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Full Text

Ratepayers'AMuciation and
Aldermanic Canditates
Baplr to QuNtlom of Olvlc Import
A\ tht invilittiiiii nf Ihtt local Ratepayer!' AsBiii'iatinn I wulvu cu inhibit us
(or iililuriiiiiiiiis hottori aiiomhloil at
the city htll pit Hatunlay night and
sii|iiilii'il brief answer* to cloven quo*
linns  Of Civic  iii|;uilii uu.a   ,
" *r    Ur. H. (I. Wright preilded nn.i In hii
Introductory roiitarki, entreated    the
l|iea|<iri to exorcise hrovity.      Moat
\      of the candidate! did ao, ami although
\     certtlu of them appeared armed   with
rather voluminous lypu written
Appended   lorlatim   ure the tptns-
linns aiked  by  the  Aaiocialiiin  ami
j    |he answers of lliu variuus cainliilutus
\ theretoi
I. Will you n.lm.nli' iniicniliimuiiig
tha inniii  i.ln'1'iu uf the i'lty  before
.    any allcmpl is made to lay any kind uf
permanont pavuntciilf
W. Kiiuwles: A mailer of flnaticn
Ia it peisible fnr tlio rily tu burrow
the money lo put down permanent paving! Advocate for Ihu present mac*
damliiug lhe slrcuts.
II. MacKonxiu: Absolute fully In iuu
siller permanent paving al presoiil
time.   Advtii'ale macuduini?.ing.
W. Pick I In favur nf maridamizing
prior lo paving. Au urea in vicinity
of ferry wharf should be pul In belter
condition. Would give fresh arrivals
good impression. A.Is...uie ptving as
ftr as Second or Third street and nasi
and wosl tilling Hie side itroits.
J. V,. Ward: Iu favnr of niin'aslaiu
(I. .1. I'liillipn: Yes, fnr Hie praaant.
Agree with Aid. Dick'* iiiggcslinti In
pave vicinity uf ferry wharf.
0, W. McHnci Yci.
.). I). I'i.i ■ i. Yes. these arlerius of
lha clly casl, wcsl and north, five
small  mu turn  down' town  if poiiilile
0, V Pnreman: Strongly in ftvnr
nf miradaimOng.   Would like la tec
-JierillBiient   paving   un   l,iinsdalo    ind
tide streets.
II. I! .lliu: Ye*.
A. W. Harge'nl: I'erlainly.
W. .1 .Irwin: Yes. Favor inartdini
wing inii'..i trltriea uf truffle
(I W. Vaiiee: Yes.
3. Do you advocal* lliu rily giving
further financial lupporl lo Ihu Hur
yard Inlet Tunnel ami Hridge Oiiin
pany Inwards Hie romlrucllon of Hit.
Becond Narrow* bridge, and >< io, in
w lm i fiirtnl
W. Knowlti: Abiolult'.ji neeeiitry if
our city ii In go ahcml ami have rait
way eoniiei-liiiii'ln have lirislgc limit.
, H. MlcKonxie: Musl important sub
jeel before Ihem it present time. He
lieved nlepiyeri ire prt|i»rtd lu make
nr. I'j-Hirv   nu nli''
W .Dick; Ahioluttly r*i|uire thai
bridge. Oily ihould hear ill ibtrt by
lilting slock in lhe company.
1. E. Wird: Yes. The bridge will
mul,. Norlh Vancouvtr Ibo very con
ler of industries on thii side.
0. J. I'billipo; Yn.
J. II .Fraier; Yet. Would gumnlie
bondi iu preference In liking iloek.
(!. V. Portmiu; Yes, cither hy liking
dock or guaranteeing bond*.
H. (I. Bin: Yes, form a i|iioslion lur
A. W. Btrgent: Most iin|iiiilanl i|Uc*
tion. Would prefer liking itock.
W. 1. Irwin: Yn, advocatt liking of
shares io ll lo hive rtpreMntttion.
0, W. Vinct: Yci, hy Uking itock.
1     0. W. UilUa:  Yen    Mu'' g'vc »'''
Id tvtrylhmg which is opining up our
rcliliom wilb the oultldc world.
t.   Will  you tdvocile lhe iinmcdi
tit  iiistullali.ui   of   *   gti IJoO'lll   in
.Norlh V»iirouverf
, 4.   Will you luiiil thai tucb • »yi
Un In owned liy Ihe rily if Ibi civic
(morn in in tuch  condition U lo
,render it podlhlt.
I),   If 11 ii ncctiury to grtnl  t
',,      f ram Ins.- lo » privtlo romp*uy In or
dtr to itcurc tn imntcdlile mpply of
gt> for lighting and heating. «'" 1**
''    Inn.I that no Iiobui or eiimpllon from
taxation lit glinted ,tb»t tht rity be
glvtn tb* rlgbt lo purcbut the pltnl
a,' buiiti.'ss on f*vor»lile lira* wbm
t.   Sf.'rii tuch actlou ippotri dtiirtblo -ind
, l/iial Iht Iwwi of tucb francblit ">•
nbmltli(J to tbt public vottf
f. Knowlet: Do not think It .would
1    ba * paying propoilllon tt  pmtol
li.sslss.'lil.     Hit   been   lUrh   .ll'VI'lu|.llll'lll'
in ritcl.-l-tl billing tbit future devel
opmial* will ptabauly put g«* ojit of
i        ibo running.   Will favor, bow*v*r, II
company Fill take rilh.
tt. M»cKtniiei Ye* ,hut II it bop*
**    |eti  to expect  eity to go into  tbii
af piatanl .   He litUer to grant frin
ofelit lo print! company witk clly'i
InUrcils properly pro!tcl*d.
W. Wck:   In favor of btv|*g V u
won a* podibl*.   Will bt oertmry lo
.*7*nt limtbiu to prlvii* comp»uy, dly
ii'ats   ,»l"»u((|,1r P'**"1^'
WvS 'i V**' 0mU1»,J' " "• **" *'
m^tmmmmammmmmmmmmm ,      I I ll'.'.»>m^^mmmmemmmm
UPRIB-VAirOOirVBB, B. 0., WflJBPAfj nmm », mi.
I'iuie ami other similarly pardonable
eniiitiniii nils.I thu breaili of the
Knighti of ril.... un Thursday night
when a largu asfutnl'ly, belli fashionable
ami rcprcienlulive drifted Inwards
Fourth I d I'lii'slerfielsl, slrcameil Into
the newi pisneil hall, ami forthwith
took part in Iho entirely suceeiiful
and uii'iiioralile f unci ion. The cum
panv  li a unaiiimiiiis whule, il mined
ill   v a ul.aim v   for Sttpurlalivu  I. in,:,  ill
which lo espress ipprecialinii   of tho
many quirillo* uf Ihe new lull.
Mtyor McNeish uml lhe pretidtnl
iMr. II. I'i. Heidi ll Die outset strode
unto the platform oicorkod hy tlie dine
tun, M.i T. Ii. Kennedy, M. Me
Millan, .1. II. Hadger, A. Davies ami
W. (I. Blioomau (Mr. A E. Kealy be
iug alisutil), also Contractor .1. I'i.
Wriglil ami Architect II. Jtmiesun he
siilai roprcionlilives of other fnlernil
suciliei. The preiident dtlivcred a
slum oration embodying Hie history uf
lhe order in labluid form, ami was lul
ioive.l liy Mayur McNeish who ipokc
in a ciingralulalnry vein voicing thus
Ihu opinion uf the llirnug. Uriel
speeches also emanated frum Mu&a*
.laiiiiiis.ii! ami Wright. Then and Bt
uther periodi during Hie evening Mr
Murgttruyil, whu is an tcconiplitbcd
I'liiuiai .nm.-.I keybutrd mirarles.
Hubiei|uciilly the hall wis ccreiiiunl
isiis.lv opened by the prusideul, who in
.'iled the guests tn make a luur ul' in
ipoctlon which Ihey did under th* gul
lint gitidiitiee of Kniglils. Menu
while the floor was cleared uml by lhe
lime thai explorations had ended, wus
displaying a beautiful, even smiling,
■Inning, Inviting surfus'c of n luce.
Uo the guests iinaniiiiiiiisly took llm
liinl and commenced ttrpiichnronti
a..a.."... i. in tuneful tccompaitiincnli
■upplied by Mr Huh. Obanco'i urclni
tru of Ave piecoi, (Thia, of oniric,
refcri to tht uiimlicr of instruments,
nut in th.- cxtcul of their repertoire!]
A sit .invvn nipper, fur which Mr. s
W. Wilker rtlered, furnied a letjipling
tnd attractive side line, and the rapid
disappearance of fare was in itself u
tribute to Mr. Walker. In spile of
thii, howovor ,dancing was energetic
illy suitiinuii until severul huurs bu
v uml tint perm.I when gruv e yards are
luppoied to ylwtt, etc. etc. Friday
morning'! philusnpliy wua embodied in
tbe flvo ilgnifirint words "ll wus well
wniili il." Here's then, Iii Hie future
uf the Kniglils uf l'ylltias Hall! Ami
hurc'i lu Ihe prosperity uf tbe urdurl
The building ilielf couforun lu all
the i'ii.!.'... of convenience, lu Hie
l .-.-■. U..-I.I there is an cxleiiilod supper
mum, with i spneioiis storing ware
house idjuiuihg. The sluira through
uut ire iccommodatitigly wide and
lead, as It were, to the "piece de re
lietance," which is destined lu ligure
linn,'   limes  in   Ihese minimis as the
venue nf Important  gatherings is hu
euiiiial ul the eust end, und al lhe wcsl
adorned with n cipaciou* singe inlmir
' iiigly (quipped iu every Thespian    re
lipocl.   An electrical icbomp invulviiig
a piece of mechanism called a "dimmer"  miilie.i  n  hnlf.liglil   affoct   poi
1 sidle   ii device which nbvlatei the nee
I easily urpliinging lhe auditorium inin
ut ler darkneia during iiinuteur thoa
trlcali.      Anulhcr sapient  move wus
Hint  ul' using .steel  In.mis acruas the
wlmii: apau of the concert hull,   Ibui
evading the uauul nuisance uf pillar*
ur supports fur the dancers lu collide
Willi.   On   the   storey   above  is    lite
council chamber- lhe Ihamboi wherein
ihe tnyelorlou* riles of tbo Order are
onicfad.     And    here    (sliuuld    sume
Ivniglii  become Ion ethereal iu como
i|tience uf Ihuir traditional riles!    bu
has only to wiudor tn unu uf Hie win
duws and look upun n splendid modern
Inii.lsaape.    A   ftill   liner  uiillunk   will
bo nblainuble when tha flat  roof nl
I Ilu: building is laid oul picturesquely
u* a roof gardeii.
Thote iifcful peuple whu puke aboul
in search of death Irupa can. by the
wuy, rr<|fs Hie K. uf I', hull ..IT Iheir
lisi uf poialbilltiei. There is over)
luuilcrii safeguard nguinsl fire nmi fur
Hiertiiuru a selii'ine uf ventilation is use,I
wbicb il u.ljiistuljle lu any degree re
hun lhat il be turned uver lo cily in
■I - .in i lime.
H J. Pbllllpo: Alinusl uciestary we
aliuuld hovo»it .
ii W. Mcltac: Yes. Hyiletn lu be
uwncd liy cily ur have-nghl In purchase
plaul   when  desirable.
J. D. Fnser: Nu. Other Hiingi need
ed mure badly.
Oontlauid on P*g* ulnt
There ia a first rale prognm nl lhe
Ijimidtle Th.iilie  Ihis week.
Lyiitie k Kliment ire Iba must or-
gittal mluilruli leen foi mine loug
lime. Miu Eleanor Hatch, lite nper
tlie toprtiio, received a warm trllcohic.
Her .lsligliii.il rendering uf national
tin wti givilly ippreciited.
The (loaailli ire eilremcly funny and
Ihuir tropical illutiuni iro tnual attiui
Very piclty indeed ii Ihe ikelch by
Ourlii md Uviu, very prelly tnd vtry
, lever tud very intuting too.
Of tbt in. i uu * "Tbe Uit of tk*
Mohictns" it in elthorit* and btau
lifuiiy mounted tragedy. "Tb* Mir
vellum How" i» bug* fun.
Tbe iiiniiugeiii.'iil uiiiinuiieis lhal Ilie)
have lecurcd lb* picture* of tbt "Dtlhl
I miliar" (bowing oar gracioui M*jn
lit* la ihi-ir Indian Empir*. JVau
piclurti will bt ih*** an Tburidty
tnd Widay and Hal unit)' evenlngi ind
ilwi at tba miliutt on Silurdiy. Early
arrival al ihtt* ptrformtncci it ta I.t
rttowniDded .
Un. II. il. Oralg will be at tbt
Knight* of I'yibia* ball on Friday,
January 1Kb, at IM to wed ill thote
dttirout of orgaaldng a Pythian Hiittr
Imt night rat nlwlonary evening
at |b* Epworth Uagua. A utetlalAi
evening wa* Iptnt. There wu * good
illeudinre . N«»t Mouday alfkt Ut-
Oglt will *p**k on Martin lm*r. AN
The now four roomed ichool which
hit been in course of creel Ion al Lynn
Valley by Hie provincial govcromoul
is nuw practically cumplele. Thi*
structure will rank as one uf the mosl
modern rural schuuls iu Hie province.
Among ill other notable feature* it
will bo filled with lbc latest Shank's-
patent lavatory appliances. A tp*
null* eetnenl basement will provide ex
cellenl playground facilities during in
clement weather ami Ihu wide hall
way* afford superior moans uf ingress.
ind egrcsi. It ii Hie intention of the
Irmtccl lu hive lhe ground* laid oul
nil a pint eoiiimetiHiirale wilh lhe
building iiiiiBinmli ti lhe nol ichool
bouse tu lie built wili necessarily be
incited eliewhere. The trustees have
arra'uged a concert entortaininonl for
tomorrow IWedneiday) evening hy
way of opening ctrtmoni**, to whicii
•II resident! tnd ratepayer* arc most
cordially invited. No spc.iul in vi 111
lions will he iuutd oicepl lu nib. mi-
ami ill mi. i."i.,l ire tnpie i. d to ar
ctpt tbit iov|ta|ion.
On Saturday afttrnoon lut Alder
men Ma* Md McBae of tbe cemetery
•ad parka1 cmamitu* w'd* * trip to
Sayrnmt eemetlty to insprei Iht im
provtmtnta which havt recently been
cuuipleled. Tbt portion upon whicii
Iht work bu been dona CQutiili of
upwinit al ttat >•"'» lying along the
nortb wtttern boundary of tk* cemo
tery. Tbi* tract bu bten cleared and
all roott, lionet, ttc. hav* been carefully removed. The ground bu beon
Itld out lato slot*, wilkt tod drives
according to tb* plan* of Ibe rily en
glneor A 'tne* hu lieen erected
which i* at onct lubilanlial *a>| oma
minttl aad the roadway approach*!
bav* htu put io Mcelltnt condition.
The entirif cemttery tre* conilili »l
fO mm lying helwm hy*p cruk
in Hie nurlh weal uml tievinuur I'reek
in Hie south uaal. Tupugrupliii.'aliy
ii preatnla a igcceuion uf hill ami dale
which presents excellent possibilities
from the siiimlpiinii uf Ihe Itndicapc
arlisl su thai, by upending ■< uuder
ale sum in improvement! frum year tu
yeur the cemetery itu be mude a must
beautiful apnt fur burial purpoie*. I'u
ler lhe chairmanship uf Al<>. His* tbe
uiiiinilti'e ha* mude an excellent begin
ulng ami the project ja one which will
uiiiiiicud itaelf lu Hie faviirable cou
ildoralion of the ratepayers.
0.   P.   B.    I'BOJIKIT   ON   NOBTH
Qovoriimoiit Atktd to Oolay Actlou for
Thirty Day*
Al Ibo call of Mayor M'Nelih a pub
lie meeting wu* held on Sulunluv even
ing to slisiii** Ibo application of the
Oi I' It. for a railway routa slung Ibe
Nurlh slum- Tbe mccliug wu iltend
•d hy * goodly number of represent!
live eiii/ens. wbo tfter thoroughly
eaiivawuig tb* matteri in all It*
pbtsei puied • itrungly worded rem
liiliun ri'i|iii'*ling Ho' ininiilei ef mil
wayi to delay tbe matter (or thirty
ii*.v In order tbit tbe lull, i infor
matlon might ho ohlalmd and Ibe mil
Itr givon mature comidtratloo locally
Tbii rccjueit bu gone forward to Mr
H. II. Steven* It Ottawa.
Numiniled by Mr. V. Urwu ind lie
ended by Mr. A. fl. McDowell, «aj'l
Oht«, dalet bu agreed to lltod for
ferry Couimliiioner in tbe pending con
l**t- I'ap!.. t'atai I* an* of tb* piogitr
rcildcnti of Ih* city md bu a know
ltdg* of (bipping which ihould prove
»n a***t lo th* future dirfi Inrtle.
Mayor McNtlih Unoppoied
Tho   iiuiiiiiiiiliniui   for   th*  viiriinis
civic oHloes wuru held yoittirilay and
reiultod »i follpw*:      ""'
For mayor, William McNa|i|i, duly
declare d elected by mchiinutiuu for n
aiii'iind term - .
Fqr AliMmen-H C. Bin, W. .1. Pick,
0, F. Foreman, J.' D. Frator, W. J.
Irwin, T. h. Ktnnedy, W. Knowlcs,
II   .MneKen/ie,   0,  W.   Me line,   11    jf,
Phillipo, A. W. Hargiiitt, (I. W. Vance.
For flchonl Truitocs M .8. Mc-
Unwell, E. A. Munich, .1. II. Filling,
H. H. Watien
Eur  Furry  lljrectori—W.  I. Huult,
0. H. I'm.;., W. 0. IJIudwin, T. 0. Holt,
I'orcy King, H  McMillan, W. .1  Wil
ion; II. II. Wriglil.     1
feprew Claiiified Ad>,
FOB 8A|.E-Thurnughlirnd   I'.    B.
Huinltiir.     Apply 1'- 0. Box 8008.
"t'OlfiBAI.P-Ol'on   lloator,   $18.00,
80illl Lfltisilalp, |81
FOR SAI.E-Thoronghhrod Bolgulm
llure cheap. Apply Box A, Expreu
FOB BALK—First grnwth dry wood
fur (4.76 por cord, 4 ft. 0. MelUdt,
I'liono 01. General teaming,. t.f.
Two  Councillor*  Hoturitod  by  Atxla
Oiiuueiiliir lulu Lawion uf Ward 11.
and Mr. Percy Ward fur Wnnl li were
elected by (i.'elatnliliuii us ti reanll nt'
Hu: dialriet nuiiiiiiiiliuiiH held un Mul)
duy. The iitiminccH in thu nlher wards
were as folVtwi: Ward I, Ohaa. Nol
son, W-. A. ThiimpHiii: Wurd 2, .luck
Ijiiulel, A. Philip, lieu. Ilugg; ward I.
T. A .Allun, I'. Wotlover; wurd li, Iv
11. llridgiiiaii, I'. II. Mm Keiuie Tin:
iiuininaliuiif fnr ichool Iruitooi rcsull
ed in the return uf Mr*. K Oampheil
Mr. I'unlie ami Juhii l.uvvsun liy lie
lu ri'j'iv ti] lhe *lrnng pelitiun pre
su'iiie.l asking lum Io slitml fur re
election na ferry I'liiiiiiiifjuiiiii.'r, Mr. I'
liirsun was compelled lo decline with
regrol, for lite reason Hint he will In
absent in.in the cily fur iivcral monthi
■luring   1018.
Amuiig Hie candidatei for ichool
IruMceahlp is Mr. K. A. Murden. He
ii nu eii-ang. i lu municipal guieiu
ment, and will undoubtedly liring hi*
experience in the oul lu hear effective
ly upun ailioul advancement in the
The North Vaneouver Hull's lirst
animal lull! will bu held ill Ihe KlllghU
uf I'; I luu* Hall un in street wesl un
Friday, .Ian. Villi, lull', at II o'clock
p.m. Member* il^'airuu* ul being pre*
cut can uhtem ticket* ut a eosl nf *i.
each frum Hie Hun. Secretary Tre*
surer, Mi. U. S. Shepherd.
VI 1
Annual meeting iif the Nurth Van
,'nuver llurliciillurnl Society al lhe
Horticultural Hall uu Wednesday, -lun
llllli al 8 pm.. Election uf ofllcori.
otc.       ' U   I
I'Hl    -ll     li a  uls is.'     Ijii.il W.     I'
Thompion, liullybuni , 8 8
I'll   Ml     V. 1,1,1,    fob    OII       1,,'Ui'lal,
Avenue    Apply Hav Ail, Expreu Of
tee. 01
Mm lulsel M. Dtinii, llcentiito of
Ibi lloyil Ai'idemy of Muiic, l,oii.|.in.
Englind, learber uf piinoforte, viiila
Nnrlh Vaneouvir every week. Addreu
luiiil lltisli Avinue, Viiicouwr. Phone
I/O IB Seymour.   • '8111
Owuer of modtra (roonied huuie in
\inieuuiei clou in will ex.hinge for
aiuiilir houi* in Nortb Vincouver.
Palmer, ilnrmcilrr It von Ontvtnlti.
I'i l.oiiiuhile  Asi'iiui', Norlb  Vtiinon
vtr. Bl
WANTSDHPa   eicivitotit   Birth.
Apply   Willie*  Shipyiiuj  lid.      t.f,
Yuung Mu Milt* any kind of em
ploymwt. Sober. Apply W.  Ferguson,
14 Loniilil* Avwu*. 18 1
Oipliin »nd Mn, Klekhim ir*. leiv
Ing tbi* week.fur p four montni| io
Jour* at Ban Di*go, Ctllf«rala
WANTED-flally govtrneu. Houn
ID to 0 for two children. Wolf Mer
ton, 867  -lOlh ttreet tut. 18 I
We havt money for' tbe purdiai* tt
Agr«*m*nt* of Pale.   Otnidiln Wnan
elinpLtd., Bank of Hamilton Building.
FOB HALE-Fir wnnd HM per cord.
Apply .luliii Oumpliull, liiii-(ith itreet
went, ur plume 001. 181
Foil HALE Lull Ij, II, HI, block 69,
I). L. dun. Price .-:'...si ur lepanle, 1-8
,'iisli, is a n.i VI muni lis. Apply Uiu Aid
Ex|iri.'*s Ollice. ]8-l
FOH HALE -.Wood, 18-inch flr,
tll.16, ceiinr I'l," I... til.86, curd wood,
(1.011 Liigvu unlets at barn, 7th and
liidgoway or I'. 0. llux 81114.     18-1
Elllt HAI.K llm.' ...i loot loin on
Quoon streut, IIso tnlnutu' walk from
I,iiy.Inle avcniiu, .ia.ui etch, unolbird
cash, 8, I nmi Iti month*. Apply
K., "Express" ODlco. ,
FOH HALE-Light delivery horn,
weight 1,110(1 His. Huud ill round
vanner. .luliii Alexander k Co., Ill
ia.u.aiuie Avenue, N. Vattcotlver.  t.f.
LrMlllill Fllll H. '.E-Thc.U. D.
Wright Lumber I'u.. II Lonsdale Avenue.
iuu give yuu piies uu all material
when yuu are building. See them t.f.
FOH HAI.lv fi I.an . iu , Imperial
i in ami Drydock t'urpnratioii fnr (4011
snail. Projected lino uf o. I'. B. runs
right Ihruiigh Hie " Imperial Tnwnillo."
Applv   iuiperiiil, lixpreu Oflice.     t.f,
litlllMH FOH  IIIT.\T    in ...... gm,:
1 IS liud HI reel casl.
FOH lilTiNI- One anile, I'ulutiial
Apurliiii'iils. Telephuiio ami huat In
eluded, /   t.f.
TO III.NT I'huiee inudern *uile* uu
.'In! slreei. Apply Alex. Hmilli i Co..
Nurlh   Vincuuver,      Ileitis 117,01). t.l
lliiiinlal.niv' lluuiiis, buauliful new
und lieiiie.i roomt, hut water. Termi
iis.nl.-.:i 1.   I.'l 1*1 slreei well. VI I
Full KENT lam...lain Avenue mud
urn li room houae. Immediate puaaea
lion.   Apply    Irwiu,    Hilling*  t  Co.,
I.slllile,I t.f
TO BENT i'lione modern luitei ou
itrd itreet. Apply Alex. Hmllh k On,
Nurlh Viineuuver. t.f.
FOH KENT The uid ferry hull
"Surrey" atumling uu beirh near
Liiuiuliile Uardcni. Furniihed lullible
fur rcsideiiee Bent, 118.60 per munth
Nillwpio'i l.nnili'sl, ,1.11 Fender St.,
Vuncuuver. Phone Hevmour 0IIII8.
(let it ot l.omdnlu i'hnrmioy I'bnut Usl
Boom ami  bnurd  ul  the curuer of
Quoemliury and l|lb nn car line. IU l
Mr*.  Adams, .maternity uursu, uur
Hulel, Lynn Villey Hoad. 181
Agrcctnetili fur Sal* diicounttd.
Money wailing Lonsdalo Bealty 0*.,
6.16 Lonidale Avenue. Fbnnu 817.   tf
II.   I'.  Livery  and   Iloanl   iliblei      I
Liglil /igi and lullei' laddlo bor***
for hire.   Hltbling for boran.     On.
enl delivi>iy tnd heavy teaming.     H.
Dumas, nl. slice! we*t. Phon* 847 i.f
Fur plumbing, pipe filling tnd con
licet iug 100 F. li lli'tuioii, Frederick
Bold, Lynn Villoyj or Phon* 184.   t.f.
The Norlb Vmcpuvtr Dye Workt
44 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee tp do
u lioosl wurk it cheaper pricaa than
you can ptiulhly get in Vtncouyfr,
Hive ui a trill, Ih* r.'»iill will
I"!    ll' I'U
I'lione   147,
„ .•
Tbe Truth iludenl* olin will nrtt
every Tueadty eenitn H 0 o'clock at
lbc reiidence of MM. Hallightr, Ktllb
loiisl, near llidgtw»y. flludenli ddir
lug liigli*f »pirltu*l unfiildincnt ar*
conliafiy litviled U i.iisissl. t f
Tbi Imptritl fir, Hblphulldlng and
Dry Dock I'urporallon will eonildir of-
fen for clearing luwniito of 600 left*
it Hmlie I'nini Apply lo 3. f. 0%
WopSrSivni "rown Block, nt itrut
mil ti.
u mm*
North Vancouver
City Election
JANUARY Uth, 1912
Your yt\i and influence
rmpectfiilly solicited h
William J.
Candidate for Alderman
Henry B. Watson
Expert in School Matters
^-^^^t^^^^^r^^^m^mmwm^r^mmmj*mmm '    '"=
solicits your vote
and influence for
ol the Cily ol North Vancouver, Printer.
Polling on Jan. I Ith, Irom 9 a.m   to 7 p.m.
Retpecliully lequetti /oui Vote and Influence
[tf Councillor (or Ward 5, in the Diitrict ol
Noilh Vancouver, lor the year 1912
3 yem triutlly t ruident oi ihil wud.
2 yi'tii ( luuiiuui ol the FioMce Committee ri die Diatrict Cornel.
lit Vice-Prciidcnl North Vancouvei Bo*id of Tilde.
To the Electors of the City of
North Vancouver
Ladies and Gentlemen I
I am a candidate (or election a*'alderman to
repreient you nn the City Council, iui, jf elected, will
work (oi the geneial wellaie ol the City of North Vancouver.*'
i    Youn faithfully,
- 9wpkmwtm vwn
Th* Oily 0«uu.il too \mt promote
ind loiter thl wttleuir-ut »„,( Hp build-
Ing ol Nortk Vencouver by uravlAiag
lof aettton »»4 bulldtrs lo wd> »,t«,t
u tbt city'* Hwinrtt tnd rrtilii mil
permit ihu n*n«tiry raade, tidtw*%t,<
water and lealUtionj but io aider to at
emplub thi* »i»«t***to)ly th* eiiy'i
credit aunt U ««u«irf«l by «iimi»*tl*|
. ailrevagaet *i|>MrJilurit lit my tim
el inpiivitnafe wkiti tli to tbt na
luia tl laiurie* to tkt pmaml tim (u
' lpt iuiUiiri block paring of itrwli u
I rtitutly prepottd by imu ef tb* mam
ben al tkt dty routeII) wbttbtr tbay
|li« under local i*>pr»vi*niMt* or it t
taenttl Imi •*f»»diturt.
W. I. 1BW1N,
91 (Cmiianie Ut tidiimin)
T» the Eleotori pf Ward Thr**!
Ladles MA Oe-ntjeroeii—T »n> ii candidate (ut elec|ii)ii nu councillor    (nr
ysfit.miyA »niJ I r*«)i*iitfully »*k ypur-
support at tbe pull nn .Saturday, l.itb
Knowing that Huevu MeNuuglil .lum
intuit luyitlly uml insistently wrought
ttl tin benefit of the whole district, I
detire to b* tblu to eoopwate with
bin) il) th* uxcuudingly ini|iiirluiit work
be has pn hand,
An your representative, if elected, 1
will carefully attend to your iui uresis,
and keep in close touch with your re
representative associations. I'lyi'i v
part of the ward will have my care.
I strongly favor the employment of
local men for public work whore that
ii poaiiblo .iin.l thereby giving encouragement to settle In the diitrict.
