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Greatest Event in The History of North Shore
.Inly 1st appears to he dcitlnod to
stand In rhe cslendar us tbo North
Shore's luck)' duy. It,is already com
ineiiiorative of the incorporation of the
city and this year will add uew laurels
li its local rcjiutution by making it the
anniversary likewise of the inauguration
of the Ilml railway construction upon
this side of the lulet.
When tho ideu was lirst advaticod ou
the Dominion Day celebration commit
tec uf arranging to hold the ceremony
of im,- in,- the lirst sud ou the Pacific
Ureal Eastern Hallway williin or neai
the clly as a feature ut the eelebra
liun ii was recognised as a suggestion
whose realization would not only po
sitivi'ly aw ire it elelirutiin of monster
proportions, but ulsu as uu event which
would carry with i, licmlils of high
■ ni order lo the entire North Shore.
In committing the mailer lo lhe hands
ot Mayor McNeish for arrangement
the committee felt lliul Iheir wishes
wuuld be curried lu successful issue, if
such were ul ull pussihle and the energy
. and lad vv i I ti which the Muyur prose
i Html his mi -i"n nun"! be loo highly
praised neither could auy have wished
for more signal success tbau Lhat
which has crowned bis efforts. The
linal arrangements give every promise
of providing eveu better things Hum
lhe most sauguine had dared lo hupe.
would resull.
Owing to the absence from Vai.coc
ter of Mr I' Welch, president of the
Pacific Greet Eastern (.'omjiaay, some
delay was experienced iu getting Ihe
mat ler under way with the tympany
and meantime Mayor McNeish hating
occusion lu visit Victoria un civic hnil
ness, seized the o|iporluutty to lay the
project before Premier McBride The
Premier wss enthusiastic iu his ium
n i inls 11ou uf the scheme aud readily de
.lunl Ins willingness to bo present
uml lo participate iu the proceedings.
The Premier stated that he took spe
eial inlerest iu the construction of a
ruilwuy from Burrard lulet to Port
licorgc and beyot'd uud further initio
sled Ilml il was his desire to show th"
people of tin! Norlli Shore that the con-
struct ion of the Pacific Ureal Pastern
Ji'ailway would muke a new record in
the province in Iho matter of ro|iii,
railway construction.
The Premier manifested a must grs
lifying interest in the success of thc
scheme uud entered wllh spirit mlu s
ilitcussioii uf details. Frum him Ma
yur McNen.li received Ihe valuable iu
lunation lhal Lieutenant Governor
Pulerson would possibly coutci'l to
honor Ihe occasion with Ins preience
and lo participate iu lhe proceedings
it suggestion vthih lhe mayor pronptly
adopted as a )iarl uf the programme.
I'pon bis return from Victoria Mayor
McNeish resumed ucgotiatioos with
Messrs. Poley, Welch it Stewart, bul
owing to iodisjiositioti Mr. Welch had
lefl Vancouver fur his home. Tho lo
iui mauager, Mr. I'romie, undertook,
however, lo get iuto touch wilh Mr
Welch by vire wilh lhe result Ibal a
letter was received from him SS Oct lou
ing llic turning of Ine first tod in this
lily on July 1st and leaving tie ar
raiigemctil of details With the Vancou-
ter ollice. It is oxpectcd lhat Mr
D'Arcy Tate, couucil general for Ibe
Pacific Ureal Eastern Railway Com
jany will bavo arrived from England
),•: lhal lime and will be able to attend. Thc letter of I'rosideut Welch
designates Mr. Pred Wilson as ropresen
tative of the Company for the day aod
accompanying bim there will be Messrs.
(allogban, Kcllctt aod I'romil. .
The mayor haa already forwarded a
formal invitation to Lieutenant Oover
nor Paterson anil the Premier
Bir hi. Iinr.1 McBride and il is confidently anticipated that a favorable
reply will be received iu each instance.
Premier McBride is due iu Calgary oo
ium 281.1. tu "Uu inle at a public fubc
tion in lhat city, but at he intimated
in hit interview witb Mayor McNeish,
there will bo ample time for bim to
reach this city on tbo morning of July
The arrangement of details'is boirg
jt/occcilod with at o«Jd»lioosly at pot
slide aod II is tbo Wermiaalion nf
all wbo are in any way associate,)
Vita the arraogomonti that ao prw il
ion that can lio devised shall I,' o.mt
ted in order to make litis function one
of unqualified success snd une whose
every I'eaturu shall combine lo u.nkc
lhe occasion fitting the important event
which it will celebrate namely the inuu
guralioii of railway cuunlruc*i >n on the
Nortli Shure,
Who    Hat    Successfully    Ccuduitcd
Negotiations  for the  P.  0,  E.
Railway Ceremonies ou
Dominion Day
Live News
f, A
lilm   llUll'li
t or
to Mr
J. 11
a haudsumi
to he
ed fur
n the Buy
ou Domiuion
Mrs I iininnn Moore of Holland, Muu
iini,a. arrived in thc city yettorda; on
p. tint lo ber sister, Mri tleo II ,\lor
.hit, Second Street casl
The death look place on Wednesday
at tl.3U p.m of W iilniiii Scale, l.'ili
slreei east. The funeral will be tumor
row letting the residence al 2 p.m.
A bush lire broke oul on Wednesday
ii, the neighborhood of the city quarry
After working nard for in hours Ihe
brigade number twu got the tire satis
Isitnrily under control.
Any I.-nl perions desirous of psrli
cipating io the iporls ou July 1st are
requested to'hand in their entries si
once. Forms for Ihu purpose are oh
laiuslilc al the slure of Messrs. Jolin
ston A  Sa I 'I'M ..
The hoard of managers nf West
Vancouver church has pasicd n resolu
lion to Ihe effect that the council of
Ibe municipality he asked lu place u
lifeboat al or near Hollyburn whan as
a possible safeguard ugainst furlhcr
loss of life by drowning
The Kpwnrth League last week held
a social ovening, which was indubitably
oue of the besl events thai has yel
taken place under the League's tut
pices. Miss II. Herle was responsible
for Ihe general arrangement! thereof.
The board uf ferry director! decided
at yesterday's meeling Ibal Ihey cnuld
not possibly grant free trant|iorlaliui'
I., nil...-i- of the local corps of Feld
Engineers wheu in uniform as was t'
quested by Major Pell last week |'h.
board would be perfectly willing, '-iv
ever, lo give free Iranapurlatioit upoo
iperial occaiioui.
In,nl,il, n, iiiiun will have noticed
during the pust few daya that Bum
ahy 's oiled roads bavo been common!
ed upun in the highest terms of praise
Mr. 11. Springer, of the B, II. Timrougii
bred Association, at a meeling of tne
Bichmond council, declared ihut oiling
the Burnaby roads had proved very
successful and while much cheaper thui
watering, which lm.I tu be dune every
day to keep down Ibe dost, j.ut a splen
did surfuee ou llic road ami effectually
coped with the dusl nuisance. Hum
aby, he suid, reckoned tiie eusl of oil
ing rouds to lie ubool i'lntl per mile,
aud it not only hardeued lhe ruud liul
kepi 'lowii lbe dusl uud in wel tveulhei
Ihe ruad dried up very quickly, lie
stated Ihul ho had seen lbc Hums I'}'
municipul authorities und ihey hud
consented h ullott hint the use of thc
oiling . i i-,ini ■ uiiil the men lu work
the machine.
The -i heme was In-,,'iiii.It received
by lhe council generally, uud it wus de
cnled to repair the roud where usees
nary so lhat the association could go
lo work immediately oiling the roud,
the asaocialioti lu hear Ihe whule uf
Ihe eusl of oiling.
Al a meeting ut the Horuuby cuuu
cil the Mini,, .nl-,;,-,I was liruuglil lur
ward by Councillor 'McGregor. Uc ox
pluiued that the management uf Mm
uru Park waoted the ure ul the uil
, i'i.i.l,i lu oil Ihu in.in. rond in Ibe
park. Nu formal application Had been
received, he said, bul be moved thul
iv lu'i. such had beeu made lliu use of
the sprinkler should be giicu lo lhe
Miuoru mining,-in,-i.i when it ttus uul
required in lluruaby, opon Iheir puy
iog tbe wages of tbe men during the
time they were in Hichuiund uud beiug
responsible for the cure uf the spun
i,ii i    Tnis was agreed lu
Ily a curiuus coincidence a similar
request wo... received from Nuw West
minuter    Mayur Lee and sume of the
aldermen form lhe Royal (lity, together with the engineer, visited Burnaby yesterduy, uml as a result of their
Investigations uu application was up-
mediately made lo the Hurniiliy cuuu
cil fur Ibe une of Ihe sprinkler for the
purpose of oiling Eighth slreet.
lleeve Weart'had drafted a letter
agreeing lo lend Now Westminster the
machine when il was not in use iu
liumuliy. The lettor mentioned, "An
neighbors, Burnaby will .be pleased on
every occasion )>ossiblo to meet Now
Westmiiiuter, us wc expect New Wesl
minister wunl,I, when requested, rccip
Toe cuuucil expressed jileasure thui
Burnaby's experiment iu oiling rouds
hud so commended ilself to its neighbors, uml the reeve's loiter was unanimously ;,|'|'ii,. i'I
The abuve comments arc remindful
uf lhe fuct that ia Nurlh Vancouver
ul the preaeut time oil- in its sundry
uses is a much discussed topic. The
ferry compauy Is saving uu average uf
111 n duy by ruuning lhe buuls uu oil
fuel, while simultaneously Alderman
Irwiu uud others are proclaiming tbe
advantages tbut would accrue to the
adoption by this cily of lhe system of
oiled roads. In the lusl- issue of ine
Kxprcss an interview wilh Iho alder
Iiiun was recounted, in Hie course uf
which lie empbusled the opinions he
hud aired previously in two council
Another oiled roads enihusiusl is
now discovered to Mr. J. t,'. Williams,
who bus also automobiled over muuy
miles of limn Ilis contention, when
ijiicstiuued ou Ihe matter, was the same
as Alderman Irwin's thut the sysj
lim produced admirable result* if prop
It curried uut. As fur durability, Ihey
could uut be subjected 'u n more cum
pletc lest Ihun Ihul provided duy ufler
day duriug certain seasout in I'ulifur
inn "I remember uecatious," suid
Mr. Williams, "when the mad frum
Lus Angeles tu another ; ■■..in pmnt
was dotted with otic continuous streum
of automobiles. And the speed ul sume
aiiLoiiiobiles m (laliforuia is a test
in itself ol any oiled road."
Mill  Uwendoliu   Dove,  of  Suobury
Houie, O.UCCU '• road, Norlh Vancouver, |
tuccesifully   passed   lbc   Intermediate
WANTED—Slashing ami clearing by
contract, 0. A. Swanson, Lynn ,;reek
P. 0. II 7
Wantod ut onco two large travelling
boxes. Must be cheap. Box A85 Express Offico. mo
WJNTED—Young lady to kelp iu
store. Apply The Lcotiurd Sule Ho.,
First and Lonsdalu. SIC
WANTED—Window und offlco cleaning or bouse cleaning by young couple.
Apply Box A8I, Express Office.     II 7
WANTED—A young competent gen
eral icrvanj.   Must    be    good    conk,
wuges ill).  Apply-   Mrs.  H,  M.   F.llis,
81k and .Boulevard, North Vancouver
FOB SALK—Sotting! of Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. Prize strain. Phono 1611.
FOB BALE-Sottiugs of Eggi and
day old chicks from prize bred 8. 0.
While Leghorn, l'urlridgo Wyandottes
und Buff Orpiugtous. Mri. J. E. Lee,
Lyuu Valley Poultry Yards, Dempsey
li'i'inl, l.v in: Valley. Leave car at Centre Koud. Postal address, Box 21 li
N. Vaucouvor. ti.
WANTED—I'rice to grade bock and
grade uml muke ready for sowing No
.'106 and 666, Oth street East. W. E
Walkdeu, 01 Pairlicld lluilding, Van
couver. Phone Sevmour llioli.        -01
WANTED-A first cluss book keep
er, residing iu Nortli Vuncoover, mar
ried uiuu preferred. Apply staling cv
jierieuce, references uud salury ex
peeled.    Bux  AM, Express Ollice. 21 I
WANTED—Dressmaking by Iho day
or would lake work in. ladies' lui!
ored soils, drosses of every description
Blouse i, in,', in mm- (loud fil uud wurk
guaranteed. Sixth street west, comer
I.mm,Ini-    P. 0. Box 1891. .'MO
FOH SALE- One second huml range
guod as uew. Bargain, Coll llllll SI
Oeorge Avenue. 21 0
FOB SALE-One heavy set of work
harness. Apply W. II. Ilulunsuu, Rain
bow Cafe, Boom 3. 20 ti
FOB SALE—Marine gasoline engine
complete, 170; or exchange for station
ary.   Frank Allee, Windsor roud west
FOB SALE- Furniture in beautifully
furnished ilni, very reasonable if taken
at unce. Apply Apl 14, Frascr Block.
FOR SALE -18 hens and roo-.ler.
♦ 10.1)0. Aud quantity of wire netting.
Apply E. Dissette. Sixth ami Bulge
way. 11 ti
FOR SALE Stationary gasoline en
trine, cost (3011, sacrifice for (60. Ap
ply F A. Maude, llorau Road. Eusl ul
I'cnlre, Lynn  Valley. In li
last evening when il was decided to
it.lertain the visitor! ul the Scatllcand
Vancouver Automobile ''lulls to louth
ceil ul lhe Suspension bridge Ar
li iigeiiients ure now being madt for
tne in ,',n,ii,i"ii,in,ii of the mauy aulu
mobiles 'that will cross llu* lulet on
Monday uext.
Tin- lire chief and thc building in
■pet-tor in lllc presence of Aid. Irwin,
' I'Oiiiiiiin Mc Ho wall and Mr. A H
Piracy, mad,, a scrpriio visit' to Ri lue
cay .-iinini on Wednesday morning aud
lo icsl the efficiency of the school')fire
drill icuuded the alarm gong. Th'
school was iiiijdnd iu 40 seconds which
n considered extremely creditable. Tbe
name unexpected alarm was loun 't d at
Ihe Central school whon tbe premises
were emptied of their human cm tend
i'i '11 ircondt,
Mr Billiard Vi'tiuiiiau, who has pur
I nm d Mr. A. J. Tyson's drug slorc.
ii a yooug nun, who cotnci to Ibis city
highly recommended. As, head dispel-
ter for the Uordon Mitchell Drug i'o.
if Winnipeg aud fur years manager of
Harrison Broi. five storci at Winnipeg
hr has attained more than ordinary
r. pule as a polite, painstaking and de
printable buiiuesi man. Mr. Wain
n un will please all who want to trade
al the better kind of drug slorc where
oualily drugi aud sundries aro told
al Vaocouver pricei
A tale uf work held under tbe aul
en   I,
Royal Academy of Music aod Ihe Boyal i Wednesday evening proved -an uuijuaj-
Orade of Ihe Loral l.'cnlro Examine   pnes of lhe Women » Auxiliary of SI
lions of the Associated Board of the John's church  in  the parish  hall  on
College of Music for piauforle recently ilifd tuccois. The tale w»i followed
bald in Nortb Vancouver. Mlai Dove by lbe presentation of a musical call a pupil of Miss Isabel Datin. Iraveganzu entitled "At Home." la
Ii. B. A.M., Wbo vsils Uil . ily wlmb solos, doels, quartettes and con-
weekly. certed numbers were capably rendered
—;— by Mines Kills and Adamion and
A meeting of Ibe Joint Civic Adver Messri. Sharp, Hlovell, Adamion   aud
Hung i'iiiinniite.- took place at tlie of
lea  of   the   Publicity   Oomm.iiiomr
Hooley.    Mn. deli mi Ut tippyl pre
tided at Ua jrUao,walla Mr. T, V.
lluwe guve further pruuf uf Ins ter
miiiliiv as a humorist. Delicious refresh
mollis were served during llic eveuing.
Mr J, J McAlcccc. dry guilds mer
diunl uf tins city, accompanied l.v
Mrs M, Alee, i- ami baby, lefl this
morning on a combined busiucss und
pleasure trip to Europe, sailing bythe
"Empress of Britain" from Quebec
on June 28th. They intcinl . visiting
Puris and the leading cities ul the
British Isles and will slay for sume
limo wilh Mr. McAlcccc'e relative! Bt
liiS old home miu Helium:. Ireland. Mr
McAleece will devote considerable
time to jiurcbasing new full gooda uud
ou hii return promises the residents
of the North Shore a greatly uicreis
ed iclei'tion from the world's largest
Tbe Vanrouver I uno Tennis Hull j
sending a teem over lo North Vancou
ter on Saturday iifleruuon and Ihe
North Vancouver Hub will endeavor
to add yet another victory to their
credit. Play will start at 2:30, on the
grounds at Twenty sixth slreet, near
FOR SALE- -Nice three room house
on Centre Boad, modorn, bulb, toilet,
closet, etc., $1,600, easy terms. See
R li. Thuiupsoo, comer Doruri andi'cn
Ire   Roads,   Lynn   Volley. 21 0
FOR SALE—A first class gunleu of
vegetable! on Victoria Park eusl willi
the option of renting the gruutn' fur
omiilier season Apply J. Dieriscn, (lol
onial   Apartments If
June itth, lo Mr. ud Mrs. Baxter,
lOtb and Bewiike, a daughter.
Juue JlWi, to Ml. ai.lf Mri. D. A. Y.
Merrick al Ibe Harbor View Sanitarium
a apO',
June HU, to Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Bulger, at Harbor View Sanitarium, a
Juue 11, lo Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Mer
nr, Lynn Valley Boad, a daughter.
June'12, to Mr. and Mri. H. B. f'hat
ten, Lynn Valley, a daughter.
June li, |o Mr. and Mrs. W. Smart,
Keith Boad, a sou.
FOB BALK Houso, snap, llllli slreei
and SI. Uoorge's Aveuue, 6 rooms, ce
moot basement, piped fur furnace, lol
33x100 tu lane, fenced in aud garden
Now routed $22.50 per mouth. 'Price,
$2,1)50, I Tm cash, balauce $60 moulh
at 7 por cent. Owner, Box 1810, city.
FOB BALK--UU itreet K, lol 7,
block till, D. L SCO. Lovely 0 roomed
bungalow juat being completed. Has
overy modern convenience, splcudidlv
Onisheil off. Built for tho owner. Close
lo Bidgeway ichool. Fine view of In
lot, Bay and Mountains. Price s> l.ii')"
11,000 cash, mortgage $2,200. Ilalauc
6, 12 and 18. Apply H. H. Millard, ror.
81b and Lonsdale Phone 471. 21-0
iii'nl Alberta farm in t.'ulgary dis
trict, 160 acres, all lillablo, .'IO" acres
cultivated, about 300 tout hay crop,
new furnished house, orgau, range, etc.,
barn, near new railroads connecting
witb I'liignry. Ideal location for dairying, bonei aud grain. A snap at $33
per acre. Would exchange and give
part cash tor homo nnd lot. Owner,
Mr.  Walsh,  238 Second Btreot  East.
IiOSTrnOoId locket, oval sbapo, on
Lonidale avenue. Reward J. V., North
Shore Preti.
J.OHT   Hold brooch botween Second
Slreei tpd St. John's Parish  Hall.  He
ward, Mlu Vernon, co. Mr. Parkin,
Hll Bacond Street,   .
HOOM8 FOR RENT-Housokecpiug
and single. '218 2ud slrect east.
FOR RENT -Vuriiislied room, break
fast if desired. Apply 053 Lonsdale
Avenue. li 6
FOR RENT Six roomed modern
liouse, furnisbei|. Apply 2,52 HHh SI.
I'lione  Hill. 200
FOR RENT 1 roomed modem houie,
0 miuutes frum ferry. Peers & lloull,
Phone 188. t.f.
TO HENT—Oue furnished Ilul with
lull's! imprii',ciiiiiiln Apply t'olouial
Apartments. t.f.
