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NOBTH VANCOUVEB, B.C., Friday, lllllll 88, IHU.
The Hi'iin-li 1,'oluinliia Telephone Co.
lius annouueed lhat it will reduce the
loll rute between Vancouver and North
Vancuuver liy half upou the laying of
thu uew cable across Hie Inlet. Tbo
present long diatauco toll ia ten cents
which will shortly he reduced to five
centa. ,
The company 'a uew cable, which will
extent! from tho 0. P. tt. wharf at the
foot of Heymour atreet, Vancouver, to
Hie i.u, ■,i.,i, avonue street eud, will be
ubout three miles iu length aud will
contain HI lines or lUtl wirea and will
uml approximately |GI),UI)I).
This cubic, aecond only iu aizc to
that connecting Uuu Francisco aod
Oakland, liua been ordered from a lirit
ml. corporation and will probably reach
Vancouver in about three uioiitha. Ita
heavy character will have thc effect
of linking deep iu the mini on the bed
of tbe Inlel satisfai nmll beyond the
reach of the auction of veiaela in'the
At lin.i the Intention of lhe com
pany, ou learning Hint thuy hud lo re
move liieir cable from the Firat Nur
rowa, waa to lay a ainull line of aboul
82 ii nun along the route now authorized
by tbe govornmeiit, Shipping Urma,
however, raised the objection thut audi
a cable would foul thc chains of vessels
at anchor and thc government refused
to iuuu-i nm this route. The alternative
offer that the compuny might if it
wished lay ils cable ucrosa the Second
Narrowa did not meet with the tele
phono compuny'a upprovul, ami u com
jn miii:..' wua accordingly arrauged, the
company contracting to luy u eubie
heavy euougli to sink into the mud
where it would do no damage uml where
the swift currents of the Intel would
not affect it.
Interesting Facts
Tlie I,miles' Aid of North Lonidale
Presbyterian church has completed ar
raugcnicuta for a refrcshuicut booth on
Vicloriu I'urk ou Dominion Day.
Mr. uud Mra. E. T. English with
Iheir two children, Kilccn aud Charlea,
are the gueata of Mr. W. liewan Crick'
lou ul 2U!I lUlli alreel, pending their ile
purl ure for Ibeir summer home ou Tex
miu I Iiinii
question of thu whereabout
own  grunt  to  tbe city  ol
Hie crown grunt to tbe city ol tho
l.t'iisilale avonuo street end was satis
faelonly solved yesterday wben the
document wua found ul Ihu ferry company'a offices.
Mr. tt. Black wall, who for thu past
twenty yeurs has been a rciiileut of
Winnipeg uml whu with hia family bai
just returned from au extended trip
11 KngluinJ, bas purehoscd a home on
Tenth atreel eaat.
North Vaueouver'a publicity commit
sinner is negotiating with the Mere
lery of Ihe Vaueouver Progress Club
lo buve (he visit of the 'British iniuiu
lui'lurers lu Vancouver this uiontti in
iiinii- a lour of Ihe Norlli Hhore.
Tbe ehuirinun of Ibe parks committee AM Foreman ami Kngineer'Smith,
journeyed oul lo the Nortli Vancouver cemetery on Tueaday where thoy
inspected Ihu work now uuder way of
eleariug and levelling an additional
portion of ttii- I ,nmi groundi.
The membera of the ladiea' Suciety
ol the SI. Amine. - aud i.'alcdumuu
.ninety have made a prcscululiuii lo
Mrs Harrow on lhe occasion of her
wedding, Mrs. Harrow who, previous
I; her marriage was Mias Findluy, wus
a keen worker lor tbe loeioty
The service al thc Firat Baptist
church next Souday morning will be
under the direction of llic Sunday
School scholars aud will consist of
songs, exercises, elc. Kcv. Mr, Ken
dull of ' nmi.n.ui. will preach in the
evening An organ feiiiul- will be
given by Mr. Ward from 7 to 7.80.
'J'uisd.iy morning aaw thc opening uf
Norlb Van.„nver's branch of Ibe Uo
minimi Hank, thc promises of which arc
iiluuted ul lhe corner oi Second slreet
cost and J.ouidalc avenue. Mr. J. ti.
ti M. I,.'Hnml is uow in charge, aosiat
f by a smull siulJ which, he reasonably
anticipates, will have to be reinforced
in Ihe early future.
Sunday next being the day before
iiuiii,i,n.n Day will bo observed aa
Patriotic Sunday in Ht. Aguoi' church,
comer ot Twelfth aud Boulevard. At
the eveuing service special i saluis and
Hymns, including tho National Anthem,
will be sung. The subject of the
vicar'i sermon will be "Tbo Bases of
Lritisb and Canadian Liberty."
Thc Bice Luke tunnel, according to
Mr. George Grant, watorworki luporin-
teiulenl, is progressing most favorably
and uo difficulty it boing experienced
with oithor water or und' in driving
the tunnel, ilin.ugii the agency of tho
air compressor plant which Mr. Grant
installed to accomplish an othorwlte
imytuMo Ink.   Thl IUM*! it now ia
210 feet and good progreu it being
made daily.
The B. Y. P. I', of thc First Hup
list church here will conduct a garden
party ou thc beautiful grounds ut the
corner of Keith road ami Chesterfield
avenue ou Thursday evening, lull lib,
I.e cream aud rcfrcahmcuta will be
.-,1-..ul free and social intercourse cn
Joyed from 6 to V, An open uir con
cert will be given from U lo 10. An
admittance of :'■• cenls will be eburged
Tickets can be secured from any of
the 'ti. y. P. I', members or ul the
I'rof. Dau C, Sniilb of Berkeley, I'al
iforuiu, Ihu perfect boy of Ihe I'ueilie
roust, i'i. jenrs young, wilt appear nt
Ihe Empire Theatre next week end ami
will demonstrate lhe "fountain ol
youth'' with exhibition! uf rope skip
ping uml geuerul calisthenics. I'rof
CNbor Huiitti in un accepted wonder am,
thoae who yearn to feel perpetually
ht should gu ami neur how it is done
He is intcudiug to orgauirc classes tot
inin, women uud children iu connection
with the North Vaueouver Athletic
Mr, J, N J. ilrown of tbis cily has
received intimation by wire of tne
death of Ina brother, Mr Jolin I'liuton
lin,in, who died ou Hie iiiih June al
Stella, Frascr Uke, IJ C Mr llro.ni
lirst suw the light ul dui ou lbe ill,
uf November, 18(16, ami was llm llunl
youngest sou of lhe late H. li '
tirovvn of Kingston, Ontario He was
for many years engaged in the slock
ranching ul Kmpire Vulley, eventually
dispusiug of his funn to the ■ ('
imiii Company. He married Mis.
Vciicr by whom he hus une daughter,
Mias Harriet Brown. Mr. Brown has
been engaged by l|ic ni.nu Trunk 1'a
cihe Hy. Cunipuny for the lusl live
years un head manager of u puck Irani
supplying provisions lo different camps
and it wus during oue of tbese trips
Hint lie died (living lo lbe extreme
distance ami Hie very poor facilities
for travelling uoue of the relatives
could attend the fuucrul lie leaves
ui aged ii,,llui and three brothers
J. N. J. Iiiuiin of this city, ll. I)
Ilrown of Pemberton Meadows, um! A
Vi. A. Brown of Kmpire Valley
Wedding Bells
Another o' North ,ancouver'i run
iii'boliiiv force entered the sphere o.
matrimony on Wednesday afternoon,
his companion in Ihis momentous ecu
ture being Miss Maggie Duff, from
Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Constable
Goorgo Gauld met bis bride immediate
ly upon her arrival ul Vaueouver aud
tho ceremony was performed across lhe
Inlet by the Bev, Dr. Frascr.
Mr. Waller Philip McLareji, clue
. i elm ei on lhe '11111'I.,-1 three ferry
wai On Wednesday quietly married lo
Mill Kiiiiiin McLaren of London, Eng
land. Tbe ceromouy was performed ul
llic homo of the bridegroom's relatives
at South Vancouver by the Bev. I
1). Hiiliiiii
The annual picnic of North Vancou
vor Motboditt Sunday school will be
held on Friday, July tlh. The boat
will leava at (i.lfi o'clock a.m. from
Kvani, Coloinan, Kvana wharf. Tickets
mty hu bul ei MarJiniiiii A J lu'i. niaL
The business iiwuilitig lbc colisidcru
lion of llm district aulhurilics at thc
municipal hull lust night wus transacted
iu the council'a usuul brisk uud bust
ni'tislikc i i luun Hcyouil the settle
moot of furniiil lluulities iu regard tu
the district by Invva, concerning which
more will be found iu unother column,
uml the arrangement of u public meeting to be belli next Thursday evening
for explanation of theae 'bylaws, very
little of importance occupied Ihe time
ami ulleiiliuti uf the council.
A Utile avalanche of letters hud
been received during the week complaining of ililuloriness in connection
with the promised whurf ul Wood
landa. Mr. James (Iill, Mr. (1. II.,
Biley Mr, il. M Burritt, Mr, B. T.
Granger uml Mr. .1. I,. Kerr each pen
licit reasons why Una whurf wus uu ur
gi iii necessity in reply to which it waa
intimated that arrangements were al
reuily ul'ool fur lhe immediate construe
lion of llic said wbarf, whicii would
be in/its appointed petition before
next Tliursduy.
Mr. ,1. M. Fromme sought u aidewalk
lo his bluck of stores ucwly erected ul
Hie corner ul l.yuu Vulley roud uud
I'enI re roud.
The ('upilunu Kutepuvers' Assuciu
lion wrote beseeching ine cuuucil lo usk
Hie IJ. I1. Kleclric Huibvvuy Compuny lo
pu! u plunk trussing over lhe truck
between Lloyd aveuue uml --ml slreet.
Also the letter mentioned lliul it would
lie a boon if lbe compauy would UOW
constantly utilize their up to dute cars
on Hie f'upiluiio roud ilisleuil ol Hie
iiiiln|ualei|. ones uud run au uibliliutiul
car In relieve Ihe congested traffic
wbichVlaily occurs between 6 ami li p
in. These inullers were referred lo Unit. I,', Klectric for Iheir allention
,\li I J Caiiierou uotilicd Hie council
Ihul Ins liouse liml been damuged bv
blasting ami detailed the nul ure of the
injuries received. He added a codicil
to the elfc, I thai considering lhe
uiiiiiiiiiI  of blasliug Ibul  liud been cu
iug ou tbe foreiuau wat to bo congra
tulated ou the small amount of dam
age done. The council ruled formally
that tho dauiagei occasioned bo ebarg
cd up to the contractors.
HtlUII.    Wenlinel    li'lelled    tO   the   at
iiiiiili of Ihe Municipal Hlauiei Act
in regard to the queatiou aa to who
vvus ipialiiied to be placed ou tho As
sessiueiit Kelt uf the voters' list. The
ruling of thu act was now very strong
in Ihis regard. Ouly holders of re
gisturcil deeds of sale or registered
.-un mm in:, uf sule weru eligible to vole.
Thu uuu,, ill,,, wuuderod whether tbia
faet wus uuin until p. n,-nilli known
uud he accordingly recommended thul
it should be advertised for the inform
utioii of ratepayers.
Mr. Farmer, the district clerk, poiut
ed oul thut Ihe act by tbia ruliug hud
I In, i.t itself iu a aomevvhut auomalous
poailiou. \., online, to the reading of
tbe act, the clause wus made to dis
tinclly upply tu only owners of pro
periy resident iu the diatrict.
Couu. l.outct spoku uf the difficulty
wbicb faced thu assessur of uttering
his records wheuevor a piece of pro
peril .banged bauds. He uluiust cou
sidered thul it should be made com
p mum for tbe lund rugistry ollice tu
supply the district with thu new names
uml | .nn, i,l.n , in euch instance. Thc
process, us it is, was likely to cost a
fortune uml even then lbc records might
not l<e right. The question might be
pul duiui on the list as one lo be
taken up with Ibe II. H (,'. M. this yeur
us Hie situation was becoming absurd.
Couu. Hriilgiiuiii ugrced tbat the
poiut us nn e,i by Couu, Westover,
might be advertised for the enlighten
iii.-iit of ratepayer!. He tl,migbt
however, dial u uian sliuubt take the
trouble lo register bis properly if lie
wished lu vute. The matter wus in the
bunds of the provincial government.
uoi iu lhe council's. He would, prupusr
advertising lbe fact not curlier than
id uui September He seconded Coun
Weslovcr'i im,liun wlneb was formally
Kngineer I'isgrovu submitted u re
port in connection witb the Lillooct
road ufler the lieunug of which thc
council empowered Mr Cosgnuve tu
lliiil,,' the In :il lu, iiiiun giving effect In
improvements ua recommended by hun
WANTED—Slashing and clearing by
contract. II. A. Hwansou, Lyuu Creek.
P. 0. M-7
WANTED-Youug man for orders
and delivery. Uoull tiros., 2,'lrd uud
WANTED—Japanese man wniits
job by day. Call ur write Jupunes'
'uu Garden. 21
WANTED—Japtiiicsc girl watts jo'
fuuiilj.   Cull or write Japanese Tea
Garden, City. 21
WANTED—A   lupoiuesc  bov   wauls
,y kind of work    Mornings only. Ap
ply Japanese Tea Gardens. 2 i
WANTED-Window and office cleaning or house cluauiug by young couple
Apply Uox AM, Kxprcss Office.      11 i
WANTED—Smart young limn for
grocery ami hardware business. Apply
West Vancouver Store A Trading Co.,
Ltd., Hollyburn,
WANTi.i/- Tenders for clearing lol
IG block Imi, I) I. oon. Apply J. A.
Gallagher, eor. Ivulli lion.l and Hidgo
way. .1
WANTED- To rent by July 3rd, !l
loomed bouse, close in, not past fith
slreei, wilb lurge garden, prefer.ill.
unfurnished.   Notify P. 0- Hox 2001,
WANTED- Dressmaking by Ihe day
or would tuke work iu. lanlies' tailored suits, dresses of every description,
tiluuse renovations I,,,,,-I lit uml work
guuruntveij. Sixth street west, comer
Luusdale.   1'. (J. Uox I8U1 Jn ti
FOB HALK   Settings of Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. I'rme atrain. Phone ISO.
FOB SALE-Sottinga of Eggi and
day old chicks from prize bid S. 0.
Wbito Leghorn, Partridge Wyandottes
aud Huff Orpiugtoua, Mrs. 1. E. Leo,
Lyuu Volley Poultry Yards, Pempiey
Koad, Lynn Valley. Leave car at Contra Hoad. l'oatal uddrosa, Box -in
N. Vancouver. t.f.
BOOMS FOH  KKNT-llousekeepiug
and aingle.   218 Uud alreet cast.
TO BENT—I (large) roomed modorn
cottage, rent i'H) close lo Lonsdule uml
oth street. Owner, Hunuyaide, Utli
atreet west. 118 (J
KOI! HKNT A slure iu thc now
Duncun Block, corner Lonsdale aveuue
uml beeoml street. Apply II. .1. Duncan, eu,' Hustings street west, Vuncouver. t.f
FOH HKNT- Two unfurnished houst
keeping rooms in modern house. Few
minutes from cur. Apply Mrs. Knight,
110 Hev ciilb street ami If nice ay
avenue. t.f.
TO LET i'i room house, kit.dicii,
bathroom, pantry uml full sized base
ineiil, Itlib slreet, half block fruni I ons
dale car. Good condition, rent lllh per
mouth. I'uliner, Hurumster A vuu
(irucvciiilz, l.i7  Luusdale   Ave      118 0
WANTKD-Some one to deliver
Govt's Doughnuts, Cookies, iu North
Vumouver ou good commission Good
cbauic for newsboy. Work' from 8 lo
II or 12. Cull ul factory. 1412 Howe
Street, Vancouver. Phone Seymour
Ui'l ir 6
FOH SAI.K liouse and lot. ills! ami
St. Andrew's. House partly liiiishcil.
Apply J   Gurvie, above,
the North Shore Book md Stationery
Oo'l, atore.
Dominion Day
Work    of    Each    Committee    Almost
Arrangements are forging uncu'l i
splendid stile fur Ibul greul lui llu
Iimt of .Inly The only point upon
iiln, l< Mr T S Ilrown, lbe manager,
had to report advefsely upon fo Ihe
meeting of tke cclcbrulion committee
on Tuesdai nigbt was tbut thc cili
reus were nol us yel fully recognizing
Iheir responsibility in donating towards
lb,- event Tin- reason loi Ibis, accord
iug lo Mi. limn a, was lhal lbe press
bad given sued glowing unounls of t)u
satisfactory wuy in which Ihe llneiiccs
were coming iu that the citizens bud
probably come tu the conclusion Ibal
their liuie was nol in requisition Tins
wus uul so, uml Ibere is no room for
doubt bul that the citizen, of North
Vancoover understanding this, ami
realizing Hie importance of the 1st of
July, will contribute their monetary
share lunar,I- lhe event '■ lucccss in
the same open bunded manner which
bus characterized their response to
oilier good causes in the past.
On Tuesday evening Ihe reports of
the inn,um hard working coiiiuiillees
were very gratifying. Without usnl
gle juceptlon, each committee was able
lo report its work almost complete.
Mr, Salsbury, chairman of the sports
committee, reported that already a
number of onirics had been received,
the principal of which were for the lii
uuii marathon, out lo thc waterworks
intake and return. Tbis route, be said,
had been i nm nod and the road was in
a fairly good condition. The race will
niuii at 1(J o'clock from the city hall
up Lonadule to ilrd atreol, out Urd to
(jueenskury, aud across 17th and con
needing witb the Lynn Volley road,
which ia straight away to the end. Mr
Kirkland, caretaker of the intake, will
start the runners back and have some
refreshments and stiniolauts iu the
event of them becoming exhausted, Tho
other athletic event! will take place
oo the Eiplanade and will commence
at 10.3(1,
Iinini, was lefl lu thc .-huiiiiiuii of the
music committee, Mr. Hubert Chuure
A   baseball   match   between    North
Vuncouver and the V. M. ti. A ol Von
'couver will take place in the aflernoon
mi the boulevard park grounds,    uml
tins   will   be  followed    by   the   hrst
I cricket match ever played in     North
I Vancouver.     Thc cuutcstuuts will  be
I teams from the l.yuu Valley A   A ami
the Missiou t.'ity A. A. >,
Mr J   N  J. Hioi-.n. chairman of lhe
'Uijuuttc  aporta, reported   thut   u   lurge
eiiliy wus expected from tlie Vaueouver
n, nui,"   i.'lub.  The   liul,an.   will   ulso
be seen in a number of events
The Boy Scouli ol Vancouver will
be over on the U.2i) ferry and Mr J 11,
Kngliali with hia local company uud a
bund will meet tbem ou this side ut
tlie lulet, when they will parade
Ibrough lhe city. Thc programme of
ibe children 'I iporti ii oow complete,
according lo the reporl of Primipll
I',in,ill Tbey will ke held iu the
uiorniug at Victoria Park
A rock drilling contest will br flic
a Ilia i lion al Unon's Gar dona about
fi ,,'cloek io lbe afternoon. A large
rock haa been selected there aud lbc
lop will be levelled off to facilitate the
competition. Seven oigblha double
baud drills aud three quarter! single
baud drilli will be thc regulation tool
A very lubitautial prize ii being of
fcred for thii event.
Tbe eiiiiitaiiiiui'iii of the diatinguiab
ed visitors wu left to the mayor and
invitations bave been tent to Uie olll
rials of tbe adjoining eitlci and muui
Don't forget the big Auction Bala
at tbe Plaza Booming Houae, 118 Et-
plauade Weat, oo Saturday (tomorrow)
at 2 p.m.   Everything lo bo aobl
Sbe waa a very naughty girl to put
thc lubicrifcer on the wrong number, aud
she ought to have known better, Being
in a hurry, the aubicriber promptly
aaked for a box for two.
"But we don't h»vo boxei for two,"
laid a startled voice it the otber end of
tho Use.
"Sure you have. Every theater in
North Vaamver haa."
The engagement of m extra bud    ."Oi, you have the wrong number;
keildei tho    North Vancouver    City thii is the underlain'i."
FOH SALE Marine gasoline engine
complete, tin, or exchange fur station
ury    Frank Alice, Windsor road wesl
FOH SALK   Furniture in beautifully
I'urmslieil liat, very reasonable if taken
al once    Apply Apl   11, Fraser lllock
28 0
a prairie farm of i'ln acres, wish lu
exchange for house nropcrty in Nortli
Vuncouver Box 1)211 Norlli V'nucuu
v cr 2 i
FOB SALE- House, snap, Mb slrect
ood St George's Avenue, 6 ruuuis, ce
mci,t buseuiiTil, piped fur furnace, lol
.'JUxJoO to lane, fenced iu uu<J garden.
Now rented D22.liU per month Price,
lijotD, I'liii) cash,' balance !■■•• mouth
at 7 per cent   Owner, Uox 1815, city.
MIST Gold locket, oval shape, ou
Luiisdale avenue. Howard. J V, North
.Shore  Press
I/JHT-Lndy's black lace scarf, botween wharl and 2nd slreei, Eapi^nade
nnd Ml George's Finejer will bu re
r.urdeil by returning tome lu li i.oik
dole A venire-   "
LOST' Dog in, -■' ni p lu Ihe uuiin1
of Gyp, wilh large and small bluck
spots on white, with leather collar uml
tag. Finder suitably rewarded. Apply
lloylinid. Keilli road, cost of Sl.
Andrews 28 0
For fine watch an,J -jewelry work go
lo Heo. Souierton, the new jewelry store
ou Uml street.
Gum] lum i ami room ul 229 Second
Slrect Eusl, Hood home i unking Tmiis
1(1 per week 28 ti
Ice, Ice ('ream, IJutlcrmilli, Mill,
Cream ami Hut ler, Purity Creamery, Id
Secoud street west
(lenil, iiiiiii  resident   of
sii'ialiuc a- bookkeeper in
cork.   Uox  A7, Kxpress.
28 ii
If you huve uuy properly to sell uml
wunl quick results, list it with Short,
Hobcrtsuii uml Seymour, If
If you buve any property to sell am!
want quick results, list i| wilb Sborl,
Hobcrlsou and Sevmour. I.f
Firsl   class gardener   wauls  engage
incuts by day   Hardens laid mil, lawns
graded, etc.     Uox A.li, Express Ollice,
31 d
Furnished bedroom fur single mini
in iiio'leni house ii per week. Apply
Mrs. Knight, Illi Seventh street ami
Hidgway  ovenue. If.
Authorized   agent' fur   Singer' Sew
ing Machine Company  iu  Norlb  Vuu
iouvit.   .I.J   MAle , Dry Hoods ami
Gents'  Kuriinliiii/e-,  ,-,,rner   lirsl  uml
Lonsdale Avenue I.f
B. ti. Lively ami Uourd slublcs -
l.iglil rigs and ladies' saddle horsos
for hire. Slubling fur horses. Gen
eral delivery ami heavy teaming, II.
Dumas, 40) street west. Phouc 111 I.t.
land Clearing and Grading Lols,
1'cje Aii'lruy, General Contractor, He
wer couiicilious a specialty, buseuicnl
ami uther excavating work undertaken
Estimates free. 027 St. George'a Ave,
North Vaueouver, post ollieo box 2303
For cabinet mulling, carpentering
picture framing, French' polishing
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
ninl repnira, see or phone J, iliiyncs,
1230 Lousdale uvciiue, North Vancou
ver.   Pcrsuiiul attention.  Phono hill
ii ,
The Dominion Day tlxturc will be oue
of the crucial games iu the series of
1V12 iu the professional lacrosse league
The Miuto Cup holdera arc fully alive
to the necessity of checking thc win
nmi; atrcak which tbe Westminsters
have struck of late and for that pur
pose Manager Con Jones il figuring out
the strongest possible lineup which can
be selected from his all-star aggrcgn
Hon Should the Boyal City team get
away with Monday 'a game thuy would
aecurc a lead which it would ke practically  uui I'i.- to overcome,  hence
the anxiety of tbe Vancouver! to lake
their rediiiiliiiible opponents into camp
on Monday. 1 blonde will again be seen
in action aa well as Pickering and
Godfrey, while CurjuDlns will probably
catch a place on tbe team as well. Ou
tbe other han*- the Wcitminilors hive
gained eonldtnte from top series of
victories which they have icored of late
and are not by iny meana alow to real-
izc tbo .iiipui'i.n,., of the approaching
game relative to Ihe coveted iHvor
•ware. Jf il ia possible, Ihey will on
ncx Mondays' game which moans lhal
to defeat their purpose will call for
strenuous lacrosse all the way.
Y. V. S. 0. E.
After the usual opening lhe topic
was fully discussed liy several niciii
bore of tho society. Arrnugonioiits are
ihortly to ke made lo have n.debate
whicii il..,ui-; be of interest to the
young people. Tuesday, June 25th be
iug tho last moot nip of the half year,
officers will bo elected and a special attendance is requested.
We wiih to express our heartfelt
thanks and gratitude to the Jnany
friendi who io kindly assisted io the
luat aad rites of our kolovod husband
nmi father. Also special tharrki for
the gift! of flowers. Mri. Wm. Scale
and daughter.
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
v Capital (paid up)   •   $16,413,000
Reserve    -   -   -   -   |j 5,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch; F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
; , ii
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade.
Phone 227
We invite all those who intend building a new house
to call and see our display of doors which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment of  the  latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P..O. Box 1719. Phone 222
Poultry  Supplies  a  Specialty.
Timothy Ilay, B. k K. Hlm 1; Food,
Alfalfa Hay, II (j E. Chick Chop,
Whole Outs. B. Si K. Scratch Fond.
Cr. Oats, ru i ui Corn,
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J,nueui Meal. Swift  Beef  Bcraps.
Our price* are right and Deltveriea prompt.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
of our WI'.LLINGTON COAL will convince you
Ir.al il is lhe I ri domestic Coal on lhe market.
ll hums freely, leaving a very small percentage
ol ash and no clinkers.
i I'leiiiione lhe
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
Phone No. m
(Oontlniiod from last Tueaday)
In the flrst ease that Kiley had lie-
loin tho Chief Justice them waa a
clash. It waa a suit for trespass. '1
forgot tbo pqiut on which they differed,
but lbe llhiof Justii'o throw out tho
caso and merry war wus declared hy
Kiley. There was cnnstunl friction.
The llhiof Justice was supreme There
wus no appeal from his decisions, and
his word was law. Whenever Kiley
roae to address the bench thu impu
llelue   l)f   llu    Judge   WUS   llllirllllll   llllll
his interruptions were constant. Kiley's
wrntli knew un bounds, and ul liml hn
did ur said something which otasuor
ated thu Judge, wlm roared ut him Ilka
a hungry lion uml tore him to pieces
with his tongup. Kiley wus struck
from llui mils of the mainland courts,
us wus Mr, MrCroight (afterwards u
justice uf the Supremo Court) u lew
years later, und Mr. Bocko Kohcrtsuu,
olso a judge later on, who espoused
Mci.'reight'a cause, was similarly
treated at his own request. It wus
the urliilrury conduct of the Chief Jus
tiee thut induced Ihe Legislature, ufler
Confederation, tn remove from th
judges the power to strike lawyers
from the rolls ami placed il in the
liumls of tl|o benchers. There
muny who ure of opinion that under
the altered conditions the power should
go busk to the judges.
Al Willium hike, in ISH2, u
Inordinary thing happened, A mini
named Gilchrist, u politician from I'uii
fornia, shot at one mun uml killed un
other, llu was tried before Ilie Chief
Justin', convicted of manslaughter, ninl
seiileneed In prison for life, Scleral
other malefactors were convicted nt
Ihe sume assites. A posse of spe ml
constables ivus sworn iu lo convey llic
convict lu Victoria for incarceration.
The friends of Uilehrist armed I hem
selves and threatened In liberate him
uu the wuy down country. Addressing
the posse, the Chief Justice su
yuu are attacked you wi
prisoners at ouce.
This instruction hud llic desired i'f
feet. No rescue wus attempted but
thu Chief Justice wus pemaps unaware
lliut u .niniiliir instruction lo constables
in I refund one hundred years nun rust
u committing judge his life. The guard
having been instructed l|i kill two
prisoners if a rescue were ullriiipled,
upon being attacked slew Ihem oil
hand. The judge wns tried, i onvictc.l
und hanged fur murder The Chief
Justice wus n brave und aid.' man,
imt be hu,I inure power Ihun should
bu entrusted lo one puir of lnui.li
Km years he held in bis primp the is
sues of life end death, uml nu person
short nf lhe tjucen hud a check upon
liun. .Smull wmi,I.r lliul, l,i inilurc
imperious und forceful, he grew arid
Irary, uml thut in his unxi.ty lu do
right lie often did wrong, mid would
never acknowledge un error
the present justices, although
ber of lhe Canadian bar and
lent lawyer, was prevented fur sonic
time from practising before ll.e niurls
fur llic sole rcu.miii tnul he hud nol
been admitted aaa lhe Old Country.
ure dis
shoot   the
Un,   ul
U   JII em
ii, eicel
» dwotas "Not
notice. Company
Leave North Vancouver
2.20   P.M.
|        '6.40
4.40      *
• 10.00
7.00  .'
'     11.00
12.46 AJI.
flaw tehli »ubj«t to to™ nilkmf
«eJ»-y«, accidental
« othe
Trtaa. '• •>
The Chief Justice Inul u high sense
of duly, uiul it was that sense which
curried him to cut nines uu mun) '"
cantons, Instance the case of Kegiiin
versus f.uviu, tried ul lhe Victoria As
.si tea "some twenty live years ugu laiiin
was u deserter Irmn lhe Atnericuii
ortiiy. Ile run u bur on Johnson Street.
One night u uuin named Johiislone
Hoiierleoil, whn hud ul one tune been
a wealthy contractor, entered lhe bar
and gol inlo an altercation witli U'js
lie waa tliroi.ii I" ll" t-eil .)■■> !■'••'■
Hiring turn bj Hi. '•'• a.lually
pttaitA KuluM.ul < head ugujlisl the
fluur until be fractured hn. skull Kni'
erlsoii was taken to Ins room, where he
shortly died. U.in was tried ut the
next aasir.es before the Chiel Justice
on uu indictment for murder. The
Chief Justice tool, strong grounds
against the prisoner Somehow or uu
other the Chief Justice hud, gul il into
his heud that lie murdered man wus
struck on the bead wilh a sundbug,
which caused bis dealh. He charged
slroiigly iu fuvor of u cupilul conviction. The .jury, lo the ustoiiistiineiil
of court and spectators, returned a ver
diet of "Not guilty."
The Chief Justice wus speechless
with ruge. His face grew red and
1'nie by turns. He rose iu his chair us
if to rush from thc rgom, und made no
effort to* conceal his feelings. When
he had recovered sufficiently to syeuk,-
be shouted:
"Is that your vcrdid, gentlemoiit"
"YeB, my lord," replied lhe fore
r '^tio my you alii"
"Ho say wo all."
The Judge smote tho desk with his
clenched hand, and shouted:
''Komeinberj .ipnUeman, that is_yjJi.r
verdict, not mine. You muy go—|
you may gol" Then turning to Lavin:
are discharged, prisoner. You
ischarged. (let uut uf my sight
as quickly as you can, pr I will uot
bu responsible for what 1 may do or
As 1 .uvin waa scuttling from the
dock tho Chief Justice thundered at
him in tones that sounded mom like
tbu growl of a wild uuiimil than the
voice of a humiiii being:
"Stay,.you—you miscreaiitl My ad
vice to you is that yuu 'gel u sulidbug
aud sundbug Hint jury I"
There were muny scandalous rcusniis
assigned fur the acquittal, It was us-
sorted thui ii notorious woman irom
Portland wus married tu Lavin, and
thut she came to Victoria uud spent
money freely to clear her husband
Jnliu (Iciirge Tuylor, who was one uf
lhe jurymen, subsequently lobl mo thut
lie voted for an acquittal Inr two retl
suns llrsl, because the chief Justice
rested his charge on ti belief of his own
creation Ihut a suixlluig liu.l been used,
when lhe evidence pointed to the fuel
Hint the man's bruins were beaten
out on the tliior; uml, second, because,
iillliuiigli lhe mun should huve been
convicted of munsluughter, the jury
were afraid Ibul, hud Ihut verdict been
returned, lhe Chief Justin' wuuld him
given him u life sentence, which Ihey
did mil Hunk he deserved, because
Kobertson wus the aggressor und ihere
wus iio evidence of premeditation,
Hul I huve wandered' away frum my
Vule acquaintance, uud utter one more
anecdote of lhe Chiel' Justice sliull lind
my way buck In lhe right trail. Sume
fifty years ugu Kev. .1 K. burr wus
puslur uf the Metropolitan Mcllffpdi.nl
Church ul Victoria. He wus called lu
gave evidence in sume cuse before the
Chief Justice, uml, being a lull mun
ninl the witness bux being very low,
he spruvvled over llic side iu ti ver.
awkward manner. The chief Justice
ut lusl exclaimed:
"Stand up, slrl Yuu Inul, like u
sausugc skill   iill,,i   with   wuler."
The insult wus uul resented ut the
lime, bul everyone predicted uud bets
were made Ihul ou the following Mun
duy Mr. Starr wuuld deliver u sermon
lliul wuulil muke the thief Justice'«
punishment til Inn crime On Sunday
morning the puslur of the Sl Andrew n
I'resbyleriau Church delivered u power
I'ul bCiiuiiii iii iliiinmt iiiii uf the Chief
Justice's remark, charging Ihul lie had
Iired Ins iiisiill frum u purlbole of the
Coward's .t'uslle, knowing well Ihul In
could mil  be replied tu Ihere
On Sunday evening everyone docked
In Mr. Starr's church. The edifice nun
densely packed, ami llu sermon wus
awaited with iiiuuilenliitiuns uf in,
feigned interest,    The clergyman guve
uill   III'' It'll, Ulld  lll.ll  I'liune,a-1  t„ ,|,
liver a very clear und able discourse,
iu wlneh he touched upon nearly every
subjeel except the cuiirl in. |,lent ,N„l
ii w,,i.I wus uttered about the sausage
ur the wuler Hut when the , I using
prayer was offered, Mr, Slurr asked a
blessing uii .everyllung thut he coubl
llunl, of, uml cun. In,led thus: " And,
Anally, liud bless those win, huve lusl
their bet. linn ingiii     Amen."
erythlng*and everyone with whom thuy
came in contact. Whitney, I Icumed,
had acctimputiiod Johanna to Victoria,
and thoy occupier! a small cabin on
Humboldt Stroot, wiiuro both got
drunk, and al'tiir u wordy alternation
ho beat and blacheuoil his consort until
she became tho spectacle I have described. As the court had not yot assembled, I entered into conversation
with the woniiiti, who told mo thul she
did not wish tu prosecute Whitney, Mr.
liil, u 1 found, hud been engaged for
the defence. The woman gave evidence in the prisoner's behalf, saying
thai she wua alone to blumu, ami he
was let off wilh a light Hue, which tho
woman puid.
