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Iran tka miMtmn
*Wftt*Sr%m  Wmfm  mmamam/mmwim
>   yfijfM m llVm tw mm
aftfgt OnUerlh kmal Burrard
>g,t and t« cenatmct a Una nf railway
4rom Out point tt tkt day tf Matta
Vancouvar, baa bean received Irf tkj»■
tldant tjIwimiliT Smith tf tka Board
pt Trtde, and tka proportion will bl
dlicuiied tt tka (.rural ajftjgf tt ba
beld at tbt Oity Hall tomorrow ma-
lug. Otbtr matten ot importtnro will
ll.-.awlae bt coutldired at that a large
attendance of membera It urgent.
Local ud Personal
Mri. i(. I). Haggles will receive oa
Thursday anil on tke tbird Tbumlay of
ouch succeeding noatk.
Tbe Hii. Miration ia bertbed on tke
Nortb Vancouver t'ual aad Supply
Coinptuy'i wbtrf witb a large cargo
of cement from Todd Inlet.
Christmas preatnla and plait work at
tbe great Doll Skew of Ike MasoD in
Bt. Joku'i Pariak Htll, November
28th. 17-11
Dr. Dyer will remove oa Uooilay,
tbe Sillh iiat, from kit present place of
rt'siileiicc  to  bit  new  borne on   13tk
ttreet west.
- Tbe St. Andrew'a aad Caledonian
Society nave organized t dance for
St. Andrew'a nigbl, November 3th.
The proceedi will be devoted to tke
society's charity work.
Witb  regard to tbe jaaiiortkip of
(be city ball it bat beta decided to
retain  tha   service! of Ur.    Walter
flraham who has acltd ia lhat capacity
for tometime paat.
W. Wooton, l(. H. Marriott aad i.
May, lo adopting liquid means af keep
ing ont the cold, were not inBeieatly
discreet. Magistrate KeaJy oa Satur
.|ay morning for thit reason laed Ihem
IS and co.ls or I.n dayi ia default.
W»fH ?4lfPQtIVP, B. fki fUBI9A.11 PVTffltpjl It, mi
 a?li Ul" UL Ml mi l\ II llllllillUMakltaraWewMkBgSga
McDougsll-Jenkins Engineers, Limited Complete Contrac^Qfficial Trial Trip Satisfactory-
Vessel Taken Over by Government,
POUNIJ-Onf isliing .lory." W. H.
TkPffpwn, Uslli-burn I', p.       \-w
(-QBT-I)lack am)  wbilo "huiky"
dog.   Iloliirii to T. 0, Tiiiiiiunt, curlier
Wye nnd Obtsttrflii|il.    Buward. If 11
LOST OU BTPI^N-I'piattf ■ |>|tcb,
seen |git it North Vaneouver ilutel.
Antvrart to tbt uunio pf "Beauty";
color white and choeolato. Helum to
1*. Larion, North Vuncuuver Hotel and
receive rowurd. 14-11
H00M8 FOB BENT-Housokoepiug.
218 2nd Street eait.
1100118 TO LET-With or without
lioanl. Apply Miss Burton, 133—tth
■■ ti.-.'t west. t.f.
TO KENT—Puriiiaheil email bouio,
IMh street wilt, Apply Mr. Higglu-
liui luun. cor. 17th and Mahon.     18-11
mahSam&iiW' -.»-.»•%.•*--•"---
• Tbt dredge "Maeiadoa" arrived
yeit.rday from Victoria aad ia tow
anchored la tht Inltt of thia eity pre
paratory to aadergoing eateative re
|sair» under one of tb* lota) ihipbuild
ing c i.in panic.
In connection witk tke Nortb lain,
dale rbnrch tke Ud|l|' AaailUry bave
arranged a social far tklt iv.alng to
take place at tke residue, tf Mm.
Archibald. Bone original attraelioai
bave been promiud.
Mayor McNeUk aad Aid. M.Kaa, l#
preaeatiag tkt city, aad B«*ve Mc
Naught aad Councillor Bridgman repre
lenting tbe diitrict, have hem aver to
Victoria today ta tttaad tbe uaiou of
llrititb Columbia Muniripeliliw. Thay
will probably return ra Friday.
Tht one week old East Capilano Bala
payera' iatttittira an already tuck-
ling tbt buiinet*. A auniiag ha. been
arranged for thi. w»ek wkea a nu»b*r
of problem! will cotaa ap let toiolioa,
after which recommtadatiou will bt
duly submitted  lo tbe council.
Tbe taaaal Masonic 1*11 U to lake
place la tka Horticultural Hall aa
Thursday nigbl aad arraagcmenU aave
been madt on aa elaborate aetl* Tka
iinit.liom have coverall a wide radiu.
arceplancc* haviag b**a rttaivad from
Maaoni ai far diaUnt at B«lliagha«.
Tba function promiiet to bt a atttt
•ucceea/al ra*.
Mr. V. T. Salshury, irrotapanied by
Mrt. Salabury, left North Vancouver
oa Monday afltraooa to altopd tkt
convention of tkt Arctic Brotktrbotd
at J'ortlaad, Ort. It it Ut. Salabury <i
inlenlion to encourage tkt holding of
tbe nest roaveatioa ia thit eity.
Tke eook Uat \i Tucker's camp, ait
ualed oo tk* corner pi tbsti aai Bee
■.ml street tad Bt Otorgt*■ Avenue,
r.sllapted on Sunday in coaa.qt.nc. of
tbo weight of taow wkick had accnm
F inulated oa it. Tkt occupaati at tin
lent were aaatnbied at tkt fattive board
when tka calamity took p)«*. Fertua
ately nothing more aerioaa than incoa-
venieace took phytt.
The taow proved top kaavy for Ikt
awning outiide Bale't ttore oa tke corner pf let and Uasdai*, tad a auddta
downfall pf tke ttld awaag rewlud
In comequence.
.1 Tbt Ibiekueu of taow which epUnatad
on ibi top pf a brkk iked m Mated
itreet caused tkt Unttwa le tilt cltaa
wQfiWw  9*99 w*9tnmWftwwi
That tkt Nortk Shore ia in posilnm
to turn out workmanship of tbt best
• il tkl conalruction of iteel vet
efls wai amply demonstrates! ou Satur
day last to those wbo were in attend
anre at lb. official trip of tht new
iteel tog, Point Ellice, jutt completed
by McDougall Jenkins Engineer!, I.iin
itdl for the Dominion government.
The tug left Uind'l wbtrf, Vancouver, tt two o'clock p.m. aad after mat
ipg a lour of tkt harbor, made t run
up Nortk Arm tad reluming, tied up
at tke wbarf of tbe eonatrutting com
paay, thia city, at about five o'clock
During tkt trip Superintendent Bay
laid aad kit aaaitttata tried tko vessel
pat I* every manner that could suggest
itatif to Ikoat thoroughly conversant
witk Ibe requirements in inch cases. In
every particular tka vaatti vat found
to measure fully up ta tke ttandar.l
stud delivery wu accordingly accepted.
Tka Point Billet was ronatruete.l for
ike dredging department of tbe l'uli
lie Workt of Oanada aod designed as
a lender for tkt dredge Ajar tt Vic
terii to replace tba tug Petrel, which
all been madt into a truiier. The
measurements of tke Point Ellice are
at follows: Ungtb over all 81 feet
I lackae; breadth of beam, over plat
lag, tl leet, depth, 18 feat 414 inches.
Tka hull ia aud. of «tra kaavy iteel
throughout aid ia very strong forward
ia order if aaeeetai-y, to bt able to
Lynn Valley  Notes
Mr. L. Boack it building a bouse for
bimteif pa Haakina road.
Tkt tkermometer on Saturday regis
tend 11 degree* of froet.
Mr. F. B| Harmon, plumber of Norlh
Vancouver hu Milled ia kit new real-
dtact pa tka corner of Frederick and
Ceelr. roadl.
Mia. Clan Magtnnit la suffering
from a eeveraly sprained writt wkick
aaa sustain*! ii falling down .lairs at
tkt Btpreu Priiliag office, where she
it engaged ia tkt binding department.
Mr. If. Oermya bai been awarded
tkt contract by tat municipality for
building a bridgt pvtr l.ynn Creek on
ikt Bice Uke road, tki ceaatrurtipn ia
la flB awiag tad tkt bridgt la to be
anplnUd ky Ikt tad of December.
Ia tddition to tkt I'reebyUrieu aod
Anattctn ckurebet already erected, ar
raaatauata ut being madt '"' !■• ton
itrieliou of Melkodiit tad Hapli.t
ekartkat ii I-ynn Valley Tht litter
wikl probably bl litustcd in close
proximity ta tkt rteidtac. pf Beeve
Tbt aocial ii Knox ckurcb nest
Tburiday eventtg ii oat of a teriet
givea by tbt UdlaT Ala* ef tkt Prea
"lyteriao church aad ia I,it to all. The
aim of tke Udiet it to get newcomers
out aad to get aequeietod. Bight o'clock ii tko hour announced far com
meaeatnoat ltd beiidcs tkt free light
nlrnkmmtt provided by tka Udloe'
Aid, IM** will In a few mutical numbers by aumberi of tka mechanical de-
ptrtasnat nf lha Bipreea printing of
Ita.  Tkn program ii ai fotlowi:
9W IMI, "flM»#w Bpataeng''-
BtprtM Otoe Party; epag, "Alton Wa
tor", Mr. /. Veltth; aaag, "Heota Wba
Hu', Mr. D. Campbell; recitation, u-
Iwttei, JUr. K I. Mortal; part tong,
"A Utile term Well TilK" W
ptm Oim Vptfy, mag, "JM faad p'
tkt Ual," (by raonut), Mr. 0. Otmp-
Mli diet. "LariMard Wateh", Matin,
mfmmrf   *TWmWf        * 'mtllltH I T   T»HH'■■      I   ■■■    n-r w
break ico when occasion may require.
The engines were constructed by
Bow aad Duncan of Qlasgow, and are
compound engines 16 inch ami 32 inch
by 24 inches, capable of developing
iiiiii hone power. The boilers ure 12
feot 2 inches iu diameter by 11 feet iu
length locked at a pressure of Hill Ilis.
to the square inch. While speed was
not a factor iu the vessel, she is capable of developing a speed of 12 knots
par hour.
Tbo Point Ellice was designed by
Mr. H. A. Ilayliuid, superintendent of
dredging for tho dopirtmciit for British Columbia, by whom the construction was also superintended.
Tbo vessel, in charge of her newly
appointed officers, left for Victoria on
Monday morning and will bo employed
witb tho Ajax for a time to get llm-
bored up, after which she wili return
to Vancouver to act lender for tho
dredge Mastodon, in dredging First
Narrows uutil the lug point Qrey is
completed aud ready lo go into'com
mission, wbicb Is expected lo be about
the beginning of tho year.
