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 WHJMB it.
School or Charitable
Institution—Which ?
Whether or not the St. Paul's schuul
shutil'l be I'xciiijil fruni luxation was a
ipicstiuii debated with sume beat ut
lasl ni, liis meeling uf the cily cuuu
cil. All the previous correspondence
hearing upon Ihe mutter wus read by
the city clerk. The point around wbit,'h
cotitrovursy waged wus whether the
Ht. Paul's achool was iiu institution
I'ur lhe purpuse uf Iuukiug after desli
lute children or whether il wus un ordinary educational establishment tu be
taxed al the same "rule as other similar
schools of the eity. If it was tho
former, the cily sulicitur hud written
to Hie effect Ihut it should be OXOIUpl
from taxation, accenting lu the per
tinenl section in Ihe Muuicipul Clauses
Acl. Aid. Dick's contention was thut
lhe letters the cuuucil bad received
frum Sister Mary Amy proved eon
fdusivcly lhal the institution came
iimler lln- government of Ihe section
referred to, while All. Poretnun, on
the other.hand, was of tne opinion that
Ibis fact liml not been proven.
These letters, iu the order iu which
Ibey bud been previously read ;n open
council, were as follows:
Front Suiter Mary Amy to thc Mayor
aud Council, August litli:
(i ii, 111 in in: i hereby beg lu claim
exemption from puyment of taxes in
respect of the Mission Sciiuul ami
Urunnils under Ihe Charitable Itileu
liens Acl.
Wc huve nut heretofore been taxed
I it tins property, uml we trust Ihut
vuu will cuuliuue tu grunt us lhe ex
I'luplion lo which under the above Acl,
wc believe we are entitled.
Respectfully yours,
. (Sgd.) Sister MurJ   Amy,
From   city  Solicitor  to  Oltyi dork,
Augual iiiui:
Iicur Sir: I beg to acknowledge re
ceipt of yours of lbc llllll iust. re Sl.
Caul's scbool.
As J understand the facts, St. Paul's
;, lnml ■• || ,., Iinni wbicb hus for its
object tlie care and charge of orpbuu
and destitute children. If Ihis is tbe
I'm I, it 1.- exempt from taxation, and
tbe lumls actually, usod therewith fnr
Hie purposea uf and surrounding lbc
same, not to exceed live acres, are alsu
exempt, under Spbsecliou li of lection
lis iii llic Municipal Act.
Vuurs truly,
'(Sgd.) It. L. BEID.
Frum Sister Mary Amy to Mayor oud
Aid. Foreman Hion roso and voiced
tbo content inn thul this institution did
not eome undor the section ineutiunoil
ul all. Hu iiubniiiii'il that the city
solicitor uii'l been givon a wroug cou
"iiiuiii uf the i in mn .nin,',':. ilmi thu
'^tur wriltott lu him ut tho dictation
oi ii. ,'i,vnr was nut iu elfoet the same
us Ibul written In tbe council by Sister
Mary Amy. "I claim,"suid tbe alder
man, "thut that is u school, lu eacl
of these letters il is luetitioued us a
school. The section of tbe act die
tiuctly rubrics to places for 'orphans
and destitute children.' Tbis is not
uu orphanage, This is a schuul purely
uml simply front every stuudpoiut."
Aid. Foreinuti mentioned" that at the
school there were llfty liuliau children
These were wards uf the government.
The cuuucil hud uutbing to do with
them. I'ructicully iu the caso of every
white child attending the schuul payment wus made, Did the u Iiiiiii become
u linnie fur destitute children uud or
I'lun I", uiin, one ur two pureuta failed In puy up! 'lucre was au urpbauagc
at New Westminster providing fur such
cases. Why euuld nut the children wbo
ure destitute ami orphans be sent
therel The St. Paul's school, he be
licvc'l, wus au institution I'or purely
educational purposes. If this schuul
wus exempted the other privutc schuul
iu Ihe cily had uu cipiul claim to CI
empliuii. If this aspect of the case was
given to the city solicitor, Aid. Fun-
iiuiu believed be woold be of Hie same
Tin- ulileriitan then announced thul
he liud obtained the upiniuti of a..ulher
lawyer on this situation, He reu.i uluud
Ihis opinion, which wus us fulluws:
" Sub-section 6 is Ibe only sub-section
thia i.miinniMi could puMibly be euusidereil under ut all.
Tbis sub section iiibiws exemption
uf orphanages ,or in thc exact wunling
of Ihc sub-section, "overy tustilutiuu
which bus fur its ubjecl the csrc and
charge of orphans and destitute chit-
This means "while'' children,'and
nul Indians', who arc the wards ot the
Dominion guvernmenl, and are uul,
therefore "destitute".
This St. Paul's school alsu receives
a subsidy frum Ine government for Ihis
Indian seboul.
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Program For
Visit of Governor-General
licntlcmcn:   -Regarding luxes on Mission School uml Grounds, This property!    A meeting iu'tbe cily hall ou Friday
ban  always   beeu  exempt   from   taxes,: evening deult wilh Ibe preliminary oot
and I claim is still cutitlcd lo bu ex- line of Ihc program aflondiug the re-
••■rtx>t jecjiliuu   of  the  Governor  General   ou
We have under our care al present (Friday, September 20th. The sugges
fifty Indian children and fifteen white jtiona mude at  this ineeling were for
i-liiliircxi. iniiuul submission lo the I'ul i Cun
Tlie gov eminent pays a small sum for "uught'» military secretary, (Juluiiel
each of the Indian children; we are I'OWther, whom the Muyor wos to in-
paid for lhe while children as the par lerview on Monduy, Colonel Lowtber
cuts ure uble to puy fur them, sume, being ou a flying visil lo Vuncoover
while orphan children are uever paid on lhat day.
Instead uf having tbe guard uf hou
ur stationed Jl |be ferry wbarf, us at
first was proposed, il is considered best
to bave Ihe Sixth Field Compauy Canu
dial Engineers at Victoria Park, wiicrc
Ihey will Hue up iu front of Ihe baud
slum! ami Ihere be iuspectod by his
higbucss wheu he alights from his
carriage. I.ieotcnunt Robertson, of tbe
Engineers, wus present at Ihc meeting
ami slated Ibul while, strictly speaking, thc guard of honur should be ou
Ihe wharf, il would necessitate a delay
as the inspection would, have lo take
pluee there,   v.u     Ibe guard would
Ibeu be unable lu ful)u* up tu thc park
where the reccptiun was Ukiug place
uml luke purt m the jiruceedings tbere.
Jl was therefore deemed advisable to
have Iho guard uf hunur at the park
aud there hold the iusuection. Thia
suggestiou was, juf course, to be subject
to Colonel I .outlier's approval.
Mr. 3. ll. English, $oy Scout coin
minsiiiner, slated that • contingent of
IUU Boy Scouts with a band in attcn
iiiuiu.' had been "ii' nd i'i""1 Vancouver, aud tbis wus immediately accepted.
With the local turnout the Scouts will
assemble a considerable force at the
reception. Thu Dul,,', who ia Chief
Scout Master of Canada, will be asked
to say a few words to ihc boyi.
Ju telegrams receiver] from Colonel
Tbe object of oor institution is lo
ln<lp destitute aud orphan children.
Seven Sisters luok after this place
wilh uu monetary remuneration.
Vuurs respectfully,
(Sgd.)        SISTER MARY   AMY.
From City Olerk to Olty Solicitor:
*     Aug. iiuib:
'Hilar Sir:—I am instructed by Ilis
Worship the Muyor to placo bofore yoo
lhe following fuels:
til. Paul's school, situated iu>lhe
Cily of North Vancouver, has at the
present time fifty Indian children most
of whom ure orphans, and fifteen
white children who ure all orphans. A
number uf the white children arc absu
lulely destitute uud are culirely kept
in food and clothing by tho Sisters of
I shull be glad to know if an institution such ns this, whose object is
bcuevolcul, is exempt from city taxa
lion, ■ , ■*
Yours truly,
(Sgd.)     W. AUSTIN BRQWN,
Cily Clerk.
Al the outset, .after the correspondence had been read, Aid. Dick rnovod
formally lhat as Ihe property Involved
did uot exceed au area of Ave acres
i't should be exempted linn taxation.
Aid. Irwiu seconded thie settles.
The Valley en Fete—
'    Auspicious Occasion
All roads ou the North Shore will
lead tu l.ynn Valley ou Saturday uext
at any rale for all that portion of the
public which wishes to secure au enjoyable day, aud knows where to find it,
without any possibility of mistake, ihis
will be tho first appcarauce oi au institution which, iu all probability win
become one of tbe oulatandiug annual
fixtures on the North Shore, namely
I,.iiin Valley Day. The whole hearted
cordiality aud tbo warm hospil|ality
wbicb cherac'tori/us any aucb undertaking upun tbe part of the people uf
Lyuu Valley is already proverbial un
this side of thc Inclt, and tho up
proaehiug occasion will fully support
tbe reputation of tbo \ alley iu these
particulars. Recognizing also tbe importance of first impressions, the cum
milled iii charge have endeavored, if
possible to execll in the features and
tbo arrangements in order tbut l.yuu
Valley Day may be brought into exist
up bj the Merchants Trust and Trad
|u( iiumptiiiy. Throughout the day re
fresliini-iiis will be provided by a ladles! committee presided over by Mrs,
J. If, Frommo auil Mrs, P, Westover,
Ibe proceeds llulil  wilil'll, Inge! hul   with
tba fees collected at tho suspension
bridge ami tbe money accrulug froni
all othor sources, will be banded ovor
to Uie treasury of l.ynn Valloy Institute. At half past live o'clock a grand
inarch will be formed whusc objective
will In- the Institute Hall where tbe
prises will be distill,uii,I to the win
tiers by Beeve Muy. These prises are
numerous ami of a varied nature and
h.> v i- been donated by tbe business linns
and residents of I.ynu Valley ami like
wise of thc city. The proceeds from
the 'Iiiun- will be giveu to the Inali-
tute. Tag Day will likewise invade tbe
peaceful precincts of the Valley upon
tbif eventful day ami any mere man
who escapes beiug decurated will be
couapicuous because uf bis rarcily. The
proceeds of tag day will likewise go
to augment tbe funds uf Ihe Inslilule
Arrangements buve beeu made with
tbe eity tu decurate the streets adja
ence under the must uuspiciuus oir-
ennisiiiii..", To begin at tbe beginning,
the full force of, Ihe Boy Scouts of the
North Shore will muster at the ferry
luudiug under the mobilization of Seoul
Master J. II. English ami headed by
the combined bauds uf Ihe city of Norlh
Vaucouvor aud lhe Sixth Regiment
Canadian Eugiueers, will march lu
l.yuu Valley park where tbe proceed
ings Muring Ihe day will be held. The
furuial upeuiug uf Ihe park and uf the
new suspensiuu bridge will then take
place at which Iluu. F. I,. Carler-Cul
tou will officiate, aud witb bim will be
associated Beeve May aud Ibe mem
ber:, of Ihe dislricl council, Mayor Mc
Neish and Ibe members of Ihc city
couucil. This will be followed by the
exercises aud spurts lur lbe 1'uy
Scouts which in turn will be followed
by games and sporls open to Ibe geueral public. Jt ia thc iuleuliuu tu
make these games quite informal in
burnilei and of an entertaining rather
than of a strictly competitive char
actor There will be one athletic event
of importance however, namely thc one
mile running race for lbc trophy   set
cent to tbe ferry lauding ami it is expected tbat many of the buildings will
put uu gala attire us well in buuur uf
tbe "•■'"i'i'ne The ufficers uud com
uiitlees iu charge of thc various fea
lures of the day arc as follows:
President -John Duval.
I   Vice President-J. M. Fromme.
L   Secretary—J. Bartlett.
Treasurer—J. Oould.
Chairmen of t'onimitteea:—
Finance—J. lloubl.
Sports—J. P. Crawford.
Boy Scouts—J. 11. English.
Music—J.   II.   English   ami   .1.   P.
Dance—E. V, Stuarl.
In, uiiiiinii    ll   1.. Thompson.
Prizes—M. F. J. Barker.
i   Program—J. P, Crawford.
I   Advertising -W.   I-awler  and   ,1.   P.
|   Transportation—J. P. Crawford,
Hefrcshments—Mrs Frutnuie, Mrs.
Westover, Mrs. Adams.
1 Judges—Rev. Dr. Fea, Hev. Vi. ,1
Clnpliam, Hev. A. Mucaulay, Hev. N.
Thompson, 3. M. Fromme ami '* A.
I Allan.
i.owtber he advised Ibe aeccptauce of CHINESE
the draft of Ihe cily's address, aud also
staled that the executive of thc public
bodies of the citj could be presented
to Iheir royal highnesses, In rouse
•lin-in u of this the secretary was in
structcd to notify the city council, district councils of North and West Van
couvcr, thc school boards of each, the
board of trade, ferry directors ami Con
servative and Liberal Associations.
It is the intention, should Ihe guard
of Inner be placed in Vicloriu Purk,
that an escort of mounted police, head
cd by i Iii.i Davies and Chief I.iftun,
march with thc royal party from lbe
wharf to the park. Besides a uumber
of mountod meu, those ou foot will be
increased for the occasion.
Mr. Perry, for the ichool children;
Mr. Sabin, for the decoration commit
tee, aud Mr, Fiinllay, for tbe Indians,
reported . excellent progress Ju their
It regard to tbe location' of the Hi
eral bodies around tho sluud in the
park, members of tbo committee mel
there on Saturday afternoon lot the
purpose of drawing up a plan and allotting certain sections to each.
* TU city wijl be asked to make im
provonicufs to the park aud bandstand
suitable for the events that will toko
Tiie police, under Chief Davies, raid
ed uu alleged gambling deu uu Sunday
evening and gaiuiug admission to 172
Second street arrested twelve China
men wbo were brought before Magis
Irate Buggies on Monday. They were let
go ou i'H, bail each, Ibe trial lo take
place on Thursday next.
Route Boy to deliver tb.c Express.
Apply this office.
Nortb Shore Press Limited is
prepared to entertaiu propositions
for a linm to be utilixcd 'n the construction of a building for novs-
papor and printing purposes, i' he
erected on lol 18, block 1(7, D. lilll, beiug tbe north-west corner of
First street and Rogers avenuo, this
city.- FuU particulars may bo obtained by applying to the mulct
Horticultural Society'!
Ninth Annual Exhibition
Tho ninth annual exhibition of Iho
Norlh Vancouvor Horticultural Spill-
cty utui Farmers' I nni it uie took pp.ee
uu Friday and Suturduy under conditions whieh clitnulically I-ft a great
deal tu be desired. Both dayi were so
miserably wet lhat an exertion of
oite's mental faculties was necessary
to lenli.'i- that tbe year had progress
cd nu further Iiiun September. As a
result uf this uuuvuidablc state of affairs, aud to some extent iti consc
ipiciicc of tbe insufficient advertising
po|icy adopted by tbo uianugomoi t, the
attendance was uudcuiuhly poor, a fact
lo be all the more deplured since, its
a miscellaneous exhibition, the ninth
annual efl'nri uf the society was distinctly better than any in precious
year's. Eveu bad the weather been
ideal, it cuu safely be surmised tbut a
very inudequute prupurliuti of ll.e ut
terested public would have filed iuto
tbe exhibitiuu hull, for. lu tin' very
date of the shuw, the city was kept
clear uf all announcement placards,
save those perched ut the eleventh
hour uu Ibe street ears, The uuly rea
suu fur a paiuful dwelling upuu tins
particular aspect uf the event lies in
Ihe fuct thai Mr. W. I, Keene, the
society's president, and Mr. Hun,Id
Snow, the secretary, bad all al ing
wurked thoroughly uud indefatigably
fur lhe show's success, and it appealed
tu everybody Interested iu thc society
us a musl uufortunule omission that, af
ter all this wurk bad beeu well uml
worthily dune, lbe ordinary media of
advertising sliuubl nut be resorted tu
su Ihul as guud uu atteudaneo us pos
siblc might be assured for Friday and
The exhibition wus furmally opened
ou Ki nin v evening by Reeve May. Mr
Keene, in prefacing the ceremony, men
liuncil thut since last year the linau
eiaJ status of the society bod been
considerably bettered. The urganizutiun
ond tbis year been able lu reduce tbeir
interest uu loans frum nine per ceul. tu
four uud a half, uml tu burruw us
much as their previous Iuuu ul the re
duced rate. As tlie result of a visit
to Victoria, be had secured llic remis
sion of all luxation ou the society's
grounds so tbut 1169 more was saved.
The  work  of the year, the president
pointed  UUt,  llUil  bl'l'll  done Os I'COIIUUli
call) as possible.
The society, he added, was not in
tending to become an athletic nssocia
tion. Su sunn as tlie funds in eouuec
tion with to new department could
be dispensed witb, thc society's wish
wuubl be nut lo derive revenue from
tbis source.
Reovo May Ibeu declared the oxbi
bition officially open tu the public. The
text uf his address was the apple He
look his listeners buck to the days
when the horticultural interesl uf the
entire wurld centred upoo the gurdeu
of Eilen Tlie reeve marvelled at the
fad Ihut i'i,,ii tbat remote period ou
wards the apple bail been lbc favorite
fruil of mankind. The speuker then
I'liii a glowing tribute to the work of
Ihc president and his cullcagucs ami
spuke complimentary on tbe conditions
of the building aud lhe surrounding
grouuds. He attributed Ihis sutisfac
iiuv stale uf affairs to the spirit of
unity which characterized thc so
ciety's efforts. Reeve May humorously
took his listeners back tu Ihc prime
val days aud marvelled at the fact that
tho apples remained the favorite fruit
of mankind as iu the period of Adam.
Jn . ion in nm thc reeve congratulated
lhe ladies particularly ou Iheir clever
contributions to the exhibits, all of
which Ihe reeve considered attaiucd a
very high standard of excellence.
On the eveuiugs of both Friday aod
Saturday the Nortb Vancouver City
Band punctuated Ihe proceedings with
•elections of choice music/ MV H.
Ward wielding his baton over a capa
ble body of musicians.
It would be impossible lo mention
separately each of thc mauy exhibits
of especial mention. Jt would also be
unjust lm v, e v er to enter open tho complete prize Jist without making parti
culor uote of tbe admirable display of
the local florists, Messrs. Simpson k
Wight, aud of Mr. W. T. Grahame's
creditable exhibits, collectively tbe produce of a fifty foot lot, incidentally
containing tbree houses. Mr.. Grahame
secured tbt challenge cup tho third lime
in succession and at the aame time demonstrated  wbat can be done  with
North Vancouver soil within a very
restricted area. Ju all, Mr. Qrahame
confiscated three cups, tbe othor two
trophies being for the best individual
collection of vegetables distinct from
uuy other class, aud for the best all
round exhibits in tlio vegetable class.