In the evening I received u mile in a
neat fntnulc huml asking mc to inquire
for Mrs. Muguire ut n small house on
Humboldt Hi reel, neur Hie I'uul of
Douglas. I wcnl there ninl found the
vviiiiiiin iiiuiii' and iu n high lever.
Among other injuries, three ribs, hud
been fractured. A search wus mude
for Whitney, but he hud left the couu
try uml wus never captured. The
WOII1BI1, Ihiiiliiii, she wus llllillll Iii ilie,
sent for Kiley, uud, us her legul ud
visor, coulideil tu bun her curly history,
Kiley, of course, never repealed what
she luld bim. All he wuulil sny wus
Ihut in curly life she was U welcome
visitor nt liiiblin I untie, uml Ihul she
wus cunnected with one of the highest
families iu Dublin, u family with un
historical record uml u lineage lhat
dated buck several centuries. He also
' lold mi' In-r brogue uml rude milliners
we're assumed lu conceal her identity,
uuii thul she wus rcully a cilltivutei
wuiiiiui wlm huil had superior udvun
tages iu youth, Once, she luld bun, I.,
met (luld I'oiiiiiii.nsiuuer Hull fuce to
luce und wus fearful lest he shou
recogiit/e her us un curly friend in
Ilul,lin society; but lie ifnl uut, und she
then became i-uniim-cd thut her din
guise wus impenetrable, and ciiiiliuued
il. She cinili'lc'l lu Kiley u inn - - of
correspondence und some jewelry of
antique design, and directed thut in
cum- nl' her ,lentil I hev should be sent
Iii ii given' nddress in Dublin When
she lunl sufficiently recovered she ntiil
ed fur Sun Francisco, uiul I never heard
whut be, uni.. of her.
Of Kiley il remains lo be written
thul, failing lu gel justice nr mogul
Imu of Ins grievance, he soiled for Kng
bind curly in I Mi- lb-fore leaving In
ilillicullv   with   II.   W.  Torriim
Vuiuuuver Assembly
Torrens   chullengi •
Karly in Iho yeur Imsi I left Ynle
lu in i epl ll position un the nl.,If ul ||,„
"C„|„,iini " ai Victoria It was liun
priule.l lliree limes u week, uiul Ih,
wurk uul being arduous I luil umpb
llllli.' nn III) hull,In lu indulge my pru
penally for Inking nul,. ,,f i„n, ,,,,!
tiling. f„r im,- ii, jit, r Pf. Hi, Ity
I riceivi'l ii isll liuiu Mi I' I, ii,
informed in. Ilml th, lum.ny „l "Ibul
msn li.gbie had .Inv,i, hun (nun the
Mainland, and Ibal unlets he could gel
inlo practice mre he should return to
Kugland, ami us he bud ample means
he would uul lose any more time iu ex
ploiliug mu countries, ile added Ibal
J" had complained of his treatment tu
lhe Inn ,'. lluv eminent, and would
u.'.uii uii answer. I think this luun
wilh a grievance remained here for u
yeur before lii,:.llv lunng his depur
lure. .
One morning in thc summer of IM!I
my duties culled me lo Ihe police
court, then presided over by the laic
A. V. Pemberton. To my surprise,
who should I sec seated ou the beach
usually allotted lo witnesses bul Jo
huiina Maguire. She wus iu a fearful
stale. Her face was battered and
bruised, her eyes were blackened, ami
she wu* almost doubled up wilb bodily
stiffness. A bloody rag was tied aboul
the lower part of her face, and u more
deplorable speclacle it would be hard
to imagine. In the prisoner's dork
stood another former acquaintance,
"Ned" Whitney. When 1 knew him
at Han Francisco be was a line, steady
young fellow, a graduate of one of tbe
great American colleges, sang in one
of tiie church choirs, and was as regu
lar and reliable aa a good watch. When
he joined. lluj.;ueh to Jfc'raacr lliver he
fell in with the Hill's Bar crowd aod
they spoiled him, aa (Ly spoiled ov-
then clerk of llu
lltnl   i-uiic.d    llllll
Inin.  lliul   the   police  got   will
affair,    ll   uppeurs  Ibul   Torrens   lunl
miiile slighting remarks about  u ludy,
tin  wile ul u bunker.    Idle), mu, h tu
hm   discredit,   luld   lhe   llllsblllul.   uml
when confronted wub the charge, Tur
reus  mini   Kiley   lied      Hence   the   an
sliull.   The I'lnr were put under bonds
lo keep Hie peace Inwards euch othci
llllll    IS.   nut    In   light    11   duel     lliul    the
miiilii eii,le,| there
On re,
Ding Killope, Kiley. still bent
iiii "Seeing ihe Elephant," tuuk up bis
fe.ni,jen, e ill I'uris, and there be, ume
eiiuiiiiircd uf a beautiful blonde with
n wonderful head uf lung yellow hair
lhal rem he.I lu inr heels, ami with un
in,,nil- wnrlli .peuklllg nf In hi- III
futuutiun Ii. proposed inul nn,ui,, in
the Human an,I. alter nettling u roiiml
sum n, ui-l, upun lur, wa- accepted
lind they were married An ll,,- ,-uiipb
were entering a .arriage at tin duel
of Ih, .liiiiih lu drive lu then ruum.
a process server lapped lhe bridegroom
un the shoulder ami hun.let l,,m u . uurl
paper, ami In vvim plu< i i un b r urn -i
fur del.I Ins uil, , debts. ...nli... I.
lultire marring,' ill euur-v, '-' ''•'
furious, hut l,i wj, i-.s.n I., lb, i.i-i
ur'. i r.xin ei.,! nu m . isi..I t 'iu
Jruing sms., ,n tin- -csn, ip. bet I,,,.
Ui,,l h>,| hi,e,i I,- lake Ihiin In lbc
nupliul chamber They uever nut uguin
Kiley, with the ohduralcncs* ,,| a Inu
Union, wrote to lb runes," ami up
pealed lo the Hrilish auibusmidur in
Pans uml to lhe llritisn tluveruinenl
He wss llifunneil Ihul he musl dm
charge the liabilities, which were emir
miius. He refused lo do ro, and us ull
Ins property was located iu Kuglund
and Ireland, il could mil be touched
The artful Woman hud apparently ur
ranged lo buve, ber husband urri'sled
immediately after the marriage, so Ihut
she miglil muke oil with another of her
admirers ami lhe money Kiley hud
given her. I never heard whul becume
of Kiley I feur he died iu prison. If
olive nuw he wuuld be well over IW
years of age, but his wife 1,4-1 B ler
rjl.lf end. She was strangled in the
Hum de Honing,,,- by a female cumpuii
ion for the money uud jewels she bud
ou her person The body wus found by
the police, and upon examination the
gluflous head of yellow hair which bud
attracted my former Vule friend uud
ii'|,li'.iiiul many other hoinan mollis
wi" found lo be a wig, so cleverly ar
ranged as lo defy even a close scrutiny.
Thc story of Kiley's plight and his
wife's murder was narrate,I in Ihe tup
lisb papers in 1866.
i l
IIISTHHT    lllc    MIHTll     V liMill III Mil
A in-i.in fo enable tbe Corporation
ol tbe Ilislriet ol North l aueupver
to raise U>- nur or hum tbe sum or
SUMI.IIIIO to purchase slock In tb. "m
mill  lulet  Tunnel  .hll  Uridine  1:111,1-
WIIKIIUAU 11 Pi'tlllon diilud aa to
tiiruli algnutiii'u nut| signed by tbu owners of moru than pno-leiith of ibo
vulue of bind III the Ilistricl of North
Vuncouvel', us shown by tbe .lust ro*
vised Assessment Roll, bus Inicn pre-
smiled In the Council of lliu Held I'lls-
tilct, reiiueulInn tbem to liHt'oiliicc und
puss 11 Ity-I.nvv to authorize them lo
Inn 1 uw llm sum of $160,1)11(1 In be expended In tbe purchase uf sloclt or
allures In Hie Uuiiiiid Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compiiny incorporated by uct
uf Pm I lu me in of Canuda:
ANii WHEREAS th,. amount of tlm
debl win, >, Ilils llv-l.iiiv Is iiii. ii.iul
Iii create Is lbe suld sum of jui i.ui
nnd llie iibjccl rut- which lbe snld Ucl,!
Is cruileri ]s lhe 1 un lu 1   uf slock oc
.lun.     Ill    llle    Illllllllll    lllb't    Tllllllel
iiiiii Hi 1,1     Coitipiiiiy an iifui'i'Silld.
ANI) WIIBREiB ll will be necessary
to rulse annually liy speclul rule thu
sum of islet fur the term uf Iifl) .veins
fur the repayment ,., ii,,, mild  ,, i
fur lllleiesl Ihi'lenll ut llle Illle uf llvu
per eenl  us Imrolnuflur provided:
AMI WHEREAS the vulue of llle
whole riili'iilile lnnd or Improvements
or teal iniii'i rt.v In the suld District,
.iu ui iliiin to lhe lusl revised Assessment   Hull amounts  to ismsuM
ANH   WIIKHKAB   lhe  UtfgTl'gUle       <t
the  Debenture Debl  uf llle  Municipality   teUei-i't   fur   works  of J.uciil   lm-
I'l-iiveiiicui iiiiii .Schuul purposes) Including til.' luull llel'i-liv   lllllll,II Ize.l UllloUlltS
tu $027,000;
THEREFORE tin- lleeve and Council
of llie Coiporiilliin nf tin- Dlslrlcl nf
North Vuncouver In cuiincl] nsacmblcd
I with lbe nsselll nf tile Kleelurs iif llle
lilsiilcl lull oblllllli'll) itn lien hv ell,11 I
.111 fulliivv-s.  vis :
I.    ll shall In- lawful lur the Cuuncll
ill    Hi,,   plll'linse   ufoleSUbl    In   burrow
I  nils*, ti)   wa.  ot luan fi',,111 nnv   pel
nn ur persons, liody ur budles curpui
le wliu lllll)   lie  vvlllllli;   It) n.l Villi.'.- Ill,
same   upon   tin-  crcilll   uf  lbe  jli-ben
es hun loaficr provided for uf ilu.
I'm tuilaliilll Jl Sllill or sums uf lliolle)
Uul exceeding III III'' Vvllule llle slim ut
11 all,llllll. and lu num. the .sume I,, lu
placed   III   llie   Hank   uf   lirilisli   Nuilli
Vin, llui    In    Nuilli     V'ullnillVel      lu    III,
uniil uf lb.- Corpora Ilmi I'm   lhe pm
liu.ne ufomoiild.
_'    tn I,.iiihi.' liumls , 1 lhe I'urpi
iluu I'l lhe iimuonl ui llui uuu In
whul,    mil)   lie  Issued   li)    llle   lleeve  ulnl
i'l. 11, ul th.- Curiiiirulli.il In IcriiM ul
the SI11l1l.l11.il Acl III sums as 111,,; h,
.1, .-Uul I.ui 111, single In ]„ llllll, shull
I,,   f.u  ., gicnlcr sum llu,11 (IOOU   In.,, li
i.r  suiil   l'el„ lllllli    Hull,In   .-hull   Ii,   nlgll
cl    I,,     lin     n.il,I    Itu V'e    .lll'l    I'llll,
Shall   In
t'l'l l'"l ill
uT of   III.
.1     Th,    Sunt   Inlu ill un
llllll     llllelc.nl     III     11     lute    till)    e\n
live  pel   e. lit    per .nilllllu    pu) ill'li'
•.cult)   .ill   llie   1st   il.l)   uf   In I'IIUII)    1
llie     li I     ii.i)     Ilf    AllgllSl     III    euch    mil
even  uui ,luring the current-) of n.,1,1
I'eliellt'lllu ll)    ul    lluili 'Ilul
shall     l<e     nll.ulicil     lu     llle     I lellelll III,
HllllllS    n.lipt.llS    Slgllul     b)      llll'     Hull
and Clerk f"i each .nul .vn) payment
I.f   llllill.nl    lll.lt    Sllllll    In nUIIC   illle   llll'l
nil, ll   Slgllllllll '     llm)    I"    , llllel     IV J LI l.-l.
IllhlCgl.tphcl      ul       Sl |„ ,1
I        I'll,
Die In
11 IV,
.      I  llu
uniil I'd" mine liumls us 1,
ili.l   lnl. nnt   ,nluill   hu   r.n.,1,1
Irlcl  Muni, ip.,1 tilll,,    Nmih
11 n     .   ,   ihu principal ul
llunl.    I llililsh Nuilli Am, 1
I,.,  iu  II.,   I'll)   ,,l Tun.Iiiu In  llie  I'm
vn r    ul   llu    |,ilinliuil
,111,. ,.f II,, sni,I llunl. in Hn- I'll) nt
Mulillml 111 Un l'uum. uf 1)11. he,
Tin   said   mini lp.it  sum  shall   I.e  in id,
p.iv.ild,    In    lhe   I'ul |,,,mil.ill   ul   .1   it	
Ilul     lulu      II      Iifl)        -il.     Iiiiiii     llle
Isi a.., ,,l August. 1:11:
f.    tli.'i.
IIIIIIU.,11,    I.)
uMi      I.111.I     i.l
piupel-l)     III     ll
hull   he   raised
,   special   tale   „
I       lllll'l uV'elln III
lllllll, I   ll
III   levied
.ill    lul.
ul       lilll
sum  nl
I'D!   f.ll    llle   1 .1    nl   I dug
sinking  lund lm   ihe luivm, nl uf suhl
l>, l'< lit HI IS   Wlull   Illl-V    I'luuill,    illle.   .lll'l
111, siiii, 1.1 »7;,(ie fur iim p.,)iiiiiii iii
llie     illl, lu'i     ul     Uie     I.ll''     .,!,.!, n.lld     I
Ixiuin,   uu,   ,,11 sueb I 'elieiilin, s dining
llu    , ,111,-1,1 ■    Ill, leid    ulnl   lll.ll   III   Ililill
Ilull   lu   ull      II    1   1 ,   lu   lu    I    ,1, ,1   ulnl
,,11,, lul   in   llii I   I'ulil,!   ,lining
llu    » lu,|,   , iiiii 11, .   "I Hi'   sii Id  llchcll
ul     llll    III
Thm II)
uiul   llll.l.
Law 111:1 v
Thu   Iluu
,   Cinp.iii
In    Ulnl   fui    llll
unl   Iiii.I   Tun
,.r a
iii   1 in,
,11   the
-'nil ,
.1 ilullll
sign, ,1 1.
„uluI     Willi
1   ml.,I   I,
ir  He u
•   ll
1111 lulls   nr   nil:   inn 1 nn 1   in
T.I'M':   N'l'l I' I.   II he   ulmve   In   .,
,,„,.     ,,,,,,      ,.|     llu       |,|,,|„,ne,l      II)    I.UU
i,l     wl,l.     vul,    nf   Ibe    Mm.I>
palllv will I. lul;, ,, wllhln llm f,,|l„w
Inn   |...ltllig   stall., 1,s    ll/     In   tin    Mu
I I    Hull     I.villi    lull.,     1,'nnil      In
llu    I'l,null    Hull   ul    nuilli   i.f   I.11IM
lllll.     AV. IIUC   Ullll   Ijlll ell's    llllllll     Ullll   ul
i'u, il.nm .-', luu,I   Hnuse.  ull  III   Hie  I'll
ill, 1 uf Nmih Vun,',uv, 1 un Siiluribi)
Hie l,llh dnv i.f lul) ism, between Hi.
Iniilix nf '.>',,'ilull, a in ninl 7 ii'i lui k
|i   111
l'   M
JOHN  il    I'MllMI-lll
'   and Hi I iiililim "III'
SMM9 Gun
WWWT »to». cwmm, cuuu cout,
riTII.li' NllTII'K Is lleteli) glvil|
Hull ll„ vul, nf llu Kill tors nf III"-
In 1,1.1 ul Nu, tl, Vunu.uver will he
lnl 1.     Th,    Illllllllll    Inlel   'I'll'	
inul Hiiiim I'nnipnny I,nan Hi I a vv
Wl" 1.11 g.ilniiliiv llie Utli duv iif
Jul. I'lK'. bi'lW.'I'll llle 111,IKS l'f 'I
loci, 11 111 mid 7 1, , 1,., 1: I in a Milu
Hi, Mli.wlnu pulling idaCis. I'll. In
llie Municipal lliill. f.)llli Villi,,)', muni
III    llle   I'lllll, ll   llllll   III    Hie   ml lm! »,!•
laiiisdiile   Avenue   ami   Queen's   Hutu)
ami III the I'linllnm. Selliu.l II' .1 ill
Hie I'l -in I of Nu lli Vulu unu I uml
lliiil   Juhn   C     I'ul nur   has   beeti    m
pi.lliled   Iti ilng   llllli-cr   In   take   llie
voles "f imiii Klectora wllh lhe usual
powers In  llllll   behalf
III  Order
,,f  llm  Council.
C   ,11   C
■    '        — i   > tt i ■jgf-ryattBBmfesaatgggisgB
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
76 Yoars Is Busluoss.   Capital Uid Baiervi Over $7,500,000.
Wben your Savings Account reaches a reasonable amount tbe Interest begins
to tell. Ono workman, wbo btd a lew hundred dollars ou deposit, said that
tbe I ntcresl Hiii'ini'd like recoiving an extra week 'a pay each year. Tbey ull
bud to start once. Tioio no time iu making your initial dejiosit. Onu Dollur
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Five roomed house, large rooms, modern,
and two roomed cabin rented, standing on
double corner, 100 feet by 140 feet, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. Price
$6,600;   cash   $1,800, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Yancouver
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
You bavo the advantage ol our Experlouco   in   Watch   and   Jewelry
Repairing.   Our engraving cannot bo beaten ou the coast.
Watch and Jewelry Work, Diamond Setting, Engraving.
Jeweler and Optician
106 Second Street
Rooming House or Offices
On Uu Upper Floor of tho
KNIGHT BLOCK, Eiplanade Weit
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
For particulars apply lo
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Maiion, McFarland * Procter, Ltd j
M.j Fonder Stroot West
(Phono Seymour 11166, Rental Department)
li VU*
Cos vmoiiTS ic.
Anrnnt lending I sketch ftnil Jr.rrli illon mt,
Quickly ftirorlnln our o|.liilnn fttt whether >"
itiTPtitinn u probi
sunt free. Ollwt l
filonti ttXtn through Wunn k i
eptdul ntKIri, nil boot cUtib, In IM
cklr simr.- -
millnn li prntiiililr riilBiilftliip.  nuiimtinlrs.
-.aeinfn) HAHDBO0K «" I'
inoiiry Inrisnurliigpel	
thniuyh Wunn Jt i.o. ricelf I
I prnnnlilr riloliliuile.  (runt	
lloniMrlcrrjcoiiBSciiilid. HAIIOOOOI nnl'ilinU
lent rreo. Olden eirrinrry for pspunhk patent*.
use wuler, posted hetcwllfi. un 11,, lnml
described   us   I)    I.    9I'J.   New    Vie
Jinn nolice ivus posted uli llic uroulnj
on llic Klh iluy of Mu). Iti:   Tin     ,
I'liuill,■!    Uill   In    Mill   111   ll,i   olDci   i'l
llic  Wutel   ItoiOldcl   III   New   VVcBllllIn
Dbjec.llolis mii>  I"  lllcil Willi lbe suld
U'nicr   Recorder   oi   Willi   ihr   Comptroller   or   Wuler   liliiliin.   I'm li.iin. in
llullilliiKu   Vlclorla  11 ''
ti  Iliinniin   Annul
Scientific flitimcati
A rundKupelj ulnstrtied WNSI7. Jarsnet qtr-
ruietmn cl tu, ifiratllr JounuU. Temp lor
reneae, 11.711 itu, pejus* pr«r*i J, Sold by
ell MwidttfJu*.
UATliU Mllll l:
I'or n I.lnise lo lekr eud lee Ullll
NOTICE Is hcrcliy ulvt>n Ihul The
Muiilclpullly ol West Vnncuuvei will
upply lor u license lo luko und use
100 cubic leet per second of wuler out
uf  Creek which (lows In a northwesterly dlrecllon through II J. .Ill
ujid duplies Inlo Kug1r Harbor In
Howe Sound The waler will he dl-
Verled near Uie Intake ond will he used
lor munlclpul iiuitiosos on ine ia.no
described us The Munlclpullly of VVesI
This nolice wua posted on Ihe around
on llm Kith duy ol Muy, 1912. The application will be llled In the ollice 0/
the Wuler rtocordor ul New Westminster. . .    ..
Objections muy be llled Willi lhe
nald Wuler Kecordor or wllh the Comptroller of Wuler IllKlile. rarllunictil
Uulldlnirs, Vlclorlu, B   C.
ti    ll.ilin.iii.   A,:, nl
Kor a Llcenee lo llore. or IVn Back
NOTICK Is horoby given that The
Munlclpallly or Wesl Vancouver will
apply ror a license lo store or pen buck
Twelvo Thousand acro-foct or water
from   Creek, a alream flowing In a N, W. direction and emptying
Into Howe Sound, near Basle Hnrhor,
The waler will ho stored In a reservoir ol 32:1.000.000 (tullons capacity, built
or to he built at this lake, and will be
used tor MunJolpaJ purposes »!■ sulJlM.-.
1 uni by Water Record No  wattr
r.ieiniiii' Nn or under a nottci of
application tor a llcsnn to take ut
u 11111 .vuni 1
Fur a I lu nm   I., Tekr eud I sr Meier
NOTICK  Is  hereby  nlv.ii   Ihul   Tin
MunlclliulJl) uf WeSI VullioUVil lllll
upply for 11 license lo luke iihil use J00
tunic feel per Second of wolei mil ol
  I'reek wlilcll Butt's In a suulli
easterly dlrecjlmi 11., ., 1 1 1. IIH
N W I und duplies Inlo Kuiile Hur
bor In Howe Hound The watci clll be
iiiiiii,,I neur lhe Inluke and will be
used for Munlclpul purposes on lin
lund il,,, 111,1,1 us The ,'.lu i, 1, .,111. ul
West Vuncouver.
This nolice was iiosled on lhe urouml
on Hie lllh day .7 Mu,. 1912 file up
rll,ml,11 will lie llled III lhe offlco nf
the Wuler rtecoidd sl New Westminster.
Dl,J. 1 llnuii muy be llled wllh llie suld
Wuler Itecorder or Willi llie Comptroller of Water Hiatus. I'mlliimeiil
Buildings, Victoria, B  ti
•rilK MUNIi.'Al'Tl.lTV OK WKST
Angus ,\i, ah. 1,1   Agenl
For ■  l.tcraee  lo Store ur  r.u   JJerk
Water *
NOTICK Is hereby given thul Tlir
Municipality of Weil Vulieouver will
apply for a llconse lo slore nr pen
hack Seventy-five acre-feel of waler
from   Creek, u slrenm Hewing In a loulh easterly direction und
■ nii'i) nn: Into iiu,u Sound neor Ksgle
Harbor The waler will be itnred in a
reservoir of 20.000,000 gullons capacity, built or to be bull! at this luke.
and will ho uied for iiitfnlclpal pur-
nosoi al authorised hy Water Itecord
No  Water License No or
under u uollce of uppllcutlon for a license to take and ute water, posted
herewith, on the land described at D
L   llll, New Westminster
p.llcajlon will $0.Bled In the office of
This notice wu posted on the amend
on the llth day of May, 1112, The np-
the Water nccorder al Now WcatmJn
Objections may be hied wllh the said
Water Recorder or with Hie Comptroller ol Water Rights, rarllamcnl
Buildings. Vlclorla, B C
Angus McAJIitir. Agent.
Thu i'lioiu|:r:i|iliir art bas developed
within recent years, and such rapid
strides have been made' iu tbe manufacture uf apparatus that as a bobby
it bus become probably tbo most popular of any.
Much lius been suid and written
ubout the expense eutuilod in the pur-
suit uf picture making, but a groat deal
depends upun bow uue gues ubuut the
Flietugruphy cun bu mude most ex
puiiuive if tbu possessor 'of a camera
insists upon ml.in;: ull and sundry wilh
cImiii he |ur she) muy cumu in cuuluct
uml ul'lerwurds printing u duzcil of
euch fol' lliu lii'iuiil uf the sitters. Ou
the oilier lm 111 il cun be mude, if not
tu puy, ut least tu help to puy fur itself.
Hut uf Ihis more muy be suiil iu s future article
Firsl of ull let tbu beglnuei malic
up his liiinil why be wants a cumcru,
ami a great deal depends upun llic
answer to'tbia us lo llie liiml uf cumcru
lu be pureliuseii.
If mere snupsbuttiug iH- tbe end uf
um '■• desire anything with a lens will
ilu, just according tu the limit uf uue's
purse, llui I um taking it fur granted
ii.m uur beginner ia intent upun doing
seriuus wurk, uud sliull ulvvuys huu
thul in view iu writing these articles
Let us suppose, Ibeu, thut the uhject
in io become fully proficient iu tbe
iiuc of Ihe camera, uud lliul thc hobby
is evoutualiy lu be productive uf pic
lure making uud mil mere photograjihy.
This beiug su, lbc best thing une cun
<lu is tu nolice the composition ami
mussing of light uml shade fulluwcd
hy tbe best puiuters, Study the best
cxumplea iu url, bulb lundscapu sud
ligure, uml gel thoroughly grounded in
the general idea running Ihruugli u'l
the well known pictures. Nute the
arraugomcut uf llic drapery iu ligure
studies, und ulsu the puse uf tbe figure
Iu landscape ur ulher studies nute
the geuerul effect arrived at bv lbc
manipulation of light uml shaduw, tin
composiliou uiul grouping, ami strive
to imitate us im us possible the ideas
|hus curried mil All tbis may seem
quite luipcrlluouD ul lirsl, hul if Ilus
advice is fulluwcd the resull wil1 be
thut lur mure pleasure will be gut uul
uf yuur hubby lhan the mere fact uf
liuvmg nc, uiul u guud negative
It is quite impossible 111 phulugrupln
lo do ull ibul lbc painter is able tu
du wilh bin picture The cainerli mil
phulograph exactly uliul 1. in fruni
uf ll. aiuJ 111 1 ulisi'ijllellec cure musl In'
Iniiili Ilml lbe subject rumpuses, well,
uml lliul lliere ure uu objectiuiiable fen
lures tu annoy une uml mui llu liiinJiciJ
The piuiitcr cun leuve uul ur j.,il 111
llniigs win Ii will make In., picture, nmi
here lie bun lhe udvunlage ol llu pholo
grupher. who must luke whul in l-iior,
Inni or nutbuig,
This m where tbe slu.lv of pictures
unl help All Irue ull hu. un nlcul
uliuli il m loiisluutly slrivmg lo 111
press Hu llie pbologropber whu m
lunl 1,1, doing good work should strive
lur llie nleul wlneli, though lie luu.
uul fully attain it. mil lead him in
1'leui.uiit paths uml will well repay lbe
Aiiybo'1,1   wilh 11  little  |<n>'l un
lul.. 11 pbolugraph ll Iako llu ideal
Ini io make 11 p>< lun
111  uu I I,,,|    to  the  nlU'lv   of  pliturr-
Ihe greul teacher ul nil -l,,ul,i lu
studied Nature iu her vanuus muod.
luys upen u wonderful held lur • t
ploiahon and work
Uncc gel lhe idea uf serious noil
lirinly plautcd and new beaulici mil
lc nccn uml fell which befure wen
imi dreamed nl The pluy of -u,
liglil un llie (.-ruse und trees, 'flu rull
ing iloiids The snowcapped mum
luii.i. bull hidden 111 iniet, lbc cur'i
illuming ut ceiling effccls Willi Itu
unil clinging uliuul All these mil
become u new revelation lo tin
tvfio will seriously folluw lbe icnl iug
ut pictures hy meuiis uf tbe caiiicrn
The diitrict surrounding this cily
offers a line Held sud uuiplc icupe fol
picture making in the Irucsl lense uf
lhe wunl
liming uunl  so lliuell  by  win   of is
traduction we can now pais ou lo tbr
all iinpurleut subject of tbe camera
uud  Bccessuries  required.
Fur a beginning, aud iu addition lu
Hie camera, are required plates or
lilin., three porcelain ur xylonite dishes,
lev duping solution (pyrosoda or
melol quinul M. V . bypuiulpliile uf
11,1.1 (bypoj, durk ruoui lamp, printing
limn aud paper, glass stirriug road
ami measure glass With these ai an
uuilll ull lhal is necessary is included,
The dark room, though it cannot be
called ,eiarlly an accessory, is, ol
course, an absolute necessity, ll rao
either be built aparf, or a room iu Ibe
huuse adupted, but lt mint In perfect
ly light tight. One ray ol ligbt pene
Irating is (alal to plates or paper. Too
utiit'li attention to tbii cannot be given
if future trouble witb logged plntri
is lu be avoided.
Now we are prepired to consider the
triflf, Walei! rtnwUlw itrgtwt
u our purse will illow.
Tho most Importaut part of tbe
cumcru is the lens, wbicb should be uf
as good a quality as possible. A uigar
box witb a good Ions is bettor tbau a
finely plated camera witb a bad ouo.
dust us witb the camera ao with tiie
lens it Is impossiblo to particularize.
There are eu many kinds of each.
11 must uut be mi gotten tbat many
a iinini picture can lie luken witb a
cheap camera, but tbat dues nut alter
the fact tbat a better ouo would be the
result with a bettor tool to work witb.
Let your camera be as good as you
cuil uliuul for I beginning at nnyiule.
Shuuld it be a "baud" ur "utand"l
Most peuplu prefer tu begin with
the baud camera, becausu ll luuks easy.
There are muny pitfalls awaiting the
beginner here. First of all, do yuu iu-
tend lu use plutes or films) Films ure
liglil tu curry, especially on a pbotu
graphic tuur. They are uut liable lu be
brulu'ii like plutes, and have many
advantages besides. Sume cauierus ure
mude fur Use witb either films ur plutes.
Nu rule can bu laid down as tu which
is the better uf the twu. It must be
left lu llie individual choice, just Ua
lbc price uf cumcru shoold.
One thing, however, muat be said,
ami Ibal ia, that in spite uf the mujur
ity preferriug tbe baud camera, the
ataud is much tu bu preferred for lbc
beginner It requires a very steady
liuinl uud u 'iiinglii eye to use a huml
camera successfully, uud by beginning
with u stand cuuieru uue geta accustomed muro eusily to tbe work, uml
the huml camera becomes mure easy
lu iiuiiiipiiinii' iu consequence. Moat
cameras can be used either way.
Tu sum up, get tbe beal yuu can,
use u aland fur a beginning and use
pluica in preference lu lilma until the
uperatiou ut devclupiiig ia lliuruuglily
Next week wu wili gu ou to discuss
llic lirsl picture uud how it shuuld be
takcn. Iu the meantime, any reader
whu ii in difficulty, ur wishes fur in
fu mniii,, ii uii pictorial photography,
will be answered in tbis colomii each
week.    Prints  also  may   be sent   foV
.■nliiisiii, ami shoold  be addressed  lol    I'ussed by  the Council on  llu
  ,, day of June. I'JI2
"ticllox,     bxpresi Office,    ll required,    K«elve<l the auiii-nt of llu- Kl
lo be returued sullicicut stumps must  al 1111 l.'lecllon held on Ihe
, duy of
be enelused  lu pav  pus ucc. ,. ,...,„.,,.;     , .,   ,
I.l " lleeillislilered   unil   Ilnully   iidoplet!   li)
the Cuuncll  ulid  slgn.d   hy  llie  Iteevi
,, ,„ , .,,,      - nnd Clerk und Seeled with lhe Corpor
bring your Pistes ur Hlnia fur He   a1r s,„| „„ ,hl,
velupmg,   Pnutiug   or   F.nlerging   to do) of 11)12
l.cdanil  uml  Ucc,   IK'  Scrum!  Street| lleeve
created la tho purchase of a park
pleasure ground In Lynn   Valley   as
ANP WHEREAS It will be necessary
to raise unnuully by special rato the
total mini of Ilil for fifty years for
the re-payment of the suld loan and
Interest at 5 per cent, as hereinafter
AND WHKRKAS the valuo of the
whole rateable land or Improvements
or reul property of the sold District
." uu,iiu, to the last revised Assessment Roll amounts to fi.083,7110;
AND WHI5REAS the ugjrreguteof
the Hebenturo Debt of lhe Hunlclpul-
Ity lexcept lor works of Local Improvement und school purposes) Including the loun hereby authorised,
un,,11111:   to 1127,000;
THEREFORE tho Reeve und Council
uf the coi-poriitloii of the Dlslrlcl of
North Vuncouvor In Council assembled
I wllh the ussont of the Klectors of
the District duly ohtulnod) du hereby
enact us follows;
1. It shull be luwful fur the Cuuncll
fur the purpoBo oforesuld lu borrow
or rulse by way of loun from uny person or persons, body or bodies corjior-
ute wbu mny he willing to udvonce
the same upon the credit of Ihe Debenlures uf this Corporation herelnufler provided for, 0 sum or sums of
money nol exceeuliip. m lhe whole Hi,
sum of 116,000. und lu ciiiibu the enme
to he placed In the Hunk uf Hrilish
Nurlh America lu the credli of the
Corporutlon fur the puriioBo ufoi'e-
2. Debenture bunds uf the Corporation to the .1111.11,111 of IICOOO In llie
w bole may be iBsued ny thy Reeve
und Clerk of the Corporutlon In lerms
of tlie Municipal Aci in sums us muy be
desired, but no single Debenture nluill
be for 11 greater sum than One Thousand Dollars. Each of Ihe said Dcben-
ture Jlonilu ahull be algned by the
lleeve and Clork und shall be Healul
with the Heal of tlie Ciirporallon.
I The said Debenture liumls kIiiiI]
beur Interest ut u rate not exceeding
live per cent, per annum payable half
yensly on thc Isl duy of February and
Ihe Isl day of August In inch uml
every year during the currency of
suld Debentures or uny of them .There
shull he attached to the Debenture
Honda cuupuns signed by the Reeve
nnd Clerk for euch and every puyment
of Interest thul ehii'll heroine due. and
such signal urea may be either written,
lithographed or stumped.
