yeart.
"I wish also to state thst it will be
t matter of sincere regret for me to
June tu advlto my constituents and
their .municipal representatives of the
matter aa stated al the time'of my
leaving your ollice Ibis morning .
"I trust, sir, lhal you wil) take ibis
"Believe me, youn very sincerely,
Several Pertinent Motions Adopted
An unusual amount of routine butt
ocn was transuded al lait night'i eon
clave of the city council. Tbe "fa
tbera'1 were inundated wilh rcijucili
for roadi and sidewalks, most of wbicb
were Irctlad iu tbe ouly possible wsy
—referred lo lhe Hoard of Works.
Among uther ilenn of corrcipoiidcurc
wu a letter Imu lbc secretary of the
Halepayers' Association announcing
thai Missrs. 11. C. Wright and A. Bar
city bad been appointed lo repreionl
the association ou Ifae B. 0, E. B. committee.
Mr. Fuglcr, Ibe clly building inspect-
or, rfroio upon tht subject of insprrliag
scaffolding tnd intimated tbat under
seel iuu seven of the building bylaws
138, tht building intpector wu given
authority to intpect all icaffolding.
Mr. Hanes reported upon the damage done to the Balfour Ker building
on the Eiplanade through a tower connection becoming blocked. This bad
beta due to a defective joint uot made
in accordance with tht bylaw. Tkt
engineer did not oontldtr tho city
A Vancouvtr architect, anticipating
the erection of a new ji'ly pydl Ip ibis
city, wrote in a businesslike m.nstr
let particular, regarding Mine.
Mr. Frederick Tsru complained of the
slate of east Londselc between 87tb
Md 88th streets. Access to his Mote
mm only procurable by jumping two
dltehet.  Board of Worki.'
Mr. I- P. Fell intimated by letter
tkat he had received draft of agreement
with reference to the filling it et the
foreshore In front of Bewick* and Fell
Avtwt.  Mr. Fell will appear oa Tfcurt-
day night and discuss tbe matter with
the council.
Mr. F. V. Allen, who is going suiu]|,
offered his caravan for sale at (101).
The council could think of no way In
which the vehicle would justify the official existence.
AiiicliiiH Jarvis k Co., the city'i n
nauci.l agents, wrote to the effect that
they had concluded that they might be
able to make latiifactory sale of tbe
city'i securities mentioned iu a previous
letter, namely (600,000 general deben
lurea and (260,11110 local Improvement
debentures, iu tbe New York nt.rkel.
Mr. A. 0. Perry, lor.l manager of Ihe
H. C. Electric, informed council thai be
had given instructions for the removal
of pules on Lonsdalo avenue subject
lo weather conditions.
Alice (1. Newmau requested the open
ing of a road .long -Mb street from
M.hon westwards.
M. B. Jackson besought a rosd sud
sidewalk on llth street from Jones avt.
lo lot I, block 41.
A. J, C. Oilmour desired a wsgoli
.trail to bouse ou lot li, block HA, I).
L. 844.
Olher ratepayers requested lhe open
ing up wilb sidewalk of Chesterfield
Avenue to provide access to l;tl 2 and
ill, block 206A., 1). L. ttt. j
Tbo council adopted a rcconl liulu
lion front Mr. Hanoi to lite efff f tbat
thu B. C. Electric Railway Co/ po re
IjUOltcd   to   fill   iu   the   spice  i  el ween
the rails at the intersection i I Firsl
itreet and Lonsdale avenue wilh crush
oil rock.
Mr. Edgar Hill agreed tu accept Ht
iu icltlcinenl of "his claim lot damage
occasioned lo his property on lot 10
block 816, 1). L. 646, through water
coming from Lonsdale avoouo.
Acting-Mayor McKae appointed Al
ilernieu Foroman, Irwin and Dick as a
committee to go into the matter of tc
curing Ibt Indian mission foreshore.
It wu also resolved, on tbo motion
of Aid. Irwin, ttconded by Aid. Fore
man, that tht acting mayor, Aid. Biss
and Ibe city engineer confer witb the
Vancouvtr council in connection with
tbo matter of the subway.
The ijuesliou of bsving the Aro department supplied with a motor fire
engiue wu referred to the Fire aod
Light committee.
The council further resolved that
Ilie Board of Works shall look into the
sanitary condition of the tent bouses
along tht waterfront.
Wr. H. B. Watson wu heard by coun
cil on the topic of bluting u it is car{
ried out north of the Horticultural
Hall. Mr. Watson staled that rocks
had struck his bouse from a distance
of iM leet.
On Ikt motion of Aid. Irwin, seconded
by Aid. pick, it mu decided that Aid.
Foreman be constituted a committer lo
Mrs. il. M. Bums of 8rd street casl
will not receive Tliursduy, the 16th,
Mr. aud Mrs. K. M. Bally depart tomorrow morning for Victoria where tbey
porposc slaying fur a week.
Mr. 8. I). Schultz leaves today fol
I.os Angeles, un a business trip which
will necessitate his absence for several
The regular monthly meeting of Ihe
Hoard of School Trustees lakes place
•tomorrow night in the board room at
the central school.
As certain of the district councillors
Mitsi ou Thursday nigbl, the council
meeting will lie held in tbe municipal
hall iouighl at 7..10, Acliiig Reeve
Hriilgmau presiding.
Tbe semi-weekly assembly of Ibe St.
Andrew:.' anil Caledonian Society took
place last week very successfully. The
attendance was good, and uu unuMial
number of new faces were disccrnuble
lit Ibe merrie throng. Evidently
ilsiices uuder tbis society's auspices arc
becoming steadily more populur.
The Nortli Vancouver I uul and Feed
Company have leased the wharf owned
liy Capl. Kickham, and known as
"Kiekhani's Wharl"' and will lake
possession thereof on March 1st. The
wbarf is l'l'l feel stjuure und is adorn-
cd by a shed 100 last by 40 foet with
stabling fur 10 horses.
Mr. J. A. Birmiughum, western secretary of Ibo Brotherhood « % Andrew
addresseil lhe congregsr jt of St.
Jehu's church ou Sunday\. inlng and
reviewed lhe '.'.ml. whieh the organization had donoJjk bring the stranger
within the rcuJn of friendship ami in
touch with tbe church.
Mr. Birmingham, who is an old resident of Vancouver, has returned with
the object of starting branches of the
Brotherhood ii anil around Vancouver.
Tonight h» addresses a meeting io Bt.
Michael'/ church anil next Sunday afternoon a mass meeting in St. Paul's
church, Vawouver. ,
Miss (Dark, usistant teacher at tbe
high school .entertained a party of
hoys and girls at her home jn Chester
field avenue on Friday evening. The
voung poople had a thoroughly 0,|.'".v
' >• time ,lbe evening being occupied
f ih games, charades and other diver
fiona. Amongst those present were
Principal Hollar, Dr, Maynes and sec
en) of Ml" Clarke'., peraonal friends.
A grip containing old clothes, medicine and |undry oddt (nd ou.d», wu
picked up on this shore of Ihe Inlet,
Will Lochrane, the great Scotch com-
udiiin, and bis company will emit iuue
to dolight the Lonsdalo audiences tfur-
ing the remainder of this woek.
. .Soiiid ujccptinnally beautiful films
were shown laat evening. .
On Thursday, Friday ami Saturday
uext, the latest protographic uows ol
thu world will iueludo the following:
Paris: The luteal fashions in evening dresses and mantles; taxi drivers
London: Medical students collecting
for charity,
Kiel: Tbo Widening of tbe grout
Cuxhuu.'ii:  Lifeboat trial trip.
Milan: Departure of troops for the
Port Said: King (leorge unit (.liieoii
Mary traversing the Suez Can.I,
Delhi: News of . great lire.
The wedding took place last weok at
8t. John's church of Mitts Agnes Marie
Allen uml Mr. Iloberl Browning Stiver
The ceremony wu| performed in tbr
presence of u number of friends by tb"
Hev. .1. H. Hooper. Mr. uud Mrs. Su
yer intend making Norlb 'Vuncouver
their homo.
FOB BALE-Lot 9, Wook fl, D. L.
663. (900 cash. (1.000 3rd, fl, 11
months.     Box ASS, Express Ollice.
FOB SALE -Settings nf mammoth
I 'el. in Ducks, l'hono 111(1. t.f.
FQB SALE-Eight romped houso.
Apply Donald Maclennau, 837 Keith
road oast. lit ;i
Wright Lumber Co., 9 Lonidale Avenue,
can givo you pricei on all material
wheu you aro building. See them, t.f.
FOB ha I,K im shares in Imperial
Car and Drydock Corporation for (400
cash. Projected line of C. P. B. runs
right through the "Imperial Townsitt.''
Apply imperial, Express Office,    t.f.
FOB SALE—Five room buugslow,
all modern, K block from Lonsdale
Avenuo, (8,500—(300 cash, balance (80
per month, including prinicpal and In
terest. Apply Harris Slroet Brokerage
809 Harris Stroet. fl-8
whom tke patta'r thpnM j» rdptd.ym Mioy HI mpi conveyed tp the
 _       ( j-pollea atatlou. Jnonlrlct revoked that
[     }t wtl *M ptoptriy pf I Bwedo who
Tonight Ike monthly meeting of U,. lied rmptfy to tin provincial uylta,
At. Andrew'i t%A   Caledonian Society (lit personal effects having been thrown
take, plau tn (ke dak rooms at 8 p.m. overboard M mm IwAi.
In the district police court on Friday
before Justices. Of the Peace .1. .1.
Woods anil W. L. Keene, E. I. Williams
wus charged with unlawfully retaining
iu hie possession goods alleged to lime
been the properly of Willium Dirndl
of l.ynn Valley, the iuformant. These
gootis comprised some screen doors
windows and . i■ j i■ I >■. which, aceordiug
lo Mr. Unroll, the accused removed
from his placo whicii Ihe latter was
occupying as a tenhut. Ou tbu lease
being produced it was fouml to be
datoil to cxpiro Feb. J1 tb this year,
und as the notice of expiration wat
not sent before January llth, accord
ing lo the terms of the agreement pro
viding for one month's uotieo boing
giveu, Williams was really in pos...'
sion until the llth of this nionlli The
case was therefore dismissed, lhe court
advising Williams lo leave lhe properly
in as good repair as when he entered
upon his lease about six months ago.
Express Classified Ads.
FOB ftENT'-~CBbin."ni4k|>. WHT
bring furniture. Apply 178 Second
street, Nortb  Vancouver. 8-2
FOB BENT -Comfortable rooms,
with or without board. Ireland, 238—
51b street weBt. 8-3
FOB BENT—One or two rooms suit-
sble for offices. Overlti. -ug Lonsdale
Avenue, cldso to ferry. I. it moderate.
Apply Hox A32. 10 2
FOR BENT—Four-roomed modern
houses, live minutes from ferry. Pecn
I lloull, Hank of Hamiltou lluilding.
North Vancouver. , t.f.
BOOMS FOB BBNT—Housekeeping
218 Ind Street cast.
TO BENT—Choice modern suites ou
3rd .treat. Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
North Vancouvor.    Bents (17.60. t.f.
FOB 8AJ,E-One doien well bred
burred rock pullets, now laying, with
thoroughbred rooster. 1st street wost,
3rd house west of Chesterfield.     13-2
FOB BALB-Pwe hred Who I*g
born Eggs. (1.60 por setting, also four
cockerels. This stock is guaranteed.
Apply F. James, cor. Centre road and
M|ll street, Lynn Valley. 10
FOB BALK 'A few pens of prize
stock, Columbian Wyandottes, Columbian Bocks, Partridge Wyandottes, Buff
Orpington., B. C. White Leghorns. Now
booking orders for eggs end day old
chicks. Mrs. J. E. Lee, Lynn Valley
Pou|try Yards, Dempsey Boad, Box
2114, North Vancouver. 4-8
LOST—fln 8unday a/ternoon at eor-
nor of Fell Avenue and )6|b ^m»JI male
Airedale terrier puppy, Finder please
rotllrf to /.'ity flail and pecjWe H re
We have money to loan on first mortgages »t I per cent, from thne to Ave
years.   Canadian Fwanclore Ltd., Bank
nf Hamilton ClmVtit,
B. X. Success Ooupaay
Rocky Mountain Ointment. A lover
eign specific for cuts, sure.-, burns,
bruises, etc . Apply externally Price
25 cents. For sale by It. M. Succtu
Company. .'8-J
(let it ot Lonidale Pharmacy Pbon 99
Prof. Taylor, Piano Toacbtr tnd
Tuner. Phone 430. fith aud (juconabur;,
North Vaacouver, lfl2
Agreements  fur   Sale    discounted.
Moucy waiting.   Lonsdale Realty Co..
636  Loti' .inle   A'.nine   flume 317.    t.l'
Nurse 11. 11. Haggarty (certificate!
Edinburgh) co. Mcintosh, corner of
3rd and St. David's. Phone L4IG.
Terms moderate. 10 -
FOB 8EBV1CK-A good young stock
bull. Comer ll'lli ami Malum Will.
W. H. Wllkini. ill
Costumes may bo obtained from K
Uuriu, 1st street wost, for tbe K. ot
P. masquerade ball on nt. Valentiae'i
day, Wed. February 14th. 1(2
B. 0. Livery and Board stable.—
Light rigs aud ladles' uddle hones
for hire. Stabling for borsos. Om-
cral delivery and heavy teaming. JJ.
Duuiua, tth street west. Phon. 347 t.f.
The North Vancouver Dye Works
44 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantet to do
u good work at cheaper prices than
you can possibly got in Vancouver.
Qive us a trial, the result will spta'>
for itself    Phone 107. t.f.
The Truth students rtus will mtel
every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock al
tbe rcsidenco of Mrs. Qallagher, Kellli
road, near Bidgeway.' Student! detit
ing higher spiritual unfoldment are
cordially invited to attend. t.l
Sewer connection! by cxperiencel
workmon. Oood grade petrified pipe
Work fully up to tbe requirement! of
city inspection by-law. Estimates
given. J. Vincent, General Delivery.
Nortb Vancouver. 27:
Lund Clearing aad Grading Ul,,
Pete Andruss, Honcrnl Contractor. Be
wcr connection, a specialty, basement
and other excavating work undertaken
Estimates free. 687 Bt. Ccorge's Art.,
North Vsncouver, post-office box 239J
  ,     ,
you desire to sell your builneu or pro
perty of any kind call' or write ur,
wt have client, for cloie In aer«agi
for subdivision. We can get results
Mcllwaino * Dclbar, 9 Jontt Bulldlag,
407 Hutingi Bt. W., Vancoover, B. C. .
WANTED-A janitor for Bt. John's
cbureb. Apply W. L. Keene, 16tb
Street. is;
Oirl, 10, wieboi te mind baby or (a-
tilt with homework, Sleep home. Bay
press Oflice, Box A34. U /
VikNTEO-Jepier for cording matt.
also for clearing lot, comer Chestcrltld
and King'. Boad. kfr'oly ill llth Bt.,
N. Vancouver. )(-!
VANTED-fo bey, i M trounni
modern bonne. Price not to cice»d
nmfk^ value, flub IWO- Balaa*
(20 a moatyi including interoi* at f
per cont. Full ilred lot, cleared aad
fenced. Nortp Lomdale or Capilano
tf, ptttemA.    Ufjftm 9» AH,    m 2,
except Holiday when the reading room
only will bo opened from 6 to 7.80. The
leat'litiB papew trait Oanadian ■untrati
the magasinos usually fouml III rending
rooms and many old country papery and
piii'iiidii'iil.'t .'01(111 i I ul it the tend ini! inni
tor and the reading room il tastily
deeorated ai»l furnished with comfortable chairs, tables', ete, A good supply
of games are on baud for tim who
enjoy then). The lecture room is neatly
furnished anil seats about 100, Dubai,is,
lectures, etc, vyill (to given hern from
time to time, lini-kei ball lias been installed and a I""" will soon ho mado
up. Punching bag and medicine hulls
tre ready for use ami the shower hath
is equipped and being used.'   .
A class of boys from tint public
schools will soon bu formed uml bavo
access to the gymnasium under a loader from 4 to 6.30 o'clock, ttfo nights
a woek. A small fee of (I a (piurtor
will he charged'. Special attention will
be given lo gymnusium work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings' for thu
members  only.   The  membership  list
already has a good start and lhe foe
I. (s a year payable quarterly in ad-
venue, ipke (allot equipment fai .the
Oa, Ltd., Oram) Order of the Caribou,
MoOHIivray Mountain Minos Co. UA;
Nurth VaimniumF hon TflflpH Pint'
,m, faciflo Bubhor faro On, ui.,
Hcoullar Shsat Mntol CpUA-, Short,
Hil| k PmiPan HA,, Thompson Hartl-.
ware Co. Ltd., United Buildings Corporation Ltd', tfilivprwl Home Security Co. Mil., Weston) Bash and Door
Factories UA; Westminster \oMt Temple Oo, Ltd, and .William Dick Ltd. of
Tha formal opening of tho Yming
Men'. Association on the corner of St.