The officer.-, uf tlio I'oini EHiee aro
Captain Mcldickiug and Chief Engin
ecr P. Pamphlet, both formerly of tht
Petrel. The crew is coniposcil of aov-
cnl of tbo membera of Hie crew of the
Petrel, together with a number of now
i'|i|,uiul, i- .
Thoae who were invited to participate
in tbe trial trip were as follows! Hon.
F. I., tarter Cotton, Mayor William Ms
r,'ci.ih, (ico. 11. Morden, .-.litur of tbo
Express; H. A. llayneld, E. V. Young,
A. II. Uealoii, A. F. Mentlei, A. E,
Hum.., .1. A. McDougall, P. Forsytb, A
McFoe, W. Shaw, W. Q. WuOster, u.
D. Bamsay and Wm. Watts. Tho trip
wu thoroughly enjoyed by tbe gueits
and tbe pleusurc was greatly enhanced
by the excelloiit cuisine deftly provided
by tbo capable ami obliging ebef -I.
Cessfuni, who presided over tbe galley
having received hii official appoiulment
from Ottawa a few dayi previous to
Iho dale of tbo trip.
Tlie construction of tbt Point Ellice
was carried out by tbe Mcliougull
Jonkins Engineers, iu tbe face of
many difficulties which are incidental
to tho operation of a new plant and a
newly organised business, but in tbe
words, of Superintendent Bayfield tbe
Arm turned out a "flrat clui job, sa-
tisfaetory to all partial."
Mucliougull .lenkiiia, Engineers, I.iin
itu.l, has recently been reorganized anil
placed upou a lirst class luincia! basis
us the result of tjic introdnctlou of
new capital- Mr, W. Bbtw, formerly
assistant manager nf tha Albion Iron
Works of Vancouvtr il in charge pf
Iho technical work of the firm witb
tbe rank of manager. Mr E. V. Young,
for many yeart witb tbe Woitlngbouso
Company »i Pittsburg, Chicago and
London, hu been appointed secretary
-nil is in cbtrge of thp business department. Extensive addition! bave boon
made to tbp building!, a large amount
of plaut bai been purchased and is bo
ing installed and tho business will lie
thoroughly equipped in every depart
ment for tbo turning uut of flrst class
work in au expeditious maimer A
foundry is being established and will
be equipped with- every facility fur
making all the castings etc. which may
be roquired.
Tliepluul in tho machine shop will be
largely Increased aud its efficiency developed to tbo highest possible point.
A large collection of valuable patterns
tor different cluset of work has been
purcbued and a pattern sbop will bo
calahliahi'il. A woodworking factory
will likewise be installed where tho
company will manufacture its owu patterns, moulding! and all similar products which may bo required. Tbo
paid up capital of the company bu
lieen increued by tbe turn of |liiii,iiiM.
Hon. F. Li. Carter-Cotton bu been elect-
id preiident and with him arc usociat-
ed u a board of director! prominent
and successful men wbo havo already
done a great ileal in promoting the
upbuilding of tbe great commercial cen
trt on llurranl Inlet, Tbe payroll of
tbt business ii at present aboul SI.Hilil
per month aud from tbii basis with
the steady development and extension
of the business which il bound to result from increaaoil financial itrongtb
ami tnergetic management, McDougall
Jenkini Limited ii destined to be one
of tbe most successful and valuable
manufacturing institutions on Iba
Nortk Short.
Chief Engineer Crutwell Ready to Report-
Type of Bridge Finally Decided Next Week.
Expreu Cla»iified Ads.
TO RENT—Nice li roomed tint. Apply Lonsdale Supply Stores, llll Lonsdalo Avenue. t.f.
Ho,«l room and hounl for il or 4 men
at Mrs. Tioruoy'n 8th street, lirst house
east of Boulevard. 2411
l-'uriiishcil  rooms,   single   und    two
.limbic    with    SlOVO,   good   Slid    c-inn,
suitable for Ibrco or lour friends, lol
East ltd streot. 11112
POR HENT-Fourruoincd buuso, Oth
street . ,-is.i, one block from car Hue;
em lii.-ci poultry run. Apply Evos k
Co., real estate, Ijonsdalc Avo,    1711
FOB KENT --Small furnished cottage, block uml a hulf from cur. Excellent view. Nu children. Bout
ffl A, B. H„ I', 0. Drawer 1418, Vancouver, llll
TO LET-Piirniibcil room. Apply
200 Soi-oml street west. Eutrauco loin-
porary off Third alreet. lu II
TO BENT-Cbnk'o moi|ern suites ou
3rd itreot. Apply Alox. Sin illi k Co.,
North Vancouvur. t.f.
FOB KENT ll.s.hus, with or without boiiiil Apply 436 2nd slroot E.
One minute from cur. 1711
FOB llENT-Fiveroumed bungaloy,
modern, 8lh street east, near Victoria
1'ark. John Dluison, Colonial Apart
ment House, 8lb slreei, phono 21(1. tf
.1. I .unlet and North Lonadala
Got it at I imiilulo J'bnrraaoy Phono 311
Quod young itock Bull, eorner ltth
strctt and  Million   An-. 14.11
Agroemeutt for Sale discounted.
Money wailing. Lonsdale Bealty Co.,
036 Lonsdalo Avenue. Phone 317.   t.f.
Nortk Vancouvor Fish aud Produco
Co. Fresh and smoked Fish a specialty.
131 Fint itreot west. 24 ll
B. M, Bicbmoad, teacher of violin,
1417 Jon*. Avinut. 1711
Sinct hit arrival on tbt ground, Mr.
E. Crutwell, reiidont chief engineer
for tht conitrucllon of Sti-ond Narrow! bridge, bu been actively engaged in tbe preliuiinarict neceitary to
the Bull decision U Ibwilie type pf
bridgt to bt constructed, lo which
tnd be bu been in close consultation
witb Ibo local Arm of Clcvelaud apd!
Cameron, witb  Burrard Inlet, Tm I
k Bridge Company, Ibe B. 0, | '   Wfc
Ibo V. W. k Y. By. <'„., and tbt city
council of Vancouver. At tbt result
of his investigations Mr. Crutwell hu
hid prepared several alternative plant
wbleh will be submitted to tbo board
of diroclon of Burrird Inlet, Tunnel
k Bridge Company at a meeting to be
beld next woek when a ileluile decision
will bo arrivtd at wilb rtferenet to
Ibo type of bridge and plant will bt
proceeded wilb at port, in accordance
wilb tbat dec 1 won.
V.itcb and Wagbornt; long, "Mary''
Mr. 1. Vcilcli; part long, "lloinlniglil ".
Express (lice Party.
Couotloii city and district children
bad their loboggiua oulduriug tbe per
iod of keen froit. Nothing more desir
tMt for tbeir purpose could be imagined than tbe extended slopes of the side
wilki. Tkt youngslers have since
•Uied tbtt Ihty Hire time tud again
greatly inconvenienced by obtlinate
pedeetritni who penis(ed in walking
pp. tbi tiidiwalki.   /
i:i!i M. J. Phelan, Vancouver, lot
4, block So, ub. 271, 141b ttrut, lo
build t plumbing simp.
41 E. W. Sieve, lot 97, block lit,
sub. 274, Eiplanade tut, to tract t
one leiiellli'lll   building.
Tbo Truth ttudlnti clui will mitt
ovcry Tuesday eveuing at 8 o'clock at
Ibe reiidonce.of Mrt. Utllagfcpx, Keith
road, near Bidgoway. Stndpnt* desiring higher ipiritual itfoldrnaut aro
cordially invited tp attend. tf
mm/Mr, Mot. Ittk-ltditt' Auxiliary *ocUl, H. Lomdtli buicb, at
ratldaact pf Km. Archibald.
Thnraday, Npv. Wth -Muting Pf tho Board pf Firry Director*. | p*
Tburiday, Urn- t»Mi-Jat>*>»' AU   Free Social , moat Otwta,   IfW
nuradtr, Warn- m-^nem Matting ft pm* fmfi, I o'aTock.
Friday, Mpt, )Tkk-«. kadiiwl tad Oa|tdpa|t# HoaW, ft**
Monday, Mw. ^HW*i*lo» Opb $tut, ttwMculturtl Hall
Mpadajr, Mor- M*-ajMifai pf Oty *aic*l, I p'p|pc*;
FOB BALE   Frctb mutbroomi .tally
at tbi (Irolto. Ill
FOB SALE-Fint collie dog, 11
monthi' old. Owner leaving for Bog
land.   Apply Ktndit Kltcb.n,     14 11
FOB SALE Fir Wood, ll.hn pa,
cprd. Apply John Campbell, Ul-tth
slreei west or phont 86]. HMD
FOB SALE - A Null refrigerator
Enquire Hammond's Howling Alley,
Louideli Aveuue. 14 II
FOB SALE -Fir.1 growth dry wood
for S4.76 per cord, 4 ft. 0. McD.de,
Pkone 82. t.f.
FOB SALE Three 50-foot Iota on
Queen it reef, tve minutei' wtlk from
Umdale.   Ttrmi,  Apply  K.,  Expreu
FOB BALK-FIr Wood, 16 1 cord.
Mill Wood, 14 lock cedar, 14 a load.
0. 0. il.   L»ve order, tt biro, 71b aad
Bidgeway. 24 11
FOB SALE Two lots, Mock aaa a
half weat pf Umdale pn 22nd itreet,
1110 ttf bath. Tumi, kopfy ewm, **
LoudtJt Avennt. 2011
Five rpomtd eotitgt and eltaraij lit
tixm Ip Lynn Valley fpsr yardi from
carline. $1700. Ter»t. Pa|mcr (late
Ward) llurraoiter tnd vpn Orapvinltf,
ltl Umdale Avenue. Fbont 7L    t.f.
Vau-ffioraiA bungalow, ntw, balji,
toilet, furnace, lot cleared and fen.c.td,
IUM. HM cub, belinei arranged.
Falaiar (lata far*) Burauter aid m
titmvtnllx,   W   Untitle   A-timi.
it, u
We dose Sundays. I'lione 924, /.
ti. English, 0. K Urocory, 13 Lou-
Uie Avouue.
For plumbing! pipe tilling tnd con
n.-eliiig tee F, B. JIi-rnii.il, Frederick
Bold, Lynn Valley, or Phone 184.   If.
M. II. Biyinenl for flnt clui drtti-
miking. Second houie, 8tb itrett I,,
adjoining welt ot Boultvard tnd car
uat. if
The Oity Dye Worki, on comes Be-
plauado But ind Umdale are enabled
by virtue of |hiir large plant in tbp
city lo nol only clean tbo clotb but
tbt lining, pockets, otc. of ovory tult
they dry clean at tba inmt modoratt
pricaa tbty have tlwiyi chwgid. t.f.
