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■ ■-■»
[lame 12
North Vanoquvbb, B.C., TmwpAV, faPTWWB lfl, WU
Number 4
Imeetlng in Ibe Interests nl womin
id hold at tlie liuine of Mrs. (Dr.)
k, i:itli street west, nn the after
nf Friday, tlio lilliiil Inst.,   at
a large attenilane* Is earnestly
jl, ia nrilur tu cnmplete tbo or-
tiuu nf a local branch of tbe
al Equality League.    A   very
iiful meeting wss bold last weok
I heme nf Mrs. J. I. Oalltgbor,
Abo matter nf Iho petition to tbo
imont   witb rtspect   to woman
1 wa* fully discussed and ur
(is wero made   fnr   securing
1 locally,
Valley Enthusiasm
I     —
%1 AutlRsclproclty Matting.
iJliuaiustie meeting under tbe
1 ul tlio Conservative aisocil-
jik place in Lynn Valloy, Fri-
'it. The attendance was good
.koou anti-reciprocity ntmos-
ovailod throughout tbe eveuiug
fair wat occupied by Mr, .1.
wbo, alter a lew approprl-
mis on the campaign gene-
lied upon Mr. .1. Harvey  es
Survey oealt very exhaustively
Tth the subject o( reciprocity, outlining the general, history ol I 'un idhn
politics from 1666 onward*. He ,..■
lerred to tho accusation levied aga.nst
ilu- Conservative party, ol hovingj
changed their policy. Mr. liuvoy
clearly showed that although lie Conservatives may have boon in favor ol
reciprocity in the pait, the pjliiiril
conditions have chunged uud il.n necessarily meant chango ol policy.
The feature ol the evening wm un
doubtodly the speech ol Mr. Vukulski,
who is a well known exponent ol Ilie
sinister side ol reciprocity. His re-
murks wero punctuated with lr*i|Uunl
outbursts ol applause.
He Irealed reciprocity Irom the
Htiimlpuiiit ol Ihe American, and very
plainly showed that it was the great
natural resource* of Cauada tbat the
American was alter.
Soventoon years ago, and lor n period ol twelve years, the spenker was
concurnod with tbe milling interests iu
Minneapolis, and speaking Irom this
eiperience, Mr. Makolaki declared, that
it was impossible lor tbe I'uiinl
Slates to put llouf upon tbe Europu-
nu market comparable with the Canadian article, without purchnting certain quantities nl "No. 1 Northern,"
' |o harden up Iheir own suit product.
li.1 sjieaker clearly showed tltut the
reciprocity pact as u whole was un
attempt on the part ol tbe I mini
Sliiles to steal awuy I'aunoYs mil
uml resources.
During Mr. Makolski's speech much
merriment was caused liy nn interrupter who persisted in unnouncjng his
intention to vote lor reciprocity. Lai-
lor he was thoughtless enough lo »*k
| the speaker lor Iho dolinilion ol a lool
Needless to say, the reply was, "Ono
who will vote lor reciprocity."
The third speaker was Mr. W. .1.
Ilaird, who prclaocd bis remarks by
saying that be was more nl home in
Iho committee mum than on the platform. Despite this declaration, however, Mr. Baird dc-all wilh ths various
phsse* of the political campaign and
made it quite evident to bis listeners,
that it wus in the best interests ol
Canada lo reject reciprocity.
The termination ol Ibe matting wm
characterised by loud entering, *nd
th* Conservative association bav*
good reason lor believing thai l.ynn
Valley it conservative lo the cor* on
till* vital ipieslion.
Sept. 13th, I'JII.
Editor Bspreti
Norll, Vancouver, B. C,
Dear Sir,
Your Editorial In th* Espress ol
Friday, Sept. 8th, (Keciprocity an ill-
advised bargain) is on* ol tlw host
written tnd most sensible articles, a-
gainst reciprocity, Ibat J have read
in * long tine. 1*1 mo congratulate
you.     Yours truly,
(Under ordinary condition*, tin editor would be content to convey hi*
appreciation of 111* above, to th*
writer .by private letter, but inasmuch
** it comet Irom * eubeoribor in tbe
Unitod StaUt, and it particularly apt
in viaw of Thursday'* balloting, tk*
lotto- is ol interest to tin nadir* of
tits Express, We therefore ttke this
me*n* of conveying our thanks to
our vtlutd tubscjriber lor bis kindly
appreoittion ol our •lort.-8d.|
At tbis morning's sossion of the
Polio* l.'ourt, Frank Augustiu* was
charged with having mid intoxicating
liquor without a license at hi* premises, Flat Iron Block, Lonsdale avenue.
Chief of Police Davis, in his evidence, salt) that o* Saturday night b*
ami some officer* raided tb* defend-
set's promise* sud lound, In tha luck
room, five den, besides the accused tnd
an employee, tittiug round t table, evidently drinking, While in tho passage
tbo inspector saw one of tbo men put
bottle uuderuoatb hit teat, Ther*
wore tbe lop* of buttles strewn til
shout tbe floor, and ia another room be
found t*p large cases pi quart bottles
of beer and a large barrel of wine.
Mr. Head appeared for tlio prosecution sud Mr, Bobjnson for tbt' defence.
Tbe Chief alto slated lhat on September 10th, be saw ten cases of beer
boing taken np Lonsdale tvenuo, and
instructed Constable Shannon to watch
their progress. Tbey wore taken into
tbo Flat Iron Block. Tbo constable
testified to tbis effect.
Tbe defendant stated tbat tbo liquor
did not ill belong to bim. Tbe greater
portion of it .belonged tn a friend
named Qalluccl wbo boi bought it for
celebrations—" to christen tho baby
Evidence wu given by (lallucei and
by tb* person from whom be bought
tbo esses of liquor. Questioned concerning tbo luby, be said tbat be
would bave it christened a* soon as
tbo liquor was restored to bim.
Mr. Bead indicated tbat the nature
of the defonco wu unsatisfactory. He
disputed Mr. Bobinson's suggestion
tbat celebrations on such a scale were
perfectly natural. Ho reminded tbo
court of tbo number of similar cases
that bad boon beard in Vancouvor tnd
submitted tbtt offenders of tbis order
woro uow shifting thtir teen* of action
to Nortb Vincouver. No race caused
more trouble in British Columbia tban
tbo Italians, and he regarded this par
ticular kind of traffic u the cause of t
greet ileal of crime.
Magistrate Kealy found tho accused
guilty aud Imposed * Sno of $00 tud
City Council Meets
Tbs regular meeting of the City
Council Isst evening w*a auythiug but
harmonious. No sooner had the min
utes been approved and tbe question
ef the unsafe condition of the bridge
on Mahon avenue roferred to the
Board of Works than hostilities com
inenred between Alderman Dick and
Mayor McNoisb. Ths sourco of th*
trouble wat a letter requesting tbat a
further limine connection be mado wilb
tbo main. Alderman Dick tt once In
t uunl ed tbtt in hi* opinion they hadn't
gut the money. He further submitted
that the mouoy wbicb had been raised
liy the recent bylaw, for tbo purpose
of supplying water, had been diverted*]
for other purpose* *nd they would bantu increase Ibe bylaw.
The Mayor wu or th* opinion that
there was nothing seriously wrong, aud
denied tbit Aldormtn Dick bid mide
Ihe tame contention clear tt tbo lut
meeting of Ibo Council.
Aldermen Dick reiterated that if
they wished to m*ke w*lor connection*
tbey must raise the money to pay for
Aiuidtl a tumult of controversy,
Alderman Smith, supported by Alder
man Henderson, moved Ihe connection
In mads. Aldormtn Smith tdded, with
refertnet to lb* vcrbtl iklrmiib, tbit
that sort of thing htd boon going an
long enough In th* Council tnd It wu
llm* something wu done tn put in i-ul
It wu reeolved that th* Mtyor toil
lb* chairman of th* Finance Comailtt**
should represent tht Council of North
Vincouvtr it th* convention nf British
Columbia Municipalities to b» held
shortly at Victor!*.
Messrs. Tsyler, Htrvty, Htird k Orant
wrote on behalf of Bomino Pinto k
Co., claiming inal ctrtileat** 1* re
sped of Ihe following contracts:
chesterfield tvenue, St. Andrtf's, St,
George't md St, Patrick.
Tbo question of th* payment or
otherwise of this work wu set uid*
to be discussed in commit!**.
With relation to tbe Irm of Bomino
Pinto A C'o., Mayor McNeish mnounctd
that th* City Engineer htd mid* ap
plication to the judge »t tht county
courl for in Injunction to itop toy fur
th»r tunnelling until Tuctdty morning.
Tbit injunction hu been granted.
Tht Mayor alto telenet to tbe coo-
plaint* that had been lodged concerning th* blocking of tr»*V oo Ih* Vtncouver sids by th* (J, P. B. compsny't
tralu. It had tppeared that » number
of cltiieat had bun detained and had
oi**** Ih. titty, thllt th* boat htd
Final Word of Conservative Leader Pefore
the Elections— Canadians Appealed to
Irrespective of Party—Not a Question of
Marltets But of Canada's National Destiny
The following straightforward and
patriotic address wus issued today to
his follow-citisoiis throughout Cansdii
by Mr. B. L. Bunion, B.C., loader of
tbe Conservative parly:
To tbo Poople of Canada: -As this
campaign closes and tho solemn duty
confronts us of deciding for nil time
tho most momentous question ever sub-
mlttod to the Canadian electoral'*, I
doclare witb |iorfoct sincerity te my
fellow i-uiiiiir> ni.'ii that tlio outlook is
full of hope. The keen attention
which tho people have given to tho
discussion of this question 1ms made
tbe few weeks of tbe campaign iniiro
revealing than mouths of ordinary debate
"Throughout this Dominion the
electorate now underttiud tbey ire
culled upon to ilelcrmiuo not a mere
question of markets, but the future destiny of Cauada, perhaps the Empire.
"Keen from the economic side, the
Bociproclty compict is but i step in s
greater process. Ou cither side of the
boundary line its advocates realize per-
fectly that iu itt filial outcome this
treaty un.loulitu.lly means the cummer-
cial and fiscal union. The chief magistrate of our powerful neighbor on the
south hu warned us in languuge of
uiimistakeablo import that the euusuni-
maiion of this treaty will forever pre
vent the consolidation of our Empire.
Must Make Our Choice
"Wilb profound insight ami clear
vision be list made the memorable declaration tbat if Canada accepts this
compact she can never become a part
of thit great Imperial commercial bund
which, as he anticipates, will roach
from Englsml around the world lo
England again. Wo must, make our
•koicu between Reciprocity with Ihe
Empire and Bcciprocity witb the United
states. And let us never forget thul
I'mult Ciunot become liscilly and
. iiiiuiiei.'iiilly t part of the United
Slates ind remain politically a pari —
an important part—of Ihe British
"(.'in there be my doubt Ih.-it this
compict will result in prematurely dis-
sipttiug those abounding resources
which we bold not alone fur our own
use and prolll, but in trust for those
who ire to succeed ust Arc wo not
bound in honor lo trtusuiit free uml
uuimpiircd lu our ileicendanlu the
marvellous heritage our forefathers won
aud held iu the fuce uf ililhVulliot and
obstacles today unknown! Will Ihe
pcoplo of i'lunula willingly decree thai
so splendid an inheritance shall puss
min othor bauds tban tbeir own!