The following arc the results of the
Apples—Duchess—1, Mrs. C. E.
Keene; 2, Mrs. W. J. Irwin. Alexander
-7, G. W, Vauce; 2, Mrs. 8. D. Scbultx.
Hublwiu--1, Mrs. W. J. Irwiu; 2, Mr.
Q. 'A. Lcitb. Ben Davii-1, G. W.
Vance; 2, 11. Davey. Blenheim—1, Mrs.
(,,'. E. Keene; I, ll. Davey. Koiuotte—
2, Mrs. 0. E. Keene. Qrccniug—1, Mrs.
W. J. Irwiu; 2, Mrs. ti. E. Koeue.
Cruvcostoiu—1, li. Davey; 2, Mra 0,
E. Keene.'Jonathan—1, Mrs. S. D.
Schultx; 2, C. I,. Jacksou. King
I, Mrs. (,'. E. Keene; i, G. A. Lcitb.
Maiden Blush- 1, Captain C II. Cates;
Northern Spy-1, Mrs. W. J. Irwin; 2,
Mrs. C. E. Keene. Ontario—I, C. F.
Jacksou; 2, tl. A. Lcitb. Pippins—1,
Mrs. C. E. Keene; 2, Mrs. W. J. Irwin.
Astrucau, I, li. Havey; 2, G. W. Vance.
Russet—1, Mrs. C. E. Koeue; I, Mra.
W. .1. Irwin. Wcalthy-1, II. Davey; 2,
tl. W, Vauce, Winter Banana—1, 0. A.
Leitli Wolf' River—1, Mrs. C. E.
Keene,   A.O.V.   (summer)—!,   B.i I).
Continued on page seven
Items of Interest
International Restaurant nuw upon
ed. (lood meals cheap. Meal tickets
of 21 meals, 83.ili.. Give us a trial aud
become uur custumers. II9
Mr C. i; Heaven, manager of the
Hank uf llauiiltun, is ul prescut enjoying a week's vacutiuu during wbicb
period the reins of control are in tbo
bauds uf Mr. K. M. Payuter.
A special sessiou of the district fa
I hers took place lasl night iu tbe mu
nicipal hall, Lyuu Valloy. The purpose
uf the meeting was lo dispose of Ihu
accumulated currospoudeuce uf Ihe last
twu weeks and to transact cerium routine business which required iuilnedi
uti" attention. A repurt uf tbese pru
ceedings is uuuvuidahly held over uutil Friday's issue.
lat night was the usual monthly
missionary meeting uf tbe Epwortb
League held in the Methodist cbureb
ami was eujuyed by a full turnout uf
members and a number of visitors. The
president, Mr. I, (Isborn, opened thc
mooting uml after the usual religiuus
exercises, the meeting was giveu uver
Hu Miss Campbell, a missionary from
India, whu gave a very iutcrestiugaud
instructive address wilb stercupticuu
views sliowing the custums and too
mode of living adopted by tbe people
of India uml the good wurk being dune
by missionaries, m Munday eveuiug,
Sept. Ii'ik the League is having a
mock council. All members aud friends
ure cordially invited.
To Mr. ami Mrs. Cliff, 2nd street,
on Scpl. 7, a son.
To Mr. and Mrs. Forbes, Ith slrect,
on Sepl. 'Uli, a son.
To Dr. and Mrs. Sehlichter at Harbor
View Sanatariuiii, on Sept. tth, a sou.
to Mr. and Mrs. Ilosock, Centre Rd.,
Lynn Valley, a sou (still bora) ou Sept.
Thc business and equipment of tbe
Norlh Vancouver Athletic club has
beeu taken over by Mr. Ernest V.
Day of tbis city, by whom tbe dob
will in future be operated, lt is tbe
intention of tbe new management to
conduct the club in a manner which
will merit the approval of all those
who take an inlerest in clean amateur
sportsmanship. All the affiliations aod
operations uf tbe club wi|| be amateur
iu the (trietest sense ot tbt term and
the club will be conducted ou a V.M.
C.A. basis. AJ| members of the (Hub
under the furntcr management are requested to call and see tbe new man
ager. Mr. l)ty it a Nortb Vaneouver
boy who ia well and favorably known
locally and under whose management
lbe club should command the confi
dencc of tbe community and wmli
attain tbe success tbat it merits.,
jntjaa, inukih v/\rNi^u>u v c,^r ^.^;Ji j^,{^A^,^ga£i^agit
Bank of Montreal
mn lim'' ' .   ' 'in  msnmn
Established 1817
,    Capital (paid up)   ■   $15,413,000
Reserve    .  .  *  .   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch t F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1 it Street Manager
The Premier Baron
Wc Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to gel
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade, Phone 227
We have an opening (or a smart boy
from 16 to 18 years of age to learn the
cabinetmaking trade, Apply personally
at our factory.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hay (now)
Clover Hay, (new)
Alfalfa Hay
I'i ...■■In il  Dull,
i.ii.i.i "'il  Mi .il
PBICES llllllll'
B. Si K   Oblckeit Chop,
IS. k ti Bcretclt Fcod
B ii K Cracked Corn
Leen Egg Maker
Lee's Insect Powder
Swift's Beef Snaps
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
.',""£ "tliDiwa ml fantasies
-Begin tp iiiiinii! intu my memory,
Wit calling shapes, and beckoning
shadows dire,
And   u iry ' I utilities,   lbat   syllable
men'a names
On uun.l:, and shores, mnl desert
In Hie fall of lltffl Ibere arrived ul
Victoria a tali, dark, butiglttydookitig
Irisltmun, witb a military bearing, wlm
gave evideneo by tbu absence of one
of bis eyes, of bard .usage on kuiiio
batllenold or in a personal encaiiuler.
'I'bo uuin ii'ii.un' name was Major lie
liiiinu:. ami bo claimed lo buve loop
service in tbo Crimea, tlie scene of
Hi uuin'. latest unpleasantness. Ik"
lii.i.i:-iii bigb recommendations us to
Inuii. 1.1 ami fitness, wbicb be present
ed tu Governor Douglas, ami il was
not long before bo was enrolled uu
lliu commission of lbe peace and was
seul lo Ban .luun Inland us magistrate.
Tbul island bud long boon a preserve
of tbe Hudson's Hay Company, wbo
raised pigs, sbeep und burned culile
Ibereon, wbilc tliu company's servants
tuna until tbniisclves wives uud ruised
many children. A uumber of Hritisb
uml American furmcro, attracted by lbe
fertility of HiS soil, ulso settled tbore,
ami i|uite u community of both nu
tlonalitlea soon begun to grow up
Previous lo the advent of Mujur Ile
Courcey as Justice of the Peace the
two races bud mingled In perfect liar
inony, ami neighborhood disputes lhal
sometimes arose were settled in u way
satisfactory lo all parlies. I am not
■ware that Ijri'tain's rights lo lov
ereignly over San. .luan and adjacent
island  had -been seriously  queatlonod
In Stock, 350 Tons ol Choice
HouKhoblani ahotiU lay In tlio winter supply before tbe
rush season.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L S. EATON, Manager.
Kii'kham's Wharl     Esplanade Weat     Phone 466
Leave   Vancouver
Leave Nortb Vancouver
•6.20 A.M.      8.4(1 P.M,
•4.00 AM.       2.20 P.M..
•«.«0                8.W1
•'im               2.40
•IM                tM
•6.40               8.00
•IM       .       3.40
•IM               8.80     •
7.40                4.00
7.20               1.40
'8.00                lm
i    '7.40          ,    IM
IM             , IM
8.00               4.20
•J.40               IM
•8.20               4.40
0M               t.V)
1.40               6.00
8.20                6.40
•J mi                 6.20
0.40               «.00
11.20              6.40
10.00               «.i<)
8.40               6.00
10.20               M'i
10.00                  6.20
10.40               7.00
10.20                  M'l
11.00               7.20"
10.40                7.00
1I.SQ                     Mu
IIjOO                7.20
11.40    .         8.00
J 1.80                7.40
12.00                8.80
11.40                8.00
12.20  PM.       PM
18.00                1.10
IIM              tM
11.20  PJM       8.00
1.00             10.00
1.20             10.10
18.40                8.80
IW              10.00
1.49             11.00
1.20              10.10
2.00               II.M
1.40             11.00
1.20               18.18   AM
8.00               11.40
12.46  AM.
* imetw "Vat «• IftnttJ.''    Tine Uble aubject to change without
BoUee. Qampmy sot liable (or d.layi, accidental or otberwlee.
before 1868; but certainly no overt a'
was committed and no claim olHeiulK
submitted by tbe United Slates pre
vious to that year. Shortly after Mujur
DcCoureey made bis appcurauec uu Ihe
island an American sclller slole or con
ii...,.i-i or shot for trespass u line
Berkshire hog belonging to lhe Hud
win's Hay Company, and lite mug!*
irate, on complaint being made, baled
the offender before him, and either im
prisoned or fliieil him. lu disposing of
tbe ease DcCoureey was unnecessarily
severe in hia strictures ou the Amen
ean settlers, ami threatened lhal if
necessary the whole power of the Hril
ish nation wuuld be invoked to puulSli
lliem. Due would have llioiighl thai
u grave ipiestiou of slate wus involved
lbat tbo rights of the tlovernnicnl
bail been attacked ami were imperilled
whereas the trouble wub all mer a
worth four or live dollars! Hut
momentous events have oflen flowed
from small circumstances. Not to
travel loo far from home for, an es
ample, the gieal torritory ol Urep.in
was lost to thc Hritisb Crown because
tlie salmon of tbe Columbia Ilivcr did
uot rise to lhe by! The brother uf tho
Karl of Aberdeen, thc Hrilish Premier
in 1816, commanded a warship on Ihe
Oregou Coast. The territory was then
in dispute. One day the Premier's
brother Blurted oul for a day's Ashing,
but , i,:i.v as he inipht he failed In induce a siiiple salmon to rise llisguslcd,
he wrote home to bis brother: "A
country where Ibe salmon will nul riac
lo the Hy is not nortli a d " Ami
1) I Mil iuuiu uluiul that (Ileal Britain
withdrew her claim uml the whole of
Oregon and Washington Territory,
whieb were InTs by virtue of prior
occupation, passed uuder American
rule, lietween a pig uiul .. salmon
Britain's interests were sadly undone
on the Pacilic Coast.
The American residents, regurding
Ihc treatment of their follow country
man us an ail of tyranny, arid affecting
to believe that the island was American
territory, appealed lo den. Harney,
who was then in command of Ihc I :-
forcei ou Pugcl Sound, Ii.m.' v dee
|uiili,.l Capl.. Picket! with a small
furrc, and instructed him lo land on
tbe i-luii,l, lay claim to it In the Dane
of Ihe, American (Jovcruinetil, aud re
sist auy attempt that might be made
lo dislodge bim, Briefly staled, Ibe
conteuliou of the Americans was Ibis:
That the lin*' which defined Ihc boun
dary between tbe Hrilish territory aud
tbat of tbe United Slates rau on the
west aide of Sao Juan and the olher
islands, known aa the San Juan group,
aud that the group was thc property
of the United Stales. The British held
tint tbe line ran on the cast lide of
the group, aud that all the islands wesl
of Ihe line were British territory.
The uews of tbe invasion of Ihe is
laud by an American force created
macb excitement when it reached Vic
toria, Washington and Loudon. A leet
of • warships waa detached from the
Chinese station and ordered lo proceed
wilh all despatch to Ksjjuimall aud
Ihere await orders. At one time Ihere
were twelve warships in H»|uiinull
harbor, and a thriving business waa
driven by Victoria merchants. It was
a eight worth aeeing to witness the
heavily laden vans creaking over the
old Kaquinalt road witb supplies'«( all
sorts for the Navy, whilo qfliiiers and
men streamed along tho rouds In vast
numbers as tliey trekked to and from
tbo city.
,lyoryoi|« hero ospoctetl Ilml there
Would bo war. (Inventor Douglas, whu
was a iiiiiii of strong feelings ami un
impeacliiible loynlty, was pronounced
in denouncing the invasion us an in
luiitjniiiil outrage, uiul claimuil lite
rigbl, by virion of bis commission us
governor, to use lune in expelling the
invaders. Admirul Ruyties, who was
in eniiiniuiiil of .the Hocr, favored lhe
uiloplioti of luuipnrmng inensttrcs uud
di'i'linod Ju ullow the lleut uiul lhe huiii
under .him In reluke tho island without
instructions from Downing Sited. In
duu course tho instructions cunts, und
were to tbe effect Ihut uniil the two
governments hud liud a conference matters were lo remain iu statu ipto. lieu.
Winliebl tjcott uud (Inventor Douglus,
representing tbeir respective govern-
ineiils us, commissioners, mel at Port
Angeles uml them urrunged for joint
oeeiipution of lhe group until Ihu dis
pule had been composed by urbilrulion.
A Hrilish force was Ilien lauded, uml
the Iwo garrisons uiuinlaiiied friendly
relulions until, li lieen yeurs later. Km
pemr William of Germany, acting us
umpire, decided Ihul (be American eon
liul iuu wus correct, uud the group
panned miller tlte control of lbe Wash
iilglon governinenl,
Long before ibe termination of lhe
"war"—in fuct, while offuirs won:
lluur nin.-1 otninousruspoct- HeCourcey
wns withdrawn from the island, It was
fell nui his life wus nut safe there,
ami he dime lo live uguin ul Victoria,
where he grew exceedingly unpopular
nt' his overbearing demeanor.
He sometimes sat on Ihc Police Couil
Iniiili with Mr. I'cnilierlon uml administered ii -un „i' Jedburgh justice
upon In,Inni offenders ami whiskey
sellers. He seemed lo ilelight ill ill
Uiei iug heavy penalties for light of
fences. The Colonist often rapped
Iiiiii uver the knuckles, ami in the some
whul crude icniiii uliir of Hie iluy re
ferred lo him ns u "snob ami u llashi
huzouk." ll was said that DeCuurrcy
"iiiiiiimidi'd u ciiuipuiiv of those no
toriuus Turkish irregulars, lhe llashi
ba/ouks, during lhe Crimea War, und
dial he lust his eye while engaged in
ii villuge raid, This-muy huve been
u libel, liccuuse, us this story will show,
Det'iiureey, iillliuiigli a decided mar
lini'l, wus deficient in neither eouragi
nor ubility.
Among the ulli,11, i,| tiie Iiii'l waa
U Cupl. Del'oureev He belonged lu
lhe Knglisli brunch of the family-
tbc DcCoureey of whom I um writing
being of tin' Irish branch. Now it no
happened thul ul thul lune Ihere was
no love lusl lietween the two iiiilioiiiili
lies of llie distinguished hue, uml one
• luy the brace of llel'oureeys met on
lioveminent Street in froul of the
i iiluiiiiil Hulel. Approaching the Kug
lish DcCoureey, the Irishman asked;
"Am J uil'lressing ''apt DcCoureey
of II   M   S. I"
" Vou ore," vvn- the reply, shurl inul
"I, luu. mu it llei'oorei y," said the
ih> Knglishinuti raised u mitnode,
screwed it into his eye, surveyed fits
distant relative from Imui Hi hut with
a uiuligiiuiil luul" mnl ejaculated, "Tbe
h- -   yuu arc," walked uwuy.
Aboul Iht" tune u s<uu<lul wus ere
uied ul u leu meeting tbroogh lue wick
cd ucl of u number of graceless young
men. The Colonial, then (be leuding
hostelry, stood on (iovcnimeiii . i,,,i
uboul where Ihc Senate saloon uml the
i .-.-tn u i ii i.i adjoining now ure. The
dining room hud been secured for tea
meeling purposes by une of Hie reli
gious denominations represented here,
and lhe kitchen wus taken possession
of by the Indies who prepared Ihe tea
and coffee for the regalement of the
guests, .lohn Hull, lhe town crier, an
all liiiiiul vagabond ami bad mau, was
bribed to offer his services lo lbe ladies
as assistant in the kitchen. While
olliciuliiig uboul lhe range lhe wretch
ontrived lo introduce into Ihc tea
kettles the contents of Iwo bullies of
lleoncssy brumly. The IjlKciou* effect
upou some of Ihc lea drinkers many
of.Ihem rigid Icinpcruiicc workers
muy be imagined, and I will nol de
scribe il, Tbe.uesl moiuing the scan
daluus ulliiir was the lalk of lue lown.
Everyone dciiouncc.il Ihe acl as a mean
outrage, and DcCoureey, in Ihc dual
rapacity of gentleman ami 3. P., was
iii'isi pronounced in bis denunciation of
Ibo perpetrators.
\ would give a pound fit know the
rascal," said be lo a group of friends,
on the street.
Major, if I lell you bis name, will
you give me tbc'poliudl" asked Hull,
who was passing al Ihe  is >n,i
overheard Ihe offer.
yea, willing," replied DeCourcey.
WelV'sald lltlM, "J did" il. -(Jive
Die tho p"uml "
lu an Instant DeCourcey bad him by
tbe collar, turned him quickly around,
anil administered one after tlte other in
quick succession a series nt the most
awful k|cki. Ypu rottM li»VB NpI
tbem across the street, so lout) »nd resounding-wsre they. Tlio major bad
beep generously provided witli big feet
ami wore heavy broguns. Hull writhed and bffWleij "I sgony, and When be
wus at last released with a Anal kick
t Imi raised him off his feot and duposited
bini in tbe street, be rau off as fast
as his condition would permit. Ifo
never called on the Major for tlte
pound; If ho bad I foar bo would not
bavo got it, for Dulioqrcoy was t|es-
innately bard up. Hut if ho did not
get a pound, he at least got a pounding.
(Concluded on Friday)
A regular mooting of tbo Board of
School Trustees will be held in the
board room, Bidgeway school, on tbe
evening of Wednesday, Uth inst., at
t o'clock.
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Besulta.    Try tbem.
The Range Problem
ii satisfactorily solved by the
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I lattings and Granville Slreets   -   ■   Vancouver, B. C.
School or Charitable
Continued from page 1
Pupils are e»po, ted to pay wberoyer
they are able to do so, and iu tbe case
of |be Indian children attending this
school the government pays a subsidy
as sluted. In the ease of white children  unending  they are expected   to
The orphanage Intended liy the statute il one devoted solely to charitable
purposes, ami not a paying institution
spell aa 'thll.
This is virtually a private school
the samo as Cbostorfloltl and similar in
Abl. Foreman explained Ihut lhe
taxes upon the insttition this yoar
amounted to llttft. ]t \l .unlit by
proved that tbs establishment cum.' under the lection at the act- quoted he
wo .Id be ths first one fp'move e*om|>
tion. If this was not proven, bo would
flght the matter to a finish.
