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% Spirit uf (El)riniuuui
I.oqg yean ago Shakespeare pul some fascinating words -
into the mouth of Hamlet, wordi full of old legend and tradition, at JkJien be refers to the "cock crowing for Christmas,"
si il used lo be' called. 'The prince of Denmark says:
Some wy that ever 'gainst that icaion comet
Wherein our Saviour's birth ii celebrated
The bird of dawning lingelh all night long,
And then, they sdy, no spirit can walk sbrosd,
The nights sre wholesome, then no planets strike,
No fairy tskes nor witch hsth power to charm,
So hallowed and io gracious ii that time.
Everyone fceli ia lhat itibconicioui region of himself
commonly known ai lbc heart thst the time ii really a hallowed
snd s gracious one, but his mind may tell bim that to many
the lime ii not to gracioul si it might be. Only to the few
perhspi hsi ('hritimai ever been gracious, but there sre newly
amen clstiet who have not even attained unto the merriment
which has s conipicuoui feature of patt Chrittmasscs. These
have never hsd it. snd even those born in more ample circumstances who could be expected to understand these things
appear to have lost somewhat pf the art of Chrislmaslidc if
not altogether ill eueolilsl ipiritl.
"Good will towards men" it even now nol of universal
application, to thst there it iiii! ample room for the exercite
of hope. Christmas is, the one day in the year when the whole
world seems to feel a simultaneous longing for what might be.
One who understands lh( meaning of modem thought has
written, "All thii world it heavy wilh the promise of greater
thingi, and a day will come—one day in the unending succession of dayi—when beingt who are now latent in our
thought! and hidden in our loini will itand upon thii earth
ai one stands upon a footstool annd laugh and reach oul their
handi among the stars." Thii longing for a distant ideal
ii ihe iame feeling which surges over one in the presence of a
splendid sea view wilh wide, unknown horizons. It ii a feeling which will nol be repressed al the dawn of S beautiful
summer's day. Thii spirit of hope plays a great if not alwayi
fully recognized pari in a successful Christmas The spirit
of Christmas is largely composed of hope. Hope is, in fact,
one of those fundamental motive forcei in man which help to
make Christmas possible lo him, and a proper uie of this
force will do wdbden wilh Christmas. A conscious effort
lo ice the sparkle of the candlei rather than the pink greaie
upon the floor ii another wondpr worker, snd the (siting of
deliberate thought for the morrow on the part of those who
play Santa Clsui to the young, fsili in thii case to bring any
penalties in its train. Many have wished after a viiil to the
toy fairylandi of Chriiunai: **
Backward, turn backward,
0 Time, in your flight I
Make me a child again
Just for to-night.
(Elirtatnmfi fpm
Tell me what ii thii innumerable throng
Singing in the heavens a loud angelic song?
These are they who come with swift snd shining feet
From round aboul the throne of God the Lord of Light
lo greet.
Oh, who are these that hasten beneath, the starry sky,
Ai if wilh joyful tidings thai through ihe world ihall fly?
The faithful shepherds these, who greatly were afesred
When, as ihey watched their flotki by night, the besvealy
hoit appeared.
Who are these lhal follow across the hills st night
A star that westward hurries along ibe fields of light?
Three wise men from ihe eait who myrrh and treasure
To lay them at the feet of Him their Lord snd Christ
and King.
What babe new-born ii thii lhal in a manger cries?
and heavenly
Near on her bed of pain his happy knottier lies.
Oh, tee I the air is shaken ]*uih while
Thii is the Lord of all the earth, thii ii the King of
Tell me, bow may I join in this holy feast ■
Wilh sll the kneeling world, and I of all the least?
Fear not, 0 faithful heart, but bring what moil it meet:
Bring love alone, true love alone, and lay il si Hit feel.
QUfg (ClfriHlmaH tfe
Where Iht Old Counlip Cell lis Creal Supplp "i
Chriilrmi Trees Every Year.
To tel| you the truth, we do not trouble very much
about the mailer, Father bought il somewhere, and
while we were aileep—or pretended lo be—loving
hands covered il wilh candies, and bag of sweets
sod loyi and dolls and Utile flags, and made it thine
snd sparkle like the King's crown. But when we
stand before il and clap our hands and cry "O-o-ohl"
we do not ai s rule, itop to bother at to how if it
there comet to be tuch a thing as a Chritlmai tree
st sll.
As s matter of fact, s good many older people
bsve tried to find out where the Chritlmai tree came
from, but nobody teemi to be quite certain yet at to
how many yesn ago the good cutlom was started.
Some learned olen have told ut that it came from
ancient Egypt. They lay thai St certain winter festivities the Egyptians used a slip of s palm tree with
twelve shoots pa it, thit, of courie, repreteoliag the
year wilb ill twelve monthi. I dp not think, however,
thst our Christmas tree hsi anything to do with dial
twelve-ihooled ilip of palm. Il s tnore probable that
)l il to be listed back through the old customs of the
country which gsve it to us—Germany.
Far sway back ia ihe ages "once upoa a time."
as the fairy talcs say—the people called Teutons
believed all kinds of things shout s myitic ash tree
with the curioui name Yggdrwil. This, with itt roots
soil branches, they thought, united ihe wprW of die
living and the world of ihe dead. T"hc tree it very
popular indeed in Germany, but you may be lurprited
to know that it it only about seventy yean since it
wst taken tp EaigMv When Victoria ihe Good
married Prince Albert in 1840, many pew German
cuilomi were introduced into the old country, and the
Chritlmai tree was one pf them. Al WiaoW Cattle
io I.SI6 there was a huge Ht* forty 'eet high, whjch
wst Isdeo with preieaU said to he wp^ «K» aWffe*."
f.45,Q<MI Tbaf was *m*r\w ft? » N* ■*"»''
it?- but I do not suppose ii gays a bit more pleasure
than ihe little tree you tee in a poor inan'i cottage
Since then {the Chritlmai tree hai been i ptc-
miaeat feetore of die Chritlmai festivities of the Rpysl
Family.   Queen -Victoria encouraged the cutlom.
fa Gafmaay, at Chrittaai time, every houie has
in m< tm m Me j» fu !«*• ia every German
trntismtJitm; k^^imm^^iomo
Wl**** ffj "iffffflrf TfJTTW jjff fTTT * ^"frJWF W-TTrflW.*
(% (Jlimtfurt nf Jltarp
Some must be tad on evea Christmas day,
Some sufferings and sorrow cannot cease,
To tome we cannot "Merry Chrittaai!" tsy
Bui heaven comfort them snd give them peace.
All die world's a platter,
And all the men and women merely eaten.
They have will) ihem always their appetites.
And one lurk in his lime playi many parts.
His acts being seven ages:   At firsl the roasl,
Reposing grandly on ihe groaning board,
Flanked by rich dressing and cranberry sauce,
A dainty dials to sel before s king;
Then the warmed over bird, icrved up next dsy
Lot we forget the Yulelide't merry meal;
Then the cold cub, al luncheon and al tea,
Still fucculcni. if you do like cold cult;
Next comet the slew, yclept a (ricaiice, ,
Wilh dumplings made to fallen up the dish
And which, forsooth, do csute ut rasny groans
And pang) of indigestion; then upquetles
Garpiihed with parsley cunningly aad nixed
With what luipicioutly doth taste like veal,
And to they play iheir part.   The sixth sge thiflt
into the lean md languid turkey bash,
Reposing on a slap of soggy totti,
A bitter aftermath of glories past.   .
For looihlets age.   Last scene pf sll
Thst ends this itrsage, eventful history:
A tkelelon, s rack of clean picked bonei
Thai finds itt dismal wsy into the soup
Of second childishness sad mere oblivion,
Ssat brestl, tsni legs, ism wingi, isot everything.
—&wn 5, Slinser).
Happy, happy Chritlmai tbat can win ta bade
to the delusions of our childish dayi; that can recall
to the old man pleosuret of bii youth; that can Irsns-
pori the wifpr sad the traveler, thousand! of miles
sway, back to bit own fireside sad hit quiet home.
—$«. DiclfMi.
Aad numerous indeed axe the hearts tp V/bich
Chritlmai brings s brief seston pf happipssi snd
enjoyment .... H<w msay ild recoUeclioai sod
hpw many dormant sympathies dpes Chriitnui tips
WlWt n,       rv £
.        r-Chtfl. Pk*W. I
*tmmfm or ami tAJwm
AOOtint Oss Plant Propoaltion-Qouncu
Dlscuuee Tents pn tha Waterfront..
A trrilk Snd busiuessliko sir characterised city council activities last'night.
The mayor,',Irom pit Alii, presided over
s full quantum ot aldermen and ratepayers ware more laviahly represented
than usual in the auditorium.
At the oiitset various items of cor-
ospondem.o were read and dliponaod
. with, the majority embodying requests
fpf sidewalks and patty complaints.
One communication euianatod . from
thus responsible for ths naw Pythian
Hall on Chesterfield avenue, asking the
'council for water connection and for
a sidowalk in front of tbe hall which
is to ho npeiuid on January Ind- These
requests were referred to tbs water
committee and board of works respec
tively. .
The city engineer recemmonded tbat
a 13-fpot sidewalk be constructed on
the aouth side of the Esplanade from
|jiinsdalo 801) feet westward. The estimated cost wai |i;i0.
Aid. Henderson pointed out that this
had already been promised by tho
council at a time when tbe stores there
were ready to he opened. Ur. Hanes
was accordingly instucted to carry out
the work Immediately.
Mr. Alexander Philip wrote on behalf of bis clients, Messrs. Hlmlton and
Mayne, relating to district lot 1016
which they had previously offered to
Bell to the city fpr (40,000. Tbey had
since been arranging for the subdivision
of the property into lots and bad
had overtures made to them fpr tbe
right to take gravel out of tbe bed
and adjacent to tbe crash al a price
which would yield s large return. This
would, however, seriously menace tho
city water supply, so, while net taking
advantage of the city't necessity, tbey
renewed tbeir previous offer, express
Ing willingness to take city bends at
V/i per cent.
Aid. Heuilerton moved tbat the mat-
tar should be referred to the water
works committee, but Aid. Dick con
tended tbat the topic bad already been
djaurssed in council and the decision
bad been arrived at that tbe city waa
not in a financial position to purchase
tbia property.
- i Aid. Kittson further pointed out that
if sny person seriously Impaired tbe
quality of the city water, the couucil
could immediately take action.
Aid. Snulh urged tbat, sinro tho giro
perty included tbe city's intake, tbey
might get the ratepayers' vole on it.
Eventually tbe letter wu orderesi to
be filed.
Aid. Dick alluded to tbe damage* recently claimed by ('apt. Stephens for
injury to his properly on ,'lrd street by
blasting. The captain bad written
several times about the matter, but
bad heard nothing further.
Aid. Henderson explained lhal Ihe
matter had been referred lo Aid. Sinilb
and himself, and Ihey had deride<l
lhat the best course was to ask the eu
gineer lo asldress a lettef le tho eun
tractor making au appointment wilb
him. Ho far no appointment had been
Mr. Hanes staled that be bad written
In Mr. Tuckor, the contractor, but had
received no reply.
The elerk was instructed to write lo
bulb parlies arranging for there lo meet
Ihe committee and settle this dispute.
Tin.' mayor Iben minimi,.I tbat be
had received a request from a gentle
man who wished lo addreos Ibe council. The person iu question, upon I.e
iug invited to speak, said Ibat hi represented a company which sought tbe
privilege of pulling down pipes in Ibe
city for supplyiug gas tu Norlb yancouver.
The mayor drew the speaker's atton-
lion to Ibe amount of work which 11..
before Ihe council. "Uow loog do you
wish to spcakt" inquired His Wei-
ship.        ' .
"From nfiJin te twenty minutes,"
was the prompt answer.
The alderman looked horrified. Aid
Smith referred to previous eppiicatl.os
tbey had considered for this same pro
jaet, and aaid tbey Ware "pretty wall
sick of than."
Tbt mayor, however, suggested thai
each member of tbe couacll should lie
supplied with a copy of Ibe franrhias
snd Aid. Dick proposed that tbe ad
vorate should confine hia itUntion to
points not aet forth in printed form
The company's representative explain,
ad, therefore, that the proposition was
drafted In tba form tt t bylaw aod was
tb inslal, witb tht tmmut ef Ibe mun
ell, s gaa plant to tupply the city witk
gsa is evsry way. They ashed no prl
vilsgat, no exemptions from taxation,
no boa vs. The compsny would agras
(« commence coaetraetiou within lis
isontbt, and would put up a bend et
HMO to carry tha work through. Ths
speaker pointed out thst gu had be
conn a vary Important Ingredient to
household affairs, particularly in apart
wesl houses, where, hs lesrat, pipes
mat* laid H*4j. U Van.ouver one
million cubic fm tl gsa per day wm
itpaumtA, this averaging ten cubic Atst
I any tor avity mm, woman sad (hild
The tompmy t*H tint iM mm'/l
m Tm what it mmAt imam
saa intmii  fha*» wye  only two
courses tp adopt., either tho tiff woui.l
inatal a gas plant itself, of else gas'
WORlf} bs supplied, by a private *nf pra-'
tion. Qn hnow ths eity had already
considerable obligation! without undertaking more. Tbara was the ferry
boats, fbt-
At this point tha mayor intervened.
lip courteously reminded tho speaker
that ha was wandering from fba point
at istue.
1-iJba company,'1 resumed iti |i|yp-
catu, "would agree to tell tp tbo city
twenty years hence all thair appliances
pt a cost of 85 per cant, pvar and aim. e
what It had tost than. By this course
the company wars assuming all initial
risks. Tho rata would be limited to
IVj pit thouiand feet, but the ipeaker
pointed out that hit clients were uoi
wedded to tba details of the franchise
but would welcome suggestions from
the council sr ita committees.
Aid. Kittson recalled tbat somo tune
ago a gas proposition was put up, but
tbe council komidered tbat the time
was uot than opportune. The ahloi
man compared that scheme with tbis on
two points. Tbe first one read that
tbe company was to inslal the plant
and the council was to have the right
tp purchase it at stated intervals, the
flrst being four years. This propose
tion stated two years.
Also uuder tbe old scheme tbe city
would be allowed to purchase at 10
per cent, above the cost- This company
stated 2fi per cent. The aideroiau de
tared, iu Kittsoniau metaphor, lhat the
previous proposition was eminently
more acceptable.
The mayor announced that au answer to the problem would be given at
the couucil'a nest session. „
Aid. Smith tben moved that a bylaw
should he prepared to deal with tbe
tents ou the hvaterfroot and Esplanade.
Tbey were becoming a menace and a
nuisance. Tbere were no fewer than
between Forbes aod Bt. David's,
aud in one block there were 40. The
waler pipes in Iheir vicinity were all
burst and tbe water was running ail
over the place. They were unhealthy.
The. police, moreover, ware complain
ing that undesirable characters Were
known to be located in tbese tents.
Aid. Smith considered that all owners
of Unoccupied tenia should receive UO
lays' notice to get them removed and
thai all occupant! of tents should be
giveu six months' notice to quit.
Aid. Hiu disfavored tbe idea. He
did not see why North Vanrouver
should be deprived of this fractiou of
Its population. It would be putting
hardships ou these people, aud Aid.
Hiss considered lhat to drive them out
would he detrimental to the city's in
teres tt.
Aid. Dick went further. He thought
it would be illegal. Tbey could, bow-
ever, take up the question of sanitation. Oo the population point, Aid.
Hick reminded tbe council lhat inn
lents would represent from 600 to 600
Aid. Smith:-"Who sre psying do
Isxet snd are becoming a uuisance."
Aid. Dick waa certainly not in favor
of driving Ihem out of Nortb Vancou
vor. '
He thought that in respectability
they averaged up witb any other clll
un in tbe city.
Aid. Henderson considered Ibat Ihe
matter did uoi seem to turn on popula
lion. It wu more a question of health
tbat was involved. The medical officer
of health had already spoken uufavor
ably of tbis "canvas town ou the we
terfront." He did not wish to say
one word aboul Ihe respectability of
tbese people. He thought the city so
licitort' advice ihould bs uked.
Aid. Kittson candjdly admitttd that
ha didn't like Ihe tents. Wet casvu
wu not nearly so healthy u a shingle
roof. Tbere wu alao the Oro danger.
Once a fire started in a bunch ef teats
■■MtaaaglllJIIIII ll'lll       IfJJitJ^BeiMBMSJBa&ssjsjMB
.1-.... .' .
Purchase of Post'Office Site.**Nortb Van*
couver an a Port of Entry «• Foreshore
Leases and Other Matters,
Ur. fl, H. Stevens, M. P.. returned
on Saturday laat from Ottawa fpr tlie
Christmas holidays, and in an Interview
granted a representative of the Express
gave a most interesting statement with
reference to federal mutton, up the
North Shore. The matter of the purchase of a post office site fnr the city
of North Vancouver il now in il» final
stages, Mr. Stevens having been requested by the department tu name a
valuator to appraise the city hall pru
perty preparatory to its piir.dni.-i' by
the government. Mr. lions, supurin-
tendent of post office matters, will arrive in Vancouver shortly after Christmas and amoug other items, will complete arrangements fur a house to houso
mail delivery in Ihis clly,
In the course of a few days, an official from tho department of Customs
will arrive on the ground, ami it' is
the desire of Mr. Stevens that a com
mittee of representatives of the. coun
cils, the Hoard of Trade and of representative citizens shall meet and confer with the representative of the do,
partraent for.the purpose of discussing
tbe advisability of making Ihis cily
a port of entry. Mr. Stevens qualifies
tbe situation in this regard by stating
explicitly thai Ihis meeting is simply
for the purpose of luyiug the whole
cue before the department. Whether
favorable action will result al mice
will depend upon Ihe case which the lo-
cal committee is able lo make,
With references to leases of foreshore in front of Iho Mission, Mr. Hie
reus states positively Hint these have
been cancelled II was ascertained
that certain leases hail been granted
by the deparlmeul of In,lum affairs
but Mr. Stevens haa Ihe direct uiul positive assurance of Hon. Hobl. Rogers
that all such have been cancelled absolutely.   With reference lo Ihis and lo
other foreshore lying in front of Indian
rosermtioim upon the Nortli Shore, thp
plan which Mr. Htoveus now bu in mind
is to make these tbe basis of .operation for a harbor commission, Ut.
Slovene hopes that the departmental
engineer, Mr- Swan, will reach Vancouver before the time arrives at which
he must return to Ottawa for the reopening of tlie session apd it Is bia
intentiun to go into this matter exhaustively with Mr. Swan. Mr. Stevens
slates further that he bad an important
interview at Montreal with Sir Thomas
Shuughneesy with reference to the attitude of the C. P. 1}. toward a Hoard
of Harbor Commissioners and ucertain-
ed that while the railway company
would uot be prepared to part with
any of its waterfrontage ou the south
shore, yet their gpneral attitude toward the harbor scheme is sympathetic.
In discussing Seeoad Narrows bridge
Mr. Slovens stated tbst hs feared tbat
tire representatives of Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and Bridge Company which recently interviewed the government,
had taken a somewhat too sanguine
view uf the position of the department
with reference lo the reduction of the
length,of the span. The departmental
engineer is of opinion tbat iu view of
the strength of the tide at tbat point
uml Ihu probability of slow freighters
with long tows finding it necessary lo
pass through, it would uot be advisable
lo make the span shorter tbau 360 feet.
Willi refereuce to the Domiuion sub-
sisly, Ihe government had. copjrnied
thai already existing for $200,000 but
were of opiniou that the request for
an increased subsidy should be beld
iu ubeyancu until time bad  been a I
lowed lu ascertain what action tbe re
spec-five municipalities would take, In
Ihe matter of assisting to meot tbe Increased cost of the bridge.
Director! Consider Advertising Proposition.
At the weekly meeting of Ihe ferry
directorate which took .place on Friday
afternoon, the advertising representative of the Architects' Club wiiled
upon tbe directors and besought Ihem
to utiiixe advertising space iu au, elaborate album shortly lo be published embodying aboul -1 Ho photographs
of Vancouver and ils environs. The
volume which will appear ou Ihe first
of tbe year, will be inailesl lo all who
aro interested iu architecture wjth lbc
purpose of acquainting them with Ihe
possibilities of Ibe west. This book
will also be sold ou all Hie incoming
boats sod trains, and for this reason
alone the agent considered • Ihe ferry
company would act wisely,in advertising
within its covers.
Mr. P, larion .favored Ihe proposition. He announced himself to be a
believer in copious advertising iu Ibe
right quarters and tbis book promised
to be one which would bring tbeir fer
ries under tbe notice of the proper
people. Newcomers entering Vancou
ver, argued Mr. Larson, would be able
to study the ferry time table and
make straight for the wharf on reach
ing the city.
Mr. Williams thougbt it was ayi ill.
time lo consider Ihe question. Ir had
sot hitherto been Ihe custom of the di
it might sweep through the let of tbem..,
He pointed out, however, tbat there [WW •» **P**A money iu any silver
were lent cities of from 10,000 to 80,-
000 population in climates far better
sod laore likely to breed disease Ibsa
Ihfs wu.
Eventually tha council decided to
ssek advice from ths city solicitor.
Ths ferry sabway bylaw than came
briefly under dltcussion. Tbe msyor
thought notice should bs given to Vsncouver Ibst North Vsncouvsr wu putting op this bylsw. Tha Unas were
that North Vancouvsr should construct
ths subway aad thst Vsncouver should
contribute its sbsre.
