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 iilfr Hxytm
Volume X
Nobth Vanoouvbb, 11.0.; Tupmy, Januabv 81, 1911
i^^_^ ^
North Vancouver
jerry No. 3
Thf hiiiiih of the nmv lerry now being i'inii|iliili:il at tho Wallace Shipyard! for tho North Voncouvnr City
Forriei Ltd. will ho tho "North Vnncouvor Ferry Ifo. 3," The duto ol tbo
In nuuli inn ol tho craft Inm not boon
sot yot uo it io not known wliou tbr
upjiei'Woiks will bo sufficiently on tbo
Way to allow tho boat's introduction
to tho waters ol lliirrnril Iniul.
It is thought that tlm important
evont will transpire soon alter tho first
of March. \
Following out tho system under
which tho now boat lum received itn
iimiir tbo prpocnt fiS. North Vancouver will bo named "North Vancquver
Forry No. I," tho SS. St. Heorgc
will be reliamod "North Vancouver
Forry No. 2," and tbo new ono us
above mentioned.
Hr. Larson emphatically protested
against the dcluy in completing oi.il
launching the new boat and be moved
that Ur. Wallace be written to lo ibe
effect that Ihe board expected delivery
of tbo ferry in Ibo wntcr hy tbo Ut
ol Mn>eli. Tbe motion was seconded
and passed iiminimiiusly.
A letter was received from tin -No'lli
Vancouver Hoard ol Trade advising
tbat the liourd bud considered it expedient to consult with tbe ('. 1'. It.
with relerence to building another
Iind more .■ Iiiiiiiii'. i.iiliv.nj underneath
llieir trucks at the approach to tho
lerry and Kvuns, Coleman ulid Kvans
docks for passenger traffii' only, Ibis
to Ik acted upon before the P. P. It.
completed tlieir plans for, tlm huge
proposed subway.
A loiter was rend Iroin llie city
council advising lliul tliey bud receiv.
isl a letter from the Hoard of 'l'iud,
re subway. This letter wus in effect
identical to tbe Hourd nl Trade's lei
ter to the directors.
The secretary of tho Hoard of (erry
directors was instructed lo reply llml
tin: nm tier was now under consideration by tbu hnnrd and il lliev rtspiired
any nssislnnee in advancing llie proposal tin: proper sullicient notice would
Ik given.
The question ol safeguarding the
public against Occident from pi'isoii.
falling off tbe ends of tbi: slips into
the Inlet nn dink nighls was relerred
to the malinger to huve some kind nl
a device erected lo afford ample pro
lection. Three life buoys will be hung
in ' anu aaim ni places fnr immediute use
iii time of need.
lo remain in tho wails dry rai fmii
sot in aud cause thoir destruction.
It was lound that this could not be
done however, without disturbing tbe
wholo wall.
To guard u'gainst the "dry rot" the
architect was instructed ta bavo some
kind of preservative put on the md-.
of ihr joists whore thoy entered tbc
brick .wall.
It was resolved to allow citrus lo
the amount of II,Q0U on the Norlh
l.iiii.ilule srii.ml for the construction
of .iiii"' nli -, clearing and work in connection with thn janitor'* huilding.
The Nortii Vancouver liaplc Leal
Dancing Club will lul A ils nexl regular dance in lhe Horticultural hall on
Friday evening of Ihis week. Tbc special feature thai will be introduced
will be the three piece orchestra with
tbo cornet substituting the drum. 1'bo
■ana. a ■ of the opening dunce twu weeks
ago nuguis well for Friday evening
and for (be ijaiquorude bell wbiih will
he held under lhc auspices of this (iub
on Ihe ovening ol February llth.
'Ui.iiiiiiiii.ii is In band thnl the np
iltalioni ol Messrs. T. II.   Townley,
'Mi<iiiiguii   and   Miles   and   Maiilniiell,
I :.■'■■'    I I   I'll.   Ullll   r.     ...iiii.      I.,I  ,. .Iiiii
(••I lo opernlc n mii nia- rnilway In
lirotisc Mountain will conic ba fore Ibe
railway commit lisi of the provincial
house on Thursdny of Ihis wivk.
School Board
Considers Report
At a special silling of lhe Niirlh
Vuneouver school hoard held in llic
city hall on Friday afternoon loi discussion on tho reporl of the in .'llli-
gating ciinimiliai: .ni the Nordb Lonsdale school, it was the concensus of
opinion that Collimator Young was
doing the construction work in u snt
wfactory manner ond where chances
wore suggested by Messrs. Hepburn
end Wilson it was lound thoy wired-
ther already arranged of would he • er-
tied (plo effect In accordance wilh the
leriw of the contract and tpo< Ideations.
The report was considered item by
item wilh the contractor und architect and finally relerred to ttie I 'Aiding committee.
In the. report particular menlitn
wei mode of Uio jolsli being extended
about 8 inches and embedded in the
brick wall. The ronpnisetoncr* re-
eotfmW-tcd that they h nt ot end
supported by means of steel hnngrii,
tin allegation being that il  allowed
Mrs. .lames Fugler will nol iuty|Vo
ou Wcducshuy Ibe 1st inst.
Mrs. Sydney Humphreys ol King
street will not receive again until the
first Wednesday in March.
•I. M. Half.un of Vancn'iver wns fined ■ ■' uu uud costs lor ha in d.'i.i:1 by
Mayor McNeish in Ihe police tuurl
this morning.
Mr. K. -I. II. Cnrdinnll, who has
been uwuy on a Irip lo Brighton,
Kng., in company /lib Mrs. Cardinall
Mm>y Civic ImprovementiTAed For
siine No
lirduy mm'
liearty. Mr
Irom a so
she passed
old coun
ret urn I,
returned on r\pt
I.■..l.m,- hiile nnd
rdinnll is convu! ."•• iiu
Iness   through   which
lo leaving for llu:
sequenily will nui
" irt rhilo. Ihl-
iug lii- /ny in the old bind Mr. I nr-
(linull uul a must i-iiji.nihil- lime w lb
relaliv/s nnd friends.
ic for
Owing lo luck ol spnee i'i lo ley's
issue lhe report of lhe meeting inst
Hutiirdny evening iu comic lion wiib
lhe Urousc Moiinluin scenic railway
will appear in Kriduy's i-ditinn.
TO LET—Furnished room 'ith.mi
board in private home, flood location und close lo cur line. X. Y. /,.,
Express Office. If
Mr. A. I. McDonald who hns lor Ihe
|.ust few years Ikiii hend of ibe Bur-
mnl Sash und Door factory nl ihis
dty, hus sold mil bis interests in the
business lo Messrs. Melculle and Suiter. Mr. M.i.nld- is a practical nun,
Inning Iwn Mr. McDonald's Inl lll'lll
for over a yeur. Mr. McDonald Has
several propositions pa piling which lie
is considering Inking up.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express sjKtial corrwponbcnl)
'.li A. Hubert's new home, Dunn
lliiud, is having llic finishing loilc'ics
cut on.
One of Ihe largest treat in the Vulley is being nil down this week near
I).null lloud on lhe nlil pl.inl. i nd.
Mrs. II. II."ij'1.i    who bus lieen on n
lean visit lo her friends ul Mr. und
Miss ('ill rii'. I Iniiiili a .ii sln-al, Vim- II
Mr. Snow is creeling a collage ..nr-
ner of Centre alld Kniliiii Knud.
This pari of Lynn Valley is rapidly
building up.
Mrs. Thos. Thompwin's yoptteti
daughter whn bus been vary ill, Miller
Ihu dnv ol Dr. Verner. is tapotltA in
be un lhe wuy lo recovery.
lliul i-sluli' is loinnieiiciiig tu iiiuva
u little livelier, Iwo aires ior. Dunn
und Centre rond Inm' I■• ■ n siilulividul
into Jots and will soon Is' pul on tbe
Kaaiiilnii. un lli.' fal|| side .of ibe
Vulley wbo gn lo the post. offiia' fnr
ilaan i.iiiiI ure r11.1■ I'll lo some good
Suliiuiilnii who has kept lhe a alk
over the Hume clour dl It* nnd sitnw.
No work has beet) in progress at the
iliunn uu account of lhe heavy lull
ol snow making it unsafe lo npera'o
the cars. Weulhcr permitting porb
will Ik resmncjt Ihis week.
Mr. und Mrs. Hubt. Hrown jr.. Mr.
und Mrs. Harvie and son ' ive I. d lor
llieir homes in llilyuml mid .-piAaiic
after spending n'p'eusiiiil wmt with
relatives in Lynn Valloy and Vnn
Two well known busin<>au m. n ol
North Vnncouvor have !*ougbt two
lots on D..nm Hoad near (enl.'e in
block 2160 for Ihe purpose •.! cutting
new bouses iu lhe spring.
Lynn Vulley sceuw tu hrfe nun
liiiuspmled Uik lo old/ Ontario,
there bring Jte Intnl ,1 'iti* nn He
level. \luJiingie o^lcidl bells is
•omclhiii/wthnl mokesNj&l ey |x«>plo
sii up upfVako nolloe/Hit. wire on
ly l'hcjSlatn\ we wouldn't mind (he
chnngl io m>
A lengthy ducket ol In. .i-e-.s vas
despatched by the city lothrs at
thoir regular meeting last evening.
Mayor McNeish presided uml aU lhc
ulil.iiniui were present.        I
Correspondence was real as lut'owi :
From F. II. Cummer «-I in ■ llial
slumps on car. lUtb swit ami 'At.
Oeargc's Avo. Ik blown. Ilcf-jri-ed-d.
Hourd ol Works. .(
From E. J. Down, app'yi/igf lot a
two plunk sidewalk on Jones Aviniie
beiwivn lull, and 16th struts, jkfer-
i' il to Hoard ol Works.
From  J.  F. Yntcsf a-.kin,' a  grade
lor his residence to Ik built  au  lots
fi and 6, block I HI, D. L. 871.    ILLi
red lo the engineer.
Mr. Yates alsu uppiied lor a tide-
«.ill. iiiid to have the street (.iiu'iil,
deferred tu Ibe hoard ol wo>l..i.
From Jessie Cunt asking iIiiiIm'idI
Ik opened to ber pro|Krly ou !i3ud
slreel, lots lifi and :iii "oi I). L. fill.
)!■ i'a na-1 lu Hoard ol Works.
From II. .1. |..u In asking Ihal Him
from Chesterlield Ave. ta lute II,
bluck ill A D.L. Mau Ik o|KUed. IM
orri-d lu Houitl ol Works.
From A. fl. Perry acknowledging
cily's letter under date of -lunuary
.'liii llo said Ibe mailer would Ik
lull;   in'-'■ Iii.'.i11 I
From M. Follis asking |Krmission to
allow Ibe outlet ol their septic tank
lo empty inlo Ibe Imx drain recently
installed on llu- norlh side of Ibe Esplanade. IM. n.il tu lhe Hoard ol
From lm in.ai Hum.- reporting
lhat Mr. Mahon bus a palest of llie
foreshore ,.t lhc | ..mi where the sewer
uuh, t will Ik located,   hl.il.
