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 Vftlwma U
Nobth VAJPOWVIR, B,Q,, Tp^P4Y, Auoust 22, lpll
Number 48
Tltws wars |wfT|mpor|#nt features
at (he Board of Trail' meeting which
WM lislil sn Wednesday night !"«' in
the ally hill, Ths one was tha ills
fitisioii sn tbe hirhpr question, the
culmination of which wae the appointment of a committee of members pf
tha Hoard consisting of the president,
AM. Hittiili snd Mr. Shepherd, tp
confer with committees from tbe city
council sinl tbe dlstriet council is to
tba best methods to be idoptetl in
handling tbe whole harbor question.
The second feature wu.i the report of
tbi president, which beciuse of ifs general interest ind ita comparative
tallies concsrnlug the' shiping qf Burrard Inlet ind tbit of tbe birbor of
Montreal wis listeued to with the cloa
est attention and it its conclusion elic
iled ipplinss from all the members pre
sent at tbe meeting.
A letter wis' read from Mr. F. I.. Oar
tsr-Ootton wtib reference to tbe gata
ami fence wbicb hail been constructsil
ou tba Moodyvllle road. Mr. Carter-Cotton stateii tlml be bid communicitetl
with the minister of public works. The
letter waa ordered fileil.
A lettor from tbe Dominion Kx,
t'o. with rsgird to tbe establishment of
ao Igeocy la North Vincouver ami in
which jt wet uaiil tbit tba matter would
bava to bs taken up with the Ferity ('n.
was isVn ordered Died,
Mr. \ V. Wilbur, (I. S. Consul (lin
oral in Vancouver, wrote to say that
he bad lesrned from the press tint
now industries in tbs form of i sawmill, cirholiosua works, s dry dock
snd a tool factory were to be establish
oil hers in tbs near future and asked
that be might be supplied with further
information. The presi.lsnt anil Aid
Henileraon were appoiuted » committee
to supply tbs fullest information pot
Tbe preiitlsnt tbsn resd bis report,
which wss intereating aud comprehen
.in1, treating witb confidence snd
marksfl latslligincs all the point* of
vital intercut to the city of'North Vsn
couver. Among theae were tho new
poet ofilce, tbs Wallace Shipyards Company ami tbe question of their tsies,
ths letting of contracts to local industries, comparative tabic* of tbeshipping
iu thia harbor ami that of Montreal,
the visit of ths railway commissioners
Ibe dredging of Ibe First Narrows, com-
uiunicitiou witb Ibe 1'eace river coun
try, the population ami tbo general
welfare and prosperity of the city.
Alil.-riui.il Ilenilcrsoo tben addrcseil
tbs meeting. He said tbit there wore
two matten of tbe greatest importance
which bo thought shouhl roceivu epe
cial atentioo from the members of the
Board. These wero tbe matter of in
tererting the authorities at Ottswa in
Ihe harbor question anil thr matter of
representation before tbe railroail com
minion wbicb woulil n't in Vsncouver
at tho end of ths month.
Ths Boanl of Trailo of Vancouver
and tbs mayor of that cily, aaid tbe
alderman, bail both been spproscbcil
and bad been asked to act In unison
wltb North Vsncouver, but no far both
bad seemed apathetic snd nothing hsd
lieen done. It WSS dear to bim tiiir
the wsterfroatsgs must be tbe upbuilding of Ihe city. If tbii Board wae nu
aide to obtain tbe co operation of Van
couvcr and could not get Ihe council to
join them tbfy should go ahead alone
ami make ao appeal to the government
to help them before It was too late.
The date sf tha opening of tbe
Panama Canal would, be /sit sure, bs
snounced sonar thsn wss expected
snd st no very distant .Isle. It would
lis very .liSi.-ull for tbe government to
"Joe In sftsr ths canal wss ones open
eft. Fries* for wstsr frootsge and ox-
proristiona would sugmcnl. Further,
be,said, overland traffic would be tli-
vsrtsd ts ths csoii ind every port
wo«l.l basaSt.
Burard Inlet wu not only of local
Importance, but of national importance
ond I government eommision ahould be
induced here st SO early date.
Sid. Smith ssid he toil grest plea
sure in supporting Hie remarks of AM.
Henderson. Hi ssid that the harbor
should bs | public one md tbst it
should bs qndrr public control. He
quoted from |S Interview with s Mr.
Lewis sf Bristol, Knglsnd, who urged
Ibe public control of harbors snd moved that I committee be appointed ts
take np tbe milter for North Vancou
Coun. Bridgman asid that the nutter
bad been taken up by the Board of
Trsde tt Vsncouver with Gspt. Tr.,up
of thi 0. P. B. ssd that it would laid
to ths better regulation sf ths harbor.
Mr. Henderson hsd refsrsd ts the loesl
harbor duss, compsrlng tbam witb
Bis Frinclsco. He aid that it was
a t ommos report thst this wis the ws
lest ss4%|sspsst bsrbor ss ths coast.
Ha Ibouf&jfeai the Besrd ihould wt
III conjunction with others anil not
Aid. Hnndewpn Iheughl there was a
good  mild   wwpn why  tbo   Bosrd
shpllld let Slope ill this mutter. Tlie
0. p. II., he Mid, practically ow.io-i tbe
whole of the waterfront on tbo south
side pf the Inlet anil they should avoid
any attempt to cross the path ot that
railway. He could foresee diilimlty
in getting the sytupitby of the m to of
Vincouver ami thought that tboy
would do better by adopting a lino of
their own. He seconded the motion of
Aid. Smith.
Mr. Wood wae tlso in accord with
Aid. Smith's motion mil so expressed
himself, is did Mr. Townsley snd Mr.
D. N. Boberlson. The lattor said that
Portland was spending $3,51)0,1)11(1 in
view of the opening of the canal and
that Seattle and Oakland were also
■"I""" to spend money in improvements.
On being asked fo speak on the subject by the president, Mr. J. P. Fell
urged a "festina Isnte" platform and
he said that tbe matter of tbe dredge
which Mr. Bridgman had told them
was to be st Alberni for at iesst s
year waa of far more importance than
the matter of a harbor commission at
tbe present time, improvements in the
harbor and better regulation for tlie
protection of life, property and shipping wore tbe points to lie ksmutered
at. It was childish, be ssid, to suppose tbst they would get |, government commission to deal with the
North sids as op ml to tbo south side
snd not to cooperate is waste of time.
He urged thst whatever waa done tin-
advice qf practical shipping mou
should bs taken. Antwerp, Hamburg
and Soutbsmptou bad been referred to
aa apleodid examples of harbors wbicb
bad been controlled by a central authority. Ss far us Southampton was
concerned Mr. Fell said it waa in tbo
bands of tbe London sod South West
ern Bailwiy and that that concern controlled it entirely. He himself had
been for s long time iu s secondary
way connected witb the Mersey docks
and harbor board and that was not a
flourishing concern. Tho charges at
Liverpool bai| been raised higher and
higher and. since the L. S. W. B. bad
opened up Southampton tbe Utter port
had taken tbe shipping from Liverpool.
Concluding be said it would bo a serious eror to try to divide tbo North,
ami South Shqro on the matter.
The questiou was then put ami tbo
committee cboscn to act as stated
above. Tbis was, boweveri iu a form
a good deal niodilie.l from that originally indicated.
Ur. Fell then moved lhal a strong
resolution be drafted by the prasideot
and I'niin. Bridgman wilb regard to
tho dredge, that Ihe Vancouver Board
of Trade be asked to endorse it and
that a copy of it be forwarded to Ot
tawa lu any case. This motion wa*
The president of the Board of Trade
was asked to meet the railway commissioners who are scheduled to meet in
Vancouver on tbe Hint of tbe month.
A large snd enthusiastic gathering
ol local Conservatives oonvonod in the
committal rooms, Esplanade wcit.lsit
evening, for tbs purpose qf' perfecting
the local organization of tbs party for
the approaching federal campaign.
The mooting was called io order by
Qeo. II. Morden, president, ol tho N.
V. Conservative Association, wbo was
afterward elected chairman ol tbo
meeting. Mr. Percy King wai appointed secretary.
The rules laid down by the exscu-
tivo committee tor governing lbs primaries were previously rend. The
chairman made a short speech, taking
sn optimistic view ol tip, prospects of
the conservative party both in Vaa-
ootivqr riding and thrnqgbout Ihe Dominion. He referred briefly lo tbe
several isstaes which continued to ninko
a oase ol exceptional strength against
the liberal government and Sir Wilfrid l.iiiiiiei' and also lo the telltale
indications ol fatal weaknesses which
had developed within that party its-
ell both in Ihe house nnd throughout
the country. He lurther dwelt upon
the. highly satisfactory conditions existing in the Conservative party in
every particular and throughout tbe
entire country. 0s referred in eulogistic terms to Mr. B. J,. Borden,   des
cribing him as | leddir v hu, because
pf h|s excellent personal qualities, as
well as the marked ability is a leader whicii he bad developed ao noticeably ol lite, commanded the confidence ol bis party ind ol the Dominion
electorate, to s degree which hsd not
been excelled, il indeed it had ever
been equalled in Oanidjin history.
He declared that tits Conservative
party wsa out to win in Vancouver
and throughout tile country, ind that
there were unmietakeiblo indications
that when the new bouse assorablod s
Conservative government would be in
control at Ottawa and Mr- Bobert J,.
Borden would lie Prime Minister of
The meeting then proceeded lo tho
election of delegates |o the nominating convention to bu held in Vanoouver Tuesday evening, with Ihe remit
that the following were elected:
Messrs. fleo. II. Borden, W. C.Glad-
win, Wm. McNeish, Percy King, E.
11. Bridgman, A. B. Steacoy, S. D.
Sehtill/, A. .1. Henderson, J. II. Paine
C. F. Foreman, witb the lollowing aa
slternativjks, Measrs. C. M. Kittson,
U. S. McDowell sad John Duval.
A campaign committee was tben appointed, consisting ol ten members,
with power to add to tbeir number,
alter which the meeting adjourned.
In acordance with a request ot"
the Board of Ferry Directors made to
him at their last meeting Mr. I Jit a of
the Comty Stock Company wis present at the meeting of the Board which
was held last Thursday afternoon In
the meantime Mr. Latts hid inspected
Ferries Number 8 and 3 with I view to
their converaion to oil burners, but be
was asked to defer making bis report
ami not to give any figures, even tbe
roughest, as the directors were not yet
prepared to hear tbera.
tion of some kind was urged in order
to get tbe harbor cleaned up.
A motion was mails by Mr. Larson
that another letter be written to the
city council urging upon it the immediate necessity of raising further
funds for tbe purchase of I third ferry
bolt. Tbe sum required is abont
*l5il,ililil. The letter is to explain tbo
absolute and immediate necessity of
three ferries.
The mooting wis tben sdjourned.
Mr. F. E. 0. Bery, representing witb
Mr. H. B. Scanlon tbe Westorn Bteam
and Oil Points, was also in attendance
coucerning the same matter ami demonstrated by means of plans and a model
the advantages of the Cyclone Atomizer which is the motbod used by tbe
above firm.
Some time baa elapsed since we met
as a board ami I may be permitted a
brief reference lo some of tbe nutters
that have occupied our attention and
to the matters to cotfe under your no
lice tbis evening. >
It is satisfactory that at length wc
have got I really commodious post office snd tbst we cso rely on care aud
expedition in tbe bundling of our mail,
livery ritixen is deeply Interested in
lbs workings of the post office and er
rors mil delays arising from there
very quickly produce irritation, it Is
pleasing to know also lhal our post
mas|*r la now able to give a closer
personal attention to Ibe work of the
post office snd tbst is vory important.
Tbe recent disastrous fire in Mr.
Wallace's shipyard wa* a mailer of
regret to ua ill, both on account of
Ibo loss te Mr. Wallace md lite loss of
wigos to our working men. it isgra
lifying to know tb*t Mr. Wallace is
reconsidering his resolve te seek an
other location for hia worka and I
lieu- not tke slightest hesitation in
urging pur council and our ratepayers
lo make Ibe most liberal provision possible in tbs matter of taxation to fos
tsr this and al our other largo Industries. In Ibis connection it Is oppor
tune to mention, tbst i commillee
of this Hoard resolved lest fsll tp re
commend s bylaw allowing our chief
Vlter front industries i rebate of two
thirds of the taxes levied oo their
Your council beard complaints of
llsrrininition sgainsl one of our Iota,
industries on the part of the ferry
Industrie* on thi part of tbs ferry man-
sgemsot ssd st once took the only
coun* open te tbsm, tbst pf getting
the complsinere to Isy tbe farts before the fsrry board. Some of (ht
rompisiots were found oo mutual ex
(Continual on page 8)
Tbe whole matter wss held in obey
ance until the committee appoiuted at
tbe. last meeting, consisting of Mr
Heard and Capt. Kickbam, bad bad
time to inspect a number of otbor systems than tho two placed bofore tho
Board. In tbis connection, if necessary, tbe committee will pay s visit
to Scuttle in order to seo oil burners there which cannot ho soon in tbe
Tbe corespondence receive.! included
a letter from tho Canadian Boiler Co.
advocating their boilers for Ferry No.
'2.   This was held ovor.
Nothing further hail been beard
from tbe Canadian bind Improvement
Company witb regard to a proposed site for Ihe gridiron. It was therefore decided thai if tlte mnaager received no communication by tbo end of
tbe week be, tbe Mayor and tbe City
engineer would on Monday select a
site and submit it to tbo meeting of
tho city council to be bold on Monday.
Mr. Tuck appeared and asked if be
might be allowed to trsnsfer bis re
lesse on the ferries as bis health would
no longer allow bim to take esre of
Ibe business. The pennision WSS
granted provided thst ih ill respects
Ibo purchaser of tho lease proved satisfactory to the Board.
Mr. Bcocbor, representing Messrs.