Aid, Biss did not think the council
could go wrung if it stuck to tho decision of its solicitor.
Aid, D|.k characterized Aid. Foreman's remarks aa "long-winded rambling lnlli," and argued-tbat opinions
that were unsigned .were nol good
enough for tlte council, He contended
that tbo institution concerned waa a
benevolent oue and was inking core of
a good many destitute children.   Tbe
exempliou   which  was 'proposed  to  ke
Money to Loan
On Improved Property at
light Per Cent.
-No good security turned down
I'liune 24. P.O. Box 1820
Job Printing at the Express
stttutions ami uot exempt from taxa
... „ ,, ,    granted  was a very small item c
1 bit; and tho council has no power to •     .    » [I ,
. , ,, pared with lie cost per annum of tak
exempt from taxatiou.
Any ratepayer may register hii objection agaiust sucb exemptiou, ami
muy uuiintain au actlou against tbe
city if an illegal exemptiou is mude.
Any institution claiming exemption
from taxation as an orphanage must
prove to the council that it is an or
l'roofs requiredt
Number of children attending.
Number of liuliau children or half
Number of white children.
Amount of subsidy from government.
Number 61 children other than In
dum, for whom no pay is received.
Number of children for whom pay
is 'received.
(Jiiuutily ui huni actually used for
purposes of orphanage and use lo whicii
such land is pul. Uml must be. sur
rounding the orphanage.
The Muyur and Abl. Dick asked for
lbe iiuiiii- of Ibis solicitor, to which Aid.
Foreman replied that Mr. liberies Wil
sun of Vancouver held precise1} the
sume view.
On the Muyor and Aid. Diek uguin
pressing for Ihe name of Aid. Fore
uuin V lawyer, the alderman slated that
il was bis owu lawyer, Mr. llugglcs.
Abl. Dick then asked whether thc
document from which Aid. Foreman
wuh reading wus signed. Aid. Foreman
suid lhal il was uut, whereupon Abl.
Dick mirthfully pooh poobed ils benr
ing upon the cuse.
"Do you doubt my word!" ijuorleil
Abl. Foreman. To wbicb Aid. Dick re
plied "I do," still mirthfully.
Aid.   Foreman,   continuing,   claimed
ibul.Hie Institution was a wealthy one.
lis  controllers  hud   property  assessed
i over Sill,uuu, uml it was ouly assises
ed iii ,i quarter of wbat it was worth.
"What hus this to do wilh Ihc i|Uis
tuml" interrupted Aid. Diek,
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4.750
: r .=
The  North   Vancouyer Land fiinj
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
I imiiiil
Plione Seymour 6286
■    •
lug care of two or three destitute children. "Unsigned legal technicalities
I havo uot got'much use for," Aid,
Dick concluded. ,
Abl. Mcllue (bought there wuubl be
nu harm in delayiug decisioti ou the
mailer uutil Ihe council was as a whole
convinced lbat the iustilutiuu came
under the act.
Aid. Fraser shared this opinion, fuv
'inni: a postponement uf decision until
Thursday ilight,
'We've gol lbe solicitor's opinion,"
argued Aid. Dick. "Whut more do we
want I"
Aid. Fruser thought u smull commit
tee might bu formed to wuit upuu His
ter Mury Amy iu this connection, su
that u more satisfactory vote euubl be
Abl. Diek cunsidcrcd Ihis cuursc wui
untiecessury. "The evidence is right
befure us ami we shull be plaiuly living
up tu Ibe ucl," be maintained, A bos
pital was exempted, Aid. Dick contend
ed, even though musl of Ihe patients
ii,iiiiiiiu,i pgid up. The churches were
well able tu lake care uf Ihemselve
but were exempted, so Ibal auyunc who
came forward lo take care of destitute
uhiblreii wns surely entitled lu the sume
The Mayur Ibeu put the motion lo
the council, und the inujorily of votci
favored grunting uf exemption. Aid
Irwiu, Abl. Dick, Aid. Frascr uiul Abl
Hiss voted for, Aid. Foreman uud Aid.
M, Hue agaiusl.
Addressing Abl. Forcmau his wor
ship Ibe Mayor Ibeu said: "I wisb tu
say Ibis to you, Aid. Foreman, that
lbc incongruity of the comparison you
have drawn between tliis institution
uml lbe Chesterfield school is too plain
for contradiction, I ouly hope Ihul you
will give the beliefi^<uf your labor
for Ibe good of tbis city to tbe name
extent as yuu bave giveu Ihem towards
Ihc downing of tbe orphan children."
Lynn Valley Notes
Tbe Halepayers' Association will
hold Iheir mouthly meeling tomorrow
eveuiug iu Ihe hall
The Nurth Vancouver I'ily Hand
will be in tbe park from Iiiu p.m. to
6 p.m. un Batunlay.
Mr. J. I'. Sul.in has work in band
for decorating I,inn Valley Huad from
tbe municipal ball lu l.ynn i'urk
The l.ynn Valley minstrel troupe boh
tbeir lirst practice ou Friday cun
iug, the membership nuuiberiug twenty
The  prizes  fur Halurday next   will
be exhibited in Johnston A Salsbury
wiudow un Thursday ami Friday uf
this week.
The dance iu connection with I.ynn
Valley Day is certain to be a huge
uecess. i iuiiiic;, orchestra will be n
attendance, Kcfrcsbiucuts will be pro
vidcil free.
.'-p., ml arrangements have been
made with thc ft. <'. Klectric railway
for the transportation of the Hoy Si .ml
aud Sixth Field Kngiueers tu l.ynn
I'urk un Hatunlay uext.
The dual rc|iorls of Lynn Valley
Day commit Ice will be beard ou Fri
day evening next iu Ihe Institute ball
Tbe lion. F, I,, (,'arler'l'olloii will be
preient al Ihe opeuiug of l.ynn 1'ark
and  bridge.
Tbe Lynn Valley Day commillee
met last eveuiug to receive reports from
the varioua committees which were very
satisfactory and everything promises
lo be a auccess for Halurday next,
September Hlb.
A special general mceliug of lbc
I.ynu Valley Athletic club will be held
in Ibe ball on Friday neit al t p.m.
Uuiineaa: Reception of football dates,
selection of tugofwar team for l.ynn
Valley Day against lire brigado, eight
members needed. All members aft ur
gently requested lo attend, also any
residents of the Valley inltreated.
Tonight at i o'clock tbe Sixth Ave.
Methodist church choir will render a
musical program lo the liynn Valley
Methodist church, conducted by Mr.
Wm. Hicks. Tbe artistes are of ea
cepllonal talent and I good time is aa-
aured to all lovers of music. The pro
ceads of tin concert will be io aid of
Ike orgau fuud. , ,
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
|   ' ii
Capital $15,01)0,01111   Rest $12,500,000
 1 . l. —r—~.———S—.
North Vtncouver Brunch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.   Interest an
Savings Bank Deposits an One Dollar and Upwards.'
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
We are allowing an excellent line of Sterling Silver uid Plated Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grado of Goods.
Our low expenses enable ua to mark our prices much heluw thoso wbo
pay high rents.   A comiiarlnou will prove thla to you.   Soc eur windows.
Tho Store of Quality
aud Low Prices.
Dn Thursday, lhe I illi, Ihere will lm
a birthday parly ul the I'resbyleriao
uuin"i lu which all members of other
denominations are invited to meet the
members uf Knni church A musical
program in being arranged uiul refresh
menta will lie served. No charge is
mn-i, but everyone is asked to cuclosc
ii an envelope one cent for every year
uf age uml i ui tbis envelope ou Ibe
The I.ynu Valley troop assembled
for drill in Ihe school house on luibur
Day ami Ihence adjourned lu Ihe park
where the aflernuuii was agreeably and
profitably n|n'iiI in tracking. A meet
inn wus also held on Wediiesiluy even
iug for ilrill and instruction. On Mat
ui'lui aflernoon, owing lo the inele
ineiil weather, the science of boxing
wus gone inlo in a practical manner.
Next Saturday being Ifynu Vfcllcy
Day, Hie troop forma part of the guard
of honour under tbi' cuminandership of
ils leader, Scuulmus, er (.harp. All
l.yuu Valley boys wishing to join
should apply lo lhe Patrol Lender, ■'.
headed by the regimental hand, be
I«ecu lifly uml sixty marched to ft.
John's church, in cunimuiiil ol Lieu
tenant N It. Kobertsun, The church
service wun churulc uml the inusir
applicalilc lu the ucrusions. llev. J.
II Hooper, tbe rector, conducted Ihe
seu ice, ami Itev. Mr. Keeling preach
ed au instructive sermon frum Kpb.
11, chap, iv, "Put ou Ihe'whole
Armour of Ood." Afler tbe benediction llic buiid and rongreguliou aang
lhe Nulioiiul Anlheiu.
Tag Day Neit Saturday
Tbe annual Tag Day iu aid of tbe
t'hildrcn's Aid Society of Ibo proviuee
of Hrilish i'iiIiiiiiIiiii will be held next
Hatunlay, September Mile The ladies
in charge will be ju evideucc to receive
contributions. Tbis worthy object will
no doubl induce a large contribution.
Udies desirous lo asslat in tbis work
will kindly phune Mrs. (laliagher, tl,
when place will bo lefl for Iheir ser
Firit Church Parade
' of Field Engineers
The Arsl church parade of lhe Sixth
Field Company Of Canadian Kngiu
cers was successfully held ou Sunday
morning. Tbe corps assembled al tbe
drill ball, risplanade, and /rom there, tbe parish
St. Agnes' Church
Boyi'Club Meeting
There will be a meeting at boys over
II years uf age held in St, Augei church
hall ou Wednesday, at IM, tot tin-
purpose of organizing a boys' club lot
4 •:
tlllfll'ti! •	
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North Vancouvar, B. 0,.
September  10,   WV3.
Ou Saturday, September ills!, tbe
rulepuyers uf Ihe District Municipality
of West Vancouver will be called upon
tu vote on a bylaw to authority tho
ralalitg by way of loan of tbe sum uf
$11111,111111 for the purpose of the pur
chase of additional shares of tbe capital stock of the Wost Vancouver Ferry
' cu in, .Limited.
This bylaw has been framed in pur
sitanee of tbe energetic policy relative
to uuu.{,,.11,hi,in mailers which has
characterised lhe administration of the
present council, Since the ferry system
pussed intu the Uuu.I., uf a company iu
which the municipality uwus the controlling interest the service lias lieen
greatly improved and amplified, while
al the same time the passenger rates
huve been considerably reduced iu
favur of Ihe actual resident pupulaliuu.
The rapid development of the trallic
hus emphasised the necessity for still
,,,.,),, advancement, iu urder thut a
service may be provided whicii will eu
able the dislricl lu Iako advantage uf
llie opportunities which present them
selves for a steady and gratifying influx uf pupulutiun.
Wilh this purpose iu view, it is the
desire of the ferry cuinpany tu purchase
u new and modern ferry boat, built
expressly fur the Vancouver-West Van
couver ruu.' The boat which the directors of lhe ferry company now have in
luiiul would cost sumewhere in the
neighborhood uf sixty thousand dullurs,
would have a carrying capacity of up
proximately two hundred, and would
embody all Ihe provisions for safety,
convenience and speed whieb expert
murine architects uud the best ship
builders could incorporate iu its design und construction,
ll is likewise the wish uf the Hoard
of Directors to procure suitable prup
iiii uud lo establish up lu dale ferry
terminals- at Wesl Vaueouver. ll is
considered advisable to purcbaae such
u pruperty ut us curly a date as pus
sible, tu urder tu have the privilege uf
u wide selection al thc comparatively
moderate prices al whicii wuterfroiil
properly can be purchased ut the pres
eut lime.
There are Iwu prime requisites which
experience has shuwu lo uttuch tu gul
iui|i tin- maximum benctils.fruni u ferry
ii'iiiir from Vaiicuuver tu Wesl Vun
"ouver, namely, lirsl lhal Ihc actual
length of lhe waler run be made as
short ns possible and thut Ibe ferry
bout In' of such a nature us to cover
tins run us ijiiickly auil as sufcly as
pussiblc. Tm- Hoard of Direclurs huve
expressed their determination to be
guided by these requisites, both witli
reference lo Ihc locatiuu uf Ilie Weet j
Vuucuuver I'erry terminals and willi;
reference to the type of boat lo be'
built, and should the ratepayers ratify,
tin- byluw which is now before Ihem
lhe policy of Ihc board will, therefore,
I e lo enable Ihe public to reach Wesl
Vuiu'oDU'r from Vaueouver by the
shortest ruute compatible witb Ihc cuu
U'liieuce of the public ufter lauding
uiul with the greatest speed compatible
with absolute safety.
One of lhe must significant signs of
the times as lo the prugress aud pro*
parity which the present era uf p-uwlh
und development implies fur Canada is
found in Ihe "Hack to Canada" move
ment which has set iu emoug aalii*
Canadians whu for a lunger ur shorter
period have beeu resident iu thc i'nited
Stales. There arc prububly hut very
lew I'uuii,luiis comparatively who have
any conception of the magnitude which
this movemcul is assuming. As au inde.'
to tbe strength ami possibilities of lire
movement recent occurrences in Ihc
New Englaud states may be cited.
Ou Juue l'lth tbe firat "Hack tu
Cauada" Iraiu ever to go out of New
Euglaud left Manchester, New llui' p
•hire. Tbis Iraiu waa iu charge uf J.
Albau IjeferrierS, special I'auudiin
government agcut representing tic im
migration branch of Iho Department of
Ifae Interior al Otluwu. It carried 500
men, women and children from different
i il ies Pt ■Maeeacbuai'ta,. Maine and
New Hampshire, aad travelled via
Montreal, Hamilton tnd t'neuce westward, mmy ol tba travellers journeying to tba western province* to settle,
Amoojl the passengers wer* mmy pro*
peruus farmers and merchants wltu bail
been resident iu the Nuw England
States fur loug periods. Public opinion
i|t tbe Nuw England Slates Is said In
lie groatly exercised over thi* bevy
evn,lu.-. which it is i.u uuin. u.l is bul
iu ils initial stages as yet, and llie
nun.ipupei:, arc publishing many arti
eles lu try tu stem the tide.
The future uf the movement is big
with promise to tbe effect tbat Cunudu
is i iiiiiiiiu to her owu agaiu with reference to population lust tu tbe States
and will get liberal interest buiiides,
Following this special colonist 'rain
a special Iruin left Huston, Massui'hus-
eta, ou July 2-ttli carrying prominent
men umung whiitn were mauy newspaper > mun, buurd of trade men uiul
clergymen on a trip thruugh I'mtada
frum iiuiuiiii tu lhe Pacilic coasl. The
meu selected lo take this trip went us
guests of the Cuiiadian government npd
upon Ihuir returu it is expected that
they will join Ihe rauks of thc recruit
ing agents fur the "Back lu Cunuda"
At the present time, lecturers in the
employ of the Canadian government
are going from city tu city in lhe New
Englaud stales telling publicly uml
privately, in seasuu and out uf sea
son, tbe advantages of Canada. A
special work is being dune aiming the
Freuch i'una,liuu:, uf Ihe mill cities,
mauy uf whom it is claimed are scarce
ly able to muke a living under exist
iug cuinlitiuns in the cities m whicii
they now reside.
The i unu,nun government agent de
dares lhal lhe movement is meeting
with pronounced success. Fulluwing the
train uf June tilth ami July -lib it is
the intention, he declares, lu ruu ulher
I ruins lu Canada tuktng parlies uf New
Eugluud rcsidcutu whu will make Iheir
fulure homes iu this country, lu time,
he p,,,ri,,.;,'.. thul many thousands of
New Eiiglaiiders whu originally hailed
from Cauada, will return tu tbeir uwn
country uml tu tlieir number will be
added very many native burn New
11,pi.'ii'i, i crowded uut of the densely
jiopuluted cities wbo will seek the wide
new pui i ;,,ii. uf Canada for their future
Information such Ss the furcgoing
reveals ihe fact that Ihe immigration
movement from the United States tu
Cauada is not confined lu any particular
■ i ■ tiuu. but that inn east tu weal
throughout iu entire Ihree thousand
miles uf length the forty-ninth purul
lei is crossed not by well marked
trails but by broad ami well wuru
highways along which is travelling a
great and steady stream of Ihe very-
best class uf immigrants lhal ever
fell tu the lut uf a new country, bound
fur Cauada tu seek a new home under
mure advautageuus cumlitiuns ami to
lend their assistance in working oul
the high destiny uf this magnificent
cuunlry of ours, lhe lasl uuexproprialcd
heritage of the human race upun the
North American continent.
A fairly accurate estimate of whul
this particular influx uf populaliun
means lo Canada may be gathered
irom Ihe figures contained iu the follow
ng paragraph, which is believed tu be
,,..il,, nn. aud tbe sentiments uf which
tally closely witb thc information
giveu above:
"Tbe movement of farmers from
Ibe United States iuto Ihe tbree
I'unadiau prairie provinces -Manitoba.
Saskatchewan aud Albvita-contiuuo
aud increases last year more than
1111,000 came, and Ihe immigration
official* say lhal Ihey have advices
which lead Ihem to believe tbat the
uumber of incoming Anicrirau settler*
Ibis year will uot be lea* tbau I76.'W0
Immigration, banking aud railway off!
cial* agree in eatimatiug tbat tbe aver
age American settler briug* witb bim
at least $1,000 iu cash apd tbis seems
to be a conservative estimate.
"It iiiiini, that they brought into
Cauada last year upwards of $131,
I'llOyOOO und thai their cash contribution to western Cauada's wealth Ihis
year will ba »I75,000,I«0. The Do
million government admits their houae
bold effects, live stock, agricultural um
chinery, etc., which they bring with
tbcm free of duty. The ide* prevail*
in many ijuarters tbat this movemcul is
spontaneous. Tbia i* w error, In
the history of mankind there has sever
been a movement of people from one
couutry to auotber more carefully or
skilfully planned aud operated    than,
W ']M- -III
It.  kMsarfla  Vnabit
iltb Ht
, suing, . .
Sunday School, 8:30. V. P. 8, C. !•:.. Tues-
ovenltiic, 7:3(1.   Adult Bible Class.
dty, at I p. in.   Prayer  Meeting. Wed
-•■day,   at   8   p.m.   Qkoir   Practice.
rlday, at 8 p. m. Rev. HOnald Macleod,
Btetkudlat llkurck llonicc of Sixth
and St. Qeorge. Sunday Service), 11:00
a. in. and 7:80 p. in. Sunday School unil
Bible claaa, 8:80 p.m. Senior League.