From I'hiel Davies advisinj Ihal
lhe p.aiuul ou 3rd slr-l wn pl mil
ol business owing iir sired work ulul
recommending mul steps b. lukeu to
provide .an ul.. a |(.fcricl lo the
I'.' inl ot Works.
From tbe engineer stilling lliul Ibe
wnii on lhc new waler main was held
up on account of Iheir mil h. in. abb'
lo .i.'i a si-ri.'iiing (link a.n tbe dim
site.  This was attributed  lo n cum
iiiiii,n..Iii.ii   from   lhe  district,   lie "lul
lu go -ill'.iil willi Ibe work.
From the Lonsdiile lleully P-o, asking lor the up. nine  up ol -'li.l street
lO   lol    Ll   ..   llll'll'. 1 nui   lnls   I,   fi,   6,
und 7, hbni ■>*',. D. L. hit,. H.foirisi
In ths llaaiinl of Works.
From II. T. Urobilin, making appli-
cation 'or lhe junilorship ol lhc cily
bull,   llali'ind lo Chiel Davies.
From   IJ. T.  Fox, waterworks lore
Evans' recent application lor wagon
Iruil |u bn opened up • n Checlc fluid
Avenue Inun 30th struct lo J7ih street
bo altendod lu ut onoc.
lie pelitinn Irom T. S. Wilton and
others lor a sidewalk ou Malum Ave.
from llllh slreet lo Mini street and
HAD fi-.* went on 22nd airee). i .uiiinii
lis: i ei minuend that work Ik dune,
llu eommuiiicatiaii Irum 11. Clover,
II.CK. Hy. Co., committee recommend
thut iiiy engineer and cily elerk furnish Mr. Clover with all information
I. ..nu. on tbu iniui. t ol Lonsilule
Ave, impruvemenl and thut Mr. I.'lov
or be ii.,i ili.il ihul il is Ibe council's
intention lu permunentiy improve
Lonsdale Ave. from the wuler front lo
lhe cily limits. That it is the -oi n-
cil's wish that electric lighting und telephone polos bo plan "I in the alleys
nnd street railway trolley wires car
riisl un iron poles placed between thc
il..uiii.- trucks.
The rnnimittcc recommend that llie
clerk in (in..- ol the district council
whether it is Iheir intention to widen
lonsdale Avenue lo a uniform width
of 100 feet from the city limits north-
Thul the request uf Mi. Nyj for Hie
. I.iii nig ul I).liim.I, Ave. (nun Eeilb
ll'.iil lu Illh street Ik ncceoded to.
Ihal Mr. Yates Ik communicated
with and usked whether be is prepared
lai liave. a deed fur Ibe lune in block
I Ifi, which be is desirous ul having cleared.
I inu cily engineer Ik uskeil lu bring
in au eslimule of Ihe cosl of suitable
scavenging cart and eipiipment und
report on a suitable dumping ground,
nnd submit any other inforuiiilion
bearing on the subject. Tbc coin-
nun.'.' recommend Ihul lhe city engineer be authorized in purcbuse Ibe necessary drain plugs requlrod for testing sewer pip. and lliul be be au-
Iburi/isl tu purchase a typewriter.
Finance Cummiltiiu
The commillee look inlo .consideration Hie applicalion mude by Nonh
Vuiuiiiivi'i I'ily Hnnd lor financial as
■ i inm' and decided to recommend
ibat a gram „l tW lie made Immediately lo lha: band for the purpose ol
lie. ni).  Ihem Inun  debt.
An application by -I I'. I... Keene,
daily Province representative, lor a
share of cily iidvi>rtising was next
lunsidervd. 11 wus resolved lo nst
Mr. h.a ne lo submit a schedule ol ad'
nu rising rules.
tho hands of tno cliuirmun-
Thul wilh Mr. Million's consent, tho
new purk in 1). L. friV ho named Milium Park. Tho chairman und Aid- Mc-
Hiiii to consult with Mr. Mahon regarding the matter.
Fire und Lighl Commillee—      ■
He pclitiuns from ,T. 8. Wiltap »nd
others for lighl iit intersection of
'Und street ami Muhon Avenue. Jtu-
li.ricd to Aid, Hiss lu report what
number uf houses and residents in I b.i
lio petition from <lmncs Murray for
light ut coiner of lml street und Sl.
Andrew's Ave. Aid. Dick inovisl thut
a limp be prepared showing tin! locution of all lights in lln: cily. Motion
was seconded by Altl. Hiss nud uglecal
A quotation received from Hull k
Hiillii.i for lighl bu.se wugnn at prtcil
of (lillll wus laid nn tin: Inble pending
lho clerk olilaining prices frum other
lirms. Thc wugnn III Ik di-livercd F.
ll.ll. Norlb Vancouver,
Tin: fire chief recouinicnili'd thnl u
ladder truck be procured innniil'iii-.-ly.
Tbc city clerk wns iiisirinli'il to ob-
luiii prices fur such equipment.
A coiiiuiuilinitinn re ciicd Ii'iim Hie
lire chief ivi omnia mini;.' llml his satiny he increased liom it'll lo HI 10 per
innn ili, uud thul Samuel McDowell lie
appointed enptnin of ihe brigade ut
u salary ol -.'-n per mouth wus referred to (be council tu nni -i'b'i' ip <<m-
millce ol lho whole.
Waterworks I'oiiiniilli'e--
Mr. A. a). Peck wns heard re charge
for wuler for horse, nml the clerk.wus
instructed to bring iu a' revised si be-
dule ul water rates.
Ke   claim by Mr. Crofts for   rebut"
ilin'iij h In-ill ■ shut nil wnler for four
days,   ('..luinliiii- recommend tint   hr
Ik iillowed a rebate ol 'HI cents in ,,■
cordnnce with the By-Law.
He accounts received fio.n Boyd,
Hums k Cu. I.ld., fur goods nipplied
iu IU»i and 1908 amounting to WM.-
nil. (-'onimitlee recommend ili il •'•■l-t
be nut acknowledged.
The cily engineer was iiistiit'tid lo
iisccrinin whether the Hoaid of works
wish to retain waterworks finvman
Fox ns foreman in charge ol ipwnr
work on Forbes Avenue.
Petitions were received us follows:
I'liini .1. II. J. Murrey und others
asking fur un appointment with Ibe
council in consider the opening up ul
Sl. Ibrvjtjk 3rd uud Lb drools in
connection with lhe laying nf sewers.
Itifi-Iihi) lo the Hourd of Wurks.
Thursdny wus named us the dale ol
From II. Snow und oilier* applying
lur n nl. v.nll. on lfith slieel oast of
Ilm boulevard on  the south side   ns
With reference tu applicntiun   mod-i
by Hoaid of Trade for linnmiul aas|el-|fw as lol 7, bluck II, II. L. HHI
mnn, applying lor an iiicrcnsv in  bi> —ire lh send delrgale lo Ottawa   Uw (erred In Hm lluard ul Works.
alury lo llfiU |s r iimnlb. IMcircil lo lomttiillee decidi-d lo recommend llml Frum the firemen uppliing for on
waterworks commilti'c. the   Hourd ol jjrodc Ik advised   Unit |iiieien-e of UIU in ench of their solar
Frum   I.  (I.  Hriiwnlnw  und   Wnlter   lhc diy intends sending its owh liclo-1ics |»i'month and alto mun.' hours off
llullriim niiiking applicalion  lor    llie gale lo Ollnwa iu roniuvliiiD with tho duly each weal,.   IM, ind tai the tin
position of building und sunilary    in-I applicalion foi a subsidy for lhe Sea-  and lighl commi I Iw.
s|nclor.   I'd..I ond Narrows Bridge. Fnun A- Bobbotl and others asking
From 'I. W. II..limiin quuling a price I A cummuniculinn was received from . tlmt Ifllh slnel Ik curried through
ol n-'loo lor a base wagon plus duiylfleWge Prime resigning bis pusilion Irnin Siilberlnnd Ave. east In Iba'city
mid Ireighl tilrl.M    A note uiiinh-l   "«   jaiiilur ul the 'ily hull   lo   lake  boundary,     Kef. lo Honrd of Worka.
wus lu lhe In. i thnl lhe ihiil iisnin
umliilisl Ilm puritans-. Ki-lernsl lu Hi'
lire nnd liglil loinmiliii'.
flint at the end of lhe month. It was I   KromMubn Chivers.W. II. May ond
resolvisl to ,,,,-epl ihe resignation and | „||,Pr, „,u;„v |ot „ f,,,,, luol sidewalk
ni .'uli slreel wesl Irom Muhon Ave.
thul ibe Chiel of Police Ik asked
From 'ily Clerk Shepherd poinlinu ! arrange for Ibe appointment nl anew
mil  Ihul  theie was a ilinnge in   lhe janilor.
lu iiitineil  with Keith Hond,
ai.niplelioli   of Hie   sidcunlk
also tin
on    fill)
w  uai : I    AU.
onca    ul' ii thi'
There shall be a Imnl Hourd nl j ol lhe dty clerk Ik Increased lu IIM, Km, „/ „ ,|m| |j„|,( nl ,|„. curpernl
lliiillh in eaib niuniiipnlilyand suehlptr monlh, dty lnn«iair ILIfi pn.t),), ,„„,., ,,,,,1 Kurbcs Ave. IMernsI
buurd shall cnlisisl ol Ihe council ol month, Miss Lning^ily treasurer's n»- | ,„ ,|„ I,,,,,,,) „| worfc, n„,| (m a||,|
einh inunii-ipiilily."   Kileirisl   to   thejsistonl, |7I| |*r uinnlli,   '.I.
Health comniillis'. jcity    rierk's    s|eiiogin|iher, Ifill    per |   'j|,0   |u||owjng   plans   were   passed
Frum lhc Norlh  Vbiiumii^ F ui-«jDwMilh lo nimmcnci' aa Irom alniiuiiiy   fyotk 'lll'l, DLvfilfi, bloek '1'A'l, III,
Co. adyisiag tlmi Ibey bad a earner
eino wilh Ca na i..l Siipnuiini I in r.i.-
i.-aiil ol lhe C.p.K. re lhe rulnvay nn
der thrir ii.uk> Mr. I'.n l.'.i - .isnl
(in-int in Montreal and ii"lhingn'u'd
Ik dune Igll be returned, t.iiun't
wns gii.-ii Ibat lhc cily »..uid U'mi-
lilial when thrir i'o-o|ieraiiw was
alarm, al advisalHe.   Filed.