Oeo'rgo'u Avouuo and Llth street took
place oil Friday evening, the Oth inst,
A large number of friends of the enterprise gatbared and enjoypd a half bour'»
friendly greeting from the young men.
This was followed by an hour's pro-
. gram, in whieh the members of tbe
uacntiva took prominent part, Mr.
.1. E. Brown, the secretary, spoke pt
"the aims and purposes of the Association." Mr, Chilton emphasized the
value of the library ami reading room
anil nu'nt i 'd its equipment ami privileges. Mr. Daman spoke concerning
the gyinuaslum. Tho'prdgrom was dispersed throughout wilh musical selections and readings of a high 'order
which the audience highly appreciated
anil heartily applauded. Mr. Bherry,
the president of the assneiatiou, wss
unable to be present on account of ill
noes. Mr. Preiser presided. The rooms
are now opened every night in the week
gymnasium has to be sowed from the
oast and will not be /here for satenl
weeks, The rooma-are open to aay
.voung men in tbe eity and dint rift and
for 'any who are only temporary staying in the oity, or for any reason cannot join the assoeaition there will be a
hearty welcome.
Mr. M. Mci.eiid arrived hers las'
woek to take oVur thu management of
the Lonsdale branuh of the Bank nf li.
N. A. In placo uf Mr. Cotter.
"   'M;    -'  -^-f- f
A man o»med Kilbride, or at any
rato, those portions of him tbat wero
visible through the mm! in which lie
Inni floundered, wu (or War* )gathered
in at tbe pity hall on Friday ami da
priver nu Saturday nf H lot having
indulged so joyously in liquor.
Phone 335
Owners—Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz, Ltd-
1  ■    m        i
■      " ■      , ■'■
Commencing February 12
WILL LOCHRANE, Scotland's own Comedian
FANNIE DONOVAN, "The Queen of Ireland"
in her celebrated Irish and Italian impersonations
in her captivating Dances
JACK HAYES, The Silver-throated Tenor
in the screaming absurdity
One Performance Nightly. Door* open 8 o'clock, Commence 8;30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 tb 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c. and 25c.
E. A. COLE, Manager
•JS Get Your!
This Month
You ran tave money in
making your purchase! now
Extension Tables, $6.50,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
And you certainly do when you liuy furniture bere.   (Juailty end vari
• eiy are tlie lining feet iuch or (hit Store.  Nowhere elte will  you  (nd
ae oitaueivs u ehowiug ol really good furniture aod carpeta al mi. It now     Dining Seta of 5 small and
inul ]irice» ae we charge.   Kadi article la representative or the beet or ita i i        tli/W
set up,
kind asd our wonderful awwrtineut iuiurea our luiting every taste and
every purse.
Bedstead, Spring and Mattress, complete for $8.50 up    .
Dressers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.50, $12.09, $15.00
aad up to $75.00. i
fa our Crockttj Dapi. wa ara Juat amm-
ing up a large shipment ol Flower Poti
asd Crodu.       '" '  ' '        All Siaai
128 Lonsdale Ave*
North Vancouver
On Wedjiosday evening, thaHM.Pob:
f"ary, P uncial whist drive will Uke
iiiiiiitt |n tbo Intejtme full' tm all in-
tiiroeted parties. Mombw fret.
A bungalow M> baas-Wit o» Ma
giinniH iivitnuu io» Mr. P. Prleriy, earn
taker pt Oft United Service Club of
l.ynn Valloy Ratepayers' Aeration meets louiiirriiw> iiviiniiiK at i
o'elook in tba Institute Hall for reelection of officers, .   ':' '
Mr. P. B, Crack bas ptoy'ed in St.
.Iuliu'ii college, linvinj; iiikcii np a'position witb tlie Nprlli  Viiiicinivi'r Trittil
Oo: dtd., tbe ri's'iiii |iiii'ciiiini'i'i. ni' tim
college property,'   . "v :
A note wm thy ni' mi-Hi inn ii that
Mr. J. II. Kngliali of tbo O. K. (Irocory
lias piirchaeitd through the assignees thlj
ciitirc bankruptcy stock of A. H. Flnt
flier, corner of (lenlro and l.ynn Valley
roads, ami in offering name without ro^
(ctvii 'liiiiii|! Hu:. and iic-1 week.
On Friday evening next a meeting
will lie held iu Ilie new Institutfj Hull
to which all interested in music are Invited, when, if found passible, a choral
association will be formed. The ij&ip
is Friday, Felt. 18th, the tunable H
...   Annual Institute Meeting.
A goodly number of resltlonts i|jc|ud
ing some of tlio ladies of the coininuii
ity. met iii the Institute Hall last even
ing to elect four trustees to upland
those retiring. The names of thine
who left iilllt'c liy rotation wero j^tsurp;
Froiinno, Duval, Westover ami Kirk
laud, ond on Iho motion of Mt. Nelson
these were roelerteii en bloc by
I'lamalion. -The prusideut's and aocre
tary's reports were road and uiluiiiel
ami speeches utado by ull the triMer*
prose nl..
fifty two persons paid the member-
ahip fee of (I and olher Itamcs wero
received from prospective mombcrs,
An npplicaliou had been received by
the M'lictiiry for the uso uf the hall
fer the fAraatiou of a choral society
und it was Dually decided lo call a
meeting in the hall ou Friday evening
next at U o'clock for those interested
in the project to discuss and if possible
to start such a society. Special emphasis was laid on the fact that if tbu
new hail was to become auccossful, lite
in ,i|u iiitiuii of the entire community
was essential, both by membership ftai
and attendance at function!.
The secretary's report was very on
couraging, although it showed much
hard work still lo be accomplished. The
hall had cost slightly over 11,000 and
the opening had been a huge euccesa.
The trustors were profuau In their
thanks In all who had in any way con
tribulud to this succese. One thing only
ia uceded lo ensure continued prosper
ily—the enthusiasm ur the people lo
match the enthusiasm of the trustees.
Tbo weekly meeting of t|io Ppuucil
'ill h? lu'ld po Tuesday, the lath lust.,
At i.fyi,:jr,,pi, Ipetaad of on.Thursday,
HVmAtto inst, '
-..    .  P. N. BAYWS,
ta-uJit'^oi:. Acting ii, j, o.:
ttfofiM Vnnujiayiir, ,.9
Owners of dogs hereby tako rjotipo
that fho dog tags for M3 are now
nviiilublii at the City Tro&suror's pace.
Any dog found without a tag will bo
impounded and the owners of said animal prosecuted.
Nortli Vancouver,
Uth February, IIIIII.
. livery man ought to be just as n »
Iv as he can when it comes to a i|t	
tiun of keeping his promises.
Knjoyablet Wby, of course it was!
From start to Dniih Ihe daucc last evon
ing organized by the ladies' Ouild of
St. Agnes' church waa a pronounced
success, holh in character and alien
ance. It may wifely lie Mid lhat even
the ladies tlicmaelvei did uut expect
their idea lo be io gralifyingly sup
ported. The weaker and fairer sex
was slightly iu the majority, but so
nobly did the men acquaint Ihenisil
ves lhat the fact became hardly notice
able. The Japanese Tea Gardens form
ed tbe scene of the revels, and ir Ilu
hall waa a tride small ror tbe purpose
that wu no fault ol its own. To tht
fint dreamy ,then frolickaomc musk'
or Mr. I'bailee's orchcelra, the lively
gathering disported ili-df until mid
nigbl, with only oue intermission  lor
i nlfi'i' aud edibles.
Iloublleii Ihe unprecedented success
o nl-" little function will encourage
those 81. Agues members who regard
dancing aa a happy, healthful pursuit
lo arrange similar evenings in the uear
Inline At any rale, may one hope
His Honor Ibe Lieutenant Governor
io Council baa been pleased to make
Iba fiilbm mg appointora)a:
Qeorge William Freierick latter of
1'ranlirook, lo bo'a cettl of rcviaion and
ap|ieal for tke Port Steele aaaeaimcul
diatrict in Ihe pteas of 1. P. Armstrong
Daniel ¥,. Mutm of Cbilliwark and
Kdward Moore Heaps of Kuikin, to be
justices of tbe pvacy.
Charles Amend l^may Poudrier to
be a junior clerk in.tlie attorney goner
al's eflce and Allan 11 Wyllia lo be a
cl#rk la Ihe office of the governmeut
agent at Waxelteo. .
The following extra provincial lieen
cm have been granted:
1 miicron Dunn Manufacturing Co.
htd., liai.iiiniit I'o. tt Canada, Ltd.;
Gramni Motor Truck Co. Ud.; Btratb
roy Furniture <V Ud. aad Western
Ktupirc tile Asaurance Co.
Certifitalcs of incorporation bave
been granted at followa:
Allialma llink l.'o., Coijuillam War
Publishing Co., Canadian Liverpool
Trust Co. Ul., Glover Bice Hardware
v   Lot 56, Block 166, with stable
leased at $10 per month
Price $8500
■'Jt*  jWii'i ' rri *
I erms tp suit.
Don't Take Chances!
i Business men and business houses
are usually Judged by the printed matter thoy send out.
Oau you afford to Uke chances witb
your printing wheu good work in tbis
Hue coats little, If auy, mora.
We Do Good Work
Fint Btraat Eut, Nortb Vancouvtr
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Clearance Sale
All Dry Good* and Gent.'a Furnishing! Selling at
— Greatly Reduced Pricei —
Evening wear Net Blouses, sizes 34, 36 and 36
only, all qualities, on sale al Half Price
Ladiea' Moreen Underskirts, black, green, brown
and navy.   Regular (175, on sale at $1.25
Girls' Winter Coats, all colors, One Third Off
Ladies' and Children's Underwear, 25$ Off
All lines of Men's  and   Boys'   Underwear
greatly reduced ======:
91-95 Lonidale Ave. Phone 93
Send ypur tttmdi who art laUrattad
la tha North Short a copy of
"The Expr*»"
It   will   keep them pouted M   all
North Bhora Ntwt and will only coat
IW . .-■?
$1 per year
Support Home Industry
and Build tip North Vancouver
>———s—.mwm      ■mi—mmmmmmaammmmm
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the titiiuniiiii and can give
of iill kinds of R^ugh, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street.
Take Quecnsbury Car (Yellow Label).
PAMBjwwft ov m mtmrn
^WWWH Home, - Worst of Nurssriai
Wo arp oft»« Mil* *oi> top/''Vis-
luriit I'liliuiii'l" that this is the age of
noviif more noddled or given more costly toys, In St. Louis twelve-year-old
Thornton Howard,,son tf tbo president
pt the commonwealth Bieol Company,
got for a Christmas prosout u $;io,i)Q|i
playhouse—not a theatre but a house
\q jday lu—w|iic|i tl|0 newspapers da-
iii'i'iiii' as ":i woinlerlund." ssyH tbo
Springfield Jtopubliian, It stands three
stories high, ami has a imtatorium, a
gylnnusium, a machine shop, a sun parlor, a bowling alley, n billiard room,
shower baths, a gnrogu, and everything
else that a boy could want or a fund
parent imwIiI think of fur him. The
only thing not mentioned is a library
-anybody can have books, but uot
everybody can have un automobile or
a swimming pool 110 Ity 13 feet, lined
with white brick Bin! decorated with
carvoil marltlo or a domical sun pnrlur
mado entirely of glass. Wo are told
that Muster Thornton is plaaaotl ami
"expects tu spend a great part uf hii
iimo tyith his chums in the bouse."
This shows n guml spirit, yet it may
be iluulttcil whether he will get uny
muro fun uut of it thun the old-fashion-
ed boy extruded frnm the old-fashioned
pluy hpuso constructed in lhe burl,
yurd or perhaps in un apple tree.
Certainly he iH nut likely tu grow up
with a just conception uf what things
eust. Pur the price of this "wonder
land," which mil soon como lo seem
no very wniulorfol thing, u public It
Tl IE    C. P. R.
(lets pretty nearly overylbing it gees after, ami if it is Iho 0. P.
It. that is applying for power lo bridgo lhe Norlh Ann nf Burrird
Inlet the bridge will bo built and the present opposition will unsure belter terms frnm the Company—lhat is all.
uu Keith Hood, ll. L. 1138 will, therefore, be iu direct line botwoen
tbu bridges and will be very valuable.
50 foot Lols—$400—on Easy Terms.
NOTK—Noil April a rapid ferry    service  will   be    ostablWiod.
I'ome and see Krtudulo before buying elsewhere.
D. MacLURG, 340 Pender St. W.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
tl I III \MM.V
Percy   S.   Howard 11.   J    ium.
City   Auditor.
Authors   nmi     tn,milium.
626   i'.i:.is i   Bl.   W      P.  0   Uox  3X361
riii.ii.' SSI7 Rhone IIS
Vaucuuver       Nortli Vancuuver
ihe  New  lllock uu   lonadale Av»uo
near Iho Kerry Approach
waa built by
Central ('oslraotors       ,
'111  I  IM  III
Up tg date Millinery
Underlie Bales
Koith Block    93 Lonadala An.
188 titli Street Baat Norlb Vuncouvw
Pbons 873
Contractors tor' reinforced concrete
construction. Sewering iu all its
branches;  bouse connections a tpe
■   cially.     Kiliuiates   furnished.
Office: 811 Lonsdale Ave.        Pboue 'M
Pioneer Horssesbiier - Carriage Works
•Successor to Wallace k Scott, Third
hi reel    Oeiteral i; |ju work.
A. Wallace's icriicet nave been re
Wrokmlleti ini SUUoBera
Cor. /*n»d.l. and 1st.        Pbisn. 113
Post Graduate Chicago University
Os tht car line Hoarding mealf.
flood accommodation for working aaa.
Contractors' me,, boarded. Hy. Beetcotl,
PWW^W ™   ^P^   ml  9m9   9 emmm VP*4   latiwm'w    t IVflkWmmm.
Prosed Ilml. Mantles a Specially.
Pboue I.n-'
A. Craib W, Cralb
In Coucrsle, Brick aad Wood.
11VII, UMlltlUKta
AH.I.E. k B.
Irrigalios, tfralaaat, levels, plats
and epecificalions. Septic Uaht tod
house draintfrt a tpsinally. P. 0.
fiol 144, Kth elrett ws(i ol Bawioka
And general ''ommiMloo Merchant, 13
Lonsdale Avo., North Vancouver.
Phone 324.
i       -     —.mmm sn i      ii   i        is i
Lyu Vallay Jemptruu Hotel
Keith Vinaitvir
I'tniiiii.ii trin it
Studio   over   Baak   B. N. A.
lunsdule and Esplniode
Plans for Sale, collages, bungalows,
bouses, apartmenlt, balls, etc. Tel. J 78
lllh street near SI. Andrew's Ave.
Cleaning L
Nortb Short OleanWg k pyclng Works
High Class Utiles' and Hants' Tailoring
Hijitiriug   aod   Alleriliuus.  Cleauing
tnd Dyeing In til ils brtnehes. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Strttt Weil. l'houe ml
Ijdln' work t specialty    All Hints
Of    " I.'Imu        nil.,Inn        I,  Ii Ulng
cleaning snd preulug. Charges oioiler-
tie. work guaranteed t.'or. Lonidale
and Htii alreet, Norlh Vancuuver. B. C.
rii,.tn 171.
II li III its   iSStlK.).
bytty adequate for a oonsldertbla eity
might ba built—It could have heeu converted into a rospoctablo cpllego building 9J i^n a hosptial tbaf would stive
many lives.   As a pleasure house for
nn° buy* nr ovpn for his phums,  |t:
soonis extravagant, pot merely beeauso
the mp>oy might he employed more
usefully, hnt because it is uot unlikely
to lm it bad't|ilng for the boy.
Turn, fpr illustration, tp what hap-
pound on Christmas in Orange (N. .1.1
where anothor spoiled rich man's son
apd his cliiiiiis drove recklessly through
the streets in a epstly high ppworod au
louiiiliile. ll'i'i'i'dini: tho speotl law,
wbicb tp a curtain class nt rich malefactors is a Joke, thoy ran dpwii and injured, a young woman. Instead pf
stopping to holp and carry her to a
hospital thoy increased their speed. In
their wild race to escape bofore the
number tmuld bo overtaken thoy run
over aud killed a hoy.