FOR HKNT -Two roomed cottage oo
Queens Road, Idock uud half west of
Lousdale avenue, ib yet week. Apply
Miss Wade, (leucral Hospital.        -1 11
FOR RENT Threo and four-roomed
suites, Mt. Orovvu llluck, First Streot
Eust. Apply nl lluilding or to Lett k
Browne, 310 Bichards Slreet.       210
FOR RENT I'nl'iiruisl.cil tint, 11
rooms in modern house. Fqw Uiiuutei
Irom ear, ill per moulh. Apply Mrs
Kniglil, llii 7th sired ami Bidgeway
Avenue. I.f.
FOH KENT Finn.shed housekeeping
suite, cheap. No objection lo children.
In prnate family on ear line, I'ajiilauo
Hoad, In minutes walk from ferry
whurf.    'Hux A82. 18 6
Hot it at I iiiisilnl. riinirriBc;,  Pbone 38
Ice, Ice Cream, Bultermllk, Milk,
Cream and Huiter, Purity '"rearuory, 150
Secoud street west.
If yoo hute nay property to sell aod
want quick results, list it wilh Shurl,
Robertson and Seymour- t.f.
Lee Vick i. i'u, geuerul mcrcliauiliso.
171 Second Street West, North Vancou
ter, II. (.'.    Employment Ollice.
If you bate any property to sell aud
want quick results, lisl u with Shurl,
llulicrlsou and Seymour. I.f.
First   class  gardener   wunls  englge
merits by day   Hardens laid oul, lawn.
graded, elc     Hm Aili, Express Office.
31 d
Ladies 'uml Children'i dressmaking
moderate charges Mrs Ijttubert, lei
son Houd or llm 1800, North Vancou
ver. Sl t
II. ti. Livery and Buard ttablea—
l.ighl rigs and ladies' saddle boriM
for hire. Stabling for horses. Hen
eral delivery and heavy learning. II
Humus, 41b street west. Phone 317 t.f.
lu'i Clcariug and Grading Luis.
Pete Andu."-. General Contractor, Be
wer ronneetioni a specially, baicmont
aud other oxcavatiug work undertaken
Estimate! free. 527 81. Oeorgo'i Ave.,
Nortb Vanrouver, poit offlco box 239).
Du you want to sell your loll Wn
bavo client! waiting to buy if your
price ii rigbl. Lilt with us aud lo us.
Green A Walsh, 104 2nd street*. 17 fi
For cabinet muk ing, curpcutcriug,
picturo framing, French polishing,
painting, glaring, geucral jobbing work
and ropairi, see or phone J. Ilayucs,
1236 Lonsdale avenue, Nortn Vaucou
vor. Personal addition. Phono Llll.
LOST -On Wednesday 6.40 p.aj. oi
car for North Lonsdale, a punc run
turning fifty three dollars (wagea of
two working menj. Finder kindly return to Kxpresi office.   Bevvard. 25 6
JiOBT—Dog answering lo the name
of Oyp, with large uml small black
Ipots ou white, wilb leather collar and
tag. Finder suitably rewarded. Apply
Hoyliud, Kellh road, eaat of Sl.
mm mn
Bank of Montreal
Estsbliihed 1817
Capital (paid up)   ■   $15,413,000
Reserve    -   •  •   ■   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lat Street Managar
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Twelfth Street
Half Block (rom URANI) BOULEVABD and Oar Hue. Qood
building lot 50 ft.illi) ft. all cloared. Price 11,300 on tonus
of $300 caah, balance 6, VI, 18 and 21 months.
Further particular! of above may   be   had   at   tht   olrket of
We repreient the London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
sound Board Company,   il you have anything to insure we can
do it for you.
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P.O.Box 1816
Poultry  Supplies  a  Specialty.
Timothy Hay, B. k K. Chick Food,
Alfalfa Hay, B. & K. Chick Chop,
Whole Oats. B. & K. Scratch Food.
Or. Oata, Cracked Corn,
Bran, Wheat,
Linseed Meal. Swift  Beef Scrayi.
Our prices are right aud Dcllvorlaa prompt.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
North Shore Coal & Supply
North Vancouver Branch
Kickham's Wharf
Phone 488
Vancouver Branch
Johnson's Wharf
Phone 9145
Dealers in
Domestic, Steam and Blacksmiths' Coal; Coke, Lime,
Cement,  Plaster,  Sewer   Pipe,   Agricultural   Tile,
Common   and   Face   Brick,   Sand   and   Gravel.
L S. EATON (Phone 405)
Mgr. North Vancouver Branch
MONDAY, JUNK 24th, 1912
between lhe hours 12 to 2 p.m.
The Vehicular Traffic will be
■ niiliiiiil to A'lins of the
By Order of the Board of Directors
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
"By diving ami swimming umler the
rough mn im-.' of tbe water aa long aa
1 coulil hold my breath. When I came
up all my late coiu|ianioiin bad dinn|i
puared; but I fouml myielf in uu eddy
ami in got aibore. Wheuever yuu are
in buaineu trouble, young fallow,"
bo continued, "and see nn ruad open
for escape, just risk u little more-
take a In,-uiei nmi in nine casus oul
of tun you'll como up all right."
Somu of my Iiutiiicint rcadera will be
ubic tu nay if ilm, in u.iuu.l phjloaopliy
or uot.
I laid Kiley 'a trouble before the
ilnee iin-,,,in, and wc all agreed Ibal
the aituation wan a senium otic ami
thai if (ircgory was tu be saved iiniiiu
dime action musl be luken. Several
Iiiun.. were suggested ami abandoned,
because tbey involved lie tolling lu
Jlte woman the slury nf Iter husband's
shame, for wc assumed thai she did
uut know of it, uud wc wished to spare
lier that trial.
At lust  Frank Way usked:
"Where did Biley say thc canoe is
moored I"
"I n'front nf lbc bar, ami the sti|i
plies arc already ou huurd. The party
will leave at the lirst glimmer of day
"HumphI" said Frank, thoughtful
ly. Tben rising ami yawning us if
weary uf tbe whule business, be beckoned tu mc and wc took uur leuve.
Way ramainctl outside of tny i huuse
while I wcnl iu and tuld Kiley that all
were uf lhe opinion that Ilie retainer
shuuld be returned, and that if ut daybreak nu uther sulutiuu could In' found,
Mrs. (Iregury must be tuld und the pint
eipuied. The lawyer eagerly accepted
the | ii,|inmliun In return the lee, bul
shrunk frum the publicity Ihul wuuld
mi:,. I. tu the transaction, and us there
was bad bluod between himself uud
Chief Justice Bagble, he dreaded the
outeomo should tbe in:ill,r reaeh the
Chief Juitice'i cars.
Aurora's rosy lingers had Jusl pinned
bu, I. lbc sable curtain! of night, und
llic eastern sky ibowod signs uf lhe ap
proacb of another day, when (iregury
left his cabin and threaded his wuy
toward llic beach As he walked uu
llic unsuspecting wan hummed a popular air, li.i|-|'i in the anticipation ui
audden wealth uml assured prosperity.
As he neured lhe river he saw the lull
form uf Merrill running excitedly up
and dowu in the dun light, us he lie
ruled llic crew uf Itulians whu had
been employed tu navigate thc Imal
lo the wiiinli uf lbc river When he
suw (Jregory, Merrill tried:
"Come here, quickl"
(Jregory hastened bis itepi awl loon
saw tin- eausc uf Merrill's auger Hur
ing the nigh! sume one with uu ax had
ml uml hacked the canoe util.I it wus
practically destroyed, ami the supplies
Ibat were laid tu overnight must have
beeu .thrown intu the river, fur they
were nuwherc lo be seen'.
Merrill was in a fearful rage All
Ini gentlemanly reserve wus jti,iii\owl
ins luiinlli emitted the lined Inghlful
profanity and vulgarity, lie ealled
down the eurscs uf Heaven on the
porprctrators of the deed and miisign
cd litem to lbc infernal regions. He
abused lbc Indian crew and heredv
turned uu (Jregory awl accused him
uf being in the plot tu deslroy the
(Jregory denied all knowledge uf the
"I never knew a thief whu was mil
a liar," exclaimed Merrill
"What do yuu mean I" hotly aaked
"I mean thai yuu are a tbicf ami
you knuw it, aud I know il!"
(ircgory fell back us if it ruck a huni
"Yeas,'' irreained the detective, his
auger growing bolter ami butter; "yuu
robbed tho Bank in  New  York
(lity. Your uamc is uu more (Iregury
tlisu my name's Merrill, ami if yuu
were   OU   the   Aim-mini   side   I   would
intent  you aa a common, thief.    You
arc safe here, but I'll get you yct,-
Gregory, cruabed ami broken by the
tirade of abuie and tbe knowledge of
hia crime lo unexpectedly luuuchcd al
bim by the detective, whom up to Ubat
morning he bad regarded aa a gentle
n.au ami a warm personal friend, walk
ed ilowly away in. oue direction, wukje
Merrill ilarted to walk rapidly off In
another. In hii excitement Hie de
tcctivo bad not remembered lhe In
iiiun i lew. Thep\, four in ..umber, tpi
armed witb paddles, ran tiler bim and
demanded pay for tbeir wrecked vat-
sel. lie tried to |iaa» oo, but Ibey oh
itrurlcil bii path and loudly demanded
compeuaatiou, wbicb at lait be reluct
antly gave tbem.
When Merrill and (Jregory had paai
ad out of light two beade were raiaed
above tbe leva) of a great boulder.
After a careful survey the beads were
fallowed by the bodia* of two young
white mon, who walked to thc .baacb
aud gaud at tbe wreck and expreued
lympatby for tbe owuin ol tho craft.
Thun thu two walked slowly buck to
town, chuckling uml laughing as tbey
wont, and sought tlieir respective
couches. Tbey had been out nil night
ami needed u little real.
At lltu iiiuiii huni' Merrill, KurU und
I mut at 1'uwcr's. Merrill bud culmed
down by this lime, and IiIh nuiuncr
wus lis placid and serene us usual. Hn
had uu reii.niin tn lliiul: tlm! wu litinw
uttgltl of lite .'Uuii nf tlie curly mom
"Mr. Merrill,'', Kurt/ suid, "I nm
euinmissiuiieii by u geutlem.au wlm says
lie is Indebted In yuu lu givo yuu one
hundred dollari in gubl."
Merrill started illgiitly ,nnd then
suid, "I wus nut aware I bud .. debtor
in Ihe cump.   Whul is bis name I"
"Kiley," I broke in, excitedly. "Ile
says yuu employed him lu do some
legul business fur yuu, luil instead yuu
tried tn convert him intu n detective.
Hn doc linos lu degrade the leunl pro
feiiion in that manlier ami returns
your retainer."
Merrill, whu suw lliul his disguise
had been penetrated uml his designs,
were known, took the money without
another word und gave a receipt. In
tint liudy nf the receipt I wus careful
tu Introduce words wlneli mude it eleur
ilml Kiley Inul taken the retainer uu
der it misapprcheitsiuii, sn, should Hep
hie hear nf tiie affair (which he never
did), nn liurrii wuulil huve resulted In
my friend. Merrill, tillable to secure
his prey, lhe following duv left the
river and Yule knew him no more. The
pupers stulen frum (Ircgory \s limine
were never recovered. Tlie (Irc'norys
were ut Yule wliiinj eunie uwuy early
in ll)lill. ^
In llle month ul' Jul)-, ItjfjS, I found
myself wulkittg tiluuu uu ii|>tuwn'strool
in  New  Yurk City iu search uf some
guud   clothes.     I   inni   luililcil   two   diivn
befure from u steamer frum Central
America, and the rush uml crush uml
bustle uf lhe tuctrupulis uf the New
World euiifuseil uud almost .tuiiiied we
An I strolled on I uu/cl like it hayseed
ur  elleechal.il  ill   lhe   penjdc,   the   nn,.)'
vehicles uud the* displays tn tin- store
windows. I nnd jusl made a .mile of
-1 win  iii  mild inni.  for   wlm li   I   n
coived llie sum uf *f>,IHU in jrr Iuiel,n.
unld being at a premium uf lu. mid I
felt lnlli rub und generuus    "Au cus)
way to iniiku moiioy," I exclaimed to
myself. "Why, it'a liko a touch of
Aladdin';, lump; I idinll spend tbo
* 1,(1(111 mul take back tho same amount
willi which I started out. My trip
won't cost mu a cunt." But in a abort
time I found out my error. I bad to
|iuy iliiiililu mul iieldi' prices for everything. Fur n llfty cent pair of braces
I was linked twu dullurs, uml for twu
nulls of underwear of poor quality I
puid nine dollars' Everyllhing else
was ei|iiiillv high, sn that when, six
in.null lulor, I was uguin in Victoria
I found tbut not only had the $1,00(1
premium vanished, but it guud part uf
lbc $1,111111 besides.
Uul lu return In that particular July
murniug in I86S, As I walked ulong
I suddenly becume cunsciuiis iluu my
iiiiun' had been called by sume person
behind mc. I turned uml there suw
a lady and gciitliunun, dressed in the
extreme uf faihlou, tuul ut their side
wus il lull, I'legaul luuliing yuung ludy
uf uliuul eighteen years.
" Huw do yuu dul" lislicd the ludy
"I'm well, liuilil: yuu," I replied
suspiciuUsly, lur I had beard nf the
inuii,lenco iiiiii und women of New
Yuri, who pick up uud swindle greenies
by pretending lu lune known (Item iu
uther pnrln.
"llu yuu nut recognize us/" usked
the gentleman.
"I certainly do mil," I rejoined,
still suspicious.
"Iiu yuu not remember lbe Gregorys
ut  Yule I"
" Yen, iwl I I du," and then u light
Inwuml upon me. These were mi old-
lime friends. We shook liumls, but
lhe ilregurys' grns|i was anything bul
in,Mini Their liumls luy in mini' like
lend lish. I must huve nppcurcd tu
Iliein fur all tile world like a broken
wnier in I ravel worn gurmcntH whu
wus seeking a luun. The inaideti came
furward uml bowed distantly.
"And this, I hii|i|uise, is ifly dear
lillle friend, Mne .liidilli lillle Judy,"
I exclaimed juyuusly.
"I inn Miss (Iregury," she said, wilh
emphasis un the Miss.
Yen; she wns the same girl whom
I ulleii held on luy knee, awl fur whom
I lunl invented n|<|iulling slories of fire
ami shipwreck uml fairies uml hub
gulililts iu the duys uf uid, llic duys uf
gubl; gruwii lull ami graceful, wilh
the .nuttie luvi'ly eyes uml the fuir hair
turned a little darker. Imt sllll u beau
Iij'u! nun kissed blonde. How muny,
muny limes we two lunl ridden ;i cockhorse tu llunliury Cross, gune lishing
with Simple Siniiiu in u bucket uf
wuler, recited "Iiu Int. Wink Sheep,"
and |'il,,'I Mother Hubbard wilh nu
eiupl)  cupbuuril uud a hungry dug.
I'I ^member you very woll," »bn
continued. "I iball never forgot tho
nice trout you uied to briug us,"
"Ami I," said Mra. Gregory, "always lei'iill the pitcher of water that"
splashed over mo whon I   think   of
"Yes," J iaid coldly, "those wero
occasions to bo remembered."
I turned to Gregory. J wondered if '
he could recall unythlng moru subitum
liul that I had done for him ami his, -
All ho hud to Bay was, "What could
I get for my two lots at Yalot" Not
a word of gratitude or ttjuuks for the
man whu, with Frank Wuy, bud iiu
perilled bis own safety and uoiiiinittoil
au offence under tho law to prevent htm
falling into tbu bauds of justice. I
told tbem tbu latest news about their
former neigbburs uud then wilh tt sort
uf culil :iiuriie,e air we |itiiiinl forever.
I was diseucltatitcd. Tu be remembered unly for a few truut mid u
broken pitcher, and tbu price of town
luts, after the tremendous sacrifice 1
Iiiui iiiudi.' fur them, wus too Much fur
my sensitive nature, and 1 dropped the
curtain un the episode only lo raiso it
uguin iinliiv ufler a lapse uf thirty six
yeurs. What (Iregury'u right iiunie
wus, ur huw be gut out of his financial
stress, I did nut knuw, nur did I cure
tu inquire. I never beard of them
uguin, uud  have managed  tu survive
tllC   i -Imi,;','Weill
ouicrlv nora couomb. cuaaa colds,
MAU THI TtiaoAT and uinob. aa ciNra
Wit gfolllUfe
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Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198.
**►  '.
Board of Trade
A i, mm,, of v.; .in,.,,!,,, night'i
iin'eliug ul' tbo Huurd ot Trado win the
utterance given tu •■> general feeling
ul' disquietude rcguriliug tlm early construction of tbu iiiiiiei,, Muuntaiu
Scenic Hallway, for which u ebartor
.vim granted by the provincial govern
ineiil liml HL'HHiui.. Tbo topic wai ini
tiully ruined by Mr. II. O. Hick, who,
referring lo Il.n |irojeet ai tbe "doBil
ur ily.lng iconic <ailwny," itrungly
urginl  lbe remirti'i'tiuu uf the icbotuo,
|IOillti||g    UUt    tltUt    tf   tilll.    Illl.li'lllll.lllg
was carried intu effect it wuuld bring
u iiJi.Htu.it stream uf tuuriuta tu North
Vuneuuver, ulnl wuulil lm tbu greatcit
ailvortiaciiiont lliut Nurth Vaucuuver
iniilil possibly gel. Tuuriiti to Oalifor
iiiu lust yeur, lie aaid, left (411,1100,11110,
uml lliin year it wus cattuialcil tbey
would leave mil lean tbau ♦511,111)11,111)0.
ll Nortli Vancouver bu<l Iter uuturul
advantages nu improved that access
miil'l be bud In liiein there wui little
.Iniilil in Mr. Iliek'a miiid ai to tbe
lieuelli ilmi wunl,I accrue tu Ibis eity.
Mr. Iiiiii then lurned the Meeting'i
attciilion tu I'mimm. i mini muil,'in
lie urged llm lulling uf furtber stops
in Nurth Vuncouver towards ensuring
Ilie benefits I liis eity sbuulil teap upon
ine ii|,iiiiiig ut' lliut greul waterway.
All lbe cities tu lhe auutb were malting
tnuiuiiiutli |irc|iurationa uiul il luukcd
us ii Vuneuuvcr and Nurtli Vancuuver
v\uiil«l lune the ii|i|iuilunily fur I'uiuiuer
i ml prosperity if siiinelliing was uut
dune very snun.
Mi II. i Wright agreed lbat tbe
mutter ..us buusleil lu a great extent
in its imliul singes, but nuw nothing
hti uiiieli wus beur,! uf it, Mr, Wright
iliuiiglit Nurtli Vancuuver shuuld take
li lellf uut ul I,ns Angeles' liuuk anil
bring lur nnlurul l.euuiies wtlhiu
ruiili ul  Hie tourist
l.:mi eieiiing's mectiiig wus the lust
l>, I.e lielil uniil September, uiiil lbc
usuul summer vacation fur July and
August .uiiil- inlo effect after tbe rluii
ul llu- business.
I'rineijiul autuiigsl Ibo itoina of lmii
i.mn wan it letter Iruin (he Progressive
i'luli ui Viiiiiuumt, adviiiug tbut lbe
> lub's new i|uurtcrn would be ready
uliuul lhe lnl of August fur tbe recetj
liun ul exhibits Irum tlie vununs j .iris
i,l tin- |>ru\itiee earing tu cuinc in. Tlie
uniil. Ilr In N Howe, explained Ilie
|,i,'i',,niimn in ilelutl. The spaces were
l<> I. mil,I nl 40 cents tier Bijuarc tuul
:i luuiilli    A lile nl information reluting
niuiir valloy, witb a view to having t
railway constructed for the purpoae
of transporting tbe timber and mineral
out. Ur. Dick, iu describing t It'll)
up thu Seymuur two or three yeara
ago, aaiti tbat it took threo days to
pack twenty six niilea, and ho did not
think the cuuditiuna were auy better
now. It was left wltb Ur. Philip tn
gather the names of the mine owners.
