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Mayor    McNeish   Makes   Felicitous
Speech on Occssion of First
- Mr. H. D. Kugglos, North Vancou
vor's recently appointed polico magis
I nil f, look his scut on the local beiich
fnr lhe lirsl time this morning. There
were twu cases for adjudication, one a
cuse of drunkenness uud Ihu other one
uf common assault, lu the first Instance Mr. lluggli'H iii.nl, a pertinent
siiggcstiun which is worthy of Immediate consideration, The magistrate
called attention tu the fact that prl-
•suiters, coulil not be sent down to Nuw
Wostmlpstor for a period less tban
sixty duys, which term wus too severe
a one lo Impose in many cases, He
considered that if offenders hud to be
detained iu the city guol for a rather
less periotl that some definite work
shoulil be given In them. Mr. Hug-
glcs Instanced lhe custom in the Hast
where prisoners were put onto stone
brooking. In Hie case of Josopb Lc
Plant, who wns thc lirst offender tu
appear before the police magistrate
but wbo was by nu moans making his
initial appearance ill the local court,
n line of Sllll uud ousts was imposed,
or in in in di .'HI days.
Prior fo the bearing of this and the
common asBliult cuse, Mayor McNeish
voiced appropriately worded grooti.'ig
tu Ihe city's new magistrate. His
Wurship congratulated North Vuucou-
tor on having lunl Hie guud fortune lo
secure in tbis capacity a good level
nouileil business man. ile trusted from
uno point of view that Mr. Bllgl'his1
duties would be few and bis labors
ligbt, "This occasion,' 'observed the
Mayor "marks anotber mile pust in the
upbuilding of nur young city, It Is a
stop in tbo right direction." His
Worship assurud Mr. Huggles that he
could 'safely depend upou the eo operation of tho city cuuncll.
Mr. H. X). tiehulii. remarkod that
there were at the present time inuny
indications of the city's growth. The
appointment of a police magistrate
was one more. Ou behalf of thu bur,
Mr. Scbull congratulated the city on
the appointment uf Mr. Ilugglos, It
was uuly right at this time, the speak
er added, that a tribute should be paid
tu those who had administered justice in the past Ifi wss confident
that Mr. Hugglcswuuld, in tbo execution uf his new duties, maintain the
best traditions of British equity. Iu
this respect, the bar would be only
tuo euger to co-operate with him.
Mr. llugglcs, replying, suiil that he
certainly appreciated very much the
rcmurks Hint hud just been made,
"and," be added, "I cou ussure you
Ihut su far as my ability pcrmils I
shall endeavor to upbuld flic scales uf
justice although they are rather small
■ized ."nl.", in this particular court as
vet. I must say Ihul during the.lime
thai it bas been my guud fortune lu
practice in this court my rcluliuns with
other ufllcials have always been very
pleasant. I hope that these relations
will continue."
The police magistrate then called
upon thc chief ut police tu proceed
with the hearing uf the first ease
"Alluvia" Purchased hy Mr. Alvo vou
l'unh iu the generally attractive chur
actur uf the North Arm uf Hurrard In
let is agaiu exemplified iu the puroltusu
by Mr. Alvo vou Alveiislebuu of tho
stem wheeler "Alluvia," which, whon
reuuvateil and equipped with passenger
carrying facilities, is lo be put on the
run to liuliau river park.
The vessel wus brought around lo
Vancouver for the West Vancouver
ferry service, but the present owners
of the ferries did not think it sdvis
able to npeinI a large uniqiint on her
owing tu the nli,,n tenure uf their office
preceding transference uf the Wesl
Vuncuuver Transportation Compuny's
equipment tu the municipality of West
The placing of the Alluvia ou the
run to Imliuii river makes the fourth
Hue of vessels running up tbe North
Arm, two of which proceed us fur us
Indian river, llm n i'i ill Arm Steam-
ship Compuny hus two vessels runuiug
the whule twenty utiles or so of the
Arm ami lire intending very shortly
to huve pluoetl u third vessel ou the
service, the power, launch II. II., which
is a vessel very well known in lbe
Inlel. The slum wheeler Skeona, whioh
hus been running excursions to Indian
river fur u month or su ufler having
lieen entirely renovated on the Wul
liit'e ways, curried over llll) passengers
on Sunday, uml brought back several
sourc mure. Together with the steamer licltaiicc, the compauy, it is suid,
carried mure thun 2511 passengers ou
Lynn Valley
Construction of u inausc fur Knox
church bus been commenced oust of the
Throe mure bunguluws for lhe Mer
chants' Trusl ami Trailing l'u. Lid.
Inne been completed ou  Evelyn  Ave.
The Kxprcss has endeavored to place
a ropy uf its speclul Kinpirc [fay number in every home iu Lynn Vulley. Tu
lins ilul over Ihree hundred copies huve
In-eii distributed.
The new bluck ou the/corner uf Con
tor uud l.ynii Vulley loads under con
Structiou f\r Mr 1/61. Frommo, was
damaged in sircar extent ''}' workmen
ul the municipality blasting in Ibuf
vicinity un Friday afternoon.
l.ynn Valley wae on Friday the
destination of lhe Korrisdalo Hoy
Scouts, fourteen disciples of the cause
selling uut from their respective homes
at un curly hour of lhe morning under
Scout Master Hyslop. They reached
Lyuu Vulley at noun and immediately
sel tu wurk and established a temporary
camp in most workmanlike style. l(uilo
a little audience walchcd their sctlv
ilies and realized what discipline ami
initiative the Uuy Soul movement un
doubledly teaches,
The street cars ou Mm.lay carried
If,oiii) pusHougers, according lu a stale
menl   frum  lhe II. 11.  Kleclric olllccs.
Tuday the North Vancouver base
tall aggregation cross tu Vancouver to
meet the fith regiment uu lhe Bridge
street grooud at 6.40 p.m., thus eon
tinning the series of intercity games
post puneil frum Friday when the luoal
players were scheduled tu clash with
the y. M. (,'. A.
Owing tu an errur in changing the
wrung advertisement in the Kxprcss of
lust Friday the calling for tenders for
Insurance Kates by thc Ferry Co. was
rightly worded on page 7 while lhe nd
vcrtiseinoul ou puge tt shuuld have
been taken uut. The advertisement
will ttltlay be fuuiul uu page li
Considerable impetus hus been given
lo the Hoy Scout movement on the
North Shore siuee Mr. 1 11. Kuglnh
tuok active interest iu the cause. Thc
number of Nortb Vancouver boys en
rolled will soou approximate a hundred
Wuuld be scouts arc requested lo re
port their names to Mr. Knglisli at his
slorc un Lousdale avcuue.
Mr. J. P. Welch, of Foley, Welch
snd Stewart, left lasl evening for I'riuce
Huperl lo inspect the tturk on the 0
T. 1'. con,inn tiuu Ou his return from
the north Mr. Welch will make an in
spectiou of purt of Ibe proposed route
of the r.u iti- Ureal Kaslern railway
which his firm will build lo conned
North Vancouver with Fort (Icorge.
Mr   P. Kellas, uf thc flxpicit staff,
has mot cd with his faiii/y tu his new
Owing lo yesterday being tne birlh
day of His Mojesty the Kiug, uo coun
uk.meeting luuk place in the city hall
last' nigbl The regular weekly tet
siuii will be held tonight at 8 o'clock.
Thc ladies of SI. Agnes invifc any
who are interested in lhe parish lo S
reception lo welcome the Hev. P.. Fca
ami Mrs. Fea on Monday, Juue imb,
from 8 lu 10 p.m al the home of Mrs
'lllll cur, lOlh and Boulevard.
* Ou Saturday afternoon ,lhe choir
boys of St. John's Church were lrented
by lhe Choirmaster, Mr. K. Slauden, to
u picnic on Second Beach. Several
adult members of the church shared a
glorious nniiiii' witb the youug chor
The body of Kdward Muddell, who
was drowned recently oil -the Lorua
liuniie while off H.oslyn, hu not yd
been recovored. It is believed with
rcuson, however, thst imtificstios of
recovery will be received bofore msny
days havo elapsed.
A specisi sorviio look plsce in St
John's Church on Sunday aflernoon,
when Ihe benefit .society of tho Sons
of England held its annual parade
About two hundred look part in thc
march, while the servico wss conducted
by tho Bov. I. H. Hoo>r.
new   home   in
"Pete" propose
ing nli,.nl..' and
qui  vivo for an i
tm district
a house warm
ids are uu the
Hick" alsu
hit thc trail fur greener pastures ami
will servo in the capacity of official
night wnlcliinau. He is a hunter sod
The North Vsncouver troop of Boy
Scouts wss sugineuted lsst night by
shout Iweuly live more boys. The de
la, hiniiii Is gradually assuming bigu
ly creditable proportions. Mr. }■ II,
Knglisli announced thst it la hit in
ionium lo arrange with thr authorities
iu Vancouver lo have a detarbment
from that cily cross the lulet on July
1st and juin the local troop in a Scout
A msn named Brucc.i, working on
tbo B. (,'. Kleclric Bailway (racks on
Lonadale avenue, wu on Saturday
morning the victim of a icrious mis
hap. A crowbar which he wu using
u a lever wilb wbicb to raise the rail.-
slipped Snd the end slruck him foil
00 tbo forehead, indicting an ugly
wound. Thc injured msn wu attended
by Dr. Thomson, and is making favor
ablo progress.
Mrs. Pslmer, whose home on Fifth
street west Is sow one of tbe model
residences of tbs Nortb Shore, enter
tsined a number .of lady friends ^o s
pleasant afternoon wlti.t drive on Hal
orday. The games, which, were played
ss ths verandah, resulted ia tks fol
Elected by acclsutaliun ou Thursday
last to succeed A. .'- (luudeve (appoint
cd lu the Board of Bailway t'oninns
iloneri) as member of the Doniiuloi
House for Koutenay, wus a pioneer mor
bant of the city of K.i lu, where In
stahlishcil luun, If in lhe eighties am
rapidly became one of lhe leading i
business men uf lhal now oily, lu tne
your Its'-il he was elected lu the pru
vincial huuse as representative fur
West Ki','1,1,,;, and remained u mora
ber of lhe parliament until lhe year
Mini, during llic greater portion uf
which time he was a member of lhe
govemineiit holding the portfolio of
Minister of Mines and later'lhat of
Chief Commissioner of Lumi, uml
As au enterprising business man Mr
Qreon took at all Innee a lively inlei
est  in   the    development   uf  Ine  re
sources of Ibe Koolenays ami himsidl
acquired extensive interests in mining,
lumbering aud other enterprises in the
interior, which interests ho still ro
loins His natural ability, luupled
wilh his j ,i uiul experience and lung
identification 'with Hie prarliral nffoirs
uf Ihe constituent}' wbicb he rcpro
souls, lugelher with tb,- valuable ex
perienrc acquired during Ins tonus of
office in lbc provincial government, fit
bim in uu exceptional manner to give
his constituency aide uml successful
rt-prcsculutiuu of Ottawa. His pru
uouiiccmculs already made wilb refer
ence to lhe mining, lumbering ahd fruit
raising industries of the Kootcnuys, lu
gelher wilh thc manner in which he
has already mken up wilh the Horn
inion government muiiers of moment to
hi. constituency, clearly indicate the
faithfulness snd tbe energy which will
characterise bis sdminislrstion of the
Irosl reposed in him by the electors
Young muii wishes office work. Banking experience. , Local references
Speaks Gonnaii. Apply Box A74, Kxpress Office. 4t|
First class gardener wuuts engagements by day. Hardens laid out, luwns
graded, etc.     Hox A70, Express Ollice.
3i e
WANTED-A girl for light housework, o fow hours daily. Apply Mrs.
.1. II. Pleltlhouso, cor. 'lilh uml Ht.
'Icorge. t.f.
WANTKD -Dressmaking by the day
ur would tuke work in. Ladies' tailored suits, dresses of every description.
Blouse rciiuvutions. Oood (it ami work
guaranteed. Sixth street west, corner
Lonsdale.  1'. 0. Box 1891. 30-fi
WANTED — Completely furnished
huuse, ubout 6 ruums; nice locality.
Three utlults; careful teiiouts. Apply
212 l.onsdule avenue.   Phone 245.   70
LOST—On Friday, ludy's gold watch,
initial K. .1. Howard. Mrs. II. .lack,
25th street uml Lonadale avonue.     7 0
FOR SALE—House, snap, liilh slreei
and St. Ueurge's Aveuue, (I rooms, co
inont basement, piped fur furnace, lul
113x150 to lune, fenced in uml garden,
Nuw rented $22,511 per mouth, Price,
112,11511, $2511 cash, balance (5tl mouth
nl 7 per cent. Owner, llux 1815, city.
FOH SALK-llth street E, lot 7,
block III), 1), L. 650, Lovely 5 roomed
bungalow jost being completed. Ilus
every modern convenience, splcndidlv
finished nil. Built for the owner, close
lo Ridgeway school. Fine view of Inlet, Buy and Mountains. I'rice $J,6lliJ.
♦1,000 cash, mortgage $2,200, Malum-■
ti, 12 and 18. -Apply II. II. Millard, cor.
Mil ami Lunsdule. I'huuc 171. 210
FOR SALK -Vegetable uud flowering
plants, all hardy, cuul grown plants,
riTi.lv for transplanting April 25th, cab
huge, savoys, curly greens, sprouts, 2
du/. lu cenls, cauliflower, celery, 2 duz.
25 cents, tomato plants, early flower
ing chrysanthemums, calceolarias, etc.,
etc. Open fur business after 5.30 even
ings, Saturday after 1 put. Note ud
dress, Livingstone, opposite No. 2 Firo
Hull, Mill street. 1 li
ROOMS FOR   RENT   lb keeping
and single.   218 2nd street east.
FOR RENT—4-roomotl modern home.
5 miuutes from ferry. Poors & Boult,
Phono 188. t.f.
FOR BBNT—1 roomed shack with
wuler uml cook stove. Apply Mrs,
Knight, 7th uud Hidgewny Avenuo. 70
HOUSE FOR HENT-Furnituru for
sale, ou Ilrd slreet. Snap I'M. Bux
A72,  Express  Oflice. 4 11
FOR RKNT-A Ihree room flat, furu
ishetl, bath, ele. Apply No. 5, Keith
Block, First ami Lonsdule avenue. 11-0
TO LET—New housekeeping ruomB,
two and three room suites, ll uml (1.50
per ruum. 308 Second Street west 10-8
FOB RENT—Largo store ami four
ilium fiat, complete with bath room.
Fine position on corner of Centre Road
and cur line. Ajiply Merchants Trust
& Trading Co., 114-1 I'ender street w.si
or  Lyuu   Vulley   brunch   olllco.      t.f.
FOH SALE- Settings of Muiumoth
Pekin Ducl.n   Prize strain. Phono 106.
FOR SALE—Settings of Eggs aud
day old chicks from prize bred S. G.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wyanduttos
und Huff Orpingtons. Mrs. J. E. Loo,
Lyuu Vulley Poultry Yards, Dempsey
Roud, Lynn Vulley. Leave cur ut (.'outre Road. Postal nddruss, Box 2114,
N. Vuncouver. t.f.
Get it nt I.onsdale Pburmeey l'bono 2V
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk, Mill,,
1,'reuin und Butler, Purity Creamery, I5u
Secoud slroet west.
If you have uuy properly lu sell aod
want quick results, list il with Short,
Robertson aod Seymuur. I.f.
Lee Yick ,v Co., geuerul merchandise,
171 Second Stroet Wost, Nurth Vuncuu
ver, 11. (,'.   Employment Oflice,
If you have uny property lo sell uu-l
want quick results, list it wilh Shurl,
Robertson und Seymour. t.f
people hate any nico of Hie number uf
growing popularity  of Ihe tele ]    yuut.riur imlll ,„„, „„„,,,„, ,„ ,,r,
nl  yours bus often  been ',,.,..   , ,, ,   knj.     MoJllrtU,
upon,    but    prububly    few
vale  familv;
tonus.    Box  A77, Express Offic
111   Use  all   over   the   world-     I'l
'National    Telephone   Journal",
lowing victories! First prise, Mus
Lewis; second prirc, Mr. Dean, Huh
prize, Mrs. Jaiitc.iiii, and consolation
prite, Mrs. Hope.
Frank Poliosis, manager of Ihe Nortb
Vancouver Alblelic 'lob', bus secured
llic 'ion m'< ss lural boxing instructor
of Johnnie Leonard, who has boss act
Isf in this capacity recently in .'ounce '
Hon with thc Hastings Athletic Club
Leonard Is S big, well set, interesting
affable fellow, whose knowledge of the
it ii-iice of boxing Is groonded ou long
esperionrc. His ssscistion with the
local dob should be a distinct usct. Ile
likes Ibis city ininieiisely, aud so far as
he has had opporloully of observing
thinks there is some splendid material
here for bim to work upon.
Traffic is bring temporarily embar
eased—but in an excellent cause on
Lonsdslo avonue this week. The per
inaiient grade of the avenue'having
been established, the lirilisli Columbia
Electric Railway Co. employed sboul
100 meil to alter the street car tracks
lo thr streot grade . In some parts uf
the avenue the trucks required lu be
raised, while in other lections u lower
ing process was found necessary. Thai
Ibc.c alterations have been carried
llirough almost lo u finish without ap
pm mid, dislocating the rcgolar car
service is in itself a 'feather iu the
cap uf those responsible for lhe work.