Monday, 8 u.m, Prayer and Praise
8arv|ca, Wednesday, I p.m. Junior
League, i'lun-ailuy afternoon nl 8:80
Pastor, W. o. 8cli||tcher,
It Agnes' llkurek Cmlic-r Tw.-irth
and Boulevard. Sunday Serviced:
Morning Prayer, 11 a. in.; Sunday
School 1:30 p. in.: KvuiiIiik Prayer, 7:80
p. iu Holy Communion, Hrst aud third
Sunduys In munth, at ll a, m.i aecond
Sunday In monlli. lam. Rev. Samuel
Fea, M.A    Vicar. «>>.»
Salvation Arm) l.iilimliile Ac,inn
Sunday eervlce), 11:00 a.m., 8 p.m.uud
i':iii p.m. Tuesduy, 8 n.in.; 'i'lunml...
I p.m.   Children'* Service, wedneidiii,
I p.m.
Ilutiiut Ckurek—Twelfth and St.
Qeorge. Service* at 11 u.m uud Vim
p. in. Sunduy School und Bible Cluss
at 8:30 p. in. Prayer and Praise Service.
Wcdiii'iiilny ut 8 p. iu Pastor, Hev. A
1. Prusaer,, Twelfth and' Sl. Qeorge.
II. JuUu Ike KiuuiicIInI, Ullghlh un I
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, 8 u in
Morning    Prayer,    II    a.m.     i.i.un.
Prayer, 7:30 p.m.   On the llrut :	
In the ni,.ml. there will he u second
,, i, in un,,n of the Holy Cummtiuluu
at 11 a. in.   Rector, Hev, Hugh Hunger
II. luliinn.il's I i,ii,,,ii, Ckurek, Sixth
and Mahon Avonue. Sunday—High
Mass und Sermon, 10 a.m. Sunday
Schuul. 8:80 p.m. Hosary and Benediction, 7:80 p. m. Friday—Low Muss,
8 a. in Failur, Rov. J. A. Ucduiil.
0. M. I.
Indian Catholic I'kurek ol II. I'aul'i.
Mass, 7:30 a. in, Sundays. Pastur, llev
E. Peytavln, O.M.I.
WORTH l.ii.M.iiu.1.
II.   'I'liuuips   s  a. in    every  Suudin
exeegl   llrsl  Sunday   In  month.    6:88
a.m. llrsl Sunduy In munth.    11 am.
Matins, Litany and Ssrmuii, i ml und
fourth Sunday, Holy Cumiiiunlun uud
Sermon, first and third Sunduyu. Vlcur,
Rev. T. B. Ruwe.
I'rcslijicriuu Ckurek -Sundays, 11
a. in and 7:30 p. m. Sunduy Scnool uml
Bible Class, 3:30 p.m. Teachers' Train
Ing i'lu:.a Wednesday, 7:30. Pruyer
Meeting, Wednesday 8 p. in. l)o>u'
Club, Thursday, 7:30 |i in Choir Prate-
tlee, Friday, 8 p.m. It. Van Minium.
M. A. pastor.
I'rtllljlcrllll (Sure* -Worship, Kin,
days,   11   u. m.  and   7   p. in.    Suiidu.
Schuul. 8:16 p.m,   Pastur, Rev. A  Mui
Mtlkudlal I'kurek -Worahip, Sunday*, 11 a. in. uud'7:00 p in Sumlm
School, 2:18 p. in. ['nstur, llev. '.'
fit, ri.uicui's.  I,run  Valley—Mutlns.
II nm Sunday Sellout 3.30 p in. Even-
aong 7.00 p.m. Holy Cumuiunluu secunil
Sunday In mouth ut 11.00 n in. normal
J,   11,,, npeou In chara.
T.ixc. 1812
Notice ii hereby given that the re
bale ull Vil'i Tuxes positively i loses on
Monday, Seleiuber llllh, Improperly owners or their agents nut
huving received requisite lun notices,
can uli ium them liy applying ut llic
City Ilull, Nurlh Vumouver
t'olle. tor.
Architect aud Builder
I'ruftsuiuii Houses ami Huitgaluw*.
Homes of Individuality. I Fairfield
Building, Vaiicuuver uud Norlli Lous
dale P. O. Seymour tltl.
In  tbt  Matter  of  The  Leonard Sale
Company, Assigned
Tbe creditor! having given Imperative
iii.-liu. inni. lo culled all oulstundiug
minimis, parties Indebted lu the abuve
"The Leonard Sale Compauy," are re
i|uesteililo call and settle Iheir Indebted
nets forthwith. This* cau be dune by
either calliug al thu slure, 00 Luiisifalc
Aveuue, Nurlh Vancouver, lo lhe man
iu charge, or at the ulliee of Wilsuu A
Perry, Assignees, .1116 Hustings Slreet
West, Vancuuver.
tf. Assignee.
J0,0QQ OW* »f Art »F JIOOA feF Wl**
aale, Prlca par odd pords, 14.76. Special quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Incbts, UM. I- Inches
•3.60. e. 6. p.
Office and Ytrd—Mth *oi lon*d»l«
Phow 190-    P- O. Box 2432.
Lodge Western Boae, No. 200
Meetings uf thi* lodge are held in
the Knights uf I'i iiiui" Hall, curner uf
iliiuii'ili.'lil avenuo aiul Emu ill strout,
uu Ihu llrsl ami third Fridays in each
uiiiiilii, at i u'clock p. in.
I'umuiiinii'uliuiis 'ui'l applicaliutis for
membership tu bu addressed In Humid
Locs, nonrotary, P. 0, box 8311. 16 7 111
In all <-uiiuii Un. Ash for uur Inventor's Advluer Marlon A Marlon, 881
University Street, corner St. Catherine
Street, Montreal. Canada, apd Wash-
lut Imi. D. C, II. 8. A.
Vancouver Business Directory
We have a large range of SHOT GUNS and
ACCESSORIES, also a complete .lock of
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada's  Greatest  Western  School
a. J. Srirott, HA., - -Maiiautt
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Hoiiltfalc -    - Maua|{«i
All Nortb Vancouver people eat al
Either Pluck lllock or Haitingi Bt.,
opposite the new po»t oflice. l/eonard
., IU hie lea by the pound
Begarding the sale pf tbt 33 lota wbicb were tbe lite of tht old Seymour
lilll ou Sutherland Avenue.
Fur a payment of IM) cub md 110 pet montb you bave a
chance ol valuable rcaldeuct lota, cloie tn tbe Grand Buulcvurd at a
very low price.
We bave alao lor tale ten lot* in Block "O" of .Diatrict Lot 735
on st Oeorge'a Boad wbere the Seymour factory la located at modorute
price* aud uu eaay terma of payment
All theae loll art cleared and ready for occupation.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
Aaiiguee* of tb* Seymour Lumber Co., Ltd.
17 Lonidale Aveuue Nortb Vancouver Phone 37
Job Printing at the "Express"
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.  A snap at $2,000, Qne-dlirdcash,bal.6and 12 monthi
Office Pbone 173.
Bealdeuce Pboue 3%
P. O. Bex 1831.
0.m. SLOAN, Mm,.!.   CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER   p tAM0N' p",prl6U,r
■—   '.    . . "'"*
!    . .    ,\    i
*\-»    *
Unequalled Retort for Holiday, long or ihort.
Family Roomt en tuite with tpecial ralei.
Modern appoifilmenlt throughout, tpaciout grounds, high claii tervice at moderate rales.
Eaty trail lo lop ol Grouie Mountain, altitude 3,000 leet.
SEASON |9| 2 1836     THI BANK OF     1912
British North America
76 Yeara in Buslnesa.   Capital and Eosorve Over $7,600,000.
The Advantages pf Bank Money Order*
for tr*nsn)ittiug small aums of wppey are four.  They aro easy to procure—
my ft easli-sgfo-inospanaive, \V» i. SUB them »t ib following rates:
It m,under—8c 0 fp jq -go
(ID tu WO-JOe 30 to  50 -1 He
Those Wpney Qrdors aro payable at par at auy Braucb of HUX Chartered
flank in Cauada (Yukon Tor. excepted), in tho principal cities pf the Weil
niui''.. and in iiiiiiiiiui, Dug.
Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner pf Lonidale Aye
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Daya' Free Trial
Solves tho Summer Ironing Problem
For 1012 wo arc offering u "Holpoint" of Ibe IiIb size, suitable for
geuerul household use, for ♦Will. This iron is similar to ull "llolpolnls"
except Ihut the upper surfuee is unpolished.
Second Streel East, Norlli Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses llie finest roof garden on llic Pacific, Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
I lol and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Hales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.»
L. REDA, Proprietor
Stationery That
Excites Comment
is done by Norlli Shore Press, Limited
the lirm thai studies "Belter Printing"
Phone OA
Items ofjnterert
Wr. A- P. PI .er is m>'\*M to h t pay)
home 'iiit Keith'road east.
Mr. p. Andrgsi Is taking up resj
deuce pp  lUHi street west. '
Hrs. I C. wiiiiiwi pf 101b street
returu.il DR SetnplW tWO » mouth's
tfip .lt.eugi> Obt»Fle-
liy. Upp ef l?tb street eaefw»8 mi
w'tW te tiji North Vancouver bn»
pital suffering from apnplesy.   .
Hr. ape) Mra, McMune bave return-
ed from tbeir boneymoqn spent op
Vancouvor Island uml will lake up
rpsjdepce in Lyuu Valley.
Tho mg Dri'ti.li'ut is eipected to get
away from tbe Wallace ways this week
I ml"inu 'i»iie fresh wiih ber new coat
i paiut and having umlorguuo a geu-
ral "i''ih.uiiiiii,".
Thu    guveriiinent's   -I.ohrick    rock
.rusher is at the Wallace Shipyards fur
alterations    aud  repairs  which   wheu
oiiipleied will make tbo I.ohrick prac
lieally a new boat.
A charge of conducting a huuse of
ili fame—lo wit, a tout off the t.'upil
auo ruad—was this morning levied by
the district polico agaiust four par
ties. Mr. S. 1). Schulu appealed fur
the accused. Tbe boariug uf tbe rase
is   likely   to  continue   ui.nl   lato  this
llic SU. City of Niiiiiiiiiiii which has
boou ou tbe Wulluce ways for sume
tune undergoing extetisive alterations,
and improvements is haviug the iim-.li
ing touches prior to leaving ou her now
run. Tbe Nanaimo when finished will
have accommodation equal to that of
any bunt leaving the hurliur.
Chief l.iiinii aud his men coiiliscal
cd a uumber of guns uu Sun.lav. the
owners of which will appeal In-fur.• tbe
district court lo explain lbc breaking
of Ihe regulations laid down hy the
Firearms Bylaw before the weapons
arc restored. Thc by luw makes it an
offence to shout within liuu yards of
any building or highway and the chief
{ feels determined lo see thut Ibis by
law is enforced, thus protecting the
citizens from accidents al  the liumls
,uf nn l.ill.ul  users of firearms.
I Mr. aud Mrs. Theodore Clayton Hull
if North Vancouver gave a very enjoy
able whisl drive ut their home on ulli
atreet last Eriduy eveuiug. Amuug the
mauy guests were Mayur aud Mrs. Me
Nui.li. Mr. aud Mrs. Nye, Mr. and
Mrs. ilml,uu.I. Mrs. (iuddard, Victoria,
Mr. aud Mrs. N. Ilumilloii, Mr, aud
Mrs. t.'assidy, Mr. O'llallurati, Mr. uud
Mrs. Chance, Mr. J. B. Askew, Mr.
ami Mrs. Thomas, Mr. uml Mrs. Foster,
Mr. Walsh, Mr. Lamuihc, Mr, and Mrs.
W. Inula, Mr. ami Mrs. 11. B Thomas,
Mrs. Money, Mr. Trevor, S. While.
Al the home of Ibe Mc > Borgou
uu Fourth street west celebration luuk
place uu Friday night ot the unniver
sary uf the urnval of thusc ladies in
i .m.i,m Thc "buys" had a presents
tiuu ready iu the shape uf u flower
stand, ami this was bunded over tu Ine
Misses Burguti by Mr. T. F. Huwe,
whu made au appropriate speech ou
i.n uii of his "brethren," Messrs. II.
W. P. ami J. ''ocbraac. These proceed
nigs were fulluwcd by dauciug ami
forms of social enjoyment, which were
indulged iu by friemls from South
Vuucuuver, Oraudview, Kbum
this city.
a momm vvmr,
Tbp Protestant mpfpf ef i West pf
Ireland parish was fbrestenetl with u
lltM tim Nt WrtPP oo * «. rt»l» Sunday. He was pluugod into despair at
tin Pfpspept.
0/\pf account lie fl)|y b|»Vt) given be-
furebaud of tlio condition of bis parish
we An 00* Mw, but in (let be bad no
nwe tiipp s^out.»ilesen peppte ptfppd-
ipg bis church. The rest of tho inhabitant* pf tbe illstrict were Soman L'atn-
plica, ami tbe ppor fpotpr was greatly
afraid that tbe blsbop would bo seriously angry.
Ho told his troublo to tbe parish
mc:!, with whom ho appears to have
been on excellent terms. The priest
comforted bim.
"Vou leave tbe matter iu my bands,"
said tho priest, "and I'll aee ypu
through all right."
Tbo appointed Butiday arrived. Tne
pnc; i'. cungrogatiun assembled as
usual, ami considerably to tboir surprise were marched by their pastor to
the I'luli ,1 um Church.
'Hot ovory one of you behave your;
solves," he said to them, "and, if you
arc in doiibi what to do, keep your eye
on Kg."'
The priest must have studied tho rub
ries of the Book of Commuii I'ruyer
carefully. Ho sat in Ihc front scat
ami tiic I., Inn unu of tho cougrcgation,
a very largo ouo, was exemplary
The bishop afterwards congratulated
tho thi11111:11 •■ rector on the excellent
condition of bis parish,—From "The
Lighter Hide of Irish Life,'' by licorgc
A   Birmingham.
lu the long Lim.ion street branching
olf llnlliuiii Circus, where Evelyn the
dlarisl saw the cutting up of the
"ample garden" once tbo delight of
an Elizabethan Lord Chancellor, wc
shall lind Ihc colony lbat lives liy buying uud .,"■ilmi: precious stones, It is a
street of natiuiis. Here arc gathered
Ihe experts of many races and tongues,
travelled men whu know nun h, ami as
a rule suy very lillle. As a class, tbey
ure shrewd, keen, wonderfully accurate
iu judgment, ami muro inaccessible
than Ihc busiest K. C.
Their uliiccs seem veritable arenas,
iu which they occupy iuuer chambers
guarded as carefully as the Ministers'
room iu lbc Oovernment Department,
Enter Ihe building uud you will lind it
has, ruums within rouuis, uud that Ihe
doors ure all under control from within.
II" 1 do not open until you have liml u
1','ulcy wilh the . .,1,11111 -; 11,11.11,. ut u
smull window, which he is careful lo
ruise nol more lhan half way.
It' yuu satisfy lum yoo reach llie wuil
tig room, uml wllh fortune uml great
persistency you may, if you satisfy in,
enquiries of Hie garrison ami Ibeir
secretary, uttuin your guul the ruum
uf thc principal.
A sensitive culler has been known tu
ask these "scutrics" uf liallou Uar
leu whether they would like lu see bis
birth and marriage ccrlilirutcs and his
hurailer fruni Ins "last place." Vet
f the atmosphere of suspicion seems
unpleasant, uue must remember that
mauy uf the dealers bcloug tu a race
which has suffered ofleu enuugh tu
have its confidence in huiuauity serious
ly impaired.
Tbe  Typical  Dealer.
Vour typical dealer is iu the prime
of life, uml wears piece uei, ilis fea
lures are aquiline, ami the brows are
of loo
lie il
sharp glance al you as yuu enter, and
puts aside the stone to which hu was
epplyiug.bii magnifying gle-BB.
It fl bard tp jlraw bim out concern
Ipg bis vocation, unless ypu l)ave
brnngbt pearls or diamonds fp show
bim. Re' believes Ip fptjpeppe, and,
seeing tbat bis follows bold the same
preed, tbe wpidity jritb which news
travels when a gem of unusual wonder
arrives passes one's understand iug.
Tbo men who deal in these tilings appear tu be able to follow them by in
After some coaxing be consents to
explain why pearls have risen.
fie must blame, ho says, tho American millionaire, whoso appetite is iu-
sellable, who will ransack Europe tu
linii a particular pearl if he wants it.
A Pearl Without Blemish
"A fow years ugo a pearl was shown
in Bond Streot tbat wuh without a
blemish. It was exceptional, because
suipo of tbo finest pearls have boon
slightly scratched by sund entering the
oyster shell when it has opoucd. The
scratches may uut ho noticeable, but
you can take il Ihul they ure there ull
tbe same.
"Au A liiein ;ui who liud heard of the
peurl know no rest until he hud bought
it, and the price he paid was $70,000,
"When the American fliium-iul crisis
came people sold pearls recklessly uud
al groat luss, but siuco theu prices have
boon steadily advancing.
I'U yon put ffawn ffWfiOO fp-r a
top* nl large -grjiin jielirli st tbis rno-
ment I should have Difficulty If exe-
opting tbe comniisilon. Popp). wbo
buy pearls are really making » very
guud invpstipent."-Q. H. Mprafpriln
flip I,on.lou Evening News.
t0;00  n.ni'7..!Tr.t....Dally
I'M Pin haly
11:15   p.ri|.   I....;1.....: Daly
fou sn vi"I'l.i'i
10:Q0  a.m.   ......7..T. Pally
11:00  p.m.   .' Dally
I'llll   .V.IS81MII
10:00 u.m. und Clip p.m Rally
8:00 a.m. , .Thursduy and Suturduy
Clltt    rniM'i:     inrcitT     ini)
11:00  p.lll li.H ill ila \:i
rillM'l-i    Ill I'lllll'    VM)    I.IUMIV
10:00 11,111 Wednesdays
FOH 11111111 UIV, mums IM.KT
10:00 n in ..Wedncsiluys
1 un     1 i-l-l ll     III vsi;u     lim 11
Leuve  Westminster   8:00 u.ni.
Mun., Wed, nnd Friday.
Leuve ''Iniln; ...I,    7:00 u.m.
Tucb., Thurs. und Sat.
inn  lill.lf isi,imi mi.vi'.s
7:00 a.m. Tuesday, fur Victoria, call-
ItlK  at   Hull, li"    M., -11.    lul.uid    Hum
Hay, furt Washington, Parlies Harbor, BUicneon Cove, ileaver I'olnt.
Fulfill d and Sidney Island.
Fur   rates,   reservations   und   ull
further   Information   unply   to   J
HOB,   City   Passenger   Auent,   131
Hastings  SI,   or   II   W.   BRdlilK,
Q.r.A.. Vancouver.