From II. E. Yuuug, orovin.iil n-c-
retary, giving official nolice oll'eap-
poniinii nt ol police and In.■!•■•• '"in
nn uui. i for IVII in Nnrlh V/nncu
From 'len, Ciiiiiplsil, sa.iel.-uy ill Ilm
'liaaiil board, sulimilling (he e.liin
ales lor Ibe board (or ibis year as
lollowi: ((rdinory ei|ienses 117,833 and
extraordinary expense* tiUflVI. '(he
latter included glfi.llflO Ior nn 8-room
ed fo. piiuil ichool building on bluck
100, D L. fi«0. Bderrad to Ibr linn nu
The following recommendations drall
with nl Thursday evening'i cnmmillee
meeting were read and adopted.
Ke communication larcived (rum M.
C Wiggins, diking In have !Wth »ln»l
oiinad up to give access to Iota Sll,
30, 31, blodt 8, I). I. fiiu l»r building
purpoaei. The clerk waa instructed In
ascertain definilrly whether party in.
tends  building,  aad Hut  Mr. ' Ban
belly,  light cumuiillee ros|H'clivoly.
Isl lusi.     II  was seiaaudisl by Able
mun liiini.n.ui uud ngnssl In.
Liiiies Commillee
lie |. niaai, iiseiiasl (rofll C W. (iul
neil and ulbers asking du lulu' tu Ik
n|Kliod uu ibroiigb block Wi in 11. L.
fill) and portion ol block '/IH, II. I
I filfi.    A plan ol block 11, D. L. !17l
was rei.nisi In lhe Hoard of   Wurks
lo  uinsider   Hie  quest inn   ul showing
wi Ibe plan a lurge ravine.
!     Tlm      fi.ll.ivMlii.'      lui.iiuiul      lii.iilllil
fifiO   Ciimniillis' ltmm—d   Ihal Ihe, wcrc ,mMCd : Finance |fil)fi.30, school
|*lilionei, Ik cnmmunicaleii wilh and |fll71i.3r>,  p.dicc tWl.lD,   health  163,
asknl lo Iry and oblain n conveyance
lo lhe cily ul lhe necessary lund Imm
all lhe pnipiih  vwnen in lhc bloik.
hourd   ol   works   lornl   improvement
11811.70, board ol workn ti'.l'.n.m. wa
leiwoiks    t'/J'.l.'.lii,   finance   couimitlee
The Commillee recommend   Ihul tlie '• (fi7fi.
Hoard ol Trade   be   written   to   ■' i I     A/d   MrBae wanUs) lo know if   Ihe
iisk.d ibe lime and dale ddegaliou in ' Ferry Company hod itsiucd a   balance
tend lo wail upon Ihe general super- |-shee(.  None wni known ol.
iiileiiibnl of lhe C.P.H. re proposeil
subway when lho city will Im glad In
co operate in the matter.
Committee  recommend   that   idler
Imm Board ol Trade re public weigh
ing bridge be filed.
Porks I'uiiiiiiiii.•■
llal notice boards and traces bc
placed on parks and houlevardi where
required indicting (NO THOKOCdll
FABE) and if noccsiury lhat legal
steps be taken lo prevent persona
driving ovar same wiih carls and
Thai council go oul and inspect the
present cemetery.
Thai question ol season's work no
'trend Boulevard aad Park be lit In
Aid. drnith moved llml nulhing
more he done on the new fire ball until lhe bond is passed inlo lho huuds
of Hie cily clerk.  Tho motion passed.
Aid. Henderson moved Ibat a grant
nl lit') be inndo lu lho Siyiimui Lum
ber l'u for lhc construction ol a plank
road extending 33*10 lent in the city.
Mr. Henderson said M bad been the
policy ol lae pail coundl lo open up
trails and he considered the grant jusi
nn thii bads. The original toqUest
was for a grant of 11,500, The ou>
lion passed unwiinjously.
In connection will) a conuouniraliun
fionj Mr. Bridgman on behalf of Mr.
Fell re lhe deeding of a pork In tifi
wast apd ol thi oily the parka com
mittee wcommwded that a letter ba
sent lii Mr. Bridgman suyiug fbettlw
original agreement entered into between Mr. Fell and the ciiy coundl
must be considered ns binding betwean
the respective parties but with the ob"
ji.'cl. ul promoting u friendly Iceling,
also that thp council wai willing to
agree to the now boundary fine on thl
oast side of tho park, this offer being
without projudico to the agreement.
Tho committee recommended that as
tho eity had lived up to its agreement
it was justified in asking tbat thi
il.-eil bu grunted ut unco. Tbe recommendation passed.
Aid. Dick said ho understood the district was ubuul lo improve tbo Lynn
Vulley road which would necessitate
tho lowering of ilm old watir niuin.
If Ibis wus to bo done he thought thl
new main should be in operation be-
fore Ibo old main was -touched. The
engineer was instructed to hasten tbi
work of putting tbo now main in op-
a iniinii. The engineer said lt would
inst 110,1)00 to lower tho old main,
Aid. Ilcnilersun and McHuo wtrsap-
puinled tbe city's representative on
thu jnl|il delegation ol the adjoining
municipalities, The first meeting hsi
been lixed for February Mih-
Aid. Dick said it wus a serious stall
uf iiiiiiiii. llml North Vnniouver inn-
suiiiers and donlcrs ihould have to get
their cunl at thu convenience ol Ihl
Vuncuuver dcolcru. Ho moved ai follows :
Hun. F. L. Curtcr-GoUon,
Legislative Building,
Victoria, B. C, '
. This couucil desires to draw nllun-
tiun uf the government to lhe injua-
tice that lho district nml dty of
Norlb Xuncaiuver it subjected to In
llie mutter of their coal supply as tbi
colliery owners refuse to supply coal
lo any reputable dealers in thia dis-
Iriet, but force them to purchase
through dealers in Vancouver from
whom at preseut time no regular sap-
ply is obtainable. Wo would, then-
lore, humbly urgo that such stepi bl
laken us would remove this unjust
r.nliiilimi of liade and allow this
cily uud district lo purcbaso Hnlr fuel
direct frum tbc cutleries on the same
basis us Vancuuver city.
The resolution passed unauimuusly.
Ahl. lieiuli inu referred lo two mat-
tori thut wero about to coma bdors
the pruvinrial und Dominion governments. Effecting tho former was the
proposed scunic railway up (Irobse
mountain, ll bad been reported that
Hoove MeNiiught prdorred waiting a
yeur or so instead ul adopting either
ul lho Iwo schemes submitted, Aid.
Henderson thought the city shuuld
be represented befuro Iho railway com-
millis.1 as there mighl be sumo misun-
il. i iniiiliin.' He moved, tbat tbe dty
clerk see the solicitor und ask bus to
lake along.■ of tbo resolutions pnuad
ul tho public mediae! jn tho city's in-
leicsts uud see Ihul the city bad a lo-
cu.! slundi.
The motion was seconded by Aid.
Dick uud p.i   .al.
Hegniding lhe Second Narrowi
Hiidgu he thought tbo oity council
sliould scud ili own delegates rather
limn combine with the Board ol Trade
uul llml one delegate shuuld go toOl-
tuw'u a woi'k in advance. He movpd
thnt Hie iiiiiyu and Aid. Dick eont-
pusc Ibu cily's delegaliuii.
Olher' qiiesliuiis to be considered at
Ottawa wero a bonded warehouM,
•post ulliee situ and Ibe Indian reserve.
The motion wus iccundvd by Aid. Kil-
Isoii nnd pu • .al unanimously.
Tbe nia; oi and Aid. Henderson wert
uppointcd a eomuitlee to represent
the city ul Victoria before the railway couunillco in connection with tbi
application! lor charters (or a scenic
railway lo Clonic Mountain.
II wus resolved tu offer lor sjlo Ihe
(111,00(1 debentures authorized by lhi
electors at the recent general civic
elm liuifs. Tenders ure to be in by tba
'-'nli nl February.
A revision of the firemen's i-darin*
was made as follows : Chiel, f lll'l por
month, captain 75 per month end Bremen Kfi por month..
'1'bo several local improvement - by-
laws read at last week's meeting wna
Iin ully passed.
Tho court of reviiion on the .
mont roll let for Thunday, February
Sod, bas heen adjourned tp Thursday,
Fi-biiiniy Ulh, same lim* and pln'.r.
Mr. and Mrs |Tp. y^ay 'oJ tiu .
Hm Ibealrt, Norl^ Va»couvt,r and
Mr. rofferota of th#I-"Fa»ily" theatw
Voiicwvcr, havi teken miime rlli
Mrs. Arlhur VtMam. _4 sin* opposite tiie Palaoi Hptd. two
P, C,
Publish^ Tw^Bdays and Fridays by
Nphth Bhom ?gm, hivmu
..Una year, 11.1X1
Bitii or suusuuinioN
Sia monthi, Mu.
KI nited States and foreign, (LSI) per yoar
AdverliBiiu Mm will ha niiniml nn nppUitatlan
Thr» mnnthi, fto,
Tin Biprew ii devoted to the internal!) nf the north Shore of Burrard Inlet
emluflivoly. It oonslitiilei an advertising medium of exceptional .value tor
reaublng in a tburnugii und elfootlve niannor the population bf North Vanoouver
Oity anil nistrlpt, kvery effort is made to give advertisers the most iitlsfactory
' All changes In conlraet advertisements ihould be In the printers' bands not
liter than 10 a.m. Holiday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to eniure insertion in the
lollowing iwue.
■■I ,i
runoff is slaw aiid carries  vory  few
impurities, and the underground imp-
age is muoh greater comparatively
than from any other type of soil ooy
er.    The   water   from this  seepega
il later given out eleon apd pure  in
tho form'of ipriWi thp most desirable
source of domostiu Water supply.
These itoniB are advanend by   Mr.
MncMillan  in fnvor of oompmnal  or
municipal kmin,- uvea,.-
No»TH Vancouver,   B. C,
Januarvji, ign
Tho npplicutions ol tho two companies which aro uow in tho Held lor
a iihuiter to build a scenic ruilway tu
tho top nf (iruusi! inuuutuin aro nuw
In-line lln- prnviliuiul legislulure and
have received their In i reuding. The
two bills are now in tha "coinmittoe
stage" and will bo dealt with by tin:
Hallway Committee Ibis week.