Aid. Dick uked what would happen
supposing Ibe ratepayers of Vancouver
turned the bylaw aowaf
Aid. Kitlsoo ridiculsd ths Idas. Ths
ralltkW commissioners wars ths brain
last or awa aod would sever bsve made
thl| srsregsmenl jf thay could not
eoforcs It,
It wss considered that a bylay of
slttyWO would mast ths eau. Inttnje
lions were given thst stub ihould bs
la sonasatioa with ths during snd
grsdlsg of FsN svenus aad Hamilton
Avenue, lha contracts wars awarded to
Higgles aad Fisher, whose tenders
mmtai tt fU/m a„i   HAM rf
-—•Mr-mmm     ussii ■    •mmfemf
i. W,Httoa, Wattor Tmk sad Adol
ph Aadarwn wsrt each tasd st ths
dty haH this Boralng tm MsWblag to
tiling olber tbsn tbat iu purely local
Captain Kickham, while disagreeing
wltb tbis particular reason of Mr. Williams', did aot oo ths whole consider
ths proposal an acceptable one.
Uf. Paint supported Mr. Williams'
contention that tiie proposition cams
St the wrong time. II wu a mailer
that should be taken up ie Ibe first of
tbe year. 'a
Mayor MeNefsh, while applauding,
Iho cnnleinplalion of a publication of
the kind described and promised to
support it, explained to the represents
licv thst Ibe .directors did not pea
tbeir way deaf to make use of the nl
bum for advertising.
Certain 'dbilitrpw arrangements
then arose fordfacossipn snd settlement
ana] Mr. Uiton very neatly made sarcastic ass Sf Mr, Paine> words, "Let
u wait lilt ibt first of tbe yesr.
Mr. A. Of. Patty appeared to ascertain
wbat arrangements the directors were
making as lo tbo running of the ferries
on Christmas day. Tha directorate
wars of tha opinion lhat Ibo only feu
ibis and possible plan would be to V1'
the ordinary Sunday schedule. Mr
Party intimated Ibat tho B. C. Electric
would run ths)/ strset cars according
ly. The .suggestion wu made tbat the
tetHm might be run half hourly, but
Manager Heard and otben pointed out
that this ioutie would bs of so prae-
tits! advantage to ths men wbstovsr,
The Sunday schedule wu therefore adopted.
Mayor McNeish, however u president, called a special meeting yesterday
afternoon for further consideration of
the Vuletidc problem so far u it effects
the ferry service,
liis Worship explained that wben tbe
question came up at Iheir last meeting
about running the boats on Christmas
Day, and when Mr. Perry, manager of
the B. C. Electric came in, he did uot
himself realize what the consequences
of running a twenty minute service
wuuld be. Practically every man cm
ployed would bave to put in his ordin
nrv quantum of work, It was not a
lay on which the people did a great
leal of travelling. If tbey rau a half
hour service Ihey would only bave to
Work half Iho number of men and the
people would uot be'inconvenienced in
any wuy.
i It appeared tbat men employed' in
tbe street cars, which must of necessity meet every beat, had approached
His Worship on this point.
Mr. funis- suggested running a 40-
iniuule Service. They could tben work
four crews at different timet aod run
IH.J boat and the men would be given
a chalicoW spending part of Chritlmai
slay al home.
Mr. I iir-uii reminded the body tbat
last Christinas Hay Ibey ran a half
houj service. He considered it would
be a mistake lo run a less frequent
service Ibis year when tbs city had
grown so. Tbey would have lots of
peoplo "kicking" and men, women
nnd children would be waiting oo the
wharf forty minutes.
The mayor queried wbother it was a
day 911 wbicb people travelled, but Mr.
(arson alluded to tbe numbers wbo
would cross tbe Inlet to set friends on
the Nortb Shore and share thoir
Christmas dinner and vjee verss.
His Worship then uked Mr. Heard
what he tbougbt about it.
Tbe manager thought tbst a forty
minute service would accouifiiodalc sll
tbe people wbo travelled on Christmas
day. Very few of Ihem would expect
the same service apd tha majority
would take tbe precaution of finding
oat  beforehand.
Afler further   argument, ' howev
the directors decided,  to run  a half
boar service on Dec. 36tb commencing
at IM a.m.
 „ .	
999*    **t*    W*    WTWrewm*    m^m^imm    s^aa>l#lpaw»jaj( ■
ship -Mr. flkso. Smith Appototod Sis
„   '
nett, not only from tha standpoint of
thll operation pf saw mills and plan:
ing mills, .etc., bPt llkewlie from tbe
viewpoint of tho practical builder and
hll appointment will doubtless prove
fortunato fp both the eompaoy. and
tha purchailng public. Mr. Piplojk retains ths presidency pf the company
nf which thi nthay pflaara in as follows; Secretary, V. h, 9. Diploek, Assistant Secretary, T. B. Diploek, diree-
tnn, Oep. Smith, A, Philip, 1 B. Nye
and A. P. Taf Inr-
Tba regular general monthly meeting of tbs Board of Trade will be held
at the city hall on Wednesday even
, at sight o'clock. Tbe secretary,
Mr, /. Wylie Donaldson bu received
information from hir. II. 11. Steveni,
M.I'., with reference to public issues
Of local importance, which ihould make
tbe meeting one of exceptional inter-
Tblevss Oet Away With 1168 Worth
pf jawelry
Tbe residence of Mr. O. Whiteside
on the corner of Queousbury Avenue
and Keith road wu 00 Saturday night
burglarised and ransacked. Mr. Whiteside was abient frpm home at tbe time
but on returning about 6 o'clock found
tbat tbe robbers bad gaiue>| entrance
to tbe house by way of the. front window. He subsequently mined jewelry
valued at over (Ifill. Mr. Whiteside is
of the opinion that tbe intruders were
surprised aud made a hurried departure
u everything was Isft in a state" of
chaos and a number of valuable articles had beon overlooked. Tbe police
wero duly notified but so far uo clue
bas been obtained u to the identity
and whereabouts of tbe boussbraaksrs.
TrfmtWvT Ilwff4iiafaj|!a| SMUtitmlt om
Wreww P mtmaim
HM Worth af Dsmsga
At about thm o'clock ou Saturday
afternoon a small outbreak of fire occur red at tha Leonard Sale Go's itt-
tipnary atore at tba corner of First
street sad Lonsdale. Tbe csuie must
be counted among Ufa's little mysteries.
It can .only ba assumed that a itray ,,
•park, perhaps from the pips of a passerby, must bave wandered in through
the open door or window and playfully
ignited the Yuletldo trapping! with
which the latter had bean carefully
adorned. Had uot prompt action beau
inatitutad, tbe consequences of tho
outbreak might have been extremely
grave. Mr. Sale and bit colleagues,
however, smothered and drenched tho
firs into subservience, witb tbe satisfactory result that a card, announcing; I
business to be carried 00 as usual was
placed in tbe devaatated window. The
lira brigade were very briskly 00 the
scene but their help was happily not
needed. Mr- Sale estimates the dam- ^
age done by the outbreak at about
Ull. W. J. Irwin.will not receive
again until after the holiday!.
Mn. J. H. Keller, 10th itreet snd
St. Andrew'1, will nol) receive on Friday, Dec. Sflnd.
Mrs- A. Campbell Hope will not ba
at home on Ihe SSnd of this mouth, but
will be home ou the SSnd of January
u usual.
Couches, Easy Chairs, Sea Crass
Chairs, Parlor Tablet, Children's Bock,
erl, ate. at tbe N. V. Home Furnishers.
The Truth students class will mist
svery Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
tbe reiidence of Mn. Qallagher, Keith
road, near Bidgeway. Studenlt desiring higher spiritual unfoldment ara
cordially invited lo attend. tf
Express Classified Ads.
WANTEH-JJo   eicavatorsi   Earth.
Apply  Wallace Shipyards  Ud.     t.f.
WANTED   (loud  gasoline tiu,   /'.»
cents each, 286—Stb street eut. £8-13
We have money for the purcbue of
Agreements of Sail- Canadian Financiers Ltd., Bank of Hamilton Building.
lady wishes post u useful help.
Thoroughly domesticated. Apply Express Office, Bos Alt." in 12
WANTED-All tbe discriminating
peopls of Norlb Vancouver to leava
their ordera for Xmas Cakes now at
"The Scotch Bakery" quality tells.
WANTED—Tenden wanted for 01-
cavatiug corner of Kiug and Lonsdale,
llitn. Approximately S00 yWs. Box
1087, Nortb Vancouver. t.f.
I .     - —-sta
ladles' Secretaries and Desks at the
N. V. Home  Furnishers.
. VQH SALE First growth dry wood
for 11.76 psr cord, 4 ft. O. McDade,
Phoas 01. General teaming,. t.f.
FOB 8AI,F,-Fir wood 14.60 per cord.
Apply Jobn Campbell, 'I'll fill, street
wast, or phosa Ml. 1(1
FOB SAIjFj-Two Angora Oosti,
chssp. Mn. A- Hodgson, cor. ISth
sad St. Oeorge't. 28 18
FOB S A I, E Wood, 18 loch lir,
S3.S6, cedar blocks, Hit, cord wood,
HM. loovi orden st bare, 7ih ssd
Bidgeway or P. O. Box 11014.     18-1
FOB   BAhfr-Hiw   Uid  eggs, Bu#
Orpington Cockereli snd Pekio Draket.
Mra F. Brlmacombe, 1st street east.
FOB SAJ.E-Xmu Cakes in great
variety at "Tha Scotch Bakery," 118
Lomdale Avenue. Laavt your ordin
now: ISIS
FOB SALE--Tores 84-foot Iota 00
queen itreet, Ave minutes' waih Item
Lonsds'e avenue, I860 sach, oostblrd
cub, 8, 18 snd 18 montbi. Apply
K, "Exprssi" Ofles.
FOB SALE-tygkt -JWlvsry bore*,
weight 1,000 lbs Good sll round
vanner./ Jobu Alexander k Op,, III
Lonsdsls Avenue, N-  Vaneouver.   If.
At a recent meeting of tbs Board of
Directors of Heymour Lumber Co. Ltd.
Mr, A. B. Diploek resigned ths poti
tiop *l managing director, which be
bu held since Ibe formation of the
company, of which he was the originator, and Mr. Geo. Smith, tip W»H
hnowo local building contractor, was
appointed to ths position, Mr..Smith
hu s thorough kuowtidga of tha feuai-
FOB SALK-Keith rosd" (lost to
Boulevard, 8 room house, strhtttf modern, never been occupied, Well built
lor owners own mi lunMe, or will
rent subject to tsls. For pries snd
tarns apply IMsrsIl Invsstasnt Co,,
318 Homer strut ay phone Seymour
808, or P.. N. Maltby, pbpni 884, North
Vaacofiyer. mt
BOOMS POS BENT-Meuttssaplag.
fljl lad Strut east, mfm
' FOB BENT-Ons suits, Colonial
Apartments. Tolephons and hast Included, t.f.
TO LET-Furnished California bungalow, six rooms on Ninth strset eut
batween St. Andrew's and Bidgsway.
FOB KENT I.onsdale Avenue mud
en 6 room bouse. Immediate possession. Apply Irwin, Billings k Co.,
Limited. tf
FOB HALE Lois t, I), IH, block 63,
D. L. 660. Price 88860 or separate, l-l
cub, 8 and 18 months. Apply Box AI8
Express Office. IH I
TO BENT Choice modern suites oa
3rd strut. Apply AlSx. Smith k Oo.,
North Vancouvsr, t.f.
FOB BENT - Furnished, superior
modern reiidence, choice location, clou
in; tix roomt, and two sleeping porches; roots moderate to right parties.
Apply in flnt instance by letter to'
Box All, Express Office. 81-11
TO KENT House, llth strut Eut,
block from Lonidsls, 6 rooms, halb,
etc., cement basement piped ltl tut-
nace, lot 83x160, fenced aod cultivated.
Bent. 183.60 or formal*. Apply ths
Wood-Paige Shoe Co. if.
Tbe balls of tbe N. V. Pythian Cutis
Hall Co. will be ready for oceupsoe;
snd sngsgeiucnts ou January 1st, llll,
alao sldrc room in basement 80x80. For
terms apply to J. B. Badger, Sot.-
Treaa., N. V. Pythian Cutis Hall Co.
' IMT-frldiy, 8th, large brows
snd white pup (Dane). Apply Travis,
P. 0. Box IMI, North Vancouver. 18-18
list it at isonadak Phanwaay Pbons JV
Mn. Adams, maternity sons, near
Hotel, Lynn  Vslley Bosd. 16 I
Agreements for Bala discounted.
Money wajUag. I*»td»le Bsslty Co..
838 liOUdSis Avsnus. Phone 317,   tf
B. 0. Livsry aad Board sublss-
Ligbt rigs aad ladiss' saddle honee
for hire.  Stabling for horses.    Oss- ■
srsl dellvsry aad heavy teaming,    fi,
Diuus, 4th itrtet wesl. Phone 147 ti.
For piamblng, pips flttlog aod ton-
ntcling tee F. B. Harmon, Predsrieh
Boad, Lynn Valla/, or Phone 114.   tf.
Ths North Vaacouver Dye Works
44 (.onsdsli Avsnus, gusrenles to do
H good work st cheaper prices than
you cso possibly |st ia Vaaeeufsi.
«H's as s trial, tha result will speak
tot limit. Phme HI.      tf.
7oa eaa't bsat "xsa amm~mlf-
try" for quality . Nothing bat high-
eat grade msUrials assd Imu tiakm
OH tpttitlty- «*ortbraa4, th* rest
Scotch Shortbread, only u hs had at
"tpe Steltb HtMsy." W II
^mgtf nmgmfnm my mtfmTwmWT
mimet^f wwm gyt^e wee fopm- mmm
tally ap to ttemttanato et tiff to-
Ci bylaw, btliwates gives.    /,
t, Oeaerel Delivery, Her* TM-
tmtpy, S       1,1111
Hi» Christmas
By .Anna S. Richardipn,
THB   store   fairly   nutated   thl
Chrlflmaa eplrlt. Cilumun be|le
swung from avary ci|up4*|ler-
Hopes of evergreen draped all
tba  shelving.    Tba  counters  wara
•trewn wltb ObrlBlwas curds, booklets
-ol fayofi.
The man Who bad dropped In to buy
lead points for bll pocket pencil remained to pore uver a suck of gift
books bound In mm lender. Tben ba
beurd the voice. After Ibnt only bla
(,-axs ma on tba books. Ilia Intereat
was concentrated on tbe possessor of
Iba t/olce.   "
•'But you inld auch iblngs wprs In
ernat demnnd nrnunil tbe hollduya, and
•i aHoorjD usa to nxa a iooi At
noes uikdo."
I bars taken Inflnlto pains with these.
Piesso, please toll ma what la wrong
w.tlj tbem."
Tban wag a note of tragedy to tha
rich contralto tones wbicb, together
wltb s basascblng glnnce from wonderful violet ayas. pot to root tbs
mlaa aod ragiilatlons of tba astuto
buyer of Obrletmaa novelties. Bis
wu a amart shop, an! hs bsd never
voucbufed •xpluiinilun to struggling
young artists whose work bs declined
to aall oa commission, but now ha
picssd np tha Utile packets of plate
and score cards, gay with holly, Santo
Clana beads, ate.
"Let na explain," bs aald. "Those
srs not novelties. Tbay are tbs asms
style of cards used In tbs put twenty
jeers, with tba ume decorations Wo
msn wbo can afford to psy tba price*
demanded tor band painted noveltlu'
want something now. Sea this polo-
seiila blossom- uut painted ou a card.
but ")t In Ihe abaps of Ibt blossom
Itself snd this funny, bulging stock
Ing. overflowing wltb facet of pretty
girls, for a bachelor. Tbay ara caloby.
tba sort of things my customers want.
Your work la nut, but not novel."
"Thanh 700." tho girl aald bravely
"I understand now, snd It ts too Iste
for ms to try my bond st novelties
But perhaps you will keep my cards,
snd I—wall, your novelties nigbt not
go around, and tben perbaps some late
customer might buy mine sfter sll"
"Certainly I will bo glad to kesp
tbem In raurvt. Your nana and ad-
drese-ob, yas, I romembsr-MIss Sylvia Ulgh, Iba Orant studios. 1 will
do my best for you." f
MavartbalSM at tbe gtrl -Hipped
through tha door bs opened a deep
drawer under lbs counter and dropped
the cards ont of sight. It would never
do to display those old fubloned bile
of psstsbosrd among Ihs novelties
which appealed to bis fublooablt
trade. And then very suddenly tbs
man who hsd bean engrossed lo Icalb
ar bound gift books iteppad up to the
"On* mlnut*. pleue. I ahould like
to laks s look at thou cards you Just
bought from the young lady."
Tbs sstoolsbed mausger of lbs stors
glanced (rom ibe well groomed man
with flnt brown ayes and Iron gray
bait to tht mors expensive uoveltles
is (ho showcase.
"Tb* oots yon lust bought from Ihs
yoong lady." repeated to* customer w
"fierlalaly," responded tbe manager
bssHJy, snd he spraad forth the despised -bits of pasteboard, 'fba work
wu datofy, but utterly commonplace.
"fat wbst my sister would llks-
copeervetJre sort of woman my litter
ts-doo't go p) tor newfangled Ideal.
I'lf Uke tfeoss-lbrae imp. Not
snougbl Do you suppott lha ft'1
rouU do tf 0 doxen mora by tlm dsy
before ci>risi»as? if ptn em, und
•am to ma, ume* Macy, at Marqnott*.
I'll i*kt tbau wltb an."
AM almoat fwfora he could rullu
mini Mi bloomed lbs maosf er wu
tctaally gaping, opso moathsd, a/tor
thu accanbrtc otiatom*r wbu* sister
TWrmr   mwm^rTwmww*    !_■ 'mm fmnmm      W tmnmtw    wwWnmm
wu to gtra a dlasar party of ality
S"™ "9 *mffffiym'tTw99 **mf  Wimg MfAo\ffm}*mmaf
iMfiug of ti^cb Importswjt ■rUolM
«-\iiUm*t tkron U> ui obTtouilr ilk*
rm,~w   WT  mm   •fmrim.**n**i   TW
'      •# 9**tW*f mUmm} WmVWm,
a   ntwmwmmM   faOM   ATOM   JUf
wwngwhMi tniwtr li tfct
"'nr^u'rF ^9ft9iT9  sjt HI"
9 WnDkXktioCM miali
f <WfmWmTrT*jTlTm frrm^rm
t   IM    00Mt!mmm%   inmnms    wfkWw   It
r^'ifipT 9fwtwrmr*T*mf rnwc wsr*Tfff
WFmtdmj w%%% %%}mmw
with acarlat polmettls blooms, and »n
one Ubla an ordarly atack pf paresis
svldantly gaol; by aspiua. mad and
nieisengar to tbe popular but eluilve
b»cbe|or, for alutlvo ba Wu dubbed
by matchmaking ium hers.
-A www rl«> to HP im- *\t?. '9.
mnrked bU man Impaeslvely.
Jamas Macy took tba o»rd.
"Miss Sylvia Leigh," run Its legend.
Bbl come to him, looking taller tban
tbs day In tba shop, for bar bsad wag,
beld high.        .'.    -
'•yon will pardon my coming ban
on Christmas ava and uncbaperoned.
I could not leave town without teeing
you." Tba violet ayes bad turned almost black; tba contralto voice was a
bit too nap to lb) tones
"I am honored," replied James Macy
gravely, ond by oBsrad ber a chair,
wbicb aha declined wftb a was* or
tier gloved band,
"ir wu bard enough to ktaow that
tbo man who bought my fooiltb uttin
pal-.tings did tt through imu of
pity, but to laarn tbat bo was alao lb*
man wbo wracked my mother's life--
tbat-tliat was too much. I have
cpma to return your money and aak
tbe return nf my Clrdl If yuu have
pot already destroyed than."
"My dear girl." expostulated thl
mun, wbo bad turned strangely white.
"Please do not Interrupt ma." continued tbo girl passionately. "My
mother's broljier-perbcps yon remember bin-Henry Jobnion. la here. Ba
went to tbe ahop nnd found out where
my cards bad gone and- Ob, It la
aucb a miserable little farce to yon. a
aucccsaful monl I thought I could bt
an urilst. Tbey told me 10 at home.
Against uncle'a wlsbes 1 cams here to
make my Utile light nnd failed. Wben
you bought those thinga I thought per-
blips but uncle, whu wanted me to go
borne, elfted Hie story to thr bottom
and found-you. I am going borne
wilh bim tonight,"
"Miss Lelgb. I want to beg a favoi
ot you. Tbis is Christmas eve, and I
am a lonely, desolate man. If evei
tbe Cbrliiiuae message of peace snd
good will means anything It Is tonight
and I want yonr good will. Those
little Cbristmaa cards yon painted are
the only touch of rani Christmas thai
baa come Into my life nnd I want to
keep tbera-and tell you wby I waul
to keep tbem.  Will you be sealed?
"You uy I wrecked your mother*!
Ufa Well, tben, know that ber* wu
not long. My tensun of regret and
penitence bu listed longer tban yoo
bave lived I loved your mother, but
I did not understand ber I went oul
Into the world to make a fortune, not
for myself, but for ber, and I thougbt
tbat tbe fortune muat coma flrst and
love's drum afterward Wltb women
It la different. Tbe dr«nm mutt come
flrat—tlio fortune Is a secondary con-
hiili.Ttiti.il) Four mother lOnd bleu
bar memory) thought I bad forgotten
-that I did not care-and ao ahe
paued out of my life and Into your
"But aba had yoo. I bad nothing,
nothing but money and tbe memory of
one bappy summer of ber life- I never
expected to know wbat peace and happiness meant again until ibat day la
(be store, whan your eyes, your voice-
I thought It was tbe olber Sylvia, my
Sylvia, come 10 life And I bought tbos*
carda because you painted ibem.