Hancock and Wilcox, hoilermakcre of
(Jlisgow, waa heird with regard te the
instsllltion of two now boilers of his
firm's make in Ferry No. 8. Ha ststed
thst bo bid wired the firm ind thit he
expected I reply tbe illy previous, but
tbst he bad been disappointed. He
would communicate witb Mr. Heard la
soon as he had word from bis firm. The
boilers would have lo be made in
Scotland where much superior work
Wis turned out than it the New Jersey shop. i
Ths only report of s commillee mu
that of ths one appoiuted te inspect
oil burners. This wu to tbe etect
thst ths Cycles* Atomiser md the
Other advocated by Mr. Utte wars
much too noisy f»r the ferry boat*.   .
No. 8 ferry when on ths HIP » f)
dsys   sgo   wis   fqund to h|ve
broken propeller blades.  This Is
posed te be caused in ill esses by
nnnnt, plA piles, drift wood, pU.,
the mills snd bslf submerged »tuf
wiys found testing la tin MtMl,
In honor of Mrs. P. A. Asksw, a
charming whist party ws* given last
Friday evening By Mrs. Tom Keoncdy
st her residence, when she wss mined by ths nswly made bride. Tbs
hostess wore s beautiful gown, oom-
plotcly covered with embroidery, relieved with bouchona ol black velvet,
whilst Mra. Asksw won whits und
brown striped maasaline, with brown
iiiiiii braiding.
Tbe whist prizes were woo by Viae
Christine Kennedy and Mr. isksw.
Attorney (ieiu-rnl's Cilice,
,     August 31st, 1V11.
Thomas Sbepbord, Esq,,
City Clsrk,
North Vancouver,' B. P,l
Sir:     .
I beg to acknowledge tbe receipt ol
notea of ovidenoe in the matter of tbe
King, on tbs information ol Arthur
Davies against lo-uie Julian, Julian
and Dan Paul. The case was one in
which two judge* might properly disagree and I havo no comment to
make upon Ibo disposal ol the case.
Your obedient servant,
,1. p. McLEOD,
Deputy  Attorney Hen.
Burgsymsyf* resented this, snd words
snfued, »mo»f whin* eooord#ig to
fibres' ow» itatemont, were some to
th* eject Uml |is h|d I good mind
to Mt Burgeyerneyer.
Tben it wu tbst Burgeymeyer blooming exasperated, threw the rook
from I distance of some six bet.
Mrs. Kbms was on the alert, however, snd Ming tha rook miking direct progress towards the bead ol bar
husband, hollered.
Ebmi duoked.
II bo bad not, according to tbe chief
of police, he would not bsve appeared
ill court. Jt WM quite a satisfactory
siswd rock, about tbe aixe of Ebms'
Ris Worship the Mayor, bofore whom
tps case wu tried, concluded tbst
they were both foolish people, and
that tbsy hsd both bitter go bone
and sin no mors. He dismissed the
esse snd split the costs between (beta.
The esse wss tried on Saturday.
On tbe suggestion ol His Worship
ths Mayor ths regular weekly mating
ol Ibe city council waa adjournal on
Monday night lo ono o'clock tbis afternoon.
On the resumption of tbe meeting
tbia afternoon, the subject ol tbi but
wsy in which to deal wilb l-ooedolo
avenue and tho adjacent streets, in
order to have them in good condition
lor the winter was immediately attacked,
There were many letters horn tbe
city engineer and tbe most important
of theee dealt witb tbis matter. It
was bis opinion that a sum ol approximately 933,000 would be to piiml
to rock the streets contemplated.
This would include Lonsdale Irom
the waterfront to Upper Keith road,
and alao portions of Esplanade, First
and Second streets. For plsnking, *
sum of approximately 11,600 would
be required lor each ol tbe straets,
There were three ways in which th*
money could be ralaed lor tbis work.
One was Irom current revenue, a second by a by-law aud the third on tho
local improvement plan.
The matter received attention from
all tbo councilmen, but no solution of
the difficulty bad lieen arrived st up
to tbo time of going to prow.
The hill report will appear in Friday's issue,
Eiprctt dimtfM Adi.
— Uigfff Wf.i
WANTED-Aslistsnt girl aa mother's
help. Apply Mrs. Moral, miner 3rd
snd St. Qsorgi. _s-h
WAWMmmsdiatsly, by man and
wile, one large or two small unfurnished rooms. Address tUting aire,
location and price. M. 0., Express
Office. ai-8
I want a good residence Int. UNI
feet frontage, comer preferred, fijc:
must fa* right. Apply Box 17M, N.
Vancouver, B. C. titf
FOB SAI.E-Fint growth dry wood
lor 14.60 per oord, 4 It. 0. McDade,
Phone 89. 38-8
Splendid inside lot, would make fine
business location, on First st., one
block Irom Lonsdale avenue. I'rice
Hill"). I'ash 11800, balance over 18
months. Palmer it Mcllwaine, 438
Hiohards st., Vancouver. I'hono Sey
m.Mir 8763 .   14
WANTED-Drcaamsking. All kiudaol
good e|ass work undertakes. Skirt
waists snd ekirts s specialty. Mn.
Bayment, 3nd bouse, 8th street, adjoining Boulevard, North Vanoouver.
price including delivery and stocking
in basement ol 367 Tenth street east,
Nprtb Vancouver to Morton, P. 0.
Box 1683, Vancouver. 36-8
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Ladies' suits a specialty. Misses Bsc
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nishod rooms. Mr*. Knight, 7th aad
Bidgiway Avi.        IH)
FOB BEIT — Seven-roomed house.
Furniture for uie if Wanted. Oor. Iltk
and Boulevard. 36-8
Furnished housekeeping room! tl
week each. Apply Friday evenings or
Saturday mornings Leigh, tth house
ssst ol St. George's, 18th stmt. 36-8
Furnished Boom* to Hani-Single or
double (or ladies or gentlemen. Beautiful location. Convenient for terry.
Apply 667 Ldnsdals Ave. 368
Wi.60 monthly witb lesse. Furniture
sale cheap. Owner leaving city.
Apply svanings only, 7 o'clock or slier. 163 Third street cast, North Vancouver, tn
Wsa it beans or rial estate lhat
caused Ihe dispute between Mr. Ebms
snd Mr. Burgeymeyer wbo sre neighbors in name only!
K is clear that it was ml estate,
in tbe shape ol a rock about nine inches in diameter, which culminated
the dispute, sod landed ths twain in
ths polios court.
Kama and Mrs. Ebms both declare
that Burgeytneyer Hurled th* rook
Irom bis aide ol the fence, and that
it bit Ebms on the shoulder.
That was the final on* touch of nature (it -was a perfectly natural rock)
which, instead ol making neighbors
kin, drove on* to his lawyer sad ths
other to tbs polios (or s summons:
While Burgeymoyer'e lagsl adviser
endeavored to prove thai it was .a
dispute about tbo'position ti t bound-
pty (nm* that ha/ started Ihs UookU
sitjci that tbis took tin mom ttm
tin jurisdiction ol |h» magistrate*,
Ebms on the other hand ffllwad   it
PHI III*    -ST      I'l'    C^~T    'IT'S'    ^Tffl^^      ~
wm #» Us«f (Of f%!Wnmr* wbioh
wtt WitfMf ^tinlrtnig doLm  ol   Uf
TrfT-       ~TfeniTfW    Tnnmffffwwfam,    wr"fnwn      "*r       ""
miTftnt bu_*_if. ___A fajkd tfiitiiit bin
rWTr~m        )' '■■ M"*f     ~T™       V!mwm        - 1 mt)— *   mwtt
'fwTcff Wr*W   tWW Tm^mr,
ikd\i Mt*f« t_M bb ieW ol-
1 r fl    rwnmmmf   rfrry   Wmf   wmww   twr
(--Uf    fj__    inim    t-HB    inmrnk
,   ^■^^T   artirf   rmjrtmym      ,,— .,    r. — -.-
hi 4—s——1 that —_r is--—-—1
wr  rTft*mwm mww ymmmmf   rmmfl^mrr'
FOB SALE- Homesite bargains at
North Lonadale. Water, liybl, telephone and sidewalks. 101x138 sll
cleared and in garden. Small hoian
19000 on good terms,    tsuoon street,
IOOxLW on Nyi street, now laing
macadamised.    I860.    1-3 cash.
100x133 lacing south on tijiteu at.
Excellent soil.    UO00.    1-3 each.
Lonsdale ave., A lost 11600.
■1ACK IIIIITH CO. Tel. 47 It 87
.1. I-oulst ui North Ixmadale
(let it at Ijonsdsle Pbenaasy Pkon* 22
Wl doss Sundayi. Fhona 834. .1.
B. English, 0. K. Urocwry, 11 Lons
dais Avam*.
Sandhsm k Simpson, building mov-
in, rsddsno* 468 6th Avssns West,
Fsirvisw. Tsl. Fairmont 1910.     8-96
Tha N. V. Preparatory school ond
kindergsrten will reopen is St. AoMi
parish ball, cor. 8th and 13th streets,
on Wednesday Sepl. fith. Boys and
girls sgs* 4 to 19. Miss Csadw.il,
North Vaneouvir. 1-8
District,W C. T.'li. will bsve « tent
at the Exhibition, Aug. 96th to Sept.
lib. A net room wjll b* in charge
ol Mrs. Mclsitaa. (.unthsos will be
served by * committee ot* Isdlas.
I/W-Udy'i pesr brooob. fttsfar
rewarded by applying as 948 Sod tt.,
_______ .' j.'j;     i.ij
M)ST-8umlsy, August lttt,   bs-
ttm Bi. MAmt mm upt 9n
rm w^P mfrmi'  iT»hpp» fMW   ■JM*
™* mmt mmfW* fSv
FOB KI'.M U.go hall, Lonadala
Avs. (near Isl street) lormerly known
as K. P. Hall) suit*We lor lodg*room
society purpose*, or anils ol oAosi.
Alterations to suit responsible tenant,
privilege ol sub-letting. Apply Irwin
k Billing* Co. lid., 601 Lonsdale Avs.
Telephone It. Il
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furniture chrap. Mrs. A. M. McLean
corner I Ilh and Boulevard 218
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34th sine) w„ Norlb Vancouver.' 3) 8
Now is Ike lime to buy your preserving pesrhe*. A large shipment
just received st Ibe Uns.lale Supply
SInres Co. I'rire will be 11.16 p. r
crate. Illi I.uu*dal.. Avi. 31 H
 ■£ ,	
Keith Hoid lot.     A bargain lor
i|uiii sale, Beautifully located 60ft.
lot in oity limits on Ksilh road. To
■sll iptiiily will accept |I90U. Ons
third caafa and balance on term*.
Aleiander I'hilip, financial agent and
insurance broker, Club Mock. Phone ID
Doiajjlr corner, (08 lust on Boulevard
aud 114 lent on St. Andrew's annus,
cleared. Pries 13400, | cash, balance
ow 18 monlbs. Palmer k Mrllwuins
438 Bichards at., Vancouvsr. Phone
Seymour 8763. 18
II you wasl a good bug ia North
Vancouvar, call and aee oar Hating*.
We spetiaHae in this district. Palmer
k -cilwajos, 436 Bichards st., Va»
couy.   fMm B*y~°»r 8718       1-8
SpiemdU view lot, 9 bike Irom Ixms-
d*le ssrline. Prias |676. 1 cam,,
balsno* over 18 months. I'alrnM A
Mcilwsin*. 438 Bichards St., VsnSoi-
ver.   Phone Swymonr 87S3    .        1-8
6«t, lot, eeeoad blook irom I«*
aWe oarline ami *J/—■ to BM_vaid.
trim 1808. Cash ague, bales* ov«r
18 months. I'atmm k Uettwaipt, 418
Bichards tf., Vawwvss. Pho<m Ssy-
awulpB 14)
"*r*^ i^timtie few vfi. jmw
w nw ne ^^w ^m F^. wnnn
nit* m sww  at sww nx pan earn
■  Avm |mm   t^n^n^  A    |^^|
™ aww w^fn,tan}wmt o* mam
fmmi Bi., Ifyntpytm}. •      ffrAt ———
Are Kimfiiituetl against impprlecligp't
which in poorly mode goods cinae much
wurry una iucquveuiBnce to (he homie-
Flint And Vnrniih Bruihei
Will il" iimt clnss work uml will not
Blind tin- liristlnti.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
i    -* ■ <  !■■«■■——————-     ,
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west ol the Imperial Cgr Shipbuilding and
Dry Dock Co.'s property. $300and $325 each-$20caih,
balance eaiy termi. 'i"'M' tola coimuaiul an uninterrupted
view ol thu !• miles of Utirrard Inlet. Good soil and level.
Call or write (or descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pender St W.     Phone Seymour 5654
FIFH FOOT LOTS, $330 ftflg
Water and tele|diune service is being put into district now nnd
route haa been surveyed lor carline.
your neighbours
and they will recommend it to
electric iron wilh
a reputation.
HU 11 UIN I We ihall be pleated to tend one of these
ironi to you lor TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL Phone 46
Light and Power Department.
a;.'.,.-  ■;,- ■ .,,.,..'.,„._,i,_r ■■!,;, ■, -;i'„,._,.  .... ■   m ■.     ,, ii'iiai^1::.'!,.?
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
THAT the Civic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open (or the Convenience til Employers and Employees,
Employers are requeued to take advantage of the Oilier;
when requiring help.
Phone 321
VV. B. HOOU, Secretary,
14 Lonsdale Avenue,
North Vincouver.
120 1*0*1 Street Eait Telephone 206
ConvoifftM to North Vancouver Merchwli     '
far to Ve-r Own Taw* im Otlmt Itfimmt
Mining Reiourcei on
the .North Short
Biggest Ore HtKly on tbe Pacific la op
(toymour Oreek-l*ad Buna Within Tout met ot thia 0l»y-Da-
yelouiiientu Finding.