Su far was this from sobering them
that tbey put on full speed ,aud when
the machine waa dually wrecked' by
skidding iulp a cml, thoy ran olT on
foot, aud whon overtaken fought tooth
and nail ugninst arrest uutil tbey were
subdued by force. Perhaps this boy
and his . Hum., were bad boys; perhaps
if Ilny bud been poor tin ■ would have
been robbing orchards or picking puck
eti to buy theatre tickets. Yet lhe
chnncoB ure lhat wealth was Ihe demoralizing thing; whatever the effect of
poverty on crime may be, it is less ilis
astrous than indulgence.
I Wllte simple life is desirable for nil
it is imperative for Iho children of rich
men. Those can offer Iheir sons every
advuntage, but they ought to know Hint
no luxury of mci'liiiuical toys or pri
vale tutors or automobiles, or foreign
travel, or costly play bouse wilh titiir
bio swimming pools can make up fur s
naming iii vanity, self indulgence, idleness and disregard for Ihe rights uf
others. ,
The extravagant outlay uf well-to-do
Aincrii-nim on their children is a scandal to intelligent foreign observers, whu
contrast this empty luxury with the
S|.ati:iii severity with which princes are
trained. Jn au ariatucracy pampering
the yuung is carefully avoided; a plutocracy seems lu rale money higher
and children not so high. It litis been
explained that tho American mother
js responsible for Ihis coddling, this
baste to gratify every expensive craving fur playthings ur for pocket mon
ey. But surely the American father,
if his head is nut altogether tilled with
business, ought to have something lo
say ohout it.
At worst a boy who threatens to de:
teriorato can be packed off tu n perti
cularly plain and efflclonl schuul. where
plutocratic pretensions arc snubbed.
Nu une thing has dune so much fur the
upper classes ul England; the "playground al Ei.ui," to which Wellington
ascribed the victory of Waterloo, has
done much more titan that for Eng
lund. II is bard lo bring up either a
boy or a girl sensibly iu a bouse where
a great ileal of money is being Bpent,
und a luxurious Ann rutin home is the
worst ol nurseries. But is n ♦,'lt),i)iii|
toy tbe best of substitutes!
A nation of yuung men equipped
with a semi military training and
ready lu pul Ibis training lu use if
necessary, would lie the grealest guar
anlee of peace in the Western llctnli
I'licre, slates Ihe Toronto World. If
' .n.ii'l.i is lo become a nation she must
'land uu her owu ground in every
thing and she must be propaicd lo
shoulder her share of every problem
thnt will confront the empire us i
whole. Mm cannot do this by evading
Iter responsibilities.
www lumen
NaTICsSnoerow given that un up-
iilleiiilnii will be mado under Purl y.
of the "Water Act, HUB," to obtain
a licence In tho
Division of Diatrict
(a) The name, address and occupation of tho ajipllcont-rCorporatlun of
the City of North Vancouver.
111' for minimi purposes) free Min
or'a Certlflcate Nil.
or uourcc (If nnnum,'il. tne description
IS)—Dick Lake, olevatlop of 1600 feet
Tbe name of the lake, hi 1.11111
la)   ~
above Howe Sound.
(c) The point ot diversion—At outlet ot Lake.
(d) Tho tiuantlty of water applied tor (In cubic fuot per second) —
ini The character ot tho proposed
work"—Dam to bu constructed across
outlet uf lake.
(f) The premises on which tho water Is to he used (describe same)—
City pf Nortli Vancouvor.    '
(ti) The purposes for which the
wafer la to he used—Domestic and
Municipal Purposes.
Ill) If for Initiation describe the
land intended tu no Irrigated, giving
acreage   ,  1
(I) If the waler Is to be used for
power or mining purposes describe the
jdace whore the wator Is tu be returned
lo some naturu) channel, and tho difference In altitude I" t ■■■■'' 1 point of diversion and point uf return	
(J) Area of Crown Land Intended lu
be occuplod by ttie proposed Workout) acres.
1 li 1 This notice wu posted on tin
30th day of January, liils. und uppll
cation will bo made lo tlie Cummin
sluner un Ihe Uth duy of Murch, IS',2
(1) Olve the Humes and addresses
of uny riparian itroprloiors or llci-n
sees who ur whusc lands are likely t
be affected liy the prupused worka.
either above or below the outlet—Jus.
J. Mulhall, 132 Homer Street. .Vancuuver; West Shore & Nmiliorn l.und Co.
Ltd., Vancouver; August Nelson. Eagle
Harbor. B, C.
(Signature)    THOMAS SlIKI'llKlin.
City Clerk
•    City  Hull,  Norlh  Vancouver.
Specialty! Children's Lesions at own
bonis.    Terms    etc., apply (leneraJ
Ml Ml HI I *
Uy cleOnt ua at Iho Capilano
Laundry wbqro yours ought to bt.
Hit work Itt id ceils dot. Bough
My, It lb., wit waih, it lb. Drop us
a euA fad we will etll for Ifasct.
P. 0. Box UM
"Why do men enter parliament I"
Mr, Lthoufbcrc wat once asked, and
Ihis was his cynical reply:
(<oine of litem enter parliament lie
cause Ibey havo been local Bulls of
Keshan, and consider lhal In Ihe lu.ul
ilies where Ihey bavo roared tnd paw
ed the ground Ibey will be eveu more
important Ibau hcrutofore; some be
cause tbey want le be peers, baronets,
or knights, some because tbey have a
ltd lo lir, finite bectute Ibey waul to
have a try at climbing a greasy pole
of office, aome because tbey have heard
that the ilouw of Commons is the heal
club in London, sume t.i,unu- tbey do
lude themselves Ibat Ihey are orators,
some for want of anything heller lo
do, some because Ihey want lo make
a hit oul of company promoting, and
some becauae Ihey have a Vague notion
Ihtt they aro going to benefit tbeir
country by their devotion to leyisJa
live buninest.
lit aaid he, himself entered parliament out of curiosity, aud stayed be
cause ho thought the Haute would pro
St from hit Radicalism.
Hegiuners given special attention.
LcMow.^veo at homes of pupils.
Tens': Voire, II; piano, Itt. Address,
General DUlvary, North VtocMrar.
The iioiiiiiiiules aud Arte or Ibe  tin
nlcloellt) i
Commencing or a point In Burru:-.!
Inlet, distant 2,300 feet due soulh from
the south-west corner post of Lot
2CG; thence due norlh 2.100 feet to suld
south-west cornel' post of aald Lut 'US;
thence 2610 feet, more or less, to the
north-west -cornet- or Bald Lot 2(i5.
thence northerly through Lot GK:\ i^io
.feet more or less, to tlte sooth-West
corner iiust of Lot 6SD, thence easterly
iilottg tlie nortli linundut'V of Lot 562,
2610 feel, uiorc or less, lo tho liorth-
eust corner post of Lol 662: thence northerly ulong the west lioundury nf lot
611, 1711 feet moro or less to tho northwest comer post of Lol 611; thence
cnoteriy ulong the north buundnry of
Lul 616. 2610 feet moro or less, tu the
is iih s.ss.i cot-net- post of Lot 616
thence eaaterly along the nortli bnun-
dury of Lot 646, 261(1 feel more or less,
to ihe north-eiist corner post nf Lot
616. thence easterly along lhe norlb
buundnry uf the norttiinu.it portion of
Lol 616. DUO feet mute ur loss tn the
nnrth-eusl enrner uf said portion of Lot
616. 090 feet more or less to 'he north-
east corner of suld porilon. tbence
snuthcrly ulung the east boundary ot
said north-most portion of Lot 6l-t*.
3069 feet more ur less, lu the suiiih-
west curlier uf Lut 2025. thence easterly
along the nurth boundary uf tbe suutlt-
most portion of Lut 616. 2970 feet mere
or leaa, to the north-east corner of sold
south-most portion of Lot 616. thence
southerly ulong lhe east boundury ol
Lol 616. 2310 feet more or less lo the
south-east corner post of Lot G16,
thence westerly ulung the soulh buun-
dary of Lot 616, 3360 feet more ur less,
to the south-west corner post ot Lut
616. thence Boutherly along the
west boundury of Lot 653. 2610 feet
more or loss. to. the Bouth-wesl corner
of Lot 563. thence easterly ulong the
sooth boundary of Lot 663. 660 feel
more or less, to the north-ens! corner
pust of Lol 276, thence southerly olong
the cast buundnry o'f Lul 273. n distance of 1939 6 feet, to lhe north boundury of thai purl of suld Lot 273. the
proptrty of John Hendry, tlience west
erly aloug lite norlli boundary ot Ibe
property of the Buhl Hendry lo the east
boundury of Lol 271, Ibence aoulherly
along lhe suld east boundary uf Lot
271. to the high water murk In Burrard Intel: thence In the sitnic line
southerly 600 feel, and Ihence westerly
In u sfNlght line to the point of commencement, the said tract i.H.unl comprising Ihe following lols namely: 2(5.
271, 271, 873, except the portion thereof belunglng to John Hendry, the east
erly purllun of Lot 652. and Lots 617
518. Ef 660. 611. 516. 616 and 616. nnd
the Mission Indian Reserve, all slliint
ed In Croup One. New Wt'Slnilnslei
District, together with the foreshore
Ip front, op .the north shprt', pf |lur
nnd Inlet, ns comprised wllliln tin
said boundaries iif the City of Norll'
Vancouvtr; the suhl tract of lund being
shown on n map or plan nf the said
Cliv of North Vancouver, deposited In
lhe Lund Registry Office nl tbo City of
(r) Approxtiiiulelv the number of In-
habitant!—Six   thousand   16.001)).
Is) The place nf the nroposcd reter-
voir for storing-Dick I.nke
(I) The means by which It Is proposed tn Btnrc Ihe water Nalurul storngi
by use of lake and dam
iu) The nroa of the reservoir site
or slies nt each fool. In depth nhnvc
1   fi.nl   above  outlet    11.2
"      Ill
"      IIS
"      122
"      121
"      1)0
"      13 1
"      Ill
"      HE
"      IIS
"      IT. I
'  "      16 9
"       ISI
"      .-IS 9
"      171
"      178
"      Ill
"      1*9
"      ISI
"      19 9
"      20 3
"      ..,.j}«
"      211
"      lit
"      S2-5
"     811
"      83 6
"      818
I :::::::::::
"      25.7
"      2S.0
" 811
'"      .81 i
"'   ,...,...?.8SJ
"      87 8
"      87.6
"      87 7
i "
I "
fi "
t "
7 "
t. ■
t "
10 "
11 "
12 "
.13 "
II "
16 "
l( "
17 "
18 "
IS "
20 "
21 "
88 "
82 "
SI "
37 "
88   "
is  II
3    "
Ilaswell uf
lion, brolier,
(OTIUIil that milot AliMiidar
of Vanoouver, 11. C, oociipa-
.lon, broker, Intends to apply for ntr-
tnlsslun tn purchase tne rmtowiiig'dc-
BCrlbed lands: Commencing, ut a pott
planted about 30 chains south of the
iiurlh-eutt corner of Lul 88, ahd at
tlio corner toutb uf the aforesaid corner, thence north 60 chains, more hr
leas to cornet- of T. I. 38261, thence
east 80 chains, thence aouth til chains,
thence weal 10 chains to polnl of cont
meiicomunt containing IM ucrea mow
Ith January, 1118.
TAKE NOTICE thai Alice I'oaroe Han
well, of Voncouver, 8. ft, married woman, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase, tho following described
lands: Commencing at a post: .planted
at the south-east corner of T.rL. No
3086), thence weat Mi chains,'thence
south 80 chains, thence east 10 chains,
thence north It chains, thenee east ii
chains, lu water's.edge, thence north
10 chains along ihore to point of commencement, containing 180
or loss.
mn-  Junuury, llll,
TAKE NOTICE thnt Hubert Duff
Klnmond. of Vancouver, 17; C, occupation, broker, Intend! lo ttpply fur per-
mis mn     (u     |. us. I..,.,      tho     I. II.s,'. i|l|,
described lands: Comntenettig ut a posl
planted at the south-west corner of
Lut numbered 67, thence north SO
chains. Ihence west 60 cnuins. Ihence
soulh CO chains to waters edge. Ilicnco
east following witters edge In point of
commencement, conlulnlng 360 ucros
more ur less.
inili Januury. 1912.
TAKE Ntfl'ICE that Peter Buy Cruln
uf Vuncuuver,, B. C... oectiptitlon, lum-
bei'imin. Ini, ini:. tu apply for pcrmla-
sloti to purchusc the following described liinds: i' in, I,, ini ul a past planted ut the water's edgo, ul the northwest corner of pre-emption 2111; thence
nurlli 80 chuins: thence west 10 chains;
Uuin, south 80 chains; mure or less
In water's edge, thence east, fullowlng
shore line to point of commencement,
containing 320 acres more or less.
llth Junuury. 1912
TAKE NOTICE Ihut the psrlnerslilpj
retofote   exlBIIng   between   LEWIS
Mi.N'Kll.l. and JAMES E III.VHN under
Ilie llriii nume of NORTH VAN(!OI
ilny  been  dissolved.
thai all accounts duo lo the said lm ■
musl In- paid tn .lame! !■'■ lllxon. ami
nil accounts owing by the said llrm will
be paild by Uie suld .Inmes E Hlxnn
linleil   ut   North   Vnneouveh   B.   C.
this 5th dai   of  I'.i.n.ir.    A.II.,  Illi
TAKE NOTICK that Cnru King, of
Vuncouver. 11 C, nccupullun, splatter.
ml. ini   to apply fm pi-rtulssloii to pin
i-llilSe    tht-   following   ileScl'Ibed    I.in.I ■
Commencing at a pusi planted ultuut '■.
chuins ensl uf lhe point of commencement of T L. 309211. und alongside a
surveyor's post bcurlng number 216
thenee norlb 80 chains, thence en-;t
10 si,..in., tbence Houth SO chalnn
Ibence went 10 chains, to point of com
tiieiiceinent. contiiliilnjt 320 acres mot"
or less.
"    ('tillA  KINfl
llth Junuury. 1912.
Tolal 108.1 acre feel.
Btoruge cajilclly 216.900.000 gala.
iv) How If Is propused lu acgulre
tho lend neceuary fur lbc vm i ■.■ ■ if.
(W) Approxlmiitely the number of
aero feet Intended lo be Impounded—
108.1 acre feel.
hi Whether II It proposed to lower the wuier In miy natural luke or
iiii'inliiii: body of v..it. i aod If so
II)   The anticipated extent of the
(8)   Tbo meant proposed tu be ml
"" -By con-
opted to lower and imiii
ttrucllng a small .tunnel
(3)   Tlte  nuture  In  charoeler  In
detail of Ibe works proposed In be
constructed to provide for tlte discharge and penning back nt lhe »
<er-<:unslrUctlon of a dam.
TAKE NOTICE fbat Oeorge Verdler
of Vancouver. B. (.'.. oecupotbiii, limber
cruiser. Intendt lo apply for perftift-
slon to purchase Ihe fiillowlng described lands: Commencing al a posl planlcd
10 chuins toUth of lhe norlli eust curlier off. l. Jirsi; thoned'ipfxfaaMi
-trih U chains, the- -
tenet toulh 10 tin
thence north It chains, the
chains, thenee lot—
eaat 10 rhulna, theuce tout
.. chains.
polpt of commohcemehi. containing
it. '
ilo'acret morj
Ith Imuuy,
Sewer Connoctious
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that njl owners of real property front
iug in ubulllug upon a street or lane
in which or under which a main or
common sewer is laid is hereby ro
quired to connect any building or pre
miscs upon such pruperty with such
main or common sewer
Permits muy be ootatnrd from the
I'luiuldng Inspector at bis olbce at lhe
City Hall between the boun of 9 a.
ui. uml It) a.m. uud 1 p.m. and il p.o.
The following regulations goyoru Ibo
const i in I mn of bouse or building con
iieclions witb sewers:
No house setter pipe snail havo a
less full Hum 1 to ID, unlets special
permission is granted in writing liy
the Council. Said pipos between the
Iron pipe, lo Iho cuunoctlon of tbo
public sower tu be of Ibo best quality
standard salt glazed vitriltd clay to
wcr pipo. ami shall have t diameter of
not less than I inches. All pipes thall
be sound tud well burned llirougho.il
thoir thickness, impervious .to Inois
'sre, wilb u clear ring, tmoolh int|
well glared un interior and exterior
surfaces, free from dawi, cracks, blii
tors, lire checks or olhor impufoctlout.
The pipes must be to laid lu the
trench that after lbc sewer is romplol
ed, the interior surface thtreof, shtll
be to a Irue tud eveu grade.
In muting tho joints, a gasket of
mil.mn or hemp, frasbly dipped iu re
ment grout, must Irst be used ud
picked into place. The jolntt shtll
aflorwards bo lightly packed full md
bovellod off with mortar, coapofod of
ono part by volume of approval Port-
laud cement lo one part oy volumt of
approved sand.
