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 Volume 11
North Vahoouvib, B.0-, Tumsdav, Apbil 18, 1911
Number \ ny
Nortli Vancouver
School Board Meets
Oa Wednesday ovunilig last tbe
School Board met in the North Luna-
tlnli! school, Trusted A. Ci. Pony in
I lie chaif aud Mcasra. MoDuwall, Hay
and Fraser present.
Truttoo I'erry rcpurtod thut lie hud
bouii uiiiilili: to got into conimuni.iii-
I inn with Ur. Halse,' manager nf lho
lb l'. Ti-li.|iliniii! Cu. u. i-.-.'-i.l tho in-
etallatinn ul telephones in lho Ninth
Vancouver scbouls. it wus resolved
by t motion to apply in thu icuulur
way fur the phuiiea tu bo pl-.tioU in
the I'l-iiiial. Nurth Lonsdale und
Itidgewuy schuols in urilur I hit 1'iin-
cipal lloiinel miglil bu ulilu I i keep
in with the separate ihtitjons
undor hia charge.
Tho teeretary read the lonelier', ro-
tan t lur tho in.mill ul Mai h which
ahuwod the avurugo daily scliuul nl-
i iiiliiin-.■ tu ho' lit.
Principal Hiiinii prusintod an application on buhull ul tho 1171.-I1.11: pi off
fur leave ul uheence lu enable L'luMI tu
attend thu leuchuru' convention 10 bu
held in Victoria during Iho Easter
I'ormission grunting the .iliuve if
i|iii-iit wua ulluwud liy tho inirilin.-.
A letter wua rcud Iruin Mi s Mnry
J Olios asking that her leave tl uh-
-.-uie lw oxtouilctl tn tho .'Nil of the
I ,i-i.. huliduya un ucciuut of Ibo ami
iluulh ul her hither which occurred in
the Nunaiiuti cxpluaiuii ul 11 week .un.
Uiaa .Im.. ■ stated ihut lho
urruiigomotita fur 11 aiilistiliile 11 or-
dor (bat the buui-il wuuhl uu. he inconvenienced in uny wuy.
The permission wua granted mil the
secretary wua instructed to   .' u-wurd ,1
laubitioii ol cunduleoce tu Mi-i .lupea
her hui] bareavtment.
J'he Nurlh  Vancuuver I'ilj    Perils
1 to the enclosing pasaes  Im
in. h. .   wbich   liny   expressed
'it plaasura in prsswii'ig.
' .a111111111n.ilmn frum tin secretary
lltiunl ul Trude .iniluaing a tc-
111..11   11.11.Mil   recently   whi'h   hid
forwarded tu llie Norlli   .'hiic-iii-
h fiij uml District Cuiinuii. und lilt
r*tlepiir(munl uf cduculi.iii In   Victoria,
I. . .aiimei.illlie llllll pillVisilin       I"'
made in ull the achuul. fur 1 depart-
iii.-iii ill technical udiie.iliun uud mun
mil training., It wu. intimated thut
a dcpurlineiil ul thia nal'i.c >■ mid 11c
provided in the new »ch 1 il which in In
lw ii-nii shortly.
Scoutmaster F. E. Sharps ur^Ath.el
uf tlie buy ."-iniii. naked thai lU'j.ri
vilege be grunted lln in in iii: ii 11:111!.
in .ua- ul the neliuul buildings 1 u
I ruining piirpusfs. '.real riir-J wuuhl
ho tokiai ihut nu defacement ur dam-
uge wuuhl reaull in the event nf lln:
i.|.ie.i iHiing |i.uit..l 'Ilia base-
muit uf the Nurth Lonsdale r-cl.oul
ws. suggested ua n autliilile | lace, Delinile uotinn, hnwovcr, vjs denied
until Chairman A. It. Sicucy could be
ia intuited.
A cunipluiiit wa. roooived bum u
parent but it win ilut-idul lu lukc
Hn- up in mmim'tli..:.
iippem-ed for the pruaceittiun and produced ovideneo whidi showed thut Ibe
prisoner though undoubtedly, under
tbo influence of liquor at the time, wat
sufficiently cognizant of his own ap-
linini as to make bis behaviour un:
warrantable by that oauae alone.
The Mayor after administering a severe repriniand fined tbe defendant tn
und the costs of tbs court.
Tho eecuud cutra waa ul a some-
what ilium iii-riuiiH matter. Un Tuesday afternoon tbo police wore sum-
mimtid to Nu. 3311 8rd street to tjuell
a disturbance. They found the place
a hoarding huuso kept by a Huumun
Ian, Culemun by name, in a stuto
aomowhut resembling tbe bluck bole of
1 alrni 1 a. Winduwa were broken, blnod
wua .pill all over the veranda an
various ail idea ul domostic uselulncaa
were atrewn ubotit tho premises. A.
I'liliniin thu iirnpri.ilur, and John Do-
ria and .lumea Ha.Id, all Boumunians,
.ml inmates ul the liuutc, were treated charged with ueeuult. iho evidence uf the triu waa very cuninidic-l-
ury, euch mun waa conveniently lur-
get fui aa regarda hia own pcraonal
nu i.i. lho only purl ul tho
evidence Ihat ull agrcod thnruughly
upon wus that they were gloriously
drunk, Ihe li.| lur thc occasion hav-
ng been purchased, ucctmling tu their
Story, in Vancouver.
Thu light .-.. i-niii In have storied
uver II.1 nn administering a kick lu
Culmun's wife after un ultcrcutiun ro-
suiting frum trouble in Iho place 011
the previous Sunduy.
Alter illinium, up ihe Muyur apukc
thriiiigh Iho interpreter ta tho prison-
era cunsiiriug them in the must severe
manner, uud placing u line ul till uml
euats ur thirty days in guul 01 oii'h.
Muyur und I. I. Wuuls I
I1, prasidod ut Iwu impurlunl cares
un Wednesday iiiuriiing lual. In bulh
inaiaii..-. Ihe uiiili-liu-iura euncernod be-
iim .-I lu Ihe luroign . I.m. nt ul I'le
cily uud |'i. n. 1.1.1I a innlley tail pie
lure»|ite g.lhering thai might he
elsusd a. '"tough" in the -l.a
ul the prweiit day. Tbe tint cu.e
heard wus that ul Fred .Slum, im Italian charged with living drunk ami rlis-
urdtrly. Tbo tvidenot given, howevir
teemed (u place the affair ui a .utiie-
whal mini' sciit.iiB light. SI .-■» wi,.
arretled alter ch.aing Iwu linyi in In
Ibe fire atelioti un 4lh strati tho pin-
vuc.liun being that they I id iVnwn
tfiMM al hia uwii Sun inHiciing 'a
ptinbd cut just neluw the i-v.-. Further evidence, however, wont lu aiiow
iliat Ibe rook Ibruwing had been mutual, Slow having placed iiiisilc. in
the hand, ul bia .un for hot purpose. Con.lsblo (iravca, when ur
rcaling thc mtn wa. ahoul tu lie in-
lerforod with by Mutt's cumpinion
when Ihe cunatablc introduced right
iipi«.i.iit in true •)- I. style causing
him to'i Ibe matter.
Mr I- M. V ffofldtj whn appealed
fur Ihe defense, culled Alderman Smith
ss wilncs. on Ih. prisoner's behalf.
The iilili'iinuii testified st Id having
witnessed ths sweat and considered
thai Cuiisltble Grsvcs hsd used an
unnecessary amount <A totcc in making Ihe capture, bs alto did not think
ihst S lust's cumpaniun Would i^uve
lltackcd Ihe constable, wherefore the
blow delivered by that worthy wus
Mr. Buggies, the wall known lawyer
Ask (or Resignation
of District Engineer
A apeciul' meeting of (he dialrict
cuuncil wua In-Ill un Saturday. The
chief feature nf inlcrcst wua Mr. Cos-
grove, il.. dialrict vngincer'a .-hui 1 ud-
ilruas lu the meeting. Mr. Cnagrove
apuko na (ulluw. :
lln Woriiieadny Inst the chuirmin of
Ihe Board ul Wurk. naked mo lur my
resignation due lu recent wurry and
annoyances u' various kinds. 1 foolishly eimaenlotl tu du au. I nuw villi
draw my coiiaenl tu Ihut nnil ark
fur 11 public investigation un Saturday nest the 33ml insl. und lur tin
dismissal uf Inspector iteid un the
grnitiiils ul im aimiiIiii ill..!, nnd neglect ul carrying out my
given him.
The investigation ..ii'-cd by Mr. Cos-
grove will take plate ua vepicled un
The tender ul Limbed lur
Ihe sprinkler to lie us.vl un Ilic diilricl muds ut u-price ol Mtili.Jfi was
ucoepled. .
Mr. .1. C Brown'a lender lur I lie
iipcning ul Frederick Ituotl cost uf
Promina Ituuil lur IWKI wot amplcd.
The Nyo atreet und King Blrjel eiisl
local impruvemont bylaws were given
three reading, und ufter mime
siun it wua decided tn mukc the luan
a thirty year loan.
Lynn Valley Notes
Mra. Kobl. Drown is visiting friend,
at bor uid I...111.  in Otter.
Friends ul Mr. van MunsU'r in the
Vulley ure greatly relieved to. know uf
hia rally, for I'    better.
Mr. .Minion ia u now annul iu the
Vullay (rum Wiscnnain, U. S. A. Ho
hua rented a huuae un Mcluni. Ave.
(ExproM  speeilil|li.!iililll|
Mr. Sieve Hurn.uii ia building un
li..1.-ii..mi It..a.I un aililiiiun to his
Mr. und Mrs. Pack uro rcoeiving the
bcal wishea frum frienda un Iho s*fiv-
ul t,l twin girl, at their hnmc un l.ynn
Valley road.
The bono, installed in the pu.t oflicc
in th.. Valley are a great convenience.
Many nf them are ulroady taken an I
ua there aro only a limited numhor
unyune desiring s rVx should serure
unc al unoe.
.Suninicr (iirnod to winter wat tbc
scene thai aurpritud- Hie inhabitants
1,11 Tmutiny. The uid tinier it out
with hi. "I never knew thi. to Imp
[rm befnre nnd I brrre bvedin-the
place thlt 20 yesrt."
A numlxcr ol prnperly tfwiicn who
■In nut livo in the Vulley make a practice nf muring to the Volley on Hun-
day and Watting alumna, alao build
fire, lo bum brush. II 1. getting
»uch a common practice that it ii
not vory safe for adult, nr children
going to nr Irtjm churoh ur Sunday
aohwl, lu toy nothing of lie ooi«e
and ainjuyonot lo people who wish
s twist day.
Tht lug host Muriel is being repaired on tho Wulluco way..
Mrs. Wickens, Uth street east will
nut receive un Fritlny nest or again
until lurther notice.
Hr. and Mrs. J. J. McAleese ol 141b
street are receiving tbe congratulations ol their frienda on tba trrivsl ol
a i.ami- eon.
Work was commenced on the scow
being built by the Wallace Shipyard.
Ltd. for tbe Dominion government un
Saturday and i. now well under way.
Mr. and Mrs. J. fi. Williams ol l.una
dale Avenue who bave been spending a
week at Harrison Hat Springs, returned nn Wednesday.
Mr. uud Mra. .1. Pilgrim ol Second
atreet oaat have moved ta Victoria
where (hey intend to nettle permanently.
Tho   oxquvutiuna   fur   the wurking-
m.! n' huh I un . 1 at reel, being
built by Anliniiu (iulliu, were cum-
nienccd yoaterday murning.
The bounty und brightness ul flood
Friday wu. ill 1 nine muuiure dulled by
the sad death ul the eighteen munih.'
nld son ul Mra. .1. Hurl mi, cur. Huh
ami 1I1.I.I.
The music uf Ihe pipe, will delight
the licurt nf thc canny Scut who attends the concert given by St. I'd-
inund's Cuthulic church un ihe evening
ul April 3111b.
Scoda und Campbell will in 1.ill .1
lurge ice creuni purlnr und eunfecliuu-
ery establishment on Lunstlulc Avenue
near   the ferry approach in preptra-
inn lur the influx uf summer iilcirurc
The  Wiiniiin's Christian Tem|srsucr
iliuii meet a nn Wuhn- ih.\ next, IU1I1
insl. nl II p.m. at the resid>ii'.'euf Ml.
Alex, l'hilip. tit li struct ens'. Members
and lady friends urgiil tn ulliiid. .Via.
Il.-nn.'t t, secretary.
The eommittee uri'uiiging the Concert on April !Wjh secured Mhs Muriel
Crysllulc us lieeollipullisl. This talent
ed urtiBte hiw only recently nlurnr
ul ii.-iii Berlin, Germany, whore she
1 on ths stuff of the Cersler Schunl
uf Singing ua principal uecniiipnui.l.
A ilecitlotl nuvstty ut the cuncerl
givon in the Hurlicullurul Hall mi
JTiiirwluy, April 30th, will lie .ulu. nn
the English concertina pluyed hy Dr.
Cameron, und being in Ihe hands uf
un urtist this instrument pruduce.
astonishingly bcuutiltil music.
Mr. Vsrnea, uiipliuniiim suloist', hua
conauntod lo nuitt ut thc concert in
the Horticultural hull on April 3uth.
I'huao jwhu huvo heiinl hi. deligtil
ial pluying ut the bund concert given
u short lime ago know how excellent
a in.1 1.1 he is ol the instrument.
North Vancouver lodge I.D.O.F. No.
6/i will observe Ibe H'-'ml anmvorMry
of the ordur by ul tending divine aer-
vice on Sunday the 33rd inal. at I)
o'olock p.m. in the Metbodi.l churoh,
curlier Sixth street and St. '•■■■>. •■'■■
Avenue. Thc paetur ul the church,
Bev. W. C. S-hliihi, 1, will ufhciiite.
William Girdwood, engineer ol the
I iiiiiusiin, the I niuii Steamship Cum
puny'a boat al present un the Wallace
wuys, .lipped tod fell down Ihe hold
.iiitaining painful injurie., including s
bnet me uf llie .uperiur inaiilirie. In
Vomer utloiirlod^'the injured man whn
wa. luk'ii to Vuneouver.
Mr. 1'. I humus, thc fnini. 1 owner
of drug store und premises now occupied by Mr. Tyson, druggist, i. .nun
to con.truct a very up-todoto establishment ol thi. kind in the- Kerr
block, Lontdalt Avenue. In addition
lo the must modern disputing department Mr. Thuiniis will install ia-
t-ililics for handling cunfecliunery and
toilet arliclet. A mido fuuntain thai
will cost between II.WU and 13,000
will also bt installed.