The operations between Ksplauade and
First street yesterday necessitated the
steppage of the cars near fo the inter
section of Firsl and Lonsdale. Velti
oiilnr traffic bus uud lu use lbc east
side of lbc slreei only in Ihis busy
The local lodge of the Knight) of
Pythias baa concluded arrangements
with Mr. C. M .liihiinii'ii to give his
Interesting and instructive Illustrated
lecture on South Africa io Iho Pythian Cutlc Hall, Fourth street wesl,
ou Thursday, June 201b. This locturo
il one of exceptional merit Snd s I real
is in store for those wbo attend.
Furnished   Rooms,   with   ur   witboot
lioanl. 2U2 comer SI. (leorge's aveuue
we find  some  interesting  information l|"d 25lh street oast, North Vancouver.
on flic subjeel     ll is reckoned that in —— ~ "~~ 7~~
.  .     , ,         ,    , Nurse   Hugger!v    bus    removed    to
Asia lliere are about liil.iwu telephones  ,,   ...     .
Kighth  slroet   oust   (second  house  uil
Ihe Uiual   ol   linm   being  in  Jupau,  . ,        ,.. .,     ,,.,
■      ,     ,.   .   . I Lonsdalo).    I hanged  phone  No.  1,195
anil ulibusl all lhe rest in Ihe Hrilish I p      '    *
ami lliilch Kasl Indies and China,    In 	
India Ihere were at the beginning of'    Ladies   'ami Children's dressmaking
Ibe year 4377 stations belonging to thc moderate charges. Mrs. Lambert, luii
government  system  aud  7717   lo   the sun Road ur Hux I8U0, North Vancou
various  companies,'ur   12,124   in   all., ver. 21 ii
Calcutta possessed   1127   stoliuiis,   und ' ;    ;  — '—;—
,,    ,       „„„,    ti iiiiii      LIBKRAI, HKWAHI)   Fur reluming
llomliuv 21211     There  were over   HIOH  , .      .       ,,
,    , „ .   fox terrier pup, 1 months (female) all
lelephuucs   at   Singnptire,   ami   abuut
Ihul number in Siam ami Cochin China
Tho United States and Canada
The  I- in  number dl   telephones  in
Ihe United Slates is pul roundly  ell    NOTI'-'K-Carpcnler. leaving saws al
8,1)00,000.  Tbe total number of rtatiousI mi iomM„ Au,,m, „, „,„-„( w||| |,„
operated by Ibe Bell Telephone Coin   rc,jj, for m lhl. following morning.
pnny of Canada (serving Ontario and |,DWJl,p pMcl|cl| <aw fl|M 0„j grinder.
Quebec) is aboul 180,000, ami Ihere i.rc jq.c,
various   small   independent   companies ______^_______^____
iu these provinces.   There are 29,718,   B.  C.  Livery aud  Board  stables--
station* in Manitoba, 57)0 in Haskal -Light  rigs aud ladies' saddle borses
H.  Smith,
ody, brown  heud  and  ears, to
oruer   I7in  uml   Chester
I'liowun, and 14,0110 in Nov. IKollili
Making allowance for British Opium-
bia, Alberta, New Brunswick, ami
Prince Edward, etc., it msy only be
estimated,that Ibere were 210.000 tele
phones in Canada al the bcglnti'ug of
10)1. Mexico and thc West Indies
have about .'15,1)00 stations belween
Ihem. The Argentine Republic has
ubuut 40,000 telephones, Brazil aboot
15,000. Cruguay and Chili each huve
less than 10,000 stations, and Ihe total
for the continent is somewhere about
Tbe number of lelephoncstr.tions iu
tho Australian Commonwealth is
88,800, ant) New Zealand luu .i,1,:'.2g,
giving s lotsl ' for Australasia of
1112,088. Here is s summary of thc
telephones iu tbe various contlaonts:•-
Europe   *■■■■ 2,848,000
Asia        170,000
Africa      iomn
North A nur i.u  .... 82276,000
Soulb America       80,000
Australasia         122,000
The number, of course, is continually
incrcssing, snd is likely to do so.
for hire. Stobling for horses, (loners! delivery snd hosvy tesming. IJ
Dumas, 41b streot wost. Phono 347 t.f,
Und Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pole Andruss, General Contractor. Se
wcr cooncctions a specialty, basemont
and other excavating work undertaken
Kit imal es free. 627 St. Ueurge's Avo.,
North Vancouvor, post offlco box 2303.
Do you want to sell your lull We
have clicuts waiting lo buy if your
prico is right. List with us and tu us.
liico.i A Walsh, 104 2nd slreet K. 1711
L08T-0n Sunday, from Koilh Road
tram-car, dog, ' Cocker Spaniel, all
black, Name and address on collar.
Reward, 46
FOB SALE—Best view coruor lot on
Ibo Grand Boulevard wilh now strictly
modern ID mum huuse, $8,000, $3,001)
cash, balance over i years. Terms to
suit. House 37x44 over all, 10 rooms
alsn imiii, pantry and trunk rooms, two
fire places, basemont with hot Sir fur
nsco, hot and cold water in bed
rooms, tbrco .verandahs. P. O. Box
UU, North Vsncouver. Phono L126.
10 J
u T-
'» n
Bank of Montreal
E.l.bli.hed 1817
Capital (paid up)   -   $15,413,000
Reserve    •   -   -   •   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACJRA&
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street Manager
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade.
Phone 227
Twenty-Seventh Street
lllinl, frum Lonsdale Avenuo, ilil  I'l. I.ol  fining sunlit.   I'rice
fur n  quick  bll I e $500.00 cash,
D. L. 204
tiuvorul (/mul Ma i-losa to waterfront.   Prico only $750.ui) eai'li,
nn teriiM of one quarter eauli, lialanoo li, lij mul IH in on tba,
We represent the London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
sound Boaid Company.   II you have anything to insure we can
do it for you.
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P.O.Box 1816
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Our Prices are right, and deliveries prompt
Telephone 320.
P. O. Boi 2101
Nortb Shore Coal& Feed
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wharf: Mahon Ave., Esplauado Wast. ,        HABBY MITOHBLL,
Offlco: Now Block, 3 doors from Lonsdalo, Esplauado W, Manager
■       *
Premium ratos aro Invited by the Board of Directors for tho in
aurauce of employees for a period of twelve niontlis from noou on the
Viih day of .inuii, 1912, to noon oil the 17th day of June, 1913.
Estimated compensation for period of policy, 140,000.00.
Limits of Liability   ■
Ono accident  , '. 110,000.00
One employee       1,800,00
Policy to cover outside liability, aud also collision buard.
Estimated trallic receipts for poriod of policy, $100,000.00,'
Limits Of Liability
Ons accident  JT :...      $16,000.00
Otto person' .'    8,600.00
Bates, under sealed and marked cover, to bo received by tne under
signed uot later tbau VI noou Thursday, Juno 6th, 1919.
BecroUry Treasurer.
Flag Flying on
Crown Mountain
■ Unless romovod by unscrupulous
hands, or torn down liy mountain
winds, tho iiiiun Jack Is fluttering patriotically on tho summit uf Crown
Mountain. Tlio particular mountain
seniors who nui luil tlio British Iluu on
an improvised staff nt such a lofty i'lu
vat ion wore Mr. and Mrs. W. (I.
Oroon, Mr. L. Holdsworth ami Mr. It.
Maxtor, all enthusiasts of litis city.
Tho oncrgefic tpiartctto loft North
Vancouver ou Suinluy iiinrninu; luun:
lii'l'nri' tlio earliest alarum 'docks Inul
begun tn tingle, uml hcl'nro nnmi I hoy
woro pnrtiikiuu" of llmcli on Ibo edge
of the drown Mountain critter. The
return journey coiiimeiiceil lit three
o'clock, niitl wns successfully anil
safely accomplished in spin of snow-
in lit ■ ut an angle uf aboul eighty live
degrees mul ulher lesser worries.
New Beauty Spots
To Be Portrayed
yesterday the publicity commission'
er, Mr. William Lswlor, together with
ti cainora expert, started upon u photo-
graphic expedition which will Include
lite wiinle city and district, Mr. l.nw
ler is convinced that certain attractive
purls of this region have mil yet been
I,,,ii.ni frum the must mlvmitagcoua
points, umi it is liim intention lu cm
body sume entirely new portrayals of
the beauties uf this shure in a scries
nf Illustrated articles whiili lie is now
busy compiling.
Building Permits   /
Total $56,429
liiiililing Inspector Pngier's report
fur the month uf Muy shows that the
liiiililing permits issued frum'his of
fit'e during lusl month numbered forty
five, representing u Into! value of lull
fill. This ii,„i,, . Ilie total vulue ul' Um
permits issued iluring the last \fivu
mouths ^'.11,:'11..01,1,-1 In- nniooul for the
corresponding period of lull being
Canada, Land of Hope
There ure Iwu roitstanl contributors
tu lin.- puges of u curtain i'anailian
newsjiaper neither nl' wlium I sliuull
like tu miss reuding before I went lu
bod. They ure us unlike except Ilmi
they are both inure ur let*, human, ur
rather represent human types ns lie
aeroplane is unlike lite rig, ihe type
writer is unlike the goose quill, ur lit
urunge is unlike the lemon. Pcrhup
uf tin.i three mixed romporlsuns tin
inn.I is the most upl. Tlie Iwu yun
tribulors ure anonymities I haven'
tin: least idea whu ure Ilie brother uin
sister journalists whu hide their nu
inconsiderable oxpressiunui nbilities lie
lnml the Iwo pen names, ll mav In
Ilinl the two names ure embodied iu
one person, llinugh I doubl thni; Iheir
outpourings arc tun unlike
Hut, naturally, vuu an: curious in
know whu they ure Tin v mil limn
selves The Chirp mid The llruiii'ii.
liroadly, tlie une is it confirmed Oplim
isl, the ulher is jusl n» hurdi'iicd it
Pessimist. And, believe nn liun
live up lu lite Iheir respei live reptiln
tiuns. The Chirp i.- irresponsible in ln-
ingrained Lnl. I ni looking un Ih'
brigltl side of life. The (iruin it why,
he just docs nothing else bul grouchi
and he keeps himself pretty busy uver
tl. Ho much by way ut iiitrodocing yuu
tu tbese twu characters, uml, throng)'
tbcm, to what I rcully wunl In say
nl "..I Canada, lhe l.,„i uf Hupe.
Ileally, I drjn't believe there is t,
single new I lung ft, be discovered under
litis beading lhal is, if one is to keep
to the dead level of lhe topic. Whirli
would simply bore you and bore me.
And if yuu have the courage lu read
after litis ral Inr stereotyped caption,
I htijie lo be nliii lo keep yuu fruni
yawning over much. 'In dn Ihut, or'
to set out in doing il, I must give my
self leave to take a roving comiiiisiuo.i
ami* try In get awuy frum what Hi"
Other Fellow bus suid und the Other
Fellow bofore him.
Por, surely, the very lust word ha.t
been said and written ahuul Canada,
its puckered past, ils, promising pres
cut, and its still more felicitous fu-
ture. Let us leave it at. that, and go
ahead wilh cultivating uur little plot
in this garden of gulden reward.
Consider my" friends The chirp sol
Tho (Jrouch, for each is the head of
a mighty large funtily. Much repre
Bents'—is the father of yoo ur mc, or
anybody else that ever gave inure than
a passing thought, to t'anadu. Por we
are al), wo iu Canada or lite fellow*
on Iho other side of thc fence whu tun
cd down i nmi,In I.cun , tbey thougjil
Ihey woro better off where thoy Were
wc arc all Optimists or Pessimists. The
few folks .who don't, consider they
como undor either head don't, matter:
tbey are out of tbe count.
Tbe fellow who didn't conic to Canada when tbo decision was up lo bim
is one of tbree things.   Either bo Is
,'     ■   St   — »
better off whero be Is or bo is a funl,
or ho is to he sympathized with, put
the man who is holding down a soft
jnbiu tlie old uountry -su-the first lis',
Our fool is such a typo as says, whon
the suggestion is niuilo to him, "Can
udat Hou't talk to mo ubout Caiiinlu.
Uow do 1 know whom I'll lunilt No
backwoods for mo. Why, 1 might pull
up soiniivvliero whero thero wiisu 't iivmi
it pust iiiiun ur a saloon, uiul I mighi.
uut gut my ronjittaucc or bo uble ti
spend it if I diil get it.''
Ju the third list gu down.thoso who
vviiulil bo ooly too j'l.nl in ciinii', mul
vviiiilil uuly too ninthly settle down
when they clime, if they coulil com.'.
Thoy nro those who, hiivittg nil tho
Oilier      lie. e:.,;iiv       ,| llll 11 li, ll  ..      Ilni.
flic initio! nullity on thu slcuniahin
piissugu uml ruilwuy fure. Tbey ur"
In bo pitied, mul Iheir problem should
sliintl cltiso to thu tup uf the matter*
forearlycoiisiileratioii fllu of the ile
[iiulment chiefs ii| Olluvvu uml lbc pro
viin:in I capitals.
I have often Hioughl tint Cumuli!
litis two principal onumlus, whoso in
lliience is iiiino Hut less extensive bo-
cause it is insidious, I don'l know
which enemy is the must lu be feared.
Duo is the immigration official, high
pliircil nr luw, whu huso'l learnt hii
jub properly, whn doesn't cum wlmt
cluss nf people tonic lu Ciiiiiida su long
us they come, willy nilly, In swell lhe
immigration returns, utnl, mure Import
mil lo him, his bunk balance of cunt
missions fur su much per head. He t
uf iiluiiil us much use tu his employer')
us lhe agent who pushes u certain clusi
ut' article simply because Ilmi cluss uf
nrliele brings him ti belter porccntngj
thun unother. Thul mun doesn't cure it
straw fur his own reputation, ur llm:
uf the interest he is representing,
Thc second enemy Cmiadu is nlllnl
ed with is Ihe man wilh lite sore hcinl
In Kuglund In: wuuld lie culled, express
Ively mul adequately, a roller: uu Him
side of Hie Atlantic he is known as u
knocker. Heller lunl it lieen for him
mul his victims that lie lunl never been
bom. Nothing ever has been, is, or
iniilil lie right fur liim. If yuu sent
a deputation to usk him ns n spoeiul
favor lu mako the trip to Canada, lirst
siilniin a,Toss, parlor uir frum lliilifu':.
ur HI, .lulni lu whatever point he had u
fancy lu visit, free Imlel expenses ml
lib, all al yuur expense, he wuulil still
huve plenty of fault tn lind mid wuuld
waste uo opportunity uf lotting ull' his
feelings. This is no exaggeration; I
huve kuown mure lhan une of lin
(live me lhe steerage mun in prefer
ence lu Ihis hopeless uss uf it  iiinitv
every; time, If I soo a m,an just lauded
iu Montreal, who hus worked bis fin
gers almost to tho bono and starved
llillinnli  ili   liuie  liiim.sr.il inn  ill  urder tu
bring his dependents to the land thut
holds mil ii littlo mure than lifo's minimum of poBsibilitiOSpJwpnt to grip
tbat huiii's hand and stry, "llrnthei,
you havo done u good thing, (lumi luck
to yuu," But when 1 muot the fellow
with "pnmpcfod idiot," "I'll writo
homo lo Tho Times ubuut this Godforsaken country" sticking out of him
uu every side, 1 want tu kick iiim iu
tho glitter with Ihis for u parting slid'.:
"(let out of hero; you 'ro not want
cdl" 1 can't help thu fueling; I Hup
pose I wus uiiiile Hint W'uy. *
For the sake of the more appearance
uf the thing let ns puy li littlo less at
tenliiin tu Ihu jiihuuy roller uud ll little
mure to the mini whu rcully hus given
up aoiliothlug lu tnme hern, whn really
is looking fur his opportunity iind
Waiting In lulte il when il tines come
to him. If u iiiiiii has mado a iter!-
lied to cross lite Atlantic, hus liml the
imiii iu !'lunula lu upruol till his home
ties, In turn his back upon his nutive
hind, uml In miiiic In lhe new bind, llle
mini uf hupe, lei us see that we tio not
stand between him und his cbanco.
If we can't suy tn liim "(In ahead ojid
good luck to you," then, fur lieuvuii'n
sake, let us gel mil uf. the way mil
du'uur cruuking In ourselves ur in the
silence iif uur family circle, whicii is
hardened to lhe indicium mid luu long
suffering In lake uny notice.
When I I lin:vv up whul wus cun
tillered il safe, if mil  exactly u suft
jub   iu    Inii mitt 11,1   III   Iako   tl   llllillll'   ill
Canada, one uuin suiil tu me, "Kccles,
du yun knuvv you're u ftmll"—uuly lm
pul aunthcr wunl in to emphasise the
particular kind uf foul he meant. I
was inclined, jusl uu impulse, as in:
nttiij tl tu believe his osliiunlo biicuuse
lie is I'linsidcrcil une of the lives! news
paper men iu llrtluin or anywhere else
llttl I pul lite ipipulse iimler und suid
buck lu Imu "Well, it's my funeral,
uny way," und we lefl il ul lhat. ilu'
I mude up my mind that minute Ihul I
wuulil Itiiiielt lhe hulluiu uul uf his
croaking. The sume mun wrote tu me
nl the beginning uf' fins yeur, whe.i
Ihey inmlc uie editor nf Ihe lirilisli
News, in the smug cuitgrutulutury
strain. I couldn't itclp being human,
su I sent Intn u poslcurtl in acknowledgement, with lhe senleiice nn it
'Wln'tI Liml uf ii fuel did yuu i-.tv
when I wenl awnyl"
Ile was une of the iirmy uf croukers
He Inul gul inlu lhe Iminl uf lliu.l.n.,:
Ilml he lllld galheli'l mtlllll him fur II
-tall' lhe hrightcsl slurs in lhe juuruul
istio world, with 'himself aa thu high
est candle-power illumination, tho limit,
iu lightnlnpl    This notable   altitude
bad takuu liim a uumUr of years in
tbo achievement, and bis progress along .
the editorial way 'was strown with the'
wreckage—so bo  would   have   listed
tliom of "roportors wbo might havu,
been woro thoy a littlo moro like mo,"
Woll, well, some  of  ub  among  tbo
wreckugo will livo to placo a wreath'
ou his grave, I havo no doubt.