Iiuporlcil tailoring, flent't lulu to
meuure from $11, freight and duty
paid, hundreds pf samples. A pott
card, will bring then) lo yojr door.
Bpborl Smifli, 831$ Clark Pr|vp, Van
couver.  Phono Fairmont UMB. 10)2
Sewer cpnnectipat dpne by expert
pipp layprt. Work «P#ranta#d tp pUi
oily engineer's office iuspoctlon. Only
(rat clui Scotch pipe ind prime Port
land cement used. 'Estimates furnish-
pd. Apply K. B. Paykull pt oico pf
Nortb Vancouver Coal ini Supply (lo.,
Ui: 1-12
^rWtWml mimnf
WANTKD-/)rcismak|ng, itylo ind
W guartnled. Mn. Bowet, "Boacobel"
Sth itrett and Chuttrltld Avt. 1411
WANTED -A good geft*iral tprvint.
|pp)y, Mn. flould, (mwioti Boad,
Lynn Vallty, between » a.m. and noon.
WANTED --Ttndora /or clearing
and giad|ng lot », Woflc J»„ diitrict
lot -ft*, (f »Mgb«t, p. 0. Bfit 84|3.
; ■ I
M0BT8 VAJi*ei)ffviB|i.".r-,,..■..•-	
—■■ .'»M -
Patst of Snbacriptiont-Onp year, OWP, 81* moptki, Mt, Three monthi, i
United States and Foreign, $3.00 par year.
Adyertitlng Bates WW Bt »«uete* oa Application,
Tbe Bxprtit It devoted to the interests of the Nortb Bhore pf Burrard. Inlet
exclusively, It constitutes an advertising medium ot exceptional value for
retching In a thorough and effective mannor the population of North Vancouver
City and Diitrict. Every effort It made to give advertiien tfcp most satisfactory
.•prvlco. ' *■
All changes In contract advertiienieuts' should be in the printers' hands not
later than i'l t- m, Monday and A P- >"■ Wodnoiday to ensure initrtia* ip tbe
following isine,
Nortb Vtnceuw, B, 0,,.,
.MoTtsmbtr 14, WU.
ship and at to tbe financial ability of
the province to provide the very beit
that li procurablt with resptct to all
features of tbe educational problem
Tbe time it not far to seek when tbe
youth of British Columbia of both sux-
et will be found by tbe thousaud frequenting the bails and lecture rooms of
the provim-iiil university ami in due
eoune, graduating therefrom, with tha
vory but academic equipment which it
is possible to procure, for tbe particular
calling in life, for which tbe student
has striven to qualify blroulf or herself. The beneficial influence wbicb
au institution of the character d,eno|ed
is destined to exert upon tbe type of
citizenship cannot well be exaggerated.
It is well within the mark to declare
that the provincial university wili toon
win ils way to a commanding position
in wbicb it will rightly be coniidpred
one of the greatest assets pf British
Columbia and tbe uoblest of provincial
forn. of goyoriinWt  sWorkl  quite as
satisfactorily In this city as it does in
other pl|HM|inilltr|y situated, but tjip
Published, JwtAtyt and Fridays by North Short Prate, Mwlt*'       te^ advances of (opinion and of re-
qEQ. H. MOBDEN, BPITOB ANP MANAQBB, '       mtm whjib Nafta Vancoover en
joy tends to a much more rapid pm
nt eivipprogress th&n might be the case
under less advantageous circumstances.
North Vancouver's development It detained to procood by forced marches, so
to speak. Publio works of great magnitude whoea cpnstrucHpn, under normal
conditions would bi laid over for p time
pr otherwise wpuld he undertaken in a
leisurely Cushion, musl bo provided on
the North Shore at an parly date
In the city't history and wjtbiu »
abort period pf time- The statement
will not he contradicted by those who
art wall Informed, that fpr a city of
the ago of North Vancouver, to bo
equlppod with all the institutions, con
vmiieiiccs pod public works character-
istic of tht largest and most progressive
centres, ns this city it tnsliiy it very
exceptional. This precoeiousness, aa
among the cities nf tbe province will
plwayi be characteristic of tbis eity
bacaute of tbe necessities which ire inseparable from the natural advantages
which it enjoys. The result is that
there it au unusually large development
pf civic business, at a comparatively
early stage of tbe city't growth ami
thit' crutaa exceptionally large do
mnmls upon the time ami attention ol'
those citizens who muy bo elected tu
tbe city council.
Already it is eousidered u at rung recommendation upon the part of any
candidate for civic honors, if he is
able to assure tbo electors that he is
iu position to devote a vory largo pro
portiou of bis time exclusively to civic
business. Inasmuch as it is already in
acknowledged fact then, that pur abler
men must bo prepared, in large degiee
lo fulfil tbo duties of eoiiiniis.voiicr.1,
would it uot be preferable tn i pi the
logic of tho situation and make them
sucb ill reality f If they wore serein,!
the city ts commissioners, tbey would
devote tbeir entire time and attention
to the city's interests and woui.l receive remuneration commensurate with
tboir services and consequently Iho
efficiency of tbeir services woui.l bo
bucil upon the reteutiou of a very do-
airahle position at a good salary, instead of upon a mere retontlon of civic
"Illinois" which aro frequently more
imaginary than real.
Under civic government by Board of
Aldermen, a eity gets from eititent
witb whom attention to civic affairs is
a secondary occupation, without paying
for their services, the utmost amount
of time and attention that tbey can afford to givo tbe city, while under government by eonimisiiou, the eity gets
tbe undivided time and attention of
men who soon become experts in their
line and pays tbcrefor an adequate
price Tbo question which remains is
this. At what stagt of affaire dots tbo
time arrive wben, the interests involved are sufbcietly extensive to make it
bettor business upon tho p.-ut of tbo
city lo git undivided services from
professional civic officials ami pay for
tbem, rather than to get divided services from amateurs (with all due respect to our worthy aldermenj for nothing. ,
Tbe lliwrd of Aldermen in any pro
greaiive city could not bo chargeable
witb mistaken policy, who decided to
givo tbt ratepayers au opportunity lo
pronounce upon this Important matter,
at a comparatively oarly dale in the
city't bittory.
' < The Intentions of tha provincial government witb reference to tbt provincial university, u outlined by Dr.
Young, Minister of Education, In his
notable utterances at the convention pf
School Trustees lut week, ibow conclusively tbat the government has
rightly gauged the pre-eminent position
Ibat education it destined to occupy
in the future progress of tbe nationa
and is likewise determine;! that the
youth of British Columbia shall be accorded facilitiet which properly appro-,
dated ami utilised, will place them
upon vantage ground equal to the best
that tho world affords and second to
none in this superlatively important
The splondid seliemo unfolded by the
Miuister of Education should raise tbe
enthusiasm of educationists to the highest point aud cannot but be received
With universal acclaim by tbe entire
The location Beleeted for tbe building is superb, the grounds are ideal
and ample, The magniflcunt endowment of one million aires of public
lands which has been sat aside by the
government for tbe purpose is out of
tbe most notable1 instances on record of
the utilisation of a portion of tbe public domain for tbe promotion of tbe
interests of tbe people aa such, and afford! positive ossuraiice that as time
goes on, tbe University of British Col
umbiu will rank u one of tbe wealth
iost educational institutions iu tbi
Tbe character of tbe building! u
described by Dr. Young, is te be in
keeping witb tbe high degree of ex-
, elleni e indicated by tbe wbolo scheme
Tbe foremost architects of ths world
will be given opportunity to capture
the distinction of designing these
liiiildiugs, so that when rompleted Ihey
will represent tbe highest product of
ihe modem architectural genius, while
their internal arrangement and ap-
pumlnieul* will embody the lut word
lu dale from tbo foremost cxponenti
of the i-i ieiiiilic construction of public
The faculty of the university will be
composed of educationists ami profes-
sort, representative of tbo moat run
nent expouenti of modern thought and
im I Inula, and no expense will be spared
in this department inumucb u it necessarily constitutes the very heart of the
whole iiiililulioii. Correspondingly the
equipment of tbe institution for scion-
i ibe instruction u well u for original
nveitlgltlpn in the several depart
uiintt, will be strictly modern ami tbor
i.uglily efficient in every dotail.
Hy on means the leait important of
Ibe notable ullcruii.es of the Minister
of Education wu that to tbe offset
Ibal Ihil university ia designed to be
a popular cducitioml institution in
tbe broad sense of thl term. It cannot
but afford the tutnioit satisfaction to
all classes of citizeus to bae>/tbat
ihe customary fees which ao frequently
■ iiii.-iiinio sucb a formidable barrier
to youth who long for a higher education, are to be abolished ami tbat it
it Or. Young's desire that from tha
lime the child begins at tbo public kin-
dorgailen, education shall be free until
Ihe limo be or ibe steps out of tbt
portals of th. provincial university
carrying a diploma from tba institution,
tinder any conditions such i scheme
mint be recognized u one of iiiagin
liceni proportions, but when tht pop-
ulatiop pad tka stage uf development
of British Columbia u at present ia
eowidered, it becomes well nigh ttupen
ilput. it is gntityipf, bowtver, to
know that tbi pducitwpl affairs of
Htll province art io the keeping of
thou who*, penpactiva ii accurate u
Hi tbt wpruap mpnupt, al aduutlon
Tbt text pf tht propoied amendment
to tbo act of incorporation of the eity
of Vaneouver, to provide for civic
government by commission, is now before tbo public aud makes interesting
reading* fur all, eitbtr iu that city or
elsewhere, wbo take an intelligent interest lu municipal affaire.
Tbe movement it one which will be
watched witb especial iuterest in this
city, partly became of'the close relationship! wbicb necessarily exist between the Bouth Shore and the Nortb
Shore of Burrard Inlet and likewise
became tbe conclusion cannot but pre
seutltself forcefully to thoinimi of local ratepayers, that sooner or later, tbt
day it certain to come when tbit eity
will liml it advisable to seriously consider a similar development, u to civic
Should, tne prestnt tehttne lit. con-
lummaled in Vancouver (u it doubtless
will be) tbat city will be the pioneer
municipality in Ibe province to depart
from tba conventional lorm pf civic
government, by means of a board of aldermen and it will doubtlew develop
Ibat the experience of our great commercial metropolis witb Ibe new order
of things, will determine tbe trend of
event! along similar linei in other cities throughout the provinct
Should civic government by commit
sion work out iu tbt practical experience of Vancouver, as a pronounced
improvement upon tbe older form, it it
safe to tay, tbat to far u other .-it
ie* are conctrntd tbt question will resolve mlu tbat of de. isbug u to thl
exact stage of development at wkirb
the advisability of mcb a change entire tb. arena of practical polltici, in
the respective cities. Vancouvtr has
postponed Ibe departure until ill pop
illation |i ovtr one hundred Ihousund
and tbe volume pf civic bwiueu hu
attained very large proportion!. Inumucb u it fell to tbe lot of tbat
city to "blaze tbt I rail" ip thia im
portunt matter, it it safe to conclude
that thl change (if lurccitful) wu undertaken later than wu justifiable, rather Iban too oarly jn the city's history.