Ths SS. St. Ueorgu ol the ferry fleet
went on the Wallace waye ycterdoy
morning snd a large crew nf men oro
st work sndeavnring to Jnakc her
ship sfaape far timt |or %l urdsy*.
crowds. Monsger Heard it on the job;
with a vougesnee adjusting detail, in
tbo interests ol tha company aad Ptr
•onsjly .u|«rvitina: the wurk. The SS
Norlh Vancouver it bravely sstumlp
tho rct|«msjbility of her titter *
wbilt tht IsUor it being reptiisd
Mist Helen Badghry will be Iteard
Tliurstluy, April 30. This talented
elocutionist needs no introduction as
her work is 61 the highest data- and
her 1 eh et ion (or lho evening will entertain and pleats both young and old.
Mr. Kussell of Jones Avenue died
thi. muriiing. Deceased had been suffering frum aethmu since last Thursday. He leaves a large lamily to
mourn his loss. Dr. Vomer wus the
attendant physician. Deosusud was
about 46 years of age.
One uf the chief features on the pin-
gramme lo be given un Thursday evening, April 30, Horticultural Hall, will
be .ulna by Mr. Berrialord Fox, the
eminent cellist who ia on urtist ol lho
highest rank and hi. playing will bo
a groat delight lo all present.
William Morrison convicted on tho
churgca ul three women lor unlawful
exposure uf, |ier.un tbi. murning   waa
allowed   10  go  nil   BUapClllietl   Mllhiiie,
Ii developed in tho courae nl Iho rvi-
tleiiee thut MuM'iaun hud li-.-n cun-
mi.-11 id a similur uffence III ycurs
agu in Vuncuiiver.
Tho SS. C-amotun, whidi wns liuing
uverhuulod an the Wallace wuyt lust
v. .-.-I. is the heaviest ship yet D'Uidlcd
hy the Wallace Shipyards siuco their
industrial debut in Norlli Vuneouver.
The 1 .iiii.*iin ia a SOU ton steel pus
•enger sleiimcr, her rcgulur rauto bt-
ing In-iwivii Prince lliip.-n snd
M.iilami- Itosiuu Burke will aing tho
Bach-Oounixj Am- Murin wilh cello oil-
liguto pluyul by Mr. Ilerrialonl Fox.
She will nl.'-o aing oih.-i tongs
und her rcfiutolion as a tringer leavo.
110 duubt thai she will sing litem with
inspiring effect.
A juint meeting uf thc ferry coin-
inissiniicrs and llie llutcpuyer.' Assu-
elation will lie held in the cily hull un
Friday evening. Al thia meeting tho
muyur and lerry dircctura will ni.wer
the iincHiiona aaked them by 11 dtlega-
lion of the ratepayer, at the lust silling ol tho lerry bourd on Thurnliiy.
High Mass was sung in the Human
Catholic Church, North Vancouver, uu
Kustcr Sunday by Fulhcr Bruukor.
The choir directed by Mrs. .)' Turte,
leii.l.iMl Bultamun. "Kyrie," (lluria
und Credti, uud (iumiod'a "Sauctua,"
nnd "Benediclua" in u very creditable
style. The stilus were rendered by
McsduincB Miillippu. buughlin, Kllia
and Miss Clary, and Messrs. (Survey,
lx Wane and Cugucn. Mr.   Mullhews
us the nrgoiiisl.
Mr. O. F. Duw, a well nnuwn pioneer, pi in. in   in thc   Consorvullvs
party, diod in Winnipeg un Iho 171 h
aged 77 yeara. An ullack ol | araly
sis a short lime ago was lie cause ol
his death. ' Mr. Ouw sol I led ill Win
ni|ieg in 1878, and wus widoiy known
as "Dad Cuw." He leave, u Inn, Walter, aupcriiiltartleiil ul the Winnipeg let-
i.-i carrier., and a daughter, Mra.
Kussell, of thc "Kustell Home, North
New Departure in
Residential Novelty
II.,use of   Mr.   Dillou,   Keith lined
Something You Koad About   i'-ul
Seldom Sue— Japanese Labor Employed.
Nut (tr frum thc 1.a munition of the
1 ..pilaiif cur lino and tituulod upon
the h.-iih Koad, s hou.c unique iu Ibe
annul, uf Norlh Vancouvor house construction i. being erected.
To the observant potleslri m wending hit way to ur from civilisation
pcrbupi nothing more remirkablc
about 'the ttruolure i. uotiocabie tbun
tho quaint Pagoda-likt dip ol roof
yrojecliug lar out Irom tho wills in
tho iii.liiheiuinl stylo |i.'iiili.ii tn the
Orient and Merry Widow bonnets or
the ltd of logt being used in pluoc
ol the conventional building  uiutcrial
Tbo interior of the house, however,
i. whi-ie the .kill, nit and ounscica-
tiou. offo'rt. oi the fopsnee curiicn-
Icr. (lor by such is tho bouse being
built) in which even ths mroulett detail, have remained untligbtod, strikes
most forcibly tho srtiilio utile of Ihe
things Ihst art.
"In tht oilier days ol srl,
Builder, wrought  nitli grestast care
misuts sad unseen part
For tht fiodi see evorywheaj.''
'rroifs I o ua as very tfplicalibj in lift
pratsnt instance, lor tit inria^iscsnl,
sad infimtesimal detail! act  fojahsd
mm*m 7*m ********> *mmr*mi vf *w*>w Mffff m*mt
st the larger or more proniiscuous
Every bit of woodwork is made of
the crude nuturul wood, (ret from tbe
degrading touch ol unthinking mo-
chttiiical implunianii, and tbtped with
hand taw, plane and oilier elbow
grtwas driven touit in iuch a manner
ss to produoe on effect st once rustic
snd refined. Massive mantles' with
beautiful and hideous represcntotiom
strsngely contrasted carved upon
them, ceilings evenly aubdivilw1
by beams ol second growth cedar with
no other preparation than that ol removing the bark, wood carvings along
ths cornioed border, and a tasteiully
constructed stairway in colored
woodi form optical laud lur delighted
lookars who seem to fuel the oriental
glamour which ia pre-cmiiient in
this ol a prosaic
continent. Tho ourponturi ui the
new world might woll profit by studying tbo methods ol tho
artials of tho yellow nice who   have
generously     their      gen.rati.ill
taught knowledge into ouch lattised
window or mortised joint. Some 113,-
00(1 ia is said, hn. boon expended upon
thia rcaidenco which ia owned by Mr.
Dillon of North Vuneouver, while
more muat bo sixnit before lho one
plot ion ul tho work.
will make a striking change in tbo
appearance of tbo city and, it is e»-
poctod tbat tlie cost ol the improvements contemplated will bt 110,000,-
000 or more most of which, however,
will foe expended by privato cupitul
in tho construction ul tho terminal
('apt. Chut. 1'aim but prnclio.dly decided to supplement hi. whurl at the
loot ul Kogora Avenue by another 6(1
lull or so which will bring lbs total
length up lo about 660 feet. Ctpl.
I'ulca suys that from incroaaed demand lur v. hai ling and present indication! ol greater demand for accum-
modatinns made it necessary to provide butter (mililies lor shipping Inside, taking the wharl lo deeper wo-
tor. A large warehouse will lie built
by tbo captain at the end ol the ex
tontiun alto and will whon completed
comparo lavorably with any wharl in
iti clan nn cither lide ol tbt Inlot.
Tho News Advertiser uf Ibil morning, under the cupliun "Handsome
Kn.iei Edition," hot Ibe billowing lu
luy with rofsroneo to our "Easier Progress and Duvelupmeiil Edition" :
Tho Faster number ol The Exprtii
ol Nurlh Vancouver ii a handsome
and pi el en I inns iiujirfoei, pr.ifu.ely tibial rut ud and designed to set forth
the beauties, progress und development nl tbat tuburb. Tho cuvcr hai
a lull-page view ul Lonsdale Avenue
showing that tborougblaro at its busiest hour when the large ferryboat bat
just unloadod ill capacity of patitn-
geri. There are numerous iccnet of
Seymour and Capilano canyooi and
siinoiiiiiling country with acoumpany-
ing di'si-ripliuns.
TI10.0 kind wurda ul commendation
Irom our influential and cetcemed contemporary me very onmuroging snd
are highly appreciated by tho Expreta.
Vast Impruvemunti to Include Solid
Wall ul Huge Terminal. Expondi-
lure ol timumtm Projoclsd to
Increase, Canadian Commerce—Mes-
loan Turmoilt Affect Dominion.
(From our own corrttpondtal)
Montreal, April 18-sFlsns are now
under wty and are likely toon to ba
adopted wbich provide virtually for
the remaking of Montreal at t port.
Commiiiiom composed ol engineers
and harbor officioli bave been studying lor s long timt tht problem ol
providing for Hit more efficient sad
economical handling of the (rermodoui
mmmeroa whioh osnlre. ia this city
snd which has made H one ol tht
lineal porti in ths world. This Investigation fass rtnltad Ihis wash in tht
submission ol two report.. Wbilt
(bow differ in details tbey art alike
in essential particulars and both pro
vide for Ihe practical rebuilding ol Ihr
entire waterfront. The plan gtntrtl
ly ftvored provides for tht rtpitctng
ol the antiquattd lurieoo tracks ovci
Whioh freight, it now hauled along the
river front by an elsVstad roatl to br
dovoled etoluiivtly lo the handling 0'
freight and to bsvt spun connecting
with til pier.. Bat* of tho roast is
to rite a solid row ol warahous-
ct iBjtiMiolad with the railway at tho
lecoad ttory level. By thii mesas
wimajijmic.tion betwetn t*y part pf
the watarlroBt sad syary other part
will be direct ana1 coayssiieat andil i«
tstiaaitd fhal the oo»t of b.odliag
fraafct will bt wtwed My njtrca»|
list grtat tystss. pi gissxl Utnvmlt
Yacht   Club'.   Annual Cruise (iroully
Enjoyed by Membera and (iuosli
Witb tbe brilliant rays ol old Sol
veiled delightfully witb a light mist
not sufficient to obstruct tbe beauty
of Ihe view, but just enough to keep
ium Irom siilfering any discunilurt from
tho host, Friday afternoon waa a perfect day for tho annual cruiao of tho
Norlh Vancouver Yacht Club.
To tho music ol tho gasoline exhaust
tbo boats piroutted away Irom tbo
wharves at about 3.30 o'clock and
■lipped over tho bosom ol the Inlet
bound fur lho .-imouili mniiiiiniii enclosed roaches of the North Arm where
at Covo Cliff tho property uf Commodore .1. .1. Wooda Ihe club had occur
od groundt and cottagca fur picnic privileges. Boats participating In the
cruiao were Tbe Eleanor in command
uf Commodore .). ,1. Wuoda. On tbo
trip up tho l-.leanui sustniiicd un accident tn her .leering apparatus and
her passengers were transferred tu tho
Inlet tjiiocu whicli cunveyed them tu,
their destination.
The Bullbeud, Yicc-Cuuiniudore
Tbo,    Iteai     I'liiniuudnre
Ellsworth McMillan.
Inlet Queen, Captain Hull.
Nuncy, Cuptain Chuiuc.
While Cap, Captain Plowman.
Firobug, Cspt. Peer..
Don, dipt. Harris.   ■
Ouost. presonl were: Cuuimudoru
and Mra. Wuoda, Capt. und Mr.. Hall,
Mr. and Mra. Walter Croon, Mr. and
Mra. J. McMillan, Vice-Commodore
Paine and wilo, Kuar Commodore E.
McMillan and wilo, Mr. uud Mrt. Geo.
H. Morduu, Mr. aud Mrs. Heaven, Dr.
and Mrt. Vomer, Mr. and Mrs. 0. J.
I'lnllippo, Mr. and Mn. Dyke, Mr.
and Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Hardy und children, Mr. and lira. Wilson, Mrs.
hnigiley, Mra. Humphreys, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Sosman, Mr. Beers, Mr. Mc-
Ewun, Mr. McDougall, Mrs. Cornish,
Mi.. Nora Wood., Mr. E. Adumson,
Henry, Tboinaa, Morvino and Jack
Woods, .lack Vomer, Mr. Beading, Mr.
Kcone, Mr. Fillmore, Mra. Katun,
Mr. W. Dickinaon, Miu May Bull.
Mr. J. W. Donaldaon, Mr. A. S. W.
McKic, Mr. l.lou McMillan, Mr. L, :
Mr. Holme., Mr. and Mr.. Malcolm
Tbo party lunched on 'Ihe Club
grounda about 6 o'clock, tbe more
onorgutic mining the yuung mun playing bawbull a. demon.Iruiud in the
National laagiic. Mr. Waller Green ol
World fain.' di.tingui.hod himwlf behind Ihe -bat, {reeling to tho .wiltost
ur the ilowert delivorici Witb cumum-
male con.
The Wbitecap in conac<|uonce of an
accident tu her engine bad tu be tow-,
od ou Ihe return journey by tbo Bull-
bead. North Vancouver waa' reached
about (i. If, and amid the mixed leei-
ing. uf pleasure osperionced and regret
lar Ibo termination 61 tbe trip Ibe
mombers ol tbe ytcht club, guoiti and
member, of Ihe press dispersed.
Ths occasion was 0110 of unalloyed
rajoyment in every respect. The slight
mishaps which overtook tbe Elcsnor
nnd tbe Wbileosp wore ol a nature
easily overcome and initead ol ".using any inconvenience or di.arrangc-
ment .imply afforded opportunity lor
the display of good fellowship upon
tho part ol tlie more fortunate member! of tbe flotilla, tho practical msni-
fcstalinn of which compelled oven mischance It, yield result, tbat inorcaiod
tbt turn uf pleeture extructud from the
Commodore I, J. Woods supervised
the movomenl. of Ibe fleet in a imisl
offieienl maimer and hi. thuughiliil
net. and consideration left nothing
to bt desired lor the promotion uf tbo
lutaloit and happiness uf fbe guests.
Cove Cliff proved au ideal apot lor
such an outing. Ths worm rays of the
bright tun benming down upon Iht
.loping green sward wilh ils Inspiring
view ol the North Arm in ill directions, gave a (wtobinstiun ol condi-
tjima which proved Ss tht highcsl ds-
gres sojoyaljla.
Tht firtt cruise oi the North Vancouver yacht Club wat certainly n
mott auspicious opening pf tht ten-
son ol IWf vdriah give, prouiiat of
proving one ol graalest ptessuro sad
smtttpiy- two
forth Shore Visited by '
Cinematograph Experts
(!. V. 11. Ollicial Photographer Heoures
Filiiia ql Up Cnpilann Canyon and
Othsr North Vancouver Joints of
On Wadneaday last a party of motion picture exports uiuler the diroc-
tiun ol Mr. W. S. Ilarlii'ek, the ulli-
ciuil photographer uf Ihs Canadian Pa-
oiflc railway, visited Norlli Vancouver
and took oinentatogrsph view, at the
Capilano oanyon, lerry approaches uml
Other point, nl looal interest. Thcss
Alms will later be shown to tba Van-
oouvsr »m| North Vancouver publio
and used for the purpoae of advertising Hrilisb Columbia on foreign soil.