Tbrsit of Uuitsd States.
"Tbe relations created by tbit compact will increase Ihrccrold Ibe power
of tbe United States over our commercial destinies. Less than three
yeart Igo, by tbo threat of prohibitory
duties, tbey forced uur government to
•Iter our tariff. If wc accept thit
compact, wc must inticipael a renewal
of th/) pressure.   Where is our guaran
tee that tho renewed pressure will tie
met in any firmer fashion tban beforel
Wo recognize our constant duty to
maintain friendly relations with tho
grout neighboring nation; but I nsk you
to belie.' that such relations cau best
llO assure,I, if WO preserve in fullest
men   llle OUT pie .'Hi  fltCll independence
sud autonomy.
"Above ell, we do not forget that tbo
momentous choice we must make is
for all time. If the tariffs of Ihe two
countries are interlocked by this treaty,
bo assured that a stronger parly
always will curry the key.
Ftitb la Our Own Country.
"I believe thit we iro standing today at tbo parting of the ways. This
compact, made iu socrer and without
mandito, points indeed to t new path.
Wc must decide whether the spirit of
Caiiadiuiiism or of contiuciitalisin ahtll
prevail on the northern half of tbis
continent. Canada is tbo mistress of
her destiny. She commands both the
Atlantic ami Pacific; she holds tho
highways of Ibe world. Oulside of the
United Kingdom, she it tho most important unit of tbo whole Hrilish
"With rami.In's youthful vitality]
her rapidly increasing population, Ihu
marvellous material resources, her
spirit of hopefulness ami energy, she
cun place herself in a comparatively
brief period in tbo highest position
within this mighty ompire. Tbis is the
path upon which we have proceeded
this is Ibe path from which wo tre
asked lo depart.
"That spirit is ouo of faith in our
country, our institutions and ourselves.
It is inspired by imperishable merits of
a past full of splendid achievements; >t
is crowned by the bighctt and most
confident hope of a future splendor
which we can but dimly realize. It
dwells equally in tbo sons of British
pioneers and loyalist! ami in those
Canadians of French descent, to whose
ancestors we owe a deep debt of gratitude for the loyal valor which preserved I'amiila to Ihe British I'rown.
Abov* AU Pirtlet.
"This .(ii. linn it above all parties
ami ull individuals. I appeal to Liberals as well u Conservatives and I
speak lo Ihem not as e party leader,
but as a Canadiau citizen whose hopes
arc bounl wilb Ihe hope of this
. "To all who arc proud of ber past, to
ull who hope for her future, I muke un
curliest and sincere appctl to rise
ubove all parties, to take heed of the
higher aonsiileritions and to dotcrmiuo
their course with a sense of Ibe enduring i.'..ults of tbeir decision. I beg
Ihem to cast a soberly considered nod
serious vote for the preservation of
our heritage: for the maintenance of
our commercial ami political freedom;
autonomous nation of the Britisn
for the permanence of Canada ts In
(Signed)      "B. L. BOBDEN.''
been known lo hive to delay depirture
for ten minutei. Alto I certain rail
road nun bid used very foul language
when spoken to by one of the com
pliiuiiitt. The Mtyor wished to inti
male that he bid tikeo tbe signed
letter to tbe <!.' P. B. superintendent,
tud the mailer had been fully gone
into. H* ruuld only tpetk in the high
sst terms ef Ihe company's attitude
in  the nutter, and  be eiproitcd  bis
belief  lo  the Council   Hint   the  1,-ulload
man in quesliun wu thtt dty looking
Ipt I new job.
Tbe Mayor then made reference to
in old man who bat been resident lu
Hrilish Columbia for OU yeart and who
Wu new dcttitutc. The' Chief of
Police hid given him somo light work
to do in tbe buement of tbo City Hall,,
and tht Mayor tuggctled lhat the city
should provide the eld man wilb meals.
He had been trying to intcrett tbe
KamlOop* Home for Old Men In tbo
cisc, bnt htd not so far succeeded.
It wu resolve.) thtt meals be pro
vlded at tho city's eipense.
The following proposed bylaws were
carried on the second reading:
Byliw to raise pmfltX) tor water
works; bylaw to raise 83,000 lot tin
maintaining of the Are department;
bylaw to raise #13,860 for ichool pur
poses; aad byliw to rail* HtfiOO to
buy real property ter municipal pur
Thero trose another "breeze" respecting tht lut mentioned propoaed
bylaw. Aldaxmaa Dick demanded mor* jtumtje*,
part I. alms concerning the property ami
Iho reasons for purchasing it.-
Alderman Henderson said that those
reasons bad been fully oiprcsted by
Ihe people wbo had framed the bylaw.
Alderman Dick disputed tbit, liking
•gtin lhat tbey should inform bim ex
telly whit the ground wu te be used
for. Let Ihem lei) Ihe people whit Ihey
were voting on. Personally, he had
not tbe slightest idea.
Alderman Henderson assured Alderman Dick thit before the citizens were
called upon to vote tbey would be possessed of all the necessary Information.
Alderman Dick protested that hi*
question had not been answered, tnd
the Mayor intimated tbat be* bid no
power to compel tlie Council to
answer Alderman Dick's questions.
Upon the adoption being twice read,
Alderman Dick exclaimed: "No, absolutely nol" in eacb instance.
Two more proposed bylaws were then
reul over, one to raise tltflfH) tor miking and repairing tbe streets Ad side-
wilkt of the city, and Ih* other to raise
16,1X10 for the preservation of tbe public health of the city,
Messrs. Palmer k Mcllwaine, financial and business brokers, late of Ht
Hiobord slreei, Vanoouver, hav* tf
moved %ir office* to North Vanoouver, whore thoy are now located tt
It IsOntdalo Avonuo. They h»ve *
special department lor bunnoss oppor-
B. C. to Exhibit Potatoes nt Amori-
oan Und and Irrigation Exposition
nl Now Vork; Collection now boing
uiudo,ut New Westminster.
Tbe Express is requested by the Do
piu-tiiieiil ol Agriculture, to inlorm all
polaloo grower* nt North Viuicouver,
tbut those wbo nro willing to assist
the department in making up tips exhibit io communicate at once with
Hr. Asahel Smith, Ladner, B. C., who
but been appointed commission r to
arrange the collection apd tn accompany it to New York.
The preparation ol tho oxhibit will
be undertaken at New Wotlminater,
Irom wbicb place Ihe exhibit will be
shipped to New Vork. In order to
allow latitude to Hr. Smith, who will
have charge ol the exhibit, it will be
necessary that he receive *t leasl hn
pounds of each variety ol carefully
niiliied and selected polutoes, and
these potatoes must be cboecn having
ri'leivnei- to smoothness ol skin, uni-
lomiity ol tizo and Huthnesi ol eye.
uml absolute Ireedom from all scab
or blemish, and ull potutoet must bs
received in New Westminster not later
than October I lib- -
It it deeirod to muke this exhibit ss
comprehensive as possible. The Slill
well Trophy Award, valuo 11,(100, will
be given by tho Exposition to the
best collection. It, it the desire ol
this department tbat a hi,' effort be
made to capture thie Trophy. Thi*
can only be dime by tbo co-operation
ol tbe growers. The exhibit will be
mado up ol at many variolic* as possible, and imi leas tbnn hull * bushel
nl each variety. The yield of each
variety per acre, which acre must be
officially surveyed, mutt bo tworn to
by tho grower and attested by two
or more reputable witnesses. Officials
appointed by this deportment will b*
considered sufficient authority in surveying tho land Irom which potatoes
arc taken. Arrangements are boing
inude lor two or three men to oover
the wholo ol the province, and visit
the growers who wish to compete, in
order lo officially measure the ground
Irom which ibe potatoes are tnken.
Tho winning ol this trophy will be
a great deal to tbo locality in which
the puiutoi'H ere grown, and tho do-
piirimeni hopes io receive tbe hearty
en upi-i ni imi ol all polutoe growers in
iii-ilii  to muke the exhibit a tucccis.
WANTED-Dressmtklng. Thoroughly experienced iq good class work.
Ladies' suit* a specialty. Misses Bao,
Suit* 3, Keith block, corner First
alreet. 10-10
Al North Vancouver on Sept. 17th,
In Hr. and Hrs. Waller Landers, Et
plumule, a girl.
Al North Vancouver, on Sept. 13th.
lo. Hr. und Hrs. Bruce Watson, u boy.
At North Vancouver, on Sept. 18th
to Mr. uml Hrs. A. Calpin, n girl.
LIFTON - On   Sept.   Kith,   Mary
duughler ol Hr. and Mrs. 0. lilton,
Nye street, aged 11 weeks.
Express Classified Ads.
l-'DI Ml   K.-y. Owner may bavo tame
by paying thit nd. at Express offioe.
LOST — Saturday night, lonadale
car, 10.311, purse with money and keys
name inside. Howard. C. McLaren,
1st.slreei. 18-8
LOST Sunday, August I3lh, b*
tween St. Audrow't ohurcb and Nye
i tree I, * gold bar llroooh with dom*
set with pearls. Finder pie*** l*av*
at thi* offio*. 184
and Conciiil lllnckamitbi, llrl * n*t
and Lonsdale. Hor*oMioeing * specially. 8-10
E0UCATH)NAI.-1L V. fu~p»r»iory
and 'kindergarten. Ago* I to IS. St.
John'* hall, junction 8th aod Wth
ttrasts wot.    Uiki Oradwell.      8-10
MJSS Isabel U. Dunn, Ci-jvlim* of
tin Hoyal Academy of Music, Ixindon
England, teacher of pianoforte, vWta
Nortb Vuncouvor two day* a wetk.
Writ* for termi 881 Broughton slreei,
Vancouver. 8-10
ART i.'I.AMEg — flurln* tt* winter
months Mlu Aipell (pttronlw* by
English ml tottlgp Royalty) will
holt eluse* In St. KtmuatTi gcboo),
Maiion Avenue. 01) *ad Wtter 'lolor
Piia^t, fen p*JnU*». lUomioiUo*.
globing for Book Plitii, tic. Print*
letsont by atraniemtnt. For termi.
tfe.. plette apply Po*l Oftce Box il*},
Norm ftnomnt. HIS
WANTED - Girjt lor folding.    Apply Express office.
WANTED - Unliable persou to tike
entire charge ol baby.girl, 14 mouth*       J
ojd.    Stat* termi.    Box 60, Expnest     /
office. 118-8
furnished house.
Furnished room* pr
331 3rd st., W. 33-8
FOB BENT - Three room aback on
ono acre ol cleared land, suitable lor
chickens, till per month. Apply
Merchants Trust k Trading Co., 344
Ponder slroet west. 38-8
TO BENT - Unfurnished, two nice
rooms in privote lamily, tm. Apply
first bouse west, llth street and Boulevard, two minutes Irom car.     33-8
FOB BENT-Furnished bed rooms.
English people. Hox 3138, Nortb Vancouver.
Lonadale guldens, 3lit> 1st street oust,
t--21.hu. Apply at No. 3 Suite, or P.
0. Box 1889. 18-0
Private room and  board  for yiuug
men   $6.50   per   week.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th iilreii  neur St. Dsviu't.