"And now you come to me In anger
and lake from me my one Chrtstinu
m   m^m   ^nw^nm^^nr       t-,_ '.7     * *.  p.r.™    ■ ; ■■ .   r
bapplneas-lbe work ol your hands
Sylvia, Sylvia, haven't 1 paid m/ debt
of repentance? (.'an you aot attend
forglvsness-CbrlstmsS forgtvanass-to
your moUior's name?"
Sylvia turned toward tha door-
"I muat go now. We ar* leaving oa
toe 8 o'clock train. Uncle la waiting
(or me dowulalra to a cab. W* ar*
going home.1'
"Homel" The mas echoed tha word
toecbanlcaUy, dully.
The girl hesitated, tlien tuld Wit her
% back to dur old HestonvllU.
Why dot* yon cops* toot Why don't
too pn out tomorrow-tor dtonerr •
"Sylvia, im, do you mass lt» Dp
you uaderetaod tbit it I com. It will
»»—J-. jk.  minim ajmoam   ar|M  M||*f
PW"Wf' WW* 9Wmm mej•*■»      w»w  . .. .    ,
fft    Pr^"^    rfff   T™r*"'"rT    mmmm    mm    fmmw
P*   W_ f^^V"   "W«   PBflW  WW   rrrr   mmmf
rm^wmfm}   tmTtmfM   mfiwWnW-smmW   H   fJW9
wfWm "imirfrnmr
The Three Ages of Xmas
IV h
With Dolly sweetly sleeping
Belore the blazing grate
I'lie little ones are keeping
Their wgil very late.
Wjth many chirographic flaws
They write their wants lo Santa Claw.
•t ri:
i     t
Now long abed u Dolly,
Because 'tis Clirutmai eve,
Bui little Paul and Polly
Are wide awake, believe!
They cannot sleep nor dine nor tup
Belore they hang their stockings up
Til Chnslraai morning eaufiy.
Yd diese expectam Ws
(Now. don't fOO tow duo dftafV?)
Have fuep \ym «iW coil,
Aad tyto MyJs pmmtimi
Tq tti the toys ol CbntttMitok
At the cify hall yesterday morning
Mayor eMsleh fined A. Watson |5
and costi for being llr»llk and llieip-
ab|e. According tn Pfuiitab|e Orayoi,
he wae singing lustily.
Rending lamps, |MSQ up to HAM
nf tVt N. Y. Home 1,'urnishors.
"Nigbt blrdt" of Nortb Vspcouviir
fill dn fell to thoroughly acquaint
thomielvet with tha fact that tba police an aulhorixed to take into
custody sny porsoin wandering about
thl streets st unnatural hours without p
reasonable purpose for so doing. It
may be added, on behalf of the police,
(bat |t ii a difficult business to identify a man on a dark night, to that
cititem wltb clear consciences wi" havo
no nccatiou to feel intuited and outraged if a conitable In tbo performance of bia duty, accoits him at three
in tbe morning.
Householder* are further warned
tbat there are certain undesirables in
our midst wbo are specializing In petty
tbeftt. These individuals saunter
around begging food, but moro parti
i-ularly "seeing how tbe land lies,"
Tbo public can obviously assist the
polico iu plucking tbis transparent
flower ef deception before it blooms
into a nuisance.
Thl St- And>w'i and OpMn»|»»,
Society be|d a lM»s% Ih \V» (W»
mm* Ph W<b}y aranlng and sleeted
n«o»n ftf the ensuing yea?. Tbess
were oa follows: President, stayer
McNeiih; vicg-presltfentl, Mown.. T.
If. Tullis |nd J. Stephen; treasurer, Mr.
W. T. (Irahaino; toeretary, Mr. A. Mac-
lagan; chaplain, Bev, 11. Mscleod;
B#rd, Prof. It. H. Macnaughtoo; musical director, lir, John Aloisnder; trustees, Meitrs. Oeorge Hhopberd, B.
Hiinpson and /. Swanson; sUndard
bearer, Mf- I Swanson; warden, Ul
d. (Hark; ehairmeu of ' committee!:
Finance, Mr. I 9 /■ Murray; amuio-
inent, Mr. A, 0. naming; pips band,
Mr- W. lluunet; club room, Mr- w.
Hupuet. Tbe tociety membership now
numbers 70 and tba treasurer's report
announce! a good fluaucial balance.
Tbe three new members enrolled will
be tworn in at the Hogmanay Dance
on tbo evening of December lilitb as
Mr. and Mrt, V. B. Cummer desire
to lender tbeir heartfelt thanks to tbs
many kind friends wbo lo generously
helped them during tbeir serious loti
by fire which dettroyed their home snd
contents. Signed, Mr. snd Mn. F. II.
Cummer, 17th itreot, Nortb Vsncouver.
L   1"
Hoskins Road, Lynn Valley
il       LANGrVORTHY 5TKECT   »  I
4_S._: I
2€2?s ,-32
■j 3
O   i
Z   '
Prices ol above from $350 up.   Termi, I OX cash, bal. to arrange
Insurance Broker, Club Block, Eiplanade. Phont 10.
4uS Street West.        H. DUMAS.        Phone 347
Support Home Industry
and Build up Nortli Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kindi of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finidiing Umber.   Second lo pope.
^^tmMm* ^^9fmw ir*'TCT|,»,Tf^^ff frTrmm* <Pfpf  'fry? ^f*■**
Tib Ojimim C*t Ml*/144),
w mm too m m too sma^ the mmm, north Vancouver, b. &
"The Centre
i ■*——-
or /^rrctirs
'    ! i"fr
.   s
.    I
'    io-if
'.'■■ I.   ■   ■■
By reference to the above Key Plan, you will note our favorable position, which it t (I) Close to C. P. R.
(2) Close to Pitt River. (3) Close to the industrial district, with its many spur tracks, ai shown on Key Plan, and
already granted by Railroad Commission. (4) Close to the main artery of the diitrict (Prairie Rotd), and lying
between the C. P. R. development and any other Corporation property that may be acquired in the North.
.#TT We have been appointed Sole Agents in North Vancouver
^1 for the latest and best; subdivision in Coquitlam-viz. Pittsbury
Tlie lots are well situated within the official townsite.   They are
absolutely clear and level, and the price, $300. gives everyone an opportunity of
securing an interest in what is expected to become one of the busiest industrial
centres. =        Terms: $60 cash; balance 6, 12, 16 and 24 months
102 ESPLANADE, Old Pott Office
Agenti for London Assurance Co.
P. 0. BOX 2346 f>
H<w to Self ct
Healthy Turkey*
It i» a( the utmost Importance Unit
*1|   stock   pMrehgipd,   tnt,  brooiliiig
ilniiil.l In- i-lruns., limithv uml lull ,,f
vjgor.     Turkeys will sliow llm pffocts
of inhprent weakness   quicker   tlmn
S|iy   iilln-T fowl   tllUt   tho   |iiiiillivnii-n
koopt. 'i'lio worst .linoasos which tlio
tHrkoy rni.Hi-r ,-nninnli'iii nmi tiff Oflfy
pile of Inuiortance wbic|| r)PP» opt llipw
Itt tba '"I"1' it black boad. Tbia <lis-
pa.se rnrrioH off a tremendous proportion
of tbe young itock each yoar in flocks
wboro it is present- Tbe young that
survivu tbo Ursl few months of tlioir
osiatonce tomotimot overcome it, for
the time pf \tptt, OOA OOP'Of healthy
uml |n every way desirable. ",i
Those t»wa Mr4», iweyer, a.« likely fo introduce tbe disease iute your
flock if purchased,  Tbo very fact tbat
iiiack boa.i kii)t so ni»ny of the yonng
inay bo jw«(j Oi » WW Of determining
wbat Honks to buy matured brooding
fowl from. If tbo lottos in tba young
in a certain flock for two successive
seasons, bavo been small it is quite likoly that black head has not obtained a
Start ou that I'urni, uud it it qulto ssfu
to purchase broodjng Jtpck. of tbo owner.
An a rulo health and vigor aro apparent, and are found In the bird of good
sizo, good shape and vigorous action,
If tbeso points are kept iu iniml a
wise selection of breodiug stock may
Cor. 10th ind Lonadala Ave,
PJWW3 335 North Vancquvbh, Ii. C.
Leagues—Pa|mcr, Biiritiestcr St. von GraevemU
I.l ii    i '       I'nH       "      in '
Week Commencing 11A December
One Performance Nightly. Door open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
i i in .11.
Ernest Fisher Players        Graham  Minature Circus
Mist Grace Maynard       Animated Pictures ..
Hux Office open io to U a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES~15c, 25c. and 50c.   jyJfiljJte
Three and (our roomed suites, $30 and $35.
Partly furnished; heated; hot and cold water,
etc, Also stores in Ml. Crown Block—First
Street, North Vancouver. Apply to
C. A. Lett ®. Son
316-318 Richards Street
Palace Hotel
Second Street, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
finf:st roof garden on PACIFIC COAST
Rates :—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates to families and lo regular hoarders.
Feed Grain
and Ground
As we have now in operation in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
.up-to-date feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our North Shore patrons
with (he best quality of these goods at prices
as low as can be obtained anywhere in Vancouver.
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co., Ltd.
116 ESPLANADE EAST        --       --       Phone 4
imi   I.
in 'i i1
mmmmmrmv     n.mnii
Uava Vancouvsr 6.20 a.m.   wad
thereafter  every   20 minutes   until
7.00 um.    Commencing IM p.m
'JT 11/
evsry 90 minutes until 11.30 p.m
iherealter I2.lt and 1.00 a.m
Leave Nortb Voncouver 6-00 a.m.
aod thereafter evory 20 minutes until 7.00 p.m. Coomenoing 7.30 p,
in. every 30 minutes until 11.00 p.
m. Ilic-roaiter lilt end 12.16 a.m.
J^ave Vsncouver 7.40,  8.20 and
DjOO tbereeiter same oa wookdays.
i-eavc North Vancouver 7,20, 8M
ind 8.40, ihoroolter same ss weekdays.
Single (axe be, 6 for He, V) lot I), 70 lor H.
A-I,u»ber  w^ons,  troeki ind
drove, 78c return.
B-3 horse espress carriages and
jsiaoks. (Oe reUtio.
C~l horse espress bugglea md
eutoe, Site return.
JtmUlAi subject tp change without ftotke.
Comnany not liable lor <us&ysj accidental or othsrwiaa.
~ IUipT"S   ntr pppiin.i rrfr- wine., a *|ip' '., tff rrrrtm* r,n*.
ail % above rates wflude stiver, um A mi » aubject to M
per cent, discount in tola ii 60.
Per 100 lbs. rate, 6c.
Minimum rate, Wp.
the mum north vaneouveb, b, e,
be mado ami |t is not likely tbut tbe
stock fflj deteriorate from tho mldi-
i imi  Of jills-ll iipm-inn'im.
Canadian Toachors Should be Sent
Tbere Evory Tear on Holiday awl
Promote Immigration,
To make western teasers' o-jpur-
i.iuiiii a |n'riiiaiinit feature, in cause
iIn-ill to servo an objective bb well as p
spbjectivo purpose, and to place trfpir
gouorul arrangements under tbo ,Dp-
minion department of interior immi-
gration ia tho idea pf Hev. Dr. (star
Urummy of Winnipeg, who has conferred on the matter wjtj) the Hon. Robert
Hitherto, tbeso excursions to tlio old
land have beon cbnducted personally liy
private persons who havo given their
limo and sometimes their money to
wards ensuring tbo success of a worthy undertaking. Thp excursions have
usually been rogardod aa imparting au
education of widening inllueuco to
school teachers of tbo west. But Dr.
(,'runimy clainiB that thoy have (lone
and should dp more Ihun that.
Ho claims that they should he, a
great help in encouraging immigration
to tbo weat in advertising the l)omiiiii,n
and in assimilating now comers afler
they arrive. They should iu sl|ort lie
considered an important, braucb pf iui
migration, and each l.-a.-h.-r - Ii.m. 1.1
bu looked upon in the best sense os
an immigration agent, not ouly inler
ostod iu bringing desirabio settlors to
the west, but also to become Canadian
citizens uh early lis |iossiblc.
It is the custom of newspaper parr
graphers, says the Victoria Colonisl
when thay have nothing bolterto do
to tilt at Mr. Andrew Cnmogie, tbt
gentleman who said it would be a ills
grace to dio rich. Mr. I'arnegio will
bsve to die soon if he is to escape this
disgrace, for his income seems unabated
but bo bus made a record in gift*
which, so fur as history tells, is un
surpassed by anything excojit Ihe pul,
lie donations of Iho Emperor Augur
tus. Hero is an authentic lisl of Ilu
beucfactions of Ibe great ironmaster:
Libraries    61,000,0011
Caruegio Institute, Pittsburg   .'.    1«,I)0iI,iihii
I'arnegio Technical School
Pittsburg       7,5011,1100
Pensions for College Professors        21/100,001)
Carnegie Institute, Washington          22,000,000
Scotch Universities   10,000,000
United States  Hero Fund 6,000/100
Dumferliuo Hero Fond ... 1,250,000
Preach Hero Fund    1,00,000
Herman Hero Fund   1,860,000
Danish Hero Fund    100,000
Sleel Co. Kmployeos   6,000,'
Duinferline Endowments .. 0,860,000
Hague Peace Temple  .... 1,750,000
Peace Fund     10,000,000
Allied Engineers' Societies 1,500,000
Bureau of American Republic!       850,000
(lifts to the United States
small  colleges     20,000,000
Miscellaneous Gifts in tbe
United Slates    20,000,000
Miscellaneous (lifts in Europe     2,000,000
Approximate tolal .. .*205,150,000
However we may be deposed lo
question Ihe desirability of an cconom
ie system, which makes possible the
accumulation of such enormous wealth
iu tho hands of one individual, ami
however much Ihere may be differences
of opiuion as lo (he judgment shown
in some of Ihe gifts, it must lie cou
ceded that Ihe man who has more
than two hundred uiiliious lo his ere
dit in donations of a public character
has won a place for himself in tbo es
teem and in lbc memory pf his fel
lews. ^
Christmas Preseuls at   tbo    Home
My clothes were at the Capilano
laundry where yours pugbt tp be
Flat work from 36 cents do*. Bpugb
dry, 4c lb-, wet wash, 3c Ib. Drop us
a <u>rd and we will call fpr tbcm.
uflM. Box 2222
Successor to Wallaco k Scott, Third
Streot.  General n.pair wpr|r.
And general Commission Merchant, 1?
Lpnsdalo Ave., North Vancouver.
Phone til
"i ■■——
Phone 54, 8th Street
Phone 8, 71 I.unsdale Ave
8th St, and 71 Lonsdale Ave.
You don't h»ve to go to Vancouver for your Xmas. Cakes,
Xmas. Puddings, Mince Pies and Scotch Short Bread. Just
stop at (he Pioneer Bakery and see our good things for Xmas.
Quality and excellence unsurpassable.
8th STREET and
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
Percy   8.   Howard 11.   J.   Per/Ill
Clly   Audilor.
Auditors   ana   Accounlsnl*
hiS  Ponder 81. W.     P. 0.  Ilox  Illi
Phone tm I'lione It!
Vancouver       North Vancouver
133 mis Street East Norlb Vancuuver
I'bone 373
lll.l. I..-..MITIIV
Pioneer Horsosboor - Carriage Works
iiiiiii. h AMI STA iiu.Min.
Booksellers and Stationers
Cor. Lonsdale and 1st.        Phone 143
Poi-I (iradualo Chicago University
Booms 8 and 10, new Post OUtt bfjpck
is ihe acifBcc ut
chiropractic ll a mechanic Illi adjusts
ihe living human machine. I), mis
ihe prcMure off ihe nerves. TBIs lib-
s-rntcK ilu- Innnle Inlelllgehl enoriy (Ihe
motor power or cc-l s, tissues ind or-
guns This HorrMlly freed energy
llielr destroys sickness.   Inveslljtillen
'ibo  New lllock on  I.onsdale Avenue
near tbe Ferry Approach
was built by
General Coal motors
Conlroctors for reinforced concrele
construction. Sewering in sll its
branches; house connections a spc
cially.    Kstimalcs  furnished.
Hili■ r: 2U I.onsilalo Avo.        Phono Po
I'.xpcil on Fireplacu and All Classes
of Brickwork. All Work
Corntr Fifteenth Si. and Mahon .Ave.
Pressed llrick Mantles a Specially.
Phone 1,1 IS
A. Craib W. Craib
In Concrele, Brick and Won,l.
A-H.I.E. k 8.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specificniioiis. Septic tanks and
bouse drainage a specially. P. 0.
tins Ut, IGfb street west of Bewicks
North Vaiicouver Buainwi
College and Copying Offtce
dpeclsl reduction of It per cent, on
I months' eourse In ghorliuuid and
Tyj.ewrlllng If name ll given befpfc
Hm-cml.fr Ulh. If)). „)u (j. U. H.
(founders. Bapk pf Ilajmlllpn 8u|ldlng,
Norlb VeiwuTor.
Jill II.M III.
i j, in dull, Millinory
Modertso Bates
Keith Block    B3 Lonidale Are.
nmTill.IIU-MJ II
Studio  over  Bonk  B. N. A.
I.onsdale and Esplanade
Pipe Killing and Connecllng Promptly
uml I'l.ireclly Done.   Prices right.
Nm Hi Vancouver, B.C. onel.jnn Valley
Pbone 181
»aw rajuu.
Ssw Eiler snd Orioder. All kinds of
hand, cross cut and buck saws set
and illcd at sborlest notice. IK Ird
rlrccl clKt, North Vancouver.
lligb-class Ladies' and Oeut's Tailoring
Pboue 207
TKAITICW .anjiK.).
I.iisly would like lo receive pupils
fpr ball ropro dancing, either privalo
pr In class.   Address
Box A It, Bipress Ottce,
Is ypur watcb slopping or going irff
gularlyl    See
A h HO©P
The Norlb Vsncouver UlOttf
tpd plotter /jmaltf
V) Uttialt kvmtt \m, NORTH VANCOUVER B,^
Open Evening until
See Our Four Window
Are everywhere apparent in
all departments of this store.
Never before haye we showed
such a large and varied selection
of Christmas goods. The recent
enlargement of our store to
double its former size has made
it possible for us to place double
the stock at your disposal.
Solve your gift problems here,,
do not wait to do it at home,
you will find it much easier.
Below are a few of the many
suggestions  ■—r
Stylish Umbrellas, latest handle designs
 $1.75, $2.50, $3.50, and $5,50
Chiflon, Lace and Embroidered Collars
,.25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Ladies' Kid Gloves, all colors, guaranteed
 $1.00 and $1,25
Evening Wear and Fancy Blouses, immense variety $2.25 to $2.50
Ladies' Bells, all torts 25c to $2.00
Handkerchiefs, Lace and Embroidery,
trimmed, also in fancy boxes.
See our Special Silk Handkerchiefs. "A
present from Nortli Vancouver."
Ladies, 35c; Gent's, 50c.
Hand-painted   Handkerchief   Holders,
 35c to $2.00
Children's Kid Gloves, all sizes.
Infants' Bootees, Mils, Bonnets.
Silk and  Muslin Dresses, Knitted Coats,
Fancy Silk Bibs, etc. elcj
Suspenders,  Arm  Bands  and Garters
done up in fancy box.   Sel $1.25
Suspenders, one pair in fancy box 50c
Gent's Lined and Unlined Gloves $1 to $1.50
Smoking Jackets and Bath Robes at all
Fancy   Socks,   suitable   for   presents
  25c to 75c
Men's Fancy Silk Handkerchiefs, and
Initials 50c to $1.00
Men's Silk Mufflers, all colors.
Men's and Boys' Ties, every conceivable
design and color 25c to 75c
Fancy Drawn Work and hand-embroidered
Linens, in Table Centres, Table Covers,
Dresser Scarfa, Tray Covert, Pillow
Shams, Etc.
Pure Irish Linen Table Covert and Napkins
at all prices, etc. etc.
91-95 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 93
< ;W|.W''W#»Htl"W'W'i'iW;
ilemiW-Ht Nlcbula*. Krtaa Rrl»r
llsilliinil -Sunder librae. Slnt N|ca-
lean, Mnlur Klitns.
Swiui.rliiiHl  Siiinlkliiiia.
Helgoland   Snnner Kins.
Vorulbcrg- Zi'iiiiniikhw.
AIsaru-1.iirrnliii' • Kmt'llt Pupreohf.
hniin-   I :•   lum   pupa,   le   Imu   <|a
Noel, pel 11 Noel
-Anatrlii-Mklo nr Nlglo.
Ililiiiilii    Klkll llll' Ireiil.
Iliily   lliiiililiisi
I'.ilunil   CMiitLii (lllll,- star).
Beiiiidliinvlu -Krlstlne.
Iliillomlii   .Idled:
iii'iiiiiiiii   .luii'iiiTTi'ii. :
Iruluiul -Nlnnili Nlclilauso.
These ef Earlier Centuries Msrvsla el
Tbe history of dolls la particularly
Inlerestlng at this season. Very beautiful war dolls were made In Franco
in tbat period of reckless extravagance, the seventeenth century. No
price was loo high to pay tben for
anything that it little great lady mlgb.
lie pleased to own.
A few Qf tbe fine old dolls' bousea
liulli end furnished In tbe seventeenth
and eighteenth r-entulies Still exist
and ii'iis'i'i thorough attention to the
siiiullesl detail.