I The said Debenture in.mm sliull us
lu prlnclpul nnd InU'icsi be puyable at
the Dlslrlcl Munlclpul Ollice, Norlli
Vancouver. II ti, nr ui the principal
office of lhe Hunk of Hritisb North
Anii'ilci In lbc City of Toronto In the
Province ef Onturlo or ut the prlnclpul
oflice of lhe snld Hunk In tbe City of
Montreal In the Province ot Ouch."
The Buhl principal sum sliull be made
payable b) lbe Corporation not Inter
Ihun Uf I v yeurs from thc Isl day of
August. 11)12
6 There shall be rulsed nmi levied
annually by special rule on all tbe lumi
or Improvements or real property In lhe
District llie sum of I'j'J for Ihe purpose
of forming u sinking fund for ine payment of snld Debentures wlun Ihey
become due. und lhe sum ot I7f.il fm
the payment uf the Interest ul llu-
rule aforesaid to become due on such
Debcnliiies during lbe currenc) Ihcreof
und Ihul In mldltbin lu nil olher rules
10 be levied uml collected In lhe said
Dlalrlcl during the whole currency of
tbe suld Debenlurea or any of Ihem
This lly-l.iiw muy be died fui ull
purposes ns "The I'urk Luan Ily-I.nw
This By-Law sliull come Into effect
II the 111 day of August, 1012
A Made-in-Canada
Do not us;) Liquid Sulphur until
you road tho booklet. Do uot
accept the bottle without lt cou
tains tho booklet aud medicine
flulphuo oll'ors In liquid form greatest harmless genu destroyer known.
Moat convincing letters ovor printed
tell of woudcrful euros of Oockram's
Sulphur Compound.
"l.uuk bere, I.uuls," said uu irate
mui,, sticking bis heed uut ut lua bed
ruum duur st the hulel, "you've
brought ine unu tsu shoe and oue
bluck one."
"Well, I'111 geltin' migbly careless,"
remarked the buula, wilb a puzzled
uir "That's Ibe lecuud time lust's
happened Ibis uioruiu
DIS I llll I    Oft   MIHTll    V AM 1)1 Villi
I   DI-I.AU   In meblr Ihr I urporetlon
uf Ihr lil-iiii 1 0, ....iin ium,,,!',.
In ralsr li) i.e) of lues Ilr sum of
11,',.1'ui for Ikr aurpuer of purchasing
e perk or plraeurr ground lu I jim
I alley.
WHKltKAS u I'ellllon diil.nl us In
• in b  nlgliuluii   ulld signed by the own-
■ in ut mm,- Ihun one tenth of the
vulue of land In Ihu Dlilrlcl of North
Vuncouver us shown by the last ie-
.lied Assessment Roll bus lur, pie-
.1 ni.d lo the 1',,nm 11 of the snbl I'm
ill,I. rcuueitliig Ihem lo Irllrudure
nul pail a Hy-Luw tu authorize Ibem
i" borrow Ihr ium uf 111. 000 lo l„ ,
in ndei) In the purchase uf 11 psik 1,1
I'lriisuic ground In l.ynn Viille)
AND WHRRKAtl lbe amount ot llu
In bi wlilcli lhls H) l.nw Is lnl.mini lo
, rente Is Die luld sum of Ilf noil uml
ilu    .I.Jul for which thcNhld Debt is
1 liik
I    ill'
111.Ill   IIUIS     III''       llll        Hln I Iill
TAKK NiiTH'i:, llllll Ihr above Is 11
uue copy of Ihe propound lo-Liiw upon which lhe vote of the Munlclpullt)
will be luken vvliliin lbe following
polling Hlulli.ns. viz : In lb. 'Muni
1 liml Hull l.ynn Volley Road In tin
church Hull nt corner of Lonsdule
Avenue and (juei-ns Roud. uml ul Cup
limn. S, bool liouse, nil In lhe Dlstrbl
nf Nurlh Vnncouver, on Sulllnliu Un
lllli dm of Jul) 191! b. tin. 11 the
liouiu of t 00 ■•'.'Iiiiii ii in ..ml 7 00
n't lock p 111
C   M   C   and R.'I uMillig
I'liblb Null.1 la ben In civil Ibul
Uie vole of Ihe Electors ul iiii Dlsllki
of Norlb Vancouver will be lulun on
"The I'nili Loan He l.nw, mis." on
MnluiJnv Ih. 13th ilul of Jul), 1912
between lhe hours of 9 U0 o'ltork n 111
und 7 Ou o'clock p in wllhln lhe following polling iiiuns viz: In llu
Munlclpul Hall. Lynn Vulley lion,). In
Uu Cliurili Hull ul ib, corner'Of lonidale Avenue and IJuei ns Itoad nnd ni
i'nplluno Hcbool House In the Dlelibi
of North Vnncnuv.r nnd Unit John 11
Farmer has been oppnlnird relurnlng
officer lo lake the voles of audi km
IMS Willi the usuul powers In Ihul I"
ih ill,lm of ibe i'ouncll
Uilgiicdi       WM   II   MAY,
irllglicd!    ,   JUHN   11    FAItMlCH
Poison Settlesin the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rheumatism, and stomach
troubles develope. Sulphuo
is a form of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
cine ul tin
1 pru
ing  Hie great modi
Tbu new Liquid Compound uf Sul
I'htir 13 proceeding entirely m ils uwn
record uf cures, and Ibuse whu write
letters uf pruisc fur Hulphuu lo I. V.
I'uckruni, !niil|i|iur Springs I'ulluge,
Kdmouds, H I'.. will be glad, indeed,
lu lull. Willi ulli,'I- nin, un ulllnlC'l
uml relate bv 11,unil ilm ni,,m ul
I In-r r cures.
It is rule lo nui Ilml no remedy wu.
ever deluged with such u Hood of ap
prcciotive Idlers us has been rceeiveil
ul   llic Hulpbuu ulli.es,    Only  11  small
Going Away
If you are, you will probably need a Syil Caic or
We have Suil Caiet to mil all pockets, from die
imitation leather taie at $1.75 to the solid leather
al $20.00.
In Trunk, we can supply you witli any style, shape
or si/.e you may require, and prices arc as low as
Vancouver, and in many easel lower.
Shirt. & Collar.
110 Second St, Ewt.
Ir.ii'lit.ii ul llirsi' hits 1
■ni (int'ii In llio
public    iH'.uj'Uj.n   sjii
i'   I'l'lll^    iiiuiJu
I.Ih'UIJiiiIiMh,   Muuil
'li.-ul'lrf;,    sltilll
ii. li   troulili1,  hI.in   ili.-
I'ilM'.-.,       lIli.l.fk'K,
guilri1   ninl   ;ill   mi« li
Jill,, h.,1-   bave
\n-liji.j  l.\   tin- humJn
ilu   m-u  tliuuu
uhiJh   U'iuro    Htiljihui
Nu    eaat'   ul
rlii'uimitjMu   l.un   l-i'i'i
kimwn   lo   lunl
iiihT   ;-ulj.|ii,ii   1ms   i,
'1    J     lIlfllH'U    IU
I'LTtiieatc llu' .-\-Inn
Tu uhtuju  tlie
iJi'sirn]   rwuh^   \ou   j
HlM     ulU'j\     illi.
buukh't   Bfiuiiii'iu^ om
.•mii mho ur
Sulf'llUU    till'!    (I'Ul'W    1.
i- iJirrctioim  lu
Dig lettiT.
Danio Naturo't Owu Ecinody
I'uinmuii sense is lhe haws of Hul
pbuo's sum ens, inr ii m Jiumo Nulure's
uwn gerniTi'iile nmi ili-infciisul, Hul
pliuu cleanses lbe sv.-lein ut iiupuri
lies ami gives lbe Idoud u chance In
build up uml rcnlure llic affecled
parts The puison in yuur system,
iiuc in ull probuhibly to improper
sewerage, lum spread tlirouuluiut llic
body uml n, 11 liul iu llie wiulicil psrl
of llic struiturc.
Thut iiu minis fur lunsililis. coutiu
utilly upsel sliiinueh, breuliing uut of
Un- shin iu pimples, or Inure serious
eruptions end a multiplicity of ml rr
mil disorders The booklet will show
Jou why and bow u thorough clcuns
ing must be given lhe system
Hulpliuo is becoming more uud mote
a necessity in every huuscbold.
For Bale by All Druggists, loi. 50c,
10-ot. $1.00, or Bond Direct to
■'"■nil lor a ie'rec JJuoklct That Tells
All   About  Cockram'e  Discovery
aud Uow nnd Why Jt Urings
Illicit Jleallli and Strength.
Sulphuo le not sold n, egrole rroeu
noose io inn,«,-.   Can he had at drag
Bloree unl)   or al Sir I'ender flrrel
1836      THE BANK OF     1912
British Noi America
78 Years In Buainesa.  Capital and Beserve Ovar $7,600,000.
Cur uur eustniners'i'nnveiiiencii we issue Letters of Credit iiayable iu
Pounds Sterling for use in Qreat Britain and all parts of tbe world, and
payable iu Dollars for ubo in Canada, United'States, Meiico, Bermuda, Ba;
hiiiuiis, Ouba and tho West Indies.
Wo buy autl sell Drafts ou Franco, Germany, South Africa,- Australia
New /calami, India, china, Japau ami the West Indies. '
. Two Offices in North Vancouver, Comer of Lomdale .Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Municipalities Can
Secure Controlling
Interestin Bridge
Passage of District By-Law Will Attain Bequlred Par Damage of Cap
Special Public Meeting Next Thursday
e m;
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close to the Government Road, and overlooking the sea. Most suitable for subdivision.       D.L 1082, N.W, 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L. 1100, S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Man Rd., Dund ara ve
To Rent
We havo somo modem houses,   fin malted   and   unfurnished   at
moderate rents.
Excellent  four room  mutes.  Fraser Block, Third Street  East.
None better.
Rents $17.60 and $22.50.   SEE THEH.
Phone 24. P.O. Boi
Have s., ,,iul Um,eminent Contract
fhe Wallace Hhipynrda this wi-c-l;
i uiiiin. iu ml the construction ut' a ne,
uml ... t ut wuyn an un niixrlinr) lu the
large net .ihull hun nun been in up
cratiun lur a number uf yearn in
Nurlh Vam-iiuvi-r, and cuin|iriiiiug une
nf the largest Industrie" uu the Nurtli
tihorc Tin' new wnyn will be capable
nl h.i'iulliug vessels u|i lu liiJU tuna re
l/intcr and mil be silualed immediately curl ul the lun. Iuue nliuj, anil the
lurge ways. Thin udl mean Ihut the
laparily uf Ihu Wallace Mhipyurdi' fur
ri'|iair worl. mil be finable. Tha*now
wuyn will be i-oimtructed und operatejl
in a similar wuy In the ttirgi' set to
ihe  went    speaking of  Ihe  necessity
uf lhe siiinllci  uui1, Mr. I , iiniiiun.-r
fur Mr Wullii.e, staled that they found
limy were iiiinpidli'il tu iut-reass tlieir
plunl by pulling up a sceeml set of
way* of lighter capacity in order tu
accommodate the large increase in huni-
nenn III lbe ninuller craft, It is in-
terestlng lu note tbet Ihi.'. progressive
firm wmi recently the successful tenderer for the repair work on the gov
erninent dredge "h'rubliii" which line
beeu in upi rai mn un the sand heads
off New Westminster for the lusl Ihree
years. The contract price is in the
neighborhood of ik/pii) und a thorough
overhauling is to be given the big
dredge wlm h is a rivul in sire tu the
.'.lusMnn .noiv undergoing repnirs ut
the same" shipyards. Tlie "1'ruhliu"
will arrive ia North Vum mer uot
Tuesday ami be put on the ways.
Illudys Kirkland Theory uf musk'
uml pianoforte, local centre, iutennedl
ale grude.
Kllu Mii'ull 1'ianofortc, schuul ex
ainiiiiitiou, lower division,
l.tuilc Hull/ Pianoforte, elementary
The examiner was Mr. Percy! 11.
Miles, frum the Ituyut Academy, lam
don, ami lbe successful students were
pupils  uf  Mr.  Juhn   Aleiumler
Through llie efforts of the Kev. Au
brey St. John Mihlmuy, the honorary br
cul representative, und the courtesy uf
the others uf the ship a pleusunt so
iiul function was given un the maiu
deck uf II. M. S. Kgena, before Mr.
Miles left fur Australia to conduct fur
ther eianiinatious Ihere, when he delivered n must interesting talk on moil-
cm music Many of the teachers and
sume of the senior pupils und, their
friends attended lhe lecture and at the
conclusion were conveyed ashore" by
on  I,     bylaws fnr amounts to
lulling <;)22,tia;i, and u "bridge agree
ineiil by law will be submitted tu the
electors of the district of North Vuu
couver on July llllh   At u    of
the cuuucil yesterday uflernooti the
cuuucil pussud the lirsl Hiree rcudings
uf the by law which ure us follows:
llurrurd lulet Tunnel .' Hridge I'iiiii
pany Aid liy-Uw fur ♦IIIOJJUUj Hide
walk laiuii Hy Uw, $10,1100; Strict
Luan, $fi6,000j Park Loun, *|ii,ililll;
Schuul Luan, 181,1)01); llovercourl Huml
Local Impruveiiieul Ily Luw, (7,5011;
Peter's Houd Local improvement, ik,
HOO; Carisbruok, Koud, $6,1140; Lyuu
Valloy Hoad, *.'l2,2i:i; Lynn Valley
Section Number il, $7,8-111.
A motion was passed by the coun
cil lust night u l.in,' lhe school buurl
fur details in regard lu this by-law.
Special publieatiou wus usked in be
given to the fuct Ihul un ucxl Tliurn
day evening u spcciul meeting will ho
beld in the municipal hull immediately
after thc cuuucil mocfing fur the pur
pose uf detailing the points uud pur
poses of lhe by-laws for lbc bouellt
uud  enlightenment  uf the  voters.
Accunliug to u pronouncement by
lleeve Muy, the passuge uf the district
of North Vancouver's $180,000 byluw
whicii will shurlly be placed befure the
electora uf the district, will muke it
pussiblc for the city's und municipal!
tics interested iu the construction nf
the Secoud Narrows bridge lo ussume
the controlling interest in lhe Hurrard
lulet Tunnel uml Hridge i.'uinpauy, now
held by the provisional directorate.
When lbe previous by-laws were sub
mitter] to the eleclors of thc several
cities and municipalilies fur the purchasing of shares iu thc bridge coin
1'iiii.v, it was generally understood Ihut
the ,a|,itali.iiiiun uf the company mis
$,'1,1100,0110, accunliug lu which lhe mu
nicipulities vvuubl huve lu hub! shuns
to the value uf $870,0011 before lliey
could secure coul rub Nuw it Is fuutnl
thai the capitalisation uf the cuinpany
is uuly $3,000,000, li, per cent ol which
amount is $700,000. There is already
subscribed $600,11011 uud with the puss
iug of lhe district's byluw lor $1011,0110
the required amount to purchase Ih
coutrolliug interest will huve been se
Dominion Day
Thrilling Novelties Arc Promised for
July 1st
Vancouver were successful:
Al the aunuul examination for the
11 inlu ni. of tbe '• ,,' uii' Hoard of
the Royal Academy uud lloyal College
o' Music, London, held recentlyin Van-
from, Hie foWowieg-pnpib. hwtt-N«rt*|-eiin«H)e-itTepted-nrter'-tfciuriur the
The voting un the proposed bylaws
tubes place on Saturday, L'lth July.
Mr. Norman Thompson of St. (.'lenient '-, church has his sisters here on
a visit,
Tbe building for the uew post office
ou Centre and Lynn Valloy roads is
beiug fitted up by N. V. Cross.
A | n ml meeting is called for July
lib in the Municipal hall for discussing
Ike proposed by-laws advertised in
olher columns of thia paper.
Miss illn.lys Kirkland has been successful in securing two certificates /rom
the Associate! Board of the Koyal
Academy and Royal College of Music,
London. The examination was recently held in Vancouver.
The    ininnnltee    of    the    cbllNll    SO
ciety are anxious to secure the services of ono good contralto and one
good bans singer. As the date of tbe
competition gets nearer, new members
parts mentioned above.
The liitl Fireworks I'oinpuiif/ of
Seattle are busy preparing Iheir display
for the forthcoming dominion Duy
celebration. A representative of llic
Kxpress called ul Iheir place uud found
everything ut high pressure, busy turn
ing out uiuteriuJ tu be burnt up during
the celebration. Fireworks Ibul have
taken months lu prepare will be shot
into the uir, bursting inlu gigantic
clouds of colored lire Tu the nb.nervaut
it seems rather a wuste of time and
energy thut the work uf months sliuubl
be burnt up in ti lew minutes, bul
when it is remembered tbut thousands
of people cun witness these displays
uud thut each individual derives a ier
tuiu amount of pleasure in lbe exhib
ition, it will be easily seen liml lbc
lime and i-rfurl entaued is inure than
repaid by collective and individual up
pronation, uud il is somewhat ui a
revelation lo witness lhe rapl interest
of a crowd iu a good display ol hre
works uud to beur the lung dnivn nut
"Oil's" iu aeknowledgeuienl uf sume
I uul effective In,nib sil pi or show
er oi rockets.
Mr. T. fl. Hill of the Hut fireworks
Company was kiml enough lo explain
some of tho different effects lo be uiied
in North Vancouver, Su long us he
spuke of rockets and wheels we were
able lo follow him, bul we could only
grasp in surprise when he began using
such technical terms as "gerbs, tour
billions, bombs, set pieces und electric
Bombs and shells of every inrlely
and shape, will be "shut intu the uir,
exploding at a high altitude wj'ii a fit
iely of effecl'i      ll   IS ".uprising llllllll1
that some of timil shells are llirnvn lu
a height of. wvcral l.undre' feet No
ino cires to se> 'Iroworks ueicM they
are wompsnied wth lots uf inline, fur
after all, we are only growu up kid
dies and a special oxploiivc known as
"lyddite" will lie used, which is guar
auteed to furnish enough noise to sat
isfy oven a Piute Brave or a Digger
Indian Squaw, let alone a rongrogatiori
of law abiding North Vancouver cltl-
liniiuli government, uiiil was used in
the Boer war not ouly on account of
its death dealing quality whon used iu
coimoction with ammunition, but be
cause of its iliscoucurtiiig oxplosivw
There will bo nothing small about
tbu shells, lis they burst in mid uir. Several iif them will present a Held uf lire
enuring 18,000 square feet and it will
nu doubt, he a tost nf geometricul
kiiiiwledge on behulf of our local high
school graduates- to determine tho ex-
net idea uf ilm. aerial field.
Numerous novelties ure to bu shown
in the form of set pieces, ami fur tln<
benefit of the uiiinitiuled it may be
as well to explain that a set piece is
a.design or picture presented by means
III    litevvul'l,:. '
Nothing is' impossible iu this line
und uitioug uther things will bo sliuwii
two immense battle ships, each covering
an. area pf over 200 feet. These buttle
ships will he iu actlou, tiring deadly
shells ul each other, while frum uver
heiiil an aeroplane drops down uml u
powerful explosion lakes place result
iug in the destruction of one of the
No uue could accuse our muyur uf
being fiery tempered, but on this occasion His Worship will be shown in lire
su thul bis political opponents muy suy
thul Ihey have seen him in a hery
temper, Tu be uxuel, u special design
is being prepured and u portrait in lire
wurks ui Muyur McNeish will be
shown uu this occasion.   >
Au occasion of this kind vvuubl be
incomplete without some reference lu
the gigantic ruilruud development thul
is Inking place in this province. Spe
rial designs 'will be shown featuring
ihe forthcoming P. (J. I railroad. Al
Ihuugh the official turning uf lhe llrsl
sud bus had lu be postponed, the lirsl
train of the P. IJ. i is destined to
urriie in Nurth Vuneuuver, the Pacilic
terminus nu the evening uf Jul) Isl,
111 12.
llu yuu need a little guldl Why. uf
cuurse yuu du. Then yuu must be un
hand when Hill's celebrated shell,
"The Miser's Ilream" is tbriivvii up.
(her uu ucre uf gubl will be dislribul
ed, but us it will be fiery 'gold, yon
wuuld belter apply for a fiery pucl.ei
lu biild the same.
I'i.un lhe opcuing Lyddite Bomb lu
the llnul "Good'Night," ull eyes ul
the lirewurks display, aiul incidentally,
iiiuiii lm us well, will be upen III nur
prise uud pleasure, caused by displays
wbicb buve never been equalled uu the
Pacific, coasl.
DISTRICT   OV   MIHTll   ) am nni nil
A IIV-I..HV lu uulUuiUe tbe earning
out et tkt  ivurk ut  l.ncill  lliipruvc-
iiiciit ut lo ins Vulley llnuii aud rala-
lua by i.U) ot l.ncul liniii'uvcnieiil
Hgbeuturee the sum ul sr.Nlli.iin tu
provide lbe funds for cam luu uut
■uid work, anil tu assess a ml levy
IUe local  Improvement   rate ur tax
rciiulred tu provide lur Uie iinyim-nl
_ fund in nui nil Ike si
ul tke Inlerest aud In uccuuiu
siukiug luuil lu iiu, ml Ibe suld lie
vvillnliin.v:: tliu I,}iiii Vulley I:.u.l
(Third Sc, Hum i,,,,ui i:ii|u,,,, uu ni
By-Law, 1912, wus punned by tlie
Council uf the Dlslrlcl of North Vancouver tu provide fur uscurtulnihK the
lund to be boiieflltcd und lbe proportion of " in ui roceivoil by uucli lands
from lbc propused etoarlny tu Its full
width of the Lynn Vulley Itund trum
tbo Southern boundury of lilstrlct Lot
UUI lu the mu 11..-1 ii i,unmi.n of I'uhi
District Lot und grading und , i.n. i
ling sume tu ulve a roadbed UU feet In
elilili clear of ditches:
AND win.in. v,, n was recited In
suld n, i u. ilmi tlm estimated euat
of the suld imi i un un u wurk wus
Suven i'lu,un,nni Might Hundred und
Fully i, mu um Dullurs, and Ihul lbe
Cuuncll bud .,. i,, a uiiuii receipt uf the
pcllllUII   llnli'lli   un Iiiiinii .1   lu plISS  ulnl
nil Iii puss um
a By-Law fui
The Capilanu Halepayers' Aiii-mj
liun ul Ibeir meetiug, had a letter sal,
milled frum the Lynn Valley Assoriu
t mi asking lur support in favur uf a
by law fur Lynn Valley purk u.,,1 > ig
(ic-ted tu iiblaiu an) purliinia: re
quiremonts  fur  their  district I'lie
ussuciatioua shuuld cooperate Mislead
ul wnrk ing agaiunt euch ulher'. int.r
> I It wa. derided lu mild a special
meeting uud invite the Lynn Valley
delegates lu explain (heir views The
district cuuncll hud written tu say the)
had lei a eunlracl fur Ihccrcrliuu ul a
LUiubined lire shed, pay station ami
public convenience at t'upiluiiit, ulsu
Ihey wuuld deal wuh ilangcmu. turns
on Capilano rua.| un* receipt of prum
mini grind uf i.i.uuu Iruin lbe guv eru
imiii Further, the council were on lhe
lib iimt. bidding u ratepayers' meeting
lu explain all the bylaws lu be placed
before the electors. Attentiuii mm
culled tu the inadequate lighting uf the
ilislriet uud directions were given lu
urge the cuuncll lu imdal the prutnised
lights al mire comments were made
un the nui-ieiil cars. Used un lhe I'op
lumi line uml u resolution was passed
requesting lbc ll (' Kl. Ily. l'u. lu
pul un their inudern cars ami iu ud
t i I ion lo add an extra cur tu' relieve
llle congested Irulli. which daily in
urred between 0 ami II p.m. al the
ferry terminus Several members re
ported uu lhe plight Ibey were in tu
get to their residence* They hail lo
grope tiiruugh the bush and climb hills
the best wuy Ihey could and uu feril
ilies wire even given lu gel lo lbc train
•ars. ll wus derided to ask the cuuu
•il to provide proper access lo.lut HI,
and lot I, and to extend lhe road from
Lloyd's avenue to the city boundary
uccuriiitig to
ment Holt ut the Dbiirlct la f0,820.00;
AND WUJilREAS, the du|)t Is created
on tbo security of tbe special rates
sullied ulld luvled by tills By-Law and
It Is I'.uunininui by the credit of tlm
whule Municipality;
THIiRliirfOHli bo It unacted by tlm
Reeve and Cnuncll of the Corporation
of the Dlslrlcl uf North Vuncouvor In
Council ussuiunleil (with the assent uf
Un- Kl,-, i,,n of the said District! us
follows, vis.:—
Authority   Is   hereby   given   the
I'll ot Local
submit In lbe. Kleelurs
the purpuse ut borrowing lhe Hub) sum
upun M' in iiiun securud by , ,i.,i
rates tu lie levied upun the lands hereby (lectured"tu bu beiicllilei] by suld
AND vv 111:1:1:.vn It wus dctcimined
by said By-Law thai the Miiulcliuillly
slmll contribute one-tlflh uf ibe cusi
uf saltl wurks, ami shull iilluvv sucli
1 imu iiuiiiiiu by wuy uf rebate uf one-
null uf lhe snld apeelul rale lu be
levied  as  ufuresaid:
AND WHEREAS il Is ilclcl mined bj
suld By-Law Ibul the lamls lu be benefitted by Hie currying mil uf the suld
Improvement wurks ore the lauds hnv-
iiiK a frontage mi the said l.yuu Vulley liuild su far as il Is lu lie lin-
proved and lhal the extent in which
BUcb lauds lire bellelltteil Is In prupol'-
tliiti lu tbe length nf froniuge uf such
lands roapoe-Jlvel,   truntlng  upon said     6.   Thc „„,„ r,,.,,,,,,,,,,., Bond, „„ ,„
r ""■ pi'liieliuil and Inieresl shall lie payable
AND WHEREAS 11 pellilun lins been nt the Dlslrlcl Municipal Mall in Nuril,
received by llic Council dnied as in I Vaneunver, II ti, ur al the priucliril
each siiinaiiiii- and sinned bj a 11111-! uflice nf the Hunk uf llrltlsh Nnrlh
liirlly In number nf ibe persona shewn America In lhe i'lu nf Toronto In Ih,
by the lust revised Assessment Holl I Province nf Oninrlu or at lbe urlnel
of the Munlclpiilli) lo be lbe owneis pul ulliee of Ihe snld bunk iu the ('It,
uf llie lands alTccicil by such By-Law 1 of Montreal. In the Province uf One'
and lbc owners of inure than three-1 bee, nnd tin- suld principal sum slmll
llfths lu vulue of such lands asking |„, made pitiable bv the Corporullon al
that the aald Improvemenl of the Lynn I a   date  imt   Inter'thun   twenty   yeurs
Valley Roud be carried mil as u locul 1 from the ,1, ,r Issue ,,r aald Deben-
linpi'iivi'ini-iii.   and   iluu   lhe   sum    uf ,ir 1.- 11,,nils
(7.840 uo be raised by Debenlure Bunds,    t    ...
ut    "
Council in curry out thu woi-li „,
liiiliriivumenl uf lhe suld Lynn Vulloy
Ruud us I"miu described, all as Locul
Ipipt'ovenient under and by virtue of
Ihu sold 1,um Valley Ruud (Third Section) Locnl Improvement By-Law, 1812,
i. II ahull be luwfiil fur the Council lu raise by way ut luun from any
peraon or pcrsuita, body or nul, corporate upon Di'lieiiliiri.s |o be Issued
us herelniifter provided 11 aum uf
inuii, .1 mil exceeding >n e. iiui, thu aum
uf Seven Thuiisiind Eight Hundred and
Forty (|7.8H).0O) riolliirs, nnd In cuuse
lie same lu be mild lulu llm Bunk of
British North America for lbe purpose
ubove recited.
jl. Debenture flotilla of Ihu Corporullon iiu be culled Local [(nurQvejftfnl
Debentures iu un umount of Seven
lliyiiuanil H giu llumlred und Furly
Dullurs lu whole mny |„. laaiied by lhe
Beevo mnl t irrfi „r the Dprpor»tIon In
terms ol the Miuiblpiil Act and Ada
iimeii.lliiK Mm aume iiiiii nf Ibis llv-I.aw
In siinis us muy be required, but nu
single Debenture ahull be fur a grpalei'
sum iban 110(11). Bach uf the sunt De-
lu mures shall be signed by the aald
Kecve and Clerk and sealed with Hie
Real uf the Corporation.
I. The suld Debenture Bondi ahull.
bear Inlerest at a rale mil exceeding"
five per cent per aiiiiiiin. puyuble buff
vearl.i diirliia llm currency uf said De-
hiiitiirus or any „f them. There ahull
be attached lu the Debenlure Bonds
coupons signed by lhe lleeve nnd Clorh
for each und every payment of Inieresl
lbat mny becume due, und such slgnu-
lures muy be written. Iltliouraiilied or
lu   be   Issued   uiiuii   ilie  security   ul  a   n,,,,!,,.,
Sill^ r.rV.hV'lru'n". e'e ''l'u':.'1: ""la^u-'li' maim lIT,' 'ami' f u ■ T
upon^'he Jabl'Yunda'V, l.'''m;,en,u.dl||:!S1' fj" Inlerest thereun us i,
as aforeauld:
piiipiisc   nf   forming   a
llielll   uf suhl
ami   fur   llu
Ihereon us it
 inline   loiielber   lo
which this By-Law Is Inieiidcd to
creaie Is Seven Thuiisaiul Klnbi lliin-
ilri-d aud Port) Ooilara and Ihr sum..
Is belna creiited tu provide 11 fund fur
lhe suld Improvement "I I.vnn Vnllcy
lliuid uuder l.ncul Impruvemenl   I'lnn
. 1 HSU 00 us above rcclled."there Is her.
1 del,1   by assessed and levied uver and almv
all ulbir rutes .and  tuxes  the annual
Slims set nut  III the lirsl lilnli, V   col 1111111
Opposite the prpperllea herelnufler described tu In known ua tin. "Lynn Vul
le)     Uiiuii     iThlrd     Secilun)      Local
lltll'I'iiV, llielll   Rule."   bill   ill   uuenrililll,,
AND  WHEREAS  Ihe anmiint   lu lie   with  the provlsluna nf Ih,   before re
alsed   unnuully   by   siieelal   rale   for cited   l.ynn   Vulley   Ruud   iThlrd   Sec
iniyliip   the   debt   iiiiii   Inlerest   n    tlnii) Lornl Improvemenl Bj-Lnw, 1912,
this  fiv-l.nw   Is   JCCil   belna   '-t(   fur | the Munlclpiillty will contribute oul of
alnktnn tuml mid I39J
r„r tin
'I'esl.          'unu
cil,ill   revenue ,
llu   llllli  uf sn
d an
'    Vlllll,
uf   III,    nual
sums   levied
us    nfiiresalil
whule   Iiiiiii   and   Iiiuiii
Vein, III
III     1,'ill uill"!
nulile    IIS    II
'clinic   uf   on
• fifth
properly rnleuble  und
1   this
llv-Law 'ur  n.
I'l  special  rat
Annual    11,1
• as  fulliivvsn
ulc I'.nul,1,
Ni 1
D'l.                   Hiu. 1,
Rate            1
)   District
1: it
161  iWeat Part       3
2ti Id
1 21
10 IS
'■ 1,1
1 92
7 i.-
31 II
1 ?8
31 II
s su
1 IS
30 13
* (0.,
1 OS
18 u
I. 10
; b 1
1 OS
33 35
', 92
1 Ik'
,33 15
1 OS
0 31
,33 3s
I 92
:: 1 .1 1
I 92
1 r.s
0 31
33 2C
1 50
1 01
0 32
33 20
1 90
1 it
0 32
33 211
1 OS
0 3"
33 "i.
1 50
1 OS
:::: ...
1 90
1 OS
0 32
:.: T.
1 90
1 OS
0 32
i ,17
1 01
C 10
3;. :i
n ..:
1 01
30 31
.. n:
1 01
0 10
10 31
9 011
1 92
IT, :::,
In u
2 10
S 01
12 T,
10 03
2 01
S 11,'
1 10
; oa
S 29
1 1.1:
0 03
31 it
8 29
1 00
0 03
10 00
13 21
1 01
0 01
|{ nu
1 II    .
I m
11 -
2 01
S 02
f.2 15
2 II
n ;)
10 ill
10 50
:. is
1 12
9 70
1 91
5 10
1 91
7 TO
30 r.»
S 10
1 09
0 to
s ir.
I fin
0 10
15 5'.'
if. r.o
tl it
9 II
IS 10
■: .',':
30 SO
9 10 '
1 SI
1 S3
n ,.
i 1 li
1 S3
j: r, 1
7 90
1 ,',9
1, 31
33 01
1 09
1; :;
.1: r, 1
1 09
0 31
13 :.i
1 'ji:
1 ru
:n ' 1
1 'ul
1 09
0 37
33 r.i
1 ".
1 09
0 37
. 11
:: .: f, 1
1 90
7 'if.
1 09
1 09
0 37
r, 3;
:.: 1
7 90
' 1 09
0 3T
si r.i
'.' 90
1 09
0 IT
33 r.i
1 90
1 09   ■•
33 ;,i
i 90
I 09
1.   ',
3.1 r.i
7 '.1;
1 09
1,   ',
:::: r.l
, u:
1 ,'.'.
0 11
".:,-, 1
', to
1 :,n
( 31
t 13
0 on
: I
v 10
1 03
0 r,2
1 It
1 03
i. 52
3131      ,
: 03
c t;
31 i'ul
n 51
1 19
1 ir,
7 11
1 67
0 2.