FOB BENT OB SALE- -Frame tail,
nearly new. Immediate posseeeion.
Siae 14 x 10. Fromme road. Ten
niiiiiitei from car and schoj. I'm
clnu-e money ss runt lor ten months.
Apply Box Wi, Express Offioe. t.l.
Moypolo Unite., 31b lor II at  the
Dp to date Orooory, 'itt 1st et., east.
FOB SAI.I- huiniime ol *ix roomed bourn. Will sell by piece or on
bloc.     163 8th ttreet cut. 18-8
Strictly fresh Eggs, 30 cents per
doxen it tbe Up-to Date Orocory, Tinti
to 300 Fint Street east.
Singer Sowing Machine, hand or
treadle, nearly new, 830. Mrs. Frott,
f.ouerul Delivery. 18-8
FOB SALE-Finc thoroughbred buB
Orpington cockerels. Mr*. Hriuin-
combe, 1st ttreet east. 1841
I have a lew thorough bred While
Wjmidline fookcrcli lor tale, flood
birds, cheap. Apply Wagborne, Boss
I'liud. Lynn Valloy, or Express oUiee.
room cottage on Western ave., lor
Vancouver or Norlh Vancouver property.   P.O. Ilox ffti, Vaueouver.   IU 'J
FOB SALE Fiitt growth dry wood
lor 14.60 per oord, 4 It. 0. McDtde,
Phon* 83 t.l.
Mild Cured Brcstfut Btcoii, Mt
por lb. iu half or whole ml s at tho
lip to Ilito liroccry, 380 First St. B.
FOB SALE - II sold in next live
days 1800 will buy Wi share* Imperial
Car Slock or linger amount at better
rate. Address Jo* Boioburgh, 838
Homer ttreet, Vancouver. WS
FOB SAI.E-A beautifully hi.i.h.tl
new bungalow, five living room* with
bathroom and panlry, on lot 88x130
in l.ynn valley. Sidewalks, water and
Jcctric light. Price 83,800. Cub
IM and lit monthly. Tbi) i* an
absolute bargain and worth teeing us
iboui. Ilie' Merobunls Trust and
Trading Co. Ltd., 844 Pender stroot,
wwt.    Phone S 3733 if.
J. I.oulot and North Loaidal*
Oct it at Lon*d*le Pbirmaoy Phone DM
Ws clot* Sundayi. Phon* 884. 1.
H. Engliib, 0. K. Oroowry, 13 Low
dilt Av—us,
M. H. Hiyiueul, Costumier, 8th St.
eut, adjoining west of Bou!o-ird, N.
Vineonvtr Fint rlau work ur'y. 1*
die*' own mttorlili mad* up.
Preserving   Peaches,   Yellow   Friat-
n*.    80c. per oral*.     Up lo d*l*
|Groosrjr, 8645-360 Itt itreot ***t.
Tha t% Dye Work* hu otUiwuV
ed a branch .or. L»|.!f.*iic E. aad
Lontiiale. tint elitt work at m ••>
rale*, cleaning, dyeing, fusing
aad repairing,
B. C. livery and bo»rd atnim -
light rig* and laoW i*ddj* homes
lot hire. StsJWing (or hot***. 0*»-
ar*l delivery and Heavy teaming. 'H.
Dutnos, fih droat wut.    plume HI
Pioneer Confectionery
Mr. 8, F. W-iBselwhte bags to
aiiiiomitit) that |le haa piiroliuuoi]
the business ut 71 l.uiisdulu Ave,,
formerly pondiw.twl by Mr, 8, H.
Walker under ihe wouie of tlm
Pioneer Bakery.
The business will be oondupted
in the same pruroiaes under the
name of The Pioneer Confectionery,
and will continue to .produuu
hand-made and honie-made bread
of the best ijuulily as well as all
lines of high-elass pastry And
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of his
customers, and by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former customers, and to welcome many new ones, for which
purpose the factorjuintl plant Ifas
been greatly enlarged and im-.
proved. Careful intention will
lie given tb any special orders
frtim patrons,
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.        Phone 8
I CtftVat m Babiei! BILLY *ncl
WJU*- CHARUE====i=
Why make two loadi moving when One Van will take'it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., for the
Largest Padded Furniture tnd Piano Van in the City,
I/oave Vancouver t.2t) a.m. and
thereafter every 21) minutes until
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.m.
every 30 minutei until 11.30 p.m.
tlierualtcr l'i.15 tnd 1.00 t.m.
Leave North Vancouvtr 8.00 t.m.
and iherealter tvtry 80 minutes until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.80 p.
in. evsry 30 minutes until 11.00 p.
m. thereafter 11.18 and 11.16 a.m.
I nn i'   Vancouver  7.10,   8.30 niul
9.00 thereafter same us weekday*.
1.1-avi! North Vancouvtr 7.80, 8.00
tnd 8.10, Iherealter aarnt al weekdays.
Single faro 6c, 6 for 36c, SO lor fl, 70 lor 18.
A-f.umlier wagons, trucks and
drays,  76c return.
11—8 hurts espress carriages tnd
hacks, Mo return.
G-I horse express buggies and
anion, 26o return.
Time tuid.! subject to change without notic*.
Company not liabli lor delays, accidental or othirwit*.
All tht tliove relet include driver. Bate* A and It *ubjael to '20
per cent, discount ia tot* ol fill.
I'u 100 lb*. raU, 6c.
Minimum rati, 10s.
If you want your Doors
and Windows in a hurry
call, phone or write
1 — —fi— ■—     _
Phone 222      P. 0, Boa 1719
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse nccomo-
dalion, wa ara pew if) a position to
carry a larger and mora complete
•took of these goodi nni to supply
our ciutomer* at Vancouvar prkm,
All Order. Ddvored FWydy.
Be BracWKer Millinf Co., Iii
llw MfHIH* loam. laW 9
ton trolls whep you dlscuas tba Immigrant, and when he It called tha
Imperial Immigrant, Jf/by, the Idea I*
positively tunqy. Hold 011, nowl
Think awWIa and your lace will «ome
straight. '".     I
A young swell wa* laughing Id tha
trait, tit* other My about "tba** Irnml-,
grants," wit pa ImltatM, or triad to
Imitate, their accent, I ventured to
ask him where hi* family came front
tu Canada. He said bis grandfather
waa a Yorkulil.oman wbo came to (!»n-
ada with twonty-aiibt shilling* In hia
pocket, and died worth elgbtytlv*
thousand dollars.
"Vou needn't sneer at your grandfather," aaid I.
"My dear air," he answered, "you
have no right to aay that I honour
my grandfather."
"Your grandfather wu an Immigrant," suid I, "and I have no doubt)
you could cut hi* dialect with a knlfe."|
Let ma ask you something: Where
would Canada have been without the
tide o| Immigration ol the last ten
years! Aud what Is tba place ol tha
initial! limn In that wealth-producing
tide? I
We are all In the aame boat. Soma'
pi ut are Immigrant! direct. Some ot
ut ar* immigrant* once, twice, thrice
removed. I-et us Join together In an!
priii-liitliin ol our common credltor-l
ship of the Empire. For we are Us
eredltora, and we ara debtor* to on*
- Ever think of that! Tba unlqut
glory ol the Empire I* not tbe central
kingdom*, magnificent a* tbey are]
Prance la bigger tban tbe united
Kingdom Germany baa fifty pa,
feni. more population. Prance has
■late* apron the sea*. So ba* tier
many. But compared with tbe Br!
llsh Btutes overaeu th* French and
Qerman countries ar* puling pigmies
They are dependent* on tbeir Euro
Jean owner*, We are tha partner* ol
obn Bull, and we Increase dally I*
power. The Future of tbe Empire it
In our Hands.  Oreat Idea, Isn't itt
Tha Empire hu been made by Eml
(ration. It will ba perpetuated, mag
Billed, Juat io (ar u It learn* the let
son* of tha Immigrating experlenc*:
Cut thy Emigrant upon the water*
and be return*, after many day*, AM
Tbe future of our Inter-Iiqperlal re
latlont Is tbe future of tbe Imperial
Conference: tba moat remarkable
Parliament that bu ever been con
•Muted. The Imperial Conference li
the Emigrant Returned.
Any political bat can see the Im
portance of tbe Emigrant whe» he
goaa to Uindnn In the gulie ot 81,
Wilfrid or Mr. Fisher, tb* Australian
Premier, or when he reilde* In Loo
don u Lord Btrathcona, the Hlgt
Commissioner, of wlwrdly Influence
and slnmst bound)*** wealth.
1 You will lie a far wiser man If yoi
dUcern tbe Importance ol the future
Laurie**, Fishers tnd Strathconu
whan tbay arrive In tba new country
looking for work.
There are three-quarter* of a mil
lion Imperial Immigrants In Canadl
endowed wilh all of the rights ol
cltlnnshlp Ihe moment they let loot
on Canadian soil. Tbey are ralaed id
tbe atmoipbere wherein ill the great
Institutions, tbe noble Ideal* thtt belting to tbs Canadian Confederation,'
were begotten and nourished with]
v*st*pread power. Tbey have only]
one thing to learn—to give Canada]
the tint place In their iffectlona. All
other thing* will be added unto them
even a better accent and more com
mand over tbs uplrat*  than  thay
t'Vur knew.
Among tb* thlngi lo be added will
bo a greater Inilght Into the condl
Hon* of tha land he hu left, and ■
curious dutachmeiit In the way lie
look* at the affair* of tbat country
H* leaves Britain a atrong psrtyman
H* Imagines tbat th* word* "Liberal'
and "Coiwirvatlve" havo tbe ume
meaning In Canada u tbay have In
Ibe United Kingdom. Put, unlet* bo
I* unhappily swept Into tbe mldit of
aome party organisation In Canada,]
ha Will soon lind himself wondering
What *ort of new political affiliation*
lie will make wb*n ha bu bad time to
t**l hi* lut and take bl* bearing*.
II he bu heun a Liberal, be will
marvel how It la that the Liberal
party In Canada, after calling aloud,
and almoat with tears, for a reform of
tbe Senate, wbleh bad become a party
Instrument, hu lor fifteen years tp
pointed practically nothing but Liber
al* lo lha Heuate, until It la u parti
**n a body u lb* House of Lord* It
If ba wu a Conservative In ilrltiln
be will nerval tbat a Conurvatlve
0ov*rnm*nt Ilka that of Ontario
•hould b* * pioneer In aitcb radical
Ue-latlon u tbat which etteblliheo
th* Hydro-Electric Commlulon, that
it distributing tha lighting through
Ih* province ov*r (our hundred mile,
pt Iransmlulou wire*. Clearly h*
lnu*l lort thing* out for himself snd
fn to no burry to II* himself to either
aid*, U h* etre* to Lain of lay es-
Mrlenee, It I* that though I took in]
Canada In lilt, I, 7, aod I; lllO-li'
J»0I, I, I, T, 1,1,10 aod 11,1 bar* not
t*t Jolo*d either of the political par-
tie*) fair th* only thing about which I
fnvt made up my mlut coacernlng
them I* tbat I with to Heaven they.
trare both a great deal better than)
they are. I am going to vote against]
lha Oo»ram*nt on tb* tw*oty-flret. j
Tba Imperial Immigrant, If ho be
IhTwSt,' will find lhat his relation
to tb* Empir* I* mor* direct tod vivid,
than *t*t It wu In tha Old Lends,
Thar* ha wu oa* of forty million*, to,
Vhofi th* Ideal* Of HrllUb lusl|tu-|
Hoot, U* bUtorlcal heritage of all
who war* bora, i»d*r tba "Un|#*i
Pf," hara hefo t*k»n tor gr*oUJ
|hu* Mora* toi acore* of yean.