Mr. Huriieok, when interviewed by
the Espress representative, tinted
that lis considered the films accural
in North Vancouver should be esoop-
tional as ths light conditions prevailing at tbe tips wsre ideal.
Mr'. Ilarlieck has but recently iu
turned Irom a European lour In (ha
interests nl ths 0. !'• B, advertising
Canada widely on the continent
through  the medium ol the  pictures.
jlti bus ulsn bi'iiiight buck wit]
Magnificent Building Lots
One Block from Lonsdale Avenue
Open Road and Grand Viem      Cleared and Graded.
,        $700    $550    $500
Quarter cash, balance over 18 months,
Ward, Burmester & von Graevenitz
■      ■ —
*J   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you aik (or at llie right price.
1   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
recipea, »'
*j|   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29
A. 1. TVSIIN, Prsa.
Car. Lonidale & 8tli
33 leet cleared and graded (or $1600. 1-4 cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi; alio a corner lot at
$2400 on tame terms.   Thii ii good buying.
Modern 6 roomed houie on corner lot. Good basement, (urnace heated. Price only $2700, f 500 cash,
balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 monthi. „ Thii ii only good
(or a few dayi.
Phona 70--P. 0. iiox 97
Richmond Electoral Diitrict.
'JAM, Mil II '!■', tbst 1 have received objections in writing lo the intention of tbe billowing uuniea on the Register of Vottrs for the llirlimoii.l
I'.l.. toiul District on the ground, .latod below.
AM) I AM, MOTIOU ibst ut k Court ol Revision lo Ik held on Ihe 1st
day ol May, IUII, ul th. t'Uj Hall, North Vuneouver, II. I'., ut Un o'clock in the forenoon, I shall hear uml tloteruiine tlie .uid objection., and un
lee. aut'li nam..I per.un> ur .nine other pruvincial v.,(ei oil tbelr liuhulf,
satisfy aw tbat aueb objeetion. ars not well founded, 1 shall strike such
oiiinee nil the sui.l register.
THOMA.S .Slll'.l'lliiltll,
Dated this Will day oi, IVII. liegutrur nl Voter..
...Lulu Itlaud
...Me. Isluinj
...Block li. Nr. 7, .Sou Island
...l/ulu Island
....tin Island
No. on
Register NAME
4 Abe,, lolnllln,   J.   I.
Hi Arnup, John 	
2M Bligh, Herbert	
'.'oh liotbw.ll,   J,  B	
374 Burrell, ll.-nn 	
m Burton, William 	
M6 ..Cooney, "lame.  tie* Isl.nd, K/hunie
'.I- Daniels, llami'l E South Vancouvei
«7'i IKelwl, Albert Wm ttleveatou
6Ti Direir, William  Kburat
"674 Dingwall, llobert M ...Mis Island
718 Duff, Alex IM 13, Bluck 6, Ses laluml
777 Evana, Alex. E I/it «, dr. I.
1**1 Fisher, Jumet Sea Jtlan.l
H140...,.....(>riggs, Clinton A Kburat
1178 Ilbst, 1'. (.' Buobber'ry Hd.
lilt Hooper, Wm. (baa I,ulu Island
1274 Huston, Wm. I' I.ulu Island I
iM Irwin, itobt ».bas lalsid
l»*l InliBiton, V. II Lulu Island
lit* lone, E. .1 ,. Meu laland
IWW I.ngie, .fume. Ses Island
16912 MulhetoB, -loli 11  Meu Island
I6M Matbewton, I'eler  Kburiit, Lulu bdsnd
19m tfclieui'l, Kntlerick  Sea IbUikj
VH2 McMyn, .iutm Nouti Arm, l.ulu Island
•Mm NcMyii, John   See Island
224) Ksbey, Cbu.  Bbumt
•mti Saunders, Jos l.ulu Island
sops prioolesa Kims uf soientjlio
eat, ne oduoulionul (cultures, llBnl
those which linvn raoinitli/lpeai>tfp'ari-
mental with in the public schools ol
Berlin nnil Rrasden, ilerinnny, wilh
grsnt sueeoss. A process frnr 'cleans-
ing uml e.iloi in. ,„-..aii.,--. ijnw iu vogue in Franco and Gerrhuny is combined in .oni.- of ibe 1 >ifi n brought
to (his side ul the water.
The tubject ol mm uf Ibjiao films ob
laiiuil by llailieel. ia tlto hydrnplHiie,
the ereutiun uf 1111 Austrian in-
vi'iitnr. Thia ia u bout of ubout
eighty feet in length, ita engines gen-
eralillj 350 Iioiii.-|i,,v., I, SO Oullsl I'llOled
Ihat uln n .li ii mi ut full spiotl through
ths water it rise, completely inloths
air, spurning ils native .lumoiit uml
auoia like ii swallow iilnhg the surface.
On his return, journey fruip tho coti-
liitunt, Mr. Kurhoclt wns iitatrucled by
tfae tl. I'. II. tu exhibit on the I'M
press nf Ireland moving" pictures de
pieiin... scenes ol Western Ci.nadiun
cities and mo null ma I views of AI
lierla fui mini, binds taken by him
last lull. This experiment wus very
auccuaafitl Uolvflthsluniling the fact
of ile Iwing Ihe lirst time pielurut nl
thia J. '.'lipiinii hud been slump on
bourd ship.
Mr. II,uh..'!■ i expressed the opinion
that the r.u..|-. ,-n lilm manufacturers
were fur ulna.I ul ilia American rival,
in the production of motion picture
lilm.. Everything is dune fur speed
un this con!iin 111, he say's, while in
the l-'tii,,].. mi cuiiiilries tbey work
many inuulhe on liltus iu Ihe oiideii-
vbr lo improve and uriginutu novel-
He iilso'stulvs Ihul thoy Inni-mail.-
greut strides towards the improve-
ment nl moving pit I uru numbinc lu
liuriniiuy he purcliusid u sin 11 m:i-
chinc which muy be attached to mini
<lili.ity .electric liullt fixture anablllU
pi. nu,.. to be h ■ ■■ n in i'ii' i
huiisos, si'huuls ami such plm'cs with
nut the ciiiiilvrsuinc puruplieriialia nee
essury ul present. These machine*
aru Iwing manufactured in Oarniiiny,
anil may Is.1 fur un nuliuv
ul about Hid. Mr. Ilurbcik llihffcs
lu.ii they will grow in popularity s.
thst liny will lw usul universally
Everyone whn can possibly ulfuril lu
do sn will have them, just us thai
have grumuphuiiis mid talking Iliu
chines, uml will urrungii 10 nxchiBgo
the lilms with their neighbors.
3715, Tefbird, Tho.
..Wsllurr, Win. .,	
,.Wt«dsrd, J.s. .......
 Lulu Isl.ujd .
 I<slu blend
 J.ulu Island No. ,2 Kuud
7 ...Aberwoaibi., itobt. Itmry ...T«rr» Neva
l«8 Beer, .fstaee  SWveeWa
301 Brook, Jobs  Ebura., Sea Island
fSW .../Wiy, I'ym  Hs. Jstsnd ■»
..IHmk, Albert I'UoA  RuriuiUan,
..fO&M, fnittiak  IWth An. sad Heather, 0. I.
iirinjii, t. T Bsww,
"Vwatn  Tersa Novs
m f«S 17th Ave., Fail-view
i, TW A Sievtttoa
'Itiot. AJoysius  South Vsncuvsr
him tula Msnd
t|uile u uillceliun ol ulfctulei's pre
■ ni.-I tbeinselves liefore Mayor Mc
Neish anil -I J. W.^is, J.l'., ul il.o
poliee court mi Suturilny morning.
Alfred Davit, charged with vagrancy
wus the lirst cub... called, fohsluhlc
11leaves teslilied tu liiiilne the mun
loitering about the st recti at ivi <>'■
cluck mi Thursday morning. Hums
i..hi u liurd lurk story >,i luninylnst
loti sinne ruining lo the eilv. A nuiii-
ber ol other stateinenls hnwev.r were
SO obviously mil rue ihut this .lid not
receive niiuh credsneo. 'ihe Muytir
guve the in.ii. line huur lu gel uul uf
The styiyor ullownl W. J. I'rnupo,
churgul with druiikenuess uml inoapa-
bility tu gu un suspeiiih.l solileuot us
he considered it more ul u cusc lur
the iloeloi's binds than th'tie of a
Justice uf the I'i.a.
A mail whu MHO Ins I'liin. us Mai-
Inwell, a ropretontulj>.e nf tint Family
llorulil, uud ».. 11-. Slur oi Misuireul
churgul with I.iug drunk and incapable, was liinsl th and costs, Mayor
HrNoisb gave bim u aevvre reprimand
telling him Ihut he wus u ilisgruce lu
uny p-ilili.'.iii.iii and tsprosstd the
hope Ihut ill llie lulure he would iti-
.1. ''•.>. lo prove binnBiflf ,. Isller ser-
vunt .,1 his pnpi'i ll   ii liarotofore.
The cute ol Win. Morrison, charged
with ii, exposure uf person before several indivi.luul. was Iuid ovor
uulil Tunmluy next by tbe iwpust ol
the uci-UMxl who wislml in obtain u
you want Bred,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
I Next door tn Everybody's Shoo slurs)
.   faW.'Wtwetawei
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies
Bruce & Co.
The A. Farro
126 2nd .Si. Weat
When you deal at Ihe A. Farro Uro-
eery you get exactly what you usk for
at right pries.
Special Attention!
We carry a comploto line ol Oro
Ilanbury I. Event Bread ii for ■ I'm
iii A. IylAKINj
- - M       i ■     ■
Telephone 276
Nsw Westminster band District-
District, ol New Westminster. TAKE
notice that Hubert Dull Klmond ol
Vancouvor, B. C.. occupation, broksr,
intends to apply for psrmission to pur-
chats ths following 'rWribod lands:
CominsBcIng at a post planted en the
west side til a small bay on the Nurth
line ol Lot 11630, thence wost 30 chains
more or less to the northwest corner
ol Lot 3630 ; thence south 113.70 oholns
to tbs northeast enrnar of Lot 3633 ,
thanes west 31.78 chains to tba southeast corner of Lot 66B ; thsnes north
60 chains mora or less to tha aouth-
wset comer of Lot 1338; thence eaal
33.76 ohains more or less to shore of
laks| thence ill a southerly direction
along ahore of lake to point ol com-
lllh March, 1011. H
PUBLIC NOTICE ia hereby given
that, under thu authority conlaincd
in auction 131 ol Ibo "Land Acl," a
regulation hua been .approved by tbo
l.ii'iiii-iiinii Um. Him in Council liting
ths minimum .uie price, ul first uiiti
seeoml-class ut 110 uud ftl per
acre, ro.|iectively.
Tbia regulation further provide, that
tb. pricea fixed therein shull apply to
given I
alii.- i-onsiilei ai i.m after thia dull, not
land, with reaped to which too ap
plication to purchusu is given favour
wi'lhetunding. the duto ol auch utipli-
culion nr any delay that may nave
occurred in tho consideration of the
Furthor iiolice is hereby given Ihut
ull persons whn havo pending uppllcu-
i ions lo purchase lunda under lho pru-
visions ol aoctiona 34 or 36 ol the
"Land Act" and who ure not willing
Lo complete such purchases undsr thu
prices fixed by tbo slurotuid regulgtion
shull be at liberty lo withdraw iuch
applications and receive refund ol tha
moneys deposited on account ol such
Minister of Lands.
Department nl Lands,
Victoria, R. C, April 8rd, 1011.   id
Phone    198
\jfth Vancouver
loiil and Supply Co.
Dealen in Cual, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Buildeu' Supplies.
All Orders I'riiinptly
Filled and Saiisfsciitin
Guarautvd.   pricea on
Office: Lons.)hlc, near City Wharl
Warehouse:       Forman'i Wharf
Best Goods at
Bed-rock Prices
i ii 11
All lineB of choice family
Groceries, also fruits,
Confectionery, etc.
.Satisfaction guarunleed
or money refunded.
Our methods ure I'ccitiv-
Ing favor on [-ill sides
nnd husliii'HB is increns-
in:' wiih giviit iiipiilily
Your orders iw|i('c.lfully
Telephone 1
Jno. Dierssen
('uupinis, given free on every
My order to get a dunce un
residential lut in Port Angelc6.
tW&mZti,*. aAlNBOWOVES
OldFaahioned Dyea
Often Wash Out
Rainbow Dyea are Fait
ttocmtxim NO POISON
mmmm noaop ,
^^fntttmUttmiCmiCtiiit J
U. ti. MelMIWI-Jl, \
b. e, mamuvs-*, i«, w. nor. |
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. ( Al.
Wi llualinga .Street Weel, Vimcouur,
H. C Phona 69t26
lloaitlencc : Tireinun Bluck iKS 1.1 St.
Kasl, Nurlh Vancuuver,  Phono 111 I'i.
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
.    Can Supply you with
and ad
Household Requisite*
at a Lowar Prica Ihaa aisa-
pRottrr otrnm tmimn
m a»TTO,
"SomII Preliu aad Qsic* RsttuV'
m*Mm tS.'Tyr*m*f *itm*f*f*f****9 mm* tftmfWtuM
»«. THB toR18SrJN0RfH VAlitetfVJfc-i'ft
Bapco Pure Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Shingle Stains        lapalac Varnishes
Enamel Paints      White Lead
Oils, Brushes, Pte.
Hardware Stoves Furnishings
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
■ I im >i——w»^——  m——-^^^^m*
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c, lb,
  i li  ^»——a
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rote 3 lbs. $1.00
5 Ibi. ohgoofj Tea - '■».■ - • • 1.50
5 lbs. ol better Teg .      s 1.75
5 lbs. ol the belt Tea    -      -      -      -     Y       2.00
Corner First Street and St. Gebrge
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'i
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
Elegant New Styles in
i    •
Spring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on--then you'll want
to own one, They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-116* Avenue.
IILUK llllititi     WHITE < UOVKK
B. 4 K. MIXED ?,AW» (JIU88
Seed Potatoes
ill our tstdt art ipooitllr seleoled sad tetUd (o cosipl/  witb
S«wd Control Act.  Jd laying tuods don't ovu-look quality.'