All are furnished and equipped wltb
ihe same completeness, whether It la
the linen cupboiird, wltb Ita piles of
nupery; ibe drawing room, wltb pretty I'urpets end tiny cblna ornaments
and pictures, or the nursery, where
tbere Is a high fender guard before
Ibe fire and u rocking horse for tba
baby lo ride on.
Sucb details give a human Interest
to old toys, emphnnlied by the doll In-
hiililiiini.i which ure to be aeen tn tba
old houses. The mistresa of tha
bouse, wilh sillily set out brocaded
skirts, site In tho salou, her work-
basket at ber aide, In wbicb we And
wee reels nt cotton uud rolls Of tape.
In the nursery Hie baby, wltb lace
edged cap, In In ike nurse's uruia.
The cook Is aultubly dressed In short
cotton eklrts und wbjte coif.
rts und white
Don't leave It all to Saola
Ola us.
Dou't keep your Christinas
spirit bottled.
Oirla ara bound to drift under
tba loflueuce of tbe mistletoe.
Tbe mile Christinas green
Isn't a senweed. but It sees lols
of smacks.
This la tbe time of year wben
boabands uud wives may properly bide much from one another.
Blessed Is' tbe person wbo
doesn't keep track ot tbe number
of presents sbo receives.
Vsstly Important Detail to Assurs Unstinted Appreciation.
To eepd a package that Isn't "Christ
masy looking" la bound to detract from
Ibe gift. Tbere are slickers of nil
sizes and ebapes, with Sanla chins,
holly aprays, red and gold aenls, "Merry Christmas" and guyly bedecked trees
upon tbem. Tbese slickers not only
make a parcel more attractive, but
tbey are a great help In tying up, especially a bulky parcel like a aofa pillow, wbicb requlrea several sheets of
tissue paper.
Bed, bright green or holly baby ribbon Is used for doing up most pu reels
tbat ar* not to go through Ibe mall.
Tbe adhesive red and green paper ribbon la often euhsiliuted for the other
kinds, or sometimea tbe outer wrap
ping baa the paaied ribbon, while Ihe
loner tlseue paper la tied.
Inside, (netted of using a regular
calling card, tbe name of tbe sender la
wrlllen on one of tbe bright Christmas csrda tbat com* In packages.
The Mail Carrier Finds a Present at
> Almost Every Deer.
Tb* rural iioslmen are not leaa generously remembered at Christinas time
than sre their clly brethren. There
Is scarcely a farmhouse on bis route
where ibe mall carrier doe* aot re-
cetvs a Urban. Moat of tb* present*
ar* practical.
Knitted scarfa or muAJprs, mittens
aad slippers ar* favoritea with feminine donors, where** tb* gifts of tb*
farmer* usually Ink* Uu form of
pumpkins, bushel baskets of potato**,
barrels of apples end turkeys. Many
a rural mail carrUr receives on Christ-
Ma* morning tmougb eatables to Block
bfa larder for weeks to com*.
Tk* Christmas Dana*.
! !  Whan grandma danced tba minuet
Son* sltty years ace
> Tlio stalely couple* often mm
Heneaib (he mistletoe.
| Te wellies now the customs veer,
, i     But Mabel's fo«y beau
i That damsel dolh contrive Is euer
lleue* tb tin mistletoe.
1 ; The dances obanf *,  but not the
, i        fame,
, ,    As close observers knew,
i    lot morula act about (be same
i '    Htnmtlh tin mistletoe.
;;        -faydivim~&pim'le»raai
A  MEItRY Christinas to us all, my
** dears, God bleu us.  Qqd bless us
every oue, suld Tiny Tiro tba laat of
nll.-Cbarlea Dickens,
MEN cannot live Isolated. Wa ara all
bound together.   Np higher man.
can separata himself from tbe lowaat-
jjlfiALlZH tbat doing good ta tba only
certainly happy action of a man's
llfo.-SIr Philip Sidney.
(jIllllSTMAB  limo  I   have  always
thought of as a good tlmo-a kind,
forgiving, cburiiuble, pleaaant tlroe-
Cbarles Dickens,
j j map on more wood.   Tbe wind la
chill; but. let It whistle as It will,
we'll keep our Christinas merry etilll-
sir Waller Scolt
rniiMN arose a joyous clamor from
thu wild fowl on tba mere, and a
voice ivlililn cried: "Listen! Christmas carols eveu bi:re!"-Cborlee Kings
A (IAIN at Christmas did wa weavr
"■ the holly round tbe Christmas
heurth. The silent snow possessed tbe
ciirth uud calmly full ou Christmas
Recalling Time When * Peculiar Popu
lar Prejudice Existed.
A well known iiiicenth century carol
Holly and Ivy, boi and bay
Put In the church on Christmas day.
But the customs ot those tiroes were
rigid'regnrilliig Ibo removal of ull dec-
orulluus from churches and dwellings
before Cundleuius ilny, Fob. 2, for people hud su pet sin ions about tbeir remaining longer,    derrick alludes to
this popular prejudice In the line*:
Down wilh (he rosemary, and so
Down Willi Ihe bales and Iho misdates,
Down with Ihe holly, Ivle, all
Wherewith ye drest Ihe Christmas ball,
That so Iho superstitious lind
No one least brunch (her* left behind.
For look how muny leaves there be
N. i.li • I- si (here   Maids, (rust to mo,
So many goblins you will soe.
Perhaps ibe superstition was a pretext of the particular,old housewives
wbo knew that by Carmlemas day tbe
crisped greeu things, dried by Yule
logs and ninny torchlights for llluinl
nation, would be uulsunces of fulling
leaves and berries lo tread underfoot,
fiowever this uniy be, (be belief obtained.
Advice to Avoid Lsst Mlnut* Dsspslr
Over "Another N*me."
For ibe issi moment gifts oue
should always have at band aome
boxes of candy and perhaps a few
very fine flowers. One, for Instance,
might rather buve * single orchid (ban
all Ibe carnations In tbe shops, while
s gardenia Is Ibe most admired of all
blossoms by the average young gtrl.
Either of these exotic glfls may lir
Unl up In a llllle box sud decorated
wltb a spray uf fern or holly, eo tbat
It will look alii.ii Ihe
For tbe big hearted women who al
ways at the Inst moment adds another
name or two lo ber Christmas list
what could be better than silk stock
lugs? Tbeso she msy buy and have
on hand In ussnrled Size*, and when
a name pop* lulu her memory nil she
needs to do Is to He up tbe silken af
fairs In a pretty box and ibey ure
ready to send on their way Ilu ting
a few sucb auxiliary ptia In ibe
bouse saves ibo busy woinau, much,
It bee been said tbat a seal
i sklu coat usually makes s de-   ,
| vout Christmas churchgoer.
It'* s foolish girl who gives
; ber beau the mitten, before
i Cbrlatua*.   Few do.
Belter a paid pork chop tban
a fat turkey on tick.
Don't forget to kiss your wife ;
just one* uuder the mistletoe.
♦««»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦<>♦♦♦♦♦ '
Wi(. of Mn Adams Ceok*d While
House Christmas Dinner.
The mt Cbristmaa dinner at lb*
White Hfliiae was lo 1800, when tb*
wtf* of 1'resident John Ada ma, who
prided herself on being a model New
England housekeeper, served In tbe
capacity of chef.
Under her direction* old colored
"mammies," clad In brlgbt calico
frock*, long whit* aprons and bright
colored kerchief* on tbeir head*, flitted bliher and ibllher before tb* roaring blaae* on ihe hearths aa tbey prepared th* food for President Adam*
and hi* Yulellde guests.
The mansion wu but dimly lighted
compared wilb Ihe preeent Illuminations by numerous caudlee and lamp*.
Insleud of steam radiators, heat waa
furnished by great wood Are* on tb*
broad hearths, wbicb roared aad
crackled abd sent shower* of sparks
up Un ample chimney*.
Th* Mistletoe.
Ifere In ber father's library
On Christmas eve I wall sedately
THI Ultlftu Nancy comes to me,
fbst damsel meat serene ud Uaialy.
Ana 4sn«-llnf from On chandelier
A berried apras (Ion* since t knew liy
teams to proclaim: "So* bunf me here.
I im you-iara tou-ie it, *» li/'
WeU, Christmas come* bat Ms* • yeex.
I am of Uo sucb * cheaa* I tinny,
tout you cross lb*room f tm
inni eometbbif mnw m
—Th*flfft*i*  Garrison
notice |s boroby given tbat tlie
lirst sitting pf tho Annual Court nf
llevision of llui Mnniripulily uf tlie
City of Norlh Vuncouvor will be held
iu iho Cily Hall, Nortli Vaiicpuver,
II, (.'., uu Thursday, tbe tth
day of January, 1912, at 2 o'clock
in the afternoon for the purpose of
bearing oomplalnts' against tbe Assessments us mado hy tbe Assessor and
for revising and eorroeling tbe As:
sossmeut Boll,
Any person making complaint
against the assessment must give no-
tics in writing tp tbp Assessor of tbe
.'■mini.i of bla or her complaint at
least ton days before tbe date of tbo
first annual sitting'of tbe Court of
Dated at North Vancouver, B. O.,
November 23rd, llll I.
Oity Clerk.
I'ortiers, Rugs, Mats, for Christinas
gifts at the N. V. Home Furnishers,
Sewer Connection*
PUBLIC NOTICE Is neroby given
Ilml all owners of real proporty fronting or abutting upon a street or |aue
iu which or under wbicb a main pr
common sower is laid is hereby re-
i|iiirc<l to conned sny building or premises upon such property witb sucli
main or i-ouiuion sewer.
Permits msy be onlamcil from the
Plumbing inspector at bis ollice al tbe
City Hall between the hours of 9 I.
in. and 10 a.m. aud 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.
The following regulations govern the
construction or houso or building connections wilh sewers:
No bouso sewer pipe snail bave a
loss fall tban 1 to 40, unless special
permission is grautod in writing by
the Council. Said pipes between tbe
iron pipe, to tbo connection of tbe
public sower to be of tbe best quality
standard salt-glazed vitrified clay sewer pipe, and sbsll bave a diameter ef
not less then I inches. All pipes shall
bo sound aud well burned throughout
their thickness, imporvious to moisture, with a clear ring, smooth and
well glared on interior and exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, blisters. Are checks er other imperfections.
Tlie pipes must be so isid in tbo
trench Ibst after tbe sewer is completed, Ibo interior surface thereof, shall
bo lo a Irue and even grade.
iu making the Joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must flrst bo used and
packed into place Tbo joints shall
afterwards bo tightly packed full and
bevelled oft* with mortar, composed ef
one part by volume of approved Portland cement to one pari by volumo ef
approved saml.
All joints shall no made waler light,
.0 ilml Ihey will stand a bead or IO
feet of water, when tested by the
Plumbing Inspector at Ibo owner's,
plumber',. or contractor's exponsc.
Ily order of tbe Council:
«,--<.   , „, . City Clork.     tf
Christmas Hilts gsiore at Ibe N, V.
Home Furnishers.
N'.'TH'iT Is In mlu tiv, n that an ur
lilleullon will he made lo Ihe Ii'glsla-
liv.- Assembly of Ihe Province of
British Columbia ni lis ncn session
for an Act lo authorise Ihe Lieutenant-Governor In Council Iwlihoul requiring observance of the provlalons of
the Municipalities' Incorporation Acl)
hy letters patent under Ihe public
seal lo divide Ihe corporation of Ibe
i'l -nli i. of  .'."iiii  Vancouver  by  In-
cui|i.iii.iing Inin a District Municipality under lbc nume of Hie "Corporation
of the Plslrlcl of Wcsl Vancouver"
nil lhal portion of Ibe Corporation of
Hie liluui, i of Norlh Vancouver, ds-
muIIjciI as follows:
Commencing al the point where Ihe
casl boundary of I). 1, IK Intersects
Ihe norlb boundary of Ihe ssid Corporation iihenco wesl along sold norlh
boundary lo a polnl In Howe Sound
on Uo- line of Ihe said norlh boundary
produced: distant LOOP feel wesl from
the easterly shore of said Howe Bound:
ihence southerly, parellel to, and following the iiij'iimil rings of Ibe ssid
snore to a polnl of Intersection wilh
the line 1.000 feel distant soulh from
the norlb shore of Burrard Inlel:
ihence easterly parallel lo, and following the iiiiiuisliTlngs of Ihe sold North
Shore of Burrard fnelt lo a polnl of
Intersection 1.000 feel distant soulh
from Ihe loulh-weel corner of P. I*. .-,
HI: and In line with Ihe wesl boundary of said Iilstrlsi Lot Sll produced:
Ihence norlh-eoslerly and northerly
along (he west boundary of said P.
(j Ul (o (he norlb-wesl corner thereof: Ihence continuing- northerly slong
tne west boundary of P P. Ill lu the
norlb-wesl corner thereof, sold
corner being »n Ihe aouth boondary
of P. I- 711: Ibence westerly
along the said boundary P. Ij .11 lo
ibe soulb-weei corner P. P. 711; Ihence
norlh along Ihe wesl boundary of said
P. Ij 711 to Ihe north-west corner
thereof: Ihence eastofly along (he
north boundary II. 1, HI (o (he soulh
east corner I). I. 711: Ibence 'north
slung the east boundaries ef P J7
111. 711. Ill and iii lo Ihe north-easl
comer of P I, 101; Ihence well alone
Die north boundary of sold P I. IW
10 Inr soulh-easl corner of P P lie:
Ihence norlb slong tbe east boundary
of said n I. 17s lo polnl of com
iiii'iici.in,.iii including ell rlghle ud
area* of sold How* Sound and Knglisli Bay. riparian or otherwise, now *
iii of said corporation of Ihe Dlslrlcl of Norlh Vancouver .and by re-
hieing Ihe Drolls of Ibe said Corpora-
lion Pf Ihe Plslrlcl of Norm Vancouver accordlng/v; each of aald Corner*-
Huns lo remain eybleel  lo Ihe debts
8nd liabilities of Ine present Corpora-
oh of Ihe Plslrlcl ot North Vsi
Ver. but.o* belween ib* Corporator)*
Ihe «**et». debt* aid llsMIM** of Ihe
prMtfl Corporation of ihi nuirl. i pf
Norlb Vancover lo be divided and a*
surned Upon m egulleble basis,
PA TBP (bl* MIA lit at f)teember. —
Some Fact* About Ot* Indians Who
Make Ibtm
Everybody knows the Navajp blankets or rugs, b|lt not so many know
who make them, and where tlie makers
live, As n matter nf faet the Navajo
Indian reservation lies in northwest
New Mexico ami northeast Arizona. In
area it is very ,large, consisting pf
about i!0,llllfl square miles of inimiitnii.H
sup.) stretches ami deserts for tht most
jiart. It has heeu said tbat uo part ot
tbia reservation is less than 5.000 feet
iu height; that thero are few streams
nf auy sine iu the reservation and vory
few springs of good water. Sometimes.
Ihere are ruins, and snow in winter,
but the rule Is drought, oitendii'^ often over.long periods of time. K.en
the vegetation of tliis country adapts
itself to tbo climatic couditious, uud
plants aro fouml there that are able to
live and thrive with very little water.
Even the corn of Ibe country thrive*
whero other strains wouhl die for lack
of moisture.
The Navajo linlians are a hardy
race and belong to a hardy stock, the
Athapascan. Tbey havo always been
tierce fighters, ami music relentless war
on thoir neighbors, ami were the terror
of all the people around them.    Tho
Hopls, whoso reservation joins tbem on
tbe south ipi vest, were.special objects pf their attack, and were much
afraid of Ami. After years of war
fare tho llopis sued for peace, which
wss granted upon condition that the
Hopis teach tbem tbe art 4' weaving
fqr they bave not been weavers for a
vsry long tine.
Jbe Navajos ar* among tbe most
progressive Indians in tome respects,
but the most backward in others. Thoy
have been reached by schools less than
other tribes, and until recent years,
comparatively few of the children hud
any school advantages whatever, Many
of them live far buck of the canyons
and come to the settlement only when
thoy have business to attend to. Tbere
aro women and children iii tbeso isolated places wbo bav* never seen a
white man. On tbe otbor baud, thoy
are entirely self-supporting, Thoy
raiso somo com, own a fow jmni.-H ami
cattio aud many sheep aud goats.
Homo families may bave only a few
sheep while others own hundreds.
Indeed, those sheep ami goats con
stitute the larger part of their pro
perty. .Thoy furuish thoir clothing and
food, and what ready money they may
have. We think of shepherds going
beforo tbeir flocks ami leading tl.em
whore tbey will, but this is not tbe
method of tb* Navajo.   At night the
Sheep are enelosod in a rude eorrnl
pf some kind, mainly of brush, and tb*
shophord sleeps on the outside tp prelect tbo flocks from prowling coyotes.
The Hhophcrils, who are usually women
and girls, are up early in tbo morning and of witb tbeir charges. Tbo
sheep do not'walk leisurely, but are
kept on tbe gallop most of tbo timo,'
stopping only long enough to nibble at
grass or weeds or leaves pn tho way.
In tbis way many miles are often traversed in a day. Howovor, the sheep
are of a small, bardy kind, ami arc,
like tbeir owners, able to thrive where
others would starve. Thoy. rarely
yield more than a pound and a half
of wool at a lime, and that generally
of an inferior grade,
Tho methods of preparing tbo wool
for weaving are most primitivo, as-
are the loouia aud tbe weavinig. Aa
the wool is very dirty it must be clean
ml before using, for some of the grouse
and dirt must bo removed, but no
modern methods aro employed. For
vossels in which to scour tho yam,
an old live gallon kerosene oil can is
generally usod, and for soap,
weed, or amole, is used. A few but a
very few, have tbe proper vossels anil
soaps for thia work, but as a rulo the
methods abovo mentioned ure employed. Very seldom aro the yams cure
fully wasbeil, more oftcu the work is
slighted, and tbo yariiB as a result are
still dirty and greasy. At one or twp
trading points more improved methods
of cleaning aud scouring have been In
traduced by tbe white traders. After
the scouring is finishes!, the yarn i"
carded into bats with old fashioned
hand cards, and tbese bats twisted pr
spun into yarifs by baud. Spinning
wheels bave beon Introduced, but tbese
aro very few, so tbo method generally
employed is to uso a slender stick, or
spindle about If. inches long, with a
disk pn tho lower end to whicii is
attached the yaru to be spun. Tbii
stick is given a rotary motion by rubbing it against tbe left thigh with
tbe left bund aud tbe disk gives it momentum. Tho yam is pinched out with
the Angers of the rlgbt hand to the desired size and tbe work is carried on
with surprising dertorlty.
Tbo dyeing ia done iu the same primitive way. Originally vegetable dyes
were usod entirely, but recently tbe
traders bavo iutroducod analine dyos
which aro not nearly so good or durable. As a rulo the ludians know nothing of the uso of a morilant or Axing agent, so many of the reds will
crock or bleed when moistened. As
thero are many black ami a few brown
sheep they buve some natural black
ami grown wools, and varying shasles
of grey arc made  liy   carding  black
March 15,1912, Half-Hour Car Service
Will be Established Between Hastings
Grove, D. L 208, and Present Car Terminus on Hastings Street East   :   :   :
We Urge You to see Hastings Grove
One of th* but features about In
vesting la Hasting! Orove Is that It
Is rlgbt at bom*. You can go out
with us and pick out your lot, and
KNOW exactly wbat you ar* buying.
You know wbat to* Oity of Vancouver
U—wbat It bu don* In th* put tve
ycais aud it docs not require much
faith to set the futur* of this pro
greuive city. Tou owe It te yourself
and your family to buy en* or men
of these lot*, If only u as invMtmtnt.
Thtrt art many things ws ihould like
ts ,t*U you about Uls tract Drop tn
today or this evening.
Th* clearing and grading on Mu
tings itreet and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
avenues is now complete, and work on
other itreet* is progressing rapidly.
Tbe sidewalk It about completed en
Hastings slrect.
Contract* for six 7-roomed houses
have heeu let and ths Ant one Is In
tht coune of construction. Come and
see this rapidly developing district.
Every lot In Hastings drove la a good
ont.   Ut us show you.
Fare botween 6 and 1 a.m., and S and
7 p.m., two touts, tilt remainder at 3
$90 Cash, Balance One and Two Years, or
$40 Cash, Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, or
$10 Cash and $5 a month, Balance in 2 Years
Inttnst 7 par cant, payablt annually.
Com* at 1.16 In th* afternoon, rain or shlni, and go out with nf.
1 '
333 Pender St. W.
Phone Seymour 5654
Office open evenings till 9* 15
apd white wools together, the quality
of the grade boing determined by t|ie
thoroughness with wbicb tbe colors
aro inixoil, Jpdging by tbe above,
tbe grays and blacks pro pf tbo most
satisfactptry colors to buy, though
there are reds which are both fast uml
After a sufficient quantity of yam
has boon prepared, both warp aud woof
of tho colors necessary for tho blanket,
tbo weaver, who is a woman among
Ibe Navajos and a man among the
Hopis, is ready for the last part of tbe
work. Two polos are Bet upright in
the ground at tbe proper distance
apart, or two small trees may be used
if convenient. Two horizontal puluH
are tiod to these, oue at the ground ami
the other at the desired distuuec abovo.
To tbese are attached the warp in various ways, ami ,the actual work of
weaving is begun.   Tins; is a very slow
and laborins propose, ai all t|)» fOf|t
is done by hand and often take* months
for smi- blanket.
Diitrict of Nortb Vancouver.