Vwbmtt tomli Mtlri to voU (or il
fW^W, H_'iWOmniom *
WV^p^mtloa <* land val-
DM fit ih*  ortppllng of  th*  veto
Eof tha Howe of Lord*, ha bu
upaiiwcad th* direct rupoo-
for )mp*rl»l **(»Unc« whleh
la Implied In bl* oonti
or tndeflnlt*, to tb*
,Wh|ch were the essence of a*ttao»l
and Imperial lite centurlu befptp he
WM born. ' . i
1 He takes tho** thing* for gnntad;
hut If be happens to (all Into a settlement of the West, lo which MmtP
can*, Hermans, Qallclen*. Scandinavians, Iloukhobors, abound, and If b*
Should, be the q»|y British-born they
know, they will Judge Canada'* connection with the British Empire by
h|m, and almost by bim alone. Tbey
(will oliBerve h's every peculiarity. If
be dlaplay* a lack of knowledge of tb*
English language, tbay will wonder If
all the British are Ilka him. Po yon
not tee tbat lo them be 1* tha pattern
Imperialist -a living epistle known
ind read ol them? Do you not see
lisp, that these people to Whom Canada, at the beginning, It a foreign
country, attractive bectnse It offers
new chance* to acquire natorlal
wealth, will, tq a greater or .lesser extent, Judge the political wisdom of tbe
native-born Canadian by wbat tbey
think of his Imperial yokelallowT
Nowhere, In all tbe world, bag tba
Individual Britisher a greater responsibility than In Canada. He hu
charge of hi* own reputation; ba may
worthily represent the Imperial connection 1 he may bring discredit on
the native-born.
There has begun, especl»lly In th*
Wait, the process of turning out *
new racial amalgam, similar In essence to the amalgam which took
place In Britain during tbe centurle*
when the early Briton wu joined by
the Roman, and then by the' Angle,
then by the Baton, than by tbe Dan*,
tnd thtn by the Norman. Tha West
I* the real crucible ot Canadian nationality. It the Britlab Immigrant
exhibit* contempt, Ill-nature, Ignore
ance, towards tho** who ire being
moulded In thl* newest crucible of tha
Empire, he will be an Ingredient of
fateful weaknea* to th* amalgam
He may go to Australia, where there
I* practically an entirely Britlab population, and become an excellent pari
In tbe making up ot that nation. But
tba responsibility, tha opportunity,
th* privilege that belong* to bl* emigration to Australia, Is not comparable
to tbe privilege belonging lo nl* Immigration to Canada. There no for
elgn flag ever appear* to challeng*
tbe devotion ot Auatrallan* to tbeir
National Emblem. In thousand* of
homes In Canada a foreign (lag hu
tbe place of choicest honour.
And we are told that In tbe more
Important of our relatlqnihlp* we are
tt the parting ol tbe waya.
The Imperial Immigrant unlike all
the reat; finds above him tbe accustomed emblem. For bim there lurely
cm be no ptrtlng.
Fair (llrl: -"My father made bla
fortune whim he wsa a young man.
Would you Ilka to know bow be did
Utllant Youth!—''Not particularly:
but I would. Hia to know 11 be still bal
v 3
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Ouarantttd
Cornir Fiftttnth St. tad Mahoo Aft.
House Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
As tbo main drainage system It »p-
proiehing completion we ing to notify
property owa-ar* tbtt wa ar* miking
arrangcmeirtt to underttkl tb* **w*r
connection* on th* v*riou* privtts
properties it a rtasonablt cott to all
those who. dctire to tvail Uieqwelvei
of early dninig* Itcllitlei. Having
carriod out tht main draintge aytlem
f«r the dly council tnd having Iht
necMwry plant and tkilUd labor
available wt art in tn ttceptiontilly
favorable position tn carry out the
private bouse drainage at a modern!..'
■ ost to property owners tnd we shall
lie pletsed to furnish estimates and
pltnt II necetsary to carrying out this
most etssntial work in accordance wilh
lb* city regulation* and on raott up-
to-date prinriplet of modtro tanila
Mac4oneIlGzow*ki &Co.
Second St and Mabop Ave
H   t909U m-
Pufis jfl color, perfect ip cutting, free from ffowf
and imperfections, it a description which may be
honestly applied te each individual stone in' the
"BIRKS^dJlWOpd slock.
We are careful to purchase only perfect diamonds,
on account of having established a standard of
perfection in our Canadian service which must be
maintained—a standard which is not surpassed
by any Other firm on the continent.
Ask to be shown our platinum set' diamond   J    1
jewellery, an assortment containing  the latest /    \r
fashions of the jewellery world.
Henry Birks «& Sons,
jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Streets
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Wi
Ul Rrtt Street West
Proprietors— E. Laukin, Tailor; F. Nokmintun, lale with the
II. C. Cleaning and Dyeing Co., Vancouver, |l. C.
1  1—~—«i    1   '       1 1.     .. i. 1 . J . .
Ladies' & Gentletnen'sGarments
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed ot Pressed
We specialize in Repair Word;
Hats Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,  Dyed   of
We give you Contracts for Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give us a trial aad patronize the
North Shore
111 First Street West
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sola Agent
Agr.tnj.nl. aod Conlracti drawn .,, , , -, GtO«r*l
ot essry description I none     JI        Conveytncing
your neighbours
and they will recommend it to
electric iron with
HO 11 01N I We shall be pleased to send one of these
iron* to you for TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL, Phone 4fr
Light aad Power Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd,
-      11 1 1 =
THAT the Civic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open lot till Convenience of Employers and liAiployees.
Employer* ara requested lo lake advantage of lliu Office
when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary,
,4 Lonsdale Avow:,
Norlh Vancouver.
I '
.       REPRESENT   i
TT 1 *~
fl If you are a discriminating buyer you
will have no difficulty in proving our
fl Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
fl The Delivery Wfrgon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will take orders
and deliver promptly any Quantity desired,   . j
Bruce & Co.
"■.' i
Reciprocity Rhymes
1 Tli* RhlW ol |htfroiRr<ioi|yPn4
(Tlia wise reader vvi,l e-AA "I
DON'T tiApV" at discreet interval*.)
Concerning reciprocity, '!*> sad. to
ItayB to chroniclii
Jhnf pertain o| nnr ciliseni aro waxing quilo iriinii.nl;
h.i iiiih'i |* tl,oir rhat&ric, tawastio
their ywbotily
Thul anyone would think they'd really altidieil risciproiiily.
•    •ft
Perchance you litton closely to their
deep confabulation,
You fill very soon be wondering  at
their viewi on Annexation;
And it  doubtlca*  will  surprise   you
whenthoy hint at banlty-panky
Iu  connection wilh   that  recognized
philantbrnpist, th,- Yeukeel
i        t   •   •    »
|s not Iho whole wide world aware
that pure sell-abnogation
Alone has,made tho I . S. A. a pro it
commercial nation?
Docs not the whole wide world admit
that every normal Yankoo
Looks down  upon  tho dollar  nt   *
thing not worth a "thanky"
•   •   »   •
"Tit clear as any cryital   that   this
tcheme ol reciprocity
Is just a nnbla ipccimen  ol   YnnUc
They c**t an vu- nn Cunadn; observe
our law resources,
British or American ? ? ?
Our Final Word
'.*"-i i   " i Vi "A/\  i ^m
Hon. W. J, Bowser, K.C.
Attorney General,
Hon. A. E. McPhillips, K.C.
. President of the Council and
Arnold E. Kealy, Esq.
If       J
^Conservative Committee Rooms, S*LE
At Eight O'Clock, Sharp
North Vancouver Conservative Association
Than (poto ito *p\epA\A apirit) i*m
suggest our joining fowl
*  *  t  i
ot pppyMttit DppiApi   6»j« ppF
this opportunity
01 working with the vuety Statea in
pun *n<| joyous nnjlyl
And |e|| your fi-ieudt upon the fonoo
'til almost nil atrocity
Th** (o|k »hopW *o niitumhiretond
this pact ol reciprocity;
».o. p.
LYNN CpER    '
An accident wbicb might have been
iiii.-iiiU by terious retultt, happened
to' the young son ol Mr. C. Weetlig,
on Hniin-iliiy. The boy was fishing
at the hood ol Lynn ('rook, when *
couple of boulders (ell upon him sud-
il' nli ■ It was lound Uml hi' Irge
had boon badly crushed, the wound in
ono of them having to be stitched up.
He is progressing lavorsbly.
'    B. C. GAZtiTTE
lliu honor the Lieutenant Governor
hut boon pleased to appoint the following persons as commissioners lor
tuking affidavits iu tho euprcme court
in the Vancouvor City Electoral District:
A. II. Burns, Bev. Daniol Spencer,
■nd J. J. Dougan all ol Vancouvor,
(7th Sept.); Sudrich Dominion Llpiet,
A. E. Uiuklmid, Malcolm G. Douglae
Ernest II. Peace, Lewit ('lark, William
Lindsay and William Edward tilonoit,
all ol Vancouver (Sept. llth); .lohn
J. Tulk end S. A. McDowell, both ol
The Best Dye it the
Easiest Dye to Vie
this time.
If you have a dress
witb trimmings of
different materials,
and wish to dye it all
one color, get a package of
Then you will not have to
rip your dress apart, because one dye bath dyes all
fabrics equally well.
Ask Your Dealer far Them
m.s. Mcdowell    ■
it. C. DliCllMMIIN.fi, Ip, 15c .lino
Oonier'atlvw Notr
■lust to prove te yeu tbat wo brush
aside all competition we have a sale ul
l.rooniK, rcg. 40c. to bo sold at li'ie
each ihis week. Hurry up. S. i..t-
chic, the i i' i" il.iii Grocer. 330 lo 3(ki
First Street cast.
TBICT—Diatriot 'of Nsw Westmuiilor.
Take notice tbat Jo**ph 0. Dockerill,
ol Vancouver, occupation, government
official, intondt to apply lor permit-
■ion lo purcbatt tbe following described lands: IM acres commencing at a
poit planted on the toutb w*tt corner of Lot 2039, tbence south 10
diaint, tbence east 10 chain*,   tlni,eu
?ortb tO chains to south boundary ol
.ot 3623, llicnco we*t 40 chain* mor*
or leu, along said boundary to point
of commencement.
Junt 17th, 1911. 114
I .
IM* ,1
YwpflHvw (Sept. 13th)
Tlm following water notices sre on
Tlm British Oanofjion !-"#« Co.,
Ltd., Vanoouvpr, to tak* ltd cubic
feel p| water frpm (limn r(yer   and
(Iiiiiii Lake, nlsp to take 3fi0 cubic ft.
o| water Irom Alin fiver ppA I'Ao 'ako
.Tobn Wfyi agon! for Ih* imperial
fewer Company, Md., yt,pppP,ver, to
take SOP cubic feet Irom Thuudci- river
in Kainloops Lant) lliiiliiiil, also to
talc* anil eirfejn feet frpjp" Little Hell
Hooi-pig Creek in llm .limim diitrict.