I *m, ladlei and gentlemen,
Your* faithfully,
10 THP BM30TQS8 OP JOH 0151
Ladies and Gttt'tiiifeen;
| sm~Iir»jiaro.l lo devote an adeQuat*
»innuut of time and energy t» the wnr)t,
of th* council um) bav ethe liuiiur uf
.soliciting your vote uml Influence for
election a* ali|oriiiuu on January Uth-
Jt shall h» my Bflniitaiit endeavor
to secure dean, progressive aud ueun
oinica| arjiniiii*ttr*i|ON. ■ '
Mur*. sincerely,
North Vancouver PI
l.iulii'si and ileiitleiiieii:
For the fourth time I come before
you seeking election aa reeve of this
iliilrict. 1 have to acknowledge the
heartiiieei of tho »upport accorduil mo
on former oecaaioai. I have endeavored to live uu to the responsibility you
laid upon me. I bave known no section
or pertonal interest, hut havo striven
to give due attention to every interest
and tpecially to the actual settler on
the land.
I hail to be in Ottawa Iwico this
year in the interests of tho Second Narrows bridge and for fairly long nyi.
odi on both occasions ,lmt my duties
were loyally discharged duriug my
absence by Councillor Allan as Acting
Of the many matters before us
during lhe lasl Iwo years ie lhe bridge
across the Second Narrows which is
of paramount inipurlauce. I hopcil
for greater pregress this year, liul
conflict with other interests and the
general election caused serious delay.
The host available ctigincorink tkill
is at work ou Ihe plans for a very large
and sulisttuliul ttruetura In meet every
requireutouts for many years to come.
All are agreed that such a structure 1*
a uecustity. Hut it involves raising
tl.niiii.iiiiu moro of capital than we anii
cipated. JUy efforts have for some
time been directed to oiitaiu the extra
amount, partly from the two govern
incuts tnd partly from municipalities
inter,sisal, and 1 have evory reason
to believe that we will he successful.
It was as your reeve that I begun and
have carried ou Ibis work aud il will
give ino--encouragement ami authority
to carry it ou tu completion if I still
bav* your confldeuce and support.
I am lorry thai the West Vancouver
district resolved to separate from us
as I have the feciiug tbat we still need
tbe strength of union, hut 1 respect
their wiibes. I have endeavored and
will -iill .'is.Ism.si le work with them
in the molt friendly manner lor lhe
coiiiumiiiation of tbeir desires. Tbis
separation will reuder toother election
ueceittry for the diitrict as rtduced
in 'April or May neit.
Ae a member of the late Joint Oivi
Harbor -iiiniiiiiiia of Ibe North Shore.
I heartily joined in making known
tht possibilities of Ihe North Shore
for litrlior worki, and aa harbor inter
eili art now reaching a ciimai of at
1 an I iuu, it il mosl doiirtblc that Ilie
Norlh Short be well kept In evidenct
•i wu (to have here at comparatively
•mall eipenie a harbor or great capacity and uttfulncsi which will mean
grtat devtlopment for tbe North Shore
The gretl neesl of railway commuul
cation witb tho vait Hinterland of
British Culiiiiiliiu aa far norlh as the
Peace River ditlrict muit he apparent
to tvtryont, tbit railway should have
ill lirniious in North Vancouvor, anil
to tbat tnd I tm directing my cnerglei.
Tbt opining up of tbe district by
good- trunk roadi radiating iu differ
•nt dlrtetiont to tntlilt intending sel
tlirt to reach Ibeir properties lias al
wiyi bttn my policy, tnd will still con
lltu* to be io.
My record of work it before you.
My deelre In Hiking re election it to
•till further ttrvt your intermit by
ptnlilenlly working for Ibe contum
tuition of tboie Itrgt undtrtukingi
and to that end I aik for your infiu
inn and your vote oo election day.
I »m, itditt aad gentlemen,
Youn faithfully,
Udlat lad Otntleown :
Tn tubmitting my name in candid*
ten for el4*rm*nlc honort 1 reipart
fully rtijutil your support it the forth-
rowing clfi'lajoni whan your mark of
fooldeuce will be appreciated, und if
tlwttd, it •kall'ta^my aaroeit cudea-
to merit the unit by ludi a con
iciintiout ditcbarge of civic dutiia at
shall Inni proiuoie the welfare of thst
Your* faithfully,
North *fmtmtat,
/mm, Hh, m
I a,las. and Gentlemen:
At the roquoat of a large number of
ratepayer* I have consented to place
myself before yuu ai * candidate for
iihlciiiiiiii at tbe coming election. I
i-i ii ml for nu particular taction of the
city, but if elected will iwiporl a good
clean progressiva administration. I
respectfully solicit your vote and inflti
Your* respectfully,
_ 1 m,	
l-adies and Gentlemen:
I bog to announce to you tbat 1
shall bo a candidate for alderman to
i ■ j. i... i-i, i you in the city council tbis
I have resided in North Vancouver
for oight yuara and I know the re
quirements fully. If you el eat mo to
represent' you, believe me, i will mako
it my chief aim to aervo you faithfully dud Well.
I am in favor of the division of
the city into wards, in that way only,
lhe ;,Manual whom you elect serve
your interests best, A few of the im
provement* that 1 ibould support, if
elected ,would be:
Mueadamiititig of streets; a gas sys
tem owned by Ibe city, if possible, if
nol, a iiiiin liiia- should be granted to
a reliable company for a limited period
with opliou of purchase liy the city.
Tho ferry service should lie amply
proviiiod for, including absolute aufe
ly for our residents and the public in
crossing lliu railway tracks.
The Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge
t'o. ihould lie aided in every way, Ihe
bridge being absolutely ucrcsaary for
lhe development of lite North Shore
Mure umple police prolcctiou by in
creasing lhe force sliouhl be provided
The bylaws as existing ibould be
carefully enforced especially as regards to protection of citizoui aud pro
Foreahore rights In connection with
lite In.Is.ni li. a ne should bo acquired
ut the earliest convenience .
At a public meeting to be held be
fore Ihe election, I will make my posi
tion clear lo yuu, and if you uro su
lisfied wilh me, then give mu your
support and your vote at the election
Believe uie lo remain,
Youn truly,
l ii-iis - and lii-iiib in. a, in response to
Ihe request! of a large number of ratepayers, I have cotisontcd to place my
self before you as a candidate for alder
man tt the coining election lo be In. I.l
on Thursday, January llth, 19111.
It has been my chief inin during Ibe
six years of my rcsideueu lo promote
the welfare and advancement of North
Vancouver iu Ihe most effective and
impartial mantucr, and having already
lerved you in various public capacities including tbree tornu In the cily
council and previously one term In the
diitrict council I feci lhat tho cipori-
euro thus acquired together witb my
knowledge of local requirements,
would bu of sufficient value to juttify
my ruqucit for your bearly tuppyrt .
Faithfully yourt,     \,
North Vancouver, B. C,
January lud ,1619
In thflutsrett* ef tvtry rata
payer It It UaptraUvt tbat construction work oo tb* Second'
Narrow* Bridge b* commuicad aad
vigorously prosecuted. Tbat tht
rattpaytri give thair tupport te
overy project which naks* for our
pemunnt matot »upply. That
tha graded atreeu ba put Is shape
to carry tha tr*«c until permanent paving can b* undertaken.
For Alderman,
Ywni toIi uut lnliuptt KrtMftri
}*m*m   -Jt*™  m99   *9*T9^*W9Jm9W wwtTW^lWm _
Your Vote,
and Influence
respectfully solicited
. as
Alderman for 1912
To the Electors, City of North Vancouver
Ladies and Gentlemen: •
I beg to annouuee that I will bo a candidate for reelection for
the oflice of alderman for the year 19111. During my term pf ollicu of
1Q11, I have endeavored to do my duty (aa an aliluriuan) from the
standpoint of a public policy, and to further Ihu interest of North Vancouver city aa a whole.
If you do me the honor to re-elect uie for nnollicr lumi I shall
endeavor to continue tho same policy.
North Vancouver, Jan. 1, 191H.
Yours truly,
Your Vote and influence is respectfully solicited for
as Alderman for the City of North
Vancouver for 1912
My Motto ii—" A Clean and Progressive City "
Having received a requisition from 56 residential
wters of Ward 3, district of the Municipality of
Vorl/i Vancouver to contest the forthcoming election, I have decided to become a candidate for councillor for ward 3 for 1912
If elected I shall advocate lhe widening of the,
Capilano River Road from the end of the car line
to the Second Canyon and I am prepared to devote
whatever time is necessary to municipal matters.
Yours obediently,
(Late Crocer)
will again hi a candidate for alderman
is Ui* Oity of North Vancouvar and
rto.uttt* Ui* tupport of tn* *l*ctor*t*.
i   i    y^T—F" i      i   i
Electors of North
Vaacouver Diitrict!
The l,yw) V«04*f/ fyale-
payers' Astociatioii  unani-
moualy ewJorac the following candidate*:
Reeve, W. H. M.y
Couufillor (Wwd IV),
P. Weatover
School Truattei, C. Muoro,
R. P. Purdw
I will tie a candidal* for alderman
in tbe couucil of 11112 aud 1 raiptct-    i
fully solicit Ihu support of tht' elic
To the Elector* of lhe City*
Norlh Vancouver:
aolkit* your vote aod inflwyipe
•a Alderman in the coming election. If elected |u will favor
die division of the city io
ud other neujMry n h
. i
The quantity of those precious genu
Jit bring Into tlio country etc): your,
rom tli* cutting bouses of Amsterdam tnd Antwerp, I* sufficient evidence
of our atrong commtrciol pawor, nnd
pur ability to iiiriitfili jutt what may
bo reiitiii'iod by the public. In tbo
matter of Qiimonda, tlu'name BtBKS
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Which iiiirchaaer* may chooso, oitiior
from our stock of loons ttouoa, or In
our g*m~T*t jewellery "creations of tb*
latest I'iivorito designs. Do you do
sir* t gem jftrfect In cutting and color and iplendid In brilliancy, aecura
tbat gam at BIBKB, aud enjoy tlio
fair price* of a reliable bout*.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
ls Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC      Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -   Asset* $111,000,000
Ibe ll,-  tlH I  all.  a
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lbc slim' on which Mm
electric currcut will
du your cooking.
tlm    iiiiiiii-iNiisn    heater
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. PM
T, I'l
6 to
V ■",)'M
I'l BO
IT I.,   AM
1'   MAY   I'IKST,   19
Loav* North Vancouver
•Hon  A.M.
2.20  P.M.
il.lX)    ,
Tl 20
a I'l
' 8.00
11.40   ,
•  6.40 •
I oi,
1 l.lili
18.80  I'M
12.40   AM.
9m H mi feeb'w tb* «..plana- '»«W«tiir PutnsgM-   ttoith on bit
tlqn. Tbo bma nt tho Irqn can4> «<iulpn>ept wltb a jiot, pM*lpn»t* turn.-
•tick »ccQi|ntliil for tho octagonal do- per, and bl* reientment It likely tq
algu; wbilo Iho fragmont* of a »b»l- »tr'V» »" Wlndly and aa effectively a*
low, saucer-like ifea-slioll, wbicb bad 0 wit from a »nrcbarg«d thunder-
beuii utilized as a mutch-holder, ac-, 9)°uil. ntta t|ie motive tbat filther.
counted for tbo smaller spot. These imlllntcB or makes Iho crime. A mom-
two articles m*nlfe»uy bad roiipsed »»''» previous nHloctlon ottep *tay*
• dtuole* "Not on Bunday."
'-fcotire. ' laiij-at ,  not liuhlu lor
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i    9
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Vuoltjk**, otc.
i„  .. .i *i    ..... -,= ..i. :	
>«»7i , ■    »<*!•««
upon top of Ihe etagero. Tbe match**,
tu tn* number ot h&II « doen nr sOi
wtii'u strewn upon tbe stairs and land-
I picked up tb* candlestick from
Where ii lay upon the landing, tnd
■ ■ i'lniiieii It with much Interest. It
mtt a solid affair of pmaraental Irou,
about in itn-iuiii bigb, and weigh
ail some six or olght pounda—clearly
a nasty weapon If wielded by a atrong
The Iiii of candle which It had contained lay near py, one end flattened
put limn having been cruBhed undor
somebody'* foot.
At tho time of bl* tragic dealt) Ur.
Page was in hia *isty-flrs| year, but a
large mul very vlgoruu* man. He had
been garbed ill bl* atreet clothea (aave
for a frayed and purple smoking-
jacket), thus contradicting Burke'* belief tb*t Hie household had retired-
On the r|ght temple tbe mark clearly
showed where th* candlestick's hum:
bad crushed lite BKUll beneath. Death'
certainly had been instantaneous.
While I hclil the candleatlck In my
hand, Maillot Biuldenly exclaimed:
"By George, Bwlfil tbo old gentleman'* death may bave .been owing lo
accident, after all I"
I looked la,.niy at bim.
"Suppose he waa here on lbc landing," the young fellow went on cn-
tbuilasllcally;    "auppoae   somebody
knocked thai book-caao affair suddenly forward—mlght've (tumbled agalnti
It in tho iimli, you know—why, tbat
heavy camllciillck would havo put a
quietus op any iiiiiii, falling on his
Lead that way."
But I could not encourage this Idea.
"I thought of ilml aa sobn as I saw
tbe overturned whatnot," said I; ''hut
several circumstance* diaprovo it.
"In the drsl pluee, It the candleatlck slid nil the lop, Ibe dust would
ibow ll. Now Iho shell did elide, lor
you can plainly aee where I' scraped
tbe dual in doing ao.
"Again, i.'in:iili'i'ii'„ your supposition, the candlestick would have
•truck aboul lull v.a. up the flight;
If Mr. Page hod been at thai point on
Ibo ainns In the lino of Ils (all—hi*
head would bava been too biglt to havo
encountered II. And then, Maillot,
look here." I pointed lo tho object ol
Intereat llsclf.
"If yon were carrying It while the
candle waa lighted," I aald, "your
thumb would be uppermost, and your
littlo linger neareit tbo base—
wouldn't they!"
"Very well. Suppoio, now, I reverie
my graip my thumb toward tbe baae,
tbo little linger toward tlio ixfp—I now
bavo It In a pretty effective position
for une a* a bludgeon, eh?"
Ho wa* lolliAlng mo Intently, and
now nodded hia head lu token of com-
"Look ut those drippings," I went
on; "the hand that last graapud the
i iiiiiil'isil' is iiiil not try lo avoid ilirm.
although Uis-y were yel mill and warm
l\)ii) lhe flume. II doetn't require *
I rained eye lo determine tbat the
Hu.mli was in ,iis 1.1 Iho linae."
"I declare!" he woiiderlngly Inter
ruplcd. "Weit If you're nol rlglii,
Swill. -Tin i-bihIIb wen burning whei
■uiih iimli graphed It up for uae aa •
club. Whoever It waa he caught hold
ol It with a pretty firm grip."
"An si.lii iii. .niii argument," 1 added,
"lhal It waa pul lo somo violent usi.
It Isn't ii .saiy lo bold ll anything
near ao tight, merely to carry it.
"However." I pur*ucd, "tho clrcum
stance la In a way unfortunate
Whllo I can , ai'mr the ideu that lhe
hand wasn't Inured lo hard labor, and
tbat II waa a rather long and slender
one, It closed so powerfully upon the
ilrlpplngi lhat the pattern of Utile
Hi"-'- -the is mils ui,,iii,mi which dlf
fercntlale one man's hand from everybody else's Is merely a blur. Aa a
wax Impression of Hits murderer's band
It la nol a sueeese."
My audience seemed lo be immensely Interested. But I was not yet
through with iho wax Impression.
Ono peculiarity la auggeltcd,
though: thla la unmistakably ihe lm
preaa of a right Itand, and (be owner
of tho baud wore a broad ring oo fbe
Mcond finger—an unusual place for a
man to sport that sort of Jewellery."
Tbe third linger of Maillot'* left
band wa* adorned with a modest signet ring, \fbllo tbe private secretary's
abnormally long, bloodies* dlgii* bor*
bo alga that tbey bad aver been encircled by any ring ei all.
Tbe situation wu serious enough.
however; tbo Imprint wbicb I assumed
lo bave been mado by a ring wa* ao
blurred a* to leave wide lattltude for
error respecting any deduction tbat I
might make from It.
J gravely regarded young Maillot,
and triad to picture bim to myaolf In
tbe rola of a murderer, but waa obliged
to own that aucb a tbing waa exceedingly difficult in' do. will, all tbing*
ar* possible; and tbe next few minute* bad to determine whether I
should take bim or Burke Into cua-
ttidy- maybo, both-w permit them to
go about tbeir buainea*.
"Mr. Maillot," 1 aald by and by, "I'll
tell you frankly! this btwlncas' look*
pretty bad for you ml Burke—unless
between you you can help mo io place*.
ft In an entirely different light."
He paled, but mat my level .look
steadily enough.
A* I bave already atill, he wa* a
the baud from a dead which a lifetime ol' nfier rogrpt can not recall,
I I'ottlil associate tbeso possibilities
wltb Maillot, and ypt extend to bim
my sympathy; for controlling Impulses are Infinitely various and sorao-
iinii'ii not in im held to account.
And so, tpo, could I have done with
Burke, If bo bad betrayed one trait
of u nature to Inspire sympathy or
engage my- goodwill, still, I meant
not lo lie In tba least Influenced by
my own feeling* In tbe matter, nor do
I now believe that I waa; I deter
mined to bo as Juat and Impartial aa
pos* I hie. Beur In inlliil tbat, as yet,
I had been given ne bint at a possible
motive. .
Afler a bit Maillot suld very sober
"Tho potalblltty of such a thing never for an Instant occurred to ma;
but—Swift—| suppose I must meet It
somehow."     I
"You're beginning exceHently," I returned sincerely. "That1* the way to
look at a thlug of this kind. If you'll
not forget that I'm Inclined to be kindly disposed toward you, why, I dure
say we can, between us, clear up whatever myatery there At In oup-iwo-ihreo
"For example, wby you came bera
laat night—your business with Mr.
Page—wben you tell me that per
I atopped. Maillot's face bad suddenly become a mirror of consternation.
"Good Heaven*, Swift I" be gasped,
recoiling, "I—I can't do Unit I"
1 promptly grew grave. And then,
from the head of tbo atalra, came tho
■low, colorless voice of Alexander
"How about the Paternoster ruby,
Mr. Mnilim V" inquired be.
Maillot's hands closed spasmodlcaj-
ly; bis tccll| clicked together; and b'e
siewed round like a released spring.
Next ItiBiunt, had It not been l"1' ""-'
Intervening Blalrs aud Sludger's and
my quick Interposition qf our bodies
between ihe two men, matters certainly would have gone hard with the
private secretary. HnNul's temper
was like gunpowder' the quiet question seemed to sting him to an uu
n iiiaiiinliie fury.
"You—you spy! You dlrly sncakl"
be Msai l, ii viciously   -
The Ruby
DnlcBB I wanted aflulra lo gel away
from mc cnllru|y, It was high lime to
aasume complete control of tbcm, and
liniiiesliiiiel) lo uliandijii all temporising, nu a. ill.
I turned Mulllol uhout without ceremony.
"(Io wilh this man lo the library,
Slodger," I peremptorily directed.
"Burke, you como with me."
In lhe next ten seconds I had the big
library luble helweon lhe two, Burke
impassive, while Maillot glared at him
savagely. I wauled io give them time
to cool Maillot, ot any rato; ao I took
advantage of lhe opportunity to scribble a nolo lo the Captain, hinting at
tho complications promised by Felix
Page's death, and requesting tbat 1
bo permitted to retain Slodger ae ao
in; is luu nn- I liked the stout, cheerful man who was wlillng uud quick to
act upon no more than a hint, and at
lhe same time nol disposed lo Inter
fere at all with my own modes of procedure This message I gave lo bim,
requesting that he entrust it to ellber
Callahan or O'Brien for delivery.
"Tell 'em lo clear out," I added; "1
have no u*o for them hero." ,-
Then I thrust my hands Iii'.m my coat
poekela, and fell to puclug tbe t'oor
while I reflected. That Ib to sa) 1
reflected alter I had secured a go >d,
flam grasp upon Ihe thoughts wblob
■kurrlcd helicr-skoUer, like a fluabcd
covey of quail, through my brain.
Tbe Paternoster ruby I ,
Here wua tbe very thing I had tried
io futllely to recall when Iho Caplaln
first mentioned Felix Page'a death!
Liko a flush, the phrsae bud opened
up to mo an Illimitable vista of posit
bllllles. I went ovor In mind all that
I had ever heard of thla famous geu,
ami wondered- Indeed, lo tel^only the
baro truth—I thrilled wltb tbe very
Idea: could It havo had any part or
placo In Ibo financier's death?
Tbe i'u i ei mn 111 ruby I
Thoae three word* were an lllumina
Hon; memory wa* flooded; aud I
glowed wltb a sailslacUon tbat, In accordance with my cuBtom In luch mat-
tor*, I bad collected and preserved
overy available tcrap of Information
wbicb had In any way to do with thla
mnn' I'lii.'iihh'ii.r ruby. And rlgbt
hero some of that data must be pre-
Flrat of all, thla magnificent gem'*
known history hinted at no religious
emulation whatever, aa M mint
might teem to Imply, in more tban
one Journal I bave *een It seriously
affirmed that at one Ume It wa* a
property of thai celebrated pope, Alexander VI., ltodrlgo Borgia, father of
Caesar and huerexli— thus fnyo»Ung
li will) an anUquiiy and romaoo*
wbicb the fact* did not warrant,
But, after all, am I not prematura
in making thl* lost aasertlont Per
hapi It will appear  before  we ana
The gem .flrat became known to lb*
world aod acquired it* name through
oue Luca Paternoatro, an Italian dealer
good-looking chap, dark of hair, bla j lit precious itooe* having bis place ol
eye* grey, and ba possessed ap honest, | buslne** to Ixiudon, who clalmad to
open countenance tbat stood a whole have purchased It In tbe rough fi
lot In bla favor. He was tall, wltb a I soma adventurer whose name ta
well-knjt, athletic figure' tbat made known to history. This occurred
me fancy ho bad been an heroic mem-; the early 'W'». "*•
bar of bl* unlvenliy football teem. 8ub**i)U*tW 0 wm carefully ou/fr
But | have known Jutt such man— | Am*,terdara, a pa*U replica madd tor
steady, upright and governed by high j the purpows of display In tho oouft*
standard* of oondjfot—to become In of trade, .and tben idded to t-eUrno*-
the twinkling of an eyo  red-baftdod  lifi stock—parbap* aot became he
* ■  '. :-- ■."  ' '
Youf man of Jetty idea* *n,d bom,
' truth, 1* the rnoro deeply tenalble ot
and som*«i»*» tba «a*l**t In-
fim*   199799   W^*WJ fa\W*^*lP    9? 9
expected to dispose of It to ib* first
cbauce ouatomer, hut rather fry '**
sou of th* preetig* which the ownership of *o luperb a Jewel would give
bim; It wa* aa excellent
Oontlsutd aa Ban* nine
-. i>..,,mvrr. wm  wmm. mnm
For miiy 11 down aad *i
weekly you can bay tb*
LDABLB -iAMflPt r***r
voir or w»terfront ,epm-
plot* fittoii up.    Bag tbi
BANflp. They laat a
HAWWAW, WTHBN FijJl^HmtHh'wW, Om, Btc.
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.
■ .
■' ■    ■"
Support Home Industry
and Build ap North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of ull kinds oflRough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing 'Lumbei.   Second tp none.
Office ^Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queeiubury Cat (Yellow Label).
Have You Figured the Loss
From "Busy" Signals?
Suppose t customer is about to order something or
other over your telephone. The operator limls your
line or lines engaged. The "customer musl wait—or
order somewhere else, Maybe he chooses to wait—
calls again-again finds your line or lines bus/.
Thai means a possible lost of a customer.
The business man needs adequate telephone service for the accommodation of his
business and his customers. When you lose
customers through "busy" signals, il hu
Leen proved lhal your telephone facilities
are inadequate.
People who get business make il easy for tbeir customers lo gel ihem and have lhe number of telephone
lines iheir business requires. The number ihould be
determined by lhe amount of use at ibe BUSIEST
lime of the day.
B.C. Telephone Co., limited
• •
• '
We have a large stock of doors en hand and can supply
. any style or size at short notice. We have some beautiful
designs in front doors and also several new and choice pap
terns in die craftsman inside doors. Ail our aafUman
doors are made wilb 3 ply panels whicii insure* you against
caking of wafpipg. and alao 4m>vm lb« flat grain to advantage.   Wf will \t* Pl*««d to show you fyxut doors.
aaT-    .. 11 ■aMMMMMM
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O, Box |7J«
', y tt
^^J       THR  BXFRRftfr
wwi y^wwvW' Mffihw gotiWim
Tue*tt»y» and Friday* by Nortli Shore Vitm, Untied,
Ret** of Balis«ilptle»i-On* year, HM. Bla months, Mo, This* month*, M«.
w United site* and Foreign, W.00 p*r year,
AdT.rtl.tM Rata* f Itt IH 9mm on AwHeoWw.	
Tlie Sipreu I* devoted to th* intereata of the North Shote of Burrard Inlet
Mclueively. It constitute* en advertising medium nf exceptional vain* (or
reaching in a thorough and effective mannor th* population of North Vancouvor
City anil Watrint.  Kvery effort 1. mad* to give advertiser* th* most eatlafaetory
All cbangoa in contract advortiiemetila ihould ba In tha printer*' band* not
later than 10*. m. Monday ami t p. tu. Wmliioiday to *n*ure ineortiou in the
following Iuue.
Marth Vaaoonv**. B.*0„,
..Jaouanr 9, WW
Diii'iiiiHis of the Interest which naturally attache* .to the polling for th*
leveial candidate! for civic honors,
there ia danger that the Important ie-
sue* involved in tlie bylawi which are
being siiliinitii'il to tha eleuton concurrently witb t|te civic electioni, will
not be id thoroughly diiruiied ta ia
deeirablo and Uiat the ratepayen will
Ilml themselves confroiited by iaatiea
roucorning wliirh they are not ao wall
informed aa tbey would wish lo be
when the moment arrivea for marking
their ballots with referenro lo Ilia liy-
The fact that theau bylawe liava
- been framed by tho city council ,aftor
due consideration, makea at once a
prima facie case in tli.it favor, and
judging front the rcaulta upon aimilar
iiiTimiimn in the |iast, the prolialiililics
are very itrong front that rauae alone
that the money bylawi will meat with
favorable reception at the hernia of the
electora for the reason tbat, although
in submitting these bylaws to tho e|ec
totate, llm council doel uot necessarily, by that act, declare Its ehdoraalion
ui em Is liy law, tliu fart ti nevertheleii
impliesl that iu tlte aplnlon of tho council, tlie eleetors wmii'l he on safe ground
were Ihey lo ratify the liy-lawa
It li, nevertheless ,advis*ble, that
due •,,":■',l,i.'in,is be given the bylawi
liy the rnlepayeie personally In order
Ibat tin- balloting thereon may be bai
'ed upon intelligent concluiiou of the
iiidjuiliml voter with reipect therolo.
Willi regard to leveral of the bylaws
the caae in their favor ii so patent
lhat Hie mere mention of the purpoae
lo be aiTU'il is sufficient,
Ily law number 105 provides for
borrowing $15,000. to construct a subway fer passengers under the ('. P. II
I racks at the ferry landing at Vancou
ver. Thia project has already been
strongly endorsed by a mass meeting of
Hie ratepayers and the need ia ao urgent
uud ao generally recognized Dial argu
ment would be superfluous.
By law number 102, to provide $5,
0110 i'sf opening up lum- represents a
very modest outlay fat a purpose
whoao edvantagea uro readily appar
Bylaw number 101 authorises Ihe
raising of (5,000 for the purpoae of
improving Iho cemetery. The eetne
liry aite is an eicellent one and the are*
ia ample for piany yeara to coma. The
necessity of providing adequate facilities of litis nature it; every city is uut
ideally admitted un,I Nurlli Vancouver should make a rreiljtable record in
thia i aiin alsn • Mm h good work haa
alrbasly been done in getting tho rente-
lent afi'ii into good condition ami it
is neceaaary only that a moderate aum
In' expended from year to year in ad
■ lit■■mul improvement!, in order to
provide thll rity witb a cemetery thai
will bo exception*! in many partieu
Ily law number 100 to ralae (25,000
for fire- department purpoaea glvca no
i uiise for" difference of opinion, .from
the standpoint of the safety of proper
iv, alao berauae of the financial saving
in lower.insurance rates and became of
I lie reputation to be gained abroad
from an up-to-date and thoroughly
equipped fire department, Norlli Van
cuuver should be ready to assume any
, reasonable expenditure, whlrji mty be
required in thii reepeet.
The necessity of providing some pub
lie wharfage faciliiiee al which differ
eut kinds of small craft might moor
haa long been felt by thoae who tre
Informed In tbii particular. Up to Ibe
present private partiei have cordially
granted the Use of their wharves for
thit purpoie ,but tbe time bai now ar
rived wben the city should providt
tbi* public convenience and bylaw
number 193 accordingly authorise!
She expenditure of (10,000 for the con
•(ruction of a city wharf at th* foot
^Ck«t*rt*!i..AH9?*       _^__
Jhbon Park ia th* latest purchase
of the eity for park purposes aud one
ol the beet ** wall- Th* erection of
> federal drill ball upun a portion of
this property (the granting of th* re,
quired area for which purpose will
doubtless be ravifleri Under the by-law
which ii submit!**, fo, the'purpoie)
Will bring thii park |^ aoneldereble
prominent* aod tf* poyoeitloo tfefct
$15,000 be esjJMWW is improving Ihi*
public art* ii there/ere yell tl*)*) asd
would be mosey Well upended..
The epdonatton pt by-inw number
im by. tinnttum to #«Mm * \m
«f IWMO to; tin 94*m9nt*i Society
would bav*'she aHjs* of prtwrving
tbia pnutueiim* f»»p»rt; for potm
purpoiei. The loin would he properly
teeured by the property which Is worth
many time* tb* ium named in tha by
Ikw, while the money would enable
tbe directors to meet editing obligations and to expend audi ium* aa were
needed lo place the property In flrst
diss condition. Inasmuch a* th* property adjoins tha recreation park and
other property compiling In all about
twenty acres, whicii is held for public
purposes tbe retention of tbe Horticultural property liy means of thia
email outlay euaurea tbe preaervatiun
of this aplendid publio- area Intact
and givea the city Drat call upon thia
moit valuable property under all circumstances.