,   HNIIINKIUIINi.'   lll.lUll'I'UKM'
Assistant Hnglnet-r wanted, wltb
iiraciienl experience In location work,
siirvej-ius. levelling, drafting, office
management, water supply, design or
lu'lagos and culverts, etc.
lixperlcnce of dealing wltb contracting work, measurements, reports, setting out, etc. .essential.
Apply hy letter stating age, quslin-
cailons, experience, and salary required, Willi copies of testimonials, to the
umlerslgned until land Including)
Wednesday. 80th December, 1911.
The appointment will be subject it
probation for one month.
Mui 11.1  Engineer.
l-i. in, i Municipal Hull,
North Vancouver, S. C,
Sill December, llll. 11-11
partial list of
in our stock
Have You Fig
From "Bus
Suppose a customer is a
other over your telephone,
line or lilies engaged.   Thi
order somewhere else.   Ma
calls again—again  finds ^orite
That means a possible loss
The business man
phone service for the
business and his custoi
customers through
been proved that yo
are inadequate.
People who get business
tomers to get them and havj
lines iheir business requires,
determined by the amount
time of the day. *
nd Dessert Knives
Ju'id Sheffield and
B.C. Telephony silverware
ricly of gifts at prices from
'.imi will wear a life time.
Campbell Realty i
Will tako deod of
u cub payment on
new;  all modern,
REAL ESTATE, |jO/ombinalion,
$5.00 to $15.00
WE HAVE CASH' •-#25 to $5.50
d heat longest and
(Large and Small
 JVlORTGWes, Air Rifles.
The Merchants Trust a
LYNN VALLEY AN^avc pooicii<Wa' fcW
j, Bird Cages, Bread Plata
I   1. pi III I      I'I'I'l      (Ip       ,,.|
Hcscrve k Undivided Profits
Total  Assets  	
The Bank ol  Hamilton   b
(•ring simule-bv elurnnal
nsoessarv Bank lormsJily,
M account nay bo pponedj
deposit  of one dollar-even I
u amount will acl *s sn in*
steady saving, and will <juir
to I aum worth while.
A «• mm, m
tirlk  Vunsiii
th® nxpumn
Published Tuesdays ami Fridays by North Short Praia, Limited.
oeo. h, mmm, bpitoband manaobb.
llatea ot Subscription:—Ono year, HM.  Sit months, 50c.   Threo months, 'Ihe.
Unitsd Statea aaa Foreign, $8.00 per year,
wwtW'I'ttt|| 9999*99  "1" *\&9 *M\*mifWt*i W WW9fmlTTf¥9*1
Jb* Mtptm ia davoted to tha interests of the North Shore at fiurrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching iu a thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vancouver
Oity ana District, Every effort is made to giya advertisers the most satisfactory
All sbanges ja contract advertisements should he in tha printers' bauds not
later tban If) a. ra. Honday and 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion in th*
following issue.
North Vancouvar, 9 P..
.DMtnibtr 18, mil.
re e
all cW;:
Two men eminent In the Medical
corps of Die rinlted States recently
declared that typhoid fever, one of tlie
greatest enemies of humanity, lias lieen
A Tbo iiii'.'iiih of   ridding mankind of
/alC C tins death dealing scourge is fouml in
what is known technically as "vac
sine prophylaxis against typhoid," It
I an extension of Iho method employed
agaiust smallpox. With tho case of
MjO-i/jA**      vaccinulion against typhoid, however,
I lCVCI      a hypoilennic syringe is usod instead of
a lancet.
I,    Tho  existence  ami   ilovelopmoul   of
MR 11  (1  Ilu  typhoid   vaccine lias lieen    known
experimentally for some time, Inn  it
l    (      \\y,c'"Ur   '""'   "   '"''   ''',l   """'   ''"'   *""
Wl   VvIUIqAntonio oncampinent of Ihe    llnitcil
{States army last summer,
AnlnvQAfl TMt Uli* to An"*- 9m>
CUlClIgCI)   Tl^ro   a   thorough   ami   exhauslive
Ulr.-1 was made.   Three thousand   live
_   1 hundred men  were iujected wilh.llm
C  I vaccine   It is the report of the test
that Hr. Kent Nelson, major in    Ihe
■ I   ~.-.„|L.Meilical dorps of the army, ami   W.
II pUoSlLlK.  11*11,   of   the   Medical     Iteserve
t'lirp:.. recently made known.
fnr1       clr)   """"it  tbe oncsmpmeut  two cases
llll OlUuf  typhoid   developed.     One  patient
Swas s teamster who had nol lieen In-
aIvP wroculaled wilh the virus, and a second
wlVC j wlu) g private who bad received only
dtwo of the three injections of the vac
„ r\r\[ fine lhat is considcreii necessary for full
\J    IlUl   Inumjtlty from the disease.
I The private was ill only a few .l.ss-
The usual course of tho disease is shout
24 days. His symptoms were so slight
1 Ilml Ihey prolialily would havo passed
....   .unnoticed  had  nol  Ihe camp been >s
""    "carefully watched for evidence of I)
Cl ll 111f*S.\ II     "n "IC "''"' '"""' ''  '" ''"""" ""''
"WjO™*Mypbold germs existed iu Ihe camp, and
tbe condiTTons generally wore such lhal
under ordinary circumstances an  epidemic  was practically inevitable.
999*   99wW9t*jMW   ■ WFiFWP     R«W"fM|
"W"f*T»   |l"J"'a|Jff«'f af
Bsv. If, B. Bowe, Frtncfy4
'  TPM8
llirlu under 8 years old, tt per month
(lirls over 8 yrs. p|d, tt per 'mouth
Special terms whim' Iwo or more are
sent from the whip tomily.
Arrangements are being made to
orect a building by tlie spring to accommodate 80 or 10 boarders besides
day scholars. t-f<
I)   . 1 ... '     is ■-.. -I-'I1   ■
Imperial Oar, Slilbpiiildlng It Dry Dock
Oo. Shares
A few wise onos of North Vancouvor
have quietly secured about $lf(),ililb
stock in above company iu fully paid
up $1011 shares, iion-assossablo. These
shares in May next will ho worth pm
value as dry dock will be put toguther
hero, issis ii.m is' will bo ready, mines being developed, smelter and car shops
stsrlod. Owner secured very lurge
block for rash, but must sull purl.
Wili take .iin per share. (IITor stands
for short time only. 1'. O. Hox 1815,
Oity. t.f.
District of North Vancouver.
Assistant    Engineer    wanted,    Willi
i,iiirii.ii] i-.\|u il, 11,. In in,,111,111 work,
.■■ni s'-'s In; lovellliiK. 'Ii.tfiinj. offlce
is.sn.'; , 111, iii witter su|i|il>, ,i. 1, 1 ol
bridges und culverts, etc.
i-Ai'i in ii" of 'i' .linns wliti contracting work, in, .issiii. in. ni:: report*], sel
(ini; oul, etc   .esscnllul.
A|>p)y by letter slnling ugo, i,ii.'iiii
cations, siperlene*. und salary is inn
ml, Willi copies nt lusllmunliilu. lo Un
mull■l'Sl|:n.-il      IIIIIII       lum)      III' hl'lilii;)
tt . ,1,.,'..i.i    . "ii, December, lull.
The ,,|,1 ..ii.iii., 1.1 will lie .uli,. 1,
I-1"I ."ii'-ii   fur  one   monili.
iilsirlci Engineer,
ini ui, 1   MuiilL-ii.nl   Hull.
Nor'b Vuneouvcr. R   O.,     >•
(th December. 1911. 19-1!
you want your fish fresh snd si
Vancouver prices
call or phone
Acme   Fish   and
Poultry Market
We ore booking orders NOW
for TUBKEY8.
Two deliveries daily:  (0.80 and
Ilis honor Ihe Lieutenant-Governor in
Council has been pleased lo mike Ihe
following appointments:
LADIES' AND CHILDR T ,,rl „ ,„„., „
DEPARTMENTS1""''" «. i'i.ij.,,«, .1. h. uwia, a. p.
  Ijanglon and II. K. Prior.
Stylish Umbrellas, latest handle    T" b' '""'"J*"' » ">• *m*
mo nn "*'' M"" M  B- M,'"onalil
 $1/5, $2.50, $3.50»nd Miss I.. I.ipsky.
a.„       , , r   .     ■ ,      1     To be Junior clerks iu Ihe department
Iffon, Lace and Embroidered '„, ,,„,,_„, K „„,„, ,„,, K A W(J.
..25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, $l.00er.on.
.To be Notaries Public—
Ladies Kid Gloves, all colors, gui Alfred Kdward pilling of Quataloo.
 $1.00   ItlgtailA llad.-liffe Terry of tbo city
ef Vernon, liarrisler and solicitor, and
Evening Wear and Fancy BlouiAHan Kwnington, of (Jowlehan   Sia
mense variety $2."^' „,,   .
* W. Kirharilson lo be a medical health
Ladies' Belts, all sorts 2oBc" '" ""'lor m !"•»'■*• of Brit
Isli Columbia.
Handkerchiefs, Lace and Embi  Umtj P. Cat, USXlo., hH.C.P., to
trimmed, also in fancy boxes;i1B;;',i'l","  +**-* * (,ugUi"°
See our Special Silk Handkerchief   Aid. John A. Kirkpatrick, of the
present from Nortli Van<"'" "Y""" ^i""'110 ll0 * ,"01"1""
... », ~ , ,„ of Ihe hoard of licensing commissioners
Udies, 35c; Uents, 3tlc. for tho city of I'riuce Hupert in the
. place of Vcruor W. Smith, resigned.
Klmoro Casoy, of Ihe city of Victoria
■I to be junior clerk in tbe department
of sgriculture from the 1st day. of Iv
ii'iiiliir, 1911, in the place of Herbert
Sutherland Fletl, transferred.
Hand-painted   Handkerchief
Children's Kid Gloves, all sizes
Infants' Bootees, Mils, Bonnets.
Silk  and  Muslin Dresses,  Ki
Fancy Silk Bibs, etc. etc
J*     J<
Extract   from   Provincial   and   City
Health Bylaws.
"Whenever sny householder know,,
tbat any person within his family or
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whoop
iug cough, measles, mump., glanders,
or any other contagious or infectious
disesse, he shall (subject iu raw of re
i.i'iil or neglect to the penalties pro
idod), within eighlecii hours, give
notice in writing to Ihe Medical Heallli
Officer and no member of uny household
shall mini,I school until u certificate
has boon oblaiued from Ibe Medical
Health Officer Ihul no infection any
longer exists in Ihe house, clothing
aud olher effeclc huvo been disinfected
to his wili.--i'u 1 in,11, and until such ii-r
mi, ui. lmii have been obtained il shall
be the duty of every member of the
household, and of Ibe Teacher, lo u*c
sll ressonsble efforts to prevent the
association nf members of Ihe said
household wilh olher children.
2. The matron of a public or private
Hospital, the keeper of every Hoard-
ing or Lodging House, every Inn keep
er or Hotel-Keeper, shall, within six
hours, reporl in writiug to Ihe Mcdi
cal Hi ulili Officer, or any persou being
at one of the aforesaid houses
or hotels and attacked with or suspect
ed of having any contagious or infectious diseaso mentioned iu the Ity
in.'.;" under the penalties provided
lor by sucb bylaw.
t.f.       Secretary Board of ileallb.
"05 Lonadal
Percival K. French, of Salmon Arm,
to be sn assistant horticulturist from
tha 1st day of June, lllll.
Thomas Orabam of tbe city of Nanaimo, lo be an inspector of coal mines
and an inspector of metalliferous mines
from the 1st day of January, 1012.
The following are licensed as extra-
provincial companies-:
''opp Stove C'o. Lid., IlymondColonial (j'o. Ltd., Kegal Shoe Co. Ltd, Nt.
Vernon Killing Co., Yakima Sheep Co.
Certificate* of incorporation hav*
been granted, ito the following:
Antler Oold Fields and Development
Co., Tsbwoto i'ower Co, lid., He)
monl Buildings Co. Lid., Boolhby and
fofeshaw Motor C41 Co. Ud., British
^lumbi* Oa* Marbiae Co, Ud., Commonwealth Investment add Collection
Co. I,fd., Iljsinond c>owa Cigu Man-
uf»cUirlug Co. Ui., Industrial Unit
lid., Stir Setnit. Studio Ud., Parish
Off St. Mark's Vancouvtr, Tisiall'e,
Ud; VM Co. tt ymtn Ui.
r,t solid! me tumricu or M« 11 otocluteri,
KnjHucfri an* olbcrj wl,o ttl lite Ilie edvlssbll-
lly nl having liitlr Fa'cut liu.siiirsu Iranaaclcd
lyl'.jpcrla. rrcllaildaijrojK-iccI-.T. CMrgei
mottrtlt, Oerlomolor's Advlisf. i-l 111 nn 1,■
giicsl. llarloii*Viirli,i,. K.u'.l., ''■' V " ' l.iic
tie- M,'iiIi.j,I-«ii,1 w ,l,.„ |,l!   cut
TMOC Mark*
Choice Farm Land on
Gabriola Island
Only^ $120 pw acre
Christinas Cards  fie to liUc
Boys' Books ...>: He to 60c
1'urfnines  use tu Afi.uu
Chocolstos  'ihe to (11.110* box
Hair Brushes  ........(0c to |:i.00
Military Brushes  $1 to |fi pair
Toilet Sots, til 10ny  (fi to 110
Bailor Strops  fiOc to (3.0H
Cigars  mil' to tf.fiO hox
Tiil.ui'i'ii Pouches  COc to HM
Hot water bottles, guaranteed
two years fpr  tlli.H0
A. J. TYSON, Prop.
Phone 99.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Mantels Made to Specification.   All Estimates Furnished Free.
We Can and Will Save Vou from 10 to 80 psr cent, on All Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, etc.
P. O. Box 1887. Tolopbono 38fi
Good 50 (f. lot, line location close lo Lonidale Avenue and
car terminus. Price $ 1000, I -3 rash, balance 6 and 12
Fine double corner 100 It, x 132 ft. Block from Lonsdale
Ave.   Price $ 1400, I -3 cash, bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
Phone 70. P.O. Box 1816
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
$4400.     Cash 1800
Z-^mlmm-T-rtfZ-i-ill'l.       .TV ......n.l'li.     ■■—■.,      ,£-.'l" "1 Ll ' ■!■.       .■Il—S.- .1.
A Modern 5-roomed Houae, half a block
from Lonidale Avenue, $2200   -    #400 cash.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Lid.
Head Office   411 Ptnder Street, Vancouver, B.C.
* Branch—467 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phon* 71.
Branch—2636 Lonsdale Avenue.  Phon* 363.
I have been instructed to place oi|
Ilie market 'It lots in IJIouk 1, D, If
2088, within a few yards of the tramway, ut very iiiuileratu |iricos. Terms
10 jicr cent, i-usli, liuluuco 6 |iur cent,
per month.
A|i|ily oarly'uml have lirst choice,
Alexander Philip
ileal Kiiiiii- nn,I Insurance Bruker
OI11I1 Block, North Vaueouver. Phone 10
Telephone 276
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cordj, $4.50.
Special quotation* for larger quantities. Cut Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.  C.O.D.
Office and Yard— 14lh and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P.O. Boj 2432.
North Vancouver Coal &
•    Supply Co., Ltd.
Wliurf: Cor, til. Qeorge's and
Ksplanado.     Offlce, CO Lousilalo
A. venue,
Wharf Phono 1S8.
Ollice l'houc 1118.
Wc can deliver at onco in largo
Or   illliill    iflilililllli:-
11.-I your winter supply.
.   Prompt delivery a specially.
Paper the World
from our stock ol uow Wall I'ep.-is
so it seems. I'.vcry day som* new
dosign arrives to fill Ibe vacancy
ol I boss closed out,
Handtome Wall Papera
are bore in .-ii.lt.-** variety. Just
tell our salesman for what room
you want the paper and be will
abow you jusl tbe pattern you ut
ioojiing for.
I   To  ehoos* Iron our stock is a plea-,
' surt, Ib pay our price is easy,
iW. H. ST0NEY & GO.
j 117 I,oosd»ls Avsou* Phon* 119
lOOftxIOOfl, corner of King street (now graded) and St, Andrew'i Ave.   Tbia
property is all cleared and is in a most desirable residential location, and the price i<
$1,150  J-3eaaMandl2mc*dw
H lOWiBPAW AVJW     mmm ntmrn     NORTH VANCOU*/**
 ^ 1 THE mmt\ NORTH VAteUVKfc H, ft
AV9^ ©einiene
^rdsrWBISHQP ,.:,,. .,v, ~Hu«ic<JV
PP V RjIOHTiff W ro. A.T * O H D   *> C*>.
 u*a°   aYTftuwiaaiON-	
We Wish
'.,' * ^ "'.
and in order to help you make it so, and to assist
you in your shopping, we give below a partial list of
the many suitable presents to be found in oiir stock
Forms one of the most acceptable gifts found
anywhere arid if the quality is right will always
retain ils brilliancy and will last a life time.
Wc have the very best at prices from
$1.00 to $20.00.
TABLE CUTLERY Always a Favorite
Wc have Carven from $3.50 lo $10.00, Table and Desjert Knives
from $4.00 to $20.00 per do/mi, and represent the best Sheffield and
American makes,
Offers a great variety of gifts at prices from
$1.00 lo $50.00, and will wear a life lime.
Most men and every boy enjoys somelhing in
this line.   See our assortment of high class goods.
Our stock is very complete, both in regular and combination.     Sets
at prices from  $5.00 lo $15.00
make splendid gifts.   We have them from $2.25 to $5.50
Hot Water Bottles (Stoneware) never leak, hold heal longest and
are the most comfortable foot warmci v  rvn $1.00 each
We can show you a splendid line of Skates, Rifles, Air Rifles,
Punching Bags, Badminton Sets, etc,
In household novelties wc have Foodchopper, Savory
Roasters, Carpet Sweepers, Lamps, Bird Cages, Bread Plates
and many other very suitable gifts.
Phone 58 90 Lonsdale Ave. I
When this advertisement will be read, hundreds of handsome Fur-trimmed Felt Slippers
ill be passing from our store into the possession of as many delighted recipients
but there will be hundreds of pairs to select from, and at prices that will defy competition
Ij Messrs. Wood & Son purchased early in the season, especially for the Xmas trade. Last year's sale of Slippers encouraged them
to go still better this year, and the Wood-Paige Shoe Co. succeeding, now place them on the market at greatly reduced prices
owing to their removing* sshortly into larger premises in the MOUNT CROWN BLOCK.      ■■ ''i '   '
A   RFMOVAI     SAI   F mean8 a 'ot to *"e careful housewife.   It is on these rare occasions when
l^l^Aflvy V r\L-i tJrXLmdlni we|| established firms have to move, that a thorough genuine sale takes
for Xmas
in all colon from  $1.45 pair
style from 80c pair
Slippen  35c pair
with iteel buckle* ., 45c pair
Trimmed Juliette* ., 75c pair
EVENING SLIPPERS in great variety.
or without buckle fasteners $1.50 pair
MEN'S' LEATHER ROMEOS with trimmed soles, in black or tan $2.15 pair
MEN'S    OPERA    SLIPPERS,    Black
or Tan  $1.95 pair
an extra special at $1.30 pair
This is Our Last Big Advertisement (or Our Slipper Sale
Next week we shall be busy getting ready to move into our New Premises next to
the Bank of Hamilton.
Get your Xmas present now, and get a pair of Slippers for Mother and Father
Successors to WOOD & SON '
Where you get your value for your money 139 Lomdale Avenue sa
11     i    .              . i. ii i i. i
Blocks 9 and 9 "A" District Lots, 549 and 550
Two blocks from Lonsdale Avenue, and but two blocks from Recreation Grounds and Grand Boulevard.   Right in the heart of
North Vancouver, and one of the last blocks of lots to be retailed at first cost, and in the close-in part of the city
Prices for Inside Lots, $600 to $650
Terms one-fourth cash, balance
in 6, 12, 16 and 24 month
'* Size of Lots, 38x142 feet
Good soil, drainage and central situation, city water, electric light and phone service to the properly.
As a condition of sale, the vendors undertake to clear both blocks.   The contract has
been let and work will be commenced immediately.
Fifteen lots have been sold within the last few days.
Remember that these lots are situated right in the centre of North Vancouver City,
belween 19th and 21st streets, and only Iwo blocks from our main buiiness thoroughfare.
Place your order for lols without delay.
Telephone 15
Corner Lonsdale Ave. and 5th Street, North Vancouver
P. 0. Box 1988
Library for tbe Blind
Worthy  Object for Christina* rjivliiK
Ijjis-i luring * lifl*f article  mi   the
i nun,I in i, Free I.ilsrury lur Ilie Ml m.i
appeared in these ruliimiis. In thai
article il hus slalcil Dial I lie lilirsry
Hiru at M uri. lm iii, (Int., ws* u, lm re-
iiim.il 'tu 1'uruiilu. 'I lu- r.'iuuval hs*
since iiil.sii place ami Ihe II. P. I,. 11
nuw occupies quarters al  Hlfi Annette
Hired, T 11"  Onl.