Notice in given that the Vancouver
Dry. Dock and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.,
intend* lo apply for tho approval of
tbe change of its namo to Tlio I'nrt ul
Vnncoiivsr Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Capital I'aid Up  f 3760,000
Besorvo k Undivided Profit*    3360,000
Total Assets 40,01)0,01111
Besidos offoring an incentive to
save, a saving! account alfot-.ls a
safe and convenient method ol keeping the accumulating, dollars.
Sale ouetpdy is ol paramount, im-
piirtnniv cillirr lor tlie lumi i-.irnril
savings of tbo worker or lor truit
Tlio Bank pf Hamilton invites your
savings account, whet ber largi or
C. li. HEAVEN. Agonl,
Nortb Vancouver.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOB SALE 6.room bout* on Cbes-
tcrfiold Ave. New, all modern. Price
$.1,300.   Eaiy terms.
istf/UJH     I'' .      1      Wl
1 '
1 _«__ Z
fjWJWW!**^   ,     ,„...,     „ ^m^-.^., ,.  a. si.ijuI
=55=^' mn^2&%^/&//^/0!^#.
The operator's duties aro to antwer
calls ami make connections at rapidly
ai ponible. Conversation with you
would inevitably block other mil 1 just
ai urgent ai youri. ,
So the operator ii trained to use
curtain set phrases relating strictly
to her work. Any questions outside ol her functions must neccsiur-
iiy be rufetrud to people having in
charge special clusses ol ''irregular" inquiries.
A minute's consideration will show
that unless tho operator's duty wore
ii'iiliuin I'ltii'iimlli the same iu every
coll—she could pot possibly give ALL
subscribers Die service Ihey demand.
#|f Recognizing the auperior quality of the
*J] Cake* end Confectionery manufactured
by Bruce k Co., 139 Lomdale, we beg to
'    '    *\\
advise cuatomera that our driven will be glad
to accept ordera tor Mine end give prompt
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread
} i
Four loaves far 25c    %20 ounces to tb loaf
Eighth St. Eait Phone 54
Chas. M. Kitfaon, Manager
, ■ ■HI
the \mmm, north Vancouver, @, c.
Noan Vahcouvir. B C
G   9. UOHPHU, Editor and Manager
Htm oy HcBsosifTlos:
On* year 11.00
Wi months  ■••■»»
Thr** monthi    •        • .»
Uuita.1 SUtes ami Hor*ign,|l.M|>firy*ar
T»***t*Hr Hiihuy Aovaariauiarra—
60 cents per inch each insertion.
Unas Noricss, ETC.-fl.OO par loch par
Lmii tan Tm*** Nor,***—M day*, |6 i
td iluys, |7.60.
I.wtt. AoviBTisiNo—Fint Insertion, 10
cents |i«r line; each iiibwqueiit iuwr-
tlon, 6c. p*r Una,
liatoiio Notichs i* Locti, Upmi Col
dm**—IU cent* per lino.oauli Insertion
Coatasin AnraarmaaitT*—lata* ar
>   rangmf a.curding Inepara taltin,
All changeein contract atlverliiemeiil*
mutt b* lu the bind* of tb* printer by
In III* iimt issue.
I    _      II         '	
Lincoln It credited ail),' having   da-
claredi   "Vou may fool aome of th*
people *|| tin Iimt, you mar tvtn fool
all tb* people some of the time, put
y*u cannot foo| all the people all the
tint," and tat protpiot* are very
bright that tb* party which ha* of
lite ytar* been misgoverning Oanada
I* about to b* taught lo a very declare
manner tbtt however tiicciiiful their
tactic* mty hav* proven upon former
occatloni, thl* lateii effort to bind tht
country over to U entanglement with
aa alien people, *n, entanglement deliberately designed by It* formulator*
to make for tb* dliadvantage pf Can-
ada commercially tnd Induilrlally, at
tvery lurn, and llkswlt* fraught with
such eilremely grave potilblllllet al
to Canada'! connection with Qreat
Britain, cannot bt made te "look good"
io Ihi Canadian electorate, but thtt tbt
electorate will altct te entrust tb*
control of nation*) ifftln to thi Oon-
tervitlvi party who will preserve
'Canada far tht Canadians," and will
work out Canada'! dtttlny tlaag
Imperial lines
Norlh Vancouver . September 11, llll
Hi.ni-li.ii ii»  A Mini 11» 'Maiii:-
One of Ihe moil aaloundlng features
of the proposed Reciprocity pact, from
a Canadian point of view, la tha fact
thai the agreement waa prepared ei-
, lusiv. h  by a commlaslon of   United
Htatea experts, men    wbo   were    Ihe
. I. v, i,.si producl of the great unlver-
tlllei of that country, men who were
the most capable lhat could lie found
upon., matter! pertaining- to lb*'tariff,
and  lliul  ihe mtmWip'of that commission devoled themtelvei, for a term
of two yeurs, to Ihe exclusive study of
the problem wilh a view to   a   Reciprocity   treaty   with Canada.     They
lal.nilt.uily     gulhired   an     immenie
amount of <|ata. with reference to the
'molt   minute   detail!   of  the  matlir,
from  United    Statu    and    Canadian
hi,lines alike.   Thii maaa of detail wat
•yslemullied,  printed  and bound.    It
waa with such a fund of Information
in the hand! of each member of lhat
.-.iiniiilasion lhat tbe United Statea e<
pertl carefully framed up   the   Reciprocity agreement.   On the other band.
Ihe Canadian  repretentallvet lml  no
alatiillci, no Information even    wilb
reference to the Canadian side of lbs
proposition, while Ihe   United   Hiates
knew all aboul both, lo Ibe laat detail.
The Canadian repretentalivei took no
time to .-.insider Ibe agreement,    but
with most precipitate and Inexcusable
haate, accepted the agreement lull at
It had been prepired by tbe   United
Ntui.-s  efperli,  und  essayed  ta Irrevocably commit Canada to tbe scheme,
Un ii und there, by affixing tbeir official
algnaturea to the document.   Sucb a
complete abrogation of Ibe most *le-
menlury business principle! ll of Itielf
uunl, i.i.I to utterly condemn Ihe pact.
Such a puerile aurrender of the limit
ordinary prectpti of lound commircla,
practice would be quite Insensate upon
the pari of anyone, In the management
even of private Intereali. but Hi folly
is infinitely increaltd when luch con
duct fl exhibited by thoie lo whom are
intrusted national Interetll.   The unprejudiced elector muni at once con-
elude thai  the business Interest!    of
Canada are not aafe when in Ibe control of politician! who can Ibua eatlly
be Impoied upon and who, naving been
thus imputed upon, will h*ve Ibe effrontery lo endeavor   lo   make   Ibe
electorate at large party to tbat Imposition.
Prom  wbat standpoint are  we    lo
...... imi.-    lhat    thi    commlulon    of
United Statea tariff iipeni framed up
Ihe agreement which wat accepted In
lot., by tbe Canadian ripretentatlvei?
Anyone wbo knows Ibi temperament
of the United Btatei trader will at
once understand that Ibal agreement
would be framed aa ailulely u poi-
•ible, wilb t view to tarring United
Hlulei Inlefetti tt tht expenn of Cu-
adt. In point ef fact, tueb It tbt cite
The agreement at It stands I* designed
,o foil! upon Canada all lhat the
United Stalet htvt Ibat Ihey do nol
want, and lo enable tbi Statu to help
themtelvei at will lo all tbat Canada
owni. Hint thiy mutt havt. Prom lb*
alandpolnt4 of tbe United Btatei It I*
•Imply a caae of "Hilda t win, tails
you lose" Tbe Canadian npriMnta
live! signed tbit agreement al » few
hour* notice and Ihe Liberal Government It now engaged. In a labored effort lo inveigle Ihe Canadian electorate
into a ratification of the acntmt of
"suicide by Reciprocity," to which their
Incompetent representative! weakly
committed tbat government,
wbicb tht Libera) parly In the home
even more weakly refuted to reject,
preferring to go to the electorate lo
an unworthy effort to tar* the party
at the expenie of Cauda. September
Dial will demonslrttt whether Ibe rank
and Ilie of Ihi Liberal party will allow
themielvet te be whipped Into ilne,
whether tat Canadian electoral* can
be persuaded to tupporl tbit turriadcr
of Canada'* Interest*, »r whether their
loyalty and Intelligence will uteri
lliclf In aa emphatic rejection of tbe
foolish barf*|n and la ttu uamlitaki-
able condemnation ot thorn WM bare
allowed tljimieJvet to become *4vo-
aMtt ot thl* tutddal policy.   A brains
HI.'rirH.iriTl |N 1 llMWlsllI IAI, AMI
Because of ths unlvtrtal prosperity
which   pnvtlli    throughout    Canada
under premnl condition!, and the con
Armed optimism  which It    hat   ta
gendered In all  classes  of Canadian
ciliseni, men is neid that can should
be exetclted last we fall to dlicrimln
ate In considering tbe Reciprocity pact
betweep commercial    and    Industrial
condlljpk* ai they exist In Canada and
tl'thty "kWjjfi Ut   United   Sti
The yroipftlnmanmmO* ha* bee;
marked' and lo long tuitilned that we
have practically forgotten what buil-
neu depression Impllet   and    therein
llet annlbir aad a very cogent reason
why Canada ahould decline to under-
ink., closer   commercial    relatlonthlp
wilh Ibi United Btatei, Inttmuch it
condliloni In  tbit country an quite
the reverie of Canadian condition! at
Ihe preaenl Iimt. -
The picture which ll preientcd by.
commercial and Industrial condition!
In tbe United Btatei may lie gathered
from deacrlptlon* which bave been
given by thote who htvt namlned
tbe iame upon tbi ground at follows:
"UdMtriM straggling ualei a gnal
riniid u, laartwma, tattatlti wtrfclag
■bori llaw, aad hmlttit nni tk»-
audi at mim aot at work. Thl American firmer! bave lott by thii depression ud in looking to Canada for
a market for wkat they cu rata*."
Wilb reference lo their transportation intiroi, what one mu ttw In
Ungate may *erve u U Index to the
situation "Mir* th* triniporatlon
•yitaaw ut experiencing one of th
wont tenons Ihey ever taw. le
nimt It Iht 4<*r*MlU, •• restricted
(kl nlime at Irelakl llsl Is -»«!■»,
IU, mmm lotto at vtmttt wate lit*
■* In and around Buffalo. Inside Ibe
breakwater I counltd a row of ten of
Ibi largest Heel freighter! tbtt ply
Ibe Ureal Lake* at their moorings,
while along Ihe waterway! near Buffalo were muy other Idle vessels—all
doing nothing." Following thit sitie-
menl, we are prepired to read Ibal
"kindred* if mtm art eat at walk la
Batata, rsicrteii) a—mc tki iklgtUa-
rlaurs ■ ■* Ikll —Mel It belli dl*
unset ia mta ra tkt mat •( start.
ilu», Jul u <krr U la wtaler."