What 1 want to add, post-aerlptuin, is
just this:   If wo can't take, a lesson
from  that despised  littlo  immigrant,
tho Sorrow, mul chirp, lot us, auy-
way, keop from croaking.   Cnnuilu has
no uso for tbo croukers, uny moro titan
has any country that has still to real
ItO its brightest hopes, its highest ilen
tiliy.    i 'lunula  is grout ill spite of its
misguided agents—who, wo ought fi-t
bo thankful, uro but a Binufl minority.
Ciinutla is going to bo greutor iu spit,)
of tho rotters mid eroakors inlo whosv
jnouthl the peaches fuiluil to full thrY
moment  Ihey  luinled  hero any moru,
than did the |.lum.. iii  lm,iiiiii,I; upon
such  shoulders,   thank   goodness,   Uio
Dominion's future doos nut ikpnftm-1
think it was Churles Morton—tlio eviin
gelisl,  who  is  better  remembered  uu
lhe other aide of tho Atluutic than on
this—who suiil in.his whimsical way,'
that he doubted if (lot! loved the jelly
lish Christians so much as those wlm
put on tne armor mid went intu Hm
light,    lu  something  ufler  Iho  same
line nf thought I shuuld say, with Hm
iniilideiiee that is felt by overy llano
dian   wurth   while,   uutiyo  ur   Hrilish
burn, Ihul Canada will gu ou ranking'
the must of this her twentieth century
through tne efforts, not of her jellyfish
natives mid newcomers, bul of thoso
who lulte off llieii coals uml heave.
Hopol Of course there's hope.
Plenty of il — H. Linton Kccles; in th-
Hrilish News of Canada. '
Shihh'» Gun
111,1101) cords of dry fir wood for quick
sale Price per odd cords, si.in Bpn
eial quotations for larger quantities.
Cut Wood,''16 inches, $3.26. VI in. he,
W.M. c. 0. D.
Office and Yard- Mill and I.onsdale
I'lione 190.    P.O. Box 2452.
Residential Properties
\.uh I and 2, Block 36 $3,200
LoU. 17 and IH, Blork I4A $|,3CJb eacj.
lai 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)  $3,200
Loll 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms M cadi, Balance 6, 12 and 18 nionlbs.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlh Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286
dm THE EXPRESS north Vancouver, b. c, Tuesday, june 4,1912.
Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIS   EDMUND   WALKilE, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.L. Prosident
A»t Qeuoral Manager. Oeneral Manager.
Capital $10,500,(1011   Rest $12,500,11
Temporary quarters  of  the North Vancouve; Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any lime,
J. A. FOB8TBB      Manager.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close lo the Government Road, and overlooking the sea.   Most suitable for subdivfejon.      D.L. 1082, N.W, 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
DL. 1100, S.W, 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive and Man Rd., Dundarave
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers* and Employers
imiii mil}' tu pbuno '321 to lm-.,■ all vaceuciei tilled, NO OHABOB
to EMPLOYEE or BMPLOYEE tberefuro tbere in absolutely uo ue
ccssity to utilize employment Agencies iu Vsncouver, aa a complete
lint of ull  cissscs of  workers ii kept at Ibe
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    P. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
Leave North Vaacouver
'6.20 A.M.
2.40  I'M.
'6.00  A.M.
2.20   PM.
•7;00   ,
3.40 .
-   11.00
J 1.20
■ 11.20
12.20 VM.
12.20 FM.
9.00     '
10.00     •
10.00     .
10.80      •
11.30  :
12.16  AM
12.45  AM.
• denotes "Not on Bunds)'."    Time tablo subject to cbsnie without
notice. Company not liable for douvys, sccldentsl or otherwW	
Epworth League
Tbo leniof Kjiwortli League of tlm
Methodist sueioty of tbii oity bold ita
usuul weekly session at tbo l''irnt Me-
iiimliiii .tliu.li ou iiili street eait com-
iiiriiriiij: witb W. O. Longstaff's well
known byrau "Take Time to bo Holy.'
Tbe meeting waa conspicuous by tbe
number of times tbo koy uote of personal cuiiaecralioii waa struck. Throughout tbo roll ci^ll tbii was particularly
noticeable, tlio majority of members
taking tbat subject so almost unanimously tbat one migbt almost bavo
thought it was prearranged. Two new
members wero received iuto active fellowship witb tbe Loaguo, Miss Boach
ami Mr. L. Beach, wbo bave rocently
como to this fair city from thu cast.
Final arrangements were made witb
reference tu League bunday which Will
bo nest Sunday, Juno mn The settle
ineiil was made that tbu morning ier-
vice ou tbat date should be devoted
to the interests uf the yuung people
mure especially aud that members uf
the league should take an active part
iu that service. As ou a previous lira-
' liar ueeaaiuu all members of the League
whu are nut members uf the church
but wuuld like tu join will be roceivoil
into membership. Tbe pastur gave an
Inspired and inspiring address uu tne
subject uf consecration The tbuugbt
wuh that unly by self devutiuu to the
service of Ood mul,I unu attain thc
ideal set forth by laaiah who likeus
1,11,1 to 'a linliiii: place frum thc wiud,
ami a covert frum the tempest, as rivers
uf water in a dry pluee, us the shadow
nl a great ruck iu a weary laud. Mr
.'-, hln liim struck a cheery uote of op
nn in whicii was iu keeping with the
spirit of the ineeling. With a renewed
invitatiuu tu sll young people to be
preseut at uext bunday morning's ser
vicu at 11 o'clock tbe meeting was
bruugsi lo a cluse by tlie repetition
of the mutual benediction.
Tbo i'iiii.'iiiil-li: "Now, gentlemen,
we have traced these clues—tbo foot
prints of the man ami the footprints
of tbe burse—tu this stump. Frum here
un there's unly the fuutprints uf tii'
hurse. Nuw the queatiun is, ' Whut's
I,., min- of the iinmr "
Ties for Btoam and Electric Boadi
Oall for Big Quantities Wuod I.l
Now Boing Treated for Preierva
Thero    were    9,213,91)2
costing  \ :,,■•.::•,nt.r. purchase
by  the steam and   electric
i'iu,n,In     This   represents   i
cross ties
i   in   IDU
muds uf
of 4,961,2711, or 116 per cent., from
the number purchased iu IU0II, due
to the decreased purchase of tics for
uew steam railway lines.
Tbis decrease was general through
uut the impurlant species except
witb Duuglas lii 'I'm- averuge eusl
uf these tics at tbe poiut uf pur
base was 38 cents, being au increase
uf one cent over thc cost in IOOU.
Three kinds of wuod supplied 77
per cent, uf all the ties purchase!
Theae were cedar, jackpioc ami hem
Thuugh nul as many cedar lies
were purchased in 190!) as iu I9IH.
edar is still Ihe chief species used in
(,'anada. lu 1910 it furnished 40 per
cent, of the tica purchased by 1'anadiaii
ruads, aa agaiust 21)8 per rail, in IIIUI'
Jaekpinc ia the second iu iinpurl
auce in cross tic producliun. lu ll'ln
it supplied 23.C per cent, uf tbe tics
used in Cauada, which was practi
rally thc same pcrrcuttagc as used i.i
Tbs Uio of Hemlock
Hemlock, supplying 13.8 per cent,
of tbo 'uii'l consumption, occupied
third position in 1910. II,ml,,,, has
nuw fur the 6rsl time psascd tamar
ack ai a til producer. The advance
of liiiiilii,l, frum tbe fuurtb pum
tiuu, which it previously beld, is due
not to an increase in Ibe use of
hemlock, but lo a decrease in tin-
use of tamarack,
Douglas lir formed 90 per ccnl
of tbe ties purchased in 1910, ai
agaiuit 4.8 per rent, iu 1909. Aboul
232,000 more Douglai 6r ties were
purchased iu 1911) Ilmi, iu 1909. Tbis
speciei wsi used tu s grcster Bl
lent by both steam snd electric mil
Tamarack ties have dropped from
third placo in 1909, when tbey form
ed 19.8 per' cent, uf 1he total, to
lifili placo in mlu, when tbey formed
only 7.J per cent.
The above five species, namely,
cedar, jackpioc, hemlock, Douglas lir
and tsmarack, reprcaenl 94 per cent,
of the tolal number of lies used.
Nearly sll tbe rcmsiuder ii msde up
ef osk snd spruce.
Approximately 70 per rent, of all
tbe tiei purchased in 1910 wcr
hewn. It ti apparent tbat methods
of manufacture of ties are not un
dorgoing any great general and permanent changes. Sawn tioi wire 3D
per cont. of tne tots), which ii tbe
same proportiou as in ,1909. Sawn
ties eoat on the average 30 cents
Pvr til). Howu ties CDSt 3 ceuta mure,
or 39 emits per tio.
Import* from the United States of
crois-ties In 11*14) amounted to *!,-
096,832. imports ip 19)0 woro 1.
986,682 ties, at a valuo uf $463,5118.
Qf thii total $376,913 was to tlm
United States. Tbu balance 'of import! over exports wqs 1633,324,
which represents about 8111,0(111. ties
ut tho average price puid l'ur ties iu
Cauada in 1910.
Preserving the Ties.
Twu plants are now being cstah
lished I'or the chemical treutment uf
railway ties. Quo is being erected
at Fort Frances, Q^tariu, ami the
Othor is being aturted ut Winnipeg
It is statud that a plant will ulso be
orocted at Vuncouver. The plunl ul
Fort Francos will be capable of
treating 2,111111 ties per duy. The
zinc-chloride aluminum patent im
sterling process will be used, which
huth prulongs Ihe life of the timber
and renders it fireproof.
ThiH   is  a   matter  whieh   for  s !
years bus been necessury fur the pre
■orvation of the forests of Cauada.
At the sume time it wuuld havu
reduced the unniiul eusl of railway
maintenance. The averuge life of
untreated tics us reported by tho
steam roods is: Coder, ll yeurs; turn
arack, 8 years; hemlock, 7 yeurs;
Douglas Ilr, 1 yeurs; juckpiue, li
years; spruce, 0 yeurs. As .may be
noted, cedar is the species principally
used, because of ils durability, but llm
supply of coder is rapidly becoming
exhausted. Unless preservative (rem
ment of ties is introduced, tbo speciei
of short life will huve to be used uu
trcutcd, whicii, uu accuunt uf tlie in-
cessury frouuent renewal, will increase
the eust of mileage maintenance. If
treated lies were used, which would
eust ubuut 30 cents extru per tie for
crooiotiug uiul equipping wilh lie
plates, lhe inferior species, which ure
very plentiful and cheap in I'auuilu.
euuld lie used with economy. Wuh
such a treatment these wouds would
last at leust IS yeurs, ami if protected
from wear would probably lust hiu. Ii
Precious   Gems    Valued    at   (376,000
Believed to Havo Boon Stolen from
Polish Monastery Aro Discovered.
The diiilli whicii occurred recently of
Hi rr Liebe, the ex army chaplain, in
whose house the police fouml $3i,i,i)ilU
worth uf jewels, hus caused u profound
sensatiou in Berlin. The discovery uf
prcciuiis gems hidden iu the residence
uf u mun whu wus thought by nionv
peuple to be u lunatic "furnishes u
mystery winch promises to be prolific
in startling developments.
It is suggested Ibul mauy uf Ilie
jewels were stolen frum lhe I'olish
in"im h ii uf SI. I'uul the Hermit ul
C/cnloiiiii Inni, neur Warsew, more
linm twu yeurs ugu, when a number
of monks were arrested on charges ol
murder, sacrilege, uud  Ibefl.
Ilerr J.icbo's life wus tilled with et
Inordinary adventures. He was lur
many years u missionary uml Irani
led extensively in India, I'hina uml
lupun where lie became interested in
precious stones. Ile was afterwards
appointed tu an aufy chaplaincy,
which  he resigned  severul  yearn ago
Ills knowledge of gems led lu lib
being given various commissions by
Berlin jewelers us u vuluer. Ilis
friends knew thul he mude u special
study uf diamonds, pearls und other
i"in , during hm Kasteru travels. No
one suspected lliul he collected'them
for himself, however, for he lived in
a very modest fashion uml was be
lieved lu be quite pour.
Thefts of (4,600,000
Afler the robberies al I lie inonas
I cry of Cjcutuwcbuu aud lhe murder
uf uue of the luunks, Ihi- I'ulish uu
thurilics secured confessions from the
monks wbu were arrested lhal Ihey
had stolen gufd crowns aud other
jewels wurlh (1,600,000 frum lbc
"miraculous" alatuc of the Virgin,
whicii has been visited l)y over a rail
liun pilgrims every year.
The monks refused lo say how Ibey
bad disposed of the jewels, nllbougli
prumises uf lighter punishment were
made as au Inducement,   All that the
pulne   CUUld   lnlli    WBS    llllll    llll'}'    had
been sold to a mysterious agent at a
village near the Austriun frontier.
Thd Berlin authorities believe tbat
llrrr Liebe was cither the ageut him
self or tbat he had intimate dealings
wilb bim, He wns friendly with a
number of Polish, monks, and it is
possible tbat lbc principals iu the
tbefts at the monastery, knowing liis
skill as au expert, induced bim to sell
aomo of the plunder and tu secrete
Iho remainder.
It is possible thst Hcrr Liebe' did
nut know that Ibe jewels we're stolen.
Tbe Stolon Chalice
One curious discovery at Hcrr
Llobo'i residence wsa a chalice worth
(100/100, studded with gems, whicii
wss stolen from MoU Cathedral lai
Borne lim'' ago Hcrr Liebe wanted tu
get married.   lie entrusted a lady Iiv
Beai% and its Worth
On all sides, In every land, tbo hand of Nature baa boon
lavish In putting before ua beauty In Its fairest garb. By
tbia beauty uur minds aro lifted to higher planes by pure,
ennobling thoughts. From it comes tho Inspiration of the artist, whose mind snd band but reflect that which be sees
in Nature's loveliness. \m}f
"How beautlfull" exclaimed a lady the othor day as sbo
entered our OUT SLABS BOOM. It Is like a chapter from
fairy land." Bhe was a woman who appreciated real beauty
and real worth, and in a moment of time recognized in our
display of Out Glass the master band of tbo workman—the
reflection of the true artist's mind.
Tbere is a magic In our Out Disss which attracts all. It
is the magic of quality and good taste.
As a weddlug present a ploco of our Out Olaas stands as
a leader, boing highly appreciated by tbe bride whoso dream is
—A Home Beautiful.
Do not fall to visit our Gloss Boom. Its beauty will repay you for your trouble.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
ng in Berlin with tbe tusk uf finding I    tb) the   equipment   uud   transport's-
him u wife. In ii Idler which be'vvMIc
Ibis lady he suys Unit iiis "present
activities" consist "uf the occasional
lulualion of precious stones."
Afler becoming engaged, Ilerr Liebe
repeatedly postponed bis marriage, uml
Anally brute off ihe match altogether
The family of his sweetheart believed
lhal he was mentally unsound in con
sequence of bis long slay in the tropics.
The police may request the Russian
authorities to permit tin," monks whu
were convicted of Ihe thefts ut Cxent
owcliuu lo give evidence ut the inquest.
The thefts ut the monastery of
Cjicutowchau took place inlliui), While
the police were searching fur tbe miss
iug jewels they found a sofu iu lbe
River Wurtlie containing the I
a murdered mun.
Ii6u  thut   the  forco will  require.
Section men uud other employees of
lhe companies tu constitute emergency
lire lighting forces.
The companies lu be held liable for
leases caused by their locomotives
where the regulations of the Railway
Huurd  have been  disregarded,
Ou portions of ruilwuy lines where
oil locomotives lire used lhe regulations
muy   be  suspended,
Tlie Commission of Conservation
urged the necessity for compelling the
railways to ure oil burning lueumotives
in prescribed forest ureus. This was
objected tu by Hrilish Columbia un the
ground lhal il would injure the coal
industry uf thul I'roviuce, It is rulher
of anomalous I Iiut u province hiiving such
valuable   limber   resources   should   In
urpse   proved   lo   be   tout   of 'willing Ib risk their destruction for Ihe
,\la/o.li.    His cousin.  Dama/y sake of hastening lhe consumption of
was    sentenced    to    twelve  its extensive coul deposits.
yeurs' hard labor, anulher monk in II
yeurs, still others to lighter terms iif.l
imprisonment; while llelene Ma/ocli,
tlie wife of lhe murdered mum wliu'
wus also implicated in the crime, wan
seal tu prison for two yeurs.
Wen/el Ma/ueh had been on the
point of confessing lbe thefts lo tin
monastery authorities when his cousin
killed  him
Recommendations     of     Couservatiou
Coiiiinii.sion Discussed at Meeting
of Bailway Commission
i'uul burning lueumotives iu foresl
regions uiul the uttcudaul costly lorest
fires; or oil burning locomotives ami
fewer fires   wbleh I
As announced in "i 'onsen ul ion"
recently ' the t'uinjnissiun ui Cunser
v al iuu bus been cooperating with flic
Hourd uf Railway Coinmissiuuers in
furmulaliug  regulations   for  the  pre
nl ion of the starting of foresl fires
by locomotives
A meeting uf lhe Railway I'ommis
sion lu discuss suggested regulations
was held in Ottawa lusl inuutk.