Theso applications huve rceelveil
vary close attention mi tho Nnrth
Shore at thu hands uf the district
council, the cily .iiHiii'il, Ibo Hu.ird
ol Trade und likuwimi by the ratepayers enlivened fur thut purpusc. Nu-
thiug uf a derogatory mil ui iv In eilbiT
ooliipuny, as lompnied »itli ibu other,
has ii'iuiltiil from Ihu deliberations of
theso several follies. Whatever in-
div iiinni opinion! muy be held, these
meetings huve refrained from reiord-
nii any Bipreilbn ol prelereme eilher
direct or impliisl. Itesolutions nf u
gi'iieiul nature, up| linililc lu hnth applicants alike, prnviding lur a definite
time lur commencement and for completion nf construction, the right of
the distriit to purchase al specilied
paiiods and kindred multers have been
mlu|ii,al and a joint coiiiniitliv ol the
dislriel cuuncil, lhc city cuuiuil und
thc Hoard ol Trade bus he. u arranged
to proceed to Victoria to wnich llio
progress ol lho bills llirnugb tbu railway committee,
a-liiaulal either of the companies decline to accept lhe condition! submitted in Ibu resolutions relorreii In and
the other agree In Ihem, then the committee will obviously have reason for' poration depcndi upon tbe exposure
favoring lho one applicant us against to the sun and wind. A thick forest
tho other, but should bulb cumpunies cover, protect! the forcit (rom thc
ml. . ule ur liaail 1 bulb decline, then wind and sun, cools the air und
lhe efforts nf the commit tn' will nn- by thus itanding between thn mui,.
Iumil) bo iuulinul to securing tho in- ture-soaked ground and the nhsorlmiil
sertion ol tbu desinsl conditions in air gives rainfall more time io ioak
both charters. . away into the earth to (eed   streams
All   iliin;'    remaining equal  in    tho ' and springs.
mailers   In   which   reference   is mud.: j   drawing vegetation usee each   sum-
a larger body of water which is public to many communities, cared for by
none, and is the repository of the sow-
age of all. Acting upon this principle,
many American and a low Canadian
cities have .acquired the land surrounding tho sources ol the small
lakes and streams furnishing their wu.
ter supply. Not mily have communities done this, but in some instances
where the water is supplied hy a company or private individual this policy
hus been followed. Such land is usually rough, rocky, of little value for
any other productive purpose and cm
order that there might be no danger
sequently   cheap.
The original idea in buying the land
was to withdraw it (rum settlement in
uf pollution of tho water. Further
investigation proved that when such
land was covered with forest it nnl
ouly returned a profit as shown ahuve
but a", is a imd a beneficial infiumce on
thu water supply itself. Small watersheds, such as ilni.-'i' frum which many
of our cities derive thoir water supply,
depend upon the local precipitation ol
moisture. This moisture escapes in
four ways from ths ground upnn
which it falls; by evaporation, transpiration, surface run-off and seepage
run-off. Tho water which evaporates,
or which is carried off by transpiration through vegetable matter, is lost.
It ii ii| iiii the suiliiie run (iff and
seepage runoff, which are, under ordinary conditions in Bantam Canada,
about one-ball the total, that the reservoir must depend.
Evaporation is lesa in the forest
than in the open.  The rate of   eva-
abovc, lhe government would presumably Ihi justified in grunting both
dunteis luub iiiinpnuy is financially
slrong: and emfi is able lo rurjl ils
project lo i'om|ilelion. Tlie respective
routes proposed lire entirely (lis-
titict nml do not Maih in nny parti-
mer a great deal ol water, which is
gathered from tbe soil by thu r.wti
and given aff through the liavm and
green foliage. Tho amount i.l this
water used each year varies hum
about fifty to five hundred pounds for
every   pound   of   leaf   matter,    Tbe
riilur. Should both lim* be built, amount used by lorest trees, especially
then lo the I ravelling public *onl'l oonilers, is less than one ball the
uiuu.' all lhe benefits ol compel ing I amount used by forage crops and
lines. The question ns to whether grass, io that for this reason alone a
two smh lines could In mnde lu pay, ! watershed covered with trees should
is n niiilti'i lm the consideration of return more water to a reservoir than
1 the twu compuilics alone, provided llic jf jt were under any other cover,
interests of Ihe public ure protected I It ii important that the water whicli
hy chillier provisions with reipnol lo reaches the reservoir by surface drain-
the ciuistiueiion ami Ibe operation ul  age and sisq>sge should be pure   and
the lines.
ns nne cuinpnny lias   de-
clean.  II the watershed is denuded the
soil bakes iu ths sun, becomes hard,
rlansl ibat if Ibe iipplicalion lor a and during and alter rain sbods the
charter is grunted, il will have the water with such rapidity ' that the
line oomph Ii'l nnl laler thin >lctolsr loose particles ol soil are carried away
af this year, while lhe ulher eompiiny with tha flood, and the reservoir is
has riinsatilisl lo lite insertion of n . filled with turbid water. Owing lo
douse iu ils aliiiiier providing for ilm i the rapidity ol tha run .ill the un-
rommeiueiiieul ol construction nut Jderground sccpugc is under sinh con-
later lluni   lune Isl n.ai nnd lor     ditions very little.  On the other hand
completion nnd o|H>intiun of Ihe line   jf   the watershed is forested thl   sur-
nnl inter lluni nne y. in frum Hint
dale, lhe prospects fur the leiiii/uliun
ol (be Ui'iiiim* Muunlnin Saeiiic llnil-
•ay prnjeel ure (uiily bright.
HUJ'i'W    !
The Canadian Foreitry aloumal lor
Dumber reproduces liom lho Canadian Ci-nlury ,a paper upon "Foreitry
lot Municipalities" written liy 11. It.
MacMilian, Auistant Inspector ol lur-
eels iii Ihe course of whirii Mr. MacMilian discusiee (hi topic "How For-
sits Improvi Wnla-r Supply." Thi ob-
wrvations apply so aptly lo the in*.-
diiioai/ lurroittding the local wnler
supply aa to afford valuable elpeil nd-
yin with reference tUreta aad tbey
fire, Iharstore, worthy careful conridar-
ntinn (rom tin itaiidpoint of iba eon-
■arvatlon of tlu water aupply for the
a#Uri Nortb Hhors,
Mr. MacMilian, proceeding under the
|bove caption, lUtes:
It )| honoring evident that it ii
men advisable (or » community to
mows IU waUr wppfy Irom » *»»•!
.Unas or lake over whfeb it pay
turdm oontrot, tba* to taki it from
fn". of tha ground ii covered with n
deep spongelike mulch ol vegetable
matter, which absorbi the water and
prevent! a rapid run-off, eicept under
cloudburit conditions. Al tho umi
tlmi the. surface of thi soil is so
bound together by interlacing roots
that it hi not easily washed away.
The contoiyience ol thli li thit surface
would be necessary to plant and grow
lorosta and they would, therefore, apply even mora forcibly to thole situations in which all ih"' if "quired I*
tite preservation of forests nlreudy
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Doingi pf tho Hpgio fur lb*
(By   Mi|irn.'iB Special Buprawntative)
Victoria,, .lan- S8-Two inteniting
projects, iiliimiit uiniilur in title snd
iilcnlicsl in object, occupied tbo committee on private  bills .nnl   .■ iiuiilini:
nriii'i'ii during tbo poat week. Tbiy
wero tbe Iiiilu to incorporate tbo
liroiisc Miiuiiliiin Sconic Incline Huilwny Conipuny ond fho Groins Mountain Scenic Jlailwoy Company. The
latter bill wai Imiinl not to bavo com
pliwl with stiiniliiii,. orders siniie it Imd
iiilci'i'ii.-i'il in a Vanconver paper (lhi
Saturday Suniet) but bad not advertised in a paper published in Nortb
Vancouver, tbo diitrict directly affected. In view ol tbe lact that tbe Saturday Suneot circulated in North Vancouver and in there was somo precedent lor tbo action the promoter! woro
warned to be more careful in luture,
and on spucial circumstances being explained, tbc bill was again given first
reading in tbo Logislaturo and was ic-
lerrod to tbo railway committee. It
should bo added also tbat tbo private
bills committee in reporting on tbe
Grouse Moiinluin Scenic railway bill
advised that tho namo ol the compnny
lie ih. ii -.il so as not to conflict with
l but ol the Grouse Mountain Scenic
Incline Ruilway Company. Both bills
will next bo dealt with by the Hail-
way Committee, who will decido whether they cover similar routes and uill
thresh out any discrepancies between
ihem. Wiib two companies li^'bt-
ing for charters it certainly seems
likely that visitors will bc able to travel on rails to ibo summit of .Irousc
Mountain in the near future.
Another bill which promises to bring
a great pleasure ground within caiy
access ol tbc peoplo ou tbe sdjac/nt
mainland passed second reading during tho week. This was thc bill setting nsiili- 376 square miles jn thc vicinity ol Iiuiiii'',.- I iil.a-, Vancouver Island, as a provincial park. Hon. Prill)
Ellison, minister uf finance, wbo moved tho second reading, described in
glowing terma the scenery ol this
liniiiiiiiiiii walled purk as be had seen
it last summer. He pictured Bultlo's
I .il..' us ii body ol water clear as cry
■•liil, iiiiiI fed by streams nud waterfalls Irom which the mist mono like
smoko. Finest ol ull tho lalls, bow-
ever, wore those ol Campbell river cn
i.ani.a Then' lhc waters Iall sheer
over a precipice for 13(1 feel, and the
silvery spray throws oul rainbows
gleaming in the sun. He announced
lhat il was the intentiou ol the government to open up the park by building a motor road in Imm Campbell
river which is only ubout ;H> miles distant Irom lluttlc's l.akc. Aa Campbell river is accessible by a comparatively short steamboat (rip from Vancouver it should be nn eusy mailer
(or the people ol litis vicinity to reach
this new pleasure ground.
The Atlorney-Gcncrul's bill lo regulate the traffic in molor vehicles passed second ivuding wilbout eiilieism in
lhe House; thut came from outside (lie House in a numerous delegation ol mi 11.111 uliili. men wbo camo
down upon Hon. Mr. bowser on Wednesday night with a whole ln.il ol
suggested changes. Most ol Ihem wero
mailers uf detail and some seemed to
meet with the approval of lhe Altor-
uel-Generul and others did nol, ihOtlgh
he took patient note of ull, Mr. T.
S. Duller, who acted as spokesman ol
the delegation, concluded by asking
Ihnt a clause be added lo Ihe bill,
giving pedestrians the rightol way at
niiiit crossings,but vi'lililes (ho right-
ul wny in between. He pointed out
thut nii'ideiils often occurred ihruugb
persons darling suddenly across tbo
street in the middle ol a block. Tbe
Aiiiiiiu-y Gi'iii'inl promised to coruider
Ibo suggestions Ibat wero made and
there will undoubtedly be some changes mude in tbc bill when il ii considered in committee ol tbe whole fiouie.
Hon. Dr. Young's bill aulboriting
Ibe provincial Board ol Hcallb to
nml.'' regulations for lho inspection of
logging ramps, sawmills, al, , nut
wiib some criticism from the Socialist
memlitrs wbo (bought Ibo regulations
should be named in tho bill and not
loll to tbo Board of Hoaltb. Tbii
gave rise to a warm discussion in
wbicb lho debaters on botb sides wandered rather fur afield. Messrs. Haw-
Uiorntbwaitc and Williams claimed
that Ibe bill was Ibe result ol their
agitalion lor Ibe workingmen, bul was
introduced by llie government at Ibll
juiiiiiiii' tp make political capital.