All joints shall so made wittr tight.
so lhat tbey will itand a head of li)
foot of water, when tetted hy tbt
Plumblni( Inspector at Ibt owner's,
plumber's or contractor's eipense.
By order of the Oouncll:
lily Clerk. ..If
North LontdaJo
Bar. T. B. Bowt, SrlocJpil
Girla under I yean old, l-S per month
Girls over A yrx. old, H ptr month
Special terms when two or more an
lepl from tho Mipe f|mlly.
Arrangement! art hting made to
erect a building by tha spring lo ac
commodate JO or « hoarders b«ifti
4a)r scholars. U.
Ht^m i
. ,-.......   ., ,„ ,, ,  —„. ._ -■ '—  '•■ -—" ■—'■■'— -   '  "■■■"   "   )      r—-T.
PnWI»bii4 Tumdayf and Fridays by North Shore Press, UmltoA,
llates of Bubao«iptloni—One year, HM.  Bla months, He.  Three months, IMii.
United States and foreign, *2.Q0 par year,
Advertising Bates WW Ba Quote* on Application,
Tba Express ia devoted to tha interests of the Nortb Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutei an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population ot North Vancouver
Oity and Distrjot, Every effort Ib made to givo advertisers tba most satisfactory
All changes In contract advertisements should be In tba printers' bands not
later tban 10 a. ui. Monday and 6 p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following issue.
North Vancouvtr, B. 0,., ,,,
.February 13,1812.
The prompt and energetic course of
action, followed by II. II Stevens, M.I'.
in eeehing to ensure the protection of
publio interests on the North Shore
from undue encroachments with respect
to tho application of the Canadian Pa
iiiiii: Railway Company for approval of
their route map from North Arm west
ward ia quite rightly the subject of (•■
voriibln comment on all sides, locally.
The position taken by Mr. Stevens
in his letter to the Minister of Railways immediately afler the conclusion
of tho hearing of the application on
Friday last, is thu buiiio as that taken
by the local public bodies with rasped
to tbe time limit, running rights umi
connection with Second Narrows bridge
but the letter of the member goes
somewhat farther aud raises the quits
tion of the relationship of the (1. V. 11.
to the proposed Hoard of Harbor Com
mi ■. ium i . to the establishment of
ii iiiiini'l elevator and to all questions
of municipul moment similar to those
in which the relationships obtaining
j.. t .... i. the (.'. 1'. II. and the city ef
Vancouver have not proven satisfac
tory lo lbc latter. Each one of these
is an issue of prime importance and the
North Hhore is indebted lo the insight
and the activity of Mr. Stevens for the
safeguarding of local interests with rasped thereto.
The terms of Ihu letter aro pointed
and forceful, in dealing with the necessity of rendering impossible any re
petition of tbo monopoly which has
dialed iu Vancouver as follows: "The
railway company would be given almost
us exclusivo a right on the North
Hhore as they have on the Houth Shore
at tho present lime, which is ene of
the iii'iil serious handicaps to the tie
telopiiieut of Vancouvar harbor."
"Experience is a good teacher,"
and tbe member for Ibis constituency
ia tbererore thoroughly logical, in his
1'nntentioiii that the municipalities on
the North Shore should profit by the
object leasoii which has been provided
by tho greater city across the Inlet hy
sicking to safeguard every point that
would tend to place tbis community in
a position of disadvantage in relation
to any railway corporation, such as
Vancouvor bas found itself compelled
itt certain instances, to assume.
Nortli Vancouver desires lhal free
accees should be accorded all railways,
in tbo matter of the carrying trade of
the Nortli Shore. The aim which is
kept eteadily in tiew with reference In
incoming railways is that uo undue
advantage should be secured liy any one
railway in rclatiou toany other or by
any one railway in ita relation to the mu
niclpalltlet, but rather that ull rail
wuy companies should do business on
the North Hhore on an even basis us
between themselves and on a basis
whicii will ensure the maintenance of
harmonious relationships between ihem
and the municipalities whose interests
arc or may be involved.^
The position taken by Mr. Stevens
is such as to promote lhe desires of
this portion of his constituency iu these
s important particulars and the favor
able reply which he is reported to have
received from the Minister of llnilways
leads to the conclusion that he has
been succtissrul in his efforts, thus rendering ejrvices or great value to the
local intereats entrusted to him • red
eral representative.
There ia no question which can be
raised tbat is more vitally Important
in the national' lire or Canada or or
any country than that or the absolutely
unassailable validity or every marriage
which is solemnized within its borders
Id tbis connection the statesmanlike utterances of Hon. R. h. Rorden, l'remier
of Canada, in bis opening remarks dur
ing bis recent address in tbe house at
Ottawa, oo tbe bill to amend the Mar
riagt Act, introduced by Mr. E. A.
Lancaster, stale the case in most appropriate terms.  The Premier declared!
"The marriage relation is the whole
"baaia of our civilization and it is
"concerned witb tlio moral and reji
"gioua lift of tbe whole people
"Upon tha validity of marriage de
"pands the sanctity of the home,
"and the establishment of the rola-
''Hon il concerned with the every
"day a*airt el M*, to tbo way of
"tha Aeteent and transmission of
''iveimfimi to tint way, *• will
"as in the way,I have first mention-
"ed, il touches most nearly, the
"every day life of Ihe people. I
"concur entiruly with my lion, friend
"(Mr. Lancaster) In this respect,
"that the most important considers-
''tion of all is absolute certainty us
"to tha form, to establish tho rola-
"tion. It is perfectly evident to alt
"of us that the law should, as far as
"possible, bu absolutely certain and
Those sentences lay down, in unambiguous terms, funilaiuciiful proposl
tions, concerning which there can exist,
only "ii. i ii ti unanimity of opinion.
If there is any particular in which tin
certainty exists with respect to, or iu
whicii i siiiiiiMiin may arise out of Ihe
Marriage Inn of tho Dominion of Canada as il exists at the present time, it
is a mutter of .the utmost urgency and
importance that the law be so amend
cd us lo eliminate such conditions forever.
Unfortunately ,the problem is besd,
at the outset by doubt as lo jurisdiction. Tlie British North America Ad
which is the basis of the Canadian constitution, gives the federal government
ontrol of "Marriage and Divorce" Imt
bis general provision is followed by a
specific i ImiM' which gives lo the pro
vincial legislature cont nil of the "solemnisation t|f. uuinni|i. ■ within the pru
vinca." From this it would appeur
lhat it is for the civil law of each
province to provide the conditions under
which each marriage ceremony must be
conducted, in order lo constitute a legal
marriage. Tlio civil law is the sole au
Ihority iu Ihis rasped and uo provisions
of ecclesiastical law as recognized by
any particular religious body can be
of any force or tiffed until and unless
they are specifically Incorporated iu lhe
civil law.
From th."-.' considerations, it is evi
dent that Ihere is room for wide diver
genes as lo Ibo law which governs the
i-iili'iiiiii/iilinii of marriage iu the re
spedive provinces of tin: Dominion.
The advantages whicii would accrue
from the establishing or a uniform
marriage law for the entire Dominion
appear to have been generally reoogni)
ed ami tacitly accepted not only in the
debate ou the proposed amendment upon
the floor of tin li'.yss, but likewise in
the discussions whicii have occurred
throughout the country.
The question which must lirst be decided iu approaching Ibis matlCr wilh
a view to a Dominion law is, lias Hit'
federal parliament jurisdiction in the
premises! and if so, What is lbc precise
nature and extent of that jurisdiction I
lu order Ibat Ihis matter may be au
thorltutively decided l'remier Borden
declared lhe Intention ul tbt govern
ment as follows:
"The government has therefore
"determined to submit for tbe opio
"ion of the Supreme Court of Can
"ada, thu question as lo the legis
"latlve competence of parliament, to
"enact Ihis bill, and any further
"question necessary to dellue dearly
"the power of parliament, to legis
"late iu such matters. The case
"will be carried on appeal, to the
"judicial committee of the I'rivy
"Council in order lhat Ana* and au
"Ihoritative determination may thus
"be obtained."
The constitutionality of any leglila
tion which may be enacted by the red
eral house consequent upon the deliver
mice or the i'ldvy Council in this matter
will not be open to question and the
possibilil "of expensive litigation such
as would inevitably grow out or legis
lation enacted under present conditions
will be altogether removed.'
The method or procedure outlined by
the Premier ia not only in rull accord
witb the time honored maxim "Be
Sure You're Right, and Then Oo
Ahead" but it is likewise Iho method
which is best lined to avoid friction
and animosity in the final adjustment
or a situation which is recognized te
h vi'i-.n  Mini i;
NOTICK la hereby given thai an application will be muit under Pari V
of the "Waler Act, UM," to obtain u 11
cence In Ihe Division
of Dlilrlcl.
(a) The mune. addreaa and occupation of Ihe applicant—Corporallon ul
the Clly of Bidh Yencouvser
(It tor mining ourpotel) Free Min
er'a Certlflcate no.
lb) Tba nainti of ihe lake, stream or
ource (If unnamed, tf An.Ar.iu. i.\
-Outlet of Dick Lake
lc) fhe point of diversion—Outlal
of Dick Uke.
(d) Tm quantity of water applied
for Un cubic fett per accond)- -Kour.
tf)   The pi'euilsai on which the i
_r Is (q Be used (tfea- "
nl Mnrlh Vanrnimar
ter It (ii bk us«d (tfeapilba aarnai—Ol.tv
(Kl '1'llS. purposes for which Ilia wu
tec Is to be uaotl—Doinesllo and Municipal Purposes.
(h) If for Irrigation describe the
land IiiIiiiiiIbiI In lm Irrigated, kIvIuk
acreage   iiit-.j	
(I| If the waler la to be ustil (or
Miw-iii- or minion imi puses describe lhe
dace where tho water la to bo relilrn-
jtl tn soma natural channel, and tba
difference In aDIIutle between point of
diversion al'd point of return ......,,
(I) Area of rown land Intended lo
bo occupied by the proposed worke. ..
tk) This notice was posted on Iho
30th day qf Junuury, una. and uiiiillnii-
i Ion will be made to the Commission-
er on llm ISth day or March, mil
(1) ni'' tht names uml uiIiIiussuh
of any riparian proprietors qr lluensuca
who or whose lands are likely lo be
affected by tlie proposed works, either
above or below lhe outlet—Ju. J
[ullialj, tli Homer atreel. Vancouvur,
West Shore and Northorn Laud Co,
Ltd,, Vancouver, August Nelson, bugle
(P.   0.   Address)   City
il Va
0 ly Clerk.
, Hall, Nprlli
ancouver, B. fl,
FOB BENT -One suite, furnished,
also ont unfurnished. Latest Improvements, wltb baat and telephone,    t.f.
SAM* Gun
suioklv aroaa couaita, cuaaa coma,
Miau ihs THaoar atiD tunaa. aa CUT*
10,000 cords of dry In wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotations for larger #1,111-
tilies. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.  CO. D.
Office and Yard—Mill and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P. 0. Box 2432.
If you want tbt bast
Don't travtl—Bast,
You need not roam
Jutt buy at home.
309 Lonadala Avt
AU kinds ol iiesh. smoked aud
salt fish.   Delivered dally.
Phont 370.
Bitract   Irom   Provincial   and   Oity
Htaltli Bylaws.	
' Whenever any hoiisi'tnildcr Htnows
lhat any persou within his family or
household has smallpox, diphllicril,
scarlet lever, chulura, typhoid, whoop
iug cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any olher contagious or infectious
disease, he shall (tubject in case of ru
in nl or neglect to the penalties pro
vlded), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing lo lhe Medical Health
Ollicer and 110 member of any household
■hall atletiil school until a certificate
hat been obtained from the Medical
Ileallb QlJScer thai no infection any
lunger exitut iu the house, clothing
and olher effede have been .1. .i.t,. i,»4
to hia satisfaction, and until such car
liflratc shall have been obtained it shall
lie the duly of every member or tbe
household, and of the Teacher, to use
all reasonable efforts to prevent the
association uf members nr the said
household wilb other children.
1. The matrou of a public or private
Hospital, the keeper ol ovory Hoard
ing or Lodging House, every Inn keep
er or Hotel Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report in writing to the Mcdi
cal Health Officer, or any persou being
at oue of tbe aforesaid houses
or hotels and attacked wilh or suspect
ed or Having auy contagious or in fee
tiout disease mentioned in the Ily
law;" under Ibo penalties provided
ror by such bylaw. ,
t.f.       Secret*ry Board «f l/calHi.
1 ■
Tit sollcfllhe buslntw of Uimif.clurtu,
EeyljKTistnd ot litis mho tttllte (lie ml viability uf Imviug llirlr 1'Mirul liu.inrhi transacted
liy litycilt. Preliminaryadvlct lite. Chatari
mudcrstc. Ourlavstator's Advisers, iii u|*,ti te.
■lutsl. UuilunkU.liiiu. Krj/.l., M, « yolk 1,11c
ami. siouin.iiiu.iu'/i.i.i„...i„. in.- nni.
NEW CABINS on Fin* Street
East, near Lonsdale Avenuewca
Pho/i? 37, North Ysnwuw. B, Cf   ,
30 Day Trial Offer
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and would like to do so
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in lirst block from Lonsdale Avenue for $7,500 on terms of
!4 cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
For further particulars of the above and other good buyi
in Norlh Vancouver, see
C~E. Law$on & Co.
15 Lonsdale Avenue,
Phone 70.
P. 0. Box 1816.
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
nail only lu phont '111 lu have all Vacancies filled. NO OHABOB
to BMPLOYBB or EMPLOYEE therefore there is absolutely nu nu
fussily Iti utilirc employment Agendas in Vancuuver, as a complete
liat  of all  classes  ol  workers la kept at Ibe
Phone 321.     14 Lonidale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary,
For Sal
Feed Grain
and Ground
At we have now in operation in our new
warehouae in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply oyr North Shore patrons
with the best Quality of these goods at prices
ai low ai can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveriei our specialty.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Phone 4
SO I mlu OU mul imar lliiulovitnl, bmiuli-
ful .situation tin lipmaftTfas. Prltn*')
ftnii iitiij 11(1 oii easy terms.  .
ai-foot Lots lii liyiiti Va||»y sear ttm
line^eomo   oii   Hosktos road   apd
spine near Fromme road. I'rice 1900
up op easy terms. i i
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker i
Agent for first-class Fire, Murine and'
Quarantee   and   Accidout   Insurance'
mii." Plioue It)        House Phono 207
TAKK NOTICK Ilml at tlie next
sitting ut Un' Hun nl of Licensing Commissioners of tbe City of Nortb Vancouver, 1, Henry Larson, intend to apply for ii retail liijuor or bottle
for tbo premises known aud di
as iN'iiinli.'i One Hundred aud fm
Hsplauudc West in tlie Cits
Vancouver, 8. 0.    TfiN^fiy^r''
Dated at North VancouveRttnirffrd
day ef'January, 1IH2.      S I
33-8 HENHY LAflSON.   '
Notice ia beruliy given tbat tlio undersigned inteuds tu apply at tho next
slatulury sitting uf tbu Board of Licensing i i.nu.ii im,11., of tbo City of
Nortb Vancouver for tbo issuo to him
of a rolail liuttlo licenso fur and in respect tu premises to bo erected end
situato on lot 7, block 1511, District
Lot 171, in said City of Nortli Vancouvor.
Dated   Ibis   :::ir.l   day  or  January,
13-8 ,, TOM BOOTH.
NOTICE is hereby girtra that at Ibo
next meoling uf Ibo Board uf Licensing Commissioners fur the cily of Unflp
Vancouver 1 shull apply for a buttlo ll
cause ou Isl alreet east, lot 7, block
166, I). L. 874.
Dated at North Vancouvor the Idtb
day of January, 11)12.
NOTH'H  is  hereby  given  that  tin'
undersigned intends to apply fm a retail buttle license at the next meeting
uf the Hoard uf Licensing Commission
ers for the I'ily nf Nurlh  Vancouver,
Premises uow being erected on lots A.
11 ami ll, subdivision of luts Hi, 17, IS
and  HI,  block   Hid,  District  Lul  : |.
Nurlli Vuncuuver.
Dated this Dili iluy ot February, llll.'
i —<
Paper the World
Irom our Block of new Woll Papers
ao it H.in. Kvery day soma new
design arrives to fill the vacancy
ol ilm..• cloaod out, I
Handtome Wall Paperi
are here in null.it rsrloty. Jut
toll our siilcsman lor wbat room
you want the piper md he will
show y»u jutt the pattern you ars
looking lor.
