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 '(   , ..Volume 10
Nouth Vancouver, B.C., Friday, February 24, 1911;'1,
NuwMf *\
!l y $
Members of the Joint Delegation to Ottawa to make
application for a Dominion
Subsidy for Second Narrows
Bridge, who left for the Capital  on  Thursday  Evening.
(lu board llie 3.15 eaitlwund train
yesterday was North' Vui.ei.utrr ucpo-
tingjmt in Ottawa wliu will present
the demand of ill internal! iii'i'iu
in.: mi Ituii.inl lulrl, Canada1! duel
I'm iii. port, fur a Dominion stibsld)
lowurd* iIh construction .ii iin Sec- ,
mill Narrows bridge und ilia Burrard
Intel Tunnel and Bridge (V». projects.
Tin.' company bus now Imhi.ihh) pledg
'll    111    rlli'll    i«   ll'lllL'-l'llll'll     llir      UlUJOl
population uf the province mill favorable i j■ ■(■■ vl iruin iillur adjoining
idJiii<if>ulitiLH. These :ucts mi dourly
jiiilimd in u iininoriol tu ili. govern-
MR. W. .1. IRWIN
iin ii t which will be presented by the
petitioners, Tin: delegation is com-
posed of Matin MeNcish uml Aid. Diet
for (hi: city, Reeve McNuught fur lln:
district and likewise for tin: lOinpauy,
W. .). Irwin'for the Uoiird of Trade,
and K. W. McLean for the Burrard
Inlet Tunnel and Uml, .■ Company.
While the udvuntugi of a pdminloii
subsidy arc not to bo guiusnid then
i every feeling of assurance thuteven
il liny arc not as ■ i ■ • i ■ ■ i in their
mission as might be wished.for that
the bridge will be gone ahead with
June Ibc same.
,'.      MAYOR TO. McNEISH
Public Meeting To-night re Famine in China.
A public moating will be held in the! in China because of the   famine now
| prevailing in the Hug-'lse Valley. Mi
■       ci-        r.„..i   niAmulod in each insluu
Cliung-Kung  den,  < hincsc • on»ul    nl^   m
city hull this evening for the purpose
ol enlisting the sympathy of the   lo- i VoMOMVer, ha.
cul public in sending relief lo the mil-1 the meeting which bus been called oFl*''™"'1^
lions who arc in danger of starvation jfilially by Mayor MiNci-h.
|shown as follows: 1906 iM 10, \'M1
•36.75, 1908 1100.06, l'JO'J $1606.06,
j llllil 118,736.16, total 117,393,31, Water rates for 'the year amounted to
.$8416.36. - There is still a balance in
arrears for water rules of 11133,
The following is shown   as ussrts of
the,city in real estate, the tabic c.-li-
being       lily
micnicd io additagJliul1 ul111 lot* JiMW-W i public park.
y Ul H'n U'l .     I.,    fion ni.0 . .. ..A..
street ends, $30,iJi,ll: loads
nnil streets, ilUri.3tt3.UU; Fourth strut
  lire hall $7177.36; Thirteenth lire hull,
^m~*m^mmmmmmm'^S~^m*~lm'~~£^^S^S^^S ■ Uiagij . cemetery rj^erye, $33s« ;   Rice
TRAGIC DEATH OF E. T. 1'OI.I.OK   lows:    Str.-cl     railway   advertising, Lake properly,  $I3,IiOO;   waterworks
$474.»0, newspaper advertising $608.4^6. intake building, $630.04; wharves end
One of the suddest affairs thai has „owa udverlising folder and map on < »li|»«, $4881 ; ichool property, land and
ever fallen to the lot of a North account $64.06, reception lladon-Pow-1 building, 1133,336.66; waterworks,
Shore family occurred lute last Wed- ,,|| |,„rtj. $lt.r,t, and miscellaneous, $163*364.11; North Vancouver I'itj
nesduy evening to Mr. E. T. Follok, «7.tN). Here wai u balance as- Wo Ferries shares uccounl, $87,740.
who, while apparently attempting to buuk at the 31-1 of llo.ciuu.-r ol . The account shown in the balance
get through u line of freight cms to fftl%. Messrs. A. II. Perry »nd Ii.! sheet us wharves and slips is 'In- u-
reach the 11.16 ferry lor the North j) yun>cn wire appointed u commit- mount siaiuling in the aciounU a* the
Shore was in some way knocked down tw l(, urrunge for lln  appointment ol  value ul the old (err) wharf removed
a secretary. by the North  Vanmuvcr til)   Ferries
 j t*o. lo make room lor lln- new wharf.
The rily council of I'Jlll Inlil that
iheir oi)uily in the new wharf was
more limn i'i|ii.il lo this amount   and
,,.. i ,     ,,,,,      , decided to lei the uinouut .-land in tin-
flic  yearlv   c-liniulis   lor   1911    ml
,,..■, i   -j j        ■ accounts.     lie nudiloi suggr-icd Ihut
the rate ol luxation wire •li-i-id.d t-|>-    ,        , .        ,   .        ,..,,.,
the opiiiinn ul the solinlor be obtain
and five cars passed over his body
The accident occurred at 11.10 und lln:
supposition is thut Mr. I'ollok was
hurrying to catch the ferry and finding
a string ol freight ears at the crossing
leading to (he ferry slip, be attempted
to get through between the cars. It
is probable ihut if this was the cuie
the shuuting jarred him from his hoi I
and he fell underneath the wheels. The
accident was first noticed by William
Jackson ol Hustings street, VuDiOU
ver, who gave the ulurni lo the train
crew. The remains were quickly go-
thcred up und removed to the under
taking parlors of (irceiie und Mcrklcy
under orders from Coroner Jeffs.
The late Kdwm-d Thomas I'ollok
ii a property holder in tliis city, his
residence being ou I'iib street jusi
west of St. Andrew's Ave. For several months previous to his tragn
death he conducted a real estute business at 110 Esplunade.
A very tad feature of the case was
ou the morning following his son came
down on the Lonsdale Avenue oar.n-
tirely ignoruut of the death of hi-father. He was told of the ilfair by
the conductor and the young man
went back to his home to .ppruisc his
mother, brothers and sjslors of Uic
fate thut bud befallen them.
Mr. i'ollok was the son of the lute
Col. Fit/William I'ollok, C.K., Madras
Stuff Corps, tbc author of u great
Many books und works on foreign
•port und travel, und the groutgrand-
•on of (Jonerul f, T. I'ollok, C.ty., who
did null good work during the early
days in India.
Mr. I'ollok was about 41 year* of
age and leaves a widow and one son,
Mr. Hi mid Lindsay Hew I'ollok.
FIXED AT 'in Mill.--
The lurge dredge which has been
-inking test holes along the foreshore
in front of D. 1.. 366 lor the Lonsdale
Estute people bus been translcrrud to
the mouth of Lynn Creek where the
channel thcie will be deepened toper-
mil of better drainage for the I,mil
A   very   pleusalil
given jointly in lb
'at home" was
Horticultural hall
Wednesday evening Inst oy Mrs.
(Alderman) Kittson, Mrs. Oickmuy,
Mis. Jackson and Mrs. Curtis. About
sixty guests were pre-enl und the
evening, which was of u social nature,
was very enjoyubly spent.
A meeting of the Joint Civic Advertising Committee .was held on Wednesday evening when Mr. A. 'j. l'crry
was reappointed chairman for the on
suing term- The resignation of Mr.
|f, J, Irwin oa treasurer wai raceived
and Mr. A. Philip was appointed in
his place. 'Hie auditors' statement of
the finances of the past year wai read
and adopted. It showed the receipts
to have been $1340.60 and the duv
bursemouti $1169.74, made up as lot-
on at u special meeting of the lily
council field Tuesday evening in llie
clerk's office for this purpose, lln-j reparation shows thai nemi; *Jihi.iSiii
will Ik required lo carry mi ihe work
of the year in the dinVieiil department!. The largest sum to be pin
tided for is interest and sinking fund
and next is tin- board of works wbiHi
is a little in excess of lu-l year, lln
total is $193313.91 and is segregated
a- billows: Finance $jt,tJHI, ino-re-i
and sinking fund $60,396.91, Hoard of
Works tlf.lSD, waterworks $I3J|00,
lire and light $13,860. Hoard ol Health
$6,0011, pisrks U.tl'K schools ordinary,
M'i.x'.i and police $9^95. To provide
for 'In ■■ i -.|" i ilii'U' the rate of 3D
mills net on Ihe dollar has boa livd
csl us lo the council's equity in Ihe
new wharf and that the accounts in
(be books be udjusii.il in anordniice
Willi Ins opinion so as I" ppresent
Accidental death by being run over
by u train at the North Vancouver
in', crossing wus tin: jury's verdict
on Ihe death of E. T. I'ollok yesterday afternoon.
The principal evidcinu brought out
ut the hearing was from the train
men who complained lliat people wer.
in llie li.i'ii of disregarding the gates
and crossing the tracks when train-
were upproitcliii'g- ■ Jl-.wus ftniiil ihut
iioiic nl the Iruin » eiew'iiuV-tliiitJbrtrML-.i,- "-,-   u "■■",' ",,',"
forlunutc man approucn Ihe cur. Hie1 • --
bulnine of the evideiue was u corrob-
ilrulion of the fuels us given in the
uccounf ol the death. In his address
to Ihe jury Coroner,Jcf"s noted tin
fuel thai Vancouver  wus   outgrowing
The auditors' report for tin pu-i
year I'JIO, has just becu submitted; to
the city coumil und is ijuile a voluni
iniin document givinn in detail nc-
v/ninl of Ihe corpoiutioii's btuiacai lor
1910. Taken as a whole the accounts
are in excellent condition and compared with Die previous ycur there ure
few recommendations of importance.
The receipt! from the various
soui.es lor the 13 Bofithl ending December 31st ure shown ul $637,900.30.
and the disbursements us $fi33,oW 3V
The difference between ihe icwipls
and disbursement! is made up by
a balance at the beginning of'I'Cyear
id $6,16463, and an oveidrafl at the
end of the year of $30,679.47. 'ihe d.-1
bursemenls by the several commi'.tii's
are given as: Finance $IS,779^I, b^ard
of works $61,046.63, walci works $74,-
636.64, police $6,016.60, Board of
health $931.36, fire and light committee $16,680.88, school trustees 096,307,
83, paid lo Bank of UNA on special
deposit for various items $305,011.90.
As u| result of the lax sale and tbc
1910 taxes the sum of $110,338.30 was
derived from this souicc. The arrcurt
ol laiei at tic 31it ol Docemlwr   ii on suspended aeotenre,
Editor Express :
Permit me, sir. the liberty ol .-pa''--
lo urge na many of our eilueni as
possible to ionic lo ih- meeting con
venid by the Muyoi  for this ivenng
on this subject. A calamity that l(„w, ,l)ll(ii,j„11H vhi& W(!N ,Blj,|a(,
bring-, two and a half million poopl" ,„ry w„ U(J1) UJlll j, wsl jmperBUve
-men, women and children to '-"',b„t H0,„e measures Iw put into force
verge of Karvulion und lo absolute ,or |)roU,djn(I n, ,rnVe|ling public.
dep.nd.nee „n cbority/or a period of „„ ,aid (b(ll |h(,lv ,m(J ,wl| ,um, ts)k
not less than three months yet i.'on „( ,u|)WU). ^ hMl ,u BVui(1
ili.ii sunly appeals to evert Lie of Ul. dmm ,(,„,'uow cxjKt(-d nt the cross-
The   task   of  makin;  provision   for ,n(| ,)U, jt wus ,m,,c,mH difli.ult   to
!h I""!'1" I» Ifupwdolll and il must   uom (,,r|)0l|1,il)DH iu ,l(.(.
bo iindeilnken by very umnv.     When     Tbj   julJ. WM miv u|) B|l (l)„0W|).
il is   i.iiid ihut $1.60 ii iMfficiunt to rjf^rt, A   W   ii^y, o,M, (i. |liti.
provide bare sustenance for on.- inV .j,,^,   j   M,„offr0i   Hl,ni>.    A.
tidual in that land iluy is -oim- In.pe stev.mson ond Henry W. Wright,
und   wo in North   Vaofcjver   si ould
surely be able to raise cuoigh losovc ——————
3Mu people, let us meet and oijin
In n committee to do Ijetlcr limn Ibis
if possible. Yours, elc,
On account of recent changes in the
ferry   timetable, the aftcrnocm colh-c-
lions from the letter boxes ore  bow
made oni-half hour curlier than   formerly.   In view of Ihe probability of
  , further changes in the timetable,   ad-
Philip  Stables is  ollfged  to  h-'V dilionnl altorolloM ai to time of col-
made an unsuccessful at tempi lulrmi.  lection aro cxpoctcd lo be necessary in
himself in the city gaol on Wid,.- dny
by using bis rawhide shoe In-'d tied
to the burs of the cell door ns a hangman's rope. The h»■■'■>, biivravcr,
failed to carry out their pari of Hie
contract and broke. The-noise attracted the attention ol Ih- gaol"",
who arrived on the scene in timi   h
ihe near future.     Meantime forenoon
CoUeotloni   will   remain   as formerly
while   aflerooon   collections will    be
imiiuV a- announced ub<>ve.