Tbi pioneer of British Colombia citiea
in this particular, having removed tba
matter from the experimental to tap
practical stage, 4 any he expected that
other i-iiiet will adapt tbt plan, at rata-
lively a murk earlier date in Iheir
With input tp the ci|y of Nortk
Vaneouvir, onca tkl advantage* of civic
government by commission tri conceded, there are local condition! wbicb
would lead to tbo Mwdution, tint the
did ii «ot far distant whip Ikt proportion to tdopt |bat fprra of govern-
mint might bp wbaftud to tU radio fie trt.Kft welfare pf tke ihtiua- payers wltb good rtuo*. Tka prtaaat
VI Mid   in. ixulfcai of Haoufadurdi,
Ba|)D«ri.n4 cthtn wlso it.ll.c the aAWttUI-
Ily of having their Palest jnulacae Uaiiaaclcst
Wi*. VrtUaalury Uric. free. Charge)
I M lfclita.nM. MalsW Vattfr
**W W 9mo fj tw^r\9l^9,mwp fay ■*>
palftDffi very easy bundles | not* strictly modem oom on
|8|h street near brisdale, lot has W feet frontage, price
Phone It], North, Vptpwver, 0. C.
90 Lonidale Avenue     Next to P.O.
One block from carline, splendid position, lot SO by 150 foot.
I'rice (75U on terms of ono third cash and tho balance in 6, and
12 months.
100 liy 1-10 foot, close to Keitli   Hun,I,   splendid    soil.      I'rice
$1200 on tcrine of % cub, and balance 6, IS and 18 monthi.
For further particular! of above and other rttldtutlal tad buil-
iitti properties ut
15 Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 70. P. 0. Box 1816
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
, Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rales to families and to regular hoarders.
REDA & ANDRUSS    ,',",',     Proprietors
Capital 1'aid Up  I H7M.00O
Rutrvi k Undivided I'rofili    3360,000
Total Aitati 10,000,001)
Hoiidot uteting ao iaoentlvt to
tave, a living! aauiuat ntfoi-li a
ult and convenient' method ol keep-
iuu tho accumulating dollart.
Bale cuiluly ia ol paramount im-
porfanoe—aUher for the bard-urnad
uvingt  ol   tbt worker  or (or  truit
lunda. |
Tlm Hank ..I Hamilton invjtu your
tavinga account, whirl ber lugr or
p. ii. HKtVKN, ileal,
Kuril. Vmuavir
Lynn Valley Lota
ou vpt wi? wm .
I have itill several lets ip Hock l,
of p. I.. 2008 mar Fromnio rood fnr
sale at 1300 to t)3Bp,_ Terms T86 oath,
balancp by ten half yearly instalments.
Also one lot in 11. L. itti nur Pep-
tre road, for tit$0.  Terms 160 casbj
balance in Six half yearly lustalmoi
and uvwai M* ■¥* pp flaakiat
at very low prjeoi anil on terms
will suit.   ,  |
1   havo  also  P  choice  nolo,
acreage lots aad i>,y lets in
couvcr on which handsome
be made.
Insurance Broker,
WMb We$, Esplfuiade.        Bj
m i
Telephone 276
Expert on Fireplaces and All Clint)
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth St. apd Mahon Ave.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co,, Ltd.
Wharf: Cor. St. Ocorgo'a and
Ksplinade.     Oflice, 50 Lonsdale
Wharf l'bono 188.
Office Phono 108.
We can delivor at onco in largo
or suii.ll qoantitiea.
Set your wintor luppiy.
Prompt delivery a specially.
Paper the World
Irom our itock of ntw Wall Papaii
to it icemi.   Kvcry day aonit new
j     dtarign  arrive! to fill  the vacancy
of thou cloud out.
Handsome Will Papers
;       I i aUJi»—
tri btrt ip tndltsM variety. Juil
till our inlctmtn lor wbat room
you want tba paper and bt will
abov/ you juat tbit pattern you arc
looking for.
To  oboou Irom our itock it a pica-
aurt, to pay puf prtpe it uiy.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
111 IjonsdoJ. Avsnu*
PboM ll'J
till     i   .m'l1,
100 ft. frontage on KING STREET, East (which is now
being Macadamized) for
$l,050~One third Cash
•W W)N»PAU KWiW    99.mm  nmnm     NORTH VANCOyVER
Itmmmmmm n   iiiiii .
1   »   in i Tl
nosdayifroni the c
Ainsically valu
ishionable novo
id makers in tjil
Europe, there is va,
and all within the pi
est purses.
for pnly It flrnni *oi It
weekly ypn »n tiny the
LBABI.8 ..**»»*, reservoir or waterfront template ItAtA op-   Sep the
m9>% nn m »,
ras, PAINTS, OIM, Etc.
[die & Clark
George E. Tr
Hastings and Granville Sirs
comet to tnty, our
„1Im   lfaai#'WW|i^
pwclwivdf pbtained
EL PEBOO        gjC4i\
tlie electric coffee. pcr-K||W \0 jkttll JTOU fpOjU
coiatort T*_w ua, our goodi aod
^^     ap wo iijviri*
BL stovo fr-p^op around" a bit
tbo disc on wbicb tbe
electric current will do
your cookiugt
Drop in at our office
your kitchen cares ma]
All Are
an  Ordina
ffla BeHflF Me Weptpnapt-Gevpriw
Vm mi* tho fellewltig appplntwimts:
Aftlint Nnnus Pppp, pf Pe»ehj»pd,
10 1)9 a jHtJeij pfrte peacp.
I Gpaw AlmtA.nr. Mr Vum* p»
preitpn, tn bo a stip<t<.w majf'stwtP
fpr Crestpt|.
I Obu]tfi /thp South pf V»ne.piuveF,t9
|io fitepHty palipp magfttrate,
Clitrles Tpni Bcay pf Vapcpnypr, 9
p., barriiteratlt'T', tP V* p notary pub
.  ic and a cpniraissinnor fpr taking nl
|: iilaviti within the province.     f
The fpllpwipg lotVp plip beep ap
lointod aa cni|iniiisinnon far taking alii-
lavits w'thin the prpyincp: Wilfred
Htrry (ipttrell, pf Booth Hill, fpr tin
KichmpiMl  electoral  diatrict;   Andrew
El. Lloyd, pf St. Simp, fpr tbe Vale
iloctoral diitrict; Joseph llijskin aud
tfiebatl James Mabouoy pf Vancouver,
for tbo Vaueouver city electoral  district.
CertiflcateB  pf   incorporation   bavo
pun granted tn tbp following coin-
aniea: Canada Mosaic Tile Co. Ud.;
Canadian Hypothec anil (luurautco Op.
,td.;   Dickinson   *   Op.    Ud.;' Dnllnr
ri'<*p|)j|> Wpes. U').; P»cifto Heating
nisi Plumbing Oo. Ltd.; (Jueen  I lliur
otto on Pielil UA-; Bprispp's Ware-
lousing  U||,;  Sunset   Irrigation   mui
Ppwpr Company, hit).
The   Viller  Muiiufucluriiig  Op.  bus
DOOR registered aa an extra-provincial
| »P»papy-
MU8HB0QMS fresh fiti'y »' On
Itarpttp. m
nm *       Pr9»-
Oarllno to Fort Moody Proji
Motor Bui Lino For
Vict Over Stout Bold to D
Hundred and Bight,
Botidonti of tbo district tributar/ _____mnmmi^^mmi
Huntings itreet cut will bavo truii
portation facilities of tbo best chart/
ter in tbe nwr future, according ',\f ETY  DErQSl I
plans uow under consideration.      t 'I
At Ibt muting lut evening of P'T    tAaCT, fflylW'
Burniby Oity Council, tbe offor of L 9-     *^9rW*=
(leorgo Wimoiii, a capitaliit of Hutinl
Towusito, wu taken under consider!
tiou and Ibt matter referred to tbt ei
tolicilori, and lo cut tbt solicitors i
viio tint tbe city bu tbe right
grant tbo franchise it will be furtb
Mr. Winon's proportion ll I
a line from tbo
tbt itreet rallwp
inn and IMS) and
Mi nni nni' a UU
vice will  be  put
Iniei than March I
Hastings drove in
prutnt car line tin
Tbe contract fol
road on Kail Haot|
along and will be c|
tbo Pole Line road
adding very greatly
for reaching tbii rat
tion of tbe city.
Tbo subject pf lightning and light-
ging protoction bai received compart-
lively leu. attention in Canada  than
in any pt tbp higher civilized nations.
Itt seriousness lias never been Jisputod
nut the people generally look upon it
it unpreveiitahle ,und bavo been con-
sot to "take chances" ou ils over doing   tbom any  personal barm.     In
nauy parts of tbo Unitod States and
European countries tbo matter bus liooii
itudie.l cxleniivoly and insurance Cora-
laiiies are giving    material)}    hotter
rates in cases where the buildings in-
lured bave made ample lightning pro-
lection     Ono   compuny in tbe United
states  has   been   organized   to   insure
sodded huildjiigs exclusively ami witb
sum total of »si,iiiiii in riiks has not
ibiI to moot any claims in eases of
wildings lushing destroyed by lire. In
'aiiadn, un tho contrary, there is not an
I nsuranie    company    recognizing   the
| value ot lightning rods ou a building
ind indeed some claim tp bo not conduced tbat lightning rods aro in any
llienio beneficial.
Tbt skepticism ii no doubt due in
luge measure to tbo fact that many
nuibliiigs equipped wilb rodi bavo met
witb disaster, and tbat the priuciplo
if lightning rods do not claim Ibat a
j rod on 1 building, although properly n
italled—ti many of tbcm tre n.l in
mrci tbit building forever tgaiut
lightning. Tbey say, however, tbat tbe
rods dp, however, prevent destruction to a "itruek building" in ovor
ninety lisi' per cent, of tbo eases whore
tbe building bu beeu properly rodded.
Aud tbey turn and uk you if you
would uot rather have ninety live per
-■ont, prevention tban no prevention
" lit.
I. fleornc.   Holiday ii
nd 7.11) p.m.   Sunday
KIWTH VkMflinillhn.
i—Corner of tlh and
_j Service., 11.01 am.
"p.m. Sunday School and Ulblc
Rani.'"il» im. SePlor I.catUe, Mon-
W I p.m. Prayer and Prnlio Scrvl
Weilnctdir, S p.m. Junior I-cag
Tliurailay afternoon at 111
Mf. C. Sctilltclic
i Service,
.   tnlr.ir'.   rrtal»lrrl»   I buret,
Ih Hold   Service.:    Morning II 00:
Sttnlna, fjt.   AAu\l BJbJc '"-	
Sunday School. IJl
I I' in
,. Clan. IJ JO
1.VM.C..B., ITuc
„,.   JSplr h—,-T
lti-v   Itlllllilil Miss .'I.isl.