On H|ti<rila> rast tlie representatives
ul the owner* ul ten of tlie uijitiiig
claims on Heympur Creek, accompani-
ml l>y an expert milling engineer paid
* visit tu Nortli Vaneouver fur the
purpose uf inspecting' their pruperties
wilh llm result lliul what they saw far
triuisi'imdnd tbeir must sanguine an-
ticiputiuiis and cuuvluceil litem lieyuud
i|iii';iliini thit they are iu pesaessiuu of
une uf the biggest and the must val
nulilii milling' pro|Nwilions in the wurld
aci'iir.liiig lu the statement of the mining expert. The part) waa euuipused
uf tbe Mmir.l uf Director* of the
Imperial I'm Hliipl-uilditig tm.l Dry
Dock Corporation, owner* uf theluwn-
site at Imperial, situated ut llmhe
I'uiul, I'.uir miles east of the city uf
North Vaneuuver uu Htirranl inlet ami
Within the cuiillur* uf tbe district uf
Nurlli Vaiicuuver, a* are likewrse Ih-i
mining .-Iannis to which referenee is
liiBile. The milling uxpert wbu funnel
one uf the priiiy was Hr. John .1.
l.uiinhruii, wbu has lieen actively i.lcn
lili.'il with mining uperations allilung
the I'u. id. coast for the |wst thirty
years ami wbu is struugly rouversaut
with all the conditions which affect
milieu ami miniiig camps frmu Old
Mexico tu Alaska. Mr. Ixiughrau has
■inni uf Ihe largest ami strongest min
ing fuuipauies in the wurl.i including
the (1 ggenheiiii Hyiidii-ate, whose pro
perties at I'nuke Inlet be Ihuruiigbly
examined in  their Interests.
Interviewed hy a representative uf
the Express, Mr. Lougliran cordially
imparteil a summary of bis cum-lusiuns
frum the examination of Hie claim* un
Heymour Creek. Mr. Ijoufihran began
by slating that he set uul with the
part, on Halunlav iu a very iluiibtf,I
ami in t-x .-ii a pessimistic frame of
iiiiinl. He hail examined su many pru
perlics iu ilifTcrcnl parts uf Ihe west
during bis  lung experience anil  bad
linm.I     |sil:il I - . I.    SO   few   ill    tliiln
tu be, in his upiitiun, really prumising
I'd, j.nsiti. ,ns lliul be Inul no ,'inlii i|:i
lion Ibal anything of auy particular
merit wuttlil be fouml wilbiit a few
mill's uf llurranl Inlet. The results,
however, entirely overturned his ml
i iiliiiii.ii■■. um im." I. as uli.it he saw
eoitvinceil bim Ibal he was inspecting
the higgesl ure bud) ou lite I'u. ui.
■ "ii't ami une uf Ihe biggest, if m.i the
lun"' I in the worl.l. Moreover Ih
ore is of a valuable character au.l
give* every promise uf .icplb ami of
highly im nn .si tallies us .Icplb i* at
lame.I tin tbe very surface il is
nearly solid iron ure impregnated with
cupper, gulil, silver ami oilier vulublc
,,,. ti.l- which delete very high values.
.The nisi claim visited was the I an
.i.li.in CuiisoliilHt.-il, lb.- must northerly
of Ihe . lomi. owned I,) Ihe luiiipany,
ami lying a shurt distance of the Van
cmixer waterworks intake iu Heymour
(reek. Here tie fouml a blow mil ot
ore, which upun eiamiiialiuii pruveil tu
be bigb class iron ure currying liberal
values iu copper. Tbe Iclge Van.I.
praclieally perpendicular ami is sixty
fret in i\i.lib, having a lime fuotwall
ami a granite banging wall. A* the
iiispciii.ui prucrcliil be was asliini.-li
cl t„ observe Ibal I lure was prailt.ul
ly a wbiile moiiulaii, of ore, Ibe wbulc
country bewy .liaracleri/c.l by uul-
per ure erfuo.lwa ofro.nl awdoliwail
rrppiup* of i,xuli/eil iron ure carrying
cupper, ili.- in xt claim visilcil was
Ibe lluusevell where Ihey fouml a vasi
body uf ure eilemliug fur al least pus
hllf mile alnng Ibe bra uf tbe luuttii
lain ami clearly visible all Ihe way.
The posiliuu of this au.l Ibe nllur
rlalms is such as tu constitute su ideal
tunneling pruposiliou. A wording lun
ucl .mu feel in length can be driven
so a* lu give a depth uf al least 'Minn
feet i.ii'l it wu uml lie au easy mailer
lo stupe uul une hundred luns uf ure
per day. The ure l.udy runs right
tbruugh Ihe mountain ami .Tups uul
within four mile* of Ihe city uf Nurlli
Vamuuver ami likewise gives every
Indication that il runs lo depth, thus
innkiiiK il a most valuable mining pru
position ia every way. Ul. Iioughruu
ile.iure.l that wining operator- bad
been ransacking all aorta uf remote
places ami hail been expemliug mil
liuns uf dollars far the ilevelnptnent
of proper!ine iu far away districts, all
the lime ignoring Ibe fact Ibat Ibe
beet proposition of them all 1* lying
st the very door* of llurranl Inlet.
These properties have also been the
subject of a report by Mr. T. Hcutt
dun, England, the lenn* uf which gu
lo coiiArrn the u|itimisli,- view of Mr.
Loughran. The report of Ur. Anderson preeeds as follow* :
mhii'IhjiIjIiinu * nnv dock
'OK., MPD., Vanrouver, B. 13.1
(leullenieii, At your reijaeel J have
visited your mining property on Seymour Creel ami nave secured wb|l in
my opinion is an avenge simple of tbe
tn which I* largely exposed In Ike
lueasl wbleh bl* Istea driveu io the
This are gives the fu)|."
S? j    |
North Vaticouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D. L 550,
i   n i      ~
PRICES: $750 to$1000according to location,
TERMS; 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12 and 18months,
ACREAGE in District Lots 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres,
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1 -4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard eitendi through thii property
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, S,%
' 4*iwh
North Vancouver
Percy ri. Ilowuril II. .1. Pen-in
lily Aiiililur.
Audit.irs und Ai-cniinlunls
MS I'ender Ht. W.       I'. O. Hux 3235
I'lione 8KI7 I'i.on.   18».
Vancouver      Nnrlh  Vnnctniver
Pinesl tallies end etie* ia the City
I'iuneer Horaeshoer n Carriage W.,rhs
BQobaellera and Statlonera
Cor. lonadale and 1st.        I'bone Mil
Tlio Now Block on  l.onadnlo A.mm
inin   tlio Perry  A|)|iroac|i
w0s built by
lii'iiiT.il t',,nl liuil dis
Con I cantors for ir iiiiiiii'iil oonoreto
I'liinitiiiiilinn. Sewprinj in nil Its
branches, bouse connections a ape
cinlly. Estimates furnished. (Hiiro
•-'0 Lonsdnli.. Ave. I'lione 28fi.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Specialty.     Phone Lu j
Building it, ii I,,., in.
Brick and concrete  work.    Houses,
llinij.'.'iliU'..... c|c, a Specially. Plans
submitted, estimates. 217 l.niimln1".
llux Nn. fan,
I'. H. Sharp, Stud. S. 1., Stud.
Inst. Hun. Eng. Etc., Archt and Civil
Engineer. Plana, elevationa seetlous,
reports, speeifiealions, estimates, etc.
(oral) classee ol work, Tracings, Blue
Prints, Map Mounting. * 137 Lower
Keith Boad. East, N. Vancouver.  .'I-S
Prompt     Serviee-Modcrnte  Chnrgee.
Phone M.
((mitm mi
Palm Confectionery
y, Conlectioaery, Ice Cream,
lake, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Idgbt Lunches, Fruit
'ale aid Mi Phone 3)8
Angus J. Cameron
ABIE, k S.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and epecifirniioiw. Septlo tanka and
bouae drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Box 2it, 16th street west of Bewicks
Presb and Smoked Pish
Live and Dressed Poultry
Vegetables Delivery twice daily
PhbM DID IBI First Strset
Wholesalers nnd Kctnilets ol Purs io,,
Ice tot lawjly use
Studio  over  Bank   B. N. A.
Lunsdule nnd Esplalads
Saw Filer and Grinder. Ail kinds ol
hand, cross cut and buck suws aot
mul filed nt shortest notice. II Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver,
High-class Ladies' and Gent's Tailoriag
Modem Tiilon md RtMViUry  ,
307 Lonsdale Avasits
Clsaning,   i'reesiag,  Dyel»g,   AlUlag
te   use   tlia   French   Dry   Uaaniag
Process Phone !|I3
Specialty: Children's lassoes at own
home. Terms, etc., apply Gsiasiral
la your watch Hopplag or goi»g Irregularly! Sas
A. ), HOOD
TJie Nortk Va*eonvar |
->_4 _do____r Jii
mmfwtw   mftwyfrnmawi    w
I _________■____■
A Dainty
in Toilet
Finished tn ilie sniPPihnuM ul
polished marble, ils color lh.it s.ill,
nretiiny wltiloiieas which mntohos tlie
ileliciiln iliii|s)iiiw and furnishings   "I
the toilet i nlili! apd dressing   r n,
is '■ iilumi doubt tho most attractive
un Iho market. Styee introducing it
tn our put linm two years ago, it lias
mot with much fiivnf, and not once
have we heard llm slightest complaint
in regard to ils durability or norvtcc-
ulile tpialities. Its color does nol
change with years ol nee, wbilo ouch
pi,™ reflects a high c|uss workmanship. We are showing a large stock
nl this ivory this season, Irom which
we will furnish full sets or individual
pieces. See il, and you will like it.
It is new, it is nun I, it is serviceable
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
jewellers and Silversmiths
Hastings and Granville Street*   -   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
The first shipment to (his country of the (aiutms Dowgate
ese mach
>es are of the best quality and finish.   For tone
they ate unequalled.
IV.* (tQH   To be sold on terms of $10 cash
rriCe $01/   and $5 per month.  LESS THAN
of any other make of gramophone of similar size.    There is
nothing cheap about these gramophones but the price.
«] We have alto in stock a quantity of English double disc
records, price 85c each.   These records arc the finest we
have heard and can only be obtained at
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
443 Lonidale Ave. Phone 114
Ratis:   f-Min   per   and   up.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   hoarders	
finest Hoof Garden on Pacific Coasl
Skconii Strut.   ....   NOUTH   VANCOUVER. II. C.
(/■- i'
1  (/f(<'.if?i><< j
Ths operator's duties ars to anawer
calls and mnko conned ions as rapidly
as possible Conversation wilh you
would inevitably block other calls jusl
as urgent as yours.
So Ihe operator is trained to use
certain set phrases relating strictly
to ber work. Any ijuestions out-
sids ol her functions must necessarily be reterred lo people having in
charge special classes ol "irregular" inquiries.
K niimilo's consideration will show
that unless ths operator's duly were
uniform -praoticnlly the same in every
call-she could not possibly glvs AM.
subscribers the service Ihey demand.
The Standing Alibi of H, Stanleigh Strorae, cont,
' iota wWo» Ai4 noma nr Storme that
: Buddnoly aha gay* t, little tn.
Eurke arouptl, He's slipped a cog
somehow. S'poso yon font In and lei-
low the feltow. Tfe» totM m Sfwd-
Ing behind us, and they're paying
good money to keep truck o| this man,
ana It ain't our business to lose bim
B'pose you reckon him »B » Oil-"
Tba officer nodded and purled off.
He kept his man In sight. It wus
Difficult work, not only because hi*
man waa p rapid walker and swerved
in and ont »l dhfaraot thoroughfarea
With rapidity, but alio because be
kept constantly looking around Iw
bind him.
Storme-for It wm he-knew that
be was being followed, and (bomb
bu waa tba shadowed, be also wa* tbe
sbadowerar, lor ba kept his eya on
b|> pursuer quite aa faithfully as did
tbe officer keep track ot him.
Tba afternoon paused uud evening
came, but still on and on walked
Stormo. They reached a residential*
portion ol the town.
Suddenly Storme turned swiftly
down a dark, narrow street, and
when bit pUrtur reached tbe corner,
Storme bad disappeared. Search as
be would, there was no trace of thu
The Bpeclul devoted some ten nln-
utea to a fruitless search, and tben
retraced bit steps lo the cornet'
whence Storme bad disappeared.
As he stood there, nonplussod, a
man'suddenly touched bim. on thu
back of tbe band. Tba special knew
tha touch. He aaid nothing, but followed the man to a dark recess.
"Well, Burke," be remarked,
"what're you doln' here? I've been
tollowln' your man all the evening,
an' by Qeorge, I just lost liltnl"
"What mun?" demanded Burke.
"AW," returned tbe other, 'you
know, that fellow Storme."
"dee!" returned Burke, "have Ihey
put you on, too? Well, by Qeorge,
vt Ith the crowd we've got, there ain't
unythlng be can do without our sccln'
It It's a blame good thing we got
him In tow, too. Only we got considerable ol a wult before us before
ho comes out."
"Comes out where?" exclaimed the
other man.
"Why," replied Burke, "he's making a visit In that brownttono down
there, No. 'illi, tba one wltb the
grounds at tbe side. Thought you
know that."
"Knew ltl" said the other. "Why,
| jus' bud him In tow ten minutes
ago, an' loat bim. So that's where
he is, Is It? I dldo't know what be-
i nine ot him."
"Sure," replied llurke, "he's bsen
ibero sn hour already. It's about
lime he cut It and left, I'm tbmklu'."
Ihe other man started.
"An hour?" be repeated. "What you
glvln' us? I taw bim on this here
street not fifteen minutes gone.