Representatives of the .railways,
ilie Domiuion Forestry Hrancli, thc
I'ummissiou of Couservatiou ami tin'
llovernnicnt of Hrilish Coluiubio were
prescnl. At this meeling fbe regulu
liuns drafted by the Commission of
I'unservatiou were discussed. These
may be lummarircd briefly as follows;
All previous unicrs uf lhe Ruilwuy
Hourd wilb respect lu iires ulong lines
of ruilwuy to be rescinded.
All coul burning locomotives to be
filled wilh specified netting spark ar
iLucuniutive iisbpans lo be special!,!
constructed wilb a view tu preventing
the escape uf live coals.
Railway companies lo be required
to provide locomotive inspectors al
terminal and divisional points. These
inspectors to cxtamilic weekly the uct
tings ami lire boxes uf each of tlie lu
comotlves running inlu such divisional
points. Thc records kept by these in
spectO'rs to be available for Jhc chief
fire inspectors of the railways aud of
the commission.
The Hailwuy Hoard to employ a
Chief Fire Inspector for thc Dominion
who will bo giveu wide powers in thc
mailer uf keeping railway rights of-
way free from inflammable materials
and of requiring tho construction of
proper lire guards, ile shall also pre
pare each year a detailed statement
fur thc railway companies, setting
forth the measures that tbey will bo
required to take to prevent lires. Such
information must include details of—
a) tbe number of men to bo employed as tin- patrols, tbeir location
and duties;       •
Sealed tenders, marked "Tender fer
ug," will be received by Ilie City
uf tlm i'lty of Norlli Vancouver
Monday, lue  I'liii
11112, fur grading Keith
isilali avenue lu Queens
Insinuated   cut    13.2611
Kslimuleil   tills    12,900
up lu
day ol ,lorn
Ifoud frum 1
liury avenui
cubic yards
cubic yards.
Said grading lo be done according to
pluns, proliles, cross seelioiiB uml spe
rlficathins prepared by llic Cily En
All lenders for the above mentioned
work must be made on forms supplied
by, Ilie Cily  I'lngineer.
A  certified   i licque  for  6',l   of   the
uinounl   of  the   lender,  made  payable.,
lo   flic   t.'ity   Treasurer,   musl   uccuni
puny- each and eiery   lender.
A bond for 20'! oi the umount of the
Contract  will be required.
The lowesl or any lender nol uecos
surily uccepled.
I'ily  Kngineer's Oflice,   t.'ity Kngliieer.
Norlb Vuncouver.
lluili Alnv. 11)12.
North Vancouver
Property Owners
If yuu ure unxiuus lu sell yuur City
or District lots ut or below market,
cull immediately and see
Hutchison, Compston & to.
62 Lonsdalo Avenuo
Their selling  plan   will  dispose uf
your property by 30th June, 19)2,
Tn»Di Manm
-   Driiofio
Anronslstidlhg s skMnn snd Owerfpf Inn u«r
gsldUr isesrtsin <wr opinion msyfiwisr lo
smnej tWimSuWtpmeu,
ttrouth Vara too.ram?!
. .-font stiyis, lc its
ytu, post»r> trttiU.
farot.wi 4.
Pnbllihed Totwdiyi and Fridays by North Snore Frees, Wmltsd.
Kates of Bnbiojintloni-^ne year, Hlm.  Six months, 60c.  Three months, 8B«.
r United States and Foreign, f 8.0(1 per yesr.
Advertising Bates Will Be Quoted on Applb.atlon.
Tba BxnreM is devoted to the Interests of tbo North Shore of Burrard Inlet
' eioTusivoly.   It constitutes Bn advertiiing medium nf exceptional yalne for
reaching in s thorough and effectivo manner the population pf North Vancouver
Olty snd Piitrict. Evory effort is made to give advertisers tbe most sstisfsctory
AU changes in contract advertisements ibould bo in the printers' hands not
later than 10 a. m. Monday and li p. m. Wednesday to ouiuro insertion in tho
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0..
.June 1, l'Ji'J.
Public thinking upon Iho North
Hhoro with reference tu overcoming the
Second Narrows bus become so uccus
tinned tu proceeding along Ibo line of
thu construction uf u bridge fur Ibul
purpose tbut Somo difficulty may bo experienced in tlie effort of tbut think
ing to adjust itself so as to secure n
really fair mental view of the pro
position, mooted somo time ago uml
recently revived und somewhat ela
liuralod, In construct a dum ul Inul
point instead of ll bridge.
'I'iiiii the construction of u 'Inin ulong
the lines indicated iu a ialo issue uf
u Vuneuuver daily wuilld afford certain
advantages thai could uot be procured
Ihruugli tbu construction nf u bridge
ml uue wuulil be inclined to seriously
question, neilher on the other huml
can thu position be lightly disposed of
which is taken by those who think thul
certain disadvantages would be involv
ml in damming which wuuld -lull apply
lu bridging Iho Narrows.
Aside from the question us In whether Un1 Department uf Murine und
fisheries would consent lo tlm con
si nudum of a solid barrier of the na
lure of a diiiii across lhe harbor there
jet remains Ibo find thai even iu the
iuse of u bridge which would oiler lhe
minimum of obstruction, the Depart
ment has insisted on un open water
wuy of -'fill feel in width, ll is ililli.
cult therefore, In see upon whul grounds
il could be Imped lo secure Deparl
mental upprowi! of Iwu narrow locks,
one of whicii would be only one liun
ii,d feel uud lhe olher Ihirly live feel
in width This is the mole particular!)
Imu in view of lhe fact Ihut the upon
ing in llm bridge which musl be 2"iil
In t wide wuulil be only furl) eight
In I in length, while tlio proposed open
ings iu Hn- lain winch are respectively
Inn und 35 feel wide would each be
dun feel long I'nder even lin must
fmoraIde conditions ihese locks would
inli-rferu lo u much greater cxlenl wifli
shipping lliau would a bridge open
log Opinions differ widely us lo tin
mlusuhiiiti of lessening lin- How of
11,, tide llirough Kiti.1 Narrow.- There
are those on llm one I,ihli win, think
lhal it wuuld be a pusitive benefit and
tin n: are Ibuse on Hie uther hand who
,,i, equally pusitivu lhal it would work
um. wins harm. There can bo no nu
-unable iloiild Ihul Ilie ruuning in und
,,„i of llm tide does a wry greul deal
In scuur llm entire liurlmr and In
i.,nc uwuy Ilie silt which is being
ii.n-iuiillj carried down by the many
sin uins entering Ine inlet     The satis
is kuuwii that a bridge can lie constructed which will provide ample ac
coinmudatiun fnr all pedestrian, vehicular and railway traffic, and it is fur
ther known that lbs conitructlon uf a
bridge would carry with II no pussihi!
il ins of results uf a detrimental nature
in the harbor or uf undue interference
wilh shipping,
liming III view the inhumed slago
of pruceoilings wilh respect to »
bridge the Inloresfs of the North Shore
would doiihtluss be boat served by con
centrating every energy toward tip
currying uf Ibul project lu completion
at the curliest pussiblc date.
The question us lu what deliuilii pru
visions aiul encouragements are desir
able in order lo facilitate the settle
niuiit uf uur agricultural lunds through
jmt the province is receiving closo at
lenliun at tbe present time by public
bodies uml individuals wbu Meruit
themselves iu prublcme uf this nature.
It is ipilte evident Dial the provincial
government bus already done a very
greul deal along these lines ill lhe Inrge
reservations of public lamls made fir
pre emptors unly, iu tlie extensive sys
lent uf surveys which is being curried
mil us rapidly us possible, iu Ihu pro
grossivc policy udopled with reference
lo lhe construction uf ruuds and uf
railways, in Ihu cucoursgomont being
extended lo fanners' institutes und
other educative expedients in .reluliou
to agriculture ami associated pursuits,
ami in ollur ways.
I'lie phase of llm problem lu whicii
special ullenlioii is being directed ul
lbe present  has lo do wllh tbusc ex
pedienls whieh il may be wise lu adopt
in   .billing   with  the  prospective  set
tier us uu individual iu urder tu induce
Imu io actually
oossibly lo ussisl him in doing su. The I Bchool ul  8:00 fim
1 , , Howe,  VI. ai
principle  inv»lvi<l   in   Ino government
adopting a paternal aHitudu tu
ward tin: individual settler who follows any particular occupation, in the
sense uf extending I" him special us
iiatim iuduunuiUa tliBjgk
tier the problem of lt,pA clearing is
Under consideration. The old proems
of land clearing by band and liy tin
individual In small sections ia both
slow and expensive) and it is thought
thai some system of local improvement
taxation similar to that In vogue iu
Ontario might be ovolvud, whereby tin
government would clear tlie land lu
large tracts' by modern muthnds, ebnrg
Ing tbe cost against the land, to be
repaid iu taxui by tbo pro emptor.
Atienlinn is likewise being given lhe
feasibility of aome plan fnr extending
neodud ilium.ml assistance to bona
fide settlers on agricultural lands, un
expedient whlcb would duiibtluss havu
thu effect ef facilitating suttleinunt up
un thu part of many of the thousand)
uf emigrants arriving In Iho province,
but wbu lack thu nn n m, fnr establish
iug themsolves and ihuir families upun
Ihu laud mui maintaining Ihem while
thu land Is lining brought tn a pi'iillim
ing stags, Til's phase ul tlm problem
is uuin,lnl by .tliu, ..Lii.- and thu
working mil nf Ihu details upon u
wiiiini business basis, sufo fur the guv
eminent inid iiquitshlo III ull purlles, la
by no means easy.
Thu advantages of exercising tho
greatest pussiblc expedition iu bringing
ihu ,,| ii. nli..1., lauds uf the province
under cultivation uro self evident uml
there is nu duubt that public opinion
wuuld warmly secoud any ruasonabl i
measures, even though they were lergo
ly experimental, which would tend tu
serve this iiiipurlant purpose.
to larger premisos on Esplanade, so
Don't Forget
Unless yqil wgnl yuur own buys
ruined, give that neighboring bsd buy
In understand that lie must uul cilnm
around yuur place llulil he quits his
bud wuys and company, Ho a buy
with yuur buys, und in Ilml wuy yon
can keep thcni out of mischief without
seeming to du su.
NOHTII   VAN! Ill Will
SI. tiiilin, . I'reali,Irrlan ' I,,,,,!,
Kellli Huml—Services: Miirnliig llllll
evening, 7.30 Ailutl tlllil,, i'liiss 12:811
Sunduy School, 3.30 Y V S C ti. Tins
da)', ul S p in fraier Heeling Vici
ncsduy. ul S n m i'lmli Pun I.,
Friday, al i y lu Itev Itonuld Mini, oil,
Minister.       /
Uill,.,,IUI   I l,n,,l,    Collier    ut   Sllill
unil SI. Qeorge in.n.i., Services 11.00
a. lu uud 7:30 |> iu Sululai S, lnml ami
Bible Class, iiii pin Scldui League.
Moinlii), i y in Prayer uud I'rslse
Service. Wednesday, I y m Junlui
League 'Il.n,.,.!,, nfl, ilii,,,i, „| 3.30
Puslur, W  C. Schfltclier
SI.   Asnri   iiiiii.n   Corner  Twelfth
! uml   in,uli :.,i,l     Morning  ul   11   u in
i veiling ul 7:80 p.m   Ilul) Pnmiliuiiluli.
llm .nil  and   llf" Hu'lll»>' I" monlli, ul  I u in . llisl
"  uml ll.li.l Sundays ai ll u m    Sun,I-
that when yuu do papering this
yuur thai wo nru still here with a
far in um line ut much butter prices
Ill Ksplauade West. Pboue 111)
(uuxt to falli mon. liiddi,   & ilul,,
Notice is hereby given thut ut tlie
uext meeting uf tlie Huurd of License
I'liniinissioncrs fur tlie District uf Nortb
Vancuuver, I will apply fur a license tu
sell intoxicating liquors in premises sil
uulu in Ilistricl Lul Elgin Hundred uml
l-'ifly four (oul) District of Nurth Vun
205 llusllngs St., Kusl,
• Vancuuver.
May  llth,   IIII2. It) ll
In all f'ouhtrk* Aik tuv our Invrii
lur'i AiIvImi M.u Imi k M.iiKiii 361
rmviTnin sinit, . in nn si Oiti. iiiln
Hirer I,   Mutitieat.   I'uituJu.   unil   Wiii.li
inittoli, h  C. V. H  A
Our Shipment of Prosser
-:- Racquets it Here -:■
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
• NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., is liable to a penally of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
Hi v   Tin
Nalvallun Am,, l.utiaitii
Sunday services, 11.Oil a in
7.16 li in 'I n, ,i,ln ■ s j, in
tpm Children's Service
I p. in
. TlmiiM,i>
VV <     I..   ..In
llaytlal    taunt   Tu. lllli
hIpIuiiit   111 lllc nrnsci ul lull uf his call    Hcnrac     Services ut   II  a In
,. li in     .'.i.i.,1.,,   Sclnnil  ami   llllil
iiig, is nicessarily involveil in the cun   „, %M ,, ,„ ),r„)t.r unj ,,,,,lsu Hu|.vlc.v
■>''«»«•■   •'    > '   •'»'   iMiW^,,rT"i,!rft%,rt.r'lV   '
Ihereforc, remains lu In: seen whether i
,      , ,  ,   |   „.,„.,, I     Bl. Jntu  Ibr  Kiansrllal.  Kltlilli  ninl
uny scheme can  be  furuiulaleil  »>•■•-■■ IThlrleenlh    Hu|» l'i.nninin|..n   » u in
will iiruvble f„r tim |,r..,ie.l a,i,,lie.- fc^M'  ,|l .^..•J^w
liun uf tliiil |iriiiri|ile upon u salisfue I |n  Uu- munili  lliere will he u seculU
• I ccleliratlull   uf   tlm    Huh    I'nliilnunlnli
lory l,a8l»' at 11 a in    Bsctor, H.v n.,.i, Houimr
It is siiggesteil Ihul sume Bystcni of:
" ° *e |     „,    l:j,„„„J'«  I all,. II     I I,,,,, I,    nmi.
suil surveys might   lie  instituted sntji.unii    Muhun    Avenue     Sunday    llluli
i. ;. i  i ,;.„ H„i   Muas   uml  Senium.   IU  a in     Huinluj
us woiibl inform fhe prospective set U,,,,,,,,   jjj0   „,„    „„,„,,  ullll   „„„/
Her ut  ulice us lu  the nuture uf the1 diction. 7710 y m    Prlda)    l.uw Mass
.        .. . 11   a in.    1'u.lui,    It, v   .1   A    H. .lunl
sjiil, together with tlie uses for which  og j
„„y   disposal  of   lin-   sill   liruuglil'j,   j, |,,,»|  adaplcl,  in any psrticulsr     |tito. r,rt„„ ,:.„„,,,„, ,.„,,..
mi by Seymuur i reek, fur instance, lotion: also a sysleui uf tupugraphical i Muss. 7:10 u in , Sundaya    Paslor. IK-v
i     c. ... ,,    m   j        i    -.. i' F.   I'cyiavlu. (I M I
l,| prescnl a prolilem were llle tree  »urveys which would ulfuril ready and
I brl.llau      Nlrp.i "KlllflVrli'V '
l.'h.lt.rfl.ld   Avenue   it,ilw,.,.|,   Finn
leenlli and Fifteenth sln.lsi    Huml,
ll„n   of  tin. Inle
lbe Ir
interfered with.
I I, le III.   nn lllnerlailltli s  vv luil
,1,1,celt,-,I with Ilie bridge scheme.
surveys which would alfuril ready aud
accurate Information us lu altitude, tbe
et  contour nl the couutry, water facilities,
il   limber, etc, etc.
Palace Hotel
Second Slreet, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RaTI'.S:-$2.0Q per day up.    Special
rules lu funul'ies and to regular boarders.
Services al  11 a in    Testimony  St.-
Ing. Weilueaduy. 7.30 |, in
miii mi i iiMiiiAl i:
SI.   Tbosua   I  a in.  cvciy  Suiufuv
• SC.pt     111 HI     tilll.,la.     Ill    lUUIllll        i it
a. ill. first iiiunl.i..  In a mi      II  a in
listlns, I.mm) und Bcrinuli. aicinnl uml
fourth Sunday.    Huh foiifinuiilon ami
Herinun, first anil ililnl Suinluys  Vltar,
Btv. T  E  lluwe
I'rr.UjItrlau I kureb Hilmluis. II
a m and 7 SO p ni Humluy Kclioul and
Bibl. I'luaa, t.iti |. iii 'i.... I,, ia Train
lus ''lass, vi,..in.»,i,i 7.10 I'i.i>,i
Mt.Una, Weilinsilii: I |, m lluia'
i'luli Thursday, 7:10 , in ■ liull 1'ruc
tic., Ki lil.u I |, III II Van Man. i. i
M A, psslur
H.lkuSI.I l Uu..'b '. i i i, Hull
duv.,   II   S III    ullll   7 00   p. Ill      .'-alula.
School,    i:li   p in     f'aslur,   it. v    c
Wurship. Hun
p in     lim,il,i
Puslur, Itev. A  Mui
1'i.abil.ilaa rSurtb
ds/s,   II   a in   ami   7   p In     Sunduy
School, l:li p in
Holy i'iiiii-
niiinliiii, flril BunHuy In muiiili, II
am timing Prayer, every Sunday.