The l'rumior rotorled Ibat bills to
accomplish tbese ends whet introduced
by Socialists, contained dotails so
drastic and revolutionary as lo ren-
dor Ihem impossible. If Socialists
were in power and spent their whole
Iimi' over such legislation (be province
would go to ruiA and it would be impossible to git an honest day's pay for
an honest day's work. Tbe bill gol
through committee stage -ofler one
discission and j* now ready lor id
third reading.
Thc first bill to pass (bird reading
(lis session wu Hon. lh. Voung*!
amendment to tlu University Endow-
llll ■
menl Qj|l for tho'purposo of oxtcndiijg
lhe time for tho selection of university
Isndi till Deoember 81, 1918. In the
eoursn of tbe discussion pn this mh*-
ure tho provincial secretary announced
ibat it was hii intention, within a tow
dayi to bring down a bill to provide
lor tho selection ol Undi on Inu university tite at Point Grey. A number
of meaiiirro have been committed and
are now at the third reading Btago.
Tho present week promises to be a
busy ono. Dr, M'uliiiiie, gaving (ailed
on two pieviomi occasions to .got tbe
Dominion government to investigate
tho high price ol coo) on the Pacific
coait, ii introducing a- resolution calling on the'provincial government to
appoint a royal commission for that
purpoie. There appears to bo a general impreRiion tbat tho motion will
carry and a commission will probably
sit noil niiiiiiiiit.
Mr. Bawtbornthwailii has a ratbor
declamatory motion on tho order paper celling on tho Houso to express its
llllllill-l lllHi'    l|f    tbO    I i'a a 111     I'.M a lllll,       ol
Sociulisti in Japan, and deprecating
any further alliance between Great
Britain and tlia alauanoso government. As lliis proposed interference in
the domestic affairs of another nation
is a nulla'] strong divergence Irom the
functions ol a provincial legislature,
tho motion is not likoly to bc taken
very seriously. In addition to ihese
motions, Hon. Mr. Bowser is scheduled to bring down on Act consolidating tbu different railway bills of tbo
provinco, and tbu Premier'! Coal
Mines Hegulationi Act bas yot to go
Ihruugh second reading.
I).| aiiaiii.an. to interview the govern
ment on various mutters ale becoming numerous but by thc rules ol (he
session visitors are strictly debarred
from (bo lobbies of tbe House unless u
number intercedes lor lliem.
The new reciprocity treaty with lhc
United States wai a live topic of discussion among members in lhe taller
part ol the week and opinion si-enicd
to be unanimous thai ils provisions
were gonorally most unluvurnblo to
Dritisb Columbia.
IN   llll': MAI Hli   ol Ibe Water Act
and Amending Act and
IN THE MATTI'H oi I leci.se No. 13
granted to the Corporation al tlie
Distiict ol iV.iih Vancouver lor
31X1 inches oi water to bo taken
from Lynn Creek, dated tin 3Utb
August, 1801.
NOTICE ii haielay givm that the
City o( Nortb Vancouver being the
owner and licensee under the slid license by virtue ol the North Vancouvor ('ily Incorporation Aet, IttUli, will
apply to S. A. Fletolnr, Enj., Water
Commissioner lor New Weiliuinstcr,
II. I'., an W. .Ine .Iny tbo first day ol
March, 1911, ut lhc hour ol eleven
o'clock 'in the forenoon or io loon
thereuller ai couiuel can lie beard lur
au order amending tho void license liy
substituting theicin in licensee thc
name ul tlio lily ul North Vnncouvsr
in place of Ihe Corporition ol tbe Distiict ol North Vuneouver, end lor
adding to lhc words defining (lie puint
of diversion the wordi "aud at a
point on linn ('reek either on Lot
!i'.i'.», Group 1, Now H i si minster Diitrict or l.ol 1363, Group 1, New Weil
minster Diitricl at or near lhc boun
dary between tin said I,uti" or, in
tho alternative, lor an oriiir amend
ing Ibo license originally granted apportioning llie water to bl taken Irom
l.ynu Creek uuder iaid licenie No. i'l
between llio poinl ol diveriion as sel
out in the original litems and a pnin
ol diversion ol l.ynn Creek cither on
Lot 'i'i'l, Group I, New Weitminslcr
District or lot 1363, Group 1, Niw
Westminster District, at or near the
boundary between said loll or lo is
suu two or more liceinei lur tin wa
tu make lueh other order in the |i
mi •■« us may be just and equitable.
DATED (his 21th day of December.
Solicitor  lor   said    I'ily   ol  Nurlli
Vancouver. 17-2
NOTICE ii hereby given thit tbo
Council of tbi City fit Nortb Vancouver bave appointed T buisdey tlu Snd
day ol Eebruoiy, illll, kt Ike bout ol
9 o'clock in tbi alternoon it tbi city
ball, Nortb Vmcowir, B. C, a> tbi
Iimi and placi for bearing complainls
againsl tbe umimonl for tbi yinr
IWI ii modi by tbi aimior.
Any perion complaining igiiuit lhe
assessment must give notice in writing
to tbe assessor ol thi ground of bis
-complaint at least ten dayi before the
date of tbo firit silting ol tin Court
of Kevision,
Dated at North Vancouver, B. C,
Die. »tk, mn.
At Vancouver Pricei.     Sole Agenti for Nortii Vancouver.
ESPLANADE, ne*t to P. Q.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 259
Stock Reducing Sale
We are showing 36 inch Stripe Flannelettes sold everywhere 15c.
Our price this week only   -   -   122C
Hot Points
For the Man
LJ ore's a chance to please tbe
Qiaia i  at uii. a a 1910 " HOT
Ton days trial, free for asking.
pleasure and comfort on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market guaranteed for two years.
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N'.'ii.  c'cai1 'lll[' economical.
^r-nlLsJ.'jriLl   T° oncnow,nd Evinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd,
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The Gurney-Pxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
fuel anil beller baking results.
only does its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST than
other Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
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of your lime righl now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
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Do you experience difficulty in
handling your own personal finan-
cea? I'd you not sometimes wish
thai you had a few dollars in (he
Hank in lull back upon?
.Deposit one dollar In the Bank
of Hamilton to-day—a imail sum,
but large enough lo bear interest)
and  it will speedily  accumulate   «   t__n_J_f_i
more, once you have commenced       [Jfi]
to save.
C. Q. HEAVEN, Agent,      ' g^ pi„.
North Vancouver. mHlVfQ8 tm EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVRR, B, C,
Lynn Valley Notes
hynp Valley hm 9h«i|ri>4 from» aw-
| Uary nook (n tha rotmntaiBa to an in-
I viting caatro of prpsperoiji apd pound-
fn| bumps Whsra several hundred people ne d4||y nbwjrbjng tho wets 0f
lliis stop Irom the loneliness nl na-
| tlirii to th| cheerfulness ol an eipand-
r JBg oopwwnity pf entai-prisiiig  peiplii
hai beefc mada in t lew monlh*. Tha
Valley has become thickly settled, values lievo tnliiiii iiiaia.Iihi,- l,.|ipii, small
fortunes have boen made by investors,
aifd this picturesque vale has altuined
a fame all in sn short a time '.li.it Ihe
imagination   gasps  in   11si.111i111ni.11i.
,. One salesman ol the Canadian Financiers Ltd, sold mure than IMH) l.is in
tbls  won liii producing  area   between
Juno 1 anil lii-a.-iiili.-i  IS, 1910. Prool
of  this seemingly extravagant sl'ite-
ment may be easily obtain^ by auy
ona whn cares to make inquiry. I.ynn
Vallay bai roaehud its presout i.ue
and robust iQcial state with III t'HWgy
unequalled anywhere in this corner of
Hritish Columbia.
The event ol most vital jmporW»<i3
in the present hiitpfy ol lb" Vit'lay
was tho construction of a I ill line
Irom tho city of Norlh Vancouver to
this sequestered spot by the B. C.
Electric Company last summer. Tins
improvement joiiu.il this beautiful
land with tho whirling professional
and business world ol Vanoiwer .ind
.'linanl tho tide of investment to flow
into this virgin area.
The briel, glittering hijtory of l.ynn
Valley is looLod upon jy ihrewl observers as 11 prophecy or index of thr
good things that shall (all io it in ihe
The homes, the lino enterprise pl lho
tbe stores, tbe public improvements,
the harmony of the community form
» powerful magnit, argue tba faMoe-
big ones, to bring bigger and '''her
iininiiMiiiiiiiis in this ipot. That ihe™
prophets are unmjstpkcubly right iu
thoir judgment and al«u in their faith
if'you will, is about to be publicly
proven by a number of important an-
niiunuemeiils which will mal.ii glad
evory person who has a dollar invested In tho Valley,
Church Himil, which extends through
the heart ol this handful of rare territory (and indeed l.ynn Valley is precious in the small amount theru is nf
it) is soon to become the business
.i'liiii' of this budding townsite. Three
substantial linos of business, among
them a grocery and a drug store will
be opened on Church Koad as soon as
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1125. Cash $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange. Near Lonidale
the above lots are among the best buys in Nortb Vancouver, and intending investors will serve their own
ini. ia .i by investigating. We have the exclusive sale and also a large list of olher lots in the (aity. It is
in your own interest to call and inspect our list before deciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbiu Brunch Offices:
■1 Lonsdale Avk., North Vuneouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Brunch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
London, Kngland
l'uris, France
iiiiiii it-tn 11 ni 111 ti>M-i i>ii-i-i-i'i-n ti-iiim-i 111 i-i-nm n-fri-ii i h-h-w
Canadian Financiers, Ltd. \
LARGE LOTS     50x193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
14 Lonsdale Avenue:      -      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
Branch Office:
Main Office:
End of Lynn Valley Cariine     |
632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office:   Glugow, Scotland.
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;   Caih 1200, balance reasonable.
Martinson & Co.
Phniifj. . P.O. in" /j
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
/    Subdivi.ion of Portion of Diitrict LoU 601 and 607, North Vancouver
\ Municipality.     At Terminui of B. C. Electric Cariine.
v .
fee Ham, litre
Udl t Tmtkmmn
Phone 6266, Corner Pender and Seymour Streets, Vancouver.
lb* buildingi can bfl erected. Tb* necessary rites bave been purchased and
tbe carpentry work, it is reported, ii
to bo commenced at one
Genuine appreciation of tbe states-
iniinlikii attitude of the honorable
naive and the highminded councilman
of tho municipality toward Lynn Valley comes frequently and vigorously
Irom ita' residents.  r—
Hr. J. 1'. I'lnwfaiiil, the enterprising
munager of the Canadian Financiers,
North Vancouver office, said recently
with straightforward cnthuiiiasm:
"The municipality, ol Norlh Vancouver is indeed to bo congratulated upon
thc onergy, carefulness and forcsighled-
noss of its self-sacrificing reeve and
councilmcn. Their government Is impartial and friendly to every section
within their jurisdiction. Lynn Valley
like other communities, has been
greatly helped by their good works.