At u speciul meeting of the ferry directors held yesterday morning Mr.
Wulluce intimated thut it would be impossible lo launch the new l.'iiy ou
Saturduy uftcrnoou ou accouut of Untitle. He said he wus huviug some
dredging dolie ut (be cud ol the slip
und if there wus u fuvoruble tide on
Monduy morning ut 0 o'clock the boat
would be I..'in I" o ul that time. He
wus uiudc lo understand clearly by
the In'.ml that il was nut their intention to use any coersiun whatever
and whatever time be considered sufc
would be acceptable. It wus agreed
lo have u spreud ul the time of the
i., mi inn lo tbc men uud ipcclalors
but the reul celebration will lukc pluce
on the nnil trip when it wus suggested ili.ii the trip be free lo ull with u
bund uud luncheon in connection. The
manager was imlruclcd to uct with u
committee composed of Directors Larson und hickbnin to iuvestigale the
luel question. A suggestion of Director Paine to have a colored porter ou
the two ferries to keep things clcuu
und in older uud generally io look
lifter the welfare of the I'assengcrs was
"ii in the form of u motion instra.l-
mg Ihe munugcr lo engage one.
Ihe -ad fatality which occurred lo
iowo re-i-
Ji-nl of ibis city being crushed un
der a freight liain at tbc crossing on
Ihe CI'.It. trucks approaching ihe f'i
ry uli.,ii was brought up uud iheim
mediate necessity of providing a infer
means of crossing these trucks wus
made plain. Mr. II. .ml said that nothing  inil.l   I.,   d..in   until  Mr.   I'm
Iced, general superintendent of tho
C.i'.lt. returned from tho east, but on
his return very forceful representations will be made by the director! in
Ihe matter of an overhead bridge or
something of that naturo to answer in
the meantime and until arrangement!
are completed for tho proposed nub
way. A Idler was received from Mr.
Fred Tuck, who has lately been fore
ed to retire Irom bin trade on account of bis eyes which are laid to
be permanently effected, asking to
be allowed the privilege af conducting
u fruit und shoe-shine stand on tho
ferries. 11 was resolved to grant him
this privilege on a monthly rental basis with certain restrictioni.
On motion ol Directors Paine aid
Kickhum, the ferry director! unanimously resolved to ask Misi Olga Larson to accept tho distinguished honor of christening tho new North
Vancouver Ferry No. 3 on the morning
of the .lb if conditions permit ol
the launching at that boor. Mini I arson wa» the unanimous choice of tbo
board, none of the other dint-tors
being so forlunutc as Mr. Larson In
having a daughter of tbo required age.
Miss Lurson has resided iu thii tity
since she was a lot and is now ono ol
the most popular young Indies on Hie
North Shore. Her accoptanca ol the
honor will, therefore, be appreciated
by all,
The assessment roll for Ihe district
ol North VanOQUVor as revised and
presented to the council by As-.rvu-ir
A. Philip, wus acccptid by the mm
cil la-t evening and -bows ho Igtql
assessed land value at $0,.">l)4,o3i, and
the improvements at $316,760., In.-y
on- mude up as follows I Ward I, land
$936,749, improvements, $30,3'V); w-id
3, land $1,431,996, improvement! $43,-
100: wnrd 3, land $1,307,016, Impro'e-
incur $61,000; ward 4, land o1.61)9,
636 ; improvements $79,31X1; vned 6,
land »l,7.111,41)1, improvement! fW.lOO,
and ward 6, land $1,639,098 and improvement! $38,900.
The school Imard last evening   de-
^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^       ided, in view of tho lact that their
avert further trouble,  Philip came  up rcconimcnilalioii for oxtra-ordinary ex-
before J, P's. J. J. Woods aim   '. I'   pmses h„d not bwn pa»sed   by   Ihe
Foreman on Thursday mornm-/ on   u council,   lo request   the   oily   council I   'iood progress is bcjrg made on thi
charge of drunkenness and was lot QUI   lo submit n bylaw lo the ratepayers construction work of the now Bank of
for $46/100 for school eitouiiont.        Hamilton and the Keith block.
Tin- funerul ol tho late Edward Thomas I'ollok lakei place Ibis aflcrnoan
at 3 o'clock from St. John's church
lo the North Vancouver cemetery.
Rov. Hoo|«r will officiate. The pallbearers aro F. T. Salibury, Ohos. H.
Kittson, T. A. Martin, S. Tytler, K.
II. Bridgman and A. Kvani.
The city council with Acting-Mayor
McHne iu the chair informally heard a-
delegation from the Hoard ol Trade
in respect to certain complaints made
by 11. A. Shaw as to the unfit itato
of tbo 'ity's temporary isolation bos-
|nlul and the treatment which ho
claimed be and his ion were lubjected
10 while being held under quarantine.
Representing the board wai Mr. I). 0.
Dick, .1. F. 0. C. Wood and Mr. Shaw.
11 was decided after hearing ;a''h of
ihe delegate! to rolcr their recommendation for tho inauguration of better
facilities in the way of an isolated
hospital to tho board of health
which is comprised of tho whole council and moots quarterly.
Alderman McKao has been appointed
acting mayor lor tho city of N0ith
Vancouver during the abicnee of Mayor McNeiab in the cast.
fh. McLaren, socrcfary 'of the Home ,
Mission  Board of Toronto, will oft
rialo at Ihe ovoning lervjco in St. Andrew's church on Sunday next.
gyp    m      - -^     T» f       BE£CTT7' TWO.
— iiiMii.iiitiiniiujjLiiiijiiuimiiui
with Canada's demand. Perfect gems direct from the cutters.
Bought personally by experts in
those renowned lapidaries of Europe, have placed us at the head
of the trade in the Dominion.
See us for the latest designs in
Diamond Set Jewellery,
t Diamond Merchants
W' *'■ Waging Director      Hastings fit Granville Sis.
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get exactly what you ask (or at the right price.
"j   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipes.      -	
LTJI    We carry a complete line of Stationery and Diug
Telephone L 29      A.,. TYSOn. p™p.
Cor. Lonsdale & 8.b
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 3Qc. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 IU. ol good Tea        -        -     . -       -       ■ 1-50
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5 lbs. ol the best Tea  2.00
Corner First Strc.it anA^t. George
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Your 0   an Solicited
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
m Good Pictures Good Singing
m::: ::: Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed  Monday,  Wedneaday and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^'$ZZ?«» Chfldren 5c
A* Campbell Hope
C. A. CAI.
Hy   request   the  following   addjesi
was given by JS*-l>resideiit D. -0. Pink
to tbo members ol the North Vaneqii-
ver Board of Trade at Tuesday evening's meeting.
Mr. President and Frhmdo—
You have requested mo to give   an
account of my recent trip. It Is not
necessary for me to say that   it   is
with pleasure I have returned  lo  my
homo  city   and  meeting  my   fellow-
townsmen   and  exchanging   thoughts
with you again.   I would like to offer
a few remarks along tho cultured side
of life of my recent rumbles in foreign
lands, but I believe that 1 am more
a student of nuture than of art,   and
so will try and confine myself to that
thought.  1 wish first to touch on the
Oil   and Electric  Power problems   ol
tho South.  Some ol the Power companies   ol  California  furnish   electric
current to the cities and street railway companies, as well as for manufacturing purposes, both by night and
by day for i cents per kilowat,   and
right   here 1 would   have you think
how a rate like that would stimulate
manufacturing   industries   in   North
Vancouver.    The  fuel used  to secure
power to crunch  electric current   is
the nuturul oil of the country   which
is plentiful us coal is with us.  While
visiting   the   oil   regions   around   Ha-
I. I. in LI.  particularly in and   around
the vicinity of Herucopa, with its hundreds of oil wells in every direction,
some   producing   only   a few   barrels
daily,    while    others    produce   good
quantities by   pumping; process,    and
nilli.iin Ii  in....i  of the' wells are about
(he   same   depth,   some are   flowing
thousands   of burrels   daily from   natural causes, but the strange   feature
of some of the flowing wells according to the report of some of the wise
ones,   the   oil gusher   flows   a   great
.Ii .il higher in the open air when the
tide is full.   Although the   wi.'IIb   ua-
from fill to SO miles from the   oceun,
which would indicate that the hndy u
ul extends under the ocean bed am
Ihut the weight of water when the tldi
is full forces the ocean bed downwurii
and     consequently    lories    tho    oil
upwards.   1 would like to say a grout
dcul   here about oil if 1 wus sure   it
was prudent to do so.   The truth is, I
an full of the oil problem, but don't
know if it is wise to give free vent lo
tBoth are very sharp and turned inward like a elaw and aro set wile u-
purl.  so 'thut. thoy cannot nu-.thiiic
their food, consequently it tnkes piore
than oris alligator Iodine if tin f-,-1
is in large pieces,    mien Ihe food is
to6 largo to swallow, one takes hold
of each end and twist themselves   in
opposite   direction until   it purls in
two, if still tho pieces are too largo
to bo swallowed, other alligators ('"m*
to  tho  rescue  und continue   iu   this
way until tho pieces can be swallowed.
An alligator is like a bidTdog in this
that  it  never  lets  go its   hold Vm
takes the piece with it.    But   every
creature iii nature has its own peculiarities such as tbo ostrich, which luys
ils eggs in much llie snme way as the
alligator und has nlioul us little   lisp
for their offspring as any crcuturo  iu
existence.'   Tho  life of an oslrieh    is
about 65 years, Iheir average  weight
when lull grown is about Tib pounds.
Tho  wing and tail  leathers   are  Hie
only  feathers  Ihut have  much  ol  a
commercial valuo,    Ostriches arc gen
orally   plucked  first  ui   about   eight
months   old, and'from thai time   on
are plucked about every nine   mouth
Tho wing generally produces uliout '-,:
feathers each und Ihe tail from '.lo lo
fill from a clipping. Oslrichcs inal - ul
[•about 4 years ol age und never mate
again except  on rare  occasions,    As
soon as a pair mules they are placed
in mi open pen by themselves uud never again allowed to mingle w|th ih
other   ostriches.    A pair of ostriches
generally mukc about three nests in u
year with  I-' to In eggs to the mist.
It  lnl.es   HI  day.--  to  h.il.h   olil   II llcsl
ol eggs.    The muil   bird  sits on tbc
nest ut night und about un hour   ul
noon while Ihe Icinulc is fowling.   Tin
iemule   sits   the  balance   of the time.
As a rule tho mule bird .-its  uboiil It:
hours anl the Female about h hours in
the ii hours.  Hut ii sometimes  Imp-
pens thut one ol the birds eels   lui)
and doc.-n't   wunt'to sit,  us in one
:ase 1 suw ut the C'auston l-'unn   ul
Loi Angeles.   The liinl js called' Mgr.
McKinlcy who is now ten veins   old.
His mate.would nol sil iui the eggs
i the   major himself ..ut on llico.gs
for three days, lie thin got i n rj   a
Ids unite und dclibormcl) cut up ninl
killed   her,   but slink   to his joi, ..nil
liuti lied out the chicks.   He ilicn nun
.-■I again, his present mule being   ,.r,
years old.   All oslrichcs ur. a spoliel
grey when batched,'but ul  uliout    II
months the fcmuls lakes on a ree.ii.ui
gray color, und ihe mule is jel ol.nl,,
except   some   of   the   i-ouiinoiciil
j?™* Range
At Vancouver Prices.      Sole Agents (or North Vancouver,
know il it is wise io give lire von ..,
„ ..;...*i   limkJV***, "ht™ arc ,. pure wlni
the knowledge   I have acquired. ■ rmliJ w    ' i
-~ Inch grows ui llie   ™t.'   .■'
per   month  for the
358 1st Street East
Phone E112
General Contracting
|Uc»v*ua(,  Clewing Grading, ate.
Estimate, Gtfaa.
'     D. MacLENNAN
Phone   198
North Vancouver
Coal uni Supply Co.
Dealers ih Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Orders , Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.   Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:      Forman's Wharf
ably il is best for each one of you, il
you ure interested, to investigate lor
yourselves, but there is Ibis I must
suy, there is conditions controlling
the acquiring und holding of oil lunds
und there ure conditions controlling
the sulc of the product ol the wells,
which if generully known would rovo
lutionizu the oil stock market.
In my rumbles through California I
came across some rather strange
freaks of nature, for instance the fig
tree does uot bloom, but the fiuit
simply grows out of the brunches of
the tree. I ulso found to my n -ton-
ishm.nl thut dales do not grow on
Irees by thut name, but on the beautiful commercial palm tree. The lo-
mon tree also curries bloom I ail
grown and fully mutiirtd fruit almost
all seasons of the year, so ve sec
thut iiuturo does not always lo the
same things iu the suine wuy.