, JteJIhg, wed-
I' p. in    Choir PiactlM
m.   Prayet
lo  I+IWWI.  . ,
i«aJ Vtim tomawtoh
.  JVwmwlUritmwiW
loulevar.d   and   Itth —
Holy ' in siiil'.ii.
Sunday   of  tvitr
:j, MAY  FIHST,  1911
Come.at l;|
leave Nortb Vwjcouvir 6.00 i.n.
pnd tbtrulttr tvery 20 tnipute* until 740 p.m. (lortmtocW 7.30 p.
Hi. every tf) minutei until 11-00 p,
m- tinfetllnr tl-il aad I2.it a.m.
Bunday ....
day, it l p.
Rv.nwnt, i ll p
11.00 am., itcon
lelvellu trnr. Lonidil. Avenuo.
Bunday leryle.-i. 11 00 am. Sum. uid
7 IS p.m. Tuesday, t p.m.; Tliurailiy,
I p.m.   Children'! Service, Widlllday,
J im.
OtorK S»'rv1ctl; at 11 sfc Uid U0
u in Sunday School and nllile Clan al
llll p.m. Prayer and Pralie tcrvlct.
Wtdntiday al I pm. I'ulor. Hev. A.
I. ProiioT, Ftib tnd Si. Otorgt.
II. tola Ike r:..D«cll»l, Ith and lltb.
Holy Comrnohloh. I ah). Morning
Proyer. ll a in Kveiilna Prayer, 7ft
On IPs Ant SUnday In Ihe month
Will be t i—'' --«»i.«.i«" «t
ly Commuill
ugh Hooper.
it's I .nolle i.karck, Mahon
mdare -Mui. i am    flun-
. ISO p.m.   Roiary Bencdlc-
f.rmon, 7.SS p.m.
k.lle I'karrk ol II. Pul'*.
.. ,.r, _fc.. luiAtyt.   Pulor, Bt»
NURTH MWalltl.K.
II, Tko*.... I im. every Bunday
.xcepl flrif Sunday In monili Sto am
aritJJnWty In Bionih. II a ro. M.tlni.
yttpy ujf lerrton, lecorni ohd tOurit
BuAtay.   Holy Cornmunloh and tcrfnon
i, » ucond celcbroilon of
I itt'Holy pomnudlob at 11 a tt. Bettor
• -.tiii'.;'.. • •:.
IT » to yoWiSW
couver ipercliants frptn
5 tp IQ pet pffj-
Tm« mi Fisft
No  Faka Pricoa
When going <Wn hill STOP »nd purchase your Ftnnimje, Mm Catpejt,
Etc, at a, MM* HPHWr
THE BEST if nont M gH- One-third ol yonr life is spent in bed, and •
comfortable MATTRESS you thoiild have. Then buy om No, 1 RESTMORE »>
$JS.00-no rnPie, no less.   Money back if npt satisfactory.
128 Lonsdale Ave.        '   North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 90 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 nnd $1000     14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
"it   I ■   UU   I '   • ' •■■   ■ '"■"
Phone 6286 •   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
a i
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
Ih BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
smss .   " ir.i i '■;   ii    ' '      i
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location.
I 1 -4 Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in Diatrict lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from Ope to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS; 1 -4 Cash, U 6,12,18 & 24 months
i lot M, 19 lor «•'
i rata,
I      aj^fjsjaj
Lo 96
"    ".     '       a   ia
in Into ol P0,
, turn
The Grand Bonkyard ntaMb fart thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, Si
1 •*■»»»
TheBank of BritWiflorth America
0.plWP»MUpi>4|«:666. Reserve Ptwd, $?,6?2,333
2 Office* in North Vancoww—%
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (ne«r Fourtwiih Street)
Saving Deposiu of $1.00 and upwards received.
.Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker*! Money Orders itsued.
erniJienl with"" aa,
,-iiil  university,
Young, kttni''-
iiotaji*' -"
'   0
BUREAU it now open'for the convenience of employee and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office when requiring help.
Phone 321.
-     W. B, HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lontdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Maotele Made ta Specification.  All Bttlmatot Puinlabad Pm.
We Can and WU Bava Ton front 10 to 10 par ctnt. on All Ptloti, OIU,
\ yiraiekee, ate
P. 0. Box 1M7. Talephona 946
*1ft fflaL and $5,00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 100 each   Double Corners $225
. nnnmmmnmmmmmmnmnnnmnnnn
NINB BAILBOAD6 ait nsw umler contraction ttom Bed Deer. Tbe
town hai water, wwen, electric light, telephone!, lire department,
cburchee, icbooli, mills, tulorita magnificent land, uulimiled tupply ot
eoal and timber. "Your money will grow rapidly. Get full'particular!
Directors Baply to Delagatlou
Th» firry dlwtftrs mt ia t(isir comfortably warm hpuA mm »» Friday
■afternoon, Mayor McNiiish presiding.
The premier feature pf tbe session was
I Btateroout iiiasli) in reply fp Iho ro-
commendations brought before tliu ili-
rectors at theit pwiont taaeilag fy a
joint delegation of tho local Board of
Trado |i|d Batopayan' Association
Tlie chief recommendation, it will bs
remombereil, was ont com-nrning tlie
advisability of having u. Inmporary
bridgt traded on tha Vancouver side
to dispense with the preient dangerous
necoiiity of having to croaa tha rail
way tracks ou leaving the ferry. Jt
wat pointed ont that tbt subway, which,
mah boon planned to rtmedy this will in
all probability, not be completed within twelve monthi.
On Friday, therefore, three of the deputation, Messrs. II. O. Wright, I..
Watts Douey and W. I,, lloull, reappeared for tbeir promised answer.
Mr. Jesse Williams, speaking for the
ilirecfrs, said that Ihe mayor, Manager
lletrd, Captain Nicholson, the general
manager of tbe Grand Trunk Pacific
railway, and himself, bad called upon
tba O. P. H. superintendent, Mr. ljus
tied, d'aptain Nicholson accompanied
tbem becauie of tha proposition which
was being considered of erecting an
overhead bridge through the G. T. P.
depot. This would be a much larger
affair and would suit their purpose better than a temporary bridge. Tbe captain was present in order to ascertain
if the grant of tbo 0. P. B. would .per
mit of their using a portion of that
company'! land. Ths propoaition bard
ly learned to mit Mr. Buiteed, who,
however, promiiid Ibem an answer in
twenty-four hours.
It was plainly Mr. Williams.' persoual
opinion thst something ought to be
done to free the directors from respou
sibility iu the ovent of accident* iu the
near future.
The mayor pointed out that even for
the erection of a temporary bridgo thoy
would have to get tbe pcroiision of the
railway commissioners.
Mr. Williams agreed .saying that
they would bave to go through a heap
of red tape before they could bo com-
mutated. ,
The secretary, Mr. Kemp, was then
called upon to read Mr. Buiteed'i reply, which bad duly come to hand. It
read aa follow.-.: "Beforring to our
conversation this morning witb regard
to allowing a private roadway thirty
feet wide to the north aide of the iou-
thern boundary of tbe property leased
by tbe North Vancouver Ferry company
I would lay that 1 will agree to thii
proposition on the understanding tbat
the Grand Trunk Pacific Bailway Co.
will undertake not to crpis our tracks
between tho Nortb Vancouver Ferry
Company's crossing and Gore Avenue
aa long as this road is used; tho uso of
the roadway to terminate, of course,
upon the termination of the lease of tha
ferry company. With reference to tbe
overhead bridge, I understand that if wo
consent to the road being built as above
yw ww...
Trunk Panifin rajiwtyto nse mit nm-
bead bridge and not build tbt nvar-
head brlddP y»» propose building and
baye»askei| me to potent tq,  I wpOiA,
pntet not to have tho overhead bridge
but fn fbe evsijt nf your deciding to
build tba' bridgt in deference ta tbo
wisb pf ypur oity wn will nnt oppose it,
but tbs consent pf tbs board at rail-
wty enminlssioners will bava to ba obtained."
Mr. II. ti, Wright thnngbt tbat tht
Prank Trunk propteitlon promised to
be the ipiickost arrangement. If wat
going,to take twelve months to construct (ba subway, they should use
their best endeavor to got an overhead bridge.
The mtyor tben intimated that tht
difficulty wat to got a landing at tht
south snd of the bridge. To do so
tbey would have to lipy aome privato
Ultimately it was doeided that tbt
directors ihould mako final arrange
inents with the two railway companies and Mr. Kemp wat inttructod to
send written replies tp tbe Hoard of
Trade and Halepayurs' Association
The Theosopbical Society meets In
North Vancouvor in Boom IS, Aberdeen
Block (over the pott offlce) ovory Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock Attendance ii entirely free and carries no
obligations whatever. You ara invited.
Theosopbical itudy and questions,    tf
Loto in BlocI
will be on
.    •  ..'  .   . si
For termi tw) |
Palmer, Burmeiter
457 UntdaJe Ave.
jftTT   "US   ffPh
U caajt psynent U|TECT
mw; til woier)!.;
btlaact. )
"Quick" Athletaa
Chinese  athletes train   upon   duck
brains, wbicb tbey consider tbo most
strengthening food.
A certain lady called ap bar grocer
by tolephone Ihe other morning, and,
after sin had sufficiently welded the
man who responded, tald:
'And what's more, the next order
you get from me will be tba lest one
I'll evor give you."'
"It probably will, madam," aaid tbo
voice at the other ond of tbe wire,
"you aro talking to an undertaker"
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
1'ircy   8.   Howard li.   3.   v.,tin
city Auditor.
Auditors  nnd   teaeamfeate
ilS  i'ender Si.  W.      P. 0.  Uoj  Iiii
I'lione SSS7 Ftaoni 1SS
Vancouver       Norlb Vancouver
133 fith Streat Kaat Nortb Taacotvar
w,ai (.smiths.
Pioneer Horeeekoer — Carriage Worka
hoiikh tan trtTioaEBr.
ilookielleri and Stationer!
Cor. taudnl* ad let.        IV*, 143
Tba Naw Block oa Lonidale Avenue
near tba Ferry Approach
w«a built by
General Contractor!
Contractor! for reinforced concrete
.■.nisiruriion. Bewaring in all its
branches; houie conuictiom t ipo
rialty.    Eitimatei   furniibed.
Officii 20 Umdale Avt.       Pbont 285
Preated Brick Maatlei a Bpecialty.