President Smith reported tlm.i IV16
bad beeu collected iu aid of the (Ir ler
of Victoriau Nurses.
An IuUrestlng Tale of the Daya Wheu
Oliarloa Stuart Aspired to tbe Throne
and Matty Fair Wuinon Aided Ills
lu   .-ii.ii   nmiiuii   having    uu     exhibit
huiiIiI |,e kepi ami a ir.uotl.ly bulletin
min e.\|„,iei| by the di/li Irum the van
mm re,lions, giving lulest lufurinatiuu,
| While ihe Imiii i „t' trade is a very in
l< i,-l,i | nil;, Mr I'luli) eluleil Ibal
tl,. | iiiiiii in euiiiiuitlce fell tbut it was
Iluu duty lu ullcid lu Ins mallei and
nn uie a spuec, which tbey wuuld do
ib,. speaker staled thai already cn
leuviirs    Were    t-elllg   IllUile    i,,   get    us
huge n display uf tbe mineral products
ul  Nurlli Vuiuuuver us pussiblc lu pul
 -viiil,ili,in    Ainu lhe publicity com
it mm,,,i liud visit.'<J lbc principal iceuic
nputs-   11,   the   I'll.'   Ullll   lllslrlel   Ullll   SI'
■ -ire,I several new  v icvvs
Tlie buard Ibis year will introduce a
i.i w Itulurc iu its u. Initios. Tbe Cu
nun , uiiiintltee, in rc|'urtiiig uu the
.juestioii I'l offering a board of tride
ytitc tu Ilie n, luiul ilnlilreii, bruugbt iii
a reeumini'iidaliuii lliul au annual prize
< listing fin In- ullered lu Hie pupils
gruduulitig witb lbc highest bunurs
luun lbc Nurlli Vaneouver Ingli ichuul
Tins pn/i will be offered ucxl year
Tins year, buwever, as there arc two
pupils guing up fur tbis oxamtnatiun,
Hi, members (ell that lbc Ihin tdgc nf
tne wedge I "..id be driven and a prize
ui .1" will be given fur tbu llll:'
Mr Watts Doney, iu reporting fur
l,m • ,,ii.iiiiit,,', suul lliere was little lu
-li, olber limn lhal plans bad b-ep
pri'i'ured lur u subway underneath tne
i I' 11 lm, hnVm ibe Vanrouver inle
ul tbe inlet An endeavor was made tn
have these plans al the meeting bet
the,, euul'l uul be obtained
Mr Philip, !n referring tu lbe dig
inly Ibul bad been conferrTt* upun
l'remier Mellrule by Ilis Majesty, ru
it wus a innn, i, of cutigrntululiuii
llic province lu have une nl ber native
suns honored in this way. A resolution
cuugrutulatiiig tlie |iremier was pussed.
und will be furvvarded ou by the scere
Inry. •
Mj: Perry, fur the'Toufiat and Het-
tiers' committee, aaid that Nortb Van
couvcr wus getting its share of letters, nnd it was expected that tins
wuulil be it record year, With respect
lu luurisli llm lirst prominent visitors
would be bere ou line 21, when the
.siiilII,, Auto (Hub wuuld visit .'• rtn
Vuncuuver. The parly would ,»i- r by
uutu and there would be probably 300
of I loin. The ucxl touriiti expected
would be inemberi of tho Seattle Pub
loily Bureau, wbo would come up lotue
lime in July.
Mr. J. P. O. ti. Wood itated that a -
number of influential timber men had
interviewed bim in reaper! to co operation witb tho mine ownen up tbe Sey-
Most uf uur rcuders are mure ur leas
ne.luiiinii i   with   the  alury  uf   I'riuce
liberies Kdward, the yuung Pretender,
his  raising  lltu  Hug  uf  rebellion   in
Scotland,  subsequent   retreat   and   de
feat, his wundcriiigs and  lnml  escape
to tlie Continent.   During tbut upiaode
iu bistury iu  wbicb ho was principal
figure muny incidents uf romantic ud
venture occurred uf u very interesting
character,    Among others that ol the
eacupe ul' Margurel, wile uf i.urd llgtl
vy frum  l-Minhurgh .Castle, where she
was imprisoned iinini ii;;: Ini execution.
Mie wus u brave, bniiilsoini' uin! ready,
wilted woman, uu enthusiastic puili.un
uf the Stuart cause, willing tu risk lur
tunc and life tu aid iu its triumph.
Slie persuuded her Uusbuml lu join
the Pretender's forces, and rude with
him at the heud ul' his , l;n. tu the fatal
field uf Culludeu, where sbe remained
bidding u spure burse during tbe wliule
uf tbe light, Wben lbc battle ended
in the utter defeat uml runt ul' the
Prince's army tier husband leaped up
uu the s|itire hurse und escaped, while
l.udy Olgilvv wub lukcu prisoner. The
government determined to make ber
sn example to Ilie rest uf ber sex,
wbuBC mtlucncc bad been very |>uw
erfully exerted in tbe lusl cuuse. She
wus therefore condemned tu be exe
CUted six weeks after ber trial ul Ihe
l-l.,," where trailers suffered In Kdiu
Imrgli. Her friends displayed a greal
activity in true, tu ubtuiu a coin-
inutuliun uf ber severe sentence, but
to every appeal lhe guv eminent turned
u deaf ear, and there appeared no al
teruative but tbut she must suffer
dealli in Ibe very (lower uf ber vuulb
and beauty.
A Cunning Plot
Ijnlv Ugilvy wus nul »o strictly eon
fined in prmoii but thai muny gamed
access lu Imt and Ibey used tins f nv
ilege lu sniruuinl Inr v.nli lutufurts,
nmi tu in and lighten llle burdens of
captivity. But while ber friends were
making useless ellurls tu obtain tier re
lease she ileletlnlliel lu effect it Inr
»lf. und  as uii  agenl   fur   tout   |>ur
| use   II    lillle,    ugly,    di turned   vvutllUli
with u pceuliui bil'li jii lut walk, whu
I luuglit her clean luun eve;. Saturday.
As she wus leaving tlie ruum after une
ul ber usual visits llic i-apli e detained
ber, saving she bad u very »truiig de
sire lu ascertain it she could vvuik a»
she did, wuuld she inn,-I plowing lnl
nuw il wan don.' Although very much
surprised al the la.lv eutcrluniing such
a vvbim, the old woman readily gave
the reipjircii lesson uml limn took lier
depurlure. Lady Ogilvv practised lbe
slep until she tliuugbl llersell prulicuiil
Mie   ,11111111111111 alnl   ber   inlciitiutii   lo
■t  friends,  wliu  prepared   every Hung
readiness lu aid ber lligiil vvnui once
Isnle the castle
When Hie old ilnrepil washerwoman
made lur appearance al iiinduwu u
lbc Saturday prevtoua 1
fixed fur lbe execution,
persuaded ber lu ebaugi
(live um yuur di
mine "
Tbe exchange wus made
"Nuw," continued tbe prisoner, "do
yuu  riiiiuin  quietly  here, nu one  will
barm yuu and yuu will save my life '
A Wonderful Escape.
Tbcu taking up tbe basket sbo ai
suined Ihe old wutnaii s limp, left th.
luoin and joined the wash-girl wailing
outiidc llm dour. Together tiny wcnl
dowu thc stone stairs uul inlu lbe yard.
I imu-,I lliruugli the giite unchallenged
by   tllO   sentinel    snd    walked    uut    of
'i'lie girl wae surprised at ber una
tress' silence, but attributed it luthe
fuel uf ber lurrow for lbe prisoner
lbe bad j,",I lefl, but l,er si.iprim1
magnified into terror when the saw
tbe crooked little creature throw away
tlm basket and reveal herself as a '..ul.
majestic woman running down"High
street aa fait ai ber nimble feet ceuld
furry her. Paying no heed In tbe girl
the fugitive made her way tu the Ab
bey Hill, where sbe found Iht frieuda
uiiiiiiii.nl) awaiting her witb n change
of dress and borsei. Hurrying over
the congratulations at ber suin-se jhe
wai soon in full gallop oi< tbe roll
to Dover, along which relay borscu
bad lieen atatiuned for her use Make
what spec.I ahe would ibe found the
news of her escape had preceded ber
and io every lown ulm entered she
beard of the large reward offered for
ber ripprcliennlnii.
After many a narrow eicapo and
wearied wltb ber long ud  periloui
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIR    EDMUND   WALKER, O.V.O. LI..D. D.OX. Preildeut
Aiat. General Manager. Conor al Manager.
Capital*$ 15,000,000   Best $12,500,0(10
Temporary quarters  of   thc North Vancouver Branch,
Eiplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
lntereit paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwardi.    Withdrawals may lie made at any lime.
i. A. FOB8TER         Mauagor.
i tbe
and   v
Mm, In,
journey, ibe contrived tu cuiburk on
board a vessel bound fur France, Now,
with a sigh uf relict' she Iliuiiglit ull
danger of detection uml recapture uvii
but just as the anchor wns weighed
uiul lhe sails unfurled uu embargo wan
laid un all vessels in lbe hurliur
Mearcb was abuut tu be made fur l.aflv
Ugiliy, wbu it wus understood lunl em
barked tin une uf tbcm. The enptain
and sailurs .retted ut the delav am!
the fair wind they were liming. Imt
tlieir ludy passenger tuul, things verv
quietly. .Sbo walked calmly up ami
dowu the deck, what bad tbe miu, Ii
to do with fieri A boat continuing n
guvernment agent sent • \j-..-.-,-ly to
conduct tbe seureb now upproacbed
tlie   vessel.
A gentleman sjirang on board, and
walking up tu tin- captain m t,.1 i
a large paju-r be held u In- luu i
bidding tiuu luul. well at -I ll n.i
lUppused   lu   be   a   llle like   | iiiiini   i I
Lmly (Igllvy, allbougli it h-pri-M uie:
a stool, masculine looking woman
IVejiuig over lbe sbuulder oi on, oi lb-
mates, tbe fugitive lunlnvcd tu i'i <
u glimpse uf lins remarkable li..i,
iind whatever (ears uf detei luu • .<
may have entertained in ber uv .1 lienii
louk lligiil ami ber ready wil eiiim to
Inr aid Addressing lbe agon;, -lo
slid: ,
"Mir, I knuw Lady Ogilvv  well, will
vou allow  un- to louk ul  tbe poll;.,
ll  was liailde.j tu her with much  pul
r.iness    After ga.'mg at it nI tent 1.el v.
slit* returued it, laying:
" ll is a sinking likenen.   it  uu, go
I v lhal von laiuiol Ou bitter 'ion
in,.?!  , 11I1I1  lor "
Safe at Laat.
Tbe  agenl   compared   I. r   wili   tin
picture,   thanked   lm.   (aiui.ii • 1   til'
liber passengers, steppe,1   11,1 '   I.i-   I,ol''
and   ruwed   tu   Ilie   neit   v, .-,i      II
starch   proved   unsuccessful,   tin-i   1!
ve-nels were ulluweil lu sail, ami afler
li lew Luu J: ul tunning ilbulll llle Ijltao
eel I.li.lv Ogilvv gained llm French
-loin, iv line -In joined loi busbaml,
nliu lind' Inn,led Ibere utter Ilie dis
uslruus btillle ui Culludeu.
.Since iiir old Age I'etisiuns Act baa
I, in in upernliuu in Liiglaiol, says the
"Nrittul,"   there   bim   been   a   great
I -.-nr. h lot Inrlli 1 erlilii-utes, in urder to
I enable Ibuse enltlled lu .its benefits tu
, 1 luun Ibeir pensions.
An ii„, registration   nl   Ijrlilia, ,inj*r
iiiun To yeurs ago whs nut curried uut
;i-    now,    lliere    Illln    been     lllll, uill    in
iiiiuiv  i'Um's 111 proving Ilie age uf the
! upl'lo uuin.  and   iu   une   instance   al
Ii.i  I    ;i    . i-rlili. nli'   ol   um exceedingly
no, 11   , funnier   wan    presented.      At
in,,  nu,' Ilie lunil pensions ulbccr said
lo' Ii.i I   loi er  eullie In runs line  like it,
; nnd In- iiii- iji.it.- 1 repared lu take ib
n   ,1 prool it tin- age of Ilie applicant
j     V. i.u   .1 Jul J  un- Inii, 111 tins pur
i„ ulnr luiuily  n , luu gin-- luliii' was
pro, 1,1, I   mul   pnrll.v   tilled   will,  salt,
in,1,   il,   letters  nnd   figures  funning
Ilie I,llllo - of lbe , luld uud dale uf
I,illl   Were  iill   mil   of tl   lull-papi'l |Ull
I'M "i   mm I.   tlie  bottle,  being  pul   In
lio- fm I    poMlilill    Willi   11   piece   III
win. md llien inure salt was larefully
.1 l.i d 1   1  iio 10 ui plan1
' r-pmi- "I llovvi-rn an-1 oilier urua
no iiiiii l.-igijn, . 111 tiotii 1 retutiuc,
iv, ie  iil-u   tanli lullv   arranged  aruuud
tl.u i.-li. Ol ll, I ill,. .,!, I lllli, 111,!
whole     u.i-    I  rli,,     pu. I,,  I     IV,ll,    rail
inul ,,.'l, ui I , :n, I ll ua- I lieu
{lii,, I iu ;i prominent ponilioli on Ilie
■ lre-',i ol  in ,1 , oii.er - iipfiiiird. wbere
ll llll-. been I,,I nolle lllllll seventy
Vi,II- Till'     ivjlili      nllll     nllolVn    Up    till'
1,-11, i- .in,I  1*1- iu icli,i. and the
nhi.ii    ill.   I   1-   lonel   Mid   pll'Smllg
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close lo llic Government Road, and overlooking thc sea. Mosl suitable for subdivision.       D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 pei* Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L II00.S.W, 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
North Shore Locators
Block 12a   D. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mtk.
Publuhed Tuesdays and Friday! by Norlb Bhoro Praia, I.iiniteil,
Bates of Subicriptiont-One your, (1.00.   Six montbi, 50c.   Throe montbi, tie.
United States and Foreign, $2.00 per year.
Advertising Bataa Will Be Quoted on Application.
Tl)a Expreis ii devoted to tbe iutereiti of tbe North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitute* an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching In a thorough and effective manner the population of Nortb Vancouver
Oity ana Diitrict. Every effort ii made to give advertiser: the most satisfactory
service. /
Alt changes in contract advertisements should be ill the printers' hands not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and 5 p. in. Wednesday to ouiure insertion in tho
following iuue.
North Vancouver, B. O Juue Ul, 1813.
Monday, July lit, lllll!, will be u
''rod letter day" iu tbe IiiBtory of the
North .Shore. Tito story of the'progreu
aud development of the Norlb Shore
will Include many specific .i.u, , whieb
will denote epoch making events iu
local annals, but tbe day whieb stands
tor the commemoration of llm begin
i.ing of railway construction on Ibis
lido of tlte inlet will curry witb it
greater significance than any nf ils
competitors, and tbe honors in this in
Blanco will fall to the day and dale
ubove mentioned.
The ii nm,i,i,f, uooil iniulu by Mayur
McNeish.that he has succeeded ig ur
ranging with Messrs. Foley, Welch A
Stewart to bold lbe ceremony of turn
ing the lirst aod ou the I'ueilie Ureal
I'lusleni Hallway at a point in thin
city aa a purt uf tbe programme ,of the
Dominion Duy celebration, conies us
tlie best of goutl news to tlte entire
Tbis of ilself wuuhl be sufficient lu
ensure a celebration of .tremendous
proportiot.a, but when it ia further
slated that l'remier Sir Milliard Mc
Bride bus already declared hia ml en
tion lu be present uml lbat tbere is
a practical certainty, likewise, that
lieutenant (luverttor I'atersuu will
honor Ihe orcusiun with bis presence,
thero is nothing left lo be desired in
order to ensure tu Ibe Nurth Shore
upun that occusiun a moiistcr uml cu
Ihusiastic celebration, such as avMuin
lulls lu lhe lot of any community
The significance of sucb uu e enl to
lhe North Shore ut the present juue
lore is uf the deepest and most fur
reaching nature lu the first place, il
means Ihut North Vancouver uill In'
the objective point of probably*!*
fewer than twenty thousand usitorl
from outside pointa uu that day.
means that tho proceedings uf lhe 'tay
will cuiumaud lhe widesl publicity in
all newspapers un tbe continent ami
throughout the Knglisli speunlng world.
Ilul greater Ihun anything else, or Iiiun
ull else cu.iibiuetl, it means that actual
rullway eutistrucliuii upou Ibe North
Shure will buve commenced and tuul
ihu machinery will be sel tu operation
lo curry int.. effect Ihu declared inlcn
tiuu of l'remier McBride to ereule u
record in ruilwuy building by the rupnl
construction of the line to Furt -Ueorge.
Thai the long expected duy whul
marks lhe beginning of th
ul I hose hopes which have t
fostered  by  ull loyal  friend
lowing learned disserluliun upun the
merits uf litis fruil will "pul us wiie"
us to ils superior food vulue:
"When yuu nil au apple you are
eating malic acid, lhe property thai
makes buttermilk su heulthful. You
arc eating gallic acid, unu of the musl
necessury, elements in human ucun-
umy. Vnn ure filling »ugnr in its .....-.
assimilable form, combined carbon, by
drogon uud oxygen euiight uud itupris
lined Irum the sunshine. You are eat
ing albumen in its must avuilublc
stale. Vou are eating a gum allied lo
lbc 'fragrant medicinal gitiiis of
Aruby.' And you ure ealing phus
phorui in the uuly form iu which it is
available us the suiirce uf ull brum ami
nerve energy, lu addition tu ull these,
yuu are i|rinkiiig lhe purest uf water
and eating the must lieulthfiil fibre
fur llu' rcipiired 'roughness' iu food
elements. The ucids uf the upplo dun
isli the acidity uf the stouiucb and pre
vent uml cure dyspepsia} they drive
uut lhe noxious mutters thut cause skin
eruptions uud thus ure nature's mosl
glorious complexion niukcrs. They nett
i ni 11,-,.' iu tin liluiul the deleterious
elements that poison the brain and
muke it sluggish. Tlie contained phos
{ phoriis is nut only grealer than in uuy
wilier form ui fund but it is presented
.iu u shupe for initneiliule use by tbe
brain and nerves where it may llusli in
lu great thoughts and greal deeds. The
ancients unsigned the upple us the food
for the gods and Ms juice nectar to
which Ihey resorted lo renew Iheir
yuiilli liil u rich, ripe upple eyr?
duy uud yuu have disarmed ull dis
eases of bull' iheir terror."
Sueb uu authentic array of siienlific
facts in favur oL*thc upple is lufUcienl
lu i ouv iu. e the lno.nl skeptical that lbe
with vvlioiu upl'Ics du nut agree is
uotni'il luslruggle lliruugli life undera
handicap indeed, while the lover
uf\pplc.n, win, iuu safely indulge his
appetite in tins reapeel with impunity,
i) .in,,,:,,- lbc nlosl favured of mortals
Wu carry a foil line of  builders'
Op., Phona 488.
Vancouver Business Directory
HIISIlKHHa rOl.l.lniilnH.
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
336 Haitingi St, W.
Canada's Qrastaat Weetsrn School
R. J. Sprott, 11.A,, - -Manager
iin*i. HITATB.
Yorkshire Guarantee ft Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymuur Street
R. Kerr Houlgaie - - - MatiBget
All Nurth Vancuuvir people tat at
Either Flack Block or Haitingi Sl.,
oppoiite the now pint ntlice. Leunurd
■ells bii tea by the pound.
ouicku stops cot/one. cums come.
We have a few cheap lots close
to Secoud Narrowi bridge, alao
some of the Ohispait aud Finest
lou iu Weat Vancouver; aa this
aectlou Is moving rapidly, you will
have to hurry to secure oue or more
of these. Price! from flUU.OU and
up.   Oood tonus
Georgia Real Estate
611 Peuder Bt. W.   Phone Boy  o.i.u
to larger premises 011 Hsplauuda, 10
Don't Forget
tbut when you do papering Ibis
year thai we are still bete with a
fur boiler line ut much belter prices.