You're nutty, Burke. Or, else," ha
went on with a amlle, "or else, you
lost bim, too. Come on, own up.
you're glvln' me a bit of a stiff, I
"Bit of a ttlff, notbln'," retorted
Burke. "I tell you, he's lu there, al!
light, ull right. I got a couple o' nn it
there walchln' the place. When ho
tomes out they'll give me uflesh o'
light.   He'a In there, all right."
"I.ook here, Burke," went on thu
other, "I bet you he ain't. I tell you
I saw him go around tbe corner. I
kuow what I'm talking aboul."
Burke looked at the special loug
and earnestly.
"It might be," be admitted "thai he
gi.ve us the tlip again. I'll tell you
We might as well be sure. You're
ii new roan here. S'posc you do tbe
leery set aud go there an' And out.
V.'e'd better know, vou know."
Three minutes later the bell rang
at tbo l)iiini,iii house Tbe maid answered It A tough looking character
wilb hit coat collar turned up stood
at the door.
"Say, mitt," he remarked confidentially, wltb a alight lurch In bar dirt et ion, "want to tat Mill' puoont—
old Mist' Dumont, y' know."
He hiccoughed slightly aa be aid
H The maid started back and called
min Ibn library.
A man's •n'ti: was beard Inside
"Walt u minute," it suid, "I'll attend lo Ihe fellow."
The lustier ol tbe voice stepped lull, Uie hall. Tbe man who rang Uie
bell stayed outalde.
"Wbat do you want?" inquired tbe
"Want to see Mist' Dumont (hie)
-ole Uiat' Dumont."
The man Inside shook his bead.
"Ur. Dumont," ba returned, "Is no
longer alive. M died about live years
ago. So you can't aee bim. Wbat
|s It you wanll"
He stepped back and turned up the
light to Ita lull elrength. Both men
could aaa each other perfectly
"Wei," returned tba oilier, aadly, ai
be shook bla head,   " .want  to  lee
Mist' Dumont, liat'a all.   'Po's dead,
don't want tea nobody." c
He turned and made his way an-
eteadly down tba lUpa.
''Ooo' nigh'," be called ont.
He looked back once or twice un-
certainly and the mail wltiln bald
tha door open until the other had
IfwmnW  »l»   Ww*J   W   n*m  mfWMft    MM   H
ba held the door open, be stood so Ibal
light Irom the ball tall lull upon bit
And the face waa tbkt f>f H. Stanleigh Storme - tbe man whom tb*
'other Bought.
An hour latar, tba door opened
Midii, god Storm* again appeared.
He Ughtly descended tbi ttepB to the
street, looked carelessly about him.
gnd then started leisurely towards tbe
center ol tke town.
' 4a be did ao, lour men emerged
Iron tbeir hiding placet and followed
bim. And 'his time they never left
bla heels until he disappeared once
mora Into the Iront door ol tbe tlou-
verneur apartments.   ,
And when be bad done so, Burke
and one other sat down and camped
upon his trail.
And on thai night tba sale lo the
hardware concern ot Cauda ft Wll-
lett was cracked, aod something over
seven thousand dollars stolen.        ,
The Mala that Game Irom Worsen
Helen Dumont waa a peculiar young
woman. She waa rich, and yet she
was happy.
Her parents, both ol tbeln membera
of tbe molt inclusive set In town,
were long since deceased. She wai
mistress ol her own house, and kept
with ber uu a companion ao aged
Miss Dumont waa a general favorite. Perhaps It waa because the enjoyed life; because, unlike the crowd
around ber, ahe exhausted all that
wss good In eilstanse, and rejected
tbe bad.
She entertained — not lavishly, but
well. On ber reception nights her
home wat crowded, it waa toe one
place where one might go and feel ut
Storme bad never attended any ol
the functions except one large reception. He bad pleaded sonic eicuse
But she prevailed upon bim to attend
tbe last little dinner of tbe season.
He did so. There were two or three
people ihere be knew, but most ol
them he did not know.
The dinner wu about ball over.
People bad begun to talk volubly, aa
they alwaya do, once tbe Ice Is broken
and tbeir appetite baa somewhat abated. Storme aaid but little: b* listened.
"It's absurd"' one man waa earing.
"Tbe police department aay they can't
■tap It. Stop Itt 01 count they can
stop It. Tbay don't ball try.
"Here't Cauda * Wllletti UM fifteenth on tke Hit. And wbo knows bow
many never come to light? And It's
tbe tame fellow, by Qeorge, and bt
workt In Uie selfsame way every time.
And they aay tbay can't find bim.
Ptbawl Don't Ull ma."
"Well," volunteered another, 'tlie
banks aay they've got several partial
under surveillance, and tbay claim
they've narrowed It down to one
man — and tben again, they say that
that's sll tommyrot, that they baven't
found bim, after all."
"I don't know wbat to make of It,"
remarked a woman, "and I wouldn't
care so much If they'd confine their
depredations to Ilie banks; but tbay
don't. Did any of you hear about Mn.
Uradley-Coatet? Did you, Mr.Btoruic?"
Storme shook hii bead.
"I rarely read tbe papers," be replied with some embaraatment, "aod
I — I really have heard but little
about unythlng ot Interest In tbe cily.
My time It so taken up that I have
but little to give tbe newspapers."
He said this In ao awkward, stilted
sort ol manner, and aa though he
were trying to give an explanation be
fell waa needed.
"Oh, It waan't In tbe paper," Interposed the woman. "Tbay kept It out.
But one night juat a week or ao ago,
aa Hr. and Mn. Bradley-Coatee wan
eating dinner In tbeir own house —
In their own bouse, mind you" — tbis,
ss though It would bare been quite a
matter ot course bad tbay been la
somebody else's bouse — "while Ihey
were eating dinner tbay beard tome
tort ot a noise outalde, and she looked
over ber husband's shoulder, and there
was a maa'a tana staring Into tbe
"She couldn't aaa lb* lace wall, because bis coat cellar was turned ap
and tbe lower part wu entirely concealed. He disappeared at once. Tbay
called tbe servants and raited aa
alarm, but (bay couldn't find the own.
"And later they found the Ivy viae
on the side of the houee all torn and
broken, aod tbe mark* ol leet around
tbe window, bat tluy never found Uu
"Wasn't anything taken?" asked
Tbe woman affiled. Sba bad bean
waiting for Ibat Inquiry.
''Nothing much," she replied, "only
every bit of jewelry that Mn. Bradley
Coatu bad In Ihe houie — aad yon
know What Ibat means. , You know
bow much ahe wore. Nobody knows
bow much tbay ware worts — certainly a fortune lo Ihemtelvei."
Bhe stopped suddenly
*yito - wbr - 9m, wbtWi ft*
receivea the game glad welcome here
at tb> mm Who cornea to bwy, our
primary object at thia time being to
acquaint the men of Nflrth V»ncoi(-er
with the advantage! in quality, aervice
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at thii •torei.
We don't expect to (ell you goodi
before you know ua, our goods and
our buaineaa methoda, ao we invite
you to call; " Snoop around" » bit
and get acqainted.
—S———s—   ll !,!*----■--■---■
Half Acres in East Half 787. The
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550.
Terms I -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to
522 Pender Street
l/tsvc Vancouvsr ti.'itl a.m.   and
llielenllel     every    SO   minutes    until
7.00 p.m. Commonsing 730 p.m.
evsry 30 ninutes until 11.SI p.o.
tlieieuftei  19.16 nu.l 1.00 a.m.
I enve Norlb Vancouvar 6.00 a.m.
mid tlleroaflsr every 00 minutes until 7.00 p.m. t',.iiiiiini.'iiiit 7.30 p.
n. evsry 30 minutes until 11.00 p.
ni   Iberoafloi  11.16 ami 111.16 a.m.
l.i'iivi. Vanoouvsr 7.10,  8.30 an.l       Uavo North Vancouver TM, 8.00
'J ihi thereafter same as weekdays.     and 8.10, thereafter same aswsok-
Hingis due 6c, 6 lor 26c, 30 lor II, 70 fos fl.
A l.umlicr Wagons, trucks and
drays, 76c return.
Il-'J borse espress carriages and
hocks, 60s return.
(!• -I horse oiprets buggies and
autos, 36a return.
All tho above ratos include driver. Bates A and 11 subject to 'JO
psr cont. discount ia lots ol 60.
iv. 100 lbs. rate. 6c.
Minimum rats, lOe.
Company A
ieot to change without notice.
liable lor delays, accidental or otherwise.
If you want your Doors
and Windows in a hurry
call, phone or write
Phon. 222      P.O. Bo.1719
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOB 6AI.E-6 room Mum on
t-fcld Ave. Near, «JI atodsra.
»M00.  Easy Ursu.      •
*EAL mm, LOAD*, WVMNCft.
TBUPHONK to P. O. 90% 114 mWJWmmmmmmmammmm
'■ !
District Lot 552
mm ...
r t
The West End of the City
The Finest Residential Lots at moderate prices
on easy terms, All cleared. Twenty minute
car service. Water laid on. Electric Light, etc,
Within half a mile of the water front of D. L.
265, the future industrial centre of the North
Shore. Buy before the inevitable advance in
values takes place.
Block 6, District bt 607
Urge Cleared Lots within one block of the Terminus of
the Capilano Carline, These lots are on the bench overlooking the Pipe Line Road and the Capilano River.
Beautiful views.   Very accessible.   Terms one-fifth Cash.
District Lot 553
A Limited number of Cojer Lots reserved from the
original sale are now on the Market. Close to the Grand
Boulevard. Good car service, Electric Light. Water laid
on. The roads are being improved, and sidewalks constructed.
For Plans and Price LiiU Apply to
Lonsdale Estate Office
525-6 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Phone, Seymour 2835
vim jwwofl,
Notice is hereby given that p» ap-
plimitioii will be mado miller Vpyf V,
pf the "Water Apt, WOO," to obtain
it liopitoe in tho North Vancouver pi-
vision of New Westminster District.
(a) The iibiiiii, address ami occupation pf tho sppHi'Biit-OprnpratiPH of
tho oity pf Nertli Vancouver,,
(If for mining purposes)' proe Minor's Certificate Np-.,...,.,...
(li) The iiiiiiiii pf the Inliii, stream or
source (jf unnamed, (he ilescrlptipn Is)
IjIiIhi Bt the tipper mul pf Dywtl Creek,
pn right hand branch goipg up stream
(elev. 8400 fppt above Burrtril Inlet),
(c) Tho   jioint   of   inversion—At
Palls at iiitnfth uf Uke.
,(il) The quantity nf watur applieil
for (in cubic foot per second)—Btpr-
ago ptirpiisiis.
(e) Tito character of proppsoil works
—Building a iluiii ami raising level
of lake during rainy season.
(f) Tho premises on which tho
water to be used (describe same)—
Oity of North Voncouver.
(g) The purpose for which tlte
water is to bu used—Domestic and
(b) If for irrigation describe Hie
land intended to be irrigated, giving
(I) If tbe water is to lie used for
power or milling purposes describe tho
plain ivlii'j. tli,' water is to bu returned to some mini;..! . Ii;,ii,,-1, ami
the .liiiT'ii'nrr iu altitude between
point of diversion ami point of return
(jl Area of Drown lumi intended to
be occupied by the proposed works—
Uml Hooded by construction of dum.
(k) This notice was posted on thu
111th iln.v of August, lllll, ami
B|i|ilii'ulifu to. lie iu;i'!i' to tho
Commissioner on tlm 'Jtltlt iluy of Hep-
Umber, lllll.
(I) (live the panics uml addresses of
uuy riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whoso lumls arc likely to lie
affected by the proposed works, either
ulipve or below the outlet—Hustings
Shingle Manufacturing t'o.; District of
North Vancouver.
(If) TDK mil '.ii .nil..   AND A Hi; A
Commencing ut ;< point iu Durrani
liii.i. distant iflOD feet due south
from the southwest corner post ot
Lot ilih; Ihuticc due norlh !!,.'ltgl feet,
to said south west corner post of said
Dot :'ii.i; theme -,ilu; feel, morn or
less, to the northwest corner of said
Dot 'Itt; tbenet northerly through Lol
'wt.', :!,II4IJ feet more or less, to the
south west corner post of Dot lillllj
tlifii.tt ciist.'ilv along the nortli htiuu-
dary of Dot 66'2, 8,6411 feel, more or
less, lo the northeast comer post of
Dot tt'l; theuce northerly along the
West boundary of Lot 5J4, 1,71-1 feet,
more or less, to lite north west corner
post of Lot n44) theuce easterly along
the nurlli boundary'of Dol MS, 0,040
feet, more or less, lo the norlh cast
corner posl of Dol MB, I hence easterly
along the north boundary of Lot ;,Hi.