Thi ilitpping liiierisls on the Onai
Lakei on tbi United Btatei ilde of tbt
Ilne do not hesitate to declare thai
Ihey are looking to Reciprocity to relieve Ihe great depretiion under which
they tre liborlng. It It oat •' Ihi
trad* wklik gnfarlr kiiraga ti Can-
ada aad wkUk Cauda in ujiyi Ikal
Ike tnaaurlatUa e«»ialM aad Ikf
asuafaatam* al tk* VaUyt laitt*
hoit ta mmki a* ft* Ikilr awa trade
aad tki nsrl.lln.., pf IM dunad Ms
labor \a itJintUg Ike ,ar»sUg iltmn,
Who hire pronted by tpe home BiarM
product* and hai so reduced Ihe price
nf many farm* that tha Amerlcaa
tarmm Iklak Ikal''(Mr will lm»r»ve
Ikelr eimdlllva Ur gelling lata tk*
I amllM lurkel."
Tht condltioni doicrllietl *r* not
connHed tq uy particular taction of
Ipt United Stales hut trt found In
every portion from north to south tnd
(rom ea*t to will. An official of qno
of their loading railroad! In tht west
lilted only » few dayi ago lhat tke
railroads kid reerally Hid att POM*
mil because of tke Ion ebb of agllrs
la ike l..a»*o.l.lloa kallatta. The
same auihority stated tbtt bordel of
mm were out of work, thtt multitude!
Win working tt two dolltrt pir dty
tnd tvtn thin their Join wtn Inttcun
because of ths preience of a large foreign working clut who win ready to
lake thete Jotii at what they could get
It I* an undeniable fact thai th*
coast cities of th* United State) are
all In a state of deep business depression, similar to that tbove det-
crlbed. Qreat crowd! of unemployed
besiege the employment agepclei,
waiting to capture thl flril Job tbat
offers, whllt wages present a ttrong
downward tendtney.
When tbe difference between the
•landing of tht worklngman, thi Industrial condltioni and outlook, between the two countrlet It io ttartllng
why should Canada be uked to commit tbi great folly of bartering her
enviable prosperity for no advuntugc
and why ahould Canada deliberately
court the Importation of theae hard
timet from the Unitod State* through
the ratification of the propoaed Reciprocity pact?
Will ha* Premier Mcllride de.-Wr.-tl
that Instead of removing the protective
tariff which lepiratei Canada from the
United Slatea ud from those deplorable condition*, it tht preient time,
Canada might with much belter Intelligence proceid 10 make thai wall jel
•tronger and higher.
The flat of Btptmtbir will ihow that
the Canadian electorate li not to he
milled by thtt species of buncombe
thit would sesk lo lead the into cut
their ballon for any luch ridiculous
surrender of the enviable advantage!
which tbey now enjoy.
New Weslmlniler Und Diitrict - llii
trict of North Vtneouver. TAKE
NOTIOE that wt, 11. Uladsri* and A.
(!. (,'ladwin ol Nortb Vaneouver, occu
patiou, re|ireci, iuteiul lo apply lor
|iermi»sir,n to least Ihs billowing dt
sorilwd stream, known u Lynn ('reek,
commenting *t » port planted at Ibi
N. W. corner of tha old wooden bridge
crossing **id slrium, tbence nortb,
following bad ol dream to a p.,at
planted 1.WIU feet nortb til Keith
Road, sld bridge, lor tb* purpoae of
obtaining rock, gravel and sand for
building and other purpnsas.
Dated Aug. ill., IBII. 8 10
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harness Co.
Turning to ens of tbt gnat bailc
Industries of tbi Halted Statea, conditions depicted In Ibi following ttrmi
ui found to prevail at rilltburg, thi
centre of tbi aclivlllet of tbi United
Stall* Still Corporation: "For thi
put half year thi pluti of that corporation la I'llltburg have been producing only at tbi rati of I* per ct'nf.
of Iheir capacity, and I* par ctnt. of
lint WU dUt lo cut prlcei, tor tbi u-
port trade mint* mi left, faraun
kan nam itaaai stewa aa* awa I
off, wklle * large gar Malaga it lk*a*
•iiii al mnp. an aadar grsoflr "
dared wign."
Tk* greit atoal corporttlom of tbe
United State* ire looking to Cuada
u a dumping ground for their turplut
product* ud u a leas* goat to rid
Iherotelvet of Iheir bud timet.
In tbt greti ctatrtt of lb*, uxtllt
Induitrlei th* Mm* ilory I* told.
"Nat III ton tenie ante cawdllUu
bee. a* bid la Ik* iMlllf l.dMlrlrs
■Jgkt aad ltd Ik*   (a*t*i-t   wtn
Hoie* 4*wa ll will worfclatf ik«rt
lias*. 'A* u •xample, th* Fall Rlvtr
Iron Worki Compuy, owning **v*n of
lb* largest coliea mill*, bu dole*
dawn iviry oa*. of It* mills In.
de«nlt*ly." Tkli Mt dom Ikrtw f,M*
opcrallvet out of employment.
This deploraWs cepdfllon of affairs
uw»g ,b* waiting clataet naturally
otrtoaaiy Mien th* farmtn ud **>
Plal»i why muy of Ihem wt to
tlrongly In favor of Reciprocity. "Tki
w*rkiaiT alaaM* an r**Haa IM l*atk
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• 1
Canadian  Repreientatlvei 8aved Hit
Whol* Body, Instead of Fan*
Only, 1* Expected
]p tot toll Ot m), t,v<> emlssarlat
went to Ottawa, ttapt Washington ppA
contorrod with the Dominion Government with a viow tn malting a Reciprocity Agreement. When the year bad
turned, Ur. Fielding and Ur. l'atorson
paid a return visit and made tbe agreement In Waeblngton without coining
back to Ottawa to consult thoir colleagues.
In Canada a preponderance ol opinion bad declared against auy substantial concosslou to United States sentiment For Inatance, Senator Sir
Qeorge W. Bom, the Liberal ex-Pwm-
ler of Ontario, In a very able apeech,
contended that Canada lid not need
a reciprocity treaty, and declared that
any proposals ahould ba made "aa.
openly a* 11 tbey were submitted to
Tbe utmost eipacted was a law unimportant changes, sufficient to save
tb* President's face que* more. Tbe
agreement was disclosed simultaneously at Ottawa and Washington. To
everybody's surprise, It wa* seen that
not merely the President's face, but
bla whole body bad been aaved. I
prospect bsd been opened up to tha
united Statea which put the Payne-
Aldrlch Bill Into the (bade, and turnod
public contemplation toward* the
natural resource* of Canada.
How clearly tbis was so Is evident
from Preildent Taft'a mesasge to Con-
gross. Tb* President, ot course, used
extremely diplomatic language, but be
oould not help abowtng tbo ultimate
object of tba Agreement from bt*
point of view. Take tome of hi* sentence*:—
If ws etn enlarge our. supply of nil
nrtl rtsourcit, anil eipeolafly of fool
product! and the neceultlel of   life.
without lubitantlal Injury to any ol
eur producing and manufacturing
clattai, ws ilioulJ tike steps to do »o
tow. . . . Ought wt not. then, to
arrange- a commercial agreement with
Canada, If we can, by which we lliatl
have direct access to ber arout lupply
of nitural product! without an obstructing or prohibitory tariff.
Thi Domini™ hat an icllvc, aggros-
live tnd Intelligent piople. They art
coming to the parting of the wtyt. . . ,
Should we not now, therefore, befort
hii become too crvitil
oritti the nilunl reiources available
lind and fltid for change, grittly In
to our piopli.
giving our piopl
dim' roreitl we ihall rtduce the con-
By giving our people tcceit to Caui-
_.m roreitl we ahull
■ iiini.ili.i] of our own
Ths   Flnanci   Mlnlittr Would  Hivt
Bu|lt * Third Tr*n*csntln*nt*l
to Emphaiire It
Br Juu* v. niiiiMT.
Though tbo Prime Minister alwty*
apaak* (or th* Government, great Importance attache* to tho declarations
of thoir Ministers: and, where big ox-
pendltures aro concerned, especially
to the Miuliter of Finance, Mr. Flold-
In turning from tho United Btatei
Mr. Fielding wa* a* thoroughgoing as
his chiel.  He tiiiil tbe House ot Corn-
It It ditlrable lhat wo sbould give
eur American brethren to undentund
that Canada It reiolyed to work out
"isr Indipindinci In these thinga, (bit
be preiinl propoul will promote Hill
iblict. tnd thai oven If ttlll tnolbsr
•11 way ihould be ntemary We ahull
jt priiiarod to comtruct It. Tbo atli-
tudt tbtt tbt Oovirnment hat taken
Upon Dili iub)oct   .   .   .   hit alroady
Jflraeted muoli attention acrou tbi
.inler, tnd there ll i much keener
ipijii'.lutluii of Canada'! Independence
lean ever before.
1 Yqu will at once be ttruck by Uu
oletrne** of Iho tllutlon to tho da
•Irabllltr of achieving Indopendonce
ot tbe llnlttd State*. Why thould
ther* be thl* penltteut tppearance ot
tb* United Slat** In the jpeocho* ol
Sir Wilfrid Uurl*r and Mr. Fielding,
Inditing upon th* building of t railway tbat wu not to approach the
United   Statot   border   line?    There
wa* uo propoial lo build the lin*
north ud wiutb liutaad of eaat and
It oould only be because *omo condition tbat fwuiorly afutcted tht relation* of I'aiiada with the United
Stalei bad undorgon* a change. Wbat
wu Itt You may **arcb Ihe record*
of th* tlm** In vain for th* tllghtett
proof that there bad been aay question between ths two couutrl** which
could be a factor In Canada'* embarkation on a vut commercial *nUrprl*«,
eaoept on*—and Uiat wu the nam
tlon of reciprocity.
Sir Wilfrid Uurier had Ud th* Utr
•ral* who In 1881 dc»lr*d unrettrlctad
reciprocity. Mr. Fielding when Pre
Bier ol Nova Scotia bad kepi aa open
door for bit Province'* withdrawal
from Confederation, baeaua* II wu
thought belter ts trade with th*
Unliad Hi»iu (ban with th* raet ol
Oanada. Rsp«cl*lly to them, tbore-
forc, th* new transcontinental railway
•ch*ao wu a coaflrmaUon of ths
ahandoiimtnt of tha rtelprooal Idea;
and th*lr utertloo of th* Flicql Ind*-
p*ndecce ot Ctnada wu contequontly
all th* mora definite *nd clearcuL
V    IINT A PAWNTICKET        '.
"Whjt'slh* mattar, Jack? Vou local
broken up." >
"I tin You know I cam* thru hundred mile* to tat Mlu Hardcuu*.
Well, I itlltd an bar lut night, uid
by nil*l*k* unt up a pawn tick* ta
•lead of my card." .
Ail a»w bouatt ahould ba p p-
tn tot gu Ui ordar to aave ti*
heavy eipauditar* for tbi* con-
raaiaaca at a latar data.
vim mwoe.
Notice is hereby given that au application will ba made under fifty.'
of the "Water Act, leOD,'' te obtain
11 liceuc* in the North Vancouver Division of New Westminster District.
(*) The name, address ami occupation pf the applicant—Corporation pf
tho 0itjr of North Vancouver
(If for mining pufppset) Free Min-
er's Pertlflcafe fip.............