Ill Kaplauado Wesl. Phona HU
(nest tu I'liiiu.on  Qoldie A Clurk)
Mllll In
NOTICE Is licrel.j given Ilml III
11,,.,1,1 nl vulu.,ion, to conalder claims
for work uetuully performed uud 11111-
i.it.,1,1 ,-i.1 iio,1 In connection will, llio
culistniclloll uf Ilie Midway A Vol Hull
Hallway will further conalder ull mull
claims lis have 1,,-ell .lulV  tiled .mil Veil
Any cluiini wbicb have .101 alreuUi
lieen su Uied and verified by stululors
declaration   or   olherwlie   should   lie
tiled   Willi   llle   1,1 .1. 1. i,i . ,1    ,'.,;,'.    ile
Tlie Hoiii'il will conalder all elulmi
fui iieiii.il ii ,i,.,i work pel formed
anil .roods ,,',1 miitcrlula supplied In
luiiluii .villi ilie aurveylUK, IocuIIiih
ui -i'i.ni,11., uf ilulii ul wuy between
K.11I. 1'..-. Ii .in,I  Villi,,11
It   F  URF.F.ti
fieeleluty  tot  llle  Boiiid
Address llo.< ill. Victoria, 11   1' '
ever been
s   of   the
Nortn Shore has ul length arrived
should ereale lbe mosl intense entltus
mniii upon the purl 0/ all ritiacne, and
the enlire population should interest
ilself in the most active manner tu do
ull thul is possible lo contribute lo
lbe greatest attainable lucceia for Ibe
un'UBioii A celebration such us tin-
will be tails but very rarely to the lol
nl any community. It is therefore to
be hoped lliul the eiti/cns al large will
be fully alive to its significance and its
importance, ami Uiat tbey will vie with
une another in demonstrating tlieir
li.iiaeiousuoai of tho fad thai Ilny ure
celebrating wbal is virtually lbe birth-
da) nr lbc North tfliutt'iai an indus
triul und commercial centre.
It is worthy of'note that tins vv.M
In the lirsl visit of Lieutenant <Jo',«iro
nr Pal or ion to lbe Norlh Snore mul
that it will alsu be the firsl appeal 'Mini' l'remier McBride al a public film
ium iu lirilisli Columbia since bo re
ceived from tbe King the honor of
Knight Commander of tit. Michael ami
St. Oeorge, each of wlneb will lend
mi,nn,,1,,u interest to tbe occasion.
It ii perhapi a forceful illustration
nf human perversity that ever lines
Adam and Kve sacrificed tbo bliss of
bleu aud lot their progeny in for 10
much (rouble by partaking of tbo for
biddeu fruit, the apple ibould bave
been a prime favorite' witb the race as
an article of food. The probability ii,
however' that the popularity of this
. fruit ii due to ill inherent ex. i-i.-i -
which wbother theoretically  b-n.i,,,„i
or not, neverllu'less exert tbeir mil"
■ ine to the extent that there are vety
few indeed who do not-'enjoy a good
apple, iuch as a Norlbern Spy, for
Jn point of fact, horticulturists wbo.
have scientifically analyzed the const!
tuent elements of the apple tell us that
it ii a wonderful combination of health
aids for ths human body. The fol
I'o those wbu say tbut the 1 una,ban
veriiiueni Annuities Scheme is uf
liiiiilii to ibuse only who euii tuke ad
vantage of it while Ihey are young it
may let pointed uul that the benefit
is eijiiully as great fnr old people. The
following cjaiuple will illustrulc Ibis.
A widow, iii yeurs ul' age, wliu bad
been spending a portion of ber eupital
eaeh yeur (which was deposited in
llm 1'ont Oflice Savings Huni, as well
an lhe inlerest, 'omul to Iter horror
thll she hud Iiiii tl.i'iu left. Mie was
without relatives, uml wH> 'suddenly
realized whul her lute would ullfraati,
Iv be if life were spared lo her for a
few years longer. Hul when Jin; cloud
wus dun ,. 1 Ilie silver lining appeared.
A friend told her nf tlm Canadian
Government Annuities Scheme, and her
feelings muy be imagined when she
was informed lliul ber il,'i'l') would
yield her for the remainder of bel
ile, no luull'r how long she migh!
ive, an income of 1226m a year.
r-'ull information concerning this
great scheme may be bad un application
to Ibo Superintendent of Cauadian
Government Annuities, O'tavvn, I'osl
age free.,
It. W. Scotl, .-. ii, i.u..': ■ 1 126 Um
Inle avenue, hus IrSnsferred lus busi
neal lo Charles Siinms.
Thanking tbe iiti/eiis of North Van
ouver and districl for their liberal
support in Ijic past.
N "11.  -All overdue rcpniri musl  be
ailed  for,
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
aale. Pries per odd cordi, $1.70. Spa
clal quotation! (or larger quantities
Out Wood, 16 UichM, $3.26. IS
♦S.W. c. 0. D.
Office and Yard—14th and Lonidale
Plione 19a    P.O. Box 2432.
mui.-II   v m ni \i:||
kl.    A mli.,.'-    li..1,, 1. ,i„,,    .lurch,
'.el111   11. ,1,1    tViil,,-,,    :,|, nil ,     11 00.
evening, Mo    Adult 1  riuss  Illi
Sunduy Bchool. 2.30 V I'. 8 ti ti Tuea
luy, al I y m I'ru.ei Mi-i-Hnii Wed-
neailai. ul I |, in Choir run lice.
i-'ii'i„, ul I i in ll.v Koiialil Malleoli.
il.it,...li.i   .i.iii.i,    r„i n, i    ol   Hlith
and 81   Oeuiae    i- ,i     Servli.-s, 11.00
ii m and L10 |i lu Siiioli,. tiihoul .nol
Bible li.isl, 1:10 pm Benloi 1.,-uiiu.
Moinluy. i y m Prayer and 1'rulse
Service. Wi-.ln.-siluy. I ., ni Jonlor
In'.tin, Thursday uflernuon ul 3 30
ruator, W  r gchllicher
Enquirers cluss mooti every Wellies
day evening ul & p.m. KlcuiCtitary study
und ipiesliotis. Vou are cordially invil
cd to attend. Hoom Hi. Aberdeen build
iug.   Tlieusiiplneul  free library.       I b
i'lione Fairmont llll'l, Siiupsuu Bros
building movers, -Hi',! 1'iflli Ave Wen',
Vaiicuuver. It. C. Kuijuire Simpson, 1st
bouse cast of Lonsdale, llllh street Ks
tunut. ■ free. 21 6
Aiara1   I kurct
Tiler    Twelfth
am) it,oil. vni,I Sunday Servicea.
Morning Prayer, II am, Sunduy
Seboul 3.30 y m. Kveiilnu Prayer, 7:30
|< 111 Holy t'omulunion, hia! unit third
Sundaya In month, at II
Sunday tu ii.ur.ir.. t .. in
Feu,   M A . Vlcur
.  seen.ul
Salvation Aim, l.oimlule Avenue
Sunduy services. II 00 a in. 3 .,' in and
l.ll y tu Tueaday. Sym. Tliuraday
I y in Chllilieiis Bervlce, W, diosduy
I |i in
alau.l.i I kurek Twelfth uml 81
ulcorJV, Services at II a m and i.3'i
p in :-:li..l.,, Sihool anil |li ol, . I.,...
at 2.10 |. nl'lj'ruyir and Pralae Bervlce,
We.ln.siiuy ar>* ii m Paator. H.-v A
J   liossei. Tweflili uml 81   (ieotue
kl. lokt ttt Kvaamrllii, Klulilli n.il
Thirteenth Holy Pninirionlun, I u m
MornliiK Pruyer, 11 n i, Kveiilnu
Prayer, lilt p in On the il.s. Sunduy
In  the m.'i.th  then, will  U a neon,I
liln.iiloi,   of   llle   Hnly    I 'Ol llllun
al II u ...    Recto., Hev Jluy.li Hooper
»l. F.tmumt't lilkullr < kurek, Slulll
and Mahon Avenue Siinilay IIM
Mass and 8 riiin.il. 10 a in Sunday
School, till) p.m. Itosuiy «nd Benediction. 7:10 p in Friday Low Mass,
lam Pallor, Itev I A licdanl
O. M I
■alias i naoilr ckurek ol kl. Fail's.
Mass, 7:10 a ni, Sundayi Pastor, II.-v
ti  Peylavln, O U. I.
ta.l.il.n    lelsser "Klmberley'
i In-sieitlslil Avenue Ibetween Four-
i.' i.if and I'ifi.'enih nu,in, Sunday
Bervlcei al 11 am Teill.no.iy Meeting, u.dinsdiii. lioe p m
kl. Tkuoias » a m every Sundav
aacepl flnt Sunday It. month lio
a in rlnt Bunday In month. II am,
Matlna, l.liuny knd Sermon, aecond and
fourth Sunday Holy Communion ami
Sermon, Aril and third Sunday^ Vicar,
Rev, T. JS. Rowe.
I have U.unii iBi.Ii und wish tu buj
a Inul.line site loealed as clone in as;
possible   lor   the   lunlli'V     lot   lullnl   be
llll   feel   ol   lliore   III   Width I'    11     Hoi
IM\ Nurlli Vaueouver
m. ant'
Bible PI
I'karck Oundaye,    11
Sunday School and
and 7:10 p m.
1:10 p. m. Teachers' Train
Widritsday,   J.30     Prayer
nu     Weilnemli. v.   8   p ...      Boya'
Tburiday, 7:10 p m    Choir Prac
R. Van Munaler,
Ing ci
Club, Thunday,
tics,  Friday. I p in
l.V AS  V All ...
ktrlkollal Vhwtt— Worship, Sunday!, Jl am. an! 7.00 p.m. Sundav
School, an p.m. Pallor, Rev 1
I'rrsbrlrrlaa Ckerek   Worsblg, Bun
n> t.  11   a, m. abd
■ io".i
1:1$ p.m.
7   p. iii     Sunday
Pallor, Rev. A. Mac
It. VIssMst's, htaa Valley—Matins.
II s m Bunday School 210 pm. Even-
song- 7 00 y m. Holy Communion aeco.nl
Sunday In month at II00 an. Norman
3. Tkonpion In ebar|«.
THE 6TANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspapii of the Dominion
of I'uii,nla It Is i,uil,noil In ull Ha
li nr.n llu. most expensive engrav-
Inu.-i. pi,,i iiiui.; in, |,iu,t>iurapliu from
nil over ilu   wot III
lis uuii lea an , .in fully aelecled and
lis "In,,n,il polo y la ihut uughly
ind.in iiduii
A aubscrlptlun to Tbe Standard
ousts $2.00 par year to uny uddress It.
Canada ti ileal llrliulu.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreel Stendsrd Publishing Cs.,
Limited, Publiihsra.
In all Countries Ask for our liivetl-
lor'i Adviser Matlon A Marlon, 361
University Blreel. corner Bt Catherine
Street, Montreal. Canada, ami Wush
Ington, D. ti.. II. S A,
Our Shipment of Prosser
Racquets ii Here
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Don't Take Chances!
Business men and business bouses
are usually Judged by the printed mat
ter they send out,
Can you afford to tako chances with
your pi'littlug wheu good work In tbia
Hue costs littlo, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
Flnt  Street  East,   North  Vancouver
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RatI'S: -$2.00 per day up.    Speciul
rales to families and lo regular buardtrs.
begs lo announce that he will
At Terminus oi Capilano Car Line
immediately.   1*1 us have your listings of Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for-only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months. ,
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     v.o.btum  nmin     NORTH VANCOUVER
IE BANK OF      1912
76 lYoars In Business.   Capital and Rosoivo Over $7,500,000.
When your Suvingi Account roaclioi a rcaaoiialilc niiiouiit tho lutorost bogiuii
to toll. Ono workman, who bail ■■• few liumlrcil ilullura on ili,<|ioiit, suiil Unit
tint Interest loomed liko rocoiving an extra week's, pity each year. Thoy all
lunl to niinl on,'.' I,ono iiii lime iii mulling your initial ili'poitit. Ouo Hollar
Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
live roomed house, laige roomt, modern,
and Iwo roomed cabin rented, standing on
double corner, 100 feel by 140 feel, Junes
and Sixteenth Slreei, faring park. Price
$6,600;   cash  $1,600, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Yancouver
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
You have the advantage of oui Expo.lcnco   in   Watcli   and   Jvwoliy
It >; I).. 111 j j K    Our engraving cannot be beaten on tlio coa.it.
Watch and Jewelry Work.  Diamond Sotting., Engraving.
Jeweler and Optician 106 Second Street
of mi, WELLINGTON COAL will convince you
il .il il is lbe besl domestic Coal mi lbc maikel.
ll bums freely, leaving .■ very small pcuenlage
uf ash and no clinkers.
I elephone the
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
I'bone. No. 4Br
l  UM    Vl.lll'l.   Iil.llli .
; .limrllnil   u»   11
] llllnsli-l
| Tlili. Iiolki, wu
„li tt,,' Klh il.,.
Ill,,illol uill In
Ho    V..,1,1   )|,,„ i
N. n    Wm
f M.i.i I'.U
I. I   nl   ,S. vv
; MAime
Copviiioh i a Ac.
AiiriinciriiJliiu . skfllrli Hint flnctlnllun wsj
qtllfHIr nj'n'lli.lti i -if in-,i ' li tin, V ,"ur tli
nTotiMiiti Ii probafilf rnicnliiliip   Cnimunlr.,
I'l, 11
lo nt■• oioi
I'L,  .„.
Mil),, OI
li.H,,, I,
i t-y ir.M.i'i \
VA.M'i.l vim
'   ii..
11    U 11ST
I,.10    li, ll
M-nilMMiltli   nr.li nl .1
I i.ii I'alcnLa
lonl frsi. l/lilrit »nnnrj lor ipeurnitf pucntl.
I'Mniti lUrn turnout) Wuiin A I.o. rocftlvi
ipirlul notfii, without ctonuo, to tiie
Scientific Mcaii
A l,»i,ii,,inf.ir iiiuiiiiuni wHktr-   I.'-.1 •■ otr-
mlioinn of ui/ irlrnlllti' Juumsl.   Irnni ror
Inim-M. t!IT t ,tnt, IKHUuJf liffj-.u I    loll] bt
all ■ ,, i. - ,,
u 111 n M ii< i
I'or li I In i,
,\ii'i ii'i-: i- i,.ru,,
.Vluui, louiu     , rAv.s
I     ,l|,|,|., I" I        „       I.f       ,..- I,
IflKi-  ii„,l   I >,-  Unit-,
iih, i,   lliul   Tin
V.IIOOUV, i     ,v ill
I.ill,, .unl 'um   Hl'i
vv V ll ll   MUM I,
I'or a   Ilium,    It,   lnl,,   ,,„,!   I .,    Vlrtlri
Ni/Jll'til   In   lionli)   given   lliul
Monl, l|,„lli.v  ut  Well   Vuiivnovfi
iil'l'Lv  fur*a  llcenae  to  lake  niol   ..
lott ml* fi-i-t per second „f will, i oui
of Creek which flows In u north
westerly iiiu, n,,n ih,ounl, li I. din
mid -ii .-ii.- Into i:,,kI.- Harbor In
llovvc Round Tlio water will I.o ill
v. ilml near tlio liiiiilii, mul will tic used
fm- municipal purpoiei on llu lnml
described in Tin- Munlelpiillly of West
Vancouver ,
Thin notice w.i" pulled on Ilie giuiiild
on lite If.lh day of Moy, lt)2    Tlie   '
pin ili uui
the V'lilei
llle Water necordei- ul New Wcsty
Objections   may   be   tiled   will/
auld Water liccoidet' or wllh Hie
Imller   of   Water   itlphli,   ruibiniiioi
BultdlriK*.  Vlclorlu. B   Cl        /
' llbh I, i-l pi i -, , ulol "I vv.,1, I iilll ul
i'i i ill ,v 1,1, Ii It, vv.i in o ni,illli
i.iKlul. .III. i lion linootl, I' I. Ilni
S W, 1' ,ii,,i um ih . Int.. Kuiile Il.n
luu III llm . Soim.l     I In  v\uin will I.,
'ill', ll. .1          I ',,       Ilni,.   .,,0,1     ,i|||    l„
It,.,,I     fol     Ml,,,l, l|,„)     |,ii||.isis    oil     llu
lulni   ll.lilii,,,!   HU   Till-   MuillllplllllJ   ol
Weal Vim.,uv, i
Thin coin iv..,< |oi»iiil on Ho aioulol
i.n II,, tilll, .1,11 of M.i,, UU The up
|i||,,ii,,,i will be IIIkI In Ihe "lliu of
Ho Willi I II, "I'l, I 111 tie* Wi ml Ililli
Hii I
i,I,j,, ion,! hod be liltil Mtli it,,- snld
U.mi   llei.iiilii   oi   nin,   tho  romp
I,oil. I     of    Willi!      lllklilH,     I',II 11,,0,1-1,
illlllllOKn     VI, I  Oil,     i)     I'
•illi: Nl'Nti'AI'TI.ITV uk wkmT
Anuiia McAltitrr,  Agenl
VI 1
)i 1
JLitniiin,   /iHi'jit
"AMI!   Mem |
I   "■     I    I  I, . „«.     |0    Mt      o,     I'm     "'"'I-
Wal.r   I
NOTICK  l»   hereby
Muiihliiulliy  of Well,
uti|ilv for ii Itccnso to
Twelve   Thuuaand
from f're
Ilia In u N. Vi dire
Inlo Howe Hound. tW' Kuiile 1
Tin! waler will br^Borcd In a frier
voir of 223,000,000 ifMont capacity, built
or lo he built ut aW lake, and will be
""oil for iMoiil,-ipiJjBurpiiiei aa authorized by Water IW"! No  Water
License No. ..'. m under a notice of
application fdr jBloanSi to ttki and
veil thai The
.. ancouver will
ore or pen hack
•feet of water
a atretim lloW-
o am)  -'.iui:
Kuiili- It-lit
WATHH Mllll l-i
For t l.lernie  In Store  or 1'ru  Hark
NOTICK l» hereby alvcn thul The
Munklpullly of Well Vulieouver Will
upply for ,i llcenui' to Mlore ur pen
buell Hi'Vinlj llv. mro-feet of water
from.- i.'inli. a alream How
Ilia In ii aoulh eaalerly dlteclloli ufld
einplyliia Into Howe Hound neur i .,,.1,
Hull.,,i    The water will  he sloluil Iti il
reservoir ■■» Jv.oxio.ooo kuIIomh capacity, hulll or lu he 1,0111 nt tht, |„|,Pi
und will he need for municipal pur-
lumen 11.1 uulhoilMd hy Water llerutd
No      water l.lceme Nu.   ..  ,'1 ur
under u nolice of application fur a II-
Celine lo lake und uie wuler. pulled
herewith, on Ihe lund deacrlbed ui I)
1,   HU. New Weal minster.