Heeve McNaught, Councillors Allan
und Bridgman are entitled to conspicuous mention. Visit the municipal
hall Minii' Thursday night and you will
be astonished at the volume ol business that comes ln-fm.- tho municipal
body. Kaia li' session of thc reeve und
council is marked by more work than
the |ii.aaalinja meeting."
At the outskirts of the thriving city
nf North Vancouver there lies
iburming natural park iu the lop of
low, encircling hills. Theso clovations
lend a touch of granduur to thc Scene
which is enlivened by the music ol a
tumbling rreck thut meanders iiWi|(l>
the vale. All nature here is liriuhl
and . haa iiul and the visitor feels instinctively an inviting peace that
rests nml . Iiuriim. Pictures ol rui'.i-
in, r shades and winter firesides t l.i ill
the im.' an.iii'in and a desire In own
a cozy, hundsomc home in iti'.i luvtr-
cd plum lakes lorm nnd crystallizes in
the mind-thls delightlul liiMjH.nble
■■liiai  is Lynn Vujley.
What is Unable evidence ol an in-
rreasing aud prosperous business is a
lirm inlaigiiig and extending il« umi"-
tns. This is the ease with the menl
branch of' the Hunk ol H.N.A. '.vhi.li is
l'i i,aim,■ the erection ol iheir propoMsl
modern bunk building on Iheir property ut the corner ol 3rd slni't and
Lonsdale Avi., making preparation lor
lhe el tension of their present guartcn
ut lhc coiner ol Isl itreel and I .onsdale. Thc ll. ('. Telephone Co. is a-
bout to move into its new building on
Illh streei when Messrs. I I.l.i Murray will move inlo that office. The
bank then is going lo lake in to the
Klder Murray ollice und make it one
with its present oflice on the comer.
Owing lo the grading of Ihe Ksplan
ade the entrance at the corner ol 1st
street will lie nia,..,.I down on Lonsdale Ave. to the southeast miner ol
thu olliae. ('.(tensive changes will be
made in llic nrrangemclit ol the desk,
ele. When (he propoied nli. i.ilia.i..
are effected the clerks will face lo lhe
«ast where a large space will Ik allowed for the public. In connection wilh
llie new block, Mr. Salsbury, the local muuiiger, is nulhorily for thi
statement that the inlin building will
lie ouupied by the bunk, the lower
Hour us lhe offices a and the up|M'r
lloor lor cloak uud reading rooms for
(hi clerks.
Excellent |rogress is being mad. on
the installation of the large atorm
■ewer drain on l/>nndalc Ave. Waa-
ther condition, have lum anything
but limn,ilil. lor lhe carrying on ol
the work, Uie recent mow fall having
a tendency^ to hinder progreu, but
in spile ol Ihis thf trenrh digging ii
now up even with th* city liall and
the pip* laying lollowing close up.
Wil or  Kipres. :
Dear Sir.-lloving seen your issue ol
llie 'illh, tbe case of Hycrs vi. Man,
I beg to inli.im you Ibat it ii juit
the oppoaite re assault. Mar. pleaded
guilty and was iot oil on suspended
sentence. Sir, I with you to puoiish
this and clear my character ai regard,
the building, il belong? to me and no
one else and you will greatly oblige
i.H). BYEBS,
(not Myer.)
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre track, $11 per acre
$50 caah and $10 per monlh
Enquire or write
216 Second Sired EaU
Why pay 1360.00 lor rough Mured Loll whin wi tan sell rou
the vary besl, cleared Latl without a stone on thom, level ai a tebl|
and into grass. Dean cultivated for ten yean, situated on Centre
Koad, being the best Boad on tho North Shore and oni block horn
■ the Car J.fne, School, Ghurcb and Store; bavi city water, ilictni
light and telephone. ,        , ..
Price m> to WOO each, Terms |100 caih, balanci II, IJ and If
mouths. Theso lola will bring at Uait in our estimation 100 pw
cent, prolit on thi amount invested within si* monthi. Buy qulok,
they mu going fait.
P. 0, Box 172 North Vancouver
... .   . i
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L
550 direct from owners. Immediate results if rightly priced.  ::;   :;;
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
North Vancouver it Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24 P. O. Box 50
Ratis:   li.iiii  pet  and  Up.   Special rtl«i to fftniliei
and   to regular   boarders.   .	
Sjcono Strut.   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER. B. C
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
I.aiinrli "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
I   "laa
llailljl.aim Wl.til
730 a.m.
i) 00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
ijoo p.m.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
1900 p.m.
9.30 a.m.
17.00 p.m.
Single Fan 16c
I vu )  11. ij tx, 1 pi bunie,
l.a.l   1 •!„ a,.,,..
City r.rilu' Wti.tl
8.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
13.00 a.m.
11.00 p.m.
Atialurleye tely
tuaiey hcbtlule
00 p.m,
1600 p. ni
■ aa.oo p.m.
.14.00 p.m.
 ti m, |i in.
Two TickiU 26c.
Quickest route from Nortli Vancouver lb Ihe district bayond
Capilano River. Launch "Weal Vancouver" makes connections, without laii, with the ferry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
It eve Vu.     Leave N. Vu
'6.ao a.m.
7.10  "
■.fn  "
9.15  "
10.1$  "
11.15  "
it ij p.m.
1.15 li
i.ii  "
MS "
. 4 15 "
tri "
6.1J "
tM "
1.15  "
91«  "
0.1$ «
♦ Q» SasiUyi
■6.45 a.m.
7.50  "
tit  "
MS  "
10.45  '
"•45 "
11.45 9■•■
14 '
»48 "
•    846  "
748 "
••45 "
948 '
10.45 "
♦"•48  "
Uva N. Vu.
"6.30 a.m.
•7.30 It
•l.ao "
9.» "
10.15 "
n.15 "
U.I5 P.K.
1.15   '
i.H "
»«8 \l
418 "
6.15 "
7.35 "
B.15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
. tn.15 "
13.00   "
• r
•thm tenter,.   Tlm tma mm^ it eketyt imt* tmn Mpp
too, wtifc mm nnmvmt a. g
I <4»HW'MM#W4W#^
"     I
North Vancowlity
'"   ■" ■'   ■     —: ; . m—
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15^, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres!
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through This Property.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. w> i*.
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vancouver, B. C. Phone 6286
H-H IH'l H"l"l M'l 1 H'M'iH M 1111 IM 'H-H-H-l-M 11 l-H 11 UMI 1 UlHi
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Solo Agent
Agreement, aad Contr.cl. drawn        .,, icy Gener.l
ot tviry description • "0ne   15'        Convey.ncini
Our gigantic January clearance sale commences on SATURDAY MORNING
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The Clothing Man
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where. /
"Small ProdU and Quick Returns"
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and Cornar Granville aad Sm;the
—«——~       \ ii
The A. Farro
Louis Joseph Vanct
Copyright, 1008. bjr tlu Bobfa.-M.tniU Cm.
126 2nd St West
When you deal at tiie A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly what
you ailt for al right price. :
Special Attention!
We cany a complete line of
Ha-huty * ErawBr.adUrwtl.oq
Katad it EiDTatu Quatui
G^WWff 9W l^ Wtew ttwt
Brentwlck waa good, but Brentwlck
waa mlitiken. Tbtre wm really qotb-
Ing (or Klrkwood to do but to go
abetd. But ont iteemtr Mnk ra-1
malned to ba packed. The boat train ,
would leave below mldnlgbt, tbt
ilea mar wltb lb* mowing tide. 11;
tba morrow', noon be would be upon
Iba blgb teas, wltbto tan dtyt In New
Vork and among ftitndi, and Uten-
The problem ol tbat afterward per-
pleird Klrkwood more than bt cared
to own. Brentwlck lied opened bia
tret to tbt (act tbat be would tw
practicall; useless In San Fwnclico.
lit conld not harbor tbt tbongbt ol
going back only to become a charge
upon Vaudtrllp. No; be vu retolred
ibat iiii'iii-efiirward be mut rely upon
lilmtplf. carve out bit own detUny.
Hit-would the art tbat ba bad cultivated wltb audi auldulty yield bin
a livelihood l( ilnccnly practiced wltb
ibat end to view? Wonld tbt mental
ond physical equipment ot a painter,
heretofore dilettante, enable blm to
become self mpporttng?
There i'aine a rapping tt tba door.
Tbe knob wat turned by t diminutive figure In tbt livery of tbt Pleae
"Ur. Klrkwood?"
Klrkwood nodded.
"Gentleman to ew you, air."
Klrkwood nodded again, nulling, It
somewhat perplexed. Encouraged, tbe
child advanced, proffering a silver
raid mi) at tbe end of an unnaturally
rigid forearm. Klrkwood look tbe
curd dubiously between thumb tod
forefinger and Inspected It wlthoul
'"Ooorge B. Calender,"' bt read.
"'George B. Cnlendarl' But I know
no sucb person. Sure there's no initiate, young mm?"
The close cropped, bullet shaped
British bead wat agitated In vigorous
negation, and "Card for Ur. Klrkwood I" waa mumbled lo dlspaaslonato
accenle appropriate to e recitation by
rote. »
"Very well. Bnt before yon tbow
blm up aak this Ur. Calendar If bt
bi quite ture be want* to sco Philip
The child marched out, punctiliously
cloning lhe door. Klrkwood tamped
down Ibe tobacco In bit pipe ud
puffed energetically, dltmUslng ibe Interruption to bit reverie at a nutter
of uo consequence—an obvious mlatake
to be recllDed by two words wltb tbk
Mr Calendar whom be did not know.
it tbe knock bc bad almost boped
It might be Brentwlck, returning wltb
a changed mlud about the bid to dinner.
He regretted Brentwlck sincerely.
Theirs was a curious tort of friend-
ship, extraordinarily cloae In view ol
tbe meagerness of eltber'a Information
about tbt other, to aay nothing of tbe
disparity between tbelr agei. Concerning tbe elder mtn Klrkwood knew
little more (ban that tbey bad met on
shipboard, "coming over;" tbat Brentwlck bad apent some yeara lo Amer-
lea; tbat be was an Kngllibman by
birth, a cosmopolitan by habit, by pro-
feaalon a gentleman (employing Ibat
term In lis most uncompromisingly
British significance) and by Incllni-
lion t collector ot "ankles of virtu
ind bigotry." In pursuit of wblch bc
nii'de frequent excuralont to Ibe contl-
MBt from bis residence In a quaint.
quiet slreel of Old Brompton. It bad
been during bia nol Infrequent, bnt ordinarily abbreviated, sojourns in Peril
tbat tbelr stesmcr acquaintance bod
ripened Into an affection ilmoet llllal
on tbe oue hood, almoat paternal on
tbe olber.
