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 QJrfy%  1911.
Short Seuion
Of City Council
Tutsday night's staaiftn of the «ity
njupcil created a record In brevity.
All the business fpr transaction had
bean full* dealt with before the hands
of tba clock pointer) to half pait eight
The mayor presided over a (Hll cum
plenumt of alilsriuoii minus Alii- Ben-
^ Mr, Fugler, butliling Inspector, sub
iiiiiieii bit monthly report. The number
uf permits issued in December was
Hi, the total 'ust pt tame $55,4811, fees
collected, (41, icptie tanks installed
7, eats of plumbing: lei-led 88„ permits
Issued for liuuio connections t, houio
connections completed 0, nuisance com-
plsittts 8, garbage culls 284. Tbe mini
bur qf building permits Iuued by Mr.
fugler from March lit to Dee, Slit
was 406, total cost of same (778,461).
The city engineer recommended the
payment uf a bill amountiug' to (76.:iii
to Mr H. II. Watson for damage done
t« hit land through tho wator flow-
iug over it from Lonsdslu Avenue.
The wator causing thii damage ramo
down Lonsdale avutiue from the districl
A letter emanated from tbe water J
oomuiisiouer authorising tbe city to
divert tho water granted by record
49 at a point on Lynn ('reek about
180(1 feet nortli of Ihe southern buun
dsry of lot 900, group 1, New West-
i punster ilislrii.
Upon the mayor calling for "motions" Aid. Dick called tbu council's
iiiieiiiion to the |ii."iiilinn|: syattm ul
electric wiring. It was customary at
the |.i.'-.'iii time to attach ilm ground
wire* to the water tervioe pipe* Ho
qqailioned whether tbit wa* a good
policy. It wat lowi'lliing hs Would
l|ke to tee thoroughly) inveatiggtsd.
Aid. Iiiek coniidered that a better
system would, be to drive iron stakes
intu luu ground ami attach tbt wires
I ]   thereto.
The engiueer and building inspect-
pr were imtrui'teil ta interview ex
perl  electricians nn.I report upon the
Aid. I lick tlio moved lhat urgent
notice ho seut to thp district council
that tbty settle thair water htll far
this year. They were supposed to (lay
quarterly snd hail not paid a cent as
yet.  Carried.
Aid. Dick further gave notice that
on Tburiday evening be would bring lu
a motion thtt a plebiscite bs taken
on tho question as to whether the cily
of Nortb Vancouver ihould be divid
•tl Into wartli.
The mayor called attention to the
necessity for arranging a public meeting "at which we shall hayt to giye
nn account of our stewardship. It
is alwayi customary to tell the tlec
ton how woll or how badly w* have
Tbe council decided thai tbe above
.tiling  be appointed  to  take place
ji Tuesday evening, January Oth, at
'o'clock ill I ,n i.-um'.-. I'm ill on.
Auentlsl uppers to tame nut isa a
etuiliilsto fqy ward 1, and thou/t H
wai the wiih of th* meeting he wpuld
do w,    Its had held nft«« *i park
commissioner in Vancouver for tbe put
two yeart, but as he is principally Interested in West Vancouver, add wuulil
probably reside thsra before long,  be
bad ligniHeil hii willingness to itand
for election,   As It will '..■) somo few
montbi before suparstibn qf the weit
.end takes effect, If agreod to by the
^government, it had been thought desirable to discuss the nomination of
candidates at' the preient meeting, He
than I'tilloii on Mr, B. Olntiburger to
take the ''hair, and it wus tpoved by
Mr .1   .Alexander and seconded   by
Bev. Father LeOhetne, that Mr. Nelson
be nominated to stand for tbo coun-
cillqrship of ward 1.   No other nominations were made, mul on a vote be
ing taken a large majority supported
the motion.
A considerate nupibar of new mbm-
bcrs were enrolletl and after it hearty
vote of thatiki to the chairman, tbe
meeting adjourned, the Vaueouver
ciiiiiiii|..eni leaving liy special boat.
A meeting of the North Lonsdale
Hutfpiiyets' Association was hold on
Wednesday nighl in the church ball,
North  Lonidsle.   The speakers     were
iteeve McNaught, Mr. May. Mr. Wagg
and Mr. I.uiiiei, The chairman, Mr,
l.iiinn, in opeuitig the meeting, called
on the reeve to epeak, but tbo latter
decided to wait uutil the others htd
spoken. Mr .May thou boing called upon, outlined bin program for tbe year.
He stated emphatically tbst he war
in fayor of giving all possible assist
ante to the Heoopd Narrows bridge
project and favored immediate taking
of itock for a further amount. He
congratulated tht .1811 council on
turning down the proposal to guarantee
the bondsof tbe Imperial Car Co. and
stated tbat the ratepayers owed thtt
council a lasting debt of- gratitude.
He intended, if elected, tu do all he
could to assist West Vaneouver to form
their municipality ami hoped to work
in harmony with tbem at all times.
I He' wished tbis made clear ss oppon
were not Ip' sympathy with the np-
aiuiiiiii movement.   lie favored the •'■
hour day with a good living wage ai
minium, as aliotjrlid tbe othor speak
a. npmvv EMow
ell ,tl»e Board Of FT '
and tha Board of
From present prospeeta
lists will bf as followt:
Far ths oity council—Aid
Aid. DUk, Aid..Bias, Bx-Ald,
Irwiu and Messrs, 0. F. Foreman
Koileriek MscKeiul*, 1. met Ward
William Knowlcs, /, I). Fraier, Oeo.
VV. Vance, A, W. Sargent, Qeo. /.
I'billipo and Iiaae Walden, with the
poiiibilily of one or two others.
for the eFrry Board-Messrs. W. 0.
(Ilailwin, Captain H. McMillan, H. 0.
Wright, Percy King, W. L. Boult, fl.
J. Wilson, J. C .Mt. No member pf
tbe present board, io far at cap be
learnetl ba* announced his intpuliqa
of standing for re-election, although
there li a probability tbst some of
tbem will be ip the running when uom
iiiations are made,
' For the School Board Trustee M. S.
Mr I in well, Messrs. E. A. Morden sad
H .B. Wation
It ««t decided, at last pight.'s ssaslon
of tbe district lounell that an open
eounr,ll»tneetlng bs held at 4 o'clock
on TbPpAty nut whereat the eotiwll
iball give sn account of their stewardship,
Uurvl* aye due tp Mr. aad Mn. W.
Qr*bn, Mr Len Iloltliworth and Mr.
- "--tor, whn on 9** law's Day
ths summit of Orouao Moun-
in, generously inspired,
' before the rait had
oiuiterrt *«tiiPHLmvri#'" *°m'
bel.g ft* »»t mfl*M* inugly
Off thii
payeri' AwGciation
h) be Answered
Theratepayari' sseM|gtlnu will halt)
a mooting op Hsturday night in the
elt; hall at 8 p.m. Alt Intending candidate* for thai city council sro Invited
tf) at lend aiuPgivo their views oq the
queetioit* put forward Vy the estocis-
.     '   ■' ■
Mr. Bodcrirk MacKenxie has yielded to tha solicitation! of his many
friend* and ii in the field si a candidate for th* city council. Mr. Mm:-
Ktnsie hu been a resident of the cily
for upwards of five years and is tee
retary treuurer pf the Batepayors' Association, Previous to coming to this
city, be wa* for 18 ytar* a member oi
the firm of Clegfaorn, MacKcn/ic k Co.,
one of the largest wholesale houses in
Johannesburg, Boutb Africa. At tbe
preient time he is th* proprietor of a
wholesale   establishment   in    Vancou
A public meeting hu been appointed
for Wednesday next at 8 p.m. in ler
ion's Pavilion, when the numerous
candidates for aldermanic honorTwill
expreas their viewi op civic matters.
Next Bunday morning tbe pastor of
tbe Fint Baptiit church will give au
illustrated talk ta the ekildree en
"Hhips." A full rigged model ship
will lio uied. A New Yur'i Message
in the eytniug.
According to statistics supplied
Mr. Kiaap, secretary pf th* ferries, at
the rqrular tension hold yesterday afternoon, dnV'ng the 60 weeke following tki eleitlon of tb* present direr-
ttfVi, 58 meetings bave been held, 41
of whieh way be termed regular. The
leintisjgg 11 can ba classed u special.
Of thai* tl! conclaves 88 were attended bjr tbe full board.
Tha directors, at yesterday's attain
bly presided over by Mr. J cue Williams, decided to call a meeting for
Monday nigbt in tynon'i Pavilion
at 8 o'clock for the purpoie of sub
mining tbt annuel balance ibeet and
also hearing addresses from candidates
for ltt\J directorship and icbeql type-
Oa t|* suggestion of Capt. Kick
bam and Man»ger Heard the incoming
board of director,! will bt recommend
ed to adopt the all burning system for
operating the ferry steamers iuste&d
of burning seal- Tha Dahl system
was tba npa laipmmended.
Tha yelattv* merits of both kinds
of fuel for t)|a operatione of the fer-
rjsa way* gone into iome time ago and
it wat found thtt oil wu cheaper
thtn real. The bumir to be uied
WU the intricslti question to h| solv-
ed a* quite a numlier of kinds are on
ibe market at tbi preient tim*. Tbt
abovt rtcommeinlitioii wu made after
several syittmi had been investigated
Coun. Allan, afler a brief period of
...i-> ha, definitely decided to etand
fpr. diitrict   councillor   at   tbt
'    municipal elections.
(Visions Of
JgMI 'Aet)
i   i ls.^lW!."Ourpiirut|oii
xn.unn.F Vancouver"
^^.■j^Mpoquver, der
PPItt where the
nB Intersects
fU/k- suld nu...
"jHqwa Sound
^mmmmmmmmmmmmfrib boundary
 , **m»   s&JWff
WAWKIt--Ti,  sipavatorsl Hii'ff'^
Apply Wallace Sbipyerdi Uf,   'f^iSS ^
_. . . . f soulh
We bsve money for the iiurcqu.!
Agrtepienti of rt>l*.  Cauadian
cicn Ltd., Bank of Hamilton Bit
l.mtloti wTtij
,.-rard lr,let;
'Ij and follOw-
p aald North
a point
ar of
latent, toutr.
ait boun-
WW UnApip,
I HALS >*}3 0-
"*** thtre-
Op*n  Hintar,   iWM, a to"!?.?
**• loundsry
consented to
ing elections
of school trutttei
FO* S^J^hproughbrsd j«Ki*£ 'jjFtj
Hare cheap. Apply Box f, SJtpary'nl tald
nm.. •*»" <"•"'"
FOB BALSrV-FW grpwth Aty trainee, "jj
for ftft per cpyd, 4 ft, Q. MeD|jJV„or,h.
l'hono lii.  (leiieral  teaming,.
Vely atlcinlcil and enlhuaiulic
\f West Vancouver ratepayer!
ten Wedneeday ovening in tbe
„ iti, Hollyburn, Ml- Chu. Nel-
so',, ibo president of the aasoclatUa,
occupying tb* sh'alr.   kttot tbe formal
limine**, Mr. Neleon gave an Intarest
iug itatonitnl of the negotiations which
bave bee>v»rrled on by the committee reprattnting Watt Vancduvsr, with
the committee of the mdnlelaellty, rs-
leting to the propotid iiparatlop of
tb* weit part of the 4litri4.      He
ttatpd that satisfactory pregresi  had
bsen made, aad that tb* bill f»f Incorporating ths new municipality  of
West   Vancouver  wu  now jtaady  tb
Jay before tbe prpvjacial government.
Mcsiri. Uwion and Thompson,     the
present representatives of Wards land
3  were then called upon to address
the roeetlna.' Mr lAtfSo* referred, to
the cxpenllttra for warn i, and aa-
!yypred many queslione regarding   thS
govoriiinent grant for-H»Hyburu wharf,
. the repsi" f# ttVto, are ettipntol to
... j in mui tin. whole of which sum
en.    Mr, May's ipeecb wai received
witb  warm  applause.
Beeve McNaught then outlined the
work which had been done in regard to
the bridge and urged that io order that
tbe bridge might go ahead, it wai desirable that he should be selected for
the coming year.
The contention that ho wm acting in
a dual capacity to the detrimeut pf
the district wai, ho declared, a wrong
ona. Ha pointed out that if the diitrict bad two representatives they
wpuld often be without a vote at all
(teeing' that on occasions) hii vote
would counteract the vote of tbe othor
representative. He assured the rate
payers that tb* bridge, wu certain
to be built. In answer'to a question
of Mr. May he admitted that a tele-
nam tent by h'n> tim otUw» '"''
ing that construction would commence
on bll return, waa "hot air."
He favored a square deal all lound
and elated that he had alwayi given
t miliar., deal to everyone.
Councillor Loutet followed and
pointed out that whether the council
took more itock in tbe bridge or guaranteed Mndi was immaterial as the
dividend In the one case wai tba Interest in the other and tbs net reeuK
WU th* tamo. The principal thing
was ta arrive at en amonpt u soon
as possible with the others IntereatstJ
and gat tb* matter before the pi#M
Ha contended that at no time had tba
recvo givan the engineer a square, d*al
and tbat pn th* contrary ba bad cop-
damned bim without trial- Na charge*
bad bet)n brought which could M
substantiated and be would not Wf
port fba dismissal nf w »fflcl»' *»r
by his'tttiitti Tbe 8-hour day btd,
been referred tp the Board Of WWW
wdh*bjMfW"Weij that «,*>« report
.tame |a the matter wu a^teta^f
Uftgtl  A»r.cpmplaints«vM brought
Mr. W. C. Crocker of 16tb street
hu just received tbe ud news of the
death of hit father, John Crocker, of
Camborne, England, on tbe lOtb ot
December. Tbe deceased wu ilxly
yeart of tge.
Tho put year hu been s mott sue
.lassful oue for the B. C .Klcctrisllail
way Company .considerably over one
million puiengen having boarded Ihe
Norlli Vancouver can during the
twelve monthi.
e«|t ♦I0,00i), tha" wbole?»f wa'lstt' sum
I, npedeil to )n paid Ty the gove/n--
mt, tbef h»vi»g f«etvsd a AtiLolw^mp**  <*»r ?rr:'r'   JttBiti i„
„"wb.rf.  tim mivmvmm vutmtm M tm • fmAmw
. . -..     ■  ... fill ... ...I.™ ...n»rnmunde(   l)V HlC At
Mr, 11- H, Htevtns to watch tha ibter-
mis of Ibe diitrict in tht* r*sp»ct, and
ume the necessary gua»»t*e from the
Dpminioa house for tbe ttpiyoMOl nt
Wt  expenditure.
Mr. Thompson (!sve an awounl of
jtnaprovewjwt* ia way<j il aad bad to
listen to same sharp erit|c)«nt on the
rooddie in wbicb thi Pnndaravs 9mi
li it present.. Ho ttatad that al
th«n|b tba float had been partly
Wtm *9'»* *!>* Vm*V ioM tin ra
cent stormy weather, tt was awecM
thai It bad not bean damaged and
wpuld b» to wsWf» VttOfl iMf
99 mM
iitiiii I tmitlno Um imrto
Ur. Mrs. and Misi Ijern.ni of tbe
North Vincouvtr hotel intend leaving
shortly for Lot Angeltt. Mr. Larson,
who bu beep a ferry director for several years, doei not intend to icek re
Tbe gift-offering spirit Infected tha
members of th* local police forte during th* recent festive! period, with the
result tbit Cbief.of Police lltvietwu
pleasantly spfpriies) by tht pfiieula-
tion of • a' (tayijlciilile travelling iu|f
cut. Oulililers wbo tre awtrs. ef
I Chief lit vies' amialilt persouslily, u
J wpli u the ipajeben of ths force, will
wWj.for him many e»,jpy«b)e trips la
the cojnpany of tbii motltrii Implement
A whist dffya and dnnee arganired
by a number nf younjf local men, took
place «t tba Japanese Te* roomi ou
Wednesday night- A company pf
about It disported themselves opjoy-
ably Into the small hourt , Ths fint
part of the evening we* occupitd with
progressiva whist fay which prises wars
offered, tben ths "light fantastic tot"
waa brought ioto'plty. Belestioni on
the bagpijw** being r«*dercd lacidpn-
'kjnf, A laviih tppply of refreshmentaj Tl
Iked a atfll mon Uvlth supply pf gpW|t*e
humor Omit mj»t*t a ibowugbl) '" '
Verdict at "Purtly AccUtnUl Dttth'
Inquiry by Ciffoner Diplnck and jury
Into the iletili of little Donald Smith,
wlto wai accidentally killed while cout-
ii.n on Bt. Ueorge'i Avenue on New
Yi tr'i Day r*iu|ttd in tbe return of
S verdict fbat th* boy cam* to his
de ith in a pare)/ accidental manner.
Tlk verdict WU accompanied by a
ri'iir recoiiinieudiiig the city authorities
to strictly prohibit coaiting on the
strtats. Tha chief of police, who wu
present ,intim»ted thst thii injunction
hit] already been conveyed to mcmlicn
of be force. Additional pathos ii it
ItcBed te tk* fatality iniirouch u tht
limit boy wa bjrlad on Wtdneeday
Bev.  Dr.   I'idgcoti  of  W
Hall  will  conduct tbe  first
eervice in the North Lopedale Vr
byteriait church on Bunday
The Baptist church st a rceiit bus:
nisi   mcoting,   granted   their paitor,
Bay. A. .1. I'rosser, a month's vacation
to bs taken at his couvonienco.
Tb,e city schools after th* Cbiiitmu
and New Year vacation, reopen on
Wednaiday, January 10th. Now is precisely tbt period for icbolan tq make
good   resolutions.
A lecture illustrated' by WO iteteop-
l icon viewt entitled "Htraugcri within
our gales" will be given by the B*v.
W. 0. Hehliebtcr Tuesday tvenlng,
January OH,, 1818, in tbt North Vancouver Mctlioilisl church under the tils
Ice* of the Womea'i Miwioaary Aui
ilitry.     An offering will be taken.
Tbe court of Bevliion of tb* Aum-
ment Boll tat at the city halt yesterday afternoou whin tbe minimum
clsreftie for Mtasttlatr' UattltMiflVsoejf1
equitable cbaraettr ot tk* ytar'i as
sessmont. The city li uow auetted
at approximetely S13,03»,446 miqui
reduction* grant*d tnd deemed advii-
alia by tha city tueuor to fba amount
of ♦14,»00.
Z ami.
it  corn/if
long   tht
1 &
_. *Mt
wesl along
-        .   4 n. i.. sot
FOB SALK-Fir weed H60 p*r seiit bound" y
Apply John Campbell, W-tth str.lfK,^ 00a^
west, or plume .101. iql uud Bng-
' JL**i n°* a
FOB SALE-Lot. 8, », 10, Mock1 JU^      "
• L. 6A0. Price ♦3800 pr uparttt, 11
ifb, 8 nnd 18 mpptbi. Apply Bos Alt
mm Offlea. ' i u-l
iB'-Wood,   Iddncb   fir,
A8.P5, coyd W#d,
Queen striim.tr barp, ftp |ad
Inm. .veJH^»»"'  m
cub, I) W and tmm.iZr-.ri- «»
B-, '^trm"'
POR SALB-fcigbt drill
esight l,»0t>    lb*..      PM
cannsr.  John Alexaaijpr'li
Unsdal* Avion*, M, Vaaaearer. (^
W1MBEB W 8. vlRta H.
Wright Lurnbtr Op- 9 LaHsa^Ja Avar
can g|v« yon fHces, aa l\- >»"
wheu yap Ut M»Aipf> Ba^ ther
BOOMS POB BBBT-Hovsekiiplilg.
8)8 8nd Strut tut.
FOB   BBNT^--«ta(^id
Apartraiuts.  Ttltphoa* and .
tluded. *r uppliesl
****'■      • -, i ,d)~¥brco
TO HKNT  ilioiec modern sa
3rd itreet.   Apply Alax. -ftuift^' .fTopwe-l
North VencenvM.     B*nts'^l.^0 wa
hie eighth Wr^aay-
kniohtb of vmui TfemMmd
TION nWDWON •"   -
Thp public dedication of th* pew
IrKoigeU pf Pythia* hall oo fourth
'ind l:he*ttrfi*ld wu Iui night tuch
|p unqutlifitd iucccis that Knights
ibeimslvci an searcsly speak af the
dyeut with composure. An inordiu»tc
|r Urgt aad rapraeenUtive gdkuiog
laughed, danead and enjoyed tktmul
yes u|iro*rloqily far Iota tb* early
houn,.and an other sole than idmir*
lion and dtlight wu lounded through
mt thi evanfng. Tfc» new hall is like
an egg, Inanaaeh U Its interntl qutl
u exceed the betutiei of ilt outer
ill.  Th* "Pxpraas" withholds    *
Mr. apd Mrs. W. l|. Smith of 188
ir.l street, North Vancouver, wish
to thank their friends for tbeir many
expressions of sympathy duriug tbeir
recent bereavement and for tb* besu
tiful floweri ibowercd upon poor Dps.
fbe  quarterly   aoMaToion
will ba bald mim'e 0*1 9i
o'clock a.m,   A|ris itrvica tb
ister fill lidWot fail subjtct
FOB BENT-Umdali kyM^~Giiy
era S ruo'in houn. Immtdi^is ih the wt
lion. Apply Irwin, Billings 1 mui do
n-ribe   tho
TO BENT-Cbolci modern s"1' 0M*A
3rd street.   Apply k\et. B*ll^ uled f6t
North Vaacouver. kcrilie tbo
FOB BBHT-JTbe old taff 'tTt'dit-
"Burrey" standing on h^aejulnt of di-
Leaidale Gardens. Furnish*fc__
for resldsncn. Rest, ♦lWrOKsS
q|lle*pl*'s Limited, 381 rtu-,.
Vancouvtr. l'bono Seymour fifijflilH ,"
•a.i:    '1,'iiir, wir .    n •m-*''
* ■-■JenhdW'iPriilin at 7J0 th* n»w
mi'inbW will be iicilv*4. Pr*para-
lory M-rvice will be held at g o'clock
afttr which refreshment! will be served and  lbc new nieiiilieri  introtluetl
to th* congregation,
- ■ i
It *t Lonsdale Pheraaaey pb>cl
Boom and board 'at''be dorjet.
itsnibury and 1th on car llpWgl
•^i, ^ ...i'«p'»t
•Mn.  4dan"ilv"lnstcniit> aSfiS
Hotel, Lypn Valley Boad,
Dl Kli- At North Vancouvtr on Mod
day, January 1st, lube) Ana ,lnfant
daugbttr at W .B. and Mrs. Illlng
worth, 18th alreet weit. The funeral
wu held oa Wednesday the 3rd last,
from tba parion of Oaatra aad Hsnaa,
Vincouver, to MouuUin  Vi.w c*me-
({ill and dcicriptive tccount of to
funetioii until next iuue, wbat) sccom
panying  pbotagrapb*   mfO bt avail
Agreements for   Bai*
Money W'i'ing-  M"da|)V
HI Loni'itlc Avian*, m
fully ^
*hd all tb>«?» mtsfmmfoA by th* M
seslatlon had beon carried out by tfta
copucil which showed theif willingness
to do anything wbtcb had baoo' carefuiy.
cooildtred »nd recommaadad. H* t*
jeeted tn th. Mosquitu water Mra|
taken to Lynn Valley and would wtbaf
ten a pipe line IM .tm p[W99
he dow nlHrflsately-
Mr. Wagg annanwiad. tint 0*
H my V* would tptMtlMI OMWlMm
ttpisatlan t>f *■ »ofAfr*fH *
..nt and to in*nr«- »-•# *m9
Tba «Wldjr« af St. Panl's wbaal gav*
a .»a>jr pleaalng »nt*ft#lamsnt u''"-
a lafga audieaee laat evening.'
wara about forty of iM littit
and quits § nw»b*r OtliVm
j their tataats ipickly MMM-
[iTIriMtf, M PHmpn Vtlffg I
•b>««ei aad singi
ST. AMP*»W'» T, V. ». 0. P.
Tbo utui'l opening af fhe weekly
„..4l»g m 'oiuo»*>4 by » tAMm
«p the wash af tilt society daring tbt
it ytar by tbj> ))rm|d>nt, Mr. Harry
kbisop.    'til:mmm tor i*w,
lt*d at thia meeting, fill beformst
»uil4JHi.N|     I p.m.
past y«
Annual masting V tot Uortif ¥«:
couver Horticultural iSoeieiy, at tba
Horticultural Hall on Wednesday, /*M:
10th at 8 pm., PlHtlaa af af«»*
aie. • »
umi AMD vootm,
'a» yalley
fOVijO-auaiipe   beat.
Thompson, Ho|lyb*m •
Miu I*a>M M Dann, licintl»ti of
fbe Boyal AmAemy ll Musis, l*n4o»,
ttngland, tcacfatr pf pl»*»fprta, vliit*.
North Vapcoayar ayary »(#. Ai4«ss
1808 Beach Avawa, Vajteiwyar.. ?b«n»
»rOIB S*yraq||r. M 1
Bswtr   ruiinecliuii*   uy
*f*tka/e«. OtaA grade iron
np fp r*a,»lf*m*8t*
ion bylaw. Estimates
'ml, Dcsiral Delivery,
f. 0. Umy and Boari)
UlVl PP Md bvJia»»
fnr Mr*. BtaWIng far I
.ttaam^itm^' '
)?or plumbing, pIp* Af
nsctlog te* f. 9 Oernm,
Boad, Lynn Vall.y, or
,m v*
Th* North Vancouvar
44 Mn*d»l»v Avenu*,
U good waHi »* 9** ,
you  can  possibly  I"
Oin ui a trial, tba rattlt
faritsalf. g*w__
Fhe TruKi studeaf* ctr
^Hi»i7orm*derii Dro.
, Keith
Vl   Ha
wl|l *u)W«g* -JBMfe
3UVEH, B> C.
ISct Cpuncfi
Stock of the
Transferred to
owing tbe example pith? Mi
L, the district mw\\ Aw mt
long in their chamber Pf Pontr"'
U night.    There wa, little nr
no bdeiness pf artlM-toa*"^-
beeii reached wbwtbewiMS'w^nb
Ita Wnckey will i»l>a>/6l,ul 8b
V Vancouver »fld
ft permanent attract
astings and Abbott Streets
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Opem Ewh Evening Unt
as the rear \      ..-.'',
llm rniini-il ilni-iili'il    (hat
lie .'iliiiili  fnr tlm H|ii!iiliiK ti|i
roail, tlie neceiaary bonds having been already supplied by- the ■
MoLellan, Bavago anil White, on
behalf of Mrs. Kniiiia ttiililiiik, owner
of bin-i SU, D. I,. 3083, complained
tt if trespa'e i-iiiiiiiiiltiiil by the ili»
trict np' that property, the orTont)ere
haying, according to the complaint,
taken p strip of 7 fl),,»1 la width off
one tide of the land atifl appropriated
it for tbeir own purpose without lease
ur license , The present value of the
property wat (3,000. Also a drain or
water course had been constructed by
Ilie diitrict council croning the property to cause an overflow ovor part
of the property, this causing damage,
Tbe reeve and Mr. Parmer wer oap-
pointed a committee to interview the
A letter emanated from the Minister
of Ijitiiils st Victoria to tbe effect that
'I having further reference to your letter of thuiMili Nov. renting to tbe
■ li'iiir.- of your corporation to acquire
ii right of way through tlio (Japilano
Indian reserve, situated on the north
Shore of Burrard Inlet, T beg to say
fhat I bave recently gone into the mat
(er witb tbe minister of public worki,
and we have come to the conclusion
that the beat way of handling the same
would be for you to make application
if the content of the department of
Indian affairs has been secured to the
right of way involved, to the minister
of public works, the Hon. Titos. Taylor,
for the gasetting of the road under
Ihe Highways Act,'I
Tho council agreed that, subject to
the clerk communicating with the In
dian dopartmeut ,tbe property be pur
cbased at $1,000 an acre as previous
ly offered.
(loun. Lawaon moved that tbe clork
aad engineer be empowered to* adjust
water matteri witb tbe city council.
i'nun. Ward moved thst "at it has
been reported tbat considerable delay
has been occasioned in the giving of
light connections to reiidenls in the
diitrict, especially in Lynn Valley, the
H. i'. Iv ll. Oo. be requested to inslal
Ibe ligbti applied for at the earliest
potiiblc moment."  ,   Carried.
Coun. I.iiuiei moved tliat "Ihe alton
tion of the executive o ft tie O. I). C.
M. be drawn to tbe recent fatality in
Burnaby through the felling of a tree
in a populated district snd thst they
be requested to reconsider tho sdvisa
biliiy of requeitiug power from tbe
government to deal with the remnvil
of trees at the owncri' expense when
boutei are to be built within reach of
large treei wbicb would looner or later
rtquirt tq bt felled, the owner to be
notified of the necessity of removal
aad tn t|n event of failure on bit part
to comply within a reasonable period
the council to bave power to chsrgo
the costs direct against tlio property."
this evening
New Wastry Ajiociatiln will wea)
fi« °°»J#ltlsl struggle for the thm
toffip, Th« teams include in thoir
J90pm*nf the best pliers In tbe
Tl i * Never tiwaaat t»!|j(aP»W Who mli Vt gathered together
I„ ut. leave to the jrtF   '">»" "»« wt, .and player* who,wi)l
.f „ jmnif Op, W« ** IV* best  ax(ionehts of the
'rT-u rrhantl TrasU«P»tinn ' t0 B*"10 t|"lt tW m^ m l1^PllU{:P• ^"
V i«LmatinU^**By *°^'J »■ »bo» *•* Westminitor tesiq has airily
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vieiiirii! team on its own rink and. al-
p Manager Patrick rppkoqHlWl
ho has a winning aggregation the print-
peots are tha,t the match will develop
an exceedingly fust ami closely cq|
tested ganiu supjl as will kunp
crowd at a high pitch.of itiiimii,
ewlj(einent. Tlie seating plan
1*4 up vtry rapidly and thr
peotB pq|nt tq an attendance o{
,tboussnd,s, among whopi Nortli
couver will doubt hiss   lm   well nj
Cor. 16th nnd Lonidale Ave.
Phone 335  i North Vancouver, U. C.'
Owners—Palmer, Bnrniesltr & von Graevenitz
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WItLIAMS , , .The Dancing Fool!
HARRY J. LELAND & CO Sketch "The Cracksman"
DAVE CASTON    Australian Scarecrow Comedian
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. a ''
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Ltavs    Vancouver
Hi Till
11 Hi
I un
b .in
I I.iin
1 in
• dtnottt "Hat on DuniUir."    Time
mil ice. i'i,in].ii n>  nol Habit fm dclsyi
l.i-.ivi: North Vinroiivtr
'il.uil A.M.       2.2U   I'M
•              '8.811 2.40
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V. O Ml WH.
ItM rwjfcw vm.
caul, on jEjii Valuta, 0|J«,
mmm —■"**
w\\r9wmfm m*f
• •   •
ami I iitiiiniiii that Tils hands aud (ueo
were wet, as It ha too had been washing." -
"It strikes mo that thero was an
unusual amount of band-washing," I
hare observed, "considering tba hour
of the night. Had tbe household retired?"    '
"Wby—yes, sir—Va fttt supposed
to have dime so. But Ur. Maillot at
once explained wby his hands war*
wat. As ho threw opou the door,
which be did in an angry manner, ha
asked me what tht devil was the mat-
tar. I replied that I didn't know, Ht
tban stated that he thougbt tbe root
inul caved In; that tha tumult im.i
awakened him, and that In springing
out nf bod ho had nearly knocked an
eye out by .colliding wilb somo piece
of nu nn in i\ Tbs pain was for a
inoineni so Intense, ha said, that ha
had forgotten sll about tbo noleo; so
he bad lighted a candle and bathed
tha Injured eya. It was already beginning lo swell and show signs ot
discoloration. On my remarking that
It was strango the noise hadn't loused
Hr. I'age, Mr. Maillot at onco seised
bis candle and preceded me Into the
ball. He was Iho first In liud Mr.
Pago's body.
"So lar as we could dolermjno, he
was quite dead. Mr, Maillot at .one*
warned me not lo mollost anylhlng--
he's a lawyer, 1 boliove—and wo
agreed Mm! I should notify Ilie police
while lie remained to guurd - Ihe
Suuli was Hu ili i-'b story of the midnight tragedy. Further questioning
elicited Uie assertion that he was -utterly unable to accouut for Maillot's
presence In the houso; lliul bo had never seen him before, and that ho was
sure Ihe young man's call had been
tinexpucled by Mr. Page, as tho latter bad, tlie lasl thing tba previous
evening at liis office, Instructed Burko
in procure >i number of spoclfled papers from lliu file case, and bring them
to the house afler supper,
Burke believed It to havo been bis
employer's (mention to go through
i iui.. ilm linn mn with bim, for the purpuse of selecting certain ones which,
iiad lo do wilh a contemplated iniid
ness trip lo liuluth; but Maillot bad
arrived about seven o'clock, and hs
and Mr. I'age had at once repaired tu
Ilie library, where Ihey remained until after eleven o'clock.
Burke had liualed himself with other
nmii, ih inul! niiivliiini that, as bis
employer hud doubtless given over
Ibe liuluth journey, his services
would uot lie required; whereupon ho
had rotlred lo his own room.
Such minor details were added ae
Ibe ouly servant waa a woman who
came to tho houso of mornings, and
departed before Ihu master went
ilnv, ii loss n ; I hue wai no telephone III
Iho Iioubo; and Ibe millionaire's
. ■ i.nli In,,." Included, among other
things, b preference for eandloi over
any olHcr meant of artificial llliiniliia
tion. and a lining disinclination lo
i iiiiMiiiii' uny moro fuel (hou was nh
i uliiii I;. necessary.
Learning Hint Iho woman icrvanl
wu al lhal vory moment In ihe lions.-.
I speedily taw to II lhal u rousing (Ire
was kindled upon evmy hearth und ir.
every alovc; nor were Ihey allowed
lo die out. aa long us I retnalued he
mini. Ihe roof. Fell., Page would
have uo further use for bis coal und
When Ilml..' returned from dia
charging Ihli errand, I .■milium d my
"So It bad been Mr. Page's luton-
liuii to go lo Dululh last ulghl, ebt
Whst for?"
"I don'i know. About veiicli or his
wbeat shipments, I suppose; some
thing iuu liiiimi mm to inn ii. i to Ihs
mail or telegraph."
"Did Iho coming of Mr. Maillot upset bis plans?"
"I can't Imagine wbal else caused
him to change his mind at the laat
in in ilie, tbe journey must have beoa
unusually Important lo take him away
from ihe clly at this time."
Then Maillot's 'teuton could not
iiuve i .th without iH|Uonal »-. ight,
I reflected. And unpa}J was much
mli'iiiki'ii, the deferred Journey bad
seriously disarranged soiue material
plau for Mr. Burke. I bad nothing
more to say, however, fol Ihe preient.
I sent llurke back to tbe custody ot
Callahan ami O'Brien, lo await tb*
completion ot my Investigation; (or.
uutl|) became reasonably aura that I
held In my band all tba available facta,
li would ba rank carelessness on my
part to send tba whilom lecretary
about bla business.
I would Jiavo been bard put to It tp
Interpret tbe Impression which Alexander Burke bad mul... upon my mind,
If Sludger had demanded my opinion
at that muineiii. As his round, ehtru-
his face emerged between tbe nt:
tains, I turned to bim with considerable curiosity.
"Told It word let word aa ba did to
me," waa my companion's com mon t.
"Couldn't bava iold ll boiler If If bad
been a piece learnt bf heart."
"lib, he oeuioVf, ehf observed I.
thoughtfully, leading tlio way to the
But 1 oou|d not portnlt myself tf
theorise at tbis stage—an Indulgence
whlob, when premature, Inovlttbly
color* one's opinion*, and prejudices
all attempts at clear, logical reaaon-
I stood motionless, waiting to see what, npta pf determination that demanded
would occur next. I admit thnt 1 was ■ somo sort of recognition from the pap-
even soiiiawhat frightened; b||t as uoi) addressed. T|io c|ear, ringing,
nothing eltio happened. 1 crpsscd oyer resolute tone made me Ipvpliiuterlly
to Mr. Maillot's doqr—dlrpptly pppo? pause and listen,
lite my owp-and rapped. |   "Whore's your heedqueftepi m»?"
"He (brow If open at once, He was to,* ,p!m was irately ^emending, i'l
holding a hand to his Tight eye, uud Want to see him, d'ye boar,? Vou
glared at me with tbe uncovered eye. blithering Idiot, I'm going down those
Ho evidently hai) slipped hastily Into stairs; if you want to rough ft, just
hia clothes; hll caudle was lighted,  try tq stop me-"
Another vq|ce wa) raised In expos-
tplatlpn. ptqdger, at my elbow, sud-
denly chuckled.
'JMl'l blrol" lie wfeHwjvdj, y|t!|
an unaccountable excitement, Mniat'i
MBlllotl"  ,
i'9p mn»i P» It'rVtAr," I observed.
At that Inslant a stalwart young
man, vory angry, and with one discolored, aye lhat lent Iiiiii an uncommonly li'iinulent appoarance, looked
down nn us from the upper ball; than
ho dellboralely Ignored tbe arguing
policeman, strode to the head of the
stairs and descended tp 'bo landing.
"It's |1| right, Callahan," said fjtod-
ger to Iho discomfited blue-ooat.
Tba J">ung man balled before us,
"AssI" be growled, staring bard at
me. .
Stodger made the epithet eicluilva-
ly mine with a bow and a broad grin.
Instantly the young fellow flushed and
stammered an apology.
"I didn't mean either of you chaps."
be explained, In embarrassment. "It'i
tbat chuckle-beaded bod-carrler In a
blue uniform. If be gives me any
mora' of bll cheek, I'll lake bll club
from iiiui and band him a wallop ovar
the bead with it-dashed It I don't."
He looked eminently capable of doing li, imi.   He paused, bis look resting upon me with su Interrogation.
,"Are you In authority   bere?"   b*
bluntly demanded.
"I suppose so, Are you Ur. Mull-
lot.* ■
"Iftn, kni I'd like to know how
much longer I'll have to stay In tbis
besstly cold-atnrage warehouse. I'm
plenty tired of It right now, If you
want'to kno*."
I amlled at Hie resolute young lol
low; there waa lomethlng decidedly
likable In his frank snd handiomo
I'iiiiiiii'iinii". and his blunt, Intone*
"It all depondi, Mr. Maillot. You
aud Mr. Burko are the only onci who
can help mu to some sort of a solution ol Ihla crime—If crime It la; I
lake II for granted lhat you are willing
to do vbal you can."
He favored me with anothor nitire;
then slnod ihoughtfully pulling al his
lips and gazing at Iho body.
"Poor 11,iiiil" he muttered at lepgtb,
lu a hushed volco. "A ghosily way to
die; I'd givo a lot lu know how it happened." Then he looked brightly ot
mc, and asked with on almuil Imylili
"Are you a deleellve—liko Sludg r
"I'm a deleellve," I told hln,;
'Unyigii 1 don't know how closely I
ioioinb.li.. Sludger." A sound luir.)
from lhat worthy lhat made me Hili.'i
lie wns btiutigllug. "Swift's my
Maillot i.i..lii, i,l) thrust oul bis rlgl t
"tiled lo know you, Swift," ho said
he buld heartily, "You look like a
seuaihlo chap. I'm willing lu do all I
can io help you—of course I am. it
won'i be much, I'm afraid. But If sn/
iliiek lieudcil cop tayi I can't do ti.ii
or lhat, thoru's going lo be troubl .
They can't bluff me, and I know tin;
haven't any right to dictate what I
shull do."
All of which was quite true. Mn I-
lot glanced al Ihe body agalu, st,d
lowered his vulce.
"Say," he tald, "can't we go lo a
more appropriate place to talk mailers over?"
"Yes   iho library," I suggested.
Ho  drew  back and his face darkened.
"LibraryI" lie echoed.
"Thew'a  a (Ire tbere now." I Informed bim, wondering at bis quick-
changing   moods.    Next  Insiuut ba
was talking again, eagerly.
"But—look here, sVlftr-you haven't
oxamlned the body yet, have yo-tt
I'm curious tq see whether you.dls-
cover anything. Queer old chap, in
was; I don't think anybody aver under
stood bim."
lie broke off and eyed Btodger jc-
"Wbat iba deuce ara you laughing
at, Sludger?" he demanded,
Biodger laid a band upon bt* arm,
and aaked with husky eagerness:
"On the level, Maillot -botween is,
you know—Just wbst did you say lost
nigbt wben somebody pulled die ih.ide
down over Uiat lamp of yours','"
"Vou 10 to thunder," MalBot r. lortr
ed, turning bis bsck upou hit).
"Pshaw!    I'll hat II ws* holier ll nn
tbat," aald stodger, in * dlsippolmcd
Now, then, bare war* tb* parte of
tbe pueile 1 bad1 to piece together la
order to gain aom* conception ot ihe
manner in which Felix Page mat bis
Tha sHH form lay, at 1 bav* already stated, on the landing which extended across tb* rear of tba hall Ilk*
a balcony. The stair continued tbence
up to the second steyy, but In a direction axactfy. tba reverse of the first
flight asd on tha opposite side ol tba
hall therefrom.