I S3
1 01
0 20
', 13
1 r.i
0 "•;
7 S3
1 r.i
1.  0
7 Sl
0 "',
: :■',
0 20
'.:, ,u
1 I'l
0 .-
if, ii
2 20
t Hi
r,s 02
2 70
11 11
no 01
30 10
1 10
2S I.U
Don't forget the big Auction Sule
ut the l'bi/a Rooming liouse, Jit Ks
pinna,le West, on Uniitnlay (tomorrow)
at   :' p.m.   Kverylbing to be sold.
ths town  of Lvdd, England, by tht
Public meeting of Ihe Norlh Van
couver Horticultural e)ocicl/ on Wed
ncsday, June 26th, to rearrange thll
pri/.e list for lha eshibilion aud flower
sn mi General public cordially in
vited. '166
Do you want to sell your lott    Wi,
have funds waiting for good buys. Hive
ua your but grow price and terms
wns.  Wa explosive was fni made et+«»»ediiwHW»eiiels«,'Be»kef-Htin«toii
I     i„l, un t     IU   2U
Itu-.iimldcri'il  nnd   llllillll   adopted   In
Council   ami   slutted   bv   the   ft,, v.
lllc    I'ul
day ul
2101 02
The   suld    Lyuu    Vnllcv    II I    ill,inI
Peciliiiii l.ueal Improvement Rale slmll   11,,
be  payable- uul  ul uml frum  l.n   uilu   ,,nd  I'lerl,   ami  sealed   with
proper I lei   respectively   mil   shull   he   |,,n,i,   Seul nn  th,
Ullll   Is   heleli)    I.Vloil   lllid   I'l   .III."I    Hi 1912
niiiillv   fm   the period nf Iw  nl.   ve ,11
full.uv,1,1 lb,' Issue nf unl li. In uiiiin
US II Hell nr I'llUI'lir lllet.nn ,>!,) nlile
iilullu with lbe 11l111u.il luxes ur rjilcn
lli'l.blc    fill    llllll    UUl    Ilf   III lid      .
spicll...   properties   I,   :tn    n,,'u   ,'.,
1    ll Is h.i.li)  pruvlded that In lhe   KI.WTOHI   OV   THK   IIISTHHT   OK
event of onj of said properties charged mihtii  M.\iiiiu:h
wllh   sold   I,vnn   Valley   It 1   (Thud '
Pe,llulil   In,III   Improvement    Rale   Dl TAKK   N'l'lU'K    Hint   Hie   ul„,ve   Is   II
Inn now ur hereafter subdivided then iiu,  1 npy ,,f tu,. pruunsid llv-Law  up
the siili) rule shall ulsu I.e proportion- un which lhe vole uf llie Municipality
nlelv.siil'illvlil.u] uml scllled according will be token wltbln ihe fulluivlnp pul  -
lu  Ihe  frniitnse  of euch   onrl   ur  lnl Iluu  stmluiis.  vli      In  tlie  Municipal
abutting   on   snld   Lynn   Valley   Ilmi,I 11.,11  I,inn Willin  k,,„j. in ij,,, Cbufeh
uiul  lhe sulullvlsluii uf the land shall Hall ul conic! of Lonsdale Avenue und
be so mude Hint ns far us possible m, Oueens  llnud. „r,,J nt  vuplluno Scliyui
part  01   bit   iiliuiilng   will  have  11  less Hnuse.   all   In   lbe   Dlslrlcl   of   Nuftli'
depth   ihull  une   Iiundred  mid   twenty Viiiicuuv.'r. nn Saturday,  the  Ulli da.v
(I.O)   feel   buck   from   such   frontage of  July.   1912,   belween   Hie   hours  of
and on auch sulullvlsluii In Ing sn uiiuii 9:00 o'clock a m  mid 7:00 o'clock p 111
ond lbc tnnp ur plun Iberenf register- .   .,,. ,,   .,,„.,,;„
ed In the Land Reglslry Oflice. lbe said '"»" "  lsAlUlb.lt,
fruiiliige rule shall be a charge ulHv r  M  1: und Krliirnlng
un aucb parts or lols abutting mi said Ollicer.
street, und Hie remainder nf suld pru      N
.erlles au subdivided  ilf   uny)    shall ,,luW.k'  fJ.'J«J"  hcrob); given  that
I"   freed and   releuaei]  from  the  fluid
rale afl a ,1    or Hen
Public Null.
Un vole uf lb, K|,,ciurs of llle Distil. I
nf Nurlh Vuncouver will be luken un
the Lynn  Vulley Roud  IThlrd Sccllon)
I.   The Debl hereby create.!  s crest. ),0l.u| improvement Luun By-Law, 191;
ed on the >eeurlt*  of   he sold  Lynn ,„, tiiilunlily. Ih,  llth duv of July. 1912.
Vulley Road (ITilnl See Ion) Local lm- i.HWeell lhe bouts of 9:00 o'clock u.in
provemoril Rule, willed and levied ns ulld 7.0o 0.I..1 Ir  p in, wllhln the f"l
bereliibefore priivlded anil Ilia guar- |owln»   „„|,|n„   ,,,„,,    v(2.     )„   Die
nnieed by the Municipality at large. Municipal Hull, Lynn Volli-v Ruud;   n
»    The  amount   of  lhe  Debenioni thl. Cburcli Hull ul lhe corner Of Lons-
lo be lasued under this By-Uw Is sub- dn|p Avenue and iJoeens Rood, and al
Jecl lo consollilolloii Capilano School House, In lite- Dlslrlcl
10    This By-Low muy be idled fur of Nuflh Vancouver, und that John C
ull purpoaea as "The Lynn Valley Komi Kamier ho» been appointed returning
IThlrd   Section)    laical    Iiiiiimvemclil officer lo lake the votes of such elec-
Loan  By-Law,   1912."  am! shall  come Ion,   with   Ibe   usual  power!  In   Ibul
Inlo effect on the 1st duy of Aogusl. behalf
J      ,  .     ,i. „ ... „    .   ,.     „.,, By Order of Hie Council.
Paused  by  the Council on  lhe  21 tli '
a,,. ,,| iuu,    im (Signed)       WM.  Jl   MAY,
Received Ihe usaenl of lha Kleclora Kecve.
al an Election held on lbc  (Signed)      JOHN O.  KAltMKit,
day of  1»12, fi. M. C,
Job Printing at the "Express"
North Shore Locators
Block 12a   D. L 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
A BV-LAW lu uuihorlii- tkt oarrrlnjE
uut uf the Wurk uf Locnl fniiruvc-
lut'ui uf IM.r« Himd and mining by
war "' I'ucal linpruvi'iiii-ui Debru-
lurm tbe niiiu uf »KMO to provide
the funda fur min lim uul aald wurk.
aud lu Aimcm and Levy the Local
J1111mtva.11if.1i Rate ur Tai required
tu provide fur the pajment of the
lutereal aud to accumulate ■ «I uking fund to our off the aald Debenture*. \S
WUKKEAS   the   Peteri   Ruad   Lucul
Imi i i'. i im nl   Hv   I,,. '■.:    ill':   v.nti   putfBed
by tlte Cuuncll oi the Ulatrlct of Nurtli
Vuncuuver to provide for ascertaining
the lumi tu he henelllted und tlio proportion of benefit received by such
I mill a from the proputted clearing' und
grading tu 1U full width uf tho Peter*
Houd from the Lynn Vulley Roud lo
the lMiv.il Koud und iii;h-,mIiiiii,/.jj.,i;
■ .ri.M to a width of 21 feut between
AND WHERJ2AS It wua recited In
suid By-Law thut the estimated iJoui
uf the .'"i in i nii'i ov fin ru i wurk wua
ij, i.i Thuusund Three llunureu
i ,-'■'■ .■"'!j i .,,ii..iu und ihut the Cuuncll
liud ugrced upun receipt uf lhe poll Hon
therein inentluned iu puna und auhnilt
lu the !■:;-. i.-■:.; u I'., i .uv for the purpuric uf burrowing lhe auld aum upun
Debentures secured hy speclul rules
tu be levied upun the lunds llu-rub)
declared tu be benefitted by suld wurks.
AND WHEUEAH It wus determined
by suld i:.. I ...'. Ihul the Municipality
shull contribute one-fifth uf the eust
uf suld works, uud shull ullow such
• ..iiuii'inI.iii by wuy of rebate of une-
fifth uf tbe suld speclul rute to be
levied  us  uforosuld:
AND WHEREAS it Is determined by
suld By-Law ihut the lunds to be beiie-
nttod-ty the carrying uut of the suld
Impruveinent Wurks are the lands having a froniuge un tta- suld Peters Road
su fur us ft Is tu be Impruved, und
lhal the extent to uiti.lt such lumla
ail- i" i,. i.iii .i Is lu proportion lu the
length of frontage uf such lumla respectively fronting upun suld ruud
AND WHEHEAS u petition bus been
received hy the Council duled us lo
i;iili rjlgtiutiii i und signed by u maturity In number uf lhe persons shuwn
b\ the lust revised Assessment Roll
uf the Municipality to he tho owners
.»r the landa affected hy such By-Law
and lhe uwiiltb of mure thun three-
lii'iii." Iii vulue of such lands usklim
thul Ihe suld Improvement of lhe Pet-
era Koad be curried uut us u Local
Improvemenl and thut (he sum uf |8,-
300 be raided by Debenlure Bonds tu he
Issued upun the security uf u Local
Improvement Rale to be levied accord-
lug to lhe said frontage busts upon
the said lands Io he benefitted us
AND WHEHKAH the umount uf debl
which lhls By-Law Is Intended tu
create Is Eight Thousand Three Hundred Dullurs and tbe sumo Is being
created lu provide u fund for lhe auld
Improvement uf Peters Ruad under
Local Improvement, Plun;
AND WHEREAS the amuuiil tu be
rulsed unnuully by speclul rate fur puling tbe debl und Inieresl under lhls
By-Law Is IlitH. being $2711 for nli.lt-
*    Ing  fund und 1U6 for Interest,
AND WHEREAS the value uf Ihe
whule land und Impruvement ur real
property ruleubk- under this By-Law
according to tbe lasl revised Assessment Rull uf the district Is f 20.387;
AND WHEREAS Ihe debl Is created
on the security of the special rates
Settled and levied by lhls By-Law und
II ts guaranteed hy thc credit of the
whule Munlclpullty;
THEREFORE bu It enucted hy tbu
Reeve -und Council of the Corporal iu..
uf tbo District of Nortli Vuncouver In
Council assembled (Willi tho aaaeM ot
thu Electors of the suld Dlalrlctj ns
folluws,  vis.:
1. .\Milium. Is hereby given the
Council (o cutty uul the wura ul Lutul
Impruvemenl uf the suld Pelei'l Ho"iu
us befure uescrlbedr ull as local l.n-
provement under und by virtue of Ifle
suld Peters Ruud Lucul improvement
By-Law, lain.
2. It shull be lawful fur the Council
lu rulse hy wuy of luun Irom any person or persons, body uv bodies corporals upun Debentures lu be Isaueu as
hereinafter provided u sum ul mono)
nut exceeding In whole tbe sum ui
Eight Thuusund Threo Hundred IJ6V
300) Dullurs and lu cuusu the suiue Lu
bu puid Inlo the Bunk of Hrilish
Nurtli America fur the purpuse uhuve
'i. i'i i. i.iiii- Bonds uf iiiu Corporation (to he culled Locul Improvement
Debentures) lo an umount of Eight'
Thuusund Three Hundred ((6,300) Dollurs In whole muy be Issued hy the,
Reevo und Clerk of the Corporutlon
In terms uf the Munlclpul Act und Acta
amending lbe sume und uf this ByLuw In sums as may he required, bui
no single debenlure sliull be for u
gruuter sum than fl.OUQ Each of ihe
suld Debentures shull be signed by the
suld Reeve and Clurk and sealed wllh
the Seal uf lhe Corpuratluit.
i. The said Debenlure Bonds shall
bear Interest at u rale not excedlng
flvo per ceul per annum, puyable hall
yearly during the currency of said Debentures ur any of Ihem. There shall
he aliuched lo Ihe Debenlure Honda
coupons signed by the Reeve and Clurk
for each und every payment of Interesl thut muy become due und sucb sig
ti,imii':) muy bu written, llihogrupheij
or stumped.
6. The said Debenture Bonds us lu
prlndpul and Interest shull be puyuble
ul the Dlslrlcl Munlclpul Hull, In North
Vuncouver, B C, ur at the prluclpul
ufflce uf Ihe Bunk uf British North
America In the City of Toronto lu the
Province of Onturlo ur ut (he principal
..ii... uf Ihu auld Bunk In the ('Ity uf
Montreal In the Province of Quebec.
und the suid prlndpul sum shull he
mude puyuble hv the Curporullon ut u
tiiit.■ nut Inter thun twenty yeurs from
the dute uf issuu of auld Debenture
6. Eor the purpose of forming a
sinking fund for the.payment of suld
Debentures ut maturity und fur the
payment of the Inlerest thereon us 11
becomes due. amounting together to
ftB4. us above recited, tnero is herebj
ussessud .um levied over and ubove
ull other rales und luxes the iuniu.il
sums sot oul In (he first money column
opposite lhe properties hereinafter described io be known us the "Peters
Roud Lucul Improvement Rute." , hut
In uccurdunce wlib the provisions of
Ihe beforo recited Peters Roud Locul
Improvement By-Law, 11,12, the Municipality will contribute oUI uf Muni
clpal Revenue one-fifth ut suld unnuul
sums levied us uforosuld und allow
:i.mi- as u rebate of uno-llfth ut suld
speclul rute us follows:
ll 1.
Frontal: t
HI 9
3 3
31, i
33 1,
13 1,
33 1,
33 r,
33 1'
33 13
33 13
Hi ii
it ii
17. IS. It
110 76
llllllll.'   I'.u n hi
by lilsli'li-t
111! ti
62 36
10 IC
ll 81
63 10
10 78
13 12
7 60
n or
i r,2
6 08
1 62
6 08
',' 10
1 62
6 08
: t.n
1 I'l
6 0S
: to
1 62
6 01
; ilu
j It
1 70
i. 01
V Cn
1 62
; Hi
1 62
1 un
-, r.u
1 1,2
i f,u
', i.n
1 62
', nu
1 1,2
i. 01
7 72
1 m
i tj
1 61
i ii
; a
1 61
1 61
6 11
1 61
r, n
7 i U
1 6 1
6 11
; 70
1 61
7 74
1 61
7 70
1 61
1 11
r 70
6 16
1 61
6 16
23 01
18 12
11 II
2 Hi
9 61
21 01
18 12
21. il
'6 08
20 28
211 21
1 62
1 10
1 62
6 01
7 60
1 62
• 01
i i.n
f. u:
i t,ii
1 62
i; 01
1 11
6 66
tl so
16 n
32 ll
26 91
ll 11
1, 18
26 91
32 12
i  In
Tlii' toll I'l'ivrs Hoal l.ocol Improvement llule slmll Dl' Dai-able- oul 0/ nnd
from tlii' sulil Plttltvei relMC IvoIv
und uliuli be mnl li nireby srleO si ni
rlmrs.'il annually lor thi; period ot
tvAiil, years following tlie Issue of
nali) debenlures os 11 lion or otiarM
thereon puyuble aloiia. wllh the annual
pes or rales payable lor and out o
lhe sold respective properties lo the
said forporatlon
• 7 Jt Is hereby jirovldi'd Ibal In lhe
event ut ony of sold properties chorded
Willi sold j'elers Hond Local Improve-
uicnl Role, bolnir now or hereafter nub-
ilvlded then Ihe said rote shall tlio
be proportionately subdivided and Milled according to lhe frontage or each
pari or lol abutting on said Peler; Bosd
and Ihe subdivision of the land shall
be bo mode lhat as far as possible no
purl or lot abutting will have a less
depth lhan one Iiundred and twenty
1120) feet buck from such frontage
and on such subdivision being so mode
and tile mop or plan thereof regislered
In the Land Hoglslry Offlco, the sad
frontage role shall be a cbargo on J-
on iuch porta or Wis abutting on said
Slreet, ond lhe remainder of said properles. in subdivided (If any) .hai
lie treeiTend released from Iho snld
.rale as o charge or lien.
8 The debl hereby created l» crcal-
ed on tho security of the said Pe ers
Itoad l.ocol Improvement Kate, sctlloj
and levied os herein before W«ffl
and II Is guurontoed by lhe Municipality ot large.
n The amount of the Debentures'to
be Issued under this By-Uw Is sub-
eet to. consolidation.
10 This By-J.ow may be cited for
oil purposes as "The relcrs Road Local Improvement Loan By-Law, 1918,
and shall come Into effect on. tbo 1st
day of August, 1912
Paued by tho Council on tbe 87tb
day of lune, 1012.
Received Ihe assent of the Electors
at an miction hsloopthi 	
day of  Ull.
691 oo
138 10
Boconsldered and Ilnully adopt e<l I..
Ihe Council and signed by Ihe lluv
and  Clerk  and  sealed   wllh   the  Cor
i.,,i,.i.   Heal on the           duy nf
it i;i nut'.   Ill'   THK   iiivrini i   UK
Mini 11   VAMOI VKH
TAKK NOTICK, thai the above Is
a true copy ol lbe prupused By-Low
upon which lhe vole of the Municipality will be lakcn wllhln the following polling station.", viz: In lhe
Munlclpul Hall. Lynn Vulley Itood; In
the Church Hall at corner of l.onsdule
Avenue and OueenB Boad. and at Capilano Bchool liouse, all In the lllslrlel
of North Vancouver, on Halurday, the
llth day of July, 1912. between Ihe
hours of 9:00 o'clock u in und 7:00
o'clock p. m.
C. M. C, and ii' nm	
mi.. ■ i
Public Nolice Is hereby given thui
Ihe vole of Ihe Kleclors of the District
of Norlh Voncouver will be taken on
"Tho Peters Boad Local Improvemenl
Loan By-Law. 19)2," on Halurday, Ihe
llth day of July, lilt, between lhe
hours of 9:00 o'clock a.m. ami 7:00
o'clock fi. m„ within ihe .following polling Plicci, viz: Jn the Municipal
Hall. Lynn Volley Boad; Ih the church
Hull ui the yi.iii.,i of I,mini,ili- Avenue
and Queens Boad, and at Capilano
School House. In the Dlslrlcl of North
Vancouver, and lbat John (J. Former
hai been appointed returning officer
to lake the voles of iuch eleclori. with
the usual powers in that behalf
By Order of the Council.
(Signed)      WM. H. MAY,   _
(Slgmd)      JOHN O. FAB^KI^
Meeting of Ferry
^^    •    ,
Tlio regular sosslou of the (err/ ili-
in nil nli' tOUll plan' It the i'iiiii|ianv -,
OffillOS       ln.l,'i,l;n       nil,'in.am,       I'.ilrn
Mayur McNoisli liresiilcil ovor n full
atteniluiicu of the Board.
A lei t i-i .'ma i.a ini from tlm Board of
Trudo informing tho directors tbat a
committee hud boon appoiuted consisting of President rlfflitli, ViouProsiilunt
Briilgiuitu, Mr. Watts-Douey ami Aid
iiruiaii irwiu. tu wait upon tho directorate with a viow to having a joint euiit-
imiii'.' of all tlio public bodies of the
North ;'Lm,- uppointed to take up Iho
i|." 'iiiiii of cuprous parcel service to
tlio Nortli Hhoro.
('apt, dates wrote lo tho effect that
it had come to Ilia notice thut the gov-
eminent engineer would very shortly
lie here In gu over the harbor improve
incut scheme uud would probably report
on ull wharves built or under cuustrue
tion, ulsu all wuler lots Unit had boon
applied lur uiul ull vscuut water lots or
lots thul huve not been upplied for to
the linn.ii.mn government, uud, an
Judgo Murphy gave his decision thut
the owner ol' uny lul going to the water
had uo riparian rights tu the wuter
covered lota from high water uut, un
leas otherwise upplied lur iu proper
Turin tu the Dominion government, Cap-
tain Cuius advised Inking steps to aee
whu lias applied I'or the lota ou either
aide ul' the atreeta, and if uuy ure
viiiiiiil, advised llic city tu take lui-
mutilate steps lu upply to the depart
tnetit lor same lur ferry services, as it
is plainly seen, by Lonadule uvenuo,
thut 11)11 feet fruiitugc is luu uurfow
to accommodate tho present ferries.
Thia, iu the Hourd 'a opinion, wus u
guud suggestion, and it waa decided
thai Captain Dates' Idler be forwurd
ed to the cuuucil with u recumiiieiidu-
lion Ihul the solicitor aliuuld be uaked
to muke inquiries us lu whelher and
huw vacant Iota unapplied for euuld be
secured fur terry purposes.
The question ul' having llie mules on
the ferries constituted special con
slubles una referred lor the purpose
of information to lhe ferry solicitor.
Mr. II. ti. Wright inquired as tu the
proposed future activities uf the nuiti
ber une ferry, uud the manager in Inn
stod Iluu il wuuld very shurtly be in
requisition, ns a good deal uf wurk
was pending iu connection with uum
ber twu.
Manager Heard reported tbut tin
wurk ul' re tubing llie boiler of the
iinini 11 uiic terry was completed ami
lliut llie wurk ami butler hod been in
spcrtcd uud pssaed by tiie atemnliual
Mr, llnuii rulaed the quealiuu us to
wlii'lher il was nul feasible tu buve the
vehicular axil passage uu lhe Nurth
Vuncouver whurf made in audi a wuy
as tu provide burses with better foul
hulil in cases ul' heavy hauling »ll
wus agreed, however, thai there was
u Icuilcniy lo send mer luu heavily
loaded rigs, and lbe buard decided thai
il' difficulty wua experienced iu uiuunl
ing the slope on the wbarf lhe lua.I
wua clearly loo greul fur Hie Lousdale
avcuue grade.
Mai. i' I'ulil found bank tiotea in
t'bmu ugea ugu, printed uu paper nude
Irum Ibe bark uf lbc mulberry Iree.
One of Hi. notes, upun which the greal
Venetian traveller himself may have
guzed, m on exhibition at this day in
lhe ulliee of an American company ll
is one of a scries issued by thc Ming
dynasty aboul LIUS A I)- "current
enywlien under heaven"- tnd seem,
In liave been printed frum wuoden
In, I un a sheet uf paper ' by i
inches- a lugger aurface Iluu any inuii
ri,ubl cm,'i wilh bulli bunds outstretch
id. It m guud fui "une string of
The provision uguinst forgery is sim
pic lu the jiuitit of severity -"Counter
leilirs hereof will be eieciled. Persons
giving infonnalion of opunt,crfcilcrs
lull be rewarded wilb Iticls -i'l, and in
addition, will reioive the property be
Ji'iigiug to the criminal." The head ol'
the empcrot whu gave the unbr and
Mie lopped beads of the .'uuntcrfcitcra
h.ve lung since mouldered into impal
pubic dual, the properly of the criminal
vanished and left not so much as i
shade, bul the faded old banknote,
piess.'d hei ween sheets of gloss 'mil
Iramed in earven leak, still croaks its
harsh warning to him who   under
stand it,
Tho governments of (,'oulineulal
lim.in- depend exclusively epon color
work to protect tbeir piper currency,
uud several of lbe large bituks of issue
hove civil engineers iu charge of their
bureuus of engraving and printing
though what connection tbere nil) lc
between engineering and .'ni'ravi.g i
s mystery. Mauy Italian lunki. ioi
aro caBy to counterfeit, Tbo Rinl ut
Hpaiti has of late abandoned i's own
plant, because it! notes were i.i'Cilci.1
so successfully thtt counlorfetj were
uiieplpil by the bank without quia'ion,
A private concern now does iho work
Tlte Bank ot Kngltnd notes, accord'
Ing to t myth tint probibly will nerir
—n ,	
iiiii, cannot be counterfeited. As a mut
I it of fuct, thuy cun lio imi luted readily ouough, for little attempt in niidn
to prilled the notes beyond tho use of
a wntor murk paper. Tbe water-mark
csn be easily copied. A sensitized gelatine lilm, soaked in cold «'ater. after
onta.pt with an original watermark,
\\ill how ovory deluil in cloar relief A
ilnn film of copper deposited upon tbis
forms tho basis upon whim a matrix
In celluloid js made. If n sheet of
paper ia pasted upon this matrix aud
rubbed with glass-paper, tho oxnet
water-mark is produced.   Nevertheless.
.■ shadow of the hangman still scemn
tu deter Knglisil) coqnterfeitcrs.
Ono practical safeguard of Uroat effectiveness is the custom ot tbo Bank
of Kiiglund to cancel every nolo tbat
is returned to tbe bank and issue au-
i iln'i ju its place. Tbis, and tbe practice of keeping a record of tbo numbers of all banknotes use I in every
business i 'iai.ii,ium i.i. koup al'ifc u
keuu sense of responsibility, whieb uldi
to security. The custom of c r'ulut.jg
suiled Inu,I,a,iir... of course, gives the
counterfeiter his best opportunity, Fur
gcry ia 'ininli moro readily detected iu
u crisp, stiff, uew bill tbuu in u rumpled
mnl dirty one.—Brooklyn Eaglo.
seen each night daneing with golden
tiptoie on ihe green- (N. B.—this
angel goes with the place.)-1'—Boston
Most peoplo have noticed that in
many novels tho hero or horoino—if
they be truly heroic—express themselves sooner or later as willing, uay,
oager, to die for each other. Uo men
dio for women iu reul lifol No, tbey
prefer to live for them. Do women die
for men iu ruul life!   Yes. \
A sad story illustrutiug this comes
from California. A lady iu Sau
Francisco was giving a daucc, and sho
iiiiti'i',1 tbat oue uf the men was uot
Tbo hostess appruached ber man.
"Yuu aro nut dancing," she said.
"Madam," be replied politely, "I
am uot."
"Can't you dunce)" she inquired.
"Minium," be returned, "I am the
champion dancer qt' America, and when
I won the championship I danced fur
twenty seven buura without stoppiug.
After Ihe prize waa awarded to ine I
curried my partner to her motber, I
remarked that she seemed sumcvvhal
limp uml listless, A medical mun was
in utteiidatlcc, uud be suid Ihut she lad
been deud fur two hours. Mince that
regrettable incident 1 have nut
lu the Wild West men go tu dances
to dance, uut lu eat three solid suppers.
You aee, the daueing uut Wesl ia
superlatively guud, uml lhe suppers
are not'.
I remember a supper given at a vi!
Inge dance where lbe ouly refreshments were u salad ul' limed oysters
garnished with raw unions, ami duugh
nuts. There wus lemonade, made uf
citric acid, lu cut ius the cowboys put
it) the dough, Horace Auncslcy
Vaebell, in Weekly Citizen.
than   at  yeurs  from  the   1st  day   uf
August, 1912.
S, There shall be raised and levied
unnuully by special rate un all raieiiuiu
land or Improvements or real pruperty
In tbo District tbe sum of flsS.OO for
lbe purpose of forming a sinking fund
for the payment ot said Heoeniuies
when they become due and tbe sum ot
(1,050.00 ror the payment of the interest at the rale aforesaid lu becume due
on sucb debentures during tbe un
r,'iier thereof, and tliut ln addition to
all other rutes to be levied and collected lu tlio said District during the
whole currency of the said Debentures
or any ot thoni.
This By-Law may bo cltod for all
purposes as "The Schools Loan By-
Law,   liil.'"
This By-Law ahull come Inlo effect
on the 1st day of August, |911
Bussed by lbe Council on the -,'Hi
day ot June, 1912.
Received tlie ussent of ll|o Electors
at un lnl,, ilmi held on thc
day of July, 1012.
Reconsidered und Ilnully adopted by
...e Council and signed by the Hoove
and Clerk  and sealed   with  tbe tor
tile Council und signed by the
and Clerk and aeulcd  with  tbu
poratc Seal on tbo day ot
. 1012.
1:1.1:1 Mills   W   TUB   IHS'I'BICT   <>!'
Mill I'll   VIM 01 \Kll
TAKE NOTICE, tbat the above Is a
true copy of the propoaed By-Law upon which the vole of the Municipality
will be token within lhe following polling stations, vU I 1» the Miinicipiil
Hall, Lynn Valley Huntf. In the Church
Hall ul curner or Lonsdalo Avenue and
Queens Ruud. lunl at Cnpllaiiu School
House, ull In I the lilstrlct of N'.rtll
Vancouver, un .Saturday, tbe, Lllh day
of Jul), 1912, between the twin-a of
a:ou u'cluck 11.111 and 7:00 o'do.-k p.m
ti.  M  t.'. and Iteturni'ig
Public Notice Is hereby given thul
the vute of the Kleclors uf lhe DnHrlot
u» Nortli Vancouver will be taken on
"The Schools Loan By-Law. 11112." on
Saturduy. the lilh do) of July, 1912,
between ihe hours iif 3,00 o'clock u. ui
utui n0o u'doek p 111. within the following polling places, viz: lu the
Munlclpul Hull. Lynn Vallej Bund, In
the Church Ilull at the cornet of Lonsdule Avenue and yueeiis Bead, und at
Capilano School House, lu the Dlalrlct
of Norlli Viuicouver. .uul 1 li.u John i.
Farmer has beeu appointed returning
olflcer 10 lake the votes of such .lee-
tors with llle usual powers ill lhal behalf.
By urilvi of the Council
(Signed)       VVM   H   Mu).    ,     '
i.Slgtif.li       J'lIlN   c   KAMJIKR,
By tbu sule ut lush Billinga' home
in I.an.nl,mu, Massachusetts, where the
Inin,1,nnt lived many years following
his attaining fame us a writer uud lee
turer, people ure reminded tbut iu Ihis
huuse Josh Billings penned a real estate
advertisement for the sale uf some
property on the Hudson river, for
which he was agent.
This was the advertiacuieut as it appeared in a i'oughkecpsic paper:
"I kau sell for eighteen hundred
and thirty nine dullars, a Pullus, a
sweet ami pcuaivu retirement, lokaied
ou Iho vjrgiu banks of the Hudson,
1.ni.iiiiinii,: eighty live acres. The land
is luxuriously divided by lac huml uf
nature and art, iulu pastor uud ullage,
intu plain uud deklivity, into ateru abrupt neas, und tbe .lnlli;,!.. ■■ uv moss
lufted medders; slrcsms of spurkliug
gladness (thick witb trout j dense
tiiruugh tbis wilderness uv buty, tew
the low musick uf tho kriket uiul
"The ivorgreen sue us lbe evening
xepbir Hits through its shuduvvy bus
/um, uud ibeiispeii trembles like u luv
mint I en Inuii uv a damsell. Fruits uf
lhe tropicks Jn gulden buty melt ou
bows, uiul the bees go bevy and sweet
Hn,in the hi Ids lu their garnering hives,
'The uianaliuii 11 uv Parian marble,
the porch iz u single diumoud sii in
rubix and the mother ov pearl; thc
Huurs ure uf ruacwood, and lbc ceilings
ure mure beautiful than the starry
vault ov  lleaviii.
"Hoi ami euld water bubbles aud
n 11 u 1 r 11 111 evry apartiucut, uud uutbiug
1/ wanted lhal u peel cuuld pro fur, ur
srl euuld portray. The slsblea arc
viurlhy ui the steeds uv Niinrod, ur the
stud ul Muil . and Us hennery wa..
built expressly fur the birds uf para
due, while soluble iu the distance, like
lhe cave uv a hermit, glimpses ore
'iiugbl of lhe durg buuic
"Here pods bav nun and warbled
iheir lue, bere skulplura bov cut, here
pointers bav rubbed Ibe scene of
dreamy landscapes, snd bere the pbil
uaupher diakuvered the stun which
mode bim lhe ulkiuust uv nolur
"Net  northward  ov  ibis Hung uv
buty sleeps the residence uud dniuaiu
uv the Duke John Hluilb, while south   ^../Veal-'dur'ing t
wunl   and   nearer   Ibe  spice breathing Debentures or any ol Ihem
r 1    Tbere shall  be atlacbed lu 1 In- lie
tropicks may be seen lhe baronial villy  benlure Bonds coupons signed  by lhe
..   . ., 1 ,),., ii.,„i,.,y  mi,.i.ln. Reeve and fieik  for each  and ever)
ov harl Blown, and Ibe Duihes, Wuldcr plvmvn, „r ,„,„,.„ ,,,„, „,n|| b,cumJ
Betsy Htovcni 1 due and sueb signatures muy be dttiet
,,,. ,, ,,._        .     .    ,   .    wrlllen   lithographed oulainped
"Walls   ov   pnuiitih*   rock,   laid   In     ,    .,.,„. „u|(| „tU.nlu,*,Bunii, „„„„
Id,man cement, bound the estate, while ai lo principal and lnlereit be parable
iui lhe lUslrlrt Munlclpul ufflce. Norlh
upward and downwards lbc eye 1 slches I Vuncouver.  II   1.'.  or ul   the  uum lp:,l
ft, away the rnagni.it and slew garden ' »£»)c»' ,JV^*  of Toronto ln°fhe! >»''"-■
ul   lhe Hudson.    As Ihe  voung inuon ' Province of unlnrlo ur ul the principal I
.     ollice of Hie suld bank In lbe illy of I
hangs like a cuflm ov silver frum the M„nlrrol  In  Itu; J'rovlnce  of ijurbe.    Clly Kngfniii's DfOii
,,    ,      ,>.i      L'   .    .„„„i „,„„ i„ The sul.! principal sum slmll be nn.de      Norlli   Vaneouver
Idu brut of the ski, in angel may be pg>.,b|e |„. „„. yorporailon nol Int.r        Jlnd June. 1912
A BV-I.AW 1.1 enable ibr 1 uri Uuu
of ibr Diniii,-1 ui .-n... ii.  Vancouver
tu raise b)   oa,   „r loan tbr turn of
•2I.IHHI.UII lu lie . >j,.n.leil 111 Ilr I'm
rtiiin.■  nod   clearing   uf   School   (Hire.
Uil I'll I HAS   lllc   umuulll   of   llle   debl
which tills By-Law Is Intended to ere
ate Is the sum tif 111.000 OU. und tbe
1,1,|,,i fur which the said debt Is
created Is the purchase and dealing of
:   1  ".I Sites;
AND WHKBKAH 11 will be necessary
lo raise annually by special rale thu
total sum of flies for Ulty years for
the le-payuient of the auld loun und
Interesl al li per cent pel annum an
herelnufler provided;
AND WHKBIvAS llle value of the
whul" rateable lnml 01 improvements
or real property of lhe Munldpulll)
an or.ling to the last revised Assess
m. nt Boll  nm,1.1,1 • 10 ll.om.i90;
AND WllKBKAS the uggregule of
the Debenlure debt „f the Munlclpul. 1.1
lexcepl foi works of I,.ml Improve
in,1,: and School purposesj alnouiils I,,
102;. 000.