Try un  express Want Ad.
We Study Printing
Wt make a feature of preparing printing lhat is profitable to
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
on trie led frum bii lial'it »i )ookiu|i ut
..i.'i Li )-■ t.  microscopically.    lie  ilurb  u
PEQMPT .SimVilli;
Busiucss OeuUcmou'e Popular Lunch Place.
BrealifaBt S.00 te 10.00. Lunch 12.00 to 2.00
High Tea 6.00 til) 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders spocially attended to.
Tt)    HKNT     Ilooms.
Lonsdalo. I'lione ill.
I'llll HKNT Large fruni room bed
room, furnished, suit two friends. (12
per iiioiil Jj  I'hone .'llil after 0 p.m. Ll"
BOOMS Pint BENT—Housekeeping
uml aingle.   I'll 2nd street cast.
l-'tlll   HKNT   Twu  2ruom  cottages,
uilh ivaler it ami (ii. A. Smith * i'u.
I'D HKNT   Furnished rooms, nilh ur
without  meals.   11.1 21st  slrect   1vc.1l.
FOlt HALK   Kcslauranl business   iu'    Full    SALK - Field    Spaniel    Pups.
guod   runuiug   order.    Apply   LU   Isl Mules  (IS;   females   110.      H.   K.   <'.
street west. fl 10 Hooper, curner of Cth ami Chesterfield
Ave,                                               Ll»
FOB SALE   Sieve or furuacc wood	
12 iuch to I fool. Apply ti. A. Lindsay,     (."op SALE-For (060, uear Seymour
Foil HKNT 2 room shack, (lo per
mouth Apply Mrs. Kuight, 7lh and
Hidgewuy uicnuc.
FOII HKNT li roomed Ilul neur
ferry, (26»pcr moulh. Apply Wurburii
ill Piano House. t.f.
FOH HKNT -Colonial Apartments, i
ruumed suite, unfurnished. Iuu,uirc-Ricr
ascn, Klh street and St. Andrew's, Phone-
TO HKNT Three roomed collude
guod lu<uiiuii. Ten dollars per inuuth
Apply Hox AI2A, Kxprcss Ollice.    ltl
TO LET Very uieo unfuruisbod
room ' hlock from car Iiuc and iluu
levard. (10 per moulh. Apply P. 0.
Uox '1626, Norlh Vuticouicr. 10V
FOH HKNT -Partly furnished A.-
ruumed liuiiguluw, bath, etc., garden
uml fruit trees. Near cur. Apply Wolfe
Merton, 35"  loth slreet east.       10 9
FOH HKNT-large roomy, (fell
lighted slure,with stable and 6 roomed
Hul over slorc, comer Lynn Volley and
Id uke Howls. Apply Merchants Trusl
li Tradiug Co, Ltd., 470 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. (1. \f.
FOH    HALK;   Apples,    Astmcbau,
Duchess, (Iruvcnslein. Keene, J fills St.
TO HKNT -Furnished, 7 roomed liuiiguluw overlooking Lyuu Vn'ley I'urk
"ou carline. Hut water heeling,,an I oil
modern conveniences, electric light,
open fireplace etc., etc. Furniture practically new. Bent lit per moulh. Ap-
1 ply 1. flould, Crawford Boajll fiftn
Valley. U
FOK SALK-15 ucrcs wesl cud of
II. L. it'), North An. um01 crown
grant. Title prior lo 1SWIJ. Apply Boi
A120, Express Ollice.
FOH SAIifi—Owuer' wanla money-
1 iiniuii d luiiipiiii.c, ou 50 fl. lot in
garden, IVj blocks from Lousdale. (2,
000 iiis month only. Terms easy. Box
A127, Express. li.
I'houc 1511.
i In
FOB 8ALE—Pears for preserving.
Kccue, 15th street and St. (leorge's
Avenue. 170
FOB BALE-Heal ealate office, wilh
or without fixtures. Almost any price
P. 0. Box' 2I6.'I. 13 U
FOB MALI-: Land eleariug oulfit,
1'cvy, matluiks, shovels, axes, saws,
bars, etc. Inr/uire J. W. Stackhousc,
llraemar road, uear Lousdale. 13 i
FOB 8AI,K-Or exchange for North
Vaueouver real estate, au equity of
(1,500 lu 10 acrejr-ff first class farm
luud iu Surrey, Apply Box All:'. Ex
I'li'Sl Ollice. lit
FOB SALK New five roomed bun
galow; modern, fireplace, piped for
furnace, paneled dining room; dry lot;
J1"., blocks from Lonsdale car, on 10th
Stroet Eaat. Price (3,100. Terms.
Owner, Box AJ 1ft, Express Office. .
A SNAP—To b» uAA cheajp owlajfto
sickness, the owner is willing to sacrifice away beluw market value two
valuable lots adjoinlug Mabon Park at
tbe bottom of Uth afreet west. For
furtber particulars apply Armby House,
ou tbe spot. Wl
Hotel and Secoud N'ariuws Bridge, lul
.'0,1.'-' fl. Terms, (,'10U cash and balauce  easy.  Box   A120   Kxprcss  Ulliee
LOST    A solid gold cull liulluti 1
Igiavcd initials F. T. ti. Reward al th
; office. 10 1
LOST llurdon Setter dog. South
Vancouver log, No. 20. Finder please
notify Hux  A125, Kxprcss Office.
WANTED   Bouie   boys   to   deliver
lhe Express. Apply al this office.
WANTED-lJnfuruiibcd well lighted
room, central. Apply Ilox A|2|, Ex
WANTED—Two iiiiiiiini lied rooms
in private bouse, with part board. Ap
ply P. O. Box 2011. lit
WANTED-By girl, 17, light bouse
wurk for fow hours each morning. Ap
ply Box A124, Express Office.       tit
WANTKD -By competent general of
lhe mau, position iu Nortb Vancouver.
Apply Bex AI32, Express Office. 15 0
WANTED-Oood general servant
Vbo understands good plain cooking.
Apply Mrs. K. II Bridgman, corner 8th
and Sutherland aveuue.
WANTED-Wstlnga of Nortb Van
couver property near car line (owners
only). Also of ( and 5 roomed bouses,
Apply BJ23, Express Office. 17 0
Mrs. T. (.'. Holl, <I02 5th street East,
will iie al home tu her friends second
Tuesday, Sel ember 101b.
When needing coal or buildiug sup
-' plies, cuil up phone 188, North Shore
inul  k Supply Co., Kickbains wharf.
I I.. S. Eaton, manager    Noto uamc and
II phone number. t.f.
Orders lor cabinet und picture fraiuo
making promptly executed. Furniture
uml oth",- fillings to auy design. Job
biug worlt and repairs of all kiuds
specially alicnilcil to. Estimates free.
3. K llajiie-, I2.'in Lousdale Avenue,
jNorlh Vancouver, Pbone LH7.
For line walch ami jewelry work go
lo dco. Somerton, the new jewelry store
ou 2nd slreet.
Short time loaus on vacant or imi
proved property. Star Loan Company,
till Hastings, Vancouver. If.
MONEY TO LOAN Money loaucd
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs. Slur Loan
Co., fill Hastings, Vancouvor. ti.
Lonsdale llcally Co., 535 Lonsdale
Agreements discounted at current rales.
Mouey waiting. Listings solicited. t.f.
ROOM and Board (if nocded) in
private family, (lood home for -nice
girl. Apply Box A Vl2f Kxprcss Office,
Snap ou Western Avenue, lot 35a 1 'A
for short lime only, (1,000 Cash. For
particulars apply Box A130, Express
offlce. lit
Authorized agent for Siugor t'-uw
ing Machine Company in North Vaucouvor. J. 1. McAlcccc, Dry Uoodsand
(lenil' Furnishings, curner First uml
Lonsdale Avonue. tf.
B. C. Livery and Board stables-
Light rigs and ladiea' saddle borses
for hire. Stabling for borses. Oen
oral delivery and heavy learning. H.
Dumas, Ith street west. Phone 347 t.f.
Miss Isabel M. Dane, Licentiate of
the lu,ml Academy of Music, Loudou,
England, teacher of pianoforte, visits
North Vancouver overy week. Address
1102 Dcnniau street, Vancouver, Phone
flWUI, Seymour. 410
Und Clearing aud Grading Lots,
Pele Andruss, lienors! Contractor. Sewer connections a specialty, basement
Md othor excavating work undertaken.
Estimates free. 627 81. Qeorge's Ave.,
Nortb Vancouvar, poit office boi MM.
* I   I   Tf    —Vf   WW    T -
Capital Paid Up 18,870,000
Reierve ant| Undivided Profit*  3,800,000
Total A?Mt»"»'v- : «,000,000
THE imitative to thrift that a eay-
Ingi »eWunt givet you it even
more valuable tban the actual
lntereit that acuumulates upon tbt du-
posit. Tlte habit uf 'eaviiig—aesuriug
liiiiiiiirl in old Bfffl—in ae easily acquired aa tlte habit pf spending.
Hanking nervine in the Savings Department uf tlm llnul, of Hamilton is
ae sincerely urTereii tu "the man wbu
depositi, a few dollars a nninth as to
those who deposit thousands.
ll.ll'. li   il.'|i.mil   lm.u ;i |n,,', I,luil at imui-
crute rental
ll. II. IIIIAVT.N, Aiiml,
Klirlk   Vnncuiiicr
Three new blocks of lots have jusl Leeji put on the
market. They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from lhe sea, and measure 65*
\ll feel lo a lane. The finest'views of the Gulf of
Georgia can be had from these lots. Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and lbe universal verdict is that il cannot be
l.ealcn as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS- -A fifth cash and lbe balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment Io go oul
in our automobile and see ibe properly.
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
General Business
01 City Council
Don't Take Chances!
Business' nleti   and   business   huiises
arc in Ily judged hy the pnnkd mat
ler tbey scud out.
Can you afford tu take chant es with
yum printing when guud work in thia
Hue cost* little, if auy, mure.
We Do Good Work
First  Street  East,   North   Vancouver
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
*  I ai'l ust|Uote you ratet on Fire,,life and Accident
McMillan & reid
rboiK' in.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. 1ST        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account uf tba San Frauciaco earthquake and Cra.
How »any Oompautee could do tbla7
IU uuu amount to 1116,000,000
A postal will bring our repreaeuUtive
Ba.ld.ut Agent
11 Lonadal. Av.uu. tad Capilano Oar T.naiuue
*b»n*«: Lonadal. Wl, OepUano Ul.
Muyur MeNuish |iri'sidud over Hie regular meeting of the eity council bird
evening when a goodly uiuunnt nf inr
respoiitloiico awaited the attention nl
the aldermen,
Tbe ferry directors wrote nni'ii.ttie
iug an extraordinary general mooting
of tbe Nortn Vuneniiver I'ily Ferries,
Ltd., at !) ii'. imi. on 'i'i ii". ufler
noon, September 13.
Ilis Worship slitliiil Ihu molding'wus
nailed in I'liiiiit'i'tinii with thu consid
,'tiiiiuii of the |iii,|',i'..',l iiili'iiliuii of
in i; ni nuiiii: u luan frum uuu uf the
hanks for tho roustruction nf Nu. I fer
ry etoamer. *
Aid. Kiss desired lu knuw if rati'
payor* Wuru permitted tu hu present
at Ibuse meetings and if they, were
allowed tu ask questions. *
Ilia Wurship replied Ilml silrh lunl
lii'i'ii lhe case ul all limes.
The secretary uf Ihu Nnrlh Vuin'nii
ver Innni h uf llie Hoyul Victorian Dr
der of Nurses reported uu Iho wurk ami
expenses uf installing u branch uf Ihe
uuiu  pointing mil that Ihu ntirsn will
nn.ui,I to all in i iti ni.. sink at a fee
from ten lu nn ceuts per visit. The
nurse will supply dressings In sni,
cases us required ami arc uuuldc tu
provide Iheir uwn. The fees will al»u
lie collected liy hur ami reported to Ihc
committee. The expenses were uslini
ated at per annum as fulluws: Huurd
al !- Ul per montb, * ni", salary at ♦•hi
for hrst six inunths ami ilu fur ful
lowing term, 1169; laundry, tl per week
fill; uniform, Ut); dressings, lotions,
etc., tiki; inii'l $670, Allowing litl) per
year lu lie made in fees will leave
t73tl |u be raised. Thc mailer was Iifl
lu the (fnaiicc committee to report
Hutchison, I'uiiipsluii k l'u, request
ed lhe permanent grade for a stum1
liiiililing which limy prupiisi'd erecting
un lut il, bluck il, ll. I,. Ill, cily of
Nurlh Vancouver, The engineer wus iu
llructcd In establish Ihc grade ami in
form tlie iiiiiipuiiy ul llic same.
The t,,11,,,wt,j: communications were
summarily referred tn the lluur<l nf
Frnm T. II Whitehead,-railing aili-n
lion tu the ,'unililnm uf lift   west.
r'rnin  Tliuiiiiiu  I,.   Locke,  asking  In,
lie grading uf the ruad uml a sidewalk
tu lnl  ii. Iiln,i, SMllA,'subdivision .'il',
Fruni llugglcs and Laylun, un lichull
uf W. M Williuuis, uf the Nurlh Van
cuuver Tin uml Uheel Mctul Wurks, ru
furring lu the inui'icsiliilily ut In..
placo uf liusllicsi lliruugli the imrl. lm
ing done un Isl slrcul east.
Frum (li.'urgc II lluylaud, i-uiiiplain
mg Inul the grudiiig nf Kellli [uml
wa:, pulling his huuse tty, tint beluw
itreet  level.
Frum I,. Heda, asking fur u sidewalk
uu suulli side uf Illi street frum thc
corner uf Hi. Patrick's aienuc wcsl
ward 100 feel.
Frum nuhiurous raUquiycrs, u petiliuu
fur tin- opening uf 21th street one bin. k
west fur sidewalk uu suuth sile <,t Oth
street fruni Hidgcwu) avenue wcsl tu
8th street uml I'ur u rusd frum Williams
avenue tu Htephen avenue.
Liinlbcrg and I.uml asked fur au ea
leiisiiin uf time in relutiuu tu tlie run
trait fur the grading ul Kcilli ruad
ami were grunted cxleiisiun Irum Aug
ust III to Heptemlicr lii.
I,., m.u Bird, Maiduiialil ami ilay
Held, rclaiacd liy Mr A. l-i. t'riekway,
wrote lu the elfi-ri tliat as the cuu
tractor alleged tu lie responsible for
the death liy blailing of Mr, I'rick
may's cult had refused lu settle the
claim, lhe eity wuuld he held putty tu
the Uttiun. Ali correspondence relating
In the case were ordered lu lie furwunl
cd  lu thc city sulicitur  ,
Aid. (licit'e prupused rcsulutiuii tu
divide Ibe cily iulu wards was pust
polled until Thursday, wilh the room
ini'ii'luliuii that Ihc wliule iniiin il mean
lime consider tbe inullip with the ul.
ject of tlioruughly discussing it al lhal
Thc I"' lim i ui ■ reading nf lhe'' linIli
I'arlurs Ily law ol 1012" passed ils
flrat, second ami third readiuga. Tbe
by law provide, fur the fixing uf a
hue of tlOO ou any bath parlors wimr
there are found tu be liul li male ami
female persons. II further provides fur
t license fee n. t2.Su every fix mouths
im thbIuttbe of w h stonby
Iii pursuance of an aasignmcul dated
August 2Mb, Wl?, to tbe undersigned,
partiee indebted to Ihe W. II, Hlumy
* i'uinpany are hereby notified to pay
tbe amount, due at tbe office uf thc as
aignce, Wilson ft I'erry, suite (I, Delicti
Building, lilt Haatlnga alreet weat,
Vancouver, fl, <'., at the earliest pos
.■illle moment, who will Iaaue receipt.
for wtae.
Phona Honour 471
where no , tt, mlint ll, furnished Mil
(li every sii tpntbs tnt tny other serf
Pf pl*e. •
Tbe following reports of eoqimitteus
were received and approver):
Lanes Oqmrntttae—
iiVi'iininii'iiiii'.i that-lane alongside of
ot lll-.iil-liiio ba cleared and graded.
Ho application for a lane in block
III lilll, rci'iiinmiiliilcil thul  lbe iipplictitil
.! written to stating tbat ilm lanes
.mniitlee lias n  lnl  of  wnrli   ill  'ililol
it present and the finance, are limited.
Until tlie committee see bow i'mincci
stand no new work enn be taken un.
Fire and Light Committee—
A report for tbo motif It of Align-1
frnm tho lire chief was received, mnl
and llled. •
' He lotter from Alfred M. Head, So i
"imiu.ii,I,,i that letter be held uvor
fnr inspoctioii by Iho comtttittoo pf
places when: now lights aro required.
lie letter from Arthur ,1. lion.In uttering small building situated'un lot
(l 88 Sill for the purpose of tosting tbu
lire   ougiiies.   Hecuinmonilod   that   the
xpetiilitiiru  bu  mil  approved  of.and
that  Mr,   I l.n.In   bu iuh I  accord
Finance Committee—
llei'iitiiiiieiiileil   Ihul   qtiostiuit   of  ox
implion uf Imliun Hoarding school I.
r.'fcrri'd back lu the council its     wliulo
to deul with.
Waterworka Committee—
llei'iiniiiiemleil Ihut city Iron-iurerappoint  a  mun  to  collect  water  r.itos
frum callipers uu u basis uf HI pur cent,
of the collections,
Board of Woiks
lie letter from II, D. Urcon Army
luge regurding ditch tu hia property by
Hon.lm;.'        Hccniiiiiicudc'l     Hull      Ihc
hairmun ami Ihc engineer cull o,t Mr.
Armyluge tnd' explain lu bill! Ihu city's
position iii Hie matter.
He letter frum F. Hansom regarding
ing dangerous trees uu Mr. Newman's
pruperty luls ll to 111241 and staling
that Mr. Newman bud given bis consent
to the trees lining fallen. Recommend
ed Ibtll us Mr. Ncwniuii is willing Hint
Iiiu trees be cut duwu he lie requested
lu attend tu Ibis matter himself
He letter from Alfred M. Head ask
iug lur life extension of the present
sidewalk nu lilh street to .lunet jv«.
RocominomloiP Ibul lilh street frum
Malum lu duties be gruded ami the side
wull" extended as requested.
He Idler frum I'Mgar M. 1'asco.' re
gardiug the opening up of 7th ilrmil
eusl uf l/ueensliury avenue and us lu
lie blasting uf slumps uu the streel In
(.linii ul lbe erodinn hy the li.l'K. of
electric pules.