Standing midway Upon tala landing,
i bad a v|ew not on|y of the entire
spacious bfll, but could alao see tbo
tope of the eteger* tipped forward al
ibe head of tlie iialrs. It bad evidently been a receptee)* (er old mare-
Inaf and newspapers, alf of which.
that bad Hot linen checked hy the
balusters, now Mu confusvd heap
upon tbe floe* Wnk>they slid from
aonost Ibe distance wbicb tben
te from tbi* article nl Inr-
ta feel, I should say—/
couie *e*> that the top was coated wiip
du*i, aave for two apotl where fhe
rfob>d (uetfe pt tfnMiiibad mib^.
any pbop* owenleuoualy; on* abov/
/We toofift to ifmttor and forming
",M ifMr mis b
"iSe^ww o» fpft mm
Pittxitf of North Vanpoiiygp,
HIHII.I. iieroby given In
tbt BUBidis qf ibe Municipality of tbo
i.r Nprtft yapcpiiver; tbat I
reunite ihe pretence of |W eald'ISioc-
lors nt the Milnlclpiil Hall nt Die corner of Lynn'valley'Bean and Prommo
Bpaif In tlio »ulil ni.ilii
1f»«iX| the Vlft A*t Pf 1*npnfJ, W9
af 1X4)0 o'clitclf noon
for tlm iiiirii.iiie of isl'TiliiK iiiiisiiiis (u
rrinvneiii litem In llm .Miinleliinl Council aa Keoyu a|id CoUtlclllors, nlnl ulcct-
inr. throe parson*. I'd repreietif tlmui
un Iho liiiuril uf Bclmol Trusttut '.
The enndldutes shall lm uuiiiliiiiteil
|n wrlilim, tlm wrllllig shull be tub-
scribed by ;tw(j'vdters et tlio Muiiloli|*l:
Ity tie.prppoief ana seconder, und ahull'
bt aplivorod, lo i|io Beiurnlng ofll'cer
ut uny Ume between the dute uf this
notice ahd twp ru|ocIi p.m. ou llto day
of tlm nomination,     .
And fp tbe' event of a poll being
necessary such poll will lie opened on
Hal.ir.ln)', Ike llllli dty Ol Jauuari,
1812, between |he Inniiii nf nine o'clocK
nni. and teven o'clock p.m. of the laid
du)' ut ilm snlii Munlclpul Mill at tbe
corner of l.)un valley tt'okd and
i-'i-iituiiiK Bouo and ni the' Church
flail at the corner of Queen street and
l.nlmiliile Avenue, aid jl lbc ollice Of
Mr John l.iiw'nini nt Hollyburn', and
al Ihe Capilano spboolhouie, Cupllund
Read, ell In mil.I PIsirlLl of which
every parso>»IS rcuulred to tuke notloe
and govern hlniselr aucoidlngly.
The quallllcajlpns for lttevp arc hit
be|ng ii nmi'' iiililiih tubject, and having been for the three niiiptht next
preceding tho day bt hls'lioliilnatio'n
the i■.■gluteiid owner lu the land renin
try ssilii e of land or reul property little Wlthlll thu sMllnlell'iillls Ot till
ulleiscd value of the [tat Assessment
ROll of nve hundred uullars or niore
over and abovo any registered Judgment or . inni.,■ und being otherwise
duly qualllled 01 a Voter.
The uu.illtlc.-itii.nn fer Councillor are
h|| being a male British subject and
having open for Hie threo months
nfxl preceding the day ot his nemlna-
ili'ii the ii-iii.-iii i.-ii owner In the land
reglslry bltlte of loud or real proporty nl I mile wllhln Ibe .11 lllilell.iiiil).
of the asselsod value On the last Municipal Assessment Roll pf two hundred
ahd flfly dollari pr more over and
iiliuve any registered Judgment or
ehnrge, or being a homesteader lessee
frnm the crown, or ple-enrptor who has
; ■ ni, ,i wllhln tho municipality for Ihe
space of one year ot more Immediately
i'l' "   lie,     IllC   lii'liilllnlleli.   unit   WIlO   It
atlcisod ftir Ave hundred dpllars Or
mure' on the lust Municipal Allen1
ment Hull over and above any registered in I; i;,, iii or charge, and being
.■Hi. i win     .ii;...   ai a voter.
In every Municipal School District
any person being a householder In the
School District, and being a British
subject of tlie full age nr iwenly-onc
years and otherwise <)uii!lflcd to vote
nt un election nf school trustees In
im ii II ul, i shull he eligible to be
elected ns a school trustee In the Mu-
nieliiiil School   i'i in i
□Ivan under my liiinil at North .Van-'
vun ver .Hu 21th day of December.
1911. -
Returning  Officer
District of North Vancouver.
four! ol Itt-.JNl.'ii ol Assrismrnt Hull
NiiTI.'K Ii hereby given that the
Cuuncll uf Ihe District of North Vancouver have uppoliited Suldrdly ,ihc
3rd day uf February, llll, at the hour
il I o'clock p.m,. at Ihe' Municipal
lull, eorner uf Lynn Valley Road and
I'tinni.   itui^ in suld district ai tb
and plilB' for hearing
agiiipst  tlte Aasessment for the yeur
111 J.
Ig e.nni'],iiiui
for th
im made by the Aslessor.
Any person complaining agalmt the
v. . ..su, ni must give notice Tn writing
to Ibe Assess,.r of tho ground of hll
eiiii'l..ini ni Ii.-.iit ten dayi before the
ilnle uf the Uml silling ot the Court
of R.'Viilon. '
Hated   at   Nurlh   Vancuuver,   U.   C,
llils  ICIh day of December,  llll.
JUHN a. l''Ai;.\ii:i;  CMC.
cUipjupiiit. ■
•OniO t-tlKQy9ri9w
But I wag not yet parmllhed lo be-
gin py eaunlnailos o, 'ha'^y aud Us
Wwr*tmWt*)Ti*WW   KWrtfTtT^9m*f**9'       P'  ffH*!*}     p9ff
mm *m*i H IM tasking /ban I
Wd # ni$1 Jotm, tonwwbara abov*
in tbe second story, speaking with •
SKjU.KI) TIlNDKlis addressee, lo
the ismii is.iisiieii und endursed "Tedder
for Arinojry. Ferule. I) C. will be received ul this ollice until I DO p.m. on
Wednesday,' January 11, 111], for tbe
work mentioned.
Plnns. siicellleiilloii and form of con-
i met can be seen and forms of lender
I'I'lullicil ul this department on application lu the i "ii i.ii.' i of li"ininl"ii
I'ublie Dnil.tii'i Ferule. B. C. and el
Ihe "ili, ■ uf Mr wm Henderson, rel-
dent  architect.  Victoria, H   C.
Perions letiderllig are Dollftcd thai
tenders will not be coniidered unlets
mude un the iirliiled formi lu|>|illed.
and signed with Iheir actual ilgna-
tures. stating their occupation! and
plncci uf residence. In the celt, of
linns, the ufiutl slge.iiture. "n paler.-
uf the occupulloti. nnd place of real
li-nce nt each member uf'lhe i  mu. i
given ,
I'luch lender must lie uecumpanled by-
all accepted cheque on a s-iiarlered bapii
i,is..ide lo the order of lbc llonour-
lible   the   Minister   of  I'ubljc   Work,
egiiiil lu ten per cent   HO u.c.) of 11
amount  uf the lender, which will
f"if, n.ii If ihe 1.1 -I   tendering decline  it. enter Into u eonlrict when
culled upon to do su. nr fall'to complete the wolli viilnn led (or.   If (lie
lender be nol accepted ilie clicu,uv will
bo returned.
The, ilrpintini'ii! dees mil bind Itself lo accept the lowett or ally
By  order,
Department of 1'ubllc Works.
Ottawa. Dec. 3(1. llll
Newspapers will m.i lie paid for Ihli
...I... i "■ ■ ii.■."' If they 'iis.'i t ll wlili,."i
uulhorlly from the department
_ Inn —
IK nn. -■ tin mi  nn
1*11 i in i 'IU
ur nan
of Ihe  l.'liy  "I VuiicdiV-j
of tin- city uf Vuncou
•picbard*. Akruyf
nUKDHK    TIIK    lUlNOIJHABl.B    ,
jJmjch. wojiintftw in cifiti
UKRS,  Thursday
December, AD
IUI day'
ri'.iN Uie i.|.|.ii.„ii,.ii
for leave to atrve tu
moiiM   herein   subuliutlenally   on   tile
ii. [eiisiimi   nnd upun staring read Is
nllldiivlia uf Timinns SSIr/ly dai.ul let
lllh day of Decelnbef, A D   '
Arthur J. Katipele dute
Jilt dJJ
o'f Deninber. A.I). 19/1! iwVm lind /ttd
I'.ieiii and tho oiiilblf tbiiilti referred
it ih iiiiiii'iiiiTi' )oat Mivloe upon
Iho DefenalBil, VVulier )lel)drlc!i.ioii' ol
Use Will nf Summon* and Htatntoent
of Claim lb 'I'l" *Mtrfby immi
Inn ihis Order logcihW wltb the AotlJ*
thereon endoraeil. fit the Vancouver
ja ly f'rnVlnce
■ i a
ed good nmi ssilii, li.iii
'rovtnee ana i
Mili,-d In the ''Hy y]
fur u period of. I
dale Of me nm
ed good and iu
Will and fltalei
ANI) n 18 Fl',
lhat the said, poll
iH'peaiuiiee inn 1
defence lo the tali
■Uid   lUiileineiil    of _
on or before MtboW,
January,'llll .
that ihe colli o
ihls.ajipllcalljop hi
The I'IsJntira,
i-em) li
Hi. Wil
. . .......
NiiTiciii |t hereby given that an »p-
pjlcatlon will bo mafio ft jhe MMM}:
tfye ABsiitnlily tjf the' Province til
llrltliili I'.iliinililii at lis noil loillpl)
for an Acl to autliorlte the Meuton-
linl -tluveriiiir  It)  CdUhpll   fMtwSt'W;
iiulrliig observuiiue pf Ihe prdv|i|on*pf
- indorpbrstipu '
tu vancouvi
< 1) District'..
» uiiiiie of ti|e scorporat,, „
of tlm l)lgir|(f of Weit Vwc(!HVSr,!
al tojllvlde   he cnriifltaflSfi Afm
iitils'i   .il  Norlb  Vaifop!iv|f bi H-
rpuiiitlng Into a lHulrld.Municipal' -
f iiiiflprpie Pmiie of the SCpVifpraTilpn
Ilie   iMillllelpalllmt'
b)'   liillnrii   inileiit    iinile'r
eeal '"
of [ho
all that uorllon of the Corporation pt
the Dlelrlot of Norlli vasoopvefi d3:
ni'rll.ii.1 a| liillows:
Commanclng at the jiolut wbere tbt
.'ust boundary of n. U tit Iptniepti
the north boundary at,the Said Cor-
ii.iiiiiiiiii ithenci! west along suld norlh
"gmidaty ,u " point in flowo Sound
off Ihinlno oftiw mtd Worth boundary
irnilueed: illisiiini l.fllii) feet weat from
In- e.inierly iilini-e bt mild HoWS Sound!
Ihence'toutheily, tiarellel to. apd fol-
'siWllli;     the    lllelllllli-l'lllgll    Of   th"    "I'd
ihofo'to a nnlnt Of Intersection With
he line 1,000 feet distant aouth from
Un- north shore nt llm run! Inlet;
thence s iiiils i ly pur, ll.-l to, and following ilie meiiiiilei'liigii of the laid Nurlli
Shore of Burrard Inelt lo a point tl
interiectlon l.ouo feet dlitant south
from the South-wott corner of I). U
111; and In line with the weit boun-
id DlBlrfct Dot 861 produced;
dary of tald Viliiii'let Dot
iii.ii.'s'   iioriii-eiiHiei-i.v and northerly
- .ofiFiOftf t
oft iin nes; cqniltiulng iioi'lllerl}' along
along the weit boundary'of sal
I.. 214 te the npi'lli-wiiat
per tbere-
ine souiu-
nce north
Of P- {■■
the welt liotin.lury ot 1>. 1.. Ht to the
north-wen corner ' thereof, inld
corner being, on the loUlh boundary
uf d. u 111; thonco weitetly
along tile said boundary D. I.. 711 tp
Ihe loulh-wcit corner D. I. Ilf: thence
north ui.un: t)io weit boundary1 of said
Tl. Ij. 7S1 to the niii'tii west corner
tliereuf: thence eiisterly along tht
north boundary D. I. JB4 to tho louth-
eait corner U. I. 70S; ihence
along the east boundaries' „,
"II. 781, 101 and C0E 10 the north-u
corner of I). I, BOG: thence wait along
the norlh boundary ot tald n. i.
lo the .-"mli ,.mi curner of li l, 111,.
iInns-, north along Ihe call boundary
of laid li [j. 176 to point Ot commencement. Including ull rights and
ni'eii:: of said ii..we ituiind and Kng-
llih Boy, iIpniluu or olherwlie, titer a
pari of sold corporation of ihe pis-
trlct ot Norlh Vancouver ,tpA y tt-
during the llmlli of Hit suld Cot"jra-
llun of ||',e Dlslrlcl or North v*n.''ou-
ver nccoWlnglfl euch of laid Cot-pcra-
iluns tu remain subject to the debts
and liabilities of Ihe present Corpcrt-
lion of the District of Norlli Vancouver, liul ai belween Ihe Corporation*
the assets, debts and liabilities qf the
present Corporation of Iho District'ef
Nnrlh Vancover lo be-divided and al:
mimed ui'i'ii an eqiiltnble bull.   '
DATRD Ihis lllh day pf Decembir.
AD, 1911.
Solicitor for Hie Appllcnnli
hereby uivgn Hint un
jjOTrt.'K is
1'li'iiiiei   will be iiimle under Par'
of the "Waler Act, 109," to obtajn a
liceme in the
Diviw.ui irf Distr|ct
Is) The name, address and occups-
lion of the applicant-Corporation tf
tho City of North Vancouver,
(If for mining |iur|ioics) Free Miner's i i mil..mi   No	
(b) Ihe name of tlio Iako, itream
or Source (if unnamed, the description
ii)—Creek flowing oul of Bice lake
into Soyraour river. "   .
(c) Tbo point of diversion—8,000
feet down stream in a northerly direction from outlet of Hire Uke, isid
point being lu I), t. 857.
(il) Th? quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—ThfPO
uliis' feel per Bocond.
(c) Tho character of the proposed
worki-Small .lent.
iii Tlio promise* on which tbe water is to ho usod (describe iatuc(—Oily
of North Vancouver.
(g) The 1'iiipiiMM for which tbe wa
ter li to he used—Municipal aud de
Oieslic purposes
(li. If /or unguium describe Ihe
bind intended to be irrigated, giving
in reuse	
(i) If tbo water is to be used for
power nr mining purposea describe tpe
dtico where the waler is lo bo returned
io some natural channel, and tbe difference in altitude between point ef diversion ami point ot relurji .
(j)   Area  of Ctow.i lip
to t'C occupied hy lbc prn
(k)   This notice was postoil
SSnd dtf of December, I'l 11, and
cation will be mado to ih.- I'umn
er oil Ilie ...ili day of .lunna
(|i   Givo the names and
pf an-,   riparian   proprietor... or
lies who or whose lauds are lik
bo affi ried  by  the  proposed
i iil'er above or below the outli
(P. O. Address)
Oil-,  lllll, Norlb Vance
NOTICK is ecreliy gives lliat|
susnee of Section 7, Obapter
viied   Blalules.   Canada,   Tb«
Kii'liliiui, niaater niairlser, and
ones,  bruited  bave  depoi
Kit li of a  i-rnpis ed   wharf and
iiusc aud a description of the j
cd uie wltb Ibe Honourable 1
inter M I'ubl!   Jl/ojks at    '
a sluj.In uie tlisireof in the'
jlislry Ollice at tMit'ily of '
The |iropoiod lite in situate I
Vaniouvcr uml ii 31 J 10 feet",
Malum   Avenue grgtyWccii  and
feel In width.
Notice ii lisp given t) i'i
niration of one munih from
ratios will bo made ip tl e 1
lO'l-'ouiH'il fur approval tlurc|
Duleil al Vniu'oiner the oil
Ufecipher, A.ft. JWJ. THE  BXPRE8B
' ' i
butuh oomjmwa
Publlihed Tueideyi end Mdnyn by North Show Vim, Limited.
Betel of Bubioriptloni-Ono yeer, $1,00,  Six monthi, BOe,  Three mentbi, fit,
United Btatei tusl Foreign, $8.00 per year,
Advertltlng Bete* Will Bt Quoted on Application.
The.Expraii le devoted to th* Interests of the Nortk Shore of Befrard Inlet
W&lnilvely, It oouitltutei »n advertlilng nieilluiii of exeeptthiiil value fer
reaching In p thorough end effective manner the population of N»rtb Vancouver
Oity im Diitrict, Every effort le made to give advertiser* the most latiifeetory
All change* In eontraet advertlaementi tliould be In the printer!' hands not
later tban if a. m. Monday ana* II p, w. Wedneidey to ensure Iniertlon In the
following Iuue. •
North Vancouver, B. 0,,,.
.January il,  mm
The lateet ceoaui repert iwued by the
department glvei figures wbleh threw
I'oiisiilorahle light upon the movement
ef population within the Dominion ai
well ai tbt dlitrlbution of incoming
population throughout the country.
The total increase in the population
ef Canada from 1001 te 1011 wai
1,8B1,0»3 ,un,l of tbii the weitem pro-
vlncee leeured 1.070,7211 net. Tho In-
create in the leveral wettern provinces
wat at followi:
1001        mil ine.
Manitoba ,,£55,211 455,800' 200,ISuH
Saskatchewan 01,270 487,802 lltni.iilil
Alberta .... 73,258 :i;,'i,:ii:i 1102,085
B. Columbia  171.057   1180,787   2112,130
Tha above four (frovlncei show a
grosa increase for the west amounting
to 1,101,486, but from thit ii to be
subtracted the tleereue reported from
the Yukon (27,210) and tha Northwest
Territories   (4,430)    totalling    31,704.
The net incretio of population for tbe
woitern prhvincei, for tbo tlecado   is
therefore,  1,069,720   or epproxlmately
00 per cent, of the total net increeae
for the Dominion .
Tbii favorable ihowlng on tho ptrt
of tho weat may be attributed to at
least three caueea, namely, Ant, Ihe wait
hai tucceetled In holding down to
minimum the emigration of population
during tbe decadt, ttcond, that the west
haa leeureil a very large proportion of
tbe Immigrant population coming to
the Dominion, and third, that tht east
em province! bave not been abla to hold
Iheir original population, but have lost
very largely in thit particular to the
The formidable proportions of tbit
great westward trend of population
from tbe itindpolnt pf the oaatern pro
vlncee, le dementtrattd from the fed
tbat of 71 ctmui .liitrii'ti contliting of
countiet or portion* of countlei in Ontario alone no fewer tbtn 41 ihow i
decreaee in population. The exact ll|t
uree are at followt t
Bruce Nei
lm,Ins     ,	
|irha in    	
[in Rait ..,
sex   South,
lonteaa* .,.,
Imtgarry   ,,,,
key K-ait ,.,
■riy South .,
luting* Eait
laitinga Weet
luron Eait ...
Kuroe louth  ,
Huron Wait	
Ktnt.Eatt  ,.,,,,,.
Umbten E»et ....
Umbtee Waet ,.
Mmm North .
ImAi ,„,•;
innmtloA Arlington 20,381
Kiddle*", Nortli .... 12,737
Uuidlewx,  Wet     ...U,2I4
jtrfolk' ..- 27,110
ianubrlan.l, Kast j0,003
ertand, Weit 13,066
J'orth  17,141
>ih,jL »<°"
;""* Edward".
r, North
North .
mul, ..
•   -115,01.
tion ef which It attributable to tbe
tewni and eitiei,, It li quite evident
therefore, tbat within the Dominion,
there It * itrong ami tteady movement
of population fropi tbe eattern to the
wettern province! and a similar movement from the rural diatrlett to the
towns ami the cities. It therefore, appears iimt tbeso featurei would need
to be taken into comiileration in evolving an immigration policy designed to
meet ell the requirement! of the Dom
Inlon. Tlio qupstioii" What can be done
to ereiiiu a aetlafactory growth In the
rural population," Is une which eppliea
to tho entire* Iiiiiiiiuiiin while the quel-
tioni in which the eait It particularly
interested would appear to be "What
can be done to check the great exodus
of population to tbe weit" and "What
cau be done to lecure for the east a
•atlifactory proportion of the immigrant population which annually arrive! in Canada."
In any event there ren be uo doubt
that tbe proportion of the increase in
the population of tha Dominion whieh
will fail lo the west for tbe next decule
will be oven larger lhan that of the
decode juat ended.
uMtt. mmm
wtaw thi thuoat aw i
North Lomdilt
Bev, T, B. Bowe, Principal
TERMS       —
(lirls under 8 years old, 85 per month
Oirli over 8 yr*. old, 86 per mouth
Special termi when two or mora ire
lent I rom the taint ftniily.
Arrangements are beiug undo to
erect a building by the tpring to at-
commodate 311 or 40 boardert beanies
day icholari.
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
The time, for receiving tenders for
tha construction of a Jetty at mouth
nt tin Fraier B'ver at Bteyeiton, B.
ll., It hereby extended te Friday, Janu
ary 10, MM.
fly oWar,
B, 0, 'PB8BQ0HBBB,
Department of l'ullli) Works,
Ottawa, December DO, MU.
Dried Brewers'Grain
Olean, bright aud wholeaome, low in
water and carbohydrates, but containing nearly double tbe amount of fat
and protein pound for pound, than the
ordinary food atuffi In local use, It
Meeti all ths Requirement! of •
Profitable Dairy Fead
end compared in price witb what ii
liked for other food "tuffs, il triple
protein value for your money, Iti tu-
poriority Hot In the fact that feeding
it Inereatea both tlie total dlgeitible
matter and the amount of fat and pro
teln in tbe daily ration
•nd aavet you 40 to 50 per cent,
on Feed
You ihould not be without it.    Malted gralni, fresh and aweet from the
brew kettle, dried in a continuum vac-
euum procesi by
Dryers of and Dealers In Field Pro
ducts, Scotia and Front Street,
Vancouver, B. C.
Ill MNI1SI ( 111,1.HI.Bl,
SPROTT-.SHAW Bu.mc. College
336 Haitingi St, VV,
Cinida'e Greateel Wttitrn School
It. .1. Sprott, HA,, --Manager
bii Seymour it., Vancouver
Duy school open all the year
round. Night school comment -
ei Septeutlier Sth.
Miranr pvei.io
IjOtni, InMsiintali ind Insurance.
Room 307, till (JrtnvllU HI., Veneou
vu, ll. ll. I'boM MUM. Und llagb
try work a hi- >-ialty,
i-'.jtisi' —wetemawsmmm^mmmmm
lower Connections
I'UW.IO NOTICK Is nereliy given
lhat all ownera of real property fronting or abutting upon a street or lane
in which or under which a main ,,t
ommon aewer it laid is hereby re
quired to connect any building or premises upon tuch property wilh such
main ur common sewer.
IVrmiti may be ontalnrd from the
I'lumblng Inspector at bit office at the
(lily Hall between the houn of 0 a.
in. and 10 a.m. end 1 p.m. and it p.m.
The following regulation! govern tho
construction of home or building con
nectiont with ten/an:
No home nwer pipe tnall have a
less fill than 1 to 40, unless iptclal
iiermiiilon ii granted in writing by
tbe Council. Bald pipes between the
iron pipe, to the connection of the
public sewer to be of tbe beet quality
standard tall-glazed vitrified tlay fewer pipe, tnd ihall have a diameter of
not leu then i Inehei. AH pipit iball
be Biiiiinl end wall burned throughout
their thi.'knaai, imperviout to moil-
ture, with a cleir ring, itnoolh and
well glated on interior and eiterior
lurfacat, frta from flawi, cracki, blister!. Are rlteckt or other imperfectlent.
The pipes, mint be so laid in tha
trench Ibal nftrr tbe itwer li completed, the inttrio■ turfece thereof, iball
lit to a true aod even grade.
In making the Joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freihiy dipped in cement grout, muit first ba uied and
packed into place. The joints iball
nftisrv.Hr.la ba tightly packed full and
bevelled off with mortar, compoitd of
one part by volume of approved Portland cement to one pert by volume of
approved land.
All jolnte iball tie made water tight,
■o that they will itand a be»,i of 10
feet of water, when tested by the
Plumbing Intpector at tbe owner'i,
plumber's or contractor1! eipense.
By order of tht Oouncllt
Oity Clerk.     tf
*m   n,
Uottb ..,.n,m   j^jjjp
• »MW      88,4)0
<*'•*• ae above in ike
H*MeH In Ontario ii 80,888
to* ihe aggrtgtu r.turnt fo, the
*T" tmin" *•" »» Imm* to,
Yorluhire Guarantee k Securities
Corporate, limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate •■ - - Manager
VjHwounr peoele tat it
Blther n^AIUNf
** W« <m by th, jW  tnmlti
Batract   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylaw*.
"Whenever any householder koowi
Diet eny ptnou wltbln bli family or
houithold has imallpoi, diphtheria,
icarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whooping cough, meeilw, mupipi, glauders,
or any ether conttgiout or inftctlout
dlieait, be iball (tubjtct In caae of re
final er legiect to the penaltlee pro-
vldtd), within eighteen boun, give
iniiic in writing to tbe Medical Iflalth
Officer and no member of any bouiabold
ihall attend wheel until a carliflrate
bu been obtained from tbe Medical
Health Officer tbat no infection any
longer exiiti in the houn, clothing
and other effectc bave been dltinfected
to ble iitlifaitioii, and until tub cor
tlflcete iball bdvt been obtained it ihall
be tba duty ef every member of tbe
iioueebold, and of the Teacher, to uae
all reteoiiible effort! te prevent tbe
etioclation ef nit^ilieri of th* laid
hounhold with olher childrtn.
3, Tbe matron of a public or private
Hoepiul, th* keeper of tviry Hoard
lag or Lcdglng-Heuti, evtry Inn-keep-
er tl Hotel-Beeper, iball, within »l»
hourt, report ll writing to the Medical Health Q«(**r, ajjoy tenon being
at on* of MPtTwitald houiei
er boieli and atCtked with at lutpett-
ed of having any tontaglou* er Infer.'
tioui diitat* mtatleiud In th* liy
lawj" »»d»r th* y*n*rU»* provld*d
for by »Mh byluw,
tf. ,-   B**r*Ury Board of Health.
(6)0 c»ih handles a now. «trictly modem jw®
North LonttWe, ji»t boll»block from wr, f
Get pirticuUri from «•»
Pboiw 3), Nwjb Vancouver, 8. C,
Does Your Stove
Smoke? If so, try
Start the New
Year with a
Clean Chimney
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to Pi
Good cleared, graded,.50 ft. lots Two Block* from Liu-
dale Avenue Carline, Splendid View* and In-cut
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $fJO().00iich
on termi of one-fifth cash and the balance over tv.- )in
For Further Particular! of above and Businesi ami residential Properties see
Phone 70. P.0,|oil.l6
 : . r i_
BUREAU is now open for die convenience fm «•,
ployers and employees. Employers are t<-<|Ueste.ttj uL-
advantage of lhe office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, SecMry
Phone 321.     14 Ltjnsdale Avenue, Norlh Va|ouve
$4400.     Cash $800
A Modern 5-roorqed Houie, hai
from Lomdale Avenue, $2200   -    $4
Palmer, Burster & von Graevtai
Head Office  411 Pender Street, Van«fcuve  B,C,
Branch-lli7 I^uidali Avinut   Phon* VI.
Branch   'Ifi'M Lenadal* Avtuut.   Phont 38 .
Fint Class Bungalow
in Lynn Valley for Sale
Fiv* room*, hmnlsoDiely furwiilieil,.
lergu lot, «ra,,le,l, tliorottglily ilreintnl.
I'rii'u iiiinliii'ittii.
1 iiiiii have « fun I'huii'.i liuililin;;
lott Iii Blook flilO, tiheaii. Will tmnta-
te 'irniii house to milt en favorable
I have i% H.'r.iH on gooil roads and
near wator front, auitahle for subtil'
vliioit, ^
Alexander Philip
Ilea) Kaitiin ami Itiitirance Broker
Oliib Block, North Vancouver. Phone 10
Telephone 276 '
10,000 cordi of dry lir wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cords, $4,50,
Special quolaliom for larger quantities Cul Wood, 16 indict, $3.25,
IZinche*. $3.50.  C.Q.D.
Oflice and Yard - 14lli and I -onidale
Phone 190.    P.O. Box 2432.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wharf: (Inr. St. Oeorgo'i ami
l'lsjilaiiailti.     mn,,'. fill i.,,i,:..inii'
Wharf I'Jiiiiiii 128.
Oftlca i'liiiiiB IIM.
We can deliver tat once in Inreo
„r email i|iianlilica.
il,-I your winter ni|i|ily.
l'roin|it deliver)' a specialty.
Paper tke World
fi,us, nni itock "I new Wall l'apait
•o it twin. lOvery tiny mint na*
detign irrivei lo fill tht vacancy
ol those, clnsai out,
Handsome Wall Paperi
are here in amlleei vtrloty.    Jutt
,Lvttll our luleimnn  lor what  ronm
"   you want llii |i»per atirl h*   will
iliuw you jmt th* pattarn you art ,
looking (or. '
Tq  1-hooi.i (rom our tlock I* a plea-
tun, to pay our price n taty,
W. H. ST0NEY & CO,
117 IjOtiKitlt Avtnue PboM IW
-^ ' -
lOOflxlOOfl, corner of King street (i',v i'i|lfii) and St. Andrew's Ave
property It all cleared and is in a most detijdblt i
phi location, and the price ii
' i
.■■n     lit -nn ii ' '
mew 1836     THEB
rHK &KWJ£&is, Ngrvrri vawwwvbiWi p, m
TB Vtara In Builnus.     Caplt )v.r $7,360,000.
Vf Three Qu»rt< snlury
nf tsuiinil banking and steady monttrated lhe
llrenglh arid security qf the I Inrili America.
Your savings could not -viih us.   One
. Dollar is lutTicient to itsrl a rest at highest
current rate is added twice a l\ he withdrawn
at any time,
Two Officei in North Vancoi of Lonidale Ave,
and Esplanade, Upper Lonai near 14th Street
<M> uM Ytmco
Roaja  ir,
Wartr |>ip
- bv ttteTVi,
.(Uwaiki , Uwrau
•fa  i ftlice   frtRcf.
Free! Frtree!
Commencing now and ci the 23rd
of December I will giv ;hasers a
ticket which will entitle th M on the
following articles, which /en away
free on that night.
FOR GENTLEMEN-1 Hull    ik C
FOR BOYS-1 500-ihot Rep
FOR GIRLS-1 Large Doll.
all of which are displayed in
Buy Christmas goods ei nrtments
are good and GET TICKE raw>
Hoskins Road,
k i
I miA&i&ii
— in      ,m,nm.mn n*.	
Piitei ol above (rom $360 up.   Term
Iniuruu* Broker, Olub Week, Main
to arrange
Won* W.
Pletuwit Field*
pf Holy Writ
gayo fur my dull), range
Airnittir thepleawt flelili pt Holy Writ
I mlitht dtepalT, —Tarinvion.
No just tiniiiioiitloii o' iiurrent civilisation can lie maiie without taking
note ot the rise of Christianity, (or
liownviir iiiiiii muy look upon It, JlSUS
uiul tlio iiiuu.lt> wliii'h lie flrst lot looio
or to which lie gave a new Impetus"
have been powerful factors in thu sliup
iug uf tlte social worlil of to.lay. Hero
is no nm,.is iii'i'iiiii'wliigical research—
no "OM Mortality" treeing Hie epl
taphi nf a ilouil movement. Hero ia
the rich roil lilooil of a ilvipg social
nn iin. 'in ni surviving In our .lay ami
perhaps, though chungeil in acciilents,
never so vigorous anil uulverul. Might
wisely his i the liitornational Lesson
Committee jileunoil to turu tho utlon-
lion iif the twenty million who are fol
lowing Hie Uniform series lo the lifo
of .lesits for an entire year, as presented in the Hynejitic (lospelir— Again
Ihu lessons aroMjUsoil rlii/lly nil HI.
Hark—b Gospel fortnorly*|iolil in light
esteem us lining an epilnniu of Met-
tin-vv, Imi now known In lie Hie curliest
of all—written possilily in Rome liy the
companion nl I'uul, Hurnulnis ittnl I'el-
or. The Blyle is shrupt—tint narrn
live lirinf, Imi full, Mark was ailopt-
inl afler inurlyr.tiim as Hie patron suinl
of Venice, ami his linn maiie Ihu emblem nf lhe city.
The International Sunday School Lesson, flrat Quarter. Lesson I. Luko
1:5 23. January 7, 1913.
The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold—The Story.
An aid tradition says HI. Uke was
an artist.  Whciliiir ll lie literally true
is nnly a curious question    He painted
willi words if mil with pigments. Here
is one nf liis priceless picture*.     Hue
a while-robed priest going up Hie slops
in tlm hnly place—hit attendants carrying fnr liim to Hie sloor which tbey
may not enter—one the gulden votiel
uf vials frum lliu altar, the other tlm
golden  centor  wilh  lhe intense.      A
moment later Zivlmnuu stands in the
mystic presence ul' the gulden caudle-
■tick with ils seven twinkling lights-
Hie golden table of ihewbreeil aitil lhe
gulden niiar uf iiii'ensli—with unlhing
between him and the Hnly of Holies
but lhe veil woven with llgiires of gold
un cherubim.   It  it the psychological
moment   of  a   lifetime.   The  coveted
distinction has core* liy lot.   If ever
Xerliarias is In have a message directly
frnm  liud, il  is  now.   Through     lhe
Miiukc of his incense lio <ees a  Iill,
white angel, ami fuel's lhe human pur
iiul'iiiiiiii so natural al  siglil  of Ihu
supernatural.     The lirst word, "Fear
null" proves the lirulliurliness uf lhe
angelic messenger,   ami   then   fellows
Ihu gladdest  word ever spukoii in a
Hebrew huniu, "Unto us a sun is born"
Then  follow slhu characteristic! snd
acliieveiiieiisl of lhe sun.   He is to lie
like Hlijali ami a forerunner of thu
Messiah.   In  the  patriarchal story so
like Ihis is we* Ihu wife Harah, whn
doubted.   In   this   instance  il   is  the
l ".lm,.i      Zecbariai may not    have
doubted tin,I but  his own senses. Thu
sign lie craves is given tu him un the
sensuous plune and  iu  lhe temporary
loss of  Iwo  of  his  doubting lenses
Oulside tho officiating priest siands at
lhe high tilar. Hie Levitei hold In,in
pels to lips, end lhe tnullitudu wails,
tho benediction uf the incoming prleit.
All  wonders that  ho lurries io long.
When Zi.lii.ru.:- reeppoari Ihey wondor
no lunger.      Like  Muses  Ihey   know
from  his face Ihut lie has seen  Ood
nr His messenger.   Hmall need is there
lur  Imu   tu  lay  une  index  finger  nu
his mon III and   with  the uther polnl
heavenward,     Thus   lhe four-century
lung silence is brukeii.    Once again a
man wilh a vision appears.
The Teacher's Lantern
I.il.e's eiordium is a polltbsd clas-
si., Imi ho has scarcely finished it lie-
fore  ms  pleturaique spirit  gull   lhe
belter of bibl.   II Ins been said thul
he puts Hie chancel into the perch of
his tlospcl.      The Rte   great  hymns
tlisl girdle Ibe globe fall nn the ear at
once; Ibe iiinedii'lus of Herbaria!, Hie
tleatituda  of  Elisabeth, the  Mugnifi
cut uf Mary, the (lloria iit'Kxcelsii uf
the Angels and lbc Nunc Dimittii uf
Hiiueon.     The  old    i|ueslion  recurs,
"Why   wis   Ibo  advent   so  long  de
i'ii..!!"   There wis nn reason on the
divine lido.     The "fullness of limn"
is no chronological dalu arbitrarily filed.   It limply  Indicates    lhe  poriod
when humenity bed "arrived" through
ils own Bipiretiiin and struggle.    The
speeehlesstiesi of /cell riali iuay,*igiiify
Hie  coming  iiiuicii   ot  Iho  ijii'.ily
/iinclion  whicii  was  to  be absorbed
inin (be propheiirsl.   All the nstncsln
this . .iin..-. fii.ii arc significant: John
"Iho I.ord is grecioui"; Glltabetli—
" liud V    oath")     Zi'diiirins -"the
l.'si'l lemciiil'i'is" (Inliriel — "the
Ijord'i hero." Womtn no long oclipied
ihinas wltb prepiietid luitre In Bli*e-
belli and Wary- Tbii feicjpstliig
ifory ef tbs unit,.' priest spini tbe
I'liaini between tbe Old Dliponittlon
and the New, The voice ef tbe Now
Tcliiiii.'iil |.ma. her silences tbet of the
Old Teilenienl priest. Kven in the
esrly narrative tka M'tHince et total
«l,sliii»uco from iutAticaelt liud* em
pniiii,    Hellglou itrengtbiei  family
ties. It turns thi heart! pf fathers
tn children and vice versa .The Whin
Ii like a bell tower full pf joy belli
pealing UUt gladness.   Tba relation uf
John tu Jespt was tliat of morning
iter to mu, Maries »tayed in tho
temple '.' until tlie dayi uf his mill
islnitinii weru uiiilnd." Ha iniglit hivti
imagined himself releaieij. Hut had hu
omitteil duty he would have loit his
vision |lke the monk in liogoud Beau
tiful. Tlm full .vision nt'Jih le pply
kept b y those who are faithful Ip its
humdrum duties. Delightful to hear
the clear note of genuine devotion
above (he clutter of the flat wheel of
a wprnout eceleiieitlclsm.
Mosaic From The Oommentariii
Time apparently inopportune—land
Bwunnod with Gentile hordei—the
Idumesn shadow of lliu.siir wsi on tho
throne. The aged templars, who, while
it was yet dark, rm.ii to chant their
minim, end anticipate the dawn. (Jhilil-
leiineiB was the worst lieroevemont of
a Hebrew Inline, DoxOlogy breaks
'■'■ei Inn nn.' inni,'in':,.. He vows a sung
in hie silence that circles Ihu glnbe.
All immortal hymns are heaven inspired. 1'riesls never tarried in the awful
preeincte of lhe shrine lunger than
was necessary. (Ireul exigencies reveal Ibo reul hvnri, /ei-hurias' besetting sin was doubt. Home dovuut
savor of spiriluul life wub m!ill loft in
ilie ec i,'..ia:.iieai establishment. Gabriel
is a revelm nm uf persuiiulity in the
heavenly world. There is not just au
in ii iineiii h.iiili i,..i.... iif angels with
.uul possibility uf differentiation, but
individual, wilh such disliiut Iraits
that significant names are attached in
tbem. An officiating priest was ropru
loniatlve of the nation. Any evil
huppeiiing lo him wus sign uf evil lo
Ihu nation, "(trout, before lhe Lord
is to be imi) great.
Analysis and Key
Tlie Hebrew Idea uf the Messiah:
Imperial ..
Presupposes a  Herald.
Honor of Officii Proportionate [n
iiiui of Person Heralded.
That Hiipcrlalivc: King of Kings.
Hebrew llomu in Kululinn lu Mus-
sarnie Aspiration.
Honor of Producing the Messiah.
Honor of Producing his Coreriinner.
The .ui,' ci, i.i ■ uf Jobn lhe Hup
lilt .
/.-. lm nu;, ami Elisabeth.
The Him .  uf the Anuiiiini-eineiil.
Thu llirlh anil Naming.
ouicklv stops couuhb. cueie come,
Hiau Tria TtiaoiT «nb tuwue. ae cura
P ui
IH IIKHKIIV GIVBN lo the Kleclori
uf the Municipality of the (lily of
North Vancouver, thai I require Hi.
presence uf Hie suid Klectors al Hit
I'ily Hall, Nnrlh Vancouver) tt. •'., on
Monday, the 81 h day uf January, lllll!.
al s u'clock noon, for the purposo of
eluding persons lu represent liietii in
lhe Municipal Council ai Mayur ami
Aldermen,  and   clouting   Iwo   perions
in represent  Item on ihe n   uf
rily s, lumi Trustees, end lo recommend
for uppoinlmenl fuur perions lu eet es
Perry Directors for tlie ensuing year.
The mode uf nomination nf Candid
iites shull lie as follows;
The Candidates shall bu nominated
iu writing, ihe i.mini' shall lie sub
icrihof] by two voters of lhe Muuid
pality of Hie Cily of North Vancouver,
ns i'i"| i. .'i and seconder, nud shall be
delivered lo lhe llcliirtiing Officer el
any lime between the dale of this no
tire ami Iwo o'clock pin. of the dey
uf the nomination, end in the event uf
a poll being necessary, inch pull will
lm opened on Thursday, lhe lllh day
uf January, 11)12 belween lhe hours
of nine o'clock a.m. end liven o'clock
of (he uid day at lhe City Hall,
rlh Vancouver, n. (,'., in the said
Municipality uf the Oity of Norlh Vuu
sauver, of which every p. mm It btriliy
required tu lake notice end govern
himself eceordingly.
"The ipiiililn ut ions for Mayor ihili
lie his being a male Uritiilt lubioct of
Hie fulrtge of ill yesrt, snd lisvlng
I,eeu for Hie six monthi noil preceding
Ibo day uf hit nomination the regis
lured owner, in the I nmi
Office, of land or real property
i ity of the assessed value, nu the lait
Municipal Assessment Boll ef One
Tliniisaiid ill,iiiiu) Dollan or more over
and above uny regittered judgment or
charge, end who is otherwise queliAcd
as e Municipal voter."