TH Kit LI'i lit In Hi, lleeve und Council
of llle Corporullon of llle District ol
North Vaneouver In Council ass, ini'ti d
iwllh the iiHselll of (he lilc Ims of the
Dlslrlcl duly oliliillicill ,b. hereby "in
ucl us follows;
1 ll shall be lawful for ilu- ' . unci! for lhe purpose afore, ii.i in borrow ur rulse b) wo) of Joan In,ir an)
person or persons, body or in..I! s corporate Who ma) be ulllu,,, I'i adv.inutile same, upon the iredil of the In
benlures of this Coiporitl.,11 1.,-tefn
ofler provided for. a sunt ■.; sums ot
money nut exceeding In lhe ivhoie the
sum of 121.00000. ulld !<! < 111s,' llie
same lu li, placed In the II.um of Ilill
Inii North America to the irmll! of tie
C01 porn 1 Ion for ihe purpose .1(01,said
2 Debenlure Bonds of ilie Corporullon tu the amount uf l-i.ueo 00 In th.
whule may tie Issued III lhe Beeve ulld
Cl.rk uf the Corp,nation In terms of
tlie Municipal Acl tn sums as may be
desired,  but   lm'single   Debenture  shall
be for u greatei sum Hum i'nr Thousand Dollars
Kuril of sold In inlliui, Honda shall
be slgll.-d by tin BeeVe and Clerk and
shull be sealed wllh the Seal ot lhe
1 The said Debenlure Bonds slmll
bear Interesl ut a rate not .<i ei'mg
(Ive In r cent per annum, payable I111H
yenili on the last day of February and
Isl   day   of  August   In  each   and
DIM lllli   UK   MIRTH    lAMIIIVIlR
Miller   lo   1 "inn u'" •
Healed lenders on the prescribed
forms and accompanied b) certified
cheuue ur cash for I per c.-iil. of the
umount of lender iwhl.h sum shall bill, bl mull ll" satisfactory completion
uf tbe works, according to plans and
sin', libations) will be received by Mr.
Joluf 1! Funnel, Municipal clerk, until
I y in mi Thursday, lib July. 1912.
for the following Vork-:
tiiading and tonlliig.nl work.
Twenty-second Sum 1   D   I.  '"'-'
Clearing, grubbing and grading rood.
11   I.  t.91 „   ,
Clearing, grubbing ami grading
roads. Lynn Valle)
tlrudlng  road.  l>   I.   »I3  and  D   I.
f.il   i:i.,',00  cu   VdS.  cut  al'I'l'.'V 1
Heading  portion  of  Bice  l.ul,'    Ho.nl
I 200 eu   yds   cut appros )
All   iii   occorUalo.    willi   i'lans   and
aiieclllciillons to be had at  this oilier
after  10 .1     Salui.la). 21'tli Juii",
191: upon pawn, nl of 11 tu fm cadi,
wiihii sum will I" 1. «u ""I upon receipt of l.i.nii Ibi.' I'li'l' ri.
Tin lowest 01 .ill) I'li'l' I ll"l Hum
sal Ily   adopted
J11IIN  It   liimlBiiVK
I'lnl 11,1   Kngi 1
I inn I, I   M um. ipal   Hall
Cor   I.vnn  Vail.)   and  luoiiimr
Una. In
Nmlli Van,ouv, 1. II .ti . .
I IT)   OK   MIH 111   I IM 111 lllll
TDMIIllts tt l.VI'Ull
Selil-d Tend, in 111.111,.,I "Telidel for
Waterworks Supplies'   will be received
b> Ihe CHy clerk of 11 it) of North
\ uncouver up to .'. o'clock on Tuesduy.
lhe 2nd day of Jul) 111: for supplying and 1)1 llv, 1 lug in Un city of
Norlli Vancouvei no following approximate t,Ulliill!ii n nf U'.il, I W"l lis SU]'
1.000   pounds   Jill,     iiili"   glade)
16.0)0 feet   »,  lmii galv   Imn  pipe
If. 000 feet  '.. Iioii galv   Iron I Ipe
1.010 lut ic iii.ii corp rinks Iron lo
1.000   '.-inch  slop rocks
1.000  11.-Imb   g.,lv   unions
1 000  ii Huh galv   Clls
t.00 •', -inch gnlv   unions
All Ih. above 111,1. Ilals lo lie delivered F 11 II Firty Do. I. North
KilCll   lend, 1,1    in ml   stale   Hie   time
w hen dellvi i y 1 in l-e effected
All lender, must be made on forms
suppll, d  In   Un   i'H)'  Kngineer.
A   cheuue   fm    .'•   per   cent    uf   llle
umount of 1, n.l. i  imule payable to the
ruder of tin   lit..  Treasurer must 10
u.mp.ini  1 nib tender
Tha lowest 01 any lender nol nee.-s
City   ICliglliei-l
Painting Time Is NOW
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' Jv   *   ■
1'      '
Tkt up-to-lsu way 1»
ascorlla your Willi
tad ciiliMt li wiik
COLOM i«l Mind!
ieufw. Uooieitlello.
aielltiy. iatable, aaa
ars viry Kooornlctl.
•Jjisen ibaiM.
Kii            ^JSkm-
Hiti ttnet tact Lonsdalo
Vttth Vincouvir. Paoa* til ~6'
11181'IUlTvOs-   NOHTII   VANrilUVKH
A U)'hiK}H *" «lllM>»l» tka carrylug
ant at Ike wort ..I i ,.,„i imgruvt"
"".*} 1 '.rlebrooli. Hoed ,au
relet ua hy way m   Local   laiurov.-
l'l"»r> <»• ruads lor tcrriokjt nul
Ml* Hbrki nlH assies «»J l#v>
• he uical liupmvruu-n, ia|a or las
'•iulr.il 10 provide for Ike payaieul
".' I'l* •?1""« *** «o »cjmifialal. a
aiiiMu*- land io iwr ..rr ikt said II.-
lieuliine,     e> f
WHEBHAB   'he   Ourltprookn   Hoad
l.u.'ul Impruvemenl By-Luw, lllll, wus
pusaud hy the Cuuncll uf the Ilislriet
ul North Vuncouvur to provide toy asr
in I'l.ilniiiK the laud lo be benefitted ulld
Ihu |.uiiuii iluu uf in in in i, u'1'....i by
auuh lunds frum Ihu proposed cliuii'lnif
uud ni.idiii,; to Ile full vvniili of the
' niii,iinini,.' Itoad luun i.mi..,i.in
Avoniiu lu Ihu u,min.mi uiiuii nl
Blook Sl, District Hut it'll, und m.u'-
■ I.I.nni.iiu. ..nm lu ii width of III liul
between ditches;
ANH WHEREAS ll wus luult.nl In
suld Uy-I,uw Ihut the esllniulud coal
nf* thii null] luipi'iiveiiiiiiit wiirh wua
h'lvu 'i'ii.. n... imi Nine Hundred und
l-'uily i):i.:niiiuii I",ll,im. mul Ihul llm
I'liiiucll liud uui end iiiiun receipt uf the
I-uiin,ii therein uunl i lu puna nnd
.■■uiiiuil   to Ihu  I'lliintiiie h  ii,  I..i".  fur
lllll  inni.,,,,   of  uu,.    the llllll llllll
upon 11, in unu,,; uuii.,i by ipeclul
I'jiius to be levied upun the landi
Iheriiby diielui'iid lu be benefitted hy
mii I.l  wurhs:
ami WHEREAS li wus determined
by mild Hi-l.nw Hint the Hum .,uin
shull conllIbuli nim-llflli of lhe. coal
of hu 1.1 works uud shull allow audi
uillitrlbutfon by wuy uf relink' of oliu-
II art li nf lhe laid ipcdul rule lu bu
levied aa aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS H lu determined
h) auld lly-l.aw Ihul the lands tu be
lunch 11 cd by ihu ciirryiiiK-uul uf lhe
luld Improvement works arc lhe Ininli
buvliin a (niiiiugc uu lin- mild Carls-
briiuku Koud io far uu 11 li lu he lin-
proveil. mul lhal lhe client io which
Mil.-ll liiiult. mc hcllt'lilleil ll lu propiir-
lioil lu llic length nf Irulilaae ut inch
Ininli respectively fruil ting uiiuii mild
.imi WHEREAS ii petition bin been
received by llle I'ounell dyled ai lu
.'iuh siK'iultiru uud ni. in ,i hy a inujur-
II) lu number of lhe perioni shewn by
Ih, lunl revised Assessment Hull iif III,.'
M11111. iiuiiii v iu li,- ilm owners of llic
lunda affected hy such lly-l.aw ami
llm ,,uiuis ut iiiurc Ihun three-ftftbs
lu vulue of inch landi iiil.liiK thai the
mil,I liupi'iivemenl of lhe Carlsbruoke
Huml lm .-inrii'.l out ue u I.otfil Impi ov, merit, uml Ilmi Ihe unu of
In Iiluiiil he railed b> Debenture llolldl
lu ii. Ismicd upon ilic security of u
I .mn I Iiiiiii ..v. nmni Unl,' to he levied
iii.-orillnii lu (In mild frontage luull
ni",I, llm uiiil lands lu lm lii.-ni-lllli.il iih
ANH VV IIKHKAS llle iimoiilil ilf debl
win. li Ilill Hi-Luw It ilil.'iulul lo
inuii ii Five Thuiiiainl Nine Hundred
.nul Kurt) hull.nn und lhe nmni.' is be-
'lun denied lo provide a Inil'l lor the
mild IlllJiriiVelnelll uf f.irishrniihe Itoad
 In    Local   linpl uv, uunl   Plan:
ANH WHEREAS llu iiiniiiilil lu lie
lulled unnuully hv spi-ulal rate for
n,,illm Hie debl iili'l liili lest under lllll
llv-l.nw Is lllll Oil In lliu 12110 OII fur
.milium,   ruil.l and 207 110  fur lllleiesl;
ANH WIIKUEAS llu- vulu. nf llic
wliule land mid impin.vi nu nl ur real
I,,,,,,, ii.   i,ilml,I,    uiul,!   Ihis  By-Luw
ilXiiUl UlllU   lu   thai   Util   |'«V,Wd   AtMaUf-
ment Roll or tim District In $U,858.QQ;
AND WHhlULOAH the debt Is cioutoil
on the i§ cur Ity of tits spuolal rates
ssttltnj unit luvfad hy thin liy r.aiv mtil
tt |h guuruiilutitl liy the ertfdlt ot the
whole  MunldimJity;
TIIMIII-!K(H(K   be   It   ,'ii.H'li'il   hy   Mn
Heeve mnl Council of tliu rm '|,Qrt.,|.iti
of lhe District of North Vuiicoiivei1 In
Cuuncll assembled j with lhe ussent of
the  KlmiuiH of the "nni   hmiiiiii  u
full ii wa, vis.:
1. Authority Is hereby given the
Cuuncll to carry uut tlte work uf Lucul
limn'm- in. ni uf ilu' auld I'lii-liiiiiiiiiiii:
Huml us befure duscrlbud, ul) as Locul
iiiii'iii.i'iiKin under and by virtue of
tho suld Cujlsbruuke, Roud Lucul )pi-
liruvemunt By-Law, IUU,
i. II shull bs lawful for tho Council
lu ru Iwu by wuy of loun from any person or persons, body ur bodies ^env-
porute upon pebentures to be Issued
us tin< in.ii'it'f pruvlded, ii sum of
money not uxueudihu; In whole the sum
of Five TliDueund NI.ih Hundred and
I'Vi i\ lift.nm mn Dollura and to causu
Ihu sumo to hu paid Into thu Bank of
brltlah North America for tliu pur-
pusu above recited.
3. ;i. I., in ui ,■ Bonds of th« Corporation (to be ..iiiiii Lucul Improvement
i ■. i" i.im. ,, i (u un ii ii,niinl ut Five
'Ihuusand Nluu Hiimlrud uml Kurt)
liollura in whcilii muy bit IhnuimI by Hiu
l.i uvu und ii. ii. of Hm OorndraUon in
LriiiH of Ihu Munlclpul Act and Acta
umumlhiK Ihu ."Hn, .nni of this ByLuw In soma ua muy he ruijulrcd. but
im uIiikIu i ■■ i- i.i hi . uliuli be for u
ftieaUr aum lhan 11000 Hm h of thu
hi IJ I', in nluu :. ahull be flgned by the
...ii.i Reave uml ('lurk uml auulud with
ilu- Seal of ihu Corporation.
.4    The auld  Duhuniure Bolide ahull
hear  ii.ii I. . i   ut  a  rutu not  « .- IIiim
li vi* uur cuul pur uiinom. puyuble luil f
.-curly iluiiiiK ll't' currency of suld
i ■■ i .,.;.., ■ or uny of (hem Thurc
■ ■■"iii be ...I... in .1 lo thti h. i., i,i in.
Hun ilh t'liuiJiiiia aiHiicd hy the Ruuve
mnl Clark for eii'li mid every puymenl
of Inturusl iii.ii may become due, ami
Hiich -1. -i., i. j j i - may he written, Hiiio-
vraphua or atmni'cil
1> Thu auhl Debenture Bondu ua to
i i im Huil uud ii.ii i. .'.I ahull be |iuyuhji
.it tin- i n.i 11, i Municipul Hull In North
Vancouver. B C or ut Hie pjlnclpul
olllcu of the Bunk of Brltlah North
Aiiicrku lu the City of Toronto In Ihe
Province of Ontario, or ut thu prlnclpul
oftlcc of the toild hmilv In the City ol
Monlreal In the Province of Quebec,
uud the auld principal aum ahull be
made payable hy the Curporullon ul u
dale nol later limn twenty yeura frun
the dute of iaaiie of auld I )■ l-,'i,ini.
6. Kor (ht1 puriioBt1 of forming u
Slnklna fund for tlie paymenl of Bald
Dubenfuies ul Mulurlly, und for Ihu
puyment of lhe Inieresl thereon ua It
becomes due. unrounHiiK together to
1497.00, uu above recited, there la hereby uaseaeed und levied over und ubove
ull otber rules uim taxes Hi'1 unnual
sum ael out In the llrat money culuinn
opposite Hi*' prupettlea hereinafter de
acrlbid lu lie known ua the Curlabrtioki
ii- .ni Local iiiiii ..v. ii,, i,i Rule" bul in
accordance witli the provlalona of the
before recited Hurlnbrooke Houd Loud
Improvemenl By-Law, Milt, tlm Muui
ilpulltv will contribute out of municipal revenue one-filth of auld an' ti
uuina levied aa aforesaid und ullow
Witrte ua u rehule of one-fifth uf Said
Bp eel ill  rale  au follows: —
It, lm
i' I'ayalili'
Ki uiiiuil..'
iu   l.i, I
131 9
I 37 38
6 17
1 3191
3 36
8 98
ii ia
3 35
11 3.1
3 35
1 Sh
11 3.1
3 36
3 3.',
1 II
11 13
8 36
3 36
3 35
| lin
11 33
3 25
I n\i, |
18 33
17 It
in 87
6 87
168 1
36 61
81 II
40 89
1 IT
10 8il
sic. .1
98 78
I (117 00
I ll'l It
11,, n.i I.l I'liilaliriiulii' lliiiiil Loral Iniln,,.-nn,nt Hale iliall Iiu payable mil
"I uiul luun llu uiiil |n mini Hi n ri"
l|,i>, llvi'l)   aiul  iliall   In-  ami   li   Iiinii.
I, vl.-il iiii.I I'linrtftiil annually lui llm
in i uul ut muni) >.-inn fulliiwlna- llic
l.-.nur ut Mini [ii'lienltlrt-l ai u liili ul
, Ii.iiii,' in.M'iin. ""i-ilili' iiiuiii; nllli
llu uiiiiu.il laxi'l ur ral.'l (,..yalilf fur
,n,,I   uul   ,,f  lll.-  lllll  l.llir.lln   |irn|,i:r
II, i  I,,   ilu-  iiilil «'„r|!iirutli,n
i       11   l.n   lu li lu   lilullil,,I   llllll   lu   III.
• um ul ,,ii. ul uiiil j,ru|„'i'ii'i . li.i'Ki.l
, .11, l.ll,I l ,il lllilu,I,l' It,,.,,I laiuil, Im
luui'i uu lit Italc lielllft li"* '"' In-null, ,   iiili.llvl.lii.l,   lli.'ll   ll"<   i.il'l    ml.'
nl..ill allu In 1,1 ul.ul ll'illlil. I) llllilllvlfl-
ul ,,i, I I. lliul in nur,Una lu III, fl ..111 -
....    „l   unl,   lull   ur   lul   .llu,Mint   nn
i I   . mini ,1,,     llu.lil   uiul    llu    .mill
ill.,-lull ilf III. Ill II.) lllllll ll, lu Ul.ul.
II.,H i.n far an |<iillll,l..' nu |uill ul iui
ll llllllll;    Will   luu    .1    lull   llllllll   Iiiun
in nun.Iiul „ml livullly H2I)| fi-i-l
I..,, I, liulii 1111)1 finiilnae ami un null
n iliili .inu,n I,, lii - iu mail,, ami llu
ii... j. iu   nl.iii ilni. nf i.-nlii. nil In Hi.'
I I l.u.i-.n-. ililli,'. lliu iiil'l friinlaiin
i.ii,   .nh,,ll  In   ,i  , li,,in.  unly mi  auch
Imlll   ul    lull   lllllllllllH   ull    llll'l   nllu.l
in,,1   ll,„    lllll, I   nf   Iillil   |,i,.|.i'lll.-l
su .milnllvlil.ll Ilf llll.v I ill.ill ll.' fl'i'il
1,1,il i lull.ll llulil III.: llll'l I.i'i III II
J,ill.,    nl    ll.ll
k 'lin ,1. I<i In,,In I'li'iilul ii
' i' nh I uii lliu nu mil., of III. vulu
i ,ii    lm <l>    II I   l.uiiil   I iu j u u v. iii.ii l
Ilul, ., lliul uml l.'Vl.'il n-n In llllllll"
fl,|,     I ,,,.lu, il ' llllll   II    l-n   llll.ll.ilil, ul    Il.l
li .   Muni, n In.,  al  I.nin-
'•     I'lu   nm,mm ul Hn   in I,, ill in... In
In I... nil uiul, i lllll |li lull il iiilijn I
 I null,I.H|.,||
In    'lliin   ll,  I..n.i   nui.   In-  nihil  fur
ll   I „.-.- ..."   "I'll.- r.illi.l'1'n..l.i'  11 1
I I     llnul "U im ni     I.u.in     By-I.au.
I'.U."    iiii.I   nliiiH   .uuii'   inlu   ilTii'l   ull
III, lnl   ii.i;,   nf  Allium.   IJI3l
I'ii - il i>- Uu- r.iun.ll uii ilm 87l!i
■ In>   uf   Inn.     1913
It"' uul   llll.'   il.n.n, „i   nf   lhe   Ink,inn
III    uu    i-lli'iliull    llulil   llll    tilt'
ilny uf , 11113
Iti'ininililt'i'i'il uiul Ilnully aitiiiiiiil  liy
lliu ''iiluiiil  mnl ilaniij liy  lhe  Reeve
mnl Clerk anil it-aloil Willi lliu Corporale tjnul  mi  Ihu ilay  uf
, 1911
lll.HI TOHS    (IK   Tin:   llla'i'HHT   OK
miIitii  VANCnUVEB
TAKK iN'iiTIi'K thai lhe ahuvu la a
Illle cil.) uf llle |,lu|iuseil Hy I.-IW Uliuli whiili Illi vule uf llle Muui uulii'.
will he luken wllliln llie f.lllnwlnj uul
Iluu iiiiiiiini. viz : III llle Mi.mui .,'
Ilull. l.ynn Valley Itoad; In 'lie Church
Hall al curlier uf I.ulllilule A Venue '.lll'l
IjH.'cUl K'lllil. aiul ill Cu.ill.iiiii fncllnul
Iinini- ull III lhe iu -.i.i uf Nurlh
Vaiicuuver, un Sulunlay. lhe '3lh uuy
uf July. 1913. between ihe lunira ul
i UO u'i lm k. ii in. ami 7:00 u'.'lucii n in
JOHN 11   KAltMKIt.
C   M   C  uiul lte'ui'litlin
I'ulillc Nnllcf la hcrcliy uWen ihul
lhe vule uf the Klccluri uf .he Diatrlcl
uf Ninth Vuncuuver will In- lulieu oil
"The Cm iiiiruuke Hiiuil l.ncal Improvemenl Luun Byl.uw, 1913," nn Mi'iir-
ilny. Ihe l.ith ii.ii uf July. 1913. In;
iw.'i.-n the liunri uf 9:00 u'cluck a iu
uml 7.00 o'clock p.m., within the fol-
luwina liulllna lilacel. vin. Ill llu:
I .nniuii Hall. I.yini Valley Roatl; In
ihe Church Hull ul llic curner uf l.utii-
'lale Avenue unil 'Jiiccni Iiu,,I uml at
i',i|,lluini S, llunl Iluuie, In Hie Hillrlcl
uf Nurlli Vuneuuvcr. mnl Ihul ..Inllll O
Farmer hai heen ufifj.ilitt.'.l i. niriiiiii;
uftlier lo luke llic vulci uf inch eleclori. wllh lhe lllilul |,uwell II) lhal
By Oritur uf lhe Cuuncll.
iBlKntd)       WM. II  MAY.
iSIkiii."!)       JUHN  (J   KAHMKH.
ti. M  ti.
llll'l HUT   III'   MIHTll    \ AM.Ill Kll
4   lll-I.AH   lu  aiiiliii,l/c   ibr  iarr)la«
..ul   nl   lbc   ...irk   ul   l.ncul   lm,,,,,.
Ul.ul   ..I   lui    l.yuu    llllll)    llnuii   mul
rnliiuu    I,,     >,,,,    ,,|    I al    Iniuini.c
mriil   lull, nliir,«  ,i,,   au,ii   „( IM.il.t
lu   iitii.1.1.   ilu   iiimli.   /ur   ear ri lua
* uut iihl ...uk, unit la ani'MN aad let,
lbc lucul liii|iru.i-ui.'ul rale er tax
required In i,,,,u,i. r„r lac peyraiul
ul llic lnlereit uu.l in uc-umululr a
n|i,l.li,t I iiiiiI Iii nay nil Ike aald
V>I||.;||KA8 llu Hum Valid lluail
iSi'.'ol.il Hii Hull) Km ul linm uvcnielll
llfi%w. 1912. ».ii l'ii.nfi.1 I,) in,. Cnuncll orthe lilinlil nf Nmih Viineuuver
In iiruvlilt' fm unci lalnlnn llie lnml
in I,,. I,, mini, il mnl lhe |,iu|iuilli,u uf
hcnellt ifcclvul liy unl, lamli fi,,,,. Hie
rVcl 'I. in Ine ami KrmlliiK lu III
•ll'lili uf llm l.yun Valley llnuii
from aji.- Hiiiimai t'lti-li brblpe lu lhe
Nurllicrii Buundnry nf lilnirlct J.ut 863
i nnd jii.K|u,iiiil,',lr,fi sun,' in ,i width
"f 18 Icrt ul'inaHu.'jli)iillii.ailerly ilile
' I Hi. I'i imwuyTIW luld mini iu far ui
n.l'i J runway extendi, uml miivclllna
milnc lu a ivluil, nf 20 fiel in the
ci nlie nf the iman1 hcinni) lhe auhl
Train way.
AND WHKHKAS 11 win recite')- In
ini'l Dy-Ianv Uml il,,.. iilliuiili'il cn
ut the laid lin|iiuvi'ru*.'iil work wai
Tlili ly-'I'W'i Tlmiiinnil Twri tlnn-lret
uml Knilyiliic. itJ'2.311) liollura ami
Uiul lhe < uuiiili .uul niree'l upon re-
-.i'liii uf ll.e petlilun ihi'i.p ineiiiii'ii'il
iu imiii ami aiiliinll lu the Hleclnrs a
Ily l,uw fur Ihe purjiuic uf liurruwInK
lhe mid ium upun licluuiluiui nnii.il
hi' apeelul rulli lo he levl.nl upun lhe
Iiimli H'oreby ileclared In he benefit ted
hy ml'l worka.
ANH whkhkan II waa il.l.'irnln.'.J
hy laid By-I.aw Ihtl thi; MtHilcljiallly
Nhull conlribiile une-llfth of Ihe eml
of inul uml.. anil ahull allow iuch
i unu Ihiiilmi hy way of rebate of one-
Itfili of Ihe laid ipeclul rato lo be
I. viui in aforeiald:
ANH V. hkhk.m; h |a determined hy
laid Jty -f.uw Hint Hie lumla to he
Itflielltlad by Hie uurtlnt uulM miu
.'..I'l Imi'l uv inciii wurka are the lunda
having a frontage on the aald Lynn
Vulley Houd iu lur al II la lo be im
proved, ami  Ihul  II xlenl  tu whlel
iuch landi ure benefitted li In prnpor
liun lu the iu., il   ut liun.,, ,   of auel
mull rcipccilvcly  friiniliiu:  upun auk
ANH WIIKHKAB u petition hat heel
i.iuul   hy   the  Cuuncll  duleil  aa  I,
mli algnaturu uml iImiicI liy   i ma
nrlly In number ul the permni show
y ihe lull revlicd Aiieiimenl Roll u
the   .I'iiiu ii .ni.   In  he  the  owner* u
lhe Iiimli affected hy iiich-By-luiv/ uuu
lhe ownera nf mure  Ihun  lluee-llfthi
lu vulrc uf inch lamli iiilnuj. lhal tpi
mli] Improvement uf the l.yt.n Valley
ftuntl  be  curried  onl  us a  I.ocul  IP)-
inu in, ni  uud lhal Hn. iu.n uf (38,813
e  railed  hy  Hebenlure  Bonde  lu  he
.lined   upon  the  iceuiliy  uf a  Local
liiipru/ettienl Hale lu hi levied uccord-
Iiik  lo  Ihe  laid   frontuu--  huiii  upon
ihe   luld   lunda   lo   hu   iienclhled   aa
AM) WHHHKAS thc umount of debl
which thla n. lue. is Intended lo
i icnl" le Tlilriy ii." Thousanl. Two
•iui I    und     Forty-Three    Dolluri
,,.■■■■ ni um) lhe same la helnu i.ru,
....  ...,   Ul."   ...c      ,,,,,       .*     ,-  ,,
li nrovlde u fund for Ihe aald ....
ineiil of I'iiiu Vniliy llnul under Hoca)
Inipruvemenl Plun.
AND  WHKHKAS Iho nmocnt  to be
railed annually by aneclal lltu for pa v
Ina  the debt and ffrleieal  under Ihli
By-Law  la  18(96.16,   beln/  11488   '-
I'liililm- fund and (IIIS 16 for Imu
ANI)   WHKHKAS   the   value  of
whole land and Improvemenl or r^al
prupcrly rateable under thla Bylaw
in uiiiiilii.' lo llle lunl reviled Alicia
mint Roll of the Dlilrlcl la |6l,18i
.11 w
AMD WHKHKAH the debt la crea
un  lhe security of the aiieclaj i
selt|cd   and   levied   hy   Inls   Ilium) II la guaranteed by the crcdl
the  whole  municipality.
THEKK/ffrHK be l! enacted by Hie
Reeve and Council of Ihe Corporallon
of the Dlalrlct qf North Vsncouver
In Council uasemuled (wllh the aasenl of lhe i.i'' ium of the aald District) as follows, via.;
I.   Authority   Is   hereby  given
Hmincll to rjarry nut the work oTl„c«
Improvement of the said Hyifn Valley
Road aa before described, all al Weal
linprovtmtnl under and by virtue of
the  suld  Lynn  Valley   Road   (Sucoml
lliic.Hiuil    Ini.'iil   llilluiiv,-iiii'ill    III   I,uu,
1. It shall b< lawful for the Council
in raise ny way qf loan from any
parson or pei'iuns, body or botlltn cor-
iiuiiii.' upon iii'iii'iiiiii'iii to be innin ii
aa inu .inuii.', in uiiil, ii a aum of inunuy
riot eaceeulng In wliule thu sum o
Thli'ty-Twu ThoUBund, Twu llumlii'
and Kurt j Tlllc (|38,i«8) M.'II,ii, un
to cause the Mme tu bu imld lulu Ih,'
Bunk of British North Amerluu fur
trie purpuse above recited.
3. Debenture Bonds uf the pprporil-
iinii (to be called Lucul Impruvouiuiii
Hiihcllliirc'i] to an mil.mill Of Kill, li
Two Thousand, Two Hundred mill
Forty-three Dollara In wlioUi may lm
liu.iii'il I", the Reeve and Clerk of the
cm iiui'.iliui In terms uf the Municipal
Act and Acta amending iho uumc uiul
of this By-Law In sums ua muy he
required, bul no single PoIiciiIiiit ilmi
be for a greater sum than 11.000 Buell
of the said Dolienluriia shull he u.,n, ,i
' i the said Reeve und Clurk uml mul-
with the Seul of thu Corpm'tillim.
I Thu uiiil lieln,iinm II,nul h.,l
hun iiiicrcii at a rate not uaceedlng
five ner neiit. per annum, puyuhle hull
yearly during thu currency of aald
i': i" iiiiii , ur any nf Ilium Thine ahull
be uiin.iiul In Hie Hiiliiiniure tliinda
uuii-iiiii. signed hy the Reuvu uud
Clerk fur each and every pitynieul uf
inlorust thut imty hecume due. uud inch
B.C, FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 1912.
algiiatures tqay ba written, llthugraph-
or stain.
i, The said Huhuniure Bonds aa lu
lirliiiilpal und Interesl shall be payable
al the Diitrict Municipal Hull In Nurlli
Vaueouver. B- p., or at ths urHiclpal
uillcc of Ihi Huni. ul British Nurlh
America In Ihu Olty nf Toronto lu the
iinini.i of Ontario, pr al Ihe prlnclpul iiillic qf the said Bank In lhe City
(if Muiilreal 111 the limine.' of ijueb,.
uud llle suld principal jjum shall bu
in."i iu '■ ,'i'le by Iho i iu |, ui,, in ii at a
dute nnt later than twulily yuera frum
the liuie of Issue of said llubuntiire
8. |Por thu iuiii'"n„ of forming u
iiiukliii; fund fur llie iuu iiiiiii of suld
in iieiiiuicn ul  liiiiiiiiil),  mnl  fur lhe
Sni) uniil ll( llle lull-lull I ll, I, .ill us 11
lei'omes due, umuuntlug lugulhei' fu
368516 us iiiniic iu iiul ihere Is in i,
lo maimed und levied ovur und iiluive
ull ulher rules and taxes llle unnuiil
sums Hut uut In the first intiney culuinn
uppusltu the i'iii|ieiiii n tu , .In;, 11., described lu he known ua the "l.ynn
Valley   ii.".i   iSocund  SucHunl   Locul
liii|n,iii'iiuii!   II.ile"   bill   III   ,i, i nul,in- ■
with  Ihe pruvlslotia uf thu befure incited Lum Valloy iinini  i.i.. ..n.l Hnc-
t i.n. i Liuilil liui'i.'iuii, nl li. I .,',■
1913, Ihu ii.uiii liulii. will uiiiiimii
uill   ut klulllcl|illl  IluViilllle  oue-lift li  lit
llllll    .lllll nr. I    :,IIIU.,    I, lliil    lis    .ih.     ill
uud alluw  aame us u  rehule uf unu-
llflli ut luld npeiiul rale ,11 fnllnwa.
1) 1,
Bluck     Lul
3, 1. 6
7 '   ll
8 3.1,9)
17. 18. 19
t     -     6
6 uml 7
13.14. 16)
IN'A), 16)
lN«i. 17)
18. IS. 861
Iti'k)     )
862 &
863 I
3. I. 38
and 63
il 7
33 '
71 3
36 11
i.i ,;
13 77
63 6
"6 78
61 I
96 I
10 3
10 3
10 3
10 3
116 75
176 3
11 I
93 9
9 13
616 7
333 6
i lit
68 I
:,» i
68 I
13 76
11 36
66 1
171 3
29 6
88 75
606 4
6 Ml 5
39 3
10 76
131 36
33 3
11 J
13 2
:,:, 1
63 6
80 6
3 3
33   '
,1 i ',
31 i.
9616 Is
Section) Luiiil Improvemenl Rale ahull
be payable out or and from Ihe suld
properties respectively und shull he
and Is hereby levied and charged an
iniiilly for the period of twenty years
following the issue of nil I Del entures
as a lien or charge thereon, payable
along wllh Ihe annual taxes or raits
payable for and out of Ihe said re-
specllv.. properties to tht said Cur
porallon. ,
7. It It beroby provided that in Ihe
tvtnt of any of satd nropeiilea charged
with said Lynn Vallty Boad (Sscond
Section) Local Improvemenl Rate, bt-
Ing now or hereafter tubdivlded, then
tilt said rate shall also be proportionately subdivided and settled according to the frontage or each part or
butting on tald Lynn valley Road
tht subdivision of tbt lind shull
in inin I'liyuhlc
i     liiiiilii
1   371
1 13 67
1 10 86
10 66
9 33
7 16
9 33
7 16
1 16
9 33
7 16
9 33
7 Iti
9 33
1 11
1 n.
8 33
7 16
9 33
7 18
7 06
1 II
.    6 66
36 81
6 It
20 73
9 33
7 16
9 33
1 11
7 16
9 33
7 16
8 33
7 16
n 3.1
7 16
9 33
7 16
9 33
7 li,
9 33
; 16
9 33
7 16
9 33
1 l„
9 31
1 11
7 16
9 33
7 16
9 33
7 16
9 33
7 16
9 83
7 16
7 16
9 33
20 li
I iu
16 IS
1 9t
7 96
13 37
, 317
9 90
9 90
.' 17
9 90
12 ::
.: li
9 90
2 17
9 90
3 87
II 6i
31 ill
II 1.1
. 13
II   nl
II 11
2 1.
II 31
li  il
II 31
11 .u
3 96
II 63
.', ■ i
33 19
II .17
3 17
9 10
II 37
9 10
1 2,
II li
9 16
II 19
33 96
II   In
19 63
9 nn
39 87
26 36
.', 25
31 01
,      3 36
13 03
n ,:„
31 11
31 .6
:, 25
SI 111
3 in
3 11
t IJ
3 31
116 i>2
.., !0
33 6!
6 il
27 06
10 90
66 02
li 30
33 01
6 66
., ll
i a 37
18 61
te go
18 36
36 06
171 93
161 01
II 68
3 01
37 96
In Vn
9 38
9 39
9 39
9 88
9 31
9 13
.. .i.i
I .14
9 11
:. 11
9 33
n 13
9 33
9 33
• 13
n 33
:. 5.1
:• 11
'. 33
9 11
'i .ii
9 33
II 30
II 11
.1.   In
9 13
9 13
9 11
9 11
21 30
10 63
1 II
3 10
'. II
', u
9 13
II I.l
i i.l
1 II
'. l.i
'i II
9 33
'i 3.1
9 31
9 33
I 33
•i .1.1
'i 3.1
9 83
'. 3.1
'I 33
16 23
11.(96 16
1 3ii
3 3D
. li
I I n
i', .'.,
I .,,,
I 66
. .1
i ii
I n,
i li
I ki
I ii
I «7
I Si
1 .-,
1 11
1 li
I 11
l 11
I li
I 11
1 17
2 36
6 60
I 67
I 11
1 21
9 93
2 11
3 96
I 63
'.' 11
I It
I ii
I ii
I il
1 jl
i y,
i II
I ij
i ij
i ij
i i
i i;
i n
1 87
I   n ll u.l
12 .1
1.1 21
9 9il
IK 111
26 23
36 39
II lo
71 i
.. i',' I
6 hi
20 07
137 ii,
131 Sl
5 II
ji. .. ■
o. i.