V. .1.0 earr, a full Uu ot PERTIUZERS
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
J.ONSIMMS AVIiNIJE.      , At Furry Landing.
North Vancouver
"A city feat Is buill M ft Mil m-
not. ba bW." ifyrfe VanopHver, bail,
a» it is, fl» gfouno! feat FttM staff.-
ily from tho wuterlrotit to. the m-egtil-
liwiit mouiitaiiiB bshi&d, alrpaty wra-
pels thu eye ol ths bubolder |,y tbt
irloturestiuoitost ol ita site.' A Import
years shalb pass and it will need DP
corporal eye to sas Ihe cjty (bat. will
crown these slopes, Her nam. fill
hevu (rone abroad as onsol tbpcom-
ing cities of tbe world. Bush art tbo
hopes ol the roan and women pi North
Vaflooiiyar, aad (bay ant bais|-<n» MM
firm Inundation pf naturul advantages. Nature haa surely bsun good
to this oity and muiiiciuality. Sloping gsntly towards tho,south down to
a wul erli-niit ol twenty niilus ip extent
about twelve ol which flank on tuu
norlh, tbe ptrloot natural harbor al
Burrard Inlet, tbt oity site present!
uii|iara)ltllad advantages tq the nun
of business-and tbt alike.
A thousand torsi ol tide-flats afford
ptrfoot accommodation for long liass
of wharves and railway termiiialt,
which will bt ol much eoaitr access
Irom ths entrance pi the harbor tbun
thou ol Vsneouver itsoll, wbijs on tfae
higher slopes behind lie honnsitee ol
incomparable beauty coiiimanding panoramic views ol a surrounding ooun-
try that yields to none in gran-
dour and magnilioance. Lolly moan-
tains and deep, canyons, virgin snows
and primeval forests aro at its Very
doors. Qams still swarms in tho in-
Isnd country in such numbers ss will
furnish sportsmen for years to come.
In addition tp all this tbe municipality is gibed wilb vast supplies ol lumber, considerable possibilities ol min
oral wealth and a supply ul water anil
walor power which can not be ojual-
led by any other oity ol British Columbia.
North Vsncouvsr, conscious ol
those gilts o| nature, it not oontent to
let them lie idle. Development Is going apace and will advenes still faster in tbe future.
Beginning its lifo as a cily in 190?
witb 1,600 inhabitants, North Vancouver has grown in lour years to a
considerable settlement ol 1,600 people, tq whieb the municipal district
nan add another 1,600. But the
growth of population it at nothing
when compared with llie increase ol
assured valuo of city property, In
1901 tho official valuation was only
11,031,160, wbilo today lb. oily assess-
ment. gives figures ol mors than l'J.
0(10,000 and ths district contribute.
18,8811,000 more.
Such splendid security might have
ti-mpli.l tfae city to morlgags ils lu
lure too heavily, but so far Ibis danger ba. been avoided. Both city
and di.trict raise their money by a
general lax on land values determined yearly. No tax is levied on improvements, an exemption woll calculated to encourage tho development
ol tbo district gonorally.
North Vancouvor ran boast one of
tbe beat water supplies in tbe country. Brought direct from tbo Lynn
valley, tho supply is conducted to the
city by tbe simplest ol gravity sys
terns, tbo fall ol tbo ground obviating
any engineering difficulties. A new
main has lately la-en laid and all arrangement, are complete for supplying a city ol many lime. Ihe presold
Thc B. O. Telspbons Company baa
juat completed tho erection of a central exchange at Norlh Vancouver.
When aovetal years tgo ihs comp >ny
linked tba o'tiet ol Vancouvor sud
Nortfa Vsneouver by tolophont cablo
passing under tbe First Narrows, it
placed its eaohsnge in rented tiiuulcrt
is the centrs ol the community near
the wuterfront. As the population
increased so did tbe paUoaags of the
telephone company end Ibil v.ur It
waa determined that quarters .initially filled to the retirement, ol the
control exchange service would hsvo
lo bs secured. In choosing ihs site
lor ils building the company derided
lo locals it aa nearly as possilil. in
tht:centre ol the territory from .bun
it draws hs subscriber. Ground wss
accordingly purcbeted about one wije
north ol tbt waterfront and close l0
Lonadale avenue, tha principal north
and south thoroughfare ol tbt dly.
On tbit properly a modern telephone
exchange building wat erected. From
It tbe city end municipality it now
Thirty-five milet ol itrueti snd
twenty milet of sidewalks have been
built within tfae city limit., ond from
silly to one hundred' miles iu tfao
municipality. The road question is
receiving tfat situation ol the muni-
dp.l' council every day. "That la
where sll our revenue gore," said the
municipal clerk almoit pathetically.
But tbit it tht moit important question wilb regard to tfao dovdopmonl
A tfae diitrict. Until tba mean, of
Iransporlation are perfected tbs mining tnlerprittt eat) only tarry on tfaelr
operations ' under grave disadvantages. The oopoer properties ct (m
Lynn and Seymour valley tre ol oon-
Uderable value tM new dlscoverltt
my be made any dsy,,at tbs opening up ol tfaa oounUy continual. An-
other Mutlrji which will alip bea>
ltJaLtk«.rl!il9B BiJlW md. m
tan) (| that ol fruit and vegetable
rarming. The southern slopes ol tbe
district lend tbomselvos to imall fruit
farming and tbt nearness p| Miegr*».
tnnrkot o| Vancouver offers groat opportunities nl profit to tbe enterprising frWl..
Before consideration is givon Ut tbo
schomes and possibilities of the future,
it ia necessary lo add a few words
with regard to tfae lumber and salmon
panning industrial. North Vancouvor
it nothing il not versatile in bu resources, and her busine s men aro
quick to tabs advantage of bsa lavish
gifts.  Two salmon oannorioe   sre   in
operation or would fat il lire bad not
recently destroyed tfae plant at Eagle
Harbor. However, it will not be
long before tbia cannery is restored
and work once mora resumed. fife
regard to lumbar there are already
flvt or mora companies operating in
tfae district. Three mill, are at
work, Tiro supply which it
being tapped will onduro these and
Othsr ottaoko without any noticeable diminution ol the inimonss forests which are to. be lound within the
)S0 square milet of which tin district
is composed. ,
Schools accommodating over 800
pupils, churches ol every denonrina-
lion, lour banks and sufficiency ol
stores  and modern hotels   complete
tbs account of t|)t present prosperous
ooitdjtion of thia thrjving ypun-g oity.
A pork ol tbjrtynine awes |p ba lit"
tinted in I). L. (17 unclosing a litiiu-
tilul ravine is already unbodied, in %|
bylaw. Many other parks in both,
oity and district sre already dediont-
pd to the public uso and tfao grand
boulevard circling Uie pity on throe
sides must bo niontioiiotl ns ono of tfao
plroicoet ol ti|njn spaoes. This set:
ting aside of o|ien spneo for the futuni
is ono ol thc wisest provisions which
a young community con make.
A visit to this ulreudy prosperous
oommunily   will soon   convince the
stranger tbat North Vancouver is not '
going tb let tlie grass grow under bar
(Continued on pagt S)   ■
New Subdivisions in North Vancouver City
Fronting on Grand Boulevard in Blocks 226 and 227
Alio Uu in Block 230, Fronting on Grand Boulevard
*nd UU in Block 232a. —     ,    ,. "-
.     i     mHi i I   t , III     =====
Mahon, McFarland  & Procter, Limited
Cor. Pender and Seymour St*., Vancouver, B. C.    Phone 6286
Real Estate and Fire Imurance Agents
AgreemenU for Sale Bought and Sold
Loana Negotiated, RenU Collected
Choice Propertiea for Sale in All ParU of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonidale Ave.
P, O. Box 72
North Vancouver City
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
 Cleared, Ready for Building	
In Blocks 15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D. L 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
location. Double corners, $1900 to $2200.
In Blocks 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: 1 -4 Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L. $46 and 550
subdivided into blocb of from I to 4 or more
acres, Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms; 1 -4 Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, i£
TH8 8XPRIW, north Vancouver, b, c,
. !
North Vaxcouvkr
Publiehsd TuMdiyi and Fri-laya by
North Shorr Vmt, Limitrp
una year, tfl.Ou
 , m. 1~
asTw or waaoamioa
Bit months, Mn,
United Btstss and Foreign, f 1,90 per year
Advertising Betei will ba qaoled on application
Three months, Wa.
The Espress Is devoted to tht intereila ol tba north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
oinltiilvely, It coiietltiiles an advertising medium ol eietmtiunal .slue lur
reaching In a thorough snd effective manner (he population ef North Vencouver
Oity and District. Every effort ll made to give advertisers the most sattsfaetory
All onanist In contract advertisements should ba In fee primers' bauds not
later than 10 a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion In the
following Issue.
North Vancouvrr,   B. C.
Arm iH,  njii
The immediate snd energetic development ol the splendid natural ml
vantages afforded by llurrard Inlet it
euentiel to the promotion ol all-
Canadian commercial interests ou the
1'acific seaboard. The geographical
situation of I'tojfic coast harbors is
such aa to give Canada a natural
advantage wbich seriously handicsps
all competitors in ths matter ol commerce and trade across tho Pacific and
wilh the North I'm -iii.-. ll is imperative, however, that t'anadu lit alive
to the and that she do not
allow any ctiili|ntilor to forestall htr
by means ol more vroinpt aolinil, mora
energetic meaiure. during the early
llagta ol the development of trans-
I'm ilie and ul I'm Jn- coa.l trad, ami
thus In create itianueis ul trade in ils
favor which mice established will not
eesiiy lw displaoed, bul which may deprive t'auada ol that commercial supremacy upon the I'acitic which is
rigbtlully hers. Prom present imllon-
titsis there appeara to bs all loo
good foundation for the fear which is
ttrougly felt by many who are cl„ae
students ol etiating coudiliuna that
the rapid development of trad, anil
commerce will find the •|iiipmenl uf
llurrard Inlot htitwithslandinn ils an-
|«rb natural advantages, ho|wletsly
inadw|Uate lo handle llie immense volume ol traffic tbat will offer, and that
runsu|ueutly the inlereela not only ul
the port ilaelf nr of the province ol
llriliah Columbia, but ol Canada, will
Ik impaired.
Tba great wheat field, ol Alberta
sre even now looking lo Durrani Inlet is tht bsst outlet for their annual
yield and with tht completion ol tbt
new Canadian trsntoontiiwuttl systems now in course ol construction
thera it tvtry rtston to believe thst
III. trend ol that immaoae Irright traffic to tha nun Lis ol tht world'will
tat in permanently via tbs I'scific
The completion of the 1'anema
early in I'JIIS will cut in hell tin- distance between Pacific tnd European
|imt. witb tht result that not only
Alberta wiieat but that of other
prtirit provinott will mk tn outlet
vis tht wttt. In addition to tbit the
opening of that osotl will Im lollnwad
by the establishment of new line, ol
steamers for ocssn Irtaiporlstion
from the old world to the P.cific
coast, additional avonuee of trade will
Is1 opened up, having almost unlimit
td pouibililie.. The .piMliuu a. lo
when thi. traffic is to find btrbor if-
commodation ia s Isrgt una snd n t re
IJloudoU>ly  llii|iollaul   one.
Tht tui thst tbt linitsd .Stale,
htvt bean expanding men) milliuni ol
dolisrs each year in improving and
equipping tkeir Pacific iun.1 barbort,
clssrly evidsnou tbt lact that they
art alive to the situation sad thst
trsniportttion coapaaiae will bad «u-
peiior ftsilitiee sad Mttnsiv. strum
ntodatton svsilabls in ths b.iaort to
ths south.
. Durr.rd Inltt it tht oat (Jsnadita
hsrbor wbich is st prttent tuflcuntly
. sdvsacsd to sford t'saads tb. needed
opportunity to stall* »d*|U»!« pruvi.-
Ion lor H> ptoimirm 4 tht kstarttis
of tlw Botsialos in this imporisot
mtUm, mi H thsrWore lullows tbat
Um t*pe»#Uri 4 tsder.l mm*/ ia
large mm upon tha iss»r,,vs»*tnt awl
Im *i|uips*aet 4 tbit hsitw it  not
tMUff       M*my^mmmm       m*fij*t    \m*       mf/mmmjmwt.
Imam ptmMfAm, but it wily lf>
uersiiv* to tha protection 4 Iniaraeta
whlcb ere ol vital import to the Dominion.
The work of widening First Narrow, for wbich purpose a dredge bus
been purchased and has just be.n put
in working ahepe, ia etpeoted to beaui
in the immediate future and will constitute an etoslleot beginning of national expenditure, for the improvement ol the hSrbor, but at th. same
time it csn qualify as a' beginning
As an additional step toward the
conservation nf federal commercial interests upon the Pacific, the most
effective single measure that cuuld be
adopted it tbat the unexcelled deep
water frontage on Ihe Norlh Hhore of
ihe Inlet and extending Irom North
Arm to Rowe Hound, a dittance ol
twenty mil,., iboiilil he nmini.I available for general harbor purpose, by
lieing joined up, with list renpectivc
iiiiiim'uniinenial railway systems
whicli at present converge nt or sre
about to converge at Vancouver.
Tbs -ouili -Iniii' nl llurraid Inlet is
already su Lilly occu|s'«l aa In render
abanlutely neorssury the acquisition id
ihs North Shore for utilisation. Onlv
by this means can the ru>|uireil accommodation be pruciirnl lui iinliislries
wharves, warelioiim, elevators, sddi-
iional railway terminal, lur which
latter purpose lb. 1,1110 acre, uf lid'
Hals which arc found on tb. Ninth
•Shore present ideal facilities, nut
alone bacsuee of tbelr larg. area   and
ul the feet that they 1 1.1   »i   dutp
water, but also, ss has been proven
by boring operations, lw.vii.fe ol tin
imt in.- ol tht soil ol whioh lh>y are
It it e molt fortunate nicunnuance
thst llurrard Inlet Tunn.1 md Bridge
Cuuipany is prepared In procieil al
.uny with th. Const run inn ul the
bridge st .Strand Narrow., whiili
alone j. necastsry to afford the North
Shore transcontinental railway oon-
ttruotiou and that company i. await-
ing only the coiMrilxilioti of a
•uileble sulmidy by tbs Dominion       'ml el lllllei,I All       • I-        If  ' ih
readiness and the |m.»ing ol «
subsidy vol. on their beh.ill by Ihe
Isdsral bouts would mean I Imt the actual construction ol thi. bridge would
begin within s very few wanks, lu
view ol thit situation and in lit* "'
tlw urgency of the need which would
In supplied by tail bridg. the necm>
Mry sppropristion ihould Im st one*
plsesd in ths luppleaunlsry
now iu oouree of preparation at Ottawa in favor ol Durrani Inlet Tunnel
and Dridgt Company. Tbt urgency ol
tbit mttttr it ytt mor. .pp.reat wlian
it is considtiad thst two or more
yssra must .laps, sflsr its commenoe-
ment, befor. tbe bridg* tin bt com-
pitted tnd Wore it with ill connecting lino, of tervice railway csn bt is
sctusl utt, A most teriou* srror
would Im committed wsrs tht prestnl
wason to psti without th* coflMasnss-
mtnl of conilruotion work uptti Sic-
oad Narrow! bridge inunucfa s. even
under th. most Isvorsbl. condilbsia
i. conttruction ths demand for tin
railway faeililass wbieb would thereby
be provided lor tbe MortAi Sfcore wa-
tarlrontsge, would Im found »»g
Isr in sdvsnce ol Ih* work.