By law number 180 calls for (97,000
for school purposes, the completion of
l.uiisilalii and Bidgeway school*, for
improvements lo the ground* anil other
necessary purposes. Tbt attitude of
the cilisetis of North Vancouver to
ward local educational facilities bas
alwayi been mint encouraging. The
best ii none too good for the boys
and girla of tbi* tity in thll reepeet.
The city could eovel no greater 'lis
lin.lioti than that of being kuown ai
IH excellent educational centre. Our
public atbooli aljciuly bave a reputation aeeond to none in the proviuce
and it ii now required only tbat opeu
handed provision be made from year
lo year to keep pace with Ihe rapid
development of the requirement! nf
our growing population in educational
The Itice Lake reaSrvoir acheme hai
been prominently before tbe ralepay
en for some time and ii generally well
iiinliiritiiiid. Thii splendid natural re
iirvoir provides ready made facilities
in this respect, th* artificial construe
tion of which would cott icorei of
tliiiiisanila of dolltn. ltl utilisation
will place North Vancouver in possession of waterworks advantages such
aa are enjoyed by few if any other
cities in Cauada, H is urgent that tbe
work of transforming the lake into e
reservoir he' begun at an early date, in
order to prevent the ever increasing
demand upon tha civic water supply
from overtaking tbe supply aud poetihly
'luting aeriuut difficulty, tbe byliw,
therefore, tnajee timely proviiion for
worka that ara of supreme importance.
The ratification of by-law number
U0 to borrow (50,000 for itreet lm
provement* and mainUinance will place
lhe incoming council In position to
proceed at tbe earliett poiible dale
ii Ihe spring with the very important work which ii nttded upon tbe
itreeti. The move to mike prompt
proviiion in Ibii regard and to prevent
the loaa of a large portion of tbe aea-
ion, through otherwise unavoidtblt
dtlay ia a moot commendable one and
will doubtless bt appreciated by the
It ia quite appropriate tbat the largest amount provided for ia toy out bylaw ahould be for tht purpoie of improving and extending Ih* waterworki
system of tbt afty, Much escelltnt
work haa been done during tbe pul
year in tba way of inttalling water
mains ol a permanent  nature and a
very great deal remain tq be done Ip
thi* particular whll* *ha development
(nd extension of the system tp koup
pace wilh the rapid Increase of the
demand, Incident to »p» growth In population, call* for large expenditures,
The council jiavo given the.ratepayers
the benefit of their accurate knowledge
oT tbe actual requirement* in thl* vitally important mutter in submitting
thi. bylaw to provide the sum of (las,-
000.00 for waterworki purpose*. .
In cpneluaion a gl*n**-*t the uity'e
financial condition is neceaaary In relation to these proposed expenditures
•nd the result oanuot be oilier than
satisfactory. The assessed vain*
of property within tho eity I* $10,-
niio,;i7i, twenty per sent, nf which
gives the eity a statutory borrowing
powor of (8,198,074. The bonded in-
ilebtodnesa of the city il (003,081 and
the total amount of th* propoaed bylaws is (374,000, which would make
a total hooded indebtedness of (1,877,-
981. Afler making all due allowance
for what may be termed indirect
charges against tho credit of the city
a very wide margin remains with
which to provldu for all surh requirements as may develop during the year,
in iiililitiiin to thoae provided for i*
the bylawi. In a general way it ia
undenteod tbat liitaea per cent,
haa been thu busis wbicb ha* been kept
in view, 'In deeiding upon the bylaws
to place before the ratepayer*. This
would leave four puf cent., out of tha
statutory twenty per cent, or une tilth
of th* entire borrowing power of the
eity with whicii lo provide for requirement* unforeseen at present for 1012,
a margin which will be recognised aa
gratifyingly safe. The financial equation is, therefore audi that ahould Ihu
purpoaea of the respective, bylaws commend themselves to ihe ratepayers,
there need be uo hesitation upon thoir
part in tatting t ballot in favor of
*ny or all ot tbem.    •
■"'is i    s III. nil   ' "
$650 dash handles a new, Mrlctly modern house in
North Unidak jusl half a block from car.
Get particulars frpmi
Phpna 37, North Vuncouver, B. C.
frit CIim Bungdw y
In Lynn VrfW Iw Side
tommy trot* cqu«h*, cunt* cotoa,
Hum ma th«o»t ana umaa. aa curt
Extract from Provincial
Health Bylawi.
"Whenever eity householder knows
that any peraon within hia family or
household haa amallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
ing cough, measles, tnuinpa, glauders,
or any other contagious or infectious,
disease, he shall (subjoet in case of re
fusel or neglect to lite penalties pro
vided), within eighteen houra, give
notice in writing tp tbe Medical ileallb
Officer and no member of any household
shall ttleud scltool until a cerlificttc
hi* been obtained from tho Me.Inni
Health miner that no infection any
longer exiali in Ibe bouse, clothing
and olher effects have bten ditinfecled
to hit stliiftriiun, tnd until tucb cer
liliesle shall have Ij. in obtained it shall
ba tbt duty of every member of the
household, ami of Ibo Teacher, to use
all reasonable efforts to prevent the
association of members of Ibe said
household wilh other cbildreu.
_ Tbt unit nm of e public or private
Hoayittl, tbe keeper of every Moan)
ing or Lodging-House, every Inn keep
er or Hotel -Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report In writing to thu Modi
f.l Health Officer, or any person bciug
it one of the aforesaid bouses
or'hetole end attacked witb or suspect
ed n{ having uny lonlagious or infec
Hou. dlieaie mentioned in the By
law;" under the penalties provided
for hy .neb bylaw.
If, '     Secretary Board of Ileallb.
Hmm Buaine** Gentlemen's  Popular Lunch
<■**•• Breakfast 8:30 lo 10     Lunch u till 9.
fn% Tea 5 till 7:30.     Afternoon Teas..
shobt oaoaaa *nci*u.y attkniiki, to
Norlh V.ncouT.r Cla»l»   UUeU, KepU-»<** Wwal
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
DEAUBM nr    OOAL,    BBICK,    I41MB,    OBAVKL,
Wharf; Feot ft. Oeorge'. Avenue.   Pkon* 171.
mtwtmwi    mtm   memmmmmmlw   ^MTmTMmmfi    m mtmntm   mwmt
Weitero Plumbing Go.
  %a»htog, jfewttngHhwH**, ls>jr*r
OoMftacUou*, tmtt Water aaS ft*aas
Uetitog, Mm Mein aud tiotm'
■ ttmnci Work,  B*Um*t»* furaWwd.
Waiwheiiae aad OAta: flor. Weritnidt nni It tiaetm. Phone S65
"mmm}m*j^merw   ^^^w   ^m^mmmny    wmjjf   p™jrwt""FT   ^^^v   mwf   jwmaamw^Wf    m mwmrrmm   wvy
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Prices range from $3 to $ 12
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===== all gone  ■
Five toows, h»lt<lsbiii«ly furp|*)ia(|,
large lot, graded, thoroughly drained.
Price mo4*r*t*,
I (till bave a few choice building
lot* in Hlueh aim, cheap. Will arrange
to erect bouse to suit m favorable
i I iiiivn t1}, .acre* on gnmi roads ppA
near water front, suitable for subdivision.
Alexander Philip
11,-r.l Eatato and Insurance BrohSr'
Oltili Block, North Vancouver. Phon* 10
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Telephone 276
ft' fl
Good cleaied, graded, 50 It. lols Two Blocka (rom Lonidale Avenue Carline, Splendid Views and Excellent
Soil. The best buying in the City to-day at $800.00 each
on terms ol one-fifth cash and the balance over two years
For Further Particulari o( above and Business and Residential Properties see
Phone 70, P.O. Box 1816
0,000 i null, of dry fir wood for quid
sale. Price per odd cordi, $4.!i0.
Special quotations for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $1.25.
12 inches, $3-50.  CO. D.
Office and Yard— 14th and Lonsdale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Uox 243?.
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employee and employees. Employers are requested lo take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary,
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, Norlh Vancouver.
North Lonadale
Hev. T. B, Bow*, Principal
Oirla under 8 yearn old, (li per mouth
imi- oi er t yr». old, *6 per raoutb
N|se. ml i, nn... ttneii two or more ara
stent from tbe aame funs ily.
.Aiins.;.a is.ai.t.   are   being' made to/
ere, t a building by tbe apring to accommodate .10 or HI biiarilcra beaido*
day acbolara. t.f.
$4400.     Cash |800
A Modern 5-roomed Home,  half a block
(rom Lqnsdale Avenue, $2200   -    $400 cash.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Head Office   411 Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Branch- 167 Lonadale Avaoua.   Phone 71.
■ a    Branch-2635 Lonadal* Av*au*.  Phon* 362.
Paper the World
Irom our atuck ol uew Wall Paper*
ao it aeema.   Every day aon* new
deaigq   arriveo to fill 'th* vacancy   j
ol ihoae cioaed out. '
Handaome Wall Papen
are bero in endleee variety. Juat
tell our auleaman (or wbat rooo
you want the paper aod be will
abow you juat ibe paltero you er*
looking lor. W
Tli  cbooae Irom pay atook 1* a plea-
•ure, to pay our price i* atay.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO* ■]
117 Ijonedala Aveoite
l'b.**e US
. ,
lOOIttlOOft, corner of King street (now gr«M) «>nd St. A»d«w's Ave.   tbii
properly is nil cleared and is in a most desirable residential location, and the price is
$1,150 1-3 ««M «4 12 *»*!»
W WmMM AVIWJE    trwmm^nmm    WORTH VANCOUVI i i
j. i
W may b» c|t*d fpr all
~ tb* llth
Received th* mint uf the Electora
of tli* City ol North Vancouver at ap
eliotlon^fnr tha pu
B«»l on tb
TAKE NOTIOB that the above It a
trill copy of tha propoied By-Uw upon which the vofe of the Electora of
the Municipality of the City ol Nurth
Vancouvar will be taken within the
City Hall, North Vancouver, B. O, on
Thursday, the Eleventh day nf Janu-
}ry A.D., 1812, between the hours Of
o'clock a.m. and 1 o'clock tun.   .
City Clark and Returning Officer.
I'UHIjIC  NOTICE  ll   hereby   glvm
Of  the
at the vote of the Klectora
.ly    of   Nurth   Vancouver   will
taken on Thunday, thi Eleventh day
of January,  mc:, bitwein thi houra
of S o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Fire Brigade Aiiiitance Bylaw,  llll, .       „   [.
and thtt within the Clly Hall, North
Vancouyar,  B.  C,  and  that Tbomai
Shepherd bat beon appointed Returning Olflcir to take tha vole of auch
Electors, with  the  uiuil  powin  In
thnt  u.hlf.
By order of the Council,
Clly Clerk.
bv-law no, iaa
A BV-I.AW lo eaablc tki Corporation
ol tke Clly ol North Vancouver lo
raise by was al loan the sun ol
Ten Tkoasaa* (110,000) Dollara lor
Ike purpose ol errclluit a nkarf aad
nureboute at ( »ctler«cU Avenue
atrtatl cud
WHEREAS II la .1. ■ in, .1 expedient In
tho lntereit uf the City lo erect a
wharf and warehouio at Cheaterlleli)
Avenue itreet end for the itorai-o of
municipal luppllei
ANII WHEKEAB In order (hereto It
will bo neceuary lo issue debenture!
of the City of North Vancouver for
the sum uf Ten Thouiand ((110.000)
Dollara aa herefhatlo.r provided
(which ll Ihe amount uf the dehl In
tended lu be croatcd by thll By-law)
the proceed! of the UIO dehonturei
to he applied lo the aald purpoiei
and to no other:
AND WHEREAS a petition algned
hy lhe owner! of more lhan one-tenlh
,i mi the value of real properly In
Ihe City of Norlh Vancouver (aa ihown
hy the lust revised assessment roll)
Ii.m been presented tu the .Muni, 11■.. 1
Council ul Ihe Clly ul North Vancouver requeuing them lu Inlruduce
a By-law to authorise them lo
borrow the ium of Ten Thouiand
1110.000) Dollara fur lha purpoie
AND WHEREAS for thi payment
ot lntereit on the debenturei propoied to be Issued under thll By-ltw,
and fur creating a linking fund for
Iho payment or Iht laid dihentures
when duo. ll will he neceuary lo raise
by special rale In addition to all other
rate!, each year during the currency nf
such debenture! Ihe mini uf Five hundred and Ilf teen dollara and llfty one
tenia (fll(SI) whcreol Four hundred
und Afty 11460! Dollan li to be railed
annually lor the payment of Interttt
during ihe currency of laid debenturei
and Sixty-five dollan and flflyonc
centa (IIE.I1) to be ralaed annually
for Ihe purpoie of creating a linking
fund for Ihi payment of the debl aecured by Ihi ssid debenture! Ibe lame
being made payable In flfly yeara from
Ihi flril day of eSptember. llll
AND WHEREAS In order tu ralae
the laid yearly ium ol Five hundred
and tifiiiii dullara and flfly-une ccpta
(ISIS SI) fur lnlereit ind linking fund
an equal apeclal rale on Ihe dollar
will be required te be levied on all
lhe rateable real property In the uid
AND WHEREAS the whole rateable
real property In the aald Clly accord
Ing to Ihe lasl reviled Assess,unit
Roll li Ten million nine hundred and
s.iii,is thouiand. Ihree hundred and
», vein> i,nr   (IIO.sS0.lil)   Dollan.
AND WHEREAS Ihe iggregatc ol
tiic exlitlng debenluri .dent of tbi
Curporation li nine hundred and three
thousand nine hundred and twenty
dollara IISOS.IIO). (excipllng lur worki
„f local Improvemenl and for ichool
purpoiei) of whlcb nom of the prln
clpal or Inleretl li In arrear
WHEREFORE the Munlclptl C„
of lhe Corporttlon of the Clly of North
Vancouver, wilb the uss.nl of Ihe
Elector! of (he City of Norlh Vancouver
duly obtained, enacla ai followi:
. I II i.l,all bt lawful for (he Mayor
«i iht City of North Vancouvtr and
Iht City I* yk for Iht purpote aforesaid lo borrow or ralae hy way of loan
from a:.y ptrion or persons, body or
bodies corporate .who may bt will
Ing lo advance the iame upon tbt
credit of the dtbtnturti htrelnafttr
I,., niii.i,, ,i of Iht Corporation a ium of
money nol exceeding In lhe whole
the lum of Ten Thouiand 1110.000)
Dollara. and (o cauit tht lamt tu bt
placid In Ibt Bank uf Brltlah Norlh
America al North Vancouvtr lo tbt
credit uf Ibe Clly for tbe purpoie
above ie, licit and iuch muheyi ihall be
used for thit purpose only.
I. ia i, Mans of the ,iij i "i exceeding In am,ami tht ium of Ten
Thousand (110.000) Dollari may ba Issued by Ihe said Miyor and Clly Cltrk
In terms ol the Municipal clause! Act
In sums us limy bt ,1.sires), but nol
.-acceding One Ihouund (11.001) Duller! each, or tbi tuulvaltnl txpreued
In pound! iltrllng „f Ihi ii.lie.l
Kingdom   uf  Ureal   Britain   and   Ire
land al Ibt value of llll l-l lo tbt
pound   iltrllng      Etch   ol   thi   itld
debenture! ihall be llgntd by lhe laid
Mayor and City cltrk smi thi CHy
i'lerk shall ifllx thtretu tbe Corporale
Bcil or thi laid Clly of Norlh Vu
I. Tbi Dtbtnturti ihall btar dale
the Aral day ot Stpttmbtr, llll, and
shall bear Interest al Ibt rati uf four
and one-half HM.) ptr cent per annum payable half yearly on Ine first
diy or March and (he Unl day of
Sepltmbir In each and every year
during Ihe currency of Ihe tald debenturei. or any of ih«m Thtrt ihall
be attached te tht debentures coupon* (lipid by Ibt Mtyor only, for
tlcb tnd evtry paymen. ef lntereit
Hut mty become due, tnd iuch signature may bl illbtr wrlllen, llamp-
. .i   printed  or  Hit..graphed
4. The aald debentures it lu prlii
drill tnd Inltreit mty bt midt pey-
ible In curfency or III equivalent In
pounds iterllng il tht vilue of fill
il lo tha pound ilerllng at iuch pllce
or placei In Oreat Britain United
Main of America or Ihi Dominion of
Canada a* may be agriel upon be
twain tbe Corporation and Iht holders
Iberlof, and (hi aald principal turn
shall bt madt payable by lha clly al
a dale nol tale; loan llfty ytin from
the flnt day of Stpltmbtr, llll
curriacy oAhe ufi uttoturti « ipt-
clal rale on iheTollar iba]) Im Itvltd
and raised each ytar In addition 10
all   ssiher   ralei   on   ill   III*   rateable
thereof when iu*. lublicl to any act
Jt taaolrnint   raipaei/oar  jaa   ume
neb apioiif rat* ahall b la»«rui In
he pay able to apd t
Corporation tn tho
„ip%S*0 *m
1   "   *w"|s)?,*«r%ll»,P*af*
as hereinafter provided.
ii.   In order 10 provide fur the ralei
let out In paragraph IS) ar
lntereit thereon,
... ahd tne sum of Bii-
ty-flvo dollan and flfly-une centa
(B5-51) for tbi.repayment pt the principal thereof.
1. Th* proceed* «''be laid deben-
tuei ehalf be, applied a* fpflflf*,
and not otperwlee: m L. „J
(a) In payment of the coit of the
paulng of this By-law and thl Iuue
and sale of the debenturei therein
referred to and all expenses connected  with tbe laid loan.        _
(ii) In recuuplng the said Corporation for iuch aumi ai have been expended hereunder until the proceedi
of the nil of the said debentures
becomes available. .  ,
(c)   To carry out the purpoiei of
thii By-law ai abovt lit out.
'   All moneyi arlilng out of
annual apeclal rate hereinbefore pro
vlded for linking fund iball be Invested by the Council of the said Corporation from'time to time al the law
8. No rebate shall bi allowed On
the ipcclal ratea to be levied under
this by-law. .....      JTi
10. Thll By-law ihall lake affect
on the ilxteenth day of January,
ISIS  . ': .  .
11. This By-law may be cited for
all purpose! tl "The Cheitorfleld
Avenuo Wharl By-law,  llll."
Passed by thi Council on the ISth
day of December ,1111..   ,    ....
Received the assent uf the-Electun
of the City of North Vancouver at an
election for thla purpoie on tho
day nf UU.
Recumlderod hy theCuuncll and in,
ally   aduplcd,   algned -by   lite   Mayor
and Clly Clerk  and lealed  with  the
Corporate Beal on Iho
day HU
TAKE NOTICE lhat the above la a
true copy ol the propoied By-Law up-
lin which tbe vote of Ihe Elocton of
the Municipality of tho City or North
Vuncouver will be taken wllhln the.
City Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. ft, onr
Thunduy.xthe Eleventh day of Janu/
ary AD. 19131. between the houri tt
t u'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. I
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC  NOTICE   li   hereby/given
lhat the vute uf the Elector! „f the
City   uf   Nurth   Vancuuver   mil   bo
taken un Thunday, Ihe Elevahlh day
uf January,  llll, between  Uio houn
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clo-t p.m. on
The   Cheaterflcld    Avon*    Wharf
By-law.   llll. f
and that within the City Hall. North
Vancouver, B. C, and laat Thomaa
Shepherd haa been appointed Return-
InK Ollicer tu take the/Yolo uf audi
Elector! with the usu,I powers .In
that behalf.
By ordor of the Council.
BV-LAW MO. 1*1
A BV-LAW lo cuablt Itr Cerpsratloa
ot tkt Clly of North ■.■ncouver lu
ralae by nay ol loan Ike »» ol
SS.OOO'OO le lar eat aa* embtlll.t
a porlloa el Ike public Ceaaeltry.
WHEREAS It la deemed expedient
that the aum of Five thousand Dollara
115.00000) be provided for tht purpoao
ut regulating the Public Cemetery In
Dlilrlcl Lol No. 1110. North Vanvouver.
by laying out and embctllititng a portion ol iuch cemetery.
AND WHEKEAB In oner tu provide
tald ium It will bt neceaaary to Iuue
debenture! of the Corporation of the
City of North Vancouver lor the ibm of
Five Thouiand Dullara lit 000 00) us
Ini. in.id.'! provided (which' ll tht
amount Of the debt Intended tu be
created by Ihli By-law).
AND WHEREAS a petition tlgned
by the owncn of more than one-tenlh
i1 lai of the value uf real prupcrly In
Iht City uf Norlh Vancouver (aa
Ihown by the lail reviled Auciioicnt
Roll), haa been prcitnttd to the Municipal Council of the City of North
Vancouver requeuing them to Introduce a By-law to authorise the
borrowing upon the credit uf the City
of Hie ium of Five Thouiand 116,000)
Dollara for Hit purpoie aforeaald.
AND WHEREAS for tht payment
of lnlereit on the dobtnturti propoied
to he Iuued under this By-law, and fur
creating a linking fund fur Ihe payment or the aald debenturei when due,
ll will be neceuary lo ralie by ipeclal rate In addition to all olher ralei,
each year during the currency of auch
dtbtnturti the ium uf Twu Iiundred
end flfly-itvin dollars and itvtnty-
ill ctnli (11(771) whereof Two Hundred and iwciiiv live s.l.'Ti,, Dullan li
lu be ralaed annually for the payment
of Intereat during Ibe currency of aald
debenture! and fnlrly-lwo dollan and
Hventy-ilx centi (|II.7I) lo be railed
annually for lhe purpuie of criallng
a sinking fund fur lhe paymenl ef Ihe
debt aecured by Ibt uid  dtbenlurei
Ibi iame being made payable In flfly
yean from Ihe flrat day of Scpttm-
ber. llll.
AND WHEHEAS In ordtr lo rallt
the laid yearly ium uf Twu hundred
and (ifi) seven dollan and aevinty-
•Ix ctntt (ISI77I) fer lnlereit tnd
•Inking fund .an equil medal rate on
Iht dollar Will bt required lo bi Itvltd on al like rateable real proptrty
In  Ibt uid Clly.
AND WHKHKAS Iht whole rateable
rial proptrty In Ibi laid Clly according to list lasl reviled aueument roll
li ten million nine hundrtd and ninety
thouiand. three bndred and levenly-
ont (Il0.IS0.S7l) Dollar!
AND WHEREAS lb* aggregate of tbt
exlitlng debenture debt or iht Corporallon ll Nlnt hundrtd an* Ihrti thouiand nlnt hundred and twenty itoi,-
>I0) Dollar*, '(excepting for Work* of
local Improvement and for Ichool purpoiei) of which none of tbe principal
or Initreat ll In arenr.
TDEHEFORK the Municipal Council
uf the Corperallun of Iht CHy of Norlh
Vancouver wilh Ihe uunl of the elector* ot tbi City of Norlb Vtncouver
duyl obttlned. enacts at followi:
I II ihall be lawful for Ibe Mayor
of tbi City of North Vaneouvir and
tbe City Cltrk for Iht purpoie efort-
atld t„ borrow or ralie by wty of loan
from any person or perioni,  body br
bt will'
q edVs„.
iif  Ihi   dtbtnturti   Hereinafter  mn
bodlei corporate .who nil)   be  Willing
to idvince Ihe same upon  Iht credit
tloned or Ihe Corporation, a iuu of
money net exceeding (n Ihe whole the
turn of Five Ihouund ill.000) Dollars
and Io cauie iht iame '■> be plant* In
Ihe Bank of Brlllih Norlh America al
Norlh Vaneouvir lo Ibe credit of lot
Clly lor lb* purpote abov* rtclttd,
ind iuch moneyi thall bi uie* for
lhat purpoie only.
~ b*niuri» of tbi City po'-*'-
n iinuuni ihi tun) or Five
. (ft.OOO) Dollar! may hi ll-
ihe »ii« Mayer and City Cltrk
l of the Munlelpil Cliuiel Acl
n tub)* a* May be deilred. but hot
•kcttilha One Thouano HI.0O0) Dol-
l»rl eacB.'o/ lb* iqulteleni esi '
ed In pound! Ilerllng of Ibe
Kingdom of Orltl flrlltln ti
MlaTtbi value. of MM II lo
pound itirllng Each of Iht uid
Upturn •han ht itiaal br t»*
oni.~jt-.iti»mm\misLsiwiiasi.it3nwio-*.-i.s si-i-tiniiii-,
Clerk *Ml| affix thereto ibe Corporal*
Seal of till itld 'city of North Van-
«h«l: ,_.'■'■■ .......... .....
I. The debenturei shall btar date
the flnt day of September, |SU, and
ihall bear lntereit'At the rate ol four
and oiio-hulf ii%) per cent, per nnnum
payable half yearly on the flril day
of March apd the llrat day of September In each and every year during
the currency uf the aald dehenlurea.
or *ny ot them. There ahall be attached to tbe debenture* coupons
llgned by the Mayor oply, for eaph
ami every payment uf lntereit that
may became due, and auch signature
may be either written, stumped, print -
ed or lithographed.
4. Thi aald debenturia al to principal and intereil may be made pay
able ell i her In currency or iti equlva
lent Itt poundt sterling at the value o
I4.SS S-t iii Ibe pound sterling *'
such placa or placil In Qreat Brlta.
United Stalei ot America or the linptln
Inion nl Canada ai may lie agreed linon
belween Ihe corporallon and the bolder!
thereof,  and   the  aula  principal  sum
Shalt be made payable by tin: clly af a
ate not later than fifty retire froth
tha flnt day of Septeh)bet/llll.
I. During the wnote'jJrm Of the
currency of the laid debe/Hurei a Ipeclal rale on Ihe dollar annll be levied
and railed each year In addition to
all oilier ralea un all I the .rateable
rial property In IbeJ ally ene" sufficient to p*y tht Intereat upon th*
uid debenturei, anty to create a linking fund for the payment of the principal Ibereol who/due, subject tn any
act or enactment/respecting the same
Buch   ipeclal
In the Collcctof'! Roll or Rolls .ond
aha)I be neya/le to and collected by
thi laid Corporation In tne same way
as other ra/ca In Ihe aald Roll ur
Rolll, save/! hereinafter provided.
S. In order lo provide for the
ralei let/out In paragraph (6) and
aubject is aforeiald, there ihall he
raised annually by apeclal rale during
the cu/rency ot the said debenturei
the ium of Two hundred and twenty-
live ifi'lh) Dollara to provide for the
I of Intereil thereon, and the
tutr/of Thirty-two dollara and seven-
ty-Xx cents (132 76) fir the repayment
of/"he principal thereof.
*.   The proceeds of Ihe aald deben-
rei ihall be applied aa followi, and
>t othorwlac:
(a) In payment of the' cost of the
paulng of thla By-Uw, and the laaue
and aale of the debentures therein referred to and all cxpenica connected
with the laid Iqan.
(b) In recuuplng the aald Corporation for iuch lumi aa havo been expended hereunder until the nroceeda
ut the aale of tho aald debenture! bo
cornel available.
(c) To carry out the purpoiei of
thll By-law aa above let out.
I. All moneyi arlilng out of the
annual ipeclal rale hereinbefore provided for alnking fund shall be Invests
ed by Ihe Council of the said ■Corp'ofn'-
tlon from time to lime as tho law
S. No rebate iball be allowed on
lhe ipeclal ralea to bt levied under Ihli
10. Thla By-law ihall take effect on
th tilth day uf January, lilt. .
II. Thll By-law may be cited for
all purpoiei aa "The Cemetery Improvement  By-law.   1011,"
Paued by the Council on the ISth
day of December,  1S11
Received the assent of the Electors
of the Clly of North Vancouver at an
election  for  the  purpose  on  Ihe
day  of llll.
Heconaldcrcd by the Council and tin-
aly adopted, algued hy the Mayor and
City Clerk, and acaled with  the Corporate Seal uf Ihe
day of 1012.
TAKE NOTICE that Ihe abovo la a
true cupy of the propoied By-Liw upon which the vote of the Elector! ■ I
the Municipality of Ihe City uf North
Vancouver will be taken wllhln the
City Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. C, un
Thunday. lhe Eleventh day of January AD, 1011, belween Ihe houn of
9 o'clock am and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Relurnlng Officer
PUBLIC   NOTICE   la   hereby   given
that  (he vote of the Eleclori of the
City    of   North    Vancouver    will    he
taken on Thunday. Ihe Eleventh day
of January,  llll.  betwttn  Ihe houn
of I o'clock a in   and 7 u'clock p.m. on
The   Ccmttery   Improvement   Bylaw, llll.
and that within the Clly Hall. North
Vancouver.   B. ,C,   and   lhat   Thomus
Shepherd haa been appointed Returning Officer  lo  lake  the  vole of iuch
Klectora   with   the   uiual   powori   In
lhal  behalf
By order of the Cuuncll.
Clly  Clerk
III -LAW NO. 1*3
A Bl'-LAW to enable Ikt Corporation
ol Ike City ot Norlb Vaacouver lo
ralae by rray ol loan Ikt •um ol
I...OOo oo lo open an* rougk grade
laata la tkt ill).
WHEREAS It ll deemed expedient
tbat tht ium of Flvt thouiand Dollan
l|l,000) be pruvlded fer the purpoat of
optnlng lanei In tht Clly and Improving iuch limes by ruugh grading
lamt tht laid aum tu be applied al
hereinafter expreued.
AND WHEREAS In order to provide
laid lum It will be neceuary to lime
debenturei of (bt Corporation of lhe
Cily of Nurlh Vancouvtr fur Hit ium
of Five tbuuiand Dullara 111.000) ai
hereinafter provided (which la thl
amount of Ihe debt Inltndcd tu be
crested by Ihla By-law.