Thll notice WUS poslcd nil IIioiiiuuiiiI
on lhe 121b dnv of Muy. lil'l 'Hie np-
i-ll' ..Iii.ii will be 1,1ml In Hie oflice of
the W'Mcr itecoider ul New Wciltuln-
illijeclliiin muy In* Med wllh llu, mild
Water Itei order 01 will, Iho TJuitip-
(roller of Wuler Mains, rarllament
llull.lluun   Vi,imiu. 11  C
Angui McAllilir, Agent
District Council
Correspondence lakes Up Nearly Wliolo
8 anion
Uat evonitig iu tlio muiiici|ial nan,
liyiiti Valloy, lleeve May pfoiiiled over
tlio quartotte ui couucillora that 10
aiuootbly and inccciifully couduct tbe
buiinon of tbo important municipality
of Nortb Vaueouver. Tbo soialou wai
only noted for ita corrcipottucuce,
wbicb again, witb ouo or two excep
tioiiH, was only notod (ot ita bull:
iiten. Tbo iriiiiii uppli.nthiis' lor
roBiln uml water connecuona wnre hoard
end turned over to their roipoctivo
One of tbu etcoptiuni to Ibo above
wai the coinmuuicBlioii from tbo Uur
rar<l Inlet Tunnel ami llrulgi.. (,'iunpuny
which appeared in llic city oouncll
proceedings. Tliia letter vvokod u
wunn ii,u -ii.ii .iiiiini! the -.'Olliiri'loln
and drew s lengthy report trout tbe
roove on tbo I »,i ineeling it" attemlcl
ul tbo I uaril uf director!. H'1 reported
that be lunl interviewed Mr. McNeil,
who utiilcd einpl.utica"y that nil ob
ataclea were not removed, ai be bad
mil aiguetl over tbo site of lbc bridge
lo the new company, tlor wu» he willing
tc to do 011 the poraonal requimt oi
Mr. McNaught. He had aaked Mr.
McNaught to huve 11 roaolillon passed
by hn company lo Ihe effect tbut thii
vu» purely a mutikiral uuiertAbing,
end lliul Ibey desired tin V. Vi. *. V.
to ii.-nen the ill^i of the bridge lo Ibe
b. I. 'I', i 11. I'o. uud ho wouhl iluu
Willingly llu '0 The reeve Htalcil in
reply to queationa thut the Idler under
diacusaiou wai not uullioritative
from the Company, onlv a atatomont by
the iccrctnry, and" 10 far an Ihittgii
trauapired ul the lual mcottug of the
lioanl, n wan a corrcit atntenteut at
the letter informed the council lbat
lufJIcicul money waa .0 aigl t lor pro
grciui impit Ing uo more 'van required
ut preaenl, when il nil, ,u Ihereeve'i
opinion, .mi 1 ion., tbat more mono)
nhoulil  be railed at  ouce.   The couu
I concurred in tbia fully uml paakod
reaolulioti   tliuiiking   the   reeve  anil
esprcaiing dmippruvai with preient
bridge uiulliTH. Tho reeve declared
in putting the queation lhal v.j mui!
ihuiige our lactica and ceaie crying
"Bridge when there waa tin hridge."
II waa derided that lbe requeal of
the Vuncuuver Autuinobile Club lo h 1 ve
the I'apilanu road apiinkled 011 Monday
neat when it waa oipected al lean
Ihtl union* woii'il traverse H, ',e
granted, and it waa lift lo Iho eu
gineer to carry out, An ,1'aiion
waa alao extended to the eoutnil lo
t'urluke oi lutiebcoti at tho .Su.nj.i i-nivii
ini, 01, that day wi'l lbe club on I
iin wntora, the iou„,'I pre tiling ila
own i-onveyance. The Iiii'l lialv.li of
aulua wuuld leuve lbe lerry wharf
i.l,uut  111 u'cluck.
Su min luinpluitila regarding the
furthcoming mouey bylawa cauo from
llu 1 mi Capilauo Kutepayern' Aaaunu
lmii, bul Ihcae were received and tiled
1110I nulive given that on Tburiday,
.'olv lib, ul 7.'in u'clock lliere would be
un open meeting uf Ihe iuuui-il to
plum theae I -.l.i.'.n and lor diaruiaiou
I'lie   above   !,„,,,,ul mo   alao   aaae
lot further improveuieuti uu < a|o!uuu
I.  bul   il   waa titaliil  lhal   aullnug
mure cuubl be done 011 thul road with
ut government uiaialance aa it  waa a
noli reiidenl roud.
A Idler frum the l.ynn > alley Kale
paycra' Aaaui'iution wua read and llu
riijiH'Kla llicrein grunir,!
A cuuiplalul vaa received from Kire
' Inol Kti'iiung of Nurtli l.iiiuolulc ion
liming the lire hoae having h'cn tak
en out of liouae, uaed and not return
ul Council regrttted Una unl 'vtl1 ii
o.ligate and inform diatrict workmci
to avoid Una in future
l.'uder ' motion! Cuuu. lir dginaii
moved lhal ua Ihe achool uualcca had
,1.1 reaaeil tie amount ot hi1,oul b,vlav,
,0 I6D,IP)I) Without g'Vllig ilcf'ila of
nutne. it be r-'ferred tu clerk 10 'on
null ni-huul board ufld refer bjek '0
t'oin., Weslovcr moved thai elerl
wrilo lo Hon P. I,. Carter Coll on ul.
1 ig fur ni/oriinliniu re 'lie govorauietil .„
i,ii,iiiii reveriiun on aubdivldlrg
whn! 11 1 oiiiiniHiioii bai been probing
and for whoic deriaiou all are wailing,
i.oial men being given iirrlortnie
in contract work aud location of lauu
driea were alio diicuaaed.
The uiual report! Hoard of Worki,
Wai ei worki, Kngiueeii' I'laui aud
tlerk'i wore read and paued in tuin
Oue lender wai lei, tbat for road
through No. II Hquamiuli rciervi, lbc
luceeiiful lend,,nr» being Mem . I'ol
loiitii and I'ull, aud tbe aumuu' being
♦ uuii :n
There wai a dotnaml frum the unit
eri of tine mine! at tbe bead of tbe
well fork of Lynn Creot f..r the chip
veraion of tbe l.ynn Valley Iral lo a
wagon road «o tbat maebiucry for re
'iinlliiii worka and power 1 lap's- could
be got in. Tbe ownera tutended, ae
1 erding to tboir loiter, to vrud a large
amount of money on tbo development
ou Hn fi- propertici, and bad 1 rurc<l
thc irorrivc of the provincial guirftu
luiiil for a road ai far soulb ai the
municipal Eioundarici. Tho roxKil oo-
iilrd lo wait /or moro infoimaticti a,
to lbe amount io be expended before
maki 'g any definite promise of a road.
Ferry Directors
Tbe regular ineeting uf the buard of
ferry ilireiiora took place at tbo company's ollicca yesterday afternoon, Mr.
W. C. (Iludwiii preitditig in the ah
aouco of tho mayor,
A letter uutaiiutod from tho Provincial I'ulicc Department referring to
Ihu board >» application tbat tbu mates
of ferry boats be appointed special
constables, and stating that after consideration tho department considered
that the practice of delegating police
powers in the manner suggested would
not bo iu accordance, with the police
regulations. There should not be inueb
difficulty in liim,Ilmi: oll'eiiiliiig passengers ami handing tbem uver lu tbo
cily pnlice authorities on either side.
Mr. II. c. Wright favored pushing
the mutter ahead, but it was decided
to luy the utatler over until lbc return
of lbe mayor, whu wuh Inking the mat
lor up iu Victoria.
The secretary read a loiter from Mr
I). It. Young, who, us a resident, ile
Hired to mako a few suggestiutiH for
the consideration of lhe huurd. The
writer dwell upun llic building of the
Heeoml Narrows bridge in the near
future uu.I the turning of Ihe lirst sod
oi .the I'uciiic Ureal Kusleru railroad.
In view of these fucts, lhe writer
urged the buard lu diiuhle lbe ferry
service "uml sec huw quickly you will
double uud treble the population oi
Nortli Vninouver." Then ever) ruil
road would get busy liinling a wuy tu
gel to llic Nurlh Shore. This would
alsn iluuble the price uf real estate
ivillnii a your . Mr. Yuung uffered, ii
lbe buiiril desired, tu bring forward a
liiousjiiiil people lliruugli hia own 111
slruuicutulitv who were cuiupluining
L'outinuously of llio inadequate service.
The wuler reiterated the advice,
"Double v/our lorry service." Mr.
Young further suggested the inline
dtale < onsirui liun oi 11 foolhridge over
llic 1 I' II Ira. In. The vvriler de
scribed hiiii.ncll ua a newcomer wbu had
bi-'ii in liim uiv three nionlha, had
cniiie io sttty uud wished to do ull he
coul,I lo build up whul would suott be
collie 11 gigaulo uiv. The board de
elded Ihul lhe Idler should be llled
and lhe writer replied  In.
Mr II 1' Wriglil mude reference to
tho previous night'h session of lhe
lonil buard of trade, during which Ihu
question nl un express 'business bring
mu parcels over tin- inlel was dii
iiisned. Um- Bpeaker had complained
ol In mu 'burg.',! }_',',i) for 11 siniili
panel, wlmh waa admittedly rnlicu
Ions    Th,   ,-liuiiniaii had ileclurod Ihul
this  11,1111, r  hat   1 11  Held   up  bv   lh(
ferry eotnpuiiv, lo which opinion Mr
Wriglil look en opl iuu. The hoard
hud I,fen lmii,III;, advised by Mr.
llunl., lu have nothing h, iu with the
matter,  und   tin-  buard  of  Hade   bad
1 11   apprised,   bolli   verbally   and   hy
Idler, ol  Hun Imt.   Tlie ferry board,
I    Mr    Wlllllll,   Wlln   dinirullH   ut   ull
limes uud tiiiiioua to cuiiperute with
ther public hodieH iiiiiI never vvialieil
0   hamper   any   scheme   hciictlcial   lu
itreet end, tbe opinion being expreued
tuat ftlTTrnTttlirWrr aMaUrtJ&ortOT
long delayed. Mr. Wright and Mr.
Boult will alao form a delegation to
wait upon the council in tills connection,
Humor in Council Business
North  Lonsdale  Batepayors  Associa
tloa'g Beuuoet Accoodod to
Homo tliuo ago tbu North Lonsdale
ilatopayen' Aeaociatiou sent written
-,,moI,uniil of engineering worl; iu its
district which complaints were itttcmlod
tu iu duo course by thu council, List
ilight, huwever, another epistle '.'i'lui'-
atod front the iame source, stilting
tbat tho eipluiiniloon fuml I'oiiiicilolr
l.outct wuro not satisfactory, and unl,
ing that a com 11111tt'n of the council
he appointed tu meet tbe association
tud be conducted over Ihe gruuud when
tbu defect! of the engineering depart
ment will bu pointed out.
lu dealing with this document It was
regularly movod uud seconded and cur
ried uiiuuimuiialy tbat Councillor .Dull
let bu thia committee aud lliut he meet
the association neit Hunduy morning
al tl a.m.
niiniiti •- < oinprining rapt 1 ulea
uul Mr Vi I. lloull. reported thul
tin v had < uiiaiilted' with Hn- 1 ily nol 11
ilm in regard to the proposed leaning
ol freight handling privileges, and
Mr Kent considered tint project pel
i.-i Ily feasible An tigrcciiii nl i- tieing
drafted  l.v   the solicitor
Th,- hoard decided Hint Hie uiv
council should be iiiuiii-.tial'clv written
to regurding the whereabouts ol the
1 town  grunt   ol   Hie  Lousdale uvciiuelmotber.
PRIZE FOB A 81,00AN       •.
New Westminster, June 111).—One
liumlrcil dollurs has been offered by lhe
1'rogressivc AHsociutioii of tbe city lor
the best slogan tu be adopted us the
uiutto fur the banner uf progress that
has been raised here. A second pn/.e
of (fin will Bhto bo given. The rules
uf tbe competition are very simple.
All sloguua tiiUBl be seul In the secretary of the association by September
IH. To win they muat be ahorl ami
snappy and have a good lilt lo litem.
They muit also include either the words
New   Westminster or Fraier.
New Weitmimter ou Ihe hroud
Fraser river alma ut being lhe grcutesi
freshwater purl on Hie I'acilic t'oast
and tho chief opening to the western
spool for Ihe prairie's grain; once the
I'unuina canal is open. Willi thut end
in view, big sums uio being spent on
liarbur development. AJI lual year
Mr. l'owoll, au American engineer of
international repute, was drawing up
Inns for Iho harbor, and the city is
just abuut lo pass lhe lirst installment
of half a million dollars (u be spent on
improving lbe waterfront in uulicipa
lion of llic opening of lhe cunal. The
I j,uuii,1,,I, governmeut hus ulsu started
011 the three uml a half million dollur
work, which they have planned to nu
prove tbe river ebknuel all the way up
the short fifteen milea from the run
to thll cily.
A Made-in-Canada
Do uot use Liquid Biilpkur until
you read tho booklet. Do uot
accept the buttle without it con
tains tbo booklet and medicine
Sulphuo olfora in liquid form greatest hiuiiileiiii genu doitroyor known.
Moat convincing letters ovor printed
toll of wonderful euros of Cockrau'i
Sulphur Compound.
Poison Settlesin the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rheumatism, and stomach
troubles develope. Sulphuo
is a form of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
mc i.i tin
pruv ing Ine greal modi
The new l.npiid Compound uf Hul
pbur is proi coding entirely on it) own
rei ord ol' cures, nnd done who write
lilin.- oi praise tut Hulpliuu lo I.   V
K.llnoiols,  ll   ('.,  will
lu  lull,   with others
and   relate   |-;,    tnoiil
Ibeir euri'.n
iilphur    Springs    Collage,
Iiln,I. luilcud,
' uie afflicted
he   alorv   of
A lecture on the ubove subject will
he delivered 111 the K J' Hull on
Fourth itreet on Tliursduy, llilh June,
at X u'cluck The lecture will be
lustratcd by slides frum genuine po
lures, ihowjug the customs und hubils
of the peuplu Weupons ami cunus
will be ihowu. A hymn will he sung
in lhe Zulu language The lecturer
has   lived   and   worked   aiming   those
I pie aud will speak of things as he
knows thein tu be Admission _'o cent
ami I'l centi U.'i ti
'What is homo wiliiuut u tuutberl"
wus a song much 111 vogue u liulf con
ury ago. While it is no longer popu
lur,  lhe leulimeul il  ruutains  ia un
ying;   homo   ii   not    homo   without
ll   In sule  lo na.v
or deluged  with
proi iutive letters a
III   Iho   c-lllplnin   o||
Inn III I   tlllnc   ll.
lliiil in, iiiucd)  waa
such 11 ll I oi up
s has been rceeiveil
1 en       I July    u   -lllllll
in I,cell unon  111 Ihi
space "being   mude
Before buying lhal new Suil, call and inspect our
range of new samples. They comprise all thai is new
in clothing. Wc guarantee the fit, workmanship and
quality of material.    Satisfaction or money refunded.
Shirts & Collari
110 Second St., East.
uih I rouble.
goitre and 1
yielded   by    III
amis    iolore    Mi
rheumatism   him
after   Sulphuo   In
perilli'illi' llic ny
desired renlllls I
booklet    ion 00iplit
Sulphuo nnd toll
the Idler
ill   di
disorders, slum
niascs.    tliabeles,
lililn I urns have
ids even Cuius
1      .No    CUso    ut
kuown lo last
id   u   1 hatice   lu
Tu obtain ibe
must   study   Ibe
i'lllll   I lo   uf
lirei'liuni  lo
Dame Nature 'a Own Uoiuody
'oliiliioii   sense   in  tin   I
phllo'n Slicees..  f
own gi'rjiin ide ;
phuu   cleanses  t
lies  11101   givis   Ho
build    up   nnd    11
purls The poison
due in llll problll
sewerage. Ka- spre
body Illol milled ll
ol   lhe   nil,,, lure
r Hul
liiiinc Nalure'i
iiifcdatil Hul
Iiiii ot iiupuri
liliHul a chiinre In
ion- the affected
hi your system,
lily tu improper
I lliriiughoul lha
the weaken pari
Thai in 1 aunts for louiililii, 1 unl 111
uully iip-i-t stomach, breaking nut ot
lbe skin iu pimples, nr mure aeriuui
eruptions and it multiplicity of inter
nul disorders. The bouklcl will show
you why uud how n Ihnruugh cleani
nig must be given the lyilem.
Sulphuo is l,c, inning more ind mure
a  necessity in every household
For Sale by All Dtugglata, loi. 60c,
10 or. $1,110, or Bend Direct to
Houd  for a Free Uooklid Tbat Telli
All   Aboul   I'uckrani's   Djieovery
nnd llm', titi'd Why  ll iirings
Hack lb.'Tlh and Strength.
Kulphuu In nol mid ii> agrali from
in.os.- 10 ton,", fan be kit at tin's
alnrea only or al .itu jToOr llrMI
DRUG 00.
312 Water St.,   Vimcouver
To Contractors
Tenders will be received up to 10
a.m., Monday, June 24th, for clearing
part of District Lots 552 and 266,
North Vancouver, containing one hundred acres, more or less.
Full particulars and specifications lo
be obtained on application at the Lonsdale Estate Oflice, 526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Telephone Seymour 2835
We invite all those who intend building a new home
to call and iee our display of doors which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment   of   the   latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Get a "Prosperity" Edition of the "Express"
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
rkim ». P.O. ii,,. tra
We Study Printing
We make a fealuie of preparing printing llial is profilable to
our patrons.
We study type fares and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a jiuge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Carden-Badgley Recital
A musical ami literary radial ot
ilium' than ordinary merit was givon in
thu Pythian I'uutlu Hall on Weihioailay
ovening liy a trio of lailiua comprising
Miss ll.-li-n Huilgluy, elocutionist; Miaa
Winifruil Harden, pianist, ami Miss
Hura'liuinoii, contralto vocaiiat, Union
llmlgloy was no atrangor to a North
Vancouvor aiulionco, hor a|ilninliil mini
icry, hor quint liumiir uml iuir nurtioal,
ilitlivory nl' surious worka luting ulruaily
ai'knowloilgiul facia ou lliia alioru uf
llm Ini'l On Woilnuailay iivtiuing Un1
iniinilttlilii Iiiiinii— if alto will |iurilun
lltu |iti',niiiii|ilinii conlriliuliiil to a gnu-
orally caculleiil |irogruui auvoral ilottia
of varied m.il > Tliu Ural was a rig
tuitriilii nf iliiiiglilful inni-.. mu rlatorin
tiyii of a iiniiil'i'iir tliutilricul Huani, llic
scene o|ii'iiing iu llm green room 11 u.l
,ln,ii,i' in thc "wings," whuru a uuin
licr of iliffcrcnl voices liru murmuring
hypocritical congratulations, The pro
grcaa of Ihu play, which was remark
lililn I'or tunny IiiiIciiiih liluuilara tuni
utiroltaarsoil situations, -licpl Mis*
Ilinlgley's listeners iu a perpetual slute
nf giggle until the liuie came lo <lc
iiinii'l un encore. Tlicu followflil one
of the evening's in-ill. a remarkably
clovor iiiipnraoualioii of a aiiiull, iiilur
eating i'lu hi describing Ihu chief char
acturialica of the Mun cow. Litter Miaa
lliulgluy treiitcil' Kipling'a alirriug
poem, "Kii.nl ami Weal," In aploniliil
fualniin, uiul Inter atill contriliutcil two
.nlinlica or "iTcalliina," aa ahe pru
ferrcil to term liiein   tu ilialocl,   Thu
iimt  waa French Canadian, n line pn	
of character work. Thu si'innd waa
not ao aucnuaaful, lielng lalielluil t'ock
ni-y without uny dialectal claim to tlia
tortu Miaa lladglcy'a t'oikney, if tn
waa rcully originally liorn within the
licurnig uf the Mow Hells, uiual have
lieen i-impiim lung since curly youth
in order lu intermingle auch a Wyuin
ing inni,;- vsilli Ins uallvc language
The 11,mini,' iluln mm Arnold's llesur
ruitiuu, tm inspired paraphraau of Mury
Magdalene's slury ns luld In Ini
friends un Hie lirsl Kuater Uny. Thia
waa liiiclv delivered tu au Ucciinipain
menl nl umy. niiinrul, effective gca
lurea,   wlmh   were   eloquent   of   Mian
Hadgley'a careful Iruiinng as t Imu
iiiiin.nl .she ia a veraattlc, atlractivc
expoiieul ul Iter arl, and her listeners
on Wednesday lllglll dulllilless hope
Ilinl alic mil mil consider the dlllleti
sinus nl lliul purtniilar audieine an
lyptcal of lliin nly Appuiitiily Norlh
Vancouver dnca nut turn mil In u good
i olliurl i.ln ii Ji lliutlilcr deluge m
Miss   Winifred   < urdi n   is   n   young
Ij..1 v   gltteil   in   ll   ditlcniil   ilfjiurlllielll
ul   llll      An  ii   |iiulii;il   she  la a   blome
Ulld    mini    lliullllllnt       ill       the       I'uylll
Aui'iiiiii ul' Milan, and In demonstrate
her ilium tu these dishmturns ahe ion
Irilniiul in Wuliienday tuning's pru
niiim ii number iif , l-mmuil reii'leruigs
A nilopsal ainoonl ul tnagiiili. enl tnus
l.ul Illi lliluri' 1.1 I,ecu ivlilleli Ini lite
piatni, Imt only une liflli ut Hits library
is siiiled In  M  work    'I In  remain
iuu   I,ui lilll,-    should    In     larefully
lbe   lllllal
VI ty   in
i liaml.er
lie pit
l.,„ free
in   lliul
I l.n iiiiistant in
ttnitn, in tin- slodio, and jusl
uiMiiiiully inlrudiii id inlu u
I'uniitl Fut ii recital like
day inghl s Miss ' mlu. in
Ici-lly llulil,. chose her Hi lus
ly  Imiii Iho fuur fifths    Tin  -
IS   offered    III    tin'   kllnlln-l    n|,
she iiiiuM pn,lilal,ly sliiily Ihe pru
grams uf tin gnat reulaltala ul lhe
day and reluriu Inr uwti programs in
iiirdliigly. Miss I'srden's playing in
I,iiluiiil ol' .id,■inliil promise. Al pres
enl her achievements arc lim- technical
successes, Ilie rcsiill  uf hard, prrse.er
Iiig, lllleri'slcl  study      Mn   la  ull  H  pel
frilly friendly fiAling willi ll" key
hoard, hut lhal friendliness has still
lo develop inlo intimacy. Her Ireal
iinini nl l.is/t ■ Rhapsodic llungrolic
Nu II was forceful and hrilliaul, hei
remlcriiig uf t'liupiu's Polonaise in It
Hal i|ii11u irreproachable in,in u lech
meal standpoint, hit interpretation of
the Mchulierl Tausig Mui, In Mililane
puwcrful and uccaaloually nriheslral,
hul seldom perfcrlly coundenl The
West, however, has leasun tu In' proud
of a pianist of Miss I'ardcii'a alillily
llefore her, undoubtedly, lies a vury en
viable future, ahould her splendid lech
meal training hear lhe Tiuils lhal are
now blossoming In lhe musl promising
fashion.   Mn' rtu/ently made Hie lirst uf
il can he safely pruphc. led muny
successful  appearances
The concert was fuillnr enhanced
l.y lhe presence uf Mias Kurt  [.eeaon,
iY cuiitraUii singer of jjreal liharw.