The construction ol Second Narrows
bridge it t potent tsator Is fee pro-
atotion of the coaMiereftJ IstftrtsU ol
(hs Dominion on fet Ferine tsaboard
Ht ItiinrHili cotutraatioa it loiosss-
liv. to lb. proper promotion of Ibose
InUrssU, the llofsuaiaa govsrnmsat
bu nlrmty by vol* tdmi'ubti s slab-
miy lot   ths toatlisiitloe   ol   thia
bridge | feat subsidy is, at the present time,  unattached; Burrard   Inlet
TowteTaiid Bridge Tympany, » Coif
l>aiiy owned and controlled by fee
people and which will be operated
aoWy in fee pablio Intermit, stands
ready today, backed by |f»0,000 already subscribed, to begin ponstrue-
t|on wWrin a lew weeks and to carry
the same to* the speediest possible conclusion. Tba Dominion subsidy 4
thrao hundred thousand dollars shpuld
therefore, be-al once placed t» the
predit of Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compsny in order feat feii Important project may b* underttk-
en without further delay.     v
i'i iw   ii     il       i '    nf ,1     ,   i      i. iiii>sS>
all persons having claims againit
tba tatatt Ol Martha R. Hoi,, dec*..-
sd, lata ol tha Oity 4 North Vancqu-
vir, art riquirod to aent by post, prepaid, or dtlivtr to Schults k Amok),
solicitors lor the executor ol tbe said
deeeassd, thsir names and addresses,
and lull particulars in writing ol their
claims and ths nature ol ths security,
il any, held by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE tbat alter the
1st ol Hay, 1011, tha executor will
proceed to distribute the assets of the
deceased, having regard only to the
claims ol which he 'hen shall have
had .optics.
that sll parties indebted to the laid
estate are required tn pay the
amount of their indebtesiicsa lo the
undersigned lorthwith.
Dtted thie 30tb dty ol Harch, 1911.
sciilil/ry. li ARNOLD,
Solicitors for tbs Eieoutor,
10.1-4-5 Crown Building, din Pender
Street, Vsneouver, B. 0. 3-8
North Lonsdale
Arrangement a aro being made fur
erection of first cluaa 7 room hoiiaes
fronting on Norlli Lonsdale llnul-v.u.l
with modem coiiveiiiena... Prices |3,-
300 to 11,800 on termi lo suit. By now plan, can Im allaretl
lo  suit   purobuter'a wiehes.
As the location ia one ol tho bast
in North Vancouver lor a bum. she,
Ihe opportunity i. a favorable one.
For particulars apply to
iPiimiiciul Agent,
CI.UB   DliM'h  - North' Vancouver
Othce Phons. 10 House Phons 247
138 (ith Street East North Vaucurm
Phone 371
Angus J, Cameron
A.H.I.E. li S.     -
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
snd s|»citications. Septic tanks snd
houss disinsg. a specially. P. 0.
Bos 314, loth street west of Dtwickt
1. O, O  F.
North Vancouvir Ix>dg*f No. M,
meets every Thuraduv evening, sornsr
LonMlale Avanus .ml First .IrMt, at
b o'clock. Visiting brethren cordaslly
invited to tttsad. A. T. K«aidy,
K.0.J Thos. STNyi, i*c.-**e~jrH.
Pilling, P.O., ftn.-aa..; Chsi.Nyt, IlO.
Notary Public
Loeaa, Invsttmtot. tad Insurants.
Room 307, oil Granvill. St., VaasoU-
vsr, B. V.. Phoa* tm. Und Rsgu-
try worjlf a* spaajaltf.
LOW SEA^Proprietor
8a.m. to 8 pm.
First-clasi Mtsls 35c.
Coniiniilstion Tickets, tl maals
Roomi lor Rant at modtrate rata*
... t	
Lonsdale Avenue
Tho choapest houee buy today
Compare it-wife mrrpiwdlRg valiiee
4-room Bungalow, hot »nd cold water
bafe,   et*-, lanoad.   »838 cafe,
nee atrange. Price tifffl.
, ■    "—^—     £
On and after April let, 1911, we shall be located in the
New Keith Block on Lonidale Avenue.
Having secured a central and convenient ollice in thii up-to-
date building, we shall render qiir maBy clients even better
service than heretofore.
Pierce & Hall
FIRE!    FjREj!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole Agent
Agrcemenln and fontracli drav/n
of cvury i'i ». rii-'iiiiii
Phone 157
«   Gsner.l
Building LoU fit Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L 550. lor $950.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
In Block 82, D. L 550 lor #1000.   $350 Caih;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
Alio a block in Upper Lonsdale (or f 5250.   One
Quarter Caih; Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi.
Already subdivided into 24 lots.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Lata Isktlcr * Ward)
219 Lonadale Avenue, Phone 44
120 Second Street Eait. Telephone 206
(Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Bur •" Yow °"a Town, Your Orders Selidtsd
North Shore Locators
We sr. placing on tit msrket a blook of 17 lots, oa tht
Oread Boulevard estestios, Than lots art blgb tnd dry, witb
sn unsurpassed visw, two blooks Iron tbt pretest car line, tiie
40x136, partly otetrsd. Pricei Iron $oo0 to |800. 'J'ermi 1-6
oath, balsnct, 8, «, 8, IS, 15, 18, 31 and 24 month..
Conn ip tad 1st ut tbow you over tbit proporly.
No. 8 Lonidale Ave.
Phone 123
FOB .SAIJ.-Owner must nl| Jafgt
roomy houss, all modern, eaaitnt loss
datioo, (suss, Unpiace, |M0 cssb.
Gloat to est Ihst.
Urno Tins Ifa
1'b  2 tins for lfio
2'e 2 tins for 25o
3's 1 tin for IF.o
New Zealand Butter
3 lbs. for   $1.00
Sago, 5 lbs - - 26o
Split Peas, 5 lb.- - ' 26c
Tomatoes, largo si/.e. 2 for 25o
Gmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
TELEPHONE it). P. O. WO»»4
TheCash Store
Staple end Fancy Groceries
Freih and Smoked Meata
io ib. mk..,	
3 Um. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    •   -   -   ■  $1.00
3 lbs, Beat Empress
Coffee    -   -   -   -   $1.00
RusBet Applets, per l>"* $1.85
Rtirc Castile Soap, per
bar   '      26c
Chiver'a Fruit in SSyrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
quality and price uf our Meat
Rolled OalB, 711)8. for    25c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   -   3 lbs. $1
(.emoiiii, per do/    -
ojaggis Soups, 5c. per tat
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale
higb view luta, two blocks from I.uiih
dele car, beat view in Norlli Lonmlnlc,
only thlh, easy payments. Thi so err
selling-,'so got bu.y il you waul lose
euro one. Set Hr. Mcllwaine, I ■'•'-'
Third .troct sa.t, lourtb Iioum caM
of I .,ii,..I,iIii. 31-4
G. G, S limiciin of Ibe City ol Vancouver, broker, boi been tppointod attorney ol (bo above-mentioned Cuuipany in tbt plats and ilead ol ff.
Harry Wilton.
Dated at Victoria, II. ('., Ihii ninth
day ol Murch. 1911.
Begiitr.r Joint .Stock ('onpaniot.
Paper tha World
from our slock ol new Wall Fspari
io il teemt. Every dsy aomi nsw
deiign arrives to fill tbt vacancy
ol thow clossd out.
Handaom* Wall fagg
aft hart in tndlttt variety. ,lotl
l*H«pur ttlcsman lor wbst caoas
yo%Wint th. paper s»d fa. will
show you just tfae p.Utrs yoa art
looking for.
To oboute Iron our ttook la saita-
twt, to psy our prist la stay.
Ill iAwtdslo Avenue Hwaa Hi
■ *
i>. wi tans
tWtwe»Ma>al»taaa1aaaa1taa^ mil mu
Sterling Silverwe
> '      i'i
Nu ilriicriplhn adjectives are required
when sterling silverware is mentioned
—tile quo word '"sterling" supis up
all thut mny bo suid concerning genuineness. It means tbat sn long at
the piece wears it will be silver—nothing hut silver, it wil| his an heirloom ol pi Lie ll| piiaa mi down to am:
missive   iji'iieralioiiH. TllO    nrlialii:
huniity ..I our sterling silvor in ua
plnnsiiig us it i. .listiiiative. Tlie opportunities nl .li.,).'.■ arc ull that i'oiiIiI
he ile an .1, including lea services, tablu
silver in ninny patterns ami chests nl
solid silver, I rays, fruit jilutoa, etc. ■
■*» i i it
11    i . "7" ' ' \        -~*
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
i:\vcli-rs antl Silversmiths
tiuo. K. Trnrcy,
Managing Direi'
Hastings & Granville Sti.
leouls Jowph Vance
m cuhry co,
(oniii Loii(>ddle autJ Second.
I'lioue 253
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value such an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
and colors. See this line and we will
convince you we. can defy all d»1
competition. All sines to 42 inch.   «P *■
6 Room House, Furnished, with lawn &
garden, close to ferry, on 3rd St., East
i: 0, llox 178: Hume 38.
99 I oustliilt Ave. North Vancouver
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
tua ur caotai. 1100.000.00       a Thompson twin, M..a,iu Du-mo,
 2MA.NCH OFnce, M OU Bro.d St.. Union, Kn.luJ   '
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
iiii'iins s marked saving in
fuel ami Utter halting results.
only does its work JlJJT'J 1$R
Imt AT LJiSS COST lh»»
oilier i; in,.'.
Wi; nn tiulliojlltrifJ lo yw
ill* .whole Superior Clisfl-
ccllof principal uf economy
sml L'fliiii.'niy in ten minutes.
Is jl nol worlli llisl
ol your lime riglit now ?
The J. D, Fra«er Hardware Co.
i'hon* 58. 133 lurndtic Avenue
' ■  II I
tbt pultet, i single deep tbronted lull
boomed Mlemnly tU liesvy. rumbling
HI* o'clock! lilrkwt.Hl rouaed out ol
Ills dour brooding. Tbt Amitcrdatu ex
litem would lenve it ttjt. i«d be knew
nut from what slnllon.
Striding swiftly scross tbt promenade, he entered i imall tobacco .hop
slid made Inquiry of tbi proprietress.
HI. command of 1'rencb WU tolerable.
He fiperlenccd no dlfBculty lu coin-
|iri.|i(.||illng tb* good womsn't Instructions
Trains for Amsterdam, sbt aaid, left
from ibt Oar* f-'cntrsle, a mile or ao
across the city. Monsieur bad plenty
of lime and to spare. There wss tbe
iruin lln* If monsieur did not car* to
tske a User*. If bt would go by way
of tbe Vlelle Hourae he would discover
ihe train can of tba Hue Kipdorp.
Monsieur was most welcome.
.Monsieur departed witb (be more
liiisle since he waa unsble io repay
litis courtesy with tbe neat trifling
purchsM. ' After • brisk walk of some
fifteen minute* be reached tb* station.
A public clock reassured blm witb
tbe Information tbat be bad tbe quarter of an hour's leeway. It waa oul/
aeventeen minutes put IS o'clock (Belgian railway time, slwsys confusing).
Inquiring his way to tbs Amsterdam
train, which waa already waiting at
tbe platform, be paced. It* length, peer-
In:., brazenly In st tbe coach windows,
nuw warm with hope, now shivering
wilh disappointment, realising aa lie
iiiitlil not but realise tbat, all elt*
hide, his only chance of rebtbUltttioo
lay In meeting (auandar. Bof tl aoot
'of tba cotcbtt er carriatat did bt
discover any' 00* eren remotely la-
seinbllng tb* fit adventnrer, bia dtwjh-
tar or Mulresdy.
Satisfied tbat they hsd not yet boarded tbe train, he stood aaid*, tortured
witb forebodings, while tmlously tcru-
tujjjlng eacb Individual of tb* tbroag
of Intending titvelert. Perbsps they
bad beau delayed-by tb* Alsthea's
lateness In making port, very likely.
I'erhape tbey purposed taking pot thlt
but a later train. Peitspt tbey bad
tlrttdy left tb* city by an tarUar of
bad returned to Bngland.
On tlm*, tb* bell clanged Ita warning, tb* gnarda bawltd thtin, doors
were hsetlly opened and slsmmed, ths
trucks begsq bo groan, couplings Jolting aa tb* engine chafed In constraint
Tk* train and Klrkwood moved elmul-
laneously out of opposite end* of th*
(tattoo, the ono to rattte aad bammsr
round th* eastern boundarit* of tb*
city and straighten out at top speed 00
.the nortbtrn rout* for tba Belgian Una,
tb* other to (troll moodily away, idle
banda In empty pocket*, bound alm-
leesly inywhirs-lt didn't matterl
Nothing whatever unaltered In tn*
•mtllttt degree. Ure now tbt outlook
bad been dark, but thlt be felt io be
tbt absolute nadir of bia misfortune*.
Presently -after awhile, .. soon aa he
could bring himself to U-be would ssk
tbe wiy sud go to ths Amerlcsn consult... But Just now, low s. ths tide of
chance bad ebbed, leaving blm etrsnd-
ed on tbe flat, of vagabondage, low aa
abowed Ibt nii'iisiirij of bit aclf esteem,
be could not tolerate tbe prospect of
begging for ese|stence.
lit- found himself, nellber knowing
Dor csrlng hnw he bed won tbit ber,
io Ihe I'lscc Vrrlc. the vsat ventrsbli
pile of the .atinitial rising ou bis
right, hotel, nnd quslnt old world
dwellings with peaked roofs snd ga-
blee ond dormer wlndowt Inclosing
tht other tide* of tbe equtn. Ti>
cblmet (bt could hear none but tbott
of the ctlhedreli were heralding tbe
hour of seven. Little** aud preoccupied In t'ontempletlon of bis wretched
esse, he wandered purposelessly half
round Ihe square, tutu dropped Into *
bench on fit outskirts.