AND WHEREAS a petition algned
by tbe owner* uf more than one-ltnlh
1-10) of tht value of real proptrty In
Ihi Clly of North Vancouver (ai shown
by the laat rivlitd Aueumtnt Roll)
hll bun preitnttd to thl Munlclpul
Council of Iht Clly of Nortb Vancouver requeitlng Ihem to Introduce a
By-law lo authorise the burrowing ul
Ibe ium uf Five thouiand (11,000)
Dollari lor tbe purpose aforeiald.
AND WHKREAS'for the paymenl ot
lntereit on tbe debenturei propoied lo
bo uied under thll by-law, and fer
creeling a alnking fund for tbe payment of the talu debenturei when
dul, It' will be neceuary tu ralie by
iptclal rale In addition lo all olher
ralei, each year during Iht currency
of loch debenture! the lum ot Twu
Iiundred   and  fifty-ieven  dollari  and
!evenly-ili cent* (186771) whereof,
'wo hundred and iwehty-flve i|!ZG)
lollan li le be raised annually for
Ibt payment of Ihtertlt during tbe
currency of uid debenture!, and thirty-two dollari and  levtttly-ilx cenli
(111 71) lo be railed annually for Ibe
purpoie of creating a linking fund
fUf  payment   of  th*  debt   secured   by
tbe uid debenture! lhe lime being
madt payable In llfly year* from the
flril day or Seplimbir, fill.
AND WHEREAS tn otoer 10 raise
tbe laid yearly turn ef VWo hundred
aAd flfiy-Mven dolltrl ii tevcnly-ils
cant* (11*7.71) for interesl an* linking
fund, an equal iptclal rale on iht
dollar Will bo required le be Itvltd
on til lb* rattable real properly In
lhe Mid clly.
AND WHKHKAS lhe who!
rill .property InlBj udd-cfly, according
• tu* city
AND WHKHKAS tbe whole rateable
al properly In thi uid city, accerdl
ie the Iui revlaed atitument roll
Ten million nlnt hundred ahd ninety
Aim Ihouund ihret hundred and lev-
Corporation I* iflne liundrid and three
' nine hundred and   twppty
-- fpr work*
of Ipcal ln)p
Ibe lawful for the Mayor
of north Vancouver apd
Dollara (excoptl
roprovtment ah/Tfor icbob|
purpoaea) qf wh|cb none/Of the principal, ur lntereit Is In atreur.      , ' *
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of t be Corporullon' of the C|ty of
North Vancouver/with the assent of
the Electora of the City of North
Vancouver duly obtained, enacts a*
of the
the Cltx/ulerk for the purpoie afore
said tp borrow or' ralie by way of
from any person or perioni. body
r podlea corporate, who may be will-
to advance the iame upon the cross! the debenturei Hereinafter men
.. led of the Corpuratlon a *pm of
money not exceeding In the whole the
aum ot Five Ihouaand l|6.000) Dullan
and to cauie the tame lo be placed
In the Bank of Brlllih Uorth America
at North Vancouver, to the credit of
the oily for the purpoiei above recited
ahd aucb moneyi ihall be pud for that
purpoae only.
I, Debenturei of tbe City not exceeding in amount the turn of Five
thouiand (15,000) Dollari may be Issued by tbe suld Mayor and City Clerk
In lerma of the Municipal Clauiea Act
In auma a* may be dedred, but nut
exceeding une thuuaand. 1(1,000) Dollar* each or tbe equivalent expressed
in pounda iterllng of the United Kingdom of Qreat Britain and Ireland, at
the value of 14.16 l-l to the pound
sterling, Each of tbe laid debentures
•hall lie llgned by the suld Mayor
anil  City Clerk  and  the  City Clerk
ahall affix thereto the Corporate Seal
of Ine laid t'lly of Nurth Vancouver,
I. The debenturei ihall bear date
the iii.at day uf Beptember, 1911. and
thall be*| '
and one
nUIn  paya	
day of  Mii'reh  and* the' Unu   day  of
nay ur nepiemner, tatt. unit
ar Intereil at the rate uf four
-half Mft) per cent,' per Buyable halt yearly on tbe flril
Beptember in each and every year
during the currency of the aald debenture!, pr any qf tbem. There ihall
he attached to the debenturei coupons algned by the Mayor only, tor
each and every hayment of intereat
that may become oue, and such signature may be either written, atamped.  printed or lithographed.
4. The aald debenture! as tu principal and lntcrS|t may he made payable
either In currency or Ita equivalent In
poupda iterllng' at the Value of II Jf,
l-S to the pound aterllngV mch place
or places In Ureal Britain, United
Statea of America or the Dominion ot
Canada ua may be agreed upon between the Corporation and the holder!
thereof, und the aald principal ium
ihall be made payable by the City al
a date not later tban llfty yeara from
the flrat day of September, tan.
6. During the wSpfc- term of the currency of the 8ulit*iTen|Btures a special
rate, on tbe dollar bIhTiVJii Jcvlci] Vinl
-raised each year In ado1W|iaU».>An
other rates on all the reliable rAul
property In the City and aufficlcnt tq
pay the Interejit upon the aald debenture! and to create a linking fund for
lhe payment of the principal iber-of
wben due, lubltct loany act ur enactment respecting the aafhe. Such i*e.
clal rale ihall bt Inserted In the collector'! Roll or Rolll, and slmll he
payable to and collected hy the ull
corporation In the same way as. uther
ralei In the laid Roll or Hulls lave
ai hereinbefore provided.
I. In order lo provide for the ratci
■et uut In paragraph (S) and lubje'I
aa aforeiald, there ihall he railed annually by apeclal rale during Ihe currency of the laid debentures tiic sum
of Two hundred and twenty-live
i|::l.| Dollars lo provide tat Ihe |uo-
nronl of InUrut thereon, and the sum
of Thlil.v-iv,o s'sslliiss and seventy six
lent! tSSI.j'O' f„r Ine retinym-nt' I the
11 nclpnl' th. t-iof .
7 The proceedi of the iild debentures shall he applied as follows, nnd
not  otherwise'
lal lit payment of tbe rust ol tb"
pasaln.' nf this lis law au.l th- HIM
and sale of the debenturia therein referred tu .and all txpeniei connected
with  |he laid loan
(b) In recouping th" suld Corporation for such lumi il have been expended hereunder until the proceeds
of the sale of the laid debenturei he-
come* available
(c) To carry out the purpoiei of
thll by.law ai above act out
I. No rebate lhal! be allow. ■! on
the ipcclal ratea to be levied ondei
thla By-law .
I Thll By-law ahall lake effect en
the  lllh day of January, Ull.
10 Thla By-law may be cited for
all purpoiei is "Tho Lines l.onn Bylaw,  lilt"
I'auod by (he Cuuncll un Ihe ISth
day  of December,   1011
Received the auent of tho Elector!
of Iho City of North Vancouver at an
election for the purpuie -un tho
day of 1SH
Reconildercd by tho Council and finally adopted, algned by Ih* Mayor ni.n
City Clerk  and toiled  with  tne Corporate Seal un Ihi
day uf 1912
TAKE NOTICE lhat the abuve li o
true copy uf the prupoud By-Law upon which Ihe vote of the Eleclors of
Ihr Munlclpallly of the City of North
Vancouver will bo taken within the
Clly Hall. Norlh Vancouvor. B C. on
Thursday, the Eleventh day of January AD. 1911. belwten the huurs of
9 o'clock am. and 7 o'clock pm
Clly Cltrk and Returning Officer
hereby -given
of Hu
thll Ihe vote uf the Elector*
Clly of North Vancuuver will be
taken on Thunday, lhe Eleventh day
of January. ISI2. belwotn the hours
of 9 o'clock n m  and 7 u'clock p.m. on
The Land Loan Bylaw. Illi.
apd lhal wltbln lbc City Hall. Nort>
Vancouver.   B   C,  and   thai   Tbomai
.-Tin■pli, nl hai been appointed Returning Officer  to lake  the vote  of iuch
Elector!   wilb   Iho   uiual   poweri   In
lhat  behalf
By oui, i  of Ihe Council,
Clly Cltrk
BY-LAW   MO. 1*4
A Bl-I.AW Iv caaMt Ibe Corporation
at lpt Clly pt lien* Vancouver lu
rallt bl nay of M>aa Iht lurp ul
»I8,000 io lay oul a porlloa of Mako*
i'afk al Ik* Clly el Kuril Vaaetuvtr.
WHEREAS It ll deemed exptdlent
In lbc Inltreit Of Ihe clly lo cauie
lu be laid out lor lha recreation and
ei,j,..vmeni of Ihe nui.ll. a portion ol
Mahon Park In the city of North Vancouver.
AND WHEREAS In ordtr thereto It
will be nicciiary te Iuue debenlures
of the City of North Vancouvor
the ium ot Fifteen Thousand I fl 6
Dollar* at hereinafter provided, whicl
li iht amount of. Ibe debt Intended to
be created by Ihil By-law, the pro-
c;tdl Of Ibe laid dobeniurei to be ap-
ina^lo nc
Piled 10 thj *ald purpote*
"and whereas a petition algn-
td by Ibe OWtteri ot more thin
one leneh 11-ft) of Ihe talue Of
retl proptrty In ih* ull dry
of Nortb Vaneouvir lu thqwn by tbi
'  Roll) hai been
.-'ili'll   of
" to
IMI rivlud Auelifnent Roll
mtuhtal Tu (he Municipal I
lh« CIS »r tfprlb yHcoUVor
Ihg mem to introduce a By-)»»  ..
of Flftltn iSeumi /$l,$0> I'ollar*1
,o m%t pn^jmom
fn snob maw.r a* tmy b* moat »o»-
venlenl and. suitable for th* enjoyment and recreation of the public
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
IntOreat nn the debenturei propoaed
to pe |i*ued under thl* By-law, und
for creulliiK a sinking fund tor the
paymenl orthe said dobenturea when
due. It w|l) be neieiaary to raise by
special rate In addition tb all other
ralea. each year during the curreiu:
pf (Uch debenture* the sum of seven
hundred and seventy-three dollars and
twenty-six:'cepts (1773.20), whereof ilx
hundred and seventy-live (1670) Dolluri ll to be railed annually (or the
payment of Intereat during tbe currency of tald debentures and ninety-
elgbi dollar* and twenty-six centa
(I(i8.2i',( to be railed annually
fur the purpuse qf creating a
sinking fund fqr payment of the debt
aecured by the said debentures, the
same being made payable In flfly yean
from the flrat day of Beptember, 1S11.
AND whereas In urder to ralie
the said yearly ium uf leven hundred
and 1,,-veiiiy une,, dollara and twenty
ix centi <mi.2«) for iptereit and
■Inking fund, an equal apecla) rate
on the dollar will be required on all
rateable real property In Ibe laid city.
AND whereas tins whole rateable
real 'property In the uid Clly (according to the laat revised assessment
roll) II 110,000.171 (top million nine
hundred and ninety thuuaand, threo
hundred and seventy-one) dollars
AND WHEREAS the aggrehate nl
the existing debenture debt of Ihe
Corporation li nine hundred and three
thouiand nine hundred and twenty
11003,920) Dollara (excepting for worki
uf lueal Impruvemenl and for achool
purpoies) ot which none qf ihe principal or Interest Is In arrear.
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
of   the   Corporutlon   uf   Ihe   Clly   uf
Norlh Vancouver, with the assent
the City of North Vancouver duly obtained, enacti as followi.    '
1. It dull be lawful tu rlhc Mayor
of the' City of Norlh Vancouver and
the City Clerk for tbe purpose aforeaald lo borrow or raise by way uf
loan frum any penun or perions. tic
or bodlei corporate, who may be willing to advance tho sume upon the credit of the debenlurea hereinafter mentioned of the Corporation a aum of
money not exceeding In the whole the
sum of Fifteen thousand ((16,000) Dollara und tu cauae the aame to he
placed In tho Bunk of Brltlah North
America at North Vancouvtr, to tbe
credit uf the City for tne purpuie
abuve recited, and iuch moneyi ihull
be uied for that purpoae only.
2. Debenturei of the C|(y not exceeding in amount the aum of Fifteen
thousand iJlD.uooi Dollurs may be
Issocd hy the said Mayor and City
Clerk In terms of the Municipal Clau-
..es Act In sums aa may be deilred.
but not exceeding One Ihouund ifi
000) Dollara each or the equivalent ex-
prcaaed In pounda iterllng uf the United Kingdom of Oreat Britain and Ire
land at the value uf II.SS 2-1 to ih
"uli of the aald de
iiiiiii'il by the uid
pound .a. ilm,. Each of the aald de
tienlurcB ahull bo elgnrd by the sals.
Mayor und City Clork and the Clly
Clerk ahull affix thereto the Corporate
Saul of the said city of North Vancouver.
3." The debentures shall bear date
the Aral day of September. Illi. anil
shall bear Interest at the rate of four
and one-half lip.) per cent per annum payable half ycaarly on the flrst
day uf March' and the Aral duy of September In each and overy year during
the currency uf the auld debentures
or any of them. There shull he attached to the debenture! coupona algned by the Mayor only, for each and
every payment of Intereat that may
become due .and audi algnuture may
be   either   written,   ilamped,   printed
r llthugruphed tjiereon.
luld debenlure! al tu prlndpul and Intereat may be made puyuble either In currency ur Iti equivalent In pound! iterllng at the value
of II.SS 2-} to the pound iterllng ul
luch 11.,, i or places In Grout Britain.
United Statea or America or Ibe Dominion of Canada ai may be agreed
upun between Ihe Curpurullun and
Ihe In.I,leu. Ihereuf. and the said principal ium ihall be made payable by
Ibe Clly al a date not later than flfly
yean from the flrat day or Beptember
S During Ihe whole term of tbe
corroncy ot the aald debenturei a ipeclul rale on the duller ihall be levied
and ralaed each year In addition lo
all other ralea on.all the rateable real
Property In the Clly and lufficlcnl to
Pay the lntereit upon Iho uid dobeniurei .und lo create a alnking fund
for Ibo paymenl of ihe principalities-
of when due. aubjeel tu any acl or
enactment relpccllng Oie ume. Such
ipeclal rate ahall hi Inierlcd In the
Collector'! Roll or Hulls and iball he
payable lo and cullccled by the uid
Curpornllon In the lame way at other
rales In Die Iild Roll or Holla, save
as   Ii.i. lub, ,ne   provided
I In order lo provide for the riles
sot out In paragraph t») nnd tublec'
ss aforesaid, there shall be raised annually by special rale during Ibe currency of the laid debenlure! the ium
of ilx hundred ind seventy-live HITS)
Dolluri lo provide for Ihe paymenl of
lntereit thereun. and the ium of ninety-eight dulluri und twenty-ill centi
t|9l 111 for the repayment of the principal it (
7 Tho tiroccoda uf the laid debenture! ihall ho applied ul f .Hows, and
not olherwlie:
(a) In paymenl of the coil of the
paulng of Ihli By-law and the issue
and en], of the dobeniurei therein referred to end ill expenses connected
with Iho said loan.
lb) Jn recouping Ihe said Corporallon fur such lumi ai have boen expended until the proceedi of Ihe isle
of Ihe laid debenture! become! available
'  Ic)   To carry oul  the  purposes uf
this By-law al above lei out
S. No rebate lhal] he allowed on
the ipeclal ralei to bo levied under
Ihli By-law
I. Thll Bylaw ihal Hake effect on
the   llth  day  of January.   IIII
10 Thll By-law pray be cited for
all purpoiei aa "The Parka Loan Bylaw. IIII."
Paaied by Ihe Council un the llth
day of December, llll  .
Received the auent of Ihe Eleclori
of Iho in, of Norlh Vancouver At an
election for the purpoie on tbe
day uf Januury. llll.
Reconildrrod by the Council ind do-
ally   adopted   .ilgned   by   Ihe   Mi/or
and  Clly  Clerk  and  iriltd   with 1 In-
Corporate Beal un the
day uf HII
TAKE NOTICE lhal the above ta a
true copy of Ihe propoaed By-Law upon which Ibe volt of tht Electors of
Ihe Municipality of Iht City of Norlh
Vancouvtr will bo liken wllhln Hie
Clly Hall. Norlh Vancouver, B. 0. on
Thursday, Ihr Eltvtntn say of January A Ii 1912, belween iht huurl of
I o'clock is in   and 7 o'clock  p m
Clly Cltrk and Relurnlng Officer
PUBLIC   NOTICE  ll  btreby   alvtn
ui  the vole of lhe Eleclori of tht
Clly   of   Norlb   Vencouttr   wl)l   bi
laktn on Thunder, Ihe Elevenlli day
of January. 1112. between the hours
ef 9 o'clock a in and 7 u'cluck fit. on
Tho Parka Loon By-law, III!
and that wltbln Ihe Clly Hall, Norlh
Vancouver, B. C, and that Thorns*
Mi,pi,cl haa been appointed Relurnlng i'un 11 lo take lilt vote of luch
Kleclori wilh Iht usual powtri In
Ibal behalf.
By order of lhe council.
raise   pr Tit tl  '"in   Ik*  ana
»15,000 Ip eonitrnct a iu»n»i*.
WHEREAS by order No. HS77 tb*
Board of Railway Commissioner* for
Canada ordered the City ql North Van-
ig me sato ion*
weiity per cent,
oi'cof, not to ex-
Ihousund |S.000)
ment out of Use
Fund    and
paid by tbi
City of North
cuuver to conatruct a tout sub-way
Under   the  Canadian  Puclllc   Rullwu;
track! connecting Columbia Avenue I:
tbe City ot Vancouver wltb the Nort
Vancouver Ferry Wharf.
AND WHEHEAS by aald ordtr It.
wa* alio directed that the City ol
North Vuncouver bear and pay ilm
oxpenae of constructing the uid iub-
way and be repaid twenty per cenf
(20 p.c.) ot tbe coit tlii-r
"a.I   the  aum   Of Five   ttiulllla
Dullara by the government
Railway  Crude  Croulng  Fund
thai llfty per cent.  (CO pel n
remainder ot iuch coil be
City of Vancouver to the C:
AND WHEREAS It ll estimated that
the alula te be borne by lb* City
of North Vancouver of the oxpenie qt
conitructlng the laid lubway will lie
flfteen thouiand (flB.ODO)  Dollar*.
AND WHEREAS In order tu provide
the neceaaary moneys ihorefur It wilt
be   lleeeliMiry    to   llilllle   'debenture!   ot
the City ot Norlli Vancouver tar the
ium of Fifteen thouiand ((ICOOOi Dol- t
lure ai hereinafter provided (which It
the amount of the dent intended to hi
created by thla By-law) the proceedi
of the aald debenture! to be applied
to the said purpoie and lo nu utner.
AND WHEKEAB a petition algned
by the ownera of more than one-tenth
tl-10) of the value of reul property
In the City of Nortli Vancouver It*
ihown by the laat revlaed Aaieaimenl
Roll) haa been presented to the Municipal Council of the City af North
Vancouver requesting them to Introduce a By-law to authorlto the borrowing of the sum of Fifteen thuuaand (|1S,000) Do|lar* fur the purpoie
AND WHEREAS for the payment of
Intereat on' the debenlure! propoied
to be laaued under Dili By-law, ahd
fur creating a linking fund for tb*
puyment of lhe laid debenture! whip
due, It will bo neceuary to ralae by
apeclal rate tn addition lo all olber
une.'.. each year during the currency
uf iuch debenturei the ium uf Seven
hundred and seventy ■■three dollari
and twonty-ilx conti (|77t.lS), whereof Six hundred and itventy-flve tflll)
Dullan ii tu be railed annually far Iht
payment ut lntereit during (he currency of laid ,iei» ii lines and Ninety-
eight dullara and iwcniy-ilx cent*
i IT'S' :m Ii to be railed annually for,
the purpoae of creullng a alnking fund
for lhe paymenl of the debt lecurod
by the mid debenture! Ihe ume being
puyable In flfly yean from Ibe flril
duy uf Sepiembor,  llll.
AND WllEltEAS In order ta rail*
the aald yearly ium of Stven hundred
and s, v.-tity three duller* and twtnty-
ilx centa t|77l2l) lot lnlereit and
sinking fund, an equal apeclal rale on
the dollar will be required lo bl levied
on all the rateable real property in
the   laid   City.
AND WHEREAS lbc whole rateable
real property In Ihe uio city, according to the luit reviled aueument
roll i. in, .■ -..... i (ten million nine hud-
drcd and ninety thouiand .three hundred and seveiiiy-uiie dullan).
AND WHEREAS the aggregate pt
the exlallng debenture debt of tht
Corporallon li Nine hundred and three
thuuaand nine hundred and twenty
11903.920) Dolluri (excepting for worki
ot locul Improvement and fol ichool
purpoiei) of which none of Ihe principal or lnlereit ll In arrear
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
uf the Corpuratlon of Ihe Clly of
North Vancouver, with the auent of
ihe iti,,iuis of iho city of Norlb Vancouver duly obtained, enact■ il follows:
I. It ihall be lawful for Ihi Mayor
of the Clly of North Vancouvar an*
the City Cltrk for the purpou atari-
•aid to borruw or ralie by way of lean
frum any ncriun or pcisuns. body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance lhe same upon the credit
of the debenturei hereinafter mentioned uf tht c,>ip.nullon. > ium of money not , incline In tho wliule tht
•um af Fifteen Ihouund 1111.000) Dollars, and to cause Ihe aame to be
i-l.... d In the Bank ol Brlllih North
America at N ,ith Vancouvtr, tu the
credit uf tbe Clly for Ibo purpoie
above recited, and iuch moneyi ihall
bt used for lh*l purpuie only.
2. Debenturei of Ihi City nol exceeding In amount the ium of Fifteen
thuusund i|l(.000) Dullin miy bt Issued by the said Mayor and Clly Clirk
In terms ul the Municipal Clauael Act
In mini ai may be dtilrtd, but not
exceeding Ont thuuaand 111.000) Dollar* each ur' (ho equivalent expreued
In pound* ilerllng of the United King-
dom of Oreal Britain and Ireland at
the value uf II IS 2-3 lo Iho pound
Iterllng Each uf the laid debenture! ihall be llgned by Iht laid Mayor and City <>ltrk and the Clly Cltrk
■hall ifllx thereto Ihe Corporate Seal
of the uid Clly of Norlh Vancouver.
I. The debenturei ahull bear date
the flnt day ot September. IIII, and
ihall bear lntereit at Ibi rate of four
end ..is. in,if (114) per cent per annum, payable half yearly on tbt Irtl
day uf .Mm,i, and ibe flnt day of
September In each and evtry ytar during ihe currency of the uid debenture! ur uny uf tbem. Tbtn iball
be attached to the debenluri* coupon! llgned by Ihe Mayor only, for
each and every payment of lntereit
tint may become due, an* aucb ilgna-
lure may be ellhtr wrlllen. mmptd,
printed ur lithographed        f
I. Thl uid debenturei nuo principal and lnlereit may be mite'ptt-
iblt tltber In currency ur III equivalent In pounda iltrllng at lhe value
of-|i is l-l lo Ibe pound iterllng at
•uch place or placet In Oreal Britain.
United Statea of America or tht Dominion of Canada a* may bi agreed
upun btlween tbp Curpuratlon and Ibt
ladders Ihereuf, ind lhe Uid principal
ium ihall be made payable by Ihs
Clly al a dan nol (iter lhan flfly
yean from lb* (Ini day of Stplim-
ber, (III.
I.   Durlnjt  Ibe whole term of Ib*
.. eg
currency Oftbe *-Jd debenture! i
pay lhe Intifilt upon lhe uid deben;
rial i ate on thl dollar (ball be lin**
ytar In addltf
lal 01
property In The Clly and lulllclenl to
and   rolled  c*cb  year in  addition   to
all olher ratal On all Iht rateable retl
turei. tnd Iu create a alnking fun!
for the payment „f the pilndpal iheft-
uf when due. subject io iny acl of
enactment reipectlng Ibe saint. Such
•peel*) rale iball be Inierled In lb*
Colic, tut's Hull or Hulls ana ihall S
payable lo ami colledo* by lhe laid
corporation In the same Way at olber
:orporailon In the sume War at other
.ales lb the laid Hull er Rolll, atvi ta
berelntfltr  prnvi-M.
t In order to pfptlil for Ibe rate*
■et oui in pa»>fjfi»h (I) and (object is aforaitjd, Ihert ihall be rilled
annually bl IPtclsl ral* durlpg the
TUrrenty M Iba Itld debenture*, flit
ium of tlx hundred sod aevtnly-M»
'|S7il Pollnrs lo provide fur tht sty.
-"in, tn* Ibe Mm
an* twent/Tll*
tpiymenl of IM
not othtrwUt:
It)   fn plymeni pf lb* «o*t at lb
■ of ihi* By-ltw, Md ibe f-
_^e «l Ibt dtbenlurei iheraf
.'erred to tnd all etplhit* ruaaic1
wilh the uid loan.    ,
(b) fn f»«wef to* m fwft;
anMbettlbett nntl) IAS pro***!* 61
ilx hundred and
lollnrs lo provide
llilefeil thtrtnn,
y right dollara ani
It it) tot tin rati
I  thereof Ill    conls
I tho prln-
roceed* of th« tald dtbtn
IWO      slollll   ...
ilais.16) for tht reptvtntnt o
dual .!.hoi oof.
■ nv-i.Aw nu tea
A BV-I.AW to tntblt tha Corporation
.    pf tht City of North Vancouvtr to
'    rain  by way of loan tht, aum of
IS7.OOII.00, lor ichool purppatt.
k WHEREAS tht Board of Truttett ol
North Vancouver city School Dlitrlut
under the iirovlalons ol Socltlon IS of
the Public Schools Act, iiiiiii. have
prepared a detailed etllmalt of
(bt aiiuis resiulia si to meet tneolal- or
extraordinary expeniea legally Incur-
fable hy the Bourd during: Ihe ytar
1913 which eatlmate la at followi;
Estimate   Ol  Hii.-.-iui   ur   Kxliiiurdlli-
ary Expenditure lor Iht ytar ISIS,
&    School   Buildings   (completion
I    ft Rldgeway Scbnol, and  ex-
tssiiHloii ol clusa room acoom-
' lllslllullsill   111   lasllHslssl,:   gcllOUl   191,000
School   llrsillliilil   Iiiiiiiiiv Ills'
(Draining, ploughing, grading
lurfaolllg,   leiii-inii,   ildewulki,
,  /etc	
: Sewer connection*  	
i'',i-es Unu ol Fire Eicuiiui and
Inaijj 1 Ini imi   ul   fire   Alas ns
IT,|III|.|»I.   III l.t.al.a I.l,!.   |.
boards,     wliidnw-lilliids     und
general achool furnishings und
VaCUUIll      .l.al.ll. a|.|'al allla)
Sunltury drinking l.iuiiliilna
Expemei attendant upon
pultage of tills lis -invv und aale
Of      ll.-Ill 11 I Ulaa        ^
orth Vancouver, b. c
at afoniald, th»r* ihall ba rllMd an-,
nutlly hy *p*elal rate during li«
uurrenoy of lha laid dtbtnturti Ilie
turn of One thouiand alx hundred and
tixty-iivt i|1666) liullura to provide
for tht payment ol intereat ihtreun
and tht turn of Two Hundred and forty-
dullari and thlrty-alx cent!
ISllortl ■■'-"
... thereof.
., Th* proo.„„ „, ....        	
lur** *lall be applied *t followt, and
not olherwlie:
(ul In payment of tha cut of tht
pasting ol thla By-Law and tha Iuue
and aale of tha debenture! therein referred lo, and all *xpanatt uunnteled
with the tald loan.
th) In recouping tha aald Corporation for tueh sunn al havt been expanded hereunder until tne prucaads
of the tail or tht tald dthetitures
llecotnel  available.
le) To carry out Iht purpoiei of thll
llyluw tl abovt let out.
t. No rehtle ihall bt allowed on
the iptclal rattt to bt levied undet
this By-law .	
I. Thit By-ltw ihall lakt effect on
tht '     day of .(tit.
10. Thla By-law may bt cited for
all purpoiu tt "Tht School! Extraordinary l-ixiiindltiii'ii I...un By-law,
1911" . a
I'aued bV Iht Council nn (hi lllll]
day of Dicimber, Ittl
Heciilved the aisent ol tht Eleotori
ol tht City of North Vancouvtr at an
election tor  tht  purpoie  on  tlte
day at ISIS
lleconildered and finally adopted
algntd by tin Ueyor tnd City Clerk,
and  sealed  wilh  the  Corporale  Seal
Sy of Haruh and Ihe firet day ol
pttmbtr In each and every ytar
ring Iht currency of Hit tald du-
liuiiliiica, nr any of tliuni. There
lltall he utliiched to the i|ehe>Ul|res
coupon! tlgned by tht Mayor only, lor
each and evtry payment of Interttt that
may become due, and tueh signature
may ba either wrlllen, tumped, printed or lithographed.      "^a^t^^^^B
ANH WHEREAS tlio aald estimate
Waa laid liefure the Municipal Council
of the City of North Vuncuuvor and
duly considered by tlie suld council
and the suid auma uliuve mentioned
Were dually rejected uud disapproved
by the laid Cuuncll on the fourteenth
duy   ol   December   ,1911.
ANI) WHKHKAS  the Muyur ol the
City   ol   North   Vuneuuver   haa   alnci
the  rejection und  dliappruvul  ol  the
1 auld eatlmate, to wtt;
On the eighteenth day of December,
1911,  received  from  the Secretary  of
the said Board of School Trualeet, a
is^nr     written reijueel to submit for the ossein
" of the Electors of the City ol North
Vancouvei-, In tho munner tirescrllieu
i hy Section 69 of the Munlclpul Oluuiee
Act a n> Law autliorlniiig the propui-
ed expenditure und if necessury tlie
ratling uf (lie money! required to defray tlie same upun ttie credit of I lie
AND sTiUTHi ,;. It Is deemed expedient lhat the sum uf Thirty-seven
thousand dollars i|37.000 00> be provided hy the Corporation of tlie City
ot North Vuncouver for school purposes ua aforeauld. the suld sum tu lie
applied ue herelnufler  expressed:
AND WHEHEAS lu urder lu provide
tuld aum it will be necessury tu Issue
debentures of the Corporation uf the
City uf Nortli Vancouver for the sum
of ilm is .is. a in..a...hi.i iiuiiuri 1117,-
000.00) aa herelnufler provided (which
la  tlie  umount   of  Die   dab!   n.i	
to be creuled by allies By-luw).