(li) The »sme pt the lake, stream pr
source (if unnsn,ed, thu description is)
Uke at the upper end of l.ynu Crook,
on right hand brunch going up stream
(elov. 2400 foot above Durrani lulet).
(c) The point of i}|ver»|pu-Ar
Falls at mouth of Lake.
(d) Tbo quantity of water applied
lor (In cubic feet per second)—Storage purposes.
(e) The character ef proposed works
■Building a dam aud  raising level
of Iako .luring rainy season.
(f) Tbe promises on which tbo
water to ho used (doscribo same)—
City of Nortb Vancouver.
(g) Tbe purpose for wbicb tbe
water is to be used—Domestic apd
(b) It for irrigation describe the
land intoudod to bo irrigated, giving
(i) If tho water is to be usod for
powor or mining purposes describe tho
place whero tho water is to be returned to somo natural channel, and
tho difference iu altitude between
point of divortion and point qf return
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by tbo proposed works—
IjiiihI Hooded by construction of dam.
(k) Tbis notico was posted en tbo
16th day of Augutt, lllll, and
application to ho made to tbe
Commissioner 011 tho -tub day of September, 1911.
(1) Qivo tbo iiami'i aud addrossos of
any riparian proprietors or liconscea
who or whose lauds aro likely to be
affected by the proposed works, eithor
abovo or below the outlot—Hastings
Shiuglo Manufacturing Co., Diitrict of
North Vaucouvor.
Comm6uciug at a point in Burrard
Inlet, distant i,nni) feet duo aouth
from the aoutb-woat corner post of
Lot Itt; theuco duo uorth 11,300 feet,
lo said southweil comer post of aaid
Lot ::ii-,; Ihence 2,640 feet, more or
leas, to the north-west corner of aaid
Lot 266; thenco northerly through Lot
662, 2,6111 feet more or less, to tho
south-west corner post of Lot 699;
tbonco osatorly ulnug tho nortb boundary uf Lot 662, 2,640 feet, moro or
leas, to tbo nortb eaat cernor poit of
Lot 662; theuco northerly along tbo
west boundary of Lot 644, 1,714 foet,
more or leas, to Ibo north-west corner
poat of Lot 644; tbonce utterly tlong
the nerjl bpuudtry ef Lot 64.6, 2,IWU
feet, more or >«, te the northeast
comer post pf Lot 646, theuco easterly
along th* north boundary pf Let 646,
ifiin feet, mn p? jet*, tp thp north-
cast corner post pf Lpt 640; theuco
easterly along tlie north houndury pf
the north-most pPftipn pt Lot 610,
999 foet, more pr loss, te tbp north-east
comer of said portion of Lot 616, 990
loot, more pf lest to the northeast cor
net of said portion; tbence southerly
aloug tbe east boundary pf said north-
most portion pf Let 618, 4,0011 foot,
more or (ess, to tlio south-west comer
of Lot 2,026; tbonco easterly along th*
north bouudary of (be south-most portion pf Lpt 616,2,970 feet, mere pr loss
to fha north-oast corner pf said south-
moat portion of Let 616; tbence southerly along tbo east bouudary of Lut
616, 2,310 feet, more or loss, to the
South-east comer post of Lot 616,
theuce westerly along the south boundary of Lot 616, :i,:i00 feet, more or
lets, to.tbe south.vest corner post of
Lot 616, theuco aouthorly, along the
west boundary of Lot tt'i, 2,6,40 foet,
mere or less, to tbo south-west corner
of Lot 666; tbonco easterly, along the
south boundary of Lot 663, 660 foet,
moro or less, to tbo north-oaat corner
post of Lot 376; thence southerly aloug
the east boundary ot Lot 273, a distance of 1,938.6 feet, to tbe north
bouudary of tbat part of said Lot 273,
tbe property ef John Hontlry; thouce
westerly along the uorth boundary of
tho property of tho aaid Hendry to
the east boundary of Lot 374; tbonco
southorly along tho said cast bouudary
of Lot 274 to tlio high wator mark in
Burrard Inlet; theuce in tho samo line
southerly 600 foet, and theuco westerly
in a straight lino to the poiut of com-
moiiccmciit tho said tract of land comprising tbo following lots, namely.-—
266, 271, 274, 273, except tbe portiou
I hereof belonging to John Hendry, tlio
easterly portion of Lot 662, and Lots
647, 648, 649, 660, 644, 646, 646, autl
616, and tho Missiou Indian Keservo
all situated in Group One, Now West-
minator District, together with the
foreshoro in front on Iho nortb shore
of Burrard Inlet aa comprlsoil within
the said boundaries of tbo City of
Nortb Vancouver; tbo said tract of
land boiug shown on a map or plan of
tho said City of North Vancouver deposited in tho I.:.n.l Registry OAlco et
tbo City of Vancouver.
(r) Approximately Ibo number of
inhabitants—Six Thousand  (6,000).
(s) Tbo place of the proposed rosor
voir for storage—Idke at upper end of
right hand branch of Lynn Creek (elo
witnm 2,490 feot abovo Burrard Inlet.
(t) Tho means hy wbicb it ia propose! to store tbe wator—Natural ator-
ago by uio of Lake aud Dam.
(u) Tbe area of tho reservoir aitc
or sites tt each foot In depth above
1 foot above outlot 6 acrct
3 feot    „       „    71 acres
s, tm „- „   ..8 awet
'1 feot „ „'  9 acres
6 feef ,, 1,   ■■'.■■...W acres
P fept „ „    11 acres
I tf*t ,, n  ••« apr«
8 feet „ „  19 acres
0 foot „ „  14 teres
10 feet „ ,,  ....16 acres
11 feet „ „  16 acres
IV tm 1,    „  " a»fw
W 'eet    „      ,,   18 ptm
■" tm    ,,.      11    18 a<».e»
16 feet    „       „    20 acres
10 tm „ '   n  99 acrps
1? fee*. „ „  ,20 acre*
18 feet „ „  ....20 acrps
19 foet „ „  21 acres
80 foet „   , 81 acres
81 foot „  „  ...81 aero*
82 foet „ ' „  22 acres
28 feet „ , „ 88 iii-res
24 foot „   „  24 acres
36 foot „   „  ..26 sere*
26 foot „ „  26 acrol
27 foot „ „  87 acret
28 foot „ „  88 acres
29 foot „ „ ' 29 acres
30 feet „ „  ...mi acres
642 acres
(v) How it is proposed to aco,uiro
tho land necessary for the purpose-
By purchase.
(w) Approximately tbo number of
aero feot intended to be impouuilod—
642 aero foot.   ■
(x) Whether it is proposed to lower
the water in auy natural lake or staud-
ing body of water, and if ao, thou—
(1) Tbo anticipated exteut of the
(2) Tho moans proposed to lie adopted to lower and mil.
(3) The nnt ure and character, in
detail of tlie works proposed to ho constructed to provide for the discharge
and penning buck of tbe water—Construction of a dam.
(Signaturo)   THOMAS  BHEI'HEBD,
City Clerk.
(P.O.   Address,   City   Hall,
North Vaueouver.
Province ol British Columbia
NOTICE it hereby givtn (bat all public Highway* iu unorganised district!
and all Main Trunk Boada in org'iou-
od  I list 1 ids aro sixty-six lot   widi,
and bavo a width ol thirly-tbr** Ie*t
on each tido ol tbo mean ttruigbt centre lino of the travelled road.
Miuiil.-r ol Publio Works.
Department ol Publio Work*,
Victoria, B. C, July 7tb, 1811.14-10
North Vancouver Business Cards
Percy S. Howard H. .1, Perrin
Cily Auditor.
Aiiiliini 1 and Acouuulanla
Bat Pender St. W.      P. O. Box BU
Phone 8837 Phone 188.
Vuncuuver      Norlh Vaneouver
Finoit ttblei aad out* ia tb City
Pionoer Horsttbotr - C»rri»g* W„rka
Bookstlltr* tnd Stitlonort
Cor. I.omdalt tad Itt. Phono 143
t. U. Sharp, Stud. S. I., Stud.
Init. Nun. Eng. Etc., Aroht tnd Civil
Engineer. Plain, elevitiom (tetlon*.
reports, ipcoiBeationi, titimitm, tip.
lor (II cltSMt ol work, Tracing*, Blue
Prints, Hip Mounting. 137 Lower
Keith Botd. Ettt, N. Viaoouvw.  8-8
Prompt     Ssrvio*- Moderate   Charge*
Phon* 99,
Tlw Ptlm Conftc-onary
Sttliontry, Co_»otloMry, Ie* Crtaft,
Soil Drinkt, Fountain Driakt, Tobaceo
Mgfct LuaeUi, Fruit
lonadala aaa) «ta t\m III
The Now Block on  Lonidale Avibuu
near the Ferry Approach
wm built by
General Costraoton
Contractor! lor roinloreed eoncroto
conatruclioii. Sowcring in til ita
branchoa, house connection! * ape
dally. Kiliniotci lurniihetl. Office
20 Lonidale Ave. Phone 380.
Pressed Drick Mantles a Specialty.      Phone I,iii
Building Coutrsctort
llrick ami concrete work.    IfniiM -.
Bungalows, etc. a apcrially.      Pinna
'lll.lllllle.l,     l     hll.Ill,
Box No. im.
'Ill Ijoiis.lult..
A.N.IE. li 8.
Irrigation, dralnagt, leveli, plana
and ipccilioationi. Septic tanks and
houss draintg* t a|«cinlty. P. 0.
Box 311, 18lb ttreet woit ol llawicks
Fro* tnd Smoked Fish
I-ivt and Drsssed Poultry
Vtgettbl** Delivery twio* daily
Phoat 340 11) First Street
Wbolesalar. and Bitailerl oi Van let
Ie* for lamily um '
pboa* w   mmm imu9
Studio   over   Dunk   B. N. A.
Lonadale and Kaplanade
Saw Filer and Grinder, All kind* ol
hand, croaa cut and buck tuwi let
ami lilotl at iliorlc.il not ico. II loin-
dale Avenue, North Vancouver.
High-clan Ladioa' ond Gtnt'i Tollorjeg
Phone 307
Medern Tailor* ud Renovalorjr
307 Lonadiile Aveau*
Cleaning,   Prosiiag,, Dyelag,   Alt-iilhg
Wo   uw   tbt   French   Dry   1'ltnniag
Procoii Pboa* 318
tth Slreei E. (adjoining weal of Boulevard) Nurlli  Vaueouver
First i hoe.   work only.    Ijnliei' owu
niatcriali made up. I bono
•■ , ,   * _
Specially : Children'* laasoa* it own
bom*.  Termi, «te., tpply GaMttl
 • '  *>
I* your watch stopping of gohtg irr*-
guiiriyl St*
Tbt Norli V*acour«r Eipsrt
us] piomsr Jtwaikr
^   T^r',my*jTW m?*^rr\Wf
.  <" THEEXP1
fl We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squares and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We especially invite the public to visit our Parlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
The Home Furnishers
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      1-4 cash, 6,12,18 monthi.
50 ft. Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800        1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
j TwM.  .