In visiting the submarine flower gi.r
dens und shrubbery of muiiy shades
and colors, which can be seen through
the bottom of glass bottom '-oaii in
several places on the coast of Crllfir-
niu, will, thousands of fish ol, many
varieties, coming und going and vending their wuy amobg tho forests of
the deep just as llie four footed animals roam the forests on dry In...I
but fur more numerous. When W'c see
u do/en variety of fish, great and
small, pussing and rupussing tueb oih
er without uny appeuruncc of fear we
I., .'ii. to wonder il the millennium has
already set in. iiul our minds ure
very quickly relieved ol that ihought
when we take a trip out to Kust Park,
l.os Angeles, and visit the alligator
farm, where ure kept about 1200 ulli-
gaton vurying in age from a few
duys to 200 yours, and where they
Sometimes get into a generul mil up
often ut the expense of a leg or a
jaw of some poor unfortunate, or the
tho tribe, (or these animals aro ,-sinnl
huls. Thoy are fed about five times
per month for about seven months ol
the year. During the luttcr fiv*
Plonthj thoy do not eat anything and
during that lime they arc very sluggish und don't want to Ik disturbed.
The oldest (,n the farm there is about
200 years, according to the opinion of
llie naturalists. Those about that
age weigh front 176 to 200 lbs. und
in.'ie.ioe from nose to tip of tire tail
about 7 foot. Alligutoys begin to lay
eggs at about 22 yean of age, and
lay from 30 to 80 per year, They lay
them in a sandy spot where the sun
strikes pretty warm, and then cover
them over with uny kind of rubbish
thut chances to be near by, but io
captivity' tho eggs are generally gathered and hatched in incubulors. Ihe
management calculate that t'rey raise
about 60 per cent, from the eggi Ihcy
treat in   this  way.     An   allignto.-'s
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
We aro oveisluckeii in Caslimeretles, Wrappercttcs, etc.,
in a variety ol designs, tegular values up to 15c Q}g%
Our price    ... ©2^
Special line of 36-in. White Cotton, sold every- 1 A _
where at 15c.   Our price           IVv ,
N.B.—We. are direct importers of Staple Goods
from the English Manufacturers. See our values
before buying elsewhere.
e.     Alio-
rule ul one fool
Inl six months
One lurge one I suw at one ..f I In
farms is eight feel I.ill and cull I'.imIi
ten feel. A great many ' irds me
hatched in un incubator, but b-Uci
results ure obtain I when lne liids
hut. h in the nolurul way. Heir hod
in California is ulfulfu Inn mi up
short, also gi'uiu mil -1ii-.i.'d I una,
They ure good vegetarian* nd don't
cure about meat. Hut th-re ure i th-
cr things in nature down in trmi
country besides trees, sin no-, elligi.l
ors und ostriches. One du> I w,is milking u trip from Long Heueh i, Ml.
I.owe, und on taking Ihe i-l-.-i trie car
ut mil und Muin streets, I..is An'ties
I found there were only two o inr
passengers in the cur hound tor ll ul
pluce besides ourselves. \ bill: g'rl,
8 years of age und her mother vbois
the wile ol u l.'njled .Stutes urn,- of-
lieer on her way south, and who was
remaining temporarily'in l.os Angeles
uwuiling her husband's uriivul to an-
company her on rhe trip und while
wuiting in l.o- Angeles for his annul
was in,il.nie a trip to Ml. Low by op-
pointmeiil with the professor of the observatory ol thut place. There being
only four of us on the cur we nuliii
ully got into conversation und found
ihni tlu-y hud been around ihe world
several limes, und were, therefore
quite entertaining company. The little
girl, 1 observed, was very bright mi I
during our conversation wus told h\
her mother ihut she had already pul
Ii led a book of poems ..Ii ih I wiw
with hor picture attached giving her
iippi iiii.ii" ut sevciul uges fiom
one to six years old. 01 course il is
not necessary far me to suy thut Wo
immediately bceumc interested. 80
wo spent the duy together, port ol
the time at Alpine Hotel and a greut
part ol the afternoon with Ihe profs
sor at tho observatory. We (ouml
(hat the little girl was not only
a poet, but what was still more won
derful sbu is a greut linguist, she
speaks 17 different luniruagcs und en
read and write in eleven of them/ I In-
old professor who is somewhat of n
scholar himself, liitenod with nfurked
attention to her quotations in Latin,
'I'leneh, (ierrouii, -lupnii' «■ end fyjler-
nil 1.1, us well us muny other luBirUngcs
which seemed to come as easy to her
as Knylish does to us. She is publishing another book of p... n uud
Mrs. Dick und myself knocked
mound a greal dcul On on, tup and
bavo seen much of the best that is to
bo seen Irom the Cunudiun to ihe Nix
ican border und you inn lake my
word for it, of all I have sen and
heord of foreign countries nothing a)
peals to us so sweetly .md poi'licn
a* homo sweet home.
ammi- mil
will be on exhibition daily
fium 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, Mi Lonsdale Avenue
The Gurney 'Oxford Steel Top Range
means * marked saving in
fuel ami U lid linking results,
'llie "CIIANCIil.l.OR" nol
onl) illicit ils wolk BETTER
lint Al LJiSS COST llian
otlii i liwigcv..
i v,'v^: i'.J,     i'r*
TE£*t'':'    ''' ■'",-       'A' ' -ui 't'-niouslijilc lo you
luci/      iin-   whole  Superior   Clian-
■     ci:,„  |ninci|)g| of econoniy'
 I . Hn |. in y in leu minutes.
Is' it nol ...mil tli.it much
ol join lime right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 I^ontdale Avenue
The Kimball
f     . ._
PIANO Made specially to
suit this climate.      II      u
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 114 ;fflR:fiXPraw,'HQRm VANeQUW, je,,
Sunday'i warm slimmer weather wai
rfot enjoyed ulo.no by tho residents ql
the Mprth Shore on this side of the
Inlet where nation hai provided every
advantage for concentrating all the
sunshine going. For the greater purl
ol the day the pity fnrju were crowded with Vancouver visitors who were
enticed over by tho glorious day. In
almost every part of the district, in
unlreqqcnted part* snrj "My opepod
districts parlies of strangers were to
be icon looking around and admiring
the natural beauty ol the place together with an eye to tho advantages
for (peculation, t'npihinu river and
westwards was the objective point o'
» Bleat many ol the visitors and had
the now Uapileno oar line beep opened it (s probable tba£ many more
wquld h»ve found ^hoir w»y farther
put along this picturesque rjver. A
number ol. trips were mad,' by 'hu auto stage at the end of tho tram lino
Which was evidence ol the opening o'
the seuson. Lynn Vulley was well inspected also and this more tp advantage on account ol the car going practically through tho settled portion
and to a junction with the popular
Lynn creek. While many walked the
(act that the lorry company curried
<1600 passengers each way and ihe B,
C. Electric Co: 32(10 given one a pretty good idea ol the truffle on tho
opening day of tbo season-
Weat/ern Avenue |b wwiyjng (It (nil
share of building conBtruotjpn tuning
the pust month or so, tho nuinjwr »'
new bousei that lice been stalled
within tie part \\tm m\* iflflffOUf
ihe growing popularity of that sir
tion of the <%- Besidos a nuinber ol
small housps that have boon conti'icl-
ed for and aro now well in to completion twq good sized rattans* arc
making their appearance in ihut neighborhood. One is for Jamos Hardy
and tho other fpr P. L. floutti. Iru
Peers ii building a residence pu 4th
street on his property just oust of .he
Chesterfield Avo. school, & fine tpl-
lege il jn course of ercition on  16th
Blocks 226, 227 , and 230.    Subdivided into
Us 50x114 feet
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
I A  GOOD  PROPOSITION   for either the jj
: Homeseeker or Investor — on   7th Street, j:
just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 jj
; Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil. ::
i Martinson & Co.
mum Vancouver, h.g.
Phont IJ3. 'P. O. flux J2
You'll Make Money Here!!
n   f
Anyone w|io will give thii investment opportunity serious consideration lor a few minutes will readily
see quick and large profits accruing to
the purchaser ol
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot 1  ' 1676.00
Lots 2, 11 uml l
Lot 6 	
Lots 6 and 7	
Lota 8 and !i ....
Lots 10 and II
Lota 12 and 13
Lot II   	
 each   676.00
..both   1,060.00
...curb     876.00
 Both Sold
hits 16, 16 and 17  each   W6.0U
Lot 18 Sold
Note the length of these lots, nomi
of them being 116 feet to a lone.
The advantages ol these lots for builnesi or residence purposes are apparent on the plan attached hereto.
It la the doseit car line property to the north of the Grund iloulevaid (which is exclusively lor high clan residences). It alio facci St. .lohn'n College and ground" und for these reaming alone it will he a centre ol some
importance. Boulevard extension lota ure within the city limits end huvo all the advantage" and conveniences ol
other city property. To close out every lot in record time we have underprieed lliem, su that you will have to
hurry to get any. Consider also the terms which ure much easier than usual I 1-6 cash, bulancc in 6, 12,. 18,
and 24 months at 6 per cent, per annum.
032 Granville Street     VANCOUVER, II. C,
Heal Estate.    Insurance
Telephone 216.
Aut'horiwd  Capital   *2,<W0,OU0.
Moliej   to  I ..en
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. j^j um'm
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1126, Cuh $425, balance 6 and 12 month*
Lob 64 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Ternu to arrange. Near Lonidale
the above Iota are among the belt buys in North Vancouver, and in I ending inventors will serve their own
interest! by investigating. Wo have tho exclusive sale and also enlarge lilt of other lots in tho City, It is
In your own interut to call and impact our list before deciding.
Real Eatate Agent*.      Financial Broker*
Head Office? 405 Ha»ting» St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Offices:
i Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
1111 Government St., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
Isondon, England
1'aria,, France
street wpst of, dones Avenue for Mr,
C'has. Toroulor who cpptomplai'.'s oc
cupyjng it himself when it in
i opi-
Lynn Valley News
(Express spcciul correspondent) .
Mr. I). Cook has mo-ved to his new
house ou Hurold Road,
Tbo snow which has lain so long on
tho ground has at last nearly all-
gone. '   .
Mr. Price is having his place all
cleared of stumps etc. Mr. Ward hud
tho contract lor th) work.
Mr. G. W. Sugdcn's »ixlcr, Mrs. Fox,
und lei husband ol'Weyburn, .Snsk.,
ore visiting in tho Vulley.
Con limn Monro has moved his |d:j
cump Irom Centre road lo corner/f>f
Frame and pipe lino.
Miss Dyke und friends of Vnneoiivir
wero visiting Mr. Bn|wn i.rthe YnMoy
on Sunday.
Mr. Kculy is building a now home
for himself on Frederick lload: Mr.
Norman Cross bus tho contract.
A very delightful surprise party took
pluce at the home ol Mr. Curinirhuol,
Dovcreourt Bond la i Uonday evening-
Mr. Ilurrill has- sold his dairy in
Lynn Valley. He will move to l'oter
Boad us soon as his new houso is finished.
Mrs. II. Douglas und Mrs. Hubert
Brown returned borne lust Saturday
aflor a very pleasant .trip to friends
in Otter, B. C.
Mrs. Frank McCarthy uud her father, Mr. ltobl. Unify, leave for Lad
nor uext Thursday where Mrs. McCarthy joins her husband.
Cook's shingle mill is merrily hinging these days cutting shingles fa the
coming rush for roofs thai ..ill pro-
Icel uud cover the coining iiMdiuiioii
ol the North Shore.
Ust Friday night u dolightful bourn
dunce wus. held ul the.home ol Mr.
mid llrs. II. Mugcnnis, the ocoasion
being the birthday ol iheir son Kenny
und eldest daughter, Miss Funny.
Work' has commenced on lln- I    V
road burning and grading lie   whole
ol the road1.    The tfork under   loic.
mull Moore is going along ni.'r,.fo
und with a good spell ol weuthe.- tin
work should be complete by next summer.
Mr. T. S. Goodull eontcmplutoi giving en.,ile i moving picture i.how in
the Institute hull in the near future,
Mr, Goodull has been experimenting
with a new burner whih throws u
very powerful light which will i.'culi
on improvement on his old one. Tlir.
date ol the entertainment "id lw an
nounced in tho Expresi.
All renders ol tbc Express are dii-
appointed at the hour set lo.'^ llie
launching of Ihe now ferry. Wlni a
splendid-chunce to let .dip I e- nd'ir-
n in. the Nostb Shore, liver n«rc
the lerry lujwbixn Duildiug pi, pic
have been looking 'oiwiid to II it
great und most Import ml uwni and
now they will be indly dbappn'nled.
Three small strangers arrived in
Lynn Volley this month. Mr. ^tork
must have a great inlereil in the Iu-
ture ol the Valley. A bouncing boy
to gluddcn the hcerli of Mr. and Mrs.
Hunter, a baby girl to Mr. und Mr~,
Baker and a baby boy»t» Mr. and
Mrs. Brooki. All ure receiving the
congratulation-, ol friends,
Sunduy was a real spring day. The
sunriic in the morning wus u pu lure.
All duy voices could be hcurd in dif
forcnt ports ol the Vulley and ihe
moit of them seeuud lo he looking
lor stakes with imiiilieis on 'them.
First a voice would suy louiclbisg
about the Second Narrows bridge, another Grouse Ml. II. II., and still an
other about dry docks und industrial
on the North Shore. They all wotted
iiillutid with ih. same complaint.