. ir!
7 :.
7 63
I :•■.
ii ii
10 li.
7 n
i 16
; <6
; i(
7 16
7 Ii
7 If
I 11.
i 16
7 16
: 16
, I.,
I if,
; 11.
i 16
i 16
i If,
7 11,
I ni
11 30
16 ii
7 Ib
7 111
7 16
7 16
16 96
19 7 i
8 60
16 IS
6 63
i; 6
7 l(
', ii.
i ti
7 16
7 16
II 30
7 46
7 48
', li
7 I
7 46
, n.
7 I.,
i If,
7 |j
7 48
i 16
7 41
I li.
7 I
', I
7 If.
', tf,
7 If
7   I
|| Cn
lllei'llllil     ,'inilillll     LOeal      HUIII uu nn |,l
Loan  By-Law,  Illi," und shall enmu
Into effect oil tile Isl day uf August,
, Hasssd by lha Council   in Ihu >7lh
day of June,  1912.
ii. ceiled thu assent of the doctor*
al  au  liuiiun  h, hi on  the
uuy qf , , 19)3.
ii'.u.iu.i.ieie.i and mull' ndnpied hy
llie Cuuncll and algned hy the Reeve
and Clerk uml auulud  wllh
Imrulo Seal  on  Ihu
llle   Cur-
day uf
ci.II thus
M v^llrW*
TAKK NilTH'K, lliut Ihe above Is a
Hue cupy of llie prupusud By-Luw up-
,ui| which Ihe vole uf Ihu Uunlclpullty
will hu i.n.. ii wllhln Ihu fnlluwlng pulling ilulliiui. vis.: In the Munliiiuil
Hull Lynn Vnlley Road; In Ihu Church
Hull ul un n, i ut Lonsdale Avenue and
Queens Ituuil, uml ul Minihn,,, :■',inul
huuse,  ull   In   the   Dlslrlcl   uf   Nuiih
Villi.ullli I.
ll Saturday, the 18th day
or mi!,  mis, butweun lhe hours of
8:00 u'cluck a.m. und 7;P0 o'clock p.m
Public Nolice la beroliy given Hint
the vols, of the Klectora of the Ditlrict uf North Vancouver will bo taken
un the "Lynn Valley Rood iSccnnd
Suction) Lucul iiiii'U'u uieiit Luaii ByLuw. ISIS,'' on Boturduy, thu 19th day
of July, 1818, botwesn the hours uf
8:00 u'cluck u. in. and 7:00 u'cluck p m
wllhln Ihe following polling pluces!
vfs.: lu llic .'.huil.i|„ii Hull, Lynn
Valley Ruad; III the Church ilull it
llle corner or Lonsdule Avenue und
ijinen., Roud, nnd ul Cunlliinn Scliuul
House, lu Ihe District nf Norlh Vuncuuver, upd Ihul John (J. Kurmcr lun
lliiil    uppillllli.'ll    iMiiiiiiiu:      .i.'i  . i      i,
lake Ihu villus ul such doctors, wllh
Ihu iiuiial puwers In Ibal helialf.
By Urder ur Ihu Cuuncll.
nui mui       WM.  II   MAV,
(Signed)       JUHN  11,   KAHMKH,
C. M- C.
iiivnin I III' Mill i II i t.Mill i Kll
A in  i.u,   tu authorise the earning
UUl   Ol   llic   ,,„,k   ol   I..mil   l.n|ii....
incut of lliiiciiiiiirl IIiiiiiI. aud raising by na) ul Local liupruiruirul
lliliculiiro lbe "nni ur ...-ini iinini
aud Pile Hundred »;.:.ououi Dullan
to provide the funds lor carrying oul.
said norli, aud lo alien aud levy
Ike Lucul liiiiilii..,,,, „i Mate or tit
required lu pru.Ide for tbe payim-iil
of tbe Inlcri'ii aad lo bccuuiuIuIc u
eluklug fund lu pay un lbc aaid Ilf
I. inin in lhe Diivcri'uiiil ll'.ii.I
Lucul Improvement Ily Luw. 1912. uui
pulled ll) llle Council uf Ihu lu 111.1
uf Nuilli VilllcullVel tu pruvldu fin 111-
nii.llllllll    llle   lulni    lu    lie    licuelilleil
and llic pruuortluii uf uenefll received
by inch lm,,1.. fruni llic prupoaed clearing   and   , 1 ,      In   III   full    n.i,III:   uf
lllc Dovercourl Rood frum Hie llui
lilin Iiiuiii lu Hie Campbell Huml. ami
mucudumlslng niim- tu ,1 nl.liii „f 21
fui  belween dllches,
AND WHEHEAS li was relied In
uiiil 11) I..111 thm th,- ,111111:111 il ,,,ii
uf lhe laid Impruvuiuunt wurk win
Sovun liinuiaml Kiv,.< liumlrcil i|;.colli
Dollurs,   and   Iluu    the   Cuuncll    lunl
uuleeil upon receipt nf the pcllllull
therein lucllllum-d lu yusn iiiiii Milunli
iii ilic Electors 11 By-Uw for the purpose ut borrowing ihe until mm upon
Debenture! secured by speclul rules
lu be levied Uliuli lhe l.n,.1 ill, 1,1,1
declared tu lie beiielllled liy sulil
AND  WllEltEAS ll  win  determined
In   uiiil   Hul„iu   llui   ih,    ...i,,,,,, ,,,.,If 1 v
iliall 1 uiiiiIhun une nfili nf ii„> coal
uf laid wurka and shall ullui. inch
uuin Ihiiiluli hy wa) nf rehule uf un,-
(Hill uf Hi, i.inl speclul mil, lu In
levied ill ilfulcinld.
ANH HIIEHHAS II li il.l, 1 nnliul In
suld II.-Law Hint tin, lumla lu l„ hm,,'
tilled h) lhe carrying mil ,,f 11,, hiiLI
ilu|i|,m 1111 ill uuiki uli III,- lamli having 11 fruntnge un the mid (inii iiiiiii 1
Ruad   1,1   far  al   It   li   I,,   he   Imp!,,veil
Ulld llllll 111,- ell, III lu uli,,, muil
llllllll are I. n, hll,.I ii Iii inni,,,, Ilull
In lllc hliilh uf (1.11,1,11,   1,1 1111 ll  lull,In
tetpecllvul)   framing  upon  mid  ruud.
ANH WHEREAS 11 pelllliiu  Iiiii I,,,,,
reel veil   by   the  Cuuncll  .Intel  .,     i„
each   ..1, 1 1,   an,I   u,.i..l      .   „   1,111
Imll) In niiinl,ei ,,f ili,, persons shewn
ll) the lull Icvllcil Allcllliunl Hull ul
llic Muni, liuill) lu lie lhe owners uf
tin lamli affecled h) such By-Luw
uml lhe iiwiicii ul inure linm Hire
llflln lu Vulue nf nidi lamli .nking
llllll lhe laid lin,,im. 111, in uf ih.
Iliivi'lcullll K11111I he unliul .ml „| „
Lunil  Inuiinii 11 unl. ami Ibul  lhe ium
uf 17.600 lie i.iiiul l,i Debenture Biiudl
lu   he   lulled   iiimli   ilic   lu uill)   ,,f   „
I.ui ,il Impruvi 111,1,1 Il.n,, 1,, bu levicl
nccnrdlng  lu  ili.   ,..,1,1   fnuiiugi   lunl,
llliiill Hie laid lamli lu !„ L. In Iill. .1 ul
anili laid
ANII WHKHKAS Hi,. miuiuM „l ,1,1,1
whl, I, ihli II, Law ii lutcmlul lu
. leate  li Seven  Thuuiund   Eh.   Iiiii,
'Ilul   I) 5 ll I) 1)111   Ilull,,,i   „,|,1  ll,,   ,„|„i    |n
being   , i,-ai,,I  iii  inuiid,.  „  fu,,,]   f,„
the   laid   IlilprilVelmnl    „f   lluv,,,,,,,, i
IIiiiiiI   uml..,   Lucul   llii|,ii>.mn. in   I'lun
AND   WHHHKAS   llic   am uul, I   In   he
r.fiM.i ..iiiiuuii.,   ii)   i|„,i„i  ,n,   r,„
pay Inu   In    .1,1,1   and   Inieiesf   u	
tbli   H> L.ui   Ii   Kb    Hundred    mul
1 Willi)   Hi Veil    1637 001     I  ..il.n        l„ ||,g
I252UI) f.u linking fuml und 1.176 in)
fm   lnl, i, n
AND WHEHEAS llu vulu.. ul lhe
whul, I.nul and Inn,|.,v, nielli „i n.il
1'iui'ii.,   i.u,,,I,|,   iniilil   Hili  ll) Lau
deplh Ihsn one bundled and twenty
lift) feel bock from sueh frjinluae
and on such subdivision being su msde
and lhe map nr plun llii'mir registered In Ihe Land Begistry Offlce, lhe laid
frontage rale Shall be a charge
nn auch parts or lols uhiilllng un said
ttreet, ond lhe remainder of said prup-
ei ii'i to subdivided Ilf any) shall' lie
freed and released from lhe suld rale
u a . imi ki- or lien.
|. Tht debl hereby created It create.1! on the tecurlly of the suld Lynn
Vallty Road (Second Section) Hoco!
Improvemenl Rale, mnl..1 and levied
at heri'lnhi-fiiic provided nnd ll la
uuiiriiiili'i'l by lhe Municipality at
large ,
I, ITbe amount of the Dehenluret
lo bt Issued under (hit By-Law it subjeel  lo  consolidation.
I> I.
1.1  II  I f. i N n.,
16 i N i... i  li.H
19 111 I Kit I
be M made that at far at possible no
part or lot gbqtllng wjll havt a last til purposea m "
ft.   Thit By-Law mty be cited for
"Tht Lynn Vallty Road
i      ii
6 II
( II
7 ll
8 II
9 11
11 II
11 II
l» 1.12
19 1.12
The said Dovircourl Hoad Locnl
Impruvi ineiil Huie uliuli lie puyable uul
ur and (mm llu iul.1 prutiuilies n
speilvtly and ihall be and li hei.by
levied .nni charged annuallv fui llie
l.erlO'1 uf iwcnly years fiilliiuliig Hi,
Issue uf i.,i,| Debenlures in n Hen ..,
charge Ihereon, payable ulung with
llu iiiiiiiini linn or rutin payable fm
and out of Hie mid retpecllvi prop
erllcs to Hn mid Corporation
7 Ii li hereby pruvlded Ihul in lhe
I'Velll nf any  „f ml,) urupelllea I lllllll,,I
will, i„id Dovercourl Ruin) Local lm-
pruveiiinit Hal,, being now ur here
after iub.llvlil.il, ih,-n ihe laid i.u.
ihull aim be iirupuriliinitiely iuh
divided und settled uccoulliig lo lhe
fniiilaue of each purt or lol alumina
on' itild fi.ivi rcniirl Road and lbe
iilbdlvliluli uf land ihall lie m made
lhal as fin ai ponlblc nu pari or lol
abuillng will have a less dcplli Hum
one hundred and Iwcnly (I20i feel
hack frum inch frontage, and on inch
aubdiviiion being so mode and lhe
map or plan thereof reglilend In lin
Lund Itcglsiry Dlhee llle ssid frontage
rule shall he a charge only on such
parts or lols iihultlng un suld ttreet,
und the remainder of suld properll'i
sn subdivided Uf snyj ihull be freed
and relciiied frum lhe said rale ns a
chsrge ur lien
8 The debl hereby created Is ort-
uied un Hie tecurlly of the said Dover-
court Rosd Local Improvement Rale,
seliled und levied as hereinbefore provided, and ll la guaranteed by the
Muni.,,.,lm.  al large
9. The iiinuinii of ihe Debeniuiei lo
be Issued under lhls By-Luw Is sob-
JecL lo consolidation
10. This By-Law may be riled for
ull purposes as "The Dovercourl Road
Loral Improvement Loun By-Luw.
1(12.' ond shall come Inlu ctTocI on
lhe 1st day of Augusl. 1918
Paaiid by the Council on Ihe 87lh
day of June. 191;
Received  lhe ssient  uf lbe  Kleclori
al  nn  I.huhni  held un  Ihe
dsy of , 1918
according tu the lust revised Assusi-
iiiciiI Hull of the I'llalrlut li 116,380;
AND WHEHEAS Ihu debl li creuleil
nn Ilia iccui'liy of ihe special rstea
aul led and levied by this By-Law and
It l» guiiruAieed by llie credli „f u„-
wliule   .Munlelpiillly;
""nlKHKI'illll'; In It emieted |n ||„,
lleive mid Cuuncll „| tin, Curpurutluii
uf   Hie   Dlalrlcl   of   North   Vaiicuuver
111  lulllliil  llllelllllli.il   i witli   llie  mi,.m
nf  lin   Eleclors  uf  the  said  liimjci)
.11   (lllluWI.    lis ;- -
1 Authority   li   hereby   given    lhe
uuii.il   t„   curry   uul   Hie   work   uf
local Imiii uu nimii uf ih,.. miii Dover-
court llnuii in befure described all in
Lucul linprovciuuiil under ami by Urine nf Ihe mid Huvercuilli Ruud l.ncal
liniuiiin nn in   By-Law,  1912
2 ll ahall be luwfiil fur the Council lu rain.- b) way uf |„un fruni an\
In nun ,,r persona, hod) ur bodies cur'
pullilc. iliiiili Iniiuiiinii lu be Iuued
in limiiiiiiflci pruvlded. a nun uf
iiiun,) uut excelling In whole Hie sum
of H.v. n Thuuiund Elve llumlr. ,1
,17.600 001 Dollurs, nnd U, unu,, 'i,„,
smile n, bu paid Inii, Hie Hank ,,f Bill-
lib .Noilh America for the purpuie
ubove   Hilled
.; Debenture Jlundi uf the'Linpnru-
llnll llu be culled Lucul llllpruveuii.nl
In lielllu,ei)    III    un    minium    „|   Seven
lliuili.iml five Hundred i|7.f,00 00)
''"'Lnu In whul, imii be |n„, ,| by ,h,
Reeve mul I'lerk uf lhe Cnrporullop
In Iiiiiii ur llic iMiinlclpnl Acl mul Acll
iiineiiillii, the i.uiic uml ul ihii Hy
l.nw lu iiiun ui may I,,,, lejulrcd l,ui
uu ili,ale Debenlure ihall be r.,i a
grcuier nun Uuin II.HOO 00 Euch uf
Ike iiiiii Debentures shall l„- ligucl
h) llic Mild Heel, and Clerk and lealcl
with Hu   Smi uf Ih,- liiipuriiliun
I I he luld Debenlure Hullill ihall
Iiiiii lllleiesl at ,i r.i I. n„l , >,,., ,I|nc
(Ive oer .vm p, r aiinuiii. payable iiuH
nail) diiiliiii ihe currcnc) ,,[ iulu
I'. In in in. k   ur   iiu)    uf   ih, ni      Ther,
lllllll In Sl'luclled lu lllc Hihenll.!,.
Hullill , uunulll signed b) lhe ReeVe
ulnl I'lclk fur iiiiii and cut) i.iii mini
uf lllli Icnl llllll uul) lieioiu,. due, m,,l
lll.il i, i..,i ,,, . muy be Itilllen Illln,
graphed   or   il.iiliii.il
ii Tin aaid in lim,iui, liomii „i i„
prlnclpul and Inlcrcal ihull I.c ii.mil.le
ui Uu Mini, i Mum, l|...l Hull In Nmih
Vuncuuver. It   ti   ui  ai  th,   principal
"III).    "(    III"    llnul,    uf   11,llllll    N.i'lh
Ann 11,,, in lhe iii) ,,f Tm unto, lu lhe
rioUnre of Oiiiurlu. ur sl lhe priliclpul
ollln   uf  lhe   iul.1   Ininli   III   lhe  I'll,   nf
Monlnul   In   ih,   lioviii.e  „f   /uebvc
mul   III,    I,iiu   pi liiil|iul   nun   ill,ill    lie
Iluuie piiyulJIe  In   llu   dr,,uin ,  „|   „
idllli U.'I Illle, lluili Iw'enl) . ns li uu,
III'     ihil,     of    luu,.    ,,f    auld    I'Oelililic
6 I'm llii mn pin, uf running ii
ill.Iillil fund fm th, puynii'lil nf aald
Debenlures  ul   maturity,  ami   fur   Un
|,.I.UI., hi    ,,f   lhe    llilcli II    Uu null    US   II
tl, u.lhl I lllll. llllll.llll,||,k llie,.I),,,
i.i li'.'iuii iii ul.nv. luiiul ihen li
llmih)   iiiuiii .I  und   bvled  iiii'i   mid
ih".' nil ul Ii.i rulel am] lalei the
I ..uliuul iiiiiii ii'i uul In llu lliu inunuy
I culuinn  uppuiltc   llu   priiiiciilci  here-
llii.flm il.lclllicl -In I,,, kpuwn ill lhe
"Dnv, icnliil Hi,a,I I.ui nl luipruvclnelll
Hull" Iiiii III .iciuiilaluc wllh lhe
liiuvlllolii nf llu befuri luiiul Iiuv, ,
'iuu, i llnuii Luiiil In,|,i,nu uniil fli
Law. 1912 the ,M„niu,.„lli i will mil
iiiluiii uui ,,f Muui, ,.,,; revenue une
flflli uf i„l,l niiliu.il iiiiiii Iciii.l ui
iifnn i.iiii mnl ullnw luun in a ri hale
uf uin llii uf ial.1 il'.i'lal rill, ill lul
ti, I
21 81
11 II
11 II
31 II
II 81
.1 M
;i m
I ii
III nil
10 90
10 90
10 90
10 90
10 90
10 90
10 90
10 90
IU mi
Hi nil
10 90
10 90
11 71
Aim mil
1. hul,  l'u,
h      Ulnl,
1  27 21,
1    7. 15
37 36
6 15
;", "',
1. 15
:, . '•
il II,
6 45
.7 16
:■ 16
r, ii
'. :■'
5 15
r, is
.. .'.
r, r,
in. i
6 15
1'. ( :
J i.'i
13 81
2 73
U t.l
2 , :
13 61
:■ i
1   i
1 i :
1   i :
1 ',.:
:■ -, |
,  '.
: , .
: 73
11 (1
: .,..
;■ ;.:
10 90
1 17
10 90
8 17
I   627 00
I   136 40
It. < nnilil, ml uml llnuii) uihiiilinl hi
lhe liuin, II nmi ni,, ,1 In the He, ve
und  i'luli   „nd   lenlel   w!ih   llu   Cur
pnralc ,Ue„i  hi day nf
El,El TUN!,   or   THK   nin i nn r   mf
MIHTll  M.M HI uii
TAKK Mil I'i: lliul l|„ ahuve li u
Hue coii) of Ih, |,iunused Hi Law llnuii which ll,,- vule ul lhe M .i nl. nuilli
Will be I nl, ,11   wlllllll  llic   full,,wing  pul
llic Hall,,ni. viz In Hi, Miinliiptil
Hall. Lynn Vnllcv Huml. In lhe Church
Hull ul uuii,, ,,t Lunidiiie Avniue uml
'Iiiuiii Ruud. and al I'mil,in. Si huni
llnilie all lu Hi. Dlilili l of Nul III Van
iinivei, un Suturduy, llu. lllli day uf
lull. 1911 I" Ineiil Uu- imurs of 9 00
oiiui i  a  iu   und  7 00 "cluck  p tu
JUHN  il    KAHMfnlt
M  ti  und Ji'-tinnlng
i'ulillc  Null"-  li  Iiiui,;,'  alv.n  Ibal
the vul f llu   Electort of llie DliUlil
nf Nurlh Vulieuuvei will be lalien nu
Ihe Dovercourl Rum) Loral Improve
io. in Luan Hi i ni lui;' on .u.Huiii,i,
lhe lllh day of July. 1918. belween
Hie Iiuiiii uf 9.00 o'clock a in uml
7.00 uiiiu k P tn . wllhln lhe followlnu
I'Olllug  cl."!,    vis:    In  lhe  Miiiii.ii.il
dl. Lynn Valley Rood; In tht HnircTl
Hull ul llle corner "f Lonsdale Avenue
'   nl     Canlli
Schuul Iluuie. Ill lhe Dlilrlcl uf Nurlh
ul llle corner
'fucciii   lfoui
i    mid
Vancouver, und  Ijial  John tl   J'iiiinc,
has    liun    appullileil    liiiililing    uKlcei
In luke lhe voles nf such eleclors, Willi
lhe usuul puwers In lhal beholf
By Order of lhe Council
(Signed)       W'M   II   MAY,
(Signed)       JOHN  (I    FARMER,
V  li. ti
I  .
Our Stocks of Sterling
and Silverplate
present almost an unlimited choice of useful, pretty and distinctive gilts whiuli it is impossible to deacrlbe fully lu typo.
TABLE ESSENTIALS from full tea sets to Uie smallest spoon,
DEOOBATIVB SILVER in every form of vase flower basket
or candelabra.
'   n
TOILET  (luunn  in sueh quality, deslp and assortment
that all may securo their Ideal.
OABD   OASBS   AND MESS BAtlS which will please tlie
most arrogant demand for iioatnoss, fashion and quality,
Henry Birks & Sons, Ud.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
A Brisk Market
Is at hand. We wish to complete our listings of Real Estato
in ttme for 1'..
J'.ivui us witli full particulars of what you huve for sale.
We liave a number of excellent Family Houses lor Salo at
inline),ie prices.
We have also some good acreage Lots suitable for Sub
divisions and vory cheap.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Elder Murray Company Limited)
17 Lonsdale I'lione 87
LPView- Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caih, $10.00 per month
(J These lots are one block from car line in l.ynn Valley and
nice and level and high.    	
i\ lx'1 us ijtiolc you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
I   lui.'      'III'I.
Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Fool of St. Gtoig-t Ave. /hone 178.
Office: 56 Lowdale Avenue.   Phone 196.
West Vancouver
Council Business
Biggie (to bli tailor) t "BwHjr, I
think I'va been vary patient with
you. I'va promised again aud again
to jiajr ypu, bul It 190 I. W P" Mlier-
ing mu I limply won't jiroiniia any
i i ...
Transportation   Facllltlai   and   Otljor
Immediate Question!
The .liiueiiliI,", beiug experiencuil liy
the municipality at West Vancouver in
ohtaliiing eoiivonieiieeii on terra firina
liril   iui 111 u.'i I ell    UOt   lu III,'!   elli'ullllleleil
in the mutter of transportation faeili-
Ilea by water. Affording to the report
of the I'liiiiriiiiin of Hie apecial committee, in im,,", uu in . are forging ahead
in lliin i i'iiiu'I. 'llie In iiii.Ti liuiu uiin
hul been purchutioil, and waa uow uu
tlm ways ut North Vaueouver being
luepureil for eiauii|i«tiO|i |iy the
Dominion Inspector. Ironmllately after
the inspection ahe would bu'placad on
lliu run between Vancouver and Holly
burn. A representative- of the rule
payers n|' Caullichl urole lo the eoun
i'i! n Lm," lliul a service be operuliul
belween i .mlu, I,l and llullyburu or
belween faullielils and Vancouver, mi
Ihul residents of CuiilHcl<ls miglil lm
uhle In roach lue eity lietweeu eiulil
ami nine u'elock in the mumm/i and
return ulunit leven'In tlie evening. The
reijueal wuh referred to tin1 Iranspurlu
liun cuinniillcc.
Tlm manager of lhe prospective fer
ries, Mr. Merrick, intimated that iu
pursuance of lhe resolution of the Wcnl
Vancouver Methodist ityiurcli iinHiiu
the cotiniiil in proeuro . lifeboat for
Hollyburn us n precaution uguinsl fur
I Iht drowning ' accidents, he had hi
templed to secure u suituhle vessel,
Imi lunl noi us yet been successful.
i ouucillor Uiiitzhurger voiced the
opinion thul llu.' llominiun govern
iiu'iil shoulil hu applied lo iu sueb
it t'liuni'cliiiii rulher I lum a municipal
The Wcsl Vancouver Halepayers' At
socialiiiu iu a resolution of ihr council
were usked lo nominate a committee In
t-oiisull ..illi llic iiii'IiiIiits of lhe coun
eii in securing uames for the roads of
llic municipality. A larpn nuiulicr uf
llie sl reels iiu vn provisional names al
The Nurlli Vaueouver Ilislriet I Viuu
cd wits asked'to scud deeds I'or purks
noil public lands in West Vancouver in
accordance wilh the provisions of the
secession  u|treeineut.
Uu lhe iu uiiiiueii'luliui' uf llie lioanl
ul' Work., tin- council dee,,led In old iu
ils ciiuiiu'criug I'ljinpii'i'itt :i steam
v.ugon costing i'.t.lll" uml -I rum. roller
.vurlli iiiiun
I'uii.nidi'.alih' discussion waaed aruund
lhe tjucslion uf u wharf ul lluudarave,
..ilh the eventual result Ihut u rosolu
llllll   Was I'USS.'ll   111   tile COUIIl'il IlilcrillU
tu construct the nu'luun of a break
wuter I." the wcsl of Ibe present whurf
under ilic lucul imprmi'ineiil system ou
condition lliul the eust did nut cJceed
I In,uuu In pursuance of llie luslruc
lions uf tin- council llic ciiuiuei-r
luiighi forward tbe estimate of llic
cosl uf phiciug piles lur the vvlnir. as
f'i.uu'l Sueh a proceeding bowei cr.
he would uul rcconii'ieii'l 'In .'•'■•civine,
bis assurance lhat a whurf lunil under
lhe I.e ul  u  breakwaler, Mu   uiulcns
uf    "Ilull    HUlll'l    eust     ♦III.I'WI,     Wuuld
slam] ull weuller, tne couutd panel
Ihe million us above, il heiuglne opin
un ul llle IIICIIIi'l, nut llic li mini isl
n'.'i! U-   ul   lhe   eu lll.ll   ,11   | rem III    Mul 1,1
mil iiurruiil Ihem paying llu- whole
cosl nl llu  iirculiwater
Mr. .lulni 11. Farmer, clerk ol llu
Nurlh Vin,, inner district council, hai
ing seul milue lliul ''ouncillori Loutet
and Wunl uf tin districl council hud
been uppoinled u committee lu t-oiisull
wilb ii representative of the Wcnl Vun
couver council regurding tlie repairs lu
llie .'.l.ul lhe cuuucil uppuinlsil II" '
Nelson u committee Willi power lu u.l
in .the matter
Mr Frames W  I'millleM. , mi .„
plaining thul council hud issue! u
I,uuk lei displaying lo thr wurlil ibe ad
vantages nf lhe districl hul not one of
llic uuu iiliiniiuiuum therein was ul
liiiillieliln, mil willisluii'liiig the well
kuown licuiilicH ut tiie plate. Ile luult
issue wilh lhe wul cm of tbe hook lei
regurding llic name of Hhuuk I'uve, on
which, according lu llie hooklci, t'sul
fields wns sttuated. ftcevc N'clsut, re
porled lhal thc council had nol issued
any booklet ul all and did nol knuw uf
auy lulling heeu issued.
llegurdiiig n recommendation from
the Norlh Vancouver Hoard of Trade
tilll lbe council should establish hath
ng beaches in lhe municipality, Coun
filler M.iih, i considered the council
could uoi very well deal wilh the mat
ler until ii was pointed oul jusl where
lhe I', n. lu ■ were wonted.
Tbe council decided to take stepi lo
n "iimu its position in respect to i
waler su|iply. Tbe ttnaucv comluittre
was in mu iui lo appropriate l;-->"
lot a water survey 0/ Ibe municipality.
It was also resolved that, ai Ibere
probably wuuld uoi be sufficient bun
ness 'luring the summer months lo ut
comitate a meeting each week, lessionj
ni.ul.I be beld after July IVIb fort
nightly during July, August and Hep
I em her.
i'ul or.- l'l wilb Mary's young tun
would come round oft.r supper "
Mater: "That's all bl does com*
IHH'I'llll T   up   Mill in    V1SIIIII lllll
1 Hl-IAIV la nulliurlic Ike rorgnni-
"'iii "l Ibt lllslrlel at NOrlk Vaneouver III eater  lulu  aud  execute  an
•artewcnl  ullk  Ike Burrard   lulet
Tunnel aad Bitot Company fur ik«
ptireh.se   of nbarri   I*   Ikt   capital
Slock uf »»IJ eumimuj,
UM I'l' UNACTED by the Hoeve und
I'liunell of the Corporation of lhe Tin
uiei  of North Vancouvor In Council
uasmiihlod   (with   the  aslant   of   tho
Electors of the District duly had nnd
ui'iuiiiuij us followi, via.:—
I. vulhurll) la hereby fc-iven to the
Uui',: and i'ii ili of the Corporullon lo
sign on behalf of Ihe Corporation and
to seal with the Corporale Beat an In
• -"dip
l-iu. uf lhe one purt. anil llle Corpora-
denture   of   Au...
Burrurd Inlel Tunnel and Bridge Com
mui of Ihu olher purt In the terms of
lhe schedule appemlod to this By-Luw.
uiul uulhorlly ip hereby giveu tu the
' "i 1 ..uuilui lu ■ 111,1 Intu and lu ug-roc
lu iill the provisions uf suld agreement.
1 This By-Luw may he cllod fur ull
liurpuses us "The Burrsrii llllll Tunnel und 1111,1,    Company AU 11, 1 ...
II.   This   Uy-Luw   shull    como    inlo
"i. 1.iii,,11 uli Ihu date of Ils receiving
llm nsselll uf llle Meu|enaiil-llov...-uor
In ■ u,,i |,y uiiii,,' in council to tiuu
I'ussed  by  llic Cuuncll un  llic
>luy uf June, mi;
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIB   EDMUND   WALKEB, O.V.O. LL.D. P.O.I,. Preiident
Ant. General Manager. Gciioral Mauagor.
Capital $15,000,W   M $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  lhe North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any lime.
1. A. FOBSTBB   Manager.
1.   The Compuny agrees to sell mul
lhe   Cui'purulioii   agrees   tu   purchase
line   Thousand   Five   11uu.ii,,i   il.r,00|
• Ii.ii ,;.  uf One  Iluu,li,,l   lu,Hum  iiiiun
each ul llic t'npllul Block of lhe Cuin-
■ iv.ii lhe ,..-.■.,i,i  uf Hie lllc.iors huni ill uiiil fur llic price of line Hun
ul uu election held on the duy ol  drcd   und   Flfly-    'I'liousuiiil    liollura
ItU |  .u.uui,in,  Hull).ei to the terma ur the
Itcciinslilereil uiul ilnully adopted hy  *el "f Incui'poruiliiii or tine Company
lhe Cuuncll un  the
duy of
Thc Sekcdulr Above Beferred In.
'I'IIIU i..lu i.u hi. Juuij iMi mtl
duy uf luu lit], between The II ur
uiul Inlel Tunnel und Uuu, , Com-
pluy, Incui'pui'ulcd as u ruilwuy company hy l.'liuilci ol lhe iu,ll.,,,,, i i ,.(
i nn,,,i,, iin i, iu.,ii,, referred lu us the
' "iu mu ii.. i uf lhe one purl, unil 'The
Cuipiirullun of Iho lllslrlel uf Nurth
Vuncuuver (hereinafter referred In ., ■
"The Corpurullon") uf the olher nurt:
U IIKItKAH. In pursuance uf Indenture uf A,,,,.muil duled Ihe Mb mty
uf July, I'iiii und mude betwc.'l) >ne
('.initially und Ihe Curpurutlun. th',' urn
I",i,,i|.ui hus subscribed for und luken
up I wo ihousund live hundred ilinrcs uf
One lluinii,ul I nui, uu euch In Ih.. i'iiiii-
tut Stuck ut llle Cuiupuuy, ind the
I'uiiipuiiy has expended cuiislileiiiliie
minis uud carried oul certuln preliminary wurks lu . .nn, i ii.ui wllh ihe conilruction uf Die suid bridge,
AMI WIICIII'.AS In consequence of
,i, !.,,■ ,,.|,1,1, huve unavoidably occur*
red lii connection with the uccjuisllluu
nf sites fur the bridge lu he construct'
.->i i ,  lhe Company, uiul in conneelioi
With llle uppruvul Uf I'lulm hy the Hull
wuy Cuuinilssluliel'S of Cunsdu. tin
Company   will   be   unable   to   comply
With colllllllullS SI 10 eulnnlelli.il ul
i.ui,) mi,],., In,nm.ul hy thc tlllnl tiiii.1
, iui-Ii ul lhe suld iiiun im ni ul II,
Slh duy uf July, mm
AND v\ lll.lli.AN In view uf lhe
great vulue und benefit lu accrue tu
lhe lilsiilcl uf Norlii Vancouver by
Die coinplclluli uf the works lu be
,i, i, i i.n., i, by Hie Company und th
necessity of cotnplcllng llie suhl worka
uiili.mi uny uniiecessury deluy. Ihe
Corporation bus agreed (o uid Die Com-
puny by subscribing Jul u furlhcr tine
'i i. u ..n.l Five Hundred .il...u 'i
tine lluiiii,ill I'lilliiin euch In llu
i .'liml SI,,,I. of lhe Compuny In nihil
Uuii lo lin- shares nui, Imu, .1 In pm
suunce uf suld ugreenienl uf lhe mn
ii.m uf July, mm und lhe Corporation
Ii.ii. ugrced In extend lhe time foi ..un
ll.ll ul, uf said Bridge.
NOV. inn, INIiK.NTIllti: lu pursuance of lllc premises WITNK8SKTII: I fullllhielil "by   II
ntul lu the inii,.'.'. in,  conditional
11 The Compuny Hhull Issue und
niiilic delivery lu the Corporutlon uf
shure certificates fur all ur uny uf llie
.ui,I Hum shares lu lbc m-i n..i Block
In v.,11,1 fui In iii uny time within
30 duys ufler the Corporallon uliuli
iiiuke written upiillcuiiun for the same,
und thereupon ninl in exchange therefor lbc purchaae price of the shares
hu taken up by the Corporation iliall
be uml become puyuble ns hereinafter
pruvlded Provided, nevertheless, ihul
If ul uny lime the Compuny shull lei
u conduct fm the construction uf the
substructure uf the suhl bridge then
the Corporation sliull ul nnv Huie
thereafter, within Uu duys ufler demand by llic Company, lulte u, nil «,i
any uf suld nli.ii,. and thereupon mu)
In exchange therefor the purchitsi
price "f the hIuiiyh ho lultcii up by the
Corporation uliuli become puyuble us
hereinafter provided The suld purchaae price shall be payable us fui
lows, namely: Ten per cent mi the
iillutiiieiii uf sold inures, and lhe bal-
unce un cn'
J     The i'uliipiin, jflekll bave Hie na
jiltlgc  duly   , i-iiiiiLffK-il   uiul   rciid.v   f<
ruffle   liigeibcm with   four   ill   mil
if conneclliigjyitw.lv before the hips,
if 1' years frlMi the Ub .lav  uf July
inuii, us to cotiiulciiiiu uforeaaid, llii*
Agreomonl shall tic of no effect.