AND WllEltEAS for the puymtnt of
Interest un tlie 'lehenturei prupuicu
to be .Issued under thla By-law. and for
creating a alnking fund for lhe payment of tlie said dehenlurea when due.
It will be necessary to raise hy
special rate In uddltlon to all oilier
ratal, each year during the currency
of tuch il. is. i.nn. a the turn uf One
thouiand nine hundred tnd leven dollara and ildiu alx centa i|1907.IS),
whereof one thousand tlx hundred and
alxty-iive .1.,II.ia.- ijl'.s.ai la to he raited annually fur tlie payment of Inter-
eel during lhe currency of aald debenturei, uml. Twu hundred und forty-
two .I.sl]..1. uml thirty-six cents
11242 36) .lu be i ..is-.I ..nun,ills fur the
purpoae of creating u alnking fund fur
Ihe  payment of tlie   ' A  l---
on the 'dty ol
TAKE NOTICE that thu -.hove It a
true copy ul the propoitd By-Law upon which tbe vule of the Electort of
the Municipality of the City, of North
Vancouver will he taken Wllhln lhe
City Hall, North Vancouvar, B. C, on
Tliursduy, the Eleventh dty ol Janu-
ury Ail, 1911, between Ihe houn ol
9 o'clock a us and 7 o'clock p.m
City Cltrk and Returning Officer.
Tut laid debenture! at tu prlncl-
and Inlerett may he made payable
 er In currency  or  It* equivalent
In pounds ilerllng at the value ol
14 li S-S to the pound iterllng at muh
pluee or placet In Oreat Britain, Unit
til Statu ol Amarlea or tht llumlnlon
of Canada at may hi agreed upon lie-
twten tht Corporation and the huldtri
ihereuf, tnd the tald principal turn
•hall bt made payable by the oily tl t
date nut later thun tllty yetrt from
tilt Urn day ol September, lilt.
(. During tht whole ttrm of tht
currency or tht tald dobenturea a speclul rale on the duller thall be levied
tnd raised tuch year In addition to
air other relet on ull the rateable
reel proptrty in tht clly and milk-lent
to pay tins Interest upon the tald di-
huiitnres, tnd to creute t linking fund
fur thi ptymenl of Iht principal thereof whtn dut, iiiibii ,-i lo any aet or
enactment respecting the sume. Such
special rtlt sliull bt Inserted In Iht
Collector'! Roll or Rollt, and ihall he
payable to and collected by Iht ttld
Corporation In tht ttme way It other
ralei In tht uid Rull or Rolll, lavt
herelnufler provided.
S.   In us .is i to provldt for the rate.
hit out In .paragraph IS)'tnd tuhjicl
,lii aforeiald, thtrt   ^ "
ihtl) he relied an-
,.,...„   NOTICE   It   hereby   given
the vule of the  Eleclori of the
Ihut the u
City    ol   North   Vuncouver
taken on Thunday. the Eleventh ilu.
uf Junuury,  1919, .between  the  hours
of 9 u'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The Schoult Exlruordlnury Expenditure la.au By-law, 1911.
and that within the City Hall. Nurth
Vancouver,   B.  c.,  and   thtt  Thomas
Shepherd haa been appointed Returning Officer to take  the  vote of tuch
Elector!   with   Hie   ututl   powert   In
thai   behalf
By order of thi Council,
City  i M.. t.
THEREFORE Hit Munie pal Council
of the Corporation of III* Wty ot
North Vanoouver, Will the ussent or
the Eleulort nf IP* , °< v •"' Nnrlh
duly, obtained  .oiiucla  as
fullowe:       |^„^^__^_
\. It Ihall be lawful for the Mtyor
of the City of Nurth Vancouvtr and
Iht City Clark for tht purpose afuru-
ttld to burrow ur raltt by Way of loan
frnm any ptrtpn or perions, body or
hss.Ilea corporalu, whu may be willing
In advance thu aame upon the snail
of Hit debenture! hereinafter men-
iiuiuai ol the I'lirpiiiiiiiuii, a mm of
money not txcedelng lit the whole
the siini ot Seventy-live thouiand (|7(,-
000) Dulliirs. and to cause Hie sume lo
be plueed In the Bank of Brlllih North
America al Nurth Vancouver, lu lhe
credit uf tht City for the purpoiei
above recited .mui iuuh moniya ihall
hi uitd fur that purpuse only.   -
I. I Si-la llllli i a of tht City not t>-
cuedlnn In miisiiiiii the aum of Seventy-
Ova iliiiiinind H76.0OO) Dolluri may he
lusiiuil by the tald Mayor and Clly
Clerk, In termi ol Ihe Munlclpul
Clauiei Act In auma aa may he deilred
Imi not exceeding One thouiand ill,-
000) Dollara euch or the equivalent
expressed In pound! iterllng of the
United Kingdom of great Brltuln and
Ireland at lhe value uf 14.96 2-1 lo
tht pound iterllng. Each of tht tald
debenture* ihull be tlgned by the laid
Mayor end City Clerk and the city
Clerk ihall affix thereto the Corporate
Sttl of tha Ja"   " -
9. The dehenlurea ihull beur dute
the first dty of September, 1911, and
.'liall bear lntereit ot Iht rait nl four
iiiiiully by ipeclal rait during Hit cur
r.-ii.-y of the laid debenturei lha ium
of Five thouiand tlx hundred tnd
iwi-nty-ilve 116116) Dollara le provide
for lhe p.munii of intereat thertop.
and t|ie ium ol Eight hundred tnd
eighteen dollar* tnd eighty ctnti
IIS1IS0) lor Ihe repayment ol the
principal thereot.
7. The proceed! of the laid debenturei ihall be applied al followi, and
nut olherwlie:
(a) In payment of the coit of tin
paulng ol thll By-law, tnd the Issue
and laie uf lhe dehenturti therein referred to. and ill tiptniti connected
with   the  laid loan.
lb) In recouping tht ttld Corporttlon lor luch •■una tl have been expended' hereunder until tht procetas
uf Ihe sals- of Hit Itld debenture
becomei uvttluble.
(e) To carry oul the purpoiei of
thit By-law at abovt let out.
I. All moneyi aritlng out of the
annual tpicltl rata hereinbefore pru
vlded lor linking fund ihall In In
vetted by the Council of the laid Corporation from lime to time ai the liw
I. No rebate slmll be allowed on Ihe
■■ia - iui ratet to be levied under this
10 Thit By-law slmll lake effect on
the Sixteenth day of January. 1911.
II. Thll By-law may be cited for all
purpoiei aa "The Waterworks i.uun
By-law .1911"
reeled by Ihe Council on the Twenty-eighth aty  of  la..i.ii"i    lilt
Received the assent of the Elector,
of tht City of North Vuncouver ul un
election  for  Ihe   purpote  on  the
day of llll
lleconildered by the council and tin-
ally   adopted   .tlgned   by   the   Mayor
und  City  I'lerk   unl   tvuled   Willi
Corporate Seal on  the
day  of
and one-hall 11'a-1 per cent, per an
yearly on tke Ural
lhe  puyment or (hu  iieut  secured  by
the  salil  debenlurea.   the  same  being
mude puyuble In llfty yeurt from Ihi
I  day  uf September,   till
'WHEREAS Tn'oriier'to ralae the atld
yearly sum uf One thuusund nine hundred aud seven dollara and Ihlrty-tlx
cenli I|I907!S) fur lntereit and linking fund, un aqua] apeelul rale on the
dollar will be iei|ulrcd to be levied on
all the ruleuhle reul property In the
auld eity
AND V. III-. Ith .Mi lhe wh'lle ruleuble
reul properly In ttie suld clly. according to the lust revised ussessinent roll
ia Ten mlllluli nine hundred und nine-
ty thousand three hundred and seveti-
ly-one  tll0.990.37ll  Dollara
AND   WHEHEAS   the  uagregute   of
Ihe   exlatlng   debenture   ilelil   of   the
I'm I'lssaii'sii Is Nine hundrtd mid three
thouiund.   nine   liluii.li.il   uiul   twenty
dollari li'-'i.. ■'."!   i, ......iin,  fur worki
of local  improvement  und  fur     '
purpoie!) of which none uf th
clpal or Interesl is In merer
THEREFORE ihe Municipal i'ouncll of the I'urporatlon uf (lie city ol
North Vani'ouver with the ussent uf Hie
Electora of the City of North Vancou
v.'i   duly  aI.i,ilu.al   ■ i,,i. is  ul  followi:
I It ihall be lawful for the Mayor
of the City uf Nurlh Vancuuver and
the City Clerk for the purpoie aforeiald to borrow or ralae by way of loan
from any person or prisons body o
.....  ... .v,f||„
  _   , I   .:
money not yxoeedlhg in tlie whlile Hie
III-I.OI   Nil
A BY-LAW le cubit tkt loreerelloa
el Ike nn el Ntrlk Veeceever lo
rtlte Ui may tl leaa Ihe .mu ol
• 1-in.iHHi.uu ler Walernerkt eer-
WHEHEAB II ll deemed expedient
that the aum ol One hundred un.!
twenty-five tbuuiand ouittri t|136.-
000.00) be provided lor milntalnlng
workt for tupplylng water to tbe Inhabitant! of tht i'lty of North Vancouver to he ..it'll' .i ut a. n luafi. i
AND WHEHEAS In urder to provide
tald euro ll will he neceaaary tu issue
debenturei ul the Corporallon of the
city uf North Vancouver lor lhe turn
of One Iiundred tnd twtnty-tlve tliuu-
 00)  ^ hereinafter
the amount of the
he  created  hy  this
■und dollan lllll.0001
provided twhlch ll
bodlei corporale. who may be willing
lo advance lhe aume upon lhe credit of the debenture! hereinafter men-
Honed of the I'urpuruilun. a. aim of
ey not txcttdlnp lu Hie whole Hie
turn of Tilli-t> -seven thousand (|I7,-
000) Dulluis. uml lo cause tile lame tu
he placed In Hie Hunk uf British Nurlh
America, at Nurlli Vuns-ouver, lo the
credit of the clly fur the purpuie ulmve
recited, and such moneyi thall be
uied for that portioie uniy.
1. Debentures <if the city not ei-
i ceedlng In amount thv turn uf Thirty-
j-ssmis thouiand (|S7.000l Indian may
kV.Issued by the tuld Mayor and City
CbTtk In termi of the Municipal Cluuses AIL In tuml at mty be dellrid, tun
not exnwdlng One Thouiand i|l on'n
Dollari  a*ch,   or   Hie   eijiilvalini
ttld Mtyor and City Clerk and Hi" Oil
Clerk thall affix thertlo Hie Curpnrulr
Bttl of the tald City of North  Vun
I. The debenturei ibtll bear dale
the ils :-i day of September, III I,, und
•hell luai Inlerett al Ihe rate of four
tnd one-half It'A) per rent per annum
payable htlf yearly on Hie flrat oty
of Man li tnd the flnt dty of September In etch tnd every yetr during tbe
'■iiiiii' ■. of the mid debenture, or
uny of them There shall bi ttiia'-iied
to tht debenturei coupum tlgned hy
tht Mayor   only  for each   ao I  evtry
Stymtnl of Inltreit that mayNn/eome
ut, tnd tuch lignature muy be either
written, ilatnped .printed or lithographed
I.   Tht itld debenturei at to principal and lnlereit may he mado p.vy-
able  either In  currtney  or lit equivalent tn poundt iterllng at tpe value
of I4.lt l-S to the pound*steiito,: ut
luch place or place* In Great Britain
UalUu glutei of America or the Poni-
*" i  ot   Cuimilu   Ms   lissy   Its-   tgreld
j between Ihe Corporation and the
.art thereof, end the tald prlnclptl
?•»„ *$*" *•  made  payable   by' flit
„'!/...   * 9**  not   later  than   llfty
I,    During  tha *h.j|..   term  of  lhe
mill!'..? un'o? TW^n1"™" * "•
^Aclel rile Jin the d..lldt'|v(|j hc |<v|ed
mXaPtni  raised  each  year ti JjHitt ,n  to
mr ,n 0(t)ir ,„„ ,„ ,|i thTyKiW?" }*
property In tht Clly indT" ' "*
pty the Intereil upon tht i
iuree, and to create a sinking
tht piytnent of the principal
when due, tuhlect to aay act or
mint respecting the tame. Sue!
clal rale ibtll be Inierled In Iht Ki
lectori Roll or Molls .and thall be paj
aMe to ana collected by the ttld cor-
• porallon In Ihe Hint way a* other
raltt In tht tald roll or rollt, *ev* at
htrtlnhefort provided
I   In order lo provide for Iht rtlti
eel eut In ptragraph 11) end lublect
debt  Intended
AND WHEREAS a petition llgned h>
the owner! ol more Ihtn one-tenth
iiiiii ol ihe vulue iui ihcwn by the
laat revlaed Assessment Hull) uf real
property In the City ol North Vuncuuver hai been ju, s, in, ■I tu the Municipal Council ol the Clly ut North
Vancouver requeatlng them to Introduce
a By-law to authorise Ihe borrowing
upon the credit of the Clly of One
Iiundred tnd tweruy-flve ttiuusatis)
Dollan I|I36.000* lor tlie purpuu'
aforesaid v
AND WHEHEAS fur Ou payment of
lntereit   on   tin   debenturli   t '
to be Iuued under thie By-luw. uml
lor creating a linking lund lor the
puymenl or the laid debentures wlieu
due. II will be necesigry lu raile b>
ipeclal rate In addition tu all uthei
rutea, each yea rduring the currency
uf su. is debenturei the sum of ilx
thouiand fuur hundred and forty-Hirer
dollar! and eighty centa llllli 10).
whereo! Five Ihouaano ilx hundred
mid twenty-live dollara tSSliC) la to
be ralaed annually for the payment
■if lntereit during the currency of lab'
debenturei, and eight hundred un
eighteen dollar! and eighty cenls
'ftia 80) Is lo hi rulted annually for
lhe purpoae ol creating u linking fund
for payment of tlie debt aecured by tli"
said debenture!, the iame being mudi-
puyuble 111 Dfly years frum the hnt
day  of September.   1911
AND WHEREAS In order lo rati.'
the ttld yetrly ium of Six thuusand
four hundred and furly-three dollars
and eighty cenli (SS44IS01 lor Interest
tnd linking fund .in equal apeelul
rate on Ihe dollar will be required
to be levied on all the rateable real
property In tht laid cily
AND WHERHEAS the whole rateable real proptrty In the laid CHy.
according lo Ihe tail reviled Aueil-
ni.nl Roll ll III0.99O3J1 Um ten roll-
lion nine hundred ane ninety thousand thru .hundred and leventy-one
AND WHEREAS tha aggregate of
Ilie ellatlng debenlure dent of the
Corporal tun li nine hundred tnd three
Ihouitnd nine hundred tnd Iwenly
11901.910) Dollirt, liirtptlng for
workt of loctl Improvement tnd for
ichool purpoiei) of which none of the
principal or Inltreit It In arum
THEREFORE Ihe Munlclptl Council
•f Hit Corporttlon of the Clly of North
Vhiis-uuvij- (wilh tht tuent of the
Eleclori orttle Clly of Norlb Vincouver
duly obiiineili tnacta ee followt:
1 It thall bt lawful for iht Mayor
of the City of North Vincouvtr and
the City Cltrk for tht purpose tfort-
itld to borrow or relet hy way of
loin from any person or persons, body
or bodlei corporttt, who mty be willing
iu advanct the tame upon tht credit
of the debinturit htrelniller mtn-
tlontd of Iht Corporation, e ium of
money not exceeding lir the Whole the
turn of One hundred and twenty-five
ihouund f|lt(.(0*) Doiitrt tnd to
caute the "em- to bt placid In the
Hank of Brlllih North Amerlri al
North Vancouver ,14 tht credit of Iht
Clly for thi purpoie tbove recite*
tnd inch money ihall be uied for tlmi
purpoie only.
1. Dibenlurtt of tht City not tr-
ceedlng In tmount the turn of Opt
hundrtd    tnd    twenty-flve    •■.«•>•««*
TAKE NOTICK lhat the above li a
true copy ol Hie propoaed By-Law upon which the vole of Ihe Electort of
the Municipality of the Clly of Norlli
Vuncouver will lie taken within Ih.
city Htll. Nurth Vincuuver, B. C un
Thuridty, the Eleventh day ol January AD, 1919. belween Ihe houn of
S o'clock a i'i and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer
l'HBLIC   NOTICE' It   hereby   given
Hut thi vote of tht Eltctort of the
Clly   of   North   Vtncouver    will   be
taken on Thuridty. Iht Eleventh day
of January,   1911.  between  tbe  hours
'if 9 o'clock a m. and 7 o'clock P in. on
The    Waterworks    Loan    Bylaw
and Ihut wllhln the City Hall. North
Vancouver,   11   c,   and   that   Tlnm
Shepherd hat been appolnlud Returning Officer to lake  (he  vote of iucIi
Elecluri   with   The   utuil   puweri
thul   behalf
By order of Ihe Cuuncll.
Clly Clerk
num ptyuhla bu    .	
dty of March und Ihe Unl day of
September In euch and every year during the currency of Ihe laid debentures
or any of them. There ihall be attached to the iluhenlurei couponi tlgned hy the Muyor only, for euch and
every paymenl ul Inlerett that becomes
due, and auch signature may lie either written, atamped, printed or mn
4. The tald debenture! ul to prlnclptl tnd Inleretl mty he nude payable
either In currency or Ha oqulvulctil
In pounda alerting al Ihu vulue uf
II.IS l-S tu tbe pound sterling ft such
I'lina or placet In Oreal Britain, Unit
ed Statea of America or the Dominion
of Canadu ua may be ugreud upon be
Iween the Curporullon and the holder Ihereuf, and the anld principal ium
•hall be mude puyuble by the City al
u date not later thun llfty yeurt fruni
the Ant day of September,  1911
5. During Ihe whole term of the
currency or the aald dehenlurea a ipcclal rute on the dullur ahull bu levied
und ralaed each year In addition lo all
other rules on ull the ruteable reul
properly In the Clly and aufficlenl to
[lay the Interest upun the said detieti-
luii's and tu creute a linking fund
for Iht payment uf the principal there-
uf when due, luhjcct to any ucl ur enactment respecting the sume. Such
tpeclul rate sliull be Inserted In the
Colleclor't Roll or Hulls, und shull be
ptythle tu ind collected by the luld
Corporation In Hie same way aa other
ralei In the luld Hull or Hulls, aave as
herelnufler provlilcd
S. In urder lu tirovlde for the rates
set out In purugruph (') und tubjec
.il aforeauld. (here ahall be rulsed un
nually by special rale during (he currency of the aald debenlurea. the suns
'if Three thouiund three hundred uiul
as. i.i. in. i f.l.iiii iliillaii. to provide
lor Ihu puyment uf Interest thereun. uml
the ium uf Fuur hundred und ninety-
une dullurs uml thirty cenli (1*91 SO)
for the repuyuieiit of Ihe prlndpul
7. The proceedi of Hie auld diben-
luei shall be \ippllcd us fulluwa. unsl
nut othtrwlte:
le) In payment of the coat of the
palling of thla By-law ,und the Isain
und aale of Hie ilebeiitures therein re-
f. j.i..l lo and ull expuiieci connected
with the aald loan
(b) In rccuuplng Hie said Corpora
Hun fur auch sums aa have been ex
a. s..i.u hereunder, until Hie proctedi
ol Ihe sale uf Hie suld debentures be
conies   uvallable
tc) To curry nut Hie purpuses uf thl
By-luw ut above lei out
I All tnoneya arising uut uf th
utinuul speclul rutu herelnhcfure pro
vlded for sinking fuml shull he Invssi
ed by the Council of the suid Cor '
nurallon frum time lo lime us (In
law  directs.
9. No rebate stall be allowesl on
the ej.e-.-lel   ralei  to  be  levied   under
tl-10) uf thi valui ot real property
In the City of North Vancouver (aa
Ihnwn by the laat revltid Atauaainetit
Roll) hue bean presented to tlie Municipal Council ol Iht City of Nurlh Vuti-
suiiiviir reiiuoitlng them tu Introduce
a By-law to autnorlit thl borrowing
of the turn of Flfly tbuuiand (1(0,000)
Dul|ur« fnr the purpoie ofnraiild.
AND WHEREAS for tht paymonl
of Intereat un the debenture! proposed
to be Isaiied under thl* By-law, tnd
for creating a linking fund for the
puyment of llm atld debenture! whin
due, It will he nuceatary to ralte hy
apeelul rate In addition to all other
ratea, each year during the currency
uf jiiirli debenlurea the turn ot Two
Thouiund F|ve Hundred und teveiily
levin Dollari and nfty-flve centa
(19677.66), whtrouf Two Thouiand twu
hundred and Afty (19969) dollara la
to be ralaed annually lor tin payment
3t lntereit during thu ourenoy of laid
■ is.ansii.:, and Three hundred <and
twenty-acven dollar! and Afty-Ave
cent* 11321.66) tu be raited annually
lor the purpote oi creating a linking
lund for the payment of tne debt te-
eured by the laid debeniurea, the tame
being made payable in Afty yeart from
the Aral day of September, 1911,
ANI) WHEREAS In order lo ralte Ihe
tald yearly turn uf Two thousand Ave
hundred and aoVelil> -seven dollar! and
llfty-tlvu cent! 112677.66) for Intereat
and linking lund, an equal ipeclul
rate nn the dollar will he required tn
hu levied on ul 1 tlie rateuhle real pro
pirty In the said city.
AND WHEREAS lhe whole raluitble
real properly In the tald City according to tht lusl reviled asseaameiii
roll It Ten million nine nundred and
ninety thouiund, Ihroo hundred and
acventy une dollars ttlO.190.371).
AND WHEREAS the aggregate of
the existing debelitpre dent of Ihe
Corporation ll nine hundred und three
thuuiund nine hundred und twenty
11903.990) liollura i. .. 1'iin, fur wurka
ut local Improvement and for achool
purpoaee) of which tiunu uf the principal or Inlerest Is in arrear. -s —
THEREFORE the Municipal Council
uf the s'ssi lasiuiliin uf the Cltv uf Nurth
Vuncouver, with the auunt of the Klectors of the City of Nurlh Vulieouver
duly uutulned. etiucls ua followa:
1. It ahall be lawful fur Ihe Muyur
ol the City of Norlh Vuncouver und
the City Clerk fur the purpusu ufure-
sislsl tu burrow or rulse by way of loim
from any person or perions. body or
bodlei ciirpiirntc, who mny be wlillng
lu advunce the lume upon the credit
nf the debentures hurelnufler mentioned of the Corporation, a sum nf mutiny not exceeding In the whole the
sum of Fifty Thousand l|60.000) Dollan, und to cause the suhm lo be
lu>ccd In the Bunk nf British Nurlli
America.at. North  Vancouyer,
tn   I lie
t epoch
10 Thla By-law sliull tuke effect un
the   Sixteenth   duy   nf  Junuary.   1919
11 Thll By-law muy he cited for
ull  purpuiet aa "The  Iti..   Luke  Re-
■ I'.a.li    I.a.ui   By-law.   1911"
I'aiaed  by  the council  un  the  98th
dav nl December.   1011
Received the aalent of the Electort of
the city of Ninth Vuncouver al an
election for the purpose on the
Jay  of 1919
Reconsidered by the council uiul Anally adopted signed liyllie Mu.sur uml
CRy Clerk .und scaled with ihr ''■"
porate Seal nn lhe duy
1119(000) pollurt may bt Iuued by
tbt Itld Mayor ud City Clerk In
ttrmi of tie Munlclptl Cltuiei Act, Ib
tumt ti nfty be desired, but not exceeding Ont ihouund (11,000) Dollari
each, or IN equivalent eioreiitd In
puundi Iterllng of the  lilted  K|ng
!V .*• tnLertet et *ffitjefe eLiwr
ib,. ...
and one
nun pays
A ill I »« lo taeklt Ikt lorgiiritloa
el tkt Illy at Nerlk Vaacouver to
raise At, nay tl leaa Ike tun ol
tlifiao lot roeatrurilae a tlortgr
...rjiaii ai Hue l.akt.
WHEHEAS II It de.-iiu .1 cxpcdlenl
In order to operitt ind maintain
workt fur tupplylng water lo lhe In-
liabliutiti uf the clly uf Norlh Van
euuver that a iturage reeervolr be
contlructid  tt   Rice  Like
AND WHEREAS In order therelu It
will be ncceiury lo Iuue debenture! ul
the Clly of North Vincouver for the
sum of s. nmi m. thouiund 1(76.000)
Dullara it herelnifter provided (which
li (tic amount of the debt Intended lu
bt 'i.ai.il by Ihli By-ltw) the pro
eeedi of Ihe uid debenture! to he ap
tilled to the conitructlon of laid alor
age ii s.i vuti at Rice Luk.   aud lo in
AND WHEREAS a petition signed
by Ibe owntrt ol more lhan one-
tenth UIO) ol Iht value of real pro
perty In tht city of, North Vtncouver
tit ihown by tht iail rtvlted Alton-
ment Roll) hit beep preienled to the
Municipal Council of tht City of North
Vancouver requeuing Ihem lo Inlru
dui-e a Hy las* to authurlu lhe borrowing of Sevtnly-Ave thouiand I$76.-
900) Dollari for tne purpose aforesaid
AND WHERHAH for lhe payment of
Intereil on tht dtbtnturti propou'd
to be luutd under thll By-ltw, and lor
creating a alnking fund for the payment ol the ttld debenturei when due
it will bfTneciiury to rtltt by ipt*
cltl i.ii* In addition to all other raltt,
tech yter during tht currency of turb
debenturei the ium of Three Ihouum
tight hundrtd tnd tlity-ilx dolltrl
end thirty cenlt (IIISI.I0), whtrtof
Three thouitnd three hundred and lev-
inty-Ave (11176) Dolltri li tu he rilled annually for tht ptyment of Inter-
eel during tht currency of Itld debenturei, tnd four hundred tnd ninety-
one dollirt ind thirty ctnti (llll.10)
lo bt rulied innuilly for the purpose
ol creatine a linking fund for tbi ptymenl of the debt ttcured by the ttld
delimit ui re the lime bring made payable In Afty yeen Irom Iht Aril dty
of September, 1911.
AND WHEREAS In order to rtlte
Ih* ttld yetrly turn of Three thouiand
tight hundred tnd tlxty-ilx dollari,
and thirty centi 1119*1.10) for Intereil
and linking fund, an equal ipeclul
reli on Hit dollar will bt required
to bt levied or ell tbt raleablt reel
properly lo the tald clly
ANI) WHEREAS the wholi reliable
retl property In tht ttld Clly according
to the fail reviled ttteumeut roll If
tlfHMTl (tin million arm hundrtd
tnd ninety thouiand, Ibrte hundred
an* acventy one dollan
Oorpowllwj ii /ilw hundred um} threo
Ur«ai>- /IHMH) JtyUr-i,  /
for work* 0/ )oc*I  MtP^ft
TAKK NOTICK Uiul tin.- above 1* u
11 ur cujjy of thv proponi-d Hv-I.uw «ip-
«»n which tin- vole ut the Kleclori of
the Municipality ut the City of Noiil
Vuncouver will hu 1.1I..11 within the
• 'Ity ll,ill Norlh Vancouver. B C, on
Tliuriduy. (he Klevvnth iluy of Janti-
■11.. AD, 1912. between tne noun of
9 (/clock ii in und 7 o'clock |i in
THOMAH nu.rih in
''Hy i'lerk und Holurnlnk Ollicer
IWUMC NOTK'K li hereby given
11.,it lhe vun of tlie Ki.-.i'.'i'. of the
''hy of North Vancouver will he
luken on Tliuriduy. the Klevunth duv
of Junuury, 1912. between the bourn
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7. o'clock \> 111 on
The Rice I.ake Iteiervolr Loan
By-luw, 1912.
and Ihut wllhln the ''Ity Hall, Nurth
Vancouver, B C, and that Thorn*!