7 p.m. Cbolr Practice. Wednesday.
I p. tn.    He*.  Ai Ilmi   i    Bruce, .Vicar
It. CI.MHl'. lAuallcau)
first   Suiiiluy   lu
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18. months.—-—
Lot 7, re-subdivision of lots 1, 2, 3, Block
7, D.L. 549, between 20th and 21st Sts.,
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared.
Terms one-fourth cash, balance 6, 12, 18
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale Phone 15  North Vancouver, B.C.
.£ mm
CaPinu P*m Up «►..„
Reserve and Undivided Profits...
Total Assets	
Hid Offlt.
IT Is not your tisrulng powor that
will in, mniii. your lm min, nn in tho
Inter yearn Vuur saving power
a linn- ciin unsure you against thu time
when your curiilng power will he reduced.
A n.ivliii'.n ne,.inuii at thc Bunk of
lliimlllun would be u help .toward annulling Hie imliil of iinvliiK. fhe iinini'
courteous, efficient, uttentlun la given
to al) ,1, |." .ii"i whether the uecuunt
be, [urge or smull.
Have yuu seel) uur Bafety Depuslt Buses?-You cun reul une fur u reiisnnuhle fen
V. fi.  UlnAVInN,  AS.Dl,
North   Vsueillivcr
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
licgs lo announce thai lie will
At Terminus oi Capilano Car Line
immediately.   I xl us have your listings of Capilano property.
Notary Public, Real folate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
The undersigned Coal Merchants of North Vancouvei
hereby beg lo give notice lhat on and after June lit, 1912,
all coal supplied will be sold for caili only, either on or before
While we do nol wish our customers to think dial we
doubt iheir credit, il has been found that (lie cost of collecting
so many small accounts is prohibitive.
We, therefore,1 ask all our customers lo accept this notice
in order lo avoid inconvenience to themselves and to ui.    ,
F. MrBressey, President.
H. Mitchell, Manager
\    ■
I* v-n,r—~~ . rr
New Minister at
St. Agnes' Church
On Sunday last tlio Bev. Samuel fee,
M, A,,,took cliurgo of tlio |isrislt of til.
Agues, suil proscbod sermons liotli
morning sud Evening.
Mr. Pet, wbo is s graduate in Arts,
is ulso sn alumnus in Theology of Ht.
John's (Jollege, Winnipeg, in which
eity 'ue wus ordained liy tho late Archbishop.Maehray twelve years ago last
Sunday. After orilitiatiuu lie wns appointed curate of tit. Qeorge's, Winnipeg, and threo years later rector of St.
Peter's, Winnipeg, which ho held for
eight years. About a year ago he wus
stricken with Illness and lias since
been resting at Victoria. He returns
to tho work with ruuuwod health ami
vigor, and the peuple uf Ut. Agnes' are
looking forward to a period of successful oudeavor under his guidance as
vicar. Services will hcucufurth lie held
at St. Agnus' both morning ami even
iug, inatead of only Hie latter aa form
Au envelope pasted uu the luslde uf
Ihu cover of tiie cook book in a bandy
device fur keeping loose recipes.
A Villa of Long Ago--
The New Discovery
of Pompeii
A Boric* of Wonderful Paintings Have
Bonn Discovered—An Ancient Homo
ln a State of Oood Preservation.
(The following article, says the
Scientific American, ia from the pen uf
I'rof. Dr. Paul llarlwig, one uf the
ill,mli -I in,III,,mu - ull null.iniln in
Huly. Ile was speciully privileged tu
nee these uicuvalioua. The State (Hie
Italian government) which is in ncgn
liun vvitli Mr Item fur the purebsse
uf hiu ground, in very jealous uf anyone
seeing tbese paintings or the cucava
tious. Iii fact, tlie greatest secrecy
is preserved. I'rof. llurtwig was not
permitted lu make auy notes wlnlc un
the spul. Negutiutiuns with lhe gm
eminent arc very sluw in Ituly, since
naturally it wants to pay an i,,-.\ a
price as possible. The mailer became
so involved that the owner, ns well as
llie government, went tn luw, ami the
suit is still pending, lu lhe meantime,
Un,ul,.., In Imi llarlwig, we are aide
to publish a description of lum vet)
noteworthy discovery.)
Some tune ugu, Mr Aureliu Item,
the owner uf a well known hulel in
tlie city of 1'onipcii, commenced tu
make excavations on u piece nf loud
nurlliwest of lhe buried city, which
he bail lately acquired. These oicsvo
lum.-. were made at bis own rink aiul
eipense with the permission uf lb'
Italian guvcrunicut, and since lhe t.l
tempt proved succenaful, several olber
gentlemen wliu owned laml near Mount
Vesuviun funk a financial inlcre.t in
lm- undertaking
Very souu it became cvidoil thul
luckily Ibey bad Mruck upun t laige
villa, which, according lu all indica
lions, must have belunged lu din
tiuguishcil pernunn in antiquity, il is
niluuled abool une mile from lbe Her
culuneuin gale ot Pompoii uu the ruad
lu llcrculancuin It n lbe name hired
iu which tlie well knuwn villa of lliu
mode iinini,,. bul nearer In ttie gate
uf lhe town. Tbe view from thia point
i. one of Ihe liueHl iu tlie world.
Ths Finest View In thi World
At one side Vesuvius; toward the
fluulli, lhe in.,.: i.ui. ot I'antelluionri'.
Slid towania the well 1 he bay uf
Naples and Capri; nu it in quite cany
to nmll mini,,I that u greal number of
well to do families at the time uf
Augustua and hia aucccanura came here
frum lii,mc tu spend the summer
The Villi of ths Lulgago
Tbe villa is ouly partly eicsvsleii
uow; in fact only sbout une (bird
has been brought tu light. II ap
pears that the villa is very large, bul
nu far il has nul been possible to cs
lablisb Ibe dimensions of the gruuud
plsu. Several ninall living rooms, s
very Isrgc kitchen with several sd
joining closets ami a part uf lhe pen
ntyle witb limn minimis bate already
been eicsvstcd; slau l psrt of the
tcrrsce, whicii ii ornamented with like
coluinni, looking towsrd the sea, and
a large hall 8 metres long tin', feci)
and 8 metres wide, whicii was tbe
dining room or triclinium,
Tbis room we inter from tbo terrace
through s wide door; il is high and
bai I vaulted coiling of stucco, wbicb
is partly presorted. Tbe right wall
of tbe bull il picrcod in thc middle
by ou openihg about I or I metres (13
to 16 feet) wide, which wu evidently
intended to  givo  ventilstiou  to  tbe
rlining-rqom'. Thii iflndnwliki) opening leads to a corridor uud In alt probability a. portiuru aurvod u t partition between il und tho room,
Tno walls ou which tho paintings
aro dispersed ure as follows: Two
small spaces to the right and to tho
luft of tho outraiico, the left wall unbroken by any aperture, tbo wall fai
ing tho entrance also in itu entire
length, ami tlie two spaces to thcTight
and to tho loft of tho opening ou the
right wull, each of which is about two
metres tl.O feet) iu width. A dado nf
about one metre (11.11 feot) in height
ia puiuted tin the wulls ull ruiind thu
hull, and uu this the actual pictures
are painted, whicii themselves uro twu
metres in height, so that tlie kneen
of tho llgurcH appear nu u level witli
the head of a standing mnn. At thu
top uf thu pictures rich iiicruslutiuiiH
uf painted marble run urouml Ilie mum
up tu the foiling.
The .1,1.1" and the frieze nro in durk
colon, bluck predominating, Tbe lines
which curry the llgurea arc in great
(intrust in color to the pictures. Thoy
aro of a deep terra mini red, almost
dory itr ils appearance, which ia frequently found on the best wulln iu
Pompoll und Koine. A verlical arch!
tecturul partition of the entire paining is provided liy fourteen unob
trusive and graceful piluntern uf a
greenish color, Huwever, these du nut
influence the composition nf the fig
urcn in any way, but unly serve iu the
Lu, I,iiiiinii,I an a divislou tu aid llic
eye of the apectutur.
In Oood Sbapo
Nuw, Ilie question will lie asked, in.
ull Ibis uninjuredt Fortunately il in
possible tu unnwer ulmunt completely
iu Ihe affirmative, 'I'lierc is unly oue
Inul 1.inni;:'1 und Ihul lit the centre
of the rear wall, For the rest the eye
glances over these wulln with llioir
brilliant colors without meeting any
offending  feature.
Tho Decorations
We cross tlio hall whero ouce the
dining table stood in horseshoe form,
surrounded by iin upholstered couches
uu wbicb lhe feasting iuliabilunls uf
the houae once reclined, ll is evident
that tile buck wall is the kernel uml
the ceutrc uf the deenrution. Prom
Ihis purt lu Hie right ami lu llic left,
Hie further purln nf the couipoaition
continue round the Imll, finding llielr
termination ul lbe right uml lo Hie
left side of Hie entrance dour.
Duly the corners uf lhe rouin nro
itiid uf figures, but the entire decora
liun li'iiun in its cuiiteiith une cum
plele scheme. The ri'prcsenluliuu on
Ihe buck wull is divided mlo three
groupn, triptych-like, tine uf the ecu
Ire pi arcs shows us n nude voung god
in lin- lup uf an entbruiied .drenned
figure uf a Woman; thin is n cum
position ulliii used iu Pompeii for dif
fercnl deifies; fur instance, Adonis und
Aphrodite, The ligure of the inuii Iv
ing down ia undoubtedly Ifinnysui.;
near bun lies the Ihyrun vvuml luver
ed with vine lesves und tlie god i-
reprenentcil iis wourily reclining, Ile
liun ilincurded une of Ins nuniluls
Th. ligure of the vvuioan on vvnulii
lhe gad.in leaning cannot be de
scribed since lhe whole upper 'pnrtiun
is destroyed. Involuntarily uue thinks
uf Deuicler. The upper purl of u
group of two girls, uf whom uue huldn
a bowl, in ulno destroyed, und the up
per portiou uf Hie companion of
lllonyaui. 'i'u all appearaucen liny
are serving women atlciidunl upon
lhe cnthroucd ligure I luloubli'dl}
they were unly meant lo In nubmdiury
lu front of these two girls u some
whut lull uml matronly female ligun
kneels uii the gruuud toward tin' rig,if
Sbo ia lifting a cloth from on object,
the form and uumc uf which m knuwn
lo ua frum lhe mystery rites of Ihe
um mils It is the l.ikiiou, which is
woven of willow leaves and which
funned a part of the rile uf Hie Kb u
aioian Heineler. NcjI tu her atuuds
another covered object, larger in sue,
which is very likely lbc symbol of
I,niiiing vitality
This kneeling woman lurui lu llu
figures farther lu the right, io the
■cl of making uu offering. Thc fig
ures are five in number, all women
The peraon to whom Ihis offering i>
intended in the lirat Instance Is u girl
who, in s kneeling position, hides her
inn' in horror iu Ihe lap uf u woman;
her face is uuly seen in profile, durk
lucks fall over her temples. The oth
er woman appears composed and, we
must suppose, in coinforlitig the young
Between her and lhe wuinun who ii
uncovering Hie iscrod venaels, u wing
ed Aguro of a woman holds a wand.
k Remarkable Production
This very remarkable production ia
painted as delicately as a Botticelli
figure. The upper psrt of her body
,s nude and her hips aro covered with
a violet veil.   The legs and knees arc
'    ni '
Painters, PapwrUageri and Decorator*
Hardwood : Finishing : a : Specialty
>u»e Address;  21*4 AND ST. ANDREWS AVENUE
Po.l Olfic, Gsnersl D^ivwy E.tim.1,. Ckssrfulljf Furni   sd
uncovered, but on ber feot site wesrs
golden shoes. From her bsck spread
two large bluck wings, «b|e,|| nitond
fur buck iuto llic rod background Qf
thu picture.
To the right of thii figure and tho
group of the standing uml the kueoliug
wuinun, two moro female figures uro
standing us if watiting fqr somothiug;
ono is attired und turns towards us und
tlm other ono is uudo uud is seen fruni
the back. Tho delicate flesh tint is
uccentuatud by u yollow veil .which
fulls dowu on hor right side.
We huve now pussed beyond the reur
right comer of thu hull, und havu arrived ut the edge of tho wide window-
like opening of tbo right wall, iu
the space between Hie front right
curlier und the window, the cumposi
liun continues wilb four inure lignum.
Wo see hero a pule girl in u sitting
position, looltiug tuwurd the left, lt
uppuurs lu mu Ihut her fuce is u pur-
trait. Orsumeuts ure being placed
on her; is she u bride or u woman
who is being prepured for some nucred
ritost A nude winged buy huldn u
nrirrnr fur her, 111 which her fuce is
reflected; uiiotber |ioy willi wings
stands behind her alone in tbo nur
ruvv space next to the entrance door.
The Back Wall
Wc now return to the buck wull. To
the lefl of the centrepiece of the two
deitios we see u group of four mule
figures, evidently companion; of lhe
wine god who is renting nt their nidi,'.
A Mttiug stuut nilcnufl holds in bis
huml ii round halftransparonl bowl,
u youth standing behind him leans
over wailing with avidity lu drink oul
of il, probably boiiio symbolic liquid.
In his rigbl bund, which is stretched
but, be In.l.n. u very cjprcssivo musk
uver the shoulder of the old silenus.
A boy nluuds ut bis side iu lhe background watching lhe scene. Hotb boys
have pointed ears and are therefore u
mixture uf u huinun being uud un uni
inul, yuulhful satyrs. There is un
duiibt thut both of these buys' funs
ure  purlruiln.
Beautiful Portraits
There atill remains tlte largo wull
:il Ihe left and thc narrow spuee to
llm left of llm entrance door, We will
begin willi this bitter There is only
one ligure un it, a vvuiuuu culhroiied.
Adjoining this ligure ou the lung lefl
wull is, liml uf ull. u matronly ligure
moving lo the right. She wears u light
blue gown Her rlghl unit rests on
tier hip Then cuuics u gruup of
scvcrul figures whicii is une nf lhe
principal parts of the composition
A seated young woniun is listening
In u nude bov iii gulden nhucn at lur
light, wliu iui,Is lu In i something
Irom n s. roll. She herself holds n
scroll in lui loll liuild wlnlc sin- is
plaving witli a pencil in lui riglit. The
bauds are very beautiful, lhe lingers
are .lender und orniiiiicntcl wilb beau
hlul rings, Ihree females, uppureutly
serving wuiniii, join her on lhe rigbl
line curries a dish in her left hand
and in her rigbl, which is uplifted,
-In bun- a laurel brunch; Ibis i- vcrj
iuu,ti like lbc marble ligure fuun.l al
Anlium i i\n/ui). Auutber huldn a
brunze dish; ull Ibese urtiilc- drnul
ing rcligiuun cuslums uud ceremonies.
Whul imghl li llic contents of llic
si mils in the hands nf lhe silling wu
luun ninl lbe reading boyi
Are tbey rules for tbe sjcred tinges,
or explanations ubuut t|tf) (ifj ip thu
noxt wurld, and the l'"""1 which lead
to It, as were also contained in tbo
Egyptian "Book of Death"! Neit
to the' serving womou witb the vet-
sols a group of young women aro
crouching dowu; thoy are maenads,
tbo female companions of Dionysus,
who tuko purt iu his tbiusos. Thoy
nro charming und iiicompnrublu iu
their loveliness; a young door bus
found somu delicate .buds which it ii
Anil finally, tuwurd the coruor of tho
bull is tho lasl figure, a womau going
swiftly tuwurd tlie riglit uud forming
the connection botween this picturu
und the groups of tbo buck wull. Hur
left blind is raised, thu fingers of which
uro spread; her movement is almost
a faithful but undoubtedly uu uuin-
i,-nin,nni copy of one of thu daughters of Niobe, in thu well kuown antique gruup whicii is under tbo roof
of the lllllzi tit Florence.
Mysterious Pictures
Thoso portraits, several of women
und mime uf men, aru pmbnldy thu
most beautiful part uf thu discovery.
Tbe host of the I'uiupeiaii purtrails
winch we huve found su fur huvu a
somewhat strange appearance, their
widely opened oyoS gluring ut us as
if tbey were frum unulher world;
whereas bore, in these portraits, thero
is much tu attract us intimately They
are people whom une wuuld liko to
I.in,,', witli whom uue wuuld liko to
shake bunds.
Their expression sbuws culture and
good breeding; tbeir bunds ure beautifully formed; lliere In exquisite movement in them; they remind uu uf
Leonard! da Vinci's I.tint Supper, uuly
thut Ihey ure loo richly urniimcnted
wilh rings. Are the original! uf these
portraits the former inhabitants uf
Ibis lurge und distinguished buusot
Havo tlieir,features been ttikeu un a
model as lhe musters ul the ltenuis-
mince tool, us muilelu fur Iheir i amis'
pictures some cuiilcinporary perion,
sometimes even the inun who ordered
the picture!
To,, modern painter whu roads IboBC
lines will ium,rally ask ubuut thu
technique' uf the puintiiigs here do
scribed Hn a dried, solid, -suiuutb
surfuce, made up of the finest moriar
and murblc dust, wax colors huve
been mounted with u heated iustru
ineiil ami have been distributed und
rubbed in in the same iliuniier. Tins
is not ii new technique, but wan very
loiiiiuun in Pompeii,
Kuquirers class meels every Wedues
luy evening ul 8 p.m. Klemcnlury study
ind question!. Vuu ure cordially invil
cd lo attend. Hoiim Hi, Aberdeen build
iug    Tbcosuphicul free library.       4 8
Du vuu waul tu sell vuur lul I     Wi
have funds wailing fur guod buys. Give
us your besl gross price uud terms
f'uiiodian Financiers, Hunk of Hamilton
lluilding. 11
from $20.00 to $180.00
Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
Coal & Supply Co. w.