IN WITNESS WIIKiiKiil.' tli,, Compuny uiul im. Corporallon hove caused
their respective corporate sciiIh In be
affixed lhe day mul year Ilis! above
The Corporate Seal of Hie Buivyurd
inlet Tunnel mnl Bridge Company was
hereunto ultlxcd In the presence uf
i'iiuii uuin
Thc Corporuie Seal ut the Corpora1
Hun uf lhe lllslrlel uf Nuilli Vancuu
ver was hereunto alllxed ill Hie j.rcn-
eliee   uf
WM    II    MAV.
JUHN li   luVllMKIl
111. lnl 'TIMS    III''   THM   DIM llll'l    Ilf
TAKK  NllTICK.  Ihul   lhe  above  Is  u
Hue copy  fu Ilic proposed ilv-i.iivv  upun   which   lllc   vule  of  lhe   Muni, i;   .In
will be iiiiini wllhln lbe following
polling slulluns. iii in lin Muni, i|u
ilull, l.ynn Volley lloml; in the Church
Hull ul cornel uf Lonsdule Avenue mnl
ijiiciiis lluail. mul nl Ciitiilmio Schuul
lluilsc all III lllc lllslrlel uf Nuilli
Vancouver, un Sutunlav, lhe llllli dav
Ilf   July.    llll!.    belli ull    III,,    III,Ills    uf
9.0(1 n'l lui, a in   mnl 1 HI) u'cluck |. in
C M  >'  and Itel in nine
1910 Atld dill lllllll |„,|.ie,.,,,I, ,,f Hi.
Suld   Auleefflcllt   uf   lllc   Kill   Jul),    dill
Is hereby ultVicd in rend su Ilml Hie
Company shull have live veers fium
lbc suhl tlh day of July. 1910 wllhln
which iu complete the said winks us
set uut therein
I    The  said   ugreemenl   uf  Hie  Mb
day uf July. 1910. Is hereby luilllcl mnl
continued In all icspecls save only In, l"'iwiS Piuceu. viz. in me municipal
reaped uf the iiIi.tiiII.iii thereof hi , lull Lynn Vulley Itoud. In lie t hurcli
lbc iiexi  preceding  luiiugruph ' i Hull ul Hi nui "I Lunsdule Avenue
1    This Agreement is coiiling.nl up- SXo?1lu'!!5. 7., 'n,,'"il,r'ici uf" N il'th
on  lbc assent  uf lbc  Kleclori uf llu I v     ,,,'..',,,'',,      i,i    .',,,,,
"""Sdvinii ;t b»urCn\,;,o,,,i:.d\%\,!^""in,'i'!'
mhmlylng   Hie   |(| |a|(|. |||c> V0||H |jf BUl|| ,,,., ,,„,  w 11 li
lbc usuul powers In Ihul I,.ball
I'ublie   Nolle   i.n   beieli)   kIvcii   llial
lllc   V.lle   of  tile  e|, i Inin   ilf   tile   lll.Hlllil
uf Nmih Vuncouvur wil) lie lul.cn un
"The Iiiiiiiini lulet Tunnel mid Bridge
cumpuii) Abl Byluw, 191:'" mi Balm
du). Hie 1.1th .lay uf Jul). 11112 lie
Iwecn Hn- huurs uf 9.00 o'clock a in
and   i..IU   ,   in.   wiililii   Hie   r,Iluu inn
tallied   lu  n   ll.v Law   embodying   lhe
some   and  also   lo  a   loan   It)-Law
provide funds llecissai) l„ purchase Hi,
before    lllcntli,unl shales Ulldlilfu iil','1.        II)   Oldel   of   lbc  Council
llle     uppruvul      b)      the     I.l. ut. Iignl .tnlnln.ll llll    II    MAV,-
Uuv,lliul    III   I'ouncll   uf   the   uiiil   11. lluv,.
l.nw   embodying   ibis   Agreement   and      ifilgned'i       JOHN ti   FARMER.
tuliln,. any uf Unu   .veilIn   ur I'ulii,, ti   M   >'
Compuny nf the con-   .vuiu.Mli   in   clau l.mlu tui.ln uuin uin
North Vancouver City
Corners on Boulevard Extension
Lit I, Block 217A, D. L. 546 (67x 114 feet)   . $ IM)
Ui 4 and 5, Work 2I3A, D. LY 544 and 545 $2,KX)
Dittrict Lot 265 .
Ut. 17, Itt and 25. Block 12. caih $2,500 net
For termi, Mapi, etc., apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6286
... ■
■     •
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Vancouver Business Directory
HiisiMiss nil,I,i:i.hi,.
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
3J6 Hastings St. W.
Canada'e Greateat Woatarn School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
HlnAI.  InSTl'l'.',.
North Vancouvar, B. O  June 38, 1813.
Thu simultaneous depurluro of four
L'unuiliiin ministers of the crown, Including l'remier Borden, for Loudon,
with the uilililiuii ul yet another min
is) ur whu is nuw in London tu
cunl'cr officially with tho home government upun matters which closely
affect not unly tho relations uf Great
ilnluiii  uml   i unu,1.1,  but   whicii  liku
view which prubably designates thu
angle ut which the cuinpany stands ro
lativo to thu problem and lbe uther is
tbu public sorvico point uf view, from
which the couueils aud the citizens in
goneral view tliu mutter.
From thu strictly uimportation
staudpoiut it may candidly be admitted thut uo persuu cuinputcut tu judgu
thu i ii uui inn iu this respect euuld arrive at auy cuiiciusiuu uther thun lliut
se are of such u nature us lo liuvul'1"1 present population uml tbe pros
uu impurlaul buuring upun the internal
relationships uf tho eutire Umpire, con
dilutee uu event wbicb cunuut but
give rise lu the most enthusiastic ap
pruvul upon thu part uf ull I'uuudiuu
citizens wliu prize lbc Hrilish connections uml who wish to see the ties
which lnml Cuiiudn-us well as
every component part uf the Ellipiro-
ii, llu1 mulImr country and lo every
ulher portiou of lhe Empire mude us
strong us possible uud ilruwn us close
lis pussiblc. /
Wlnlc il is iluubllcss true that
hitherto lu Mime degree uud in a cur
lum manner the 1'unadiau governments
huvu cuiilcrrc'il with the Hrilish guv
.r inn .nl upon mailers uf slulc, this is
priil,ulil) ibe liml instance in which iu
ihe ordinary course of the admiiiistra
nun ul Canadian uffuirs, u thoroughly
representative group uf I'uuuiliuu min-
islers has journeyed by official appointment tu Westminster prepared to
ilinuim great issues uml clothed with
Ihu necessary authority lu commit Ihu
i unii,inni guvcrmiiciil In Jegisluliuii in
uicordauco with the conclusions which
muy be rcuciicd.
The journey uf this gruup of minis
Iiti. lo London presents the appearance
ol sessions of the I'uiuiiliuu cabinet
hd,I in llie historic parliameul build
nigs upon the bunk uf the Thames, uml
in dime uuiiili I Willi lhe minuet nf
the British governmeut, u developmenl
which places Ihu legislative relation
ships enisling lu'i«ecu l iii,iulu uml
• Inul llrilnui upon un entirely different
basis Irom lhal wlncll lins liltlicrlu ob
lamed uml vv In. li provides llie wurlil
wilh uu uiiiuislukeublc objetI li'BSuii aa
lo lbc iinily ul  llu   llriimli empire
In liun ilcpurlurc lbc government ol
wlm h ilm, 11 1.. Imi,In. is lin cup
ulile uml honored leader lius given t uu
u,lum nli,.ns positive .lcui.iu.nl rut mu
ul ihe tud Ibul ibey ucu'pi implicitly
11,.    Imi   ,,l   lin    < nmul,un   peuple   lu
I'lu. iiig   llnlli    in   puwer   tu   llic   ctf'iTl
ilmi i ..nu ui vvmiic- her destiii) lu lie
I'lil.i.l iii lbe iliieeel possible milliner
wuh lliul ol Hii.il Hritain uml lin
liminti Kmpire. uml pruvides u further
Unsoru  lliut lhe gun rniuciil   uileiuls
ll.. t lo ilml expressed desire
inu.liun people in every pos
uml lo lbc lllmo.nl pussiblc en
-I. in who will .
i    Ki    Hon.   It.
lull    .1     I'    ilu.
rind   Kislierien,
n.i. (inii   iii
I,   Uordeu,
.ii.   Minister
Hon.  I'.  J
,1  Isll'l    Ul    >lus|ilT,    llllll      I,.
Postmaster (icuorul uml
1'.. 1.1 Minister uf Trade
, i     ih, matters winch win
i" i.
Ol     II.'      '   .1
.-.t.l.    WU)   I
I. Ill
iiu mi:
I...I..lull    III
li.ii.nr,  I
ol   .Miir.im
llobert),   I
V   I'iiiii,,
Hun   i.   I
uml ' .iii.ii.
be  ui-ilt i   iJiicumioij   will   include   the
liuvul pulu)  ol  llu   Canadian govern
lucul, lbe 'jiiinhoi, ol imperial uuluruli
nation,  ot   interim!iuiiuJ  lopynght,  of
eubie   Ulol    ju.-tul    ISlcn   llll'l    utlllT    IH
tuns upon which the mn,islers will be
riigugu.1 iiiiiii llii cud ot August, re
turning to Olluwu early in bcptcuibor
The result ot the Ujijilnutioii of Ibe
cuuucil'ol lhe 'li-ltlil uf West \un.uu
ver  lo   llie  It d     I'll,   It)    Hi.   lo   bllllil
uml operulc Irum lines lliruugli llic die-
lrut, will be watched wujli u great deal
of intereil upon lbe Norlb Shure.
Al the present lime lbe only public
mourn of transportation belween Weil
Vancouver and Hie olber North Hhore
mono ipulil'i'n >s I.) ferry to Vuncou
ver, theuce by terry to llollyburn, Thc
providing   of   Iruiiiporlatiuu   Inulilies
v.in.h woniijs i ui i u i West Vancouver
.In.l with the olher portions of the
Norlli Shuic is u mailer of lbc utmost
importance to ull concerned and tbe
way in which lbc council ing link
should be provided is by the eaten-
non Of the Hoc of Ibe V i'. Kl. Uy.
i'o. from Capiluno (ils prescnl western terminus; lu Hollyburn.
It is niuuifcil that there are two
viewpoints from which the project is to
lit considered and these two view
points lead to divergent conclusions.
The ou It tha transportation point of
peels of iiiuiii,nm iinm aru nut suf
liciunt tu malic thu coustructiou and
operation uf this line al uncu a business proposition.
Admitting this however, it must bu
remembered that when the bill for the
incorporation of thu district of West
Vuncouvor was beforo t|ie provincial
i.."mi.hi,im tbe Incorporation committee endeavored to secure the passing of
a bill which did nut recognise the fruu
chisu of the B. (I, El. Uy. Co. as applying to the uew district, but which loll
tbu municipality freu to follow uuy
i nurse (bat might be decided upun
witb reference tu the cuiislruction of
Irani lines. This offorl wus opposed
by the cuinpany iu thu must viguruus
uml persistent muniiur ami lhe claims
of the cuinpany in thu now district
weru consequently upheld.
The 'i'.' 'linn which is involved iu
Ihe reply lu llic furmul reijueet winch
Ihu diatrict lias nuw mude is, whelher
the cunipuny intends tu utilise the pri
vilegeB for which Ihey. cjinteudcd fur
lhe purpuse ul providing lliu district
Willi Ibu Hum 11,ii,in.in facilities vvli'di
llie people rcipiirc ur iu u wuy which
will obstruct und delay the fulfilment
of the wishes uf the properly owners
in tbu district. The rutcpuycrs are
mil .mncrin.'il primarily with lhe ijues
imu us to whether thu coustructiou
uml uperutiuu uf this couucitiug line
wuuld prove a paying financial venture
ui lue present lime. The energy with
which the districl council uf West
Vinii'iiuver have addressed themselves
lu llie ii. ,. .j .ui„i.. i problem gues lu
show Ihut hud the puwer tu build uml
operulc Ibeir own Irum lines been left
with theiii ihey wuulil have proceeded
ul nine to pruvulc lund truuspurtuliun
upon lhe suuic principle lbat hus a
united them wiiu reference lu water
transportation, namely that the muni
cipulity coulil well ulfurd tu luac money
temporarily un upcruliug espouses be
cause of lhe great gains, Ihut wouhl
accrue frum iucreased assessmcul val
lies, from increasing population uml
Iruin the udded llnpetlis Hull would be
given ulluirs in general within the mu
None will entertain fur u moment
uuy iiicliuatiun lo object tu lhe H I',
Kl ity. Cu. protecting theniicJvci iu thc
exercise ut all Ike rights conferred upon liiein by the charter which was giv
ii Ihem upon llic Nurlh Shore liul uu
the oilier hand there caunul be uny
ruum fur adverse comment if the pcu
pic give full expression tu tbe opinion tbut the cunipuny having claimed
>ls righls uml privileges ibould there
with ussume llic responsibility ufovut
ing lbe reasonable demands uf lbe
peuple in Ibo mailer uf transportation
facilities promptly and fully.
This further fact remains lo be cou
entered, namely, that although thc immediate construction uf this line wuuld
llllllll lhal lis ■ .uningn would proiu'lil)'
not be sufficient lo pay expenses of up
eraliun, interesl, unking fund, deprc
nation, etc., yet iuasuiucb as the cum
puny pusseuei a lifly year franchise
upon favorable conditions, thc nu.ull
temporary deficit tbat wuuld be in
voiced would uot affect the ultimate
C iu Iiis lbat will doubtless uccruc from
llic future increased earnings aud ap'
!„., iihioii iii Ihe value of the    fruu
, Inne.
The request of thc district council is
manifestly made iu tbe public interests
iu tbis matter, and it is sincerely to be
honed tbat their efforts may be crown
ed witb success.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
44u Seymour "Streel
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Miiiiiigei
to larger promises ou Esplanade, so
Don't Forget
in:.1.T.VI ll.VNTS
All Nortb Vancouver peuple eat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings St.,
opposite tho new poat office. Leonard
sells Iiii tea by the pound.
lbat when yuu du papering this
yeur Ihut we uro still heru with a
fur better line nt much better prices.
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill Esplanade West. I'buue Ui
(ucxl lu Patterson, Qoldie A Clark)
Our Shipment of Prosser
Racquets is Here
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
We have a few cheap lots close
to Secoud Narrows bridge, also
some of the Cheapest and Fluost
lots lu Wost Vancouver; as this
section Is moving rapidly, you will
have to hurry to secure one or more
of these. Prices from Mnn uu and
up.   Oood terms.
Georgia Real Estate
617 Pender St. W.   Phone Sey. blUl
Ml ru F.
NOTICE Is hereby given Unit Hie
liunrd uf vuluuturs tu consider clulins
fur vvurli niluully jierfurined nnd inu-
lerluls supplied In connection wllh lhe
cuiislruction of the Midway ei V.i Don
liullivu) will further consider ull such
clulins us huve heell duly III. d uiul veil
Any   cl ii I in H  wbleh  huve  nut  iilr.-u.lv
been   Sll  lliul   lliul   Vpllllcd   b)   Bl.lllllol V
di duration ui otherwise shuuld b,
llled wllh llm undersigned without delay.
The Board will consider nil , I.,,,,.■■
for udiiul iili.vsliiil work performed
und iruotls uud tnuierluls luppll.'d In
, ,ililii .Hull vvllll llm mil Viillit lu,,ililli;
ur ol,luliiliin of ilnlil  of vvny  between
Kill-It   I'l cell   ullll   Villi,-ll
It   F   I1KKKN.
Seiietiiiy  for the  llounl .
Address Ho.v 312, Vlclorlu. B  ti.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
00x117.   miu nu and close to car.   Prico slum cash
D. L 204
Lots in Block 3b' at $760 cadi, on terms ul ■, cash, balance
ii   li! and   18 months
We represent tlie London tt Lancashire Insurance llu.   A uumid
Board Company    If yuu have auyUilug to Insure wc can do it for you.
Phono '" 16 Lonsdale Avo. P. O. Box lUlli
10,000 cords of dry flr wood for quick
mil. Prico psr odd cords, $1.76. tip*,
enl quotations for larger quantities,
Ou( Wood, 11) Inches, $3.46. It inches
*»• C. O. D.
Oiu and Yard—14th and Ltwadtle
Pbowl90.    P.O.** mi
MIHTll   V imiii nil
SI. Aodrrn'e I'i. ebj i.i lun I lurch,
Ivellh Ruad—Servicea: Morning. 11:00
evening, 7:30 Adull Ulld. Class 11 m
Sunduy School, 2:30 1' P S l' E. Tueaday. ul 8 p. in. Pruyer Meeling. Wed
nesdai, al I p. ni t'buli Pructlce.
Friday, ul 8 p in. Rev llunnld Mucleud
Kmpiircrs dnnn ineels every Wednei
I ;i v' evening lit b p.in Klcineutury nt ini >
und question* You are cordially invil
ed loalleud, Hooni Hi, Aberdeen build
ing.   Thcosophi. ul free library.       I b
I have llii'in cash and wise lu buy
ii I,ml,ling Mte located us cluse in an:
pussiblc for lbc mull'). l,ol must be '.
ii'i fed ur inure in vvullli      I'  »i   Hni
Jieihuili.i iiiiinii Horner ul Sixth lull!., N„rlh Vuncouver
und St. Qeorge. Siiniluy Services, II 00
a. iu und 7.30 i in Sunduy Scbnol uiul
Ulblu Cluss, ■f.lt y in. Senloi League,
Monday, 8 p.m Prayer and I'ralu
Service. Wednesday, 8 |i in Junior
I.eugile. Tliursduy liflnlioou at 3.30
Puslur, VV  C, Sehllicher
St    Agues'   I'bureh -Corner
and ii, <l, ',.,i.i Sunday Services.
Murning Prayer, 11 am: Sunday
School 2,30 p m . livening Prayer, 7,30
p in Holy Communion, ilml and llilrd
Sundays In month, at II a in. second
Sunduy In in.iiitli. 8 a. lu Itev Suniuel
Feu.   M A .  Vlcur
Salvation Army—I.onsilule Avenue
Sunduy services. 11:00 a 111. 1 y in and
' ll y in Tuesduy, 8 p in . Tliursduy,
I p. in Children's Service, WcJiusdui,
I p. in
llapilii Ckurek—Twelfth und Sl
George     Services al   II   u in   uud  7.I'i
III. Sunday School anil Bible i'liiss
I 2:30 p in. Prayer und I'ralBe Service.
Wedneeday al 8 p.m I'lislnr. Itev A
J. Prulier, Twelfth und SI   Qeorge.
HI. John tke rlvaugellll, l-llglitli and
Thirteenth Holy Communion. 8 u in
Murniug    Prayer
11    u. in      livening
On Ihe llrsl Sunday
.  second
i li liinlluii    of   llie   Holy    ''uuiinuulun
ul 11 u iu    Racier, Hev  Hugh Hooper
Prayer, 7:30 u i
In the  ini,ml,  there  will  he
St.  IniiuiuuS'i  lalLnllc  l limeli.  Slxlll
und Muhon Avenue Sunday Hlali
Moas and Sermon, 10 u ui Bunday
ti, Imo). 2:30 p. in riueury uml Uriie-
diction. 7:30 p. in Frlduv l,„vv Musi,
I a. in. Pallor, Jlev j A Bednrd.
O, M, I
ladiea i alkollc church ol Hi. Paul's.
Mall, 7:30 a. m., Sundays lu lur, JU'V
K  Peytavln, O.M.I.
. UiImii.ii.    Oeleace "Klmberley."
i'liiiiji i ili lu Avenue (between Hour-
i' 'nil' .""I Flfleuiilb sireelsi Sunduy
Services at 11 a in. Testimony Meeting,   Wednesday, 8:00 p. Ill
a. tn.,  every  Sundav
HI. Tkoaeae 8
"uui Hrst Sunduy Jn inunlh 8:80
a. m. first Sunday In month, 11 a.m..
Matins, Litany and Sermon, second and
fourth Sunday. Huly Cumin union und
Sermon, flrat and llilrd Sunduys Vicar,
Rev. T. F.  Howe.
Vtiltltfttn—Ca}Bfr» •'BUimuys.    TV
a in, and 7:20 p. in. Sunduy Schuul and
Bible Cluss, 1:10 p.m. Tcucheru' Trull) •
Ing i.'lnai, Wedneiidii). 7:20. Prayer
Meeiing. Wednesday, 8 p. in Boys'
Club, Thursday, 7:80 p in Chulr Practice, Friday, I p.m. It. Vun Muusler,
If. A   pastor.
MrlkoOlal i'kurrk Worahip, Sundays, 11 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sundav
School, 2:it, p.m.' Pastor. Rev. 0,
I'rnbrlrrlea I'kurrk Worihlu, Sundays, 11 a, in and 7 p. m. Sunday
School, 2:16 p. ni. Paalor, Rev. A Mac-
II. l.lieaeet'i, I.Jru Valley—Mulins,
11 a.m. Sunday School 2.20 pm. Kven-
aong 7.00 p.m.   holy Communion seconll
tiB.irBjffi*"'' *■*""
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Noilh Vancouver, B. C.
RatE-S:    $2.00 pei duii up.    Special
tales lo families uiul lo tctiiilur boarders.
ftlie Stankrfc
THE STANDARD Is 'Iho National
Weekly Newspaper of lbc Dominion
uf i In.mlu ll l.i nul lun., I In all lie
li uses Um in-.Ml expensive engravings, procuring the phulueTaphs from
all uv.r llm  world
lis allu lis ure carefully selected and
lis edliuiiul pulicy Is thoroughly
A subscrlpllun lo The Slundard
i.uuiu (2.00 per ysar lo uny uddress In
Cunuda m 'lual Hrlluln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Cm,
Limited, Publishers.
lu ul) Counirlei Aik fm our Inventor'! Ail vine i Marlon & Marlon, .-'"i
lTnivurslty Hircel. corner Ht. Cathorlri*.
Street, AfoiWu-nl. Cunarlu, and VYum)i-
-i . i.d    D, C., Ii- B A.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. i£T        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and proinptly uu account ul tne Ban Francisco cutliiiiiakc and lire.
How iii.uiy Cuiiipanici could do this/
lbs assots amount to 1116.000,000
A  postal   will   bung  our  roprcsoutatlvc
Boslduul Auent
18 Loiuidalo Avcuue .uul Capilauo Car Terminus
Phones: Lonsdale 157. Capilauo lul
Wc solicit llie trade of all builders who appreciate
I lii-'li Grade Goods al, a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, I -3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 nrionths. '
BBSWB?—^T—^- J	
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise iniuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LT0.,..is/,liable to a penalty of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
Social Evening
Successful Conversazione Arranged by
Women's Auxiliary of St Clement's
a,„iininui!', Debut of  iiiiuii'i  Bo-
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Jiisiiruiicu iliiiiriinli'i'  Duinln
Auililur ninl  Accountant
llll Luii.nilule Avenue. 1'. I). Mux 21107.
Nurtli Vuiuuuver. I'liune l.'J7.      •'
1'ercy   ti    Howoril II    J,   Iiiiiii
lily   Auditor.
A in lilm -h    iiiui    Afeiiuulliutn
bi,    I'.'luli l. SI     W I'    U     HiJX    223u
I'litiiii' tutu riiunc ib':
Vuiicuuver        Nmtli Vancouvur
0. A. Cal.., B.C.S.A.
1720 Chesterfield Avenue,
Nortli  Vancouvor
Phono Hi.iti
Underwood's Barber Shop
Wm. Hurrill, Peter Hoad, I,vnn Valley
I'liiKliaJi   certificate,   Kntiiiiutt s   •jneii
I.lllll I,Il.n
J. H. ENGLISH     .
O. li. (JROOER
Ami general Cuuiniission Mcrelaul, 13
l.uusilulu Ave., iNorlli Vancouver.
Jiiuiiu 321
We are n| iiilmi.  in  these lines.
121A Lonsdale Avcuue
I Al MiillKS
. My cluthes urn at the Canilauu
l.auiiilry where )ours uu((ht to lie
liul uurli for 'it cenls iloz. Hough
dr). I, llu ttel wash, 'lc lb. l)ro(i us
U card au.l ne will call lur li" u
P. 0. Boi 2222
J. BR1ND, R.S.S.
Successor  In  Wulluce  Si Scolt,  Third
Slreei.   (Jeneral r;.j•:,ir  worl.
A.  Wallace's services nave been re
-,   i n.i, .nu,,'      li;,niluu,;!      Plumbing
I'uiili.'iiiurn. Owners gel llxcil U|i
Willi julm licl'iirc rise in niUleriul. i'ul
ligurcn. Juliliiiig caru/ully attended tu
21st Street, ' ■, Block West of Lonsdalo
tiii-   irnuinnciic  rr\ '       Studio   over   Bunk   B.  N.  A.
l.onsdule and r.splaiiuao
Booksellers and  Stuliuners -
I'or. Iiontdulo und 1st.        l'bor" 113 •	
—- li'mli Cliifis Jsadit'8'ainJ Gouts' Tailoring
j Kyjiuinujji   ami    Alterations.   (.'lefliiitig
 ———  ami  iJyciux '" a" ''H bnuu'lies. All
ANGUS J. CAMERON     M*"rk «"""'^ ,       „,     ,„r
...,,.    .   ,. Ill lirsl Slreei Wesl. I bone 2Di
A Ml 1',,   fV   in.
I Hll.  I,M.IMI 111
.1    Lauxj
Irrigation!   drainage, levels,     pi	
uml specifications.   Septic Inul.t    uud Ladies' and (lent,.' Cleaning
iiiniau ilruiungo  u   specially.      1'.   [I. Pressing and Repairing
Box 214, 161b streot wesl  of Kew.cke ^
    121) Second Street East
(il.vrilAi THUS
I'Iuiib Eiecuteil     i :   Ksliiiinlcn (liven
Contio and Mill Road
Lynn Volley, B. C.
hai iiiiiii. .mi.»it).
Specialty; tlhililrcn's  Lessons  ut  own
lionie.     Terms, etc., apply  General
The  Now  Block  on  lonsdule  Avopu
nuar tbo Kerry  Approach
was built by NT Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
'"■uei.11 Conlraotori
First Street East of 'Lonsdalo
Lowest prices ami best  work guaran
U'cil on tinning mul sheet molal work.
I'lans ami Kstimates furnislnil J'rci
Repairing,  remodeling,  ets„ promptly LYNN VALLEY TEMPERANCE HO
I   ur    RAKER On  thc  tar line.  Boarding, meals,
BUILDING CONTRACTOR «"od »«'»»'»°ll&"»" '« **>"»» «"■
VfZ Valley, B, C. f-'oatractors' men boarded. Hy. Kastcoti,
Allan Huml near Weslovcr. P. 0. Bon' Proprietor.
20, J.ynn (,'rcck, «. ','. "
All Ininli1 of saws iiiui und set on the
Oablaot Maltor and Oarpoutcr      J shortost notice   Lawn mowers, knives,.
Will underlukc all kinds of wood work,
•  repairs, elc.
Fourth Streot and Sutherland Avornio
«   V. 0. Box 2006
hodgo shears aud scissors sharpoucd. All
work guaraulcoJ, moderate prices.
1231 Lonidale Avouue Phono 60
Lust Weilnemltiy eveuing tho Insti-
lulc Ilull wns the sceue of gaiety and
color. The occusion was a social even
ing uu a Imi'l' scale arranged by Hie
Wniueu's Auxiliury of St. Clement's
church. There wus never—from be
ginning tu uiul-- any tpicstiou regarding
the sueiuliilily or the magnitude, fur
everyone from the tots wliu euuld bul
jusl loilille, to those who will very soon
lie tottering, cujuyed themselves'to the
full ami when one realises Hint Hie hull
wits com furl u lily lillcl Ihut spunks vol
unit's  fur  those  who   arranged   pint
I ers.
Thurc were so inuny helpers thut it
wuulil be inviiliuiis to mention uauics,
hut ns ihe whole forcea were marshal!
eii by une, uiul .to such good purpose,
II is ilne this une Hint spcciul mention
shuuhl he inuile. The "geuerul1' whu
thus so successfully marshalled his
furces wus iNoruiun .1. Thompsou, ntul
never since urrungeiuents were cum
niiiKi.il uutil lhe culmination—at what
lillle muy uut be stated—Wednesday
evening, did his enthusiasm abate ur
l.i - magnetism play hlm false. New
lu the province, uiul to the Vulley, lie
hus ijuickly ivuii Ine hearts uf the
wliule community, ami with such energy
uml kindliness of disposition has he ul
tacked liin work ul St. (.lenient's
church ihul u strong, healthy ami influential force is being evolved, thut la
already making itself fell Ihruugli
mil llu- Vulley. Ureal things may ens
ily be .men iilicml I'm lins church uu
•ler lhe gm.liinc uf Mr. Thompson
Ilul cuii oue.uf Mr. Tliumpsun's lorn
I'crumeut euuld nut achieve such sue
cess williuiil ii willing baud of work
ers, uml I Ium was l'u liaiul Wednesday
evening, i Male ami female, yuung uiul
ulil, handsome uiul—yci, pretty, on.'
wonders where .111 many huni winker:
belong, uml un Ihey ull pulled together
il m nul surprising Hint success
wan all,nun] It could ilul huve been
oilier wine An iiir monotony there was
"irotliing lining" unless it wus ice
i-i i'iiiu lulliiwiiig ice 'Team luu frcipii'ut
ly ur dialiiM of strawberries succeeding
dishes ol slrawberries luu continuously.
Tlie program wan varied beautifully,
musically il 1 oiuinli'.l uf songs liy ninny
urlistes, 1.1111111 suius uud duells mil
ii ilium all; il included skipping ulnl
dunces 0) luminal und Scutch origin
liicrcnliiigl; 11 was compiled of mu
suul chairs uml ping "pong, wlnlc hu
Inuriiusjy it cuniaiiied hut Iriinuiiug
liim bjiiulfulij liurses. Hul every ilen.
nun well rciiilcrcl ami cnihusiuslii'ulli
rici'iie.l in i'iiuii ul' fuel, monl uf lin
luiiul.. in- wire responded lu Willi eu
llie chui point ui inlerest, liiwe.cr.
nun llie uiiiuil jiiTlurmuncc ht lhe Lynn
'alley liiural Hucicly. Tins society
1111. funned less thun fuur mouths ugu.
,1 nl all. 1 the opening uf llie Institute
Hall 1111,ler llic eoi.iiui'torslnp ul A.
I'-arlc Wugliurue uml considering what
inn lir ml wus a 1 a ilul,lc uml lie lacl, ,1'
Knowledge „f music mining llinse join
ing, il m untiling shurl of iiiarvelloiin.
lhe success allaii.cl al Ihe lirsl public
performance, ll was apparent Ihul uul
ull the voices were in the prul'esniiinai
class, mime liuralincss being eusily ills
in llilil'lc, lull lhe lial.ilu c I'lins'dcMig
llie iiicijualily ul iiuinlnts was ucli
iKUiiit.iiiic'l The hiilii and sliud, na-
guud uml llm members respuiulcd eu
tliusiuslicully uml syinjiatheticully lu
the euniluctor's bulun. Kspeeiully wus
this miliceiilile in the suiter pussuges
ul' "Silcnl Night" uiul the nwell nn
llie sustained chords neur Hie close of
llic name piece. The whole showed
whul hard wurk hud been put in l.y
[lie uji'inliers ami il wus a keen iljsap
piuiiliiiiiil to (lie audience lliut nu cn
nre won ,1.11,1, I ufler su emphatic
1 uiigrnluliiliumt In Hie Lyuu Vulley
1 huml Society utui predictions Ihut
should the progress iu thc licit twu
nioiilhs correspond lo Hint of lhe past
fuur, sume of lhe silver trophies uf
feted liy the Lyuu Vulley Musicul
I ■ 11 ni iii August next will full inlo
tlieir possessiuu,
First.Girl: "I lilte'a man wilh u pa.nl;
he is always so inlcrcsling."
Second Girl: "That's true; bul 1
lun't think lie is ao interesting as a
man with a future."
Tlnrd Girl:   "I like u man.wjlb t
prescnl, and the more expensive  Ihe
ircsenl. is the more interest I luke in
Grocer: "Ten pounds of cheese I Yes,
sir.   What kind!"
'Any old kind. 1 jutt 'want'it to
catch mice with."
Grocer: "Orociousl Ten pounda
would catch all the mice iu North Van
"Well, it looks at if ne had tbt lot,"
uiSTitii.T up south VANtiuyvBR
A Ul-l,m  to cualile tie liirniirailuu
of the lllslrlel of Nurlh  luucouvei
10 raise li) tilt ul loan lbe aum ol
11 uuu,11 tu hr cineiiiirU lu Ikr cuu-
slriicilnn ot Sldr.11.lln III Ibe lllt-
WIIMKKA8 It le deemed expeillem
I... llie Council ot the 1 ,,i|,,,,.,ii,,ii ol
the Ilislriet of North Vancouver to
raise by wuy 01 luun llie sum uf >1U.-
111)11 lu be ■ .,', i,.ii .1 In the ' "iuu inn,,1
of slilewullis In the Hlati'lcl.