Shepherd haa been appointed Rcturn-
Inv Officer to ta)(e the vole of luch
Klcctorf with the uaual poweri In
lhat   behalf
By order of the Council,
Oity Clerk.
iii",i- recited and such tnoneya Hhull
i-f   uied   fur   that   purpoae   only,
t tPehenlUrei of the city not exceeding In iii|)niMit- the aum uf Fifty
th'MHtvnl 1160,000) Dullara muy bu ll-
IUIQ l"v the auld Mayor uml City Clerk
In im;, aof the Munlclpul Cluuaea Act
In  aumi ua may be dealred.  but  not
 ■■ini:-. 'in.' (huuaund (11,000) dollum
ach or'Ihu eijulvulent exiireaaed Ih
pounda ulcilltjK of the United Kingdom of 1 i 1 • V1 Britain und truluud ut the
■uio.: of tt 86 2-3 to the pound alur-
Mi.,' i'.i. of the auld debenlurea ahall
be algned bV thu auld Mayor and Clly
t'lerk und the City Clerk ahull'ufllx
thereto the Corporuie Seul of the auld
city uf North Vuncouver
3 The debenturei ahull beur dute
ihu flrat duy of September. I'JII, und
shull beur Intereil at Ihe rute of four
nnd one-bulf h; i per cent, pur un-
nutn. nuyuble bulf yearly on the Drat
duy of March und the rit duy of September In each und every yeur during
the currency uf the luld dehenlurea or
uny of them. There ihull he utlucb-
rd to the debenture! coupon! algned
by the Muyor unly, for eacn und every
.■.I, in.-ni of Intereat that muy heroine
due, and auch ilgnuture may hu either
written, atamped, printed or lithographed
f The aald debenture aaa to principal und lntereit muy be made puyuble
-lu,i-i In currency or Its ui|u1vh1uiiI
In pounda alerlliig ut the vulue of
HMi 2-3 lo Ihe I'.nni.1 m.i Hi.i. ul hiu Jf
i I.H.- ur plucei In Great Brltuln, ITnll*
i>d Slu.'ea of America or the Dominion
■if Canadu ua muy he ugrced upon
between the Corporutlon und (he bold-
i'ia thereof und the auld prlndpul aum
obull be made puyuble hy (be cliv ut
u dute not later (bun llfty yeur! from
tbe  flrat  duy of September.  1911
6. During the wnole term of the
currency of the luld debunturei u ipeclal rute on the dollur ahull be levied
and rulaed euch yeur In uddltlon fo
ull other rutei on ull the ruteuhle reul
property In the city und vurTlclcnt to
puy the lntereit upon the auld debenturei .und to create a alnkliiK fund
for (he payment of the prlndpul thereof when' due. luhjcct to any ucl or
enuctmciil   relpccllng   Ihe  aume   Such
i . . i.,l rute .li.ill be Inaertud In Ihe
Colleclor'l Holl or Holla, und ahull he
puyable lo and collected by the auld
Corporation In lhe aume wuy ua other
rutea In thu auld Holl or Holla, auve ua
herelnufler provided
i Tn order to provide for thu ratea
aet out in ini rag raph (&) und ■■ ,1 1.. ■
na uforeiulil, Ihere Hhull he rulaed unnuully by apeelul rale during the cur-
rencv of thu luld dehenturufl (lie ium
ut Two thouiund (wo hundred and
firty ($2260) Dollura to provide for the
i.< .in. ui of Intereil thereon, und lbc
aum of Tbree hundred und twenty-lev-
en dollan and , nfty-flve cent!
tf327.BE) for the repuyment of the
prlncitiul  thereof
7. The proceedi of the auld debenturei ihall he upptled ua followa, and
not olherwlae:
fu) In pavmenl of the coll of the
naming of thii By-law and the l;-.-ii.
und aule of the debenturei therein referred to und ul) expeniea connected
with  Ihe 1 .'Li loan
rh) In recouping the auld Corporullon for auch lumi un huve beun ex,*
pended hereunder unlil the proceed/
of lhe aule of the auld dehenlurea be*
cornea available
fc) To carry oul Ihe purpoae! of
Ihli By-law ai above let out.
8 All moneyi arlilng out of the
unnuul ipeclul rule hereinbefore provided for linking fund ahull be Inveat-
ed by the Council of the wild Corporation from lime to time ul the law*dl-
9, No rebate ihall be allowed on the
■"iti ini rutea lo bu levied under tbia
10 Thll By-law ihall tuke effect on
(he   Sixteenth   duy   of   Junuury.   1912
11, Thll By-luw snail be cited for
ull purpoiei ai "The Streela Maintenance   Loan   By-law.   1912"
failed by Ihe Council on the 28lb
day  of December,  J911
Hecelved the uaient of the Klectora
of the CHy of NoTlh Vuncouver ut an
election for the purpoie on thu
day of 1912.
Hcconaldcred by the Council and finally adopted, #lgned by the Mayor und
City Clerk ana lealed with  the Corporuie Soul  on  lhe
day  of   , 1912
lioily  ni'
--.Min ,
for ichool WtpQVrtm) Q
tbi prUclril nr l»w
nundred    and
 _ktt( ino
of wbleh AOM of
•It     ll     ID     mftmjfwt.
A HV-I.aw iu enifelt tk* Corporation
ut tfcc Hi} ol ft»rik Vueonver to
ralie by War Qt loan the aum of
1*0,000  Iqt  ihr  purvowr of  oiakluK.
firrarrvlogf imptnvlB*/. and repalr-
u roatia aad atrerta la th* City
lavludlflK the cuaatrnetloa of new
aldmalka. ._
WHKHKAS thr irenorai revenue li
Iniufflcleni to meet the exuendlturt
neceuary for thi purpoae of making.
proiervjng,   Improving   und   repairing
rouda  iind  ilreela In thl City of Norll)
Vancouvar Including the conitructlon
of how ildiwulki.
AND WHKHKAS it li deilnble and
deemed igpedlenl that the ium of
Fifty Thouiand '160.000) Dollura' bo
expended by the City for (hu purpoie
aforeiald i
AND WKHKAS In order tlwiVw
It will bl Iccfidiry to Iuue debenlurea
of ttio City of North Vancouver/or the
•um of Fifty Thouiand < 160,000) Dollari ai hereinafter provided (which
1 (hi Amount of thi dint Intended to
h« created by thla By-law )the proceedi
of thi laid debenturei to be applied
to thl laid purpoiei md to 00 other.
AND WHfcKtfAB a petition ifgned
by tbi ownin of mor« thin one-tenth
TAKK NOTICK that tne ooovo li a
true copy of the propoied By-Duw upon which the vote of the Klectora of
the Municipality of the City of North
Vancouver will he taken within the
City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C„ on
Thursday, the Klevunth day of January A.D, 1912, between the houra of
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock pm,
C|ty Clerk ^nd Returning Officer.
1,    ' — ——
PVBUC NOTICK ll Hereto)' given
tbtt tpe vote of lhe F.lectort of the
City of North Vencouver will be
taken on Thuriday, (he Klevenlfi d*y
of Jiiniiiiry, 1913,' lii'lwi'i'ii the I11111111
of- S o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock ji.m. on
The Street! tfalntcnance Ijoan By-
lew, I til,
end lh»t wllhln the City Hall, North
Vuncouver, B ('.. and thai Tlmiium
Shepherd hai been appolnled Iteturn-
li-iir OlDcer io take Ine vote of luch
Electori wilh (ho ueual ppwere In
thai  behalf.
By order of Ibe Council,
BV-iutw wu. m
A BV.I.AW lu tuihlc On Oeneiille*
el lhe tltr ul Nortli Veeeeefe* le
relie by way ol tees IJ* Wei el
TiveUl,-ttn- lhun»ed 1**11,1100) llul-
lere fer Ike pnreeie ul welhtelnluii
eel eaelppln* Ik* fire lleperlwenl.
u iiiaiiK mi  It  Ii deemed eipedlent
In tlio lnlereit of tho Clly tu borrow
Twenty-Five  thuuiund   iliiMOti)   ""'■
lun lur  the  iiurpuiu  of  inuliiiiiliiliiK
and i 'iisi|i|iliii; the Fire Brlgedu, lime
being   an   expenditure   neciiiary   for
the as. .i.i.iis.,- ol the Fire Department
uf the City.
ANU wiiiTiilT mi In order therelu It
will toe neceuary lu laiua debenture!
of Iho (Illy of Nurth Vun'^uver for tki
linns  of Twenty-Five  Hui, 'uml   (116,-
0001   Dolluri  ui   lieruliiufte.'   provided
mlu. to Ii ilu   illinium qf tht dobt Intended lo too creutuil liy tlik By-Jaw)
Ilie proceedi of Ihe euld illben'ui'Si .u
toe upplled lu tlm euld purpeeee and no
AND   uiikiik.m;  a   petition ilvned
toy lhe ownuri of more Hum une-lenlh
tl-10)   the vulue of reul properly In
the City uf Nuttlt Vancouver uu iliuwn
toy  Hie lull reviled Ai'eiiiiiunt Hull)
hai lieen  piuiunted  to  tlie  Municipal
Cuuncll ol the Clly uf North Vancouver   rei|uuallnit   Iheiii   to   Intriiduce   a
By-law   to   uulliurliu   the   burrowing
main the credit uf the city Hie ium ot
Twenty-Hvo   lliouiund   (|SC,000)   Dullur ifnr (lie puriiuee al urureiiild.
'AND WHKHKAS for Ilie puyment of
lntereit on Hie debenture! propuecd to
be Iuued under Hill By-luw. uml fur
creulliiK u linking 'uml fur the payment of Ihe luld debenlure! when due,
It  will lie neeeiiury to runic toy ipeclal rute in addltlun to all other rate*,
euch yeur .mm.;   the currency uf luch
debenturei the aum  of one  liiiiiieund
two Iiundred und .■ 11s 11. ■  . i, i,i  dulluri
and     acventy-ili     ct.it! ' ill.2SI.7S),
whereof   One   lliuuiunii   une   hundred
ind   twenty-live  dullnii   siil.'ai   Dolluri iu tn lie  i.iiai.i uiiiiuully fur the
paymenl   uf  tntereii   duriUK  Hie currency uf mid debenlure! .una One hun-
ilrcd and elxly-llllee dulliiiH and lev-
eiily-ilx  cenli   11163 70)   In  toe  rulaed
annually fur the pui-puie ul creulliiK u
ali,I,inn  fund fur Hie puymenl uf lhe
debl  leemed  toy  tin:  aald  debentures
Hie mine lieltiK mude payulilu In llfty
yeurs frum Hiu lirst duy uf September,
AND   WHKHKAS ill  uraer  to rule..
Hie luld  )i'iii Is   sum  uf One  tlliiusiilld
twu hundred and clglHy-clubi dullara
and   j., v.-in.. .-I.-,   cenli   i|U8S76)   fur
Interest   uml   ...... in.    lumi.   uu  equul
ipeclul rule nil Hie diillui' will toe required tu tie levil'd uu ull Hie ruleullle
reul property In the said clly.
AND WHKHKAS Ilie wliule rutealile
reul property In Hie suld City according lo the Imi revised Assessment
Holl la II0.U90.S7I Hen million nine
rundreil und ninety Hiuusiinil. Ihree
iiundred i--nl aevenly-one iloilius).
ANii V, HKRKAS tile iiuuremite ul
the exluiluu debenture debt of the
Corporation is nine Iiundred mid three
tliuiisnnd nine hundred und twenty
dollurs 11903.910). Icxcupllllj- fur
wurki uf local iiui'issveuienl und fur
Schuul piiriiusea) of which mine uf Hi's
im ii" 11.,I ur Inlerest is In arreur
TllKRKFullK Hie Munl.-l)>u] Council
of Hie l.'ul'iiiiiiillsin uf Hie I'lty of Norlli
Vuncouver. with Hie ussent of iho
Klecturs uf Ilie City uf North Vuiicuuver duly obtulned, enacli us followa:
I. It ilm)] be lawfm ror the Mayor
of tlie t'lly of North Viineouver anil
the City Clerk for Ihe purpoie ufoia
lalil to burrow ur rally by wuy s luun
from uny person or perioni, budy
lioil!cn corporate, who muy tic
to advanci the sume upon Hie credit
of ihe dehenjurcs hereinafter mentioned of Hie Corporation, a sum of
money not exceeding In me whole Hie
sum of Twenty-live thousand II16.O00I
Dollura. uml tu cause tin.- lume lo in'
placed In Ihu Hunk uf Brlllih Norm
Amerlcu ui Nurlh Vuncouver to thu
credit of tlie t'lly for Uie purpose
above recited .und such inoneyi ihul]
be mod for ihut purpoee only.
. Debenture! uf Hie city mil exceeding In iimuunt lhe uum ol Twenty-
live il,. .,i.hi,I 1126,0001 Dollura muy
be issucl by Ilie suld Muyor und Clly
Clerk in icons of Hie Municipal ('lun
lei Acl lu ..uiiih us muy be dieirid,
but not exceeding line Uiuusuinl
III.OOOl Dulluis each, or the equivalent
expressed In pounds iterlina nt the
I'nii. o Klngsluui of Ms. ai Brltuln uml
Ireland ui the vulue of il 16 2-3 lo
tlie psiund iterllng Kucli of Hie sul'i
■ a 1" i,i an - : i,,,11 lji> sinned by Die sue!
Muyor uml City Clerk nnd Ihe Clly
Clerk sliull ulllx thereto Hie Corporate
Seul of Hie suld Clly of Norlli Vols
3 The debenturei sliull bear dsia
Hie llisi duy of September. 1911. unit
sliull bear Intereil ul Hie rute of four
und oiie-liulf ll'.i) tier ceni tier annum payable luilf yeurly on Hie litui
duy of Mmrli mul Hie llisi duy of
September In each nnd every yeur during Hie currency of the suld debenlurea. or uny of Ihem Then shull
lie ul Inched lo Ilie slcbenlurcs. coupons
slnncil toy Ihe Mayor only, for each
und every puymenl uf lnlereit thul
may become due. uml auch hIuiiuIuic
may be either written, slumped.
printed  or lithographed
4. The suld debenture* us tu principal and Inieresl muy be mude pay
utile either In currency ur In equlvulenl in poiuiiJs iterllng ul Uie vulue
"f 1466 2-3 lo Ihe pound slerllng ut
auch pluee or plecel in '.reul Brllolii,
fulled Slates of Ameiieu or Hie Dominion uf Canada us may lie agreed un-
"iii between the Corporutlon und Ine
I...al. i tlieresif. und Hie suld pi-lmlnul
sum sliull toe made payablo by Uie (.ily
ul ii dute nol luler Inuti flfly years
from the llril dny of September, lilt.■
6. During the wliule term of the
currency uf the suld debenturei u
il'cclul rutu on Hie dollur aliiill be
levied und Yulied euch yeur In iiildltlon
lu ull uther ratal un ull Uie rateable
reul properly In Hie clly uml sufficient
to pay lhe Interesl upon Hie aald debenlure!. uml lu ironic ii sinking fuliil
for Hie payment of the prlnclpiil ihereuf wlun due ..'allu,', i to any act pr
. na. no. i'i reitiectlng tin) same Sueh
siieclal rule sliull be Inietled In the
Collectors' Hull ur Hulls, unit shull too
payulile lo uml eulleetcd by lhe laid
Curpurullun in the sume way as the
olher ralei In the sula Hull or-Hulls,
lave ai herelnufler provided.
1. in order lo provide fur the ratei
•et uul In j•.11....i.11• 11 16) und subject
as iifori'sulil. Ihere ihull toe raised annually by ipeclul rutc during ihe currency of the luld 'I' I" iiiaii,'.' the ium
of one -thouiind one Iiundred and
Iwcnly-flvc (11126) Dullan lo provide
top Ihe puymenl of Hie lntereit thereon, and the mm of One hundred and
alxty-three dollars und levenly-ilx
centi 11163.76) for the repayment of
the  principal  thereof.
7. The proceed! of tho laid debenture! ahall be applied ai followi, and
not   otherwlie:
. (a) In paymonl nt the coit of the
paulng of llii* By-law and the Iuue
and laic of lhe debenturei iii.n-ln
referred to and all expenses connected
wilh  the luld loun.
'i'l In recouping tbe said Corporation for euch sums ;,.-. have been expended hereunder unlit the proceed*
of Ine sule of lhe suld debenlures
becomei available.
(c) To carry out the purpoiei of
thll I'v law ae above sel oul.
I. All moneyi arlilng out of (be
annual ipeclal rale hereinbefore provided for linking fund  ; i.nii  Ige In-
veiled by the Council of the said Corporation from Ume to lime aa lhe law
direct!.     »
I. No, rebate ihall bo allowed on
the ipeclal ralei to be levied under
(hll By-law. _   ,
10. Thl* By-law ihall take effect
on tki 1Mb lay of January, Ull.
i r Sf IH   t-tf-TS fT-'IIWI   ei
Ot tomtit d»tiantHr(i» beenipa*
.   Ja oarrr out th* purpose ol
By-law aa aliova set oul.
All   iiuineys  arising out  of th*
eqlua) apeclal rule herelnliefore pm-
'Vlded for alnking fund iltal) be Invested bV tbe Oouncll nl tbe said Hor-
ra|lmi Irom time lo tip* a* tbe law
Bo rebel* •hall.'It* allowed on
apeelul rate* to bu levied miner
, i. thi* Brrlaw shall !*ke •tract
on Hiu aUU'iiiilli duy ol January, ISIS
l, Thl* By-|*'v may be cited for
purposes us  "Tlie  Ferry  Subway
/BNaw, ISIS."
'asaed liy tbe Council on the -sn.
day o( Hcciiiiiiior ,11111.
Received the assent ui ipe Eluulom-
nl Hie City ol Nurlli Vancouver at un
elenlImi <or lb* purpoae Oil Urn    •
day oi '*'*■
Reconsidered by tbo Council and finally adonteil, sinned by tlie Muyor and
City Clerk and sealed with Hie-Cr
own* due, and suc|i slgnalure piay t>*
either wt'ltian. staqiped, printed or
llthoKrophpd Ibersoqi
I, Tin said dubaulure* a* to prlncl'
liul apd Interest may be niatle payable
ellbtr n currency or II* equivalent
In pounds s erlltiK at lha ytXuo ol
11.86 S-8 to lliu pound stettln* at tuch
place or places In Oreat Britain, Unlt-
cil Bliiliis of America nr the nonunion
of Canada aa may b« agreed upon belween the Corporation and the holder*
leaa 10 tba bnlnl Of commencement
containing by *dma»iurerneot tp"'"
und   alt-mean   onlt-bundrofflbi
lie   -
lhe   same   mora   or
thetoof, and Ibe said principal »um.. .
shall b* Inads payable by tha Pity at boruliy   authorised   and
min Seal on th*
Jay ol
A.p., ISIS
TAKE NOTICE that the ubovo la u
true copy of the proposSO By-Law up-
iin wli|ch the vole of the Elucloia ol
the Munlclpallly ol the City of Norll
-!,nVouver will lie taken wllhln tli.
Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. 0., on
humiliiy. Ilie Eleventh duy of Junu-
jy A.D., 181*1. belween the hours ol
rVolock a.m. und 7 o'clock nm.
Oity Clerk und Returning OiUcer.
PUBLIC   NOTICli!   Is   hereby   jlvcn
1 that the voto ol the Electors of the
Clly   ol   North   Vulieouver   will   ho
luken ou Thursday, lhe Eleventh dui
uf January,  1013.  between  the  hours
ol I o'clock a.m. und 7 o'clockp.m  on
The Ferry Subway Loun By-Law,
,-^ud that wltbln the oily Hull, North
Vancouver. B. C, uud thul Thomas
Shepherd hus been appointed Returning Officer In lake tho vote of sueh
Bltclors with the osuul powera In
thai bohall.
II,  order ol the Council,
City Clerk
A BV-LAW lo enable the Corporation
tf Ibe I'll) ol Nortk Vaueouver lo
til.,- in nay ol loan Ibe sun ol
112,000 loi Ibe immese ol menus
a loan ol Ibal amount lu Ibe fcorlk
J „,,,..„>,,        Haill' ■illliinil       ASUOCla-
luu aa* form.-™' Institute.
WHEREAS a petition sinned by lhe
I owners of moru Ihun one-tenth l-lwi
Ihs value of reul prupmiy in Ilie CIS"
ba* been presented to the Clly cuuncll
roqocsllnit them lo Introduce u Bylaw to authorise them lo liorrow Hie
aum o] Twelve lliooeunil ■ f a3.000• Dol;
lar* "lo be osed for the purpoae ul
making- u luun of Ihut utnuiiiit lo the
North  Vancouver  llorllculiunil  Asso-
itliin uml Farmers' Institute to en
le the
lun    II
a dale not later ipan llfty years from
Ihe lirst day of September, isu.
ii. During: the whole term of the
currency orthe said debentures a speclul rate op the dollar ahall lie levied
und ralaed euch yeur In addition to
nil other rates pn ull the ruleuhle real
properly In the City aqd aufflelent to
tiuy Ihu Inlerest upon Ihs said debenlures and lo cruiilu a sinking fund ror
Hie   lulylllillll  of the  pi'lpclpal Ihere,if
when due, subject lo any act or snact-
uieiil respect UK the Same. Such special rale shul| be Inserted In lb* Collector's Roll or Roll*, and ahall be
payable lo and collected by Ih* aald
Corporallon In the sume way as other
rates In the said Roll or Rolls, aave
as hereinafter provldtf.
S. in order to provide lor Ihe rales
sol nut In paragraph IS) apd subjeel
as uforciold .there shall lm ruined annually by apeelul rule during* lhe currency of Ihe said debentures Ihe aum
if Flvo hundred nnd fortyMISIO) Dollars to prnvld* for tbe payment of Interest thereon, and lha sum ef sev-
eiity-elKliI dollars und sIxIMwo cenls
1171.IS) for lhe repayment orthe principal thereof. \T
7 The procetda of tho said it, lun
lures shall he applied as follow* and
not otherwise:
In) In paymov ol the coal of tbe
missing uf Ihis w-luw. and the taauc
and sale nf thu debentures therein
referred to anil all cspenses connected with tlm said loun .
Ih) In recouping the aald Corpora
lion for audi auma ua hue been es-
lieinled las,an,isi uunl the proceeds
of Die sale of the said debentures
becomes iiviillulile.
(e) To carry oul lhe purposes of
Ibis By-luw us uhovu set nut.
I. All moneys arising nut nf the
unnual speulul rule hereinbefore provided for sinking fund shall be Invested by the Council of the said corpora-
Hun from tiiiie I,, time ua lhe law directs. .
9 No rcbulc shall be allowed on
Ihe special rates to bu levied under
I hie By-law.
10 Thla By-law shull take effect
on the I fi I ti day of Jiinuary, 1S18.
ii Thla By-law may be cited lor
ill purposes ua "The North Vancouvar
llm lis siliiiial Association und Farmers'
Institute Aid By-law, 1*11."
Passed by lhe Council on the 18th
las   of December,  1011.
Received the ussent ol the Electors
uf the lilly of North Vancouver ul an
.'lection for thu purpoae on the
duy of 1812
it. .,.iis.l.i. i.-.I by the Council und nn
ally udopled. signed by the Mayor and
City Clerk, and aeulcd wilh the Cor-
uii'iilc Seal pn the
day of '
tq be used by Ihu King In the right
or the Dominion pf Canada for thu const, uullnir of un armory and drill htill
and for militia and tnllllury purposes.
I. The Mayor Und Pity clerk are'
v directed    iq
A.I)., 1811.
heir   . -i.ii.ni-ii   hull   and
ml lo further Improve tnl'lr
aw* Ihem lo pay off certain deb's e»
Istlng   on  Tl
AND WllEltEAS the suld Nurlh Vail;
coUVer Horticultural Association und
.Furnicre' Inslllule hold their exhibitions on Lol ono ill block iwo hundred ond seven (807). Dlslrlcl Lot Five
hundred und forty-live )S4G) within Ilie
limits of lhe Clly of Nprjh Vaneouver
AND WHEREAS Hie said luun will
bs aecured by a Hist mortgage In fu
vor of lhe City Corporation to be
grunted by the aald Asaocluilon and
Itialltulo over Lol one U). of Block
two Iiundred and seven U07), ol District Lot Five hundred and forty-live'
si'tT'i of the suld City, which murl-
gauo will ciintuln the usuul cuvcnunls
und an obligation on the pari of Ihe
suld Association uiiM Institute tu puy
Ilie City Corporation'the sum or sums
necessury to provide yearly the inlerest and sinking lund un the suld luun
AND WHEBEAB for Ibe puyiuenl ol
Interest on Ihe debentures proposed In
I,,- Issued under this By-luw, and fur
creating a sinking fund fur the payment or the suld debentures when due.
II will be necessary In rulse by special rale In addition to all uther rules
each year during the currency of such
debenlurea U. l)»l provided and puld
by Ihe suld Association and Instllutc
Hie Sum of Sll liiiiniieii und eighteen
dollars and alxly-twu   cents   lllll S3)
whereof Five hundred und fully   dol-
.lara  <|640)  la lo he  rulaed   sisi.nail.
lor  lhe   payment   uf  Intereat   durlnti
lhe currency ol suld debentures .und
SeV.-lllvely.hl    dollars    alls!    slxl)'-IWO
cents l|7l(l) lo be raised unnuully
for the purpose of croallng a sinking
fund for the payment of the debl secured by Ihe said debenlures the sauir
being made payable In llfly yeurs rom
the Oral duy of September   ISI I
AND WHEREAS In order to raise
the aald yearly sum of Six hundred
and eighteen dollars and sixty-two
cents (II1IS2) for Interest and sinking lund. an equal special rale on the
dollar Will bo required Id he levied
on all lhe rateable reul properly In
IJi* aald clly.
\ ANI) WHEREAS Ihe whole rateable
rial property In Iho said clly according u tne last revised assessment roll
I. Ten million nine hundred und nine-
ty-lliOUniinil. three hundred and seventy-one 1(10.890.371) Dollars.
AND WHEREAS Die sugreuute of
tbe ellsllng debenlure dlbi of Ihe Cor.-
poratlon la Nine Iiundred and three
ilisiu.iiiisl nl,is' hundred and twenty
11801.920) Dollars .leaccptlng for worka
of local Improvemenl and for sehoi.l
purposes) or which none of Iho prlncl-
pal or Interest is In arrear
THEREFORE the Munlcltiul Council
r_' tpe Corporallon ol the City of Norlh
Vaneouver wilh the assent uf Ihe Elector* in the City of Norlli Vancouver
duly obtained, enacts as lollows.
1 II shall be lawful for the Mayor
of Ibe City of Norlb Vancouver and
the Clly Clerk for lhe purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by way of
Joan from any person or persons, body
or bodies corporate., who may be will
Etu advance the same upon Ihe creel Ine debeplures herelnufler men-
it* of 'he Corporation ,a sum  VI
00*y not exceeding in lhe whole the
ilU ot Twelve thousand f|ll.000) Dol-
m end   to   cause   the   same   to   be
acetlln Ibe Bank of British North
nierlcu al - orih  Vancouyer lo   lb*
_.«4ll  of Ibe  Clly  tor  (ht   purpose
abov*  cited   and  auch  moneya  (ball
he  used- for  Ibst  purpose
S. Debentures of the City not exceeding In'amount thejpJin of Twelve
thousand (111.000) Dollars miw be Issued by the **ld Mayor and Clly Clerk
Jin terms of On Municipal Clauses Act
In (unit aa may be desired, but not
exceeding 11,000 (One thousand dollara) each, or lhe equivalent expressed
In pounds slerllng ot Die United Kingdom of Oreat Brltaii and Ireland al
tbe value ol Illi 3-8 iq me pound aler-
"lng Each of the laid debenlures
neJPbe signed M Ihe laid Mayor and
Clerk and the t'lly Clerk shell
_._Ji*rsto (he Corporate Seel of
IhiTeeld Clly of North V»ncou-vel
ti  The dtbonture* shall bear date
tht are! day of September. 1911. and
ahall bear interest kl lhe rsle .of fuur
ppa-hajf H>/4) per cent per »n-
layabl* half yearly op the Orel
TAKE NOTICE thul Ihe above la u
true copy of the proposed By-Iuiw up -
on which lhe vole ol the Klectors of
the Miinlclnallty ol Ihe City of North
Viineouver will be luken wllhln the
'Ily Hull. North Vuncouver, B. ft. on
Thursday, lhe Elevenih duy of Juno-
iry AD, 1913. belween the hours of
9 o'clock u in and 7 o'clock u in.
cily Clerk und Returning Officer.
PUBLIC   NOTICE   la   hereby   given
tho vole of Ihe Electors or th.
make, execute and deliver a conveyance on behalt of and In tb* name nf
the City of North Vancouver lo lin:
King |n tlie ilgh lof the Dominion of
Canada of ull Hi* right, title and Intereat nf the aald City of North Vancouver In and lo the laid premises and
iq attach the Seel of lhe tald cily ot
North Vancouver to the suld conveyance.
t. Thl* By-lay «hall com* In fore*
nn receiving the assent of lhe Elector*
In manlier provided by the Municipal
cluuses Act and nn approval by Hie
Lleutenant-QoVerpor In Cnuncll and on
registration In due couno a* provided
by law.
I. This By Jaw may be cited aa lha
"Drill Hall Bite Conveyance By-law,
1811."   .
Fussed hy tbt Cnuncll nn the 18th
day qf December, ISI I.
Received the assent of the electora
of lhe City of North Vancouver on th».
-   day ol llll
lleconildered,   adopted   and   dually
paaatd by the Council, algned by the
llayor and City Clark and scaled with
ths Corporate Seal on the
day otAC^^N. 1,ir
'"-"tfOTICK TOBU3CTQRB      ,
TAKE NOTICE that VbAaJioveIs a
true copy ol Ihe propoaed By-law upon which the vole ol Ihe Electora of
the Municipality of tht Clly of North
Vuncouvtr will he taken wllhln the
Clly Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. ft, on
Thursday, the Elevenlli duy of Junu-
uryi A.I). IBIS, between Ihe hours ol
9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock pm
Tllsi.'i mi SHErilERD,
City Clerk and Retumlhg Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given
thai Ihe vote qf Ihe Electora of the
City of Nortli Vaetcouver will be
taken on Thursday The Eleventh day
of January, 1918, between lite hourB
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The   Drill   Hall   Site   Conveyance
By-law. 1011.
and that
Vancouvsr, B. C., aud that Thomua
shepherd ba* been appolnltd Returning Officer to tuke (he vote of such
Electora .Willi   tho   usual   powers In
lhat    I" I.ilf
By order of lhe Council.
Mo yor.
Clly  Clerk,
tWJ>|0E i* hemby given that tho
Police Magistrate nl the any win hold
lilttitd} in tin Omwjl eta-ph*-, city
Hall, un Tuesday, the llth duy of January, 18J8, i» the forenoon to hoar and
determine cases wboro it j* alleged any
parson's nam* haa been Improperly
omitied from W pilWd on tbo Votora'
Ust for tbo year UU2-
H Clork of Police Office.
"(u ovcry MltoloiWl Schqql Dlstfift
any person being a householder In llm
ycliool pistrlct and holng a British subject' of the full age of 21' years, aqd
qtherwiso quiililloil to vote nt ou alec
lion of Hcltool Trustees iu their Bis
trict. shall be eligible to lm oloctod us
n Hi'luiiil Trust** ip the Municipal
School District."