It wu tnine tlm* liter tbit bt noticed, wilb t t'tauil, Indifferent eye, *
porter running out of tb* Hotel de
Plsndre. directly opposite, sod calling
S facr* lu to the csrrisgs block.
A* languidly be witched l wotnin,
very becoming!? dratted, follow th*
porter down to th* curb.
Tbt din-re swung lo, and tb* womao
dismissed tbe porter before entering
tbe vehicle, e proceeding *o unusual
thai It Used tbo onlooker's Interest
Ue sal rigid witb atteattea. Tbe woman teemed lo be giving explicit tod
lengthy direction* to tbo driver, who
nodded end gesticulated bt* comprt-
The woman wu Mrs. Hallam.
The drat blush of recognition pitted,
leaving Klrkwood without any souse
mem. If fu sp euy mailer .to sc
count for ber being where the wif.
Thrown off Ibe stent by Klrkwood el
Bbternesa ibt previous morning, the
bid misted tb* dag boot, tbt ssme
wblcb bid ferried over these wftom
sbe pursued. Ketornlng from Sheer
a*** to Queentiwroogb. bowtver. ibe
bad taken tb* nlgbt boat for tombing
sod Antwerp, and not without h*r
Slan. Bbe wu not a woman to wtste
tr atreagtb ilmltmy. Klrkwood bs
lleved tbit tht bad bad from tbt tttt
S 'very desalt* ctmpttga ia vjtw. In
thit ctinpalgo Queeoaboroogh pt*f
bad been the |rtt ttrategic mov., the
Journey lo AfiarMR *pp*r*ntly. ts>
lecond. ind «b» Amtrictn wu i»
preucd /bit bt wu wttneuing t>
ttfftffrfi q, tkst third Isilw *top
.ue concluilon of this procssi of ret
sotting wss Insvlisblt-midini would
bear within*.
Tbui w*| * wsglcsl transformation
brought ibouf. Initantoneouily laaal-
tuda and vain repining* were replaced
by hopefulness and *ntrgy. In •
twinkling tbt young mm wu on hit
feet, evarg nerve a-tbrill witb *«»*■
lira Hallam, bllttfully Ignorant of
tbia aurvelllanc* over her movement*,
took ber place lo th* tscr*. Tb* driver
c|pcked to bl* bortt, cracked hit Wblp
aud started of at s slow trot-s pace
Wblcb Klrkwood Imltsted, keeping
himself st a discreet dlitence tn the
reir of tbt cib, but prepared to break
Into a run whenever it ihould prove
Sucb exertion, however, wu not required ot blm. Evidently Mrs. Hallam
waa In no great baste to reach bar
destination. The speed of tb* fleers
remained extremely moderate, and
Klrkwood found a long, brisk stride
fsst enough to keep It well In sight.
Round the green sqosr*, under tbt
beautiful walls of Notre Dsme d'An-
vers. through Grand* plac* snd put
th* Hotel de VIII* tb* cab proceeded,
dogged by what might plausibly be es-
sorted the most persistant and Infatuated aoul tbat ever crested tbc water,
and ao on Into tba Tan Dyck quay,
turning to tbt left st tbi old Bteao
dungeon and,, alowing to a wtlk, moving soberly up tbe drive.
Beyond the lip of th* embankment
tha Scheldt lowed, Its bread, shining
surface oily, smooth sad dark, a mirror for th* Incandescent glory of tbe
ekles. Tb* lift ef tbe river wu gone
ind ll tbelr moot lug* tb* tblpt twung
In great quietness, riding light, glimmering like low, w.n iter*.
In tbe company of tb* hitter tb*
young man marked down tb* Aletbea,
a tight wbich mude blm uncontcloualy
clinch both lists tnd teeth, reminding
lilm of that rare wag, Blryker.
To hit wsy of thinking the behavior
of llie flat-re waa quite unaccountable.
Hardly had Ibe hone paced off tb*
length nf t»n Mock* on the quay *r*
tl wns unified in tbe edge of tbe prom-
1'iimlr uml brought to * itop. And tb*
driver lMisled the relni round bb)
whip! ilirimi Ut. litter In lu tocktt,
by *# BoW.s-M«rUI Cu.
ii im
turned ildewlee on tha box tnd began
tp imoke aud awing bia b**i», tuney-
tag tb* psuonms of river and *oa»*t
wilb, complicmcy-s cabby, ooa would
vantur*, without t ctn In tbt world
sad serene In tbe uturanct qf a PS-
•root tip Wbsn be lost bis (sit. But,
U for the latter, sbe made ao move.
Tbs door of tbe cab remained cloeed-
llke Ita occuptnt'i mind, a mystery to
tbs wstchcr.
Twilight ibadpwi Itugtbtned, darkling, over tbt land. Street light*
flashed up In long, radiant ranks. Aud
•till tb* (scr* lingered In Inaction;
still tb* driver lorded It aloft lo cars-
frce abandon.
in tbe course of tlm* tbi* Inertia
where be bid looked for action, tkll
dull suapenae when ba. bad forecast
Interesting developments, wore upou
tbe watcher's nerves and made blm
at one* Impatleut and suspicious. Now
tbst be bad begun to doubt be conceived It u quite possible tbst ilrs.
Hiillam, Who wsa capable of anything,
ahould have atolen out of tbe cab by
the other and to blm Invisible door.
To resolve tbe matter Bully b« took
ndvsntage of tbe darkness, turned up
his coat collar, hunched up bia shoulders, bid hi. baud. In pockets, pulled
the visor of his .ap well forwsrd over
his eyes sud slouched nsat tbe fiacre.
Sir*. Hallam sul within. He could
see her profllc clearly sllbouetled
against tb* light. Bbe wu bending
fiirwsrd snd staring Ssedly out of lb*
window scross Ibe driveway. Mentally be •ai.'uiai.'.i ibe dlreillon of ber
gOSt. Un'" moved awaj sud followed
ll with hia own eye* and found blm-
•u'lf elarlng at Ibe facade of s third
i,itc botsl. Above Ils roof tbe gilded
letters of • *lgn.'niching the Illuming-
loti from below, spelled oul tbe till*
Plans proparod and r.liinntei givtn.
Office: HOT llouiinioa Triul Bldg.
Phone 2497
Beaidonce, 152 Klgbtli Ave. E.
North Vancouver.
of "Hotel do fJomuiero*.''
Ur*. Hsllsm wus Interested lp lbs
Hotel du Commerce?
Thoughtfully Klrkwood fell hack ta
his former point of observation, now
the richer by another abject of suspicion, tbs hostelry.. Hr*. Hallam w|*
waiting and wutcblug for some una
to enter or tp leave that establishment.
It seemed * rcasoqsbls Inference to
draw. Well, then, so wis Klrkwood
no less tbun Die lady. He deemed, il
quite conceivable thst their objects
were Identical.
He atsrted io beguile the time by
wondering what aba would do If-
ur a audden he abandoned tbi* lln*
of (peculation sud, catching bia breath,
held It. almost afraid, to credit th*
truth th't fur unci bl) anticipation*
wen being realised under hit very
Again*! tbe lighted doorway of tha
iioii'1 du Commerce tbe figures of two
men were iiioiueuisrlly sketched us
tbey etine hurriedly forth, ind of ihe
iwo one ws* short tnd stout and even
at a distance seemed to bear himself
Wilb an accent of aeeertlveneea. whit*
Ibe other wu tall and buvy of •boulder.
Bid* by side tbey marcbed In stop
acrost tb* embankment to the head of
tbe quay gangway, descending without
pluse to tbe landing stage. Klrkwood,
bunging breslhlessly over thc gtiurd
rail, could hear their footfalls ringing
In hollow .-li v t li in on the planke of tb*
Inclined way, could even dlicern Calendar's unlovely profile lu dim relict
beneath one of thc waterside light))
•nd be recognised uumlstukahly Mul-
ready'* deep voice, grumbling Inarticulately
At tbe outect be had «ci after tbem
witb Intent to eccoitCalendar, bul their
pace bed been awlft and bia Irresolute.
He hung fire on Ibe Iwue, drcsdiug to
revcel himself, unable tu decide wblcb
were the bettor course-to pursue th*
meu or lu wall snd discover whst
Mrs. Hallam was about, lu tbe eud
he waited aud bed bis disappointment
fOr n'. 0lll|ielll e
Km tin Hsllsm did nothing Intelligible.   Hsd she driven over to the bo-
(To be continued)
a limited number at
$450 to $500 per lot
Quarter Cash;  lialajicc   6,   12  snd   16  months
These loti are level, good toil, easily cleared and
building ii rapid in adjoining blocks.
Five Minutes walk from Car
Lots in D. L. 62», BAYVIEW;
. $300 to $325 per lot; $20
cash and $15 per month; or
$50 cash and $10 per month;
or $100 cash, 6, 12 and 18
months ■ ■■ ■.      •:     •
"  i     .— mil ■**■
333 Pender St.W. Phone 5664
,      World, April liltli
Important Dry Docks
Contracts Awarded
Impcriul Car t'uoiptny'. ('nrreepond-
out   in   l-.aglu.iiil Interesting
K. |a.11    I mla\
Step. Well I inl.i Wty (or I'unsuinnuj
lion ol 'Jail Compeay't lintt Iin-
del Ioking
Important ntwt wit received by ol- ol the Imperial <!sr Company,
Limited, Un. morning Irom Hi. Bul
look, who, il will be ictneniberod, wa.
in Vancouver t .hurt lime ago in connection wilb the building of the dry-
dock al Uocbe foiol.
Mr. Bullock stole, thst be ha. lei
a doseu contructa lor tbo
company, tht huge. I of I hose Iwing
to tbe firm of Swan k Hunter lor tho
main structure. Tbi. immense dock
will be built in section, in Isiiid.m u»d
shipped to this eity. Dotaila Sre
•wailed with interest by citizens ol
Vancouver, lo whom tbo magnitude
and importance of the oompony'e variola undertaking, ha. elrongly appealed. According to toe terms ol ihi
Dominion eubeidy conetructiou will
begin nest month.
ammi nabwiwh bbhxik pro-
Newe-Advwtieet, April IHh
IM V- W. Mael/taa roturOed ou Sunday from t dx weeks' I rip lo Mie
Kaat, cuovinood that there it no eity
there lo louch Vanoiuvcr. At rogordt
th* fjeooad Narrows bridge projeol,
list detnlnlion on which he mat al
Ottawa, h* oonaiders Ih* .uUtruoturo
work should be .farted in sis week.'
lime, btfort which lime Howe He-
Naught j.' upooted back irotf Kwg-
land tad trill probably s finte-
ami on ihe subiecl. Mr. Meclsmn
think, tbore ie no question «* to lh»
fadsral giant.
1          . "■■     . IIX
for everybody.
Carpet Squares
\ and Rugs.
We have just
received a
complete line
ol Imported
Prices right.
Special Attention given to
Window Shades, .
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonidale Avenue
Buffets, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
If you intend making your home
in North Vancuuver see us.
We also carry a (ull
line of Crockery.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
from $200 to $450; 1-4 cash, balance 2 years
All sin shed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Boulevard; open street;
high ground; full view of city and harbor; 10 minutes walk
from two car lines.
' Why live milet out of the city when you can purchase Home-
sites for less than you pay 3 and four miles out, and in the
west end at that?   INVESTIGATE.
A Cheap Double Corner
on Queensbury Avenue
—Ui   ii' i ii',   *     I.' " "■
Loti 23 and 24, Block 14, D. L 273
137 feet on car line by 100 feet deep.   Price only
$5750.   1-3 caah, balance to arrange.
The f above will doubtless be good business property, being situated so close to
Uie Grand Boulevard, upon which no stores can be erected.
OS GrtnviUt Strati    VANCOUVEB, B. O., au&orind Capital  tf,000,000.
tyesl but*.    Inttirasct.      Monty to Loss.
S*T ilt- 14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Local Manager
Lot 18, Block it, D. L 550, $1160. Cash $450, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 156, D. L 274, $13,000, Terms to arrange. Near Lonsdale
th* abovt loti are among the beet buys in North Vaacouvtr, .nd inlesdiag fsvotora will *ary* their own
latere.!, by invettigatisg. ff* bave th* etdtuivt .ale and alto a larg* 11*1 of other lot. in th. City. It I*
!• your own intarwt to call aad inspect our li*t before dacMing.
Rot EaUU A|«U.      Flnwckl Snlun
Hsad Office: 405 Hasting. St. W., Vsncouvsr, B. C.
British Columbia Branch Oflteeo: Branch Offices in Europe:
4 Loiisdftle Ave., North VsneoByar Berlin, Oerpiany
UU Government St., Victoria London, England
Paris, France
North Vancouver
(Continued Irom page p)
leet. But when an iubsbjtapt taglni
ptmtjng the future in rosy color* he
alwayi arguee froBV one esamiUI pp.,
miee, without whioh lie can only shake
his heat) and go on hoping. That pre;
miee ia the building pf tho bridge
aorqse .the Beeonr) Nsrrdws, whidi will
eonneot North Vsneower with Vancouver. Todsy this greet scheme hus
enusrwi the sphero of praclicnl polities.
In faet, a bylaw pledging the municipality pf Nnrth Vtnoouver to aub-
leribe fJoO.lKW to the purehsie of
etook iu the building compuny wee
imsaetl in July tnd on August 18 the
riitiipuycre of North Vsneouver City
voted to •ufawribe for 1100,000 worth
of Stock while Vancouver iiity electors
have imasotl a bylaw authoriiing the
purohute ol (300,000 worth of itock.
The Burrerd Inlet Bridge end.