Kculniiiiii,Id lli.'il llic slumps be
blown but llial lbc i'lu,nn;: be nni
earned nut in the meantime
Ile liiii'i frum Messrs Hcudorviii,
i'uii. uml Hray regarding tiuisanic
created by u dairy un the suulli half
nl lul 7-215 SIS, llecouimeiuled lhal the
letter be tiled
Ke letter from ,1. II Voung n I.u,;
Inr llm Idling in uf dllch a, lo-s L'.lr'l
S reel und t'lieslerlicld uvenue. Kecoui
iiiemlcd that a crushing be placed uu
■ilni street ami I'beslerlicld.
Ke letter fruni I'. M Burmuslor rr
lucsliug sidewalk un ISIh slicut ii
l,l,u I, UUI til. Kccummended lhat
he buulcvardl un bulb sides uf ISth
8 reel be cleared frum Bewicke avenue
u the bank uf the ravine.
He, oiiiiiicii.Id that M,ii.m, avenue be
j... i, i  from 2lilb streel  In buiindury.
Ke. uliiuieioled lhal lbe engineer bring
in a report us tu the amount ot crush
cd ruck vet lu be delivered under Ihr
various  contracts. ,
Hoioininen.lcl that the eouueil give
lie 11. i I tl,,. ainuuiil uf crushed ruck
aecessary lu budust the line Irum i-n
present  terminus In the nly  limits.
Mr .1 ll II'liuill appeared befure
Ihc Huard cuiiipiuiuing ol the condi
lun of lllh slrect which he slated bud
lul beeu graded according tu spccilicu
(ions. The mayur. the chairman ami thu
engineer were requested lu luuk up the
amiiliiulioiis, examine ami report.
ai Miraiu iif i iui. niMMi
liual iiiIiiiiih rig III. uf III. Iloinlnlun
In Muiiliol,.,. Saskatchewan mid Alb.r-
., Ih. Yukun Territory, tli. North-west
Territories and In a portion uf III. pro-
vine, of British ilojomhl., may l,e Uus
id for a i'ii" uf Iwsnly-uii. y.ar. .(
all annual rental uf II an aer.. Nul
inur. Iban 8.610 acre, will lis leased lo
une applicant.
Applicatlun fur a lu..e niu.t be mads
by III. applicant lu person lu III. Agent
ur Nub. Au< ul uf Hie dlalrlcl In wnlcli
the rial'le applied for are .llu.lcd.
In iiihvjiiI i. iilini i llie land mu.l
be de.crlbcd hy sections, ur legal subdivisions uf section* and In un.urv.y-
c'l territory Ilia iracl applied for .hall
ba slaked  uul  by  Iho applicant  hlm
Each application must 0. accompanied hy a foe uf |6 wliieii will be refunded if Ibo rlgbt. applied fur arc liul
available, hul not ulhcr'wlac. A io>
ally .liali ha paid un Ilia merchantable
output ul Ilia mlno al Ilia ral. of Ave
eenl. per Ion.'        '
Th. person operating lbe mine .ball
furnl.li th. Agent witn .worn return.
 ii lint   for  lhe full quantity    of
merchantable coal mined and pay lhe
royalty thereon If llie coal mining
right, are nul being operated, such re-
lurns ihould he furniihed at lea.I otic,
a y.ar.
The leise will Include Ihe coal mining
right, oftly, bul Ih. lessee may be per
milled ti purchaae whatever available
auifucc light, may b. con.ldercu] nee-
esaary for Ih. working of tb. mine al
lhe rale  >f IIS on aera
For full In,mumHi,ii in i,n, ,,n,,i,
alioiilj be made lo Ih. secretary ot Ine
Department uf the Interior, Ottawa, or
' VAg.nl of Do
w, w. tinny.
-iJor, C
lo any agent Or flub Agent of Dominion
Deputy Miuialer at Ih. Interior.
N.   B,   unauthorised   publlcallun   ol
thla Mv.rtlMm.BI will not  be  uli
Humor Proved the Victor In tilt
Dual nt th* Spout.
'-■■■■ mmmJ.:      mm.... ■— ■■
Colon.l Fitxhugh1. Chivalry M Scoring
Both Whig, and D.moor.l. Won Him
I Challenge, and tha Weapon. H. 8.-
I.ct.d Averted tha Meeting.
In a buuk long uut ot print a cor-
trlliiitnr la lliu ,Sew York Suit tins
found p tele ut old Miiryhnui |iullili-u
wllleU altukva lliul, lpt ktilglll ul it
Mum bu (u Mm contrary uuiwiiii-
ItanillllK, Ull iiiinii.it uxli'itvagiiiil lib-ill
ot i-iiiviiiiiiii:i iiii'i ii not incompatible Willi g Uei'ii bi'iiso of llillinir
I'liinui'i I'liiiiiiuii or Culvert niiiiiiy
VU a pntieiii ut Ki'iii'i'u.iiiy and no-
miiiy ot eiiiiriieier. Ue was uuce a
euiidbliilu for iillliu. Id llioso iluys It
waa tlia ritatuiii lor rival candldoies to
•tump Ilia I'liiiniy tngatber and apeuli
Iiiiiii lha huiiiu iilntfiinii,
Ud t I'uiiiiiii iiii'iisliin Colonel I'lu
lingli and lua tqipuiieul were lu apeak
id lulni iii.'iniiu Whuu Iba duy cn me
bla rival did nut uppear. Tbe peuple
ussuiublou uud gruw Impatient Flum
I; Uoloaei I'luiiugli, tukiug out bis
big ivnliii und gluuclng at It, gul up
aud delivered uis speech, lu II lie look
an tbe liberties Hut a gciilieiiiiiii ol
tbe liuiiiiuTime purty mlgbi taku wilb
VAblg prlticlpten uml closed amid pro
longed I'bi'ois.
Aa ne waa concluding be received a
Diuaaugu tbat tbu rival candldalu wus
critically ill. Coluuel Ifllihtigli looked
round fur u represcatatlve ol lliu Wing
party wbu mlgbi lake tliu plucu or the
sick man, bill could oot discover rule
liiiiilly Iba colonal rose agnlii wilh
tlm iiiiiiiiiiiii'uini'iii tbat bs believed lu
lair play, llu said tbat ai bia upim
Deal could lot be lliere to reply lu tbe
iiiuuiiii'iiin Ibal ba iiinnuii bail ail
vuiieed mm aa tbera was ouliotly ut
Ida political faith to take bla piece
be wuuld hlmeeir deliver a apeei-b lur
tlie siek mnn. lie added lliut be wuuhl
Seep llle walcb open before hlm lo suu
nun bu guva Juat ua much time tu Ills
uijioiiciii a cuubu ua ba bad glvuu lu
bl. own
lie then began II be bad .cored
tbe kVblga ba now acarlllcd tbe Demo
orate, It tba Wliiga bad been men ot
broken prouilaee. ut sinlrelicd rcptilu
tltitia, tricksters uud ruguea. Ihu Ueiu
oi'inla   weru   nuw   liars,   thieves  and
I-imu the Wiii,: point ol view Ibe
addreea waa mitsierly. Uut umuug bis
own partlaana lucre were aume wlto
lefimcii to aee lbat Ibe colunel waa do
Ing aoylblng dninnous and wbo were
unable to appreciate Ibe real humor ol
Ibe .lluulliin.
On. Iiiiiiin.'iiii in particular. «'bune
Dame tradlllon bus oot bunded duwu.
waa much otTeuded. The next muro
lug ba sent hia seconds lo tb. colouel
wltb • challenge. Aa no explanation
would aallafy hlm. tbe colonel relnc
taully naiiicil bla aecond*. wbo ac
cept/il lbe cliiilli'ligo The Np.nil a
atream of water Hint gushed from tbe
aid. or a bill uu tit. Leonard', creek-
wn. select,il us the place of Ibe duel.
The time appointed waa the lullowlug
murniug at II o clork.
When tbe challenger and bl. teennda
rode up U> tbe Npout a little before u
o'clock tbey found Ibo colonel and bla
•ecouda, but could aee nothing Ibal
looked like w«u|kiiin of auy kind Du
Ih. heacb near Iba rjpoui, bowavtr.
Ibere waa a big Iroo belli, .teaming
• way over a lire that waa In log Indus
triously fed wilb cordwood by two ol
the colonel'l Html.
Where ar* Ibe wcapoiisi' demand
(d on. of tbe rlmllengar'a eKumla
Tnlonel fllrhugb, a. tb. chain ugcil
party, has lb* rlgbt to ael.cl Ibe weap
one," waa tba reply. "Ihey will Iw
produced at tbu proper lima"
IVb.o tba aecouda agrtad tbat lb.
lln. for tbe duel bad come Colonel
Klirhiigli approached Uie pot, boldlug
hit band, behind Jilm. T'ba cballeuger,
•dvaoclDg in turn, demanded lo kuow
wbat tb* woapona w.re to be.
"Mr. Blank," >ald Ih. colonel, "tbe
ammunition U In the pot Tbs weap
ona an behind my back. Tbis pot
conlalue boiling pea goup. Here art
Iwo ladiea. I propoa* to give you on*
of tben. and I will keep tbe olber. I
propoaa tbit you Uk* your sluud oo
Ih. oilier lid* ol tb* pot ind (bit w*
fling bot p*a aoup at each olber until
od* or tb* otber ba* bad enough."
"Bul tbi* I* rldlculoua. ilr. rldlcu
loiisC *iclalmed lb* other. .
"Not mora rldlculoua, air," gtotly ra
monatratad Colonel IflUbugb. "tban
your i|U.rrul wilb mel''
Tb* oth.r aaw iu. point, tod Ui*y
•book banda.
F.lli.r Wss Neglected.
il llret Daild did Dot Ilk* to bav.
bit (*»tli bruahed Bl* fath.r uid lo
bim OD* evening when tb* tbre»y».r-
old .truggled mor. than usual ugainst
the eanltary performioc. of bis mother:
"David, I wlab my mamma bad
brushed my leelb when I wu * mil*
hey,  I would nol btv* loat any then."
"Don't you wisb your mamma bed
bru.bed yoor balrf" wu David', re
v.ng.ful retily, wltb • look toward
pa p.'a tuld bud   Kicbaog.
A  Delicate C.mplimenl.
"Uy D*w gowo received • very .In
Mri compliment lha olber diy."
"How waa thai'/"
"Tb* proprietor ol • ruituranl I
went Inlo a.ked in* to all dmi (be win
dow: uid It would Hod too* to Ml
piU*."-Loul*vlll* Courier-Journal
Blfb eloii form bigb cbariciara. aad
Cat objKt* bring owl grMi ulnda.
Humor anfl
9, 9VJVCA/V If, fffllW
QNB rpuaun why some per«on» Ju«»
can't help mukiug foq|« of tbem-
•elves I* because tbey bav* wtdi u-
celletit material fur tho purpose.
Civer nutlce Uiat It Is generally tb*
upstart tbut geia the place at tlie pinnacle?
One war to muke friends Is to make
money, t
Anyway, no man wai ever abl* to
break Into jail quietly.
A man likes a wife wltb a aense of
order, provided shu does tbe ordering
In bla absence.
Tbe reason wby some women can't
sliul up is that Ihey kuuw that an explosion woultl result If Ibey eliotild.
Oue reaaon why a man duesn't listen
to bis wife morn Is tbat be buan't time.
Sometimes Hie policeman sees that
we get ou In lhe world.
The fellow who la •marter than lie
looks generally gels tbere st tbe showdown.
Conceit la a thing that I* easily rec-
ogiiii'i'ii  uwuy from home.
Universal Topic.
W. pay our respect, to tho weather.
It's cither Ino hut or loo cold:
In little, lenao group, get together
And alvo It a well deserved scold.
II. mi'i lm ar. hi Iiinm io i,n II.lot
That It I. nol dobbed a ml.nl.
It never I. bull! lo oor liking,
Nor could w. regard It a lilt.
But .om. regard It's deserving
In spit, ol II. fault, and It. flaw..
A iuu |,,u ii II often come, tervlng
And ao for oilslenc. ha. cau.e.
Without ll> small chapter, of anguish
Huw could we uur fellow men stand?
For mosl conversation would languish
War. II nol a tuple al hand.
Tbo man who I. paying attention
To on. only gul would b. loat
Were there not'the weather lo mention
llnlli Ihey had broken the froal.
He'd mumble anil slammer and aliitlcr.
Ilia brain a. . alcampl|ia wuuld throb,
Nor oo. m,i.m uunl could bo oiler
Wtr. II nol tbera on Ibo lob.
Oh, yes. .von weather ha. uae.
It fur Ihem a search w. would makel
Wa need II lo fiamo up excuse.
Whan wo an engafem.nl mual break,
A nu ..mii u of credit lo band It
And aay a small word un Ita alio
However It cuincs. wa can stand till might be much worse It ll Iricd
Almost All Don.,
"I hear Jackauti lnlenda lu build Uiin
"Ye* ile bas tho site chosen, the
huuse |,fumed uiid Ibe Interior doro
i,iiiun• decided upun."
"Then H'a all sel I led)"
"Yea All be hua tu du now le tu
persuade Id. fullier In-law tu give htm
Ihu money."
A Scorcher.
"Has he a good record?"
"On whul?"
"Tbe kind you are after. llis^Ur
li bum. bul he hua done more damage
on the pike Ihun uuy man I know."
No Tru. Tr.mp.
"Did yuu notice anything auspicious
du ii Ibis irump knocked nl yuur buck
dour';" askisl the prosr-cullng lawyer,
"Yea. Indeed," replied lbe ludy
"Whul waa Hi"
"llu usked fur a drink of wuler"
"I Ii.i,i high aaplrallum"
"And what may tbey bu?"
"I desire to be lb* chauffeur of *
I j mg  Hon blue"
Willing te Oblige.
"I.*l me give you aome advlc*"
"On 'ine condition "
' .'I'lllUClt."
"Tlnil you pay storage cbargea la
' lies a married man "
"Hid he uy ao?'
"He wears a pained eiprculoo evtry
Ume he pusses a millinery display
Net P»pular.
"Misery love* company "
"id lmii' in In- iiil'ei) '
"Ami id bate lo be company."
Odd Fancy,
Aclori ar* so .uperalllioua.    Bum*
If liiein will awear that Ihey aee the
(boat walk once a wuk.
Tb. Knock.r.
"ll loom athleticV"
"Will, li.'» i great bammer illnger,'
A Treasurs.
A heating plant lhal work, away
Oo chilly day. a. on a hut una
tl such a )ewe! Dial you may
Bt vary thankful It you've got oar
,*  \
, North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Insurance Guarantee Bonds
Autlilnr and Accountant
10) Lonsdale Avuuue. |'. 0. Box 2307.
Nortb Vaueouver. Phuue 137.
Unilerwood's Barber Shop
Plans aud Kstiinnles fiirnished free.
Heptiiring,  routuiiuliug,  uls.,  promptly
atluniled tu
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allun Huud near Wiisluvor. P. 0, llux
20, Lynn Creok, B. 0.
A.M.LI,, b a.
Irrigation, ilrnlnagc, lovcls, plans
umi specifications. Septic Links mul
li.iiiui! llruinuge   u   specially.       I',   tl.
Ilox Ul, Hiili street west ui Bewicke
And goneral Commission Merchant, I'i
Lunsdule Aie., North Vancuuver.
Phono 321
BUTTEH and uiiuii
We arc specialists iu  these' lines.
121A Lonsdale Avcuue
Cabinet  Maker and  Carpenter
Will uiiilerlulic ull kinds ul' wood work,
repairs, elc.
Fourth Street' and Sutherland Avenue
P. 0. Box 2006
Studio over Hunk  B. If. A.
Lonsdalo and Usnlonude
High Class Lnilles' uud Hunts' Tailoring
Hopiiiriilg   ami   Altoratiiiiis. Cleaning
and Dyeing in all its brunches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Slroot West. Phoue 207
(.1. Lattx)
Ladles' and Qenta' Cleaning,
Pressing and Repairing
a Specialty
120 Second Stroet Eaat
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Street East of Lousdale
Lowest prices and best work gutiriiii
tend uu tinning and sheet metal wurk.
All kinds nl' sans llled uml set un the
slimiest nolice.   Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened. All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
12.11 Lonsdalo Avium,: Phone 80
- ', . lhe ear line. 'Iluardilg, meals,
gun,I accoiiuiiuilaliun I'ur working men,
i ,mli.i,-lum .men boarded. Hy. East
mil, Proprietor.
lu lour Wiilch shipping ur keep ig
irregular lime!   if su, seu
I'loneer Jeiudli!  lio Lunsdule Avenue
Jull   I'm.lui..
Publishers uf the "Express'
1'iist Sliccl East Phoue BO
Ninth Annual Exhibition oi
Horticultural Society
Continued ttm page 1
Boys and Girls Take Notice
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book and Stalloiiciy Ooihpauy).
IW Lonadalo Avcuue PHONE 101
To H ilm i  stork to make room lor new (jowls.
Wc arc selling a number ol relumed dom rent |)ianos
al greal feduclions in price.
All these instruments arc in perfect condition, and equal
to new.
by buying during the sale, whirl) terminate! on SepUpj-
ber 7lh, .Termi ol $20 rash, and $10 a month il
desired. 4»
The Warburnitz Piano Hous«, Ltd.
443 LONSDALE AVE.       *   ■*     PHONE IH
Sehultii; i, Mrs. 0. E. Keene. A.O.V.
(fsll)-l, 0. W. VjPC. | 8, E. A- tilft:
Jeld. A.O.V, (wiptsrM, «• W. V»ncei
8, q. W' 8. wl"*. tin)nf-l, ti, W-
Vancsj 8, pt. Payey. transcend,. »■{— |,
13. A. Utif Crab (4.Q.V-)-), Mrs. S.
I), admits;'I, 0. A. Uith. \m*t collection (CppflneiD-l, Mrs. 0. p. Keene;
II, .lohn Lawaou. Beat eollectiuu (open)
I, I|. Pavoyj 8, John ,*wson.
Penra-Bsnrrp' d'Apjou-l, Q. W-
Sugdeti; 8, Mrs. Q. E. Keene. Bartlolt-
1, Mra. W. J. Irwin; 8, Mrs. C E.
Keene. Louise Bonne de Jersey—1,
Mrs. W. J. Irwln. Winter Nelhi-I, H,
|)avoy; 8, Mrs. W. 1. Irwln. A.O.V.-l,
Mrs. W. J. Irwin; 8, Jl". \nvey.
PluniB-Bradsliaw—1, 0. W. Bugdop;
2, II. Davey. Dainsuu—1, II. Davey.
llriiinl Duke—I, 0. W. Vance. Pond
Seedling-!, Mra. W. J. Irwin; 8, Mn.
ll. B. Koeue. Yellow Egg—1, 0- A.