To  choose from our atock is a pleasure, to pay our price is easy. 'm
117 Lonsdale Avenue Pbons H'.'• •
II'I" pm H"
I    —
A Corner, 157 feet frontage on Nye Street East by
132 feet deep, for $1500. Third ca»|ii balance
6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
62 U)N3DALE AVENUE     **• ** m' nm in     NORTH VANCOUVER
"      ■ ' '       '	
I Iiia£1iti!2&im!i^^
jm     THKIANKOr
78 TtmlO mtmrn.  Capital and Btssrve Over |7,W.M9,
Is paved will) thrift savin-;; regularly' anil systematically a
pprt(oi) pf iiim'ii iiifiinit:, and depositing it in the Saving! Department of the Hank ul iiriiish North America. Here it will
In: absolutely safe, will ba at your call whenever you peed it, and
will be mounting upsteadily will) Interest added twice a year.
One Dollar is enough to start an accpunf.
Two Offices in North,Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave.
and Esplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, .near 14th Street
JL ,
I liKT%J
For only $1 down and 11
weekly you can buy tbt
LEABLE BANOB, reservoir or waterfront com
pleto fitted up. Bee tho
BANOB. Thoy last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all part* of the City
" '  '       ,'" ■   '    .M	
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
1   "  '     4
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cement, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Sullies.
Wharf: Fool of St. George's Avt.   Phone 178.
Oflice; 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Plumbing Supplies, Sewer
Connections, Hot W»Ur sad SUeni
Heating, Sheet Metal aad Tina en'
Furnace Work. Estlmstee furnished.
Warehouse sud Offlce: Oor. Espluiade snd Bt. Oeorge, Phone SSfi.
J. H. OODDABD, Manager
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Sptcial
rates to lamilici and to regular hoarder!.
Snaps in
t roomed Bungalow on 21st Street ,new, all  modern, facing south,
1)1)60.   Terms easy.
. t-ioomed House on llllh Street, 1 blooki eaat nf I,onsdale. All modern
dreplaee oft. HIM. HOO cub, balance easy,
droomed houso on ISth Btreet east ef Bouloverd, new.  HIM, #600
caih, balance lit per month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
t IMSUhP. AVENUE P. O. Drawer MM
Provincial legislature
BUI t« Divide District of Notrh Vancouver—Second Nsrrows Bridge Sub-
.sidy to be Beneved
(Prom our own spotifol Praqa fialliiry
Vlotorlf, Fab- ib.-JTho liUi to tyyfilti
the ronnlelpallty gf NnrtU \aiicouvcr
hM at least iilli-eei'ili'il i||  ,lii iilini: tbu
Private Bills committee during lliu putt
Week. Its nun contention:! c|ausos seem
to havo boon contentions ,utnl ita pro-
gross from the first has been it buttle
ami a march—tho latter a somowhut
halting one. Tlio fight witb which it
started waa waged botweoh Ur, A, Iv
Bull, mdileiior for tho vet itnlioni municipality of West Vsncouver, mul Mr.
H. B. Roborston, tbe parliamentary
agent nf tbo Vancouver Powor Hum-
pany, though tho latter provod only
a veil for its controlling hotly, Ibo Ilril
ish i'oluniliii' Klecllie Oompuny, for llic
tramway fraucbiac was after all tho
real bouo of eoutontion.
Tbo attitude of tho conunittoo towards tbo propoaal tu cut tbe tramway company out of tho franchise It
obtained ovor tbo whole mutiicipalitv
ot North Vancouver, by tbo vote of
Iwo or three hundred people living in
Iiiii.i whom tho preaeut city ia situated
seemed lo bo rather hoati|o. tjeoing
Ihia Mr. Bull wisely shifted bia ground
aud eonlenileil tbat tho bylaw on which
tho tramway agreomoiit was based waa
invalid. Hut though tho committee con
i.'iiie.i two lii«\iti. (Mr. McKay the
chairman, and Mr. Miller of (Jraml
Forksi. thoy appearoil. to phject to tie-
ing calleil upon lo act iu a judicial ea
pacily or work as a court without fees
and more than liintcd that flicy couaid-
er.'il ibo ordinary law court* the pro-
por pluee for tbo sottlemont of a t|ucs
tion of that kind.
Mr. (.'baa. Nelaoa and one or two
others protcatcd vigoroualy uguiual being tlsd up by a fraucbise tbut piiaran
lei'il tbem nothing, bul Mr. Hawthorn
tbwaito .'.niii tbo couveniunee uf Irresponsibility, roso in bis darkviaaged
majcaty ami told litem lhat aa long
aa Ihey choae to live under Ihu prcttenl
capitalists syalein they must abide by
Ibe rulos of tho game, aud as far na lie
was concornod, thoy could expect no
'■'.iii|i:itliv from bim in Iheir effort* to
contacate public or veetad interests."
While Ihu clauae calling for the ra-
iaillU Of tl|0 llllli. Ium- Wail i|lni'll',   III i.l
over, it would now aeein rulher likely
o remain on lite altelf whore il haa
been pul. Ou Ibo other huml a clauac
proposed by Sr. Iloberlaon lo validate
and make tbe H. (1. Kleclric Ilailway
Company sure of tboir contract ia like
ly alao lo hud other rest than between
tbo pagos of Ibu bill. Perhapa Ibeir
falo will be told when discusaiou ia resumed un Tueaday night.
Vancouvor cily dcpulaliona during
the weok have alau been uumeruua ami
large. The acliuul boanl wilb all ilu
iiiiejiiini.i oiii, mi., awooped down upon
Hon. Dr. Young, in Ibe middle of the
week, and had aome earnest interview*
on matters departmental. They ulun
met lbc provincial eiocutive with re
tjuculi for larger powera in dealing
wilh tbe children of the rily and Ibe
ealabliabiiienl uf a paraxial school, a
sort of intermediate Icaling place be
Iwceu Ihe alreet and Ibe reformatory
for incorrigible Iruanta. Tbey evident
ly beliovcd Ibst tbere was <llength in
tiuiiil.i'i-. and went away feeling lhal
aome al leaat of Iheir retjucala would
be attended to.
A civic deputation couiiating of Mn
yor Findlay, eight alilermcu and several
rily olli. ml., and Mr. Oeorge II I'uwan
K.C, time down lo 6nd thomsclwi
blocked out of Ihe private bills nun
millee lu tbo daytime by the tUrcw
of Norlh Vancouver buainesa, au inalead
Ibey bombarded tbem al sn eveuing *es
tion with lhe principles of roiuiniaaion
'governmeut. Having inatilled Into,tht
commillee the meaning uf Ibii form of
civic rule, tbey left for home on the
midnight boat, but aome of Ibt'ui will
return qn Wrdneaday when Ibey alau
will hare their tight wilh Ihe II. li,
Kleclric Kail way I'ompany, wbu bave
ent'ii'l a vigorous prulesl agalust tbe
propoaal toptaluod iu an amendment,
which will make Ibe cilottiion of Iheir
franchise afler Hilt drpendonl on a
two thirds vote of Iho ratepayers.
A great deal of the time of tfce
week has heen taken up in committee
of the whole on Hon. Mr. llnaa' Ford'
Art with Ha 146 sections of which all
have not yet been read, though Mr.
Sbatford, Ihe chairman of tbe commit
tea, bm been reading at locvrooiite
pace Ha baa, however, had lo kco|r
(ilini" during many Intervals of half
humorous heckling from Mr. Parker
Williams ,or more logical objection^
from Mr. Brewster. Tbe minister of
lands hu •ibiblted a great deal of for;
bearsnee, an d shown a desire to courll,
late oppoeltion wherever posalht. For
Ihis (osaon he bas rouseoted Ibat a
number of lhe aerliyua stand over to
im If hs cannot meet the views of bit
opponent*. Among the amendments ha
ba* bipaalf foresbadowad Is one to
place the contribution* for forest fie
protection by limberholipn on aa even
basis all over tha province. At flrst
it waa proposed that those subject to
ityMfy should pay onf cent an acrs,
and tboso not subject to royalty should
piy two cents.   The latost pppnaul is
to t»x all alike at ono sent per'aero.
With occasional reading* ami amend-
iinmla th« bill Is liliely tn bo in com-
inittoo fur anothor woo|< yot.
Jh* pnmbnr of bills to validate by
laws which havo buup bofnrs thn fjouse
tills session has drawn a vigorous pro
test f»W» AWPfWy-floneral Bower.
Hit particular object inn is tn tbn logis-
llll nil) lii'ini: etilliiil upun in vu Inin I e the
"whole of a municipal bylaw of whicii
only one part has beon pointed out as
defective. Borrowing a pbraso from
tbo member for Richmond, ho has Is-
niiitil a sharp note of warning that mu-
nlcipaljties must not look upon tint
legislature as ''tbo tinker shop" of
thoir defootivo legislation in futuro. In
tho meantime, hills llii. session will be
allowed to go through with certain
Mr. llawthoruthwaito Is to bo soon in
liis soat vory littlo this Boesinn. For
a fow miuutes in an aftornoon ho comes
and aorta over his papers only to dis-
upper again. On tho othor hand ho bus
allow no Keener intermit in tho priwile
luliii committee than formerly. Ho
continues to ahow skill as a tactician.
Finding that ho could not got hia tptea-
tiun about iniiiiuieil i'u..:.;i.'ks. wilh lite
"knout" iu Vancouver un Iho unlcr
papor as a question, ho haa given no
tico of hi* iiiieniiuii to bring it in .is u
rcaolutiou, in which form il can scarce,
ly bo blocked. Moreover it bus onahldd
him to insert a few more picturesque
phrases'aucb as "tho illconsiilcreil uc
tion of the Maypr and civic aulhori
ties iu thoir autocratic determination
to suppress the inalienable rights of
the I'liiin.lmii poople," and to bis
"knouts" be has now added "quirts"
a word equully utyalerioua to the mass
ea, ami therefore more intproasivo. A
crowil ni :•',iiipiiiliiM'ru gathored iu the
gallery uu Friday afternoon whon tl
waa expected ilml tbo motion would be
put, but great watt tbeir disappointment
when bo roao and announced tbut it
the requoat of the Premier he wotil I
ask Ilml it bu hold over. Perhaps tin
Premier realizes that il only requires
tunc for Iho "li.. " to cvaptirutc uml
that tho icaiiluiigii mu; prove but a
flat concoction aftor all if it can lie
kept on tbe order paper long enough.
Mm.low v Inul." of the government '.-
railway policy aa something myalerioua
mid largo ant beard around the cor
riilora, bul il ii cbiolly guessing fouml
nl un alray words. What lonely valloya
il may rib wilb sleel should bu known
within the nost two weeks, ll is ru
uioreil thai tbo railway policy may yet
precede tbo budget, which, though set
ii. im
down for Friday next muy pp postponed
to a later date )f larger things arp
under JfOli The Frpfltjer Vu privately
intimtitcil thut tlio Second Narrows
liridgo will bo riuiimiibertnl in tho ostim
ates again this session. Wbethor it will
form part of, or hnvit any connection
With tbo proposed railway policy is
still a matter for. conjecture.
WNBON vim w m
.During IB}} thero woro 4,466 Ares
in Iiondon, au incrouso of 1,860 com-
pared with tbo provious yoar, and the
largest numbor known to tbo Jjondon
Firo brigade.
Ono huiidrod nnd twenty persona lost
thoir lives at tbo Arcs uml over 100
woro rescued from burning buildings.
?Mt« for Oradln^ Qroun^i _
Tenders wil' bo received hy tbo up-
dorsjgnpd up till noon ou Monday,
February ll)tl| for grinliiig tbe grounds
of tho society.   Specifications may b?_
booh at the residenso of W. h. Kpeno,
16th street,    The lowest or any tender
pot pppossarily accepted.
.    f.UKPENJS,
16-8 President.
•Time ftfliinut hkai.b tiibliimci
8T0P8 COUGHS mich. as CUM
We Study Printing
Wc make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
,     and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card lo a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
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We are the sole agents for an Estate comprisin
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' u.
ma ^rwwwjjvi n van wuy
JK3UAY. FEBRUARY 13, |9|2.
i    ■
Is the Silverware of the Century
——ti   i .——mmnm ———       i    *
We have on band at all times, the newest and handsomest lines
In wedding and presentation silver.
Table Silver, (rom tbe massive, hand engraved Tea Sat to the
tiny Coffee Spoon and all tba dainty little lines so essential to a
well set Ubla,
When considering tha establishment of a family pattern In Silverware, we give you au opportunity of dolug so most conveulautly.
Dsclde on the pattern, tben by buying oue or more pieces at a time,
tbe heavy eipense of purchasing a complete seirvlce at oue tims Is
None handle BIBBS' Silver but HENEY BIRKS k SONS LTD.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George F.. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Sheets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
a limited number of safety deposit
boxes for rent.     you must act quickly
Is Your Furniture Insured?
IH Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Anurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -   Aueti $111,000,000
Ilie    electric    roflfeo
EL    ST0V0
lite diac mi which flip
electric  current   will
do your t-iiiiltiij(/
Ilie   immersion   heater
tor    boiling     waler
Klettric Iron, lhe Indie
|ien.ahle convenience fur
ironing day.
Drop iii al our office al 50 lx)NSUAl.F. AvENUF. and see how
youi kitchen cares may be lightened liy lhe use of these inventions.
Ail Ate Operated hy Crniiietlion With
un   Ordinary   Electric   Eight   Socket.
B. ('. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.       Phone 66
•Iiln A.M.
•ti lit
■> tin
• J- I'l
II I'i
I l.wi
\i i-i
i iu
• denotes "Net
notice. Company
2.4H  P.M.
.1 m ■
7 .:iu
S mi
i .11
I Mill
lJ.18  A.M.
1.10 -
eu Sunday."
not liulile for
Leave North  Vancouver
•is I'll
•i un
H lu
:i i'u
11 "JU
It i'i
| utt
'.' to
;i |0
I nu
■i so
i in
i, HI
ii |0
li I'l
7 .tin
Time I
niii.' Milijict to chanae wilhout
im i.li uiul or otbcrwlse.
Th^ Kelvin Plumbing and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply )ou with the chca|ic»t oMImatci tor any kind of I'lumb
lug and Heating Work, .Sanitary ft)|tnaerlng, Hewer ami He|itlc Tank
riiiiiiectioni, furnace installations, clr. Joldiing work aud mmII cou
trarta receive jironi|it atteiitiou.
Give us the job lo tx uji your new home and we will guarantee lo
tx sll your pipes In a way that will aave your wluter worries.
.   imi juli Imi iiimll. None too large,
Uur services are at your disposal night or day.
We've severed our connection with
"The Light Hrigade"
The "Wild Charge" they Bade
i    ml  t 	
Poatal Address:
Baa No.
Worth Vaacouver
Pott Office,
Twice BUlod for Wuniiir  .
visit me. 9tAlA< and sent to my men
the best ppultry end pigs he. bad In his
aiHiBarauns, j bave"seldom seon It fail.
"The mental habits of tba parson are
nnt Infrequently sjiuwn by (be typewrit:
Pr. Walter J. Ourrle of Toropto,
who Intn just arrived in New York on
his my borne, has spent 31! yoars In
tbe jungly iif Central Africa anil was
twice billed for tbe dinner of eauui-
imlii he was trying to convert.
Where be built his first uiuil but in
iiviiniliiinili, in tlm centre of a reptilet
infested forest, tft miles from the
•seaport of Bsnguolla,. there now
i.ittiid:. a thriving, busy missionary village, with native built stone bouses
wbleh is railed flhisamlia.
Hr, I 'urrie ia a i|tilut, heavy set man,
short of stature but broad ehnuliloreil.
He ia about 511 yeara old and has n
full, ruddy face, which lights up pleasantly when hi) talks ,allbnugb at times
his steel gray eyes look like the points
of rapiers.
Ho was sent to lite miaaittiiary fluid
in Africa hy the American hoard of
foreign n.i si'iti.-. but under thu direct
supervision of the Canadian clitirt'liiis,
who i'iii'1 hia espouse*. When a boy
ho was an admirer of Iiivingaloiitt, uud
lie studied many yeara preparing lum
self for Ibis work. Ilia elforta bars
linen successful, but at Iho coat of ill
Returning from Canada after a threi)
nn.mlu.' visit IH yeara ago, Dr. Curriu
met another niiasionury on Ibe aame
.-.learner. Then began hie courtship.
Tlirni' months later, standing band iu
bund in the st|uare of a cannibal vil
e and surrounded by hundreds of
idering suvsgua wlto bad never soon
white woman before, ho married
Miss Amy Johnson, the sister uf the
Itev. Ilr. Henry .1. Johnston of Hobo
lu order il.ni the uatttea could understand the ceremony it wu* neces
aary lo go through with il Ihree timet.
On it in K.ngiiab, read by lhe Hev. Dr.