•   DEALERS IN    •
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
». '.
* n
Wharf: Foot of St. Gewge'i Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Aveuue.   Phone 198.
iTi  milM THE
We ue authorised fp offer the following iplendld bouie
sits* oa Fifteenth Street—tbe coming thoroughfare of North
limit ftflroitb tittrttt snd Bt. Andrew's 1(7x180 wltb
"tons wsU around uul highly improved-only (7,(00 — U
cssb, balance to arrange.
Cornsr Fifteenth Stmt snd Eldgeway 157 ft. by 120 ft.
Only 13,600—1/,  cash, balauec to snugs.
Qnsffblrd Btreet east. A beautiful residence lot 60 (Mt wide
only $2,100. Terms easy.
Also four 25 ft. lots In blook 143. Cheap snd good terms.
The Burrard Development Company im«i.
(Successors to Cider Hurray Compsny Limited)
Brokers 17 Lonsdalo Pbone 37
All tbe printing we do Is proof of our
ability. Ws specialize in the littlo
things which are bo important, aud
which add excellence to your work.
Our plant and staff, combined with the
study we give to the trade, enables
us to give satisfaction. We will give
estimates, make up dummies or advise
you ou any work you want done.
PubUsbsrs     of      "Tbs    Expreu."
PrlnUri of Flu Job Work-
North Vsncouver, B. O.       Pbons 80.
, B. OHAlfOB, Conductor.
1. EarcB-"All AloM"         Von Tllior
1. Scarf Danes—From "Ballet Symphoulque" Ohamenado
3. Waltl-'Td Love to Live In Lovolaud" Williams ft Bordeaux
4. Iutermeno—"La  Boil"      Ascher
6. March--"Bonnie  Brier  Bush" , John  Blatter
5. Southern  Characteristic-"Moonlight  lu  Dixie" Clement
7. Concert Walts--"Bchoos of tlio Lynn" Oladys Kirkland
Lynn Valloy
8. Danes—"In the Shadows"   ..' Flnck
8.   Occidental Bplsode—"Bumblue iu Alabama"  Clement
Eggs, More Eggs
International egg laying contest,
held under the joint auspices of the
British Holuinbis Poultry, Association,
Vaueouver Exhibition llounl uml lhe
Provincial Government,
Tolal ep-p-.. lunl up to end nf seventh
month, Muy 80tb, 1813:
Class 1
Pen No. Egg8 Ui,|
"■   While  Leghorns.:  614
If.   White  Leghorns  ISI
4. White Leghorns  4Di
14. White  Leghorns  HIP
5. White Leghorus  371
10. White  Leghorus  1154
II.   White Leghorns  ,'1411
li. White' Leghorns  Hi
11). White  Leghorns ', 112
83. White  Leghorus  338
13. H. C. Buff Leghorns  '.fill
H. White  Leghorns  llllll
20. While  Leghorns  2112
15. White  Leghorns — k  277
7. White   Leghorns  274
6. Brown   Leghorns  273
I. White Leghorns  270
16. While Leghorns  260
17. White   Leghorns  2o!f
13.   White  Leghorns  243
I.    Mottled   At.,,,ini,  2111
11. While Leghorns....  212
16.   White  Leghorus  1411
Class 2
I.l Rhode Island  Beds..'  421
38. White   Wyandottes  121
39. Buff Orpingtons  411)
ill. It.  I.  Beds  406
34. While   Wyandottes  383
2ti, Barred   Bocks..'  342
37. Burred   Hocks  326
21). Bull   Hocks  308
32. ti. I. Hcds  304
40. B. Ueed Wyandottes   274
36. Barred   Hocks  261
36. I'srtridge   Wyandottes  243
2.1. Buff Orpingtons  230
30. White   Wyandottes..' 319
27. Silver Poncilled  Wyandottes   178
26. Columbian   Wyandottes   175
Average price received for eggs, 36c
per dozen Pen temperature, highest
k'i degrees; lowest 38 degrees; uveragc
mean 57.lt>. Haiu fell ou nine duys;
twelve days occurred without sunshine,
and the rest ot lhe days were,bright.
it had I mc n hoped it wuuld nut lie
necessary tu have to insert Iho usual
paragraph concerning the dyuamitiug
work, owiug to the fuel IiibI nu explu I
nn,in, took place iluring the first two
wcdlia. Unfortunately, however, th"
blasting during  llic   lust   twu   weeks
more than made up fur the fortnight's' f M,,Klly; Frank Herbert Swsyn
lull. Lately the city authorities have I gf ,,or| hUMni. williaun Henry May
been eleariug the enormous cedar of Nm()j Vmcouvm. j. perrivsal Hpil
stumps immediately surrounding Ihe
Bevcral pens in f'lsss One hus yarned the century mark during the pas!
im,nib. m,lul,];. pens I) (111), 12 (114),
(110), 23 (106), and 7 (104). The
fulluwiug hsve also distinguished
themsolvrs: i'eus 1 (09), 19 aud 20
(96 each), 14 (94), 6 (92), and 22
(91). I'.'ii.i 14, 9, 1, 12 ami 19 are pro
dining fine eggs, faking weight, si/e,
Inline of .bell and evenness into sc
Fulluwiug pens provided liroodors iu
Class One: Psns 8, 10, 17, 19 (2 birds).  a.'|uur 1Bj Feed t'umpany
I'ou 9 deserves :«|■■-. ml mention for
having produced sii eggs s day on
ill occasions during the mouth; pens
Iho I5lh, 16th and 17th, and then re-
guineil   normal   product inn  again.
doming to Hat of broodies for tlie
month, we Ilml that pen 211 heads tin-
list, with 6 birds; 26, 37, 31 und 311,
five each; 36, throe; 28 ami 34, two;
36 uml 40, ono,
Pen 40 commenced lo luy jusl as the
month ended, und may lie expected tu
give u butler account of themselves
in tbo future. Their produce, however,
is still very small iu size.
Nuw that tlio birds are in full luy
the animal food has been increased
from seven lo ten per cent., which i.s
the limit proposed. The first Increase
was giveu in the Junuary February
W. II. Stroyan,       J. B, Terry,
Superintendent. Secretary
liis Honor lhe Lieutenant Governor
in Council has been pleased to make
Ihe following appointments: —
Kill III Helen I'ulbick, lu lie a steu
ograpber in lbc l-aud Registry Office
ut the I'ily uf New Westminster from
the 1st duy of April, 1912.
Arihur Jaines Small,Qodfroy Schmidt
uml Charles Edmund lu be clerks iu ihe
Uml Registry Ofluyt al the City'of
New Westminster from Iho 1st duy of
April, IIU.'
Robert Wallace, I). Thomas, J. Powell, K. Brown Bridge, 8. Iiuguall, Wil
li.im P. Turtun and Qeorge Smith to lie
jiinllors ut the court house ut the city
uf Vulieouver from the 1st day uf
.\pril,  1912.
William Juines Purlou lo be a clerk
ni the Uud Registry Ollice at Kam
uops from the Isl duy uf June, 1912.
Frank Islip lo be a deputy mining
recorder fur thc Cariboo aud vjuestiel
Mining Division, with sub -recording
ollice at (juesnel, in the place of David
II.  Anderson.
William Edmund Uurrill, of Prince
Rupert, District Itegistrur of Titles fur
lhe i'rinee Hupert Uml Registration
District, and Samuel K. Hoe, uf Nel
sou, District Hegislrur uf Titles, fur the
Kootenay Uud Registration District,
lo perform the duties of examiners of
lilies wilhin the limits of lllc Priin-e
Hupert und Kootensy Uud llegislru
liun Districts respectively from the 1st
day of June, 1912.
Willium Bennett, of Nanaimo, to be
u member uf the Board of Licensing
Commissioners for the City of iNanaimu
iu the piece uf Juhn Nicholson,
To lie i,iinm■■. public; James B
Tndrick. of Central Park; 8.*Shepherd,
tai, uf Britannia Beach; MunruC
Charters Wiggins, of Soulh Fort
(leorge, Ivun If   Poole, of Cascade,
James II Mul, i.lm lu he a clerk in
the ollice of llic liovernnieul Agenl ul
i i.iiil,i,...I. from lhe 1st day of April,
The following have been registered
as extra provincial companies: Linda
ley Brothers Company; New York
ladies' Tailoring Coui|iauy; Oreu.teiu
4 Kuppel Arihur Koppel Company,
Ltd.; run..ii k Company; P. I'asleue
,'.    Company,   Incorporated;   Whalcoin
12, 2, 23 twice; snd pens 6, I, 1,
Feather  estiug,   amongst   the   light
classes  principally,  is  still   prevalent,!
The schoolboy hsd lo write au essay
'Urns.." and he wrote:
(Jrass comes up in the spring,
llrass is the only thing left Which
necessitating further use of the bitter. ^ uot ^ .^^j jn |rimUjiD((B ,„,
sloes snd Isrd mixture. This prove. ^^ A„ ^ jg gMj>) M M(, to|(J
very effective, until the birds remove L th| g^ U|M «ome of it dovclopcs
(J,.- mixture by duiting. |jnto lay,,,^.,^ Mo grMI wij„Ws,
Thc star performers in the heavy   u„,i „,„„,, „u„ breakfast foods.   Grass
weights during the mouth were:   Pensli,  worth money in thr meadow, slid
37 (108 eggi), 33 (106), 38 (104), 26
(10!), 32 (90). The following Isid six
eggi iu ono day ou one or more occs
sioio.:   Pen 32 (twice), 37 (twice), 11,
38 and 34 (once).
A point brought out by the bot
weather experienced on the llth, 12th
and 13th of May wm tbst the heavy
classes were affected more tban thc
light weight." In th^ee iniUurei it
wu noticed in rlass.onc of decreased
egg yield immediately after the bot
weather. Thll occurred in those pens
only that wsre already laying very
poorly. In the heavy clasiei almost
every pes dropped is egg yield during
not worth allowkg to grow on the
lawnA ,    '
"Jaw, grass ii grown from grass
seed which is bought froip Ihe florist.
Grass itod of tbat kind produces most
ly pleiniain, dandelion, burdock, mut
fan) anA-ragweed. ',
"(ittni will grow between the bricks
on a y)sll, but will uot grow In nice,
rich bsck soil in the ysr*."—"Wind
sor M igaxine'"' for February.
To bake lie last longer, cover it
with fwo thicknesses of newspaper)
this will keep out the sir, snd tbe ice
wjH nd* melt so quickly.
Testing Out
Ouf impujies cannot always bo ill
ponded upon, and while wo claim that
a constant am) iliacouraging review of
thu past ia us unwise us it iu uuwhulc
some, yet wu must admit that, to gu
forward steadily ami with conscious
lei'liimle, an occasional summing up of
jvhat lius behind is inevitable.
Wo may woll question oursulvus as,
to the uiiteotne of thut momentary lit
qf passion and resentment; not with
tliu purpuse of reliving ami resuffering
it, but as a preventive uf tlm mnn
lack of ,■!' • .'inii'i today. What guod
did Ihu outburst ucciiniplishf It bono-
flttcd—wlionit Surely not the individual who forgot himself, hiu self-respect
and the forbeuriiuce due In others; ami
by uo means Ihuf uue upun whuso head,
whether guilty or innocent, our wrath
wus poured.
In glancing backward iu the face of
present danger we liud that such uu
experience dues not test out sotilfuo
torily. Wu do not cure to invite u return of the self-loathing we cun recall
without effort. Heller try another plan
in the fuce of the former result.
Huw ubuut the business transaction
iu which we took advantage uf ll less
knowing une lluili ourselves, who left
details to our superior maiiugemeul
In,min' of ample confidence in our
ability uml honor!
Did we persuade ourselves thul the
price set was ridiculniisly ehoup, und
that it wus perfectly legitimate to udd
lo il certain i1 incidental costs of trans
forence"! How often is lhal done,
not perhaps^ liy you, nut periiaps by llle;
liul we huve holh witnessed or havi
been aware of these blemishes un the
conduct of those within uur horizon.
Wo do not care tn pul into nurds lhe
sensation we cxpcricilcf'il when some
one wo trusted und even loved, played
a game so manifestly unfair lliut even
to our subsidized eyes il wns plain.
Oh, never ugaiu coulil we clasp Ih'
hand with precisely Ihe warmth nf the
old Irii'ii.llm,■:■■.; u purl of the glamor
had gone frnm our hero worship, au I
u bii of thc glow hud died down in tin'
deep places of our heurt.
Su, Ihul sorl of thing, il is sell
evident, will nut test uut to our suits
l,i, ium or advantage, We must be
ware, for in that direction lies danger
ous gruunil.
The business and judicial methods ul'
luduy ure uut ubove reproach; it is in
cumbent upun eoch of us to add our
mite to their improvement; some of
them huve been on trial for many
yeurs und are not testing out ill such
manner us to insure Iheir permanent')
But when we hour u geuerul lumenlu
tion und scathing comparison mude be
twecn our own uml ull the preceding
times, tu the great diaparagcnient of
the present, it is well, if we lie disposed
to ugree with the pessimistic view ol
file speaker, to luuk intu sume uf lhe
conditions of lliut wonderful pusl. A
good treatise lu reud, fur the rcsluro
tion of one's fuith in lhe inuny great
uud guud things being dune in tbe
world loday for tlie lirsl lime lo bene
lit humanity in general, is Ihul uiou
strously telling story of Victor Hugo's
founded, it is ssid, on literal fuel, aul
given us by the Iranslutur as "Tic
Uughing Mun."
Such abuse, as were at thul lime
pruetiaed, and inuny equully cruel und
unspeakable ones known before un I
since, are impossible now. And us the
years gu nu, Ihe Wurld Conscience,
whicii ia hut budding in this uge, lint
whicii in time must flower to perfec
tion, will iierTssitute the disappearance
of all Hie old lime horrors perpetrate!
uguinsl helpless persons uml animals.
The huinun race must some day. a-
certain individuals ure nuw, become
convinced Ihut Ihuse evils do not pin
iu any sense; and self preservation, if
no higher motive, will help to destroy
them ami relegate tbem to ublivios, o;
lo the older past the customs uf wlmh
grow more horrifying ami repellent us
we press uur ga/.c into the early eel
turies lying buck Ihere.
Thing, und methods, us Ine eggs put
fur the in.iil lime inlu Ihe Incubator,
must test oui a certain percentage
good, ur wc shall cease tu use I hem, ui
eveu tu consider thorn, ami little by
little they will find themselves obsolete,
superseded by others,
Human nature, ur the God within ns, i
refuses lo be sulisflcd wilh the lesi
when we have had a glimpse of thul
greater; and wo csn trust oursolvoi ami
tlm world—if we aro truu to ounulvci
—to find a gradually increasing rulo
of hiippiiiinis aud. usefulness if ive put
ovon our most cherished plaus anil
habits ou tbo scale, weighiilg tbem impartially, and honestly testiug tbom ■
lioforo tlio ligbt to see if thoy "tally
witb what we know is the right, and
which wu really desire to do, that wo
may uid iu bringing out tbo boauty
of warp sud woof nt our most wqn-
dorfitl time.
Ono of tho marvellous features is,
that tlio groat regenerating, iqiuobliiig
work can never bo entirely done until
each ono has contributed his share.
Nu usu lookiug at uur neighbors or
thoso uf our household, with the wish,
even if unspukeu, that thuy would
"just try' to dtl n littlo better than
they siieiii to bo iloiu|j. Our work due.)
uot lin thero—but with ourselves. .Wo
shall all discover that wo have initio
too much timti for our uwn improve
ment; once wu begin in earnest to improve, wu shall not have leisure lo
criticise others.
Uter, when we have somewhat improved, wo would not dorn to judgH
uther lives, fur wo realize the effort re
quired for even the least advance in
Hie beautiful Art of Living—living ns
human beings, God's dear children,
should live. Our sincere work alun.i
this line will absolutely "test out."
Funn Journal.
Employers' Liability Assiiranco
Premium  rules "are  invited  by  lbe
Buard of Directors fur the insurance of
employees   fur   u     poriod   of    twelve
months from noou on the )7lh duy ul
June,  11112,  to  noun  on  the   lilh  day
uf Juue, 1913.
Estimated compensation fur period uf
policy    ♦40,61)0.1111
Limits uf Liability-
One accident    ♦10,000.06 .
One employee      1,600.01)
Policy to cover oulside liability, uml
collision hazard.
Estimated Irullic receipts for period of
policy, ♦100,000.00.
Intuitu of Liability
One   accident    ♦16,000.00
One person       2,500.00
Hates, under sealed and marked cover,
lu be received by Ihe undersigned
uut Inter Ihun 12 nuun Thursday,
.lune lllh, III12.
Secretary Treasurer.
If your putulu Letlle hums on lhe
hot turn, sel il in u basin of cold water,
uud the burnt tusle cannot be delected
Prune juice diluted with wuler ami
ilm "nn with sugar ami lemuu juic
inukes a must pululuble uml whul.'
some drink.
•TOPS COUGHS tuicb. js cunts
vlVlil'M.v Illi' I II \l.   lll.MM.