Tunnel Company ie under corf-
tract to atari work within ten monthi
nf the pelting of that bylaw. A) a
matter of fact it ia believed tbat il
will Im five niimliw rather than ten
before North Vanoouver will sec bei
long chttrjahed hope. Inking simp, in
the louiKlulions of the piurs of *
great bridge. The linking of tfae two
luniks ol the Inlet will he of enormous
benefit to tlie younger oily. Already
a e*r, shipbuilding and drydook company lit. made arrangemeUli for ee-
tablishing its works on the northern
Shore ae soon ss the Second Narrows tre spumed and the present
transportation disabilities are thus removed. But the bridge alone will not
complete the scheme thst the (ar-stu-
ing North Vancouvoritee have mapped
out for their oity. A tunnel under the
First Narrows tbey regard as ibe natural complement of the bridge. The
construction ol these two means of
inter-city communication will enable
them to realize their scheme of a circular harbor railway which, owned hy
the various municipalities situated in
the vicinity of Durrani Iul.-t, .hull
form the foundation of a ureal municipal harbor completely -.h.i- . m.l -I
with wharves handling tho InMil und
traffic of the count-rice of iho world,
The funds neoussary to carry out
this great scheme are already being
raised. Tb eity of North Vancouver
has voted 1100,000, tht inunioipulily
#300,000, s likt turn being promised
by the provincial government. Van
couver city has paesed a bylaw lo subscribe (300,000. I'romiaa, have
been received from the Dominion government that they will nut
eee the scheme languish for lack ol
funds. Vanoouver itself and liunmliy
•re considering the taking up of portions of the etock. The company itself bat been granted power to ietue
bonds for 1160,000. Tbo utim.ite.l
coit ol tht bridge is 11,360,000, wh'il.
the tunnel will coit about «3,000,000
For thii latter icheme other meant nl
railing fundi will have to be devised,
but the men behind it are local men
lor the most part and money invested
in th. enterprise will bring them returns not only by the operation of tfae
scheme itself, but in the enhanced
value ol Uie land held by them oq
Ihe northern shore. For thit reaaon
it ia likely tbat the propossl will not
be hurriedly dropped. The tunnel once
constructed, Capilano will be nearer
to the centre of Vancuuver than Point
Qrey tnd thie superb residential quarter will be opened up to the wealthy
bomo-eeekcri of Vancouver,
A delegation compoeed ol repreeen-
t.tive. of tht Burrard Inlet Tunnel k
Bridg* Co,, tha city tnd distriot
councila end the Board of Trade lately
vurited Ottawa to interview It* Min-
ielar of Bailway. to secure aa appropriation of 1300,000 lor (he bridge project and |10,000 per mile for the c instruction of the railway Irom Deep
Cove to Horeeehoe Bay. The results
ol this movement sre moet encouraging snd it ll firmly expected tbat is
appropriation Will ba included in tht
tupplimanttry estimate) tayt ja
oouree of piaparation, Hepieeent*-
tire* of the Burrard Inlet Tunnel sad
Bridge Co. sre again in touch with
Ottawa with a view to computing
With tht addad wharves snd in-
duitriee thit would follow in ths Wtki
of tha bridge sad tunnel will eon* ths
railway*. To these th* tide-Bate ot
North Vancouver offer perfect ilia*
for terminal*, fisight yard* snd wharves. To tfae rsuoasfal* msn ss well
ss to th* iTptimitt it seeme probtble
that tht railwayi that oome Into tbi
eity from the north will chooM the
eit* of tfawr terminus on ths north
shore of llurrard In|*t.
Th* future holds forth promise of*
etandard gauge railway line whieb i*
plumed to travwse th* municipality
Irom esst to wart dot* to ths shore
hot. Already surveys of this railway
bavt beta audi, the (oat* losatet)
sod plan* hied with tb* ftderil pn-
ertaaaeot. Ths conttntotion of tbia
lis* •xtanting from Point Atkinson on
How* Sound, to Deep Cot* on the
North Arm of Burrsrd Wat, \nnttm-
aur* Israalv djm*4n an tha coanltiiotr
... * rW   I »   "^F^™^  —>T   ^^F I^T^^BF?.,-,'rr
Uf w* ."H^tS n^*T •**.   wsi    ™vF
rows, When ths bridg* is liullt th«
Bailway on the north ihore will Im-
nilh transportation facilitim io thi
induitriee whioh will fa* iHr.iolrd hi
tfal esoejitional advantage! tabu obtained ulong the wuterfront    i1..    will
Such i| the inheritance and such ilie
luture that bus been skstcnul Icr
North Vsneouver. There ia no doubt
that its inhabitant, hsvs reo-.-ivnl a
gseat dower and they must Inoji io it
that they do not misuse tlm gift. A
Inond unselfish policy .if evnuqiioti
sidp by side with the dI.I.ii- city thut
confronts it can alono permit it lo
take advantage of its resoutens. 'Ihat
prosperity is within hor isaoh ui one
that has thought for a moment of the
natural gifts of North Vanoouver ran
doubt, A glance around tho othsr
towns ol ths great Cnnadien .v..l will
show how cities less gifted have made
themsslvet the smsiement of lho
world by the rapidity of their growth
and the permanonco ol their success,
North Vancouver can and surely u ill
follow ill the footstops of those that
ars just ahead of her in the race for
wealth' and greatness.
l.OT Dim blook from Lonsdale ear,
$476. Easy terms. Mrs. Hollwaine,
163 Third street east, 4th house from
Lonsdale. 84-4
1   TENDEHS will hs received by the i»;
, dersignar) up to the StJtnd day ,R|
I April, .WU, st 6 p.m. for the purchase
of Block 37, Suboiyition of Lot  No.
541, Group), New Weitmwitejf DM-
triet, situated in the dty of Vanopu-
vep, and being the aits of tha old ftp-
vinoial Court Houss.    Each' ' tender
muit be enololed in • registered  letter and must bs addressed to the undersigned and plsluly marked "Tender
lor old Vancouver Court Houss site,"
and must b* accompanied by an   so-
cepted cheque for ten per cent, of the
first payment of the purobaeo money.
Payment for th* property will be incepted in instalment* of one-quarter ol
i the purchase money.   The first of suoh
I instalmants to bs psid within thirty
I days after ths aceeptanco of ths ten-
dm;  and  the   other   three   annually
I thereafter, with interest at ths rsts ol
, 6 per cent, per annum. In the event
'ol the person whoss tender is aocept-
1 ed failing to complete the first instalment within thirty days of ths notice
of such acceptance the sale to  him
will be cancelled and hia ten per cent
deposit forfeited.    The cheques o| un-
suocesalul tenderers will be  returned.
The highest or any tender will   lot
necetitrily be accepted.    No commie-
liom of iny kind will be allowed.
Minister ol Landi.
Department ol Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
March 7th, 1911.
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.    Reserve Fund $2,652,33
2 Offices in North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE near Fourteenth Street)
Saving Deposits of Ji.oo and upwards received.
Interest allowed at current rates.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
Both offices transact a general banking business,
ami are open on Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
^*a. i    *.* YSJi  t
hit**      '   m.   '    m f    .
WmpmmmWMmWium\*\M^''mm*.J) ' MMMtfM
Wf  m     ,m^p* m*J      .^FtrT" ^*^T^s|iajsBj|
We operate the only pap-
*    ded furniture  and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
11 Ave.
■ ■ : t ,
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W, DICK, Prop.
47 ft 49-HASTINGS STREET. EAST-47 * 49
nuxt poor tp (pM pumem watoi
(j Every variety of Hardware can be found at our
store. Nothing so small or nothing so large that we
do not carry if it is in our line at all. Every modern
article for the housekeeper, from the Famous Kootenay
Range to an egg whip; also Cutlery and Silverware.
All the up-to-date tools for the mechanic, Builders'
Hardware, Ruberoid Roofing, Sherwin Williams'  Paints and Varnishes.
Ship Chandlery and
Loggers' Supplies.       We are also Headquarters on the North Shore for .Explosives of all kinds.
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
issvs Vsncauvsr
•6.20 a.m.
7.30 "
8.30 "
8.15 "
10.16 "
19.16 i
11.30 Nortli Van.
'6.46 a.m.
7.60  "
8.80 i
9.46 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
13.46 p.m.
1.45 *
2.46 " 2.16
3.46 " 3.15
4.40 " 4.16
6.20 " 6.00
6.00 " 6.40
6.45 " 6.20
7.45 " 7.26
8.46 ■" 8.16 i
9.45 " 9.16
10.46 " 10.16 '
11.46 " 11.16 '
12.46 i
' Denotes not on Sunday.
Lssvs North Van.
"6.20 a.m.
•7.20  "
"8.20  "
9.20 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
12.16 p.m.
1.16  "
Lssvs Vsncouvsr
'6.45 a.m.
•8.00 "
•8.60 "
9.45 "
10.46 "
11.46 "
12.46 p.m.
1.46 "
2.46 "
3.46 "
4.40 "
6.20 "
6.00 "
6.46 "
7.46 "
8.46 "
9.46 "
10.46 "
12.16 a.m.
1.00 am.
This Timo Table subjsct lo ibange without notice.
What About the
II. ('. Wright  Loads lovrstigtiti •)> "I
Kerry t i.mpuiiy
ferry bouts. 'Ibia wus offensive lo
pnaacugere who found otrcasiajntoiruts
on the uc*l tup. Would iliu Ferry
Compuny sue thul iliis U remedied '■ .
having mi employee wipe oli tlp/v ,,..,
ns soon as iin.- workmen m. t.d .ii.m.
Manager II..ud informed il.u   h, .ui
About a do/en guetlemim. u portion   that In ulreudy em   ... .1 ».	
ul  whom rcproeented lhe Ru11payers' du ll,ia »'"'' "M"d licliev,
Association, waited upon the ferry tli-
reotors  ul nitjijlinj.' on   Thursday
wero carrying out tlu.ii tusiruellons.
The   secretary   wus   instruct d    io
reply lo ihe letter iu,u suita..'!.'ti u
afternoon fur lho purpose, uf Invest!- ,m-
gating scverilL ipiesliona of interest • A communication Irom the' < itj
important among which note regard- < lerk instructed by Gil} Council «n
inc. i-iiijiiiry as to the sinking uf lire read acknowledging the receipt "I  tin
imntooni und quoatiop. bearing upou application lur un addiiii u.,1 JIM, I
the expenditure of certain monies   un  for u new ferry boat und whirling) ui
rolroslimenls upon the I rial trip ol S ., .poses suggesting the subscription   ul,
3 lerry. [slock iu the Ferry I' to tin.
Mr.  Henry  ('.  Wright  was spokes- imiount ur tu L.-.-I the buuneil togaar-1
man f„r the delegation uml suid thul   untoo dcbvniuivs.    ll wua deviled   to
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wost Vancouver," Captain Fimllay   .
Licensed lor 33 passvtiguis
111.11)1.1,11,  Wl,.,l
9 00a.m.
11.00 s.m.
13.15 p.m.
15.uu p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.00 p.m.,,"...
9.30 a. m	
13.15 p.m... 1....
17.00 p.m	
18.30 p.m	
Single Fare 16c
Ivery Dsu, I.e. pi Sunday
1.1-sv.-. 1 niitjouter
I'll)'   ,'ellk,'  Wlurl
us 11 gOud ninny ol Ibo ratepayers not
presenl would likn to attend Ihe investigation, suggested that, tin 11 n.r.l appoint .'■111111; particular evening fur thai
Aalunlays Only
ftund.y ddiedult
H.011 s.m.
If.00 "-ll1'
11.un a.m.
14.00 p.m,
16.1m p.m, p.m '
.li.i.i, p.m.
.10.00 a.m.
 14.00 p.m.
 17-45 P-1"'
 ta.oo p.m.
Two Tickets 25c.
Qliickesi route from North Vancouver to the district beyond
Cspilano River. Launch "Wost Vancouver" makes connections, without (ail, wiftji the ferry steamers Irom Norlli Vancouver, as per above schedule.
Ha 1 is:   $1.00  per   and   Up,   Special rates to families  '
and   to regular   boarders.   .    . '	
1 1 1    1 ■ m  1   in 1 mi ."i
ask the city lg'submit a bylaw guer
iintoeiiiy. lhe> amount.      .
The proponed' clock' lor thc (■ iv
whurve. will |,o put up very i-hortlj
•sn. N.j.l Friday i.iiniiv win-jus Henry; Sous" Vnmw.r,
named by Mr. Larson ns 0 eonvenieiil have offered to insiall a tiniepi a val
.lulu lor ihe meeting to be hold in llie uml ul tin providing, the dii'onori
cily hull. Mr. Wright submitted l|it.]|)urchaso a |ilaic glaa outside e
following questions to the directors
mill roqueetod an answer at Kridny's
11111.1 in.i:
I. Whul wua th,' total cuntroOt
price ol No. 3 lerry? What was the
lime ilnlu ol delivery ? ,
i\ liiuh Birks ami Son. uu jut us.   lor
ndvci'tising puiposcs.
A loiter from the cily ci.ll. «..«
lend asking 10 have a churl uf lb
euiirse lakeii by the ferry I oils »'•
thnt ships easting unchoi   ,   llo in.i
i. Wus there tiny report Ir,.tn thojwould nol inlcrlcr. v. ith In jir.,,-|«.o
orchil eel 7 If so, what wu. it nnd Wai tivt cubic lu be laid liy llie il. ('.
hr   in luvur of Paying extrna?    Hud j Telephone    Company.     Mr.     I mn.u
he no complaints lu make 7
3. Is il*a fuel that the .um ul tl,-
000 .wua 1 nl for astral Iv the contractors?  11 .0 what wus it lur?
8. Is it a fact thai there Wns n demurrage of 150 per duy in the contract ?
fi. Why was Ihe demurrage nut col
reeled 7 i
6.  Ia il .   fact Ihat over -'Ml" wen
moved ihut tlm l,e [11 tp 1 I I tl
Ihe I'Vny i'u. would mil assume an)
respon.iliility   us   to   tlnin. t-   wb-cl.
might be ilutie to tin' en! I.
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
Sst.oNii Srmi.   ■   •       -   NOK'IH   VANCOUVEK. If,
The new residence of Mr II n
I'ierce, district ruud tn.v collector nl
('n|riloiiu wns romph-t'ly.destroyed by
spenl un champagne ut the launching1 fire Wednesday iiiumin... Mr. I'ieiet'
of the now bout 7 II ao, what was the who Inn) arisen early bad cuolujrl -bin
amount and who supplied the lemefiown bicnkfust 'and departed, Shortly
7. Did the Ferry Compuny pay fur ultirwnrds Irii foroily wire   tWalanod
the rclrcshmenla on Ihe Irinl trip   Ol by   the   njnjtt|lR#id   smoke nnd   tb;
No. 3 ferry?  If ao whu ordered   IV Bracking qf the Haines und   v.ei.  1
goodi, and who supplied them' j«*l to Disks a haiily oxlj  from   Ihe
8. litis Ibe Buprd ul Ferry Cumnii"-1 burning    building ,'in    Ihcir    ni le
simiere held as investiuutioii  into the eloili.        It, seems alinuat   mirn.
sinking of Ihe iiunluuns? 'hut 1I0 loan of life rctullnl ns il tin
Tho Mayor proroiecd lho gontlciiien Sri hud had B lew tpjnutOI more !•■
present cornpleto answers to nil the Tore awakening Ihe inlnalot, c«-
questions ns rnpietled uu Friday.cup;, would have lien difficult. Tht
night, ) piano  wua   the only article   of Imiii
a  complaint  was received from   I), .lure which   ■
W.   Hoove,   Vuneouver,     Mr-    Ha".',il alleged to have ln-.ii can .J I..
slnleil    thai    North    Vnni wi mil.    In-live cliiiiiniiy.   Il is lie'
men employed on the, ...wor c.ii)»lr,ir i« small oinouiil ol insurance w|
lio-   ' "s^'aosil. of real estiilc   fimn 1 ried on the fui nil 'in- l.ul n^nj on I hi
"T( upon the seal, of (he'dwelling.