"Tho qualification for Alderman
shall be bii being a male'British sub
jeet of the full ego of ill yetri, eud
having been for toe lis monthi nexl
pi., cling tbe day of noininitlon, the
registered ijwncr in the Lind Hegittry
Office, of land or real, property 111 tbe
city, of the assessed value oo tbe lilt
Municipal' Assessment Boll, of Five
Hundred (Ifiiii); Dollars more over end
eliove any registered judgment er
, barge, and who it othtrwiie ijuallfled
ai a Municipal voter."
"In overy Municipal School District
nnv person lining a bouiebolder iu lhe
Hclieoi Diitrict aid being a Hrilish tubject ef Ibo fell age of 81 year*, and
otherwise outliHcd to vole at an •lection of School Truitan In thtir Dii
iriet, shell he eligible to bo elected ts
e School Triu.lv.' Ig tht Municipal
School Districl."
Given under my band at North
Vancouver, tbis 88ad day of |)*c*mbtr,
I Baturnleg Officer,
ty iii the
Per only ♦! dewn/enil <l
weekly yon sun buy thi
voir nr waterfront complete llltnd up. gee the
BANOB. They last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 8Q.
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goodi at a mode, ale price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible,
Burrard Sash & Dopr Factory, Ltd.
4th Street West.        H. DUMAS.        Phone 347
Support Home Industry
Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumbei.   Second lo none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lh street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
We Study Printing
Ws mail a nature er nnpuiug
printinf tbit li pretteela to mu pit
reaa.  „
Wi attidjr type facet and iititu te
laiuri itua.tlvt iKiniimint, uid wi
believe aaa will appreclat* our biudi
lag tl yonr work.
From a card ta a buf i yeatar ar to
IlliuUiUd catalefiie wa ftlt five i iou
a Iguri er our tdvlce.
your vote and ipflitMta
n in tiit Gomioij tW
If ekUii h* will (»Vl»r
the divwqp of th« <% \pM iwAt
and other wttM*ry reformi.
SfiOteh.ffltJ En^ish pure wool bl»nkeU,Tn ull weights and
sizes, our own direct importation, also Canadian blankets from
the cheap union up to the fine all wool,
Canadian fine wool double blankets, large size, per pair $3.85
Canadian blanked, extra large, per pair...., $4.75
Scotch fine all wool blankets, small, medium and large,
I' & per piiifT,^.".^.rT..T.....:.:.;. .....t.:.$e|,00,17.00, $8.00
English soft pure wool blankets.small, medium and large,
perpair , $5.00, $6.00, $7.50 and up
Flannelette blankets, soft, heavy -juulity. (or short lime
only, per pair... $1.25
Feed Grain
and Ground
, As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the best quality of tbese goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our ipecialty.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co.,Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST       ~       -      Phone 4
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rales lo families and lo regular boarders.
IUA ...
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will Uke died of good building lot
u caih payment en a 10 room houie;
new; ell modern. £aey terms ou
Police Commissioners
Seaalon of Oouuulasloneni Yesterday
Tbe police I'liiiiiiiiasioiiiirs met yesterday morning at tho' eity hall, Mayor
M.iNoiib presiding.
"'llhiof Davis submitted bii ittb annual report wlii.'li revealed that property lost or stolon duriug lull amounted to *r>ni(i of which so per .imt. wai
reeovered. There were 178 builueia
"placei left open during the night, SO
Urea, 583 complaints from eitiiem,
111 enquiries for mining persons, 876
aueits, 31). liul perioni attended^ and
llll larrnny reports.
The work of the police department,
the chief announced, had doubled ilm
ing the year and tint it was now essential tbat the pnlice force ahould
be of hiiilii-iniii strength tu enable it
to cope with tbe increased work. Tbe
chief alluded to a aeriei of petty burglaries iu the residential portion of tho
city, hut in viow of the fact that contractors alone bave been employiug
over 1,600 men among wlium wore many
foreigners the percentage of crime
wis very small, he thought.
Tlie chief reromnicniled that    tho
■ is i>. nils' i- appoint a clork to act
in Ibe police court anil alao the appointment of an additional patrolman.
He also advised Ihe purchase of a suitable jail tile ami police headquarters
ao that short time prisoners coulil be
put to work el wood culling or rock
He strongly urged lhe installation of
police patrol system of signalling.
Alii. Henderson, moving Ibe adoption
of the report, referred in superlative
terms to the zeal and utility of llhiof
Davies and compared Hie low percentage ' of crime lo the huge transient
population made up of all nationalities. He complimented both chief
ami men on their year's efficient work
end asked tbat the same lie recorded
in the police minutes.
Mayor Mt'Noisb heartily endorsed
Aid. Henderson's remarks. The good
order kept in the cily reflected the
greatest credit on the chief and hit
force, he stated. It was agreed to
leave over Chief Davies' recommend*'
tolm to be dealt with liy the new
police commissioners.
The Scotch Tea Room* ——
Will Open with the Year
Quick Service, Home Cooking, Short Ordefi a Specialty
Business Gentlemen's Luncheons Specialty Catered
North VtncouVar Club   Block,  KapLi>.d. Waal
E. tk M. P. Sawyer
Long Beach California,
Dec. SO, 1011.
To all our friends we wish a Merry
| lu; linns, end a Happy New Year, and
many, flatty returns of the same.
We are again in I.oug Beach after
visiting all the touriit towm and beech
rcsorli in tbe southern part of thia
stale, end have again come back to
our first love (|IjOiig Beach), and it
does, for pure unadulterated comfort,
take the palm. It is quiet, it is clean
it is neat; in short, it ia IT.
Wc hope lo acquire properly here to
be used as a winter home, ami we
herewith extend au invitation to our
frienda atisl our friends' friends, even
to the third and fourth generation,
and then some, to call ami sec us with
the foregone assurance that you will
receive Hie glad hand.
<'oinc you one ,an,l come you all,
Conic you great, and come you small.
I wish to constitute myKelf a private
Inn,an of information for the purpose
of keeping iu loueh with the move
incuts of our friends who arc touring
the continent, if while here Ihey will
reporl lo me, ami I will aiwtyi be glad
to answer any inquiries from their
friends as to their whereabouts.
Wishing yuu all the guod things-
that the Great Ou>l intended that people
should enjoy, 1  remain,
Youts very truly,
D, 0. DICK
P.8.—Conditions  ore   not   favorable
for permanent home making.
Contrary to the usual practice lhe Assessment Noticei for
1912 have been sent to the registered owners of property
according to the Land Registry records- ,      i
Up to the present, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities lhat the property had changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes', but owing lo a recent decision the
city council is advised by its solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on the records ol lhe Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land ami Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
whicii it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
The Company, therefore, desires lo notify persons who have
purchased from it lhat they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being seul lo them so that they may be
come aware of lhe value at which ihey are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
/ V
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North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
A. I ,11 VI* VI :V
I'ercy   8.   Howard
H.   J    Perrln
City   Auditor.
Auditors   ail   Acci>ubI»4i
126  I'ender Ht.  W.      P.  O   Box  8236
l'hone SSI7 Phone III
Vtncouver        Nortb Vancouvtr
•TAB* PAIIPUt HI*' 5 ™* """'»
•TOPI COUCH* mit-*. as cum*
THE    C. P. R.
Dels pretty neerly everything it geee »{ter, end if it li Ibe (,. P.
H. ihat ii applyingiat power to bridge tke Nortb Arm ot Burrtrd
Inlet tbe bridge will be built Md tin proieot opposition will en-
lure better termi liom tht i OmpMiy—tb»t 1* »H-
on Keith Bo»d. I), h. 622 will, therefore, be ia direct liee between
l|f bridge* end will I.e .very vflutble.
50 foot Us~$400-on Ea»y Termi.
^Wg. JV IOW MN»—*TV«J Wl >-<•*/   l 'imn.
s Worth"   aom INWttli INDUOBHBMrW W M?TU»S
Mi2-'Hf A<"" • nt" "Wl    **"!** wU1 *»    -t^lhiheA.
    '™ .«Wid»le bofore buying eliewhere.
'mm" j^t^WRC. Wlfan *. W.
mmffh tf* eggrtgtt. Mtu,M jj
MM* pmlmi ,hew .» in,rm, .
■9 »AmMtf 110,111, tin pmto,
VH1 6tb Slreet But Nortb Vancou'w
Phont 373
Pioneer Uortttbotr - f'trriegt Works
Tba New Block on  iunidu.lt Avenue
near tbe Ferry  Approach
wti built by
General I'ueiraotort
Mil t.l.M.ltl.
Up todlte Milliner)
Modertte Katei
Keith Block    89 Lonidale Ave.
rn,in,..it \.-in ii
Contractor! for reinforced concrele
conitruetion- Sinning io all iti
brtiicbei; bourn coimtctloni e ipe
cially.    Kit im ii le.  furniihed.
Office: 20 l.imi,leic Ate        l'bono 285
Pressed Brick Mn.ii,, . Specialty.
Pluue |,| |j
Successor tn Wallace k H.-otl, Third
.street.   Qentrtl rt.pair work.
A. Wallace'! icrviccs bave been retained. ,
Booktelltri tud Stationer!
Cor. Ijoetdtlt tad let.       Phone MS
Pett-<Jr»de»te Chicago Unlvertlty
Keene t ml 10, mm Poet 0«ee btock
A. Crtlb W. Crelb
A. CRflB & ,SON
JuConcrei,Br„|i,Brl Wood.
Offlce: 117 *"Wl BTRpiff EA^T
Studio   ove.   Bank   B. N. A.
I.ontdalt and Eiplasade
1-1,1 Mill.If.
1'lps i-'iiiiii,. and Connecting i'roiiiiitly
anil in.ui, il,   Done    Prices right.
Norlli Vancouver, B.C. alio l.ynn Vallty
Pboue 181
SAW Kll.Hltrl.
1 ''■ <■ I I If.
end ipeoilictt
boutt draintJ
Boi 244, "i'l
IF.. ,. h.
'""lie, Itveli, pltni
Scptio Unkt tnd
.i -, inlty.      P.  O.
"net wett ol Btwickt
Sew Filer and Uriuilcr. All kiodi of
bend, croii cut tud buck itwi itt
and lile'l et iborleit notice. 146 3rd
ilrcit ettl, Norlb Veucouver.
Ltditt' nnd liinl'i
Phoni 807
High cltti Udiet' end Otnt't TiUuring
Phono 307
THA. HUBS   iMI'lll).
Bank of Hei
Avenue ,No|
iver   Buiinew
r<> Copying Office
'toOaunberi, Lenidele
'"fisivcr , Hay end
''|.r.i  til  the yeer
Apd generj
l^inlon litrchent, 13
,'*•* meeiiver.
TKACUKU OF l'\lrk[0 and THEOBY '
Spccieltv: Children's Leuoni »t own
bone.    Termi    etc., apply Qtnernl
i.ai miiiii s
My rlotbti arc at the Capilano
I*undry where yours ought to be.
Pitt work fer tt centi dot,'
ity, le lb., wet week, 8c lb. Dro|
a c»rd end we will cell for them.
P. O. Ben Hit To the mfm m I* .w fe """',le^n" V
l*llei a. i    tm mttmmti fvi *upp«t' ,
dld^t  e  e|«»m%W>heWe.tV.neeuW
uiugip fur hi.t .       ... »„.„,,»„,»„ from us
3 carried »n tbi* we* »twl it will
JO J99 mmm Of m    .W»«W W ^„wrWB„t end authority
Oy OP jfo»TBt*Wt7pW^~ ',B        ■'  - -■-"- »' -'"
ID tbe lnumt* of awry ratepayer It la Ipipargtlve tto*t construction work oa the Second
Narrows Bridge he commenced and
vigorously prosecuted. That tbe
ratepayers give thair support to
every project wbicb make* for'our
permanent water supply. That'
tbe graded itreet* b* put ip shape
te carry ibt Itatfe until peiina-
aunt paving pad he undertaken.
yonr wsrd
support ut
loth '■ ■ ,
desire te
[Tilin in'l^e
For Alderman,
Jt; : ...   ..   	
Vojir vote end influence lolldted.
I'.ldie.'l   atill   lloull,'lili'lli
Permit me to mako use of the press
es thu most available moans of lotting you know that I um ugaiu a candidate for alderman and of asking
your support for re-election.
Yours  respectfully,
Nortli Yancouver,
January 5th, 1012.
most loyally
eluW "hs-.j mm,	
un, ic' roiolvoil tn soperuto from ns
thi Vim tV.0 Wflg that w* «i|l tipoil
JiilroiiKlli pt pnion, tat I roapeiit
t||r wialitis.   1  have .nuleaviircil am]
— '- -">■* «IU.  tltnm
■ wiHiicu.   f ..».k »n--!-s-!-'
most toyauy i -till tyAMtim to ■*«-» wit} wm
m luuunation pf Ml 'lew". Thil
.. imtion will wilder another election.
■._.   jl.   .i:..i_li.J-   oo   fitilucnfl
Fill carertpiy     . ^ tl,,. North bhoro,
qniI |;eep in
part of the
B * ..."mwe. nr --sr ,„>
bor committee of the North bhoro,
I,, ii'tirlily joineil in making knonp
u   possibilities of the  North Hhore
l|»rlipr works, end as harbor inter-
1 strontily I ".'".•• ""-—-i — - .   ,
. . Ju aro now reaching a Pliffi" 9« tk
local men fa* 99 »•■■»«■' * »-    •      #
is  poisihle
I am, lad!
Ladies ami Gentlemen, -In response: to
iin1 requests uf u large number of rate
payers, 1 1ms, cemented tu place myself I.ei oi e you as a candidate for aldermen at tlio coining election lo lie held
OU  Tlnil.'.'liiy.   .Ininum   Htll,   llllli.
II lias heeu my chief .aim during the
lit years of my rosidenco to promote
tlio iicliiirc ami advancement uf Nurlli
Vim.'inner in lhe must effective and
impartial manner, ami having already
M'ri.'il you in vorioua public capacities including threo termi In the city
council and previously une term in the
district council I feel Unit the experience thus ui'i|uire>! together with my
knowledge of local requirement*,
coiil.l be of ".Hit. i. i.i value lo jusl ity
my request fur your hourly support .
Faithfully youri,
For the fo
you scokiug
district,   I li
heartiness of
on flintier oc
cd tu live llpl
laid upon nio.F.
or personal i
to give due i
ilinl specially
llm laml.
I had
year iu the
ruws liridgo
oils en hot It
woro loyally
ehscncu hy I
Of Iho nt
during I lie In
across  lb
of    I'illillliollli
for  greater
I'OllllicI    wil ll| I.u
general eleel
.......-.., . , _ tinnuiit, part]
WILLIAM J. IRWIN "7"","",''
interested, a
North Vtncouver, B. C,
January Und ,1018 Bl
and sublimit
All arc agrorj
a ius.ent.it y
♦ 1,1,1111,111111 :. oi
clpatcd. My'
lime been di
w <m vrniorn of m pi*"!
op vowm v.pfOQ9YS&;
lj#iliei ami Qetitleineu:
I am prepared lo dovpfe en adoquatc
amount of time nnd energy tp tbe wpik
of tlie council end h*v ethu honor pf
soliciting yopr vote unit influence fpj
election at plilorniaii on January Uth-
It shall be my cpn*t*ut endeavor
to secure dean, progressive and economical »tip)inistr»tion.
North Vancouvor; 1     (ll}
|tition, it I* most desirable that the
.rill Hliiirc lie well kept in evidence
j, wo can have hero at comparatively
all cx|ii'nns' a harbor or greet cape-
y end usefulness which will mean
oet development for the Nortli Shore.
The iiniii iic,al of railway enmmuni-
tion with tho vest Hinterland of
'itiah Columbia as fur north es the
'iht Biver diitrict muit lie apparent
Ladies ami 11 MfWIWi """ railway shuuld have
. terminus in Nortli Vancouvor, and
that'end 1 am directing my onorglos.
1 ho opening up uf thu district liy
nni trunk roads radiating in differ-
nt iiii.-.-iium. to enable intending suture to reach thoir properties'has al
ays lieon my policy, und will still eon
nuo to lie so.
'1 Mjf reconl of work is before you.
Vly desire in seeking reelection is to
ill further servo your interests liy
ireistcntly working for the centum'
Ladiea snd Qentlement — ,
At the request of a largo number of
ratepayers I bave coiiuoiitud to place
myself before you ts a candidate for
alderman at'tho coming election. 1
sliiinl for no particular section of th*
city, but if elected will support a good
I'loiiii progressive administration. I
reipecl fully solicit your vote and influence. ■    '   ■
Yours rospoclfully,      '
Your Vote
and Influence
' respectfully solicited
lil_    for,: !
Alderman for 1912
f ■       _.... *
Tt. .        '   ' '    r"—
I/ailii's ami Qentlemen:
I  l)o|   to  in    to you  that  I
shall lie a candida'to for alderman tb
ropiesent you in tho city council tins
.rsistentiy working for the con, ■     '*«****ftS5
">   initio,, of   thoi* large   undertaking,  for eight , ara ...
I* " ,.„i ♦« thai einl 1 ask for your itiflu   quirciiicnts fully-   "
id to that end I ask for your iuflu
ce and your vote on election day.
I em, ladies ami gentlemen,
Yours faithfully,
dies and (lunllcnicn :
."    i'  ii    in : iii.iiiiitin..' my nuiiio in Candida
Tic   Imt   uu in,-,. f„f uldormaiiic honors I respect
is at work on| fully roi|uesl your support al tbe forth
cotniug elections when your murk oi
confidence will be appreciated, uml if
elected, ii shull l,e my earnest cmlin
vor to merit the same liy such a ion
iciantloui diseliurgc of civic duties us
shall best promote the welfare of the
Yuurs faithfully,
Nurlh Vumouver,
January ith, WU.
to believe ill
II wfc\s yof
Mahon, McFariJrocter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft.
$900 and $1000
IJ226 and 227;
2,18 months.
50 ft. Lots in Block}
and $800 1-4T
Phone 6286  ■   ■  aStreet, Vancouver
V| $650, $700
] id 18 months
Iiit't it Irue that you »l- '
w»yi appreciate lemetblng
useful etui inntible for a
t'|,ridtnai gift rather tbau
some frivolous silver trifle
tbat -,is merely pretty!
Theu don^l J'uu WPP""
l|,ut yuur friondi would
prefer lenotbiiig ibm I'
both uicful end ornament
■If Why not make your
Chritlmai icloclioni beret
Wo will turpriie you wilh
,l,0 variety of thing* you
ctn get for bit very 11"'°
SntfW C«biiwu $5.90, f9
Card Tablet ..:	
Morrii Chain, $7.50, *8.50, $9.5Q u,
 : $
...'.'...^  $ 18XK) up to $1
I .    ■■ ■ i '
128 Lomdale Av«.| Hortb Vancoww
lUnpi, $7.50, $10.00, ^m
! and $15.00
aome beauliei        50c. to $10.00
I DqILBuggiea $3.75
« Toy Sets, I chain and table, $2.50
»'   ■ ■■"V        -     '- "■
ipiiremcnts fully. If you elect me tp
represent you, licliovo mu, I will make
it my chief aim to serve you faithfully-  und  well.
I am in favor of the division of
the eity into wards, iu that way only,
the ulilerini.il whom you elect serve
your interests beast. A few of the im
provements tliat 1 should support, if
elected ,would lie:
Miiea.liiiin.iiiir of strcolij a gas system owned by the city, if possible, if
not, a franchise should be granted to
a reliable company for a limited period
with option of purchase by the city.
The ferry service should he amply
provided for, including absolute safely for our residents aud the public in
crossing tbe railway tracks.
Tbo Burrurd Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
Cn. should lie aided in every way, the
bridge liciug absolutely necessary fur
the development of the North Shore.
More ample police protection hy in
.teasing the force should be provided
Thc bylaws as existing should be
carefully enforced especially as regards to pruli' inni of citizens ami pru
I'or.'s.liore rights iii connection with
tbe 1 i.-l ni ji Beserve should ke acijuirod
al Die earliest convenience.
At a public nn.in,|' to ho held lie
fore the election, 1 will make my pell'
tiou dear to you, and if you arc sa
Usher) with mo, then give me your
support ami your vote ul the election.
Believe mc to remain,
Youn truly,
North Vancouver,   .
.Iinniiiry 4th, 1811.
r'.dilor Kipreai:
Dear  Sir,—Will  you  kindly    givo
publicity to tho enclosed letter which
I  lia'.o received from Mr. 1. P. O'c.
Wood, oue of Ibo directors of the Imperial Car Dry Dock end Shipbuilding
Corporation, giviug accurate information witb mfcroneo to the Indebted'
nosi existing agaiuit the landi of that
Company.    Allow mo tlso to state thai
I  inn very pleased to know thtt the
obligation*  of  the  Company io  tbat
regard ate smaller tbau  I bad been
led le believe tbey were, but tbat, at
the **mo time tbe actual facte are ijuitc
lUllieienl  to juitify the position  Ihtt
I look witb reference to tbe principle
uf a municipal subsidy in favor ef tbe
Company.   It' ii alio very gratifying
te mo, as it will be to ell Nortb Bhorc
ral c|'ayera, to know that tb* negotiation! of tbe company iu tnancial matters have proven io tuccewful at to
do away witb tbe need of municipal
Youn, truly,
Tbe lotter oncleMil 1* a* followi:
January 8, 11)12.
Doer Mr. May,— '
You make a itatcinent In tbe Ki
pre** tbat tbe Impaiiel Car, Pry Dock
and Hiiipbuiiiiiug Corporation ewe
llbnpOO pn -their land*. I bav* teen
th* treaiurer and mto»gtr, 0. S. Doug-
la*, on tb* tltloniciil, Md be wiibet
it I'orrei'ted. If you take off about-
♦aii/xw ypu will be nearer fbe mirk,
ana be *l»o wiibet you to know the
lulnidy propoiilion i* »ljiudoned (tt
arraogcinenfa bav* pem pb\i* to to
tore tbf corporation In ether wtyt).
Truitlt»|K to me yppf rentctlon I*
tbe next l**ue of Ui* Biprei*.
I ate,
f oen Italy,
/. f. D'O. WOOD.
To the Electors, City of North Vancouver
Ladies ami Qent|omeu;
1 beg to announce that I will be a candidate for re-election for
Iho ollieo of alderman for the year 19111. During my term of office of
1011, I have endeavored to do my duty (as an aldermen) from the
standpoint of a pul.lie policy, and to further the interest of North Vaueouver city as a whole
If you do me the honor to reeled mo for anothor term I (ball
endeavor to continue the same policy.
North Vancouver, Jan. i, 11)12. .
Yours truly,
Your Vote and influence is respectfully solicited for
as Alderman for the City of North
Vancouver for 1912
My Motto it—" A Clean and Progressive City "
Waving received a requisition from 56 residential
wlers of Ward 3, district of lhe Municipality of
Sorih Vancouver lo contest the forthcoming election, I have decided to become a candidate for councillor for ward 3 for 1912
If elected I shall advocate the widening of the
Capilano River Road from the end of the car line
'to the Second Canyon and I am prepared io devote
whatever lime is necessary to municipal mailers.
Yours obediently,
(Late Crour)
■ pel "( 't'*
Tbo' palo by tb*
|e City of HorU
the execute ol
lubway will b*
ft) Dollar*.
Etc to provlj*
\erefor It will
rdobtnturel of
|ou»«r for the
'ill 1,000) Dol-
1,1, .1 (which It
Intended lo be
J th'. proceedi
Ito no applied
II to no otbtr.
'petition  sinner)
Flbatt onc-tcntn
I real property
^Vancouver tat
soil AasciimeDl
.Si to the Uunl-
fclty   Of  North
fhein  to Intro
lorlxe the bor-
I Klllecn  thou-
Jpr Iho purpolf
ibe payment of
,lnic»  propotio
B By-ltw, an..
I fund for te.
ibcnturci whin
ry to ralte hi
l to all other
if the curreue.
r sum or Stvtt.
•^thrcc    dollari
J17J.M), whire
|nl)-flve (Mill
Sinually for lb.
irlnu the   cur
is. and Ninety
"only-alx   cenlr
i annually foi
-."a alnklna fun.
jo debt iccurc
'lbc iame belnr
Irom the Oral
; order to rtllc
I Seven liundretl
Ira nntl twenty-
1 lnlereit mil
.apeclal rile ei;
red to be levied
" |l properly In
Biiolc rateable
lino  mty. tc-
■til usHcismrii'
llllo; nine bud
Sid .three bun
. folium).
I  aaarcgal* of
,   iTctil   uf   the
tilrcd and tbni
d   und   Iwenti
■ noi. for worki
mul  for ichool
•le of the prln-
nis ii'.si council
■f tho cay of
the atient el
of Norlh Van-
i-nuds  as  toiler the Mayor
Vancoover anu
purpoae afore -
by way of loan
.rioni. body oi
m,y bo wllllne
ipon ihe credit
laflcr mention-
.. sum of mon-
the  wholo  Ihi
(|16.*Q0) Del-
e   lame   Ip  bf
, llrlllib Nortli
louvlt.   to the
;   the   purpoie
. moneyi *b*ll
"l only,
tllly i.oi  tx-
mi ol Flltecti
ut. may be It-
;,„i Clly Clcrh
|l I'luusel Act
Irci. but riot
"(11.001) Dol-
. J Kin*
-cloud a:
■ic pound
•'"said   deben-
Vilhe laid Ma
ic t.'liy Clerk
rporttc 8ci>
I  bear dttr
r. llll. ami
rale of feui
unl  per *i>
m„y on the *rll
■!  llrlt day  of
WU1 again bt a cawliilat* for dittm
to tk* Oity of Nortb Vascoujut and
ieo.uetU th* wpport of the obKHyaU.
I will be a candidate for -1 icrnin
in tbe couucil of iuu anil 1 n -pod
fully solicit Ibo lupport uf I cl..
Electors oi North
Vancouver Diflfell
The Lynn Valley |fc*-
payeri' A*>oc«,ion MMm-
moualy cndorie the following candidal**:      ,
,     P.Wealover
To Die Utcioii of ib* Qif tf
North Vaflcouvw:
and con
181.  tf
tjir*   If elated |k will faw^
tnd (my fatctmry ftforp.
tin mm
o'clock at
[fiber, K*Ub
(tntt daatT
ient   au
fpUti mi
^cob*l4»f o<-
t (40 acre*
[ I 9- O'Ot S      10     SO,'Oil        ,|,U     V.M,|.MI »..»..
Ity of North Vanuiiuvar tn
wuy ef loan tha ium "i
A fl^'MW to ane^le th{. Corjiprgtlqil
l*l*t by way __^_
1  jMy.MO.OO for ichool purpoiei.
"WHEREAS the Bourd of Truaieeu „i
North Vancouvur City Sdiiiul piitrict
undor thu provlilona of Secttlon 12 of
thu Public schu.,1,1 Aci, iiiiiii, have,
prepurci u del,,li, ,1 eatlmate uf
tile Bums required to meet uncial or
exlruOrdlnary expenses legally Incur-
ruble by the Board during (he ytar
'1911 which estimate la as followti
Huiliiiuiu of Special or Extraordinary Expenditure for tha year 1911.
School   Bulldlngu   U'oipiilotlon
of Rldgewuy bcIiqiiT.  mid ax-
toii.-iluii of class room aooom-
iii mlu il,,,, In Lonadala School (11,000
SchOOl   lllollli'l:.    Ilo|ilo\'i Sin lliu
(Draining, ploughing, grading
.•■ in i.n -iiln,   fencing,  slduwulbi,
olc.   '.  ,, !    1,009
Sower connection!         710
Erection of Fire Escapes end
Installation   of  Fire   Alarm
Syatema     1,100
Equipment      (deaka,      black
boards,     wlnduw-bllnds     und
general school furnlsliiuga ami
vacuum   clounlng   apparatus)   6,000
Sanitary drinking fountuiiia        160
Expenses    attendant     upun
passage of tills by-luw und sule
of   debentures        2,000
5- >
Fr .
,   -    '
AND WHEREAS the aald estimate
wus luld before the Municipal Cuuncll
of Uie City of Nurth Vancouver am)
duly considered by the said council
and thu Bull) sums ubovu mentioned
were dually rejected and disapproves!
by ihu said Council on the  -
day  of  December ,1911.
AND WHEREAS lhe Mayor of the
City of ..oni Vuncouver hua since
the n I., mn, uml dlsapprovul of the
.".'i.i eatlmate, in win
Un lhe ' i, I.i,. on, day of December.
1911. received frpm the Secretary of
the suid Bourd uf School Trustees, a
written roquet,: in submit fur lhe ussent
uf thu ill.', i,,i.. uf ins City of Nurth
Vuuciiuvur, lu Uie manner prescribed
hy :■' ■ ii"ii ii ill the Municipal Clauses
Act u By-I.uw    I..,   ii..   prupuB-
ed .expenditure and If necesBury tha
raising uf tlie no,tie, s required to Defray tlie sumo upun t..c credit of the
AND WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient that tile uuin of Thirty-aeven
thiiiiBuml dullurs t$37,000 00) be pruvlded by the Corporation of the City
ot Nortli Vancouver for school purposes us uforesuld, the said sum tu
.iI'i'ii 'i as hereinafter expressed:
AND WHEREAS III order lo provide
auhl sum it will he necossury lo Issue
debentures of the Corporation of the
City uf North Vancouver lor Ihu sulu
of Thirty-seven thouaana dniiai-s II1I7.-
00000) as herelnufler provided (which
Is lhe umount ol t|ie debt inteude,
to be created hy thia By-law).
ANI) WHEREAS for the payment of
Intereat on the debentures proposed
to he Issued under this By-law. and for
creating a linking fund for the pay-
mint Of the aald debenlurea when due.
It wilt he neceaaary to rulse by
apodal rale In addition to all other
ratea, each year during the currency
of ion b ilcbentutea the sum uf One
lliuiisuhtl nine hundred and seven dullurs und Huns .'-n cents 111907.31).
whereof tine Ihousund six hundred and
fi.iyiive dullurs 1II6661 Is lo be raised unnuully for thu payment of interest during the currency of suid deben-
turt-B. und Two hundred und forty-
two dullurs and Ihlity-slx cents
(1242.361 .to he raised unnuully for the
purpuse of dealing a sinking fund fur
tlie payment uf the debt secured by
Hie saisl debentures, (tie sume being
mado puyuble In flfly yeara from the
flrst  duy of Si i'i. 0,1.r,    isll.
WHEREAS In order to rulse lhe sold
yearly sum of One tliuiisiind nine hundred und seven dullurs und llilrty-slx
cents 111907.361 for Interest uud sink -
Ing fund, uu equul special rale on the
dollur will be required tn lie levied on
ull the i.ii,..1.1. reul properly In the
suld clly.
AND >.'■ niTiir ',:: the wh.ilo 1..1...1 i.
reul proptrty in the suld clly, according lu Ine last revised assessment rull
ll Ten million nine hundred und nine
ly thousand three hundred und seven-
1,-oiie  1110.990,371) Dollurs.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate ul
'the existing debenture dent of the
Corporation ta Nine hundred und three
ilioiisund, nine blundred and twetilv
'■' Ii.ii.: (1903.920), lexccpling for works
of local Improvement ond for achool
purposea) ot which none of the principal or Interest Is In arerur.       §
THEREFORE   the  Munlclpul  Coun-
- '"     '"-    of
aa aforeaald, there anal! ha rulied annually by Btioclul rulo during the
currency ol ilpi suld dohonlurt* thl
sunn of Olio thuusund six hundred end
duty-live ttititiSl Dollar* to provide
for llm payment of interest (hereon
and the aum of Two Hundred and forty-
two dollar* end thirty-six cunts
U2I2 mil fqr the repayment of the-principal thoreol.
7. The proceed* of the aald debenture* ahull be applied as follow), and
not otherwise:
(a) IH payment of the coat of lhe
pausing of thla By-Daw and the Iiiui
and sale of Uio dehotituroa therein referred to, and all expenses connected
with tba aeld luun.
(b) In recouping th* laid I'orpnra-
pernio,! lu-leiiiui.-i- until tpe proceedi
of the mile of -th* aald debenlurea
becomes available.
(o) To carry out i in- purpose! of thl*
By-law aa above aet put.
I. Nu ruliiito ihall be allowed on
the aneclal ratea to be levied under
tills Ily law .
9. Thla By-law shall take effect on
tha       ■   "       day of 1911.
10. Thla By-law may ba cited for
all- purpose! aa "The School! Extraordinary Expenditure Loan By-law,
Pasted by the Council on the llth
day of December, 1911 .
Received the ussent nl-the Elector!
of the .'in- of North Vanoouver ut an
election for the purpoie on tho
day  al 1911.
Reconsidered and Anally adopted
signed by the Mayor and City Clerk,
and aealed with tho Corporate Seal
nn Ihe . day of
A. n,  nn.'
TAKE NOTICE that Ibo ubove Is a
true copy of the propoied By-Law up'
nn which Uui vote of the Electors of
the Municipality of tho Clly of Nurlh
Vuncuuver will he luken within the
City Hall, North Vancuuvor, B. 0„ on
i'hun.d.,'.. the Elevenlli day of Junuury ATP., 1913, between (lie hours of
9 o'clock um. und 7 o'clock pm
City Clerk and Returning 	
I'i HI,Is'   NOTICE   la   hereby   given
lhal  Ibo volu of the Eleclora or the
City   of   Nurlh    Vuncouver    will    he
luken on Thursday, the Eleventh duy
uf Junuury,   1912.  between  tha  hours
of 9 o'clock ant und 1 o'clock pm. on
The Schooli Extraordinary Expon-
'iiiiii'" Loan By-law, 1912.
mid tbut within the City Hall. Nortb
Vancouver.   B.   O    and   that   Thomas
Shepherd haa been appointed Returning mli.. i   tu  take  the vote of audi
Electora   w)tb   the   ubuuI   puwers   In
Hint  behalf.
By urder nf the Council,
,   WM.  McNEISH,
City Clerk.
day of, March and the, (lr«l day nf
September In ouch and every year
during Ul* currunoy of the aeld da.
penturea, or uny of tbein. There
ahall bo annelid to tlia debentures
coiiponn algliod by thu Muyur only, furl
each >im| every payment of Intercut thai I
may become due, and euch tlgnalure
muy bo either written, atiiiiipu.l, printed or lithographed.
■l.   The aald debenture* aa to principal and Interest may I.u made puynhlo
oil hoi'    In    e II nonce    Or    ltl    o,|ill y., I,'in
ill    puUlldl    ill,:l III.)',    m     thO    value    Uf
Il.ll 1-1 to Iho pound sterling at audi
place or places In Qreat Britain, "nil
ud Statea of America or Iho Dominion
of Canada ai'may ht agreed upon between tha Corporation and tho holder!
i'"1 ill"! Ibe said prliicl|iul turn
hull be tiiiido ,'piiVulilii I))' the city nfe
..nt.- not later than nils' year* fj-om
the drat day ol September, 1911.
It. During the whole term nf |he
un 'iu -y of ibo laid dobontures a Ipe-
igl rate on lha dollar ahall he levied
and rallied oach year 111 addition to
all other ci I,,i on all the . rataablr
real property In the city and tulllchiiil
Iq pay .(he lnlereit upon Ilia said debenture!, and io in-ill. a sinking fund
for the p.i'. in.-iii of the principal thereof when due, tubject to any act or
enactment respecting the aame. Such
special ralo ahall ba Inaertod In Ihe
Collector'* Boll .or Rqlta, and ihall ho
payable lo and collected by the tald
Corporallon In the name way'as other
ratea In Ihe Bald Roil or Rolls, tave as
I,, i. iti.'ii. t  provided.
6 III order to provide for [be rate,
tel oul In paragraph (Sr and tubleci
us iif.it,'Hnld, thero ihull ba ralaed un
uu.ill- by apeclal rale during the currency  Of  tile  luld  dol.. llllli .':;   ill,    :.u,.
iif Five il."ii:..noi alx hundred and
twenty-five (lllll) Dollars lo provide
for the payment of intereat thereon,
und Ihe aum of Eight hundred and
i, in.: n dollars and olghty cento
'     '   the
rll of the t'urpuiiiiluii of (lie Cliv
North V.iiii nnv. r with the .ijJHi'iii of
f   lhe
Electors of the city of Nortli Vancouver duly obtained, enucta us follows:
I. II shall be lawful fur the Mayur
of th* City of Nurlh Vuncuuver and
the City Clerk for the purpose uforesuld to borrow or raise by wty of loan
from any person or persons, body or
I" "H..-- curporale, who may be willing
In advance the lime upon Iho credit of the debenturei herelnufler men -
tinned nf the Corporation, u aum of
money not exceeding In tho whole Ihi
aum of ibiii) i-i ion thouiand (|87,
000) Dullurs. und tu cauie the iame l„
be placed In the Bunk of Brlllah North
America, ul Nurlh Vancouver, lo Ihi
credit nf Uie city for lhe purpoao <i ,v<
recited, und such moncya ahall he
usi d fur Dial pqrpoit >>>,»)
2 Debenlure* of tbo city not exceeding in .,,,,„,mt the aum of Thirty-
aeven thousand (117,000) Dollari may
bv i|sucd by the ttld Mayor anil City
ci.-rk In terms of iht Municipal '.'lo..,
sal Act In ai/ina al .nay bl desired, lur
Jl."!. MtVeodlng One Thouiand 111.0001
+.. *1hollari each, or the equlvaltnt at-
presied In bounds iterllng nf the
United Kingdon of drill Brlltln —'
Ireland al th, value of Il.ll
lo lhe pouad slerllng. Each of
tald dtbtntur, • i-lu.fl be algned by lhe
•aid Mgyor tnd ''Ry clerk and Ihe city
ell illlx thereto the Corporate
Ui suld City of Norlh Vin
2    Tht debenturei  ahall  bear dele
the flr*l ■*■')' "f September, 1911, und
■hell bttr Inlerett at the rati of four
una on.- b Jf 11 'v) per cent, per annum
payable  I.'If yearly on the flrat day
of March mid tht ni ei day of s.,• i. >.,
I'd In euch and every ytar during the
current-   uf  ihe  aald   debentures,  or
any Of Hum    There ahall be oilui-licil
to tbt debentures coupons tlgned  by
Iht llayor   only for each   ,,ni  • •,'.
"^rpenl of lnlereit thai may become
end such ilgnatura may he cither
lien,,  ttamptd    .printed
plied. \
A Tht ttld dtbtnturti at lo principal and intareit may be ina.lv payable either In currency or lit cqul
vi.lmii In pounds sterling at tht valus
of 1190 l-l to the pound nl,-,11,,,. ol
luch place or placet In ureal Britain
United Stale* of America or the Dominion of Canada aa may be agreed
upon between (he Corporation and the
I'olileia thereof, and the tald principal
nun thoB be madt payable *by Hie
riiy ul a date not later than flfly
year* from the nisi day of September
|.   During   th*  whole  loin,   of  the
.•iirrinicy ef
clal rate op
end  lllttf jjy*  ytar In  au.lliioo   in
ill   I lu   Nl).  1*7
A in i vu lo enable Ibe 4'orperttloa
ol Iht Clly ol North Vaacouver lo
ralte by war ol Iota Ihe aum ol
niii. i.iio.iiii lor Main „,.,u. pur
WHEREAS ll Is deemed expedient
thul the sum of One Iiundred unu
twenty-nve   thuusund   aoimrs   (1111.-
000 00) lie pruyldcd fur .... n.i. ion..
worki for supplying wutcr (o the In-
: n ii..,.;■ uf the Clly uf Norlh Vuncuuver to bo upplicd us herelnufler
AND WHEREAS In order lo provide
suid sum ll will be iic,.ssj,iiy tu Issue
debentures of Ihe Corporation of the
City of No,il, Vuncouver for the aom
of one hundred and Iwenly-llve thou-
huii.I dollars 11121,000) as hereinafter
pruvlded iwlilch is the amuiint Of the
debt Intended to be creutud by this
AND WHEREAS u petition signed h)
the owners of more than one-tenth
dJ10) uf [lie '...ho las shewn by tlie
last revised Assessment Roll) or reul
property In the Clly of North Vancouver hurt been presented lo the Muni-
dpul   Council   of   the   city   of  North
1 uncouver requesting than) tu introduce
a By-luw to authorize the borrowing
upon Ihu credit of tile City of One
Iiundred und twenly-flve tliuiisuml
D,,||.ir» lllll.000) fur tne purpose
.TNI' WHEREAS for Ibe puyment of
Iniereil on the debenlures proposed
to be Issued under this By-luw, und
for creating a alnking fund for the
puyment ol the laid debenturei when
due. It will be neeeittry lo rulse b)
ipeclal rale In addition to all other
rales, each yea rduring lhe currency
,.f such debenlures Ibe sum of six
Ihousund four hundred and forty-three
dollars and eighty ccnle (16111.80),
whereof Flvo fhuuiun* alx Hundred
und iw,niy live dollari 116626) Is lo
be ralaed annually for the payment
uf mi, iim during the currency of tuld
debenturei. uno eight hundred and
eighteen dollar! and eighty cent!
illll.10) la to be ralaed annually fur
ibo purpoie of , tenting u linking fund
for puymenl of the dent secured by III
said debentures, the lame being in."I
payable In flfly yeun from the Drsl
day  of September.  1911
AND WllEltEAS In order to ralae
the aaid yearly aum of Six Ihousund
four  Iiundred  and/orjy-lhrec  dollurs
iSMiiMii   for   the   repayment' uf
principal  thereof.