Heed, an Kugliah clergyman; again in
Portugese—tba province of llvumliuu
ili being under the-Portugese at thai
lime and then iu the native tongue.
of thu tribes.
Dr. I'urrle told of lhe two attempt.
that were ii.ii.ie by the native chief.
In innk .him lur dihiwr. "Alter I had
located u site, where I'biaamlia now
■ r..i,-i ■. I waa imliil. .I by a runner sent
by Ibe idiinf of a neighboring district
thai I waa going lo be plundered, which
ceremony I learned carried wilh il the
thrilling climax uf being fattoaed ami
devoured by the warriora nf the tribe
I sent I ;i. i. word by the runner Ibal
where I rime from Ihey said Curric
waa but eating. Thai pusslad Ihu chief
uml he sent his runner lo urk me wltut
I meant.
"I tuld him to tell his royal meater
Ihul I rould bile ami plunder as well
as be ,aml lliul if he plundered mo
today I would do the same thing lo
him tomorrow. They nr.' very superstitious peoplo ami lie Id mc alone after he was auru thai 1 wan mil afraid
of hint and wben be learned that I bad
tbe all,a linn and protn'lioii of utual
uf the chiefs'of lhe ulher districts of
the tri tie.
"The second lime I was billed fur
eating waa about eight year, agowbsn
travelling through Congo free state
Kith u hundred carriers. In lbc nurlh
eru part uf the state is the districl of
MiniI.. Vanillin, lhe muat powerful of
all the old kingdoms. 1 waa informed
by outposls of Ihu king of thai province, who came oul lo grod my car
ii-.im. lhat I wouldn't be allowed In
pass and thai if I persisted I would
lie eapl tired and eaten
"Prom many natives I had heard
the horrible stories of the canabalislic
coronation ceremonies which eiisl
even now in the interior parlr ol
"It Is very rarely lhal aome of Ibe
tribes sre mil at war. A king may
nol claim Ilis limine unless be, had
personally conducted a war of plunder. If sii.ii«ful he mikes slaves ol
his prisoners, and one ia selected, al
Ibe coronation feast. Thai victim Is
well eared for and lives en all Ike
didi, ueiis of Ibt season.
"Al lite height of Ibe festivities lull led out before Ihe cut li twill! Ically
dialing trill'' md slain. Then hii
huni ia eut out Did ini""l wilh Iki
fle.li of chickens, pigs sud olher ini
mils in Ihe slew in I great .uuldrnii.
I remembered this »t*ry and detidti
to lake no rhancei. I learned front
my carrier tbit tbli cbliflain and hll
tribe lived tn I rudely constructed bul
impenetrable fortress. I uked to have
the opportunity of diking lo bim, nd
it wu griiilcl. I wu led lo hll
stronghold by bll srouti.
"ilis men hid built i solid embiuk
iiiinr of rock ind und hundreds of
feet square ind mmy feel from Ibi
ground in I clearing of tbe foreit. 'in
lhe lop of Ibis wDl'iikmenl wu a wood
rn pulnniile The only entrance wm
at the top,-* small opening, which wu
inispoaaibli to enter ei.epl on yuur
bandi and kniei, and Urn only ou
at a lime could go ia.
"i wu Invited Inside, but refused
I held i parley over tbi palisade with
tba rblef, a great big, powerful man,
lit* of great chirirtrr and Inlelll
genu u I ifUrwinl learned I told
him my mission, aad uid tbat I maa^t
no ham, but (kat I wanted permission
to put up my tint for Ibe sight. Hi
Dually conwatad aad ttld tint he would
"YPU nan te|| a person by bis or Iter
typewriting," said a mail wbo reads
manuscripts. "I made this dlscornry
a long, time ago and I confirmed the
iicciiriiey of it when I came to know
tho'porsous wlniBii characteristics I bail
piclnniil from tkeir typewriting.
''Take as an oxampln, tho person wlto
bus little strength nf character.   Thst
person almost invtifitilily will spell one
or I tin words Incorrectly and keep it
up in spite of the fact that bo knows
how to spell the words, but somehow
can't do it on bis typewriter.
"There Is tbo person of slovenly hah
Its. His typewriting Is sure to be csri)
less and slovenly.   You can almost tell
■ in tin'l iie eiiinln bis hair or not. If
his typewriting is all jumbled up, Ihu
chances are that bu seldom pots n
I'tiii-h to Iiis hair. If luttera are lull
nut of wonis, words jammed together
and misspelled, then you may be sum
Ibat the person is slovenly aa a general
'The neit peraon discloses bia habit.,
in Ilia typewriting. If he bruaboa uml
presaoi  hia   clothes,  keeps   his  shoes
■ lean md otherwise is careful about bis
ing, A persoii.wlin I* nrnti sum of
what be |s going to say nr bow be js going tP say it, wllj be uncurtain iii Ills
typewriting. Then there ure tho persons who knoiy what thuy want to tny
but liiku a long time iu Baying It.
Tbeir typewriting may bait and sunn
mer, but tbey Anally come ppt all right.
If a person's mind dons not work
clearly that person will show It by bis
typewriting. You will And corruptions,
insertions and a general overhauling
of Iho whole matter. It's expressive
liy tbo way the mind grasps or does
uot grasp the subject. The poraou who
ia a quick thinker, inciaivn anil to thu
point, w|ll show it in bis typewriting.
If a person is clean tail ami takea In,Id
of a tbing with vigor ami suroucas tbo
typewriting will be a uleaueut job.
"I'm not apeulting of Ibe professional stunographor ami typewriter, who ure
In a different t'laaa, J moan the writer
wbo migbt bo called an amateur type
writer who shows these eharaetoris-
tics."—British Newa of Canuda.
skip or a (wssengar.
Captain McKay, wbo jipt wvapty-sii
year, old, waa born at Stonehaven, an*
ouichly iron couqhi. cuhii coldi,
mut IHt i h io at tun lundi. aa cutra
Captain Horatio McKay, H.N.R., who
has just died at Liverpool, waa, per
Itapa, tho moat celebrated of the com
uunl.mi., of the great steamships plying
belween  tjigluml uud America.
He retired ton yeara ago, and Ito had
I Iiiiii crossed llui Atlantic uot far abort
nf a thousand times.   He mut lost a
joined the Ciinard aurvico w|ion be was
twenty-seven years of age, He enjoyed
rapid promotion, until, in 1884; da tank
iiiinimnnil of the Sarvla—p gnat ship
of bur day.      „
Later ou bo was appointed, to the
liiieiiiiiu, which ship, only ton years ago
held ttie record for the fastest passage
from niieeiinlnv.n to Handy Hunk. Tint
great strides mudo iu cross-Atlantis
trallic i.ii  then will be soon by a
comjjarisun  of tbe tinius taken, then •
and now in lliu Atlantic voyage.
1894—Lucauja, 5 days, 7 hours, 48
iiiiiii iMiiiiri'iuniti, 4 ilayii, HI hours,
41 minutes- '     >
Whitman tbe Liicanla was ono of 18,-
0511 tons, Ibo Ifitumtania is 91,0:18—not
far from ilnee times the else.
It waa Captain McKay's view that
shipa were quite largo enough ten years
ago.   At thm lime be said: "Magiilit
lieani ships liko the Imcania now crusf
in quick enough lime for' comfort. M
do .not myself like very big abipe. Thl
Micauia ia quite large enough for me,
ami I think she ia of lhat handy mens,
iirmnunt  which  can  do anything
serve uli useful mercantile purpoaos.   I
bold Ibis view—and all my salts aa Jf
the   nine   i Imi  the ahip I lOllliiluildilii
lasl is Iho best ever built."
■ me,
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6, 12,18 months.
SO ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 16 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouyer
Contrary to the usual practice lhe Assessment Notices for
1912 have heen sent to lhe registered owners of properly
according to tlie Land Registry records.
Up to (he present, purchasers have been in lhe habit of
notifying the city authorities thai the property had changed hands
so lhat notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
Hie North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it hu sold and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
Hie Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from il that ihey should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to ihem so that ihey may be
come aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay lanes as they fall due. - •
rhe North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
"' '
AN Extension Telephone
Once installed proves
its value, It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Eaat Capilano
North >Lonadale
City Property
for Sale=
""* VfmdMH
Ttl 8)
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. Arcand, the Manager, will lie pleased lo sec ell Iiii old
customers and alto lo welcome many new onti, and assures litem all that
no effort will be spared upon his pail lo please Ins patrons.
We have a large stock ol doori on hand and can supply
any style or size at short notice. We have some beautiful
designs in front doors and alto several new and choice patterns in the craftsman inside doors. All our craftsman
doors are made will) 3 ply panels which insures you against
cracking or warping, and also shows the flat grain to advantage.   We will be pleased to show you these doors.
—t^^mma— i   n ■
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O.Box 1719.
Phone 222
Mr. Wblta. Pon't jtqu regard tbem aa
being sale with him*
"To be mra—tbay cpuid'nt ba tp
safer hands. But It |« tbu Implication
uat 1 no luiigor command or dusorvo
tba confidence—"
I'ouhl" I iiucuroinuiiluiisly out In.
"litirko, |( I vera you, I'd Iiu a littlo
carolul bow 1 emphasised an attlludo
of innocence toward tbia affair.
There's no Implloatlpn or iiiuumido
about; I 'in only too willing tn tall you
frankly that 1 am something more than
suspicious of ypu. I know that ypu
haven't told everything you might
about this murder. Vou ro liiuky that
I bave n't run you In before tbia. Is
that plain uno ugh?
Ha recoiled a (tap, with a queer,
biasing Intake ot breath.
"Swift, be muttered, "I havo halt a
mind to make you prove your words."
"Do," tald I, grimly. "I would Ilka
nothing better."
Ha stared at ma ao long tbat It
gave me an uncanny feeling. I broke
tba alienee with a blunt demand.
"Burke, where'a tbat ruby?"
"Don't try to browbeat me," be aald
through bla teeth. "Please uuder
slaml that you are not dealing wltb
a criminal, aud 1 don't propose to bo
bulldosed by any fat-witted sleuths."
I laughed In bli face.
"Maybe It will lntereit you to know
tbat I have wit enough to contrast
your lecretlve manner with Malllot'a
willingness to talk, and to draw Iho
one consistent Inference therefrom."
The Paternoster Ruby—9.
Tbera la a nervous affliction of tba
eyes, called by pathologist! uyetag-
tnui, which li cbaratorlsed hy a perpetual weaving to and fro of the eyeball!; It li Impossible for tbe unfortun-
ato victim to tx bli look upon a given
point without tbe greatest effort.
When Iho attention of euch a ono Is
not centred the swaying of bli eyes
goee on Incessantly.
So It waa now wltb Burke's pale
orbs and his loan death's lined. Hu
scorned to bo searching, forever feverishly searching, for lomelhlng Ibat he
could nol lind. There was something
positively rcpulilvo about the man in
this new guile, although tho change
waa ao subtle lhat I waa unable to do-
lino It.   At lut ho spoke.
"Swift," he laid, scarcely abovo a
whisper, "I'm p peaceable man; nevertheless I resent your aspersions. I
can't.do It openly In iho circumstances; ihli murder ties my hands;
but—damn youl" bo suddenly spat at
me, "If my allonco would bang Hoyal
Malllol, I'd bile my tonguo out before
I'd ever utter anothor word. There
you bavo It."
I Blared ul him In asloiilsliment.
Wu II posBlblc lhat Ibis cold-blooded
creature could harbor au emotion u
iii>> u hat red,
"Wbal have you against Maillot?"
I sternly uked, alter a pause.   .
His bloodless upper Up, thin and
ib-»iiiic . mli il In a miiiIc, iti. i' wu
a iiiiiiiii-iitary flash "ul hit teeth.
"You're a detective," be aald; "Had
I pondered, atill regarding hint.
"So," mill 1 al lul. "It'i lo bu warfare between you and me, li li? Very
well. Take care, Burko, for I do mean
lo. lind out. Aud I promise you that
wheu I do you'll get all you havo coming to you."
He kuew that 1 wu more or loss at
sea; be bad divined that In my own
mind 1 had already cleared bim of
Ibe actual murder.
"Thank you," bo now bad the Impudence U) say suavoly. "Forewarned Is
forearmed, you know."
"You gut out of beroi llurke," I Bald,
without beat, eyeing bim steadily,
"Hit you mean," he uked ijulckly,
"Ibat I'm not to bave an opportunity
to ascertain whether I lefl any of my
possessions here?"   I fancied lhat he
WU ills' iiiii ci icil
"I mean ibal I haven't any time to
waatt on you." I replied, evenly. "I'm
busy now; but I'll take care of you
wben tbe lime comas. If you want lo
gu to any other part of tbe bouse, bo
quick about It."
Again his voice dropped.
"You Intend to go wltb mc—I boo.
I'm not lo bu trusted. I'll submit to
so such Indignity."
"Juat u you cbooie."
He moved over Ui tho door. There
wu no use questioning him further,
becauae all his defences were up.
Bul I wat. imi bim steadily u I
would bave watched aay oilier dangerous animal that I wu not at liberty
to I Iusli.
At tbe door be pauaed and looked
back; for tbe briefest instant his rest
leu glance lingered upou an Indefinable polnnjp tbe stair well. So tber*
alwuia lay (be centre of Interest, did
Tha door wu open; ho lurned again
to ma.
"I'll go," he said, "and   "
"And you need not como back," I
broke In ourtjy. "This bouse will not
be unguarded for one second until tba
ruby i» found."
I (alt, ralhi r lhan saw, lhat lha
blank ayu fluked venomously.
"You  devil I"   be   hissed,   slipping
nation, during wbleh
mutely reilsaln bar-
ii'lhiiii!. Tba color heightened In ber
cheeks. "I wonder, now, since you
wuro keen onouglrto find It, whether
jwii can make anything of It? Honestly—do you kno?—wben I examined
tbat box I never thougbt to look under
tbe lining."
Wltb bar boad on one sldo, aba
stared regretfully at tba bit ot paper.
"It's druek to mc," aba laid.
"To "io. too. I'd give a good deal
to know wbat tboia hieroglyph!
She clapped bar band! wltb audden
"MyI" aba exclaimed, "It's juat like
a aloryl Isn't tbli what you call a
cryptograph? It tells where a bidden
treaiuro I'i, dues It not?"
Glancing at ber beautiful, animated
countenance, I aniwarad truthfully,
"Yea', but added, "It at laaat polnti
me to a treasure tbat Is unattainable."
For an Instant ihe wu puiiled, theu
ibe bent tuddenly over the cipher and
aaked uo more queitlone.
We had gone In to the big library
tabic, where, with heads pleaaim ly
close together, we studied In silence
the seemingly meaningless characters.
But after somo minutes devoted to
this exorcise., wo were constrained to
givo It up ua bupelesi. Thll is wbal
the paper bore:
twp men (bad III Inception much fur-
"I'm afraid I shall provu to bo a very
Indifferent assistant," she lamented,
with a rueful little laugb. "I- didn't
ili '. i '.i your commendation even for
Undlng Iho cipher, because, while I
waa illumining the box I was loo Infant on listening bo you and that
ilri.-ailful limit creature to Ini d what
I wu doing I felt the paper crackle
and then saw a corner of It through
one of Ihe renta In the faded bluu
''Never mind now. Maybe we shall
understand II later. Some ciphers,
you know, are lo be read only lu connection with something elae; I think
thla la such a ono. I.ct'ii put It uwuy
and lake up something that I know you
can help ni' wltb.
"That faded card"—I pointed to It
lying upon the table, and noted that
her faeo Instantly grew grave—"why
did you start so when you lirst luokud
at It—Just u wo beard Burko ou tbe
Sho regarded me iteadlly.
"Mr. Switi. that Is my aunt's hand-
j writing—ber name."
"Do you mean Mra. Fluette?" I was
I In truth unprepared for this blunt
"Yes," she replied simply.
I believe the lirst effect of tbis dis
closure wu no more than an uneasy,
approhcnslvo feeling; bul In a ilu it
thu possibilities outallcd began lo occur lo me, and 1 wu left groping for
words.      ,
!    Duriug lhe silence that followed I
'vainly tried to arrange my thought!;
tbe color slowly faded from Miss Coop
er's face, and by und by iho averted It
from mine.   I knew that our minds
I woro working lu parallel currents; I
knew without looking at her that site
waa anxious and trembling.
Al lut 1 secured a grip upon my
self, and I addresied hor with decision.
i "You believe 1 will do what Is right.
do you not?"
i   "Yel," ibe murmured, without look
Ing up.
"Then I fear Ibat our pact Is lo be
' s»hort lived, after all. This anrcd
tragedy Is twining Ub tentacles nearer
liium ihun either of us dreamt of."