:'.iil'i feel, moro or less, In the north.
east corner posl of Dol 546| Ihence
esslerly along the mirth hpiiudary of
the norlh niosl portion of Lot 0111,
111)11 feet, more or lass, In the mirth-eust
corner of said portion of Lot li 14i, 111)11
feet, more or less to the nurlli cast coiner of said portion) lliencc southerly
along Ihe east lioumlury uf said north
nmi portion of Lot UIH, 8,060 feet,
mure or less, to the soul li west corner
of Lol '1,1)1'); theuce easterly along Ihe
lllirlh I.i,un.Inn of Hie Slltltll lliosl pur
lion of Lot lilt), '.Mi,ii fee), more or less
lo the northeast corner of said south-
most portion of Lot lillij Ihence southerly along the cast boitudary of Dot
lllll, L',:i|ll feci, more or less, lo the
south cast i urn,'i post of Lot lllll,
Ihence westerly along Ihe south houn
dary of Lol OIK, 8,800 feel, more or
less, lo the south west comer post of
Lol HI'I, tinnier smith.'Hy, slung tile
west boundary of Lot WIS, :'.iilu feel,
more or less, lu Hie sunlhivesl corner
of Lol MS| theuce easterly, along Ihe
suulh boundary of Lol 56:1, lllll) feci,
more ur less, lo the north cost corner
ppst of Loli'lih, llii'iiic southerly along
the east boundary of Lol 879, a dis
lance of 1,1)311.11 feet, to Ihe north
boundary of thai jmrl of said Lot 'IT,
the properly of John Hendry; theme
westerly along Hie north boundary of
the properly of Ihe said Hendry lo
Ihe east boitinbiry of Lot -Tl, Ihence
southerly along the said east boundary
ol dot '.'74 to the high water mark in
Durrani Inlet; llipnce '" ""' """•' '"'"
southerly 1X11) fii'l, and lliencc westerly
in a straight line lo the point of coin
ineiiceiiienl the said tract of land com
prising the following lots, namely:—
Stt, 211, 114, 27.'), except the portion
thereof belonging to .lohn Hendry, tho
easterly portion of Lol ttl, and Lots
1)47, htH, Ml), AIM, tii, tit, tit, and
tit, and the Mission Indian Deserve
all situated in Group One, New Westminster District, together with ths
foreshore in front on the north shore
of Burrerd Inlet as comprised within
the said boundaries of Ihe city of
North Vanrouver) tba said tract of
land being shown on a map er plan ol
tbe*ald City nf Norlh Vancouver de
posited in the I And Begistry Office nl
Ibe I'lly of Vanrouver.
(r) Approximately the number of
inhabitants—till Thousand  (8/WO).
(s) The place uf tba proposed tenet
voir for storage -Uke al upper eud of
right band branch of Lynn Creek (elevation 2,480 feet above Burrard Inlet.
(I) The means by which it is pro
pond to store the water—Natural stor
ags by use of Uke and Dam.
(a) Ilie area of tbe reservoir site
«r altos at each feet la depth above
I foot above outlet t ttfat
* Itt    n      „    1 etm
3 tett   a      n   t mm
*  le*    „       „    9 |«res
5 f»t n .1 i,t.-i.-.10 pent
* twi „ „ ,,,,,.,..11 ticron
< feet •„ „  18 iicrou
8 feet „ „  HI acrei
II W „ „ 14 acres
10 feet „    • „  J5 ucros
tl M n „ ,,,,,,,.,1(1 acres
IS feet „ „ ,.17 aoree
lit feet ,, „ ,.,..,...18 seres
H fept „ „  10 teres
|,1 fpst -  „ „ 80 "•'"'-'■>
HI feet „ „  ,,' 80 teres
17 leet „ „    80 met
it foot „ , 80 acres
111 feet „ „   .'. 8) ni'i'i'ii
20 foot „ „  .....8| tores
81 feet „ , ...81 teres
82 feet „ , 83 teres
8.'l fept I, i,   88 teres
84 fee|     ,,        „    -34   acres
85 feet    „       „    86 teres
88  feet    „       „    88  teres
87 feet „ „  87 acres
88 fept ,, .     ,,  88 acres
88 feet „ „  38 acres
80 fppt „ „  .10 tores
848 sores
(v) linn   it is proppspil tP iicipiirc
tho land necessary fnr the purpose—
Jly ptirehaso.
(w) ApproxiuiBtuly the iiiuuber of
acre feet intended to lie impounded—
542 acre feet.
(x) Whether it is proposed to luwpr
the water in any natural lake nr standing body of water, and if sn, then—
(1) The anticipated extent of the
(2) TIlP pieane proposed to lie adopted In lower and relll.
(II) The iiBlttre and character, in
detail of the works proposed to be con
striicteil to provide fnr the ilischargr
and penning back of the water—Construe! ion nl ." dam.'
(■Signature)   THOMAH  HIIEPIIEBD,
City Clerk.
tl'.O.   Address,  City   Hall,
North Vancouver.
Weigh your bread. Brewer's X I
Bread is 16 minces (Union Muds) Five
cents per loal. No swepter or liottn
bread mode, Don't pay a higher pi i
lor inferior stuff, or enctiursga eiorbi-
taut prices in North Vanoniiver. S.
Itilchie, ths Ilp-to-Dote Grocer, 868
to 858 first street, East. 35-8
TI1KT District ol New Westminster.
Take notice Ibat Idiot A. liaswcll ol
Vancouver, ocoupation, broker, intends
to imply lor permission to purchase
the lollowing described lands: Aboul
'-'im acres commencing at a post planted on Ibo northeast corner ol l.qt
1574, llii'in'.! east 36 chains, ihence
not III 80 chains, thence west 5 chains,
more or less to shore ol Horns Shos
Lake, thence in a south and westerly
course around shore ol lake to Nortli
east corner of Lot 1573, limine south
60 chains, more or less, to point ol
(Sgd.)      ELIOT A. IIA8WEI.J,.
•lune  17th,  101 J. Il-U
NOTICE is hereby given tbut an oil
plication will be made under I'nrt V.
nl llm "Water Act, WOP,," |„ obtain n
license iu Ihe Norlb Vancouver divis
ion of Now Westminster district.
(u) The name ol applicant-The
Corporation ol tba District ol North
Vuncouver, ll. 0.
(il for mining purposes) Ereo Kin
cr's fi'itiiii'iii,' No. —
III) The nu mu ol Ibe lake, stream
or source (if uuniiincil the description
im)—An iiiiiinio, ,1 st renin running ill a
Houlherly direction' through Diatriot
Lots 783 and 555, Croup |, NewWost-
uiinsler Hi in. t
(c) Tlio uiiiiit'-of diversion is in
Block I, District lot 7&1 aloresald,
about ill, chains norlh ol tbe sou
Diem boundary ol saitl District  Lot.
(d) The quuntity ol water auplit.il
lor (in cubic f.irt. per second) one
ipturter of u cttliiu loot per second.
(e) The character ol Ihu propos
nl works-Shallow weir dam wilh
suitable intake.
ti) The promisee on which Ibe wa
ler is to be used (describe sumo)- Tbo
District ol North Vaneouver.
lit The purposes lor wbicb His wa
ler is lo lie used--Municipal puiposes.
Ih) II lor Irrigation ilescrilie the
land intend, d lo Im irrigated, giving
(i) II lb water is to he used lor
power or mining puiposes dosrrilis the
place where the water is to bo relumed to Hoiiui natural channel and tbo
difference in altitude between point ol
diversion and point ol return	
(j)  Area ol Crown bind intended lo
Iw occupied by Ilu- proposed works
(k) This notice wus posted on tbe
llth day ol August, lllll, and application will lie made lo the commissioner on tbe 18th day ol Scplomlier,
(I) Give the muni's and addresses ol
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely lo be
affected by Ihe proposed works, either
above or below tlie outlet ara i Arthur
E. I'acey, Wm. ,1.1,Paooy, '.'homos I*-
Moseiirier and Waller Finch Page, all
ol Ihe City ol Vancouver', and A. Dai-
Ion, Nye, W. J. Irwin, Benson Gladwin and Vary L. Archibald, all ol tba
City ti Norlb Vancouver.
(if) Tbe boundaries aad area of the
District of North Vancouver ars as
sat forth in the letters patent ol In
cornoralion dated lOth August, 1801,
ann* published in tba B, 0. OsseUe,
but excepting the area ol Ibe Cjty of
North Vancouver specified in Schedule
B of the North Vancouver City Inoor-
poralion Act Amendment Act 1807.
(r) Approximately the number ol
inhabitants nf Ihe District nt pretest
'^t cmpouTim (ij np-
Aom fl. FA
. mm
TAKE NO'JM IhBl m ktooA to
apply to the ihiuril ol Liciinstug Vop\-
missinpere ol the Pity ol Nnrlp Y»n-
poiiverJIijtiaJi.Pnliimblt. for » retail
liquor or bottle MPepse tor tne premises known as Dots 4| nnd 13, Block
)«5, Distriot lot 374, Norlb Vaneouver, nt the sittings o( such wmwis-
sinpers to be held on the |8tb tiny ol
September, A.D. 19H,
DATI'll) this Mill dny ill August A.
D., l»|l.
U-li        I'er % 0, Orant, Amt.
TK1CT- -District ol New Weetminstor.
Take notice that Joseph 0, Dockerill,
ol Vsncouver, occupation, govsriiinenl
ollieiiil, intends to apply lor nermii-
sion to purchase the following described lands; 160 acres commencing It a
post, plant ml on tbe south west corner ol Lot 3639, thence south 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, tliiiiou'
north 48 chains to south boundary of
Lot 3683, Ihence west 40 chains moro
or less, along said boundary to point
ol commencement.
June 17th, 1011. ll u
i  ■ .      .  u„   "   ' i ,-n
The Theosopbiosl Society meets in
North Vancouver In Boom 4, 67 Lonsdale Avenue (entrance next lo Wil-
come Parlor) every Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Attendance is entirely
Iree and carries no obligations whnl-
evsr. You are invited. Tbcosopltlcal
study ami questions.
New Westmlnsler Land District-District ol Norlb Vonoouver. TAKE
NOTICE that we, 11. Qladwin and A.
P, Clad win nl North Vanoouver, occu
potion, retired, intend to apply lor
permission lo lease the following da
ecrjbed slream, known as Lynn Creek,
eiimuieiicing at a post planted at tbo
N. W. ciiinci ol Ibe old wooden bridge
crossing said stream, thence north,
lollowing lied of stream tn a pott
planted 1,000 feet norlh ol Keith
ltoiul, aleel bridge, lor the purpose ol
obtaining rook, gravel and sand lor
lluilding and other purposes.
Dated Aug. 7th, 1011.
8 HI
SEALED TENDEBS marked "Tender lor Sewer" will lie received by Ibe
City Clerk ol the City ol Norlb Vun
couver up lo 13 o'clock noon on Monday the 31st day of August, for tup-
plying ull Ihe materials and construct
ing mul completing a sanitary sewer
wilb lot connections on Esplanade
und Crescent street Irom St. George's
Avenue to St. David's Avenue ana on
Sc,ui11 street Irom a point 800 (aot
east ol St. Andrew's Avsnuo to St.
David's Avenue.
All the above mentioned work tn lie
carried out according to plans, pinnies, cross seolions and specifications
prepared by the City Engineer.
All lenders lor the work must lik
mudo on forma-ol lender supplied by
the Cily Engineer.
A cheque lor 6 per cent, ol Iho
iimoiint ol tbe tender must accompany each and every, tender.
A bond ol 35 per cent, ol tbe
amount nl Iho contract will I .a nqnir
Separate lenders must he mads lor
each wnrk above mentioned,
The lowest or any lender not necessarily lid eplnl.
City Engineer
City Engineer's Office,
North Vancouver.
Wl. August, I'JII
Applications will bt received by Uu
undersigned up till 6 o'clock p.m. on
Thursday, 17th August, llll, lor the
position ol Assessor ol lha City .and
assistant in th* City Clerk's depart    »
ment. Salary |100 per month. To ton a  i •
tiniio In office during pleasure ol aom-1
oil.    Applicants to slate    experience I
and   acquaintance   with  local   bad
Oity Clerk.
Province ol British Columbia
NOTICE it he^y~giv*n that al pi*,
lie Higfawayi in unorganised districts
and all Main Trunk Boads in orgaaii-
ed  Districts an sixty-six (set   widi,
and hav* a width ol Ihirty-tfcnM Istt
on saoh side of the mean straight ran-
Ire line o| the tr»v*iW road.
Minittar ot Fatyte f Mb.
Department ol Public Worb,
Vletoria, I. 0., Jaif Ilk, IfMM-V) thr mnm&, mwm Vancouver, b, e,
Home Furnishers
We have just received the largest shipment
of metal Bedsteads we have assembled in
seasons, this ought to be intensely interesting
news to hosts of people in view of the fact
that iron and brass beds are replacing wooden
ones so fast, As a still further emphasis on
the advisability of an early inspection we
name these prices:
Very Neat Iron Bedstead, "^L $2.75
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Toilet Sets
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Royal Oak and Mahogany Finiih. Cub Price* are
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Large Dresser
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Carpet Squares & Rugs
"   "   '       "    ■—----  ■'■"- ■   ''•-    i7"— "      ■■
We are enlarging our
and will offer Special Values during
August, as we must have more room.
We are expecting the biggest Shipment
of Squares and Rugs direct from England
that ever'reached this North Shore.
in leather or wood seats
Golden or Early
English Finish.
. Pillows and Blankets
Did you hear it) "Necessity invented stools,
convenience next suggested dbow chain" but
if you want to see the very blest (kings in
the way of convenience you ought lo come
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Hi'iiulily your boms, risuuir,-. comfort and antiifticlion emm: Iron so at
tractive intorior.
Beauty in lurniturt .low not nana
ssrily imply Ibe mast c,.«tly mnltn
als, hot rather yogd p.ilw_.a« _ j*
Thin ii • aatnanla Mrtaat al buiw
funusbiaip k»c« nut yam _* m md
coma to visit uitsi o_ |
nuke yon.
We have a large line ol ROCKERS and
chairs of all kinds:
Veranda Chain
Hammock Chain
Camp Chain
Canvas Cots
Woven Wire Cots and Camper's Outfits
Mail Orders receive prompt
THE HOME FURNISHERS, 12$ Lomdale Are. Ndith Vamcpuvm
PiiblfuhtHl Tuesdays and Friday* by North Biiqm Vim, Umtw
Geo. H. Mokurn, Editor and Manager.
On. y«», 11.00 BUmontiii.Wo,
United States and Foreign, |1.60 par ysar
Advertising Hates will be quoted on application.
Bis months, M«,i-M Tlirua moutli*. 36o.