They call il growing pniu in Wotnilu-
NOTICE is hereby given thut lldrly
deyi after the date hereof we llie un
dci-igiicl intend lo apply as coparl-
nan to the Boaid of Urense Cotoxnii-
lioncri lor ihe city ol North Vancouver lor a retail bottle license lor pre-
iiuio. situate un a Irictional part of
lot thirteen (13) block one I.undid
and alty-iev-en (157) IL L. 271 274, in
the city ol North Vuncouvcr on tho
principle ol tho Norwegian system pi
no profit to the sellers).
(Signed)  B, E. MACNAGHTEN.
(Signed)    P. HW'HCSSEN.
Paled at North Vancouver, II. '',,
February 7ih, 1011.
NOTICE ii heiehy given that at tbc
next lilting of the Board of Licm-ing
Conuniisioners for the City of North
Vancouver, I intend lo apply lor a
hotel Uceneo for premises situate oa
lots 21, 22, 23 and 'it, blook U0, P.
L. 27<, Second itxcet west, in the laid
city of North Vancouver. i
Dated at North Voavouvor, Fobruory
m, »««• w
We are clearing out all our Ladies' and Child-
run's Footwear, and in order to do so in the
shortest possible time have made prices lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows:
Ladies' Patent Blucher, gun metal tops, regular
$4.50 lines, now $2.85
Ladies' I'uiont Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$1.25, now $2.65
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular
up to $4.00, now $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
$3.75, now  $2.45
113-115 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 &49
The Commonwealth
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
U-.fos l.i'ivci v, in. 1
Hull) bum Whirl City Kmlei' Whirl
I very Bay (xcebt Sunday
7.30 a.m. 8.00 a.m.
1,00.1.111. 11 ui. ,1.111.
ii.oi) d.ni. 12.00 a.m.
13.15 p.jn. 14.00 p.in.
15,00 p.m. 16.00 p.m.
17.00 |). III. !-'•   on  jl.lll
19.00 p.m Saturday* *)nly  "-00 p.m.
<J-3° »•'» frunitay Schedule 10.00 a.m.
131511.111 ■•••   .       "  14.00p.m.
•17.00 p.m  "  33.00 p.m.
Blogle Faro 16c.      Two Ticfrt* Mc,
' hn In -I route from North Vancouver to the district beyond
1 .i|.ii.h... River. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connec-
lioni, without fail, with Ihe ferry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
North. Vancouver City Ferries, LimiteJ
lam Vinctuva      Lltvi NorUi Van.
•0.20 ...1.1.
r.3<j "■
6.30 "
U.16 "
10.16 "
U.M "
I7.W p.n.
1.16 '.'
5.16 "
3.16 "
4.16 "
6.00 "
6.40 "
6.» "
1.36 "
8-16. "
'6.46 n.i,..
7.60 "
8.60 "
Uivi Vwcaaw
"0,(6 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
8.46 "
10.46 "
J1.2 "
12.46 p.m.
' Ilcnolci not on I -*•
''m  Vi
■ ys»r ii.oo
[months j60
Iww months   -       . ;M
I Stilus and.Fimtlin ,|J .60 per year
) usats pur iimli micli iiimirtiiiii.
A-MoticM, Kti-.-S1.00 per inch per
sn iNi,Tihiikii Nui-ii'Ks—110 days, »6;
(l days, I7.dll.
K^nvsHTiBisii Kiml insertion, 10
Smlsjiur line; cmli r-iiliHiijtiunl intur-
fton.oc. pur line,
l«*PINu Noriuss in l.uai, Nsws t'oi.
itJHNji—10 cunts perlinc-.uaidi liiBnrflon
QpUTiiAi-r Aiivianii-niiATN Itiiici, ar<
^ 'ranged acourding in space taken,
' Alleliiiiigi'iiiiii'Miiiriictinlvi'i'iisciiieiits
aunt be 111 the blinds of iIn- primer by
die nest issue.
^bgTii Vamduvek, Feu, 34, 1911
[iTbo di-partiire  for  Ottawa   of  tliu
plbiat'dolegatiiin appointed In   present
nba application of Durrani Inlet Tun-
teal and llriiigc t'oni|iany to tin,  IK1111-
iiii.m legishitiua fur n subsidy of three
'. bundled ihoiisaiiil dollars toward   tbc
cost pf construction ol Second   Nnr-
Nbws   briduu,   together   with a   subsidy   per mile fui   the I'oiislriii.-lion  ol
i-iiiiini iiiii    lines   of   railway,    marks
what iu nil probability will be the final stage uf iirgiitiuliiuis between   the
people's company lor bridge construction  and   the   Dominion   government,
with rcspecl lo tliia important publie
J Tile case wlii.li the delegation lias
|0 Milium un In hull of Iturrard Inlet
Tunnel and Uridyl- Company is ol
'•mil 11 naliin ili.ii it is (ifiii-li.-ully
lprposiible to iiiiia'ive of any oilier
than a favorable I. minimi.m id Inn
efforts ol the delegation.
I.v■ .11. ..I ground fur eneourageiueul
is found in ihe he 1 thai the Do.uin
loo government 1- already ilmroiighly
convinced as to lie no.-lly ul this
bridge und is iilnud) 1nn1i111H.1l In a
aubsidy fui its cuiisini. Hun, having
mi"! a "'.ii. ui 1 ■ I . h lias since lap-
miiI, to aiiutlici company fur .he purpose. The honorable the Miniiuir ol
Railways in tin ruilwny louimit'ee of
the house *l,us expressed hiin.-elf lavor-
ubly in the most positive inauuor end
in unambiguous lerms will, regard lu
Ike lard ul tins work, lln- nature ol
lln budge i.ii'l % nues.it> lor Do
1111111..11 assistant: Iheiiilo. In addition, tile llullulullle ihe Minister ul
Public Wiiik* dining ill.: iicasioil
upon win.Ii |lr ii.ii,mi.I ihe North
Shoie with n >imI ut duly IIW9,. ud-
upled ,. like Inviiiuble position altar
viewing ihe Kiiuniion upon lliu
ground and ih" land thai if two hundred thousand dollar, (llie amount ul-
ready Voted) wus not subVient, the
government would not turn a dealeai
lu uuy 11:11-',1111I1J' i. -, i. 1 lor an uddi
tioli'd .-urn.
So<4i In.in.' (be/inminlukealile ulli
ludu of 1I1.: «<fl\cini,ienl, it remains
only lor tin ylrgulion lo show good
,cu-ou wn> I lb..1 ilus subsidy is
unailii'li'ljVl.,,,,,,,| Inlet Tunnel and
bridge t oinpniiy should lw muds lire
recipient ol ilus ,i.-.-i.-i.in<c augmented
by ."ell  an  "in'i'iil   as  lalei   development- have shoWn 10 Ik udviiabli,
t In tins n-g.oil the position   ol Durrani   Inlet    1 ..in.. I   und   Bridge  Coin-
pany 1 ifsuiis ilimeiiii ol .-u'li exa-p-
. llullul .tnllglb as to I. nve no loom
fur urn col,.lu.-ion, olliej ih.01 that
the negotiation of tin delegation Will
,?row,jiil with sigiiid .-u'n- . lb.
•lure ol tin- company is strongly iu
p» lie favoi iniumui-b us Duriard Inlet
Tunnel and l'.int|. I ompiiny rs nut a
i'Oin|iiiii> cuiiipus.d of private indi
viduuls whu-.' |iui|.u-. is lo exploit
I Ik public lui |.c-'.niil gnu,, but this
ajjnipany is sseentially u company of
people. His principal shareholders
It'pfwi'iit being, the muuicipaliliei ol
«<ty of Vancouver, the city uf
Vni.i ouver end the dillrlct of
Vancouver, while lb* niuni.i-
IIIUm of Huiniiliy and uf South Van-
loflVjf have likewise given onurance*
IBuiy will liecomT shareholders,
■a urminn.il govi-rnineni has
Dp) Mii.d 11 subsidy of u ,i|Uui'U'i pf
taU)i>iii dullms lo a-i*l in bridge
Iriioi h i , therefore, evident
luir.ul Inlet Tuuml  end bridge
Company belongs to tjip people us
suoh and that it will build this bridge
out of public moneys voted by the re-
prowintiyHvoa of the people for tin,
purpose. It follows farther that ,|h«
bridge and connecting railway will b"
operated .solely fa the public interests
and any profits or benefits accruing
therefrom will be enjoyed directly by
thu people either individually or collectively,
Again, the record ol Burrard Inlet
Tunnel mid Dridge Company is il a
very exceptional character and is such
as In 'constitute a well nigh irresistible influence in its favor. The company wus incorporated practically
one year ago, hut during that short
li.'iiuil prodigious results have lieen
accomplished toward the speedy construction ol the bridge. On. munici
pality alter another has been sliccoas-
fully approached and bylaws have
been submitted and favoribly pronounced upon by the people so that
the magnificent sum of eight hundred
thousand dollars is at present contributed lo the treasury ol tbc conipuny
for the purposes of bridge construction. That which could not be accomplished in ten years by a private company, notwithstanding strong and persistent effurt, has been accomplished
within one year by Durrard Inlet Tin-
^el and Dridge Company,- This corn-
puny is actually prepared to proceed
at ones with bridge construction upon the voting ol a subsidy by the Dominion government. Preliminary operations have been proceeded with,
surveys are completed, soundings
liuvu been inn.I. for foundations, thu
type of bridge to be eonstruclod has
been decided upon and u linn ol eminent bridge engineers has been employed to curry the wishes ol Ihe company
into effect. Every step ibal could
possibly be tukm has been disposed of
und the entire project stands simply
wailing the uction of the Dominioh
government in order lo gel in motion
at ones mid to move on uninterruptedly to completion,
'I he above remarks anticipate the
mention of u further feature which
makes greatly in favor of Durrard In-
1.1 Tunnel und Dridge Company,
namely, that the intentions of this
company are perfectly clear und its
ability (0 curry those intentions into
full and immediate (fleet is beyond
question. This company does not soek
assistance from the Dominion government Jor the enrichment of its charier
lor purposes of sale but for ihe bonu
lull purpose of building the bridge'
and connecting niilway lines und lor
no other purpose, the voling ol u
subsidy lo Durrard Inlet Tunnel mid
bridge t'ompuny by the House ul Ut-
law,, will mean thut the punlic moneys so voted will Is iinn.-nin -I into
concrete und steel in (he form ol u
railway and traffic bridge at Second
Narrows us speedily us human energy,
skill and .'■■ 11'liiun in|i run accomplish
the sume.
Upon every Vount which may be es-
i" el to have weight in influencing llie in 1."ii of the buiiui.iblc (be
Minister of llailwnys mid the House
of (.'ominous, Durrard Inlet Tunnel und
bridge Company develops such
strength that it ii sale lo say the Do
minion parliament seldom il ever had
submitted to it a ropiest of such
gnat inherent merit (bucked as this is
by well nigh two thirds the population of 1111 entire province) seeking u
wits of public moneys in assistance ol
.1 c.rluin public work whose status is
already fully recognized by parliament.
To all these lealures there is yd to
lw added Ihe authentic report thut
during the trip ol Sir Wilfrid I.ourier
and I ally, of which the Minister of
Railways was a menilwr, to
I'limc Hu|s'il lust summer,
llie premier when approached
wilh rcferiiire („• a Dominion' subsidy in fuvor of Durrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge t'ompuny to assist in Ihe
construction of Second Narrows
bridge was good enough lo intimate
lhal his government would be pleated
to have ilia company go down to Ottawa and present ils petition tor the
sume during the uwrion of the House
now proceeding at Ihe capital.
While it ii admittedly an error
to indulge vi over sanguine expectation, with respect to matters of this
nature, on the other hand.the fads
in connection with the application under consideration arc such (hat even
the most cautfaus must conclude that
(no par (Wings of probability is vsry
greatly fa lavor of a sUcifessful Jsbuc
of the purposo which takes the dele-
gutiuii to Ottawa, "'
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North Vancouver.
A fair sized gftthpring of the member! of the North Vancouver Hoard of
Trnili; were treated to a very interesting discourse ul their rpgujnr meetinj
on Tueiday evening hint from W. I).
Power, secretary of the Vancouver
bureau ol transportation rates. Mr.
Power's address which was in tbo
form of an osplunatory talk on the
objects ol the bureau and tbo progress
v/liicli had been madu towaids effecting a reduction in lbs freight distributing mien from the eouel eustwurd in
order that Vancouver and this province ai a wbblo Would bu brought
in lair competition witb eaiitcrii meni-
fneiiirerii and producers, It is a fact,
bogan Mr. Power, that tbo froigbt
rates from tho ensl westward, witli
tbo exception ol transcontinental rates
are lower than from tho west to <he
east. Transcontinental ratea weru applicable to Vancouver and the port
citica only because ol water transportation from tbo west and the Orient.
For instance North Bond on through
consignments would have to pay the
through rale to Vancouver Irom the
eait plus the rate from Vancouver to
North llcnd because it wai inland und
in order that no advantugci could be
gained over other points in the provinces for articles for general distribution. It was the opinion in this province that Allici In should be tributary
to the weitern province, yot Montrtul
thought that any i-cfjuction in the
rates would militate ugainst them although they were pruclically three
times farther away (ban was B. (!■ In
(act it had been intimated, <li.'■■■ . i
the speaker, thai in the event of a reduction being made in favor of Brit-
ii-h t'olumbin that Montreal and tho
eastern provinces would appear la-fore
the ruilway commission with a inpusi
to be leilincil in uccoitluiico with the
present basis of dillerenco.