Wbat. In Uie blltorncsB ol my own
reflections, wu I allowing myself bi
say! I silently cursed myself for u
blundering fool. The girl's gray face,
lhe pinched look of It. frightened inc.
I started Irom my chair.
"Miss Cooper!"
For Iter bead had dropped forward
upon one curved arm, aud she wua
shaken by | storm of tears.
DUtriot of North Vancoiwe.
BBAWSD TENDERS on tho prwWib-
"fainn ami acppui)iauW lifaiili'in1
ci'rtillotl c|ipqUo for 5 per cent, pi tin
amount nt tendor (which. »uiu shs|! bp
retained as a guurauteo until tho sat-
isi'actory completion pt ihe works ac-
SSClIlIB -ti I))»n" and spociJoBtlons)
will be received'until 5 p.m.'on Thurs
ilny, 15th February, 1818, by Mr. John
G. Farmer, Municipal Clork, tor tbo .following work: ,
Oleiirin,", anil grubbing Lonsdale 1'ark
D. L. 21)211 in accordance with plans and
specification ot bo aiiou at tills offico.
Tho lui'.i'i.i or any tender not necessarily accepted.
District Engineer.
District Municipal Hall,
Cor. l.ynu Valley ami Fromme Bdt.,
Niirlk Vaueouver, B. ti,
Tlh  Feb.,  11)12. Ill 2
MIHTII   vt.M ill Will.
tutlriu's   1'rrsli)Icrlan   (.'buret,
d—Services:   Morning 11.00;
eVi miu     , .In     Adult lllble Class. 12.30.
Ichool! 1.30.  y.i'.s.ti.E., lues-
Keith   is-...!
...IMti wi
l.'holr   Pre Hiss,
Hev  Kiuiiild Mucolod,
Afler noun minutei of miserable
walling ou my part. Ihu storm tponl
Ilsell, she sal uiirlghl again, dried her
eyes upon u bit of handkerchief, and
spoke ijullc calmly, but terribly in t
"Mr. Swill. 1 know what your Inference ll-tbat Undo Alfred must I.e
lu some way Involved but you doli't-
linow all the i-lgiiliu si.i. of lbc Hi sh
of understanding lhat so overwhelmed
me. Tbo Idea lhal Ihere mul* ... ;
have been a love affair between At n>
(lira arid Mr. 'Pane li asloundluu
enough" —alio glanced al Iho card -
'eighteen llfty seven why, she wtl
.inly a mere slip of a girl fheii; much
younger than I am now!"
It wu nui. nt lhat the revelation hsd
slartlod aud ibrllltd  ber;   howtvar,
there wu a more Inslsteul, underlying j
trouble struggling for expression
"But -Mr. Bwlfl   do you Ihluk ilia'
hatUil through Uuiurrow loattotaZ UU. wheat deal bu burl Unci. Allr.d , gftJftSff fffS£Z
"youierlll" tomtMi!L.   „         Uvae-icaluuir.
Nut Instant be wu gou.    And I
drew a great breath of relief.
tbar back In tha put tban anybody
bad ever Imagined, and that It waa no
longer strange wby Fage bad wrested
tbe ruby from.hia rival. One muit
consider Fluette'i pasiiou (or collecting rare garni to upprcclato to the full
Uie oonsummato malice of that oopp.
Tbia disturbed pondering, however,
carried me round In a circle. If tbere
bad beon love-takena In the iafe from
Clara Cooper, Alfred Fluette wai the
only man living wbo would bave any
Intereat In getting them from Page.
Again, II Page's hatred of Fluette wu
io Intenio that be would part wltb a
fuiium: merely tb deprive till rival of
a coveted jowol, would he give thii
iame jewel to a nephew for whom be
entertained no liii'ng. knowing Ibat
tbe Jewel waa dtitlned for his enemy,
•Imply upon that nephew's demand?
Why, the bare grouping of the facia
dlscredlicil Maillot's story; ho was loft
In a worse plight than bofore.
1 trust It Is at least clear how heterogeneous were the dementi of thll
And then—to start iwlnglng round
tho circle once more—If Alfred Fluette was entirely blameless of Felix
Page's inin.h i. the Irugctly could not
have occurred ul a more uuforlitniilo
time for li lm. Considering all tho circumstances, li would bo no great
strati) upon Ibe credulity lo picture
Fluette, driven Iii desperation, ridding
himself of Ibo foe tbut had houuded
lilin lo ruin.
Thero was nothing else for ino to do
except follow these avenues lo the
end; but whichever was lhe right one,
lhat .end musl be bltlcr. I met tlie
pitcoue look In Genevieve Cooper's
eyes, ami my heart sank.
I have often been told that when I
waul It lo bu my counlcnaiioe Is Illegible; assuredly, at this moment It
wu not my desire thai sbo should
glimpse ihe tumult of ilioughi and
<■iiioiii.li lo which 1 waa a prey; but I
bavo reasons, numberless ub tbo goods
of the sea. lor knowing Ihut It nevor
wu Indecipherable to tlie bright blue
eycB now searching ll bo earnestly.
All al once Miss Cooper was on her
feel, lhe shadow of a great dread
darkening her countenance; her voice
trembled like Ihe voice of a little child
that Is ufruid. Her uext words supplied more definite knowledge respect
iug her uncle's financial condition
"I told you thai both my purenls
died when I was au Infant, Mr. Swift;
tbey did not leave mo entirely pennl-
less. Uncle Alfred is lhe guardian of
my dilate my personal guardian, tuo
- and he   my Ood, I can't Bay III"
"PcrhapB," said I. gently, "1 can eur-
mlso what you can't bring yourself lo
put Into worda: li It that he may be
unable to strictly account for bla
Sbo winced at the question, and
sank Is.ii ti n.in her chair.
"No- thtu"» not It—not exactly." Bhe
said, wilh i,nu,its i.t effort, "liul It Is
almost us hud.
"I wus ol age the fifth of last month
—December—and on lhal day Uncle
Alfred came lo mo In great illslress.
He told ine lhal ho wu expecting any
day- iilni'ii.i any hour—Ihut a demand
would be made upon bim for an enormous sum of money; a demand that
he would have to meet promptly or go
down In ultcr ruin. He luld me that
hll own affairs were in nm h sbupc
lhal he couldn't raise near lite amouiii
of the demand, and Unit ho would be
obliged lu eke It oul wilh my pain
"I don't know whether or not tho
demand litis ever been made; I tlon'l
know whether'or nol he hua used any
of my fortune -ll Isn't much; but ho
Is welcome to every penny ol It, for
he hue always been good anil kind und
generous. I have nover uked bim for
an accounting, nor bu he volunteered
one. I simply don't know wbat to
ihliil. If lie is Iii sueh desperate
strulls II Is Inevitable thai his name
will bu linked with thu. crime. Poor
Belle!   Poor Aunt Clara!" I
1 could nol dispute the reuouable-  n
ncBS of her conclusion, her owu mind
had already linked the man with the i	
crime,   liul what  was lhe naluro of I niTUiW'C   DIICINCCC   rnncrc
lhe demand he was expecting?   Her|r»imAno   HUSHUM   LlJI.I.r.tit
disclosure was mysillylug.   It wu not     ,,„ c.  , ..     „ ,_„ .....
probable thai h« bad anticipated (all-    6-'J ^mm »»•. Vancouver
ure for his Hoard of Trade operalJoui j [)Hy  school  open ull    tbe    yeur
at ilicbau early data. d     Nigbt SCllOQl COUWWlC-
"It wu a limit, i. step, my coming I
here lo sou you," Miss Cooper com
plained hearibrokenly; "It places mc
In a bitterly cruel position. Knowing
what I do now, If I remain silent I may
be to blume lor Hello suffering
through Kiiyal's unjust accusation; If
1 speak 1 will be IreuchcroUB lo tbo
very heart thai bu fostered me."
I am glad thai my chief's cold, unfeeling eye did nol rest upon me al
lhal moment. Her distress was mine.
And I could nol turn ulde from tbu
way which was opening so plainly before mo.
Here, now, I had two motives for Ibe
murder: Fiuetto's mad desire for Uio
ruby aud, since tbe aahes of old ro-
Kumhi.v Hchc.
duy.' at S p. in.
iicsilay,   at   i   p.
Friday, at S p.in.
llt-lkudlst i buret tinnier of Sth uiul
.st Qeorge. Sunday Services, 11.00 a.m.
and i 311 ji in Sunday Bcliut/I and Ulblc
|'in. :■. 2.30 put Senior League. Monday, S p.m. Prayer aud I'ralso Servlci
Wednesday, ;, p.ng ' junior League.
riiiii.'.ila; ufti riiniiii at 3 3U. Pastor.
W. C. Sclillteher.
St.    tgnr-.    Cbureb — Oorntr    13th
llllli     llalll, si,,,, I Ms,I lllll,.     ut     II     ia
evening ut 7.jo pin. Holy eunimunlon.
llrsl Sunduy In muiiili at 8 a.m.; flrat
uml third Sundays ul II ant ; Sunday
Schuul nt ;t uu n in. i;.\ Tinnuns I'.'
Howe. Vicar.
Snimimn Army.-Lonsdale Avouuo
suinl... services. 11.00 a.m, 3 p.m. and
lit, p.m. Tuosduy. I p.m.: Tliursduy
8 lain. ft.il.In n'.'i Service. Wednesday.
t P.m. ». >
■Initial I biin-b.—Twelfth und SI
■ in'ii ' Services at 11 a.m. and 7.10
u in. Sunday School and Bible Class al
3 30 p in I'i a;, 11' and i -1 iil.'.s service
v., .in, ..ii.ii ut s p.m. Pastor. Rev. A.
I   I'rosser, Itib and Bt Qoorxo.
St. Jobn tbr Evangelist, 8th and lllh
IM) Ciiminunlun, I am. Morning
Prayer. II a.m. levelling Prayer, 7 80
em un the flrst Sunday In the month
iInie will lie a second celebration uf
lhe Hnly rutninunlon ut I) a.m. Hectur.
Itev   Hugh Iluoper.
tt, IUIiiiiiimI's I'atbullc Cbureb. Milieu
Avenue Sundays -Muss. 9 a.m Sunduy Hs Insist 330 inn llosury Benediction uml Sermon, 7 30 p.m.
Inilliin  ( iilUiille  I liureli ol It. I'aul's.
Mass. 7 30 nni. Sundays Tuslur, [lev
B.  I'eylavln. Oil I
Nt. 'imnun-, 8 u in every Sunduy
except Mil Sunduy In month 8 80 am
io; t Sunday lu month II am., Matins,
f.llnny and sermon, second und fourth
Sunday. Hnly Communion und sermon.
imt iind il.ml Kunduys VI.in, Itev
T   Iv Howe ,
i'i i f-ii.' It-rlnu Cburt-b—Sundays. 11 a.
in and 7 30 p in Sunduy School and
Hill riu.ts 2 31) pm Ten Ii.m' Training I'luss, tVeilitesdiiy 7 30 Prayei
nni ling. Wc.lncsiluy 8 i, in Boys'
rluli Thursday 7.30 p in choir practice. Kit Ti,i 8 put. It. Vun Munsl'T.
MA , pastor
in.) VAI.I.BT.
Metbiidlst i i.n,el. Services every
.'■nn.I..,, evening In the Dew church, at
7 o'clock
i'u sii; in tun t boron Worship, Sun
dnjs. 11 u in Union tsunduy School
3 3i) pm Prayer meeting, Tuesday 8
I'm Teuehers Training t'luss Friday
i 30 p tu    II  Vun Muuster. M A . pastor
st. cit-uieurs, i tni:ii.ni,t ini. communion. 1st Sunduy In month, 11 u m ;
evening prayer, every Sunduy. 7 00 p
in . chulr pmetlce. Wednesday, 8 00
pin    Itev. Arthur Iv Bruce. Vlcsr.
Vancouver Business Directory
III MM  V.   I III I I.I.l V
SPROTT-SHAW Busmen College
336 Hastings SfWP*
Canada's Groateat Western School
J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
ca September 8th.
l.ouns, Inviilmi-uli aud lusuiaucr
li."uu Uli. nil '.Ianvill,. Bl., V..,ui„,
ver, 11. I'., Phone UM). Und Kegii
try work a specially.
111 vi, cm. .
When I turned round Hiu ''wiper
wu advancing from ibe library, bar
eyei bright with suppressed  nulla-
Poor child!   One could not amlle al I "T^u'Sbl.
JSSBllSto TTn ! U« taH» Id On tout  lut
now thought I knew the foundation |HHH bul „ ,„_ vw flf tho two ffiOU
"What a borrld creature!" eiclalm-
«d aba. "I beard all. Mr. Bwlft; .10
wonder Uncle Alfred   deepleei tbie
I lookad sharply at her: wbat earUj-
tf reaaon ahould Alfred Fluetle bava
for deiplalSf Felix Pago's prlvaiti aee
rotary!   But of
tbis later.   It I wu
of this now fear Ibat waa gripping al
her heart. But I didn't—not entirely;
there waa another aurprlie In store for
' "It la very likely," 1 soberly made
For all I knew to ihe contrary, his
onUre fortune migbt bare been wiped
oul In lhe craab; be might bave beeu
beggared, stripped utterly; although,
since be bad not engineered Uie corner
not much mJetakon, Hiu Cooper ball single-banded, be would ba obliged to
la ber hitl tba cauie of her present meat only bla proportion of tbe total
plaaaad agitation. j 'on. whatever liat might be. An out
"What bare you discovered?" j slier might only guess.
"Tbia." Sba banded me a small' "It ll not charitable to think or
slip of .paper. "1 found It Inside tbt speak 1)1 of tba lead," aba wai laying,
lining of Uie little leather bos," "bul, obi what a cruel, plUless man
"A cipharl" I cried, ebarlng aome ! Ur. Pitt wm. Tblnk of tbe long
o( bar tHWti' I**** °l pariecuUon Uncle Alfred has
Tbe bli of paper,   narbape   tbree Vtd to endure."
Inches long by an Inch wide, waa of
bad lied. The bit of 'candle found by
me on the rear slain had adhered to
somebody's shoe while still plastic;
U eltber llurke ur Maillot hail used
these stairs at or about the time of
tbe murder, then both bad studiously
kept Ibe fact from me. ft waa possible
that onp of lhe two could bave made
faet tbe front door behind a fugitive,
without tho otbor'a knowledge; Burke,
for example, before be summoned
But my cblef concern now waa tor
ibis aorely dlatreised girl. She bad
told but tbe bare truth, her position
could scarcely be worp cruel. Her
eyei followed me wltb an expression
of sucb treglo helploasneaa ibat I
knew Ibe Issue waa left (or me to de
olde. I sprang up and commenced
walking the Door.  It waa a long time
?,Ul.' 2SLI2KSS "jfT*,'10* mm I wnW make up my mlnfl jnat
llmoa. nytnnmlAmt „imm and !«&«*»««t^.''jfc i»i what to w/and during m, tabled
bore a number of peculiar character! | thinking ratber of that broken wheat
written fa black Ink. At tbt flrat 1 "oimr u tbe culminating stroke of aa
Ugact it auggttud a uie combine- Implacable enemy; ot the probability
»w; but aittr a minutt'e Intent eiaml-jUi« Um rtitd sail contained more
.am-. ,w mi, ***** ,**v*"*» mi wyvfwu
cogitation tber* «aa not an Inlerrup
Uon, nni • |ound, from ber.
By aot by 1 pauaed, and stood look-
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Scyiiioiii St,ret
U. Kerr IIotilgutc - - - Mauagrr
ill Norlli Vancouver paopU up at
Kilher Vlack Block or Hasting St.,
opjioaite tbt new poat ottct. I*fe*rd
Mu bii ton bl tin pound.
I a,
Permanent Grading & Macadamizing of Streets
w*tt trmttmmmt, itmmm.   ^..-flmwtpmmm"wmi wit-t   mnmstrsm.
j. i . ' i . .     .