Tbe Eapress Is devoted to the intarwli of tlia north Bhura ol Burrard Inlet
awluiively.    It constittitss an adverllsir.g madlnrn ol exceptional nM lor
SH'^'HI ISA,!wro,„,» »^i,»«f,v» mam '*"> Populntion al North Vancouver
Oily m Dlatrldt. Every effor* Is mails to giva advertisers tha moat Mtlsfeotory
All ahangea In contrast advertisement* should ba in tba printers' hands not
itarlbanlOa.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure inaartion in the
-Vowing liana,
Noeth Vancouvee,   B. C
AuiiUSi 33   1911
Up tn tlte present lime, it has not
. Iwen customary to give any great pro-
iniis'iiiv to the mining rssouroeti ol
the Nnrlh .Shorn, in any enumeration
ol our assets which might lie made.
While it won noted upon all occasions
in general terms that mineral deposits
minimi in our hills, and Ibat a cer
tain iiniimiii of ili'veliipiii.'iii work hail
been done on eluims within a (sw
miles ol Ihe eity boundary, uny reference lo lite poesihilities of the mining
industry on the North Shore havo
been ol meagre length nnd very moderate in tone. This has pi0I111I1!. lieen
due in part lo the rccogniml Iimt that
in ils early stages, mining it characterized liy the presence ol the s|>eciila
live element to a very great .!,■. 1.
for which ream in |iiu<leiioe ilinl pint a
guarded nitioenon in any assertions
which may Iw made Irom wliut might
be considered official sources.
With reference lo our waterfront 1 'I-
vantages, our tjnther wsilth, om sow-
la ieaturea, our water lunply uud
many other allriiolions and rieoitrccs
of the Norlh Hhore, there has been no
reason for any hut ths most optimistic assertion*, iuusmiicli ns these us-
seta tire ull visihle to the naked eye,
snd their value is altogether undeniable. Min,nil resources, however, lie
entirely lieneatb Ihe surface ol the
earth, excepting of enurse, where ihi!
croppings may ha met with, and the
eiaet nature ol wbil is lo I'l loun'i
at depth is a insltur ol i',inje.,liiie,
concerning whicii cxp'.iencs bss proven in Instances inn iintraiile, that it
is very easy indjxj lo m'atak'j Ihe
Inni:.. It has ll.erelore hsnn muni
leetly impossibly I.. *|ieii!. wilh rcl.r
ence to our miuing nsour.ei in tin
same positive stnln that bus ulwuys
I'llllllielel i/e.l    the     slaien,..|ils     wl Vh
haw lieen made with refer, 1,0,1 tooui
Other   llHSets.
Then again, it is ,ir„ha'il» tbut 1 ur
mining wealth has not ,«ee:i given cny
prominence, Iwuitse reli.ilile illinium
tiun from authoritative 9. ni.es   wilh
..f,■!...... ili..,.ii,.   has  hitherto   been
very difficult lo olrtaiu. While con-
siili-inlile development work hue lieen
done on several projierlies, yet lor
reasons which were donlitless sulldac
tory to those who w,-r.. in "theknow"
the information which was ohlninalil,
as In iii-tsiil results has always btsn
of a fragmentary and iudeoiiive n,,t
, ure, which afforded no siiflieienl found
l alion upon which lo huild oplimislie
concliwious with, reference thereto.
- Prom the lull awl detailed report,
whicii we are privileged lo pulilish in
unotln'i ,'oliiniu. with 1.i'i.i.e.. lo
theee mining |ir„|ierlies, il will lie
gathered that the lime is ut hand
when Ihe situation will lie materially
altered in relation to the unlets ol
the North Hhore in this important
particular. While it is nt all times
an error to allow over sanguine expectations to obtain with reference to
undeveloped mining propositions, and
while it,is undenialily true that the
most encouraging.reports from mp.its
fa mining matters are methy disappointment when the actual treasure
stores which mother earth .conoeals
an revealed, nevertheless it is difficult
to find jualiAcatioii lor a peaaimiaiic
view of tba mining posaibllilias ol
IM upper sections oi Has Baynour
< wUrsbed, bl view ol tbe positive sa
tuitions which we publish today, coupled with the Maw oi tba mining an-
gimsrs wh«M reprtaUotis git invoiv
Should even a owdwate irMtMa ol
tin i.'preneuiiitiiius i.iii.i.' by the an
ilioiiiies in good laitb, aolnally um
lerialiw, Norlh Vanoouver will bud
ilsell possessed ol mines which will
ultimately Iw o|wrated upon a scale
which will make the Norlh Hhore ol
Hurrard Inlet one of ihe foremoal
mining centres ol the province, with
all ils attendant benefits in the way
ol establishing nl relatis! industries,
such us ore reduction works, Iron and
steel worke, shipping, tile, as well us
tint great impetus which must result
to general trade uml pnis|ierity in
the rreuliou ol au immense regular
payroll and the building up ol u large
mining and industrial population.
It is liierelore devoutly to lie lio|wd
that'when development operations are
inaugurated, snob as will really taat
the value ol these deposits, the result
Will lie to Hailstorm these "priepeols"
into mines whose reviiilod ore bodies
fully bear mil Ihe conclusions ol the
ev|n>Ms, drawn (rom surface showings.
His Honor tlte I.ientwiunt Governor
in Council has bam pleased to make
tin following appoiutmuntBi
W. 9, U. May ol Nelson to be an
inspector of schools (rom lbs lirst ol
August, lllll,
To bfi Notaries I'nbljp: (Ivptge Kilos
Blakwy, ol the Oity of Vancouver,
bnrriBlw-tit-hiw;  Frank J.  Htaopoolo,
ol the Pity ol Victoria, barristor-at
Frank ,1. Htacpoole ol tlia Oity ol
Viotoriai barriethr-at-liaw. to ba oopi-
pissjouor (or  taking affidavits within
tha Province, ol Hrilish Columbia.
AN litjl Al. (IIANCK
line ol ihe features of the t'unadiutt
lioiemniiiit Annullles system which
highly ciiniinemli ilsell lo every person, is that a man who is middle
agnl enjoys inpinl advantages with
Ihe man who starts at a younger agv
for he may hy the |mymenl ol a lump
sum equivalent In the total amounts
which he would have paid had he entered at the earlier age, go on from
his prevent age al the same rate as
il he had lieguii al any earlier age.
For example, u man ol III who has
decided to piirchaae un 'Annuity ol
lotto, pays in %l,m\.lh, which is the
e.piival. nl ol whut he would have paid
during the years Irom '-'o lo 10, Hs
will now continue to pay IAO.IiA each
year until he in till, instead ol Sln7.HI
which is the rate which a mun enter
lug al HI would have to pay for an
Annuity of MUI lo begin at Ml.
A school inirtiei who has jusl caeluil
in a 1 wnil > year endowment policy,
has made the application ol this am
mini on a WU Annuity Coiilruct, a
moil provident deposition ol a pot
lion ol his money. II he dice liefore
he-is Iill, Ihe total amount which he
pays up to thi. timc'ol his death with
II pi 1  cent. c.,i„p,,io„l mini est  will lie
returned to his legal representatives.
A supply ol internet ing llt*r«iurc
.'unreining Ihe AliuuiUr* .Scheme uiiiv
lie hail on application lo tlie Superintendent   ol  (lovcronmii    Ammiii s
III lawn,   to  whom  hitters pn Ini   of
posl age.
Don't Rip
That Droit!
You don't hire to
when you tre dyeing
it with   .
became one kind ot
dye dyee all fabric*—
cotton, wool, illlt or
mixed good*.
9ml   ftm   Ull,
wewWfW    mwmemmmmW    Wn9mWW    wwmmm-w
».C,»pC0|j»yil-#, |0, ljM.lflrs"
V. 8. UaMWUl.l
New Harness Shop
k N. OOAI, AND SUPPLY Co., Coll.
Vancouver Harness Co.
PHONE 26>l       *w
Phone Hi
P. 0. Una 17IH
Alexander Philip
Conveyancer and
Notary Public
Agent lor Fidelity-Phoenix In- lu
sttrunce Company ami also for
companies undertaking Muriii',
Employers' Liability, (luiirnntie,
Live Stock und Accident Insurance*.
v.i 1.. in. ni' uml 1le.1l ■ nf all Muds
prepared. Excellent list ol city
and district lots lor sale.
House Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vancouver
An thu mini, lirulnnge system Is up-
pi mu 'Iiiiiii completion wc lieg to notify
piopeiiy owners thul we are inuking
miniigenn nl ■ to inidertaku thu sower
eon n.'.'l ion-.    011   I lie   v .iiium-   private
plopellies  Ul   a   1,'lisolialile  I'osl     lo all
1 hose who .hairs lo uunl themselves
ol early drainage Inrilitlei. Having
carried out tbe main drainage system
(ur the cily eollmil and having the
necessary    phiul    and    skilled    lul,01
available   We   ale   ill   an   . v. epl nuiiillv
laviiiable position lo carry out the
private house drainage al a moderate
coat lo properly owners and we  hall
IW     pleased     lo   lliriliell    .'Simmies     :j|.i|
plans II m 1 ',-su 1 y lo carrying oul Ihis
most essential work in iiccordancr with
Ihs cily regulatiomi and on limit up
lodnte principloa ol mmlcin sanilu
Second St and Mahon Ave.
Have your Fire Inwranee IppM into ihm hpt days.
DeUys are d8ii((prPH8.
The largest and wealthiest Fire finance Company
m the world, PliPDeOgrAgent.1
Elder Murray Co., Ltd.,7 tSfS m
Johnston & Salsbury
Have had to postpone
moving as advertised
and will not occupy their
One acre block on macadamized road,  will make
a splendid homesite.
I'rice only $800 on easy terms.
Ileal   ITsliili! and   Financial Agsnla.
Agreements of Halo discounted.
219 Lonsdale Avenue
Telephone 44
50 feet close tq School, open road and water to properly. Price $3W.OO on terms ol one-third cash, 6,
and 12.
33 ft. Lot half block from Lonsdale Avenue, E., facing
South. Price $550.00 on terms of one-quarter cash,
bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
i'lione 70 -p. O. Hox 1816
I'lipilul I'uiil Up  $ 37A0,(MKI
llascrvs k llntlividod I'roHU    3ir,0,t»00
Total ,\ss,.|N   lo.tsitMSM
lliu average uiun 1,1 wotiiun si'ldom
develops tl.i' I..'.Iiii ol saving until a
Havings Account bus lieen opened
Tlie possession ol sitcii nn account
nets us nn incentive-your uiilurul
desire lo sue tbe lumi urow tncour-
it"1' Hint teit'ilency in thrift so ncces-
sury to success. No mutter liow little
you run utioni to by aside Irom tlie
wtwlily wuire, opm a Havings Account
in the Hunli of Hamilton.
O. 0. IIKAVKN, Agsnt,
Norlb Vancouvsr.
HaadOSka:  '
Advertise in the Express
al upon tt-
All new liousea abould be piped for gas in ordtr te aavt the
haavy capenditurt (or thia ton-
vatilenca at t laUr data.
Mo»t modern filing device
pn the market.
A iafe receptacle for thote
valuable papers and Jewell
32 Lonidale Avenue
Telephone 123
133 fith Strest Bast North Vancoursr
l'bono 373
Itoiitii:! ID and 11, Pander Cbatnliars.
hi2 i'ender Street W.    i'lione 3451
and Lonsdale Ave., North Vanoouver
llesideiice, cor. I.onsdula  Ave,   anil
"'!n.l street, North Vancouver.    ...
l.oiiii.-f. Investments and Insurance.
Room '.1)7, Hi:', (iranville SI., Vancou
ver, II. ('. I'hone 80tt». Und llajis
try work a s|iecially.
II.     C.   nMQtU
Expert on Fireplaces snd all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed
Corner Fifteenth St. awl H.bon lu.
10,00*) cords ol dry lir wood lor ipiick
sale.   I'rice Der odd cords tl.ol).
Special .imitations lor larger i|unn-
Cut Wooil-lll Inofaed PM, 13 inches
0.0. n.
Ollic* and Yard 1
I'll 1 uie   lllll l>.  0.  Bill   lllli
Paper the World
Irom our stock of new Wall l'apsrs
so it seems. Hvcry day soms new
design arrives lo hll Ihs vacancy
ol those closed out.
Handsome Wall Papers
are here in endless variety.    Just
loll our salesman lor what  room
you want tha paper and Rs
show you just the pattern you
looking (or.
To  choose Irom our slock is a pie
sure, to pay our price Is sasy.
117 Lonsdale Avsnue I'boee lit
Telephone 276
Vi tm mmw, north Vancouver, a, e,
I   I 	
William Pirria and Banoai) Taylor
wpro arrested, on Friday night, wore
charged in tha police court on .Saturday morning wjth being drunk apd incapable and were lined fQ.SQ mid costs
each, jvitfc tbe al'omativo ol serving
live daya in jell-
Ciipiiiino Louiu »ppaared before the
magistrates again yesterday morning
on a charge <•! being drunk. Louiu
also bad.a y«ry fiaa and Urge black
eye- On being asked bow be bod
achieved the latter, he said that ho
had fallen down while in his cups.
He grinned largely as he admitted
the fall.
This was Louis's second appearance
within a very  short time  and  his
Huppr Iba m>y»r, wfcp W|i aiM'ng,
lilted him M.M) with the alternative
of tw daw in Ml,.
lioirie said that be had obtained his
liquor from other Indians apd. pot
(row white men.
Pioneer Confectionery
*} '
tyr, S, $, MuBseJwliite begs to
anuomioe that lie.has purchased
the business at 71 lionsdnle Ave.,
formerly QOndwuDed by Mr, 8, fl..
Walker under tbi name of the
Pioneer tialteiy.
Tlie business will be conducted
in the same promises under the
name of Tbs Pioneer Confectionery,
and will continue to produce
bund-made end home-mime bread
of the best ijuality as well as all
lineB of bigh-clsps pastry and
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of bis
customers, and by sustaining at
the highest stunduril of excellence
tlie goods produced, to merit p.
i 'continuation of tbe patronage of
all former customers, and to welcome many new ones, fur which
. purpose the factory and plant lias
been greatly enlarged and improved. Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phena 8
■   ■
ft "("I    "'  "   ' "
/ i. i  .