Phono LUI
l'ott Graduate Chicago r^rriity
Boonu 6 and 10, naw Poat Ofnee Meek
■ i, '   ti,  i     i ssawmmwmm
Ii the IHtmt of iklr*
'Mi-iipr.il lie Ii a mechanic i
IIvIiik  human machine
I*If deitroyi ilckntaa.   lovmlfalien
s. Craib W. Craib
Ip Concrete, Brick aad Wood,
II ' | -L—j^J
Up-to-date Millinery
Mqdertae Bates
Keith Block    93 Lonnlali Avt.
I'Iiji! Filling and Connecting Promptly
and,Correctly Done.   Prlcea light.
North Vancouver, B.C. and l.ynn Valley-
Phone 184
10,000 cords of dry (ir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cords, $4.50.
Special quotation! for larger quantities, (ul Wood, 16 inches, $3.25.
12 inches, $3.50.  C.O.D.
Office and Yard —Mill and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P. 0. Boi 2432.
We tolicit the trd|DALE AVE>
High Grade GwdtyNCdUVER
prompt and careful fiJ
slock and long expend
Burrard Sash &
FOOT OF ST- GEORGE ST.*:" »nd ^ Clm
 \_AII Woik
A Little Friendly
We have one of the largest
Front Doors that-on hu secure
about so different designs to
price from J3.75 to $15.00
" Pasahkna Ddok," a liandso,,,
one which is especially suited 10
style of architecture. If you ar
show youtiur display. We can
Doors in fir or cedar in i, f, j,
man designs.  Call and ask to
P.O. Box 1719
Studio  over  Bask  B. N. A.
Lonadala and Eiplanadi
Saw {filer and Grinder. AH binda ot
bind, crow cut tad buck itwi itt
tad (led at ibortait notice. Itt! 3rd
ttreat atat, Nortk Vancouvtr,
nvn, k»<.i»kesi.
A.M.J.g. * S.
Irrigation,   ilraJnage, feveti,    plana
and specification!.   Septic t*ik#   and
Nsw* Vuncouver  BuaincM
CoUege and Copying Offic*
iptelal reduction pt fl pat ttpt. on
I montaf coarat In Bhoriliwjd u>i
irpamrlifat It nan* ll sjfyaa balpfe
frttambtr ittb. Ull. Una 0. B. If.
fmuaitrl, Hank ot Hamilton BulWInu
Ibrtk Taaaeater,
High claw Ijidiai' aad OtnVl TiUorinu
thorn om
TKAP9BB Ot 9im0 and THJWBY
SpaoiaHy.- (Sildren'i I.attoBa atptra
bom. Taran, ati., apply Gawral
yyutcH tumitfuto.
U font wetoV etopprfg or gomg lm
gallfly f .San
MtfW mfewtW      '•f^rWflFBff .*9t*WfmrW
tCSa'^J^' m
NOTICE ii hereby given tbat an application will bo mado under Part V.
of tbe "Wafer Act, 1808," to obtain
a licence in tho Nortb Vancouver Ili-
yJHiin of Now Weitniioiter Diitrict.
(a). , The name of applicant in full
—The Corporation 0/. the'Diitrict 0/
Nortb Vancouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner'1 Certificate No.	
(Ij) Tbe aame of tka lake, stream
or source (if unnamed, tbe description
is)—Unnamed stream commencing at
or about the southeast corner of Dis-
rict Lot tli ind flowing tbence through
Diitrict Ut 471 tnd hill to tkt North
Arm of Durrani Inlet.
(c) Tbt point of diversion ii on
the Keith road at or about the MUtb-
eait corner of Diitrict Lot ttl
(d) Tke quantity pt water applied
for (io cubic feet per itcoad) M cubic feet.
(1) Tkt character of tka proposed
works -.Small tank intake fed by wing
ditchei, with overflow into creek.
(f) Tha prcmiiet oa wkick tke water
ii lo be uied (describe itme)—Tho
Diitrict pf North  Vancouver.
(g) Tka purpoiei for wkick tha wa
tc-V ii to be uied—Municipal purpotai
(li) If for irrigation daacribt tke
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Not for irrigation.
(I) If tha water is to be uied for
power or mining purpoiei dewribo the
pltce where the water ii to be returned
to some natural channel, and tbt difference in altitude botweon point of
diversion and point of return—Not lot
power or mining.
(j) Am of crows land intended
to be occupied hy tin proposed trorkt—
(k) Tbit notice wu posted on the
21th dty of October, 1911, and application will lie made to the Commissioner Oh tkl SSth day of November,
1811. at 11 a.oi.
(I) Givo tbe names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licensee! who or wboio landi are likely, to
bo i/fected by Ibe proposed works, either abovo or below the outlet—/. C.
Keith, of Vancouver.
(oj Tka boundaries and arte pf On
District of North Vancouver art aaiet
forth ii) tkt Idlers patent oft Incorporation dated 10th August, 1881, and
published in tbe U. 0. .(JezoMa, but excepting tka area of the Oity 0/ Moru
Vancouyer ipeclfled lu acbedu|e "H"
al the Uorth Vanvcouver Cify Incorpo-
ration kef kmtpdmeat ktt, WW,
It) kpotghpnteiy the auwhtr of
inhabilanti 0/ tkt Biitrict at present
Hay, Fl
Owing to larger wa
tion, we are now
larger and more
goods and to supply*
Vancouver prices.
A|l Orders DeliveJ
The Brackman
sr the World
in.  »i   11" ■ ■-
r" A M'   I     (* Uour itock of new Wall Papeia
S'**! 1    f    ^'t icemi.   Every doy lome new
____   —(--.p arrivei to fill  tbi vacancy
I r I r Plr""* c'""c<1 QUl<
jiome Wall Papert
hero ia endloM variety.    .lull
\ iniciman tor what room
I .tin PWjraiid be   will
Imagine a big store witji so
up for a block waiting fat
mt situation of a house
telephone service for its
of fH ctfitemrt-fQf l\w
Is one telephone <
1^,000 telephones in
called from any one
called by Jong 4
other felepb-onet
Xb* n««dt—The groi
rktorfifiiw ttV iwiber
Vour business ft  hamperi
facilities.    Before the rt
how many lines y«u need.
B, C, T« ■;...:..
Practicality is the fceynPte pf this jewellery ttqre,
secoijij only tp values and variety, if indeed ii> prac-
ticaliiy m»y ml hi isid lo consist of ihewjwp
Vjmpftrtanj elements.   In the ipufter of WftMiM it
^generally admitted lh«t nowhere else in the great
'fat pan such i collection of practical, guaranteed
Mor(epieces he seen.
t*h gj|v«trw#re( both in plated and sterling, our
„ Whip mi»t bis admitted. ■ In Jewellery pfavery
uosdaprom the costly and correspondingly rjch and
yasYintically valuable to the effective and rafreinely
fashionable novelties from the shops of the renowned makers in the jewellery producing CenlW pf
Europe, there is variety to fascinate and delight—
and all within the possibility of possession for modest purses.  - ~
..i- j. .
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jcpieleis and Silversmith,
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   ■■   -   Vancouver, B. Q.
Ihe electric coffee per
colatort .
tho disc ou which the
electric current will do
your cookiugf
the immersion heater
for boiling water quick
lyt •'   '
Electric Iron, tbo India
pensable convenience for
ironing dayt
Drop in at our office at 50 Lonsdale AVENUE and see how
your kitchen cares may be lightened by tlie use of these inventions.
All Are Operated by Connection With
an   Ordinary  Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      phone 66
Atritl HosplMls-jfortli Vmpfmyqr'i
Eiciptiopal Advantages,
Thp follpwliifll article, which apppftr
»d Priginally in tho Chicago Trillium,
lias an obviously deep local significance
consiiloriiig tbat as lln< pnpuliilioii
around B»rwr"d Met yearly Ipcroaaoe,
thorp are imumi to be hosts »f men uml
wprnpp suffering ftprff Hia|adio» which
cap inly bs <wd by iiyfng in higli
altitudes. '1'1.i:. In-ill): s6, such persons
living in Yaucouypr, for ipriauco. will
conui to rpgard the jirptirnlty pf North
Viiiii'iiiivcr, with j)S :is'i'iiiiiiiiiis|iiliii|:
slopes, as a tremendous advantage.
Thep) ii np donbi Uml wbeu this city
lias progressed a fow more steps, and
whin thf) car lino lias boon ettoiidpd
still further pp ilu- ipounlain side, son
utoriii will spring into being ami aid
icted pi", inin bo enabled tp pure thou)
solves without a prolonged absence
from tbe centre of things
The iniiiii'ii race, says the author of
this interesting article lupposodly eanio
from iin' plateaus ai|d mountain (ops,
from the roof ot the world, tlio Himalayas. The human race was then
strong and free from all disease, Will
mankind, awakened and physically degenerate, havo to return tp the moun-
taip tops in order to regain strength
am) lifet *
Human blood at the top of Pikes
Peak contains 1)2 per cent, more red
corpuscles than it docs at tho sen levels. Human blood on I'iko's Peak contains lit) por cent, moro white corpuscles.   -
Human blood on the mountain lop
has a Tm per cent, greater resistance to
forces of disease.
These statements have been verified
aud their truth established beyond ull
question, tciontiflc or otherwise, by experiments now in progress nt the top
of Ihe Colorado mountains, 14,000 feet
above sea level.
Thorcforc, tbo mountain plateaus
await suc|i of the weaklings aud the
diseases who arc able to reach those
holds of rejuvenation. Por tbe city
poor ami the slaves of business, will
not artificial height!, lie constructed I
If fbe human Mood is enriched uml
purified within a few days by Ike mere
fact of elevation, why will it not bo
practical in time to have lloaliug bos
pitals in the airl The science of flying is making such progress there seems
little question lhat within u few years
the mechanical difficulties of such a pro
jest wili have been removed.
It will bo possible to construct aerial sanatoriuins lhat will float above
Ibe cities. These may be in tbe nature
of captive l'.'.li.Hhi ■ or tbey may be a
«pnt pf tbp heavier AMo air
midlines. They may, perhaps be an
chprad w th,ey mVy hM qpattaphpd,
In the Jattpr caae they probably wouhl
sail away ftpm thp tenjtb of tho pjty
in order tp avpid the »mpkp impurities
in thii air- Access fp, patients might
bp through passenger aeroplanes.
With such an arrapgenient thp mtn
who is both sipk aud'bHsy might Pffl'
long his life and perhaps socuro new
health witliput loss pf business time. Jkt
conclusion pf bis business day, ju
plnco of taking the III." |ip wPPld takp
tbo e|ey»tor.  Ho would gp np a tew
lliniisjinil feet for his hours of recreu-
lion «pi| pf uleep, In return again in
tbo morning for liusippis. lliu blood
would bp enriched by night* in the apr-
ill snuuliiriiiin. His lungs, forced tu
light fpr the ecpnt oxygen of the upper
air, would develop strength uml throw
off Ibeir afflictions. Tuberculosis, pneumonia ainl nil tbo dlsaescs pf impoverished blood would ho pheekeil tpd perhaps cured.