7. Tlie proceeds of tbe aald dehenlurea ahall bo applied aa follows, and
hot otherwise:
(a) In payment of the cost of the
passing of this By-law, and Ibe Issue
and Bale of the debentures therein referred to, und all expenses connected
with   the  aald  lean. <
(h) In recouping the aald Corporation for auch auma ua have been expended hereunder until lbc prqceeaa
of the Bale of the auld debentures
I., ."in.     . '..nl,.i.i
(c) To carry out tho purposes of
thla By-law aa above aet out
I. All moneys arising out ot the
annual special rate hereinbefore pro
vlded for sinking fund shull he In
vested by the Council of the said Cur
pnrullnn frum time lu time us the law
directs r >
t. No rcbute shall be allowed on the
aneclal rutcB to be levied under thin
10. Tin ■ By-law shull luko effect on
the Sixteenth day of January, 1912
II. This By-luw muy be cited fur ull
purposes as "Thu Waterworks Doun
By-Uw  ,1919."
Passed by the Council on the Twenty-eighth  day  of  December.   1911.
Received the assent of the Electors
of the Clly of North Voncouver ul nn
election   for   the   purpose  on   the
day of 1912
Reconsidered It)' lhe council, and filially   iidupied   .signed   by   the   Mayor
und  City   Clerk   unl   seuled   with   the
Corporate Seul mi the
duy  of Hii
TAKE NOTICE that the abovt Is u
true copy uf the proposed By-I.uw upun which lhe vule of Ihe Electors uf
Uie Minimi...In. uf the Clly'of Nurth
Vuneuuver will be tukuti within )h,
City Hall. North Vuncuuver. B. C. on
Thursday, the Eleventh day uf January A.D.. 1912. between the tutors uf
9 o'clock am and 7 'o'clock j. in
Clly Clerk utpl Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE la hereby given
that the vote of the Electora or Uu
City of North Vuncouvor will he
Inkun on Tliursduy. lhe Elevenlli du)
of January. 1912. between Ilie huurs
of 9 o'clock a.in und 7 o'clock
The Wutorwurks Luun
uud thul wllhln the city Halt Norlh
Vancouver. B. C, and tbut Tllomn
Shepherd haa been appointed Return
Ing Officer to tuke the Vote of such
iti. .i.'i .   with   n,,    usuul   puwers   lo
llllli     l-l   -il
By order uf Ihe Cuuncll.
City Clerk,
THEBEEOBUI the Mupldpti
pi the Corporation of the
Nortli Vancouver, with tha
the   bit,..'ton,   uf  the  City
Viiii.iuiiviif  duly  obtained  ,.
1. - It ihall be lawful fur tin
of the City at North Wncotl
tin, City Clark for Uie puriio*^_
said In burrow or raiso by wajBpisH
frum any peraun ur porauna. .
bodies cup oral,', who may he]
to iidviinco the aame upun tit
of  tho  debenlure*  hcrulnuftej
Hoped qf the Corporation,
money  net ticBdelng  In  thl
the aum ot Seventy-five (house!
000) i nd la in, end lo cu,in thoi
ba I'l.ioo.i In the Bank of Brltlf
America at  Nortli Vuncuuvor,
nredH- ol  iho  Oity--for  thu  3
ubovu replied .ami auoh mon
he used fqr that purposo onli
I.   Debentures of the Ulty
coodlng In amount the turn of I
flvo thouiand ($76,000) Dollars
laaued by  the  paid  Mayor  u
Clerk,  In    terms of   thp   "
dilutes Act In minis aa may I
but not exceeding Ont lliousai
000)   liulliini   "a.'h   or   the   "id
expressed  Ini puund:,  elcrllngl
I 'nil >->l Kingdom of grout  Br.il
Ireland at Iho  vulue of li.H"
the pound slerllng.     Each of |
dobenturea ihall be algned by
Mayor and Clly Clerk  and  II
Clark shall nillx thereto ihu i'oi
Seul n| Hit eald Clly of N„rt|
I.    Tilt   debenture:!   Shall   hea
the flril day ol September.   Ill"
ahall bear intereat at the rate j
and one-half (4U)  per tent,
uuin puyable half yearly on if
day  of March   and  the  flrat
September III each and every t
ing the currency of the auld debl
or any of them.   There sliull T
Inched to Ibe debenture* coupon
ed by  tbo Mayor only, for
every paymcht of Intureat Unit I
ilne,  and  audi  tlgnalure  may
titer im In. in slumped, prlnlud
4. Tlie ai'l i, in iiiin o:. us to
pul und Inlerest muy he mude
cither in currency ur Its eq
in puunds iterllng at thu v
11.86 1-3 'to tho "ino sterling
place or places In' Oreut Brlliili
cd Stuteu of America or lbc lit
of Canada us muy be ugrced uin|
ss ..is the Corporation and tlio
or thereof, und the suid principal
.sliull be mude able by tlie Ofl
u dute not later than llfty yearfj
lhe Ural duy nf September,  1911,
I.   During   lliu   whole   term   of
'Mirrency or tlie suid dchcntiirt-B
^iiiiii Id tho last revlaed Asseiimcni
Hull) Inni beon presented to thu Mmil-
,|,i»| Council qf the City of North Vuil-
jiuivrr niqiieatliiir timm lo Introduce
.•By-la* to uuthurlta tha borruwlng
Jf Hit sum Qf Flfly tliniisand 1160,01)11)
IMlltw (Jt,}'1" liurpuie arorotald.
ANH WTiEREAS for Iho -payment
iilileresl on tho dobenturea propmed
a si
„,   . .„, -,™ —„...,„,... prop,,!,,,I
i, in, u.uiid under thl* By-law, and
lor cmailng a alnking fund for tho
jjiiiiiii uf the laid debenture!! when
jut, 11 will bu neceaaary tu ralie by
Uttdll late   In   a.billion   to  ell   mho,
iiln. '"li year during the currency
I ui,is  ii'iieiiiiinsii the aum ot Two
iii„ii„,,ii'i  t'Tvt! Hundred ahd seventy
■vtn   Dollars end'  Afty-Ave   cant*
n-llj7.il). whereof Two Thouiand two
Kiftlri'tl .mil   Aft)'   (|H69)   dulluis  lu
Ij Ih raised annually for the payment
jj Intel,oi during tpe curency of aald
i.i.i.a' i  and Three   hundred   and
i,inl)-seven    dol|»r*   and    flfly-flva
anil ,;.",.dii  to be ralaed annually
In tin: purpose of creating a sinking
htd fur ihe puyment of Ine debt ae-
iureil hy ihe tald .p. ben i ii ns,, tho iame
being ai'""' payable In Afty ytara frum
ih iu ■  ■'■" of September, 1911.
i,N|, WlfEKEAS In order to ralao the
ull rv.iiTy sum of Twu thousand Ave
■ :.,ii...i and i.eventy iiovoii diiiiaiI! and
lltv-llve sonti (18177.16)  for lnlereit
ul iltiHlng   fund,   en   equal   ipeclal
rait on He dollar wl" be required lo
b levied on al lthe rateable real pro-
Wli In lha aald cily.
' min w ilMIIEAS th* whole rateable
^ pruiu'rty   In   the  aald  City   ac-
..in:. Iii the laat rcvltod assesBinunl
i'\ li Tut million nine nunored and
liuty :i   na.nni    il,,..   hundred   and
.ittti) une doll.it,, (|10,990,971).
iKIl WHEHEAS tbe aggregate  of
ih Miming   debenture   dent   of   the
,'i!|ioruili'il Is nine Iiundred uud three
'ia.tiai   nine   hundred   und   twenty
itlll.KO) Dollurs ,, ... i.iii.i. for works
ii local I'djiruvement a|nl  for school
el'lfsipiiti'iii ->f which none of the prlncl-
j ur im, reat Is In urreur.
i IllHlllll-'OHE tbe Munlclpul Council
■      ' ' ■ 11"is of uio on    of Norlb
Bli,V,u',iav,'r with the aaiutit of the Elec-
iiii uf llm City of Norlli Vancouver
iffcli ulji,lined, eliucts us fulliiws:
It'll I   II .Is.ill  he lawful fur Ilie Muyur
,1 tin- City  of North Vancouver and
ik lily Clerk for the purpoBe afore
j is, borrow or rulse by way of louii
d'i'iiaiis person or persons,  body ur
P| li.H i"i| orute. w'bo mny be wlillng
*:\ iltri...   Ihu :-.mn   upon  lhe credit
||t lite iii 1'nturcB hereinafter meiitlnn-
i,lll„    "i i"'i.i.ii.ii. u sum ut mon-
n';, usi sMiecdlng   In   the   whole   Ibe
'  uf Fifty Tliniisand ((611.000) Dnl
BV-I.AW */«. iin
ol Ike
 "Pttl pi wrtrvwMum «
ralie by  way ol lo.n lhe »uui „I
t»»ii-iivi- ibeusaas) ifan,ti4ij(yT}Bl-
p.ni. on
lol rule on Ihe dollar shall be VHtriU ,,,,,1   n,   ciiilse   tho  same   to   li
und raised each year jn atldlilnii [p__ajsll..,j ;,, .hc_ Bank  of British Norll
tiler rutes on nil Ilie niteiihle
property In the City und -niii. i
piiy the interest iipun Uie suid L
tureB. nnd to creute u s.inUin,; fiuo
fur the paymenl of Ibe pi'ludpul I
uf when due. Btilijecl tu uny ud oj
nclinelit s .ai'l, llui: tile same
Hpcclul raite situll he Inserted In
'■'ll" n.i'. Hull or Holla, mul shall
payable to und collected by Ilia **|d
Corporation lu Ilie biiiuc way us pipe;
rales 111 the suld Hull ur Hulls, aave a:
llerclllaflul'  provided
S In urder tu provide for lhe ratet
sel out In paragraph 16) and sr
.is uforesaiu. there shull lie rulsoi.
nitnlly by speclnl rule during lliu pur
lency uf the suld debentures, lhe ipm
of Three thuiisund three nundred, and
seventy.live 1133761 ilisllniB 1st piuvld,
fur the payment of Inleretl Un rent end
tlie sum uf Pour hundred uud nibety-
oiic dollurs uml llilrty cenls ,!i:ii mn
fur the i.i".".,,,. of the principal
i. The proceeds nf the said deben-
lues shull be applied as fnllinia, and
mil   .-il,. : .  ia
(ul in puyment uf tlie enst uf the
passing of Ihis By-luw .und the lliu.
and sale uf the dchcnltireu therein referred tu und nil expense! cunnactld
wlih the suld luan.
(h) In recouping the euld Corpora-
lion for audi suiiib as have lieen ex-
pended hereunder until lhe proceed!
of Ihe sule uf the suld ■!• I ■ nun. s be
cornel   aviilliible
ic) To curry .nil lhe purposea uf (bll
Bv.iuw nl ubove sel uut
. I. All moneys arising mil of the
aunuul speclul rule hcrelnliefnre provided for sinking fuml shull be iiiv.-m
,.-,) by Ilie Council uf the suld Qor-
iiuriitlnn   frnm   lime   lu   time  us'Jibe
shall' lie   ullowedi
s  lo bo  levied  ml
ilu By-luw sliull tuke effectpn
ecnlll   duy   of   Junuury.   III!
■*■■--        y  br    ■'- ' ™-
law   dlrecla.
9. No rebule
the speclul ru'i
Ililu By-I
10. Thl
Hie   Slxi	
11. This By-law nut) be cited
all purpuses us "The Bice Duke
aervulr   Ijiiiin   By-law,   1912."
Cussed  by  the  council  un  tlie
duy  of  December,   1911.
Received the iissent of the Elector
the  Clly   of  North   Viineuuver  ut
I- ii-!   fur (he |tiii-|iose on the
lay  of III
Beconaldered by t lie council uml
alls adopted .signed   bylhe Mayor
Clly Clerk  .and scaled  with lhe Ci
porute Seul on the duy nf
•■l<l    HOj./dt.
•■id Mfryor
und eighty conli Ifllltit) lur Inleretl
and linking fund ,an equal epaclul
rate on the dollar will he required
iu be levied un all. tbe rateable real
I,,,,,,.,, tn tho aald ciiy.
AND VMtEltitEAS the whole ralc-
uble real property In thl laid cn,.
j". dim. fo ihe lasl revised Asaeai-
nieli! Hull ll 1)10.990.171 00) ten million nine hundred ano ninety Hum
sand tin... hundred and toventy-onc
AM) WllEltEAS Ibt aggregate of
the , ilatlng si,!,,-mui,' debt of the
Corp' ration Is nine hundred and three
■ia ml pine hundred and twenty
i|90J 10) Dollan, (excepting for
wurls of local Improvement and lur
st'hoo, purpQitl) uf wbleh nont of Iho
oi ti,.   nl or Inlerett It In trrear.
Till IIEKURE tht Munlclpul Council
uf the Corporation of iht Clly of Norlh
Vai.,. ver (With lhe assent of the
Elcrtoi i ot Iht Clly ef Norlh Vancouver
duly  - stained)  enacti at follow;:
I li shall he lawful for lbc Mayor
of Ibe C|t
Ihe Clly C..._ _ „.	
tald  Is, borrow or  ralae  by  way of
loun fi. in any peraon or perioni, body
i cn psst site, who may be willing
„ce iht aunt upon tha credit
i-i,..Milieu hereinafter    men-
f   0)1   CnlpolliHnll.   t   turn   of
i* It'(awful "fi. .
:ur of North Vancouyir and
Cltrk for Ihe purpoie afore
or bo,
to ad
of th
lug the whole term of the
of the laid dilienlurei a tpe-
on tha dollar shall be levied
u)| nlhtr rale* on all the rateable real
property In ")* ''">' '""' lufflcltnl to
pay the Iptercit upon lha laid dej.cn-
iurei. an* to crtile a sinking fund fn.
the payment of Ihe principal Ihcreof
Whtn out. tubjtct to toy acl or enarl-
ment rttpecllna tht lime. Such trie-
da rate shall V inaerted In Iht Col-
leclor"! Hoi) or Holli and shall be pay
able lo and colttoled by Ihe ttld cor
porallon In (hi lame way us other
relet In lhe tald roll or rolll, save
hertlnWere- provided,
I   Jn order to provide for tin ralei
get •««».» paragfaeS <•   and tubject
exceeding In the whole lhe
un-   huiidii '
Ihoutand ■'tlllMMI   -,..,"  ...    ,.
ibo  iame  to bt placed  in  the
. (   Brills" 	
noney i ot . .^ -. -.      ,    ..
ium ul ,f»c hundred tnd  twenly-Ave
■'"••'» "«>   Dollar! an*     lo
Bank ,f Srllflb North America at
Norlh Vancouver ,lo the credit of lit
city f„i Ihe purppio above reel ed
and iu, I, money ihall be uied for thai
purpose  oPlf,
I. Del. nfurt* of Ita* Clly not exceeding in ameuht Iht turn of One
Iiundred and Iwanly-flyt ibouiand
I|lll,i,(i0l pollara mty ht Ittued by
the sold tfeyor and C/ty Cltrk n
lenns of nn MunUlpal Cllutei Act, l»
au/iiB u* mas bt deijrid, but not exceeding one Ibeuewd HlHtl l)0»ar*
each, or Hit tqu|*»tnt esprt»*fd In
pound! d.rllnaof thl United Kingdom of Urean?rllain tuld keleJId at
(be value oT HM »-l to,'*1? P?mi
llocb »l the "Id debenture..
'   '     Ihe  tald  Mayor
st, -llln 1
ahall be sslgqed by Die tald Mayor
ami Clly 1'1,'S And 'KJasBBiMEPtt
aff* Ihireio ffle Corporal* Betl Of
the tnJ.1 Clly of Norlh ffmamtfttr..
I. Th. Aafiipturei aPatt' bga.r ddte
Ihe nml tly^of Bepltinber, l»ll,.and
ilnll bear li'ltrttt it ibi rata Of lout
and on. Isiilf7ftt> ptf-c»nl. per annum payable hull lathy on lpt »r«f
III    I.VVl    Nil.   I'-N
A UV-I.AW Io c.jibl, Ike , o,|,oi„il,ni
ol Ihe Clly ol Nurlh Vancouver to
ralte by way el loan Ibe aura of
l7r>,niHI lor ruaalruellDa a storage
retrrvslr al Blct Dake.
st in-.i.'i-.'.:, it la deemed expedient
In order lu operate und malntuln
works for supplying water tu Iho Inhabitant! of the (Ily of Nurlh Vun-
ouver thai u storage reservulr be
constructed  at   Nice  Duke
ANI) WHEREAS In order therein It
will be necessury tq Issue debentures ul
the Clly of North Vancouver fur the
sum of s-oveM) tive thuusund ,176.000)
Dollars ul hereleafler pruvlded (which
Is the umount of the debt Intended to
be created by thla By-law) Ilie proceedi of Ibt aald debentures to lie applied to the ' om a i io i i" a uf laid ttor-
ugc retervoir at Hlcc lailn  and n, no
ANI) WHEREAB a petition signed
hy the owners ol more thun one-
tenth 11-10) uf the value of reul pro
perty In lhe Clfy of Norlh Vuncuuver
(at ihown by lhe laat reviled Aiicbs-
Sent Holl) haa been presenlid lo th,
unl. li al Council of tho Clly of North
Vancouver rtufuiillng them to Intro
ducc a By-law to authorise the hur
rowing of Me von i y il v.- thouiand l|76.
0001 Dolluri for Ine purpose aforciuld
AND v. in limo for lhe payment of
Inn uul on Ihe debenturei proposed
lo be lieued under Ihli By-law, and for
i nailing is sinking fund fur the pay-
mint of tb, a.ilu dobenturea when due
il will be neceitary to ralie by ipeclal rate In addition to all other rales
each year during rhc currency of such
debentures the sum of Three thousand
eight hundred and alxty-six dullum
und thirty cent* 11.1106 HO), whereof
Three thonaand three Iiundred nno tcv-
enty-flvc ff3876) Dollan is to be railed unoyally for lha payment ot ij.t.-r-
eat during ihe currency of laid debenture!, and four hundred and nlnelv-
one dollan and thirty cent! (|(tl.l0)'|
to be ralaed annually for Die purpose
ot 'Tenting a slpklag fund for tht payment of the debt aecured by the mid
debenture! the ttme being mode payable Jn Afty yeara from the lirst day
ef September, 111).
AND WHEHEAS In order lo raise
the said yearly turn ,of Three thouiand
eight hundred and slxty-tlx dollars,
and thlrly centi (I88f0.lt/) for Inlerest
and linking bind, an ouuol ipeclal
rate on the dollar will be reoulred
lo be levied on all lhe rateable real
properly Ip the laid oily.
Aliil WHEREAB the whole i„i,„ble
rial properly In Ibe tald City according
to the lust revlaed otaeasiUAOl roll Is
110,910.971 (ten million nine Iiundred
end ninety thousand, three Iiundred
and seventy ont dollari,
AND WHEREAB the aggregate of
Hie oxlillng debentsro debt-, af lha
Corporation It nine hundred ahd tbree
three thousand nipt hundred and
twenty l|V«,»M) Dollars, (excepting
for workt of local Improvenient ami
for ichool purpose!) of which none of
the principal er Intareit li In arrear.
'   t
TAKE NOTICE dial  the above Isl
true copy uf Uie proposed By-Duw 'i
nn whicii the vute of tlie Electora
the Municipality of the City uf Null
Vuncouver   will   be   tuken  wllliln   II
t'lly Hull. Nnrlh Vuncuuver. B. C.
Thursday.   Ilie  Eleventh  day  nf   I.'i.u
ury  AD.,  1812. belween tne noun
9  u'cluck a.m. and  7  u'cluck  p m
City Clerk und Relurnlng Ollicer
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby glvel
Ihul Ihe vote of tlie Eleclors nf Hit
Clly of North Vancouver will 111
luken on Tliursduy, the Elevenlli dui
of .luniiury, 10]2. between Ilie huui'if
of 9 u'clock a in und 7 u'cluck i tn
The Rice Duke Iteservulr l.tiurt
By-luw. 1912.
and Ihul wllhln the Clly Hull. N'urih]
Vancuuver. B. ('., and thai Thun
Shepherd has been appulliled Relurn-i
Ing Ollicer lo luhe the vole of snclil
Electors   with   tlie   usuul   powers   In]
llllli     I.,  ball
By order of the Council,
Clly Clerk.
.lien si   Nurlh   Vuncuuver,   to  the
iill uf Hie   City    for   the   purpose
krr i, .neil nnd such muneys ahull
. i.i',l  f> r   iiiui   purpose   only.
! Iisl,Mures  ol   Ilie city  not   ex-
i.nsy ii. umount  the sum  of Fifty
v.uii.'i ■ 160.000) Dullurs may be Is-
. ll.s ill, suld Mayor uiul CHy clerk
Hum ...I lhe Munlclpul (Tiiubcb Acl
moil ,i-  may lie desired,  but   niii
tattdlng Hue Ihousund (11.000) dollari,
»L sir il .   esiulvulent  expressed   in
jdi >,cling",if  tbe  United  Klng-
lctfi!i,.,l Billalii and Irclund ul tins
il,. of !< 00  2-3  In the puund tler-
H  Eji.1i if lhe suld debenlures shall
i*ID..i I . the suid Muyur und City
r.ii «i ,    he  CHy Clerk  shull  nlllx
M" ii.  ,',ir|inrule Seul of the suld
•  l ti . h Vuncouver.
TL.   debentures sliull   beur  dute
ii.i a..,- of September,  lull, und
viW.ii interest at the rate of four
i iin half ll'h) per cent, per un -
i itayuLle half yearly an the lirst
iill.iiili and the ril duy uf Scp-
i:.r In tuch und every year during
-sirriiii, of the suld debentures or
,tl Iiiiii.   There thall be utlach-
ii the    eh, somen coupuns algned
ili Has,,r only, for each and every
■Ml .I Intereat thai muy become
i ml .i.ii :,. ,:,inn-, may' tic either
■Hln   n.nnped,   printed   or    iilliu-
I Th...,] debenture sae to prlncl-
inl ni' eit muy lie mude payable
e»r in . .rrency or Ita etjulvulcni
'i-'..'.sJ- -tcrllng ut the value nf
«M t. she pound slerllng ul such
t>, ,i i;., es lu Uri-iit Hi n. in Unit-
.;>s.- i America or lhe Dominion
' ''u.*ji , at may be agreed upon
1.,-!. si, ilorporullssii end the hold-
1 '■ ■<■"( ..nd tlie suit] prlncipiil sum
H-"t n .ole payable by the clly ul
Bu'rwii |a|(.r ihan flfly yearn from
1 lm .!,.;.   of September.  1911
inn., the whole term uf tlic
•':,:>, .1 ihe suid debentures u spe-
V'l.i. on ihe dullur shull be levied
t; ruied .uch yeur In uddlllun to
U'lTii ral. | on all the rateable reul
l';u'i in ihe city and sufficient lu
mu. iui. real upon the tald delicti-
'v m.i io create u sinking fund
''!;, hs nt of the principal there-
oiil-r. ',.. aubject lo uny act or
c''i,!ii ..meeting the sunie Sin-h
*,\'i rat. .hull be Inserted In Ihe
'-it 111 or Rolll, und sliull be
, U ..ud collected by the ki.D)
Ull.u. in the same way u« othei
•■ lie ...Id Roll or Rolls, save us
Wm uovlded
lionlir to provide for Ihe rules
;' In iaragraph  fO) und aulsjes"
hole shull be railed on-
lul rale during the cur-
.ald debentures Hie sun'
■ and   Iwo   Iiundred     ond
1 ollars lo provide for Ihe
''•' of interest  thlroun, und  lb,
PO   !
r, :   |
III, •■„,
hundred and twenty-lev-
uhd      flfly-flve      cents
r   the   repuyment   of   the
s r. of.
■ ceds of the said deben-
I.  applied at followa, mid
snenl nf Ihe coll of lhe
il i Bv-low ond lhe Issue
llui debenlures therein re
nl all expenses connected
hi loan.
r, iplng the Bald Corpora-
li qiims ua have been ex-
a der unlll the proceeds
of the said debenlures beany  oul   lhe  purpuses of
ts above let oul
on. ye 'arising oul of thr
ltd rule hereinbefore pro-
i'.i ig fund ahull he Invest-
I'lncTl of Ihe laid Corpora-
Inn lo Ume at the law dl-
ur-|.AW mi. m
A BV-I.AW to meklt Ikt ( nrpurallon
nf tkt/tliy nl Norlb Vaueouver lo
raise by way of loan Ibe turn ol
He-OOO  lor   lhe   purpuse  of  making,
rirrservlng, Inprovlog an* repalr-
ag foadt aad tlrrcu. Ta the III)
laeladlag Ihe coatlruclloa of gt»
WHEREAS thi genorul revenue Is
InsunTdciit lo meet- lhe expenditure
ii.-,cBHiti-y for tho purpose of making,
preiervlng, Improving and repulrlna
roada and ttrteti In tne Clly or Nortli
Vancouver Including Ike construction
of new iiiisivsillssi
AND WHEREAS It la dealreble and
.deemed expedient that the turn of
Fifty Thouiand (100,000) Dolluri be
expended hy the City for tho'purpose
AND WHEREAS It) ora>r thereto,
It will be necessary to Issue debenture*,!
pf (be City of North Vancouver for the
thm of Flfly Thuusund I$60,000/ Holler* at lieieiiiafter provided (which
li lhe amount of lire debt intended to
be creeled by this By-law )|he proceed!
of the (old debentures to be applied
to the told purpoiei end lo no other
AND WHEHEAS a petition llgned
by tht owntrt of more than ont-tentb
■'..:. thall be allowed on lhe
iti , i be levied  under thll
1 nil g) daw ahull take effect on
! ' "ni doy of Jonuury. 10.17
L!;H By law mill be died for
T/*i lit ''The SU-eeti MalPien-
l** U, law. HI!"
',l, Ht Council on the lllh
''■••ii'ler, llll.
S De a". ni of the Elector*
(r of ..forth Vancouver at un
" Ht purpoae op the
' 'tul ,y tin- ,'ooio il and lin-
•*.'* ik-ncd bylhe Mayer and
,'" »,! sealed Villi (be Cer-
' Jff;ki1S!.tf T&'M c"w»"«
■ n^)m I
„-,,. ...e .bensai)il (»»,,-„„, .-„,
iari fpr lhe purpuse »| mululalulng
anaT e.,ulpplug lhe I'lre lleparliuenl.
WHEREAS It III deemed expedient
In the Intei'tst of the City to borrow
Twonty-FIVrTShousund (|J6,000) Do|-
lani lor tho purpose ur iiiulntalning
and equipping th* Eire Brigade, tamo
being an expondlturo neceaaary for
the iisslalanci! of Ibo Fire Duparlmont
uf tha City.
AND W11EHEAS 111 ordor thereto It
will be necessary to Issue debenlures
uf ihe Clly of North Vancuuver for tho
turn of iiieiii) Hi, Ihousund ifilfi,-
000)' Dolluru as bereliiufter provided
(which Is tho amount uf tbo debt Intended lu be creutud by thll.' By-luw)
lhe proceedi uf the sulu dobenturea to
be apiii.il lo the suld purpusea and no
AND WHEREAS a petition algned
by Ihe ownera of more tbau one-tenth
ti iui Iho viilae of reul propurty In
the City of Nortli Vuncuuver (ub Bhovvn -
by tbe luat revised ABsesstncnt Roll)
baa h, ,ii presented i... Hie .Municipal
Council of llui Clly of Norlli Vancouver i"ii"':i:ii tbem to Introduce a
By-law to uutliurlzo the borrowlng
upun lhe credit uf Hie clly Iho sum of
Tweiii, in. llioUBuiid 1126,000) Dollur sfor the purpose ub urorcsuld.
AND WHEREAS for thu puyment of
interest un the debentures propused to
be Issued under this By-luw, und for
creating a alnking tuml I'm- Ihu payment "i tlie Haiti a. i" ini.ii. ss l.. a due,
li will be necessary to rulse liy spe-
dul inle lu uddlllun tu .ni .iii. i rates,
each yeur during the currency uf such
i. I' i.ii.;.. Uie sum of (ine ili.'ii:.nol
twu hundred and dghiy-eiglit dollurs ,
und seventy-six ct.ni ill. 288.71),
whereof (ipe thousand one hundred
and lwclily-live- dulluis ifll25) Dullurs is tu be raited annually fur tho
payment uf interest during tho currency iif Buld debentures .and one hundred and in il" lull..i. nnd buv-
enty-six cents ($163.76) lo bo rulsed
annually for the purpuse uf creutlng u
sinking fund fur Uie payment of iho
debl secured by tire said debenlurea
lhe same being made payable lu llfty
yeurs li'siii the lirst day of Sepiembor,
AND WHEREAS In muer to raise
Hie said yearly sum ul Due ihousund
twu hundred and eighty-eight dollari
nnd seventy-six cenls I|I268.76) for
interest und sinking lutnl. un equal
special rule nn Uie dollar will be re-
quired tu he levied OII nil lhe :.,:. . Id,
reul pruperty in the said city.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
teul property In Uie said clly according lu lhe lusl revised Assessment
Rull Is 110.990.371 licit million nlno
rundrcd and ninety tbuuHund. Ilirco
Iiundred uml tevonty-one duijuri).
AND WHEREAS lite uggl'egulc ol
(tic exllling debenlure debl of the
Curpurallun is nine hundred und Ihree
Ibuuuund nine hundred ulld Iwenty
dullurs s, a,,;.;..ai, (oxceptlng for
.'..■:!.. uf local iniisinveuieiii und for
Scbnol purposes) ■ whicii none uf tho
lirincjjial ur inleraat is In arrear
THEREFORE Iho Municipal Council
of Uie Corporation of the city uf North
Vancouver, wlili tho uaaonl uf the
Eledurs of the CHy of North Vuncouver dol) obtained, cnacta as followa:
1 11 sb.nl be lawful ror ihe Muyor
uf tbe Clly uf Nurlli Viineouver and
the City clerk lur Ihe purpuuo aforeaald lu borrow ur rulse hy wuy uf loan
frum uny person or perions. body or
bodies corporate, who may tie willing '
lu advance the sume upun the credit
uf lite debentures In inaftcr men-
Hulled ut tlie Curp, r.i ion u sum nt
money nol exceeding In trie whole Iho
sum of Twcnly-llvc thousand 1126,000)
Dollars, and to cause tin- same lu he
plated In ihe Uunli of Brllish Nurlh
America ul North Vuncuuver to the
credit of ihe (.'ily for Die- porposo
above recited .and luch moneys shall
be used fur I lull purpose only.
2. Debenturei uf the city nut exceeding in ,,n,"ao: Ilie sum uf Twenty-
five thousand <|26.(i00| Doliurs may
lie issued by Die suid ',...., und Cily
clerk In terms of the Munlclpul "Clause! Acl In sums us may be desired,
but nut exceeding One thousand
111.000) Dollars each, or Un. equlvulenl
expressed In pounds sterling of tho
United Kingdom of flreul Ui-liuln und
Inland at.the value of tin'' 2-2 io
Ibe pound Iterllng. Euch uf tbe said
debentures shull be signed by Hie suld
Muyur and Clly Clerk und tlie CHy
Clerk shall ullix therelu lhe Curporale
Seal uf Ihe Said I'll) uf Norlh Vancuuver
I. The debenlures shall hear dute
the in:', duy uf September, 1911. and
sliull bear inlerest al Ilie rule ut tout
uml "i" ball fl'A) per cent per annum payable half yeurly un the first
day of March and the first day ol
September In each uml every yeur during the currency of tlie suld debentures, ur uny of them There sliull
be altachod to lhe debenturea, coupon*
signed by Uie Mayor only, fur each
und every puymenl of intereat thai
muy become due. und audi signal ino
muy be either written, stumped,
printed or lithographed
| 4 The suld debenturei ub to principal und lnlereit may he mude puyuble cither In currency ur lit equlvulenl in puunds slerllng ut the value
nf 1186 2-3  lo Ihe i..  sidling at
such place or places in Oreat Britain.
I'l.sie'l Suites of America or lhe Dominion uf Cunudu us muy he ugrced upun belween the Curporallun and the
lo.iil. ia thereof, und the suld prlnclual
sum shull be made payable by lhe ,'i'y
ui u dale not later Inun mn. yeara
from Die Ural duy of September, llll.
I. During the whole lorm of tbe
currency of the suld debenturea. a
ipcclal rale on the dolisr shall be
levied und n,is*d cucii yeur In uddltlon
,>,, the
.'''TIM lhal me aoovc la a
h''[% propoied B>l^w up-
J> vule Of the Eleclora tt
,>iii) of Ae CHy ,o!,f(erU,
fi'Uli be lageh wlM lhe
Win, Vancouver, R C., on
•e Flcvcnth day of JanU-
>il belween tee houn of
«| ind 1 o'clock pm.
'»< m.i Returning Officer.
J,*«iOE li hereby given
i>tt the Elector ef We
■IJftb Vancouver will be
K>Mey. lhe Eleventh day
I i Hill belween tW hour*
K'» and-7 o'clock p.m-on
ti,"!' mpnapaee torn By-
fcjiui th* Wty Hall, North
IfJ' (■' 'and that Thomaa
Ph...'!- Kpolnud Return-
"" Ui* (Gouapll
lo all olher rales on ull Ihe rateable
real property filThc clly and tulDclent
lo pay the Interest upon the said dt-
bettturet. and to Creute u sinking fund
for the payment of the principal thereof when due .tubject lo any acl or
enactment respecting Un- mme Such
special rale shall be Inserted In the
colli', n,i,:' Roll or li.di:,. and thall ba
payable lo an.) collecte*. ap -Iho said
Corporallon In |he same Way as the '
other rates In lhe tula Holl or Roll*,
tave a* hereinafter provided.
I. In order to provide ror the ratea
let out In paragraph (I) and aubject
as aforeiald. there shall be railed annually by special rale during the currency ol Ihe laid dehenluret the turn
of One thouiand one hundrtd and
Iweiiiy hve iill,'!.) Doll.nu lo provide
lor the' payment of the inleretl thereon, and Ihe turn of One hundred und
slxiy-tlti", e -dolluri nni) levenly-tlx
cents (1)11.71) for- lhe repuyment of
the principal  thereof.
7 The proceedi of the said debenture* thall be applied as rotlows. Vtd
Pot ptherwlie:
(a) In peyr/ienl of the coit of the
pausing of this Hi law ami the li'tnie
und ili'lc pf the dub, olur, „ therein
ref, ii"d to and all exinnes connected
wilh ipe tald loan,
(b) In recuupluglltu laid .Corport-
lldn for" lUcn tumt te have been expended hereunder until lhe proceed*
Of  tpe   aale'pl   I'e   said   debenlure*
liel'OlO.'S.    1,1',,11,,'nle
(c) To carry oul the purpoiei ol
thii by-law a* above act oul.
'I mcir-"■'  -- '"
II1P   *-,v   /
I.   All
",    Me tba vote of euch  »nnuul tpcclal rate lieruTnbefore pro-
(JPiiS uiual   ftoweri   In   vlded  for  sinking  fund Sliull  be  In-   ■
,,,    >ue   uiuoi   nuwe.a   'V. ,veiu,d by the C«Undl of the tald Co/a'
"""gii. coonoti      i'     '       porallon Dom Ume to time nt Ituytlyf
9.   No  rebate  shall   be  allowed   on
be ipeclar rain lo he levied  under
_        sliull  be  allowed ^n
the tpe
'bi"oB,Tlitr'By-l»w ihall  lake effect
on the lllh day of January, llll. if,.
11,   Tbii By-law
purposea us  "Tlie
duy nf December, Iill, ,
'    I the assent of (he Klectorfl
y of North Vancouver at uu
Hopelvcd the aiieht ol' the Electors
if tho Clly of North Vancoiivir. r' ""
election fpr the purpose on the
Reconsidered by the Council and finally adopted, ilapcd by the Mayor and
nn„ nioVi. uud sealed w|th Hip Oor-
City Clerk ...
poro,le Seal on tile
day of
TAKB NOTICE that the above-la a
true copy of the proposed By-Law in -
on which the vote of the Klociois ol
the Municipality of the Clly of North
VunooiiVor wl|l bo taken Wltbln the
Cjty Hull. Norlh Vanoouver, fl. "L • on
Thursday, Ihe Eleventh day of January A.P., 1811, Between tho hours of
9 o'elook am- and 1 O'clock min.
o'elook Mgg... jBgwfflj
qily Clerk and Relurnlng Qhlcer.
PUBLIC  NOTICE  ll  hereby   given
hat Ihe vole of the Eleclors of
City   of   North   Vancouver   will
that Ihe vole
Cltv   of   North
taken on Thursday, the Eleventh dav
of January,  1913, belween  the bourn
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 1 o'clock p.m. on
The Fire Brigade Aiilitaneo Bylaw,   IB13, ,, „   „   ,.
and lhal wllhln the city Hull. Norlli
Vancouver.   B.   C,   and   that   Thomas
Shepherd Ilus been appointed Reluming Officer  lo lake  the vole  nf such
Electors   with   tho   usuul   powers   In
lhat behalf.       ,    „       „
Bv order ol the Council,
BV         WM.  McNEISH.
Mayor.    .
City Clerk.
ll)  I. vv.   tu tutlile lie I'oreunllou
ol lbc I Hi  ef Norlb Vtncouver lo
Slw to way alta.WM A
.„ Ti,.,>is.i>.it 1110,000) Dollar; for
lbc uuruosc ol creclloK » »•>•" •»«
...rehouse   »l   Ibesterleld   Avetue
si.cl    Mid.
WHEREAS Itla deemed expedient In
Hie interesl uf tile Cltl In croc a
wharf and warehouse ut t hostel nun
Avenue street end fur the storage ul
iiiiinii li'.il   iupp|lei.
AND WHEKEAd I" order thereto li
will be necessury lu issue debentures
nf the Cliv nf Nurth iVuncouver tor
he ium of Ten Thuusund .HMO,
Dulluis us hereinafter P«»ld«<l
(which Is Ihe amount of the debt II-
tetilled lo be created b) tbit Bylaw)
the proceeds of the sum debenlures
lo be applied lo the suld purpusts
und tu up uther:
ANH WHEKEAB u petition signed
hy Hie uwneri of more ihun one-tel) tu
ll-IOl Ihe value uf reul pruperty In
Ibe Clly ol Nurlh Vancuuter ius shown
l,y the lust revised iisncssinciil roll
hi.i. been preienled lo the Munlclpul
I'ouncll uf Hie City nf Nurlh Vancouver re.iucntlng them lo Introduce
ii llv-lovv lu uuthoi-lie Ihem to
borrow the som of Ten lliiiiisnii.l
iHO.OUUl Dollars for the purpoie
AND WHEREAS for Hie pa>mcnt
nf Interesl on the debentures i'in|"«
id lo be Issued under this llyluw.
ui d fm creating u sinking fund lur
the   liovlnclll   "I   He
uid   slelii nt in i
when due, It will be llecctlury 111 lull"
bv speclul rule III iiddlllon I" ull other
ratet. each year during the current!) ur
such debentures the sum of Five hundred und fifteen dollurs and Iifl)-one
cents IIGI6 6I) whereof Fuur hundred
and llfty tllBOl Dollar" Is In be rulse!
iiiinuully for ihe payment of lnlereit
during Ihe currency nf suld debentures
uml Sixty-live dollars und llfly-one
seals i iht Mi to be rulsed unnuully
for the purpose uf creating a sinking
fund for Ibe payment of the di-bl secured by the laid debentures Ihe sume
being mude payable In llfty years from
the first day of eSpieinlx-r. llll.
ANH WHEREAS In urder lu raise
ihe suld yearly sum nf Five, hundred
uml llfieeti dulliirs ui|d llfty-up* cents
i Ii.i. "Tli fur inieresl and slnlilng fund
an eiiuul special rule on the dollar
will be required In be levied oil ul
Ibe rateable reul proptrty In the said
ANH WHEREAS the whole rateable
real properly In tbe tuld Clly accord-
in, lo the lasl revised Assessnieli
Roll Is Ten million nine hundred and
ninety tbuusuiid. Ihrec hundred and
Icvriiiy-uiic   IH0.li90.37l)   Dollar*
ANH WllEltEAS the nggregaic of
Hie'existing debenture aim uf the
Corporation is nine Iiundred and three
Ihousund nine Iiundred. und twenty
dolluri (IHOJ.MO). (excepting fur work!
/, loj-' Improvement uml for school
Yk., s'fjeh none of Ihe prln-
"'   v   ,-eear.
R. ti. Bin
1 A. W. Bergeut: Mosl Important quel
tion. Would prefer taking itock.
W. J. Irwin: Yet, advocate taking of
shares so ai to bave representation.
0. W. Vance: Yes, by Uking slock.
1    0. W. Meiiue: let.   Muit give aid
to everything which is opening up our
relation! witb the outside world.
8. Will you advocate the imincdi
ate installation of a gai tyitein in
Nortb Vancouver I
1. Will you Insiit tbat tuch a system bt owned by the city if the civic
dstnrci are in luck condition ai to
^render it pewible-
t, It it ii neceuary fo grant a
franchise ia a private company In or
der to iccure sn immediate supply or
gu for lighting and heating, will you
iaiitt tbat no bonus or exemption from
taxation be granted .that the city be
given tbe right te purchase tbo pistil
Ibo Collector1! Roll or RoRi, aad ihul
bli payable If and collected by the laid
Conimailonlii (no sume way aa other
rates In thp said* Roll ur Rolls, aave
un lieioliiiiftor provided.