Luith; 2, Mrs. W. A. Irwin! A.O.V.-
(lighl)-l, Mm ll. E. Keene. <»-
ldark)-l, A. Magee; 8, 11. Ilavcy.
I'rsl cullcctiun (open)—1, il. Davey.
Prunes—IWliin—1, Mra. W. J. Ir-
Win; 8, Mra. C. E. Keeno. Silver—I,
(I. W. Sugdoii. Erench-1, II. Davey,
Sugar—I, aire. 0, E. Keene; 8, Mrs.
W. .1. Irwiu. A.O.V.-l, Mrs. (!. E.
Keene; Dunmou—8, U. Davoy. Stone—
Ercncli (collection)—I, Mra. (!. E.
Kectic; 2, Mra. W. J. Irwiu.
HaaphcrricH—lied—1, A. Magee.
Orapos—Dark—1, Mis, 8. D. Schulu;
Qrapoa, light- -8, Mra. S. D. Schulu.
Heal packed hux uf apples—I, Mra.
C. E. Kecue.
Heat collection of fruila—Mm. W. .1.
Vegetables—Dwarf Beans-I, W. T.
Qrahame;  i,  Mra.  Schulu.    .Buuucr
Beaiia-I, Mr». 0, McDonald; 2, W. T
(Iruhuuic. Kuuiiil Beet— I, W. T. lira
lianie; 2, Mra. SchulU. Oabbage (aum
mor) -1, Mm. SchulU;  (Hal)  Mra. C
McDunuld; (pointed) I, W. T. (Iraliame;
8, Mra. o. McDonald; (aavoy) Mra. 0,
E. Keene; (pickling)  W. T. Qrahame
Carruta  (short  horn)—I,  W.  T.  Uru
lianie;  2, Vi. Bilinear;   (haydung)--I
Mra. 11. McDonald; 2, W. Kiuueur; A
li.H.)   I, Mr«. II. E. Keene; 8, W. T
Grahams, Celery—I, W. T. Qrahame; 2
Mis. SchulU. Corn— I, Mra. W. J. Ir
win; 2, Vi. T. (irahain. Cucumber- I,
Mra. SchulU; 8, 0. W. Vauce. Cucumber
(pickliug)    I, Mra. W. 1. Irwin; 2, C
Teniplcr. Berlin  -I, W. T. Qraliain; 2
Miaa lloluiwuud. Kale   I, W. T. (Ira
Iiuiiii-; 2,   It.   Mcpherson.   Lettuce    1.
Mra. C, K. Keene; 2, A. Mugee. Mary
guid    I, Mra C, E, Kecuc. Uck—W. T
Qrahame.  Marrow   (green)    I,   W.  T.
Qrahame; 2, P. L, Criekmay. While -
I, W. T. Urabame; 8, Mra. (.'. E. Keene.
(Custard)    I,  Mia.  S.   II.   SchulU;   2,
Mra. C. E. Keene. Ouiolia (red)    I, Mm.
W. ,1,  Irwin. (White)    I, W. T. (Ira
ume! 2, Mm. Irwiu. (Yellow)-  I, W. T.
Urabame; 8, Mm. Irwin. (Pickling)   I,
Mra. W. J. Irwin; 2, Vi. T   (iruliaiue.
I'uranipa   I, W, T. Qrahame; 2, Mit. W.
I.  Irwiu.  Peas- I,    Charlea Tempter.
Melon Citron -I, It. MrPheraon. Melon,
nm-1.    I, W. T. Qrahame. I'olaloea    I,
Charlea Tempter; 2, Mm. 0. E, Kecuc.
Hcavicit  Potato— I,  W.  Klunear;  2,
Charlea Tcmpler, Beit collection of Po
laioc   I, W   T. Qrahame; 2, Charlea
Teniplcr. Pumpkin- I, Mra. SchulU; 2,
Mm. Kecuc. Hhuharli- I, W. Klunear; 2,
Mra. ('. K. Keene, llul,l,ar<l ai|uaah    I,
C   E. Keene; 2, Mm  SchulU. A. 0. V,
aipiaah   I, W. T. Urabame; 2, Mm. W.
.1  Irwin. Bed tomatoca   I, Mra. Schulli
1, It  M. I'm imiii  Pickling Tomatoca    I,
H     Mcl'beraoa;  2,  Miaa    iloliuwued.
White turnip- I, Mra. C E   Kecuc; 2,
W  T Qrahame. Swede luiujp— 1, Mn.
c  E. Keene; 2, Mm. S. D. Sculls. Col
led mn uf vegetable!   I, Mm. Keene;
1, Mra  Irwiu. Challenge cup (couliucd)
W   T.  Qrahame.   Button   ami   Suui
Iculiecliou) -W. T. i,i.ii,.un.' Kctiuie k
Sona (collection)    I, Mm. W. J. Irwiu;
2, Mm   E. i'aleriou.
Hardens-  Beat apecitueu foliage plaut
1, Mra Mallby. Anion—I, E. I H
Cardinall; 2, Mra ti. P,. Uwion. Car
nations I, Mri Schulu Dahlias (cac
till)- I, Mm. Schultx; (ihuw) I, Miu
lloluiwuud   liladigiaa   I, Mri. SchulU;
2, Mm Irwiu. (tansies -I, Miu Holm
wood Phlox—I, Mri. C. E. Uwioa
Sweet Pcaa (ten totems) I, S. Suinuici
Held; 2, Mri. C. E. I-uwaon -Sweet I'i a'
(twelve vaiei)-l, E 1. II. Cardi
2, W. T, Qrahame. Slocki-I, t.
merflclil; 2, Mm. C. E. Lawion. Huaea
-I, Mm. S. D. SchulU. Hand Bouituel-
1, Mn. Irwin. I'ul grown collection
flowers- I, Mri. W. J. Irwin; same
cull.un nclp--i, Mrs. W. T. (Iraberuo
Beit garden-I, W. T. Orahame; 9., W
Holler—1, Mrs. Cetei. Brown Eggs -
1, Mm Q. N. Oihorue. While Eggi- I,
Mn S. M. Elder.
Douieitic tt, hi...■ WInic Bread lua
yes- I, Miu Hannah Qrahame; 2, Mra.
(I. V. Campbell, Brown loaves—1, Mn,
Wakefield; 2, Mn. S. D. Bcbults. Bed
Holla -I, W. U. Campbell; 2, Mias II
Qrahame. Bast collection of picklea lu
city or diatrict (home made)—), Hn.
Chaa. Templer. Honey—I, Mm • w. II.
Orey. Uyer Cake—I, Mn, W. Kalka;
2, Miu M. Bennett, Fruit cak»-l, Mias
II Qrahame; 8, Mn. o W. SUckbouae.
Scouci 1, Miu H. Qrahame; 8, Mlu M.
Bennett, Buni-1, Mm,  W. 0. Camp
ball. Boiie-i, Mrs. W-0. ftwptiBtl; ,i
Miss if. Orabame.
Meun. -3. V'l>nn Wit W" mW
houer wero among the .winners in tin.'
poultry class, a class with mm uml
varied exhibits.
Btopk-Ayrsblrs tpmt-l, H- S«9Wi
p. mn- Sbnrtborns-I, P. r?bin.
.Icracy tOJIi-l, fl. Snow; 8, Mr. |ra|l-
hy; milch COWS-}, H\ 8t)0w; 2, f.
Eliin. Huddle pony (uot|er Ili bands)
I, 0. P. .Inelniiiii.
WduW's Wsrk-Appliqws, 1, Mrs. a),
P. Hcliult.'.; miidern cross Stitch, Mrs.
M. Lawruuce; crochet WQOl, 1, Mm. ti.
I). Bcbults; 8, Miss A. Youug; crm-licl,
1, Mrs. Lovegrove; 2, Mrs. <l. S. Bog-
en; crochet, Irish, Miss Beunet; set of
table mats (three)  I, Mrs, Corbett;
2, Mrs. 0. W. Campbell; drawn wurk,
|, Mrs, 0. W. Campbell; 2, Mrs. J. ti.
Bogota; doylies, i, Mn. Q. W. Camp
bell; 8, Mrs. M. Uwrence; darning
and liiciidiug, Mrs. V. Sititpsuti; einbrni
dery, I, Mrs. B.D . SchulU; 8, Mrs. M.
I.aincncc; umbroiilcry on linen, Mrs. V,
Simpsun; eyelet uutliruidery, Mrs. S.
D. SchulU; tuueh embruiilcry, Mrs. S.
II. SchulU; hemstitching, Mra. V.
Hinipaiiii; hunlanuer wurk, Mm. S. ii.
ilmi, 2, Mm. M. Uwrence; iiume
made child'a drcsa, Mra. Q. W. Camp
hull; hand painted china, Mra. S. 1).
SchulU; sofa pillows, Miaa 0. li VViulc;
outline work, Mra. Simpauti; >|uill palch
work, Mm. W. Corbett; 2, Mm. W.
luull.di, point luce, Mm. il W. Camp
bell; pilluw sham, Mrs. c. E. Miller;
2, Mm. S. S. Bogcrs; sofa pillow, Mra.
S. D. SchulU; best collection fumy
work, Mra.  L.  McDonald,  2, Mm.  M.
Lawrence; teaclolh smbroldery, Mm. D.
Simpaoti; worked initials, Mm. S. D.
SchulU; beat collection of worl., Mias
il. H. White; best water color | ui <im.'.
Mn. E. N. Maltby; uil painting, Miaa
U. B. While; knitted wuul slippers, Mra.
S. D. SchulU; 2, Mm. M. Lawrence;
table centrepiece, Mra. 0. E. Miller;
collection of photographs, Misa M. Daw-
Children's Work - Hemstitch work,
Mary Criekmay; crucbd lace, Edith
panned; fancy piucuahiuus, Mary ('rick
may; knitted sucka, Edith Pennell;
drawing, free hand, C Eicblhouai"; cul
lc inn. uf picture poalranla, i'url
SchulU; 2, P. Young; collection uf
phologrupha, -lack Stephenson, 2, Kin,
alcy;  pilluw cuahiuu  I'ruinos,    Erunci
Silvci tluiy In-il.n,, Cuck, I and
2; heu, I ami 2; breeding pen II
S. II, Bulf Leghorn Cock, 1 aud 2;
heu, I and 2; cockerel, I;'pullet, I ami
2; hreediug pen, 1   11. Huutley.
H. C. Ilulf l.egliuiii luck, I. II
Mottled A nuiiiu I; pullet, I ,1
1(. i'. Brown Lcjihum   lock, I and
heu, I ami 2 -A. II. I'eppar,
;- c. Iin'iii' Upborn lien, I, .1. II
I'eppar; cockerel, I and 2; pullet, I ami
-J. r.  Lee.
While Wyandotte—Cockerel, I; pul
Id, I- N   W. Ililleapic.
White   Leghorn   luck,   I;   hen,   I
W. Downey; cockerel, I, W. Downey;
2, P. McArlhur, pullet, I, W. Downey;
2, Jolin  laiwsuii.
Hull Orpington- Cuck, I, ii II 0/
burn; 2, J. Suiiiiucrlichl; luu, I II. II
0/l,iiiii. cockerel, I, Q, li (Lburu;
2, K. Beid; pullet, I and 2, (I. II 0/
While Orpiiiglun Pullet, 2, ,1 Sum
Partridge Wyandotte (Vk, I, H
Wilaon, heu, I II. Wilson, 2, (!. P. Jack
aon; cockerel, I ami 2, K. Wilaon; pul
let, 2, li   Wilson.
Black Leghorn Cock, I; lien, I ami
2; cockerel, I ami 2; pullet, I and 2.
breeding pen, I aud 8—B, Wilsuu
Black It ti. Bantam Heu, I. cock
end. 1 ami 2; pullet, I ami 2 li Wil
Ilull • 'ui ll 111 ll.i nlnu. Cock, I. lieu,
2   H   Wilaon
Buff I'oc In ll Illinium Hen, I, W.
Mul..Inn    ,
IlliO'lc I lund Ked-llcu, 2 I F
.'■I.iii- i llouden Cock, 1 - E. Sum
While (lame Bantam Cockerel, I;
pullet,  IE   Hllller
Black Breailcd Bed Bautatu Pul
let,,I and 8; heu, I; bleeding pm. I
V..    Ililln I
Silver Sebright Bantam- Hen, 2; W
Bed Pyle Bantam --Cock, I; cockerel,
I aud 2; pullet, I and 2; rock, I; heu,
I W.     Nllllloll.ullul
White Pekin Ducks--Drake, I, t
Ehlu; 2, i'apl   (,'atci. '
Indian Bunner Ducks- Duck, 1, John
Uwson; drake, John Uwson; breed
iug pen, I. Lawaon.
Beit Utility Breeding Pen—Porcinau
Cup-B. w,l.n,,
Custom Regulations
Travelers Should Know
Pasicngeri oo sleamars bound for
Ihc I ni (cl Stales will receive a sheet
tl paper containing two totmi ol de
rhiioiiiui The one ia black ii for citi
lens of Ibe I'nited SUtes; Ihe one lo
red for bob residents. Tbe law pro
vidci tbat citliena of tbe United Stales
mty bring ia articles valued under
<|00, but thoro are restrictions relating
to tbis wlilph sboill'l bs Carefully uptei).
Tl|e following instructions are tukon
from (bS leallot furntsned by the
treasury departmeiit. It' in duubt regarding tliu meaning of any clause in
tbs ili'i'liiriiiinn or Instructions the purser; will explain.
Hesiiionis of tbs "nited States must
declare ull articles which |iave been
ubl ui lied iiiiiiiiiii by purchase or otber-
Wise. ' *,.',.',
Articles  luken  from   tbo   United
States und ri'iiiiiilidnil, repuired, Or im-
proved iiiiinad must bs <|sdared, aud
tbe cost of such remodeling, repairing,
or improving must bo separately stated.
The following articles are dutiable:
ilmi ' lm1.1 offocts, including buuks,
pictures, I'liruiiiiii-, iiiiili'wiiin, tabic
linen, lied linen, and otber similar
articles, iinic..:. m.nd nin,ml by the owuer fur a period of a year or moro.
Quods iu thi; piece.
'-iinl uf uny iiniuii intended fur
sale, or for other persons,
The following articles arc free if
under (UIO iu value uml if necessary
fur cuinfurt and convenience fur the
purpose of tlte journey, uml uul for
sule uur other persons!
Toilet articles, such as combs,
brushes, auups, cosmetics, aliuving uml
manicure seta, etc
I'ersunul uilornnicnl, jewelry, etc.,
and camera,,, musical iiialrumouia, ..:-
Clothing tuul ulher pcraunul effects
token uut uf the Culled Slutcs by the
I'i: un,:, i   til'   mil   iiicreused   in   value
ur improved iu condition while abroad.
If increased in value ur improved in
condition, they ure dutiable on the eual
uf the repairs.
Nou residents uf lhe United Stulea
arc entitled tu bring in free of duty,
without i,i .n.i to the inni) exemption,
such articles as are in the nature of
wearing apparel, articles uf pcraunul
a, li ni. in, ni toilet articles, and similar
pcraunul ellecla, neceaaary and appro
priule fur Iheir wear and uae fur tuo
purpose of tbs journey and pnnpt -
comfort aud conveniences and which
St,   mil intended fpf other ponous or
for sale. .
' 1-
The tjrst uxumiiiatiou of tho associated board of tho Bpyal Acat|em_y aud
of tho Hoyul College pf Music baa
beep passed by a child -i yekrs old,
.luun Lloyd, suys a London contributor
Of the Chriiitinn .Science Mnttilur. The
average age of tho ciunliihitivi nt ihi"
examination is 18. A correspondent
who writes tu th. Daily Chronicle says
that her success was obtained after
less iliait nine mouths' training iu
music. Sir Hemp' Martin, organist of
St. Paul's cathedral, was the examiner
ami thu ie„i includes scales, exercises
und tho performance of various pieces,
all of which this child was able to
play perfectly from - memory.
.luun, frum the lirst moment of beiug
unij'lii lo pluy the piano, showed that
she was possessed of uu extraordinary
memory for musical aouml and a re-
inurkiiblc apprccltition of absolute
pilch. Mr. Warner, a musician in Kciv,
whose child is also a wonderful musical golliuS) hua been Icuching ,loun
Lloyd. "Virtually ull greut musicians
have been Infant prodigies," Mr. War
tier declared. "Beethoven, Moart,
Suraaaiu, Joachim -there ia hardly an
oxceptloh, If there is reul lulcitl, it ia
sure to show when youug.
It is said Ihut this child pluya the
I'l.uin aa huppily ua she plays with her
dolls, and u gypsy danic by Krogiiiiiu
and a sunalii by Becthovun were bulh
played frum liicmury and iu such a joyous wuy us left nu,duubt thai thc lit
lie muaieiun wns lliuruitghly delighted.
She atiya alio likca music, but wus u lit
Ile ul'riiid of the exumiiiatiou. The
big |u uiiuii ul.' 11 ii fur u dollp wbleh was
given lo her by way of a reward, has
apparently left mure ituprcisiou uu her
thuu her porformauce befure the ex
amiitura. ,
ut in ini ii l     ill.'    ni-1
It."   In."    ,\0.   N.