Tho Vancouver Transportation Bur-
eiiu had not, ho, said, submitted ouy
rebutting evidence before the loin.niN-
sion in Montreal recently .it ulii.h
some ol Hie most prominent '.'. P. K.
iii mill officials . submitted testimony in
which it was iiiniiiiilcil by ths mm-
pany's representatives thut Montreal
wus not a sea pqrl, but thut I'orl
William was the bead ol navigation
and tlnit llie water rules govornnd the
li.ii.'lii rules from the cast ■-■- .i -■■. i.I ■
Ii this contention wus viewed with
approval, Mr. Power laid that l),li
province would be placed at a gieal
disudvaiilugc in its appeal, It it he did
nol ice tbc reason for comparison si
Vancouver, for instance, hud no water
wuys c.i I..in.I
Continuing, Mr. Power said 'mil s
reduction in the freight alec eastwards would not only bcm-lit the mcr
.ii.mi but tho consumer more particularly. As a result ol representation!
made by Ihe ciliei ol Soallle, Trtiomn
und Portland the Interstate liailw.iv
commission hod passed an order n
il.i.in, Ihe In i.lo lutes 211 |H-r CM I,
This would surely effect Ihe consumer
for somebody was evidently paying
tbut 'JO per cent, and it pointed Very
directly towurds the consumer. While
this |.|iat Inmlit was evi.li-nl Mi
Power regretted 'bu' Vanconvcr was
practically the only moving spirit in
the project. The lienelil would be
spread over the whole province in
every sphere ol comiiiereial nativity,
yet Ihe.board ol trade ol Nelson did
not seem to In*.a the proposuls very
enthusiastically and Victoria, which
would profit equally witb Vancouver,
wus n.,1 sbuwing uny keen interest in
the movement.
Another object of Ihe bureau wu>
Ihe effecting of a reduction in tin
berth lutes on the sleeping curs and
llie placing of tbem on a uniform ba
sis of charging, Heretofore Ihe lutes
differed somewhat and Iberc did nol
►cem to be any fixed regulation as In
Ibese charges, On tbc Amciiniii siih
u scale of ihergcs hud become rAV
live February  1st making the   bull.
ihiiii,..- iiiofiiun across ihe continent,
while the C. P. H. had submitted a
schedule lo the Canadian railway commission providing for a ehuige of ii
mills pi-, mile east ol Colgorj uud t
milli per mile west of that point. Al
the time it was pointed out to Ihe
commiiiionon that it ihould not c.n-t
any more to sleep west of Calgary
than cast and Ibis asserlion was 'a
vorably received by llie ebBirmnn
with the result that the rale call of
Calgary was approved and ibe rale
west approved temporary io thai Ibr
matter could be reopened Thii ii
purpoiod by the Vancouver buOau.
Other objecti of the bureau, eiplaln-
od by Mr. Power were providing In
cililici lor investigsling overcharges on
the railways and storage matters, etc
and generally advising the men-hants
how best lo conduct tbeir rates The
busy Vancouver mcrcbanli, he euid,
found it mare convenient lo pin"'
their claims or complaints in ll-i-
bands of en offideJ whose businoei il
was to etlend exclusively to such
nailers, end whose knowledge, in
tsany cases, served to reveal Ihe ibort
sate to en early and easy adjusluunt
Mr. power said that during bis -px-
psfii'noe.(n (his capacity ho hud found
littlo difficulty in sotllipg all tnutliirs
ol dispuln with tho railway companies
who also found such arrongiuwnts
most satisfactory. Tin: regular imi
chants feu was 626 pcrunnum normally except in exceptional casus
whoro extra funds weru needed. Tiio foo
wus tfipn 650. llo was pot present lo
appeal fur financial support, thny lad
novur received any nor hud Ihey solicited il. Their object was to g.il Ihe
moral support-til Hie other Boards'of
Trade in thu province.
At tho conclusion of his excellent
address Mr. Power was heartily
thanked lor his courtosy in Imparting
some ol Ihe valuable informal inn he
possessed ulong the lino. The resolution ol thunks was moved by A. Q.
Perry and seconded by J. F. 0. C.
Wood and passed unanimously.
Tho Board then resolved itself into
u business mooting. Correspondence
was read Irom 'he premier's .illice,
Victoriu, acknowledging receipt ol re
solution in regard to Ihe establishment of a local registry office. City
Clerk Shepherd advised ihut thu suggestion of providing u public weighing . i ale at the end of tho ferry whirl
had boeir" referred to thu (runsport-
alien committee of the council,
lu answer to a telegram ol inquiry
Irom Ii. II. Cowan, HP. in respect lo
the ,ii.|iiiiin,• ol a situ und the Construction ol a post office ou the North
Shore, a telegrum which Mr. Philip,
the president, sent iu response read
as follows: Population ll,IIUU, revenue
Irom stump sales ill local po- loljhlfiqr
ten inontiis over 61,000, tell good ill'
dustrics involving capital ol SetW.nilii
und civic und iudustriul pay rolls uf
On the suggestion ol W. F. Salsburj
und the motion ol D '1. Diik mid A
(i. Perry the In usurer wus uuihoi'i/cd
In pay the expenses ol llie delcgulcs
to Victoria ric.nlly in connection with
the lirouse Moiinlain Railway mutter.
He-solutions passed were lirst lo the
Hon. Win. Pugsley, House of Coin
nun.. Ottawa: "At a meeting of lie
North Vancouver Board . .1 Trade held
on Feb. 21st, IUII. iu ihe city ball,
North Vancouver, il was moved by II
Ii. Dick and seconded by A. U. Pi-ir;
und unanimously resolved that tin,-
Board ol Trade views with ph-aiuia
your recent oiiler lo hoist llie I null
-lack on all public buildings along
the international boundary uud principal sea ports ol the Dominion to dc
momlrilu as ii docs the true lempei
ol Hie p. i.ple throughout Hie broad
Dominion ol I'anudu ns an answer It
tbo recent demonstrations in the
House of Congress in Washington on
runs, mii ii.,, wbon Ihe llcciproeily
Treaty debate jvas in progress "
No. 9 resolution was. "Unsolved
that in the opinion ol ibis Bond ol
Trade il is ol llie utmost import ur. i.
thul ibe Ileal school lend .1.riu,.;.
us curly us possible lo have in llie
high school a department lor technical ediieutiou giving pnriicul.ir alien-
lion lo ihe domestic science, manual
training, chemistry and agriculture
Kcsolvrd In,llicr, il .11 a ropy of ihir
resolution Is forwur.i.d to the siliool
bonid of llie cily end di In. I ol
North Vancouver and lo the di-porl
moid of education, Victoria-"
No. 3 resolution "Homived tii.it
this B01111I r.-pe. if'illy urge on iin
provincial board the desirability of
uirunging Him nil engines nnil bolirrs
icpiiiiiig inspection in North Vnmou
ver city i„ district Is attended toby
Ibe Vanniinit inspect..! mid licit with
el little delay a*-possible as pn ml
arraiigeuu-nis ,,<.- euusing ninu I
und inconvenience uml thul 0 copy ol
this resolution Is- foiwnidcil to Hon
F. I.. Carter-Cotton, M.P.P. to be
brought before 11n pi,,per d.-pnil
No. I resolution pus-iil wnsi "lie
inlvi-il thai tins Board of Trade bavi
in coosidcriilioii lln iiioiiiiou- Imporl
iime of Ihe water supply in the 'apil
aim, l.ynn and N.unoui Valleys loi
the requirements ..I Ihe population of
the north and south shoies olthe In
lei. mid having in vi,-w Ihe loss 0
conservancy end Ihe danger ol poUf
lion Irom logging pparaUoBS in (he
forrsti above Ihe wuler intake on
Ihcie rivers res|icclfully mge   Ihe pro-
VUlCiel  gllVellilllllil   to C.eop.lale    with
lln- muiiieipnl councils in an nidcunii
(0 have ell the loresl land- so local-
od wilhdiawn from private ownership
end vested in the goceiuinnil 01 in
the munirjpuljlics es a largo national
park to lifeguard smb reserves from
the ravages of fire and Initio 1 that n
copy of Ihii resolution I,., foiwnidcl
to each of the local cily end district
councili and to the city council ,.l
Vuinouui "
I'wo ol llie resolutions wele rcrom
m. ndiiiuuH Irom tho committee on eg-
ricullure and mining.
A   molion  was pnssid   empoweiing
ijon  and cnlerlaiiiinciii  .   ,,
mitlc lo net in conjunction wllh if-,
council   and.lbc  board  of ferry dire.
on in Bimnging u suitable •. I.tu. 11.-■.
 Ii. i.'iarinll of lln- launching of Hie
Norlh Vencouver No. 3. Manager
Heord, uid that an nllempl wns Ik
ing made |„ haye (In liiiinclulig .,,1
•Snlurday aflwnoon et I o'clock in-
sleid of $ em. on llie following Monday ae previously arranged,   lie  lit
tor time was more convenient mi.I
safer mi account of the height of tho
Mr. H. A. Shaw was heard In a
strong protest nguhist tin' usage he
und bis son had received'while hung
confined in the cily's temporary isolation hospital when his son's case pi
chicken pox was under observation us
u probable cuse ol smallpox, back ol
proper ucitinimodiilion, bad food supply and luck nlattention wusallcgid.
Ileeogni/ing the Importance' of |Ho<id-
iug some emergency hospital lor an
outbreak ol disease should it hmipcii
some time, 11. committee composed ol
I), ti. Dick and .f. F. 0. C. Wood wus
appointed to interview the - Board of
lb dili in ii. nid lo ihe nuiltcr.
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-M« lb.
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Corn, Beans and Cream Per can    IDs
Tomatoes and Peas, large size
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HI., ... or Corn Starch, 1 lb. pck. ,„te
Boints Pork and Beans, per csn ...13,0
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B. ti C„ Dolled Oats, a suck ...
lioyal   Siniidanl  Flour,   IU lb.
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Gold Leaf I.ard 10-lb. pell ......
Bruce & Co.
'7. s^lldl Itir lai-lii „f Moiurtntuicn,
Hliiun. ii mill cltn is 11 l.o It.. I-,. 1: c ...Mul.II
lis J lurlef llitlr I'llml Lu Iin • Innsodcl
lil'.|<ll«. r-iillu'liiaiyn-lvl . Inc. cluigt.
uii«lcr«l«. OwloiMlt*'! Advlmt --ui ->; -a li-
., 1,1. HlllnuSViU«( 11. Vttl'J , .'■ " Vi-ik 1,11c
mill Sfusllial 1 u>4 Wa^il.islvn H.U.. USVa,
00  YEARS'
Tnirjf Mark*
CofvnicHTa Ac.
liin4lnii.ioit.btnd.'  ninil.inm.T
iflfljnr.tf f.j.nloll /. e wdrll.r su
_, -. it*,
un jk DO) rccotvi
nliflc jfinicaiie
0*1 UliiiilrJrj «i«U>, IwsMten-
F MlbeUetr,
vn 61b Street F.i-t North Vancouver
Phone 373 ,
  ' ■
HorsesWisg and Blackimiluine
Kerr & Wallace
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prices on Swift's Uami and Bacon lie,
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order to get a chuncc on roiidontlal
ol in Port Angeles.
IN  MIT. HATJF.lt ol tbo Water Act
and Amending Act and
IN llie: sJATTKB of Uceuss No. 19
, 1. uml lo the Corporetion el the
District ol North Vancouver for
IKS) inches ol water to be taken
Irom I.)un Crock, dated the SOth.
,    August, 1304.
NOTICE ia hereby given that thi
lily ol North Vancouver being the
owner und licensee under the said license by virtue ol the North Vancouver lily Incorporation Act, 1306, wiU
apply lo S. A. TI''icber, Flip, Wetcr
Commissioner for New Weitminiter,
II. C, on Wcdnvsdsy the fiist day ol
Miii.li, lilll, et tbo hour of eleven
o'clock in the forenoon or so soon
thereafter us coumel can In heard (or
un order amending the said license by
1I1 turning Ihercin as licenses thi
name ol the City of North Vencouver
in place of the Corporation ol the District ol North Vancouver, and for
adding to the worde defining ihe point
ol diversion the words "and aVvjv
poiut on lymi Creek either on Lot
m, Croup 1, New Weitminiter District or Lot 1363, liroup 1, New Weil-
mimtcr Diitrict at or near Ihe boundary between lbs said IaiIi" or, in
the elternetive, for en order amending the license originally granted apportioning tbo water to be taken from
l.ynn Creek under laid license No, 62
between the point of diversion as est
out in the original license andapoin
of diversion- of l.ynn Creek either on
IM m, Croup 1, New WeeUniaiter
District or Lot 1369,, droop 1, New
Westminster Disliict, at or near the
boundary between aaid lots or toil
sue two or more licenses (or the wa
to make luch other order In thepri
oises es may be hist sod equltiblt
DATED this 34th day of Deesaaber,
Soli.itor lor said   Ofty   of North
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Copyright, IBM, by the Bobbs-Merrlll Co.