«. In ui'iler to provide for he rales
set out fn paragraph (,-), and subject
aa aforeiald .Ifiera shut be ra sod annually by special rate during the currency of the sold debentures the sum
ul Pour hundred *nd P'ty -*m P0';
an to uroylqe for the payment of
interest thereon, and the turn of Six-
t(-i|vo dollars and Afty-iine oenta
(Bt^.Kl) for Hie reiieymsnl of (he principal thereof- ■ •      .- ,u .
1 The proceeds of the said deben-
iii.-ii iball bo applied aj fplWWI,
and pot otherwise! , „       ..   .    '
(a) n pai'tpent of the cost of the
passing of this py- aw upd thi Islue
and sale of the debenture! therein,
referred to and all expenses connected  with  the  tald  loan,
th) In recouping tbe aald Corporation for ouch sums ai have hcop e»-.
Iicnded hereunder until the tiroceedl
of the talc of the eeld debenturei
becomes available. »
to) Tp carry out the purpoiei of
this Hy-faw at above sot out.
8. All moneyi arising out of the
annual special rote hereinbefore provided for sinking fund mall be In-
vtited by tho Council of the ie|d Corporation from time to time ti the law
• v'no rebate ihall be allowed on
the special ratea lo be levied under
this   PY'lOW'
10 This By-luw shall take effeel
on  tho    sixteenth  day  of    January.
11. This By-law may be cited total! porposes as "The Cheitcrlleld
Avenue  Wharf By-law.   1913.'
Pasied by the Council on the 38th
day of December .1011.      	
Received ibe assent oi the Electorr
of tho City of North Vulieouver pt an
election for thla purpoie on the
day of „      j'V1'
Reconsidered by IhcCouncIl and lln-
ullv adopted, signed by the , Mayor
uiul City Clerk and sealed wilh Ihe
Corporuie Seul on the
TAKE NOTICE thai the above IB a
true copy of the proposed By-Law upon whicii Ihe vole of the Electors of
the Municipality of the city ur Nor I
Vancuuver will be taken wllhln the
City Hull. Nurlh Vancuuver. B C on
Tbiirsduv. Ihe Eleventh day of January AD,  1913. between the hours ol
9 "•t,ook "Mas sM#
CHy Clerk and Returning riillcer.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   is   hereby   given
Of the  Electors of tin
•.'111    be
Ihul  Ilie vol.
Clly of Norlh Vancouver
tuli'eii on Thursday, tht Eleventh day
uf Junuury, 11)13, between the hours
of 9 o'clock a in and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The   Chesterfield    Avenue    Whgrf.
By-luW.   vm ,,   „    ,
mul thul wllhln the CHy Hall, North
Vancouver, B. C, und that '1 hoinas
Shepherd hu» been unpointed Returning Olllccr tsi lulie the vole of such
Klectors Willi the usual powers In
lhat behalf.
By .tinier of the Council,
City Clerk
i» Sin. lei
A in I vu io . mil.i. the i ,'i|ii'.i.H"'i
ot lbc I'll) ol Norlb Vaacouver lo
raise l» wet ul Iota lbc suns ol
.-..iieiinu tu lay out and embellish
a portion ul the subtle Cemetery.
WllEltEAS It Is deemed expedient
that the sum of Five thousand Dullum
)1S 000.01)1 be provided for (he purpose
of regulating Ihe Public Cemetery In
Igslrlcl Lol Nu 1M0. Nonli Vanvouver.
by lu)Ing oul uml embellishing u pur
Hull  ilf BUCll  ceiueter,
AND WHEltEAB In umcr tu provide
suld sum ll will be ni-cessury to issue
debentures of the Corporullon uf   tin
Clly uf Nurth Vancouver for Hie sum ol
five  Thousuiid   lii.IL.ra   I si,.unu mil    us
hereinafter  provided    i which    ll Ihe
....... ini   of   the   debt   Intended   lo   be
cyeated by I li itt By-law).
AND WHEREAS u petition signed
by the owneis of more than one-tenth
€ 1-10* of Ihe vulue ul reul properly In
Ihe t'lly of North Vuncuuver lai
■hown liy tne lusl revised Asiessnieiit
Rolll. has been presented to the Municipal I'ouncll of the Clly of Norlli
Vuncouver reiiuesllllg lllem lo llllro-
duce a By-luw lo uuthorlxe Ilie
borrowing lipbii the credit of the Clll
of the sum of Five Thuusund ilMOO)
Dulluis for the purpose aforeiald
AND WllEltEAS for Ibt payment
uf Interesl on the debenlures propus-d
to lie Issued under Ihis By-luw, and fur
creating a sinking fund fur the pay-
- jj_qj Ihe suld debenlurea when due.
necessury lu rulse by sue-
..'IHon to all olher rules.
LON8DALB THi" eutrency of such
/ 'fwo Iiundred
  \ ' seventy-
There is a in i i.in program at n" ""'!'
Lonsdalo Theatre tbii week. unv
I,. nm  ,v  Mini, ni arc Hie inoit pri
gilial   minstrels     seen     for   SOIIIC   long
time.   Mill  I'li.'ini.r Hatch, the opcr
Jj' buiineii en ftvertble terms when
/   \f.ni luch action appcan deairable ffp,
, 1/that Ibe tennt of tucb fraacbiic be
tubmillcd lo the public vetit
W. Knowlcs: Do net tbink it would
be a paying proportion at preient
moment. Hat been tucb dovelopraenli1
is electrical beating tbat future dcvol
opineotl will probably pot gat out of
I tin sussing, Will favor, however, U
company will take riik.     I
B. MacKenxie: Yei ,but it ii hope
lass to expect city to go into tbii
at pretest .   Be better to grant 'ran
£ise to private company witk eltyl
teretti properly protected.
W. Pick:   In favor of having it at
teen aa pomiblc. Will .be'seceasary to
it   ri -rant franchise to privale company, rity
erasir  iho'oughly protected.
facbtd it. Ward: Certainly If we can af
l%t,'.A It ftivm mm on eondi-
atic leprano, received a warm welcome.
Her deliglilful rendering of iiational
airs wat greatly appreciated.
Tho Cornells arc cxtrciqrly funny ami
Iheir tropical allusions arc must amui
Very jirctty indeed ii the iketcb by
Curtii and loivtu, very pretty and very
clever aud very amusing too.
Of the picture* "The Utt of tht
Mohicans" ii an elaborafc and beau
tifully mounted tragedy. "Tht Uu
vellout Cow" is huge fus.
The management announce lhat tbey
havo secured tbe picture* of tbe " Delhi
Durbar" showing ony gracious Ml)
ties in tbeir Indian Kmpif*. Tbeie
picturit will be ibewo pp Tburiday
asd Friday ud Saturday eveulogi and
aim at the matin** pp Saturday. Karly
arrival al tbeto performances ii to be
recommended .
MreT>e debentm-ea lhal) bear tote.
the lirat day nt Btptembe., nil. and
shall bear Interest at the rate or four-
lind uno-lmll «tt) Per cent, per annum,
payable half yearly on tile' flrst day
of March apd ibo Drat day of Sep-
.    ...i. ...   In   ....j.l.   anil   nVni'V    veil r   I  111'  111:
ember In each and every, year during
he currency of the aald debenture*
any ot them-   There ihull be at-
cheif   to   Ibe debentures   coupon*
lied by the Mayor only, tor each
or ab
and every payment of Intereat  that
may become due, and auch signature
may be either written. a(attipB(f printed Or Htnographed.
I. The tald debenture' ee to principal and Inlerett may he made payable eltiher In currency or III equivalent |p poendt iterllng at tbo value of
14.86 l-l to the pound tlerllng-at
Ideh place pr Placet In Qroat Britain.
United Statea of America oj- the Domln-
Inlon of Oanada al may be agreed uiion
between the corporation und the holder!
thorcof, tnd the ttld principal tun*
shall be made payable by tbi city at a
date not later than fifty ycari from
the flrat day o>f September. Ull,
i. During the whole term of the
currency of the laid dehenluret a apodal rate on the dollar ahall be levied
and raited each year In addition to
all other ratet on all the rateable
real prpperty In Ihe clly and eulj-
clent to nay tho Intereat upon the
■aid dtbenturet, and to create a linking fund for the payment ot the principal thereof when due, aubject to any
act or enactment reapcctlna the same
8uch epecUl rale ihall be Inierlcd
In Ihe Collector'! Roll or Roll! .and
Ihall be payable to and collected by
the laid corporallon In tne oumc way
.is other rate! In the tald Roll or
Roll!, luvo at hereinafter provided.
I In order lo provide lor the
rales set out In paragraph 16) and
subject at uforeiuld, there ihall be
raised annually by ipcclal rate during
the currency of the Bald debentures
the ium of Two hundred and Iwenty-
llve iH'16) Dolluri to provide for Ihe
payment of Interest thereon, ond the
sum of Thirly-lwo dollars nnd seventy-six ccnta (131.71) for the repayment
of Ihe principal thereof.
7 The proceeds of the auld delicti-
lures shall be applied as followa, and
not olherwlie: ,    , ,,
la) In payment of the coit ot Ihe
pusslng of this By-law, und tho Islu.
and sale of Ihe debenlures therein referred lo and all expenses connected
with lbc Bald loan. , „
lb) In recouping ihe Bald Corporation for auch aums us havo beon expended hereunder until Ibe proceedB
of lbc sale of the Buld debentures becomes available.
tc) To curry out tbe purposes of
Ihis By-luw as obove set out.
8. All moneys arising oul of the
annual special rale hereinbefore provided for linking fund ihull be Invested by the Council of the said Corporation   tm   time lo  limo  ui  Ihe  law
, 111 ,.,-1 a
9 No rebate iball be allowed on
thl special ralet lo be levied under ihli
10 This By-law shall take effect on
th elllb day of January. 1911.
II. This By-law may be cited for
all purpose! as "The Cemetery Improvement  By-law,  1912."
Paued by Ibe Council on Ihe 28lh
duv of December,  llll.
Received the assent of Ihe Electors
of the Cliv of Norlh Vancouver ul un
election   for   the   purpose  on   Ihe
doy  of „       ni'
Reconildercd by Ibe Cuuncll and Ilu-
ulv aduplcd. llgned by Ihe Mavor and
Clly Clerk, and iculcd with the Curporale 8cal ol the '
day of                                            m2
TAKE NOTICK lhal Ihe ubove Is a
irue copy of Ihe propoied By-Law upon which the vole of the Uleclors ol
Ihe Municipality of the Clly of Nor I
Vuncouver will be luken wllhln Ihi
City Hall. North Vancouver, B. L . on
ihursdav, Hie Eleventh day or January AD., llll, belween the hours ol
Ti o'clock ui and 7 o'clock pin-
City Clcrji and Returning Officer
NOTICE   Is   hereby   given
vote of Ibe  Kleclori of lb
ly   fit
I of
Hint  the '■-•-
City of North Vancouver will be
taken on Thunday, the Elevonlh oa>
of January. 1918. bctweon the hourr
of I o'clock a.m and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The   Cemetery   Improvement   By-
iind tbat 'wltbln the Clly Hall. Norlli
Vuncouver, B C, and Ihut Thomas-
Shepherd hot been appointed Return
lug Officer to tuke the vole of 8"■■'
Eleclors wilh the ubuoI powers
that behalf.
By order of the Council.
*       Mayor
City  Clerk
Mn. D. (I. Ortlg will be *t the
Knight* pf 1'ylhiat bill ou Friday,
January 121b, at 8.80 to rneet all these
ili'tiroui ef organizing a Pythias Hitter
I.ail night ws* mlsslesary evening
al tbe Kpworl* M»gue. A profitable
evening was ipent, There wu a good
attendeo/i . Next Monday sight Mr,
Ogle rill ipeak en Martin lotbet. All
nil.)"  mi. Ill
III    I.1VV    |o   cssnl.l,    tbt   I ",|"...sll"i'
ol Ike Dly ol .No.m Vancouver lu
.uls, by nay ot Iota Ike ium ul
S5.000.no   to   ourn   tod   rouab   grtdr
and egresl.^J? the Clt).
truitcei to bave the tnen..'«eroed exuedleni
B       '--jviand Dollars
On   a   plan   commensurate    wit.,   "-pose of
building inasmuch as the next school
boust lo be built  will ns-"■ .aiili   lie
located elicwbere.    The Iruileei have
arranged a conceit onterlainmont for
tomorrow   (W(dneiday)    evening   by
way of opening ceremonies, to which
all retldcnt* and ratepayers are met!
cordially isvifed,   No special invite
tieni will bo issued ozcept to officials
and al) interested are requottcd tu ir
ttpt tbii invitation.
mMffiW Mfrrb lexceptlng fprjlorka
ot local linproveroent and for ichool
purposes) of which nonu pf the principal or lntereit It In ai'l'ear.
THlSnBFDBll! the Muiilii pal council
of (he uorporatlon Pi the Pltv of
Nprth Vupcouver, wltn' the assent of
the lilectora of the City of North
Viuicouver puliy obtained, enacti aa
1.' It shall be lawful for the Mayor,
pt'tbe City ol North Vancouver ami
ihe City Clerk for the purpoae e'lie;
aald to borrow. or relit by way of
loun from any perspn or peraont, bod),
br bodlea corporate, who mai' Po Will-.
ing to advance the aame up"" the credit of (he debenture! heretnalter mentioned of the Corporallon a sum of
mopey not exccedlnu In the, whole the
aum of Five thousand (11,1)00). Dollars
and to caute the iame to bo placed
lu the Bank of (Jrlllsh Uorth 'America-
at Norlh Vancouver, to the credit of
the city fpr the purpoiei above recited
and auoh mor
purpoie only
Ihe city Ipr tho purposes aoovo rocuco
and auch moneyi thai) be uied fpr thu
I." Debenturei.of the city Set ex-,
ceedlng In amount the ium of Five,
thousand 1*5.000) Uolleri may be lined by the aald Mayor and City Clcr;
In terms of the Municipal Clause! Act.
In nmi at may be deilred, but not
exceeding one thouiand (11,000) Dollar! each or the equivalent tapreiieii
In pounds iterllng of the United Kingdom of Qreat Britain and Ireland, a
ihe value pt Il.ll 1-1 to the pound
Ilerllng. Each of Ihe laid debenture.'
ahall be signed by the tad Mayor
and City Clerk and the City Clerk
ihull affix thereto the Corporale Seal
of tlio laid City of North Vancouyer
3. The debentures ahall bear dale
the Onl day of Bcplcmber, 1911, and
shall bear lntereit at the rale of four
and one-half lift) per cent per annum payable half yearly on the flrsi
doy of March and the first day of
September In each and every year,
during the currency of the eald debentures, or any of ihem. There shall
be .in...I",i to tbe debentures cou-.
pons signed by the Mayor only, for
each and every payment of Interesl
that muy become due. and aucb signature may be either wrlllen, stumped,  printed  ur lllho>r>i|itiea.
4. The said debenlures ai to principal and interest may tie mode paynld-
either In currency or Ils equivalent In
pounds sterling at the value of f 1.86
8-3 lo the pound iterllng at such pine
or places In Great Britain, United
8tates of America or the Dominion of
Canada ub muy be agreed upon between tho Corporation and the holders
thereof, und the said principal sum
shall be made payablo by the City ';,!
a dale not laler than fifty years from
the first day of September, llll.
6. During the whole term of the currency of the euld debentures a Ipcclul
rule on the dollur shall be levied and
raised each year 111 addition lo nil
oilier rales on all the rateable real
property Ih the City and lufflclciil io
pay the Interest upon the rfalJ debentures and to create u linking fund for.
Ibe payment of the principal thereof
when due. subject to any act or enactment respecting the same Such special rate sliull be Inserted In the t ol-
leclor's Roll or Rolls, and shull hr
pav'ublc lu and collected bv the 10I'l
Corporallon In the some way us other
rotes In the sold Roll nr Rolls save
is  hereinbefore  provided.
6. In order to provide for Ihe rules
set out In paragraph IS| and tublc-'l
,is aforeiald, there shall bo ralaed annually by speclul rule during the currency of the said debentures the sum
of Two Iiundred and twenty-live
11226) Dollurs to provide for the puv-
mciil of Inti rest thereon, and tbo sum
of Thill)-tan eolhrs and seventy alx
sen's is",2.,'il for in., remiyin-iit I :' e
i s lull' il   I'i. ii of  .
7    The proceedi of the s'lbl deln n
'urea shull be applied us follows, nnd.
nnt   otherwise-
1,0 Iu pn'-minl of the cost nf Ih-
•snssir.e nf lhh Bv law ..i'l th • i>m.:
■unl sale of Ihe debentures therein re.
'cried lo .und ull expenses connected
win   lhe  uald l»un
(hi In recouping lb" n.ild Corporation for such sums os hive been expended hereunder until ihe proceeds
of the sule of Ihe sold debenlures be-
■oines available.
(c) To carry oul the purpose! of
Oils hv-luw us above set out
R. No rebate shull be allow.-I on
lhe speciol rotes to be levied under
ihiu By-law ......
9 This By-law ahull lake rffrcl on
•he  lllh  day of January,  llll.
10 This  By-law  may  be  died  lor
nil purpose! os "The Lanei Luan By
luw.  llll."
1'ussed by the Council on the lllh
duy of December, llll
Received the assent of the Eleclors
of the City of North Vancouver ut un
election for the purpose on tlie
day of '•"■
Reconsidered by Ihe Council and Pn-
ully adoplcd, signed by lb- Movr in.ii
City. Clerk  and Bealcd  with ine Corporale Seal .on the
duy of ,JI2
TAKK NOTICK lliul the above Is a
tru> copy of Ihe propoied By-Law upon which the vole ot the I'.lcclors of
the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver   will  be   luken   wllhln   ll"
illy Hull. North Vancouver, B C. or
Tburiday, the Eleventh duy of Janu
nry  A D,  1M2. between the boun ol
9 ,., |... i.  am   und J o'clock pm
Clly Clerk and Returning Officer
PUBLIC NOTICE li hereby given
Hint the vote of the KloClOri oT tbr
Clly of North Vancouver will be
token on Thunduy. the Eleventh da)
of January. 1912. between the hours
of I o'clock u m. and 7 o'clock p m. on
The Lanes Loan By-law!. 1912.
and that within Ihe Clly Hull N"
Voncouver, B. C. ond that Thoinui
Shepherd hai been oppolnled Returning Officer to laki Hie vole of luch
Eleclori wilb Ibe uiual power! In
Ihul  bcholf
By order of the Council,
' WM.  McNEISH.'     /
City Clerk
Oa Saturd»y afternoon laat Alder
men Bias Had McBae of tbe conictery
asd psrkt commillee made a trip to
Boymeui cemetery to inspect the im
provement* wbicb bave recently been
completed. Tbe portion upon which
the work has been done ceuiiili of
upward* ef four acre* lying along the
Sertb wottern boundary of the cento
tory. Thit tract bat been cleared and
all roots, ilonoi, etc. have beep care
felly removed. The ground bat been
laid «at late plot*, wtlki aud drives
according to t(e plans of the city en
gineer. A fence bu beep ere led
which 1* *A onc» substantial aad orne
mesial and tat roadway approach*!
bava.bean put is excellent condition.
Tbe entire" cemetery area cemiiti   ef
At Ibo call of Mayer McNeiih a ,...
lie meeting was held on Saturdu) even
ing to diicuia Ibe application of tbe
(.', 1' B. for a railway reul* along the
Nortb Shore. The meeting wai attend
ed by a goodly number of repreiesla
live eitizeni, who after thoroughly
canvaatisg tbo matteri iu all It*
phases pasted a strongly worded fwo
lution requesting the miniiter ef r*|l
ways to delay the matter fer thirty
days iu order thst the fullest infor
mation might be obtained and tht mil
ter giveu mature conii'leratlon locally
Tbis request ba* gone forward to Mr
H. II. Stevens at Ottawa.
yeplent and suitable .for the enjoy
ment U«d Wreetl&n of fbe public
AND WHEREAS for the Payment 0
Interest "on ibi debenture* prppqic-f
lo bo iisued under this By-lew. an.„
for creating' a' sinking fund for tba
payment of the laid debentures when
Sue, It will be neceitary to ralte,by
special rate In addition to all other
ralei. euch ytar during the enrrone
ut auch debenlurea the ium bf levon
hundred and aovonty-lhrce duller! and
tWetity-Blx cenll (1771.11), whereof llll.
hundred und seveAty-llve III7B) Dollars in to be raised annually for the
payment' of Interest durlpg the currency qf said debentures and ninety-
eight dollars Und twentyrllx ppnte
(ISI.ISI iii be relied annually
tor tbe purpoie of' cresting a
linking fund tor payment nf the pent
aecUred by the laid depepturel, the
same being made payable Ir. llfty yean
from the flrat day of September, 19)1
AND WHEREAS In order to ralie
the said yearly sum of aeven hundred
and i.eveiii; nui e dullum and twenty
alx cent! tl773.il) for Intereat and
■Inking fund,  en equal special  rat;
on the dollar will be required on all
11'.iids' real pruperty In the laid city.
AND whereas thu whole rateable
rateable real pruperty In the laid city.
"   ilAS tpe whole rateable
real  property  In  the l>)d Clly  (ac
cording fo the laat revlaed nsiicssniciii
roll) la fio.iiao.37i iteu million nine
hundred and ninety thouiand, three
hundred and teveniy-one) dollari.
AND WHEREAS the aggregate ef
the exlitlhg debonture dent of the
Corporation Is nlno hundred and Hire
thousand nine Iiundred and twenty
11903.920) V'olluri (excepting for Works
of local Improvement and for ichool
purposes) ot which none of lhe principal or Intereal la In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
pf the Cornor"tlon of. the City of
North Vancouver, wltlntlhc ms'"i •
the City of Norlh Vancouver duly obri
tallied, enacts aa follows.
1. Il shall be lawful fo rlhc Mayor
pf lhe Clly of Nortli Vancouver end
lbc Cily Clerk for the purpoie aforesaid lo borrow or ratio by way of
loan from any person or pcrsni'i
or bodies corporate, who may be willing lo advance Hie same upon the credit of the debenture! herelnufler mentioned ot ibe Corpurutlun a sum of
money not exceeding In the whole (Ileum of Elflecn Ihousund ($16,000) Dol
litrs and to cauae lhe mine to be
placed In the Bank of British North
America nl Not-Ill Vuncoqver, lo th.
credit of the City fur tlie purpose
above recited, and such pioneyi slial'
be used for thai purpuse only.
2 Debentures of the city nol exceeding in amount the sum of Fifteen
Ihousund itii's.uiiii) Dollurs may be
Issued by the said Muyur and City
Clerk In i' i in" of the Municipal Clau-
ses Act In suina aa may be desired
but not exceeding Ono thouiand ill
000} Dollars cai-li or Ihe equivalent expressed In pounds sterling of the Untied Kingdom of Oreat Britain und Ireland al the vulue of Il.ll 2-3 to the
pound sterling. Euch of the said debentures shult be signed by lhe salt!
Mayor and City Clerk und the Clly
Clerk shall ul!lx thereto tlie Corporal'
Seal of the suld City ut Nortli Vuncouver.
3. Tlie debentures shall beur dull
the lirst day of September, llll. anil
shall bear Interest at the rule of four
and one-half (4141 per ccnl. per annum puyable half yeaurly on the III hi
duy uf March and the first day uf Sep
tember In each and every year durlny
Hie currency of the auld debenturei
or any of tbem. There shall he attached lo the debenturei eoopom llgned by the Muyor only, for each and
every payment of lnlereit that mny
become due .and aucb signature mil)
he either written, itamped. pi int..
or lithographed thereon.
I Tho said debentures us lu prln
cine) and Inlerest may be mado payable U'llhcr In currency ur In equivalent In pounds sterling at the valui
of IIIC 2-3 to the pound slerllng in
tuch place ur places In Oreal Britain
Culled Slates or America or the Dom
Inlon of i'.sn,i,lu aa may be agree.1
upun belween the Corpurolloii and
lhe hiilders Ihereuf. and the laid prln-
.-Iiiiii sum shall be made payable by
tile Clly at a dute nut Inter than lift)
, .ni. frum the lirst day or Septcmb. -
i During Ihe whole term of the
currency of the said debenlures a special role on the dollur shall be levied
und raised each year In addition to
all other rale! on all the rateable real
property In the Clly and aufflelent to
puy the lntereit upon the suld debentures .apd to create a sinking fund
for Hie payment of the prlnclpuf there
of when due. subject to any get or
enactment reipectlnii lhe iame Such
Ipcclal rale ihall lie Inicrted In thr
Collector'! Roll or Rolls, and shall In
payable lo und collected by lhe said
Corporation In the same way al othei
rutes In Ibe suld Roll or Rolll, lave
us   hcrelnbeorc   provided.
'. In order to provide for the rutri
set out In paragraph It) and lubjrr
at aforeiald, Ibere ihall be railed annually by "i" lal rule during the currency of the suld debenturei tbe lutr
uf six Iiundred and levenly-tlve I|I7<)
I'.'il.n: lu provide for the payment of
Interest thereon, apd Hie sum or nlne-
ly-elgbl dollars and iwenlyslx cent*
i111 20 for the repayment of the prln-
lp.il thereof
7. The proceedi of the itld debentures shull be applied ol f.llows. and
nol otherwise:
lo) In puymenl of lhe coil of Ih.
putting of Hill Bylaw ond the luu.
and i .il.- of the debentures therein referred to. and til expenses connect.',
with the said loan
II.) In recouping the said Corporation fur sueh sums ai buve been expended until the proceedi of Ihe ini-
of the suld debenlurea becomes avail
tc) To carry oul Ibe purpoiei of
this Bv-law us above let out
I No rebnte shull be ullowed or
the special rales 10 be levied undci
this nv-liivv.
9 This ll)law shtl Unite effect ur
the  Uth  div  of January.   Ill:
10 Thll fly-law may be died fm
nil purpoiei ai "The Porkt Lotn By-
low   loll."
Raised by the Council on Ihe lllh
day of December, llll   .
Received the tlienl of the Kleclorr
uf the Clly of North Vancouver at an
.b , Hon for the purpoii on the
duv of January, llll
Reconildercd by (h» Cuuncll and (In
ally adopted signed by lhe Mayor
tnd Clly Clerk and leilcd  wilh the
s nfe gee! on the
Mil* Isabel M.  Da,,,,, .   „
m-iiw in- m
raise  liy   nay  of loot \
HOMO te eo»»lruel a «»*»•'
WU ERISAS by ordoi' He.
Board or Railway Cotuinl'
Canada ordered Hie C|ty of
couver (o construct • a feet Btjt;wai
under the Canadlsn, Pacllb JU1JH
tracks connecting Columbia MlSUt f
the City qf Vancouver wtfb the Mori
Vancouvor (Terry wharf.
AND WtySBBAB by laid order It
wai alio directed that Ihe Clly pt
North -Vancouver  bear
expense of constructing
w.iy and lie repaid Iwi
111 p.c.) ut Iho cost thereoi
ar and pay the
ing the laid iub-
Iwonty per cent.
.. .hereof, not to exceed the turn ot Five thullirAM IMMI
Dollars by Ibo government out ol the
Rullway tirade Cruising Fund ana
that fifty per cent- (H »e.) *t lpt
remainder of luch coll be paid by tbt
City of Vanpouver to the City of Norlh
ANiyWHKRBAS It |i estimated that
the there to be borne by tht city
of Nortli Vaueouver ot the expenee ol
constructing the said wlway Itnl be
tlfteeii thousand (115.000) Dolltrl.
ANI) wilfiRKAS toiirder to provide
the necessary moneV»T*«ef»r It Will
bo necessary lo Issue dehenturee ol
the Clly of North Vasoouier for tbt
sum of Fifteen thousand nlp.Mll I>o|-
lun ai hereinafter provided (which la
the umount of the dent intended to nt
created by thla By-law) lhe proceedi
of lhe aald dobcnluiei to he applied
to the aald purport and lo no otner.
AND WHEREAS a pollllon tlgned
by the ownert of more lhan one-tcnin
ti-10) of the valuo of real property
In the City of North Vancouver It*
shown by lbc laat rovlied Atietimeal
Roll) lias been pretested to the Municipal council of the City of North
Vancouver requeuing them to Introduce a Bylaw lo authorise the borrowing of tho turn of Flfleon thousand (110.000) Dollar! for tho purpoie
AND WHEREAS for Hie ptyment of
Inleretl on tho debenturei propotto
lo be .Isiued under thii By-law; ape
fur creating a sinking fund for IS.
payment of Ihe laid debenturei whin
due. ll will be neceuary lo ralae sj
special rale lu addition lo all other
rates, each year during tbe currtne.
uf audi debenlurea the ium of Stvin
Iiundred and lovcnly-three aensri
and twcniy-ilx cent! (1771.36), whereof Six hundred and icventy-flve llljll
Dollars Is lo be raited annually for inpayment of Inlerest during the cur
rency of laid debenture!, and Ninety
tgbl dollari and twonty-tlx cchti-
.,■■.!..,.i Ii lo be railed annually loi
the purposo of . i, .iiiui: a alnking fun,,
for the puyment oT tlie debt secure'.
by Hie said debenture! the same being
puyuble In dfly yean from the Dm
duy of September, llll.
ANI) WHEREAS In order to ralte
Ihe Bald yearly ium of Seven hundred
and icventy-thrao dollan und twenty-
ill cenis i1771.11) for lnle)cil and
sinking fund, un equal special rate on
ibe dollar will be required lo be levltd
on oil the rateable reul property III
the   laid   City.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real properly In' the luie clly, according tu lhe lost revised ossessmni'
roll It 110.190.371 Hen million nine hud
died und ninety thouiand .Ihree bun
Ired und seventy-one dollari).
AND WHEREAS Ihe uggrcgalt of
Hie exlsllng debenture debt of the
on oi ail..n li Nine hundred and three
thouiand nine hundred and Iwtnl)
11903.130) Dollan. fexccpllng for worki
of lucal Improvement and for ichool
purposes) ot which none of thl principal or Inttrcil li In arrctr.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of Hu- Corporation of Iho City of
Norlh Voncouver. with lhe attest oi
the Eleclori of lbc Clly of Norlh Vancouver duly obtained, enacti a* follow!:
I II iball be luwful fur the Meyoi
jf tbe Clly of North Vancouvtr anO
tbe City Clerk for the purpoie tfore
said to borrow or rullo oy way of loan
from uny person or perioni, body ot
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance Ibe iame upon tbe credit
ol the debenturei hereinafter menllon-
«d of Ihe I'orpi'ii.iilon. a ium Of money not , v....lliu In Ihe whole Ih.
ium df I'lfieeii thouiand 1116.000) Del-
Ian, and to caute Ihe lame to hr
placed In Ihe Dank of Brltlth North
America al North Vancouver, 10 the
credli of the Clly for lhe purpoie
iliove recltca. and luch moneyi Shall
lie used for Ihtl purpoie only.
I Debenture! of lhe City not tie-ceding In amount tho turn uf Fifteen
.huurund tflCOOO) Dolltrl may be ll-
tued by the itld Mayor ahd City Clerk
In lentil ot the Municipal Clauiei Ac>
in sums at may be deilred, but not
exceeding One thousand  l|).000) Dol
V   -
lars each or Hie equlvilcin rxprci'r
In puundi iterllng of the Dniled King
dom uf Oreal  Britain tnd Ireland i
Nominated by Mr. I'. Urmn and itr
ended by Mr. A. 8. McDowell, Capt.
Chas. Gates has agreed tp itand for
ferry comiaimioncr jn tbe pending contest, ('apt. dates li use of the pioneer
reiiileiiis ef the cltv and hai a know
ledge of ibipeisg which should prove
as asset te Ibe future directorate.
the Royal Academy of Mimic, Uudon,
England, teacher of pianoforte, viiil*
Norlb Viucouver every week. Addreti
Ham llea.li Avenue, Vancouver. !>bouc
3701B Heymour. it i
the value of llll l-l to the  puund
slerllng.     Each   of   Ihe   itld    deben
lues ihall be llgned by tbe ttld Mtyor and City clerk and the clly clerl.
shall affix thereto lbc Corporate getl
uf Hie laid Clly of Norlh Vancouver
I    The  debenlurcl iball  bear  dim
ihe Hnt dty of September,  llll, aim
shall bear Intereil at the rale of fOoi
and one-half 'llttl per cent, per in
num. payable half ytarly on the llll
day of March and lhe flnt  dty ol
September In etch ond every yetr lut.
Ing lhe currency of iht ttld JrTL
lurti  or  uny  ef  Hicm.   Tntcr* f
bt attached lo Hicdclwiitui»vj,,j4'' c-^
pom tlgned »»   "" ""»'pri '"
fbif ■*■"*«'   Bali   dlicounted.
"wailing    Lonsdale  Really  Co .
Unidtle Avenue. Phone 917.   U.
ll   (.'. Livery md Beard ttablet—
Light figi and  ladies' itddlo bone*
for hire.  Stabling for tonea     Ota .
cral delivery and heavy teaming,     ij
Dymas, 4th slreei weal. Pbesa 147 tf.
Owner of modern • roomed house in
Vancouver cloie in will exchange for
limilar houn In North Vancouver.
Palmer, burmeiler A> von Oraevenlts,
I-'., Lonidale Avenue, North Venc^s-
ver. g.j
WANTKIMTe   eacavalonl   Rarlb.
Apply   Wallace Hhipytrdi  Ud.     "tf.
Toung Man teelts any kind ef em
ployment. Hobcr. Apply W. Ferguson,
II Ussdalt Avenue. jgj
WANTFD-p»J|v govtrscti. Hours
W lo 8 fey twp children. Wolf Mer
ten, *67-~10tb strait eait. 18 1
(septals and Mrt. Kirkham ar* loav
ing thll week-for a four moslbi| so
ft) acres Ijrisg betftts fcyes cr«k jbure at Bas Wage, California
We hay* money /or the purrbajgjr
Agreement* of Bale.  c*n*di*n linen
ci.rs Ltd, hank tl Humlllos Building.
. / ti.
For plumbing, pipe filling aad ten
uecling ice F. B. Hermen, Frederick
Hoad, I^ne Valley, or Phone IM.  tf.
The Nortb Vincouver Dye Worki
ii Uiinltit Avenue, guarantee te do
at good fork at cheaper price* than
you ran pouibly get in Vancumal.
'Jive ui a trial, tbe result will ipeak
ftr ItSSlf. I'lione Id. if.
The Truth slu.lenl" elaat will su*t
every Tucidty eveuM al t o'clock at
Hie resi.li m c of Mri. flilUgber, KtUb '
roil.I, inin itidgeway. Btudent* dealt- •
ing higher spiritu»l unfiddmeet   are
cotdiijiT Invited to attend. ti,
Ths Imperial Cy,, SbljMdlsf aa*
Dry Dock Corporallon wjll consider alien tor Hearing lowssile of 600 scree
at Heche' Potttt. Apply to 1. t. Olff.
Weed, Mount drown Black, 1st st***.
99- .g
*W nm
A BY-LAW ti) enuhlii lltu Corporation
of the City of North VanooUvor to
ralao  by way of loan the aum of
1 ,jlH7,l)»O.Q0 for school piirpoti*.'
WllEltEAS the Board of Trustees of
Nortli Vancouver City School Diatrict
under the pruvlutnuu of Soctllon 11 of
the 1'ubllo Schools Act, 1001, have
prepared * detailed eatlmate of
thu turns required to meat u|,e,'l„l or
oxjlradrdlnary expenses legally Ineni-
rubju by the Board during the year
lull whioh estimate Is as fullowBi
Eatlmate ot Speclul or Exiruordln-
nr) Expenditure for tha year llll.
School Bulldlnaa (completion
of Itldguwiiy School, uaid ux-
Itnslon of class room accommodation In Lonadala School 111,000
School Grounds improvement!.
(Draining, ploughing, grading
surfacing,   fencing,   Bldowulks,
etc ,....,	
Sowar connections ...i	
Kiis, il,,,,  of I'lie  Esuapet and
in.-lull.ni,ui   of   Mn    Alarm
Systems     -     1,100
Equipment Ideska, black
bourns, s iit.11.■■'. i.li..11., und
general achoul furnishings and
vacuum dualling apparatua)
Sanitary drinking fuiiniiiliiu
Hipensus nii, inliini upon
pussugo of this by-luw und sale
of   debentures!  .
as aforesgld, thtrt iftgU bt raised W
nually by apodal rale during tho
currency ef the said debentures the
sum of One thousand alx hundred and
sixty-flve t|1666) Dollars to provide
for the payment of Intereat (hereon
end the sum of Two Hundred and fortfc
two duller* and thirty-six conta
(1813.86) fqr tho rapgymant of the principal thereof,
7. The proceed* of the auld dobon-
turoB phall be ppplled aa follows, and
not otherwise,
(a) In payment of the coat of the
passing of thla By-Law and tin, Issue
and sale uf the debenture! Ihareln referred  to, and nil  expenses etiniiiicliid
with tha aeld loan.
(hi In recouping the aald Corpora-
...in for such an nni aa huva been ax.
I'lii'ieii hereunder uplli tna procaeil*
of the sale of tl>* aald debentures
become*  available.
ic) To carry out the purpose! of this
By-law aa above aet out
I. pin roliute shell ho allowed on
the apedal  rata* to bo'leVIbd under
0. Title By-law shall take offed on
the       ■   '       day of till.
ni (Thi* By-lew may ba cited' for
all purpoae* ga "The School! Extraordinary Expundliiifi! Loan By-law,
llll." •'    '
Basted by the Council on the llth
day of  min i. 1011 .
Received tho nasent or thi Elector!
of the City of North. Vancouver at an
.■I.. Hon  fnr  the purpoae on  the
day  al 1911.
lie,,,to.I,I, ...I and Dually adopted
signed by the Muyor and City Clerk
and aealad with the Corporato "->'
on the day of
A. I)., llll.
TAKE NOTICE Hint tho^ibove la a
iht, Pi M*rob-anrJ th* Bret day of
September lit Mch end every year
during Up) currency of tlia said du.
liiiiiiiiieii, ur any of them. Them
ahull   ho   attached  to  lhe  deliepiproa
na algned by the Mayor only, for |folio.vs.
raBiWQRk! th* Munlcjii
of  the Corporation  of  th
North Vancouver, with tho '.
ilm   Electora   pf   the   City
Vuncuuver duly ^thtglned
ur cituaiiii us muy
twain tht Corporal
thereof, end  the i
..hull im made pm u
data pot later tha
Dili.nun uu
AND AVHEREAS tha Bald oilltnuic
wus laid before tho Municipal Council
nf lhe City of North Vancouver anil
duly oi, a... ."I by the' Bald council
und the aaio sums atiovu mentioned
were dually reieded and disapproved
.by lhe suld Council on the fourteenth
duy  uf   ""ii.i.i   ,1011.
ANII WHEREAS Ihe Mayer ol lhe
Clly of North Vuncuuver haa since
the rejection uml dlsuppruva) of the
a.no ultimate, tu win
tin tile eighteenth duy of December,
1911, received from Ihu Secretary nl
tlie suld  Bourd uf Schuul Trusted, a
written i i to . noil.n fur tho assent
uf the Electors uf the City of North
Vuneuuver, In the manner prescribed
by Section 61 nf the Municipal Clauses
Acl u lly-Luw ..in,-a i ii,,- in proposed expenditure und If necessury tne
raising uf tlie moneys required to defray Ilie sumo upon thu credit of the
. ANII WHEREAS It Is deemed expedient lliul (lie sum of Thirty-level)
lliouBiiiid dollurs 1137,000.00) be provided by lliu Corpuratlon uf the City
ot Nortli Vancouver for achool purposes us nfuresuld, the aald aum tu h.
'ei-n a ub hereinafter expressed:
AND WHEREAS In nrder lo provide
suld sum ll will ba necessury to Issue
ilei" iiiiin.'i of the Corporation of the
.'ii i  nf North Vancuuver for the aulu
nf Thll I)-Bcv.'ll  lltollstlll.l .1..liars (117,-
00000) aa herclnafier provided (which
la  tho  amount  ut   the  debt   intends
to be created ity liils By-law).
AND WllEltEAS for the payment of
interest on the debenlurea prupused
tu be laaued under this By-law, and for
creating a Blnklng fund for the payment nt tlie aald dehenlurea when due.
It    will    ho    neceaaary    to   ralte    by
• I   ralo  In  addition  lo  all  other
ratea, each year during the currency
of audi debenturei the turn of One
ihuuiuhd nine hundred and aeven dullurs und n.nn. .a. cents ,|i:>„, .„.,
wherunf line ihuusand six hundred and
sixty-five dollurs 111116) Is tn be ruls
ml unnuully fur lhe payment nf Inter-
Ill during Ilie currency of tald debentures, uml Twu hundred und furty-
Itvii duliars und Ihlrly-six cent!
1)248 86) .lu be ralaed annually for ilu
rill".,, of creating a sinking fund tut
ho payment uf tlm ilubl secured by
Uie suld a. " ia ,i. the sume being
made payable In ilfiy yetrt frum the
Hi wi   day  of September,  llll.
WllEltEAS In order lo raise lbc suld
yearly aum uf One tbnusmit) nine hundred uml seven doll,ns mid ihlrty-ilx
cents 111907.36) fur Interest uml linking fund, an equal speclul rulo un thr
dollar will be required lu be levied on
ull the ruleuhle reul properly In the
luld dly.