Tbt outstanding feature of last night's session of tlio city council, over
which AaHng-Mapr McBae preaided, wai tha city engineer's list of reeom-
renditions for permanent grading ami macadamising with the estimated cost
of each piece of work appended.  The mmpiiet Apt* was as follow* *""   '7"
fcocality ' 11
Permanent Oratilng- | ,|
Keith Boad from Lonsdalo ft Queenshury ......*84,000
Forbes Ave. from 3rd street to ISth street....   4,800
Bt. Oeorge'l Ave. from Mb street to 10th streot 14,400
16th atreet from llhostcrllolil Ave. to Queuiisbiiry 1B,OI)0
18th itreet from Keith Boad to St. Andrew's Ave. 15,800
4th itreet from Mahon to St. Andrew's  17,500
Hi. I )a v id's from Orescent street to 3rd street....   1,800
Ht. Patrick's from waterfront to 3rd street ....   1,800
Bt, Andrew's from waterfront to 3rd street 1,800
Ht. Qeorge's from waterfront to 3rd street ....   1,800
lingers from Biplanade to lit itreet        300
Obestergeld Ave, from waterfront to 3rd street..   1,500
Milium from Esplanade to 3rd stroet     1,600
Forbes from Esplanade to 16th streot     5,400
ith atreet from Mahon to St. Andrew's ....   6,400
Ht. Qeorge's from 8th  to  10th street    5,400
Esplanade and Crescent street from St. Geoib*e's
to St. David's      4,600
Esplanade  from  Forbes  to i Lousdalu       5,700'
1st street from Forbes to St. David's   16,D00
Snd street from Forbes to St. David's     Mm
3rd Btreet from Queeusbury to Bewick.' .... 14,400
Keith Road from Lonsdale to Queensbury .... 7,200
13th street from Keith road to St. Andrew's .. 6,700
15th street from Chesterfield to Queensbury ....   0,750
Lonsdale from 10th to tbe city limits     5,100
Lonsdale from waterfront to 10th street  26,60U
Lynn Valley road and Queensbury from 3rd
atreet to city limits   13,500
Total   macadamising   estimates	
Total   permanent  grading .estimates   ..k	
The above recommendations were referred, on the
seconded by Alii. Foreman, to the Board of Works. A
probably be called at which to discuss tbe matter.
1 2,500
,      280
' 15,120
'   750
 1 03,000,1
nullum  of Aid
special ineetit
" will
Canada, although a new country, has
An association of ratepayers in tbe
district east of tbo Heymour has jusl
heeu formed under the above name,
and has already received the active eo-
upcratiou of many of the principal pruperty owners.
It baa been felt tbat the cast divlsloi
uf North Vancouver bas not had the at
tentiou which its important position
justifies, and with the various projects
tbat are now ea hand, viz.: the Hecoud
Narrows bridge, tho new ferry service,
Ibe entry of the C. P. 11. intu North
Vancouver, etc,, it is felt that an Asso
nation that will be devoted to the intertill of tbis rapidly developing dis
trict I- urgently needed.
Tbe hit meeting was held lasl week
at 340 I'ender street west at which
officers were elected and a program of
work decided on, and il was considered
that lbc most vital matters to be nusb
cl forward immediately were Ibe build
ing of a substantial bridgu which
wuuld alsu carry car track over the
McCartney Creek, Hie completion of
lite improvement work uu the Keith
road eaat of Ibe Seymour, tbe opening
up of a road from the waterfront
through the Indian reserve connecting
with Keith ruad between 11. L. (81
aud 622, and Ibe f.urmatiou uf a water
Tbere are already a number of set
Hers between tbe Heymour aud the
North Arm, and lbc advent of the C.
P. ti. together with the other pre
jeila mentioned abuve will bring about
a steady increase in the population.
The officers eleeted al the lirst meet
ing were:
President, J- J. Woo'la; vice president
1). MacLurg; committee, V. M. Mac
Lean, 11. .1. llaslett, C. Wakely and E.
K. Waller; sec.treas., .1. .1. Thomas,
310 I'ender street west.
The subscription is nominal, une
dollur per annum, and all wbu have un
iuterest iu the district are invited tu
join at once and strengthen the hatuls
of tht committee. The secretary will
be pleased to receive names ami sub
scriptions at the above address. The
next meeting will be held al am I'ender
street west oo Tuesday, the 20th inst.
at 8 o'clock p.m.
Tho idea of using a wireless telegra
I'll is station for a purpuse uf "aging"
cognac or clarifying champagne is, al
first thought fantastic, but is being
tried witb success.
Many years ago chemists conceived
the idea of utilizing Ihe action of dec
trie currents of high frequency in the
perfumery industry, producing a kind
uf electrolysis, which iu a way as yel
unexplained, Haiti's ami compound- lbc
diverse essences that enter into the
composition of a scent.
This phenomenon inspired some in
tercsting experiments recently under
taken in Franco. An electric genera
tor of bigb frequency is installed in
Ihe store rooms, wave rooms and wiue
vaults lo seud llertziuu waves all
around the buttles. By this two widely different results arc expected tu be
obtained—tbe aging of cugnac and the
drawing out of the deposit which the
fermentation 'causes, which is expected
lo accumulate around the cork.
The apparulus used fur Ibe applies
tion uf tbe Hertzian waves is kept a
profound secret by Ihe manufacturers.
—Loudon Chronicle.
already gained sumo literary distinction, says thp dally Colonist. Its remarkable nnitci'iiil prosperity (ia> not
blinduii it te Intellectual development
nor has tbe luro of lucro enticed its
iDtfTlTltirepTOBTCtirt- imd(irtirlriitgs-+r
the ojclusiob of the'pursuit of letters.
Canada hai already produced writers
of considerable eminence who have not
boon without honor in their own country. Ralph Djnnor, Sir Gilbert Porker
ami Robert Sorvico will occur to every,
onp as Canadian authors who hayc w.on
recognition, anil tbore are many more
lost well known, who have rendered
real service to literature uml whu have
fostereti lhe cult uf Canada. Nnt
least of these was Hir .lames Mac-
phursou Le Moiuu, whose death occurred recently in Qiioboc. His studios nf
French Canada well deserved tlte re
cognition bestowed upon him at Unhands of Queen Victoria, ami have wuu
fur him un enduring niche in Camilla's
Temple of Funic.
Hir .luiui's, by profession u liurristcr,
received his knighthood'in 18117 fill
literary services rendered to Canada, ih
was born ol Quebec ou .laiiwiiy -lilt
1825, ami iu 1856 married Harriot Mury,
duughlt'i ut the lule Ed yard Alkiitsun,
pust president ot tbe Royal Society ol
Cattails, lie pul.11-mul his earliest lii
erary works, "L'tlruithologie du Can
ada'' in 1861, and "Los I'echeries du
Canada" iu |8fl8, in French,, later re
turning tu English us bis vehicle of us
pression. From 1863 to 1804 he pub
lished at intervals the six volume! of
the well knuvvu work. "The Maple
Leaves." From 1870 to 1001, when
"Tbe Annuls of lhe I'orl of Quebec"
were issued, Hir Jumes wrote suliie
half dozen erudite works dealing ul
most entirely with the Province of
Quebec. A notable exception Is "IV
Haitian Heroines," published in 1887.
Angling is the noetic form of lls)i
FOB BENT—Ono suite, furnished,
also oue unfurnished. Latest Improve
msnta, with heat aud telephone,    t.f
ing. A inure hook, a piece of String
and any Bort of animate thing holding
llii'in near a body of wator enustitutq
a flsliorroau, and the fisherman muy result to any pinna tp obtain bis flsbes;
fla-may-Hsb in minn -awhmiroHiiiP
son, anil ho may be an groedy and
bloodthirsty as lie wishes—still bo's a
lislii'iiiiiiii. Not mi with tbe angler. Ilu.
title is dependent upon his methods of
fishing All anglers are fishermen true.
but all fishermen are not anglers. Cun
iliiiiiim, rules ami methods govern the
angler tbe same as Iho yachtsman Ind
the military man aro govomed by eon
iliiinn, rule and niciluul. A mere boat-
iiiiiii is not a yachtsman and ;■ hoodlum
biped witb a gun in his possession does
uoi um Is i' u soldier or a sportsman.
The angler is a gentleman. He limits
his mt. h. respects the legal season,
fishes with impropriate Iticklc, is humane to his qunrry ami boiient with
his friend. Fishing means lulling lish-
es honestly or disliunestly, Iniintiuclv ur
cruelly, i in. spe i of numbers ur in
sluugbtering quantities. , Angling
uteutis taking a gentle numlcr of tithes on correct tackle, in a liiiinuuu man
iter lu legal fishing time.
Nortb Lomdale
Btv. T. B. Bows, Principal
liirls under 8 years old, (5 per mouth
ilirls over 8 yrs. old, (6 per mouth
Hpuciul terms wheu two or more arc
sent from the sains fautily.
Arrangements aro being made to
erect a building by the spring to uc
commodate 30 ur 40 boarders besides
day scholars. t.f.
TAKK NuTH'K that Itlllol Altiander
Uaawell uf Vuneuuver. U. c, occupation, broker. Intends lo apply foi pel
mission tu purchase ttie rdltowrng described lands: i'.mum i.s n u ul u pust
liliinteil ubuut 20 chuins soulh of tli
SAYWAKI)  LAND   Mi-lllirr
TAKH NOTICK thul Peter Roy Grain
if Vuncouvtr. 11. C. occupation.  Imu
herinun. Intends tu ui>|il>- for periuls
siun to i'uii luu..  lbc following UesciIII
ed luuils; Commencing at u pust i I.u-1
cd at the wuter's edge, ut the northwest corner of pr/.'-einption rill: thenee
north SO chuins. Ihence wesl 10 chains
Ihence South SO chuins: more or less
to water's cd,te, theuce eia.1 following
shore line fo point uf commencement
iiuitiiinlnn  320 ucres more or less
i,i.niinl' \ Kin.'iKi;
lllli January. 1B12
inui mu uuiiiii u (iiju» """I |'< "I    liereloroie   iilstlnu   between   LHWIH
nurlh-eust  corner  uf Lot  21.  und   at , McNKILL and JAWKH K. HIXtlN under
I'AKJi NOTICK that Ihe piirtlleishiuj
lieii'liifoie   exlsllng   between   LKWIt)
If You are Going to
lei us help yuu lu design auy work which
you are contemplating on. We.guarantee tu give you satisfaction ou I
modern, a'rtistie, fine appearing building al a low margin. Plans ami
specifications furnished tiec il out tender is suitable lu you. If you
have yuur plans let us give you our price before building.
Original Calif. Bungalow Designers, liuilders and General Contractors.
Colonial Apartment*, 8th and St. George.   Phone 210
the corner sutith of the ufonsuld cor
ner. thence nurlh  i.o chuins.  nunc ur
„ lo corner of T. L. 38261. thence
east SO chuins. Ihence south GO chain...
Ihence west 80 chuins to point of commencement < oi,I.uulo,, 100 acres more
ur leas
GEOHUK   VKIllilKll.
Silt January. 1912
TAKK NOTICE that Alice I'u.nee lluv
well, of Vancouvsr, B ('.. married woman. Intends to apply for permission
lo purchase   the   following   described
Isiiul.'i I'liiijiiu iu Inn at a post nluni'i.
ut 'tbo south-east curlier ot 11. I.. Nu
208SI, thence west 10 chuins. Ihence
suuth 80 chuins, ihence ensl 10 chains
Ihence norlh 40 chains, thence eust 40
chains, tu water's edge, t'.ictice north
40 chuins iilotiK shuns t„ point uf coin,
uiuiiceineiil. containing 480 acres motor less
Hull   January.   I'l.
HAYWAHD   I.ANIi   I'l.'-llil'   i
TAKK NOTICK Hint Roller! Hurt
Miniuiiiii of Vuncouver. B C. occupii
Hon. broker, Intends to apply for per-
mission to purchase the followi! u
il. M nliii l.iiuis. Cumiiienclltg ut ii post
planted nt the south-west < mer uf
Lul numbered E". tlieluc norlh (C
chains, thence west SO cnums. theitcc
soutli SO chains tu waters edge. Ihence
ust lollowing water's edge lo point of
otnnii'iiccinent. coutuli>ln,t 310 acres
more or less
fJKuKUi: VKIllilKll
10th .1.100111,1. ISIi.
lit.' Unit name of NOHTII VANCOU
day been dissolved.
thnt ull accounts due lo Ihe suld lllll
must be paid lo funics K Ulxoli. uml
nil accounts owing by the suld brut will
he [mill by lhe suld James Iv lllxon
I'..lul   at   North   Viuicouver,   H   C
this 6th  duy  of  February.   AD.   ISII
TAKK NOTICE thai Corn King.
Vuncuuvor, it C. uccupuilon. splnsier.
intends to apply for pcnulsfion to purchase the folio wint .1, s.i I L.ii lands
''iliiinn iu lut al a nusl planted ubuut 31
i.uiu . ensl of Ihe point or cointiteiire-
mcnl of T. I. 30'.'J«. und ululliisidr it
survsyor's uusl bcurloa nuinhcr 216:
ihence north 80 chains, thenee east
40 chuins. thenee suulh 80 chuins
Ihence west 40 chains, tu point of cum-
ui'iiicciiteitl. s..ui,iiiiii.k 320 acres inoio
or less
t:t)IIA   KINO
| Agent
lllh January. ISIi.
TAKK NOTICK Ihut Oeorirf Verdler
ul Vuncouver. H C, occupation. Ilnibei
cruiser. Intends tu atiiily for puiiuls-
iiloii lo purchase lhe fullovvlna at'scrtb-
ed liili,Is luiuii Inn at a post planted
40 chains suuth ofrhc nortli east corner of T'L 81261 iiflitnct east 40 chains.
Ihence north 10 chains. Ihence west 10
chuins llii'in. south 10 chuins. Ihence
eust 40 chains, thence south 40 chains,
to point uf commencement, containing
480 acres mine or leas.
tlh Junuury. 1112.
In vitw of tbe tdvent of the C. P. B., lota In M4 are becoming
nott dificult to buy every day. Prices should double in value here
trlthla tba next few mouths.   See what wt bave left witboat delay.
Wa havt alao iptclal values is Bscond, Third and Fourth Streets.
VMm m P. O. Box Hit
Agenti (or London Assurance Co.
I        We have a good (election ot Houaea for Sale or Rant
It's Your Opportunity!
GREAT      ■
to get good, reliable Footwear
at wonderfully low prices
■   p, i ,i ii    i .     i    I. ni      ^^
The STORE with the RED SIGNS
Mount Crown Block    Ut St. Eait    0pp. City Hall
Wc are Exclusive Agents
in this Territory for
SMABT'S     (G)    HAMMEB8    AND
Each of tbeso liuei are coucedod tu
bo tbe standard of thi country. Ou:
Btot.lE la all bought from representative
linns. Seme of tbeso lines we aro
compelled to ask a little more for ho
cause It costs money to manufacture a
high grade article.
paine & McMillan
W/knUJ.   „„,!   Pot,il    U.rA „
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
A ■ i.is; i.. . i...|.i I uml social lllCClllljj
will bo held iu St. Aiiilrcw'n tburt'li,
North Vancouver, next Wednesday ovon-
ing at eight o'clock. Ktcry incutlici
uutl ailborcut is urgently requealed lu be
present. Tint minister bun a vary important uitiiouiii'ciiti'iit to inula1 lo tit.1
congregation ul this nicvtiug.
District of North Vancouver.
MHAI-Kll TENpEBH ou tb»|irescrjb-
dl forms ami ai't'iiiii|ianii'il by lerliht'il
cheque or iush for li per tent, of tbe
umount of tender (which sum slmll be
lit'ltl until the satisfactory compli'llen
of Ihe works according lo plans ami
s|icri(italii',ii) will he received by .lohn
IJ. Farmer, Municipal rlcrk, uutil > \i.
in. on Thundayj lll'ml February, IHIS,
fur the following works:
Clearing, grubiug ami •jni li-nr road
lo lol 111, ll. h 216V.
In aicordance with plans smi spct'i-
firatiou to be seen at litis olliec upon
psymciil of 11.nil which will be returned upon the receipt of a buna fide
Tin' lowest or any tender not necessarily accept oil.
•     J. II. ('I)S(IHOVK,
District Engineer.
Districl Municipal Hall,
'or. Lynn Vulley uml Fromme Kds.,
Norlb Vancouver, H. C,
ISth Feb. 1912. 2D1;
r Hi
SEkhW Tl-.'NDEKS marked "Ten-
dor for First Btreet aewer" will be received by lhe City Clerk of tbo Oily of
North Vaueouver up to 111 o'clock nopn
on Monday, February llllh, for supplying till Hie uiuleriaJs ami constructing
uud completing a sanitary sewer witb
lot connection! on First street from St.
I'ni 11.1.;. avenue to Bt. David's avenue.
All ihe ubove mentioned work to be
'nmi.'.i'uiii according to plans, profiles,
cross sections ami specificatiuus prepared by the eity engineer.
All tinders fur the work must be
luude un imm', of tender supplied by
lbc city engineer.
A cheque for 5 per cent, of the
.mn.nm of the lender must accompany
euch ami every tender.
A houd of In per cent, of the amount
of the tender must accompany each apd
every tender. I
A bond of 25 per cent, uf tbe amount
of Ihe contract will be required.
The lowest or auy tender not ucccs-
sarily accepted,
City Engineer.
City Engineer's OHltje,
North Vancouver,
Februury llllh, 11112. IH 1
Have Your
 ■■    ■■   ■
Filled by the
North Shore Drug Co,
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B,
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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