The glean) of tbe tunnel Inclosed
tliom lirletly ere tbe lights of tbe ting-
In-tbe-Pouiid (lushed brand tbe wheels
began to roll more easily. Blrltwood
draw back with a slgb of relief.
"Thank Ooql" be said softly.
The. girl bad no words.
Worried by ber alienee, solicitous
last, tbe strain ended, sbe might be on
tbe point of feinting, be let up lbs
sbade and lowered tbe window sf ber
Sbe seemed to have collapsed In her
cqjmer. Against tbe dark upholstery
ber linlr shone Ilka psla gold In tht
bslf light. Her eyea were closed, und
Sbe beld s handkerchief to ber lips.
Tbe other band lay limp.
"Miss C'alendurl" •
She started, sod something bulky fell
from tbe eeat and thumped heavily no
tbe floor. Klrkwood bent to pick It
up and so for tbe first time was msde
aware that she hud brought with ber
s small blsck glsdstone bag of considerable weight is be placed It on tbe
forwsrd sest tbelr eyee met
"I didn't know"- be began.
"ft was to get that," sbe hastened to
explain, "that my father, sent me"
"I hsve been thinking that there Is
absolutely no way I know of to thank
you properly. .And I bave been wondering," sbe contlnned, witb unsffect-
ed candor, "wbst yon must be thinking of me."
"Wbst should I think of you, Miss
With the sir of a weary child sbs
laid her bead sgalnst tbe cushions
egaln, fsce to htm, and watched him
through lowered lushes, unsmiling.
"Von might be thinking tbst sn explanation Is due yon. Even tbe way
we were brought together wss extraordinary, Mr. Klrkwood. You must he
eery generous, ss generous ss you
bave shown yourself brave, not to
require eome sort of an explanation
of me."
"1 don't nee It that way."
"I do. Von bave made me like yon
very much, Mr. Klrkwood."
"I'm glad," be said simply, "very
glad If that's tbe caae add presupposing I deserve It Personally," be
laughed, "I seem to myself to bave
been rather forwsrd."
"No; only kind sod a gentleman.1'
"But-plessel" be protested.
"Ob, but I mean It, every wordl
Why shouldn't I? In a little while,
ten minutes, half an bour, ws sbsll
hsve seen tbe lust of each other. Wby
should I not tell yon how I appreciate
ell tbst you hsve unselfishly done for
"If yon put It that way, I'm sure I
don't know, beyond that It embarrasses me horribly to bave yon overestimate me so. If any courage bse
been shown Ibis nlgbt It la yours. But
I'm forgetting egaln." Be thought to
divert her. "Where shall I tell tbe
cabby to go this time, Miss Calender?'
"Graven street please," ssld tbe gtrl
sod added e house number. "I an
to meet my fsther there witb this,"
Indicating tbe glsdstone beg.
H-B-Hi m* J-W'HWJJ* J M»f »H HH»M I'M Ms m r-HH-, Mf B
..    CHAPTER VI.   '
KIHK wool) thrust hesd snd shoulders out of the window end Instructed tbe cabby accordingly,
but bis ruse bad been Ineffectual,
us he found when be est back sgsln.
Quite composedly the gtrl took up the
tbresd of conversation where It sad
been broken off.
"Il's_ rather hard to keep silence
when you've been so good. I don't
want you to think me less generous
than yourself; but, truly, I can tell you
nothing." She sighed a truer resentfully, or so he thought. "There Is little enough In Ibis- Ibis wretched ef-
fair tbst I understund myself, and (bst
little I iimy not tell. I want you to
know timi."
T understand, Miss Calendar"
There's one thing 1 may sey, bow-
aver. I bave done nothing wrong tonight, I believe," she added quickly.
"I've never for un Instant questioned
thut," he returned, with a quulm of
sbame, for wbst he said was not true.
"Then* you."
The four wheeler swung out of Oxford street Into Charing Cross road.
Klrkwood noted the fad with s feeling of some relief that tbelr ride wss
to be so ehort Like ii/uny of bis fellow sufferers from "the artistic tern-
persnfent," be wss acutely disconcert
ed by spoken words of praise end grit-
Nor bad she fully relieved her mine,
nor voiced ell that perturbed her
"There's one thing more," she ssld
presently "my father. 1-1 hope you
Will think charitably of him."
"Indeed, li've no reason or right to
think otherwise."
"{■ was afraid - afraid Ws scllom
might bsve seemed peculiar tonight."
'"There Hire lots of things 1 don't understand, Miss Calendar. Some I day
perhaps It will ell clear up this trouble of yours. At least one supposes It
is trouble of some sort And then yeu
Will (ell me the whole story. Won't
you?" Klrkwood Insisted.
"I'm afraid not," sbe ssld, witb s
smile of shadowed sadness. "We sre
to say good night In a moment or two,
sad-It will be goodby as well- It's
unlikely tbst, ws shell ever meet
~'I refuse positively to take such a
gloomy view of tbe esse,"
She shook her bead, laughing with
blm, but witb sby regret, "it's so,
none the leas. We an leaving uinlnn
this vsry nlgbt, my father and I—leaving England, far tbst matter."
"Leaving   England?'   be   echoed.
"You're not by any ebsnee bound for
America, are you?'
"I can't tell you."
"But you can tall me thls-sre you
booked on tbe Minneapolis?'
"No-o. It U s-qulte another boat"
"Of courser' be commented savsgcly.
"It wouldn't be. me to bave any sort
of luck!"
"Since we are to ssy goodby so very
soon," suggested Klrkwood, "may I
ssk a parting favor, Miss Calendar'/"
Sbe regarded blm witb friendly eyes.
"Von bsve every right," sbe affirmed
gently. l.
"Then plesse to tell me frankly sre
you going Into sny further danger?'
"And is tbst the only boon you crave
at my bande, Mr. Klrkwood?'
"Without Imperttnence"-
|.'nr a little time, welling for blm to
conclude bis vague phrase, sbe welched blm In en expectant silence. But
the msn wss diffident to a degree. At
length, somewhat unconsciously, "I
think not," she snswered. "No; there
will be uo dunger awaiting me at Mrs.
lliillain's. You need not fesr for me
sny more.   Thenk you/'
lie lifted his brows st tbe unfamiliar
nsme.   "Mrs. llnllsm"-
"I am going lo ber bouse in Crsven
"Your iiiihor Is lo meet you there?'
"He promised to."
"But if be shouldn't?'
"Why"- Her eyes clouded. She
pursed her lips over the conjectural
snnoyuncc. "Why, In tbst event I
suppose II would be very emhsrrsss-
ing. You see, I don't know Mrs nullum I dou't know thut she expects
me unless my father is already there.
They are old frlcnde. 1 could drive
round for awhile and come back, I
"Won't you let me ssk If Mr. Calender Is (hero before you get out then?
I dou't liks lo be dismissed," be laughed, "snd, you know, you shouldn't go
wandering round all alone,"
The ceb drew up. Klrkwood put a
bend on Ibe door and awaited ber
"It-It would be very kind. I bate
to Impose upon you."
He turned tbe knob snd got out "If
you'll wait one moment," be said superfluously ss be closed tbe door.
Pausing only to verify tbe number,
be sprung up tbe steps and found lbs
bell button.
j II wss s modest little residence, lu
I nothing more remarkable tliun Ils
neighbors unless It wss for s certain
sir of extra grooming. Tbe sree railing wss sleek with fresh blsck pulnt.
Tbe doorstep looked the better for vigorous stoulng. The door Itself wue
Immaculate, lie bressee shining lustrous sgslust red lacquered woodwork.
A soft glow Ailed Ibe fanlight. Overhead the drawing room windows shone
with s coxy, warm radiance.
Tbe door opened, framing tbe figure
of e maid eketcbed broadly In masses
of somber black and dead white,
"Can you tell me, Is Mr. Calendar
Tbe servant's eyes left his face,
looked past blm at the walling csb
and returned.
"I'm not sure, sir. If you will plssss
step la."
Klrkwood hesitated briefly, then steaded. The maid closed tbe door.
"What name shall I say, sir?'
"Mr Klrkwood." .
"If you will plesse to wait ob« moment six."
He wss left In tbe entry ball, (ha
servant hurrying to tiie stslrcaee snd
up. Tone minutes elspeed. Ha wn
en the point of returning to tbe girl
wfcea the maid resppared.
"Mrs. HaJlani says will you kindly
step upstairs, sir,"
MegTuntied, be followed ber. At tbe
seed of the stairs aba bowed blm Into
See drawing room and egaln left blm
te bis owa resources.
Wearied, be deposited himself sulkily is so annckslr by tbe hearth snd
From a boudoir on the seme door
these came murmurs of two voices, s
Bass's snd s woman's. Tbe Utter
laughed prettily.
"Ob, any time," snorted the American—''any time you're Ibrougb witb
your confounded flirtation, Mr. George
B. Calenderl"
Toe voices rose, spproacblng. "Good
nlgbt," said tbe woman gsyly. "Farewell, end-good luck go with you."
"Thank you. Good nlgbt," replied
the man, more conservatively.
Klrkwood rose, expecisnt
There wss s swish of draperies, snd
a moment later be wee acknowledging
tbe totally unloosed for entrance of
tbe mistress of tbe house. \ He had
thought to see Calendar, presuming
blm to be the man closeUd with Mrs
Hsilam; but, whoever that bad been,
he did not aecompsoy the woman. Indeed, as aha advanced from tbe door-
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7iui.il/ii/ Ciilriii/nrr Mrs. Bottom rest
wsy Klrkwood could bear the man's
footsteps on lbs stain.
"This Is Mr. Klrkwood?' Tbe note
of Inquiry In Ibe well trained volce-s
very alluring voice and one pleasant
lo listen lo, be thought-made It seem
es though sbe bad asked, point blank,
"Win. is Mr. Klrkwood?'
He bowed, discovering himself In tbe
presence of su extraordinarily band-
some snd interesting women, a womsn
of years which ss yet bad not told
upon her. uf experience tbst bsd not
availed lo burden bar, at least In so
fur us her exterior charm of personality wus Inrolved-a woman, In brief,
who bore close Inspection well despite
sn elusive effect of maturity, not without its sllrsclion for men. Klrkwood
wue Impressed (but It would be very
easy tn learn to like Mrs. Hsilam more
■ lulu well   with her npprovs).
Although he hud not anticipated It
be wss uol si ell surprised to recog-
nlxc In her ihe women who, If be were
nol mlslskcii. bod slipped to Calendar
that warning In tbe dining room of tbi
"1 am Mrs. nullum. Von wars setting for Mr Calendar?' s
"lie wee to hsve been here st this
hour, I believe." said Klrkwood.
"Yes?" There was Just tbe right Inflection of surprise In ber carefully
controlled lone.
He became ewer* of an undercur
lent of feeling tbst the woman wss
estimating blm shrewdly witb ber One,
direct eyes. He returned bar regard
with admiring Interest Tbey were
grey-green eyee, deep set, but large,
e little shallow, a little changeable.
calling to mind lbs sss on s windy,
cloudy day
Below sin Irs s door slammed.
"I am not a detective, Mrs. Hsilam." announced Ihe young mas suddenly. Mr. Calender required s service of me ibis evening; I am bars In
nslursl consequence. If It wsa Mr.
Calendar who left this bouse Just now
I am wsstlng lime."
(To be continued)
,J s
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EI.I.TAII    MEETS   AHAB   IN   «*-
The incident jjl Nnbotb's vineyard
is one of tbe most striking in the
whole range ol literature. On the
iliky background of this foul plot, tbc
characters of Abab und Jezebel, No-
both and Elijah, stund in clear-cut
outline It is a study in ethics and
psychology. But the incident bns u
largur religious snd political significance. Be who looks - upon it as u
wen. personal affair misses tbe murk.
There is a greater reason for its < introduction in these sacred annuls
First, it illustrated in most vivid
manner and proves conclusively, the
utter and despicable moral worthless
ness ol the dynasty then in power
Allah asked Nuboth to do something
which in knew lo be contrary to tin
law. Instead of honoring him lor hi.
conscientious refusal, be killed him
Not, however, openly, but iu the ambush ol un hypocritical conspiracy.
lie broke the Decalogue. He covet
cd and killed. It increases rather
limn diminishes tbc turpitude of hi>
crime, that he did it by proxy. 11.
turned the ulfair over to his unscrup
iiIoiin wife, perfectly satisfied thai her
devilish cunning would compass the
desired end, He made immodest husti
lo avail himself of the fruits >il the
crime. Ky this foul deed Ah-ilj put
the period to his persopal probation
snd thut of his dynasty. Pur o lasl
lime, und on the very scene ol his
supposed triumph, Abub's Nemesis,
P.lijuh, appears to speak bis doom
und (hut ol his house. ' ' * In thii
c-i, cuius I an..' Nnli.ith stands luiih as
a type and fruit of the silent uni
steady reformation (voice ol siil'uue)
now in progress. Those who iiiii^nie
that Nuboth refused the king's
rei|UeBt upon personal grounds—vis
attachment to his encostral estate-
miss (be murk. Nabolh's reason was
u religious one. Il wus contrary t.
the law of (Jod us given by lioscs, lo
alienate for any consider it ion Ihe
property originally designated lo tin
family by the lot, the lading of
which Hod Himself determine'!. It did
not ■iiuliijr lo Nnbotb thut this law
was so generally neglected, lu lint,
that wus udditinual reason lor his n
gunling it. His course would be ex
eiuplury and corrective. He was per
Icily aware of his persona! peril in
refusing the requiwt ol such n kii._- us
Ahull.   Hut bis firs! allcgiauee wus  1'
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bis death will hasten the reformation
which ha-((esires above life Itself, History docs not nlford a mure genuine
iiiBtiiiice of martyrdom than. .Ii.-.t nl
There   is   a   modern   analogue to
Ibis incident ol thirty centuries   ,-i(,-o.