The I'liiiiiiliiin Fur Library fur Hie
Wind Is .itt, n.| i.i,. in reach uml bene
III all Ibe bllml of Canada, but il ii
cncuuulcring serious obstacle* in Ibe
i.-ali/atiuu uf Ibis hope frum the ilifti-
cully in securing nsaioi uml addresses
uf llui'i' williuul sight frum Ihe iht
es ily nf canvassing fur fumls lu do
imi Ibe ,-.,|,rn e. nl maiiilcunui'c. The
bum.I uf manepc-nieut fhetalate, re
.|uesls all rcmicrs ol Ibis juurnal whu
are acipiaiuleil wilb bllml persons uul
mm enjoying t,lie beneHls ol Hie libraty
lu semi in such nsnies ami uddrcsnes
'lo tbo secretary, S. 0. Bwifl, MA
8 Wasbiiiglun Ave, Toronto, Ont, It
also makes a direct appeal lu Ibe generous Canadian pcuple lu coutiiliulc
at Ibis juyuus seasun sume sinal[)pur
lum nf Ibe wc*llli witb which it bas
been blessed during Ibe past year. All
inntnliiiliiiiiH should bu sent to tbe
treasurer, I',. W. Herinon, Rsq., .;; Dal
mul.- Ut., Toronto, Onl.
It is Ibe desire ot Ihe (,'. V. h. II
o .establish * priming department fur
bo purpuse ot printing Canadian Wis
lin embossed type tor lbc us* ol the
i'anailian blind, There is at present uo
such establishment iu Canada, wilh tbe
jresgll lhal Canadian literature is practically unavailable lo our sightless
.-iilseuH. Thirty thousand dollars are
required to secure s sufficient income
lo make tbo plan feasible Less lhan
a thousand pt thit amounl is at pres
eut iii tbe treasury of tbe C. V. h. II
Tb* library asks tbe Canadian people
tbia Christmas to help it to rcsli/e
ibis plan so worthy of assistance.
Christmas Receipes
»ii|l**tlons F*V P*1*UU* HoUxUjr
tpitetd of brewing Christmas mead
or al*, tbe majority of us restrict our
selves to temperance beverages, some
| of svbirh may be apAt petotAIng to
| Hi* (following fwnmlas:
Yale punch, for iusl*nc* ,is njiiod
thus: Jo apt pint af strawberry or
currant syrup tAA tbs juice of five
etmim,hljmneu mi eU teabt*4*<J
piueapple. Bwooten lo taste, adding
cold waler lo make Ibo mixture the
proper consistency ami strength. Turn
iuto a punch bowl, add a lump of ice
aud garnish wilb maraschino cherries.
Borve in punch glasses wilb a sprig
uf holly lied lo tbe handle of each.
For a special occasion Ibis punch csn
ho served iu su ire bowl. Tu make
sucb s reeeplaclu cut a squaro 'uf clear
ico and smooth surface with a hot
iron; then iu one sido make a cavity
wilh a hoi iron large cnuugb lu buld
Ibe punch. Cover a round Iray wilb
a thick mat of absorbent cotton, place
tbe ico bowl un Ibis and surround wilb
a wreath uf holly ur ulhcr Christmas
Fur cider cup, rut half au orange
into Iliiu slices and cut half a lemon
in the same way. Cut iutu a jug wilb
a large tablcapoouful of sugar,
few slices of cucumber, if thoy are
to bo had, and a little grated nutmeg
Add a .juarl uf sparkling cider, cover
an hour. Btrsiu tbe cider into a jug
in which il is In be served. Four in a
wiuugluHsful uf sherry and two boi ties
ot cold ginger ale and Ihe cup will be
ready for uso.
Ilrapo sorbeiio is a novel drink and
may be thus mixed. Take one pint uf
grape juiro wilb a quart of sweet
cider, ami if not sour cnuugb add the
juice uf a lemon. Free/c as fur waler
ice and serve in cups or glasses wilh
a small bunch of grapes which have
been dipped in while uf egg and I lien
in granulated sugar un the plale beside
tho ico.
Paraphrase of Twenty-Third Psalm.
The Lord is my Shepherd; in nocht am I wantin',
In the haughs o' green girse does He mak me to lie doon,
Whil iiiony puir straiglers are blealin' and pajilin'
By saftDowrie burnies He leads me to at noon.
When aim f I had strayed far awa in the bracken,
And daidled till gloamin'.cam' ower a' the hills,
Nae dribble o' water my sair drouth tae slacken,      ■
And dark grow'd the nu lit wi' its haar and ils chill.
Awa frae the (auld, slrayin filaore and weary,
I thocht I had naething to do but to die,
He toche me and found me in mountain hicht dreary,
He gangs by fell paths which He kens best for me.
Ano moo "lot Hit name's sake" I'm dune wi' a' fearin',
Though Hoods may aft gaither, and soughin winds blaw.
"Hoo this?" or "Hoo that?" 0 prevent me from speerin',
Hit wull is aye best; and I daurna My na.
The Valley o' Death winna (leg me to thread it,
Though awfu' the darkness, I weel cu forsee,
Wi' Hit rod and His stalf He will help me to tread it,
And th*n will its shadows, sae gruesome a' flee.
Forfechen in waisance o' foes that surround roe,
My Shepherd a table wi' dainties hu spread,
TV thyro* and the myrtle blew fragrant around me,
He brims a fu' cup and poor* oil on my head.
Surely goodness tnd mercy, despite a' my roamin'
Will gang wi' m doon to the brink o' ihe riyer.
Ayoni it—nae m»ir o' die eefic and gjoemin'
i will bide in the name o' my Father forever.
^r tmmwMm*
Contrary to the usual practice the Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo the registered owners of properly
according to the Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers have been in the habit of
notifying the city authorities lhal the property bad changed hands
to lhat notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision the
city council it advised by its solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agree-
91     t* (
. The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
hat received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for properly,
which it hu told and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that they should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent to them to tbat they may be
cone aware of the value at which they are being assessed and
pay taxes at ihey fall due,
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6266
■ p.-'.
9m ntm'> ftr i\9m* ftm
It's eaij t» rnalra fMoy candies |f
one only learns Drat the art of making
fowlsnt, the foundation, of all cream
oandie*. To my/fa fondant put two
cupfuls of granulated sugar ami p pinch
irf cream tartar Into a kettle which
cooki ovenly ail over tbe bottom and
then pour pjpr tbia a balf cupful of
water. This syrup muat boll without
being etirrsd until it will form a soft
ball when dropped into ice water.
lightly groMed. Wat* werfllly #»4
whan >t is cold enough to boa' your
fingers stir it rapidly with a woodeii
spoon ""'il a thick creamy mass Is
formed; then 'lust the bread board
lightly with PrllVWiaad ""gar, turn tho
fondant on to this and aneail the mass
as you would bread until it ia eoft and
smooth, It is best to let the fiiniiint
•land in covered glass how) fpr three
or four hours before beginning to make
yeur fancy candies—your chocolate
creams, nut and cocoanut rolls.
Candied fruit added to tlio fondant
makes delicious confections. Melt one
cupful of fondant slightly over hot
wator and add to.it a teaspeonful of
When it baa reached this point torn
it out on a large platter or, better I cttnliod cliorr'ioe and hi
still, a- marble slab which bas been of vanilla,   Put tbie
i*Jf a i. -as p. hi mul
add a woigbt to: press it into tilOpO
Ij.it it stand iwi-niy-I'liiir boors and cut
into squares.
. Uncoiliiiii lmil« are made by robing
Into the fondant a» much shredded
cocoanut a» it will bold. Jf desired it
may be dipped iuto molted ehdcolfte.
It's best to ueo the liitftr chocolate,
and when dipping fondant balls or
ova|s, us you may have shaped tben),
Uie a knitting imiidlu inserted Into one
end. as tbey will I lien bo dipped evenly.
tjWi99wMi m*\m
Thos* of Fr»lt Maka an Especially
Utoi Affiuwi
The hoatm who would like to have
a s,iad on h»i Phriatmae nw»i it at
a distance from tho markets whore
fresh vegetables e»n bo bought, tmi
times haa ililll.'iilly in deciding how
to make this disji. Oolery can generally be obtained, and a celery salad
Tho best chocolate drops'are made liy I1" mM* "W^l^od. Po(»t» afA*A
rolling un almond nut. in a small ball I J"'9', »*!""'. *lw*y' ?fl,,fW*i '"' t9D'
nf tbe fomlaiitt and dipping into ibe
pan and
f'hlldren's Toy Sols, fS.£
V. Homo Furnishers.
at |be N.
.Smokers' Cabineta $5.00, $9.50 up
Card Tablet       ..
Morris Chairs, $7.50, $8.50, $9.50 up to
Ladies' Secretaries, $7.50, $9.75, $15.00,
  $18.00 up to $35.00
Isn't it true that yuu always appreciate .something
useful and Housihlo for a
Clirisiiiuin gift rather than
some frivolous silver tri Ho
that is merely pretty!
Then dou't you Mpnoso
that your friends would
pr. Ter something. Ihut is
both useful and ornament
alt Why not make your
Christmas selections here)
Wo will surprise you with
Ilie variety of things yuu
can get for'liul very lilllu
Reading bmps, |7.50, $10.00, $12.00
Pictures, .some beauties   ...    50c. to $ 10.00
Children's Doll Buggies |3.75
Children's Toy Sets, 2 chairs and table, $2.50
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
is a beet sulud. Apples, oranges and
these make novel and delicious salads,
To make a mired fruit" salad take
ono can pineapple, sliced, onobalf
pound Malaga grapes, ono stalk small
colory, oiie-i|Usrtor pound blanched
almonds. Out pineapple into email
cubes, colory into small pieces; skin
grapes and cut into halves. PutSpino
apple and grapes into juice of two
oranges ami one lemon and put on ico
twolvo hours. Drain iu oplumlor. Fjit
almonds and celery Into water. Drain
iu colander. Out celery with silver
l.nii'e. Fnr the dressing take one
quarter cupful cream, whipped; two
lulde p,,iiiiinl. lemon juice, une tabic
spoonful sugar, pupriku. Serve on
lettucu hearts.
Fqr an upple salad laku three me
ilium sized apples, cut fine; four stalks
of celery, cut fine; two bananas,
sliced; one cupful Knglisli walnuts,
chopped line; u pinch of Halt and one
iiin-piiiini'iil iif sugar, ticrvo witb
m:u minium- dressing.
An orange salad is prepared as fol
lows; Use sour oranges or strain over
sweet iiii-i.e. n little lomou ' juice.
Out iu slice!, lake out the seeds, ar
range iu lows and turn ovor thorn s
French dressing. This is a dolicioiis
salad lu servo with game or poultry.
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12, 18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
I    During ilu- middle ages beds  were
nmdo uf coarse canvas sud filled with
t-lruw or leaves.   These could be opened and Ibe Inin  remade daily, as is
Ihe custom loday with tbe mattresses
, in  Ihe old fashioned inns of Franco
and  Italy.   In  Ihe timos of Chaucor
I wc are tuld lhal, as a general thing
, lbc yuung men uf Ibe house and the
j guests slept un tables and benches in
| Ibo greul ball where woollen coverlets
and    lilankcls    were    provided    for
I warmth.'.' Later on, in tbo time of the
iTudore, the "forpost" bedstead,    an
: Immense piece of furniture having   a
, canopy *|ippnrled at  each  corner by
Iho posts,     became   tbe   fashionable
Isleeping couch.
NOTICE is hereby given lhat In pursuance of Section 7, Chapter Ilu. Be-
vised Statutes, Canada, Thomas J.
Kickham, waster mariner, and Harry
A. .lunei, limki-r, bavo deposited a
plan of a proposed wharf and ware
huiiM1 ami a description of tbe proposed sile wilh Ibe Honourable tbe Miu
isler of l'ubli Works at Ottawa, and
a duplicate thereof in tbe Ij*ihI Be
gislry Office at tbo City of Vancouver.
Tbe proposed sile is situate in Nortli
VuinuiH i r aud is .'l.'l I In foet east of
Muhon Avenue produced and is 100
feel  in widlb.
Notice is also given lhal al Ibo expiration of oue monlb from date application will be made lo lbc Governor-
in-foum-il for approval  thereof.
Haled al Vancouvor the fith day of
December, A.D. 1911.
Hy Iheir solicitor, T. 0. Townley.
AND    '
A View From Covecliff
\tye expect * Prosperous New Yew and        v    *   wwj        «     Q   f%
Wish you the same.   Call on us W AAI1C iV ( A
and we will assist vou to make it so       °9 «*• VUUO UL VU.
with (he best in the many fine line* we have prepared fnr
the Chri»tm« demand.
Our showing of LADIES' HANDBAGS offers the public
. thm ppportnnity pf ^curing the best values and newest
style* to be fotind'pn the Continent. B«)g» are being
bought daily from thii slock to be presented ai gifts, and
most appropriate and useful gifts they will be, because
eyery woman admires a, pretty bag, and if she does not
possess one she longs to.
Our stock of SUIT CASES, CLUB BAGS and TRAVELLING CASES, in seal, walrus, alligator, pigskin
and other fine leathers, well fitted and we" made, offers
the gift seeker a superior choice. You may depend (jn
every bag and case in our store to give perfect satisfaction.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
You can get an Express Christmas Number
Wrapped ready to mil to your friends for a nickel
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 LonsdaU Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
I .. II
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -    Assets $111,000,000
EI. peboo
tlio    cloctrii'    coffee
iin- iln-i uii wbicb the
electric current will
do your cooking.
His      ilium Is-1i.ii     In al.1
for   lioiling    « ii l (i
Electric Iron, tlio imlis
I'l'ii-nl.lr convenience /or
ironing ilsy.
Drop in at our office at 50 LoNSDALE AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by the use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary  Electric   Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Wt liuvo tbe finest collection of
Shrubs, Bulks, Bosos, Wallflower, Hoi
lybocks, Holly, Privet, Osnutlom,
Rhododendrons, etc In the province.
■- L.   I    II  ,|      HI,    ,|
Simpson t\ Wight
Ni]iy:rym<-'ii anil Florists
COR. 17111 AND ST.. AlfDKKvyS TELJil'HONIi 235
We are handling a large amount of venter panels and
can fill any order, large or small, in 14 days' notice. These
panels can he had from 6 to 36 inches jn width and any
length up to W in«h«. We have finished two rooms in
a house being erected by Mr. Chas. Dpwne; at the corner
of ,*m *V*** and St. George's. C*|| and see the panels
ID place and then ask fat price*.
to*'719. VrwmM
mem I     >
Alex. Smith & Co.
Lonsdale Avenue
clou ti) tint Wbarf-
North Vancouver is on the
eve of great development
Investors will never have a better opportunity
for securing profits :      :      :      ; •     :
Land Values
Oa lis Nortk Shor.
will rise
iapldly from
We have an Extensive Listing of close-in, ■
Alex. Smith
& Co,
9* •¥< WV%. mu.
North Vancouver.
Oyster Cocktail,
Olives. Sailed Almonds.
Cresm of Tomato Soup.
Boast Turkey,
Boiled Drilling.
Cranberries. Celery.
Pot.to Croquettes.    Spinsoh.
Creamed Onions.
! Cabbag* Salad on Lettuce Loaves.
Plum Pudding. Hard Sauce.
Vanilla Ice Cream |n Glasses.
White Mountain Cske.    Bonbons.
Crackers. Cheese.
"FiBhtlrfg Bob" Evans' Story of the
"Presents" ts Fort Fisher.
"On Christmas morning,'' sold Rear
Aduilrnl Evans, IJ. 8. N., retired, "t
lluink God (hut be made tbrce limes
as iiiin-ii «nii-i- us land. No true sailor
would eicbuugo Christmas at sen for
one on shore.
"Of all tbe Cbrlstmases spent nl sea
the one that rises before mu uiob! vividly Is tbat of 1800, when lbc Federal
army and the gunbout fleet were trying to capture I'mi Visiter. The only
presents wo received, und they cams
fast and furious, were solid shut und
shell from the guns of the enemy. Rut
this didn't destroy our sense of humor.
Tbe boys would writo ou each solid
Shot or shell before placing It In tbo
ggn, 'Presented by.' uud add tbe numo
ot tho vessel from which It happened
to be fired. Mlgbly few hurled at Ibo
fort tbut duy kicked this Christmas
greeting. All lbc gunners caught the
spirit of the grim Jest, fur tbe fighting
line Is no place fur serious faces.
"Despite the excitement of tbo flcrco
combat we managed to bare tho mastheads of all the ships trimmed with
Christmas greens, eveu though tho
sailors bad lo risk their lives In going
ashore to get Ihem, and you may be
assured tbo sculiuieut of tbo duy was
not wasted."
No nation provides more plentifully
for tbe Chrlstm.'ts cheer of Its sailors
tban does Uuclu Sam. Each of tbo
battleship crews bun a dinner of roast
turkey, plum pudding, pumpkin pie
and all the trimmings tbat go wltb It
Tho men ure served In messes of twenty at 12 o'clock, aud each man Is al-
lowed one sulflcr ot grog as an appetiser lu celcbrnllou of tbo occasion.
Tbe niiici'i-' dine at 0 o'clor': aud,
as Is tbo custom wbeu speudlug the
holiday at ten, are guests of tbe commanding iillli'l'IT
,   Calenders.
Ifoy all tb. day*
Throughout this year
"Red letters" b.
To you, my dear.
,, ■
May nil tbo Jeweled beads
Upon Time's rosary
Do gold without alloy.
This ui ray prayer for thee.
Twelvo bits of whit, fluff to my
lady's boudoir—
As many aa months In tho year,
Heio'a hoping that aever a month
nor inouctiolr
Will bold for that lady a tear.
A Bex of Cigar*,
Many a Dim of fairy fancy
Goes up In smoko each yeas;
But, being a woman, of course I
can't see
What dream chrysalides are here.   I
*     --Delineator,     f
Ths President's Wif* Herself Put Up
Delicacies For th* Sick.
Christmas at tbo Wbilo House wilb
Mrs. Hayes as Us mistress wus u succession of Christian charities aud Joyful gatherings.
"William, I want you to buy forty
turkoys, besides our owo, aud vegetables, pickles nnd fruit tu go wltb
thm," sbo said io tbe stowurd ou*
Tbe steward bus told wilb pride how
for four yesrs be got the forty turkey*
aad bow tbe madam came tu tbe storeroom, rolled up her sleeves und Oiled
bags wltb cranberries, lemons, crock-
era and small delicacies for tbe sick.
The Hayeses guve tbe borne Cbrlstmaa prcseuls lu uu original way. All
tin glfl* were tukcu to tbe family
room, assorted for each person uud
laid on tables. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes
distributed tbem. At the tap of a
bell eoino one wss called, ond, walking
In, bo received all bis gifts. Each la
tprn como tbe same way.
Th* Tsllist Holly Trsss,
The American holly appears to attain Ils greatest size and perfection lu
southern Arkansas and Texas, where
It Is to bo scon at times from, forty to
fifty feet In height. Ia much smaller
form It grows naturally, bowover,
slong Ibe south shore of Massachusetts
inioog tupeloi, black oaks, red maples,
cedars, etc., but not much northward
ef Hiugbam and Qulocy.
Th* Llttl* Bey Who Moved.
The fairies missed him whon they cam*
To play thoir evening game.
They searched th. old red- farmhouse
through, ' ,
They called o'oud bl* name,
They even looked Inside th. barn.
But vain their, questing proved.
So they made up Iheir chin mine*
Tbe little boy had moved.
Krlss Krlngle missed bim when he cam*
Upon hi* reindeer rle>.
He bunled for film high and low,
But hot a trace be spied.
But still be keep* a lookout sharp
To And bim ur ho can-
The Utile hoy who wont on* day
Mystio Lav* Spells With Apples In
Foreign Lsnds.
Apples enter Iuto many Christmas
spells. In Austria qn Christmas eve
the npplo must be cut in halves In ibe
durlt and without being touched by the
hand. Tbe left band bait Is then placed
in the bosom of the diviner and the
right band half behind the door of lbc
bedchamber. Then at midnight, should
the spell bsve been fully carried oul,
tbe spirit or "astral" of tho beloved
one appears, standing beside the half
which was laid behind tho door.
Anotber charm Is to cut an apple In
two and coiflit the seeds in each half.
If t|ie numbers are eveu marriage will
bo won. If a seed Is cut in two thero
will bo trouble in tbo course of love,
ond should two seeds be cut thero will
be early widowhood.
A Klclllaii midden throws the fruit
from her wluiiuw Into tbo street and
watches. Stiould it llo long without
beiug picked up she will bo widowed
soop ufter marriage. Should It bo picked up by a woman marriage will not
be wltbln tbe coming year, but should
it bu picked up by n man tbcu s|ie will
be wedded befpro the nost year Is
Christmas Day. f
How  will  It  dawn,  tho  cominc J
| 'In ii im.is day.
A northern Christmas such ae paint- X
era love. 2,
And kinsfolk, shaking bands ing •!•
onco a year, f
And dames who tell old legends hy $
tbo Hro? T
Z Red aun, blue sky, whit, snow and j,
pearled Ico, I
Keen, ringing air, which sets Ibo J
blood on hro
And makes tho old man merry with 1
tbe young, Z
Through the short sunshine through -i-
the longer night! f
In whatsoever garb or gay or sad. :]
Como fair, como foul, 'twill still be A
Christmas day. J.
j-            _         -Charles Klngsley <•
Odd  Coincidsnce of Queen  Victoria's
Sorrows st Christmas Tunc.
Oue of the most extraordinary
Christmas days London ever bail wus
Ihut of 1801. The shops bud been, ns
usual, specially prepared and decora!-
ed witb the object uf attracting Ihu
buyers when suddenly, ou Dec 83,
thick fog came on. Not until Ibe
ovening of lie it did It lift. This
particular fog held Ihe record for lie-
lug tbe heaviest [juiulon bud known
Thirty lives were'lost uud over lion
accidents recorded.
Christmas, ItlUO, was lbc coldest
England and Scotland had ever expo-
rlcnccd. Just throe yours later Christ-
mas day was marred by news tli.it
William Makcpence Tkuckcmy, the
great novelist, wns dead.