Tlie skyscrapers, iu offect, ire at
the prosont time giving business men
ami womcu something of the advantages
of an aerial sanatorium or a trip to
the mountains.
The preaont investigations on Pike's
Poak bavo furnished a moro satisfuc-
tpry explanation than was formerly extant as to the reason why tbe blood is
improved by residence in mountainous
places ami why tubercular patients so
frequently improve in health. The
chango is duo to tho lii.-i that tho lungs
aro forced to work. The lungs, so it
is now contended, have tho power to se
crote oxygen. Tbey withdraw the oxygen from the uir and add it to the
idiin.l. But this is done only when the
lungs are forced to act. At sea level
the amount of oxygen in tbe air is
larger and tbo air pressure heavier. As
a result the lungs do not bave to secrete. The oxygen is forced almost
mechanically into the blood. The lungs
through lock of exercise, become weak,
just us the muscles would.
Taken lo a high altitude, tbo patient is likely li suffer from mountain sickness. This is because the
lungs have lost Iheir facility in oxygen speftsion ami I lie patient is suffering from partial oxygen starvation.
An in.-Htm relief can be secured by tbo
use of nn oxygen tank. After tbe patient has been, in the mountains for a
few days or weeks his lungs rapidly >le
vclop Ibeir power to secrete tlie ony
geu ami tbo blood is soon supplied with
Its iiormul amount. As time goes on
Ibe lungs become more ami moro vigorous ami the amount of oxygen prcBS-
od into the blood by tbem is larger tli n
ever bofore. Tbe patient is soon run
niug up precipices and taking twenty
"Rile mlVo,H
Tlio ii!f,re"iM of beippglppin (rps
coloring matter pr 'rod corpuscles) in
the blood at high altitudes is not canted by p cppcpntratlpn pf tho blood, but
by a scarcity of oxygen, wbiph stjmip
lutes the bnnp roarrpw to unusuul activity. ThP vPlpnio of thp blood rp
umiiiH (hp same, hut thp blood jpcrotses
|l) richness.
i Another lipe »f investigation eon
corns the action of tbo heart. Does Ibe
heart increato jbe force as :fpl| ti* tlio
speed of it| sfHrl t» }>& "ItilMdos?
fbii is what wp are yof tq decide. Al
Spa level thp heart beats about io<Vnty
tfrokes a minute; mjbp Bpa|,ni«tf,y
There has boen a great ileal of dis
ppssiou as to whether tbo fprpo pf t|)P
stroke increases whcii the speed i-i ip,
Tho newest point wo havo determined is in regard to ilu accretion of oxygen in the blood by the lungs. l-!x-
i liui.'iii:' along this Hue aro proving
tp entirely new theory. Dr. . Haldniie
tyas one of tho first to believe that the
lungs dill secrete oxygen in the blood
at high altitudes, when at sea level tho
oxygen, it is generally believed and
pretty well established, is merely dilf
used through tho lungs. The lungs develop with exercise, just us do the muscles, ami the reason pneumonin is so
fatal al high altitudes is that through
exercise the epithelium of the cells of
tbe lungs is thickened ami toughened
aud the oxygen does not diffuse rapidly
The lips of newcomers to high altitudes aro generally blue, sliowiug that
thoir I'l,,...I is uot circulating properly
—a condition duo to docrouscil pressure.
After a while'tbey wulk about a bit
and soon their lips lake on a pinkish
color. Exercise stimulates Ihe lungs to
secrete oxygen ami that causes healthy
color ami better circulation. The hush-
is run by combustion like an engine.
If there isn't enough oxygen the heart
lags ami Ihe human machine' runs like
a rusty engine.
When exercising freely iu high ulli
tudes the lungs givo off u lol of combustion products and these are being
investigated by those in charge of the
mountain resorts. These combustion
products are what cause hcudachcs,aiiil
mountain sickness..
Tbese investigations show that Ilie
theory that high altitudes are beneficial to tubercular patients, is based
on fact, not fancy. Doctors have con
Armed by Ibeir tests on Pike's Peak
tbo theory that while corpuic|ea aie
ipcclal enemies of Ihe tubercle bacil
In This fact then having been eslub
lushed it follows Ibat persons suffering
from tuberculosis iu ils first slagc.
can Uml relief and perhaps cure iu high
,a|r blood will Increase In number
ami kill tho dispaso gprm- ?b|s disco-
very alone is ample justification fpr the
step I alien by the International Typographical Union when it eulnblislii'il tbp
1'rinter's I luun- in Colorado apd tha
Modem Woodmen of America whon
thoy purchased a largo tract pf land
ami erected near Colorado Springs their
national sanatorium.
As thp'wbole^cret of fbe curp ap-
poarj tq||p la tjipaltifudo' ^t>oro would
ipitin tp hP fp flaipn w|y tbo uerinl
hospital'may pot bccpino a slumlord in-
stilnliuii for the cure of lung and lijiind
|!!Blf Pj1-     ,
Bower Oouuoctious
tbut nil owners of real .property fronting or abutting upon a street or lane
in which ur under which a main ay
common sewer is laid arP horoby required to connect auy building or premises upon such property with' such,
mu in or common sewer.
Pi-rmilu may be oiitnlned from tht
Plumbing Inspects)'.' at his office nt tbe
Cily Hall belween tlm hours of 9 a.
m. and 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. uud 2 p.m.
Tho following regulations govern thp
construction of house or building con-
ncclioiisvwith sewers:
No hull- c sewer pipe shall havo a
less full than 1 to 40, unless special
permission is granted in writiug by
iho Council, on id pipes between the
iron pipo, to the connection of the
public sewer lo bo of the best quality
slamlnrd salt-glazed vitrified clay ie-
wer pipe, ami shall have a diameter of
not less thun 4 inches. All pipes shall
be sound and well burned throughout
Iheir thickness, impervious lo moil-
e, wilh a clear ring, smooth and
well glazed ou interior and' exterior
surfaces, free from flaws, cracks, bill-
lers, fire checks or olher imperfections.
The pipes must bo so Ibid in thp
trench that after Ihe sewer is completed, the interior surface thereof, shall
bo to u true and even grade
In making Ihe joints, a gasket of
oakum or hemp, freshly dipped in cement grout, must first lie used and
packed info place. The joints shall
al'lerwiirds be tightly packed full and
bevelled off wilh mortar, composed of
one part by volume of approved Portland cement to one part liy volunio of
approved sand.
All puni, shall no made water tight,
so that tbey will stand a head nf ID
feet of water, when tested by tha
numbing Inspector nl the owner's,
plumber's or contractor's expense.
By owor of tie Council:
Cily Clerk,     if
It Doesn't Cost You Anything to See
ings Grove
(From "World," Oct. 88)
Carline to Port Moody Projected, Wltb
Motor Bui Line For Immediate Service Over Stone Boad to 0. h. Two
Hundred and Eight.
Besideula of the distric/tributary to
Hustings street cast wili have transportation facilities of the best character in the near future, according to
plans now pndor consideration.
At Ihe meeting last evening of tbe
Burnaby City Couucil, tbo offer of Mr
ileiirgi- Himoii!, a capitalist of Hasting!
Towusite, was taken under consideration and the matter referred to the cjty
solicitor!, and in caio tbe lollcitori advise Ibat tbe city haa tbe right to
grant tbe francbiio it will be further
Mr. Million's proposition il to build
a line from tbo present terminus of
tbo itreot railway eait through D. I.
Hit and 208 aud on to Port Moody.
Meantime a Tin minute motor cab service will be put on, beginning not
later than March IS and running from
Halting! Grove in II. Ij. S08 to tko
preient car line terminui.
The contract for ine sume paved
road on East Haatingi street is well
along and will be completed at far at
tbe Pole Line road by December 31,
adding vory greatly to the facilitiet
for reaching tbia rapidly growing icel
tion of the cily.
We Urge You to see HASTINGS GROVE
i .ill I . L       . . .        U
i i     i      . ' ,'' i. '..
It Loob Better Than Anything We Can Tell You.   Lots on or Close
to Hastings Street East, D. L. 208
$90 Cash, Bal. one and two Years, or
$40 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 and 24 months, or
$10 Cash and $5 a month, Bal. in 2 Years
, .
One of the lies) features about investing in Hastings Drove il thul it il
right here ul home. You can go out
with us and pick your lot, uml KNOW
exactly wljat you are buying. You
know what Ibe cily of Vuncouver ii—
what it has done in the past live years
—ami it does not require much faith
to see tbe future uf this progressive
cily. Properly all over Vancouver will
naturally advance iu prill for years to
come, the outside properly much more
rapidly Ihun thai close In, us it docs
iu every growing city. You owe it
lo yourself and family lo buy One or
more of those lots, if only us ap in
veslmeut, There aro many things we
•bould like lo loll you aboul this trad.
Drop in today or tbii evening.
Come at 1:15 in the Afternoon, Rain or Shine, and Go Out With Us.
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St W.
■   "
Extensive Additions to
our Plant, pUc^iit in
position to execute any
and all kinds of printing
at reasonable prices and
promptly. Phone your
next order to GjpSt-Oh.
i -     ■
Meeting of% Council
AM, smith a»4'.?«nr Httun
fba Biittrable, plushy etnte pt tin
lidewnlki and tbp continuance of a
melancholy raMriiklo htd iti ttieel
oq the city fathers last night, aevoral
cpntonkerous interludes pn purely mip
or mttteri aritlng during the ipsiiun-
Aid: McHae developed a burning pas
aion tbt jumping to his foot when §
notion was almost carried and raising
lomo peevish objection.
Aid, Henderson forgot tp finish several of hii sentence!—which wai molt
un-Hendersonian—and repented himself
very very often, while Aid. BmUh'"'
only Important contribution did not
exactly propagate peace in the clumber
and good will to ail the councillors,
There wat rather Im thin the uiutl
mount of correspondence, and very
fpw Of the eiimiiiunicntiiins which tht
clerk read snratiui invited contra
1 Ur. D. 8. lAverty wrote descriptively
an the ''unfair treatment" meted out
lo tbe residents ou Second street weit
pf Mafton Avenue. It appeared tbat
the street had been entirely closed to
traffic and wai likely to remain io for
an indefinite period. The correspond
nnt pointed nnt that the aouth half
had been already graded, so why not
attend to the remainder of Snd itreet
west of Muhon avenue before the rainy
season sat in f The council decided to
leave the burden of the responsibility
on tbe eity engineer,
A tetter emanated from the cily
clerk's office tt Vancouver beseeching
the couucil to forward til data bear
ing upon tha aubject of harbor improve
[Imints in and contiguous to Vancouver
i j city. It appeared from Ibe mayor's
itatement that tbii had already been
attended to.
lir. Hanes submitted a typewritten
recommendation , that lot connections
bt put in along tba sewer of Forbes
Avenue, Kith street, Chesterfield Ave,
and llltli itreet, and tbat tbe paymenl
of coat of aame be spread over 20
years, tha property on both sides of the
itreet to be charged an equal rate per
foot frontage,
Tba council resolved thtt the engiu
eer 'i recommtndttion be accepted, that
Mr. Hanes prepare an estimate of the
coat, and tbat tbe clerk be instructed
to prepare a bylaw for this purpoie.