Ilivou   under-my   haipl   at   Nqrth
Vsilcqqver, tbia :!L'tnl day pf December,
tin. ;■-.
faturnlnif OlBeer.
-. . _. ,	
thul  ...
City   of   North   Vancouver    will
taken on Thursday, the Eleventh d
of January.  1813. between  the hours
of 8 o'clock u in. and 7 o'clock p.m. on
The   Norlh    Vancouver   Horticultural   Association  and' Farmers'
Institute  Aid   By-Law.   iill.
and Ihut  within the Clly Hall. Norlh
Vancouver,   B.   C.   and   lhal  Thumn*
Shepherd has liven appointed Returning Officer lo  takesthe vole ol auch
Electora   wltb   the   usual   power*   In
Hint  behalf
By order of the Cuuncll,
City Clerk.
m t i" nu it;
IH IIEIiehy GIVEN lo tho Electors
of Ibe Municipality of tbo Oity of
Nortli Vancouver, that I require the
presenco of lhe said Klectors at the
«'ily Hall, North Vuncouvor, B.C, ou
Monday, the Hilt day of Jauuary, mi:'.
*t 12 o'clock noon, for the purnoao of
electing persona lo represent them in'
ihs' Municipal Council aa Muyor and
Aldermen, and electing two parentis
to represent them on the Bonrjl of
Oity Hcbopi Trustees, and to recommend
for appointment four neraoua to act aa
perry Directors for tlte ensuing year.
Tho moils' of i.imuimition of Caiiilid-
wllhln the City Halt Norll). ,tCa shall ho aa follows:    •
The Candidate* shall be 'nominated
in writing, the writing ahall he sub
scribed by two votcn of tho Municipality of tbo ('ily of North Vancouver,
aa propoier and seconder, and shall be
delivered to tho Returning Ollicer ul
any time between tlio dale of litis no
tic'o ami two o'clock p.m. of the day
of Ibe nominal inn: and in tho event of
a poll being neccsaary, auch poll will
bo opened on Thursday, the lllh .day
of January, 1912 "belween the hours
of niuo o'clock a.m. and seven o'clock
p.m. of the said day at the Oity Hall.
North Viuicouver, B. O., in the suid
Municipality of tho'Oity of Norlh Van
couver, of which every person Is hereby
required lo take nolice and govern
lii in. .li accordingly.
"The qualiflcatioiiB for Mayor shall
bo liis being a male British aubject ol
Ibo full age of 21 yoars, and having
been for the ail months next preceding
Iho day of hia nomination the registered owner, in lhe Land llcgisiry
Office, of land or real nroporty in Ihe
Oity of the assessed value, nn the last
Municipal Assessment Boll of One
Thotisatiil ((1,01)0) Dollurs or more ovor
and above any registered judgment or
charge, and who is otherwise qualified
as a Municipal voter."
The oualisficalinii ror Alderman
shall be hia being a mule British uul.
joct of lhe full age of '11 yeurs, and
having been for the sis mouths nasi
prcceuing the day of nomination, the'
registered owner iu lhe Land llcgisiry
ililies, of land or teal properly in Ihe
Oily, of the assessed value on Hie lusl
M'.iui.'il'iil Assessment Bull, of Five
Hundred (ffiOO) Dollars morif over and
•hove any regislered judgment or
hargo, and who is otherwise quuliflci!
aa a Municipal volar."
A BV-LAW ler obtaining lhe uulnlun
ot Ikt Eleclors a* lo the »*vl»alill-
lly ol subdividing Iht Clly lata
WHEREAS It Is deemed advisable
that lhe opinion of the Electors of the
Clly ol North Vancouver be taken so
lhal the council uf the said City muy
know If It Is the desire of the said
Eleclors lhat the Clly of North Vancouver ahull be subdivided Intu wui'du
AND WHEREAS in view of Ibe special io oils,I..ns. uf sub-Section "F" of
Section ll of the Norlh Voncuuver Clly
Incorporation*-Act, 1906." Ino Clly can
only be subdivided Into wards with
iho aasenl ot the Eleclors.
Council of the Clly of Norlh Vancouver
enacla as follows:
1. The opinion of the Electors of
the City ol Norlh Vancouver upon the
iaat revised Voters' List aa lo the ad-
vlsablllly ol passing a by-law au-b-
dlvldlng the t'lly Intd wards ahull lur
lakeii at the Clly Hall. Norlh Vancouver, B. ft, on Tliursduy. Ibe llth duy
of January. 1918. belween the hours
of nine o'clock In the forenhn and
seven o'clock in the afternoon nf said
I. The lorm of ballot to be tendered euch Elector al lbc polling booth
at said Election shull be aa follows:
,ju. ailun on which opinion Is ualu-il
Diatriot pf Ifarth VuBpouver.
PUBLIC NiiTli'E la hereby givon tq
lhe Electors of the Municipality of th*
D|»trlot o| Nortli Vuncouver, that ],
require the presence of the anld Electora ut this Municipal Hull ut Ihti cor-
Sar uf Lynn Valley Road und Fromhie
oud In lilt said Dlalrlct on
Hominy, tpf itk duy qt January, lata.
■. , Bt liMHI a'CllHJ- noon
fur the purposo of eluding persona te
repreaetil them In lhe Municipal Council ua Reeve und Cuunclllora. and electing three persona to rcproaent them
on the Bourd of School Trustees .
The ciuiilldiiteii slfull to numlnuted
v inin: . the witling ahull be subscribed by twu voters uf the Municipality ua proposer und seupo-ler. und sliull
be delivered to the Returning Officer
at uny time between the dute uf thla
notice und two o'clock pin. ou the duy
of the  ii-iiiiii.iiis.il      ,
Aud In the event of u pqll being
neceaaary bucIi poll will he opened on
Saturday, lpt Uth day ol Juuuar),
1912, between the houra of niuo o'clock
a.m. und seven o'clock I'm of the auld
duy ut the .suld Municipal Hall at the
cm n,-i- ur Lynn Valley Roud und
Fromme Houd und at the Church
Hall ul the cut-tier of Queen street urid
Lunsdule Avcpue. und ut the ollice uf
Mr. .1,ilm I.ass s.-si in i t..ii.■ i.sn is und
ut tbo Capiluno scboulhutiHc, Cuijllnno
Roud, all In suld Districl of which
uvery porson la ruituircd tu iako notice
and govern himself accordingly.
Tlio quullllculloiis (or Reeve ure bis
being a mule Britlab subject, uud buying been for tlie three months nexi
in'Ccedlng the day of hia niimlnulluii
Hie registered owner in the land registry nllke of lunihur real properly alt-
ate wllhln lhe Munlclpallly of lln-
asHessesJ vulue of (he lust Assessment
.Hull uf live hundred dqllurs or mine
over nnd iibiivo uny regislered Judgment or charge und being otherwise
duly iiuiilllleil as a voter.
Tim iiuaiiiiciiiiuna for Councillor are
his lieiii,: u male lliltlsh subjeel and
having been fui Ihe Ihree inunlps
next preceding the duy uf his iioiiilnn-
llim the registered owner In the lund
registry ollice uf lumi or reul properly sltuale wltiiln tbe Municipality,
of the assessed value tin tin- lusl Municipal A ...: .ii,, is i li, ii uf twu hundred
and fifty dullara or more over und
ubuve any regislered iuilumeni or
charge, or being u hotm-stcinlcr leasee
from the brown, or pi'c-cntplur who has
rellded wllhln the niuulclpnllly'fui- I In
space of otic yeur ut- mure Immtdlutelj
Isiuceiling tlie nomlniitlun. und wiio Is
sa.-. .'a -d     l-i     ]|Vc'   hilli'll.-l    llllllurs    -1
more un the lusl Municipal A**ess-
metit Roll over and above uny registered Judgment or charge, and being
otherwise qualified us a voter.
In every Mitiilclpul School District
uny person being u householder In the
School Dlalrlcl. und being a Hrilish
Subject of the full uge of twenty-one
.veers and otherwise ituiilllled to ■.-!■
at un election uf school trustees In
their dlslrlcl shull be eligible lo he
elected ns a school trustee in the Mo-
nlehial  School  Dlslrlcl.
Olvlen under my hand at North Van-
vuuver .this 28th duy ol Decmiihsi
JOHN  li.  riii.it it
Returning  Officer,
lu  the   f.uiul   Iteglstry  Ollice nt   Vun
anuVer. B ft, be cancelled.
'Signed)        AULBy MORRISON,
. Judge
Vancouver,   lice.   90.   !9I1.
A B I'" 11 It
of lhe District of We*!  YTfflliflgWr*
ail that portion of the Corporation nf
the District of North yiOibOuvJi1, ft-
scribed US follow*!
csiiniiiiiiicing nt the point wbar* th*
eust boundary of I), I, 875 Intersect*
the north boundary of Ihe said por-
iiuruiiiiu iiiieiics! west along said nqrth
boundary Iq a pqint In Howe Sound
oi. ihe line pf the said nurth boundary
produced; sil.iiuiit 1,000 feel west from
the eiislerly shore ot auld Down Sound;
iii. ii.-.- southerly, parolle) tq, and following the ineunderlpga of the said
shore to u uqlnt of liiteraoct|op wilh
thu line I.inin feet distant aouth frpm
the   in,, ili alma, uf   Burrard Inlet;
Iheliei- caul, lis    ail i Hal to, and follow-   '
Ing ibe in i,ti:rl|ig*.of tlio laid Nqrth
Shore ol Burrurd Inclt tb a point of
Intersection 1.000 feet dlalant toutb
frqm the aout|i-west corner of u. )..
20l; and In lino with Iho weat boundary pf said Dlslrlcl Lot SSI produced;
ihence north-eaalerly and northerly'
along the west boundary of aald I).
L. 2(4 tq the norlh-wesl corner thereat: Ihence continuing northerly along
lhe weal boundary of D. L. 826 to th*
north-west corner thereof, said
corner being on tbo SOutb boundary
ol D. I,. 761: theuce westerly
along the suld boundary D. L. 711 to,
tho aouih-weat corner D. L. 764; ihenc*
norlli along Iho weat boundary ol laid
H Ij. 711 to tho nnrth-west corner ,
thiireof; Ihence easterly slung the
north boundary I). L. 761 to III* louth-
enst. corner li. L, 76J: thence nolth
along lhe east houndarlea or tt. '•
.'Oil. 761. 603 and 605 to tho nqrth-ealt
corner or D. I. 605; thence West atone;
the north boundury ot Bald D. I. ltl
to the south-east corner uf D. I.. |7(;
thence north ulnng the east boundary
of anld 11. I.. 871) to point of commencement. Including all rights and
ireiis of auld Howe Sound and English Buy. i ii'.n lun or ptherwlie, now a
part nf said corporallon of lhe Dlslrlcl of Nurth Vancouvor ,and by reducing the limits of the Bald Corporallon of lhe DtBtrlcl of Nortn Vancouver accordingly: each of laid Corporations tu iiiiiulii subject to the debit
and llalillilliis of the present corporation uf the Dlslrlcl uf North Vancouver, but us between Ihe Corporatlona
lhe nssels, debts and liabilities qf the
present Corporation of lhe Dlalrlct ot
North vunci,v,-r to be divided and aa-
aiiined upon ul) equitable balll.
DATED sin    lllh duy ot December,
A.D., 1811
Solicitor for the Applicant!
>■ i
Are you In favor
of subdividing the
cily Imu Wards7
v in -I. \»v lo nrovllt lor Ikt tlsyos
al el a gorlloa „l Mahon 1'ark lo
tke Mug la Ikt rlgkl ol Ikt lluruln
loa ol laaada lur Ibt nalBtie "I
slluvtfug aa armory tud drill hall
lo bt eoii-lruelrd Iht'rtPB an* lor
ytllll.r,   iiiiii,,,..-..
WHEREAS It ts pruposed to organise a -,'ompany of Militia Field Engineers with headquarters al Ibe Clly
of Norlb Vancouver:
AND WHEREAS the Oovcntnent of
the Domiuion of ttuiiuilu have sanctioned sueh organisation and uro prepared
lo construct an armory and drill hall
fur the accommodation thereof on con-
dlllon Ibat the Clly of Norlh Vant-ou
ver will supply a suitable site therefor.
AND WHEREAS Ibt mull suiiubl-
and central altc.avullublt I* Iht south
east corner of Mahon 1'ark U Hereinafter described, same being a portion
of aald Park pot required for park
or other corporate purposes.
AND whereas Iht grantors of
Muhon Park lo the City of North
Vaneouver are desirous that the city
should dispose of Ha right In Ibe proposed tltt lo the King In tht right
of Iht I "nnliilisii of Canada fur tbt purposea above mentioned
AND WHEREAS It I* advliablc In
the Ini.iesi of tht s liy thai auch disposal  should  be  iiiiule •
NOW, THEREFORE tbt Municipal
I'nunfii ul tbe Clly of North Vancouver with Ihe aasenl of fbe electors
of lhe City of North Vancouver and
The approval of Ihe Llculenunt-tlnve,--
ii'ir-ln-i'uuncll enacla as lollows:
1. Tbt ' City of North Vancouver
hereby agrees lo (rail to lb* King
In the . I,.i.t ol Iht Dominion ol Canada the following described lunda end
premises situate, lying and being lii
lhe City uf Nurlh Vancuuver and being
more particularly known and described a* thai portion uf Mahon Park
so called bounded and deserlli.sl as
follows, lhat Is lo say  . '
t'sininenclng st the IntcrMc'lun of
ilie northerly hqondary of fifteenth
slreei wilh ihe westerly boundary uf
Fo-bes Avenue .thence westerly olmu
Sail' northerly boundary of Flficcnlli
aiie't  iwo hundred (1*0) fttt thenc
,r March aod lhe »rtt day of.Sep-
iber tp each and every year during
currency uf the said debentures,
any of them.    There shall b* "
laehod to the debenture* coupons signed by iht Mayor only, for each and
att'y Payment of Ituerttt that may he-
northerly'and parallel to aald wesier-
lv boundary uf Furbel Avenue three
hundred and eighty 1880) feet more or
leas to lhe westerly production of fbe
northerly boundary of sixteenth slreei
iiieiiei. eaaterly along aald production
nf sold northerly boundary of ilstconth
street one hundrtd and fifty iled)
feel llienctiliorilierly at rl|hl f.ng ea
lu said nifthcrly boundary of Six-
leenlli slreei two hundred and Ally
tl(O) feet, Ihence *a*f*rly and parallel
lo aeld northerly boundary of *lx-
teenili •trttl two hundrtd and llfly
(IS) fett tbence southerly Iwo bun-
dice? and llfly '160) fed io ibt point
on tbe tald northerly boundary of MX-
leenlli slreei dlalant easterly Ihereon
two hundred (10,0) feel from tbt Intersection of aald northerly boundary
of *lxtceplfl alreet with be
westerly boupdery of sfo/bei
avenue Ibence westward along
iiii norlhtrly boundary of *f*t»'lM!>
•treat two bw>*r»d (100) !»»( to ibt
and'any Elector in favur uf subdividing Ibe t'lly Into wards shall murk a
cross In the tpace under the wqrd
"Yet" and any Bleclor opposing tlie
subdividing of (he Clly Into wards
shall mark a croes In the apaco under
Ibe wordTlo."
I. Sections JS. 78, 77 and 78 of tht
Municipal clauses Act shall be followed In ibq said vole In ao /ar us the
sume ure applicable and not'Vcpuguuiit
lu the i i -'.Is.Ions of Ibis By-Law.
4. Mr. Thome* Shepherd.' Clerk ot
the suld Clly Is hereby aupolnled and
named Returning sOKcer for the purpuie of taking such votes
E. This By-Law shall be published
fur Iwu Insertions in Ih* North Vancouver Express, a newspaper publish
td and circulating In Ihe city Of North
Vancouver. B. C.
I. Tbis By-Law may be cited as
"The Ward Opinion By-Law. Isll."
Pasted by Ihe Council the lib day
of January, Via
Received  Ihe assent  uf the  Electors
al an Election on the
day of January, 1912
Reconsidered and anally passed b
Iht Council, llgned by Ibe Mayor an
NOTICE Is ttoreby given thul an ap.
plication will be msue lu the Legislative Assembly of Ihe Province ol
British Coluinblii ul lis next session
fur an Aet tu niiiliuiize Hie Lleulen-
unt-fluveriiur In Council twithout re-
qulrtng' observance of the provisions of
the Minn, ii ..Ini. :■' In. ..ipomil,-ii Aet)
hy letters patent under Hie public
seal lo divide the. corporation of the
District   of  North   Vancouver   by   In-
IK  nn; m rniTin: , m nr ur iiiiit-
of tho City of Vulieouver. B. ft,
of the City uf Vancouver. B. ft  (Co.
Richards. Aliloyd ft Oall)
.ll'STICE   MiilllllKON   IN   CHAMBERS. Tliursduy lhe Slat day ol
December. A.p., 1911.
UPON the application uf the PlalnllR
fssr leave lo serve Ibe Writ uf Summons herein siilsstltulluiialiv on the
Defendant .und upon hearing reud Ihe
affidavit! -i Thuinua Shirley dated tbe
Iiiiii duy of December, A.D, 1911, nnd
Arthur  I   Kannele dated the 21st day
uf December. A D. 1811, « nnd died
herein und lhe eshlhll therein referred
lo; .
IT IS ORDERED Hist tcnlcc upon
the defendant. Waller it. i-i.i '    ol
tlie Writ  of Hi noils and Statomept
of Claim In Iblii a.Hon by publllh-
li! ■, this Order together Willi Ibe Nolice
thereon end,used, lu the Vuncuuvei
Dally prcvlnoi ami In Use Express, pub-
ilslie.l In Hu i'lty of North viincuuvor
fur n iieiliid of two weeks from the
date ul Ihe lirst publication.'ba deem
ed Bond und sulllt-leiit service uf aald
Wilt  uml  -.-■:. i. s,. i.i  uf I'lulm:
AND   IT   IS   FURTHER   ORDEIll-'.li
that  the  suld  Defitidanl  du enter an
uud  Die his statement  ul
to the suld i\ in of Summons
al I" ..j an. .
and Slulemeiii  uf i'lulm as ufqres.ild
ou or before ..lunilay, the 3>lli duy el
laiat.us.   1912
Dial   the   coals  of and   In, Mental   to
this application be ensts In tne cuuse.
Tbe I'l.iiuiiii :■ claim la for the can-
erllutliilt of u certain agreement et'
li'isil Into belween the Plnlnllff and
Hie liifeiidiiut dated the 1st day ol
August. I!>07. und regislered In the
Lund li,; I n mil,. In the Clly ol Van
cuuver. tin- .Isl day uf July, 1901.
The Plaintiff further claims Ibo'
the reglslrulliiii of lhe suld sgreemenl
Municipality of the. Oity of North Vancouver, to wit :
PUBLIO NOTIOB it hereby givon to tbe Lie. torn of Uio Municipality aforesaid, tbat a Poll ha* b*como n*c
essary at th* Election now pending for the samo, and that I bavo granted such Poll, and further, that th* pwioni
duly nominated a* candidates at the said election, and for whom only vote will be received are:
TTcrk  and a**T*d' wll'b  the fjeriioratc
,..,      AM      It..      Tl
Seal un
day of
TAKE NOTICK lhal lb* above ll a
true copy of Ihe prupused By-Law upun wbleh the vela of lha Eleclori ol
lbc Munlclpallly of tbe'city of Nqrth
Vancouver will be taken wllhln the
City Hall. North Vancouver, S. 0., qn
Thursday, the Eleventh lay ot Jaao-
Jiy. AD. 1918, between the hour* qf
o'clock a.m   and 7 o'clock p.m. '
City Clerk and Returning Officer.
PUBLIC NOTICK- Is hereby gives
lhat tbe vote of the Klectora of ibe
i'iiv of North Vancouver will be
luken on Thiirsiluy .lhe Elevenlli day
ol January, llll, between the hours
of 0 o'clock a ui end 7 o'clock p.m. pn
"Tbe Ward Opinion By-Law. WU"
und Ibal within the Clly Hall, North
Vancouver, B ft,  and  that   Thomas
Shepherd ha* been appointed Return
Ing Officer lo lake lhe Vole of Such
Kjtcton with th* usual power* In thai
(ieh*lt. J
By order of lhe Council,
^      ... WM, McNKlS)!,
1     thomwShhphkrd,
ill Nortb y#*¥»v« paopU **4 at
Pitinr Flack Blot* or ffa»Unga St.,
ippoalle tin pm poet office. r*ooard
mIIi hii Ue by th* pound- v
Siiimsisi,'     Olher liamci
Wltollior for Alderman, School
Trusleo or Ferry Director
Hlr-S, Richmond Charles (..
DH'K, William dame* ,..'.,
FOREMAN, Christopher F.
FBA8KU, .lames Dora .....
IHWIN, William dobn ..
KKNiNKDV', Thomas  Leslie
MacKKNZlI'l, Uuder.ek ....
MeRAE,   Hi'iirp,'   Wislli..,'   .
I'll 11,1,11'Pi), Oeorge Jeckyll Aldornian
'^AUOKNT,  Artbur Wallace ". alderman
VANi'K, Oeorge Washington
WAHD,   -loins   Kadi'-   	
.. Alderman
. A I.l. ii,,:,,i
. Alderman
. Alderman
.. Alderman
.. Alderman
.   A 1.1,'in,a,,
.   Alderman
.North Vancouver, Brukcr.
.Norlh Vaueouver, Broker. ,
Nurlh Vancouver, (ienllcman.
.North Vancouver, Manager
.North Vancouver, Broker.
Norlb Vancouver, Broker.
Norlh Vancouver, Contractor.
.North Vancouver, Merchant.
Norlb Vancouvor, Accountant.
North Vlmguvcr, Ileal Ksl*lo Agtnl.
.Norlb Vancouver, Ileal Folate Ageot.
Alderman     Nurlh Vancouver, Broker.
,Alderman   .Nurlh Vancouver, Broker
M*W)WBWi, Marcus Bervlus ........School Trustee  ».....North Vancouver, Jlruggisl.
MOBpBN, Edwy Allan     School Tru-too .'..North Vancouver, Printer.
 ....North Vancouvor, Bctirod.
  .North Vancouver,'Architect.
PILLING, James Hudson ..
WATSON, Henyy Barton
HOUI/r, Waller Lionel ...
(j'ATF-S, Obarlci Heury  Tpfiy Oiieclot :.
..fifty TMreclor '.'.
. .ferry Jliroctor...
..Terry Director ..
.School Tia I',
. ..School Trustee
.,, Ferry Director  Nortli Vancopvcr, Broker.
GLADWIN, Wynyard Charles
HOf/T, Theodore Claylon  ...
KINO, I'ercy 	
McM)M<4#, Bonald   .......
WIWO^, William Mn •■•
WBIOBT, Henry (My** 	
. North Vancouver, Meslor Mariner.
..North' yartPooTiT,"f,rovi^rtinw|'iiri^i -thmhsn-—-
.North Vancouver, Broker. Jf
.North Vancouver, Heal  KslaU
...Ferrjt Director   Norlh V»ucoover, Maslef
...feriy Director     North Vancouver ,Aeii
...Petty Director North Vancouvtr,
^        '"I
Of which all parwn* art hertby mulred to fait notice and to govern liitminfy** accordingly.
Oiv*n unto my hand at North Vaneonyar, t*U Blgb^h day of 9mi0, w tht put itw
thom as wpajoA
/ Bsturnlng Officer. I I Ita    l-<r\,   OI^SW*     OMIUM     V miWl" T HlVt   n,   —>
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warehouse in Nortli Vancouver a thoroughly
up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with the best quality of these goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
—..._   ■ ,    , ,     ,.,    ,.—   ■    ■ "*'""" ' " '—■'"'—.  —r*r—c~:
The Brackman-KerMilling Co.,Ltd.
Phone 4
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2,00 per day up.   Special
rales to families and tq regular hoarders.
/   •   I
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed ol goad building let
it caih payment on a ID room boutt;
new; all modern.     Buy   Urns   on
Annual Report ,
of District Police
Major Toft, Afittief pblef af pallet,
IMS rendered hia report upun the pnlice
activity in tbe inunlui|iillly tim Ills
appolptinoul in October let last, Pur-
ing (lie last tlireu months IB pronoun-
lloiia ware instituted, pf which 10 eqn-
vietiaita wero obtained. Tlm canes
dealt wltb were as follows! ,
1, iilleinpli'il lUlclde; 1 iilili'iiiiuii
money under false protonceaj 1 theft j
4 unlawful discharging of firearms;
1 aaaault, 9 unlawful blasting, 1 unlawful possesalnn of atiilon goods.
Complaints of ).wt or stole* property have beau very few .considering
tbtt a number of people in certain
parts of the district appear to be in
tbe habit of leaving thoir houaea during the greater portion of the year,
without providing secure Inrka, or in
seme cases, locks st all. A number
of warning! have beon given lo people
who were in Ihe habit of removing
gravel frum certaitt creek beds without having a leaae or any other authority permitting thorn to do so, and
thia practice haa apparently now boen
atamped out.
Several roiilravontioiiB nf the provii-
ium. of lhe ll. 0, TroHlc liegulalinn Aet
by people obstructiug the trntlie through
leaving lumber, shingles, etc., on the
roads and alau filling up the ditchea,
hme been reported and Investigated
and a stop has been put lo thie practise.
Various breaches of Ibe heavy traffic
bylaw, by people hauling heavy loada
on and cutting up nf the roada of the
district, have also beon invealigalod
and cheeked. So far, however, auffi-
elent evidence lo warrant u proaeeutiun
has been unobtainable.
With the ei...,,in,a amount of eleariug of land In the district whieh ia
constantly being hurried on, the by-
ltw relating to blaating appears to
be the one moat frequently violaled,
and the only practical method In adopt
in order to prevent offences of thia na
lure, which often result in most aer
ious accidenla, would lie, eanaideritig
particularly the large area uf the diatrict, to provide additional mounted
I'utiol-, lite moat frequent broaches being those of inadequately aafeguurdlng
the danger cone and blunting afler
There are at Hie present lime ait
aperitl eonatalilea of whom twu aro in
poueiiion of gaaoline launches, one
residing at Woodlanda, and the uther
at While I'liiTe. Ilulli uf theae con-
elabloa are in a position to affurd a
great deal of- police protection along
the waterfront, which of course, ia of
great value lo Ihe districl in order lu
pre., ni crime being sommilted along
Ihe waterfrotit.
Tbe Chief ilatea id eoneluaiuti lhal
generally apeaking he haa an far found
the dlatrial fairly clear uf rriutea of
any icrioua nature. .• Willi (he greal
influx of people wbo are alpacted lo
-■til. in lhe district-jduring lhe entiling year, he baa no doulil whatever
but that Hu police work will Bases
airily materially increase during the
coming year.
•    :«.
Contrary to the usual practice lhe Assessment Notices (or
I9|2 have been sent to the registered owners of property
according to the Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities that the property hud changed hands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore-been deemed
sufficient fpr city purposes] but owing to a recent decision the
city council is advised by. its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements. •  .
The Norlh Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which it has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them so that they may be   ,
come aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
Why is our advertising patronage large?
Because The Express reaches the people!
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
All 111*1 ANTS.
Percy   .■-    Hewird II.   J.   Pirrln
''liy   Auditor.
Aatllori  aai   Aeceaalaati
ill   IVtiiler   81.   W.       P.   0.   Hoi   1216
I'lione ISI7 Phone III
Vaneouver       Nurth Vancouver
IOsVIRAI mils.
Diitrict of Nortb Vancouver.
luurl al llrilalua ul Aairiimral Hull
.'.uili'IT    ll    It. I. hs     ,il.s,    I1...I      |||,.
i'ouncll ot Ihi I'litrlci ul Norlh Van
couvtr have a|i|iolhlnl Saturday .lhe
Ird day nl February, llll, al the luiur
nf I o'clock |iin at the .'.l,n,l. i, ,i
Hall, corner of I , ,, \..n, . It,mil uml
Ki,inline Itoad III laid illilrlcl aa the
lime and I'liu. lor hearliia ,,.,.,,.I...,,.
lailml the Aiiemm.-M for the yett
llll, aa made by the Alienor.
Any fiermn rompliilnliiK aaelnil Hi,
Aimimtnl muit irlve nolice In wrliliiir
lu Ihi Alienor of Ihe around „l bll
ruinnlilnl il Itlll ten daya licfnle the
dale ol lhe flnt • luliiii nf lhe I'nutl
ol IteVlilon '
Deled al North Vancouver. H I',
Ihli ISth day ol December.  Itll
JnllN H   FAIIMJ.lt. I'M i:
■ -
tiuitiiKTi r
IW 61b Street Eait Worth Vaaoouver
I'bone m
Pioneer Horaeaboer — Carriage Worke
r        —
Uuccnior to Wallace * Scull, Third
Hir eet.   General n.pair work.
A, Wallace'! lervuai bav* been re
H.iima A*l) aTATio»iJ«y.
Bookaellari awl Hlallooiri
Cor. lonadala and lit.       I'bone 143
■—  '   i       -
feet Ondoete Chicago University
Thi New Block on  Lonadala Avenue
near tka Forry Approach
waa built by
General Coalraetore
Cpntractun ler' reinforced concrole
euiiilriielimi. Bewering ta all ill
brancbei; buuao cuUnectieni a epe
emiiy     Estimates  /urniibed.
Office: id Luuidale Ave.        I'lione tit
I'rasied Brick Mantlcra Bpecialty.
i'hone 1,1 IU '
Up to date Millinery
Modertae Bates
Kilth Block     S3 Lonadali Ah.
I'll, lllll. HAI'lll-ll
Studio  over  Bask  B. N. A.
Iurnilnl- and Eivlaaede
li.l vim n>
r.i-- Filling and Cunnicllng Promptly
lvCrai|> W. Craib
Jn Concrete, Brick and Wood.
Ofici: 117 PII18T 8TKKBT BAST
IM.lt. k S.