Tho late (Jucou Vlcturla's must inoui
orabls itIii1.-jIihh-.-s were Ibe nm I
pathetic. It wus lu less Iliau u furl
nigbt from Dec. 80, Imii, (but her bus
baud, the prince cuusort, passed away.
So affected wus her majesty Ihut she
allowed lift ecu years to puss before
she celebrated Cbristuiua duy lu Ibe
tradlllou.nl fushlon. Tbcu on Christ'
mos duy In ltl'2 Ibe I'rlncc of Wales,
who became Klug Edwurd VII., wus
eo III Ibat his life was despaired of.
Uut be mude u rcuinrkublu recovery.
Oystsn on Half Shell.
Ce,,ry-       B ,, u 0!,VM-
Crearit °' Chicken Bpup Witb
Boiled Salmon, Hollandalse Sauce.
Parlilenne Potatoes.
Roast Turkey, Chestnut Stuffing,
Cranberry Sauce.
Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Turnips.
Boiled Sweet Petite**,
Cauliflower, Cresm fisuoe.
English Plum Pudding, Hard and
Br*ndy Sauce.
Mince Pie.      Pumpkin Pie.
Mixed Cakes,      Assorted Fruit
Assorted Nuts.   Layer Raisins.
Neapolitan lo* Cream.
Toasted Crackers.
Cheeie, Coffee.
Little Redskins Not Slow te Get Ao-
quilnted With Santa.
Fr.siii the lime that Uncle 8am bt-
gun to encourage tho Idea of school*
fur Indian children tho teachers made
much of Christmas, aud tbe little redskins were quick to show Interest la
tlie Cbrlstmns tree.
Tbe Clirlsinitus ot tbo Brule Sioux
Indians shows business management
Iu each vlllnge n committee of prominent braves Is appointed, perhaps several weeks lu advance of tbo momentous ilny. to make 0 canvass of
Ibe tribesmen uud gutber a fund to
be expended In (be purchase of a
"heap big feast." The committee
makes out a prospective menu ifssoou
ns lite ensh Is lu i..nnt. und then, wilb
true Vniikec shrewdness, the spcclll-
calluus an lo cutnbleu are submitted
lo ibe various traders in the vicinity
fur bids, the contract for ibis odd undertaking In Christinas catering being
oWarded, of coarse, to tbe luwest bidder.1
The Sloui Indians generally bavo a
I<ins. Krlngle, a member of tbe tribe,
who disguises himself for Ibo occasion
anil makes speeches aud gives prcseuls.
A representative Illustration of tbo
Indian   Cbrlsliuns  celebration  lo  the
.-"iiiiiv.s..i cnu be is'i-n aay year lo
Pueblo or (iuu rillpe. N. il. Tbe hull
day celebration Is u curloui tnlituro
of Christian and pnguu customs. Tho
redskins there nlloud the mission
church In ihe morning, fcusi st noun
uml later Inaugurate a fautnstlc aud
ceremonial dnucc that coutluues for
half u week.
Several Million Dollars' Worth Sold to
New Yorkers.
Threo million dollars' worth of
Christmas candles is Now Vork city's
minimi holiday lllll.
The umount of money spent by New
VorlMj-a duriug lbc holidays for ciiinl.i
nlunu is su great Ihut It seems uut of
proportion to the umouut douuled for
s iiiiiiiy until ii is remembered thai
perbups uuc-lhlrd ur moru uf all lbc
im,sly bought during tbo lust hnlf of'
December Is giveu away by secular
and religious suelellcs, by Sunduy
schools aod churches, aud Ibat con-
soipionlly a large part of the sum lie
longs In tho charily account.
Three or fuur New Vork uionufac \
turers got tbo bulk of Ihis class of or
decs, and tbey agree tbat, even tukiug
the population uf Uie city lulo uc
count. New York's consumption uf
candy excels tbat of soy other clly.
Richly  Cooked  Rice  *  Popular  Dish
Brownies Used to Share IL
The day before Christmas ihe boll
days really begin. It Is customary to
have richly cooked rice served wilb
milk or fruit Juice for dinner. Ju Ihe
tureen la a blanched almund. and bo
wbo gets tbis receives a present. Tbe
practice used to bo prove lent among the
posse nts to set oot a dish of f his Christmas rlco la tbo bum for the gnomes or
brownies, whom ihey thougbt would
do some good turn for them lo pay
Flowers always mako a home luok
festive, and tbo custom In Norway is
lo send these as messengers of love ui
Christmas. -
Tho Misquerad'rs, _
Tea, I believe In ganla Claus.
In elves sad fairies, too-
1'vo nover seen Ihem, but because
Of lovely things tbey do.
Their name* ar* Joy and Tenderness
And Good Will Here on Earth
Their mission IS to ease distress
With happiness and mlrili.
And when tbay dress u fairy folk,
In furs and gauio arrayed,
Thoy think'Ua Jusl a pleasant Jok. J
To com. u masquerade. I
-John Poaatyok Jiangs    $
'        Mock Turtle Soup.
Celery. Radishes,     i
Boded Whitefish,
Si. _ - Hollandalse.     .
Boiled Potatoes,
j'  Roast Turkey. Chestnut Stuffing. J
* Boiled Onions. "
btulfs d Tomatoes.
X   Sweet Potatoes, Southern Stylo, t
I Mixed Salad. X
f   Plum Pudding, Hard and Brandy f
* Sauce. *
Camembert Cheese.
'     t Colics.
I**** vii'-tvT**i***********9
Quantity So Oreat Thst Housing Thom
Is Serious Problem.
Were a ruyal persouago to accept all
Ibe Cbrlstujus offerings of subjects and
admirers, known aud uukoown, standing room In royal residences would
soou bo at a discount. I'rcscnls arrive
at the Urlllsh court from all ports of
tlio world. A registered package from
Vermont ono Cbrlatinaa woo found to
Inclose a prize potato weighing Ave
pounds. Another present was a nugget of pure gold found la the- JCIoudlko
and valued at £200. ft waa subscribed
for und sent by tho lubabltaota of
Dawson City.
Not all gifts to royalty sre returned.
Where special permission Is asked sad
obtained beforehand a present ia accepted In tbo spirit In wbicb It Is of-
The present most coveted by Roman
Ciithullc royal Indies of Europe I* Uio
pupal golden rose. Tbo Jewel, tlie flnt
of which wao presented by Pop* Urban VI. lo Joanna of Sicily, Is a tulmlc
pluut of pure gold standing la a golden
pot. The leaves sre set with din-
mouds lu Imllnllou ot dowdrops, aad
u palm leaf blessed by ths pop* accompanies tbo gift-Chambers Journal.
Only i Trifle More.
Hubby (pulling wallet la bll pocket)
-I sincerely hope, Helen, this finishes
np Ihe Christmas buying Job.
Wlfey Ves; that's all, Henry. I shall
not need any hut bold oul I'll need
about H more. I want to get eoma-
thing nice for you, you know.-PbJia-
delphln Ledger.
Chrlitmoo In tho Country Piece*.
Christmas In Ih. country placee-
Thoro you see tlio rosy fscoa,
Tlioro Uio Joy, Ihe world ontranoln',
Joy lhat eels Iho world a-dancln'l
Kino an' free the llftblood races-
Cbrlslmo* lu Uio country placesl
Olad enough lo hear It bummlat.
Walled long '0 see It comln'.
Knows Uio place where We're erttiybi
Pint to spend n holiday In.
Thero Is whsro ainaahV grao. 1*-
Chrlf turn* In the ouunlrjf pIlOMl
Clly has tho good Ume. Uo,
Tct Iho country calls to yoU.
Thero It Is you want to roam
In tho finely fields of "boms."
Jflonrly handshake, friendly faoot-
Clirlstinki In llm country pUcal
lis oak logs blghnt.
Jtonffl for One nW« at the Are
Samo old tales of long igo—
Tell cm I r Sr. lot* 'Ortl so.
Sll 11    ! In; troubfo J»y Offsoos-
■ il
Somethms te Wear
1 '
Yes, by all Means
Nothing so well appreciated.
ling else recalls the giver to mind so often.
Nothing else so sure to be "Just what 1 needed
Look over the list presented by this IDEAL
CHRISTMAS SHOP, and you will immediately
decide that we are "first aid" to the puzzled
Christmas shopper.
NECKTIES  25c to $1.25
MUFFLERS   50c to $3.00
HOSIERY  25c to 50c
SUSPENDERS  25c to $1.25
SWEATERS  $1.00 to $4.00
SHIRTS 50c to $2.00
CLOVES 25c to $3.50
CUFFLINKS 25c to $2.50
A mammoth line of Handkerchiefs 5c to $1.00
Our store is in perfect readiness for the great holiday season with an immense stock of
reliable and trustworthy merchandise. New styles and new ideas will greet you al every
turn.   Let us assist you in your selection.
MEN'S SUITS ..>l 5.00 to $24.75
BOYS'SUITS $3.00 to $10.00
Overcoats, Men's $10.00 to $20.00
Overcoats, Boys' $3.00 to $6,50
HATS  $1.50 to $4.75
House Coats $5.00 to $7.50
Balh Robes from  $9.00 to $17.50
Combination Sets for Gifts.
Silk Ties, Handkerchiefs and Socks
to match $1.00 and $1.50
Suspenders, Arm Bands, Garten,
to match 50c to $1.25
Permit us to hint that you make your selections
early, while the "picking" is best. Goods will
be laid aside upon payment of a small deposit and
kept until you want them. Exchanges gladly
made after Christmas.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue
wfm    Jpf Jp t# Wf ™™  W vMHIF
AS | wai going to Bethlehem town
<r\   Upon the earth I pari we down
All underneath a Hftle tm
That whispered in thw vnie to me:
"Oh, I ihall staid on Calvary        "»
And bear what burthen saveth theel"
As up I fared to Bethlehem town
I met a shepherd coming down,
And thus he quoth: "A wondrous sight
Hath spread before mine eyei this nigh*.
An angel host most fair to see,
Thai sung full sweetly of a tree
Thai shall uplift on Calvary
What burthen saveth you and me."
And as I gat to Bethlehem town,
Lo, wise men came that.bore a crown.
"Is there," cried 1, "in Bethlehem
A King shall wear this-dMam?"     '
"Good sooth," they quoth, "and, it u he
That shall be lifted on the tree
And (reely shed on Calvary
What blood redeemed) us and thee,"
Unto a Child in Bethlehem town
The wise men came and brought the crown,
And/ while the infant smiling slept,
\Jpop their knees they fell and wept,
*   Bui with her babe upon her knee,
Nautili recked that Mother of the tree
That should uplift on Calvary
Wli.it burthen saveth all and me.
Again I walk in Bethlehem town
And think on him that wears the crown.
I may not kiss his fttt again
Nor worship him as I did then.
My King hath died upon the tree
And hath outpoured on Calvary
What blood redeemed) you and me.
9y Thwart .Roberts.
[Theodora VoVtrti, a twtbat off
y. p. Bobertj was borri in 18?7 to \
srictpn, N.B. Ht wtsjoar jspff*-
ipondent tor The New York Indepso-
dent in the Siiaiiiah-American War,
and bu written occasional vorse.]
''Cold." ctfeA tin wind w tin Mil,
"Cold," sang the tree;
Your ayea were blue-grey and sUll
And cold- aa tbs tta.       j
Cold lay tbe enow op tbt land;
Cold stood the pint;
Put neither as cold aa your bund
I.yi'.ii in mine.
Ah, lore, has tbo fire died so ooon-
Jiint smoldered and gune;
4 kiss by iho light of Uio moon,
A iiinliiw by dawn.
. churchnOtices
iiciiiudi.i i kurcuCorner ol «lh mi
81. iin.it:... Sunday Services, 11 00 am
unci 7.30 p.m. Sunduy Bcliool and Bibl*
Class. 2.90 is.iu. Senior 1-eagge, Msjii-
siu.s. s p.m. Prayer aud Praise Service.
Wednesday. S p.m. Junior League,
Thursday afternoon at J.it. Pastor, I
IV. C. Scnillcller.
SI. AuUrc..'. PmksltriW ('kurek,
Kellh' lluad-Scrvlcca: Mniiilm: 11.00!
evening, 7.30. Adult Bible Class. 12.10.
Sunduy Ni.-h.wl. 2.30. T.P.8.C.E., Tuesday, ut 8 p. tu. Prayer Heeling, Wednesday, ul S p. ni. Choir Practise,
Friday, ul S put. Its-v. Ilonald Mucelod,
SI. Scan—Boulevard and llth.—
iTv.-iiii„ii|s, 7.10 p.m. - Holy Communion,
11.00 am., second Buuday of every
Salvallu* Army.--Lonsdale Avenue.
Sunduy services. 11.00 a.m.. I p.m. and
7 15 p.m. Tuesday, S p.m.; Thursday,
I p.m.   Children's Service, Wednesday,
1 p.m.
u.pil.i (bunk. — Fifth and 81.
ileora... Services at 11 in. and 7.10
p.m. Sunduy School and Bible Class ai
IT' ll. p.m. Pruyor and Praise service,
Wednesday at 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev. A.
J. Prosscr. 12th and 81. George.
SI. J.ka Ike E.aaacll.l, Slh and lllh.
Holy Communion. S a.m. Morning
Pruyer. II a.m. Bvenlng Prayer, 7.30
p.m. On Ihe first Bunday In Ihe month
ihere will he a second dentation of
the Holy Communion at II u.ni. Becliir,
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
SI. KSaiuaO's ITatkollc I hoick, Mahon
Avenue. Sundays—Uass. S a.in Sunday School, 2.10 p.m. Kosury Benediction and Sermon, 7.30 p.m.
luillo.. I alkolle ('kurek af SI. Paul's.
Muss. .7.20 a.m. Sundays. Pastor, Rev.
ff Peylavln, mil
NORTH MiioaiiAi.K.
SI. TksMs.—S ii ni every Sundsy
excepi first Sunday In month. 1.20 a.m.
firsl Bunday In month. II a in., Matins,
Miany and aermon, second and fourth
Bunday. Holy Communion and sermon,
Drsl and third Sundays. Vicar, Rev.
T, E. Rov/e.
Prr.ky Irrlaa 1 kurck. Worship. Sun •
days. 7.20 p.m. Sunday School nnd
Bible Class 2.30 p.m. Teachers' Training Class. Wednesday 7.10. Prayer
meeting, Wednesday I p.m. Boys'
Club' Thursday 7,30 p m Choir practice. Friday, I p.m R. Van Munsl-r.
UA, pastor.
SI. i.'lrasetfa, Aaglle**—Morning at
II a.m. Evening nl 7.00 pm. X. E.
Bruce,   Incumbent
Hrikisdlx (kurek. — Services eVery
Bunday evening In the now church, at
7. o'clock. „
Prrahylrrlaa ITkurck.—Worship, Sundays, It .i in      I'nioii Bunday School.
2 80 pjn. Prayer mceiing. Tueaday I
pm. Teachers' Training Class Friday
7 20 p.m.   R. Van Munsler. MA. pastor.
1950 Boxes of Chocolates for Sale--1950
1 f
I have Imported OwojUUi direct from Aft well 'lowtv fipcloriei
such as I jowpey's and FryV, We have the highest quality of assortments
ranging front 10 «*nU,t* -$|G,    ' ,	
Also the choicest Awortment of Xm»» Groceries, all new clean stock.
._      '    _•
13 IrnMe Avenue.
0, H. (itmt
.    Phone 324.
1 """ '." '^m**M**mjmmiw*m^
I M .,t**f'fTm I ■■■ Lynn Vallty New*
r) ,  Ut./. Gilligan is building an add!-
»'' Men tp hi» heme pn Hoskins HppA.
Ut. Frank Jennings pf Vancouver
was visiting bii brother on Fromme
Road, Lynn Valley, on Sunday.
Mr. A. W. Le Huquet returned borne
ou Sunday after an extended business
trip through tbo Okanagan and Kooten-
*y districts.
Preparatory ierv|ce will be held iu
Knox cbureb on tbe evening of tbe
With imt., Sacrament of tbe Lord '■ Hup-
por te be dispensed tbe Sunday morning following, Hist init,
Mr. A, Anderson bai bm confined
tfl tbe, house for weeks with a blood-
poisoned leg which i| gradually improving under tbe care of Pr. Martin.
Preparations are almost complete tpf
tbe iilirislmus tree and entertainment
undor tho auspices of tbe Union Hominy
Hclisisil te be bold on tbe Stitb inst. in
Knox cbureb,
Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, Frederick
Boad, entertained a number of children
last Wednesday in celebrating tbe
birthday of their granddaughter, Florence, A very enjoyable evening was
Members of St. moment's million
choir will repeat tbeir annual effort of
rendering Ubristmas carols at ai many
We Study Printing
Wi make a feature of preparing
printing tbat Is profitable to eur patrons.
Wo study typo faces and effect* te
insure attractive arrangement, and we
believe you will appreciate our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster or an
Illustrated catalogue we will give l tou
a figure or our advice.
of tbelf Wean's' residences possible to
reach ou Thursday and B*tn?de,y ew
ings. East of tne Valley, Thnrsday;
watt, Saturday.
On Sunday evening n small libiTo
wai diienyered jn tbo Sectary Grocery
corner of Lynn Valley ami Centre
Boadi. Tbe cause is unknown but it
ii thought to be through a cigar end
being thrown on tbe door. Tbe damage
was ilight and buainees was resuipod
on Monday morning.
The Bigbt Bev. A. II. de Pcucier,
i'i'., biibep of the diocese of New
Westminster, will preach ill St. John 'a
cbureb on Sunday morning next.
Tbe last meeting connected with the
dedication of tbe First Baptist church
here will bo bold tonight. The Baptist ministers of Vancouvor and vicinity will provide an interesting program
and tbo public are invited.
Tbe civic bylaws which will shortly
be submitted to the ratepayers of
Nortb Vancouvor, wero not considered
as was expected at last night's session
of tbe council. They will in all prob-
ability como up for first reading on
Monday uext.
Mayor McNeish, Aid. Dick, Ihe city
ongineer aud the city clerk leave to
day for Victoria to Attend the liual
bearing tbere of the Bice Lal.e lands
proposition. The mayor, with Mr.
Hanes, will seize tbo opportunity of iu
specting the cily improvements lately
csrried on in Victoria.
Ou Saturday the little It-mouths old
daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Hilton of
St. Andrew's and Ksplauadc, while
playing swallowed a :!', inch nail. The
mother, who is the wife of a train bag
gage man workiug iu Vancouver, rushed witb the child who was almost
choking, to tbe offiees of Drs. Newcombe
and Martin, wbo hurried the Infant over
the Inlet.' At the geuerul hospital In
Vancouver X-rays were applied ami the
child wai relieved without injury.
Mr. W. Monlen, who has been iu the
city for a few days, loft for Los An
gelcs, where he uow lives, on Hal
Pictures—ill  prices  at  the  N.   V
Homo Furnishers.
HardwareXmas Gifts
Velox Water Powe; Washer   $18,00
Dowswell Ball Bearing Wringers .. .$4.50 to $6.50
Bissell Carpet Sweepers ., $3.50 to $5.00
Mm.'Box $10.00 to $20.00
Ratchet Drills and Braces
| | "Bed Rock" Planes
• •••        •  •••
l ■
Our New Line lot December
A permanent Waif Kalsomine in five pound packages, 50c,     Ask
for color card.
"*Wy    ff mWk*)   W»l  Wmsm wXmmfm ft*Vf Vfl Um m<H Mwm w\*M IMNW
T"rWMfy Wm
North Vancouver continued t|ieir
winping career on Saturday wben tbey
defeated a strong Victoria team at
Victoria by three goals to ono in the
II. p. League series.
Norlh Vancouver bud all the best
of the lirst half and scored two goals
through Ward and Cardinall. Mc-
Naugliton adding a third shortly after
ha|f time. Victoria scored tbeir goal
just bofpro time.
North Vaneouver gavo a much better
display than on the previous Saturday
the forwards being much i reproved.
Thoy now havo a good load in tbe
league, having won all their matches.
Tbo report in tho Nows;AdvcrtJsor
on Sunduy tbat Victoria commenced
play several men short was incorrect,
as Nortli Voncouver wero kept waiting
out on tbo ground for thirty-five minutes until the full home eleven arrived.
Kditor Kxprcss: /
Dear Sir,—Ah secretary of the Lynn
Valloy Ratepayers' Association, I um
instructed to endeavor to procure
through the medium of your valued
columns publicity of eertuin facts
brought up in an Association meeting
held Wednesday, 1,'lth inst, , that
every ratepayer having a vote in the
municipality of North Vancouver may
have the privilege of knowing prior
tb the coming eloctlon,
The fads relied on Ihe placing of a
eoutrad for the construction ol' the
marine drive wesl to the vulue of thirty
thousand dollurs with a Iimt who bun
sprung into oilstones for Ihe sole pur
pose of bundling Ihis work,-inasmuch
ua tbis work being their first under
faking ami of whicii Iwo members ol
lbc municipal engineering duff ore alio
members of Ihe linn in question.
The progress of the preliminary worli
of locating this driveway dcllning
grades, losing levels, from which the
quantities or the bosly of material nee
oasary to be moved was estimated, in
fuel ull work known us "Hold work
this one member of Ihe linn hus entire
charge since the inception of the
scheme extending over u period of a
year at least. This fad was admitted
ut a council .meeting held in commit
Ice, a public meeting being refused
ou tccbuieal grounds, by u linn of con
tractors who protested ihis award.