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, we are now in a position to
carry a larger and more complete
(lock of these goods and to supply
our customers at Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Esplanade East     • Phone 4
t       I f\(\Y at our Babies BILLY and
/*S Why make two loadi moving when One Van will take it all.
i up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., for the
geit Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Aiiurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hula Agent
kitaamanU and Centred! irewa
ot Murjr dticription
P"0"* I5?      ConseyZm
Mining Resources on
tkejlorth Shore
(Oput||ius4 from paga t\#R)
Iron '. !M,i
*!>!'« .,,. ......
Tba tiro sent liy you to Miigluiul was
analysed liy Mr. O'Hullivan in Vun
couver. On arrival |n England I at
hum iiiiiiln arrangements to demon-
strata its value anil secure |bp services of imrliit|is tlio most celebrated
metallurgists in Europe, viz., Messrs.
Rruup of Magtleborg-Buclieii, flor-
iiniiiy, whose letter re results I have
pleasure in handing you.
As yen will soo Messrs. Krnpp rn-
port as follows:
"lu tlte oro you seut us tlio ntago-
titn 1b very liiioly iiilergrtiwn with tlm
eppper pyrites, liy separating the ore
which has been reduced to the fineness
of 100 niesh scroou wo ohtuiiieil a flue
rich iron couccntrato wjth 07.1 per
cent, metallic iron and ouly 0.01 por
cent, of copper. It, however contained
■l.ii sulphur. Tbe bricks mado of the
fine sized oro would therefore have to
bo roasted iu order to eliminate file
greater part of the uulphur."
You will readily understand that
my aim was to produce.
(1)   A rich iron concentrate.
(!!) A residual of copper, silver,
gold, etc.
Taking lirst the irou
There will be no diflicitlty whatever
iu producing from ore 1 havo geeu a
concentrate fully 70 per cent, iron ami
after careful eunitideratioii of tlio
whole subjoct and taking into account the high price of liiiiii'linii labor 1 am isitisiii'il Unit you could mine
thu ure, coiti'i'tilrate it, und convert it
into high grade billet steel for the
inclusive cost of it lis por ton, as-
miming your power ehurges do not exceed £.1 por horse power a year, a figure at which J um advised .you can
obtain electric power.
This steel is selling iu England at
HI per ton at the lowest,
Secondly, thu copper and other con-
The copper cunld be cumenlriiteil at
I per cent, and under tlte Bantu conditions of labor and power as referred
to aliuve. You could produce from
these copper coocciitratcs ono ton of
pure electrolytic copper of 011.11!) per
cent, purity at a cost not oxcooding
ill per ton.
Tbo silver and gold contents could
bo extractod at a further profit which
at this moment is hard to dotormino
ns tho \ iilni- will doubtless incrcaao.
The copper when produced is sold as
best' elelrolytic aud its price in I .mi
don now is in the neighborhood of JiiiH
per ton.
Regarding the quality uf ore on
yoor properly sitfliciont development
work hus not yet boon done lo aliso
lutuly provo this but there is an enormous nit... .■ showing and owing to
the nature of tlio formation it can ho
moved at a comparatively smull rusl.
I'riini the present development I estimate thai yon have at least lyOOOy
000 Inns of excellent ore iu sight.
I am perfectly sure that lite proper
ly which you possess will prove In be
of the highest value and I am equally
confident that from Hie iron yon can
produce a slccl ci|ual to the best crucible and at less than half lite cost.
I am yours,
it. i. p. k.
The Imperial (.'ur, Shipbuilding uml
Dry Hi" !• Corporation is making pre
I'liinii'iii.' for important developments,
not only wilh reference lo ils imiiiiif
ousels but ulsu with reference lo tho
other valuable patents uud privileges
which sre owned by the company. At
the meeting of the shareholders held
on Monday of last week the Hoard of
Trostees for the ensuing year was
elected as follows: Messrs. Charles S.
Douglas, Qcorgo II. Cowan, Hubert
Kelly, .lohn J. I.otighrau, Frank A.
Kane, Eugene Iv Harold and .lohn
Arthur. At a subsequent meeting of
Iho trustees tho following officers were
appointed :
President—jJuIiu Arthur.
3nd Vice President -Wt. Rally.
freamrar-Oharleii p. Douglas.
Secretary—Jfpnn J. Iiougbraib
flenero). Manager — Charles S.
ipbt contract was lot aa Way 18th
last to the Messrs. Hamilton of Glasgow for tha construction of a dry dock
to bo installed at Bocho Poiut thos|to
for which has already linen cleared and
placed in readinoss for tho dock.
The uew|y appointed Hoard of Trim
toes are already addressing thenisulvi s
to tho problem of financing tlm pin
joets pf the company uml with "very
encouraging prospects pf sii.-c, m and
it is their desire to inaugural.; mtiv
iiieu upon a largo scale al the earliest
posiblo data.
To New WMtWfWtM
Walter p. McOomlie, who waa l#i|
weok fouml guilty pf assaulting his
wife and of using threatening language
tp hia fathor-in-law, Mn Powell, snd
who was sentenced therefore lo twi-
mouths' imprisonment in default pi
finding sureties fpr an aggregate pf
♦8,211ft, was Inlien tp New Westminster
pn Saturday tu servo bit time. Jt has
trsnspirod sinco the trial that tbe man
has been guilty of many acts pf cruelty
fpr a loii|! time in silence.
Scenic Delights, Fishing, Hunting, Mountain Climbing, Unequalled (or Holiday, bog or Short.
Family Roomt en suite with special rates.   House greatly enlarged.
Extensive Grounds.      High-class Service at moderate rates.
Easy trail to summit of Grouse Mountain        Altitude 3000 feet.
1st    Vico
President — Charles ti,
We have a HALF ACRE of  level  land, adjoining City,
75 x 257 feet, on two streets near Capilano Car line wnich is
An Attractive Residential Site
This property has a magnificent view that could never be
obstructed (except by sky-scrapers), for $750, Cash $250
62 Lonsdale AVenue
P.O. Box 1831
Phone 173
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Loti in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 caih, 6,12,18 months.
SO ft, Lots in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Plume 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vincouver
Phone 54
Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to tbe loaf, Four loaves (or 25c.
■ Mwtlng of the
Board oi Trade
(Oontinnsd Irom (tag* I)
i* . WWWWWIWi'iw iii'i'w-4 ir     hi       ii,	
' plimtioim lo lis groundless, The day
wort wbleh had been flvan to a Vaneouver Unit bad been slopped tnd tenders bail biiini sailed for completion
of Ino wort, Thia contract his -llnoe
been secured by tbo lost) firm.  It wu*
'' satisfactory to have thu Murine.
from the Perry Board that they would
insist tint every consideration b. given to the local industries. .Your coun
oil consider it most important' that
they hive It lu their power is a very
spielnl way to make or mar such local
Delegates from your Hoard seme
time   ago   had   conference   witb
representative* of the Vtiiiniuver
Board of Trade ou the subject
of harbor development, the proposal
put forward by your representatives
was to petition ths Dominion government to appoint a commission of expert* for the following purposes t
I, To ascertain bow far the Canada
Shipping Act needs amendment to give
power to some competent authority to
regulate the shipping traHli' coming to
or from tbe harbor so as to protect
life anil property at sea.
3, To get full statistics regarding
tbe shipping business new coming to
the harbor and tbs proltalde growth of
that business likely to result from developments in view.
:i. To ascertain by esamliiing witnesses and taking evidence apd by ga
tbering data with reference to the present and prospective importance of tbe
port of Vancouver as a Canadian harbor and to outline a comprehensive
scheme for the proper organisation -ml
adequate equipment of the port I u cope
with the demands reasonably assured
ill the near future.
The whole matter was very fully dis-
cnsed. it was shown by the report*
of Montreal Harbor Board that tboir
wharfage dues proper only amounted
to 6 cent* per ton of the shipping tonnage and that Ihe total revenue of
that splendidly equipped harbor from
wharfage, warehouses, elevators, cold
storage, railway, trackage, switching
cars, wharfinger*, etc. was only 1.1,4
cents on the total sbippiug tonnage snd
nearly two thirds of that was paid for
interest on harbor loans. That harbor
ll controlled in tlie public interest by
three commissioners appointed by Ibe
Dominion government and that government bis advanced to them over
♦ i:i,iiini,iiiiii at .'I.U per cent. InLrMl
for dcTolopini'iii  work.
Comparod with this, Vancouver has
the finest natural harbor in the world
deep sea tonnage i* already larger tliau
that of Montreal and ber local tonnage
is close up to Montreal, and in the near
future with the advent ot Hie other
four railway companies, the opening of
the Panama Canal and the diversion of
a vast amount of Ibe wheat traffic lo
this coast that tonnage must be cnor
tnously im reused Vet Vancouver has
mi public harbor, thu shipping thst
comes to. lb:, port ba* tu pay 511 cools
per ton for wharfage only In Hie own
ers of private docks and now of these
docks are well equipped for loading
and unloading vessel*.
Thu opening of the bridge al the
Hocond Narrows, now so fully assured,
will give Vancouver ready access to
the North Hhore where docks can so
easily be coiistrui'led on uiiimpwleil
ground, These au.l other facts and
conflicting interest* all called for con-
sidsratiou of such a commission as we
proposed and we believe thai their
recommendations would have issued
matters at Ottawa. The early con
sideralion of these interests is of the
utmost importance lo us as railway
developments will bu rapid and the
Wor|i of suitably organizing our harbor
can bstter.be carried out in the pub
lie interest before railways . nine than
after they are here and have .speeded
tbeir own money on harbor works.
I am sorry to learn that the delr
gates from tbe Vaneouver Hoard b.v.
nude uo rsport to tbeir Hoard ami
that in consequence we have no assurance ol the cooperation of that Hoard
in an endeavor to get harbor development. Your council do not feel jusli-
And io further pressing for tb. support
of our neighbor*, though we would lik.
to maintain a unity of harbor control.
Along tbs North Hhore we have a seaboard capab). of being wade immense
ly valuabl. for sbippiug purposes ami
there Is uo serious impediment to get
ting a large area of that seaboard
vested in a harbor board wltb a View-
to Iks provision of public dorks and
warehouses to nisei ths growing uesds
of ths harbor. Th. wbol. possibilities
of that undertaking demand our rare
(ul eousidsration, tunc your council
were of th. opiniou that a strong r«m
mitten ronsistiog of numbers of ths
cjty and district councils aad rspru
«ot»tivss of various intsruts from
tbis Board should fo. appoint*! ledli-
cus It ia all IU pMwi Ml doviu
mum MiUbls Ilu of action.
BtantAtog m tditivt tmrnp it
skipping I. Viimvit gnl NnotrMl
porwlt im to tnm iM Mlowiif fig
IM npmgi to Uopitm tu 1M#
Twnsitl»ir)l.,, ,., 1,436,981
Maritime.,   ,,,. .,,, ,,,, ,474,450
iDlMiJ.-,  M4MM
tiroes tonnage .,.,    (1,0117,11117
Th. toiinude j» the port of Vancouvor for 1810-11 to Hist March WM i
Hesgolitg vessels with eirgoee—
Inward. 8,80B,Q54
Outwirdi   ,   ,  ««,«<
Coasting vessels:
Inwards .,  ,,..   •        1,996,888
Outwirdi   8,881,84? 4,518,810
f dross tonnage .,, ,,,.7,46.1,818
' Besides over 1711,000 tons lo ballast.
At an early date the Board of Hallway Commissioners will lit in Vancou
ver and a number of questions will
com. before them lu which tho North
Hhore is ilniply iulersstui). Th. Ferry
Board and our Oily Council will bo represented there and it will be for you
to consider whether than li any need
for representation from this Board. It
certainly should be th. aim Of the representative, from tk. North Bhore to
embrace , tbe opportunity to tho utmost .stent to inform th. commission
regarding North Hhore conditions and
interests, particularly lu view of railway developments.
Considerable disappointment is being felt at the prolonged delay in beginning dredging operations at tbe
First Narrows and you have to consider whether auy further protest
should go to Ottawa.
The proposal to build a railway from
here north through Fort Oeorge to the
Peace Biver country is ons of very far-
reaching importance. None ire so
deeply interested iu ils promotion as
we here in North Vancouver are, hence
none so heartily welcome the gentlemen
wbo have come to tell us about that
projict. I feel certain you will all
support it by any means iu your power.
In conclusion, gentlemen, lei me espress Ihe pleasure Hint I had when I
learned lhat on the Norlh Hhore we
have now a total population of over
ii.iiiiu, including Indian* and summer
residents as well as actual settlers.
This is shout T.'.iMin more then my most
sanguine estimates and It Is nine limes
Ihe 11111t1l.1T we had ssvsn years ago.
Will the population be nine times 9,IMH
seven years h.ur.t The cillten* uf today can make that posilde if we work
together and have a large enough vision. Before tbe lapse of that period
we should have several railways running into North Vancouver, we should
have many large and Important industries operating and we shall bav. fully
opened up tbe finest rssidsnes lor.
lions on tbe Pacific coast wilbout ei-
Editor t:.prcs i
Dear Hir—I should be glad if yoo
would insert the following reply to the
letter of Ur. Klrbard C. P. Brooke
wbicb appeared iu the columns of your
paper last Friday.
I was not only present al Hie meet
ing of tbe l.yitn Valley llatepayers' Association, but wu the mover of tbe
amendment regarding Ibe engineer
which is Ihe subject of Ihe present .lis
russiou. No far as Ihe report of the
meeting which appeared in your col
umns is concerned it wu contrary to
Mr. Brooku's contention, correct as
I shall presently show, although it
omitted some of tbe un|>ariiamrulary
1'ipressions uttered by some of the
Mr. Brooke's teller weru better ig
nored If everyone reading knew thai
the writer is not a ratepayer and bis
claim as nidi, according lo enquiries I
have made, eeeoi uo nearer the truth
than the remainder of bis letter, yet because of the wrongful impresiou which
might be made by il I wish lo correct
one or two statements.