HI  i.l  I.V HIIA--
i'uul mining iijiiitn uf Uu- Dominion
in Mni.n,,|.., :■.,,,]..,i, i,, v.,,i uud Albor-
In. Hie Yukon Territory. Ilie North-west
Tcrrltorku und In u porllon uf ttie i>i■•
vliiie nf British Columbia, may be leased for u term of twenty-ono yeurs ul
un aunuul rental of |l un ucre Not
more thun 2.560 acres will be leased In
one applicant
Application for a It-use must lie mude
by Ilie applicant In person to tlie Agenl
ur Hub-Agent of llle dlslrlcl In which
Ihe rights uppilcd fur ure slluuled
In surveyed terrltury ttie land musl
he described by seclfuns, or legal subdivision, of seeiluns. und In uniurvc)
cd territory Hie tract applied for shall
tn- stalled oot by llle ilpldlcanl film
Kach application must be aaoinpaii
led by a fee of (., which will be refunded If Ihe rights uppilcd fur are liul
available, bul nol otherwise A royally shull be puld on Hie merchantable
ulpul uf lhe mine ut Ilie lute uf llv.
•nin per ton
The pi-i.'nni operating the mine .hull
Imi,Inii the Agenl wllh sworn return.
,i,liiiililing for Hie full yuunllty of
in, i, liniiinl,I, uunl mined and puy the
ii,v.iii,-, Ihereon. If Hie eual minim.
rights are nol being operated, sucli returns should bo furnished ul least once
a yiar
The Icise will Inolode thc coal mining
right, only, bul the fes.ee may lie per-      „
milled li purchase wliulever available
nil..,, lights may be coniidered neceuary fur Hie Working of Ihe mine ul
the rule  if 110 un acre
Fur full Information application
sin.ubl be made lo Ihe secretary of the
Department of the Interior. Olluwu, or
lo any atient or Bub-Agent of Dominion
W VY. noity.
Deputy Mlnliler ol lhe Interior ,,-
N.   B   -Unauthorised   publication   of'm
Hill  advertisement   will   nol   be   polo
for. Ul
[nnjnn.      Uffl  VlCW.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Terms, $50.00 cash, 410.00 per month
(I Ititte lols are one block from car line in Lynn Vallty and
nicc^ind level and high.    	
Q Let ut quote you rales on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
We invite all thote who intend building a new home
- tq call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
———i-m awortment of the latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone222
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L26^aiicl D.L. 273
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Where Romance Is
Bad B»ver BUI Uphold the Traditions
of the Weet
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
wss no beauty, uiul no interest, ami,
want of all, no romance in It.
Hur search for romance wus professional, not I'l'isiMinl.   She wus u short-
lusuruuco Guarantee Bonds
Auililur nmi  Accountant
IUI Luusilule Avouuo. 1'. (I. llui 2307.
iNijrtb Vuncuuver. I'hunu 437.
Percy  ti.   Howard 11.   J.   I'orrln
i.'lly   Auditor.
AutllituN     UUll
2G  Pender Sl
I'lione  Bo'37
' R  O   Uox  2236
i'hone  182
North Vuncouvtr
G. A. Cal.., II i: ti i:
1720 Ohcstorflold Avcuuo,
North   Vaucouvor
Pbouo B168
Underwood'* Barber Shop
iii.ai i.viinii.v
Successor  to  Wallace  .'-.  Bcott, Third
Street.   Qouorul rt.puir work.
A. Wulluce's services nuvo been re
If vou  want yuur garden Died  or
luivus luid out, seo
l'eter Houd, Lyuu Valley
He will give yuu u guod jub at a reus
onublo rate.   Nothing too lurge or too
small.   Estimates  given.
I'liins and In iiiiiiiim. inn,isbcil free.
Repairing,   reinudeliug,   els,   pruiuptlj
atteuded to
Lyuu Valley, B. C.
Allan Hoad near Westover. P. I). Hoi
UD, Lynn Creek, H. ti.
Ami general (,'ouiinissiuu Mcrcbaut, 13
Lonsdale Ave., Norlb Vancouver.
Phone til
I.A l .Millii B
My clolbea are ut Ibe (lupiluiio
Laundry where yours ought tu be.
Flat work for 35 cents lui. Hough
dry, Ic lb., wet wubIj, 3c Ib. Drop us
a curd uud we will call fur tbem.
P. 0. Box iiii
IIII.I l,M 111.
lip-lu date Millinery
Modertso Hatoi
Kolth Block    S3 Lonidsle Ave.
Uuokwllora  sud  Stationers
I'or. I.ourlolo and lit.        1'hnr.i 143
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadale and Esplusadt
AM.I.K. li' 8.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plana
and apcciflcutioui. Septic tsnki aud
bouao drainage a ipcoiully. P. 0.
Dux HI, 1 i'iIIi stroot weit ul Bewioke
Avenue. „
I'luii" In. i vu I nl     : :    Kni iiu." i.,., Giveu
Ooutre and MIU Boad
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
High i Inns Ladies' sud Gents' Tailoriug
llepairing   and    Alterations.   Cleaning
aud Dyeing iu sll ill brandies. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First ; ini'l West. l'houe 207
II w hi hi  i.ui .in i.
Specially: Children'i  Lessons st  owu
iinini'.     Terms, otc, spply Qenersl
The New Block on Lonsdale Avoiue
near tho Forry Approach
wai built by
General Contruotori
A. Craib
W. Crsib
In Concrete, Brick ahd Wood.
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flnt Street East of Lonidale
Lowest prices sud best work guaranteed on tiuning and shoot niuUl work.
'lEicuie me, ma'am; lookiu' 'for
somebody t"
, Thu trim, littlo Eastern ponou
looked up at tho representative of tho
untramniolod West. "Vos/i sbo ro-
pljodj "1 um looking for tho convey
uni'ii to Mr. Dunfurtli's ranch."
I'That's mo, ma'am. Least ways I
do tho .liiwu' of tho convoyunco.
Whore iu your choquoj"
Wbilo tbo mun was securing ber
trunk ami slopping it to the back end
uf tbo buckbourd near the little stu-
tiou, Otio t'n i-nii inni., ,i about her disapprovingly. So tbis was the West she
had dreamed aboutl
Tbo country wua big and bare and
treeless. Tlie aun blazed down fiercely,
and every pull of wind bud its alien
dniil cloud of dust. The buildings in
the little town were few und iiisiguili
cunt, lt wns a grey, grimy sort of
place. Tbe only spot of color iu it
wus thu clump uf vivid green whore
tbe grass sprang up beneath the rail
ruad water tunk.
And the people—Otio felt almost as
llioiigb sbe bad been swindled. Tbey
looked like ordinary folk back Kastl
Her mental picture uf cowboys was
of tall, intellectual young men, with
Greek profiles, who wore becoming
bruud brimmed huts und two revolvers,
the rest of tbeir muke up tu match,
But even her guide—lie wus i|uilc
prcscutuhlc luukiug so fur us feulures
went—wus weakly conventional, like
the rest . Ile wore' a vest—und sub
"The West isn't as I imagined it."
sbe said, with a touch of severity,
u li ru Ibey bud slurted on tbeir lii mile
drive to lbe Duufurtli Hunch. "
"Nu, mu'uml" wicourug.'il her torn
"No, lu all lbat crowd ut llu
station tbere wasn't a real cowboy."
"Oh, ma'anil" said the pained
"Well, not over two, anyway. The!'
was a fall man, with a blonde moustache, and u beautiful, llnl brimmed
grey bat "
"Wiley I'luli," broke in tbe olber;
"lie's uo cowman; he's u tin horn."
"A whut I"
"A tin horn, jnu'ain n guinlder.
He wore that rig to catch the tender
feot. Wiley couldn't ride u clo'es
"Hut that aliurler man, wilb ti
nun.,: band un bis liul aud leather
Irousers "
The driver .-],,,,,„ bis heud sadlv
"His name's l-oou; he lives in
Brooklyn.    Sells    blankets    to    ibe
I i.jinin "
"Tlint'B wbal I aaid,'" de, lured 01 ie.
swililiing back In ber original asaer
lion, "Here we are, in the midst of
the West und nol a cowboy in sight."
Tbo platform wus full of cow
boys," returned tbe otucr stoutly.
'Did you bappou lu notice tbut I'm
'itiien wilb the hard boiled Imt
"Tbe wbatl"
"The Derby bat and red undershirt.
That's uid Pop Withers. He's punched
cows for thirty years; lake you u ilav
lu ride uruuiid Ins ranch, Must o( flic
buys back there wurk lor bim. Didn't
you see their poniesI"
"Yes; sud little filings Willi no
spirit at ull. And every one uf Ibuse
men wus chewing tubaccu.   Do yuul"
"Why, no, ma'am. I dun'I alloc
lo," returned tbe driver, meekly, swal
lowiug a wad of "line cut" that would
liave ruiued the digestion of un
"Vou haven 't tuld mc yuur numc,"
she suggest cd presently.
"Willium II. Brown," he answer
wilh   a
"There!" cried Miss I'iersoti, turn
iug a pretty face upon liim; "could
there be auy better pruuf lliul the
romance of the West lias gone I A few
years ago everybody bad nicknames
ul here, din't they!"
' Yes, mn'nm," said William Henry
"William Henry Ilrown," alio re
I-nii nl "l'u ni^ii mc, bul could any
tiling be more commonplaceI* Ju-
every single village eusl of the Hockics
Ihere'a at least uue William Henry
Hrowu and one John Smith "
Mr. lim,-. ii, who was known and respected in half a dozen counties as
Had Biver Uill, smiled discreetly tu
Miss P/erson's opinion uf thc West
did  not  improve  with  lime.    Time
Story writer, who believed sbe hud exhausted Eastern typos. She bud fob
lowed tbo setting sun to liml u stimulus
to her imagination and creative
puwers; but they remuinod dormant.
Even tbo wooing of Willium Henry
Brown did not move her—or ut leust
sbe would uot udmit to herself tbut it
did. Tho fuct that be wus known ns
Uud River Hill helped some; but the
suspenders uud the vest uud bis scurii
of tho euwbuy's truditiunul wcupun
wero uguinst bim.
Despite all eudeuvurs lu stop bim,
tbu headlong Hill bud propused befure
sbo was three weeks on the ranch, und
she bud refused bim. Tho rcl'usul bud
been gentle and tactful, fur she liken
Hud Ilivcr in,I wanted to bo friends
with him.
"He's been lovely, Nellie," she
complained afterward to Mrs. Dun
furth. "He's us thoughtful ns u mini
cun be. And lie's clever, lint I cun'I
murry him, cun  II"
"Wby null" usked Mrs. Dunl'urlb,
u frille sharply.
"Wby, because he's neither une
tiling nur lbe other. If be were
dressed iu Kustern clothes, like the
men buck Eust, rcully I shuuld love
him. Ami if he'd wenr one of those
nice, lint brimmed huts iusteud of lliiit
old sloueh thing, uud u llunuel shirt
open ut the neck, und corduroy
trousers ami u bolt, uiul throw uwuy
(but horrid old vest, he'd be u perfect
Westeru type. I wouldn't let bim oul
ul' my sight.
Hut he dresses like a tramp, even
uu Sunduy. I don't believe lbe mun
ever owned a while shirt in bis life
"Vou i-uu'l tell, Otic,'.' replied Mrs
Dutifurlli. "Sume uf these men runic
Iruin good huines back Eusl 'neaped,'
I 'vc heard Had liner call it. The}
wanted tu get uwuy frum too much
"lie chews tobacco, I'm afraid,"
went un Miss I'icrsuti, unmindful
" lie lives like a- u drayman."
"If I'm going to be of the East. I
want to be us superciiiuus uud stuek up
us the next uue, fur that's Ibe only
wuy lo protect yourself from burl; uml
if I 'iu lo be of the Wesl, I wunl tu lie
Western with ull lbe trimmings down
lo silver spurs uml pistols. Hut I
i iin'l slun,1 Ibis half and half "
Mrs. Duufurtli shut Inr lips lirini}
tu uvoid u retort, fur sbe knew llui
llivcr'a guud qualities, sbe r.nli.nl
luu, that her uwu liusl-aud pruhubh
luuked us unkempt and diarepulubb1
to Otie's critical eves as liis foreman
"J was jusl IiIv47 Ibal mjself," she
Ihougbi, "until I r,niii,,',I that mi a
ruiieb ilollies dun'I make the difference
liny dn iu luun "
The iiiouii wus low as Had lliver Hill
rude buine in leisurely fashion frum
luun. Ever uud uuun be rinsed bis
voice in Ilie nusiil strains of "The t'uw
boy's Luiuciit." liis pony wulked ni
unified, un tin- mood direefed, wilnout
guiduiu'u frum Ins uiuslcr.
There is u ridge a mile nr so fium
the Danl'orlli ranch buildings. Jusl
before reueliiiig it tlie foreman i eased
Ins vocal efforts to mi-Ii the solace uf
tobacco. Ho rolled u cigarette deftly
und wus searching the puikels of.lbc
despised vest fur a'lliutill when tbe
pony, cars pricked furward. lopped lbc
Sundry sights ami sounds belore Intu
caused llic uuiiili to bum ilself uul
uguinst Hud Diver's fingers Time
was Ibe glow of u lire lo astonish Ins
eyet and a volley of short. sli:ii| yelps,
punctuated by rifle shuts, lu u-ruil Ins
Tbo foreman put both "books" into
operation at onco, ninl the urgent
rowels ueurly lifted tbo cow-pouy out
of his akin. Ho loaped into tho air
liko a lurprlsod cat, and then, bolly to
tbo ground, ho fairly flow toward tho
scene uf tho disturbance.
lu Hud ltiver's cool brain cause
mul effect filled themselves together
like u in I,,il nr, puzzle. Duufurtli uud
overy employee of tbo ranch were
uwuy. Mrs. Dunforth nnd Otio wore
thero ulono.
(,'oou, uf Brooklyn, iu udditiou to his
blanket trade, curried lirowuter as a
side line, und suld tu the indiuus ou
tbo sly. He bud been ut the rescrvu-
tiuu unly yesterduy, and bere wero the
results of his visit.
Wily uid I'uulo, In whom lii|Uor bred
cruft, bud inul,nl'l;, slipped uwuy with
a half-score crouies to attack Ihe
ranch, knowing lbe women were unpro
tooted. It was a trick tbut I'ontu bud
pluyod befure when drunk,
The Indiuns hud nu guns, but tbey
lid buve bows uud urruws mude fur
souvenirs und dangerous iu okiHod
Nu doubt it was Mrs. Dunforth using
lhe rille; be wus still in lime. Tbe
Indiana bud not forced uu eulrauce.
The lire blazed up; tbey bud ignited
u pile of feme posts. 'Die yells grew
mure distinct; he cuuld see un occasional hopping ligure, mischievous us
ininli us malicious, belween himself
and the flames. The rille barked ut
regular intervals, uud each fruitless
shot wus greeted witb ironic bowls.
So engrossed were the Indiuns iu
tlieir pustiuio that tbey neither suw
uor beurd lhe cburgc until the pony
and ils vengeful rider were among
tbem. The foreman leaped clear oil
(lie saddle while tlie sweutiug hurse
was still under mutiun. ile bud no
weapons, uml he needed nunc.
Directly iu front, his squat form
lurned away frum lbc raging Had
H'iv er, was I'uulo himself. Tbo cow
boy tuuk three prodigious bounds und
brought Ins riglit tool into pluy witli
a v ii'iousness' ami energy remarkable,
lie linked as u trained foolbull player
dues wilb every ounce of weight be
Inn,I lhe effort. II was a terrific luck!
I'uulu fell furward on bis liumls ami
knees from lhe force of it, ulleriug a
loud grunt of surprise uml unguinh an
guess they've plumb gone.   Vou Btood
'em oh" well, Mis' Tluiiforth."
"I   lii'l'i'   .-die   hit   i-uiiie   of    Ineiiil"
cried Olio, spiritedly.
Bad Hivor shook hia houd, " 'Fruid
not; they ull scorned ublo to run." Ho
grinned ut tbo recollection of tbo panic-
stricken retrout.
"Would yuu mind gettiu' tbe
butcher kuife and cuttin' out this
arrow!" hu coulinued, extending his
riglit arm. "One uf 'em let mo havo
it us lie skipped."
Hiu tone chunged suddenly. "Caleb
Otio bad fainted.
Hud lliver Hill uml Otio sat ou chuirs
very near each olher on tbe verundab.
Hill's right nrm wus buttdugoil; but bu
seemed lu buve reluiiied the use of Ilia
liiiml, since it hud closed comfortably
ubuut bulb uf Otie's.
"I have Hit) acres ovor by the new
irrigulioti ditch," said William Henry.
"When the waler comes, it'll sure be
u bonanza. We could put up . shack
and livo (here, if we slay."
Insensibly bis accent und bis
grammar changed. "I don't imagiuu
yott cure much ubuut llle West, thuugh.
We cau go buck Eusl ami do practically us well.
" Father and my oldest brother are
architects, and there's a place waiting
for me in Ilie firm. I tried tlie game
for u year after I finished college, ami
liked il. Then my health gave uut
ami I cume West.
"But there's nulliing lu keep lue
here, now, if yuu dun'I want to slay.
I can sell that quarter section lumur
ruw lor guud money, So, honey, we
cult go buck Eust tu lie married."
"tin back Eusl/" Otic looked ai
him uut ut' indignant and repruachful
eyes,     "(lo    back    Kastl     we'll    do
nulliing   of  tbe   I II    We'll   live  on
that quarter secliun. Why, there's nu
excitement, und nu room uml nu true
Iriends in the East. And there's nu
line or ruinanee, either!" We'll stuy
right Inii m uur uw'ilp West.!"—M.