The matter of tbe preparation of the
bylaw gave riie to  lound  argument.
Aid.   Dick   considered   it t  wise  thing
to take luch preliminary steps at tbia
for tbe convenience tnd aaiiilance of
tbe incoming council.
Aid. McHae (at the last moment)
thought olharwiio. It would be safer
to leave tbe future council to attend
to ita own  preliminaries.     ,
Thereupon Aid. Dick pointed out tbtt
btd it not been for the tmount of pre
ptrition done by tbe list council they,
the preient body, would not have been
able to do the work they had done
during tke year.
Aid. Mi-ltae still thougbt otberwiie
■od finally, with t few bold touches,
Iruin.-d in iinieiiiliiicnl which Ihe mtyor considered identical with the original motion- Hii worship added tbe
Information tbat evea if all tbe prelim-
laariei were carried out it waa atill
net neceitary to publish the bylaw.
AM. Henderson's contention at tbe
but meeting tbat tbe mechanical split
ting of boulden would in tbe end be a
cheaper method 'than band iplitting
brought forth i reply from Mr. Hanei.
The report of the engineer itated that
ijlere were a fear boulden on Third
itreet wkick bad been piled there during tke grading of tbe itreet and it
wu neceuary tkat theae ihould be
drilled and sliiii witb powder io order
tbat they might be utiliied for supply
ing reck for the (rutber; however tbere
wai only a United quantity of tbii
ilu of boulder tnd aa tbii wit tbe
oily pile wkick they had inywbtre in
Ike city It would not bi economy to
hay a ccapreeior ind drill* tn break
np tkeae boulden. Twenty five men
around tke cruiher ere picking up boulden wkick may be liaulid aad fed direct into tbt cruiher. Thii lyitim ii
muck cheaper. I believe, than If tbeee
men were employed picking up large
bouldara, hauling them tt) tba cruibir,
unloading, drilling tbem with aa air-
drill, shooting aad tbea feeding the
rack intn Ikt erutktr.
At tbt above mentioned imtll rocki
an balng hauled aad fed directly lata
IV maker, thii, Mr Heaee believed,
li a great living over any lyitem by
wkicb it would be neceuary to bive
aa air eampriuor round tbe itretti to
etch baulder in order tbat it might ke
broken ap in amel) enough piecee u
tkat they could be loaded lata a wa
got aad hauled to Ike cruiher. He
beliived thai inetead of rock being
•applied to Ike cratker by being drilled wltb an air drill and tkot, t| p
taring at (tm IA to M pet cent., it
weald mm tkti muck more lata tka
prat-eat eyitem of need picking rocki
which are btultd aad fad directly Into On 'rwker.
AM- Hendenoe, after Ike reading nf
Ike letter, briefy elated tke object that
be had ia »t»W wk« be ratted tie
miliar la council He wat eager that
thoy ihould naovi witk Ike thane had
i» mhit their nelgbbori ware dolag ia
Tkt aafiater'i report wat taaily ae-
At thit ppint la tha arooeefllapt A|<|,
•Smith rate with greet luddennets. in
tp fpw words ps possible ht uked thp
mayor for pnlijjhtenpient at to an agree
ment between the Grand Trunk PadAe
and thu Perry Company ia reepeet to
iheir 8-foot roadway, Pld it npt
strike Hit Worship tbit the handling
of the Q. Ti P. freight would handleap
lha ferry company'
The mayor admitted that it had
struck him.   '
Aid. Smith argoed that there wae
sufficient traffic on that crossing already. He then Inquired ai to -whether
tba ferry directors were agreeable to
hand over tbii im foot roadway to the,
Grand Trunk Partite.
Tbe mayor replying, reminded the
oouneil that tbe directors had been
visitoil by a delegation eoinpriiiiig
membori pf the Hoard of Trade and
the Uatopayori' Association,
Aid. Dicki "In connection with an
overhead bridge!"
The mayori "Kiactly,"
Aid. Smith: "Don't you think
that it ought to come up before the
council. It looks ap if tke 0. 1'. II.
and the 0. T. P. were trying to crowd
ui off that landing tbp stme as tbey
crowded ui off tbe last!"
Tbe mayor urged Aid, Smith to at
tend tbe next session of tbe ferry directors and bring Ihe matter up thero.
Aid. Henderson considered that bofore anything binding waa done by the
director!, tbe plans should lie laid be
fore tbe council and that out of courtesy, tbey should alio go before the
Board of Trade which bail takep such
an Intereat In tbe matter. .
The mayor again mentioned the dele
gat ion which wai rorpesenlative of
both tbe Board of Trade and the Rate
payors Association. Aid. Smith, as
president of the former body, said em
pbatically that he waa uot aware of
any members being delegated for such
a purpose.
Tbe mayor looked mystified. He
etplained bis worried expression. "One
body," he Mid plaintively, "wants ut
lo got t crossing immediately, aa lives
are in danger; toother wants ui to
take time."
Aid, lleinleisiiii defined the crui of
the problem ai being tbe alienation
of a .'in i'uul itrip from tbe ferry lease
hold property to the draml Trunk Pacific. That bad been debated by
both tbe city council and the Board
of Trade. He reputed ,hii former remark as to the proper inspection of
The mayor invited both Aid. Hen.ler
sun and Aid'. Smith to atleui| tho uert
meeting of the ferry director!, whore
tbey wouhl see the plans.
Aid. Smith (staccato): "I bave tbe
plans at my office."
The mayor uid tbat to bit knowledge
only one plan relative to the matter
was in existence.
Aid. Smith almost winked. " I make
It my business, your worship, to keep
in touch witb things," be etplained.
The mayor was nonplussed. He
promised to put tha metter before tbe
ferry board. He hoped Aid. Smith
would attend.
"I certainly will," uid Alderman
Ou a motion by Aid. Henderson, it
was resolved that tbe city council
would like to eee the plant and tbat
tbe Board of Trade ba alao ibown
them, provided that the, coune would
aot entail delay.
It wai then decided tbat a water
main be laid along St. Oeorge'i Ave.
to an eitent of IHO feet. -
Tbe city eugiueer reported tbat be
had examined the eut line of Bewicke
Ave. to see whether or not the Nortb
Vincouver Lumber Co. were encroaching on the alreet pnd. He found tbat
tbia line wu run aome time ago by Mr.
Weal and recently by Mr, Malliieion,
employed by the Nortb Vancouvtr
Lumber Co. and that tht two linee
corresponded. He wu of tbe opinion
tbtt the two piles wbicb bid been
driven were wilbin one or two feet of
the correct line.
Ur. W. C. Oibboo uked for t tide-
walk oa 7th itreet between Moody and
Queeaibury avouuci. At preeent tbere
wu a running ttrotm of water through
wbicb tbey had to wade. The matter
wu referred to the Board of Worki.
Tba council handed over to Ibe water committee a requMt from tka one
retary of tbe Board of School Truiteea
for a Mncfa connection off tke water
main on 9tb at reel for eupply to It-
ting! of tke Bidgeway tehee! on black
100, D. L. «W.
Mr. W. A. Tolmie wrote requeuing
a eldeweik oo tbe nortb tide of Mb
itreet eut between I/onidale Avenue
aad St. Oeorge'i. Al preient there
wat oat half way up tha tooth ilde,
Tke letter ww pued oa fo tbe Board
of Workt- ,
FOB BALB-Fmk mubroomi daily
at tkt Orotto. 3-1!
MUSHROOMS freib  daily   at   the
Orotto. 31!
'. .
U. ft livtty pel Board ilablee-
Ulkt riga aad ladiw' eeddle kariao
for kin, Slthllng far horse* Oen
art! delivery tad bMvy learning,' H.
Humee, lib ttreet wut. Phone 147 t.f.
Wbat the world calli originality li
only aa iMecoelawned way of tickling
Mountain Goat,
Peer, Bear,
Our  itock  of  WINOHBBTBB,1
other Biles baa been carefully ulictid
tnd we hivi tht   calibre bMt tutted
to your particular reiiulrouient. Everything needed ft tha practical hunter.
■        '
Paine & McMillan
I '        Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Extract   from   Provincial   aud   Oity
Health Bylawi.
"Whenever any houiebolder knowa
that any perion within hii family or
household lias smallpox, diphlhcria,
siiirlei fever, cholera, typhoid, whooping cough, measles, mumps, glanders,
or any other contagious or infectious
disease, he shall (subject iu caae of refusal or neglect to tbo penalties pro-
willed), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing to tbe Medical Health
Officer and no member of any household
•kail attend school until a certificate
ku beeu obtained from tbe Medical
Health Officer Ihut no infectiou any
longer exists in (he bouse, clolliing
and other effectc havo been disinfected
to |iia satisfaction, and until sueh certificate ihall have been obtained It shall
lie |be duty of every meinbor of tbp
bouiebold, and of the Teacher, to uaa
all reasonable efforts to proveut the
association of members of tho uid
houiehold with other cbildreu.
2.   Thp matron of a public or private
Hospital, tbe  keeper of every  Hoard
Ing or Lodging House, every lun keep
or or Hotel-Keeper, ihall, within six|
hours, report ih writing to the Modi]
s ul Health Officer, or auy person being
at    one    of    the    aforesaid    home/
or hotels and attacked with or iiupoct-
ed of having any coutagious or infectious  disease  mentioned  in  the  Bylaw;"   under  tbo  penalties  provided
for by such bylaw.
I,    Ts
THOMAS nill,l'HI-:iil>,
t,f,       Secretary Hoard of Health.
A BBWABD of IB will ba ptid by
ut for tucb Information u will lead to
thi conviction of tki pinon or ptnoni
wbo have bun dliflgurlug and displacing aome of tbe "For Bala" uotlcei
placed ou propertlM in tbi Oity of
Nortb Vancouver, for wbicb wi in
tbt agenti.
121 tontdali Avt.
Nortb Vancouver.
$200 caih, $60 per quarter.    A good buy on unuiual termi.
*      tUtlA   i ■    in.    '      I   .1   -'   l,:t  i.i   n'    ■ ..'.'"==
213-Lwdd.Av.. T.--I.47
Cwr.NyiSf. Tel. 87
,   I
*m   l
100 FEET on 2nd STREET
Wi mWO meral Hotiaea to Rent
' ■       '	
r -
m rnitfm (opp tow otrm) *w
tlm 9$ v. 0. Mt in* 4
" in 	
W# in malf% I ftetitltyV Hbm W« M ht pM
to lit! any you have for tak or rent.       |H


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