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
• ■
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES; from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: I -4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months    ;
. .1 _,— —■ >■ I.»l« —      ■—- II   ■■    I" ■■■      .11.-114
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
>    ^imiT^^rnSln^^M^iSnSnSBSnSnmnmS^
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, is£
543 PENDER ST. «-_«2$ VANCOUVER; B. C.
Tb. Standing Alibi of H. Stonlejgh
Stroma (cool,)
'What happened? Unutterable good
fortune loll upon ma and like a thun-
<ip'rt»U out o| p aim cold winter'*
iky,   I picked up In tbt street on*
morning thi* oopy nl » b*wp»i»r."
'Vou ll*|" cried om th* prisoner
here, again leaping to his feat.
A court nffiolul sewed him uud
forced him back.
'I have marked with bin* pencil,"
resumed the witness, disregarding the
nutliriisl, "th* advertisement that I
reuii tbat morning. I afterward* discovered that tbi* defendant in thl*
case—the pritoner at the bar—bad
caused it lo bt Inserted,"
He handed tb* paper to the prosecutor.   It wa* marked I* evldouce
er the itreraou* objection* of the
defendant'* counsel.
The prououtor road tt to tb* Jury.
It ran a* follow*:
'producing play wltb dual role want*
double; must be aboutt feet 11 luetics
tall, broad abouldared, slender, dark,
| swarthy complexion, and naturally
strong beard. Must b« refined and
educated — tbi* Is Important. Salary
|large; work light. Apply at once.
X 11, thl* office.
"I wrote," returned the witness,
'and received a letter In response directing to call on M. Madlgan, top
floor, ii River street, this city.
'River street, a* you may know, I*
an obscure neighborhood. I called
there, however. I saw M. Mudlgun,
and found t crowd of dark-complexioned men In wilting. No oiplunu-
tion wa* made to any. We aat and
"Out of til these msn three were
finally selected by Madlgan. He bad
weeded them out rapidly. I wa* one
of the three. The other two men
seemed to be a* refined and educated
** I felt myself to be; but tbey were
shabby alio. Madlgan finally showed
to each of ua the photograph of a
man with a black Van Dyck beard."
The witness paused md looked at
the prisoner. The crowd looked at
the prisoner. Tbe prisoner had a
black Van Dyke beard.
"Madlgan told ua tu grow beard*
lust like that. He gave u* twenty-
five dollar* apiece and told ua to report to bim a* soon a* our beard*
were grown.
"You will nolo that my appearance,
my height, uml my completion on-
awer In a general way tbe description
contained In tho advertisement. The
other two of the three alto anawored
the description In a general way
"Gentlemen, I do not believe I have
ever been a* grateful in my life aa 1
wu to M. Madlgan on the day he
gave me Uut twenty-five dollar*. It
wa* salvation — It waa comparative
"Well, on a certain day we all attended at Madlgans again, and Madlgan Inspected us with a critical eye.
Finally he gave the other two men
twenty-five dollars moro apiece for
their trouble and aent them off. He
told me to stay. He thought I would
■ult. ilu opened the door of another
loom and ushered me In.
"I have never teen M. Madlgan
fmin that day to thl*. I never expect
to tee him. I believe him also to be
an Innocent man, an unsuspecting Instrument In the hands of a great villain."
The court room waa still as death.
The witness glanced around upon the
crowd and then resumed hi* narrative    I
''In that room wa* t man. Tbat
man wa* th* defendant In this cue—
11. Stanlelgh Btorme. It wa* tho first
time I bad ever teen bim. I ussumed
that be wu tbe actor wbo bad advertised,
"He wu seated at * table and u
I entered he arose. He seemed
startled at my appearance. I certainly wu at his — the likeness wu ao
"He Invited me to take a seat, and
then he told me first tbat be wu not
an actor. He aaid tbat he wu a
man of wealth, and admitted tbat hs
wu a man of many ecoentrlcltiu.
He repeated tbat aoveral timet; uemed to force It upon my mind tbe fact
that he wu a queer fellow — * very
queer one.
"He told ma ot aome peculiar notion* he had—tbey were ridiculous. I
laughed at then. He (Mined uxlous
thai I should laugh at them. H|*
peculiar notion* were not timed il
tbe important thinga of life, but
rather at thing* immaterial.
"So cleverly did he imhuo me With
lb* Idea of bl* queeruets that I wu
quits prepared for the proposition
which he finally made to me. It wu
"He aaid that he wu a man wall
known In toolety tad In the town,
snd that II wu Bteesury for bim to
keep hi* end up; that be wu a sorl
of aoclftl Hon, aad bad great pride Ip
keeping social *ngagem*ot* Md
making hlnuelf generally agreeable;
hut tbat It tired bim to death. H*
Mid that It wu a vtty wearUoms
necewlty (or him to attend formal
reception* aad,dinner pwile*, function! and club*, but tfiere veto many
demand* upon Um, tad he wu often
forced to meat people **4 to b* tees
•A finm when he wu literally bored
Anything we might lay about these Ranges
would be luperfloui. They are too well
known to need boosting.   OUR TERMS:
{10 down   *  $10 per mouth
We ate sole agent*:
paine & McMillan*
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave,
North Vancouver. Phone 12
The oity council in committee last
night, appointed Mr. James Findluy,
late ol (llosgpw, (Scotland, to he chid
of tlie North Vancouver Fire Department. The appointee was one ol the
Ihix-e upplicant* recoinmended by the
lire and light department.
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Baldwin and Mr.
anil Mis. (ico. Marshall return sincere
I hunks for tho many kind expressions
nf sympathy received by them in their
recent beroavenicnt,
Mr. J. W. Donaldson, secretary of
tho Board ef Trade, Is in receipt of a
letter from the department at Ottawa,
to tho effect that instruction* b»vo
1,,'cu issued to btv* the dredge Muto-
den tet to work tt tbe First Ntrrowt
ns toon u possible.
UO Eighth, facing Victoria
Park. Apartment* in tbit building
ars now ready for rsnt. Thsy art
tht most uptodot* tpartmtntt In
B. O. Apartment* lot comfort,
such u dltappttrlng b*ds, bstm
celling, btrdwood loon, ptlnUd
china clout*, cupboard*, *towaw*y
room, window seats, tb* but ef
electric fixtures, hot air tutting,
free tslephens in itch tpartmint.
Etch tpartmint contain* t roomt,
parlor, bedroom, dining or living
room, kitchtn, tlse bathroom,
pantry, laundry room, tnd two
clototi. Good vltw Of lultt tnd
His Honour tbe Lieutenant-Governor
in Council hu been pleased to appoint
the Honourable Albert Edward Mc
Phillips, K. <:., President of Ihu Executive Council; the Honourable Price
Ellison, Minitter of Finance; Charles
Henry Lugris, of the Oity of Victoria,
Esqufrt; ond William Harold Malkiu,
of tbe City 0/ Vancouver, Esquire, to
be Commissioners under tht ''Public
Inquiries Act" for the purpose of enquiring into tnd reporting upon the
operation of tbe ''Assessment Act.
l!w:t,'W»witli respect to its practice!
bearings on tbe financial requirement*
of tbe Province.
The tald Commissioners will hold
their meetings on the dates tad at tbe
pieces mentioned hereunder, namely:—
Victoria, at the Executive Council
Cbainbor, Parliament Buildings, Men-
day and Tuesday, 26th aad 26th
September, at 10 a. in. At th* Court
House or tbe Government Office »t th*
following places:—
Nanaimo.' Wednesday tnd Thursday,
27tb and lit), September.
Vancouver, Friday and Saturday,
29th an,f TtDth September.
New Westminster, Monday, Snd October.
Bevelstoke, Wednesday, 4th October.
Hidden, Thursday, Oth October.
Crunbrook, Saturday, 1th October.
Fornie, Monday, (th October.
Nelson, WedneVday, llth October.
Bostlaud, Thursday, 12th October.
Croud Forks, Friday, 18th October.
Princeton. Saturday, Uth October.
Merritt, Monday, 16th October.
Kamleops, Tuesday, 17th October.
Sunderland. Thursday. JSUh October.
Pcntictou, Friday, kwth October.
Kolowne, Saturday, 21st Oetober.
Vernon, Monday, S8ri October.
Jt It requeued that all portent who
are interested in th* matter tforos»l<
preeent at th* meetings of
u....c«i«u .ju Miff imftf mtttmrnmi
mi who desire to be beard, will net
fail to be preient
the Commissioners
Jteuuiy Department,
18th September, foil.
TI-.NDI.ltS will be rcceiv.il by tbe
undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon on
September Until, I'JII, lor tho eon-
nli net inn li nn Institute hull at l.ynn-
vulley. A certified cheque inudo pay
uid,' to the undersigned, cpial lo live
per oont, of Hie amount ol tender,
must accompany each tender. Plans
and specifications to lie olilniii.il Irom
P. Wostovur, corner Frederick road
and cm lin.-, l.ynn valley. Tlie lowest
or any tender not noco*suri,y accepted.
NOTICE is hereby given that an
application will hu inudu under Part
V. of tbo "Wator Act, im," to obtain a license iu the New Westminster
ftivisiou of Nuw Westminster Dis
(a.) Tho name, address and occupation of the applicant--Ernest Townsley, Beal Estate Broker, 628 Puudor
Streot, Vancouver, I). C. I
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's  Certificate  No.
ih.) The name of the lake, stream
or courco (if unnamed, thu description is) Cyprus Creek.
(c.)   Tbo poiut of   divorsion—Two
(2)  miles up stream from mouth on   )
District 1,1,1  ins.
(d.)   The quantity of water appli*
for Un table feet por secoud)—3 (
miner's inches).
(e.) Thu character of the prnpn.
(f.)   Tbe  premises  oil   which
water is to bt used (describe seme
District Lot lii),
(g.) The purports for which tbi.-1
water is tn he used- Deniestirr
(ll.) If for irrigation describe H
land intended lo be irrigttcd, givlj
(i.) If tho wator it to bo used for
power or mining purposes describe tbe
place wbore tbo water it to be returncil
to tome natural channel, and tho .1.11
ference in altitude between point on
diveniou ami point uf return.'
(j.)   Area of Crown iand intended I
to ho occupied liy the proposed works
I    i
(k.) This notice was posted on tbo
iird day ol August, 1911, and eppl.
cation will be made to tbo Couiniis
siioicr on the 23rd day of September,
(I.)   Give tbr names and addresses
of any riparian proprietor) or lieen
sees who OT whose land.' are likely to.I
be affected  by  tbe  proposed   works,
cither abovo or below tlio   outlet. ,        .
(Slgnautro)   HENBY  BH0DE8,   V "*1
Agent for Ernest Townsley
(P. O.  Address)    P. O. Hox   Ihi
Vaueouver, B. C.
NOTE—Ono cubic foot por second   ,
is equivalent to 36,71 minor's inches
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Wharf: Cor. St. George's snd Esplanade.  Office: tt Jjousdulo Avenue.
Wharl Phone 178.     Office Phono  IW.
Dealers in all kind* ol Building Ma
teritl, Sand, (Iravel, Cement, Ion*
Brick (common and proeted), Firo
Bricks, Fire Clay, Plaster, Fibre, Plat-
ttr  of Vmil, i*lh, Hbipgw,   Onto
Donustio and Blacksmith Coal
TT.*Tr**mmnpt    t\*W T    I     ■   ''T "'Ml f    ^*T*
Wrrr^fWr mWfvmw   iv  mfm^tTfin*/1


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