High Grade German Piano - $250
I hi? ii a ipecial lamplc |,iono ii\c.i< In t ompetc
Willi liigli tjiadt Canadian pianot.
Reg. $500 BREWSTER PIANO  -  $275
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 114
The Platte Where Everybody Goes
Geiii Theatre
I'I Kb J ST. WliS'l,
nf Good Pictures Good Singing
::: :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed Monday,  Wednesday and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^jfc1'** ChUdreo 5d
Malluce   every   Hulurdny 2.99 o'dook THR BXFRB88, NORtH-, VANCOUVER, % ti,
Express Want Ads.
Esperiwead etanograpber wants position in North Vancouver, Apply 0,
lt„ Ksprssa Office. 1H-4
WANTBP-rVown girl lor lolding io
boolfbiniling departntent. Apply in per-
' son Espress
WANTEP-Bed room, not more than
10 minutes Irom ferry nor more than
Wi per week.  I'lioue '169. 31-4
Japanase Woman wants work, washing, etc, 18th street east. 1', 0. Bos
80, Telephone 50. 17-1
WASTED llinner at private houss
close to lerry, Ave days a week for
two or three business men. Apply
BOS WOO Express Office.
WANTElM'rtiperty, owner or builder to erect el ores und rooms
or a building not lesa than B0
rooma, muat be convenient to ferry,
not above Eiftli atreet. Would lease
for fi years. J. Mcllwalne, 109 Third
street east, 31-4
Pure   Milk   and   Cream   delivered.
Lynn Vulley Dairy, 66 Lonsdale.   13-ft
Fresh    Lei tiie.i   for   Hale.     Q,   E.
Kerne, 16th atreet.
Firat claaa Cook Stova lor sale. Apply at 137 Lonedule Ave. 6-1
FOB    SALE-Pointer   Pups,   two
months old.   Setter eight month. „ld.
All prize winners at  lust  Vancouver
dog allow.    Apply Moodyville Hotel.
FOB SAI.E-Ownor muat saerill.o
lifty foot lot in I). L. 616, lacing tut
lllth street within the city limits only
a short distance from oar. Price
WW.  Apply Hui liml, Esprees.
FOI1 SAI.K llnuguluw on St. Andrew'. .-I...-.' to loth streal, h room..
Im all in garden, pruelicnlly new uml
modern. Price t.1,1100. 1360 cash, balance us rent. 7 per cent, on balance
Why rent whin yiMi can buy a home
ou these terms 7 llritish American
Trust Co. Ltd., Carter-Cotton Building, Vancouver. 3N-I
dry Iota. Adjoining Norlh Vancouver
Tennis ('lull grounds, only t few now
unsold, price 1450, | cutb, balance
will In told at once. See Mr. Hell-
153 Third atraat E., fourth bouse f
Ol   LoilaJnle 31-4
FOB SAI.E-Cotttigo ol 6 rooms-
New llth slroet, mvir St. Andrew's,
lairge lot, line view ol Ibe Inn Inn
Price tV/M. mil ca.h, balance 135
per inuiith. 7 |ier cent, 'llie price it
right and the term, are eiceptlonally
g...«l. llritish American Trust Co.
Ltd., I'aiiei Cotton Building, Vancouver. 38-4
W. will buy or .schang. your etotet,
nags, .nd household goode for spot
ctth. Tuin.i'., 70 I/insdtlt Avtnut.
I'ktti lit.    7 0. Bai 111.
The N. V. Propurstory Sebool will
ie open lor the aummer term in St.
John's Parish Hall, cut. eighth ami
Uth streets in Wednesday, April lillli,
1811. Mint (iru.lw.ll, Principal.
Boom. 10 aad 11, Pandsr Chambare,
Ml Peader Htrwt W.        Phona Oil
HteMac., cor, lonadale Ave   aad
Hod ttrttt, North Vtaaoavtr.
i.   prep.rod   la,
tike 3
or 1
muie pu|iils into lur .1
tar now
sebool.      I'"i
I arms
Boi 313
North Vancou-
NOBTH   splendid vie*
lot. overlooking horticultural and re
ereatioa ground., 50 fi. lot., only
1700; term.. Thaw are a .nap sod
Will hi told at once. See Mr. Mel,
train., 153 Third ttrttt V.., fourth
sous, tatt ol Loatdalt. 31-4
N0TK;F, ii busby given Ibst sll vacant Crown Isadt not slrtady vndtr
raatrvt, eiUitUd within tbs boundaries of the I«od Bswrding MetrUe of
CssHwo and Ullocat, aad the Kate
loops Ih'vWo* of Yet. \mA Bsoord-
(ng putaisi, art reserved Irom any
alitastioa aaasr las "Und Act" u
wpt hy prsaapticn
Osputy Mkeiitsr of Undl,
fhptrtssjat ol Ua4e,
Victoria, », li., April U, WI 7-6
FOB BENT - Purnlahed bousAsep-
ing rooms, 318 3ml strait eait,   38-4
FOB BENT-Pronl bedroom lurnisb-
ed with bath, suitable for two gem
tlemun.  137 Sisth street east.       18-4
Lady has four nice bedrooms lor
roomers or wuuhl slime her furnished
house, Bt. .1 anise street, North lonadale, North Vancouver. Apply P. 0.
Bos 138, 18-4
LOST (In Friday evening a   Cameo
Brunch. Reward at Express Office. 31-4
LOST- -Between Hotel North Vancouver and tbe ferry lauding, a pair
ol lady's gloves and a gold buckle.
Finder please return to above hotel
J, Lautet am) North lostdala
Blear Murrsy Co. firs Insursaee.
Bound investment. Tw-j, 50 ft. Lot. on
Boulevard and one block Irom lonadale oar; only 1800 each. See me immediately about theae. Mr. Mcllwaine,
163 Third .treat E., fourth houee enal
ol Lonsdale. 31-
Separate anil bulk  tenders will   lw
i civivi.l by the utalursigned up to and
including April 37th for the  erection
of a reaidencs for C. S. Young.     No
lender neeeaaarily accepted.
137  I on-'lalc Ave., North Vuneouver.
II. V. Coals, .lames Ferguson,    .1.
Eugene Brown and Thus. Ball    bnvs
Is'i'ii    iippoiuleil   by the    I i.-ul.nant
llovernor a. oommissinuui.  lur taking
iillslnvils in Ihe supreme mini lor Ihe
I'ily  Ol   WcI III III.I el
The following Justices of the Peace
have lawn appointotl : Erik Erikson
and Albert Wm. Duck, oounly of Yale.
Tenders are invited lor the erection
of the Normal .School lodge, Vancouver, and lur a school I ■■ at
lon, II. C. •
I Uriel     the   head   III   .1 - .1L nlli.llI     Ull-
ties Jenny Franco. I.iitillinm ol Kal
IO, B. ('., II..licit Swan ami Swan k
(indium, Vancouver, ami Thomas T.
Ilenillc. Vancouver, air decluruil in-
solvent lor the Iwnelit of their rrud
Cortificatee ul|s,ration have
been grantnl lo Ihe lollowiog com-
pnniet: Bmiaid Cigar Co. Ltd., Canadian Anii-iic.iii Corporation Led., Co-
operative Italian Association Ltd.,
Hat Pin I'i..!- im Co. Ltd., Mi-Arthur
k McMillan, Ltd., McDonald (iudsou
Ltd., Omiuecs Mines Ltd., Seymour
Arm Kiuiil.ueli. I i.i . SteumiKiat I'roi-
p.-iiiig Co. Ud., Thoi. Fiujlcr Com-
puny Ltd. and YiUnwheatl Minee and
Land Invsttinent Co., Tb. Oitford
Foundry ami Machine Co., Oslord, \
ti., capital |80,000 ; Standard Life A.
surance Co., Edinburgh, IS..iilaiul, ''a-
pital, £500,000, and Ihe Weelern Canada Accident and Guarantee Insurance
Co., Winnipeg, oapitai 1050,(100, have
all Imu, licsneod as .itra-proviacisl
The H. K. Mullonl C„. ,,l Pbdadel-
phis, U. S. A., capital flUO.Otll, nud
thslntcritatt Rubber Co., Spokane,
U.S.A., capital |100,000, I ..•..■ betn
regiitsnd in Columbia us ultra-provincial companies
Under the caption ol water notion
appear .1. F. Hake., application for
water record on like east ol Hi. we
New We.tmin.ler city tpplicutl a for
recoli on until lake in I). I.. WI and
on unnamsd laks in D. I, 363.
The April number ol that intsrastiag
Canadian publication "The Athletic
World" hat put rtached tin. office. A
lierusal of its pagee and a gitace at the
many illustrations give Irs. proof that
in the ooviring not only ol Csn
but silo of .porti and
ai pastimes, tbi. mags/ia. is more
than fulSllhrg past promises sad
marking out a Inline ol certain aad
unqualified euccu. a* a national |<erl-
ndical for Canadian followerl 4 iportt
of til sorts.
Chat. Edmund, reeking 4 ths briny,
hii naelitwl vwation writtan sll over
blm waa brought More tht si.yoron
Thursday charged with Mag drsek
snd di.urd.rly. Ticket Collector
Mills ol tha Ferry Company tssllAed
tbst Kdtsond hsd Md violent bsade
pa him at tht wbtrvot. Tha tailor
wis load H sad ooitt whieb after a
lav nomsnls ol parley fas prodaatd
In* a wad 4 a buiidral or murt in
nit Mocking whioh no doubt ho   con-
aaa^aaa.ejp|    IfasJ t*w***nm   |/sta*-el   41 VMIIajf*!'.
tb, J. P. Crawford's Desoriptiuu ql
Hops and Stesmbost Mountain
Mine. Convinoee m ol the Advan-
tages of North Vancouver
Mr. J. P. Crawford ol J. P. Craw
lord and Company, North Vancouver
real estata broken), Ium just returned
from a trip to Steamboat Mountain
and the town of Hope. Thing, are
hopeful in Hope, says Mr- Crawford,
notwithstianding the "Cnl»y" Has mis-
nHireeentntinna of some of the daily
newspapers. There is every indication
that this burg founded in 1851) will «»'■
perienoe a great boom nest summer.
Land haa already taken an aerial aa-
twnsion double coniere having reached
the prohibitive price ol 113,000 which
Mr. Crawford consider, tin inflated value. Motels ant full to overflowing
with pros|ieotors and prospective invasion uml a tremendous amount ol
building will take place tbia aiimmrJi
and the advent of the Canadian Northern Bailway into the'town will of
course work a natural benefit te al
present the Canadian Pacific Bailwa)
acroes the Fraser river Irom Hope lie-
mutilates tha carriage ol paeeeeuei.
by ferry of a very primitive type, fan.
Mng 35 cents either Way. This will
be eliminated when the ('. N. 11. oomee
in as the town will then be sandwiched Iwtween two lines of communication wilb llie outer world.
The trail to Steamboat Mountain
starts at Hope and i. about 35 miles
long. There are three atopa on the
trail at 0, 14 and 33 niilee respectively or about a two day Irip for a pedestrian. On the 13th a pack Iran
attempted to go into the mines but
More the third atop on llie I mil was
reached doga had to lie retpiiaitioned
for the remainder ol the jouin.y on account ol llie .uow.   >
When aaked how the future of the
Steamboat mines looked Mr. Crawlord
suid that in spile of the wildcatting
and esaggeraled reports ol
initios the output wa. yielding Irom
four to twenty dollars tree gold to the
ton anil increased lacililiee would fur
titer augment tbia. Mr. Crawford
called attention io the report of a certain newspaper to the effect thut a
carload of naila and one of Ium
her hud li.™ ii.ken in over ibis trail
Difficulty in getting in provisions   on-
ojlpies the settlers' and prospectors'
mergiee a>4ffioies|tly however, without
the transport ol heavy etuff like this
on dog testify
Editor Espress i
Dear Sir—There is a vory general
opinion abroad in our pity that the
Bosrd of Directors of the Ferry Co.
consists of a chairman who hus no
vote except in oase of a tie, one representative of tbe residents and ratepayers and three representatives ol
somelhing rpiita different.
Thin opinion may ba entirely erron-
i-oiiii ; on the other hum) recent oventa
hale given it at least sufficient eom-
blnitce of truth to justify investigation by those v.l ium- iuid cut n .re involved in the efficient and economical
iidniinisti'uiiun of ferry mailers.
In view ol the above lucts it is most
desirable that as many us possible ol
the residente ol North Vancouver
should alt. n.l Ihe meeting in the oity
hell nn Friday the 31st inst. at 8
p.m. «h. a llie directors have promised to answer a number ol tpiestious
which seriously' concern our intereala
and put-kola.
Among  other  things   they will   be
aakod tn explain why the builders ol
the new boat were paid aeverul ilnm-
i .-.anil   iluHm-n nunc (hull the   contract
I called lor ; why aome 84,1100 waa   al
| lowed for "extras" (by the way, is it
possible these "extra." wore only   intended to cover llie demurrage  which
llie directors after all, did mil see lit
to collect 7) why they fell culled upon
I to puy Ihe refreshment bills, with the
Haiepav.'is' money of course, when we
were ull invited BY THE BlTLDEItS,
to take u trip ou the new boat; why
there was no immediate investigation
anil no attempt to pluce the responsibility lur the sinking ol thu   whurl,
uud what they intend lo do ubont   it
Theae and other interesting tpies-
lioin. will, we are assured, be unsure
oil ut thu meeting and you will cuiler
a great Iwnelit on the Community by
giving the muvlcr all Ibe publicity in
your power und urging your readers
tu attend.
Ytiiirs truly,
W. I.. BOI LT,
Secretary llalepuyers' Association.
Garden Tools
Our spring shipment Has
just arrived from the factory, consisting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure Fork Potato Hooks, etc, The above
are all, full strapped and
first grade. Drop in and
look them over.
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
McMillan's Tea
b Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
j. a. ^ n. McMillan
MX   Copies of Special Easter Edition
m\ of 'THE EXPRESS" in
'' wrapper  ready  for   mailing
5c.-FIVE CENTS-5c. while they last
fl Tells more about North Vancouver
City and District than you could tell
in a hundred letters
fl The best kind of advertising
,    fl Send them to your friends
fl Place your order with us at once
lest you forget--or act too late 00
First Street, Ewt   H*"80   North Vancouver, B. C


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