Tusti's "lluini-bye" waa very beautifully ii'inli'ii'ii, while for lhat wull
known Hcolch sung, ' Angus Miicloii
Shi," Mias Iiuoson was heartily cn
coroil. Her items wnre woleiimu nnca
Unl would havu coitaiitly I'vokud on-
Ihuaiaaiu from a erowdinl hottsu. It ia
difficult, howovor, fur any iirlisto to
itithuao a ooniparalivuly small audi
men, ami taking this fuel as n biim-i
nf urgumunt, thu appluuau v.hich sWuil
iiosday ovuiiiug's usauntlily boalowcd
upon iin threo tulonloil Indies most
plainly proved Ihul thu concur! wus
i<u ciijoyoil tiuu from slurl to lluisli.
K inn Huni nu V Flrat Belgliiug Monarch
To Visit Faiiious English
Boat   llilec.l
Pur Ihu lirst limo since ils ineep
tiuu llntiley llegalta will Ihis yeur lm
nailed by a reigning monarch, Tho
hiu].1 ami Queen will gu un lhe liml
day iHalttrilay, duly fl), au ua lu wil
lions thu llnul heals uf thu various con
teala, und it is Impel lliut the Ijlleen
will distribute Iho prizes.
Tho racing sliuiild he exceptionally
Interesting, filr several uf the eruwa
fur tlm Olympic Kcgulla will compete
al  Henley belore leaving for Hwcdcn
I'he French uml I'aiiiuliuii eights arc
likely tu bo seen iu thu Urunil, uml tin'
New Mouth Wales crew hope lo got
their entry accepted for Iho alilllc
ul.   Holh lhe Kngliali Olympic crews
l.cundor uml  New  I'ollcgu  (Osfurilj
ru likely1 lu row lor Hie (Irund,
'heir MllJCBllca will gu down llu
i, i .iii., course in Hie faiiious obi slute
barge, which waa liuill by Willium III
lur lua Consort Mury in lllllll, ami In
nuw berlhcd nl Virginiu Water In
apilo ul ila antiquity >l la still u witter
lighl, serviceable lnml ll ia uliuul
111 foet lung, built uu Hie Inns nl llllli li
iiiiiiiI stale barges, heavy, highly mini
tiu-iili'il ami canopied. On Hie alern
ia the royal coat of anus, ami the cut
ven lilies of Prance, quartered with
llic linns ul' Koghiinl, arc purl nl its
decoration Its Iimt appearance in
public was tit Klon, in -lune, Hull, wilh
the lale King   Kdwiird   VII  uml t^u	
Tlie lilugc is In lm lliuruiiglily uur
hauled and redecorated. The scheme
uf illlor is lo be red uml gold re,| be
mg lhe lulor even of lhe oars.
Tlie King's bargeinasler will be in
iharge uf llu ilull wilh eight oarsmen
under his direction The slute livery
nf the bargemen consists ut n lunp
■uuii I i uul made ury ample below
Hiu vvaisl. Prum Hie high collar lo the
waist extend Iwu rows ut gold bulluiis,
hearing Hie royal cypher, mul the spine
between theae is ulluunl filled Willi 11
liiild outstanding design, cimipusi d ul
the  royal  arms,   biiiked   by   I In-   ruse,
-Lllllilii, k   liml   llllslle,   Willi   llu    tellers
IJ"   und   "II"   -iiiiii,mull-!   by   lin
In lalli, uml in ovory ease, tho lalkura
have boon men. Mnro than 0|U8 old
country wiunuii havu houn asked to toll
of witchcraft, hut havu rupliod that
It wuulil do no gond to anybody to ilis'
miss such things. Pour is tho mother
Of Ihis lilonco,
A ilulighlfiil old country parson, who
did his liosl to roinovu thu boliof in
'' win.; foil. " i imi waa rampunt through
out his scattered Pual Aitgliutl parish,
tliuil aiiiblonly sltnrlly after oun Mid
aiiiiiiucr duly. Quite wull ut lunch linm,
llu wus ilcinl,' frnm perfectly nutu
cattaes, liet'iire Iho evening, anil thu
uiT'ecl uf this upun hia aimplo purish
unlets wus   i.iiitiii,-
Thuy wuulil mil express thomaulvoa
lu a visitor, who, in thoir Itiugiuige,
wus il ' I'lilliui'l," lull Ihey allrilitiluil
thu iliiiili uf Iheir vvurlhy mui ilevut
pastor to lhe powers his uiibollnf uiul
A jiiilllicv by Ilium h-ia suggestive, III
niiiin ul I, |i|ousiiro tup, bul nu such
ai'iiliuieiiln grip the mind of llic
tinveller by launch between Duma uud
Miiinili, in, Hm l'lingo, I'or lhe further
tlm lillle iinll proceeds Hie iiiiini the
mor bunas cottlriicl, the atrotigur uml
mure Ireueheruiia bucimies i m inrt^t
Wiiliin Hn,,' hours ul Miiludi Hie
Inllle begins iu reul oumest, the
lugiiiu wuti'is llirow Hieiiis-diea uguinsl
ll e i.lrl.y buull unly lu I ■ hurled In
ihe nllici atili by llic puwer ul limit
nun luliliiiii; lm Iwenty miles llioae
inighly furies ui niiliire pluy lln-ir
liiriuiis gtitiic oblivious ul tlm liny
biiripie nlinli m iierviiusly llimudiug
ils   win   llirough   cuiinllesa   wliirlpuuls
lliul   < lun-   . nl ri III>.
Suddenly, without wtiruiiig, uml in
mnl slreuin, the cngitica slop; lliere ia
nu refuge bul m Ine anchor; the ahore
il im|iosaittli-. Tin anchor is lowered,
bul il rides free, uud Hie pilot mils
lur inure • hum. At lust she holds, und
llu engine* ure repaired. Tlm passen
intn liiiiiilie freely, Iiir it uuly reiiitiins
to raiso tho anchor and away; tint
what  now I    Tho anchor   mftisua  to
yiuldl   Thu chain has caught, on utiiuu
rock, anil all efforts to fron it are unavailing.   Pull spend iu this direction,
ami Ihun that, in tlio hopo of wrenching from ita position, cuiian tint piissen-
guru to cry mil iu alarm, Inr Ihu liny
vussul heel:, ui or with llm strain, uiul
lliri'iilciis to capsize-.   Oticu, twice, Ihroo j
I lines Iho effort, is minlo, ouch Iuue with I
increasing inouiieo of iliaitslur, uiul llui'
horror of  tlm  ailiiiiliini  iu  iulonsilloil j
by im   vision of crnciidihto Kitiiniug on
Ihu stirfucu ncur ul hiind.
Thu chuii'o lies bclwooii culling Ihu
anchor tulrifl, or walling wilh lhe faint
bupu  of  assistance   from   a   passing
veniiel.       HcllU'tllllt IJ      lllll      llll, ll itT      ia
iiIiiiii,liiiiml, and Ihu linn,, li proccilda on
hur way, relying solely on Iter llcklo
Httgiiies. Would soitie unkind inle
ducrcn thul they aliniihl fall iu lilillI'llg
wilh llm twirling torrent around
Diamond Hock, or tlm suutliiug whirl
puiiis uf the Devil's Cauldron, leti'lng
iiiuiii lu lull the laid Tlm travellers
shiiildcr ul thu thotighl; thou nerve
llmiiiselvea fur llle prospucl The ruck
ia ciimpaaaed by a wnlc deltitir in whu'lt>«
llm elements strive for thu upper blind,
lull the vessel holds her uwti. uml pre
puma fur the Dual atruggle
Down bolow Ihu wliirlpuuls of the
Cauldron, where n at renin unui L'u nib-i
wide ia eoinprosaed inlu it narrow .'iioiin
uin gorge, uu suiiiiiiiug.a.iiuie'yet I u
obtained, mil even ut it mile's dipt I..
Thu travellers Iroinblo in couaoiiiiiicn
villi Ilie Irumor of Ine little mil im
aim bravely battles with tin' utmost
irresistible rush of water. The Itees
the river bank murk lithe ur uu
prugress, lind she llirculcua nl limes lu
be driven hack uud caught in Hm
whirling current where hoots lune L'
fori) titketi ti "bender" uml diaup
peured, Onco Ihriitigh llu- irgnttniiie
uf linrrur, ahe moves inure ilei'illly, I i I
the Iravellers unly brealhe Iteilv -Inn
ul lual Ihey feel licimiilli llu n  '■   i tie
SOlid   euilll.     Tlie   Hei    .1     II     lllllll-.   II.
the   L.ul.    News.
,„„ ..„.u. iis-Ai«. 'run 'iiii.S
ITOft WWII met. u csmti
mperial erown     A I,In, k i.l.. I p.-uke i
up, like thai ul u  |m key, red tin.  l,e.
Ulnl   stockings.   Uml   bll. kle-l   sl -   u.in
|,|,l,   lbe olllfit
Tin   burgellllisler n  lllll   ll li-l-l-
I iiii Klon slmpi ■! "'uth i jii. I., i,
Liu   he., while sill, she king- uml u> I,
cl   hill
Although Him u-ii ul llm King's
will be Hn- first of a reigiiitig imiiuii- h
III the regUlla, the Illle King l'.-llvl,|.|
('.ml lleul.y II VISlI when Ile wu- Prune
Ilf   Willis
In Hie dlttlK Is in Hlil.ni Ihul In
ivilluu easy r.in ' "I rail Hie l-elmf in
mu In raft has well nigh di.-il, bul thm
is, comparatively speaking, inuih lorn
lory iu the island win re uin- nun slill
walk ur rule fur miles without limling
u populous Lmn ut a ruilwuy staluui,
ami thero among the ubl people yon
will Ilml plenty who Hold thai  Wllehes
black, grey, ur while are -hll u,
our Inidal
The   bls< k    llle   of   Hie    lUil-l    Js Ilul
"Iheir fut make haste lu she.I blood
The grey are quite safe so long ns Ihey
arc placated, but woe.lo lhe man or
woman who "goos contrary with
liiein." The while ure wholly kind
As ttl at I'ii-i A iinini is concerned
only grey witches ur wise ineu lire
knuwn. The grey witches um Hike
llio fnrm of owls or hedgehogs.
In lhe lirst form Ihey ure dangerous
In travellers ou unfamiliar roads, while
lii'ilgeliugs they arc said lo r«|i lbe
rows of their milk There are purls
of Scotland in wliuh the night of May
IH is regarded aa Hie witches' festival,
and in Knglaml Mid siiiutuel Nigbl or
til John's Kve is stipputu'd to give
Ihem exceptional powers Nighlsliudc,
hriony, fos glove, wych (wjteh) elm,
ragwort, aspen, witch bells 'campanula
ruhiinlifuliu) ale all assoeialed wilh
wii.h, mil in parts of Ureal llrilain,
while the moiintaiii aah, lhe sallow,
and the baud are among the growths
which hold wih in mil helpless
The reasou why we hear but littlf
about "wise people" luday ia lhal the
old country folk whu believe in Iheui
are extremely reticent. II is only when
charms have been actually seen in use
thst ths old folk bava Intu persuaded
Weatherproof Paint
You can readily ipprecitte (he
, economy of painting exposed parts
of your house with pgint that protects
I and preserves the wood for the long-1
est time at the lowest cost.    You
should, therefore, be particular to get
Oi J inst j PI illl »ti j looi ■ilC»Uf atid lll'l  bli itu, cutk
■><< tt 11 »f   MI I', j • Paltu 1)0 NOT btuyii *l • ,
I (iiiui ia|i (Jit ■! nbiib nt kit I It it it i ion M mil ii(bl
nilh ubir pun Btitiiils lo avaki ■ ■■ill lbat feiMl •
iiuib, Iciaeioui, iietpliaially t!ui»blt tovifll|. U \
■iiiiiii inut ■• Iii| ■• iBjf ithir piiii.   itr»'
Made ii (orirnvii cilon tot tli mi br •■'
uunl Vuiiab A Ciln Co , liaiiia1, Tmoiio
Paint tbt walli anil ceiling witb tbe unitary, waabablt,
durable.economical M I. FLAT WAJ.l. COLORS. 16
aba die -juat rifbt tbr artiatic atcndl decorative effecta.
MABONIC 'J'KMl'U: llllll,DINil
i.'ib Street awl Lotisiblc
North Vaimoovor. Phono Hl'^
i'UUliltl   MKETING
mu   ul   Ihe   Nuilli
llllillll    Sl,i let y     nil
Ii6tIi,  Iii
arrange  tin
|in/e Imt  I'm Hie exbibiti
i ilcl
ii inni Howe
lorihally  n
Uo you waul lo sell'yuur lull      '.'.
have fuiiils wailing fut ptmtl buys  IJivc
us yuur lieal fiross prico umJ terms
I'unailian Fin'uiirlcrs, llauli of Hamilton
Illllllllll)!. I f
u'ifi NOETH
Then is in the - it) |.uiiinl on,, lilneli
liorw, sliuhily lame ll mil >||ainieij be
lore nonii, Tuesilay, :'olli, vvifl be suhl
Iheii bv {iiililii- auction at 'ily,Hall lu
ilefray    e
istk ..Inin
>i, i. ,
at tlie Olub Eooma
of iiiipoumliug   sanl10" r'w*l' Bvsnlng, June Slat, at iH)
HilAIIAMK,    y
I'nn iiilln'ii|i\r
SHOE nil's. til'CVV
Capital PaidVJp. -...- | i,»in,mn
Kcscrvc and Undivided Profits  3,60O,0"'l
Total Assets V  u,im,tm
IT la nol In I'p yuwer to uureliuae
lliul lbc iirenleal Vtlut of money
Ilea The feciliiu of JitiJfpeiideiiee',
ami or aecurliy ,,; •', • Ibo , i,,, n ,,i
ci-.ni-. f.-iLm, ibal ii icsci-VF rum)
dives you, !• Iiiiiii li. I. moru ,u. ll,,
than the iiaailii* UTullllcaUon wblcri
yoo -,..imiii obtain by    l- milu,   n
Bmall ni,,,,,,,,i, wlneli you will lian)-
ly mlaa (JeiioslleiJ rcaiilst'ly, will annl
oolly, bul surely, accumulate lo u aum
lariie enouah to Inaurc aaalnst Hie
effecta at bualneaa reVeraea or lost ol
Aak lo ace oor Hafcly In (mall Him.-u
O. O. Ill* VUN, Aitol,
tortk   Viinini'
H.ml Offiaa
 ■     "
■NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts o(
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO,, LTD., is liable to a penally of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
AM ill VI A,YIN-
liiHiiriiiicij   ■ Uuaruntt.'u  Buii'l*
Auditor and  Accuuiilnut
IOI Lunailale Aveuue. I'. 0. llux 2307.
Norlli Vuncuuver. I'lione CI7,
Percy   H   lluvvm-d
i'lty   Au,IHoi
II    3.   I'eiilii
Auditor,   and   ,iiti,ujiImuIi
111  Pender Kl.
I'lione 1137
V.      r   .i   Dim   ITU
l'hune ISS
Nurlh Vulieuuvei
C. A. Oal.., H c ti A
1720 Ohesterlleld Avenue,
Nurtli   Vaucuitvor
1'llolic  llliill
Underwood'i Barber Shop
III,VI liMlllll.i.
Sun cnniir  lu  Wallace Si  Seutl,  Third
Slreet    Hencral n.|iair wurk.
A.  Wullace'i lurvuei nave heeu re
liuill. M   AMI  ITAIillMUHI.
Win   Hurrill, I'eler Houd. I,vim Vnllcv
Kllglil.ll    . Lit 1 lii nli,    Kni nuilli s   jjivell.
Mini mita
0. li. OBOOEB
And goni'rul ('unimiailuu Merchant, III
l.uiimlule Av,-, Nurtli  Vancuuver.
l'hune 621
tti .1,,.,. ,
M> tlulljt'H ui'l nr llir i iijiilumj
l-ai.inlry whan \uiir:i itii|.'lit lu It
Flat uurii lur it.'i ith In dn/ Kougli
ilry, ('' IL. wi'l v.n li, iw ll. ilmi
b uanl uml wu will rail i'or Ilium.
F, 0. Hox 22US
j^iiIuhliiK!       PIllUllMlgl       FIuhiIjIiik
I Util III' lul i       'IttlllTfl    till    |i\i.'i|    up
■Mih jij 1 -> I'l'iufi  n.i' in mult-rial, l.ul
.ii/urt's   .luliliiiijj iiitvfu\\\   ullumli'il  In
i'l,,! Btreet, '.', Wink V.,  i ul Lumdale
I'lim iii.ii v i-iir ti
Studio   iiv.t   Hunk   11. N. A.
lunidiilu mul l-,,j-l,,u,,il,-
Houkaellora and  Stntlnnul
•(.it. I imiilale and lat. I'hur" 143
I 11. 11.   I.M.I.M.I.IIi
AH.I.E. k 8.