There came ■ nipping It tbt door.
Tbe knob was turned; Uu door open
ed. Klrkwood, twinging on one bed,
beheld, hesitant upon the threshold, e
rather rotund ligure of medium belgbt.
did In in expresslonleu gn; lounge
•ult. wltb • brown "bowlor" bit held
tentatively In one bind, in umbrella
weeping In tbe olber. A voice, wbicb
wit unctuous and Inslnuillve, emanated from tbe ligure.
"Ur. Klrkwood?"
Klrkwood nodded, wltb tome effort
recalling tbe ntuie. to deticbed bid
been bil Ibougbtl since tbe disappearance of (be page.
"Yea. Ur. Cilendtxr »
"Art you- ah  busy, Ur. Klrkwood?"
"irt you, Ur. Calendar?" Kirk-
wood's smile robbed tbe retort of iny
flavor of Incivility.
Bncoureged, the mu intend, premising thai he would detain bil boat but
i moment ind readily surrendering bit
ind umbrella Klrkwood, putting tbe
Utter tilde. Invited bit caller to tlu
easy cbilr wbicb Brentwlek bad occupied by tbe fireplace.
"It takes the edge off tbe dimpncM,"
Klrkwood eiplalned In deference to
Ibe olher'i look of plcaeed lurprlic it
Ihe cheerful bed Of colli. "I'm afraid
I could never get iccllmited to life In
■ cold, dimp roora-or a damp, cold
room-iucb u you Brltlebeft prefer."
"It li grateful," Mr Cilendir igreed,
spreading plump ud well cixed for
bindi to ibe wormtb. "But you ire
mletiken. I sm aa much au Axoericin
si yourielf."
"tnr Klrkwood looked Uw ou
ovtr wltb mon Inttrtet, leu nutter of
Ti oourtear.
proved dot nnpnpoeeampg, IM*
uoclanldable Ut (Standir. He wu
Irened wltb tome cere, hli complexion
wu good, ind tbe fulloeu of bia glrtb.
emphaslicd u It wu-by e notable
lick °' luchea, bespoke e nitnn genial,
easy going and tybirltic. Bit dark
eyea, heavy lidded, wero ictlve, cu
rionily it timet wltb a eubdued glitter, In a face large, round, plait of
wblch tbe other mott remarkable lee
turn wen I rauiticbe, cloee trimmed
ind showing slreaka of grey; e chubby
dote ind duplicate cblns. Ur. Ctlen
dir Wait, furthermore, ponened of •
polished bald ipot, girdled wltb I Ion
•un of slivered balr-elrcuinstanm
wbicb lent lomo factitious dlstlncilon
to i personality otherwlso common
Ills manner might be beet described
as uneasy, wltb assurance, u though
be frequently found It necessary to
mike up for bli unlmpreailve ilatun
by auuming an nnnitural babll of au
"So you knew I wu u American
Ur. Cilendir?" legfteted Klrkwood.
"8iw your mme on Uu register We
uutii bill from tlu tame neck of tbr
woods, you know."
"1 didn't know It, and"—
"Yea; I'm from Friico too."
"Aud I'm sorry."
Ur. Calendar pined Ave fit fingers
aervouily over his mustache, glanced
jiertly up it Klrkwood, u it momen
uirlly Inclined to question bia lone,
t/ieu ogaln ttired glumly Into thr
lire, for Klrkwood bid maintained au
ittitude purposefully colorless Not to
put too Que a point upon It, be believed
lhat bia caller wu lying. Tbt man's
ippearance, Ills munerlanu, his voice
iud enunciation, while tbey mlgbl
have been American, seemed .all un
,'iillfnniliin. To one born ami bred In
'hat suite, as Klrkwood hid been, bar
tout ire unmistakably ball marked.
Now, no man ilea without motive
I'hli- one cbose to reaffirm, wltb i show
jf deep feeling: "Yes, I'm from Frltcu
too   We're compinloni In misfortune.''
"I hope uot altogether." saiil Klrkwood politely.
Ur. Colendar drew bit own Inference* frum tbe response and muttered
up a ihow of cheerfulness. "Tbu
you're not completely wiped outr
"Tii tbe contrary, I wu hoping yoa
were leu unhappy."
"Ob, then you are?"
-Klrkwood lifted Ibe cable message
from tbe mantel. "I have Jut beard
from my partner it borne,'' he uld,
wltb t faint nnilli'. ud quoted: "Kv
erylhlng gone.   No bisurance.'"
Mr. Caleudor pureed hit plump llpt,
whistling luuudlbly. "Too bid, loo
bid I" be murmured sympathetically.
"We're all hard bit, more or leu." He
lapsed Inlo dejected spatby, from
wunh Klrkwood, growing it length
luipiiili'iit. found It necessary to route
"You wlsbfd to iot mt about tome-
tblug else, I'm sure."
Ur Calendar started from bit reverie. "Kb? 1 wu dreaming. I beg
pardon. It seems bud to realize, Ur.
Klrkwood, tbat this awful catastrophe
bu overtaken our beloved metropolis."
Tbt noting pbruet wearl I Klrkwood. Abruptly be cut In: "Wonld
a sovereign hdp you out, Ut. Calendar) I don't mind telling yon tbat'i
about Iht limit pt my preaent n
isfoctory to tbe Minuter ol Peblk
Works, equal to twenty (311) pr not.
ol the contract amount, Ior lb. dee
fulfilment ol Ibe contract. «
Tenden will got be consider*! ut-
leaa made out on tbe lorma euppM,
signed with tbe actual signatun ol tbe
tenderer, and andoted ia Ibe anrrf-
opee furnished.
Tbe lowest or any leader not pie-
essnrily accepted.
Publie f orki Fiijinw
Department of Publie Works,
Victoril, 3. C, bib January, 1911.
Honeiboeini ud Blicktartuiaa
Kerr & Walk*
At Alex. GibW. OU SUad
123 61b Street Eut Nortb Vancouver
I'hone 373
Specials for
This Week at
(To be in.ala ai.
Wing, Court House, Vancouver.
SKAI.KD TKNDEBS, auper.cribad
"Tender lor Wing, C'our'l-kouac, Vancouver," will be received by Ibe Hon-
ouyUilc lho Hinislcr ol J'ublie Works,
up to and including ^ursiluy, Uic
lntl day ol February, 1911, (or tbe
erection and completion ol an addition to the courl-hiiUHC ut Vancouver.
llrawings, Specifications, Coptract,
and Forms ol Tender may be seen at
the oJBce~of"fbe Provincial Timber Inspector, Vancouver, B. C., and at
Uio Deportment ol Public Worka, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Il.'i'.
Intonding tenderers mn, by applying to tbo undersigned, obtain one
copy ol tbe drawings and ont ropy
ol tbe specifications ior tfae sum <>!
twenty-five H'ltr) dollan.
Kaefa lender must be accompanied by
in accepted bank oheque pr icrlifcu-.e
ol doposit ,on a eborlared bank oi
//iv.da, made payable to tbe Don.
Ibe 'fillister oi Public Worka, Ior a
■■"im "irnii to five (6) per cent, of bit
tender, wbicb ■ Imll be lorfcilrd il the
party endoring decline to enter inlo
contract wben called upon to do to.
Tbt cliijues or ocrtificatee of dtpotit
of muuLcctsiul tenderers will be relumed tl- tbcm upon tbe execution of
Iht cont^ioj.
The auoceulid i—Aorm Adi iurniab
rtrF    i  I'^riaii  -r—7?r-FT ^i.'n 'vrt   "
o bond ol a guaranty company eat-
Ten, Braid's Ceylon .He Ib.
Coffee,   roasted   or   ground   lo
order    .Kc Ib.
Cheese, Canada Cream  IVjc t).
Corn, Beans and Cream per cu    10c
Tomatoes and Peas, large sire
Can*     1%
'lions or Corn Starch, 1 Ib. pck. ..-6c
ll. inl/ Pork ud Beans, per can ...1%
Pineapple in large tin         lio
Imported    and   local     lams,
•Jellies, per ju  Me
I), k C. Boiled Oa^Vudt Me
Koyal   Standard   Flour,   4Nk
Sack  7^,71
Kggs (overy egg guaranteed)   «      j^
per doren  ......36c
Butter,   Star   Creamery,   1Mb.
Boi      - «.!»
Uuple Syrup in Mb. Tins  Mh
Lilly Wbite Syrup, Iblb. lia  Jio
KnixinK, choice seeded, 3 peka ite
Sugar, B. C. best, per sack HM
Apples, cooking, per boi  Wl*>
Jlaiianni per dor ......Sto
Oranges, aweet N»vcI«  10 lor lOo
Figs, Sal. New' dried 4 lbi me
Honey in comb  Sto
Cream Soda Biscuit, per lb  .We
Gold leal lard 101b. pul  41-M
Frcth every day-
Milk,   Cream,   Bultemilk,    Breed,
Cakes, Piet.
Vegetables as lettuce, caoBlowie,
cabbage, carrot, turnip at loweit
slandard prices.
1 wal new laid eggs, ite pet iot.
King up Tel. 131 and we wiU quoit
price, on Swilt'a Menu and Bacon ale.
Couponi given Iree on ereiy |S40
order to got a chance oa let^llil
lot in Fort Angdat.
Watch our CLASSIFIED AD. Cohuaw
hurt, We per lina
- Tfc peif Um per interiloii
llpa per insertion
bn montk, hg par
WANTED-A (Irrwery ('Imk.    Apply
-Wo, M, llaprsaa Qlpce, ii
m, mfmf       tW^n^frnf
Cooking Applet, BO pound* lor f)JO
to Dinar. 0, E. Keene, Ibtb Unit.
FOB HAl.E-i'ypbm lu-*elcr, *
egg, used one season,, f 18.811. U. Doef
lua, Doras ll'iiu). |.ynn Valley.      M
WA^TKD 'ii'l oi wonmn, to - Mp
with houaowurk. Apply Md Hueond
Street East. ill-)
Stenographer, eiperieuced, wuuld
attend offices day or uvening. Trans-
criptiona and copying dona at home.
'Margaret Hay.mil, llth St., W.
'WAHTED-Wo hnva numerous in<|uir-
iet lor North Vancouver property, As
We bave decided In give North Vaneouver special attention list your pro-
party with us and get results, llritisli
Aiiii-iiii.il Trust Vn. I.ld., Carter Cot-
Ion Building.
HI a    ni " '"
Fill! BKNT-Twn Ironl rooms, fur-
, OuIxihI.   -IliU   .Sl-laalld   Sl.   Eust. llll
I'llllala.l.aal      |, I a . ,., a.,.       Ill   ,    318
9nd street East. 6-3
IiAl<t/\FOft IIENT-1'or privet.,
dance, iu .liipuuuse Tea liurdeus.