One more reference to Mr. Brooke
and lir. Pearson, who witb bim wu
tbe under of the original letter to tt.,-
Ratepayers' Association. These two
men joined tbe association that very
night on which Ihe letter wu rrc.lv-
Willi regard lo tbe charge* in
"black and whit." which Mr. Brooke
in hi. teller stales that Mr. Ilaltie
read Hi, I am surprised to find thai
Mr. Brooke should lake them as
charge.. Mr. Haiti, statsd io au off
hand manner, not aqqsaring to attach
auy special importance to it that be
had a few things upon which people
had quutiooerj him and aboul which
if no one sis. bad anything to say he
Would lik. In interrogate tb. councillor
iUnlet). 1 am unaware whether tb.
councillor took Hips, matters u chsr
ges or aot, In any cm. kis answer*
were perfectly satisfactory to any on.
witb an open mind, with tke slr.ption
of three points which wsr. technical,
and wbicb b. confessed to being un
able to .uswer. Her could any on.
.lu aosw.r thu. questions .se.pt th.
engine, and for lhat vary reason.
Nevsrtbelsw th. councillor suggtstsd
answws which w*r. «IU rMMMbl..
Ho far m facia go, Mf. Brook, is no
pepnt tk. fact, than h> ''lalsss your
report* wm. My Mi.ndm.ai wm
but*, out Mly by 11 sg*lwt and «
for. To My that as attu.pt to alu-
tmlM tk. Mtm tt let MUHdMMtWM
MM. Iky dMMudiog that osly mm-
bm rtMld Im aUowsd tov.Mii My>
ma BiAraRP", wy-itfu YAwyvwVwff, o, v»
thing hut straightforward, When th.
amendment wis put to tk. muting
six votetl for it Md » lirgo number
agilnit it, These wore not counted
for someone, I do not know who, uk-
mi If only rn.mb.ri wen voting. At
every meeting of tk. association tb.
president hll informed the company
tliHi only member, could vol.. Bono-
thing contrary to usual procedure WM
asked for. But while the whole of
tb. votes war. HOt counted I claim
there were very f.w, If any, in Moss
Of tho eleven which Were ultimately
eounlod. I wuh sitting in the scat |mc
but one from the platform so I saw all
hinds that were lifted. Tb. mover of
tbo lesolutiou WM "tinted near the
front, I afterward* Inurnud tbit this
mover wai Mr. Brook., Five only of
tbo vote* for tho amendment were
counted but tbo names of the persons
who voted ir. Messrs. V. Weslovcr,
11. Thompson, V. stow.rt, K- Itossesu,
Fromme ami Wagborne (myself)
Heelitg, however, that the iiinmidiiiunl
wu defeated I mail, no kick at the
wrong count.
TO My tbat the president USSil words
as quoted by Mr, Brooke is' false.
What bo said was that he had counted
11 against, so he declared tho motiot
carried. It was as Mr. Brooke says
gelling very lata so uo exception wus
taken to the unusual statement of the
president that Hie motion carried
It has never yet been put, ao I
think never yet carried.
Ho far as forbidding any ratepayer*
to vote goe* I think it is tbo height
of Impudence for any one not being a
member to eipect to be allowed to
vote .1 meetings of the association
that makes tbe entrance fee only one
dollar. As it is that sum Urely covers th.1 eypi-iisfs of Hie association. If
any one were desirous of voting it
would have been better to have paid
tbe 4I.UII that night which would not
have been creating a precedent. For
up to the previous meeting when tbe
Idler in dispute wu sent to the council neither the mover or the seconder
of the motion was a member of the
Ratepayers' Asoclation.
The ability of the engineer was
never once upheld or questioned by me
but on suing tbat a letter uking for
bis resignation ll.il been seut to ths
council by our association I was sorry
that I bad been absent from that meet
ing. The l.ynn Valley Hud-payers Association has done excellent work under Ihe guidance of tbe present president und there Is still good work lo
do. To complain of work done or in on
ey spent injudiciously wu our right
and il was fur the council to fii the
blame. But lo call for the resignation
of a practical man because through
lark of knowledge we do not know bis
reasons for conducting bis work u be
does Is out of our province altogether
uml il is tbe way lo end the usefulness
of the association.
For this reason only I asked for the
withdrawal of that clause and when
one considers thai Hip president himself
wu against il—he told me the night
previous to Ihe nipeliug that be deplor
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up till noon on the 214th
day   Of   August,   for   tb.   position   of
rock .'rushing foreman for the city of
Norlh Vanrouver. Applicant to state
esperience and furnish references.
Wages 41 per day.
City Engineer.
Applications Will be received by
Ihe undersigned up till noon 00 ths
211th day of August, for th. position of
Engineer for tb. Hleaui Bond Hollar in
Ihs Cily of North Voncuuver. Appli
cant to slat, sip.rl.nc. and furnish
references.   Wags. $4 psr d.y.
Oity Engineer.
      ' i   i    ii
North Viineouver
Coal m4 Supply Co.
Wharl: Cor. St. fl.org*'. tnd Ks
planad*.  08k. I M Uoad.l. Avenue.
Wharf Pkon. 178.     Oftta Plume IW.
DmImi ia til kinds ol Building Ma
Uriel, Sand, Oravsl, Ommi, Um
9tm (etmmon tnd praaaad), tilt
Bricks, flit Clay, tlitim, Flkn, Plu-
tor ol tm, Un, Sbiaglu,  Dr«to
Wpfc w»,
DoMsrfis and BbsUaitb Coal.
hmfi tmfnty n tnmtnrty.
ed tb. lending of that letter is much
is I ditl-Mil that th. imendinont wm
proposed ind seconded by two of thi
oiuMitiv. and tho ei-presldsnt. while
only sl«v.ir members votnd igiinst it,
}• see nothing for Mr. Brook, to boost
There were others on th. same seat
w myself (( do not know their names)
Who Mid openly thit Coun. Iiotttet hid
bid thl best of tbit meeting Imt
they did not vot. .Itb.r wiy,
It li wslly .MO, Mr. Editor, how
bird It il for I stranger to convince I
crowd thit ll already biased on any
subject, Rut when one considers bow
very few—only ol.v»n—votod against
th. withdrawing of in offensive paragraph in i resolution It ia also sun
how successfully Oouu. lnut.t had answered th. questions put.
Working as I do in.tho office of the
Espress I have linen accused of writing
the report that Mr. Brook, finds bo
desperating. With your permission I
would lik. tu point out tbit I did not
Write it, but I hid ' somewhat to do
with It. Ou reading it through previous to hiving it put into typs 1 asked our   reporter   to out   OUt   certain
words Bueb m "h"l" 'Wl", and
"d""!! liar "-word* which he had re
ported u coming from one nf the principal  speakers.
1 Yours, etc.,
Accidentally Drowned
Au inquest was held liy Coroner A.
B. Dlplock yesterday morning on the
body of a young man of the name ol
Wood who was drowned near the First
Narows ou Haturday afternoon. The
verdict of the jury wu to tbe effect
Ib.t deceued was accidentally drowned. It appear* from the evidenco given that Wood worked as a beach
comber and bad gone out in n canoe
to stake a log, but having no caulks iu
his shoes be slipped ami fell into the
water. Bring unable to swim he
quickly disappeared and though the
body was recovered within llflein run.-
Anything we might «ay about these Ranges
would be lupeifloui. They are too well
known tp need boosting. OUR TERMS i
$10 down  .  $10 per month
WfJ ure sole agents:
Corner Fint Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver. Phone 12
utss of the time of his going under .11
efforts to restore life were unavailing.
Wood was heard to call out for help
as he f.ll off the log and his partner,
a chilcim, and another mau went to
bin rescue but were too late. One man
actually jumped into the water after
the drowning man.
Very llttl. is known of Wood, his
partner not   even   being    acquainted
witb his first nams and it is not
thought that he had any relatives iu
thispart of the world. He was an Englishman about 38 years of age. It Is
said tbat Woo I wu a sailor.
Mrs. II. Unge and daughter, who
have been visiting Mr. W. B. Lang.,
Third street, left for Minneapolis yesterday.
POTIOR is hereby given tbat f xJti eel! at public auction on Thursday, the Wth day of Boptsmber, IBII
at the Oity Hall, North Vancouver, B.'(!., at 8 o'clock in the afternoon, th. followiog lands, lmprov.m«nts orrs.1
property hereinafter ilescrlhsd for unpaid delinquent municipal taut, apsclal ritu, intsrest, cojU ind eipsnsudue
tb»rson, unless In tho muntlme ths .or.raeutionstl tares, iptciil rites, interest, costs »nd upsnsu u s.t f.rth iu
the following schedule .re sooner paid.       ,
■>    '_
Dated at tbs Oity of North Vancouvsr Ibis i (1 day ot August, 1911.
' • i
I   I
447      MM      I)       10   	
til     MM     l»     n 	
648-11        t I       14   	
fill) 7    IM     7   	
:<9 ..
T ..
1.1 ..
:i ..
» ..
B l'art
Wft ..
648-27)   IIL'A    4< ....'., a
HI      118 21 	
274     186        I 	
274      127 28     ..
274      141 tO
271      164 JO 	
274      166 98  ,   .,,
274 166 89
274 170 8
274      17*       1)
646 828 22      Sft  	
27) 4 f           	
873,, 4 10           	
278 6 9            	
873 7 I
27!) 8 18
878 » 19
873 14 17
"    !>'
873 16 I            	
Ut I ll            I)  ...
tit 12 l-M      W 	
til 12 1-28     Jl  	
6)4 12 |M      U 	
Assesssd Ownsr
.llenilricksou, csre Hirltards Ackroyd k
Oall,  Vancouver   „
., .. 11
.Itadermacher, 11. L., N. Vaueouver ....
.Beddard, Miss N., Oen. Del., J, Vancouver    ,.
. Minims, Win., Welcome Hotel, Vaueouver  	
lloull, Louise 1)., Voncouver   „
Keene, W. L., N. Vsncouver  „
Honod., T., 3341 Powell St., Vancouver,,
lllingwortb, W., N. Vancouver  „
Alvensleben, A. V., Hastings t llich
ards,  Vancouver   „
Hall, ,1., Bus Hold, Vancouvor ,..,.. „
Thomson, Mrs. A. I.., 13311 Cardero st.,
Vancouver  „
11 11 n
.. .. ..
Williams, Mrs.  Mury, care  Yorkshire
ii'iinriiiitee    k   Hecurities    Co.,
U111I1, .las. A., care Irwin k Billings
Co., N. Vaueouver  „
.Whillaw, D. IL, N. Vancouver 	
(j'rabtreo, .1. .1., 476 Alerander street,
Vancouver  ,  ,„
Emery, W. F.,f!enlrall,ark, Vancouver,.
Hunter, W. (,'., Elder Murray Co., N.
Vancouver  ,
• Koranju, FiU'hi, Hoi 62U, Vancouver „
.funic, ,lu. ,1., care  Irwin k Hillings
Co., N. Vancouver'	
.Estate of M. B. McLeod, care % ,1.
t'larki.,608 I'e/uler St.,  Vancouver,,,
.Hhrapuell, John IL, JWW   illi Avenue
Fairvi.w, Vancouver  ,	
•Townley, T. 0., Und Begistry Office,
Vancouver ,„
■ Alvensleben, Alio Yon., Pacific Build
lug, Vancouver ,,.
•UMeuurier, l'heobe, 1667 Bobson st.,
, " .. ti  ■
. Oodtl.il, IL, N, Vancouver	
■Pont, II. H., 1119 Broughton st,    Van
couver  , ,„
.Berry, Thos., car. Irwin k Billings Co,
N.  Vancouver	
.iloniewood,  (1. 0., 24(1  -llllh Avenue,
, .. << ,,
.QgaMwere, car. W. H. Young,  267
/tlpwell et, Vancouvor 	
Ferguson, Oeo., N. Vancouvw ..: ,.„
■ Bauer,  W. A., Pacific Building, Van
Brasbfisld, Mrs. h, Ui Pacific, Van
Johnston., p., 8736 Sophia St., Vancou
■ Blacad., A., Va.coav.r  „,
OUmsnU, Mrs. B.  A,, Bidw.il  Boad,
H»lt, T, 0-, N. Vancoover  ""
H II 11
 16 54 W83 18 86
6 54 3 39 8 86
 10 04 3 60 13 64
 16 IW 3 86 m 84
 U 80 9 69 14 39
 8 61 9 43 11 01
 ....10 07 9 50 19 67
 II 06 9 60 14 6ft
 19 90 3 61 14 9(1
 14 06 3 70 16 76
 96 01 3 96 98 96
 9 16 3 45 11 ill
 9 16 9 4ft 11 61
 0 16 9 46 1161
 16 53
 66 32
 J 18 16
 39 49
 34 94
 36 18
,.98 38   3 41 31 74
 .01 47
 .( 33 61
 .66 01
 48 86
 .79 81
 78 16
 :.49 75
..... , .'....49 76
   7 04
 17 60
 17 50
 U 99
 17 50
 ......18 02
 U 99
 » *
 ....14 90
 ,  14 79
 6 II
 '■ 1 n
0 57 Nil
8 63 16 34
6 40 78 43
4 10.48 01
6 64 76 45
6 65 78 80
4 40 54'94
4 40 64 91
9 30  10 33
9 67 90 37
3 87 30 tl
9 71 17 00
9 87 90 M ■
800 99 09
800 33 02
3 11 95 89
9 7)  17 00
(78 17 48
195 788
|34 035
146 H 73
7 89   9 39  10 98
9 89 10 34
6 96 70 58
9 66 16 811
3 07 48 46
8 34 36 18
3 30 30 48


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