Irrigation, ilKulnago, lovoli, i-lun
and i|icciheulioiii. Septic tuuki and
Inuii.) ilruinauo a •ucoinlly. 1'. 0
Bin 'HI, Ililli alreet weal ul llewicku
Jli|lli I'IohI I Jl, lien ' utol Holiln' Til ilul I un
ltc|,uiriiiu iiiiii All I'liii ii,iiii 'loaning
und llvcing in ull tin lirtiiiclic.n All
Work uuiiiiiiilxd
III  t'ii-1 hi reel  Weil I'liune "Hi
'I     1-iu.l
Ladiea' uud (Jcntn' Gloalilhg,
I'kw.iiik und Ki'ii.uiiliK
ii Spcilauy
129 SciundSliccl Eaat
llll   III.ILH     ,111   n|,   ,
B ti
West Vancouver
Ferry Director*
First Meeting
lluuiiclllur Merrick Auuulnted u
Manager Dundaravo Landing Facilities considered by Council.
Tuesday huh it imiulilu ilay in Ilia
history of lliu iiiunii'i|ialily uf Weil
Vuuenuvor, One mure Iiig Important
uuii nun driven aittiafaiitiirily liuiun and
the mt, ic.i . nf the |irui|iurt»iti lillle
Hi'cliuii rctiilereil une dugreu inure ae
cure. Tliu Dcesilon referred In. wai
the llrnl meeling uf lite directum uf
ilie Wmi Vancouver 1'erriiii t'iiui|iiinj
hold un Tuoiilsy iiiuriiiug, tvlinu uf
Ih cm were elected uml geuerul urriingt1
lui-iiln tiiiidi' for lulling over tlie Inni
non uf tliu Went yancouver TraDsnor
Iiiiinii t'uiii|itiny.
lit lite nl lii iinini llm regular cuuucil
i ling  louk  place  in  lite llullyhiirn
m lunil. limine, Itci.'vii NiiImiiii presiding.
In piirauuiieu ui lhe ili;ciiiou previuiiu
l.v tirrivi'd nl Iiv llm ferry directorate,
i oiini'illor Maliien, cliainnaii ul Hie
liiiaiice I'limuiitiV'e, introduced a inolioit
locking tin' llppuinlluent uf I'lllllli-lllur
.Miirricl, un 'manager uf Hie ferrlea.
i i,um illoi Mul In r.n explained lliul lie
ci'iiaiilered lliul the inunageiiiout uf Hie
lirneH mJhj.iiJ«I he veiled in Houucinor
Merrick liueauau nf the exceedingly
inuii- iniiTini lie hud taken in incur
ing tlio improved trunipurtatioii fncil
illeni The luultiiu win duly lueoinlud,
uml llm iuum-11 uulliiirueil I'niiiicilhir
Merrick tu tiiko over lhe huati uud
umelu ul' llic Went Vaneouver Trillin
I'lirltiliun Cuinpany.
Aci'iirdiug In ilateinenti niude hy
liii'vo Nelion, iiegutiuliiitin lur the pur
i liii.ne ui tho large puwer launch ll.nn
icllu uf Ito.londii. whirl) nuw lien ulung
olc Hi,, Vuncuuver I or minus uf lliu
loirv ruute, wouhl in ull pruhululilv
hu cuiiniiiiiiuiili.il uu Wcdncmlin afler
in,un niol Iho v enel vviiuld he put inlu
uno im noun an puiilhle thereafter. In
ud.Iiiiun lu ii half huitr nervier1 helvvi-eu
Vuiicuuver uml llullyhiirn, there would
he a ncrvtce lielwnon Ifullyhuru ami
liiiioliiriivc, ini-luiltiig Iwu Inpn a day
ii- lur tm i uiillii'ldn The manager Inul
loin niiihiiiined iu prepare a lolieiluh
itructcd to"" have tbe roadi iu 11. L.
776 running "nortb and suuth surveyed
before any  properly  In  tliu  lot  bad
liei'ii  uiiiiilii olcI
Tbo cuuucil wai approacheil liy tlte
ueciellliv   of the Viuicuiiver  Alllouioliilc
i'IiiIi iii regard tn lltu propoied viilt of
a large nuiulier pf lbe members uf lbe
Uuattle Autouiuliile Club, uml it was
decided   by   llle  council, llllll   llll   rutulii
ill llio intiuieipulily a)uitg lite rnutu
of tliu prupuied trip ibutild he pul in
Liszt and His Princess
ui riiim iiiiii mien, which wuuhl he mil,
null"! ul lite null meeting uf tin
li in lue lornte. und if approved
udllpleil llii'lcullcr 'llu- Kecve einplia
nl/ed Hie expeilne wlmli vvuuhl he lie
nn.niilv   iiivulved   iu   uperaling  nnd
to In
i iiiuiii iuu-
I'liii,n Kneculcd        i    Kiliinalci Qisit
Oentra and Mill Boad
Lynn Valluy, B. 0.
I'l A Ml uml THK
hpeciall). i Iuh
Inn 'n   Ixhmtnir  nt
home.      Tin
hull v cry
nn,  cl.',  0|ij>ly  lit-
ne nil
N.V. Tinning & Sheet McUl Works
First Street Eaat of Loiwdalo
I Lowenl  prieci and beil   work guiiriiu
j IcciJ un liiinnig and ihei I mcliil work.
"II"' Now Block us  I uDidule Ave
neat   tbo Ferry Appruaob
wm built by
Ciuauul Cuatraotori
On the ear line. Hoarding, ineali
Howl uccuiiitiioijalion fur Working man
j Contractor!' men hoarded Ily, Eaitcoli,
I'Iuiih and Kiliinalci furniihed free
Kepairing,  remodeling, cti.,  promptly
attended lo
Lynn Vallty, B 0.
Allan lluad UW Weatover. I'. 0. Boi
IW, Lyuu t:rcck, ti. (I.
All kindn of luvvn tiled ond iel uu Hie
iburttst notice,   Juivvu uiowcn, knives,
[ hedge iliearn and ll'iliorl ibarpeued  All
wurk guaranteed, luoderulo pricei,
I'm Lonsdale Avenue Pbons 80
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kindi oi v.ood v.mli,
repairi, etc.
Fourth Street and Sutherland Avenuo
P. 0. Box 11006
mimrm PEPUircfli
In ulj ','uutilrle. Aalt lor our Inventor! Ailvllui Minimi A Morion, III
I'liinii'liy Hii.et corner Ul. f.'utlioilno
Slreet, Montreal, Cunuda, und Waih
ln«lon, I). i'.. IJ. S. A,
Job Printing at the "Express"
maiiilainii)^   t hlt\in1 lu nil  |mrln nf
ili*   iiiiiniiijjadly     Al   iiir   ihrfi'iiirh'
llll'l'llll^      ll<'       llllll       llllillll'] I       Itl'l'll      I'III) it'll
hh nt   nl   llii'  t titty  i'iiiii)ni ny,   wi I..
•>lIht iiiiinlfiTs of Iho  niuik11  as
Ilh Hi    '\lTV'\Ut!*.       Till'    Illllll'I'llli    ttlM
lnl mi Wi.'i|iii'H(|:iv. ActOfH
hurihT flu' lunl havu jniriiiiMi'«l Ui
art) nl It'UHl It'i'i \iUr,'fiiintii-, mil il
i liij|H'i| lliiil Mm- j»n»\ iih'ui1 Iiiu i v.ill
ml hi'i-k lo ili'tri'BH' ilm limit
Tin' i mi in 11 iftiw i ure l iii tun •niii;i
mu lu (lit- ijui'ittiiiii ul luiiilin^ Iiii il
n> ■ lui vn.M-l.-4 al huihl..i.i\r Mr
AliMiii'ln rrjairtnl uj"jli a Wt'i'l
nl llu' uih'jiimTo iif Ilml 'I.-In I
li liuil In luu j i lim.' uu Hm.' jiri'MOim
UUtt   ttlllll   U   fi llt'llll'   |u|   Illi'   III mH I
ll    mI     Ilh llllh-    Uil.    .I.u.hi    I jnu
■ri iiiiinii iiiiiii mn lu llu- i'uii'i« .1   'i In
I m lit-iiir inw)l\i'il ilh: I'l.i. 'i «;
il    il    1'Uliluhli    mtfttiV   illnlttlM   '    friHH    K.l'
lmii, ii  htiiul   ru|ii.' funuMjji  Mih i un
iillil)/     llllll I'ftMrH'UJtTrM     Iiii.'ll     die
ml'iiil. milu linn |ioiiloi)ii iirnl l>> • kk
i u'-l I lu'i i Iruin lu llii' tiUotv i.i .i iuu
■uul   |iru|irllfil   liy   "du ilnui;., adlr
miii. "
l   ul. I
iiiuiii '(-.il   I'liyiijit r,
liMttner, j-i'|Mirh'il   llial   IJ'
.-.Iiiui ni Ih'ihlaruvr, I'll" feel in
,wili iriliwork aiul liuijIrliT wurl., vvuil.l
i m 1 .i|i|.|i...iliJlllcl) J!/,lihU |Ji- l.;lH illl
lliun/nl l'f i'i> Die rfl nuilli,. lur llu' in
IlinllUll'   (tillr111|/   mI   |.||i  ,   U||iJ   ri'i'lai   im
iii j'uiiluuii" (unl llu' liiii|iuritiy ri'i'ii'i
nm ul Uir Hunt.
Hul im; imniicijiiliiy will vory noon
In' hii|i|i|)i'i| ttilli |i.'Ii'ji|mi;ih luii.ii.i
i-iiri'M WUH ul.\HMIH fflilll I lir ri'|iorl
I j.nielli hi !-y llii' P'l'Vi' tu llir cfthi I
lhal   forty   u'.-nli.-iilr-   l.i.i   olroii'ly   n
jiri'MOll    tlll-IIIHi'lvi'H    tti.Mul    (u   li.Mi'lll'
nubtUrilicrii if u »yit*i;, i* itnlJillcl in
tlir il ill rid
In n ply tu an ufTrr frnm Mi .1 '■
rv'.tnui, ilcrli iff llu' iliNlni't of North
Vum ouv it, to have a riglit of way
tliroii^u Ibo ("ujiilmio liuhun tvyntu\
niiiiiliir 5, I'ouvt'yed to lliv fliuuicijitl
iiv. tin1 lou uei J reiolveil lliut lliv d»i
iHcl     I... J I   |)0 11   I | 'I  tl) IllIVL' llll1 IM.'i i'f
nary romi'vann.' juuiIo out
Mr 0. A. v.inii' forwanli'il an uu
lolicilt'il .id.im. ii to llic I'fTcit Hint M;
Wliiii'lu'ii'i, who was drowned recwlty
near Uk> Kind NurrowK, bmj »rlt oul
from V.i i  Vain'oiiviT voJuutarily, mul
HlUt Mr, -follll J.UWMJIl fi;nl i,..lln|.|' to
flo   Willi   llll   In)1.  Uri   (nisi   I.t tn   v, i.miJl;.
Notice of motion wuh given hy 'oun
ullor Hay tlml lie jiurjioiied inlrortuc-
■IV    a)     liJlU'.     to    i I'l'l,-,'    11|<>    lijtlli.      t)(
Im iiii  roud  lo Marine Drive.
t)i\ a motion infro'luced'oy (.'wuciJlor
MuHicri, Him rij^inei'r WU InulructH
to I" "'i' ihtr.ii i I nu i'ul imuli' hi Hm-
coil of all Ibo work oroiiomed hy lbc
council iniiii'iiM io that un eulimatc
■ml'i Ire irtflde out tt to tbe o^uaotit/
of work wnieli could be carried out
tbii year.   lit. Carter wm alio in-
Tin: Prill Coll 1'anilyiic HayiiWitt^Du
Mrin wun ccrtuiiily one of llio moit ro
murkiildi! jiiTMiuiulilii'H of Iht time. Tin
only i.i.ij'hii i of ti Polish iiolilemuii of
viint |)OMionloiiSj wedtled ul aoviuiteen
liy her father'a command to a worth luil
profligate wlrom ibe ipoedily nhook <<ii
from nil Imi the moil formal und
nominal loiinectioii with benolf, nlie
iiiiiii1 into Mizt'i life in 1848, uud wuk
the imjwter inlliieiu'e in it llienee-
forwurd, Hiu1 wuh then nearly thirty
year* of u\,a, uml knew well what ihe
wai ilouifi. What thin wai Kmu I'oiimu
v. ,i(.i.i ;. the daughter of I.ih/I, dea
■ ril'L's in tlie Following paiiufje nf
urdenl reeogiittion, in her nowl) jioh
I in he < I memoir of ler father;
"tide Bacriflceil e\erytlitiig for lum;
her fuliierlund, Imt mine work ou her
dilutee, Imt luj-ii poditiou. and. for thoso
who were ton '-hull >iM.liti'il lu under
stuml her lofty uiul nt ru t inorulily,
even Imt repululiuu Khe rinliurked ou.
and curried tliroiigh with UilmiruliU'
conataney, u simple witli tin- iiiukI
tyrraunical povveri, us well uh with ilu
pottieal of ihlli.ulli." In Un- hm.i-i
of thia iniiili"! nIic |Ui cei'iletl in fnl
filling the tank which ihe had sel her
aelf. Uli\ iiiii.lt' Imiii ii home, hlic
wutched (here over hifi mtelleeluul uc
tn ity, looked after bm lieullli, njii
luted every urrangeinetil uf Iheir In en
with a view lu Inn Welfare; n;ie cured
wilh indefatigable paim fnr Iiiu mot Imi
uud ihildren; and inward nil Ihmv,
near uml fur, great oi -mall, who had
uuy euiiuei'lion with lum. nbe exercised
i hogoitulih mure geinrouii, kindly,
unl     iligiuJii'il     lhan'    nny one     uuu |
It    Win   ||ir   l.tin   'ir-iir   ,.|    Hi.     I'llll
■cub, ul both iff Ihem unleed, that Iheir
■elaiiuiiH mioiild he ngularueil by mor
nag"' Vot llu- end .-he nucn'fileij. aller
ru of (oil uud Iruiil.le, in ifbtaiuiiig
from (lie Kuhmiiii ' uii.-i.-luriuin ;i lb i ree
uf Keparalion frum Imt IiuhI»uimI Mul
-lir vviin ii tlevoled < 'ulholu , und llu
l'u|>e, afler al lir H yielding Id In I 'ii
treutie*   uu lhe jiiril ground Ihul in Imt
i l-n i marriage ihe huil nul  I  a  free
Ugenl    wan   liiinil\   pri'-iUit*1 I   iJj'Oii   l>y
lhe   inlliM'lue   nl    brl    llfbaihl "fi   fu rn i lii
lu rcfiiM- bin xauel nm iu inr remnrriuge
Al last Imt IjunIijiikI died Tin- wu\
wuh now clear. Mul lu llu unia/< im nl
nl their circle lhe Iwu Ijjumk imw Unit
iill Ihe l.nrri'TH were down, luriie-l a>hle
Irom llu- guul l.m/l. who ha I ollm de
-ini'.-I Ljii.ll in n-n[ ii- "hall' ii
g>p\v, hull a Kruimiiuii " Innk Mil.r.i
in Ihr i Ii.m.Ii. and lin- I'm.- hvnl
llieiieeforth in Ifulih-, devilling Inr-elf
lu teliginim lilerolore and  |>iu|>agniMl
Tin' iuom*l nt ||im> i> Mm i
im m r been i lenrl)   ki.uttii
ur iin- world lin- ii Ihul I- -'-
1.     IH    he    luvi'il    Ihe    J'imm
ili-Hireil lo marry Imt, and <
lnm-ilf ordained u- <-nun n-
-uiiiiiniliuii came wilhui llu
I ,,--ii,ilil\ || Iluu ;i;i- In
luwardH Ihe woman whn ha
ium ull thul Fran f'oninta W
kIm' wan, then it wa- utterly i
lliing he l.i i ever fhown luu
ih.ni li;
Tio  p.
■1, ili'.,
, -,|i
j in i tli
i -. or
, Holl
I  llll
-  rnn|i<
•  of
i~  nil
i 1  I., i
H    1 n
a iiiii r
mill   H
i  In-
Ilia lii'forn. Tbu rohiliniiH of tliitt pair
of iniiili' ""in woro nover on tp mouil
a Itivul as thut.
It li ulnar from all ihul Fran (limlniii
ninl alio I-h,. t'n liiu;:i:i|.|o-i, t'riiiilriii
l.iiiu ll,im,um toll ui thut tlio rciiuii
I'iatioii wai mora on tlio alilo of tin.1
I'rlui'itii titan on Unit of l,iii/.l, Frail
I'oilina liinti that llio tauat.a aro to lm
inuglit purtly lu tint I'riini'hh' yrou'iuu.
zeal for tint llatliolh.1 (Iliur.'li, wlilili ox
lonili'il well Into the iloiniiiii of ini|ior
Mt it Ion iiiiiI wltk'h lfn,'l utronii inlol
loet iihl nut permit him I'liluoly In
Hliure. Ami mini hor i.uiiitu uf .ilivnr
genee win Ilh.. PjlucoSS1 lionlilo ulli
linle lowarila Waniior, wliuiti l,oi/|l
iilulueil, ami for wltiiie funn1 he tinli'il
willi mii h .l.v util energy.
ilul, really, mulive bunting i-. nut ot
plain here. 'I'o reuil Hn: itory ninl In
think nf llio twu arilohl ami high
lining muil:. who look purl in it - lo
iee lliut il iniilil Illivo |jav ono einliug.
Tin: long, obltllialo .'.Iriiggli- tor juilii't'
uml freedom, wllh ib liearl iliulturlng
niii iiniinoi uf Impu uiul iliaappninl
monl, tin1 ileaperali' reaolve In Imv no
advantage hy unworthy niuaui, lhe
, lilillniiii'B, lin: pu[|liliei, nniili won
their llnul triumph whon I'ope I'iui i
willnlrew hiu ligneil jitilgmeitl uml
vvuveil tho loVeri luiik front llio ui.v
itepn uf the ullar aevenleeii yourn ol
Ihis, iluring »lmii yiiulli lunl Ilml uml
hope lunl pcriilteil ami then In gum
roleuHo uiul violnry hy u more tii-i-iiloi.i
wlm li in iff lit huve happened ul nnv
iiiiiiiionl I
No! If they nnilil not huvu violnrv
ou Iheir own l^iruiu tin) wuuld mil linvi
It ou Ihoie of llu" world tlio i ruol uu i
Itypoerilieal world, in. Ihey ileeltiud t
wl... Ij hud wrecked their I'm lum1.-' in i
Iheir liii|i|iiiiinn. Thoy would li'tivo ll
ilu lurry Iriiimph llio unr tiling Hint
Wuuld limo lovvi'iod lin in in thoir own
I'M n Wlllllll llllll lll'IM III II- I | I |,l.l
lltlllg   III    Il.n   llllllll'
Noitliei ol' Iluu il'l l-i - i not
Ilinl Iheir Irugn .-Ion mul,I i ml otio i
iv mo than uulily, ,m it I i I,..,, l-m
Tim ei
LONDON  TO  HAVK  llllli;
Two and a Half Million Dollur Ball
way Projected hy Pout Ojllco
Allllllllltlr..   '
A new liihe ruilwuy iiiider l.oiolnii
ruuning eait and wont    I'm J.-.I. i - nmi
purloin in tlte Iniri eiiterpriM- imoiu
mended hy llle poll milliter geneiul ol
iln-iil Htilaili Ho nnol linn llu mu
of muil. huil grown ini rnpnllv ilml lio
,li'],,'irlii>i'iil i hi, i-i i to,I tl,, i ,|i i nm ol
wouhl puy lor it-ill
A departmental I'liininiltiT re, om
ineiiiled IuhI your llio nm-lrui linn ol
iiioli'igroiitol idi't'lrie iiiilnin- in loin
i feel li ini'liri in iliuitu lit, lunl in tin
l.iiii'tuii I'luy, prijviiliug in • oniiiu, tin om
l„i iwo Inn I.-, nl -' loot giiiig. Tin
railway wu» to ho sis. mnl u hull mil,
in li-jigtli nmi motor wugom win- n
Tins jn preiumulil)   till' mlli-llle  nl-oli
tho pual ulhio uiillionlo n iimo ,n i ,,i
I I'JII llll I lull       The   uml    ol     -Il.l,ti,,I
Wlm I'Hliuiateil approMllillli Iv 1-, lin
i-iiliilllltloe III SJ.'.ll.llllil.lUlll 'llu i
I'ljllivulolit to illl Illllllllll r.vjiiloliluli ol
H.'|l|,l|l|l), III wliu Ii  muil  he ii-l.I. I  t-'n.