AND WHEREAS the whule rateable
real proptrty In the suld clly. according to ilu laal revlaed assessment roll
Is Ten million nine hundred and oii..
ly tbuuiand three hundred and seven-
i    "io    si  nli   Dollar*
ANII WHEREAS the aggregate of
'Ihu exlallng dobentore dent nl the
Corporation la Nine hundred nnd three
ia.aii..m.i nine hlundred and Iwi-nlv
dollan 11901.180), (excepting fur worki
of local Improvement and for ichool
purposea) of which none of the prln-
clfol or Inieresl It In irerar.        .
THEREFORE Ibe Municipal Council nf Ibe Corporallon of lhe Clly of
Nurlh Vunciiuver with the assent of the
Electors of the Clly of North Vincoii
ver duly  obtained, enacla aa  lollows
I. It ahall be luwful for the Mayor
of the City of Norlh Vancouvtr and
the city Clork for the purpoae aforesaid lo borrow or ralie li, any of loin
from any penoa or prisons, body or
mullet corporale, who may bt willing
to advance the aamt upon (he credit of lhe dehenluret hereinafter man.
tinned of the Corporation, a aum of
money nut exceeding In (he whole tb.
linn of Iiiiii. ,o ii ii Ihouund (f 17.-
000) Dulluis, und lo caute fhe tune to
he placed In Ilie Bunk of Brlllih North
America, ut Norlh Vancouver, lo thr
credit of the clly for the purpoae above
rulied. und tuch moneyi thill ht
us. d fur thul purpoet umy.
I I, nmu of Ihe clly not exec, ding in amount the turn of Thirty ■
•even Ihousund (117.001) Dolltrl mty
be Iuued by Ih* laid Mayor and City
Clerk In Itrrni of Uu Municipal '.'lu.
so Act lu si/ml it .nay bl deilred  hie
41 ><■''> "Hug One Thou... iii.I dl sain
ullur« each, or Iht niulvtlinl el.
prilled In pound* sterling of the
Ifnlled Klngdoi i of drill llillaln and
Ireland tt tl - vtlut of 14II l-l
to Ibt pound snrllna Each of H"
ttld dtbenluP -huB tie ilgntd by Ibt
uid Mayor si .' ,,, Clerk and lhe dl>
llirk llllli sd'S thertlo thl Corporale
p.,l of iba     't ■ ii, of North Vin
I    Tht  ilebiiinim   shall   bear   dili
Iht flril -iny "I m,i n inbei. llll   ami
•)nell betr liiirrnt al the rale of foui
and one-Ini If IIH) Pei u-ni  per annum
"-■• — -  "■-  Aral  day
f M. |.l. I.
  during tbr
current, nt tht tald debenture! o
any of 'bem There ahall be attache
to Ibt debenture* coupons signed I,,
ih» M" "' only for ttdi unl ever:
aaytpi'i' nl Inleretl thtt mty hei-onir
IB. and tuch tlgntlurt mty be either
Itjfien,. itimpid .printed or Who
f    Tht laid dtbtniurtt at lo prl*
true copy of tho propoied By-Law up
nn which the vote of the Electors n
ibe Municipality of lhe City of Niitil
Vuiicoiivei- will he luken wltlilu the
City Hull, North Vancouver, B. C, oh
iiiiii.ai.i- tho Eleventh day ul January A.D., 1913, between Ihu huurs of
11 o'clock it in und 7 u'clock p.m.
Clly Clerk and Relurnlng Officer
PUBLIC   NOTICE   Is   hereby   given
that  the  vote of the  Elector! or the
City   of   North   Vancouver    will    be
tukon on Tliursduy, Ihe .Eleventh day
uf  Junitary,  1018,  between  tha  hours
nf 0 o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m. ul
The School* Extraordlnury TUxpon
iiiiure Loan By-law, 1011.
mid that within the City Hall, Norlh
Vancouvor,  8.   C,   and   that  Thomas
Shepherd lists been uppolnteii  Return
Ihg Officor to  lake  the  vole  of auch
Electora   with   the   ueual   powers   in
that  behalf.
By urder of the Cuuncll.
.   WM.   McNEISH,
City  Clerk.
.nt aae-natf n*j per tent pt
JeygMa half yearly on lhe I
TU and tin fli it day of
ba* la 'a. b and ivery year de
rlp.,1 and Interest  mty be aide  i
aide  either In currency or Hi equl
valenl In pounds iterllng al Ih
ell'  lac      	
United Milci o7 Amnio or ihe Dot
i.oo oi pltcii In <ii.a
g at lha .ala
und sn,lin.   ui
I Britain
A   111    Mil    lo   •-uul.lt-   Ikt   I si.p.t.ulluu
of lbc i Hi ol Norlh Vaacouver lo
ralae by nay ol Iota Ibe sunt ol
si'Jo, nun. iiii lor Waterworks purpurea.
WHEREAS II It deemed expedient
tbut the aiiin of line hundred unu
na., i.i in. tliuusatid ooilara lllll.-
000001 be provided for maliiiulnlng
wurks fur supplying wulor to the In
Ituiillulits uf the I'll) uf North Villi-
ouver tu be applied us hereinafter
AND WHEREAS III order lo provide
suld spm It will be necessary to Issue
leliutitures of (lie Corporation of the
'Ily of North.Vancouver fur lie aum
of line hundred and IwTntyllvo thousand dollars 11116.000) as hereinafter
provided I which Is (be ainuunl nf tlie
debt n.nil.ini to tie cteuled liy Ihli
AND WHEREAS a petition llgned by
Ilie ownert of mure tban one-lenth
(1-10) of (lie value las shewn by the
:.i .t revised Assessment Bull) of reul
property In the Clly uf North Vuneuuvcr bus been prtttpttd lo the Munlclpul Cuuncll of the city of Nnrlh
lenoouvor reijucsilug tbcm tu introduce
. In 1., .i lu autburixu the Inn i oisliig
upon the credli of the City of one
inn,.h.ii und tn. nu hit Uo,os.iiol
Dullars ilTTiiiiiii lur lliu purpuse
ufui t-suld.
AND WllEltEAS fur the puymenl of
Interest tin Ihe dubenturei propuied
lo he Issued under Ibis By-law. und
lur creating a sinking fund for the
l'u)i.i.-nt uf Hit- said debentures when
due. It will be necesury lu raise by
special rale In addition to all uihei
rules, 'each yea rduring tho currency
uf auch dehenlurea the aum of alx
Ihousund four Inin,ind and forty-three
dollars and eighty ctnts (lllll 101.
whereof Five Iboutta* alx hundred
.mil twenty-five dollan 111121) It lo
I.e railed annually for lhe paymenl
of Interttt during the currency of tald
debentures,    ami    eight    hundred and
«hi..it doll,nu and eighty ccnta
llll) la tu be ralaed annually for
Ihe purpoie of creating a sinking fund
fur payment of the debt sn un ,1 by lb;
said dehenluret. the time being mud.'
puyable In fifty yean from the Ant
day  of September   llll
ANI) WHEREAS In ordtr lo relit
lha wld ytarly tutu of Six thouiand
four hundred and forty-three dollan
md eighty centi llllli II) lor Inlerett
and linking fund .in toutl ipeclal
rule on Ihe duller will be required
lu be levied "b til Iht rateable leaj
proul,., In Hie laid ,...
Til)  WHERItfi"-  M
bt lait  revlaed  Ante*
eaolt uiul overy-payniuut of Interest that
muy become due,'and such signature
may ba either written, stumped, printed or lithographed.
I. The said duhuiiluroi as to principal apd Intoraat may be mado payable
either  In  currency  or  lis >ii|iilvul.nit
111    pounds   al,il'llli,',    at    tho    value    of
|t.8B 8-3 to the pound sterling at luch
place qr place* fn ureat Britain, United Statua of America or lha Domiuion
of Ciinuilii as may he unreel upon 1,,-
'ean Iht Corporation and the holders
--laid principal turn
able by tho clly at u
lulu pot later lhan nfiy years from
tpe lli-ui duy or September, 1011.
SB. During tha whom term nf the
Urfency ni' tin: laid ilelieliliin a a ape
Iiii rata on the dollar shall be levied
uud  raised uach year in addition  to
all    ollor    ni lea    nil    all    the    lit I cable
real property )n lha c||y and euffiduni
to issiy flu Interest upon tlio suld dor
iientures, and lo create a sinking fund
fur the payment of the principal Ihereuf when dua, subject to any act or
enactment respecting tht sumo Such
special rale Spall he.Inserted In the
collector's Roll .or Hulls, and ahall In,
payable to uud collectod by tho laid
Corporation In the same way „„ other
ralea In the aald Roll or Bulls, save ub
lii'ieliiafii'i  provided.
I. In ordtr to provide for the, rnt.t
let out In puragraph (6)' and lubject
a.-i.iifiiii'sabl, there ihull ba railed annually by apeclal rale during tha currency nf the luld debenturei iho turn
nl Elm thouiand alx hundred and
twenty-live (KII6) Ooilara lo provide
for lha payment' of iptereat thereon,
and  the mm of Eight  bundled   tnd
lisliie.'ii tloliiii-ii and eighty c.-iiii,
11814.80) for the ropayment of the
principal  thereof.
7, Tho proceedi of the laid debentures ahall ba applied a* followa, und
hot otherwlao:
(a) In payment of the coil of the
-.   -ii.    of this By-law, and the lasuc
unci aula of tho dobenturea therein.referred to, and all expellees connected
with  the  laid  loan. ■    ■*
(b) In recouping the ■ aid Corpora
Hon for auch auina ub have been ux
ponded hereunder until lltu proceeds
ol Ipe late of the aald debentures
become!  available.
(c) To carry out the purpnseB of
thla By-law aa above let oui.
8. All money! arlalng out of tim
annual apeclal rate hereinbefore provided for linking fund ihall be In-
'veated by the Cuuncll nf the anl.l Corporation frnm time lo time us the law
directs. >,
I. Nn rebate shall be allowed on Uie
special ratea to be levied under this
10. This By-law .'ball take effect on
the Side.'iiili duy of January. 1912.
II. This By-law 'may he cited fur ull
purposes aa "Tho Waterworks Loun
By-luw  ,1912."
r.i: "., by ibe Coundl on the Twcti
i    .i. i.ii.   duy  of  December.   1011
Rucelved the assent of the Electors
of the Cily of North Vancouver ut un
election  fur  tbe  purpose  on   the
day of lllll
li" "tiai.ii i. a by tlie cuuncll and tin-
1 adopled .signed liy the Muyur
mul   City   Clerk   lllll   seuled   Willi   Iht
Corporate Seul on Hie '
duy  of .   1611
TAKE NOTICE ibul the above It a
true copy uf the propoied By-Law upon which the vole of Ihe Electors uf
tlie Mui.r. I|.tillii of the Clly of North
Vancuuver will be luken within Jin
Clly Hull. North Vancouver, B. C.. oi
Thursday, the Eleventh .lay of Junuury A.I)., 1912, between the huurs of
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 u'cluck p.m.
City Clerk und Returning Officer
ihut  the vole of the  Electors nf  Hu
will    be
).  if ihull be lawful for ..
of tha Oily of North \%ncrJ
tho C|ty Clork Inr tlio purpoj
Said to Inn-row or raise by y/l
frpin any pei'Npn ur peraopi
bodloB corporate, who may
to iiilviini's! the uuitiu upon
of  the  debenture*  heroine
Hoped uf the Corporation,
money   nut   axpedelng   In'
the aum of Seventy-|)va limit .
000) Dollan, and to oapte Ihi
ba placid In the Bank nf Hi I '
America at North Vancouvi
credit of  the City  for  the
.ilm"   replied ,and auoh mon
lie 'used f«r that purpose or
8. Debenture* of the Ull.
cocding In umount the sum of„
flvo thouiand ($76,1)00) puilurl
Issued by the aald Mayor
Merit, In lerma of tho
Clausal Act In buiiib ai may I
hut not oxoeodlng Una Ihoiiil
000) Dollgre aaoli ur tho of
expressed In puundi alerting]
i niii .I Kingdom of great fin
Ireland at tho value of Il.ll
Ihe pound m. i lint. Euch of
dobonturei ahull be Signed by 1
Mayor and Clly Clerk and
Clink shall affix thereto that:
Seal of Ihu laid City of N.n
uver.      ,
I.   The debenlurea thall
the lint day of Sepiembor,
snail hour Inlerest et Ibe rate
und one-half (114)  per tent."
niii'n piijubln  half yearly on
lay of March  and  Ihe   iitai
September In each and every yl
Ing the currency nf tha aald dal
or any of them.   There uhatl[
i.n lo-ii to lhe debenture* cuupo
ud by thu Muyor only, for ei
every payment of Intereat that]
due,  and  audi  signature  muy
I bor written, stumpud, printed'
1.   Tim aald dobenturea ua lo |
pal and Intereat may ba Hinder
ni.' i in currency or Ub eq|
In pound!, slerllng at the va
tjl.86 2-3 to the pound sterling!
1.1.see or places In Ureal Britain
oil States of America or ihe I
s.f I'.iinnia us muy be ugrced
iwcen tlio Corporation and thr
sir thereof, and lhe anld prlncli
shall be mude payable hy the"
. dute not luter than fifty yuai
iho fint day
phi »{, th* vulue of reel property
Hi. City of fyrtli Vano'eiTvYnWi
mu i'i Uio last ravlud Anessment
Hull) i»» haati praionted to the'Men -
U I'liiiudl of the Oily of NqrthTM-
wuvir requesting them to Introduce
,8tfa» tp eutlwlae tha burrowing
I us mfh of Fifty thouiendi (■BDToOff)
Mil'" (M.K'I! liurposa'afurasald.
ANH WIKRBAS for the payment
,1 inierem on thu debenturua proposed
„ I,, iii»iu.il updar till* By-law, and
tioui) in ■■»' ss.a ciy
AND  WIIERREAS  lhe- whole  rale-
la Ibt tald Clly,
tlio whole tDrill ul fh
e suid debenture! a apt
lie ilollat   shall lit lev e
late not later than It
,_    of Septenibd'
6.   During  lb
currency ul lha
clui rale un tin    ..... —^^
und rulsed each yeur In ud.lllinh tp al
other rutes on ui) Ihe riileiibla rea
property In the City and eu.lidcnl t.
pay the Interest upun ihe Buhl jtpnep
lures, uml In creute u sinking fun
fnr the puyment nf the iirliidpiif thtrt '
nf when due. subjeel to any net or en
'        "' 1
M ersaillW I linking fund for tlia
iirmeiit ui the *a|d debenturea wbiin
bi. It will he neoesaary tp rulse py
,rtiil«l I'M* In .glialtlw-.to -all-othur
Sn, ,»'f year dur ng the purropcy
j auoh i|abenturo» the turn of Twe
iliuisniiil Flvo Iiundred and Bevunly
.•nn nullars and' flfty-Uve cent*
lllll III), whuroqf T*o Thouiand two
I'jttlii'sl .ind flfty (isi60) ,i„ii„,-B |,
l, I, rulsad annually for lha pgymonl
si Intereat during tpe ourancy St aald
iiiia.-i and Three hundred and
iKiiiy-ji-ven dol|are and flfly-flva
mli ifiT'7.ri6) to lm raised annually
lit tlio purpose qf orealing a alnklnir
lud (sir the payment o! the debt se-
tutiUiV lhe laid debenturei, the lame
king niiisle pdyiililo In lllty yaari from
a, Ural Jay of September, llll.
INH WIIEHEAS In orderto ralao tho
m yearly Bum of Two thousand live
i .-.illi-il .unl Biiv.inly-uovoii dollar* and
a..i|-|..|lv. ictilB (11677.66) for Inlcieai
pi: 'i linking fund, an equal apeclal
iui. on Hie dollar ill he required tn
i'I*levt-il uu al Iiln ...I,.,i,|,. real pro
urty in ihe aald City.
t ',i\) ' 111 i, i-:'- ii iht whola rateable
ii ml prni'orty In lhe aald City ac-
■ nn. hi the laat reviled ubiobiiiicih
. nl |i Tin million nine nundred and
I titif a 'iiaatni iin0.. hundred and
.I ...nn "-C dollars 1(10,600,171).
i   Mil WHEREAS    Ilie    ni.isn I'..lie    of
j. Killing   dchenluro   debt   of   the
*i ,'«|iiiiaiiiiii Is nine hundred and three
liiiiiiiiil  nine   hundred   and   twenty
iliil.HOl Dollars (excepting for workB
in...I Improvement and  for  school
{lililm) of which none of Ibe prlnel-
Jor.Intereat Ib In urroar.
illlllilTI'ORE the Munlclpul Council
Hll liarporallon of the Cily of North
1'Ui-ouver. with tbe assent of the Elec-
m ol Ihu City ol North Vancouver
„ jeii oblulued, enacts ua followa:
o"ll 1 It tli.ill ho la a ml for the Mayor
thi Clly  of North Vancouver  and
fciity Clerk for the purpose afore-
. io i "i rinv or raise by way of loun
I'i.: any person or persons,  body or
ll'Uii. iiiriuriile. who may bo wlillng
,ilvtijKi' the siiiiio upon the credli
-.iiiiii..  herelnufler mcntliiti-
iif lite Corporation, u sum of mnn-
L tot iis-eodlng   In   Ihe   whole   the
Bill Fifty Thousand  (160,000)  llol-
U iiiil  io   cause   tlio   samo   to   be
...i ii, ilm  Hnnli  of Ui'ltlsh Norlli
inilm ttl   Noiih  Vuncuuver,  tn  Die
Ml of life  City    fur   the   purpoie
an rs.'clb.'d  und  such  moneys  stiiill
il  far   that   purpose   only.
sis Mures  of  the dty  not  cx-
,iii.. ani   tits  sum  of  I in
nv-i,Aw nu. m
jiivt»i,-g« ibenianfl
nclnient rotpectlng lhe iiitnc 'lMWi|ij,i,.i 1160.000) Dulluis may be ll
special rule shull be Inserted W MiUl,j il.. said Muyur und Clly Clerk
I'nllecliir'B Roll or Rolll, und ahull bt ,;„„, „,( |f,c. Municipal cliiUBes Act
payable to and collected by thl M|di,.,,„. „ may bo desired, bill nrfl
Ciil'pnratlun In Ihe sume way :i* OlPH Ujli.c tine |)iuiisund (11.000) dollars
rules In the suld Roll or Rolls, live ui     „,  ,1,,,  e,,ulvuleiil   oxnreaeed   In
I'l'llMC   NOTICE   Is   hereby
city    uf   Nurth    Vuncouvor
tukon on Tliursduy. the Eleventh duy
nt  January,   1013.  belween  the  huurs
>.f 0 o'clock a.in  and 7 o'clock i m   on
The    u.i in ii,.11, a   I ...an    li, l.ni.
und  tbut  within the Clly Hull.  Nurth
■.aio.'iiv.i.   li   C,   and   thai   Tllomn
Shepherd lias lieen appointed  Rctiirn-
ItlK   Dfllcer   tu   tuke   the   vute   of   suell
Electors   with   tlie   usual   powers   In
thai  behalf.
By order of lhe Cuuncll,
City  Clerk
in  i.lm
A  iii  i.»u  lo caahlr Ike I orporallou
ol Ikt i Hi   ol Mont   i.i sn.   to
raise   br   wai   ol   Iota   tbr   bum   ut
lln.owi   lor  roailrurilai   a   tlorage
rrsrr.uii  al   It It e   Lake.
WHEREAS   ll   is   .leemed
order   lo   operate    and
works for lupplyina water in the In-
 lent! of till City  of Nurlli  Van-
Inion   ot  Canada it  mty  bt  tgr
upon between Iht Corporallon tnd tin
bidden thereof, and Un ttld principal
im   tli.ill   be   madt  payable -by   Ibe
' riiy  af   a  dale  aol  later   than  fifty
j from lhe flril day ol gtpte  '
l*li , *
I.   During  lha   .--,.-   —.-   	
ley of lhe laid delmulurii a spe
dul rati on the duller shall In   livud
able  fill
ac. oidlng    _,   ...,„-    	
mem Roll ll 1110,111.171 0»> Itn mil
linn nine buudnd me nlntty Ihou
saml thi.'t hundrtd ud tvvtnly-one
Delia ri
A.M) WHEREAB Ibt taingttt of
Ih. . lining .1. b. nlure dalu of Ihe
,'oi|. stl..ti Is nine hundred and Ihrei
Ihou ml nine hundred and twenty
| Tn" 11) Dollan. 'tictptlng for
nasi i.    ef local imi'iov. ini'iii tnd for
s.h  eurpowi) or which nont or Ih*
iiln, ig] er imi un It In trrter
Till IIEKORE Hit Municipal Council
uf tin Corporation of tht city of North
Vai ytr   (with   thi   asienl   of   the
Ele. to, I ef tht City of Norlh Vincouver
dul)   ' dallied)  mads  tt  lollows.
I n thall be lawful tor the Miynr
uf tin Clly ot Norlh Vaneouvir tnd
Ihe CHy Clerk for Iht purpose tlore-
laid io borrow er relet by wty of
loan fiorg any ptnon or perioni. body
or Ini'li. i corporate, wbo may be willing
to adv, net Ibt tame upon Iht credit
nl tin i. liiiiiiiiil In uliitifi.'i mentioned . t Iht Corporallon. a 111111 ol
money 1 A txceedlng In Ihe whole Ihr
ium or 'nit Iiundred tnd twcniy five
IhoUHHoi IllSt.lei) Dollan an* le
■ "'it., ibt. tain* '0 bt pined lit Iht
Kink of Brlllih Norlb America tl
N'oiib  '.  ncouver   to Hit cndlt of U,''
year* from tht Ant dty of gtptemher
.   During   Uu  whole   ii'im   ef  the
reiwy of lh«
year   In   aadlllon   lo
It* on ill the rateable rell
tbt City and luMdtiil  lo
 Mil upon tht *tld deben
,ulti. and lo itetle a sinking fund for
Ibe pa/mtnl of Ihi prlncliwl .1......
tfhtn dot, tubMct to tny tct or enad-
•pi rttg'dlng Ibt tame     Such si.
mj..rr...s.>.| \onrlti In Iht ('ol
.    ollt and ibtll be pay
        'ofttcltd hy tbe *eid cor-
ponllon In the taint way at oih.'i
relet In lhe 11M roll er relit, eevt ti
hereinbefore provided,
^^^^lltr to preylH ler Iht ralei
'  ijeef
.itor'i Roll or
i,|e to and co
•let In •
I  In ei
fit out li
n ping
(I) tad tubji
t'lly   fm
and so
above   recllet
uied for thai
Iht   purpote
snotty ibtll bt
iituni of tht t'lly nol ex-
1 sinniinl Iht turn of Ont
and rwtnly-flvt ihouund
iim.000) Ileus's mer •>• '"ued hy
the suld afiyor *«d CHy 'Terk n
nn. ■ uf nit Municipal Cltutti Acl, l»
sums us tnur bt dttlrid. but not tx-
...iin.s "111 thouitnd III.000) Dollars
each 01 iht teulvtltnt tiBfttee* In
pounds riirllpg of Iht t'nfttd Jdnu
dom  of 1 Inat Brjttln end  Inland at
llm vaiuu ■T.ftV.M (;i 1'if ypwi
ilarling    l.mh pt Iht teld_dtb»{luret
lin   .la-ntd   Ii  *
y   Ibt  ttld   Mayor
shall  Im   sighed  ,-■   -™   -s.-
»H 'Ily c|,rii and iht Clly Cltrk thall
affi   therelu   lha   Corporale   Sill   of
i Clly of Norlh VinaopVer..
mi thall bstr dele
leoleniber. IIII..and
I it Iht rate of four
) ptr oinl   ptr to-
yeerly on At (tm
the (tl/l
I. Tin d.benli
Ibe lirst li. tf
•hill  I.i a.   IliftTM
iuu in
num payable Jul
.01.v..    lhat   a   siiu.iu.1   r
ioIiS'Ii in led   al   Rice   Luke
AND WHEREAS In urder thereto It
will be neceitary lo itiuc debenturei of
tht City of Nortli Vincouver for the
turn of ... v.ni) in. thouiuml 1176.000)
Dolltrl ut h.ielijafii 1 nrovlded (which
It the atqount of Ihe debt Intended
be created by this Uy-law) the proceed! of lbs laid debentures to bt ap
piled lo the contirucllon of laid ttor
eat retervolr at Rice l.ai"  ami to no
" AND WHEREAS a petition algned
by the owner! ol more lhan one-
niiili ii t'u of Ha value of real pro
party In Ine Clly of Norlb Vancouver
tea ihown by Ibt latl revlttd Attest
mint Rolll has been presented lo the
Municipal Council of tht Clly of Norlh
Vancouver rcqutitlng Ihem to Introduce t H) law to aulhorlio Ihe borrowing of Seventy-Ova Ihooiatid f $76.-
OOOl Dollan fur lfu< purpoie stun tuld
AND WHERSAS for lhe piymom of
lntereit 01) tht dtbtnlurcl propoied
to be Issued under (hit II) law. and for
creatine t linking fund for Ihe pty-
mtpl "f On s,.bl debenlurea when due
II will be ntctmry lo ralie by ipt-
' isl rtlt In addition to all other ralei
each year during the currency el luch
debenturei the turn of Three thouiand
eight hundrtd tbd tixty-ilx dollars
und iblity unit f|llll!0), whereof
Thrte Ihoutand Ihree hundred und tev-
elily live   (||I7I)   Dollan   ll  IO lit  Ulf
ed snnoally fur the piymonl uf Inlerett during the currency of sold delicti-
Iurei, and four bundled and ninety
one dollan an* thirty cenlt (flil.lO)'l
lo be rilled annually for tbe purpose
of creeling a tlpklag fund for Hit pay-
,,,, 1,1 of flu debl lorurcd by lhe lam
ilidseiiiuies the same bring made
able In Afty year* Dun Iht flril
of ),. nn tola 1. Iifl
AND WHEREAS In order lo ralao
lhe aald yearly aum ot Three ihuusand
eight hundred and tlxtv-ilx dollar!,
and Ihlrly cents 'lll'Tlltf) for Inltnil
ind linking fund, tn equal special
rale on the dollar will nt requlrtd
(0 be levied un all (be nttubl* real
properly in the said oity.
AW) Wil En E AS lhe  whole rateable
rial properly In the laid ''ily ancordlng
.     .i-.   r..      --  ' „MMm«il   rlM   ft
" n  pfpa  Iiundred
__;, tttfl  afftrit
tnd scvanly on* dolltrl,
AND WHEREAS Ihe Wregaie of
lb,' iiltllag dcbenlare deiil of Uu-
Corporation It nine huadred n,l Ihree
Ibrte thouiand ulna hundred and
twenty (1101.110) IlOllln. '""
for Worki of loctl li
for ichool purpoiei) or whlth none Ol
Ihi principal er Inltnit ll In arrear
hereinafter pruvlded
6 In ordor to provide fnr Hi*
sel oul In |i.ii',ii;i',iph 16) and auniec
us-nfuresuld, thcru shull bo riitsfjf gh-
ini.ills by special rule iluriiu; lhe eur-
rency uf tlie suld debentures, the sun
uf Three thuusund three tiuiuliod and
seventy-five H3376I dollim lo provide
fur tlm i a -in. 1.1 oi lm. i.i.i iii, i.iiii, iiti.i
Hie SUIU of Four hundred uml nine!)
une dullurs uml thirty cents 11411.10)
fnr the repuyuieut of tlie prlijcipti
7. The pruceeils ut the uuhl dtbtn-
lues shull lie applied us loll.us, end
nut  ulherwlsei
iu) In puyment uf the cost of the
easaliis: uf this By-law .ami lltu Iiiui
and sule uf the debentures Itiercu referred tu nnd ull expenses cuiiggctiil
wil it  the suid luan
(lit In 1. ..iiipliii: the ibIiI '011:01 1
Hon fnr Bilcll sums as buve hei)l ex-
pendtd hereunder until Uie luiiceeilt
of the sule of Hie suld ilebetilurtFbe-
s.-nmes   -ovnllalilc
tc)   To carry uut the purpnseB of till.
Hy-lliv; ub ubove set out.
.   8.   All   moneys   iirlslnj;   mil   of  the
...... 1111) apt.-Iui  rale  hereinbefore tgro-
vlded for sinking fuml slmll be inv.it
ml  by   the  Cuuncll  uf  the  said por-
puratlon   Irnm   limu   In   time   ule'tbe
law   illrecls
I. No rebate shall lie alluwoijon
the speclul rules In he levied ifluer
Ibis Bv-law.
.10     This Us   Lm   sliull   I.sl..   . IliT
■I,.'   Slxicenlh   day   uf  Junuury.   1
II. This  Bylaw  muy  he  died"
nil  piirpusri  us  "The   Hie.   Duku
oisi.it   Loan  By-law,  1018"
l'ltssetl  by   the  council   on   Uie
duy   nf  December.   IIII
Received Ibe assent uf the Elcctol
the  Cily  of  Nurlh   Vuncuuver  utu
election fur the purpose on  the    I
lay  nf I*
Id-considered by tht council ami ]
nil) adopted .signed   tiytlie Muyss
City Clerk   nnd  sealed with  the
puruic Seal tin  the duy
TAKE NOTICE  lhal  lhe nhiivu li
true copy of Ihe iiropuBcd By-I.uw m
un  s',1.1,1,  the vule of tbe Elcelursl
the  Munlelpiillly  of  the  City  nf N.J
Vuncuuver  will   be   luken .wlihin
cily Hull. Nurlh Vuncouvor, B  C.
Thursday, Ihe  Eleventh  duy of Jan
ary  AD.  1911.  belween  mc  nnun '
I  o'clock  u in   and  7 u'cluck  p in.
Clly Clerk and Returning "in- - 1
I'l'IIDIC   NOTICE   Is   hereby   1 lit
llllli   the   VOlO   Ilf   lllC   ITI" n 1.    nf   if
City   uf   Nortli    Vancuuver    will
luken un Tliursduy. the Elevenlli dl
of   1..nu,n 1    1012.  belween   Ibe  biiu|
of !i o'clock a 111  and 7 u'cluck pin
The   isl"    l.uke    is.   .... 1.    Iiiil
By-luw. 1912.
und Ihul  wllhln  Ibe city Hull   Nurtl
Vancuuver.   B   ('.   und   thnt   Tbo
Shepherd bus been uppulnlcd  Reiuril
Ing Officer  lu  lain1  Hie  vole  of suel
Eleclors    Willi    Uu.'    usual    powers   l|
Hint   lichulf.
Ily urder of the Council,
Clly Clerk
.all soiling uf  lite United King
|W»i':>li!re.il Bflliilii und Ireland al lhe
'ice   1,, „l J, M;   ].3   |„   ,!„.   |„i„„1|   „,,.,.
*n- ,  K.nli if lhe suld debenlurea bIiiiII
cur-   ,.i,,i 1,.- the suld Mayur and Clly
WM .'.i'. sn.l iho  City  Clerk  shull  udlx
uu Ua Corporuie Seul of tlie suld
I Nonli Vmicouver.
Tl.i ii. wiitturee  sliull   hear  dale
tm 'I,/ or September. 1911. ami
a!War Interest ot the rate ot four
liH.-li.tlf  (4H)  per cent,  per an-
pi)utile half yearly on the lirst
lll.iiih ami lite rsl duy of Sep-
•1 In • al-li and every year during
nrriiii) of the suld debentures or
,f ila-iit.   There shull be utlucb-
i. ihe tlelieiiiurcs coutions signed
ii. Major only, for eucli and every
udi uf intereat ihut muy become
.it Hub ,.,. oaiiiii  muy tie either
iiiii  Mumped,   printed   or    lllbo-
11U Ii.i
In ir. ,
1 i.i
ltd '!■ i ■ iiiui' bus tu prlncl-
nett muy be mude payable
urrency or Ita equivalani
sterling nt Ibe value uf
1 be 11.ulol sterling al such
oil In Oreat Britain. Unit-
I America or lhe Dominion
' ■«'!.. ut may be agreed upon
"ni Ua Corporation and the hold-
' '■ "nl and the suld 1 1 le. 1, ..I sum
"■M11....lii payable by the clly ul
'''''ran later than dfly years frum
1 ';« 'I,    Of September.  1911
'iiiis.   the   whole   term   of  the
•'■i-i "f the litlil debentures 11 too-
I '.', oa the   I' lla    shall be levied
II '.-'I ..sell yi'nr In llddlUuu to
]"kt ruttt on all tbo raleablt reul
('*■■) In the clly and sulllclenl In
[''iu liib reel upon tho suld dtben-
yi .ml to create a slnlilitg fuml
'jljlmininl uf the prlndpul there.
••bt an lublect tn uny ucl or
''•"i si sued Ing ihe iame. 8uch
"I- ut.   .hull   be   inserted   In   the
,'■ I" II or Rolls, und shull lie
■I'.?' I" and collected by the anld
• .'imi iii thi! same way as othei
' ' 'I.' said Hull ur Rolls, save us
"".'I'i iinvlded
fc -!„,|,r to provide fur the rates
*'• In 1 .rugraph (6) and suhlec
•t ;-sol 1 lure shall be raised an
BL.'V) mi.Iu| rule during Ihe cur-
'. IH'. suld debenlures Ihe turn
j,,' il"'s-aiid two hundred etoi
"' 'Ij'i'li i'olUrs In provide for the
iU1, ' InlereBt Ihereon. und Hu
" 'hr.-c bundled and twenty-lev-
nd llfly-flve cenls
he repayment of Ihe
7.« ,„,,'iif
'5. im. innls  nf  the  said  deluli-
,."♦11 i„ applied aa followa. ami
'i I'-ninenl  of lhe coll  of the
&J <•' Ull By-low ond  lhe  Issue
'y-l ll... debenlurea therein re
K';i!.i hunt
?■,.:••" uml
Bi'i 'nr Iht
»%.* inn. nf
t day
Anil   VYiii,nr,,.e  site
-til i'i").niy In the ttld
lUltVlff, (If* Wllfion
ihd iilnely THotHalie,
HV-I.AH   mi.   lb*
table   Itr   1 urpurall.in
Norto Vaacouver lo
al loaa Ibe sun. ol
ote ol maUlag,
og   aad   regalr-
lae|u*l>g   thr  roatlrarlloa  ef   pen
A   lit-I.AH   to
Ol    Ik" I II)
ralw br Way
HIM)** lor
r Ibe fare,
fmifrvleg,   Impru.lo
ag  readi  aa*  tlrtrlt  la  Ike  Illy
WllKltEAS lhe genoral revenue li
Iniufflclent lo meef Ine expenditure
neceitary lor the u'urpote of making.
preserving. Improving and repairing
muds mi,I si nets fn Fhe City 01 North
Vancouver Including the contirucllon
Of pew tldovfajki.
AND WHEREAS II la detlrabh.' and
deemed   expedient   Hint   tin)   turn   of
ruTf'Thuiftind (no.ojo) putim be
expended by the ''Hy for the purpoie
afoiflald '
ANJT WHEREAS   lu   order   thereto
IT will be neceitary to Iuue debenture!!
»' ine Clly of Norlh Vancouver for the1
of Fitly Thousand  (|f.O.(|0(l| Dul
1   hereinafter   provided   (which
... gmount ot lhe debt Intended lo
reiilcd by Ibis By law )fbe proceed!
"  dcbenluies   tu   bt  applied
lin  1
|l Ihe
to Ih* iBi PUfioiei mi In no olher
AND  WHEREAS  a  petition  llgned
by tht owntrl of mora than em-tenth
all  expemei conn
ii'siplng Iht Bald Corpora
'al. lums ui have  been ex-
'•.■under   1111III   Hie   pruceeds
il- of the mid debenturei be-
' iisriy  oul   Hie  purpoiei  of
■•» is above lei iiul
nm,.yl 'irlslng ml nl Ihr
'i"i..l rate hereinbefore pro-
"Inking fund sliull be Invi-sl
'"'I'uicll of the tald Corpora-
c 'Inn lo lime ua the law dl-
";»i. ihall bo allowed on lhe
r,l|,« in  lie levied  under  Ihli
I' 11 w ihull lake efTtct on
'/"Hi day of January, 1912
1 H, law dnall be died for
1 is "'The Btroeti Malnlen-
i. low. IIII"
1, Up Council on the lllh
'•nder,  1*11
! Hi tttenl of the Eleclori
- I .'JorUi Vancouver ll an
' 11.. purpote on ibe
tl'id iy the Council tnd An-
*■"' .i.ned by^he Mayer and
,;> ii/ne»|»4 Villi Ibt Cpr-
"■• III)
\*>im fhtt me oeyvc It a
, ' Hit propoied BV-Uw up-
itfc pf Ihe EleclOM of
■-UD of Ae CHy oiyhr h
(•III bt Ukib  wlJWh   lhe
'»"ii. VonCouvoT, B.C., on
Hevenlh day of MliU-
iietwcen lei hourl of
add 1 o'eftek pm-
'it-id Returning OfUcer.
EJ"llC'H It hereby alven
tf "t the Eleclori Pf He
|,|jili Vancouver wil be
L,!'i"lty, the Elevenlli day
lc 1'il't, belween ih* houri
» and 1 o'clock pot.m
,.,,' nSfnteBeate Man By,.
afOM tba fM(y Hell. North
ati that Thorott
*"-'-'--' ptturn-
relic hi 'ivaV iflpip
Tivealy-flve thousand tl       _..
, WHEREAS It Ib doomed expedient
in lha Intereat of the city lo borrow
Twenty-l-'lvis thousand ((26,0001 Dol-
Iti's for the pur unu of nialntalnlng
and aiiulpplng th* Fire Brigade, aatno
being   an   t-.-p. luiiniie   neccuaury   lor
tlia  uaaililiilli'e  uf  the   Kin:  I lepa, lulelll
of tin city.
AND WHEREAS in order thereto It  '
will bt necessary lo Isbuo dehenluret
uf the City of Norlh Vancouyer for lha
ium of 'im mi i'lie ili,,,,.',,,11,1 u-'ii,-
000) Dollara aa herelnufler provided
(which lu Iho amount of the debt Intended io he cteuled liy thll By-law)
[be priiccod* uf the suld 1I0I10IHUrol lo
be applied lo thu auld purpoiei und nu
AND  WllEltEAS u  putlllon  signed
by lha ownori of mote thun ono-tonth .
II-IO)  the  vulue  of real  property  In
the City of Ninth Vuncouver (ua shown    •
by Iho luat rovlaod Assessment Roll)
haa  been  presented  to  tho  Municipal
I'liuncll of Ho   Clly ut Norlh Vancouver  rciiuealliig   ihem  to  Introduce  a
By-law   to   uuthurlxu   thu   burrowing
open the i i eiin of the dty the aum of
Twenty-live   tliousund   dills,(mil)   Dol
I,.,.,.', tho I'lni'io   aa re-said.
AND WHEREAS for tho paymenl of
Interest on the debentures proposed to
bo Issued unilsT n.i.. By-luw, und tor
crciitlng u sinking lumi fur thu payment ul the suld debenlure! wholt due,
It will be necessury lu n.i" by speclul rule In .,.inni.ui lu ull uther rate!,
eudt yeur during lliu currency ul such
debenture* llm sum uf one Uiuusuml
twu i.iii.iiii li uud . i, in . :, in dullurs
mid seventy-six etuis ill,286.71),
whereof (mc lliuiisiiuil one hundred
tnd 1 ncill)-live 11nll.11..: ill 126) Dolluri is tu lie i .11 -. -I nn.1,all Ton Uio
1,a 1.0 ;n uf interest during too currency iif ..i.l debenlures .una line hundred und nl, lin.. dulluis uud suv-
enty-slx cuius ||163.76) tu bu raised
unnuully fur the purpoie of crciitlng u
sinking fund for ihe puymenl uf thu
debt secured by the.suld debenturei
the sume being made puyuble in llfty
..1.11.. 11 oui the 111 ai duy uf September,
AND IVIU'lRI'lAS III orsier to ml..-
Uie suld ytarly sum nf otic ihousund
Iwo 1.un.mil nnd eighty-eight dollara
11111I sevcnly-slx centi 11126616) for
inlerest und sinking* fund., un • "inni
spccliil title un tlie dollar will ba required to he levlud on nil Uio ruierble
n.il pruperty In the suld city.
AND WHEREAS tlte whole rtileublu
reul properly In Ihe said City tic-cording tu the lusl revlicd Assessment
Rull Is I10.llli0.3il lieu 11.iiln a nine
riindreil and ninety Ibuiisiind. threo
hundred mid toyenty-ont iluilurs).