\an- able   within   twenty  years  frum   Ihc
I date   hereinafter   u., ninn,, ,i   for   the
By-law lu tulie ulTccI al sucb It.ml, In
llic   City   uf   Vancuuver,   ur   al   such
,   „    . ,   ,,     llllllll.  Ill the Clly i,r London.   111., I.unl
i  .'. If      '"'".'itSKUm. .'"'•" "' k1"-'1' "'">k elsewhere as I nu-
licuturr.   lhe  som  nl IIHI.UOO.OO  lor   ,,1. U>11|11>    inuy   hy   resulutlun   decide
lar  inn iinae  ur aolia, ill.liia  fur  aud i „,.,,,
,,.-„,,i,liik .li.re., lu Itr nral Van-      i   'Tl„,  „,,|,|  Jdjoniures  ahull   liave
,„,,,,, I.,,, luiuueu), l.luillrd.     ■    coupons attached  for the paymenl  ol
{lbe llltetest ut lllc rule of live |iel
WllliHUAS. II Is deemed expedient centum per annum un the amount o(
lu burrow llie sum of (lun ouu un t„ j the delieiitiires, und shull lir piiyulile
eitiible lhe Munlclt'iillt) lo siibacilbe ■ ''ulf I'eurl) oil Ihc Ural day ut April
fur and puicbuse 1.008 shares ur such I11111 "'e t>»' 'I'O ul October In Oecll
number as tbe proceeds'of I lie- Delicti-  ""." vyery icai ,,     , ,,
lurea will purcbaae. al the pur value uf „ }•   ,A spec nl rote on the ilobii, auf-
tlcletit In i un i   the sum of IC.000 shall
1100   euch   111   lbe     .,;.H.,1   ulu.l.   of   llle
Weat Vaneuuvei Kerry Company, Limited, u Keiry Cnnit'iiii)  duly Ineurpur-1 •,
uted  for  the  purpose,  uf giving   dlleel   "I'   "'<■   lule.ilile   pru'erly  of  11
„,., ,.i.„il„„    h„lu ,    il,..    u.,,,1.1. llllclplillt),    lo    puy    lllleiesl    Ull
lie raised and levied annually In cacti
ytar, In uddltlon tu ull uttier rates on
communication   between "iho "Munich I Veimus;  io   nay  Injoreal   on    tlty
pullly   uf   Wesl   Vuncuuvei   und   the I'1'1"   hereby  creuled  diitlnu   the  cur
city uf ViiiH'oiive, .md uni oiticr neal
hy' cltlcu,, municipalities m   dlairlcta
ANH WHKHKAS, It Is neeensiiry for
llle   pUrpOSO   llfoliSuld.   lliul    llle   llllllll -
clpiillii i.,- ii i procure by way or Is
sulnu debenlurea the said tuuti uf
llm in.., i. K-puyublu twenty years ul-
lei ilie day uii which this II) low lakes
Ifeit.  with Inieiesi In the lucunllinc
of  llle  Sllld  ileiii
8. The sum uf ».: lit .„ shall be
jul ..I and levied annual).. Ill each
uml every yeur by speclul rule duilliu
the currency ut ilic uubt debt, on uii
lhe i.,i,,ii.|., prupcrly "I the Minn,I
nulil). lur llic puyment or the delil
lieiitiy created, nheii due
I     It  shall be lawful  fur  llle  Muni
ell'iillly frum I Inu- to nun    tu rcput-
pa)able half .uuily ul the mt,, nf liveithusc ani u, i|lt. »„i,i debentures ul
per centum per milium, to be iiptdled >UI|, |,r|C(. „| prices us mu) he muliiul-
fill JIli  pui poses lifnlcaillil l|y  u|t|,,,.,|   upon uml  all  debnilures  au
AND (V1IKRKA8 a I'ctliluii lui" been  cpurchaa, ,1 shull foithwltli be cancel-
presented lo tin- Council uf llic Monl    |,,i. m,,) no ic-lusuo of uny delieiilure
elpulll). leiiueallliu llulil to Introduce (,r delielllules shall be lllilile III conic-
a  III  law  fut   llie   puiposes  I,, i. in   Sel'ijuelice of such rclilllcliuBC
II   Sliull   be   I., .-.ful   fur   the   lleeve
lorlli.  which petition iina been slinnll ' 8
hy the owners uf more thun oitr-lruth ,,t tbv inunlclpnllt
ul   lhe    value   of   laml   III   tlx    ■I iiiii
AMi WHKHKAS fui llu- piiS'inetil of
Inlerest oil suld llrlii-nlui. a. durlllp llle
currency I hereof. II will he necessur)
lo rulse and lev)  each yeat.  lbe sum
of 18.000 00
AND WHKIIKAH fui the puymenl uf
Hie debl wln-li ilne ll will be necessur)
tu rulse ulnl levy euch )ear the sum
ot 18888.80 by speclul rule, milln Ii lil
iiuiiii.i III eueli ycui oil all luii.iid-
properly  uf  the  Munlclpiilll)
ANI) WHKHKAS lhe uinuunl of llle
whule lulcuble lilupcll) nf llle Sll uill -
cllnilll)' Is J8.Jl6.i0t 00.
At.NI) WHKHKAS the lulul iilnuulil uf
lllc etlallllll Debelllule Ilebl uf llle
Municipality la I2IC.000 04 Ifi, ape, live
uf debts lnturii.il ful Inwil lllll,inve-
mellls of v. 1,1,1 nolle ol lhe pi lm Ipul
or lllleiesl la In iiinuia
NOW TIIKIIKKOliK HlC lleeve llllll
loom II or lhe Monl, u uin III i'luli
Inciting  ussi-lnliled   eliuil   .i"  follyyrs
I I-'"i lbc puipusea ufnleanbl II
sliull be luwful fur llic Hcovr nf lllc
lliilllli IpUlll) to luocuie. and lie Is lute-
by uulliiiilii'd In obliiln. h) way of
loun f■ um any peranii. pi iamis ur cur-
;,.,i.,ii i: Who tuny be ullllni: lu ull
vuiici' sullie ull tin- cledlt ul llu debenlures herd etillulicd   a am I  CX
iicdlliu In lhe whole tin aum uf HOO.
000 00. ulnl cuuse lllll "lillle tu In puld
Inlu Hie Ii."inlu of llle lleiiauiel of II
'   I     lllK.pl
bl uml wllh lbe objee
"l     It  shall  be  luwfol  fui   Hie  lleeve
ii, cause uny number of debentures lo
be  mude   uut.   euch  foi   aucb  sum   of
money nul less Hum 1100 or un ■ uul
vub ni oxpi easel In pounds stcillnir of
Hie I'lilied Kliiiidom or flicul llrlinlii
ullil   Inland  at   the  value  nf  1188  2-8
lu lhe pound alcillna. us mnl  he re-
uulred   und   all   dcbciiluus  shall    oc
scaled   wilb   lbe   seal   uf   lhe   M "••
clpollly and slKllvd by Ihc reeve and
ciiunlersluficd liy   the   I'leik   „f   llu
I    Tiic auld ilcbciiluics shall be pu)
iiiuiilcipnllly,  for   llns,pur|.oaea  ufou
T-   t   lltlelllbeflll
iiiiii he Is hereby
iiuihotlicd 10 purchase wllh ilu- money
so iibliilneil by wuy uf loan, "ue Ihousund shares, ur suck number as may
be pui chased by Hie proceeds uf the
debentures, of the capital stuck of Ihc
West Vaneuuvei Kerry Coinpaii) Klin
9 Thla II)-law shall, before lllc
final pusaliii; thereof, receive the ussent     I   the   i'.leelulS 111   Ihe   IIIAIlllel   I'e-
qufred li) luw
10 Thla lly-luw. wben pusaeiJ. shull
culm Inlu i"i. und tuke t'fteci ul) thc
that   du)   uf  Ocluber   1812
11 Tbia By-law may be cited fur
all piilpiiscS us Ihc West Vancuuver
Keio  Money If)-law, No  8. IS12
III reived   Hie   USSelll   of   the   Id, ilul a
ilay of 1112
Iiuiu   ulld pasaeil 111 U|,i II loillicll  Ihis
day  nl
""Municipal Clerk
TAKK NllTII'K Ihul the abuve Is a
HUe cupy uf Hie pi unused Ily-Law. U|n,n
Willi b   tin   V  of lbe   Mul'l' ip.illl,  will
be lullell ill llie New Municipal llall on
,'i..i ui,i.c, the in. ni) liii.t day of Hiu
i.iiil.ii. ttl!, from i o'cloch In the
fiiiciiuoti until ? o'eluclt ll) the aller-
l-l lll.ic NOTICK IH III inc
HIVI.'N ilmi Hie vule nl tile Rll'Clurs
uf the lilstrlct uf Wcsl Vancouver Will
be luken on llie above mentlutied By
Law. at the ilim- ami place ubove mentioned: iiiiii Ihul 0 II I'i .'I" hus been
unpointed   Itclurnlnu   OBIcci'   to   lobe
lbc Vule ul sucb Kleclori wltb lbe us
Uul poUeia In Ibul tit-half
Ily Order ol the Council.
ti   ii   I'KAKK.
rj,  m   i:
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lomdale Avenue.   Phon* 198
Wh.rf: Foot of St. G«orge.'i Av.nu..      Phon* 178
. awmmmwmmmm
Slaughter Sale
Commencing Monday, 9th Sept
Everything to be sold within 7
days. Now is the time to buy,
For cash only.
Delivery to all parts of the city.
Remember the date-Monday,
September 9th.
You can buy a 60-foot lot on Oaboroe Boad, Ity, blocka eaataWf
Lonsdale Avenue, for swiu.uii, on terms of one quarter caab, and
the balance over 18 months.
Etiiiuire about this while One Dollar Shares are selling for Fifty
cenli..   CALL or WRITE for Prospectus.
Phona 863
P. 0. Box 2397
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows lhe Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, il will pay you lo investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
hums less coal or wood than any olher malleable range
snld in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
If you want to succeed in business oo the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Kilitor Kxpress:
Hoar Bir:-fl»m» til!!» »|f.» J(( W, re in-
formeil through, tlio p,m tint tlm B, 0:
Telephone liiitniiatiy hail bought a uew
cable tu lay across tho lulet ami ihe
only thing which. prtWIlM them iluing
80 wan permission frnm the government
ami we unilerstaml .hat lhls lieriuissluu
waa grauteil some six or eight months
ago, yet nothing has beeu tlotie to-
minis the laying of this cable,
think that this is a mutter for the
city council to (ske up with the Huil
way Commissioner iiiiii aee if wc caiuiiil
get a cheaper ami butter Bervlce across
tbe Inlet. My lirm is paying nhuul
$06 per month for calls from Nortli
Vancouver to. Vaueouver uml about the
■■nun'ji iiiniin i is collect ml from our cue
tomurs at Vaueouver for calls to us
whieh makes a total of $11- per month
ur $1:1:11 per year, ami iu the faee of
this large amouut, i am luformeil liy
my eitslumers that they oftuti have tu
give tbeir business elsewhere ou ac-
imiii of tbe delay in getting tis 011
lhe telephuno. lu the busy parts of
the ilm. we ufteu have to soml a rush
1 i':i,ii'ii;;i'r with our telephone nies-
sages to Vaucouvor as it would he fat
al to trust tu the telephone service
We ihink that the H. 0, Telephone
Co. shoulil either out out tho Norlh
Vancouver tolophutio ,ur givo us 11 tut-
vice of sonic uso lo us. We also tin nl.
that thc IU cunt charge for each cull
is excessive ami uu business iu Norlh
Vaueouver cau afford lo pay this lus
We have nu complaints against the
North Vancouver manager ur any of
his staff as we think they give us us
guod a sorvico as thoy can wilh their
preaenl equipment.
We havo no doubt that there are
other hrms in Nurlh Vancuuver whu
are iu Ihe same position aH ourselves
as regards tbe telephoue tervico to Vancuuver ami we wuuld suggest thai the
business men uf Nurlli Vancouver have
a meeting and discuss the matter witn
the idea of getting better service ami a
n cent rale.
Yuurs faithfully,
A. WAl.l.Aflv
Wulluce Shipyards i.ld.
he just DM su nsphalt road auil will
lie ono solid plePS- J, Oi|et| an. top
unly It will peol off and will Imva |o
be doue agsln. It pity cost t. I|t,|e
mors but wh»t Am t tew hundred
dollars matter »fter spending t.hS »l
thouaamls on macadam part if you get
a road that will Iptl and »»< rimply
be a makeshift.
I am writing rather strong nu this
iub>c7 put J think I »W 'right ami
hope to do some good bs'nro it is ton
Yonr* truly,
tm- fttilW
The .clerk was imumctcd in writs
tu Mr. lluili'}' thuiiliing him I'ur ths
iiinne letter, lhe purport of whicii was
ii'ieiii'il tu the ciiimiil.'iiiiinii of the
Board of Works.
Premier of New Brunswick
Vititi the Nortb Shore
The iluu, .1, K Klenijug, premier of
the proviuee uf Nuw Bruuswick, was
a visitor tu Ihe North whore yesterday,
and was shown its many charms b)'
Messrs. T Kennedy, 1. Norman Ken
nedy and J. M. Hay, Mr. Kennedy's
automobile being utilized for Ihe pur
pose. The premier iiieideutally paid
brief calls un a number uf erstwhile
New HiiimiMcl.il", ami was plainly
regretful thut lm. visit lu North Vancouver was necessarily such a short
one., He was very favorably impressed
wilh everything he saw uu this side
uf the Inlet, the occasion beiug his first
visit to this cily ami district. The
premier wus taken to l.yuu Valley,
Norlh I.onsdale, and wuuld have duubt
less inn du-d up in lhe urlhudux fashion,
al Capilanu, had it uut been fur the
1 nun,lum Club luncheon which was In
lie accorded him at ouo o'clock iu Vau
I couver. He commented mure than uuce
011 the attractive appearance whieh thc
eily presented in Ihe bright sunshine,
uud ventured a prophecy thai North
Vancouver wuuld uut be lung without
u railroad, l'remier Fleming left by
the nuuii buut, after a visit which he
pronounced lu be shurt lull very enjoyable.
The eity cuuucil last evening re
celved lhe following let|t*"l'roin Mr.
William Bailey:
Beptember 1, 1918. I
The City Cuuucil,
Nurth Vancouver, II. C:
Hear Mii.-: While in California lust
winter I wrote you advucutiiift oiled
rouds  fur  Nurtli   Vancuuvur ami sug
, t,,i iiu-i yuu either semi the eiigin
eet duwu ur have him write to llie
Bourd of Supervisors fur l.os Au; ei, ■
county ami gel full informal ion on lhe
subject. 1 alsu wrule lu lhe eily eu
;: 111,ui sending him Ihu federal government book ou oiled roads. Writing
him at the same time describing lhe
mauuer of uiling roads as used in California.
Afler Aid. Irwin had advocated uil
ing the rouds I again wrote tu the
council bucking up whut lie had said.
I um uut fund 'of writing letters uml
would uul write now if il was not for
the reason thul I do nut like tu see
the public muney wasted as it is beiug
done now on Lonsdale avenue.
The system of oiling roads on lop
is d- ,.|.i. ami is uever dune except
011 an old road when it is better lhan
nothing but to do a niacaduni road
that way is simply throwing money
away. The uil should be put in with
the niucuilain in llie uiukm^ when il
will  bind  il ail  hun il,, 1  and  il   will
New Weslmiuster, Sept. in -Loaded
to capacity with stock, exhibits uml
', on, 1 --ii,io., the arrival uf Ihc ship
, front Victoria uu the Sunday proced
ing lhe opening is always om." of lhe
mosl interesting of the many inn ret
'ing things connected witli the piuvin-
nui exhibition at New Weslmiuster uu
Oct. I lo 6. The Victoria exhibition
for years lias been held jusl beforo
the provincial fair here, and a greal
mauy people enter their slink ami ex
1,1l.1i. in both uf them. It is these
that are bruught uvon Concessionaire!
ulsu ul'"i', at liulh i'lu" 1 -... ami take ii|.
some uf the ruum un tbu'liuat eotuing
over. The entries this year arc. ex
ccptiuftally heavy ami a big load is
expected. The Victoria lair will close
on Beptember US, and the lmal will
lie loaded Suturduy niliii arri'.irg ,iere
on Bunday, Monday will lie ipeut ,libelling the exhibits iu place.
While the Victoria I,mil brings in ,1
great load, il is far frum being ull llic
stuck ur j,1,,,iii,, whieh will be seen at
the exhibition. A greal many people
exbibil no place bul in New Vcli.iin
ster, and these will come in by rail
uml water frum the interior end iij
und dowu the I'm ,1 The steamers
Transfer, Beaver ami 1'ayslreal, unil
Fraser ami the Juuti aud Diiiisiuiir
fruiil Vaucuuver Island will bn tniei
ti their utmost fur thc few days pre
ceding the fair.
paine & McMillan
Women's Auxiliary Meeting
There will be a meeling uf the Wu
mou's Auxiliary uf Bt. Auges' church
held i.iiiioii,,!', mt,,1,10,1,1 al lis1 llllh
street at ii o'clock. AH ladies uf par
ish arc eonliallv invited.
,|i   ,     NOTIOB
NOTIOK is hereby given lhal in yor
suancc uf the creditors Trust Deeds
Aet Ihc Burrard Bash and Pnui Vie,
lury Limited did uu the llth day uf
Beptember, nil:', assign tu James I).
Frascr uf Nurlh Vaucuuver, B. (!., ac
cuuntunt fur lhe benefit uf all ils cred
ilurs, all ils real ami personal prupcrly
credits ami effects which may be seized
or sold or attached under execution
A mooting of creditors will be held
al the ollice of William Francis, Kuuin
Nu. 1115, Buwer Hid., Granville Btreet,
Vaucuuver, B. (.'., uu Monday, thelBrd
day uf Beptember, mi:', al 4 p.m.
Dated  the  nth   day  of  Beptember,
Soli, it,,1.   fur  Ihe  Assignee.
An   mi,,imal   meeting  uf  creditors
will he held al the abuve address nu
Tuesday, thc lmii iust., al Id a.m.
Too Late to Classify
lliin,eh, and lady wuuld ussisl leu
lu .one, four ur live muruiiigs weekly
Light huuse duties, cooking, scwiug,
ironing.   Al-s, Kipress. lull
FOUND -din Sunday night uu Bl.
Andrew's Avenue, Wallcl. Owuer can
have the same by calling un (leurur
li""l. lllh atreel easl frum 8.S0 lu .1
and giving full particulars 11ml paying
fur Ihc ad
Musl Huie Been i'uela I'anle — "ilis
eyes mel hers wilh a steady glume
befure which her defiant pu.-.- fell, lie
euuld see her breath eutuiug quickly iu
abort,| agonised pouts. "--Mela Bint
mius, in the American.
North Lonsdale
Cheapest homeaiu In Nortli Vancouvar, U) ft. loi within g blocka of
Lonsdale Ayanua, only UltM. terms Ut caab, t, IS and 1«
months. , ___,	
101 B8PLANAD8 .
Local Agents tat British Empire Horae Inaurance Co., London Assurance.
, rivmpmt
Wa will be pleased to but* llatlngs; alao bona* ler sals or rent. '
Vheu MS V.O.VatmU
Our. Fall slock ii aiming dailp, and tie ask pau lo pap us
a visit and look ihem ovtr. Wt can suil Ihe mo,l follicular, in
slpli, price and qualilp.
We havt seveial tallies in our store filled piilh BEAL
BABCAINS in Low Cuts, Summer Shoes and broken lols
of heavier shoes suilablt for Fall mar. All this season's goods;
il vill pap pou lo look (hem over.
Wt have 10 different makes of Men's Working Boots,
jtom $1.95 lo $10.00, lo select Iron,, in 6-inch lops fo 20
inches; all guaianleed solid Thiuiighniil.
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Utp Wood-Pake Shoe Co.
Enos Salt  75c
Zambuk  35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib ... 65c
Cuticura Soap ... * 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic -Nipples 5c each
Absorbent Cotton '.35c lb.
, We have constantly in stock a complete stock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Belts, Batteries,
Electric Bells, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line'not usually stockd by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of the city.
,    ..'"""',' v
North Shore Drug Go.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm.B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit


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