UM   ll >l lllllll nl  , ,,,-t   ol   Uio  o|-i II :.
nllllT Ulol oilier norv inn A- lij.il ii I
Ihem1 .liurgen Ilny put Ho- ilml ol iio
rouil uunl vuu Hiirvnen ill S/il.'iiJ.'iiJH ii
The luhway nynlim. vvlinh will |'tol'
lll.lv he udopled, in one Ili who n -mull
nun nro miii Ihruugli u louml Inning
n|,iiu- lot two ir.'nlii. and u pUKiage wuy
Inr titli'ii'laijln. The mm lurry nn
uperutori, hut  lire eunlrotleil uulomiil
ii'iilly liy i.'li'i'lrii.'ily until tboy arrive
nl tlte itationa. I
Tito ears ure mude jis small as will
porinit of the earryiug of tho largest),
|iiirn:lB uud imiii Imgu. They aro about
2 foot wide, with an equal hoigbt, ppi
ii length of ulioiit tl feat. At full iposd
they travel ut thirty milts an hour.
Tlie frequency of tlcapateh is about
unu pur minute, and tbe capacity ol
lhe HyHii'in ;m,noii mails per boar,
llioiilili ii greater etipiieily cau bo real
later] if Hutu is room at tho stations
Inr lunger Iroini, Tbeso subways can
lie eiiiiHlriii'ted ut any depth, aud will
afford Hpine, not only for tbe electric
muil cun, lint uin) fur pneumatic tubas
mid fur telephone uml telegraph wiras.
One uf Ihe eouaiiloratioiii wbicb
weighed wilh lhe eoiumlttuo iu favor
uf underground electric traction wai
the iiiYiliriilmn in the conveyance of
iiiu i lm iv Imll lhe hvhU'Iii would afford,
tin liim point Ihey uliierve: " Whelhei
il will ever lie possible tu ohlaiu an
tiveruge reliable ipeod of uver nigbt
miles uu li un r during ordinary huiitieis
liotiri hi t'enlriil l.iitnliiii, even with
motor vnm, in a matter of extreme
iloiilil." The lnnil und panel tiutlii.
il iu I'.nliiniili'il, iii'i'iniiiln for fully uue
ilm I ni' ihe tntnl trallic un the alrcutu
ol' any greet cily.
lu n copy nf "The Umih) and
Wlimller," tne mugaiine of Hie tintI.
Norlh l.oioliin Troop, publiibod recoul
Iv,   till'    I'llllllWillU   ill'MlT'iptiuil   of   two
|,o,n   ihe huy whu In nut u icout mul
Hie lu.y  who is u to'iiiil    uppeari:
lino who lours lo strike u Idow
Agiiin.nl the wrung, ur ditrsl mil gu
With  weaker frienili tigutnit the foe,
Ilul unly limes lu miuto ih,: light
\v lo I, niiongir friendi are uu hit right
lie m no Hcuiit.
Hm   iiiui litkei Ins liiiui'.nl slaml,
So iniiili i whul tin- help to li.iiol,
VV lo io -i l   illllies'  Hills   I'UUllllUlld.
Ito iiguiimt I,nn whut there may,
iNjiilc ilml whislle! is hii lay.
Hi  m u Ni mil
i'ohI milling 11,.nin uf Iho lJuinlnluu
io .M.iiilioliii. Niiiliuti'liuwan mnl ,'il"i
in iho Vul,mi Territory, the North-wist
1. jiIioiIih uml lu u porllon uf tin i-i"
viuu of llilllnh Columhlu. may he leu-
ul 1"! a iiiui of tw.-nt:, one yettl at
on itiiini.il rental of |l an ei-ru .   Not
I o  lllllll 2.(CO unci Will  bu Imili'il  lo
oil.    -M  ni
,V|,|ilh ,,ilon fm ii Iciiac muit hi miili
li.v tin ,, , ii i i In i • j ..... to llie Agent
oi Sul, At,oil of llm illitilci In which
Ho rlghtl iii'i'lluj for mc nliiinii-il
In nnivc.vul Itjiltory Iho lain) muit
Iheil hy let lions, or liual aub
illvlsloini of Kcitluiia. mul Iti uniurvey
i il I111II01.1 ll,,, 11ii,:l -i i-h, ,1 fur ihall
In m.il.ul out hy Hie u |i J>11 cull t Illln
liuill iiK'llcallull uunl ho nuuinpuii
n il h.i .. I.;. „t ,i, -.-.in, will bo ri
finiileil If llm iliiiiii applied lur aro not
.i vull,iiih-. hul not ,,iliii wise A iny
sli.i iiiuiii l.<- imlil mi Hit. uieichahlablu
iHiuil of Uo  mini, nl lhe mie o/ five
Ills   |„-|    loll
The "peiiou upi-iiiilng Iho initio itiull
totiilsii tin, Annil wllh iwurn roturni
leoijiiiiiig fm tin.- full ijUuiitlly ul
ii iiliuniiil'li i'iiiii inlliui mnl pay the
iiyullj tin n on If llic cuul mining
lulils uie not hclng operated, iuch ro-
101 loi nliolllil lie J ,11 l: l.ul ut Icull olll'o
llu- h im- will lmJjhIl- llio eual mining
ilnliin olily. hot th,. leuoe may he per-
inlliui I i puicliuio whatever available
fiii-i   ilirlits mny he iiinaldcrid nec-
I'ssui.v fm- iin woiiiinii of the mine at
llic inle  :l Vi iiii ucre
l-'oi     full    Infoi iiiiillon    application
to.iihl lo miiilc in the iccrotary of tba
H< pm imi nt of tin- Interior, Ottawa, or
uii.v upm ot Noli Agent uf I',,oiliiiiin
I,;, min
w w. coity.
In.i.uiv Mlnliii r of lhe loi, ilm
N    ll    I luull,,,iliul   publication   of
tills   uilVI lllseioilll    will   liul   bo   paid
for 11 1
The Home Furnisher'
MA'ITINGMATS 35c, values tl 25c
Do. 50c, values al 40t
Htuulilul sin Design and  ( ojors
Big Value al $5; tin- W,.k, $4
l'u Yord
Regular Value, 25t and 15c; this
Week, 20l ond 10c per yard
Bitt Value al 45c; llm Week, 20c
160 CUPS •nd SAUCERS to Clear at 5c uch; Regular, 12 1 -2c.
* ■      These ture Pfetty Brown and Green Edge Border —
128 Lonsdale Ave.  w»««iw  North Vancouver
Thi» Advertisement
' """    ".""    . '      '  ' i nana
will not appear again
Mr. A. J. Tyson of the Lonsdale Pharmacy, Sth
and Lonsdale, has sojd his drug business to Mr. W. H.
Wainman, late manager of Harrison Bros', five drug
stores, Winnipeg. Mr. Wainman is an honor graduate of the Manitoba College of Pharmacy and of
the B. C. Pharmaceutical Association. He has had
eleven years' experience in the business and is an ex-
pert dispenser.    •
In the matter of physicians' prescriptions we guarantee to fill them exactly as your doctor, orders with
the purest drugs and chemicals. We sincerely hope
the friendly relations which have existed between Mr.
Tyson and his customers will still exist and assure
all of efficient, prompt and polite service always.
Remember we sell everything at cut prices.
W. H. Wainman
8th and Lonsdale
Our motto: Puril)), Qtw/i/ij and Ecaiwm]).
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
Ouo Acre In D. L. 2023.   One block Irom carline.   $2300.
tine i|ii„ii,i caab, balauce li, 12 and 18 months.
Ouo Acre In D. L. 787 (behind Tempo Holgbut).   $2500.   Termi eaay.
Two Acroa in D. L. 785,   $1700.   Terma to arraiigo.
Wo liave choice buys lu Olty aud District.
Pbone 462
P. O. Boi 2397
Hot Weather Necessities
0M"'ct                   10c per foot From
Reliance  12c per foot
Wire Bound 15c per foot Oomplet* with oun pair Spriug
Corrugated  18c per foot Hinges, Door Handlo aud Oatcb.
Nozilea  16c each
Sprinkler!  »0c to $1,26 eacb  :—
Every length of Dunlop Hoie SCREEN WINDOWS
ia fully guaranteed, any defective
length will be replaced without '™n ■* «• Mc «• flt «» ""<">»
question.                            n up to 60 Inches wide.
In two designs, $4.50 and $1.76. Theao irons wUl heat mors readily
and ovouly than any other irou. Evory iron la guaranteed for Ave
Patterson & Goldii
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
Special for a Few Day*
"       '        ' I       Iff •     '    m
TRIPLE CORNER on IDth Btreet,  8ir.e  210 leet  by  157.     Price,
$1860. Terms $650 cjiab, 6, 12 aud 18 months.
We bavo only a few lota now left in 784—a beautiful homesite within
two blocks of Lonidale Avenuo for $375. Terma $P0 earn, 6, 12
and 18 monthi. ,
1/ you b»ve t houae to Kent, or foi Sale kindly givo ui a listing^
Phon, m V. O. Vn tin
Port Office Service
I'libttnuslor McMillan has succeeded
in making arrangements wuuroliy tlio
money order ami registered letter
wi.'liet in the lm nl post ulliee will lm
kept opoti continuously Irom t nm. tu
0 p.m. This will prove u great con-
viniotieo as it will An away with all
lhe invonvonloiice which bm liltliprto
attached to the necessity of 'v.iiliug
for the opening ol this wickel upon
the part of those who had hiisiuess to
ti n uiei et thereat.
Although uo ilelinile niininineeiiii'iit
ui' the reault of the recent visit ot
tHiperiiitenileul Hum haa been lliiulc, -it
iH understood unofficially that the de-
1 iniln.'in ia favorably inclined toward
eatahliahiug a houae to luun.. deli .ary
iu tbe city but tbat no itepi cau bi
taken iu that direction until signs have
been put up at atreet comers giving
tliu uuiiiua uf the atroota ainf until thu
resilient* generally huve lind numbers
placod on tbeir litiuaea. The city
council bus already taken ulcus, l.i
provide the signs ami owners and tun
ants can furllicr aasist the project by
numbering  tlieir  huusus  promptly.
Central School
Principal Appointed
ll was decided tu Hiatal an addition
al furnace in Lonsdalo schuul.
Miss Elsie McNeil will substitute for
Miaa (Mark during bur absence.
Mr. Duncan btewart has been ap
pointed principal of Central school.
Applications will lie called for a
male principal for l.uusilale school tuul
fur several female teachers.
Tiiiiiiirmu evening a lacrosse game
will take place un Hie lluulcvanl 1'ark
wlton St. John's Boys' (Hub will meet
bt. Andrew's Church Buys. Tlnsgaine
will decide who will lie Ibe bolder! of
a .'tip donated by Messrs. Jdhnstuii A
Sabrmry. The face off starts al 7
u'clock .'harp. Ml. Andrew's lineup
will be as follows: deal, Newtou
Steacy; point, Howard Heed; rover
poiut, l.euiiiirii Little; 1st defence, Don
aid MeCall; ind defence, Theodore Ur
son; ilrd defence, William Gibson; .cn
tre, Victor McRue; 1st boun1. Freeman
Thomas; 2nd borne, Ernest Clements;
3rd home, Wm. Pruut; outside home,
Uilsklli  lieullli;  inside Inline, ('lend  Me
Tliu Nurlli Vancouver Athletic (Hub
is' arranging a Hue liuiiug tournament
tu take place tbis evening in tbe club
ruums uu tbu corner uf Ksplauade
weal aud l.uusilale. The wrestlers will
be A. Fox ami 1.. White, while the
boxing will be by tbe following nolulilc
glove wieldtri: Hill and Joe Tbomai,
I. Mi Donald und J. Bacon, Kl, ttuaull
ami A. I'aull, and Sam Uuod and Kid
Williams, whose boiing was u feature
ul' tin1 recent tournament in this .-it;
There will alsn be an mbjbitiou inal.-l
by I'ute Tnil ei, Ibe eluli's iuilruclur,
and Fred Oibornc.
News of lhe Valley
A Hue reaidence ii being erected uo
Hubs Hoad  fur Mr. I'roai.
Mr. H. I.e llucijuct, a laic resident
of tbe Valley, wai a viallur here on
Tbe l.ynn Valley general store will
sum ily occupy tbe corner block al Ilea
tre and Pipe I.ine ruads.
A subscription Hit ii iu circulation
by tbe lidici' Aid of thc Methodist
cburcl) lor the purpose of raisiug '(mills
to enlarge the parsonage.
Wednesday next the Women's Au<:d
iary o! St, Clement's church are putting on an entertainment iu tlte Institute Hall iimt pi'iiniiiieii in ,'1','nie :i furore, a record, a new standard for concerts, lots of friends and nn enemies.
It is impossible to state all tbut will
take place, the aiiuoiiucoinciita simply
givo one or two of the principal events,
but many others aro on tbo prograjn
including tho lirst public perfunnaiicc
of tho Lynn Valloy Choral Hniloly.
Tomorrow'.-. professional Increase
match at Queen's 1'ark, Nuw West-,
minster, promises to pruvu un evenly
cutttesteil and stubbornly fought nrgn
ment. Tbe Vuiieuuvers 'will l„ with
out tlio services of Luluiulu uml pus
sibly of Uodfruy us well, while it appears doubtful whether ClilTonl Spring
will be iu i'uii.lit inn to ini., tin* Held
with the Westminsters, i'lckcritig uml
Cummins will prnliuhly appear on tho
lineup of tlte Minlo Cup holders unl
clpriug'a absence will givo III Inn.I a
, li.'ii,,- tu show bis form with llic Boyal
City aggregation. A win tomorrow
would give tin.' V.e.inni -i.-i u furmiil
able lead in lliu scries fur Ilie cup ami
the Vuiicuuvura arc fully impressed
with the necessity uf Hiking tlte Fruser river aggregation intu camp uu
their uwii grounds, in urder to keep llle
trophy within tlieir grasp. Tlte situa
tiuu is. such that Hie game ia sure tu
draw a large crowd and- develop plenty
uf excitement.
TAKK NOTICK Hint tlio Council ol
llle Cul'llurutlull uf the City of North
Vuiieuuvtr Intends lu carry uut us ,i
wurk uf locul liiii'iuv.-1,1,-ui ihe la/Inn
uf concrete aldewnlUs. curbs uud .unlets ami cluster i., i...- un Imih aides
uf I nun,,I., |, Avenue from the wuler-
front tu llle lu,nl, side uf (."list Slreet
under aecllun SS uf llle .Mum nul A. I
und intends tu usseas the lliul eusl
iin ri-i.r iiiuiii Hie reul properly fr.rilltiii
ui- .ilnliiliii- thereun, uml lu lm lum -
lilted tli, nli... und thai j sulci:,, m
showing lhe lunds llulile lu |my ll.,
suld assessment and the nam. n ,\tli,-
owners thereof su fur us can he ascertained frum the lust revised Vnn, n.-n,, ni
Hull Is nuw ull Hie 111 llle Ulliee id llle
Clerk uf Hie Mm.i. li .iin.. .mil u ,,,, u
fur Inaiieetlun durlna  ullli-i.-  Iiuuj-s
Tile   i-slliii.il,-.1 eusl   uf   the   iv.nl,   IS
110.200, uf whieh tli'V-i i'H Ih Hi lu |u-
vldeil  uul  uf llle inin I ul   turn      nl   lie
Mm,i, n -In
THOMAS tilll-:rilKlin,
City  Cl-i',   ,
Nurlh Vuncuuver, U  C.
June Slat. 1912
H ill li   NOTICB
Vie, The Nowpi.rl llrlcii Si Tile l! •
I-.,ni Limited, u cunipuny linuii"i.i ,,
under lhe Cuiniuinlea Act. will' ',e ul
oflice al SOS Cmi •I'uttuii Uulldlnu
Vuneuuver. U. ti, ulve notice Ilml un
lhe Mill duy uf July. IS12. we llileli.
lu ,i|,|-li tu tlie Walei ■'iniimlssiiiiiii
ul hia ulliee 111 New Woatinlna'er. II
ti., for a llcenae lu lull.* und use 200
cubic feot uf water tier seiulnl frum
Sl..iiiln,I, Creek, situate illl l.ul iti.
Hi.,ii,. iliie. New Westminster lllslrlel
The wuter Is lu he luken from tin
streum ul llle head uf 111,- Fulls ul) l.ul
CCS. abuut une mile from tidewater mnl
Is lu be  used un l.ul  SOS. fui   puwer
IS 11
uf   n i lu   ii- i   wus polled i
inun,,  un  Un   mil   ilni   uf Jul;
IIATKH    III    Vuliiuuvel,    II     I'      l|ils
Uth duy uf June. 1912
21-7 Per J. II   lieviy. Aa.-in
W VI'KH .MITII n     <
We.   The   Newpurl    Wuler   C ,..,.,.
I.imiii ij u Cumpuuy lncorpurut.il uiuli i
the Cumpanlea Acl, wllh bead olll. .,■
(OS Cnrlcr-Culiun Ilullillim. Vancuu vn
11 ti, tin nutlee lhal un Ih,, i'.u. n.i,
uf July. Hi 12 We Ilil,ml lu ulTl.i lii
llie Water Cuminlssluiier nl his olflci
In New Weslnilnsler 11 c. fur u llunsi
tu tuke und use 200 cubic feel ut wutel
per second frum the Kluuinu* Itlver In
New Westmlnsler District
Thc wuler Is tn lie taken frum lbe
streum  ut   a puilll   ubuut   llle celltel   ut
Timber Limit 31)11 uliuul 100 feel
abuve Ilde water, and la tu be used
fui munlclpul t-uii,unci un tuts Isi, "CO
s:..i ill and not. 'Iruup Due. New
Wealiullislei  iJlstflel
Nullce uf Int.inni In mil wua
pusled un the ki i-nli-l un lhe l.iT
uf June,  ISIS
llATKIi Ul Vuncuuvel. II   ti    tills llll
duy uf June. ISI2
»l>2 I'll   J.   II    DeVC)     Aa	
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PUe m Mount Crown Block, 0pp. City Hall
Why be uncomfortable when with littlo eipense you can
bavo your home fitted with SOEEEN DOOBS AND WINDOWS?
This Is the time to plact your order.
Don't wait until your bouse Is filled with filet.
, i
Do lt now.
Our stock is complete In every detail and our pricei are
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
For line watch uml jewelry wurk uu KOH SALK -Huuse and lut, 21stand
In lieu. Suincrliin, the new jewelry slure St. Andrew's. Huuse partly furnished
un Uml street. Apply .1. Ourvie, above.
house  on
Slit slreei  eusl
, *l.r>.  Apply
Bus  Ami.
Kxprcss Office
TO I.KT il room bouse, kitchen,
buthroom, pantry und lull sized husc
incut, Itiili street, hull' block fruni I ons
dale car. (loud condition, reul villi per
i;,.niii     Cnln.i.    Burincster   ,\    vuu
liilieii-iiitu  liil   1.,,I,-,Inle   Ave.      US b'
LOST l.adv's black lace scarf, be
I with wharf and 2nd street, Kspli.iunle
uml St. (leorge's. Kinder will bo re
warded by returning satin.1 tu 17 Lous
dale Avenue.
Authorized uflcnl fur Sniper Sew
inn Machine Coutpany iu Nortli Van
euuver. .1. .1. McAleeee, Dry tluudsuiul
lieiiln' Kurnit-lniiLj-i. corner first uml
LuiiHilule  Avenue. I.f. ■
121 Bccoud atreet NOBTH VANCOUVEB Phone 467
AU New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These  come in Black,   White,
Lavender, Pink and Red or mixed.
Special Lawn Grass, -   50 cti. lb.
Selected White Clover, ■ 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.V^
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B. \
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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