Tho   windmill   ol Suns   Solid   is   ihe
memnriul qf it.    Frederick the flrc.it
wished to remove Ihe mill, considering
it a blemish to the scenery ; but   he I
lost tbe case against"the miller in  si
court of biw.   *  *   •  It is a   illume!
that .Ica-hcl's iiielbiids ueeiii   lo I ;ivc
maintained   so   late   us   the trial of
Dreyfus.   'Ihu world's pity went mil to
thu victim, and Zulu's I lilies I   laurel
will bo Ihut he nxjawil ibis l.c-ul eon'
spirncy   and   wus   willing   lo   shim
llrcylus's exile—whrn   exile    was    im-
pending.   *   '   '   It is   a didum    of
justice (hut the accused hu» right  tu
council, time lor preiuirulion, witness- j
es,   and   open trial   by u jury nl bis
pern.   •  *  '   This is one ol tee ten i
striking paragraphs in literature/,     II
deserves n place beside Sliukespeiirc's
imniortul   Miii'belh.   *  *  '  A   street;
preacher, us il rending frpm the BUrlc,
quaintly    intoned   llie   adage,   "flow
small ihr cheese looks to the   mouse
after it ii caught in (ha trap :"   Hpu
paltry ihe (mil of sin in view »f Ibo i
penally I
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('ardi took up the ui..j"! porlion  of
the   evening uflci   whi I1  i'i.   bj
were served und u   Ii il d u
cipuled in in  tbo nuditorium ol   the
tea  house.    The  billowing   were Ibe
prize winners  in   ihe nbi t
l.ndics, 1st, Mik Borrow ...n.l Hi Ii
Un,  H.  W.   young:   gentlemen,   H
Mr.   Hanki*', consoliilion. Mr.   Craw
ilOO'^cetof Water-
fi'uiilage will; ciown
grant, known as
V/ullacc Shipyurds,
Terms lo suit purchaser.   Apply
11. II. DEViill:'
'ieymour St.
All ncv, houses .should be pip-
cii lor gas ui 1.1.let to save the
heavy expeuditu/e lor this con-
vcnluncc ut a later date.
POWliU CO., I.UIiTKl).
II. E. MttlJOttt
Ex] rl on I ireplacei and all
classes of Brickwork.
AT Work Uuiuuiileid
I'oruei EifKHiiiib St. uud If alios Ave.
.    j ...
- . SnBSf.iSllsi—.    TrTiiTull  illi   IITTf 1
HuhtH  .'Ai^oUVER
rgicsl, Modioli sod
M... mil) Nursii
Nuitst toil 0 I in InMuUM
tut -leiui- at, the ilulpilll
Iin. ,-incl I'iut.
fliCNK  69
D. L. 555, West Vancouver.
There are still u lew sjuiially line |ot| fur stjc in (his siili-division, mosl ol tlieiii
65x132 Icet, some larger. The most westerly pail of the property recently put on the
market includes lb walcrfrint (nth with a waterfront age of 59 feet and an average
depth ol J jo feet. The lots have 1 pkasnnl slum- lo a gruvclly beach, and there are
many fine yld trees wliuh ..dd greatly Id Uieir tnanty. Vie have the verdict of many
who have bought titers thai nowWe on lbs whole Pacific Cleat is then s more beaU-
tilul spot than "1)1 ND/U'.V I',' -ml most people win. luo'k over thp.property buy
sonic of it. There are several summer houses already built on the beach lots, and others wilt be built in the spring.
Call in and get a price list-arid make an appointment will) us to take you out and
show you the property.   V'1,11 will enjoy a vlsil lo "DI'MJAP A VI'',".
The prices are from Vii) io 4 Wi j,ci-loi, "and the (urns are easy, one fifth caah,
and the balance over two years.   Tlu-"waterfront lots arc il.'iOO
121 Lsonedale Avenue
NORTH VANCOUVER   ' ' . '■ '■
the wants and the offerings  o
ant losal advertising,
..'  RATES
Hingis Insert, Soil per line
im Weak. Ho per l»e per insertion
las Month, Be per line per insertion
;wi ■
WANTOM'ICAMS. with dump wa-
n,i to work oh Third street!  North
ouvor,    Apply  cor. . Henry  end
34 a
WANTED-lnimtdiuteJy a thorouglily
'} .tsperien'ed girl for housework iu 'am-
l$f of two—good wngus.  Apply, Mrs.
t"i, S, Hillings, 7'JH Victoria, l'ark East.
WANTKD—Lilting! Iruni owneri   of
North Vancouver properties.    If you
have ii bargain und want to eel), list
with ui. We have thu buyers.
7-3 Next to 1'aluce   Hotel.
POlt ItlliNT-l'iunisbed housekeeping
roolSS, HIS.Und street east. li-8
TO LET-Eurnishtd room wilhout
board in private borne, flood be at ion
and close lo ear lino. X. Y: /., lix-
press on,.. "
FOR  SAI.K-Mninire.    Apply '« Hi
V. Transfer nml Livery Co,, Lpnsdsb
Avenue. 97-f
FOR  SA1.K-Young  While  Leghorn
Cockerel-,   also   cee--   lor    hutching.
Corkstt, Htb und Chesterfield.     38-2
FOR SALK-Puur foot Wood, first
growth, l-'tli .-ii" i, first bousu west
of I onsdale, - I). U.Dade, care box
130. 24-11
FOR SAI.I. Iluulilc corner lots 10-
20, block 9, I). 1,. IH», corner I Sib und
liludslone, hieing snnib, SflMrt). Cash
$600, balance, 6, I'i and IH months,
Apply Li Will,., Hotel North Vancouver, between Ii and 1(1 p.ni. W-3
I have .'.M»i io loan on Brit inort
gage city properly. Apply "•'" Ex-
J.  I.miui and North l.uBsduls
lildir Murrsy to. tin iniureoce.
Wi will buy or exelienge your ituvei,
rings, snd household goods lor ipot
essb. Turner's, 7U Lonedala Avenui.
I'boui lit.   1.3. Boa 318.
It...in   10 mid II, Fender Chamlieri,
Uh Pender Street W.       l'bone 3461
Residence,   cor.   I.unsdols  Ai   and
82nd   imi, North Vaaeoavsr.
are now ready to 111 all orders
for cost They will
carry a full line o( building sun
plies. Oet tbe best. They hsve it.
A trial order will convince yon of
that, tlet your coal before the
rainy sssson sets in. Head-
Hunters on rorner of Esplsnade
and St. Oeorge, North Vancouver.
Phone 259 Terms Cash
TIAIIl'll.S in.- invited Lu llie work
in DpBnsrtioa -'..ili i.-ituin olureUool
.'ii. I u'l.l.ii ii 'to the lily Hall, North
Veni.unei, foi lbs I'lly C,,undl.
Plow and s|...iliciiii,in» may lie bad
Irom iin t'lty Clerk, City Hull, on
und afin Monday neat, the 2ithinsl
lluildu-    III,    10   Mild   in   Oil II    I'll'lds
to ll.e ' iii ' I'll n.l biter tbup 12
noun un Saturday, liI. Mai.-b, in a
sealld envelope, ineikud lender fui ul
larstloBi Ui < ii> Hell.
The lowest or uny tender will
not nemierily Ik' scripted.
I ,,n-, I ii I.   Avi-nu.,
■211 North Vancouver,
I'I fill*  NOTICE
WuO-r will be shut off tin- city iimm
seer the i»t«ke between the hours ol
V pee. end 10 pa. on the ncning ol
I'.l.ruery 2ilh, 1911, 'or the purpose
of repU'ieg • IcugU) it defective wa-
ler pipe.
The portion of the rity mostly id-
is. trd by lW» repair! will lie from
about Wh street B<*lb»e/ds.
v.wmv. 8. H*NE«,
City Eogiaeer.   ■
f/sii. m, mi. 24-V
Mr, Alex, Philip, ex-president ol the
St, Andrew's and Caledonian Society
of a huiidsoino St, Andrew's Cross
watch fob Irom his fellow-members in
recognition of his able services to
the society during his terra of office.
The presentation, which took p.'sco
at the society's dunce last evduing,
Was made by the President, .1. 11, J.
Murray und tbe (oh was pinned on by
Mrs. W. Graham, president of ibe ladies society.
Thu (loud Tumplars nl this city are
holding a box social in thuir hull on
Third street next Wednesday evening
to which everybody is welcome. A
very pleasant and successful time is
The adjourned bearing ol 1'. S.
Adums, charged with obtuining goods
to the amount ul uliout |7.5(|i Irom A.
I!. Fletcher under fulsu pretences i ame
up before ,1. l"s. ,1, ,1. Woods i.nd C,
F. Foreiiiuu in tho police court Hiii
mnriling, The testimony ol the cum-
plainnnls was that the accused had received goods from them on rredii,
giving them to understand that he
had 114,1100 to his credit in tbe I'-ist-
ciii Township's Hunk, Vancouver. A
plea nl not guilty wus entered und
was bused ou his assertion that beliid
told Mr. Fletcher and the mumig-r ol
Ihe storo that he "expected" It was
there instead ol positively stilling that
il was. Tbo court depredated his intentions ul puying tbe aeeounl when
it was contrasted lor and Imposed a
penalty of 30 days hard labor,
Kandie Kitihen Co.
The numbers drawn lor Diamond
Ring were I22li'2 lust, 1271'.! second uud
nil'JI (bird. Should the first number
not claim on or More Saturday
evening, Feb. 26th, ring will be given
to second Dumber drawn, vis. 12719.
SEALED TENDERS on the prescribed forms will U' received by the undersigned until 5 p.m. on Thursday,
ind March, 1911, lor the follow-in .-
1. Clearing und grubbing liollyby.ru
School Site.
3. i I. .1 in ■ and grubbing ol road
liiim l.ynn Valley Trail to lot 6, block
I, east hull D. I,. 7H7.
3. Clearing and grubbing portion ol
Allan lloiui northwards Irom Ross
Road, II. L, 201,7.
\.  Laying sidewalk   10th street,   I).
I., m.
All in accordance with specification.
and plans to lie seen nl thin office.
The lowest or uny tender nut necessarily accepted.
,1. R. C080R0VE,
Distiirt Faiginecr.
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tenders lor rlcering* the easterly portion
ol Miliun Park" will be received by
tbe City Clerk up to 12 o'clock noon
on Monday, Feb. 37th, 1911, lor ileal-
.ii" and rough grading a poilion of
Mulion Park according lo tbe specifications prepared by tbc City Engineer.
A marked ihuiue puyable to .the order of the City Treasurer for the «um
ol 6 |"'i "lit of the value .of the Tender must accompany cadi and every
'Ihe loweet or any tender not news
lurily accepted. „
City Engineer.
Feb. 21st, 1911. 34-3
Ajipiicolioni will be received by the
undersigned up till 6 p.m. on Monday,
IJtb More*, 1911, for the position o'
Building, Plumbing sad Sanitary inspector of the City of North Vancouver to perform duties defined in By-
Laws of the CRy and Provincial
Health Act snd Sanitary Regulation!
Salary $100 per month,
10-1 City Clerk.
Petition toGov.-Gen.
An Important Contribution .to"The
Measured to bo Utilized fit Ottawa
The following is the lull text pf the
petition adopted by the Hoard ol
Trade to be presented to the (Srver-
nor-Qenoral in Counoil with respect to
the national jinpqrtsnce of a bridge
at Second Narrows. Tho petition was
prepared by Ex-Alderman W. J. Irwin
11 pre: en i at in' of the Board if Trudo
on the Ottawa delegation uud wus
brought before the Board by Council
lor Bridgman;
thu Governor-General ol the Dominion ol Cuneda in Council:
The petition ol the Hoard of Trade
ol North Vancouver, B. C, humbly
WHEREAS, it is ol tho utmost pub-
lie importance thai thu growing trade
and commerce of the Dominion ol
('iinudii be promoted and oneouraged
by the most generous government aid
best calculated to procure the maximum of national benefits for tbs
country ; .   •
AND WHEREAS the Harbor ol
Burrard Inlet (Port ol Vuneouver) the
principal harbor ol commerce on the
I'm ili. scnliouril of Cunnda and one of
tho 11'mi natural harbors in the worh'
is only avuilable in part (on the
smith shore) owing to the nat-esist-
erne ol a Railway Traffic Bridge al
the Second Narrows to accommodate
the entrance 61 railways on the north
shore ol the harbor;
AND WHEREAS tbo vast commercial und industrial facilities which can
be made available on some fifteen
miles ol woterlroiitnge and nearly one
iii.in .ind acres ol tide flats on the
North .Shore of this harbor by the
early construction olu railway bridge
at the Second Narrows would be ol almost incalculable value to the Dominion of ('un ul a by more than doubling
the present available accommodation,
and laeililics of the harbour us it is
at the present time.