Phillips,  in  lhe "Boston Globe."
Tu keeji cheese frum molding, ju.-1
wrap il iu a piece of cloth wet or
dampened in vinegar, and it will re
main fresh for weeks.
In   de
position, 1
just as Hi
The se,,
aquiline  ii
mil    -lav
feel   he'il.
still in this undiguilicil
peered over liis shoulder,
llmr kicked  him. uguin.
ossiiull rooted the chi
l be   sod.     lli-
ll.!,I Kiw r lun.ml his iitlenl.un l ,
lin- .leinoruli.'ed braves lbat w.'te left
Where n bread, red fuce ulfered a lar
gel he j,um lied it with cruelly bard
knuikles. Where a kick soeiucil lo
promise lbe besl results be kicked.
The In,nuns fried lu rally and light
I,:n I,, lot th, while, man's ciuli/uliuii
had rubbed I hem uf courage uud eu
duruine; uml ihey bud neither gun nur
l,i,ile lu thru brisk miuutes il wns
all uver, ami Ilie bcscigers were Lurry
ing buck lo the rcnservulion, much
'mure silcnlh  I hun nU^had ionic
Had. liner Hill wulked up tu lbe
front dour and entered Ibe living ruum
The unligfiteij cigarette was banging
frum ins nether lip,
Nellie Danfurlh, ilul. lung the rille.
stood by tlie window, a veritable Mollic
1'ililicr. Olie was beside her,
frightened but courageous.
"Had liner, yuu sure can fight'"
-aid Mrs   Diinl'urlli.
"Thanks," he drawled. "Didn't
mean  tu interrupt  yuur parly,  bul   1
Ut &tiiiibiu*i,
Weekl)    Newspaper
Is   Ib
if  tin
:  National
Du minion
nf i'u
ll      I
nil in
I l.n
in      li Is national In all Its
ise-s tbe must expensive engrav-
prm urine, iin- photographs from
r Hi.- world
in in l.s an i jr. fully selected and
iis , din,ii.ii policy l.i Iburuugbly
A subacrlutlun In Tbe Standard
c ,-is $2.00 por year lu any address In
L'anud.i ur lireut llrltuin,
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing C».,
Limited, Publishers.
Vogue Millinery Parlor bas moved to
66b Luusdale belween bth and (ith st.
31 o
touch    uf    aclf consciousness.
' II'     mnn,i,n      for     Henry
On tho car lino. Boarding, meals,
Good accommodation for working man.
Contractors' men boarded. Hy. Kaitcotl,
una. /.HILL
Fint class dressmaking altoratlena,
Indies own materials mado up, ill guaranteed. Addjosa Bowick, corner of 16X1)
P. 0. North Vaacouver.
Plumbing I     Plumbing I     Plumbing
Contractor!. Owners get Hxcd up
witb jobi be/ore rise in material. Cut
figures. Jobbing carefully attended to
eiit Btreet, Vi Blook West of Lonsdslo
All kinds of saws tied sod lot ou the
shbrtoit notice. Jjiwii mowers, knives,
bedgo shears aud icision iharpcncd. All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
193« Lonsdale Avenue Phone M
The Home Furnisher's
This Week End SPECIALS
MA'iTING MATS 35c, values at 25c
Do. -      -      50c, valuci al 40c
lb .Miiilnl   in   Design and  Colors
Big Value al $5; this Week. $4
MATMNG, Per Yard.
Kcgular Value, 25c and 15c; tliis
Wick, 20c and  10c per yard
Big Value al 45c; thu Week, 20c
4mm.'_'• I,. a.M ■—.      -.-
150 CUPS aiuiSAyCE&tQ Gear at 5ceach; Re«ular,12 Uc.
 Theae arerretty Brown and Green Edge Border	
128 Lonsdale Ave.  "»""*  North Vancouver
-.-I--'. .
■    i
Why be uncomfortable when witb little expense you can
huvu your horns fitted with SOBBBN DOORS AND WIN
This Is the time to place your order.
Don't wait uutil your house is filled with flies.
Do it new.
Our stock li complete lu every detail snd our prices an
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, whicii our large
stork and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
We Have Two Lots
In Block t, D. L. '166, facing suulli. only t'l'lbil, each. Temu
Sixty-Seven Foot Corner
Ono block from LousCsle $2,100, Tonus (600 caab, balanci 6,
12 and in months,
Insurance Uunvaysu,! in j
Boom ao. m Lonsdale Avenue. North Vancouyer.
(above Post Offlce) >>*_.■
Post Offlco Box No. 2307, Telephone No. 463.
$1 down, $1 per week
Malleable Steel Range
On iiir cutty | iay in i'i. I j'luii nf ''nu iJuliur iUiwii uiul Ono IMItr per
Hn l> nu ntc uffuring one of 1 »♦■ \>cn\ Mull, iiiilf fcMei'l Huh^m dii the
L'ai'ii'ljfiu tiiurkul,
Mit'k' uf Lout iiuc mii n Hluuil HI ucl cold rive tied on nuillt'nlilu vltiul frmii'i
il  m uljHolulely iii'lr.slrni Iild'.   Iliipuvviblu tn wurji or rrurk ■nd no
utove I'l'My in llio joint* lo full out at any Liim*.
Hujijilrnl   «-ii]i   /..-I-11j..ut   or ulgh clvvalud n>j>|ji7 ruiicrvuir.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
I'lione 88
107 Esplanade Wot
Special (or a Few Days
TBIPLB OOBNEB on  Will Street,  tine  210   f.-.-t   by   ltl.      Pries,
|     »Jor,0, Terms tlT/l cash, 6, VI ti.nl J8 jiiunths.
Wo buve unly s few lots now loft in I'M   ■ bosuliful hematite within
Iwu blocks ul LonaHnU; Av»nue for f'ilt. Terms lit csin, 6, li'
and IS monthi. ,
If you lm',!■ s home to llont, ur fur Ssle kindly give us s lilting.
thou m , V. O. Boi MM
Somsthlng   About   Wbat   Is   Being
Done in Britlab Columbia
In the past forest fires have geiier
ally boeil regarded si acts of Providence whicii could not be prevented,
but must bo accoptod in a spirit of
mure or less patient rmigiuitiun, More
recently, howovor, it lias buuu sliuwn
conclusively  that  forest  firo  damage
can bu practically proventod If proper
measures are taken.    Tbu rapid  rise
in iiiubi'i values bus mude owners loss
willing iiiun furmorly In submit to tin
iiui'uBiuir.y*linis,  and  Ibis  in  turn  is
bringing abtiut   llm adoption  nf pro-
tuctivu measures, nol only by ruilruuds
but by owners of limber lunds.   The
latter aro in part inspired liy Ibo ib
aire tn auvu their uwn prupcrly ninl iu
psrt  lo eliminate  eurelcssuess  which
might result in damage anils liy neigh,
boring owners.   The rigid enforcement
uf the law uf responsibility fnr cure
b'SBiicss ill selling forest tires will per
haps gu further iu provontlng damagt
frum Ibis source thun nnv other mens
ure.    As lung as it is cheaper tn cou
Iinini cureless  methods  lhan  tu  lulu
proper precautions, fires will continue
to ileiustnle uur forests.
Oases fn British Columbia
An example ulong this line is the
suit recently beard lief ore the Supreme
Court at Vancouvor uguinsl tiie I'uter
sun Timber Company fur (10,111111 dum
ages caused by lire apresding frum the
defendant's lands. The court hold Hn-
cunipuny liable ninl I by amount of
damages tu be recovered will be de
termini1,1 ul u future hearing. The re
aponsibility uf railroads for fires
spreading frum tlieir rights ul' way ia
clearly established iu two eases re
Ceittly beard in  Hritisb I'oluiiibia.
In ' Iniln,ii vs. Nelson mul Fort
Hhopbard railway is involved the lur«
esl claim for damages ever entered in
a Hrilish 1'uluiuhia timber ease. The
originul claim fur a.176,000 in,.,I,, I
8,320 acres uf timber limits, and now
aiioili,-i urea uf Villi seres lm- been
brought in to Ibe ease, iu respcrl ul
which additional damages of ♦los.uini
are claimed. Tlie defeuiliint ei,ui|iiiii\
bus liuen held rcipuuiiiile for flic lire,
bul the uwnrd for damages has mil yel
been made.
The suit of lbe lliug Lumber Mills.
Limited, located near Vork It. !'.,
against   the  I'anailian   I'acifie   ruilwuy
is  similar iu   principle.    The um it
laiiued iu Ihis case is $H0,H0U Tin
jury was iinuble to determine pusitm
ly Ihe aource of the fire, whieh spread
from the company's rigtil of way li
found, however, that tlie eompiiiiy wus
negligent in failing tu maintain u ileal
right of way, and in failing lo proper
ly attend the fire when reported by ils
employees. II ulsu litnls lliul Ilie nul
road did not tube reasonable prevail
Huns lu prevent the fire spreading. The
aniuuul of damages to be pai<! to tin
plaiulifTs bas yet lo be decided by the
Supreme Court,
A few sinii isses as those will pu
further toward preventing tl" ueeiir
reuce of Ares tbau any summit ul
Criticism uf the Ibeiiln, if il is In
lie lielpful tu the url of the lluulre
aa it obviously uughl to be; clue ii> il
rather worse lhan usclit* nniiiol
come from the sheer, brutal realists
It must come from men who are Ibeiu
aelvcB imbued Willi the idea ol lhe url
dramatic    Weekly  Leader "
Cnless lamp wiehi are luun-,I 'low i
after trimming, Ilie lumps will be i uv
ereil  with oil.
The Plumas Standard) a weekly paper pulilisheil at I'lunias, Manitoba,
ebriiuieleii llle dentil at tbat pluee recently of .iiimeii ihiinu, tho oldest let-
tier In that diitrict, if not in the entire
West. - Deceased boil just passed his
101st year. Ho waa burn In Bolfust,
Ireland, in Muy, lull, and camu tii
Ounuila in 1848 settling in Ontario.
Ho came to Manitoba ill 1881 anil resided iu that proviuee until'liii death.
Ouu son .'nul five daughtera are left
to mourn', wife uf deceased having
passed away sume years ugu. Of the
family K. ,1. (Jiiiiin resides at Stewart,
B. C, and imu dauglitur, Mrs, tleorgi
Phillip resides on llltb sliiiot, in this
city, tho other members uf the fern
ily being resident thruughout Munilubii.
Ilcceused Icuviih twenty seven grund
iliililren and twenty fuur grout-griuul
children, lio wus n member of tho
L. O. L, for 811 years uml wns Ihu uid
est member of Ihut Order iu Canada,
Despite his advanced age, Mr. Qulun's
memory wus wonderfully keen and
most Interesting tu his listeners were
his narrations uf historical eve'nts Ilinl
occurred in bis curly life. He re
mtimbered us u bid when the greul luil
lie uf Waterloo wus fought und uf lhe
rejoicing lliut marked lbe occasion.
corner Lynn Valley and Fromme
roads, whore petitions cau alio be
» 0, M. 0,
Nortli Vaucuuvor, B.C.
Nnt ire is hereby given Ibul all
muneys due on lumber shipped by tho
Soymour Lumber t'u,, Ltd., ure payable
as follows: Accounts prior tu February
1st, IHIL', mul after Muy IiIb, lllli, are
payable to llurrurd llcvelnpmenl Co.,
1,1,1., us assignees for Seymuur Lum
ber l'u. Invoices rendered by Fruser,
Campbell ,v Hartiiii frnm February Isl
lu May HHh, IIIIL', are puyable In
Fruser, Campbell A Barton.
The Hurrard Uuvuiopuieut Cu., Ltd.,
F. I,. II. Diploek,
Secretary Treasurer.
Frascr, Campbell A  Marlon  Co.,
Per lieu.   W,  Campbell.
Nortli   Vuncouver,
May,  11112, 7 li
SEALED TENDEHS on tho proscribed forms and sccunipaiiiud by cortified
chuijue er cash for 6 por cunt, of thc
nnliililil   uf lender  (which Sllill shall lie
held until autiafaotory completion of
the works uncording to pluna uud spe-
cillcnllon) will Iiu received by Mr. .lohn
(1. Furmer, Municipul Clurk, until 6
p.m. on Thursday, llth dune, llllll.
I. Construct inn tin Shed, Lavatory, etc., ni   i uy ilmi,   cur h uuiiili,
U. Clearing, grubbing und grading
Ht. ,l,miics' mud belween SI, Ueurge's
Avenue uml St. Andrew's avenuo,
il. Clenriug, grubbing nnd grudiiig
rouds in D. L, 1117.
I. Clearing, grubbing uml grading
roads In 1). L. L'lll.
1. Clenriug, l-iu! ml; uml grudiiig
mud, to lot 10, block li, il. L. 2088.
All iu iii'iurduiu'c wilh plans uud spe
lilii'iilioiis fu lie bud ul tills ollice ufler
III a.in. uu Monday, Ilrd .Iuue, IHIL', up
uu payment uf Ililil lot each, which
sum will lie relumed upun receipt uf
hiiun fide lenders.
The lowest or any tender nut ncces
snrily liecepfcd.
District Kngineer.
District Muuicpul Hull,
Cur. Lyuu Vulley and Fruiume Ponds.
Norlh Voncuuver, II (I,
I li
r~ ■ J
NOTICE ii hereby given tbat all
monies due on luinbur shipped by tbs
Seymour Lumber Company LimUqd
inuii Fobruary lit, 1918, must be paid
to tho undersluod at our uftlue, 187
bOMPANY. t.f.
Applicaliiius will bu received by tlm
oo,lei. i,.-ue,i up till li o'clock p.m. on
Thursday, Ihu Sixth day of Juno, 11112, '^
fur Iho position of City Clerk of the
City uf North Viincuuvor.
Applicant! lu stale ipiiilificutiuua ami ,
Halury offered tllifi pur month.
City Clurk.  gr,;-
Fnr interior work lo cumplc'u I
Tnor    Class ruums, etc
I .on.-,lnl
May llisi, IIII2
Tenders will lie received until tlie
Mb day of .lune for lbe excsvulluu of
Lol li, lllock I.li. D. I, L'il, to the
slreet level. Lowest or ony lender nol
necessarily ue.lple.l Addieim, tirueil
Ivlibuge, FimVslrecl eosl, Nurlli Von
. ouver. i 11
To the Ratepayers
Take notice tbat in order thai III
following ily l<swa may be referred lu
lbc Kleelurs at the forthcoming Kiev
tiuu uu Luun Ily l-ows, it will be ue
• essury lhat the petitions in conueetiun
with sume be lodged wilb Iho under
signed on ur befure the Mil, duy of
lone,  11112.'
Tlie Lyuu Vull,, Itood (Secoud See
lion) i.ueal Improvement By
Uw, 1012;
The llovoriourl Itoad l.oitil Itnprinc
ineiil liy Uw. 1012;
Tbr Peters Head l.ueal Improvement
IU Low,   11112;
'I'lie I'unsbrooke lluod Local lm
pruveiueul   ily Uw,  1012.
If furtber wurk, iu connection Willi
the Lyuu Vulley and Last I'upiloitu
water Systems is tu be gune oheod
with, it is ulsu ueceiaary that tiie peti
limn, fur Water Loans now in unu
lai ion be relumed al an early dale.
Any person nol having reecived copy
of uny of the ubove petitions, and
wishing lo sign same, ean obtain copy
oo   upphculion   lo  the   Diatrict   Oilier,
1'luilS and speellielltlulls . ulilllinnble
uu application lo Ine iindersigueii, witli
whum are sealed lenders lo be lodged
not later Iban Tuesdiiy, .lune lllh. ul
ii ii'i link  pm
A clioquo for 6 per cunt, of contract
iiiiioiioI must ai * ouijiiiiiy each tender.
Tliu lowesl or ony lender uul ueees
sarily accepted.
lily   Hoard of Schuul Trustees,  Nurlh
Vuneniiver, II  i I II
Employors' Liability Assurance
Prom ium  rules are  invited  by  thu
Board of Director! fur the Iniureuco
of employees for a period  uf twelve
months frmu noun un lbe 17th day of-
dune, 1012, lu iiiiun uu tbe lilh duy of
Juno, 101.1,
In-l mini ml  compensation   fur  porioil
uf policy    $lii,miii
Limits of Liability:
One  Accident     ♦ 111,1111')
One Employee     l,litM
Policy ulsu lu cover outside liability.
Estimated Irnllie reeeipti fur period
uf  policy    $|llll,00il
Ono  Accident    '.aili,llil'l
One  Person     2,oi|il
Ituies under sealed and murked cover
lo be received liy the undersigned nn'
Inter Ihnii  IL' unon on Tliursduy, .1 Ulli;
tilll, 1012.
46 II   E. KEMP, Sec.Trcus.
Pbuiiu Fairmont 1210, Simpson Broi
building muveri, lllll Fifth Ave. Wesl,
Vuncuuver, II. (!, Kmpiire Sinipsuii, Isl
house eusl of Lonsdale, 13th street. Estimate! free. 21 fl
and all I-ow ('ul Shoes in While, Blatk or Tan,
al lowed prices
Specialiitj in Children's f'oclwear
Winning Number 2011
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Phone 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hail
121 He, „i„i street NOBTH VANCOUVEB i'l...no Ifi7
All New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the pz.
Tlii'Mt:   noiiie  in  Bluck,   Whito,
l.iivi.'ii'lur. I'ink iind Kni or mixed.
Special Lawn Grass,  •   50 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggift, 116 Esplanade We.t
.h*     ^ilife£^s#viw9S*n*


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