AND WI|ERE..S lbc uugregulo nf
the exlallng debenlure debt of Iho
Corporation Is nine hundred nnd three
11.on....io1 nine hundred und Iwenly
dullurs 111101,020), 'excepting fur
wurks of local liiitiruvt.-meiit uud for
Schuul pm 1 at or which none of the
I I iin I. al    or   II.I. 1 ,. 1    Is   ill   ill lllll
THEREFORE  Ilie  Municipal  Cuuncll
nf ibe Corporation nf lhe CHy uf North
Vancouvtr.   W'lih   lhe   assenl   uf   ihe
I'lleciiiis ni the ("Hy uf Nurlh Vuncou- '
ver duly ul.tuineil,  uniiels us  fullowa:
I ll shull his lawful ror the Muyor
«f the cliv of Nurlli Vuncuuver and
Ihe City Clerk fur the puriiose afore-
aaid tu borrow ur raise by wuy uf luuti
frum uny persun or persona body or
bodies corporale, wlio muy tie wlillng
lu advance the sgtne ui.uii Hie credit
nl Hie debentures In luafter mentioned uf the Curp, railoli 11 sum uf
money nut exceeding In me whole the
sum of Tsssilly-Hi.: llosusiiiin" 1(26.000)
Dollim. und tu untsc the tonne TO'-lfo ■*
placed In ilu- Bunk uf Hrilish Nurlh
America nl Nutili Vancuuver lu lilt,
credli nf Hie City fur the purpuse
above ircclled .ulnl luch niulleys SilnU
lie used fur thul purpuse utily. tf
2. Debenlures uf Uie Clly nut ex\
ccadtng In mnuuni the mm uf i'svi ins
hi. ihousund (126.0011) Dollars may
be issued by Hie suid Muyur und City
Clerk in terms ur Hie Municipal Clause! Ad In .'-in., us mu) be desired,
hut not txceedlng one ihuusiind
i|l OUOl 110ll.11 H each, ur tile cuiilvulcui
expressed In pimmls Htetlliig of tho
lulled Kingdom uf Ureul llrlialii und
Ireland ul iho value uf 11 n. 2-3 lo
Hie pound 1 ,. iin,. Kaili uf the auld
ih'lieiitiiit'H shull be signed by the auld
Mayor' uml I'll) Clerk 11ml Ihe City
1 Iiili slu.1l ..ih, therelu Ilie Curpurulo
Heal uf lhe suld City uf Noilh Vuncouver
I Tlie debenture! shall bear dale
lhe (lilt tiny uf September, lllll. nnd
shall I,cm Inieresl al Ilu rale nf fuur
ami iine-half (I'll per cent per annum payable hull yetitty un Use flrat
day nf March und the lltsl duy'u!
September In each und every year during Hie currency of Hie suld deben-.
lures, or uny of Uu in There siinll
he attached In lhe debenturei, coupon*
tlgned by Ibe Mu.iui unly. fur euch
and every payment nt Inlertil ibul
muy become due, mul luch signature
mny be cither written, slumped.
printed  nr  lithographed
4    The'suld  dubvitlurei us to prill-
ilp.ii and  Interesl  moy  he  mtdc  (tuy ■
utile  diher  In  currency  ur  In  mtul-
viiietil In puundi iterllng ul the value
uf   1116   2-3   to   Hie   puund   .mlu,,.   ut
such uluce or placca iu Oreal IJrlloln.
ri.tt..1 .i.ii.    nf Ann ilea or Iho 1 "on
Inion ut Camilla ns muy lie ugrced upon  belween  the  Corporation  und  Ine
bodices Ibcicof. und fhe auld piliulpal
sum shall be mude psyuhlc by Ilie City
ul  a dale  nol   Inter   1......   1111,.   yeart
from Hie Ural duy uf Uoplember. llll.
I During the whole term of let
currency ot the suld dtbtniurtt 1
ipeclal rale on the dulliir ahull be
levied and ralaed euch yeur In uddlllun
to ul) other rules on ul) the lulcuhlc
real properly In Ibe dly and tiilflclent
lu pay Ibe Inleretl upon lhe laid de-
In- nn ins. and lu creute „ linking fund
for the p.inn. ni of the prlndpul iliere-
of  wheh  due  .tulijeul   to uny  oil   nr
' to" Iiii. Ill    1. ol"' lllil.   the   saint     Such
I   .Itllilei*
special rate shall be Inicrlud In Iht
Colic.'lors' Roll or iu,lis. out) ihull ht
puyuble In uml collet n,*i fly lhe laid
fm i"oa 1 nni III lhe sume lay 11 the
oilier ralei In the tula Rolf 07 Roll*,
lave at hereinafter provided.
I. In order lo provldi for the raltl
let oul In paragraph li) and sol.Jul
ai tforoial'f. Ihere shall be rolled annually by apeclal rale during lhe currency of iho tald lid., itiiiieti lhe turn
of One thouiand one hundrad and
twenty-live (|1I26) Dollari lo provUt
usual   powtrt   lb
'' Hit Cuuncll,
for III,' in.ymeM of lhe Interest llii icon, ahd Hie num of One hundred and
slxlv-(brer dolluri and levtnty-lll
centi 1)11171) for Hie repayment of
the prlnclptl  Ihereuf
7 The proceed! of lhe mid debenture* thall be applied ai ruitows, and
dol  olherwlie:
(a) In payment of Ihe coit of the
patting of thit By-ltw and the litut
tnd sale nf (he dabeiilurei therein
referred Ip and all cipenlci connected
wilh   lhe  laid   loun. .
lb) In recouping vibe said Corporation for nidi tuml tl have been expended hereunder until lite proceed!
ol lhe talc''pf lhe suld debenlure*
beipornei .voiiavlm ■ 1 * ,
Ic) To carry oul the purpuiel ef
Ihli bylaw a* above eel dul.
I.   All  WWjtyi  arising   oul   of  111
annulil tpeclil  rite hereinbefore
vlded   for  linking   fund  slmll  be
vested by I he Cdunell ul lbc itld
veiled by
torallon from
1 fine io time aa lb*
tM apietof 'r.iiiiYht"liilci. und
''i*   Tht? By-law ibtll   tok* tltaei
on tbe HID day of Jtnuary, lilt.
UByrlaw may be nlleJ tor till
ill   "The   tire  Bilged*  A»"
Sv-iftw, w*--
11.   ThlsByr
pill'pilStia   na
.fdsiancn Br..,,,  ....-.—...-------,
,1'uised to t|)e Potilldl en. the llth.
der of December,'I'M.   *
Itsieislnsil (lie ussent of' (lie I'lluului'H
Of Ute Oily of North Vancouver gt »n
election for the purpose on the
liny   uf * UU
Reconsidered liy tho Council end lip-
My iiiliiiilusl. signed liy tho Mayor and
City Clerk and aeiiled w th tne for-
1VVm M ,,r       ~T^
HQipiPh] iyn BI.ROTPIW
TAKE NOTICE! iii,11 the ahov* l* a
copy of l|ie prouoiqd By-|'aw ttii-
■Jilch tlie v„f,!_ o( Ihu 1'jI.ii':i,ii;s of
on w
iii'r. 'MiihTciiiaiitV'it tne 'HiiyTf'^qrt'h
Vancouver  will be taken wllhln  tlm
'City Hall, North Vancouver, " 0., on
Tliitrsiluy,  the-Rlavciilh day pt .limn
}ry A.I).. 11)12, hctwoen the hour* of
o'clock <m. and 1 o'clock inn.
Clly Clerk and Batumlpg twicer.
PUBLIC NOTICE! la hareby Riven
hi Ihe vole of tht Elector* of Ilu
ly ol Nortli Vancouver will he
taken on Thuradty, tbo Eleventh day
uf January, ltl!, between Iho bourn
of s o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Fire Brigade Altlltance By-
law,   1913.
atid that within-
Vancoover,  B.   C,   and   that  Thomas
•lhe Clly Hall...North
iii..-I'le i'l hat been appointed  u. nun
Ing mn" s   In lake the voffc of auch
iti,inn:,   with   iii.-   usual   I""-' i.    In
lhal i" iui,
By order of the Council,
City Clerk.
in -I. iv. Nl). 1*3
in i. in lo ,'1,1.1,1. Ike , ,..|.„..iil"ii
of Ibe I'll} ol Nortb Vancouver lo
raise by v»ay "I loan Ibe sum ol
'leu Thousand illli.lllHH Dollars lor
Ihe purpoie ol creeling a wbarl aad
t.arebuuse al i l,,„n ill. id v. issue
llrcel eud.
v. iii.in. mi Ills deemed expedient In
the Itilorclt ul the City lo erect u
wbarf und wurehuiisc ul Chttltrllcld
Avuniiu slrect end tut (be sturugu of
niiiiii. ii ,1   . 1.1 ill...
A.NIi WHEREAS Iii order thcrtto It
will lie necessury to itsua debentures
of llm Clly ul North .Vuncouver for
Ibis ..mu nf Tun ThiiiisiiiiO WO.OOoi
Dullurs us herelnufler |,r,ividi-,l
(Which Is lb,' uiiiuiiiit nf lhe debt Intended >w bu created hy this By-law).
ilu- proceeds of tliu suio .i, ni nisii'si
lu lie ..ii In'i to lhe suid purposls
iitnl to up uttier;
ANii WllEltEAS .i petition llgned
hy Ilie owners of more ihun nnu-iuiiih
ii lm lliu value uf reul properly III
tins t'lly of .'"'in Vancuuter las shown
liy thu lust revised iisscssiiieul roll)
has been presented In Ibe MunL-linil
Cuuiicll ol the Clly of Nnrlh Vancou
ver requeitlng thum in Introduce
ii Ily-law to uuihorlse ihem in
borrow tlie sum nl Ten Tliniisiiinl
1(10.01101 nullum fur the purpuse
iifiiresulil. *
ANii WHEREAS for Ilie puyment
nf Interest un lltu debentures ..inn, «
ed In he Issuei) onder litis Uy-iuw.
Mini tut creating u sinking fund fur
Ilie payment ,,f the suld debenlurea
wlun ilu.-. II will bu neceaaary tn nils,
by special rail 111 iiilslilliin In nil utlli-l
rales, each year during the currency uf
.■.ii. ii il.'lit-lilores lliu sum nf lis. 1,....
ilieil iiiiii iirteeli dollars unit llflyone
cuius ,iTiT,.i, whereof Pour hundred
uml nils i|ir,oi lisilluis Is tu he ralaed
annually lur the puyment nl interttt
'I.n ii. i ibe 'ni',". uf suld delieliluiel
uml Bllly-llve dullum tilid fifty-one
einll 1166 Ml to lie railed iinliiiiilly
lur Ilie puriiose ot muling u sinking
fund fur tiie puymi'iu uf Ibe .1.-1,1 secured by tbe lulu debenturei the tame
I.. In,: in.i.l. payable In llfty yeurs from
the Arsl duy of eSplomber. li'il
ANH WIIKItMAB in ordtr lo rulse
Die suld .".nl, sum nf Five hundred
uml llfleell dullum and liriy une cents
11616.61) lor Intereil uml sinking fuml
un ciiiul special i.is, un Hi., dollar
will fi.- required tn be levied on all
Ibe ruleuhle reul proptrty In the auld
ANI. WHEREAS Uie whole rateable
reul proptrty In Ibe suld rily according to lhe laat revised Assessment
I."li is Ten million nine tioiulri-d und
nli,,i il.,.ii...in,I. three hundred mid
lev. illy ins,'   l|IO,990,271)   Dullum
ANii whereas ihe aggregale ur
ihe existing debenture d.-iit of the
t'ui'iiiiriitlun is nine hundred and three
11," si", 'in i nine Imui.ii..1 uml iweniy
dullum t|901.920) IticcplliiK fur works
il/iui' li'ii-ruvi'ineiil mul fur sclmsil
'    il^cb none nf the prln-
ei -...  .    ', i.tT'lJch none nf Hie prli
purpnscsl nf awewilk.   :-rcur
iii,ill or Interest  Is In  i.   .„   <'„u,i.
WHEREFORE the Miiiilcljiii'f ' '
ut I lir- I'uipurullon uf Die Clly uf Norn.
Vmii, nnv, i      Willi    the    ussetll    ut   lin
Eftclori uf lhe t'lly uf North Vuncuuver
duly obtained, enacti us folluws:
I It shull lie l...'.i'.l fur the Muyur
■if tlie clly ul Nurlli Vuneuuver nmi
Ilie t'lly Clerk fur the iiuipus" ufurr-
siilil to horrow or rulte by wuy of luun
from uny ptiton or puriuns. limly nr
bodlei corporuie .who muy be will
li,,    lo   ."Is.ii.,.    Ilie   sume   ui'i'ii   the
il'illl     Uf     the     ili lie, ll', |, >|     Ih'ii'llliiflil
iii, i.sl. i.. .I uf the ' ,'i i "i.iin.i  ii i um uf
siu'i.     nut    ihu:   In    the    whole
Ibe iiiiii "i Ten Tliuosuml 1110.0001
lmii,,,j. and in i.iiimi tl,,- .-.iui.' to be
I'lsniii In the Hunk or BrlHsti Nurlli
Ameiliu ul Nurlh Vuncuuver lo the
credit of the t'lly for tin- purpose
nliuv,' reclleil. uml such inupeys si,nil lie
und for Ihtt purpose only
I llehenlor.'S of the city tut exceeding In mnnonl the sum of Ten
Thousand If 10 000) Indium linn he lllll. d liy Ibe suld Mtyor and City Clerk
in lernn of the Municipal Clauses Art
In lumi is muy be dciircd. bul not
exceeding line thouitnd ,|l uoui Dol-
Iiiih each, or Ibe eijolviilenl extiresseil
In pound! ' slerllng „f lhe Hulled
Kingdom uf Ureal Britain uml inland ul the value of 11,11 SI lo lbc
pound <-i,ill,i»: Each of tlie aald
drhriiiurei thnll 1,1- llgned by Ihr tuld
Munii and I'ln clerk and the Clly
Clerk Iball affix therein Ihe Uorpurnlc
Pent uf lite aald City of North Vancouver
I. The Debenturei ihull bear dole
lbc Ant day of September, 1911. and
■hall bear Intereat al Uio rate of four
und mi, lmii ii'.> 111 " in per annum payable bull yearly on the Dril
'»:. of March and lhe flrat duy ol
gcplemb, i In each and every year
,1,iiln. the currency ol the laid do-
behiuret. or uny ol tbcm. There ihull
be attached lo ilie debenture*, criu-
puns sluiies) by the Mtyor only, for
each and every payment of Inleretl
Hut may become due. and men sis
nature may be either wrlllen, itamp-
li.  printed  or  lllhugruplied.
I.' The laid dclietiturei al to principal and lntereit may he madt- pay-
-able In currency er lit equivalent In
poundt iterllng al the vulue of Ills
-i-lM, Un jiwinjlilxrllng n) aucb piu'-e
or pieces In Ureal Brllulii, ITiTlcn
Btatei of America or the Domlnlon-of
I'linii'ln al may bt agreed upon between the Corporallon ond the holdera
I hereof, und fhe said principal lull! be Inade payable by ibe city
date nol lal*/ than dfly yea" '-"
Mt  Aril   dty  Of o'eplellllicl    111
the I'ullcctiir'H Boll or Belli. u*d ihull
on payable to end Collected hy the luld
Ciii'lioriiiliiii In the mmm way aa other
rules In Uio BIlllU Hull or llolls. siivo
uu liortlneflor provided.   .
6. In order to provide for the rtitei
sut nut In paragraph It) und Subject
na nisiiiiiiilil .there shall ba rulsed annuully by Special rale during the currency of the anld debenture* the turn
of Four hundred und fifty |)I60) Do)-
Itii-ii (o provide lor the puyment of
liiUnn.1 lliuruon. uud lha aum uf BU-
ty-llvo iliilinra and llfly-oiiu cihtl
i iili.li I) for the reimy iiiiiii I uf the prln-
Clpul    llli'li'isl.
1. The iii'iiciieds of the aald debon-
tin-ii iiliiill be applied a* followt,
and net olherwlie.'
Ini In puymenl of the cost of the
pusslng ot thii By-lew apd lhe Issue
end mile of Ibo debopturai therein
referred to and all oappniai connected  with  the laid  loan,
lb) in recouping the tald Corporation for auch Burn* ai have been *<-.
i„ iuled in-,ni,nii'i until the proceeds
of the nni,- „f the aald debeplurat
become! available. «     '
(o) Tp carry out Ida purpoiei pf
tills By-law bb above let out.
I. All mullein arlilng out of th*
.'inni.ii ipL-clal rato uerelnbtfort provided for linking fund ihall he in
veiled by the Council of lha laid Cor-
I'oi.iiiou from Ume to time aa Ihe law
t. No rebate ihall be allowed on
the aneclal rale! lo be levied under
this by-law.
10. This Uy-luw shall take effect
on the sixteenth day of January,
1013  .
II. This By-lew may be died for
all put-puses aa "The Cbeatcrheld
Avenue  wharl By-law,  UU."
Passed by the Council on the 28th
duy of December ,1011.
ReceiVeS lhe assent oi tbe Electors
of the City of NolTMfHncouver pt an
election for thl/ puuitsc on the
day'iff    .Af 1912
Hoc,in.Id, ml  by  llii luliii'il  and  lin
nils   uilupleil.   su.ucl   by   Ibe   Mayor
iind pity Clerk and scaled  with  the
''io i'oi.sie Benl on lhe
duy 1012.
TAKE NOTICE Ihul the ubovo Is a
true copy of the proposed By-Daw upon willed Ilie vule of the Electors of
Ihu Municipality of the .city or Norll
Vuncouver will be taken wllhln lhe
Clly Hull. Norlh Vnncbuver. B. C. on
Tiiui-Biluy, the Eleventh duy of Juiiu-
ury AD.,' 1912, belween lhe hours uf
9 o'clock a.in and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk nnd llcturnlnn Qfflcor.
I'llDI.IC NOTICK Is hereby given
tbut tlie vote of tlie I'llectors or the
Clly of Nurlli Vulieouver will be
luken uu Thumduy, the Eleventh day
of .liinuui'v, 1912. belween the hours
uf 9 o'clock u in uml 1 o'clock p.m. on
The Chimin field Avenue Wharf
By-luw. 1912.
und Ilinl wllhln the city Hull. Norlb
Vuncouver. B. ti., und tliut Thomas
Shepherd hus liu.ii uppuintcd Rulurn-
Iiik Ollicer lu tuke tin: vule uf audi
Elector!   Willi   tin:   usuul   powers In
Unu iiciiiiir
By urder uf the Council,
Clly   Clerk."
Mayor and City Clerk apd J|t» Cltyi
. Jibe debenture* •hell hear d»tei
l» at
Ifie  nm.   'J-,   ...   ............     ■«...
ii During Ihe whole tefra of Ibe
currency of the said debentures a special rale on lbc dollar ihall Ke levied
ulie railed eaeb year Ih iiiullilo'i 16
Jill other ralta on all the raleelde
real properly In Hit Clly and suifl-
rlent le pty Ibe lnlereit upo.t !ne Idld
di.'l'i'iiiiiies, and In create a sinking
fuml lor the paymenl of Ibi principal
thereof when due. lublect io any act
or  eneolrritpt    rti|l«cl(ng   thl   tome.
luch iptcltl rat* thall bt leitrtii In
IIV-I.AH  Nil. lei
A IIY-I.AU lu ruable in, Corporation
ol Ibe I'll) ol, Nortb Vuucou.rr lu
ralar li) .so, ul Innii Ibe sum ol
H.oiio.oo to lay oot an* rmbelllsb
t portion ol tbe public , .,„. n ,,.
WHEKEAB tt la deemed eiuedltnl
Ibul lhe sum ut Elve iIiuusuikI liulluih
116.000 00) he provided for lhe purpose
uf 1.1 nl..iin, Hie Duffle Cemetery In
Dlslrlcl l.ul Nu H20. Ninth Vunvpuvcr.
by laying mil mid cuii><'i{lshihK u |iur
linn uf such cemetery
AND WHEREAS III nrucr to provide
suld siiiii ll will be necessary lo Issue
debunturei uf the Corporullon of thu
city uf North Vuncouver tur the sum ul
Fn', ThouiuJid Doll.un (lisiiouiuii us
hereinafter  provided    iwhich    Is  lhe
..I n.i   uf   the   ,1,1,1   ii.i.i,ii.ii   tu   be
created by llils B)luw).
AND ..'lil'lKI-lAS u petition slitned
hy Ihe owners uf mure thun one-tenth
il lm uf ilie value uf real properly in
lhe ''Ily uf Nnrtli Vuncouver las
sho vn by the lusl reviled Assessment
Hull.. hus been presented to Die Muni,Ipul Council uf the Clly of Norlh
Vancouver requesting them In introduce ii By-law In .ii.il:..,I. Ilie
borrowing upon tlpj credli uf the I'll)
uf tlie sum nf Five Tliuusmid 1(6.000)
Dullum fur lhe purpoae iifoi'csuld
AND WHEREAS fur ihe payment
uf Inliiesl nil the delieliluiel propose!
lu be Issued under Ibis By-luw. und fur
[creating u sinl.li.j: fund fur the pay-
/ - ' ,)t Ihe suld driieliiilres when dllc,
nno, ia. necessary lo rulse by spe-
II will he . j,|„n tu ull olher rules,
clui rule In iidif ,,i,,, curroncj „f socll
each year during „ /j,„ hundred
debenturei the sum i*W«, Hl.vt,nlv.
mi,! till) seven ii-'ii,i,' ufl ,. ii„.
sis ceiili i|267iti) wliereof-Tw? „
dred uud I Weill)-Ilu Hill,) ll„ll:im s
tu he rulsed uiiiiiiull) fur the Puyuieni'
of Interest doriiiu lhe currency of said
debentures and ihlily-twu dollurs and
so u'lii) s-l.v cetils illii 11,i lu be rulsed
.ii.nu.ill, fur 111? i 'Hi "■" of creatine
ii "Inlili'i: fund fur the puyment of tIn
■ I' i'i i. Ni'.l by the suld debentures
the tnme belnu mude puyuble )l un,'.
yeurs fi..in the Drsl duy of September, mn
AND WHEREAS In order to ralie
lhe luld yearly iiiiii of Two hundred
uml llfly seven dulluis und seventy-
Bin   cents   I|2|7 7D)   fur   Inlerest   anil
ini ini fund .un ii|iiul special rote on
tlie dollar will be requlrtd lo be levied un ul in,, i.n,.,i'l. real prupcrly
In lhe suld Clly.
AND WKEIIEAS Hie whole ruleable
retl properly In the laid City nccord
Ine to tne le*' rcvlm-d iissesimcnt roll
li ten minimi iiln, hundred nnd ninety
tbooiund. three hndied und leven'ly-
one 1110.990.2711 Dollsim
AND WHEREAS Hie aggregate uf the
",i:iiii, debenlure debl of lhe Corporation ll Nine hundred and three thun-
■und nine hundred and twenty (902,-
9201 Doii.,,." n .,. i nm lor worki pf
locul Improvement uud lor ichbol purpoiei) ol which none of the principal
or lnlereit It In arerar.
i i,Kiii:i-',i|ii: the Municipal Council
"I Hie Corporation of the Clly of North
Vancouver with the atient or the eleclori of lhe Clly uf North Vaneouver
'imi obtained, oi.o i." aa folloWa:
I It iball be lawful for Ibe Mayor
of lhe City of Norlli Vancouver end
the City Clerk for the purpose aforesaid lo borrow Or ralie by way ot loan
f,"„, uny peraon or perioni. body or
i.oili. - corporate .who may be wllllnu
lo advance lhe seme upon the credli
of The debenturei hereinafter mentioned of ibe corporation, e aum of
money not c>cc6dlng Ih lhe whole Ihe
turn ..I KK'.' Ilii,l,u„i„l  llfcODO)  Dollar*
end loVautc the lumc to be place* In
(he Bank ol Brlllih Nprtti Amorlca al
North Vancouver fe Ine credit ef the
Clly  for  the  rrurpoic  above  reClled,
and  audi   money! ahall   he   uaed   for
thai purpoae only.
l.   Debenture* of lhe Clly not exceeding  In  j. ....... j. i  the turn of Five
Thouiand i|6,000) Dollari may be Issuei! by Die laid Muyor olid City Clerk
tn termi of (he Municipal i.'luusei Acl
In tumt at biay be deilred.,but not
i-mi'i-dliiu One' Thouand (11.000) Dol-
Ian'earn, or the equivalent cxiiteit-
ed In puundi slerllliK Of lhe Culled
Kingdom of Oreil liiltaln and Jrt-
IsiiiT ul tbe value of llll l-l le the
Ihall hear Interptt it tne rate or four
and one-half it 14) per cent, per annum
puyable half yearly on Ihe llttl day
of March .and tha lirst day of September In euch apd every year during
the liiiri'.niiy of the laid debentures,
or uny of tlioiu—Them ahull hu al-.
unhtd tu the debenturei cuupem-
llgned by the Mayor only, ler each
and every payment of Intereat thai
muy become due. tpd Bitch iiii;iiiiliiie
may be either written. Humped, printed or lithographed.
- i The laid debenturei ai to principal and Interest may be mudo payable all i her In currency pr Ua euulvn-
lent lu pounds HcrllnK at tpe value of
II.M 2-1 to tht pound aicrlliiK at
ei)ch Place or placet In Ureal Britain,
United Statea or America or the Domln-
liiloii of Canada aa may be'agrced upon
between the corporallon and the holdera
thereof, and tlte ttld principal mm
ihall he made payable by tht city et a
date not later than fifty yeart from
the nrtt day of September, llll.
0. During the whole term er the
currency „f the tald debenturei t tut-
,li,i rale en Ihe dollar thall ba levied
and railed each year In addition lo
all oilier rttet on all the rateable
real prpperly In the clly end lum-
clent lo pay lhe lntereit upon lhe
said debentures, and lo create a alnking fund for the payment of tha principal thereof when due, aubject lo any
ucl or enactment rcipcctlng the same
Knoll ipeclal rale ihall be Inierlad
In Ihe Colleclor't Holl or Holla .und
Ihall be payablt to and collected by
lhe aald Corporation In me sumo way
,.a other ratea In the laid Holl or
It,,Ilu. lave at hereinafter provided.
1. In order lo provide for the
ralei let oul In piraKraph . (6) and
subject ub aforeaald, there thall be
rulsed annually by apeclal rate during
the currency of the mild debenture;
the turn of Two hundred apd twenty-
live 1(226) Doliuni to provide for Ihe
uid ment uf Intel',-nt Ihereon. and the
sum of Thlrly-twn dolluri and acven-
ly-ilx centi (122.71) for tbe repayment
-if the principal thereof,
7. The proceed! of the suld debenlures shull be applied as fullowt, uml
not olherwlie:
(a) In payment of the coil of the
paulng of tbit By-law, und tho laaui
and t.iIi' ul Ihe debentures therein referred to and all ctpentea' connected
wilh the said loanj,
(b) In recouping the aald Corporation for luch inunu aa havo been expended hereunder until the proceeds
uf "llie sale uf the suld debenturei tie-
cuines available.
tc) To carry oul the purposea of
tbia R\ liiw us above set out
I. All moneyi arising uul of Ihe
.iniiii.il ipeclal rule hereinbefore provided lor :,hil.In, mini ihull lie Inveai-
ed by the Council of lbc auld Corporation from lime to limo ua the low
t. No ,, lone sii,.ill be nllowed un
ihe ipeclal.ratea lu be levied under tills
10. This By-law shn!) take ehYct un
lb mi   dav of  i.,n„.,,,.    1112
II Thla By-law may he cited for
ull i ini"'": us "The Cemetery Impruvemenl   By-law,   1912"
Pasted liy the Cuuncll un the 28ib
dny- of December,   1911.
Received the asecnt uf the Electors
of the Clly ul Norlh Vancouver nt un
.li,Him   for   Ihe  purpose  un   the
day  of 1912
Reconsider d by the Council und Uunl) udopled. llfflleil by the M.i  "i  and
Clly Clerk, ami aealed with the Cir-
liorule Sea! ol Hie
duy ol 1912
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is a
true copy of the proposed By-l.uw upon which ihe vule of the Ejectors ul
the Munlelpiillly of the City of Null!
Vuiicuuver will be token within Ih.
,11) Hull. Nurlh Vuncuuver. B C un
lliursdiiy. lhe Eleventh ilny of Juiiu-
sir) A.D.. 1912. belween Ihe huurs ul
9 u'clock a in and 7 u'cluck p in
Clly Clcrg and It,-turning Ollicer
PUBLIC   NOTICE   la   hereby   given
Unit  the vute  of the  Eleclora or the
('ity   of   North    Vancouver    will    be
i.iI,, ii on Thuraduy, the Elevenlli da)
uf .lunuury,   1912.  between  the buurr
uf 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m   on
Tbe   Cemetery   Improvement   Bylaw. ])U,
uml tbut wllhln the Clly Hull. Nurth
Vuncouver,   B   CT,   and   tiiut   Tliumoi
Shepherd bus been uppiilnlcd Returning Officer  lo  lube  the vute of audi
Eleclors   with   the   usuul   powers   In
Unit   I.li.ill
By urder of the Council.
Clly  Clerk
A III l.vvv lo catble Ike I orpuralloji
ul tke Clly ol Nurlh Vancouver lu
raise by my ol lota tbr ium ol
l.-.,Oull.oo   lo   open  tnd  rungb  grade
5355 mm-
viti'-iii'')" ti "lii" isemod expedlelil
U,aV!he"iuAn? of ■CTB"!!, '"J'",".
116.000) be provided lor lhe pt^."l,„,
opening In in ,i In J he City uncr Hy
proving such lunes by rough grudlng
uuine Uie suld sum lu bv uppilcd ua
li, j. iimfii i   expressed.
AND WllEltEAS In urder to Tirovlde
suld sum ll will be neceuary to' issue
debenlures uf Ihe Corporation of the
'Illy of Norlh Vancouver ror ibe aum
or E'lve il,,,,I,-.,n.i Doll.nn l|6.000) as
hetelnuller provided I which It the
umount ol the debt Intended to be
 i,,i  by thla Bylii».
AND WHEHEAS a petition signed
by Ibe owner! ol more lhan one-tenth
110) iif lhe value of real properly lu
Ihe city of North Vancouver (at ihown
by the lust revlicd Aiietiroent Rolll
hus been presented to tbe Munlclpul
Council 'of lhe Clly of North Vancouver requesting them lo Introduce a
Byluw lo authorise tbe borrowing of
the  aum   Of  Five   thouiand   i|6.000i
Dollars lor Ihe purpoae aforetild.
AND WHEREAS ror (he payment of
Inleretl on tbe debenturei propoiod to
be uied under tills by-law, and lor
creating a linking fund for the payment of ihe laid debenlurea when
due. It will be necessary lo ralae. by
apeclal rate In addition lo all other
ralei, each year during the currency
of tuch dehenluret tbt lum of Two
hundred and Afty-icVen dollar*'and
ieveiily-ilx cenlt l|2r.7 7l) whereof
'i'w„ hundred and (wcnty-Dve (|llt)
Isollm„ Is to be ralaed annually for
the payment of Intereat during Ibe
currency of Bald debenlurea, and thirty-two dollari and icVenly-ilx centi
ill! 76) to be railed annually for (lie
purpoie ef creating a linking fund*
TOT'payment-tjf the dcM-mtm-d bribe laid debenlure! Ihe same being;
made payable In flfly yeart from ihe
flril day of September, 1911.
ANI) WHEREAS In nrucr 10 rulse
lilt laid yearly turn of Two hundreU
und Pfly-leven dollari and icvenly-ilx
rcnis 11267.76) for lnlereit and sinking
fund, an equal apeclal role oA life
dollur will be required io be levied
on all tut rateable reel properly In
the laid city.
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
real properly In tbe told clly, affording
to the loti reviled t*ieiimettj)roll ft
Ten million pine hundred and ninety
nine thouitnd three hundred and lev-
'»u^wili.%.i» -
ihe oxiiiing, sdabeiiuredeht pf ilm
,:„i'i„triitH|i is Nlho Iiundred and'three
thousand nlnp hundred and twenty
11003,920) Hollar* lexcoptlpg forjvorlik
qf local Improvement and for ichnol
purposes) uf which none iif Iho principal or liilcroat ll |n iiiieiir.
THEBfclKOIlli. the Wunlplpal Cepnpll
pf t he cm inn iiiiim of ipt city of
North Viipcpuvcr, with the ajaajjt of
the Electoi'ii qf the Ulty of Noilh
Vancouver duly obtained, enacts ub
ialkws;....,,., -.,   ' . .    ..   „
I. II nlinll In, luwful for ihu Muyor.
pf tbt City of North Vuuouuumi* ami
lhe City Clerk for tho purpusii iifuie-
uuld tu borrow or raise by wuy of
loan from any person or porsons. .po.lyi
or bodies corporate, who may be willing io advance the tamo upun tlio credit ot the dehenluret hereinafter men-
ii,,,,.',i of the Corporation a *um ef
mopoy not exceeding In thp w|iole |he'
iiiiiii Of Civs' thouiand  Hii.Ollll). Dolliin
end to cauie the iame to bo placed
In the Bank of British Uorlb America'
et North Vancouver, to the credit of
tha city fqr the purpoiei above recited
and auch moneyt ihul) pt uied for thu
puriiose only.
1. Debenlurea of the city net ex-;
ceedlng In amount (he cum of rlvn
thousand (11,000) Dollan may be In
aucd hy the aald Mayor end City Clcrl-
In terma ef tho Municipal Clauaet Act.
in turn* ti may be deilred, but nui
exceeding one thouiand (11,000) Dollari eachror tht equivalent expressed
In pounds iiieiilnn Qf th* United Kingdom of Qreat Britain and Ireland, at
lha  vnii f li.ll l-l lo the pound
sterling. Each of the suld debenturei
■hell be tlgned hy the tald Muyor
end city Cltrk and the City Clerk
ihull allix thereto the Corporate Seal,
of the laid Clly of North Vancouyer.
3. The debenturei thgll boar dale,
the Drat day ef September, 1911, and.
shall bear Intereil at the rate of four
and one-half (IU) per cent, per an
mini payable hull yearly on tne iirn
day of March and the nnt day of
Scpli'inber In each and every year,
during the currency of the aald debenlurea, or any of them. There shall
be attached to the debentures cou-.
pom signed by the Muyor only, tor.
each and every payment of Inieresl
that may become due. and auch alg-.
nature muy be cither wrlllen. Blamp-.
ed,  printed ur lllhonruphcd.
4. The suld debenlures ub to prlncl-
pul and hu,',,:,i muy lie made payulil
either In currency or Ils equlvulenl In
noundi sterling at lhe value of H mi
2-3 lo the pound alerllng nt auch place
or id.ic'i. In Ureal Brjlaln, United
States of America or Iho Dominion of
i';'ii.mI.i us mny bo. agreed upon bo
tween tho Corporation and the bidders
Ihcreof. and the said principal sum
shall be made payable by the C||v ,,l
it dute not later than fifty years irom
the first day ol September. 1911.
E. During lbc whole term ol the currency of the said ,1,1" nun'", a Special
rule on the dollar shall be levied and
raised each year III addll >s to nil
other rales on all the ra eable wall
properly In Ihe City und a.'mclcnl io
pay the Interest upon tho suld debentures and tu create u sinking (und Inr
the puyment ur tho prlncl;,ul Ihereuf
when due. Bubfecl lo any net ", enniit-
nietit respecting the sume. Sue, spe-
diil rate shull he inserted In the Collector's Roll or ll,.lin. and shull he
payable lo und collected bv the tii-1
i.'urpuruliiin In the smnc war us uti ei'
rutes In the said Roll or Rolls mi'.','
,    hereinbefore  provided.
I fn order to provide for ihe rut :
set out In niirngrupb (6) and tubje >
.is '!"!' si.iM il.. ir shall lus ralaed in -
on.ill, by speclul rule during the cu -
rencv of the suld debenlure* lhe su u
nf Two hundred mid twcnty-li e
11226) I ,"ll.i,.. t„ provide for thu Insolent uf Int. rest thereon, .and the sjin
of Thlils-mo enli'iru and scvcniy Blx
,en't ilitII 'or toe rep.-iyin-iit i'e
i ' iiclnstl   t'u i, of .
7 The proceedi nl Hie pil.l dob. in
'uret viiull he uppilcd us followt, uiul
mil   iilherwlse-
(ui In isii'ipint ut lite rust of tit"
■'lisi-ii:" nf Ihli Bv t:iw u, I th ' i.e.'
mil sule of tlie debentures therein referred to .und nl) expenses t'onnceit-d
wil'i  sue suld luun
(bi in recuuplng Hi- s.ild Corporation fur such sums as hive lu en i-x-
pendi'd' hereunder until ibe prnceedr
uf the sule uf Hie said debentures lie-
■nines available
fe) To carry out the tiurposes of
Ihis by-low us aliuve set nut
I. No retiiite shall be nlloiv, I on
tlie ipeclal rules lo be levied under
Ibis By-low
9 This By-luw shall tuite effect on
'he  IGlh  dav- uf Junuury.  11)1.
10 This  By-law  mny  be  died  fur
nil purposes na "The Danes I.i.sin By
law. 1912"
I'.i-.ici hy Ibe Cuuncll on the 2Slh
duy  ol December.   1911
Received  lhe assent  of the  Electors
of the Clly uf North Vancouver ut un
election for Uie purpuse on Hie
duy  of 1912
Reconsidered by the Council und i-n
'll. udopled. signed by Ih* Mavor ui.o
city. Clerk und sealed with tne Corporate Seal on tht
duy of
TAKE NOTICE that the above Is u
Irue copy of the proposed By-t.nw upun which lhe vole of the Eleclors of
the Municipality ol the City of Nurth
Vuncuuver will be luken wllhln III,
Clly Hull. Norlh Vuncouver, B c. or
Thursday, Ibe Eleventh duy of Junu-
my AD. 1912. belween the huurs uf
9 " t I", i. ..in und 7 o'clock i in
clly Clerk und Returning mli,, i
I'l'IIDIC NOTICE-fa hereby given
Hint the vote uf Ihe Elector! of ilu
City of North Vuncouver will be
i.ii.. i on ',Inn :"i..s the Elevenlli duy
uf i.liner, 1912. between tbe hours
of 9 u'cluck u in   and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Danes I -.m By-law:. 1912.
nnd Ihiit within the Clly Hall. N"'
Vuncouver.   B.   C,   und   that   Thumits
Shepherd hai been appointed  Returning mi:" i   lo tuke  the  vote of inch
Elector!   with   the   uiual   powers   In
Ibul  behalf
By order ol Ihe Council,
Clly Clerk
yepjent and suitable' fer the .pploy
iiiunt mid lcci'oatien of (lie publle
.ANH WHEllUAB fpr th(i payment o
Interest en,tbt debentures jinipuep-
lo bo Issued under thl* By-law, an
^^^~" u sinking fund for th
payment or (he aald debentures whjn
A   III  l» vv  n, rualitr tkt Corporallon
Of  Itt   I II,   ef   Norl*   Vtnrui.vir   lo
rtlte  by nay pf lota  Ike  sum  of
Hilm lo ley ant a porlloa of Mtfcot
Yam at fft ritfal
. gorlloa	
1 Sort* Vaaeoiiver.
WHEREAS It  li deemed  expedient
In  tne (rytercit.of the  clly to cauie
enjoymepl of the public t portion of
Mahon Park In tpe Cit* of North Van-
o be loi,I out for the recreation and
AND WHEREAS lo order I hereto II
will be n.-eessiiry to lltue debenturei
of tho (Klly of North vencouver for
(he ium of Fifteen Thousand f|)(.D0)
Dollars at btrelnalter provided, which
Is" riro nmqmt-of the debt Intended to
be cretled fey Ihli By-law, the proceedi of the laid debenturei lo be applied 16 the laid purpoiei and to no
" ANH WHEHEAS a petition tlgned   by   lhe   dwnert   of. more   Ihun
one lend, i) 10) of the vnlut ol
reel properly In Uie eel* clly'
of North vernrouver (a* shown hy Ihe
lusl revised Assciimoot Holl) hea been
presented lo (be Municipal Council ul
..    mi.   .. .  '"'J,0gj)fot
Ihe (illy ol North Vaioi
ing ihem lo Introduce
ouiborlxe ihe borrowin
of.Fifteen thoulttjl («
le )*•/ eut a pofjlbn *
is it Pnmir Sl
m fflWT mrKttrtvT
request -
a Jty-ffw  lo
of the mn
t) Dolluri,
ion Perk
moil con
for' croefltitr u tlViltlng fund for .l|io
_.,'niiint or '
ape, H will bu neceuary to raise by
iipeclul rale I" addition to all uther
iiiies. eticli yeur during the citrronc
pt audi debenlurea the sum of seven
liiindred apd iiuveiity-thi'co dollars and
twenty-sis ccnie (im-*l), XteSt'lS-,*
hundred apd aeveiily-IIve (im) Dollar* Is to bu ralaed annually for the
payment qf Inlerest dhrlpg tho currency Of suld debentures end iilinity-
elgbl dulliirii and Iwonty-slx cents
llH.'itit tq bu railed annually
lor tho purpose of oreal pg a
linking fund fpr payment of the debl
iieeilrcd by tlie laid ilisiicniuies, Ibe
aame being made payable In llfly yeart
from the mat day of September, mil.
AND WHEREAS In order tp ralie
111* Said ) curly mini of ucveii Inin,lie,I
and seventy-three dollars and twenty
six ceii|s 11773.11) for Interest end
sinking fund, un equal apeclal rate
ot) the dollar will be required on nil
rateable real property In ihe laid city.
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real property in the laid Clly (according to lhe laat revised uBSuBsmeiu
rull) ll (10,190,371 lieu million nine
hundred and ninety thouiand, three
hundred and leventy-one) dollari.
AND WHEREAS the uggrcguic ol
the exlttlng debenture det,i „r tin
Corporallon li nine hundred and Hire
thousand nine hundred and Iwenty
11903,920) Dull.in. (excepting tor wprka
of local Improvement ahd for achool
purpoiei) of which tione qf tho pi in
clpul ur Interesl Is In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of   the   Cnriiomtlon   of  lhe   City   ot
North Vancouver, With the *H'-i)l
the City of Nortb Vancouver duly obtained, enacts ua follow..,
1.   It Bliall be lawful to rlbe Miiyoi
of Ihe City uf North Vancouver and
the City clerk for the purpoae afore
sold  to borrow  or  rulse  by  way of
loan from any hereon or r- " -'      ■
or bodlei ctirporute, who may bo will
Ing to adviiiicc tlie sumo upon Ihe ere
illi of tlie debentures herefnurter men
tinned of Uie Corporation a sum uf
money not exceeding In the whole th-
iiiiiii of Fifteen Ihousund i(lis.mill) Dol
i.n::   und   to  cause   the  Bivine   to   i
i'l i In the Bank  or iirliluh North
America nl North Vuncouver. lo Ih,
credit of the Clly for ttie purpose
tbove recilod. nnd such moneyi Bhiil'
he used for thul purpose only.