Norlb Vancnuver. aSteum 'hauled.
Apply, (Jen. Ihillips I'-lth -'• eai-t.
J.  I ..uiai  and North  l.oa-dule
Elder Hurray Co. lire ininriinai',
Saw   Filing  ami  lienerul  lirinding,
Tlie Bad i'mucin Workshop, .Eaplae
Iial, 6'al
I'llll KAI.K Fuiarfot wood, WSO
per lord. Phuna UO offiet oe SWfcoatt
lluiiion and Baffin. tt
I'llll iSAI.E-i-F.wr-liiot wood, bat
growth, I'M street, firat hoot* west
ol Lonsdale. II. Mi-Dada, care boi
130.     . ill
City el Ciwnuad-AUnua Fr^
City ol ReerieaJ-AbinMa Dr. Al-
bert fleaey Tmmn. 1. 0. Idkauld.
Oty el Tnul-iidowsui Fr««da E.
Do^atit, Atmmam Omelmcm
City at n—-iU_mMM Williaai
Cfaeffc, fotUt Setam.
City «l FkMBf-AU. ttm. W. tog-
en, Alfasa Araunoa..,
I'llll   SAI.E-lleavy Draught Tasta,
liliul   nnd  buy, lor   inime.li.le   sale.
Also nuw set doublu tinrneaa.     t,i\,\.
Ileo. II. Il.ali.it), 68 .l.nii.il. I.' Ave.
FOB HAI.B-Snap in Iruil aai p.,ul
try ranch, two mile. Iron iaagl*>,
nine acres partly dearad aad plrsntcl
lo Iruit, good houae, barn aad chicken
houses, it. J. Smyth, Ungley, B. p.
We will buy or eicliango your stoves,
range, and I..... i...l.l gonds for spot
cub.     Turner's, 711 LoumIuIo Avenue.
I'laaall,     IM.        I'll,   lllll   213.
Boom. 10 and II, l'etidt-r Clmmliers,
lell Pender Btreet W.        I'hone M51
lle.-ialiine,   nu.   J.iaiisdal.  Ave   and
Hind stiaat, North Vancouver.
ut now'ready to Ul all orden
for coal Tbty will
urry a full lint of building sup
pllu. Oet tbe beat. Tbey have il.
A trial order will convince you of
tbat. Oet your coal before tbe
rainy ituon seta in. Head
quarters on corner of Esplanade
ud Bt. George, North Vincouver.
Phone 269 Termi Cuh
TEMH'.II.S will Is.' received liy lb.
utult-isigmd up to i p.m. i'ebruaiy
3nd lor the .li.-.ui.lnl lloutiiig lerry
wh,,ii at piiM-nt anchored off (be Indian   Ml    I'la
Highest or nuy lender nut nteessar-
ily Iceepted,
I'KlilllKS, LTD.
NOTICE  ia  hereby  given that  the
Court ol Itcvia-iou ol liistriet Assess-
meol   Hull will ini-it iu llie   District
liuaiiipal Office, Norlli Vancouver, on
Tuesday,   the Illii  duy ol  February,
IUII at 3 n'etinti p.m. »||i.n ,,11 coin
lalniiaia-   and   uppiala   ugain.t ussesa-
nmala will Iw considirid.
NoUia   ol    a„,ii,la.,„!-   and   ap|ieals
be  given   to the   Assessor   at
ten duy.   Iiclaai,  1)1. said  date,,
such UOtlet   must   ni loi lli   the
'   ground ol compluinl,
/   Given    under   my hand   this    6th
day ol aionuary, IVII.
The  lollowing appear,   in   Uw rat-
I'l-llt |Ssiie ill the lliili-li  I'.al'imlii.i'i.i
/.Ite just ti) hand I
To lie member* "I tbe Board 'i
i annul i..iii-i - of Police lor the cities under whiih their name* appear,
llama I; :
City ol Greenwood—Alderman F. W.
UrLuilll',   S.    M     .la.lala   .,1,
City   ol   ll„. .Imnl   Ai.l    Dr. Mint
lltnry Tunner, >l. D. tl, li.ai..il.l.
I'ity ol Trail—Aid. Francis K. Do.k
I Till,     \ I I Ililllllll    11.   n iM   a,,,
lily   ul   SI.i. mi   Alil. i ii,. n   Vidian
I'lllllllll,   I'. Li   Sw.ili
Cily of I'bucnii— Alderman Gen.  VI.
(tOgerSj    .Mlllll      Mil'    Ila.ll,
City ol Fernie- Aid. Samuel lira-
linin, Alexander M'iluUgall.
t'ily nl I iiiiibniok—AM. nun. iot-
i-ph -luck.on, V. Hyde Baker.
Cily ol Kulo-Aid. Wm 0. K.d.b.
A. II. Il.ayliinil.
I'ity ol CliilliwH.i- Abh-rm.n T. 11-
Jackson, T. E. i 'ii.-k.-y.
City ol Norlb Vancouver-Aid. Ar-
ilnn   I. Ili'inla'-Hiii   Colin F. Jaaka-<iD
To lie in. ml., i ■ of llie Bonrd ,i I .
aiiising Cnaunintonera lor tbe rilie*
under which their nnmm ap)*»r, vi/.'
t'ily oi Vt-ttr-mVL tms um tt-
lulytt, tt. fmt Jtkwem.
(Ily ja^tmkr-tlimanm Daa-
iei imamatW—ma fmiatk.
City ol m-my-M. Was. fl. Bobli,
A. B. lUyUiti
«'ii,- ni l—Shtmtk-Ui. fl. H. W-
Atbwdl, A. I- Cool*.
("rty ol ttattk Vaarverer-Ali etnh-•
mmi I 'mater, tam, ktnti Ridurd.
Xufed u imt iMgMliesi nl Angus
Kilt* mdui «l Victoria aad K. J.
Wallwr - tktnot K»» ae Jiuticee ol
Ibr ttm*.
I edA.au> matt Ine gtaaiid la llie
l.Atimitq. H. ('. tmlmamm ■ kmiueoua
Ltd., eaplal si tmmt: Arrosskead
Oil, Poal ami tta* Co., capilel oi
t—t>m j BaiLiMJ. llwkie aad Co.,
rapt** oitmm.r. h. w«iu«Co.,
. jpi'*' J kttjm; Drewbought Ar
mw tWk fo.. hiatal ol «1S1I,«W,;
Gnta CHy lama—!- Gold Copper
lina Lid. isaaymnl lialaUty)capital el tl/mjm. Uai Agwiet
Lid., capiat oi fWM; liaooln
KlesMbip to. <api-l ol tWfitm;
Itn l'.tiii.k I.laml— liad. Ltd.,capiat el ll«'^t«; Srfk.it Staata-
.kip IV. o^iilal id fMM; Souibern
B. C. Una. aad Viae. Lid., capital
>il ttifiW; Vawoanr Maad Aelo
Co., raptal ,i f*VM, Vkloria-Vaa-
. ..uv-r Ijsfc- awl Bh<k Co., capiUl oi
linmara haw beta graatad lo tlu
f„ll..»i»^ «lfafrotia<ial mtapaaiaa:
| aaa/fiaa --lu^.l aad Tool Co., C.ul
bid, Barsu aad flibana Ltd., G. P.
Sir|i4nu ami t'a-, Haaddia aad Brcre-
i.ao I'o, tvl—ta laifrtial (W,e
, Unity WaaaiatariBit Co., Tcan-
p_-s, allium IV, W. U. NoliU and Co. '
Eiiia-pi.aAUrial atoapiaia have
IVra i'/i-i'i-l mi Mi.,» i: Banoa-f
Skin*!* IV, H,mm Stml and Equip-
aval Co., J. W- Godaia aad Co.,
Tk^aa. G. Flaal k Co., Vokan Iron
Work. IV. W^tiar^* t*kiagie Co.
TW I a—Asm VoUnita are   taakiiig
a|>(ili aii/.a lm a •.'" im/rd on Na- '
naiato  ti-tt aai lake. No. I   and % I
and iW WHIiaybat IVdliety Co. ior a
r.. ,,.d .,<. Paclladgar ri..r
135 Lonsdale Ave
jOut Bread, Scones,
Cakes and Confections are made of
the finest materials.
Scotch Pies
128 Lonsdale Ave.
muk I
ana  su
MlTU'l'l  is  hereby  given. tliat l'1'"
parUier/liip heretofore exislin/ lietwuen
at,   the uinlersitdied,   as iliekwan   fc
d, in llie C'ily ol Noilh V»nai,uv>r
I liean this day dissolved by mutual
''eonsent. ^
" All debla nwin*lo said pnrlmrship
•re to be paid to W. I), iiood at ihe
I ily ol Norlh Vamouver uloreraid,
and all claims against the said |>art-
fasrship are to be prwcdled to the aaid
f. B, Hood liy whom tlie seme will he
Dated at tlie Cily ol North Vaniouver tbia itri day ol January, IVI 1.
(Signed) * CrH, HICKMAH,
<%a«i)    t^B. BOOB.
Cash   Discounts
We have just recently uhit d
a new line oi
Maddrau Muilini and
in Oriental elect*.
Some pretty curtain Mwliiu
the latest out (or
Window Drape* & Curtain*
Bedding of AU
Youi tnd ri hard lo beal our
pricei, we cany a good auorted
ilock, ■ al low* and pattern*.
A Big Discount
Ofl Dinner Sets
This Month
Japane*e Rugi and
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet   (or  ollice,
library or den.
Now is the time to choose llir
pattern (or kitchen, dining
room or bedroom,    x
We lay Linoleum Flee.
We have just received the
above direct from the manufacturer, They come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
■ - ■ ■■ ■ .1" "«gBHBB
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialist*
Ijolld Oats Wliok- Whiijl Flour     Kio- Flmir
Oatmeal Jliickwlunt Flour   *   F'-arl Hurley
Cracked Wheat (iraliaui Fl-mr S|iln I'a as
Foiled Wheat Kye I'lntir ChiijiIijii Wheal Flaket.
Ask your lirm er Iir |), ^, __ Ur.liltl. Ihe MhiiiIhiiI of Quell y
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVFNUF.       Ai Fun Mmlinil.
NcMiilaiVs Tea
b Good
S lbs. for $ 1.00
J. 4. I. H. McMILUN
in Red, Brown, and
Green Tones
Wt Curry u
a Selection of
Price* Right
On account of the retirement of one of the partner*
in the above business, we have been instructed to offer
his li.iii inlcreit for sale.
lhe slock consists of 13 cows, horse and rig, and a
complete inventory ol all dairying utensils.     I In- business is in a flourishing condition, and can very easily be
largely increased.
for sale;
er Piano
NEARLY NKW, 008T $600
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lontdal* Avenue Phone 114
We operate the only pad-
oetj furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
»I ontleie Ave,
tn»M ui


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