Irrigation, dralaaae, lavala, plana
and epedficatione. Siplic tanks and
bouaa drainage a' ipeiaally, P. I).
Pox Ut, lllh street weal ol ilewicke
A venae. .
1     " lie    ' "I   i I  i       ,  ■
North  Vancouver   Buaineaa
College end Copying Office
Bank ol Hamilton Cbamberi, Lonldile
Avenue ,Nortb   Vanrouver .    Pay and
eveaing  claaiee.  Open  all  tbe  year
O. K. OjmMVP.
And general Cominla»ion Merchant, It
Lonsdale Ave., Nortk Vancouver.
mmmm, *•*.
...ja iT
and Correctly Done    Prlcee il«lu
North Vancuuver
r. B.C. arid l.ynn Valley
Pbone 164
saw FILMS.
Saw Filer aud Orinder. all kindi at
band, croai   cut  aud   buck aawi let
and died at -shortcut  notice. Ut lull
itreet etat, Norlb Vancouver.
TA 11,11*1.
High claai Ladiea' and Oant'i Tailoring
• Pbone 907
Specially: Children'! IjCoouj at awn
noma. . Tornu    etc, apply General
My rlolhei. are at tbi Capilano
I-aundry where youn ought tu be.
Flat work tor SU cants doi. hWugb
dry, le lb., wet waih, Ic lb. Drop as
a card and we wjll call tot thm. •
: P. 0. Vm Wi qowAMT
■fldltpp flapr***!
Mr,1 May think* fcewTP^-fpport-,
hy rof*renii9 to th* application of 0
eloiit history snd i have th* assurance
pt Mr, fleorg* H. Opnian, ea-MiP- that ffffMi #»». astahlish**' will V* WBHIi
tha company b»s pay, completed th«lr over »3,OOQ,OPP, and th«y own * mlu-
financial arrgugonieiiti and will iinmo- iug property on tho north liniiiiilury of
diat*ly get down tp sonafrnctipn wort th* dls(fl«t r«port*d by an expert nt
If j* ralhar Intswstlng to sse that] It. may uot be out of place to rgply to >>lgl> Mpntatlon a* having oue million
Mr. May hy^ving the eject f*ot* tot*trffslligh-las* pflfon pro in eight.
regarding tho application.   Tho pom- Thay nndortunk to giv* employment to
lany to the district for a guarna.. -pany owns real estate which ,e»t|m*tnil a v«y '*rg* numhor of meii at th*lr
pfthBJr hond*. Though thst is an- at a very inoderato valuation when the worke, and as thoy own about IW
dock |s established and Wh*n thoir own Wilas 0< waterfront tbey proposed tu
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Loti in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     14 caih, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        14 caih, 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Smokers' Cabinets    $5.00, $9.50 up
Caid Tables ............	
Moiris Chairs, $7.50, $8.50, $9.50 up to
 '..v.,  $18.00
Ladies' Secretaries, $7.50, $9.75, $15.00,
  $18,00 up to $35.00
Isn't it true that you always appreciate something
useful ami scnsililo for it
Christmas gift rather thun
sume frivolous nil vor trifle
Ihut is merely prattyt
Then dou't' you inpposu
that your friend* would
profcr soinethiiig Ihut Is
both useful and urnumoiil
all Why nut maltu your
Christmas selectiuns here I
We will surprise yuu witb
Die variety of things you
can got for but very little
Reading Lamps, $7.50, $10.00, $12.00
  and *I5.00
Pictures, some beauties  50c. to $10.50
Children's Doll Buggies *3.70
Children's Toy Sets, 2 chairs and table, $2.50
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
offer strong IpdHMP'oots to uHipf >,-•
dliitrUs tp locate ther*. They wished
th* dlstfl't to guarantee their bond*
to amount nt ♦T,000,qofl apd of that snip
$800,000 wa* to ho expended in their
works, under approval ami Banction of
pp engineer representing lhe' district.
Jheee bonds woro to Vf socprpil by a
first charge ovor every asset th* company owned and tbeso iimoiiiitinl to *
coiiBidcrulilo aum over tho ' vulue tit
th* reul entails and included 160 valuable patont rights. Ovor 000 voters in
tho district algned a petition **Mug
tho council to submit a liy-|»w tn th*
elector* to grant.the roqupBt of the
company. 1 was ashed as president of
lhe Board of Trade tp accompany tho
directors who appeared before the
council ami all the above facts wore
stated to mo. I gladly went and introduces! tho ni.'illi'r to the council. The
proposition wtijjjfuuqueatioiialily one
worth considering, as if it could bo en
turtuiiinii with safety to the public intereat it meant so very much towards
thu development of that lection. I
point*!) out that tbe heat teat woul,| lie
iho effect which entering into such a
transaction would have upon tho bor
rowing powers of the district in the
market uml I Wua liblc to cile lhe writ-
ten opinion of a well known financier
lo thu effect that wilh so valuable
a security tho crodit nf the district would not be impnircii. The applicants were all mill known,men and
some of them tire leading .ratepayers
in Iho district.
Thu council iui not BUtortalu lhe application uml I am not 'aware of any
one having blumi'il tbem for refusing
but surely there wus nothing improper
or wilil in cither the application ittolf
ur in Ilie council giving it very care
fill consideration, Many wilder undertaking* havo been given by muni
ciptililies  wilh  excellent,  results,
Mr. May refers lo the amount uf uu
paid price on lhe cuinpuny's lamis. I
mny stall1 Ihut several of the vendor.'
wero prcpurcd tu accept a accurity ill
furred to tho district's charge in sel
llemciit of their interests, thus giving
in.1.11. nl assurance of their confidence
in lhe property, Personally I hud
no slock or ini.-i.-.-t of any I.in.I in lhe
company other than a ratepayer ip the
Hut neither Ihis company nor any
oilier company hus u shuw of Success
till the Second Narrowa bridge and rail
way connection ure enisling facts and
lhe mail who has done more than any
olber lo bring these within reach is
'Beeve McNaught, yet some arc doing
their best lo deprive him of lhe power
to carry on that  work tu completion,
I am,
(Ooutlnued Vtm *W>
Don't miaa the illustrates! lecture
trip thruugh lhe l.un.1 af Bi'Ott an I
Han. wilh Ihu Bev. .1. W. Woudaidc
aa "guide" uaaiatcd by Vancouver
talent In aongs au.l reading*, Thursday,
.Innunr_v IV, li p.m., SI. Andrew's Pres
!■;.(. isa.i church. Admission 16 um] fit)
ronis. 16 1
The Municipality of North Vancouver, to wit:
4,PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors of the Municipality aforesaid,
that a Poll has become necessary at the Election now pending for the same, and that I
have granted such Poll to be taken on Saturday, the 13th inst., between the heps of
I u 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.; and further, that the persons duly nominated as candidates at
the said election, and for whom only votes will be receive
... pf
'   Hiirimiue       Olber Namoi.
Whither for R**v* or Councillor
McHAUOHT, fnbn Voung
MAY, William Hinry
Of Lynn Valloy
of Nortb Vancouvar
NELSON, Obarlaa
THOMPSON, William Allied
Councillor for Ward On*
Councillor for Ward On*
Councillor for Ward Tbri*
Councillor fpr Ward Tbree
Councillor for W»rd Tbr**
of Vaneouvir
of Nortk Vancouver
«f North Vancouver
tt North Vincouver
of North Vancouvtr
I.OUTBT, luk
PHILIP, Alexander
* I WAflO, Oaorji
Bctired Mtrcbant
ALLAN, Thomaa Alfred    '
FMTOVBg, tint    '.
Councillor for Ward Pour
Councillor for Ward Four
Of Lynn Valley
of L|sa Valley
\ '•
pt Kortls t*nt*uT*r
of Vincouvir
BAIDOHAN, Bdward Harry
MicKBNZIB, Oaarla* Ponald
Councillor for Wart FIT*
Councillor for Ward PIT*
E(Ut* Mauager
Accountant                 .
Of which aU persons are hereby required to take notjee |nd to govern themselves
accordingly, .**.'. .
Given under my hand, at North Vancouver, this Eighth day of January, in the year
Returning Officer.
O. f, Foremaiit No franchise, Municipal ownership. ■
A, W. Sargopt; If it I* nMOSiary yes.
No barm i» giving fr»Tnch!»o if eit.i
properly protected.
W ..j. Irwipt wttle early to deal witb
i|iieiilinii.     InveHligiiliiiii rmpiireil mprc
urgepiy of «|ectr|c lighting Pf eity
anil charges thereof.
fl. W .V»ncp; Vos, bpt city not in position to go Into matter at present,
8. Do you favor tho division of tho
eity into wards, and if so, what method would you adopt!
W.Knowlpn A retrograde movement.
In host intcrosta of city to adhere to
presont system. Want to inns' a civi
spirit, not a soctional spirit/^ ■
B .MacKonzio: Vol.       v
W. Dick: Consider it favorably,
though not a matter of absolute ncccs
sity. -Makes possible uu ciptiliilile ili
vision of public funds.
J. E. Wnrd: Yea, favor division intu
Bin wurda, three itt residential district
and Ihree on wnlcrfrniit.
fl. J. Phillipo; Yes. Follow oxtimplc
of lurgo cities.
0| W. MeRtie: Halepayers are aetll
ing tho question.
J .1). Frascr: Ratepayers are Buttling
tho tjucatioii.
O. F. Foreman; Yea.
R. C. Bibb: Yea.
A. W, Surgcttt; No.
W. J. Irwiu: Yes, llio cily hus reach
dl Ihe. time for it.
O. W. Vance: Yes.
7. Will you advocate lulling immediate steps fur acquiring the foreshore
rights opposite the Imliun Mission He
serve for lhe cilyt
W. Knowlcs: Yes.
II.  MiicKcii/rie:  Yes.
W. Dick: The cily ., ,i.| acquire
every piece of forcshoro it can, wit-
listcut with present llnunciul position
.1. E. Wurd: Certainly.
(I. .1. Phillipn: Yes.
(J. W. Mcllue: Yea.
J. D. Fruser: Yea.
li. F .Foreman: Yes.
B. (,'. Biss:  Yes.
A. W. Uurgcnl:  Wise lo wail until
Harbor  eoniiniaaioiiera lime made re
purl am! recommendations.
W. ,1. Irwiu: Yea .
fl. W. Vance: Yea.
8. Would you he in favor uf devia
ing some menus whereby an owner of
an uncleared iui centrally locatesl could
lie cither Induced or compelled lo clear
it mo I
W. Knowlcs: Yes.
H. MacKenzIc: Te*.
W. Dick: Nol sure it can be forced
legally unless under danger of lire
section in Municipal Cluuses Act.
/, il. Ward: Nut in our power to do
tbis. Wuuld advocate representations
being seul lo the government tu take
steps necessary tu render il possible.
O. /. Phillipo: Yea.
(J. W. McBae: Yea.
J. I). Frascr: in favor, if possible.
Would mil fuvor compelling u man tu
clear a lot until title secured
C. F. Foreman: Yes. if possible.
II. fi. Biss: No.
A. W. Sargent: Know of no law In
compel.   Favur il if il can be done.
W .J. Irwin/ Yes, if possible.
1). W. Vauce: Yes, if possible.
9. Are you iu favor of establishing
fire limits within Ihe cily I
W. Knowles: Yes.
Ii. Mackenzie! No. II would retard
building operation*.
W. Dick: No, loo early lo consider.
Q. ,1. Phillipo: Yea, if il can be sal
iafadorily defined.
fl. .W .Mcllue: Yes, if ciirefully gone
.1. D. Frascr: Nol al present.
(I. F. Foreman: In favor.
A. W. Sargent: Not juat yet
W. J Irwin: l.illle luu early lo lake
up the subject, , Would relard building
activities. . r.
O. W. Vance: Yes, to a limited ci
10. Are you in favor of introduc
ing a bylaw lu regulate the location
of lauudricst
W. i-.„...-.i.    Ye*.
U  MacKcnrlo: Yci.
W. Dick: foi.
J. E. Ward: Y«s,
O. W. McBae: Yes.
J. I). Fraier: Yci.
0, V. Foreman: Yci.
\ A. W .Sargent: Yci.
'<W*<. 'Irwin: Yoi, very ciientiil.
fl. W. V*nce: Yea, in io far as U
affects Ibo residential sections.
11. Are you in f»vor of cipropriul
ing sufficient land adjoining Lonsdale
Ave. and the foreiboro to accommo
dale tho future ferry lervicc.
W. Knowles: Not la favor until ub
solulcly uecaaaary.
B. MacKenw: If it il ncccsiary
lo running ot ferries, iu favor.
W.  Pick:  Kerry loiiimisiioueri
made no' application for it. Tbo
ion of anotber boat will be
tho city will be able to afford in f*rry
4. K. Ward! Yci, tko rity might bave
to pay double Ihe price nett year what
it hat lo pay.
Q. W .McBte: If it i* noresury lo
accommodat-a fplure firry ""'Ice, ..-.
1. I). Vtutfi Yo*. /
I!. V. Vetetntp) lee.
9 O. 9m: Vi
A. W, Sargent: No.
ed fur replyiMt,
The Oity pf North Vancouver requires  gOOll    aenicenlile    Iriinlt   roitda
uud thorougltfurea, nm! tbe most
useful surfacing material which present IInnni'i.'« will permit is crushed
rock. Immediate attention annul,I be
givon by the eily council to thi* important matter.
,      W. IIBWIN,
auictav ito** couam. cunt* coin*.
Bewer Oonuectlona
PIIIIIjIi: NOTICE Is norehy given
I hat all uwiiera of real property fronting or abutting upon a street or lano
in which or ui..i.i which a main or
.uiiiiiliiu newer is 1*1.1 is hereby ro-
quiresl lu i-uiiiici'l tiny buililing or promises upon -iic|i property wilb such
initio or lainiiiiun fewer.
I'.'rniils mny be onlntiicl'friini the
Plumbing ln,]a'<liiT nl hia oflice nt lhe
Clly Hull lietiveen the hours of II a.
in. anil In nni uml I pin. anil 2 p.m.
Tlie following regulations govern the
construction of houae or budding cen
iiccliuns with sctveis:
No house sower pipe snull havo a
lesa full than I lo 40, unless ipeclal
permission is grnutod in writing by
Iho Council. Said pipca between the
iron pipe, lo the connection uf thu
public sewer lo lie of the best quality
aitinilnril anil -planed vilrilied day if
wor .pipe, and shall hnve a diameter uf
uul leva limn l inches. All pipea shall
I.c sssiuiiil.mul well burned throughout
iheir thickness, impervious tn mois
lure. Willi a clear ring, ainuotli ant
well glu/eil on interior and oilerior
aurfaeea, free from flntva, cracks, blis
lers, lire checks nr other iiup, ife, I mn
The i.ipes usual bo so laid iu ll a
Ircncli tluil utter the aewer ia compict
ed, the interior surface thereof, shall
be lo u Irue inni even glade.
lu milking the joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in re
ment grout, must lirut be used ami
piieki'd into place. Tlie joints shall
afterwords be lightly packed full ml
bevelled i,IT with mortar, composed of
one pari by volume of approved Port
llli'l .''.CID.ci.il to one jmrt by volume of
upprnveij sand.
All joints shull lie made water lighl,
an'thnt Ihey will aland a head of HI
feet uf waler, when teslcd by Iho
Plumbilijl Inspector al the owner'-,
plumbers or contractor1! expenac.
By order of lhe Council:
City Clerk.     If
ners bet
ie provitl
all thai
NOTICE,i> hereby given Ihut an »li
plication will lie made under Pari V.
uf the "Watui Acl, lull," lo ublaiu a
licence in Ihe
Division uf District
iii; The name, address and urcujm.
in,i, of tl,- upplicanl-—t'urporatioD of
I lir Cily nt  Norll. yancouver.
Ilf for mining purposes) Free Min
er's i.'crlilbiile No	
ibj Tlie name of the lake, stream
ur sour,,' nf unnamed, the description
is) Creek flowing oul of llico lake
into Seymour river.
li) Tb' |-,,u,l of diversion—8-01)0
feet siiiaii stream in a northerly direction from saiil.i i,l llice l.uiie, mid
point  being in D   I,. Hfii.
i.li The quantity of waler a|jilic<l
tor lin cubic feel per icoudj—-Three
cubic  feel   per seeollil.
ie; Tin' ehartilei of Ihe proposed
works   tr'iuiill ,1am.
if, The promisee ou which Iho wi
ler i. In be used I describe sutuo(—Oity
o( Nurlli Vim. iiuver.
ig. The purpui.es for which lhe we
ler ia lo be iiKcil -Municipal and do
toeatlc purposes
(li) If for irrigation descriUo1 lhe
and inlended lo be irrigale<l, giving
li) If lhe waler is lo be used fur
power nr mining purpose* describe Ilie
place where lhe water is lu be returned
lo some natural channel, ami tho dif
ferenco in altitude belween point of dr
version ami point of return 	
in Areu of Crown land intended
lu be occupied liy lhe propoild works
(k) Tlii» imi is e was polled oo lhe
Tlud day of December, 1911. and appli
cainm will be made Iq the Comniiiiion
er on Ilie I''III day uf .Inniiary, lei;'.
Il) fiivo ibe tiunici and (dilreucs
of auy riparian proprietor* or Mean
teen who or whose lands are likely to
lie affected by Iho prupused works,
either above or below toe outlet.
(Signature) THOMAS BHEPHKliD,
(P. O. Addreii)
Cily Hall, Norlb  Vancouver
V  ■', Jii
BrottN*, Haw VmA
W e^^mfaaep^mmo, w** ^w
mtHtVn a
o'clock In
resident ratepayers' candidate fur
re-election. Opposition euiuiltlate uor
tlially invited, "Beafoati)" leaves
Vancouver at 7,15, returning after
A little over a week ago Mr, Clmrles
Nelson was the recipient at a petition
signed by thirty-live naves of representative significance asking bim to
enter tbe lists for Ward 1 in the municipality aa a candidate for council
honors. Mr. Nelson's satisfactory reply was as follows:
J. Aleunder and Others:
Dear Sir,—In reply to your ronuest
as por petition presented to me I few
days ago re standing as couuciller/for
Ward I. and allowing my iiamertu bo
nominated, 1 informed you pers. tiall;
at lhat time that the vute of lhe
meeting of the ratepayers of West
Vaueouver would help me to decide
what cotrre to pursue. Hlnee Uiul
merlin;! wus so lurgels nti,-„.le.| lie the
ratepayers and a Inruo uiaporit/ supported your motion, I lu'g to thank you
und llii'in for the nomination uml I
hereby ceeept lhe same,
Yours truly,
Retired Chemist, Vancouver.
It' elected I will oppose any alenipl
of the Council to unduly concentrate
• -1 iii..,.    or use lhe city credli in
any particular section nf the Cily at
the expense uf the ulher purlieus, liul
will endeavor to secure a fuir and im
partial distribution uf street work ami
utber improvements throughout tbe
city Jii accordance with the requirements of trallic uml actual settlers.
W. J. 1BW1N,
1)1 (Candidate for alderman)
Ladles and Gentlemen :
At the request of a number of Ike
ratepayers 1 have decided lo accept
the nomination fur , I'm  Director,
I huvu been connected, with ship
ping business for a lifetime as maater
and mariner of suiiing ships au.l
■.an..i und during thai time have
visited .the principal seapurts nl' the
world, and have had occasion lo Ira
vel uu and ubs'erve the nunagameul
nf many large ferry systems, au.l if
yuu consider experience a necessary
qualification, i would thank you for
your support on Thursday, lllh inat.
Yours respect fully,
r. McMillan
Master Mariner.
Linlii't, and Ijeiitlemen:
Permit me to make use uf the press
uu the must available means of letting yuu know thai I um again a can
alt,late for alderman and of asking
vusir support for re-election,
Yours   respectfully,
North Vancouver.
January nth, Jul:.'.
ir,—It has eoftie to my know
lodge that a rumor regarding my can
didaturo for aldermen in the.Pity of
North Vancouver is now circulating
which Intimates-that-L-aw one of p
clique pledged to pull for one particular
tonality of Nprth Vancouvor,
In reply I wjih to state that thii'
rumor is absolutely untrue, (hat I have
not agreed with any one to pull for
any particular locality and have no
Idea pf doing SO, and to emphasiito
title point I wish to state the follow
Ing facts:
1, That I have attended no meeting
other than the regular Batopayuri' As
soeiiitioii meeting last held at the City
2. I havo not heen aaked. to stand
for any ticket ai rumored.
S. If I had been asked to do so I
should have refused. ,
4. I am standing independently and
absolutely on my own merits.
And furthermore it is my opinion
that no honest man could accept uom
Ination with the intention of using bis
ii,Ha, .1.■. for the benefit of any lo
ration, iu his own interests, or in the
intorests of his particular friends, and
[ challenge tlte authors of this rumor
to prove either at a public meeting or
through tho press that this rumor is
true. *
It ia my Intention should lhe rute
payers see fit to elect me to work for
lhe interests of the ratepayers of
.'...nli Vancuuver. I stand ior all lhat
means progressiveness, good government ami fair troattnent lo all ratepayers in nil purls, of the city. My
record as eolkcillor for the districl
municipality of North Vancouver
ing the pait year wili confirm
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. J. L, Kennedy, will reeolvo
this Wfldn'estlsy at 856 1st stroet east
and afterwards n u the first and secpml
Wednesday ofeaclriuonth:
Mr. /■ D- Praeer |i eomploting ar,
ruiigniniiiila fnr the construction of live
cottages on his property on the Bs
pliinadi. eait of St. Andrew's Avenue,
where he owns several lots.
Board of Directors, 1912
Your vote and influence ,m
respectfully requested by
Walter L
ISth January,  1012.
The approaching election for the
reevesbip of North Vancouver is one
uf great imparlance tu thousands of
people who have interests in lhe eity
and municipality of North Vancouver,
an.I they should consider well lhe Importance* of the election.
Nortli Vancouver is now al what is
probably the most critical period of ils
life. Willi the Beeoml Narrows bridge
comes Hie railway, but with.ml it, tlte
day is far off when North Vancouver
will establish railroad communication
with the outside world.
Much of Ihe credit must be given
to lieeve McNauglil-ainl will bo given
ungrudgingly' by all-fur having
brought the arrangements regarding
Hie construction of the bridge lo Iheir
present satisfactory state.
Yet much more has to be done.
Owing to the euginer'i report, il
has become evident thai a larger s|iin
is needed than was at firsl estimated.
.Beeve McNaught has lulmresl long
and hard lo bring affairs to their pres
eut stale ami no oue il heller equip
ped wilb Iho facta and information
neceaaary to briuga thiugs lo a dual
and mi ia. i,,ss termination than be
is. He has amply proved his devotion
lo public interests during his term
of ollice; he has given his lime ami
labor without stint.
Jiis opponent may be in every way
worthy, but to change Beeves al the
present  state of affairs, appears like
hanging phyiiriani in the middle of
an operation.
Thoae uf ui land incidentally 1 am
one) who differ frum him in poliliei
can i,II,,nl, agaiuit such proven merit
as his, lo put poliliei aaide.
There can be no doubt thai the af
fairs relating to the Beeoml Narrows
bridge have been greatly advanced un
,ler Ilis rare, so it behooves us, ai
prartieal people, to give hint every op
porlunity to finish his work by re-elect
ing him to the reevesbip of North
As business calls me away to Englaud
during the elections, I lake Ibis means
with the courtesy uf the edit ur, of giv
iug my support to Mr. MrNaughl.
I a.lieis atill  I leu 11.one is:
Having received a requisition slgnod
by two liundred'ratopuyurs asking me
tu stand as a candidate fur feevu for
1013, it is wilh greut pleasure thul I
consent to their wishes, 1 have had
the confidence and support nf tho pub
lie for 17 years as councillor ami reeve
of the districtSnd mayor of tho eity.
If elected I wili use my inllutiiiee to
prosecute all necussary improvements
in a spirit computable with the west
eru spirit of progressiveness such ae
ion,!.-, streets and trunk roads und give
intending settlors uccess tu their pru
1 will endeavor tn work in tho besl
of harmony  with tho cities and dis-
111. Is,    llll.■leal,al    ill    Uie    11.11 I ■ I I I,.     lit' till'
Ueeond Narrows Hridge, fully renli/
ing tbat the construction nf the same
is the pivut uf our future   access,
I will use my best endeavors to work
in the must friendly manner with all
whu are interested in the furtherance
of railway and ulher transportation
facilities in and aruuiul Durrani inlet.
Trusting that my long exiiQflence in
public matters may justify my request
fur yuur hearty support,
1 am,
Yours faithfully,
Editor  Express:
Sir,—In your last issue yuu give
two letters in rcfereneo to speech of
Mr Muy concerning abuve corporation.
I wish you lo please correct your
printer's serious error in giving tin'
wrong figures, vis., H8,0IW.II0 instead
of (250,000.011, as per my letter tu Mr.
May. This explanaliun ia due to tlte
treasurer and manager ami also the
shareholders of the Corporation in.
Yours truly,
J. P. O'C. WOOD.
(NOTE We very much regret the
typugraphical error which fuund ils
way nil,i the publication of Mr. Wood's
letter an,I gladly muke emends us re
Editor Express:
Dear Sir,—A rumor appears to be in
cireu|at|ou that certain candidates fur
alderman Including myself, are form
ing a combination to reopen tbo gradq
controversy uiul tu obtain more than
a fair share of strept Improvement*
in a section of this city.
Permit me through the nioili«w"Tir
the Express to state emphatically that
thie rumor is false in every particular
and in justice, to those candidates and
myself 1 trust you will give publicity
to this letter.
Yours truly,
North Vancouver, B ,0.,  .,
Jan. Oth, 1018.
Tend,■,:, will be received up to 18
o'clock noon ou Thursday, dutiuary ill),
for erection of church in Lynn Valley.
riai.. ran bo seen at Hawsun uml
I'untee.nst's ollico, Boom till, llolden
bluek, Vaneouver, Martinson . Cu., of-
lli'tr*,Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, or at post uiiiee, Lynn Creek.
The lowest or any tender not paces
Barfly accepted.
District of North Vancouver.
TAKE NOTIOB that a public meeting of the ratepayers will be held at
the Municipal HaU, comer of Lynn
Valley and Fromme Boade, on Thunday next, the Uth lust. ,at 7.30 p.m.
to receive and discuss the report of
the council fo rtbe year 1911.
Dated title 6th day of January, 1919.
JOHN   Q.   FABMEB,   C'.M.O
A large eily map of North Vuiicuuver has lieen prepared in the City Engineer's oflice,showing the dimensions
uf the lols.
Any person desiring a blue print
of the same muy ulilain a eupy at' the
City Engineer's uillre by'paying the
.,I..,,I  eust  of  il ic printing.
City Engineer.
lii I
I    '    IH.II , II
D A kJ iff  nf   UA MII TO kd
Capital Paid Ip ... * 2,7.111,11110
Reserve t, I'i,divided Profits :i,2',il,0lllj
Tulal   Assets          lil,l)i|i|.i)i)U
Come take a trip through the land of
Bcott and Burnt by Bev. J. W. Wood
lide, enliv fuel by tong and itory—Vancouver talent. Bt. Andrew'i I'reiby
terjan church Tburiday, January IS,
i p.m. i'rice 25 and hn centi.        Ifi I
stew couch yiKiTCK
"Tka Gi.tr. *f Affairs"
Io till Townsite of C-Mjuitian
Only a few lots now left.     . - m
Price |300 cash; 6, 12, 16 and 24 months. '
m B8PLA*-U)B  (OM) POff OPFI01)
»*•m , f*Q*\tn miB
Age** for Uriwi Awurtw* Co.   s
We have * good idgiioD of Houtt* for S«k #r Rent
* u
fi. ..i.i. , i.n. i in, an Itni'iitlvt- Id
■ave. it mi vin tin account uiTui iIh ■<
untv ami convenient 1111-tliuil uf kr*|i-
\nu thu accumulutlnii dollar*
tint, cu«lu<l) Ih ut [7aVainuunt lm-
liorlain'v either fur the hunl-earn-
uil tfavlngK uf tin.- worker oi foi hunr
fundi .
Tlie H.ini, of FTuinlllon Invite* yuur
n.i viiij- *■ areounl. whether large or
Open   every
tweet)   ?  and   !
4!   I  )tl.   1,
>vt>nlt)|i   I"
, (i. HBAVKN,  Usui,
N'uili   laucouvrr
Head Office:
New Stock Arriving Daily
Special Shipment of
Just the thin gfor this lime of year.   Prices from
We still have left a range of warm fell slippers which
must be cleared at less than factory prices,
Men's or Women's ARCTICS; one or two buckles or
bultoni. <
Overshoes, Goloshes, Rubber Boots
■ 'v-/- ■   -
~*. ■   •
Visit our new itore
First airrri, opposite the City Hall.
iiii .'.,..m..i., :-'■■■"     .i M I..* ■•■.i iin'i.
Wood Paige Shoe Co.
Where you get your value for your money
. You can keep warm
and enjoy life if we
supply   the   heater,
We carry a full line of McClary's famous
and Airtight Heaters of  various  sizes,
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
- i
4      ~
4th Stieet West. H.  DUMAS.        Phone 347
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parts of the City
Cor. 16th and Lonidale Ave.
I'lione 33j Nuki'h VmieoovKn- H. C.
Owners—Palmer, Biirmester & von Graevcnilz
LYNE and KLIMENT, Acrobatic Singing and Dancing
8LBAN0B BATCH, Operatic Soprano
THE CORNELLS iu Musical Sketches
CURTIS and LoVAN, Character Acrobats
Matinee on Saturday at 2.30
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
liox Office open iu lo 13 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES~15c, 25c. and 50c.   I *■ cou, uu.
Boar^of Ferry Directors
" |,
Your Vote and Influence Respectfully Requested (or
Who has had seven yttn reiidence in North Vancouver
Proposal by %H May, Seceded by E. A. Pirn


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