This linn pointed out lo Ihe council
(which wus complete with the cxecp.
tion of Iwo luiiiil'ii-    the unfair ad
vantage any member of the engineering
staff would have over any olher com
pelitor apart from a legal aspect, auenl
which this association has written tu
Ibe Attorney llencrul for his opinion
The only response offered by the coun
i'ii wus Ihul auy extra information thi.
member of the engineering staff might
have hud use of was more limn over
balanced by his lack of experience
ugainst hia more experienced compel!
Further, that though members of Ibe
council knew thai Iheir assistant cn
gineer was a competitor, il wus not
deemed necessary that be should resign
until after tbe award, as a mailer ol
fact he is still in receipt of salary
from the ratepayers.
The council, upon being confronted
wilh these fuels by tbe protesting par
lies, though admitting the veracity ol
these statements, passed a resolution
endorsing flic award and concludug the
resolution wilh:
"The council sees no reason for alter
ing ils decision lo uwurd Ihe contract
to  '.who, if deprived
of Ibe , smiin.i have just cause for com
What effect will Ihis have upon the
cost of sueh undertakings in the fu
turel If the contracting firms' of whom
there were twenty-seven in tbis parti
cuiar ease, learn tbat public works arc
reserved for employees only, Ibcy will
speedily awake lo Ihe fad that public
competition is mcrclya farce and will
retire from Ibe tell. The ratepayer
will then be faced A Hi Ihe problem of
placing bis works 0U lo public 'competition without being able to secure
any competitors,
.Between fifty and sixty members of
tbe Lynn Valley Ratepayers Associa
lion unanimously endorsed tbe passing
of a resolution condemning lbc couucil
as followa:       ••"•
"That this meet ing expresses its
unqualified condemnation of the action
of the di .11 id' municipal f.ouncj) io let
ling flic contract for tbe marine drive
to H. Jf. McPberson *■ i'o. well knowing
tbat municipal employee assistant Un
gineer 11. McPberson was a member of
lhat llrm."      .
and also passed another resolution tbat
the facts of this most unprincipled
condition of things should be mado as
public as possible so that other ratepayers of the municipality mfy be conversant of how public affairs, public
money and public works are handled
by Iheir representatives in coupci).
Apologising fat encroaching on you;
valued spec* to this extent, and thanking' you in advapec /or your conrt,ttjr.
' M>i >tr,
loun faithfully,
l>. 0. H'kJJlK,
^Oj. Secretary Lynn Valley Batejiay-
en' Association,
*f*   mn.vnmm,
Haw 0"« Family Mid* th* Holiday
Pleasant and Profitable.
IN many childless homes la this
touiitry oo preparation* are being made to observe Cbrlstmaa
' wlt|) t(S old fashioned customs
md traditions. Hut In (.'eiiiiiiny, the
historic bome or the Cbrlstmaa tree
lud the source of many current Christ-
mai cusiouis uud devices, lu uo home,
from puluce to hovel, buwever old or
poor, are .the members without tbeir
Christines tree ut Vuleiide. Where
tbere are no children it la u beautiful
tight to see gray bulred old men uud
women, with perbups tbeir married
ions aud daughters and grandchildren,
iluiidlng around, greeting wltb mulls-
roiled delight their well ladcu flr tree.
It Is un essential part of their Cbrlstmaa and would not be Christmas without It.
In a refined American borne In a
small city a few years ago much enjoyment wai derived from a Christmas celebrated In childish style by a
totally ot adults. During ihe preceding year a sou-lu-luw and a daughter-,
In-law bad been added to the- family
group, and ibe 'other members were a
father, a mother, a dear old umlden
aunt, tbe two married children, two
unmarried grownup sons. uud tbeir
one sister. A real Christmas tree was
purchased, and the woineu folk trimmed it wlili popcorn, tinsel, cuudlcs
und all tbe rest of tbe paraphernalia
required for a genuine old fashioned
Cbrlsluiua tree.
Un Cbrlstiuus morning the household assembled, and, catching the Infection of the occasion, ull sat uu tbe
door urouud tbe tree to receive their
presents from a bona Ode Suutu Cluua.
Auioug the iii. i packages distributed
were some made to recti I funuy bap-
peulugs of (be year Just passed, which
bad been selected lu order to create
merriment. Screams of laughter greeted the opening of a package labeled
wltb tbe bride's name, which was
found to imiiiiiii a large leather nicdul
Inscribed with ihe following: "Por
patience In mnklng apple Jelly." Al
a novice In the culinary department
she bad struggled time and again wilh
ihe task of making ibis dclcdulile dish.
To her busbnnd weut a mull slide
tromboue. because lu his boyhood duys
be bad usplratlsms lowurd learning to
play tbut Instrument, practicing on a
large one of tbe ear spl'.llug type
To Ihe maiden num. au enlhuslostlc
n dm 111-1 of Sbal,es|ieure nnd u member
of several clubs devoted lu "readings,1'
a piaster uf Purls bust uf Willie wus
awarded. Oue »f tbe buys hud lukeo
a pleusure trip soulh a few mouths
befuro, nirouipuulcd by a vnluublo
camera. He bud left it on llm steam
liual di'd. when be embarked nnd net
er recovered ll. To bim wns given a
photograph of a beautiful camera nil
from au advertisement page ot a pop
ulur magazine. Jo the lutber, a mlu
later of tbe gospel and nigh up in ecclesiastical circles, a toy wolcb-jusl a
gentle reminder of Ibe length of Ms
sermons. The mother's early d.iye bud
been spent ou u runn. Oocnshiiiully
sho bed been known tu grow homesick
for o familiar sight of souiclblng resembling farm life, and she hod recently purchased a fow cblckeun. win ii
she boused in the extreme end ol in*
back yard, much lo tl*> disgust of Ibo
daughter of the bouse. To ber wis
given a toy rooster wltb a real "crow."
Tbe mui in la u received n dime bunk,
tu Indicate that his responsibilities und
Increased, sud the olber end younger
brother ruse colored glasses. In remind
bim of bis visionary Ideas. To Hie stogie sister wbo bad been "oul" sereral
icnsonj a ring with a solitaire slonc of
reul glass was given. After these bad
been distributed tbe Handsome uud rent
gifts of the day were exchong'd. und
It wus a Jolly, happy crowd which Died
Into lbc dining room to enjoy the feast
wbicb bad lieen In course ul preparation.
Luring ihe following year Ibe father
deponed Ibis life, followed wllhln a
short space uf lime by Ihe married
Hon. Tbe surrlvlug members have tbe
memory of thai delightful Christmas
wben tbey were oil together
On Christmas Morn.
Tnty fared scross Iho lonely plains.
Tbey dared the desert way
Above them moved thu (Inrry trains
Thai rest oot night or day.
One star from out the splendor slum*.
A rift et nesven's own llsht.
In fearless faith they followed on,
Their eager faces in min
Thine kings were they of treat renown.
And from the enst afar
Until It stood o'er llelhlc-hem town
They journeyed by the star
11 stood si Un vi- a cattle shed.
And mere Us light jnu dim.
To heaven's own i.'hlld iho star bid 1*4.
lis fiery paled for mm
Imimiiiorll   A Utile riilld
That very day newborn.
They knell before in.- undented
That earliest Chrislejus morn
Each bead was bent io glv» Mm preJs*.
Their Incense, gold snd myrrh
They offered htm In glad amaze
Each humble worshiper.
What gifts have wo for Christ today*
We, loo, llt.vc,*ccn Ihs star,
And wo have found tho happy way
To lis ihis in,n afar.
Our gold, our myrrh, our Incense sweat
Shall wo not hither bringr
Ah, 1st us basic lo kiss his fest,
Tbs little Christ. Our King I
-Msrgarei t>. lugsMr,
0 nlfhi, O stni. u land afar,
fn »weel surprise* of glory
l*t shepherd train and sntel strata
tins n*w your (.•brlelmss ttoryj
0 a»wn. O iifl. f) timvea srlft.
0 Mary, mysllc mother
f)f newborn Cbrlmi, pets ye mt (ryst '
Wltji every tiumoo hrbtierl
Ofllshl snd kindness meellnl.
Unto my friend this dsy ouuend
A joyous Christmas areetlngl
A Query Prompting On* of th* Pretty
Legends ef 6t. Nicholas.
History say* St Nicholas, tbe patron saint of Cbrlstmaa, was bishop of
Myrn. In Lyclu, aad tbat be died about
Tradition 011a tn tba meager details
wltb a number of legends. Among
bis thick :,. runs one-was n nobleman wltb three daughters. Prom being
rich be becalno so poor tbore remained no way of obtaining food for tbe
maidens, who! bavlug no bread to eat,
wept continually, while their father
grew more and more desperate. St
Nicholas beard of tbe family's plight.
and. taking a handful ot gold, be repaired to tbe nobleman's bpuse oue
ulgbt while the maidens slept nnd ibe
father sat alone weeping.
A cloud showed St Nicholas an open
window In the nobleman's homo. So
he threw In ibe gold, and It fell at
ibe feel of tbe nobleman, wbo, wben
be found It, relumed (banks and presented It to his eldest daughter ae her
wedding portion.
Methir ii In desperation.
And so is sister Sue,
For Christmas celebration
Buying the presents due:
Ann is a fratsled maiden
Exhausted by shopping frays;
Tom, with his arms o'erladen,
Hangs to the strap and sways.
Lurching-his bundles (bother!)
Around the car he spills.
Everybody works but father.
He simply pays the billsl
—Lester Lestslre.
Remand For Novelties Affords Good
Workmen Profitable Employment.
New designs in,toys are us eagerly
looked for liy loriniikers as lbc uew
designs uf u Purls dressmaker. Sume
uf the best artists n.ii,, small fortunes
by designing new toys. A outublo
case of ibis kind Is that of Carau
d'Achc. Ihu I'linis' at Prcucb black and
while urllsl. Ills physlclaUB bad ordered i.ii.i lo lake a rest Partly to
mnn-1- inni' mt uud partly to entertain
sume children lie begun to whittle
some llllle toys uut of wood- out of
these grew his famous toys showing
King Edward bagglug pheasants, Emperor Wllllum ou i boar buut, Carlos
killing mountain sheep und Presldeut
Hoosevcll drawing u bead on a grizzly.
Parle la Ibe ouly city Ibat regularly
bulds toy expositions, and at these oue
may see every sort of loy made In tbo
world. The Lulled Stales keeps a permanent exhibition of ibe toys of all
uallous uud limes In the ethnological
space In the I..-1..: -ii museum. From
India, China, Afrlcu, Alaska, Australia, frum ibe remotest past dowu lo
tbe living present, these toys have
been gathered
Thoughtlessness In Yuletide Gifts Often Shatters Friendships.
.Many u pleasant iiieiidalilp bus been
broken by ignorance of good furm lu
gift making. Many a soclul career bus
been nipped lu Hie bud by a present
III chosen or wrongly scut.
If'you nre rich nmi bave some frlcud
who has lost her money be careful tbut
yonr gift dues nm reflect your knowledge of her lliiuiielnl straits. Hoiucm-
ber ilml lumebow she will manage to
buy the' obviously necessary thing,
while her bean -mi hungers fur the
dululy. the luxurious touches uf life.
Again, there Is tbe wealthy frlcud
of your family to whom you brought
Idlers of llilli'diu Usui wbCU .M'U mine
lo lown. .--lie bus uut lakcu you Intu
lbc bosom of her family, but occasion-
ally nt her largo nnd geuerul fuucllous
she bus entertained yuu. Cbuosc uu
gorgeous gift lu such u case, ilalber
send her u benullful fJuwcr uu (,'brlst-
nui- iiii'.'iiiii* wilh ii well worded
greellug ur Ibe newest buuk abuut
wbicb ber wurld Is surely talking.
Merry Chrtslmos. baby, with nr,.
Jusl ticsunl
[    Veins  of  rosy  footsteps,  blithely
may they run.
Childhood yet beyond Ihs* proffers
fun nnd play
ii'iiiiini on Iho shadows Ut-ol>, a0
far awayl
', '. .'im,iii.i t shimmers o'er lbs* from
tho mnrnlng skies.
ip .H, n '.mli,    before the* In thy
mother's eyes.
[ Laughing In her arms, baby, In lhat  '
light divine
s l.i'vi'. Ihe sweetest life can give, Js
this moment thine.
-Helen Holt In Leslie's Weekly.
Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents ind
Children Who Make Toy*.
Though .Simla clous begins getting
reudy fef tbe next Christmas the minute bn unharnesses uls reindeer, yet be
never could moke enough toys to go
around If he did'aot have u lot of
people lu help bim.
la fJcrraiuy (hare sre several villages where everybody worji* it toy-
muting, not only tbe molbera, father*
und children, but eveu grandmothers
aud grandfathers, tot generation*
these families bare made toys-dolli,
tin aoldlors, dull fumJtur*, llttl* )r«o4-
cn wngoni unit w/joita ipton/i ot ill
kln«*. In mnuy homes tbe .children
begin helping lu this wort when tbey
are su small ihey can banUy alt at tb*
common wprklug table, titlm a whole
faintly will »aia ppf* tflctpttp 4af. '-	
Reminiscences of Early
in British Columbia
"It was in those good old days,"
suid ono of tbe men wbo bud been
among those wbo rushed into tbe Oral-
nei'u couutry SO years ago, whon
referring to something that was a
pleasant recollection. This eld tinier
then went on tu relate some uf tho
experiences of thst great gold rush
into an unknown country and which
ihi-i brought to the attention of tbo
world the Haielton district, for while
this is 180 miles from the gold, nearly
all the prospectors want in or came out
Ihis way, and hundreds of them spent
Iho winters on the flats uow tho town
of ll.-i/eltoii. Tbe hero of this story
went in the first time by way of
Quesnol and over Ilubl mountain. II
was accompanied by an Irishman ou
that trip, and as they were going over
the imu]ntiitn thoy got off tho trail,
which was only blazed, and they got
lost in tbo snow, which was twelve
feet deep and soft bo that tbey sank
overy step they took. Thoy were for
two* days without food or water.
They had some tea left but nothing lo
make it with and thoy bad Co drag
their blankets on a rope behind Ihem.
The Irishman wanted to quit several
times but they kopt on aud finally
luuslesl over the mountain and near the
headwaters of tho Mausoa creek whoro
mi much excitement bad been created.
It was a bright and happy prospect
lor ihem the first cabin they saw, and
il was uot long until thoy reached
lbc lown, which at that time contained several large buildings, a saloon
and  *  restaurant.
During Iho year 1872, there wero
from 1000 to 1600 mun on Munsun
creek alone ami they were all digging
to their utmost. Men woru in great
demand and wages were pretty nearly
what the employee asked. It was only
n few minutes, therefore, uutil the
new comers wero provided with a job
at S9.00 per day. After working a
week one of tho partners iu the claim
where this man wu working sold oul
and be took ovor the interest and
stayed with Iho job all summer, cleaning up a nice lit Me stake.
The next season Manson creek did
not lust long. Now diggings were
struck and like a flock of sheep everybody hit tho trail again and the town
was deserted, snd never since has tbere
been anyono    operating    on    Manson
creek, except a few of the more faith
It was in tho winter seasons tbat
ss the miners from the gold countries
s'liniii down here to winter und tn get
supplies ami grub for tho noxt sobsiiii.
During those winters in thu Uooil Old
Hays there were many stirring events.
The Indiana were natural savages und
wore constantly threatening to kill
every white mun. Very frequently
the natives gathered around thu miners'
tents, which were located where II,
Cunningham's store now si a mlu, aud
lire off Iheir guns ami make ull kinds of
noises, which in tho stillness of those
arscic nights wero hideous in tho ox
iri'ine. The whites never paid auy
iillenlinn tu Ihem nnd the Indians'
warlike intent inin ended iu threaten-
ings. >
In t lm. .■ Hood Old Day*. Ibe natives
indulged iu many horrible practices
which were finally stopped by the
Indian Agent. On one occasion this
old timer witnesses! the ecrciuuny of
au Indian qualifying as a doctor, or
medicine man. Ho noticed a great
stir on Ihu street and went urunml tn
see what'was going un.. Thu would be
doctor had captured a biawash dug aiol
in the presence of the whule tribe,
lum mi ils niuulb and proceeded lo de
vuur it alive. ' Ilu picked il up iu his
hands aud lure u bi|i piece off ils
shoulder, eating hair, skin ami all.
This ca .tie sight was cheered by the
unluukers and when Ihe one-man dug
feast wus over the savage was--., full
Hedged doctor, capable nf rtirinii the
wurst diseases uf tbe natives.
On another occasion the chiel' uf
tho tribe gave a dannco tu Ihe indiuns,
and bis squaw, a young uml beautiful
girl wus there. Bhe danced,and danced until about nine o'clock in Ibe
ovening when a blood vessel in her
head broke and she fell lu Ibe Boor
dead. There was a great commotion.
The Indians all lirol off their guns uml
raised an awful row. Tlie whiles were
particularly seared uutil tbey finally
learned the cause. A meeting uf the
band was held and it was decided
to bury the girl the sume as tho whites
lid. Three men went up tn dig Ilie
(.■ran', but the gruuml wus fror.cn ami
the work wus hursl, so they came buck
custom. A great bonfire wub built up
gild the hmly put on top and lire set
to the wood, 1'hon the Indians gathered around and watched the fire. When
a mail wss burni'il, tbe women all
gathered around thu head and made all
sorts of noises and tbe mon stood
back, fbst Is another practice that
has been stopped.
In those days the Indians all lived
nn the fiat now called tbe Point, and
thero wore uone in the upper part of
tho town until tho whites began to
come in. There wero a grout many
toluol poles then, but thoy have all
slisappearosl. fine of tho customs, when
a man put a tutum pole, sll his near
relatives mini,- a great bonfire and
burned everything tbey possessed)
clothes, furniture, canoes, guns, furs,
blankets smi uvorythiug olse. It all
went nn tho fire to help to do honor to
the great man. Sueh things are not
allowed now, These, with many other
little pass-times made life oxeiting
enough for the white pruBpeeturs whu
were wintering here. There was always
Bumcthing doing, ami there was no time
for a man to worry over his misfortunes.
Are Those Christmas
Decorations Safe?
Warnings and Suggestions Thst kse
Worth Heeding
The superintendent of insurance for
Iho province has issued au official
warning lo all those wbo are prone lo
run risks ut Christmastime for Ihe
sake uf decuratiuns.
Fire slue lu carelessness in connection with Ihe decoration of stores,
churches, schools uml homes for the
ilu, nun■■ season are, he says, more
numerous lhan ia generally imagined.
Complete statistics are not available,
but Information collected shows Ihul
sin h tires arc numerous, costly from a
money standpoint, and attended with
much suffering and deplorable loss of
life, ll is estimated that last year
there were 000 such fires In Ihe Unitod
As instances of carelessness, he
|uules the following :
Tu lumper wilh electric wiring tu
produce  or  facilitate  displays;
Tu use cot Ion batting in a show-
window or under a Christmas treo to
represent  snow;
To allow. Ihe inexperienced and
imi.i; Iui,■.-■ ID du Ihe dccoraling;
Tu hung iiiHummable mat,rial wbcro
and another meeting wus held uud Ihey i il touches or muy be pushed or blown
lei'iiled lo burn Ibe body as was the I against stove-pipes, steam-pipes, lamps,
gas or Olectrie lights: .
'To use colli/loiil ornamsnt" tn i)ecor;
Jq allow children to light candles
on a tree;
To leave matches where children can
get then) for the purposo;
To allow children to touch an illuminated tree;
To leave an unlllumiuated tree ui|-
To allow paper aud rubbish to accumulate in the premises and about tho
furnace, owing to pressure of business;
Tho superintendent enumerates some
of tho outbreaks which occurred last
Christmas through carelessness. Hriclly
they woro as follows!
Boy's costume, trimmed with pot-
ton bulling caught firo from candle.
Boy and a visitor slightly burned.
A scholar was fatally burned, due to
bor clothes catching firo from candle
on school Christmas treo. Anothor
scholar fatally burned from same causo
at i'u,.Iin i echol.
Firo was causod by a toy motion
I no machine. Tbo film, while being exhibited, Hupped over on to lop
uf lump and ignitod.
Children ignited cotton decorations
used to represent snow around Christ
mas tree. Fire spread throughout Drat
floor. Members of family seriously
Children iu lighting candles on
Christmas tree set firo tu decorations.
Cat upset i'In...in.:.:, tree. Damage
tin. jet set fire to Christinas decorations.
Mercantile—A lighted caudle ignited
decorations in allow windows of hardware store.
Mercantile—Fire spread rapidly,
due to holly, mistletoe uml smilnx
Mercantile—Store profusely decorated with evergreen boughs,und feslouns
ignited from defective electric wiring
Fire spread rapidly uud burnt fiercely,   Loss $8111,154.
Fur tbo prevention of such catastrophes, aa these, the superintendent
suggests thai smoking bIiuuI.1 uot bu
alluwcd where there are inflammable
decorations. Also be conleuds that
a- be -to-, fibre will represent snow and
lhal metallic, tinsel is belter Iban paper, "Let there be no Christmas hur-
rore in British Columbia," bo concludes.
■  Pictures—all  prices
Home Furnishers.
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and enjoy life if we
supply   the   heater.
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and Airtight Heaters of various jsizes.
Give us a call, we will be pleased
to show you their good qualities.
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
You can get an Express Christinas Number
Wrapped ready to mail to your friends for a nickel
Early Construction of Second Narrows
Bridge Now Assured
See Our List of Bargains in 204
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P, S, Tbomafe, PJun» IL
nmrnaanmsmwrntmsmiin is ' nam    n  mm   i i .(
ESPANADE, lit St. frot
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