2 Debenlurea of the City not ex
ceedlng In umount the aum of Fifteen
il,on::.unl ills,000) Doil.nil muy be
Issued liy the suld Muyor und Clly
Clerk In i, i in:: of tlio Munlclpul Cluuses Ad In sums ok may be desired
but not exceeding One ihouund III.-
0001 Dulluis each or lhe equivalent ex
preyed In pounds sterling of Ihe United Kingdom „t Qreat Britain and Ireland ui the vulue uf 14.81 2-3 to the
popnd sterling Much of Ibe suld debenlures sliull h, signed bv Ibe suli:
Mayor mid City Clerk mid the Cllj
Clerk shall ufllx therelu the Corporal'
Seul uf the suld Clly uf Nut Hi v.n
couver. -
3. The I' I', inni. is shull Iiiui- dun
tlie lirst day ol September. 1911. uml
shull beur Interest at the rule of lour
und one-hull (Ity) per cent, per milium puyuliie half yeuurly on the llisi
duy uf March and the nnt day ol Sep
lumber In each und every year .1 urInk
lhe inni" of Ihe anld debenture.'
,,r any of then) There shall be attached to 1 lie debenturei coupon! signed by lhe Muyor only, for each ami
every payment of Intereat tbut mny
become due .und such slgnnture mil)
lie either wrlllen, stamped, pilule,
,r llilo i i.ii'lici Ihereon.
4 Tho suld debentures ns lo prln-
liul mid Inlereat may be mude payable fit her in currency ur Ils equivalent In pounds sterling ut lite valui
>,f II SB 2-3 lu lhe pound slerllng ui
-nidi place or places In Oreal llrlliiln
United Stales or America ur the Dom
tnliin of Cunuda aa inky he agree,
upbn between tbe Corpiirutlon und
ih,- holders thereof, mid Uie suld prin
ll'iil sum sliull be mude payable by
the City ut n dute not Inter than flft)
.curs from lhe llrat day or Beiilemli. i
6. During lhe whole term of Un
currency of lbc suld debentures u spe
clal rale un Ihe dollur shall be levied
und ruised each your in addition lu
all olher rules uu nil ihe rateuble reul
property In the City und sufficient te
Poy Ihe Interest upon the sold dchrn'
nni" .and lo create a sinking fund
Inr lite puymenl of the prlnelpul Ihere
uf when due. subjeel lu uny ucl ot
■ n.o in.,'iii ii i " ilm. Ihe same 8uch
special rule shall lie Inserted In Ihi
Colleclor't Hull or Hulls, and shull In
..-.ill tu uml cullcck'd by the suld
Corporation lu the sume wuV ns utliei
rules In the suld Roll or Rolls, suvc
us   herelnhcure   pruvlded
t In order to providr for tlie rule,
set uut In purugruph IB) and suhjee
us iifniesiiiii. there ahull be* raised nn-
"11. by spcclnl rule during the currency nf the suld debenlures (lie tun-
of six hundred and sevenly-flve lfS7t>)
Dullurs lu tirovlde for Ibe pnyinen! of
Inieresl thereon, npd the sum uf nine-
ty-ilghl dollurs unit twenty-six cents
II9I2I) fur'the repuymenl of lhe prln-
li"i tiiereol
7. The proceeds of the suld debenturei shall he uppilcd as f.ltows. am'
nut otherwise:
Ini In payment nf the cusl of th,
pushing of 11:1: By-law nnd Ilie Isim
and sale of tile debenlures therein referred   lo.   and   fill   expel!!,, «   cillllc lc
Willi lhe suld loan
iiii In recouping the suld Corpora'
tluti fur sucb sumi.ui have been expended unlit the pruceeds ot the Bulls! lbc Halt] debentures becume! available
lc) To carry nut the purposes of
tills Ilv-lnw us nliuve sd uut
I No rebate ahull be allowed nr
lhe speclul rules lo be levied undei
ihis Bv-law
9 This li■■ 1.' ■'■ ahal Ralie died or
the   Kill  day  of  Junuury.   1912
10 Tliltt By-law mny be died lot
all purpoiei as "The Park! I.nun Byluw. 1911."
Passed by the Cuuncll on  the .'mi.
day of Deceniber.  1911
Received Ihe assent ol the Eleclorr
of thi Clly of Nortli Vuncouver ot alt
pipeline for n>c puriiose on the
duv of January, 1911.
Reconsidered by lhe Council and llnuii y   adopted    signed   by   the   Mayor
und  City Clerk   and  sealed   with  tin
i'or'ift,'il)lc Seal on Ihe
day of   ' HIA
TAKK NOTICE thai the above ll n
Irue copy of the propoaed By-Daw up-
nn widen lhe vole of Ihe Kleclori of
lhe Municipality ol Ihe City of North
Vancouver will be lakeii within th.
Clly Hull. Norlb Vancouver, B C.. on
Thursday, lhe Eleventh nay ol January AD, 1112, belween lhe houn ol
> o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
(Tly Chirk and Returning OfBccr.
li Hi.i.' NOTICK It hereby (Ivip
lhal iin- vole of the Eleclori or the
Clly of North Vancouver will be
taken on Thursday, the Eleven!)) day
of January, 1912. between the hours
of 9 o'clock a.m. and J o'clock p.m. en
The park* Doan By-law. llll.
und that wllhln (be Clly Hall. Norll
Vancouver, H C, and that Thorn*.
Shepherd ha* been appointed Relurn-
|ng Officer lo lake the vole of such
Eleclori wltb (he uiuul powerl In
thai behalf.
By order of the Council,
raise br  «»l   ol lona tht tan ol
IIMM 10 eoaslruel a subway.
WHEHEAS by order «o, 11177 tht
Board or Railway CptnmlljWnera for
Canada ordered tho City of North Vancouver to construct a foot sub-way
under tho Canadian Pacific Railway
Iracka connecting Columbia Avenue In
Ihe City nl Vancouver with the North
Vancouver Ferry wharf.
and whereas by said order It
was alio directed thul the Clly et
North Vanoouver bear and pay the
expense ol constructing the ttld aub-
wuy and bo repaid twenty per cent.
(II p.o.) of lbc coat ihcreof, net lo exceed the turn ot Five thousand 11,000)
Dollars by the government out of Iht
Railway tirade Cruising Fund tnd
that nn - per cent. (It pel „f iht
remainder of auch coat bo paid by Iht
City of Viineuuver to tbe City of North
AND WHEKEAB It li .- >ui.-.l lhat
tho thero te be borno hy the City
of North Vancouver of Ihe ex|.nse ol
constructing Iho tald lubway will be
lifiecii iii.iuiiiiiid (lii.ooO) poller*.
AND WHEREAS lu order ito provide
tho necessury muneya therefor ll will
bo neceaaary to Iuue debenture* ot
Ilie City of Nurlh Vancouver for the
sum of Fifteen thousand (111,000) Dollurs at) hereinafter provided (which ti
tlio amount or the ueui intended te be
created by this By-luw) the proceedi
ur Ibo auld debcnluiea to be applied
lo the aald purpoae and to no other.
ANI) WHEREAS a petition elgned
by the owner! pt more lhan one-tenth
'ii"i of the vulue of real property
In the City ol North Vancouver (a*
shown by ihe lusl revised Asielsmeni
Roll) has b. en pn I'liiie.l to the Municipal Council of the City of Norlh
Vancouver requesting them to Intro
in"' .i By-law lo uulhorlae Ihe borrowing of Ihe ium uf Fifteen thou
sum) ui.. luun Dollara for Ihe purpote
AND WllEltEAS for Iho payment of
Interest on tho dobenturet propottd
to be Issued under Ihis By-law,  tni
fur  imi. u sinking fund for tbt
payment of the said debenlurea whin
due. II will be neceuary to ralie 6)
"i.'l rule In uddltlon lo all other
rutes. euch yeur during tht currtne.
of audi il. I™ iiiiii'.. tbe turn of Sivti,
Iiundred and levetlly-tlirei dollar,
iind twenty-six cenlt t|77l 21), wlure
uf six bundled und tevcnly-flvt (fltli
Dullurs Is lo be rulsed annually lor th.
paymenl uf Intereat during tht cur
r.-ncy of tuld debenture!, tnd Ninety
Iglit d ollars and twenty-tlx cents
,199 201 la to be railed annually tei
Die piirpusf uf creating a alnking tun,.
r„r lbc puyment uf the debt iecure<>
hy the said debenturei the iame btine
payable In fifty years frotp tbt Aral
day  of September,  1911.
AND WHEREAS In order to ratio
iho Suld yearly sum nl Seven hundrtd
nol seven!) three dulltrs und twenty-
■ l\ cents 1177110) for Inleretl and
■iiii.li is fund, un equal special rtlt t>i,
'he doll.,i will be I, qulie,I lu be levied
in ull the ruleuhle reul properly In
the   tuld   Clly.
AND WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
real property In the tate clly. ac-
I'l'inii; tu the lusl re.litd atteiimtn'
roll Is 110.990.271 Hell ml,lion nine bud-
died und ninety Ihuiiian I .three bun-
lled  lllld Bpvellly-ullu do.lura).
AND WllEltEAS III. iipgl.-gulo ol
lhe   exlsllng   debenture   debt   uf   the
-ii "i..ii"ii is Nine Iiundred tnd three
Uii.u»ui..l nine hundred and (want)
11902.9201 Dullurs iexcepting lor works
of locul Improvement und for ichool
purposesi ot whicii none ol the principal or Inieresl li In arrear.
THEREFORE Ihe Municipal Council
uf lhe Curpurutlon uf Ihe Clly of
North Vuncouver, with the anent 01
Ihu ilie, loin of Ibe City of Norlb Van
.ouver duly obtained, etiucli at followt:
1 It shull he I.,,.lol for the Mayor
jf the cliv nf Nurlh Vancouvtr and
the Clly Clerk for lhe purpuie afore
suld iu hurruw or rulse by way of loan
fiuiii uny person or perioni, body or
bodies corporale. who may bo willing
to advance the sume upon the credit
'I Ilie debentures hereinafter mention
id of lhe Corporation, a ium ef money   not   - mc,Um-   In   the   whole   Iht
■ um ,,f KID,'cn il."is:..mil (|IC,000) Del-
liirsi uud lo cuuso the tame to hr
.due.I In the Bank of Brlllih Norlh
America ul North Vancouver, lo the
credit uf the Clly for Ihe purpoie
iiiove recited, and such moneyi (bill
lie uked for il,.,i purpoie only.
2 Debenturei of lhe city nol excel,Hug In uinooot the aum of Fifteen
.lum,..in,I illC.OOO) Dollar! may bi It-
sued by lhe said Mayor and CHy Clerk
In linns uf the Municipal iTuuaci Aci
In sums bb may be deiired. but nol
exceeding One Ihousund ill,000) Dullurs each or tho equivalent exprease,
In poumla sterling of the end King
dum uf i,nni Britain und Ireland a:
the value uf llll 1-2 lu the pound
sterling      Each   of   Ihe   sold    deben
uies shi.il be signed by lbc aald Mayor und city clerk and the Clly Clerk
shall ulllx il.' n I.' Ihe Corporale 8eal
of the suld City of North Vancouver
I. The debenturei ihall bear dan
the Urn day ol September, llll, aim
shull beur Intereil at Ihe rtle of feot
.ind one hull H'ti Per rcnl. per tn
num. payable half yearly on the flril
day of March and the nnt dty ol
I. ii. o.i.i t in each und every year do, .
Ing lhe currency of the laid drV-
lurei or any of them. Thertj -'*•"•
be attached jo the debenlupA^.^ u
pom signed bt ** »«*qrv. •'■
etch an* every peyfflonl o, , t
ny lissome due, and audi Illi"'.
limy be either written, it amp. o
printed or llthograpbte.      '
I. The aald dehenluret at tp principal and Intereil may bo madt payable either In currency or tit equivalent In puundi ilerllng tt the valu,
of Il.ll l-l lo tbt pound Hi
iiurb place or plnns In Ureal ~ ,
Hulled glutei of Am,'ilea or the Dot.,
Inlon of Canada ut mty bt tgreed
upon betwecp the Corporation end Ihr
holder! thereof, uml the tald principal
sunt shall be mode puyable hy Ih
Clly tl a dale not later than «fi /
yeari frum Ihe first dty ef lepttm-
btr, llll.
I.   During  lhe  whole  ttrm  of  III
currency of ihe aald debenturei t tbi
clal rate on Ihe dollar thall be I, vi|
and relied each  year In addlilo!
ai) olher ralei on all lhe ralea'de
properly in the Clly and tufllcfei
pay the lnlereit upon Ihe itld d,
turct. add lo creel* a alnking
for tbe paymenl of the principal I
of wb«n due, tubltcf to my act
enactment relpccllng lhe lame.   Bi
special  rate Ihall  be Inierltd  In  lb
c.ill.-ciui'i Roil or Rolll, and shall
payable to and collected by the
Corporallon In the aame way al ol
rales In ibe aald ftolfor Rolls, itvi
herclnaficr provided
|.   lo order to provide for lb* ri
st?  ollt Jp  paragraph   (t."
led el aforesaid, i'- —
ijjai. ,
"inn pfijs burner]
.    'I) Dollar! ,
mini of In ler*!,. ,,
J«.|   |
Principal B&tioy,     ,   L . .„,-_^_
7. *}» proceedi of Ihe tald debenture* atoll bl applied ** fellow'*, Ull
net pt|iif«l*»: ~
It) tp paymenl of Ibe coal pf Ibe
; pf IMS By-law, Mf,** IM&i)
e of the debenlurM UsnUi ti-
, .',■ JW .«>' expepHfWlpm '
ibf mm- ^ ™'W«**rn
nm ■
- ^
^■Kt 9t thi laid debenture* becume*
Jo) ja ■tnytp ptx in* wirposa of
thit By-lew a* abovo aoi out.
Ai| money* itrlaln* out of tha
.!>: Jfp.FoM? itykll^lrf flayed an
lltd V t'« cfffneinrthe eeld qoi-
r*t|en from tlpio to time aa the law
a; Ifo rthat* «hrtl,b* allowtd on
tin ipso »i rate* to be lovlod under
Thl* 3H»jv ehjill take effaol
1" V
irpote* aa
By;law, 1*11"
h:  '
day of .liiiiinirr, llll
it mav  be oiled  for
Forry  Subway
11.   T
all  purpoie*
Ijiiini By-law,
Pwitdby (he Council on the UMli
nay nr Peoembor
tteealuA tin
.. ,iili.
ib assent ui tha Bliidinu
of th* 6|ty of North Vaneouvar at an
tlnetlon lot tne purpott on in* ....
day ot Jill-
Reoontldersd by tha Council and finally adpplad, alnned by lha Muyor nnd
Oity Clerk and aoalet with the ' lor-
noratt Haul oh tha
Say of A.H-. IH*'
TAKB NOTIOB thet Ihu eboye I* a
true oopy of the nropoiod Bv-UW upon which lhe vole ol lilt Klaolora of
tha Municipality of he Oily of Nortli
■TOlooijvar will be i.ilsiiii Wllhln Ihi
Oity Hull, Noilh Vancouver, B, 0., on
ThuradBy, the Eleventh day of Janu-
ary AH, mill, botween the houra of
9 o'clock a sa and 1 o'clock pit).
V™ THOMAS Blltll'lllimil,
City Olerk and Ralurnlna Offlcur.
PUBLIO NOTIOB |a htrehy given
that th* vote of the Elector* of thu
Oity of Norlli Vancouvtr will ba
taken on Tburiday, lha Uleveiith du)
of January, 1811, between lha hours
of I o'clock a.m and 7 o'clock pm. un
The li'arry Subway Loan fly-Law,
anil that within the city Hall, North
Vancouver, U. C„ and that Thomus
Hhoplierd nas been appointed rielurtl-
|ng Offloer to take the vulu of audi
Electora with the usual puwers In
that behalf.
By order ef tbo Oouncll,
Clly Olsrk.
ur-i.AW an. nm
A HI l Ul lo taablt Ikt I ureorallnu
of Ike llll ol Norlfc Vau.uii.rr to
ra|a> by ««i ol loaa Ikt tun ol
1111,000 Inr lk« purpoai ol Mtklaa
a Iota ul Ikal ■i.toiini lo Ikt Wort*
Vaueouver    ll..iiieniiu>»l     Auotla-
ll.o.  aod  I'aiiur.s.'   In.lliul..
WHKHKAS a peiiiloii alvtiad by the
owners ol more lhan one-ttnth 1*10)
Ihe value of teal properly in tilt Oily
bat been pi>eieiited to the Oily eoutidl
i. '1'" ■■nni ihem lu ii.iio.i... . a Bylaw tu .null".I.o them to borrow Ihe
aum of Twelve thousand i|l a.OiiO) nullum lu bo uied. fur Ihe purpoao nf
making a loan of that amount lo lhe
North Van. givei Horticultural Ami-
.itiilon and Varmera' Instltuta to enable them lo pay off certain debts ex
lallng on their eiblbltlon hall uiul
around! and lo furlher Impruve Iheir
AND WHKHKAS Ibe tuld Nurlli Vuncouvor Horticultural Assucliiiluii ami
i .uio. ta iniiiiiii. hold their iii"-
nl.ins nn Lot one ll) block two honored and teveti HOT). Iilslil.-i lj.it Fn,
Iiundred tnd forly-tlve imin wltlilu lilt
limits of the Oily of Nurlli l. uio
AND   WHKHKAS   lhe  siilil   luun   will
be aecured by a Oral  , a, .   In fa-
vor of the Oity CorpiiruiToit In lie
liiiiun.l by the aald Assoi1i.iI.iii aini
inatltula over Lot one ill. of Uli*:k
iwo hundred und leven ..ini of lilt.
trict Lol live hundred und fortyllvi'
iill) of Ihe laid oily, which uniii-
eage will contain the usuul covenants
uud an obligation on thu part of tin
Mild Aasiiiinilun and Inslttolo to lis.)
ttio Oily Onrporntlen the turn or sume
itucetitry to provide yearly lhe Inter-
cat and linking fund un Ilie subl loan
ANH vVHEIIEAH fur the paymenl ur
Intereil on Hie debentures tiroposed lo
lie Issued under thtt By-law, and fol
netting a alnklnu fuml for tbe paymenl or Ihe laid ilebunturii when ilue
li will be neceiiur) to rtlta by spe
clal rait In addition In all other rati*
. .. li year during the currency of such
i" ii io..,. j| not provided and pultl
I... Hit tald Aiiiiclutttiii and Inatltul.
ili.   aum of Six  l.no.I...I and elgbii.-i-ii
llollUI"   llll'l   »IH)    IV.il      I ClllM       l|Mk!..',
.,inot Five liundreil ami forty dul
Ian   i|l'lui it  lu  be  raised  uiiniiull)
for   lilt      aa   of   IiiIl-icsI   ilurliii
the .uii.ii.> of snltl debentures .ami
Kuventy-elgbl dulluis and alsly-lwu
.'iiia (|7III) In be raised annuall)
lor the puriiose uf cri-ullng a slnklnii
fund lur Ihe puymenl nf Ilie debt secured by Ihe laid dubuiiturel Iht lame
bdng made pa>utile In dfly yeara rum
the flril day of September.  IIII
AND WHKHKAS III order to rail.
Ibe suld yearly stun of Six hundred
and eighteen dulliirs und tlxty-two
cents llllllll for lntereit and aluk
luu fund, un . -i....I eniclu! rate on tin
dollar will be re.iiilr.-d to be Itvled
nn all lb.- rateable real property In
llm aaid ill-
AND WHKHKAS the whole raieabl.
reul proptrty In tin- suid rily according lo the laal revised aateaamtnl roll
li Ten million nine Iiundred and nine-
i. tliotiHiiiul. three hundred alio atvtn-
is tine  i|IO,SiiO_lSll /".liar*.
AND WUfllfKAS the aggrtgtle nf.
lhe IjiaHHf ddieliliiu sls'ltl „'. Hie I'm
■trtiton li Nine hundred tnd' ''"At
Ihuusand nine hundred and twtnry
tUOI.Kill) Dnlluri.lei.'ipllng for worka
of local Improvement tnd for ichool
liurpoici) or which none of tht prlncl-
lara and lo pi
piiiuod in tha Bank oi uriiHh ».„,
j\marlc* at , orlb Vancouvei' to  lm
credit  ol  the  Oity  for  the  purpose
abovt cited and lueh money* iball
be listtil  fur that purpopa
.1. Uuliuntui'uu of tha.City.Dot txceedlng In amount the tuni of Twelve
tlioiiunnd (113,000) Dollara may ba It-
lued by the auld Mayor and 0|tr Olerk
Ip termi of the Municipal Olauatl Act
In minis a* may be dfiMrill, Bill B"1
exceeding 11,000 (One thousand dul-
lara) iuicIi, of the aunivalent expreued
In pnunds slerllng or the United Kingdom of Qreat Britain end Ireland at
Ibe viiliiti of 14.81 l-l to ma pound attr-
ling. Bach of the said debenlures
Hliiill be algned by the said Mayor and
City Clark and tht City Clark ahall
aiil- limn-in tilt Oitrpiiiiitii Seal oi
the aald City of North (Vancouver.
I. Tha dtbanture* inall btar date
tht flrat day ot September, llll, end
shall bear Ihterait at tho rata or four
and ona-htlt (IU) par cent, tier annum payable half yearly on ino ■flrst
day or March and the flrat day of September In atoh and every year during
tha currency nf the tald debentures
or any. of them. There shull hi ut-
Inched to the debenture! uoupont algtt-
uil hy the Mayor only, for each and
eyary payment of Interttt thtt may he
coma due, tnd tuch ilgnaluri may be
althtr written, stumped, printed or
lithographed thereon.
4 Tha Itld debenturei-aa to principal end Interest may bt mudo payable
ellhfi In i inn ins or III tqulvalenl
In puundi ilerllng at the value of
14 88 l-l lo lha puund sterling at tuch
place or pliiecit In ilie.il III Iiiiiii. United Statea of America or the Dominion
ot Canada aa may ba agreed iipun be
Iweoii Ihe Corporation and lhe holder!
thereof, ami Ihe aald principal aum
ahull he made payable by Ihe Clly al
a dale not later than flfly yeara from
Iho  tint  day of September,  llll
6. During the whole term of the
.ui i iiiil ol the aald debeiilurua a ape-
chil rate on the dullnr shall he levied
and raised each year it) addition tn
ail other rates un all thu ruleuhle real
"'in In the I'lty and ulllulont tu
nay the Interest upon Ihe aald deben
lures and to create a alnking fund for
Hie i'.i. no oi nl the principal therenl
when due, subject to any act or tnacl
ment respecting tha tamo. Such sue
dul rale ahull lie Inserted In the i ol
looter* Hull or Holls. and shall be
luD'nble to und collected by the aald
I'm |.oi -atliin in Hie aame wuy as nlliei
rales in tin- said Roll or Rolls, aave
as  li. i, man, i   provldee.
6. In order lu provide for the rates
set rrnt tp parugritph 16) and subjeel
aa ai,,n oai.I .there shall be ralaed annually by ipeclal rule during ihe currency ol Ihu suld debenture! tha aum
of in. hundred uml forty lllll) Dollara to provide for lha payment of Interest therein), and Ibe aum of aev-
eiils iIhIii dollara and sixty-two cent.
1118 81) fur the repayment of the prln
clpiil thereof.
7 The proceedi of Ihe laid deben
lures shall be applied at followa and
mil  otberwlae: a.
la) In payment ol Ihe coat ol tlie
pausing nf this By-law, and the Issue
und uull nf the debenturei therein
referred to tnil til eipentei connect-'
ed with the said luan .
Hi) In recouping the lain t'orporn-
tInn for auch lumi ai have been expended hereunder until Hit pruceedi
Of Ihe Bale nf the laid debenturei
liocumei available.
tc) To carry oul lilt purpoiei of
Ihli in  luu  aa above let oul.
I. All iiiiiii.su arlalng out ol thr
aiiiiual special rule hurelnhefuru pro
vlded for sinking fund shall bo lm. .a
ed by (lie I'uiinell of the sul.l Corporallon from lime to llmu ut the luw directs.
I. No rebate iball be allowed on
the i-i "'i.ii lain' to ha levied undet
this By-law
in Thla ill-law ahall lake eft,, t
un  Ibe  lllh day uf January,  Iill.
II This ily-iaw may he died fnr
all I'lii-pusee us "Tlie Nortli Vancouver
in,, ti. iiiiiii..t Association and Farmers
Instllule Aid By-law, llll."
Passed by Ibe Ouundl un the llth
day  uf  December,   llll.
it,..)..,! the uaaenl of tha Kleclori
uf the t'lly uf NoiHi Vancouver at an
dtiilun  fur  ii"   purposu  on  tl..
day uf 111)
is.  .a. oo.. a by Hit Council and tin
ally adopted, sluned hy the Mayor and
Oity Olerk, and seileil with  the Corporuie Set) on the
duy Of All. IIII
TAKK NOTIOK Ibul Ihe above It u
(rue copy ul Ih.- tirupused ily-Luw upun which Hie vole i.l Hie Klectors of
the 'Inin. i|„.iit, ol the iin of Nurlh
Vancouver will bu taken wtthlii lin
ily Hull. Nurlh Vanrouver. it O. ol
j'hiirsdfi). llm Klvvtntb dty of Junu
»ry A I). 11)1. butwawu ihu houra ut
ii o'clock u m tnd 7 o'clock n in.
lily I'lerk and  Hi mining Officer
I'llllL'H'   NOTIOK   Ii   hereby   g.Iv. n
lhal   the   vote   of   the'  Kleclori   ul   III.
ill    of   Norlb    Vincouver    will    be
luken on Tburiday. the Bleventh dai
of   I..on.us    llll.  belween  the  hnutr
ul it o'clock u m und 7 o'clock p m on
The   Norlh    Vancouver   llotil.nl
lurul   Aumis lailoii  tnd   Fanners'
lin.iiiuif   Aid   Hv-Uw.   IIII
-nni  Ihul  wllhln Ihe Oily  Hull   Nurlh
Vumiiuver.   II   0,   and   that   Thomas
Shepherd hai been appointed  Reluming  lllfteer   lu   take   the  vote   nf auch
Kleclori   wllli   Ibe   utual   power!   In
loll    i.t,.il
Ily order of Ihe Council,
Oily  Clerk
I ft Vi
.and drill ban
ijiereuf up coit'
si, (i.i ll'.al
to cpnalruot an
for the aocomnio
dltlon that m\
ver will lupp y
ANO WHflRBAB tilt mo»t *u||abl.
and utntta) life available It the soulh
sail corner of Malum 1'ara tl* hereinafter described, iame being a portion
ol laid 1'ark not rooulrod lot park
ur other uprporute puiposus.
AND WHBHBAs'tlie grantor* of
Million Park.to the 0|ty of North
Vancouver ara deali-uus thai the ulty
nli,niltl dlipoie of Ita tight in the pre
posed site to- the ivlng In-allie tight
of lhe Domiuion of Canada tor the pur
posue above mentioned.
AND WHliMlilAS It li advisable In
tht Intareit of the city (hat »ud| ills
poial ahould  bo  made.
NOW TIIEHBFOHH tlm Municipal
Oouncll of llll Clly of North Vuncuu
ver with Ihe atient of the electors
of tht City of. North Vancouver and
the approval of th* l.l.iiit.iin.ii ti.tv.,-
nnr-ln-Oounoll enact* aa followa:
I. Tha City .of norlli Vancuuver
hereby agrees lo grant to tht Kitiis
in the tight uf the Dominion of Canada thu following iliiBiiilliud liinilu mul
tiiiilnlsim  sltiiiilis,   lying  uml   being  In
ihi Clly of North Vancouvar and bdnti
mire particularly known and iiienii-
ed a* that portion of Mahon li.ti.
io culled bounded- -amr de
milium, lhal It to tay .
I'liuiiiiniidnu at Ilia liiici.'ss's'il'in ol
the m.i lli.-rli- lioiiutliti) of Fifteenth
slreei wilh tht w'aatarly boundary uf
r'nrbea Avuniiu thnlicii westerly .iluiu
laid northerly'boundary ot Flllernth
•treat twu hundred (III) letl it..... -
niirlhirly and parallel lu aald wnslei-
ly buiiiiilury of Forbaa Avinue thrue
sun.in ii end ,ii im (110) leet moro or
teat In the wetlerly production of the
no in,. it houndtry or ilitetnth itreot
tbence taalerly along tald production
if luld northerly boundary of tlxteittith
street ont hundred and Afty iUo)
feet ilitiico northerly at right ttlglei
lo itld northerly boundary of an
iteniii   iiiicet   two  hundrtd  and   mn
Tinsi feat, ilieiicc eaaterly and parallel
In anld northerly boundary of tlx-
niiiii Ureal two hundred and llfty
ill) faet thence toulhiriy twu luminal tnd tifty ilie) feit io tht point
in the tald northerly boundary of lit
leenth ui no i dlttant utterly thtiwon
iwo Iiundred tmiiii feet from tha in ler
notion of laid norlhurly boundary
if ilitetnth itreet with Ihu
.n'sieily boundary of Forbea
avenue lhanco wettward along
said northerly boundary uf alxlocnlh
ilrttt two hundred (1601 feet to the
•si i.t, il' boundary of Furbet Avenue
thence iniitherly along laid wealerl'
ii.'iiiiil.u s of Forbea avenue three- hundred and eighty (Ho) feet mora or
leu lo the point of commencement
"in,<li in, by ttiliio'iiuiiioio, in ihrii
ind drill.,n mi. lino,it,,in.,, ts in
icrei be tlie lame more or leas
to be used hy the King in the right
nf the Dominion of Canada for Ihe'con-
■ i. si, iii,n uf nn armory and drill hall
tnd fur lailin.i uud military purposes
I Tlia Mayor and Oily Clerk are
hereby authorlted tnd directed lu
o.il.e ,1.,.uio mil deliver a convey-
met on i. I,all of and In lhe name uf
lhe City uf Norlh Vancouver In tbe
King In tht rlgh lof Ihe Dominion of
'Hindu uf all the right, title and lntereit of the Hid Clly of Nurlh Von
cuuver In and In Ihe Hid prenilict and
to attach the Seal nl the mid Clly of
North Vancouver to the aald conveyance.
I. Thla Us law ahall coma In forci
m receiving.the aaianl of the Bltctuis
In a..nana provided by the Municipal
'lenses Act and nn approval by ihe
I n .Helmut tim-. im.i In Council and tin
registration In due count ai provided
by law.
I Thla By-law may be died aa lite
Drill Hall Site Oonveyinct By-law,
I'uaaed by Ihe Council on Ihe llth
lav of December,  llll
Received  the itiunl nf the electors
if the Clly of North Vancouver on the
day of 11111
ll.,,,uul,I. ted,    adopted   and    Anally
nailed  by  Hie Council, signed by  lhe
Mayur and city Clerk am) sealed with
Ihe Corporate Seal oh the
day ol llll
jiQUfn-tAuwvytmi. ■■
i'rayer Meptln,
y School)
mm, tl i p-rti,'' R*'v. Hunaid UiuaM,
, iiithndisi thnrtk—oorpar of Ith and
*|. Oeorge. Sunday Soman, 11.00 a.m.
and 7.80 pin. Sunday School uiul Bible
Class, 8.80 p.m. Senior League, Monday, I p.m. Prayar and l'ralso Borvloe,
WednBlday, I p.m. Junior League,
Tburiday afternoon . af IM. l'ailor,
W, 0. SCfilltchar.
°MrphjTl Cnrper.  l.Ui
at llllli.    Ot    11    11  III.,
m.  Holy  cnininllliliill,
"  ts m.i   lirst
•I,    Agues
and ituiilnvuiii
uyenlng at LM
flrat Sunday In imiuih ui I
and (bird Sundays at It a.m.i Sunday
School al 1.00 p.m.   Hev. Thome* IJ.
Howe, Vicar.
kalvalloa  Aimi- Lonadali   Avanue.
Sunday aerylcea, li.oo tun. ll p.m. and
i, Tuustiiiy, I is.in . Tliuriduy,
Oblldr.tn'u Service, Woilnotdu),
apllil Ckurek.—'I'welflh and St.
Hoorgo. Biirvluet at II um. and 780
i. in Bunday School and Bible Clan nl
III p in Pruyor inni nralae ttrvlet.
Wednesday at I p in Pallor, lluv. A.
3. Primer, tllh and Bt. Qeorgi.
7.1B pi
I nm-
I P.m..
NOTICE ii hereby given, that tlio
Polico Magiitrato uf tha Clly will hold
a littlng |n tbe Couucil Chamber, City
Hal), pn Tueiday, the Oth day of Janu
try, 101U, in the forenoon to hear ami
.I.ieiininc cases whore it is alleged any
person's nBinb has boen Improperly
omitted from or placed on tlio Voters'
List for the year 1010.
01 Clerk of Police Office,
TAKK NOTIOK lhat the above la i
true copy ol lhe proposed By-law up
on which the vole of the Electora of
Hie Municipality uf Ihe City of Nonli
Vancouver will be laken within Ihu
City Hall. Nurlh Vancouver. II C, on
Thursday, llm Eleventh dm of January. A 11, Htll, 'between tin llnuii of
I u'cluck a in   and 7 u'cluck  p in
lily Clerk  and  In mining   Ollicer
I al  nt   Inlti. ui  ti In si tear
THEREFORE III. Municipal Council
uf tht Corporallon of the iiii of North
Vancouver wilh the eiaenl of tha Eleclori In the City .,1 North Vancouver
duly obtained, enacta at followt:
I. It thall he lawful for Ihe Mayor
of Hit Clly of North Vincouvtr tnd
Iht Clly clerk for Hit purpote ifort-
ttld to borrow or rtlaa by wty of
loan from any period or perioni, body
or bodies mi innate., who mty hi willing lo advance Ihe lame uoon Ibi credit of lint debenture! hereinafter mentioned of Hie Cm pm ui Ion ,a turn of
money nut exceeding In (he wholt Ihe
turn of Twelve thouiand (111 000) Dol-
■fj-i.aw an tar
A BY-LAW ta ateilatjtr tkt alipei-
al af a tartfaa at makaa I'trk lo
Ike l.laa la Ikt ilsbi tf Ike Htaila-
I".. af i ■»■«■• fa, itr gargiie ul
atlo.iltg ta itmirr eat drill kail
It be maolrwiei ikereea aa* ftr
•lllll.ri wtam,
WHKHKA8 II li prewttd in oratn-
lll a romijuny of Mlllllu Field Vu
glneeri wilh hiiduuirlin at thl Clly
of Ifurlh Vuncouver:
AND WIIEREA8 Iht (lotimnenl of
lhe Dominion of Otnidt htvt uncllon-
id luch organliallon and art prepired
li HI li' NOTICE la hereby given
Ibul the Vole uf lhe Klectors of Hie
City of Norlb Vancouver will be
token on Thursday .the Klevehth day
if Junuury. llll. between the hours
if I o. lot I. a in and 7 o'clock i m. on
The Drill Hall'Site Conveyance
llv-law. IIII.
and lhal wllhln the lily Hall. Nortb
Vancouver, H C. and that Thoniae
Hhoplierd haa been appointed Relurnlng Officer lo take (he vola of auch
Hector! with the uiual power! In
thul  beliall
Ry order ul Ihe Council
THOMAS   Htii'.l'iii mi
Clly  Clork
ri"  inni
Preik/lerlaa I'kartk.—Worahip, Hum
■iti'-s   II it to      Union Sunday School
110 pm
ti ni    Ti
T It p m
BV-I.AW   Mi
A ill i.in lor obtaining Ibe oiilaloa
III Ike I'lleelora aa to ike atlisablt-
lly ol . iiUlvltllog Ike Illy Inn,
WHKHKAS II la deemed advlsulilit
ihai the opinion of tlte Eledora of Ihe
City of North Vancouver he taken au
that the council of the aald Oily may
know If It ia the desire of (lie auiii
Blcdora that the Clly ol Norlh Vaneouver altal) be subdivided Into wards
ANI) WHEREAS In view ul Hu- special provisions ol suli-tecllon "F" ol
Section 14 of the Nortli Vancuuver lily
Incorporation Act, 1808," the Clly can
ui.)y be hi.I..UvI... ,| Into words with
the itwH.itt of lliu ITIt - nm,
NOW THEREFORE the Mayor uml
Oouncll of thl City of North Vancouver
enacti aa followa:
1. The opinion of the Electors of
the Clly ef North Vancouver upon the
laat revlaed Vnlera' I.lut us In the advisability of pausing- a by-law mil.
dividing the (Ily Intn winds shall lie
taken at the City Hall. Norlli Vancouver, B. C, un Tliuriduy, the llth day
nl January, 1811. belween Hie hour!
of nine ocloek In Ihe forunoti uml
leven o'clock In the ufternnon uf suld
8. The form of ballot to he lender-
ad each muter al Hie polling bouth
el euld lie.iloii uiii.il be ne lt.lluv.si
ijin uili.n on which i.piiili.n It asked
Vtl~T No     I
Are you In fuvor
of solidlvldlng the
clly  Inin  Wurda?
Prayer  meeting.  Tuesday
Ttichirr Training Cleat Erlda.
Il Vtn Muntlir. MA. piilnr
"Tbe Ca.tr* of Affair."
ll tk* TowBiitt of (jqiHlan
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'      ^      *     	
Wu H«ve a ffm t4mzim ot Houmi for S*l« or Rent
and any Elector In favor of aubdlvld
Ing lhe City Into wurda ihall mark n
cruel In il.. ipace under lhe word
"Yei" and any Elector opposing Iho
subdividing of lhe oily Into winds
shall mark a cron In Ihe space under
the word "No"
I Medium 71. 71. 77 and 71 nf Hie
Municipal Claueea Acl ahall be follow -
ed In Hit aald vote In so far us lhe
samo are applicable and nut repugnant
lo the  i ..".I.'.ioi.o ol Hill  n    I .
I Mr Thoniii Hhoplierd, i'lerk of
the luld I'lty ll hereby uiipulnicd nnd
named ii, minim min. i fur the purpoie  of tuklng  such  vote!.
I Tbii Uyl.uw ihull be pulillslii'ti
lor Iwo luu.nl..i,„ In  lhe North  Vum
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6.   This   is    i ..a    nmy   |ie  cllt-il   us
"The Wtiril lliiltilon Uy-I.uw. llll!."
ra ... a  Ity  tHo Otiiinull  Hiu  llii  ilny
uf   lai," ..      1911.
' ii... n. .i the assiinl ol ths iti. . nn...
ut un Isjlniitlun un lliu
iluy  ol .luniiiiry,   1912.
I.'., "...aa. i..   uml  llnully  iiiikuimI  liy
Uie Couih.I1. . i, ... .i hy Iho Muyur ur.d
t'li'ili  uml  uiiili'.l  with  thu  I'str inn litis
tltiu)  un  ths
duy   of 1911
TAKK NOTIOK that Hie iihuvi; Is it
Iriiu cony nl Die |iro|iuscd By-ljtw upon which the vule ul the Klucliiii ut
thu Muni, i|,,iin. uf ihu Oily nl Nurlh
Vtnoouvtr will bt i.i,,., wllhln iho
t'lly Hull, Nnrlh  '■. n... B. 0„ nn
Thorsdiiy, Iho  Kluvonlli  iluy nl. Junuury, A.II., 1911!, between tlm hours nl
9  "'.liul,   ii.nt   nmi   7   .,', in, i,   n.tn.
THOMAH   BHKl'lIKliH, ,      .
t'lly i'lerk und IlitliiiiiliiK OKItor.
I'IIBIjIO NOTIOK In huroliy given
that Ilu: viitii of tin, HIst.'li.i'H uf the
Oily uf Nortli Vancouvur will b*
nil,an nn Tliursduy .tho Klitvi-nlh duy
uf ,i..nn,ii i. 1913, bet Weill llm linuri
uf 9 o'clnch a.in und 7 o'clock |i in. on
"Thu Wurtl itiilnl.ni By-I.nw, llll,"
uml Hint wlililii tho City Hull. Nnrlh
Viini'iiiivoi, II 0„ und Ihul Thuinus
Shepherd Imu been npimlui.t.l liiiiurn-
Ing inn., i in tiiho tno vulu nf mch
i-;ii:t iiiis willi in. usual i"isv.... in thul
By order nl thu Coujicll,
WM    .1. :.i.i, ,i
Mn yor.
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t'lly I'lurli
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New Year Gifts
Especially Selected Stock of Fine Bruihei
Cigar* in Boxei
Fancy Chocolatea
25  Margin Hit's $|,50
25 Club Special....$1.75
50 Henry Clay $5.50
10 WebrterC. H.. .$1.25
10 Perfection $1.00
- Haida             Moire'i
from 25c. to $7.50 per bottle
and $20.00
■ lo $7.50
Bait Quality Toilet Article, of All Ki.ida
Hot Water Botllea
from $1,75 to $3.00
1     i     i ini
Shaving Requiailei
belt quality and price*
North Short Drag Co*, Eiplanade Weit
P.S. Thomaa, PhmBCbami.1


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