AND WHEREAS it is reasonably expected that concurrent with the completion of the Panama Canal in tbe
year 1915 or soon thersalter a very
lurge increase of shipping traffic must
result to und from the cities on Ihe
Pacific seaboard ol the North Amiri-
i-uii continent.
AND WHEREAS lor several yeurs
the Government of the United Stales
keeping in view the national benefit!
obtainable by fostering the trade and
commerce of (heir Pacific coast dt-
ies and making preparations eal-i'i'.-il-
ed lo best suable those cities to e„pe
with the increased trade expected to
result from the completion ol the Panama Canal bave been expending many
millions ol dollars unnually in the
Various works of harbor improve
AM) WHEREAS the additional bur
bor terminal Incilities which will lie requisite in the near future adequately
to accommodate at the Port of Vancouver those additional railways destined to have either main or branch
terminiils there can bo best procured
by making available tbc northerly
half of the harbor by the construction
of Ihe railway bridge at the Second
AM) WHEREAS the public desirability ol enlarging the harbor facilities by tbc construction ol the Second Narrows Bridge lor ihe use ol all
iiulv.li>' requiring same is amply
shown in Ihe moit practical owj emphatic manner by the recent bylaws
pained by (he electors in the citiei
und municipalities adjacent to the
harbor by which $660,0(10 was voted
lor the purpose ol agisting 0>c Bur
rard Inlet Tunnel Ai Bridge Company
in building this bridge, the City ol
Vancouver having voted $20O,000, mu
nidpnlity ol North Vuneouver $260,
000, and the city of North Vancouver
$100,000, and a further contribution ol
$260,000 bus been pledged by the provincial government of British ('olura
biu, making in the aggregate the sun
ol $800,000, and in addition to the a
bovc the municipalities of Burnuliy
and South Vancouver are lubmittins
byliiws lor substantial sums (or this
NOW THEREFORE, your petition
en molt humbly prey that favoraule
recijinmeodation be made to the Dominion Parliament urging an aupropria
lion of at leait 1300,000 lor \ho pur
pose of aiding in the c/nistruc'ion ol
the Railway Traffic Bridge at the Second Narrow! ol Burrard Inlet mu
110,000 per mile lor a cunnoeting railway and that this appropriati-ei ly
available lor the Burrurd Inlet Tunnel
At Bridge Compeny, u public corpora-
lion organiwd by the <a('<* and muni
ei|ielitic« in tbe vidnity ol the sail
Port ol Vancouver for the exprcn purpose ol carrying out in the ji'iMi: interests uerlain ha,bor improvoov till
project! of which Ihii is st prm*it the
most important item of nsiionul ma-
Mr. J, Burrowi has purduiod u fi»
new modem II -roomed bouse on I Sib
and Loaedsie Avium.
Resolution by District
Council re Subway
During the absence of Reeve Mo-
Naught, Colin. Allen has been appointed acting reeve. The principal
item ol interest whiph transpired at
last evening's meeting of the district
council was a strong resolution which
was moved by Coun. Bridgman and
seconded by Cpun. Ward having regard to the urgency of providing a
tomporary means ol crossing the CP.
R. tracks at tbe Vancouver approach
to the lorry wharf for the protection
ol the lives nl the travellers. The re-
iii.liiiiuii ran as follows:
"Tbo untimely deulh of Edward T.
Pollok ol the City ol North /sn-ou-
ver on the -'-ml iust. clearly ilumon-
..l.riilcii tho necessity ol the construction by the ('an. i'ae. Ily, lo. of •
subway under their trucks connuuling
Columbia Avenue in Ihe city ol Vancouver with tho North Vuneouver ferry-
wharf and the district round) of
North Vancouver unanimously resolves
that the railway commission uigctho
Canadian I'ae. Hy. Co. lo prueecd
with their proposed work without delay and that a copy ol the resolution
bo lorwurded to the Can. 1'ac. hy.
Co, and the City ol Vancouver und
North Vancouver.'"
Correspondence wus read as lollowi:
From Ihe Seymour Lumber Co. acknowledging letter Irom district und
one Irom T. S. Nye re the building ol
fences along a new. road constructed through Mr. Nye's property. It appeared thai Mr. Nye agreed to accept
u Written iindci inking Irom the company to construct the fences iu tbc
meantime. What Mr. Nye was desirous ol getting wus payment Irom the
district for clearing. Mr. Diplock,
ihe secretary of the Company, agreed
lo this.
li.un Jus. Gaudin, agent murine
und fisheries department, Victoria, advising that Messrs. Ellis and Blown,
barristers ol Vuneouver, on bebull of
('has. Nelson, the owner of block 2,
I). I. 551, have made application to
the Dominion government fur a grant
fur tbe foreshore adjoining  said lots.
A rctjiicst wus made legurding thu
views of the district council on this
grant. It was referred to Councillor
From tbe secretary at the li.B.C.M.
enclosing a letter Irom W. 1). I.ightull,
lion, sec.-treas., I .CM.,- und a copy
nl an invitation received by Mr. I.igbt-
ull Irom the Co-Partnership Teuuiits
Ltd. This Invitation wos to repress*)
titivca ol ull municipalities in Cunuda
to lorm a delegation lo visit tile Cm
Partnership uud Housing schemes ol
I'm Inn,! ul the time nl the coronation.
Ai Coun. Wurd wus the only intending visitor lo the coronation he
wus appointed the council's delogote.
Prom ihe eily clerk advising thai
Iwo accounts Irom the district of
ttSfi.lil nncrrfl.W had been referred to
the engineer and ihe board ol works
respectively. Another letter (rum tie
cily acknowledged receipt of forms-
pondence fiom district engineer re protecting city's mains ulong the Lynu
Vulley road while thul road was being
locally Improved. These mullen were
laid over.
Mr. T. A. Murtin asked council to
aid him in obtaining electric light un.l
telephone to his residence on Si.
•lames street. He bud ulfctfd lo ud
vunco ISO towards construction repay
BSBOS9B9BS: '"    -   -    -'
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
nolice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b, this city,
paine & McMillan
Tbe Hardware Spacialuti. Phone 12
McMillan* Tea
b Good
S lbs. for $1.00
J. 4. 6 ei. McMillan
Ratepayers' Association
Will be held in Larson's Pavilion, at 8 p, m,,
Tuesday, February 28th. Special business to
consider proposed amendments to the Constitution and to discuss means of safeguarding the
C.P.R. tracks at Ferry approach. The question of providing suitable accommodation fo:
cases of infectious diseases will also be considered.
bridge nol being ruusiiinmiilnl. The
clerk said (hat the ngrieineiit and bylaw provided thut the slock should be
taken up in a ceituin specified period.
able ut a later date.   He spoke on the
matter and said that Mr. Perry of ihe    ,A rt"",lulJ'"1 "» l"""^ <"">'"»""«
HCK.lt. had interviewed bis  officials  ,lu l"™k"W ol ibis amount to (he
who did not think they could move in  cr,fd" °' ""' "•.'   '' * "' Co
this direction ut preieut. j„ „ ri,|)orl l)B ty ..pension of Phil
Coun. Bridgman reported interview ; j,, Avc „Bll gppij,.,^,,,, which had
ing the company re lighting in North |Krll mAl! .„ Hi. Hubori in respect to
Loasdels and the answer was that no- ' a Kn,nt |0WlMh „ uor.j„B 0| the cost
thing could he done until Mr. Spcr ! (■„„„ HridKman itat.d thai Mr. Ma-
ling returned. bonhad not looked over the properly
Coun. Loulet said there bad lieen a , ,,c,(
new B. C. Tel. Co. manager is   ibiij    pe,itioni for sidewalki were received
city and he was not i-onvrrsunt with
the applications which hud buen made.
He had, however, accepted signed en
tracts Irom the northern districts and
had forwarded them In the Vaiuou
ver olli" i and it was his opinion thut
poles would soon lie available lor the
stringing of their wirei. It was irsol-
ved to writs to the Lynn Valley end
North I/onadole Katepaycri Anode-
lions   aeking   them to I
phono matter under consideration with i to report.
a view to having il cxieiulid. I   An application lor the jinilorshipol
Prom Col, Dudley expressing pie*''be new municipal hall whidi ii not
■ure on the peiiogc ol the Dudley Hd. | >'•'« Wl, *»• received f,oni II. Doug-
Improvement Bylaw.  Ife asked   when'ss
one on Center road Irom the car line
to llcnipsey road und the other on
lltli stri-ct in D. I. oM. Laid over
pending completion uf plan for general
sidewalks scheme,
A largely signed |s iitmu was reeeiv
id bum n -uli nis end owneri in II. I,.
QUI 1,'piesHug i..11,l connection!
tliioiigh that distria lot.  llef.rrsd tfl
St. Andrew's Preibylerian church.
6th street: eiervicii at II s.m, anil
7.30 p.m. Sunday school 3.80 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Lynn Valley Presbyterian Cburch-
Wonhip, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. li. Von
Minister, M.A., p»»lur.
Lynn Valley Methodist Church-Service every Sunday evining in Initi-
iii" Hull at 7 o'clock. rU. Pake-
ley, pastor in charge.
BupUil i kuiih t'ui 6th sad St.
••eorge. Senhai, 11.00 am. and 7.80
p.m. Bible nhool st 12 Boon. Eev.
C, il. Him.!).,,
Nuilh Loimdali Presbyterian Church
Worship,  Suadayi
iy S,h.»l, 2.80 f
iter, M.A., paitor.
Worihip,  Suadayi,  7.80  (.»., Bun-
day S.hool, 2.80 p.m.  B. VasMuns-
St. .John the Evangollit, 8th and
13th ilrwli: Holy communion, t a.m.
morning praysr, 11 §.m.; evming pre-
,.ke the lele-'Boaid «| Works ud Coun. Bridgman Jf' 7»" f"\ "" 9t ?r,t 8wM"i' k
the mouth there will be a second oe-
lebrsiion of Ihe holy communion at
11 am, Sector, Eev, Hugh Hooper.
Methodist Church, corner of Birth
itrot and St. (Jsorge's ivenut-
i Sunday preaiting lervioei at 11.00 s,
work would commeme.  It was agrocd     Ihe mattcT  ol  protecting   'he dry  m  and 7.80 p.m., Sunday School aa
lo have the work started al an oarly   mnin along the l.ynn V„|ley road and ^if.V 8*) ?'■•' S^ ''••'
gue on M.suday evening at tJV> p.m.,
'0 prayer and prsiie service on Wedass-
dstc. | 'be   corrcKpondciicc In'tween tbs
A plan referred back at last meet- i-cngineers was taken up again and Mr.
ing "woe resubmitted by Mr, W. .), Cosgron- read all the communication!
Crawford and as a result of certain which had paswd 1st men Mr. Hance
esplanations made »u passed. and himself.  Neither be nor Ihe coun-
W. .1. Crawford and f. Wolih advis i cil could udvance any jgjt roune  (or
od that thoy were about lo erect lome  the diy taking eia'pljon to the  «•
stores on lots 1, 2, 3, t, block 8V, D.   gincr addressing a Idler to   tlie cily
L, 2028.  They r«|Uired fadlitioi'to gel | ensnneer instead of to the  Coundl, h tor"'itsv"T' Oiyiavk olttVh'
into the properly in the manner of jlact it wan pointed out thatMr. ffos,  U
roads.   Referred to engineer to report,   waterworks   foreman,   hsd  addressed!   "'■   Pslmund|i Catholic Church, Mi
Coun.  Bridgman, i»id  the  Burrard  Mf. Cosgrove under somewhat similar'T iv'Ju,' jft*fy* ■ ."»«•' W.IJ a.
«., Sunday School, 8,18 p.m.;  Bos-
day evening at 8.00, Junior Lesgui
•ervice on Thursday sfUrnooR stiSO.
A cordial wstmms ii si leaded to all
!? ?,lj*r UwM »'rt<-- Peetor, 1.
C, Schliciiier, reeidencs, comer ICsitt
Uoad and St, Andrew',.
>IndiaB   Catholie   Church   of   St.
Paul'i Mass, 7.10 ,.B. Sundays. Pas-
lofet Tunnel snd Bridge Co. made a {circumstances. A commit!.* composed
refjueet of HWW on account d tbe of (he thairmon of Ihe walerworki
1260,000 shores puntasc. end   Ihe board   of works in a>t,tfa
Coun.  l/iulel asked if the council lion with the engineer was sppoin'nd
would be liable in Ih* event   of   the to interview the city.
sry and benediotioa, 4.l« pas.
81. Agnes Church, Boulevard-Vicar,
Rev. T. k Bows. 7.80 p.m. avansong
every. Sunday i 1) ».B. Holy Coawsun-
ion, Had Sunday of every ,


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