ANH WIII'lllKAS the amount of the
dent  whicii  this  HH.uvv  lu liiiciiueu
lu in lu to, ii.nu sum uf fin.unu um,
tlie "inu 1 for which Ihu auld ilebl Is
creuteu Is Hie cuiistruciluii ul .nn c. .,h.
uu atorusuld,
ANH MilUHI'lAH 11 will be neceu-
tary tu rulse utiiiuuiiy hy snucluJ rule
inu lunil sum ul luliii lor nii> yell's
for llie if-iuiyineiil 61 lhe.suld luun mm
inlerest ut [1 per cent, us llerelllullel
ANH WIIKHKArJ the vulue of the
whule ruleuhle lum! or Imnruvcuiciiis ul
reul property lu the sum District uc-
, -a iii'i   iu iiiu lust revised ,iinin,„n.„
IIUll   .iliuilllil:.   10   IS.IIS.I.i'ail
ANII   WHKItKAr!   tile   ..,;,.1 ,,..,i,    01
llle   p. I., iiiun   ii.l'i uf the   .Muni' icnl
ity   lexeci't   fur   ivorlis  of  lucul   llu
ni ,,1 uu 111 ■iii'i s, i'""i iiuriiiiscs) Including    ihe    nun   .hereby   authorised,
iiimiunts lu ,,. . "u
iill'lltlnl'illtK Hie lleeve mid Council
of ihe corporation ui iho m nu ol
Norlli Vulieouver in Council asaemiu.
1 Willi the u.iselll ill llle KieetulS ol
lhe   ,1   Ilia   ilul)   OhlulneilJ   UO   In-u-n.
eriuct us follows:
1. II shull lie lawlnl fur the Council fur llie purpose iiloresalu lo borrow or ruise liy wuy ul loan from uny
pcritun or po sons, noil,, or hoillcs cor-
jiurule who muy lie willing lu auvunce
the sume upun  the credit of Hie lie-
'.nu,., ui Mils Corporallon liuivlnuf-
icr pruvlileU lur. 11 sum ur sums ul
money nut exceeding In the whule Un
sum  1,1   (in nee   llllll   lu cause   llic   ' nm
to he placed in llic llunl: ol lirilisli
Norlh America lu llie eiedll ul llie
Corporutlon ror the purpuse uioicsulu
2. Debenture Honda ol Ihe t.'urpuru-
Holl lu 111,' .Illllllllll Hi jl""...' In tlie
Wliule IIIUI   he Issucil liy lllc iteeVe Ullll
1 leii, uf ilie Corporutlon In terms ul
llic Municipal Acl In sum's us m.u l„
desired, Put nu un,:i. DuOi-nturc sliull
be for u greater sum Hum tine 'I'bou-
una   III,IIUIS.     bluet]  uf suhl   I'eljcnlilln
liumls sliull he .1, i.,,i by Hie lloevi
uml Clork ami shall lie sealed will' lin
Seal of llle Corporiillun
1 The suld Debenlure I1.hi.1m .1l1.1l.
bear inn iui ut u rute uut ex. ■
live per cent per .,11111111 payable hull
lemiy un tin- 1st duy uf I'ebiiiurj ulnl
the 1st duy of An,.uni In euch mid
every yeur ilurlnu Ihe currency uf snld
Debentures or'uny uf them There
sliull lie   attacked   to   the   Debenture
liollds   coupons   slulled   by    III.'    ItceVi
and Clerk for each and ever) puyin.-tii
of Inieresl Huil shall become due. ami
sucli u, 11,in,1. muy he sillier written
llllioKiuiphcd or slumped
I The .-nm liri.cinulc II,uds shall it
lo principal ulnl Inlet est be I'.i.iahlc al
llic Iniilil Muni, In,il Dili, e Nurlli
Vancouvei. II f. or ut the piiliiipnl
ullu 1 of llic llunl. of Illlllnil N "111,
Alnellcii III llle I'll) of Torulilu III Ihi
Province uf Ontario, or at Hie principal iiiln ul llic suld llnul: In lin iii.
of Montreal In lhe Pruvlnu* ut yue-
lice The snld principal sum shall l„
iluuie pawil'lc by llic i'iiiii.uiilluii 11,ii
luld lluili llfly jems frum the Isl .1.1.1
nr Auuusl. lllll.'
I    There shull be rulted uiul levied
utlllllilll)    ll)   special   ral.    oil   ull   lai,
able land ur improvements 01 1. al pru
perl)     III      Hie    Dlslrlcl    tin-     sum
Uf    |liti    lul     llle    pill poSl-   of   foillillie    a
Sllllllnt fuml fur lin puuni'lil ..I nal.l
Debentures wlun Hie,, become due ami
Ihe sum uf turn fur llic In) 111,111 ul
Hie Inleretl al lhe rule aforesaid 1-
hfiomc due on Mich liehelllures doillin
lhe  cUli'ellc)   Ihereuf.   ulnl   llllll   I I
illln 1    10   ull   ulliii    rales   lu   be   levli ,1
Ulld  collected   III   tin   suld   I'l.nllli I   dill
lllll   lllc  whole "ll uin I   <>l  llu   said   l'<
llelltlllc.1   Ul    all)    nt   llielll
Tills   111   Law    ma)    Ue   i lied   lu     all
Imipuscs as "Iiu   Hldcw.illis  I.".in   II,
Law,   1911'
This   II) Law    shall ' none   ml"   ' I
li ,    lllc   Isl   dllj    ol   Aoeiinl     I'.I.'
I'.ISICll     I'l     llle    CuUlllil     Ull     III,      .'Till
ill,)   uf   Julie    K'i:
deceived   Hn    assent   i.l   11,,    1.1	
Ill   llll   Kiel Ilull   luld   ull   llu
du)   ,)l I'li'l
il ii  ni, i. ,i   imu   llnuii)   adopt, d   I')
lhe   I,,lllllll   and   klulicd   hi    llic   llu Ve
ami   ii.ii,   .md   scaled   will,   tin   I'm
pul ale   Seal    oil    lllc da)    .,|
Km  Vl
lii I I,
1:1,1:1 uuii  nr   nn:  iiiiinii r  op
MIHTll  \ VNi III Mill
TAKK Nni li ll lli.il Ilic al„.v, is a
lllje i'u|ii nf llu- pinposed Hi Law upun
Willi I, Ih, Vule ul lhe Muni, li.llll, will
he Iilillll Wlllllll Iiii Ml . .' polling
llullulit, Viz III Hie Mutll.lp.il llllll
I.um   Vnllcv   lloml.   Ill   llle  lii'llili   Hall
al   curner   "I   Lonsdule   'Av. nu.    and
Queen's   llunl   ntul  ill   I ;il.ll.   Si Iiiiiii
House     nil    ltl    lllc    I'l   III   I    ,.|    Nmll,
Vnncuuvei. on S,Uunl,ii ip, i.nl, dm
uf Jul). 191:. In luun Hi, Imiii n nl
9 i.i luck  ll 111   und  1  o'clock   |' in
JOHN  li    Pi IIM I.l:
''       M       I'      liml      llillllllllle      llllh,  I
I'ublie Nellie is hereby UIV. Ii Ilul
llu   vule uf lllc  l-.iul.un of  llm  I unl i,   I
uf Norlh Vuncouver will he lalten mi
Hm Sidewalks I i II. l.nw. 1911'.'   un
Sillillduv.   llle   Utli   dav   ul   .1 tin,      llll
I.. I ween ilu liours „l 9 o'clock ., in
ilul  7  o'clock   pm    within   llu   follow
Inu   I "Illln.   plili es    Vi! :   In   tin    M	
Ipal   llllll    l.)tlli   Vulle)   flnail.   in   llm
i ■lim. I. Hall al  III" iui lie I  ,,f 1 u.l,- .J.. 1.
Avenue uiul Queen's  Idad   ami nli'al
limn.  Si lumi   House   III   llle   I isl 11, I   . I
N. nn   Vuncuuvei.   and   thai   Julm   t:
tuiniei' lius been uiipulnieil lUiuruliii;
qlncer tu tuke the votes of such
Mlcctora with the usuul powera In thai
ily order of the Council,
(Signed)       VVM. II. MAV,
iiu n. .11
C,  M. Ci
lliyiillli'   111-'   MIHTll   v v.m in inn
I HV-|..ttV lo eitklr Ibe I orkorallou
ul tbr Dlalrlcl or Norlb Vineouvrr
to ralae li; mi.. 01 loin lbe aun> or
»iiri,iliiii for Slrrrl l»urpoairV
Wlli'lltlilAS II Is .leemed expedient
by the Council of Ihe Coiporuilon of
the Dlslrlcl of Nurlh Vuncuuvor to
rulse by wuy uf luun lhe sum uf fu,-
QOO lo be expended l|i the construcllun
uf siiccis In ii. ,.,i.i Dlslrlcl Including I, vi.iii,ui und iiniu.... iu. iit of
Kellli Iiuiiii Kust, und carrying suuu-
iicruss Ihe MeCminey Creek by ineuns
uf ii sleel bridge ;
AND WHKHKAS the aim,mil uf tile
debl w nn li lhls II) -laiw Is Inn ml, ,I lo
create Is the said sum uf ,i.„.iuiii und
Hie object for which the suld debl lu
created Is lhe euiiatrucllun ut streets
as nfuresuld;
AND   WHKHKAS   It   will   lie   lleees-
sury lo rulse unnuully hy spciiul rate
"ie tninl sum uf until for llfly yeurs
fur the rc-pU)nicnt' uf llle said limn
iiii'l Inlerest ill „ per cent, us hereinafter provided;
AND WHKHKAS lhe value uf lllc
whule rateable lumi or Improvements
or real properly In Hie suld li-.iu.i
according lo llm lusl revised Asices-
 nl  Hull amounts lo is.us:;.,iiu
AND WHKHKAS lllc ugglegale ul
llic Debenture Debl uf lllc Municipality lc\ccpl fur wurks of l.ncal Improvement ami Schuul purpuses) including the luun hereby authorised
amounts lu 1027.000,
THKitKl'illlK the lleeve llllll I'ulil,
ill   Ilf   the   Cuipurullull   ul   llic   lilslll, I
iif Nurth Vuncuuvei In Cuuncll ussctn
l.lcil   I Willi   lllc   nsselll   or   III,    HI.-elm n
uf llle   Dlilrlcl   dul)   ulillllllcdl   ,l,,|n i.li) ciiiicI ua follows:
1     ll sliull lie liiwful lui Hi, limn. II
lul       III.'      pillpllSC     llll'l CSill'l      lu      Illlllnil
ui i.ilne by wuy uf luan from mi) pel
son ot persons, lind) or budlci corpui
ale who may lie willing In nivalin
lllc   smile   llluill   llle   llulil   of   llle   I >.
Immures iif lhls Corporation lineman.
Itr provided for, a sum or .sums ,,]
money not  ccccdine  In  llu   whul,   il,,
sum  uf  IfneOOO.  ulld   Iii .aline   Un   ,.	
In   he   pluceil   III   Hie   llalik   ur   llllllsli
Norlh   in., ilm   lu  11.,   nulli   ul   il,,
Corpurolluii   for   tin-   puipum-   aim,
2, Debenlure liumls <>! the iiu pu,.,
Hull lu Hie amiiuut ul fli.". null In lin
wliule may he Issued hi llu Ki. v.- and
Clerk „t Die I'nrpurutpill III Ii iiii ui
lllc   Munlclpul    Acl   III   Slims   a."   linn    I"
ill mn nl   hul iii. .-ilni.!.   In h. iiiiii.   nl, .1;
he   fin   a   ,.u nli I   mnn   Iliall   'Hu   ii	
suinl Indlais dull nf said I" I" nl in
liumls shall In Sinned li) Ha llu l.
uml licll, ami shull he -i aiul Willi 11.
Heal   nf   llle   I'„| |,ul a I mil
il iiiu .1.11,1 I'ii" IIIIH HolldS nl nl
1". ur Uiiil. HI al a I,ile lint i U. i ilill,.
ll.e   pel   Colli     pet    uilliUUi    pa.V.lhl,   lull
)cml) mi tin   Isl dm nf I'i hiiiaii nmi
llm   lnl   da)   nf   .Viiciml    I li   ami
evn) your limine ))„ miii'iici ,,l
said In In liluu n ur am of llu m iiu i.
shall he all.uin.I lu Un In In in,,,,
I!,,11,In coupons nlepcd Ii.i llii Iiu l>
and licll. fui ea, ti ami • Wr) pa) un in
uf llll.-lest   Ulnl   shall   lie. Ullll'  due.  ami
sucli signulures mai I.c cither wnit.i
lllliueraplic'l or slumped
I lin said I id., imu Iinini- :lui
,is to l-lilu l|.il and Intel enl he In. u.l.I
al llic IdBlrlcl Muni. Ipal O.ucr Nmll
Vain "ilV i     11    C,   oi    al    llm   |i|llli I,-,,
nlllu    nf   Un     llilil.    ,.f   lllll     Nmll.
Vlncrhu   in   ll.e  ill)   nf  i'ulunl..   In   il..
I'l "Villi •■   Ol   lllll.llill    Ol    III    llll'   I'lll:. I| .1
"Iiiu    nf   III,    nald   Hani,   III   llm   I'll)    nl
Ml.lltll  1,1      III      llle      I'ruVlllle      nf     1)11,
il,    ,,,,|d  piiiiiip.il'ium shall  he  nui
palahle    hi     lin-   I ',,| p..| at l„|l l.ll. I
lhan lllli .cms fim,. *ll„ I ' ,).,: „l
lueiinl    191:'
.', Then shall he i.iisi i aiul hll. ,1
,hllll.lll) l>) Spe l.ll I He uli .,11 laluihh
land nr IlllpruVclin Ills iii   I uil   |i -,pi I I)
Iii Un  iilshi.i ih,  mini nl Hi'.: I'm  ll"
pill pl.lSC "1 ■ lullllllie ., Mlll.lhll lUII-l
f.il     111.     pu.illl.ill    nl    nald    Ilebl llllll.-n
III,mi  Ih, )   heu,in,   ilu.    I  III.   mini     I
til'.'MI  fui   the   pai iii, ill   ul  llm   mli ii il
al   llle   lull    llfoloSlihl   I"   hu mm    dill    nil
such  Debeliluics 'Iinini.   ilm  i ui I' in )
tllnleuf.    aiul    llll uhllllull    In    all
ulln i   rap n  In  In   I  ind   I   . "Ih, ni
In tin- sal,I liiniii.i  duiinn  ,,.,   u,,,,;,
suii'cui'j' ul iiig .will Dubuntimia ur a
of Ihem.
Tills By-Law muy bo cited for all
purposes us "The Stieels Loun lly-l.aw
This By-Law uliuli cuinu Intu elfoct
on the 1st day uf AiiKUBt, lui::
I'ussed' by lhe Cuuncll on lhe 27th
duy of June, lllll   ,
Received the ussent uf the Kleelurs
ul un  tin ' ilm   held un the
day of imjjj'
Rrehnshlereil nnd Ilnully uuajpToii py
tho Cuuncll uud sinned by  Ihe 11,, iu
und  Clejit  uml scaled   wllh  lhe  Cur-
porute Seul un the
day of nil.
Ill,Kl THUS   l)|i'   THK-   DISTIlfl T   tlir
MIHTll VlNiill'VKR
TAKK NOTICK Ilinl lhe ubove'Is it
true copy of the pi-unused Ily-I.nw' U|i-
on which Hie vuie i,r lhe Munlcipnllli
will be taken wiiliin llm i-ii-iui
pulling stations,. Vlt: in the Munlcl-
pul Hull. I.; nn Valley Itoad, In llle
Church Hall al cnincr of I.onsdale
Avenue and tjincu's Hoad. ami at Cup-
II.nm Schuul lliuise. iill Iii llic District
uf Norlli Vancouver, mi Sainrdnv, the
13th duv of July, mi:, belween Ihe
hours of li u'clock u m. and 7 o'clock
p   in
JUHN l!   KA II.M Kit,
i'   M   C  mid  llfturnlng Ollicer
Iillil,IC   NOTICK   Is   hereby   given
llllll   ilic   Villi'   ul   lhe   Kleelurs   "f   lhe
Dlsiri.l uf Nurlh Vniicoiivi'i' will he
luliep  mi  llic   'Shuts  I,nan   By-I.uw,
1912.      nil   Slltlirdll).    llm    |;;||i    ii.n    nf
Jul). 191.'. between Uie In,ins ut 9
o'clock nm and 7 ni lm I. pm w lililn
llm fulluwilie pullllie plmms viz : 111
lhe Municipal Hall. Lynn Valley I lnml:
III Um Church li,,l m Um corner of
Lonsdale Acinic ami Queen's lloml
and al liipllaliii Siilunl Mum. In lllc
Dlalrlcl nf North Vumuiiv. i-   ami lhal
Juhll II li'alllli I han beell .i|,|„.lnle,l
11. Illlilllle Dlllcel I" lake ih, voles of
such Kleclol'S Willi Un usual pnn,in
111    Hull    lainill
Hi   iii.Ii i'  ol  Um  Council
iSlgllcdl        U.M    II     MAV,
iSiKllcdJ       JUHN  il   KAHMKIt,
i'   M    i'
■1 Kir
H' l llll
1 1 ViillN.I
uilmnii i
Kills   nl
in Mulilloha, Siisltalchcwun and Alb. i -
la. llu- Yukon Tmllory, llu North-weal
Trrrlloiies ami In a porllon of llie pro
vine,, or llilllnli i',iiiiiihla  muy he leas-
I fm- a term "1 twenty-one years ul
an annual renial uf fl un ucre      Nut
lore than 'i.llt in i.s will he leuscd In
in   applicant
A; I'll, nil.,11 fui   a I. ..      muni be mude
hy ilie applicant In piisnii t.. tlm Aueii
l   Slili Agclll  uf llm  dislilil  in  will, Ii
llie rights applbd fi an sltuuied
Iii surveyed Ii i lilm)   Um land musl
he ilci.illi.'.l h.i  sclPuis. nr legal sub-
dlvlslnlis uf sctilotis   and In utisilive)
d Imi Iluu   Um Iiiui applied for slmll
he .itali.d mil  hv  the applicant  hlm
Much iipplkalii'ii must In- accompanied I.) a fee uf f.'i which will be refund, il If llm rlulils applied for ure not
available, lun nul uthcrwlBe A royalty shall be luld on Hm nierehanliilile
ilUlpUt   Of   llle   lllllle   ill   Hie   lilll'   I'f   lU'e
nilts l-i' tun
Thc person opcrallng the mine sjiull
furnlsli tin- Auent with sworn returns
ace..untitle; fm it,e fill uu,iiiiiii- of
iiu in liaiiliildc coul iiiiii. I and pa) Hie
royally   tin nun     If   Hie   cuul   milling
lllil.1.1 arc liul  I e  "i • ml' d.  nil, ll  re
liiin.i iili.iiihl l„ fiirninh. ,| ill least nine
a > .'lir
The Icisc will lli.ind,■ llm mai liillll ,:
lights lilll). I'll   III" I. in.,    ma)   lie  |i, I
liillliil  I'i tail' I or.-  wi.ilevi r available
surface  llghls  lllll)   I"   ' "Uii'l. led   ii. i
eS8.tr)    fur   111''   W'otl.lhe   of   llle   IllllU'   III
llle   lillc    if   tlU   all   a- !'•
Fnr    full    Infill Imi    iinhlloallnii
sin,„1,1 hi    In In Hn   in I'lclnry of Hie
llcpiuiini nl uf th.- Interim. Ottawa, i
lu uir. agclll iu Sub-Agent "f I ><>mliil<-li
I.II n ds
W   IV   ti'liV
In lull' Mil.lnl, I af 111. Ilil. imi
N     11     lilillllllull/i.l    pulilhalhii    iif
ilils adv-crllseni.nl will md !"• puld
fur 25 3
ulluid lo pans our sanitary suda fountain.   Conic
in. and then
take homo one of these "coolers":
Munlicii.it  Lune Juice
hue and T.ic
Stone's Lune Juice	
Jamaica Lime Juice    ..
Welch's  Grape  Juice
*    .lbc
i; ..a..i     Grape Juice
Wcdibi' fruit Salt
I....I.   u   FrUlt .Saline
Euu's Kruit Salt-
Om nioffo: I'uril)), Quality, uud lu tinoniii.
The Home Furnisher's ~g
This Week End SPECIALS
MATTING MATS 35c, valuci ai 25c
Do. - 50c, valuci al ,40c
III,iiiiilul  m   I Ji iti, and  'i.liu
Big Value at $5 ; iin Week, $4
MATTING, lJci Yard
Regular Value, 25c and 15c; this
Week, 20c and  10c per yard
Big Value at 45c; tins Week, 20c
'    150 CUPS and SAUCERS to Clear at 5c each; Regular, 12 tic.
—— Theae are Pretty Brown and Green Edge Border —
/ - ■    -
128 Lonsdale Ave.  ?»">« fli  North Vancouver nt-im.
City and Districts
Seek to Control
An important joint meeting of com-
iiiilloes from (ho olty and diatrict of
North   Vuiii'uiii ei   und   the  cniineil   of
W .mt Vancouver inul.' place on Wetlnes-
day afternoon in the eity hall, Mayor
McNeish preaiding over a ebmpaiiy
comprising lleeve May, Aid. Irwin, Aid.
Fraier, Coun, llridgmaii, Ooim. Lonlei
and lleeve Nelsou.
The muyor briefly etplained that thu
cuusq of the meeting was the dissatia
faction of the various municipalities
ou the Nurtli Hhore with the position of
the Hiiiiniil Inlet Tunnel ami Bridge
After discussion, the following resolu
i uiiu, wore unanimously passed:
"Whereas certain of the directora of
llui Hurrard Inlet Tunnel ami Hridge
Company have stated that it is nul possible for liiein tu assume persuuul Iiu
I illl',    Willi,  liicicine   tO   letting   coll
Iriicls for thu construction uf the
bridge fur a greater amount thun that
subscribed) uml whereas the councils
uf the city uml dislriets inlurested ure
iniiiiiiiniiiiiily of tha npiniuii thnt (he
contract ho lot as .soon ai may bt upon
the approval pf tho bridge plana at Ottawa being obtained; and whereat the
cities and diatriot) are prepared to assume tha ueccssary financial responsibility for same, it ia hereby unanimous
ly resolved that tbe directors be requested to transfer to the cities' and
districts interested the control of the
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Company.."
"As it is uow understood that Mr.
McNeill of the V, W-1 Y. Bailway Co.
has expressed iiis williuguess1 to transfer to the Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company tbe bridge site and
light of way of tbe directora of the
Burrard, Inlet Tuuuel and Bridge Co,,
that this meeting strongly urges the
directors of the Burrard Inlet Tunnel
und' Bridge Co. to immediately pass
such a resolution and bring sume to the
notice of the V. W. « Y. Hallway
' itmipany.''
"That the member of Parliament fur
Hie Vancouvor district, Mr. H. H. Stevens, be requested to wiru the department of public works at Ottawa tn
discover the cuuso of the delay in the
approval of the bridge plan of llic
Soeoinl Narrows liridgo."
Having purchased the business of Qeo. W. Harding Co., In
which I was a partner, I am now prepared to furnish estimates aud carry out any work entrusted to me to the best of
my ability. Satisfaction guaranteed. Nothtug but the best ma
terlals aud workmanship.
P. 0. Box 2111
One Acre in D. L. '2023.   Ouo block from carline.   12300.   Terms:
Oue quarter cash, balauce i, 12 aud 13 months.'
One Acre lu D. L. 787 (behind Tompe Heights).   I'lhut)   Termi easy.
Two Acres lu D. L. vnn.   11700.   Terms to arrange.
We have choice buys iu City and District.
Phono 162
P.O. Box 2397
Hot Weather Necessities
Cataract  10c per foot
Bellauc.  12c per foot From 11.50 to »3.00
Wire Bound  15c per foot Complete witli one pair Spring
Corrugated              18c per foot Hinges, Door Handle aud Catch.
Noulei  46c each
Spriiiklen        90c to $1.26 each 	
Every length of Duulop Hose SOBBBN WINDOWS
la fully guaranteed, any defective ,
length will be replaced without '"m 25c to 50c to fit any window
question. Up to 60 Inches wide.
Iu two designs. 11.50 and 14.76. These irons will heat more readily
aud evenly than any other Irou. Every Iron (J guaranteed for five
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Weit
Special (or a Few Days
TBIPLB OOBNEB oo I'.nh Street. Sjte 210  let*  by  111.     Price,
11160. Terms 1650 cash, t, 1! aad 18 months.
We have only a few lots uow left in 781 a beautiful homesite within
two blocks ol liOutdalc Avenue for $976. Terms »i» cue, t, )2
and 18 months. ,
It you hive t house to Bent, or for Sale kindly give us a listing.
fhem 8«S V. Q.Vit till
It was arranged that copies of the
firsl two resolutions should be laid be
fore t lm iinini iug of (he director* of tho
Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Com
pany. on Wednesday ui'ternuon and that
in the in cni of no satisfactory infor
■nation being obtained at that meet
ing ai tn tbo delay iu the passing of
the liii'ii'.e plana tlie resolution us
above be forwarded to Ilr. Stevens.
The.meeting thep discussed the visit
of His Boyal Highness the Duke uf
Connaught to Vaueouver ,aud it was uu
auimously resolved tbat an invitation
should be forwarded to the Duko to
visit tbe North Shore ami that ut the
same time His Hoyul Highness's private
secretary be written to and supplied
with information regarding this shore
of tbe lulet.
Weit Vancouver's Railroads
and Street Cart
The West Vancuuver council totfi
occasion ut Tuesduy's regular meeting,
which inul, pluee ut llollyburii under
the presidency of Beeve tyolsnjii to
emphatically resolve thai the i.nh,m,
which wili soon be entering Hn., dis
trict must not interfere with the ut-
bieular traffic on the rouds of the
municipality. A furtnal resululmu In
this effect wus passed for bihiui.tiioii
tu the iiuui uf liiiiluni t'omiiiiMiiun
ers, slipulatiug that uu railway blinuld
cruss the Murine Drive except by
iiiuiii.- uf au overhead or un underground im--': < uml lhal ull railways
pussing ihruugli the district must run
nurth of tho Murine Drive, and the
sume right uf wuy must be used in the
case of each ruilruud. These prccau-
ilium are being iul.cn on account uf
the large uiuniiiit of money which the
municipality hus expended upun the
construction of the Murine Drive,
which iluu.ii.,'il.nu. wuuld be utterly
.-I'iiiii by the construction ut several
puints  uf  level   crussings.
Anulhcr important  feature uf 'I'ucn
day .,11'ii ii'   meeting was the ini
tiatiun uf active measures tu compel
the lirilisli Columbia Electric Ruilwa)
(,'uinpuiiy tu build in Wcsl Vancouver
ur suffer the cancelling of their Iran
cliise in that section.
At the instance of Councillor
Mathers, chairman uf Ih.' transports
tion committee, llic council passed tiic
following resolution! "Thui uur sul
icitor lie instructed lo make u fuiiuul
request tu the lirilisli Columbia Bleu
trie n.iilv.ii, Compauy tu bujhl uml
iipcrutc lines Ihruugli llic districl ul
West Vancouver, in accordance with
our idler uf April uml Ihul this re
quest be in accordance with the uofiit1
necessary lu be given according lu llic
terms uf lbc frauehise."
The purliculur letter referred tu tu
the rcsululiun wus one asking the British | - uui u Klectric Ruilwuy Com
puny lu construct u belt line around
the mosl thickly populated flail of the
municipality, connecting witli llie ei.ui
I'.".;, '.■■ prescnl tracks ul the I'upiluno
terminus. Addressing llic couucil on
this qucsliuu, Beeve Nelson stated lha!
iu I'lii.-uiiiu •' uf the resolution uf twu
mouths ago, the Nortli Vancuuver man
uger of the company, Mr. A. IJ. I'erry,
hail been asked fur un interview. This
letter, the reeve intimated, had re
inaiiicil ,,,-" i in..'.iulu i fur sume lime,
but ut lust Mr. I'erry hud written stat
ing that be hud referred the mutter to
(he cuinpany's niuuuger iu Vuncuuver.
"',,,il.n.,' further lhan tbis in auswer
tu the cuuncll's request hud mi far come
lu JlUllil
liuiii forget the big Auction title
al the I'la/a Booming Houjo, 118 Ks-
pliinii'le West, uu ttulurduy (toinorrowj
at 2. p.m.   Everything tu be sold.
Prior to dispersing for the summer
vacation, the children attending the
Central achool on 4th and Chesterfield
held their closing exercises yesterday
,"' i ei iiiiun iu lhe presence of a number
of school'officials of the city aud a
company of parents and frieuijs. The
hoard of school trustees was represent-
ed by Messrs. M. 8. McDowell (chairman), ,1. Hay aud K. A. Morden. En-
Trustee A. B. Steacy, who at all times
iiiuuifests a keen interest iu educational mutters, was also present, . The
chairman ami Mr. Steacy addressed the
children in each of the six elass rooms
on lhe subjects of "Patriotism" and
"Our Country," after which a vory
pleasing ceremony look place iu Vice-
President Brown's room. It fell to the
lut of Mr. McDowell to present to Mr.
Brown, ou behulf of tho boys uud girls
a handsome puir uf military
brushes! encased in leather, given us a
token of his pupils' esteem nu llm
vice-president's retirement from stuff.
Trustee Morden ussisted the chairman in Ihe presentation uf liuuur mils
ami. prizes to pupils whu had duriug
the term shown proficiency and perseverance in variuiis directions. The
rolls of honor were awarded as fol
Miss McAdam's ruoin—Depurliiient,
Sheeua Qibaon; prolicicncy, Boss
Squalr; regularity ami punctuality,
Bertie Brown, prizes, Una Bartoii and
Laurie Dawson.
Mr. Brown's room—Deportment,
Maty Orecn; proficiency, Vcruic MdWj
regularity and punctuality, Arihur
Hiij'ele.-i prizes, linilii i Muiiri and Vor
nic M,.un- Mr. Brown announced thui
'•III pupils out uf a class uf 11.1 liud puss
ud to the entrance cluss. The remaining two had nut al tended the full term.
Miss Jurilincn room—Deportment,
Agues Wheeler; prolicicncy, Norma
Shields; regularity! uml piiiniuuliiY,
Anna Clurk; prizes, Norma Shields
and Cecil While.
Miss Jones' room—Deportment, Heu
trice Findluy; proficiency, Doris I'irliJ'
regularity uml punctuality Hartley
I'ulloii; prizes, Henry Arcnid .in.l'Ilea
trice Fiudlay.
Miss Curbclt 'b ruum- Deportment, HI
sic Tuxfnrd; proficiency, HHh Hales,
regularity uml punctuality, ilcatli l'u
verley; prizes, Him t'utc.i uid W.
Mi - Smith's ruum- Deportment, Kllu
Bruce; proficiency, lluiuild Shields; re
gulurity uml punctuality, Tucllu McLean; prizes, Lily Hammond uml Kulpli
SKALKD TENDEHS on Ihe proscribed forms und accompanied by certified
liuji.e ur eusli fur i'i per ceul. of the
amount uf tender (which sum shull
be held uniil the satisfactory comple
tiuu uf llic wurks, according to pluus
ami specifications) will be received by
Mr. i'llu (J Farmer, Municipul Clerk
until 6 p.m. uu Tliursduy, the Ilh duly,
Clearing, grubbing uml grmling muds
iu I). L. 617.
All iu accordance wilh plutis uud
specifications tu be hud al tins office
ufler In u.m. uu Friday, 28th June, VH2,
upun puymenl ,uf ♦ I.UU fur each, which
I sum will be returned upon receipt of
bona  tide  tenders. *
The lowest ur uuy lender i'ul ueccs
surily uccepled.
District   Kngiuecr
j Districl Municipal Ilull.
Cor. Lynn Vulley ami Froinnie Ituuds.
Nurth  Vuncuuver, B. I'. 4-7
 _...    Jju -i ml
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
x\m 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
9    m> ** --mm.	
Why be uncomfortable when with little expense you can
bave your home fitted with SOBBBN DOOBS AND WINDOWS?
■ ■   '.'.il
Thla ia the time to place your order.
Dou't wait until your house is filled with files.
Do It new.
Our stock Ib complete In every detail and our prices are
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
vv v un  Mliill:
We. The Newport Brlclt A Tlio ''.un
pony Limited, u cointioni liic„ij.,.i.,,,.
under Die i'"iciuM,, Acl. whli '■ .i.i
office ul 608 iiiu "-iiili.hi Ilml.In.i
Vinieuiivei'. U 11. ulve nolice Ihul ull
lhe Mih duy ur July, lllli, We Inlel'
lu unply tu the Waler Commissioner,
ul hia ollice In New Wcstinlnsei, ll
C, lur u license tu tllllc und use UIIU
cubic feet uf wator per secund frum
Miii.iiiieii Creek, sltuale un I.oi mis
iiiuii|i One. New Westminster Dlnuni
The wuter Is tu be  inlieii  from  lin
Streum lit   III" Ili'Uil "I till    I'illls illl   I.ut
SCI.  ubuUl  Illle lillle fruiil ll'leW.llei   ..ml
Is  iii  he  used  on  l.ul  (OS.  fur    .nu
Notice uf application wus pouted uu
 I'IIUII',   un    III.'    Iill)   Jui    ul    June
HATED   ul   Viincuiivci.   H.   i'    His
nih duy nf June, inn
31-7 Per J, 11   licvi.v. AiiiiH
iv viiil Mlllln
Vi.-, The Ni'Wiiuit w'utci' Company
i.iuiiicil, ;i I'uinpuni liiciiipuiiiicil nuclei'
lhe i iiiiii .inks Act,  wllh  llulil ulliee III
litis ''illicit',,timi iiiiii, nun. Vuncouver
11 i'. yl vu imiii'. Hint uii llle Mih clui
nf  July.   IU12.   we  Intend  to apply  lo
III.- Will.'l I',,liiliiln-I,,lli I lit his I,(Dull, New Weslnilnsler. II .', for u license
' iu lulu uml use ueo cubic fuel uf water
per ie.iiiiii liuin ilic Hln.nuns River lu
. N.w   W, .nln.lllMcl   1 lint li.l
j ii,,- wuler Is In he luken from the
sll unu nl ii I'.ilnl uliuul lllc center uf
iiiuli.i I.,,,.ii illsll iiiuiii 1011 feet
iilinve   lid,    wul, I    .unl   l.n   lu   be   used
fm uiiiin.iiul emu...- iu ium mn. ;co
11.1    111!   ninl    llllli'.    Ill'uup   Due.   Nuw
V, , slmll sl, I   lilnlllii
i    N,ilie,    uf   Itil.-nilull   'u   upply   wus
ipusiul   un   Un-   jiiuinul   un   the   ITIh
I of .lune.  lull'
,    Iiiiiii ul Vulieuuvei. II C. Ilil.-, lllli
duy  uf Jul,,;   1913
; ii-7 Per .1. II   Iiev'ey.  Audi
121 Second street NORTH VANCOUVER Phouc Ii.i
All New.      No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These   conn; in  Muck,   While,
Lavender, Pink und lt«d ur mixed.
Special Lawn Grass, -   50 cts. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cts. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phi*. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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